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July 13, 2020 – What’s Goin’ On, When Cyrus Struck a Deal, Pete Gets Called Out, More Goodbyes, Piercing TV, Engaged, Trek Trailer, Too Close, Bringing Back Broadway & Fight


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Methinks we’re getting closer to the goal of seeing new episodes, since today’s dart landed on April 28th, 2020 (even though the guide said May 6thwth?), which was like, five minutes ago, and after quarantine started. You can find the short version below for a catch-up, but If you want the whole shebang, it’s at:

🎥 The Latest…

What’s up with GH.

⏱ The Short Of It: Today’s Rerun Flashback Recap

Nina’s fashion shoot on a tropical island got rained out, so she got permission to shoot at the fine arts museum. Jax showed up at her office, saying she seemed like she was in crisis mode, and she told him that she’d had to go with Plan B. He asked if he could help, and she asked for a hug. He wondered why her assistant Nelle wasn’t helping, and asked if Nina had taken his suggestion and fired her. Nina said she’d sent need on some errands because she didn’t want her telling tales, especially to The Invader. Sasha had cheated on Michael, and since he was Sonny’s son, it was going to be news.

Alexis saw Valentin in the MetroCourt bar, and said he looked like he’d lost his best friend. He said he did, but they were better off without him. Lulu asked Laura why she thought Valentin gave up on Charlotte, and Laura flashed back to Valentin telling her that she was a good person, and he needed her to teach Charlotte to be good, since clearly he couldn’t. Lulu thought he was being manipulative, but Laura thought something was different after Violet’s birthday party. Lulu asked if Laura meant when she was advocating for Valentin, and Laura said she’d been advocating for Charlotte. Charlotte listened in on their conversation, and Laura said it sounded like Valentin was walking away from Charlotte for her own good. At the garage, TJ wanted to pay Molly’s bill, but told Brando there was something wrong. Molly, Kristina, and Sam were at Charlie’s, where Molly told her sisters about the accident she’d had. She said they’d just met the mechanic; it was Brando.

On the pier, Sonny told Cyrus to crawl back in the hole he came from, or there would be a war. Cyrus said he couldn’t go back to Seattle, and Sonny said that left only a nuclear option left. Cyrus said he had an offer that would work for both of them. Chase came home to an empty apartment, and flashed back to happier times with Willow. Finn showed up, and wondered why Chase wasn’t his annoyingly upbeat self. Chase said he’d cheated on Willow, she found out, and he’d lost her. Valentin told Alexis that he wasn’t planning on challenging Lulu for sole custody. Charlotte wasn’t little anymore, and had witnessed some regrettable behavior on his part. He was walking away, and not looking back.

Nina told Jax that the scandal could affect Michael’s custody fight for Wiley. Jax said, Sasha and Michael were happy together and crazy about each other. Nina said she’d warned Michael, but he’d been determined to believe Sasha was a fallen angel who needed him. She said Sasha was weak at best, and an opportunist at worst. Cyrus said he and Sonny could both do business, and not interfere with each other. After being in prison, he wanted the opportunity to put down roots. He enjoyed the fresh air and sunlight, and Port Charles was a friendly place. Jason asked if it was friendly of Cyrus to have a sniper on the roof watching them, and Sonny asked if this was how Cyrus wanted it to go down. Molly told her sisters that she’d slept with Brando, and Sam said she’d go pick up Molly’s car. TJ told Brando, the price seemed low, but Brando said it was a discount for first time customers; it kept them coming back. He said Molly had told him TJ had been in the hospital, and asked how TJ was doing. Laura told Lulu that Valentin thought Charlotte was better off without him, and Charlotte flashed back to telling Valentin that she’d seen what he did to Ava (he’d pushed her off the parapet before the wedding). Lulu was skeptical, but Laura thought Valentin was putting Charlotte’s well-being before his own. Alexis asked why Valentin had come to his decision, and remembered Sam calling her out about Neil, and saying she didn’t look up to Alexis anymore, and how she had a drink afterward. Nina told Jax that she didn’t miss Sasha, but missed who she’d thought Sasha was. Jax said if she wanted to look for her daughter, he’d be happy to help, but Nina said she’d put a lot of time and effort into standing on her own two feet. It was tempting, but it was like he was always offering her the best dessert, and she could only have it on special occasions.

Chase lied to Finn, telling him that Willow was baby-obsessed, and Sasha was actually present when they were together; she gave him her full attention. She felt the same way, and they’d slept together, and kept sleeping together. Finn said it was the biggest load of crap he’d ever heard, and to tell him what really happened. Lulu asked what Valentin had told Laura to convince her that he was putting Charlotte first, and Laura said it was the state he was in. She felt that he’d changed. Lulu said he was the same guy who had shot Nikolas, and Laura said, the brother Lulu couldn’t forgive for surviving. Lulu told her to stay on topic, and that it made no sense. Valentin would do anything for Charlotte. Laura said maybe he loved Charlotte that much, and was willing to walk away. Jax tried to get Nina to take the afternoon off, but Charlotte showed up. She screamed at Jax to get away from Nina, and said Nina had to get back together with her papa – today. Cyrus told Sonny, it was just a precaution in case Sonny had his own guy on the roof, but Sonny said he had all the back-up he needed, indicating Jason. Cyrus called his man off, and Sonny said he had an offer. Take it or leave it; one time only.

TJ said Molly had the accident before he’d gone to the hospital, but Brando said he’d run into Molly at Charlie’s that morning. Sam came into the garage, and TJ told her about the special discount Brando had given Molly. Lulu told Laura that she didn’t doubt Valentin loved Charlotte, but it was the way he showed it that she disagreed with. He ran off with Charlotte after the wedding didn’t happen, intending on kidnapping her. Laura said they didn’t know that, and he might have just wanted to get Charlotte away from what was going on. She thought he’d had a life-altering experience. Lulu said when Valentin came off as wise and compassionate, it was time to count the silverware. Laura wondered how they were going to tell Charlotte. Charlotte said Nina and Valentin belonged together, and Valentin wasn’t fighting for her anymore. Jax told her, dads were forever. Alexis told Valentin that she tried to help someone, and might lose her license because of it. Valentin said it wasn’t the end of the world; she was more than her job. She said now that they found out they weren’t related, she almost liked him. Who was he? He said he’d like to know that too. His phone rang, and it was Nina, asking him to come to her office. Charlotte was there, and needed her father. Chase acted offended, and Finn said his story was a doozie. He wasn’t so good with feelings and emotions, but even he could see Chase loved Willow. Normally, Chase was a walking Valentine’s Day card with a candy heart attached that said something embarrassing. He said Willow had seen what Chase wanted her to, and Chase asked why he’d do something like that. Finn told Chase to clue him in; why had he pushed Willow away? Kristina told Molly not to be hard on herself, but Molly wondered how she and TJ could have a future, when she fell into bed with the first person who came along when she didn’t hear from him. Kristina said Molly hadn’t known if TJ was out having wild and cray sex too. Molly said she wasn’t going to rationalize having a one-night stand, and knew what she had to do.

After TJ left, Sam said she didn’t know Brando, but knew why he came to Port Charles, and that he’d brought baggage with him. She told him, forget about Molly; it never happened. Jax told Charlotte that her dad loved her, and explained that dads had a special handbook for daughters, since daughters had special powers over them. Valentin arrived, and Nina told him Charlotte was afraid he didn’t want her anymore. Sonny told Cyrus that he could live in Port Charles, but had to conduct his business elsewhere. Cyrus couldn’t move his merchandise through Sonny’s territory, and couldn’t touch Sonny or his associates. Cyrus said Sonny had a large territory, and such deference would be expensive. Sonny said, take it or leave it; it wasn’t his problem. Cyrus said, fine, they had a deal, and they shook hands. I’d forgotten how much I like Jeff Kober in this role.

Lulu and Laura hunted for Charlotte. Nina called Lulu, and told her that Charlotte was at her office. Charlotte was physically fine, but she was upset. Valentin was with her now. Lulu said she’d be right there. Valentin told Charlotte that he loved her, and Charlotte said she’d heard Laura and Lulu saying he wanted to leave her. Valentin said he never wanted to leave her, but wanted her to know the difference between right and wrong. She said if he loved her, he would take her away, and begged him take her wherever he was going. Jax went to the MetroCourt bar, and sat with Alexis, saying he needed her level head. Charlotte had seemed afraid Valentin was leaving her. Alexis said Valentin had made a decision about his and Charlotte’s future. His life had been knocked off course, and he wanted to do right by Charlotte, even if he suffered. Finn said Chase was laying it on thicker than Violet put hot fudge on ice cream at a sundae bar. Chase said he’d tell Finn the truth if Finn promised to keep it between them. Finn said he would, as long as it was the truth. Chase said he needed Willow to think he’d cheated on her so she’d marry Michael. Molly told Kristina that she needed to be completely honest. She was going to tell TJ everything. Brando told Sam that he hadn’t even known Molly had a boyfriend until after they’d slept together, and she hadn’t done anything she hadn’t wanted to. Sam asked he wanted, and he said to run his garage, if she’d leave and let him do it. She said if he tried to make trouble for Molly, he’d have a world of trouble with her.

Cyrus and his bodyguard went to the MetroCourt, where Cyrus had been thrown out recently. Cyrus said it had been too easy. Sonny thought he’d lowered his guard, and was going to kill him, but he didn’t play by Sonny’s rules. He was going to start by getting rid Jason. At the pier, Sonny told Jason that he was going to let Cyrus get comfortable, and when Cyrus stopped looking for Sonny out of the corner of his eye, he would take him out.

Below Deck Mediterranean

I got confused for a second. I saw Bugs and thought, is this a rerun?

When we last left, Jessica had smashed her finger in a door the day before charter.

Jessica tells Bugs what happened, and hopes it isn’t broken. Bugs asks if she felt a snap, and Jessica says, yeah. Bugs radios Captain Sandy, who tells her to send Jess to the hospital, and Bugs puts her in a taxi.

It’s time for the preference sheet meeting, and Captain Sandy says primary Bernardo is a real estate mogul from Miami, who’s bringing along some entrepreneur and model friends for one of their birthdays. There are also some vegans in the group, and in his interview, Kiko says he hates cooking vegan. He misses the protein. He’s from Brazil, and likes meat and fish. Bernardo wants a mariachi band, who plays as they approach in a tender while the guests are having dinner. Kiko says, they look chill, but Captain Sandy says, they’re from Miami; they’re not chill. Jess returns, and tells Rob her finger is fractured. They hug. In Jess’s interview, she says she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to keep her job, but she hopes so. Her other fingers work good. She shows Hannah and Malia her splint. She tells them when she’d gotten breast augmentation, she still worked, and Hannah says she hopes Jess’s hand heals as quickly as her boobs. Jess tells the captain, it’s a hairline fracture. Captain Sandy tells her to talk to Hannah, and see if she can figure it out. They may have to bring someone else in, but she’ll see how it goes. In Hannah’s interview, she says she needs a third stew with two hands, but Jess will have to do this charter. Bugs tells Malia she thinks Pete says things for shock value, but it’s gotten inappropriate. Malia says he crossed the line, and suggests Bugs chat with the captain. Jess tells Rob, she hopes this doesn’t affect her job, but if it does, the captain will have to find someone else. They kiss.

In the crew mess, Kiko looks at the sheets and sees dairy/gluten free, and dairy/gluten free vegan. He says he needs to be confident, or he’ll mess up. The captain calls Hannah to the bridge. She says it’s obvious they have to get through next charter, and Hannah hasn’t had a fair shake. She tells Hannah to let her know how it’s going. At least she’s got Bugs. Hannah says, yeah, and her lack of enthusiasm is obvious. Hannah tells Kiko that she doesn’t want Jess fired. She’s afraid she’ll get another effing Lara, and she doesn’t trust Bugs. She asks if Kiko has her back, and he says, don’t worry.

Four hours before charter. Hannah has a pre-charter meeting with the stews. She says, obviously, the charter is going to have some challenges, and Bugs says she doesn’t mind helping. In Hannah’s interview, she says, one good thing about Bugs is, she knows what she’s doing. Hannah can let Bugs pick up the slack and manage Jess. They don’t need more drama. She tells Malia, obviously, Jess can’t do service, and asks if she could help. Bugs tells the captain that she had a strange encounter with Pete. She thought he said certain things for shock value, like how he talks about women, but after the charter in the crew mess, he was rude in a sexual way. We flash back to him telling Bugs about how he likes to bang stews. She says he was slightly threatening, but she’s not accusing him of anything. He did nothing physically, but they live in close quarters, and she’s concerned for the girls. Captain Sandy tells Bugs, for her to say she’s uncomfortable means something. She asks if Bugs is all right with the next charter, and Bugs says she just doesn’t want it to happen again. The captain says she’ll speak to Pete, and calls him to the bridge.

The captain tells Pete that she’s seriously considering letting him go because of what she’s heard. The way he talks about women and treats them is not okay. She tells him, this is serious, and he admits he might have said inappropriate things. He’s too much of an open book. Apparently, Pete doesn’t understand what that expression means. Captain Sandy says, it’s not okay out in the world, much less on the boat. He needs to get his head on right, and consider what comes out of his mouth. He’s lucky she’s not leaving him on the dock. She tells him, just do your job.

Jess forgets to turn on the vacuum cleaner before vacuuming. Hannah calls for the mariachi band, explaining they need to be playing as they approach the boat while the guests are having dinner. Maliah calls Pete to meet her on deck. She tells him, this isn’t going to be easy, but he’s no longer the lead deckhand. She needs to put her foot down. It’s impacting the whole crew. They have a professional code, and the things he says are vulgar. He has a female captain, a female bosun, and a female chief stew, and he’ll have to respect that. His ego and cockiness are putting the safety of the vessel in jeopardy, and she’s baffled as to why she has to explain this to someone who calls themselves a captain. In her interview, she says, from the beginning, he talked back and didn’t listen. This is the next step. She tells Pete consider this his one, two, third warning. She’s not putting up with it. He says he understands, but we’ll see. The provisions come in.

Pete asks Bugs to meet him on the bow. Malia tells Rob and Alex that Pete is no longer lead deckhand. She thinks it’s the best decision for the team, and Rob agrees. She says she doesn’t want Pete to feel left out, but he needs to learn a lesson. Pete apologizes to Bugs, saying if he came at her any way, he didn’t mean to make her uncomfortable. Bugs says, in the beginning, she thought it was shock humor, but it got extreme. He’d said he felt she was flirting with him, but she’s just a friendly person. They can move past what happened. In her interview, she says she’s all about second chances. The chance to redeem yourself is important. Thank you. Fairness is key, even if it’s Pete. Captain Sandy calls the crew to the dock. Jess fumbles at buttoning her shirt, and asks Rob to help her. He says, damn, girl, and she says it’s the first time he’s buttoning it, instead of unbuttoning it. Hannah puts Jess’s deodorant on her. Everyone gets on dock.

Captain Sandy says she can tell already the guests will be so much fun. She welcomes them, saying there’s going to be great weather, and the crew is going to show them an amazing time. In Hannah’s interview, she says, they look interesting and fun. She’s hopeful that she won’t have to bring out any of her non-existent Spanish. She gives the guests the tour. In Malia’s interview, she says she needs someone else to step up. She’s giving Alex the responsibility, and hopes he can run with it. It’s a broken hope. Hannah says they’ll have lunch on the water, and set up the beach club. Guest Joel admires Kiko, and Hannah tells Kiko, somebody has a crush on him already. They’re off the dock, and Captain Sandy says, amazing job. Malia gives props to the deckhands as well. Jessica is looking for lemons, and asks Kiko if he has any. Bugs says, that’s Hannah’s responsibility, and wonders if Hannah ordered them. She tells Kiko not to give them any of his; they need to take care of themselves. They’ll use limes. Bernardo asks Hannah if he can get some mushrooms on the side, and if someone can unpack for him. Alex tells Pete, be a man about it, and Pete says, it’s all good. Watch out for Professional Pete. It’s a side they haven’t seen yet. The guests take loads of picture for social media. Hannah asks Jess to unpack Bernardo’s suitcases, and asks Kiko for the mushrooms. Bernardo goes to his cabin, and tells Jess to just unpack the one suitcase. Hint: it’s not the one she’s already unpacking. In her interview, she wonders how he doesn’t feel guilty. She’s got a broken finger, and she’s unpacking for him. Is it really necessary? She tosses his stuff on bed.

In his interview, Pete says he got kicked in the teeth a little bit; he needed it. All he can do now is bring out Professional Pete. It’s not always Party Pete. I gag. This guy could give Jax a run for his money in a few years as worst human being on earth. Hannah calls the yacht provisioner, and asks for lemons. Bugs brings Bernardo his mushrooms. Ron kisses Jess in the laundry. Hannah says, these people are going to be a nightmare. Kiko tells Hannah about Bugs claiming she was responsible for the lemons. In Hannah’s interview, she says it’s Bugs’s second charter, and already Bugs is throwing her under the bus. Kiko tells her to open her eyes, and she says she sleeps with one eye open. Malia tells the deckhands, once they have anchorage, get everything out in thirty minutes. Guest Giancarlo is picky about his juice, and Bugs concocts something for him. Giancarlo pronounces it amazing. They drop anchor in an unbelievably beautiful cove. In Malia’s interview, she says Pete is taking his demotion well. She doesn’t know if it’s genuine or he’s playing the long game. She’ll see how he holds up. She tells the guests the rules for the jet skis. No surprise, they don’t listen, and get way too close to some paddleboarders. Jess does some ironing. In her interview, Hannah says Bugs’s over-enthusiasm drives her up a wall. If Bugs thinks she can do Hannah’s job, then do it. The deckhands have the usual struggle with the slide. In Kiko’s interview, he said he hates cooking vegan; it’s not his style. He’s going to try his best to make the guests happy. They guests are served ceviche tropical, with quinoa salad for the vegans. It all looks good to be. Bugs says she’ll just keep feeding them. Bernardo wants more mushrooms, and Kiko says vegan cooking is a challenge. He makes a pan of mushrooms, but Bugs, a vegetarian, says they’re too chewy. He says it’s the quality of mushrooms, but it’s all he has.

Bugs makes up something about the mushrooms not coming in. In the galley, Kiko says, pressure, pressure, pressure. One of the guests asks Jess about her injury. Having had the same thing, the guest says it pains her to see Jess like that. In her interview, Bugs says, Kiko is a hot mess. She feels bad, but it’s just the job. The yacht provisioner calls, and says she can deliver mushrooms today. In the crew mess, Bugs tells Malia, what a day, and Malia says, it’s only up from there. Bugs says the thing with Pete turned into the biggest drama, and Malia says maybe he’ll recognize he has a problem. They need to give him a chance. Hannah asks Kiko about the vegan main course, and he says, the mushrooms need to get there on time. If they don’t, he’s screwed. Everyone gets ready for dinner. Guest Edwin asks Hannah to press his jacket, which is a rumpled mess. Hannah buttons Jess up for dinner. Captain Sandy tells the crew, good job; they worked hard today. The guests gather in the lounge, and everyone makes a fuss over Bernardo’s suit, but I don’t see it. I guess he’s paying for the trip. In Jess’s interview, she says she can’t dress herself, and has to figure out how to hold drinks, but she has Rob. She’s got this. Rob brings the drinks upstairs for her. Pete tells Malia, he’s sorry they started off wrong, and she says, it happens; learn from it. I don’t know what Bugs has going on with the table décor, but it has fairy lights, so I love it. A guest gripes about the time, and Bugs’s interview, she says Kiko is under a lot of pressure, but he brings some of it on himself. She’s keeping the drinks flowing and the party going. It’s part of what they do. The mushrooms arrive, and Kiko gets to work. It’s nearly 10 pm by the time the guests are seated, when dinner should have been served at 9:30. In her interview, Bugs says there was a set time, but it’s come and gone. It’s hard to cover this up. In Kiko’s interview, he says, timing is hard on the galley. His mind is messed up over the mushrooms, and he feels like sh*t. Everyone except the vegans get their meals, and Kiko works frantically. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says she’s confused. The last dinner was 72 plates, and it was incredible. Now she’s at a loss. Kiko says mushroom teriyaki is an art, and comes up personally with the vegan meals. The guests chant his name, and the food is declared delicious. Malia puts Pete on anchor watch, and explains the monitor. In his interview, he says he needs to be professional. He let the crew down, and he needs them to believe in him again.

The guests are anxious for the next course, and Hannah asks Malia for help serving. Everyone says the fish entrée is perfect, but Bernardo says his is raw, and asks for it to be cooked more. Bugs brings it back to the galley, and Kiko says, f***, aye, aye, aye. He asks her to apologize for him, and she says she already did, but she’ll do it again. In his interview, Kiko says he messed up. He knows Bugs is helping him, but everything is on him. Jess cleans the cabins. Joel says, Kiko, my pal. Jess and Rob kiss, and she says she wants to snuggle. Rob says he’ll ask Kiko, since they share a cabin.

The guests are still hungry, and guest Victor says they want more food. Hannah goes back to the galley, and says he needs to work on portion sizes; the guests are still hungry, and want more everything. Some of the guests start jingling some kind of doodad they have like they’re ringing a bell for the help. In Kiko’s interview, he says he feels like sh*t. It’s like he’s not good enough. He tells Bugs, he doesn’t understand it. He just served 72 plates, and today is the worst day of his life. Bugs says, we all have those days, and tells Hannah that Kiko is down. In Hannah’s interview, she says she hopes he pulls himself out of his funk. He’s the chef, and they kind of need him.

Next time, Rob says there’s tension on the boat, the food is late again, Captain Sandy says she doesn’t see Hannah leading, Jess and Bugs argue, and Captain Sandy talks to Kiko.

😥 Two Sad Farewells…

This is starting to get just a little weird. Is it me, or are there an inordinate amount of people dying? And I don’t mean just from the virus. I only knew her work on Glee, but I liked her outspokenness.


She also seemed like a decent human being. And this after living through her son passing away. Poor John Travolta.


🚝 It’s Not Just a Movie Anymore…

I love the film Snowpiercer, and from what I’ve seen of the series (which hasn’t been much, two episodes), it’s captured the same spirit.

💍 I Love His Mum…

It’s no secret I love The Spice Girls, and Posh is my second favorite (after Ginger). Victoria Beckham not only is a fabulous designer and has a wicked sense of humor, she seems to be a wonderful mother. And these two seem like a lovely couple.

🛸 Trekking On…

When there’s no more room for live action, animation will rule the earth.

👩‍👧 Feeling sMothered…

I found out the New York Post co-produced this show. I’m not surprised. And in case you didn’t know, Alexander Hamilton founded the newspaper. Again, I’m not surprised.

🎭 The Show Must Go On…

You know the really sad part? A friend of mine from high school lives in the city, and every once in a while, we go to the theater together. He’s the Best. Date. Ever. He pays for everything, and wants nothing but my scintillating company. We had just been planning on seeing Patti Lupone in Company when the pandemic hit. …sniff…

🍳 This is Your Brain On Quarantine…

While it’s quite the roller coaster ride right now, don’t give up hope. If Samuel Pepys made it through the bubonic plague – better than a lot of people are dealing now – you can get through this. Stay safe, stay out of trouble, and stay looking out for one another.

June 29, 2020 – When Sonny Shot His Son, Randoms On the Yacht, Loving Reunited, Awards Times Two, Brock Steps Up, Not On Broadway & Good


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

The tribe has spoken. Today’s GH Flashback is from January 29th, 2010. This week, we’ll be seeing The Best of Sonny’s Children.

It was the day of baby Josslyn’s christening, and Lady Jane came for the occasion. Michael (one I’ve never seen) was concerned that even though he’d been christened, he wasn’t going to heaven, but Carly assured him that he’d been protecting baby Josslyn when he’d hit Claudia, killing her. Lulu was chosen as godmother, and begged Lucky (the Jonathan Jackson version) to come, because she had a bad feeling. Dante told fellow detective Ronnie that he wasn’t going after Sonny until after the ceremony. Ronnie didn’t think it was a good idea, but Dante said it was non-negotiable. Ronnie told Dante, the minute they were out of the service, the cops would be moving in, unless Dante warned Sonny. Jason told Sonny that everything was in place, and Sonny said Dominic (which he thought was Dante’s name) was smug, and had infiltrated Sonny’s organization, working his way to a position of trust, but it wasn’t a problem, since Dominic was as good as dead. That’s when Olivia walked in.

Lucky told Lulu, large gatherings in Port Charles rarely ended well, and the christening had the potential for disaster of astronomical proportions. Lulu wondered what he wasn’t telling her, but begged him to come and be her back-up. Dante told Ronnie that he wasn’t going to blow the arrest, but Ronnie thought Dante was stalling until a mole could warn Sonny. Dante didn’t blame Ronnie for doubting him, but said he’d changed over the course of the investigation, and was driven to bring Sonny down. He was motivated to make Sonny pay for Lieutenant Poletti, but was concerned about Sonny’s kids getting hurt. He told Ronnie that they were good kids, and Carly was a good person, and Ronnie accused him of only being concerned about the people on the periphery.

Olivia hadn’t heard Sonny and Jason’s conversation, and said she was there to remind Sonny that no one deserved being shot in the house of God. She said Jax had stepped up and made Jason godfather (irony!), and Jason said there wouldn’t be any problems. Lady Jane brought a maple tree to plant for Josslyn, hoping that one day she’d have a swing hanging from it. She said Jax seemed sad, and Jax said he was concerned that everything would come crashing down. She asked what he’d done now, reminding him that he’d promised not to keep secrets from Carly. Jax said Carly was the one taking action in having Sonny removed from their lives. Lady Jane asked for specifics, and Jax said she had helped in infiltrating Sonny’s organization, and Jax had used his connections when the investigation hit a snag. A warrant had been issued for Sonny’s arrest. Lady Jane hoped that Sonny wasn’t going to be arrested during the service, and said Carly might never forgive him. He said he was aware of that, but wanted to be honest. Lady Jane feared his animosity had blinded him, but he said his eyes had been opened.

Sonny told Olivia that her boyfriend was in the middle of the organization, but she told Sonny that she was safer with Johnny than with him. He wondered how safe Johnny was, and Olivia asked if that was threat, but Sonny said it wasn’t. Carly joined them, and asked if Olivia was there for the same reason she was; to ask Sonny to play nice. Olivia thought Carly might be the push he needed, and left. Carly told Sonny that she was glad he was coming to the christening, and she was proud they were still friends. She wanted to use the christening to bring Josslyn’s family together, both extended family and blood relatives. She wanted Josslyn to be surrounded by love, and told Sonny not to do anything to screw it up. Sonny said he’d hit a turning point, and this was the day he was going to dump the garbage by the side of the road. Dante told Lulu that if she was having second thoughts, it was okay, but she said she just wanted the day to be over. Elizabeth went to Luke, saying she owed him an apology. She’d promised not to see Nikolas anymore, and it was a lie. Luke accepted her apology, and she was surprised, but he said there was no percentage in raking her over the coals; she’d done a good enough job herself. She wasn’t his favorite person, and had dealt a lethal blow to his son (i.e. Lucky), but people made mistakes sometimes. You could get drawn in to a circumstance without thinking of the consequences; it was human. He told her, a mistake didn’t negate the good she’d done for Lucky and the love she’d given him. Lulu walked in, and asked what he was doing talking to trash.

Lucky went to the chapel, and said it took a tragedy for him to talk to God, but assumed God knew his heart better than he did. He knew he was supposed to accept things he couldn’t change, but wondered how justice fit in to that, and what he’d done to deserve this. He said it was hard to believe in God’s love, and wondered if there was a plan he wasn’t seeing or a lesson he was supposed to learn. He asked to be able to see more than just black. Jason walked in, and told Lucky that it was important to Carly that he be there. Lucky assumed Jason knew he and Elizabeth had split up and why. Jason said he was sorry, and Lucky said he wished he could assure Jason that Jake would be okay, but he had no idea what was going to happen next. Jax told a tiny Josslyn that he didn’t take keeping her safe lightly, and did what was necessary. He knew he wasn’t going to be popular, and hoped Josslyn’s mother understood. Carly joined him, and said Josslyn was a miracle, thanked him for making all her dreams come true, and said she loved him. Dante went to see Olivia, who said she remembered his christening. He told her that she’d kept her promise to protect him, and he loved her. Sonny called Dante, saying he needed to talk to him, and Olivia told Dante that Sonny had seemed tense; there was something in his eyes like he was sitting on something he wasn’t going to share with her.

Jason thought Lucky would do what was best for Jake, and Lucky said it was bad, and going to get uglier before it got better. It wasn’t fair to Jake for Lucky to dishonor his promise. Elizabeth thanked Luke for his compassion, saying it was more than she deserved. Lulu said she got that right, and Elizabeth left. Luke told Lulu that Elizabeth hadn’t been a solo act, and wondered where her righteous indignation was against Nikolas. Lulu said she was mad at him too, but it was still Elizabeth’s fault. Luke told her it didn’t do any good. It was a bad situation, but it was for Lucky and Elizabeth to figure out. For them to throw in their hostility and judgment wasn’t going to help. He said, judgment is like a boomerang, and sooner or later, it comes back and smacks you in the face. Sonny met with Dante, who wondered why there were no guards. Sonny said Jason was paranoid, and he wanted Dominic/Dante to take an assignment. A shipment was coming in, and he needed Dante to make sure he didn’t get ripped off. The shipment would be in by nightfall. Dante said, by nightfall he (Dante) would be dead. He suggested Sonny was sending him on a bogus security detail on a remote road, but Sonny said he would never do that – unless he’d found out Dominic/Dante had betrayed him. At the church, Olivia wondered where Sonny and Dante were. Dante told Sonny that he was getting whiplash; one minute Sonny wanted him to inherit everything, and the next, Sonny thought Dante had betrayed him somehow. Sonny asked how Dominic/Dante was betraying him exactly, and Dante said he’d wanted to give everyone one last good day, but Sonny had taken it too far and made a dangerous miscalculation. Sonny said that could be rectified, and Dante said he was arresting Sonny for the murder of Claudia Zaccara Corinthos.

Jax didn’t want to hold things up any longer, and the christening commenced. As the priest began the ceremony, Dante read Sonny his rights, but Sonny said they weren’t going to make it to a court of law, and drew a gun. Dante said Sonny would be adding cop killer to his list of crimes. When Dante’s body was found, Sonny would be as dead as him. Sonny said nobody was going to find Dante. He’d trusted and liked Dominic/Dante, and in some ways still did. He was smart and had guts. He’d gained acceptance from Sonny’s family, and Sonny had seriously considered making Dominic/Dante his successor. Dante said he appreciated the irony, and Sonny said it was too bad all of Dante’s effort was wasted. He asked if Dante had any last words, and Dante wanted Sonny to remember what this was about. Sonny had gunned down Lieutenant Poletti from the old neighborhood like he was a worthless bad guy, but they didn’t make them any better. Any kids in the neighborhood who were lacking, Poletti tried make up for it, and he was one of those kids. Poletti taught him to grow up to be a good man, even though he had no role model. Sonny had Poletti killed, while Sonny went on with his worthless pathetic life. Sonny was chauffeured around wearing fancy suits, while a man Dante had respected paid for it. He didn’t respect Sonny; he despised him. While Josslyn was being baptized, Sonny told Dante that he didn’t remember Poletti, but if he’d killed Poletti, he deserved it. Dante told Sonny to pray that his kids never saw him the way Dante was seeing him now; a cold-eyed bastard who would kill anyone to get whatever the hell he wanted. Sonny said, goodbye, detective, and shot Dante, as the priest told everyone, go in peace; the Lord be with you. He added, there was no more of a sacred bond than that of a parent and child. Olivia arrived at Sonny’s, and ran to Dante. She told Sonny that he’d just shot his own son, and Sonny looked pretty surprised.

Below Deck Mediterranean

At 8 pm, they aired one of those repeat episodes with never before seen scenes. Don’t let those fool you. You need a microscope to find what you haven’t seen before.

Three hours until charter. It starts to storm. Bugs comes up the boardwalk, and Malia runs to meet her. Bugs says she’s bringing the thunder. In her interview, she says she’s been working on a busy private charter yacht as chief stew. Malia introduces her to Rob and Alex. In Malia’s interview, she says they need someone to get the job done, and keep a smile on their face, and that’s Bugs. She loves everything about Bugs. Hannah tells Kiko, the pressure is on them. Malia says she has a package for Captain Sandy, and brings Bugs to the bridge. The captain says they need Bugs’s expertise and support. In Bugs’s interview, she says it’s not something she saw herself doing, and Captain Sandy is the only person she’d do this for. She tells the captain that she brought the storm. The captain thinks it was a shock to Hannah, but that Bugsy will pleasantly surprised.

Bugs gives Hannah a hug, and Hannah says, it’s mayhem. Bugs says she’s coming to help, and introduces herself to the rest of the crew. In Hannah’s interview, she says she’s feeling apprehensive about Bugs. The last time they worked together, Bugs basically went out of her way to throw Hannah under the bus. We flash back to that, and Hannah says she doesn’t trust Bugs, and they won’t be friends, but they will work together. Hannah tells Bugs that she’s excited to see her back. They need a strong second. In her interview, Bugs says she’s going in with an open mind. She loves yachting and loves her job, and hopes she and Hannah can work it out this time, and balance out each other’s strengths. Malia gives the deckhands some instructions, and Pete says his stomach is killing him. Hannah takes Bugs around the boat.

At the preference sheet meeting, the captain says primary Justin is a financial consultant, and he’s bringing his best friends. They have a history of partying in Vegas, and are excited to bring the party to Majorca. Because the owner doesn’t allow dogs on the boat (for shame!), they need to find a dog sitter, and Justin may want to go on shore to visit. Weather permitting, they want a beach panic, and to do water sports. They’ve requested a five or six course tasting menu dinner. It’s pouring, and Pete says, this was not forecasted. Malia tells Alex, it’s hard deck crew to figure out. Rob is awesome, but Pete hates her. Bugs introduces herself to Pete, and says she’s Pete… No, wait. He’s Pete. The provisions come in, and Bugs tells Malia that Pete started following her on Instagram. She says Pete claims he’s a captain, and Malia says, of a tender. Welcome to her life. In her interview, Jessica is afraid Bugs is going to change the dynamic, but she thinks Hannah doesn’t like her, so it might be good. Rob thinks Bugs is cute, and Hannah is glad Bugs is on décor, since she hates doing it. In Bugs’s interview, she says her team entered tablescape competitions, and came in first. We see pictures of that, and Bugs says she gets it from her mom. She grew up around décor, because her mom owns a B&B. It’s all about thinking outside the box. She makes magic with some shells, and the table looks gorgeous. Rob and Jess sneak a kiss. Hanna tells Jess that Bugs is on service this charter.

The guests arrive with the cutest Husky puppy ever. The captain tells them, unfortunately, the weather is going to keep them on the dock, but the crew will show them an amazing time inside. Hannah does the tour, and then makes a call arranging for a dog nanny, explaining Justin will want to visit. In his interview, Kiko says he has a tattoo of a Husky. The nanny shows up, and Justin says goodbye to pup Scout. In Hannah’s interview, she says being stuck at the dock makes her job harder. The spotlight is on her and the interior. She tells Alex, the rain really screws things up. Bugs brings the guests a cheese plate, along with various other snacks. Justin asks Hannah if she can get them a table at Tito’s tonight, and Hannah calls for a VIP table. The guests do Belvedere shots, and guest Leon asks for oysters. Hannah says they couldn’t get fresh ones for today, but Kiko has caviar. Malia asks the deckhands if they have any cards for poker. Rob says there’s a whole poker set-up, and Malia asks if Alex knows how to play. In Alex’s interview, he says he played poker every night in college, and paid his tuition from the winnings. The gaming table is set up, and in his interview, Alex says he thinks Bugs is attractive. He’s an eyes and teeth person. If you have good teeth and bright eyes, he’s already in love. Lunch is served. Kiko tastes his own food, and gives himself props. Their surf and turf makes me sad about the quinoa and leftover vegetables dinner I had, so I eat a multi-grain cracker.

Pete text flirts with Lara. In Rob’s interview, he says he’s in an open relationship and getting to know Jess. The guests say lunch was great, and they’re ready for poker. Justin looks in on his pup through a webcam, and Captain Sandy high-fives Kiko. Malia plays bartender for the poker game. The captain tells Kiko not to avoid talking to the guests, and in his interview, he says English isn’t his first language, and he gets nervous. Just let him cook. Leon says he wants oysters, and Hannah explains they’re coming in fresh tomorrow. She suggests if they want something right away, to put it on the preference sheet. Leon says he did put it on the sheet. In Hannah’s interview, she says she’s used to demanding guests, but there’s a difference between being demanding and being an outright a-hole. Leon says he guesses they didn’t read it correctly, but he knows it’s a lot for them. This dude seems like a reject from Welcome Back, Kotter. Hannah goes to the galley, and looks at the sheet. She takes it to show it to Leon, saying the only time oysters are listed is for dinner. Leon says, whatever; I was wrong. When Hannah is out of his earshot, she calls him an effing d-bag. Captain Sandy asks when Kiko is going to talk to Justin, and Kiko says he’s on his way. He meets Justin in the dining room, and says he wants to make sure they’re happy. Justin says he’s easy-going (apparently Leon, not so much), and Kiko goes over the menus. Justin says Kiko is already off to a good start. The guests get in the hot tub, while Bugs looks for tablescape stuff. Malia tells Rob that she appreciates him helping out. He asks if there’s anything she needs specifically, and she says he’s been helpful and respectful. He’s doing a good job, and holding the standard. She appreciates it.

Jess says Bugs’s table is amazing. Leon whines, these MF’ers start late. In Hannah’s interview, she says she’s concerned about Kiko’s timing, especially when the guests are already a pain in her backside. Lightening flashes, and it begins to pour. Justin asks if the others want to go to Vegas next week, but one of the women says she has a birthday party in Japan. Well, excuse me. Justin says, Kiko is killing it. The guests head for shore, and Hannah reminds them to call when they’re coming back. When they’re gone, Hannah radios the crew that the guests have departed. Malia says, copy that, and I laugh at the way she says it, since it sounds more like, thank God. Jessica and Rob hug. In her interview, Jess says, what’s not to like? He has intellect, abs, and a pretty face. She’s in trouble. Bugs wonders if Pete is the crew mess creep. Malia tells Pete, tomorrow is going to be a long effing day, and to make sure he’s on deck at seven. The guests party at Tito’s, while the boat is cleaned up. They leave the club around 3 am, and Leon calls, telling Hannah, they’re effed up. Alex says, oh my God. This is what we’re doing tonight?

The guests come back, bringing some people they met with them, one of them saying, they’re not in Sag Harbor anymore. In Hannah’s interview, she says they’ve brought randoms back to the boat. Some of them get in the hot tub, and there’s lots of drinking, mostly shots and rosé. At 4 am, they’re still going strong, and a giant magnum of Perrier Jouet is brought out. Hannah just wants to go to bed. Alex opens a load of Coronas. Justin finally suggests they call it a night, and Hannah calls for a taxi for the guests’ guests, who leave somewhere around 5 am. As she cleans up with Alex, Hannah says she effing hates her job. She doesn’t get to bed until after 6:30.

Port Adriano. Kiko says his body hurts, and Captain Sandy wants off the dock. She shows Malia that the wind is below 10 knots. In her interview, the captain says, at 15 knots, it’s impossible to get off the dock. They need to take the window when there’s a chance. In terrific timing, one of the guests gets off the boat to walk around. Malia radios that she sees one guest on the dock. Captain Sandy asks if Malia’s eyes are on her, but Malia says, she’s past the entrance. The wind picks up. In Jessica’s interview, she says, oopsy. The captain says, it’s back at 15 knots, and now the guest is back. Captain Sandy realizes Pete has released the wrong groundline, so they can’t just take off. She asks who told him to do that? and he says, Malia did. Malia hears, and says, negative. She told him to release the secondary groundline. The one he released should be the last one to go. He says he’ll put back her really important groundline, and Malia says, of course it’s not his fault. The captain sees the wind is at 20 knots, and says they can’t leave. She radios a crew that it’s a no go. Malia tells Pete that his sarcasm didn’t escape her when he said he dropped her really important groundline. He claims he didn’t say that, but she says everyone on the stern deck heard him. In her interview, Malia says, it not only looks bad for Pete, but it looks bad for her. She’s done.

Pete says he wasn’t being sarcastic; he was communicating that he was putting an important line back on. In Pete’s interview, he says working with Malia is a constant ego check. He goes over what he’s done, but he’s doing the right thing. He tells Alex that Malia is wrong, but you can’t tell her anything. In Malia’s interview, she says, when you’re stuck on the dock, it’s all smoke and mirrors. You need to distract the guests. Captain Sandy says she wants all the toys out, and Malia suggests they bring the guests to a nearby beach cove, along with some tables and chairs. The captain tells Kiko to make food for a beach picnic, and in his interview, he says, good. Then he can concentrate on the six-course dinner; it’s a lot of work. Rob asks Pete about covering the cushions. Pete says he doesn’t know, and he’s not asking. He doesn’t want to get his head bit off. Justin says, poor Hannah, and tells Bugs that they’re bringing the three girls and the guy who were there last night to the beach picnic. Bugs radios that there are going to be extra people, and Captain Sandy tells Kiko, team work makes the dream work. She loves sayings like that. Justin says he misses his son, meaning his dog. Malia tells Hannah that she has to get the dog back to the boat, so they can bring him along. The food is packed, and in her interview, Hannah says, it’s nice to have a good second stew, and she has to admit, she needs Bugs. Malia goes over to the beach with Pete and Rob in the tender, and shows them the cove. Rob and Malia begin to set up, and Malia says she’s done with Pete’s ego. He has the balls to talk smack about her when she’s not standing there, but not to her face. He knows what he’s doing, and just being an a-hole. She doesn’t give a f*** about his ego anymore. The giant umbrella she’s been opening suddenly gets taken by the wind, and takes her along with it. It crashes against a rock wall, which bends the spokes.

Hannah says they’ll do two tender runs with the guests. Malia sets the table, and Rob tells her that he likes Jess. She says, awesome, and they set up a canopy. The new people get to the boat, along with Scout who’s wearing a life vest, and everyone heads to the beach. One of the guests decides to do some golfing, and Hannah explains they can’t, since people are swimming there. In Hannah’s interview, she says she hates when randoms find their way back again. The food comes, and Justin gives Scout a lick of champagne, but of course you’re too smart to give your dog alcohol, right? The beach rep calls Sandy, and tells her that there can be no tarps or glass on the beach, and she relays the message to Hannah, saying, everything has to come down. Hannah tells the guests that they have to take the tent down and remove all the glass, including the bottles containing their alcohol. In her interview, she says she has legit 30 bottles there, and the tent is the only shade. She’s up sh*t creek with no paddle. They fill some plastic bottles with alcohol, but Justin doesn’t want to stay with no tent. Hannah suggests the guests have a swim while they pack up, and sets up a small pup tent. She tells Rob, it’s a clusterf***, and she wants to cry. Malia takes a picture of Scout and Justin on a water toy. In her interview, Hannah says, Kiko is screwed. She radios Kiko that the guests have invited other guests to dinner, and she thinks there are going to be twelve altogether. He says, six times twelve is seventy-two. In Kiko’s interview, he says, how is he going to do that? It’s crazy. He’s screwed again. He starts getting ready to make dinner.

Next time, Bugs gets in the hot tub, the hardest day of Kiko’s life, Hannah questions Rob about his open relationship, and Jessica breaks a finger.

🎁 A Wrap After the Wrap…

If Loving You Is Wrong will be having a reunion on June 30th (that’s TODAY) at 8 pm. But will Oh So Right tie up any loose ends?

🏆 And the Award Goes To…

Winners of the BET Awards.

And a review of the show.

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Winners of the Daytime Emmy Awards. Again I ask, where is Max Gail?

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It looks like she might have picked a winner this time.

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And right now, there are no parts at all until next year.

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Technically, it’s a long weekend coming up, but for some of us, it’s been a long weekend since March. Hopefully, you’re able to branch out by now, but don’t be a Karen out there. Stay safe, stay considerate of others, and stay hopeful that by the time this is over, we’ll have a better world.

April 17, 2020 – The Shahs Do Hawaii, WOTN, Found, All About Garcelle, Busy Docs, Vicky Stalled, Second Time, BH BS, Years Of Wives, Moneymaker, Go Pink, Broadway Cares, Eight Whole Quotes & Seven Days


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Shahs of Sunset

Mike and Paulina go for coffee with pup Whiskey, who is absolutely adorable and surprisingly well-behaved. Mike asks how she felt about seeing everyone at Boots and Brews, and we flash back to that. Paulina thinks they’re dramatic, and Mike says they’ve gone through so much drama, the friendships have been tainted somewhat, but he still loves them. in Mike’s interview, he says they have to start communication, healing, and moving forward. He tells Paulina that he’s planned a trip for her birthday to Hawaii, and she says, how fun. He tells her that he’s invited the crew, and she says Mike is in his early 40s. Come on. He says, it will be an excuse to regroup. The bullsh*t is getting old. In his interview, he says, it’s common sense that just the two of them on the trip would be romantic, but he loves his friends, and wants to show them a great time. Risking Paulina’s love for the love of his friends is a catch-22. He tells her that he wants to share their happiness with his friends, and start fresh. She says, they’ll make it fun.

Nema and Mona’s mom Moshgan is visiting from upstate new York. In his interview, Nema says, when his mom comes to town, she likes to soak up family and kid time. Moshgan says, it’s been the best trip, and she’s been getting in some sun worship. Nema says they’d love it if she made it a permanent thing. Mona says, when she has kids, Moshgan is going to move there. Moshgan tells Nema, if he doesn’t have kids, when he gets old he’ll just have his dog. In Nema’s interview, he says after their parents divorced, his sister stayed with his mom in New York, while he went with their dad to California. It caused damage and trauma that he can’t put into words. Nema says he doesn’t want to upset Moshgan, but his childhood was so traumatic, it strengthened his resolve not to have kids. Moshgan says she’s sorry, but he can’t use what happened in the past to affect what happens with the rest if his life. Nema says it’s hard to hear her say, just get over it, but she says she’s not saying that. She wrote him a letter two years ago about what happened. It was emotional, and it took time; did he read it? He says, it’s frustrating for him to hear that it’s been two years. In his interview, he says he’s too worried about what it says to read it. He’s afraid he’ll read something he can’t come back from. It might taint his relationship with his dad, which is already not strong. Moshgan says, if he wants to know what happened, read her six-page letter.

Destiney meets with MJ at a smoothie place. MJ says she likes Destiney’s energy, and feels like they’re on the same page. She wants them to be good friends in a good place. A lot of lies happened, and it’s where things went south. In MJ’s interview, she says she apologized to Reza at Boots and Brews. We flash back to that, and MJ says, now she wants to open the line of communication, and fix things with Destiney. She tells Destiney, she’s  there to apologize, and be transparent. Something small between Ali and Reza evolved into giant nonsense toxic bullsh*t. After the crying and confrontation that happened, she doesn’t want it to be the same thing. In Destiney’s interview, she says she thought she and MJ were like sisters. We see clips from their relationship over the years, and Destiney says, MJ hurt and betrayed her. MJ doesn’t see it, or she’s acting like she doesn’t, and Destiney doesn’t trust her. She tells MJ, she thought MJ had her back, and they were sisters, then sh*t happened. Ali walks in, and Destiney looks shocked. In her interview, Destiney says whatever MJ and Ali have cooked up, she wants no part of it.

MJ goes to the counter to order, and Ali asks how Destiney is. In MJ’s interview, she says, ultimately, she wants both of them in her life. She’s missed Destiney, and her intention is to fix this. When she comes back to the table, MJ says she wants full transparency from everyone. Destiney says she wants to figure out what’s going on, and where they all stand. MJ says she knew Ali had an issue with Reza, and wanted to talk to Destiney, so she said, go for it, but be ready to be real. Destiney says she let her emotions take ahold of her, and regrets how it came off. MJ says, the negativity has been toxic and poisonous. From her perspective of the big picture, Ali had been a close friend, but told Reza she’d said she was concerned about his marriage. Ali says he did improvise there, and MJ tells him, don’t drag her name into it, and say it’s about her concerns. In Destiney’s interview, she says, MJ is making sh*t up to save herself. Ali had said MJ put him up to it, but now he’s kissing MJ’s ass. Ali says he’s sorry he drew that conclusion, and MJ says she wants to be friends, and be on the same page. She asks Destiney if she can have a hug, and Destiney reluctantly gets up. They hug, and Destiney asks MJ to promise she has good intentions. In her interview, Destiney says she wants to believe MJ has good intentions, but deep down, she’s not comfortable.

Adam comes home to Reza, Smokey, and Miss Moo. In Reza’s interview, he wishes he could say things are amazing, but they’re not. He tells Adam that he’s going to be gone next week, so no naked Jenga when he’s not there. In his interview, Reza says he’s committed to and loves his husband. He hopes in time, this will be a distant memory. He asks Adam when they’re going to play naked Jenga, and Adam says he wants to have a conversation about that. Reza says he sounds serious, but Adam says, not as serious as Reza is making it sound, and they sit. Adam says when he went through his texts, he saw Ali was right. He did mention naked whatever, but he said immediately that he was joking. Reza says he doesn’t care about Ali; he cares about Adam doing things that make people think he doesn’t have respect for their marriage. He doesn’t like finding out his husband was potentially engaging in inappropriate behavior. People divorce over these kinds of issues, and it literally plants the seed of doubt and paranoia in someone’s head. Adam asks Reza to stop and listen, instead of shutting down. When Reza gets angry, he doesn’t listen. He interrupts and says Adam’s not making sense. He says he knows Reza mentioned a trip to Hawaii, and Reza says it would be making more of a statement if he didn’t go, and would become a big deal. He and MJ were at the Boots and Brews thing together, and he doesn’t want it to be an issue in the group. Adam says he needs to get something off his chest. He never wants MJ there again. Reza says, it’s Adam’s house too. If Adam doesn’t want her there, no problem. Right now, they’re not in a great place anyway. Adam says, if MJ and Reza get back to a good place, that’s fine, but he doesn’t want her to be around. He can never talk to her again; not even a hello. In his interview, Reza says he wants to respect his husband, but at the same time, he has a yearning for someone who used to be bigger in his life, and it’s something painful to process.

Nema and Mike head into a clinic, and Nema says, real men get Botox together. In Mike’s interview, he says he’s 41, and wants to keep it looking young. Nema says he’s stoked for Hawaii. Mike asks if Mona is coming, but Nema says Mona is mad at him. He sent his parents a text saying they screwed up his life; he has a lot of anger under the surface. Mike says he uses it to justify keeping his life from them. Nema says, if he didn’t care, it would be easy, and Mike says, it’s causing stress, and stress is going to kill him. In his interview, Mike says Nema is a good dude, but he doesn’t understand his Persian parents. They had to flee their country, and started with nothing. It’s hard for people to understand the struggles they face. He tells Nema, when you’re young and in a new country with no money, it’s difficult. They didn’t know any better; he can’t blame them. He needs to have an open heart and mind. Nema says his mom wrote him a letter, talking about her feelings on her end. In Nema’s interview, he says he was finally ready to read it, but it was frustrating. He reads from the letter, his mom writing that watching him leave was the hardest experience of her life, and has haunted her for twenty-five years. She was only twenty-five and powerless. She went back and forth to see him, and worked 70 and 80 hours a week, often the third shift, in order to afford the trip, because she had no assistance. Nema says, but it doesn’t address why he and Mona were separated. He hates the letter because it doesn’t give him an ounce of closure. Mike says, life is short. He prays Nema finds it in his heart to forgive. Come to Hawaii, and chill out. Nema says he’s going to eat his body weight in sushi. The doctor comes in, and Nema says they’re here for a tune-up. Mike looks skeptical, but gets the Botox. He says, Hawaii, here we come.

Destiney, Sara, GG, and MJ meet Paulina for a girls night out. Mike told her to go for a night out with the girls before they leave, and just have a good time. In Destiney’s interview, she says since she and Sara’s brother are no longer talking, hopefully Sara will be in a better mood. They sit outside, and MJ says it’s her first girls night out since having the baby. Tommy’s dad is watching Shams. In GG’s interview, she says MJ doing what she did is one thing – we flash back to MJ’s concern for GG when she got sick at Boots and Brews – but her taking it as an honest gesture is another thing. She’s definitely over having enemies. It’s a heavy burden to carry. They clink glasses, and toast to girls night; no boys. There’s silence, and Sara says, it’s gorgeous, but chilly, and they decide to go inside. MJ shows them how she can line her lips without using a mirror, and GG says she has skills. MJ asks if GG is feeling better, and GG says, it was an effed up situation. Paulina says she didn’t know anything about it, and GG explains that she had her fallopian tubes removed. The baby was seven weeks when she ruptured, so she’d barely been pregnant. It was a fluke of nature, since ectopic pregnancies are rare. MJ is sorry that GG went through that. In MJ’s interview, she says she feels compassion for everything GG has been through. She tells GG, it sucks they’re not closer. They could have had their experiences together. GG says she’s sorry, and admits there’s a jealousy factor. She would have rather had a child at the end. She’s read to give a baby love. MJ says she’s sure it will be a reality for GG soon, and asks if she can give GG a hug. When they hug, MJ says she didn’t know GG was getting pregnant, and GG asks if that would have made MJ not be mean to her. In her interview, GG says, for many years, she and MJ had a toxic friendship, but GG is a different person now. She doesn’t want MJ as an enemy or a friend. The best thing is to let it go. The girls toast to Paulina’s birthday.

Nema goes to see therapist Todd. He tells Todd that his mom is in town. He wishes it meant more than it does, but he’s frustrated and on edge. Todd asks how often Nema has discussed it with his mom, and Nema says she wrote him a letter on her feelings. She said, when his parents were going through the break-up, Nema’s dad reached out to his grandfather for assistance, and suggested his dad do him the favor of taking the kids to Iran for a month, while they figured things out. She was against it, but they convinced her it was a good idea not to let the kids see them fighting. It was only supposed to be one month, while they figured it out. His first response was wondering how one month turned into nine. His second response was that he’s thirty-six, and still dealing with the fallout. That they did this because they didn’t want the kids to see them arguing makes him angry, and prevents him from having a conversation with them. He’s more angry at his dad. He has an early memory of going to the grocery store with his grandfather, and there being an Iranian guard with an AK-47, watching people. Todd says, he’s in this new world, and the transition didn’t include a conversation about it. His mom laid it out, and wants him to understand where she’s coming from. Nema doesn’t want to be mad, but can’t avoid it. Nema says he has two volumes. One is, he doesn’t give a sh*t, and the other is, listen MF’er. It’s either zero or ten. Todd says, when we bury emotions, they manifest, and he needs to release it. Nema says, the status quo isn’t working. In his interview, Nema says he’s tired of being the victim of what’s happened to him. He’s been angry too long. Todd says if he has a conflict, he needs to put it out there and articulate what’s bothering him. In Nema’s interview, he says he needs his parents to come together, so he can ask why they did it, and tell them why it was wrong. That’s closure. He tells Todd, one step at a time.

As Mike packs, he realizes he always wears black T-shirts. Paulina says, that’s all he needs.

Reza packs 10,000 pairs of shoes. In his interview, he says, he’s not excited about the trip. He and MJ barely scratched the surface in moving forward, but their history makes it worth going.

MJ tells assistant Sienna, it’s weird. Hawaii is where she wanted to go with Reza, Adam, and Tommy, since neither couple had a honeymoon. Obviously, they’re not going on a honeymoon together. In her interview, she says, hopefully, they’ll get where they need to be. She tells Sienna, they’re going to be staying at a multimillion dollar property, and she wants to get back to when their moments of having fun and making fun of each other. She’s not leaving her newborn for no reason. She’s investing in their friendship. In MJ’s interview, she says she doesn’t want to leave Baby Shams for five minutes, but she knows she needs to do this for the friendship. She’ll do or say whatever it takes to help fix things.

Mike says when they travel as a group, they always act the fool. He’s hoping everyone gets along, and Paulina experiences the amazingness of his friends that he’s told her about. In Reza’s interview, he says he plans to be cordial, and ease into interaction with MJ. They fly to the island of Hawaii, and take a limo bus to the property.

Homeowner Goldie greets them, and they’re given leis by the cultural attaché Stephanie. In Nema’s interview, he says, the vibe with MJ and Reza is like an unexpected run-in with an ex. You don’t expect it to be cool, but it’s awkward. Stephanie welcomes them, and says they’re going to do a traditional Hawaiian greeting. They’re to pair up, and touch foreheads, nose to nose; inhale and exhale, then hug. In his interview, Reza says he was hoping to ease into the interaction, but it’s like, boom! Forehead to forehead. Nema and GG face each other. In his interview, Nema says he and GG are in a great place now. In GG’s interview, she says, after a few drinks, she could see Nema as bedroom worthy, but that’s as far as she’ll go.

MJ texts Tommy, asking how Shams is. I covet GG’s headband with two palm trees sticking up from it. Tommy texts back that Shams is great, and tells MJ to have fun. As usual, the food spread is fabulous, as is the property. Everything is beyond. Nema says, it’s going to be fat Nema resurrected in Hawaii. GG says she got fun headbands for the girls, and tattoos for the guys. MJ chooses a headband with flamingos, and I want that one too. Reza approaches MJ, and says he wants a grown up conversation with two people who are special to him. He asks why MJ and Destiney are still engaging with someone who didn’t have his best interest at heart? We flash back to two minutes ago, when Destiney, Ali, and MJ got together, and in Destiney’s interview, she says she tells Reza everything. MJ wonders, instead of confronting his friend of thirty years, why isn’t he saying Ali must be full of sh*t? Why didn’t he come to her? Reza asks why MJ and Ali are super tight, and in MJ’s interview, she says few people showed up at her father’s deathbed. Ali showed up in ways none of her other friends did. MJ says Reza has done stuff to her in the past, but when he came for her, she did nothing. There are certain things she resents, but if she wanted to get mad and screw him over, she would have done it then.

Mike says, this is killing him, and Paulina asks if they’re done. Everyone disperses, and Mike tells them to figure out the room situation among themselves. The rooms are incredible, and the views are stunning. I can’t imagine ever being rich enough to go there, but if that happened, you’d have a hard time prying me out. MJ tells Reza, he’s literally the worst. Reza asks, how? He’s apologizing, and owning every bit. MJ asks where was the call she deserved? Reza says she should have told him that she was feeling five kinds of ways, and she says she wanted him to be in the delivery room. He says he wanted to be, and it broke his heart. In Reza’s interview, he says he didn’t go to see MJ in the hospital because they weren’t in a good place. We flash back to Reza calling MJ while she was recovering, and grilling her about Ali. MJ says she saw him making a huge choice not get clarity from her, but they both lacked empathy. Reza says, it’s unimaginable that his closest friend entertained someone who did something not positive to him. The outcome was sh*tty and effed up. He wants to own his part in that, and that it affected her life in a negative way. MJ says she didn’t think about what he was going through, since she was wrapped up in what she going through. Reza says that’s all he needed. From the bottom of his heart, he forgives everyone, and apologizes with his whole heart. He did to Ali the same thing Tommy did; stand up for his spouse. It made him see Tommy in a different light, and let go of the anger. That’s all he needed from her; to own her part. They can take baby steps; time and action. In Reza’s interview, he says, Adam wants nothing to do with MJ. Now he feels that he has the insurmountable task of respecting his husband’s wishes, and getting back to a beautiful place with his best friend of thirty years who’s gone. Reza asks if MJ doesn’t think this is amazing. MJ says their realization that they both lacked empathy is a breakthrough. Reza says, a big breakthrough.

Next time, fire eaters and sea life, surfing lessons, GG flirts with Nema; and Mike says, there’s lots of sh*t talking and he wants them to act right.

🍸 On Watch What Happens Live tonight, the word of the night was Reza. They said it a total of 33 times. Andy said if we were playing, don’t drive, but I say, if you were playing, you’re probably dead.

🙌🏾 Some Happy News…

Sheree’s mom has been found.

👠 A New Wife In the Hills…

I really liked Garcelle. She might end up being a saving grace of the show, although it’s only the first week.

Photo gallery.

Dishing the dirt.

👨🏻‍⚕️ Botched Quarantine…

If anyone can entertain themselves, these two can.

👰🏼 Marriage Postponement…

She’s not getting married unless it can be televised.

🍼 New Nassif On the Way…

Take two for Paul.

💋 Kyle Pours the Tea…

I find it doubtful she and LVP will ever be friends again.

🛣 Memories…

Before their faces consisted only of fillers and Botox.

💰 In Defense of Profit…

Because they need money after building that humongous house.

🥣 She Don’t Wanna Start a Fight…

Pink gives back.

🎭 On Broadway…

A quarantinable reminder from the Great White Way.

📣 Quotes of the Week

A celebrity is a person who works hard all his life to be well-known, then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized. – Fred Allen

Without music, life would be a mistake. – Friedrich Nietzsche

I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them.Pablo Picasso

People are telling me I’m viral, but I say, don’t worry, I’m fine. – Leslie Jordan, new internet sensation

Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts. – Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Helping my son with his math homework makes me wish homework and numbers and children didn’t exist. – Mike (@dadandburied), on Twitter

Not everyone you lose is a loss. – Dr. Phil

The struggles we endure today will be the ‘good old days’ we laugh about tomorrow. – Aaron Lauritsen (Ain’t it the truth!)

🪁 It’s Still Just the Weekend To Me…

No Dead on Sunday yet, so see you when it’s Sailing time. Stay safe, and get out of those PJs.

February 22, 2020 – The Aftermath Of Brad’s Confession, NeNe’s Future, NYC Relief, NuBethenny, Tamra’s Reason, Reunion In Italy, Drita Is Free, Ariana Insured, a Half-Dozen Quotes Twice & Tap Baby Tap


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny comes in along with Michael, who’s holding Wiley. Carly says it’s good to see Wiley, and asks, what about Nelle? Sonny says, the cops have her. Lucas comes up  to Wiley, and says, hey, buddy. Michael says Wiley is a lucky guy. So many people love him. Julian says, he’s happy and safe, and asks Lucas if he needs anything. Sonny says, it’s been a tough night; Julian should probably go. Julian tells Lucas to call or drop by if he needs anything. Michael says they have a lot to figure out, and they will, but one thing they agree on is making this okay for Wiley.

Curtis says, body count? Is Jordan in danger? Taggert says he and Jordan both are, and Jordan says she doesn’t want Curtis involved, but Taggert says, he already is by being married to her. Jordan tells Curtis, it was an undercover operation for the DEA. Curtis says, and it came back to haunt them. Jordan says they were part of a four agent team, assigned to investigate a major drug trafficker, who covered the entire Pacific Northwest. He brought drugs in from Russia through the Canadian border, and distributed them to the western states. Taggert says, he sold drugs to everyone, from CEOs to middle school kids. Jordan says, they infiltrated the organization to get evidence and bust him. Curtis asks, what happened? and Taggert says, he covered himself well. Whenever they found someone who’d turn on him, they’d turn up dead. Curtis says, but here they both are; alive and unharmed. Taggert says, they got the break they needed, and Jordan says, they took the dealer down, and left with their covers intact. Curtis says, no one knew who they were? and Jordan says, that’s what they believed. Taggert says, until their partners turned up dead.

Nelle is put in the cell across from Brad. Brad asks where Wiley is, and what she did with him. She tells Brad, he’s despicable.

Willow wakes up, and Chase says she has a minor concussion, but she’s going to be all right. She asks, what happened? The last thing she remembers, she was watching Wiley. She sits up, saying, oh my God. Nelle was there and wanted to take Wiley. Chase says she was arrested, and Willow asks if Wiley is okay. He says, Wiley is fine; he’s with Michael, and she says, thank God. He says he has a lot he needs to tell her, and she says, it’s bad? He nods and she says, okay. Just give her a minute to be glad her son is okay.

Carly says, Michael is right. Wiley has had a confusing, big night. She knows he’s tired, and it’s past his bedtime. Maybe he’d like a snack first. Michael asks if Lucas wants to give Wiley a snack; they’ll talk later. Lucas says, yeah, and takes Wiley, asking if he’s if hungry. He tells Michael, he’s so sorry.

Carly tells Lucas that he has nothing to be sorry for. He didn’t do this. Bobbie says, no one is blaming him, least of all Michael. Michael says Lucas isn’t responsible, and Bobbie suggests giving Wiley his snack. She and Lucas go into the kitchen, and Carly says, what Michael did just now, giving Lucas time with Wiley, was so generous. Michael says he needs their help, and thinks Lucas could use Carly right now. Carly asks if Michael is okay, and he says he’s still figuring it all out, but he’ll be fine. Carly says Michael is a good man, and she loves him. She hugs him, and he says he loves her too. She goes to the kitchen, and Michael tells Sasha that he forgot to thank her for calling Chase. She says she’s glad she could help in a small way. Sonny says, now that Wiley is in the other room, tell him what the hell happened. How did Brad get his hands on Michael’s son, and keep it a secret for more than a year?

Curtis says, Bob Endicott, Jordan’s former boss, the one she said couldn’t have possibly OD’d. He was part of the team too? She says, and Mark Simon is also dead. Taggert says, also from a drug overdose. Two down, and him and Jordan left. Curtis says Jordan thought she shouldn’t tell him she has a target on her back?

Julian pours a shot of whiskey, and Ava runs in, asking if he’s all right. Is he hurt? He says, no, and she asks, what is it? He said he needed her, and it was an emergency. He hung up, and she thought she’d find him bleeding to death. He says, it’s nothing that simple, and she asks, what’s going on? He says, Brad confessed, and she says, to what? He says, Wiley isn’t Willow’s son; he’s Michael’s son, and Sonny’s grandson. The baby Lucas and Brad adopted was Nelle’s baby. He only saw the baby once. Lucas was in surgery, and Brad took the baby home. He laid the baby in his crib, and when he came back, the baby wasn’t breathing; sudden infant death syndrome. From there, things happened, and Nelle gave Brad the baby she’d had with Michael. Ava asks what he means by things happened, and he says, they switched babies by the side of the road. Somehow, Nelle convinced Brad to take the baby home that she’d had with Michael. Ava asks if Sonny knows, and Julian nods. She asks where Brad is now, and he says, in jail. She says he’s got to be terrified, and Julian says, he’s not the only one. She says, please tell her that he didn’t help Brad steal Sonny’s grandchild. He says he didn’t but… She says, if Sonny finds out… Julian says, he’s a dead man.

Chase tells Willow, it’s going to be confusing. She’s going to have a lot of questions, but he’ll do his best to answer them. The details are pretty hazy, but the central factor is undeniable. She says, okay… and he says Wiley isn’t her son. Nelle and Michael are his birth parents.

Nelle asks if Brad knows how she felt, waking up on a cold, damp road to find a dead baby in her arms. He asks what she’s talking about, and she says Jonah meant everything to her. He was the only thing she had left of Michael, and Brad stole him from her. Brad says, no. She said he had to take the baby. She asks if that’s the story he’s going with; he’s the innocent victim. He says she knows it was her idea, and she tells him to stop lying to save himself. She was overwhelmed with grief, and so was Michael. They were mourning a child they thought was dead because of him. Brad says she told him the baby would be better off if he and Lucas raised him. She didn’t want the baby anywhere near Michael. She says Brad was her only friend; stop pretending. Stop pretending he cares, when on the worst night of her life, he stole her child.

Julian tells Ava, a few days afterward, Brad told him that it wasn’t the original baby, and the first baby died. He said he’d gotten a new baby from some random homeless woman. Ava asks if he believed that, and Julian says he thought it was convenient, but it didn’t occur to him that Brad had helped himself to Sonny’s grandson. She says, Brad eventually told Julian the truth? and Julian says, eventually. She asks what the hell he was thinking. Why not go to Sonny the minute that loser told him that he’d switched babies? He says, unfortunately, Brad is his son-in-law, and when Brad came clean, Wiley was more than a year old. Lucas had time to bond with Wiley, and he wasn’t taking Wiley away from his son.

Willow tells Chase, someone made a mistake, and he says he’s sorry, but it’s true. Wiley is Michael’s son. She says, it doesn’t make sense, and he says he can explain. When Willow gave birth at Mercy Hospital on July 29th, 2018, Alexis brought the infant to GH, and delivered him to his adoptive father Brad. Lucas was in surgery, and Brad brought the infant home. Willow asks him to stop calling the baby the infant; his name is Wiley. Chase says, Brad placed Wiley in the crib, but when he came back to check on him, he wasn’t breathing. She says, no, and keeps repeating it as Chase talks. He says, Brad tried CPR, but the baby was unresponsive. Willow gets up, but sinks to the ground, yelling, no! He holds her, and says, it’s okay. I guess because he can’t think of anything else to say, since it’s clearly not okay.

Bobbie says she could wring Brad’s neck, and Lucas says he wishes he could hate Brad as much as she does, but he knows Brad. He knows Brad loves him and Wiley. Bobbie says, forgive her for not being kind and understanding, but Brad created incredible harm. That’s not love; it’s selfishness. Carly agrees, and says what Brad did was wrong, but at least they know Wiley spent his first year in a loving home. Lucas says Wiley gave it right back; he misses Wiley already. Bobbie says he’s Wiley’s father. It’s not like ripping off a name tag and moving on. Carly says Bobbie is right. No one expects him to stop loving Wiley. Lucas asks, what happens now? Wiley chomps on a cracker, oblivious to all the anxiety around him.

Julian tells Ava, the look on Lucas’s face when Brad confessed… He’d give anything not to see it again. She says, it was never going to end well. The problem is, eventually Brad is going to tell everyone that Julian was in on it. Julian says, it’s going to kill Lucas, and Ava says, Sonny is going to kill Julian. They have to get him out of town; out of the country. He says, if Sonny wants revenge, Sonny will hunt him down until he gets it. He’s not running. She asks what the brave act is for, and he says she should know more than anyone what it feels like to fail your own children. When Lucas became a father, he saw a crack in Lucas’s armor, and thought the relationship could be repaired. She says, with Brad in a constant state of panic, and him keeping the secret? He says he had a plan to shut Brad out, and the constant threat. She takes it the plan didn’t work, and he says, none of it would have happened if Lucas hadn’t gotten in that car.

Jordan says she was managing things, but Curtis says that’s not how they do things. When trouble is coming for her, he’s her first line of defense, not Taggert. Taggert says they were traying to figure things out without worrying their families. Curtis says, call Anna, but Jordan says, no. Taggert says they have to do it alone, and Curtis says he can’t believe this. As major drug trafficker has them in his sights, and they don’t want to call for backup? There’s something they’re still hiding. Taggert says Curtis is still jumping to conclusions, but Jordan says Curtis is right. They are.

Willow asks Chase how it happened. How did her baby get switched with Michael’s? He says, Brad was heading back to the hospital, but he was too emotional to drive. He pulled over same road where Michael and Nelle had the accident. Michael was trapped in the car; Nelle left him there. She must have given birth a short time later, since she had the baby with her when she knocked on Brad’s car window. He sits on the floor next to her. Willow says, which one came up with the idea? He says, Brad swears it was Nelle, and she says, of course (🍷) it was. She says that twice, so (🍷)

Michael says, when he and Chase got to the apartment, Nelle was on her way out with Wiley. He distracted Nelle long enough so Chase could grab her, and he took Wiley. He was holding Wiley like he’d done a thousand times before, but now he knew he was Wiley’s father. Sonny tells him to get used to the feeling like his heart is going to burst and he wants to give everything to his child. It doesn’t go away. Michael says he feels for Lucas, and Sasha tells him, they all feel terrible, but don’t let it stop him from feeling joy. It’s not selfish to be happy that his boy is alive. Sonny says both sadness and happiness in your heart is called being human. Michael says it’s not just about him. Wiley is losing the only parents he’s ever known. Sasha says, he’s gaining a father he already knows and loves, who’s always been present in his life. Michael says being the special occasion guy is a whole different thing than being Wiley’s dad, the one he trusts the most. Blood didn’t make Sonny his father. It was the way Sonny took care of him, and how he trusted Sonny. Sonny says, Wiley feels the same way, and knows in his heart Michael loves him. Michael wonders if the right way to love Wiley is to make him leave a house he already knows, with one of the fathers who he already loves.

Brad says Nelle knows what she’s doing won’t work. He’s not taking the blame for what she did. She says, all she did was pass out with a baby in her arms. Brad says she was wide awake when she told him to take the baby. She said it would make Lucas happy. It never would have entered his head if she hadn’t put it there. She says, now she’s a liar? He says that’s what she does. She cons people, and plants thoughts in their heads, so they don’t know right from wrong anymore. She says she’d just delivered a baby. She was weak and unconscious when he took Wiley from her. He says, what about Obrecht? She delivered Nelle’s baby; Nelle wasn’t alone in the woods like she told Michael. She says she had no idea what happened when she was alone. Waking up on the side of the road, all she remembers is that she had a dead baby in her arms. Brad says she has no idea what it’s like to lose a baby, and she says she lost Jonah. First Brad steals him, and now he’s telling her that Wiley loves him more than her. Brad says, that’s not true, and she says he robbed her of time with her son. He knew the truth, that her baby was alive. He says he’s going to make sure everyone knows Nelle gave him to Brad. He and Lucas gave him a home and family, and she’ll never love him the way they do. She calls the guard, and says Brad is antagonizing her. Get him out.

Taggert says, wait, but Jordan says, they started this. That means they’re going to finish it. Curtis says, she’s right. Taggert can’t come up in there saying they were working undercover with the DEA, and not give him the whole story. Jordan says, they’re not guessing about the attacks. The dealer knows who they are, and came there to burn her city down. She knows this because she went to see him at Pentenville. Taggert asks, when? and Jordan says he didn’t come out and say he was after them. It was what he didn’t say that alerted her to what he was doing. Taggert wonders what Cyrus is doing in Pentenville, and Jordan says he got moved. He was always good at making political connections. Curtis asks, who is this guy? and Jordan hands him a file, saying, Cyrus Renault. Curtis looks through it, and says, sounds like a good dude. She says they believe he’s behind the attacks on Sonny, but Curtis says, drugs are not Sonny’s thing. She says, Cyrus gets a fresh new market in taking over Sonny’s territory. Taggert says, after everything they did to put him away; now he’s back. He’s not going to surprise them anymore. He’s going to check with some people. He tells Curtis, now that he knows everything, go easy on her. She was just trying to protect him. Taggert leaves, and Curtis says Jordan never fails to surprise him. Tell him the full story. She says he won’t be happy she did.

Carly tells Lucas, whatever happens next, they’ll get through it together. Bobbie says, his sister is right. Don’t let what Brad did push him away from his family. Carly says, it’s hard. Lucas has every right to be angry, mad, and hurt. Let them be his safe space. Bobbie tells him, never forget he’s done an amazing job raising Wiley. Carly says, nothing can change that. Everyone came together to keep Wiley safe and make him feel loved.

Willow says, of course (🍷) it was Nelle. She hates Michael, and wanted to hurt him. What could be worse than… Chase says, Brad took the baby home, and when the police found Nelle, she had her baby in her arms. The took her to the hospital, where she gave the baby to Michael. Willow says, Michael talked about it in their grief support group. How still the baby was. He wanted to tell himself the baby was just asleep, but he could feel the truth. Even then, he didn’t want to let the baby go. He went to the chapel to ask God why, but God didn’t have an answer. Eventually, the nurse came, and he had to give the baby up. He said it was the worst moment of his life, and she thought she understood. She had to give her baby up when the nurse came to take him for the adoption. She was just missing her baby. Michael was grieving his. Now it’s her turn to grieve her child. She starts to cry.

Jordan tells Curtis, the four of them worked their ways into different parts of Cyrus’s business, but they couldn’t gather enough evidence to bring him up on charges. All that work for nothing. Curtis says he knows the feeling. She says she was in too deep, and losing touch with who she was on the inside. He says, the part of her that’s a mother, and she says she needed to go home, see her kid, and remind herself of what’s truly important. He says it sounds like she reached a turning point, and she says they’d been involved long enough to manufacture evidence, and leave a trail for the FBI to find. So that’s what they did. They framed Cyrus crimes he actually committed. Curtis says, it worked; Cyrus got life, but Jordan says, because they broke the laws they swore to uphold. They were just as dirty as Cyrus. Curtis says, no, no, no, no, no. They didn’t sell drugs to little kids; they saved lives. She says he should be upset, and he says he is. How could she not tell him, and shut him out when trouble came? If the roles were reversed, she’d be furious with him. She says he’s right. She was selfish, and didn’t want her undercover work to touch the life she has with him. He says she’s got to be all in, or it’s not going to work. She says, on the other side, he doesn’t know Cyrus. He’s a monster, and just set up base in their backyard. Curtis holds her.

Sonny says Michael is thinking of giving up his son? All he’d be doing is dragging out the pain. Everyone knows, and more important, Michael does. Even if Lucas moves to China, there’s no amount of distance that can sever that tie. They can’t fix what Brad and Nelle did, but can give Wiley the best life they can. Michael says he’s right about everything, but how does he tell Lucas? Sonny says, say the words, and Lucas will respect that. There’s only one way this can end. Michael knows this. Michael says he still wants Lucas in Wiley’s life, and Sasha says, tell him. It will be a different relationship, but that doesn’t make it any less meaningful. Sonny says, she’s wise; listen to her. Michael says he does. It just hit him, Lucas isn’t the only one facing a loss. Chase is telling Willow that the child she loved all this time isn’t hers, and her own son is gone.

Willow tells Chase, now she understands why Brad was so tense around her. She thought he was afraid she’d change her mind and take Wiley back. If she’d gone through with rescinding the adoption, she would have taken a baby that wasn’t hers, and when Shiloh tried to get custody, Brad could have stopped it at any time. All he had to do was tell the truth. Chase says, Brad’s weak, and easily manipulated. He’s been under Nelle’s thumb since they switched the babies. That’s why Brad was at Nelle’s parole hearing, and let her stay at his apartment. She’s been blackmailing him. Willow says, he let her.

Bobbie asks if Lucas believes it was all Nelle’s idea, and he says, Brad has told his fair share of lies, but it seems like something Nelle would come up with. Carly says it was the perfect opportunity to hurt Michael, and by extension, hurt her. She’s Nelle’s real target; the focus of Nelle’s envy and obsession. They’re collateral damage. Lucas says Wiley likes to be read to after his snack. Brad usually packs his favorite book. He digs in Wiley’s bag, and brings out a sippy cup. He says if you freeze them, it’s good for teething. Carly says, that’s sweet, and Wiley laughs. Lucas asks if she remembers when he asked her what the hardest part of parenting was, and Carly says, knowing what’s the right thing to do.

Jordan thanks Curtis for loving her, and he says, of course (🍷). He always will. Anyone who comes for her, will have to go through him. She says that’s not what she wants. She doesn’t want him to be the price she pays for her mistakes. He says he can protect himself, and she says, do that, and keep an eye on TJ as well. It will be easier for her to do what she has to. He asks, what is it she’s going to do? and she says she’s the Police Commissioner. No one is going to burn Port Charles down on her watch.

Julian tells Ava, she’ll want to steer clear. Brad is spineless, and could break at any point, and spill his guts. Ava says then they’ll have to intervene before Brad has a chance to give him up.

Nelle says she finally had a chance to be with her son, and now she’s trapped because of Brad’s terrible lies. The guard says they can’t have him badgering other prisoners, and takes him out. Brad says, she’s lying, and when he’s gone, Nelle smiles.

Willow tells Chase, she tried to like Brad over and over, but she didn’t; she couldn’t. Part of her knew what he was like. Brad is a lying coward who cares more about himself than Wiley. Wiley could have had his father the whole time, had Michael raise and love him, and now… He’s so young, and his whole world is upside down. Brad did this to him, his so-called father; the man she chose to raise her son. Chase says, she picked Lucas, but she says, no. She trusted her son to Brad, and Brad let him die. She says, oh my God. Brad traded him in like a faulty appliance. She cries, and says, there was no one there who loved him. No one knew him. She sobs, and Chase takes her in his arms.

Lucas brings Wiley out, and Michael asks if Wiley enjoyed his snack. Lucas says, he did; he ate all of it. Michael says, he loves his animal crackers. Lucas tells Wiley, hey, buddy. He knows his Uncle Michael, and knows how much he loves to play games with Wiley and tell him stories. He has a nice surprise. Wiley is going home with him. He gives Michael Wiley’s bag, and says, there’s more snacks, a bedtime book, and diapers. He tells Wiley, I love you buddy, and kisses the top of Wiley’s head. He gives Wiley to Michael, and tries not to cry. He says, take good care of your son, and Bobbie hugs Lucas. Everyone looks sad.

The acting was so good, even though I can’t relate at all, they had me tearing up.

On Monday, Nikolas needs Elizabeth’s help, Ava asks Franco if Nikolas and Elizabeth had an affair, Julian tells Brad that it’s on him, and Carly tells Sonny that Nelle is the mastermind

🍑 Like She’s Ever Going Anywhere…

They’ll have to pry that peach out of her cold, dead hand.

🗽 Make Room…

LuAnn’s life is once again a cabaret.

✈️ Life Beyond the Wives…

🍽 A Lot On Her Plate…

Although I thought the usual strategy was to just throw it.

🛌 It Would Be Weird…

Seriously. Did he think she was going to share his bed?

She should have just dropped the kids off.

🥂 That’s Good, I Guess…

Although it might have been parlayed into another season of Mob Wives.

🩺 Some Of Us Still Don’t Have It…

I’m on the get better or die plan myself.

🎤 Quotes of the Week

It takes a lot of time to be a genius. You have to sit around so much, doing nothing, really doing nothing.Gertrude Stein (I might have found my calling!)

Confidence is 10 percent hard work and 90 percent delusion, just thinking foolishly that you will be able to do what you want to do. – Tina Fey

If his grades get any lower, we’ll have to start renting him out as a speedbump. – Charlie (Charlie Sheen), Two and a Half Men

Every now and then I like to do as I’m told, just to confuse people. – Tamora Pierce

The worst part of success is trying to find someone who is happy for you. – Bette Midler

I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure. – Mae West

Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door. – Coco Chanel (Love that! Now if I can just learn it…)

There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. – Nelson Mandela

The price of greatness is responsibility. – Winston Churchill

Death, taxes, and childbirth! There’s never any convenient time for any of them. – Margaret Mitchell

So, your kids must love the iPad? I asked Mr. [Steve] Jobs, trying to change the subject. The company’s first tablet was just hitting the shelves. They haven’t used it, he told me. We limit how much technology our kids use at home. – Nick Bilton

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. – Dr. Seuss

👠 Friday Night…

I went to see a revival Mack & Mabel on Broadway. I couldn’t find a version of this from the performance I saw, but close enough. Since no good time goes unpunished, this is an appropriate song for today. See you when the Dead return.

February 12, 2020 – The Investigation Is Squashed, Shopped, the Wives Head To the Shore, Something New & Frozen Love


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam asks Robert what he means by the deal is off. She and Jason kept their end of the deal. They gave him a lead connecting Peter and David Black. Robert says, it’s a good lead, but he’s not allowed to pursue it. She asks, why not? They were close to nailing Peter. Why back out now? Robert says, it’s not his call. Jason asks, whose call? and Robert says, it’s the million dollar question. Someone shopped them to the Attorney General.

Finn thinks Anna is projecting a little bit. He imagines Peter and Robert’s altercation was worse than usual. She says, hard to believe, but it was. They were arguing about Peter before he arrived. He asks if she told Robert that she knew about his deal with Jason and Sam, and she says, no, but they were fighting and he inferred as much. He asks what she thought she was going to get, by confronting Robert, and she says she just thought she could get him to back off. He asks if they’re talking about the same guy. Did she think he was going to pass up an opportunity to get Peter? She asks if she’s supposed to just accept that Robert is going to do everything he can to destroy Peter’s life. Does Finn have any idea how painful that is?

Emma sees Peter at Kelly’s. She says she stopped by his office yesterday, but he was out, so it’s a happy coincidence, finding him there. He asks if there’s any chance he can get his first official hug as her uncle, and they hug.

Ava calls Valentin, and he asks if he should address her as Ava or Mrs. Cassadine. She says for him, always Mrs. Cassadine. She says her call concerns the property he used to reside in illegally, and asks if there’s any way to turn the stable lights on remotely. The mistress of the property shouldn’t wander around in the dark. He tells her, try a flashlight. The cliffs are slippery, and it’s only a matter of time before Nikolas pushes her off one. Nina comes into the gallery, and Ava says she’ll be with her in a minute. She tells Valentin, have a nice evening, and don’t dwell on everything he’s lost. Valentin calls Martin, and asks him to get to GH.

Maxie tells Jax that she needs approval for something regarding Crimson. He asks if it’s another budget hike, and she says the shoot in Dubai is more costly than they thought. He says he’ll go over it with Nina, but Maxie says, she’s not in the office. She already looked at the budget; these days, Maxie wears many hates. Jax says he’ll take a look at it, and get back to her. She thanks him, and he asks if there’s something else. She says, Nina didn’t tell him that she wasn’t coming in? and he says, she doesn’t have to. Maxie says, of course (🍷) not, but she thought Nina would share that information, since…

Ava asks what brings Nina by, and Nina says she’s on the hunt for a new home, and she’ll need new artwork, so she wanted to look at Ava’s latest acquisitions. She asks if that was Valentin on the phone, and Ava says she had some questions about Spoon Island. Nina suggests she ask the staff; why provoke Valentin? Ava says, why not? She won’t be intimidated by a homeless false heir out on bail. She’s only worried about Nina. Valentin wants her back. Nina says, too bad; she’s moving on Ava likes that direction, but says Nina is lacking conviction. Nina says Ava doesn’t believe her? and Ava says, not really. Nina says if Ava had arrived in her office earlier, she would have. She and Jax kissed. Ava says, that is an interesting development. How exactly did that happen?

Maxie tells Jax, proximity is a funny thing. It’s like salt or cayenne pepper. Too much is overwhelming, but too little is bland. Adding just the right amount makes what you’re cooking better. She knows he and Nina kissed, and wants to know where he’s going with the relationship.

Ava tells Nina, she remembers music playing when she walked in. Champagne was chilling, and she thinks their toast was to more than the rise in circulation. She’s sorry she spoiled the mood. Nina says she’s glad. It would have been a disaster if Jax had been there when Valentin arrived. Ava says, that’s true, but Nina smooched her corporate dreamboat. Nina suggests they not call it that, and Ava says, seriously, she’s happy for Nina. It takes courage to get yourself out there. Nina says, it was a tiny little kiss, and Ava asks if it was a good kiss. Nina says, fantastic. It’s all she think about. Ava asks if that’s bad. It means she’s over Valentin, or trying to get over him, but Nina says, it doesn’t matter. It’s not like she and Jax have a future. Ava says, with Valentin out of the picture, why the hell not?

Martin meets Valentin, who says he expects the DNA results any moment. Martin asks if he’s there for moral support, but Valentin says he wants Martin to take action as soon as he has proof he’s a Cassadine. He’s wants to regain his assets, and make sure Nikolas and Ava are off Spoon Island. He asks how it’s going with Nelle, and Martin says she’s primed to sell the ELQ stock she inherited, but she’s expecting a life changing number. Valentin says once her stock is acquired, they need to move on to the other shareholders. He needs a majority holding to take control.

Finn says he understands how painful it is for Anna, and she says when Robert is on the warpath like that, he puts on blinders. He only sees Peter as a criminal. She doesn’t know what to do now that Robert is working with Jason. Finn flashes back to giving Sam and Jason information that connects Peter with the assassin. Finn says he’s sorry she’s going through this, and she says she’s just angry really. Why did Robert make a deal with Jason of all people? Finn says, strange bedfellows, and she says, Robert considers Jason a thug, but he’s putting that aside. She can’t believe Robert went behind her back. Finn says, to be fair, she did it first by withholding information from the file she returned. She asks whose side Finn is on; it’s getting harder to tell. He says, obviously hers, and she says if that’s true, he should understand why she kept the information from Robert. Robert, and now Jason and Sam, are going everything they can to destroy Peter. They want to pin it all on him; Drew’s death all way to the attack on Andre. She had to protect him. She had no choice. He says, she did. She chose Peter. She says she had to defend him.

Jason asks how the Attorney General found out about their deal, and Robert says, someone shopped them to him. He was told in colorful terms, if he continued with this, he’d face sanctions. Sam says the AG should want the killer brought to justice, but Robert says the spike in mob violence went against them. It’s their job to put the mob out of business, and not where he’s supposed to go for help. Sam asks if they don’t want to find out who the killer is, and Robert says, they’re pursuing it in their own way. Sam doubts they’ll make it a priority, and Robert says she’s probably right. He’s sorry. No one wants to take this guy out more than him, but his hands are tied. Sam says, what now? and Robert says she has to go back to the terms of her parole, and her parole officer. Jason says, what about Peter? and Robert says, he’s a Bureau problem now. Sorry.

Sam says they did everything Robert asked; it’s all her fault, but Jason says, she heard Robert; the Feds won’t work with him. She says she brought Finn in. If she hadn’t done that, they could have taken it further. Jason says they gave Robert the connection to Eurotech, and doesn’t think they would have gotten it on their own. (Again, really? I could have googled it and figured it out.) She says she should have known Finn would give them up to Anna.

Martin tells Valentin, the negotiations continue between Ned and Linc. Ned is increasingly motivated to get his daughter out of her contract. Valentin says the goal is, if Brook gets squeezed hard enough, she’ll give up her shares. Don’t let this Linc guy drag it out too much. Valentin doesn’t like him; he’s pond scum. Martin says, pond scum has its perks. Ecologically speaking, Linc secured them the contract that gives them the leverage they need. Valentin says, if he’d known Brook was going to be sexually harassed, he’d have never signed off on it. Martin says, after he comes through on their agreement, Valentin can throw Linc to the wolves. He’s been useful, and followed directions thus far, but it’s only a matter of time before Brook goes behind Ned’s back and trades her shares for her artistic freedom. Valentin says, it gives him a foothold, but it’s just a start. They have a lot of work to do before he has controlling interest. He asks if Martin has the list of shareholders he sent. Martin says he does, and Valentin says, pack a bag. They’re leaving Port Charles tonight.

Jax tells Maxie, he can’t approve her proposal if she doesn’t give him a chance to review it. She says, it won’t take long; she was thorough. He says he’s sure it is, but he wants to get through it by the end of the day. Maxie begs him to tell her what happened. She’s only asking because she cares about him and Nina. He’s not breaking any code; she just wants Nina to be happy. He says he does too. She asks what he’s doing about it. Is he making her happy? She won’t tell anyone. He says, there’s nothing to tell. He and Nina are both on the same page. She says, between the two of them, Nina was nervous to talk to him. Good thing they both agree. She knows Nina will be happy with someone who won’t jerk her around like Valentin did. Jax asks what she’s talking about. He and Nina aren’t together.

Ava says she doesn’t get it. Nina is free of Valentin; why turn Jax down? Nina says she didn’t. Ava says, Jax turned her down? Nina says, nobody turned anybody down. They discussed the situation, and they both agreed it’s not the right time to date. Ava asks, why not? Nina says she has a lot going on. She just got out of a long-term volatile relationship with Valentin. It’s not the time to start dating. Ava says all she’s hearing are excuses, and maybe a lie. Tell her the real reason it ended before it started.

Peter asks Emma to tell him everything. How’s everyone in Berkeley? She says, good. They’re waiting for him to visit. Noah wants to show Peter the stadium he’s going to play in. Peter asks if Noah isn’t a little young, and she says, Noah doesn’t think so. He asks, what about her? She says she wants to go to the Claremont Hotel for tea. He says he’d be delighted, and she says, and she wants him to see the Redwoods. Grandma loves those. He says he does too. He asks if everything is okay, and she says she was just deciding something. He’s a part of her family, so she should tell him when something happens. He says, of course (🍷) she should. What’s going on? She says her grandma is worried about him.

Finn tells Anna, the bottom line is, if Peter isn’t hiding anything, he has nothing to worry about. Anna says she’s worried that this is just Robert’s first course of action, and who knows what he’s drumming up. Finn asks if she thinks Peter is hiding something, and she says she has no reason to suspect that, so she’s giving him the benefit of the doubt. No one else seems willing to. Finn says he’s being cautious, and Anna says one thing she learned at the DVX, is that it’s very easy to live up to people’s low expectations of you. If they start calling you a criminal, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and you move toward the darkness. She doesn’t want that for Peter. Someone has to tip the scales in Peter’s favor, and lead him to his better self. Finn asks if she thinks the best way is to withhold information, and she says, probably not, but she doesn’t regret it. Peter never had a fair shot at life. She walked away, and never went back to check on him. Finn says, if it was her, but she says, it doesn’t matter. Peter was raised by a monster, but there’s good in him. She owes him a second chance at life; he needs to be encouraged. Finn asks if she thinks covering up for him is helping him. She doesn’t know, but what else is she supposed to do? Finn says, show him that his choices have consequences. She might want to take a step back, and let authorities handle their part. He knows how much she loves Peter, but sometimes you have to do the right thing for someone you love, even if you know it will cause them some pain.

Sam wonders if Anna gave them up. Finn must have told her, and she told the AG. Jason says, it’s his fault. He went to Anna in the first place. At the time, he thought she’d see the truth. He knew she’d be upset, but he didn’t think she’d deny what’s right in front of her. Sam says, she’s a parent. She’s going to see Peter in any light she wants to. Maybe it wasn’t Anna; maybe it was Peter. Jason says, it doesn’t matter; the deal is off. Sam says she’s so pissed. She never should have trusted Finn. Now they’ll never have the lives they wanted. The second they walk out, they’re back to square one, and have to pretend not to be together again. She can’t do it anymore. Jason knows it’s tough, but she says he doesn’t know. It’s time to take control of the situation. Jason asks, how? and she says, take Scout and Danny, and disappear.

Anna tells Finn, she’s familiar with the notion of tough love. What’s he getting at? He says he needs to tell her something. He ran into Sam, and told her… There’s a knock at the door, and Anna asks what he told Sam. The knock is more persistent, and she says, dammit, and goes to the door. It’s Robert, and she says, what is it? He asks why she went to the AG. She asks what he’s talking about, and he says his deal with Sam and Jason was tanked – all because of her.

Maxie says, Jax just told her that he and Nina were on the same page about the kiss, and he says, they both agreed the kiss was a mistake. She asks, how could the kiss be a mistake? and he says, Nina has a lot on her plate. She’s getting her life back together. Maxie says, no one knows better than her that Nina is an emotional wreck thanks to Valentin, but what better way to get a fresh start than with a brilliant, compassionate guy like himself? He says, it’s not the right time.

Ava says she can tell Nina is holding back. If she’s not over Valentin, she shouldn’t feel ashamed. It’s tough getting over love – especially dysfunctional love – but sometimes talking about it helps. If Nina wants to do that, please vent away; she’ll listen. Nina sits, and Ava says she’d hate to see Nina take Valentin back after all he’s put her through, but Nina says Ava doesn’t have to worry. Valentin isn’t the reason she’s not pursuing a relationship with Jax. Jax is the reason. In all honesty, she was intrigued, but then Jax said the kiss was a bad idea, and they should put it behind them, so they can stay friends. You don’t friendzone someone you’re interested in. Ava asks if she gave him a reason to think that she’s not interested, but Nina says she didn’t have time. He shut her down before she could discuss it. Ava says, then bring it up again.

Valentin says he sent Martin a detailed itinerary. The shareholders are far flung; he should expect a long trip. Martin says Valentin could have asked first, but Valentin says, Martin is on retainer. It comes with the job. Martin says, still, advance notice would have been appreciated. Valentin says, too bad. He has a strategic approach for each of the shareholders, and it’s time to put his plan in action. A nurse tells Valentin, the results are ready. He opens the envelope, looks at the contents, and frowns.

Jason says, that’s a big move, and Sam says, the alternative is being apart for two more years. Jason says he doesn’t want that, but if they go, Danny will grow up with no family besides them. He’ll never be able to see his grandma or sister. Is she willing to do that to him? She says she doesn’t know, and starts to cry. She says she just remembers what it felt like when she lost him. She doesn’t want to feel that again. Danny is the only reason she got through it, and she doesn’t want to put the kids through another two years of this.

Peter asks Emma, what’s troubling Anna? Maybe he can reassure her. Emma says, it’s about Peter’s complicated history. He says, that covers a lot of ground. He made a lot of unfortunate choices when he was young. He was so focused on what he wanted, he ignored the cost – not just for himself, but for other people. He made some bad decisions, and then made worse decisions trying to cover them up. He says, there’s a good lesson to be learned, not that he thinks she’ll make any of the mistakes he did. She asks, what’s the lesson? and he says, when you screw up big, stop, and stand still. Take a look around and ask yourself what you did to get there and now that you’re there, what’s the lesson you’re supposed to figure out? She asks if he learned them, and he says he did, but he learned some too late. Some people don’t want to forgive his mistakes, which is their right. The last thing he wants to do is drag Anna down because of mistakes from his past. Emma asks if that could happen, but he says, no. He has a whole new life now; a good life. He has family; Maxie, James, her, her mom and dad, and Noah. And Anna. People he truly cares about, and he thinks care about him. She says, of course (🍷) they do. The things from his past are gone for good, and they’re not coming back to hurt anyone. She asks if he’s sure, and he says he is. Don’t worry anymore. She says she won’t, and they pinky promise.

Anna tells Robert, start making sense or get out. He says she tipped off the AG. Finn wisely says he’ll give them some privacy, and goes upstairs. She says she hasn’t told anyone about his deal, certainly not the AG. He says she really doesn’t know, does she? Peter overheard them; it must have been him. She says it’s not Peter’s fault Robert was yelling. He says they’ve been stopped from moving ahead with the lead, and she says, assuming it was worth pursuing. He says they’ll never know now. It’s just as she planned. As a bonus, he’s been taken off the investigation. That means it’s in the Bureau’s hands, and they won’t do anything. Peter will get off scot free. She says he can’t be certain Peter is guilty of anything, and he says, all they know is that Peter lied when he was at the front door, and it must have been him who spoke to the AG. She asks, why? Has Robert found something that proves Peter hired the assassin? He says, it was just a lead; a starting point. She asks, what was it? and he says, Eurotech. If she’s so convinced Peter is innocent, maybe she should check into it herself.

Martin asks what it says, and Valentin says, Alexis isn’t his sister; they share no DNA. He’s not a Cassadine. Martin says, that can’t be right, but Valentin says his people monitored the whole procedure. There’s no way it was tampered with. He crumples up the paper, and Martin says he knows that’s not the outcome Valentin wanted. Valentin says it’s not like he chose to be a Cassadine. It’s just something he was. They sent him away and forgot him, but he always had the bloodline, the name, the legacy. Now what? Nikolas wins. He’s the prince; he’s the heir. And what is Valentin? He’s a lie, told by greatest liar who ever lived, Helena Cassadine – his mother.

Robert tells Anna, Sam and Jason think Peter and David Black are linked by Eurotech. She asks how they came by that information, and he says, they weren’t too specific. She says, shocking. What are they going to do with it? He says, the Bureau isn’t going to do business with Jason. He’d made a deal with Sam about her parole, and now she’s not going to see her family for a year and a half. Anna says, oh God, that’s terrible, and he says spare him her faux concern. She’s more concerned about Peter. He dodged a bullet again. Congratulations. She protected a murderer. He leaves, and Finn comes back downstairs. She asks if it was him. Did he tell Sam and Jason about the Eurotech connection?

Jason tells Sam, it will be even harder on the kids. They have a big family, and a lot of people they love, who love them. Sam says she knows; it’s just unfair. He says, as painful as it will be for them to spend two years apart, it will be more painful for more people if they leave. Sam says her parole officer isn’t going to let up. Delores is going to be on her, waiting for her to make a mistake, so she can send Sam back to Pentenville. Jason says, let her try. They’ll work around her.

Valentin says, in light of his current situation, it’s vital that he retain control of ELQ. Martin says, it’s a lot to take, but Valentin says he’s resilient, and also solvent. He has plenty of his own money put aside, and can cover Martin’s retainer. Martin says, thank God, but from now on Valentin pays in advance. Valentin asks what Martin is doing there. They have shareholders to meet. Martin says, they will, but he doesn’t like the idea of leaving Valentin alone. Is there someone he can talk to?

Ava suggests Nina march back into Aurora and level with Jax. Nina asks if she should throw herself on Jax’s desk and beg him to reconsider. Ava says, yes, and Nina tells her, what Jax said was true. Her life is complicated. She needs to move forward, and needs to find a new place to live. Besides, Jax is her boss. Ava asks if Crimson doesn’t have autonomy, and Nina says, it could get messy and complicated. Ava says, that’s love. She needs to be willing to take a risk. Nina needs to go for what she wants, and if if makes Valentin crazy and jealous in the process, that’s icing on the cake. So be it.

Jax tells Maxie, Nina needs space, and he’s giving it to her. Maxie asks if Nina actually told him that she’s not interested. He asks if that isn’t what Nina told Maxie, and she says, absolutely. He wonders why she’s asking then, and she says, verification. Nina might be done with Valentin, but she’s not finished with love. He tells her, just say what she’s thinking, and she asks if he’s sure Nina isn’t interested in dating him. He says, he was, until she showed up.

Anna says, Finn told Sam and Jason about Eurotech, didn’t he? and he says he did. She asks if he knows what he’s done. How could he? He says he can explain, and she asks who the hell he thinks he is.

At Kelly’s, Peter says Robert just missed Emma. He says he knows; his brother has her. He’s not sure he’d want her to hear what he has to say to Uncle Peter anyway. Peter takes it that it’s not a peace overture. Robert says Peter overheard him and Anna, and shopped them to the Attorney General. Peter asks why Robert would care, unless he’s up to something shady. Robert says he really should thank Peter for getting him off that production. Now it’s just Peter and Jason. His daughter adores Jason, and Anna has a soft spot for him too. Him, not so much. He knows a trained killer when he sees one, and Jason knows the truth, Henrik. Jason is coming to get him, and this time Anna isn’t going to be able to save his sorry butt. Have a good night.

Sam says she should go, but she hates leaving Jason. He says, they’ll get through it. She says she knows, but she loves him so much. He says he loves her more. They kiss, and their theme music plays. When I wake up from my nap, Jason tells her, it’s okay. She cries, and he holds her, saying, it’s going to be okay. He tells her, go first. She takes a breath, peeks through the blinds, and goes out the door.

Delores comes down the hall, and sees Sam. Sam asks, what’s going on? and Delores says she’s glad she bumped into Sam. They have a problem.

Maxie thinks her work there is done, and Jax tells her, hang up your bow and arrow, Cupid. He’ll let her know about the budget, and she says, Nina might want to take a pass at it tomorrow. Some things deserve a second look.

Ava hopes Nina is on her way to talk to Jax. At least consider it. Nina appreciates the support, and says she has to admit, she’s a little surprised at getting such helpful relationship advice from Ava. Ava says she doesn’t have a winning record, but that could turn around at any moment. Nina says, in a loveless, sexless marriage with Nikolas. Ava says, point taken. If Jax kisses Nina again, she wants to hear all about it. In the hallway, Valentin listens.

Tomorrow, Brad tells Nelle that he told Lucas the truth about Wiley, Lulu says she and Dustin took a big step, Finn tells Anna that Peter is guilty, and Ava says Valentin is going to kill Jax.

🛒 I read a lot, so it’s rare when a word stumps me, especially one I’m familiar with. Thanks to Robert, I learned that another definition of shopped is, to inform on. I actually looked it up, because I thought I was misunderstanding him.

👗 On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Gia’s prom was a big deal for Teresa, especially since Teresa wasn’t there for Gia’s 8th grade prom. Joe on Ice called, and Gia said Teresa was being like Godzilla, and she was a psycho. You’d have thought a wedding was happening. Everyone gathered at Teresa’s house = Melissa and Joe #2, and Dolores and Frank, who brought Frankie, et al. There was a ton of food and balloons and flowers, and Melissa and Joe #2 brought Gia a bouquet of roses. Dolores said if she could dream up the perfect girl for Frankie, it would be Gia. Melissa mentioned the upcoming trip to the Jersey Shore, and said she wasn’t sure Jackie, Jennifer, and Marge were going to like it, since they were more Hamptons girls. Although we learned later that Jackie was a seasoned Shore pro.

Being director of the Long Island Musical Theater Festival, Jennifer’s brother Steven was participating in a fundraiser to provide musical scholarships. Jennifer brought Gaby, since she’d been going through some bullying at school. She wanted Gaby to see Steven in his element, so she could see where he is now, after having gone through his own trials. Husband Bill told Jennifer that Joe #2 was inappropriate at Marge’s party. (As a reminder, Joe #2 had suggested Jennifer was sexually frustrated, and Bill should bang her more.) Bill thought it required an apology, and Jennifer wondered how the Shore trip was going to be.

We saw pictures and videos of Gia over the years, and Teresa said it seemed like yesterday Gia was a baby. She said Gia had to grow up faster than a lot of kids, and she was proud to call Gia her daughter. Gia made a grand entrance down the staircase, in a spaghetti strap, powder blue gown, with crisscross straps in the back, looking absolutely gorgeous. I teared up for a moment, thinking I didn’t have all the pomp and circumstance, but my father was there. As sleazy as Joe #1 is, he seems to love his kids, and vice versa, and the whole thing is sad.

In her interview, Jennifer explained that her mom came from a tiny village, and married at sixteen. Coming to America, there was a language barrier, and she didn’t understand the culture. As the kids got older, they taught her, and now she tries to never miss an event, so she was coming to the fundraiser. Before the show, Jennifer asked for tequila, and Steven told her that she’d better behave. Apparently, she has a reputation even within her family. Broadway vet Caroline Bowman (Wicked, Kinky Boots, and Evita) sang, accompanied by a chorus, while Steven played piano. Jennifer said she admired her brother for having the courage to be who he is. She thought he was a good example for Gaby on staying true to yourself. Steven’s mom told him that she was proud of him, and no matter what, she’d be there for him. Jennifer pointed out their mother had come a long way from when she couldn’t accept that Steven was gay, and she and Steven couldn’t have a relationship.

Danielle met Teresa for coffee, and Teresa told her about the Hamptons. Teresa said she and Marge got into it a little bit, but she wasn’t choosing sides. She told Danielle about the Shore trip, and Danielle said, even though she wasn’t invited, she had plans to be there this weekend anyway. Teresa said Danielle and Marge in the same room was toxic, and the girls said they didn’t want to be around Danielle. Danielle didn’t know what she’d done to Melissa, and said she’d been at the last several parties Melissa threw. Teresa encouraged her to talk to Melissa one-on-one.

Dolores worked with decorator Sam on the new house. She said she knew her taste could be overboard, so she hired him to keep her in check with that and the budget. It seemed to be the age old problem of the woman wanting the guy to get rid of his old crappy furniture, and him not wanting to. David actually showed up on screen, and Dolores told him that he was going to ruin the house with his ratty stuff. In Dolores’s interview, she said men who’d given her commitments had disrespected and lied to her. David hadn’t lied or cheated, and she decided that was more important than a ring. David gave her a commitment to for furniture, and promised to get rid of his.

Everyone packed for the trip. Jackie was hoping Jennifer wasn’t going to try and smooth things over; she had enough of Jennifer’s apologies. Jennifer decided she was just going to ignore Jackie, and packed a Sorry Not Sorry T-shirt she had made for the trip. Bill said she might ignore Jennifer, but with that shirt, Jennifer was going to have a hard time ignoring her. Joe #3 asked if Marge was going for eight months; she’d packed so much. Again, I can’t say anything about that, being the same way myself. In the car, Joe #1 claimed he didn’t get involved in the women’s drama, but it was the second time Jennifer had attacked his wife. Melissa said Danielle was going to be at the Shore, and wanted to talk to her. She was glad Danielle didn’t know the address. Teresa, who rode with them, said Danielle didn’t know what she’d done to Melissa. Melissa said when Danielle was with them, it was never a calm and normal situation.

I have to interject that they kept making it sound like the Jersey Shore is one town. It seemed funny that it was just assumed Danielle would be in the same place, when it’s a huge stretch of coastline. I wasn’t paying attention 100%, but I don’t think they mentioned exactly what town they were going to. I didn’t recognize it at all, but again, we’re talking about a massive area.

Dolores put out cupcakes with each person’s face on them to designate rooms. No big shock, it was a beautiful house. Everyone gathered in the kitchen to chat, and Dolores said Gia was everything she ever wanted for her son. Prenups were discussed, and Teresa said Joe #1 told her that he hadn’t wanted to get married. This led to them talking about Joe #1’s cheating ways, and Teresa told everyone that she had found a dedicated phone to an old girlfriend when Gia was three months old. She said she should have left, but she wanted to believe him. In her interview, she said, it took a long time, but she owed it to herself to open her eyes.

Joe #2 made up with Bill, saying he was just busting Bill’s balls (say that three times real fast). In his interview, Joe said Bill couldn’t help it if his wife was nuts and a loose cannon.

The group went to dinner at a restaurant on the water. Teresa was a good sport when brother Joe joked about her husband cheating, but in her interview, she admitted she didn’t think it was funny, and it bothered her. Melissa told everyone that Danielle was going to be at the Shore, and wanted to talk to her. Marge said she thought she smelled something in the water, and called Danielle a barnacle. Melissa said she was going to meet with Danielle, and let her know she went too far, and they no longer wanted to hang out with her. Marge suggested she wear a life vest. Jennifer laughed, and Melissa told her that she was also on thin ice. In Jennifer’s interview, she said Melissa kept forgetting she started it, and we flashed back to Melissa doing nothing more than saying they were all losers for not understanding Jackie’s frugality. I’d say it’s more like Jennifer is overly sensitive. Melissa said, that was the second time, and if Jennifer threw one more thing at her, she was going to lose it. Marge said she just wanted to get through a meal. Joe #2 toasted to a great group, even though they want to stab each other.

Back at the house, Teresa said she’d do anything for her kids, and Marge said people don’t realize the stress they’re under, having to pay lawyers. Jennifer pointed out that at least Marge has Joe #3; Teresa doesn’t have a partner. In Marge’s interview, she said, leave it to Jennifer to diminish her bonding moment with Teresa, and sh*t all over it. Bill said their children have no capability of understand how hard their mom works. Marge said she didn’t know Jennifer worked, and in her interview, Jennifer said she has five kids. Her job is ten times harder than Marge’s. Game on.

Next time, mini golf, sailing, Melissa says Jennifer’s only achievement was marrying a rich man, Melissa meets with Danielle, and says they don’t want her around. Then the pier explodes. Just kidding. I think.

🏡 New show Family Karma premieres March 8th, and it looks promising. You can check it out here:

❄️ You Gotta Love Yourself First…

Caroline Bowman is also in the tour of Frozen. The cold never bothered me anyway either.

December 27, 2019 – Port Charles Celebrates Christmas, Teresa Teams Up, Uncoupling, True Prediction, Tori Wants In, Trying Too Hard, a Loss, Ringing In 14 Quotes & This One Is It


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Curtis plays Santa in Rice Plaza. Jordan tells him the traditional drink is hot cocoa, but he says he could use something stronger. She says she’ll have everything he needs after his shift, and he ho-ho-hos back to work.

Gladys wants to pack up some cookies at Turning Woods, but Sonny says they’re for the residents. She says, Mike is a resident, but he didn’t eat any, and Sonny pays them to keep Mike there. Carly arrives, and Sonny asks how Lucas is. She says, he’s just lying there. He looks like he’s asleep, but it’s not the same. It’s like how Michael was; you can just tell. Michael woke up, so they have to believe Lucas will. It’s Christmas, so it’s the right time. The time when they’re supposed to believe good things happen.

Josslyn tells Dev, if he liked Thanksgiving, he’s going to lose his mind over Christmas. Santa comes down the chimney, and leaves presents for all the good boys and girls. Dev says, Santa was born in Turkey, and has been dropping money down chimney’s since the 1400s. They celebrate Christmas in Turkey, just not like they do in America. She says, the first thing America kids learn is that Christmas isn’t something you can buy. The presents are great, but the true meaning of Christmas is in your heart. It’s about being a little kinder, and having more patience, and if you’re lucky enough to have people in your life who love you, taking the time to let them know you love them back.

Cameron tells Trina that she can stop with the pictures. Trina says he looks handsome. What’s wrong with him? He should be in a good mood. Franco is home. Cameron says, he’d like to be home, but instead he’s there finishing his community service in a Christmas tie. Trina tells him to embrace it and own it, but he just wants to get it done.

Leo sits on Curtis’s lap, and Curtis tells him that he’ll get his crew on it. Right, crew? Cameron hands Curtis a candy cane, and says, right. Curtis tells Leo, don’t ever forget the true spirit of Christmas. It’s better to give than receive. Leo hugs Curtis and says he loves him. Jason asks Scout (who’s made a bit of an age jump) if she’s ready to talk to Santa. He wonders what she’s asking for, and she says it’s a secret she’s only telling Santa.

Nelle tells the guard she should be in the infirmary, but the guard says she’ll be fine, and puts her back in with Sam. She asks if Sam missed her, and sees that Sam got cards from her kids. She bets Sam misses them like crazy. She knows what that’s like.

Tracy asks Monica what possessed her to obliterate years of memories? Monica says they still have them, but Brook says, granny is having difficulty with hers. Maybe Monica could prescribe something. Tracy tells Brook to call her Tracy. She wasn’t advised that Monica was redecorating. When she left, Monica said it was her house too. Monica tells Tracy, she said because Tracy was leaving, and she was in the grips of sentiment. Of course (🍷) the house is all hers. Alan gave it to her. Tracy says that’s because her brother was an idiot, and Brook says, ouch.

Brook and Monica look at the tree. Brook likes it, and Monica agrees. Tracy says, it’s better than the rest of the room, and Brook says, resistance to change is a precursor to dementia. Monica says it’s just Tracy’s personality, and asks if Brook thinks Olivia will be disappointed. Tracy asks why she cares, and Brook says, they have a deal. Monica says Olivia gets all of the other holidays, including Arbor Day. The house was filled with flowers. Tracy says she’s wandering from the subject, and Monica says she gets Christmas. It’s her house; her tree. Olivia decorates the nursery, and it’s a gingerbread fantasy, but the kids love it. She’s sure Olivia would prefer a shiny silver tree, but don’t they think, in the spirit of Christmas… Both Brook and Tracy say, absolutely not. Monica says they agreed on something. It’s a Christmas miracle. Michael and Sasha come in. Michael ho-ho-hos, and stops when he sees Tracy. He says he didn’t know she was coming, and she says she’s questioning the wisdom of her visit.

Scout sits on Santa Curtis’s lap. He says he knows her; Scout. What can he give her for Christmas? She says she wants her mommy to come home.

Nelle asks if Sam heard about her brush with death. Ryan nearly plunged a scalpel in her one remaining kidney. It was just a millimeter away. Sam says, amazing, and Nelle says she could have died. She wonders how Josslyn would feel. She’d have to live with the guilt. She got lucky. Sam wonders how Ryan got a scalpel, and says if he’d wanted Nelle dead, she’d be dead. Nelle says, too bad she didn’t run into Josslyn at GH; she ran into everyone else. Michael was there with Wiley. She guesses he was watching Wiley after the accident. Poor Lucas. He’s not doing so hot. Too bad Sam is in there for killing Shiloh; she could be helping. Nelle is sure Christmas will be melancholy for Sam’s kids. She imagines how Christmas would have been with Michael if their little boy had lived. They’d all be gathered around the Quartermaine Christmas tree. But sadly, Jonah is gone. Her baby is dead, but Sam still has hers, even if can’t see them until who knows when.

Curtis tells Scout that Santa might not be able to bring her mommy home, but he can give her some magic. Cameron gives Curtis a candy cane, and he gives it to Scout. He says he knows it looks like every other candy cane, but this one is magic. Whenever she when licks it, it will remind her of every happy and fun time she had with her mommy. At the same time, her mommy will remember too, and it will make them both feel better until her mommy comes home. Danny suggests they finish up, so they can wrap mommy’s presents. Jason thanks Cameron for assisting, and Cameron says he’s just doing his job. Curtis asks Jason to tell Sam that Santa says hi.

Trina asks Josslyn if Cameron doesn’t look great, and Josslyn says she loves it. It’s very Christmas choir boy. Trina says, it’s part of his community service. Just one more week, and he’s a free man. Dev says they should celebrate; drinks are on him. Trina wants an espresso, and Dev says she’d love Turkish coffee. He knows to get a hot cider for Josslyn. Cameron says he has to get back, and he’ll see them later. Dev goes to get the drinks, and Trina asks if Josslyn is going to make Dev’s Christmas wish come true. Josslyn says she got him a wireless speaker, and Trina asks if she’s blind. Can’t she see Dev is crushing on her?

Carly hopes Sonny doesn’t mind that she invited Brad for Christmas dinner. Whatever his faults, no one can deny he loves Lucas. Sonny says, technically, Brad is on her side of the family, so he’s putting up with Brad for her sake. She guesses so; why? He says that means he can ask her to put up with a guest from his side. Gladys tells Carly, merry Christmas, and Carly asks if she came to visit Mike. Gladys says she did, but Sonny was kind enough to invite her to stay for Christmas.

Michael asks if Brook knew her grandmother was coming to visit, but she says she had no clue. He explains to Sasha that Tracy was living in Amsterdam, and swore she was never coming back. Yet here she is. Brook says, Tracy does nothing without an ulterior motive. Either she screwed up in Amsterdam, and has to lie low, or she’s planning some shenanigans; a double-cross or a takeover. She tells Michael, watch his back.

Tracy tells Monica that she heard they lost Oscar and his father. It’s a lot to handle; she’s sorry. Monica says she takes consolation in that they got to know and love each other. Oscar also left a wonderful legacy to the Kilimanjaro Foundation. Tracy says she heard there was a problem with probate, but Monica says, Ned and Michael are taking care of it. The good news is, the foundation has been funded, and kids are already making their way up the mountain. Ned comes in with Olivia and Leo, and says, merry Christmas, every… Hello, mother. Olivia says, merry Christmas, and Tracy says, this must be Leo. She introduces herself, and Olivia says it’s nice to have her home for the holiday. Ned says, it is indeed. What is she doing there? Tracy says, Amsterdam was too tranquil. She needed a good dose of family. Monica says, lucky them.

Nelle tells Sam, you’d think they’d let her recuperate in the infirmary. She nearly paid with her life to prevent Ryan from escaping. Her lawyer says they’re calling her a hero. What if she gets pardoned, and sent home? She’d get out before Sam, but she’d be happy to help Jason. Sam’s children must be missing her. Scout is too young to know what’s going on, but Danny is old enough. Sam tells Nelle to shut her mouth before she shuts it for her.

Jason thanks Santa’s assistant for watching the kids while he got hot chocolate. He tells them that they’re grandma is going to be there shortly, then they’ll decorate the tree and hang their stockings.  He’s going to need help, since he’s terrible at both. Danny laughs, and says Jason does so many cool things. Why is he so awful at decorating? Jason says he just is, but he’s good at following directions.

Alexis tells Jordan that she doesn’t feel merry, and doesn’t think she can be happy, but she’s hanging on. Jordan is sorry Sam is still in Pentenville. They took the case out of her jurisdiction. Alexis says she’s sorry about all of it. Between Sam’s situation and hers, it’s been quite a year. Jordan says, there are some things to be grateful for, and Alexis says they had an exceptional blessing, but it was at the expense of Lucas, who’s still in a coma.

Josslyn asks if Trina thinks Dev is into her because he knows she likes hot cider. Trina says she asked him, and Josslyn asks what he said. Trina says, something lame and incoherent, like boys do when you call them out on their feelings.

Cameron tells Dev that his family got their Christmas wish; he shouldn’t complain. Dev says his happy family is complete, and Cameron asks about Dev’s home in Turkey, and Dev says Christmas came for him too. Sonny welcomed him into the family, and he became friends with them, but Cameron says, what about back home? Dev says everything he needs is there. He has no complaints. Trina and Josslyn join them, and Josslyn tells Dev that her mom is expecting them. Trina says she’ll stay and be moral support for Santa’s assistant. Josslyn tells them, merry Christmas, and Trina says watch out for the mistletoe. Dev asks what that is, and Josslyn tells him, come on.

Sonny tells Carly that Gladys was keeping his father company, and at the end of the visit, his dad wanted him to ask her to stay over. Gladys says, Sonny was kind enough to make it an official invite. Sonny says he couldn’t say no, and Carly says looks like Gladys is joining them for Christmas. Gladys asks if Carly wants a cookie.

Monica wants to try a new Quartermaine tradition – wassailing. Sasha says she’s read about it. It was a medieval precursor to caroling. Monica says, absolutely right (soon to become my new drinking game phrase, along with absolutely not). Alan always wanted do it. Tracy says, Alan was too sentimental for his own good. Monica says, in spite of the tragedies that have befallen them, they’re all together, some from near and far. It’s the perfect time. She passes out the wassail, saying, Alan would want to wish them good health; that’s what wassail means, and what their family needs. Tracy says, Monica didn’t poison it, did she? and Monica says Tracy’s visit was unexpected. She didn’t have time. Maybe next year. They toast to a merry Christmas. A friend of mine brought wassail over one Christmas Eve. It’s pretty tasty.

Alexis tells Jordan that she has to get going. She and Jason are wrapping presents once the kids are asleep. Jordan says she remembers those days. Alexis goes over to Jason and the kids, and Danny tells her about the magic candy cane. She says they’ll have to put it in a place of honor. Jason says he needs to take off, and asks if Alexis minds taking the kids home. She says, even Sonny takes Christmas off, and he says, everything he’s doing, he’s doing for the kids.

Gladys admires the decorations at Sonny’s house, and Carly asks Sonny if there are any other surprise guests. He says, Michael and Sasha, and Gladys says she’d love an Old Fashioned. Carly says she’s going to check on Donna and Avery. Gladys asks who they are, and Carly says, their children. She goes upstairs, and Gladys says, isn’t it wonderful to have a house full of kids? Sonny says, bourbon or rye? And she says they’re both from the old school. If it’s not rye, it’s not an Old Fashioned. Sonny laughs, but says they’re not both from anything. He pays her for a service. Dev and Josslyn arrive, and Gladys tells Dev, look what Santa brought; his nana. She hugs him.

Jason tells Danny to get started, and he’ll be there in a while. Be good. Danny asks if Jason will be home before his bedtime, and Jason says, definitely, and before Santa gets there.

Nelle tells the guard that Sam attacked her, and could have busted open her stitches. The guard calls Sam to come out. Nelle says, what about her? but he says only Sam. Under her breath, Sam calls Nelle a bitch as she goes past.

Brook asks how Leo’s visit to Santa was, and he says he asked for everything from his list. Brook says Santa might not bring everything he asked for, so he should ask for more than he’ll get. Sasha says negotiating seems to be a Quartermaine family trait. Michael is a master and was kind enough to handle a negotiation for her today. Brook asks if he’s becoming an agent, but he says he was just doing Sasha a favor. Leo suggests Michael negotiate for him, so he can get everything on his list, and Brook says, spoken like a true Quartermaine. Tracy asks Michael how things are going at ELQ.

Curtis continues to ho-ho-ho, and Jordan says, it’s almost over. He says things are winding down. He’s thinking of saying to all a good night. Would she care to take a ride on his sleigh? She says, gladly, but they see another kid waiting. Jordan’s phone rings, and he asks if it’s police business. She says, no, but she has to take it, and steps away.

Trina tells Cameron that she has some cocoa for Santa’s personal assistant, per North Pole etiquette. They clink paper cups.

Dev says if he’d known Gladys was coming, he’d have gotten her a present. He goes upstairs, and Carly says she made up the guest room. Sonny tells Carly that after Christmas, he’ll send Gladys away. Josslyn calls Gladys Mrs. Corbin, and she says to call her Aunt Gladys, since they’re practically family. Josslyn says, they’re not. She knows Gladys is part of the deal to keep Dev in the country. Gladys says, still, she appreciates them sharing their home. Otherwise, she’d be all alone, looking at old photos of her son. She remembers it like yesterday, how excited Brando was, thinking he heard Santa’s sleigh. She tears up, and says she needs some air. She goes out on the terrace, and Sonny tells Josslyn, a word of advice; the less she says to Gladys, the better. Josslyn says she can’t stand the phony acting, but Sonny says they don’t want Gladys to know how much they’re protecting Dev. Carly says, it gives her too much power. Josslyn says she’s sorry; she hates this. Carly says, her too, but it’s temporary. Out on the terrace, Gladys is on the phone. She says she can’t tell them how much she misses them. She said terrible things she regrets. Now, at this time of year, she can’t stop thinking about them, and wishing it was all different. Sonny comes out, and asks who she’s talking to. She says, Brando.

Nelle asks the guard if Sam is in solitary, and he says, not exactly.

Alexis gives Danny and Scout their stockings to hang up. Danny picks up one that says mom, and wonders if they should hang it up. Jason comes in, and Danny asks where he went. Jason says he was working on a Christmas surprise. Sam is behind him, and asks, who wants a merry Christmas? She hugs the kids, and everyone is all happy.

Trina tells Cameron that he does look handsome. Once she posts his picture, every girl in school is going to show up. He says she’s not posting that, and chases her. On the phone, Jordan says she appreciates it, and thanks them for letting her know. Curtis asks if everything is okay, and she says, an old friend just passed. He asks if it’s someone from their Baltimore days, but she says it’s no one he knows. He asks if she’s okay, and she says, just shocked, but she’s not dwelling on it. It’s Christmas, and she’s going to cherish what’s in front of her; starting with Santa. He hugs her.

The guard tells Nelle that Sam made parole. She’s surprised, and he says he is too.

Sam says she’ll have to give Santa a thank you note, and Alexis says, her too. She got her gift. She tells Sam, welcome home. Sam tells her, merry Christmas, and thanks her. They hug, and Alexis says she’s going home and letting Sam be with her family. She loves them – even Jason. She won’t question him about his errands again. Sam asks who’s going to help mom find her stocking, and Danny gives it to her.

Nelle takes a big piece of cardboard out from under her mattress. It says, Nelle’s Aspirations 2020, and is covered with pictures cut from magazines, most of them of little boys.

Brook says she can tell Tracy that ELQ is doing great. She read the shareholder report, and they’re in the black. Michael says it’s nice to make money, and be kind to the environment. Tracy thinks they should care less about the environment, and more about the bottom line. Michael says they’re doing great. Ned thinks they need to table the discussion for today, but Tracy says Brook needs to be more realistic. She’ll never get rich singing, and needs to look to her stock in ELQ. Couldn’t the family company use another junior executive? Michael says his mom and dad are expecting them, and asks them to film the caroling. They jet, and Olivia tells Ned to get his guitar. Ned calls Jason, and asks if he’s coming by to wassail and carol, but Jason says staying there with Sam. He thanks Ned for that, but Ned says, all he did was tell them that Sam was an excellent candidate for parole. He’s glad they agreed. He tells Jason, merry Christmas to you and yours. Hold them close tonight. Tracy says Ned isn’t doing a favor for Jason, is he?

Jason picks up Scout, so she can hang up her stocking. Danny tells Scout, she did it. She told Santa that she wanted mom home, and he did it. He doesn’t want another present. He tells Sam that they have to help Jason decorate the tree, since he’s terrible at it. Sam and Jason kiss.

Carly brings out cookies, and asks if Josslyn is okay. Josslyn say she’s just writing her thoughts, and Carly says maybe she should try that. Dev comes down with some presents, saying, he’s not the best at wrapping, but he tried. He puts them under the tree, and asks how the carolers get past the guards. Carly says they don’t have those, and Dev says, another iconic American myth shot down. Josslyn says, at least Santa will make it.

Gladys tells Sonny, it’s pathetic really. She’s been paying phone bill since Brando died, so she can hear his voice on the message. Sonny probably thinks she’s a sentimental kook, and maybe she is, but she misses him so much. He died thinking she was mad at him. Sonny tells her, come inside. He’ll make her another Old Fashioned with rye.

Tracy tells Ned, Jason made it clear he doesn’t consider himself a Quartermaine. Dealing with him will only get Ned into trouble. Ned says a lot has happened since she’s been gone. He’ll leave it at that. He suggests they get on with Christmas, and she says, by the looks of things, she got there just in time. Ned brings his guitar into the sitting room, and Olivia thinks they could all use some tidings of comfort and joy.

Brook, Ned, Olivia and Leo sing The First Noel. Monica gives Tracy a drink, and they touch glasses. Tracy hugs Monica.

Finally out of his Santa suit, Curtis takes Jordan’s hand, and they kiss.

Cameron tells Trina, his picture can’t get out. She says she’s deleting it. She already posted it… Psyche! She says she’d never do that. She’s always got his back. They leave the plaza.

Josslyn and Dev go out on the terrace, and Josslyn says, there he is. Dev asks, who? and she says, Santa, pointing to the sky. Doesn’t Dev see him? He looks up, and says, she’s right. He sees him too. He tells her, wait. Something is moving, and Josslyn says, oh my God. You’re right.

Michael and Sasha get to Sonny’s, and Carly tells them, merry Christmas. Josslyn and Dev run in, and Josslyn says they saw the sleigh. Carly tells her, the kids are asleep, but she says she’s serious. There’s a light moving through the sky. They all go out, and gather on the terrace, Gladys hanging back a little. Dev points, and everyone looks up. Sonny says, merry Christmas.

The tree is finished, and Sam watches her family, dabbing at her eyes. Jason puts the lights on. He puts his arms around Sam and the kids, and they all look at the tree.

On Monday, Carly asks Sonny if it’s another interrogation, Sonny says he wants the truth, and Carly says it’s time to tell him exactly what’s going on. It’s looks like it will be a new episode on Monday, Tuesday (New Year’s Eve) is a repeat encore episode, and Wednesday (New Year’s Day) is football.

👯 Super Frenemies…

This article wasn’t exactly a font of information, so I’m skeptical. What could these two possibly be advertising?

😴 No Surprise…

In case you were living under a rock.

👍 I Haven’t Heard Anyone Say It Yet…

Vicki was right.

🌴 Better Than Brandi…

I would love to see Tori Spelling on RHOBH. I don’t see how her money situation has anything to do with it. Bethenny Frankel couldn’t pay her rent when she started on RHONY.

🍹 I Thought He Was In Jail…

Frankly, I think the show is doing just fine without him.

🎭 A Light Goes Out On Broadway…

He composed several of my favorite musicals – Mame, Mack & Mabel, and La Cage aux Folles. He was also a true man of the theater, evidenced by this quote:

I said, I can absolutely do it. I know all about Israel, recalled the composer much later. And I knew nothing about Israel.

🎊  Quotes of the Week

I never worry about being driven to drink; I just worry about being driven home. – W. C. Fields

Ring out the false, ring in the true. – Alfred Lord Tennyson

An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves. – William E. Vaughn

Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.Benjamin Franklin

Come, gentlemen, I hope we shall drink down all unkindness. William Shakespeare

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. – Oprah Winfrey

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. – C.S. Lewis

It is never too late to be what you might have been. – George Eliot

Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction. – Germany Kent

Life’s not about expecting, hoping and wishing, it’s about doing, being and becoming. – Mike Dooley

Many years ago, I made a New Year’s resolution to never make new year’s resolutions. Hell, it’s been the only resolution I’ve ever kept!D.S. Mixell

Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. – Carl Bard

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one. – Brad Paisley

Get the f*** out of my house, Kenny G. – Amy (Mila Kunis), Bad Moms Christmas

🎈 We Can Hope…

Still waiting on that Christmas miracle too.


July 3, 2019 – A Rejected Proposal, Shep Gets a Puppy, Victor Seen, Two For the Fourth & My Independence Tradition


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Breaking News – traffic is backed up and there are delays on the road. Because of the July 4th weekend. Thanks. I wouldn’t have guessed.

On her phone in a waiting room, Alexis looks at the death notice for Neil’s daughter. Neil walks Kristina out of his office. Neil says Alexis is early, and she says she was in the neighborhood. A client canceled. She didn’t know it was Kristina’s normal appointment time, but if Kristina is concerned, Alexis didn’t hear anything. Kristina says, it’s fine. Alexis says it’s nice see her anyway; she’s barely seen Kristina lately. Kristina says Julian has been giving her extra shifts, and she’s taking baby steps to rebuild her social life. Alexis hopes Kristina isn’t avoiding her because of the Pledge. That’s not what’s happening, is it?

On the phone with Carly, Sonny says Gladys will be there soon, and they can stop worrying about Dev getting deported. Carly says Dev thinks he’s trying to be helpful, and Sonny asks if he’s still overselling the humble bit. Carly says she can relate. Sonny says he’ll feel more secure soon, and Carly says, let her know how it goes. Josslyn comes in, and asks, how what goes?

Franco and Elizabeth are at Charlie’s, when Laura comes in with Cameron. She thanks him for setting up the tables for 4th of July. If not for him, the people would have no place to eat. He says, it beats picking up garbage. Franco says there’s going be plenty after the 4th. Elizabeth says, speaking of community service, Cameron’s day off was approved. Franco says he can come to the reception, and bring a date if he wants to.

Carly tells Josslyn that Sonny is working on something she may or may not need know about. She asks Josslyn to cut up celery and carrot sticks for Avery. Maybe Dev could help her. Dev says he’s practically an expert. Josslyn takes the vegetables out of the refrigerator, and Dev says she’s still mad at him, isn’t she?

At the hospital, Scotty tells Bobbie that she doesn’t have to do any of this alone. She says, that’s sweet but… He says there was a time when they were more than just friends, not that long ago. He was thinking they can recapture that. He tells her, think about it this way. They’re in an RV, going down the road; potholes, flat tires, and everything that goes with that. All she has to do is just say yes. Will she marry him? She says she’s not dying. She doesn’t want a pity proposal. He says, it’s not like that. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her. She asks, since when? and he says, the hell with it. What does she say? Let’s go get hitched.

Kristina says she’s not avoiding Alexis, although she still feels guilty for what she shared with Shiloh. Alexis says Shiloh manipulated her, and not to feel guilty. It might make Kristina feel better to tell her what she told Shiloh. Kristina says she doesn’t think it’s necessary, and Alexis says, no pressure. Kristina thinks Sam is right. She should put the guilt behind her, and let it go for good. Alexis says, Sam is a smart gal; she agrees. Kristina has to get going, and hugs Alexis.

Bobbie asks if Scotty wants a reference for Shadybrook. He’s clearly lost his mind. He says he hasn’t. Finally, things are starting to make real sense. She tells him, that’s what people say who are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He says he’s been doing some soul searching. They go way back. She says she goes way back with a lot of her friends. That doesn’t mean she wants to run off to the chapel with them. He says they’ve had so many stops and starts. They’d be fools not to make a real go of it. They’ve been chasing crazy, wild love, but it’s not sustainable. They should invest in something concrete. She says he makes it sound more like a business transaction than a marriage proposal. He asks if she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life with someone comfortable, like an old, well-worn shoe. She says, no. He did not just compare her to an old shoe.

Cameron says he doesn’t think he’ll be bringing a date to the reception. Franco says, it doesn’t have to be a date date. Maybe a friend. Cameron says, it’s a family party. It’s not like everyone in school is dying to come. Laura thinks she should get Cameron fed, and they go to order. Elizabeth tells Franco that she’s sure Cameron didn’t mean anything by that, but Franco is sure he did.

Cameron suggests they order a bunch of appetizers. Laura says, first, she’d like to know what’s going on with him.

Josslyn tells Dev that he’s not doing it right. He asks how hard carrot sticks can be, and she says, Avery is a connoisseur. She won’t eat them if they’re too big or too small. Dev says she can do it then, pushing the carrots toward her. She says, yes. She’s still mad at him. He says he never would have guessed. She says the more she thinks about what he said, the madder she gets. He says, stop thinking about it then. She says, too late. He says he’s sorry her boyfriend died. Maybe she’s right. Maybe his spirit is reaching out. She says he doesn’t believe that. He says, no, he doesn’t.

Gladys arrives, and Sonny says he appreciates her coming. She says he can show his appreciation by cutting to the chase. She hasn’t seen Mike in ages. His mom used to send Christmas cards, and there were some Corbin get togethers, but those were decades ago. And all of a sudden Mike’s son wants to meet with her. Why? It’s about her son. She says he was killed in the war in 2003; Operation Iraqi Freedom. Sonny is sorry, and she thanks him. She says that was the last time she heard from Sonny’s old man; he sent a lovely note. Sonny says, Mike has Alzheimer’s. His memory is fading quickly. She’s sorry to hear that. She doesn’t want to sound insensitive, but he didn’t come all this way to share his sorrows. Why is he really there, and what does it have to do with her son?

Dev tells Josslyn, that’s the great thing about America; everyone thinks what they want. She can believe she’s getting messages from the afterlife, and he can believe Oscar is gone. Josslyn wonders how this turned into a patriotic explanation, and Dev says he’s pointing out the freedoms she takes for granted. Carly comes back, and tells them, Sonny got hung up. They’re on their own for 4th of July. Since he was going to grill, that means ordering out. Josslyn suggests Angelo’s. They’re organic, and Carly has to eat healthy. Carly asks Dev to do her a favor, and help Max close the boat house. She’ll finish up there. He leaves, and Carly says, it seems a little tense. Josslyn says, he’s annoying. Carly knows Dev was a surprise, and Josslyn says she’d like to know the plan. Dev is there illegally. What are they supposed to do about that?

Franco tells Elizabeth that he can’t figure out where he stands with Cameron. One minute, they have a connection, and the next, it’s like Cameron is allergic to him. It’s exhausting. Elizabeth tells him, welcome to parenting a teenager. She’ll see if she can get Cameron to lighten up; he’s going through a lot right now. Franco says he has to go, and asks her to tell Cameron, see you.

Laura asks Cameron, does he mind if she makes an observation? Cameron says, sure, and she says, this morning, he was pleasant with his mom, but just now, he was short. She’s guessing the X-factor is Franco. Cameron says Franco is his stepdad, but he doesn’t have to be happy about it. Laura says it’s understandable that Cameron would be cautions, given Franco’s history, but he should judge. Cameron says Franco judges him too, and knows nothing about him. Laura says there’s no doubt Franco has made mistakes, but Cameron needs to ask himself what good it is to hang on to resentment. In pulling away from Franco, he’s pulling away from his family. He says he loves his mother and brothers, but Franco is temporary. She says, there it is. She knows why he’s having a hard time accepting Franco as a father figure. He’s had a lot of them come into his life, and they let him down.

Scotty tells Bobbie, that’s not what he meant. It was a compliment. She says, just what every woman wants to hear. He says, let him explain. He’s been chasing the action so long, and suddenly the end of the road is looking closer than the beginning. Bobbie asks if he’s afraid of dying. He says, dying is easy. Comedy is tough. She laughs, and he says they’re on same page. She gets his jokes. When she fainted and he brought her there, he was looking at her, and could picture them spending the rest of their lives together. Close friends, confidants; they’re on the same team. She laughs, and says she does think of him sometimes that way, even when he drives her insane. But he’s forgotten one thing in his impromptu proposal. He says, flowers? and she says, he never said he loved her.

Alexis tells Neil that she’s being transparent. She didn’t know Kristina had moved her session. Maybe she’s been seeing Neil more. Neil just looks at her, and she says she gets it; boundaries. Does that mean they can’t talk about Kristina at all? He says they just can’t talk about what he and Kristina discuss in their sessions. She says she could use his input. Kristina has been distant with her. Neil asks if she thinks it has to do with the Pledge. She says if she knew what Kristina told Shiloh, she would be able to assess the situation. Neil says nothing, and she says he’s not taking the bait? He says, not a chance. Maybe they should examine how she feels about Kristina sharing damaging information. Alexis says she almost doesn’t care what Kristina said. She just doesn’t want issues between them. She thinks about what other parents are going through, and knows she’s lucky. She has no reason to complain. She knows some parents who just lost their son to a brain tumor, and has to coordinate the reading of the will. She had to meet with the dad, and he was in so much pain. No one understands the pain involved in losing a kid, but she knows Neil does.

Kristina goes to the jail. She tells a prisoner that she thought it was time she came to see them. It’s Willow.

Sonny tells Gladys that he was hoping for her help with a project he’s working on. She says she’s stopping him there. She’s heard the stories, and seen the headlines. She did her research, and he’s one of the biggest mobsters in New York state. He says, alleged. She doesn’t want to waste either of their time, and asks what business does he have with her son? Sonny says, it’s not with him, but with her grandson. She says, Brando didn’t have a kid. Sonny takes out an envelope, and puts it on the table, saying, he does now.

Carly tells Josslyn that Sonny is trying to make arrangements for Dev. Josslyn wonders, why go through all that trouble? She gets it. Dev is nice, in an annoying way, but why is Sonny trying to keep him in the country? Carly says, Dev helped Sonny and Dante escape. He’s the reason they came back alive, and Sonny wants to repay the debt. She knows it’s an adjustment. It’s a lot to process, but they’ll figure it out as they go along. She asks Josslyn to make allowances for Dev. He’s in a strange county, alone, trying to keep a step ahead of the authorities. Put herself in his shoes. Josslyn says she can’t, but she’ll try. Carly says they’ll talk more later; she has to go to grandma’s. It will be okay. Josslyn says she’s good.

Scotty tells Bobbie, of course he loves her. That goes without saying. She says, it’s usually something you state when proposing. He says he’ll take it into consideration next time. Doesn’t she love him? She says, sure, as a friend. There have been times when they’ve been more than that, and she thought they’d have a real relationship, but every time they took a stab at it, it was blown apart, disastrously. He says it could be different, but she says not the way she’s looking for. She wants that passionate, epic love that sweeps you off your feet. She deserves more than a comfortable pair of shoes, and so does he. He says she’s right. He doesn’t know what he was thinking. He was out of line. Bobbie says she was having dinner with Carly, but she can reschedule. Does he want to go to Kelly’s? He says, for some rejected proposal dinner? She says she feels like he has a lot on his mind, and she’s there for him. They can talk. He says he’s done enough talking. He’s scooting out, and hanging on to what dignity he has left.

Kristina says Michael told her that Willow was there, and came to see how she’s holding up. Willow says she’s very kind, but Kristina says she at least owes Willow a visit. She owes Willow her life. Willow doesn’t know about that, but Kristina says if Willow hadn’t shared her experience with Shiloh and DOD, she’d probably still be there. Willow is glad she isn’t. DOD is like quicksand. The harder you fight to get away, the deeper you sink. She asks if Michael told Kristina why she’s there. Kristina says, contempt of court, and Willow says Shiloh won’t discover the whereabouts of her son. She can’t let Shiloh find him. Keeping a secret is a different kind of prison; in some ways, worse than a cell. Kristina knows the feeling.

Alexis says she’s just glad her children are healthy. Neil says she told him that he knows the pain of grieving a child. She says he’s a psychiatrist, and she’s sure he’s dealt with grieving parents. He says he’d appreciate an honest answer. She says she knows lost he lost a child. He says he’s ending the session. He can no longer treat her, and tells her, please leave.

Alexis asks, why? He says he made it clear his personal life is off limits. She says she’s sorry she overstepped, and he says she’s repeatedly crossed boundaries. Alexis says it wasn’t her who looked him up; it was her friend. Diane researched him online, and she’s not responsible. She finds their sessions invaluable. He says there’s no point in arguing; leave. She says he’s taking his anger and grief out on her.

Bobbie meets Carly, and tells her about Scotty asking her to marry him. Carly asks if she said no, and Bobbie says, of course (🍷). He basically said they might as well settle for each other, and compared her to a comfortable old shoe. She still believes in finding real lasting love. Carly agrees, but says for someone to find love, they have to be proactive about finding it.

Scotty has a bone to pick with Franco. He says he proposed to Bobbie. By how Scotty looks, Franco is guessing she said no. Scotty says, a hard no. It’s the last time he’s taking Franco’s advice. Franco says, no way he told him to propose to Bobbie, and Scotty asks, what was with the pep talk about the RV? Franco says that was how he was connecting. Scotty asks what’s the matter with him? It got Scotty thinking about the life choices he’s making, none of them good, when saw Bobbie. He thought fate had stepped in and said they belong together.

Laura tells Cameron that they all have problems with their parents from time to time. He asks if she did, and she laughs, saying, yeah. It’s a complicated relationship, and keeps changing a you get older. It’s been quite the journey with Leslie, but she officiated at Laura’s wedding. Cameron doesn’t see that happening with him and Franco. Laura says Cameron has had it rough in the father department. And he’s putting up walls in case it doesn’t work out. Cameron doesn’t know, and thinks Franco’s past is complicated. Laura says he’s absolutely right, but she wants him to put a positive spin on it for his mom. He has good reason not to give Franco the benefit of the doubt, but he’s a part of the family; the only father Aiden remembers. Cameron says he doesn’t say anything bad about Franco in front of Aiden, but Laura says the fact remains that he’s the oldest brother. His brothers look up to him, and like it or not, he leads by example. How he behaves, and the choices he makes, like how he treats Franco, definitely shape what the family is going to be. The reception is a great opportunity for him to put his best foot forward, and show everyone how much he loves his family. Elizabeth approaches, and asks what they ordered. Cameron says he has to do something. He’s thinking of bringing a date to the reception. It might actually be fun. He jets, and Elizabeth is guessing she has Laura to thank for Cameron’s change of heart.

Gladys asks what this is, and Sonny says the start of a series of payments every six months. She says, in exchange for…? He says some people will be coming by her house. She asks, what kind of people? and he says government officials. They’ll be asking questions about details she needs to confirm. She says, like what? He says her son married a woman in Iraq, brought her back to the United States, and she died giving birth to Gladys’s grandson. want her to tell cover story boy thre illegally pushes env back not thick enough

Alexis says Neil’s daughter’s name was Joanna, right? He says, yes, and she says she doesn’t know the details, and it’s none of her business. She’s very sorry for his loss, but she can see his grief is fresh, and he’s taking it out on her. He says, that’s not what happened, but she asks if it’s that hard to be in the same room with someone who knows what he lost. He says she’s not a professional, and doesn’t know what she’s talking about. He’ll refer her to a colleague so she can continue treatment. She says, that won’t be necessary. Whoever he sends her to will know something about him, and she wouldn’t want to cross anymore boundaries.

Scotty tells Franco that he made fool of himself with his oldest friend. Franco is proud Scotty gave it a shot, but Scotty says he failed horribly. Franco says maybe he’s looking in the wrong direction. Scotty says, not another pep talk, and Franco says, a little. If he’s looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with, he should stop looking backward, and look around now. Scotty says every once in a while he peeks back, and when he does, he sees Bobbie. Franco says, maybe she’s the one for him, but he should ask her for coffee, not the rest of her life.

Carly agrees that Bobbie deserves real love, but she won’t find it unless she puts herself out there, and takes a chance. Bobbie says she makes it sound easy. Carly says, it’s not, but the best things are always hard to get. She might meet someone new, or maybe there’s someone she’s taken for granted, who means more to her than she realizes. The first part is showing up, and taking a chance.

Gladys says Sonny is asking her to lie to the authorities. That’s perjury, and if it all falls apart, not only does the kid get deported, but she’ll do hard time. He has to make it worth her while. He takes out more money, and says she’ll get the same amount every six months. She reaches for the envelope, and he puts his hand on it. He says she did her homework, and knows what happens to people when they double-cross him.

Neil looks at Alexis’s folder. Kristina pops her head in, and says, good; he’s still there. He asks what she’s doing there, and she says she wanted to speak with him together with Alexis. She wants to talk about the Pledge she gave Shiloh.

Back at the hospital, Carly tells Bobbie they have to hurry; the kids are starving. Scotty comes out of the elevator, and she says she’ll order online, and leaves. Scotty apologizes to Bobbie for the proposal; it was silly, out of line, and wrong. Bobbie says, it was, but it’s not like she hasn’t acted on impulse. He doesn’t want jeopardize their friendship, and she says, her neither. He asks if she’s going to the reception. She says she is, and he suggests they go together. She says she’d like that, and he says, they’ll make it a date. Overhearing them, Carly smiles.

Elizabeth says she had the feeling Cameron was making an effort just now, and Laura agrees. Elizabeth thanks her for working her magic. Laura says, no magic. The magic is Cameron. He’s a great kid, which is a credit to Elizabeth. Elizabeth takes Laura’s hand.

Josslyn tells Dev, driving a car is nothing like driving a boat. He thinks it would be easier; less chance of collision. He eats one of the carrot sticks, and she tells him not to take too many. They’re for her mom and Avery. She breaks one in half, and gives half to him. He says he’s stunned by her generosity. Cameron comes by, and she tells him to make a sandwich. Make twelve, just don’t touch the crudités. Cameron says she’s angry, but she says, not at him. He was wondering if she’s not doing anything tomorrow, would she go with him to the reception? Dev smiles, mixing me up, since I thought he might be interested in Josslyn.

Gladys takes the money, and says Sonny’s got himself a deal. Does her grandson have a name? He says she’ll have all the details by the time they come. Hold up her end of the deal, and he’ll take care of the rest.

On Friday, Zahra asks if Shiloh’s goal is to reclaim his , or the child’s mother; Kristina tells Neil that if she doesn’t talk about the Pledge now, she never will; Sonny tells Brick that he needs protection for a friend; and Jason says Harmony owes Willow the truth about how her father died.

Southern Charm

Shep puts a crate together. Cameran arrives. Seeing a pair of black thigh-highs in his living room, she asks why he has hooker boots. He says, she’s not a hooker, just a friend. Cameron doesn’t know what to say anymore. He asks if she’s ready get on the road. She asks if he got potty pads, and points out that what he got is reusable. It’s like a mom using cloth diapers. I’m not sure why she’s against these pads, but then again, she probably figures he’d never wash it. In her interview, she says, puppies are like babies. If Shep treats the new puppy like he does women, the puppy is going to be looking for a new home within five days. Shep says, his last hours of freedom.

Austen meets Chelsea for fishing. He has live bait, but she says she’s never fished with worms in saltwater, which makes total sense, even though I don’t fish. In Chelsea’s interview, she says she was born and raised in the low country near the water. She was taught to spearfish before she could walk. She should have known better than to rely on Austen for bringing gear. She asks how the trip to Nashville was, and he says Craig and Shep wanted to get him out of town, but had a selfish agenda. She asks what happened with Shep calling Madison white trash? He says Madison wishes he’d punched Shep in the mouth. Chelsea says, that’s what her boyfriend would have done. As women, we love our men to stick up for us.

Cameran says Madison told her to tell Shep eff you when she found out they were traveling together. She said he called her a white trash hairdresser. He says he did. He doesn’t hate her, but doesn’t like the way she behaved in the relationship. She says his words were kind of strong, and he says, sometimes he says bad things about people, but not to their face. I guess that makes it okay? In Cameran’s interview, she says when someone feels entitled, they feel like they’re above fixing themselves, but she couldn’t be friends with Shep if she didn’t believe he had a good heart. He’s just troubled. He says he doesn’t want be around rednecks, and she says, one of his best friends is choosing to date her. He says, not anymore; there’s no love lost.

Chelsea tells Austen that he lets Shep get away with sh*t. He was pissed when Shep tried to kiss her. We flash back to that, and Austen says Shep has a silver tongue. Their relationship seems shallow at times, but he’s been a great friend. Chelsea asks, in what way? but Austen doesn’t know, and stumbles over his words. She says, they drink together. There’s so much potential in Austen; more than the friends he’s hanging out with. Has he thought about surrounding himself with people who aren’t a bad influence, and won’t be dragging him to bars? He thinks she’s right. It’s made him realize a lot of things. He misses Madison. Chelsea asks, what’s going on? and he says they aren’t together. She says, to be in a healthy relationship, he can’t be partying non-stop. Madison is waiting for him to step up to the plate. He says he never had someone he wanted to do that for.

Orangeburg, South Carolina. Shep tells Cameran he feels like he’s about to meet someone he likes a lot, and he’s nervous. They go into the house, and oooooooh! Puppies! Tiny French bulldogs everywhere. Cameran asks how many were in the litter, and breeder Samantha says, seven. Cameran thinks there’s nothing cuter, and picks one up. Samantha says, time to meet Craig. He knows his name already. Shep thinks Little Craig is nervous, and Cameran tells him, sit and bond; skin to skin. She puts the puppy inside Shep’s shirt. Samantha says he’s a good eater, and sleeps through the night, referring to the puppy, not Shep. She gives him the vet record, and he tells Little Craig this is the beginning of the rest of his life. Cameran promises he’ll have a wonderful life. Shep puts the dog bed in his lap, and Cameran places Little Craig in it. She says this is so unlike him.

Kathryn and Naomie go to hypnotherapist Stephanie, who tells them that hypnosis is a naturally occurring state. We slip into it seven or eight times a day. It’s the zone that allows you to open up to your deeper self. Naomie is working on being more positive, and Kathryn says that would be great for her. In Naomie’s interview, she says, being with someone who wasn’t a good match, drove her crazy. We flash back to some of her miserable moments with Craig, ending with her telling him that he’s all talk and no action. Stephanie tells them, get comfortable and relax; eyes closed and breathe. She says they feel more comfortable, empowered, and bah-blah-blah about inner strength. They’re more than worth it, and good enough. She tells them their eyes are opening and they’re feeling good. She spritzes rose water on and around them, and says she’ll step out so they can enjoy their hypno-bliss. Kathryn tells Naomie don’t make her do this again. Naomie says she takes private sessions, and she’s learned if she tells herself out loud that it’s okay, and she just needs to relax, it helps. Metul’s parents meditate, and she wants to get on that wavelength. She tells Kathryn about Craig texting her, and says she doesn’t know what’s going on, but she wants to be respectful of Metul, and doesn’t want be talking to Craig. He knows she wants to marry Metul, and he’s not cool with it. Kathryn says he keeps telling them that he and Naomie had was no reason to break up. In her interview, Naomie says Craig isn’t part of her life anymore, and it’s kind of sad that he hasn’t moved on, and should have. Kathryn asks if she can be friends with Craig, but Naomie doesn’t think Craig can be friends with her. Kathryn says, at least they don’t have kids.

Cameran goes baby shopping, and meets her friend Leva. In her interview, Cameran says they had babies around the same time. She had hers first, so she prepared Leva. Women don’t talk about how hard it is because it makes you look weak. I guess that’s a Southern thing? Leva asks if she’s going for number two, but Cameran says, not unless a miracle of God happens. Leva reminds her that she said that the first time. Cameran thinks she’s more of a little kid person, and Leva says it’s too bad they can’t get them halfway grown. In Cameran’s interview, she says motherhood doesn’t come naturally to her, and she gets frustrated. She’s not a bad mom, just an every-little-thing-irritates-her mom. She doesn’t think she can handle more than one mentally and emotionally, and tells Leva she’s one and done. Leva says she wants another, but she’ll be forty next year. In her interview, Cameran says if she’d had a kid at twenty-five, it would have been a mess. She tells Leva that she’s going to be thirty-five on Saturday. Leva wants to get a present for Palmer, but Cameran nixes that. In Cameran’s interview, she says she’s had control issues her entire life. She doesn’t embrace the chaos. She tells Leva, no toys. The kid won’t rule the roost in her house. Leva says she’s a buzzkill.

Shep lets Little Craig run around. In his interview, Shep says it’s been a shock to his system. We see clips of Little Craig chewing on furniture, shoes, and Shep. Shep says Little Craig has a childlike wonderment, that occasionally frustrates the hell out of him. He puts Little Craig in the backyard. Shep thinks they’re doing well, and hopefully, he’ll make Craig into the coolest dog. Little Craig bites Shep’s finger. Shep tells him it’s time for his close-up.

Shep brings Little Craig to a photo studio for a shoot. He tells the photographer that he doesn’t want it sentimental. They take pictures, and in addition to standard snaps, Shep holds Little Craig up like Simba, and like a football. Craig joins him, and Shep drags him into the pictures. Craig says it’s like a wedding picture, and Shep says, my two dads. In his interview, Craig thinks Little Craig is awesome, and a fine namesake. He wonders which one of them is the namesake, and ponders that a while. They wait while the photos are being developed. Craig says Cameran is going an oyster roast in her backyard for her birthday, and he’s bummed. She’s been telling them she wants to get her mojo back. Shep says she was always lame (his word for responsible) even before she became a mom. Craig says they have to take the initiative. Shep suggests a big, fun trip. He’s miffed that when he was picking up Little Craig, Cameron told him about Madison saying he’d called her a white trash hairdresser. She and Austen are the worst match. Austen doesn’t deserve them as friends.

Kathryn visits Danni, whose having a problem getting her texts from her tablet. She left her phone at Gentry’s house. They talk about Cameran’s party. Danni asks if she thinks Eliza will be there, and Kathryn says, who? Danni says she and Naomie road horses with her, and Eliza is bothered that Kathryn won’t give her the time of day. She doesn’t know why. Kathryn says, you can’t force friendship. Everyone isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay. In Kathryn’s interview, she says she and Eliza have never been friends. It just feels like a lost cause. She’s just going to let her talk and talk and talk, and then be done.

In Cameran’s interview, she says she can remember thinking someone who was thirty-five was old. Now she’s that someone. She doesn’t feel as hip as she used to be. She’s a homebody now, and thinks she used to be more fun. She can’t hang like she used to. Her party is being set up. She gets a drink, and Jennings the oyster guy comes with the goods. In her interview, she says she’s typically in bed at 8:30, so a late party isn’t for her. A daytime oyster roast is more her speed. She takes a shot.

Chelsea brings a cake that says, Halfway to 70, and gives Cameran a giftbag. Cameran says Palmer is with her mom, and Jason is on call. She opens Chelsea’s gift of fabulous gigantic earrings. Cameran thanks her, saying she needs to be more stylish. Eliza and Don show up next. Cameran asks if they’re bf/gf now. Eliza thinks so, and Cameran asks their age difference, which we find out is fourteen years. Naomie examines the seafood on her way in. Metul couldn’t make it, and Cameran says she has a crush on Metul. She gets her third drink, and they start on the oysters. Shep and Little Craig, who’s wearing a little jean jacket, arrive. Shep says someone gave him the jacket for Little Craig, and he thought it was apropos for an oyster roast. He says he’s proud of Cameran. She went out on limb, and left the house and everything. Cameran says, Big Craig is rare form; he wants to kick Austen’s ass. Shep says Austen is dead to Craig.

Austen comes with beer. Cameran grabs a can (drink #4). The last time she had a proper buzz was a long time ago. We flash back to that. Austen meets Little Craig, and says he likes this Craig better than the other Craig. Craig comes with a bunch of other people. Little Craig and Elvis play together, and are the cutest things on earth. Shep eats a giant oyster, which isn’t so cute. Craig brought bourbon, and asks Cameran to take a shot with him (drink #6, so I missed one somewhere). Craig snarks about Austen calling it an early night because Chelsea told him to go home. Naomie wonders what a world we live in that Austen gets a gold star for going home at a decent hour. Austen asks why Craig is mad; what did he do? Craig says he’s a loser. Austen invited him out, and when he got there, Austen left because his ex told him to. Austen says that’s not what happened. Craig says he claimed Chelsea told him to be home by eleven, and left Craig with people he didn’t know. Austen says, it was a bar, and Craig says Austen is losing his goddam mind.

Chelsea asks Craig what’s wrong with his friend bettering himself, and Craig tells her that she sucks. She’s not his mom; why is she still in his life? Chelsea asks why he’s so angry, and he says they’re nuts.  Cameran, Danni, and Kathryn sit on the porch. Kathryn says they’re about to kill each other. Craig says they’re awful, and they effing suck. Chelsea says he’s foaming at the mouth, and Craig stomps off. Austen says, good for her. In Naomie’s interview, she says it’s nothing she hasn’t seen before. She’s glad it’s not her problem. Craig tells Shep he’s just realized they’re friends with losers he doesn’t want to have anything to do with. Austen invited him out, and he left Craig with his guests. Shep says he didn’t know Craig was a social warrior. Naomie says it’s a reminder that what Craig is doing is effed up. He doesn’t like being shown what he’s doing is bad. Shep tells Craig that he tried to kiss Austen’s girlfriend, and they’re still friends. Naomie says it’s hard to say no, especially when they scream at you, and say you’re dead to them. For going bed early. Shep tells Craig, calm down. Craig says, it’s a mirror image of America. Deflecting, and not talking about the issue.

Shep wants burgers. Cameran insists she’s not drunk. Shep says she is, and it makes him happy. He supports it. Cameran falls on the ground, and takes Chelsea down. In Chelsea’s interview, she says she’s never seen Cameran this drunk, and she loves every second. Cameran says she’s not wasted, and then twerks on the steps. Shep says it’s been a lot of fun so far. Cameran says she isn’t in her in right state of mind. Shep says, but she looks fantastic, which is what’s important. She says she feels like a loser. Shep wants her to branch out; get out of town. They were talking about Colorado. Cameran says she’s married with a baby, but he says, just two nights. Jason will take care of Palmer, and Shep is sure he’s the best dad ever. She says she’s down for it, and yells she’s going to Colorado. In Austen’s interview, he thinks they could have told her they were going to Disneyworld, and she would have been like, yes!  Chelsea can’t find the cake cutter, so she forks the cake directly.

Kathryn joins Shep on the porch. He says he hasn’t seen her in a while. He just invited Cameran to Colorado and hopes she’ll consider coming. She says she’d love to get out of town. She asks about new Little Craig, but Shep says Eliza took him and doesn’t want to let him go. Kathryn says she hasn’t seen Eliza since Patricia’s dinner. Cameran sits with Naomie and Danni. Naomie doesn’t want to go on the trip. Why would she go on a trip with her ex-boyfriend? Danni says they’re all friends. Naomie says she loves everyone else, but doesn’t want to be with Craig. Cameran asks if it’s Metul, but Naomie says he’s secure and not threatened by Craig. Cameran asks, what if Craig was out of the equation? and Naomie says, then it would be no problem; it’s him. Everyone starts to leave. Craig drinks directly out of the bourbon bottle.

Kathryn asks if Cameran picked Colorado, and Cameran says Craig and Austen tried to go last year. Craig says Austen is a p*ssy, who answers to his ex. Austen says the relationship isn’t as effed up as Craig’s and Naomie’s. Craig says anyone who has a curfew given to them by their ex won’t be friends with him. Austen tells him to get some sleep. Danni asks why Craig is being like this. Is he aware Naomie won’t go on the trip because he is. Cameran says it’s inappropriate, and might upset Metul. Craig says they can’t be around each other because they never had closure. It’s easier for Naomie to act like it never happened, and him going on the trip will make it harder. Cameran tells him to say it; he still loves her. Craig says he loves her and he hates her at the same time. Cameran says, just say it. Kathryn says, admit it. Craig says he thought they would get married. Of course he loves her. In his interview, Craig says it terrifies Naomie to think that she cost herself one of the best things that ever happened to her for no reason. Kathryn thinks the reason Naomie isn’t comfortable around Craig, is that you can tell he has feelings for her, and it makes her afraid to be around him. She doesn’t know what will happen; if he’ll blow up or get upset. Danni says Naomie doesn’t want be an element of that. Craig says, now Naomie looks at their relationship, and realizes she was never as happy as she was with him, and it reminds her of that good time. Cameran thinks Naomie is very happy in her current relationship. They all agree, and Craig says, the guy who can go to every wedding. Oh wait, he can’t because he can’t get off work. I love how he totally misses that he’s saying Metul actually has a job, which is one of the things Naomie wanted Craig to have. Cameran says Naomie is looking at the rest of her life. Craig says why doesn’t Cameran tell the truth for one day in her life? and storms off. The girls just look at each other.

Next time, Austen takes a barre class with a couple of the girls, Cameron tries to convince Naomie to go to Colorado, Eliza wants an apology, and #HiAshley returns.

👀 Sighted: Colman Domingo (Victor, Fear the Walking Dead) on Euphoria.

🗽 Independent Quotes…

In childhood, the daylight always fails too soon – except when there are going to be firewroks; and then the sun dawdles intolerably.Jan Struther

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. – from The Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson

📼 Entertainment For the Fourth…

Of course I have my own copy of the film, but if you don’t, you can watch this version of the play, pay a couple of bucks to see the film on YouTube, or watch the film pretty much scene by scene for free there. Enjoy the holiday, and remember why you’re free to have whatever flag you like fly.


October 27, 2018 – The Talkers Walk & a Few Movies For Your Halloween Playlist


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Z Nation

The names of those lost are read by Estes. He says the strength of the human soul will carry them through, and if they are the last generation of humans, they won’t be lost to the universe. The future of humanity is at stake. He stands in front of a memorial made of bricks containing the DNA of the dead. Red gives Sun the slide containing Lilly’s DNA.

George tells Roberta that Dante would have gone to Pacifica. They know him there, and anyone would help him. Citizen Z says he’s considered a hero. Roberta thinks as long as he’s on the run, the guiltier he seems, and there are vigilantes out to get him. CZ can’t wait to get to Pacifica. It contains the largest collection of books. Roberta asks what the population is, and George says, sixty-five adults, and six kids. It’s not perfect, but they’re trying to make it work. Everyone is equal there. Doc says, who’s have thought the apocalypse would be the great equalizer.

They see some people running. George thinks she knows them. She says they’re talkers; running from something or someone. Roberta and George follow a path, and Roberta notes that it’s seen a lot of traffic. They find a dead talker. George says someone ate his brains, and Roberta asks if that’s unusual. George says around there it is. Some guys with guns come out of the woods, and George recognizes their leader as Henry. He’s glad to see her; they didn’t know if she was alive. They saw the attack on CZ’s live cam. George says he’s there, and introduces Roberta, saying Roberta saved her in black summer. She tells Roberta that Henry was her professor. Henry thanks Roberta for saving George. In a way, she saved all of them. He tells George that they’ve doubled their patrol since the attack, and there are rumors of other outposts being attacked. He asks if she thinks Dante is involved. She says, no, and thinks it’s insane that he’s suspect. Roberta says she heard about talkers plotting against humans, but Henry says, that’s ridiculous. They’re human too. They live peace harmony. It’s not always easy, but they make it work. At least they did until last week.

Dante watches Pacifica through binoculars. He sees a caravan of cars going in, and says, let’s move.

Doc is impressed with the outpost. It’s what he thought a college would look like. George explains that they took the south end of campus, the library, and dining hall, and made them zombie proof. They have a chef, Amy, who’s a talker. CZ says she can’t eat anything she cooks. It’s like Beethoven being deaf. George says she has an opening for a taster, and thinks Doc would be perfect. He asks where he signs up.

The dining hall is empty, and George says it’s usually packed. She asks where everyone is, and the talker busboy shrugs. There are unfinished meals on the tables, and Henry says it looks like dinner was interrupted. They decide to go to the library. CZ says it’s what drew him and Kaya there. They have the largest collection of books under human control. George says they want send expeditions out to rescue books from the great libraries. Doc says Stephen King seems tame after eight years of the apocalypse.

George shows the a mural of the Pacifica family tree. It displays all the residents of Pacifica and the ancestors they can remember. There are so few survivors, they wanted to memorialize them. The yellow leaves represent humans; the green leaves, talkers; the brown leaves are those who died before the apocalypse; and the black leaves are for those who turned zombie. Doc says, it gets to you; seeing it laid out like that. Kaya’s nana is on a ladder painting, and CZ introduces her. He wants Roberta and Doc to meet his family, and Henry tells them he’s going to see where everyone is. Doc tells nana that he has something for her pipe for later.

They go to the nursery. CZ hugs his son. Kaya says he’s alive, and runs to him. He introduces Roberta and Doc, and they hug. CZ then introduces JZ, and Roberta asks who his little friend is. Kaya says she’s Ann Marie, and George says she’s a talker. Henry runs in, and tells them there’s a town hall meeting with no talkers allowed. It’s madness.

At the meeting, a guy named Danny says, Pacifica is all of them. It’s the point of the place. Another guy asks what he’s talking about. That’s utopia. This is real life. Danny says they’re not strangers or freaks His aunt is out there, and she feeds all of them. A woman named Beth is sick of the PCness, and acting like the talkers aren’t a threat to their survival. Danny says it’s their duty. Outside in the hall, Amy tells George they’ve been locked out, and the meeting is humans only. Danny is trying to convince them otherwise, but it’s scary. Why shut them out? George says she’ll sort it out, and goes in.

Mike lies on Sun’s examining table, looking pretty beat up, and she pokes at his. She asks if he feels something, and he says it feels like his right foot is there. He asks Sun to mercy him. He can’t live without his wife and kids. Sun says she can’t. She needs to know what keeps him talking. We see that Mike has no bottom half to his body. Red comes in, and tells him she’s sorry about him and his family. Sun tries to give him a biscuit, but he slaps it away. He doesn’t want anything to make it last longer. When he leaves, Sun tells Red that his family was killed in the blast, and it left him like that. It’s worse than being a zombie. The zombies don’t know they’re zombies.

10K comes to the lab, and Sun asks how he is. He wants to get out of there, but Red says he still needs to recover, and Sun is concerned about infection. 10K is worried that the longer they stay, the harder it will be to get out. Sun checks the cauterization on his arm, and says it’s healing beautifully. 10K says, it’s not. Sun tells him that Red went back and found his hand. He tells her to sew it back on, but she says, it doesn’t work like that. He can learn to live without it, and there are prosthetic options. Estes walks in, and asks if Sun has everything she needs to complete her research. It’s more important now than ever. He’s sorry about 10K’s hand, and tells him robotics can help. He has a meeting with the outpost leaders, and they’ll see where they go from here.

At the town meeting, Beth says she didn’t come this far to be eaten alive so they can feel better about themselves. George and Roberta walk in, and George asks if she can talk, and says, this isn’t like us. Roberta says, or it’s just like us. Danny says they’re discussing putting the talkers in quarantine. The other guy says, just until they know what’s going on, and Doc says, that’s a slippery slope. Beth says they have no right to put her family at risk. The talkers are dangerous. George says no one wants to put her family at risk, but Beth doesn’t want to hear that everything is going to be okay. She’s not sitting around waiting for something to happen. She storms out, and purposely bangs into Amy in the hall.

Simon (CZ) plays Simon Says with the kids. Beth stomps in, grabbing her child, saying she’s not playing with talkers. CZ says they’re just kids, and Beth says they can kill her child. Kaya says she’s hurting their feelings. They’re still children. Beth says they don’t get it.

Nameless instigator dude says, cut the bullsh*t. The talkers aren’t human. Doc thinks they’re not showing humanity themselves. George says, as long as they have biscuits, they’re fine. A woman says, what if they don’t have them? The delivery didn’t come. Dude says that’s why they need a quarantine. If George is so hell-bent on protecting them, they’ll all be safe. Henry says they’re talking about putting their families and friends into a camp. They’re not Nazis. The woman says there are more zombies than ever. What does he think is attracting them? They’re going feral. Amy comes in with the group from the hall, and asks who she’s calling feral? Danny tells her not to take it personally. Some of the humans start to chant, quarantine. A guy says no one is separating him from his wife, and a fistfight starts.

Roberta shoots into the air, and says now that she has their attention, sit down. She’s new around there, and please forgive her if she oversteps, but they say they want to form a new country. What kind would it be? The idea of quarantine comes from a place of fear. Vigilantes are spreading hate that comes from the same fear. They just came from finding a talker left to rot alive. The woman says they’re right to be afraid. Roberta says the zombie virus isn’t the only virus they need to be worried about. Acts of hate rooted in fear are a virus too, and will eat their brains faster than any talker. How can they dehumanize their neighbors, friends, and families? How can they see them as a threat? Is that a country they want to live in? It’s not one she’s willing to die for. George thanks her. She wants everyone to take a moment and look around the room, remembering who they are to each other. Each of them are there today because of the others. They’ve saved one another’s lives multiple times. They’re only alive because of each other. The talkers are their families and friends. Dude says, not anymore; they’re dead. George says, they are, but their soul is still in there. Who knew death would be on a sliding scale, but it’s the world they live in.

The woman says the talkers want to eat their brains. Amy says, not everyone’s; just hers. Ha-ha! George says as long as they get biscuits, they’re no more dangerous than humans. Probably less, considering this bunch. She knows they’re shaken by the attack at Altura, and they can’t rule out talkers being involved.  Dude ask if that’s why they’re looking for Dante, but George says he’d never be a part of it. Dude says he doesn’t know that, and neither does she. If not for him, none of them would be alive. Dude says they can’t trust the talkers, Dante included. Roberta says they have a chance at building a new world. Don’t build it on fear. George still has hope, and knows they do too. One day, the long dark howl of despair will be over. There will be an after someday, and when it comes, she wants to be able to live with herself. Roberta asks what George wants them to do, and George says, go home, rest, and remember what their dream is. One day, they’ll all be talkers. She hopes it’s different tomorrow. If Dante is on the run, it’s for a reason. Dude says, maybe he’s guilty. George says, if so, she’ll bring him to justice.

Roberta tells George that she and Doc will be on watch. Doc says, it wasn’t so pacifico tonight, but George says, they’re good people; they’re just scared. Roberta says they’re not taking chances. She walks George to her room, and Roberta wonders where George sleeps. George explains that she can’t sleep on bed anymore, and has a mat on the floor. Roberta says George did a great job calming the people. She see why they trust her. George says she did her best, and it all went to sh*t. Maybe it’s time for someone else to try. Roberta says, there is no one else, and George says she can’t be who they want her to be. Roberta says she can. There’s no one like them. They don’t get the chance to have doubts, because doubts make them hesitate, and when they hesitate, people die. She backs George 100%, but she has to ask. Does any part of her suspect Dante? George says he’s like a brother. It would be like Doc betraying Roberta. Roberta says there are few things she’s learned to depend on in the apocalypse, but Steven Beck is one of them. She asks George if she knew that was his real name, but George is already asleep.

We don’t see a face, but a guy puts a gun in his waistband.

Doc snores, as Roberta watches. The guy with the gun closes his door behind him, and Doc wakes up. Roberta motions for him to be quiet, and they go in opposite directions down the hallway. Some people are sneaking around, and Doc follows them. He gets to a door that leads outside, and he finds Roberta there. An alarm goes off. Everyone runs outside. George asks what’s going on, and Henry says, the talkers are all gone. She says, everyone? and Roberta says, everyone.

Doc, Roberta, and George arm themselves. George says they probably haven’t gotten far. Henry feels terrible; they’re probably scared. Doc says he blame them. George suggests they move quickly so they can catch up. Instigator dude says they should leave them go. They don’t belong there. Roberta says vigilantes are crucifying them. He says she doesn’t get it, and she says she does, more than he knows. CZ joins them with Kaya, saying she has intel for them. Kaya tells them the chef told her that they were headed into the woods, and they’re supposed to look for a symbol, a radiating sun. Kaya gives Roberta a paper with the symbol drawn on it, saying the chef left it behind. She told Kaya to thank Roberta for everything, and said don’t follow them. George thinks they’re safer in Pacifica than out there, but Kaya isn’t so sure. Roberta says it looks like someone is helping them, and there’s a talker underground.

Red wraps 10K’s wound. She says Sun is working on an interim solution. He asks how long it will take, but she tells him it’s hard to say with lockdown. He just wants something to pull a trigger with. Just asking, but if he’s so gung-ho about using a gun again, why isn’t he practicing shooting with his other hand?

In the woods, Roberta and company see some trucks go by. Henry says maybe it’s a delivery, but George says they’re not biscuit trucks. She finds a piece of Amy’s scarf. Some armed men come out of the woods and their leader asks if there are any talkers with them. George says she works with Estes, and he says he knows who she is. They’re looking for her pal, Dante, and he asks if she’s seen him. She says, not since the blast. Doc asks what they’re going to do with him, and the leader says, put him on trial. George asks, what court? Who are the judges? That’s what the vote was for. He says they formed a provisional court, and Estes is the judge. They’ll give Dante fair trial – then mercy him. If she helps Dante evade them in any way, she’ll be arrested too, for accessory to murder. Roberta doesn’t see where it’s a crime to help talkers, and he says, it’s the law, and he intends to enforce it. George says, there was no vote, but he says either report any contact immediately, or be subject to arrest. He tells his men, move out, and Roberta says they need find Dante before those guys do.

Sun puts blood on a slide and looks at it. She puts it in a case that says Alvin Murphy, and takes it to the memorial wall, sliding it into one of the bricks. Estes sees her, and asks why she’s not in the lab. She says she needed time to think. The last three tests were a failure, and the side effects were horrible. Estes wants her work to continue without interruption. She’s close to the protein that drives the behavior of the talkers. If they find it, they might be able to figure out what the black rain did to restore consciousness to the dead. Sun says they’re killing them in the process, but Estes says if they do nothing, the talkers will die anyway. Sun needs more time, and he says they don’t have it. If they don’t find a solution soon, they’ll have no choice but to treat talkers as zombies. They’ve seen what happens when they’re starving. He tells her that she has 48 hours.

Roberta asks Henry how long he’s known George. She’s known George since black summer. Henry says he’s known her longer than that. She was one of his students. There was something about her even then. Others got killed, but she she kept surviving, and took them with her. Doc says George seems nice, but he knows badass when he sees it. She could probably mercy a horde with her eyes closed. Roberta asks if there’s any chance that Dante is helping the talkers disappear, and George says, if he is, it’s for good reason. He’s saved too many humans to start killing them now. Doc finds the symbol painted on a tree, and calls the others over. George says they’re on the right trail, and Roberta says the paint is still wet. She tells Doc there’s something familiar about it that she can’t place.

George finds some supplies under a tarp, and says it could be a drop. They see a backpack, and she tells them it’s Dante’s. They hear a sound that Doc describes as a giant bug zapper. We see a zombie being poked with an electrified prod. George says, puppies and kittens, and Roberta says, a whole damn litter. A group of zombies moves toward them at a pretty fast clip.

Red tells 10K that he should get some food, but he says he’s not hungry. She says there’s a movie in the dining hall on a real They should go; it will take his mind off things. She says the movie is The Fugitive, and I literally LOL. I also wonder how many people will get the joke. The fugitive’s nemesis is the one-armed man. 10K says he knows what Red did, she did to save his life. Red says she’s not sorry, and she’d do it again. 10K says he’s done the same things. It’s not her. She’s the only thing keeping him going. If he can’t shoot, who is he? She says he’s ten thousand. He’s a good shot because of his mind and eyes, not because of his hand. He’ll have to learn again, and it’s all in there. She touches his head, and he says he needs to think.

Kaya tells CZ that George is sure Dante is innocent. CZ says it would be out of character. He’d lay down his life for them. Kaya asks why would anyone think did it? and CZ says, he was there before the blast, and no one has seen him since. He got it all on tape. Kaya asks where the tape is, and he says he handed it over to Estes for analyzation. She wants to see it, but he says he won’t get it back until after the investigation. Kaya says it’s uploaded to a server. CZ says she has that look in her eye again, and suggests the get started.

Doc asks when the cavalry is coming, and George says they are the cavalry. That’s what he was afraid of. These zombies are quick, and one takes Henry right off of a cliff. George goes after him, and Roberta wonders where they’re all coming from. Henry is up and running, a zombie close on his heels. George pikes it in the head, but another takes its place and knocks Henry down. George tackles the zombie, pummeling its face into oblivion. Doc says, damn. Have mercy.  George asks if Henry is okay. He thinks so, and wonders how many times she’s saved his life. She says she likes him as a human. Roberta notices the sweatshirt one of the zombies is wearing, and says this many zombies from Kalamazoo Water Park isn’t random. They hear an explosion. Kaya is on the radio saying, Pacifica…mayday… but she’s breaking up. Roberta takes the radio and asks if Kaya can hear her. Kaya says, Roberta… Pacifica…. mayday… Roberta help us. They hear another explosion, and Kaya says, attack… don’t know why… Roberta tells her, hang on; she’s coming. Henry says he’ll catch up. When the others are out of sight, he rolls up his sleeve, revealing a bite.

Sun goes into the lab, and sees Red is there. Red tells Sun that she borrowed some of her gear. There must be some way to make a trigger finger for 10K. Sun says, how about this? and shows Red a torch.

On the outskirts of Pacifica, there are dead bodies all over the place. Roberta tells the group to keep their eyes open. They could be anywhere. There’s another explosion. Roberta says not to rush in and get killed. It won’t do anyone any good. Beth is lying on the ground, bloody, and calls to George. She says, the dead; so many. Her baby; so many. They hear another blast, and Beth asks for mercy. Roberta aims her gun, but George stops her. She closes Beth’s eyes and mercies her.

Dante stands on a hill looking down at the outpost. He says, they have no idea what’s coming. Time to move. Humans don’t like being killed. We see a group with him, and Amy is among them.

Things fall around CZ at the library, as he calls for Kaya. He hears screaming. Outside, people are running, and it’s chaos.

The text says, to be continued…

Next time, Zombies + bombs = bombies, and Doc says he’s good.

👻 Beyond the Sanderson Sisters…

🎃 This Halloween, if you need a break from twenty-four hours of Hocus Pocus, and are looking for something less conventional, I have a few suggestions. The Cabin in the Woods never gets old for me, but my traditional Halloween go-to has always been The Midnight Hour. A TV movie from 1985, it was hard to find on DVD up until recently. The words TV movie alone might be off-putting, but I love this bittersweet Halloween tale. Some high school kids (who look to be about thirty-years-old) steal some costumes from a museum for their Halloween party, and cast a spell, inadvertently raising the dead. It boasts an eclectic cast, including a pre-Trek LeVar Burton, Shari Belafonte-Harper, Dick Van Patten, and Kevin McCarthy from the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It’s just not Halloween to me without it. You can watch the whole thing here:–ex_8

Another gem of a forgotten film is Ravenous, a story about soldier cannibals during the Mexican American War. Guy Pearce and Robert Carlyle star, and it doesn’t get much better. Well-written, wickedly funny, and gory as hell, it also features the most heart-pounding fall down a hill I have ever seen. You can find it on YouTube for a small fee, and you can read about it here:

If musicals suit your Halloween mood, both Shock Treatment and Phantom of the Paradise are definite contenders. While not exactly scary (well, it depends on what you’re afraid of), they fit the spirit of the holiday. The former was released as a sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, although I’m not sure why, since the only similarity is the film’s two lead characters are named Brad and Janet (Cliff De Young and Jessica Harper, who has a voice like honey). Also written by Richard O’Brien, it features much of the same cast, but is more of an homage to the evils of reality TV and the average person’s desire for fame. It bombed at the box office, but IMO is better than RHPS in some ways. You can also find it on YouTube, and get an interesting take on it here:

Phantom of the Paradise is somewhat Rocky Horror-esque, but was written by Paul Williams. Before you laugh, know that this is no Carpenters song. With a plotline that borrows heavily from Phantom of the Opera, it’s also a story about how far one will go to achieve fame. It will cost you a couple of bucks to watch the whole thing, but you can see the trailer for free here:

🔁 Clockwise From the Top…

The Cabin in the Woods, Phantom of the Paradise, The Midnight Hour, Ravenous, and Shock Treatment


July 3, 2018 – Nelle Visits Carly, David Pimp Slaps Veronica, Tales from Bravoland & Independence Day Fun


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Michael says he told his mom that he’d look out for his family and protect them. Sonny says his mom is his family, and she’s in Ferncliff, thanks to Nelle setting her up. Sonny wants to tell her about the impending marriage before someone else does. Michael says there’s something else she needs to know.

Julian and Kim go to The Floating Rib, and see Brad and Lucas there. Sam asks Lucas why he’s so serious, and he says he needs Sam’s help.

Terry and Elizabeth go down Memory Lane. Cameron, who’s aged quite a lot in a very short time, comes downstairs, and Elizabeth introduces him to Terry. He leaves for the fireworks, and Elizabeth tells Terry that he’s a pretty responsible kid. Terry says, so he’s nothing like they were. Franco comes home, and Elizabeth introduces her childhood friend. Franco says Elizabeth told him that Terry was her first kiss. Terry says she’s proud of it, but she went by he at the time.

Oscar unpacks a picnic at the park. Josslyn asks if there’s room for one more. He says he wasn’t sure she would show, and she apologizes for ripping his head off the last time they were together.

Rupert tells Carly that she has a visitor. Nelle says, hi, grandma, explaining to Rupert that Carly is her baby’s grandma, not hers. Rupert asks if Carly wants him to escort Nelle out. She says, no, but wait outside; she won’t be long. Nelle says the place is worse than she imagined. Carly tells her maybe one day she’ll find out for herself. Nelle says, someone is in a bad mood, but she has news to make Carly’s day. She’s been thinking long and hard about the damage that’s been done, and has one way to make better. Nelle says she forgives Carly.

Michael tells Jason and Sonny that his mom warned him about Nelle, and he has to pay for his mistakes.  paying for his mistakes. Sonny doesn’t see it that way, and wants to protect Michael. Michael says Sonny has; now it’s his turn. He’s going into the marriage with his eyes wide open. Sonny says, it’s a losing battle. Michael says to tell Carly it’s going to be okay. Even if he’s lying, say he believes in Michael.

Terry doesn’t want to intrude, but Elizabeth and Franco ask her to stay. Terry asks if Franco is weirded out, but he says he’s relieved. He had been a little jealous. Terry appreciates the candor, and Franco says Elizabeth could have clued him in to… Terry explains it’s called gender transition, and that Elizabeth didn’t know. They drink to surprises.

Lucas and Brad talk about including everyone in family gatherings, and ask Sam if she’ll be there. She says Danny loves being a big brother, and will take on a new cousin like a champ. Brad says this is really happening.

Kim asks if Julian wants to talk about it. He wonders what there is to talk about. She says his son and daughter are there, and not even looking in his direction. He’s glad they’re spending time together. He’d like to be a part of it, but thinks it’s too late to be a father to them. Kim disagrees, at least with Lucas. Maybe he can’t be a full-fledged father, but he can have a relationship. She saw them at the hospital, and it’s not lost on Lucas how hard he’s tried. She thinks he has a chance.

Josslyn says Oscar seems bummed. He tells her that he hates his mom being with Julian. He knows things are hard for Josslyn with her family right now, but Josslyn says they can’t do anything about their moms tonight, so they should enjoy what they can control. They have an awesome spot for the fireworks. They kiss, and Cameron appears, asking if he’s interrupting.

Carly can’t believe Nelle came all that way just to say she forgives her. Nelle says it’s an important part of healing. Carly says making peace means so much to her. Being in there isn’t ideal, but she sees how much she needed it, and is going to do whatever work it takes to get back to her family. Nelle says, ever growing family, and Carly asks how she’s feeling. Nelle says, wonderful. Michael is waiting on her hand and foot. The pregnancy went by quickly, and there’s been a lot going on. Carly says Nelle has been busy, but Nelle says, never too busy for her.

Sonny tells Michael that he does believe in him, and to take care of himself. Jason tells Michael these are not normal circumstance. Nelle will do anything to get what she wants. Michael says, she wants him. Sonny says they don’t know what she’ll do now. He and Jason explain about the flyer, and how Nelle was trying to make Carly believe his brother was still alive. There’s no line Nelle won’t cross. Michael says he’s smart enough to call for help if he needs it. Sonny has to go, and tells Michael to be careful. After he leaves, Jason asks Michael why the hell he’s marrying Nelle.

Brad thinks it’s the perfect time, and Sam asks, for what? Lucas says they would be grateful if she’d be their baby’s godmother. She’s an amazing mom, and they know if it came to it, she’d go to the ends of the earth for their kid. She’s in, and they make a toast to the godmother. Julian approaches the table, and hopes the baby arrives safely, healthy, and happy. They thank him, and he says he wants it for both their families. Lucas says they’ll let him know when the baby arrives. He goes back to his table, and Sam says her first order of business as godmother is to advise they don’t let Julian in the baby’s life.

Terry says she wasn’t brave; she was scared to death. Elizabeth says that’s why she’s so brave. Franco asks if there was a turning point, and Terry says the older she got, the more trapped she felt, until she couldn’t stand it. Elizabeth can’t believe Terry didn’t tell her. Terry says back then, she just felt like something was off, but she was comfortable and could be herself with Elizabeth. Elizabeth wishes she’d been there to offer support, and Terry says she didn’t know. Elizabeth asks about her parents. Terry tells her, at first, they didn’t know what was happening. Terry acted out with negative behaviors, and they just wanted her to get better, but when it meant that they had to acknowledge she was a girl, no one wanted it. Least of all her brother.

Josslyn explains to Oscar that she and Cameron grew up together. Cameran tells him how they got married in elementary school, and Josslyn ate the licorice ring. Cameron asks how Oscar likes Port Charles, and Oscar says Josslyn has been showing him the ropes. Cameron tells them he’s life-guarding this summer. Josslyn says Oscar has an internship with his dad, and she’ll be reporting for duty as a camp counselor. Cameron says they can hang out.

Nelle gets Carly some water. She says she’s been spending time with Josslyn; they have special bond. Josslyn is excited about becoming aunt. Carly says Josslyn is growing up, and Nelle says, in more ways than one. Carly asks what that means. Nelle says Josslyn confided in her about her relationship with Oscar. It sounds like things are heating up. She hopes Carly doesn’t mind, but she took Josslyn to buy some lingerie; nothing trashy, but age appropriate. Whatever that means at age fourteen. Carly says she trusts Nelle implicitly, and Nelle says then she won’t mind that she asked Josslyn to be her maid of honor. Michael proposed. She asks if she can call Carly mom. Carly says she’s speechless. Nelle says she couldn’t believe it either. The alone time brought them closer with no interference. Carly asks when, and Nelle says, as soon as possible. They’re going to be a true family from the start. Carly thinks it’s amazing. Getting married for the sake of baby is great, although those marriages don’t always last. She married AJ for Michael’s sake. Nelle asks if Carly doesn’t think Michael will love her, and Carly says he put a ring on it, but just because a couple can make a baby doesn’t mean they should be married. Nelle says, not her and Michael, and Carly tells Nelle that she’s right. Rupert tells Carly she has another visitor. Sonny asks what the hell Nelle doing there.

Michael tells Jason to let Nelle think her plan worked, and that he’s in love with her. Over-confident people make mistakes. Jason says she killed her last fiancé; he’s risking his life. Michael says he gets it. Nelle is dangerous and evil and all those things. He’s not pretending she isn’t, but she’s carrying his child. She put his mother, and Jason’s best friend, in an institution. There’s no limit to what she’ll do, but she’s not playing him again. It’s his turn, and he guarantees he’ll win.

Sam tells Lucas he has an I-feel-bad-for-dad face. Lucas says Julian did what he wanted, and respected the boundaries. Sam needs to stand down. Sam says, not when it comes to Julian. She strongly suggests he do the same.

Kim tells Julian that wasn’t so bad, but he says he can feel the arctic chill. He doesn’t expect things to change. He’s concerned about Lucas not knowing anything about the birth mother though. She can snatch the baby back at any minute, and he doesn’t want Lucas robbed of the chance to be a father.

Terry tells Elizabeth that her brother hasn’t spoken to her since her transition. Elizabeth says she must have felt betrayed. Terry says he thinks she just decided she was over being a boy, and would rather be a girl, but she was finally reconciling her physical and emotional sides. Franco says she was freed to be seen for who she really is. He gets it. He knows the pain of rejection. They agree it stinks.

Carly tells Sonny that Nelle came to tell her that she and Michael are getting married. Sonny thought she was getting her ring sized. Nelle says the jeweler is close by. Sonny says he can’t stop the marriage, but he’s not letting her get in his wife’s face. Nelle says she’s glad to brighten Carly’s day. Carly tells her to give Michael a hug, and when she’s gone, tells Sonny, this is not happening.

Michael tells Jason the mistakes his parents have made were because they let emotions get in the way. The baby is 100% innocent, and he’s going to protect it at all costs. He needs to make Nelle feel comfortable, secure, and loved as long as it takes to exonerate his mom. Right now, he needs to focus on the baby. Jason says he couldn’t do it, and respects him for that. He tells Michael that every time he lies, it will cost him. Michael says he knows it, and Jason tells him not to give up his soul for her. Make sure he can live with his choices. Michael says he can live with anything, as long as his mom and the baby are safe.

Kim realizes that’s why Julian wanted to know about the records. He says he wants to know the deal with the birth mother – and father. Does the father even know? He doesn’t want anyone hurt in this scenario, especially his son. Kim tells him that he’s not a party. As much as it stinks, it’s out of his control. She asks, given his experience, if it’s hard to be with her because of what she did to Drew.

Lucas tells Sam that he loves and is grateful to her. They drink to the baby.

Jason goes to the footbridge.

Elizabeth wishes she’d been there, and Terry asks if she thinks she could have talked sense into her brother Sean. Elizabeth says she could have been a friend and listened. Terry says she’s doing that now, but Elisabeth wonders why Terry didn’t confide in her sooner. Terry says for one thing, she was gone, and Elizabeth was her Biz. She couldn’t stand the thought of rejection. Elizabeth realizes Terry thought she wouldn’t accept her.

Cameron has camp training early, and leaves. Oscar says he seems like an okay guy, but he’s not going to lie. He likes it being just the two of them. Josslyn says, her too.

Carly tells Sonny that Nelle is dangerous. He says Michael knows, but she says Nelle is psychotic dangerous. She’s a sociopath who killed her last fiancé. Does Sonny want Michael to go next? Carly tells him that he has to do whatever it takes to stop it.

Julian says he doesn’t judge Kim’s choices about Oscar. The situation is different. She wasn’t trying to keep Drew from his son. She says she could have worked harder. He says she did the best she could. She did what was necessary, and he respects her decisions. She says, then instead of jumping to the worst case scenario with the biological parents, he should think that they’re doing what’s in the best interest of their child; giving them to a good home. Julian says he wasn’t able to protect Lucas growing up, and doesn’t want him to get hurt. Kim says, getting hurt is part of the job. He thanks her for listening. He appreciates her solid advice – and her.

Terry tells Elizabeth that she’s knocked on a few doors, and not many have been as warm and welcoming. Elizabeth says Terry is her friend. She loves her, and nothing will change that. She asks if Terry would like to stay with them, but she has a consult in morning. Elizabeth is excited that she’ll be working at GH, and says she has to come to the wedding. Terry is her oldest friend. Terry agrees, as long as Elizabeth stops calling her old. She’s happy Elizabeth found Franco. She tells Franco that Elizabeth has a huge, compassionate heart that was meant to be shared with someone like him. He says he’s a lucky guy, and grateful. Terry leaves, and Franco hugs Elizabeth.

Sonny says Michael is doing this because he feels guilty. He’s been beating himself up for getting involved with Nelle, and her ending up in Ferncliff. Carly says they’ve already lost Morgan; they can’t lose Michael. Sonny tells her that Michael is a grown man. He trusts Michael, and she needs to trust him. She says it’s Nelle who she doesn’t trust. She might kill him out of spite. He says Michael’s got it, and she asks if he’s got Michael. He says, always. Sonny has some good news about the flyer on her car. He says, invisible ink, and laughs. Carly calls Nelle a bitch, and asks if he can prove it. He says not that Nelle is behind it, but they’re trying. Until then, everything has to stay as it is. Carly says, so she stays in there, and Michael marries Nelle.

Michael asks how the sizing went, and Nelle says, actually, she went to visit his mom instead. She wanted to tell her about the engagement personally. She thought if she could explain how much she loves him and the baby, it would make it easier, but no such luck. Michael doesn’t think it’s a good time to reach out. Carly is still in recovery, and needs space. Nelle apologizes, saying she was so happy, she wanted to share it, and give Carly a piece of joy to hold on to. She asks Michael what if Carly never accepts her, and he says, then so be it. He loves her, and him, her, and the baby are all that matters; they’re a family. He doesn’t think his mom will shut her out forever. Things change, and eventually she’ll give in; she has to. Nelle hopes he’s right as long as motivated by good intentions everything will be fine

Sam brings Danny to the footbridge. Jason asks if Danny is there to watch the fireworks. Danny tells him that his mom says it’s the best view ever. Sam says she was telling him about how Jason built the bridge. Jason says he wasn’t out there with a hammer, but he paid for it. The old one had been special to a friend of his, and over time, to him too. Danny asks if Jason will watch fireworks with them, and Jason says he’d like that. Sam smiles.

Elizabeth and Franco sit on the couch, talking about the visit from Terry. Cameron comes in home early. He tells them that he saw Josslyn, and she’ll be being working at camp. It should be cool. He stomps upstairs, and Franco says, teenagers. The fireworks start, and they stand outside. Franco says it must have been hard for Terry, not being herself. He forgives Elizabeth for making out with Terry. They kiss.

Everyone goes outside at The Floating Rib. Oscar and Josslyn watch from their blanket. Oscar tells Josslyn that he tried the cologne and really likes it.

Nelle tells Michael, next year, they will be a family. He says, perfect.

Sonny has to go. He tells Carly, the next time, the celebration will be hers; he promises. They kiss.

On the footbridge, Danny sits on Jason’s shoulders. Jason and Sam smile at each other.

Tomorrow the show from January 17, 2018 will be aired. Why that one? Who knows? On Thursday, Stella tells Griff not to impose, Oscar tells Kim to stop wasting time with Julian, and Drew tells Sam they’re divorced.

The Haves and the Have Nots

RJ asks David, what the hell, and David says get out of his face. Veronica can’t believe David really hit her. He says after all he’s done for her, and all the sacrifices he made for her. The new house was supposed to be hers after she burned the other one down. She starts freaking out, and hopping up and down. David says she’s made his life hell. RJ tells David to go, but David tells him to mind his own business. Veronica says she has this. She’s going to show him how bad it can get. David tells her to give it her best shot. She says when they got married, she had two rules. One, that he not cheat on her, and two, that he never lay a hand on her; now he’s done both, and he’s with that heifer. He says he never cheated on her, but he had to see her with Benny in the paper. He gave up on her ass. She says he doesn’t know what cheating is, and he calls her insane, telling her not to go near his son or Erica. Stay out of his life. She says, you’ll regret it, and repeats it in a singsong way.

RJ asks if she’s all right. She screams at him to get out, and keeps singsonging, you’ll regret it. After RJ leaves, she repeats, he hit me, over and over. She gets her phone and sits on the couch. She calls Derek, who tells her it’s the middle of the night, but she doesn’t give a damn; she needs some help. She needs some numbers for a partner in crime. He says he’s not doing this, and she says, don’t tell her what he’s not going to do. She wants the numbers at her house by the morning. He says he’s not in that life anymore, but again, she doesn’t give a damn.

Jeffrey sits in the middle of the trashed condo. David comes in, and asks if he’s okay. Jeffrey keeps saying he’s sorry, and David tells him to stop that; his mother is a mess. Jeffrey says she didn’t do this, and David asks who did. Jeffrey tells him, Officer Justin, and David asks if it was before or after they had sex; Veronica told him. Jeffrey says, after, and he knows David is going to tell him to end it. David didn’t know there was something to end, and Jeffrey says, he doesn’t know there is. He likes Justin, and he needs help. David says, so does Jeffrey’s mother, but she won’t change. He says, this kind of behavior leads to bodily harm, and asks if Justin has been abusive. Jeffrey says he has, both physically and verbally. David wonders if Jeffrey didn’t study this in psyche class.

Justin comes out, and says he’s sorry. David says he didn’t know Justin was there, and Jeffrey says, that makes two of them. Justin says he’ll pay for it, but David asks if he can afford a $16,000 couch. Justin says, no, but he’ll try. David says Jeffrey is an adult. If he chooses to be involved with someone like Justin, there’s not much he can do, but Justin needs to get help. Justin says he knows, and David says he’ll be watching. Jeffrey’s mother is nothing compared to what he’ll do to protect the well-being of his son. He asks Jeffrey if he’s sure this is what he wants, but Jeffrey doesn’t know. David tells him when he figures it out, let him know. He has to leave before he gets sick. He tells Justin the misusing of his son makes him want to throw Justin off the balcony, and tells Jeffrey that he’ll have new furniture sent over. He leaves and Jeffrey tells Justin that he’s serious, and asks why he came back. Justin says to beg forgiveness. Jeffrey tells him that he says that a lot, but he’s forgiven. Justin says there’s a program at the department where he can talk to a psychologist, and Jeffrey says he needs to. Justin asks if it works and he gets better, will Jeffrey move in with him? Jeffrey tells him to just focus on getting better. Justin says he will, and Jeffrey says, get out. Justin says he loves Jeffrey, and wants him to say the same. Jeffrey says, I love you; bye. Justin leaves.

DA George is told they have footage from across the street from the bar. An officer asks what’s the hold-up with the Cryer case, and George says the family is strong. They’re connected, and he needs every bit of ammo he can get. The officer asks, what about the son, and George says, he’s a drug addict; not a good character witness. They look at the footage that’s focused on the bar. George wonders what Wyatt is doing there, and then sees Jim, and wonders what the hell he’s doing there. The officer says the witness didn’t see them, but recognized this guy, pointing to Benny coming out the door. The witness said he was the assailant. George says, it’s Benjamin Young. He was hit with a car by Wyatt, and the family covered it up; what’s going on? The officer says the witness claims he’s the guy, and George tells them to bring Benny in.

Sarah asks for evidence to check against a case. The deputy, who obviously thinks she’s hot, lets her into the evidence room. He tells her a shift change is coming, and to hurry, because he doesn’t want anyone to know he let her in. She takes out a box, and puts something in her purse, presumably the bullets. She thanks him, and leaves.

Hanna calls Kathryn. Neither one of them slept well. Kathryn tells Hanna that she called the attorney. Hanna thanks her, saying she thinks the police will be breaking down her door any minute. Kathryn tells her to calm down, and not to worry about the cost. After the call ends, Hanna takes out her laptop, saying she has $32.00 in her account. Not anymore. It’s $8 million now. What bank is that? The interest rate is phenomenal. She calls Kathryn back, and gets voicemail. She leaves a message saying she can’t accept it, and to call her back.

Jeffrey visits Wyatt, who’s still in a straitjacket. Wyatt says he’s been in restraints all night. Jeffrey tells him that he looks better, and will get what he needs. Wyatt wonders if it isn’t illegal to keep him there, but Jeffrey says he said he was going to kill himself. Wyatt says he was kidding, and Jeffrey says they don’t know that. He tells Wyatt that his mother will be coming, and he’ll be fine. Wyatt says they’re going to kill him, and tells Jeffrey to go. He leaves, and Wyatt lies down.

On the phone, Sarah tells Jim, it’s done. He asks where it is, and she says she’s getting rid of it. He asks how he’ll know, and she says, when the case is dropped. He wants proof, but she says she’s not sending him proof. He tells her that he wants it brought personally. Do it, and they’re through. She asks how she knows he’s telling the truth, and Jim says she’ll have to trust him. Sarah says that will never happen. He knows how dangerous this is. He says, bring it. He’ll text the address, and make sure she’s not followed. She says, no sh*t.

There’s a knock at Veronica’s door, and she says, there’s a doorbell, boy. Derek comes in, and she asks if he got her numbers. He puts a paper on the end table, and starts to leave, but she tells him, not so fast. When she calls, she needs for him to come. She doesn’t care what he’s doing. Unless he wants her to call his parole officer. He says, some things are worth going back to jail for. Why not leave him alone? He’s living a clean, honest life. She doesn’t give a damn. He owes her, and she always collects. He asks how much is enough? and she says when she decides it is. He wonders if she knows what he was in for, and she asks if he’s threatening her. He says call him again, and yes. She laughs at him, and says she can’t wait to need something else. She says, they better be good numbers. When he leaves, she can’t believe a damn convict is threatening her.

Benny is surprised to find Hanna at home, and she says she’s not going to work with this thing hanging over their heads. Benny says it will be fine, and she says, she knows; she got a lawyer. She doesn’t want to use Veronica, and they can afford it. She checked the account, but her boss put too much in. Benny wonders why Kathryn is being so nice, and asks, how much? She says she’s going to use it to pay for the lawyer, and give the rest back. Kathryn calls back, and Hanna asks if she’s lost her mind. She put over $8 million in Hanna’s account, and she can’t accept it. Kathryn says she didn’t put it in there, and Hanna asks, who did? Kathryn has an idea, but can’t talk right now. She’ll call Hanna back. Hanna tells Benny it’s a mistake, and starts to call the bank. He says, it’s not a mistake.

Candace’s phone rings. It’s Benny, who asks how much money she put into the account. When Hanna hears the money came from Candace, she freaks. Benny insists he told Candace it was a joint account, and she says they have to move the money. He asks where it came from, and she tells him, it’s legit. She’ll explain when she gets there, and don’t let Hanna touch it. Benny tells Hanna that they should hear what Candace has to say, but Hanna says they’re not keeping it. He says they don’t know where it came from, and Candace says, it came from the devil.

Charles practices a speech, and Landon tells him it’s perfect. He’s going to knock the ladies dead again. He leaves to check on their departure times. Another member of Charles’s staff is there (another guy who has no name), and tells Charles to be careful of Landon. He doesn’t see it, the way Landon caters to him. Charles says Landon is a good guy. Dude says, he’s gay. Charles says, no, but dude says, yes. Now Charles feels stupid, having talked to Landon about women. Dude says Landon is smitten with him, but Charles can’t believe it. He says Landon is a professional and won’t cross lines, and he’s not so sure Landon is gay. Even if he is, so what? Dude says, just be careful. Charles says, they’re adults. Landon can’t do anything to him. Dude says that’s not what he means. Some of the staff are whispering about them. Charles says, ridiculous. Dude says Landon is territorial. All the nights in Charles’s room, the staff is wondering if there’s more to the relationship. Charles says he’s done with the conversation. He doesn’t want to hear it again. Landon comes back, and tells him the car is ready.

Erica looks at an ovulation test. She calls Rocky, and he tells her about Candace beating him with the golf club. He tells her be careful, but she says she still has to work a john. He asks how it’s going, and she says, better. Today, she’s ovulating. He tells her to be careful, but she says, this one is worth it. She needs him to apologize to Candace, and he says, hell no. She says he’s on the inside, and she needs it to happen; just apologize. She needs to know what Candace is up to, and he’s the only one who knows her. She’ll pay him when payday comes. He asks how much, and she says they only deal in millions. He tells her to let him get out, and he’ll think about it.

David goes to Kathryn’s house. He needs Jim to talk him down. Veronica made him come out of himself; he had to pimp slap her. Jim laughs, and David says it’s not funny; he feels terrible. Jim says, about a bitch who tried to burn him alive in his own house? David knows it sounds crazy. Jim asks how hard it is when you pimp slap someone, and David says she flew across the room. Jim can barely keep it together, and says he gave that bitch some wings. David says it was a lot of rage, especially for him. Jim thinks David should have let him take her out when he had the opportunity. David asks where Kathryn is, but Jim doesn’t know and doesn’t care. David says Veronica is going to retaliate, and it will be brutal. He thinks she’ll go after Erica first. Jim asks if she’s the girl living with him, and says David is smitten. David admits he is, and Jim asks what he knows about her. David says he’s not marrying her. He had Oscar check her out, and Jim snarks that’s a real confidence builder. Oscar had better get his money back. Candace put it in Benny’s name. David calls her a clever fox, but Jim says he’s a clever fox watcher, and he’s not playing in the trash anymore. Sarah comes up the walk, and Jim says, here comes his get-out-of-jail-free card. David should leave – plausible deniability.

Sarah gives Jim the evidence envelope, and says, we’re done. Jim says, not quite, but she means it. He repeats, not quite. He wants to show her something upstairs. She says it’s his wife’s house, and she’s not doing that. She’s done, and she means it. She walks out, and Jim smiles.

Candace goes to Hanna’s house. Benny asks where she got the money, and she says she blackmailed someone powerful. Hanna says, first Jim, now the man running for President. Candace says she’s talking to Benny, and she’s not telling who. He needs to open an account, and move the money. She’ll give him a million dollars. It’s for the tow yard and house; she wants to make it right. Hanna asks how can she make right what she’s got wrong? Candace says she was talking to Benny, but Hanna says, it’s her house. Candace asks, is it? Candace tells Benny that she’ll leave the money in the account for him, and that thing. Benny tells her to watch her mouth. She asks if he doesn’t want a fresh start. Benny says someone is going to be after her; they always are. Hanna tells her that everything she does, comes back around; it already has. Candace says she’s heard that before. Hanna is like a broken record or an R&B song – or is it an old Negro spiritual? Hanna says this is the kind of mess that her baby got killed over; is she crazy? Candace says she needs the money. Hanna calls it death money, and shows her a picture of Quincy Jr. She asks if Benny is going to be a criminal too, and why can’t Candace look at the picture? She tells Candace, it takes two signatures, and Benny says, she’s right. Candace wants to know why Hanna is like this; so self-righteous. She tells Benny that she needs this, but he says he can’t do it without Hanna. Candace tells Hanna that the money is hers. Hanna says it’s blackmail money, not her money. She won’t give it to Candace, but she will give it back. Candace asks, to who? Hanna says, the FBI. They must be looking for it.

The doorbell rings. It’s the police with a warrant for Benny, and they arrest him.

Next time, Candace wants her money and says, don’t make her show how evil she can be; Justin visits Wyatt, and suggests he hang himself; and Candace calls RJ for some muscle against her mother. Who will get revenge first?

😵 Apparently, Jill Kargman Isn’t the Only One…

Lisa Edelstein (Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce) doesn’t remember the 80s.

🍹 Because I Just Can’t Get Enough…

#hiashley is a thing now.

🍹🍹 Ditto…

T-Rav is a problem.

🌀 A Twirling Tide No Moore…

Kenya is no longer bringing the drama.

AmericanFlagHeart  Have a Fabulous Fourth!

Keep your pets inside, and enjoy your holiday! I’ll be partaking in my annual viewing of 1776. I probably learned more about the Declaration from that film than history class in high school. While flawed, our forefathers did their best, as we all do.


🐣 Waiting for the Chirp, Chirp, Chirp…


November 2, 2017 – One Jason Too Many, You Need a Bit of Shock Treatment & Tidbits


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Real Jason visits Sam’s room. She says, it’s you, and he says, yeah, it’s me.

On the docks, a very popular spot, Klein sees Valentin, who’s been ignoring his messages. He says Valentin owes him a debt, but Valentin says it’s been paid in full. Klein promises to do him a favor if Valentin gets him out of Port Charles.

Cassandra sees Finn at the MetroCourt. She tells him about being evacuated the night before, and he tells her he was at the hospital and missed the chaos at the party. She says it must be hard on him, tearing himself away from Anna.

Andre visits Anna. He’s come to say goodbye.

In Andre’s office, Franco takes the paper out of the printer. He says there are two Jasons out there with the same memories, and remembering how much they hate him. Elizabeth shows up, and asks what he’s doing there.

Real Jason asks how Sam is. She says she feels like she’s going crazy; she’s losing her mind. He tells her it’s okay, and sits by her bed, hesitantly taking her hand. He tells her again that it’s him. Sam says it doesn’t make any sense, and he says not for him either. He doesn’t know what’s going to happen, but wanted her to know she’s not crazy. He’s here, and he’s Jason. Danny comes bouncing in, and asks who he is.

Real Jason asks if he’s Danny, and tells him he’s his mom’s friend, and a friend of the uncle Danny was named after. Danny wonders why they’ve never met, and he says he’s been away since Danny was a baby. Danny asks why Sam is crying, and she tells him that she’s happy to see him. He shows her a card he made. Real Jason helps him up on the bed, and Other Jason is suddenly in the doorway. He tells Real Jason to let go of his son.

Valentin can’t believe how Klein screwed everything up, but Klein says it wasn’t his call. Valentin says his wife was at the party, and Klein says he had no idea what was going to happen. Valentin tells him their was a siege, and he couldn’t even get his wife home without running into one of Klein’s goons. He was shot and on the docks, throwing Klein’s name around, and Valentin wanted no part of it. Klein says he was fulfilling an obligation to a client, but never knew the price would be so steep. Hasn’t Valentin ever wished he could change the past? Valentin flashes back to Cassandra showing him the picture. I get a good look at it this time. It’s Claudette holding a newspaper toward the camera. Klein says Valentin is his only option. Valentin says he understands more than Klein knows.

Andre tells Anna that he’s leaving Port Charles today. She asks if there’s an explanation, and he says he came to town suddenly, so it makes sense to leave the same way. No, it doesn’t. She asks about his patients, and he says they’ll be in good hands. She says capable hands, but not his. He helped her when she thought she’d killed Carrrlos, and was having panic attacks. He tells her that he was happy to remind her of her inner strength. Anna tells him that he gave her back her life. She was lost in grief, and he showed her the way out. Andre says it’s nice to have a satisfied customer. He tells her no matter what she hears about him, he tried to help people. She asks what happened.

Franco tells Elizabeth to go back to her room, but she says she’s cleared. She wants to see the boys and sleep in her own bed. She tells Franco that she has a few days off, so while the boys are at school, they’ll have the house to themselves. He likes the sound of that, and asks how she knew he was there. She says she wasn’t looking for him, but thought she’d make an appointment for Jake while she was walking around. She saw him looking at the painting and knows why he’s there

Other Jason tells Real Jason to get out. Danny asks if he did something wrong, and Other Jason says Real Jason shouldn’t be there. Danny doesn’t understand, since he’s mommy’s friend. Other Jason asks if that’s what Real Jason told him. Carly shows up, and says they all had the same idea. She asks Sam how she is. Sam says she’s doing great, and shows her the card Danny made. Carly tells Danny there are some new, cool games in the playroom, and she’ll take him there. Other Jason acts like a cretin, saying he doesn’t know what’s going on and couldn’t care less, but he wants Real Jason out. He says Real Jason will be lucky if he doesn’t have him arrested. Real Jason says he doesn’t know what happened any more than Other Jason does, but he knows he’s Jason.

Cassandra tells Finn she’s more convinced than ever that he’ll put her on the road to health. She asks about the test findings, but Finn wants to discuss it in the proper setting at her appointment later. She says she’ll bow to his professional etiquette. Assuming the results aren’t dire, she’s inviting Finn and Anna to dinner tonight. Finn says there’s something she should know about his relationship.

Andre tells Anna that in both their professions, they see people at their best and worst. She says sometimes their work overlapped, and she’s grateful to have used his ability as a profiler. He says his ability to determine a person’s character. She says he turned his back on a WSB job to work at GH (apparently, I missed that conversation), and asks if he doesn’t want to settle anymore. He says he’s not going back to the spy game, but GH wasn’t settling. He loved his time there, helping all sorts of people, and will miss it. Anna says something is wrong, and asks him to tell her about it; she’s his friend and won’t judge. He thanks her. She proved he could trust her when they danced disco together. Anna says there’s no distrust on the dance floor. Andre gives her a mini disco ball to remember him at his best.

Franco tells Elizabeth he can explain. She says he never meant to sell the painting that Andre bought, and thinks he wants it back. He says it means a lot to him. She asks were Andre is, and Franco says he received life-changing news and split. He hasn’t just left the hospital, but left Port Charles altogether. He says he should be offended that Andre didn’t take the painting. Elizabeth is upset because Jake was having sessions with him, and they haven’t reconciled him seeing the man with Jason’s old face in the park. Franco puts his shirt tail over the paper sticking out of his back pocket. He’ll be happier when he gets her home, and says he’ll come back for the painting.

Other Jason tells Real Jason to let whoever set this up know it’s not going to work. Real Jason says he doesn’t know where he’s been for the last five years, but Other Jason doesn’t need to hear his lies, and says Sam doesn’t either. Real Jason says he needs to know one thing, but Other Jason says no, he doesn’t. Real Jason tells Sam that Danny looks like Jake. Sam says that Heather lied, and so did Franco. Danny is her son with Jason. Other Jason tells him to leave. He says Real Jason is a threat to his family, and he’s going to stop him. Carly returns, and says she got here just in time. Other Jason says this man refuses to leave, and to call security before things escalate. Carly says she can’t do that. She’s the one who told him that he needed to see Sam.

Anna asks Andre. please don’t leave; a good dance partner is hard to find. He wishes there was another way. A choice he made before coming there caught up with him. She asks if it’s about the WSB. He says it started out like all the devil’s work, with good intentions. He never told her, but he’d set out to conquer humanity’s great fear – the loss of one’s identify by loss of memory. He touches his briefcase, saying it’s his life’s work, so many pieces of paper. He’d hoped it would be his legacy, but it’s his curse. Anna says she’ll help, and he says he wants to tell her. She suggests making some tea, saying the ritual of pouring and drinking tea helps you focus. He says it sounds good, and I say, don’t leave him there alone! He looks at the disco ball.

Cassandra asks Finn if there’s anything wrong. She wouldn’t be surprised if there were problems. Her first impression was that Anna isn’t right for him. He’s so dedicated; practically married to his work. Anna is lovely, but she doesn’t get the sense Anna understands and appreciates his work. Finn says it was Anna who encouraged taking her on as a patient. She stands corrected. He tells her that Anna makes her own schedule, and it’s a bad idea for him to speak for her. He’ll see if she’s available, and let Cassandra know when he sees her at her appointment. When he’s gone, she asks herself what that was about.

Klein says there’s no need to involve Valentin’s family. He just needs safe passage out of Port Charles and a new identity. Valentin knows people who can make that happen, and he’ll help Valentin in the future like he has in the past. Valentin gets on the phone, saying he has a friend who needs the help they can provide. He’ll be waiting at Dock 55.

Carly says Real Jason and Sam need to talk, but Other Jason says Real Jason has nothing to say to his wife. Epiphany arrives, and when she sees Real Jason, says, I’ll be damned. He says hello, and she asks if he’s the cause of the disturbance. He tells her, pretty much, and she says he needs to go. The patient need to rest. Real Jason and Carly leave, and Epiphany tells Other Jason he has to go too. Sam was prescribed rest, and she’s going to rest. Other Jason tells Sam he’ll be right outside. Epiphany says it looks like Sam’s had a shock, and asks if she wants a sedative. Sam says she just needs time to think, and Epiphany says, I’ll bet.

Carly babbles at Real Jason about how it’s all her fault. She badgered him, and shouldn’t have told him to come, but it was important that he did. He tells her that he’s glad she made him do this. He got to see Sam and Danny, and found out Danny is his son. She says Danny looks just like him, and acts just like him. He’s a terror running around the Quartermaine mansion, driving everyone nuts. Real Jason sees Franco talking with Elizabeth. He strides over, and punches Franco out. Carly is like, uh-oh.

Epiphany calls security. Carly tells Real Jason it’s not worth it, and he asks why Franco is still alive.

Anna finds Andre gone, as I predicted. She grabs her phone and runs out.

Epiphany tells Real Jason he can’t be attacking anyone. She’s disappointed; he used to used to have better sense. Real Jason keeps going after Franco, even after security grabs him. Carly says it’s not his fault, but they take him away.

Klein tells Valentin that once he’s relocated, he’ll wire more than enough; name his price. Valentin says you can’t put a price on payback, and suddenly we see flashing lights. Klein says he heard Valentin on the phone, and Valentin says so did the PCPD. He asks if Klein thinks he would help after Klein almost got his wife killed. He tells the cops this is the man they’re looking for, and Klein calls him a treacherous bastard. He says what goes around, comes around, and someone will sell Valentin out the same way. Probably, but I don’t think this will be why.

Other Jason sees Carly and says, that’s it? She believes Real Jason? Carly knows it’s hard, and he says it’s impossible. He wouldn’t have known who he was if she hadn’t proved it. Now all that’s out the window? If that guy is Jason, what doesn’t that make him? She wishes she knew.

Elizabeth doesn’t understand. Carly called the guy Jason, and he looks like Jason used to look. She flashes back to everything Franco has told her about Jason having and not having a twin, ending with Monica saying the only way it’s possible, is if there are two Jasons. She says, omg, he’s alive, and Franco knew.

Valentin orders a drink at the bar. Cassandra says it’s early for happy hour, but then again, he doesn’t look very happy. He says he just severed a significant tie with his past, and would rather drink alone. She says not their past; they’re still bound together. He says she doesn’t need him, and she says she doesn’t need anyone, but wants him. No one else is able to meet her exacting standards. She tells him that he’s free to walk away, but there is the small issue of the woman who carried his baby, and it’s time to consider the next step. She has an appointment with Finn, and hopes he has an insight into her health issues. She bemoans that all the good ones are taken. Valentin says he isn’t positive, but he thinks Finn’s girlfriend dumped him.

Anna runs into GH, and tells Finn that Andre is leaving Port Charles. His office is empty, and she asks if Finn knows anything. Finn says Andre goes his own way, and asks if they’re friends. Anna says they were almost more than that, and Finn says he’ll be in good company with the rest of her exes. She says technically, Finn is one of them, but he says not yet. Cassandra invited them to dinner, and he hasn’t told her. Anna asks why not?

At the station, Carly babbles some more to Real Jason, who wonders why Franco isn’t in jail. Real Jason tells her to call Diane, and she says Diane can explain, since Franco is free because of her. He had a brain tumor, making him not accountable for his crimes, and the charges were dropped. Franco had thought Jason was his brother, but Heather lied; they’re not related. She asks Real Jason not to hate her, but she almost married Franco. He asks why, and she says that she thought he was Jason’s twin, and was desperate to hold on to him. She married Sonny instead. Real Jason is like, wtf? and she says she was a real mess. She needed him so much; she was a rolling disaster. He says he gets it, and he’s sorry she had to go through all that. Carly says everything is okay; he’s back. Klein is brought in.

Andre is at the docks. He takes his life’s work out of the briefcase, and puts it in a trash can. He sets it on fire. Nice going, Andre. Now you’ll never be able to reverse anything. You could have given that to Franco too. He watches it burn. Idiot.

Finn tells Anna that she has unfinished business with Cassandra, and he doesn’t want to screw it up. Anna thanks him, but says it wouldn’t be the end of the world, or the operation; couples break up all the time. He says unexpectedly too, and she’s like, oops, sorry. He tells her that he’s giving the test results to Cassandra, and she can finish the job. Finn tells Anna to be careful of Valentin. She says she can take care of herself, and he says he never doubted it.

Valentin tells Cassandra that he doesn’t know Finn, but he’s pretty sure his fiancé walked out on him. She says she didn’t know it had progressed that far with Anna. Valentin says, who? and Cassandra says, Anna Devane. She asks if he knows her.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he doesn’t know anything. She says Monica claimed to have seen Jason at the MetroCourt, and Jake saw him in the park. Franco knew there was more to the story, and knew Betsy was lying. There was a twin. Franco says yes.

Other Jason returns to Sam’s room, and Epiphany says she needs to rest. Anything else can wait. She leaves, and Other Jason tells Sam that he doesn’t know what’s going on, but everything is going to be okay. She knows who he is. She opens her eyes, but doesn’t look at him.

Real Jason tells Carly to tell Diane not to work too hard to get him out; not yet. He says Sam’s husband is right about one thing. This is a set up. Somebody did this to the both of them, and he has to find out who.

Tomorrow, Griff won’t take no for an answer, Franco tells Elizabeth everything, Curtis has Other Jason’s back, and Real Jason and Klein meet in jail.

💍 Still working on my 90 Day Fiancé diatribe thesis.

👯 Not a Sequel, an Equal

Once in a while, I recommend a film, and this is one of those times. Released in 1981, Richard O’Brien‘s Shock Treatment was billed as a sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, no doubt contributing to its downfall. Due to Tim Curry not wanting to reprise his Frank-N-Furter role, among other obstacles, the script was revised until the only remaining ties were the main characters of Brad (Cliff De Young) and Janet (Jessica Harper), who are now married and living in Denton. There’s where all links to its predecessor end.

In a nutshell, Denton is a place much like Stepford, where everyone gets along, there’s “tolerance for the ethnic races,” and just about everything is a reality show. Any comparison to our world today is merely a coincidence. Brad and Janet, who is disappointed with her marriage, become contestants on a show called “Marriage Maze.” Brad sucks at the game, and ends up in “Dentonvale,” which is a hospital, insane asylum, and yet another reality show, while a little black dress is whipped up for Janet, and she’s groomed to be the next big star.

The brains behind the entire operation is TV executive, Farley Flavors (also Cliff De Young), who turns out to be Brad’s twin. They were separated at birth, and Farley grew up poor. Now that he’s wealthy and powerful, he’s on a mission to ruin Brad’s life, and seduce Janet. On national TV of course. His plan is foiled when Janet snaps out of her ego trip, reveals that she never signed any contracts, and Brad gets sprung.

While the characters are different, some of the RHPS actors returned – Richard O’Brien, Patricia Quinn, Little Nell, and Charles Gray. Two favorites of mine are also in the cast – Rik Mayall (BBC TV’s The Young Ones and Drop Dead Fred) and Barry Humphries (Dame Edna Everage). The music is an absolute treat, and Jessica Harper has a voice like honey. She also starred in Phantom of the Paradise (another film I highly recommend), and I could listen to her sing all day long. Funny story about Barry Humphries. Just after the earth cooled, and before Tickmaster was omnipotent, I worked for a place that took ticket orders for shows in NYC. We frequently got freebies, he was doing a Dame Edna show, and a bunch of us went. One of the girls was late, and naturally, her seat was right in front of the stage. Dame Edna stopped the show, had a spotlight follow her to her seat and stay there a while, and kept referring to her throughout the entire production, calling her “Lobes.” It had something to do with her earrings, maybe because they looked heavy. It was seriously a long time ago. I can still see her walking to her seat though. I’ll bet she remembers too.

The film also has an interesting development history, the script constantly evolving because of continuous wrenches being thrown in the works. Originally slated to be filmed in Denton, Texas, when an Screen Actor’s Guild strike happened, everything had to be rerouted to a studio in England. This also caused the story to now take place entirely in the DTV (Denton Television) studio. They were nothing if not resourceful.

Although not well-received at the time, I’ve always loved this film. Maybe even more than RHPS in some ways, and more so as time has gone on and I’ve watched as my world becomes more and more like Denton. Besides the suggestion that it was a sequel, there were also “floor show” screenings and audience participation, which I think worked against it. Having been one of the RHPS “pioneers” (a title bestowed on me in Sal Piro’s Creatures of the Night), take it from me, it can’t be forced. Go ahead and give it a look. A bit of Shock Treatment will get you jumpin’ like a real live wire.

👵 My mother used to say that there are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met yet. She’s now in a maximum security twilight home in Australia.Barry Humphries/Dame Edna

😄 Never be afraid to laugh at yourself. After all, you could be missing out on the joke of the century.Barry Humphries/Dame Edna

🌞 The sun never sets on those who ride into it. – Narrator, Shock Treatment

😎 I Will Forever Be Brad…