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March 24, 2019 – An Alpha Asserts Herself, a Note On Meg, Puppies & Mickey


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Miles fights off a zombie in the woods, when Hilde pops out and finishes it off. She tells him, happy anniversary. He asks, where’s his present? and she says she found something she thinks he’ll like. She parts some trees, and shows him Hilltop.

Wooden coins are being made. An H is carved on them.

Hilde gives Miles one of the coins. She tells him, happy anniversary. It’s been five years. The H is for Hilltop; home. He says she should make more; people will love them. It’s a symbol of hope, and people always need more of that. They’re headed to the fair. They put some things in a wagon, and two guys get in back. Hilde tells Miles that she’s going to trade the coins for the perfect gift. He’ll see. She puts a carved chest, also carved with an H, on her lap.

A mess of belongings litters the woods. Hilde lies dead in the rubble. Alpha sings as she scalps Hilde. Wooden coins are scattered everywhere.

Ezekiel speaks to the crowd. He stands before them today at the start of a new tomorrow, made possible by the sacrifices of many over the years. A man with a mission to build a community, and strengthen the bonds between them. It took too long to create what Rick and Carl Grimes envisioned. Jesus brought them together, but they’ve always been bound to each other. They fought their way back to each other. The river crossing might be gone, but they rebuilt a bridge. The crowd applauds, and Ezekiel continues, they’ve reunited, not against a common enemy, but for their common good. He tells them, eat, drink, trade, and be merry. They have a lot of lost time to make up for. Jerry announces, the First Annual Inter-Community Reunification Fair begins. Ezekiel says, too many words. Let the Fair of New Beginnings begin. Fiddle music plays.

Carol tells Ezekiel that he sounded good. He feels it’s his duty to go with her; he’s Henry’s father. She says, he’s also the king. It’s bad enough she’s leaving. If they both go, the people will wonder why. He put a month’s work into the fair. The Kingdom needs him; his people need him.

Kelly tells Magna her sister is out there. Magna says, no, she’s not. The gate opens, and Daryl, Michonne, and the other come through. Carol hugs Henry, and tells him that he can’t ever run away like that again. He promises he won’t. Ezekiel joins them in a three-way hug. Carol hugs Daryl. Ezekiel sees Michonne, who says she was in the neighborhood. They shake hands. Carol asks if Judith remembers them. Judith says she’s been drawing pictures of them since she was little. Caroline of the Kingdom. She says Carol’s hair got long. Tara notices Lydia, and says, the plan was to bring Henry back; just Henry. Michonne tells Ezekiel, gather the leaders. They have a lot to talk about.

Michonne tells the leaders that she hasn’t always seen eye to eye with everyone there, but she never stopped caring about them. She was trying to protect her family, and do right by her people. Alexandria’s future is there; together with them. She lost sight of that, but she’s here now; they’re here now. Gabriel says the council took an informal vote, and the council members are willing to grant asylum to Lydia. She’s one of them, and he hopes they’ll join them in considering her the same. Lydia thanks him, and says she’ll do whatever she can to help. Tara says Lydia’s mother will come after Hilltop, not Alexandria. She has to do right by her people. She thought they were on the same page. Michonne says she wanted Lydia to run away, and when she didn’t, Michonne was angry. But she knows why that’s not okay. She knows why Rick didn’t trust her at the prison. She knows why he didn’t trust Tara when she was on the other side of the Governor’s fighting line. A representative from Oceanside (not Cyndie) says she was going to kill her Tara when she washed up. Tara says, fair. Michonne says, Lydia didn’t choose where she came from, but chose where she wanted to be; just like everybody in this room. Tara says Daryl is right about the skin jobs. They don’t have enough people. Daryl says he’ll get a group together to protect Hilltop, and Ezekiel says they need to gather any spare fighters. Carol says they should go today. Gabriel says it’s a short term solution, and Michonne says they have to present a united front. An attack against one of them, is an attack against all of them. Gabriel says they’ll make the Whisperers think twice about going against Hilltop. Everyone agrees, and Tara asks how they seal the deal; spit shake, blood oath? Ezekiel says he has just the thing, and brings out Michonne’s constitution. Michonne wonders how he got it, and Tara says she might have taken a few things when she left. She did what she thought was right. She’s sorry about the way it went down. Michonne thanks her, and says she was right. Tara says, her too. Ezekiel says he never doubted it for a moment, and signs. His signature is huge, and Gabriel says what I’m thinking – John Hancock. Ezekiel says, eat your heart out. Carol signs Queen Carol. The Oceanside rep (Rachel Ward?), Tara, and Michonne sign. Michonne gives the pen to Gabriel, saying he’s head of council. He signs, and there’s a mini Declaration of Independence tableau.

The fair continues. Lydia walks with Henry. Enid answers medical questions. Earl talks to people about his trade. Eugene harangues Judith from a dunk tank, and she hits the target, dunking him. Lydia asks Henry what they’re going to do with all the stuff; how will they have room. Henry says, they just do; it’s how people express themselves, and asks if she sees anything she likes. She doesn’t know how to answer that. Daryl walks his bike toward the gate. Lydia says she should go too. They’re in danger because of her. Henry says, because of him. Henry wishes he could go, but Ezekiel says he just got there. He expects to see them both at the movies, and Lydia gets excited, saying it’s unexpected. Carol says she’ll get used to it. She tells Henry to go; she won’t leave without saying goodbye. Ezekiel tells Carol, their son is taking a date to the movies tonight. Carol says, everything he said sounds completely possible.

Luke and Alden are arguing, and Luke tells Enid, technically, he lost a bet. He’s playing guitar, and instead of just Luke, he wants it to be Luke and friends. Enid says she wants to hear her crooner boyfriend croon. He is her boyfriend, Isn’t he? Alden says he is. Luke says, congrats, and suggests they get back to their task. Alden says Luke lost the bet, but Luke says Enid wants to hear him sing. Alden says he’ll think about it, as he walks away with Enid.

Connie signs to Kelly that she’s never seen Luke excited. She asks Kelly, what’s wrong? Kelly signs, you left without saying goodbye. Connie puts her hand on Kelly’s arm, but Kelly shakes it off. She signs, any goodbye could be the last. Her sister ran off. Connie didn’t think. They were going to let the baby die. It brought back a lot of feelings she’d thought she dealt with, but guesses not. She just pushes it down. Kelly says she gets it, and hugs Connie.

Michonne tells Siddiq she’s leaving. He says she just got there. He can take her place if she wants to rest, but she says, stick with the plan. She tells him to enjoy the fair, and keep an eye on Judith. Don’t let her be too hard on Jerry. They watch Jerry play horsie with the kids. Siddiq says Judith is more experienced than anyone. Michonne asks, how come? and he says he’ll tell her when he sees her at Hilltop.

Addy asks Henry if he’s got a second to come with her. She’s sorry for ratting him out, that he was in the clubhouse. She didn’t want to get him in trouble, and only caused more. Henry says, everything worked out the way it’s supposed to. Lydia watches from a picnic bench. Gage and Rodney approach her. They tell her they’re friends of Addy’s. Addy has a thing for Henry, and by the looks of it, he has a thing for her too. They’re a tight knit community, and hope she doesn’t plan on causing problems. Lydia gets up and walks away.

Tara says maybe they should go together, but Dianne says, if they go now, people would notice. Tara says she has some details to hammer out, but can join them tomorrow. She thanks them for volunteering, and says, be safe. Michonne hugs Judith. Magna and Yumiko tell Luke goodbye. Connie writes, be safe, to Daryl. He says, her too, and asks her to feed Dog. I might note that Dog goes off with her, tail wagging, not even looking back at Daryl. Man’s best friend.

Henry thanks Daryl for keeping them out of trouble. Ezekiel tells Daryl that Hilltop’s door is always open to him. They’d be honored if he’d consider calling the Kingdom his home. He says he’ll think about it. Carol hugs Henry. She knows Ezekiel has a lot on his mind, but tells him, enjoy the fair. He deserves it. He says he won’t enjoy anything until she’s back. They kiss.

Daryl leads on his motorcycle with the others on horses and in a horse drawn cart behind him.

The Highwaymen work hard, wiping out zombies. Ozzy tells them to double back. Daryl and company arrive, and Ozzy says they were clearing the roads, and spotted tracks. He shows them the mess from Hilde and Miles, and Magna says they’re from Hilltop, but Ozzy says Hilltop didn’t do this. Magna says, the skins? Do they know them? Ozzy says, strange times, strange ways to cope. That would be his guess. They put up a fight, and were drug this way. Daryl says they can’t rush in, but Dianne says they could be alive, but if they were followed, the whole community is in danger. Daryl suggests they split up. Carol says she and Michonne will go with Daryl; the rest go to Hilltop. Ozzy says she’ll owe them a couple of movies when they’re done. Magna asks Yumiko if she thinks they survived. Yumiko says, they came back. She tells Magna they have to go and make sure. They’re just splitting up for now. They kiss. Surprise relationship! For me anyway. I didn’t read the graphic novels.

Darkness has fallen. The group continues through the woods. Daryl finds a bloody stick. Carol says she doesn’t know if there’s a happy ending here. Daryl thinks they should head back. They hear zombie noises, and shoot a couple of them with arrows. More come at them, and Michonne chops with her sword, while Carol stabs them in the head with a knife. They turn to run, but another bunch of zombies block they’re path. They’re surrounded. Carol looks panicked. They slice, dice, stab, and chop. It looks like the zombies are all are down, but more come out of the forest. They put their backs to each other, forming a circle. There are zombies all around them, one with a gun. Beta tells them to drop their weapons. He won’t ask twice. He says they just had to give him the girl; no one else had to die. Now that deal is done.

We peddle back to Daryl and the group leaving Hilltop Jerry tells Nabila that he gives Michonne props. He can’t believe she came. A woman with long blonde hair looks around. It’s Alpha, cleaned up and disguised with Hilde’s hair.

Rosita goes to Eugene’s workshop, and asks where he’s been, and he says she must have missed him at the dunk tank. He’s been making ham radio parts. If he can get it up and running, it will allow them to talk to each other. Despite their distance and differences, it would be nice to communicate. Rosita tells Eugene that they can still talk. She knows a lot is changing, but that doesn’t mean things need to change between them. She knows what he did for Gabriel, for them, and thanks him. He says it was more like a have to versus want to situation. She starts messing with the radio parts. He says he thought she would be getting some much needed R & R, but she says, it’s more like a have to versus want to situation. They work on the radio together.

A girl tells Henry that he looks lost. He says he’s looking for someone. Enid tells Gabriel the communities can learn techniques from each other. Find out each other’s weaknesses, strengths, and talents; have each other’s backs. Gabriel thinks it’s a good idea. Enid leaves, and Gabriel asks if Tara is okay. She says she just wants to get on the road; they’re leaving at first light. Gabriel says there’s no reason for anyone else to go, but Tara wants people to know that she’s there for them when trouble comes, and they can count on her. He says they have no reason not to. She says when she comes back, they’ll talk about training facilities.

Luke argues with Alden about starting with a mid-tempo ballad. He says, the people need hope. They demand it; no, they deserve it. Alden can’t believe he let Luke talk him into this. Enid says she’ll only make fun of him the tiniest bit for the rest of their lives.

Henry finds Lydia, and asks if something happened. Alpha continues to look around. She sees drawing of Ezekiel and Carol. Tammy and Earl go by with the baby. Tammy says they should name him Adam after the first man. Alpha overhears them and gives them the side-eye.

Henry can’t believe Gage and Rodney. It’s not true; they were being jerks. He doesn’t know if Addy likes him, but he doesn’t like her. He likes Lydia. She likes him too. He kisses her. They hear a noise, and Henry tells her it’s just one of the pipes; it happens all the time, but he should check on it. He says he’ll sit next to her at the movies. He kisses her, and leaves.

Ezekiel asks Alpha is she’s finding her way all right. He introduces himself, and she says, she’s Debra from Alexandria, but everyone calls her Debbie. She can’t believe Michonne came. He says he wouldn’t have believed it if he hadn’t seen it. She says it’s a shame they’ve never met, and tells him the Kingdom is amazing. He thinks they clean up well. She heard the queen is taking care of official business, but looks forward to meeting her. She asks if Ezekiel can point her toward the clothing booths. It’s sweater weather soon, and she wants to be ready. She has a feeling it’s going to be a hard winter. He says he has just the thing, and takes her arm.

People get ready for the movie. A guy sells popcorn in the aisles. There’s a cartoon before the film, and everyone is all excited and clapping. Henry still isn’t there, and Lydia seems restless. She starts getting into the cartoon, laughing, when she feels a hand on her knee. She looks next to her, and it’s Alpha. Alpha puts her finger to her lips.

Daryl and Michonne are surrounded, but he tells Alpha that she’s not getting Lydia back. Alpha says this isn’t about her daughter. She ran into trouble on the road; it was unavoidable. Her people like to keep moving. Michonne says they granted Lydia asylum. If they try to take her by force, there will be retaliation. Alpha asks Michonne her name, and asks Daryl if Michonne speaks for him. He says they speak for each other. She says her daughter is not a concern. She was weak. Daryl says, was? What does that mean? She says their group is in no position to threaten her. It’s a habit that needs to be broke. She cocks her gun, and takes Daryl from the group.

A new day dawns as Alpha brings Daryl up a rocky hill. He looks down on a million zombies. She says her people are among them. The only reason they’re alive is because she let them live. He asks what she wants, and she says, nothing. They have nothing to offer her. She’s seen how they live. She’s walked their streets. It’s a joke; a shrine to a long dead world. Her people, the Whisperers, live as nature intended. He asks if that’s the bullsh*t she feeds her sheep so they follow her. She says they follow because she’s the Alpha, and if an Alpha doesn’t assert herself, it will be chaos. He asks what she’s done. She says his friends at camp are fine, but tell them next time they cross her line, her horde will cross theirs. South of the river is hers; he’ll see the border as he leaves. She tells him, go. His friends are waiting for him. He should push her off that cliff.

Backtracking to the fair, Alpha pushes Lydia up against a wall, calling her a coward. She tells Lydia, come with her, but Lydia says, no. She believes in these people Alpha says, that’s poison talk. Lydia says she’s staying there. They care about each other, and care about her. They keep her safe. They’d kill Alpha to protect her; she just has to scream. Walk away and leave them alone or she will scream. Alpha says she’s only doing the hard thing; the thing mothers have to do to protect their young. As she talks, Alpha pets Lydia’s hair, and caresses her face. Lydia shows Alpha the brand on her arm, and say she knows what Alpha has done. She lives with it every day, but she doesn’t want Alpha to get hurt. She just wants her to go. She says, please, mommy. She’s giving Alpha a choice, which is more than Alpha has ever given her. Alpha says she was just trying to make Lydia strong, but she’s not one of them. She never was. Alpha backs up, looks Lydia over, and leaves. Lydia cries.

Forward to being with Daryl, Alpha says she doesn’t think they can protect her daughter, but she hopes she’s wrong. Daryl says she is.

Carol meets Daryl. They hug. Sad music plays. The group heads back.

Beta says, Lydia, but Alpha wants to be alone. He leaves, and Alpha cries quietly. She sees a Whisperer watching, and gestures for him to come to her. She stabs him in the neck, wipes the blade on her pants, and looks to the sky.

Michonne finds Siddiq tied to a tree. She asks, what happened? He points, and they go up a hill. Michonne looks horrified. Daryl looks puzzled. I wonder, wtf is it? They continue to walk. Ohh, it’s heads on pikes. Everyone is stunned. Yumiko cries.

Eugene asks if Nabila has seen Frankie. Gage asks if anyone has seen Rodney; they were supposed to meet. Gabriel tells Eugene that he needs to speak with Tara when she gets back. While Luke and Alden sing, Alden looks around for Enid. Lydia grabs Ezekiel, telling him that her mom was there, and she can’t find Henry.

We see the heads. Ozzy, Alek (Ozzy’s sidekick), DJ, Tammy, Frankie, Rodney, Addy, Enid, and Tara. Their mouths move a little, which is pretty freaking creepy. Siddiq cries.

Daryl stops Carol before she gets there. We see Henry’s head last. Everyone is pulverized.

Siddiq stands on a stage. He says he was there. He was taken with the others, and he saw. He was supposed to die with them, and he was ready to. Then Alpha whispered to him, tell them. Something hit him, and everything went black. When he woke up, he was alone. What happened was evil. He thinks Alpha left him alive to tell that story. To scare them, and drive them apart again, but he wants to tell a different story. Before the end, Ozzy found them. We see them fighting. Siddiq says the Highwaymen gave them an opening and everyone fought back; fought like hell. What they did was more than brave. They defended each other; sacrificed themselves for each other. Some of them didn’t even know each other. We see more of the fight. Siddiq continues, at the very end – we see Alpha approach Henry – in the end, their time was cut short. Ours keeps going, so we have to keep going for them, and for all of us. They need to honor them, and remember these friends were family, and died as heroes. That’s the story he wants to tell. That he wants them all to remember.

Daryl and Lydia stand near the pikes where the heads were. Lydia takes her necklace off, and puts it where Henry was. She and Daryl walk off together. We see the necklace – a wooden pendant with an H carved in it. It starts to snow. Winter ain’t just coming on Game of Thrones.

I told you we can’t have anything nice around here.

Next time, the finale. Zombies rise from the snow, and Lydia disappears. Oddly enough, this episode was titled, The Calm Before. I can’t imagine the storm to come.

🐋 This weekend, I watched The Meg. It was predictable, but fun, and there was a tiny twist at the end that was a real first. As an added bonus, Mickey was played in Taiwanese over the ending credits. A giant shark and foreign pop? What more could I ask for?

🐕 A Belated…

Happy National Puppy Day!

Juliet'sBabies1-2 (2)

🎶 It Won’t Negate Monday, But…

It won’t hurt either.



March 21, 2019 – Doc Takes a Sucker Punch, Dubai Listing, Don’t & Going Again


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Laura goes to the pier, her assistant trailing her while going over the schedule. Ava is there drinking, and Laura tells the assistant she needs a minute. Ava says, lucky Laura. Fortunate enough to fall in love with the right brother, who’s too good to care about the likes of her. Laura is worried about her. Ava asks now that she has Doc back safe and sound, did she get her happily ever after? Laura says Ava shouldn’t be alone. Can she call someone? Ava says, no, and she should go. Hasn’t she heard?  People around her die.

At The Floating Rib, Felicia tells Mac about James’s cuteness. Doc walks in, and tells them it’s really him. Mac says he has ten seconds to prove it. He shows them his hospital bracelet, which indicates when he was admitted; at the same time Ryan was in Niagara Falls. Mac asks what the hell he wants. Doc says he wants to apologize.

Finn tells Alex, a few minutes more. She didn’t expect VIP treatment. There must be someone less prestigious who can take her bandages off. He says, and easily manipulated intern. She says she’ll take two. He says she’s stuck with him, and she says it’s generous of Anna to share him.

Anna asks if Griff is okay. She hasn’t seen him since they found out Ryan killed Kiki. She knows it was devastating. She says it looks like he’s been hitting something pretty hard.

Kristina tells Shiloh that her family is the worst. Why can’t they try to see things from her point-of-view? He says she didn’t let her brother’s negativity affect her. She stood her ground, and did it respectfully. He ask show long Michael has known Willow. Kristina asks, why? and he says he was wondering why Michael chose Willow over his sister. She says, he’s a worrier; it’s his job in the family. It doesn’t matter. She knows Shiloh is a good man. She loves DOD and is grateful for his faith in her.

Molly has called an emergency meeting of the Davis women at Kelly’s. Alexis and Sam join her. She says she wants to talk about Kristina. She’s noticed what they’ve been missing. The fact that Kristina has joined a cult. Alexis says she does seem really involved. Molly says, even the name. How long before Kristina is wearing a white bonnet, and calling herself a handmaiden? Alexis says Kristina claims it’s a self-help group, and they’re doing good. Molly says, it’s way past self-help

In her classroom, Willow reads a letter she’s written, saying she has a family emergency requiring her to leave Port Charles immediately. Valentin sticks his head in the door, and asks if she has a minute. She says it’s not a good time, but Nina is sure she can squeeze them in. She asks how she can help them, and Valentin says Charlotte should be in the high achiever program. Willow says she can test for it, but Nina says she can also get in by teacher recommendation. Since she doesn’t like having Charlotte in class… Willow says, that’s not true. Valentin thinks a change in environment might help Charlotte’s behavioral problems. Nina adds, those are Willow’s words. Willow says she can’t help them. Charlotte either has to test in, or get a recommendation from her next teacher. She doesn’t work there anymore. Nina asks if she was fired, but Willow says, it’s a family emergency. Valentin says he’s sorry, but Nina says, it’s unbelievable. She raked Charlotte over the coals for bullying, Charlotte is wracked with guilt, and Willow is leaving her high and dry. What kind of teacher is she?

Shiloh asks if Kristina has thought about her trust offering. She wants it to be worthy, so she’s searching for the right one. She’s hoping if she clears her mind, and one will come to the surface. He says, it’s just the opposite. It’s about living the pain; a deep, personal, painful secret, so dark that if the world found out, it would change the way you’re viewed. It can also be about someone dear to her. That would be even better to prove her trust. They’ll do the same in return, but only then can she truly begin. Kristina gets a text from Molly, asking her to come to Kelly’s so they can talk.

Molly says she invited Kristina to join them. Maybe they can talk some sense into her. Sam says, Kristina struggled to find a place to fit in, and found it. Or thinks she has. Alexis says, she seems happy. Sam doesn’t think it’s going to do anybody any good, and puts her coat on. She says she has a client, and tells Molly, the more she pushes Kristina, she could be pushing closer to DOD. Be nice.

Doc says, if he survived and had the opportunity, he wondered how he was going to explain to Felicia why he hid Ryan in Ferncliff instead of turning him over to the authorities. Mac says, no explanation is good enough, but Felicia says Doc paid the price for his mistake. He was locked in Ferncliff for months. Ryan hurt him almost as bad as he hurt the rest of them. Mac says, almost. Doc says he’s so sorry. He thought he had it under control. If he’d thought for one second that any of them would be in danger… Felicia understands. She accepts that he didn’t want it to happen, but can’t pretend it didn’t.

Ava says she supposes she should thank Laura. The day Laura came to her with the flowers, she said something was off about Doc. Laura says, if she’d known, she would have insisted Ava come with her. Ava says she wouldn’t have believed her anyway. She stumbles, and Laura catches her. She says she would have stayed with the man she loved, who it turns out stabbed her daughter to death, then slept with her two hours later for an alibi. Laura tells her to stop thinking about it. Stop doing this to herself. Ava says it’s the only thing she can think about. She says Laura is something. Ava was sleeping with man they both thought was her husband, trying to find happiness at Laura’s expense. Yet she knows if she was in trouble, Laura would do whatever it took to help her. Laura says, of course; anyone would. Ava says they would not. She wouldn’t, and she’s not alone, but Laura is a good person. She and Doc are perfect for each other. Laura says she has her car, and suggests taking Ava somewhere. Ava says she has her spot. She’s going to sit there and reflect on her choices. Laura says, whatever it is Ava did, she didn’t deserve what Ryan did to her. Ava doesn’t agree with her.

Finn takes Alex’s bandages off, telling her, open her eyes slowly and adjust to the light. When she’s ready, tell him what she sees. She says, she can see, and thanks him. She says he has lovely blue eyes. Finn says her vision is healed, the virus is neutralized, and his work is done. She asks how he knows hers is. He says she already told Anna about the memory transfer. Alex says, did she? Finn says he restored her sight on the condition she tell the truth. She says, what if she didn’t? What is he going to do? Repossess her vision? He asks if she lied, and she says, good question. Why doesn’t he keep her company while they find out?

Anna tells Griff that he can’t lose her. Griff says he’s just working. She says, when he’s not working, he’s punching someone, and they’re punching back very hard. Clearly, this is more than just grief. Does he want to talk? He says he was working in the hospital, and Ryan offered his condolences when Kiki died. The man who stabbed her shook his hand at her funeral. He can’t make peace with that. She asks if boxing makes him feel better, and he laughs. He says the idea isn’t to feel better while he’s doing it, but to feel something.

Sam goes to DOD, and asks Shiloh if it’s a good time. She wants to be present, and discuss the things that make her uncomfortable. Nothing about him makes her uncomfortable, but it’s what he said about commitment. She is a little uncomfortable about that, but in a good way. Shiloh asks, how so? She says he made her think about commitment and the course. She was wondering if she could join. He says they’d love to have her. She asks how it works.

Willow asks Nina and Valentin what the problem is. Didn’t they want to remove Charlotte from her class? They got their wish. What does it matter if she leaves first? Nina says they’re thinking of Charlotte’s best interest. Unlike her, who’s abandoning Charlotte. Valentin says, it’s a family emergency. Nina says if it’s an emergency, why is Willow still there? Willow says she’s packing, and Nina says she could send for her things. Willow says, not everyone can afford to send for their things. Nina says, by the time the kids get used to a new teacher, it will be the end of the year. Willow says, they’re young; they’ll adjust. Valentin hopes everything works out, and they’re sorry to see her go. Nina says, after what she said about Charlotte? Willow says the person she feels sorry for is Charlotte. With Nina as her stepmother, that little girl doesn’t stand a chance.

Willow says Charlotte is smart, sophisticated, and independent, but she also has no patience for anything where she’s not center stage. She wants everything done her way; not by just the students, but her teachers as well. She looks at Nina, and asks if it reminds them of anyone. Willow says, Nina claims she’s looking out for Charlotte’s best interests, encouraging her to be strong, and telling her that she’s the most special one in the room. Charlotte is entitled, and thinks the rules don’t apply to her, because she’s been taught she’s better than everyone else. The more they reinforce that, the more they’re harming her. Nina says Willow’s problem is with her. Don’t take it out on Charlotte. Valentin says they’re leaving. Willow is sure her replacement can help them with the achiever program. Unless the problems persist. She tells Valentin, good luck. I’m not sure if she means with Charlotte, Nina, or both.

Sam asks Shiloh, what’s next? He says she gives herself up to her mentor. Their choices are her choices. She asks if she’s giving up her free will, but he says she’ll be using it to relinquish control. Sam doesn’t understand what that has to do with commitment. Shiloh says, true commitment is giving up control. She asks when they start.

Alexis tells Kristina it’s not an ambush. Molly wants to apologize. She knows DOD is important to Kristina, and she was dismissive. She’s sorry she upset Kristina, but she’s just worried. Kristina says she doesn’t have to be. Alexis says maybe if she explained, and Kristina says, explain she’s not in a cult? Then will Molly back off and consider the possibility that she knows what she’s doing, and why?

Finn asks why he should trust what Alex has to say about Anna. Alex says it’s not that she doesn’t care about Anna; they took different paths. Like it or not, Alex does know Anna, and Finn is still in the discovery phase. If he feels he’s going to settle down with Anna, he’s going to be disappointed. She’ll always be running off to right some mysterious wrong only she can right. Penance for her past sins that she’ll never tell him about. Finn starts to leave, and she says don’t get her wrong. Anna isn’t leading him on, but she knows Anna, and he’ll never be enough for her.

Anna tells Griff that she knows the dark places grief can drive you, and knows Kiki wouldn’t want that. Griff doesn’t think he can handle another conversation how he should use his life to honor Kiki. It’s garbage. If he could take back the times he gave that speech to other people, he would. Laura joins them, and says, Ava is in pain. She’s grieving and feels guilty about the horrible man she loved killing her daughter. Griff says he knows why she’s telling him, but it would be impossible for him to comfort her. Laura says, it’s a shame, since they both loved Kiki. Being in the presence of another heart as broken as hers might give her equilibrium. She’s worried.

Doc appreciates the honesty, and is going to do his best to make amends and regain their trust. Ava walks in. They look at each other, and she orders a martini. Felicia says she should talk to her. Doc says, in the light of what happened, Felicia’s strength is remarkable. Mac says, no thanks to him. Since they’re alone, man to man, he’s going to give Doc the full picture of the pain he caused her.

Felicia sits next to Ava, who asks if Felicia is cutting her off already. Felicia says, no, but she can’t drink away what Ryan did to her. She knows, being the only other woman who survived being loved by Ryan Chamberlain. When they first met in Texas, he was going by the name of Todd Wilson. He was charming, thoughtful, and attentive. She was on the verge of being swept off her feet. Ava asks, what happened? and Felicia says she walked in on him while he was murdering his wife. Ava says, that will do it. So she ran and ran and ran, but he came after her.

Mac says, when you see Felicia in the light of day, she’s calm and pulled together. You don’t see all the locks he has to change; the windows and the doors. The baseball bat she keeps within reach. (Sounds like typical behavior of an NYC resident.) The fighting back in her sleep. None of this had to happen if he’d turned Ryan into the police when he found out he was alive. He chose protect Ryan instead. Chose him over all of them, including Mac’s wife.

Laura says, Ava isn’t in her right state mind; she needs help. Anna says Griff doesn’t have to comfort her, just grieve, side by side. Finn comes out, and tells Anna, the patient has a request, and Anna excuses herself. Laura is sorry Griff felt pressured to reach out to Ava, and he thanks her for understanding. She says, in some of the worst times in her life, she’s gotten strength from people who were willing to sit by her while she grieved, in silence and solidarity. He says he’ll think about it.

Anna sees the procedure was a success, and Alex says, thanks to Finn. He’s handsome and attentive, and she imagines disillusioned. Anna says the WSB is on their way to take custody of Alex. Alex says she’s entitled to a phone call.

Willow continues to read her letter. She wants them to know she’s loved teaching there. She’s going to miss her students and Port Charles. She wouldn’t leave suddenly if didn’t she have to. She wishes them the best.

Felicia says Ava can’t blame herself. Ryan fooled them all. Ava appreciates what Felicia is saying, but no matter how bad she was traumatized, Ryan didn’t kill her daughter. He killed Ava’s.

Mac tells Doc it was hard enough when they thought Ryan was dead, not out there. Doc hopes it’s over. Mac says like they’d hoped Ryan died in a fire at the funhouse.

Anna thanks Laura for reaching out. Laura says, not that it did much good. Anna says, Griff is a better man than he’s willing to believe. She thinks he’ll find a way to help Ava. Laura hopes so. She feels terrible about Ryan deceiving them, and the part Doc played in it. He made a made terrible mistake, hiding his brother in Ferncliff, instead of handing over to the authorities when he knew Ryan was alive. Maybe all this never would have happened. Griff overhears.

Kristina tells Molly to admit she knows what she’s doing. Molly says, if she doesn’t believe what Kristina does, will Kristina cut her out of her life? Alexis says, DOD has its selling points. Their work with the community is impressive. Molly says it’s just that Kristina’s immersion in it was fast. Alexis suggests maybe Kristina can move back home, but then says she’s just kidding. How about Sam’s? Kristina says, so Alexis can monitor her? Alexis says she can take classes at a distance. Kristina asks why they’re afraid of her taking ownership of her destiny? Molly says she sounds brainwashed. Kristina quotes Shiloh, and says Molly doesn’t get it. Molly says Kristina is all, Shiloh says this, and Shiloh says that. Can’t she think for herself? Kristina tells her, Shiloh says you can’t trust those who don’t support your choices. She needs to move on. The two of them are no longer in her life.

Sam asks Shiloh when she’s meeting her mentor. He says he’s decided on mentoring her himself. She asks when they start, and he says he’ll contact her. She has to make herself available 24/7. Can she handle that? She says as far as the kids go, she has a great support system. He says they’re done for the day.

Valentin arrives at the hospital. Anna says, of course Alex would call him. She tells Valentin that she has no intention of letting Alex go. Valentin goes into Alex’s room. She says she snaps her fingers, and there he is. She loves it. He says it’s an old habit he’s looking forward to breaking. What does she want? She wants to make him an offer – her freedom in exchange for the preservation of his secrets. He says, no thanks. She hoped he would play nice. HIs life is about to crumble. He says she’s been gone a long time; enough to sever ties. Whatever she thinks she’s holding over him, is over with. She says they’ll always have Lisbon. He’s sorry to disappoint her. She says, it’s only fair. she disappointed him

Felicia tells Ava, every time she thought Ryan was out of her life, he came back. He held her hostage in a cabin, and tried to kill her. Then she went to a mental institution for trying kill him, when she was defending herself. Ava says, too bad she didn’t succeed. Felicia says she watched him burn to death, and he still came back, twenty-five years went by, but he made it. She thinks the only reason she’s alive is because Ryan was obsessed with Ava. She can’t let guard down. If he’s still out there, he’ll be back for her.

Kristina goes back to the DOD house, and asks what Sam is doing there. Is she going to give Kristina the talk on how Shiloh is a master manipulator, and she’s being lured into a cult? Shiloh says, she’s actually there to take a course on commitment. Without even apologizing, Kristina says, at least someone in the family isn’t afraid to connect to DOD’s message. Sam says she’s sorry the family is giving Kristina a hard time. She loves her. Kristina says, love without trust is empty. Sam says she still has her, and they hug.

Molly says she told Alexis it was a cult. Alexis isn’t saying she’s wrong. Molly says, Kristina stormed off, declaring her independence, but this time she’s going to a different house, where the people tell her what she wants to hear. Alexis says, as opposed to them being honest. It just makes her dig in her heels deeper, and push farther away.

Kristina speaks into a recorder, saying, this is her trust offering. A symbol of her commitment to DOD. It’s about a member of her family.

Willow finishes packing. She looks at Miss Tait written on the board, and I realize I’ve been spelling her name wrong. She starts to erase it, but a man says, don’t erase it. It’s such a nice name. It’s Shiloh, who says, hello, Willow.

Seeing the guys there to take her into custody, Alex says, a farewell party. Anna says, since Alex betrayed her, it’s the least she can do. Alex says Anna betrayed her first. Her halo is not as shiny as advertised. She asks Anna to tell Robert that she missed seeing him one last time. She goes down in the elevator, and Finn looks at Anna.

Laura calls Alexis, and leaves a message that she wants to meet and wrap up the details of her marriage. Call her back.

Felicia tells Ava that she wanted revenge badly. Ava asks if she’s offering to help kill him. Felicia says, the more she hates him, the more he wins. Ava knows she’s right. Felicia says, but she doesn’t think there’s any way for her to stop hoping they recover his body, and do a dental and DNA test. Until there’s proof, she can’t trust he’s gone. Mac joins them, and says, right. You can’t be too careful. He tells Ava, keep her guard up. Until the body is found, they can’t take it for granted Ryan is dead.

Doc walks on the pier. A sucker punch comes out of nowhere, knocking him down.

Tomorrow, Margaux says Dr. Collins is a liability, Willow says she’ll turn what Shiloh’s done against him, and Carly tells Sonny there was trouble while he was gone.

💰 On Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Tracy was in the running to be ambassador for the Royal Atlantis development in Dubai. She visited with friend Caroline Stanbury (Ladies of London – I love her!), who had a house to die for, and a new puppy. Caroline moved to Dubai because of her husband’s job, but told Tracy, other than having to wear trousers when she’d normally wear shorts, she hadn’t had much of a culture shock. I’m hoping Tracy gets the job. Obviously it would be a nice chunk of change for her – five million at the least – but I’d love to see more of Dubai, and Caroline. Josh Flagg and husband Bobby looked for a new house. Josh is very old school architecture, like me, but Bobby likes it modern. When Bobby accused Josh of only looking eighty-five year old’s houses, Josh claimed he was an eighty-five year old woman trapped in the body of a… twenty-six year old man. Next time, the finale.

🏥 Normally, I only talk entertainment, but I thought this was an important issue, and it’s a little bit TV related. Not long ago, I saw Tawny Kitaen on an episode of Botched. While she’s been very much a working actress for a long time, I remember her best from the 90s TV show, Hercules. Known as a sex symbol of the 90s, she also shook her ass on the hood of Whitesnake’s car, to borrow from Bowling for Soup’s 1985. Funny thing is, she did it all without breast implants. Unfortunately, she was told they’d further her career, and like the fools women can be, she listened. And had nothing but medical trouble from then on. Her reason for visiting Paul and Terry was to get them removed. Afterwards, she felt like a new – and healthy – woman. Kari Wuhrer (from my beloved Beastmaster 2) told a similar story on Oprah years ago. I applaud these women for being open about their decisions.

My point is this. Don’t do it. I like to think of myself as a sensible person, and putting any foreign, synthetic object into your body doesn’t sound like a good idea. And please, I am not talking about reconstructive surgery. That’s totally different. TBH, I’d even advise against feminine products that contain deodorant.  Look at what they found out about talc and cancer. Trust me. It’s unnecessary, and not worth your health. And ladies, if any dude tells you not getting implants is a deal breaker, run, do not walk, away from him, and directly to a therapist to discuss your self-esteem issues. If you don’t believe me, check out this article from the New York Post, which prompted me to write this.

🌇 The Possibility Of An Early Night…

This was a heavy duty TV week. I love you, but curse you, Tyler Perry. So until the dead walk, enjoy some Tawny from back in the day.


March 20, 2019 – Alex Reveals a Memory, Promised Puppygate Rehash, Stealing Lobsters, the Shed Aftermath & What’s Left


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


😵 This was a lot. Hopefully it’s coherent.

General Hospital

Jason hugs Sam, and asks why she needed to see him. She says, the Shiloh situation is getting a lot worse.

Kristina goes over a schedule with Shiloh. He thanks her for heading up the beatification project. He’s impressed with her imitative, but can’t say he’s surprised. She tells him that she’s ready to take the next step.

Willow looks at an article about the DOD rally filling Rice Plaza. Chase arrives and says he thanks the school board for spring break. Willow is glad for the time off. Chase says he has the next four days; overtime paid off. He asks how she feels about going away for the weekend.

Alexis sees Julian at the hospital, and asks how Oscar is. He says there was pretty devastating news. He wanted to stay with Kim, but Ava was in bad shape herself. Alexis says, she has a lot to unpack, being engaged to a serial killer. Julian says, she got so obliterated, she showed up on Carly’s doorstep.

Alex says Anna was still a double-agent. She did do horrible things; lies and backstabbing. Alex asks what Finn has heard, and he says as much as Anna told him. Alex says Anna isn’t the bastion of righteousness she pretends to be. Anna says, enough. Tell her what she needs to know, and Alex will get her eyesight back.

Olivia and Lulu visit Carly. Olivia says they were catching up, and heard Sonny was out of town. Lulu knows he was talking to Robert about finding Dante. Olivia asks if Sonny ran after Dante without telling them.

In Ankara, Turkey, Robert meets Dan in an alley. He asks who Dan is, and why he’s talking to him. Dan says Sonny gave him Robert’s number in case he was in trouble. Is he Sonny’s friend? Robert says, the closest thing he’s got to one. What happened?

Sonny lies on the floor of his cell. A guard asks what Dante did, and Dante says he had no other choice.

Willow asks if Chase means go away together, and he says, that’s the idea. His family has a tiny house in Nantucket, where they spent summers. She asks if his family isn’t in California, and he says they are. The house is sitting there empty, and he thought they could make a weekend of it. No pressure if it’s too soon. Willow says she’d like that. She’s never been there, and it sounds fun. He says he’ll set it up. They can leave Thursday morning. Willow says she’ll get the first round, and goes to the bar. Michael approaches Chase, asking if he has a second. He wants to pick Chase’s brain about DOD.

Sam tells Jason that she was meeting her mom and sisters at Charlie’s. She and Molly got there first, and overheard Kristina telling Valerie that her negativity was influencing Kristina’s life, and she couldn’t be part of it. Valerie is basically Kristina’s only friend who’s not part of DOD. Jason asks if Sam talked to her, but Sam says, no way. She confronted Shiloh instead.

Shiloh tells Kristina, removing negative influences is a painful process. Kristina says it’s necessary, and he thinks she’s ready to join his trusted core group. They make the decisions for the house. They listen to all voices, but with a group that big, someone needs to make decisions. Kristina asks if a separate group is calling the shots. He says there’s a reason it’s kept secret. They don’t want to elicit negativity through jealousy; counterproductive to everyone. Kristina asks who else is a part of it, and he says when she’s initiated, she’ll see why it needs to be private. She asks if she needs money to join, and he says it’s only fitting that a trust offering is given.

Carly says she’s not keeping Lulu and Olivia out of the loop. There’s nothing to tell. Sonny left for Turkey, and there’s been no contact. Olivia wonders if Sonny discovered something, or if something could have happened. Carly is worried too. Olivia asks if they’re annoying her, but Carly says she needs coffee. She’s trying to be healthy. Olivia remembers the last time Carly gave up coffee when she was pregnant. Olivia says, oh my God. Is she pregnant? Lulu says, that’s ridiculous. She’s not… oh, she is.

the guard goes into Sonny’s cell, and starts to turn Sonny over. Sonny grabs him, and Dante knocks him out. Sonny tells Dante, nice work, and Dante says him too.

Alex thinks Anna is enjoying it. Maybe Anna should leave her the way she is. Making a deal will ruin it for her. Anna asks if Alex thinks she’s forgotten how terrifying it was to be blind. She’s love to help Alex, no strings attached, like sisters, but they don’t trust each other. They made a bargain, and agreed. Now it’s Alex’s turn. Alex asks fi she’s sure, and says, Boris Makala.

Carly says she’d appreciate it if Lulu and Olivia keep it to themselves. Olivia asks if Sonny knows, and Carly says he was with her for the sonogram, and the doctor telling her no stress three times. Lulu says she’s not exactly doing that, but Carly says she had a checkup, and everything is fine. It should give Sonny incentive to get out.

Dan tells Robert that Sonny went into the compound, but never came out. Robert says, good. That means he was just captured. Dan says they need to save him before it’s too late.

Sonny not out long get out while can any idea get through gate he does

Alexis says Ava showed up at Sonny’s drunk? That’s leverage for a custody fight on a silver platter. Julian says she was in a real spiral. Alexis tells him, whatever differences she and Ava have, no one deserves what she or Lulu went through. Julian says Ryan got Ava to agree to being with him, and killed Kiki. She gave her heart to a guy who doesn’t exist. He can’t imagine being deceived like that. Alexis can.

Shiloh tells Kristina to trust him. It’s a customary trust offering; a bond. An unwavering bond between family members. A secret she’s never told anyone. Kristina says the courses are about working through that. Shiloh says everyone has secrets, no matter how high they are; something that holds them back. It’s an important tenet. Tell the whole truth, no matter the consequences. Something so important, it would change the way people see you. Like giving someone the key to your house; it’s the ultimate sign of trust. If she’s not ready, it’s okay. No judgement. Kristina says she’s ready. She’ll do it.

Chase tells Michael that all he knows is DOD is a charity organization that had a rally. Michael asks if he’s heard anything questionable, but Chase says the only things the PCPD has dealt with are permits or food drives. He’s only heard good things. Why is Michael asking? Michael says his sister Kristina is getting more involved. She’s living in the house. Service seems like a good fit, and they’re doing good work, but she gets defensive and hostile if anyone questions DOD or their objective. No one can say a word against their leader. Kristina worships Shiloh. Willow drops the glasses she’s holding.

Finn asks who’s Boris. Anna says he was a scientist who she was supposed to take to the border. She was to take him over the jet point, but she led him into an ambush. Or she thought she did. Alex says he was a courageous old man. He realized his talents had been used for the wrong purposes, and he wanted to do good, but it cost him. They had to make a train; it was an endless journey. As they were nearing Berlin, Boris started getting excited, looking forward to conferring with Western scientists. Two gunmen were waiting, and she froze. She should have pulled her gun first and fired, but she didn’t. They shot him and ran away. Anna says, that was her? Alex says, yes. Anna sits down, and Alex says she tried administer first aid, but it was too late; he was gone. Afterward, she couldn’t sleep, and told herself he didn’t have time to be afraid. She wipes away a tear. She says it has helped over the years, knowing Anna was shouldering the pain with her, but it was never hers to shoulder. It was all Alex’s.

Sam tells Jason that she went straight to the DOD house after dinner. He says he got to Charlie’s after she left; he was meeting Michael, and Kristina and Molly had a huge fight about DOD. Molly said it was a cult, and Kristina should get out. Kristina said she didn’t need Molly anymore, and stormed out. Sam says, it doesn’t make sense. They’re sisters. There’s no way Kristina would cut Molly out of her life. completely. Jason says, until now. Whatever mind games Shiloh is playing with her sister is working, Jason asks if Sam got anything new out of him, but she says she didn’t get too much about Kristina before he turned it around on her. He said she concerned because of her fear of commitment, and he has classes she could take to help with her issues. He’s turned his pitch into an artform. Jason says Kristina is convinced. Sam says he’s charismatic. If he has her cutting ties with her family, there’s no telling what else he can get her to do.

Shiloh tells Kristina that members can’t be initiated until they earn trust. A trust offering, in her own words. He sounds like he’s asking for a book report. What’s her darkest secret; something she’s never told anyone? Kristina says she told them about falling in love with Parker, but she wasn’t honest about the beginning. The truth is, she sensed the attraction, and exploited it to get a better grade. She blackmailed Parker. Shiloh gets that it’s painful, but she’s shared that with other members in the past. Dig deeper.

Willow says she’s so clumsy, and Chase tells her to sit. He asks if she’s okay, and she tells him that she just tripped over her own feet. She didn’t even have a drink yet. Michael says he’ll get the drinks, and apologizes for interfering with the date. Willow asks Chase if everything is okay; he looked intense with Michael. He says Michael’s sister is involved with DOD. Michael comes back, and Chase says he’ll run a check on the group and Shiloh. He doesn’t know if it’s a pyramid scheme. Willow adds, or something much worse. Chase asks if she knows anything about the group. She says they’re a big presence in Beechers Corners. It’s tight knit. Michael say they cut people out who dare to ask questions. Willow says they have to get her out. Michael is level-headed. If he suspects there’s a reason to be concerned, he should do everything in his power to make sure his sister is okay.

Olivia tells Carly to have some water; she’s got to stay hydrated. Carly wishes there was someone who would know if Sonny is okay. Lulu says, maybe Robert. She doesn’t have his number, but can get it from someone. Olivia says she has it. They’re surprised, and she says she helped find Anna a few years ago. They text once in a while. Who knew?

Robert says he and Dan aren’t doing anything; he’s a kid. He’ll call his people, and they’ll handle it. Dan says he’s fifteen. Robert’s phone rings. It’s Olivia, and he says it’s been a while. She says she’s there with Carly and Lulu. They know he’s helping Sonny track where Dante is, and Carly hasn’t heard from Sonny in days. She’s concerned. Robert says he’s there, and he’ll bring them both home. He knows where Sonny is. Olivia asks if Sonny is in trouble, and Robert says he has to go, but promises to contact them. He looks around, and Dan is gone.

Sonny is now dressed as a guard. The hear Raj say someone should be grateful. He only cut off one finger. He sees them, and asks where Dante thinks he’s going, and what was all that noise. Dante says his father tried to escape, and he had to take him out. Raj can’t imagine it was easy, but Dante did the right thing. Dante says, killing is the better option, and Raj says he was right to take him in. Do what he needs to, and Raj will take care of body. A guard drags Dan into the room, saying the kid was lurking around, and had stolen his wallet. What should they do with him? Sonny sees Dan.

Julian says Alexis is putting him on the same level as Ryan? Wow. Alexis says maybe she was talking about her and Ryan. She had a session with Doc, and it was actually Ryan. Julian says he totally forgot. He hopes she wasn’t hurt, but Alexis says it was nothing compared to Ava. Part of Julian hopes he survived the Falls. Then he could… Alexis says, what? Kill him himself?

Alex tells Anna, it’s no one’s fault. She didn’t betray Boris or do anything wrong. It killed her to think she could have saved him. She’s shocked Anna didn’t realize it was an implanted memory. She never freezes up. She never indulged in a second of panic. Alex panics and freezes when it counts. Anna wonders why she doesn’t feel better. She’s relieved it wasn’t her that froze, but she carried so much shame about it all these years. She can still see his face and hear his voice. She remembers knowing it happened. Alex says it doesn’t make it less real for her; she knows.

Kristina tells Shiloh that she tried to blackmail the first woman she was in love with; it’s mortifying. He says it needs to be a secret no one ever heard. Michael knocks at the door, and Shiloh says she’ll figure it out. Michael comes in, and Shiloh introduces himself. Kristina asks what Michael is doing there, and he says he heard it got weird at Charlie’s. Kristina says Molly was out of line. Usually it’s her. Michael suggests they go for a walk, but Kristina says anything he has to say to her, he can say in front of Shiloh. She trusts him.

Jason tells Sam if Kristina is cutting ties with her family, it’s time to take her out of the situation. Sam asks what he means. Where to? Sonny’s island? Jason says it will at least give her some distance. Sam says Kristina will only dig in deeper if they intervene, and she’ll think they’re the bad guys. She has to figure out Shiloh is a fraud on her own. Jason says, DOD can’t exist without Shiloh. If he disappeared, problem solved.

Raj asks if the guard thinks he cares about a street brat. Sonny tells Dante that he knows that kid. He helped Sonny. The guard says he could be an informer, and Raj says, eliminate him. Dan says he didn’t do anything. Sonny shoots, and Raj is like, what?

Shiloh tells Kristina, take a walk. It’s important to clear up any weirdness that happened. they walk out, but are barely past the doorway, when Kristina says, far enough. They’re near a window, and Shiloh listens from inside. Kristina tells Michael, don’t judge what you don’t understand. He says he’s not there to fight or judge. He’s annoyed that he gave her aid for classes he thought were academic. She didn’t realize the loan was conditional on him approving what she did with the money. He says he’s just worried. She’s moved in, and she’s spending all her time with these people. Kristina says, they’re helping the community, not selling crack. Michael says she never talked like that before. Kristina says she’s her own person, but he says she’s using someone else’s words. She’s immersing herself 24/7. He’s been asking around, and Willow thinks he has a right to be concerned.

Chase says Willow had a strong reaction. Does she know something. She says she knows a group of impressionable women with a male mentor sets off alarm bells. Finn approaches the table, and Willow asks if he’d like to join them. He says he came to get some food, but was just saying hello. Willow steps away to reply to a parent’s email, so she can be totally free for the weekend. Finn sits, and Chase says he and Willow are going to their dad’s place in Nantucket. Finn is glad someone is getting use out of it. He says it looks like Chase and Willow have gotten closer.

Willow looks at the DOD article again.

Sam tells Jason if Shiloh is eliminated to break the hold on Kristina, she’ll blame herself for his death. She’s already fragile, and can’t handle it. Sam needs to stay in longer. Jason says Sonny is gone; he’s looking for Dante. But when he hears about Kristina, he won’t let this continue.

Alexis sees Julian is trying to change, and he’s doing well. He’s being a dependable person for Kim and Oscar. She says, with her, the first few months were great, until he went down rabbit hole and destroyed what they had. She doesn’t want him to do again. She wants him to be happy. He has a chance, if only he can keep his impulses at bay.

At Raj’s compound, tables are turned over as shields, and there’s a gunfight. Raj takes off, and Dante follows. Outside, he tells Raj, drop his weapon. Raj doesn’t, and Dante shoots him.

Jason says everything Sam is saying makes sense, but he doesn’t think Sonny will see it the same way. They need to make progress before he gets home. Sam says the only way to get out Kristina out is for Sam to get in too. She has to join Shiloh’s cult.

Kristina asks Michael, who’s Willow. He says they met at the MetroCourt. She asks where Willow gets off judging them. Michael says a lot of people find the place weird. He loves her, and he’s concerned. She says she doesn’t need his concern; she needs his support. He asks if she’ll cut him out of her life, like she did Valerie and Molly. Kristina says this is her home. They’re her family. He says he’ll always be there if she needs him, and hugs her. Kristina comes back in, and tells Shiloh, family is the worst. Why can’t they see her point-of-view? Shiloh says she didn’t let the negative affect her. She stood her ground, respectfully. Kristina says Michael should listen, not her, and who cares what Willow thinks?

Chase says Finn is going overboard with the big brother thing. Finn says Chase wanted a relationship. Busting Chase’s chops about his love life comes with the territory. Chase says, just don’t call Willow a school marm again. Finn says he was just teasing. It’s nice that Chase found someone to be serious with. Chase says they’re taking things slow. They have all the time in world.

Willow makes a phone call. She knows it’s short notice, but needs to break her lease immediately.

Alexis doesn’t know why she tries to help Julian. He says when she goes out of her way, he feels like he doesn’t deserve it, but appreciates it. Alexis says they’ll always be connected, whether they like it or not. Julian likes it. He’s glad they’re in a place where she has his back. He’ll always have hers. She flashes back to her dream, and says, of course. He says he’ll see her around.

Olivia doesn’t mean to pry, and tells Carly, feel free to tell her to shut up. Carly says she was surprised. She should have been taking birth control, but wasn’t, and got knocked up. Olivia says she’s in good company. That’s what happened with Dante and Leo. She spent her pregnancy terrified and nervous that the worst would happen, but it worked out better than she could have imagined. It will happen for Carly too. Sonny will bring Dante home, and it will work out better than she imagines.

Dante returns, and Sonny asks if he’s okay. He says, Raj is dead. He wanted to bring him in, but had no choice. Sonny says, sounds like justice. Dante says, what they already have on the organization is probably enough to take the whole thing down. Sonny says Dan put a target on his back. Dante says they have to get out of there. Robert comes running in with some guys, and says, street as ever. Looks like a good time.

Tomorrow, Laura tells Ava to stop thinking about it, Willow tells Valentin that he got his wish, and Alex says she’s entitled to a phone call.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle visits Mauricio at his office, but he only has fifteen minutes for lunch. She feels better now that they dropped Sofia off. In her interview, she says when comes to the kids, they’re extra. We flash back to everyone weeping over Sofia going away to school. Kyle says she’s going to be worried 24/7, but getting an education like this a important. She hasn’t heard if American Woman has been picked up, and wants another season. In Kyle’s interview, she says it’s been a point of contention with her sisters, but the idea of keeping her mom’s memory alive if the best part about it. We flash back to the reunion, and Kyle talking about the thief who even took things with sentimental value. She says she has a lot riding on this. She asks Mauricio why he has four bottles of tequila in his office.

Dorit gets ready for a JMG magazine photoshoot, and puts on a pink bikini. Erika joins her, bringing heels to go with the suits. In Dorit’s interview, she says she didn’t realize how much she missed working and having her own business. Now that she’s back in it, she sees Beverly Beach as another baby. Being featured on the cover makes her feel like a proud mama. Dorit says Erika takes sexy to a new level. I don’t know about that – it’s not like it’s something we haven’t seen before. Dorit says if she’s looking to push boundaries, having Erika on set is a must. Erika gives posing tips, saying they’re selling ass, not cookies. In her interview, Erika says confidence is the most important thing, but they’re still selling a product. Boobs and butts are the most persuasive tools. Erika approves, saying, it looks good.

Ponies! Denise brings daughters Lola and Eloise to Villa Rosa. As a kid, I would have gone out of my mind at LVP’s house. Actually, I’d go out of my mind now. Denise says it’s white everything, which never happens at her house. She asks where LVP bought the swans, and LVP tells her, the swan shop. In Denise’s interview, she says she knows the ladies are upset with LVP, but she’s been lovely and compassionate, so Denise is making her own judgement about how LVP is as a person. I like Denise more with every episode. The ponies run around with a few of the dogs. Fluffy! Since he’s getting too much underfoot, LVP grabs Fluffy, and gives him to Denise, who just automatically carries him, as I would. The ponies are getting a little crazy, and LVP says, biscuits are the solution. The universal language of all animals – food. LVP calls them naughty. Denise asks if Eloise loves the way LVP talks, and she says, no. Typical kid. In her interview, Denise says people ask what it’s like having a kid who’s not talking, but it’s all she knows with Eloise, who is an angel. LVP and Denise talk dogs, and we find out Denise has one who’s twenty-two. She’s had him for four years. In LVP’s interview, she says Denise is warmhearted, and they have a lot in common. LVP isn’t a wild thing, but can be if you ask nice. She tells Denise it wasn’t great in the Bahamas, but she enjoyed their time talking. She tells Denise that she’s glad they’re going out with Kyle. Denise says they can have a grown-up talk. Is that possible with any of the Housewives?

Dorit tells Erika about LVP showing her the texts between Teddi and John Blizzard. Teddi said to have the dog at the center when they visited, and she would bring it up. Erika says, whoa, and Dorit adds Teddi texted before she got there, and asked if the dog was there. In her interview, Erika says she’s finding out different facts than Teddi told her in the chapel. What’s really going on? Dorit still feels the same way about LVP; she took no responsibility. We flash back to LVP saying she had nothing to do with it. Dorit says two friends were setting her up to hurt her, and Erika wonders, what’s the end game? She tells Dorit, don’t trust anyone. Dorit says she needs to trust someone, and Erika says, trust yourself.

LisaR joins Camille in checking out the venue for Camille’s 50th birthday. In her interview, LisaR explains that 50 in Hollywood is old. You’re washed up; over. You have to figure out your doctors and potions; it’s like a science project. She’s still continuing to figure out what works for her – that’s the key. They go to the Trocadero, where owner Chris meets them and Camille’s friend Kimber. Chris shows them the drink menu, and they talk about nibbles. Camille thought appetizers, and Kimber thinks they should be passed around all night if people are drinking. Camille says it starts at seven, and LisaR asks what the dress vibe is. Camille says, fabulous at fifty. In Camille’s interview, she says she made it to fifty years through cancer, a horrible divorce – we flash back to Kelsey being embarrassing. She says she’s getting married soon, and can’t wait to start anew. She tells LisaR that she’s overwhelmed. She’s inviting all the girls. She knows sh*t happened in the Bahamas. LisaR says it’s something that has gone on a long time; it’s a pattern. It happened to both of them. Camille says she’s experienced the wrath of Vanderpump; it’s character assassination. In her interview, Camille says LVP wanted her to bring up Taylor being abused by Russell. We flash back to that. Camille says LVP has a habit of keeping her hands clean, and have other people do her dirty work. LVP told her what to say, then threw her under the bus. On the plus side for LVP, Camille feels badly that she’s going through a tough time. In her defense, Dorit seems to be a bit of a phony. It makes her neck hairs stand up. In LisaR’s interview, she says, wishy washy. Camille says they were getting along fine in the Bahamas. We see a clip of Camille saying she wants to move forward. She wonders if Dorit really wanted a dog or to get close to LVP. She knows being catty LisaR loves it

Eloise digs for rocks at the beach. Denise and Aaron sit outside having a drink. They toast to putting a wedding together in less than a week. In her interview, Denise says she doesn’t care if people think she’s crazy. She learned early on to have thick skin. They thought she was crazy to marry Charlie, and she doesn’t give a flying. She tells Aaron the venue doesn’t have tables, chairs, or toilets. They discuss porta-potties. Aaron says they don’t need to be fancy, but Denise would like to wear more than ripped jeans and a T-shirt. In her interview, she says they’re locked in. No matter what, a wedding is happening. She tells Aaron that she thinks they’re crazy, but it’s a good crazy.

Teddi goes for a walk with her therapist Val. She says she’s a bit of a mess. Val says it’s okay. Teddi says she’s in physical pain from the anxiety over what’s happening. In her interview, Teddi likes that Val comes to her. She knows where Teddi will be the most open. They sit at a picnic table in the park. Teddi tells Val that LVP wanted her to tell everyone a crazy story about how Dorit’s dog ended up in a shelter, and Teddi wanted to call LVP on how she was using her to do it. She can’t say how many phone conversations happened where she was on hold while it was orchestrated. She says it’s messy, and she was involved in it. She’s owning it 100%. Then when the dog thing came up in the Bahamas, she told Dorit. She didn’t want to go into the whole thing, since she wanted to protect Dorit. Val asks what her motivation was in holding back, and Teddi says the original story was bad, and it wasn’t true. It was an inflated version. Not only was she told the dog went to a kill shelter, but that Dorit locked the dog in the basement, and hadn’t seen the light of day in months. LVP said she didn’t understand, and that she and John weren’t close, but he runs the events and works in her office. Why this should necessarily make them close, I have no idea. In Teddi’s interview, she says LVP can deny wanting her to know, but she has the texts. She tells Val that one of them joked about Teddi wanting the dog, and a week later LVP made the same joke. She tries to turn it around, and won’t admit what she’s done. Val says Teddi is out of control, and she doesn’t like it. Teddi says she doesn’t like being an adult, and cry about being betrayed. Why can’t she let it roll off? Why can’t she be perfect? Ugh. I ask, why is she so annoying? Val tells her not to do that to herself. It’s okay to have loose ends that aren’t tied up. Teddi says she was hyped up, but feels more relaxed. That’s why she pays Val the big bucks.

LVP meets Kyle for dinner. Kyle asks, what’s new? In Kyle’s interview, she knows things are unresolved with Teddi and Dorit. We flash back to LVP showing Dorit and Kyle the text messages. She’s trying to keep her relationship with LVP separate from what’s going on. She tells LVP that American Woman hasn’t been picked up, and she got teary eyed about it. LVP says she should be proud. In her interview, Kyle says she’s disappointed, but maybe another door will open, and her sisters will see. She tells LVP that Denise is getting married on Saturday, but Mauricio has a 7th anniversary party for his company. LVP wonders why Denise is getting married so quickly. Kyle says Aaron’s divorce was finalized last week. Denise and Aaron join them.

LVP asks Denise if it was instant attraction. Denise says she just wanted sex; he has a big penis. In Kyle’s interview, she says she’s not sure what they were partaking in on their way over, but the party has already started. In LVP’s interview, she says now she understands why Denise needs to get married. She tells Denise to never tell other women about that. Denise says she never took a ruler to it, but she’s seen a few penises in her life, and he has the biggest. They order food.

Aaron explains he works in energy medicine. Denise sits there laughing her head off. In her interview, LVP says, they’re having a grand old time. What’s going on? They joke around, and Kyle asks if Denise has last minute wedding jitters. In her interview, Kyle says if she had a dollar for every time Denise said penis, the dinner would be paid for. Outside, LVP and Kyle are dying laughing. LVP says e if Denise is marrying Aaron or his penis. She says everyone is queuing up for an appointment, including her.

Everyone arrives for Camille’s party, including her daughter Mason. In her interview, LisaR says, Camille is clearly not too down on Dorit. Flip floppers are confusing. Camille says she had fun in the Bahamas. Erika says she could have stayed in the water all day. Camille is sorry it ended so abruptly. Erika prompts Dorit to say something to Teddi, but Dorit sidles away. Teddi says she’s anxious. Dorit says she had lunch with LVP, who pulled out texts that highlighted Teddi telling John to have the dog there. Teddi nods, and says she was involved, but none of it would have happened if LVP wasn’t giving constant orders to tell her. They all go outside, and Teddi says she wants to move on, and repeats it wouldn’t have happened without LVP’s orders. Dorit says LVP claimed it was entirely John and Teddi. Teddi says LVP knew about her and Dorit’s past relationship, and said she was in on the scheme. Erika says Teddi is being honest. Teddi says she knew she was being set up when she saw that LVP was acting beyond, telling them don’t dare say anything. It was bad acting. LVP set her up, and is pretending her hands are clean, then she can be a hero to Dorit. LVP and Kyle pull up. Teddi says she was set up and took the bait, but couldn’t go through with it. She didn’t tell anyone, but said a friend betrayed Dorit. Kyle tells LVP, it doesn’t look very inviting. I guess not, since everyone is glaring at them.

I dunno, is it me? Of course I think LVP can do no wrong, but they all stir the sh*t at one point or another. However, I fail to see how Teddi is being honest, when she only cops to something when she gets caught. Her story also keeps changing, and I wonder if I’m the only one noticing. I have no doubt LVP was pissed about the dog situation, but I think Dorit tried to get around her, since it was the second dog she rejected. I believe she thought Lucy was going to a good home and effed up, but she should have taken it on the chin, admitted she was wrong instead of making excuses, apologized, and paid the $5K per the contract. As for Teddi, I think this chick is full of it. She doesn’t want to be perfect, she wants to look perfect. I can think of a million other ways she could have handled this, starting with not getting involved in the first place. She also keeps claiming she left things out to protect Dorit. From what? And if so, that certainly backfired. Maybe her parents should have named her Babydoll, since she’s the biggest baby on the show.

Dorit doesn’t want go inside. In her interview, Kyle says normally, she’d get the typical kiss. Something is going down, so she’s just going to mosey on by. She and LVP tell Camille, happy birthday. Kyle says, it looks like intense, situation outside. In Camille’s interview, she says they’re supposed to be celebrating her being on the planet for fifty years. Stop fighting. Teddi says when she first joined the group, and was struggling, LVP would call her being supportive, and she got sold. Erika says she feels set up, and took the bait, but she’s accepting responsibility. I’ll say it again – only because she got caught. Otherwise, she would have said something to Erika in the chapel, and she certainly left a lot out. In her interview, Erika says Teddi omitted something, but she’s taking accountability. Dorit says Teddi is owning her part. In Dorit’s interview, she says Teddi got caught in a lie, but she’s taking ownership. She wishes LVP would admit part, and they could put it behind them. She’s got to own up. Teddi is sorry, and Dorit trusts her.

GIggy! LisaR notes that all of them are wearing black. Erika says they’re not in mourning for anything, but might be burying a few friendships. Teddi says she left out things to protect Dorit. I roll my eyes so hard, my sister feels it. Denise tells Aaron, something is going on, and tells the ladies that they need to come in. Kyle has joined them, and says she and LVP were talking about what happened. LVP has followed her, and says she wants to move on. It’s clear to her, that Teddi is guilty by omission, and told John to bring the dog. She was shocked. In her interview, she says if Teddi had owned in the Bahamas, they could have had an honest conversation. We flash back to Teddi saying she’s never lied. Teddi says LVP was on the phone with John Sessa on the other line. LVP says she didn’t know who was involved, and Teddi asks how she knew to text Dorit. In her interview, Kyle says it’s clear LVP wanted John to give the information to Teddi, then texted Dorit. In LisaR’s interview, she says LVP wanted to start sh*t between Teddi and Dorit. All roads lead to LVP. Teddi says John has been working for LVP a long time. In her interview, she says LVP is full of sh*t. She was discussing how John could relay the information to her and Kyle. She whips out more texts showing that LVP and Pandora were talking with John. Teddi suggests they just co-exist. She’s not going to change LVP, and she won’t admit her part. Teddi says she has no guilt about it, and feels betrayed. LVP says she feels betrayed too. Teddi asks, why? Because she wouldn’t carry out LVP’s plan. In Dorit’s interview, she says it’s no longer about the dog. She’s friends with LVP, and LVP plotted behind her back. Friends don’t do that. LVP leaves the group, and Teddi says, she’s mad now. Dorit says, the truth will always set you free. Correct, but that means the truth about yourself.

Giggy! The birthday cake comes out. It’s big, but not massive. Camille blows out the candles. She thanks David for bringing her joy, and thanks her family and friends for being there. They’ve been on this journey with her; the highs and lows. They believe in love, which includes respect. In LVP’s interview, she says Teddi is someone she won’t love or respect again. In Teddi’s interview, she says there’s only one way to take someone lying to hurt someone else. Bye. Kyle says tequila can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. She tells everyone that she’s bombed, and starts dancing, wiggling her ass in their faces. LisaR slaps it, and Kyle does the splits.

Camille starts telling people goodbye. Kyle kicks her legs out of the car. LVP gets her inside, and says Kyle’s vagina is on the floor. Kyle says her vagina is cute, and throws her legs in the air to prove it.

PK asks Dorit, what happened? Dorit says Teddi owned up to her ugliness in the texts. PK asks if LVP is still denying her part, and Dorit says, vehemently. In the car, LVP says she and Teddi have agreed to co-exist. Kyle says, it’s better than nothing, and LVP says, you should be so lucky, bitch. PK tells Dorit that LVP is not herself at the moment, and thinks she should be given elasticity. In her interview, Dorit gets that hurting people hurt people, but how much does she have to take? She has to find a way numb herself to the idea that LVP played a part in it to be okay.

Next time, Denise’s wedding happens, the bride is late, and Dorit tells PK it’s another layer of betrayal.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Meanwhile, back at the clambake, Sonja comes in with Ramona and Tinsley. Barbara wasn’t expecting Ramona, then she saw the eyes. Bethenny says she told LuAnn she’d show up. She probably has a tote bag for clams. In her interview, Ramona says she and Barbara met about ten years ago, but Barbara’s not her type of girl. She’s masculine (yes, she said that), and rough around the edges. Ramona gives Barbara the wine, along with a pie and some cookies. In Barbara’s interview, she thinks Ramona is trying to kiss her ass. Sonja says the house is beautiful. She was going to bring her dog, but he’s home with Dorinda. Barbara says she’s sorry Dorinda isn’t there.

Tinsley and Sonja say hi to Bethenny and LuAnn. In her interview, Tinsley says it’s the first time she’s seeing Bethenny since Dennis died. She’s sure it’s torture. In Bethenny’s interview, she says Dennis proposed in April. She said she loved him, but they had to talk about conditions and terms. It was complicated, and not what a natural engagement should be. Their engagement was on ice. LuAnn lu wants talk to ra not the place int making up lies all summer now doesn’t want talk

Ramona tells Barbara and Sonja that she just left the fire. Sonja tells her not to trigger LuAnn. LuAnn tells Bethenny that Ramona is reporting to Barbara. Barbara suggests they be kind. In her interview, Barbara says she wasn’t expecting Ramona, but she’s there, so she’s not going to not be nice. Ramona says it’s a beautiful food presentation. Barbara suggests they bring food back for Dorinda. She tells Ramona that she can’t do an intervention for someone, then upset them by inviting someone in who they feel uncomfortable around. Ramona thought there would be more people, and LuAnn and Dorinda might connect organically. Barbara says she just wanted Dorinda to pick up the phone, and ask how LuAnn was doing. Ramona asks how she knows it would be okay with LuAnn? And Barbara says she’d asked her. Ramona says LuAnn dissed Dorinda constantly, and Barbara asks, then why does she want to be around her? Ramona says Dorinda loves LuAnn. Barbara says, then Dorinda should call her. Ramona says she has resentment, and Barbara suggests she lose it, but Ramona says, why can’t LuAnn? In Barbara’s interview, she says this is the exact reason why she wanted Dorinda to call LuAnn. She didn’t want to deal with Ramona at the clambake. Barbara says Ramona has been spreading lies about LuAnn, but Ramona insists that’s not the case.

Barbara says Ramona claimed LuAnn got kicked out of Chris Burgess’s party. We flash back to the Reunion when Ramona let a bunch of stuff fly about LuAnn, who wasn’t there to defend herself. Barbara says she was physically with LuAnn, and they left together. Deflecting, Ramona says LuAnn was asked to leave the Beacon, and had to be escorted out. Barbara doesn’t know anything about that, but she’s telling Ramona about party, and wants to get that settled. Ramona says when you have an addiction, the first thing is to admit it. Before Barbara helped her, LuAnn didn’t admit she had a problem. I’m not sure what her point is here. Barbara is like, so what? In her interview, Sonja says now Ramona is worried about LuAnn’s recovery, and pretending concern? She just want to gossip about LuAnn getting drunk.

Bethenny tells the ladies about reaching out to a guy who’s interested in her. She was pushing him aside, but he asked her out to dinner. She explained that she’s fragile, but likes to fill her time, so they’re having dinner. In Bethenny’s interview, she says she wants to think about dating, but it’s hard to be crying on a date. Rule number one is don’t talk about your exes, but what about dead fiancés? Tinsley says he could get snatched up by someone else. Bethenny says, how Southern of her, and Tinsley says it’s her mother talking.

Sonja says Bethenny lost her fiancé, and encourages Ramona to say something. Ramona tells Sonja that she said she was sorry in a text. Ramona says she has too much tension. LuAnn is like a Pitbull. She doesn’t need Bethenny attacking her too. In Ramona’s interview, she says she’s tried with Bethenny, but whenever she does one little thing wrong, it’s like she committed a murder. She says she’s not saying anything to Bethenny. Sonja says they hate to eat and run. Barbara says they’re not going anywhere, and Sonja says they’re getting to-go bags. She holds out her skirt like an apron, and says, fill it up.

Bethenny asks Tinsley how it is at the blond house, and says, come to the dark side. Tinsley says it’s fun, and Bethenny says, blonds stick together. Tinsley says she was born blonde, but her hair became very dark. They joke about down there. Ramona sees LuAnn in the food line, but ignores her. Sonja babbles, telling Tinsley she’s taking food to Dorinda. Tinsley feels it’s rude. In her interview, Tinsley only feels comfortable asking for a doggy bag when it’s for her dog. She doesn’t think they should take food away when they’ve only been there thirty minutes. LuAnn says Barbara counted them in for dinner. Tinsley says, Dorinda is by herself, and LuAnn says, she needs to be, so she can think. Tinsley says it’s harder and more complex than it needs to be. Sonja can’t believe LuAnn is being so snarky about the food. Sonja is not leaving the lobsters. That’s who she is. Bethenny says, lobsters are not leaving this house. LuAnn asks Ramona if she didn’t accept the invitation, but Ramona says they already spoke to the host, and she understands. In Ramona’s interview, she says LuAnn disinvited Dorinda, and now she wants to start a fight with her. Who made her God? Bethenny tells Tinsley, come over to the dark side anytime.

On the way out the door, Ramona suddenly decides she doesn’t want to take the food. Sonja says she’s taking it. Ramona agrees with Dorinda and Barbara, but Sonja says she agrees with LuAnn. Ramona says, not her. Outside, Bethenny says it’s like they’re from another planet. Can I have a lobster? LuAnn has never seen anything like it. In her interview, Bethenny asks, who leaves with multiple lobsters? Take an end table while you’re at it. LuAnn gets on a swan floatie, and Bethenny gets on another one. Barbara wades not the pool, and says she’ll save them Bethenny gets totally in the water. LuAnn says they took a swan dive.

Sonja says they can tell Dorinda the whole scoop, while she’s taking the lobster. Dorinda says they weren’t away that long. She thought she’d get more sleep. In her interview, she admits she thought she was going to watch Law and Order. They came back too quick. She had spaghetti, and was taking a nap with the dogs, and then they were back. She asks how it was. Tinsley says Barbara is nice, and Dorinda wonders if they asked why she wasn’t there. Sonja says they knew, but Dorinda still thinks it’s odd. Tinsley says LuAnn had an issue with Ramona. Sonja says Ramona was saying she passed out in someone’s lap. Ramona says everyone knew she was drinking before she went to rehab again. Tinsley and Sonja chow down on the food. That was not a doggy bag. It was a doggy suitcase. Dorinda says she and Barbara never had a problem, and Sonja says Barbara is protecting LuAnn. Dorinda says Barbara made a bad choice. In Dorinda’s interview, she says LuAnn was insinuating she has problem. Two and two ain’t making four. Dorinda says she did nothing. Tinsley thought LuAnn seemed aggressive, and Sonja say she’s still hurt. Dorinda says she is too. We see an article from OK! Magazine about LuAnn saying Dorinda has a drinking problem. Dorinda says LuAnn needs to go back to her children’s home. Sonja says the lawsuit was dropped. She didn’t want LuAnn taking it on herself, so she asked Bethenny to get Dennis to help her. Ramona says – wait for it – how smart can Dennis be since he was on drugs? Sonja says he was taking painkillers. In Sonja’s interview, she says, how unfeeling. She can’t do this. Alcohol excuses a lot, but not that statement. Ramona says she doesn’t want to talk about Dennis. She wants to honor his memory. Someone get that woman a dictionary.

Tinsley takes her shaky chihuahua to Canine Styles to buy a sweater.

Sonja looks at a party venue. She says her parties are fun and sexy, and she thinks it’s a sexy place.

Bethenny is on her way to the Carolinas. She’s heard it’s worse than Mathew. They’re bringing cash cards, solar panels, pet supplies, and toys.

LuAnn gets furniture delivered. She’s excited. Her last apartment was a six-month lease, but she’s been successful, and needs a full time place, so she can sing in the city. She’s done seventeen shows so far. In her interview, LuAnn says her success has blown her away. Not even nine months ago, she was in jail. Now, she’s a cabaret star. She’s also closing soon on her new house in Ulster County.

Bethenny explains that the hurricane in North Carolina was labeled a one, so nobody thought it would be a problem. Some people can’t even get to their houses; they’re completely submerged. The guy she works with, Michael, is ride or die. He’s dedicated his life to being a humanitarian, and has been to Haiti 90 times. He’s really in the trenches. Bethenny says each time she travels to a disaster, it’s different. She films the shelters, where people sleep and live, and where they give out supplies. She says, nothing is as real as being there and connecting with people; showing you care. She’s trying to make connections, walking through her grief. Dennis is dead, but she’s not crying when there are people crying who have no homes.

Dorinda meets Barbara for lunch. In her interview, Barbara says she reached out to Dorinda. She wants to see if she can squash this before it becomes anything. They have an independent relationship, and she wants Dorinda to see both sides. I laugh. Like that’s possible. She tells Dorinda that she’ll have another clambake one day. Dorinda says she knows Barbara is helping LuAnn, and wishes her the best, but she shouldn’t have to be a mediator. She remembers when Barbara was going through a bad time with LuAnn, who wouldn’t speak to Barbara at her wedding. We flash back to Barbara saying that LuAnn would rather get married and divorced than not go through with it. In Barbara’s interview, she says LuAnn is all about trust. When she can’t trust you, she cuts you out. After giving it time, they slowly rebuilt their relationship. She tells Dorinda that LuAnn’s sobriety is important, and she doesn’t want anyone to compromise it. She wants LuAnn to be safe. She asks if Dorinda heckled LuAnn at her show, and Dorinda says she didn’t think so. We flash back to her screaming Jovani at the cabaret. Barbara says these are the things LuAnn is upset about. Dorinda says she needs to get un-upset or they can’t be friends. She doesn’t want her and Barbara’s friendship to be jeopardized. Barbara says it won’t be. She solves problems for people all day, and wanted to solve this one. Dorinda tells her, leave it for now. In her interview, Dorinda says she needs a one-on-one without outside voices. Maybe they can get somewhere. She says time will tell. She tells Barbara, what a difference a year makes. Last year, she was in Barbara’s place, and Barbara was in hers.

Sonja’s Paper magazine party is being held at Celon. Her pictures are everywhere, and she looks amazing. She got an email saying they wanted to feature her, and sure enough, it was true. The shoot went fabulously well, and it’s definitely a Sonja Morgan party – eclectic, artistic, and non-judgmental. There are no egos, and they’ll be getting in their cups tonight. In Bethenny’s interview, she says Sonja looks like a Tom Ford ad. She’s feeling herself, and Bethenny loves it. She says Kim Kardashian broke the internet with champagne on her ass in Paper magazine. This is real.

Dorinda thinks it’s fantastic, and didn’t see it coming. Sonja is rocking her look. She says she’s sorry for Bethenny’s loss; she’s been praying for her. Bethenny says, it’s gating easier. Tinsley shows up with mom Dale, who says it’s fabulous. Sonja introduces her psychic, Roberta, who tells Tinsley that she’s going to have two children. In Tinsley’s interview, she says it’s like she paid Roberta to say that in front of her mom.

Bethenny asks Dorinda if she has the seven year itch. Dorinda says they don’t live together, and she could never replace what she had with Richard. In her interview, Dorinda says it’s heartbreaking that Dennis isn’t with them. Bethenny lost her best friend, and there’s nothing she can say. It’s a personal journey. Bethenny says part of her died. She loved him; he was family. He and her daughter were close. She tells Dorinda that he proposed. Dorinda says she didn’t know that, and Bethenny says she didn’t tell anyone. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she didn’t even know they were still dating. She and Bethenny agree, it’s sad. Bethenny says she kept it to herself. She didn’t want another circus in her life. They had a private engagement, and he bought Brynn a ring too. Wow. That’s really sweet. She wonders every day what he would want her to do. When she went to North Carolina, she would have discussed it with him. She thinks the storms are an analogy connected to her relief work. If there’s a storm, you have to go through it to get to the other side, and she ignores it. Dorinda says she’s a survivor; a warrior. In her interview, Bethenny says this Dorinda doesn’t seem like the same one she heard on the phone in the Hamptons. That Dorinda seemed tweaked. I wonder if she was drinking. No matter what, she’s a nasty drunk. Those are the worst, followed by weepy drunks. She should give it up for that alone.

Ramona arrives, and Sonja screeches her name. Ramona says she heard Sonja’s woo! when she came in. In Ramona’s interview, she says she’s feeling hot. She’s wearing a sexy dress that fits like a glove. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. When else can she? When she’s ninety?

Dorinda is feeling good. Barbara comes by. LuAnn walks in, and Sonja yells across the room. Sonja says she forgot where she was. She thought she was in Switzerland, at the Palace Hotel. Sonja makes the rounds. In her interview, LuAnn says Sonja is in social mode. If you behave, I’ll behave mode. Dorinda says she wants to break the ice with LuAnn tonight. She has no problem with her, and doesn’t know why it’s continuing. Bethenny tries to explain to her what LuAnn is mad about, but Dorinda says, It’s over. She’s all about now. In her interview, she says she just wants it over with. It’s dragged out too long, an there are too many people involved. She wants to have a face-to-face with LuAnn. Barbara tells her not to talk about the past; it’s too negative. Dorinda tells Barbara that she has no skin in the game, and stay out of it. Barbara begs to differ. She wants them to be friends. In her interview, Barbara wonders why Dorinda isn’t telling Bethenny to butt out. Is Dorinda scared of he? John joins them, and tells Bethenny he’s sorry about Dennis.

Sonja woos some more, and introduces a dude named Telfar to the group. She likes putting people together. Barbara sits on LuAnn’s lap. She tells LuAnn that she was sitting with Dorinda and Bethenny, and they were talking about her. She tried to put in her two cents, and Dorinda told her mind her own business. In LuAnn’s interview, she says it’s awkward. She’s on one side of the room, and Dorinda is at the bar. It doesn’t occur to her that LuAnn might not want to go to the bar.

Bethenny calls to LuAnn, and gestures for her to come over there. LuAnn gets up. Bethenny tells Dorinda, she has an opening. Dorinda tells her not to make a big deal. Bethenny says she’s not, and suggests Dorinda just take a little walk. Dorinda wants Bethenny to sit down. She has to get her nerve up. Bethenny says, it’s happening now, and LuAnn is there. John asks if he’ll have to clean up a mess. Dorinda meets LuAnn, and says, hey.

To be continued…

Next time, LuAnn works in the soup kitchen, Bethenny asks Dorinda to own her heckling, and Barbara and Dorinda argue.

If Loving You Is Wrong

Lushion says, what? Eddie says Lushion heard him. Dead. He holds out the bottle, and asks if Lushion wants to give respect for Kelly. Lushion says Eddie disrespectful. Eddie says he learned from ya’ll. It’s what they do. Grab forty (that’s what that is), and pour some out on the corner. His people do that, but when Eddie does, he’s racist. Steven comes in, and Lushion says he knows; she died. Steven says, no. He just came from there. Who did Lushion hear it from? Lushion says, this a-hole. Eddie asks who believed him? Mr. FBI. Who runs the recruiting process? They’d better step it up. Lushion says Eddie is going to hell. Eddie knows, and he’s fine with that. Lushion asks him to remove himself, and Eddie goes to his desk.

Lushion asks if Steven can believe this bastard, and Steven says, that’s Eddie. A dispatcher comes in, and says that Randal claims Brad tried to kill him. He wants an officer, but doesn’t want him, Steven, or Eddie. Lushion says it must not be much of an emergency, and she says he’s called seven times. Lushion asks Rick to take the call. Eddie asks who died and put him in charge? but Lushion tells him, stay his ass away from his desk. Eddie says, that’s one.

Steven tells Lushion that Kelly was all riled up about the case against her. He wants Lushion to talk to her, but Lushion says he can’t. He tried, and she hates his guts. At this point, he has nothing to say.

Rick and another officer arrive at Randal’s. He says he’s been calling a lot. They know. Randal asks what took so long, and Rick says the officer who was there said he had to fill out a report. Randal says someone tried kill him, and Rick tells him, the officer said he wasn’t in any danger. He tells them to walk their asses over to Brad’s house and arrest him. Brad locked him in the shed, and set it on fire. Rick asks how he knows it’s Brad, and Randal says he knows Brad. Rick asks if Randal wasn’t sleeping with Brad’s wife, and Randal asks, isn’t that motive enough? Rick says, some, and Randal tells him, take his ass next door and take Brad’s ass to jail. Rick says it’s Randal’s word against Brad’s, but Randal says he has proof; cameras. Rick says, let’s look.

Randal tries to pull the video up on the computer. Rick says, there’s nothing there. Randal looks in the credenza, and says someone took his hard drive. Marcie. Rick says, now he’s saying it’s Marcie? Randal says, they’re working together. Rick says, when he gets his story straight, call them. Randal says, go to hell. He says Lushion sent Rick, but Rick says, no, sir. Randal says he smells like Eddie. Rick says Eddie isn’t his supervisor. Randal tells them, get their asses out of his house. Randal gets in Rick’s face, and keeps saying, goodbye, officer. When they’re gone, Randal says, we’ll play, bitch.

There’s a knock at Natalie’s door. It’s Esperanza, who says she needs wine. She can’t believe this. She asks where Justice is, and Natalie says, in the back with the kids. Esperanza asks if he knows, but Natalie doesn’t know how to tell him. Esperanza doesn’t get it, and Natalie says, people snap. Esperanza can’t imagine leaving a kid behind. Natalie says, after she shot him, she snapped. Esperanza hopes she makes it for her son’s sake. Natalie says, stay positive. She tells Esperanza that she read a note Kelly told her not to read until later. She gets the note, and gives it to Esperanza. Esperanza says, wow. She wants Natalie to take care of Justice. Natalie says, let’s hope for the best. She needs to tell Esperanza about Alex. She was locked in the shed and it was set on fire. Esperanza asks if Alex is okay, and Natalie says she’ll fill Esperanza in on the walk over.

Marcie’s phone rings. She says it’s probably Randal, but it could be a client. It’s not. She was right the first time. Randal says, so she took his hard drive. She tells him, do not call again. She says she hates him, and calls him a son of a bitch. She hangs up. Brad holds out a water bottle, but she wants a real drink. She says she’s so angry, and Brad says she has every right to be. He gives her vodka, and she says Randal always stressed her. She never did anything, apart from setting the shed on fire. She wishes they’d died. Brad says she doesn’t mean that. Marcie says, don’t tell her what she means. Randal took life from her, over and over. It’s a fair trade. Brad says she can be arrested, but Marcie says, no proof. He says Randal has cameras on the house. She says she took the hard drive. He says now they have to destroy it. Marcie says, destroy him while they’re at it. He says her anger isn’t good for either one of them. She says she’s not ready to let it go. She has to work through it. He says she has the divorce. She says Randal made her lose the baby. It’s easy for Brad to move on. He still has love for Alex. Randal started this. Brad says he’s probably dead set on finishing it. He’s not going to let that happen. Marcie says he was in the military. He has to know someone who can kill Randal. Brad says she’s just upset, but she says she knows what she’s saying. Kelly did it. He says, look where she is. Marcie says it’s better than looking at him every day, but Brad says she doesn’t have to. Marcie wants another drink. Her phone rings, and Brad say it’s her boyfriend. She says he’s not her boyfriend, and takes the phone. She was supposed to give Ian the keys. Brad is sure he’ll understand. Ian says he’s been trying to reach her. She apologizes, saying a bad situation came up. She makes plans to meet him at the house with the keys. Brad offers to go for her, but she thinks that would be weird. He doesn’t think she should go anywhere near Randal’s house. She says she’ll be fine. She asks if he’ll be at the apartment, and he says, if she wants. She does.

Kelly is handcuffed to the hospital bed. She wakes up, and yells, get these off of her, and untie her. The nurse sees she’s awake, but she’s sorry; she can’t do that. Kelly says, it wasn’t a dream, and the nurse says, no. Kelly says, she killed him? Travis? The nurse asks if she knows where she is. Kelly says, In jail, but what part? The nurse says, obviously the hospital. Kelly asks why she’s there, and the nurse says she tried to hurt herself. Kelly says she didn’t. The nurse tells her the doctor will be in, and gives her something to calm her down in the meantime. Kelly doesn’t want to, and the nurse says she can do this the easy way or the hard way. Lushion comes into the room, and the nurse says he knows he’s not supposed to be there. He says, come on. He’s just trying to see a friend. She tells him, go ahead, but if the doctor comes, she’ll blast Lushion’s ass like she didn’t know he was there. He says, deal.

Kelly asks if she can go home. Lushion says, no, and she says she can’t do this. He says she can. He shows her the picture of Justice, and asks if she wants to miss all the reason she needs to live. She’ll get it back and more; she’s a church-going woman. She says she did it, and he says she snapped. She says she killed him; she can’t do this. She cries, begging Lushion to get her out. Lushion tells her, relax. Justice loves her and needs her to breathe. He wants her to stay strong. He has to go. He needs to be out there giving her some help. He’ll be back; he promises. And Eddie will never come by her cell again. Eddie said he talked to her. She says, no. Is he sure? Lushion tells her that’s what Eddie said. She says, okay, and he leaves.

Esperanza and Natalie visit Alex. Esperanza says Natalie told her what happened. Does Alex know who did it? Alex says, it may have been Brad. Randal called the police. Esperanza says this is serious, and Alex says maybe she deserved it. She started it. Natalie says she did, and Esperanza asks if she’s trying to make Alex feel bad. Natalie says she’s trying to get Alex to deal with the truth. Esperanza says, Brad was moving in – what happened? Why was she in the shed? Alex says she lied to Brad again. She doesn’t know why she does stupid things. She told him Doctor Raston switched the DNA, but she didn’t. The doctor told her, but she couldn’t bring herself to tell him. She didn’t want him thinking she was sleeping around. Natalie asks, whose baby is it? and Alex says, Randal. Something messed up; it’s his baby. She’d know if she was sleeping with another man. Esperanza says just take the test over again, for clarity She doesn’t want to talk about Randal, and asks why Alex was in the shed. Alex says, making peace. Natalie says, by sleeping with him? Alex says she went to talk about co-parenting the baby.

Ben walks up, and asks how Alex is. She says, better. Natalie introduces Esperanza, saying Ben just moved in, and he’s a firefighter. Alex thanks him again, and he says he was just doing his job. Tanya appears, and says he’s late for work. He introduces her, but she walks away. He says, she’s shy. When he’s gone, Natalie say she’s watching him like a hawk. Esperanza says she’s watching him watching them. Alex asks about Kelly. Esperanza says Lushion has his eye on things, and she’ll keep Alex updated.

Natalie and Esperanza walk back. Lushion pulls in. He’s on the phone, leaving another message for Ian to call him back. Natalie asks how Kelly is, and he says she’s going to get through this. She’s having a hard time. He showed her Justice’s picture, and she regretted what she did. Esperanza says she’ll need therapy, but she won’t get it in there. Natalie wishes she could help. Lushion says he’s working on something. Natalie says she made his favorite. He says he thought he’d have to meet Steven at the pub. Natalie asks if Esperanza wants to say for dinner, but Esperanza says it’s their night.

On the phone, Randal wants to know where Larry is, and threatens to come down there. If Larry doesn’t call, he’s coming there, and bringing hell with him. He looks outside, and sees Tanya walking back and forth, from the front door to the post, touching the post before she goes back to the door. Randal says, obsessive compulsive. She’s sexy. He likes a little cray. He’s going to follow this one. Pot it on the agenda. OCD. This will be fun. What’s weird is he sounds like he’s talking to someone other than himself.

Esperanza goes to the pub, and sees Steven sitting with Rick. She says, so this is where the guys hang out. Rick says she looks amazing. A guy by the bar looks at her, and makes a call. Rick gives Esperanza his seat, and she calls him a gentleman. He asks what brings her there. She says it’s been a long day with Kelly, and she wants a drink. The guy by the bar says, it’s Duncan. He thought Eddie would want know. Esperanza is at the pub. Eddie says he doesn’t give a damn. Duncan says she’s talking to Steven. What does Eddie want him to do with this bag of trash? Eddie hangs up and says he’s coming for Steven’s ass.

Steven says Esperanza knew he was there. She says, no. He asks if she just comes to bars alone, and she says, big girls do that sometimes. She’s drinking tequila, and Rick orders a round. He says all eyes are on Esperanza, and she says maybe she’ll get lucky. Rick says the place is rowdy, but she likes it. Rick leaves to check on the drinks, and Esperanza tells Steven it’s not a tragedy if he stops ignoring her. He says she plays mind games. One minute, she’s into him, and the next, she’s not. He’s too old to be climbing out of windows. She always has to have her way. What if he doesn’t want that. She says he won’t get any, and he says he’s not so sure about that. She asks if this is his feeble attempt to come home with her. She can leave the porch light on tonight. He says, not tonight; he’s busy. A woman taps him on the shoulder, and he leaves with her.

Esperanza needs another drink. Rick is like, damn, girl, and she says she’s fine; she’s Columbian. Whoa. I count five empties, and one in her hand. He asks what’s going on, and she tells him don’t pretend to know her. She just had a long day, and wanted a drink. He guesses not with Eddie. She says she’s done with him. Rick says, so Steven? She asks what he’s talking about. He says she knows Steven likes her, and she likes him too. She says, that’s not true, and he asks why she was mad when he left. She asks if she looks mad. He says he can tell, and she tells him, go to hell. He says, see? She says she had a bad day; everything going on with Kelly. The way Rick treated Kelly was wrong. He tells her not to make him feel worse. She says he has a heart now? He says he feels awful, and she asks why he didn’t do more. He says he’s trying to. He worked at the ministry, Travis’s father’s church, doing security. Esperanza says he should have let someone else deal with the case. He says he tried to fix it. He knows something that can help her. He’s put in some calls. He’s trying. Esperanza says he’s a coward and a liar. Get out of her face. He asks if she’s staying, and she says she’s good. Goodbye.

Eddie comes into the pub, and asks Rick where Steven is. Rick says he left. Eddie sees Duncan, who says Steven left an hour ago with some broad. Eddie says, a smokescreen. Eddie says he wants the four of them to head to her house. He has the key. Duncan asks what they’re doing, and Eddie says, what they always do. Duncan says he’s in. Eddie says, smoke this bitch. He wants no traces. He’s not going to be there; he needs an alibi. Duncan says he’ll handle it. He’ll feed this guy his teeth. He might be small, but he has the strength of insanity. Eddie goes over to where Esperanza is talking to a guy. Eddie hits the guy in the head with a beer bottle. The fight is on.

Next time – which thankfully won’t be tomorrow – Steven and Esperanza hook up; Natalie tells Lushion if he’s giving money to Kelly, she’d appreciate him discussing it with her; and Randal approaches Tanya.

😴 All That’s Left To Say…


March 19, 2019 – A Sad Prognosis, a Tattoo Revealed, the Shed Burns, Postponing More Puppygate, TV Glimpses & Same Time


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


🏃 A lot of TV ground to cover today.

General Hospital

Alex sips at a to-go cup – that actually seems like it has something in it. Brava! She’s been so desperate for tea. She asks who brought it. She’d like to think it was her sister because she cares, but believes it’s Finn. Since he doesn’t know how she takes it, she presumes it’s the way Anna likes it. Finn says it’s their attempt to humor her, and she says consider her humored. She can’t ask for any more – except her sight back. Anna says not until Alex tells her what she needs to know.

Elizabeth asks how Franco is feeling, and he says, feeling ready to get out. He’s wondering where he’s going. She knows what she wants to say, but she’s not sure she can say it.

Josslyn, Cameron, and Oscar look at pictures from the trip. Cameron shares pictures of the gas station from when he took the bus back. They laugh.

Kim thanks Terry for going the extra mile for Oscar. Terry tells Kim and Drew that she’ll let them know when the test results come in. Julian joins them, saying, reinforcements have arrived, and hugs Kim.

Dante tells Sonny that he can’t leave; Raj will kill Sonny. Sonny says, don’t give him a chance. Dante needs to kill him first. Just trust him.

On the house phone, Carly asks, how bad is it? Send her up. She lets Ava in. Ava asks where her daughter is. She demands to see her right now. I guess she’s becoming a drunk.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she keeps going around and around, saying same things. It’s one thing to love him, and another to tell herself that loving him means being disconnected from his history and the things he’s done. Every time something bad happens, his past is thrown in her face. She’s a grown woman, and made the choice to be with him, but she’s also a mom. Right now, the boys know Franco is doing the right thing, and their faith in him is justified, but it doesn’t change what they went through. She hates it, and feels selfish to put kids through anything because she wants him. She misses their life together. He says he just loves her, and she says she just loves him too, but she has to keep the boys first. She has to do what’s best for them, but doesn’t know what that is. She’s sorry. She knows he wants it settled. Franco tells her to take as long as she needs. She leaves.

Cameron shows Oscar and Josslyn a picture of the bus driver, and a guy who snored the entire way back. Josslyn gets a text, and says, no way. Her team has been invited to a volleyball tournament at Duke. Only fifteen teams are invited. College recruiters are going to be there; it’s so major. Oscar says, they can make it another road trip. When is it? She sees the date is at the beginning of April, and says let her check with her mom before they make plans. Her mom is her manager these days.

Drew says he’ll leave them to it. Julian gives him an empty coffee cup, saying it’s better than the stuff they serve there. Drew gestures with the cup in his hand, like none of us would do with a full cup. Back to square one. He walks off, and Julian asks, what’s the latest? Kim says they’re in a holding pattern, and Julian says it must be frustrating. Kim says she’s terrified for it to end.

Ava calls for Avery. Carly says if Avery was there, she would be sleeping, but she’s not there. Ava tells her, don’t lie. Carly asks if Ava thinks she’d let her in the house like this if Avery could hear her. She’s wasted; stumbling, slurring her words. Go home and sleep it off. Ava says, not without her kid, and Carly repeats she’s not there. Ava says she’s the mom, and has a right to know where her daughter is. Carly says she’s at the Quartermaine’s with Michael. She baked cookies with her cousins and feell asleep in the nursery. Ava starts to go past Carly, who asks where she’s going. Ava says, where does she think? Carly says, no way.

Alex feels for Anna. It’s not easy. To actually believe something happened to her that didn’t must be unnerving. Finn says Alex has a gift for understanding. She heard they’d improved the process, and an entire lifetime of memories had been transferred from Patient 6 to Patient 5. This was only a minor transfer. Anna says it’s not minor to her. Tell her what she needs to know, or remain in darkness. Alex thinks Anna might want to lighten up in front of her boyfriend. Being cold and demanding doesn’t put her in a good light. Finn thinks Anna is perfect. Spit it out. Alex doesn’t want it to be more unpleasant than it has to be. The truth is, as much as she loves Anna, she doesn’t trust her.

Dante tells Sonny, this is risky. Sonny says, it has to work. Dante is needed at home. There’s been an unexpected development, and Dante asks if it’s a good one. Sonny wants it to be; Carly is pregnant. Dante laughs, and says Sonny and Carly are having another baby? Sonny says that’s why they have to make the plan work. Dante says, and get him the hell out. Sonny can’t imagine what Dante went through. Dante says he can’t even imagine it.

Drew brings Franco the coffee. He asks how the recent hero of Port Charles is, and Franco says he’s not so sure about that. He wants to hear about Oscar, but Drew says they’re waiting to hear back about the tests. Franco tells Drew to let him know if there’s anything he can do. Drew says, just get out, but Franco isn’t sure where to go.

Cameron says, not to be heavy, but he’s glad he’s with them. They’re the only ones he can trust. What does he do now that Franco is a hero. It wasn’t okay when his mom started dating Franco, and he still thinks the best thing would be for her to unload the guy. Josslyn says, it’s not the ideal situation, but it’s not his decision. Oscar asks if Cameron has talked to his mom, and actually told her what it’s been like. Cameron says she doesn’t care, but Josslyn says, that’s not fair. His mother loves him. Cameron says she doesn’t know half of what happened; the things people were saying. Then there’s Franco. He says he loves them, but if that’s true, wouldn’t he see how much he’s hurting Jake and Aiden, and bow out? Josslyn says, it’s really hard. She knows Cameron thinks he knows what’s best, and he probably does, but all he can do is be there for his brothers and love them. He has a shopping bag with something in it for Franco from Jake and Aiden. Josslyn says they really love him, but Cameron says, loving him won’t change how anyone sees him, and leaves.

Julian says Kim hasn’t touched her food. Kim says she’s not really hungry. She asks if he’s reached Ava, but he says she’s not returning his calls, and no one is home. Kim suggests maybe Ava needs alone time. Julian says something tells him that’s the last thing she needs.

Carly says the Quartermaines won’t let Ava past the front gate. And does she want Avery to see her like this? She’ll be scared and confused. Wait until morning. Ava says, if at all, right? Carly must be so happy. She’s the big winner. Ava couldn’t have given her a better present if she tried. Carly says she’s not doing this. Ava wants Carly to punish her, saying she’s hateful and awful, and not fit to be a mother. She came there looking for it, and to feel sorry for herself. Carly isn’t playing the self-pity game. She thinks it’s torture. Ava shows up with drama, drunk; railing at anyone who will listen. It’s not about Avery; it’s about her. She’s hiding behind how she alienated Kiki and treated her like crap. Ava says Carly left out the best part. She alienated Kiki, treated like crap, and wound up sleeping with her killer.

Drew asks what Franco means. He’s going home to Elizabeth and the kids. Franco isn’t sure that’s what Elizabeth wants. Cameron shows up, and Drew tells Franco, it’s all going to work out. After he’s gone, Cameron hands Franco the bag, saying it’s from Jake and Aiden. They asked him to bring it. Franco says, even though he didn’t want to?

Drew asks Elizabeth how it’s going. She asks if he just came from Franco’s room. Now he’s going to tell her to let him come home? He says he’s not telling her to do a damn thing, but he is going to say this. If memory serves him right, didn’t they used to be together? Despite it not working out for obvious reasons, he can say from personal experience, when he was lost, having her support and love got him through what was, at the time, the most difficult period. Drew would like to think there’s still some good in himself, despite his troubled past. It’s the same with Franco. He was forced into an impossible situation, but he got a killer off the streets. At least she knew she was right. She can trust him and love him, and trust the kids to love him. She asks how he knows that. He has no idea, but he does.

Carly tells Ava that she wasn’t going there. Ava says she slept with the man who murdered her daughter. Carly says she can’t fix that; no one can, but she can shield Avery. She tells Ava not to drag Avery down while she spirals out of control. It doesn’t have to be that way. Pull herself together, and step up. Or is wallowing in self-pity so important? Ava thought Carly would encourage anything to take Avery away from her. Carly says she would use it in a heartbeat, but not to be vindictive; to protect Avery. Does Ava want to be someone Avery needs to be protected from? She tells Ava, stop being a coward. Does she hear herself? This can’t be the life she wanted. Ava says Carly’s got her there. Taking up with the man who killed her daughter was not on her list of things to do. She cries, saying she doesn’t know what to do, or how to deal with it. She begs Carly to tell her what to do.

Ava says Kiki was so kind, good, and compassionate. She thought everyone deserved a second chance. More, in her case. Does Carly have any idea how many times Kiki forgave her? And how did she repay that? By complaining, and ranting to Ryan about her; all the times Kiki betrayed her. She told him that she fantasized getting back at Kiki. He did what he thought she wanted. It’s her fault Kiki is gone. She doesn’t know how to live with that; what to do with it. Carly says Ava is responsible for so many things, but not Ryan killing her daughter. She needs to stop, Carly tells Ava to call someone to get her.

Julian asks Kim if she remembers how she surprised him at Charlie’s. He’s come to think of it as the last good time before Josslyn called, and he realized Ava was eloping with a dead serial killer. He wishes he could go back and stop the clock. Kim does too. Julian’s phone rings It’s Ava, and he asks where she is. She tells him that she’s at Sonny and Carly’s, and asks if he can come get her. Everything is okay; just come. He says he’ll be right there, and tells Kim, sorry. HE has to pick up Ava. She asks if Ava is all right, but he doesn’t know. He asks her to keep him in the loop about Oscar. Kim hopes Ava is okay.

Drew tells Kim, the results are in.

Franco asks how Cameron is doing with all this. Cameron gets why he lied, and why he did what he did. He knows Franco has changed, but what Franco did before his brain tumor was removed keeps coming back to bite him. It also bites Cameron’s mom, his brothers, and him. He can take care of himself, but Jake and Aiden can’t. Franco hates that they were hurt by what he did. Cameron knows, and says he’s not fighting Franco again. Franco thanks him, saying he promised to prove himself. It’s just going to take longer than he thought. Cameron hopes he’s right, and Franco says he will.

Dante tells Sonny that he told himself it was just a job, and he’s still hoping that’s the case. He needs to get out, get home, and go back to his life. Sonny says, it will be an adjustment. Dante says the things he’s seen and experienced, the memories will fade and he’ll be the man he was. The man his family needs him to be. Sonny says whatever Dante saw or did, lock it away. Don’t put it on the people he loves. Dante knows that works for Sonny, and hopes it works for him too.

Alex says Anna is a stickler for law and order. Anna says tell her about the memories, or she doesn’t get the cure. It’s that simple. Alex asks if it’s that simple for Finn. He says he’d be happy to help, and Alex says, but on her sister’s terms. Finn says, correct. Alex says Anna doesn’t get to make the terms; she does. She’ll tell Anna what parts of her history aren’t hers, her cure will be guaranteed, and she gets to walk away. No WSB nonsense, no prison time, nothing. Take it or leave it.

Julian arrives at Sonny’s, and asks, how bad is it? Carly says, she’s asleep, and tells Ava that her ride’s there. Julian wakes her. He says he was worried about her, not answering his calls. Where has she been? Ava says, remember how happy she was? She was going to be a blushing bride at last. Julian asked if he really loved her for who she really is. He knew her, all right, but she didn’t know him at all.

Elizabeth goes to Franco’s room. He asks her if she wants a cookie, and she says the boys pulled out all the stops. He shows her a drawing Aiden did, and asks if she’s going to tell him. She says Jake and Aiden see him as a stepfather. A father who’s been there for them in a way their own fathers couldn’t be. He holds a special place in their lives. What is she supposed to do, rip Franco away from them? She doesn’t want that for the boys or herself. They’ll all be miserable. The fact is, she’s so in love with him. He says he’s so in love with her. So now what?

Kim, Drew, and Josslyn wait with Oscar in his room. Terry comes in, and tells them, the tumor has grown. We all become seriously bummed. Kim says CAT scans have a margin of error, but Terry says she ran multiple tests. There’s no doubt. Drew says, okay. What about Oscar’s recent seizure? Terry says, he could have another one at any moment. Most likely, it will be more severe and debilitating. Oscar asks how much time he has. Terry says she’s not lying. Realistically, a month to six weeks.

Franco tells Elizabeth, they love each other, and when you open yourself to love, scary storms might come, but they can weather them together. He can’t proms there will never be another storm, but he can promise he’ll never hurt her intentionally. She promises the same, and says, so come home, He’s her husband, and she loves him. Please come home. They kiss. Thank God. At least we got a little happiness balance after the news about Oscar.

Finn says Alex can be treated within the hour. Alex asks if Anna guarantees she’ll be a free woman, and Anna says, fine. Alex asks if that’s a promise, and Anna says, yeah, a promise. Alex says she’ll tell Anna then, as long as she truly wants to know. Would it really change so much, knowing that it happened to Alex instead? Take her part as host and move on. Anna says, whatever it is must be bad. Alex is stalling. Anna wants to know because she’s done a lot of things she regrets. It’s burden enough to carry her own mistakes. She’d rather not carry Alex’s.

Terry is sorry. She wishes she had better news. Oscar asks for a minute alone with his mom, and the others leave. Kim says he doesn’t have to be strong for her. He wants to thank her. When it was just the two of them, he knows how hard it must have been for her. She says being his mother was, is, will always be her greatest happiness. Whatever is in him, whatever courage he has, and what good he does in the time he has left. He says, everything he learned about life and death is because of her. Everything he is, is because of her. She says, no, and he wipes away her tears. She says, it’s not. It’s because of him. She loves him so much. She’s so incredibly proud of the young man he’s become. His poise and grace. She loves how empathetic and compassionate he is. How he makes her laugh. She can’t take credit for all of that, but he can, because it’s him. She’s incredibly grateful to be a part of it. He says he’s scared, and she says she is too. She hugs him. God this is sad. He says he loves her so much. He doesn’t want to leave her.

Sonny tells Dante, be strong. It will be okay. Him, Lulu, and the kids will work it out. If they want to pull this off, he can’t be found there. Dante says he’ll make sure everything is right. He’s sorry he shot Sonny, but Sonny doesn’t think Raj gave him a choice. He had it coming anyway. Dante says, because Sonny shoved him? He’s lucky he’s still alive. Dante starts to leave, and Sonny says he loves him. Dante says he loves Sonny too.

Julian says he’ll get Ava home. Ava tells Carly that she probably said too much. She’ll use it to keep Avery away from her. Carly isn’t saying she’ll ignore it, but if Ava gets herself together, Carly won’t use it against her. Ava says, wow.

Tomorrow, Chase asks Willow to go away for the weekend, Kristina tells Shiloh that she’s ready for the next step, and Dante says he had no other choice.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Hanna thanks Jesus, and says the Lord heard her. Benny says Candace will be all right. Hanna says she just kept praying, and tells Benny, you gotta believe. Benny says Candace is finally all right. Hanna remembers she left Derrick in the kitchen. Benny offers tell him to leave, but she tells him, stop. Benny hopes the Lord hears him about Derrick. Hanna tells Derrick she’ll be back in a few, and tells Benny, leave that man alone.

Benny’s phone rings. It’s Mitch. Benny asks if Mitch talked to his uncle, but Mitch says he already told Benny that his uncle’s not letting him not pay interest. In the meantime, it’s his problem to figure out. Benny asks how he’s supposed to get twenty grand. Mitch doesn’t know, but he needs to try. He tells Benny to stay his ass in the house until they figure it out. If by some miracle Mitch is able to figure it out and get the money, he wants Benny to know that he owes him.

Candace knocks on Charles’s door. He was beginning to worry, and asks, how was it? She says, it went good. For a moment, he was worried it wouldn’t go right. She asks why tell her to go? and he says, it needed to happen. She says he was right, and he’s like, what? Say it again. She does, and he likes it. He tells her that she should say it more often. She says Hanna was skeptical at first, then she started to really hear her, like she hadn’t heard before. Charles asks what she said, and Candace says, everything she wanted to. She thought Hanna hated her, but Hanna got on her knees and said she didn’t. Charles doesn’t think she ever did. Candace says Hanna received what she had to say, and it was beautiful. She also left her son’s ashes with Hanna. Charles takes her hands and kisses them. He’s so proud of her. Me too. He says she did amazing. Now he needs her to get ready for DC. She says she’s a natural beauty, and won’t take long. He says that she is, and she asks if he’s sure he wants her to go to the White House. He is and tells her, don’t ask again.

Veronica storms in, and yells to Alice for a drink. She remembers Alice is gone, and pours her own. She says he played her for a fool. David has followed her. She tells him, go away, but he says she left the door open. She asks why did he do this. He says he had no idea Wyatt was going to the grand jury, but she says he’s lying. He tells her to look at him, and put the drink down. She knows how she gets. He takes it from her, and says sit with him. She says, not there. It’s where he knocked her to the floor. He’s sorry. She says he knew he hurt her. He knew about that, and hit her anyway. He’s just sorry because his whore is dead. The both of them are dead. He says she took care of both of them, and she asks if he’s wearing a wire. He says he’s wearing a compression garment. She wants to see, so he lifts his shirt. She says he’s really hurt. She asks why he made her do it. He says he was wrong, and asks her to forgive him. She asks why he’s being nice. He says he’s the same David. He asks her to sit by the pool, and holds out his hand. She takes it. He holds her, and they go outside.

Landon tells Charles, she’s coming. Charles wonders if Candace knows the tax payers are footing the bill for the plane. Candace comes out. Charles smiles, and she asks if he’s ready for DC. Charles says, yes, they are, and tells her she looks beautiful. She does, but she always does even when she’s a mess.

Veronica doesn’t know how to talk to David. He says just talk to him. She says she’s not okay. He was using her so she would help him. He says, that’s not it, and she tells him, admit it. David says she’s brilliant and good to have on his side, but that’s not the reason. Veronica says he called her a simple bitch. He slept with Maggie, and slept with the little whore. He says, yes. He thought he was doing something, but she showed him that she’s the only woman he can be with. She says, yes, she is, and yes, she did. She has two things to tell him. One is that she hired that girl, Erica. She paid her to take David for all he had. She wanted him to fall for her. She was good. David agrees. Veronica asks if she broke his heart, but he says not nearly as bad as he broke hers. She asks if he’s angry with her, and he says, no. She wonders, what’s that look? and he says he’s in pain. His back burns. Veronica says it’s a reminder to never screw her over. He says he needs his bandages changed, and he’ll come back after that’s done. She says she’ll sit out there. She doesn’t think she can sit in the living room with him again. David says let him come back and show her how sorry he is. He leaves, and she looks crazy.

David punches his car, and says, evil bitch. He gets in, then gets back out and calls Jim. He says Jim needs to talk him down. He’s about to put an end to all this. Veronica set him up with Erica. Jim thinks he should have known that. David says Jeffrey told him, but she just admitted it. He needs to put an end to this madness. One more thing, and he’ll snap. Jim tells him, Veronica says a lot of things; let it go. David says, easy for Jim to say, and Jim asks if David has met his wife. David is tired of all this, but Jim says he needs to hold it together. Where is he? He says by his car. He told Veronica that he needed to have his bandages changed. He’s about to lose it. Jim tells him to get them changed, get a stiff drink, and do everything he needs to keep this woman on their side. David says he may need call him again. Jim says he’ll let David know if he hears anything from the DA’s office. David gets back in his car.

Kathryn finds an empty pill bottle, and says, damn it! She goes downstairs, where Jim watches the news/ She can’t believe he’s watching TV at a time like this, but he says he’s trying to get some idea of George’s plan. She tells him that Wyatt went in her medicine drawer, and took all her pain and cold medication. Jim asks why she has pain meds in the house, and she says because she’s married to a pain in the ass. On the TV, Jim hears Candace is with the President Elect, and the internet is abuzz whether she’s the next First Lady. Jim says, what the hell? The news continues, saying Charles lost his wife during the midterm elections, and has two beautiful children. Jim says if she thinks this is going to work, she’s sadly mistaken.

Jim tells Wyatt to come down. Wyatt has nothing to say, but Jim tells him, get his ass down there or he’ll come up and drag it down. Wyatt comes down, and Jim tells him to sit. Does he understand the situation he’s gotten them into is ugly. Wyatt says he did it himself. Jim says, no; Wyatt did when he called the DA. Wyatt says he’s not dealing with this. Jim asks if he’s high, and Wyatt asks how would he get high? Jim frisks him, and pulls out some pills. He says Wyatt got into his mother’s medicine stash, and Wyatt says, so what? Jim throws the pills, and says he’s sick and tired of everything about him. Jim’s phone rings. He asks why his calls aren’t being returned, and says this isn’t a game he wants to play. Kathryn comes down with an empty bottle of valium. Wyatt goes back upstairs, telling Jim, go to hell. Jim has had it with Wyatt, Kathryn, and these damn pills. Kathryn says if he wasn’t there, she wouldn’t need to take them. Jim starts to go upstairs, and she tells him not to go up there angry

Jim finds Wyatt lying on his bed. Jim says Wyatt took more of his mom’s pills, and he pulls him off the bed. He shakes Wyatt, telling him, spit it up. Wyatt asks if Jim is trying to kill him. Jim says Wyatt is going to kill himself. Wyatt says he’s going to shoot them. He’s going to load the shotgun, and blow their brains out. Kathryn asks, what shotgun? Jim tells Wyatt to get his sorry ass in the shower and sober up. Wyatt says he’ll see. Jim says, do it. Go ahead. He will have completed one task in his miserable life. Wyatt says he hates Jim so much, it makes his heart bleed. Jim says he loves Wyatt so much, it makes his heart bleed. Touch one more drug… He walks out, and Kathryn follows.

Wyatt paces. He pantomimes shooting the shotgun, saying, die.

Benny asks if Hanna is all right, and if Derrick is still out there. She hopes so. She just needs a minute. She says she wants Derrick there; she likes him. Benny says he was standing in the kitchen, staring into space. It looked like he was crying. Hanna says he must have heard their conversation. Benny says he’s trying, but doesn’t like him. Hanna says name one man she’s dated that he liked. He wishes he could find the dude who did that to her, but she says he’s probably dead or in jail. Nobody gets away with nothin’. It was a long time ago. She says he can keep Derrick company, but he says it’s never going to happen. She says, then don’t. Just give her a minute.

At the White House, Charles, Candace, and Landon are shown the Oval Office. The guide asks if it’s getting real, and tells them the President will be joining them. The First Lady will be with him. She asks if Candace enjoyed the tour. Candace says it’s a lot of history. She tells them to have a seat, and leaves.

Landon doesn’t like it. They didn’t want him to win, and the party doesn’t want him in the White House. Charles tells him, not now, and Landon asks how he’s so cool. Charles tells him to find somewhere to cool down, and he leaves. Candace says, they didn’t want him to win? and Charles says, political squabbles. She should look him up on the internet. She says she’ll think about it, and thanks him for bringing her. He says it’s pretty cool. He knew she’d get a kick out of it. She says she’s stealing all this sh*t. Maybe just one painting. She asks him to sit behind the desk, but he says it’s not appropriate. He says he’s not President yet. She tells him to stand by it. He does, and says, well? How does he look? She says it fits him. He knows. She asks, is he ready for this? He says, is she? She’s says she’s just visiting; he has to stay there. He says she doesn’t have to be just visiting. He wants her to stay. She asks, how long? and he says, forever. She says they haven’t knows each other that long, but he says, it’s a big house. She says, what if they end up hating each other? and he says, every day will be fun. She says she’ll think about it. They have time before he moves in. She asks if she can kiss him. Is it appropriate? He asks if she has any idea what has gone on in this room. Look up the other guy too. Landon clears his throat. He introduces the President to the future President. The President says he can’t wait to give it over to Charles. First Lady Margaret introduces herself to Candace, and says, it won’t work. She asks if they’re married, and Candace says, no. Margaret says, good. Candace is too beautiful to be First Lady. She doesn’t want Candace following her. The President says Margaret is as beautiful as the day he first met her. She says she’ll show Candace around. The President pours drinks for himself and Charles.

Jeffrey comes up to Justin’s apartment. Justin asks what Jeffrey thinks, and Jeffrey says, it’s nice. There are photos of Jeffrey everywhere, and he asks when Justin took them. Justin says he’s always taking pictures of Jeffrey. Jeffrey says he didn’t know Justin was there, and Justin says, now he does. He poured some wine, but Jeffrey says, no thanks. Justin says they could go out for dinner, or cook for the first time in their new place. Jeffrey says, no dinner, and Justin asks, why? Jeffrey says he was just checking to see if Justin was okay. Justin asks if he wants to sit on the couch. It pulls out. Justin can pull it out now if he wants. Jeffrey says, no, and Justin says at least take off his jacket. Jeffrey says he’s okay. Justin tells him to loosen up, but Jeffrey repeats he’s okay. Justin encourages him to drink, saying it makes sex better. It will help him relax; he’s so uptight. Justin is the one who got beat up. Jeffrey says this was a bad idea. He thinks he should go. Justin tells him, stop. Jeffrey says, the place is nice, and Justin says, our place is nice. Jeffrey says, no; it’s Justin’s place. Justin says he got beat up because of Jeffrey. The least he could do is hang around a while. Jeffrey says it’s getting old; Justin trying to guilt trip him. He doesn’t like it. Justin says he’s sorry. Jeffrey heads for the door, and Justin breaks the end off of a bottle. He holds it to his own neck, and says see what Jeffrey made him do?

Justin says he’s going to kill himself. Jeffrey tells him put it down. Justin says, then stay. If he doesn’t have Jeffrey, he has nothing to live for. Jeffrey says, put it down.

I find out the name of the dude from Too Close to Home is Scott, and the other guy is the Attorney General. Scott says he won’t believe this. She’s at the White House; Candace Young. Charles took her there as his date. He’s not kidding; they had dinner with the President. The AG says, it keeps getting better. He’s going to get the press on the phone and let them know who they’re dealing with. Scott calls the White House, saying it’s the Attorney General for the President, and hands him the phone. The AG apologizes for interrupting; he knows the President is entertaining. He guarantees the line is secure. He says they agree. Charles is an arrogant snot-nosed punk. He needs the President to say something to Charles’s date. Call her a hot piece of Black ass. It’s what he said the night she robbed him. Charles brought a prostitute to have dinner with him. He’ll come over, and fill the President in on their strategy. He hangs up, and tells Scott that it shows what a lowlife Charles really is. He needs Scott on a plane to Savannah. He needs to find out what he can. They’ve found their way in. Scott leaves on his mission.

Hanna tells Derrick, sorry. She was a mess. Derrick is bent over sink, crying. She asks if he’s hurting. What is it? She doesn’t know. Derrick lifts his shirt to reveal a lion tattoo. I say, oh my God, and wonder how Tyler Perry could do this to me. Hanna backs away.

Finé for now. HAHN returns on May 7th.

If Loving You Is Wrong

When we last left, Randal and Alex were in a burning shed.

Kelly has hung herself in her cell. Lushion needs help a guy comes in and they cut her down. They take her out of the cell, and lie her down on the floor. Lushion calls for a medic; he has no pulse. He tells her, breathe, and does chest compression. He yells for a defibrillator. An officer brings it, and he uses it on Kelly, saying, not today.

The shed burns. Alex and Randal yell for help. Marcie sits outside, laughing, and smoking a cigarette. I love it! Alex breaks out the window, but that’s a bad idea. Smoke pours in. Randal tells Alex to move, and busts a hole in the door, but flames lick around it. Marcie runs to the front of the house, and says she got them. A couple is moving in across the street, and they’re like, whoa. The guy says it looks like Marcie is in trouble, but the woman says, don’t. She tells him to remember what happened before in their last neighborhood. It’s not their business. He thinks she’s having an episode, and says, this is their business. She says she’s not going through it again. Marcie dances around.

At the hospital, Doctor Raston sees Brad, and asks if he’s looking for her. He says he’s looking for Marcie. She wasn’t home, so he came back. The doctor hasn’t seen her. He says when he calls, it goes to voicemail. Doctor Raston says it’s going to be hard for her. She’s glad Marcie has him. Brad says she doesn’t have him. She knows he loves Alex, and has a therapist who can help. He says he and Alex aren’t getting back together. She understands, but she means for him. It’s a lot of pain to deal with. He insists he’s fine, but she doesn’t think so. He tells the doctor, if she sees Marcie, tell her that he’s looking for her. She leaves, and he calls again, but gets voicemail. He leaves a message that he’s worried.

Marcie is talking to herself. She runs across the street, and asks if she can borrow a phone. The guy says, sure, and she says she needs a cab. He asks if everything is okay, and she says, fine. The woman gives her a phone, and Marcie says her battery is dead. The guy asks if she’s sure everything is okay. Marcie says, it will be in fifteen minutes. He asks, why? She says she just ruined her life, and calls for a cab. The guy asks if that’s smoke, and Marcie says, it’s a barbecue. She lives there. He says it’s a lot of smoke, but she says, leave it alone; it’s fine. He says he’s a firefighter, and that’s no barbecue. He asks if that’s screaming.

He asks if someone is in there, and Marcie says, they’re almost done. I’m not sure what she means by that. Is she referring to them having sex, or done as in, the chicken in the oven is done. The guy gets the door open, and goes in. Marcie says, let them burn, and laughs. He brings Alex out, and asks if anyone else is in there. She shakes her head – I’m not sure why – and Randal yells. The guy brings him out, and calls for an ambulance. Marcie laughs, and kicks Randal. I laugh. Randal says he’s fine.

Lushion is talking with Steven, and Eddie asks what happened. He was just talking to Kelly, and she seemed in good spirits. Lushion asks what Eddie said, and Eddie says he was trying encourage her as a good Christian woman and mother. She’s facing the death penalty, and needed to mentally prepare to never see Justice again. He was trying to be kind. Lushion throws him up against the file cabinets. Steven separates them. Eddie tells Lushion to get his hands off of him. Lushion tells Eddie to lift his pants. Eddie says Lushion has to buy him a drink first. Steven says, lift them up. Eddie asks if Steven wants a ménage à trois, and Lushion says he’ll lift them for him. Eddie lifts his pants leg, saying, shoelaces. He didn’t hang that bitch. Esperanza comes in, and asks, what happened? Eddie says, Kelly went out Jim Crow style. She hung herself.

Esperanza says he’s disrespectful, and Eddie says her hooking up with that clown (I assume he means Steven) is disrespectful. She says the only clown in there is him. Steven tells her that Kelly attempted suicide. She asks if Kelly is all right, but he doesn’t know. She’s in the infirmary. Eddie is being all loud and stupid, and Esperanza throws a huge binder at his head, missing him by inches. He says, not the face, and she says next time, she’ll aim for it. Steven tells her not to pay attention. Eddie says Esperanza wants to be dominated, and he’ll never control her. Steven tells him, show some decency, and Eddie says, like how Steven ran up on his ex? He put that heifer out to pasture. When he meets a woman, he tells her she can go up or down ten pounds, and Esperanza got fat. Lushion tells her, ignore him. Eddie leaves, and Lushion says Esperanza knows as much as he does. She asks if she can go to the infirmary, but Lushion says they won’t let her. He needs to call Natalie. He tells Esperanza that he might need her to be with Natalie when she’s done with her shift. Lushion steps out to make the call. Esperanza hugs Steven, and Eddie knocks on the window. He’s the worst. It’s great.

Natalie’s phone rings. It’s Lushion. She asks, what happened? Was she right? He says, yeah. She tried to… Natalie says, don’t tell her. Say she’s all right. He says, they don’t know yet, but it’s okay. Natalie can’t believe it. She should have known. She thought Kelly was just upset. She can’t understand it. Lushion says they’ll get through it. Natalie asks if she can see Kelly, but Lushion says they don’t allow visitors in the infirmary. He tells her not to blame herself. Natalie says she has to do something to help her; it’s not right. Lushion says he’s not giving up. She asks what she should tell Justice, and he tells her, say nothing until they know she’s okay. He’ll see what he can find out.

Lushion calls Ian. He asks when Ian will be back. He asks Ian’s secretary to tell Ian that he called, and to call him back asap.

Doctor Raston sees that Brad is still there. He says he still can’t find Marcie. She’s not answering her phone, and she’s not in the apartment. The doctor asks if he wants her to try, but she also gets voicemail. Brad is really concerned. Doctor R says Marcie seems be a strong woman, but Brad says, every woman has a breaking point. She says, every man too. She thinks he should talk to someone. It’s been a lot. He asks if she’s sure she didn’t change the DNA, but she assures him that she changed nothing. She would never do that, not even for Alex. He says if it’s definitely not Randal’s child, then Alex has been sleeping with someone else. She’s such a slut. The doctor knows he’s upset. That’s what she means by talking to someone. She holds out a card, and says her colleague can help him. He says he doesn’t need a therapist; he needs to know how this happened. It’s making him crazy. He doesn’t know what Alex lied about. It’s like his whole life is a lie. She suggests they do the test again; maybe there was a mix-up. Brad says that doesn’t change the fact Alex was lying. He was willing to accept the baby, but he’s not willing to accept the lies. It’s deceitful and hurtful. Doctor Raston understands. He says he’s just frustrated, and takes the card.

Eddie sees Brad, and asks what he’s doing there. Brad asks what Eddie is doing there. Eddie says he knew that bitch would burn him; it was only a matter of time. She was ho’ing around with everybody. Brad doesn’t want to talk about it. He’s just trying to figure out what happened. Eddie says he’ll pay Brad back for the credit card, and invites himself over. Brad says he’s done with Alex, and Eddie says he’ll need help hiding the body. Brad says he’s not killing her. Eddie says that’s what needs to happen, but he’s happy to hear him say he’s done. Brad says he finally is, and it feels good. Alex lied about the DNA test, saying Doctor Raston switched the tests. He caught her in lie. Eddie asks whose baby it is. If it’s not Randal’s, it’s Lushion’s. Brad says he doesn’t think so. Eddie says let him help get answers, and Brad says, how? Eddie tells him, don’t ask. He has ways to do what he needs to. The kids are young, and need to learn death is a part of life, and their mom is a whore. He’s tired of her lying to him. They grew up together, but she lost her walk with God. He’s going to her house, and praying with her. Brad says, have fun, and Eddie says Brad knows he can track him.

Eddie walks in on Ian, putting on makeup in an examining room. He says he has to get to work. Eddie figured he’d have a whole glam squad. Ian says he gave them the day off. The makeup is an old trick his wife taught him to cover the bruises. Eddie says he’s seen Ian’s wife, and Ian asks if Eddie is stalking her.  He says Eddie is crazy and possessive, domineering. He’s dated guys like him in the past. Eddie says Ian isn’t up his alley. He likes Ian’s face more with the bruises. We flash back to him beating the sh*t out of Ian, who’s loving it. Ian says the pain is still there. Eddie presses on Ian’s face, and Ian says he’s reminded every time he smiles. Eddie says, or when he sits. He asks what Eddie’s game is. Eddie says Ian had him. He could have given Eddie over. The question is, why didn’t he? Ian says all it did was turn him on. He tells Eddie not to act like he’s not aroused. He enjoyed every moment. Eddie says, killing is like climaxing; watching the life leave the eyes. Ian asks if he’s a serial killer? Eddie says, a lady killer. Ian bets the ladies love him; big blue eyes, strong muscles. I guess batsh*t crazy means nothing. Eddie appreciates the flattery. What’s Ian’s game? Ian says he’s keeping it for the element of surprise, but trust him, it will be good. Eddie says he’ll come at Ian again, and they won’t find his remains. Ian asks if Eddie is trying to turn him on. He tells Eddie, come by the office. He has friends who want to say hi to him. Eddie thinks he’ll pass. Ian thinks they have mutual acquaintances, but Eddie says they have nothing mutual. Ian says, please, and Eddie says he’ll think about it. Ian has a press conference to get to. He asks if this is where they kiss, and Eddie tells him, get the hell out of his face. Ian says, maybe next time.

A fire truck pulls up, and Natalie looks outside. She wonders what happened, and goes out. The firemen seem to be moving pretty slow, and she gets to the shed before they do. She asks Marcie, what happened? and Marcie says, the bastard almost died. Apparently, someone locked them in there, and set it on fire. Randal says it was her, but Marcie says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Natalie asks Alex if she’s okay. The new neighbor/firefighter says she should see a doctor. Alex insists she’s fine. He tells her, at least take some oxygen, handing her the mask. She thanks him for saving her life. He introduces himself as Ben. He and Tanya just moved in. Randal says, she’s fine. Tanya asks if he’s married to Marcie, and he says they were married. Marcie says they were married. Then he screwed the whore in the shed. The door was locked, and someone set it on fire. Randal says if it wasn’t her, it was Brad. There are security cameras. He can check it when the police get there. Marcie says, do it. Tanya tells Ben that Alex said she’s fine. He needs to let others take over. Ben says, if they need anything, just call. Randal says they won’t be needing anything from Paul Bunyan. Natalie tells Tanya that she’s sorry, but Tanya says, no they are. I’m sure she’s going to tell Ben I told you so all night. Natalie wants to talk to Marcie.

At home, Randal coughs up a lung. He calls Larry. He says they know him by now; have Larry call. He leaves a message for Larry, saying he didn’t sign the papers. Larry tricked him. He coughs some more, and calls the police. He says Brad Montgomery next door tried to kill him. He needs the real police. Don’t send Lushion or Steven, and no damn Eddie. Otherwise he’s calling the FBI.

Natalie asks Marcie if she locked them in there. Marcie says they can’t prove it. Natalie says, she did it. Marcie laughs and cries, and says, possibly. She starts crying for real, and Natalie holds her. Natalie says she’s so sorry. Marcie says she hates him. He’s ruining her life. Natalie says she could have killed him. Marcie wants him to leave her alone. Natalie says, Kelly is already in trouble. Marcie doesn’t care, but Natalie says she doesn’t want go through what Kelly’s going through. Come to her house, and sit down.

Brad pulls up, and asks Natalie, what happened? Marcie tells him, take her home. Natalie suggests he get rid of her clothes; they smell like gas. She locked Alex and Randal in the shed, and set it on fire. Brad ask if they’re okay, and Marcie says, just take her home. Natalie says they had some smoke inhalation, but they’ll be fine. Alex comes toward them, but Brad says, stay away. She says she’s sorry. Brad asks if she told Randal that Marcie was pregnant. She says she did. He says, and she went in the shed with that bastard. She says, yes, and he says at least she’s capable of telling the truth. She says she loves him, but he says, go to hell. Stay away from him. He puts Marcie in the car. Alex goes inside, and Natalie walks home.

Lushion’s phone rings. It’s Natalie. She says someone locked Alex and Randal in the shed, and set it on fire. He says he didn’t hear it on the radio. He asks if they’re okay, and she says they are. He says, it’s got to stop; he means it. She asks how Kelly is, and he says he’s checking on her. He asks if Natalie has a picture of Justice. She says she might have one on her phone. He says send it to him. He hangs up, and says, unbelievable.

Lushion goes to his desk, and looks through the drawers. Eddie comes in, drinking liquor (?) out of a bottle. Is that what Lushion was looking for? He says he’s sorry. He just heard the news. Lushion says that makes two of them. He says Alex and Randal are doing just fine. Eddie pours some of the liquor onto the floor, and says, a little something for their homie, or homette. Lushion asks what the hell Eddie is talking about. Eddie says he hasn’t heard? Kelly is dead.

Next time, Marcie knows Brad knows someone who can kill Randal, Ben introduces himself to the neighbors, and Esperanza tells Eddie to get his hands off of her.

🍸 Because it’s late, and it was three back-to-back shows tonight, I’ll post about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tomorrow. The second part of If Loving You Is Wrong’s new season is also on tomorrow. Why Tyler Perry made this a marathon, I’ll never know. I love him, but he exhausts me.

📺 Some quick show news. I caught some of MasterChef Junior tonight. I love that show, and hope to see more of the season. Tonight, the kids made birthday cakes, and they were spectacular. On Mexican Dynasties, it was Mari and Fernando’s 31st anniversary. Adan also got to work with Ricky Martin’s producer. They are definitely the loudest group of people on television. That much I can tell you for sure.

🙇 Until Then…


March 17, 2019 – Michonne Has Her Reasons, a Little Talk, a Final Ride, Some O’Myths & an O’Tune


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

This episode did some time jumping, which I hate, so I hope you can follow. I hope I could follow. I thought I was done with this sort of thing when Once Upon a Time was canceled.

All is peaceful near a river. Michonne rides up on a horse, and there are a few lingering zombies around the water. She slices one’s face off. She digs a gun out of the dirt, and whacks another zombie. We see that she’s pregnant. Daryl joins her. He says he followed the water to the ocean and back. There’s nothing there. He asks if she’s good. She says this one’s been kicking the sh*t out of her every morning. Judith has been asking about Daryl and wonders if he’ll be back. He says he will – when he finds something. He thinks he’ll be out there for a while. She says he doesn’t need to, but he says he’ll never stop looking. Not ever. She asks if he’s okay being alone. He nods, and says, her? She rubs her belly, and says she’s not.

Michonne cleans the gun. I assume it’s Rick’s. She puts I in a box marked Judith.

Aaron walks purposefully down the street. Judith and some other kids play. Michonne tells Judith to stay with her brother. Aaron tells Michonne, Daryl is at the at gate. He’s not alone.

Daryl tells Michonne that Henry is hurt. Hilltop was the closest; they had no other choice. Michonne sees Lydia, and asks, what about her? Henry she’s with them. Michonne looks at Aaron, who says they can’t trust her. Michonne says she trusts Daryl. She tells the guard, open it.

A pregnant Michonne opens the gate to a group of kids with Tara. The guard says they were found wandering; one of them is hurt. There’s an adult woman with them, and she says, my God, it’s Michonne. Michonne says, Chocolate?

Siddiq stitches up Josslyn aka Chocolate, who’s the hurt one. Michonne asks Daryl, where to now? Straight to the Kingdom? He says, not straight, but yeah; Carol should know. Connie thanks Michonne for everything. Michonne tells a woman at the door to keep an eye on the girl, and she says she’s on it. Aaron tells Michonne, it doesn’t look like they were following. Daryl covered his tracks. But if the skin jobs look for them, they’ll find them. Michonne says, and then?

Josslyn wants to go, but Siddiq says she’s lost too much blood. She can’t travel. Josslyn says, there are others. Michonne grabs her, and says, it’s her. Talk to her. Tell her what she needs. Josslyn says she needs them.

Michonne, Gabriel, Aaron, and some others enter a building. Michonne asks if they’re sure, and Siddiq says it was one of the places Josslyn mentioned. Aaron tries a door, but it’s locked. He says they’ll have to go back, but Judith has already crawled into a ventilation tunnel. Eugene gives her points for dexterity. She opens the door, and they go inside. They see writing on the walls. They hear a whistle, and a bunch of kids come out.

Henry says his wound is going to leave a huge scar, but Lydia likes it. He’ll never forget what he did; neither will she. Michonne needs speak Lydia – alone. Henry says he’ll make himself scarce. He thanks Michonne for letting the people go to the fair. Michonne says if she knew all this would happen, she wouldn’t have. Can’t say I blame her. She asks if Lydia cares about him? Lydia says she does, and Michonne says her too. Michonne tells her, sit, and they sit on the steps. Michonne says she’s done things to protect this place; things she’s not proud of, and some she’s tried to forget. To save her people, she had to risk others. It hasn’t been easy, but she did what she had to do. She’s made her peace with that. It might be easier if the only life risked was her own life. She could just walk away, and take all the risk with her. If that could make everyone safe, it wouldn’t be so hard. She tells Lydia, think about that, and leaves. Lydia ponders Michonne’s words.

As they sit on a bridge in the now, Judith asks Daryl if Hilltop is in danger. Daryl says, it might be. Judith asks if he wants to help. She asks if he’ll stay if mom says it’s okay. Daryl doesn’t know. He should keep moving. She’s read stories about how he and her dad fought the Saviors and won. He can do that again. He says they’re just stories. She asks what would her dad do? and gets silence. She says, that’s what she thought.

Gabriel plays a game with the kids. Pregnant Michonne watches. Aaron says he didn’t know how much they needed this until now. She wishes Rick could see it. Aaron says, wherever he is, he’s sure Rick knows. He says, sorry, that’s not what he meant, and she tells him, it’s okay. She finds Josslyn in the kitchen, and says she’s impressed with the kids’ hunting skills. She doesn’t know how Josslyn does it; all the kids. Josslyn says, they take care of her. The adults never made it. They’re broke, but children crumble, learn, and come back. Michonne brought her kids back to her. She knows that Michonne is going out to look for her man. She knows the look. Their junior year, Dean Turner told her that she’d need a thousand signatures before her petition would be considered. She had that look when she brought them to him at his fancy-ass event. Michonne says she’s at least going to enjoy this. She asks Josslyn, what if she never finds him? Josslyn says she might not, but if she gives up now, she never will. She can’t live with that. Michonne says she needs to know. Judith and the baby deserve to know. Josslyn says Michonne found her after fifteen years. Last time they saw each other, there was still a world. Michonne takes Josslyn’s hand, and says she’s so glad Josslyn is there. Josslyn says, so is she.

At today’s Hilltop, Aaron talks to Daryl about his kid. Daryl says, a lot has changed. When they last talked, they were still building bridges. Michonne joins them, and tells Daryl, stay safe. He says, her too. She tells him that Judith is mad at her. She told Judith she’s not ready, and neither is Judith. She’s a kid, and gets to keep being one for as long as Michonne can help it. Daryl says, it’s not just a little kid she’s got there. He calls Dog, and the gate closes behind them. Judith walks off. Michonne follows, stopping to look at the sewer cap that allows access underground.

Aaron asks pregnant Michonne if Judith is having a sleepover. She says, yeah. Judith loves them.

Michonne and another couple knock on Josslyn’s door. When there’s no answer, Michonne lets herself in. She calls for Josslyn, and the man with her calls for Marcus. They go outside, and start calling for the kids. Marcus’s dad sees the pantry is cleaned out. Michonne continues calling for Judith, when he tells her to come there. He shows her the pantry, and they see the guard is dead. A girl runs up and says they’ve been raided. Michonne says, no, and follows small footprints to the underground tunnel.

Presently, Michonne has dinner with Marcus and Judith, telling Judith, eat; don’t poke. Judith says, sorry; she not hungry, and asks to be excused. Michonne lies awake. She sits up, and we see her scar, an X on her lower back. She knocks at Judith’s door. She knows Judith is upset. She’d like to talk. There’s something she wants to tell her. She goes into Judith’s room. Judith is gone.

Michonne asks Negan if Judith has been there. He asks if she’s curious, or… She tells him, answer her question. He says he hasn’t seen Judith since yesterday. She asks what they talk about, and he wonders why. She says for someone who wants to be helpful, he’s doing a sh*t job. He says they talk about nothing; just chit-chat. Michonne asks for specifics, and he says, homework. She misses Daryl, and likes to hear stories about her dad. Michonne asks if he’s feeding her bullsh*t, but he says Judith would weed that out. He tells Judith that she’s just as much of a bad ass as Carl. He tells her about how her dad got into the Sanctuary, and shot up Negan’s men, and how her dad sliced his jugular. She asks if he tells Judith why. Negan says Judith likes listening to him. Michonne says he likes hearing himself, and he says they have that in common. He shoots straight. If Michonne did that, maybe she’d be talking to Judith instead of him. Michonne laughs, and asks if he told Judith what he did to Glenn and Abraham. He’s quiet, and she says she didn’t think so. He says he’s always been honest with her. Judith asks questions, and he answers; so yeah, she’s heard those stories too. She hates that Michonne isn’t letting people into Hilltop. She thinks it should be like how Carl would want; like in Carl’s letter. Michonne says he doesn’t get to tell her about Carl, or what Judith wants or feels. Judith is her daughter. Negan says, exactly right. She has her own idea of how things should be. He says Michonne didn’t come because she’s curious. She has no idea where Judith is. Maybe she’s off petting a horse, or maybe she’s exactly like her mom, and not taking sh*t lying down. Michonne jets.

Michonne runs home, and runs upstairs. She opens a note that says, I’m sorry I had to go. Our friends need help.

Pregnant Michonne and Daryl walk through a field. Daryl suggests they take a break. They sit on a swing set. Daryl says they’ll find her. Michonne can’t believe this heartbreak. After Judith lost her mom, she wanted to be that for her again – she needed it. She let her guard down. Daryl says she didn’t know, but Michonne says she should have sensed something. Daryl says she didn’t because Michonne’s not like her. Some people are evil in their heart, and hide it; like they’re wearing a mask. This is on Josslyn, and she’ll pay. They’ll find them. Michonne suggests they get going.

Michonne sees a little girl breaking into a school. The girl brandishes a knife, and runs. Michonne yells, wait! Daryl comes around the other side, and aims his crossbow. He turns a corner inside the building, and sees a group of kids blocking them. Michonne asks where her kids are. The group has weapons, and Daryl says, drop ‘em. One of the kids shoots at him, and Michonne says, okay, lowering her weapon. One of the kids knocks her out.

Michonne and Daryl are gagged, and their wrists are bound to a pipe. The kids look at them. A little blonde boy says, she’s awake. Josslyn is there. The child has a branding iron with an X. Michonne tells Daryl, be strong. The child brands Daryl, and although he makes muffled noises, he keeps in control. Josslyn says, well done, Linus. He says, the strong survive. She says, and thrive. She says she told Michonne, children are capable of anything. She taught them, become what you are; they can be soft. Michonne tries to talk. She sees the iron being heated again. Josslyn tells Linus, control it. Don’t let it control you. Linus goes behind Michonne, and brands her. She cries out, and Josslyn gets in her face.

Present day Michonne is on a horse, riding over a field. She sees a lone bike, and looks panicked. She gets off the horse, and runs through a crowd of zombies, calling for Judith.

Daryl gets loose, and cuts pregnant Michonne down. She says they should split up, and Daryl agrees. She goes upstairs, and finds an open door, but it’s padlocked. Josslyn walks down the hall with the kids, saying there could be more of them. Holding a piece of pipe, Michonne stands in front of them, and Linus blows a whistle. Michonne asks, where are her kids? Where’s Judith? Tell her. Josslyn says, why? She’s better off. Michonne lives in the past, and Judith isn’t a ghost like her. Michonne calls for Judith. Most of the kids take off out the door, and an older kid locks it behind them. Linus says, kill them off. Michonne doesn’t want to hurt them, but Linus slashes Michonne’s stomach, and now she’s pissed. She screams, no! and they run. She tries the door, but it’s locked. She sees the kids run past outside, and gets out, but Josslyn is waiting, and whacks her with a board. She hits Michonne a few more times, saying she’s truly sorry. Michonne grabs her sword, and stabs Josslyn in the thigh. When she’s down, Michonne stands over her, and stabs her in the chest, finishing her. Linus runs up. He can’t believe it. Michonne doubles over. The kids are at the ready to pounce on her, but she says they can come back to Alexandria. They’ll be taken care of. An older kid tells them to kill her; the rest, come with him. Linus runs at her. She tries to keep him at bay, telling him, no, when the older kid comes up behind her.

Present day Michonne is in the field, slicing and dicing zombies, while pregnant Michonne fends off Linus, who has a knife to her stomach. She has no choice but to start carving at the kids. The timelines are interspersed. Another little blonde boy, Whitney (honestly, all these little kids look the same), runs to the trailer, and stands at the top of the steps with a knife. Michonne tells him, please don’t. Daryl comes out – gee, thanks for your help – and walks toward Whitney. Whitney puts down the knife. For a moment, we think he’s going to hug Michonne, but he runs past her, and away. She cries, and calls to Judith. Judith, who looks to be about four, comes out of the trailer. She stands there a moment, but then runs to Michonne, saying, mommy! More kids come out, and Michonne welcomes them.

In the field, Michonne stabs another zombie. Judith is there with her, and spears the last one. She’s miscalculated though, as it’s down, but not out, and grabs her. Michonne gives it a last jab. She hugs Judith, and asks if she’s okay. They need to talk.

Michonne tells Judith that she stood there, like she didn’t know. For a second, she thought she was too late, that Judith had changed, and she’d lost her. Judith says Michonne didn’t look like herself because of the blood; that’s all it was. Michonne says, she remembers that? Judith nods, and Michonne asks, what else? Judith says, Josslyn and her kids were nice to them the whole time. They made it seem like game, but she was a bad person. They all were. That’s why Michonne did what she did. Michonne says, all this time, she thought Judith didn’t remember. She’d hoped Judith didn’t. She never said anything after the first year. Judith says it made Michonne sad. Michonne says she thought Judith would understand. How did they get there? Judith says their friends need their help, and Michonne says, it’s not that simple. Judith says, yes, it is. Michonne chose to be her mom because they love each other. Michonne agrees, and Judith says, love means doing whatever it takes to keep the ones you love safe. She asks when they stopped loving Daryl, Maggie, Carol. and the King? Michonne says, they didn’t, and Judith says, then why does it feel that way? Michonne hugs her.

The gates open. Michonne and Daryl come back with little Judith and the kids. Siddiq takes Michonne with him. Aaron closes the gate after them.

At the baby’s grave, Michonne tells Judith that she and Judith’s father dug this together. That day, standing there, she made a promise to never bury another child again. Then Judith’s father was gone, and she was lost. Then Judith was lost, and she was scared. More than she’s ever been, before or since. She wasn’t the only one, so they decided to make the place only about the people there. It’s not what Carl or her dad gave their lives to create, but it kept her safe. It’s what she wanted. It’s all she wanted. She cries, and says Judith was right. They have to protect the people they love. All the people they love. She takes Judith’s hand, and they walk back.

Michonne and Judith travel in a buggy. Michonne slows down. Daryl, Connie, Henry, and Lydia come out of the woods. Judith asks if anyone is headed to the Kingdom. They get in.

Two Whisperers look out from a distance. They see the buggy going into the Kingdom. One of them says, we must tell Alpha.

Next time, Ezekiel stands before them today at the start of a new tomorrow, the groups merge, and Beta says only Daryl has to die.

🔊 On Talking Dead, Chris Hardwick started off with, happy St. Patrick’s Day. Or as sober people call it, don’t leave your house day. I had to laugh, given my aversion to the holiday, after having worked in Manhattan during it. Useless zombie trivia: he was also a walker in tonight’s episode.

🚴 Tonight was the finale of Ride with Norman Reedus. Norman took on Tennessee, going to Memphis first. He met up with major song writer Dale Watson, who took him all over the place, their first stop being a custom bike shop. Dale said that Memphis tries to repurpose old buildings rather than tear them down, which gets my vote. They had breakfast with Henry Nelson, the voice of Memphis radio, and I could not take my eyes off the food, in particular, the biscuits. Henry was a font of historical knowledge, and said, in his opinion, Memphis was just beginning to heal from the Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination. They hit World Studios, a recording studio that had about a billion gold records on the wall. The owner said at one time, the building had been a silent movie theater. Being African American, his dad wasn’t allowed to record there, but eventually bought the guy out. A prime example of living well being the best revenge. They had an autograph wall, and we found out The Beatles had once signed it, but it had been painted over by a little old man with a roller. Norman told us, from Al Green to Wu Tang to Bruno Mars; there’s magic in these walls. Next, Norman met two-girl band Sister Antics, at a dive bar that was part of the historic foundation of the town, and a seemed to be a dive bar on purpose. They followed the Mississippi River, and headed for Nashville. After doing some fishing on the Tennessee River, they hooked up with some more musicians, and we found out that Nashville has had a white rapper scene for quite some time. I can’t say I’ve ever thought, nothing says Eminem like Nashville. Norman and the ladies followed what had once been an old Native American trail, and then parted company. Norman’s next stop was a hot fried chicken place where he met Marilyn Manson. One of my favorite things is how they splice in mini interviews with locals, much like Sweet Home does. On the subject of hot friend chicken, we found out it’s dipped, marinated, doused, and submerged in hot sauce; and it’s a hillbilly concoction that will set your ass on fire. Marilyn accompanied Norman about town by riding in a motorcycle sidecar. They spent time with designer Manuel, who started Johnny Cash on the road to being the Man in Black. He sold one-of-a-kind items, many of which, Marilyn tried on. We also discovered, Marilyn loves roller skating, and is quite the speed skating demon. He and Norman attended the Roller Derby, which looked like a lot of fun. I love the Roller Derby, which may or may not be a surprise. Kansas City Bomber is one of my favorite films. They took a picture with the girls, and everyone was thrilled. I enjoyed this show so much, I’m hoping they do another season. The best thing about it is how Norman really makes you want to be there.

🍀 St. Patrick and the Luck O’…

The Top 5 Myths Of St. Patrick’s (And How To Improve Your Luck)

Did you know St. Patrick wasn’t Irish? He did believe in a generous pour though.

🌈 In Keeping With the Theme…

Unfortunately, The Irish Rovers didn’t have a video, but there was this.


March 13, 2019 – Doc Explains How Ryan Got to Ferncliff, Dorinda Refuses To Make It Nice With LuAnn, a Definite Return, a Possible Return & Thursday Views


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Jason finds Sam at his place. She hopes he doesn’t mind that she let herself. He says, not at all, and they kiss.

Harmony says Shiloh outdid himself. Everyone was enraptured by him. He says, his message, but she insists it was the way he delivered his speech. He’s a force of nature. He’s glad she made it down from Beechers Corners. She says she’s reinvigorated being with him. It confirmed her suspicion that she belongs there with him. Shiloh says they’ve had this discussion many times. She says he doesn’t want her to move to Port Charles. Why? Because he’s obsessed with Sam?

Kristina plays Shiloh’s speech for Valerie at Charlie’s. He says, the message is simple. They can end hunger, homelessness, and together, make the world a better place. Kristina asks, how amazing is he? Valerie says, he’s a good public speaker, and Kristina asks if she wasn’t inspired. He reached out to the lost souls, and it reminded who was before DOD. She almost doesn’t remember her. Valerie says, her neither. Kristina says DOD brought her peace, and she can accomplish anything. Valerie says, she guesses, and Kristina says she could show more enthusiasm. Valerie tells her that she doesn’t see what Kristina does in Shiloh or DOD.

Amy helps Franco back to his room after physical therapy. He says, what’s a little searing pain? and she tells him, stay strong, and he’ll be walking normally in no time. He guesses he shouldn’t complain. He’s alive. He’s a lucky guy. Amy says he is. They’ve been working overtime, keeping the reporters out. Epiphany gave them a strong talking to. He’s a hero. He’s not sure his wife agrees.

Cameron arrives at the hospital. Elizabeth says she was so worried. Cameron says his bus just got in. She’s glad he’s safe now. He asks how bad his punishment is going to be, and she says he’s not the one who disappointed her. Honestly, what’s wrong with this woman?

Amy says she’ll be back to check on Franco. He tells her, bring a top hat to go with the cane. He’s going to be doing high kicks. She says, no pressure.

Ava asks Amy for help; she’s looking for Doc. She knows he’s a patient there, and she needs to see him. Amy doesn’t think he’s in his room at the moment, and Ava says she’ll find him herself. Franco calls to her, and says come wait with him in his room. She asks, why? So he can kill her too? She’s obviously drunk, and says she knows he’s got to be pleased, pinning the murders on Doc. She knows he killed Kiki, not the man she loves.

Laura goes to Doc’s room. They hug, and he asks if she’s all right. She says she’s fine, and he says that’s the face he’s been missing. The face he conjured up every night. She inspired him to survive. Now that he can actually see her, he feels like he’s falling in love again.

Sam asks where Jason was. He said he was with Carly, then she got radio silence. He says he texted her, but she tells him that he didn’t say where he was. Did it have anything to do with Ryan? He says, a lot. For starters, Carly’s neighbor at Ferncliff was Ryan at first. Then, he switched places with Doc. Carly asked too many questions, so he stuck her in the trunk of his car, and tried to elope with Ava. He left Carly down an embankment to freeze. She was on the verge of dying when he found her, but she’s okay. Sam says, it’s all over the media that Ryan is dead. Jason says he jumped off a bridge into the river. Sam tells him that she thinks things with Kristina are getting worse.

Valerie tells Kristina that she doesn’t get why Kristina thinks it’s groundbreaking. It’s not like he’s the only person who’s taught people to better themselves. What an ego. He’s all Kristina talks about. Kristina says he’s the least self-centered person she knows, and gives to everyone equally. Valerie says she’ll take Kristina’s word for it. Kristina asks where the negativity is coming from, and Valerie says she’s had an intense work week, and thought she’d spend time with her friend. Kristina says they’re doing that now, but Valerie says she’s talking about Shiloh and DOD. Kristina says she didn’t force Valerie to come to the rally. Valerie says she felt like it was the only place she could see Kristina. She’s losing her friend, and she doesn’t want that to happen.

Elizabeth tells Cameron, lying is never acceptable. Cameron says he can’t believe the man he ran into was Ryan Chamberlain, the serial killer. She says if hadn’t told her, Carly would never have been rescued, but he says, Franco deserves the credit.

Franco tells Ava that he could never do that. It was Ryan Chamberlain. Ava says, he’s been dead for years. This is just a bizarre mix-up. Doc is not a killer. They love each other, and have a future. He says he’s sorry, and she says she’s sorry for him. He doesn’t have the love and devotion they have. He says she’s drunk, and not making sense. She says he’s the one who confessed; boasted about murdering people. Franco says Jordan was using him as bait. It was all lies. The confession and the interview were the only way to get justice for Kiki.

Doc thanks Laura for bringing a change of clothes. She says it’s so good to see him up and around, and he says it’s good to see her at all. He feels like he’s getting back to himself. She says the doctor said she can take him home. He says it’s what he’s been dreaming about; seeing her and getting his life back. Laura says the sooner they put this behind them, the better. He says he’s been following the news, and they still haven’t found Ryan. Laura says, not yet. He says she was there. Does she think he’s dead? She says, the cop said he didn’t think it was possible for him to survive, but Doc says, they’ve been wrong before. She says, even if he survived the jump, the water was almost freezing, and the river ran to the Falls, but Doc says, until they recover the body, they can’t be absolutely sure he’s dead. Doc says he’s so sorry, but she tells him, don’t apologize. It’s not his fault. One thing she doesn’t understand though, is how Ryan got into Ferncliff. Where did Doc find him?

Doc tells Laura that he got a call from someone who claimed to work for the DVX. They said an operative had become problematic. Their mental illness made them useless. They wouldn’t identify the operative, but said if no one took him, they’d kill him. He couldn’t let this unknown person be murdered, so he agreed to meet. He should have contacted Robert or Anna. Laura says, hindsight is 20/20. He says he went to the meeting, and found his brother. He was disassociated from reality; howling. He tried to help him. He got him on meds, and he could communicate. Doc was helping him, but wanted to know what happened. Where he’d been after crawling out of the explosion over twenty years ago. Laura wonders if he killed anyone then.

Cameron tells Elizabeth that he freaked out about Franco. He was afraid of what he might do to their family. He didn’t want to see her hurt, or Aiden bulled, or Jake to revert to how he was before therapy with Franco. She understands that he just wanted to protect them, but he doesn’t have to protect the from Franco. Cameron says her faith has been rewarded. It must feel good knowing she was right.

Franco says before Ryan tried to kill him, he confessed. Before he tried to kill Carly, and took Ava off the bridge. Ava says he was wounded and disoriented. Franco says he wanted her dead. If Jason hadn’t saved the day – again – that’s where she’d be. She says, maybe it would be better than this, trying to sort through it. Every moment they spent was a lie. Knowing she was never with Doc, just his lunatic brother, a murderer. The first time they were together was like an hour or two after… On Thanksgiving, he came to her place. He was so sweet, romantic. He swept her off her feet. He was kissing her, had his hands on her, and he’d just come from killing her daughter. She cries.

Jason asks, what happened with Kristina? and Sam says Daisy came to visit her. She wanted Sam’s forgiveness; she thinks to get back into Shiloh’s good graces. She felt sorry for Daisy, trying to make amends, even cleaning the toys. She seemed scared, scattered, and was flustered putting the toys away. Her shirt came up, and Sam noticed a strange tattoo. She asked what it was about, and Daisy practically ran. Jason asks if she thinks it has to do with DOD, and Sam says she’d put money on it.

Shiloh tells Harmony that he’s not obsessed. She says, so his reason for keeping her away has nothing to do with Sam? Is he sure? He tells her to concentrate on her work. The numbers have nosedived in the past couple of months. She asks if she’s there for a performance review, and for him to scold her about money. What’s going on? Tell her. She sometimes doesn’t recognize him, and asks, what happened to the man who professed his love? The man she did this for. She lifts her shirt, and has the same tramp stamp that Daisy does.

Sam tells Jason that she’s never seen a symbol like that. Jason asks, what does she think it means?

Kristina asks why Valerie is putting her on the defensive. Valerie says maybe Kristina knows she’s right. She’s a cop, and knows a scam when she sees one. If something is too good to be true, it usually is, especially when money is involved. Has he asked for donations from her? Kristina says that’s none of her business, and Valerie tells her, open her eyes. She’s an heiress. No one knows how much money her father has, but Shiloh will find out. Kristina feels attacked, and calls Valerie blind. She says Shiloh is just trying to help people. Valerie says Kristina refuses to see what’s in front of her. He’s a con artist. Kristina says she’s wrong, and Valerie says she’s done. Kristina tells her to wait, but Valerie says she’s seen enough.

Jason asks if Daisy said anything, and Sam says she claimed she couldn’t remember where she saw it. Sam told her that she thought it was cool, but she couldn’t get out any faster. Kristina also borrowed money from Michael to do seminars with Shiloh. Jason asks if he knew the money was for DOD, but Sam thinks he just assumed it was for PCU. Jason says, now she’s hiding things? Sam says Kristine Insists it’s a loan, and she’s paying it back, but what concerns her is Kristina getting deeper into the organization.

Shiloh says his love for Harmony has gone nowhere. It’s gotten stronger. It’s past the physical, and into the spiritual, which transcends jealousy. She says she’s always shared him, but it’s hard. He says he offers himself to anyone looking for the light. If she has issues, look inside herself, and find peace He tells her, continue her work at Beechers Corners. She says he should be proud of his work at the rally. Shiloh asks if Harmony has heard from her.

Cameron tells Elizabeth that he missed his community service. Elizabeth says it’s a problem, but they’ll deal with it. He says Judge Carson didn’t want to see him for a year. What if this messed with his probation? He could end up in juvie.

Franco tells Ava, have a seat, and she kicks the chair across the room. Amy comes in, and Ava says, get out. Franco says he’s got it; it’s fine. He gives Ava some water, and she drinks. He asks if she wants to talk to him a little bit. He can listen; it might make her feel better. She says, what’s the use? The universe always finds the depths of hell to drag her in. Doc, Ryan, whoever the hell he is, called her goddess. He worshiped her. He didn’t judge her, and told her it was okay to explore her anger and desire for revenge. He was so nice to her. He got her back on her feet, and helped her though her grief, when he was the person responsible for it. His love gave her hope. Her first fiancé. She prays he’s still alive. Franco asks if it’s because she forgives him, and she says, of course not. She hopes Ryan is alive so she can kill him.

Doc tells Laura, when Ryan fled the country without any income, he reached out to the DVX, and offered his services. Laura asks, as what? and Doc says their father was a renowned mathematician and spy. The DVX probably assumed Ryan had similar talents, so they took him. He performed special projects. Doc doesn’t know what they entailed, but by this time, he’d become more of a burden than an asset. She says, so they contacted him? He says he couldn’t abandon Ryan. Despite the pain he caused, Ryan was still his brother and he wanted to help him. Even Ryan said it was a waste of time; he never believed anything was wrong with him. Then Ryan got the better of him, and he paid the price. He was left to rot in Ferncliff while Ryan pretend be him. Laura says it breaks her heart. She should have known. She’s sorry. He says the only one to blame is him. He knows better than anyone not to trust his brother. Still, after working all those months with him, he let Ryan lull him into complacency. Laura asks what he means. When did he find out Ryan was alive? Doc says, May of 2018.

Sam tells Jason, prepare to be enlightened, and plays Shiloh’s speech. He says he’s here for them, his special people. The meeting costs nothing but their time. If they improve themselves, they improve the world. Sam says, tell her he’s not convincing. Jason guesses he is. She says, maybe not to him. He knows who Shiloh is, and how he preys on the most vulnerable. Jason says, there’s clearly a pattern. Sam says, it’s time to stop dancing around what’s going on, and call DOD what it is; a cult.

Harmony asks what difference it makes where she is; he has Sam. Shiloh thought Harmony would locate her by now. Harmony says she’s trying, but it’s not easy. Shiloh says, find her and he’ll consider relocating Harmony there with him. She says she’ll do her best. He tells her, make him proud, and she leaves.

Franco tells Ava, killing Ryan would be satisfying, but he’s already dead. She says, they haven’t found his body, but Franco says, no way he survived the fall. Ava hopes he did. She’s not done with him yet. She want him to look her in the eye, and tell her why he did it. She wants to know why he took Kiki from them.

Laura says, so Ryan was Doc’s own secret project. What about when he visited her in Paris? He was working with Ryan all that time? Why not tell her? He says he didn’t know how to tell her that his serial killer brother was alive, and he was treating him. It sounds stupid now. He’d hoped by the time she came home, he would have made sufficient progress, and could bring in the authorities. She says he could have turned Ryan in, and he would have gotten medical attention. He left everyone in the dark. Doc says Ryan was under lock and key with maximum security measures. He couldn’t imagine Ryan escaping. Laura says, but he did, and killed three people. He almost killed her daughter. None of it had to happen if Doc had turned him over to the authorities.

Sam reads that the followers are made to feel special and needed. They’re reeled in with the promise of success, and friendship. Jason says, Kristina goes on and on about how they’re like a family. Sam continues, the followers who disagree are shunned, psychologically and spiritually, and told they’re incapable of grasping the concerns of the group. She says, sounds like Daisy. Jason reads that sometimes they’re deprived of food, or isolated from their friends and family. Once they’re in the web, it’s nearly impossible to extract them from it.

Kristina arrives at DOD. Shiloh says he was watching the video, and she did an amazing job. She says, it was easy. She had an incredible speech to work with. She says he’s too kind, but he says she’s good at what she does. She says her phone is blowing up. Everyone is interested in DOD. He says it’s a credit to her. She says all she did was pass out flyers, but he says, more than that. He saw her speaking to the newcomers. Some of them were hesitant, but her warmth and heart brought them in. He thinks she might be a candidate for his Circle of Trust, those closest to him who understand what they’re doing at DOD. Does she think she’d be interested? She says if he thinks she’s ready. He says, it’s too soon say, but she’s on the right path – for the most part. She asks if she did something wrong, and he asks if something happened with her friend Valerie, the cop? She seemed bored; put off even. Kristina says Valerie is upset with her and DOD. Shiloh nods.

Franco tells Ava that he understands revenge, but there’s none to take. Ryan is dead. She says, maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. She tells Franco that he can’t be a part of this. He was so close to getting everything he wanted. Beautiful, kind Elizabeth, and her three wonderful boys; a real family. She has nothing, not even dignity. Ryan took it from her. She’ll be the one to give him his punishment. She’ll honor Kiki’s memory for both of them. Elizabeth and Cameron come in. Elizabeth asks how Ava is. She can’t imagine what Ava is going through. Ava says it’s pretty bad, but talking with Elizabeth’s husband helped her. She’ll leave them to it.

Franco and Elizabeth look at each other. She tells Franco, Cameron has something to say. Cameron says he wants to apologize for thinking the worst. Franco says he should have been more transparent. The commissioner swore him to secrecy, telling him the only way to flush out the killer was to keep quiet. Cameron says he read all about it. Franco is being called a hero. What did I say?

Laura cries, and Doc says he wanted to be able to treat Ryan, so he could so face his demons. He knew Ryan would spend the rest of his life in prison, but there was just a small chance at redemption. Maybe he would find a way use his talents constructively. Laura asks what was he thinking? and he says, there’s nothing in his life he regrets more. He was in a room at Ferncliff for months, terrified; wondering what Ryan was doing, who he was hurting, who he was killing. All because of his terrible mistake. Laura nods, and says, terrible.

Laura doesn’t know how to process it; there’s a lot. Doc says he’s so sorry for keeping Ryan secret. She says his secret had devastating consequences. People suffered, people died because of his misguided loyalty to his brother. She understands him wanting to help or not wanting give up hope that one day Ryan could be normal, but she can’t understand why he couldn’t talk to her about it. She walks out. So much for Doc’s homecoming.

Jason asks Sam what they’re going to do about Kristina. Sam says, the same. She’ll get closer to Shiloh, and be keeping an eye on Kristina. Jason asks what about confronting Kristina with what they know? but Sam says, not until they have tangible evidence. Jason says maybe figuring out Daisy’s tattoo will lead somewhere. Sam says, hopefully. Before Kristina pushes away from her family and friends.

Shiloh asks if Kristina wants to be surrounded by negativity, resentment, and criticism because of her own insecurities. If she wants to move forward, she needs to choose.

Cameron tells Franco he was reading about how dangerous it was. Franco got past Ryan, and survived. He made it out alive. Franco says he had to. He has a lot to live for.

Doc come out, and asks Amy if she’s seen Laura. Amy says she’ll let him know if she does. Ava sees him, and says, Kevin?

Tomorrow, Anna wonders which memories are hers; Kristina says if her family can’t respect her choices in life, they don’t need to be in it; and Ava slaps Doc.

The Real Housewives of New York City

In Southampton, Ramona helps Dorinda with her luggage. Tinsley and Sonja arrive a few minutes later. Sonja says Tinsley is a good driver, who knew? For some reason she also thinks this will make Tinsley a good mother. Dorinda has brought mermaid outfits for everyone. She wants to do more fun-hearted (is that a word?) stuff. All they do is go out to eat and drink, and she wants to do something silly. They’re doing a mermaid photo shoot. Ooh, those are really cute! Sparkly tails with shell bras, and a floral headband.

Bethenny asks LuAnn about dating. LuAnn says, the best guys are in AA, and Barbara wants to go. She hasn’t had a relationship in a few years. She thinks she’s a great catch, but when men see her on the job site, they think it’s a lot. LuAnn wants to see Sonja.

Dorinda thinks it might just be the four of them for dinner. Ramona extended an invite to the others, but hasn’t heard back. In her interview, Ramona says it’s no surprise not to hear from Bethenny. She isn’t close to anyone, but is close to LuAnn by default. LuAnn calls Sonja. She’s surprised Sonja isn’t staying with her, and calls her a traitor. Jokingly… I think. She asks if they’re going to dinner tonight. Sonja can’t wait. LuAnn is having a dinner for those who supported her. Barbara tells Sonja that she’s having a clambake tomorrow, and Sonja immediately blabs to the others, inviting them. In Barbara’s interview, she says she’s already worried about Dorinda coming, and now she has to worry about Ramona. LuAnn doesn’t want to be around Ramona, who lies about her. We flash back to Ramona gossiping at the Reunion about seeing LuAnn cavorting at a hotel, and being asked to leave somebody’s party. LuAnn says it’s damaging to how she feels about herself. Being around Ramona makes her want to have a cocktail. I can’t say I blame her one bit. It would make me want a whole lot of cocktails.

In Ramona’s interview, she says LuAnn and Bethenny obviously have issues with her, but she’s not concerned about what others think. She’s just doing her. Sonja comes out in her mermaid outfit, and goes down the stairs on her butt. Ramona tries walking down the conventional way, and it takes forever. The others are outside taking pictures already. Sonja says the cutest mermaid is Tinsley, but she knows Tinsley will complain about how she looks. Ramona says she’ll go in the deep end of the pool with her noodle now, since she’s taken swimming lessons.

LuAnn and Barbara arrive at Almond. Sonja shows up next, and Barbara is excited to see her. In her interview, Sonja says they’ve known each other forever, and travel in the same circles. Sonja tells Barbara that Dorinda isn’t drinking.

Ramona, Tinsley, and Dorinda eat across the street. Ramona says she’s hitting the bar, and then coming back.

Barbara thinks it’s great that Dorinda isn’t drinking. They hope Dorinda and LuAnn can be together again. Sonja says she’s coming to Barbara’s party, but Barbara says LuAnn is in a vulnerable state, and doesn’t want to be around Ramona. Sonja asks what she should tell her hostess, who’s excited to come. In Barbara’s interview, she feels bad. She’s in an awkward position, but doesn’t want people to come who make LuAnn uncomfortable. She suggests Sonja ask Dorinda to call or text LuAnn. Bethenny joins them. It was hard for her to get out of the car. She was afraid she’d run into someone who would say something about Dennis, and she doesn’t want to live in the crying. Ann, another friend of LuAnn’s, sits down with them. LuAnn says it’s great to have friends who are being supportive. They toast with water.

Ramona comes back to the table, saying, they won’t believe it; you can’t make this sh*t up. She was chatting and flirting with a bunch guys, and found out they were gay. Imagine that. Gay guys in the Hamptons. She says her gaydar must be off. She just wants a nice relationship, but all the men are forty. The last guy wanted a child. She wants a new chapter. I’m wondering how you can leave your friends for a drink and flirting session before dinner. Desperate much?

LuAnn thanks them for everything. In retrospect, she’s glad she didn’t get the mega mansion. In Bethenny’s interview, she says by intervention weekend, LuAnn was making irrational financial decisions. She wanted a $6 million mansion in upstate New York. Who does that? LuAnn says she was calling everyone, and got mad at Bethenny for not giving her the money for the house. She would have sold her soul for it. In her interview, she says she’d been sober for months, but had a glass of wine here and a glass of wine there, and the lawsuit was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Two bottles of rosé wasn’t enough. Ann emailed everyone, and they got the code to LuAnn’s phone. Barbara said, enough is enough, got power of attorney, and they blocked calls and emails. LuAnn says she doesn’t remember a damn thing. Barbara said if she refused to go to rehab, they were literally going to strap her down and bring her there. LuAnn says she owes them, but Bethenny says she doesn’t. That’s what friends are for. Thanks. Now I have an earworm of that song. LuAnn says she had to learn that alcohol was a power greater than herself – for the second time. She doesn’t want to hear from Dorinda unless it’s coming from a good place. If not, LuAnn doesn’t want a relationship with her at all.

Tinsley and Ramona are ready for tennis; a pro is coming to give them a lesson. Ramona says she flirted with the pro at a bar. She didn’t want to date him, but wanted to take lessons. Tennis pro Michael comes in. In her interview, Dorinda says, Ramona loves to flirt, and hires people so she can flirt constantly. Dorinda just watches while Tinsley and Ramona play. We find out Tinsley played at Columbia University. In Dorinda’s interview, she says, if Tinsley gets too many balls, Ramona won’t be happy. Ramona wants all the balls, and wants them hard. Dorinda eventually wanders off. In her interview, Tinsley says, Ramona was being competitive, and should stick to flirting. It’s the game she plays best. Ramona says her game isn’t that great right now. She’s been traveling, and then it was raining. She leaves the court.

Bethenny goes to her investment property in Easthampton, bringing Barbara along. She purchased it on a whim, getting a great deal. She’s not sure if she should sell it or keep renting, and wants Barbara’s opinion. She wants to talk to someone on planet earth. We flash back to Ramona babbling about how she wouldn’t own a property in Easthampton. Barbara says, it’s Architectural Digest. It’s priceless. Bethenny says she rented it for eight weeks at $15K, and it’s cheaper to run, so it pays for itself. In her interview, Barbara says, the house has great bones. She thinks it’s the perfect house. They talk about the trim, and some of it looks like mine. I do not, however, live in the perfect house. Bethenny says she doesn’t want to sell it now, and Barbara says she’ll live there.

Dorinda tells Sonja to spill the beans about the dinner. Sonja says it was mostly about LuAnn’s recovery. She went back to rehab for fourteen days. Ramona says, in her opinion, fourteen days isn’t rehab; it’s a vacation. And God knows, she’s the expert. In her interview, Ramona doesn’t think LuAnn is touching on her deep emotional problems. Sonja says it was about being supportive, and not taking her off the rails. Dorinda says part of getting sober is responsibility. Another expert weighs in. She says if a trigger causes LuAnn to fall off the wagon, she shouldn’t do cabaret, but stay longer in rehab. I have no words about Dorinda deciding what triggers someone else. Sonja says, Barbara is having a clambake, and she asked who was invited. Barbara told her to just bring Tinsley. LuAnn is in a very vulnerable state, and doesn’t want emotional triggers. Dorinda asks if it’s Barbara’s clambake or LuAnn’s? Since Barbara told her about it, should she call and find out if she’s disinvited? Sonja says everyone thinks Dorinda should give LuAnn a call. Dorinda knows Sonja is trying her best, but says that’s not happening; it’s ridiculous to her. Sonja says Barbara wants LuAnn to be comfortable, and Dorinda says that’s not her responsibility. In her interview, Tinsley doesn’t know why Barbara is causing tension. it seems like she wants to make it worse. Sonja says Dorinda should call out of respect to Barbara and LuAnn, but Dorinda repeats, it’s not happening. She’ll call Barbara, and see if she wants her there.

It’s official, Bethenny is not selling. She gives Barbara an upstairs tour. Dorinda calls Barbara, and asks, what is this? Has she been disinvited to the clambake? Barbara says she’s not disinvited. Dorinda asks if she’s expected to call LuAnn. She’s not doing it. They had one incident after thirteen years. We flash back to Dorinda being a drunken a-hole, telling LuAnn at least she doesn’t have a mug shot. Dorinda adds, and frankly, she didn’t say anything that wasn’t true. She spent the next four weeks apologizing, after years devotion. Then LuAnn was bashing her in the press. Barbara keeps trying to talk, but Dorinda just talks over her. She says she’s been taking the high road. In Barbara’s interview, she says Dorinda’s problem is that she can’t say she’s wrong. She has an excuse for everything. She’s her own worst enemy. Dorinda wants to be assured that LuAnn is in a good place and there won’t be any erratic behavior. LuAnn should call her. Barbara is concerned about LuAnn sticking to her program, and doesn’t want to put her in a vulnerable position. Dorinda says, LuAnn is running around doing cabaret. Barbara says she’s doing well, but she’s only fifty-five days sober. Ramona thinks it’s ridiculous; they’re not in high school. Funny, since I’ve consistently thought that about her. Barbara says she wants them there, but just give LuAnn a call. Dorinda says they’re not in that place, and it’s disingenuous. And disingenuous to her growth right now. She’s not mad; she’s nothing. Ramona says they should go there and resolve the issue. Dorinda says if she’s not good enough, she’ll disinvite herself. At LuAnn’s place, Bethenny asks if it’s animal farm over there. In her interview, Bethenny says, Dorinda is living in this argument, and wants to win and prove her point. They’re not on the road to repair. Barbara is sorry Dorinda feels that way. Dorinda tells Barbara that she’ll see her in the city. Bethenny never thought she’d apologize, but figured she’d call. Barbara says Dorinda wouldn’t let her talk. Bethenny says, Dorinda has to win, and Barbara says, there’s nothing to win.

Ramona says they’re not four, and I bite my tongue. Barbara calls LuAnn, and says she had an upsetting call from Dorinda. She was aggressive, and she’s not going to call LuAnn. Dorinda says she doesn’t need to bend the knee. I heave a huge sigh, since this isn’t Game of Thrones. Not even close. LuAnn tells Barbara that’s why she wanted Dorinda to call. She knew Dorinda wasn’t in a good place. Ramona gripes that Barbara made it worse. Bethenny tells LuAnn, not only won’t Dorinda apologize, she thinks Dorinda wouldn’t spit on LuAnn if she was on fire.

Barbara shops for the clambake. She thinks it’s going to be thirteen people. LuAnn joins her at the market. Barbara loves a clambake. She loves anything not in the kitchen. She never has the right tools to cook. LuAnn suggests crab cakes. Barbara is blown away by Dorinda’s call. LuAnn says she called it. Dorinda isn’t in the right headspace. Barbara says, she’s not drinking, but LuAnn doesn’t buy it. Sonja said Dorinda wasn’t drinking, but LuAnn couldn’t do it on her own. She thinks Dorinda’s been drinking too long for that, but God bless her if she does it. In Barbara’s interview, she doesn’t think it’s necessary for Dorinda to go to rehab, and LuAnn wouldn’t be the person to make that decision. I like Barbara. She seems very fair. LuAnn hopes Ramona isn’t coming. Barbara tells her, Ramona said she wasn’t. LuAnn says Dorinda is being coached by Ramona.

Dorinda says she’s not calling and making a spectacle of forgiveness. She’s happy she’s not going. Ramona tells Dorinda that when she’d said something negative about John, Dorinda said it hurt because Ramona was a good friend. Maybe LuAnn feels the same way. Dorinda won’t accept that, and says she’s sending LuAnn a text. She doesn’t even need to add anything. Ramona looks at it, and she likes it. She tells Dorinda that she’s reaching out in a way; it’s a life lesson. She thinks it’s fabulous. Appropriate, and not confrontational. Dorinda hits send.

LuAnn gets the text. She reads it to Barbara. When you haven’t forgiven those who hurt you, you turn your back against your future. When you forgive, you walk forward. – Tyler Perry. In her interview, LuAnn says, how deep. They love him, but really? Not Gandhi? Not even Oprah? Not Deepak Chopra? Barbara says she could respond with question marks. LuAnn says she could say, very deep, but Barbara says, no. That’s antagonistic. She has Ramona in her ear. It’s crazy times two.

The clambake is being set up. Barbara checks everything out. LuAnn says it looks great. Barbara says she heated the pool in case anyone wants to go in. LuAnn says, or if she wants to push someone in. Is Ramona coming? Barbara says all she knows is she over-ordered on lobster.

Oh boy. On the preview before the commercial, they revealed Ramona is going to show up. She’s so freaking clueless. I’d love to see her get a slap in the face. Repeatedly.

Bethenny arrives bringing friend Gina. She says the house has a Moroccan vibe. In her interview, she’s impressed that Barbara built a house in the Hamptons. She can’t build a card house. Barbara isn’t into design, so the interior is a little ADD.

Ramona tells Dorinda that she’s saying her piece to Barbara. She doesn’t know if she’s invited, but she’s bearing two bottles of wine. Dorinda says she’s looking forward to silence and alone time.

LuAnn tells Bethenny about the text. She doesn’t know how to respond. Bethenny says she doesn’t have to. LuAnn reads it to Bethenny, and they laugh, and Bethenny says, she’s quoting Tyler Perry instead of Gandhi?

Tinsley, Ramona, and Sonja pull into Barbara’s driveway. Sonja thinks Dorinda should have come along and sucked it up, but Ramona says she shouldn’t have to. There will be a hundred people there. Once again, clueless, since Barbara said it was more like thirteen. Ramona says she’s set a thirty minute timer. She’s waiting thirty minutes before she talks to Barbara; she doesn’t want to go in too quickly. They promised Dorinda that they’d leave after an hour, so another timer is set for that. They walk inside the house, but no one is there. They wonder if they’re early, and can’t figure out where everyone is. Apparently they don’t understand what a clambake is either. How did any of these women survive for so long?

Bethenny says she loves Tyler Perry, but she would have thought Confucius. LuAnn says, a fortune cookie would have been better. Ramona says she wants to tell Barbara that Luann wanting a call from Dorinda is ridiculous based on her current behavior. LuAnn doesn’t tell the truth – only the truth that works for her. They wander around aimlessly.

Ann says LuAnn doesn’t need to respond. It’s not forever. Right now, they’re riled up. LuAnn sees Sonja come in, and smiles. She’s followed by Ramona, and I laugh at the immediate change in LuAnn’s expression. She says, ugh. Bethenny can’t believe it.

Next time, LuAnn tells Ramona to cut to the chase, Barbara gets in the pool, Barbara asks Dorinda if she heckled LuAnn, and Dorinda and LuAnn cross paths at a party.

📘 The new season of The Book of John Grey premieres on April 6th.

🛀 Possible OLTL and AMC Return…

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March 12, 2019 – Carly Gets the Low Down, Candace Comes Clean, Teddi’s Texts Are Revealed & Sleep For Me Please


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason asks how Carly is feeling. She hurts all over, but she’s warmer than last night. Jason tells her the OB came by, and took her vitals. They’re strong, and everything is okay with the pregnancy. She says he not only saved her, but saved the baby.

In Ankara, Turkey, Sonny enters a restaurant. He checks his phone, and sees a message from Robert asking, where are u? He orders coffee. A young guy looks at Sonny, and follows the waiter to his table. He tries to lift Sonny’s phone, and Sonny asks if that’s the best he’s got.

Willow does some work in Charlie’s. Brad comes in. She says the kids have the day off. He asks if she just likes the coffee there, and she says she’s not lying in wait to ask about her baby. Brad says, his baby; he and Lucas are his parents. She says she’s very aware of that, and he says they have an agreement. She says she’s honoring it by not telling anyone she’s the birth mother. Unless he changed his mind, and told his husband the truth. He says he’s not keeping anything from anyone, but the fewer people who know, the better. Michael comes in, and asks how his godson is doing.

At the MetroCourt bar, Sasha tells Valentin they have a serious problem. He says Maxie helped herself to a piece of Sasha’s hair, and Sasha says after Maxie treated her to a manicure. She’s getting a DNA sample, and Sasha doesn’t want Nina to get her heart broken. Valentin says unless they block the DNA test, that’s what’s going to happen

Peter can’t believe Maxie yanked out Sasha’s hair. Not the subtlest move. Maxie tells him that she said she was pulling a grey; most people would be grateful. Nina arrives, and says she’s been trying to get ahold of Maxie. She asks about the hair in the plastic bag, and Maxie says the bag contains irrefutable evidence – she found a grey. Nina says Maxie isn’t grey. It was just a strand late for pigmentation class, but Maxie says she’s on her way to the colorist. Nina asks if Maxie could do a once-over of the advertising before they go to press. She has a big day planned for her and her maid of honor. Maxie says, enjoy. When Nina is gone, Maxie tells Peter that’s what she’s worried about. Every day, Nina invests more in the relationship. The sooner they get the sample to the lab, the better.

Valentin tells Sasha that he’ll take care of it. Nina joins them, and says, take care of what?

Obrecht comes in, and says Peter is just the man she wanted to see. She had an especially interesting letter from one of her readers.  She thinks it’s going to lead to her next column; a subject everyone can relate to.

Michael has a princess lunchbox with him, and Willow asks if it’s standard issue for CEOs. He says as much as he loves princesses, it’s Avery’s. She’s staying with them, and he forgot to pack her lunch, so he’s picking something up. Brad says he has a lab to run, and Michael tells him to say he was detained be a board member. He needs his Wiley fix, and wants to see the latest pictures. He thinks Willow would too, and Brad shows Michael his phone.

Josslyn asks Oscar if he’s sure today is the day. Oscar says as soon as they process the discharge papers, he’s out of there. Then they can take the Maid of the Mist, and kiss in front of the Falls. Drew and Kim come in. Oscar says he told Josslyn the good news. When he gets out, they want to see the Falls on the Maid of the Mist. Kim says they’ll have to wait. He has to take the helicopter back to Port Charles. Oscar asks if he’s trading one hospital for another. Josslyn tries leave, but Oscar asks her to stay. Kim says they need to get him to GH as soon as possible. Terry wants to run more tests. He doesn’t want to go straight to another hospital. The trip was his idea, and he wants to see the Falls with Josslyn. He knows it sounds dramatic and silly, but Drew says it doesn’t. Oscar says then he must understand why he can’t wait.

The boy tells Sonny to let him go. Sonny asks why he shouldn’t turn him in. He saw him run off with a guy’s wallet. The boy says, please don’t tell; the man was bad. Sonny asks if he’s Robin Hood. The waiter asks if the boy is bothering him. Sonny says he’s a friend, and they were just joking around. The waiter leaves, and the boy asks why Sonny didn’t tell. Sonny says he’s not a snitch, and he rewards friends. The boy sits, and says, he needs a favor, yes? Sony says, he might, and the boy asks what it’s worth. Sonny asks what it’s worth to him.

Carly asks Jason to tell her everything that happened, and start from the beginning. How did he know where to find her? How did he find out Ryan stuck her in the trunk and dumped her? How did he know Ryan replaced Doc, and how is Ava involved? She saw Ava looking at her in the trunk. Jason tells her not to raise her blood pressure, but she says she climbed an embankment twice without getting a stroke. She asks if Ryan was the patient next to her in Ferncliff, communicating by Morse code, and Jason says, yes. She says she saw him the day Jason broke her out, and asks when he replaced Doc. Jason tells her, Labor Day weekend. She says, it was so long ago. She caught him using Morse code twice, and called him out. He was so defensive, she should have known. Jason says not even she could have known. Carly says it’s why she stopped him in the garage. She knew there was a connection between Wilson and Ryan. He abducted her, and left her for dead. It wouldn’t have happened if she’d listened to Jason. Jason says, probably not. She asks if he’s mad at her, but he says he’s glad she’s alive.

Valentin tells Nina that he told Sasha not to worry about sending for her stuff. He’ll take care of it. Nina says he’s the best, and Sasha says, there’s no one like him. Nina needs to steal Sasha for mother/daughter day. Valentin says, Maxie seems more animated than usual, and Nina says, she found a grey hair. She tells Sasha that she wants to check out a new boutique, and Sasha says she can’t wait.

Peter tells Obrecht that she doesn’t need to run her columns by him, but she thought it would be of interest. It has to do with genetics, and whether things are hereditary, like criminal behavior or insanity. Peter says his father was insane, but he’s not. He tells her to do a series if she wants. He doesn’t care about the subject. Her column has been well-received, but it’s all about clicks, so the more sensational and controversial, the better. Nina thanks Maxie, and tells her not to worry about the grey. They leave, and Obrecht wonders what that was about.

Michael says Wiley has gotten big, and Brad says, kids do that. Michael asks what else Brad is keeping from him. Words, milestones; he’s interested in all things Wiley. Brad says he’s started crawling. He’s pulling himself up on things, so they’re removing the breakables. Willow says, better safe than sorry. Brad has to get to work. Michael asks him to send the pictures, but Brad says he’s ahead of him. When he leaves, Michael’s phone dings with the pictures, and Willow says, isn’t he the lucky one?

Oscar asks for a couple of hours to see the Falls, so the trip isn’t a complete bust. Drew has an idea. Instead of the Maid of the Mist, how about having the helicopter fly over the Falls? Oscar says it works for him. it’s actually even better. Josslyn says they won’t even get wet. He thought she wanted to kiss by the Falls, but she says she wasn’t thrilled with getting drenched. Drew asks if they have a deal, and Oscar says, deal.

The boy chows down on some food, and Sonny asks when was the last time he ate? He can’t remember, and introduces himself as Dan. Or something that sounds like Dan, so I’m calling him Dan. Sonny thinks Dan might be able to help him. He needs information, and thinks Dan is the man to get it for him.

Jason tells Carly that he called her from the garage to find out what floor she was on. He heard the phone ring, and found it near her car. She asks how he assumed Ryan abducted her, and he says he saw the security footage. They left within five minutes of each other, but Ryan’s car was gone and hers was still there, so he figured Ryan took her. She wonders how he knew Ryan was going to Niagara Falls, and Jason says he had a good idea Ava was with him, so he asked Julian. Laura found him, and wanted to come. He didn’t want to take her, but she said Sonny would want him too, so he did. He found Ryan and Ava on a footbridge crossing to Canada. He shot Ryan in the shoulder as a warning. Ava told him where Carly was, and Ryan didn’t like it. He jumped off the bridge, and took Ava with him. Carly asks if Ava is gone, but Jason says, Ryan is gone. He was able to pull Ava back up. She says it was nice of him, but he says he couldn’t let her die in front of Laura, and if Ava hadn’t told him where to look, he wouldn’t have found her.

Maxie tells Obrecht, it’s been happening since James born, and she can do without the occasional grey hair. Obrecht says she seems golden as always, and Peter says, golden is the the word. He looks forward to her next column. They leave, and Obrecht ponders.

Michael says he must be boring Willow, but she says she loves seeing him with his godson, more than he could possibly know. The way he came to terms with the loss of his son is extraordinary. Most people wouldn’t be able to bear the sight of another child. He says nothing can keep him away. They’re family, and he’s lucky to have him. She says maybe someday he’ll get another shot at being a father. He says funny she should mention that. He’s been imagining that possibility, but supposes he has to find someone first. She says, how old fashioned, and he says his track record is monumentally terrible. What about her and Chase? They seem to be hitting it off. She says, he’s great, and Michael says, maybe there’s a someday for her too, but she says, it’s kind of soon. When comes to children, she’s more than content with her classroom. At least for now. She tells him the seeds he gave them are starting to bloom. He should stop by and check them out,

Nina and Sasha come into Charlie’s. Nina says she could tell the boutique wasn’t for her. She stops and stares at Michael and Willow. Sasha asks, what’s wrong? and Nina says, him with her.

Valentin tells Obrecht that she’d better not disappoint or betray him.

Jason sees Josslyn in the waiting area. She asks what he’s doing there, and if her mom sent him to get her. He says her mom doesn’t know she’s there. Josslyn figured someone told her, and he asks what she’s doing there. She explains she came yesterday, with Oscar, Cameron, and Trina. They got a flat tire, and spent the night at a hotel. He asks if it was The Inn at Cascade Point, and she asks how he knew. He tells her, keep going, and she says, Oscar had a seizure and he’s in the hospital. His parents are with him. They came in the helicopter, and they’re taking him back to Port Charles. She’ll have to wait until she gets home to explain to her mom. He says she doesn’t have to.

Dan asks why Sonny thinks he could help. Sonny says Dan is smart. He keeps his eyes open, and this is his turf. He must have been through every basement and back alley, and probably remembers faces. He shows him a picture of Raj, and Dan says, everyone knows who he is, and to stay away from him. Sonny says he doesn’t have that luxury. Can Dan lead him to this guy? Dan thinks Sonny would be better off cutting his losses. Sonny asks why Dan’s English isn’t so broken now. Dan says Sonny isn’t a cop or a tourist. With the first one, he has to protect himself from, and the second, he wants to feel sorry for him. Sonny shows him another picture, and Dan asks, who is it? Sonny tells him, his son.

Josslyn goes to Carly’s room. she asks if Carly is okay. Carly asks what she’s doing there, and Josslyn says she’s sorry. She lied. She wasn’t spending the night at Trina’s. She, Oscar, Trina, and Cameron were going to Niagara Falls, and one of their tires blew up, so they spent the night in a hotel, but Oscar had a seizure. Carly asks where he is, and Josslyn says, the hospital. His parents are with him. She was in the waiting area when Jason saw her. She asks if Carly is hurt, but Carly says she’s fine. They want to monitor her. She has a lot to tell Josslyn, but it’s good. She’s pregnant.

Obrecht tells Valentin that she kept her end of the bargain. She hasn’t told a soul that he played fast and loose with her sister’s DNA. He says she’d better be damn sure no one finds out. If he loses Nina, she’ll lose a lot more.

Maxie and Peter go to the lab. Maxie asks if Brad is still doing bad stuff. He says he’s on the straight and narrow, and she says she’ll get down to business. Someone she cares about was led to believe she has a child who might not be hers. As a parent, she thinks that’s just wrong. Wouldn’t he agree?

Nina wants to steal Willow for a second, and they step away. Willow tells her, before she says anything, things between Aiden and Charlotte have improved. Nina says, imagine how Charlotte would feel about Willow dating one of her family members.

Michael sees Sasha, and says he enjoyed meeting her. She asks if he means when mom ambushed them.

Oscar wonders if he can ask Drew something. Drew says Oscar can ask him anything. Oscar says he doesn’t want to die without being with Josslyn, but it’s also something they both want. Drew knows what he’s asking, and had hoped he’d be older when they had this conversation. Drew sits on the bed, and says Oscar is curious about being intimate with Josslyn, even though he’s sick. Oscar puts his head on Drew’s shoulder, and says he doesn’t know what will happen. What should he do? Drew asks if he loves Josslyn, and he says he does. Drew says she might love him too, and when you love someone, it’s a whole lot more than being physical. It’s the ability share yourself; all your truths, completely bare, and they share too. It’s about being together, and showing love. Most people never experience it, no matter how long they live, so Drew thinks that makes him a very lucky young man. Oscar guesses he is lucky, and they hug.

Josslyn says, Carly is pregnant? When? Never mind. Carly says, it’s a lot to process, and Josslyn asks if she isn’t kind of old. Carly says, clearly not, and Josslyn apologizes, saying she’s not old, but she never thought Carly would have another kid. She knows Carly and Sonny love each other, but it’s kind of weird. She adds it’s none of her business, and it’s great. She’s just going need a minute get used to it. Carly says she has nine months.

Maxie tells Brad that she thought it would be a no brainer, but he’s clearly conflicted. He says he’s just surprised the question is coming from her. Maxie says, this is what’s gong happen. He’s going to do the right thing, run the test samples, and only share the results with her and Peter. In the hallway, Valentin sees them through the window.

Michael tells Sasha, no explanation necessary. He comes from a long line meddlers. Sasha says something else they have in common. He says, besides a passion for environmental causes. She says, he demonstrates his with big money, and she recycles.

Willow says Chase is related to Charlotte? Nina asks, who’s Chase? and Willow says that’s the detective she’s dating. She and Michael are just friends. Nina is sure Willow and her detective are made for each other.

Sonny tells Dan that his son’s name is Dante. He has a wife and kids, and a family who loves him. Dan asks why he’s so far away, and Sonny says he came there to bring Raj down, but Raj was one step ahead. Dan is sorry to say his son is gone. Sonny knows that’s a possibility, but if there’s a chance he’s alive, Sonny is going to do what he can to find him. Will he help or not?

Josslyn asks if Carly wasn’t expecting it. Carly says, no. It was a surprise, like seeing her there. Was she going to spend the night with Oscar? Josslyn says she was, but that’s not why they came. A tire blew out, so they got two hotel rooms, and Trina said they should have one to themselves. Carly says, gotta love Trina. Josslyn says she and Oscar talked about having sex, and she thinks it would have happened, but he had a seizure. Carly asks if they had protection, and Josslyn says, yes. Carly says, good. Josslyn honestly doesn’t know what to do. The seizure was so much worse, and Oscar was unconscious for a while afterward. She didn’t want to say it in front of him, but she was scared. Carly says, it’s okay to be scared, and hugs her. She says she’ll be there for Josslyn; she promises. Josslyn says she’s lucky to have Carly, and the baby is lucky too.

Obrecht reads that the letter writer’s son was adopted under unusual circumstances.

Michael tells Sasha, hell hath no fury like a hungry Avery, and Sasha says maybe they’ll run into each other again. Willow comes by, and says she’ll walk him out. They leave Nina brings over coffee. She says Willow and Michael are just friends, and asks what they were talking about. Sasha says, thanks for caring, but she can take care of her own personal life. Nina knows that, but asks if it wouldn’t be great if Sasha met a guy with many great qualities, and settled down in Port Charles?

Brad asks if Maxie is looking for specific results, but she says she wants the truth, and nothing but. Do it, and he’ll have another shot at redemption. He says she had him at redemption. He’ll run the test, and put a rush on it.

On the phone, Valentin tells someone to drop what they’re doing. He has a job for them.

Josslyn comes back to Oscar’s room. He says she’s been gone a while, and asks if everything is okay, but she says she was charging her phone. A thing ok charge phone. A nurse comes with a wheelchair. Oscar says he’d rather walk, but she says, hospital rules. Josslyn asks if she can push, and Drew helps him into the chair. Oscar asks if they can do a wheelie, but Kim tells him, don’t you don’t dare. Oscar asks if they can see how fast it goes, and Kim tells them to be careful.

Jason brings Carly a smoothie recommended for pregnant women. He asks how Josslyn is, and Carly says, freaked out. The last thing she expected was a little brother or sister. He asks if she told Carly about Oscar, and she says he’s flying back to Port Charles with his parents, and she told Josslyn to go with them. He asks if Josslyn knows what happened to her, but Carly says Josslyn has been through so much, and she’s fine, so there was no point. He asks if she’s sure she’s fine, and she says she almost gave up. When she got to the top and slipped, she slid back down. She was lying there, and thought she was going to die there, but got back up and started climbing. When she slipped again, he caught her. When she saw his face, she was so grateful, but not surprised. He says, as long as he’s breathing, if she needs him, he’ll find a way to get to her. She knows.

Dan tells Sonny, if he did see something, what’s in it for him? Sonny tells him, find his son, and he’ll find a way to help him. Dan starts to talk out with Sonny’s phone, and Sonny asks if he’s forgetting something. Dan gives the phone back, and says, hey, American, let’s go find your son. They leave together.

Tomorrow, Harmony asks Shiloh what happened to the man who professed his love for her, Laura asks Doc when he found out his brother was alive, and Ava tells Franco that she hopes Ryan is alive so she can kill him.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Wyatt loads a gun he found in the basement, and heads back upstairs. He hears David talking in the other room, and quietly puts the gun next to the fireplace. He goes upstairs to his room.

David says he found out very little. Veronica tells them the grand jury indicted all of them, and they can expect to be arrested at any moment. She suggests Kathryn not wear a girdle this time, and Kathryn tells her she should lay off the wigs. Veronica says Jim’s son did it this time. Why don’t they admit she was right? Wyatt should have gone to prison. Kathryn says, that’s what led him to this, and Veronica says they have a serious difference of opinion. She told Jim to get that boy in line, and they need to admit she was right. Kathryn says she’s trying to be cordial, and Veronica asks if Kathryn is going to shoot her too. Kathryn says, yes, and Jim says, this is serious; they can’t be at each other’s throats. David says they have to stick together. Jim says Wyatt has a drug problem, and Kathryn asks how Jeffrey is. David says that’s not helping. She says he looked happy last time she saw him, and Jim says, that’s how people look when they’re living life the way they were designed. I wonder how a major a-hole Jim can be so insightful at times. David says, stop. They have to work on a plan, and work together. Veronica wants know what the genius who shot someone in her own house has to say. Kathryn wonders what the bitch that hid the car can tell them. Jim tells them, stop. They’re all going to jail if they don’t get together. This is exactly what they want them do. David says Veronica has the best legal strategy; let her think.

Wyatt calls Jeffrey. He says he’s going to do it, and Jeffrey asks what he’s talking about. Wyatt says no one would believe him. Jeffrey asks if he’s high, and Wyatt says that’s the problem; he can’t get high. He’s going to do all of them in. He’s going to do it. Jeffrey says, do what? and Wyatt says he’ll see, and hangs up.

Veronica and David go through some case files. Veronica says the drunk in corner isn’t helping, and Kathryn says she’s just jealous. She’ll pour her one. David tells Kathryn, stop it, and Kathryn says, she started it. He asks if they’re twelve. David says, Veronica is a smart woman with a sharp legal mind. Let her focus. Veronica says, wait. David is being so nice. He knew this was coming. He says he didn’t, but she says he did. He wanted to get back together because he wanted her on his side. Kathryn says, here we go. It takes nothing for the paranoia to sink in with her. Veronica says David came to her house, and wanted to get back together David insists he does, and Kathryn laughs. Jim tells her, stop it. They can be arrested at any minute. They have to take this seriously. Veronica says David was with that little whore. That’s what this is; he played her for a fool. She walks out, and Jim says they need her. Kathryn doesn’t care, and he says she doesn’t care about going to prison? He tells David, get her back. If she joins the other side, their money won’t mean a damn thing.

Landon brings a bunch of dresses to Candace’s room. He says he contacted several designers, and they all want to dress the President’s girlfriend – especially after he showed them this. He shows her a picture with her face on a different body. He holds up a dress, and she says, it’s matronly. Landon says, First Lady, and holds up another one. He loves this one. She says he would; he should wear it. He says if he thought it would turn him on, he totally would. They laugh, and Charles, who has come in through the adjoining door, says, it won’t. Landon says, sorry, and Charles tells him to leave them, and the dress. Landon jets, and Candace laughs. Charles wishes Landon would stop saying things like that. Candace says, he’s joking. Charles is a handsome man, and should be happy Landon is flirting. Charles says, if he wants to keep his job, he’ll stop. She tells him, don’t be uptight. He says the only person he wants flirting with him, he’s looking at. She kisses him.

Charles says he had a break, and wanted see her. He knows it was rough last night. She says she’s better, and he asks if she saw her mother. She says she hasn’t, and he says she should; it would be good for her. She’s afraid Hanna will come at her wrong, and she’ll have to stand her ground. Why should she take his advice? He says he’s the President, and she says, President Elect. He says, boyfriend elect, and she says they’re dating, but there’s no one else. He says he knows, and she says she hates that. He tells her, get used to it. He knows everything. She says, it’s creepy. He says, it can be, but she should feel wonderful that he cares enough to want to know. She says, a voyeur with a heart, and asks how it’s going. He says most of the country loves him; the rest hate him. She says welcome to her world. He tells her that he has fifteen minutes, and she asks why his clothes aren’t off. He says he didn’t come to have sex; fifteen minutes would just annoy him. She asks, why come? and he says, this. He kisses the top of her head, and sits behind her. They cuddle, and she says, this is it? He says, it feels good, doesn’t it? She admits it does. He wants her to feel his heart, and know he heard her. He promises he’ll never hurt her. He’s just staying and holding her a while. He asks if that’s okay, and she says it is, but if he hurts her, she’ll hurt him back. He tells her, hush. I’m not much for romances, but I’m all in on this.

Jeffrey calls Madison. He wants to apologize; he was out of line. Madison says he should apologize. He should have never said anything to Jeffrey’s dad. Jeffrey says, just let it go. Madison asks if they’re still friends, and Jeffrey says, yeah. He wasn’t mad at Madison, just mad. Madison asks where he is, and Jeffrey says he doesn’t want to know. Madison says if he needs a place to stay, Jeffrey can sleep on his couch. Jeffrey says he doesn’t need a place to stay, and Madison asks if he’s staying there. Jeffrey says, no; he’s just visiting. Madison begs him not to go. Justin is trying to manipulate him. Jeffrey says he’ll be fine, but Madison says it gives him bad vibes. Jeffrey asks, can we not do this? and Madison asks Jeffrey to call him when he’s done, and asks what’s the address. Jeffrey says he’ll text it on his way up. Madison says he’s not planning on coming there. He just wants to know where to send the police. He has a really bad feeling. Jeffrey hangs up.

At a meeting in FBI headquarters, FBI Guy #1 asks what they’ve got. FBI Guy #2 (a dude from Too Close to Home) says, not much. #1 says, the President is out of office, and they’re going to be replaced by a new administration. #2 says, the guy’s clean, and #1 says, nobody’s clean. #2 says, this guy seems to be. They’re looking at slides, and #1 says, go back. Who is that? It Candace, and #2 says, the President’s new girlfriend. #1 says, he’s kidding. There’s no way they found nothing on her? He knows her. She’s a whore who robbed him. #2 says he warned #1 about the rules. He wants sit in #1’s seat one day. #1 says, it starts with her. He has to find out everything. #2 says, she’s clean, but #1 says, no way. Someone had to clean her up. #2 says he’ll see what he can find out.

Justin straightens up. He looks through the blinds, fluffs pillows. and takes a deep breath. Jeffrey gets out of his car, and stands there a moment. His phone rings. It’s Wyatt, who says, talk him down. He’s going to do it. No one wants them around. Jeffrey tells him, don’t call if he’s using, and Wyatt asks why he’s saying that. Jeffrey says, he was doing so good; why stop? Wyatt tells him that they took Anna off. They won’t let her work with him because they made out. He asks if Jeffrey did this. Did he get her fired because he’s jealous? Jeffrey says he can’t do this, and Wyatt says he’s still going to do it. Jeffrey says, do what? and Wyatt says, kill everyone in the house. Jeffrey says, go ahead; do that. Wyatt says Jeffrey thinks he’s joking, but Jeffrey says he doesn’t care. He said don’t call, and he meant it. He hangs up, and Justin is there. He asks if Jeffrey was talking to Madison, and Jeffrey says, if Justin is acting like this, he’s not coming up. Justin says he’s just excited that Jeffrey is there. Jeffrey asks how Justin knew he was there, and Justin says he just had a feeling. He asks if Jeffrey smells anything. Maybe a certain fragrance? Jeffrey says Justin smells like him, and Justin thinks maybe they should wear the same fragrance. He’s excited for Jeffrey to see the place. Jeffrey says he needs to check with his dad, and he’ll be there. Surprisingly, Justin goes back up

Mitch goes to the Iron Bone, and asks a guy where Uncle Vinnie is. The guy says he gave Vinnie the Cryer kid’s address. Mitch says he didn’t want Vinnie to have that, and the guy says, too bad. Vinnie knows and he’s pissed. Mitch’s punk ass is trying to be a hero, but he can’t run from this. Vinnie joins them, and says Mitch wasn’t going to tell him, but Mitch says he was giving Vinnie time to recuperate. He just got out of the hospital, and doesn’t look too good. Vinnie says Mitch knows he’s going to kill Wyatt, and Mitch asks if Mama Rose knows. She has ties in deep. There have been a lot of favors between the families. Vinnie doesn’t give a damn. He’s killing this SOB. Mitch says Jim knows things, and Mama Rose won’t be okay with him going after Jim’s son. Vinnie asks, who’s going to tell her? Mitch asks how much Wyatt owes Vinnie, and Vinnie says, his life. Mitch says, Vinnie is alive; how much? Vinnie says he got five grand, and Mitch asks Vinnie to let him work on that, but Vinnie wants fifty. Mitch says, all right. Let him work with the Cryers; keep the peace. Vinnie asks what he’s trying to do, and Mitch says he’s the peacemaker in the family. Vinnie says, no; he is. After the kid is dead. Mitch says, let him get the fifty grand. If it works, Wyatt walks away. The bottom line is, Vinnie doesn’t want this. Vinnie says he’ll think about it, and tells Mitch not to keep any more secrets from the family.

At the kitchen table, Derrick and Hanna laugh. Benny says, it’s not that funny. Hanna asks if he liked the chicken, and Benny says, it was good. Derrick says he made it, and Benny says, that explains why it was so dry. Hanna and Derrick laugh some more, and Derrick says he’s got the dishes. There’s a knock at the door. Derrick says he’ll get it, but Benny says, no, he won’t. Benny goes to the door, and says it’s Candace. Hanna says, oh, Lord, and Derrick tells her not to be like that. She says Candace comes with so much drama.

Benny calls to Hanna, who comes into the living room. Candace asks if they can talk. Benny asks what about, and she says to both of them actually. Hanna says, okay, and Candace sits. Benny asks, what’s up? It looks like she’s been crying. Candace doesn’t think she can do this, and Benny says, what? Hanna asks what she’s gotten herself into now. She’s seen this act before. Benny suggests hearing Candace out. Hanna says she’s tried this with her before when she wanted the money, and admitted sending a man to threaten her. Candace says, this is a bad idea, but Benny tells her, sit down and talk. Hanna says she’s not falling for a con, but Candace says she’s not trying to con. Hanan says she wants the money. Candace says she doesn’t; give it back to Jim. She tells Benny, sign the papers. Benny says he can’t; he has a problem. Hanna says they can’t keep it, but Benny says Mitch’s family wants interest. Twenty grand.

Candace has a solution. She says the eight million is in a money market account. Hanna could ask Kathryn if she can keep the interest. Hanna says keep the interest on the money Candace stole? and Candace says, yes; she stole it. She’s not proud of a lot of bad things she’s done. Hanna asks what she’s trying to get. What does she want? Hanna doesn’t have time for her to waste. Benny asks Hanna to listen. He’s never seen Candace look like this. Hanna says the last time she was there, she looked like that.

Candace holds up a plastic ring, and asks if Hanna remembers it. When she was a little girl, she wanted to be in a play. She wanted to be the lead, but she told Hanna they gave the part to Angela. The kids said Candace didn’t get it because her skin was too dark. Hanna held her tight, and gave her this ring. She told her, this for the Black girls who have skin like hers. She took Candace in front of a mirror, combed her hair back, and showed Candace the beauty in her face. Does she remember? Hanna does. She told Candace to look at her eyes, skin, and hair, and told her that she was a natural beauty. She said Candace didn’t need stuff on her face like the other girls. She always remembered that, and always kept the ring. Even when she lost everything, including Hanna. Hanna tears up, and says Candace never lost her. Candace says Hanna hates her, but Hanan says, that’s not true. Just because she doesn’t stand with Candace when she does something wrong, she doesn’t hate her.

Candace asks if Hanna remembers when she told her about being raped by a man with a lion tattoo on his chest, and she was a rape baby. She thought, wow. Hanna still held her up, and told her she was beautiful. They’re both crying now, and I’m close. Hanna says she doesn’t hate Candace. It’s the farthest thing from her mind and heart. She loves Candace so much; the both of them. Benny is crying too. Hanna says she cannot and will not stand for what’s wrong, and Candace says she should have never asked Hanan to. She was right all along. Hanna says she still sees the little girl in her. She’ll always see the beauty in her. Candace is her child; her baby. Does she understand that? She would lay down her life for her. Candace asks if that’s true, and Hanna asks, what dos she think? Candace says, yes, and she loves Hanna too. That did it. Now we’re all crying. Candace says the more disappointed Hanna was in her, the angrier she became. She knows Hanna loved her grandon, and tried to protect him. It’s all her fault. Hanna says it’s been hard for all of them. Candace was his mother. Hanna knows she loved him so much. Candace hands Hanna a box. She wants her to have his ashes. She doesn’t deserve them. She asks Hanna to please take them, and Hanna says okay. Benny asks, what’s wrong? What’s going on?

Candace says she can’t do this anymore. She’s done. She can’t hold all this stuff in anymore. Please give the money back, and forgive her. Hanna says, all things are possible. She thinks she can do that, but what happened between last time and now? Candace says she kept seeing Hanna. She was so angry at times. So angry, she didn’t even know herself. Please forgive her. Hanna says she can. Candace says every day she wakes up and wonders if she ever will. Hanna didn’t know this was going to happen, no matter what Candace did. Benny says she didn’t do this, and Candace says, but she caused it. She knows that, and she’s sorry for all the pain she’s caused to both of them. She says they’ll see her around. Benny says she’s scaring him, but Candace says she’s not doing anything crazy to herself. She’s done. She’s tired. She loves them. Benny says they love her, and Candace asks Hanna for a hug. Hanna hugs her, and they cry some more. Candace loves Hanna so much, and Hanna loves her too. Candace says she’s fine. She’ll call Benny later. She says, bye, mom.

After she leaves, Hanna says, God heard her. She’s prayed for all these years, and God heard her. She cries out, and Benny holds her. I’m totally losing it now, and hope no one walks in.

Next time, Veronica asks David why he’s being so nice and if he’s wearing a wire; Jim makes Wyatt spit pills out, and Landon doesn’t like something.

Wow. That was great. And you just know something really bad is going to happen now.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Sophia asks Kyle to help her pack. In Kyle’s interview, she says as a parent, it’s good to know all of her kids are at home under one roof. Sophia is leaving for DC and college, and Farrah will be meeting them there. Kyle asks Alexia what time she got home. Alexia says, it was Shelby’s birthday and it’s hurting. That’s all she’s going to say. In her interview, Kyle says Alexia has had an adjustment learning the party is over. College is done. Welcome to the real world. Get a job. Sophia says goodbye to the dogs, and sniffles. Kyle makes a sad face, and hugs her, saying, it’s going to be okay. Kyle tells us that she feels better when she’s near Sophia, and knows she’s safe. She doesn’t like change. I don’t think anyone really does.

LisaR meets Denise for a walk. Denise forgot her sunglasses. If that was me, I’d totally have to go back home and get them. I’ve done it. LisaR is wearing an Erika Jayne T-shirt, and promises to get Denise one. Denise says she had fun on the trip. She loves Erika. We flash back to Erika insisting on a Bond girl moment. Denisse likes LVP too, and we flash back to their massage and discussion about adopted children. LisaR asks what’s going on with Aaron and the kids, and Denise says his divorce is final after two years, so they’re getting married. LisaR gets all excited, and Denise says, it will be soon. She didn’t want an engagement ring; just a wedding band. LisaR says she deserves happiness. She’s been through it. She suggests they focus on that rather than the dog business.

Dorit joins PK on the patio. Well, it’s probably one of their many patios. He asks if she’s spoken to LVP. She never called or texted on his birthday, and it’s not like her. Dorit says, it needs to be resolved; it can’t just disappear. PK says he loves LVP. She’s a genius at manipulation, and he respects her for it, but it’s different when it’s his wife. Dorit just wants honesty. PK asks if Teddi is making anything up, but Dorit doesn’t think so. In her interview, Dorit says Teddi’s conviction and angst are hard not to believe. PK says Dorit did nothing wrong; LVP was naughty. Dorit says she just wants a sorry from her.

Erika tells herself she’s not eating tarts. Or maybe she was talking to the dog; I’m not sure. Teddi – who at this point, is irritating the blip out of me – comes by. In her interview, Erika says she and Teddi have had issues in the past – we flash back to Erika ripping Teddi a new one – but they’ve put those to bed. They had a great time in the Bahamas, and Teddi ain’t no punk. She found her voice, and telling LVP she’s not playing takes a different level of strength. Erika gives her a mini tour of the house, and they go to the kitchen. Teddi says she’s sore after filming her workout video. Erika asks when it’s out, and Teddi says it will probably be finished in three weeks. Erika shows her the chapel, where there are lots of frescos, relics, stained glass, and such. It’s beautiful.

Teddi says when Erika said they should let things go, she didn’t think Erika really would, but then they were having fun. Erika says, and then this happened. Where is she with that? Teddi says there was tension between her and Dorit, who ignored her at public functions. LVP knew they had problems, and she got a call from Vanderpump Dogs, saying that LVP wanted her to know about Dorit’s dog. Teddi admits she wasn’t above board, and kept asking for more information. She was fed information, and then when they got invited to Vanderpump Dogs by LVP, she was told that LVP wanted her to tell everyone what Dorit did, but she couldn’t go through with it.

Puffy/Harrison! Giggy!!! LVP asks if Ken talked to John, but he says he’s too angry. We flash back to Ken showing LVP the texts between John Blizzard and Teddi. In LVP’s interview, she says she was sure Teddi had nothing to do with it. Teddi sat there while she was being hammered, and she’d been texting John, who’s the culprit here. John arrives, and Ken says he’s going to the office. LVP says she doesn’t know John very well, and appreciates everything he’s done, but he complicated her life. They’re not close, but clearly, he’s closer to Teddi.

Teddi tells Erika that LVP went into a tizzy, telling her not to say anything, and she realized she’d been set up. She doesn’t feel good about it. In Erika’s interview, she says, Teddi isn’t as innocent as she portrayed herself, and it takes a lot to want to help take someone down. Teddi says she has proof, but she thinks LVP is going to flip it.

John says he was told that LVP didn’t care who knew about Dorit. LVP says then he implicated her. John admits to putting words in her mouth that weren’t true. He’s sorry. She says she had no clue that Teddi was going to say something about Dorit’s dog. She didn’t know Teddi was involved. Dorit won’t be happy until LVP shows her the texts. John says, at the same time, Teddi shouldn’t have texted him. LVP says she’ll have to tell Dorit.

Mauricio and Kyle bring Sophia to her dorm. Mauricio says they’ll have to decorate. There’s a lot more space than Farrah had. Kyle wants it cozy and comfortable. In her interview, Kyle says, it’s not like when they turn eighteen, a parent’s job is done. It’s just a different job. She needs to make Sophia feel safe, comfortable, and secure. Mauricio says, it’s exciting. Sophia wonders why she has to clean the toilet; it washes itself. Kyle says she uses Mauricio’s toothbrush.

LisaR doing a cover for Cvlux magazine. Nope, I’ve never heard of it either. She says they’re doing a home and garden issue, and she has no green thumb, but she’s a good actress. High fashion in the garden. In LisaR’s interview, she says LVP takes herself too seriously. She can’t be seen as effing up. If you own up to your mistakes, it means you’re not perfect. She feels sorry for LVP. When you take yourself too seriously, it ages you. She’s fresh as a daisy. She says she’s going into her third act; she’s been hustling for thirty-one years, and done many different things. We see a montage of some of those. She says she’s been tenacious, and stayed in the game. She’s never looked or felt better. Life is better, and she’s never been more successful. Go figure.

Teddi calls Kyle, and Mauricio uses the curling iron on her while she talks. Teddi is checking on her; seeing how she’s feeling. Kyle says she loves the college, and the area is great, but she’s not looking forward to Saturday. She asks how Teddi is, and Teddi says she just left Erika. Erika told her to remember they all believe her. LVP told Vanderpump Dogs to tell her about Dorit, and she used it to threaten Dorit. Kyle asks, what’s her next move? In Kyle’s interview, she says she’s been friends with LVP a long time, but Teddi is also a friend. She doesn’t want to take sides, so she just has to speak the truth. Teddi says Erika told her to speak the truth, and watch her back. Kyle jokes that she should sleep with one eye open.

Erika, Dorit, and Teddi meet for horseback riding. There’s a riding instructor, but they all have experience with horses. In her interview, Teddi says that her relationships with Dorit and Erika shifted, and she thought it would be a fun way for them to connect, doing something that makes them feel better, not worse. In Erika’s interview she says she’s an amateur rider. She’s taken some lessons, and it’s a departure from what she’s used to. She enjoys it. She says it doesn’t feel like LA. Dorit says she’s loved horses since she was little. She’s ridden horses all over the world.

Portia has joined Kyle and Mauricio in DC, and the family goes out to eat. Farrah has also met up with them. Kyle thinks the next thing they should do is set up a bank account for Sophia. Mauricio says she only gets to use the debit card; the credit card is only for emergencies. They also need to establish an amount. They didn’t have to with Alexia, since she doesn’t spend money. Sophia insists she doesn’t spend that much. In her interview, Kyle says Sophia is her most high maintenance child, and budget is not her favorite word. Mauricio asks how she gets her clothes, and Sophia says she doesn’t have any good clothes. Kyle says she didn’t just say that. She says she’s the luckiest mom. She’s proud of Sophia. She’s going to an amazing school, and she’ll have the best experience, but Kyle is going to miss her every day. Kyle tears up, and dabs at her eyes with a napkin. In her interview, she says it’s a proud moment. She didn’t go to college, and Sophia is her third daughter to go. It makes her proud. Mauricio toasts to an amazing experience in college, and coming home quickly.

Teddi, Dorit, and Erika go to a Western themed bar. In Dorit’s interview, she says the last few weeks have been trying with the dog drama. It’s nice being with women who aren’t taking jobs or digs. They order drinks and food. Dorit says her parents are celebrating their 45th anniversary. Her mother’s a saint. Teddi says, every woman is who deals with a man. Men have triggers, and she knows what to say to piss off Ed. Erika says that could be useful. In her interview, Teddi says that Ed claims he ended up with her because she trained horses, and can reign him in. Dorit says part of PK’s work is to entertain, and he wants her there. As a working mother, she cherishes her time with the kids. Teddi says then he takes it as saying he’s a bad dad. Erika says she tells Tom that he’s better at everything than she is. In Erika’s interview, she says, Tom wants it slow, soft, and sweet. She thinks the Erika he married was sweet. The Erika now is like, who is this broad? Erika Jayne is loud, rude, and obnoxious, but he loves the both of them.

Denise has date night with Aaron, and they go out to eat. He thinks it’s important, and thinks relationships fail because they’re neglected. He’s not making that mistake. In her interview, Denise says she met Charlie when they were making a movie together. It went sideways after she got pregnant. The environment became dark and toxic. After a bad night, she packed, went to a hotel, and filed divorce papers. Aaron toasts to his final paper. The divorce took longer than he was married. He didn’t think he’d want to get married again; it was such a letdown. In Denise’s interview, she says she has a U-Haul of baggage; two teenagers, and a child with special needs; an outrageous ex; and a public life. It’s a lot to embrace, and Aaron loves all of them. Aaron says the only day they have available is September 8th. Denise says, it’s only ten days away. Aaron says the number eight means infinity. September is the ninth month, eight and nine is seventeen, and one plus seven is eight. In her interview, Denise laughs. She doesn’t give a sh*t; just pick a date. She tells Aaron they can do throw something spontaneous together. In her interview, she says she doesn’t base her decisions on numbers, but maybe she’s screwing up by not doing it that way. She tells Adam that she was a vegetarian when she met him. Now she has steak and booze. He says he’s a bad influence.

Sophia has breakfast with her family in the hotel suite. Kyle jokes that she just whipped it up. She tells Sophia that if she’s ever not feeling well, to call and let her know immediately. Sophia says she doesn’t feel well now. In Kyle’s interview, she says her anxiety is hereditary. She thinks she was born that way, and sees it building up in Sophia, and the time is coming when they have to leave. It reminds her of how she never wanted her mom to see her cry. She wanted to be strong, and kept it together. Kyle says they have to be happy, and Mauricio says they are. He laughs because everyone has such sad face. Kyle says if Sophia needs her, she’ll drop everything and come. In her interview, she says she feels like she’s leaving half her body behind. She knows it’s good for Sophia though. Portia cries, and Kyle says, it will be okay. Mauricio says, it will be amazing,

Dorit calls Kyle, and asks how DC was. Kyle says it was emotionally draining. Dorit says she’s looking forward to LVP’s lunch, but wonders what she wants to talk about. Kyle says she said she wanted to clear up what happened, Dorit says she and PK don’t want the dog situation going any further. Kyle arrives first, wearing a pink pantsuit. LVP remarks that she’s so pink. She asks if Kyle dropped off Sophia, and Kyle says her anxiety has been reduced, but it was emotional and sad. She says LVP looks drained, and LVP says she’s been like that a while. Dorit joins them, and LVP serves some wine. Dorit thought they were having lunch, but LVP says it’s late for lunch. The wine is in huge glasses, but Dorit has learned not to complain about glasses.

LVP says she hates what went down in the Bahamas. She was accused of something she knew she wasn’t guilty of, and when she got back, Ken showed her something. He went to John, and had him print out all of his texts from Teddi. LVP pulls out a pile of papers. She points out Teddi telling John to have the dog there, and she’d say it looks like Dorit’s dog. Kyle says, no doubt Teddi’s hands aren’t clean, but it’s not fair to put it on her when she wasn’t alone in the situation. In her interview, Kyle says she saw the texts already. Teddi showed her, but Teddi didn’t initiate it. LVP says she never spoke to John; she had no idea they were interacting. Kyle asks LVP how she knew Teddi was involved, and LVP says she didn’t at the time. She’d just told Dorit to clean up the situation. In Kyle’s interview, she says LVP told Dorit that Teddi knew, so obviously she had a conversation with John. Dorit says Teddi claimed that John was given an order by LVP to let Teddi know. LVP asks why Dorit is believing Teddi over her; she’s lying. Dorit says Teddi isn’t here to defend herself, and was led to believe John had the dog there. LVP says the story is different than what’s in the texts, and Dorit agrees. Kyle says obviously Teddi’s hands aren’t clean. Dorit says she keeps getting bits of information, and it’s hard to digest. LVP says someone is guilty by omission. In her interview, Dorit says Teddi led her to believe that only LVP had a hand in it. We flash back to Teddi saying she never lies. Dorit says, she’s not as innocent ask she’s claiming to be. Kyle says, the dog is safe now, and suggests they move forward from it.

Yeah, I even feel stupid typing about how these grown women are creating all this intrigue about something that’s over and done with.

Next time, LVP asks Denise if there was instant attraction to Aaron, Erika tells Dorit not to trust anyone, and Teddi feels betrayed by LVP.

⏰ Plus I Lost An Hour On Sunday…

It’s been a late night, and a long week already. Hopefully, the editing is close enough. Until next time…