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November 18, 2018 – Daryl Gets a Dog, Some Talk, Amish Return, a Dinner & It’s Here Again


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Rosita is being chased through the woods. She stops at a tree for water, but the bottle is empty. She slumps against the tree.

Daryl, Carol, and Henry walk through a different part of the woods. Daryl is carrying firewood, and drops it at his camp near the river. Carol asks if he’s fixed the boat since last time. He’s not being very communicative, and she asks when he last ate. Apparently, he’s acquired a dog – looks like a German Shepherd mix – and he says, the dog ate yesterday. She’s not talking about that.

Michonne and Siddiq are taking Magna’s group to Hilltop. Michonne tells Siddiq he’ll feel better if he says it. Siddiq says she should have let them stay. He thinks she likes them. He’s not hearing her deny it. She says it doesn’t mean she trusts them. Luke says Magna gave Michonne the option not to trust them. She and Kelly want to get back to their camp. Magna wants her knife back. Yumiko tells Michonne, sorry about Magna; she can be hotheaded. She’s been on edge since they lost Bernie. She talks about how he used to wear a horrid shirt. It was like looking into creation in paisley. Magna said it gave her a headache, so he wore it every day for a week. Magna came around on the shirt, like they came around on Magna. Michonne says, like family. Yumiko asks if Hilltop is safe. Michonne says it is, and Yumiko asks what it’s like. Michonne says it’s been a while since she’s been there, and Yumiko says, then how does she know it’s safe? Michonne says she promised her daughter that she’d get them there, and she will. They just have to trust her.

Hilltop is looking good. There are tons of crops, blacksmithing and pottery making going on, and Enid being a doctor. Jesus listens to music on an old gramophone Tara drops by. She says he’s been spending a lot of time with records. She goes over some farming stuff, other operational issues, and a couple of complaints. She tells him, congratulations; he’s been reelected leader. He says, winning is a given when there’s no one running against you. She asks if he still thinks it’s temporary. He wants to check on Tammy’s crops, but Tara says she has a list. He tells her to ask when he gets back

Daryl shoots a snake for dinner, and stabs a zombie with the same arrow after he gets it back. He’s a multi-tasker. Carol asks if he’s just leaving the zombie, and he says it keeps the animals away. She says he’s longer than he said he’d be. He says he likes it; it’s quiet. He asks how the king is, and she says he’s having a hard time letting go. She’s taking Henry to Hilltop. He’s going to apprentice as a smithy. Daryl appreciates the visit, but wonders why she’s really there. She wants him to come with them. They have problems of their own at the Kingdom, and she’d feel better if Daryl could go with Henry. He says he can’t babysit, but she says it’s not like that. Henry is an idealist, like Ezekiel, which is important, but it can be dangerous. Daryl says he has to learn for himself. Like they did.

Magna’s camp has been torn apart. There are a few zombies lurking. Kelly stabs on in the head, and Connie stomps on another’s head. Luke wields a baseball bat. Magna looks through what’s left of her stuff. Siddiq finds a recorder, and says it was the first instrument he learned to play. His aunt gave him one. He had it a week, until his mom decided, for her own sanity, that he liked painting better. I totally understand this. When I was in fourth grade, everyone had to learn to play the recorder, and you could hear the sounds of practicing throughout the neighborhood. It’s a wonder our parents didn’t lose their minds. Michonne says, for her sanity, and takes it from him. Connie signs that Luke is obsessed with saving musical instruments.

Michonne tells DJ to take any weapons. Magna thinks they should get them back, but Michonne says she’s not letting her men take five armed people into Hilltop. If they want their weapons, they can take them, but they’re on their own. If they want a chance at something better, stay with them. Magna wonders how they’re supposed to trust her, when she’s doesn’t trust them. Michonne says then they can take their chances. Yumiko says they didn’t get brought back together just to be killed. She asks if they’ll be there by morning, and Michonne says they will. Yumiko says they have a real chance for a safe place. The sun is going down soon, and Michonne suggests they find shelter.

Aaron is riding out of the woods, and gets knocked off his horse by Jesus. Aaron says, rule number one – be aware of your surroundings. Jesus says, rule number one – look up. They spar Jesus says, not bad, and gets the best of Aaron. Aaron whacks Jesus in the face, and Jesus acts like he’s really hurt. When Aaron asks if he’s okay, Jesus gets the better of him again. When they’re done, Aaron says he heard it was election day. Jesus says that’s why he’s late. There was a party, and it’s hard to get away as it is. Aaron doesn’t suppose Maggie changed her mind about the fair. It’s important for the Kingdom; for all of them to come back together. They see a flare go up in the distance.

The find Rosita, bloody, and leaning against a tree. Aaron asks where Eugene is, and she says she left him. He was going to a barn. Zombies come toward them. Jesus says they have to go; it will be dark soon. Whatever barn Eugene is in, Jesus hopes he’s safe until tomorrow,

Daryl cooks up the snake. Carol is impressed. Henry wonders if the real reason they came here was that Carol wants Daryl to be his chaperone. This guy? He can handle himself. Daryl says it will be ready in thirty minutes, and Carol says, just enough time. Daryl says, for what?

Carol gives Daryl a haircut. He knows she thinks He’s still looking for him. Carol says, is he? She thinks he should let it go, and that his hair looks better. They eat. Henry asks how Daryl got his scars. Daryl calls the dog, who he just calls dog.

Michonne is on watch, and hears something. She goes inside a stable. She walks quietly past the horses, where there’s a dude at a workbench with his back to her. She comes up behind him, and says, drop it; turn around slow. It’s Luke. He says, he can’t. He starts to turn, and she whacks at him. Everyone comes running. Luke shows them his broken violin. I think Michonne might be just a little paranoid.

Henry wakes up, and leaves the tent. He thinks he sees Daryl from behind, and shines a light. It’s a zombie instead, but Daryl arrives in time to knife it in the head. He keeps walking. He hears Dog barking, and runs in that direction. Dog is tethered to a tree and several zombies are stuck in Daryl’s traps around him. Why are they doing this to me? Introducing another animal which will no doubt eventually get eaten. I’ve gotten to the point where, if a dog is introduced in a horror story I’m reading, I stop reading. Dog is surrounded, barking his head off, with the zombies reaching for him. Daryl approaches. A half-zombie grabs at him. He goes down, and loses his knife. Henry wants to help, but Daryl tells him, get back. Daryl manages to get his other knife out, and stabs, spears, and pikes the heads of the zombies. Henry is astounded. A zombie whose ankle is held in a trap, pulls itself free, leaving its foot behind. Henry jumps forward, and impales it. Daryl finishes the job. He says he told Henry to stay back, and Henry says, you’re welcome. Up on the hill, Carol has her bow drawn. She steps back so they don’t see her.

Jesus asks Enid how Rosita is. Enid says she’s okay, just dehydrated. He says it’s weird, seeing her after all this time. She says for her too. She asks Jesus what they were doing out there, and Jesus says, training. He’s been talking to Aaron, keeping the lines of communication open. Enid says, and avoiding being there. He wants to try to get Alexandria on board with the fair. She doesn’t think they’ll go along with it. Jesus says, it’s important, and Enid says people are noticing that he’s gone, that’s important too. She knows he thinks he’s just keeping a promise to Maggie, but he took the job. Stop pretending. She’s not there; he is. Maggie is counting on him. They’re counting on him. She’s counting on him. He needs to stay there, and keep the place together.

Daryl gets dressed, and Henry looks at the scars on his back. He tosses Henry some salve, saying it’s good for infection. Daryl thanks Henry for the help, and Henry thanks Daryl for saving him. He asks Daryl not to tell his mom. Daryl tosses a stick for Dog to fetch. He says that he’s seeing more and more zombies. Henry tells him that Carol says he’s her best friend; that she had his back no matter what. She misses him. She worries about him. Can he see that? Daryl asks if that’s what Henry wants. Daryl looking over his shoulder all the time. Henry says it’s not just about him.

Luke says, unbelievable. Michonne starts talk, but he’s like, uh-uh-uh. He says it’s an original Stradivarius. Kelly says he found it in a mansion before it was overrun. It was in a kids room. Michonne asks why he collects instruments, and Luke says, it’s art. For a long time, historians and archaeologists wondered how humans survived against the Neanderthals. With them being bigger and stronger, with better weapons, why are we still here? Why did we survive? He tells her about a flute found in a cave, and how it was realized that maybe ancient humans didn’t defeat the Neanderthals the way we look at defeat. They sat around the campfire, sharing stores, and told stories in music and painting. They created communities and identities. The communities they built grew, and the Neanderthals retreated, and died out. It’s what separates humans from animals. It brings people together in building something, and you can’t ignore that. Michonne says after all he’s seen and done, he still believes that’s all it could take? Luke says, survival of the fittest. Sharing art with each other makes them stronger. Michonne ponders this.

Michonne tells Siddiq that they’ll reach Alexandria before Hilltop, and can stop for supplies if they need them. Siddiq says she should come. It’s the least she can do after murdering Luke’s violin. Michonne thinks it’s for the best, but Siddiq tells her, don’t worry about Maggie. She doesn’t know what to do if they see each other, but Siddiq says, she’s gone. Jesus runs Hilltop now. Michonne asks where she is, and DJ runs in saying, walkers; let’s move. They run out, Michonne in the lead. Yumiko says they need their weapons. Magna uses a brick to smash a zombie in the head. Zombies start pouring in. Michonne tells DJ to get the new people their weapons. Kelly gets a slingshot thing going. The horses start getting agitated, and Michonne says, sh*t. Yumiko tells the others they know what to do. Connie and Kelly work their slingshots. Luke opens the doors of the cars in the lot, so the zombies are blocked. Yumiko uses an arrow to knock an awning down, crushing several zombies. Magna saves Yumiko’s ass when a stray zombie sneaks up on her. A zombie toddles toward them, wearing a paisley shirt. Magna is sadly transfixed, and the others stare, open-mouthed. As Bernie gets close to Magna, Michonne knifes him from behind. Siddiq says, let’s go, and urges Magna to move. They all look at Bernie’s body as they go past.

Daryl tells Carol, ready in ten minutes. Hey, she’s using one of my coffee cups. It’s metal, blue with flecks of white, for camping.

The group headed for Hilltop travels on. Everyone is bummed. Michonne says she knows what it’s like to worry about a friend, and feel guilty. Yumiko says they’ll feel better when they have home, and are safe. Michonne says they will. This is as far as she’s going. Siddiq apologizes for not telling her about Maggie sooner. She asks, where is she? and Siddiq says, someplace far away; a new community. That’s all he knows. He understands she wanted the information sooner, but he promised someone he wouldn’t. This means Michonne can come. She should. Michonne says she’s needed back home. She kept her promise to Judith. Siddiq says what about her promise to him? She says, it’s not that simple. They hear horses approaching.

Two men ride up to them. They’re carrying spears, and Michonne asks if they’re From Hilltop. They are, and Michonne says her group is from Alexandria. They’re headed there now. One of the men says they have a message. Hilltop has one of their own – Rosita. She’s been injured. Michonne tells them to let them know that Michonne and the others are headed to Hilltop. The men ride off. Michonne giddyaps. Luke tells them, hold up, and they stop. Connie sees something. They wait, as she looks around, but then she signals, it’s nothing.

Daryl rides into Hilltop. Henry wonders if Enid will recognize him; he’s bigger. Jesus says it’s a pleasant surprise. He asks what brings them there, and Carol says Henry has a stubborn interest in blacksmithing. Jesus says they can help with that.

Aaron tells Daryl that they found Rosita pretty banged up, and Eugene is missing. They’re headed out to find him now, and could use a good tracker. Daryl says he’s going. Henry wants to go too, but Carol says they need to get him settled in. Jesus says he knows where to start looking. Jesus tells Enid that he should go. She says she’ll stay, but next time, he does. Dog leads the way, Daryl follows, and the search party heads out.

Next time, Aaron says he’s never seen zombies do this before, Rosita wants to leave, Jesus kicks zombie ass, and Eugene says, it’s not a normal herd; they’re whispering to each other.

🔊 I don’t know what that fair business is about, but on Talking Dead tonight, Dan Fogler (Luke) said there was something musical coming up. That made me wonder if there’s a connection. Also, Michael Cudlitz (the late Abe) had his directorial debut with tonight’s TWD episode.

🐎 Return to Amish returned to the small screen tonight, but I have to catch it on the flipside. I can’t wait to see what Mary Schmucker, the grandmother of my dreams, and the gang are up to. Some new members have also been added to the cast.

✈ My Dinner with Hervé is on HBO rotation, and Peter Dinklage is so good, he’ll make you cry. About the tragic life (and death) of Hervé Jean-Pierre Villechaize, it goes far beyond dinner. The performances are brilliant, and the story of a frustrated artist shows incredible insight into a too-brief life.

🍹 It’ll Be All Right...

Sure, Mondays are just fine if you live in Margaritaville.



November 16, 2018 – Sasha Gets the Boot, Doc’s Version of History, Quick Quote Quartet & Saturday Sendoff


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Michael meets Sam at The Floating Rib. She thinks he should know about something. Jason walks in.

Aiden tells Elizabeth and Franco that it was Career Day, and there was a policeman; it was cool. Franco asks if everyone was nice to him, and Aiden guesses so. He asks for money for the vending machine. Franco tells him if someone isn’t nice to him, he should tell them, and they’ll take care of it tout suite. Aiden is like, huh? and Franco says it’s fake French. Elizabeth asks if he’d like to call his dad

Kiki sees Griff at the hospital, and hopes he’s there to pick up his lab coat. He says not exactly. She wonders what’s taking so long, but Griff doesn’t know. The good news is Peter sent the committee a statement, saying he wasn’t impacted by Griff’s transgression in any way.  Kiki says that’s good news; the so-called victim doesn’t feel victimized. She wonders why the committee wants to talk to him. He thinks they want to question him again, but he’s going to tell them the same thing he did before – the truth. Kiki says speaking of the truth, it’s time Sasha heard some.

Nina is impressed that Sasha has the spread sheets almost done. Sasha says don’t tell her boss, but she’s trying to impress her new mother. Nina says they are equally impressed with her. As she’s walking into her office, Nina tells Sasha about a phone call she’s waiting for. Sasha tries to tell her that someone is in her office, but Nina is too busy talking to hear. She walks in to find Valentin.

At the MetroCourt bar, not-Doc asks Ava if this seat is taken. She wonders who’s asking. She’s saving it for a friend. He says since he’s no longer her doctor, and sits down. He says she’s still mad at him. She says not mad. Slightly perturbed and inconvenienced, but if she’s honest, she missed him. And here he is now. She says now that boundaries are out of the way, let her buy him a drink. He says he’s been craving a Bloody Mary. BA-DUM-CHH!

Michael asks if it’s a coincidence or an ambush. Jason says he’s looking for Michael’s dad. Have they seen Sonny?

Sonny asks Margaux if he can come in. She says she already got an earful from his wife. Sonny says it’s not between her and Carly, it’s between them. She asks what he’s going to do? Kill her like he killed her father?

Elizabeth tells Aiden that he hasn’t talked to his dad in a while. She thinks he’d like know how Aiden is doing. Aiden wants to go to the vending machine, so Elizabeth gives him some money. Franco says he can’t blame Aiden. What kid wants to tell his parents he’s being picked on? She asks if he’s speaking from experience, and he says when kids gave him a hard time, he sabotaged them. He had a lot of rage. He says they can start covert art therapy when they get home, but Elizabeth says, why wait. He says Aiden unburdening himself with finger paint is good, but this needs to stop.

Lulu flies into Willow’s classroom, asking if she’s late. Willow says she’s actually early. She’s trying to reach Charlotte’s father. She’d prefer it if they were both there. Lulu asks, how bad is it?

Nina says she doesn’t owe Valentin any explanations; they’re divorced. She has no time or patience for him. His phone rings. It’s Willow, and he asks if there’s a problem about Charlotte. He tells her he’ll be right there. Nina asks if Charlotte is okay, and Valentin says her teacher wants to meet with him and Lulu. Nina asks what about? and he says, they’re divorced. He doesn’t owe her any explanations. He leaves, and she grabs her jacket.

Griff thought Kiki was excited about the relationship with her new sister. He doesn’t want to come between them. Kiki thinks she’s overreacting because of her mom, but needs to set Sasha straight. She tells Griff to focus on getting his job back, and she’ll settle things with her sister.

Not-Doc asks Ava how things are with her daughter. Ava says she’ll come running back in time for the holidays. They’ll be back to being inseparable like they were before they allowed men to tear them apart. He says her optimism doesn’t match her demeanor. Why isn’t she able to sleep?

Michael asks what’s going on with his dad. Jason says he’s taking care of things with Sonny, and wanted to see if he needed a hand.

Sonny asks why he’d want Margaux dead. Even if he did, he’s just a simple coffee importer. She says, who thinks she’ll drop the investigation into her father’s murder, now that she knows her mother was involved. Jason calls, and Sonny says he’s with her now. He’ll let Jason know if he needs him.

😠 &$*!*$^%@&&@*##$!@! Why is this interrupted for NYC Mayor Jerkface making excuses because he wasn’t prepared for a snowstorm everyone knew was coming? Here’s a news flash – winter comes every year. Omg, he went on for nearly the whole hour. Moving on the bootleg way.

Margaux tells Sonny that she didn’t hear screaming, so it’s not Carly. It must be Jason. When should she expect him? Sonny asks why, and she says he sends Jason to do his dirty work, like Skully sent Sonny to do his. He asks why he’d want her dead? She heard her mother arrange her father’s murder; he’s out of the equation. She says if that’s true, why is he there?

Jason says Sonny has it under control, and Michael asks if he wants to join them. Or are Sam’s words for his ears only? Sam says it might be good to get Jason’s perspective. He was there too; at Ferncliff. She hates to spoil his good mood, but thinks he should know who was there. He says as long as it’s not his mom, he doesn’t care. He asks who? and Sam says, Nelle.

Kiki goes to the Crimson office to see Sasha. Sasha says she’s getting acclimated, and Kiki says, speaking of which, she thinks she moved too quickly with Sasha, and Sasha moved too quickly with her boyfriend.

Ava asks not-Doc if it’s that obvious. He asks, what’s the problem? and she says she’s lost her edge. She used to plan revenge in her sleep, now she crawls into bed – alone – and the thirst for vengeance turns to sadness. Kiki and Griff broke her heart and spirit. Not-Doc doesn’t buy that, and neither does the Ava boiling with rage. Where is she now? Ava says right there, reminding her of the times she told Griff that she loved him, and he wasn’t ready to say it back. Reminding her that he used her as a stepping stone out of the priesthood to someone else. He says, not just a benign sadness, but wounded and angry. She says she is, and he tells her that he has the perfect cure.

Sam tells Michael it seems Nelle faked a nervous breakdown, and was transferred. Jason says they went to get answers for his mom. She wants to know if the patient next door belongs there and is being treated. When they checked the cell, they found Nelle instead. Sam says they don’t know if she was a decoy, or the patient had already been moved. She could have been put in the first room that was available. Michael asks if they’re sure she was faking. She had a nervous breakdown before.

Sonny tells Margaux that she can’t accept the truth about her father’s death. She thinks the word he’rs looking for is murder. He says, yes, murdered. Her mother was having an affair with Skully. She asked him to get rid of her father, and he made it happen. Margaux asks if he’s still saying he’s blameless, and he says she can’t prove otherwise. She told herself stories about her father and family, none of which are true. If she keeps digging, it will only get worse, and she’ll only hurt herself.

Aiden brings Franco some candy in the art therapy room. Franco asks if he wants to draw a picture. He can start with Mr. Jellybeans, his hamster. Aiden says, Mr. Jellybeans is the best.

Valentin arrives at the classroom, and asks what’s going on; she said it was urgent. Nina flies in, and asks hat she missed, explaining that she’s Charlotte’s stepmother. Willow asks if both parents approve of her being there, and they’re both fine with it. Willow says she’s observed troubling behavior. Charlotte is bright and quick, but can be assertive. Nina says, good. She should be in today’s world. Willow agrees she should, however, it’s evolved into bullying. Lulu asks if she’s saying Charlotte is bullying other children. Willow says she broached it to Charlotte, and told her it’s unacceptable behavior, but it’s become more frequent and open; in front of teachers. It’s like she knows there will be no consequences. It’s not about blame, but it’s escalated, and per school policy, she needs to get the parents involved. Nina thinks Willow is misunderstanding Charlotte’s leadership skills, but Willow says, they’re not leadership skills. Nina says Willow clearly doesn’t understand her daughter, and the problem is her. Valentin shakes his head.

Sasha asks if Kiki is mad about last night. She was flirting with Kiki’s boyfriend, but she thought it was no big deal. They’re just friends with benefits. Kiki asks where she got that idea.

Not-Doc says he’s concerned about Ava’s well-being. He tells her that she needs to get some rest, and offers her a sample of a new sleep aid.

Jason tells Michael that Nelle was holding a blanket like a baby. Michael says, Nelle lies about everything, but it could be genuine. Sam says, except when they pointed out Ferncliff could be a bigger trap than Pentonville. She flung the blanket aside, and went off on them, saying she’s not letting Carly win. Jason says Nelle thought it was a stepping stone to freedom, and when she gets out, she’s going after his mom again.

Margaux says Sonny is just as at fault as her mother. He says she has nothing. He has no ties to her father’s death. There’s no evidence, no witnesses, nothing. While he lives, he’s a free man. She’s going to be rotting in a prison she’s built for herself. Is that what she wants?

Willow says Charlotte is confrontational not just with her classmates, but adults, even strangers. Lulu asks when that happened, and Willow says, this morning. It was Career Day, and she challenged a guest about his name, education, and appearance. Lulu says she didn’t see that, and Willow says it happened after she left. Some children like to push boundaries; Charlotte is one of them. Valentin asks if it’s an isolated incident, and Willow says, no. She’s been mocking a particular classmate, and takes every opportunity to make fun of them, and make them the butt of jokes. Valentin asks, who? but she can’t divulge that. She hopes discussing it will result in change. Nina asks if she’s discussed it with Charlotte, and Willow says she asked why Charlotte didn’t like them, but it wasn’t for any reason. So she’s asking them as parents, to step in. Explore where this is coming from and make sure she knows it’s unacceptable, and knows it must change.

Sasha tells Kiki that she’s new. It was an honest mistake, and it won’t happen again. Kiki says, while they’re being honest, she made a mistake too. She shouldn’t have asked Sasha to move in so soon. She was excited about having a sister. She’s hoping they can start over. Get together now and then as friends, not roommates. Sasha asks if Kiki is kicking her out, and Kiki says, yeah, she is. Sasha needs to be out by tonight. She already has a mother to contend with. She doesn’t need anyone else against her and Griff. Sasha says she really doesn’t trust her boyfriend, does she? Maybe she’s insecure because he dated her mother. Kiki tells her to be out by tonight.

Franco says, clearly, Aiden gets the ability to draw from his mom; he’s amazing. He likes Aiden’s version of Mr. Jellybeans with the crown; more regal than rodent. Aiden says Mr. Jellybeans is his best friend. Franco thought Bianca was his best friend. Aiden likes her okay, but sometimes she… Franco suggests he draw a picture of Bianca, but Aiden doesn’t want to. Franco says, how about his family? Aiden says he can do that. They’re nice to him.

Ava takes the sample. He tells her, like any medication, take with caution; one at first, no more two in 24-hours. He wants her to be at her best for her reunion with her daughter. Then they’ll talk about other methods to chase away the demons that keep her up. She asks if he has demons, and he says they all have painful experiences locked away. She asks if his have anything to do with his brother, but he says, no. They have everything to do with him. She tells him that he knows a lot about her, but she knows nothing about him.

Sasha sees Ava, and says, how convenient. She had no idea how to find her, but now she can tell Ava to her face. Next time she wants to break up Kiki and Griff, leave her out of it.

Margaux says Sonny is trying to sound like he gives a damn about what happens to her. He says he can picture her as a little girl, believing her mother’s phony grief. It’s all she had. He thought when she heard the truth, she’d leave that behind. She says he thought wrong.

Sam says Nelle lied to get transferred. They told her it was worse, and she ditched the act and threatened Carly. Michael says it sounds like Nelle. Jason says he seems calm, and Michael says he learned it from him. He’ll always regret getting involved with Nelle, but he doesn’t feel guilty for grieving over Jonah. It’s getting more manageable. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Nina tells Willow that Charlotte doesn’t need to change. She’s strong and brave, and she’s been through a lot. Valentin says she had a difficult early childhood, but they’ve always encouraged her to be polite and have compassion. Nina asks if Willow has children. Willow says that’s not relevant. Nina thinks maybe they need someone who knows about raising a child. Willow appreciates Nina’s faith in Charlotte. That being said, she thinks it might be more productive if she talks with Charlotte’s parents. Nina asks if Willow is kicking her out because she’s not Charlotte’s biological mother. Valentin tells Nina to go home. They want to hear what Willow is saying, and she’s making it next to impossible. Nina says Valentin has been Charlotte’s one constant, except when he’s off doing God knows what, with God knows who, God knows where. Nina asks if Lulu wants her to leave. Lulu says Nina is upset, and they need to get to the bottom of this. Nina says she’s watching Willow, and does the two-finger thing. Valentin says he’s mortified. Willow doesn’t doubt Nina loves Charlotte very much, but it’s unproductive. Lulu asks how they handle it, and Willow suggests written guidelines that will help them to be productive, not accusatory. They can explain that the behavior is not acceptable and there will be consequences for her actions.

Ava tells Sasha she thought it was a casual relationship. She’s sure they’ll work things out. Sasha says Kiki told her to move out. Whatever perverse game of mother/daughter chicken she’s playing is over. She lost. Before she leaves, Sasha orders room service. Ava looks at the sample.

Michael thanks Jason and Sam for the update on Nelle. Say what will about her, but she’s never dull. He also thanks them for making sure she’s back behind bars. Sam says, see? Things get better. Michael says they can all use some good times. The holidays are around the corner. They’re family, and need to start acting like it. He leaves, and Sam says, speaking of holidays, Thanksgiving is next week; any plans? He says, her first.

Sonny admires Margaux’s spirit and passion, but why not focus on her own life, instead of dogging his? She’ll make him a deal. He confesses to her father’s murder, pleads guilty, serves twenty, and when it’s a done deal, she’ll book a cruise. Sonny says, whoever pulled the trigger was the weapon. Her mother and Skully had her father killed. She wants to know what he’s going to tell Avery when she grows up. It’s not her dad’s fault he’s a murderer. Sonny says now she’s pushing it. If what happened to her father happened to him, he would hope Avery would leave it behind her, and not make it her life’s work to bring them to justice. He would hope she would be happy. Surround herself with people she loves and who love her.

Michael walks into Willow’s classroom. She says she just had an almost Chernobyl parent/teacher conference. He says, almost? and asks if she saved it. She says, maybe. She thought she was handling it. Now, she’s finding a meeting. It helps. He knows what she means. He says he also brought something that might help, or at least provide a distraction. He gives her a box. She said she wanted more seeds. She says when he makes a promise, he keeps it. He says, eventually. He also promised to tell his story to the group about what brought him there, and he hasn’t yet. She says, he will, and so will she – eventually. Until then, she has gardening to do. In November?

Nina is looking up Willow on Spyder-Finder. Valentin comes in, and she tells him to get out. He wants to apologize, but she won’t accept it, and says she’s going to call security. He says he missed her fierceness, and she says he won’t when he’s being hauled out. He says he particularly likes it when she’s defending Charlotte. He’d like her to there when they talk to her. She says Charlotte is always a priority, and he knows she always wants the best for Charlotte. He’s grateful for her help, and she says, for Charlotte, anything.

At the hospital, Lulu asks if Finn there. Elizabeth says he’s not in, and asks if she want to leave a message. She’d rather speak to him in person. She wants to make sure if Britt is well enough to be interred… she means, interviewed. She asks how the kids are, and Elizabeth says Aiden is going through a rough time. Lulu says Charlotte is going through a phase too.

Franco says Aiden drew himself little. Aiden says he’s the baby, and Franco says, he’s the youngest, but he’s a big kid. Aiden asks if he didn’t do it right. Franco says it’s perfect, but he doesn’t see Aiden as being tiny. Aiden says, but he is.

Kiki asks Griff how it went, and he says he explained himself and admitted he was wrong. Who knows? He asks how it went with Sasha. Kiki says she told Sasha she was wrong in letting the relationship move too quickly, but her behavior toward Griff was inappropriate. She turned it around, and accused Kiki of doing the same thing her mother does; blaming her insecurities on the other person. She doesn’t want to be like that. Griff says she’s not.

Ava hears that food is being delivered to Sasha’s room. She puts the pills from the sample in the soup when the room service tray is unattended.

Margaux asks Sonny if he’d want Avery to let go of his murder and move on with her life. He says he would, for her sake. Margaux says he doesn’t care about her sake. She was deprived of a lifetime of memories, and he wants her to let it go. Sonny says facts are facts, and evidence is evidence. Does she want to spend her life in a hotel room, listening to her mother talk about setting her father up? She asks if he’s afraid she’ll find something. He says, there’s nothing to find. Let it go, and live her life.

Sam tells Jason that Curtis and Jordan are getting married on Thanksgiving. Sounds insane, but there must be a method to the madness, but it’s not until later. She wanted to watch the parade with the kids. She asks if he wants to watch with them; she has a lot to be thankful for. He wonders if she still likes the pumpkin donuts from Kelly’s, and says he’ll pick some up. It’s a date.

On Monday, Monica asks if Oscar wants to know what he’s up against, Kim tells Drew that she’s not willing to give up, and Kiki tells Franco she’s getting weird vibes from Sasha and Griff.

Z Nation

10K says, brains and biscuits, how was it not Murphy’s idea? Murphy says, one day, the apocalypse will make him a rich man. He tells one of his barmaids, try not to eat each other. Roberta shows them a map to a bakery in the backwoods. It’s not the type of place that welcomes visitors. Murphy says, a secret brain bakery? He’s sure he hears banjo music in their near future. Roberta wonders how they can make sure Dante gets a fair trial. She tells Doc and George to go to Altura, and they’ll go to the bakery. Doc says they’ll meet later. He and George get in a car. Doc says, it’s no El Camino, but beggars can’t be choosers.

On the road, Doc says they don’t make them like they used to. George says they don’t make anything at all. Back at Limbo, Roberta says, let’s find the bakery.

George doesn’t like not having eyes on Dante. Doc tells her he’s gunning it, and she shouldn’t have her feet on the dashboard. If the air bag goes off, her knees could go into her brain. She thinks that’s the least of their worries, Doc says the air bags aren’t reliable in a thirty-year-old car, so it’s not going to happen. A zombie lying in the road. They run him over, and the air bags go off. George says, he was saying? She thinks she hurt her ankle, and he says it’s better than a knee in the brain. He checks to see what he has for pain, but doesn’t want to give her the hard stuff. He takes out a joint, lights it, and deflates the bag with the lit end. George says she’s never smoked before. Doc says it’s a terrible habit; it stunts your growth. Oh wait, he was thinking of nicotine. He doesn’t think her ankle is broke, but it’s sprained. She takes a drag on the joint, and says her foot hurts, and now she has a cough. Doc tells her to give it a minute. He sees some zombies, and says, hang tough. He has to take care of some tourists. He uses his hammer in each hand method. George smokes in the car, and watches in rearview mirror. She laughs about the car having an ashtray. A zombie heads toward the car. She takes out a knife. Doc gives it a hammer in the back, and it turns around and pins him to the hood of the car. George says she’s got him, and shoots it. Doc says the spliff must be working. She says she can’t feel her foot; she doesn’t feel anything. She wants to get to Altura before night falls. Doc sees the road zombie’s legs poking out of the grill and kicking. He tells her, have a seat. This could take a while.

Murphy and Roberta get to the bakery. 10K thinks it looks abandoned. Roberta says that doesn’t mean no one is home. Murphy says this must be place; he smells brains. Skulls litter the yard, and Murphy picks one up. Robert tells him to get his ass away from those skulls, and focus. Addie busts the door open, and they go in.

They slip through the storage area, and see a mess where the baking is done. Roberta says it looks like they left in a hurry. There are brains everywhere, and Murphy says it’s no mystery what the secret ingredient is. Roberta says it looks like they haven’t been in operation for a while. She takes a skull out of Murphy’s hand. They hear banging noises.

Doc looks at the engine, but can’t figure it out. George is reading the Constitution, and he asks if she’s catching up on social studies. He used to love history, especially when he was buzzed. One of his favorite paintings is of the Constitutional Convention. The gang is all there, with Ben Franklin chilling in the middle, George Washington presiding, and Thomas Jefferson looking badass. He tells her the founding fathers had huge pot farms. They were like, cannabis rules. He imagines George Washington and Thomas Jefferson (Sketchy and Skeezy) talking about hemp fibers being good for everything. Jefferson says they’re good for migraines, expanding your mind, and toothaches. Ben Franklin (Re-Pete) joins them, and asks who’s been getting icky with the sticky. Jefferson says he cultivated it, but didn’t inhale. He says he’s out of matches, and Franklin says they must to invent one. He lights his pipe. Back in the present, Doc coughs. He says that one went down to his toes. She’s surprised the founding fathers got anything done, much less starting a country. Doc says they’re prepared for lift off, and gets the car going.

Murphy says, someone turned the oven on. He guesses not Betty Crocker. Roberta says they’re not there alone. A mixer starts up, and Murphy goes toward it.

10K and Addie keep looking. Addie asks if 10K is okay. He says he’s fine, and she says, just checking, lefty. He wants to take the stairs, and she says, after him, calling him Captain Hookless. She doesn’t want to pry, but doesn’t know why things have to be so hard. Between Mac and Lucy her eye the least of what she lost. 10K says he still feels his hand in his dreams; carrying gear, lacing shoes, holding hands, shooting a gun. It’s like having a friend that was there, but isn’t any more. Addie knows what he means.

Murphy watches the mixer. He says with all the brains laying around, he’s getting the munchies. A dude shoots at them, and everyone ducks. Another dude sees Addie and 10K, and shoots at them. He yells that they have intruders. The first dude says, don’t worry, brother; he’s coming. He shoots at Murphy, who ducks under the table. Roberta signals Murphy, and slides a gun over.

Brother #1 is so shaky, he looks like he’s tweaking. 10K moves a bakery rack over and gets Brother #1 in his sights. Brother #1 peeks out, and 10K shoots. Brother #1 falls, and Addie comes toward him. He says, sorry, ma’am, and she whacks him in the head.

Doc makes a pipe out of an apple, and George says he’s quite the handy man. He tells her to think of him as the Ben Franklin of paraphernalia. She asks what the difference is between the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Doc says they got so excited writing rules for the government, they forgot the people the government was for. In Doc’s mind, John Adams says he’d rather chop his hand off than sign. The government was created to protect the people from foreign enemies. A zombie walks in, and Doc says, my bad. There were no zombies back then. Adams asks who’s going to protect the people from the government. Washington says, back to work, and Franklin complains that he just opened champagne. Adams says, not his fault, Quaker Oats Man. The people need to know how the government is protecting them. Adams says the Bill of Rights will; he has a list. He pulls out a bunch of cards, and Washington reads through them. Freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom from alien life forms. He can see some of this going in. He tells Jefferson to write this up. Jefferson says he wrote the Constitution, and Frankly says, they all did. Jefferson says, no, he physically wrote it. Washington says they’re making progress.

George asks Doc what makes the Bill of Rights so important. Doc says they’re the God given rights of humanity. She says humanity changed with the definition with of mortality. They see a zombie struggling toward them. Doc asks what makes the zombies different from humanity? Basic decency says they deserve to be treated no differently, and have the same rights. He deserves live life without government interference. George says, he’s a zombie. Doc says she knows what he’s getting at, and kills it. It’s the government’s job to protect their rights, and they need it when people are afraid, and don’t know what’s right. George asks what will protect Dante without a Bill of Rights. Doc says they will.

Brother #2 goes through bakery, and shoots at Murphy. Murphy shoots back, but the gun runs out of bullets. Brother #2 says he’s going to give Murphy the same choice he gave the last people who tried to shut them down. Murphy says, chocolate or vanilla? And Brother #2 says, mercy or talker. Roberta comes up behind him, and says she can ask him the same question. She doesn’t want to hurt him, but she will. He says it’s a zombie standoff. He’s got them like the ones who tried to shut down the bakery. Put down their weapons, or they’ll all be craving brains. Roberta says they’re not who he’s talking about.

Addie and 10K bring in Brother #1. Murphy asks if that’s the other brother. Roberta says he’s still human; let’s keep it that way. Brother #2 says they’re Americans in need of help. Brother #1 tells him to watch out for the one-eyed one. She’s not nice. She’s mean like a badger. Murphy thought they speak English in Canada, and Brother #1 says, we doos. Brother #2 says he’s Gilly, and Brother #1 is Skull; Skully for short. Roberta says they need biscuits; lots of them. Gilly says they’ll have to talk to his mom. She’s in charge of baking. Roberta asks where she is, and he says she’s in the office. They’ll have to see what kind of mood she’s in. It’s not easy. After the black rain, they were headed to Newmerica, and were turned ass over tea kettle by a bunch of zombies. Their other brother, Chili, got bit, but never turned. When they caught their mom sneaking him brains, they realized he was a talker. Their mom started baking up roadkill, and the more he ate, the more he was like the brother they knew. Everyone wanted their mom’s biscuits, so they set up a bakery. Roberta asks why they stopped, and Gilly says they were blown up, and under attack from zombies. Murphy says, someone didn’t want them baking biscuits. Roberta says they need the recipe, but Gilly says she’s been cranky. She’s in the office for her own good. He says Chili is in there too. They were trying to work out the recipe, but their running out of options. They look up and see zombies pressed against the office window, including mom.

George wonders how they can make sure Dante gets due process, when vigilantes think talkers are more zombie than human. Doc says a bill was made to protect them from each other. The Founding Fathers hammered out amendments, better known as the Bill of Rights. Doc’s mythical Ben Franklin asks why they have to start with guns. He likes muskets as much as the next guy, but putting them first seems gun crazy. Jefferson says they’ll put freedom of speech first. It will look better for the kids. He says Sam Adams has two beers, and is ready to challenge his mother to a duel. Washington says they’ll had a well-regulated militia. He goes down the list, and says, unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated; should keep the lawyers busy. He likes that no one should be compelled to testify against themselves, and Jefferson says, what happens in Paris, stays in Paris. George says, no cruel and unusual punishment, and Doc says the whole apocalypse is cruel and unusual. Jefferson says, otherwise, they’ll be using Franklin’s kites to electrocute prisoners. Alexander Hamilton comes in, and asks if they’ve around to slavery. Washington says they’re talking about it. Abe Lincoln (Smiles) pops in, and says he’d appreciate it if they’d take care of the problem now. Washington says he has a cool hat. What is his name? Lincoln says they didn’t see him… He was never here… Hamilton says, that dude belongs on a bill. George says she doesn’t know much about history, but she knows Lincoln never talked to Washington. There’s a hundred year difference between them. Doc says that’s not the point. Slavery was a stain on America that even the civil war couldn’t make right. The only way Dante is going to get a fair trial is if he’s considered human; no talkers will. George tells Doc that he sneaks up on a person, and Doc says he still has some teeth left in his head. We see a sign that says, martial law now in effect.

Gilly tells Skully to keep his wits about him. He puts a bike helmet on Skully’s head, and hands him the top of a trash can for a shield. Skully says he always picks scissors, and Gilly calls him dumber than goose poop. Murphy cranks up a boombox, and holds it up to distract the zombies. Skully says he can’t do this, but Gilly makes him go into the office. He moves quietly behind the zombies at the window, while Murphy keeps their attention. Skully looks through the papers, and sees something sticking out of his mom’s back pocket. He tiptoes behind her, and slips out the recipe card. He backs away, and falls. Murphy says, he’s out. Skully gets back up, and Murphy says, there he is. The recipe card is on the floor, and the zombies close in on Skully. Gilly yells for Chili to get away from him, and closes the door. Gee, thanks for the help. Murphy says, they’ve got him cornered. Skully fights with Chili, and Gilly yells, brother, get off my brother! Mom stands in the window, and eats the recipe card. Murphy says, one brother is riding the other like a moose. Skully yells, nooo! and the zombies attack. Outside, a group of zombies, all wearing the same rain ponchos, come toward the bakery. Roberta says, the only way to calm them down is to feed them actual brains. The zombies outside start to come in. Murphy says, it looks like somebody ordered take out, and runs at them with the boombox. He busts one over the head with it. I think the ponchos might be significant, because in an earlier episode, there was a group all wearing shirts from the same park, and they made a point of mentioning it.

Roberta and the others go after the zombies who are coming in. Addie uses her pokey club, and 10K shoots. Addie kneels with her weapon in both hands horizontally, and 10K uses it to aim. He says, switch! and they trade weapons. Addie uses the gun like she does her club, and whacks the zombies with it. Roberta beheads a zombie. She takes the head, and says, crack this one open. She tosses it toward Murphy, who says, hey, I’m walkin’ here. I wonder if that’s a nod to Midnight Cowboy. He is a bit of a Ratso.

George wonders when everybody will see they’re all in this together. Doc says they’ll need the 15th amendment. – the right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude. In Doc’s vision, Washington says, it makes sense. Lincoln says, it will take a civil war and the 13th amendment. Washington suggests they pass the 13th amendment right now. Lincoln says it’s abolishing slavery, and Jefferson says, abolish as in setting free? It might take further study. Washington says, hear him out. Why not make them three-fifths human? Then keep that going for a hundred years, until they work out the kinks. George hopes they hope don’t have to fight a war to make talkers full citizens. Doc says they already did. Everybody dies. Just because they have no pulse doesn’t mean they don’t have brains. George says, everybody dies, and sooner or later – she and Doc finish together, they’re all talkers.

The brains from the severed head are given to the zombies. Gilly thinks the brains are doing the trick. Roberta asks mom if she’s with them. She hugs Skully and Chili. Gilly tells her that some Americans came looking for help. She’s sorry they have to see her looking all dead like this, and wishes she could have given the place a lick and a promise. Roberta says their supplies were cut off, and they have starving talkers. They want the secret recipe. Mom says, it’s no secret. In the beginning, she was lacing them with brains. They ran short, and flour was delivered from the heartland, with the secret already mixed in. Murphy says, the secret is brains? and mom says, no. The secret ingredient is love, and kisses his cheek. He doesn’t get it. Mom gives each of the zombies a kiss. She says if it can help someone else to keep from go through what they’ve had to, so be it. She says they have enough right there to make a batch of the original.

George is shocked that women weren’t given the right to vote until the 19th Amendment, and it wasn’t passed until 1920. Doc says, old white dudes. What can he say? It takes time to get it right. George says they don’t have time. Doc says he doesn’t like the look of this, and they see an abandoned truck. George wonders if it was the truck with Dante, and Doc hopes not. They open the truck door, and a dead guy falls out. There’s another dead guy inside. George says, no sign of Dante. Maybe he escaped like last time. Maybe talkers did this, and let him go. Red letters on a nearby trashcan say, this is what happens to traitors. George picks up a pair of sunglasses. I assume they’re Dante’s. The can rattles. She opens it, and finds Dante, all folded up and bloody. He can barely open his eyes to look at her. She gives him mercy.

The gang makes biscuits. Murphy loves the smell of fresh baked brains in the morning. Mom says she might keep him on as a full time baker. He says he had a great teacher. She tells them to wrap the biscuits and put them in containers. Roberta calls Murphy over, and says, this family isn’t going to make it on their own. Take them with him to Limbo. He likes the idea; Limbo could use a bakery. Roberta tells him, take care of them, and be safe. He tells her to be safe too. He doesn’t want to have to save her ass. Roberta says he might have to, and he tells her the apocalypse wouldn’t be half as fun without her. Be careful. He starts to walk away, and she says she loves him too. Mom says the biscuits are packed.

Doc asks if George wants to say a few words. She says actions speak louder than words, and leaves the Constitution there, and puts on Dante’s sunglasses. On the marker, it says: Here lies Lt. Joe Dante – first citizen of Newmerica.

Next Friday, get ready to wrangle. We go back to the Old West, and Pandora says, let’s send them a stampede.

Good Lord, I hope that was coherent. This show can bounce all over the place more than Once Upon a Time did. Okay, maybe not.

☝ Quotes of the Week

You don’t ask people about their personal business. You don’t address the pink elephant in the room. – Delores, The Real Housewives of New Jersey

If he’d known, he would have had a crush on you too. – a friend of mine after I told them I had a crush on Roman Polanski when I was fourteen.

When there is an animal in your life there’s always a reason to laugh. – Anonymous

It’s go-go, not cry-cry. – Skip (Skip Reissig, who’s also Quentin Tarantino’s realtor), Planet Terror

🍨 A Weekend Sendoff… 

And because I’m brain dead and couldn’t think of anything else.


November 14, 2018 – A Letter for Finn, Dallas Takes a Dip, Cassie Gets a Few Surprises, Mini NJ & Thursday Deal


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Anna finds Finn at the hospital. She thinks there should be guards, but Finn says Britt won’t get far with her ankle bracelet. Anna says she’s worse than her mother. She has to stay away from pillows, or she’ll start feeling the need to find out what it’s like to shut her up. He says he’s not available to bail her out today. The future of GH depends on him.

Charlotte says the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s Career Day. Chase walks in, and loudly says, for all.

Elizabeth hurries Aiden. He’s already missed the bus. Franco says he’s happy to drive him. Elizabeth asks where Aiden’s backpack is. He tells her, upstairs, and suggests staying home, since he’s late already, but Elizabeth doesn’t think so. She tells him to get it.

Curtis is waiting for Nina at Crimson. He says he came to find out what he did wrong. He’s not feel the love there for him. She asks why, and he says she hasn’t RSVP’d.

Max is having coffee at the MetroCourt. Peter says she’s doing it wrong. You’re supposed to be inconspicuous on a stakeout. Valentin and Sasha are there, and Valentin asks for a word. Sasha says she can’t be late for her first day at work. She took Nina up on her offer to work at Crimson. He says they need to talk, but she says there are eyes on them. Valentin says that’s why she should go. She knows; the longer she stays, the more likely she’ll be found out. Why is he worried. No one will tell Nina; no one knows. She’s treading lightly. Laura appears and asks Valentin who his friend is.

He introduces them, and Laura asks how they’re acquainted. Valentin tells her that Sasha is Nina’s daughter. Laura wasn’t aware she had one, and Sasha says, neither was she. They recently met. Laura says Nina must be thrilled she’s visiting Port Charles. Sasha says it’s more serious than that. She’s starting a job at Crimson today. Valentin says he’ll go up with her. Laura welcomes her to Port Charles.

Peter tells Maxie that Sasha must have missed the memo to avoid Valentin. Maxie says Valentin is the one who tracked her down. Peter thought it was Curtis, and Maxie says Valentin hired him. Peter says that explains why she has her guard down. He wonders why Maxie isn’t getting involved, but she says she’s not putting her nose in places it doesn’t belong. She accuses Peter of looking at her like she’s backsliding. He asks if it’s that hard, and she says, especially when she’s sitting across from someone she has a burning question for. Is he planning on going to Curtis and Jordan’s wedding with Nina or not?

Nina tells Curtis that she has the invitation right there, and shows him. He says he’ll accept a verbal confirmation, and she says, of course it’s yes. He has a favor to ask. Nina says, yes, and he says she doesn’t know what it is. She says it doesn’t matter. He says even if it means standing up for him? Drew has a personal situation. She wonders if he’s asking her to be his best man, and he says, best person. Someone he trusts, who has his back, and wants the best for him and his bride. The true definition of a friend. She says she’d be honored to be his best person, and hugs him.

Finn feels warm. Anna asks if he’s nervous. He says he keeps telling himself that they’re just third graders. She says he’s a doctor on career day. It’s a match made in heaven. She doesn’t know why he’s worried; he’s great with kids. Emma is a fan. He says Emma is biased. She says either he’ll inspire the next generation to be doctors, or send them running to law school. She believes in him.

Lulu is happy Chase could make it. He says it’s community outreach. She asks if he volunteered when he knew Charlotte’s teacher was having Career Day. Willow welcomes their special guests. Michael and Stella are also there. Willow says they have everything from a police officer to a reporter, and some in between. Charlotte tells her, not everybody is there. Where’s Aiden?

Elizabeth checks Aiden’s backpack, and takes something out that looks like a belt. She asks if he’s wearing this, and tells him he knows the rules. He says, just for lunch, but she tells him no, hand it to her or lose screen time. He hands it over. Franco says goodbye, and leaves with Aiden.

At the hospital, Scotty tells Elizabeth that his client in 009 is getting the short end of the stick, and asks if she can swing by his room. He’s headed toward suing the hospital on top of the taco truck. She snaps at him to wait a second.

Franco tells Aiden that he’s a good kid, and his mom loves him. Nothing will ever change that. He gives Aiden some money for lunch, and an extra dollar not to tell Elizabeth about the conversation. Then another dollar not to tell her about the extra dollar. Aiden goes into class. Finn sees Franco, and asks where Willow’s room is. Franco gives him long directions that end with going through the gym and out the double-doors.

Maxie accuses Peter of ghosting Nina. He says he’d be more comfortable making the decision if he knew why she’d invited him. Maxie suggests he ask. Laura approaches, wanting to thank him in person for The Invader’s endorsement. He thinks she’s the right choice, and wishes her the best of luck. She appreciates the support, and needs all she can get if she’s going to take advantage of the election postponement. She hopes to get the chance to prove herself. Anna joins them and says, that makes two of us.

Curtis asks if Nina is bringing a date. She says she’s asked, but they’ve yet to confirm – it’s not Valentin. He says he’ll leave her plus one blank. Nina says if they can’t come, she’ll ask Sasha. Curtis asks if she’s staying in Port Charles. Nina says she is, and Curtis is surprised. He thought Sasha felt they were getting too close too soon. He asks what changed her mind. Nina says they’re getting to know each other, and Sasha is working there now. It didn’t work out with temp agency, and they had an opening. Curtis asks if she doesn’t think it’s too much. Sasha comes in.

Franco is reading a child psychology book, when the doorbell rings. It’s Scotty. He says Elizabeth was late for work, and he’s lounging around; some people are having a productive morning. He has some clients at GH who could use art therapy. Franco says his first appointment was canceled so he’s brushing up. Scotty asks which kid is having a problem. He says the boys are angels, and Scotty asks why he’s reading a child psychology. Franco says he works with kids. Scotty says Elizabeth is would as tight as piano wire, and Franco is catching up? There’s obviously something wrong. He’d thought by now if Franco had a problem he’d come to his father.

Laura runs into Elizabeth at the hospital. She asks if Elizabeth is okay, and Elizabeth says she has everything under control. Laura says, control is key when raising three boys, but she’s not at home, and doesn’t have to be in control in front of Laura. Elizabeth says she has nothing under control, and feels like she’s failing.

Willow introduces the first speaker – Stella. Finn runs in, out of breath. Willow is glad he made it. He says he took a wrong turn, and she says she’s glad he’s here now, and tells him to take a seat. Chase says, smooth, and Finn tells him, shut up. Willow introduces Stella. Stella says people think she’s just an average citizen, who no one would look twice at. They don’t know what she really is, but she’s letting them in on the secret. She’s out there fighting to make sure everyone gets treated decently. She takes off her jacket and has a shirt that says SWW. She’s Social Worker Woman! Finn says, she has a costume.

Lulu gets up next, and explains the basics of reporting: who, what, when, where, and most important, why and how. She says it’s not a reporter’s job to tell them what to believe, but to provide information, so they can make up their own mind.

Michael asks, who knows what ELQ does? No one raises their hand, so he says, let’s find out together. He says they make important chemicals for innovative technology, and pours something in a beaker. The kids are like, wow… He shows them a giant pumpkin, and says they also fight world hunger. They grow food with special seeds, and he’s brought seeds for all of them to start their own gardens. I start wondering if GMOs are involved, and if they’ll all get giant vegetables like in that Gilligan’s Island episode. Finn frets. Michael says, a good CEO helps his company help the world, which leads to their motto – do a little bit of everything, and a whole lot of good. Chase tells Finn not to worry. Chase is called up. Finn says he’s not worried at all, and fans himself.

Nina asks Sasha if she remembers Curtis. She says she has him to thank for being there. He’s just glad she found her way to Nina; Valentin was the brains behind the operation. Sasha says they’re both her heroes. Nina says Curtis is her hero. Sasha thought Valentin would make the cut. She puts something on Nina’s desk and leaves. Curtis asks Nina what about her and Valentin, but Nina says he just had them over for dinner. There’s nothing to be worried about.

Anna asks to borrow Peter, and they step away from the table. Anna appreciates his discretion. He tells her, enjoy it while it lasts. He can’t hold off Lulu much longer. She says the gag order has been lifted. He asks what about the plan to nail Obrecht. She tells him that his sister at GH in room 510; she’s been taken extremely ill. She has an infirmity they can’t diagnose. Peter says she didn’t seem ill at The Floating Rib, but Anna says, looks can be deceiving. He says she once asked him to plant a false story, and he refused. She’s refined her strategy by giving him false information. She asks if he wants to spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder. The less he knows, the less he has to worry about. He says she sounds like Valentin; one more thing they have in common. She says, sharing goals? and he says, having to make things right. Anna asks what Valentin can do, and Peter says, for one thing, he reunited a mother and child, separated through no fault of their own.

Chase says, if trouble arises over the next ten minutes, he’s deputizing Charlotte. He shows them how to do fingerprinting. Charlotte asks if it isn’t digitalized now, and he says it is, but before that, it was done on cards. No two people’s fingerprints are exactly the same. Even identical twins. He says he’s brought his special assistant, and goes to get him. Stella asks Michael if he has any idea what Chase has planned, and Michael says, no idea. Chase brings in a gorgeous German Shepherd, saying, this is Thor. Chase worked with the K9 unit before he was a detective. One of Thor’s favorite parts of the job is public outreach. He loves meeting people. He tells Thor to say hi, and Thor barks, and shakes hands with Willow. Chase goes on to bike safety, ending with how they should never illegally park. Willow says time’s up, and Chase quietly says he wasn’t talking to them. Finn says if he knew it was bring a cool animal day, he’d have brought Roxie. Willow says they have one more speaker.

Franco asks Scotty, what if a kid changes his personality from outgoing to uptight? Scotty says kids sometimes go through phases that run their course eventually. Franco doesn’t think that’s the case. Scotty suggests talking to him, but Franco says Aiden is shutting him out. Scotty says what about talking to his teacher; maybe she can shed some light on it. Franco says she can’t. Scotty says, it’s a tough case, and Franco wonders where that leaves him. Scotty says, where it leaves all parents – worried.

Elizabeth starts to cry, and Laura says, everyone has their moments. What does she think she’s failing at? and Elizabeth says, motherhood. Laura finds that hard to believe. Elizabeth says, something is wrong with Aiden.

Finn gets up, and says, so many little kids. He asks if anyone knows why the cookie went to the doctor, and Charlotte says, it felt crummy. She asks where he went to medical school. He tells her, Stoneybrook, and she balks at a state school. Willow tells her not to interrupt, and Finn says, it’s a good school. He asks if anyone has heard of the bird flu, and Charlotte asks if he has it; he looks like a bird. I wonder what’s gotten into her, and Willow says she’ll see Charlotte after school. She asks if Aiden as a question, and Charlotte says, he never talks. He might not have a voice. Chase asks if it’s true that Finn saved a patient from brain worms. Finn says it was his most fascinating case, and the bell rings. One of the kids says, time for gym, and they all run out. Willow thanks the guests.

Maxie asks Peter what that was about. He says he and Agent Devane have a difference of opinion as to what constitutes accurate reporting. Maxie says, Agent Devane? He says he’s not feeling the bond, and probably never will. Maxie asks, where were they? and he says, Nina’s invitation. She assumes he’s going to accept.

Anna says Valentin has been busy in her absence, and he asks what he did now. She says he gave Nina the one thing she couldn’t have. She wonders if he thought he’d find redemption in conjuring up a daughter. He says there was no conjuring. There were two labs, and two separate tests to prove they’re related. He could think of worse things to make a play for redemption. Maybe he can win back Peter’s friendship, and maybe hers. She tells him to stay away from her son.

Peter asks Maxie if it was her idea for Nina to ask him to the wedding, but she says, it was all Nina. He says it’s nice of her, but he doesn’t think he should be within a mile of it. The wedding will be loaded with police, and people who care about Nathan. It might be insensitive. Maxie is sure no one will notice. Nathan would be fine with Nina taking anyone but Valentin. Peter tells her that he’ll go, but first, he wants to know who she’s taking.

Valentin shows up at Nina’s office. Curtis says he’ll consider that her RSVP. She wants the table next to Stella. He tells her Stella won’t be there, and they’ll talk next time. He leaves, and Valentin has something he thinks belongs to Nina. He found her earring under the couch where she fell asleep. She tells him she has a deadline, and he asks if she has time to talk about what happened. Or they could talk about what could have happened.

Willow thanks the guests for making Career Day a success. Finn thinks he can be left off that list. Willow thinks they could do another day, and asks Michael to bring seeds for her next time. Stella says she’s bringing props next time. They leave, but Chase lingers, and asks Willow for her contact information. He says it’s for Finn, and she says she can give it to him directly. Chase says Finn is nervous, but he’s a bright guy. Willow says she can catch up with him, and Chase says, or she can give him her number.

Franco tells Scotty, hopefully the book is more enlightening. Scotty says Franco has the sense God gave a goose, and should trust it. Kids need a roof over their heads, clothes, and food. He can figure out the rest. Franco says he needs Aiden to trust him now, so Elizabeth believes he’s a good parent. Scotty asks if his problem is with Aiden or Elizabeth.

Elizabeth tells Laura that she snapped at Aiden because he missed the bus. She should be focusing on him, not him being late. She sure he thinks she doesn’t care about him. Laura says she’s a good mom; she just had a bad morning. Elizabeth says Franco is going to do art therapy with Aiden to see if it helps like it did with Jake. Maybe she’ll talk to Doc. Laura suggests maybe she talk to someone else – Lucky.

Chase asks if he can call Willow to ask her out sometime. She says maybe she could be persuaded if he brings Thor. He asks when, and she says she hasn’t said yes. He says she didn’t say no. She tells him it’s been a while, and he says for him too. He says they can see who’s the worst first date, and she says she’ll knock him out in round one. She gives him the number, and says she looks forward to his call.

Laura asks if Elizabeth has told Lucky. Elizabeth asks if Laura thinks she should. He’s not part of Aiden’s life, but if he knew what Aiden was going through, he’d come running. She thinks it might do more harm than good, and Laura says she could be right. Whatever she decides Laura is there for her and Aiden. They hug.

Scotty asks what’s really bothering Franco. Is his problem with the kid or proving himself to Elizabeth. Franco says, both. Scotty wants to help. Maybe he should take Aiden out fishing or hiking. Franco doesn’t think he’d be interested, and Scotty says figure what he is interested in, and eventually they’ll connect. Problem solved. The bride-to-be will know he’s the man for the job. Franco says it’s not bad advice, and Scotty says, ten bucks. Franco thinks that’s steep for the family rate. Scotty suggests they play catch, but Franco says Scotty knows he doesn’t do well at that; he has trouble with his spiral.

Willow calls Elizabeth. Elizabeth asks if everything is okay. Willow thinks it’s time for another conversation about her son.

Valentin tells Nina they have unfinished business. Nina says she has meeting to go to, and asks that they at least agree the conversation is far from over. Sasha says Nina has another visitor. Valentin says she’s busy, but Peter says he’ll just be a moment. He’s accepting her invitation. Valentin asks, for what? and Maxie says Curtis and Jordan’s wedding. Nina invited Peter as her date.

Anna runs into Finn at the hospital. He wonders why she’s still there, and she says she came to check on a patient. She asks how the presentation went, and he says the look on his face is how he’s thinking; he’s bleeding. Anna asks, how could he go wrong? Curtis approaches them, and says this came in the mail, and gives an envelope to Finn. He says, it’s from Hayden.

Tomorrow, Anna asks Finn what was in the part he didn’t read to her, Curtis says Drew is being generous, and not-Doc asks Franco what makes him think he can catch the killer?

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Day 2 – Copenhagen. LeeAnne is tired; it’s late. D’Andra and Kameron are the only ones still up. D’Andra is sorry she hurt Kameron’s feelings. She didn’t mean to hurt Kameron’s family. Kameron says she’d never intentionally try to hurt someone she loves. D’Andra says they know each other differently. No one else understands the family dynamic. In her interview, D’Andra says she and Kameron bonded over the pressure of Dallas society, and how you have to be a certain way. D’Andra tells Kameron she has principles. She got mad and thought Kameron wasn’t a loyal friend. In D’Andra’s interview, she admits she was wrong, and never meant to hurt Kameron. She was wound up because Kameron and LeeAnne poked and tag teamed. D’Andra says when her dad was there, he was the defender. She has a small family; it’s just her and her mother, and they’re not getting along. She thinks it’s finally settled, but she just has her husband. Kameron says she’ll always be there for D’Andra. She knows D’Andra is dealing with stuff. D’Andra apologizes, saying it’s time for her to learn and to be better. She hopes they can move on. If it takes time, she understands. She’s going to do her best to be a better friend. She gets teary, and says, it’s hard. They hug it out. In her interview, Kameron says their families are in similar social circles, and they understand each other because of that. Kameron thinks they can move forward, and there are more hugs. In her interview, D’Andra says she doesn’t know if they can go back to where they were, but they have peace. They laugh over last night when D’Andra got in Kameron’s elevator.

D’Andra feels lighter, like a weight lifted. LeeAnne asks Cary what the agenda is, and Cary says, biking. Everyone shuffles out. Kameron jokes that she’ll decide what to do depending on who she wants to hang out with. LeeAnne says her ass is sitting on the boat. Stephanie says whatever Brandi decides, she’ll go along with. In Cary’s interview, she says, these girls have been clinging to their besties for dear life. Not today. LeeAnne and Kameron, separate; Brandi and Stephanie, separate. Brandi says LeeAnne would look like the wicked witch on a bike, and LeeAnne asks if she’s still mad. LeeAnne says they need to talk, but Brandi says it’s too early. LeeAnne walks off. She tells Stephanie that Brandi is still mad, and Stephanie says she’s mad about the alcoholic stuff. LeeAnne wonders why D’Andra acts in a more violent manner – we flash back to her putting her finger in LeeAnne’s face – but there’s no repercussion. LeeAnne says Brandi thinks she’s the punching bag of the group. Kameron agrees. Kameron thinks the only way to move forward for LeeAnne, is to get an apology.

D’Andra, Stephanie, and LeeAnne go on the boat. Stephanie isn’t a fan of boats, but she’s a fan of hot captains. They drink rose, and the hot captain says it’s the best way to experience Copenhagen. He explains a bunch of stuff in Danish, and they reply, skoal! Kameron loves biking because she’s more in control of her environment. Brandi and Cary go biking with her. In her interview, Cary says she dated Lance Armstrong, who taught her a thing or two. Cary remembers the shopping area. She says she was ten when she was in Denmark, but just wanted to be home with her boyfriend and friends. She iddn’t stop and smell the roses. Ten seems too young to have a boyfriend, but I can identify, having gone to the Bahamas with my father when I was fourteen. I just wanted to get back home and enjoy the summer with my friends. Oh how I wish someone would take me on that trip now. On the boat, they go past the backside of an old world palace. Carved dragon tails make the main spire. It’s just beautiful.

Cary wants to stop at a trampoline park. The boat goes past, and the girls yell they have wine. Cary says it’s a small city, but it’s crazy. What are the odds they’d run into each other? These bitches can’t be separated. She wonders who has the tracking device. The hot captain, who really can speak English, drops them off. Some of them bounce on the trampolines. Cary steers, while D’Andra sits on the front of the bike. Stephanie, D’Andra and LeeAnne stop for lunch. In her interview, D’Andra thinks Stephanie is a calming force, and can help them get back on track.

D’Andra excuses herself to go to the bathroom. LeeAnne tells Stephanie that they’re pretending like nothing is wrong. It’s what old people do. LeeAnne wants to keep the caps from their beer bottles, and talks about saving things like the bouquet from D’Andra’s wedding. In her interview, Stephanie says she sees two close friends who have drifted apart. It reminds her of what she went through with her best friend. D’Andra comes back, and Stephanie tells them that she wants them to talk and be friends. She asks if D’Andra loves LeeAnne. After a pause, that might or might not be editing, she says, yes. She doesn’t think they’re not friends. LeeAnne feels like D’Andra doesn’t respect her. D’Andra says LeeAnne made her financial situation clear. I roll my eyes, and LeeAnne says she mentioned it once, and said it out of love, but D’Andra is still harping on it a month later. She wanted to solve a problem for D’Andra, and she’s said she’s sorry a million times. She thinks their tit for tat isn’t helping them move forward. D’Andra says if they promise not to talk about it anymore, they can put it to bed. LeeAnne doesn’t think D’Andra has respect for her or their friendship. D’Andra thinks they’ll get past it. In D’Andra’s interview, she says she’s done everything she knows to do, except apologize. And why not? She says she and LeeAnne have a long history. They’ve shared a lot, and she wants her friend back. She says great things are happening in LeeAnne’s life, and she’d love to be there to support her. She understands it might take time, but she’ll do her best to make it up. LeeAnne says when D’Andra took away the opportunity to love her, she took LeeAnne’s heart. In her interview, Stephanie says she’d love to see them be friends again. LeeAnne says she’d love to turn back time. Stephanie says she’s super proud of both of them. They’ve been friends for a long time, and they’re great people. LeeAnne thanks her for being a calming influence.

Cary says they’re going to Tivoli Gardens, and artsy amusement part in the center of town. And they’re wearing Danish girl outfits. Yes, they are. They skip across the street. The park is so cool. I would love this place. LeeAnne says this is how carnivals got started. She grew up with Siamese twins, and a snake pit where she put a python around her waist. She had a larger than life, vibrant childhood. it gave her a view on world no one else has. She adds, by the way, no one dressed like this. Cary wishes Zuri was there, but it’s cool being there with friends. They look like idiots.

They ride the carousel. The Ferris wheel has seats that look like hot air balloons. They have a beer, saying, skoal! since it’s all they know. Everyone agrees it’s been fun. D’Andra says Stephanie was calm and centered. D’Andra and LeeAnne concur that they’ve had a breakthrough. In her interview, Brandi says they had lunch with Dr. Phil, now everything is okay. Cary says she told Brandi that LeeAnne was upset about her joke, and LeeAnne says Brandi is still mad. Brandi says LeeAnne told people to be careful about her, and that she had a baby to save her marriage. The bottom line is, if LeeAnne is feeling hurt because Brandi called her a wicked witch, she’s not apologizing. LeeAnne says she doesn’t have to, and she wouldn’t expect it. Brandi says maybe she should have said wicked bitch. LeeAnne says she’s apologized, and obviously Brandi doesn’t want to accept it. She’s agitated and angry. Brandi says it’s just going to happen again, and that’s why she feels done with LeeAnne.

Cary is bringing the girls to meet the rest of the cousins. They’re having lunch at Cousin Lotte’s house. She tells D’Andra that she should have brought a swimsuit. It’s tradition to swim in the Baltic Sea. In her interview, Cary says you’re supposed to be naked, but it’s cool if you wear a suit. They head out. Everyone looks at their phones on the bus. D’Andra says her husband had a party. LeeAnne says she got a message at midnight that Rich loves and needs her. Brandi says, and send naked pictures.

The neighborhood is adorable, with sweet, little houses. Cary meets all the cousins, and Camilla is there. There’s a spread outside, and Lotte says she has one more cousin to introduce. She brings out Zuri, followed by Mark. Cary is beyond excited. Zuri says they came to Copenhagen for her. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says, this is what life is about – family. It’s the one thing she doesn’t have. It’s beautiful to watch and be a part of, even for a second. Geez, even I’m tearing up. Mark tells Cary that he worked it out with her dad. In her interview, Cary says for him to come all that way with her baby girl; he knows how important it is for her to have a relationship with her family. Copenhagen is incredible.

Time to eat. Lotte says it’s a traditional Danish lunch. They start with spiced herring. Zuri tells Cary that she doesn’t have to eat the pickled herring, but Cary says she’s going to try everything. Stephanie has a hard time putting a piece in her mouth, and chews for a long time. In her interview, she says, it tastes like salty a-hole; gross. I’ve had it, and disagree totally. Mark says he has another surprise. Cary’s dad is on FaceTime. It’s 6 am where he is. Everyone waves. In Cary’s interview, she says everyone who matters to her is in the room. It’s a blessing to be there, and feel the love, the sense of belonging, and energy. She wants to pack it in her suitcase, and bring it home to her dad. They do shots. Lotte tells them to look each other in the eye, and say, skoal!

Cary says it’s tradition to take a naked dip in the Baltic for good luck in the year to come. You go in naked, come out, and put your clothes back on, It’s not a big deal. It’s also 50*F. Zuri asks if there are sharks, and that’s a no. They see a fisherman, and Zuri says, okay, you don’t get privacy? I die laughing. Cary explains that it’s okay to be naked there. In her interview, she says she’s all about experiencing the culture. She’s going to do the plunge the way the Danes do. In Stephanie’s interview, she says Cary loves being naked. If she had to see her family naked, she’d need fifteen years of therapy. LeeAnne says she passes. She has a fashion show coming up, and doesn’t want to get sick. In her interview, LeeAnne says the last time Cary persuaded her to swim naked in the Mexican ocean, she came home with a flesh-eating bacteria. Plus, it’s thirty degrees. Stephanie says there are vaginas and franks everywhere. In Brandi’s interview, she says she thought it was liberating and freeing to get in naked, and then she saw LeeAnne take out her phone. Have some respect. Stephanie takes off her extensions, and she and Kameron get in with suits on. Mark and Cary go in, and in her interview, Cary says it’s the infamous Duber d*ck that allegedly got s*cked at the Round up. Feast your eyes, ladies; feast your eyes. Lotte says Brandi and Cary passed the Viking test. Cary tells them it’s hard to say goodbye. She tells Zuri that they’ll meet back at the hotel. In her interview, she says she’s just getting to know everyone again, but she will be back, 100%.

On the bus back, Cary thanks everyone for making the day special. Mark made reservations for them at a Michelin star restaurant. Brandi says she needs to collect LeeAnne’s phone. She asks why LeeAnne would do that, and LeeAnne says the video isn’t seeing the light of day. Brandi says, it’s disrespectful, and LeeAnne deletes it. Brandi tells her to delete it from her trash too. She does things like that, and will use them against people. LeeAnne tells her that she’s wrong. In Brandi’s interview, she says, why take it in the first place? She knows LeeAnne is vindictive. She could have texted it, or emailed it to herself, or put it in her iCloud. She calls LeeAnne a manipulative bitch, and says she wants to use it against them. LeeAnne tells Brandi that she’s special, which shuts her up momentarily. I think she doesn’t know how to respond to that. In her interview, Kameron says they’re on national TV, and wonders why Brandi is angry about a cell phone. Cary confirms the deletion. Stephanie says, everyone is good.

Back at the hotel, LeeAnne says she genuinely thought the video was something they’d want to see later. Kameron thinks Brandi is paranoid. LeeAnne says it was spur of the moment, and she thought she was doing a good thing. She didn’t even think about them being naked. Everyone gets ready for dinner. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says Brandi is agitated because she hasn’t broken a glass, called people names, or started a fight. She wants the old LeeAnne to be the dragon, so she can act afraid, and everyone will hug her.

At Hõst restaurant, server Ken suggests a tasting menu, and starts them with champagne. In her interview, Kameron says the food has been fancy and sophisticated; everything Cary wants to eat. She’s hungry. Stephanie points out that the shrimp has eyeballs. D’Andra says, don’t look, just eat. Stephanie thinks it’s lazy not to take the head off the shrimp.

Cary asks about everybody’s favorite moment. LeeAnne says hers was Tivoli. D’Andra thought the boat was fantastic. Brandi – who is wearing way too much bronzer – says meeting Cary’s family, and the bonding thing was great. Because she just can’t STFU, she adds she does feel hurt by LeeAnne, so that took away from it. LeeAnne says she had no malicious intent. Brandi asks how she’d like it if she filmed LeeAnne’s sunny-side up boobies. Omg, I can’t believe her. I think 1) LeeAnne is right; Brandi’s pissed because she’s not getting a rise out of her, 2) she’s overtired and yes, drinking too much, and 3) she’s also pissed that Stephanie is now friends with LeeAnne. In LeeAnne’s interview, she taps the bowl that makes the meditative sound, and keeps tapping.

LeeAnne says she didn’t sneak around to do it, and Kameron says it was about capturing the moment, not blackmail. Stephanie doesn’t think there was anything wrong about it, but understands why Brandi didn’t want her doing it. LeeAnne says it was deleted. Brandi says she’s insecure about that. How does she know? LeeAnne says Brandi can look at her phone. She shows D’Andra that it says, no photos or videos. LeeAnne says if it went elsewhere, she’d know who did it. Cary says, that’s true. LeeAnne says, it was done in innocence. No one gets the same amount of punishment, and LeeAnne thinks the street is unbalanced. Stephanie says it wasn’t malicious. Brandi says it’s a trust issue, and in her interview, whines once again about LeeAnne making up rumors that she’s an alcoholic and had a baby to save her marriage. Brandi says LeeAnne always has an agenda. She’ll use against Brandi when she gets mad at her. She’ll talk to everyone else, except her. In her interview, Brandi says, LeeAnne is pretending to be Zen, but can only keep it up for so long. She’s a good manipulator. LeeAnne says she’s not mad at Brandi, nor is she going to be, or let herself get that way. Brandi says she doesn’t trust LeeAnne. LeeAnne says she doesn’t trust Brandi either. LeeAnne says she’s not going down History Street again

In LeeAnne’s interview, she says Brandi wants to prove the old LeeAnne exists. She does. She just controls her better. It’s called maturity – try it. All LeeAnne can say is, sorry, she can’t trust Brandi. Brandi doesn’t think anyone there trusts LeeAnne.

Next time, Brandi calls the group fake bitches, D’Andra is on friend probation, and LeeAnne has her fashion show – one dress worn 175 ways.


Cassie heard sirens, and DEA and FBI agents raided the club. She got her gun ready, and then we saw, 24 hours earlier…

Cassie found out Xander was taking his wife to an Atlanta gala, when she thought it was over. He tossed an engagement ring to her as she was about to drive away.

Star’s biggest fear was depending on someone else. She told Jackson they weren’t from the same place. He didn’t understand.

Alex confronted Derek about the girl at the club, but he said it wasn’t like that. She had to trust him. He left, and she had a panic attack.

Maurice told Noah that he was cool with whatever Noah and Megan had going on, as long as it didn’t interfere with business. He said Noah was slipping, but Noah said, hits don’t come overnight. His plaques and Grammys spoke for themselves. Maurice said he needed to step up his game; there was always someone who wants it just as bad. Noah wondered if that was a threat, but Maurice said he was talking business.

Take 3 and Miss Bruce met with Maurice, who thought they needed to up their social presence game. He introduced Chloe, who he’d hired to help with that. He thought Noah needed to engage with the fans more. Miss Bruce said the festival was supposed to showcase Take 3, but Maurice said Noah was the comeback kid. Mateo hired him to do as he saw fit, and that’s how he sees it. Miss Bruce told Take 3 to take to the stage and figure it out. Star suggested getting Chloe’s attention on them. The girls were in.

Cassie wanted to go to the gala with Xander. He told her that Karma was too hot, and still had a rat problem that she was supposed to handle. It was affecting his business and reputation. He called Cassie a sloppy bitch, and told her fix it. Then he asked her to marry him.

The undercover girl told Derek not to lose his focus. If he worked smart and fast, they’d find a way to get closer to the action.

Cassie told her thug, Mike, they had to find and plug a leak. Derek came looking for a job, and Mike said he could use more manpower. Cassie told him that she was doing it for his granny, and what goes on in the club, stays in the club.

Noah was confronted by a girl whose DMs he was ignoring. She insisted they’d slept together when he was on tour, and he was so good, he gave her the clap. He said he’d never met her, but she showed him a photo of the two of them looking intimate. She wanted $20K or was going public. Maurice said the truth didn’t matter; it would be bad publicity. Megan said it was extortion, and they should call the authorities. She told Noah, whatever he decided, she’d make it work, but if he paid the blackmailer, she’d keep coming back. Noah went with his lawyer.

Star said she was all the baby has, and Jackson said she acted like he wasn’t a part of it. She wouldn’t move in with him, or even talk about it. It was his baby too, and he was going to be there every step of the way, but he and Star were done.

Mike told Derek he’d have to sweat to make cheese. If Derek wanted real money, mike said he’d contact his boys. Cassie sang, and Xander confronted her about Cotton going to the police. Cassie said it was a family problem, and Cotton had nothing to do with this. She had Cotton under control. He saw where that had gotten them, and said he wasn’t sitting back and letting her throw away the future. She said she had him, and he said he trusted her.

The accusations against Noah ended up on TV. Maurice asked if he was someone Megan wanted to be with.

Mike brought Derek in the back of the club, saying Jamal had been skimming off the top. Jamal said, just once, and Mike held a gun to his head. He asked Derek what he thought, and handed him the gun. Derek thought of his grandma, and took it. It was a set-up, and Mike was just seeing if Derek would have his back. Jamal said he almost believed him. Mike said Derek proved himself, and had a job. Derek said he was a quick learner. Mike told him to keep his mouth shut, and his grandma’s mortgage would be paid sooner than he thought. Cassie thinks she’s calling the shots, but she ain’t.

At the salon, Star said they were busting ass, but couldn’t get press. Cassie blew in, and told Cotton, you don’t snitch on family. Cotton told Cassie that she was paranoid, and Miss Bruce told Cassie, stop coming for family. Cassie insisted she was protecting them from the cops sniffing around Carlotta. Miss Bruce suggested she leave Xander alone. He beats her ass. Cassie told them it was none of their business. Miss Bruce said she was on a roller coaster ride she couldn’t get off.

Simone told Alex to quit pretending everything was okay, and talk to her. Alex said she thought Derek was cheating. She saw him and a girl at the club. Simone never saw a man more sure of his love, and said they’d been thought too much not to fight for what they had.

Cassie told Xander everything was locked down. Star came to Cassie’s office, and said Cassie was letting any man treat her any way. Cassie told her get the hell out. She didn’t know about life, especially Cassie’s. Star said she got her ass beat when she was with Hunter, and kept coming back. Something good was waiting on the other side of the decision if she dumped Xander.

Derek talks to the undercover girl before the club opens, and kisses her when Mike looks at them, but Simone sees them too. Maurice tried to convince Megan that Noah wasn’t who she thought, but Megan said every time she looked at Maurice, she saw their daughter. It was too painful. She needed to move on, and he had to let her. With Megan’s help, Noah proved the photo was fake. He said, whatever is done in the dark will come to light. He didn’t press charges, just wanting to focus on his music.

Star, Simone, and Alex created a ruckus, pretending to fight. Chloe fell for it, and filmed them. Alex said she was glad it was their last album, and Simone pretended to be shocked that Chloe was filming them. Alex grabbed her phone, and threw it.

That’s when it went back to the beginning. Cassie hearing sirens, and seeing the raid. And getting her gun ready.

Cassie confronted Xander at the gala. She thought he was coming alone, but he said his wife decided to come at the last second. She told him the feds raided the club, but she got out before they could talk to her. There was no evidence, since she wasn’t sloppy. He told her it wasn’t just cash; he had boys running drugs in her club. She said she should blow his brains out. Xander said he did it for them, so they’d never have to worry, and he was filing for divorce. He said he loved her, then asked her to take the fall. She slapped him instead.

Star brought Jackson to a new house where there was plenty room for a kid. She wanted Jackson there too. She couldn’t change the past or how it happened so fast, but she wanted to try and make sure the future was better. Jackson said it was too late, but Star asked him not to walk away. They’d both done that their entire relationship. She wanted the baby to have a functioning family, like Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv. Jackson didn’t know if they’d ever be that great, but they could try.

Derek told Alex it wasn’t what she thought, and she asked if it was payback for Noah. He said he couldn’t explain right then, and he got a call from undercover girl. Alex told him to go be with that bitch; she was done with him. He said he loved her more than anything.

Noah and Megan were walking outside, when a guy with a gun came up behind them, and knocked Noah down. He told Noah to stay down when Noah asked him not to hurt Megan.

At the studio, Alex told Simone she was right. Simone started crying, and said it wasn’t just about Alex and Derek, but her and Nina. Alex asked what she meant, but Star interrupted, telling them Chloe’s video of their fight went viral. She showed them the comments, and one said, not missing their last performance. Alex said, it happens all the time; people grow apart. Star said people were calling it their goodbye album. They were trying to help Carlotta, but they’re different artists with different dreams. Alex told Star that they did everything they said they would. Star said, they did more. Simone thought it was right. Their last album. Star said they were going to do it right.

As Take 3 went over their plans, behind the club, undercover girl tried to get Derek on the phone, but Mike grabbed her. Cassie put the ring back in the box. Mike strangled undercover girl. Cassie went to the cops, and turned herself in.

Next time, the finale, Xander says he always wins, Carlotta is back, and Noah pulls a gun on Derek.

✂ There was no great hair tonight, except for an extra dude in the studio with interesting dreads.

💅 On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, once again, dog poop was the great leveler. When Melissa invited new wife Jackie and her kids over, they had to dance around an accident in the hallway. That’s right, no matter how much money you have, that dog is going to poop in the house. Jackie is a mom blogger, and said if anyone doesn’t like her style, she cordially invites them to go eff themselves. I like her already. Teresa pressured BroJoe to spend more time with their father. She’s still in training, and was fretting about an upcoming trip to Oklahoma, where no doubt her friends would encourage her to drink and eat. This prompted a great quote from trainer Tracy – no chicken pot pies for you.

🐛 Inching Toward the Weekend…





November 11, 2018 – Dead, Dead, More Dead & Happy Veteran’s Day


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



The Walking Dead

Six years later. Michonne says she’s there, and knows he’s still there too. It hasn’t gotten any easier. Days keep passing; the world keeps spinning. Years go by while they try to make sense of it all. Daryl fishes. A zombie rises out of the water, and he impales a zombie on his makeshift spear. Carol, now with long hair, smiles at a still sleeping Ezekiel. She looks at the wall, where it says, at times we crack, only to let the light in.

Michonne says they try to look ahead to a better future, but the truth is, the path has only grown darker. It’s harder to see. You can feel so lost, and so alone, and so desperate for something; anything that might show you the way. She rides into the woods, and goes to an old RV. She gets out a cigar box that has keepsakes in it. She looks at a four-leaf clover. She says, they’re surrounded by darkness. There are still flashes of light – she takes out a cowboy figure – calling to us. Not enough to light the way ahead, but enough to keep them going.

In the woods, Daryl sees a snapping zombie wedged in a tree that’s growing around it. A bird lands on it, and brings a worm to a nest of its young. Michonne says they keep trying; they keep fighting. Daryl continues on. Carol works in the garden. Michonne says, they keep dreaming. She puts the cowboy figure in her bag, and says that’s what she does, every second of every day – for him; for them. She hasn’t given up, and never will. She rides back to Alexandria.

A group looks for Judith, who comes out of the woods. Aaron asks if she’s okay. She says she heard them calling, and they needed help. The group she saved comes out, and she gives them water. For clarity’s sake, even though we don’t know their names yet, I’m going to use them. The leader is Magna – who I mistakenly called Megan last week – Yumiko, sisters Connie and Kelly, and Luke (who is also Eddie Redmayne’s sidekick in Fantastic Beasts). Luke says he can cook something fancy from roots and leaves, and Eugene says they make stew; more mileage for the masses. Luke asks if there are more of them, and Judith says, way more. Using sign language, Kelly says the sickos are coming for them. Eugene steps up and stabs several zombies in the head. Apparently, he’s learned some skills in the past six years. He says there are more on the way, and they have to get out. Judith says the group needs food, water, and medicine. Aaron says, come on.

At the Kingdom, Carol wonders if there’s any place not falling apart. Much as I do at my own kingdom. Jerry says their loyalty to her, calling her, my queen. Carol makes a face, and he says she’s married to the king, and mother to the price. She has to accept it at some point. She says if she doesn’t by now, it’s never going to happen. In a basement, a pipe is spewing water, and Henry is trying fix it. Carol takes the duct tape, and straps it around the leak. Jerry says they’re in the clear; nice work. Henry says they’re holding things together with plastic and tape; they need better tools. Ezekiel says they’ve discussed it. Henry says, he’s discussed it. He says he has to go or he’ll be late. Ezekiel says he appreciates Henry’s passion and honesty, but he’d best watch his tone.

Ezekiel watches as Henry practices weaponry. Carol says Henry isn’t wrong. The place is getting older. Henry is getting older. Ezekiel says there are others who would gladly train at Hilltop in his place; they need him here. Carol says this is Henry’s home, but Ezekiel needs him there. Ezekiel says he wants Henry safe. It hasn’t been the same at Hilltop. Carol says, sometimes you have to let cracks happen to let the light in. Ezekiel laughs.

Eugene says it’s in direct and flagrant violation of security protocol, and Rosita says she knows. They bring the new people to the gate of Alexandria. Judith promises they’ll be safe there. She takes Magna’s hand and leads them in. The newcomers are amazed. Judith says, this is Alexandria; this is home.

Gabriel comes out. A child runs toward Aaron, saying, daddy, but he tells Gracie to stay where she is. Siddiq sees the wounded Yumiko, and says he’ll take her to the infirmary. Michonne rides in, and asks if someone wants to tell her what this is. Eugene says, five unknowns, all clean, one in the infirmary. She looks them over, and pats Magna down. She says, all clean? and Eugene says, whistle worthy, clean as a-wise. Michonne asks why they’re there, and Aaron says it was his call. She says it wasn’t his call to make. Judith tells Michonne that she decided. They needed help. Michonne says she knows the rules; they all do. Aaron says, they’re here now, and one is badly hurt. Siddiq is checking her out. He says, no disrespect, but maybe they could decide together. Gabriel suggests that they bring it before the council for a vote tomorrow. Michonne agrees, and says to put them in holding. Luke does some sign language. Judith sees the cowboy figure on the ground. I think of John from the other show, and get confused for a millisecond.

Ezekiel gives Henry a hug for the boy, and shakes hands for the man he’s going to become. Henry says Ezekiel is acting like he’s not going to see him again. Ezekiel tells Henry to be respectful, responsible, kind, and considerate. Henry promises, and gets the carriage ready. Ezekiel thinks if they bring the communities back together as full partners, it will change everything, and Carol says, he’ll be fine. Ezekiel says. he sees the world as should be, not as it is. He’s a dreamer. She wonders who he gets that from. She says they could use more dreamers, and Ezekiel says they could use more people to pull them down. She says she has some ideas, and he’s sure she does.

At the town meeting, Gabriel says it’s been a long time since they’ve seen any new faces. They’re a fair community of decent minded people, but not Saul. He asks who the leader is, and Magna asks what makes him think they have one. Gabriel asks if they knew each other before. Luke tries to piece together who knew who first, and lists someone they’ve lost. He says there were others, but just he can’t finish. He starts to cry, saying, they didn’t make it. Aaron asks who they were before. Luke was a music teacher, and Magna a waitress at a truck stop. Kelly says Connie says she was a journalist, but she’s being modest. She exposed some sleazy politicians, and put them behind bars. Kelly was in high school, stressing about stupid sh*t. Gabriel asks who they are now. Magna says, a fighter. Kelly tells them Connie claims she’s his guardian angel, but it’s the other way around. Luke says he guesses he’s still a music teacher. Education never ends, not even the in face of monsters and mayhem. Gabriel asks what they did to survive, and Magna says what she had to. Kelly says Connie never gave up, and Luke says, nothing special. He doesn’t know what he did to deserve it. In the beginning, he was in the right place at the right time. He’s lucky he met the right people. Before, if you saw them together, you would say maybe they work together. They don’t have anything in common, except for breathing. Aaron thanks them. He’d like to vote, but Michonne has a question. As a community, they want to be kind, generous, and charitable, but as they know, decisions like the one they’re about to make can come with a heavy price. She walks up to Magna, and tells Magna to show her left hand. She asks if Magna get her tattoo at a truck stop, and Magna says, screw you. Michonne says it’s a prison tattoo. The four dots are the walls, and the dot in the middle is her; the prisoner. She did hard time. Magna says she can explain, and Michonne asks if she has nothing to hide. Magna says, nothing, and Michonne tells her to put the knife on the table. Magna undoes the buckle off of her belt, and it’s a knife. Michonne says she remembers; she knows they do too. She seconds the motion to vote, and walks to the door. Magna wonders if she can ask Michonne a question. Michonne says, no, and continues to walk.

Gabriel checks out the radio equipment Rosita says she thought he gave up, but he says he keeps thinking there are still people they don’t know about. He thinks Michonne is wrong. He thinks they’re good people. Michonne got a rise out of Magna on purpose. Rosita says they’ll be in Alexandria until Yuniko is back on her feet. Michonne has time to change her mind. Gabriel says, maybe. He tells Rosita that Eugene thinks if they went further out and set up a remote amplifier, it might boost their signal. Rosita says it would be a security breach. Gabriel says it would be like stumbling in the dark, but think who they might find; what else is out there. Rosita ponders this, and says she and Eugene will check it out. They kiss. I don’t think any of us saw that coming. He tells her that she’s amazing.

Michonne says she thought she was done with this talking and not hearing him answer, but she wants what he did; to protect them. Judith walks toward the room where Michonne is talking. Michonne says nothing else mattered except him. She knows this isn’t what he planned, what he wanted, but he wasn’t there. Neither was she. Judith is almost at the door, but decides to go back. The floorboard creaks, and Michonne sees her. Michonne says it’s almost time for her lesson. You know she has to be wondering how much Judith heard.

In the carriage with Henry, Carol says they’re not going to Hilltop. They hear screaming, and Henry jumps down. Carol tells him to stop, then runs after him. He goes down an alley, and sees some thugs bothering a woman. He yells, get off her! but as he gets closer, the woman draws a weapon on him, calling him her hero. Carol has followed, and draws her bow, telling the woman, drop it. The gate behind her slides shut, and they’re trapped. Savior Jed comes out with some other guys. He says he’s not good at math, but there’s more of them. He calls Carol boss lady, and salutes.

In another carriage, Eugene says Rosita must like Gabriel. She’s flattening security protocol to stand by her man. Rosita tells him to focus. He says there are more viable selects available to her. She asks if he has someone specific in mind, but he says, generally speaking. They stop the carriage stops, and Rosita says, fresh tracks. Eugene says luckily they’re going in the other direction, and they head to some water towers.

Siddiq tells Yuniko that she got a concussion, and she was dehydrated, but she’ll be back on her feet tomorrow. Magna asks if she should be, but Siddiq tells her that’s not for him to say. Magna watches Michonne and Judith practice fighting. Luke asks what Siddiq’s story is. Siddiq says he was a stranger someone took in. Luke says it must have been different then. Is there a reason things changed? Siddiq says there’s a reason for everything, and excuses himself.

The woman tells Henry that they didn’t stand a chance; she had them pegged a mile down the road. Jed comes back with the carriage and horses. He tells Carol, sorry for the inconvenience. They’ve been having a tough time since the Sanctuary went bust. Carol asks if they tried joining with another community, but Jed says that’s not his bag. She spared him back in the day, so he’s offering her the same courtesy. The horses for their lives. Henry can keep his stick, but everything else is theirs. Carol tells him, take it and go. He wants her ring first. I wonder why, since it can’t be worth anything. She’s about to take it off, when Henry whacks Jed with his stick. Jed knocks Henry down, and Carol shields him. She gives Jed the ring, and he puts it on. He says it was a pleasure doing business with her, and he meant to tell her, he likes what she’s done with her hair. Okay. Is this some SWF situation?

Judith does math homework near Negan’s cell. It’s a story problem involving airplanes, and Negan asks if she’s ever seen an airplane fly in any direction at any speed. She says, no, and he asks if she thinks she will. She says, probably not. He thinks the math problems should apply to the real world: from right here and now. She tells him some strangers were brought there, but her mom is making them move. He says her being her, she must want to help. She says she found them, and brought them there. Negan says when he was her age, he brought home stray dogs. His mom hated it, and he didn’t understand why. They were friendly and grateful. One day, he brought home the wrong. Judith asks if it bit him, and he says, not him. It killed the other strays, and almost chewed his mom’s ear off when she tried to stop it. It seemed as friendly and grateful as the others. Judith asks if he ever brought home another one, but he says he wised up. Judith says, look how great that turned out. She starts to leave, and he thought she wanted his help. She tells him, just with math. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a good or bad person on the inside. Numbers don’t care.

Eugene is up on a water tower. Rosita says, looking good, and he starts to come down. He sees a load of zombies headed their way, and calls to Rosita. She tells him to get his ass down now. He drops his bag, and he startles the horses (who seem to be the source of a lot of problems). They get spooked, and take off. He’s not even a third of way down, and the zombies are advancing. Rosita digs through the bed of a truck. Eugene’s foot slips, and the ladder falls. He drops to the ground, and Rosita runs back. His knee is messed up. He tells her he did a hard core U on the DL. She gets a crutch, and gives it to him. They go as fast as he can.

In their tent, Henry tells Carol that he doesn’t get it. She didn’t even try. She says there was no point, but he says, bullsh*t. There’s right and wrong. You stand up for what’s right, and fight what’s wrong. She taught him that; what happened? She says, him. Someday he’ll understand. She rubs her finger where her ring used to be.

Magna tells the others, sorry. Michonne set her up. She didn’t know how it would play out, and wanted them to have options. Luke tells her, hand over the necklace. She takes it off. It has pointy things hanging from it. She says they can’t just go back out there, without horses and supplies. How long will they last? Luke says, as long as they can; same as always. Magna says, that worked out great. Kelly translates Connie’s signing. She tells them not to be a-holes. Bernie would have wanted them to have this, but they’re fighting like always. She tells Magna, leave this woman alone. They need to get Yuniko and get out. If that’s their fate, so be it. Luke asks if they shouldn’t try to convince Michonne. Magna tells him not to start too. They need this; everything. Luke tells her there are little kids there. Save it for someone who deserves it. He takes a vote, and tells Magna, hand it over now. She gives him the necklace. He tells her to sleep on it. She might feel better in the light of day.

At the Savior’s camp, Carol tells Jed the stuff there belongs to people she knew. I don’t know how she did it, but it looks like the Saviors are tied up. And I don’t mean busy. Jed says they found it, and he didn’t do anything. Carol says he hurt her son, but she’s never going to see them again. She lights a match, sets the place on fire, and they burn alive. Alrighty then.

Magna watches Michonne through the window. She almost walks into the house, but sees a toddler run to Michonne. Instead, she goes to the door, and hands Michonne a knife, saying she missed one. Michonne thanks her. Magna says Michonne was right about her. She’s done things; terrible things. If she had all this, she wouldn’t trust her either. She walks away, and they have an exchange I couldn’t hear.

Michonne sees Judith on the steps, holding a gun. She says she’s supposed to protect those she loves, like her dad protected those he loved.  Michonne thinks her dad would have been proud of what she did yesterday; her brother too. Judith asks, then why not help them? Michonne says she’ll understand someday. Judith knows Michonne talks to Rick; Carl too. She’s starting to forget their voices. They keep fading away. She hopes Michonne can still hear them. She runs upstairs, and the toddler runs to Michonne. She sees the cowboy figure on the floor.

Rosita and Eugene run as fast as Eugene can run, which isn’t very fast. He says he can’t keep on keeping on. He says there’s something he’s been working on telling her; something he’s been holding a long time. She tells him, shut up; they’re making it. She pulls him along.

Henry and Carol are back in their carriage. Henry is sorry about what he said, and thanks her. She says he’s safe. That’s all that matters. We see that Carol’s ring is back on her finger. Henry asks where she’s taking them, and she says, off the map. Daryl stands in her path. She says, need a ride, stranger? He smiles, and heads toward the carriage.

While Michonne gets dressed, we see an X scar on her lower back. She takes out Rick’s shirt, puts it on, and hugs herself. Judith sees Magna’s group outside, and says, sorry. Yuniko says if she’d known they were getting booted when she recovered, she would have hit her head harder.  Connie says through Kelly that Magna had volunteered to hit her again. They thank everyone for their hospitality, especially Judith. Gabriel and Siddiq walk them toward the gate. Michonne rides up, and says, change of plans. She gives Judith the cowboy, and says she knows another place that might take them in. She’s going to escort them personally. Siddiq will be going to Hilltop with her, to keep an eye on his patient until they get there. Kelly signs what’s happening to Connie. Judith tells them, good luck.

Eugene and Rosita stumble along. They slide down a muddy embankment toward some water. They cover themselves with the mud. I say, holy! The zombies are so close, but walk past.

Next time, Eugene and Rosita are still on the run, a flare is sent up, more of the new people, Daryl, and zombies. Kind of like this week.

🔥 When it comes to Carol, it looks like the Saviors have met their match.Talking Dead

🎭 Meet the New Cast…

And then some.

💖 Thanking Those Who Have Served…


November 9, 2018 – Sonny Gets What He Came For, a Rescue, Everyone Finds Their Way to Limbo, Mixed Quote Salad & Long Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jeanette says Sonny should be grateful. Skully started him in the business, and was good to him. Sonny says somebody he loves has been wrongly accused. He wants to make sure the truth comes to light. Jeanette says she’s burning the letters, and there’s nothing he can do. Margaux walks in and says, maybe he can’t, but she will. She came for the truth, and after all these years, she deserves it.

Nina tells Sasha that everyone lies. She’s told some big ones herself. Then there are those who spin the truth to get what they want. In their twisted way, they think they’re doing the better thing. Her ex like that. It’s hard. They love each other, but she can’t live waiting for the other shoe to drop. Whatever her and Sasha’s relationship turns out to be, Nina wants to make sure it’s honest. Sasha says she hasn’t been honest with Nina.

Kiki tells Griff that she hopes he board does the right thing, and this will soon be a horrible memory. They toast to horrible memories. Griff is amazed by her optimism, and how she keeps the faith. They kiss.

Elizabeth is proud of Franco. The police asked for help, and he gave it to them. She wishes he would believe in himself. He wants to totally trust himself, but thinks he should see Doc, just in case. Therapy is good for the soul.

Carly calls Sonny, leaving a message that it’s important. She tells Jordan that she already answered their questions. Jordan says, when she found Mary Pat’s head.

Not-Doc adds Mary Pat to his list. He adds her ID to some others, keeping it with the list in a drawer in his office. I note that not-Doc uses a fountain pen with real ink. There’s a knock at the door, and he puts his wedding ring in view on the desk. It’s Ava, who asks if he’s ready for her. He says, ready and waiting.

Ava thanks him for agreeing to see her after hours. She sees the ring, and he apologizes for being unprofessional and leaving it out. He finally took it off, and can’t figure out what to do with it. She says she’s sorry about him and Laura, but he says he broke it off; it’s his mess to clean up. She says it’s not any less painful than being left. It’s a different kind of awful, in her experience. She says sorry if she overstepped, and he says it’s his fault. Taking her to Charlie’s was inappropriate. They should have come there. She’s said she was coming up with innovative ways to manage her anger. He suggests they talk about those.

Carly says they’re wasting time, and Chase asks how she explains the hair in Mary Pat’s hand. Jordan asks if Carly has a theory on how it got there. Diane walks in, and asks if that isn’t the PCPD’s job. She’s going to have Carly ask for a tax refund if she’s doing their job. Chase says every time Diane tears him to shreds, he feels like he learned something. Jordan says they followed clues that led to her client. Chase says there were witnesses to Carly’s threats, but Diane says what they have is circumstantial at best. Jordan says Carly was there when the head was found, and when the body was found, there were strands of her hair in its hand. They would be remiss not to follow up.

Elizabeth tells Franco that Aiden is becoming more withdrawn at school. Maybe he should talk to Doc. Franco says Aiden had the time of his life when they were doing art, maybe he should take a crack at Aiden. The doorbell rings. It’s Terry with a bakery box, and a six-pack. Elizabeth asks if it’s that bad.

Sasha says she told Nina it would be easy for her to get a job there, but that’s not the case. She’s tanking with the job search. Nina says she’s not dishonest, just wrong. Sasha says she presented herself as confident. Nina is big and successful, and Sasha can’t even land a temp gig. Nina explains that the guy who owned Crimson needed a financial loss, and hired her, thinking she’d tank the magazine. Then he wouldn’t be in trouble. Sasha says, but she made it work. Nina says, with help. She wants Sasha to reconsider her offer. Sasha says she’d love to work there, but can’t accept a handout. Nina says it’s not a handout; it’s not an easy job. She’d have to bring her A-game. Sasha says, what if she can’t keep up. Nina says if she screws up the magazine, she’ll fire Sasha’s ass. Sasha accepts the offer, and Nina tells her, welcome to Crimson. Nina says she hasn’t been honest with Sasha about something, and needs to tell her.

Jeanette tells Margaux that she can’t believe Sonny. He’s a mobster, and lying is like breathing to him. Sonny says he told the truth; now it’s her turn. Jeanette says it could ruin Margaux’s career, but Margaux says for once she’s not thinking of her career. Hunting for the person responsible for her father’s death led to Sonny, which led to her.

Ava tells not-Doc, thanks to their chats, she’s made an important discovery. If she channels her anger in the right direction, she can find forgiveness. He asks, for who? and she says, Kiki. He says, not Griff? and Ava says, never him. He asks, how about herself? but she says, that’s a different story. She realized she could forgive Kiki, when Kiki knows what it’s like to hurt like she was hurt. Not-Doc asks, who will do it? and Ava says, not her. Griff will do the honors. Once he’s unfaithful, they can begin to heal. He might need a nudge. She’ll be doing Kiki a favor, getting it out in the open sooner rather than later. Not-Doc asks how Ava knows he’ll cheat, and she says he cheated on the Church, and on her. It’s his nature or doesn’t he believe in human nature?

Kiki gets it; Griff broke the rules. But what about how he behaved afterwards? He had integrity, and he’s been punished enough. Griff hopes the board agrees. She says he’s a gifted doctor. Keeping him away is completely ridiculous.

Elizabeth explains that when she and Terry were in middle-school, they would climb up on the roof with moon pies and root beer. They’d stare at the stars, and wait for the world to make sense. Terry says, eventually, they’d realize they had to solve their own problems, but in the meantime – they both say, sugar! Franco says he’ll go to get take out from Charlie’s, and give them a moment. Elizabeth says Terry brought the sugar; go first. Terry needs to wait for it to kick in, so Elizabeth tells her that Aiden is struggling. Being shy is one thing, but he’s obviously in pain. Terry asks, about what? and Elizabeth says he won’t tell her. Terry’s turn. Terry says it’s nothing new. They live in a world where children get brain tumors, and she still can’t be sure what’s the sense in that.

Margaux tells Jeanette, for once in her life, do the decent thing. Give her the letters. Jeanette says they’re not for a child to see, and Margaux says she’s not a child. Jeanette says Margaux is her child, and Sonny says, give her the letters. Margaux can’t believe her mother is a cheating tramp who conspired to kill her father. She takes the letters, and Jeanette tells her not to do it to either one of them. Margaux reads that when Jeanette thinks of them, she would break any vow, commit any sin, and take any risk if one day they could be together. Jeanette says Margaux doesn’t understand. Margaux can’t believe her mother sat there watching TV with her dad, holding his hand. Jeanette says, not in front of Sonny; it’s a family matter, but Margaux wants him to stay. It’s his party. He said she wouldn’t like what she was going to find, and he loves being right. She tells him to get a drink. It’s a big bon voyage party for what she thought was her family.

Nina tells Sasha that she acted out of turn, and told Ava to stay away from her. Sasha says that’s her half-sister’s mother, but Nina says Ava is a murderer and a slut. She’s all for sexual freedom, but Ava hurts people when she’s not killing them. She could slit someone’s throat, and walk away scot free, blaming the victim. She just wanted to protect Sasha. Sasha appreciates Nina looking out for her, but says, don’t worry. She’s used to taking care of herself. They have a lot in common. Franco comes in, and Nina calls him over. She introduces them.

Terry tells Elizabeth that she knew what she was getting into with pediatric oncology. She works with kids fighting harder than most adults to live. Elizabeth asks if they’re talking about Oscar. Terry says Oscar figures if he’s going to die, he wants to do it dancing, and enjoying what’s left. He’s refusing to participate in the medical trial. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking, making him harder to save. Elizabeth says Terry is doing what she can, and Terry says she’s failing. All the years of training, experience, and success. She’s saved a lot of lives, but now she feels useless. Elizabeth asks what Terry needs from her, and Terry says, perspective. What else can she do for the family?

Diane says her client has cooperated fully, and Jordan says they don’t think she did it. Diane asks why she’s here, and Jordan says the killer appears to know what they’re doing. The head was surgically separated from the body. Chase says Carly implied doing her harm, and her husband is in a position to address that. Sonny has resources. Diane says he’s usually accused of making someone disappear, not appear in public. Carly asks why Ava isn’t a person of interest.

Ava tells not-Doc that the tricky part is, it needs to happen where Kiki can see it. When she sees what a lying hypocritical bastard Griff is, she’ll run to her mother for support. Their bond will stronger, having been betrayed by the same man. Griff will be a nothing, a nobody; which is what he deserves. Not-Doc says he thought he could do this, but it’s just wrong. He can’t treat her any longer.

Margaux gives Sonny a drink. She asks if her mother ever loved her dad, or was it all a lie? Jeanette says it wasn’t a good marriage. Margaux remembers her father laughing and smiling, but Jeanette says he was smiling at her. There was nothing between them, and she thought she’d spend the rest of her life like that. Then Joe happened, and it changed everything. The more she wanted him, the more she hated Margaux’s father. She went to Skully, and begged him get rid of the one person keeping them apart. Margaux asks if Jeanette considered that she was losing her father, and Jeanette says she did. Kids are and move on, like everyone does. She couldn’t stop thinking about wanting him gone. She wanted him dead. Margaux asks if Sonny got it. He says, every word, and shows Jeanette that he’s wearing a wire.

Ava says not-Doc got her to open up – no judgement – and once she revealed a darker place, he’s jumping ship. He says what happened was just a coincidence. He works with serial killers and the criminally insane. He says her sweet plan isn’t what’s making him run for the hills. He says she’s not horrible, she’s fascinating; too fascinating. He identifies in many ways. She asks, what kind of ways? but he tells her that he’s already said too much. He can’t be her doctor because hr can’t be objective where she’s concerned.

Griff watches Kiki read. He takes the book out of her hands. She says she was reading that. He says he doesn’t care, and kisses her. She hopes he respects her after she tells him doing this is better than studying.

Franco asks Nina, how? She says, apparently, she didn’t lose the baby. She had it while she was in a coma, and her mom gave it away, and continued to lie. Franco says, makes sense. She’s surprised Kiki didn’t tell him, but he says they’ve been moving in different orbits. Franco tells Sasha that he hopes she realizes that she’s now related to one of the most remarkable women he’s ever known. Sasha agrees. She says she’s starting work tomorrow, and wants to impress her new boss. She leaves, and Franco sits down. He says, holy moly. Tell him everything.

Elizabeth tells Terry, the longer she’s been a parent, the more she realizes how little in control she is when it comes to her kids. She does her best to be as involved as possible, and still let them do their own thing. If they need her, she’s there, but things happen. She doesn’t know what’s going on inside Aiden’s head. She wants to figure out what he needs, and fix it, but all she can do is tell him that she loves him, and he’s wonderful the way he is. Terry wonders what happens if what you know is the right thing to do stops working. Elizabeth says, keep showing up, and do what you do best. Prayer, and relentless determination.

Jeanette is shocked that Margaux worked with Sonny to set her up. Margaux says she wanted the truth, and got it. Sonny wonders where Jeanette was when her husband disappeared. Why weren’t she and Skully together? Jeanette tells Sonny, he said, wait, so we waited. She thinks he found a mark to do his dirty work. She figured once the body was found, the mark would go down for murder, and they’d be together. Margaux tells her to get out; her mother disgusts her. Jeanette asks if Sonny is happy. He got what he came for. She leaves and I wonder where she’s going, since it’s her house.

Sonny says Margaux got what she wanted, and asks if she wants to go. She says she’s not done, and looks at the desk. She says, the sacred desk that they never got rid of. A symbol of her father’s hard work. She went to law school to be the kind of lawyer he was. Sonny says, he would be proud, and she tells him, go to hell. She can’t even nail him for the murder. They’re done. She thanks him for the truth she’s been searching for her whole life.

Jordan wonders why Ava would have killed Mary Pat, and Carly says she’d do anything to get Avery away from them. Chase thinks that’s a bit of a stretch. Jordan says, unlikely, but they’ll explore all avenues.

Franco says Nina must be beyond happy. She says she’s been dreaming about having a child. Now she has one, fully grown, but she thinks she’s okay with that. Franco says she missed the poopy years. She says she’s very lucky to know such a remarkable woman.

Sasha is getting a glass of water at the apartment, when Griff walks in, shirtless. He says he didn’t know she was there. She says he looks flushed, and puts the glass against his face. Kiki comes in, telling him to come back to bed. Sasha says he was thirsty. She hands him the glass, saying, all his.

On the phone, Sonny says he got Carly’s message, and hopes everything is okay. He can’t come home tonight, but if it’s an emergency, call. Otherwise, he’ll see her tomorrow. He loves her. Margaux sits on the floor with the letters, and drinks and cries.

Elizabeth says when she thinks of what Oscar’s family is experiencing, it puts her life in perspective. She has three healthy boys, and what Aiden is going through isn’t that. Terry says she was once a teenage boy, but no one else’s problems made her life any easier. The bullying, the confusion. the hurt. The only perspective that matters to Aiden is his own. Elizabeth says maybe she can’t help, but she wants to know what’s wrong. Aiden keeps shutting her out. All she can do is convince him that he’s not alone.

Franco hopes Sasha realizes she got a homerun mom. They’re doing well for two fugitives. He didn’t even want kids; now he has three boys. He’s enjoying the karmic spin. Nina is glad he’s happy, and he says, look at them, all mature and stuff. Nina says she should be careful what she wishes for. She’s terrified she’ll screw up. Franco says they both will. Don’t try to be perfect; just be happy. Nina says they’ll never screw that up.

Kiki asks Griff if Sasha was hitting on him in front of her. He thinks she’s misinterpreting, but Kiki says, no. She was hitting on him, and it’s not okay.

Ava tells not-Doc that she’s going to miss their talks. She was getting a lot out of them. He says it’s the toughest decision he’s made in a long time. She doesn’t think that’s true. She says she’ll see him around, and he tells her, good luck with everything. She leaves, and he locks the door behind her.

Sonny finds Margaux passed out on the floor where she was reading the letters. He says she can’t sleep there, and helps her up. He puts her on the couch, and covers her with a blanket.

Diane asks if they’re finally done, and Jordan says, for now. Carly is free to go. Chase adds that she’s still a person of interest. Carly says she gets the drill, and she’s not about to leave; her entire life is there. She tells him, in the meantime, they might want to figure out how Mary Pat was holding her hair.

Sonny watches Margaux sleep, and ponders. The text beneath him says, next week… what if…?

What if you could go back and change your life? Would you do it? A very special GH on Monday.

🐶 Aww!

Doctor Nero rescues a furbaby.

Z Nation

Roberta slashes a zombie. George gives mercy. Doc attacks with two hammers, one in each hand. A brain goes flying. Roberta sees the talker symbol in fresh paint on a car. They come to a building that says Limbo on the sign. George thinks Dante might be there. Roberta presses a giant button, and someone asks for the password. The zombies are advancing, and she says, help. He says, wrong; that was last week’s. She tries zombie, and he tells her that she should have said that in the first place.

They go inside, down some metal stairs. Doc says it’s a nice place to get murdered. George says it’s a place for outlaws; a place Dante would love. They continue down until they get to a door. Roberta tells them to brace themselves. The door opens to reveal two guys having a chainsaw fight, gambling, go-go girls in cages, a bar, and neon. There’s a whack-a-mole game called hit-the-head. Doc gets distracted by a dancer.

A group chants duel before a stage. A girl comes out and two men face each other. She says, one bullet each, and tells them, gentlemen, spin the chamber; no more bets. Time to duel. She drops her scarf, and they fire. One falls off the stage, all the way to Murphy’s feet. He says they have a winner. Everyone cheers. Murphy brings the winner up on stage, and says, to the victor goes the biscuits, handing him a tray of them. Murphy wears a sparkly red snakeskin-trimmed suit, and a devilish mustache and beard. He sees Roberta and company, and says it’s about time they slaughtered their way there. A confetti gun explodes, and he says, welcome to Limbo.

Two people act out a comedy skit on a stage. Murphy says, blendsmen were running the place until the return of the thin red one. Doc says it’s heartwarming. Murphy goes off with a woman. George tells Roberta that they’re there d*cking around with strippers and Monopoly while Dante could be dead. Murphy returns, saying there’s something George needs to hear – she’s a drag. He tells, relax, and let him buy a round of drinks for his friends, before their next suicide mission. Roberta says looking for someone. George says, don’t bother. Murphy wouldn’t know him. At the roulette table, Wesson pops out a guy’s eye for the wheel.

Doc says he has to hit the head. Murphy says there’s always a line for that, and we see a woman playing the hit-in-the-head game, Roberta says Murphy has chosen sides. He says, the winning side. Roberta says he associates with a lot of talkers to be apolitical. Murphy tells her, talkers, blends, humans; they’re all customers to him. Monopoly is being played for bullets. Murphy says they have everything. Even George Clooney’s actual moving foot. You can tickle it for a nickel. Murphy brings them downstairs. George says they’re looking for a talker named Dante. There’s a symbol outside that says this looks like a safe place for talkers on the run from Altura; a safe place for Dante. She asks if Murphy would know anything about a talker underground, and Murphy says, anything…?

They come to a room housing barrels. Murphy says, come out, come out, wherever you are. Come out and get your biscuits. The talkers stand up. Marjorie is among them.

Roberta asks how long they’ve been coming there, and Murphy says, about two weeks. She asks if they’re all from Altura, and he says, all over. He didn’t ask for them. They just keep getting dropped off, and they’re cutting into his biscuit inventory. They’re eating like there’s no tomorrow. He hopes they get a shipment soon, or there will be no tomorrow. Let him guess. They want to get involved. Roberta tells him they want to find Dante. She mentions Estes, and Murphy says he knew Estes on Zona. He was a high tech whiz kid, fronting a startup for them. Must be Altura. Murphy says Altura has cut off his biscuit supply, and he’s trying to run a business here. George knows how he feels. People treated him like a freak before the apocalypse. He finally has a family, and she gets not wanting to lose them. They’re all outsiders. Marjorie is an outsider, just trying get back to her family. She says they’re wrong about him. He’s a brave man. He’s risking everything to help. Newmerica owes him a debt.

Murphy laughs, and says she’s good. He’s met a few bullsh*tters in his day, but she’s good. Marjorie yells she wants to find her husband. They talkers get restless, and run out. Doc says, they sure sound like Z’s. Murphy asks if they’re going to find this guy or not, and they jet.

10K sees an empty van with the doors open, and footprints going away from it. He follows them to where the talkers were crucified and buried. As he’s tightening the bandana around his wound, a zombie jumps out behind him, and I choke on my coffee. He wallops it, and says, 8609.

Murphy asks if they want anything while they wait for their mystery talker hero. He asks if Doc remembers calling him a coward, and Doc asks if he’s changed. Murphy says, no, but he’s learned to swing first. A truck backs up outside. Roberta thinks this is it, and while she gives instructions, Murphy suddenly goes through changes. He says, Lucy, and runs outside. Addy is in a truck out front, and says, of course he’s the big red one.

At the bar, Doc says it’s been a long road for all of them. He missed Addy. Lucy too. Addy says she y missed them too. She tells Murphy sorry about the gun. He said he felt Lucy in it, and he thought it was her, even though it didn’t make. He calls for shots, and the waitress drinks from the bottle. The liquor pours out bullet holes in her torso, and they fill their glasses. They toast to Lucy. Addy asks if she can visit Lucy’s grave, but Murphy says Viking funeral. Addy thinks that’s what she would have wanted. Murphy says he saved something of hers, and she’d want her to have it. He gives her what looks like a handkerchief. Addy says she felt her too. She kept looking for her, but she’d lose the signal in the daytime. At night, she’d look at stars feel her. Then one night, she looked up and felt nothing. Just the weight of them crushing her down. That’s when she knew she was alone. Murphy says Lucy loved her. Addy says, but she wasn’t there to save her – neither was he. Murphy tells Addy not to drink so much. She looks like sh*t. Addy says, bite me.

Wesson whispers something to Murphy, who says, tell them keep their eyes open. Murphy calls Doc over. Doc tells Addy not to listen to Murphy; she looks great. He goes over to Murphy, and Roberta takes the stool next to Addy. They sit and drink.

Doc and Murphy see Marjorie. Doc wonders how she got there, and Murphy says that means the others are running around in there too. He says Doc is food; he’s not. Doc says she looks friendly, and tries talking to her, asking if she remembers him. She screeches at them, and Doc says, she’s not nice. They take off.

Roberta introduces George to Addy. George says any friend of the talkers is a friend of hers. Addy says she’s not their friend. George says she put in herself in danger to help. She didn’t know about Altura. A family asked her to smuggle them out. They had a talker baby. Lucy couldn’t stop growing, and there was a baby who was never going to grow again. They were scared, so she helped them. She was glad to have a mission again. George asks if she’s come across Dante. Addy looks up, and says, no, no-no-no-no-no. She knows what George is going to do. She asks if this is what Roberta is into now. She wants to get him executed?

Murphy and Doc look for the talkers. Murphy says rabid talkers aren’t good for business. It’s the place where everyone comes to forget about getting eaten. Doc asks if Murphy thinks the dancer liked him, and Murphy says, once you go blend, you go blend to the end. They walk through the basement. The lights flicker. The talkers pop out, and Murphy and Doc run. They stop short after and open door, and shove the talkers into the room, and close the gate. Doc tells Murphy not to forget they’re friends, but Murphy says, friends don’t have friends for lunch. Doc says, now what? and Murphy says, feed them. They’re going to need a lot of biscuits.

George tells Addy that the trial will clear Dante’s name, but Addy thinks he’s better off where he is. George asks where that is. Addy tells Roberta, it’s been real. She’s out of there. Roberta and George follow her. Doc and Murphy walk through the club. They pass a puking game, and we’ll just leave it at that. Why? Just why? Murphy knows where they can get more biscuits. He’s going to borrow from the house stash. It’s empty, and he wonders where they are. He sees the duel winner sitting at a card table, biscuits piled high in front of him. Murphy drags doc out outside.

Addy is fighting a group of zombies outside. Roberta and George join her. Roberta says it’s like old times. As they fight, Roberta says she’d give her life for Addy. Addy says she did give her life for Roberta. Roberta says George and Dante are the same. George can’t protect them if she can’t find him. They finish the zombies off, and George says she knows Addy can help her. Addy makes George promise she won’t hand him over to Altura or vigilantes. George promises, and they shake hands. Roberta puts her arm around Addy.

Doc is all dressed up in a red suit and top hat. He and Murphy go back to the club. Murphy approaches winner dude, and says it seems that Lady Luck is holding him in favor. Winner dude asks if Murphy wants something. Murphy says he’s the club owner, and this is his associate, Dr. Beck. Winner dude gets defensive, saying he won fair and square, but Murphy says not having biscuits in circulation is a problem. So for the benefit of the guests, he’s offering an exchange. Doc opens a case, and says it’s the bullets for biscuits program. Winner dude thinks he’ll hold on to his winnings. When things get desperate, imagine what someone will give him. Or maybe he’ll eat them – all because he can. Murphy tells winner dude to listen to him, and dude draws a gun. Doc suggests winning them back, and winner dude says he’s had the longest winning streak ever. He even got Clooney’s foot to giggle; a daily double. Doc offers his hat, and winner dude does like it. Doc is feeling lucky.

They play. Murphy sweats. Doc loses his hat. Murphy tells Doc the guy is so lucky, he sh*ts rabbit’s feet. Doc says Murphy is messing with his mojo. Winner dude says he likes Doc’s jacket.

10K tries shooting a zombie, but keeps missing it’s head. He finally gets it, at close range.

Roberta asks Addy where Dante is. Addy knocks on some fake rocks, and a hand comes up out of the ground. Dante sits up from under the dirt, and says, hey George. She can’t believe it, and he says he’d never leave her. He asks about his wife. Roberta tells Addy that she can trust George. Addie wonders if they can trust Altura, and wonders if it’s a good idea for Roberta to be a leader in the resistance. Roberta asks where the talker underground ends, and Addy says, it doesn’t. Most of them want to stay. Roberta tells Dante they heard rumors, and Dante says he didn’t plant the bomb. Roberta says there’s a video indicating he did, and the talkers split up. George says the vigilantes won’t stop as long as the talkers are rebelling. Dante says they’ll fight together. George say it won’t be easy, and Dante says she likes doing things the hard way. It’s what he likes asks about her. He asks about his wife again, and Roberta says she’s inside.

Doc tells Murphy that he’s down to his last sock, and it’s not on his foot. He could use a secret ace up his sleeve. Murphy shows him one in his sleeve, and Doc says he’s going to lose his only sock. Murphy suggests, one last hand; all or nothing. Winner take all. The deed to the club is on the table. Doc asks if he’s sure, and Murphy says if they don’t have the biscuits, the place is doomed anyway. He has to try. Deal him in. There’s a dancer hanging from silks behind winner dude. Murphy mind melds with her, and she tells him what cards winner dude has. Murphy signals Doc. The house wins. Everyone cheers. Murphy says, what happens in Limbo, stays in Limbo. He and Doc do a happy dance, saying they’re each othes best friend. Winner dude accuses them of cheating, and starts shoving biscuits in his mouth.

Doc says the body has its limits. Winner dude starts to expand. Murphy uses Doc to shield him, and winner dude explodes. At least the front of him. He says he doesn’t feel so good.

10K sees the car with the symbol on it.

Wesson and the bartender pick up all the biscuits. Murphy tells them to make sure they get to the talkers. Roberta comes in, and asks if she wants to know. Doc says he saved Limbo. Roberta says they found what they were looking for. Several thugs walk in. Their leader is the captain who took the people from Pacifica. He asks who’s in charge. One of them flips a table, and Murphy asks if that’s really necessary. The captain says they’re looking for Dante, and have reason to believe he is or has been there. Marjorie comes out, saying, please, and the captain asks if that isn’t Dante’s wife. Murphy wonders how she keeps escaping. The captain sees Roberta, and says, you again. It’s funny how she keeps popping up. She says even funnier, they’re there for the same reason. They combed the place, and Dante isn’t there.

Murphy tells him that Altura has no power there; he can’t do this. The captain says Dante is wanted for questioning. Marjorie wails, Dante, and the captain asks, what wrong? Murphy says, she needs biscuits. Marjorie keeps howling, Dante. While the captain is distracted, Roberta tells Doc and George to go, and they slip out. The captain holds a gun to Marjorie’s head. He says Dante needs to come out now, or he’ll shoot her deader than she already is.

George tells Dante, say the word, and they’ll take them all. Dante says she’s the hope for the future. He can’t let her risk that for him. She says they’ll do it together. Roberta says the captain is hurting Marjorie. Dante calls out from the balcony, saying he’s up there. George says they’re coming down. Roberta tells the captain they’re surrendering. The captain tells Dante that he’s under arrest, but continues to hang on to Marjorie. Dante clocks the guy trying to cuff him, and runs to Marjorie. He tells her that he loves her. She says, love, and the captain puts the gun back to her head. Dante says they can cuff him now. George holds her wrists out, saying they’ll go together, but the captain says, just the fugitive. Those were the orders. Roberta tells him that Dante is surrendering. Let her go; she’s not a part of it. He shoots Marjorie in the head, and Dante dragged away, as he yells her name. Roberta and Murphy hold George back. The captain says, she was too far gone; he had no choice. Everyone leaves.

George goes to Marjorie. Murphy asks Roberta if she still thinks humans are the good guys. George says she has to go after him. She needs to be there at his trial.

Addy tells Murphy that they got all the biscuits they could find. The talkers are calmer. 10K comes in, and hugs Doc, who thought he was they’d never see each other again. Doc sees 10K has a hand missing, but 10K doesn’t explain. He hugs Addy. Murphy tells Weston that he can let the talkers out now, but make sure they’re fed. 10K says he saw vans, shipping in zombie tourists, but it could be anybody. Roberta wonders what happens when they run out of biscuits. Murphy says they could always feed them brains – just throwing it out there.

They all leave the club. At the Monopoly game, a bullet lands on Altura, and blood splashes across the game board.

Next Friday, the stakes have never been higher, and Murphy wants to find a bakery.

👄 Quotes of the Week

This is just about the time something jumps out at you. – Doc (Russell Hodgkinson), Z Nation, while walking down a long, dark hallway

Not all storms come to disrupt your life. Some come to clear your path. – Anonymous

I’m exhausted. My weave is exhausted. The pantyliner on my underwear is exhausted. – LeeAnne Locken, The Real Housewives of Dallas

Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever. – Karen Davison

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.Walt Disney

We humans have turned to zombies when horrors no longer horrify us, prayers no longer move us from knees to feet, and needs no longer move us from greed to selfless giving. When our desires outclass the sufferings of our fellow humans, we are the horror: the church of the living dead.Beth Moore

🛀 It’s a Long One…

So dance like no one is watching.











November 7, 2018 – Britt Meets Another Friend, Chandler Makes Screwing Up an Art Form, Lil Dini Joins the Festival, the Deal & Happy Trails


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I missed the beginning because of Sessions getting the boot. Whatever happened to them just running a headline at the bottom of the screen?

Nina gives Maxie a pair of shoes, and wishes her a happy belated birthday. She figured shoes were a safe bet. She apologizes for not being with her the night before; she didn’t want Maxie to be alone on her first birthday without Nathan. Maxie says she wasn’t alone, and Nina asks, who was with her?

Peter and Lulu go to Charlie’s. Lulu can’t believe the election was tampered with. Peter says things are happening fast, and there’s so much to cover. He might push her final chapter of the Ryan Chamberlain story. She says, fine with her. She isn’t so sure it should be published at all now. It might have inspired someone to murder that nurse.

Kay asks not-Doc how his patient is, and he says, resting. She says he’s so heavily sedated, she wonders how he could be resting. He’s in a black hole. Not-Doc tells her it’s necessary until extra security measures are put in place.

Carly tells Jason that she takes it back. She doesn’t want him going near Ferncliff. It’s her issue, she’ll do it on her own. He tells her, too late. Curtis comes in saying he’s from the Coil Protective Services, and he’s been retained to look for irregularities in a state-run facility.

Spencer tells Laura that his father made mistakes. People do wrong things for the right reasons. The way she talked about prosecuting whoever upset the election seemed scary. Did she mean it? She tells him, to corrupt an election is to destroy the fabric of democracy, even on a small scale. She can’t allow it to stand. Spencer says now she has time to campaign and win, but she says she’d rather have lost than see something like this happen in her home town. He says he didn’t realize, and he’s sorry. She says he doesn’t have to be. In a strange way, it’s a perfect ending to an unbelievably late day. She has something to tell him, and she’s afraid it might make him feel sadder, but he has the right to know. He asks if it’s about Doc. He already knows.

Not-Doc tells Kay they’re under Intense scrutiny, as they should be. it’s even more important now to keep people from getting into certain rooms, like Mr. Wilson’s. Kay says no one will get into his room without her permission, and not-Doc says, excellent.

Carly is concerned Curtis will be recognized. He says he only dealt with Mary Pat. He can’t help thinking she’s somehow connected to the mystery patient. Perhaps she knew something. Carly says that might be why they’re taking extra measures to keep him under wraps

Britt is astonished that Michael is the baby’s father, and asks, how?… what?… why? She congratulates him for rendering her speechless. Brad says he’s many things, but proud isn’t one of them. She says he really is a wreck. She’s never known him to feel shame, and he says he never took a newborn from its father. Britt begs to differ, but he says he didn’t steal the embryo for his own gain, and didn’t understand how deplorable it was. How did she live with herself? Britt asks who the mother is. Brad says he hasn’t told anyone, not even his father-in-law, who he was forced to turn to for help. He came through. Britt says, so will she. Tell her everything.

Michael says it’s not like Bobbie to be indecisive; what did she see that got her rattled? Bobbie says she thought about not mentioning it to him, but here he is. It concerns him, but it might be upsetting. He asks if it has to do with Wiley, and she says, no; Jonah. He says Brad is always a nervous wreck when he sees Wiley. He thinks Brad is afraid he’ll freak out when he sees the baby, but he’s not going to fall apart. Whatever it is, she can tell him. She gives him an envelope.

Inside the envelope, there’s a silver baby spoon. Michael says it was for Jonah. Bobbie knows Michael was kind enough to give Lucas and Brad clothing and supplies originally meant for Jonah, but thinks he didn’t mean to give something so personal to them. Why did he want to divest himself of all the memories?

Brad says she took their baby, and gave him hers. Britt says, wow. Nelle really told Michael their baby was dead? Brad says she hates him and his family that much. Britt says Nelle beats her. At least she loved Ben like any mother, but Nelle just handed her baby over. Brad says whenever he sees Michael smile at Wiley, he gets physically sick. Suddenly, Michael is everywhere he turns. He barely saw Michael before. Britt says Brad did make a pass at him, but Brad says he was misguided. Ever since he stole Michael’s baby, he runs into him all the time. Britt says he’s the baby’s caring father, and needs to get it together. Brad says Sonny is the baby’s grandfather. He’ll be six feet under in the pine barrens by sundown if Sonny finds out. He asks if this isn’t the part where she tells him that he’s exaggerating, but Britt says she knows what Sonny is capable of, but he won’t find out. Brad wonders how she can say that. She tried to keep a baby that wasn’t hers, and now Rocco is living with his parents while, up until now, she spent her days in prison. How can she think this won’t blow up and destroy his life?

Peter doesn’t think Lulu’s article could have spurred the murder. There are any number of stories or podcasts that could have influenced the killer. She can’t blame herself. He needs her on the crime beat, and off of the election. She thought there might be a conflict since Laura was a candidate, but he says it goes deeper than that.

Nina knows Laura wasn’t with Maxie, since she was an eyewitness to the head incident. Maxie says Nina makes her sound a loser who has no friends, but Nina says she doesn’t think that. She wonders if Spinelli and Ellie flew in with Georgie, so she could spend Halloween with her little brother. She asks if James looked cute in his costume. Maxie shows her pictures, and Nina asks if that’s Peter in the baseball player costume. Maxie says it is, and Nina says, she spent her birthday with Peter?

Curtis tells Carly that he’s going to distract the staff, while Sam and Jason check the patient’s cell. Carly says Jason is on a watch list. She doesn’t want him going to prison to satisfy her curiosity.

Kay asks not-Doc if Mr. Wilson needs to be so heavily sedated with the new security measures in place. Not-Doc says when he’s conscious, he begins to howl. The sedation gives his troubled mind peace, until medicine advances to a point where they can help. She says it’s obvious he cares about his patients. Even a lost cause like Mr. Wilson.

Spencer says he overheard Laura talking to Lulu. Laura asks what she’s told him about eavesdropping, but he says his lack of etiquette is beside the point. Doc abandoned her. How could he sink so low? He gave Doc a piece of his mind. Laura says Doc is confused, but Spencer tells her not to make excuses for him. He hurt her; the best of all women. She should confront him and tell him she doesn’t need him. She can stand alone. She’s Spencer’s rock, and if she throws herself into the campaign, she can be the rock for all of Port Charles as well.

Britt tells Brad that she loved Ben, and wanted the life with Nikolas that she couldn’t have with Patrick. She had a glimpse before it fell apart. They were the happiest days of her life; Nikolas, Spencer, her, and Ben. Brad says, now it’s gone, and she’s an ex con at the mercy of Anna. He’ll probably end up like her – or worse. She says he needs to man-up. Her mistake was letting her guilt get to her. She wrote a confession to make herself feel better. No one else was supposed to see it, but someone found it. Has he written anything? He says it’s the first time he’s told anyone. She’s the only person who knows it’s Nelle’s baby. Britt says she’s in prison, and getting sympathy points for being a grieving mother. The only thing he isn’t safe from is his own conscience.

Michael tells Bobbie it’s hard to look at. He imagined feeding his kid, the kid banging it on the high chair, throwing it, and seeing how many times he’s pick it up. Bobbie says he did mean to give it to them, and now she stepped in it by giving it back. He says he was blindly throwing things in a box, and didn’t know he gave it away. Now that time has passed, he’s happy to have it again. He thanks her, and she says he can talk to her about anything, whenever he wants, in his own time. He says he’s learning to deal with the loss, and actually getting help. There’s a group for parents like him. That’s why he’s there; to see when the next meeting is. Bobbie hugs him, saying she’s proud of him. He says he’s slowly starting not think about Jonah all the time, and starting to feel like he could be happy again someday. Bobbie says he will be. A lot of people care about him and ask about him. One nurse in particular. He took her to dinner once.

Not-Doc sees Laura and Spencer at the hospital. Spencer tells not-Doc that his grandmother wants a word with him. He’s going to the tenth floor, where the superior vending machines are. Not-Doc tells Laura there’s nothing left to say. She says she knows why he wanted to separate so quickly. There’s a third person in their marriage, and she thinks she knows who it is.

Curtis tells Carly that’s why he’s providing cover, but Carly says Ferncliff has their own set of rules. She doesn’t trust anyone there, even with the changes. Curtis says she was in a bad situation, and it’s his job to find out the truth. Sam says they’re going to find answers and put it to rest. Carly thanks them and tells Jason, please be careful. He says, always.

Nina asks Maxie what happened between her and Peter, and Maxie says, nothing. He discovered it was her birthday, and brought a cake. They watched The Brady Bunch, and he left. Where was Nina last night? Nina says she wanted Sasha to meet Charlotte. Maxie says she didn’t go Windemere, did she? Nina says Valentin wanted Sasha to come for dinner, the storm started, and she got stuck on Spoon Island. Maxie asks if they all had a sleepover, while Valentin was brooding in his turret. Nina says she was alone with him the whole night, and intended to sleep in the guest room, but she fell asleep on the sofa – completely alone. Not that it’s any of Maxie’s business. They don’t need to argue about this. What they need to do stay away from toxic men. Maxie says, what if they don’t want to?

Peter tells Lulu that The Invader is endorsing Laura; no whiff of nepotism. It’s better if Lulu stays on crime. She mentions Britt’s early release, but Peter says the authorities want it kept quiet. He also knows she’s his biological half-sister; some family he has. He can’t believe what Britt did to Lulu. It must have been unbelievably painful. Lulu says it was like a slow motion nightmare. When Nikolas forgave her, Lulu was furious. Her biggest regret is that she can’t get the time with him back.

Britt asks Brad if Lucas suspects, but he says Lucas is too into being a dad to notice anything is wrong. She tells him that he has to pull it together for the sake of his family. She asks what about Michael. Brad says he’s amazing with Wiley. He’s not letting grief interfere with his and Lucas’s happiness – at his own expense. Britt says the baby came out of nowhere when Brad needed it. Everything happens for a reason. The baby was meant to be his. He says she just said how dangerous Sonny is. He could get hurt or go to prison. Britt says Sonny shot Dante, Michael took a bullet, and Morgan got blown up. Morgan wasn’t his fault, but violence constantly surrounds his family. Wiley will be infinitely safer with him and Lucas. Brad says Sonny will always be a target. Britt tells him, when guilt tiptoes in, remember his obligation to keep Wily safe and out of harm’s way. That’s reason enough to stop. Let himself be the father that he always wanted to be.

Michael asks if Bobbie is talking about Francesca. They ran into Nelle on their first date, and she didn’t want to be pulled into a complicated situation. Bobbie says Nelle is locked up; it’s not complicated anymore. Carly joins them, and asks what they’re talking about. Michael says, nothing, and asks how she is after seeing the head. Carly says it was shocking, but she’s fine. Bobbie says she’s rallying. Carly says she has to make peace with Ferncliff in her own way, and knows how she’s doing it.

Curtis sneaks around Ferncliff, and slips into a room where there’s a medicine cart. Kay finds him, and asks who he is. He tells her Dale Coil from Coil Protective Services. He was sent by the state. She asks how he got in, and he says that explains why he’s here. He showed the security guards a fake ID. Two of them were playing on their phones, and the other was asleep. He took photos. An orderly left this cart unattended where anyone could grab it. He picks up one of the medications, and says when taken improperly, it can cause brain death. She says he has her attention.

Sam and Jason sneak to where Carly’s room was. Sam says, it must have been a living hell. Jason says it really affected Carly. That’s why she’s fixated on her neighbor. She’s afraid he’s innocent and trapped like she was.

Britt tells Brad the best part is that Wiley will have a better life with them than being Sonny’s grandson. She says to enjoy Wiley and Lucas. Love them, and don’t think about blowing it like she did. He hugs her, and says he loves her. She loves him too.

Spencer looks up penalties for minors who do election tampering. Brad sees him, and asks if he’s Spencer Cassadine. Spencer asks, who wants to know?

Brad comes back to the examining room, telling Britt that he has a surprise. Someone wants to see her. She says, besides him? Impossible. Spencer says, it’s possible, and runs to her.

Michael says he knows Carly is working with Laura. Carly says, specifically, on Ferncliff. That’s why she’s there. She wants to talk to Doc. She asks Michael what he’s doing tonight, telling him there’s a live band at The Roadhouse. One night out would do him good. Michael says he’ll think about it, and leaves. Bobbie says he’s not going to call Francesca, but it has nothing to do with her, and everything to do with Nelle.

Kay says Curtis’s information seems to be in order. He says he was hired by the state to identify and repair breeches. She says she’s sure he won’t mind if she checks his credentials. He tells her that the website for his firm shows the dozens of organizations they’ve worked with. She can read the testimonials. She tells him that they’ve already started securing the dangerous patients using modern measures. He asks if she wouldn’t mind pulling the information up on her tablet and showing him.

Sam looks through the door window, but can’t see anyone. Jason tells her that Carly said the room looked empty. She tried to go in, but the head nurse stopped her. Sam says, maybe the room wasn’t so empty after all. He sees the new lock, and asks Sam if she thinks she can get inside.

Not-Doc tells Laura that he’s not having an affair; there’s no third person. Laura thinks there is. It’s not a woman. It’s his brother. She thinks the renewed publicity is getting to him, and he needs help. She wants him to find another professional to talk to. It’s clear he’s not able heal on his own. He says he’ll be the judge of that, and she asks what happened to him. Has he cut himself off from everyone? He says he told her that he needed time alone. She says he also said he’s moving out, and she’d like him to get that done as quickly as possible. Carly sees them, and is glad they’re both there. Not-Doc asks what he can do for her. She says she’s decided what to do about her neighbor at Ferncliff.

Spencer asks why Britt is at the hospital. She says she’s fine. It’s just a routine check-up after her release. He says seeing her makes the day more bearable. She says it’s his father’s birthday. She wishes it had turned out differently. If it hadn’t gone so wrong, his father would still be alive. Spencer says sometimes he dreams about all of them being back at Windermere. She says, so does she. If only. Spencer says, if only.

Maxie tells Nina that she likes Peter as a friend; Nina loves Valentin. They seem to be having a problem keeping away from the people they should be staying away from. Nina says leave it to her. She can kill two birds with one stone. Maxie asks, how? and Nina says, watch and learn. She calls Peter, saying she has a proposition for him. How would he like to be her plus one to Curtis and Jordan’s wedding?

Not-Doc tells Carly he thought they discussed her going to Ferncliff. He strongly advises her to put the patient and her experience behind her. She says, in her own way, she’s getting closure. It’s part of her healing, and as her doctor, he’s 100% behind her, right?

Curtis thanks Kay for her cooperation. She says if Albany sent him, her job is to do everything to help him. He says he’s already noticed a few lapses… no, loopholes in their security system. He’s going to identify the areas that need to be addressed. She gets message, and has to check on some of her staff. She leaves, and Curtis gets out his phone.

Sam gets the door unlocked. She and Jason go into the patient’s room. They look shocked.

Tomorrow, Elizabeth questions Cameron, Oscar tells Kim there’s nothing she can do about the lawsuit, and Sonny visits Jeanette.

Below Deck

Ashton doesn’t even enjoy fishing, and wonders why he’s the one going on the trip. He stumbles out of bed, and curses his life. The guests get ready. Chandler says they’ll find a good shelf. In his interview, Chandler says anyone can be a fisherman, as long as they know how to set up lines. It’s not that hard. From my observation, Chandler talks a good game, but everything is hard for him. Adrian makes breakfast, and the tender is stocked with Bailey’s. The breakfast of champions.

Caroline whines about her foot. Josiah says he sliced his foot open and could barely walk, but still worked. She has to work through the pain.

Ross radios Captain Lee, telling him the fishing expedition left. The captain says a fishing boat is out there, and he has no idea where, who’s with it, or what they’re doing. A pound of flesh will be extracted.

On the fishing boat, Chandler barrels through the water, and a guest thinks he should go slower. Ashton says it’s an absurd situation. Primary Chris suggests using live bait, since the fish don’t like Chips Ahoy. More selfies are taken. Waiting in the other boat, Ross calls the captain again, connecting him to Chandler. Chandler says it was uneventful, but everyone had fun. Captain Lee is annoyed that he wasn’t briefed, and Chandler says he’d assumed someone told him. The captain tells him to get back; they’re departing as soon as possible. Chandler should have known better. Breakfast is served.

Rhylee asks if they caught anything, but it doesn’t look that way. Chandler says they’re all set to roll, but the captain isn’t seeing anyone on the bow. Chandler gets the anchor up. Kate talks about swimming with stingrays to Adrian. Chandler asks Kate to meet with him, and she tells him to go to the wheelhouse. They discuss the set up for lunch. Chandler thought they could do the stingray thing while the interior is setting up.

Chandler bitches about having to set up in knee high water. Ross says if he was bosun, there would have been someone on the boat when they all went fishing. He doesn’t think Chandler thinks things through. They drop anchor by a beautiful green mountain. Kate flirts with Adrian. In her interview, she says it’s probably inappropriate, but she likes it. Chandler criticizes Rhylee for nothing. She tells Ashton that Chandler is too intense, and she’s tired of him speaking to her like he does.

Caroline limps around. The water is incredible, and so clear. Sharks and stingrays swim around. Chandler says he’s never set up with sharks around, and pitches the tent. A German Shepherd bounds through the water, and I wonder why no one is concerned. Kate tells the guests about the stingray/lunch plan. In her interview, she says it’s hard to tell if they’re happy or not. She thinks they don’t know if they’re happy or not. Rhylee directs the guests, and the tender is loaded. Caroline bitches about Kate, who sends her to wash dishes. Chris pronounces the water turquoise turquoise. Ross says reef sharks are like kittens. I’m so jealous. I would love to swim with sharks and stingrays. Rhylee thinks for safety’s sake, the guests shouldn’t touch the sharks. Rhylee says she’s always wanted to swim with the sharks, but she’s deathly afraid. She does it anyway, and says it’s one of the better days she’s had. Kate tells Josiah about Caroline. In Kate’s interview, she says Caroline keeps finding ways not to work, but she finds ways Caroline can work. I see your injured foot, and raise you a stool.

The captain radios for a hand with something, but gets no response. It pisses him off that no one is answering the radio. They should know better. He tells Kate to get lunch ready. Adrian makes sushi. The captain is waiting when Chandler gets back, saying he took a long time. Chandler says they went as fast as they could. The guests head out, and Kate tells Caroline to check the guest rooms while they’re gone. Kate says this is crazy, but the scenery is beautiful scenery. Caroline curses as she tidies the guest rooms.

The lunch set up is so cool – it’s right in the water. No surprise, lots of selfies are taken. Kate says she’s been doing this for so long, it’s rare to do something she hasn’t done already. A halfway under water lunch is exciting.

The hot tub is overflowing. Once again, there’s no one around, so Captain Lee has to deal with it himself. A storm comes up, and he takes in the cushions. He radios Ross, Chandler, and Ashton. He’s pissed that on a boat this size, there isn’t one swinging d*ck on board. It starts raining. Kate asks Chandler to get the tender. He remembers there’s no deck crew on board the yacht. In her interview, Kate says it’s like he’s trying to suck at his job. He tells Kate he needs to get back to the yacht before the sky opens up. He tells Ross to shuttle the guests back.

The guests return to the yacht. Captain Lee asks Caroline to see if the guests need anything. A few are in the jacuzzi, and order various drinks. In her interview, Caroline says, coconut water with one blueberry> She takes the orders, and asks Adrian for the fruit. He tells her to look in the walk-in freezer downstairs. She’s sighs audibly.

Rhylee cleans up. Caroline doesn’t know how to make any of the drinks, and radios Kate. She gets flustered explaining, and Kate says she’ll be right up. In Kate’s interview, she says she just served underwater lunch in shark infested waters, and Caroline is freaking out. Chandler knows he screwed up, and expects a thorough lashing. Never leave a boat with no deck crew.

Ashton farts, and Ross thinks someone called him. They die laughing. I’m not one for juvenile humor (with the exception of Animal House being one of my favorite movies), but that was pretty funny. Chris says he touched a shark and some stingrays. His girlfriend wonders how they’ll go back to reality. Kate tells Caroline to go back to folding. The crew gets into their blacks. Captain Lee calls Chandler to the wheelhouse, and tells him to have a seat. That can’t be good. He tells Chandler that he hates babysitting, and he’s doing it right now. Chandler is missing obvious things, and left the boat without telling him. They have an experienced fisherman on board, who should have gone on the fishing trip. He’s had to fill the jacuzzi five times. Enlighten him. Like the irresponsible baby he is, Chandler says Ashton was responsible for the hot tub. The captain isn’t appreciating Chandler palming off the responsibility, but Chandler wonders how he’s supposed to check everything. Some things go by the wayside. Captain Lee thinks if he’s missing stuff, it means he’s not checking everything. In his interview, Captain Lee doesn’t know if Chandler gets out of bed, and says he’s going to be a total f**kup today. Chandler admits it’s definitely all on him; it’s all his job. In Chandler’s interview, he says he’s there to make the captain’s life easier, not harder, but at the same time, the crew needs to be looking out. There’s not enough of him to go around. He leaves, and Captain Lee calls him an effing a-hole.

Kate tells Caroline she’ll do the late shift. Chandler calls the deck crew to the beach club. He tells the deckhands that he just had his ass chewed out by the captain. It falls on him, and he’s going to be double-checking everything. If it seems like he’s micromanaging, he is. In her interview, Rhylee says Chandler takes advantage of his position, and it backfired. Don’t blame her for his screw up.

Kate decorates the table in a tea party rave theme, with tea set pieces and glow sticks. Adrian says breakfast is the start of the day, at lunch, you’re getting into it, and dinner is an epiphany. He puts a lot of love in his food. Rhylee is irritated to the point of talking to the captain. She wouldn’t be as irritated if Chandler wasn’t a pr*ck. She asks Ashton if he doesn’t think Ross should be bosun. Every mistake today was on Chandler.

Dinner is served. The guests are so happy they take more selfies. Chris and his girlfriend go to the crow’s nest, and another couple sits in the hot tub. Caroline tells Kate that she’s 90% sure there’s a couple having sex in the crow’s nest. Caroline, Adrian, and Kate watch on the monitor, and laugh.

I don’t know what kind of pancakes Adrian is making, but I want some. And I don’t even like pancakes. Only the harvest grain and nut pancakes from iHop. Kate tells Caroline to fold. In her interview, Kate says Josiah is like a show dog. He performs well, he’s groomed, has a shiny coat, and a great gate. Caroline is like a chihuahua they found in the street. It’s hungry, and when you close the door loudly, it sh*ts itself. The crew gets in their whites. Chris takes yet more selfies, blocking the captain’s view while docking. The guests depart. Josiah hopes they don’t find any more extra-large surprises. Chris says it was a great experience. On the way down to the dock, he tells his girlfriend that she’d better charge her phone. He’s probably afraid of missing a selfie. His girlfriend is afraid she caught a disease from the mosquitoes or whatever.

Tip time! Captain Lee says it was an interesting charter. He has a lot of people with talent, but there’s a slight breakdown in utilizing that talent, and the communication from one department to another. Chandler thinks it was a sh*t show, but from this point on, it’s going to be different. The tip is $15K, or $1230 each. The captain says, nicely done. They have a short turn around, but they but can go out tonight. Caroline says her foot is popping, and gets weepy. Kate calls Lee to make another doctor’s appointment.

Chandler tells the deckhands, the faster they’re done, the sooner they can get beers, because he’s a genius. Chandler knows he’s going to piss off Rhylee, and tells her that she didn’t put her tools away. She says she did, and he needs to ask whoever’s on the morning crew. In his interview, Chandler says his department isn’t operating the way it should, and he doesn’t want it to reflect badly on him. Chandler keeps repeating that Rhylee didn’t put her tools away, and she’s like, wtf?

After she sees the doctor, Caroline tells Kate that he didn’t know what it was, and told her to stay off her feet for two months. Kate says it’s frustrating, but it doesn’t make any difference. She’s already doing Caroline’s work, but she’s not carrying the weight all season. I had a foot injury once, due to a miscalculation in an aerobics class, and the doctor said to stay off my feet for two months. No way I could do that and work. I had to just suck it up.

Caroline wonders why Rhylee is pissed. She guesses it’s Chandler, and asks if it’s worse or the same. Rhylee says he’s a pompous pr*ick. Kate tells Caroline to stay horizontal. She wants Caroline better. The crew gets ready to go out, and leaves for shore, sans Caroline. Kate loves the entire crew, even Rhylee. They get to the restaurant, and order drinks. Rhylee tells Ross, at this point, she’s going to pop. In his interview, Ross says she’s not going anywhere. She’s part of the team, and they need to sort it out. Rhylee’s goal isn’t to piss anyone off, but if she gets drunk and does something, so be it. Drinking and dancing happen. Kate says it’s like Dirty Dancing Tahitian night. Every girl is Jennifer Grey, and Ashton is Patrick Swayze.

Everyone goes back to the boat pretty drunk, and some of them drink some more. Ashton drinks something out of a pitcher, and makes a face. Rhylee instructs her clothes to stay on the hangers. Ashton is looking for a hookup, but Rhylee says it’s not happening. She doesn’t mind having fun with him, but she’s not doing that when they’re drunk. Caroline wants to get back in her room, but Ashton tells her to go and rest, pushing her back toward the guest cabin. Kate thinks he’s disrespectful.

Kate tells Caroline that she can stay in the guest cabin for two days, and then decide if she wants to stay or go home. It’s her home base for a few days. In her interview, Caroline understands rank, but she’s a human being, and doesn’t deserve being talked down to. She cries. In Kate’s interview, she says Caroline should know after two days whether she’s getting better or not. She’s seriously injured, and needs to rest. She needs to heal and get better, or go home.

Next time, a four-day charter with children, Kate needs to know if Caroline can work, Rhylee tells Ashton to calm down, the captain wants someone’s ass for dinner, and changes will be made and not all the crew will be happy.


Star insisted Jackson was not her man, and said they only make music together. Simone pointed out they made music and a baby. Derek told Alex forget about the tape, and do what she came there for. At Karma, a reporter asked if she was using the tape to further her solo career. Noah was asked if he thought quantity was better than quality. He hoped to do both. Simone told Mateo that he didn’t know how to promote the Rhythm and Bells festival without Carlotta. He said that’s why he brought in new headliner Lil Dini.

There was a panel discussion of the festival artists. Lil Dini took over, and Star told him to go back to the dark corner of exploitation he crawled out of. He made fun of Alex, and Star had enough. She went after him, and was held back, but she threw a drink at him before storming off stage. Her signature move. Miss Bruce told Take 3 it would be a breach of contract if they dropped out, and they couldn’t do that to Carlotta. They felt because the festival was about non-violence, music, and community, Mateo should dump Dini. Star wanted something fresh, and thought a duet with Noah was it. Jackson thought it was time she got rid of the bag she’s been living out of her whole life, but that was a no.

Xander told Cassie there was an informant at the club. Cassie said she was clean, except for his dirt. He said they had a rat problem, and if she interfered with his business, he’d be forced to shut down the club.

Noah told Miss Bruce that he was seeing someone, but wasn’t supposed to this early in his sobriety. He didn’t think he could handle another loss. Miss Bruce told him not to speak it into existence. Noah said Miss Bruce sounded like his pops, and Miss Bruce said, GMTA. Cotton told Miss Bruce to speak the truth; look what secrets did to her family. She missed her mom.

The sportswear company dropped Alex because of the tape, so she decided to do a show about her life behind the music, and put herself out there, even if she hated it. Noah made s secret plan to meet someone. Nina told Simone they were cutting Black Ivy. She told Simone she was going to suggest casting Jackson in the lead, since he was a hot commodity. He’d make the investors keep the project alive. Simone wasn’t keen on a love making scene with her sister’s baby daddy, but said she’d do it.

Cassie was pissed at Maurice, thinking he was talking to the cops. He said she was trippin’, but she said she couldn’t trust him. He said he was in charge of saving the festival, and he was closer to building his music empire. She reminded him it was their empire. Alex refused to be another ratchet Black girl on reality TV. Star suggested she use the internet. Lean into it, like Star did with her baby daddy drama. Simone told Star about Jackson being in the movie. Alex said, awkward, but Star said she couldn’t care less.

Maurice didn’t want any bad press, and suggested Take 3 squash the beef with Dini. Dini apologized, saying he wasn’t trying to ruin the festival, and shouldn’t have come in all hot. Star asked if that’s all he had, and to take his apology to his mother, who deserved it. Maurice told Dini if he wanted to be a part of the festival, he had to get back on track. Dini said he’d put out a statement.

Cassie visited Cotton, and told her, sometimes when God wants us to relax, he slows us down. Cotton asked what happened to Cassie finding her father’s killer. There was a tense moment when Cotton picked up a knife while she was washing the dishes, and Cassie started to fish in her purse for her gun, but Cotton’s son came in, breaking the mood.

Star and Jackson worked on a new track. Jackson had an audition for Black Ivy. Noah said since he was supposed to do the role, he knew what they were looking for, and could help, but Jackson blew him off. Star told Noah to work his magic, since the track needed work. Derek walked in, shirtless in a towel, while Alex was filming. He was not happy, and didn’t want to be involved with the show.

Jackson and Simone were awkward during his test. She said she knew where his mouth had been. Mateo told Nina that he couldn’t pitch it as is. Nina said it just needed some work. First, he gambled their money, now, he’s too afraid to fight for her passion project. Simone rehearsed by herself. Nina found her, and said working hard would make her a star. Simone told Nina that she couldn’t get past kissing Star’s baby daddy. Nina said that the movie spoke to her personally. The woman steps out of her comfort zone to find herself. Simone said she wanted something all hers, and Nina told her, fight for it. She said Simone should imagine Jackson was someone she cares about, like her husband. Yeah. It’s called acting.

Megan kept calling Noah, who finally picked up. He accused her of pushing off the relationship because it might interfere with her career. Dini posted an apology on Gravity’s media page. He started by saying it was from his heart, then said, psyche! and acted like an idiot. Star wanted the video down, but Mateo thought it would drive traffic. He said they were singing tonight, or it would be a breach of contract.

We found out Maurice and Megan had a baby when she came to his office. She said she couldn’t go there, and he told her it wasn’t her fault. Megan said she found their daughter dead in her crib, and he wasn’t there. He said he couldn’t bring her back, but wanted Megan to have the life she deserved. They kissed, and Noah walked in. Maurice ended up punching him. Megan found Noah, and told him it was the anniversary of their daughter’s death. Maurice was comforting her, and it got out of control. She said she thought she could block out the pain by being with Maurice. Noah was cool, and told her that he was just getting sober. This was too deep for him. She said she could refer him to someone else for attorney services.

At the club, Take 3 called out Dini, saying his read name was Steven Cardini, and he was basically an upper middle-class dude. The girls started the crowd chanting, girls up, pimp down. Miss Bruce had gotten the information, telling them, it pays to have play with the sound man. Bobby called Miss Bruce, who said he was hearing from husband material. Cotton followed him out. Alex looked at the pictures from the club, and saw Derek with his arm around another girl.

Cotton at Cassie’s place with a gun. When Cassie came home, Cotton told her that she didn’t deserve to be in the family anymore. Cassie reached behind her, feeling for her gun, but it was the one Cotton was holding. Cotton told Cassie that she grew up without a dad. She got one, and he accepted her like no man ever will. Cassie took him from her. Cassie told her to do it; she deserved it. But killing her wouldn’t make Cotton feel better. It would change her the way it changed Cassie. She hates herself for doing this to her family. She told Cotton the cycle keeps going, and it’s going to break the family apart. The only one strong enough to bring them back together was her. Cotton couldn’t do it, and they hugged it out.

Noah went to Megan’s. He told her that he went to the liquor store. He was going to drink, but went to her house instead. She couldn’t be the cause of him relapsing. He said he was in good place with her, and he wasn’t letting it go. He handed her the bottle.

The next make-out scene was a lot better. Simone thought of Nina. Later, Nina asked to see Simone, who thought it was bad news, but Nina told her the investors were in. Nina apologized, saying she didn’t mean to betray Simone. Simone said she didn’t think about her husband. She thought about Nina. She said she didn’t know what that meant and she loves her husband, and jetted before Nina could say anything.

When Derek came home, Alex was waiting with the picture. She asked if it was payback for Noah, and he told her, chill. He said he was taking a walk outside, so she could take a minute. She told him not to walk out, but he did, and she hyperventilated.

Jackson accused Star of writing the new track about Noah. She said she was wrong for putting him off, and made their relationship Instagram official. Noah was their first like.

Outside, Derek got in a car with the girl from the club. We found out he’s a criminal informant, and she told him she needed dirt on the club. Then they could find out who raped his grandma. She told Derek that she’d be in touch.

Next time, Take 3’s goodbye album, Alex says they’re dysfunctional, and a raid at the club.

✂ Even minus Queen Latifah, tonight’s episode had some marvelous hair. Cassie had a shoulder length shag, worn both full-bodied and straightened. The Bridget Bardot look really works for Star, blonde with dark roots, worn loosely down or in an updo. Tonight, she wore it in loose teddy bear ears with side bangs hanging loose – a better version of Miley Cyrus’s look a few years back. The real winner was Derek, whose hair was au natural when he came out of the shower, in spiral curls. We’ve never seen him without a tight ponytail or a man bun. He should wear it that way more often.

🃏 Here’s the Deal…

I was able to catch The Real Housewives of Dallas at 10 pm, but still have to edit, so I’ll be posting that tomorrow. The Real Housewives of New Jersey began a new season tonight, and although I did have it on in the background at 11:30, until Dallas is over, I can’t do both. Damn you, need for sleep and real life! In a nutshell, Teresa is training for a body-building competition, Frank was disbarred, and because she’s going into the dating pool, Marge Sr. got vaginal rejuvenation, a topic I will never, ever be able to get away from.

🐮 So Until I Get to Dallas…







November 6, 2018 – An Election Upset, Candace Reconsiders, Deck on the Morrow, Teddi Flips & Votes from the Past


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General Hospital

Laura appreciates Spencer’s enthusiasm, but her getting elected is still a long shot. Lulu says long shots have been known to win. Spencer says he almost feels like he voted himself. He fingers the flashdrive.

Curtis talks to a volunteer who says it’s been a rough one. He thanks her for volunteering her time. He goes into vote and writes in Laura.

Anna asks if Jordan has seen The Invader, and Jordan says she was misquoted. Anna asks how serious it is. Jordan says she has a disembodied head in an apple barrel, a headless body from the art gallery, and criminal’s daughter unleashed on her unsuspecting city. She asks what’s up with Anna getting Britt released.

Britt and Finn get out of the elevator at the hospital. Britt loves the smell; the aroma of disinfectant meeting disease that gives everyone a vague sense of dread. She hopes Epiphany is on duty, since it’s so easy to set her off. Finn tells her it’s not a social visit. There’s a lot at stake; her freedom in particular. If she wants her vacation from prison to be permanent, she has to give the performance of a lifetime.

Chase sees Willow sitting outside of Kelly’s. He asks if she’s playing hooky, and tells her that he can arrest her for that.

Michael sits with Brad and Lucas at Charlie’s, holding Wiley. Michael says he can’t be the same baby; he’s gained twenty pounds. Brad’s phone dings, and he jets. Lucas says Brad is super stressed. Being a father is giving him a case of impostor syndrome. Michael says he’s talking to someone who inherited the CEO position at ELQ. Lucas says Brad acts terrified, and says he was never meant to be Wiley’s father.

Outside Charlie’s, Julian is on the phone with Kim. He says he snuck out, and Oscar can’t find out he’s spying on him for his mom. He’ll keep her posted. He sees Brad, who tells him that Lucas is going to need his help after he’s gone. Julian asks where he’s going, and Brad says a Malibu wellness center. Lucas is going to find out Wiley isn’t the baby they adopted. Julian tells him it’s not going to happen. Keep his head up, his mouth shut, and stay with his family. Julian goes back inside.

Michael tells Lucas that Brad is devoted to Wiley, and it’s plain to see how much he loves the baby. Lucas makes a mental note to tell Brad, and says when his time comes, Michael can encourage him too. Julian comes by and makes small talk. When he’s gone, Michael says it’s none of his business, but has he reconsidered letting Julian be a part of Wiley’s life.

Willow tells Chase the PCPD must value his detective skills. He says, no crime is too petty, and no law too trivial. Willow says she’ll remember that the next time she’s tempted to jaywalk. He starts explaining the intricacies of the jaywalking law, and she says she’s just messing with him. He says he’s working on lightening up. Spontaneity is the key. He’s thinking of taking an improv class. She says performing isn’t for her, and he says he would have thought she’d be a natural, since she’s a teacher. She says teaching is more complex than that, and he says he didn’t mean to minimize what she does. Teachers are a great resource, and underpaid. He starts to go on and on about how great teachers are, but she says he had her at underpaid. He thinks she has a good has sense of humor, and wonders if she can help with his.

Britt complains that Finn is taking forever. Is he sure he’s a doctor? It must have been a while since he did grunt work. He tells her that she’s going to be a patient there for the foreseeable future. She says she’s perfectly healthy, but he tells her, not for long.

Jordan says Britt had time left before she could be paroled, and Anna explains that she had Britt released. Jordan wishes she’s gotten a heads up, but Anna says she needed a certain amount of secrecy; sorry. Now that the cards are on the table, she needs something from Jordan. If Jordan helps her, when Anna gets Obrecht – and she will – Jordan will get first crack. She has Anna’s word. Jordan agrees to help, and tells Anna to get out now. She has a beheading to attend to. She tells Anna that she still loves her, and Anna says she loves Jordan too.

When Curtis puts his voting card in the machine, it comes out with smileys on it. He tells the volunteer something is wrong with the machine. She says, not just that one.

Lulu says Spencer certainly threw himself into Laura’s campaign. Good thing. God forbid there was no way to channel his imagination. She asks if Spencer is going back to school after winter break, but Laura hasn’t decided. Spencer comes in, saying the election returns are in, but Laura says the polls aren’t closed yet. With any luck, she might get 10%. Lulu agrees with Spencer, thinking she has a good chance. She has to pick up Charlotte, and Spencer reminds her the victory party is at nine. Ned walks in, telling them that’s what he was going to say. He’s having a victory party at the MetroCourt, and they’re all invited. Laura asks if he wants something to drink, and Spencer suggests bleach would be perfect for his palate. Ned is glad boarding school hasn’t taken Spencer’s edge off. Laura asks Spencer to get Ned some water. Laura imagines Ned has a busy day, and asks to what she owes his visit. He says he did want to invite them. He’ll be giving his acceptance speech before the party. He tells her that he appreciated the competition, but she was really too late to overtake the lead. She says it was never about winning. She just wanted to force him to deal with some important issues. He says it’s an honorable motive. Another reason he wants her to join his administration.

Curtis slips into the interrogation room to see Jordan. She says she likes to keep her personal life separate from work, but hopes that’s why he’s there. She kisses him, and he says that’s not why he’s there. He just came from voting. She asks where his sticker is, and he says, stickers are for voters. She says, he didn’t vote? and he says he couldn’t. And he’s not the only one.

Willow tells Chase that she read about the head incident at The Floating Rib. He says that’s why he’s out canvassing, and she says she’ll call if she finds any clues. He gives her his card, saying she can reach him directly at that number. Lulu and Charlotte see them.

Britt thinks Finn’s bedside manner leaves something to be desired. He tells her if she keeps complaining, she’s not getting a lollipop. She says this wasn’t part of the deal, and he says she just has to play sick. Britt asks for how long, and Anna comes in and says, until it’s real. They can’t trust her acting skills, so Finn administered a masking agent. He says everything is in place, but Britt says she’s pulling the plug. Anna asks if she wants to go back to prison, and Britt says she’ll go public unless they tell her what’s going on. Finn says he injected her with a rhinovirus, which Britt knows means the common cold. She wonders if she will be sick enough to trick her mother. Anna tells her, lay back, enjoy the symptoms, and let her team work. Brad walks in, asking how they want to exploit his lab talents this time. He sees Britt, who is thrilled to see him.

Lucas tells Michael word around GH is Julian is good to Kim. He loves Wiley, and the truth is, Lucas thinks he’d make a terrific grandfather. But he made an agreement with the birth mother, and can’t dishonor his promise, even if Julian changed. Michael says when he thinks of Jonah, he can’t imagine being a parent without his father being there for the baby and him.

Jordan tells Curtis it happened across the entire precinct. She has a unit on it, and it’s a disaster.

Laura asks if Ned is offering her a job. Spencer returns, saying there’s no water due to fracking. He tells Laura it’s a trap – Quartermaine chicanery. Ned says she would be a bonus to the city of Port Charles. Laura thinks she can advocate for the city without working for him. Spencer tells her, beware of Quartermaines bearing gifts. Jordan calls Ned, who says he’s visiting the opposition. She says she needs both of them at the PCPD. There have been illegal electioneering activities. Ned says they’ll be right there. He tells Laura the commissioner made it sound like there’s been funny business with the election.

Lucas tells Julian that he needs to tie up some loose ends, like the naming ceremony. It’s like a christening without the religious aspect. Something to welcome Wiley to the world. Julian tells Wiley that grandpa loves him; then says, sorry. Lucas tells him that he doesn’t have to apologize for telling Wiley that he loves him. Julian says before Lucas goes, there’s one thing he was hoping Lucas would let him do. It’s not about Wiley; it’s about Brad.

Britt and Brad hug. She’s thrilled to see him, since she’s been spending her time with Double-O Mary Poppins and Dr. Porcupine. He’s looking at a free woman. Anna says, provisionally. Brad says he would have thrown a party, but she says there’s time for that. Anna suggests Britt not exert herself, and Finn adds that she’s not well. Brad asks what’s wrong, and Finn says that’s where Brad comes in.

Charlotte runs to Willow. Lulu asks how her friend in the hospital is, and Willow say, much better. She hopes Charlotte is enjoying her half-day. Charlotte asks if Willow is. She’s still grading papers; it’s not fair. Willow laughs and says it’s getting chilly. She goes inside, and Lulu asks Charlotte to go get a scone. When Charlotte leaves, Lulu looks at Chase. He says, what? She says the car repair paid off, and he says he just ran into Willow. Lulu says that happens a lot, and tells him to ask her out. He says if and when he does, she’ll be the first to know. After Willow. And him. She’ll be the third. Lulu suggests he hurry. She doesn’t think Willow will stay on the market for long.

Michael goes into Kelly’s and smiles at Willow.

Lucas wonders why Brad would need Julian’s help. Julian says Brad is stressed, and Lucas says he’s a new father. Julian is concerned Brad is falling apart. He knows Lucas has a lot of demands between the baby and the hospital, but suggest he take a few minutes every day for Brad. He thinks it will do lot of good. Lucas says he knows what Julian is doing.

Willow says she didn’t expect see Michael there. Lulu comes in, and asks Charlotte to introduce her teacher. Sitting at one of the tables eating, Charlotte shakes her head. Lulu introduces Willow to her cousin/brother-in-law. Michael asks how Willow likes having Charlotte in her class, and Lulu quotes her as saying Charlotte is an enthusiastic learner. Lulu’s phone dings, and she says she has to get to the PCPD. There’s a story brewing.

Ned walks into the PCPD, and asks, what’s the problem? Seeing the cards with the smiley faces, he ask if they’re ballots. Jordan says they were before the machine processed them and spit them out like that. Curtis says they believe it was a computer virus. Ned says he had no problem when he voted, and Laura says she didn’t either. Jordan says that helps establish a window for when it happened. Ned says whoever planned the attack wanted to alter the outcome, or stop the election altogether. Jordan says they can’t be sure the votes weren’t tainted even before they voted. Ned says he’ll have to examine the city charter, but thinks there’s only one solution.

Brad says Anna and Finn think because of his past misdeeds, he’ll get involved. He’s a father now, and can’t be wrapped up in their shenanigans. Anna says she’s a WSB agent. He says, that’s supposed to comfort him? Like they haven’t ruined people’s lives? She says he’ll be protected. He’s to legally run tests and keep his mouth shut. Finn asks if he can keep a secret. Britt says they kept a couple of doozies in their time. Anna says Britt’s freedom depends on his discretion. Britt says, please, and Brad says if it helps her. Anna says, let’s do this.

At the PCPD, Lulu tells Charlotte to sit while she talks to Laura. Laura says, good news travels fast, and Lulu says Peter called her, saying a story was about to break. Spencer says he sees Lulu brought her. Lulu says if he’s referring to Charlotte, Charlotte is her daughter, which makes her family. Laura tells him to be civil, and he walks over to Charlotte. Lulu says they can’t be calling the election yet; the polls aren’t closed. Laura says, they are now. Spencer calls Charlotte a little usurper. Charlotte says that means stealing from someone important or in a position of power. He says, case in point. She stole his room. She tells him that he’s not powerful or important, but it’s a nice room, now that it’s been redecorated. He tells her to enjoy it while she can. As mayor, his grandmother’s first order of business will be deporting Charlotte and her papa. She tells him mayors don’t deport people.

In the hospital hallway, Chase sees Finn and Anna. He’s glad Anna is back. She asks how his father is, and he says, in fighting form. His mom is glad to have him home, and wanted him to thank Finn. Finn says it’s not necessary. Chase suggests she send a fruit basket, but Finn hasn’t been keen on fruit since the apple bobbing at The Floating Rib. Chase is there to pick up the toxicology report. He says Anna must have seen some crazy stuff, and asks if she’s ever dealt with something like this.

Brad hopes they know what they’re doing, and Britt says, Anna does. She wonders what her and Brad’s next caper will be. The Nurses’ Ball is half a year away. She asks if he remembers when Sam took a header on the red carpet. He’s not enthusiastic, and she asks, what’s wrong? She hopes fatherhood hasn’t turned him against the dark side. He says he’s nastier than ever. She asks if he’s made Elizabeth cry, and he says he’s done nothing to write home about. She says, okay, brag about his baby. Is his life better than ever?

Michael asks if it was as awkward for Willow, after seeing each other at the meeting. She says her penchant for awkward has grown exponentially. Michael says it’s not easy for him, and she doubts it’s easy for anyone the first time. She thanks him for not mentioning it. She doesn’t like to show her private life to students or their families. Michael says that’s not how it works in his family. She asks if they’re inquisitive, and he says, that’s putting it mildly. Nosey is more like it. She says it shows they care. He says he has a caring family, and she says, lucky him. He tells her, good point.

Julian tells Lucas that he knows it’s not his place to be inserting his life into Lucas’s life. Lucas says Julian has made some great changes, and he’s proud of him. Julian knows he can’t be a part of Wiley’s life. Lucas says, maybe there’s a way for Julian to be a part of his. Julian says if he has a chance to be back in Lucas’s life, it means more than he can say. If Lucas ends up having second thoughts, he’ll understand. Lucas suggests they see what the future brings. Julian says, if anything happens where Lucas needs anything, he’s there for him. Lucas thanks him.

Brad says, the baby is great, and Britt is sure he’s a badass like his dad. Brad tells her not to say that, and she hopes he isn’t letting Lucas turn him into a goody-two-shoes. She tells him that he used to be a better liar. Obviously, something is wrong; spill it. What the hell is going on? He says she doesn’t want to know, but she says she wouldn’t have asked if she didn’t. She’s trusting him with her freedom, and her life. He can tell her anything. He says Wiley isn’t his son.

Willow tells Michael that she’s a hypocrite. She tells her students, if they need help, ask. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Michael says, sharing is caring. They were part of a generation raised to talk about themselves, but he doesn’t know if he has it in him; talking about something so personal to strangers. Willow says they’re not strangers anymore, and introduces herself.

Anna tells Chase that she’s seen her fair share of villains. From international terrorists to a psychotic who thought he was a vampire. Ha-ha-ha! A nod to Michael Easton’s character on Port Charles. Finn says, that’s nuts, and she says, but he didn’t behead his victims. Chase doesn’t know what they used, but the cut was clean. Finn says, that’s hard to come by, and Chase says they don’t think it was the first time. Anna says Jordan needs a profiler to get inside the killer’s head, and understand their thinking. Chase says Jordan has someone in mind.

Ned holds a press conference at the station, along with Laura and Jordan. He says irregularities have been found in voting places across the city. It looks like the firewalls have been hacked, and the integrity of the voting machines has been compromised. They have no choice but to suspend the election. Everything possible is being done to shore up the system’s protection. A vote will be rescheduled as early as possible. They won’t allow anyone to corrupt the democratic process – or idea. Lulu asks if there are any suspects. Jordan says they’re reviewing the evidence, along with the FBI. They won’t rest until they find the party responsible, and make sure they’re prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Spencer sweats a little. Laura says it’s not just an attack on the election, but on their way of life. An attempt to silence their voices. Their voices will be heard, and every vote counted. Ned says there’s nowhere the hacker can run or hide. The law is coming for them, and will get them.

Tomorrow, Michael asks Bobbie what Brad saw that has him so rattled, Jason tells Carly to put it behind her, and Laura tells not-Doc there’s a third person in the marriage and she thinks she knows who it is.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Veronica walks upstairs in David’s house, and sees Jeffrey making out with Madison. She says, what the hell is this? and Jeffrey says none of her damn business. She asks how you people find one another, and Jeffrey says he told her to go. He asks how she keeps getting in, and she says maybe she has a key. He says, Erica. He saw proof that Veronica knows her. Why are she and Candace in Erica’s book? He realizes he met Erica at Candace’s house, and thinks they’re both in the scheme. He’s taking all of it to the police, and getting her ass locked up; she did this. Veronica wants to talk about what’s disgustingly in front of her. Jeffrey says she needs to leave his dad’s house. She asks Madison’s name, and Jeffrey tells him, don’t answer. Madison tells her anyway, and she says funny how they’re both in a closet. Okay, that is funny, but that closet was so big, I thought it was a small room. Veronica says she knew a girl named Madison; now she knows two. Not that she wants Jeffrey doing this, but can’t he find a Black man? Jeffery tells her to get her ass out. She tells him to stop doing this nasty sh*t. She suggests he put another paring knife in her chest, and see what happens. He tells her get out of his dad’s house, and she says David ain’t his daddy.

Jeffery tells her just go, but she says she came for a reason. Jeffrey wonders how she knows where he is all the time. There’s no reason for her to be there; he doesn’t want to talk to her. She asks Madison if he’s sure he likes Jeffrey. He’s very dramatic. Jeffrey tells her go again, but Madison wants to leave; he doesn’t like this. Veronica asks if Miss Madison is sensitive, and says, let her leave. Jeffrey takes her arm and steers her out of the room. She says if she had a bomb, she’d blow the gay sh*t out of him. He says she makes him sick, and she says now they’re even. It turns her stomach to see him kissing a man. He tells her to stop popping up, and she won’t see him. He tells her to get out before he drags her out. She says he would say something about drag. Veronica is on a roll tonight. She says she needs to see if the girl left something, but Jeffrey says she’s seeing if her name is on something. It is. Her, and Candace. He’s taking it to the police. He says, go, and she tells him to move her. He says, okay. He walks over to Madison, and starts kissing him. Madison says he’s not okay with this. Veronica says, stop this, and reaches to grab Jeffrey. They struggle, and Veronica falls over the stair railing. She lies, unmoving, beneath them.

At the station, George says, this is insane. What the hell is wrong with them? Sarah runs in and asks, what’s going on? George says, evidence is missing; the bullets from the Cryer case. He just about to arrest them, and the evidence is gone. She wonders how that’s possible, but he doesn’t know. These idiots… The chief says his team didn’t do this. They’re looking at the surveillance footage now. They’ve been watching it all morning. A guy says he’s got something. They all look at the screen, and then look surprised. It’s Sarah. George asks, was it her?

Hanna and Derrick cuddle on the couch. She tells him that she lost her house in a fire. She had no insurance, so Kathryn let her live there, but she has to get out. Kathryn’s husband… Derrick says he’s met Jim. Hanna says she’ll get another one, the same size as her first one; 1100 square feet. He asks if that’s all she wants, and she says she’s a simple woman. He wants to help her. She’s not used to someone helping her. it’s nice, but she wants to do it on her own. She’s used to it. He says, an independent Black woman, and she says, Black girl magic. Benny comes in, they both go, uh, and I laugh. Benny says he’s still there? and Derrick says, nice to see him again. Hanna says she has to talk to Benny, and Derrick says that’s his cue. Hanna tells him to come back for dinner.

Hanna calls Benny over. He says he’s not changing his mind. She says, fine. Let the money sit there. He says, it’s not Candace; it’s this. Look at them, struggling all this time. They finally have money, and she doesn’t want to touch it. Hanna says, it’s not theirs. He asks why Derrick was there, and she says because she wants him there. She tells Benny not to question her. They need to give back the money. Benny says he’s going to lie down, and she says his stuff is by the door in a box. He’s lucky it’s not in a trash bag. He says she’s tripping, and she tells him to call it what he wants to. Kathryn has given them a lot, and he won’t give her money back. Benny says, fine; bye. He’s getting his things. Hanna says they’re already packed. It’s everything he came there with. He can’t believe she’s putting him out. She says, until he learns to have respect and manners. He says, what if the dude comes back? and she says Derrick will be there. She tells him, get out. He picks up the box, and leaves.

Jim calls David, and asks how he is. David says he’s been better. Jim tells him that Wyatt is back in the house. He hired bodyguards around the clock. David thinks that’s smart. Jim tells David that Veronica had Lloyd open the account. He says David doesn’t sound good, and David says his back is covered with third degree burns. Other than that, he’s fine. Jim has to do something about Veronica, but he has no idea what. David says the FBI is all over her about him and the car, and they have a strong lead. Jim says, she might be a big fish in a small pond, but this is federal. Good luck to her. David says Jim doesn’t mean that, and Jim says, not a damn word. He says he’ll call David back.

Kathryn comes downstairs, all dressed up. She says she has a meeting at the hotel. Jim says, dressed like that? And she’s wearing a new fragrance. She asks since when does he care how she looks or smells? The fragrance is called, out with the old. He says he needs some of that himself. She leaves, and from upstairs, Wyatt says, she’s having an affair. He heard her on the phone. Jim asks, with who? Wyatt doesn’t know, but thinks his name is Roderick. Jim says, the hotel manager? Wyatt asks if he’s going to do something about it, but Jim says, he can have her. Wyatt says, so he moves in, and takes all the money. He’ll see how Jim feels then. Jim asks how the detox is coming. Wyatt is annoyed about the bodyguards, and Jim says he thought Wyatt would find them sexy; he thought Wyatt would like it. He’s open minded. Wyatt says Jim thinks it’s funny, but Jim says he thinks it’s sad what Wyatt would do to get his hands on drugs. Wyatt says he’s going to kill him – and his mom. Jim says he told Wyatt, if he’s going to kill someone, don’t threaten them; just do it.

There’s a knock at the door. It’s Sarah, who tells Jim that they found out she took the bullet. Wyatt is still there, and Jim shoves her into another room. She says they’re going to arrest her; they have her on camera. They know she took it and gave it to him. Jim says he has no idea what she’s talking about. He pulls open her blouse, and finds a wire. She says she’s sorry; they made her do it. He says he has no idea what she’s talking about, and shoves her out the door, calling her delusional. Wyatt asks if Jim has woman problems, and Jim tells him, shut up. Wyatt want to talk about the bullet. Jim tells the guards to make sure Wyatt doesn’t leave, and goes out the door.

At the Artesian bar, Landon calls Candace over. He asks her to sit, and says, back so soon? Why? She says she didn’t want to be there. Landon knows they haven’t always seen eye to eye, and he doesn’t like her, but she used to be kind and caring. She says, it was an act, but he says, no; it’s who she is. After all that happened, she became cold-hearted. She tells him, join the band. That’s what everybody says; it must be true. He knows she loved Oscar. She says she did, but it’s never happening again. He says, the con girl got conned. Now she’s turning down the best thing that ever happened to her. She says she doesn’t care, and he tells her, stop saying that. He knows she’s scared. Charles might love and care about her, and she’ll have to give up the hustle game. She’s scared of loving him. Landon knows she likes him. If he gave Landon one look, he’d sleep with him. Landon orders another round. He tells her not to thinks about it; just give up the hustle. Trust it. Candace asks how you do First Lady. He says a lot of them needed cleaning up. She asks what politics are like, and he says she’ll be good at it, once she gets the hang of it. She’s smart, she doesn’t take any sh*t, and she’s a hustler. That’s all they are. She asks why he lied about the other girl. He says he had to speak her language. There was no other girl. Charles cares about her. He’s scared too. He talks about her every night on the bus. Candace says he’s lying, but Landon says he’s not blind. Charles’s entourage comes through. Landon says it turns her on; she wants to be in on it. Every eye turned toward them. She wants it. He tells her that Charles had the secret service cleared floor. It’s just her and Charles. Knock on his door and be open; talk to him. Candace says he knows everything about her, and Landon says, except how she truly feels. Just go. She won’t regret it. She says he’d better not be lying. When she’s gone, Landon wonders why he’s sending this bitch to a man he loves.

Kathryn meets Roderick in the hotel room. He says he knew when she hired him, she wanted him. She says that’s not why she hired him; she thought he’d be good at his job, and he is. She asks if the room has been cleaned. He says it has, but there’s one thing he needs to tell her. The prostitution ring? He runs it. She laughs, and says, what? He says he has a partner. Kathryn might know her; her name is Candace Young. He runs it from the bar. Kathryn tells him that he’s fired. He doesn’t think so. He knows she wants it. The truth is, he’s running a business, and he needed something on her, so she can’t put Candace out or fire him or the bartender. Kathryn says she’s leaving, and he’s fired. He says he’ll sue for sexual harassment, and she asks if he has any idea who he’s trying to blackmail. Candace thinks she can blackmail Kathryn’s husband, but Kathryn is the kind of bitch who will have him murdered or shoot him herself. Roderick starts to back up. She takes off her dress, and says she’s getting what she came here for. Then they’ll discuss this ring of his. She tells him to take his clothes off – now. She says, faster, and smiles.

Deke arrives at the Iron Bone. Mitch asks where Mama Rose is, but Deke says she’s not talking to him. Mitch asks if that means there’s still a hit on Benny. Deke says he knows how she is, and Mitch asks what he’s supposed to do. Deke suggests he go to the restaurant, but Mitch says he knows how pissed she gets. Deke says it makes them look weak to change their minds; she just wants it done. He’s sorry. Mitch calls Benny, who’s sitting outside on the stoop. Mitch asks if he’s laying low. He’s trying to talk to his grandma, but she’s pissed; she wants the interest, and won’t rest until she gets it. He tells Benny, stay off the street. Benny says, that’s going to be hard; he’s on the porch. Mitch says he can’t be there. Go inside. Benny says he’s not going in there. Just tell her. Mitch says she’s already pissed, and Benny says he’ll take his chances. Mitch says he’s stupid, but Benny says he doesn’t have a choice. Mitch says he’ll come get him, but go inside. Understand? Benny says just come get him.

Candace goes to her room and paces. She opens adjoining room door, and knocks. Charles opens the front door, then realizes it’s other one. Candace says she’s sorry about how she was in the restaurant. Charles gets it; she’s been through a lot. She says, so has he, but he says he still has his kids. He invites her in.

Charles pours drinks, and they clink glasses. He’s not going to pretend to know what’s going on in her beautiful mind. Candace says she’s scared. For first time, she can say that. He says, about? and she says, herself. He was right. She’s angry and doesn’t know what to do with it. She sent a thug to her mother’s house because her mother has money that doesn’t even belong to her. Charles asks her if she’s tired, and she says, exhausted. He thought so. That’s what grief does. I find myself nodding, and getting teary. When his wife died, he didn’t know himself. He didn’t know he could live that angry. He was bitter, hurt, enraged. She asks how he did it, and he tells her that he got around people he trusted. She says she doesn’t have many of those. Her brother, but he can’t even look at her right now. What she did to their mother… Charles asks if she likes him. Candace says she’s afraid of him; he’s too perfect. There’s something there; something devastating that can break her heart, and she can’t take another heartbreak. He says he won’t break her heart, and she asks how he knows. He says he doesn’t have to. Trust him. Does she want to? She doesn’t know. He asks her to let him take her away. Show her a new world; a new way of living. She’s an intriguing woman. She cries a little, and asks if he knows… He says, everything. She says, and he still wants her? He says, more than ever. That’s what scares her. He kisses her. She kisses back. She starts telling him what she’s done, and he tells her, shut up and kiss him. He puts their drinks on the table, and they get busy.

Hanna laughs at something on TV. Her phone rings. It’s Mitch. He asks her to let Benny come in. She tells him Benny needs to learn respect, but Mitch says she needs to let him in now. Please. Benny is in trouble. She asks, what kind? and Mitch says, the kind where he can’t be sitting on the front porch. Let him in. She says, okay, and runs to the door. She finds Benny lying on the porch, bleeding. Hanna says, God, don’t do this. She can’t do this no more. She calls 911, and tells them, he’s not breathing.

Next time, Kathryn wants the ring shut down, Jim tells David about Sarah, and does Benny live? HAHN will return with that answer in January.

⚓ As per usual, I’ll be posting Below Deck tomorrow. Since tonight was the mid-season (or whatever) finale for HAHN, next week I should be able to go back to watching it at a reasonable hour.

😵 Teddi Mellencamp was on Flipping Out tonight. Since Jeff wanted to lose ten pounds, everyone in the office went on a new food plan with Teddi’s help as an accountability coach. Jeff said they were introduced by a mutual friend, and I wondered if it was Andy Cohen.

🗽 Vintage Voting…