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October 18, 2017 – Ava Carries a Message, a Truce in New Jersey, a Little Star & Psychedelic Fabulousity


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Oscar tells Josslyn the wholesome family life is different, but she says a life being followed by bodyguards is hardly wholesome. He says it’s still a family, and it’s new to him. He wonders where they begin to look for his father. Josslyn says that they can do this, and they will.

Carly tells Sonny that she likes Oscar, but they can’t be too careful. Sonny says she can’t hover. She says she can, but just can’t make it look like they are. She tells him it doesn’t hurt to set limits, and Sonny warns her not to turn Josslyn into a rebel and cause her to do things she’s not ready for. He tells Carly to leave them alone.

At the hospital, Finn asks if Cassandra is done with her tests. She says she’s done for now. She doesn’t mind enduring it, since she has faith that he’ll get to the bottom of her illness. She points out that his lover is here, and we see Anna on her phone.

At Crimson, Valentin tells Nina it’s official; Jason and Sam have acquired Derek Wells Media. He’s thought it was a perfect acquisition for them to run together, but Nina says it’s freedom to start over. He tells her it’s easier to acquire a company that exits than start their own. She says Jason will clean house and she probably won’t have a job by the end of the week. Jason walks in, and she says make that by the end of the day. She says she knows why he’s here, and he says good, it won’t take long then.

Betsy comes home to Franco sitting on her couch. She says he didn’t say he was coming over, and he tells her that’s because she would have found a reason not to be there. She’ll do anything to avoid telling him the truth about Jason’s twin, and he needs to know. I like the realistic touch of her calling Franco “Bobby,” the same way Nina is the only one who calls Nathan “Jay.”

Patient 6 asks Ava if there was bad blood between Jason and Julian. She says Julian has bad blood with pretty much everyone in Port Charles; even they’ve had their moments. She’s just surprised that he sold the one legitimate enterprise he had. She says he’ll be glad his daughter will benefit, but not so much Jason. Patient 6 asks if she has a picture of Jason.

Finn says, hi, honey, to Anna. She says she was just looking for him, and explains to Cassandra that she has a blood condition and was there for her treatment. Cassandra says it’s hard not to be jealous of a couple in love. She leaves, and Felicia asks them if they’re dating.

Valentin tells Jason that he and Nina were hoping to acquire the company, but Julian accepted his offer, so he must want to keep it in the family. He didn’t know Jason and Sam had backgrounds in communications. Jason says they’re fast learners. Nina says that it’s obvious he came to fire her, so get it over with.

Betsy says she’s told Franco everything. Andrew died from an undiagnosed heart defect. Franco says he’s not sure that’s the truth. He looked for a death certificate, and came up empty. He wonders if Andrew is still alive.

Ava looks on her tablet for a press release, telling Patient 6 that Sam is Julian’s daughter. She wonders why he’s so fascinated with Jason, then says she thinks she knows. He’s been away from Port Charles so long, he must have thought Jason was dead. Everybody else did.

Nina tells Jason she’s not going out without fight. Julian thought she’d sink the Crimson ship and he’d get a tax write-off, but she made the magazine a huge success. Valentin tells her there are other companies she can work for, but she says no boss could be worse than Julian. She made the magazine rise from the ashes, and kept it soaring. Jason would be a fool to fire her. Jason says he knows; he’s asking her stay.

Ava tells Patient 6 to brace himself; it’s a helluva story. Before she came to Port Charles, Jason was shot down at the docs by Faison. He was in a high-tech Duke Lavery mask, and it was very Mission Impossible. He fell into the water, and Helena found him. She kept him in a clinic, but he escaped. He was recaptured, and escaped again, but was hit by a car. His injuries were severe, and he required complete facial reconstruction. Patient 6 asks if he had an ID. She says no ID, no face, and for two years, he didn’t even remember his name. He asks why they thought he was Jason, and she says Carly figured it out.

Carly tells Sonny that she’s almost at the point where she’s going to force Oscar to introduce her to his mother. Sonny asks what she’s going to do if Oscar’s mother forbids him to see Josslyn, and Josslyn blames her. He suggests waiting until she asks to meet, but Carly says she has to do something now.

Oscar tells Josslyn that he asked his mom about his dad again, and she told him to leave it alone. Josslyn says it’s up to them then. He tells her the father was left blank on his birth certificate, but he was born in Austen after his mom moved there from San Diego. Josslyn says they’ll start in San Diego. He says his mom’s name and a city isn’t much to go on. They almost kiss, and Carly pops in, asking how the homework is going.

Betsy says if Franco couldn’t find the death certificate, it must have been misfiled or has a typo. Andrew existed for a brief time, and doesn’t deserve to be forgotten. It broke her heart to say goodbye to him. Why would she lie? Franco asks if she’s kidding after telling him that Andrew was imaginary. She says she did it to protect him, and he says there was no reason. He’d thought she was the one person in the world who would never lie to him, but he’s starting to question it. She says she did nothing wrong, except take in a child the Quartermaines didn’t know existed. Franco asks her to help him find peace. He wants to see Andrew’s grave.

Josslyn tells Carly that they were just wishing each other luck on their projects. Carly says luck is good, but hard work is better. Oscar says she sounds like his mom, which is a perfect segue for Carly, who wants to meet her. Oscar says she works a lot; she’s a doctor at Mercy Hospital. Carly says she works a lot too, but can Oscar make it happen? He says he’ll try, and Carly says she’s sure they can come up with a mutually convenient time. When she’s gone, Josslyn says she’s impossible. Oscar says it’s okay. His mom is so busy, it probably won’t happen – ever. Josslyn asks if her mom seems like the type to let things go.

Inside, Sonny tells Carly they’re kids, and meeting parents is a big step. Carly says they’re making a big deal out of nothing, and they’ll get along fine.

Jason doesn’t want to mess with success. Nina wonders why he didn’t just say so, and he says she didn’t give him a chance. Valentin takes Nina aside and asks why she wants to work for a CEO with no experience. She says she didn’t have any either, and she loves her job. He tells her that she’s exceptional, but Jason has the good sense to keep her on, so he’ll leave her to negotiate. He leaves, and Jason tells Nina that he didn’t seem very happy. She says he isn’t, but he supports her career and independence. She’s sure she wants to stay, but they need to iron out a deal about creative autonomy.

Valentin gets a text from Cassandra, asking if they can pick up where they left off last night.

Felicia wants to know why Anna didn’t tell her about her new beau. Anna says it’s new, unbelievably new. Felicia says she and Mac have had a renaissance in their marriage, so she’s glad to see new love. She tells Finn to treat Anna right, and Finn says, do no harm. Felicia tells him the healing gods are watching, and she can’t wait to tell Mac. When she’s gone, Finn asks Anna if they have to fool a whole city, and she says, yes, honey.

Franco says Betsy must have visited Andrew’s grave. He babbles about how she can tell him stories about the two of them as toddlers during the ride. She says they both crawled and walked at the same time, and talked baby talk to one another as if they were the only two who understood each other. Andrew learned his numbers faster, but Franco was better with crayons. Andrews first word was Franco’s name. He asks what his first word was, and Betsy says “mine.” She doesn’t want to visit the pain again, and Franco asks her to just tell him where the grave is. She says he doesn’t want to go to that place – to the truth about Andrew and him.

Patient 6 asks Ava why Carly would think the guy was Jason. She says there were DNA tests, and whatever was found was enough for her to interrupt Jason’s wedding. He asks if Jason was marrying Sam, and she says no, Elizabeth Webber; they had a child together. He finally recovered enough memory to realize he was still in love with Sam. She says they’re surprisingly old-fashioned and believe they’re soulmates whose love will never die. She asks why he’s so interested in Jason.

Valentin sees Cassandra in the park. He says she took a risk confronting him at the restaurant. She says it wasn’t a confrontation; she kissed him. He says it felt like one. She says she was just sharing a moment with an old friend. They used to be business partners and partners in bed, and she’d like to rekindle both.

Jason tells Nina that she’s done an amazing job. She says she was no expert when she started. He tells her he’s committed to making it work, but it’s new to him, and asks if she has any advice. She says when she started, she hired someone who knew what they were doing, and they showed her how to run the place. He asks if she means Maxie. Nina says Maxie was brilliant at her job, but she had to fire her because she betrayed Nina’s trust. Jason says sometimes there’s no coming back from that.

Josslyn goes to a website where she says you can find out anything about anybody. She finds out what we all do when you try that – it costs money. She tells Oscar that she has a credit card for emergencies, and thinks this qualifies. What if he needs his medical history?

Ava asks if Patient 6 knows Jason. He looks at a photograph, and she tells him it’s her daughter, Avery. The picture was taken in her father’s house. He asks if her father is Sonny, and Ava says he obviously knows him well enough to know the inside of his house. That would explain his connection to Morgan. She says that she and Sonny have a kid, the one great thing from a one-time mistake. Patient 6 says that he and Sonny are friends, and he needs her to give him a message.

Franco doesn’t want to cause Betsy any pain. She tells him to stop then; why does he need to know? Andrew is gone. Franco says not from his thoughts and dreams. He’s having nightmares, and can’t focus on anything but Andrew. He can’t do this and be with Elizabeth. He needs peace. Betsy tells him that Andrew didn’t die and didn’t have a heart defect. She made it up. For all she knows, Jason’s twin is still alive.

Ava tells Patient 6 that she’s not his best emissary. He tells her to just take the note to Sonny. She says there’s no point, and he tells her there is if it comes from him. She tells Patient 6 that Sonny won’t read it; he hates her. Patient 6 tells her to figure out an angle, and he can take it from there. Ava would rather not provoke Sonny.

Anna tells Finn if they shut Cassandra down, they’ll saves lives; doesn’t that mean something? He tells her that he only went into medicine for the money and the chicks. Of course it means something. She says then work with her and help her.

Valentin tells Cassandra that his circumstances have changed considerably. He’s married to a phenomenal woman. He has more to risk and lose; home, family and love. Cassandra calls him noble and principled, but says principles don’t pay well. He tells her about inheriting the Cassadine estate, and says he’s fabulously wealthy. She says being rich is expensive, and her business is booming. He says people are dying from her opioids. She says she doesn’t kill people, drugs do, and they choose to pay for them. He says he quit while he was ahead and she might consider following his lead. She says while she has a hugely successful enterprise, money can’t buy health. She needs him to shoulder the burden, and asks if he wants what she has to offer.

Josslyn tells Oscar that sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. His past has just been paid for.

Patient 6 tells Ava that she wanted to prove she’s a good person, and this is how she can do that. Take the note to Sonny.

Sonny tells Carly that she wants to manage the situation. She says she wants to protect Josslyn. He says it’s her first real relationship, and she’s going to get hurt. Carly says it’s not a relationship; it’s friend dating. Sonny asks if that’s a thing. She says it had better be. He asks what if another girl catches Oscar’s eye, and Carly says she’ll kick his ass. Sonny says he should probably keep an eye on her, and they kiss.

Oscar sees his grandparent’s address, but says they died when he was little. He has no other family, so they’re no closer to an answer. Josslyn says they really need his father’s name. Maybe his mom has something hidden. He says it’s not going to happen. Maybe there’s something hidden, but he tried looking once, and was afraid she’d find out. Josslyn says it’s a big secret, but since she was six, she’s been able to find her Christmas presents every year without anyone finding out. She asks if he wants to go looking now.

Betsy tells Franco that Andrew could be alive; she doesn’t know what happened after he left. Franco is like, he was three; how far could he go? She says he was the kind of boy who said goodnight to every one of his stuffed toys. She gave him up. She loved him and still does, and prays to see him again. She wants to know that he’s okay, and what kind of man he became. She’ll never stop missing him. Franco asks why she let him go, and she says he wasn’t safe. Franco asks why.

Felicia suggests that she and Mac double-date with Anna and Finn. Anna says that would be fun, and Finn says fun is an understatement.

Valentin tells Cassandra that he’s learned that if something is to good to be true, that’s usually correct. She says her security is tight; no one will tie him to her. He tells her that it’s important to be a good example to his daughter. He doesn’t think he could live with himself, knowing that people are dying from a product he distributed. Cassandra says he’s forgotten who he’s talking to. He did his fair share of killing, and could look someone in the eye while they were dying and his heart rate wouldn’t even waiver. She wonders why the sudden attack of conscience. Well, he just explained that, and he killed because he was a spy and a mercenary in his other life. I’m disappointed that he doesn’t say that. They talk a bit in French. I took two years of it, but can only tell you how to pack a suitcase and curse you out. Cassandra says Valentin is at his best when he’s dancing on the edge; it’s the only place he feels safe. She says we are what we are, and he’ll go absolutely mad not being himself. Valentin tells her that he’s not jeopardizing everything he cherishes for the thrill of a game. She says he’ll change his mind – sooner than he thinks.

Josslyn tells Carly that they’re going to the library. Carly says she’ll drop them off. And pick them up. Josslyn says that’s not necessary. Sonny says it’s not like they can get away with anything. Josslyn says they wouldn’t even try. Carly tells Oscar to text his mom, and get some dates when they could get together.

Nina tells Jason that she’s not sure if she and Maxie could ever overcome their differences enough to work together again. She tells him his problem is finding someone who’s not afraid of telling him when he’s wrong. He says he thinks he’s looking at her.

Betsy says Franco has one more chance to step away. Franco says he’s not taking it. She tells him that one day after Andrew’s third birthday, she was fixing diner and heard screaming. He was lying at the bottom of the stairs, twisted and bleeding, and nearly dead.

Ava thanks Sonny for seeing her. He says whatever she’s asking, the answer is no, so go ahead and leave. She says if he sends her away, he’ll miss out on something important.

Jason looks around Ava’s place. He puts his stuff in his pockets, checks his guns, and leaves.

Betsy tells Franco that Andrew was badly injured. He had broken bones and a concussion. It was a miracle he survived. Franco doesn’t understand, and asks what caused the fall. She says he did. Saw that coming.

Tomorrow, Lulu tells Laura to say yes, Doc tells Griff that he doesn’t look like a man at peace, and Sonny asks who gave Ava the note.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Margaret discusses her launch party for cosmetic bags with her staff. She’s throwing a party in her house, which is still under construction. She says it looks like a bomb hit, and it kinda does. Her contractor husband won’t let anyone else work on it, because he thinks the other men will hit on her. She says he’s delusional, but adorable. Margaret talks about Siggy being unhinged at the party.

Michael instructs Siggy on making meatballs. She’s upset about the weekend. She’s sad about Teresa and Melissa, but livid about Margaret. She tells Michael about Margaret calling her Soggy. Michael suggests just working it out with Teresa and Melissa.

Margaret talks to her friends about the weekend. She says she didn’t know they weren’t going to yoga, and that Siggy has no uterus, so she has no reason to cry every day. Margaret is willing to move past it. She says she doesn’t hold grudges, except against her mother. I think that’s a joke.

Frank says Dolores folds clothing wrong. In her interview, she says he thinks he’s going to rule the roost because he’s back, but it’s not happening. He created an issue between himself and Frankie because he overreacted. He tells her it’s the first time Frankie has had both parents in the same house, and they parent differently. She suggests they meet in the middle. He has no problem with that. We’ll see.

Teresa moves her dad’s furniture into her house. She wants him to be as comfortable as possible. Melissa and Joe #2 help. Joe asks what happened in Boca. Melissa says in a nutshell, Siggy thinks she’s too good for them. Joe wonders where Dolores’s loyalty is, since she’s known them forever, and knows Siggy for less than a year.

Dolores tells Frank about what happened, and says if Siggy said she didn’t call them animals, she believes it. She thinks Margaret is no good. She turned on Siggy after Siggy brought her into the group.

Melissa checks out the new merchandise at Envy. Margaret comes by, and she loves it. Melissa tells us that they bonded over being in the same industry. She says she’ll introduce Melissa to the right people. She’s up for any constructive criticism Margaret has. Danielle drops in. Margaret tells them about the cosmetic bag launch. She tells them Siggy blocked her on social media, and Melissa thinks it’s childish. I agree. I don’t even like the word unfriend; it seems immature. (Although don’t let this stop you from watching the movie with that title. It is scary good.) Melissa wonders why Siggy is mad at Margaret, since she’s the one who walked out. Margaret says Melissa and Teresa stormed out, but by the time they got home, she was the mortal enemy. Danielle thinks it’s because Siggy brought her in, and she feels like Margaret should have leaned on her more. Margaret says she thinks she was in shock after Siggy’s eff-you. She calls Siggy from the store, saying that they haven’t spoken and have tons to discuss, but she’s calling to invite her to the launch party. Siggy says she appreciates the invite, but too much happened in Boca that she’s upset about. She doesn’t want to go and be all phony, but she hopes it’s a success. Margaret asks if they can’t move past it, and Siggy says no. She introduced Margaret to everyone, and Margaret called her Soggy. Margaret says she hopes Siggy can move past it, and hangs up. She says that Siggy has to grow up. She’s the type who feels like she owns you because she introduced you around. She says she’s going to text Dolores, and tell her that her sidekick isn’t coming.

Dolores and the two Franks go out to eat. Dolores reminds us about how Frankie’s counselor called about him lagging behind with college applications. Frank says Dolores thinks he’s too rough on Frankie, and asks what colleges he’s seriously considering. Frankie gives him a few names, and says his girlfriend wants to see if they can make it work. Frank said he made the mistake of not breaking it off before college and it was a disaster. Frankie says Frank is more of a multiple girl guy, where he’s a one girl guy. Dolores laughs. Check please.

Joe #2 tells Melissa that the mausoleum wants to know what should be written on the granite. He’s thinking of love will never die in Italian. He says he goes there every morning, and has it together until he walks in and starts bawling. Melissa tells us that he puts on a happy face for the family, but struggles every day with the loss of his mother. Joe tells her that every time he has to deal with something, it’s like reliving the moment and feels like a punch in the gut. He asks Melissa how long before the pain goe away? She says she lost her father when she was seventeen, but it never does. She suggests keeping busy, and Joe says he has to keep his father occupied. In his interview, Joe says they were married thirty-seven years. He’s only been with Melissa thirteen, and would be a mess if he lost her.

Siggy meets Teresa for drinks. Teresa says the last time didn’t end so well. Siggy thinks when Teresa is with the others, she gets caught up in the moment, but one-on-one, she’ll see where Siggy is coming from. She tells Teresa that she’s upset about the cake thing. Teresa admits to letting loose a little bit, and says the alcohol played a part, but Siggy said a lot of things out of character, and then reprimanded them the next day. Teresa says she walked out because she didn’t like what Siggy was saying, and she’s sorry. They’ve both said things they didn’t mean, and she feels bad. Siggy wants to know what Margaret’s excuse is. She and Margaret have a bigger issue. She says she wants to pull the pigtails out of Margaret’s head, she hates her, and everything out of her mouth is another dagger. Stellhe doesn’t want to go to her party. In her interview, Teresa wonders if she’s getting Soggy Siggy or Psycho Siggy; she’s becoming unhinged. Teresa asks why she can’t just come, and Siggy says she hates that effing bitch. Geez.

Margaret tells her husband (yet another Joe) that she can’t live like this with all the construction. Joe #3 says that they’re two months out. She says the design company is about selling fabulousity, and she doesn’t want to be embarrassed.

Melissa and Joe #2 go out to lunch. They go to an Italian pizzeria, and there’s no one else there. Joe tells her that he bought it. He bought into an existing restaurant, but he’s changing the name. He tells her that he can’t keep all his eggs in the real estate basket. In her interview, Melissa says she’s biting her tongue, and doesn’t want to own a restaurant; it’s a lot of work. He shows her the kitchen, and introduces her to the chef, Nicky. Nicky brings out some penne vodka, and Joe declares it fast food, but gourmet. Melissa says when she opened Envy, she let him know about every step along the way, and he totally blindsided her. Joe says it will give his dad something to do. Melissa tells us they’re all worried about his dad, but it feels like an excuse, and she wishes he’d talked to her. Joe tells her that his dad is excited about it.

Teresa goes to a meeting about her new book, Standing Strong. It’s her sixth one. She wants herself in a tree pose on the cover. The editor says she went deep with the last one, but thinks there’s more and Teresa can go deeper. She says in the last one, Teresa still seemed to have her guard up, and the fans want to know about how her life isn’t perfect when she’s getting the girls up for school at 6 am, or missing Joe #1. She thinks it will be financially rewarding. In her interview, Teresa says she feels pressure as the sole provider. She just paid off the restitution, and has to save for the girls’ college. The last book was number two on the NY Times bestseller list, and they’re hoping for number one this time.

Margaret tells her makeup guy that her house is a sh*t show. She finds out the oven isn’t working. She tells Joe #3 to fix it. She ends up calling a neighbor and asks if she can use their oven. The assistants prepare the food for transport.

Dolores goes to Siggy’s house. They’re having a slumber party, and they’re both in pajamas and pigtails. Ugh. Siggy says she’d rather stick a hot poker in her eye than go to Margaret’s party. In her interview, Dolores says that she was vulnerable when she met Siggy, and just coming off of a failed engagement. Siggy made her come out of her shell, and she’ll always have her back no matter what. They do a peel-off mask.

The food comes back, and the party comes together. Melissa, Teresa, and Joe #2 arrive. Melissa says Margaret’s house is over-the-top, psychedelic, and reeks of fabulousity.

Dolores tells Siggy this is better than Margaret’s party. She says Siggy was mistreated in her own house with her own friends; just imagine being in Margaret’s house with her friends. She’s hoping Teresa and Melissa defend them if their names come up. They’re idiots.

Melissa has a cotton candy martini, and my stomach turns just thinking about it. Margaret tells them Dolores isn’t coming. In her interview, Teresa says Dolores is becoming a Siggy minion. She’s sent a text to Margaret, saying she doesn’t know what loyalty is. Teresa says she’s known Dolores for twenty years. Danielle wonders if Siggy or Dolores really sent the text. She can’t tell them apart. To be honest, it was hard for me at the beginning of the season.

Siggy wants to put on music so they can dance. She shows Dolores some of her new dance moves, and the whole thing is ridiculous.

Joes #2 and #3 wonder what’s up with these women. Teresa tells Margaret about how Siggy hates her. Margaret says she can move past almost anything. Danielle suggests she text Siggy. At Siggy’s house, she says Margaret just checked her. She reads the text to Dolores. It says sorry she’s not at the party, and sorry she’s not with the girl who introduced her to everyone. She’s hoping they can meet and put it behind them. Dolores says she’s only saying this because she has to. Siggy feels that she owes it to herself to meet. Dolores doesn’t think it will go well. She thinks Margaret is a sneak who wants to take Siggy’s place in the group. Oh brother. Siggy says they’re meeting at the diner tomorrow. Dolores tells her to close the chapter. At the party, Margaret hopes they can put it to rest, but if the waterworks start, she doesn’t know what she’ll do.

The next day, it’s miserable out. Welcome to New Jersey. Siggy and Margaret meet at the diner. Margaret says she missed Siggy. Siggy says after what happened in Boca, she was hurt. Margaret doesn’t know what she did that was so awful, and Siggy says she didn’t even think to call her about the memorial. Margaret says there was a group text, and it wasn’t intentional. Siggy complains that Margaret had been hanging out with her friends all day, and Margaret points out that Siggy was hanging out with Dolores. Why is Siggy so angry with her; she’s the one who introduced them. Siggy tells Margaret that she insulted her in front of her friends, and she was deeply hurt. Margaret says it didn’t sound like she was coming from a place of empowerment. Siggy says she doesn’t want to empower, but destroy Margaret. Margaret says this is hypocrisy at the highest level. They should be able to laugh at themselves the way they laugh at others, and Joan Rivers would have loved her Soggy remark. Siggy starts getting weepy, and Margaret suggests maybe she should be on medication. Siggy says she’s getting some kind of hormone pellets in her butt, and asks if Margaret wants to come to the appointment. I have the feeling she needs more than pellets in her butt to straighten her out. This chick is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

Margaret says the last thing she wants to do is make a girl feel bad. It wasn’t her intention. In her interview, Margaret says Siggy crying in a group of people is theatrical, but when they’re alone, it makes her feel horrible. She says she’s a wiseass, but doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Siggy says Margaret doesn’t realize how sensitive she is. She feels like they don’t know each other, and Margaret says it’s like they’re dating. She says she was just trying to be funny, and truly apologizes. In her interview, Siggy says she’s going to hold Margaret at arm’ length, and take baby steps. Margaret tells Siggy that she’s obnoxious, but can’t help it. Siggy says now that she knows, she won’t be as offended, but Margaret thinks she could use some toughening up. Siggy says when they meet again, she’ll have pellets in her ass.

Next time, Teresa asks Melissa if she’s going to wait tables, Siggy takes a poll about the cake, and Dolores goes off on Danielle.

🌃 On Watch What Happens Live, Siggy admitted she overreacted about the cake. My opinion is that giving someone a fancy cake is like putting the dog in a costume on Halloween. After you take the pictures, then it’s theirs to destroy.

⭐ On Star, Ayanna thought she would cut the girls out after Star tried to strangle her publicist. No surprise, they went to Ayanna’s big party anyway. When they caught the attention of a temperamental celebrity that Ayanna was trying to woo, she had no choice but to kiss their collective asses. Ayanna told Star that she was lost, but Star said they seem to be trying to do the same thing, jump through hoops to impress Ayanna’s dad. While Star figured her own dad, Brody, showed up because he smelled future money, he insisted that wasn’t the case, showing her a childhood drawing she made for him that he carries with him. Carlotta had to rescue Simone from herself, when she went out to create chaos with ex-cellmate Karen, and Derek confronted Alex about her stress shopping. He also admitted that he’d been hiding from the outside world, and confronted a racist a-hole at the deli, although that didn’t exactly turn out well, when the racist overturned Derek’s wheelchair. Queen Latifah’s hair wasn’t that eventful this week, but she sang her heart out at a worship service, while simultaneously, the girls sang the same song at Ayanna’s party, and it was this week’s everything. Star will return after the World Series, when Star threatens to kill Brody.

Psychedelic Fabulousity According to Google…




October 16, 2017 – Patient 6 Arrives Home, Lydia Plans a Trip & Brandi has a White Party


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Franco dreams about Andrew.

Michael sees Nelle at her office. She was getting worried, since he seemed distant the last time they saw each other. He wants to talk about something to her personally. She asks if Curtis found when was needed to clear her name, but Michael says that he found something else.

At Kelly’s, Jordan accuses Curtis of being egotistical, and talking to himself in the mirror. She shows him the recording on her phone, and he says she needs to delete that. Stella walks in, and Jordan wonders if she should prepare for WWIII. Trish runs up to Stella, thanking her for the help, and saying she’s one of a kind.

Sam is glad to be home. Jason says that the kids are being dropped off later. She wants to absorb what happened, and wonders what the kids will think. Jason says, probably not much. Agreed.

Carly talks to Sonny about moving back in together, and says Josslyn has reservations, but is coming around. Brick comes by to discuss something with Sonny that couldn’t wait. Carly says she’ll leave them alone, but Brick will fill her in later. They flirt, and Sonny is like, all right, all right. Brick tells Sonny that he’s under surveillance.

The guys from the church stop Patient 6. He’s made it a long way, but he’s not going any farther.

Nelle asks what Curtis found. Michael asks if she remembers what she told the police after Zack died. She says she told them a lot of things, and he says this would stand out. It’s the part about her not being a strong swimmer. She asks why they’re talking about this, and Michael shows her the article. He says she was the star of her high school swim team. Why lie?

Franco talks to Elizabeth about weird dreams, and how they can be so vivid, yet disappear when you wake up. He says he was dreaming about Andrew and the way he died.

Sam asks Jason if he knew Julian wanted to sell, and that’s why he decided on the publishing business. He says once he looked into it, he realized it would be a great opportunity. He has a lot to learn, but has a mind for finances and can run a company. She asks if it’s what he wants to do, and he says what he wants is a legitimate business for them to run together. Before, he kept her in the dark about his business for her protection, but now he can tell the truth. Sam says she’s on board with one condition. If he starts to feel trapped, she wants him to talk away and not look back. They can have whatever life they want. He says running a company and riding motorcycles aren’t mutually exclusive.

Brick tells Sonny the place is clean, but the phones are tapped. It’s sophisticated stuff, and the software is something he’s never seen before. He says it could be the Feds, or they sold it to someone else. Sonny says he’s been looked at by the Feds before, and they’ve come up empty.

Patient 6 fights with the men, and gets one in a headlock. He tells the other to drop his gun and slide it over. The guy asks what he wants. He knocks the first guy out, and throws him the phone. Patient 6 says he wants the guy to make a call for him.

Trish tells Stella that she handled her first day like a pro, and sees her other angel. She says without the two of them, her father wouldn’t be alive. She thanks Jordan. Jordan explains to Curtis that Trish’s father has dementia. There was a disturbance call, and he was trying to get into an apartment that wasn’t his. She and Martinez talked him down, and took him to GH. His daughter took it from there. Stella says she didn’t see Jordan’s name on the police report, and Jordan says it must have been an oversight. Curtis thinks she should call it what it is. She wanted to help a rookie. He asks how long before Stella is running things at GH, and Stella tells him two weeks. She says that duty calls, and leaves. Curtis wonders what are the odds of Stella and Jordan helping the same person on the same day, and thinks they’re not as far apart as they think.

Brick leaves, and Sonny tells Carly about being under surveillance. She says Brick just did a sweep, and he tells her it’s probably the Feds. She asks if she should be worried. He tells her no, thanks to Brick.

Patient 6 tells the man to get on his knees and call whoever he’s answering to at the clinic. He’s to tell them that they have the patient, and are headed back to Russia. He holds the gun on the man while he makes the call. The man asks now what, and Patient 6 knocks him out. He goes through the men’s pockets, taking their cash and guns.

Sam is concerned about getting to the bottom of what Franco is hiding. Jason says Elizabeth is obviously aware of it, so it can’t be that bad. Sam says Elizabeth thinks the best of Franco and he exploits that, and Jason thinks the best of Elizabeth. Jason says they’ll figure it out and not to let it spoil the day.

Elizabeth tells Franco that when a child dies, everyone is looking for answers because it seems unfair. He had his imaginary friend for years, so this change must be affecting his thinking. Franco says she missed her calling as a shrink. Elizabeth feels partly to blame for putting pressure on him to tell Jason. She still thinks he deserves to know, and Franco should be the one to tell him. Franco thinks Jason will just despise him more, but Elizabeth says he had nothing to do with it. These two have sheets almost as loud as Ava’s. He says he loves his mother, and the Quartermaines are rick and powerful, and have connections. He doesn’t want to put her through it. Elizabeth doesn’t think Jason is going to let Betsy be picked on after being bullied by Heather, but Franco doesn’t see him ever letting it go. Elizabeth says let him dig; he’ll just find out the same thing. His twin died from natural causes. No one could have done anything different to change that, including him. Well, yeah, he was three.

Sonny tells Carly that he’s been through this before; he just won’t discuss business on the phone. He thinks maybe he should contact his partners in South America. Carly tells him if he’s going to the island, there’s some things they need to do. They kiss.

Nelle tells Michael that it seems like a lifetime ago, and Curtis did his homework. She asks why he’s digging up dirt on her, and Michael says he hired him to get the truth, so she could be cleared. She says she was on the swim team, but it doesn’t mean she could save Zack. A swimming pool is very different. Zack was a big guy, and she knew she couldn’t get him into her kayak. He asks why she didn’t tell the police, and she says that she was terrified. Zack was from a rich, old family who are influential. They’d do anything to make her look guilty (except apparently reading the local paper), and the best lawyers would have pounced on her. She says maybe it was a mistake, but she was trying to protect herself. Michael asks if that’s the only lie, or is there something else?

Elizabeth tells Franco that she’s glad he has the art program up and running again. He tells her money works wonders, but she says he works wonders. Stella comes in and hugs Elizabeth who introduces Franco. Stella says so he’s the one who puts a smile on her face. Elizabeth explains that he’s a colleague. Stella says, and she’s the queen of England. She tells Franco that Elizabeth was her nurse, and gave her excellent care. Elizabeth asks about the job, and Stella says she loves it, but forgot how hard this line of work is. She says some parents are requiring a copy of their son’s death certificate, and overdose is a word they’ll see forever. She almost wishes the didn’t list the cause of death. Elizabeth has to get to work. Stella tells Franco, colleague her you-know-what. He asks how one goes about getting a death certificate.

Patient 6 goes to Sonny’s place, and walks in from the back. He looks at family photos and shakes his head. He hears the guards talking about checking the perimeter, and jets out the way he came.

Sonny and Carly meet Sam and Jason at the MetroCourt. Carly asks what’s up, and Jason wants champagne. She says it must be a big deal. He tells them that his life is going in a different direction. He wasn’t sure where it was going to go, but they figured it out. Carly begs them not to say they’re moving, but Jason tells her they’re staying in Port Charles. Their new business is there. Carly asks if they’ve decided to get serious about being P.I.s, but Sam says it’s more of a departure. She and Jason are the new owner of Derek Wells Media.

Stella tells Franco it’s pretty simple; death certificates are a matter of public record. All he has to do is search the name. He tells her he thought it might involve the police, and they don’t like him. She asks if he’s referring to the Port Charles police, and he says in general, but definitely the Port Charles police. She says he must know her nephew’s girlfriend, Jordan Ashford. He says they’re acquainted.

Curtis tells Jordan that she and Stella have something in common. She says yeah, you, but he says that they’re forever part of that woman’s story, and it could be a game changer. Jordan wonders in what universe, and Curtis says Stella is going to realize what an amazing woman she is. Jordan says he’s dreaming. Stella despises her. He says it won’t happen overnight, but Stella is a phenomenal woman, a good woman with a big heart, although she holds a mean grudge. Jordan says she didn’t notice. Curtis tells her in time, Stella will find out what Jordan means to him, and when he’s right, he’ll be the first to say I told you so.

Nelle tells Michael that she’s always on the defensive, assuming everyone will think the worst; it’s a reflex. He asks if it has something to do with her father lying to her throughout her entire life. She says partly, but partly it’s just her. Michael says she could have gotten away with it years ago, but we’re living in a world of total transparency now. All lies come out, because someone, somewhere has a camera phone, and eventually you get caught. He knows she’s not stupid, and gets it, but something has to change.

Nelle says Michael must think she’s pathetic, but he says just the opposite. She’s a grown woman and makes mistakes. She messes up, lies to get out of it, and just digs herself in deeper. He saw Morgan do it a million times. It doesn’t make her a bad person or pathetic, but flawed like the rest of them. She says not him, but he says he’s far from perfect. She asks what now, and he says he hired Curtis to make things better, but it only made it worse. It’s not his fault, but Michael’s. He’s calling it off. She deserves a clean slate. Morgan got one, but was never able to use it. He doesn’t want the same thing happening to her. She hugs him.

Stella asks Franco if he’s been in trouble with the law, and he says Jordan is arrest happy. Stella says no one is perfect (the phrase of the day), least of all Jordan. He asks if he detects friction, and she says he detects she has to get to work. She tells him to be good to Elizabeth or he’ll answer to her. When she’s gone, Franco gets on the unattended hospital computer.

Patient 6 goes to Jason’s place.

Sonny is shocked that Jason bought Julian’s company. Sam says he looks as surprised as she was. Sonny says he knew Jason wanted to go legit, and Carly asks if they know anything about publishing. Sam says not really. They have a lot to learn. Jason says that’s why he got the company. They can work together, and it will be predictable. He’ll always be grateful to Sonny. Sonny says he gets it, and Carly says it’s different, but wonderful. Sonny is happy for them, and Carly asks if they can get a deal on cable. Same suddenly remembers that she has to sign a permission slip, and says she’ll be right back. Really? When the other day they did that online?

Patient 6 knocks on the door a few times. When there’s no answer, he slips the lock. He calls out for Sam, and asks if anybody is home. He sees Sam’s motorcycle jacket and smells it, remembering when he gave it to her. In his flashback, Sam says she won’t be alone. She’ll be thinking of him, and she’ll be writing and visiting. So he’s Jason? Are we sure now? Can I stop calling him Patient 6?

Nelle thanks Michael for understanding and trying to help. She doesn’t always get that, and it’s a chance to start over. She tells him she wants to splash some water on her face and reboot. He calls Curtis, an tells him to drop the investigation on Nelle. Curtis says, just like that, after evidence that was uncovered that’s suspicious? Michael says he’s off the case. Nelle listens and smiles. Kind of.

Stella tells Elizabeth that Franco is a strange bird. She asks what they talked about, and Stella tells her the intimate details of their relationship. She’s just playing, but says one thing for sure is that he’s head over heels for her.

Franco looks for a record of Andrew Frank, but there’s no match. Um… did he think Betsy would use a real name? That’s if she didn’t bury him in the backyard.

Patient 6 looks around. He heaves a sigh. He sees some toy cars, and picks up a motorcycle. He walks out on the balcony, and tears up. He hears something, and turns around. Sam is coming into the apartment.

Tomorrow, Griff makes a decision, Scotty asks if Ava had company, and Patient 6 walks back into the apartment. Maybe.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Welcome back to the OC, otherwise known as land of the nosiest people in the world.

Lydia tells Doug that she talked to the godfather of Iceland, who’s impressed with the magazine. She’s planning a trip there, and Doug suggests bringing her friends along, but reminds her they’re representing the magazine. Other than Lydia, I wouldn’t have anyone from this cast, except maybe Peggy, represent anything.

Tamra talks to Shannon, who claims David was just confused, and didn’t grill Diko. Tamra says Shannon has a hard time letting things go. Really? I wouldn’t have guessed. She tells us that Shannon is still fragile, and she’s walking on eggshells. Shannon gets all annoyed, and tells Tamra to stop talking about it. She says Tamra keeps telling her not give it life, but keeps asking about it. Um… she brought it up. Almost before Tamra said hello.

Vicki goes for a heart check-up. We flash back to various stressful situations in Vicki’s life, where she’s screaming and yelling at [insert name of any present or former cast member here]. She’s adamant about fixing the problems with Tamra and Shannon. She doesn’t want to keel over from stress because they didn’t want to be friends. Someone needs to tell Vicki that you actually don’t have to be friends with everyone. Although God knows, I’d be friends with Vicki before the other two. Vicki tells the doctor that her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at fifty-nine, and she’s fifty-five. He doesn’t like the results of her tests. Her EKG is abnormal. He thinks there’s a block, and they have to find out what’s causing it. One of her heart chambers is also enlarged. She wants to stay healthy for her kids, and he tells her that it’s nothing dangerous. She asks if you hit fifty-five and you just fall apart. I can answer that. Yes.

Mystic Michaela is Meghan’s psychic. I’ll refrain from any jokes or smart remarks. Meghan is having a get-together, and wants everything to be positive. She thinks psychics frighten people because they’re afraid what they’re hiding will be revealed, or they’re scared of the truth. Peggy arrives first, but isn’t interested in having her aura read. In her interview, she says her psychic is God. Michaela says she’s intuitive, and Peggy says she knows. Great start. I think the psychic is afraid of Peggy. This psychic stuff never goes well.

Tamra arrives next, followed by Shannon. Peggy is still upset about her cancer being questioned, but says this isn’t the time or place. In her interview, Shannon says it’s stupid, and she’s not defending herself, insisting that David didn’t grill Diko. Oh yes he did. Meghan invited Vicki, who had other plans, but Meghan thinks she’s scared. No doubt, but not of the psychic.

Vicki visits Kelly. She tells Kelly that she has a heart murmur that she didn’t know about, and she’s feeling weak. She’s going to surround herself with positive people, and not work so much.

Michaela reads auras. She says Shannon’s is positive, so we can assume she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She tells Shannon that yellow people are attracted to spiritual things.

Kelly used to think psychics were fun, but now believes she should stay away from it. Vicki thinks it’s bullsh*t. Kelly asks Vicki about having hepatitis B, but Vicki says it was influenza B. Kelly knew there was a letter involved.

Chef David creates a catered dinner for Meghan. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Lydia. If Michaela is going to be Mystic, she wants to be Lovely Lydia. She doesn’t want to be around a psychic, but knows the evening is important to Meghan and wants to be supportive. She asks if they’d like to come on a little getaway. She thinks it would be fun to go to Iceland. They’re doing a review on Iceland for the magazine. Everyone is in. I would be too. I’d love to visit there, but I’d lose this bunch real quick once I got there. Peggy has never been on a girls’ trip before. Lydia wants to invite Vicki and Kelly. She has high hopes everyone can actually have a fun time. She calls Vicki, and invites her and Kelly along. She tells Vicki to put on her party pants. In her interview, Tamra says the last time she saw Vicki, it didn’t go well. We flash back to Tamra’s nasty self. It didn’t go well because Tamra is a bitch.

Kelly tells Vicki Iceland will be the jam. She won’t leave Vicki the way she was left alone in Ireland. She’s like a marine and never leaves a man behind. She promises that Vicki will like it.

Peggy is bothered by something. She says she texted Shannon, but Shannon ignored her. She asks if everything is okay. Shannon tells Peggy that she’s perplexed about what happened at the anniversary party. She talked to David, and he was just engaging in the conversation and was confused. She says he asked questions out of kindness, because he was trying to understand. For Diko to pull her aside when she had no knowledge of what went on is upsetting, and she doesn’t understand why she was brought into it. She asks what pot Peggy is trying to stir. Peggy should ask her to talk to Diko. Shannon says she didn’t hear what David said. Peggy asks if she trusts him, and if he’s ever lied to her before. D’oh! While Shannon is always all kinds of wrong, the first thing I’ll point out is that 1) she brought it up to David that she was confused, and 2) she’s doing the exact same thing she griped that Diko did.

Shannon tells Peggy don’t go there. Peggy says she just asked her a question; does she trust her husband. Shannon says she does. In her interview, Peggy says she obviously struck a nerve. Obviously, he doesn’t tell her everything, and she needs to take it down a few notches. Peggy asks if she’s done. Lydia tells Shannon not to mad dog Peggy, and to let her speak. Shannon wails that she’s being accused of something she didn’t do (I’m not sure what that is), and it’s her hot button issue. In her interview, Lydia says Shannon likes to fight, and it’s upsetting to be around. Lydia tells Shannon not to yell, and Shannon says she has the right to be upset. Meghan says they should just talk. She says maybe it’s rude, and none of her business, but why did Diko bring it up. Peggy says David inserted himself in the conversation. Meghan thinks it’s taking too long to explain. In other words, her attention span for this is done. Peggy wants to make sure she tells the whole story, and Shannon says she wasn’t there. Peggy say she was there when Diko was talking to Shannon, and she was shaking. Peggy says that she’s lucky she doesn’t need chemo right now.

Shannon jumps up, and runs to the bathroom. Tamra follows, because we’re fourteen. Shannon insists that if David involved himself it was only to help by offering doctor recommendations. Tamra asks if he did, and Shannon says probably, which means she has no idea.  Lydia knocks on the door, and says she and Peggy are going. Tamra pretends to be confused, and says that she still doesn’t understand what David said. Shannon now insists that he recommended doctors to Diko. Tamra says she and Peggy should talk one-on-one.

Shannon swears she’s calm, and Tamra suggests to Peggy that they talk. The two of them go to another room, and Lydia pretends to bang her head on the table. Tamra asks for a knife to slit her wrists.

Shannon tells Peggy that she has a good husband. He didn’t grill or interrogate Diko. He wasn’t happy with Diko pulling her aside. Peggy asks if she’s play. Shannon says she has no intention to hurt her, and has shown nothing but care. She tells Shannon that she doesn’t want to get into it. In her interview, Peggy says it was like Shannon slapped her in the face with her yelling. She tells Shannon that it’s emotional, and Shannon says she understand, and has been nothing but there for her. Peggy tells us that she was lost, and needed support, but didn’t get it from this bunch. She says goodnight, and she and Lydia leave. Shannon is such an a-hole. She tells the others that she says didn’t do anything wrong.

Tamra looks for Shannon, who doesn’t want to talk to anyone – she’s done. Meghan says this is off the rails, and not in a good way. Shannon tells Tamra that she’s tired of being made to look like an a-hole, and Tamra tells her to quit acting like one. <snort!> Shannon whines that no one stuck up for her; it was her versus Peggy. Tamra says not true; she stuck up for her.

Peggy cries in the car. Lydia feels protective of her, since she invited her into this group of women, and she doesn’t like to see anyone hurting. Peggy wonders why Shannon is always yelling, and if she thinks it makes her point more right.

Shannon is tired of being painted as crazy, just because she wears her heart on her sleeve. In her interview, Tamra says Shannon is emotional about everything, and her life has spiraled. Even though she says she is, Tamra doesn’t think Shannon is over the affair. She thinks Shannon should talk to David. Shannon says she was accused of doing something evil and nasty. To her credit, Tamra says no one accused her of anything. She doesn’t need to get wound up. Meghan tells them if the baby wakes up, this will look like nothing.

Peggy tells Lydia that she can’t have a conversation with Shannon; she spins everything. Lydia says she always does, and she can’t handle that. Inside, Mystic Michaela says, omg. She tells Meghan that her friends are great. She seems like another idiot. Aura this.

Shannon visits Tamra. She sits down, and makes a remark about her weight breaking in the spot on the couch, and I say omg out loud. Tamra tells her about getting an invite to Sidney’s graduation. We flash back to Lydia praying for her. She tells Shannon that she was afraid she wouldn’t be invited, but gave it up to God, and he did it in His time. She says sometimes you have to go through sh*t to come out the other side. It breaks her heart to see Shannon this way. Shannon tells Tamra that she was absolutely humiliated last night. They remember that four years ago, they had a similar conversation in the same spot, and we flash back to Shannon crying about David. Shannon says she’s having issues with David, but isn’t looking for pity or playing the victim. She’s been thinking about the affair more. She thought she was over it because they were in a good place, but now wonders if she could ever say it was worth it because things are better. In her interview, Tamra says that Shannon being angry with David is coming out in other ways. Let’s just say it. Yeah, her weight, for one, even though she blames Vicki. We flash back to Shannon being an idiot. Tamra says she’s worried about Shannon, and in her interview, remembers how she lashed out when she had problems with Simon. She was miserable, and wanted everyone to know. Shannon says she can’t have the relationship be the focus of her happiness. She lost track of herself. In her interview, she says she’s devastated by the thought they’re in a place she believed they couldn’t go back to. Tamra says she’s crying all the time, and maybe she should take time away from David. Shannon thinks when she goes away, he realizes she holds the family together.

Everyone packs for the trip. Vicki asks Briana if there’s a place to whoop it up, and what the drink of choice is. Briana tells her she doesn’t know, and it’s vodka. Kelly asks her mom if it’s okay for her to bring a fur, and her mom says she can say it’s fake. Kelly jokes that she’s a member of PETA – People Eating Tasty Animals. Shannon gripes to David that she barely fits in anything, as he munches on chips. He asks if they have stores in Iceland, and she says they trade hides at the flea market. Lydia asks Dog if she should bring her party tiara, but he says she’s there to write a magazine article, not party. Peggy doesn’t know what to pack, and asks if Diko can fit in her suitcase. He gets in, telling her not to mess up his hair. She thinks it sounds like a great experience, but without Diko, she has a problem. Who will carry her luggage? She’s excited for the trip, but not to be with Shannon. She knows Shannon has an issue with her – she does with everyone – but she’s going to have fun.

Everyone meets at the airport. Meghan brings Baby Aspen and Bridget. On the plane, they toast to the trip.

Next time, Iceland! A trek up a mountain, Viking helmets, a waterfall, Shannon sees Vicki and Tamra being silly together, and fermented shark doesn’t go over too big.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Mark asks Cary if he wants to hear about Mexico. She says she had fun, but Brandi and Stephanie weren’t supportive. He says enough is enough, and she tells him she skipped a part. LeeAnne said that he goes to bars and guys hit on him. Not exactly what she said, but kinda close. Mark doesn’t need these people to ruin them; he’s tired of it.

Brandi’s sister-in-law, Megan, shows her the space for the upcoming holiday party. This year, Brandi is having a white party. She wants them to feel like they’re in a winter wonderland. She says Kameron might have boundaries, but in Brandi Land, you just have a good time. D’Andra is the only one not coming, because she’ll be out of the country. Brandi doesn’t appreciate being called a liar. She and Cary fighting is awkward, but she didn’t want to exclude her. Stephanie feels like she’s in the middle of something she doesn’t want to be in the middle of.

D’Andra’s assistant thinks the new product will give the company a boost. They have a meeting with her mother about the product. In her interview, D’Andra says she has to convince her mother about the product, and reassure her that turning over the reigns of the company isn’t a mistake. She tells her mother about “snow algae,” an anti-aging product. Her mother tries a sample, and likes it. In her interview, D’Andra says her mother is all about anti-aging. You can bounce a Ping-Pong ball off of her face. The clinical trials saw results of 100%, and D’Andra gives her mother the research that’s been done. She expects it to cost around $100K, and to sell the product at $100. Her mother gives the okay, and tells her to make it a home run. D’Andra tells us that her mother rarely says yes, and she has to prove she’s right.

A nurse practitioner visits LeeAnne to give her a hangover cocktail so she can make Brandi’s party. Rich people problems. On the phone, she tells Brandi about Cary saying she couldn’t be friends with her or Stephanie because of their behavior on the boat. Brandi says Kameron called them trash, Cary called her a liar, and now doesn’t want to be friends with them. She wonders why Cary couldn’t say it to their faces. She deserves the truth, and Cary needs to stop hanging out with them if that’s how she feels. She wonders why Cary is coming to the party. LeeAnne says there needs to be a moment when they hold Cary’s feet to the fire. Since it’s LeeAnne, I’m not sure if she means literally or figuratively.

Kameron, traveling with her dog Louis Vuitton Wescott, says she’s a blonde alien visiting another planet – a dog food factory. Since Louis entered her life, she’s had an extreme love for anything dog. I can relate. She started BabyLou apparel, but didn’t make all that much. Now, it’s a big industry, and if she can get her sliver of the pie, Court could be working for her. She discussed her idea with a couple of guys to see if they can work together. She explains that she and Louis are tired of the typical brown dog food, and want to make everyone happy with beautiful color. No one else has done it, and the guys are in. I think this is a smart move. Even if people just buy it for a novelty, they’ll make millions. Kameron says they’ll disrupt dog food industry. One of the men suggests adding a diamond shape.

LeeAnne’s body is telling her peace out. She’s not feeling well, and tells the doctor her energy level is sinking. The doctor got her culture back, and explains that she has a flesh-eating bacterium that has caused necrosis, but once it’s stopped, it will all go away and the tissue will heal and close. He tells her it will take several weeks and it’s outpatient treatment. She wants to know why her, and he says sometimes bad things happen to good people. What a philosopher.

D’Andra’s connection with her husband is all about travel. He talks about the first camping trip they took, and they discuss this year’s trip to Croatia. I’m seriously jealous. Keatin calls, and D’Andra tells us since he left, he’s talked to Jeremy, but not her. On reflection, she thinks she might have been too hard on him. He’s working for Verizon and doing well. D’Andra apologizes for trying to drive him down her lane when he needs to be in his own. In her interview, she says she’s her desires for him might not be the right ones. Keatin knows she did it out of love. She says she’s going to stop judging, and let Keatin do Keatin, not make Keatin do D’Andra. Then she says, wait, that sounds wrong.

It’s the day of the Brandi Land party. Cary gets ready. Mark is going to a surgical dinner (which sounds creepy), and letting her do her thing. He doesn’t want to be around the viciousness, and wonders why she’s going. She says it’s the way the girls are, and she RSVP’d. She’s a woman of her word. She’s going with Kameron, and Mark points out that Kameron is taller then he is.

The party commences. A big sign says the Brandi Land White Party. Hey, not everyone is dressed in white. Throw them out! Brandi tells Stephanie what Cary said about not being friends with them. Stephanie feels like they had a good relationship, but Brandi thinks LeeAnne has no reason to lie. Stephanie suggests looking at it with “smart glasses.” Brandi tells her sometimes LeeAnne can be wrong, but she’s honest. Cary has been talking behind their backs. In her interview, Stephanie thinks that LeeAnne may be putting a wedge between Brandi and Cary.

Stephanie doesn’t want to pick sides, but wants to talk to Cary. She knows Brandi is capable of cutting someone out of her life. Brandi doesn’t want to be lied about, and says she’s been protecting Cary. She was Mark’s nurse and nanny when Mark was married, and Cary is all about looking out for herself. In her interview, she says that if something like that went on in her family, the bitch would have problems.

LeeAnne and friend Tiffany arrive. LeeAnne says she looks good in white. People don’t see her horns as much. D’Andra is on a computer screen, and it rolls around the party, like what Sheldon did in that episode of The Big Bang Theory. She can control the movement from where she is, and she chases LeeAnne. LeeAnne tells her to take her robot ass to bed.

When Cary arrives, she doesn’t even say hello, but goes straight to the bar. She tells Kameron she knows what she said in Mexico is going to come back to haunt her. Kameron looks at her plastic glass, and wonders why they can’t have real ones. She says she feels like she’s at a frat party. Cary tells her to drink more, and she’ll really feel like that. Kameron doesn’t think Cary is being treated fairly, and has her back.

LeeAnne tells the girls about being on antibiotics because of her diagnosis. Kameron brings Brandi a gift, explaining to us that Southern ladies who are invited to a beautiful even always bring something. It’s a pack of batteries. Hahahaha! Okay, maybe she does have a sense of humor. Brandi appreciates the thought, but says it’s for the wrong kind of sex toy. LeeAnne says now she knows what to get her for Christmas. Brandi tells LeeAnne not to let Cary know what’s wrong with her or she’ll make fun.  Cary knows they’re talking about her, and says she’s bored. Brandi tells her what LeeAnne said, and LeeAnne actually has notecards. That’s a great idea to bring notes to an argument. I wish I’d thought of that. Brandi suggests they go downstairs. In her interview, Kameron says it’s a faux pas to leave your own party to fight with a friend. Cary asks where her Chanel coat is, and I wonder why she had to specify the designer. Not too ostentatious.

Brandi asks what exactly made Cary say what she did. Cary says she’s been a good friend, and they were antagonizing Kameron. Kameron tells them that there was a discussion about crossing boundaries, and they crossed hers. When she got off the boat, she wanted nothing to do with them. Cary says she knows LeeAnne isn’t her biggest fan, but LeeAnne says that has nothing to do with it. Cary needs to own her sh*t. Cary now insists not only did she not say Brandi’s doctor killed people, she’d told her that he was perfect. LeeAnne mentions Cary saying her stepson would be embarrassed about the sex toy, when she’s always naked. Cary says her body is a temple, and Brandi thinks she’s mesmerized by her own bullsh*t. Stephanie brings up Kameron calling them trash, and tells Cary that she would never have let anyone call her that. Cary says she’s sorry Stephanie feels that way, but she cares and loves them, even if they don’t love her. It’s cool. She could never be friends with LeeAnne though. LeeAnne tells her she’s fake AF. Cary won’t listen to her, so LeeAnne smashes a glass, in true LeeAnne fashion, and tells her that she’d better be careful. Kameron says that’s why Brandi has plastic glasses.

In her interview, Stephanie says LeeAnne will do anything for attention. Brandi says she’s done nothing but protect Cary, and she knows she was Mark’s nanny. LeeAnne makes a soap opera face. Brandi says if Cary is going to assassinate her character, she’s doing the same. In her interview, LeeAnne says Cary has been chipping away at Brandi’s character; why shouldn’t she unleash the truth?  Cary says she was Mark’s nurse and she watched the kids; she loved them like her own. We flash back to Cary weeping about LeeAnne accusing her of being a homewrecker at the reunion, and saying she would never go out with a married man. In her interview, LeeAnne says the truth shall set her free, and her shackles just fell off. LeeAnne doesn’t know how to move forward from this, and Cary is outta there. She feels like she tried. Kameron says they came together, so she’s leaving too. Stephanie thinks this isn’t the Brandi they know and love. She’s more like LeeAnne.

Next time, D’Andra needs to launch a product in two weeks that won’t be ready for a month, Stephanie confronts Cary, there’s a SparkleDog party, and Mark confronts LeeAnne.

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October 11, 2017 – Griff Has to Decide, Siggy Wants an Apology, Jahil is Alive & a Giggy Wedding Pic


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

There’s a tribute to Morgan in the park. An easel has been set up with pictures of him.

Kristina walks Parker to class. Parker says that Kristina has made it possible for them to be together. Kristina says it’s the best decision she’s ever made. The dean knocks at the door, and says they need to discuss how Parker’s conduct affects the university.

Ava tells Kiki how sick of hospitals she is, and talks about things they can do today. Kiki says she can’t spend too much time today. Ava thinks she’s mad, and Kiki says that Ava only lied and snuck off to a bootleg clinic in Russia where she could have died. She was relieved when Griff called. Ava says he moved heaven and earth for her. Kiki tells her that’s because he felt responsible, and wants to know why. What happened between them?

In the chapel, Griff tells God that he’s sought clarity through prayer, scripture and faith, but needs discernment and guidance. A priest walks in, and says at the risk of sounding conceited, he could be the answer to Griff’s prayers. Father Corey is there to take him back to his parish where he belongs. I didn’t even know he had a parish.

Ava tells Kiki that she and Griff had a disagreement, and let’s leave it at that. Kiki says it must have been quite a disagreement, but she’s glad he got there when he did. Deanna pops in, saying there’s been a glitch, and Ava’s release papers will take longer. Kiki says she’ll be back later She’s spending the morning with Avery. Ava wants to see her, but Kiki isn’t sure about that. She doesn’t think it’s the best thing for today. Ava says she hasn’t seen her in a while. Kiki tells her to text when she’s ready to go, and Ava says to take pictures if she can’t bring her. Kiki says she really is glad Ava is back home.

When Kiki is gone, Laura appears. She says she saw Kiki leaving. She’s a lovely girl, and Ava must be proud, although she wonders if she’d be as proud, if Kiki knew how Ava betrayed Nikolas. Which makes no sense unless we were talking about Kiki being proud of Ava.

Father Corey says he hasn’t heard from Griff in weeks. Griff tells him that he just got back from a trip. The priest says it must have been some trip; St. Gabriel had an easier time reaching the Virgin Mary. He’s not shaming Griff, but not even sending a pithy emoji makes him think that Griff is avoiding him. Griff says it wasn’t because he didn’t want to speak with him, but he was afraid of being told his leave of absence is over. Father Corey tells him as they say on Wednesdays, bingo! The bishop needs him back immediately.

The dean tells Parker that pursuing a sexual relationship with a student is against policy, and she was seen kissing Kristina. Kristina says that she’s not going to school there anymore, but he says it was prior to her withdrawal. She wants to know who said something, but Parker says it doesn’t matter. The dean tells her that her paperwork will be waiting. Kristina asks what paperwork, and Parker tells her that she’s just been fired.

Laura tells Ava that she’s the one holding up the release papers. Ava knows how much Laura hates her; she hates herself. Laura says she should. She chose vanity over conscience, letting a murderer walk out into the world, and Spencer will have no peace of mind. Ava wonders if he could appreciate the irony. She ruined her chances of getting her face back by helping somebody. Laura asks if she thought she’d get applause for her noble victory, when she helped the man go free who murdered her son. Nikolas died for her. She tried to take comfort that he died a hero, but now she knows it was in vain. In the end, Ava valued her looks over Nikolas’s memory, and Laura will never forgive her. Any attempt at apology is wasted, but she’s the least of Ava’s worries. She sold her soul to the devil, and one day, will have to pay up. She gives Ava the release papers.

Griff apologizes to any inconvenience, and says he’ll call the bishop and ask for an extension. Father Corey says he already took more time than usual, and the time has come to an end. Griff says he has patients and cases, but the priest says there are other doctors. His parish needs him. Aside from his indiscretion, he was an exemplary priest, which is why they agreed to the extended leave. Griff says he appreciates it, and Father Corey tells him to act like it. He’s had more than enough time, and they have every confidence that he’s learned to resist temptation.

Kristina tells Parker that she can call father’s lawyer, but Parker says that she broke the rules. She tells Kristina not to blame herself, but Kristina says she only blames whoever was spying on them. Alexis walks into the room, and Kristina says she’s not surprised. It was her.

Kiki arrives at the park, and thanks Michael for inviting her. He says no one blames her for what Ava did. Molly says that they’re there to honor Morgan’s life and outrageous sense of humor. I wish I’d seen this sense of humor they keep talking about. I don’t remember him having much of a sense of humor at all. Molly gets a text from Kristina, saying she can’t make it. Josslyn wonders why she’s blowing it off, since it was her idea. Molly doesn’t want to speculate, but Josslyn thinks she knows something. Molly says that Kristina dropped out of PCU, and their mom is upset, so they’re probably talking. Michael says Morgan would sympathize.

Molly gives out Perks new signature drink, which was Morgan’s creation – the Morganchino, hot chocolate and espresso. She says that the profits from it will go to the foundation. Dante says it packs a punch, and Michael adds that he won’t be sleeping for days. That’s my kind of coffee. Josslyn says the ceremony wouldn’t be complete without Perks hats, also Morgan’s creation, and passes them out to everyone. Dante talks about the time they first met, and Michael takes a group picture with everyone wearing their hats.

Kristina tells Alexis that Parker was just fired because of their relationship, and Alexis says, imagine that. Kristina says that she’s no longer enrolled at PCU. Alexis says that she knows, even though Kristina didn’t tell anyone, but she wasn’t the one who said something to the school. Kristina says that Alexis would do anything in her power to sabotage them, and Parker adds that she has been relentless. Kristina tells her to admit it. Alexis insists she didn’t do it, but whoever did, did Kristina and PCU a big favor.

Doc meets Laura at Kelly’s. He tells her that he got her message, and asks if she’s okay. He has a feeling, and she admits she neglected to tell him something. He says she can tell him anything, and she says that she went to Wyndemere and threatened Valentin with a gun.

Griff says that his ordination was the happiest day of his life. Father Corey remembers what the priest said about justice and consistency, and all the virtues that should be reflected in a priest’s actions, as well as keeping pure and spotless. He says it’s a gift of a high calling. Griff remembers everything, including his vows. He wants to resume being a priest, but he has to be completely sure; his parishioners deserve it. He asks for a few more months, but Father Corey says he already asked the bishop, and Griff is needed now. His replacement is needed elsewhere, and the bishop was firm. Griff says he can’t, and Father Corey tells him that he has an important decision to make then. Does he want to continue being a priest?

The group at the memorial toasts Morgan with coffee. Ava appears, saying she’s sorry to intrude, but Kiki said Avery would be there. She asks if Avery can say “hi” to her momma, and Michael tells Molly to take Avery into Perks. She asks if he had to do that, and Kiki asks what she’s doing there. She was supposed to text when she was ready to leave. Ava says she got released right after Kiki left. Dante says so she thought she’d barge in, but she tells him that she didn’t know what was happening. Kiki wonders why she didn’t turn around and leave when she noticed, and she says she wanted to see Avery. Michael says she saw her; Avery was having a good time, and she ruined it. I laugh, because maybe she ruined it for the others, but Avery didn’t even know what was going on. Michael insists she can feel the tension (again, not coming from Ava). They’re remembering Morgan instead of being with him because of her.

Father Corey says that he told Griff not to be hard on himself. Things happen. They fail, and fall, but they gather up their courage and learn from their mistakes, emerging stronger with renewed faith and better resistance. He tells Griff that the diocese has supported him because he means so much to them. It shouldn’t be a question of obligation. In the seminary, he embraced the church; what’s changed? He asks if there’s another woman, and Griff says yes.

Alexis tells Kristina that Parker violated her position of trust, and should have discouraged a relationship. Kristina says Parker never did anything inappropriate. Alexis says PCU disagrees. Parker says yes, they did, but she doesn’t have to defend or explain herself to anyone except Kristina. Alexis says that it’s hard to watch Parker manipulate her daughter. Kristina says she came to see if her plan worked, but Alexis says she has no control over what the dean does. Kristina asks why she’s there then, and Alexis wants to find out why she quit school.

Laura tells Doc that the gun wasn’t loaded, but Valentin didn’t know that. He sarcastically says that’s a relief, and she says she knows it was wrong and stupid, but she wanted to see the fear in his eyes for a change. She says Spencer can’t win the civil suit without Ava’s testimony, and it gave him a sense of purpose. Valentin gets away with everything, and she felt helpless. Doc says no judgement. He knows how fierce she can be; it’s one of the many qualities that attracts him to her. Laura gets a picture from Spencer on her phone, and she says he misses them, and will never forget their walks along the Seine before school started. He wants to know how the lawsuit is coming along, but she doesn’t want to let him know how Ava betrayed him.

Michael says they know Ava didn’t mean for Morgan to die; just go out of his mind and break up with her daughter. Dante tells her that she’s not welcome. Ava says that she’s still Avery’s mother. Kiki tells her to please go. Ava says all right, and when she’s gone, Kiki apologizes for letting it slip that she was seeing Avery. She asks if they can continue to celebrate Morgan’s life, but Josslyn is taking her to see the penguins at the zoo, and wants to do it before she’s tired. Kiki says that her mom ruined the memorial like she ruins everything she touches.

Father Corey asks if Griff had sex, but Griff says no. There was some physical contact, but he stopped it. He tells the priest this is different than his experience with Claudette. At the time, he had strong feelings and thought he loved her, but not enough to overcome his love of God and the priesthood. Father Corey asks why he’s reluctant, and Griff says God is still first in his heart, but there’s something about this woman. He’s drawn to her without understanding. It’s more than physical. She had been injured, and closed herself off from the world. At first, he wanted to help, and still just wants to help. Father Corey asks if he wants something more. Griff doesn’t know, but he does know that he can’t return without an answer.

Alexis tells Kristina she found out about her quitting school when she got a refund check. She didn’t have the respect and decency to tell her to her face. Kristina says she thought she knew what the reaction would be, but she underestimated Alexis. She didn’t think she’d get back at her by tanking Parker’s career. Parker says it doesn’t matter; she’s fired. She’s going to Oregon, where her parents left her a house. Kristina is sure she’ll love it. She’s going with her.

Doc asks what Laura told Spencer. She told him that they miss him too, and the civil suit is moving through the judicial system at a glacial pace, which isn’t exactly a lie. Doc says it’s not exactly the truth either. She says the suit means everything to Spencer. He’s Hamlet avenging his father’s death. It’s how he’s dealing with his grief, and losing Ava’s testimony will be hard because he wants to win badly. Doc asks, or does she? She says both, but she can handle the disappointment; she doesn’t think he can. Maybe something will happen to change it. It breaks her heart that Spencer won’t have justice for his father’s murder.

Father Corey says that Griff can’t have it both ways. He can’t use the priesthood as a shield against life. Choose one and deal with the challenges. He suggests Griff pray about it, but Griff says he’s been doing that. The priest says he’ll pray too, but if the answer isn’t with God, Griff has to look inside himself. He needs to have the guts to listen, and in the end, he’ll know what’s right, and no doubt find the answer. I love this actor, but can’t find out who he is.

Doc doesn’t want either of them to suffer. They might not get justice, and will have to find peace another way, but he’ll be here for her no matter what. He wants to be there in the good times and the bad; that’s how love works. Laura says she doesn’t know what she would have done without him. He says she would have managed. She says maybe, but this latest twist knocked her for a loop. She doesn’t know how Ava can justify her actions, and how she lives with herself. She’s destroyed so many lives.

Ava gets thank you text from Spencer. She says can’t go on like this.

Josslyn thinks they should give the picture board to the foundation, so the kids can see the person who inspired it. Kiki adds that they can see Morgan was just like them; he struggled, but loved life. Michael asks if she wants to come to the zoo with them, but she says no thanks. When they leave, she thinks about what Michael said to Ava, that she used the idea of love and concern to destroy his brother and control her daughter. Kiki ponders this, and tells Morgan that she’s sorry for what Ava did because of her. He’s not here now, and she knows it’s Ava’s fault. Michael said he’s never going to forgive Ava, and maybe she shouldn’t either. She doesn’t know what to do.

Alexis tells Kristina that she’s being ridiculous, and she’s not going to Oregon. Kristina says she is – if Parker wants her. Parker says of course. Alexis blocks the door and says if Parker has any shred of decency, she can’t do this. Parker says that she loves Kristina; she never would have trashed her career otherwise. Alexis says it’s a mistake, but Kristina says the only mistake would be letting Alexis control her life. Alexis tells her that she’s only trying to help. Kristina says she loves someone who loves her back, and their starting a new life together. Alexis can stay and judge – what she does best.

Doc tells Laura that people invent all kinds of ways to justify doing wrong. Some blame others, some take what they think they deserve, some play the victim. Understanding Ava’s psyche won’t make her feel better. She says she has to do something; she doesn’t want to lie life like this. She knows it’s not what Nikolas would have wanted. He’d have wanted her to live her best life and find peace, but she doesn’t know how. Doc says maybe he can help, and asks her to marry him.

Ava books the next flight to Paris. She says that she’s sorry to Spencer. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Griff.

Tomorrow, Curtis found something, Dillon says Kiki is shutting him out, and Alexis tells Sonny that they have to keep Kristina from throwing her life away.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

We revisit Teresa throwing the birthday cake at Melissa, and Siggy overreacting, ending with her telling Margaret to go screw herself. In her interview, Margaret says while she wouldn’t throw a cake at a party, they were just having fun. The scene continues a little longer, with Siggy calling the girls just about every name in the book. Siggy says if they can’t behave, they’re not coming back.

Teresa calls her father. She misses talking to her mom every day, and her daughters miss her too. Melissa calls Joe #2, and he asks how the birthday dinner went. She says Siggy got “fancy pants” on them, and got mad. She tells Joe about the cake fight, and he laughs. Melissa says that Siggy called them animals. She says that’s what women do, and he should be happy he’s not one of them.

Siggy tells her husband that they were all drunk, but it was no excuse for throwing cake. She’s humiliated and embarrassed, and wants an apology. She continues to bitch to Michael. He says to come home already; it’s ridiculous.

Back in New Jersey, Frankie pours dried pasta into a bowl. I’m hoping it’s going into some boiling water, and he doesn’t put milk on it. Frank lectures him about acting more mature, and doesn’t think he’s taking going to college seriously. He tells Frankie not to embarrass his parents.

The ladies head to yoga. Siggy and Delores didn’t answer the group text, and Margaret tells them not to wait. Danielle talks about Siggy saying that she’s more intelligent than the rest of them. She could understand if it was a real fight, but they were just goofing around. In her interview, Danielle calls Siggy a control freak, and says the moment she wasn’t in control and they started having fun, she lost her sh*t. She might be right here. They were having fun, but not her fun. Danielle tells the others that Siggy did say she’s a Gemini. We flash back to her getting weepy every other minute, and Margaret calls her Soggy. Melissa says that she’s two different people – the one from Boca, and the one from New Jersey. She’s hoping New Jersey comes back, because Boca is no fun.

They set up towels on the beach. Teresa is a certified instructor, and tells them go at their own pace. In her interview, she says that yoga changed her mind. She learned to be more positive. If it wasn’t for yoga, she wouldn’t have rekindled her relationship with Danielle. Danielle does a difficult pose, and Melissa says that her flexibility is the reason she was engaged nineteen times. Hahahahaha!

Siggy and Delores go to a juice bar. Siggy says she tried to make the weekend perfect, and was disrespected for her trouble. She bitches to Delores, and says that it’s her town. Delores gets why she’s upset, but says she doesn’t think it was deliberately disrespectful; it’s just the way they act. She’s seen Teresa throw people and tables across the room. Delores suggests Siggy talk to them before they go to tennis at her friend’s house.

After yoga, Melissa wants a drink immediately. A man brings a white floral wreath down to Margaret. Margaret says that it’s a healing time, and she thought setting the wreath out to see as a memorial to Teresa’s mom would be appropriate. She’d seen it done in Hawaii. How thoughtful! She feels that Teresa opened up, and wanted to do something special. Each of them takes a rose and a notecard where they write something to a lost loved one. Everyone is crying, and they read their cards out loud. I start to cry. This is one of those rare moments that is truly real and touches your heart. Of course, Teresa writes to her mother, and I’m surprised she can get through it. In her interview, Melissa says it takes a while to get to a place where you want to keep living. Teresa says Margaret is an amazing person. They tie the flowers and cards onto the wreath. Margaret didn’t think it would be so emotional. They have to take the wreath out on a paddleboard with an instructor. Teresa says that one of the difficult things about grieving is being alone, but now she’s sharing a special moment with those who lost love ones. She tells us that Margaret wouldn’t have known it, but her mom loved beach, and she knows she’s watching.

In the Garden State, Teresa’s girls aren’t thrilled with grandpa’s cooking. Joe #2 comes over with his kids. In his interview, Joe says the grandkids are his father’s life, and he lights up when they’re around. He teases the girls about boyfriends, and says his daughter will be 48 when she gets her first one.

Siggy whines to Delores that they’ve had all morning to reflect. She hopes they realize they took it too far. Everyone gets in the limo and it’s pretty quiet. In her interview, Siggy says they’re in the car like nothing happened. There’s intermittent small talk. Delores tells us that the one thing that can make it go away is if someone apologizes. She feels an eff-you attitude in the car.

When they get to the house mansion, Siggy says things went too far last night. She doesn’t want tennis rackets to go flying. Teresa wonders, if Siggy feels that way, why are they even coming here? In her interview, Siggy says they’re lucky they didn’t get time out. She tells them to please respect her friend’s house. Melissa feels like she’s being schooled. Margaret says they’ll talk about it later.

The girls are introduced to Lori. The house is humongous and impressive, but I don’t love it. Siggy wants them to have a taste of her lifestyle in Boca. Teresa is pissed, but Lori planned amazing day for them, so she’s rolling with it. None of them want to be there. They sit on the patio, and Lori explains that she and her husband became friends with Siggy and Michael when her husband was Siggy’s OB/GYN. Some of the girls are going to play tennis, and the others going to the pool. Lori arranged for a lifeguard to teach Teresa how to swim. Wow. Another thoughtful gesture. Danielle tells her about the wreath ceremony, and no surprise, Siggy feels disrespected that they didn’t call her. In her interview, Delores says she’s known Teresa and her mother since she was a teenager, and is shocked she was excluded. Because It’s all about them. I might add that they did not answer the group text, so too bad.

Siggy’s tennis dress matches the blue court so well, it’s like a special effect. Margaret plays tennis like I do – badly. Siggy is concentrating on having good time, but it’s hard, because she’s sad about fighting with her friends. I notice that the instructor has man bun. Only Josh (Sweet Home Oklahoma) is allowed to have a man bun. Swim instructor Lee takes Teresa out in the water, and she’s terrified. She has to keep a grip on him, but doesn’t really mind since he’s hot. He instructs well, as she ends up swimming alone across the pool.

Siggy takes Lori aside, and tells her about the cake, leaving out a few details, like it wasn’t malicious, and she was nasty. Lori says no one in her world operates like that. Siggy is glad someone agrees with her, because she thought she was in the twilight zone. They agree a sit down is needed. Delores tells Margaret of course Siggy is upset. Margaret says Siggy did say a few things that were dismissive. In her interview, Delores thinks Margaret needs to learn about loyalty. Who brought you is who you stay with. Yeah, if you’re going to the bar. How about leaning on the side of the right one? Delores is angry that they weren’t invited to the memorial. In her interview, Margaret says it was about Teresa’s mother, not Siggy and Delores. Again I say, if they hadn’t ignored the text, they might have gotten an invite.

Melissa doesn’t want to apologize for having fun at her own party. Good point. They’re having dinner at Siggy’s place. Everyone gets ready.

Siggy is annoyed with Margaret, and hurt. She wanted to be part of it. Delores says Margaret should have texted her, and I yell, she did! you didn’t answer! at the TV. She says they weren’t up for yoga because of the way things went the night before. But she obviously couldn’t be bothered to let them know that. She says had they known about the memorial, nothing would have stopped them from coming. In her interview, Margaret calls Delores a mini Siggy. Margaret relays to the others that Delores said they should just accept that Siggy says things like she has a higher IQ; that’s the way she is. Danielle says it’s an insult. In her interview, Teresa says she never would have believed she and Danielle would be on the same side of an argument.

Margaret says the house is a shrine to Siggy. There are even pictures of her in the bathroom. Siggy has hired Sexz Chef for the dinner. While they have a cocktail, Siggy tells Teresa that she has a hangover from last night and her head is spinning. Teresa says that her head is spinning from last night too. In her interview, Siggy claims she was getting the eyeroll attitude, but I didn’t see that. It was more like Teresa was trying to be funny, but didn’t know how to handle Siggy’s remark.

At the table, continuing with her passive aggression, Siggy says they had great food last night. Melissa says that she enjoyed being outside. Siggy says she can’t stand it. They’re acting like nothing happened. They were both rude, and it was validated by Lori. Melissa is like, nice, throw us under the bus. Siggy says they threw her under the bus by not apologizing first thing the next morning. Melissa and Teresa say, what?! at the exact same time, and it’s too funny. Melissa is shocked she wants them to apologize for being playful. In her interview, Melissa says that they didn’t ruin the night; Siggy did. Siggy goes blah-blah-blah about how she had this special cake made for Melissa, like it wasn’t going to get eaten in five minutes anyway. Delores thinks they should apologize, not necessarily for what they did, but because it upset Siggy, which doesn’t take much. Melissa asks why Siggy doesn’t apologize for the things she said, like calling them freakin’ animals, and she’ll have to explain they’re from New Jersey.

Siggy claims she never said that, and she remembers everything. We flash back to her saying that. Teresa says Delores didn’t have much to drink, and asks her if Siggy didn’t say that. Delores starts making it up as she goes along. She’s not saying Siggy didn’t say it, and has her back. In her interview, Teresa says Delores was like her sister, and isn’t backing her up. Delores claims she doesn’t remember, and Melissa says that means she’s pleading the fifth. Melissa says that Siggy also told them to eff themselves. Siggy wails why isn’t she allowed to have feelings? Margaret asks how she’d act in a real crisis (thank you), and who cries about a cake? Margaret calls her Soggy. In her interview, Melissa says she’s been called a lot worse names. Danielle says that since the cake was a gift to Melissa, she should be able to use it the way she wants to. Another good point. Siggy accuses her of kissing Teresa’s ass. She whines that she extended this invitation to everyone, and now they’re ganging up on her. She says they’re not getting it. Melissa says that she talks down to them, and Siggy accuses Melissa of always talking down to her. She’d expected her friends to have a certain level of class in a public place. Margaret says that Siggy caused several scenes, and we flash back to her screaming and hollering to people in the first restaurant they went to. Siggy says this is her town, and they’re acting like trash.

Melissa says that you never refer to a woman from Jersey as stupid or trash. Danielle is insulted that she used that word (and you don’t get more Jersey than her). Siggy starts saying trashy, trashy, trashy, and Melissa asks if she’s on drugs. Siggy says putting a little cake on each other’s faces was fine, but not throwing the whole thing. Melissa asks if doing it properly would have made it okay. Siggy tells her if that’s how it’s going to be, maybe they shouldn’t have dinner again. Melissa says okay, bye. Teresa follows her, saying the crab cakes were salty. Margaret and Danielle aren’t far behind. Way to break up a dinner party.

Siggy says she doesn’t give a sh*t. Delores says they started the weekend as close friends, and then two interlopers snuck in, Margaret and Danielle.

Next time, Siggy wants to pull Margaret’s pigtails out, Margaret calls Siggy a hypocrite, and Siggy is out to destroy Margaret.

This was a really good episode. There were the usual fights, but we got an unusually touching moment, and there were quite a few laughs.

🍸 Oh wow. I’d just been thinking about the time Andy Cohen had a Watch What Happens Live New Year’s Eve show. Giggy married Grandma Wrinkles, and it was one of the best New Year’s Eves I ever had. Sad, I know. For whatever reason, he said he’d never do another one, and I was bemoaning that, which is even sadder. Anyway, on tonight’s show, he said he’ll be hosting with Anderson Cooper this coming New Year’s Eve. I wasn’t totally listening, but I assume on CNN. Not quite the same thing, but it sounds intriguing. I also assume that he’s replacing Kathy Griffin, whose career no one killed except her, and that was long before the election.

🌟 I missed Star last week, and apparently missed a lot, because Benjamin Bratt is still alive, and still wants to produce the group. They weren’t down with that, but maybe they should have been, since latest producer Ayanna scheduled them to sing in a mall. It didn’t go well, and Alexandra dropped the mic (stand) all the way through one of the speakers, causing a power outage in the food court. I was kind of on Ayanna’s side here, since the girls complained about having to perform for a not-that-receptive audience. They should try off-Broadway, and perform for almost no audience. She told them it wasn’t what she meant by a smash performance, and as punishment, they had to be back-up singers for some dude. Star tried to get him to promote them, and that was a no, but it was a yes to getting busy with her later, where she threw him a no after getting him hot and bothered. Queen Latifah dancing at home with the girls to I’m Every Woman was all of us. Next week, another father for Star shows up.

📡 Quote of the night: I’m not throwing shade. I’d throw a palm tree at her ass if I thought it would work. – Miss Lawrence

Yes, I even took pictures of the TV…


Giggy Marries Grandma Wrinkles – 2010

October 9, 2017 – Michael Hires Curtis, Peggy’s Anniversary, Worst Boat Ride Ever & a State Fair


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Jason leaves a message for Julian to call him back. I’m so sure you can do that at a prison. Not really.

Sam waits for take-out at Kelly’s. Michael comes in, and she tells him Jason is home. She asks if Michael is okay, but when he says that he’s fine, she’s not buying it. He tells her that he could use her advice.

Nelle admires Nina’s flowers, and asks if it’s something Valentin did wrong or something she did right. Nina says neither, and Nelle tells her to hang on to him. Nina asks if running into Bobbie and Carly was as terrible as she thought it would be. Nelle says that she faked it, but doesn’t think she’s going to make it.

At the hospital, Carly and Sonny talk about the foundation they’ve created in Morgan’s name. Carly says that if it helps one kid, it will be worth it. They go into the chapel. She can’t believe it’s been almost a year tomorrow. Sonny says that time flies, but at the same time, seems like it just stands still. Carly thanks him for being there. Griff walks in and says that he’s sorry to intrude. Sonny tells him that it’s a chapel, not a motel, and asks what’s going on.

Elizabeth sees Franco schlepping boxes through the hall, and accuses him of sneaking out of the house. She asks if she can help him set up, and drops everything all over the place, which isn’t much help. She sees a sketch of the twin painting, and looks through the pad, where there’s an entire series. She asks why.

Huxley asks Patient 6 if the date on the newspaper is a misprint or not. It could be worth a pretty penny if it is. Patient 6 says, October 1st, 2017, and Huxley is disappointed. He thought for once he blundered into something lucrative. Patient 6 confirms the date on Huxley’s phone, and says, five years.

Nina tells Nelle that it couldn’t have been that bad. Nelle says that Michael was happy to see her, but Bobbie couldn’t help herself, making her feel like the town pariah. Nina asks if Michael defended her, but she didn’t wait. Nelle asks why she would want him to be miserable; he loves his family, even if she doesn’t care about them. He says the right things, trusts her, and believes in her. Nina thinks that Nelle isn’t sure if she believes him.

Michael tells Sam that normally he’d go to Jason, but he’s not the same. He doesn’t love Jason any lees, but he isn’t the same. Sam tells him to find a way to find a new normal. He’ll get there, just like she and Jason did.

Curtis goes to Jason’s place, and welcomes him home. Jason is like, no flowers or teddy bear? Curtis asks how about a six-pack and a stakeout? Jason isn’t down with that, and Curtis asks if he’s not ready to get back in the saddle. Jason tells Curtis that he’s changing saddles. Curtis says sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do for the ones you love.

Sonny asks if Griff found what he was looking for in Russia, surprising Carly, who didn’t know he was there. Griff says that Ava was in danger and being held against her will, but he brought her back. Carly wonders if Griff thinks the experienced changed her, and she’s now whole in body and spirit. Griff says she’s not whole, and Carly says that tomorrow it will be one year that Morgan is gone. Griff expresses his sympathy, and he’s sure Ava feels the same way. He knows how they feel, and respects it, but says they’ll have to agree to disagree. She was someone willing to abandon her own healing to save a stranger.

Patient 6 asks Huxley if he can work the phone, but Huxley says he’ll have to be untied first. Patient 6 tells him not to try anything. Huxley says he wouldn’t dream of it. Patient 6 says that he’s lost, and could kill Huxley without meaning to. Huxley says he’s no fool, and has a healthy instinct for self-preservation. Patient 6 has attacked him already, and he’s not going for a second time. Patient 6 unties him, and Huxley makes a weird, kind of mean face.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he thought the person who bought the painting would like to see the process; sketches to line drawings to the final product. Elizabeth points out that they were done in the last couple of weeks; they weren’t part of the process. She asks why he’s obsessed. If there were no twins, why are they haunting him? He says he hasn’t been completely honest.

Franco was going to tell her, but he gave his word to Betsy. He tells Elizabeth not to take it personally; she didn’t want anyone to know. He tells her that Jason summoned him to the long-term care facility, and asked to see the photo, but he said he didn’t know where it was. Elizabeth asks why, if it was just a picture of him and a childhood friend? Franco says that according to Betsy, Jason had a twin, but it wasn’t him. The other boy is Jason’s twin brother.

Jason tells Curtis that he had a strange visit from Franco when he was in a coma. It sounds crazy, but he remembers Franco being there, and can quote what he said. He gave Jason an excuse as to why he was there, but Jason doesn’t believe it. Julian calls, and Curtis jets. Jason says that he thought he might be hearing from him.

Nelle says that Nina didn’t hire her to talk about her problems. She tells Nina that they got something from the Morgan Corrinthos Foundation, and that tomorrow is the anniversary of his death. Nina says no wonder Michael has been more emotional, and it’s probably why he’s been more defensive than usual. Nelle says that being honest, it’s not as if they don’t have reason to think the worst of her. Carly found out about something in her past, and they think she’s after Michael’s money, and that she’d even be willing to kill for it.

Sam asks if Michael believe that Nelle killed Zack. He says no way, but just because he doesn’t believe she’s a murderer, doesn’t mean she’s not lying about something. He’s not sure if she’s not telling him the whole truth because she’s scared or insecure. Sam says maybe both. She tells Michael about being a con woman when she first came to Port Charles, and that she lied for no reason because it was a way of life. He asks how she turned it around, and she says, Jason.

Carly wishes Griff well, but says that Ava is toxic. He should call Olivia-Q and Dante, and ask about Connie. Ava murdered her in cold blood, but maybe she’s an angel now. Griff says that he’ll pray for Morgan tomorrow. He leaves, and Carly tells Sonny that she didn’t want to do that. Today should be about hope and loving and putting a light into the world. She misses Morgan, and says it’s never going to get better. Sonny asks if she wants it to. She shakes her head, and leans on his shoulder.

Sam tells Michael that Jason was the first person who accepted her and her past. He had no reason to, and it changed her life. Michael says that’s what he wants to be for Nelle, but doesn’t know the way that Jason did. Sam tells him that he needs to investigate Nelle. He can’t help unless he has all the facts. Curtis comes in, and tells Sam that he just left Jason, and he’s looking good. She introduces Michael, and says that he needs a P.I. Michael tells her everything’s cool, and to go see Jason.

Michael tells Curtis that he needs an investigation into an accidental death. Curtis wonders how accidental, and Michael says that there is a person of interest – his girlfriend.

Nina wonders why Carly would think Nelle killed someone. She tells Nelle that her own past isn’t squeaky clean, but then again, it’s none of her business. She says that Nelle will just get defensive talking about her past. She should focus on the future. Nelle asks if Nina has a lot of baggage, and Nina tells her that she has an 18-wheeler full. Carly has a mother’s instinct to be protective, and Nelle needs to show, not talk about her past innocence. She should put her attention on her life, work, and her man, and show that she doesn’t care. Nina went from a sketchy past to running a magazine. She’s respected, focused, and honest, and actions are all that matter in the end.

Franco tells Elizabeth that the twin’s name is Andrew. She wonders how the Quartermaines didn’t know about him, and he says Andrew was given to Betsy to raise. She asks where he is now, and Franco tells her that he had a bad heart, and died shortly after the photo was taken. In Betsy’s misguided attempt to protect him, she’d said that he didn’t exist; that’s where the imaginary friend came from. He wasn’t so imaginary. It’s a wonder he’s not more screwed up. He apologizes to Elizabeth, saying that he was just trying to protect Betsy – and himself. He doesn’t want anything to change between them, and thought if she knew Jason had twin, it would tug on her heart. He hopes she can somehow forgive him

On the phone, Jason says that Julian won’t regret it. Sam comes in, and asks what’s going on. Jason says that it’s a surprise he’s planning, and starts checking out the food. He asks if they’re expecting more people or if she’s pregnant again. Sam wants to know what secret he’s keeping, and he says he’ll tell her as soon as he gets back from New York. He won’t be there long. Sam says he’s not going.

Patient 6 looks for photos with a date stamp on Huxley’s phone. Huxley yammers about pictures of pieces of art, and how the coffers were depleted in hi family home. He asks what’s so important about a date? Patient 6 says that he ran into some trouble, and lost track of time.

Carly thought this would be the answer, and they could turn their loss into something positive. Sonny says the loss will never change, but at least they’re not doing it alone. She thinks Morgan would be happy that they’re doing it together. It’s crazy that he can’t see it for himself, and they have to imagine who he would have become. Sonny suggests he would have turned Perks into a symbol on the stock exchange, but Carly thinks he’d want more freedom, and be a snowboarder or join the Peace Corps. Sonny says he can see it, and Morgan would have had a good life. Carly says the best.

Patient 6 gives the phone back, saying it’s not staged; there’s no fake data. Huxley realizes that Patient 6 thought he was running a con. He says he’s been known to dabble in grey areas, but what would be the point in setting him up. Patient 6 says that it’s all real.

Jason tells Sam that his trip is about them and they’re new life. She asks why the mystery? She tells him that just because he was released, that doesn’t mean he’s fully recovered, and he shouldn’t be galivanting around NYC. She says he can go on two non-negotiable conditions – she’s coming with him, and he needs the green light from his doctor. Jason says they can galivant together.

Franco wishes he had been more honest. Elizabeth tells him that her heart breaks for Andrew, him, and Jason. She thinks Jason deserves to know, but Franco asks what difference it makes? Does she really want to turn his life upside down? Betsy is also terrified that she can get into trouble if the truth comes out. Elizabeth says there’s a statute of limitations, and Franco says from the law, but not the Quartermaines, which is why he was hesitant to say anything. He says she’s in a hurry to protect Jason, but Elizabeth says she’s protecting him.

Carly says now the dreams they had for Morgan will be dreams for other kids through the foundation. Sonny says they’re going to make it, and she says that she knows.

Curtis asks Michael if this is the same woman who tried to break up his parents’ marriage. Michael says that she made herself indispensable, and could have done anything; they wouldn’t have seen it coming. Curtis says it’s a lot to wrap his brain around. Aside from the dead fiancé, is there anything else? Michael tells him about Nelle lying about losing the engagement ring. Curtis tells him the case looks pricey with travel expenses, and Michael says that money is no object. Curtis says it shouldn’t be have to prove that she’s guilty, but Michael says that he misunderstood. He wants Curtis to prove her innocence.

Nina tells Nelle that she’s doing a great job, considering she knew nothing about fashion when she started. She says that she likes to be proven right, and Nelle says actions speak louder than words. Nina says just do you, and the rest will fall into place. Nina leaves, and Nelle gets on the computer. She makes a call, and says even though they don’t know her, she could use their help.

Elizabeth doesn’t want Franco harboring another big secret, especially about Jason. It will just fester and eat away at him, and he already has a lot to process. Franco says that he needs time for things to settle. She tells him that keeping the truth to himself will just tie him up in knots. The harder he tries to hide it, the more power it gives to it. It won’t end well, especially for him.

Griff sees Sam and Jason at the hospital. Sam says they’ve come for a follow-up appointment before Jason takes her to NYC. Griff tells them to have fun, and Sam asks if he had fun in Russia. Jason wonders why he called Sam, and Griff says that he doesn’t even have her number in his contacts. Sam says the call came from his phone; she called it back and got his voicemail. It was just before Jason was released. Griff says it definitely wasn’t him. They wonder who was it?

Michael tells Curtis that Nelle is probably guilty of something else, and used to covering up; it’s her default setting. Curtis says it sounds like he’s setting himself up. Is he sure he wants to open that can of worms? He’ll find out what it is, but Michael might not like it. Michael just wants the truth. He tells Curtis to bring him the facts, and he’ll handle the rest.

Nelle makes plans to meet someone. She understands what’s involved, and is sure she’s doing the right thing.

Carly tells Sonny that she misses Morgan, and sees him everywhere, like in Avery’s smile. Sonny says he’s still with them every day everywhere. He hopes they can make him proud. Carly says that no one is prouder than they were of Morgan. Sonny lights a candle.

Sam tells Griff the wires must have gotten crossed since he was out of the country. Jason is called in. Griff tells them to enjoy NYC. When they’re gone, Griff asks Nurse Tara to look in the file for Sam’s cell phone number.

Patient 6 peeks out the door, but Huxley pushes it shut. He asks where Patient 6 might be going, reminding him that he’s a stowaway, and the authorities will be called if he’s caught. He says inside this room, there’s a vow of silence, but don’t put them both at risk. He’s had a nasty shock, and might not be in his right mind. Patient 6 says, no, he’s not, and walks out.

Franco and Elizabeth see Jason leaving his follow-up. Elizabeth says to wait. There’s something they need to tell him.

Tomorrow, Nathan says it will be over soon, Kristina’s parents wonder why she didn’t tell them that she quit school, and Huxley asks if someone is waiting for Patient 6.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Vicki is waiting at a restaurant for Tamra. She says that she and Tamra used to be like Thelma and Louise. We flash back to some of their antics. She says they’ve been through ups and downs, and were always there for each other. She misses that. Tamra thinks Vicki has seen what she’s done, and wants to apologize and make things better. Vicki expects Tamra to give her a hug and say that she’s done fighting. Let’s put the hatchet down and be kind to each other.

Tamra comes in, and asks what’s up. Vicki wants them to be kind and stop the madness. Tamra insists she is kind, and asks how she’s hurt Vicki. Vicki says that Tamra went after her character, and Tamra tells her to calm down; it’s not a good look. I hate when people say calm down to someone who’s already calm. It’s a control thing. Vicki wants the bullying to stop. Tamra insists that she hasn’t tried to team people against Vicki, and asks what Eddie has ever done to Vicki. Why would he be with her if he was gay? Vicki says to possibly use her. Tamra says for what? She talked him into the gym, and he walked away from a $400K job. Vicki says she just wants Tamra to be kind. Tamra says it just dawned on her – Vicki doesn’t deserve her. She walks out. In her interview, Vicki feels like she failed, and doesn’t know what she could have done differently. Her intent was to move forward, but it didn’t work.

She calls Steve and tells him it didn’t go well. Tamra walked out, and there was no resolution. He says either she wants to move forward or doesn’t, and since she doesn’t, Vicki needs to let it go. Vicki is sad, and Steve says that Tamra is trying to win something, but at the end, nobody wins.

Tamra tells Eddie that she walked out. He tells her that Vicki is full of it. Tamra says she did what she could (not really), and expected an apology that she didn’t get (when was there time?).

Peggy and Diko go out for an anniversary dinner. He says twenty-two years ago, they were still trying to get where they’re at now, and there wasn’t an opportunity to go out to dinner. Peggy says she’s enjoyed their life wherever they’ve been at. Diko talks about his first luxury car being more expensive than their house. In her interview, Peggy says anyone who tells you that marriage isn’t a struggle is lying, and you don’t throw in the towel. Staying faithful, respect, honesty, and making fun of each other makes a marriage work. Diko asks if she’s finalized the guest list, and she tells him that all the girls are coming. She thinks that Kelly and Tamra might be uncomfortable if Vicki comes. He hopes they don’t embarrass him and Peggy. In her interview, Peggy says she won’t have a problem showing them the door if they do.

Peggy asks how Diko feels about the situation with David. We flash back to David getting all up in Peggy’s business. Peggy says it’s hurtful to question whether she had cancer or not, and David should focus on his own family. Diko says that David doesn’t know what it’s like to think you’re going to lose your wife of twenty plus years. In her interview, Peggy says because of experiences, your love grows deeper, and she doesn’t know what she would have done without him.

Kelly and her father, Frank, are doing some cooking. She says he was a super involved dad who came to all her events when she was growing up. He tells her about his volunteer work, and she wishes her mom would do that. Bobbi arrives, and Peggy says that Frank wants to go to the senior center with her. Bobbi says she’ll go by herself. Kelly tells Frank not to talk about Bobbi’s family to Michael. Bobbi says that Frank is a gossiper. In her interview, Kelly says they were married thirty years, but should have split earlier. She says growing up she watched them fight so much, she wished they’d get divorced. She tells us that she and Michael fight a lot in front of their daughter. She thought keeping it together for her was the right thing, but it might be more important for her to see happy parents. My note: As Dr. Phil says, the only thing worse than coming from a broken home is living in one.

Lydia and Judy go shopping. Lydia’s grandfather recently passed away, and her parents inherited a bunch of money. She says they’ve always been well-off, but now it’s like Paris Hilton level wealth. Her mom didn’t grow up wealthy. Her dad came from Italy to start over, and Lydia thinks that’s why Judy gets a rush out of spoiling her. Her mom is turning sixty-nine, and makes obvious jokes. In her interview, Lydia says that her mom is loud and silly, but her dad is super quiet and reserved. They go crazy and rack up an $18K tab. Lydia says when it’s her own money she feels responsible, but with her mom, it’s like Monopoly money. On their way out, Judy suggests the do more damage elsewhere.

Kelly tells us that she and her dad are very close. He reminds her of the time he used the restroom at her high school. When he came out, he said that he just lost five pounds, and she said that she didn’t know they had scales in there. They go down Memory Lane about her high school and college days. Kelly says that her dad always went above and beyond. She thinks it was better with her mom this time, and he says they’re all family. Just because they’re divorced, it doesn’t make them enemies. Kelly wishes her mom could get along for the sake of getting along, but she holds animosities. Kelly is afraid that her daughter will be the same way, since she’s an introvert. She sees similarities in her marriage, and it scares her that things are repeating themselves.

Everyone heads to Peggy’s party. Lydia realizes she didn’t bring a present. Doug says that their presence is their present. No, just no. Peggy wants them to get to know the Armenian culture, so they’re having it at an Armenian restaurant where there will be hookahs and belly dancing. In her interview, she says no one has been able to get Tamra and Vicki together, but they can’t say no to Koko, and tries to bribe him to intervene. I swear they spelled that kid’s name with two C’s when he was introduced. The guests trickle in. Peggy has a backless dress with one of those necklaces that cascades down her back, and it’s gorgeous. Not that anyone looks like a slouch. Vicki comes in and the whispering begins. Vicki thinks they’re adults, and should be able to get along.

Peggy distracts Tamra, Shannon, and Kelly by leading them outside to the hookah. Tamra takes a drag, but nothing happens. She says they need the mari-ja-uana. Shannon tells her you have to light it first. They talk about 420, a term that I never even heard until a few years ago, and I came up during the 70s and 80s. Diko comes out with something to put in it. Yep. Putting something in the bowl and lighting it is usually a requirement of any pipe.

One of the guests jokes that all Armenians are named Raffi or Ari. Diko tells Koko to stay with Vicki. She jokes with him. Peggy makes announcement – she’s hungry; sit down. Michael is the only husband at the mean girls table. Vicki think the power struggle is immature and childish. The food comes out, and Tamra says it’s her jam. In her interview, Vicki thinks celebrating 22 years is incredible. She’s hoping for that with Steve, but she’ll be old. Kelly can’t believe it, and isn’t too sure she and Michael will last that long. The dancer comes out, and everyone claps to the beat. Diko puts money in the waistband of her skirt. Koko is mesmerized. Shannon gets up, and puts money in her bra, and sort of dances with her. Tamra throws money in the air. Peggy dances. Tamra says that Peggy is in her element, and left her resting bitch face at home

Peggy clinks a spoon on a glass, then she drops it. Diko is like, no more for you. She says it’s their twenty-second anniversary. It’s been a difficult year, but she’s grateful and thankful for her family. Tamra says all three of her marriages didn’t add up to that long. In her interview, Peggy says that she doesn’t remember life before Diko. He says that he feels lucky, and wishes everyone the same. He tells them that every year he buys a duplicate gift for himself and Peggy. This year it’s rose gold Piguet watches. He also gives her a twenty-two-carat necklace. Meghan is totally jealous, and wants one too.   Shannon says it depends on the year, but she gets things like a bread maker. Kelly says Michael used to spoil her, but when the nookie stopped, so did the presents.

Diko wants to talk to Shannon outside. He tells her that David is awesome, and he’s only had good things to say about him, and he doesn’t want to give the wrong impression. He says that when he and Doug were talking about Peggy’s health, he started asking questions about her having cancer, to the point where it felt like an interrogation. In her interview, Shannon thinks that if Diko has a problem with her husband, he should talk to him. I dunno. Maybe since you tell everyone who will listen about how Vicki was in on a cancer scam, he felt the need to discuss it with you. Diko tells her that he told Peggy about it, and she’s sensitive about what she went through. He thinks David was being rude. Tamra inserts herself into the conversation, and wonders what now? with Shannon. Diko wonders if he didn’t make himself clear, and wanted to talk to Shannon, in case she got wind of it. He doesn’t want to make it a big deal, but feels that it’s being made into one. Kelly and Peggy join them. In her interview, Peggy says she doesn’t mind the audience, since it will prevent Shannon from twisting things around. Don’t be so sure, Peggy. All of these women think we have short term memory loss. Tamra says that Peggy made it confusing. In her interview, Peggy wonders what part of I had breast cancer they don’t understand. Diko apologizes if he’s misreading things, and says it’s all good. Shannon says that she’s sorry if Peggy was offended. Peggy says she was hurt, and that’s why Diko talked to her, but everything is okay.

Shannon gets in the car, and Tamra asks her what’s wrong. She says she’s in shock. In her interview, Tamra tells us that Shannon is overreacting, like we don’t notice. Shannon insists that her husband would never interrogate someone, and if Diko had an issue with David, he should have talked to him. She’s already been through one cancer ordeal. Really? Is this what we’re calling Brooks lying to Vicki now? Shannon’s cancer ordeal? She hopes that Peggy is healthy, but she’s not getting involved. Don’t make her responsible for her husband. But it’s okay that Vicki is responsible for her weight. This woman is seriously irritating me now.

Next time, the ladies get an aura reading, Shannon won’t shut up, and Peggy asks if Shannon trusts her husband.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Cary claims that Brandi made it up what she’s accusing Cary of saying. Stephanie says that Brandi called her afterward. Cary expected to hold LeeAnne accountable, and instead alleged that Cary trashed her doctor. She repeats that Brandi is making it up. In her interview, LeeAnne says that the issue has always been Cary. Stephanie wants to move on, but Cary says there’s no way she’s hanging out. She can’t even look at Brandi. She and Kameron are going back. In her interview, Kameron says that true friends don’t put you in these positions, and she has Cary’s back.

The others wander around the town. D’Andra wants to be on the fun train, not the bitchy train. They go to another bar, where there’s more drinking, and dancing on the bar. LeeAnne takes pictures. Stephanie tells us that tequila and D’Andra go hand in hand. The more D’Andra drinks, the more she likes her. Back at the hotel, Cary and Kameron do sheet masks.

It’s day three. Kameron asks Cary how she is. Kameron feels confused. Kameron says that Brandi and Stephanie weren’t being friends, but acted like it when they were all hanging at the hot tub. She doesn’t like shady, and the way they pretend to like LeeAnne and Cary looks truthful. She says they’re pulling back because they prefer sugar-coating things, but she and Cary don’t act like they’re in high school. We flash back to the wiener burial.

Stephanie and Brandi talk about dancing on the bar. Stephanie says they’re going to save the wiener’s ass. They go to LeeAnne and D’Andra’s room, where they’re having breakfast. Brandi is filming on her phone, and LeeAnne films back. Brandi says she wants the wiener (which she’s named Sexual Chocolate) back. LeeAnne says he’s totally gone, and it’s not going to happen.

Everyone gathers for breakfast. Cary says they’re going to do fun stuff on the beach. Brandi says that she didn’t think addressing the situation between LeeAnne and Cary would turn into issue between her and Cary. D’Andra says they’re going to do a team challenge; two on each team. They’ll have to work together despite their conflicts. She tells us it causes a bond to form when they have to rely on the other person.

An obstacle course has been set up. The object is to get a ball into a bucket at the end. They spin around a pole a bunch of times, roll under a net, dig the ball out of the sand, and put it in the bucket. Kameron says she has proof of athletic genes, and Brandi says she’s more like Big Bird. The whole thing is actually pretty funny. LeeAnne complains about her boobs hurting from her surgery, but refuses to give up. A volleyball game is next. D’Andra is pumped. She says that Kameron is like a baby giraffe finding its legs; she can find the ball, but just swats at it. LeeAnne claims that she single-handedly won the game.

A picnic has been set up under a gazebo on the beach. D’Andra says it was worth a few moments of peace. Brandi calls the picnic sophisticated. Cary asks about Stephanie’s new house, and Stephanie explains about how it’s closer to her son’s new school. Cary tells her that it’s hard to do two different drop-offs, and not to feel guilty about doing the right thing. She wants to go back to the hotel, so she can wash the sand out of her vagina, and Brandi thinks Kameron has a double-standard. If Brandi had said that, she’d be appalled. I have to say that I love the beach, but hate the sand, which gets into places you wouldn’t even think it could.

Brandi and Stephanie go on a mission to find Sexual Chocolate. Brandi needs to harass Kameron one more time. They pose as LeeAnne and D’Andra, and get the key from the hotel desk. Brandi makes a big deal out of saying things like she’s been in a lot of movies, and knows Jennifer Lopez because they were in an elevator together. She tells the clerk that she needs to get into her room to take her pills. Surprisingly, they get the key. I think mostly because the clerk doesn’t understand half of what they’re saying, and probably just wants them to go away. When they get into the room, Stephanie starts eating LeeAnne’s leftover pancakes, and Brandi looks around. Stephanie finds SC under LeeAnne’s pillow. She accuses LeeAnne of using it, and says bad girl.

The ladies board a gorgeous yacht. D’Andra tells us that she’s no stranger to yachts, and if anyone misbehaves, she’ll throw them overboard. They do shots of tequila, and take selfies. Cary complains about the wind. The captain points out Enoch Reef, where there are sea turtles, various rays, and colorful fish. Kameron has questions about how Brandi, Stephanie, and Cary can sit there. She knows how they feel about LeeAnne, but they haven’t once expressed it to her. Brandi says that Kameron is full of it.

D’Andra admits that they said something so bad about LeeAnne’s fiancé, she couldn’t repeat it. We flash back to Brandi saying he has a little ding-a-ling. In her interview, D’Andra says it’s a huge secret about something small. LeeAnne doesn’t have an issue with it, and Cary admits she shouldn’t have said it, but she was joking around. Brandi doesn’t want to be in the middle. She tells them that LeeAnne had thinks to say about Cary’s husband, and she thinks everyone should own their own sh*t. Cary says that her husband is amazing, and she wants the rumors to stop; they’re not funny. In her interview, LeeAnne says they would be the first bi couple in the Housewives franchise, and they should go for it.

The water starts to get rough. Cary has vertigo, and says boats are her worst nightmare. D’Andra says that the only thing that would get her sick is another fight. Stephanie is on the floor. Cary points out that she had five shots of tequila. Stephanie gets sick over the side of the boat, and says there go LeeAnne’s pancakes. Brandi says if Stephanie throws up on her, she’ll be sad, and has another shot. She tells Cary that she loves to hate LeeAnne, and hates to love her, because it always goes bad. LeeAnne tells them that they don’t have to say whatever they think is funny. She says that Cary acts like she’s a good person, saying mean sh*t, but then apologizing. Cary says that she hears things that are damaging and hurtful, and lashes back. She doesn’t think it’s okay, but she panics. Cary gets all weepy, and wonders why it’s happening again. LeeAnne says that she owns what she says; she doesn’t joke about it or take it back five seconds later. Cary apologizes again for the joke, and says if they hear rumors, they shouldn’t repeat them. Stephanie says that something has been bothering her, and she wants to be honest. She wants to see LeeAnne’s boobs.

LeeAnne says that she sucks, and she’s going to find SC and chase her with it. Brandi says that she’ll show LeeAnne SC if LeeAnne will show her boobs. LeeAnne says that she might be the type to threaten a person, but she’s also physically beyond conservative. (I’m not sure what that means. Am I supposed to translate that to sexually conservative?) She can’t believe she hid it, and now Brandi ended up getting it back. Brandi pulls SC out of her bag, and goofs around with it. She tries to poke Kameron’s bare feet, and LeeAnne says it hurts Kameron’s feelings, and to cut it out. Kameron doesn’t understand why it’s funny. In her interview, Brandi says that she feels sorry for Kameron. She did cross boundaries, but did she do it intentionally? Absolutely.

Kameron sits with D’Andra and Cary on shore, and they have another drink. Kameron says that they have no respect, and are just trashy. D’Andra tells her that reacting only adds more fuel to the fire. Kameron whines that they never stop. They’d just talked about respect, but they have no boundaries. Cary tells her to ignore them. In her interview, Kameron says she doesn’t like them. She tried to like them, but now she won’t even try to get to know them.

LeeAnne says that no one is in the position to have a real conversation.

Kameron says that unless they apologize, she’s not going back. They can suck it. D’Andra and Cary laugh, and ask her exactly what she means by that.

Next time, Cary tells Mark about what LeeAnne said, Stephanie doesn’t know what happened with Kameron, and LeeAnne goes crazy on Cary.

LeeAnne’s Engagement Backdrop…




October 4, 2017 – The Whole GH, NJ Wives Return, a Cake & a Car


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

In Monaco (which I keep getting mixed up with Morocco), Anna and Finn sit at the café. He tells her that he’s ordering the most expensive entrée. She still seems to think they’re on a mission, and he says Cassandra told him that she never leaves Monte Carlo. Anna says she told him that before. He asks if Anna has a plan B.

Valentin says that he and Cassandra haven’t spoken in years, and now she wants a medical reference? She tells him that Finn saved her life. Valentin wonders what Finn is doing in Monte Carlo, and Cassandra says he’s on holiday. She reminds Valentin about how well they worked together – and played. She says she has some matters of mutual interest, but he tells her they have nothing of mutual interest, and says good-by,

Laura checks that the chamber of a gun, and puts it in her purse. She knocks on Valentin’s door, and asks to come in.

In Russia, Ava paces alone in her room. Griff knocks on her door. He tells her that Dr. Kline is in the next room, and should be out for hours. She asked how he found her, and he says he met a man at a church.

Patient 6 tells the priest that he has money and can get a train ticket, but the priest says that’s no good without papers. He thinks he has another way though.

Laura wants to know what happened to Ava. Valentin tells her that he Ava a clinic referral. Laura says that he took advantage of a vulnerable woman who is suffering from disfigurement. He says he’s forgotten more about pain and disfigurement than Laura can hope to know. Laura says that he used his knowledge against Ava to manipulate her. He’s wondering where this is coming from, since he and Lulu agreed to compromise for Charlotte’s sake. Laura says he murdered her son, and left Spencer fatherless. Now it’s time she got her revenge. She pulls out the gun.

Cassandra sits on the terrace, and her butler/companion pours her some wine. She tells him to skip the charade, and get his glass. She tells him that it’s a shame Dr. Finn can’t treat her there. It’s not like she has to take a three-masted schooner, but the air vents on a ship carry germs.

Finn tells Anna that he’s been playing spy games against his better judgement, but he’s been trying his best to hold up his end. Anna says they’re in Monte Carlo. She knows it’s a strange way of showing gratitude for him saving her life, but they’re on a adventure. Finn says what he needed was to be left in peace. He misses Roxie, who is the closest thing he has to friend. He asks if she has someone like that or is it verboten in her world? She says it’s not verboten, but it’s risky; attachments show your vulnerabilities, and enemies will eventually exploit them. Sooner or later, dedication to duty leads to disappointment. Finn says he gets it. Anna’s phone rings. She looks at it, and says, aww.

Griff tells Ava that it’s all clear. Ava says he arrived in the nick of time. If she didn’t believe in miracles before, she does now. He asks what they were going to do, and she says punish her for helping a patient escape. He describes Patient 6, and tells her that’s the guy who told him where to find her. She asks if he’s all right. Griff tells her as far as he knows, and asks if she has her passport. She tells him it’s locked up, and he asks if this will help, showing her some keys he took from Kline. Ava says that she’s impressed, and maybe there’s hope for him yet. Ava takes the keys, and goes down the hall.

The priest introduces a man named Baska to Patient 6, and says that his ship goes to America. He’s agreed to get Patient 6 home. Patient 6 tries to give Baska the money, but the priest tells him no; to help a stranger is pleasing to God. He tries to give it to the priest but he won’t take it either. Someone bangs on the door, and shouts open up.

Valentin tells Laura that she’s got his attention. She tells him that he’s going to fix this Ava thing, but he says that he couldn’t if he wanted to; it’s out of his control, and Ava is out of the country. Laura says he can get her to come back. It’s not like he hasn’t kidnapped someone before. He tells her that she has to face the facts; the civil suit is dead in the water. Laura tells him that they’re going ahead with it, with or without Ava’s help. Valentin says his lawyers will bury them. They can’t even prove Nikolas is dead, and will put Spencer through tribulation that he doesn’t need. Laura says that Nikolas is dead, and Valentin killed him, cruelly and deliberately. Now he thinks that he’s home free, but think again. She asks if this is how if felt, holding the gun on her son. She cocks it, and says now she knows what it’s like to be in his shoes, and he knows what it was like to be in Nikolas’s.

Anna tells Finn that it’s a message from Robin. He asks if she’s one of those attachments that an enemy can use against you. Anna says all her life; most recently when Olivia-J almost blew her up. She came so close to losing her, but Robin recently had a second child who just went to his well baby checkup. He was named after his grandfathers – Noah Robert. They call him Noah, but he takes after Robert. Anna explains that she hadn’t told Robert she was pregnant with Robin, and gave her to a good friend to raise. Not a day goes by when she doesn’t regret it, but she had to keep her in hiding for six years. She saw Robin, but as friend; she but couldn’t be her mother. When she was finally able to take her, Anna became a mom with a vengeance. Now Robin is a mother, and she has a second chance to make up for lost time. Finn says that you can’t make up for abandoning the people you love. Ouch.

Ava comes back with her wallet, passport, and phone. Griff tells her to skip the packing. She can replace her stuff; just leave it. She asks if they’re making a run for it. Griff says yes, but she tells him no.

At the church, one of the men at the door says that they’re searching for an escaped mental patient. Patient 6 tells Baska and the priest to get out. He’s going to stop them. If he doesn’t do something, they could tear the place apart, and take it out on them. The priest says he can’t be allowed to fight in the house of God.

Laura pulls the trigger, but nothing happens. Valentin starts to stutter, saying that she’s lucky. She tells him that she came close to putting bullets in the gun. He says that it’s a mistake to level a gun at someone unless it’s in self-defense. She says it was worth it to give him the experience. He’s not invincible; he’s vulnerable. Valentin says that he didn’t claim to be invincible. Laura asks that when he thought his life was over, what god did he pray to, or does he even pray at all?

Anna says that Finn has no idea how hard it was. Finn says that somehow, she found the strength to abandon her child. She says she had no choice. Finn says to be good at her job, she had to desert her daughter, and didn’t even tell the father. She had no right to run away with their child from the man who loved her. Anna says this is about Hayden, and Finn gets up and walks out.

Ava tells Griff that she has the expertise to get away with a crime, and make it look like no crime took place. Griff wonders if they’re just going to walk out, and she says, exactly. They’re going to asks the front desk to call for a car, and walk out calmly. Griff wonders what happens if Kline wakes up, but Ava says he just told her Kline will be out for hours. Griff got into the clinic using his medical credentials, saying he was consulting with a patient. Ava says the result of the consultation is her checking out, and leaving with her personal physician. His way will get them caught; her way gives them a 30% chance of success. The walk to the elevator, carrying her bags.

The priest tells Patient 6 that God has helped him, and not to repay that with violence. He tells Patient 6 to go now. Patient 6 thanks the priest, and leaves with Baska. The priest opens the door, and tells the two men that all are welcome. They tell him that they’re looking for a dangerous American man. There had been another American here who lied and said he wasn’t there. The priest says no one is there except him. The men look around, but Patient 6 is gone.

Anna follows Finn outside. He says he told her that he wasn’t Bond material. She says he’s doing just fine. He says part of him is thinking that if Hayden hadn’t run, he could have saved the baby. Anna says this will sound hypocritical, but sometimes you have to accept things aren’t in your control. Finn tells her she’s just saying that because she thinks she still needs him. He says he’ll play nice with Cassandra. He has nowhere else to go, and nothing better to do.

Cassandra wants to know more about Finn’s traveling companion; he never even mentioned her name. Her butler says they could be friends, but she tells him that platonic friendships between men and women are like unicorns; you hear about them, but never see one. Her butler points out that he’s her friend, but she says he’s a well-paid one. She wonders if the Finn has a lack of involvement or a secret. Her butler asks why she’s even interested, and she says she’s never passed up the chance to possibly be cured. He asks if that’s all. Madam has been known to mix business with pleasure. She says this time it’s different.

Valentin tells Laura that he doesn’t pray to anyone for anything. If his life flashes before his eyes, he’ll be faced with powerful regrets. Laura asks if he regrets killing her son. He says he regrets the whole incident on Cassadine Island. If he had known his father left him everything, he could have just ousted Nikolas, since he was disinherited. Laura calls him a bastard. He says she uses that as an insult, but it’s the truth in his case. She tells him Nina will eventually figure him out, and Charlotte will too. Valentin says that Nina has already had that chance, and they should try to get along for Charlotte’s sake. He and Lulu came to an agreement. Laura says that he forced her to agree. Valentin asks if, when she was holding the gun, she ever thought about the technology he might have. A video could have serious consequences. She says he’s bluffing, and he says not to count on it if she does it again. He tells her not to disrupt the agreement, or he’ll win, and she and her daughter will lose.

Griff and Ava are on a plane. Ava wonders if she’s dreaming. Griff pours her a drink, and she tells him he shouldn’t be encouraging her vices. He tells her that she deserves it. She can’t believe they did it. He reminds her of the 30% chance she said they had, and she says that she was lying. He says that she stayed icy calm, and asks if she wasn’t frightened. She says that she was scared to death. He tells her that there’s nothing to be afraid of now. Just sleep, and he’ll wake her up at JFK. An announcement comes over the intercom that they’re being detained at the gate for a security issue.

Laura puts away her gun. She says one more thing. She wants Valentin to know about his family. His stepmother put a curse on her once. He says that sounds like Helena, but he doesn’t believe in curses. She says that you don’t need to believe for them to work. He asks how it manifested itself, and she says that just knowing Helena had a vendetta was enough. She and her family were tortured for decades. Valentin says it’s best that she’s gone then. Laura tells him that when Helena died, she thought the curse was broken, but still waited for a black cloud. Then there he is. He tells her that like prophecies and sorcery, the only power curses have is what you give them. Laura says that you don’t have to believe in the supernatural to understand evil.

Here’s where I curse the world out, because we get interrupted to go to Las Vegas, where POTUS is speaking. He talks for a few minutes – after four o’clock. Thanks, ABC! But all is not lost. Thanks for real, YouTube!

Laura tells Valentin that evil is a sickness of the heart, which manifests itself by what you put out in the world. Valentin doesn’t believe in karma, but she says that it works whether you believe it or not. He’ll never know peace of mind, and will be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life, wondering when the past is going to catch up with him. She walks out, and he closes the door.

Anna tells Finn she’s sorry. She was insensitive, talking about her family and knowing how he feels. He knows it was heartbreaking, but she did what she thought was best. She tells him they can apologize for every regret they’ve ever had, or quit while they’re ahead. Maybe they should call it a night. Finn asks where the fun is in that, and tells her that she was right. She asks what he has in mind.

The stewardess announces that the security issue was resolved, and they’ll be pushing back from the gate shortly. Ava pours another drink, and says she missed this. She tells Griff that even underground medical facilities don’t serve alcohol. Not to patients anyway. Neither do planes while you’re still on the ground, but we’ll let that pass. Ava tells him about the people looking away from her, and Griff asks her if she’s ready to tell him what happened.

Baska leads Patient 6 to a cargo room in the ship. He tells Patient 6 to be careful, and stay out of sight. Patient 6 asks where they’re headed, and Baska tells him, New York.

Valentin thinks about manipulating Ava to recant her statement. His phone rings. It’s Cassandra. He tells her they have nothing further to discuss, and she says that she’s never known him to dismiss something when so blindly uninformed. He wants to leave the past where it is, and she says they’ll test that when she sees him. She’s decided to seek treatment with Finn, and is coming to Port Charles.

Ava tells Griff that she’d rather not relive it right now. She says the more they talk about her, the more he’s avoiding her question. Why did he come to find her?

A man grabs Patient 6 from behind, and they start to fight.

This episode was dedicated to the late technical director, Averill Perry.

Tomorrow, Stella has news, Griff says an apology isn’t the only reason he came to find Ava, and Josslyn asks Oscar if he wants to know who his father is.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Teresa’s mother has passed away. We see clips from Antonia’s life, as well as clips from the funeral. Gia gives a beautiful eulogy. Teresa tells us how amazing she was. The family lets balloons go at the service.

Two months later. Teresa is getting the kids ready for school. Joe #1 is in the clink, and she tells us that he’s lost a lot of weight, they see him when they can, and the girls are in constant contact. She’s juggling a lot with them. She has good days and bad days, and misses her mom.

Joe #2 is also missing their mom. Melissa says she never saw a man love a woman like his father loved his mother, and she’s worried about him. Watching his parents, she thinks maybe they need less. It makes her want to enjoy life together more and spend time with the kids. She doesn’t want to live to work, but work to live.

Dolores says life is going by fast. Frankie is going away to college, and she’s a little scared. Ex-husband Frank is moving back in. He might as well; he’s there all the time anyway. She says his relationship with his girlfriend is like a hamster wheel, and he asked to come back. He tells her that Frankie is spoiled. Dolores says that he’s been the man of the house, and is afraid the two Franks will drive each other crazy when she’s off running her businesses. Her gym effort did so well, she’s opened another one.

Siggy and husband Michael have dinner. She threatens daughter Sophie that she’ll be showing up at the party Sophie is going to, making sure there are no boys there. She’s feeling the empty nest syndrome, because nobody is asking for her help anymore. She bought a bunch of stuff for her son’s dorm room, and Michael reminds her that it’s only 4’ x 4’.

Joe #2 and Teresa visit their father. He’s still feeling lost, and Teresa says she sees him cry every day. she wants to make things better, but there’s no way. Joe tells her that he wants to sell the house. Their dad wants to be near Teresa, and Joe says he’ll be there to help whenever he can. They go through some photos and mementos, and cry. Teresa says it doesn’t feel real. She feels numb, but she’s trying to stay positive for everyone else.

Melissa goes to her store, Envy. She loves that she loves everything in it. She dissolved her partnership with Jackie, since they had two different visions. They were working toward liquidating everything, and in the middle of the night, Jackie snuck in and took all of the stock. Melissa couldn’t believe that Jackie was so callous, knowing what was going on with her mother-in-law. We see a video of an empty store. Wow. She took everything but the fixtures. Even worse, she took the clothes to Kim D.’s store. Melissa calls her a rat who’s always looking for a piece of cheese.

Joe #2 is taking his father and Teresa’s kids out to dinner, so Teresa can have a girls’ night. A flower delivery comes from Danielle. Gia reminds her grandpa who Danielle is by recalling Teresa flipping the table. In her interview, Teresa says they have a past, which we see in some clips, but she feels Danielle never got a fair chance. Teresa has changed, and wanted to see if Danielle did, so she reached out to her. Now they do yoga together. She’s glad they’re reconnecting, but is afraid about Danielle becoming too clingy. Joe arrives, and they head out. Teresa’s friends come bearing wine and loads of food.

Dolores tells them about Frank moving back home. Teresa asks if she’s still dating “that guy,” and Dolores says she is. She says in his mind, Frank is home with the kids, so she can stay out longer. In her interview, she says that Frank is her best friend and will always be in her life. Teresa can’t believe her mother isn’t there, and it feels like she’ll be coming over tomorrow. In her interview, Melissa tells us that Joe and Teresa took turns sleeping in the hospital, and their mother never spent a night alone. Siggy wants to take everyone on a vacation to Boca Raton.

Siggy goes to a spa where she’s giving a lecture. Since her book took off, she gives speeches for anyone who wants to be inspired. Women start arriving, and wine is poured. She introduces us to new friend Jody, and Margaret who has joined the cast. Siggy’s philosophy is to know your worth. She says a lot of brilliant people have been rejected, and a man’s rejection is God’s protection. After she does her talk, she signs autographs.

Dolores packs for Boca. She’s glad Frank and Frankie will be home together for the first time in ages. Teresa gives instructions to Gia, who yawns in response. Melissa realizes that she and Joe #2 have never been apart for her birthday, but says he’s hot when he’s Mr. Mom.

Siggy tells us that Boca is her second home. She lived there ten years after college, and her children were born there. They have three ocean-view suites. The ladies arrive at the hotel, and the rooms are more modern than I like, but beautiful, and the views are fabulous. Teresa hasn’t been on vacation in years. She’s still on probation, but feels like things are getting back to normal. Siggy says tonight they’re going to her favorite restaurant, and Margaret is going with them.

Margaret calls herself a powerhouse in pigtails. She says her lifestyle line is like Lilly Pulitzer on crack, and she runs her business out of her home. She tells us that makes it tough to cuddle with her husband in the morning. Leaving her first husband was a huge scandal in her town, but she says too bad, take her as she is.  She introduces her pig-tailed self to the girls, and they head out for dinner.

Melissa is proud of herself for sending Joe #2 a nudie pic; her first ever. Siggy comes into the restaurant, hollering greetings to everyone. In her interview, Melissa says that if she and Teresa could have hidden under the table, they would have. Siggy yells that it’s her favorite restaurant in the world. She says that when you live somewhere for a long time, you know everyone. She loves everyone there, and they love her. She works the room, and the others order wine. Siggy shouts for the best champagne. Margaret thinks she needs to tone it down a notch, and tells the girls about her business.

Siggy wants advice. She says that when she speaks to people, it makes her heart sing, but Michael doesn’t want he working as much as she does. We see a clip of him telling her to slow it down. She tells them that she’s down to two events a week. Margaret talks about leaving her first husband to run away with the contractor. Teresa says she likes keeping busy and working, but misses the partnership of her husband. She’s a hands-on mom, and thinks that if Joe #1 hadn’t been a dumbass, she’d have help now. She doesn’t say it exactly that way; I’m paraphrasing. It upsets her that she missed out on a year with her mother. Melissa says that Teresa never shows anger about it, and to hear her say it out loud is like, wow. Teresa says he’d better be a changed person when he comes back. In her interview, Dolores says that Teresa claimed she’d never leave Joe, but that was before her mom passed away.

The next morning, Joe #2 FaceTimes with Melissa. He talks about how the pictures she sent turned him on. She tells him that since it’s her birthday, now he has to send pictures to her, but she’ll just look at them and laugh. He asks about Teresa, and Melissa says she seems to be expressing herself for the first time. He suggests getting her drunk and having fun.

Dolores calls Frankie’s tutor, who doesn’t think he’s turned in his college applications on time. She says if she calls Frankie right now, she’ll make big mistakes as a mother. The tutor says she can appeal. Dolores says when she calms down, she’ll deal with it. She has to call Frank to pinch-hit, and wishes she’d been more on top of it.

Everyone gathers for brunch. The birthday girl arrives, and Danielle does too. She wants coffee and a bloody Mary at the same time. In her interview, she says, that’s right, bitches, I’m back. She never thought in a million years that she and Teresa would be vacationing together. They talk about Danielle’s housewarming, and we see clips. Melissa says it’s crazy, but she thinks Danielle is super cool and entertaining. Me too. She liked one of my tweets once, and I rarely tweet. Teresa says it was like picking up where they left off. She’s cautious, but wants to give it a chance. Danielle hopes it’s for real, and that it leads to an apology.

In her interview, Siggy wonders if she’s the only one who thinks Danielle is crazy and this could be a problem. Danielle brings up Kim D. A car registered to her was found with two burned bodies inside. I remember reading about this online. At first, Kim D. was worried that one of them was her son, but eventually hunted him down. Danielle has empathy, but hasn’t seen her since Kim set her up at the club to get her hair pulled. We flash back a million years ago to that. Melissa says if that’s the last time she saw Kim, congratulations. They call Kim a cockroach, and Siggy points out that she’s still friends with her. Melissa says even if Siggy kisses her ass, Kim will still backstab her. Siggy wonders what Melissa’s gripe has to do with her. She lets it pass because it’s Melissa’s birthday.

Joe #2 asks if the boys miss Melissa, and one of them says she’s mean. In his interview, he explains that she’s the bad cop. He tries to clean up a spill, and fails miserably.

In Boca, a boat is chartered and the girls go on a mini-cruise. Teresa calls home, and Milania misses her Nona. Teresa says her heart is with her family, even though she’s grateful to get away. Margaret feels badly for the girls, and says they shouldn’t have to suffer so much.

At dinner, Margaret tells the ladies about a spray that gives you a better orgasm. Teresa asks if she has any with her. A seafood tower arrives, along with shots. Melissa brings up her bachelorette party, and how Teresa told Joe #2 that she was dancing with all the guys. She demonstrates her dancing. Teresa says she felt terrible, and Melissa says that she and Joe didn’t talk for weeks. Teresa tells us that she used to be the troublemaker. Margaret asks if they think Siggy’s husband is being controlling, because he wants her to scale back. Siggy says God gave her a gift, and she’s the most talented person in the world. In her interview, Melissa wonders if she’s heard of Michael JacksonMadonna, or the guy who invented the light bulb. Siggy gets weepy about having to choose, and Margaret wonders why she has to. Teresa says if she’s passionate about it, why would he want to take it away?

Siggy had a beautiful cake made with a shoe on top, and the icing on the bottom layer matching the wallpaper at Envy. Teresa makes a toast, saying that Melissa is the sister she never had. Melissa brings up the dancing again, and she and Teresa throw cake at each other, culminating with Teresa throwing the whole thing at Melissa as she runs off yelling that it’s her birthday. No more for these two. Siggy says they’ll have to explain to the restaurant they’re from Jersey. She’s not too happy, saying that the cake was a work of art and it’s disrespectful. Margaret tells Siggy to take it down a notch again, and Siggy tells her to go screw herself.

We’re off to a good start.

This episode was dedicated to Antonia Gorga.

This season, yoga, muscles, another birthday celebration for Melissa, a trip to Milan, Joe #2 buys a restaurant, Siggy calls Danielle a crazy scumbag and argues with Margaret, Dolores and Teresa tangle, Kim D. makes an appearance, and Danielle flips out.

🎂 I couldn’t find the cake from this episode, but this one is almost as good…


The Kim D. Car Story

2 Charged with Alleged Murder of Victims Found Shot in RHONJ Star Kim DePaola’s Burned-Out Audi

October 2, 2017 – Ava Loses an Earring, Doug Loses Something Else, An Engagement Announcement, Wisdom & a Birthday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Michael goes to Nelle’s apartment. She only has a few minutes, and he hopes they can talk about what they need to in that time. He wants to know why she lied.

Alexis wants to talk to Dr. Bensch. She trips and falls into him. Her shoe is broken. On the phone, Sam tells Jason that her mom is a hot mess. She has one more test, and she’ll see him soon. When she hangs up, she says that either Alexis is a mess or a genius.

Franco comes to Jason’s room, bearing balloons and a teddy bear.

In Russia, alarms are going off at the clinic. Ava asks what’s happening. The nurse says that Patient 6 got loose, and to get in her room. On the phone, Dr. Kline wants someone to send help. They’re not equipped to handle this. Patient 6 is strong, fast, and nearly impossible to control. If they don’t reclaim him tonight, they might not get him back.

Michael says that Nelle lied and he wants to know why. She asks about what? He takes the ring out of his pocket, and says, this. It looks like this is the ring she said that she lost.

Dr. Kline says that Patient 6 had help.  He sees an earring on the floor in Patient 6’s room, and says that now he knows who gave it to him.

In her room, Ava says she wishes the racket would stop. The alarms go silent, and she wishes for a martini. Kline comes in, and she asks if everything is under control. He says it will be soon, and closes the door.

Franco tells Jason that he would have done better if he’d had time to plan, but someone wanted to see him immediately. Jason says he’s sorry he pulled Franco away from finger painting, and Franco says that he kinda did; he got his job back. He tells Jason that everyone is thrilled he’s awake. Jason asks if in the long run, it wouldn’t have been better for Franco if he’d stayed in a coma. Franco says he’s not good with hypotheticals. Jason says he isn’t either, and asks why Franco visited him in the ICU.

Patient 6 navigates some stairwells. A Russian Orthodox priest comes out of a door and onto the landing. He speaks in Russian, asking Patient 6 if he isn’t cold without shoes. Patient 6 says he doesn’t speak Russian, and the priest asks why no shoes? Patient 6 says he had to leave without them. The priest asks if the place he left wasn’t good, and he says not good at all. He asks how he can help. Patient 6 asks where he can find a train station.

Dr. Bensch picks up Alexis’s shoe and asks if she’s okay. Alexis says she’s fine, and can she have her shoe back? The doctor says he has a temporary fix, and walks away with it. Sam joins Alexis, who asks what she’s doing. Sam says that Dr. Bensch is handsome and charming, and asks if Alexis got his number. Alexis tells her to back off.

Franco says visiting Jason is crazy, right? Maybe they mixed up his meds. Jason repeats what Franco said to him when he was in a coma, and asks if it sounds familiar.

The priest asks Patient 6 how he’ll pay for a train ride. Patient 6 says he’ll figure it out, and the priest asks if he’s going to rob someone. He says not unless he has to, and asks for directions. The priest tells him that they get donations, and will have something that should fit him. He tells Patient 6 to come with him. Patient 6 says he’s fine on his own, but the priest says that God disagrees. That’s why he’s here.

Ava asks Dr. Kline if it’s time for her treatment, and he says she’ll definitely get what’s coming to her. He asks if she’s enjoying her stay. She says it’s kind of dull without a phone or television, but it proves how addicted they all are to technology. Dr. Kline says that her treatments are working, and asks if she’s pleased with the service. She asks if these aren’t questions reserved for the conclusion of the treatments. He tells her that she’s right, and she seems to have problem with the rules, specifically staying away from Patient 6. He escaped. She asks if that’s what the alarms were for, and he shows her the earring (she’s wearing the other one), saying he found it in Patient 6’s room. Oh, Ava, just make something up. You’re good at that.

Nelle asks Michael where he got the ring. He tells her he found it when she was at work. She tells him that snooping isn’t a good look, and wonders if he took lessons from Carly and Bobbie. He says he was unpacking her stuff, when some books dropped and it fell out. Imagine his surprise, since she’d told Sharon that she’d lost it. He asks if it’s Zack’s ring, and Nelle says, no, it’s hers. Zack gave it to her; does it matter? He says it matters a lot, and she tells him not to be jealous. He says that isn’t the problem. It’s a family heirloom, and she has to give it back. She says, like hell. Michael says that Zack gave it to her because she was going to be part of the family, and he might have wanted it passed down to their children. Sadly, that didn’t happen, so it should go back to the family. Nelle asks why she should give it back to people who accused her of murdering him. He asks if she’s keeping it to spite them, and she says what if she is? It’s all she has of him. She got to keep no happy memories, and only has vicious accusations to remember him by. They won’t be happy until she’s behind bars, and made her life hell. He asks why she lied, and said she’d lost it.

Alexis tells Sam that she’s mortified. She says that Sam needs to stop trying to control the wheel of her social life, and asks if she rigged the shoe. Sam says no, and Alexis says that she knows Sam means well, and she loves her, but she’s not ready to put herself out there. She may never be. Sam asks if that’s because someone might find out. Alexis asks who, and Sam says, Julian.

Franco tells Jason that he probably dreamed all that crazy stuff. Jason says he couldn’t open his eyes or respond, but he heard every word. Franco admits to stopping by, but can’t remember what he rambled about. Jason says that something had him thinking they’re related, even though that was resolved years ago. Franco says that the thought had occurred to him again, but it turned out to be nothing, so he can resume his regularly scheduled life. Jason says that Jake told him about a photo that looks like him, and Franco says it was just a kid from the neighborhood, and had nothing to do with him.

Ava acts surprised about the earring, telling the doctor that she had no idea she’d lost it, and he should ask his staff. Maybe someone picked it up and dropped it. Dr. Kline says that all factors being equal, the simplest explanation is likely to be true. She lost it in Patient 6’s room. Ava tells him that she doesn’t like his tone. He says that Patient 6 is a dangerous man, and she set him free. There will be consequences.

Patient 6 follows the priest into a church. The priest says God sent him because he never used that alleyway until tonight. They hear someone, and Patient 6 ducks behind a wall. This is an amazing set, and really looks like an old, historical church. He hears the priest talking in Russian. He’s talking to Griff, who gives the priest his name, adding that he’s from America, and asks if he can pray there. The priest tells him he’s welcome to pray, but he has to lock up soon. He tells Griff to rest from his troubles. Griff asks what makes him think he has troubles. The priest says he thinks Griff needs help, and God will send it.

Patient 6, who I desperately want to call Steve or Jason at this point, watches for a while, and then steps into the room. He tells Griff that he heard him say that he was American. So is he. He asks if Griff can do him a favor.

Ava insists she didn’t help Patient 6, she just gave him a paperclip. More specifically, he dropped it, and she gave it back to him. She thinks the doctor and his staff should be more careful. They messed up, not her. Dr. Kline asks if she likes how she looks. She says she hasn’t seen herself yet. He tells her that she’s much improved, but the scars are still severe. She tells him that’s why she came, to get her face back. Dr. Kline says that she’s cost him time, money, and inconvenience. She says that she’s sorry, and he tells her she’s in Russia; apologies are meaningless. This sounds funny coming from someone who sounds like they’re from Connecticut.

On the phone again, Dr. Kline tells someone that Patient 6 made it outside. He says screw you; you lost him. He tells them that Patient 6 had help. They have a patient here, a woman, who could be the problem. He’ll call with an update.

Jason tells Franco that all the photo would prove was that they were in the same place at the same time when they were kids. How did he jump to brothers? Franco says that looking at the photo started to make him think about his messed up childhood. Jason asks how it was messed up, and Franco says, how? Look at him. He was a weird kid who had an imaginary friend who wasn’t imaginary; he was the kid in the photo. Jason wonders why he would think the friend was imaginary, and Franco explains that he recently learned it was a kid from the neighborhood who left the neighborhood. He was sensitive, so his mom didn’t want to upset him, and let him believe the friend was made up. When he saw the photo, he started to feel like he did when Heather said that he and Jason were brothers. He thought it might jog Jason’s memory like it did his, but that was useless, since Jason has no memories of his childhood, right?

Alexis tells Sam that Julian has nothing to do with it. Sam says he has everything to do with it. Either she was so tortured by him, she doesn’t want to get back out there, or she’s waiting for him. Alexis suggests that maybe she wants to concentrate on her own life – family, work, learning to cook. Sam says Alexis had her until the cooking part. Alexis says maybe she just wants to be alone. Sam says that she could accept it if she thought it was true, but knows her. She asks Alexis if she isn’t lonely.

Nelle tells Michael that she lied because that snotty bitch didn’t want her to have the ring. Michael says that she knows Nelle still has it. Nelle says she can’t prove it. He says she can try, and has the resources. If he was in that position, he’d do the same thing. Nelle asks if he’s trying to scare her, and he says if she wants them to back off, the first step would be to return the ring. It’s not about doing the right thing, but the smart thing. Nelle doesn’t buy it. She says he met Sharon for five minutes. Michael says that it bothers him more than she lied to him. She says she didn’t. She never told him that she didn’t have it. If Nina hadn’t told her to come in, she would have explained. He says he’s here now, and she’s making it look like his grandmother is right about her.

Nelle is like, wow, that’s it; his family gets their way. Does he believe she’s as bad as they say she is? Michael says he’s trying to fit the woman he loves with a woman who would lie for no reason. She tells him that she was protecting herself. Sharon showed up, throwing Zack in her face. She knew the next thing would be her showing up with a squad of lawyers. Michael says he would have defended her, but Nelle says she doesn’t know that. A few months of being supportive doesn’t undo a lifetime of being the only one to have her own back. She wishes she hadn’t lied to him, and he tells her that makes two of us. She says that him believing her doesn’t help. They accused her of murder, and nothing will change their minds. She’s not going through it again, whether he believes them or her.

Jason says that so Franco’s adoptive mom lied about his imaginary friend, and his mom lied about them being twins. Doesn’t he think there’s more to it? Franco says, being related? No, let’s get on with our lives and forget the conversation ever happened. Jason says it works for him, but he’d like to see the photo.

Sam apologizes to Alexis. She says she knows it’s not what Alexis signed up for, but worries about her. She’ll butt out, but asks her not to shut off the possibility of finding love again. She has much to give, and can do better than Julian. Dr. Bensch returns with Alexis’s shoe, and says it should hold until she gets home. He tells Sam that he’ll call her with the test results. Sam walks off, and smiles.

Ava starts to freak out. She tells Dr. Kline that he can’t stop the treatments. He says it’s a shame. He wanted to see her face restored; she should have listened. She says if she had known, she never would have lifted a finger to help Patient 6. The doctor tells her it’s too late; he opportunity is gone. She says so is her desire to break the rules, and begs for another chance. She says she’ll pay more, whatever he wants. She needs to be whole. She asks him not to take that away from her. He tells her that she ruined her chances all by herself.

Griff says that Patient 6 is obviously in trouble. How can he help? Patient 6 says he needs to make a phone call.

Nelle asks who Michael believes. He says that he doesn’t think she’s capable of murder. She says that’s comforting, but he didn’t answer her question. He says she told him that she needed to time to be able to reach out and fully trust someone. He needs time to come to terms with this. She tells him that he’s welcome to go through the rest of her stuff; it’s his apartment after all. Maybe he can find more evidence that she’s the awful person Bobbie and Carly think she is. He tells her that he wants to help, but she has to meet him halfway. He puts the ring down, and leaves. Tears roll down Nelle’s cheeks.

Franco asks Jason why he’d want to see a random photo of him as a kid. Jason says curiosity. Jake thought he looked like the kid too, and he wants to see for himself. Franco says that he lost the photo. Jason will have to live with the knowledge that there’s a lookalike of him out there; at least what he used to look like. He tells Jason to feel better. In the hallway, Franco runs into Sam. She asks what he’s doing there, and he tells her to ask her husband.

Alexis says her shoe is good, and thanks Dr. Bensch for taking the time to fix it. He says what if she’d injured herself? She might never dance again. She says that she doesn’t dance, and he says maybe she hasn’t found the right partner, and suggests they go out some night. Alexis says, no, let’s not, and he says it’s probably inappropriate to asks out a patient’s mother. She tells him that her ex-husband is in jail, her father was a madman who wanted to freeze the world, she dressed up as a butler to be near her daughter, and she just got sober. Dr. Bensch says it doesn’t make her any less charming, and there must be quite a story about the butler thing. She says maybe they should skip dinner and just talk. He says that’s good with him, and saves him from having to brush up on The Hustle.

Sam asks Jason what Franco was doing there. Jason says he asked him to come. He remembered him visiting in the ICU. Sam asks what for, and he tells her like most things with Franco, he’s trying to figure it out. Sam’s phone rings, and she finds out that her car alarm is going off. She tells gun that she’ll be right back.

Griff gives his phone to Patient 6, who asks if it’s new. Griff says he’s embarrassed, but he always has to be first in line for an upgrade. I have no idea why this is important. Will it come up later, or is this some sort of subtle advertising for the new iPhone? Griff prays. He remembers kissing Ava, and the conversation afterward where she accused him of wearing a mask that he denies. He asks God to help him find Ava and bring her home.

Ava says, so that’s it? She gets no more treatments, and has to go home looking like this for the rest of her life? Dr. Kline tells her that he didn’t say anything about going home.

Jason’s phone rings. It’s Patient 6. There’s silence, and Jason asks who’s there.

Tomorrow, Valentin and Nina celebrate an anniversary, Finn asks why Anna feels responsible, Ava begs for her freedom, and both Jason and Patient 6 ask, “Who is this?”

The Real Housewives of the OC

Everyone gets ready for Lydia’s Balls Voyage party. Lydia and Doug are having a private kiki beforehand, and go out to the boat early. Doug tells the captain that they’re done having kids officially, as of tomorrow.

Lydia is thrilled with how the party has been set up. Meghan and Jimmy arrive first. Doug tells Jim about the vasectomy horror stories he’s heard. Jim says he’s had one, but he had “saved some,” which is how they produced Baby Aspen. Meghan tells us that it’s the first time she and Lydia have seen each other since the hike, so she feels a little awkward. Lydia tells Meghan about how she felt left out when the other women went to dinner and she wasn’t invited. She tells Lydia that no one talked about her, but Lydia is skeptical, and rightly so.

The rest of the group trickles in. In her interview, Lydia says that she and Shannon were starting over, and everything was good, when Shannon had the dinner and didn’t invite her. She makes a point of greeting Shannon and David. Tamra asks Kelly if Peggy is talking to her. Kelly says she’s not mad at Peggy, which isn’t what Tamra asked, but Peggy proves there are no hard feelings by joining them with her salad.

Lydia is excited to be getting off the pill. She explains the vasectomy procedure to the girls. Doug discusses his upcoming surgery with the guys. Diko says something about Peggy having taken the pill, and that it’s linked to cancer. David gets all up in his business, asking a million questions about Peggy’s cancer. Diko explains Peggy’s situation much better than she did, so hopefully David is satisfied. But seriously, how rude. Everyone comes up on deck to see the sunset, and Lydia gives a toast. They drink to Doug. Push presents are discussed, and it has to be explained to Peggy. She says Diko owes her big time. She thinks she should get a gift for each push, not just each baby.

Tamra tells Peggy that she felt badly for not stopping Kelly’s rant at her, but says she did well for herself. She says she’s been in Peggy’s shoes, and woke up feeling like she’d done the wrong thing. She says they have a similar sense of humor with the sarcasm, and people don’t understand her intentions sometimes. In her interview, Peggy appreciates the apology, but wonders why Tamra didn’t stick up for her in the moment.

It’s time for the vasectomy, and Doug’s heart is racing. Lydia says a quick prayer, including that the surgeon has steady hands. She says she’s been gung-ho about the whole thing, but of course is nervous.

Kelly goes for a colonic. She tells us she’s backed up because of the anesthesia. Vicki is meeting her, and she says Vicki is more full of sh*t than she is. Vicki claims that she never defecates. Really? I think that’s probably a medical impossibility for the average person who isn’t missing organs or something. She points out a notation on her medical records to Kelly, and Kelly wonders who carries those around with them. Apparently, Vicki.

Lydia calls her mom from the waiting room, saying that she’s scared. She tries to direct Lydia’s thoughts to something more positive, and tells her to remember who she is. Lydia tells her mom that she sucks at this, but before we know it, the doctor comes out and says Doug is finished.

Kelly thinks the colonic will release Vicki’s toxins. Vicki talks about all the heartache she has, and says she’ll probably die from a broken heart. She tells Kelly about how toxic some of the women are. Kelly thinks she should talk to Tamra, and call a truce. Vicki just wants to be able to be in the same room. In her interview, she says she only wants to be loved, and be happy in the years she has left.

Everyone prepares for Easter. Meghan makes cards using Aspen’s footprint. Shannon thinks she inherited the zany part of her personality from her mother, Pat, as they make a basket that looks like a Pinterest fail. She gripes about her weight gain. She’s afraid to check with the doctor, because he might say it’s not her hormones. She says she knows David must be disgusted, and thinks it must be why they’re growing apart. She tells her mother that since the vow renewal, he’s been stepping back. He told her a few weeks ago that the marriage isn’t doing well. We flash back, and that’s not exactly what he said, but okay. Shannon wonders if she’ll ever get over the affair. Their distance is reminding her about it. When it was great, she could forget, but now it’s not so great. Her mother says she has to remember what she did to make it better the last time, and bring it back again. She tells Shannon to concentrate on her own life, and says that she couldn’t be blessed with better children. Spending time with them should make her happy. In her interview, Shannon tells us that there was infidelity in her parents’ marriage, but her mother stayed in it for the kids, and they eventually divorced when the kids were older. Her mother thinks she should get a clean bill of health first, and asks her to get a check-up.

Peggy makes some Armenian Easter pastry with her kids. She says it’s important because Christianity is a big part of their lives, and Armenians were the first to accept it. She couldn’t have gotten through her surgeries without God. She tells her daughters about meeting Shannon’s husband, and how he was grilling Diko about her cancer. She says it’s not coming from a place of concern, and it’s insulting. I agree. We see a clip of Diko telling her that he felt like he was being interrogated. One of the girls suggests that Shannon is the one who really wanted to know. Peggy says David is lucky she wasn’t there; she would have thrown him off the boat. She says she’s disgusted.

At Lydia’s mothers house, they make cookies and color eggs. Doug talks about there being a Lydia in the bible, but says there are no Dougs. In her interview, Lydia says her mom is super goofy, so she feels she has to be more responsible when they’re together. They hide the eggs, and their youngest son finds them. Lydia tells us that her mom was an actress, and then decided to concentrate on being a mom. She and her mom put on crowns. Why not?

Shannon’s mother comes for Easter dinner. Pat asks about Sophie’s practice driving. We flash back to Shannon freaking out in the car. Both she and David suggest Pat take her. Shannon talks about tapping a gas tank her first time out, and the glass ball on top falling and shattering. David jokes about her having a silver spoon in her mouth, but Shannon says although they were privileged, she always worked. David says their kids don’t know any different, but Shannon disagrees. In her interview, she says there’s a disconnect, and she wants the husband who looked at her with adoring eyes back.

Vicki tells Steve it didn’t go as well as she would have liked with Tamra. In hindsight, she shouldn’t have had Ricky at her party. She tells him about Shannon getting involved in their argument. She thinks if it wasn’t for Shannon, she and Tamra would have moved on a while ago.

Lydia shows up at the gym where Tamra is working out. Tamra puts her through some paces. In her interview, Tamra she’s grateful for their friendship. She can talk to another Christian about things that other people don’t get. She shows Lydia a rash, and thinks it’s stress. She says fighting with Vicki is physically making her sick, and she wants to put the past behind them and move forward.

Steve says that Vicki should work out an agreement with Tamra to be civil. He thinks too many people re meddling, and we flash back to a lot of intrusion. He says that Vicki needs to fix it, otherwise he’ll have to keep hearing about it, and he doesn’t want to. Vicki tells us that Steve is rational, calm, and logical, all the things she isn’t, and gives her stability. Steve tells her to do it now.

Lydia is saying the same thing to Tamra. She doesn’t need to trust Vicki, but talk to her and let it go, so they don’t keep talking about the last decade. Tamra says that Vicki was one of her bridesmaids. Oddly enough, Vicki calls right at that moment. She asks if Vicki’s ears were burning, and Vicki says they always are. Vicki says it’s time to bury it or turn it over. She doesn’t know what to do about their friendship, and asks if they can meet. Lydia thinks they should hear each other’s pain and move forward. Tamra agrees to meet. Lydia claims her title as a powerful prayer warrior.

Next time, hookahs and belly dancing, Diko grills Shannon about David, and Tamra and Vicki meet.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

D’Andra asks LeeAnne if her boobs are beach ready, but LeeAnne says she’s in a lot of pain. Everyone is getting ready to go to the beach. Brandi wants to put a sex toy in D’Andra’s bag, since she’s so conservative. She gives Stephanie the job of distracting them. Stephanie says every vacation needs this. Brandi does the deed when everyone gathers to leave. Brandi says the only way you can have a friendship is with no judgments.

The girls try different tequilas. Bleh. Kameron says this isn’t typically how she starts her morning. I’m pretty sure that it’s acceptable in Mexico. There are worms and grasshoppers for garnishes. D’Andra and Cary drink a worm. Cary coughs it out, saying that the worm tried to kill her. D’Andra says it doesn’t taste like anything. She thinks the girls would never make it in a third world country. She finds the surprise in her bag, and knows it had to be Brandi. Stephanie says it’s amazing and disturbing. D’Andra makes it the centerpiece, but Brandi wants to pass it around as a share-your-feelings wiener. Kameron tells her to get it away from her, which is like a red flag to a bull, and Brandi chases her with it. In her interview, Kameron calls it Brandi Does Mexico, and wants no part of this movie. LeeAnne tells them to leave Kameron alone, and buries it in the sand. In her interview, LeeAnne thought it was hilarious, but seeing Kameron being hassled, when she was genuinely offended, was painful. Stephanie says she’d rather hang out with her mom than Kameron, and her mom is a Sunday school teacher. Kameron says people with different backgrounds behave in different ways. LeeAnne thinks if the class situation is brought up, they’ll be on the Titanic. Brandi makes a remark about some people thinking they’re better than others. Kameron says she’s uncomfortable, and that’s the difference.

In her interview, Cary says it’s hard, because she’s friends with both Kameron and Brandi. The beach party breaks up, and they agree to meet for dinner. Kameron is like, no bugs and no toys. Stephanie fully supports the wiener. Brandi thinks she can’t hang out with someone who doesn’t think it’s fun. Cary thinks it was too much for Kameron, and Brandi says all that pink is too much for her.

LeeAnne says that last year, she had an issue with Brandi and Stephanie drinking and reliving their youth. We flash back to the dog poop hat debacle. LeeAnne says that Brandi needs to own her bad behavior.

Cary tells Stephanie and Brandi that she heard Rich has a small weenie. The girls get foot massages, and I’m totally jealous. Cary says she needs to have her stomach pumped from all the tequila, and then figure out how she can drink more.

Stephanie FaceTimes with Travis. He’s half asleep, and says blah-blah-blah about the kids. Cary attempts to twerk. LeeAnne tells D’Andra that she and Rich got engaged. She wanted to tell her first, and show her the ring privately. D’Andra starts to cry, and they hug. In her interview, LeeAnne says it means as much to D’Andra to see the ring as it did for her to get it, and that’s how you know someone loves you. D’Andra says neither one of them have children, and the reality of dying alone haunted and bonded them. She thinks LeeAnne has a true love story.

LeeAnne says she’s bleeding from one of her stitches. She wants to get through dinner, and then take a painkiller. The ladies gather, at a beautiful outdoor table for what Cary declares is a reset dinner. Everything is phenomenal, but the breeze makes everyone have to constantly deal with their hair flying around. Cary says that she has activities planned, but nothing offensive. Brandi asks if she’s sure that Kameron won’t be affected. Kameron says there are boundaries, and she thought it was inappropriate. She says she doesn’t go to strip clubs, and wonders why as parents they’d go to one. Brandi accuses her of being judgmental, and Kameron says they’re judging her. Brandi says she doesn’t judge somebody for not having a Highland Park zip code. Kameron wonders why she brought that up, and Cary admits she told Brandi what Kameron had said about them basically being in different classes. Brandi says Kameron is pissing her off, and how shallow to judge someone by their zip code; it shouldn’t matter. In her interview, Kameron says she wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but she was born with manners Cary says they should accept each other, and move on. Brandi wonders why Kameron can’t just laugh it off. Kameron says people in Dallas talk about Brandi and Stephanie, and think it’s disgusting. Brandi says she only cares about the people who love her, and that’s Kameron’s problem – she cares what everyone thinks. Cary burps. In her interview, she says there’s no better conversation stopper than a burp or a fart.

LeeAnne has an announcement. She thought it would be fun to share tonight, and shows them her ring.. Everyone gets all excited. A bachelorette party is demanded. Brandi tells Kameron that she’s in charge of the wiener. In her interview, Stephanie says that Rich might have a small wiener, but he has big balls to marrying LeeAnne. They get some champagne, and D’Andra makes a weepy toast.

The next morning, Leeanne wants to just celebrate with D’Andra, but they decide to have breakfast downstairs. She remarks how gorgeous it is, and wishes they could have a day where they could just chill. LeeAnne says she was scared to tell the group. She doesn’t get Cary saying she’s so happy. D’Andra tells LeeAnne that she takes the bait every time. She brings up Cary telling Brandi that her doctor murdered people. She says she was so angry, she said if Cary comes for her, she’ll strangle her. D’Andra calls Cary is a know-it-all, and thinks LeeAnne should try a different approach. In her interview, she says she’ll be LeeAnne’s friend forever, but she can’t change her life for her. She tells LeeAnne that she needs to practice restraint. LeeAnne says that’s her plan. She learned in therapy that she can only control her own words and actions.

In Stephanie and Brandi’s room, Stephanie is having a bubble bath, with the bubbles nearly at Lucy and Ethel proportion. We did this on our honeymoon. We had no bubble bath, and I said, I wonder what would happen if I put some shampoo in here? Well, I’ll tell you what happens if you put shampoo in a whirlpool tub – a lot of bubbles. I started to get scared that it would turn into an I Love Lucy episode, with bubbles all the way into the hall. Brandi jumps into the tub (wearing a bathing suit). Stephanie digs through the bubbles, and finds a bottle of champagne. Stephanie says it’s the tub of her dreams. She doesn’t know why Kameron doesn’t like Brandi, jokingly referring to her as the most elegant woman she knows. She thinks she thinks that Kameron just doesn’t get her sense of humor.

Kameron, D’Andra, and LeeAnne go to the spa. Kameron says it’s her kind of vacation, in her interview, she says she doesn’t stoop to Brandi’s level. She enjoys the spa, tennis, and nature hikes. It’s kind of a shame. I liked Kameron until she started remarking on zip codes. I think she overreacted on the beach, but I also think Brandi shouldn’t have chased her around. Even so, where you live or lived should have nothing to do with anything.

The girls go to a beautiful restaurant inside of a cave. Stephanie hopes a bat lands on Kameron, so she has something else to scold. The tequila drinking commences. Kameron can’t keep up. With one, she’s tipsy; two, you’d better watch out; and three, she needs to go home to bed. In her interview, LeeAnne says the person who has one of everything and knows it all, is usually the last to be invited to the party. Stephanie wants to play two truths and a lie. Brandi goes first, and everyone correctly agrees on the lie. Cary claims she can’t think of anything that isn’t beyond inappropriate. She wants to use her time in a different way. She wants to know the truth. She says that Brandi told her that LeeAnne threatened to strangle her. Brandi says didn’t use the word strangle. LeeAnne says that she wishes Cary wasn’t the only person she’s threatened to kill. D’Andra is over it already, saying that LeeAnne didn’t threaten her life. She wonders how much she can drink and still sit up straight in her chair. Cary asks why she says things like that; what happened to get her to that point? Brandi tells Cary it started with Cary’s comments about LeeAnne’s doctor at the tea, and we flash back to that. Brandi says it wasn’t first time Cary put down one of their doctors. Cary told Brandi that her doctor killed people. Cary denies saying that.

Brandi says she did say that, and they go back and forth half a dozen times. In her interview, Cary says she told Brandi that some doctors weren’t so good, but if she said he killed people, he probably did. She insists she that didn’t say it. In her interview, Cary says that Brandi got her amped up to fight, then bailed on her. Cary says that what Brandi told LeeAnne is a lie, and she made it up. Brandi says she didn’t. She says she called Stephanie, who confirms that Brandi was upset afterward. Cary says the only thing she told Brandi was to do her research. Brandi asks if Cary thinks she’s making this up, and Cary says yes. LeeAnne smiles into her wineglass.

Next time, a beach obstacle course, Brandi gets LeeAnne’s room key, and LeeAnne and Cary have it out.

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September 25, 2017 – Betsy Tells Franco the Truth, Surgeries Abound in the OC & Dallas & a Song


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General Hospital

Nelle can’t believe Michael bought her apartment. She tells him that she can’t accept it.

Carly wants to know how the two most cynical people in the world raised a son who’s so trusting. She tells Sonny that Nelle is just beginning to run a con on Michael. Sonny says that Nelle already knows they’re watching her, and if she was up to something, she would have been gone by now. Carly asks if Sonny thinks she has genuine feelings for Michael, and he says it would appear that way. Carly says she can prove differently.

At Kelly’s, Valentin tells Nina about Bailey, and says that Charlotte can’t wait to tell her all about the hospital. If that wasn’t enough, Lulu has agreed to share custody. Nina is shocked, since Lulu was determined to keep him out of Charlotte’s life.

Betsy tells Franco that he doesn’t have a brother. She said the boy in the photo was a twin, but not his twin. Heather didn’t tell him a complete lie. Susan gave birth to twins. Jason was raised by the Quartermaines, and the boy in the photo is his twin.

Jason opens his eyes and says Sam’s name.

In Russia, Ava asks if Patient 6 wants her to call the number he wrote down. He nods, and she says, and tell them what? That a violent psychotic with blue eye want them to get him. He nods again.

Michael tells Nelle that he thought she’d be excited. Doesn’t she want the apartment? She says she does, and he’s confused. She says he bought it, and asks how right that sounds. It’s just the kind of gesture he does all the time, but she’ll feel like a guest, or worse, a mistress. She tells him the latter is what people will think, and what about his parents?

Sonny asks Carly how she’s going to prove Nelle is guilty. She shows him the email from Zack’s sister Sharon, telling her that she has something to discuss in regard to Nelle. Sonny asks if she’s followed up on it, but Carly says Sharon is supposed to call her.

Franco says if the boy is Jason’s twin, why did Betsy say Franco made him up? She says she’s sorry. It was wrong. He says to tell him the truth, who is he and where is he now? Betsy says that it’s a long, complicated story. She and Heather were doing what they thought was best. Franco says Heather only cares about Heather, but Betsy isn’t like that. He wants her to tell him everything.

Ava tells Patient 6 there are two flaws in his plan. For one, she has no access to a phone. Secondly, if she found an outside line, does he think they’ll fly to Russia based on a description? He nods again. Ava thinks they’re more likely to act if she has a name. She asks him to just tell her who he is, and then she’ll see what she can do.

In the hallway, Sam says Jason’s name. He says hers again, and then has a seizure. Alarms go off, and the doctors run in.

Griff appears at Valentin’s table. He’s surprised about the custody decision, and Nina tells him that he has no business getting involved. Valentin says he doesn’t owe Griff any explanations, especially when it comes to his daughter. Lulu agreed to shared custody. Griff says he got what he wanted. Lulu can’t fight him, because he maneuvered Ava into recanting her story.

Ava tells Patient 6 that if he refuses to write his name, she refuses to make the phone call, and he can stay drugged into oblivion. She says she’ll keep the number. When and if he gives her a name, she’ll consider making the call. A nurse runs in and sees Patient 6 holding the pen. She says, omg, Ava gave him a weapon.

Betsy tells Franco that it started when she met Heather, who was pregnant with him. When Heather saw how badly Betsy wanted to be a mother, she let her raise him. When Susan found out she was pregnant, she fled to stay with Heather. She knew Alan was coming after her to take the child, and Heather brought her to Betsy. When Betsy wanted to make sure the baby was okay, she discovered that Susan was carrying twins. She was faced with a terrible decision.

The doctors work on Jason, who is violently seizing. Sam says please don’t leave her.

Sonny tells Carly that she shouldn’t listen to speculation. If Zack’s sister had proof, she would have gone to the police. Carly says that maybe Nelle got better at covering her tracks, and Sonny tells her not to do this to herself. Does she really believe Nelle is guilty? Carly tells him more by the minute. She set out to destroy their family; does he really trust her with their son?

Michael tells Nelle that it’s his money, and his parents have no say in how he spends it. Nelle says that Carly just accused her of being a black widow. How does he think this will look? Michael says she can pay him rent. He’ll be her landlord, and she’ll be his tenant. It will be nice and clean. Nelle says only if they stay together. What if they break up?

Betsy says Susan would have been on the run with two babies, so Heather came up with an alternative. She pointed out that the Quartermaines knew nothing about the second baby. Susan could settle custody with one baby, and keep the other out of their hands. The first baby was Jason, and the second baby was – Franco says, “Drew.”

Sam tells Jason not to leave her. He starts looking around, and the doctor says whatever kicked in. Sam tells Jason that he’ll be okay. He needs to be okay.

The nurse pushes Ava toward the door, and Ava says it’s just a pen. Dr. Kline comes in and tells her to get back to her room. He wants to know how Patient 6 got a pen, and if she gave it to him. Ava says she didn’t mean any harm. Dr. Kline calls her a stupid bitch, and Patient 6 gets up. The doctor tells him to sit down. Even if he made it out, where would he go? Patient 6 kicks the couch over. Two orderlies rush in, and they start to fight. One of them punches Patient 6 in the face, and I notice how obviously the orderly’s fist didn’t connect with his face. Patient 6 starts tossing them around like he’s Captain America.

Jason asks where he is, and the doctor tells him it’s a long-term care facility. The doctor says that Jason had a spike in his brain activity that caused a seizure. He appears to be out of danger, but they need to run some tests. The doctors leave, and he tells Sam that he’s glad she’s okay. She says he took a bullet for her and saved her life. He says he’s supposed to. Sam asks if they can promise no more bullets. Jason is good with that, and asks how long he’s been there. She tells him four weeks, and they didn’t know when he’d come back. He tells her that he’s sorry, but she says don’t be. He found his way back, and he’s never leaving her.

Franco says his imaginary friend’s name was Drew. Betsy says his name was Andrew, but she called him Drew; like she named Franco “Robert,” but calls him Bobby. He asks why she went along with it, and she says she had no choice. She’d adopted Franco illegally, and Heather threatened to turn her in. She was afraid of losing him, so she agreed to keep Drew until Heather or Susan came back. Susan died and Heather never came back, so she continued to raise him. Franco asks where he is now, and she tells him that Drew isn’t anywhere. He died.

Nina tells Griff to check himself. He’s making unfounded accusations against her husband. Griff says that her husband planned this; that’s why he sent Ava away. He says that Valentin took advantage of a woman who’s already in turmoil. Valentin says she’s fine. He survived being at the same clinic. Griff says if the clinic was on the up and up, there wouldn’t be such secrecy. He insists on knowing where Ava is. He needs to make sure she’s fine. Valentin tells him to wait and ask her – if she comes back.

Michael asks Nelle what makes her think they’ll break up? She says she hopes they don’t, but no one knows what the future holds. With his family and her past, the deck is stacked against them. She tries not to worry, but feels like she’s waiting for the other shoe to drop. If that happens, she’ll be left with a broken heart and no apartment. Michael tells her that he can’t guarantee the future, but he can guarantee the apartment. She’ll still have a place to live, and he’ll still have an investment. He’s willing to take the chance. Nelle says if he’s made this grand gesture in trust, the least she can do is trust him in return.

Sonny tells Carly that while Nelle is the last person he’d give the benefit of the doubt to, what she did was cruel, not deadly. She’s a con artist, not a killer. Carly says what if she did kill Zack, and Michael is her next target? Sonny says the first thing she does to Michael, he promises that she’s out of there. He tells Carly that if she keeps pushing Nelle, it will drive Michael away. They want to keep him safe, not create a division between them.

Jason remembers Sam coming into the warehouse and that a guy had a gun. He pushed her out of the way to save her life, and the next thing he knows, he’s being prepped for surgery. Then nothing. He remembers hearing voices, not always clear, but he could hear her. She says it wasn’t easy, and he says thank God she’s the strongest person he know. He tells her that he’s sorry, but she says there’s nothing to apologize for. She told him to go because Sonny is his friend, and that’s who he is. She accepts and loves him for that. She’s sorry for being so afraid of losing him, that she let fear control her life. She doesn’t want to be that person; it’s not fair to him. Jason says that they’ve never let fear rule their lives, and won’t start now. They know how lucky they are, and what they have to lose. No more putting themselves in danger. They’ve always been ride or die, but they’re not dying right now. They exchange I love yous.

Betsy tells Franco that she raised him and Drew as brothers, as twins. Everything they did, they did together. She dreaded Susan taking him away, and when she found out that Susan was dead, she decided to raise Drew until the end. He was sick; born with a heart defect, and not expected to live as long as he did. Most of the time, he was a happy, smiling child, but other days, he was quiet and pale. One day when he was three, he just slipped away from them. She cries, and Franco holds her.

Dr. Kline yells to the orderlies not to let him escape. While Patient 6 is pummeling one of them, the doctor comes up behind him and injects him in the neck. He keels over, and Ava asks if he’s alive. Dr. Kline says no thanks to her, and tells the orderly to get him back to his room, and double restraints. He asks Ava to tell him exactly how Patient 6 got the pen.

Franco says he’s sorry, but Betsy says she’s the one who should be sorry. She should have made better choices. Franco tells her that she did her best, and she says she tried. He’s surprised that he doesn’t remember Drew dying, and asks what kind of heart condition he had. She tells him that it was a traumatic time, and what does it matter now? He asks what if it’s inherited, but she says it was nothing that could be passed down. Thinking about him is painful. She was concerned about people asking questions that she couldn’t answer. She could have gone to jail, and what would have happened to Franco? She couldn’t risk it, and had to move. She hid every trace of Drew, and when Franco started asking questions, she told him that his friend was imaginary. She thought that she was protecting him. Franco says for the first time, something in his life makes sense. He thinks it’s time for everyone to know the truth.

Sonny tells Carly he has to get to work, and he’ll see her later. He knows it’s upsetting, but the last thing she wants to do is bring Nelle’s former in-laws into the mess. Carly says she knows, and I don’t believe it for a second. Sonny leaves, and Carly’s phone rings. It’s Sharon. Carly thanks her for calling, and says whatever she has to say about Nelle, she wants to hear it. Hmm… Wasn’t it Carly that said no more secrets?

Michael tells Nelle that she’s officially his new tenant. He suggests shaking on it, but she has a better way to seal the deal, and kisses him. He says he’ll have Diane draw up the lease, and stop by later. She thanks him, saying that no one has ever done anything that nice for her. She wishes she could return the favor, but he says that her sticking around is enough. They kiss again.

Griff throws Valentin up against the lunch counter. Valentin says as much as he wants to toss Griff across the table, he won’t do that with his wife there. Griff asks why he said “if” Ava comes back. Valentin asks why she’d want to? What’s here for her, and why does he miss her so much? He asks what the nature of their relationship is. Griff is about to go after him again, and Nina gets in between them. She tells Griff that if he touches Valentin again, she’ll call the police and her brother is a detective. She and Valentin leave, and Elizabeth asks Griff if he’s crazy. Griff says that Valentin is playing on a vulnerable woman. She’s in trouble; he feels it. Elizabeth asks what he’s going to do.

Dr. Kline tells Ava that she was warned to stay away from Patient 6. She knows and she’s sorry. He wonders how sorry she’d be if he’d killed the orderlies, instead of beating them senseless, or went after her. She’s like a child who wanders into a tiger’s cage, thinking the tiger won’t hurt her. The tiger kills because that is his nature. Seeing Patient 6’s nature, she should be grateful she got out with her life. He asks why she gave him the pen in the first place, and if she was trying to communicate. Ava says yes, and he asks what the nature of the communication was.

Ava reaches in her pocket, and I say, no, Ava, no! She hands Dr. Kline the paper, saying she knows the area code is upstate New York. Why, Ava, why? The doctor tells her that her scarring is severe, and without treatment, she’ll be deformed for the rest of her life. Is that what she wants? She tells him no, and he says no more contact for any reason, or she’ll lose her chance at a normal life.

Betsy asks Franco what he means. He says that Drew has surviving family. They all deserve to know that he existed. Betsy wants the story to stay between them, but Franco says he deserves to be remembered. She asks what about the Quartermaines? They could put her in jail. All it will do is stir up questions and pain. Drew is dead, and telling them isn’t going to change that. She begs him that if he ever loved her, to keep it between them.

After the tests, Jason tells Sam that the doctor said he was a model patient. As soon as he gets the all clear, he can go home. Sam says that she called Monica, but she was in surgery. She still has to call everyone else. Jason says that he’s sorry he scared her. She says that she was scared, but she was never going to give up on him. She knows he would never give up until he came home to be with his family.

Patient 6 lies in bed. Dr. Kline comes in and checks the restraints. He snaps his fingers in front of Patient 6’s face but there’s no reaction. He tells the orderlies to get out. He looks at the phone number.

The phone rings in Sonny’s office, but when he answers, there’s no response. In Russia, Dr. Kline looks at the phone.

Tomorrow, Nathan says life as they know it is ending, Scotty wants to know where the other Jason is, and Sonny wonders who called him from St. Petersburg.

The Real Housewives of the OC

Kelly gets ready for surgery. She thinks that she’ll feel freer once it’s done. She’s scared, nervous, and has a headache from not eating. She tells us that Michael is her crutch. The nurse comes to get her. In her interview, she says Mark’s caring and concern remind her of why she married him and had a baby with him. Aww. The doctor explains the procedure.

Shannon works the spin bike. It’s one of those nice ones with a screen. It also talks to you, and I don’t think I’d like it harassing me. She says she despises exercise. It keeps repeating, telling her to disengage from the bike. Her foot is stuck in the pedal, and she gets frustrated. God forgive me, I can’t stop laughing.

Michael paces as Kelly’s surgery happens. The nurse declares they look good, and Kelly goes to recovery. Michael wonders how she manages to stay beautiful, as she drools on the pillowcase.

Kelly is back home. Vicki stops by with a paperwhite (the flower, not a Kindle). She tells Kelly how pretty she looks. She does look pretty good for just having had a major operation. Vicki tells her she’ll never remember it, and talks about her million surgeries. Kelly talks nonsense. In her interview, Kelly says she didn’t even know who she was talking to, but she was feeling good on the medication. She cracks a joke about Michael getting her flowers when he drives past the cemetery. I think it’s a joke.

Tamra and Meghan go clothes shopping. Meghan is going to visit Kelly after this. They’ve been friends a long time, and she knows Kelly goes for the jugular in an argument. That doesn’t make it okay, but she knows that she hurt Kelly too, and wants to move on.

Shannon is next for a visit, and brings flowers. Kelly tells Shannon that she just threw up, but Is feeling good on the pain meds. We flash back to Shannon and Kelly’s altercations. In her interview, Shannon says that Kelly has shown remorse, whereas Vicki never has. Kelly asks about Lydia, and Shannon says Lydia just dismissed her, instead of finding out what Shannon was talking about.

Tamra tells Meghan about Kelly’s party. She talks about Shannon screeching for her, and getting mad when she wasn’t there to defend her. In her interview, she says Shannon is overly sensitive, and freaks out over everything. It’s getting tiresome.

Kelly thinks that Shannon is going through a lot, and taking it out on everyone but David. She empathizes, saying she has built-up frustration of her own. She says you have to step back and look at yourself, or risk fracturing the relationships around you.

Peggy teaches Gianelle how to make sarma. It’s similar to stuffed grape leaves. She explains the spices to us, saying it brings the family together. Diko covers Coco’s ears, and says it looks like a big joint. He asks Gianelle if she’s going to attempt to make this one day. Peggy thinks she’ll attempt it, but end up getting pizza. Diko can’t imagine their little silver spoon baby living in NYC. Gianelle says they’ve been too sheltered. Diko doesn’t think she can deal with being alone and not having her family around her. In her interview, Peggy says growing up in Beirut has made Diko overprotective. He needs to realize women can be independent in America. Diko promises to be supportive.

Meghan drops by Kelly’s, bringing a basket and a gift bag, including a new bra. They discuss surgery, and Meghan says that anesthesia makes Jimmy nauseous too. I only had general anesthesia once, and it was the best sleep I ever had. I woke up in the middle of a conversation about current events with the nurse. Kelly apologizes for the argument they had. Meghan says she remembered how Kelly supported her after her surgery, and wanted to be in that place again. She also apologizes for hurting Kelly. Kelly doesn’t think they should lose their friendship over some stupid texts.

Lydia wants to do a balls voyage party for Doug’s vasectomy. He just wants a small get together, a dock party. She says if there are any fights, it would be open for a quick getaway. She’s calling Vicki first, so if she’s in, the others can prepare. Vicki sounds like hell. She was told she has a rare strain of influenza B, whatever that is. Lydia tells her about the party, but understands that she won’t be there. Vicki thinks it’s a cute idea. She says she’s probably going to the ER tonight, and will do the party in her head. Lydia tells Doug that Vicki is dying, and she’s afraid she’s going to catch it from the phone call.

Kelly, Tamra, Shannon, and Meghan meet for lunch. Kelly says she went from the OGs to the OCs. Ha-ha! Shannon says she hasn’t had much to drink since she’s been on her weight loss quest, and we flash back to how very much she’s had to drink. Peggy joins them. Everyone is surprised that Kelly is up and around so quickly. Peggy wonders if she’s going to be required to spring back so fast. Meghan says her mother also had a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Peggy says the BRACA gene came back negative. Meghan asks if she had cancer, and she says she did. In her interview, Shannon is confused, because that’s not what Peggy told her at their lunch. Peggy says there were abnormal cells which means it can turn into cancer. She says later, she had three millimeters of pre-invasive cancerous cells. Meghan says that her aunt went through the exact same thing a year ago when they found a lump. Peggy says it wasn’t a lump. Lydia calls Tamra. She asks if they forgot her invite for dinner tonight. Tamra says Shannon put it together, so it’s her fault.

Meghan doesn’t think it was an oversight that Shannon didn’t invite Lydia. She says they never really meshed, and doesn’t think Shannon likes her. Really? What makes you think that? I’m pretty sure Lydia knows it too. Lydia asks if they’d like to come to a balls voyage party tomorrow night.  Omg, they talk about something called scrotox. Figure it out. Tamra asks if Vicki is coming, and Lydia says she has the flu. Tamra tells her to text the info.

Lydia tells Doug she needs new friends. She doesn’t get why she’d be excluded, and wonders if she’s in the second grade again. Yes. She keeps trying to be the bigger person, and be friends with Shannon, but feels like she’s the butt of Shannon’s insanity.

Tamra asks Shannon if she’s talked to Lydia since Kelly’s party. We flash back to Shannon’s meltdown. She says Lydia called, and said she’d overreacted. Shannon says what bothers her is how Lydia dismissed her, and wouldn’t let her explain why she was wrong. In her interview, Peggy says that Shannon screams, she yells, she eats; it’s a pattern.

Shannon says she doesn’t like to argue, and cries over it. She tells them that when she heard Vicki yelling, Peggy tried to stop her from getting involved. Peggy says that she didn’t want it to get bigger. Shannon says it wasn’t fair that Kelly was defending Vicki. Kelly tells Peggy that it wasn’t her place to be referee and get involved. Peggy wonders when she got involved, and we flash back to her basically telling them to calm down. Kelly says she was trying to be the peanut gallery, and Peggy asks what that is. Peggy says that she didn’t want it to escalate, and if she did something wrong, excuse her. Kelly says it wasn’t her place to get in the middle. Peggy says she wasn’t in the middle, she was behind them. Kelly asks if she didn’t go to college. Peggy says Kelly is trying to come up with things she didn’t do – next.

Shannon says a lot of hurt happens, and Peggy tells them to go ahead and fight. In her interview, she thinks the women are testing her, but don’t know how strong she is. Tamra tells us that Peggy has balls, and she likes that. Peggy dares to go to the bathroom, and Shannon says that she’s upset that Peggy said she didn’t have cancer when they had lunch, and now she’s saying she had it. Meghan says she’s retired. Wait, five minutes ago she understood. Shannon thinks it’s confusing, and Meghan doesn’t want any more Cancergate. In her interview, Tamra says went through a double mastectomy, and they should have some sympathy. Meghan wonders if it’s the same as when you get an abnormal pap smear. Because we are five years old, Shannon says, shhh! she’s coming back! Then they pretend to be discussing lipstick. In her interview, Peggy says if you poke her to get a reaction, it will take a while before you get one; but when she’s down, you’d better hope she doesn’t get back up.

They talk about Vicki having the flu. Meghan is annoyed because Vicki couldn’t have just the plain flu; she had to attach a letter. Kelly reads a text that Vicki sent, saying that she was probably going to the ER. Meghan says she’s being dramatic as usual, and Shannon says that she’s playing the victim. Peggy doesn’t think it’s funny, and that they’re being insensitive. Kelly says that she is really sick. Meghan jokingly suggests they check her medical records.

Next time, Doug’s party happens, David pumps Diko for information on Peggy’s cancer (or not), Shannon is worried about her marriage, and Steve tells Vicki to fix it.

🔬 What it sounds like to me is that on second look, what they’d thought was nothing were pre-cancerous cells – not a lump, but cells. Peggy didn’t have full-blown cancer, but decided that she wasn’t taking the risk of having more cells that ended up being cancerous, and had a double mastectomy. I’m not sure why her health is a humongous focus for these women, when it’s really not their business. She didn’t get a double mastectomy for nothing. She’s not Brooks, for God’s sake, and they could do a storyline around their cars alone.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Mark talks about finalizing the office expansion plans, and asks Cary if she’s available. She thinks he’s putting his stress on her. they’re only having sex once a day. She says the working mom struggle is real. You want to be present in two places, and only give 10% everywhere. Mark gripes that he’ll do all the work himself.

Court and Stephanie bring the boys to see the house. They love the living room pool, and Stephanie wishes they’d done the remodeling first before bringing the kids. They go outside and look at the swans. Stephanie says of course they love it; they’re five and seven. The kids go to look around. Court tells Stephanie they love the pool. She says it’s not a family home and they have to get rid of it. It’s not negotiable. She says if he covers the pool, and builds extra space for the kids, they can move in. Extra space? It’s like the size of my house times five. The boys “push” their mom into the pool.

Cary teaches Zuri some yoga. She says Mark flipped out during her first trimester, since he was afraid of losing her to her daughter. She says the battle has never stopped, and she’s tired of it. A-hole. It’s his kid too.

Brandi is driving LeeAnne to her surgery. In her interview, LeeAnne thought the friendship was on the outs when Brandi didn’t invite her to Tennessee, and she’s grateful for the ride. LeeAnne talks to Brandi about Cary disrespecting her doctor. She points out that Cary questioned Brandi’s doctor as well, so it’s not just her. She tells Brandi that you can’t slam every doctor just because your husband is one. Brandi says Cary is a lot of talk, and LeeAnne says that talk is going to get her in trouble.

The doctor takes some measurements and pictures. LeeAnne can’t wait to have new breasts. She and Brandi go behind closed doors. We can hear, but not see them. LeeAnne wants to know why it’s so important for Cary to come at her. She tells Brandi that Cary’s husband has sex acts performed on him at a place called the Round Up. I don’t want to know. She says that one day, Cary is going to come for her, and it isn’t going to be pretty. Then she gets weird and vague, talking about growing up with things in her hands that weren’t knives, but worked quite well; they were just hands. Wtf?

At Mark and Cary’s office, a procedure is being filmed for the website. Cary is taking a break from surgery after this, but Mark doesn’t know yet. She’s built the practice for eight years, and wants to focus on motherhood.

Brandi prays over LeeAnne. In her interview, she says that she doesn’t like it that LeeAnne is threatening Cary. She prays for Cary too, that no word spoken in judgement shall come to pass. LeeAnne says no matter who fights with who, the two of them will have fun in Mexico. Probably not if she kills Cary.

Cary says she’s invested her whole life in the business. She put all eggs in one basket, and it’s hard to set the basket down. She has confidence that Mark can handle it until she comes back. She says it’s not like he’s an OB/GYN, making fun of LeeAnne’s doctor again. She wants to tell Mark at work, not at home, and hopefully his head doesn’t blow off.

LeeAnne’s surgery is a success. Rich comes in at the end. She’s in and out of coherency. The nurse says she’s doing good, but she can’t quite form words yet. She manages to tell Rich that she loves him.

Mark thanks Cary for being there for this kind of stuff. She tells him that it’s probably her last one. He says that she’ll come crawling back in six months; she’ll want to blow her brains out. Cary says she wants to be mom for a few years, while Zuri is still little. Mark tells her that she’s the face of the website, and people will see her on there, and expect to see her at the office. Cary says this will be better for their family. She’ll be more connected at home. He says good luck with that.

Brandi and Stephanie go bathing suit shopping. Brandi says no matter the drama, she’s having fun in Mexico. Brandi says she was down for eight weeks when she had the same surgery as LeeAnne. She tells Stephanie that she was trying to be LeeAnne’s friend, but it got uncomfortable when she threatened Cary’s life. She got in Brandi’s face, and said she doesn’t have knives this time, but her hands. Stephanie says that’s not normal. She thinks that maybe LeeAnne is back to old ways. In her interview, Stephanie isn’t surprised. Brandi says that LeeAnne is crazy, and she feels like she’s in the middle. Stephanie says that Brandi should tell Cary. In her interview, Brandi explains that LeeAnne’s comment about Mark would only hurt Cary, and there was no reason to repeat it, but threatening Cary’s life should definitely be on their radar. Good for her.

Stephanie’s life coach arrives at her home. I’m sorry, but that is the stupidest sounding thing. She asks about the boys. One is dyslexic, and Stephanie wishes they’d moved him to the new school sooner. She thought that Cruz was just being lazy, and he would call himself stupid. She says she had too much focus on Brandi’s issues, and feels guilty. The coach tells her that they don’t always know why something happens, but to learn from it. Really? She pays for this advice? I’ll charge half of what this woman gets.

Cary and Mark, go to the gun range with D’Andra, who’s been shooting since she was a toddler. Mark manages to get in that he’s irritated because Cary doesn’t want to work for him anymore. Cary says that’s not true. She wants to spend time with her daughter,r and it makes him worried. D’Andra says that she’s the better shot, even though her husband was in the military. Cary is surprisingly good for a first timer. She decides that if you’re good at yoga, you’re good at shooting. Not so much Mark at either.

Brandi calls Cary with a video chat. She tells Cary that LeeAnne won’t let the doctor comment go, and said that she was going to hurt Cary. She said that she didn’t have knives, but had her hands. Brandi says that LeeAnne was spitting in her face and her eye were delusional. Cary says she’s sick of this, and that she’s scared, but not giving LeeAnne power over her. The more you feed the dragon, the bigger it gets. She tells the others that LeeAnne said she’s going to strangle her. Mark can’t believe LeeAnne is at it with the threats again. D’Andra says LeeAnne pops off; that’s what she does, like this is a Geico commercial. She’d thought they’d worked things out, and Cary says that she did too. Mark suggests not going to Mexico, but Cary doesn’t want to let LeeAnne ruin her fun.

Stephanie says it’s easy to get caught up in the drama. She can’t do that again, and needs to focus on her children, especially Cruz. She goes over the alphabet with him. She says it’s hard to watch him struggle. He’s not into it at all.

LeeAnne asks Mark to help her pack. She’s still healing and sore.

Kameron models some sunglasses for Court, and he says no one will take her seriously in them. She says she doesn’t want anyone to take her seriously – ever.

D’Andra talks to Jeremy about Keatin. He’s goes blah-blah-blah, and I tune out.

Cary is excited to be going to Mexico, except for LeeAnne being on the trip. She though they were fine, then LeeAnne flipped out on her at the tea. Mark thinks LeeAnne is out of her mind. In her interview, she says at least it took Mark’s focus off of her temporary retirement.

Everyone is on the plane. It’s just a two hour flight, and they get in as many drinks as possible. In the hotel lobby, they drink something blue that looks like antifreeze. The concierge or whatever, tells them that there’s 24-hour room service. I’m in. They’re lead to the Presidential Suite. Everybody checks out their room, all of them befitting a president.

Out by the pool, Cary asks Kameron if LeeAnne said she wants to kill her. Kameron says that she didn’t bring that up. Kameron asks Brandi to fill her in. Brandi says that LeeAnne is upset about Cary’s doctor statement. Every time Brandi tells the LeeAnne story, she gives the drama a different spin. Since it was behind closed doors, we don’t know if Brandi is exaggerating. The whole thing sounded vague, and like LeeAnne was high.

Inside, D’Andra asks LeeAnne why she and Cary hate each other. LeeAnne says that Cary makes snide comments. D’Andra suggests that LeeAnne try to be the best person she can be; this isn’t it. LeeAnne says she has a visceral reaction to Cary, and D’Andra tells her to just let it roll off.

Kameron tells Brandi she’s giving a scary impression. Cary says LeeAnne is saying she wants to strangle her. Kameron doesn’t know how to react. She says three people are talking about LeeAnne, and she’d thought she was friends with Brandi.

D’Andra asks LeeAnne to try and behave for twenty minutes. LeeAnne says that she’s her own worst enemy, but Cary will take a grain of sand and create a universe out of it.

Next time, LeeAnne tells everyone about the engagement, Brandi and Stephanie take a bubble bath, and Cary confronts LeeAnne.

🎶  It’s Been a Long Day