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August 18, 2017 – Nina has a List, Shark Sunday & Quotes to Apply to Your Life


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Ava and Griff kiss. She tells him that she needs him, and takes off his shirt. Then we all wake up.

Griff asks Kiki if Anna has checked in for her phlebotomy. Kiki doesn’t know, but says her mom is late for therapy. He tells her about going to the concert with Ava, and she says whatever he’s doing, keep it up.

Anna and Emma are at Kelly’s, but Emma isn’t very hungry. Anna asks if something is bothering her. Emma needs to figure out how to return the heart back to Spencer. It wouldn’t be right to keep it, since she’s going out with Leif. (Going out? Isn’t she like, twelve?) She wonders why relationships are so complicated. Anna wants to check something before she returns it, and Emma asks if she thinks there’s something suspicious about the diamond.

Nina and Valentin meet at the MetroCourt. He shows her pictures of the new rescue horses. He tells her that she should come visit. He’d love to see her there, and back at home.

Franco and Elizabeth go to his studio. He says there are bad memories there, but she suggests they make new ones. They kiss, but he thinks she should go, and they can pick up where they left off at home. She asks if he’s trying to get rid of her.

Anna says suspicious is a strong word. She just wants to ascertain what it is. Emma doesn’t think it’s a real diamond; she doesn’t think Spencer would give away something like that. Anna says she doesn’t think so either, but if it is, she wonders how he got it. Like this would be hard, considering the level of wealth they had at Wyndemere. Nikolas could have had diamonds lying around all over the place. Emma asks if Spencer could be involved in espionage.

Valentin asks what herculean feats he has to do to get Nina’s trust back. She says Hercules was a god, and she doesn’t hold him to that standard, but she isn’t convinced he can attain the standards she does have. He says he’ll find a way.

Franco tells Elizabeth that if he had his way, they’d be home and making up for lost time. He says it’s going to be a mess while he works. She says that she doesn’t mind one, since she has three boys. He says he works better alone, and the faster it’s done, the faster he’s home. She says she’ll see him later then. When she’s gone, he starts spray painting a canvas. There’s a song part, but it’s not a romantic ballad; it’s more punk, and actually pretty good.

Kiki asks Ava why she canceled her appointment. She tells Kiki that she felt feverish (ha-ha), and thought she should stay home. Kiki wants her to see a doctor; it could be serious, since her immune system is compromised. Ava says that she’ll see Finn later, but Kiki says he’s away. She offers to ask Griff to fill in, but Ava doesn’t want that.

Franco slashes the canvas with a box cutter. He realizes he’s cut himself, and drips blood on it. Now there’s a true artist.

Anna tells Emma never discuss espionage in public. She says diamonds of this size are precious, and have a complicated history. Emma says that she has to give it back, and Anna tells her that she will, if it’s rightfully his. Emma wonders if Spencer stole it, but Anna says although he’s precocious to a fault, he’s not a thief. Anna takes the diamond out, and gives Emma the heart. Wow, that came out easily. How Emma hasn’t lost it, since she’s been carting it around, I’ll never know.

Nina has a list for Valentin and he wants to tick things off. First is Anna and her obsession. Nina says that his promises evaporated whenever Anna came around. Valentin says it’s over. He was a prisoner of his past, but priorities have changed. Next is to make peace with Spencer. Valentin says he tried, and got the olive branch thrown back at him. Nina asks about the wrongful death suit, and Valentin says that his lawyers are working on having it thrown out of court. The last thing he wants is a trial, and although Spencer doesn’t know it, it’s the last thing he wants too. Nina asks why, and he tells her that abandonment by Nikolas would be brought up. He’s faked his death before, and they never found a body. Nina says it’s an interesting take, but she’s not sure if it’s true. Valentin tells her the truth doesn’t matter in court; it’s which lawyers have the better argument, but he doesn’t think Spencer understands that. She tells him to put that one in brackets, and moves on to Charlotte’s custody.

Ava tells Kiki that she doesn’t want to bother Griff; he’s not her doctor. Kiki doesn’t think he’d mind, and  says that he told her how much fun he had at the concert. Ava tells her about the bee sting and how she used the lavender treatment on him. Kiki says funny, she’ll treat a doctor, but not let him treat her. Kiki won’t let up, so Ava says she’ll go, but there’s no need to trouble Griff.

Elizabeth apologizes for being late to work. Griff says he covered for her. He takes it that things are going well at home. Elizabeth isn’t happy about Hayden disappearing, but having Franco back helps. He tells her about the bee sting, and Anna comes in. Griff goes to check on the preparation for her procedure, and Anna asks to talk to Elizabeth. She takes out the diamond.

Franco acts like a ringmaster introducing an act. He opens a box of paintings, and starts trashing them. It’s not like they’re great paintings though. More like amateur graffiti.

Kiki brings Ava to the hospital. She tries to escape, but Kiki won’t let her. A doctor takes Ava to an examining room. Griff asks Kiki if she’s okay. Kiki tells him that Ava had a fever, and she convinced her to come in. She tells Griff that she just got a cryptic text message, and asks if he can look after Ava if she’s not there when Ava is finished. He says he will.

Anna tells Elizabeth about the diamond, wondering how Spencer got his hands on it. Elizabeth thinks she should talk to Laura, but Anna says she lived at Wyndemere too. She wonders if it could be one of Hayden’s diamonds, and Elizabeth says Nikolas did spill them once. Maybe he didn’t find them all.

Valentin says that Lulu has been less than cooperative, but Nina says her attitude is understandable, given she was separated from her child for so long and Charlotte doesn’t need her parents at each other’s throats. Valentin says he has to admit that Lulu is good for Charlotte, and is willing to entertain shared custody. Nina sarcastically says he sounds so sincere, but she thinks he’s using it to manipulate her. He says he doesn’t like giving up what’s his, and fights for what he loves. She can see him as manipulative or as a man who loves her.

Franco talks about himself in the third person, saying that providing the work is dark and depraved, he can achieve unique commercial success, making him rich and famous. For a moment, he confuses himself as a genius, when he’s nothing but a garden variety psycho. He slashes at the paintings. Kiki comes in, and tells him stop.

He says he’s getting rid of an eyesore that comes from a deep dark soul. He’s no longer that man, and doesn’t want to be reminded of who he was. He got them back so he could erase that part of him forever. He says he doesn’t want Elizabeth to see them. Kiki says he must be moving in with her, and that’s what the text was about that she’s on her own with the apartment. She says that she’s happy for him; he deserves it. She tells him Picasso had his blue period, and he had a dark blue period, but it’s still art. She says she read an article about his retirement being premature, and says some artists would kill to paint like that. He tells her that’s a poor choice of words. She says that she understands it represents a part of his life that he’s not proud of, but his art still has a place in world, although maybe not with him. She thinks she knows where to send them. Franco suggests a landfill, but she says no, her mom.

Griff sees Ava coming out, and the doctor says it’s nothing to worry about, just a mild case of influenza. Griff says that he’ll see she get to bed (omg, all the double entendres today with these two), and Ava says she can handle it herself. He tells her that he’ll get her home and into bed, and she tells him to stop saying that, and I laugh. She says Kiki will do it, and Griff tells her that Kiki had to leave.

Elizabeth tells Anna to take it easy before she goes into full-scale investigation mode. Anna wonders how Spencer got his hands on the diamond.

Valentin promises Nina that he’ll never to turn to Anna again; he’ll make a contract. He’ll never be around Anna again, but he’ll be polite in public. He promises that Charlotte will always come first, ahead of his work and ambition. He accepts Nina as his equal in every way, an individual with a life and a career and dreams. Nina says that’s everyone’s fantasy, and he tells her to put the ring back on and come home. He’ll spend the rest of his life making sure she doesn’t regret it. She asks if she does, can he promise he won’t do anything to disrupt it or take him away from her? Valentin can’t make that promise, and Nina looks at him like, what?

Kiki tells Franco that his catalog of work is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Elizabeth and the boys could use the money, and if Elizabeth doesn’t want it, he can give it to her for the rent he’s sticking her with or med school. He can turn something bad into something good, and even put it in a trust for the boys, and it would be good for him too. She says destroying them doesn’t change the past. If he gives them back to art, the world might redeem them. He makes people step out of their comfort zone, which is a lot to achieve. She tells him to put them out in the world, and let people react the way they want. She reminds him that he told her an artist doesn’t own his work; he puts it out in the world where it’s transformed in its own way, and it gives back to the world. Or something like that. She asks if that was bull, or did he mean it? Before she leaves, she tells him welcome back and says that she missed him.

Ava keeps punching the elevator button, and says this is what she gets for coming outside. The next time Griff gets the bright idea to pity someone, find someone else. Griff says that he’s her friend. She tells him that she’ll wait outside for Kiki, and to find some other soul to save. After she finally gets in the elevator, Elizabeth asks what that was about. Griff says he wishes he knew.

Valentin says that Nina asked for the truth. He can give her his life and love, and share his heart and daughter with her, but he can’t promise what she’s asking. He’s already done things that can’t be undone, and they come with certain associations. He acknowledges that the criminal circumstances in his life might be complicated. Nina wonders what will happen if he pulls the rug out from under her again. He admits to screwing up, but never stopped loving her. He spent his life chasing money instead of happiness, because he didn’t know what happiness was. Then he had Charlotte, and met Nina, and now he knows.  He wants her in his life for the rest of his life, but he’s not making false promises. He’s done bad things and can’t promise that he won’t again, but he can promise he won’t do bad things to her or Charlotte. He asks if she can take him for who he is. Anna walks in, and he says right on time.

Anna goes to a private room, and meets with a man who works with the WSB. She says he examined the Berlin diamonds, and asks if it’s a possible stray stone. He studies it, and Anna looks at it with bug eyes, like she’s really into this.

Nina tells Valentin that maybe she can do better than that, and maybe she and Charlotte deserve better. Valentin is sure of it, but he can only give her the truth. He’ll do everything he said, but he’s not begging anymore. She says she knows that, and he leaves.

Anna asks the guy if it’s a Berlin diamond. He asks how she got ahold of it.

Back at Ava’s apartment, Ava yells at Kiki for abandoning her, and says she was a few seconds away from calling an Uber. Kiki says she asked Griff to fill in, and Ava insists she’s not that helpless or needy. Kiki says they just want to help; why push them away? Ava tells Kiki to let her take care of herself. She doesn’t want Kiki getting the flu, so Kiki agrees to go, saying she’ll check in later. When she’s gone, Ava looks at herself for the umpteenth time. She asks how anyone could ever feel anything for her but pity.

Elizabeth tells Griff that Ava’s behavior is natural when struggling with recovery, and not to take it personally. He says that he didn’t see it coming, and wants Ava to know her life isn’t over. He wants to help her realize she can live a productive life, and he genuinely likes her. Elizabeth reminds her about how he’d told her that Franco was redeemable, and he was right. If anyone can save Ava’s soul, it’s him.

Franco goes to Ava’s apartment and tells her that he has a proposition.

On Monday, Ned talks to Alexis, Curtis wonders what Stella is up to, and Jordan asks Jason why he wants to protect whoever shot Sonny.

👦 Just in case you didn’t know, Spencer gets shipped off to school because he gets shipped off to the other show he does IRL. I forget the name of it. He only does his GH gig when the other show is on hiatus.

🌪 I spent last Sunday watching the entire Sharknado franchise. Despite how I like to present myself to the world, I love this juvenile guest-starred-to-the-hilt mess. The jokes are terrible, but in an Airplane! kind of way. In acting school, they’ll tell you one of the ways humor works is taking stupid things seriously (okay, I’m paraphrasing), and they seem to have that down. But for me, the cameos are the best part. Absolutely everyone who is anyone (and some who aren’t) eventually shows up in one of these films. Politicians, wrestlers, relatively big names, has-beens, and lots of reality TV stars. I was glad to see my girl, Kari Wuhrer (Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time) get some work in Sharknado 2: The Second One, and Mark McGrath once again surprised me with how good he actually is. Since the second film is based in NYC, it remains my favorite, although I did wonder where everyone got all those pitchforks. It’s not exactly like there’s a feed store, or even a Home Depot, on every corner. However, I found it realistic that everyone stood around and watched dangerous situations from just a few feet away. Yep, sitting ducks, all of us, since we do not know when to leave. I’d missed some of Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens the first time around, and loved seeing Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre) as part of a family who owned a chainsaw store. They had him dirtied up, but I saw him once at a horror convention. Having never seen him sans makeup before, I was quite surprised to find out who he was when I asked, Who is that handsome man? Kellita Smith reprised her Z Nation character, Warren, in the fourth film, and had some banter about zombies, basically plugging the show, which was fine with me. The fifth effort, Sharknado 5: Global Swarming, heavily featured Russell Hodgkinson, also from Z Nation (Doc), and a surprisingly decent performance from Tiffany Pollard (aka New York, pick from several reality shows). My only complaint was the very heavy product placement of a brand that needs none from me. The ever-present Ian Ziering (Fin Shepard) and Tara Reid (April Shepard) both made an insanely smart move getting involved with this series. It was probably a surprise to them too, that Sharknado somehow became the part of pop culture that it is. At this point, they also produce the films, so good for them. I like to see the undersharkdog win.

🐬 I know you’re scared. I’m scared too. They’re sharks. They’re scary. No one wants to get eaten. But I’ve been eaten. And I’m here to tell you it takes a lot more than to bring a good man down. A lot more that to bring a New Yorker down. – Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering) just before he cuts a falling shark in half with a chainsaw

✈ Steve McCroskey: Jacobs, I want to know absolutely everything that’s happened up till now.  ✈ Jacobs: Well, let’s see. First the earth cooled. And then the dinosaurs came, but they got too big and fat, so they all died and they turned into oil. And then the Arabs came and they bought Mercedes Benzes. And Prince Charles started wearing all of Lady Di’s clothes. I couldn’t believe it. – Lloyd Bridges and Stephen Stucker, respectively, Airplane II: The Sequel (On a sad note, the extremely funny Stephen Stucker passed away from AIDS at the young age of 38.)

Good Advice

If you keep your eyes open, your life becomes easier and clearer with maturity.Ewan McGregor

Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create. – Roy T. Bennett

You have to learn to get up from the table when love is not being served.Nina Simone

A key component of wisdom is fearlessness, which is not the absence of fear, but rather not letting our fears get in the way.Ariana Huffington

The year we did a Sharknado theme for Halloween…

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August 17, 2017 – Franco is Home, Not So Happily Ever After & TV Tidbits


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Felicia tells Mac that Anna would rather hear it from them about their brush with the law. Mac is concerned that she’ll bar them from seeing Emma and the baby. Felicia thinks she’ll laugh, and since Maxie knows, it’s only a matter of time before the whole town does.

In Portland, Maxie tells Georgie not to eat the grass, but Spinelli thinks it’s okay. He tells her grunge is a way of life there, and she needs to get used to it – if she’s going to stay.

Amy meets Nathan at Kelly’s. She asks how his summer was without her. He says calmer, but admits it was also less fun.

Felicia thinks Mac needs anti-anxiety pills. Anna has just walked in with Emma and the baby. She overhears, and asks why.

Obrecht comes into the hospital through the loudest sliding door ever. Elizabeth wants to confront her. Franco says no, and she asks if he has a better idea. He hands her the bakery box, and says allow him.

Finn tells Curtis that if anyone can find Hayden, it’s him. Curtis says he does know her well, and could bring her back faster than any PI in the business, but he won’t. Finn says she’s almost out of resources, and is in her second trimester. Finn asks Curtis if he thinks he can’t do it. Curtis asks if he seems like a brother who can be swayed by vanity, and Finn says yes. Curtis tells him that out of respect for Hayden, he won’t punch him out, but he also won’t take the job for the same reason.

Franco asks Obrecht why she’s there. He says there’s a rumor going around that she’s ruining Hayden and Finn’s lives. She says she can’t help it if Hayden is in to larceny. He says she didn’t just break a law, she broke camp; she’s gone.

Maxie loves seeing Georgie every day. not so much Spinelli’s new beard. He tells her that Ellie likes it. It’s like kissing her childhood crush Merlin Olsen. (Google it.) He thinks there’s a way to entice Nathan to come. He says they have a police station, and he’s sure Nathan could find a place on the force. Maxie tells him that ever since Nina married Valentin, he’s afraid to leave Port Charles. Spinelli says that she’s a gown woman, but Maxie believes he’s using it as a cover. Spinelli thinks he has the answer.

Amy tells Nathan that she saw the twinkle in his eye after the podcast. He was in his element. He thinks there might be something to that. She asks if the opportunity presented itself, if he’d want to keep going. He wonders if she’s asking him to be Man Landers again.

Mac and Felicia look at Anna’s pictures. The baby’s name is Noah. Anna thinks it’s a perfect name, but Mac isn’t thrilled. He toasts to the newest member of the family.

Curtis reveals to Finn that he started looking the moment Hayden disappeared. He asked his contacts to look, and at one point thought she took a ferry to Canada, but he was wrong. He says that she doesn’t want to be found, and it’s her choice and her right. He doesn’t have to like it, but has to respect it

Obrecht tells Franco that Hayden got what she deserved. Franco says she’s Elizabeth’s sister. Obrecht says if anything, she did Elizabeth a favor. Franco doesn’t want a feud between his friend and girlfriend, but Obrecht says she’ll take her chances. He asks what if Finn finds out. Elizabeth tells Franco that her shift is over, and she wants to go home. Obrecht says to tell her sister mazel tov if she sees her. Is she Jewish? Or has she been watching Andy Cohen?

Spinelli thinks that Nathan might feel jealous or inadequate, since Maxie is away. He offers to talk to Nathan, man to man, but Maxie thinks something else is going on. He asks if she needs his cyber skills, and she tells him maybe, but she has a more pressing matter for The Jackal to solve.

Amy tells Nathan that being Man Landers is like going under cover, but he says it’s worse. Murderous criminals don’t encourage their new boss to overlook public indecency. Amy wonders what Man Landers has gotten himself into.

Felicia leaves, and Anna wonders if she’s missing something. Emma gets a phone call, and steps away from the table to answer. Anna says she thinks it’s a boy. Mac freaks, but she says that Robin and Patrick have assured her they’re on top of things. She asks if he has anything for her, and he gives her a drive that has a full accounting of everything Valentin did in her absence.

Maxie tells Spinelli that she’s been given the green light from the magazine publisher to pursue the story of the century. She wants to expose Man Landers for the charlatan he is. She says once they do, he won’t be able to give advice to anyone. Spinelli reveals that he loves Man Landers’s blog, and he’s responsible for the beard.

Amy says that Nathan is making too big a deal about Mac and Felicia; they’ll laugh about it someday. Nathan tells her maybe, as long as they don’t find out it was him. She says he didn’t tell them to do it in public. He says Maxie wanted to give Man Landers a piece of her mind, and threatened to expose him. Amy says she can never know. Felicia rolls up next to Nathan, and says, know what?

Anna checks where Valentin has been, but there’s nothing much. She notices he went to a building that Ava and Julian own. She wonders if it was a meeting, and what kind of business he’d have with them. She says maybe it was innocent, and Mac says maybe Valentin really turned over a new leaf. Anna tells Mac that Valentin would have to prove it.

Finn understands not intruding on Hayden’s privacy, but he loves her and she’s pregnant with their child; he needs help to find her. Curtis says sorry, but he knows a good PI he can refer Finn to. He gets that Finn is pissed, but Hayden made her choice, like he has. Finn wants to see her one more time to try and make it right. Curtis says that works for him, but not Hayden. He asks if Finn would have let her go if she’d explained first, and he says probably not. Curtis tells him that Hayden did what was best for her, and they have to respect her choices. Finn loves her too much to let her go. He says they’re two deeply flawed people who found each other. He asks if Curtis would have let her go if he was in the same position, and hasn’t he ever wanted a second chance or to make amends? Finn tells Curtis he’ll look for her himself.

Elizabeth gets in Obrecht’s face, and Obrecht tells her to spare the righteous indignation. She and Hayden don’t even like each other. Elizabeth says that Hayden is pregnant and alone, and on the run. Obrecht admits to feeling sorry for the baby, who’s innocent in all of this, but she also feels sorry for the girl Hayden put in a wheelchair. Elizabeth finds it hard to believe that Obrecht’s motives were noble. Obrecht says she righted a wrong, and messed up Hayden and Finn’s lives, so it’s – how you Americans say – a twofer. Avenging herself makes it a trifecta. Elizabeth says Hayden will be back, and Obrecht will get what she deserves. Obrecht says they’ll see about that.

Mac talks about Valentin being arrested in regard to Spencer, but says that everything worked out. He tells her the chase is over, and she has her life back. He says her life is too precious to spend it running after Valentin.

Amy tells Felicia that it’s a surprise, and Nathan introduces them. Amy says she’s helping Nathan with Maxie’s birthday, and Nathan adds that he’s a terrible gift giver. Felicia points out that it’s not until Halloween. Amy tells Nathan that they’re settled on what they’re doing, and jets. Felicia says that she’s meeting Bobbie to discuss a case, but thinks they should talk about what he’s been up to.

Maxie tells Spinelli that Man Landers almost got her parents arrested, and now he’s encouraging beard culture. Spinelli says he’s just a humble sage trying to enlighten his fellow man. She asks why the subterfuge then, and he says maybe it’s for privacy. Maxie thinks that if people knew the truth, they wouldn’t be following him like lemmings. She says if she breaks the story, she could get ahead at the magazine.

Finn sees Obrecht at the hospital. She wonders why Hayden would take such drastic action, and says that the people who seem the happiest often conceal sadness and secrets. It’s a shame she ran from her problems. Obrecht tells him that she considered packing after she got ousted from the hospital, but she had people there whom she loves and love her, and thought it was a better idea to stick it out. Finn says she did this.

Elizabeth doesn’t understand why Franco is friends with Obrecht. He says that plenty of people might say the same about Elizabeth being with him. She says that’s different because he’s trying to be a better person. He tells her that what Obrecht did sucks, but what can he do to make it better? Elizabeth wants to hear about NYC, but we still don’t get the story, because he says he missed her, and hated being away. Franco wants to create their own world at her place, and she says he should be free to roam, but there’s always room for him there. She’s ready for him to move in.

Emma tells Anna about a boy who keeps asking her to go out with him, but she wants to figure things out with Spencer first. She wants to be just friends, but Spencer wants it to be more. That’s why he gave her this, and she shows Anna the heart he made with a diamond in it. Emma says she has to give it back.

Spinelli asks Maxie if her career has to come at expense of Man Landers. She accuses him of caring more about a blog than her career path. He says there has to be another way, or good, but befuddled men will lose their Northern Star. Her vision is that she gets a promotion, Nathan realizes that he can’t live without her, and he moves to Portland. Then Georgie will have both parents with her. She just needs to expose that bunko artist.

Felicia says they know Nathan has been working overtime, trying to cover up their indiscretion. She appreciates him protecting them, as well as being a loving, generous husband to their daughter. She tells him just to be clear, no one will catch them again, and Mac won’t be taking any more advice from Man Landers.

Franco wasn’t sure if Elizabeth had changed her mind. She says they might have gotten sidetracked, but it’s time they get back on track. He says he’d like to be there when she talks to the boys. She says they’ll be over the moon, but she wonders about him. He asks if this is what she wants, or is it an overreaction to his absence? She’s ready to take the step. He says that he needs her to ask again. She does, and they kiss.

Finn says that Obrecht brought that weasel Jared (snort) to town, and orchestrated the whole thing. She says she might have extended the invitation, but Hayden did the rest. Curtis joins them, and asks what’s going on? Finn tells him that Obrecht did this to get back at him because she got herself fired. Finn says that she had no right to target Hayden. She says that she did him a favor. Hayden is a liar and embezzler, crippled a girl, and denied her responsibility. Finn says he should have let Obrecht rot in jail. She says yes, he should have.

Spinelli says he’ll do everything in his power to advance Maxie’s career, but one can only wonder how much advice Man Landers still had to give, since he already has millions of readers. Maxie thinks she might be going about this the wrong way. She didn’t realize he was trending, Maybe she doesn’t need to expose him to the world, only to her. She can convince him to work for her, and they’ll both get better jobs. Spinelli says it’s blackmail, but a good plan. She says first they have to find out who he is.

Outside of Kelly’s, Amy asks Nathan if Felicia bought the excuse. She says if the truth comes out, she’ll lose the book deal, and the way to pay her brother’s medical expenses. She’d have to give back the advance, and already spent most of it. He tells her to let him handle it. He’s gotten them this far. Amy knows that she roped him into it, but she’s grateful that he agreed. She hugs him, and Felicia sees them.

Anna tells Emma that Spencer has good taste. Emma says it wouldn’t be right to keep it; it would give Spencer false hope. Mac says it’s just a rhinestone, but Anna says she thinks it’s a genuine diamond.

Curtis tells Finn to leave finding Hayden to him. Finn wonders what changed, and he says maybe the speech about second chances got to him. There’s no way he’s letting Obrecht win. Finn thanks him. Curtis says that when he finds her, first he’ll make sure she’s safe, and he’ll relay any message Finn wants, but coming home is her call. Finn had better make a good case.

Franco and Elizabeth get busy, and there’s the inevitable song part.

Tomorrow, Ava and Griff kiss, Valentin asks how he can win back Nina’s trust, and Franco trashes his paintings.

👰 I still can’t leave 90 Day Fiancé alone. Even worse, I’m watching the new season along with Happily Ever After? where Pedro’s mother and sister continue to fascinate me with their selfishness and stupidity. Although maybe not so stupid, since they’re living high on the hog while Chantal still sleeps next to the kitchen. Chantal tried to make nice with them, but only succeeded in being called names, told to divorce Pedro if she didn’t like it, and exhausted Pedro’s mother. For someone who doesn’t work, she always looks exhausted. Maybe it’s from straining to watch TV on something that’s not 55”. I have no clue what’s up with Jorge and Anfisa. It’s pretty obvious she married him because she thought he was a weed farmer with money, but she keeps coming back like a boomerang even though he’s broke. Russ and Paola continue to bewilder me. Well, mostly Russ. Paola ditched Oklahoma to concentrate on the modeling career she doesn’t have in Miami. She’s annoyed because Russ is holding her back from “opportunities,” since he doesn’t want her nakey on camera. In Miami, apparently modeling means get nakey, and everything is “sexy,” which also means get nakey. Although there was a confusing moment when the lingerie she was given to wear in a video actually covered her more than the husband-approved bikini she brought with her. The worst part is that Russ has been good enough to let her hold him back, since he’s an oil engineer, and they don’t have those jobs in Florida. He’s basically settled for flipping burgers so she can stay in Miami. What an ingrate. On top of it, she lets her gay best friend insult Russ to his face on a regular basis. In Spanish. Although the best friend is so nasty and stupid, he doesn’t realize that Russ is picking up the language.

Danielle continued to try and get Mohamed deported. He made noises about how she hid her “criminal past” from him. I’m not sure what that involves, but I think it was a minor white-collar crime. Like he cares. Even the lawyer he spoke with thinks he’s on his way back to Tunisia. On a better note, Loren and Alex continue to be just precious. She was speaking on Tourette’s in Washington, and he surprised her by showing up when she thought he couldn’t be there. It reminded me of how my father would always show up for daytime school presentations that parents were invited to, when I figured I would have no one there.

One huge question I have is why people don’t learn the language of the pending spouse? Especially if they’re traveling to that country. I can’t keep their names straight yet, but it was pretty depressing when one guy on the new season traveled by plane, boat, and more boat, to a country where he knows no one and doesn’t know the language, and was stood up. The last episode left him on the back side of nowhere with only a load of luggage for protection. He looked absolutely miserable, and it was one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen, although part of me wanted to smack him.

🙌 Both Flipping Out and Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce began new seasons tonight. It’s girl for Jeff and Gage!

💀 Channel Zero will be returning to the Sy – we don’t know how to spell – Fy network on September 20th. I enjoyed the last season – it was creepy and weird, and had a disturbing creature made of teeth. The new season subtitle is No-End House, inspired by creepy pasta stories. I can’t wait!

🏠 You can see the trailer here:


August 16, 2017 – Jared is Foiled Again, Round One of NYC’s Reunion & a Little Bit of Chefs in My Life


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Griff calls Ava a miracle worker. He says the bee sting feels better already. Ava lingers over putting it on him, and I have to laugh.

Kristina approaches Parker at the concert, and asks if she’d like company. Parker says sure, and Kristina sits with her.

Jared meets Obrecht, who thought their business was concluded. He wants to chat about the plan she concocted. He says his money never showed up. Hayden screwed him over – again. Good. Go away.

Curtis finds Finn at Hayden’s office. He wants to stop Finn from chasing her, and says he has to give her time. Finn asks why, and Curtis says she could be anywhere. She’s gone until she decides to come back. He says be glad Monica didn’t press charges, and Finn says maybe she should have.

Elizabeth calls Hayden’s mother looking for her, saying that she and Finn had a lover’s spat. Like Hayden would be going to her mother. Elizabeth literally runs into Franco outside of Kelly’s. They kiss.

Ava apologizes for embarrassing Griff, and he says no need for apologies. She says that’s the first time anyone has ever said that to her. He tells her the remedy worked like a charm. She hopes it will give her less time in purgatory, and asks him what it’s like being perfect. He says he doesn’t consider himself perfect. She says pride is a sin, but false modesty should be too. (It kind of is, according to Paul in Romans.) She calls him beautiful, and asks how he’s not led into temptation. He asks her who says he’s not tempted?

Kristina tells Parker that she loves her mother, but she’s an adult. She wants to know the real reason Parker is there. Tenure isn’t good enough? Parker tells Kristina that if it works out, she might get a senior position. She says she didn’t think Kristina would be there, but would be out seeing the world and forging her own path. Kristina says she’s doing that in Port Charles, and going to business school. Parker says she always knew Kristina would be successful, but needed to find her passion.

Obrecht tells Jared that even if Hayden put the money back, it’s still a felony. Jared says something went wrong; she got cold feet, or got caught, or kept it for herself. She owes him for all the years he spent in prison, and he’s going to collect.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he’s under cover. He’s on a secret mission for brownies, but don’t tell anyone, because it’s a surprise for her. He asks her to tell him how much she missed him. She says she’s incapable of banter because she’s so happy, and they kiss some more. She asks him about New York. He says he’ll have to sell paintings for the settlement, but the rest were returned. I have no clue what he’s talking about, and feel very much out of the loop here. Obviously, I didn’t pay attention to something. Elizabeth says that everyone can move on now, but Franco says they’ll talk about it later. She says she has to get to work, but he doesn’t want to let her go. He says she’s dangerous to the patients because she’s a contagion. He can tell something is up, and asks her what’s wrong.

Curtis asks Finn if he wants Hayden convicted, and Finn says he wants her found. He appreciates what Curtis is trying to do, but he doesn’t need a sponsor. He’s not coming unglued. Curtis is like, okay, and says maybe he’s not as together as he thinks. Finn goes over the last time he saw Hayden, and when he heard her using her old name on the phone. Curtis says it’s rough when you find out what people are capable of – it shakes your foundation. Finn says instead of coming to him, she thought stealing was a better solution. She got defensive and walked out, and he had no idea that was the last time he’d see her. Curtis says he’s not going to want to hear this, but needs to admit to something he’s afraid of –he’s still in love with her. Well, of course, it’s not like it’s been years. More like a few hours.

Griff tells Ava that he’s hardly a saint. Ava says they don’t start that way, and asks if one of them didn’t say, give me chastity, but not yet. He tells her that Saint Augustine sort of said that. He tells her that he has given into temptation, and she mentions Claudette. He says he nearly walked away from the priesthood to raise a family. For a long while, he’d hoped something wonderful would come from his fall from grace. He could have been Charlotte’s father. Ava thanks him for letting her see this side of him.

Kristina asks if Parker’s wife came along, but she didn’t want to leave her patients. She asks if Parker’s wife (who apparently doesn’t have a name) will be joining her later. Parker wants to keep things less personal because, boundaries. She asks about business school, and where Kristina wants to go with it. Kristina says that Parker left her a note and she had to track her down. Parker says sorry. Kristina feels entitled to know how it worked out. Parker says they gave it their all, but her marriage is over.

Elizabeth tells Franco about Hayden being MIA before her wedding. He’s shocked that after all she and Finn went through, she pulled a vanishing act. He suggests consoling Elizabeth, but she says she has to get back to work. He complains that she’s picking sick strangers over him, and she says she’ll make it worthwhile later. Obrecht walks in, and says it warms the heart to see him. Elizabeth says it’s not like she has one. Oh, snap!

Finn tells Curtis that he just wants to make sure Hayden is okay. Curtis asks if he can get past the mistake she made. Finn says he’s as much to blame as she is. When he was detoxing, he told her that she couldn’t be trusted. He wanted her to hurt inside the way he did, and it left a scar. Why would she have faith in him? Curtis says Hayden knew it was the detox talking, and stayed by him. Finn insists that in her mind, he couldn’t return the loyalty. Curtis says that the only thing worse than blaming her, is blaming himself. Idiot Jared walks in, and Finn slams him up against the wall, asking where Hayden is.

Griff tells Ava that there’s no sin in wanting to love and be loved, and feeling the touch of another human. She says it’s getting a little esoteric. She’s getting tired, and still trying to get her stamina back. He reserves the right to lecture her again, or at least go on another outing where there aren’t any bees. He thanks her for coming out with him, and she thanks him, saying that she enjoyed it. He leaves, and she bangs her head against the door. She pours a martini and downs it.

Kristina says that Parker told her she was recommitting to the marriage. Parker says that was the plan. She didn’t mean to take advantage, and Kristina says she didn’t. Kristina tells her that she was never more clear about anything in her life.

Franco suggests Elizabeth and Obrecht remain in neutral corners. Elizabeth leaves for the hospital. Obrecht says she never thought of Franco as the sentimental type, and he says he never thought she’d play three-card monte with urine samples. She asks if she can buy him a donut, so they can discuss what else Elizabeth said about her. Franco wonders why she thinks they’d be talking about her, and she says there isn’t a more scintillating subject. He tells her that Elizabeth is worried about her sister. Obrecht says she’d be worried too, if someone she cared about was hauled off to jail. Franco asks what makes her think that Hayden is in jail?

Jared says he’ll have Finn arrested for assault, and Finn says he’ll have Jared up on blackmail charges. Jared says Hayden owes him; it’s not his fault she lied about her past. Finn says he threatened to expose her, and Jared says he did him a favor, and calls Hayden a bitch. Finn goes after him again, but Curtis stops him, saying he needs his hands for doctoring. Curtis lays Jared out with a punch.

Parker tells Kristina that she and her wife became perfect strangers. Through it all she discovered something about herself, especially when she was with Kristina. Through all the crossed lines and mistakes that she made, she still felt brave for following her heart. Kristina suggests she’s like Anna Karenina, but without the kid or train. Parker says she doesn’t intend to get in Kristina’s way. She hurt her once, and doesn’t want to see her unhappy again. She starts to go, but Kristina stops her.

Obrecht is surprised that Hayden hasn’t been arrested. Franco says that they don’t arrest you for being a runaway bride. She says Finn must be heartbroken. She asks again if Hayden isn’t in jail, and Franco wonders why she keeps asking. She says he just came home from an excursion to a filthy city with a dying Broadway empire (my note: that’s because it’s so freaking expensive); he doesn’t need the stress. Franco questions whether she knows anything about what’s going on, and she says whatever happens to them, they more than deserve it.

Curtis sits Jared down. He tells Jared that Hayden is his friend. He blackmailed her, and caused her to leave town. Now he needs to make it right, and tell him where to find her. Jared says he doesn’t know. Finn tells Curtis how proud Jared is of his tennis skills, and Curtis says it would be a shame if his arm was messed up. Jared tells them that she promised to pay him for taking the fall, and he gave her a divorce. Where is his settlement? He says that she ran out on both of them, but she’s Raymond Berlin’s daughter, and learned to lie and cheat at her daddy’s knee.

Parker says Kristina has grown up a lot, and Kristina says losing a brother will do that. Parker heard about Morgan on the news, and says how sorry she is. Kristina tells her that losing people you love teaches you something about yourself. Parker asks what she’s learned, and Kristina says not to waste time, and not to get caught up in what doesn’t matter, but focus on the things that do. She tells Parker that she’s glad to see her, and Parker says her too.

Ava keeps drinking. She looks in the mirror, and sees herself whole. Griff is there, and tells her that miracles do happen. She asks what she did to deserve this, and he says that grace is not being loved for what you’ve done, but for who you are. He touches her face, and she says that she’s not a freak anymore. He tells her that she’s beautiful, and always was. He kisses her. Her glass drops out of her hand. She’s back in her chair, and gets up to check the mirror. Nope. Still the same.

Ava’s phone rings. It’s Valentin. She says she still has his card. She tells him that she remembers what he said. There’s just one problem – she doesn’t believe in miracles. She hangs up and rips up the card.

Franco brings brownies to Elizabeth at the hospital. He thinks she should blow off the rest of her shift. She takes one, and tells him to take them home to the boys, and she’ll be there as soon as she can. He tells her that maybe she should check the jail for Hayden.

Realizing he’s of no use, Curtis pushes Jared out the door.  He tells Finn that Jared doesn’t know where Hayden is. Finn asks if he’s just supposed to let her disappear with their baby.

Parker wants to start preparing for her classes, and Kristina needs to hit the books. She thanks Parker for sharing, and Parker thanks her for the company, telling her that she can sit in on her class any time.

Ava smells the lavender bottle. She takes it along with her bag into the other room.

Finn says that Rachel vanished and resurfaced as Hayden, but Jared still tracked her down. Curtis suggests she might have learned from her mistakes. Finn says it would take someone pretty savvy to track her down; someone who knows how her mind works.   Could that someone be Curtis?

Franco tells Elizabeth that Obrecht seemed surprised that Hayden hadn’t been arrested, and thinks there’s more to the story. Elizabeth says a lot more. Franco asks why Obrecht would be convinced that Hayden was in jail. Elizabeth says there’s only one reason she can think of – she was in on it. Obrecht approaches them.

Tomorrow, Mac toasts to a new member of the family, Maxie recruits Spinelli, and Nathan and Amy discuss the future of Man Landers.

The Real Housewives of New York City – Reunion Part One

Ohh, nice set. It’s the oldest synagogue in NYC. Ooh, the dresses! My favorite is Tinsley’s, which is a cross between a fairy princess and an 80s prom. Andy is astounded about Carole training for the marathon, since she’s known to be averse to exercise. She said she realized she had to get more fit, but needed a goal. She says it’s strange because she loves it. We find out that Tinsley and Scott are still seeing each other. Sonja has found a three-bedroom that she loves, but hasn’t put her townhouse on the market yet. Andy grills Ramona on her love life. She’s dating someone, but not the guy she met on Love Connection. BTW, this was filmed before Luann’s divorce announcement. I honestly think she waited because she didn’t want it brought up at the reunion. I don’t blame her.

Ramona is up first, and we flash back to how selfish she is. And her birthday party. Andy asks how it was watching the show, and she says that she had a bad year. She didn’t see it the way the ladies did at the time, but when she watched it, she wondered who she was. As she talks, she plays with her hair like she’s fourteen. We all agree that she gives 60 a whole new look, and she talks about the work she has done, saying that she never puts her face in the sun. I’ve been a huge advocate of sunscreen since I was in my twenties, and it makes a major difference. I live in a beach town, and there are people in their thirties who look older than I do.

A viewer wants to know why Ramona made light of trashing Dorinda’s home. She apologizes, but thinks Dorinda looks at it differently. Dorinda says she doesn’t; that’s how it was. Ramona vandalized her house. Ramona admits to being drunk, saying she knew she pulled the lights down (it was apparently something used in production), but didn’t notice that she’d messed up the wall. Dorinda says that Ramona tries to get around what she does wrong, and should just say sorry and ask how she can make it better. Ramona says it’s hard for her, and Carole says that she doesn’t see herself as a bad houseguest. Bethenny tells a story about how Ramona didn’t even acknowledge her staff in the elevator when she’s known them for years. She says that even when she and Luann were in a war, Luann was always pleasant to them. Ramona insists she goes into a zone, and didn’t notice them. Bethenny suggests she go live in a commune in a padded room. Ramona asks why they didn’t say hello to her, and Bethenny says maybe they were intimidated. She calls Ramona a horror show, and Ramona says she is what she is. Bethenny tells her to enjoy that. The way Ramona treated the staff in Mexico is discussed. They also talk about Jill Zaren’s assessment, and Ramona says that Jill doesn’t know her. A viewer asks if Bethenny is interested in reopening a friendship with Jill, and she wonders how many years have to go by before Andy stops asking. Another viewer suggests that Ramona is in the second stage of grief – anger. Ramona says disappointed is more like it. She thought she could control the outcome with her marriage, and it didn’t happen. Bethenny thinks scared people lash out.

Ramona’s party is covered. Andy asks if her wishes came true, and she says that she’s in better place. She’s more settled, and Avery graduated from college with high marks. Bethenny asks if marriage is in the cards, and Ramona says she’d like a partner in life. When asked if it’s the guy she’s dating now, she just smiles, and eventually says she’s in heavy like. Bethenny points out that she’s the only one not in a relationship.

Sonja learned the hard way that when Dorinda comes for you, she doesn’t make it nice. We see clips of Sonja badmouthing Dorinda, and Dorinda saying she has a mole giving her information. We see Dorinda confronting Sonja at dinner. Then at another dinner Clip! Andy thanks her for that, and Dorinda says someone said it to her at Citibank the other day. She explains that she couldn’t stop the verbal waterboarding, and it just came out. They start to talk about Sonja’s love life, but Dorinda is annoyed about Sonja calling her a fraud. Dorinda says she never talks to the press, and she didn’t want to start the season with a bunch of baloney. Sonja defends herself, but Dorinda says she read this stuff for months. Sonja says that by the time she saw Dorinda, she was over it, and had moved on (oh, okay), but still insists that she doesn’t talk to the press. Andy asks about Dorinda’s mole friends, but she’s not talking. Sonja’s sobriety is called into question. She insists she didn’t drink for ten months, but Andy thinks her math is off. A viewer asks about her wearing Dorinda’s PJs, and she says she felt terrible when she found out they were a gift from Dorinda’s late husband. Carole says she didn’t even apologize. Dorinda wants to move forward, and Sonja keeps saying sorry. Dorinda says don’t touch other people’s stuff, and when you do, clean it and return it nicely. Andy is loving this like the antichrist he is.

Congrats all around to Luann. She loves being married, having a partner in crime, and loves Tom. Andy asks about giving up her title, and she says she likes the Mrs. title she has now. Andy talks about how no roadblock was stopping them, even an intervention. We see clips from the whole sad story, including Missy saying she walked in on them, and that’s why she’s not seeing Tom anymore. Luann says she’s a hopeless romantic (and I desperately want to say, no, you’re just hopeless), and being with Tom was like finding home. Yeah, the home for wayward husbands. The final clip in the reel is Tom acting like he hardly knows Missy, as he introduces them. Andy asks why the wedding was so big and so white for a second wedding, plus a shower and a bachelorette party. Luann says she didn’t get that the first time around, and it was also Tom’s 50th birthday. She wanted it big and beautiful. Andy asks if Sonja still clinging to the illusion that she was invited. Luann says she did send a save-the-date card to Sonja, and Bethenny says now they have a smoking gun. Luann explains that Sonja had been talking badly about them to the press she doesn’t talk to. We see the clip of Luann’s friend, Barbara, saying that Luann was only going through with it to save face. Carole says it was out of genuine concern, and Ramona seconds that. Luann says she gets it. Andy asks what up with Ramona bugging Luann about the bridal shower. We flash back to the last reunion, where Bethenny thought Ramona knew something. Ramona says Luann is happy now, but Tom kissed the same girl from the Regency again. Bethenny says she’s heard he was annoyed that Luann was thirsty for press. Andy asks what Ramona knew.

Ramona asks if it’s important, and Luann says no, because there was nothing there. Bethenny says she’d heard that he had gone to the woman’s hotel room in Philly, and told her that he and Luann had an open relationship, but nothing happened. Ramona agrees that’s’ what happened – nothing happened. Andy stirs the pot, asking if anyone else has heard anything. Bethenny says whatever the situation is, Luann isn’t an idiot. She thinks the group is being respectful now that they’re married. They all hear things, and Luann said she didn’t want to know. Luann says not true, but roll the tape.

Luann says that Ramona kept calling Tom’s exes, trying to find out dirt about Tom. Bethenny says that her delivery is bad, but the content is true. He seems like the kind of person who goes into a bar with one person, and leaves with another. We flash back to his dog-with-a-collar comment about his wedding ring. Luann makes like it’s just his sense of humor being off. Andy asks if it’s alarming that they’ve all heard things. Bethenny says that they only care about her happiness Andy asks if Luann has an open relationship, and she tells him that she wouldn’t be married if she wanted that. Like she would say yes even if it was. He asks what she’d do if Tom cheated, and she says leave. Mic drop, and silence all around. Even I start to get uncomfortable. Dorinda says she’d kill him. Well, that settles that. Andy brings up Luann’s relationship with Count Alex, and she says they were separated and she didn’t want anyone to know.

We see the final Missy clip, where Tom takes his mic off. Luann says she hadn’t seen it until now, so she has to interrogate talk to him about it. Andy says it comes on the heels of Tom being flirty with Missy. Bethenny thinks maybe he flirts to get attention, but that there’s no ulterior motive for him marrying her. What would it be? Putting his life up for public scrutiny? She tells Luann that she puts her Countess shield up, and that if she had seen her partner saying that stuff, she’d be crying in the bathroom. Luann asks why Bethenny thinks she spent the night at a hotel last night.

Poking Luann with his pitchfork, Andy asks how she feels watching it. She sees it as Tom trying to be funny, and needs to smack him silly talk to him about how he’s making her feel. A viewer asks if other friends or family came to her with concerns, and Luann says the family situation has been tough, especially with her son, Noel. It was hard for him to accept Tom in the beginning, and he’s protective, but stands by her relationship. She says no one would have anything to gain from stepping out with Tom, and these girls he’s making out with meeting for lunch are just his friends. She has to accept him for who he is; she can’t change him. He’s a grown man who’s lived a certain way. She points out that she’s friends with Jacques, but Bethenny says she doesn’t make out with him. Luann says the only reason he sees Missy is that Ramona brings her to parties. Ramona says that’s not true.

Next time, Ramona says Tom is sleeping around. Sonja claims Tinsley’s party for her was just for show, Ramona talks about her divorce, and Tinsley’s drinking is brought up.

🍜 On MasterChef, the contestants split into two teams, with Dino in charge of the red team, and Daniel in charge of the blue team. The challenge was to cook dinner for VIPs at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Ribeye steak was the focus. I had to feed the dogs, and when I left the room, it looked like Dino’s team was tanking. They’d cut up the ribeye in a way that Gordon was not pleased with. But when I came back, they were picking two cooks from Daniel’s team to be on the chopping block. Newton and Yachecia got the pressure test – champagne poached oysters, which Christina called “Las Vegas on a plate.” I don’t know about that, but these things looked phenomenal. A little tower of delicious with a foundation of capellini, and a caviar top. They also had to make the capellini from scratch. Yechecia’s caviar fell off, but Newton struggled with the top of the jar, costing him precious time and leaving out two ingredients. I gotta say, Yachecia’s dish did not look pretty (which would not stop me from enjoying it, I’m sure), but her oysters were declared perfect. And then they did the thing I hate the most, we have to wait until next week to find out who goes home. Thanks. Next time, crawfish skills are put to the test, and a previous winner is a guest.

🍍 Tonight was The f Word finale, and I hope you caught the show. I never did catch up, but still hope to, while it’s still On Demand. It’s one of my favorite shows on BBC America, and I was thrilled that it’s been brought to the states. It’s the lighter side of Gordon, and it being aired live makes it even more fun.

🦀 It was prettier than this, but…


Champagne Poached Oysters


August 15, 2017 – Evidence Disappears, a Mansion Burns & Mediterranean Season is Over


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Alexis and Kristina are having a picnic in the park. Alexis tells Kristina that she doesn’t know if her testimony helped or hurt Julian. Kristina tells Alexis to give herself a break and chill. Alexis asks how registration went, and Kristina says you know how it is. Alexis doesn’t, and asks how is it?

Ava talks to herself, saying that all she needs is a referral from the Prince of Darkness, and sell her soul to get her face back. Oh for Pete’s sake. I don’t believe Nikolas is dead, but even if Valentin killed him, he’s not all that bad. She won’t choose vanity over justice for Nikolas, and puts Valentin’s card away again. I note that she hasn’t thrown it away, so maybe she will be choosing vanity yet. Griff knocks at the door. He says he was out for a walk, and asks if she’d like to join him and give the world another go.

Josslyn meets Oscar at the bridge. She says it sounded urgent. He asks if she wants to go to a concert in the park tonight.

Michael and Nelle have their picnic basket ready. She’s glad he’s taking a break from his responsibilities, but Nelle’s phone rings. She says she’ll be right there, and tells Michael it was the police. They want her to answer some questions about Sonny’s shooting.

Dante says he got new information on the gun. They found a posting on the Dark Web about a gun for sale, and they’re going to ask the guy some questions. He tells Sonny whatever secret he’s trying to hide is going to come out, so spill it now.

Jason asks for a word with an officer at the station.

Carly storms into Sam’s room, saying she knows what Sam did to Sonny. Carly is starting to get on my nerves.

Griff walks in and Ava says not to be rude, but she didn’t invite him in. He tells her the fresh air will do her good. She says she doesn’t need to go out. She just orders something and it shows up. She says she’s not afraid of the world; the world is afraid of her. Every time she goes out the townspeople come after her with torches and pitchforks. He tells her doctor’s orders; she needs to get out. She asks if it’s the doctor or priest talking. Griff says maybe he’s asking as a friend.

Alexis says she doesn’t blame Kristina if she’s uncomfortable with the new school year. She says she’s not, but thanks for the reminder. Alexis says it’s a fresh start, and a chance to reinvent herself. Kristina says she likes herself the way she is. She asks Alexis what’s wrong, and sees Parker standing behind her.

Oscar tells Josslyn that the concert is classical, and then goes full-on jazz. He thinks she’ll love it. Josslyn is about to text Trina, but Oscar says he’d like it to be just them. She asks like a date? and he says exactly.

Sonny says the gun wasn’t his, and asks why Dante is hounding him. The Big Garve ambushed him and tried to kill him. He’s dead; isn’t that enough? Dante thinks that Sonny is trying to cover up for a third shooter, and tells him he should teach a master class in stalling.

Carly starts throwing stuff around. Sam says she didn’t know what she was doing, but Carly says there’s no getting away from this, and puts her hand on Sam’s throat. Sam wakes up (as I suspected, but that doesn’t let Carly off the hook for getting on my nerves). Carly is there, and says she had a bad dream.

Parker exchanges pleasantries with Kristina. Alexis says it’s a surprise, at least for her. She finds out that Parker is teaching at PCU, and she hopes Kristina didn’t enroll in the class. Kristina says no, but Molly did.

At the park, Griff says something about a boombox, and Ava tells him to be careful or people will think he hasn’t updated his tech since the 80s. He says, look, made her laugh, but he can’t see her face. She tells him consider himself lucky. The worst are the people who deliberately don’t look at her. He tells her sometimes people don’t know what to do or say, so they do nothing, but it’s their problem not hers. She says easy for him to say; he’s not living in her skin. He tells her she’s right, but he knows her life isn’t over. It just shifted a little.

Josslyn sees Michael and Nelle. Michael introduces himself, since Oscar has already met Nelle. Josslyn talks about the concert. Michael says Nelle covered for her as long as she could, and now’s the time to come clean about the shell casing.

Carly hopes she didn’t disturb Sam. She asks if it’s the disease causing the dream, but Sam says it was just a dream. Carly asks if she wants to talk about it, and wonders what Sam had to tell her yesterday. Sam doesn’t want to bother her, but Carly says nonsense; they’re like family, and Sam can tell her anything. Jason walks in. He says Sam needs her rest; when she gets home with the kids, that’s not going to happen. Carly says she’ll visit another time, hopefully at home. Jason and Sam hug. Carly watches through the window.

Kristina tells Alexis that Molly needs the class for her minor, and Parker says she’ll be honest and fair. Alexis is more concerned about her respecting boundaries. Parker wishes them a good night. Alexis wonders why no one told her. She thinks they came down on her for not being honest, and she felt horrible and vowed to do better. She suggests they do the same, since open and honest communication goes both ways.

Ava asks Griff about surgery. He tells her go easy with online searches. She asks if he’s afraid she’ll get sucked in by an online quack. He tells her to bring whatever she finds to him, and he’ll help. She wonders why he’s interested in her case, and he says she’s not a case, but a person. Maybe she’s pitying herself and projecting onto other people. She says that’s what therapist suggested, and he says maybe therapy wasn’t a waste of time after all.

Under the guise of getting lemonade, Alexis follows Parker. She asks Parker wth she’s doing?

Josslyn is afraid Carly will freak when she finds out she’d been at the construction site. Michael says Nelle isn’t going to perjure herself so she doesn’t get in trouble. Oscar volunteers to go, since he’s the one who found it. Josslyn gives him the necklace, and he says he’ll call when they’re done. Michael says it was cool of him to step up like that. Josslyn says he is cool, and not to blame him for something she did. He tells her that if you break rules, you have to expect the consequences. Carly is going to find out the truth, and it would be best if it came from her.

Carly visits Sonny. He says he’s walking around as much as he can. She calls him a model patient, and says when he’s good, she’s suspicious. She tells him about Sam being upset and how Jason shut it down before she could talk. She says that she got the feeling you get when everyone knows something and you’re out of the loop. Sonny says there’s something he needs to tell her.

Alexis asks Parker if it’s a weird coincidence. Parker says that she was offered tenure. Alexis hopes she doesn’t blow it over a co-ed. She asks if Parker is coming back for round three. Parker says she didn’t know Kristina would be there, and Alexis says it’s her home town. She wonders how Parker’s wife feels about it, and asks if she’s going to derail Kristina’s life again, now that she’s gotten it together. Kristina says that’s enough.

Griff and Ava share a flask. Suddenly, Griff thinks something stung him. She asks if he’s been stung by a bee before. It appears he’s allergic.

Sam tells Jason about her dream and how Carly was yelling, and said she’d make her pay. He says it’s just a nightmare. Sam says that Carly was there when she woke up, and couldn’t have been kinder. The guilt isn’t going away, and she thinks Carly will understand. Jason says she will, but please wait until the investigation is closed.

Carly asks Sonny how worried she should be. He says he didn’t want to tell her until things calmed down. Michael and Josslyn interrupt. He says Josslyn has something she needs to tell Carly. Carly says it’s her night for it. Josslyn says it’s about the shell casing. Nelle wasn’t the one who found it; she was covering for her. Oscar found it when they went to the construction site.

Oscar tells Dante about finding the casing. He swears they had no idea Sonny was there. Dante says it’s good he came forward, but since he’s a minor, Dante has to tell his parents. Oscar gives Dante his mom’s number. Nelle says he did good, and he says he hopes so.

Dante goes to the interrogation room. Gun dude wants lawyer. He says they’ll just find out they have him dead to rights. Money has been going to his account in exchange for guns. He’s going away for a long time, and Dante wants to make it easier on him. He shows gun dude a picture of the gun, and says all they want to know is who he sold it to.

Kristina apologizes. Parker says she admires how much Kristina’s mother cares about her. She has to leave, and says she’ll see her around, but probably not. Kristina says Alexis doesn’t trust her to handle her own life. Alexis says she doesn’t trust Kristina to tell her about it. Kristina says she’s not a victim. Just because Alexis can’t own up to her bad choices, doesn’t mean Kristina can’t. She immediately apologizes, but Alexis says she’s right, and tells her to enjoy the concert.

Ava brings Griff back to the apartment. Griff thinks they should go to the hospital, but Ava tells him to quit whining. He reminds her that only one of them has a medical degree, but Ava says Kiki is mildly allergic, and she has a homemade remedy on hand. Some kind of lavender oil. Before he whines to the hospital, they should see if they can handle it there. He takes his shirt off, and I hear a collective wow.

Carly asks why Josslyn didn’t tell her. Josslyn says that she didn’t want Carly to know she was sneaking off with Oscar. Carly asks what if she got caught in the middle of the gunfire or demolition? Josslyn says she knows, it scared her almost as much as telling Carly. Sonny says that they saved his life, but she has to be honest with her mom. Josslyn wants to go back to the concert, but Carly tells her that she’s home all weekend now. Michael stops the argument before it starts, telling Josslyn to come with him. Outside, he tells her don’t push it; she got off light. Sonny asks if Carly isn’t being too hard. She says lying by omission is still lying. D’oh!

Jason tells Sam that the police can still press charges, and she should concentrate on healing. The kids need their mom. Jason’s phone rings. He has to take care of something, and says he’ll be back.

Dante says only one gun like that was sold in the past month. Gun dude says they don’t use real names. Dante says asks him what the guy looked like, and he says he sold it to a woman.

Ava says Griff will smell great and the pain will go away quickly. She massages the oil into his back, and then it’s his turn to say wow. He tells her that he might have the MD, but she’s a miracle worker. He can’t thank her enough. They look at each other.

Kristina asks Parker if she wants company. Parker says sure. They look at each other. Lots of meaningful looks today.

Carly tells Sonny that she’s grateful everything turned out okay, but who is this girl sneaking out? Sonny says Carly has done worse, but she says she doesn’t want Josslyn to be like her; when did she turn into a rebel? Sonny laughs, saying she is too, and when he’s not pissed off, he finds it attractive. Sometimes he finds it attractive because it pisses him off. Carly asks if he’s flirting or stalling. He tells her that he’s rescheduling his PT, but promises he’ll go. He’s alive, they’re all safe, and that’s what matters. She kisses him.

Sam looks at her kids’ pictures, and says she’ll be home soon. She wonders how she’ll make peace with what she’s done.

Dante asks gun dude what she looked like. A lawyer walks in, and says no more questions. Dante says it’s not over. When he leaves the room, an officer approaches him, and tells him that the third gun is missing.

On the bridge, the officer Jason talked to earlier gives him the gun. He asks if he and Mr. Corrinthos are square now, and Jason says that he’ll be grateful.

At the station, the officer tells Dante that Jason was at the station earlier, waiting to talk to Jordan.

Jason takes gun out of the bag, removes the clip, wipes it down, and throws it into the water.

Next time, Griff says he’s tempted, Curtis stops Finn from chasing Hayden, and Franco returns.

The Haves and the Have Nots

We ended last week with Charles giving Candace the choice of throwing Benny under the bus for Quincy’s murder. Or not.

Candace tells Charles that it isn’t an option, but Charles says that Benny was at the scene. She wonders how he knows that, but says she’ll turn herself in first. He says he never knew that kind of love. She says he has children, and she read he was madly in love with his wife. He tells her that’s true, and asks why she forged Benny’s name on the loan documents. She’s shocked at how much he knows, and asks if he knows what color panties she’s wearing. He says the story would have worked, but she says she wasn’t planning on going to his inauguration anyway. She asks him to leave. He says she turned down the gift of a lifetime and she says, no, he did.

There’s a knock at Wyatt’s door. Anna answers and rolls in a suitcase. She tells Wyatt she won’t take up much space. She asks how he’s feeling, and he says the daytime isn’t as much of a problem. She tells him to fill out his questionnaire. She picks it up, and asks what his goals in life are. He says she’ll think it’s stupid, but he always wanted to be a fireman. His parents thought it was stupid; they wanted him to work for the family company, like his sister had, and they saw how that turned out. Anna asks about Amanda, but he says he never talks about it. She says she’ll check into getting him a fireman’s exam. Dr. Jarvis knows a lot of people, so if everything goes well, he might be able to get in. She says his first goal is doing research. He says ever since he was a kid, his life was planned out for him. Anna thinks there’s more, but Wyatt says nothing he wants to share. He asks what she wants to do. There’s a camera on the table, and he tells her that it was left by the guy who lived there before him. She suggests they take pictures of firehouses for inspiration.

Wyatt’s phone rings. It’s new DA George who informs him that old DA Jennifer is dead. They want to talk to him – just a formality. Wyatt suggests they come to his place right now. He tells Anna that the DA wants to talk to him. She wonders if they should call a lawyer, but he says he didn’t do anything wrong. (Well, there’s his first mistake.) Anna says she’s his shadow, so they’ll wait together.

Veronica takes Hanna in to see Benny. Kathryn waits with Mitch. She wonders what Benny is being questioned about, and asks Mitch how long he’s known him. Mitch says ten years, and he’s a good friend, but he doesn’t know Hanna that well though. Kathryn asks if Hanna knows who he is, and he says he’s just Mitch. She says that whenever she tries to be just Kathryn, Hargrave comes to the surface. He says that life isn’t for him. She asks if he’s dating anyone, and he says, no, why? She says she’ll be single soon, and she could use a man life him. He asks how much she pays, but she says she doesn’t – he’ll be paying her. He asks if she’s joking, and says he’s out of there. She says he doesn’t know what he’s missing.

Benny tells Hanna that he’s sorry. She asks what’s going on and why he’s there. He doesn’t want her to worry, but she says it’s too late for that. Benny says he can’t talk. Hanna asks what happened, and he says nothing. She asks if he killed Quincy, and he says he already told her no. She says there were two people and one was a man, so who did it? He says he doesn’t know. Veronica asks if he’s sure. Hanna wants him to look her in the eye and tell her, and he does. He says they asked him about it, and she says what’s up with the Secret Service? He says her guess is as good as his, and they wanted his DNA. Veronica is like, what? She calls for the guard, saying that she’s talking to a supervisor about these clowns.

Benny tells Hanna that he’s telling her the truth. She says she knows, and knows that he didn’t kill Quincy. She asks if he’s sure it was Jeffrey, and he says he is. She says it’s that girl (meaning Candace). Her baby is dead, and she hasn’t even called. Benny thinks maybe she doesn’t know. He says Hanna should call her, but Hanna can’t be bothered, saying she doesn’t care. She tells him not to trust that whore, and that Kathryn can find him another lawyer. She wonders what Candace has done now, saying she’s a walking tsunami. She wishes she could have kept him and Quincy Jr. away from her. She begs God for some relief. Benny says they’ll make it through this.

Veronica makes a call outside. She gives someone the names Harrison and Downs, saying they claim to be from the Secret Service or Homeland Security, and they’re not telling her anything. She asks for information on them, and says she’ll be waiting. She goes back inside and sits. Justin goes to the desk and gives the desk sergeant some task so she leaves. He grabs Veronica by the arm, and she says, “Girl, you’re strong.” Omg, she’s the best at being the worst. He tells her to delete the video. She tells him to do it; go ahead and take it from her. He tells her that she has no idea what he’s capable of, and she says his wife doesn’t know what he’s capable of, but she’ll find out in open court. She says he has a nervous twitch, and asks if he’s all right. He asks her to please delete the video. She says that she asked him to stay away from her son, and instead he went from stairwells to rooms. He apologizes, and asks for the video. She says she won’t be doing that. He asks if she’s going through with this, and she tells him, you bet your sweet ass. He says she won’t like the outcome. She asks if he’s going to hit her with rainbows and feathers, and I laugh. She sits back down, and Justin leaves.

There’s a knock at Erica’s hotel room door. It’s Candace. Erica tells her that she should have called. Candace says that she’s frustrated. She just met a very powerful man. She thought she had him, and thought if she played it right, she could get more out of him, since she got him to go crazy. When he drinks, he’s passive and nice, but when he’s sober, he’s like a beast. He knew everything about her. Erica says it’s kind of scary. Candace says he offered to change her life if she gave up Benny for Quincy’s murder. Erica thinks that’s not a bad idea, and Candace cracks her one across the face, telling her not to forget her place. Erica apologizes. Candace says she’s just stressed, and talking to him is like talking to a snake. She tells Erica that the dress she borrowed had a scent, and it was the cheap cologne that War wears. Erica says she doesn’t deal with him. Candace says they’re cool, but she’ll throw Erica out a window if she’s lying. She asks for another dress. Erica offers for her to stay there, and Candace says she should have David’s credit card by now. Erica says she’s working on it, and Candace says she’d better be. She takes a dress and leaves.

Erica runs to the phone and calls War. She tells him to get this bitch; Candace just slapped her. He says he’s working on some stuff right now, and he’ll call her back. Erica says Candace is at the hotel, but he says he knows.

War wants to head to Mitch’s family restaurant. One of his gang reminds him that’s mob territory, but he doesn’t care.

Veronica tells Kathryn that she’s waiting for a phone call. Kathryn tells Hanna they have a lot of work to do. Hanna says she almost forgot. Mitch says he’s sorry, and she says it’s not his fault. Mitch and Hanna leave, but George walks in, and tells Kathryn he wants to talk to her about Jennifer; they found her body. She asks what happened, and he says they don’t know, but were hoping she could tell them. Kathryn’s house was the last place Jennifer made a call from. Veronica tells George that he knows better than this, and tells Kathryn not to say anything else. She says he needs a warrant, and he says he’ll get one. She tells him to do that, and he says she represents a lot of people. She tells Kathryn she’ll meet her at home in fifteen minutes.

Jeffrey visits Melissa, who rolls her eyes when she sees him. She tells him to get out. He says he was thinking about her. She doesn’t care, and he says he’s sorry about everything. She tells him good-bye. He says he doesn’t want her hurting herself, and this will work out. She asks if her father will come back to life. He says no, and she tells him that she has nothing else to say.

Melissa’s mother, Doris, comes into her room, and tells her to stop acting this way. She asks Jeffrey if Melissa is giving him a hard time. Jeffrey says no, and he’ll leave. Doris tells him to stay, and says that Melissa did this twice as a teenager, now this. She says Melissa needs to grow up at some point. Jeffrey says there’s treatment. Doris asks who’s paying for it? She’s not into taking handouts, but she hears he’s into taking hand j*bs; Melissa told her everything. Melissa glares at her like Regan looking at Karras in The Exorcist. Jeffrey tells her that he’s gay, but for her information, anyone get a hand j*b. Doris tells Melissa that she’s got to stop this. She can’t bury Melissa’s father and take care of this. She says it’s best for all of them, and Melissa asks what about her? Doris calls her selfish, and says if she has the baby, everything will be okay. She asks Jeffrey to forgive her daughter and tell his mother she’ll do better. She says nice to meet you, like this is an everyday thing. Melissa says, see? Just like his mother, and tell her again why she wants to live. Jeffrey says he doesn’t know how, but it will get better. She asks him to go. He says he’s sorry, and she says that she is too.

There’s a knock at Candace’s door. It’s Charles. She doesn’t want to deal with him, but he has something to tell her. She doesn’t care as long as he’s not messing with her brother. He says it’s about her son. He was asked to speak about violence, and her son was the one caught in the crossfire. She thinks Charles had something to do with it, but he says he would never. She asks where he is, and Charles tells her that he was shot; he’s not going to make it. I guess he’s telling her like the old joke about the cat on the roof. She asks where, and Landon tells her the fleabag motel. She starts to cry, and Charles says he’s sorry. She tells them to get out, and slams the door behind them. Candace weeps, and says, oh God, over and over.

Outside the Cryer mansion, Veronica hands Kathryn matches, and starts pouring gasoline on everything. Kathryn asks what she’s doing, and she says that she loves starting fires, and if Jim is in there, it will be more fun. She tells Kathryn that the evidence has to be destroyed. Kathryn isn’t keen on burning down her house, but Veronica says no evidence, no crime, and she’s not being dragged into this. She says to light the damn match. Kathryn does, and Veronica asks if she’s sure Jim isn’t in there. Kathryn says, who gives a damn? and throws the match on the gas. They step away and watch, like a twisted Lucy and Ethel.

Next time, Landon tells Charles it’s asinine, Candace asks Erica if she’s with War, and Mitch tells Mama Rose that he’s delivering War.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season Two Reunion

Or as I call it, the cheap-ass reunion that Andy does with everyone crammed in the clubhouse.

First, wtf is Hannah wearing? Everyone looks gorgeous, but she’s wearing a very odd necklace that looks like a car part. Andy tells us everyone is excited about the reunion happening, but you couldn’t tell that by the budget. He asks who’s working together, and Hannah picks her perfect crew from whatever season. Moving on.

Captain Sandy is up. They show clips where Hannah thinks she’s a micromanager, but that wasn’t the vibe I got during the overall season. Andy asks the captain if it bothers her to be mistaken for chief stew, but that’s a no. I didn’t think so. Sandy is a pretty laid-back chick. It also reminds me of an embarrassing moment when I thought a woman who worked for an airline was a flight attendant, and she was a pilot. She was cool about it, but I wanted to die. Next up is Bobby being a jerk. Lauren is briefly in the hot seat about not having Bobby’s back. Oh wow. They have last names. Um… Lauren isn’t Chef Ben, even though his name pops up underneath her. Bobby insists both Hannah and Lauren are lying, even though Hannah hasn’t said anything about him… yet. Malia thinks about doing Wes her laundry. Bobby blabs about some party where he claims Lauren threatened something, and Andy actually says what we’re all thinking – who cares? Everyone has text messages about everyone. I wonder if Captain Sandy has left by now.

Andy talks about Bobby treating Hannah poorly, including on Watch What Happens Live. Andy asks if anything has happened between Hannah and Malia. Malia says not yet, and Hannah tells her see you later. Ha-ha! Andy asks if Lauren went out with Bobby to get on the show – she’d accompanied him to WWHL – but she says that was just a coincidence. A producer approached her.

We move on to Chef Adam and the Onion Incident. He claims he couldn’t make a tasty broth without onions, and then it turned spiteful. Captain Sandy says to her knowledge, she’s never had a chef do that before, but had she known he lied to her three times, she would have had no choice but to fire him. She says she’s disheartened about how he treated several of the crew members. It wasn’t the guy she thought she knew. He says he regrets it, but blames it on being heartbroken. Malia says it’s rough to go through, but some of it was unacceptable. Wes says it’s not an excuse.

The spotlight is on Hannah hooking up with Jason. Andy asks if making out with a charter guest is ever okay, and asks if he was her kryptonite. She suggests we look at Jason with no shirt. Andy asks Bugs about going to Bobby first about the texts on the iPad, and she says she wasn’t being malicious; she just ran into him first. Bugs asks why Hannah didn’t talk to her about it, and Hannah uses Bugs’s acting experience as a reason not to trust her. Andy asks Bobby why it was okay for him to hook up with a guest. He says he didn’t care if Hannah hooked up with anyone. He thought if there was love interest in a charter guest, go for it. Captain Sandy is like, no, just no. We find out that he’s gotten together with Paula since the charter. Andy brings up Jason having been in the WWHL audience, and saying he’s not the one who went in for the kiss. Hannah says he likes to stir the pot, and other than hellos on social media, they haven’t kept in touch. Captain Sandy is disappointed that she wasn’t told the truth. She says it’s about putting them on the right path. Hannah says she didn’t lie, but the captain says she watched the show. Hannah tells her all she saw was the door close, but I watched the show too – more than once – and she ran after him, and knocked on the door before it closed.

Andy tells us that Malia spent most of the season deciding where to park her love boat. Ha-ha! He’s so corny. We go over all the back and forth, and the texts, and how she knew Adam before the charter. Andy asks about how they met, but there isn’t much more information than we knew already. FYI, they only kissed and there was a connection. Andy stirs it by saying Adam had said that he loved her. He says his father knew the day he met his mother that she was the one. Not that he felt like that. Malia says everything was too intense on the boat, and Adam agrees. Andy asks if they regret lying about it, and they both say they do. Malia says it wasn’t intentional, but after Bobby and Lauren’s history came out, they decided it was best to keep it quiet. Wes says that Adam never said anything to him, or it would have changed the ballgame. Max talks about them saying hello as though they were meeting for the first time. Andy says they’ve gotten a lot of viewer feedback about Malia leading both Adam and Wes on. She admits to doing her fair share, but being on a yacht for six weeks heightens your emotions, and you don’t get to live a normal life. Plus, the cameras. Adam keeping quiet for so long is brought up again. Why doesn’t everyone just agree that he’s a big baby and move on? Andy asks if Wes and Malia are seeing each other, and she says every now and then, but they’re in different places. Then we find out they’re staying in the same room. Wes says it’s good they got off the boat, so they could date normally. Then it comes out that they’re an official couple and going to South Africa together. And meeting each other’s parents. Andy tells them don’t lie to daddy. Everyone seems pretty friendly at this point, but Andy wants to hear that Adam is hurting. He doesn’t give Andy the satisfaction though, and says they’re a great couple.

Andy asks who’s hooked up with each other, and it’s nobody. Just kisses here and there. They talk about Adam slut-shaming Malia, but she’s over it. Chrissy Teigen had a poll about giving vs getting a wedgie. It distresses me to hear that 77,000 people voted. A viewer asks why Adam didn’t expose Malia sooner. Because he still thought he had a chance.

Malia becoming lead deckhand is discussed next, and we see clips. A viewer asks if Captain Sandy would have still backed Wes’s decision, and she says she would. If she would have known Bobby wanted to be a captain, she would have had him on the bridge more, but she thought Malia showed more interest and believes Wes is a professional. Max is asked how he feels. He says she’s good at what she does, but Malia did spend more time with Wes. Someone asks why Bobby is such a man-baby and always whining. He whines that he doesn’t understand why people think he’s whining. Malia comes to his defense, and everyone is proud of Bobby, who’s driving boats now. All of a sudden, I see a scene in my head from The King and I where the child king says he likes boats.

We cover Hannah’s laziness. Lauren says Hannah and Bugs have different management styles. They’re both good at what they do, but do it differently. Bugs says she doesn’t think she’s better than anyone, and Lauren is called out for playing both sides. She admits she did because she’s a people-pleaser, and respects the hierarchy. Adam is asked who he’d rather work with, and he says the chef usually butts heads with the chief strew so it wouldn’t matter who it was. A viewer asks if Lauren did anything except laundry, and we all laugh. Someone points out that Bugs seemed petty, and she makes some excuse about just being informative. Hannah says Bugs did whatever she was asked, even though there was some attitude, but that’s par for the course. They’re exhausted, stressed, and have a lot of pressure on them.

Andy claims he isn’t trying to pick a scab, BUT Adam’s eyes are misty, and blah-blah-blah, Andy feels like he’s more hurt than he’s letting on. Adam says that Wes and Malia kill it as a couple, and he’s not going to change that. At some point you grow up and wish them well. Andy asks if Adam still loves her, and Adam says sorry to disappoint you, Andy, but no. Really he just says no, but I’m sure he was thinking that. Andy takes a poll and most of the crew is single. Captain Sandy is asked who she’d like to work with again, and she says she loves them all. She says it was a pleasure to work with them, but team work makes the dream work, and don’t lie to your captain. Captain Lee has sayings too, but they usually involve body parts. Andy asks about regrets. Hannah says she would have waited to exchange texts with Jason until they were off the boat. She also would have given the captain more leeway for an adjustment period. Bugs would have come to Hannah sooner, and Max would have spent more time at the bridge. Malia says that she would have made her decision sooner, and Adam wonders why he kept the secret so long. Lauren has no regrets, except her people pleasing, and that’s who she is. Bobby also has no regrets, but learned what not to do.

Andy thanks everyone and the season is officially over.



August 14, 2017 – A Third Gun is Found, Vicki Makes Shannon Eat & Dallas is Back


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Jason tells Sam there’s a good possibility of her getting released today. She asks if they’re all pretending she didn’t shoot Sonny. Jason thinks that’s for the best, but Sam thinks Julian knows something.

Scotty asks Julian how Ava is, and he says healing physically. Scotty says she doesn’t want to see him, but he needs a private conversation with Julian. He says the trial has been postponed until tomorrow, but it’s not a good thing.

Michael brings Sonny some coffee. He tells Sonny that Epiphany has him scheduled for PT. He says Sonny seems distracted, and Sonny says he’s just glad to be alive. Michael says Dante tells him the bullet in his leg isn’t from the Garveman’s gun, and he’s wondering who the other shooter is.

Dante confers with Nathan. He doesn’t buy that Garvelicious had a second gun. An officer brings in a gun that they found at the shooting site.

Elizabeth shows up early for wedding prep, and Ned says his job is to stay out of the way. Olivia-Q thinks she might have something for Elizabeth to do, but Monica interrupts, saying Cook quit without notice when she’s having a reception. Olivia says she fired her.

Jared meets Obrecht, and says it’s good to go. They should be able to access the money in an hour. She says he’ll get what he deserves. Jared adds that Hayden will suffer; isn’t that what she wants? She says her target is Finn.

Finn sits on a bench looking bummed. Curtis comes along, and says he doesn’t seem happy. He asks if Finn and Hayden got in a fight. Finn isn’t sure what it was.

Sam tells Jason that Julian came to see her. When she was sick and out of it, she thinks she remembers telling him that she wanted to get Jason away from Sonny. He told her the conversation never happened, but she insists it did. Jason asks what she told him. She says that she was afraid Sonny would pressure Jason into working for him again, and Julian said the only solution was getting rid of Sonny, so that’s what she did. Jason asks if she told Julian her plans. She says no, but why would he have said it didn’t happen? He asks what she did afterward, and she tells him about getting the gun. She wiped the prints off and threw it in a dumpster at the site afterward. She’s sure the police must have it by now. Jason tells her to trust him, and to promise she won’t say anything.

Alexis comes in, and Jason excuses himself, telling Sam to get some rest. Sam tells Alexis that she’s better. She’s been able to sleep. her bloodwork is improving, and they’re talking about releasing her. Alexis says she can forget all about it once she goes home. Alexis tells her about testifying at Julian’s trial. and says it was hard, but she told the truth; her conscience is clear. She says they’re in recess, and Sam asks why, but Alexis doesn’t know.

Scotty tells Julian that the DA claimed he had another trial, but there are none on the docket. Julian wonders why he’d be stalling. Scotty tells him about Jason blaming him for Sam’s condition, but Julian says he was trying to protect Sam and his kids.

Nathan tells the officer to see if there’s a bullet match. Dante doesn’t want to speculate, and thinks it will end up being untraceable. He thinks someone followed the Big Garve, and used it as an excuse to get Sonny.

Sonny asks if Dante told Michael to question him. Michael says that he loves his brother, but he’s a cop, and he’s not required to disclose anything to him. he says that Sonny getting out of the business made people nervous. Maybe a contractor shot him when he was down and distracted, and now he’s looking to retaliate.

Jared toasts to both him and Obrecht getting what they want. He says he wouldn’t have gone after Rachel/Hayden if it wasn’t for the money. They had an agreement. He asks Obrecht if Finn is awful enough to deserve her. She says he ruins many lives, now it’s his turn. Jared goes inside to get food, and Obrecht says, now for the  finishing touch.

Michael says that Sonny is getting deeper into the business he’s trying to get out of. Michael’s phone rings. It’s Obrecht. She acts all anonymous, hiding her accent, and tells him suspicious transactions have been made by the hospital’s financial officer, Hayden Barnes. He asks who this is, and she tells him to check it out for the good of the hospital, and hangs up. He tells Sonny sorry about third degree. Sonny asks Michael not to talk to Carly. He doesn’t want her to think it’s more than it is, and he doesn’t plan to retaliate against the person who shot him.

Finn tells Curtis that Hayden is embezzling. She was being blackmailed by her ex-husband. Curtis thinks he met him, but he’d said he was an old friend. Finn wonders why he didn’t say something, but Curtis says he told Hayden that she needed to take away his leverage and tell Finn the truth. He asks how things ended, and Finn says he told her that he loved her and if they were going to make it work, they had to be honest. That’s when she walked out.

Sam tells Alexis that she’s sorry to hear the trial was delayed. Alexis says that she’s tired of being involved. Sam asks how she thinks it went for Julian with her testimony; she’s afraid Alexis might try to help him. Alexis tells he that regardless, she told the truth as she knows it. Sam says that she thinks Alexis is right about the importance of telling the truth.

Julian remembers his conversation with Sam. And how he told her to get rid of Sonny. There’s a knock at the door it’s Jason, and he wants to talk about Sam.

Nathan says so much about the case seems off. Dante says if it’s a rival family, Sonny will try handle it himself. He wants the truth. An officer comes back with the results on all three guns. The gun from the dumpster matches the bullet in Sonny’s leg. Dante and Nathan take off.

Monica tells Olivia that wasn’t what she had in mind when she told her to assert herself. She needs to call Cook, apologize, apologize again, and get her back. Ned says that Olivia should be able to cook in her own kitchen, and Monica says that Cook has been with them for many years. Olivia says she’s terrorized them for many years. Monica says it’s her house, and she decides who goes and who stays. After Monica storms off, Olivia tells Ned that she didn’t get a chance to explain. He says that’s typical of the Quartermaines – react first, and asks questions later. She thanks him for defending her.

Michael tells Monica about White Hat Medical supplies being a front for Rachel Berlin. Monica says that’s Hayden’s real name. He tells her that the transfers were reversed within twenty-four hours, and they wonder why she’d do it in the first place. Monica says she and Finn were planning on going to Zanzibar for their honeymoon. They agree something doesn’t sound right, and Michael says they have to talk to her. Monica wonders why commit fraud and then undo it?

Finn tells Curtis that he should have gone after her, but he didn’t want them to say things they couldn’t take back. He wanted to give her space. Curtis says that with a woman like Hayden, that’s the last thing you should do.

Monica says they can have private conversation before the wedding, but she’s going to think positive and go ahead with the reception. She doesn’t know how to feed the guests without Cook. Olivia tries to talk to her, but Monica doesn’t want to add Olivia to her list of problems. Olivia tells Ned that Monica just called her a problem; is she?

Elizabeth sees Michael, and says that she didn’t know he was coming. He says he didn’t know there was a wedding, but needs to speak to bride. Elizabeth asks what’s wrong.

Curtis asks if Finn knows anything about the woman he’s marrying. She’s prickly and defensive on a good day. It took a lot for her to lower her defenses. She screwed up, and her past came back to bite her. She knew she was wrong, and knowing she couldn’t fix it made it worse.  He says that’s up to Finn. Instead of being upset, he needs to let her know that he loves her, and despite everything, she can talk to him – the way she loves him. Finn says he has to find her before it’s too late. Curtis follows.

Alexis asks Sam what going on. She says that she’s remembering things she did, and hid them instead of getting help. Alexis says that she hid things too, but just tell the truth and move on. Sam talks about amends. Alexis asks what she has to make right.

Julian tells Jason that he and Sam talked about Sonny, but he told her that it never happened. Jason says he lied and she knows it, and asks what really happened. Julian says that she was agitated, and it seemed like she was focused on something behind him. Jason asks what she wanted, and Julian says that she was worried Sonny was going to drag Jason back into the business, and he told her that the only way was to get rid of Sonny.

Dante and Nathan visit Sonny. Nathan says they’re doing an update on the investigation. Dante says forensics determined that the bullet in his leg didn’t match either gun, but they discovered a third one in a dumpster. None of it is adding up. Oh, just make something up, Sonny. It’s not like you haven’t done that before.

Alexis thinks Sam is holding back something. Sam says she was thinking about how crazy she acted, and feels horrible. Alexis says that Sam is on a lot of medication, and has nothing to apologize for or be ashamed about. Sam says that she can’t tell what’s real and it’s messing with her head. She has no idea how Jason survived Helena. Alexis says that he’s tough like her, and had family to come back to – her, Danny and Scout. Sam says he’s right, family first, and the kids need her.

Julian asks Jason if Sam had something to do with Sonny being shot. Ava had and even stranger conversation with her the day Sonny was shot. Sam had been looking for him, and blamed Sonny for Ava’s burns. Jason says that she was hallucinating before she collapsed. Jason tells Julian to stay away from her and leaves.

Sonny says he’s told them everything he remembers. Dante says that Sonny’s gun caused the Garvester’s wounds, and Garvey’s gun cause the bullet in Sonny’s vest. Both guns had the right prints, but the leg bullet matches the third gun. He doesn’t know who owns it, since the number was filed off and there are no prints. He asks how Sonny thinks that happened.

Jared leaves to have a smoke. Obrecht tells him that cancer is never attractive, and to enjoy his money. She calls Michael, but he’s not in his office, and his appointments have been canceled for the day. She smiles, saying he’s gone to Monica and her aim is true.

Elizabeth asks Michael what’s going on. He tells her that it’s a board matter. She says there was a strange, upsetting call from the bank for Hayden at the hospital, and asks if she’s in trouble. He tells her maybe they’ll get answers when Hayden gets back.

Monica says that Cook won’t return her calls, and there’s nothing prepared. She yells at Olivia for abusing her trust behind her back. done tieh conv Olivia tells Ned that she’s never seen Monica like this. Ned says he has her back, but Olivia doesn’t know where to start.

The bell rings. Monica is like, now what? It’s Finn and Curtis. Finn says he needs to speak with Hayden; it’s important.

Sonny doesn’t know what Dante wants. He says he has no way of knowing for certain who shot him. All he knows is that he was at the bottom of a pit, and it was a helluva fall. Maybe it messed with his memory. Dante says the gun isn’t traceable. Nathan adds that whoever shot him was a pro. Sonny say if he says so. Dante wants the truth. Sonny says he keeps giving answers but they don’t want to hear it.

Jason asks for Jordan at the station, saying it’s about the Jerome trial, but she’s not there. He asks if Dante and Nathen are, and the officer tells him that they’ll be back soon.

Monica says that Hayden isn’t back, and it’s bad luck to see the bride. Elizabeth asks Finn if he’s calling off the wedding. Finn says no, but there might be a delay. Michael asks if it has to do with GH, but Finn says it’s private. Curtis asks how Hayden seemed, but Elizabeth hasn’t seen her. Curtis tries to call, but her number has been disconnected.

Obrecht talks to herself, saying that the wedding should be starting now, assuming it takes place. He thinks Michael is too cool to confront Hayden at the altar. If only she could be there, but she’ll see the results. She says poor Finn. Who knows how he’ll manage. Hayden’s life as she knows it is over. It’s her wedding gift to him.

Jared finishes his to-go coffee and litters, throwing the cup on the lawn. He looks at his phone, and sees the account is closed. He calls Rachel a bitch, and says that she double crossed him.

Elizabeth says that Hayden is gone. She left behind one thing – her ring.

Alexis tells Sam that she should consider staying at the hospital longer until she feels more like herself, and grateful. Her disease is under control, and will be behind her. Alexis tells her it’s over and leaves. Sam wonders if it is.

Dante’s phone rings. He’s like, huh? Sonny asks if there are new developments. Dante says there’s information on who bought the third gun.

Jason overhears about the gun being found, and being taken to the evidence room.

Tomorrow, Alexis confronts Parker, the police want to talk to Nelle, and Carly tells Sam that she knows what she did to Sonny.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

One of Vicki’s grandkids gets locked in the garage. She tells us they’re two handfuls and yes, they are. She says that she’s made bad choices with men, and she wants stability. Steve seems normal, but it’s early in the season. In her interview, she remembers how she couldn’t bring her family around when she was dating Brooks, but Steve loves the grandkids like his own. She thinks it’s sexy to have a man so compassionate and caring about someone else’s kids. She’s in a good place, having cleaned up her problems and issues, and she’s hoping that the friendships she’s lost come back when they see the change. Really? You want Shannon back? I wouldn’t.

Meghan discusses the sip and see with Bridget. She says it’s basically like a baby shower with the baby. She tells Bridget about seeing Vicki at the Lamborghini event, and calls her. She extends a formal invite for the party. She’s not okay with everything Vicki has done, thinking Vicki wants to play the victim, but that’s just Vicki. She tells Vicki that Shannon and Tamra will be there. Vicki thanks her for the warning, and promises not to throw wine. My take on this situation has always been that, in her heart, Vicki knew that jerk Brooks was lying, but she lied to herself because she loved him, and really because she was lonely. No excuse for a grown-up, but come on, holding a grudge for something like that?

Diko and Peggy talk about the Lamborghini unveiling, and he asks what was up with Meghan. She says Meghan kept talking long after Vicki asked her to get off the subject. Diko says it’s like beating a dead horse. Peggy says Meghan wants to bring the horse back to life. Diko tells her that she doesn’t want to get on their naughty list, and the  has to explain the coal thing. Meghan calls, but Peggy’s phone has vibrated off the table and the screen shatters. Meghan thinks Peggy is blowing her off, but Peggy calls back.

Meghan officially invites Peggy to the sip and see. She knows what it’s like to be the new girl, and we flash back to her first argument with Shannon. She tells Peggy about the others being invited. Peggy suggests the baby be rotated, so that no one fights. Meghan doesn’t understand a word she’s saying, but she’s like, okay.

Lydia and Doug go to the sushi place where they’re having the magazine launch party, and go over the details with the manager. Lydia explains they’re bringing in liquid nitrogen ice cream and a facial grooming station. In her interview, she says a shaving station sounds good in theory, but feels like people won’t want something like that where they’re eating. Doug disagrees. The manager thinks maybe after a few drinks, it will work. Lydia says she’s waiting to see how the sip and see goes before she gives out invites to the launch. Their clients are going to be there, and she doesn’t need Shannon throwing plates in front of someone who’s on the fence about advertising with them. They test out the food and cocktails. Doug suggests they do this every week.

Tamra goes to a baby store with Shannon (who I thought was Briana from a distance) to get a gift for Aspen. She asks Shannon if she’s nervous. She thinks Shannon should see Vicki before the party, which is tomorrow. Nothing like a last minute, stressful idea. Shannon is going to gain five pounds just thinking about it.

Vicki goes baby shopping at a different store. Kelly meets her there. They’re both fawning over the cute outfits and baby gear, but Vicki suddenly senses that a baby made poo-poo in there recently. She opens the door to air the place out, and we flash back to her gagging over different smells. The store manager sprays air freshener. This never, ever works. It only makes things worse because then you have a bad smell plus some cloying scent, that wraps around it, rather than getting rid of it. Kelly says, speaking of sh*t, they’re going to be in it tomorrow. She tells Vicki about meeting with Tamra. Vicki says Tamra likes to throw a grenade, walk away, and expect everyone to get over it. In her interview, Vicki says Tamra likes to conquer and divide.

Shannon wishes she could be fake, but she can’t. She and Tamra practice hellos, and Tamra thinks Shannon looks like Hannibal Lecter. Shannon practices some more in her interview. Tamra suggests saying what’s up? instead. Shannon says she’s just not going to react to anything. We see various clips of her saying that she’s done. She tells Tamra that if she’s going to speak to Kelly, she needs to do it before tomorrow. The reaction that Kelly pulls out of her, isn’t one she wants to have again. She’s done with seeing red. I laugh because no one is ever done with anything on these shows.

Omg, Vicki discusses the vaginal rejuvenation again with Kelly. I just can’t.

Kelly tells her mom, Bobbi, about Tamra inviting her out before the sip and see. Bobbi says if Tamra says she wants to move on, move on. Kelly wants to apologize to Shannon, so they can move forward. Bobbi wishes her good luck with that.

Tamra is nervous, since both Shannon and Tamra can fly off the handle. The ladies meet at a smoothie place. Kelly goes in to order, and Tamra thinks the initial reaction went well. Shannon says she never knows what to expect, and we flash back to some nonsense. Shannon says that since Lydia had invited Kelly to The Quiet Woman, she thought Kelly came intentionally to create drama. Kelly says it was a miscommunication, and she’d thought it was just Lydia and Peggy going. She says she was kind of taken aback that Shannon got pissed off when they ran into each other. Shannon says she felt hurt by what Kelly said. Kelly says that it wasn’t her intent to get Shannon angry and upset. In her interview, Shannon thinks that after a few drinks, Kelly wanted to stir the sh*t. Kelly asks if they’re ever going to get over Vicki. She feels badly about the whole situation, and has never heard Vicki talk about them. Shannon is angry with herself over letting Vicki get to her and you know, that’s why she gained weight. She says there’s a lot of hurt between them, and she wants to make sure the nastiness is done, so she can move forward. In her interview, she says she’s still cautious, but miraculously, they end the lunch laughing.

Tamra comes to pick up Shannon for Meghan’s party. She has a super long hallway that’s hard to navigate in heels. Vicki picks Kelly up, and they have mimosas. Vicki says every time they go somewhere, they have to bring presents. She used to bring a casserole. She wonders why they can’t just see the baby, instead of sip and bring presents. She says it’s a hundred bucks every time she visits someone. Kelly tells Vicki about Shannon blaming Vicki for her weight gain. Vicki is all of us when her reaction is wtf?

At Meghan’s, everyone is greeted with champagne. Lydia says it’s a sip and see for Aspen, but to be honest, it’s a sip and see for Tamra and Vicki. I have to admit that Baby Aspen is adorable. Kelly tells Lydia and Peggy about Shannon thinking she came to the restaurant to purposely stir things up. Lydia says it was her mistake in inviting her. She thought they would just kiss and make up. Lydia doesn’t think it was malicious, and Kelly says it wasn’t. Shannon and Tamra arrive.

Vicki thinks nothing should be forced, Tamra acts snarky in her interview, and I think they should all grow up. Vicki says it won’t be like it was, but they need to be in the same place together, be classy, and move on. Peggy and Lydia come over to say hello, and Vicki orders two chardonnays, one for back up or to throw. Meghan tells Shannon that she seems anxious. Vicki says they’re not making an effort, so she’s not bothering. Shannon sees Vicki, and she’s hungry. She shovels nachos in her mouth. Vicki tells Peggy that she has to force herself to stay in a good place. In her interview, Peggy says that she sees a lot of hurt, but they need to get over the pettiness. She’s lost a mother, father, and her breasts. Wow. She makes a good point. And she actually does seem classy.

There’s a large cardboard photo of Meghan, with a cut-out where the baby’s head should be, and the women pose with their heads through it. The stuff they come up with is pretty funny.

Time to open presents. Everyone sits, and Tamra and Shannon make a point of sitting as far away from Vicki as possible. Lydia suddenly gets the expression about tension being so thick you can cut it with a knife. She doesn’t know whether she should move or speak, it’s so weird. Lots of cute presents. Tamra jokes that there’s a Lamborghini in Peggy’s gift basket. Shannon stares at Vicki when her gift is opened. Meghan says it’s a beautiful day and toasts it. Shannon says that she doesn’t feel anger; she just feels nothing, and I don’t believe it for a second.

Lydia says she’s encouraged by everyone getting along, and invites everyone to the launch party. Vicki says she’s done with pussyfooting around, and says bye. When she’s leaving, everyone makes stupid faces at each other. Outside, Vicki tells Kelly she didn’t even get a hello, but she didn’t say anything either.

Tamra gripes that she has ten years with Vicki, but has zero respect for her now. She says that Vicki is an insecure bitch. Shannon wants to eat, and asks for vodka. Tamra thinks she’s using food and alcohol as a crutch when Vicki is around. Except Vicki left. Meghan says she’s been anxious. Not because of them, but her. She has a past with Vicki too, and we flash back to that. To hear Vicki say that she’s been hurt too, doesn’t bode well. Tamra wants to know how they hurt her. She wonders if they should meet and ask her to talk, and get to the bottom of it. Shannon asks what she wants out of it, and Meghan says to get her point across. Shannon doesn’t think that will happen, and Tamra says that Vicki likes being a victim. She calls Vicki sh*t on the bottom of her shoe, and once again shows her Christianity.

Next time, Lydia goes on a helicopter ride, Kelly and Michael argue, and Peggy thinks meeting with Vicki is a good idea. Because she doesn’t know these people.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

They’re ba-a-a-ack! Stephanie and Cary get together, with Stephanie’s many dogs. Cary says they’ve become close. Stephanie says they have a new dog named Biscuit who likes to run around with her underwear, like Travis. New Wife Kameron arrives. Cary says she’s one of the wealthy ones who writes the rich people’s checks. Kameron says that she likes to play the blonde card, but tells us that it’s a con as old as hair dye. She has a blonde license plate, and everyone drives safely around her car. Cary is having a party, and inviting LeeAnne, since she wants to move on. We revisit the reunion, where she and LeeAnne made up.

LeeAnne’s friend, Marie (who LeeAnne threatened to take out last season), posted an old police report about LeeAnne trying to kill some guy with a knife – and sandpaper. Cary says she’d trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, and called her after it came out.

Brandi cruises the mall and runs into LeeAnne. They’re friends now. She says LeeAnne is in anger management, and she’s proud of her and notices a change. We flash back to their clashes last season. She thinks LeeAnne wants to be a better person and she’s trying.

Cary tells the girls that she’s inviting Brandi. Stephanie says she hasn’t talked to her in almost four months. In her interview, she says they were like sisters, but Brandi won’t say what Stephanie did wrong. LeeAnne asks Brandi if she’s spoken to Stephanie. Nope. She says she gets emo thinking about it. Brandi explains that Stephanie talked behind her back about her marriage being a slow-motion car crash. We see this written in her blog. Brandi feels that she was an open book, but Stephanie hides, making people think she has a fairy tale life. She had to put up a wall. LeeAnne asks where it’s going, and Brandi says she’s moving on.

Kameron tries to make some kind of pumpkin pasta dish. She wants to get better at cooking. She tells us she was a nerd in high school, more concerned with grades than social life. Husband Court arrives. Kameron says she came to Texas for college, and was 22 when she met him. He’s also a total nerd, and she tells us that in the wedding speech, her sister said the nerds found each other. At first she was hesitant about their height difference – she’s six feet tall, and they call Court, The Hobbit. She had no idea he was rich until he wanted to take her on a trip, and they pulled up to a private plane. Dammit! Where was this guy when I was young and single? Court is a venture capitalist, doing investments in technology. The house is massive, 7500 square feet, and they built it from the ground up. She tells us that pink is a way of taking herself out of reality. Blonde by birth; pink by choice.

LeeAnne and Rick meet other new Wife D’Andra and her husband for dinner. LeeAnne tells us that D’Andra is from a legacy family, and is also her best friend. Rich has had two eye surgeries, and LeeAnne has been looking after him. She says it’s been a difficult road. D’Andra says they’re a perfect match, since LeeAnne is mentally disabled. Rich says he’s about to retire, and he’s cool with it; he’s not defined by his job.

D’Adra’s mother is coming for breakfast. She tells us her father is a self-made millionaire, and the Simmons name is everywhere. She says she had almost 300 dresses by the time she was five, and 75 pairs of shoes, and she hasn’t gotten out of the phase. She talks about how great her husband Jeremy is, and how good-looking, but as Columbia told Frankie, he’s okay. D’Andra has felt pressure around her mom. Everyone thinks she’s fantastic, and D’Andra wonders if she’s chopped liver. Their house is full of all kinds of amazing things, since her husband is a photojournalist, and she’s also traveled a lot. Her mother started a nutrition product line that turned from a hobby to an empire. D’Andra was supposed to get the company turned over to her in 2004, but it never happened. She instructs Jeremy on how to butter his bread.

D’Andra’s mother tells her that she’s going out of town. She tells D’Andra that she has a company credit card and not to buy designer gowns with it. She asks D’Andra if she knows what a budget is. In her interview, D’Andra says that she’s always wanted to prove she can do things on her own. Her mother says she’s not walking away until she believes that D’Andra can take responsibility for the company. Sounds reasonable, but I wonder if her criteria is impossible.

LeeAnne visits her therapist Elizabeth, and they compliment each other’s clothes, which I find odd. In her interview, LeeAnne says that Rich could see she was hurting last year. She was bothered by her triggers, and he wanted her to find out why she gets angry, so she could control it better. She tells Elizabeth about someone dredging up a false report about her trying to kill a boyfriend. She says she wants to get back at her. She says that her reputation was affected by her actions on the show, but when someone hurts her, she wants to verbally destroy them. She doesn’t want others changing who she is, and the therapist says only you can change you. The therapist tells her to focus on who’s bad for her and who isn’t. She says that when Cary told her she was sorry, she believed her, because it was the same night the article was let fly. She doesn’t trust her completely, but trusts Stephanie less. She’s sure lies are being spread.

Stephanie says that she and Travis are in a better place. Last year, she felt like he was her boss. She says that things are good now, because she found her voice, and last year she was married to Brandi.

Brandi tells us that she and Bryan went through hell last year. He was so focused on his career, it seemed like the family didn’t matter. We flash back to all that. She and Bryan are chit-chatting before bed, and I can’t help but notice that she’s wearing full makeup. She thinks the thing with Stephanie made them stronger. He tells her that they’re too close not to get back eventually. Brandi thinks that Stephanie has been hanging out with everyone but her.

Travis tells Stephanie it’s getting awkward. He and Bryan are BFFs, and the argument has affected them. He says it’s their deal, and they need to fix it. Stephanie says it’s like a break-up, and she wants to protect herself from getting hurt again.

Brandi says the final straw came when she’d planned a Father’s Day weekend at her house, and Stephanie spent it inside reading magazines. Travis encouraged her to participate, and she told him to get over it. He was there to hang out with his friends.

Kameron and D’Andra go to a pet store. Kameron is looking for good dog food. She wants to start a dog food line, and now that the kids are in school, she has time to focus on her idea. Louie is the Yorkie she had before she met her husband, and she takes him everywhere. She says that life is too short to keep eating brown food, so she’s making pink food, hoping to eventually branch out to blue for boys. She thinks it could be fun and special. D’Andra tells us how smart Kameron is. She plays the dumb blonde Barbie, but knows exactly what she’s doing. Louie tests several treats, but everything is a no. He’s worse than my dogs. Kameron tries a dog cupcake, and declares it better than her protein bar. Having tried most brands of protein bars, I’d probably agree with her. The store clerk tells Louie that he’s missing out.

Cary meets LeeAnne while they’re walking their dogs. LeeAnne wanted a moment with just them, and hopes for more in the future. Cary says that she and Mark were hurt by the things she said last year. We flash back to the reunion, where LeeAnne is carrying on, and Cary looks sick. She tells LeeAnne that her family was hurt. LeeAnne says she wants to own what she did, and she’s sorry. Cary says that’s why she called LeeAnne about report before people started talking. She forgives LeeAnne, but wants them to have mutual respect, suggesting that they work on it together. LeeAnne says that whatever is going on between Stephanie and Brandi isn’t good, but neither of them wants to deal with it. Mark has a birthday party coming up, and it’s the first time they’ll be seeing each other in a while. LeeAnne finds it difficult to be in a room with an elephant. In her interview, Cary says her approach is to stay out of it, while LeeAnne’s is to stay in it. She tells LeeAnne they need to work it out themselves.

It’s Mark’s birthday party at a fancy sushi place. Lots of sushi happening tonight. Now I want sushi. Cary greets everyone. She’s wearing the coolest red dress that’s short in front and long in back. LeeAnne is focused on how Brandi is going to handle seeing Stephanie, but she says it’s Mark’s night. D’Andra suggests wearing pink camo and taking over the world, and Cary says she’s like a real life Elle Woods. I love Elle Woods. And Bruiser. Brandi tells LeeAnne about getting a text from Cary, telling her that LeeAnne is up to her old tricks and to be careful. Brandi says it sucks that LeeAnne is being talked about behind her back when she’s trying to do better. Brandi tells her not to repeat it tonight, and LeeAnne says it will be good practice. In her interview, she says that a fire is burning that even God might not be able to put out. Wow. Drama queen much? She and Brandi pray in the limo for peaceful evening.

LeeAnne wishes Mark a happy birthday. Stephanie says hello to Brandi, who ignores her. making everyone. Cary tells them to grab a cocktail, but that might not be the best idea. Stephanie eyeballs Brandi.

Mark asks Cary if they’ve worked it out, and suggests Kameron meet Brandi. Cary introduces them. Brandi has a wineglass big enough for Amy Schumer. Cary thanks them for coming, and Brandi blatantly ignores Stephanie. Stephanie asks her for two seconds, and LeeAnne says she doesn’t think Brandi wants to. Stephanie keeps trying to get Brandi to step aside for a conversation, but LeeAnne continues to answer for her, while Brandi just stares at her lap. In her interview, Cary calls LeeAnne a guard dog, and says taking a step back wouldn’t occur to her since she likes drama. She adds that the therapy is really working well. Brandi says she has to leave. In her interview, she says she doesn’t want to make a scene or let people know the pain she feels. Her BFF is not her BFF any more. LeeAnne follows her out. Stephanie sheds a tear. LeeAnne makes Brandi stop, and Brandi sobs on her shoulder. LeeAnne says she’ll be right back.

LeeAnne tells Cary that she’s disappointed in her, and tells her about the text. Cary says that she’d never say that, and appreciates LeeAnne coming to her. LeeAnne says there’s obviously a disconnect between Stephanie and Brandi. Cary says it has nothing to do with her. In her interview, LeeAnne says at this point, she’ll accept Cary’s words as truth.

Stephanie tells Cary that she doesn’t understand.

Next time, D’Andra talks to her mom about the company, a dog costume contest, Brandi shows Cary the text, and LeeAnne wears a hot dog costume.



August 13, 2017 – Shahs at the Wall, a Different Wall & Throne Quotes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset

Meanwhile, back in Tel Aviv, our Shahs gather for a breakfast buffet. Mike explains how they’ve been alternating who gets to choose what they’re doing, and today is Asa’s day. She’s decided on an art project. Reza suggests someone check on MJ. She sent him a text pic, and says she looks like she was ridden hard and put away wet, but she’s really just badly hungover. Reza tells Asa that MJ isn’t having her usual fresh like a flower recovery. Asa wants to go to the city of Akko, where she says that Jews, Muslims, and Christians live in peaceful co-existence. She asks the group to film some people at the market, while she interviews three spiritual leaders, and reminds them to be respectful. Reza wants her to find a new hobby, since he got roped into being in one of her videos, shirtless and less than fit. MJ finally joins them, and Reza says it’s a miraculous makeover.

When they get to Akko, Asa goes off to do her interviews. A rabbi greets her with a virtual hug because he’s orthodox. Another rabbi, a priest, and a Muslim peacemaker (the Yoda of Palestine) are also in attendance, which totally sounds like the start of a joke.

Reza bothers some strange cats in a dumpster and on a rooftop, which mike equates with touching a gas station bathroom doorknob and eating chips without washing your hands. Asa films each of the leaders, and all promote messages of love. Rabbi number two has the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen, and they absolutely twinkle. The others don’t have much luck in the village, as people don’t want to be interviewed or photographed. Reza gets a free falafel though. Mike is disturbed that the conversations are starting with asking what religion the person is. Reza says there’s not a yarmulke to be seen. Mike gets Reza on the side, and asks if it seems mixed to him. Reza says it’s all older Arabs, and they don’t like the Western world. Man, his face has one nervous expression.

The call to prayer happens, and Mike says he told them. Reza says he was told that Muslims and Jews lived in harmony there for centuries. Mike wants to keep it moving, and discuss it in a safe place, since everyone wonders wtf this group is doing. Reza wants to get the hell out of Dodge.

Asa is having a much better time, laughing, singing, and dancing with her worldview brethren. They break bread as the sun is setting, and rabbi number one thanks her for helping to bring unity to the world. She tells them that this is the future, and they walk into it together. She hopes the others are also having an enriching experience. Um…

Reza looks at the toy guns at the market, marked for ages three and up, and says it looks like a terrorist Christmas gift. GG isn’t feeling threatened, and thinks it’s in Mike’s head that he does. Asa joins them. She tells them it was life changing, and the future seems bright. Mike thinks she’s living in a dream world, and gets everyone to move along. Asa tells them not to emit this type of energy. Reza says that eyes are on them in a wtf are you doing here? kind of way. She suggests he be as nice to the people as he is to the cats, and tells him to open his mind. He wants to work on it in the car. In her interview, Asa thinks you get back what you give out. Reza asks how he can get a perspective from someone who hates him, and she says by understanding them and radiating love. He thinks they should have switched places, and tells Asa that the rage he has gives him all the feels. Asa hugs him, and says she hears him and understands. I love her attitude, but I agree it doesn’t work like that. At least not overnight.

Back in the bus/limo, Mike equates it to wearing a Rolex in a bad neighborhood, and then complaining about it getting stolen. He says a guy was making gun noises, and others joined in, and it was scary. He says people were walking around aggressive, but GG insists it’s safe there. She says he wants to live in a Jewish bubble, and everything outside of it is dangerous. Mike says it has nothing to do with that – they’re seen as Westerners, who the townspeople see on the news talking smack about them. They’re walking around with cameras and interrogating them, and it appears antagonistic.

Mike says the trip left a bad taste in his mouth, and he wants to make sure they experience a real Israeli Shabbat tonight.  He remembers how enlightened he was to meet Asa’s family, and hopes she gets the same from his. He doesn’t blame her for the day, knowing she just wanted them to experience things differently. MJ calls Tommy, and asks him to call her dad, but he’s planned to visit him, which makes her happy.

Shabbat is being held in a restaurant. Mike hasn’t seen his family in ten years, so he’s a little nervous. The cousins start pouring in. He says it’s important to him because the time goes by so quickly, but when they get together, they pick up where they left off like it was yesterday. His sickly great aunt arrives in a wheelchair and he’s thrilled that she came out to see him.

Cousin Yossi talks about God resting on the seventh day, and they should too. Everyone toasts, saying Shabbat Shalom. Reza is trying to get over the day’s experience, and says that being surrounded by joy and love, he’s sensing what it means to be in Israel, and it’s what he came there for. He talks about his grandmother not liking him, and how he thought it was because he was gay, but it was really because he’s half Muslim. The love he wanted from his Jewish side, he’s getting from Mike’s family. Mike says a prayer, and drinks from a huge horn. In his interview, he says he screwed up with Jessica, and hopes for another chance at having his own family.

Mike invites Reza to come speak. Reza talks about how he’d been to a city that was shocking and jarring, and it wasn’t the experience he was looking for. Now, he sees the love, and Judaism, and beauty of Israel. He thanks them, and Mike says that he’s never felt so Jewish. In her interview, GG says loving the Jewish culture doesn’t mean you have to dismiss or disrespect Islam. You can’t be for peace when all you’re doing is shaming the other side. I agree with her, but she doesn’t seem to grasp that Reza has good reason for his fear.

The next morning, Asa feels depleted. She says she’s tired all the time, and read that a pregnant woman lying down is doing more work than someone running a marathon. GG tells Destiney and Shervin about how Reza is being disrespectful. In her interview, she talks about when they were in Turkey, and Reza called the women in veils, “walking curtains.” She hopes that Reza can get over his Muslim hate for the sake of their friendship.  He arrives, and she tells him that some of the things he says can be taken as offensive. He tells her that they have different experiences, and she says they can be angry, or say it is what it is, and enjoy the other things the country has to offer. Reza says that it wasn’t a positive experience. Shervin says that he and Destiney have stepped out of their shells and been open-minded; he should do the same. Reza says that he’ll make a conscious effort not to slam Islam while they’re in Israel. He shouts that he loves all Muslims.

Mike brings out journals for everyone, so they can write down things for the Western Wall. In his interview, he says that MJ’s life is a mess. She admits that she never planned ahead, and hated the where do you see yourself in ten years? question. MJ writes an essay, and reads it out loud. She talks about fear and failure, and how she wants to create a legacy. She wants to eliminate the what-ifs. Reza thinks she should be more specific, instead of taking God on a roller coaster ride. He tears up, and tells her that he wants her to get married and have a baby. She’ll be an amazing mom, and that will be a legacy. He doesn’t want to take away from what she wrote, but that’s his wish for her.

As they’re boarding to leave, MJ and GG encourage Shervin to take the front seat reserved for Asa, but when Asa gets on the bus/limo, she doesn’t find it funny. Reza says she always magnifies whatever is going wrong. MJ says Jerusalem is like living inside a postcard. Reza marvels, knowing that Jesus walked there, chilling with his friends. Mike says it’s the heart and crown jewel of Israel. It really is gorgeous, and historic, and holy – the Biblical definition of which is, “set apart.” Reza says the Wall is where to ask for whatever you want in the universe. He tells them to tap into the energy of the Wall. Men and women are separated, and everyone cleanses themselves before approaching. Reza hopes and prays that everyone takes away a gift from the experience, clears their mind, and connects.

Mike tells Shervin that a yarmulke is a sign of respect, and Shervin asks if all religions pray at the Wall. He says he’s an outsider, and feels strongly that the people who aren’t Jewish can tells he’s not. Really? That’s some weird exaggerated thinking. Mike puts on a prayer shawl. He says the last time he prayed there, it was about the past, and he has clarity now. He wants what he saw last night – family. He wants to find the right one again.

GG sees the women being secondary, and says the men have more room at the Wall. She’s used to it from her travels, but doesn’t like it. Of course she doesn’t participate, which isn’t unusual for her. I guess her Zen is wearing off. Reza’s grandfather was on his mind, and says that when he put his face to the Wall, it was as though he was touching his grandfather, and was with him. He believes his grandfather loves him, and says Adam has his name, and the children will too. A rabbi places a tefillin – a box with parts of the Torah in it – on Reza’s head, and he, Reza, and Mike dance in a circle. Reza says he now has what he’s wanted for so long.

GG scowls in the background; Golnessa probably not far away. She says it’s just a wall. She sees a temple and mosque in the distance, and sees the wall as a blockage and barrier. She wants to tear it down. Sigh… It’s sort of sad that this girl will not grow up. I’ll really start liking her, and then she’ll be ridiculous, usually followed by  being violent. The episode was dedicated to Mike’s aunt in the wheelchair, who sadly, passed away.

Next time, GG gets insulted (bigger sigh), Asa is offended, and someone gets a tattoo. (Hint: It’s not me. Although I’d like one.)

Tonight’s Throne Game

Unfortunately, Jaime didn’t drown. I hate him right now, and can’t call him enough bad names. Tyrion surveyed the damage, and it was pretty depressing. I watch poor Drogon, and call Jaime a sh*tball. Dany sets the Casterly Rock warriors straight by saying she’s not like Cersei, and wants to offer them a choice to join her and leave the world a better place, or they can die. That’s a hard one. Drogon roared, and almost everyone bent the knee pretty quickly. Sam’s father stayed standing, and griped that Cersei should be queen, since she was born in Westeros, and called Dany an interloper. Dany respected him for not trading his honor for his life. She suggested he take The Black, but he didn’t like that idea either. So some Dothraki took him away. His son decided to come along, and Tyrion called him stupid. Well, no army needs stupid people, so bye Tarley dudes. Dracarys for you both.

Cersei thought they should hire mercenaries, but Jaime was like, um… Dany has three dragons, and we can’t win. Then she came up with the great idea of having Tyrion interve. Jaime told her about Oleanna having been the one who killed Joffrey. She said either way they were screwed.

Jon got up close and personal with Drogon, who, to the relief of millions, seems to be fine. He let Jon pet his nose, and all our hearts went pitty-pat. Dany questioned Jon about his death experience. Ser Jorah returned, and Dany was impressed that he found a cure for his greyscale.

Bran hooked up with a bunch of two-eyed ravens, and took a look around the Wall (totally different Wall than the one that the Shahs visited). He saw the army of White Walkers, and said they needed to send ravens with the news. Poor Sam continued to haul books around for the Maester. There was a Maester meeting where they took potshots at Bran’s message, but Sam gave them the low down that Bran could see beyond the Wall. Maybe it’s me, but I think Sam is starting to sound a little sarcastic when he talks to them. The head Maester said they’d look into it, which meant they were blowing off Sam. The knowledge of Sam’s brother and father becoming crispy critters was kept from him.

Varys, who I’m really starting to like, discussed Tyrion’s responsibilities with him. He thought Tyrion could do better at being the Queen’s Hand. Jon was totally freaked to find out his siblings were still alive, and even more freaked about the White Walkers. He wanted Dany’s help, but she was like, oh no, once I go to do that, Cersei will take over. Tyrion thought it would be a good idea to lasso one of the White Walkers and bring it to Cersei. I’d do that. And then tell it to bite her head off. Jorah, who’s still trying to impress Dany, volunteered. Jon insisted on going too, since he’s the one with experience. At this point, I started wondering where The Hound is these days.

Sansa got complaints from the lords that nothing is going on, but she said they had to wait for Jon to get back. Arya accused her of wanting Winterfell for herself, and Sansa ignored that. Tyrion snuck into Casterly Rock and ran into Jaime, who looked like he was having a hard time keeping a straight face, since Tyrion was his usual witty self. Davros picked up Gendry, Robert Baratheon’s bastard son. Gendry did some nice work dispatching a couple of guards with a cool weapon he’d designed, taking their faces off. Jaime told Cersei about the White Walkers. I had to laugh because she seemed hesitant to believe such a thing existed. But dragons are okay. She told Jaime never to betray her again.

Sam got tired of just reading about adventures, and decided to leave for one of his own. Arya spied on Littlefinger, who met some girl and gave her something. He then talked with two old guys while Arya kept watching. Later, one of the guys came to his room, and gave him a message. Arya saw that too. The second he was gone, she tossed his room, and found the note in a hole in the mattress. It was a letter that Cersei forced Sansa to write in some other season. When Arya came out, Littlefinger was in the shadows, so who knows what’s up his little finger. I’ll bet he goes on her list. I’d expect better sneaking around from Arya though.

Jon met with the men at Castle Black, where Tormund discouraged him, but showed him some prisoners – The Hound (they were reading my mind) and Beric. Beric said they don’t want to go beyond the Wall, but they have to. He got all philosophical, saying there was a great purpose at work, and they were all together for a reason, and blah=blah=blah about the Lord of Light. At this point, Jon was like, if you’re breathing, you’re on my side, come on, and they started off to the other side of the Wall. Winter is seriously there.

The main takeaway point? The dragon is okay!

Next time, Jon and company battle White Walkers and Arya asks Sansa what she’s scared of.

Davros wins the game of quotes…

It’s better to be a coward for a minute, than dead for the rest of your life. – Davros

Nobody glowers quite like you. – Ser Jorah, referring to Tyrion

Nothing f*cks you harder than time. – Davros


The Western Wall


The Wall

August 11, 2017 – Sonny Gets Questioned, an Endorsement, Quotes & Zombie News


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Prosecutor and pseudo Will Smith asks Alexis if Julian was acting as Olivia-J’s accomplice. She says he was coerced, and Will asks if the night on the bridge could have been avoided if Julian had told her. She says maybe, but he shouldn’t be held accountable for Olivia’s actions. He asks would she have gone to the police if she’d known. Alexis says yes, and he says bloodshed could have been avoided. This is kind of a poor angle, since the only blood that was shed was Julian’s.

Dante and Nathan laugh about Mac and Felicia getting caught while getting busy in the park. Dante says he heard Maxie is riled up about Man Landers’s advice.

Sonny walks around with a cane a little bit. Carly doesn’t want him doing too much too soon. She brings up the last time he had a bullet wound, and pretended he was in a wheelchair. He says she has to trust him. She says she knows he wouldn’t keep a secret again. He thinks about Sam shooting him.

Jason asks if Sam had a bad dream, but she says it wasn’t a dream.

Finn hears Hayden on the phone, saying that she’s Rachel Berlin from White Hat Medical Supplies. He’s looking for the card he lost, and asks what the phone call was about. She tells him some baloney about it being something for the wedding, and he asks why she was calling herself Rachel Berlin.

Scotty asks Alexis what her recollection of those hours is, and she says tumultuous. She was drugged, kidnapped, and handcuffed to the bridge. Scotty asks why she’s still alive, and Alexis says Julian. Olivia used her as bait. She wanted him to shoot Alexis to take away the most precious thing to him, and if he didn’t do it, she’d shoot Alexis herself. Will Smith objects, but the judge lets it ride. Scotty asks if Julian is just a bad shot. Alexis says he’s excellent; he aimed at the handcuffs instead, freed her, and yelled at her to run. When she looked back, Olivia was by herself. It was confirmed later that she shot Julian, and he fell into the water. Scotty asks if his actions were those of a coward. Alexis says no, and he asks if Julian put his life on the line to save her, and if that wasn’t true heroism. Another objection, but Alexis says it was.

Hayden tells Finn that she typed in her old name, and it slips out sometimes. He asks if White Hat isn’t the company that was just flagged for suspicious activity. He says she seems uncomfortable, and she says he snuck up on her. He asks if she’s rethinking things. Hayden says she’s doing everything to make sure they get married, but it’s not enough. Finn asks what’s going on.

Carly thinks Sonny isn’t taking recovery seriously, and says he’ll be hobbling on one leg forever if he doesn’t do his physical therapy. He’s like, all right, all right. She apologizes, and says that other than when babies are born, whenever she’s at the hospital, it’s because something terrible happened. She wants things to change, and Sonny says they will. I hate to tell her, but other than new babies and maybe plastic surgery, most reasons to be in the hospital are terrible for everyone. Mob people problems.

Sam tells Jason that she wasn’t too sick to buy a gun and shoot Sonny. Jason says she didn’t understand what she was doing. She says that he sounds like a lawyer, and asks if he talked to Diane. He says no, and there’s no reason he should have to. There are only three people who know about it – Sam, him, and Sonny. Sam isn’t comfortable with that.

Dante tells Nathan that there are a couple of loose ends, but Sonny’s account matches with everything. He says the guns are missing, and there’s this, handing Nathan the ballistics report. The bullets taken from Sonny’s leg and vest don’t match. Dante says they have an interview to conduct.

Jason tells Sam that it’s never going to happen again. Sam says it will be on her conscience for the rest of her life, and she wants to take responsibility. Jason says at the very least, she’ll be investigated, and she’s still sick. He says hospital is better than jail, and if she says something now, it will hurt a lot of people. Sam doesn’t want to hurt Sonny any more than she already has, and they agree it’s the best solution. Jason tells her everything will work out.

Sonny insists that he’s getting out of the business; he wants it as much as Carly does. Carly says it will be difficult. He’s had a lot of power for a lot of years, and if he’s having second thoughts, she gets it. He asks if she’s trying to talk him out of it, and she says no, but she knows it’s for her. He says it’s for all of them and Morgan’s memory. Carly says the most important thing is to be honest. It’s the only way it’s going to work.

Finn asks Hayden if she’s in trouble. He says to talk to him, and she asks if he thinks she’s stealing from GH. He says no, but an outsider might think so. He believes her, but wants her to understand that someone else might think she’s pulling a scam. She says this is different. She’s going to give the money back.

Scotty asks if Alexis’s feelings toward Julian have changed, and she says she was livid, but her feelings have tempered. He asks why that happened, and she says is was when she got the letter from Julian. Scotty produces the letter, and asks her to read it as evidence. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve heard this like five times, about how Olivia had a hold on him and how much he loves Alexis, so I’ll take a short nap. Scotty asks if it changed her perspective, and Alexis says he was under duress, and an unwilling partner with Olivia in order to keep his family alive. Scotty asks why he perpetuated the lie about Olivia’s identity, and she says to protect his family. He asks about their relationship. Alexis says it was estranged, but knowing the truth makes it easier to be in his presence. Scotty asks if it was enough to rekindle the flame, and Julian jumps up, saying, enough. The judge tells his lawyer to get him under control.

Hayden admits to taking the money. She shows Finn the accounts she set up. She says that she didn’t take that much, and couldn’t go through with it; she’s returning it. She finishes putting the money back, and says when he walked in, that’s what she was doing, but she’s afraid he’s thinking she just did it because she was caught. He asks why she did it, since they have money. She tells him that she wanted to buy their freedom from her ex-husband.

Carly asks Sonny if he remembers anything. He says he was shot and left in a hole, what’s to remember? She asks what about after, but he says it’s a blank. Jason comes in, and Carly goes to see about getting Sonny discharged. Sonny tells Jason he needs the case closed now. Carly is talking about trust and honesty, and it will get ugly. He says they’ll figure it out, and tell her what they need to. Sonny asks about Sam, and Jason says that she’s struggling. They agree that she can’t confess. Dante and Nathan come in. Sonny tells them that he’s getting out soon. Dante wants to ask some questions about the night he got shot.

Sam sees Carly at the desk. She says she needed to talk to Sonny, but owes Carly a conversation.

Scotty asks Alexis if she sees herself forgiving Julian. Will Smith objects, and the judge says if Scotty doesn’t move along, she’ll assume he’s stalling the court. He’s finished, and the judge orders the court to be in recess until the morning. After one witness, who talked for maybe twenty minutes. Julian tells Alexis he had no idea that Scotty was going that route. It wasn’t the plan.

Hayden tells Finn that her ex showed up out of nowhere, making demands. Finn asks if it’s the guy who popped into her office, saying they’d worked together. She says if Jared had given his real name, he’d have lost his leverage. She tells Finn about driving drunk and hitting the girl. Finn asks if she died, and Hayden says no, but she was hurt badly. Jared took the fall, under the condition that her father’s money and connections would get him off, but he ended up going to prison. Through her tears, Hayden says now he knows everything. Finn asks why she didn’t come to him right away; was she too ashamed? She says it wasn’t her proudest moment, but Finn says it’s not like he doesn’t know shame or guilt, or self-loathing. He knows all of that, and she saw him through his recovery. She says she did it for him, at least that’s what she told herself. She was afraid he’d go back to doing drugs if he knew the truth.

Dante asks Sonny to take him through the night he got shot. Sonny says he went to pay Spencer’s ransom. The Garveman was there, and ultimately it wasn’t about Spencer, but about him. He doesn’t remember what happened after he was shot, and says that sometimes when you’re bleeding for 24-hours, it does something to your memory. The last thing he remembers is Garvey hitting him in the vest. Dante asks if someone else was there, and Sonny says not that he recalls. Dante tells him the bullet in his vest and the one in his leg came from two different guns. Sonny thinks about getting a leg vest. Not really, but it would be a good idea.

Carly says good to see Sam up and around. Sam says it wasn’t easy, and Carly tells her to let her know if there’s anything she can do. Sam says she’s the one who should be telling Carly that. Carly says that it’s awful to be thankful that someone’s dead, but when she thinks about almost losing Sonny… She says that she doesn’t want to dwell on it or take over the conversation, and asks what Sam was going to tell her. Sam says she needs to tell her the truth.

Sonny tells Dante that he wishes he could tell him, but doesn’t remember. Dante thanks him for his time. Sonny says he’ll let them know if he remembers anything. They leave, and Jason asks if Sonny thinks that’s the end of it. Sonny says not by a long shot.

Carly tells Sam that it sounds heavy. Sam says that her illness affected her head, and she didn’t see things clearly, and some of what she was seeing wasn’t there. She was scared all the time, of things she hadn’t been afraid of before, like losing Jason. Every time he left, she’d panic. Carly says that’s not crazy, but Sam says this was different. She says she’d do and say things that she’d do anything to take back, and it involves Sonny. She went off on him. She was afraid he’d take Jason away and put him in danger. Carly says that was just the illness talking; he would never do that. Sam says that Sonny told her that, but she really thought it was true, so she had to do something about it.

Finn tells Hayden she didn’t have much faith in his recovery if she thought a piece of bad news would cause a relapse. He might have needed some time, but he would have understood and stayed clean. She says maybe it was an easier excuse than facing that she’s a coward. She brings up Reiko, and says she’s always there, hovering in supreme glory, and can do no wrong for the rest of their lives because she’s dead. She immediately apologizes, saying she didn’t mean it. She should apologize. That was really unfair. Finn says that he loved Reiko and thought she was perfect, but he let it go, and accepted the loss, because he loves Hayden more than anything. He thought that they understood each other, but she can’t even turn to him because she thinks he might relapse. Finn doesn’t doesn’t know what to do, and Hayden says he does. He just doesn’t want to say the words.

Julian tells Alexis that he never told Scotty about anything between them. He came up with it on his own. Alexis says she’s sorry if she disappointed him with her testimony, and he says it’s not a surprise that she hasn’t forgiven him. She says that she didn’t even know she was thinking it. Julian understands how she feels, and she’s glad that she didn’t blindside him. Scotty tells her to get out before she does more damage. Julian says she was just telling the truth, and asks Alexis what she would have said about forgiving him. She tells him that she’s committed to living life one day at a time, and doesn’t know what future holds.

Finn tells Hayden not to put words in his mouth. He’s trying to wrap his head around it. Some other couple would be torn apart, but not them. He loves her, and having a baby; life, for better or worse, and right now it’s worse. He says they can’t just say the right things, but need to live and honor them. Hayden tells him to let her know when he figures it out, and leaves. I’m puzzled. It seemed like it was going her way.

Dante and Nathan discuss Sonny. There’s something he doesn’t want them to find out. Dante supposes that Garvelino could have had two guns, but Nathan says that’s unlikely. Dante says then they’ll go with the second shooter theory. Maybe it’s someone from the five families. He thinks maybe Sonny is afraid of starting a mob war. Nathan says so much for getting out.

Carly tells Sam that she’s not accountable. Sam says she was so scared, and would have done anything to protect Jason. Sonny and Jason join them, and Jason takes Sam back to her room. Carly tells Sonny that Sam seems shaken not stirred up, and the symptoms of her sickness sound awful. Carly asks if Sam talked to him, and yelled at him about Jason. Sonny says it was nothing; she wasn’t in her right mind. Carly says it seemed like something more to Sam, and asks if he has any idea what it might be.

On Monday, Monica decides who goes and who stays, Jason wants to talk to Julian about Sam, and Obrecht and Jared team up.

🦄 Highly recommended – Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, on rotation on Showtime. An excellent adaption of the book, with some truly creepy creatures, and of course peculiar children. An amazing cast as well. I was especially delighted to see Terence Stamp. Just perfect.

Quotes of the Week

I’ve had so many false starts. But if it’s easy, what story are you going to tell? Nobody wants to hear about how easy it was. That doesn’t inspire anyone. Taraji P. Henson

I have no doubt that she would piss off a statue.Dr. Phil, referring to a future monster-in-law.

I got through my own father’s death. You think I can’t get through a man getting elected president of the United States? It was so absurd. – Norm McDonald (Thank you.)

Good News

Z Nation will be back in September on the Sy – we can’t spell – Fy network. Among other new faces, Henry Rollins will be joining the cast. I can’t wait! Unfortunately, it looks like The Man won’t be back. But hey, that looks like Michael Berryman (from the original The Hills Have Eyes, among many other films) on the bottom left.

🙀 You can read more about Z Nation here: