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July 11, 2018 – Peter’s Location is Changed, NYC Wives Speed Date, Raw Duck, Nimrods & Endless


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Maxie looks through swimsuits in the Crimson closet. Lulu says she’s busted.

On the phone, Nelle says, so if things don’t work out, she has no way to protect herself. Michael comes in, and asks who she was talking to. She tells him that it was a lawyer advising her on the prenup.

Chase goes to the hospital to see Finn sees, He says they need to talk about his mother and their father.

Obrecht tells Peter to quit sniveling. He says she sedated him again, and wonders what happened. She tells him that she’s moved him, and welcomes him to Spoon Island. They’re in the stables. He yells, like that’s ever helped.

Valentin finds out that the stable hand had a family emergency, and tells them that he’ll take care of the horses.

Drew finds Nina at the MetroCourt. He wants to talk about Aurora. He thinks Nina has been hiding something for the last few weeks.

Lulu thought Maxie was on parental leave, but Maxie says there was a problem with Crimson’s Instagram story. She asks if Lulu is implying she’s neglecting her son, and Lulu wonders what’s going on with her attitude. Maxie says, for one, Lulu barged in, saying she was busted. Lulu says she was teasing. She came here to see Nina and set up a visit with Charlotte. Maxie says it doesn’t feel that long ago that she lost her job trying to get Lulu the same thing. Lulu says it’s ancient history, and asks why Maxie is digging it up. She thinks Maxie is finding a reason to be mad at her. Maxie says she doesn’t have to look very far.

Nina tells Drew that she’s not hiding anything. He asks her to explain next month’s issue. He just had to talk a publisher off the ledge. The next issue is due at the printer tomorrow, and over a quarter of the letterhead space is unsold. Nina insists it was a communication breakdown. She says, It isn’t supposed to go until… and realizes it is tomorrow. She can’t believe this happened. Drew can’t believe the oversight. With that much left unsold, the magazine is going to hemorrhage money. They’ll have to cut features in the September issue. Nina says he can’t, but he says this is what happens when things fall through the cracks. He asks her, what’s going on?

Peter calls out he’s in the stables; someone help! Obrecht asks if he’s finished. She thought he’d appreciate a change of scenery. She and his father shared many happy times there – until he tried to gas her to death along with Lulu. Peter yells some more, and she asks him to kindly stop his banshee wailing. He tells her the horses need to be taken care of, but she says the equestrian staff won’t be there for the next few days. He asks if she’s going to keep dragging him from place to place forever. She says, forever is just a word. Everything comes to an end. When the story comes to a conclusion, so will he. She doesn’t want to waste the time they have. She looks in her bag, but can’t find her notebook.

Chase tells Finn not to worry about his parents’ impending visit. They’ve been invited to Germany. Finn says he wasn’t worried. He knows Chase was looking forward to seeing them. Chase says he tried calling Finn, but it went to voicemail. Finn says he’s not avoiding Chase; he’s been busy with something. Chase asks, what?

Nelle tells Michael that she wanted to make sure signing the prenup is the best decision. It’s not a corporate merger; it’s her life. They said it’s pretty straightforward with no red flags, but it seems unromantic to go in thinking it’s going to fail. Michael gets it, but it’s not his idea. She asks why he was so insistent then. He tells her the Quartermaine’s are protective of their fortune. Ned refused to officiate unless she signed it, but don’t take it personally. Everyone who comes into the family has to do the same thing. It only comes into play if they divorce, and he’s not planning on it. Is she? Nelle says she has no reservations about signing; it’s just a formality. As long as they’re together, the papers are meaningless. She signs it, and says, all done. Michael thanks her for being understanding. The only things left is to say their vows. Nelle says she has a lot to get ready for, and Michael tells her to put the prenup in a random drawer, and never look at it again.

Finn tells Chase it might have more to do with his area of expertise. Chase gets a text from Michael, saying, she signed the prenup; UR ON. Chase says he has to go, unless there’s a crime to report. Finn thinks he can handle it.

Nina apologizes to Drew, saying it won’t happen again. He tells her that he’s someone who cares about her, and thinks she didn’t take enough time to grieve. She admits to throwing herself into her work, but it suited her fine. Drew says, maybe, until this. She says they don’t know each other well, but assures him it’s an anomaly. He says, it’s not the end of the world. They can spread the deficit out over a few months. Nina says she’ll get the ads sold. He appreciates the effort, but thinks there’s no way she can do it by tomorrow. She says, watch her; she won’t let him down. Drew tells her, good luck, and leaves. Valentin walks in.

Lulu asks Maxie if they didn’t laugh and have fun, and weren’t they overjoyed with James coming home? Was she dreaming? Maxie says, it happened, and Lulu asks, what is this? How can they have a day like yesterday, and now Maxie is treating her like dirt? Maxie says maybe it’s because Nina’s assistant called her because they weren’t prepped, so she had to come to the place where Nathan was shot. It’s made her remember how he’ll never hold James, and James will never know him as anything but a photo. If the super journalist had thought it through, that could have been avoided. Lulu say she’s actually lost track of how long she’s been apologizing, and begging for Maxie’s forgiveness. Maxie says, five months; Nathan died five months ago. Lulu knows Maxie is living her worst nightmare. Maxie says Lulu thinks she’ll get over it, and they’ll go back to being best friends. Lulu says she stays up at night, wondering how she could have done things differently. Maxie says, join the club. Lulu says, she blew, and she’s sorrier than she can ever say. She wasn’t just bringing Faison out to further her career. She thought he would be arrested, and Maxie and her family would be safe. Maxie says, another Spencer plan goes down in flames. Lulu says every time Maxie pushes her away, then there’s a moment when she’s given hope, and thinks their friendship is back. Is it real or a game? Is it her version of revenge? She asks if she’s just supposed to take Maxie’s punishment forever. Maxie says Lulu is the one who treats her friends like garbage to get what she wants. She says, it’s not fair to give a deadline on grief, but Lulu wonders when she’s going to be forgiven. Maxie says, as usual, it’s all about her. She’s a self-righteous narcissist. Lulu says Maxie can say what she wants, but she’s trying. Maxie says she treated someone she said she cares about like garbage. She turns her back to Lulu, who throws a beachball at her. They start to fight with pool noodles.

Nina asks what Valentin is doing there, and he says, getting breakfast. She says he has staff to do that. He admits he welcomed the opportunity to bump into her, and she asks what his angle is. He says, no angle, and she asks if he’s done blackmailing her to stay in the marriage. He says running into her was serendipity. Charlotte wants to invite her to dinner. She says, now it’s emotional blackmail, but she knows better. Charlotte is staying with Lulu, who said she can see Charlotte whenever she wants. Valentin says it means a lot for her to stay in Charlotte’s life. Nina gets a call. When she steps into the hallway, Valentin says, 3… 2… 1… We hear Nina say, what?! She comes back and asks, what the hell did he do?

Obrecht says it must be here somewhere, and Peter suggests she dropped it when she was moving him. She says she thought she put it in her bag before she took him. She must have left it in the cabin. She has to go back. Peter says, maybe they came back for a second look. If they find the notebook, they’ll turn it into the police. She can’t keep cops away forever. It’s time to choose between her revenge and her freedom.

Nelle mopes on the couch, and Ned asks if she has bridal jitters. She says, guilty, and he tells her not to worry. At least about the wedding. He’s been trying to get Michael to relax and enjoy his final hours as a free man. He asks if she has anything planned, and she says she’s tying up odds and ends; she’s not in a celebrating mood. The prenup was a buzzkill; all clinical. He says she knows how it works in their family. Olivia did the same thing; she insisted. Nelle asks, what about him? He says the thought never occurred to him. He’s been married before, but knew this would last forever. It’s recommended, but not mandated. Olivia wanted to be no question that they weren’t getting married for money. He thinks it was a good idea. It takes the doubt out of marriage. He thinks Nelle made the right decision.

Nelle’s phone rings. It’s Chase. He needs to see her right now.

Lulu starts to throw a shoe, but Maxie stops her, saying they’re on loan for the Instagram story. Lulu puts it back gently, saying she doesn’t think it was damaged. Maxie says it was really close, and they laugh.

Nina says how dare Valentin? It’s outrageous, buying the remaining ad space for the August issue. He asks if he can be honest, and she says, why start now? as I would have said. He overheard she needed sales, and he wanted to be of assistance. Cassadine Enterprises has a robust ad budget. She hasn’t even looked at it. She reads a copy on her phone. To my darling wife… I’m sorry. My heart yearns for your forgiveness. I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you. Come back and make my life full again. (I might have paraphrased a tad there.)

Finn leaves another message for Anna, saying he’s on to something, but doesn’t want to explain in a message. He asks her to call him back. He sees Deanna bringing in Wyatt, who has poison oak. He says he’ll take a look. Deanna is surprised he doesn’t have anything more pressing, but he insists he has the time.

Chase meets Nelle on the docks. Shirtless, because he needed to get in his run. I roll my eyes. He tells her that he wanted to apologize for how he acted at the MetroCourt. He went too far. He meant everything he said, but it wasn’t fair to throw it in her face so close to the wedding. He was wrong anyway. Michael clearly wants a future with her and their child. He’s sure the Quartermaines will welcome her into the fold. She’ll be bringing new blood to the family. Nelle asks if he thinks that’s enough, and he says, all that matters is Michael wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He asks if she’s been given reason for doubt, and she mentions the prenup.

Drew arrives at the Quartermaine’s. He tells Michael that he heard he’s getting married; it’s kind of sudden. Ned says he can assure Drew that they all hounded him plenty. He says they’re going to put their reservations aside, and honor the Quartermaine tradition of sending a bachelor off in style. He asks if they are still getting married. He saw Nelle sulking, and thinks the prenup is getting under her skin.

Chase tells Nelle that he didn’t mean to upset her. She says it’s none of his business, but he says divorce scares him. How will she provide for herself? She says they’re not getting divorced, and he asks if Michael agrees. The more he hears about it, the more he doesn’t like it. She doesn’t have to go through with it. She asks what the alternative is, and he says they can still be together.

Ned says he has cigars with their names on them, and leaves to get them. Drew asks if Michael is going to break it to him that cigars make him gag. Michael knows how important traditions are with the Quartermaines. Drew wonders why everyone else seems more excited than Michael is.

Nelle says Chase can’t be serious. When they were at the courthouse, he was threatening her. Was it just romance? He admits his pride got the better of him. He was scared to admit how he felt when he saw her. She’d moved on. He shouldn’t have been afraid to tell her. She asks what makes him think she cares? He says it was now or never, and he’d kick himself if he didn’t. He says Michael is in it for the baby. He can get a divorce, and sole custody. Chase loves her. He can never give her the life she deserves, but he loves her. She says it’s not that easy. Michael is the father of her child, and they’ve planned a life together. Chase says they can raise the baby. They’ll find a place far from the Quartermaines and Corinthoses. They can do things right this time. He can give her the love Michael never could. She says Michael can give her something Chase can’t.

Maxie says she’ll never look at pool noodles the same way, and Lulu says she’ll help clean up. Maxie gets a message that the ad space was sold, and tells her to leave it. She says she doesn’t hate Lulu; she hates herself. She goes back and forth in her head, and knows Lulu isn’t the reason Nathan was killed. He was determined to lure Faison there to arrest him. If Lulu hadn’t written the story, he’d have found another way to track him down. Lulu says, but she did. Her fear of failure led her to take a shortcut. Ambition clouded her judgement. She can understand why Maxie wants to see her suffer. Maxie doesn’t want that, but at the same time, her happiness makes Maxie’s grief worse. She’s not proud of it, but when she sees Lulu with her family, she starts mourning all over again; for the family she’ll never have. Lulu says her life is less perfect and happy with Dante gone. Maxie says misery loves company, but she mostly thinks about how lucky Lulu is. The man she loves is coming home eventually. The man Maxie loves, never will.

Nina asks Valentin how he expects her to react? Be humbled? Touched? Grateful? He says they’re all great. She tells him the ads are not going in. He asks how she’s going to justify turning down revenue; it’s not that objectionable. She says he didn’t say their names, but people will connect the dots. It undermines her authority as editor-in-chief. He asks, how? Proving to the world she’d loved? She says she can’t trust him again. She doesn’t think he’s even aware of lying all the time. He says he never lied about loving her, and she says, he lied about everything else. The final straw was finding out he took an innocent child to seek revenge against Anna. She remembers being pregnant, and felt love. She never wants anything to happen to a child, like he feels about Charlotte. He took an innocent boy, and gave him to Faison. It changed how she’ll look at him forever.

Peter tells Obrecht, if the cops find the journal, they’ll know he was there with her. She says even if they connect it, they’ll never find them there. Really? Really? After they found Mike and Avery there, and it was the first place they wanted to look for Faison? Really? Peter says they’ve lost two chapters, and have to start over. Who knows how long they’ll be safe there? Obrecht says he’s cunning, but she has an excellent memory; thank you, Sodoku. She tells him, let’s pick up where we left off.

Finn wraps Wyatt’s arm, and gives him some cream, saying he’ll explain it to Wyatt’s mom. He wonders if he can ask Wyatt a question. Wyatt asks, what? and Finn asks if he could identify the man in the woods if he showed him a picture. He brings up a picture of Peter on his phone.

Lulu tells Maxie that she’s sorry. She never wanted to add to Maxie’s grief. Maxie knows, and she’s sorry too. She’s all over the place right now. Lulu says she wants to respect how Maxie is feeling. If it means giving her space… Lulu starts to leave, saying she wants Maxie to know she’s there, if she’s ever ready, and know she loves her no matter what. Maxie asks her to wait, and says she loves Lulu, no matter what. They hug.

Michael tells Drew that he thought it through, and given the situation, it seemed like the right choice. Drew asks, for him or his kid? and Michael says, what’s right for his kid is right for him. Drew trusts he knows what he’s doing. He thinks they should make an effort to try to act like family again. Michael likes it. Drew congratulates him, and they clink glasses.

Nelle tells Chase that Michael can give her stability and comfort. Why leave that behind just because he wants to whisk her away? She doesn’t want to make that mistake, and even if she did, how would they start a new life with Michael’s family looking for them? Chase says they’ll work it out. Nelle says she shouldn’t have come. She hopes he can move on. She has. He asks her to wait, but she jets.

Finn tells Wyatt to take his time, and look closely. Don’t tell him what he wants to hear, but tell him the truth. Wyatt doesn’t think it’s him, but Deanna interrupts before he can say more. Finn is needed in the ER stat. Finn tells Wyatt that his mother will get him in a second, and leaves. In the room alone, Wyatt says, it could have been the guy, but he had a beard. You’d think Finn might have thought of that. Being a junior spy and all.

Obrecht tells Peter that when they left their hero, all was lost. How is he feeling now? Peter says, useless, helpless, doomed. She tells him, don’t be so glum. Think of the novel as his legacy. It will outlast him, no matter what unfortunate ending comes his way.

Valentin tells Nina that he loves her, and she admitted she loved him too. They can fix anything. He has to take care of the horses, and tells her, if she wants, he’ll saddle Lumiere. He leaves, and Nina calls Obrecht.

Obrecht says Peter is holding back, and not to allow self-pity to interfere with the narrative flow. He says their hero was surprised to realize the things he’d chased – money, power, revenge – were all meaningless. He discovered what he loved most were moments – ice cream with an unexpected friend; laughing until your sides hurt, with a girl with sparkling blue eyes; a baby’s first breath and cry; the first time his mother reached out to hold him. Why, Octavian wondered, do we never understand life’s meaning and true value until we’re about to lose it all? Obrecht ponders.

Tomorrow, Jordan asks Stella for a favor, Nina tells Valentin that he can’t go home, and Mike tells Sonny that he’s gaining a daughter.

The Real Housewives of New York City

LuAnn rehearses with her accompanist. She didn’t expect to get arrested, and feels stressed that she only has four weeks to practice. She explains that her director worked with Liza Minelli, Chita Rivera, and other cabaret stars. I wonder if they’re hard-up for money. She says she’s lucky to be surrounded by a great team. Sonja will also be in the show to take the pressure off. The script is based on the story of LuAnn’s life, and the songs she likes to sing. Rachel Dratch will be involved somehow, but she doesn’t explain how that happened. The show is called #The Countess and Friends, just to mess with everyone who rags on her about being The Countess. Sonja arrives, thrilled to be a part of the show. She’s in her element. The director maps out what will be happening with Money Can’t Buy You Class. LuAnn will start telling a story, and Sonja will interrupt, saying that’s not how it happened. We see a clip from Sonja’s Caburlesque show. In her interview, LuAnn says Sonja will be wearing panties. It’s a snatch free zone.

Tinsley visits Carole, bringing her a present. Carole says Adam sent five dozen tulips. In her interview, Carole says it’s no secret Adam wants her back in his life, but she’s not sure how she feels. Tinsley gives Carole a pair of fingerless gloves that make a heart when you put them together. Carole says when her friend, Tripp, was walking Baby, Adam ended up coming back with her. Tinsley thinks it’s annoying that he’d walk in unannounced. Carole says break-ups are messy, and she wants to make it right. She’ll contact him when she has time. Scott is in town, and wants to live with Tinsley in New York. She wants to continue staying in the hotel, so they’re moving into the penthouse, which has three bedrooms. In her interview, Tinsley says they hung in during a year of long distance, now she’s happy to wake up next to him. She hopes she’s easy to live with, and Carole says, keep it cute. Good luck with that when you’re living together.

A package arrives. Carole has a friend who runs a matchmaking service, and it’s an invitation to her speed dating party. It’s really cool; a clear box with roses (about four inches of stem) in water. Like something the Queen would send out. They talk about who else could use a date in three minutes. Carole likes the idea.

Sonja drops by Bethenny’s place. Bethenny gives her another pair of Skinny Jeans. I’d call them burgundy, and Sonja declares them the color of the year. In her interview, Sonja says she’s not thrilled about Bethenny and Carole being on the outs, but she’s happy to be getting the jeans. In her interview, Bethenny thinks Sonja has no shortage of men, but needs to be strategic in her dating moves. Sonja wants to dip her toe in the dating pond, and has a profile online. Her flag is up, and it’s waving wildly.  Bethenny reads Sonja’s profession from the profile, and it’s a list of five thousand things. Bethenny tells her that it takes information from all the apps she has. She tells Sonja that no one looks at it anyway. The only look at the picture, age, and height.

Dorinda goes to Jovani. LuAnn needs something glam and wonderful for her cabaret act, and needs about ten costume changes. Dorinda says Jovani has been good to her over the years in lending her dresses, and she persuaded them to extend the favor to LuAnn. LuAnn wants to do a modern take on cabaret, and envisions different dresses for different scenarios. Dorinda wants her to look her best, and she does. Everything she puts on looks sparkly and fabulous, and there are a lot of mermaid hems. LuAnn is amazed that everything fits perfectly. Dorinda asks about court, and LuAnn says it was cancelled today. Her attorney wants to review the evidence. He’s hoping for no criminal charges, since she didn’t show criminal intent; she was under the influence, and not normally aggressive. She thinks having gone to rehab showed initiative, and is hoping for leniency, along with community service. Dorinda says, it will ultimately go where it’s going to go, which sounds like a bad fortune cookie.

Tinsley tells her precious little dog Bambi not worry about the suitcases. She’s not getting left behind. Tinsley’s friend, Michael, is helping her move. She tells him it’s the easiest move ever. She takes sweaters out of the oven, surprising both Michael and myself. I used to store extra dishes in the dishwasher, and admit to storing bakeware and the occasional box of cereal in the oven, but never clothes. I wish I’d thought of that with my first apartment, since the closet was a small triangle. But I digress… In her interview, Tinsley says she and Scott thought this should be the next step in the relationship. Michael stops her from just throwing really expensive shoes into a box. He refuses to watch as she does it anyway. She’s let Scott off the hook for helping, since he helped with the last move. In her interview, she says Scott is very much in charge at work, and she hopes him moving to New York puts them on a more equal level. him in charge at work. She shows Bambi around their new place. She says for once her clothes will be in a closet. In her interview, she explains she likes to always be with her man, and hopes this works out.

LuAnn meets Carole for coffee. They’re both boring coffee drinkers, just regular with milk. LuAnn is slightly more adventurous with cream. In her interview, Carole says she’s weirdly honored that LuAnn asked her to go for coffee after her meeting. LuAnn tells Carole that she’s been nesting. She’s supposed to stay away from people, places, and things, and is taking it day by day. The meetings help her to stay in line. In her interview, she says she doesn’t label herself. She makes a day to day decision not to drink, and she’s good with that advice. She tells Carole that the meetings encourage that she’s here for a reason, and to keep coming back. Carole asks being around other people drinking is cool, and LuAnn says it doesn’t matter if others drink. Carole says she thought it was a good move when LuAnn left he table at the Mayflower. LuAnn says not drinking is exhausting. She’d been burning the candle at both ends, and now she gets up early and does yoga. In her interview, Carole says she’s prepared to be a friend to this LuAnn, who understands her actions have consequences, and is trying hard to turn her life around. They talk about LuAnn’s upcoming cabaret, and Carole tells LuAnn to tell Sonja to wear underwear. LuAnn says she can’t play snatch-guard. She’ll be too busy singing.

Ramona meets a friend at the gym for a workout. In her interview, Ramona says the best thing about staying in shape is that you can wear anything. Truth! It sucks to go through a million outfits that don’t look right. Ramona says she hasn’t met the guy yet. She doesn’t know why she’s good with flirting, which she’d rather call, open to meeting men. She tells us that she has a high libido, which I didn’t need to know. The trainer helps with the machines. Ramona says she wants someone as smart or smarter than herself (which shouldn’t be too hard), but attraction is number one. Meeting men isn’t a problem, but meeting the right one is. Preach it, sister.

Dorinda and LuAnn pass the church where LuAnn’s AA meetings are held. They’re also near Dorinda’s church. LuAnn tells Dorinda that she’s keeping up the keeping up, but restaurants are the hardest. Dorinda says someone sent her a gift basket with wine, and it’s the first thing she thought of on a cold night. She’s proud of LuAnn. In her interview, LuAnn says it’s not easy. It’s like something you’ve learned for a long time, like brushing your teeth another way. It’s not the anxiety of not drinking, but the habit that you’re fighting. They go inside Dorinda’s church. She says it’s helped her get through difficult times. She likes to meditate, recalibrate, and refocus. She thinks it might be a good tool for LuAnn. They could go to church, and then have coffee. Dorinda shows LuAnn the candle she lit for her when she was in rehab. In her interview, LuAnn says Dorinda has been the most supportive. She thinks everyone’s thoughts and prayers together make a difference. Thank you. Dorinda tells LuAnn that Carole is doing a high-end super fun speed dating thing. She thinks LuAnn should come, just see what it’s like. In her interview, Dorinda thinks it might be good for LuAnn to go through the actions, but no real dating. She needs to date herself. The church looks familiar, but I didn’t see what street they’re on. They light a candle together, and Dorinda prays for strength for LuAnn.

It’s time for speed dating! Carole tells the matchmaker that she has six friends coming. Two are coming to observe, and the other four are in various stages of dating. The girls trickle in, with Ramona leading the pack, and latching on to a guy named Bryan before the dating even starts. Sonja says it’s amazing and mesmerizing to watch. In her interview, Bethenny says she and Dennis love each other, but he’s not capable of being a partner, so she’s open. It turns out she knows Bryan, and she says, the dating plot thickens. It’s the last place LuAnn wants to be, and Sonja asks a guy if she smells like mothballs. Tinsley says even if she wasn’t spoken for, no way would do this. She’s a Southern girl, and needs to be wined and dined. We flash back to the kiss she laid on Scott five minutes after meeting him. Carole finds out her date has kids, and it’s swipe left. Tinsley says Ramona’s got game. Dorinda says it’s like watching a fluffy kitty before it pounces on a tiny mouse. Bryan sits with Bethenny, and kind of hits on her. In her interview, she says it’s flattering, but he’s not her type. She doesn’t want to make herself like someone just because they like her. A guy asks LuAnn what she did for the holidays. She says she was supposed to go to South America, but didn’t make it.

Ramona kisses a dude for thinking she’s around 44, and it’s time to mingle. Carole didn’t meet the guy she wanted to (i.e. Bryan), because he was being devoured by Ramona and Bethenny. Ramona gets tequila for Bryan. A guy at the bar says he thinks Bryan likes Bethenny, but Ramona claims she’s just returning the favor since he bought her a drink. She slinks over with it, and makes a presentation. In her interview, Bethenny does an over-the-top, but accurate imitation of her. Tinsley tells a few of the girls about staying in Cartagena, Columbia, and wants everyone to go there with her. Dorinda only knows the scary things that happen in Columbia, and prefers places that have commercials, like the Bahamas. Tinsley shows pictures of the house she stayed in, and Carole says she had them at private island. Sonja talks to a guy about bondage. Carole tells everyone about the trip. Sonja can’t imagine not having an amazing time. Wow. Is she optimistic.

Next time, the Cartagena trip, Ramona gets a ride in a wheelchair, and Bethenny tells Dorinda that she doesn’t always have to share.

🍴 On MasterChef, the contestants made dinner for the wedding of the Season 7 winner, Shaun O’Neale. Juni and Julia were team captains, blue and red respectively, but something happened that I missed (because, dogs), and Taylor ended up taking Juni’s place. The red team undercooked the duck to the point where it was nearly raw, and needed to re-plate that for a few guests. Unfortunately, they’d made the genius move of throwing out everything that was left, and had to start from scratch. Miraculously, they still won. And we learned that service isn’t over until the last person leaves. On the losing blue team, Gordon deemed Taylor and Shanika safe from elimination. To everyone’s surprise, there was no pressure test. Gordon got right to the point, saying Ashley cracked under pressure, and Juni let go of his responsibility. It was Juni who was out, Gordon saying the team was doomed before they started. They had a bad concept and lost direction. Still, Juni gave a graceful exit, thankful for the opportunities. He said there weren’t many people who could say they cooked in the MasterChef kitchen, and that Gordon tasted their food. He thought he made his mom proud. Well said. Next week, it’s crawfish, and Aaron cooks alongside the chefs. It’s the shock of the season, and Joe says there’s more on the line than they thought.

🔥 A once vibrant town that had become desolate, Greenville, Mississippi was Gordon’s destination on 24 Hours to Hell and Back. Sherman’s, owned by the Nimrod family, had been a thriving business, but no more. Gordon made every joke possible about the Nimrod name, since it’s also slang for inept person. Even they recognized the wisdom in not changing the restaurant’s name when they bought it. Gordon did his disguise thing, and found the flounder to be funky; the food dull, bland, embarrassing, and atrocious; and no surprise, the owners argued these points. The hidden cameras revealed loads of cross contamination, and the usual cockroaches. The owners were resistant to change, but Gordon convinced them to give one of the staff the new position of running the kitchen. He also persuaded them, as only Gordon can, to stop arguing with the patrons and online reviewers, and not to allow the chef to use the microwave. Before he disappeared into the night, Gordon told them to watch out for 6’2” Scottish guys with beards. Three months later, the business is booming, and the online reviews are great. Next time, Hollywood and a very dysfunctional family. The whole 24-hour thing is really amazing.

🌌 Yep…

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June 1, 2018 – A Cabin in the Woods, Chefs Start, SextupQuotes, & Finally


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

I missed the first few minutes because, as usual, ABC had news that couldn’t wait an hour. At least it wasn’t the last minute. On a Friday. So without further ado, we join the show, already in progress…

Sonny visits Carly. He asks how she’s doing; he knows how bad it can be in jail. She tells him to focus on getting her out of there, and asks if there’s been any progress on her case. He tells her that Diane is working to get her out, but she says she’s not talking about the insanity plea. She means the proof that Nelle set her up.

Robert and Anna are combing Peter’s hotel room. Anna tells Robert the last thing on Peter’s mind is her. He took a big risk before, and now he’s on the run from the WSB; he’s not circling back for her. Robert says Peter hates her. He didn’t say it to be hurtful, but wants her to see the truth and protect herself. She says what happened wasn’t an accurate reflection. He saw her as an agent from the Bureau, and thought it was a trap. Of course he was angry. Robert says he wanted her and Jason to turn on each other. Jason walks in, and Robert says, again? If he keeps hanging around, Robert will have to put him on payroll. Jason asks if he can check room, and Robert gives his okay. Robert tells Anna that Jason is the reason Peter escaped. Anna says the camera footage was looped, and it’s Spinelli’s handiwork. He tells her that she’s not fooling anyone. She’s happy Peter escaped.

Peter is in Maxie’s room. He says he kept a horrible secret about who he is, but it’s still just him. He asks how the baby is, and says he can’t wait to see him. She thanks him for being her impromptu birthing coach. He says he’s glad to be the first person to welcome his nephew into the world. He looks more like his brother than him. Maxie says, brother? and he says he’s not Peter; he’s Henrik – surprise! Nina tells Maxie to wake up; she’s having a bad dream. Maxie says Peter was there, and held her hand. She let him hold her hand; what’s wrong with her? Nina tells her not to be hard on herself. Peter has been arrested. Maxie asks if he’s been sent to Siberia yet; the further, the better. Nina says that was the plan, but Peter escaped. No one knows where he is.

Peter is dragged into a cabin.

At the Quartermaine’s, Nelle tells Michael that she feels bad about what happened to his mom. Carly is in prison because of her. There will be a horrible, ugly trial, and everyone will be in their business. She never wanted that. She just wanted Carly to understand that she didn’t want to harm her. Michael says it’s obvious Carly had a breakdown, and he wants her to get help. She has plenty of people to worry about her, and his main focus is Nelle and the baby. Nelle says he’s so sweet to her. She’s glad he stayed in the room next to hers. She doesn’t sleep well, and it made her feel safe. He says she is safe. She’s happy he came back into her life.

Sonny tells Carly that they’ve found nothing. No scarf; no blanket; nothing that proves Nelle did anything. Carly says Nelle is lying, just like when she drugged Sonny. They should have gotten rid of her when they had the chance. Sonny says they need to talk about what’s going on now. Does she want to talk through glass to him for a few weeks, or for twenty-five years? He thinks it’s the best way out, and asks why she won’t take it. I’m confused; didn’t she?

Carly says she did what they wanted, and took the plea. That answers that question. Sonny says, but then she changed her mind, and had to be talked out of it in front of the judge. Carly says, in a perfect world, she would go to Shadybrook, but it’s not a perfect world, and too many things could go wrong.

Michael tells Nelle that he has to go. She says, of course; he has his own life. She tells him not to worry about her. She’s taken enough of his time. He says he meant he has to pack, since he’s moving back in. He’s going to be with her night and day.

Nina tells Maxie all she knows is that Peter is gone. They found Valentin locked in his cell. Maxie asks if Valentin is okay, and Nina says he’s been in worse situations. The WSB and the police force are looking for Peter. Maxie can’t believe she was friends with him, when Nina told her to back off. Nina says not to give her credit. She’d hired Curtis to investigate Peter, then talked herself out of it. The biggest thing was the scrapbook with Nathan’s mementos. She chastises herself, saying if she had been less trusting, Nathan might be here. Maxie wonders if she’s still talking about Peter, but Nina says, no. Someone knew, and did nothing to warn any of them.

Peter is tied to a bed. He wakes up, and wonders where he is. He struggles against the bonds, and remembers holding the flash drive in his hotel room.

Maxie asks Nina, who knew Peter was really Henrik? Nina apologizes, saying it was Valentin. Maxie asks when he found out. Nina says he’s apparently known since Peter was a baby. It’s a twisted story that doesn’t look good for anyone. He kept it quiet, trying to cover his own ass. Maxie thought he was trying to be a stand-up guy, and Nina says, she did too. It’s lie upon lie, and secrets, when comes to Valentin, and all of it stems back to Anna. Maxie asks what Anna has to do with Peter, and Nina says, Anna is Peter’s mother.

Anna tells Robert she is not happy. Peter is a fugitive now; a target for the WSB, and anyone else who thinks he’s a threat. She wants him to go through the proper channels, and be exonerated. Robert asks at what point she lost touch with reality? He was Faison’s accomplice. She says he was coerced. Robert says when Jason was held against his will, Peter wasn’t coerced, and he wasn’t coerced when he held a gun on her. In some respects, he’s worse than his father; who knows what he’ll do? She says you can’t convict him on what he might do. and there’s nothing to link him to anything. Robert asks her to remember when Robin was held prisoner, and they thought she was dead. He doesn’t recall her giving Jerry Jax or Faison the benefit of the doubt. Anna says he’s absolutely right; she has a double-standard. No matter how much Robert wishes it wasn’t true, Peter is her son.

Jason brings out a drawer, and shows Anna and Robert there was tape on the bottom. He thinks it’s where Peter hid the flash drive. He says it looks like Peter took off with it. Robert says, so much for making amends. He thanks Jason for his help, and for saving Anna’s life. If he hadn’t been there, Peter would have killed her. Jason is glad he was there too. He jets, and Anna asks if Robert is quite finished. He says, no, and neither is she. Now she’s got to tell Robin that she has a big brother.

Sonny tells Carly assumption can be a dark place; don’t go there. She says nothing has gone her way since the arrest. How will she convince her kids of her innocence, and get them to trust her again? By the time she gets back, Nelle will be firmly in place, and she’ll be an outsider.

Nelle says she doesn’t want to disrupt Michael’s life. It’s enough they’ve gotten closer. He says he wants to be there for her and the baby, and she tells him that’s the reason she never stopped loving him. Jason drops by, and asks if Michael can talk for minute about his mom. Nelle gives them some privacy. On her way out, Jason says he’s glad she and the baby are okay, and she makes a face like, yeah, right. Jason asks if Michael has talked to his mom, but he says not since the arraignment. Michael says she’s pleading guilty by reason of insanity. It’s what Diane wanted her to do, but it implies she pushed Nelle. Jason says that’s not what happened. Michael tells him Nelle said it did, and Jason asks if he believes her.

Anna says she has to figure out what to tell Robin, and Robert tells her to concentrate on that. Leave the search to the police and the WSB. Jordan comes in, and Robert shows her the bottom of the drawer, where the flash drive was. Anna says there’s no proof of it. Jordan says Peter left a letter for Maxie. Anna asks if she read it, and Jordan says it was a well-written plea for forgiveness. Well, he is a writer. Anna tells Robert to get on with it. Tell her how pathetic she is, thinking her son could be redeemed. He knows it’s tearing her up, but wringing her hands over Peter’s screwed up childhood doesn’t make him less accountable. Robin calls, and Robert says she doesn’t have to answer.

Peter wonders how he got there, and remembers the syringe stabbing him in the back. We see him letting go of the flash drive as he’s being dragged away. He calls out, asking if someone is there. He asks why they did this to him.

Nina tells Maxie that Anna did what she could to cover up her pregnancy. She gave the baby up for adoption, but Valentin found the family, made them give up the baby, and gave it to Faison. Maxie says it almost makes her feel sorry for Peter. Almost. Nina says one decision that Valentin made, destroyed so many lives. Maxie can’t process, and asks Nina what she’s going to do. Nina says divorce him. She’s not moving back; she’s moving ahead. Maxie knows something that might help; the antidote to all heartbreak. Deanna wheels James in. Maxie holds him, saying, James Malcom West, happy to meet you. Nina says, he’s absolutely perfect.

Sonny says it’s Carly’s word against Nelle’s, and Nelle wound up at the bottom of the stairs. Carly says she’ll do it, but she hates it. She wants to talk about something else, and asks how everybody is. Sonny is still trying to find a permanent caregiver for Mike, but Stella has been helping. Sonny thinks Stella likes Mike, and Carly says his dad is a charmer. She asks how Josslyn is, but Sonny hasn’t seen her much; she’s always with Oscar, volleyball, and school. Carly says, she’s doing it on purpose. She suggests Sonny find something to do with Josslyn and Avery. Sonny says Josslyn might be confused and angry, but she’s Carly’s daughter, and loyal to the core. Josslyn loves her. Michael texted that the baby is fine, and Nelle is back at the Quartermaine’s; she’s been released from the hospital. He hesitates, and says Michael also moved back in, to be close to her and the baby. Carly says, Nelle got what she wanted. Sonny says, for now, not forever. She asks if he’s sure about that. He tells her to get through the trial and Shadybrook; then deal with what she needs to. She says she’s going to do more than that. She’s going to expose Nelle for the lying snake she is. By the time she’s through, Nelle will be out on the street.

Jason tells Michael that Carly would never harm her grandchild. Michael knows he’s loyal, but he needs to take care of his family, and put them first. Jason isn’t going to argue with him, but tells him to be careful. Michael says he always is, and I laugh, because he wasn’t when he got Nelle pregnant. Jason leaves, and Nelle ducks down behind something when he walks past. She tells Michael that she couldn’t help but overhear. He said he was putting his family first. He says he meant her and baby, and tells her to go get some rest. He’s going to pack, but he’s coming right back. He’s not letting her out of his sight. Yeah, we know something’s up with this guy.

Nina says James is the most beautiful baby ever. He’s the perfect tribute to Nathan. Maxie says he looks like Nathan already. She can’t wait to watch him grow up, and look more and more like his dad. Nina says, it will be amazing. She remembers when her mom brought Nathan home. She let Nina hold him, and when she looked into his eyes, she fell in love; unconditional love. He taught her something powerful in life. Maxie asks if she wants to hold her nephew, and transfers the baby to Nina’s arms. She tells him that this is Aunt Nina, and says, he’s a heartbreaker.

Anna is on the phone with Robin. She says it was a big shock to find out Peter is Henrik. Robert’s phone rings. Anna tells Robin, for starters, Peter is missing. There are no leads yet, but everyone is on the case. She thinks it would be better to answer Robin’s questions in person. She’s taking the next flight out, and will be with her today; she’ll call when she lands. She tells Robin to never doubt she loves her. After she’s done, she tells Robert that she’s taking the next flight out. He wishes he could go, but the Bureau wants him to sort this mess out. She hopes they’re not too hard on him. He says he can handle it, but has a word of advice. She’s been Robin’s hero her whole life, but this will throw her for a loop. He says to give her space. Don’t crowd her; let her process, and figure it out. He says, she’s a prickly little thing; she gets it from him. He knows she wants Peter’s forgiveness, but don’t mention it to Robin. Let it be about her, and her needs; and what will help her. Not Anna’s guilt over Peter.

Nina knows what Maxie is thinking, and tells her it’s okay to say it. Maxie says Nathan should be there to hold his son. Imagine how over the moon he’d be. Nina thinks he knows. He knows this beautiful baby will never want for love. Nina tells Maxie that she knows she can be overbearing with love, and Maxie tells her to overbear away. She’s welcome in their lives day and night and in between. Nina tells the baby that Maxie may regret it.

Robert tells Anna that a lot of people love and depend on her, present company included. He tells her to stay safe, and tells Jordan he’ll be in touch. Jordan asks if Anna is all right. Anna asks if she has a copy of Peter’s letter to Maxie, and Jordan asks, why?

Nina gets a phone ding. Maxie asks if she has to go back to work, but Nina says it isn’t Crimson. Maxie says Valentin isn’t going to stop trying to win her back. Nina says there’s something else she has to take care of, but she’ll come back soon.

At the prison, Jason puts his hand on the glass, and so does Carly. It creeps me out a little. Like she’s pining for Jason more than Sonny. He apologizes for not being at her arraignment, but she’s glad he wasn’t. She pleaded insanity, and she’s glad she didn’t do it while he was watching. He says, why do it? She says even if he finds the blanket, it proves she had more motive. He tells her that Nelle said there was no blanket; it will prove she’s lying. Carly wonders how he can tie it to her. How can he prove any of it? He says Nelle had to buy the scarf and match it. If she did a search online, Spinelli can find it. She says even if he proves it all, he can’t prove she didn’t push Nelle. Diane is right. If she pleads not guilty, she’ll lose.

Anna visits Maxie. She says she saw the baby; he’s perfect. Mac has been texting nonstop; they’re so happy. So is Robin. Maxie says she called. Anna tells Maxie that she’s planning on seeing Robin to explain about Peter. Anna says she didn’t know who he was until the night of the Nurses’ Ball. Maxie says she doesn’t feel so bad that he fooled her, since he fooled a super spy. Anna says she’s sorry, and Maxie says it’s not her fault. No way could she know what Valentin would do, much less her child. Anna says she can’t be objective, but feels Peter knows he made a terrible mistake, and regrets it. She empathizes. Maxie says maybe it’s because she’s his mom. Anna says, maybe. She gives Maxie the letter, and says Peter left it for her.

Peter yells for help. The door opens, and we see legs in high heels. The camera pans up, and it’s Nina. Well, roll me up and call me curly. She’s the last person I thought it was.

Carly tells Jason her best chance is the insanity plea. She’ll go to Shadybrook for a few months, and be home. Jason reminds her of the last time she faked being crazy, and ended up in prison. He tells her not to do it again. She says the best lawyer in the country is telling her to do it, and so is Sonny; it’s a different situation. He tells her to listen to her own instincts. She can admit to what she didn’t do, or fight. She says she’d rather stay in this hole and rot before admitting she did something she didn’t do. He says it’s not about her. Josslyn, Michael, and Avery need their mother; and Sonny needs his wife. They need her to be free, not getting therapy. She says he’s the only person on earth who thinks she doesn’t need therapy. She’s sticking with the plea. Is he going to back her? He says, always, even when he knows she’s wrong. They do that hand thing again. No. Just no.

Michael calls Spinelli. He says he needs help; anything he can find on Nelle. He gives Spinelli some other names to search for. He says whatever it takes to prove she’s lying.

The Quartermaine bell rings. Nelle asks someone to get it, but it keeps ringing, so she gets up. It’s Sonny, who says, look who’s answering the door now. She says Michael isn’t there, but he says he’s looking for her.

On Monday, Oscar has something to take care of, Carly needs a favor, and Sonny wants to have a nice little chat with Nelle. I’ll bet.

🍆 I missed it, but a two-hour premiere for season 9 of MasterChef  aired this week. On Wednesday, June 6th, there will be another extended episode from 8 to 10 pm, and starting June 13th, it will slip into its regular one-hour Wednesday time-slot at 8pm. Aarón Sanchez is joining Gordon Ramsay again, along with Joe Bastianich. This time around, the judges will also be mentors.

📞 Quotes of the Week

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.Ralph Waldo Emerson

I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles.Audrey Hepburn

Champions keep playing until they get it right.Billie Jean King

It’s lonely being a cannibal. Tough making friends. – Colonel Hart (Jeffrey Jones), Ravenous

His place is so small, I once took it home by mistake in my purse. – Max (Kat Dennings), 2 Broke Girls

Confidence is 10 percent hard work and 90 percent delusion — just thinking foolishly that you will be able to do what you want to do.Tina Fey

🌴 At Last…





May 18, 2018 – Worlds Collide at the Ball, NB Fashion, Goodbye OUAT, Junior Winner, Joybell Trio & Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The show was on for a couple of minutes, when ABC broke in with news about the school shooting in Santa Fe. I get that, but it had happened several hours earlier, and, as usual, went way past the point of giving us news. That’s what I hate. My problem isn’t with the news itself, but all the amenities that come with it, like interviewing the janitor’s second cousin who witnessed nothing, but knows when it’s going to rain. Seriously, unless the world is coming to an end – and I mean literally, like if the sun is hurtling toward us – or we’re being invaded, I don’t see the point and it’s just irritating. Later, I was able to watch what I missed online with Verizon, but they usually don’t list it the same day. Lucky me, I didn’t have to imagine the lips syncing with the words on a pirated version.

General Hospital

Molly introduces Alexis, but she’s busy eavesdropping on Anna and Finn backstage. Finn tells Anna he’s never stopped caring. She’s never far from his mind and heart, and he wouldn’t want anything to happen without her knowing he cared.

Jason stops by Nelle’s room to find Michael. Michael asks if she’ll be okay for a few minutes. She says sure, and then the show gets interrupted for news that can wait an hour. I catch up a few hours later. Jason gives Nelle a stupid look. In the hallway, Jason tells Michael that Carly didn’t push Nelle, and deep down he knows that.

Finn apologizes to Anna for taking so long to tell her. Alexis makes herself known.

Nina doesn’t understand why Valentin is so eager to leave; he still has to perform. He promised Lucy, and Nina tells him not to let her down. She asks if something is going on.

Sam looks at the lighter on Peter’s desk, and sees the initials, CF. She says, Cesar Faison. She remembers Jason telling her about Faison carrying it, and that it wasn’t with his belongings. At the time, she’d said, if they find the lighter, they find Henrik.

Alexis, Finn, and Anna all look at each other. Alexis walks away. Finn says he should – and Anna says, yeah, he should. On stage, Lucy apologizes for the glitch. Alexis comes out to applause, but she keeps moving, and goes out the door. Mike points out to Sonny that she’s upset, and asks if he wants to go after her. Sonny says it doesn’t have anything to do with him.

Valentin tells Nina that he wants to get away with the two people that matter to him the most, her and Charlotte. Nina reminds him that his song at last year’s ball convinced her to give him another chance. He screwed up. Here’s his chance not to do it again.

Sam says Peter was in the hospital the night Faison died. She sees his copy of The Severed Branch. She flips through it, and says, just like it happened in the book.

Michael knows Jason will always defend his mother, and he’s grateful, but he wasn’t there. Jason says, neither was he. Jason asks what Nelle said. Michael says she told him that his mom lost control. Jason say that’s proof Nelle is lying. Carly would never risk her grandchild. He knows she would lie down in front of a train for her family. Michael says, under normal circumstances, and it’s been anything but normal lately. Jason insists it’s Nelle sabotaging Carly’s life.

On stage, Lucy says it’s not the Nurses’ Ball without some drama, but they’re not letting it ruin a good time. She tells the audience to kick it up a notch for the rocker others call Eddie Maine, but they call him Mr. Mayor. He and his first lady are spearheading the rebuilding of their city. In 60s garb with a flower power background, Olivia plays the tambourine, and Ned sings, (What’s So Funny ’Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding. Excellent.

Colleen Sullivan tells us to stay tuned for more glamor, excitement, and surprises. They’re just getting started.

Jason tells Michael there have been calls from a payphone near where Morgan died, a replica of his scarf, the power outage and intruder at Bobbie’s house, and Carly finds Morgan’s picture on the floor, broken. Michael asks if he thinks Nelle did all that. He’s going to have to prove it. Jason says like he’ll prove the blanket is real. Jason gets a call from Sam, but asks her to hold on. He says he needs Michael to be careful, for the baby’s sake and himself. Michael says Jason has given him a lot to think about. Jason gets back on the phone, and asks Sam what’s going on. She says she needs to see him. It’s important.

Molly – in a very becoming sleeveless gown that looks like it’s made out of blue/green glitter – tells Finn that whatever he said to upset her mother, she’s completely humiliated. So don’t apologize or try to fix it, just accept the fact that he’s a jerk and leave her alone. Anna says, oh dear. Ha-ha! She’s so British sometimes. He says it didn’t go exactly as planned. Anna says, for the record, she’s not dying. Finn says, for the record, he meant everything he said. Anna says she cares a lot about him too. Oh, kiss already.

Ava suggests she and Griff take advantage of his room upstairs; she could use a warm-up before her performance. Griff says he wants to watch the rest of show, She says it’s cool.

Stella tells Sonny it’s manifestly none of her business, but sometimes an outsider can pick up on things another person is too close to see. Sonny asks where she’s going with this. She tells him that he has a stare that could freeze a blasting furnace. Putting it on the woman who is the mother of his child might not be the wisest thing. Mike tells her to forgive him; he has a helluva temper. Sonny says it’s difficult to be in the same room, especially tonight, but she’s right. It’s not a good thing to show the world how you feel. Stella agrees. Sonny raises his glass to Ava, who’s like, huh?

Backstage, Kim asks Josslyn and Oscar if they’re ready. Drew joins them. Oscar says he didn’t know Drew was coming, and Kim says, neither did she. Drew says once he heard Oscar was performing, he couldn’t be stopped. Oscar hugs him, and says, thank you. Everyone smiles.

Anna says Finn needs to find Alexis and apologize. He says, yes, he does. Anna tells him that she’s not staying much longer. She looks at text from Henrik: Midnight. Pier 55. Come alone. She says she has a meeting. She can’t tell him about it, but after tonight, she’ll be closer to it all being over. She tells him to go find Alexis.

Alexis sits at the bar. The bartender asks what he can get her. She looks at the bottles.

Michael goes back to Nelle’s room. She tells him that she’s gotten the all-clear from the doctors. She’s being released tomorrow. He says that’s good news. She asks if there’s something wrong. He says Jason was telling him what was going on with his mother. She thinks someone is harassing her; messing with her head for months now.

Finn sits next to Alexis. She says he found her. He tells her the concierge saw her take the elevator. He says, that’s not a double-vodka? She says, it’s a club soda, and she wishes people would stop acting as if she’s dying for a bottle of gin every time she feels crappy. Finn says he never meant to hurt her; he’s sorry. She says he has nothing to be sorry for, and he didn’t hurt her. She just hurts. She knew he still cared about Anna; it’s not on him. He didn’t do anything. She allowed herself to be a prop in the game he was playing with Anna.

Anna starts to text Henrik. Robin startles her, and asks what’s up with her and Finn. Anna says it’s complicated, and suggests they go and enjoy the show.

Peter is messing with his phone, and Maxie says, more work? He tells her these are the last ones, and goes out to the hallway. Julian asks Molly if she’s getting nervous about Finn. She says she doesn’t want to fight with him – he did save her life – but her mother is in a vulnerable place. He’d better think long and hard before he does anything for Alexis’s sake. Julian says he’s not sure what means. She thinks he does. Kim asks what Julian doing about Alexis, and Julian says he’s here with her, and they should get back to their seats; her son is performing. Lucy says the Nurses’ Ball is known for spotlighting younger performers, and introduces Molly and Oscar. This is when the news released us back to the program. Or rather, commercials, then the program.

Molly sings, while Oscar accompanies her on the guitar. I think the name of the song is I Never Knew, but I’m not positive. I’m not familiar with it, and come up empty in a subsequent search. Sam shows Jason the lighter. She says she found it in Peter’s office. She was confused at first, since he said he wasn’t a smoker. She remembered he’d said he had to confront Faison about something in the hospital the night Faison died. Jason says Faison was honest for once. He’d said Henrik was hiding in plain sight. Jason says, Peter August is Henrik.

Mike tells Molly she was spectacular, and tells Oscar his date is pretty, but not as gorgeous as Stella. Kim motions Oscar over.

Kiki asks if she can sit at Molly’s table. Molly thought she was sitting with Dr. Bensch, but Kiki says she wants to be with people her own age.

Kim asks if Oscar is glad now that he took music lessons. I’m assuming that means she forced him to take them.

Michael asks Nelle if his mom mentioned anything to her. Nelle says she rambled about a disappearing note and Morgan’s cologne, but she wasn’t making sense. Something starts to beep on Nelle’s monitor. She begins to panic, and Michael tells her, just breathe.

Sam tells Jason that Peter is with Maxie, and asks how they’re going to do this.

Maxie tells Peter that she’s not feeling so great, and asks him to take her home. Valentin watches.

Robin asks if Anna is leaving already; there’s a lot left. She asks if it has to do with the emails she’s been receiving. Anna is cagey, and says she wouldn’t leave if it wasn’t important.

Lucy tells Valentin it’s his turn.

Kim asks Julian if he’s thinking about going after Alexis. Julian says he’s here with her. She says they promised to be honest with each other. He says they’re having a great time. She tells him if he needs a friend, he has one, and leaves.

Finn tells Alexis that she was never a prop. He fell for Anna more than he wanted to admit. He wasn’t using her; he wanted to move on. Alexis says that’s why they call it a rebound. There’s a good reason why people in same AA meeting shouldn’t hook up. He says it’s not about that; it’s about him. She deserves better. Alexis says that she needs him to not be there right now, and he wisely leaves.

Kim sees Olivia looking into the swag bags, and Olivia says she’s taking advantage of the break to snoop in the bags. We get an advertisement for Olay with Kim pitching the product.

Michael says he didn’t mean to upset Nelle. She tells him that she was so scared when Carly pushed her; she was out of control. Michael asks if she’s sure Carly pushed her, and she says, she absolutely pushed her. He tells her to get some rest. She says she’ll be fine, because he’s there.

Mike sees Deanna, and says he found his favorite nurse at the Ball. Deanna says, since it’s the Nurses’ Ball, the odds of that were pretty likely. Stella introduces mike to Felix. She thinks they’ll get along well.

Jason asks Robin if her mom is still there. He has to talk to her. Robin says she left, and asks, what’s up? He tells her Anna will explain when there’s time. Sam tells him that Peter left with Maxie. She thinks he’s meeting with someone. They have to get into Peter’s email account.

In the car, Maxie apologizes to Peter for making him leave early. He says he had to work anyway. He asks how she’s feeling, and she says like the baby is doing a kickboxing workout. She suddenly tells him to pull over. Her water just broke. Shouldn’t they jet to the hospital? Peter asks if she’s sure, and she says, very, and she’s done this before. She says they have no time to get to the hospital. There’s something wrong with the baby. Where’s that Star Trek transporter they always use?

Julian sees Alexis at the bar. Kim asks if she can join Drew. He’d thought Julian was her date. She says he had to see someone; she’s flying solo. They go in and sit together.

Jason and Sam go into Peter’s office. Jason leaves a message for Spinelli. He tells Sam that they don’t have a lot of time. They need to hack into Peter’s email. He pushes the keyboard toward her

Lucy tells the audience to give themselves a hand, and to keep the momentum going. The next performance was a surprise addition to last year’s Ball. He was so good, they asked him to come back. Valentin sits at the piano, and performs Peter Gabriel’s Book of Love, accompanying himself. He sings to Nina, and she smiles. He is really good.

As the song finishes, Robin get up. Robert is on stage. He punches out Valentin.

On Monday, David follows Kiki, Robert wants justice, and Anna waits for Henrik. Who is busy delivering a baby.

👗 Since I know my dress descriptions were lacking, you can see some of them here. I voted for Sam.

🏰 Sadly, tonight was the Once Upon A Time finale. Since they shoved it into the death spot on Friday night, and I knew it was the last season, I found it hard to commit, so I hadn’t watched much of it. I figured I’d catch up on a rainy weekend some time. I did want to see the end though, and it was sweet. They brought in many of the old characters for the farewell. In a nutshell, Rumpel/Gold and Belle were reunited at last, in heavenly clouds. All the realms were united, and Regina was chosen to lead them. Snow White and Prince Charming officiated at the coronation, crowning her The Good Queen. Emma called it a happy beginning, since Regina didn’t like endings, and the stories were far from over. However, Regina thought second chance was a better choice. because in the end, they could get past it all – with hope. And we saw the sign, saying, Leaving Storybrooke. Sad face.

🍖 It was also the finale of MasterChef Junior. The final three – Quani, Beni, and Avery – had to create a three-course meal. For their entrees, they each gathered inspiration from their roots, cooking catfish, veal chops, and a ribeye, respectively. A lot of attention was given to Quani having elevated the catfish. Apparently, none of the judges were a fan of it, which surprised me, since I like catfish. Although it sounded like one of those things that, if it’s not done exactly right, you don’t want to eat it. When they moved on to the dessert, and Quani’s tart broke, so did my heart. It was not a happy moment. Beni was the big winner, and the young chefs ended with a group hug. I have to confess, I both rooted for Avery, and was glad she didn’t win. She’s eight. Eight. And cooks better than anyone I will ever know.

⛲ Quotes of the Week

All from the same poetess.

A lifetime isn’t forever, so take the first chance, don’t wait for the second one! Because sometimes, there aren’t second chances! And if it turns out to be a mistake? So what! This is life! A whole bunch of mistakes! But if you never get a second chance at something you didn’t take a first chance at? That’s true failure. —  C. Joybell C.

Ends are not bad things, they just mean that something else is about to begin. And there are many things that don’t really end, anyway, they just begin again in a new way. Ends are not bad and many ends aren’t really an ending; some things are never-ending.C. Joybell C.  Or as Semisonic put it more simply, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

We have to allow ourselves to be loved by the people who really love us, the people who really matter. Too much of the time, we are blinded by our own pursuits of people to love us, people that don’t even matter, while all that time we waste and the people who do love us have to stand on the sidewalk and watch us beg in the streets! It’s time to put an end to this. It’s time for us to let ourselves be loved. — C. Joybell C.

🎈 Last But Never Least…




May 4, 2018 – Peter Secretly Scrapbooks, Junior Chefs Move Toward the Finish, 90 Day Rerun, Five Eclectic Quotes & the Fourth


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

On the phone at the MetroCourt, Carly says she’s excited about Nelle’s baby shower. No, really. She hangs up and takes a pill. Sonny asks how she’s doing, and she says better. He says that means Doc knows what he’s doing. She hopes it gets her through Nelle’s baby shower.

Nelle and Michael arrive at Kelly’s, and see Lulu and Dante. Nelle says they just came back from interviewing pediatricians, and asks who their kids see. Lulu says Valentin prefers Dr. Arden for Charlotte. Nelle thinks he’s a little cold, and Lulu says they could get along perfectly. What’s with these people? If I was Nelle, I’d be plotting against them too.

On the phone, Valentin tells someone to find a legitimate reason to get Robert on the plane, and he’ll take it from there. He needs to get rid of him.

Robert tells Anna that the problem with Jason is there’s no negotiating with him. Robert is concerned about the risks of Anna posing as Henrik’s mother and dangling herself as bait. He says she’s working hard to get herself killed.

Nina asks Peter what reason he has keeping a folder of personal things regarding Nathan. He didn’t even know her brother. Peter says he can explain. It was going to be surprise for her and Maxie.

At Nathan’s grave, Maxie says it should be a kind, generous, and thoughtful gift, but it’s a stunt. If Henrik wanted to do something good, he would leave her alone, or find a way to bring Nathan back. He has no idea how much she wishes it was possible. She hears something, and asks if someone is there.

Chet reveals himself. Since it’s a different Chet, I’m confused for a moment. He’s sorry he scared her. He’s also sorry about Nathan; he was good man. Chet wishes he could have gone to the funeral. Maxie says Amy told her that he was having health problems, but he says he’s doing better after the surgery. He’s brought Nathan his six-month NA chip, since Nathan had a lot to do with him achieving it.

Nina tells Peter it’s crazy, weird, and certifiable. He says it was for her. He thought she’d enjoy looking at it; remembering things, and learning new ones. He reached out to her mother and Aunt Liesl (aka Obrecht) . They’d saved tons of mementos, but he got most of it from her mother. Nina thinks it’s a load of crap, and is going to call Obrecht to confirm it.

Robert tells Anna that her plan screams trouble. She says she won’t break their agreement. She won’t tell Henrik that she’s really his mother, she’s just using that to draw him out. Robert asks what if he kills her first? She says she’ll just pretend for an instant, and then show her badge. He says her badge isn’t bullet proof. Anna tells him she’ll explain that he needs to be tested for Huntington’s disease. Robert says, so she’s just giving him a message, then going on her sweet way? She says he’s her son; she can’t just leave him like this. Robert says there lies the trouble he mentioned earlier.

Nelle apologizes to Lulu, saying she knows she made mistakes, and made life difficult for those Lulu cares about. She hopes Lulu will accept her apology, and she’s able to make amends one day. Nelle leaves to get a seat, and Dante asks Michael if everything is okay. Michael says they’re gearing up for the baby. Lulu says they’re here for whatever he needs, including a BS detector. Michael just wants everyone to get along, and Lulu promises to try for him.

Sonny asks if Carly is sure she’s up to do this; she can’t stand the Quartermaines or Nelle. She thinks she can handle a few hours. She tells Sonny that she’s not in a good place, and he asks why; is she seeing things? She can’t explain it, but she’s under stress, and can’t take more medication than what she’s supposed to. Sonny suggests she let Josslyn represent her at the shower and send a gift, but she’s not letting that snake win and paint her as a bad guy. She doesn’t care what Monica thinks, but she does care about Josslyn. She knows Morgan is dead and not coming back. She’s accepted it, but she’ll be damned if she’s letting Nelle alienate her from the son and daughter she has left. She’s going. Sonny gives her an envelope that arrived earlier. Carly takes out some paperwork, and says, she actually went through with it. Sonny asks who, and she says, Nelle.

Dante asks Lulu what’s going on in the world of journalism? She asks if he’s been reading her articles. She thought they’d agreed not to talk about work. He asks if she’s tried to contact Henrik, but Josslyn interrupts.

Michael sits with Nelle, and she says interviewing the doctors made it real. It’s exciting – and terrifying. She already feels for the baby, and Michael says that’s a good sign. She tells him that she found a lawyer to draw up the papers, and his parents probably have them by now.

Carly explains to Sonny that the papers are to make them legal guardians if something happens. She says that Nelle had second thoughts about Jason, since his life is up in the air. She wants the baby to have two parents, and a mother as fierce about her children as she is. She thought Nelle was blowing smoke, but she’s serious. Carly can’t believe that snake. Sonny thinks she needs to take a step back. From where he’s standing, it’s a good thing.

Chet tells Maxie that Nathen went distance to help with his medical bills. He made Chet look at himself, and he got clean. Maxie says Nathan would have been proud; all the Ask Man Landers insanity paid off. She congratulates him, and he says he should be saying that to her about the baby. She says she’s excited. Chet can’t imagine how hard it must be, but she says it’s easier knowing there’s a trust fund. She can’t thank him and Amy enough, and he says it’s the least they could do. She says it’s a thoughtful gift coming from a kind and generous place, as opposed to someone setting up a fund who’s not just anyone, but Nathan’s killer’s son. She’s going to give it back.

Peter asks Nina to hold off; he’s like to explain himself. Nina says she’s done with the stalling. Valentin shows up, asking if she’s done with work. She says, not quite. Her boss is lying through his teeth.

Maxie already knows that Nathan would accept it, saying the good outweighs the negative. She could go with that if it came from anyone other than Faison’s son. Chet asks how she knows he’s like his father? Maybe he’s looking for a way to honor Nathan, like he and Amy did. Maxie says that’s different; they’re friends. The gift came out of kindness and love. Chet says she doesn’t know the motives unless she asks, and in the end, does it matter? Its a chance to give back. Maxie admits she’s scared to not be angry, and have a place to put her pain and grief. Then what? Chet says she thinks it’s giving her strength, but it’s poison. Not until she lets it go will she feel the pain and loss, and find a way back to the good things again.

Nina tells Peter she didn’t know these things even existed, and he says that was the point. She goes through them; an award for a spelling bee, a letter from camp. Valentin says it does seem peculiar. Nina says it’s outrageous and intrusive. Peter is obsessed with Maxie, and finding a way to get close to her. Peter says that’s not the case, and Valentin says, then what is it?

Anna says she needs to have a conversation with Henrik. There’s a lot of speculation as to how complicit he was, and she wants to set the record straight. He should get the opportunity to expunge his record. Robert says, a fresh start? but Anna knows she doesn’t have the authority to make those deals. He asks, what about Jason? Henrik kept him captive. Anna says Henrik saved his life. She doesn’t want to argue. It’s all speculation, and he hasn’t been charged; he’s only alleged to have committed these acts in Russia. She just wants to give him a chance to explain. Robert says, no. She wants him to say he’s innocent.

Lulu tells Josslyn it’s well-written. The earthquake was dramatic, and Oscar’s take is insightful. Josslyn says it was in the school paper, and asks if Lulu could give it to the PC Press. She asks why not go through Drew, but Josslyn doesn’t think Oscar would like that. Dante asks if he knows she’s doing this, and she says not exactly, but she thinks would be cool. Dante says she’s so her mother’s daughter.

Michael tells Nelle that was fast, and she says she wants the baby protected. He asks if she thinks his parents are the way to go, and she asks if he doesn’t. He does, but what about her history with his mom? She says they’re going to be family now. The baby connects them, and whether they like it or not, they have to find a way to make peace. She’s showing she’s serious. Michael is glad she’s making an effort, and hopes his mom can do the same.

Carly is worried that Nelle is trying to slither her way back into their good graces, and use them to trap their son. Sonny says Michael knows that and won’t fall for it. Carly insists he doesn’t know that. Sonny asks who she would want to raise the baby, and she says, them, but they think they’re getting something when they’re just opening a door. Nelle has an agenda. She’s working an angle, but Carly hasn’t figured it out yet.

Josslyn tells Dante she is not her mom. Dante asks if Oscar wants it in the paper. Josslyn thinks it would be an awesome surprise. Dante asks if it matters what Oscar wants, and she says okay, she is like her mom.  Dante says if it ends up in the paper, to everyone on the outside, it might look like his father had something to do with it. It’s one thing to be goal oriented, but she should keep in mind that there are consequences for everything you do, intended or unintended. Josslyn respects his viewpoint, but says Oscar deserves it. Lulu says she’ll do her best. When she’s gone, Lulu says she felt like he was talking to her about unintended consequences. He wants her to be careful. She didn’t get hurt last time, but that doesn’t mean she won’t this time.

Michael leaves, and Josslyn tells Nelle they looked cozy. Nelle says they’ve been getting closer. She’s trying to prove she’s not the giant horror show Carly thinks she is. Josslyn says maybe her mom is warming up. They’re going baby shopping for the shower together.

Michael joins Carly and Sonny. He suggests that Carly is trying to see something that’s not there. Carly says that’s what Nelle wants them to think; they’re playing into her hands. Michael says he gets it; she’s playing them. He tells Carly this game has got to end. He gets it. Nelle hurt her, and she can’t stand that they’re having a child together. He needs her to back off.

Maxie tells Chet it’s a good thing we can’t look ahead see where we’d end up. Who knew in high school they’d end up where they are; the widow of cop and a wounded vet. He says life takes you to strange places, and Maxie adds, and you have no say. Chet asks if she’d change it. Maxie thinks for a moment, and says, no. The way it played out is the only way she’d have time with Nathan, and she has the baby. No matter how hurt and lost she feels, she wouldn’t trade it. What about him? Chet says after he was injured, he was angry. He was still alive, and his friends had been killed. He couldn’t stand to think about high school. Now, he draws strength from it. It beats being sad about how it turned out. Maxie says he’s right. She’s going to forget where the money is coming from, and focus on where it’s going. Nathan loved helping people, and would want her to do the same.

Peter tells Nina that he barely knew her or Maxie, and he witnessed their grief. He wanted to help. Maybe it was for him too, because he didn’t save Nathan. He’s sorry she’s upset; it’s the last thing he wanted. Nina says she’s taking the folder, and tells Valentin, let’s go. She tells Peter to stop using her brother to look good in front of Maxie. Valentin tells her to go ahead. After she leaves, Peter tells him to forego the lecture. Valentin says he just has an update. The plans for Robert are in motion.

Anna asks Robert what parent doesn’t want to see the good in their child. She wants him to be able to without Faison’s legacy. There are no charges against him, so she won’t be getting into trouble. Robert asks what about stealing five years of Jason’s life. He can’t see Jason not bearing a grudge. He thinks she’s lying to herself. She says Jason won’t listen. He’ll just find Henrik and kill him. Robert says then she’s leading Henrik’s assassin right to him. She says that’s not going to happen. She respects Jason and vice versa; she can handle it. Robert gets a text. He says it’s a case that’s been dogging him for months, even though he’d like to delegate it. She says she has this, and to go. Robert tells her to keep him updated. He leaves, and she begins to type on the laptop.

Maxie visits Peter’s office. He says he was worried about her. She says she went to Nathan’s grave to talk to him. Peter asks if she got any answers. She says a friend did. She could swear he was sent by Nathan, so she’s going to accept for Nathan and the other grieving families. Peter asks why she’s starting to come around; what convinced her? I space out while she’s saying something about friendship being like a sliver of light, and she feels the baby kick.

Nina looks through letters and photographs, telling Valentin that Nathan was a reindeer in the school pageant. He says his childhood might have been cold and harsh, but he didn’t have brother to lose. Sh’es had more than her fair share of pain. She says, him too. He says he has something to take care of, and asks if she’ll be okay. When he leaves, she makes a call to Obrecht, asking about Peter.

Michael tells Carly it’s good news that Nelle wants her for a guardian, if it comes to that. Carly hopes it won’t. She insists Nelle has an ulterior motive, and is working him; it’s just a gesture. If she tore up the papers, they’d never hear about it again. Michael takes the papers and rips them, saying he’s calling Nelle’s bluff. If Carly is right, he’ll let it go, but if he’s right, she’ll get new papers. If she does, he’d like it if they both accepted that Nelle is being genuine. Carly has a headache, saying it’s a side effect of her medication. She leaves to get some Ibuprofen, and Michael say the harder she pushes Nelle the worse it gets. It’s best to move past what happened. Sonny thinks Nelle is winning him over, but Michael is just asking him to try for the baby’s sake.

Dante tells Lulu if Henrik contacts her, he wants to know first. She wishes he wouldn’t give Peter a hard time. She feels awful, and hopes, if time passes, Maxie will come around. Dante does too, and she says for once, they’re all on the same page. Dante gets up, and Lulu gets a text from someone saying they think they’re Henrik’s mother (presumably, Anna). Dante asks, what’s up? Is she chasing a big story?

Josslyn finds Carly at the MetroCourt, and asks if she forget something. Carly realizes she’s supposed to be shopping with Josslyn, and Josslyn says Nelle brought her – to get a present for her own baby shower. Carly says time got away from her, and Josslyn says it’s not like her. Like with Avery in the park. Carly says that’s totally different. Josslyn says it seems like there’s something going on, and asks if there’s something Carly isn’t telling her. Carly says things are crazy and she’s off her game, but everything is getting better. It’s going to be okay.

Nelle joins Michael and Sonny. Michael tells Nelle it’s lame to take someone to get a present for your own shower. She says Josslyn was excited about the pop-up store, and she didn’t want her to miss out.  Michael is glad, and Sonny says he is too.

Dante says he’s proud of Lulu, despite his reservations. She says she feels the same about him. She looks at the text again.

On the phone, Nina tells Obrecht that she’s grateful she preserved Nathan’s childhood, and knows she misses him. She does too. When she’s done, she calls Curtis, and tells him to call off the investigation.

Peter asks Maxie if the baby kicked, and she says it was a full body roll. He can’t imagine what it’s like, and she puts his hand on her stomach. She says it’s not the same, but he can feel it. He starts laughing, and asks if she can believe an actual person is in there. She keeps wondering if the baby will be like her or Nathan, and Peter suggests a little of both. He can’t wait to meet him or her. Maxie says makes two of them.

Anna thinks back to Valentin telling her that she was afraid of ever letting go if she saw the baby.

Robert is on a plane, having a cocktail and getting sleepy. Valentin sits across from him, and says he hopes Robert is enjoying the drink. He tells Robert, nighty-night.

On Monday, Olivia has something to boost Ned’s outlook, Stella suggests a lawsuit, and Carly feels strongly about a fitting tribute.

🍜 On MasterChef: Junior Edition (aka MasterChef Junior), the kids had to cook for Junior alumni at a pop-up restaurant, with the pressure test being designed by the winner of season five. I missed that part, but came in to Gordon dressed like Mrs. Doubtfire, and Christine and Joe backing him up dressed as old ladies who weren’t Mrs. Doubtfire. It was like a grandmathon, where the contestants prepared dishes inspired by their grandmas, and the winner getting a visit from their grandma. The next challenge presented the young chefs with four different whole fish, and previous winner Quani got to choose who got which. This was the beginning of the end, as only three would be going on to the finale. The first ever eight-year-old, Avery, was one of the chosen, and told those leaving tonight that it wasn’t goodbye, but see you later. Wise, for one so young, and she can cook.

💍 Because I can never get enough of 90 Fiancé, tonight, I went down Danielle and Mohamad Memory Lane with a repeat of The Full Story. If you haven’t been introduced to this delightful pair, in a nutshell, Tunisian Mohamad traveled across the world to Ohio to marry halfwit Danielle. One look, and it’s doubtful he’d be interested, but he seems harmless enough, and genuinely glad to be there with her. Until she loses her job. Having immediately acclimated to the culture, Mohamad consulted a lawyer, finding out that not only would he be responsible for half her debt if they married, it takes a helluva long time to get a green card. Waiting until five minutes before the wedding, he decided to go through with it, but it was downhill from there, with Mohamad going on a never-ending business trip to Miami, posting pictures with many hot women on social media. There was an eternity of Danielle flip-flopping between getting an annulment, where Mohamad’s happy ass would go back to Tunisia, and a divorce, which would let the citizen chips fall where they may. In another last-minute move, Danielle’s lawyer basically told her she couldn’t afford an annulment if Mohamad fought it, which he intended to do. So divorce it was, although that didn’t stop Danielle from harassing Mohamad even after it was over. He disappeared after the reunion – called The Couples Tell All in this franchise – and was never heard from again. I’m still checking the headlines.

More infuriating than anything else, is my indecision on who I find to be the worst of the two. Mohamad, who so obviously did not come here because he loved Danielle, or Danielle, who was so obviously deluded. He would play the let’s-stay-friends card, then disappear, only to be seen on social media with hot women. She would convince herself that if she could just talk to him, he’d give her the happily ever after she wanted. It was no, just no, from the beginning, but she never saw that. It’s possible, had she not lost her job, he might have stuck around longer, but she was never going to make it happen. It was also clear pretty quickly that she was not that bright. It was like watching Groundhog Day, but without Bill Murray, and totally humorless. He would ghost her, she’d fall apart, then decide she could talk sense into him; she’d tell him she was getting an annulment, he’d meet with her and promise they could stay friends, she’d see his social media posts; rinse and repeat. They were equally awful. And I can’t wait for the new season, starting May 20th.

👄 Quotes of the Week

Let no feeling of discouragement prey upon you, and in the end,  you are sure to succeed.Abraham Lincoln

The deeper sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain. — Kahlil Gibran

I’ve never been so close to this chandelier in my life. Maybe when I put it up. — dude on Hoarding: Buried Alive

In the end, they left a really bad taste in the yoga community. — a yoga student regarding Alexandria and Anastasia Duval

I want a gift, not another errand. — Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge), 2 Broke Girls, after receiving a gift card

🙇 Lest I Forget…


April 20, 2018 – No Match for The Jackal, a Golden Apron, a Quote Times Five & Tomorrow


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly tells Sonny there’s nothing physically wrong with her. He says that’s good news, but she says, now he thinks she’s losing her mind. He tells her, he didn’t say that. She says it’s obvious. He doesn’t want to talk about it right now. She tells him that he doesn’t know what’s going on, and then when he does, he dismisses it, thinking she’s making it up. He asks, what other explanation is there?

Griff tells Ava that Julian is conducting a search in the Charles Street area. Ava can’t believe it’s come to this. Her last, best hope is the city’s good will toward her brother, who used to be Public Enemy #1. Griff says the PCPD is looking too, and Ava wonders where Jordan is.

Dante starts to leave the station. Chase says, like or not, they’re partners, and he’s coming too. Dante tells him to keep up and keep quiet.

Avery, who looks like she’s aged a year from last week, tells Mike to wake up. It looks like they’re in a stable.

Peter sees Lulu go into Charlie’s. He sends a text, and follows. He tells her it seems he can’t shake her. She says she was there first, so who can’t shake who? He says, fair enough, and asks if she wants to join him for lunch. She can’t. She’s getting food for Dante’s family; everyone was up all night. Lulu’s phone dings, and she says this could be it. The man claiming to be Henrik just got back to her.

Robert tells Anna that Emma is in the game room with some other kids. Anna says, good. She’d rather Emma not be there when they question people about Faison’s son. He asks what Anna isn’t telling him about this case.

A Swiss banker tells Sam that he’s pleased to meet her in person. She says she can only give him forty-five minutes, and walks in with Jason. Sam says she was advised to transfer some of her assets to Switzerland, even though she’s happy with her Grand Keys bank. He suggests Jason go elsewhere, but she tells him that her mother doesn’t allow her to travel without protection. Just pretend he’s not there.

Ava tells Griff that she doesn’t need more caffeine, so her empty coffee cup has chamomile tea in it. She says the waiting is torture, and thinks about joining the search. Griff says they’ll probably want her there when they find Avery – and they will. She knows he wants her to keep the faith, but sometimes prayer and faith aren’t enough, and it’s too little too late.

Mike wakes up, and asks what going on. Avery asks about the horses. He remembers they were waiting for them to come back. She says she’s hungry, and he says, him too. He bets everyone is wondering where they are. He suggests they find everyone, and tell them where they were hiding.

Anna tells Robert that Henrik might have been an accomplice or a victim, probably both. She knows the kind of havoc Faison can wreak on someone’s mind. He’s probably not fully culpable, and she has medical information he needs. Robert says she’s only talking about Henrik and Faison. She asks who else, and he says, her. He asks her to talk to him, but there’s a knock at the door. It’s a Mrs. Everett Ashton. Anna thanks her for coming. They have questions about a former student. She says she’s sorry, but she can’t answer any of their questions.

Sam tells the banker she wants to diversify her assets between several countries with different banking laws. She gives him a flash drive, saying all of her information was put on it. He needs a security code, but she says she can’t say it out loud. While she’s typing it in, she makes sure he’s distracted by her behind. Or posterior, as Anna might say.

Sonny asks Carly how he couldn’t be worried, when she left her responsibility for Avery to reminisce at a grave? She’s called him out when he’s been off his meds. She tells him that she isn’t on meds, and Dante traced the calls, but he says it could have been someone calling a wrong number. There’s no proof of anything. She says she knows what she saw. She saw the scarf, smelled his cologne, and saw the writing on the flyer. She needs him to believe that she’s not imagining it. He doesn’t think she is; he believes that she believes it happened. She says, but he doesn’t believe it happened. He wants her to make an appointment with Doc after this is over and Avery is home.

Dante and Chase go to the stables, and find Mike and Avery. Dante asks if Avery is okay, and Mike says they must have lost track of time. Dante introduces Avery to Chase, and tells him to take her to the station. Chase makes a big deal about her riding in the police car. Mike wonders what’s going on, and Dante asks if he remembers meeting Chase. Mike says Chase threw him in jail, but Dante says they met another time, and they’re buddies now. Mike wouldn’t go that far. Dante is staying behind to talk to Mike. Dante tells Mike that he gave them a scare; they didn’t know where he was. Mike wishes everyone would keep their noses out of his business. He says where he takes his daughter is for him to decide, and Courtney wanted to see the horses. Dante says she’s not Courtney; she’s his granddaughter Avery. Courtney died a long time ago. Mike insists she was there. Is this man going to make me cry every time he’s in a scene?

Lulu tells Peter that she decided to follow up on the first email. She thinks it’s the real Henrik because it’s the same email address PK Sinclair uses for his correspondence with the publisher. She can trace it and find him.

Anna asks if Mrs. Ashton will hear them out. She says she thought they wanted advice regarding a prospective student, but she sees what’s going on, and it’s not the first time. Robert asks why she thinks they’re there, and she says many past students have become prominent figures, but she makes it a point never to engage with journalists. Anna says they’re not journalists, but Mrs. Ashton says the rule still applies. Anna shows Mrs. Ashton her ID, explaining they’re with the WSB, and a former student is a person of interest.

The banker tells Sam that he her investments are somewhat limited in scope, and they could accommodate her. She says her number one concern is security, and he says theirs is state of the art. Spinelli walks in, and the banker says it’s a closed meeting. Spinelli says they haven’t been properly introduced. He’s The Jackal, and dude and his bank are at his mercy.

Carly can’t believe Sonny wants her to see a shrink. Someone is messing with her, making her doubt herself and making everyone else doubt her. Sonny thinks they should be on the safe side after everything she’s been through. She says he thinks she’s losing her grip on reality. He says it’s not the first time. She had a breakdown before. When they thought Michael was dead, she had a delayed reaction. She realized she needed help, got it, and got better. He doesn’t want her to have to go away again. He needs her there in the present when Mike gets home. Her phone rings, and Carly says, thank God. She tells Sonny they’ve found Avery, and she’s okay.

Griff knows hope and faith aren’t in Ava’s tool chest. She says that’s putting it mildly. He starts to talk about when you lose hope, but Ava hears Chase coming back. She runs out of the room, and picks up Avery. Avery tells her that grandpa took her to see the horses.

Dante asks if Mike remembers the nice chat they had when he was arrested. He told Dante stories about the old neighborhood and they talked about the Yankees. They agree that the only reason there are other teams, is so the Yankees can beat them. Mike told Dante one of his first jobs had been cleaning stables at a racetrack. Mike says he admired the horses. They weren’t the Rockefellers, so cleaning up was the only way to get close to them. Courtney loves horses too, but they can’t afford lessons, so he should take her someday. Dante says that sounds like a great idea, but he looks tired and pained. Mike asks to go home.

Anna tells Mrs. Ashton that they think he attended school, and was a member of the Julius Caesar cast. Robert asks to talk to his colleague for a moment. He asks what Anna thinks she’s doing now? Anna says now Mrs. Ashton will answer their questions, but he’s concerned she’ll blab. Anna says after all these years, he should trust that she knows what she’s doing. He says he does, so he knows she’s off her game. This case starting to get under her skin.

Sam asks the banker, what was he saying about the security? He wonders how Spinelli got past the facial recognition, and Spinelli says state of the art is no match for him. He tells the banker the silent alarm has been deactivated, but will look like it’s still on. The banker says they’ve never been robbed, and Sam says, until today.

Spinelli sits at the computer and taps away, saying no matter how money is hidden, it still leaves a trail. He sees that the banker has done a lot of embezzling. He’s sure the people he’s stolen from will be happy their money has been found in his personal accounts. The banker says he can’t. Spinelli says he can and will, unless the banker cooperates.

Anna tells Robert that she’s a seasoned operative. She’s had years of experience, and knows what she’s doing. Mrs. Ashton asks if they’re playing good cop/bad cop. They’re both so polite, she can’t tell. Robert says he’s the good one. Anna says they were trying to find a loophole, so they could share more information with her, but they can’t. They can tell her that they don’t mean any harm, and aren’t out to ruin anyone’s name, but they need to question the former student on an urgent matter. She believes he was using another name at the school, and asks if Mrs. Ashton remembers Henri Françoise. Mrs. Ashton says she wishes they’d said so at the beginning. She’s certain he’s done nothing wrong. Anna shows her the photo, and asks which one he is.

Peter asks Lulu if she can really trace the email. She tells him when Spinelli tried, he hit a dead end, so it’s probably untraceable. He asks what her next move is, and she says he wants to meet up with her to share his side of the story. She’s going to take him up on it.

Sonny and Carly arrive at the station. Griff says checked he checked Avery out, and she’s fine; just a little dehydrated. Sonny asks where his dad is, and Chase says Dante stayed behind with him. Ava says they were apparently there all night, and they need to have a discussion about his father. Carly takes Avery to get some water. Ava tells Sonny that she was willing to look the other way when Mike vandalized the gallery. Sonny says she blackmailed him into letting Avery spend the night. She says they need to make sure Mike doesn’t do something like this again. Sonny asks what she’s suggesting. Mike walks in.

Spinelli says The Jackal has the banker’s information – the money he embezzled, how he spent it, and where he hid it. He sees that he also did some trophy hunting and killed two endangered species. Sam says that’s disgusting, and Spinelli makes an anonymous contribution to the World Wildlife Fund out of the banker’s account. He wonders what other charities could benefit. Jason reminds him that they still need to find Henrik.

Mrs. Ashton points out Henri. She says he was a handsome young man, always shy about being photographed. Anna wonders why a shy boy would take on such significant role, and Mrs. Ashton says the theater was safe for him, and where he was most comfortable to emerge from his shell. She thinks he relished becoming someone else, with a new name and identity other than his own.

Peter asks if Lulu is having second thoughts. She wants to meet with Henrik, but after what happened last time, doesn’t know if she should go by herself. He’s not wanted for a crime, but he is a person of interest. She thinks she should bring in the PCPD sooner rather than later. Peter asks what’s wrong with that, and she says she hasn’t told her husband what she’s up to yet.

Mike wants to go home. Chase says they’re good on their end. Avery says something about the horses, and Mike says he and Courtney waited all night. Ava asks who’s Courtney, and Carly explains she was Mike’s daughter and Spencer’s mother. Ava realizes Mike thinks Avery is his daughter. Dante gently explains again that it’s Avery, and Mike says, oh, right. He wants to lie down, and Sonny tells Avery let’s go home. Ava says, absolutely not.

Spinelli sees that the payment for the book has already been deposited, and sent by a wire transfer to Iceland. He says Henrik is very thorough in covering his tracks. He says Henrik’s picture is there, and everyone gathers around the computer. Sam looks puzzled.

Mrs. Ashton says, If she had to guess, Henri enjoyed being other people because his home life was troubled. He dreaded going home, and begged them to let him stay. His father had no use for him, and she could never rid herself of the impression that he would have been happier with a loving mother. She says he was a special boy. They thank her for her time. Anna asks if she might have any class photos, but Mrs. Ashton says she never held on to those. Anna asks if there’s anything physical she remembers that set him apart; something that would have distinguished him. Mrs. Ashton says he had the most emotive brown eyes, which was what made him so effective on stage.

Peter is surprised by Lulu, and not in a good way. She never struck him as someone who needed to ask permission. She says she doesn’t need permission, but wants to make him aware and persuade him. She’s not sure now is the right time with Avery missing, but she’s concerned Henrik could go underground. Who knows when she’d get another shot? Her food comes, and she thanks Peter. He tells her to be careful. Henrik could be more dangerous than she’s giving him credit for.

Anna tells Robert the meeting was productive. Now they know he has brown eyes; that narrows it down. Robert says, that’s if he’s the same person. She’s sure he is. He says it’s time to tell him the truth. What is the case really about? She tells him if he wants to help, help; if not, don’t. He asks what the child really means to her.

Ava says Avery is not going home with the man who kidnapped her. Chase says he’ll question him, but Sonny says his father didn’t kidnap Avery. Ava says she was gone overnight; what else would you call it? Griff understands, and shares her concern, but Mike didn’t mean any harm. She knows Mike isn’t well. Ava says that’s her point. Avery isn’t spending one more night under the same roof. Avery is coming home with her.

She and Sonny have a stare down.

On Monday, Robert realizes Henrik is Anna’s son, Michael tells Nelle he’s optimistic, and Spinelli tells Sam if she touches something they’re dead.

🍳 I watched the second hour of MasterChef Junior, and unfortunately missed the eggs Benedict challenge. Eggs Benedict is one of my favorite things in the world, but I’m sure I wouldn’t have learned anything, unless there’s a new way to order them at a restaurant. I came in at the tail end of the next challenge, where eight-year-old Avery’s superb cake won her immunity. While she went to the balcony, chocolate chips literally rained down on the rest of the junior contestants, since the next challenge was chocolate oriented. A golden apron was the prize, as well as a definite spot in the finals. Avery was given the option to forego her immunity and join in, but she thought better safe than sorry. Mikey got the gold, while Anthony and Cade were out for bad cream puffs and overpowering cocoa, respectively. Anthony told us that he was going to keep his head up and keep on cookin’. Well said. Next time, the young chefs will be cooking for now older alumni.

👄 Quotes of the Week

Death is only the end if you assume the story is about you. – Welcome to Night ValeJoseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor

Looking at you is like looking at the Grand Canyon of ineptitude. – Dave Harken (Kevin Spacey), Horrible Bosses 2

I already have more filler than a two-hour Dateline. – Angie, minor character on 2 Broke Girls (S:5, E:21)

Anger finally only ages a person.Elsa Lanchester

The worst is not. So long as we can say “This is the worst.”. – Edgar, King Lear, William Shakespeare (One of my favorite quotes!)

💀 Tomorrow, a special mini-cap of last week’s The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. Just in case you’ve been under a rock, lost your internet like me, or just want to brush up before Sunday night. I watched them tonight, but still have to edit. Unfortunately, that pesky thing called sleep is getting in my way.



April 13, 2018 – Robert Joins the Mission, Twelve Small Chefs, Some News, QuadrupliQuotes & the 13th


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly tells Griff that she’s had a few incidents where she’s heard or seen something, then it’s not there. Griff asks why Sonny thinks something is wrong. Carly says she does too, but not with her health.

Mike is frustrated, looking for his glasses. Sonny tells him it’s no big deal, but Mike thinks losing anything is a big deal for him. Sonny takes the glasses out of Mike’s shirt pocket, and hands them to him. Mike wants to go for a walk, but Sonny says he could use some company. Mike asks what’s on his mind. Sonny says he’s happy Mike is there, and wants to make most of it. He says Mike brought something up the other day, but then they got distracted. He was hoping to finish the conversation. Mike asks if it was horses, cards, or ladies, and they laugh. Sonny asks, what about a field in Croton?

In Bern Switzerland, shopping bags are all over Anna and Emma’s suite. Emma asks Anna if she looks convincing for a secret mission in her new dress. Anna praises her look, and says she should give her mom a call. Jason knocks at the door. Anna tells him that he’s just in time. She and Emma need a bodyguard.

Carly brings Griff up to speed about the phone calls. Griff says it sounds intense, and Carly tells him that  Dante traced the calls to a phone booth on Angel’s Bluff, close to where Morgan died. Griff says it must have been difficult being there, but Carly says she misses him everywhere she goes. She explains about the scarf, saying it was in the picture of Morgan on her desk. She tells him that she’s not making it up; she held it in her hands. He asks where it is, and she says the fire alarm went off and they had to evacuate. When she came back, it was gone. Griff asks what it felt like, and she says, like a scarf. Ha-ha! She tells him it was torn, dirty, and had what looked like blood stains on it. Griff asks if she had any weird sensations, smelled any odors, or got nauseous. She says every time she remembers Morgan getting killed, she gets sick. She knows someone else was in the house. He asks if she heard or saw them, but she says she could feel them. He tells her that sometimes you can pick up on something your other senses don’t register, and to always trust it. Usually it’s nothing, but it can save your life. She tells him that Sonny showed up, and scared the hell out of her. She almost took him out with a baseball bat. She’d heard sounds coming from Morgan’s room. When the lights came back on, she found a framed picture of him, with the glass in the frame shattered.

Sonny tells Mike that he mentioned a field in Croton, and sounded upset. Mike isn’t recalling it, and Sonny says if he’s upset, he can take it off Mike’s mind. Mike appreciates the offer, but has the feeling he did something to piss Sonny off. Sonny says he just wants to help him. Mike says whatever it was, is gone now. Sonny knows it’s difficult to remember. Mike says he’ll do his best. Sonny says it was a long time ago, and he’s not upset or mad in any way, but it seemed like Mike felt guilty. If that’s the case, of something is eating away at him, they can find out why and move on.

Griff knows it’s difficult to talk about, but Carly understands he has to rule stuff out. He tells her that a compromised brain can lead to incidents.

Anna tells Jason that she’s posing as the Widow Ashton (a nod to Larry?), and needs a pretend bodyguard. She was going to make him into her son-in-law, but his look screams bodyguard. She needs to make inquiries, and wants a bodyguard for Emma. She asks him what his jacket size is, and he tells her to ask Carly. Ha-ha! Emma comes out, and tells him that they got new clothes for their secret mission. They got an outfit for him too. She gives him a garment bag, and he tells Anna that they need to discuss this. She asks Emma to do some more research. She says she loves it, and Jason says she’s obviously Anna’s daughter. Anna says that’s why they need a bodyguard.

He asks why they don’t just break in to get the information from the records room. Anna says if she wanted to do that, that’s what she’d do. Does he think she can’t handle a simple robbery on her own? He thinks it might be beneath her. She asks why break in, when they can walk in without suspicion? He asks why not save time? She gets that he’s used to working alone, and he asks how they’re going to do this.

Sonny tells Mike to try again. Mike is sorry. He wishes he could help, but he has to find his glasses. Sonny picks them up from the table, and hands them to Mike. He tells Mike to sit, and breaks out a jigsaw puzzle. He says Griff thought would help. Mike asks if he’ll be putting together a picture of things he’s forgotten. Sonny says it’s not about remembering the past, but focusing on the present. Mike explains that the way to do it is to find the frame first, and fill it from the outside in. Sonny has some business to attend to, and asks if Mike will be okay. Mike says since he has three hundred pieces to deal with, he should be all right.

Griff looks at Carly’s records, and notices that after Morgan was born, she had a bullet removed from brain. She explains that when she was in labor, Sonny thought someone was trying to hurt her, and when he shot them, the bullet went through them and into her. It was a helluva day. He notices she had another incident more recently. She says it was when she was pregnant with Josslyn, but they both came out fine. Griff says traumatic injury effects can show up years later. She has a history of falls and wounds. She tells him that he might as well know that she was hospitalized twice for nervous breakdowns; the first one was mostly fake. Michael was kidnapped as a baby, and the kidnapper only got a slap on the wrist, so she shot him in open court. She was afraid she’d go to prison, so she faked a break with reality. The second time was a real breakdown.

Anna wants Jason to watch Emma while she slips away to get the records they need. Jason says, so what she needs is a babysitter, which is exactly what I was thinking. She says she’ll be making a path toward Henrik. Jason thinks simple and clean is the best way. Just go in and make a demand; it doesn’t require a cover. She asks what about Spinelli, and Jason says he set Jason up with what he needs to catch Henrik. Anna insists that a widow with disposable cash and a beautiful granddaughter is how to pave the way. Jason says he knows how good she is, and knows she doesn’t need him. She’s making a diversion, so he doesn’t get to before she does.

Nanny Pilar and Avery are headed to the park. Mike says he’ll join them.

Carly tells Griff that she’s not embarrassed about it. Michael’s biological father, AJ, staged Michael’s death. They even had a funeral and everything. She forgot to breathe; she just couldn’t take it. She held breath for longer periods of time, like she was trying to keep in suspended animation. I can actually understand what she’s saying. She tells Griff, obviously, Michael came back fine, but she didn’t recognize herself. She was paralyzed, fragile, weak, and powerless, and she doesn’t do powerless. Her phone rings, and it’s Pilar. She asks if it’s okay if Mike goes to the park with them. Finding out the test won’t take long, Carly tells Pilar it’s fine, and she’ll meet them there. She continues her story, telling Griff that she went to the hospital, and made a complete recovery. He asks if the feelings she described ever resurfaced, and she says, never. Morgan’s death rocked her to her core, but she never felt like she was losing herself. Griff says he’ll put a rush on the tests, and get her out. She says she remembers what it’s like to feel lost, but this is nothing like that. It all happened, and it’s all real.

Sonny goes to the hospital, looking for Griff, but Deanna says he’s not answering. Stella comes by, and asks how Mike is doing. Sonny says, not so well. It seems like every day, Mike is slipping away a little more.

Mike is ready to go, and tells Avery, let’s hit the road.

Anna says even if Jason found Henrik first, he’d wait for her, because they’re on the same side, aren’t they? Jason says he wants answers; she wants to protect Henrik. There’s a knock at the door. Jason waits on the side, his gun ready. Anna opens the door, and immediately closes it. She opens it again, and asks, what the hell are you doing here? It’s Robert.

Sonny tells Stella sometimes Mike makes perfect sense, and he lets his guard down. Then, bam! a left hook. Now it’s fifty years ago, and Mike is wondering if his parents are waiting for him. He’s like a time traveler. Stella says there are no easy answers. She can occupational therapy to his schedule, and Sonny should discuss medicinal options with Griff. She tells Sonny If he needs any help, let he know, and she’ll make sure it happens. She tells him to bear in mind that no matter how well the disease is managed, as the patient deteriorates, the symptoms change; it’s curveball after curveball. Sonny says it’s funny. When he was a kid, he used to wait up, playing a game about if Mike was going to show up. As he’s talking, we see Mike playing in the park with Avery, and once again, Max Gail takes my heart and stomps on it. Sonny says eventually, he stopped playing; stopped expecting things from Mike, and learned how to take care of himself. Now he’s playing the same old, losing game, but worse. He’s asking himself is Mike going to remember what day it is or what he had for lunch, or does he work at Kelly’s? He wonders about the day to come when Mike doesn’t recognize him.

Carly sees the noodle house ad underneath the windshield wiper. There’s something written on the back.

Robert says a suite and a shopping spree; what is Jason doing there? He didn’t think Jason worked undercover. It’s not his style. Jason hands Robert the garment bag, and leaves. Robert asks Anna what’s going on. She tells him that she and Jason are in the middle of following an important lead, and he ruined it. He’s shocked she brought their granddaughter, and is using Jason as backup. Anna says she’d would never involve Emma in anything dangerous. It’s a research mission, and he’s blowing it out of proportion. He says not where Faison is concerned, and Anna says it’s Henrik, not his father. Robert says Faison still has an important hold on her.

Stella tells Sonny that she heard about the night at Luke’s, and he says it was like going back in time; Mike was his confident, old self again. She says it was a beautiful gift, and he says it was great while it lasted. Sonny asks if recreating a moment could be a way to get Mike to remember something, and Stella says there’s no magic wand. She’s not telling him don’t try, but there’s no guarantee. Sonny wonders if it’s worth a shot, and she tells him the bottom line is, there’s no way to influence or manipulate what he remembers or doesn’t. What he needs is kindness, compassion, and empathy. He needs to be kept calm and have structure in his life. Maybe it will come on its own, but like Sonny did when he was a child, prepare for disappointment; it might not come back at all. Sonny says that’s what he was afraid of. Stella says in the meantime, he and his family should treat themselves with the same kindness and empathy. He has unfinished business, and Mike’s memory will disappoint him. The one thing he can rely on, is that it gets worse until it can’t get any worse. Sonny likes her; she gets to the heart of things. Stella hopes he appreciates it when she tells him the time will come when Mike no longer remembers his name, and he should forgive himself for wanting what Mike couldn’t give him.

Carly calls Pilar, and tells her to go back to the house and meet her there.

Griff joins Sonny and Stella, Stella reminds Sonny that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Griff asks how it’s going. Sonny says all right, but he was hoping to meet Carly there. Griff tells him that Carly had a test to rule some things out. Sonny asks if they were brain scans, but Griff says he’ll let Carly explain.

Pilar says they have to head back home. Mike says they saw a pretzel cart, and it wouldn’t be an outing without getting one. Pilar relents, and Mike looks at the money in his wallet, but seems confused. Pilar says she’ll get them, and tells Mike to stay with Avery. After she leaves, Mike calls Avery, Courtney.

Robert says Anna needs to get away from all things Faison, so she can heal. She says it sounds lovely, but she has to find his son first. Robert tells her to let Jason do it, and she says she would if they shared the same viewpoint. Robert says she makes Henrik sound like a victim, and she says they won’t know until the find him. Emma comes back out, and asks if Robert came to help with the mission. He asks what brings her across the pond, and she says a research project for school, and she’s helping grandma with a secret mission. She asks what he’s doing there, and he says there’s no secret mission without him. He’s coming too. Anna is like, no way, telling Emma that he has more important things to do. Robert says he’ll check with HQ, and looks at Emma. Emma says, permission granted. Robert tells Anna he’s going to keep her from getting into a mess.

Sonny returns home. He sees the frame of the puzzle completed, but no Mike.

Pilar also comes back to no Mike – or Avery. She drops the pretzels and runs off to look for them.

Deanna gives Griff the test results. He reads, the preliminary tests show no markers indicating that Carly is having episodes originating from a physical cause.

Carly starts the car. The noodle house ad is on the passenger seat, and the back says, find me where you left me tonight.

In the hallway of the hotel in Bern, Jason asks Sam what she’s doing there.

On Monday. Ava wonders what Griff is hiding, Jason tells Sam that Henrik is targeting his mother, and Carly looks for Morgan.

🍳 I saw the last hour of this week’s MasterChef Junior, which is now being billed as, MasterChef: Junior Edition. It’s down to the top twelve, who all have more cooking talent in their pinkies than I’d have if I had two bodies. It fascinates me that the kids have such sophisticated skills and palates, yet they’re still kids. They got really excited when given tonight’s mystery box, which was also a HUGE plug for Blue Apron. The boxes were empty, mystifying the contestants, who were then led to the Blue Apron pantry, where they were to pick ingredients for their Blue Apron recipe. Lots of brand placement here. Gordon cooked along with them, which was cute, and he also got a critique. The lightheartedness of the judges is also a nice change from the screaming and yelling. Not that I can’t wait for the next Hell’s Kitchen. Winner Billy got a sweet prize; his recipe gets a spot in the Blue Apron (he-he) rotation, and he got saved from elimination. As if that wasn’t enough, he also got to pick the pairs for a tag team challenge, and another contestant to save. The challenge was creating a plate of classic Far East appetizers. Billy told us it was like a chess game, and chose the teams based on more erudite reasons than I would ever think of. Best of all, no one went home.

🔉 Important News

I’m so excited. Tinsley Mortimer is back with Coupon King Scott.

🔊 Even More Important News

Big night for TV on Sunday if you’re a zombie fan. The Walking Dead season finale will be followed by the Fear the Walking Dead season premiere, at 9 and 10 pm, respectively.

📣 Quotes of the Week

People who are committed to becoming aware of what they’ve done and changing, they can be our strongest proponents in an issue like this. – Edie Falco, on whether Louis CK should be given a second chance. Ditto! He seems to be one of the few who actually know how to apologize.

If you have made mistakes, there is always another chance for you. You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call ‘failure’ is not the falling down, but the staying down.Mary Pickford

You try to take a shortcut to success and end up with a mouthful of confetti. – Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge), 2 Broke Girls

If you make decisions based upon people’s reactions or judgments, then you make really boring choices.Heath Ledger



March 2, 2018 – The Alternative Dance is Interrupted, Useless Info, Kid Chefs Return, Some Babbling & a Quote


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Carly takes pictures of Oscar and Josslyn. She says they’ll be grateful when they’re older, and insists on Jason taking one with her in it. She leads Oscar away for a chat, and Josslyn is understandably mortified.

Sam and Drew make out at the dance, because they’re suddenly fourteen again. Lulu talks to Kim about the reason for the party, and Kim says it’s ultimately for the kids to just be themselves.

At the gallery, Nelle asks Michael if he’s listening. He says he was miles away, thinking about the future. The baby’s and theirs.

Curtis does push-ups in his cell. Jordan comes by, and he asks if she has any idea when her man is getting out of the clink. She says it’s beyond her control. He suggests she do something that is in her control, like tailing Jim and finding out what his plans are for Port Charles before it’s too late.

Epiphany tells Elizabeth that no one’s heard from Franco. Elizabeth checks her phone, and says, nothing. Epiphany says he’s not actually late yet. No need to panic… yet.

Franco insists Jim tell him what happened. Jim says he got himself riled over nothing. They were just little kids. Franco says his whole life he’s felt unraveled, but Jim thinks he’s making his own misery. He’s healthy, gainfully employed, and has a woman who loves him waiting at the church; isn’t it enough? Franco says when he stands next to Elizabeth, he wants to be the best possible human he can be. He wants to know what happened. Jim tells him to be careful what he wishes for. What if he digs for clues that don’t exist, and it ends up costing him everything he has?

On the phone, Valentin tells Nina not to rush. He’s at the restaurant and will grab a table. Peter approaches him, and asks if Valentin knew his father was sick. Valentin says a pigeon could tell he was deranged. Peter says he had a brain disease, and there’s a 50% chance it got passed on to him.

Carly interrogates Oscar. Among her many questions, she slips in asking if they stocked up on wine coolers. She tells him no drinking, or no him and Josslyn.

Josslyn tells Jason that she has it easy compared to Michael. She thinks he’d be happier if they’re mom laid off of him. He and Nelle are having a baby, and it would be better if they were together. Josslyn says her mom thinks she can run their lives better than they can, and Jason tells her that she sounds like her mom. She says it doesn’t make her wrong. Nelle did some spectacularly stupid stuff, but it doesn’t make her a bad person. Carly comes back, and tells Josslyn to post lots of pictures – on her real account, not the fake one she created for Carly to follow. Josslyn and Oscar leave. Jason says Josslyn seems to like her dress. Carly says she loves it, and when she wants something, she’s relentless. Jason gives her a look, and she says she knows. That’s what scares her. The dress is okay, but nothing spectacular like I expected. It’s kind of like the first dress Carly nixed, but off-white and patterned.

Michael tells Nelle that spending the day with his grandfather got him thinking. Mike isn’t doing so well. Nelle says she’s sorry, and she’s there for him. He says she can’t promise that; no one can. They have to think about what would happen to their child if they die or are incapacitated. When he saw his dad with his grandfather, he realized they can’t put it off. They have to choose who takes care of their child if something happens to them. Nelle says she has no family, which leaves his. She hopes he isn’t suggesting they give the baby to his mom. He says he has someone else in mind.

Epiphany asks if Elizabeth is sure she’s ready to marry someone who self-sabotages. Elizabeth says Franco doesn’t think he deserves the things he wants, but believes he’ll learn to trust himself. Scotty pops in, saying the guests are getting restless. Epiphany says they can’t start without Franco, and asks if Scotty has any idea where he is. Scotty says he’s not Franco’s wrangler. Epiphany says, no, but he’s Franco’s dad and best man. Scotty says he’ll find him.

Franco wants Jim to tell him what happened. Jim says he and Betsy weren’t together that long, but he cared for her, and could catch flak for this. Franco says the only person Jim has to worry about is him. If Jim doesn’t tell him, there’s going to be trouble. Jim says, not for him, just for Franco. He was there when Andy took a header down the stairs.

Lulu talks to the kids, saying she’s writing a piece for the Port Charles Press. What they’re doing deserves exposure. Oscar says they just want to have fun. They’re tired of the antiquated rules, and wanted an alternative where everyone can feel safe and welcome. A boy walks in who looks like trouble.

Franco calls Jim a liar, and says he wasn’t there. Jim says he was, and the lie was the lesser of two evils. Franco should be grateful that he had a good life. What if Jim wasn’t so discreet? Franco asks what he’s talking about. Jim says Franco remembers, but Franco says not all of it. Does Jim think he’d be there if he did? Jim says he’s just not man enough to admit it, and he’s making him do all the work. Don’t say he didn’t warn him. Franco tried to kill Andy.

Jordan asks if Curtis is going to tell her next that the moon landing didn’t happen, and to let go of the conspiracy theories. He can speculate all he wants, but without legal evidence, how can he prove it? He says he’ll do the speculating. Jim shows up, buys up most of Charles Street, and throws money at one of the candidates who supports his plan. Then, there’s a sudden spike in crime and the quality of life goes down. Jordan says it drives down the property values, he buys cheap, the redevelopment passes, and construction begins. Curtis says he promised the neighborhood an arena and condos, but he has something else planned. Curtis says, it’s bigger than him; it’s about the community. They need to do something before it’s too late.

Carly tells Jason that Josslyn isn’t afraid to dream big and go after her dreams. She thinks about the awful things she did when she was just a little older, and what would have happened if not for him. He says she would have figured it out on her own. She says, or turned out like Nelle, incapable of taking responsibility for anything. She tells Jason that everyone thinks he’s too easy on her, and so do I. It ticks me off how she keeps saying Nelle is just like she was, but won’t help her or cut her some slack. Jason doesn’t care what everyone else thinks. She’s a great mom, and Josslyn is turning into a great person. She’ll make mistakes, but they have to be hers. That’s how Carly is different from Nelle; she learns from her mistakes, and Nelle doesn’t. He gets a call, and has to go.

Nina tells Carly that she saw Josslyn’s Instagram post, and her dress is spectacular. They have one like it in the Crimson closet, but the design isn’t coming out until fall. She wonders how Josslyn got the dress, and Carly says Nelle gave it to her. She claimed she got it from a runway show Nina sent her to. Nina says she never sent Nelle to a runway show, and Carly tells her to check if the dress is still in the closet.

The kids dance, and the troublesome dude walks around scowling. He takes out a… tomato? He yells, freeze, and throws it. It’s a paintball, and hits Josslyn’s dress smack in the middle. Oscar takes him down. Drew intervenes.

Drew tells the kid he’s lucky he’s not calling the cops, and to get out. Drew tells Oscar it’s over, and he’s okay; don’t let him win. He needs to get the momentum at the dance back up. Kim thanks Drew for stepping in before it got out of control. He claims he’s just doing his job as a chaperone.

Josslyn says she’s okay, just stained. Lulu says, sorry, but it’s not coming out. One of the genderfluid kids says he was aiming for them. Josslyn says he has worse issues than his batting accuracy. She can’t believe he ruined the dance, but it’s agreed her dress looks kind of cool, and she calls it Jackson Pollocky. Drew asks if Sam can dance in the shoes she’s wearing. They need to get the party back on track.

Peter tells Valentin that with Huntington’s disease, you go insane, lose you motor skills, and die. Yikes. He says it manifests itself between the ages of thirty and fifty. Valentin says his father was definitely insane, and asks if Peter is going to get tested. He’s not sure if he wants to know, but Valentin encourages him to do it. Peter says his father also left a will. Drew and Jason are beneficiaries, and Faison left them a way to identify him, but it can only be accessed if one of them dies. Valentin says they hate each other, but hate Faison more. He asks if there were other beneficiaries, and Peter says the bulk of the estate was left to his son. Nina suddenly appears, and says he was a sick freak.

Nelle asks the baby if daddy scared it. She says he’s just being responsible, and at least he agreed not to give the baby to Carly. Carly won’t be an option by the time the baby is born though. By the time mommy is done with granny, she won’t be fit to raise a Chia Pet. Carly walks in, and asks if Nelle is talking to herself? It makes her sound crazy.

Jason meets Michael at the mansion. Michael tells him that he and Nelle are getting things ready for the baby in advance. Jason tells him to enjoy sleeping in unstained clothing while he can. Michael tells Jason that they’d like him to take care of baby if anything happens to the both of them. There’s no one he trusts more, unless asking too much, Jason says he’d be honored.

Epiphany tells Elizabeth that they’re officially running behind. Scotty says he checked everyone with a pulse at the hospital, and there’s no sign. Epiphany asks, what about the studio, and he says he’ll check there. Elizabeth says he doesn’t need to do that. If Franco was late, he would have called. He’s not there because, whatever his reason, he chose not to be. The wedding is off.

Franco says, that’s not what happened, and Jim says, yes it. He saw it unfold from start to finish. He was watching the boys, and realized he hadn’t heard a peep for a while. He saw Franco at the top of the steps, and had a smirk like he was ready to show off. One second, Andy was standing on the steps, and the next he wasn’t. He’ll never forget the sound of him hitting the basement floor.

Drew and Sam show off their dancing skills to the amazement of the kids. When they’re finished, Sam’s phone dings, and she tells Drew she has to pick up the kids, but he should stay.

Nelle warned Carly about calling her crazy. Carly asks what she’s going to do, take another swing at her or whine to Monica? Nelle says Monica cares about the baby; she doesn’t. Carly accuses her of using Monica and Josslyn. Nelle asks if she can’t be friends with her baby’s aunt. Carly says she’s only using Josslyn to get to Michael, and it ends now.

Elizabeth says she’s going to make an announcement, but doesn’t want the boys there. Epiphany says she’ll take them, but it’s still early. Does she want her to stay? Elizabeth says she’s a big girl, and can handle herself. Epiphany has no doubt, and says her no good fiancé better hope she forgives him before they cross paths. Scotty says the subways are more dependable than his son. He hasn’t been right since the Drew and Jason stuff came out.

Jordan tells Curtis that he’s not the only one doing some investigating. She put in a call to a professor at PCU. She wants a geologist’s opinion. With any luck, they’ll have more insight. They’ll know Jim’s plans for Port Charles by this time tomorrow.

Jim says Franco wanted to know, and now he does. Jim tells Franco that he’s been in hell, holding it in all these years. He promised Betsy that he’d never contradict her story, but here he is breaking his promise. I roll my eyes. Franco says, better late than never. Jim says no one else needs to know. Not Drew or his wife.

Michael asks Jason how many pictures his mom took of Josslyn and her date, and Jason says, a lot. Michael remembers dying of embarrassment, but sees things now from a different perspective, and wants to preserve the moments. He’s looked at his baby’s sonogram a million times. By the time his child is one, he’ll have taken the most photos in history. Jason talks about taking a picture of Michael each day when Carly was away. Sam comes in to pick up the kids, and Michael leaves. Sam asks if Jason wants to say goodnight to Danny before she takes him home.

Kim says Drew’s still got moves. She’s seen it before once or twice. It reminded her of a night in a packed bar when, dressed in his Navy blues, he served it up during What a Feeling. Josslyn and Oscar slip out of the dance.

Carly tells Nelle that she doesn’t learn from her mistakes. She lies, manipulates, and it blows up in her face. Then she dos it again. Like the dress charade with Josslyn. She stole the dress from Crimson’s closet, and gave it to Josslyn like it was hers. Nina say she has a four-figure bill coming her way. Nelle says Crimson has a million dresses, and what difference does it make if she took one for Josslyn. Carly says she didn’t do it for Josslyn. It was trashy and pathetic, just like her.

Scotty tells Elizbeth it’s Doc’s fault. If Franco had listened to him, and not let Doc into his head, none of this would have happened. Elizabeth says she encouraged him. He says with all due respect, that was misguided. Now Franco has lost the best thing that would have happened to him because he couldn’t keep a secret. Elizabeth asks what secret, and Scotty backtracks, saying he meant a secret feeling that he couldn’t keep to himself. He asks if she wants him to tell everyone, and she says she’ll do it. They’re her guests.

Jim says he won’t repeat it to anyone, and advises Franco to do the same. Franco says he can’t live with himself if he doesn’t, and Jim says if Drew finds out, he’ll be coming for him. What if Elizabeth learns what he’s capable of doing? What would stop him from sending one of her kids down the stairs. Franco says he’d never harm them. Since the tumor was removed, he’s been able to control his violent impulses. Jim asks if the tumor was there back then. Maybe it just enhanced what’s innate, and he was born bad.

Nina thinks any money Faison left should go to Maxie. Valentin says they’ll make sure she never wants for anything. Nina says it won’t replace her husband. Peter says Maxie has a strong support system, but Nina tells him it won’t bring back Maxie’s husband or her child’s father.

Elizabeth sighs and looks at her ring. She remembers Franco proposing, and we flash back to that. She says, time to call off the wedding.

Jim tells Franco to Imagine the effect on Elizabeth. Every day the nagging doubts wearing her down until she walks away. He doesn’t have to lose her; she doesn’t have to know. Franco asks why he cares. Jim says he’s trying to save him from himself. Franco says, you know what he thinks? He thinks nothing Jim says is true. He doesn’t think it happened that way. He thinks Jim is lying.

Jordan tells Curtis that she’ll let him know what the professor says. She gives him a kiss through the bars, and tells him to stay warm.

Nelle says Nina doesn’t know how to answer a phone. She hardly knows what’s in the closet. Carly is reaching. She’s desperate, and scared. All these years, holding Michael under her thumb, and now it’s going to bite her. She’s going to drive him away, and into Nelle’s arms.

Sam tells Jason he should feel honored that Danny will sleep at his place. He wonders if he should let Danny bring the dog, but Sam says if he does, she’ll never get Danny out.

Oscar and Josslyn go into the walk-in freezer. They kiss, and the lights go out. Everything starts to shake. The freezer door slams shut. We see the Floating Rib, the Quartermaine mansion, all over Port Charles, and how the entire town is shaking. Everyone runs for cover, and dives under things.

On Monday, there goes the neighborhood.

😶 Useless information: I’m pretty sure Nelle’s backstory about possibly killing her fiancé by pulling the plug in his kayak (come on, it even sounds ridiculous), was taken from the real life story of Angelika Graswold. I recently watched an old Dateline or 20/20 that covered the story. Even though Angelika pleaded guilty to a lesser charge, they proved on the show that removing the plug would do virtually nothing.

🍨 MasterChef Junior was back tonight, with the girls cooking filet mignon, and the boys making a chicken dish. As usual, I was hypnotized and amazed by the cooking skills of kids who could be my grandchildren… almost. One kid committed the worst cooking sin ever – raw chicken. I have always cooked the crap out of chicken to avoid this. Eight kids each from both groups were chosen to receive aprons and continue on.

🏰 I missed the first episode of the last season of Once Upon a Time, as well as tonight’s, but hope to catch up On Demand and do a mini-recap. It’s hard to invest when you know it’s going to disappear, poof! in a puff of multi-colored smoke. It was inevitable once they took the Friday death knell spot.

🐹 Some Digression… 

🍴 I’m loving Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block (watching it right now On Demand), but I consistently get the two main characters mixed up because the actresses look very much alike. They’re supposed to be sisters, so nothing strange about that, but it got me thinking about Samuel L. Jackson. How did I make that jump? Thanks for asking. Samuel apparently got pretty pissed at a news anchor who mixed him up with Laurence Fishburne, asking if the dude thought all Black people look alike. Well, I know I don’t, but I also mix them up. Because sometimes two people do look alike. I’ve mixed up Robert De Niro and Robert Duvall too. I’ve even confused Glenn Close with Meryl Streep. Does this make me some kind of bigot offshoot who thinks all actors look alike? Sometimes over-sensitivity annoys me.

📡 Quote of the Week

This one is so good, I wanted it to stand alone. The irony is that, from what I see on the internet, some of the very people who claim to follow Dr. King’s teachings, are the ones who don’t heed his words.

We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.Martin Luther King, Jr.

😲 No matter what, your weekend will be better than these guys’…


😐 And probably mine…