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February 18, 2020 – Nelle Crashes the Party, Someone Is Waiting For Justin, a Pastor Is Replaced By NSYNC & Dawn


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Sasha asks what Michael is doing out on the terrace, and he says he was taking a break. She says she can go back in, but he says he never needs a break from her. She asks what’s on his mind, and he tells her that he said all the right, supportive things, and meant them, but Brad and Lucas leaving is hitting him hard. Sasha says he’s going to miss Wiley, and he says he’s going to miss that little guy more than he imagined.

Julian arrives at Sonny’s, and says he’s sorry; Leo couldn’t make it. Bobbie says, Brand and Lucas called, and Wiley isn’t going to make it either. She can’t believe the just got Lucas back, and he’s moving across the country.

On the phone, Nelle asks about first class tickets to Buenos Aires for Barbara Langdon and her son William. She asks when their flight leaves, and says, in a few hours? Good thing she travels light. Sam is standing there, and asks if Nelle is going somewhere.

At Chase and Willow’s place, Brad tells Willow that Wiley should be good to sleep another hour, and she says she’ll call if Wiley’s sniffles get worse. Chase comes in, and asks, what’s going on? Brad says they’re having a going away party, but Wiley has a cold, and Willow was kind enough to babysit. Willow says, it’s a treat, spending extra time with Wiley before they move. Brad says he’d better get going, and leaves. Chase asks, what’s up with that guy? Willow doesn’t know, but thinks she still makes Brad nervous. He’s antsy around her. Chase asks how she feels about the move, and she says, Lucas cushioned the blow. He asked her to be Wiley’s designated guardian if something happens to him and Brad. Chase says, wow. That’s a big ask, and she says she was stunned. She assumed they’d ask Michael, but she’s thought about it, and she’s accepted.

Anna sees Finn at the MetroCourt, and asks if he got her text. He says, it’s been a hectic morning, and she says she understands; it’s a new environment. She asks how Violet is, and he says, good. She loves room service. He asks how Anna is, and she says she didn’t sleep. She sleeps much better when he’s there. Does he have any idea when that might be? He says he’s not sure, and she asks if they can talk. He says he’d like that. Peter comes out of the elevator, and says, sorry he’s late. Anna is glad he could make it, and he asks if Finn is joining them.

Curtis sees Taggert at Kelly’s counter. He says, Taggert. Or would he prefer Marcus? Taggert says, Taggert is fine, which is good, since it’s what I call him. Curtis asks if Taggert has a minute. He thinks it’s time they get to know each other a little better.

TJ asks Jordan if she’s got a minute, and she asks what brings him by. He says she has something he needs, and it’s vitally important.

Jason tells Sonny it’s been confirmed that Cyrus brought in a shipment, and they can get to it.

Sam says Nelle knows she’s on parole, and if she leaves, she has to tell her parole officer. Nelle says, of course (🍷) parole restrictions would be on Sam’s mind. She must be getting restless, not being able to see Jason. Sam says she actually thinks it’s a good idea, and hints she might tip someone off about Nelle. Nelle says all Sam heard is that she’s moving out of the Quartermaine mansion. And when she’s out, Michael will never have to see her again.

Willow tells Chase, it’s just a precaution. No one expects Wiley to be with her ever. Chase says, of course (🍷), and she asks if he thinks they made the wrong decision, and should have asked Michael. He asks, who would be the best choice? If Brad and Lucas died, would Wiley be better of with Michael or her?

Julian asks if Sonny is there, and Carly says he’s not sure if he’s going to make it. Julian says, too bad, and she says he’s there because Brad wanted him there, and Lucas didn’t object. He thanks her for the red carpet treatment. They agreed to be civil for Brad and Lucas’s sake.

Sasha knows how much Michael loves seeing Wiley, but he said there’s an ELQ office in Portland, and Wiley will probably be back for big holidays. Michael says he told himself that, but it’s not the same as seeing Wiley, and Wiley being there day to day. Wiley’s got two good dads, and doesn’t need him, but life be a little empty without him. Sasha hugs Michael.

Sam asks what Nelle means, and Nelle says, isn’t that what everyone wants? For her to leave forever, and leave Michael alone? Sam says, no argument there, and Nelle says, that’s what she’s saying. She’s leaving them all behind, including Sam. Nelle says, chow, roomie, and leaves.

Anna tells Finn, she arranged lunch with Peter; does he want to have dinner together? Finn says he’s working, and really should get back. He tells them, enjoy their lunch, and jets. Peter says, something happened, didn’t it? and Anna says they had a little disagreement. Peter says he saw Finn with Violet there last night, and knows they checked in. It wasn’t just a disagreement, was it? Was it about him? It was, wasn’t it?

Anna says there’s something she’d like to ask Peter, and she’d love it if he was honest. Peter says, okay, and she asks if he’s the one who made the Attorney General aware of Robert’s deal with Jason. He says, yes, and she thanks him for being honest. She asks, why? and he says, as long the deal was in place, Jason’s sole purpose and all of his focus would be on taking him down. Jason hates him, and he’s dangerous. She says, Jason doesn’t take action without reason. He’s careful and methodical. She asks if Peter is worried that Jason is going to find out the truth.

Nelle overhears Sam talking about the bon voyage party.

Taggert asks Curtis, what’s up? and Curtis says he heard Taggert was married when he worked with Jordan. Jordan said Taggert’s wife was still in Port Charles, and he wonders if that’s why Taggert came back to Port Charles. Taggert says they’ve been divorced for a while. Curtis says, sorry. He knows when you work under cover, it can be brutal on a relationship. Taggert says Curtis got addicted to cocaine, and lost his badge.

Sasha says she’s sorry Wiley couldn’t make it, and asks if she and Michael could stop by later. Lucas says, sure, if they don’t mind seeing an apartment full of boxes. Michael says Spinelli made a cheat sheet of the best parks and kid-friendly restaurants. Julian asks if they need a ride to the airport, but Bobbie says she and Carly want to take them. Carly tells Bobbie, nice save. The sooner they get Brad and Lucas away from Julian, the better.

Jason gives Sonny an address, and says, it’s a warehouse. It’s isolated, in close proximity to the industrial piers with access to the highway. There’s been a lot of activity there lately, and the deed changed hands, despite it not being on the market. He checked with Lucy. A distributing company just offloaded from a ship from Seattle there. He asks what Sonny wants to do, and Sonny says, respond, but it will be tough. Neither the cops or Cyrus can see it coming.

TJ hopes Jordan is careful, and she says she always is. She hopes he is too, and he says he is. He knows she’s not technically in the line of fire, but he knows she likes being where the action is. She says, sometimes too much. She basically abandoned him when she was under cover. He says they already went over this, and tells her, don’t beat herself up about it. He understands her choice; she wanted him safe. He’s over it now, and it taught him to never take for granted how much she means to him. She says she’s not going anywhere, and he says, especially until after she gives him the ring. She says that’s why he came by. It’s in her desk; she thought he forgot. He says, not a chance. She gives him the ring, and says good thing she has it.

Willow tells Chase, it’s just a formality; there’s no need to stress. Chase says, it could become real at  any time, and she asks if he thinks she should think it through. He says, isn’t that what she’s doing? She says, Michael would be the perfect guardian. He’s thoughtful, patient, level-headed, and richer than God. Chase says, that’s not necessarily an advantage. In his experience, the Quartermaines are living proof that money doesn’t buy happiness. Willow says she knows Michael can give Wiley a good life, but she can too. Not the same life, but still good. It comes down who Brad and Lucas wanted, and they chose her. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Finn, who says he doesn’t want to interrupt. Willow asks how Violet is, and he says, good. He found out she really likes room service. They’ve moved out of Anna’s house. Chase asks, why? and Finn says, because he left Anna.

Curtis says Taggert seems to know more about him than he knows about Taggert. Starting with why he’s there. Taggert says, checking on a friend. That’s all he and Jordan are; old friends and former colleagues. Curtis has the wrong idea if he’s thinking it’s something else. Curtis says he got the idea when they first met and Taggert lied. First about how long he’d been in Port Charles, and then about when he said he and Jordan connected. He’s beginning to wonder why.

Jordan says the ring is all his, and TJ thanks her, saying, it means a lot. He asks if she’s sure she doesn’t mind, and she says she’s proud of him. His dad would be too. So he’s really doing this, finally. He says he wanted to months ago, but the timing wasn’t right. Then Alexis was attacked, and the holidays came. She says, the silver lining is, she got the ring sized for Molly. She gets a call that there’s a DOA on Pier 55; another OD. She tells TJ that she’s got to go, and he tells her, be careful. She says she plans to dance all night at his wedding. He says he still has to ask Molly, but Jordan says, Molly is super smart. She’ll say yes. TJ leaves, and Jordan gets her gun, and follows.

Chase says, Finn left Anna? It’s unexpected. Finn says he doesn’t mean he left her. He moved out, but he and Violet are staying at the MetroCourt. Willow extracts herself from the awkwardness by saying she’ll check on Wiley. Chase tells Finn, sit and talk to him. Finn guesses he could say they had a fight, and Chase says, all couples fight. Finn says he knows, but with Anna, they have a tendency to pull apart when they should pull together, and hold back when they should be trusting each other. They don’t communicate well sometimes, and he took Violet and left. Chase says, for good?

Peter says he told Anna that he had nothing to do with the attempt on Andre’s life. She says, sorry. She has to ask again. She put everything on the line for him, and needs to know. He already owned up to blocking Robert; what else is he not telling her? He takes it Finn moved out because Finn thinks he’s guilty. She has Robert to thank for that. He’s sorry, but Robert is using him to break Anna and Finn up. Maybe it was his goal all along. Anna says, Finn knows his own mind, and they’re not breaking up. They’re taking time. He says, whatever Robert told Finn was wrong. He had nothing to do with David Black. The only connection between Black, Andre, Franco, Drew, and Jason, is Faison, not him.

Carly says, Spinelli raved about the Portland Zoo; Wiley is going to love it. Bobbie says, the coffee is good too, and Lucas says they don’t have to pretend to be happy. He knows they’re going to miss him, and he’s going to miss them. Carly hopes once they settle in, he won’t miss them. It’s an exciting time. They’ll have to find a playgroup for Wiley, and network with parents. Her phone rings, and she says she’ll be right back. She goes to the door, saying, what the hell happened? No. They did the right thing. She opens the door, and Nelle is there with one of the guards. She asks what the hell Nelle is doing there, and Nelle says she heard there was a party.

Chase says Finn and Anna have a fight and can’t communicate, so he grabs his kid and moves out? It sounds like it’s over. Finn says, when Chase says it like that… Chase says, make him understand, and Finn tells him not to do the interrogation thing. Chase says he thinks Anna is good for Finn, especially now that he has Violet. Finn says, that’s why he’s doing this, and Chase asks if Anna has a problem with Violet, but Finn says he doesn’t think Violet is safe that house. Chase asks if it’s because Anna is with the WSB, and Finn says, it’s something to consider. There’s always a possibility of retaliation, but Chase says, that can happen with any law enforcement position, but it’s extremely rare, and Faison is dead. Finn says, Faison’s son is alive, and happens to be Anna’s son. He doesn’t trust Peter.

Jason tells Sonny, the cargo is easily worth a million dollars, and Sonny says, losing a shipment is a big blow. People don’t like losing money, and tend to screw up. Jason says, they still have product in Seattle, and Sonny says, the best case scenario is that someone gets to Cyrus inside of Pentenville; end of story. But he’s not counting on the best case scenario.

At the pier, Jordan ask an officer what they have. He says, an OD, and she asks if there’s any identification. He says they ran a driver’s license, and the OD is Mark Simon. He’s from New Hampshire, and they’re checking for any priors. Jordan is visibly upset.

Taggert tells Curtis, this is a discussion he should have with his wife, but Curtis says, he’s asking Taggert. Taggert’s phone rings. It’s Jordan, and he asks, what’s up? She says, Pier 55. Get there now. He says he’s on his way. He tells Curtis, good conversation. See him around.

Peter tells Anna that he’s finally out from under his father’s thumb. He has a successful career, he’s helping raise a son with the woman he loves, and he’s finally building a relationship with his mother. He never dared imagine it, and he’d never jeopardize the happiness he’s found, or disappoint the people he loves. She says she’s glad he turned his life around. Building a relationship with him is a gift. He says, even if it means losing Finn? Her phone rings, and she says she has to take it. He says, of course (🍷), and she steps away.

At the MetroCourt, Molly tells Sam, sorry she’s late. Sam asks why she’s frazzled, and Molly says she’s exhausted over wedding plans. Her friend Jamie is a Bridezilla. She used to be all granola and save the planet; now Molly barely recognizes her. She gets a daily barrage of emails about dresses, a spa getaway, and dance lessons for the wedding. Sam says, right, Jamie, and Molly asks what Sam thought she was talking about. TJ approaches their table, and says, a sister’s lunch. Sam says they were just chatting. He can have her seat; she has to get going. He says he didn’t mean to intrude, but Sam says he didn’t; he’s practically family. Unless he has some big news. TJ asks if something happened, and Molly says, just Jamie, driving her crazier than she already is. Sam says, that’s it then? She tells TJ, take a seat. She’s heading to Carly’s. He sits.

As Sam goes past, Peter asks if she’s going to sit down with one of his reporters. She asks why she’d do that, and he says they’re doing a piece on the early release of prisoners from Pentenville. He can sympathize with the challenges of overcoming negative stereotypes and expectations. She thanks him for his concern, but she’s going to save her comments for when the truth comes out, and justice is served. And the truth always comes out.

Carly asks the guard where he found Nelle, and he says, she was lurking by the front gate. She tells Nelle that she’s not welcome there, and Nelle says her best friend is moving. She yells to Brad, asking if he’s going to let his sister-in-law strongarm her after everything they’ve been through. Brad comes out, and asks what she’s doing there. She says she came to say goodbye. They’ve been good friends, and she couldn’t let him leave without closure. He asks for a moment with his friend, and Carly wonders if now is the time, but he says Nelle is already there. He asks if they can lose the bodyguard. Carly thanks the guard, and he leaves. She tells Brad, don’t take long. When she’s gone, Brad asks what the hell Nelle is thinking, and she says she wanted to say goodbye to her son. Where is he?

TJ tells Molly that he wants to take her to the new vegan restaurant on Valentine’s Day. She says, it’s nearly impossible to get reservations, and it’s crazy expensive. He kisses her hand, and says she’s worth it. She tells him that he’s sweet, but she just feels uncomfortable spending so much on one night. Jamie has been sucked into the wedding vortex, one more over-commercialized, complicated exercise in hyper-consumerism. Getting things you don’t need from a registry you imposed on guests. Who needs that?   

Anna tells Peter, Robin sends her regards. He says Anna has an amazing daughter. She takes after her mother. Anna says Robin has surpassed her, and he says Anna is the strongest woman he knows. Anna says she thought so too.

Finn tells Chase, he’d do anything to protect Violet from a threat. He came home early, and she and Peter were playing superheroes. Peter was the villain, and he was attacking Violet. He knew it was pretend, but when he saw them… Chase says, fatherly instinct, and Finn says he doesn’t buy that Peter is as reformed as he claims. Anna does, and Violet is caught in the middle. She’s attached to Anna. This morning, Violet asked when they’re going home, and he didn’t know what to say. Willow comes back, and says, sorry; she left her phone. Chase tells Finn to ask Willow, and Finn says, in her professional opinion, what should he say when Violet asks when they’re going to see Anna again. Willow tells him, be truthful, and only tell her what he’s sure of. Finn says he’s not sure of much.

Taggert arrives at the pier, and asks Jordan, what’s up? Who’s the DOA? She says, Mark Simon, and he says, how? She says, a presumed overdose. She wants to see the toxicology report, and find out if it’s the same as Bob’s. He says, Mark is from Vermont, and she says, New Hampshire. Taggert wonders how he got there, and she says she called to warn him. She told him about suspecting Bob was murdered, and he said he was on his way there. Taggert says, now he’s dead, and she says she shouldn’t have called. Taggert says, they would have gotten to him anyway. She says, this is no coincidence, and he says, this is about Cyrus. He was busted by a four member team. Now two of them are dead. Jordan wonders how Mark got identified. They were in deep cover. How did they get exposed?

Nelle asks Brad if Wiley is upstairs; she knows the back way to the nursery. Brad says, Wiley has a cold, and Willow is watching him at her place. Why he gives her this information, is beyond my comprehension. She asks if he thinks that’s healthy; leaving Wiley with the woman who thinks she’s his mother. He says they’ll be out of her life, unless she makes Lucas suspicious, and blows things up at the eleventh hour. Is that what she wants? If not, leave. She guesses she has no choice, and walks out. Brad leans against the door for a moment, and goes back into the living room. He says, sorry, everyone, and Lucas asks what Nelle wanted. Carly says, she claimed she wanted to say goodbye, but Brad says he didn’t think she knew there was a party. Carly thinks Nelle just came there to get under her skin, and the party was just an excuse. Michael suggests they don’t give Nelle the power to derail the celebration. Brad and Lucas are moving, and they have everything they want; a happy marriage and a beautiful son. Lucas begins to remember the conversation before the accident. He says, Brad? and Brad says, what? Sam comes in, and apologizes for being late. She says she let herself in, and Carly says the guard was busy getting rid of Nelle. I thought Sonny doubled the security. She says, Nelle was there? and Carly says, she just left. Michael says, they’re not going to let Nelle ruin the party, and Bobbie says, Portland is a wonderful city; a bit rainy for her taste though. Sasha says she and Michael saw a waterproof boot and umbrella set; they’ll get it for Wiley. Lucas says, Wiley won’t touch the umbrella, and Brad says, he’s a puddle man. Lucas thanks Michael for loving and taking care of Wiley. He was a good choice for godfather. Michael says, everything changes when Wiley is with him, and Lucas flashes back to Brad saying he wanted Wiley too much. Julian asks if Lucas is okay, and Lucas says he thinks he’s remembering something from the night of the crash.

Anna tells Peter, she used to call her house the Fortress of Solitude, but the thought of going home without Finn’s books scattered all over, and Violet coming out in a superhero costume, makes her pristine fortress seem cold and empty. Peter asks if she doesn’t think they’ll work it out, and she says she hopes so. She can’t imagine living without him.

Finn tells Chase, he and Anna may never agree about Peter, but he can’t imagine her giving up on him. Chase says Peter must have unpaid parking tickets. He can throw Peter in a holding cell. Finn looks at him, and he says, sorry. If Finn has to choose between Anna and keeping Violet safe… Finn says, it’s clear. His daughter comes first.

Jordan tells Taggert, the body is at the morgue, and they’re starting the autopsy. What does he want to bet it’s the same as Bob’s. He says, two down; two to go, and she says, they’re next. He says they’re going to be all right; they’ve got this. Partners for life. He holds her, and she says they’ll talk soon. Stay safe. He says, her too, and they leave. Curtis watches from the top of some stairs.

Sonny tells Jason, they’re sending a message. Not just to Cyrus, but his suppliers. They don’t need to come through Port Charles. It’s got it be clean. The cops can’t know it’s them; there can’t be evidence. Understand? Jason straps a gun to his ankle, and zips up his bag. He says, okay. He’ll let Sonny know when he’s done. He leaves, and Sonny looks grim.

Nelle looks through the window, watching the party. Brad tells Lucas to take it easy, and Lucas says, he was right there. They were in… dammit! Brad asks, what’s going on? and Julian thinks Lucas is overstimulated. He’ll get Wiley; it will be better if Lucas is with his son. Julian walks out, and Lucas suddenly flashes back again. He remembers Brad telling him that Wiley is Michael and Nelle’s son. Lucas gets up, and says, Michael.

Tomorrow, Chase is needed at the Corinthos house, Lucas says he’s not crazy and knows what he heard, and Cyrus tells Sonny that he’s about to make a very big mistake.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Jim tells his thug to shoot Benny. There’s a gunshot, and Jim says, that’s it; he’s gone. Hanna asks what he did, and he says the difference between them is, he does exactly what he says he’s going to. Benny is dead. She tells him to call them, and he puts the phone to his ear, saying, take the bullet out of that boy’s head. Hanna beats on him, saying, what did he do? He tells her he did what he said he was going to, and calls for the nurse. When she comes in, he tells the nurse to get Hanna out of there. Hanna says, that’s her son. He hurt her son. He says he did more than that. She says, her son better be all right, and he says he doesn’t have his money. She says she’s calling the police, and he tells her, go ahead, but do it from out there. She whacks him a couple times with her purse, as the nurse tries to hold her back. She tells Jim, go to hell, and he says he’s been there. Hanna leaves, and Jim asks the nurse if he’s bleeding, and demands she give him something for the pain. She tells him, calm down, and he says, bitch, get me something to calm down. Move. She goes, and he asks, what the hell is wrong with these women? The hospital let some crazy woman in his room. He calls to Hanna, saying, Benny’s dead. He gone girl. He laughs, and hits the morphine button. He says, get me some more morphine, bitches, and laughs again.

Jim’s thug shoots the ground, and Benny says he almost shot him. What the hell is wrong with him? Sandy (Mitch’s main guy) and a group of guys come downstairs. The thug says, what the hell? Who are they? Sandy says Benny is coming with them, but the thug says, no, he’s not. Sandy says, want a bet? Does he know who they are? They’re the Malones. He tells the thug to uncuff Benny, and do it now. He does, and Benny jumps up and punches him in the stomach. Benny says, little bitch. It’s lucky Benny is weak. He thanks the Malones, and asks if Mitch sent them. Sandy says, yeah, and tells Benny, go on; get out. Benny asks if he can use Sandy’s phone, but Sandy says he can’t do that. They’re here because they owe his sister. He tells Benny, get out of there, and Benny leaves. Sandy tells the thug that he needs permission to be in the Malone backyard, and asks if he understands. The thug says, yeah, and Sandy tells the guys to kick the thug’s ass. He’s got to learn.

At the Iron Bone, Mitch’s phone rings. He says, yo, and Sandy says, they got him. Mitch thanks him, and Sandy says, he took off; he said he was going home. Mitch says, he has no money. How’s he getting home? He tells Sandy, put him on the phone, but Sandy says he’s not letting Benny use his phone. Mitch says, then give him a ride, but Sandy says he doesn’t want to. Mitch says, just do it. Benny has no money. Mitch asks where they are, and Sandy says, Hollister Street. Mitch says, just give him a ride out of the neighborhood. Sandy says he doesn’t want to do that, and Mitch says, fine; bring him to the bar. Sandy says, he’s riding in the truck bed, and Mitch calls him an a-hole. Sandy says, it’s that or nothing. Candace asks Mitch, what happened? and Mitch says, they got him. They’re giving him a ride. Candace says, it didn’t sound like that. His family is racist. Mitch says, tell him about it. He says her mom is probably at the police station, and Candace says, they’ll find her when Benny gets there.

Madison thanks Jeffrey for the nap. He gets up, and Jeffrey looks away. Madison wonders why Jeffrey can’t look at him, and Jeffrey says he’s giving Madison privacy. Madison says he doesn’t want privacy. If Jeffrey isn’t interested, fine. Jeffrey says, it’s not that, and Madison says, then don’t look away. Jeffrey asks if Madison thinks he’s turning him on, and Madison says, something is going on, or Jeffrey wouldn’t leave the room when he gets dressed. Jeffrey says he’s showing respect, and Madison asks if he has to do what Justin did to get Jeffrey’s attention. Jeffrey says, not fair, and Madison says, sorry. Madison tells Jeffrey to look at him, and Jeffrey says Madison has a beautiful body. Madison says, Jeffrey does too. Jeffrey asks Madison to put his clothes back on, and Madison puts his pants on. He walks over to Jeffrey, and says, better? Is Jeffrey sure he’s not turned on? Jeffrey says he is, and Madison kisses his neck. Jeffrey responds.

Hanna arrives home, and she’s pretty frazzled. She wrings her hands and paces, then calls the police. She tells them, it’s an emergency. She knows her son’s been kidnapped, and she thinks someone did something to him. She gives them her address, and says she’ll be there. As soon as she hangs up, her phone rings. It’s a collect call from Kathryn, and Hanna says she thinks Jim killed her son. Jim had him kidnapped, and she thinks somebody shot him. She doesn’t know where he is. Benny walks in with Mitch and Candace, and Hanna drops the phone. Benny says he’s all right, and Hanna asks, what happened? He says, Mitch’s family took care of it; they got him out. She says he’s going to give the money back now; she means it. Kathryn is like, hey, I’m still here, and Hanna picks up the phone. She says, Benny just walked in, and he’s all right. Kathryn says, thank God. She tells Hanna that she’s sorry, and says she needs Hanna to come and see her. Hanna says, give her a minute. They’re going to the bank. Kathryn says she’s saving Hanna from going a second time. She knows Hanna has had a shock, but can she come right now? Hanna says she can, and Kathryn says, Marty will meet her. Kathryn hangs up, and says, can somebody clean this damn phone?

Benny says he needs to rest, but Hanna says they’re going to the bank. Benny says, fine, and she says she’s going to wash her face, and then they’re going. When Hanna is out of earshot, Benny says, no way is he giving the money back. Mitch says, it’s going to keep going on. Jim had Benny kidnapped. No damn way should he do that; it’s crazy as hell. Benny says, the hell with Mitch. He tells Mitch and Candace, come on, before she comes back. Candace says Hanna is going to be so mad, and asks where they’re going. Benny says, to the airport. He going to put Candace on a plane, and she’s never looking back. Candace says, they’ll come after Benny, and tells him, take care of his ass. They leave, and Hanna comes out, finding an empty  room. She calls to them, but hears nothing. She calls Benny’s phone, but doesn’t leave a message. She hangs up, and says, this ain’t a game they’re playing. Their asses better be at the bank.

Connelly visits Charles, and asks if Charles is sick of him yet. Charles asks if Connelly wants a drink, and Connelly says he’s pouring. Does Charles want more advice about Candace? Charles says, no. He wanted to ask Connelly to consider being Attorney General. Connelly says he’d be honored, and Charles thanks him. Connelly says, thank you, President Elect, and Charles says he sounds annoyed. Connelly says Charles talked to four other senators before him. He’s like an uncle to Charles. Charles says he had to go through the process. Connelly says Charles asked him last, but Charles says Connelly was his first choice. Connelly says he knows what kind of hell they’ve been putting Charles through, and Charles says, now he’s going to give them hell. First thing, he wants Connelly to visit the current AG. He wants Connelly to have a conversation about the transition. While he’s there, Charles wants to know about the operation done during the campaign, and the people involved. Connelly doesn’t think he can do that until he’s been sworn in, but Charles says, it’s not about the information. He wants to make sure the AG knows he’s aware. It’s personal. Connelly says, it’s always personal, and Charles says he doesn’t want them to know too much. Just raise questions. Connelly asks when he should start, and Charles says, right away; he’ll make arrangements. Connelly thanks Charles again, and Charles says he’ll make the announcement this afternoon. Connelly says, here we go, and Charles repeats, here we go.

Jim is sleeping when Celine comes into his room. He says, what the hell? Is he dreaming? She says, no. She heard he got shot. He says he did, and she says she heard Wyatt did it. Jim says, apparently… the ungrateful little bastard. He asks what she’s doing there, and tells her to leave. She says, no. She’s been trying to reach him. He says he knows; he’s been trying to avoid her. She says she could take him to court, and he says, why not do it? She says she just wants him to do the right thing for once. He says, why start now? He never did that before. He tells her to take her fine ass, and get the hell out. She says she can take him to court, and he says, so do it. What is she going to do with no money? She says she’s struggling; she needs two jobs to get by. He says, go to one. She says their oldest son is in college, and he says he has one son. She says, who tried to kill him. He has three sons. He says he doesn’t know that. She’d better start looking for a carboard box. He hears they’re getting harder to find. She says she’s not kidding, and he says he’s not either. She asks him not to put their kids on the street, and he says he doesn’t care. She calls him an SOB, and says, nothing has changed. He says, not a thing; get out. She says he’s forcing her hand, and he says they both know she forced other parts of his anatomy many times. She says she’s going to show him how strong she is. On her way out, she says something in Spanish, and he makes fun of her, parroting nonsense back.

Outside in the hallway, Celine makes a call.

Veronica answers the phone, as she’s walking into the house. Celine says Veronica asked her to call. She wants to go after Jim. Veronica tells her to get everything she’s got, and come to the house. They’ll discuss the details. She’ll text the address. She tells Celine, this is where she says, thank you. Celine thanks her, and Veronica asks what kind of car she drives, and what year it is. Celine asks, why? and Veronica asks if the oil is leaking. Don’t park that sh*t in her driveway.

Justin walks into his house, where some guys are waiting for him. He says, not again. Please. The head dude says, please what? How’s he doing? Justin says he has internal bleeding, and dude tells him that he’s gotta tuck real tight. This is for Veronica. Justin asks how much she’s paying, and dude asks if he thinks it’s about money. Justin doesn’t know, and dude tells him, he gets to whoop ass, and he’s all for that. Justin says he’s not a cop, and dude says, he was a cop. He thinks he’ll go for the stomach. Justin asks if he can’t get it in the back. He has stitches, and his ribs are bruised. Dude asks if Justin is trying to tell him how to whoop ass. Justin says he’s not telling, he’s just asking. He has money. Dude asks where it’s at, and Justin says in the drawer. Dude asks, how much? and he says, four grand; take it all. Dude nods, and says, all right. He tells one of his guys to take it. He tells Justin that he’ll take it, but he’s going  to hit Justin once or twice. Justin says, for Veronica? and dude says, it’s part of the deal. Justin says, okay, and dude punches him in the stomach. Justin asks what they can do to make this stop, and dude says he has to settle with Veronica. When she says so, they come. He thanks Justin for the cash, and they leave.

Landon goes in to see Charles, and says he’d like to show Charles something. He hands Charles a folder, and says, all of these articles. Not 24-hours and the tide is turning on her. Charles looks through them, and asks why Landon is doing this. Landon says he wants to see Charles happy. Charles says he’s doing it for his job, but Landon says he sees how Charles lights up when she’s around. He smiles, and Landon wants that for him. Charles asks if Landon doesn’t want the same thing for himself; someone to make him feel that way. He should have that. Has he ever? Landon says, once, and Charles asks, what happened? Landon says, it didn’t work out, and Charles asks if that’s Landon’s way of saying he doesn’t want to talk about it. Landon says, not too many straight men want to hear a gay man’s love story. Charles says he’s open minded, and Landon says Charles also knocked him to the floor. Charles wishes he’d handled the situation better; it was a bit homophobic. If a woman acted like that, he would have reacted differently. Landon says he shouldn’t have betrayed Charles’s trust; he’s sorry. Charles says, there’s no need. He’s past it. Tell him about the guy. Landon says, one night when they have a lot to drink. Tell him about Candace. Charles says, that’s over and done, but Landon says he doesn’t know. Charles says Landon didn’t see the way he treated her. Oliver had her leave in the trunk of a car. Landon says, oh no, and Charles says, she wasn’t happy. Landon says he’s sorry, and Charles says, it’s not his fault. He didn’t have the balls to tell the world. Landon says, when he’s done, Charles will have them eating out of the palm of his hand. Charles says, that’s a tall order, and Landon asks if Charles doubts him. Charles says, Candace will clearly have to be on board, and Landon says he’ll get her there. At least, he’ll try. He’s going to get on it right now.

Kathryn is put back in her cell, and Wyatt encourages her to get in. He asks if she’d like to shut him up, and she says she doesn’t want to hear him. He says he’s sorry, and she says, now he comes to his senses? He says he was high out of his mind. She says, whatever he was out of, he’s in now, and Wyatt says he needs a doctor. He needs to get out. If he does, will she send him to rehab? He’ll go right away. She laughs, and says she can’t do anything for him. Where is the nice boy coming from? Wyatt says he’s sorry for what he did to her and his dad. She says his dad is alive, and he says he knows. Can she get him out? She says, not a chance. He says, please? and she asks if the DA told him they weren’t pressing charges. He says, they’re not? and she says, of course they are. The nice thing isn’t going to work. He says, please, and she says, no please. He’s going to be in there for the rest of his life. He says he’s their only son, and she says, their only son who tried to kill them. He says he wants to talk to his dad, and she says his dad isn’t going to help him. He’ll be just as happy to see Wyatt’s ass in there as she is. They didn’t want Wyatt to pay before, now look where they are. They learned their lesson. He pleads with her some more, and she tells him, give it up. He’s not going to manipulate his way out. She walks as far away as she can.

Veronica’s doorbell rings. It’s Justin, surprising us all, because we were expecting Celine. He asks if  they can talk, and she says, okay. He says, when he got home from the hospital, there were guys at his place. She says she knows that, and he says he wants to know how they stop this. She says, stop what? and he says, this. She asks if he can take back hitting her, and he says he can’t. She says sorry then they can’t. He says, this is hard for him; them hitting him. She says it’s not hard for her, and he says he’s so sorry. She says, lady, why are you here whining? and he says he just wants to know how to make them stop. He can pay her; he has a 401K. She says, no amount can make it stop, and he asks what he can do. She says she hasn’t decided yet, and he says there’s got to be some forgiveness somewhere in her heart for him. He’s not a bad person. She says he sleeps with men, and hits women. He’s a bad person; a vile, disgusting human being. Her face still hurts. He says he’s sorry, and she tells him, he said that. He asks when it’s going to be enough, and she says when she says so. Never hit a woman. She tells him, get off her property. Boy, bye. He says he can only take so much, and she asks if that’s a threat. He says, not to her, but to himself. She asks if he’s thinking of committing suicide. What can she do to make that happen? She can get him more visits. He says, please, don’t, and she says, get off her property. She said, boy, bye. She closes the door, and talks to herself. It’s not who I am. Forgive me. Don’t hit her. And forgive? Bitch, please.

David looks at folders, and George walks in. He looks around, and says, it’s worse than he thought. David thanks him for coming, and George asks how he can help David. David gives George a folder, and says, it’s the gun that killed Jennifer. George says David is giving him Kathryn’s head on a platter. David says, no. Veronica’s. George asks if this is some kind of joke, and David says, no. Kathryn was there, but she didn’t do it; she was a witness, and she’s covering for Veronica. Veronica thought he and Jennifer were having an affair. George says David is trying to set him up. He wants George to go after Veronica. David asks what part George doesn’t understand. George says he’s not falling for this, and David says, for what? George says, they have Kathryn, but David says, he’s telling George it was Veronica. George doesn’t believe him, and David says George is going to look foolish when the truth comes out. George asks what sick game David is playing. Cars blowing up, shootouts; he thinks it’s a game. David says, it’s not a game; it’s the hard truth. George says, he’s not buying it. David says he has a lot more, and George says, like what? David says, everything in his files, but George says, no way it will hold up in court. David says he knows that, and George says, give him something solid, like a video. David says he doesn’t have a video. What he has is evidence concerning several crimes, cover-ups, conspiracy, and tax evasion. George says, and David is going to give him all of it. David says, give him immunity, and he’ll give George everything he has. George says, David is involved? and David says he may have knowledge of the alleged crimes. George says, okay. Meet him in his office, and bring everything he has. I say, no. Take it with you now, but George doesn’t listen. David thanks him, and George says he still doesn’t trust David. David tells him, examine the evidence.

George leaves, and David calls upstairs to Jeffrey. I say, uuuuh… and David goes upstairs. He looks into Jeffrey’s room, where Jeffrey and Madison are having sex. David quickly closes the door, and says, damn. I laugh.

Next time, Jeffrey tells Madison, knowing is one thing, seeing it’s another; Kathryn tells Hanna that Jim will have to come to her for every dime; and Veronica admits she’s using Celine, and wouldn’t care about her otherwise.

Vanderpump Rules

Ariana walks into SUR. She asks Charli how it’s going tonight, and Charli says, busy. In Ariana’s interview, she says, it’s like riding a bike. It feels just like home. Dayna says, hi, and Ariana says she thinks they danced for 12 hours straight at Pride. Dayna says it’s the most fun she’s had, and she feels lighter now. In her interview, she says she knew she was different in middle school, when she started noticing both genders. She kissed a girl, but felt like she shouldn’t tell anyone. She’s bisexual, and when she put it out there, Max couldn’t give two sh*ts. Ariana says everyone knows she’s bi, and they double high-five, saying, bi sisters.

In the car, Lisa tells Ken that she woke up to it being plastered all over social media that the guy who’s marrying Jax and Brittany made incredibly offensive remarks about the LGBTQ community; homophobic things. Ken says that goes against what Lisa stands for. We see the pastor’s tweets, which are all Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve stuff. In Lisa’s interview, she says, there were so many negative comments; don’t get her started. She knows Jax and Brittany’s beliefs are the same as hers. Ken says she has to tell them, and she says she knows.

Stassi films Beau making a baked botato, and I laugh. In his interview, he says he’s been posting cooking videos, but they’re really him and Stassi bickering, and he made up an alter ego. Stassi asks him to do different accents, as he gives the cooking instructions. She says, there’s so much cheese, and he says it will make her look good in her bridal gown. She says, bridesmaid, and in her interview, she says she wishes she had a bridal gown. Lala comes over, and in Lala’s interview, she says, Stassi is doing a great job of turning Beau into a housewife. Now she just needs to lock him down, and put a ring on it. Stassi says the shower is going to be at Katie’s house. Lala says, when she gets married, she doesn’t want penis straws or penis hats, and Stassi says she wants none of that sh*t. Beau says he thought princesses and penises would be the theme.

Lisa asks Ariana what it’s like to be back, and Ariana says, chill, at first. Then, wow. Ariana gingerly broaches the subject of Jax and Brittany’s pastor, but Lisa says she called them this morning. We see a clip of Brittany saying she’s going to investigate his offensive remark, and saying he promised he wasn’t homophobic.

Lala asks, what’s up? and Stassi says the pastor’s remarks came out a month ago, and they came out again. Sh*t just got real. In Lala’s interview, she says, in fairness to Jax and Brittany, they don’t think too hard about things. Jax isn’t that smart. He called the guy, who said he doesn’t feel that way, and that’s good enough for Jax. Lala tells Stassi, you couldn’t take that out of context.

Brittany and Jax do a LIT workout class. After class, Brittany tells Jax, she’s glad Lisa called, so they could get ahead, just in case. He’s a family friend, and she can’t believe it. In her interview, Brittany says, no one thought he’d be this way. She grew up with his daughters. He posted negative things, and she doesn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable, or think she has the same feelings. She thought he was a good person. Jax says he doesn’t care what someone believes, but don’t take it to social media.

Ariana tells Lisa, it’s been a month, and she wondered how to approach Brittany. In her interview, Ariana says she’s known for six months. Brittany was upset in January, when it was brought up, and seemed satisfied with the pastor’s answer. Ariana didn’t want to keep bringing it up. She was between a rock and a hard place. Brittany confronted him, and he told her what she wanted to hear, so he could officiate.

Brittany tells Jax, people assume that’s how they feel, and Jax says, it’s not their fault. Brittany says people are accusing her of being a bad person in their comments. In Jax’s interview, he says, it’s not like he’s holding any anti-gay flags. Brittany says she doesn’t think the pastor is a bad guy. Jax says, maybe he’s naïve, but he thought pastors were supposed to be neutral. In Brittany’s interview, she says, in LA, they live in a bubble. When she goes home, there are people who believe all kinds of things. A lot of them have different politics, so she just doesn’t talk about it when it’s brought up. It’s difficult, but she doesn’t want to disappoint anyone in her life. Brittany says, it’s two weeks before the wedding. It sucks.

Lisa sits at Sur, and Raquel approaches her table. Raquel says, Lisa wanted to talk to her? She assumes it’s about Pride. Lisa says she missed her shift, and Raquel says she was at TomTom with James. Her plan was to check on him. Lisa says they were relying on her. We flash back to James screaming, how dare she miss his set? Raquel says that wasn’t her thought process, and Lisa asks what she was thinking. Raquel says she was thinking about James and Pride. In her interview, she says she was thinking about last year, and we flash back to James being a complete and utter drunken a-hole. She says she feels like she almost needs to babysit. At the same time, she doesn’t want to be on Lisa’s bad side. Lisa says, James screwed up every chance, and tells Raquel, don’t go down the same road. Raquel says she’s responsible, and Lisa says, normally. She could be fired for this. Raquel says, please don’t fire her, and Lisa says she’s thinking about it. Raquel says, please, don’t, and Lisa says she’ll still be written up. Don’t let her down again. Raquel swears she won’t.

Tom brings sushi home, and asks how Ariana’s first day back was. Ariana says, chill, and tells him, Lisa called Jax and Brittany. Brittany said she only saw one post, but Ariana saw them six months ago. Tom asks if she believes Brittany really didn’t see them until she called them to Brittany’s attention, and Ariana nods. Tom says maybe she wants to believe it. She says she thinks Brittany works hard not to see things. In Tom’s interview, he says they were tagging Brittany and Jax in all of the posts for months. They were just sitting by, hoping someone would make the right decision. Ariana says, it’s been insanely triggering her. Tom says he feels the same way. He’d like to talk to Jax, and asks what the deal is. Ariana says, the shower is tomorrow, and no one has said anything. She thinks everybody is afraid of upsetting them. Tom says, thank God Lisa said something. it bothers him.

In Dayna’s interview, she says she and Max have been dating for about a month. It’s not just a hook-up thing. We learn from Max that a cork shouldn’t pop, but sound like a silent fart. Good to know. Dayna tells Max that people see they like each other, and they’re triggered about it. She likes him, and likes hanging out with him, She wants to make him a priority. She asks where he’s at, and he says he thinks they should focus on each other. He wants to be exclusive, and Dayna says that’s what she wants. In Max’s interview, he says, in the past, he made work a priority, but Dayna is making him want to make her a priority.

In Katie’s interview, she says, the coolest part of owning a house is having parties – like the shower. It makes them feel like adults. She and Stassi use toilet paper instead of crepe paper.

James asks Raquel how work was, and she says, Lisa is concerned about her professionalism. She feels bad that she missed her shift. She let people down. James says – wait for it – she shouldn’t have left her job. Who does that? In Raquel’s interview, she says, James’s moods vary. He’s an unpredictable person. When she gets up in the morning, she’s never sure which James she’ll wake up to. She thinks if she’d stayed at SUR, he would have been pissed and drinking, and spiraled. In James’s interview, he says, at Pride, everyone is effed up. You can smell the alcohol in their sweat. He needs someone to keep track of him in that moment. Raquel tells him that Peter invited her to his birthday party, but she can’t bring James. Peter is one of Jax’s groomsmen, and doesn’t want to upset Jax. James says, that’s so rude. He’s surprised Raquel didn’t tell Peter to screw himself, but she asks how that would do something. He asks if she’s going, and she says she doesn’t think so. He asks if she’s going to swing on him tomorrow night, and go. He doesn’t want her there, and she says she doesn’t feel like going if he’s not invited. He says it sounds like she’s beating around the bush; make her decision. She says she’s not going. James says, what if he told her to go ahead and go, and she says she wouldn’t go. She wants to stand by him. Because she can’t win here, he says it sounds like she’s just agreeing with him. She doesn’t have to. He probably wouldn’t be happy if she went, but she can do what she likes. She says she knows. She looks like one unhappy girl, and I wonder why she’s so insecure that she needs to stay with this jerk.

Ariana tells Lala, the pastor guy isn’t happening. Lala says Brittany told her that she let him go. We see a clip of Brittany telling Jax, she doesn’t know if he’ll be nice, and Jax saying, they have no choice. Ariana says she doesn’t know how Brittany could like him. Lala says she feels guilty talking behind Brittany’s back. Ariana doesn’t want to hurt Brittany’s feelings, and Lala says she doesn’t want to bring it up at the shower. In Ariana’s interview, she says they’re supposed to smile and nod until Jax and Brittany make it down the aisle. Everyone is afraid to piss them off. Lala says, Brittany lives in a world of unicorns and princesses. We see princesses coming up the walk to Katie’s house, and Stassi letting them in. Ariana says she feels like they’re treating Brittany with kid gloves. Brittany is putting her head in the sand, hoping it will go away or get better.

The finishing touches are put on the shower, and the guests gather. Stassi brings the princesses upstairs, and tells them to just do what they do during the party, and drink if they want. Brittany has no idea that they’re coming. Brittany arrives, and the princesses come down the stairs. In Brittany’s interview, she says her friends know her so well. She’s always loved princesses. They’re always up against something, and come out on top, find their voice, and find their happily ever after. She says, the princesses are there, all that’s missing is the queen. Lisa comes in, and says, it’s lovely. Brittany tells Lisa that she feels better. She took care of it, and everything will be fine. In her interview, Brittany says, it’s complicated having to fire a family friend. She wants to remember this part; not the rest of it. In Lisa’s interview, she says she’s glad to see a smile on Brittany’s face. In Stassi’s interview, she says, you know how you know when you nailed something so hard? She nailed it. Effing princesses. Nailed it. She and Katie high-five.

The Toms put out flowers at TomTom. James comes by, and Tom gives him a check. Tom says he heard Raquel got written up because she missed her shift. James tells them Peter talked rudely to Raquel, but Schwartz thinks it’s just a managerial thing. Tom says managers get frustrated on Pride Day. Peter had to work twice on his birthday because it fell on the same day. James says Peter isn’t inviting him to his birthday party because of Jax. It’s like being on the playground. He’s not going to walk on eggshells around Brittany and Jax. Tom says, Jax is a little touchy, and James says, Groomzilla.

The drinking commences at the shower, and Kristen asks Katie if she’s doing the same thing Kristen is for Brittany’s sake. Katie says she is. Brittany says, they have someone new officiating – Lance Bass. He reached out to them, and he’s willing to do it. Scheana ask if he’s going to sing, and Brittany says she doesn’t know. In Scheana’s interview, she says Brittany is getting married like a princess in a castle, with a member of a boy band officiating. It’s literally every preteen’s dream wedding. In Brittany’s interview, she says she knows her mother would prefer a pastor to one of her teenage wall posters, but her mother got married the second time on a cruise ship. Her mom tells her, everything is good.

Katie texts Schwartz about Lance, and James says, he’s the gayest pop star in the world. Now they’re over-compensating, but it took too long.

Lala and Lisa laugh about Lance officiating. In Lala’s interview, she says, Brittany is stuck between two different worlds. The world where it’s a sin to be gay, and the happy world where a gay pop star is officiating her wedding. Tom says he’s probably on social media the least, and he repeatedly saw the posts. Jax and Brittany were tagged in the comments. In his interview, he says he knows Jax saw the posts and turned a blind eye. He only did something when Lisa said something. He tells James and Schwartz, acting like they just realized is bullsh*t.

The group meets at some kind of bowling alley that also has other things going on, like batting cages and a bar. I guess they’ve rented it, since there are no other people there. Scheana tells Peter she wishes she could do a shot with him, but she’s freezing her eggs. He’s surprised, and in her interview, Scheana says, either people don’t listen to her, or don’t care. We flash back to her saying she was freezing her eggs seven thousand times. Peter says she can have a shot of water.

Peter tells Jax that he didn’t invite James to his party, and Jax says he appreciates that. He doesn’t want to tell Peter who to invite, but you don’t know what you’ll get with James. He might run through walls. They play beer pong, and Schwartz does some batting. Someone bounces a pong ball off of Brett’s head. Kristen fails miserably at batting, and in her interview, she says, she’s not someone who gives up at anything. Whether it’s baseball, love, or life, you’re going to hit a homerun. Schwartz tells Jax not to say they’re having Looks Like We Made It as their wedding song. Jax says they are; Brittany loves Shania Twain. Beau says he thought Jax was kidding, but Jax says they went to hell and back. They thought they weren’t going to make it, but proved everyone wrong. In Beau’s interview, he says, the thing everyone was forbidden to talk about is literally in the lyrics.

Katie says if you’re not a part of gossip, you’re the subject of it. She tells Dayna about Scheana saying she should wear a bra. Stassi says, it’s literally about Max, and Dayna tells them that she and Max talked about where they were at, and decided to be exclusive. In Dayna’s interview, she says she and Scheana just made up on Pride Day. She’s not going to say Max gave her the thing Scheana always wanted. Katie says, Scheana pisses on guys like they’re her property. Dayna says she thought, bitch, what did I do to you? In Stassi’s interview, she says she wasn’t sure about Dayna, but there’s nothing like a good sh*t-talking Scheana fest to bring sh*t-talking bitches together.

Jax tells Schwartz and Beau about getting Lance to officiate. Lala asks Brittany to get off her phone. Brittany says, everybody is out to get her right now. She loved the shower, but people on social media made fun of it. She reads, princess parties suck. She can only take so much. She was having fun. Stassi says, who gives a f***? Brittany says, now people are taking the best day of her life. Why do they have to ruin things? That’s a good question.

Tom tells Jax that he’d brought up the pastor, and Jax says they have Lance Bass now. Tom knows, but why did it take Lisa coming to them? Jax says he’s not talking about it. It did take Lisa. Tom says Jax has to be kidding him.

Jax asks where Brittany is, and finds out she’s crying. He goes over to her, and asks why. Lala says, jealousy really is the root of all evil. He tells her about how Tom said it took Lisa to get them to fire the pastor, and Brittany says he has nerve. He doesn’t know what she’s going through. Tom wanders over, and Jax asks why he’s trying to hurt them, and Stassi say he’s trying to make Brittany and Jax look like the bad ones. Kristen asks if this is about Peter not inviting James, and Jax says, it’s about their pastor, and basically tells her to hit the road. Tom says he was upset, and Lala says they all were; so was Brittany. Brittany says that’s why they fired him. Tom says he wants to ask questions. In Tom’s interview, he says he wanted to talk to Jon their own, and make him more aware, but now the sh*t hit the fan. Brittany shouts that she did nothing wrong. She saw one comment. Sitting in a booth some distance away, Scheana says she’s hearing everyone yelling. Tom says, what about all that transphobic sh*t? and Brittany says she chose to believe her friend. She was sorry when she saw the other comments. Lala says Tom making her defend herself is wrong. In his interview, he says, it’s a dangerous group of friends, when you’re not allowed to speak up about something wrong. It’s pissing him off that Jax isn’t standing up for their friends, and a community they’re a part of. Stassi says Tom is making himself a martyr. He’s Jon Snowing himself so hard by standing up. In her interview, she says, Jon Snow always has to do what’s right, despite who he hurts. They’re not in Westeros; they’re in Koreatown.  Schwartz tells Jax that Tom is just looking out for him, but Jax says Tom is questioning his motives, and that’s a topic you don’t go near. Ariana asks if Tom can’t have an opinion. In Ariana’s interview, she says it’s like they must protect Brittany at all costs. Should she have a wedding, so she can get her ass kissed? Jax tells Ariana, he was a preacher, and he thought they were always inclusive. Ariana says he thought wrong, and he says he knows that now. He tells Tom, eff off. Ariana says, this is what always happens. She’s hitting some balls. Tom says he was just asking Jax a question, and Jax says, it was the wrong question. In her interview, Ariana says she’s always going to stand up for what she believes in, speak her truth, and when all else fails, bat some balls.

Jax says, there’s no coming back from that. Tom isn’t in the wedding. There’s no way he can have Tom in his bridal party. Brittany tells Jax to knock Tom the eff out. Lala holds Brittany, and everyone is bummed.

Next time, Dayna tells some of the others about being exclusive with Max, Jax says the only person he has a problem with is Tom, and Ariana wants to leave her life. She should have my life. She’d want back in real quick.

🌅 It’s a Far, Far Better Dawn…

When you’re dancing til it.

February 17, 2020 – Brando Gets the Low-Down, Adam Meets His Nemesis, Battle of the Deck Continues & School House President


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nina wakes up, checks her breath, then pretends she’s still sleeping. Jax brings in coffee, and she makes like she’s waking up. She thanks him, but thinks she needs something to eat; she’s a bit ravenous. He says he doesn’t keep anything in the house besides coffee, and she says, they’ll have to go out into the real world? He’s afraid so, but they need to come up for air sooner or later. She says, breathing is overrated, and they kiss.

Sonny asks Carly how Bobbie is, and Carly says, equal parts thrilled and heartbroken. Lucas is finally coming home, only to immediately move across the country. She doesn’t know whether to cry or celebrate, but Lucas and Brad deserve a fresh start away from Julian.

Willow visits Lucas at the hospital. She says she got the impression that Lucas wants to talk about more than just nannying. He says he thought he was doing a good job of hiding it, but yeah. It’s time they talked about Wiley’s future.

Julian finds Brad at the hospital, and says, Brad summoned him. He’s wondering what trouble he needs to dig Brad out of now. Brad says, none, but he’s wondering who will be around for Julian to bully when Brad moves to Portland. Julian asks if he’s finally leaving Lucas, and Brad says, Julian wishes. Sorry to disappoint him, but he and Lucas are taking Wiley, and moving to Portland next weekend.

Lulu and Dustin walk into the MetroCourt, where Brook is working as hostess. Lulu asks about a certain table, but Brook says it’s reserved. Lulu says she doesn’t see sign, and Brook suggests maybe Lulu would like to dine somewhere else. Lulu excuses herself, and goes over to where Valentin is sitting, wearing sunglasses. Valentin asks why she’s seeking him out, and Lulu says, the DNA results came in. He’s not a Cassadine. He says, apparently not, but he’s still Charlotte’s father.

On the phone, Ned says he understands, and thanks them. Olivia asks if he found out who’s trying to buy up all the stock, and he says his mom was right, someone is after the shares, but they’re good at remaining hidden.

At the Quartermaines’, Nelle gets coffee from the sideboard. She tells Michael there’s not much she’s going to miss about living there; certainly not his family. Michael asks if there’s any chance she’s leaving soon, and she says she’ll be out of the house and out of his life today. Just remember, she’s leaving him and his family in the dirt.

Nina says, no regrets? and Jax says, just the opposite. Her? She says, not yet. So they agree they should… Jax says, see where it’s going? Yes. She says, perfect, but it’s just that she’s not one for skulking around. It’s disrespectful. He says he has a teenage daughter. What message would he be sending? She says she’s had enough deceit already to last a lifetime, but even though she doesn’t want to hide, she’s tired of the world being all up in her private life. He says they don’t have to flaunt it. They’ll approach it like adults; honest, above board, and private. Nina says, how refreshing.

Lulu asks if Valentin is changing his name. She needs to know for the court filing. He says his name won’t change, nor will Charlotte’s last name. She says if it was up to her, he’d never see Charlotte again, and Charlotte would forget he never existed. He says, it’s not up to her, and they have equal parental rights. She can put Charlotte through this pointless exercise, or they can abide by their agreement. She says he can’t afford a lawyer anymore, but he says, he has more than enough to afford a lawyer; he has more than she does. They can fight, or compromise, which is better for Charlotte. She says the only time he cares about what’s best for Charlotte, is when Charlotte’s best interests match his.

Brook says, poor man, and Dustin asks if she feels sorry for Valentin. She says she pities anyone who’s on the receiving end of Lulu’s moral superiority. Wait until he gets it.

Ned says he’ll inform Olivia when he gets some actual information. She says, Michael might be CEO, but no one knows more than Ned does about ELQ. She’s heading to the MetroCourt. It’s Brook’s first day as hostess, and she’s hoping Brook isn’t scaring away the customers.

On the phone with Diane, Lulu says, Diane, no, then says, okay. Dustin says the last time he saw Brook, she was on the way to a meeting with the skeevy producer. How did it go? She asks how it looks like it went. Ned has sent the contract to his lawyers. Brando comes in, and asks where Lulu is; he was told he could find her there. Brook says he’s way too good for Lulu, and Dustin points Lulu out. Brook wonders what a guy like that could possibly want with Lulu. Brando introduces himself to Lulu, and says he got her message. She said she was writing a story about the waterfront shootings. She says she didn’t think she’d hear back from him, and he says he’s there to ask her to drop the story. She asks if he’ll talk about it, and he sits. She says, before they begin, full disclosure. Carly is her cousin, and she met Dev under awkward circumstances. He broke into her house, or rather, someone else broke into her house, and Dev saw them. He stopped them from robbing her. Brando says, that’s a good thing, isn’t it? and she says the police were called, and she actually met Dev at the station. He got arrested, but Sonny cleared everything up.

Dev asks if Sonny has a second. Carly asks if he’s going to tell them why he’s not in school. He says he needs to talk to Sonny in private, and Sonny asks what’s on his mind. Dev says he’s leaving Port Charles. Brando coming here changed everything. Sonny says, Brando is going to play along, and Dev asks, but for how long? Sonny says, for as long as he needs him to.

Lulu tells Brando, Sonny vouched Dev, so she knows he’s a good kid. Sonny and Carly wouldn’t have taken him in otherwise. He’s guessing he walked into more than a line fire when he arrived. She asks why he’s been avoiding her calls, and he says he doesn’t want to give an interview to any reporter; it’s nothing personal. She says she gets it, and he says he doesn’t want the attention. If she wants a quote, he can say he acted on instinct, but it would be in her best interest to leave him out entirely. She says, if she’s doing her job, she has to tell the whole story, and it’s impossible to leave him out. Like it or not, what he did was heroic and selfless. He saved Carly, and took a bullet in the process. He says he’d do it again… She says, but no good deed goes unpunished, and this is his punishment? He says, pretty much, and she says, people want heroes, and want to know everything about them. If there are ducks he needs to put in a row, or skeletons he needs to bury, this is his moment.

Julian asks if Brad expects him to believe Lucas thinks moving is a good idea. Brad says he doesn’t care what Julian believes. What he cares about is the man he loves and his son. Wasn’t it Julian’s idea for them to get out of town, and away from anything that would trigger Lucas? Now he’s finally doing exactly what Julian asked.

Lucas says Willow probably heard by now, he and Brad are moving across the country. She says, Portland right? and he says Brad was offered a great opportunity, and he told Brad to take it. Willow says, of course (🍷), and asks when they’re leaving. Lucas says, in a few days, and she says, wow. So soon? He says it’s tough for his family to wrap their heads around, and Willow says, Wiley has people who love him and are going to miss him. He says it wasn’t an easy decision, but they need to hit the reset button. He still has hope for his little family. That’s what she wanted, right? She says, when she picked them, she wanted the three of them to be a family.

Nelle tells Michael, she made it clear she was interested in selling her stock for a life-changing number. Michael let the opportunity pass, and now it’s too late. Michael asks who she’s selling the stock to, and she says, a buyer. He asks if they have a name, and she says, everyone has a name. Ned comes in, and she says as much as she’d love to chat, her car is waiting, and her new life awaits. She says goodbye to Michael, and says she never got the opportunity to thank Ned for the bait and switch. Disappearing ink on the marriage certificate was brilliant. He says he took it from her playbook; it was his pleasure. She says she’ll remember that one, and leaves. He wonders who Nelle sold her shares to, and Michael says whoever she sold them to was probably part of her plan all along. Their money is probably best spent in buying them back from whoever it is. Ned says he needs to know what kind repercussions there will be from the attack on Michael’s father, and Michael says, Sonny will decide how to respond. He’s just as in the dark as any law-abiding citizen. Ned says, but he’s not any law-abiding citizen. He’s the CEO or ELQ; the face of the brand, as it were. Michael says he’ll talk to his father, and tell Ned anything that will ease the shareholder’s minds. Ned says, while Michael does that, he’s going to find out what interloper bought into their family company.

Dustin asks Lulu if everything is okay, and she says Brando is press shy. He said he was just acting on instinct. Dustin says, humble, considering, and Lulu says she’ll have to interview someone more confident with the spotlight. He says he doesn’t know what she means, and she says, more room for him. He asks if he should start with his childhood, and she says she has enough of his acts of heroism. It’s his last opportunity to shine like the hero he is. He says, at least he hopes he is.

Olivia tells Brook, she’s supposed to greet people at the door, and show them to a table, not stand with her nose buried in her phone. Jax and Nina come in, and Olivia takes them to a table. Valentin watches.

Willow tells Lucas, she didn’t think she’d be invited into their family or Wiley’s life. It’s been a gift. The time she’s had with Wiley, and the days she’s spent with him, never felt like enough. Every time she handed Wiley back, she wondered how soon it would be before she could see him again. The whole idea of them raising Wiley and her being in Wiley’s life might not be possible. Lucas asks, so what is she saying? Does she want Wiley back?

Michael opens the door to Chase, and asks if it’s official business. Chase says, not yet, and Michael says, but it could be. Chase says, Port Charles is still reeling from the violence outbreak. Michael asks if Chase thinks he knows something, and Chase says he gets family loyalty, but there were three attempts in three different cities in broad daylight. If they can’t stop it from escalating, more innocent people will get hurt. He wonders if Michael is sitting on information about who’s concerned, and Michael says he’s not involved with his father’s alleged business, and Chase likes how Michael slipped alleged in like he’s been doing it his whole life.

Dev doesn’t want Sonny to get into trouble for protecting him, and Sonny asks why he’s jumping the gun. Carly asks where he’d go, and Dev says, maybe the private school they thought of sending him to. Carly says, even if they agreed, she can’t just pull him out mid-semester; he’ll never catch up. Dev says he checked online, and if he leaves next week, he’ll get there before the spring semester. Sonny says Dev has it all figured out, and Dev says he does. Carly tells Dev, when Sonny first brought him there, she thought it was too dangerous and risky. But he’s been there a while, and they’re all used to him. If he left, they’d miss him. Not just Sonny and Josslyn, but Avery, Donna, and Mike. Mike might not know where he is, but he’ll notice Dev’s absence. And she’ll miss him. The best thing for him, is to stay right there.

Jax asks if Nina noticed Valentin. She says she did, and he says they can go. They don’t have to stay to  prove a point. She tells him, Valentin no longer has a say in what she does or who she does it with. Not that he ever did. She plans to stay right there with Jax. Jax says, incoming, and Valentin approaches their table. He says, a word? and Nina says, no. She asks if there’s something else, and he says he’d like to talk in private. She says she has nothing to say, and he guesses he’ll say it there. She can’t push what they had out of her heart so easily. She says he did that for her, and he tells her, do what she has to. When she’s finished, he’ll be waiting. She says, he’ll be waiting a long time.

Sonny asks what he can do for Brando, and Brando says he just came from meeting with a reporter. Lulu said she was his cousin. Sonny asks, what about her? and Brando says, she’s been assigned to do a story on the shooting, including what he did. Sonny says, just tell the truth. He and Brando are cousins. Brando asks, what about his son who’s not really his son? He didn’t agree to a cover-up. Sonny says, his mother did when she told them Brando was dead. Now Brando knows and it’s too late to back out. Brando asks Sonny to tell him what he needs to know, so he doesn’t blow this sky high.

Willow tells Lucas, that’s not what she meant, and Lucas says, good. She says she’s so sorry. She’s nervous, and making a mess of this. What she’s trying say is, she let the boundaries get fuzzy, so she’s saying goodbye. It’s going to be hard, but she knows it has to be done. Maybe it’s for the best. She never doubted that he and Brad were absolutely the best parents for Wiley. She’s made peace with them leaving, and wishes them all the happiness in the world. She tears up, and says she might need help saying goodbye. Lucas says he didn’t invite her there to say goodbye; actually, it’s the opposite. He and Brad want to make her presence in Wiley’s life permanent, if she’ll let them.

Julian tells Brad, stay vigilant. Don’t make the same mistakes, and squander Lucas’s chance to be happy. Brad knows he has a lot of work to do, but he won’t be spending every second figuring out how to keep the lie from being exposed. Keeping all the plates spinning will be easier across the country. Lucas loves him, and he wants to be the person Lucas needs without the secret weighing him down. Julian says maybe Brad has a point. He knows they’ve been at odds. Brad says he doesn’t hate Julian. He appreciates what Julian has done for him. He knows Julian did it for Lucas and Wiley, but he still thanks him. Julian says one thing they agree on is Lucas’s happiness, but just because they’re across the country doesn’t mean they’re out of reach. He’ll be keeping an eye on Brad.

Michael tells Chase, it’s true. He’s been doing this his whole life. He knows how to keep himself from getting involved. It’s a fine line. Chase is a cop, and his brother is a doctor, but they don’t share cases. It’s separate. Can he tell Chase something? Not information, but as more of a favor. Chase wonders if Michael is asking him as a friend or a cop, and Michael says he’s just asking. Chase needs to remember his family didn’t start this. Port Charles is their home, and they don’t want anyone getting hurt.

Ned asks Olivia how it’s going, and she says she had to take Brook off of hostessing duties, since she was ignoring the customers. Lulu is also out with someone who’s not her son, and it’s possible she’ll never get used to it. What’s new with him? He says legal confirmed Diane’s assessment, and couldn’t find a single crack in Brook’s contract. She asks, what about the other thing? and he says, not good. Nelle announced she’d sold her shares. Olivia asks, did she say to whom? and he says, she did not. Olivia says they’ll have to go by the process of elimination. Who else is gunning for ELQ?

Nelle goes to Valentin’s hotel room, and asks if he’s ready to seal the deal. He invites her in.

Ned tells Brook, he’s sorry. There’s nothing more ELQ legal can do. Brook says, Link is a letch. He thinks he not only owns her voice and her music, but he owns her, and there’s no way out. He says, Link turned down a substantial offer. Brook may want to try harder at doing a good job there. She says she’s sorry it’s not working out, and wants to go home. He says he’s not letting her go home and feel sorry for herself. She needs a job.

Nina tells Jax, sorry about Valentin, but he tells her not to apologize for someone else’s bad behavior. She says she wishes she could go a week and not have to apologize for Obrecht’s behavior. He asks if she’s really okay, and she says she is. She asks if she mentioned that they’re pulling out all the stops for the Deception launch issue. She thinks they’ll get new revenue. She frowns, and he says he’s listening. She says she doesn’t know if this is okay. Is it a date breakfast or a work breakfast, or both? They need to be clear. She doesn’t want him agreeing just because they slept together. He says he’s not, and she says she believes him. He always tells her the truth. He asks if that’s a question, and she says, what it is, is the appearance of propriety. She doesn’t want to flaunt it.

Brando says, so Dev helped Sonny escape, and Sonny says, that sums it up. Carly says Dev fit in with the family. He made a connection with Mike that’s special. Keeping him in their home wasn’t a decision they made lightly. Dev comes downstairs, and Brando says they didn’t get a chance to speak when they met. Sonny has been filling him in on the details. Dev says, all the good stuff is true, and Brando says Dev seems like a remarkable guy, and he respects Sonny trying to repay his debt, but he has no idea how to pretend to be Dev’s father, and get on with his life.

Chase says he’s not asking Michael to dig, but if he knows something that can shut this down… Michael says they’ll cross that bridge when they come to it, but probably won’t have to. Chase hopes so. He says, it appears Nelle moved out. That should be a weight off of Michael’s shoulders. Did everybody get what they wanted? Michael says, no, but he didn’t expect it. Chase says he has more good news. Brad and Lucas are moving to Portland. Michael asks how Willow is taking it, and Chase says, she’s having a tough time. If he’s being honest, he thinks it’s for the best. The move will help Willow let go of Wiley, and help Wiley bond with his own family.   

Nelle looks at the check, and tells Valentin, it’s not as much as the Quartermaines were offering. He asks if they were offering new identities for a mother and child, and passports and birth certificates that guarantee a long, happy life elsewhere. She says they were not, but she’d rather give her shares away than sell them to Michael. He says good of her to tell him that after he handed her the check. She says, it’s none of her business, but out of curiosity, what is he doing with the shares? He says he never reveals his agenda, but she might find this amusing. Michael and his girlfriend cost Valentin quite a bit. They didn’t offer him the respect he deserves. Nelle says she knows the feeling. He says he saw a company ripe for a takeover, and he’s helping himself to a generous portion of ELQ, and giving Michael the payback he’s long deserved. She says as much as she’d like to stick around and see the carnage, she’ll have to read about it in the financial papers. It’s been a pleasure doing business with him. He says, likewise. Out in the hall, she looks at Wiley’s new passport, and says, hold on. Mom is coming.

Sonny says he’s sorry about the position Brando has been put in, but nothing is more important than Dev’s safety. Brando says he doesn’t want to compromise that; he just wants his life back. Carly says they can make that happen… and Brando says, but? Sonny says Brando needs to be Dev’s father; just on paper. Brando says, that’s it? No strings? Sonny says, no strings, and Brando says, okay, then. Dev deserves a chance, so consider it done. Dev and Carly thank Brando, and Sonny says, this is how it will work. Brando will go back to Chicago, and live his life. Dev is right about boarding school, and they’ll send him there. Dev thinks it’s the best thing for everyone, and Carly says she wants him home for vacations and holidays, bringing his laundry, like every other kid.

Brad shows up at Lucas’s room, and asks what Willow said. Lucas says he hasn’t gotten there. Willow was under the impression they wanted her out of Wiley’s life. Willow says she gave Lucas the impression she wanted Wiley back, but that’s not what she wanted. Brad thinks Lucas should tell her their idea now, and Lucas says the past year has shown them how random life can be. They want to make sure if anything happens to them, Wiley is loved and taken care of for the rest of his life. He asks if Willow will be Wiley’s designated guardian, and she says, of course (🍷) she would. She promises to give Wiley the best life possible. More than that, she hopes she’ll never have to.

Michael tells Chase, it’s the right move. It will give Lucas, Brad, and Wiley the space they need to bond as a family. He has to admit, he’s used to having Wiley around. Chase says Wiley has no idea how lucky he is, and how many people would have moved heaven and earth for him. Michael says, Wiley has a huge family, and they’d still do it. It’s kind of their thing.

Brook tells Ned, just forget it, and walks away. Dustin asks if Lulu minds, and she says, go be a friend. Not that Brook deserves it. Jax suggests he and Nina meet this afternoon, and she can lay everything out for him. She asks if they’re dating, and he says they can say that; there’s no conflict of interest. She says, honest, above board, and no skulking. Jax says, no secrets. They’re just enjoying each other’s company.

Brook tells Dustin, her father showed the contract to ELQ’s lawyers, and there’s nothing. No technicalities, which means she’s trapped at this job. Her father said she’s lucky to have it. Dustin says it’s not like she hasn’t waited tables before, but she says she’s terrible at it. She’s a terrible hostess, and is probably a terrible bartender. Dustin suggests she get an office job or teach music. She says if she teaches a child to sing the scales, she’ll probably get a cease and desist letter. She doesn’t know how she’s going to find her way out of this deal.

Julian asks Olivia if he can have Leo for a couple of days. He wants to bring Leo to Wiley’s welcome home party. It looks like they’ll also be seeing him off. Lucas and Brad are moving to Portland in a couple of days. Olivia says, it’s out of the blue, and Julian says he supposes it will be a fresh start for them.

Listening in, Nelle says, not if she has anything to say about it.

Tomorrow, Curtis says it’s time he and Taggert get to know one another, Anna asks Peter what he’s not telling her, and Sonny tells Jason that neither the cops or Cyrus can see this coming.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Jenna and Adam are both drunk and stumbling around. Byron wonders if they’re going to shag, and Georgia says, probably. Adam thinks it would be for the best if they just went to bed separately. In his interview, he says, it’s not the smartest idea to dive in on day one. Madison tells Georgia that she was in a hot tub with people practically doing the nasty, and Georgia says, the chief stew is spaced out. In her interview, Georgia says, if anything goes wrong, this could be bad. That’s why she stopped drinking.

Parker plays the ukulele, and tells Madison that she’s gorgeous. In Madison’s interview, she says she never gets crushes on crew members, but it’s fun to hang out with Parker. Jenna doesn’t remember how she got into bed, and says she’s in her bathing suit. Madison tells her that she was all over Adam, and trying to go back to his cabin with him. In Jenna’s interview, she says she’s going to be anxious all day. She’s mortified about last night. In Adam’s interview, he says, last night got real real, real fast. That girl was ready. A producer asks, ready for what? and he says, for Adam. Adam is eating in the crew mess, when Jenna comes in. He says he woke up drunk, and she says she woke up in her bathing suit. Adam asks if she was next to a dead seagull. In Ciara’s interview, she’s happy she and Paget have what they have, and she doesn’t have to deal with drunk hookup bullsh*t. She discovers the box of shortbread in the cupboard is empty, and Paget says she’ll turn into a monster with no shortbread.

It’s time for the preference sheet meeting. Captain Glenn says the primary is Whitney, who’s bringing along her tightknit group of girlfriends, BFF Jeremy, and cousin Hanna. And she’s a vegan. In Adam’s interview, he says, it’s going to be a difficult charter. His specialty is meat, and he’s least comfortable with a vegan menu. If you put in bacon, it tastes great. The captain says they have high expectations for the level of service, and Jenna says they want a lazy day on the water, doing some sailing. Captain Glenn says he’s not sure there’s going to be a breeze, but he’ll figure it out. Jenna says they want a toga party, and the captain says they have floating docks coming, so that will be a nice platform.

In his interview, Parker says he was overwhelmed during the first charter, trying not to screw things up. He wants to be a valuable asset this time. Adam makes notes. He says he’s not only hungover AF, he wants to make something everyone can enjoy, not just the vegans. The floating docks arrive, and Paget says, at least they don’t have a waterslide, which seems to be a struggle for every crew on every yacht. The provisions come. Adam looks at the preference sheets, saying, vegan, lactose intolerant, an allergy to shellfish. He tells Jenna, this is going to be a pain in the ass. In Jenna’s interview, she says, last night was super awkward, so she’s just going to play like it’s no big deal, but on the inside, she wants to vomit her insecurities onto everyone. Adam says he’s frightened; it’s going to be all on them. Jenna says they have to support each other, and jokes they can take out their anger on the other girls.

The crew gets ready to welcome the guests. In Ciara’s interview, she says she and Paget working together is more of an adjustment than she thought it would be. Micromanaging is not an effective way to deal with her. In Jenna’s interview, she says she’s had no time to assess the stews, but from what she’s seen, they can’t even hold a plate. We see a clip of Adam instructing them. Jenna says it worries her. Captain Glenn calls everyone to the aft deck, and the guests arrive.

Glenn tells the guests, they have activities planned, and sailing if they get the right wind. Jenna gives the tour. In her interview, she says, and here’s the hot tub, where you too can make an effing fool out of yourself. We flash back to her making an effing fool out of herself. Paget tells Ciara that she’s doing stuff wrong. Lunch is served on deck, and Jeremy declares, the food is dope. In Captain Glenn’s interview, he says he can control everything on the boat, but he can’t control the wind. They need a minimum of five knots, but he doesn’t know how the boat will react until the sails are up. The sails go up, but the wind is only at 3 knots, and nothing happens.

Jenna and Adam flirt. In Madison’s interview, she says Jenna was rejected, and it’s awkward. Honey, no. One of the guests makes suggestions to the captain on how to sail without wind. In his interview, Captain Glenn says the only thing worse than drunk guests are drunk guests who think they know how to sail. The crew tries to figure out whose underwear is whose. In Georgia’s interview, she says she never did crew laundry, and she’s fumbling through. You wouldn’t think it was so difficult. Some of the guests get in the hot tub. In the captain’s interview, he says, since they couldn’t sail, he wants the guests to have a beautiful view for dinner. Jenna takes the guests’ pictures. In the hot tub, Jeremy says, here’s to you, here’s to me. Should we ever disagree, eff you; here’s to me. In Parker’s interview, he says his work is at its best caliber when he’s under pressure, and has less time to think about it. He and Paget tie a chain from the boat to a huge rock near shore, so they don’t drift.

The guests think the view is gorgeous. Guest Robyn whines that there’s no flavor in beets. Another guest says they’re delicious, and Robyn says, that’s because she’s vegan. In Georgia’s interview, she says people think she’s a moron. She has an authority issue going back to Catholic school, and got kicked out of church. She’s good with everyone until they disrespect her. Respect existence or expect resistance. In Adam’s interview, he says he would get bummed out if he was a guest, and the primary was vegan. Two guests will be getting juicy, buttery steaks. Everyone else enjoy your fungus. Robyn complains to Jenna that the salad had no flavor. Jenna asks how everyone else felt, and they say they loved it.

Jenna tells Madison, when the guests go to bed, be done in 30 minutes. Adam says he didn’t study this much in college. The guests make disgusting suggestions about the berries in the dessert. In Jenna’s interview, she says she doesn’t want to hurt Adam’s ego. He’s a chef, and he’s delicate.

Ciara checks a list Paget left for her, and in her interview, says she and Paget don’t normally work well together. He gives her a list, and it works for them. Some of the crew goes to bed, while others are just getting up. Madison eats cereal in the crew mess, while talking to Parker. In her interview, she says, after a long day, it’s nice to be a person, and take her stew face off. Captain Glenn says he’s thinking of going north in the morning.

The boat is unchained, and they move out. In Georgia’s interview, she says what she calls a mistake, Adam thinks is incompetence, and they’re not the same thing. She tells Jenna, Adam is taking her lack of experience in a formal setting as incompetence. Jenna tells her not to take it personally. In Jenna’s interview, she says she was trained by old school stews. She cut the tip of her finger off, but instead of getting medical attention, she was told to go back to work, and suck it up. She tells Georgia to take one for the team.

The floating docks are put out. Ciara tells Paget to have patience. She’s not as strong as he is. In Paget’s interview, he says if he wasn’t her boyfriend, Ciara wouldn’t talk to him like that. Jenna tells Adam about her exchange with Georgia, and he says he tried pussyfooting around, but it didn’t help. In Adam’s interview, he says, it’s his galley, and his domain. He doesn’t need to be wasting time coddling a stew. He tells Jenna that you need to learn quick or get out of the business. When he sees Georgia, he tells her that he’s not trying to be hard on her; she’s on a learning curve, and he can tell she’s frustrated. She says she’s not being a wimp, and can carry two plates at a time. He says it’s his way or the highway; don’t complain. In Georgia’s interview, she says this is why she doesn’t have chick friends. The first time she tells one her problem, they relay it, and she gets a kick in the head. This is a little confusing, since Jenna is also her boss, and might have been addressing the situation as such. Adam could have been a little more gracious too. The guests are happy with breakfast, and Jenna suggests some water sports before their toga party. She radios Paget to put out the paddleboards.

Ciara says it’s a little choppy for paddleboards, and one of the guests falls on the floating dock before they ever get on one. Jenna asks Madison to keep an eye on Georgia, and she and Adam flirt some more. In his interview, Adam says he and Jenna have an amazing banter. They’ve got to go slow. In Parker’s interview, he says outdoor recreational activities is where he shines. His parents owned a camp, and he was a camp counselor most of his life. He gives one of the guests instructions, and gets them going. Adam plans the evening’s menu, and in his interview, he says, a few sh*tty comments will bruise any chef’s ego. He thinks vegan food sucks, but he wants to knock their socks off. (Or to use the usual vernacular, knock it out of the park). Jenna says she needs someone on toga duty. Georgia pins a toga on Paget. In Ciara’s interview, she says, Paget has a flirtatious personality, which some girls take as flirting, but it’s not. I’m not sure what the difference is there. Georgia tells Madison that she’s mad at Jenna. She mentioned what had happened with Adam, and Jenna told him. She went to an all-girls boarding school, and had enough of that back then. There aren’t enough togas to go around, so Georgia ends up togaless.

Glenn radios Paget, and asks him to open the swim platform. Paget radios Ciara to move the tender, and she comes, but tells him she’s not off her break. He tells her to put the tender on the side of the boat. In her interview, Ciara says, talk to her like a work colleague. She wonders if he’d talk to anther deckhand that way. He says, it’s not a big deal, and she says she still wants to finish her coffee. He says he’ll tell her when she can do stuff like that. She drives away in the tender, and says she’ll be on the side. In Paget’s interview, he says Ciara normally wins their arguments. She’s feisty, like a little rottweiler. He’s her boss, and she needs to respect that. Georgia radios Paget, and Ciara says she’s calling because he looks nice in a toga.

In Adam’s interview, he says everyone has a hard time accepting a challenge, and he has to rise to the challenge of dinner served in togas. Georgia dresses Ciara, and Paget wonders how she’s going to work on deck. Jenna asks Madison to oversee Georgia on the cabins. Ciara and Paget bicker. She asks if he wants a full-on discussion, and he says he does. They argue about which hose to use for something, and she says he’s bitching at her about things that have nothing to do with her. In Ciara’s interview, she says they never let work things turn into an argument. This is a different side of them. She tells him that he only looks at what hasn’t been done.

Next time, the boat goes sideways, a one month old is a guest, Jenna is enjoying her casual flirtation with Adam, and Jenna says the laundry is a sh*t show.

Below Deck – Reunion – Part Two

Captain Lee is magically back, and Andy starts off with one of the most upsetting moments of the season that took place on land in a van. We flash back to Ashton punching the van window, and Andy says they had a strong viewer reaction, and wants to make it clear that there was a producer in the van who made the call not to pull over, feeling it would be safer to return to the boat. Kate says she trusted their judgement, and Andy asks Ashton, when he saw the show, and knew Kate hadn’t been out of line, what was his reaction? Ashton says he immediately messaged her on Instagram. Kate asks if his hand hurt the next day, but Rhylee says, all he remembered was there was a comment about his mother. Andy asks if Kate was trying to provoke him, but she says she wasn’t trying to start a fight. Ashton says Kate had expressed she was unhappy about him trying to kiss her. They’d been making fun of Tanner’s mom, and Ashton assumed she was coming to his support by saying something about his mom. Andy says he told Captain Lee that all he remembered was something about his mother being brought up, and he got angry. We see that clip, and the captain says that’s the issue he had with all the guys during the season. They’d get blackout drunk and not recall anything. Then they’d get together in the morning, and try to piece it together. It was a sh*t storm. Kevin had to carried in and poured into his bunk five times that he knows of – out of nine charters. Andy says a lot of viewers felt Ashton should have been fired, and asks why no one went to the captain. Rhylee wonders why Ashton didn’t go to the captain and out himself. A viewer says Captain Lee had said he didn’t want to work with Ashton again, and asks if that’s still the case. The captain says, if Ashton is the same person, it is. Ashton says he’s not proud of what he did, and respects how the captain feels. Andy says Ashton claimed Kate was reciprocal when he kissed her the first time, but it looked like he’d grabbed face and went for it. She’d been drinking too, and didn’t have much time to react. Even after she told him not to do it again, he still tried. He asks if Ashton thought he had the right to do that, and Ashton says, it wasn’t aired, but he’d gone to Kate for advice earlier. She’d encouraged him, and he thought he felt a vibe. That’s why he went for the first kiss; the second was uncalled for and unprofessional. His drinking proved to be a massive issue that he’s taking seriously, so he quit drinking. He feels intensely regretful, and upset about how he behaved, from the kiss to losing his temper. It’s not something he’s proud of, and he apologizes again. His intention was never to force anything, and he takes responsibility by making serious changes in his life. What hurts the most is that he knows he’s not that person. He knows what he needs to change, and will be better for it.

Kate appreciates his apology, believes it, and thanks him. She doesn’t believe that’s who he is either, but she’s seen after-shows where he’s doubled down, and didn’t seem sorry. What makes him sorry, and when did it happen? Ashton says, it’s a valid point. It took time for him to realize the extent of the problem, and assess the situation. It’s natural to be defensive, and justify your behavior. (Yeah, if you’re twelve.) Andy says, it seemed predatory, and Kate says, from the outside, it looks like it, but it’s not when you’re in the midst of everything. She asks if Ashton just realized he’s sorry now. He was questioning her yachting experience an hour ago, and still justifying his behavior. A viewer asks if Captain Lee wishes Kate had told him about the unwanted advances, and the captain says, yes. He doesn’t tolerate that from anyone. If he’d known, Ashton would have been terminated on the spot. Another viewer says, Ashton said when his mom saw his behavior, she said she thought she’d raised him better. Ashton says he and his mother have always been open and honest. She expressed her concerns, and he’s listened. She’s not happy with his behavior, and wants him to be the best version of himself. That’s part of the reason why he’s changing his behavior, and quit drinking. Andy asks when he started, and he says, the beginning of January, but he was leaning toward it before. He’s been evaluating why he drinks, and it was an easy decision. Kate says, good for you, and Andy asks if any of the others had the same conversation with themselves. Kevin says, in retrospect, he needs to put down the sixth drink, and cut himself off.

Andy says, during the crew’s off-time, they were duking it out in a battle of the sexes. Then we do what he calls looking back at the complicated dynamic, and I call flashing back to stupid drunken behavior on quite a few crew member’s parts, ending with Kevin kicking sand at Kate. Kevin says he can’t remember what Kate said, and Rhylee tells him to just say he’s sorry and shut up. Kate says the sand in her eye was painful, but Kevin was always disrespectful. She accepts his apology. Andy says he’s curious if Abbi and Simone feel that it was guys against girls. Abbi says she felt respected, but she saw things later that she felt were disrespectful. Abbi says she felt they could laugh and joke, and got along. She didn’t feel that because she was a girl, there was anything different. Simone says, Tanner aside, Brian was like a brother to her, and had her back. She and Kevin had a rough start, but managed to have a great relationship. She thinks it really depends on the individual. Andy asks Courtney how she feels, and Courtney says there’s a disconnect with the word misogyny. They don’t have a deep-seated hostility toward women, but get hostile when women act in a way they don’t expect. Maybe Abbi isn’t as assertive. Abbi says she felt genuinely respected on deck, but she was low man on the totem pole and knew it. Rhylee is stronger, but Abbi knew she couldn’t do certain things, and worked around them, figuring out another way. She thinks she was respected for that. Kate thinks the guys were put in a stressful, strange situation, and encouraged each other the wrong way. She doesn’t think they’re bad people as individuals, but there was peer pressure. Brian says, that’s a good point; there’s no manual to tell you what to do. He says just because they were portrayed that way didn’t mean… Captain Lee interrupts, asking if he doesn’t think what he saw was true. Rhylee says there was no editing, and Brian says he didn’t mean that the way it came out. He feels sad, since he and Courtney had fun, and he really liked her. When he saw the episode, he realized he didn’t behave right, but when he was doing it, he didn’t feel he was coming across the way he did. Andy asks if there’s anything Captain Lee could have been told that would have changed the dynamic, but the captain says he wasn’t told anything. Rhylee says, that’s because they didn’t tattle. Kevin feels Brian wasn’t that bad, and Kate agrees, but Rhylee says, Brian wanted her fired. She says Brian was volatile when he was speaking about her, even though he didn’t know her. Brian says he doesn’t hide what he thinks, and Kevin says, Rhylee knows she’s a hothead. Rhylee says she’s reactionary. Does he think he overreacted in the way he treated her? Kevin says he’s not saying he didn’t react badly.

Andy says Abbi surprised everyone by quitting to answer an engagement text. We flash back to Ashton learning Abbi is green, the radio issue where Abbi kept pushing the mic button, and Abbi quitting. We move on to Captain Lee telling Ashton that Rhylee will be joining them, and Rhylee pushing some buttons. The captain thinks Ashton predisposed the other male members of the crew toward Rhylee before she got on board because of his previous experience. He gets that it wasn’t pleasant, but Ashton basically told them to brace themselves, and prepare for the worst. He doesn’t think Ashton gave Rhylee a fair second chance. Ashton insists their opinions weren’t formed by what he said. Why would he sabotage the rest of the season by pitting them against her, when he understood the challenge? It would have been counterproductive. We flash back to Ashton telling them what a pain Rhylee is. Ashton says he sees how it could be taken the wrong way, and how he created the first impression. He says he’s sorry, and Rhylee says, to who? Ashton says he takes full responsibility. He should have been more professional. Andy says, Captain Lee got upset about a situation that Kevin overheard, and told Brian. The captain says, it’s called gossip, and Andy says, but when Ashton brought the fishing excursion to his attention, and Kate told Rhylee, wasn’t that unprofessional? Captain Lee thinks Ashton has no remorse for anything that happened during the season. If he didn’t want to say it in front of Kate, he could have asked to talk privately. Ashton says, it had a spin-off effect, and upset Rhylee, who further aggravated the situation. Andy asks if there’s anything Kate has done that Captain Lee takes issue with, and the captain says, hell yeah. They’ve discussed a lot of things, going back to her lying about the penis blanket. Ashton asks if there’s been anything this season, and Andy asks what about her throwing the laundry on the floor? I could have sworn he did address that with her at the time, as well as when she stayed off the boat all night. Captain Lee says, it’s the classic he’s sober while everybody else is sh*t-faced, and he’s supposed to respond. Ashton says he called out Tanner, and Captain Lee says Tanner couldn’t stand up, and couldn’t respond. Ashton says what Kate did in regard to the penis cake was unprofessional, and the captain says, it could have been handled better. The problem he has is with the four guys. They seem to think their behavior all season has been totally beyond reproach. Ashton says he’s acknowledging it wasn’t, and Captain Lee says, they can apologize until hell freezes over, but do they mean it? He doesn’t think they’re sincere. Aston says, what about the behavior from the other side? The captain has been protecting Kate, and he doesn’t think it’s professional. Captain Lee tells him, take it how he likes, and Ashton says Captain Lee has said he’d always have Kate’s back. The captain asks if Ashton wouldn’t want to be in that same position, after six years of working under him, and working with insignificant bullsh*t. He can see it how he likes it. Andy says a viewer thought Ashton asking if Tanner slapped Kate with his d*ck was one of the most disturbing things she’d ever heard a man say about a women. Why did he think saying that was okay? Ashton says he doesn’t. He’s seen a therapist this week, and want to identify the root cause of his behavior. The captain says he needs a break. He’s done dealing with these d*ckheads. He walks off the stage.

Andy wonders if Captain Lee is coming back, and why he left. Rhylee thinks he’s over it, and Ashton thinks it’s the questions he’s asking. He honestly thinks what Kate did was unprofessional, and Kate says, let’s go through the list. Kevin feels like they’re apologizing, yet there’s nothing from their side. Kate says she’s sorry she threw the laundry on the floor. She’s sorry she doesn’t take mistreatment well. Courtney says  they’re not the troublemakers. The guys create the behavior that elicits a reaction, and it’s exhausting having to keep telling them why it’s a problem. Ashton says she’s saying they cause a reaction from the girls, then judge them for it. He gets that. Courtney says, don’t create a reaction, and it won’t happen. Andy says a viewer thought Kate was paying a compliment, by calling someone a yachtie. Brian thinks she said it in a bad way; he’d asked her not to call him that. Kate tells him, she said a yachtie is hard-working and well-traveled, but most yachties don’t like being called yachties. Simone thinks yachties are considered party animals, who work hard, but waste their money on illegal stuff. Kate says she was referring to packing a cooler.

A viewer says, how Ashton treated Rhylee personally and professionally, was disgusting, and he encouraged bullying. Ashton says he’s struggled with that, and should have done better. Andy tells him, Rhylee said she doesn’t fire the first shot. Does he see what she was reacting too? Ashton says, he was at a point where he didn’t know how to handle it. Rhylee asks if it wasn’t the first day when he said he was done with her. It’s not what she wanted the outcome to be. A viewer asks why Rhylee felt she had the right to feel righteous, when she defended herself aggressively, which just made matters worse. Rhylee says she didn’t come in combative; she was ready to work. She told Ashton that she thought he had amazing qualities to be a leader, but he had a grudge against her that leads into their working relationship. She didn’t think it was fair, and doesn’t condone the mistreatment of anyone.

Captain Lee returns, and Andy asks why he left. The captain apologizes, and says he felt overwhelmed. He didn’t think the conversation was going in a positive direction, and didn’t want to be part of a negative image. A viewer says they heard Captain Lee won’t work with Ashton again, but would he work with Rhylee. The captain says, it’s a good question. Unless some things have changed, probably not. Andy says there’s a question for the captain and Kate. Now that they see how Rhylee talked to Ashton, would they be okay with a crew member talking to them that way. Captain Lee says, no, and Kate says she wouldn’t love it, but thinks they were both wrong. A viewer asks why didn’t Ashton hold the other deckhands to the same standard as Rhylee, and Ashton says, in the beginning, he had a problem with Brian. We flash back to Ashton giving Brian a lecture. Ashton says, it’s interesting that never came up. He also had a discussion with Tanner about his attitude. Andy asks how Ashton’s buddy Ross managed Rhylee, and Ashton says Ross had as difficult a time as he did. Rhylee says she and Ross are friends, and that’s not the case. Ashton disagrees, and says, Ross felt frustrated. We flash back to Rhylee and Ross butting heads. Rhylee says Ashton wanted her fired, and Andy asks if Rhylee got along better with Ross. She says, 100%.

Andy says the men talked about the areas they need growth in, and asks if the women discovered anything about themselves. Kate says she’d like to be more patient. She understands it’s busy and stressful, but they’re members of a team, and she wants to be more helpful. Rhylee says she knows she’s reactionary, and already said she wants to change that. What she needs to do is think before she reacts, and understand her own point that she wants to get across, instead of being explosive. Andy says there aren’t a lot of women of color in Simone’s position, and asks what she’s learned. Simone says she made it her mission to get into the industry. It was difficult, because people were looking to see how she conducted herself in situations where she should speak up. She didn’t want to be labeled as the angry Black woman. She’s learned if she’s upset about something, to speak directly to her supervisor. Kate says she did amazing, and Simone thanks her. Andy asks if Captain Lee would have done anything different this season, and Ashton says, fire him? The captain says, firing isn’t always the answer. He wishes he’s been privy to, and maybe if someone had come to him, saying it was a toxic situation, he would have intervened. He was shocked and appalled at what he saw unfold this season. He thought nothing they could do, could shock him, and that wasn’t true. Andy asks if it changed how he’ll interact with his crew in the future, and the captain says, absolutely; things will change.

Andy says Kate has a new life in New York, and she says, it’s exciting. Andy tells us, it’s been a dramatic season, and a dramatic reunion. He asks if they’re all going out together tonight as an integrated group, and Courtney says, probably not. Andy says, she doesn’t think her and Brian… and she tells him, don’t be silly. Brian says, blah-blah-blah. I get the feeling he still isn’t taking it well that she’s over him. She says she already told him that she’s not going to tolerate the way he spoke to her.

Andy thanks the entire crew for a fantastic season, and that’s it. Wow. They didn’t even get a shot. Not even a shotski. Let me just point out again, they’ve done seven seasons, and had two spin-offs, and don’t even get a big set for the Reunion. They cram into the clubhouse. And now no parting shot. It’s just not right.

🤹🏽‍♀️ In Summary…

Hope you enjoyed a day off. And if you didn’t get one, welcome to the club.

February 14, 2020 – Nina Takes a Leap, Kandi Wants Her Own, Joe’s Tribute, Gina Says Next, Lisa Identifies, Bong Shares, Stars Remember, Eight Valentine(ish) Quotes & Wishing You Love


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nina throws a folder on Jax’s desk, and says it’s all his fault. She has to choose between Aruba and St. Martin, but she can’t look at the sand and water, or conceptualize the shoot. All she hears is his voice inside her head saying, come to the fun side of the island. He says, maybe it’s her subconscious talking. Nina asks what it’s telling her, and he says, come to the fun side of the island. She asks if that’s still an option.

Valentin looks at the Cassadine crest ring. He says he never had a use for it, and never even bothered to put it on. Now he’s learned it was never his to begin with. He looks up, and says, how did you do it, Helena? How did you pull off such a horrible lie? Helena is suddenly there, and says, Valentin, my son. Surely you’re smart enough to figure out there was no lie. It’s all the truth.

Sam and Alexis have dinner at the MetroCourt. Alexis remarks on how good the food is, and Sam asks if they’re not talking about the elephant in the room; Neil. Alexis says, is he here? and Sam says, he is. Alexis asks if he’s alone, and Sam says, he was, but not anymore. Alexis looks, and sees Neil sitting with Obrecht.

Sasha tells Michael that some Italian chain stores are interested in Deception. It would be great to branch out from the American market, but that’s as far as her expertise goes. Michael says if she steers clear of Brexit, a lot of the market is set up for expansion. The good news is, he has lawyers who can help set it up for her. She says, and the bad news? He wonders if Lucy will be okay with it.

Willow says, she must have expensive taste; the wine is good. He says, the wine guy comes through again, and she says, the wine guy is a legend. He asks if she’s leaving him for the wine guy, and she says, that depends. Are they still going climbing? He says she asks that like they’re climbing Mt. Everest. It’s at the Y, and they’ll be on harnesses with mats underneath them. She says, it’s kind of the same thing, and he says, it’s not, and she’s going to love it. They’ll have a great time. There’s a knock at the door, and Chase opens it to find Nelle there. She says she needs his help, and throws her arms around him. Chase says he thinks she just assaulted him, and Willow asks if it isn’t a violation of her parole. Nelle says they should be thanking her. Brad and Lucas are thinking of leaving town, and taking Wiley with them.

Sasha tells Michael, Lucy does like things just-so, but she’s made enough mistakes that if someone has a contribution, she wants to hear it. She thinks European distribution is making a contribution. Michael thinks she should go for it, and Sasha says it’s interesting how he honed in on the potential difficulties of working with Lucy. Is something going on at ELQ? He says, with his family, there are always difficulties, and she says, talk to her. He says, it’s funny. He never wanted to be CEO. Ned had a crisis, and threw the company in his lap. Sasha says, it must have been overwhelming, and Michael says, he made mistakes, but as he went along, he learned how everything works, and now he’s pretty good at it. But with the Quartermaines, being good is never good enough.

Brad visits Lucas, and asks how he’s doing. Lucas says, better by the minute. He wants to get out, and be with Brad and Wiley. Tell him about outside world. How was Brad’s day? Brad says, eventful, and Lucas asks, what’s up? Brad says, an opportunity fell into his lap out of the blue. Lucas asks if it’s a job, and Brad says it is. It’s in Portland. Lucas says, as in Oregon? and Brad says, that’s the one.

Alexis tells Sam, not that there was any relationship with Neil, but any implication of one has to be put in the rear view. Does he look interested? Sam says, no. He’s barely listening to Obrecht. She thanks Alexis for dinner, and jets.

Valentin tells Helena, he doesn’t remember much of his childhood in Greece. Living on the island, he doesn’t remember calling anyone mother. She says, his mother lived at the main house. He says he remembers getting the tattoo, and Mikkos dropping him off at boarding school. If he was a bastard, why was he provided for? Why would Mikkos draw up a will leaving him everything? She says, it’s simple. Mikkos believed Valentin was his.

Jax says he enjoyed kissing Nina. He could have gone on kissing her all year. She says, that would have been a long kiss, and he says, but she seemed uncertain. Given the world we live in, he didn’t want to seem like he was pressuring her or taking advantage. She asks if her job hinges on sleeping with him, and he says, the exact opposite, but they do work together. Nina says he is her boss, and he says he didn’t want it to look like he was taking advantage of his position. She says, funny he mentions that, and she closes the door. She says she consulted a lawyer, and as long as neither one of them are married, there’s no quid pro quo, and they’re both consenting adults – Jax says, check, check, and double check – it’s completely legal to do whatever they want. He smiles, and says it seems like with all the research she did, she wants to date him. Unless he’s wrong.

Neil tells Obrecht, he was hoping to get some work done, but she says, no one likes to eat alone. He says he’s a fan, and he only consults with his patients at work. She says she needs help now.

Alexis’s assistant calls, and she says she’s going out where she can hear better. She passes Neil’s table, and Neil says hi. He says he saw Alexis having dinner with Sam, but didn’t want to interfere with mother/daughter time. Alexis says she didn’t want to interfere with his… whatever it is.

Brad tells Lucas that Spinelli and Ellie are moving back to Port Charles, freeing up Ellie’s position. Lucas asks if it was offered to Brad, and Brad says he just got done with a marathon phone conversation. They’re willing to sweeten the pot, and make room for Lucas at the same hospital. Lucas says they must really want Brad, but Brad says, it’s not a promotion. The title is the same, although there’s more money. At first glance, it looks amazing. Lucas asks if Brad is excited, and Brad says he knows the timing is crazy. Lucas just woke up and is still recovering. Lucas says, the timing is perfect. Let’s move to Portland.

Nelle asks if she’s interrupting, and Willow asks, what business is it of Nelle’s what Brad and Lucas do with their son? Nelle says Wiley is her dearly departed husband’s flesh and blood; the only connection she has left. Willow says there’s no proof that Shiloh is Wiley’s biological father. Chase tells Nelle, it’s time to go, and if she comes back, he’ll contact her parole officer. She says he wouldn’t dare, but he thinks, given the nature of their past, it qualifies as stalking. Go. He slams the door behind her, and Willow asks if he’s okay. He says he doesn’t know, and she says she doesn’t know what pissed her off more; that Brad and Lucas are leaving, or that Nelle is taking an interest in it.   

Helena says Mikkos would amuse himself with the island girls, and stay away for months with his ridiculous mistress, the opera singer. Valentin says, so it was easy for her to conceal her pregnancy, and by the time he came back, it was easy to convince Mikkos that the baby was his. She says Mikkos surprised her, being more interested in Valentin than she thought he would be. Valentin wasn’t like the rest of them. He says, the Cassadines have tendency toward insanity, obsession, and megalomania, and she says, their appetites led Mikkos astray. Valentin was her son. He says, brilliant, and not crazy at all. Helena says, the perfect combination. He says, bravo. She managed to trick Mikkos into raising him as one of his own, branding him with the family crest, and leaving him his fortune. She says she was surprised when Mikkos changed his mind.

Nina asks Jax to look at it from her perspective. He’s probably the most stable guy in the world. He’s trustworthy and straightforward. He’s handsome and stable. He’s like an alien in the dating world. Every guy she’s been attracted to has been messed up. She doesn’t have a great track record with sanity, and all of this is different. Jax says, like trying on a new look, and Nina says, a whole new look. He asks, is the look right for her, or does she want to stick with her side of the island? She asks if his side is really fun. What if she goes to his side, and all she sees are spiders and snakes? He says he thinks she can dot every I and cross every T, and call a lawyer to get the green light, but eventually, it’s on her. She’ll have to take a chance, and he sincerely hopes she does.

Nelle sees Sasha and Michael at Kelly’s, and asks if she can’t have a night on the town without them following her. Sasha asks Michael if they should tell her that they were there first, but he says, don’t bother. He asks Nelle what he can do for her, and she says it’s really what really what she can do for him. It’s his last chance to make an offer for her ELQ shares, and it better be good.

Chase says Nelle is looking for a way to mess with their heads. She’s using Willow to get to him, and Wiley to get to Willow. Willow says, like at the hospital, where Nelle almost tricked her into letting her hold Wiley. Chase asks what happened, and she says Michael was trying to find Brad, and she had Wiley. A woman in a wheelchair showed up. She seemed nice, and told Willow about how she lost her baby, and Willow got the impression it had been recently. She asked to hold Wiley, and it was unsettling, but Willow felt bad for her. How stupid was she? Chase says, if she wants to talk stupid, allow him to introduce himself.

Brad asks if Lucas is serious, and Lucas says he’s had a lot of time to think. Julian is an ongoing problem that will only get worse. The only way to go about it might be to create physical space between them. Brad says, in Portland? and Lucas says, why not? It’s a great city, with a great climate. Brad adds, and great schools for Wiley, but won’t Lucas miss his family? Lucas says, especially his mom, but if it’s between that, and Julian always knocking at the door, she’d agree. Lucas doesn’t want it to sound like a complaint. Everyone was awesome, helping with Wiley while he was in a coma, but he wants to get back to their little family; just the three of them. He thinks he needs that right now. Brad completely agrees, and can’t believe they’re doing this. Sam walks in, and Lucas says he was literally just texting her. She says she was literally just pulling up to pay him a surprise visit. Lucas says, fate, and tells her that he needs a second opinion.

Alexis tells Neil to enjoy his evening, but Neil says, it’s not an evening. It’s not even dinner. Well, it’s his dinner. He blurts out, she’s a patient. Alexis says, if there was anything going on, it’s none of her business. She excuses herself, and goes out in the hallway. Obrecht asks if it’s something she said.

Valentin says, Mikkos was an egomaniac, obsessed with his bloodline. He couldn’t stand the thought of the woman who loved his grandson not being his, so he left his estate to Valentin. Helena couldn’t stand that, so she told him the truth. Valentin wasn’t his son. She must have relished having that conversation. She says she did; revenge was sweet. Valentin says, the most Cassadine of the bunch wasn’t even a Cassadine. Helena says that’s when he wrote the codicil, and Valentin says, but Mikkos died before he could publicly disinherit him, leaving the document in her hands. Helena says he’s doing well. Finish. Valentin says she hid the codicil in her portrait as a test. Nikolas had to set aside his hatred for her long enough to find the missing ingredient. She says the fortune was always meant to go to Spencer; that was the goal. He says, that explains how his daughter came to be. He never fully understood, but it wasn’t about Stavros’s child. It was about Helena having an heir from her line, and Luke Spencer. Helena says, my son. Congratulate her. She’s succeeded beyond her wildest dreams. She laughs, and he throws his glass at her, but she disappears, and it hits the wall. He storms out.

Nina tells Jax, before she takes a chance, she has to know why. He says, why what? and she says, there are less neurotic women out there. Why is he interested in her? Jax says he likes how he feels when he’s with her. They have fun together, and he likes being around her. She says her baggage is intense, but he says he likes a challenge, and it would be a challenge to show her that she’s not her baggage. She says he always knows what to say, when to say it, and how. Can he give her a guarantee? He says he can’t do that. He doesn’t know if they’re a match made in heaven, but they’ll never know if they don’t try. It takes a certain amount of risk. Nina says he’s never had his heart broken, but he says he has. He just chose not to shut down, and learn from his mistakes; acknowledge what went wrong, and embrace the good. He’s a believer in it, but he can’t make her believe. It’s not his leap to take. It’s hers. She kisses him.

Michael says Nelle thinks she’s won already, but the ELQ shares haven’t been probated. He’s in a much better position to weigh things out. He offered her money to go away, but if she doesn’t choose to, no biggie. He’ll sit things out. She says the stock is hers, but he says, there’s a 50% chance it will be found that Oscar was misled by a known criminal, and the bequest will be invalid. It could take up to ten years, but he has all the time in the word. Her, on the other hand… Nelle says he’s just like his mother; smug and superior. He thinks he knows everything, but he doesn’t. He’s about to lose Wiley forever.

Chase tells Willow, Nelle was compelling, and he felt bad. So bad, he let her play him. He went to Florida, and let her seduce him. If he’d just shoved her out of his hotel room and slammed the door, but he didn’t. He blames himself.

Lucas tells Sam, Brad got a great job offer, and Brad says, Lucas too. Lucas says, it means relocating to Portland. Sam says, wow. She thinks it’s awesome, and says, if she had a chance or a prayer of convincing Jason to move away, they’d be gone in a second. Julian is a pain, so they should get out while they can. Lucas says, his thoughts exactly. Sam says they might want to reconsider her as Wiley’s designated guardian. Brad asks, why? and she says she’s on parole. It’s not like she can hop on a plane if something happens to them. She asks Lucas to think about it, and he says he will. She says he’ll miss them, and tells them to promise to come home once in a while, since she can’t visit. Lucas promises, and she hugs him. She says she loves him, and thinks it will be good for all of them. Brad hopes so.

Valentin stomps past Alexis, and she follows. He goes out on the terrace, and babbles about the sun, moon, stars, villains, and fools. He says he has a compulsion, and leans on the railing. Alexis asks what he’s doing.

Jax tells Nina, this is his bedroom. She says she sees; it’s gorgeous. He asks if she wants champagne, and she says, again? He says, some things have to be celebrated, and pops the cork. He pours both of them a glass, and says, cheers. They clink glasses, and drink. He says, don’t worry. He has her. They start to get busy.

Nelle tells Michael, Brad and Lucas are moving to Portland, and Wiley will be on the other side of the country. Michael says, if that’s true, it’s their choice, and he’s happy for them. ELQ has an office in Portland, and he can visit every weekend if he wants. It’s good they’ll be far away from her. She tells him, go to hell, and walks away. Sasha says, that was fun.

Willow tells Chase, maybe she didn’t want to see Nelle that way, but he’s right. She’s exactly like Shiloh. She swears she knows the difference between someone too good to be true, and someone who’s just good. He shows her that every day. He says, funny. He was going to say the exact same thing. They kiss, and he says obviously she’s the real deal. He knew from the second they met. Even if she made him work for it. She says, maybe a little. Was it worth it? He says, every second, and they kiss some more. She pulls back a little, and he asks, what is it? Wiley? and she asks if he thinks Nelle said what she did just to get under her skin, or does he think it’s true, and Brad and Lucas are leaving? Chase says he doesn’t know, but say it was true. How does she feel about it?

Valentin tells Alexis, he’s enjoying the view. Is that a problem? She says, no, and tells him, congratulations. He’s not related to Mikkos and the rest of that dysfunctional bunch. It’s a win. He says, being Helena’s son is a step up? and she says he has none of the Cassadine crazy. Trust her, he got off easy. He tells her, have a good night, and leaves.

Sasha tells Michael, she’s impressed. Nelle was working so hard to get under his skin, but he gave her nothing. She has no idea how hard it hit him about Wiley moving. He says he’d like to think Nelle is lying, but she’s not dumb enough to lie about something so easily proven. Sasha says, Wiley won’t be in Port Charles, but Michael says he thinks it’s for the best. Sasha says he’s going to miss Wiley, and he says he will, and they hug.

Willow tells Chase, she wants to spend as much time as she can with Wiley while they live in the same town. She’ll cherish every minute, even though she knows it might not be the best thing for either of them. Her original intent was to never see Wiley again, but life happened, and she’s suddenly allowed to spend time with him. Chase says, it was a gift, and she says, completely, but every time she does, it’s hard not to see herself as his mother. She’s not, so maybe it’s better. Chase says, a good parent makes decisions based on what their kid needs, not what they need. She’s an incredible parent. They kiss, and Willow’s phone rings. It’s Lucas. She asks if everything is okay with Wiley, and he says Wiley is great. He was wondering if she could come see him in morning. There’s something important he need to fill her in on. She says she’ll be there.

Neil comes out on the terrace, and says he thought Alexis could use this, and puts his jacket on her shoulders. He asks how Valentin is, and she says, he’s having a rough time. How’s Obrecht? He says, gone, mercifully. She says he’s a brave man doing therapy with that one, and he says he’s realizing that. She tells him, goodnight, and gives back his jacket. They smile at each other.

Valentin looks at the broken glass, and throws the ring back in the bod. There’s a knock at his door. It’s Nelle, and he says he’s glad she could make it. She assumes he got her message. She’s ready to sell her ELQ stock. He says he’s ready to negotiate, and invites her in.

Jax and Nina bask in the afterglow. He says he’s really glad she took the leap, and she says, it’s the best leap she’s taken in life. His side of the island is really fun. He says, it gets more fun. He’s going to teach her to surf. She asks if she has to wear a wetsuit, and he says, he prefers she wear as little as possible. He tells her, they’re just getting started, and they kiss.

On Monday, Valentin tells Lulu that they can fight or compromise, Nina asks Jax if he has any regrets, Nelle tells Michael that she’s going to leave him and his family in the dirt, and Brando tells Sonny to tell him what he needs to know or he’ll blow everything sky high.

🍑 I’d Watch It…

I love the cast photo, although I’m sure it was photoshopped to death.

💘 Valentine Joe…

I don’t care how many tributes he posts, he’s not going to get Teresa to move to Italy any time soon.

🏡 As She Moves On, He Moves In…

It sounds kind of tight in that three bedroom house though.

🌨 A VanderBond Moment…

This is when my TV went wonky during Vanderpump Rules.

🏆 You Go, Bong…

Again, so pleased the awards were given to someone who so deserved it.

🥊 Not Forgotten…

While I only watched Y&R for a moment when Marc Singer had a stint as a villain, Kristoff St. John was in one of my favorite workout videos, Kick Butt.

👩‍💻 Quotes of the Week

Love is taking a few steps backward maybe even more…to give way to the happiness of the person you love. – Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne

Sometimes what we want isn’t what we need.Gena Showalter

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.Lao Tzu

The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers.Sydney J. Harris

Love is, above all, the gift of oneself. – Jean Anouilh

Music is life. That’s why our hearts have beats. – Unknown

Love is the hardest habit to break and the most difficult to satisfy. Drew Barrymore

If I could speak all the languages of earth and of angels, but didn’t love others, I would only be a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. If I had the gift of prophecy, and if I understood all of God’s secret plans and possessed all knowledge, and if I had such faith that I could move mountains, but didn’t love others, I would be nothing. If I gave everything I have to the poor and even sacrificed my body, I could boast about it; but if I didn’t love others, I would have gained nothing.1 Corinthians 13 (NIV)

💝 Summing It Up…

Whether you’re loving the one your with, think love is a many splendored thing, can’t help falling in love, or you’re all out of love, I hope the day dedicated to love was everything you wanted, or at least not too hard on you.

February 13, 2020 – Finn Packs His Bags, Leslie Judges the Runway, Million Dollar Baby & Creepy Love


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason tells Sam, they’re going to get through this. Sam says she knows, and loves him so much. He says he loves her more. They kiss, their theme music plays, and I feel drowsy already. He tells her to leave first; he’ll come in a couple of minutes, to be safe. Sam takes a breath, and peeks through the blinds. She turns back to Jason, mouths I love you, and goes out. Delores comes down the hallway, and says she’s glad she bumped into Sam. They have a problem. Sam says, which is? and Delores asks why she’s at the hospital. She tells Sam, be careful with her reply. Full disclosure is important in establishing her trust.

Anna says, Finn told them, didn’t he? How could he? Does he have any idea what he’s done? Who the hell does he think he is? He says he cares about her, and made a conscious decision to tell them because he cares. She says she gave him the information because she trusts and loves him, and he betrayed her. He says he did for her because he loves her.

Lulu sees Dustin at the MetroCourt, and asks if she forget they had a date. Dustin says, they don’t. His date is with someone else.

Jax ponders his kiss with Nina. He looks at his phone.

Nina tells Ava, it was one little kiss, and asks Ava to promise not to tell anyone. Ava asks if she should cross her heart, and Nina says, she’s serious. It didn’t mean anything, but Valentin will think something else. Ava asks why Nina cares what Valentin thinks. Valentin walks in, and says he’s glad he found Nina. There’s something he needs to talk to her about.

Chase comes home to find Willow dressed up. She says, ta-da! And he says she’s beautiful. She says he’s not so bad himself. She moves toward him, but he says he’s toxic, and doesn’t want to contaminate her. He questioned a suspect for nine hours before he got a confession. It was so hot in there, he was ready to confess. He can’t let her near him until he takes a shower. She says she’ll risk it, and kisses him.

Walking into the MetroCourt with Brad, Maxie says, he remembers Ellie Trout, right? She was supposed to head the lab until she had the title ripped out from under her by Brad’s underhanded dealings. She had a great job in Portland, but found an even more fabulous job as lab manager at Queen’s Point. She and Spinelli are moving back, so all’s well that ends well. He says, tell Ellie congratulations, and she says she’ll do that, and says, have a wonderful night.

Brad sits with Nelle, who says she hopes he doesn’t mind that she ordered wine. She asks, what’s the occasion? and he says he wanted to share his news with her. As soon as Lucas is well enough, they’re moving away. She says, what about Wiley? and he says, they’re taking him of course (🍷), but she says, no. That’s not happening.

Chase toasts to staying in, his favorite kind of date. Willow says, he’s been working non-stop; he must be exhausted. He says, what’s exhausting is working this hard and not getting anywhere. But he’s given it sixteen hours today, and that’s more than enough. He wants to talk about literally anything else. Something happy. She says she’s got happy news. Lucas asked her to come back as Wiley’s nanny.

Brad tells Nelle, the doctors expect a full recovery. Lucas’s family is smothering, and the best thing for their family is to move away from Port Charles. A fresh start. She asks where they’re planning on going, and he says he heard about a job opening in Portland.

Lulu asks Dustin why he’s meeting Jax, and he says Jax asked to see him. He thought he’d fortify himself first. She says he doesn’t have to; he’s a hero. She can stay and wait, and they can have a date when he’s done. He says there’s nothing he’d like more. He leaves, and Lulu sees Maxie sitting with Peter. She goes over to their table, and Maxie asks how Laura is doing. Lulu says she’s making an amazing recovery, and Maxie says she saw hot Dustin leaving. Tell her everything. Peter wonders if he should be in on this conversation, and Lulu tells him, if he wants her to write about Dustin’s heroics during the shooting on the pier, she can’t be impartial. She sits down, and says they just took a big step in their relationship.

Jax looks at Nina’s number on his phone, when Dustin appears. Dustin asks if he’s too early, but Jax says, come in. Dustin assumes this is about Josslyn, and Jax thanks him again. Josslyn could have been seriously injured, or worse. Dustin says he did what anyone would have, and Jax says he’s profoundly grateful. He hands Dustin a check.

Nina says she wishes Valentin hadn’t come back there, and Ava asks if he’s stalking Nina. He says he got the test results back. It turns out the codicil is right; he’s not a Cassadine. Ava says, her husband will be pleased, even though he had no doubts. Nina asks Ava to give them some privacy, and Ava says if it’s what she really wants. She tells Nina, give her a shout if she’s needed. She goes in the back, and Nina says she knows Valentin wasn’t expecting this. He says he doesn’t know who he is anymore.

Finn says he loves Anna, and from time to time, feels the need to protect her. She says she doesn’t need protection, but he says she’s blind to Peter. He’s a murderer. She says, he stopped an assassin from killing Andre, and he says, maybe, but the assassin was also on Peter’s payroll. She says he doesn’t know that for sure, but he says she’s lying to herself. Peter kept Jason prisoner for years. Based on that alone, she should know the truth. She says he just gave Jason the ammunition to kill Peter, but Finn says, Jason gave his word that he’d hand the case over to the Feds. Something she should have done.

Delores says she went by Sam’s house for a surprise check. Sam says she had no right, but Delores says she has every right. She was told Sam was at the hospital, but they didn’t know why. She says someone was watching her kids, she’s sick, and didn’t want to alarm them. Delores says Sam looks healthy, and Sam says, Delores became a medical expert when? Delores says Sam came out of the examining room just now, so the doctor must still be in there. She’ll see if Sam’s story check out. Jason listens at the door.

Nina tells Valentin that she’s sorry. He says he always knew who he was with her. He’s the man who loves her; it’s all he has left. She says, he’s Charlotte’s father; that’s all Charlotte ever wanted. He says, Nikolas has his victory, and Jax too. She says he never gives up. He should take this and turn it to his advantage. He’s free from the Cassadines. His life is his own. He says that’s kind of her, and asks if that’s all they have left. She asks what else he wants from her; they’re over. He says Ava can come out, and leaves. Ava asks Nina if Valentin overheard them talking about Jax, but Nina’s not sure. Ava says Nina didn’t tell him. Why not?

Dustin tells Jax that he can’t accept the check, but Jax tells him to see who it’s made out to. Dustin reads, the Port Charles Educational Fund, and Jax says, so the teachers don’t have to use their own money to buy supplies. Dustin supposes he should stop assuming before he reads the document; something he teaches his students. Jax says he would also like to know how Josslyn is actually doing. Outside the door, Josslyn listens in.

Sam tells Delores, she’s read her parole restrictions. Nowhere in them does it say Delores can check up on her doctor’s appointments. Delores says the conditions provide that she can check up on Sam at home or anywhere else. Epiphany walks up to them, and asks if she can help Delores. Delores should be afraid. Very afraid. Even Jason is afraid of Epiphany.

Anna says Finn can’t be so naïve that he thinks Jason will back off and let the authorities handle it. Finn says, Jason went straight to Robert, and she says, who was also told to back off. What does he think Jason is going to do, now that Peter won’t be investigated? He says, which she prevented, and she says, he’ll take a flimsy link and run with it. It’s circumstantial at best. Finn says Peter and David Black worked at Faison’s company for years; it’s not circumstantial. She says he has no idea if their paths crossed. They don’t know if Peter and David met or worked with each other. He asks, if she’s so sure why didn’t she get rid of the evidence. He finds it on her desk, and suggests they get rid of all her fears. Does she want him to do it for her? He holds the papers over the flame in the fireplace, but she says nothing. He says she can’t do that, because she knows in the deepest part of her heart, Peter is guilty.

Willow tells Chase, with everything going on, Lucas thinks it’s too much for Brad to handle, and asked her to help. Chase asks if she’s sure she wants to get involved. Brad is super stressed, and not handling it well. He might take it out on her. She says she can handle it. She knows they love Wiley, but sometimes Wiley takes second place, especially with everything going on. He says she’s being super loving and generous, and she knows he’ll support her 100%. She says, it sounds like he doesn’t think it’s a good idea, and he says he thinks it is for Wiley. He’s not sure about her.

Nelle says Brad wouldn’t move because he thinks Lucas’s family is smothering. Where is this coming from? Brad says, Lucas is at Turning Woods, and hired Willow back as nanny. Nelle says, so he wants to move across the county to avoid Willow. It seems extreme. He says, Lucas might remember, and she says, remember what? He has nothing to remember, does he? Brad says, before the accident, he told Lucas truth about Wiley.

Maxie tells Lulu, she and Dustin have taken an enormous step, staying home and watching a movie. It’s shocking. Peter says, barely, and Lulu says, they’re funny, but when she and Dustin go out, something always happens. They need normal time. Peter says he wouldn’t mind having normal time. Lulu says she’ll give them some privacy, but Maxie says, he’s talking about Spinelli. Peter says, he’s moving back permanently, and Lulu says, that’s great. Isn’t it?  

Delores asks Epiphany who she is, and Epiphany introduces herself as head nurse. Delores says she’s Sam’s parole officer, and Epiphany asks what her business is there. Delores says she’s checking up on Sam, and Epiphany says she appreciates a fellow professional doing a thorough job. But she doesn’t appreciate anyone interfering with proper medical care, She was with Sam when the doctor examined her, and there are strict privacy protections in place – as Delores knows. Is there anything else she can help Delores with? Delores says, no thank you, and tells Sam she’ll be seeing her again soon, and leaves.

Anna says she believes Finn proved nothing. He wonders, if it’s nothing, why she didn’t leave it in the file? The Feds will find the link, and track Peter’s movements afterwards. She says, it’s not a smoking gun, and he says she broke the law by withholding evidence. That’s all the evidence he needs to prove Peter is guilty. Despite the evidence to the contrary, she believes Peter. She says, no one else will give him the benefit of the doubt. Not even Finn, the man she loves.

In his hotel room, Valentin toasts to himself – Valentin Mikkosovich Cassadine, prince of nothing.

Ava tells Nina, she didn’t like the look on Valentin’s face; too cold and calculating. Either he overheard something, or Nina gave it away. Nina says Valentin has been jealous of Jax ever since she stayed at Jax’s beach house. Ava says she can’t believe Nina left Valentin at the altar, and ran off with Jax. Nina says, it wasn’t intentional. Jax was outside the church. Ava doesn’t think Valentin sees it that way. He needed to confirm Nina has moved on, and now he has all the confirmation he needs. If Nina didn’t tell him, he figured it out by looking at her. She wonders what Valentin’s next move will be, and Nina says, he’s going to kill Jax.

Valentin opens a safe in his hotel room, and takes out a gun. He puts it in his waistband, and leaves.

Dustin says Josslyn has been more quiet than usual, but it’s understandable given what she’s been through. Jax said he heard Dustin encouraged her to keep a journal. Dustin says, it wasn’t an assignment, but he suggested it. Jax says, it’s been working, and Dustin hopes she’s writing about the shooting. Jax says Dustin seems to know how to handle Josslyn. She respects him, and talks about him all the time. He’d like Dustin to keep an eye on her for him. Outside the door, Josslyn has been listening, and Valentin strides past her and into the office. Josslyn says, wait, but he keeps moving. Jax asks what he wants, and Valentin says, just this. He shoots Jax, and Josslyn yells, no!

Jax looks down, and sees he’s bleeding. He slumps to the floor, and Josslyn runs to him, saying, dad, no! Dustin calls for the paramedics. Nina arrives, and asks what Valentin did. She runs to Jax, and asks if he can hear her. She tells Valentin that he’ll never see her or Charlotte again. They’re going to hate him for the rest of their lives.

Back in the real world, Jax asks Valentin what he wants. Valentin says he got his DNA results back. He’s not a Cassadine after all. Congratulations. He walks out, and Josslyn steps in, saying, wow. That was weird. Jax says, and not unexpected. They were just talking about her. Why is she here?

Nina tells Ava, she’s wrong. Valentin wouldn’t kill Jax. Ava asks, why not? Valentin tried to kill her, and he thought he had killed Nikolas. Nina says, Valentin can’t expect to get away with being charged for murder. Lulu will get full custody of Charlotte. Ava says, true; good point. She knows Valentin always puts his own best interests first, which in this case, is good news. That leaves Nina free to pursue a relationship with Jax.

Finn says Anna is choosing to believe Peter, but don’t lose sight of the fact Peter is a killer. He could be responsible for Andre being stabbed and Drew’s plane going down. She says, Peter wants to be a good man. He wants to step out of his father’s shadow, and overcome the circumstances of his upbringing. He says, which she feels responsible for, even though Alex could be his mother. She says she feesl like his mother, and the way Finn wants to protect Violet, she wants to protect Peter. She has faith that he can make the world a better place for Maxie, and be the father James needs. She cries, and says she’s never going to let Peter’s fate be put in someone else’s hands. She’s been given a second chance. Can’t he see that? And she’s going to take that chance. He says he sees it, and walks upstairs.

Sam thanks Epiphany, who suggests they finish their conversation in the examining room. Epiphany tries the door, but it’s locked. She says, Mr. Morgan, if there’s a broken lock, there will be hell to pay. It opens, and Epiphany tells Jason, you’re welcome.

On the phone, Valentin tells Charlotte that he misses her too. Did she go riding? He hopes he can come riding with her soon, but he’s a little busy right now. He says, no trouble. Nothing daddy can’t fix. He tells her, sweet dreams, and says he loves her. He hangs up, and closes his eyes.

Nina tells Ava, it was one little kiss, and Jax was clear that it wasn’t a good idea to move forward. There’s nothing to pursue. Ava asks, who is she? Since when has she let any man make a decision for her? She tells Nina, live a little; she’s earned it. Nina says, even if Jax reconsidered – and that’s a big if – Valentin has lost everything. It’s no time to prove she’s moved on with anyone. She assumes Ava votes for Jax, and Ava says Jax isn’t her cup of tea, but she doesn’t see anyone else waiting in the wings.

Dustin thanks Jax, saying his contribution is extremely generous. He leaves, and Jax says Josslyn knew they were meeting. Was she spying on them? Josslyn says she wanted to make sure he didn’t say anything embarrassing. He wonders if asking how she’s doing is embarrassing, and she says she’s fine. She doesn’t want any special attention. He asks if she’d rather he didn’t care what goes on in her life, and she says, no, but asks him to promise not to overdo it. He asks if he was, and she says, no, and hugs him. She thanks him, and he says, anytime.

Peter tells Lulu, Maxie loves Spinelli. Nothing is going to change that. Maxie says she hates that Spinelli keeps asking the same questions. He keeps trying to catch Peter in a lie, but she doubts there’s anything she can do about it. Peter says Spinelli has a right to question his past. Maxie says Peter doesn’t deserve it. He says he can handle anyone who doubts it.

Finn and Violet come downstairs, dressed to go outside. Finn is carrying a suitcase, and Violet tells Anna that her daddy says they’re going on an adventure. Finn suggests Violet check to see if stuffed pig Bella is hiding in the kitchen. Violet runs off, and Finn tells Anna, she said she wouldn’t leave without Bella. She says she thought he said he understood, and he says he does. But he hopes she understands that he needs to protect his daughter. She asks if they’re coming back, but he doesn’t know. They can’t be there right now. Violet comes back with Bella, and says she wishes Anna could come. Anna says she does too, but she and her daddy will have a wonderful adventure. She’ll miss the both of them. Violet says she’ll miss Anna too, and Finn says, let’s go. He walks out with Violet, barely glancing back. When they’re gone, Anna cries.

Chase tells Willow, legally, Wiley is Brad and Lucas’s son, but that’s not what’s in her heart. She says she loves her own son, and he says, how could she not? But he’s afraid the more time she spends caring for Wiley, the harder it will be to maintain legal boundaries. She says she asked herself the same question, and he’s right. Signing the adoption papers didn’t change what’s in her heart. She loves Wiley, and wants what’s best for him, and right now, he needs help. She’ll take care of Wiley as long as she’s needed. Then she’ll stop. He asks if she’s sure she can do that.

Nelle says, Brad told Lucas the truth about Wiley? How big an idiot is he? Does he want to lose Wiley? Brad says he was losing his mind keeping the secret. He couldn’t think straight. Nelle asks if Lucas has no memory of it, and Brad said he started to, but can’t get ahold of it. Nelle says, he thinks if he stays in Port Charles, Lucas will see her and Michael around and it will come back? He says, like a ton of bricks. She gave Wiley to them so Michael would never get his hands on Wiley. Nelle says, Lucas can remember just as easily in Portland. What is he going to do to make sure doesn’t happen?

Dustin meets Lulu, and she says he survived his meeting with Jax. He says, it went well. Josslyn stops by, and says she’s sorry she interrupted, and thanks him for being great with her dad. She apologizes for the weirdness. Dustin tells Lulu, Valentin walked in, and announced he’s not a Cassadine.

Maxie tells Peter, she knows Spinelli is a bit much. When he gets to know Peter, he’ll see there’s nothing to worry about. He says, all that matters is she knows. Finn and Violet come in, and Peter asks if Violet is ready for another game of Captain Marvel. She says she is, and tells him, daddy said they’re going on an adventure. Maxie says, cool, and asks, what kind? Finn says they’re staying there for tonight. Violet wanted to get a sundae before they head out. Finn and Violet move on, and Maxie wonders if Finn and Anna broke up. She asks what Peter thinks that was about.

Anna looks at the papers she withheld, and cries some more.

Sam thanks Epiphany, and Epiphany says, nobody backs her people into a corner. Not on her turf. Jason thanks her, and she says she’s happy to help – to a point. Rules are rules, no matter how unfair they are. Sam is a mother out on parole, and her first duty is to her children. Don’t do anything to get separated from them. She tells Jason that he needs to help Sam. If she suggests they meet somewhere they could get caught, don’t show up. Next time, she might not be there to save them. She leaves, and Jason says, she’s right. Sam says she hates this. She can’t accept this is their life for the next two years. She’s going to try and win Delores over; convince her that Jason isn’t a threat. Jason says, okay, but what if it doesn’t work? Sam says, then she’ll find a way to silence Delores.

Willow tells Chase, when the time comes, she’ll step back, reset, and reestablish boundaries. She has faith she can do this. He says he has faith in her. There’s nothing she can’t do once she sets her mind to it. She asks if she’s told him how incredible she thinks he is. He says, not enough, and she kisses him. She asks if that helped, and he kisses her, and says, it’s getting there.

Brad tells Nelle, maybe Lucas will remember; maybe he won’t. But it’s better than staying. She asks if he wants her blessing, and he tells her, do what she wants. He has arrangements to make. He leaves, and Nelle makes a call.

Valentin’s phone rings, but he’s busy drinking. He sits down with a wooden box, and looks at his tattoo of the Cassadine crest.

Nelle leaves a message for Valentin, saying she spoke to Martin. She’s ready to sell her ELQ shares. She needs to make a deal now, because she has travel plans to make.

Nina throws a folder on Jax’s desk, and says, it’s all his fault.

Valentin opens the box, and takes out the ring matching his tattoo. He says he never had use for this thing. He never even bothered to put it on. It was never his to begin with. He looks up to find someone standing there, and says, tell me how you did it, Helena.

Tomorrow, Brad tells Lucas that he can’t believe they’re doing this, Nelle tells Willow and Chase that Brad and Lucas are moving, and Valentin asks Helena how she pulled it off. Because Helena will never really die as long as Constance Towers lives.

👗 On Project Runway, Brittany was relieved she’d been brought back, the Siriano Save giving her redemption. This week’s challenge showcased tie-dye, which I love. Nancy said she’d grown up in the 60s, during the hippie revolution, but this concept was about erasing old ideas. The designers were to take tie-dye from dated and casual, to fresh and fashionable. Nina said tie-dye was having a moment, and was wearing a gorgeous Prada tie-dyed dress. She told them to elevate tie-dye to a runway chic look. They would be doing the dying themselves, after taking a master class taught by professionals from Metro Dying. The challenge was one day – and night. They’d be having a sleepover. Delvin said he wasn’t sleeping in the workroom, after which we saw clips of him sleeping just about everywhere. Since Marquise was last week’s winner, he got first choice of model. There was also no more immunity. While I love tie-dyed garments, I’m only crafty in my mind, so it was impressive watching masters of the craft creating five different kinds of patterns. In his interview, Geoffrey said he was ready to die. He thought tie-dye was for pot smoking in the park with friends. I wondered what he was smoking. Brittany noticed she was the only one taking notes. In her interview, she joked about sabotage, but said other designers had helped her along the way, so she’d return the favor when the time came. The ever-humble Victoria said she was a professional already. Sergio did have some previous knowledge, saying cotton would look dull and dated, and satin takes the dye better. While the other designers practiced the technique, Nancy used the time to pin her garment, as she’d done tie-dye before.

Right away, Delvin and Geoffrey started asking Brittany questions, She said she was more than willing to help, but they should have taken notes. Victoria wanted to focus on showing the judges something different, and change her strategy. The designers got $175 and 30 minutes at Mood, to get supplemental fabrics and notions. I love notions. They were told to make sure tie dye was the focus. A Boston bull named Swatch was hanging out in the store. Now I’m really going to have to check this place out.

Sergio patted himself on the back for taking on difficult topics. He had a video chat with his partner, who said they’d change the world. Christian said the workroom looked like a laboratory of color. Nancy said she’d had experience with tie-dye when she was in fashion school. She worked with refugee women, teaching them to make scarves and ice dye them (a variation on tie-dyeing). She was scaring Christian, who was concerned about how much time she was going to have.

Christian said they needed to erase the old idea of tie-dyeing, and make it fresh and exciting. Geoffrey said there was a lot of military inspiration in his fashion, having grown up a military brat. Christian suggested Geoffrey’s pattern could be the new camo. Brittany felt a lot of pressure, and Geoffrey thought Delvin was playing it safe by doing something the judges had seen before. He never wanted to make the same thing twice during the competition.

There was a midnight model fitting, and Geoffrey said everyone’s stuff was a mess, and the workroom was a disaster. Delvin realized the dye didn’t take on his cotton twill, and it looked faded. Christian announced that Leslie Jones was  going to be guest judge. She cracks me up, especially on Twitter. Brittany said she was surprised that Delvin and Victoria used cotton, since it needs to sit for hours; time they didn’t have. Delvin asked what would happen if it wasn’t rinsed, and Brittany told him, the colors would bleed. Then it was onesie time, which only Brittany, Delvin, and Marquise participated in. Delvin said, not everyone was up for fun. Marquise enhanced his onesie with a ruffled collar. Nancy said she was going to do pastels, but had learned to go with her gut, and went with a green/yellow color combo. Delvin, who was surprisingly full of good humor, decided to start over rather than use the faded colors. Geoffrey said it was the worst challenge of all of them for him. He asked Brittany what hers was, and she just looked at him.

Victoria got a nasty surprise when she found that her pleating technique had disappeared, and the fabric was all green. Sergio gave her extra fabric, and in his interview, said he thought Victoria would be in the final four, but she’d been struggling with the last few challenges. In Victoria’s interview, she said the most she was worried about was everything. Geoffrey’s green came out black, and he freaked out. Nancy thought it still had potential, but he didn’t want to listen. Pizza arrived at around 5 am, and in her interview, Nancy said they were all feeling a sense of fun, because they were all feeling the pain together. It was a night to remember. Geoffrey said he’d had a meltdown, but the fabric just needed to be dried. The black had lightened to a dark OD green, with ochre sunbursts. At this point, he was being fueled by Red Bull. Victoria’s second try was fabulous, and I was disappointed. Sorry. I just don’t like her. On the other hand, I was starting to like Delvin, who was the most fun he’s ever been. In Nancy’s interview, at 6 am, she said she was starting to question why she didn’t start earlier.

Geoffrey said, seeing the sun come up was tiring, especially when he knew there was a long runway ahead. Christian came in wearing a very cool T-shirt, tie-dyed in an American flag pattern. Another one of my favorites, flag shirts. He revealed this would also be a flash sale challenge, since tie-dye was meant for the people. Sergio said he was presenting no political message this time; the judges would have to go by the outfit. Which is what I thought was the idea, and pretty much what they told him. Christian felt Delvin’s dress needed something more, and told him, it was good to be clean, but not boring. Delvin agreed it was too simple. Nancy and Christian bantered, and in her interview, Nancy said her father had same sarcasm Christian does. She wondered if her father had been preparing her for this moment her entire life, so she could deal with Christian. Nancy went with a two-piece pant ensemble that was very cute. While some were clearly better, I thought everyone’s designs were excellent.

When Nancy’s outfit came out first, Leslie was liking the flowing pants, calling them capezio. Elaine corrected her with palazzo. Leslie gave a shout out to Sergio’s sleeveless number, saying it deserved to be twirled. I’m not sure what Victoria was thinking with a tie-dyed, puffy sleeved top and a shorts-over-pants combo, splattered in spots. Victoria thought it looked like she worked drunk, and I wondered if Little Edie Beale helped her. Delvin was worried his dress wasn’t enough, and it wasn’t. Brittany thought she’d done well with her comeback look, and was happy with her redemption garment. Anything would have been better than those shorts last week. When Geoffrey’s gown came down the runway, Leslie told the model, take it off; it’s hers. She kept making the models laugh, and when the runway was finished, she said she loved tie-dye, but a couple of ties died. Whatever that means.

Brittany and Marquise, both with cute dresses, were safe, and they were thrilled with that. Nina said Sergio’s look was stately and elevated, Brandon called it chic, and Leslie said it looked as though the fabric Sergio had created was something he’d purchased; it was that professional. She thought Geoffrey’s gown – with a plunging neckline, hip high slit, and orange accents – was a tall glass of sexy Pam Grier. Karlie thought it was a refined silhouette, and looked effortless. They moved on to Nancy, who said she was a child of the 60s, and the judges deemed it updated, chic, and elevated. Backstage, Brittany marveled that, this morning, she didn’t even have top. Nina said her tie-dye technique was impressive; balanced and controlled. She reinvented her pant to make the movement romantic and poetic. When the focus went to Victoria, she immediately said she wasn’t crazy about tie-dye, but that wasn’t an excuse. Brandon said it looked like denim diaper shorts over pants, and Nina called it a mess. Brandon said he understood where she was going, but she didn’t succeed. At least she took the risk. I thought, so did Elaine, noticing she was wearing what looked like a faux llama rug, either as a long skirt or pants. Leslie thought Delvin’s colors made the dress look like a cheap church dress, and Karlie said it was everything she didn’t want to see. Delvin said it started as a coat dress, and Elaine said it was dated, and it wasn’t the first time that was in one of their critiques. Nina said it was a mess, and when in doubt, turn up the dial. Brandon said both Delvin and Victoria tripped up.

While the designers waited backstage, the top three – Sergio, Geoffrey, and Nancy – were discussed. They agreed Nancy’s creation was beautiful, and her tie-dye technique was flawless, but it wasn’t anything they hadn’t seen before. Everyone marveled at how the skirt on Sergio’s dress looked like a lemon wedge when the model pulled it out. Nina thought Geoffrey’s gown had versatility; everyone could wear it. Moving on to the bottom two – Delvin and Victoria – Brandon said Delvin wanted to prove he was a great craftsman, and got hung up on that, forgetting what he was supposed to show them. Leslie said the buttons on the front of his dress belonged on a cartoon dog inspector’s coat. Nina said it was too safe. Nina said Victoria’s outfit was a hot mess. It was like a lava lamp exploded. Elaine said she wrote one word – why?  Leslie thought Victoria must have decided the jeans alone weren’t enough, and panicked. It was time for them to decide who the final four would be, who would do collections. I prayed Victoria would go home, but needless to say, I was thrilled my underdog Nancy was in the final four.

The judges told the top three that they proved tie-dye could be taken to the next level, and they all created beautiful runway looks. Nancy was released from the stage first, and Geoffrey was the winner. Leslie told him that his gown was perfection, and would look beautiful on all types of women. Geoffrey said it was the hardest challenge yet, but this made the hours of no sleep worth it. In his interview, he said he felt better with every challenged, and thought he was being recognized. He was so close, he could taste it.

Karlie said Delvin and Victoria made numerous mistakes. Delvin’s dress was neither elevated nor chic, and had no direction. They were baffled by Victoria’s top and jeans, and said her tie-dye was a technical mess. Delvin was out, and I was in shock. Brandon said it ultimately came down to the ideas. He told Delvin that he’d shown beautiful craftsmanship, and they’d be seeing him. He said he was glad he’d started there, and valued their critiques. He wasn’t going to let fear hold him back. Karlie thanked him for bringing elegance to the runway. In his closing interview, Delvin said he chose not to take the risk of not being liked or accepted, and regretted playing it safe. It wasn’t a reflection of him or his design skills. Christian told Delvin that he was one of the most brilliant tailors, and he thought every dream of Delvin’s would come true. Delvin said his biggest challenge was putting his confidence behind his designs, but giving up wasn’t in his blood. They’ll see him in Paris one day.

Next time, the designers have to create looks for Special Olympics and Paralympics athletes.

👶 Havin’ His Baby…

Ryan and his ladylove Emilia seem like genuinely nice people. Here’s what they’ve been up to.

🧟‍♂️ A Creepy Little Thing Called Love…

Well, Valentin’s Day is technically here, and if you haven’t gotten your dozen roses or whatever by now, you’ll probably pay double. Or pay later if someone is expecting them. As for me, I’ll stick with the half-price day-after chocolate.

February 12, 2020 – The Investigation Is Squashed, Shopped, the Wives Head To the Shore, Something New & Frozen Love


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam asks Robert what he means by the deal is off. She and Jason kept their end of the deal. They gave him a lead connecting Peter and David Black. Robert says, it’s a good lead, but he’s not allowed to pursue it. She asks, why not? They were close to nailing Peter. Why back out now? Robert says, it’s not his call. Jason asks, whose call? and Robert says, it’s the million dollar question. Someone shopped them to the Attorney General.

Finn thinks Anna is projecting a little bit. He imagines Peter and Robert’s altercation was worse than usual. She says, hard to believe, but it was. They were arguing about Peter before he arrived. He asks if she told Robert that she knew about his deal with Jason and Sam, and she says, no, but they were fighting and he inferred as much. He asks what she thought she was going to get, by confronting Robert, and she says she just thought she could get him to back off. He asks if they’re talking about the same guy. Did she think he was going to pass up an opportunity to get Peter? She asks if she’s supposed to just accept that Robert is going to do everything he can to destroy Peter’s life. Does Finn have any idea how painful that is?

Emma sees Peter at Kelly’s. She says she stopped by his office yesterday, but he was out, so it’s a happy coincidence, finding him there. He asks if there’s any chance he can get his first official hug as her uncle, and they hug.

Ava calls Valentin, and he asks if he should address her as Ava or Mrs. Cassadine. She says for him, always Mrs. Cassadine. She says her call concerns the property he used to reside in illegally, and asks if there’s any way to turn the stable lights on remotely. The mistress of the property shouldn’t wander around in the dark. He tells her, try a flashlight. The cliffs are slippery, and it’s only a matter of time before Nikolas pushes her off one. Nina comes into the gallery, and Ava says she’ll be with her in a minute. She tells Valentin, have a nice evening, and don’t dwell on everything he’s lost. Valentin calls Martin, and asks him to get to GH.

Maxie tells Jax that she needs approval for something regarding Crimson. He asks if it’s another budget hike, and she says the shoot in Dubai is more costly than they thought. He says he’ll go over it with Nina, but Maxie says, she’s not in the office. She already looked at the budget; these days, Maxie wears many hates. Jax says he’ll take a look at it, and get back to her. She thanks him, and he asks if there’s something else. She says, Nina didn’t tell him that she wasn’t coming in? and he says, she doesn’t have to. Maxie says, of course (🍷) not, but she thought Nina would share that information, since…

Ava asks what brings Nina by, and Nina says she’s on the hunt for a new home, and she’ll need new artwork, so she wanted to look at Ava’s latest acquisitions. She asks if that was Valentin on the phone, and Ava says she had some questions about Spoon Island. Nina suggests she ask the staff; why provoke Valentin? Ava says, why not? She won’t be intimidated by a homeless false heir out on bail. She’s only worried about Nina. Valentin wants her back. Nina says, too bad; she’s moving on Ava likes that direction, but says Nina is lacking conviction. Nina says Ava doesn’t believe her? and Ava says, not really. Nina says if Ava had arrived in her office earlier, she would have. She and Jax kissed. Ava says, that is an interesting development. How exactly did that happen?

Maxie tells Jax, proximity is a funny thing. It’s like salt or cayenne pepper. Too much is overwhelming, but too little is bland. Adding just the right amount makes what you’re cooking better. She knows he and Nina kissed, and wants to know where he’s going with the relationship.

Ava tells Nina, she remembers music playing when she walked in. Champagne was chilling, and she thinks their toast was to more than the rise in circulation. She’s sorry she spoiled the mood. Nina says she’s glad. It would have been a disaster if Jax had been there when Valentin arrived. Ava says, that’s true, but Nina smooched her corporate dreamboat. Nina suggests they not call it that, and Ava says, seriously, she’s happy for Nina. It takes courage to get yourself out there. Nina says, it was a tiny little kiss, and Ava asks if it was a good kiss. Nina says, fantastic. It’s all she think about. Ava asks if that’s bad. It means she’s over Valentin, or trying to get over him, but Nina says, it doesn’t matter. It’s not like she and Jax have a future. Ava says, with Valentin out of the picture, why the hell not?

Martin meets Valentin, who says he expects the DNA results any moment. Martin asks if he’s there for moral support, but Valentin says he wants Martin to take action as soon as he has proof he’s a Cassadine. He’s wants to regain his assets, and make sure Nikolas and Ava are off Spoon Island. He asks how it’s going with Nelle, and Martin says she’s primed to sell the ELQ stock she inherited, but she’s expecting a life changing number. Valentin says once her stock is acquired, they need to move on to the other shareholders. He needs a majority holding to take control.

Finn says he understands how painful it is for Anna, and she says when Robert is on the warpath like that, he puts on blinders. He only sees Peter as a criminal. She doesn’t know what to do now that Robert is working with Jason. Finn flashes back to giving Sam and Jason information that connects Peter with the assassin. Finn says he’s sorry she’s going through this, and she says she’s just angry really. Why did Robert make a deal with Jason of all people? Finn says, strange bedfellows, and she says, Robert considers Jason a thug, but he’s putting that aside. She can’t believe Robert went behind her back. Finn says, to be fair, she did it first by withholding information from the file she returned. She asks whose side Finn is on; it’s getting harder to tell. He says, obviously hers, and she says if that’s true, he should understand why she kept the information from Robert. Robert, and now Jason and Sam, are going everything they can to destroy Peter. They want to pin it all on him; Drew’s death all way to the attack on Andre. She had to protect him. She had no choice. He says, she did. She chose Peter. She says she had to defend him.

Jason asks how the Attorney General found out about their deal, and Robert says, someone shopped them to him. He was told in colorful terms, if he continued with this, he’d face sanctions. Sam says the AG should want the killer brought to justice, but Robert says the spike in mob violence went against them. It’s their job to put the mob out of business, and not where he’s supposed to go for help. Sam asks if they don’t want to find out who the killer is, and Robert says, they’re pursuing it in their own way. Sam doubts they’ll make it a priority, and Robert says she’s probably right. He’s sorry. No one wants to take this guy out more than him, but his hands are tied. Sam says, what now? and Robert says she has to go back to the terms of her parole, and her parole officer. Jason says, what about Peter? and Robert says, he’s a Bureau problem now. Sorry.

Sam says they did everything Robert asked; it’s all her fault, but Jason says, she heard Robert; the Feds won’t work with him. She says she brought Finn in. If she hadn’t done that, they could have taken it further. Jason says they gave Robert the connection to Eurotech, and doesn’t think they would have gotten it on their own. (Again, really? I could have googled it and figured it out.) She says she should have known Finn would give them up to Anna.

Martin tells Valentin, the negotiations continue between Ned and Linc. Ned is increasingly motivated to get his daughter out of her contract. Valentin says the goal is, if Brook gets squeezed hard enough, she’ll give up her shares. Don’t let this Linc guy drag it out too much. Valentin doesn’t like him; he’s pond scum. Martin says, pond scum has its perks. Ecologically speaking, Linc secured them the contract that gives them the leverage they need. Valentin says, if he’d known Brook was going to be sexually harassed, he’d have never signed off on it. Martin says, after he comes through on their agreement, Valentin can throw Linc to the wolves. He’s been useful, and followed directions thus far, but it’s only a matter of time before Brook goes behind Ned’s back and trades her shares for her artistic freedom. Valentin says, it gives him a foothold, but it’s just a start. They have a lot of work to do before he has controlling interest. He asks if Martin has the list of shareholders he sent. Martin says he does, and Valentin says, pack a bag. They’re leaving Port Charles tonight.

Jax tells Maxie, he can’t approve her proposal if she doesn’t give him a chance to review it. She says, it won’t take long; she was thorough. He says he’s sure it is, but he wants to get through it by the end of the day. Maxie begs him to tell her what happened. She’s only asking because she cares about him and Nina. He’s not breaking any code; she just wants Nina to be happy. He says he does too. She asks what he’s doing about it. Is he making her happy? She won’t tell anyone. He says, there’s nothing to tell. He and Nina are both on the same page. She says, between the two of them, Nina was nervous to talk to him. Good thing they both agree. She knows Nina will be happy with someone who won’t jerk her around like Valentin did. Jax asks what she’s talking about. He and Nina aren’t together.

Ava says she doesn’t get it. Nina is free of Valentin; why turn Jax down? Nina says she didn’t. Ava says, Jax turned her down? Nina says, nobody turned anybody down. They discussed the situation, and they both agreed it’s not the right time to date. Ava asks, why not? Nina says she has a lot going on. She just got out of a long-term volatile relationship with Valentin. It’s not the time to start dating. Ava says all she’s hearing are excuses, and maybe a lie. Tell her the real reason it ended before it started.

Peter asks Emma to tell him everything. How’s everyone in Berkeley? She says, good. They’re waiting for him to visit. Noah wants to show Peter the stadium he’s going to play in. Peter asks if Noah isn’t a little young, and she says, Noah doesn’t think so. He asks, what about her? She says she wants to go to the Claremont Hotel for tea. He says he’d be delighted, and she says, and she wants him to see the Redwoods. Grandma loves those. He says he does too. He asks if everything is okay, and she says she was just deciding something. He’s a part of her family, so she should tell him when something happens. He says, of course (🍷) she should. What’s going on? She says her grandma is worried about him.

Finn tells Anna, the bottom line is, if Peter isn’t hiding anything, he has nothing to worry about. Anna says she’s worried that this is just Robert’s first course of action, and who knows what he’s drumming up. Finn asks if she thinks Peter is hiding something, and she says she has no reason to suspect that, so she’s giving him the benefit of the doubt. No one else seems willing to. Finn says he’s being cautious, and Anna says one thing she learned at the DVX, is that it’s very easy to live up to people’s low expectations of you. If they start calling you a criminal, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and you move toward the darkness. She doesn’t want that for Peter. Someone has to tip the scales in Peter’s favor, and lead him to his better self. Finn asks if she thinks the best way is to withhold information, and she says, probably not, but she doesn’t regret it. Peter never had a fair shot at life. She walked away, and never went back to check on him. Finn says, if it was her, but she says, it doesn’t matter. Peter was raised by a monster, but there’s good in him. She owes him a second chance at life; he needs to be encouraged. Finn asks if she thinks covering up for him is helping him. She doesn’t know, but what else is she supposed to do? Finn says, show him that his choices have consequences. She might want to take a step back, and let authorities handle their part. He knows how much she loves Peter, but sometimes you have to do the right thing for someone you love, even if you know it will cause them some pain.

Sam wonders if Anna gave them up. Finn must have told her, and she told the AG. Jason says, it’s his fault. He went to Anna in the first place. At the time, he thought she’d see the truth. He knew she’d be upset, but he didn’t think she’d deny what’s right in front of her. Sam says, she’s a parent. She’s going to see Peter in any light she wants to. Maybe it wasn’t Anna; maybe it was Peter. Jason says, it doesn’t matter; the deal is off. Sam says she’s so pissed. She never should have trusted Finn. Now they’ll never have the lives they wanted. The second they walk out, they’re back to square one, and have to pretend not to be together again. She can’t do it anymore. Jason knows it’s tough, but she says he doesn’t know. It’s time to take control of the situation. Jason asks, how? and she says, take Scout and Danny, and disappear.

Anna tells Finn, she’s familiar with the notion of tough love. What’s he getting at? He says he needs to tell her something. He ran into Sam, and told her… There’s a knock at the door, and Anna asks what he told Sam. The knock is more persistent, and she says, dammit, and goes to the door. It’s Robert, and she says, what is it? He asks why she went to the AG. She asks what he’s talking about, and he says his deal with Sam and Jason was tanked – all because of her.

Maxie says, Jax just told her that he and Nina were on the same page about the kiss, and he says, they both agreed the kiss was a mistake. She asks, how could the kiss be a mistake? and he says, Nina has a lot on her plate. She’s getting her life back together. Maxie says, no one knows better than her that Nina is an emotional wreck thanks to Valentin, but what better way to get a fresh start than with a brilliant, compassionate guy like himself? He says, it’s not the right time.

Ava says she can tell Nina is holding back. If she’s not over Valentin, she shouldn’t feel ashamed. It’s tough getting over love – especially dysfunctional love – but sometimes talking about it helps. If Nina wants to do that, please vent away; she’ll listen. Nina sits, and Ava says she’d hate to see Nina take Valentin back after all he’s put her through, but Nina says Ava doesn’t have to worry. Valentin isn’t the reason she’s not pursuing a relationship with Jax. Jax is the reason. In all honesty, she was intrigued, but then Jax said the kiss was a bad idea, and they should put it behind them, so they can stay friends. You don’t friendzone someone you’re interested in. Ava asks if she gave him a reason to think that she’s not interested, but Nina says she didn’t have time. He shut her down before she could discuss it. Ava says, then bring it up again.

Valentin says he sent Martin a detailed itinerary. The shareholders are far flung; he should expect a long trip. Martin says Valentin could have asked first, but Valentin says, Martin is on retainer. It comes with the job. Martin says, still, advance notice would have been appreciated. Valentin says, too bad. He has a strategic approach for each of the shareholders, and it’s time to put his plan in action. A nurse tells Valentin, the results are ready. He opens the envelope, looks at the contents, and frowns.

Jason says, that’s a big move, and Sam says, the alternative is being apart for two more years. Jason says he doesn’t want that, but if they go, Danny will grow up with no family besides them. He’ll never be able to see his grandma or sister. Is she willing to do that to him? She says she doesn’t know, and starts to cry. She says she just remembers what it felt like when she lost him. She doesn’t want to feel that again. Danny is the only reason she got through it, and she doesn’t want to put the kids through another two years of this.

Peter asks Emma, what’s troubling Anna? Maybe he can reassure her. Emma says, it’s about Peter’s complicated history. He says, that covers a lot of ground. He made a lot of unfortunate choices when he was young. He was so focused on what he wanted, he ignored the cost – not just for himself, but for other people. He made some bad decisions, and then made worse decisions trying to cover them up. He says, there’s a good lesson to be learned, not that he thinks she’ll make any of the mistakes he did. She asks, what’s the lesson? and he says, when you screw up big, stop, and stand still. Take a look around and ask yourself what you did to get there and now that you’re there, what’s the lesson you’re supposed to figure out? She asks if he learned them, and he says he did, but he learned some too late. Some people don’t want to forgive his mistakes, which is their right. The last thing he wants to do is drag Anna down because of mistakes from his past. Emma asks if that could happen, but he says, no. He has a whole new life now; a good life. He has family; Maxie, James, her, her mom and dad, and Noah. And Anna. People he truly cares about, and he thinks care about him. She says, of course (🍷) they do. The things from his past are gone for good, and they’re not coming back to hurt anyone. She asks if he’s sure, and he says he is. Don’t worry anymore. She says she won’t, and they pinky promise.

Anna tells Robert, start making sense or get out. He says she tipped off the AG. Finn wisely says he’ll give them some privacy, and goes upstairs. She says she hasn’t told anyone about his deal, certainly not the AG. He says she really doesn’t know, does she? Peter overheard them; it must have been him. She says it’s not Peter’s fault Robert was yelling. He says they’ve been stopped from moving ahead with the lead, and she says, assuming it was worth pursuing. He says they’ll never know now. It’s just as she planned. As a bonus, he’s been taken off the investigation. That means it’s in the Bureau’s hands, and they won’t do anything. Peter will get off scot free. She says he can’t be certain Peter is guilty of anything, and he says, all they know is that Peter lied when he was at the front door, and it must have been him who spoke to the AG. She asks, why? Has Robert found something that proves Peter hired the assassin? He says, it was just a lead; a starting point. She asks, what was it? and he says, Eurotech. If she’s so convinced Peter is innocent, maybe she should check into it herself.

Martin asks what it says, and Valentin says, Alexis isn’t his sister; they share no DNA. He’s not a Cassadine. Martin says, that can’t be right, but Valentin says his people monitored the whole procedure. There’s no way it was tampered with. He crumples up the paper, and Martin says he knows that’s not the outcome Valentin wanted. Valentin says it’s not like he chose to be a Cassadine. It’s just something he was. They sent him away and forgot him, but he always had the bloodline, the name, the legacy. Now what? Nikolas wins. He’s the prince; he’s the heir. And what is Valentin? He’s a lie, told by greatest liar who ever lived, Helena Cassadine – his mother.

Robert tells Anna, Sam and Jason think Peter and David Black are linked by Eurotech. She asks how they came by that information, and he says, they weren’t too specific. She says, shocking. What are they going to do with it? He says, the Bureau isn’t going to do business with Jason. He’d made a deal with Sam about her parole, and now she’s not going to see her family for a year and a half. Anna says, oh God, that’s terrible, and he says spare him her faux concern. She’s more concerned about Peter. He dodged a bullet again. Congratulations. She protected a murderer. He leaves, and Finn comes back downstairs. She asks if it was him. Did he tell Sam and Jason about the Eurotech connection?

Jason tells Sam, it will be even harder on the kids. They have a big family, and a lot of people they love, who love them. Sam says she knows; it’s just unfair. He says, as painful as it will be for them to spend two years apart, it will be more painful for more people if they leave. Sam says her parole officer isn’t going to let up. Delores is going to be on her, waiting for her to make a mistake, so she can send Sam back to Pentenville. Jason says, let her try. They’ll work around her.

Valentin says, in light of his current situation, it’s vital that he retain control of ELQ. Martin says, it’s a lot to take, but Valentin says he’s resilient, and also solvent. He has plenty of his own money put aside, and can cover Martin’s retainer. Martin says, thank God, but from now on Valentin pays in advance. Valentin asks what Martin is doing there. They have shareholders to meet. Martin says, they will, but he doesn’t like the idea of leaving Valentin alone. Is there someone he can talk to?

Ava suggests Nina march back into Aurora and level with Jax. Nina asks if she should throw herself on Jax’s desk and beg him to reconsider. Ava says, yes, and Nina tells her, what Jax said was true. Her life is complicated. She needs to move forward, and needs to find a new place to live. Besides, Jax is her boss. Ava asks if Crimson doesn’t have autonomy, and Nina says, it could get messy and complicated. Ava says, that’s love. She needs to be willing to take a risk. Nina needs to go for what she wants, and if if makes Valentin crazy and jealous in the process, that’s icing on the cake. So be it.

Jax tells Maxie, Nina needs space, and he’s giving it to her. Maxie asks if Nina actually told him that she’s not interested. He asks if that isn’t what Nina told Maxie, and she says, absolutely. He wonders why she’s asking then, and she says, verification. Nina might be done with Valentin, but she’s not finished with love. He tells her, just say what she’s thinking, and she asks if he’s sure Nina isn’t interested in dating him. He says, he was, until she showed up.

Anna says, Finn told Sam and Jason about Eurotech, didn’t he? and he says he did. She asks if he knows what he’s done. How could he? He says he can explain, and she asks who the hell he thinks he is.

At Kelly’s, Peter says Robert just missed Emma. He says he knows; his brother has her. He’s not sure he’d want her to hear what he has to say to Uncle Peter anyway. Peter takes it that it’s not a peace overture. Robert says Peter overheard him and Anna, and shopped them to the Attorney General. Peter asks why Robert would care, unless he’s up to something shady. Robert says he really should thank Peter for getting him off that production. Now it’s just Peter and Jason. His daughter adores Jason, and Anna has a soft spot for him too. Him, not so much. He knows a trained killer when he sees one, and Jason knows the truth, Henrik. Jason is coming to get him, and this time Anna isn’t going to be able to save his sorry butt. Have a good night.

Sam says she should go, but she hates leaving Jason. He says, they’ll get through it. She says she knows, but she loves him so much. He says he loves her more. They kiss, and their theme music plays. When I wake up from my nap, Jason tells her, it’s okay. She cries, and he holds her, saying, it’s going to be okay. He tells her, go first. She takes a breath, peeks through the blinds, and goes out the door.

Delores comes down the hall, and sees Sam. Sam asks, what’s going on? and Delores says she’s glad she bumped into Sam. They have a problem.

Maxie thinks her work there is done, and Jax tells her, hang up your bow and arrow, Cupid. He’ll let her know about the budget, and she says, Nina might want to take a pass at it tomorrow. Some things deserve a second look.

Ava hopes Nina is on her way to talk to Jax. At least consider it. Nina appreciates the support, and says she has to admit, she’s a little surprised at getting such helpful relationship advice from Ava. Ava says she doesn’t have a winning record, but that could turn around at any moment. Nina says, in a loveless, sexless marriage with Nikolas. Ava says, point taken. If Jax kisses Nina again, she wants to hear all about it. In the hallway, Valentin listens.

Tomorrow, Brad tells Nelle that he told Lucas the truth about Wiley, Lulu says she and Dustin took a big step, Finn tells Anna that Peter is guilty, and Ava says Valentin is going to kill Jax.

🛒 I read a lot, so it’s rare when a word stumps me, especially one I’m familiar with. Thanks to Robert, I learned that another definition of shopped is, to inform on. I actually looked it up, because I thought I was misunderstanding him.

👗 On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Gia’s prom was a big deal for Teresa, especially since Teresa wasn’t there for Gia’s 8th grade prom. Joe on Ice called, and Gia said Teresa was being like Godzilla, and she was a psycho. You’d have thought a wedding was happening. Everyone gathered at Teresa’s house = Melissa and Joe #2, and Dolores and Frank, who brought Frankie, et al. There was a ton of food and balloons and flowers, and Melissa and Joe #2 brought Gia a bouquet of roses. Dolores said if she could dream up the perfect girl for Frankie, it would be Gia. Melissa mentioned the upcoming trip to the Jersey Shore, and said she wasn’t sure Jackie, Jennifer, and Marge were going to like it, since they were more Hamptons girls. Although we learned later that Jackie was a seasoned Shore pro.

Being director of the Long Island Musical Theater Festival, Jennifer’s brother Steven was participating in a fundraiser to provide musical scholarships. Jennifer brought Gaby, since she’d been going through some bullying at school. She wanted Gaby to see Steven in his element, so she could see where he is now, after having gone through his own trials. Husband Bill told Jennifer that Joe #2 was inappropriate at Marge’s party. (As a reminder, Joe #2 had suggested Jennifer was sexually frustrated, and Bill should bang her more.) Bill thought it required an apology, and Jennifer wondered how the Shore trip was going to be.

We saw pictures and videos of Gia over the years, and Teresa said it seemed like yesterday Gia was a baby. She said Gia had to grow up faster than a lot of kids, and she was proud to call Gia her daughter. Gia made a grand entrance down the staircase, in a spaghetti strap, powder blue gown, with crisscross straps in the back, looking absolutely gorgeous. I teared up for a moment, thinking I didn’t have all the pomp and circumstance, but my father was there. As sleazy as Joe #1 is, he seems to love his kids, and vice versa, and the whole thing is sad.

In her interview, Jennifer explained that her mom came from a tiny village, and married at sixteen. Coming to America, there was a language barrier, and she didn’t understand the culture. As the kids got older, they taught her, and now she tries to never miss an event, so she was coming to the fundraiser. Before the show, Jennifer asked for tequila, and Steven told her that she’d better behave. Apparently, she has a reputation even within her family. Broadway vet Caroline Bowman (Wicked, Kinky Boots, and Evita) sang, accompanied by a chorus, while Steven played piano. Jennifer said she admired her brother for having the courage to be who he is. She thought he was a good example for Gaby on staying true to yourself. Steven’s mom told him that she was proud of him, and no matter what, she’d be there for him. Jennifer pointed out their mother had come a long way from when she couldn’t accept that Steven was gay, and she and Steven couldn’t have a relationship.

Danielle met Teresa for coffee, and Teresa told her about the Hamptons. Teresa said she and Marge got into it a little bit, but she wasn’t choosing sides. She told Danielle about the Shore trip, and Danielle said, even though she wasn’t invited, she had plans to be there this weekend anyway. Teresa said Danielle and Marge in the same room was toxic, and the girls said they didn’t want to be around Danielle. Danielle didn’t know what she’d done to Melissa, and said she’d been at the last several parties Melissa threw. Teresa encouraged her to talk to Melissa one-on-one.

Dolores worked with decorator Sam on the new house. She said she knew her taste could be overboard, so she hired him to keep her in check with that and the budget. It seemed to be the age old problem of the woman wanting the guy to get rid of his old crappy furniture, and him not wanting to. David actually showed up on screen, and Dolores told him that he was going to ruin the house with his ratty stuff. In Dolores’s interview, she said men who’d given her commitments had disrespected and lied to her. David hadn’t lied or cheated, and she decided that was more important than a ring. David gave her a commitment to for furniture, and promised to get rid of his.

Everyone packed for the trip. Jackie was hoping Jennifer wasn’t going to try and smooth things over; she had enough of Jennifer’s apologies. Jennifer decided she was just going to ignore Jackie, and packed a Sorry Not Sorry T-shirt she had made for the trip. Bill said she might ignore Jennifer, but with that shirt, Jennifer was going to have a hard time ignoring her. Joe #3 asked if Marge was going for eight months; she’d packed so much. Again, I can’t say anything about that, being the same way myself. In the car, Joe #1 claimed he didn’t get involved in the women’s drama, but it was the second time Jennifer had attacked his wife. Melissa said Danielle was going to be at the Shore, and wanted to talk to her. She was glad Danielle didn’t know the address. Teresa, who rode with them, said Danielle didn’t know what she’d done to Melissa. Melissa said when Danielle was with them, it was never a calm and normal situation.

I have to interject that they kept making it sound like the Jersey Shore is one town. It seemed funny that it was just assumed Danielle would be in the same place, when it’s a huge stretch of coastline. I wasn’t paying attention 100%, but I don’t think they mentioned exactly what town they were going to. I didn’t recognize it at all, but again, we’re talking about a massive area.

Dolores put out cupcakes with each person’s face on them to designate rooms. No big shock, it was a beautiful house. Everyone gathered in the kitchen to chat, and Dolores said Gia was everything she ever wanted for her son. Prenups were discussed, and Teresa said Joe #1 told her that he hadn’t wanted to get married. This led to them talking about Joe #1’s cheating ways, and Teresa told everyone that she had found a dedicated phone to an old girlfriend when Gia was three months old. She said she should have left, but she wanted to believe him. In her interview, she said, it took a long time, but she owed it to herself to open her eyes.

Joe #2 made up with Bill, saying he was just busting Bill’s balls (say that three times real fast). In his interview, Joe said Bill couldn’t help it if his wife was nuts and a loose cannon.

The group went to dinner at a restaurant on the water. Teresa was a good sport when brother Joe joked about her husband cheating, but in her interview, she admitted she didn’t think it was funny, and it bothered her. Melissa told everyone that Danielle was going to be at the Shore, and wanted to talk to her. Marge said she thought she smelled something in the water, and called Danielle a barnacle. Melissa said she was going to meet with Danielle, and let her know she went too far, and they no longer wanted to hang out with her. Marge suggested she wear a life vest. Jennifer laughed, and Melissa told her that she was also on thin ice. In Jennifer’s interview, she said Melissa kept forgetting she started it, and we flashed back to Melissa doing nothing more than saying they were all losers for not understanding Jackie’s frugality. I’d say it’s more like Jennifer is overly sensitive. Melissa said, that was the second time, and if Jennifer threw one more thing at her, she was going to lose it. Marge said she just wanted to get through a meal. Joe #2 toasted to a great group, even though they want to stab each other.

Back at the house, Teresa said she’d do anything for her kids, and Marge said people don’t realize the stress they’re under, having to pay lawyers. Jennifer pointed out that at least Marge has Joe #3; Teresa doesn’t have a partner. In Marge’s interview, she said, leave it to Jennifer to diminish her bonding moment with Teresa, and sh*t all over it. Bill said their children have no capability of understand how hard their mom works. Marge said she didn’t know Jennifer worked, and in her interview, Jennifer said she has five kids. Her job is ten times harder than Marge’s. Game on.

Next time, mini golf, sailing, Melissa says Jennifer’s only achievement was marrying a rich man, Melissa meets with Danielle, and says they don’t want her around. Then the pier explodes. Just kidding. I think.

🏡 New show Family Karma premieres March 8th, and it looks promising. You can check it out here:

❄️ You Gotta Love Yourself First…

Caroline Bowman is also in the tour of Frozen. The cold never bothered me anyway either.

February 11, 2020 – Finn Passes Along Information, They Call Him Mr. Jim, Loving News, VanderPride & Summer Love


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason meets Sam in a hospital examining room. She says she thought he’d never get there, and they kiss.

Ava hangs a painting at the gallery, when Trina walks in. Trina says, Ava is back, and Ava asks how Trina’s life is. Trina says, not as exciting as Ava’s. She’s married now. How’d that happen? Ava says, quickly. They had a honeymoon in France. Trina says Ava checked herself into Shadybrook because she saw Nikolas’s ghost. Now he’s alive, and they’re married. No offense, but why?

Nikolas sees Elizabeth at the hospital, and she asks what he’s doing there. He says he’s there for the lab tests; he’ll stay out of her way. Franco joins them, and says, from one back-from-the-dead guy to another, they have a few things that need straightening out.

At Kelly’s, Charlotte picks at her food, and Lulu says, no appetite? She can’t eat when she’s upset either. She says she knows things have happened that are confusing and scary, but Charlotte says she’s not scared and she’s not upset. Lulu says, she knows, but if Charlotte was, there’s nothing they can’t talk about. Valentin walks in, and Charlotte runs to him.

Brook gets that Mike has restricted visitation, but she’s practically family. Sonny walks in, and says, there’s no one nearer or dearer, and Brook tells him, say she’s allowed to visit Mike. He says, it’s thoughtful, but his dad isn’t up to it.

Sam is glad Jason got her text. He says she told him Finn had information, and she says, who cares? He’s there now. They kiss, and Finn walks in, then covers his eyes, saying he’s sorry to interrupt. Sam says once they get the information, they won’t have to sneak around, and Jason says, Sam told him that Finn has information about Peter.

Anna tells Robert, leave it, but he says he can’t. She says, there’s no present danger and no imminent threat. There’s no reason for him to keep digging except his almighty ego, and his desperate need to be right. He says he’s not watching her wreck everything she’s built for herself because of a murdering SOB. Sam and Jason said they can find evidence against Peter, and when they do… She tells him, get out, and opens the door to find Peter. Robert asks how long he’s been standing there.

Sonny tells Brook that Mike was supposed to go to a medical clinic for a medical trial. He wanted to get Mike settled down, and took him to a pub in the old neighborhood. It turned into a mess. Brook says she heard about it, and she’s glad they weren’t hurt. Sonny says, he wasn’t, but his dad was. Mike was terrified, and now they’re telling him Mike is worse than ever. Mike comes in, and says, look who’s here. He hugs Brook, and says it’s good to see her. Sonny smiles.

Elizabeth leaves Franco to talk to Nikolas, and Franco says he was there when Elizabeth and her sister reconnected. It was a hard battle, but they figured it out. Hayden was there for Elizabeth and the boys, and then she wasn’t because of Nikolas. Nikolas says he’s working on it, and Franco tells him, work faster. Nikolas says he hears Franco is a changed man; redemption is everything. Franco says he’d like to hear what Ava has to say about that, and Nikolas says, his lovely wife has been singing his praises. Elizabeth comes back, and asks if Franco doesn’t have an appointment with HR. Franco says he has to fill out a form first, and she suggests he do that. He asks if she wants to meet at Kelly’s later, and she says she’d love it. He leaves, and Elizabeth goes back to the reception desk. Nikolas follows, and says he promises to rectify things, as soon as he gets his resources back. He asks her not to lose faith in him. He’ll make it right. He tells her, don’t give up years of friendship. Alexis walks over, and says he must be there for the blood test. She thought maybe considering his sham of a marriage, and all that goes with it, he’d decided it’s not worth the trouble.

Ava tells Trina that she and Nikolas were old flames. When it was safe for him to reveal himself, they rekindled the fire. Trina says, that’s a lot, and Ava says, it’s not entirely appropriate for her to share this with Trina, but she thinks Trina can handle it. Trina says she totally can, but she’s concerned about Ava. Ava says Trina doesn’t have to worry. She knows exactly what she’s doing.

Robert says he was just on his way out, and Peter says he’s glad Robert was leaving. That way, he won’t feel responsible for Robert’s hasty exit. Robert tells Anna to do what she wants, but he’ll always do what’s in her best interest, whether she likes it or not.

Finn says, because of the choice he’s making, talking about Peter to Sam and Jason, he’s risking everything he has with Anna, everything that’s holding them together. He thinks it’s worth the risk, since he’s worried about her safety. He also has a child, and he’s concerned about who’s in her life. Sam says he’s doing the right thing. If Peter is responsible for Drew’s death and the attack on Andre… Finn says he’s not saying that, and Jason asks what he knows. Finn says before he tells them, they have to agree to something. If they don’t, no deal

Brook asks how Mike has been, and Mike says, not so good. It’s not much of a hotel. They keep coming into his room without asking. She says that used to happen to her Aunt Lucia. Mike says, what a firecracker. Lucia got into it with someone at the fish market when they gave her the wrong fish. She wouldn’t even go past the store afterward; she’d cross the street. How is she? Brook says, it’s going good, and she sends her best. Mike says it’s good to see her, and asks if she’s going to introduce him to her friend.

Nikolas tells Alexis, he’s more determined than ever to uphold the family legacy. He appreciates her being part of the test. She says, the premise is, if she’s not a match for Valentin, he’s not a Cassadine. For argument’s sake, what if he is? It’s not unheard of for Helena to lie. Nikolas says he’s the heir, and Valentin is nothing. She says, even if the test proves that, does he really think Valentin is going to hand over the keys to the kingdom that easily? Would he? Valentin will be showing up soon, and blood or not, they deserve each other.

Valentin says he didn’t realize Charlotte would be there. He hopes he’s not intruding. Charlotte pulls out a chair for him, and he says he can’t, but Lulu says, please sit. He does, and says, it’s a nice surprise. He asks how Charlotte’s riding is going. He was speaking to the manager of the new stable, and he said she’s there to ride Butterscotch every day. Charlotte says, Butterscotch wants to go back to WIndymere; he likes it better there. Lulu suggests Charlotte get some hot chocolate. She needs to talk to Valentin for a quick second. Charlotte goes to the counter, and Lulu tells Valentin, she wants to make it clear. If he pulls a stunt like this again, she’ll make it a priority to get permanent custody from a judge. Valentin asks, on what grounds? They have joint custody. She says, until he goes to prison, but he says he’s not going anywhere. In a couple of hours, his legal troubles will be behind him, and he’ll regain what’s his, including his daughter.

Ava tells Trina, she did a great job for a first effort. Trina is sure Ava has notes, and Ava says, a few. Franco comes in, and tells Trina, don’t ask anyone for notes – ever. Ava says she’ll give them anyway, and hugs Franco. She says he’s still a pain in her ass, but she’s glad he’s back. Franco says, according to his dad, she wanted the other guy to stay. She says she was projecting. She’d gotten a clean slate, and thought he had a chance for one. She was clearly wrong, and would have missed him. Trina says she’s going to double-check the catalog against the inventory, and goes in the back, saying, it’s nice to see Franco. He says, she’s a good kid, and Ava says, a great kid. He asks what she thinks she’s doing with Nikolas. She says, marriage. The license, the ring, a post-nup, the works. Now that she’s the lady of the manor, she wasn’t to celebrate her new life by hiring him to paint for her. He suggests two coats of primer, and she says she wants to commission him to create something dazzling to go above the mantel. He asks what she has in mind, and she says, her, of course (🍷).

Peter says, since Robert is there, does he have a statement about the mayor getting shot in a mob related crossfire? Anna asks if Peter doesn’t have reporters, but Peter says he likes to be hands on. He asks if Robert has a theory, for the record. Robert says he might have something, but it has to stay between them. Peter says, of course (🍷), and Robert leans in, and says, no comment.

Finn tells Sam and Jason that Anna was blindsided by guilt, having given up Peter as a child. It’s going to get her hurt, and he needs to tell them for Anna and Violet’s sakes. Sam understands, and knows it’s difficult. They’re grateful. He says he doesn’t need their gratitude; he needs their word, especially Jason’s. Jason asks what his terms are, and he says he’ll give them the information he has on Peter, but in exchange, they’re to let the Feds decide what to do. It’s the Feds choice, not theirs. Do they understand each other?

Franco says Ava knows he doesn’t paint portraits, but she says she’s seen his portrait of Elizabeth; it’s beautiful, vulnerable, and poignant. She wants that for her portrait, but more sizzle. Franco tells her not to take it the wrong way, but he’s in love with Elizabeth. She tells him, paint the woman he loves to hate, but he says he could never hate her. She says, then accept the commission. She’s loaded right now. He says, that’s funny, and she says, just take the money. Consider it an evolution in his work. He’s gone from painting his domestic demons to a study in style. She poses, and Trina takes a picture. Ava says, send it to her, or Franco can use it for inspiration. She tells him, get going sketching, but he says he didn’t say yes. She says, yet, but he knows she gets what she wants. She kisses his cheek, and Trina takes another picture, saying, adorable.

Lulu can’t believe Valentin wants to lay claim to Charlotte, after the attempted kidnapping and police standoff. He says, he didn’t kidnap Charlotte; he had custody. She says, if the police hadn’t intervened, he’d have custody in Greece. He asks if she thinks her history hasn’t affected Charlotte. He was taking her to a hotel, so she didn’t have to deal with Lulu’s family’s drama. Nikolas is being even more melodramatic than she is, and she decided to embrace him with open arms, when she should admit he’s been lying to her for three years.

Robert tells Peter, make himself at home, and Peter says he doesn’t want to keep Robert. Robert says, a word to the wise; people look through keyholes. Peter says Robert should know, keyholes went away in the last century. They’re extinct. Robert says he’s still above ground, and Anna says, goodbye. He leaves, and Peter says he’s sorry. Anna says he shouldn’t provoke Robert. Peter agrees his last comment was a cheap shot, and she says she’s not worried about herself, but him. He asks if Robert said something of concern, and she says Robert will only ever see him as Faison’s son. He’ll always doubt Peter, no matter what he does to prove he’s changed. It’s not fair. How is he supposed to change if no one gives him a chance? He says the people who matter most have given him their trust, her and Maxie. She says they know he’s a good man, and not to doubt that. Anybody who does, will have to answer to her.

Jason says they understand that Finn wants to protect Anna, but Anna is going to be hurt worse if she keeps lying to herself about Peter. Sam says, Peter drugged Jason for five years, and Jason says, if Peter is linked to Drew’s disappearance, and the attack on Andre and Franco, that means he’s an ongoing threat. It’s not about revenge, it’s about the innocent people Peter is using. He’s using Anna, Maxie, Finn, and his daughter to hide behind. He’s using them as a front to pretend he’s reformed. Sam says their deal is with Robert, not the Feds, but Finn says he’s not sure he trusts Robert any more than he trusts them. Sam says, the goal is to legally take Peter down, and have him tried for his crimes. Everyone hands are clean, except Peter’s. Jason says, give them what they need, and they’ll let the authorities handle it. Finn says, deal, and he and Jason shake hands.

Sonny tells Brook, it’s the happiest he’s seen his dad since the shooting, and Brook says, Mike is a sweetheart; he always was. Sonny says a lot people aren’t comfortable around his dad, but not her. She says her Aunt Lucia had Alzheimer’s. She passed away a year ago. Sonny says he’s sorry, and she says she used to visit her aunt. Most of the time, she didn’t know who Brook was, but it didn’t matter. She’d talk and tell stories. There’s nothing you can do about the long term, but you can treat them like a person like in the moment. Sonny says, what if you could do something about the long term? She says, it’s not possible, but he says, it could be for his dad.

Alexis tells Nikolas, he and Valentin were thorough to have their attorney’s there to supervise. Speaking of Valentin, he’s still not there. Maybe he changed his mind, and decided not to cooperate.  Nikolas says, it’s his last chance to prove he’s a Cassadine, and Alexis asks if he’s thought realistically how this will play out. There’s no way Valentin’s not going to give pushback. Nikolas says he and Spencer are at an impasse, but he’s counting on Spencer to come around. Spencer needs sufficient time to process things. Alexis says, all in due time. She suggests she stay and wait for Valentin, or he might say Nikolas is harassing him. She’ll let him know when Valentin gets there. He says he thought she wanted to leave, and she says she’s glad he’s alive. Now go. He gets in the elevator.

Franco sketches Ava at Kelly’s, while Charlotte watches. She says, she knows Ava. She lives in Charlotte’s house now. Franco says, what? and Charlotte says, nothing.

Lulu says she’s taking Valentin to family court, and filing for full custody. Valentin says she has his sympathy. He’d planned on doing the same thing, but realized he’d be doing Charlotte more harm than good. No matter how they despise each other, they share Charlotte, and she loves them both. She can no more eradicate him, than he can eradicate her. If she wants to put Charlotte through a series of painful evaluations, do her worst. Knock herself out. He gets up, and goes over to Charlotte. They talk in French, and she asks him not to leave. She misses him. He says things will be back to the way they were very soon.

Peter appreciates Anna’s support. He stopped by to tell her. She has no idea how much it means to him. She says to her too, but he doesn’t have to check in. She’s been battling Robert for years, and he doesn’t intimidate her. He has a thick head, and he’s biased, but he doesn’t mean anything but the best for her. Peter says Robert does get under his skin, but he has a sterling reputation, and Peter respects him. Don’t tell Robert he said that. She never thought she’d hear him defend Robert’s honor, and Peter says maybe he misjudged Robert as much as Robert misjudged him. One of them has to give in. He asks if she’s sure she’s all right, and she says, all the better for seeing him. He says, mission accomplished, but now he has to go.

Finn says, David Black, the assassin who tried to kill Andre, worked at a company called Eurotech from 2011 to 2013. Sam says, Peter listed it on his resume when he was applying for CEO of Aurora. Finn says, it’s a shell company that was owned by Faison, and Sam says that’s the link. Finn tells her, Peter maintains that it’s a coincidence. Jason asks where he got the information, and Finn says, from an unnamed source, who will remain that way. Sam says they’ve got to call Robert, and Jason says, it was Anna, right? She knows, and she’s covering for Peter. Finn says Anna doesn’t know he’s telling them, and there’s no way Robert can know how they found out. Their deal is that it can never lead back to him.

On the phone, Peter says he needs someone to contact the Federal Prosecutor, Gabriel Berg, about Sam. Listen carefully.

Sonny tells Brook, the evaluation for the trial he wanted to put Mike in fell through, but he’s sure if he pushes hard enough, they’ll give him another chance to be assessed. Brook asks if he thinks Mike wants that chance, and Sonny says they have to try. She asks if realistically, there is a chance.

Valentin sees Alexis at the hospital, and says, hello, Natasha. She says, hello, and he thanks her for providing a sample, even if it’s for Nikolas. She doesn’t understand why he’s complying, with what he stand to lose. He says, it’s what he stands to gain. She says he thinks the codicil is fake? and he says she knows Helena as well as he does. It has all the earmarks of a twisted joke; putting him and Nikolas at each other’s throats over the Cassadine fortune. She’s probably laughing in hell. Alexis is sure she is.

Nikolas goes to the gallery, and Ava introduces him to Trina. She asks what brings him by, and he says he went to the hospital today. Valentin is about to get his comeuppance. He’s one step closer to what he wants. Trina asks if she should put the photo of Ava and Franco on their Insta, and Nikolas asks if he can look. He agrees it’s just what they need. He’d call this one, the artist and his muse.

Elizabeth joins Franco at Kelly’s. She says she’s glad he’s sketching again, but why Ava? He says he’s been commissioned by the new Mrs. Nikolas Cassadine to paint a portrait befitting her station. Elizabeth says, give her a break, and they step away from the counter. He says she sounds judgy. She thinks he should steer clear of both Ava and Nikolas, but he says he hasn’t been paid to make art in a while. Cameron has college coming up, and he doesn’t think he can be choosy about his patron.

On the phone, Lulu thanks Diane, saying, as long as she knows what Valentin is planning. Charlotte asks why her papa left, and Lulu says, he had an appointment. Charlotte says she wanted to ask him to go riding, but Lulu is sure they’ll ride together soon. Today, they’re wide open. She asks if Charlotte wants to go ice skating, and Charlotte says, why can’t Lulu admit it? Lulu and her papa hate each other.

Anna looks at the papers connecting Peter and David, and hears the door. She hides them again, and Finn walks in with a huge bouquet. A bouquet that has very LOUD paper wrapped around it. She asks if he’s cheating, and he says he’s just a guy bringing home flowers. She thanks him, and he says, things have been tense between them. She says she knows, and hates it when don’t connect. He says he can’t stand it, and they have Violet now. She couldn’t agree more. Parenthood isn’t easy, no matter how old your child is. She says she has to tell him something about Peter.

Robert meets Sam and Jason at the hospital, and says they realize they’re playing with fire, being in public together, right? Jason says they know the risks, and Sam says they have information. Robert says, talk to him, and she says they can link Peter with David Black. Robert asks, how? and Jason says they both worked for one of Faison’s shell companies overseas. It’s on Peter’s resume, and they’re sure the Feds can subpoena David’s bank records. If they follow this lead, and the money trail, it should lead to David being on Peter’s payroll. Robert says, it’s not going to be that easy, but Sam says they’ve found enough of a connection. They did their job. What more does he need? Robert says, quite a lot, but it’s a good start. He doesn’t suppose they’ll tell him how they came by this information. Sam and Jason say nothing, and he says he didn’t think so. He tells them, stick around. He’ll present the information to the Federal Prosecutor. He leaves, and Sam wonders if their nightmare could finally be over. Seriously though, the WSB couldn’t have figured this out for themselves, even without the paperwork Anna is hiding?

Alexis says, the truth is, Valentin would be better off if the codicil was real than being a Cassadine. He’s a capable guy. She’s sure he’s got money stashed away somewhere like Switzerland or the Grand Keys. Valentin says, or both, but the Cassadine fortune would be nice. She says, it’s a curse that destroys the life of whoever has it. It happened to her father and brother. She thought Nikolas was made of stronger stuff, but he’s obsessed. The estate had poisoned his life, and Valentin would be better off losing it. Valentin says, you never know. He’s going to prove he’s a Cassadine.

Nikolas says he thinks Trina is on to something. It’s the kind of photo that will get people talking. Franco is back, and Ava is returning as his muse. She hopes he’s as complimentary when he sees her portrait above the mantel at Windymere. He says, is that so? He can’t wait.

Elizabeth tells Franco, Ava and Nikolas’s marriage is a disaster waiting to happen. She doesn’t want him near it. Franco says he knows Ava isn’t anyone’s favorite person, but she’s paying. Elizabeth doesn’t love that Ava is holding that over his head, and he says, so that’s a no? She says, although it would be nice if Ava did something positive for someone else, especially if that someone else is them. He says, so that’s a yes? She says she’s sure there’s a catch. They walk back to the counter, where someone has drawn a pink mustache on his sketch of Ava. Elizabeth thinks it’s an improvement.

Outside, Lulu tells Charlotte that she doesn’t like words like hate. She and Valentin want what’s best for Charlotte, even if they don’t agree. Charlotte says, if not for certain people, her papa would have married Nina, and everything would be the way it’s supposed to be.

Anna tells Finn, Peter stopped by. Robert was there, and they had words. She had to ask Robert to leave, and she didn’t want to hide it from Finn. Finn thanks her, and she says she knows he doesn’t have the same faith in Peter that she does, but keep an open mind. Give Peter a chance to prove himself, or at least trust they’re on the same team. They’ll get through this together. He hugs her, but doesn’t look happy at all.

Outside Kelly’s, Peter’s phone rings. He says, talk to me. He listens, and says, well done. He knew could count on them.

Sam tells Jason, it will be nice to be able to walk around hand in hand; no secrecy. He says, first, Robert has to cut the deal. Sam asks, why be so practical? Admit their situation is a little bit better. He says he’ll agree with that, and they kiss. Robert walks in, and says, the deal is off.

Brook tells Sonny, it’s too late for a trial to work, but he says not according to the doctors. She asks how he knows that’s what Mike wants, and he says he wants her opinion. She says her whole family adored Aunt Lucia, but when her Alzheimer’s got bad, they couldn’t take it. They stopped visiting because it was too painful. By doing that, they deprived themselves of the last glimmer of who she was, of her last moments of connection. That’s where she thinks Mike is. He’s slipping away, but he can still talk and tell stories, even if he doesn’t know who he’s telling them to. You can’t force a miracle, but if Sonny opens himself up, he might get a moment of grace with his father while his father is still there.

Tomorrow, Anna asks Finn whose side he’s on, Valentin tells Martin that he needs a majority holding of the company, Sam admits she brought Finn into this, and Maxie tells Jax that she knows he and Nina kissed.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Hanna tells Jim, please, and he says, beg him. Candace starts to talk, but Hanna tells her, shut up. She says, please… please… It’s her son. Candace tells her not to do that, but Jim says tell her daughter to give him the money. Candace says, if he hurts her brother, she’s telling him… Hanna says, Jim, please, and he says Candace’s brother is worth $8 million, and tells Hanna, they call him Mr. Jim, and asks if she’s seen that movie. Candace says she’s not scared of him, and he says she should be. Hanna asks him not to let them hurt Benny, and he tells her to make Candace give him his money. Candace says she’s calling the bank, or finding a computer, so she can wire the money. Hanna thanks her, and Candace leaves.

Outside the room, Mitch tells Candace, he has good news. They got the license plate, and know where Benny is. She says, come on; let’s go. Hanna tells Jim, Candace will give him the money, and Jim asks what his name is. She says, Jim? and he says, no; Mr. Jim. Say it. Does she want to save her son’s life or not? She struggles with saying it, and he says, let him help. Hanna says, she’s going to give it to you, Mr. Jim, as he mouths the words with her. He says he loves hearing that, and asks where Candace went. Hanna promises Candace is handling it, and he asks if she trusts Candace. Hanna says, she loves her brother, and he says, it’s very touching, but she raised one low-life daughter. Say something snappy; call him a name. She certainly looks like she’s thinking of one, and it’s not Mr. Jim.

Jim tells Hanna to call him a demon. She asks him to call those people back, and he says, time is ticking. What’s his name; he loves hearing her say it. She says, please call them, and he says, call them, what? She says, Mr. Jim, and he says he loves it. He thinks he’s going to take a nap. The cell service is bad in there. He says he’s just messing with her; the phone’s ringing. He tells her, say thank you, and she does, but he says, thank you, what? She says, thank you, Mr. Jim. He tells the guy on the phone, about that thing they were talking about. Hold off on it if it’s not too late. Good. He’ll call back in two hours. Mark it. Hanna wants to talk to Benny, but Jim won’t let her. He says, two hours exactly, and hangs up. He tells her, he’s tired. He’s had one helluva day, and wants to take a nap. It’s her choice. She can stay and watch him sleep, or wait in the waiting room. She asks if he’s all right, and he makes her go through the Mr. Jim thing one more time because he’s the worst. He tells her, go outside. He’s tired. He adds that she should tell the security guard his fat ass is fired. Hanna goes out of the room, and stands outside, saying, Lord, help me. Please help me.

Wyatt says, hey, mom, and asks how she slept. Kathryn gets up from the floor, and says she didn’t. He asks, why not? She can sleep in hell; she should be used to this. She asks if he hasn’t come down from being high yet, and he says he’s still high. He shot and killed that bastard. She says she’s not doing this with him this morning, but he says she has no choice. They’re across from each other, and he’ll talk all day and night. Marty walks to Kathryn’s cell, and asks how she’s holding up. Wyatt asks if Marty came there for him, but Marty says he came for Kathryn. Marty tells Kathryn that they need to talk, and she’s brought out of her cell. Wyatt says, hey, let him out.

Madison brings Jeffrey home, and Jeffrey asks if he wants to come in. He said he’s tired and there’s a lot of traffic. Madison says Jeffrey is right, and they get out of the car. Jeffrey says it’s the least he can do. He feels bad that Madison drove all that way. The guard says he knows who Jeffrey is, and steps aside. It’s a mess, with people cleaning, and fixing bullet holes. Madison says Jeffrey’s mom is very scary. Jeffrey says he knows, and they sit. He tells Madison, his mom tried to have him and his father killed. Guys came in the door, guns blazing. Madison says he’s sorry. He’s glad Jeffrey is okay. He asks if Jeffrey realizes she’s insane, and Jeffrey says that’s why his dad hired guards. Madison says, this is not okay. Living in this madness is insane. Jeffrey asks what choice he has. She’s his mother. Madison says he can move, and get a job. Does he work? Jeffrey says he used to work at his mom’s facility, and Madison says Jeffrey’s got to be more dependent. He’s not trying to upset Jeffrey, but he’s been on his own a long time. Jeffrey asks what Madison’s life is like, and Madison says he put himself through nursing school, and did what he had to do. His life isn’t perfect, but he’s happy. He gets lonely sometimes, but he’s happy. Jeffrey understands now, and Madison asks if he understands lonely or happy. Jeffrey says, lonely. That’s how Justin got him. He was just getting comfortable with being gay. Madison says he can have a healthy gay relationship. Just weed out the crazy ones – like any other relationship. I hear that. Jeffrey says he doesn’t have much experience. It was dangerous and exciting. Madison says, like his mother, but Jeffrey says, no, not like her. Madison says Jeffrey’s parents are dysfunctional, and so is he. Jeffrey says Madison has been saying that a lot, and Madison says he wants Jeffrey to get it. He wants Jeffrey to be happy. Madison looks at his phone, and says, there’s been a fatality. The traffic is going to be worse, and he’s exhausted. Jeffrey says Madison is welcome to nap in his room, and Madison says no at first, but then asks if Jeffrey is sure. He is, and says, come on. They go upstairs. I think the only time we’ve seen upstairs is when Claudia was still around. Or whatever David’s girlfriend’s name was. It was that long ago.

Madison says he can’t sleep in his scrubs, and takes them off. He stands there a moment, and Jeffrey says, hmm… no underwear. (Really? In scrubs? Doubtful.) Madison asks if that’s okay, and Jeffrey says, sure. Madison asks if Jeffrey is tired too, but Jeffrey laughs, and says, no. Madison gets in the bed, and asks if Jeffrey is sure. Jeffrey says, go ahead. He’ll check on the progress downstairs. Outside the room, he leans against the door and says, damn. I have a lot of feels about this. I’ve wanted them together from the jump, but I’m fearful that Justin will go berserk. Even more berserk than he’s already gone.

Kathryn and Marty go to a private room. He says he’s sorry about this, and Kathryn says she can’t believe it’s happening. He says, it’s a nightmare, and she says, Jim? He says he’s so sorry, and she says they have to start planning a funeral, but she doesn’t know how to do that in there. Marty says, Jim’s alive, and she says, he is? He says, Jim has gone through surgery, but he’s doing fine. Kathryn laugh/cries, and says she doesn’t know whether to be happy or sad. She suggests they talk about her, and asks how the case is. He says, it’s pretty solid against her, but she says, not that solid. What about bail? He says he’s going to request it today, but George is claiming she’s a flight risk; she has a plane. She says she’s a pillar of the community; make them understand. She can’t stay another night. He says he’s doing everything he can, and she says, that’s clearly not enough. He says he’s on it, and asks if he can get anything for her. She says, get her out. The noise and smell, and her cell has an open toilet. He says, there’s another issue they need to deal with. The Sallison family is bring a wrongful death suit against her and Jim. Between the evidence they have, and Jim pressuring George’s associate to steal evidence, it’s looking bad. That means she needs to look at protecting her assets. He suggests forming a trust; maybe a shell company, where she can move all of her assets. She says, everything? and he says, they can win. She says, what if they do? and he says, they can take everything she owns. Is there anyone she knows who she can trust with all her assets? She says, yes; Hanna Young. He says, her maid? and she says, her friend. He says she wants to put all her assets in her maid’s name? and she says, yes; in her friend’s name. He asks if she has no family members or relatives, and she says, no. She wants Hanna to have power of attorney, and be executor of the estate. Can he have Hanna meet with her? He says he’ll do that now, and leaves. Kathryn yells, bail! as he goes out the door.

Hanna sits in the hospital waiting room. She makes a call to Candace, but gets voicemail. She asks Candace to call her back.

At the bar, Mitch tells Candace that he’s on it. She says, it’s almost 9:30, and her mother keeps calling. Mitch says they’re going to get him, and her phone rings. She says, damn, and Mitch tells her, answer it, but she says her mother doesn’t understand this. She just wants Candace to give Jim back the money. He says she should, and she says she will, after they get Benny. She can’t trust Jim. She gets a call from another number, and Mitch tells her, answer it; it might be Benny. It is Benny, and she asks where he is. He says he’s still being held, and she says, where? Jim’s thug asks if she’s going to bring the money, and Benny asks if she heard that. She asks if he thinks they’ll let him go, and he asks what she thinks he thinks. She says she’s going to call the bank, and head over there. Benny asks if the thug heard that; she’s getting the money. The thug says, she likes to cut it close. Benny says he’d like to cut dude close, and I literally lol. The thug asks if Benny can count on her, and Benny says he’s going to get let out, right? The thug says, a deal’s a deal, and heads upstairs. Benny says, gangster or not, he’s taking dude at his word. It better mean something.

Broderick goes to the jail, and says he’s there to see Kathryn. The desk sergeant asks who he is, and he says, a friend. She says, this is a jail; she can’t have visitors. He says he’s seen people go through, but she says, only lawyers are allowed. He asks if he can get a message to her, and the sergeant says, again, this is not a hotel. He thanks her, and Marty approaches him. He says Broderick wants to see Kathryn? Broderick says he does, and Mary asks who he is. He says he manages her hotel, and Marty says he’s her attorney. Broderick asks if everything is okay. He heard what happened, and wanted to make sure she was all right. Marty says he’ll let her know, and Broderick asks if Marty thinks he could get in to see her. Marty says he’ll have to speak with her first. Broderick asks if he should wait, but Marty says he’s not seeing her again today. He asks if he can reach Broderick at the hotel, and Broderick says, no, but where he’s staying, the cell reception is shaky. He gives Marty the number to the landline. Marty looks at it, and asks if it’s the number to the loft Kathryn’s son bought. Is Kathryn letting him live there? Broderick says, for the moment. Marty says he’ll let her know they talked.

Candace wants to go to the bank, and tells Mitch, she doesn’t trust that dude. He asks her to give his folks a chance. Give them fifteen minutes. If Benny isn’t there, they can go to the bank. She knows how to play it cool. She says, not when it comes to her brother. He says his people have been through this. His family does this all the time. Give them time; they’ll work it out. He asks if she wants a drink, and she says, no. She wants her brother back. He gives her a shot, and she picks up the paper, seeing herself on the cover. She reads, Candace Young: more than meets the eye, and tosses the paper down. Mitch picks it up, and says, it might be a good article, but she says she doesn’t care. He skims it, and says, its good for her. He tells her, don’t worry; just calm down. Hanna calls again, and Mitch tells her, answer it. Candace says, no, and he says, she’ll go to the police. Answer the damn phone. Hanna leaves another message, saying she’s calling the police. She calls 911, and says, it’s an emergency, but Candace calls back. She tells Hanna, she’s at the bank. Hanna asks if she’s sure, and Candace says she is. She’s waiting for the manager, and she’ll call soon as she’s done. Hanna says she’s not playing. She’ll call the police. Candace says she doesn’t want to do that, but she says she will.

At the jail, George says, Wyatt wanted to see him? Wyatt says he’s testifying against his mom, so will George get him out? George says, no, and Wyatt says he has immunity. George says, that’s for the Castile hit and run, and Wyatt says, so? George says Wyatt shot his father, and Wyatt repeats, he has immunity. George says, that’s not how this works. The immunity is for one crime, not all crimes. Wyatt says, then he’s not testifying. George says, that’s fine, and Wyatt says George won’t have enough to prosecute. George says he has enough, and Wyatt says George is going to let him sit there? Really? George says he doesn’t get it, does he? He’s delusional. He’s in there for the attempted murder of his mother and father. Wyatt asks if they’re pressing charges, and George asks if Wyatt is kidding him. It’s not in their hands; it’s in George’s. He thinks Wyatt needs help, and says, they’re done. Wyatt calls him and SOB, and says George tricked him. He had immunity. George says, for one crime. Seriously, I’m dying laughing over Wyatt thinking it was a blank check. George says, get some help, and Wyatt says, what if the charges are dropped? George doesn’t think that will happen, but he’d have to cross that bridge when he came to it. He tells Wyatt not to hold his breath, and walks away.

David pulls up to his house, and answers his phone. It’s AG Kyle, and David thanks him for returning his call. He’s reaching out on behalf of Jim Cryer. Kyle says they’ve been watching the news. Everything is going to hell. David says Jim is fine; he’ll be okay, and Kyle says, good for him. What can he do for David? David says he’s calling to discuss Jim and Kyle’s arrangement. Kyle says he doesn’t know what David is talking about, and David says, fine; neither does he. Jim would like to know how soon it can be done. His wife has been arrested. Kyle says, for Jennifer Sallison’s murder, and David says, like he and Jim discussed, but Kyle says, they discussed Lizzy Castile. David says Jim would like to talk to him, and Kyle asks why he’d want to do that. David thinks Jim can make it worth his while, and Kyle says he’ll consider it. David says, let him know. Scott is sitting across from Kyle, and says, so? Kyle says, Jim is calling in a favor, and Scott asks if he’s doing it. Kyle doesn’t know, and wonders how much it can be worth. He asks if Scott has seen the papers. They’re making Candace out to be the victim, after everything they dug up. Scott is sure there’s more to find, and Kyle says, Jim could have it. Scott asks what Jim wants, and Kyle says, too much. Scott asks if there’s nothing he can do about Jim’s wife. Kyle says, it’s highly unlikely, but let him think.

David calls Jim, but gets voicemail. He says he spoke to Jim’s man, who said he’d think about it and give Jim a call. Call him back. He gets out of the car, and Veronica parks in front. He tells the guard, stop her. He needs her to leave the property. She gets out, and tells the guard, this isn’t private property; it’s not his driveway. The guard says he needs her to leave now, but she says she wants to talk to her husband. She hollers, honey, I’m home! David says, woman, get your crazy ass from around here. She asks how his night went, and he says she knows how it went. She asks, what happened? and he says he’ll be coming for her too. She better be good and ready. She thinks she can keep getting away with this. She says she does, and he says she came after Jeffrey. She says, that girl don’t want to do right, and neither does he. He tells her, go, and she says, make her. He tells the guard, remove her, but the guard says she’s not on his property. David asks, what good is he? Veronica says if David touches her, she’ll sue. He starts to go back to the house, and she brings a bullhorn out of the car. I’m dying. She talks into it, saying, where you going, bitch-ass man, weak-ass punk-ass? He tells her, leave now. Jeffrey comes out, and asks what David is going to do. David tells him to go back inside. Veronica says, hi, girl, through the bullhorn. Jeffrey just stares at her, and follows David inside. Veronica sees Madison looking out the window, and asks how much he’s being paid to be up there. Romeo or Juliet? Which one is he? It’s a waste. He’s a waste, little girl beyotch.

Still talking through the bullhorn, Veronica says, enjoy yourself, ya hear? David goes to a closet, and opens a safe. He tells Jeffrey, he’s got this. This ends now. Jeffrey asks, what’s going on? and David says, trust him. Stay there. Outside, Veronica says she’s going to give Madison something to stare about. Crazy bitch. She sees David, and says, uh-oh. Here comes big man. Come on to big mama. he has folders in his hands, and says she knows what this is, and what he can do with it. He’s going to save his son, and take them all down. She tells him not to forget she has files too. He says, let’s play cards, and she says, him first. He says he will, and she says, then she’ll make a move. He says, for now, move her car. She says, make her, and he says she’s blocking his exit; move. She says, no, and he says he’s telling her one more time, move her car. She picks up the bullhorn again, and says she’ll tell him one more time, no. He says, fine. He calls George, and says he’d like George to come by. He has information on his ex-wife that he’s sure George will want. Through the bullhorn, Veronica singsongs, whatchu gonna do? Whatchu gonna do? David calls Marty next. He says he needs to speak to Kathryn. Don’t let her speak to anyone before he does. He has a plan that he thinks will work.

Using the bullhorn, Veronica says, attention all neighbors. Here lies a cheating man. He cheated with whores in your neighborhood. Come to the window and see. David Harrington – cheating, lying, bastard, cheat-ass bitch – lives among you.

Hanna is nervous. Jim calla Lloyd, and when Lloyd asks how he is, Jim tells him, save it. He knows Lloyd doesn’t mean it. He needs Lloyd to check the account. Let him know if the money has been returned. No? He thanks Lloyd, and says, goodbye. Hanna goes into Jim’s room, and he says he was about to call her in. He just got off the phone with Lloyd. Hanna asks, is it there? and he says, yes; it’s there. She says, thank God, and he says, no; it’s not there. None of it. She asks if he’s kidding, and he says he doesn’t kid about $8 million. Hanna say she knows Candace was at the bank, and Jim says Hanna believes her? Her lying, whoring daughter? Where is his money? Hanna says she’ll call Candace, but Jim says Candace is conning her. 10 o’clock was the deal. Does she think he’s playing games? Her daughter still has his money. Hanna says, there could have been a delay, but Jim says she’s doing the same thing to him – conning him. She says she’s not. She tells him, she’s dialing, and he says, so is he. He’s calling in her son’s life. Hanna says, Jim, wait, and he says, Mr. Jim. It’s too late. He tells his thug, shoot him, and Hanna says, don’t! We hear someone say, no! and a gunshot

Next time, Hanna beats on Jim, Kathryn tells Wyatt that they’re pressing charges, Hanna tells Kathryn that Jim killed Benny, and David tells George that he’s giving him Veronica.

📌 It’s official. The new season of If Loving You Is Wrong begins March 10th at 10 pm.

Vanderpump Rules

Schwartz looks at a pile of laundry, and says, sh*t’s out of control. In his interview, he says nothing will snap you back to reality faster than five day old BO from Miami. Tom comes by, bringing their suits for Pride. The jackets are white with TomTom in sparkles on the back, with rainbow sleeve fringe and epaulets. Like something Elvis would have worn. Presley not Costello. Schwartz can’t believe they have James locked down for Pride, and Tom says he’s not babysitting. In James’s interview, he says if Katie owned the bar, he sure as sh*t wouldn’t be DJing. We flash back to James being a d-bag to Katie. In Katie’s interview, she says James is lucky her husband is a really nice guy. Tom tells Schwartz, when James is off the clock, he can drink, but he wants him on early and off early. He doesn’t want James going on at 6 pm. In Tom’s interview, he says James is a headache, which makes him a worry, but not only does he have his own following, he brings energy, and people buy more drinks.

At Villa Rosa, Lisa has broken her toe. She says the official story is, she broke it kicking Ken’s ass. She says, everyone is drooling over Brett. Scheana is like a dog in heat. Raquel, Danica, Brett, and Scheana arrive to make posters for Pride. Lisa says, it’s a crazy day, where a lot of avant-garde people act crazy and get drunk. Not just Raquel’s boyfriend. In Raquel’s interview, she says she feels like there’s always a cloud hovering over James, with people not letting his past go. Meaning five minutes ago. Lisa says, Ariana is coming, and Scheana asks if Dayna is coming. Lisa asks her, why the face? She wants Scheana to be nice. Dayna doesn’t feel as included. We flash back to Dayna telling Lisa that Scheana hasn’t been kind. Lisa asks if it’s about Max, since he and Dayna are kind of dating. Scheana says, they’re hooking up; that’s not dating. Lisa asks if there’s jealousy going on, and Scheana says she and Max are just good friends. In her interview, Lisa says she knows what good friends means with Scheana. We flash back to Scheana saying, he’s my best friend, about every guy she slept with. Lisa says, do me a favor. Shag my socks off because we’re such good friends. Scheana says she just gave Dayna some advice, like to guard her heart. Lisa asks if Scheana is sure she’s not jealous of Dayna. In Scheana’s interview, she says they simply don’t vibe. We see a montage of Scheana prattling on to Lisa, saying everyone trying to make this a jealousy thing, clearly she’s not jealous, everyone needs to stop saying she’s jealous, and she’s not the kind of person who gets jealous. Lisa thinks Scheana and Dayna (omg) would be good friends, if Scheana would drop the competitive stuff. Scheana says she has enough friends.

Scheana joins the others, and says Danica has taken a while to form an opinion about Dayna, right? Danica says she’s iffy on Dayna because she doesn’t know her well enough. Raquel says she invited Dayna for a hair session with her stylist before Pride. Scheana says she’s not going to be waiting behind Dayna to get a haircut. Everyone who keeps pushing Dayna on her, pushes her away from getting to know Dayna. She makes her own decisions in her own time. Brett says Scheana needs to put her actions behind her words, and Scheana says she’ll force herself to be friends with Dayna, so everyone will STFU.

Ariana arrives at Villa Rosa, and skirts Hanky and Panky, saying, don’t try it swan. Puffy! in PJs. Lisa tells her Scheana is there, gossiping in the back. She doesn’t think Scheana is as cool about Dayna and Max as she says she is. All of a sudden, the picture and sound on my TV start to break up, which almost never happens. And when it does, it’s over in two seconds. Not this time. I switch to HD, and get the same thing. I turn it off and on, and switch channels. Still nothing. From what I can gather, Lisa asks if Ariana is still depressed, and they discuss it. Ariana says she’s been depressed for a long time, and had gotten the impression it was situational. She thought when she got her house – her dream – it would make it go away, but it hasn’t. She needs to force herself to go out.

When everything finally comes back together, Lala is telling Beau, Stassi, and Brittany about James DJing at TomTom for Pride. Stassi says James is the only person who believes he’s sober.

James tells Raquel, it’s time for him to get ready to go to TomTom. Raquel is excited to be in the parade, and has her pageant wave down. He asks if she’s coming to his set, and she says she’ll see. She asks what time he’s starting; she’ll try to come for the beginning. He’s surprised Schwartz wants him to DJ. Last year, Katie got him fired, and then she quit. Now she’s sitting on her ass all day. Raquel asks where he and Lala stand, and he says Lala has completely cut him off from her life. In his interview, James says, for those who have been living under a rock, 50 Cent called out Randall for some money he thought Randall owed him. James thought it was funny, and liked some posts. It was James across America, and went viral. In Lala’s interview, she says it was unacceptable for James to post something like that because he thought it was funny, and wanted likes. They had a brand new rekindled friendship, and James should have been on his best behavior. She didn’t find it funny. In James’s interview, he says he thought it was hilarious. He tells Raquel, he wasn’t being hurtful. Stassi tells Lala, James can’t control himself, and Brittany says, he really can’t.

Dayna tells Max, she’s leaving in 30 minutes. He says, Pride weekend is not fun. In Dayna’s interview, she says she was supposed to get her hair done, and woke up to a text from Raquel, saying her stylist can only take three girls, and Scheana is able to make it. It was followed by PRIDE – in all caps – and a rainbow emoji. Clearly, Scheana didn’t want to go, found out Dayna was going, and decided to go, so Dayna was out. She tells Max, everyone is going to be mean, and he asks why she cares about what others think. In her interview, she says, it was hard enough leaving TomTom, but now when she walks into the restaurant, Scheana and her tribe make her life miserable. They’re nice to her face, and talk sh*t behind her back.

Pride begins, and it’s a great excuse to dress rainbow crazy. Danica realizes there’s only one bartender for the lounge and one for the restaurant. In her interview, she says, are they kidding her? It’s her first big event, and there isn’t enough staff. Eff you, Peter. She hopes he’s having fun in the parade in his pink car. Jax says, the last time he was there for Pride, they had six bartenders, and the line was still out the back. They must be on crack. Danica says they need him until 1, and asks if he can help set up, but he says he doesn’t do that. In Jax’s interview, he says he doesn’t think they care that there’s not enough waitstaff; they just want to wave from the float. If anyone deserves to be on a float, it’s him. He tells the other bartender, the best way to get through it is to be drunk. He’s starting now. He pours himself some vodka over ice. Danica asks if Jax isn’t dressing up, and he says he doesn’t do that. We flash back to last week, when he dressed up like an old man. Danica says she’s nervous, and he says she should be. Geez. He’s pretty hard on someone who has no fault in this.

The Toms get their motorcycle and sidecar ready. In Ariana’s interview, she says it’s her first Pride when she’s been publicly out as a bisexual queen. It feels weird, but why be in the closet at Pride? She feels better now that people know. She’s living more truthfully. She’s a B, even though she always got A’s. Max calls Tom, and says they’re getting the bar ready, and getting everything sorted before they open. See them there.

James arrives at TomTom, and Max shows him where to set up. He says, no more closet for him. In his interview, he says he’s excited to have a DJ booth, and not be in a closet, sitting on toilet paper on the floor. We flash back to that, and he says they’ll see how much the party turns up. Dayna introduces herself to Jax, and he says, oh, she’s Dayna. In Dayna’s interview, she says, they met last year, but nice to meet you. We see clips from a party the guys had at a hotel, and yep, she’s there. He says he heard about her, and she says, uh-oh. In Jax’s interview, he says she’s not his type. He’s not into blondes. We see several of girls he was previously involved with, who were blonde. He says he’s picky. She explains that she was working at TomTom, but wanted to do both. He says he thought it was because she was dating Max, but she says, that was a bonus. She figured she wouldn’t have any of that drama at SUR. He says, well… Has she talked to Scheana? Dayna says Scheana is such a bitch to her. She never met a less mature person. She can be cool with Scheana, but doesn’t need to kiss her ass. Jax gives her a high-five.

Scheana thanks Raquel for inviting her to get her hair done, and Raquel says she’s glad Dayna didn’t come; they were already running late. Scheana says Dayna is telling people she’s not nice because she’s not inviting Dayna to sleepovers. Katie asks if Ariana talked to Lisa, and Ariana says she did. Lisa suggested once or twice a week, coming in to work at SUR; it will force her to get out of the house. Katie says she’s teaching herself to knit. They can be crafty old ladies. Stassi and Beau come into TomTom, and Lala tells the girls, this is the only day camel toe is acceptable. James asks Lala if they can have a chat, and goes back to his booth. Stassi says she doesn’t want him to die, but doesn’t wish him the best. In her interview, she says, who would she be if she didn’t wish James physical harm?

James tells Max that he’s getting ready. He has soda water, with lime and a little bit, you know. Lala comes by, and asks James to go in the back with her. I have to mention, her outfit is okay, but her blue hair is absolutely stunning. James says he didn’t know his post would piss Lala off as much as it did. He knew he shouldn’t do it, but he effed up. Lala says she knows now that they’re completely different people. In Lala’s interview, she says her sobriety is her number one priority. James knew he effed up when he posted what he did. He was obviously drunk, and she can’t allow anything to get her to fall off rocker. James says he can think back to other times when Lala took things hard, and Lala says she forgives him. She knows he’ll pull it together someday, but she can’t wait for that to happen. She’s sorry. He says there will be nothing but positive attached to her and Randall’s names forever. He and Lala clink glasses, and he says, to non-alcoholic drinks. She says, she doubts his is, and asks for a sip. He asks for a sip of hers, and she gives him one, but he won’t return the favor. She says now she knows his isn’t non-alcoholic. In her interview, she says, James has a lot of issues. He has an addiction problem, and he has bobbleheads around him, including his girlfriend, who don’t give a sh*t what his future may hold, which could get ugly.

Pride is in full swing. Dayna can’t believe how crazy this is. Stassi, Brittany, and Beau see Lisa, with Brett holding a rainbow umbrella to shield her from the sun. Stassi says none of them are on a float. She remembers the last time, when Scheana sang. We flash back to that, and to Stassi saying she was going to impale herself. Schwartz says, it’s like a version of heaven. Look at all the love. Tom says, it’s epic. Everyone takes pictures, and Scheana says she’s got to get to work; she’s so late.

The Toms arrive at TomTom, and yell, happy Pride! In Schwartz’s interview, he says he feels electric, like he’s arrived, like a rock star. He’s Freddy Mercury, about to sing Bohemian Rhapsody. Tom gets on the bar, and thanks everyone for being at TomTom’s first Pride. He and Schwartz clink bottles, and everyone chants, Tom! Tom! In James’s interview, he says, it’s a big moment, Pride at TomTom. He wants Raquel to see how amazing her boyfriend is. We see him on the phone, yelling that Raquel missed his set, and to go screw herself. She says she had no service, and he asks where she is. She says she’s in the parade. She didn’t know when his set was. He didn’t tell her, even though she asked a bunch of times.

The Toms descend on Lisa. Schwartz blows kisses. They ask Lisa to take a shot (I think it’s some kind of Greygoose), but that’s a hard no. Tom pours one into Katie’s mouth, then Ariana’s. Tom says, it’s so packed, and Schwartz can’t believe they’re owners in the heart of it. He kisses Lisa’s hand. In James’s booth, he tells Raquel that he loves her, and Raquel says he impresses her. In Raquel’s interview, she says, James was obviously upset when she called, but he wasn’t hearing her out. She didn’t want to upset him because he explodes at times. At SUR, Jax cuts himself, and pours liquor on it. Peter asks Danica where Raquel is. She was supposed to work. She was in the parade with him. Danica says they only had one person in every position. Danica says, she’s not there? and Peter says, no.

Puffy! This time in rainbow attire. James thanks Lisa for having him, and she says it wasn’t her decision. Katie says, it was hers, not really. Ariana says his music is good, and this means a lot. Katie says she saw Raquel, and Ariana says she looks cute. Lisa says, she’s at SUR, but James says she’s there. She’s not working. Lisa says, she is, but James says, she wasn’t on the schedule. In Lisa’s interview, she asks who James is to be telling her who’s on the schedule. She tells him, the only person he can talk about being on a schedule, is himself, and he’s not on it. Lisa says he’s not sober either. James insists he hasn’t been drinking, and he did a good job. She says, it’s about integrity, and he says he’s trying. In his interview, James says he just killed it, and this isn’t the conversation he wanted to have. He tells Lisa, he’s not even sticking around afterward. Lisa says she’s glad he did a good job, but she’s more interested in his welfare. He says understands, and thanks her.

Danica tells Peter that Raquel just showed up. He says, it’s not acceptable. He tells Raquel, she was on the schedule. Why didn’t she show up? She was in the car with him. She says she stepped out to see James, who did a great set. She just lost track of time. She’s never been late before. He says they were down servers, and needed help. She asks if she can take a shift now; she’ll work all night if they need her. She feels bad that she ran to TomTom to see James’s set, but when they finished the parade, he was super upset that she missed it. She felt obligated to him. Peter says, while she’s there, she’s obligated to him, not her boyfriend. She needs to figure out her priorities in relation to her boyfriend and job. She says, it won’t happen again, and he says, cool. I’m glad. For a moment, I thought he might fire her, and I like Raquel. She’s kind of a twit, and lives in a world of her own, but I like her. She has a really good heart.

Tom thanks everyone for coming, and Schwartz says they’re lucky to be partnered with an amazing businesswoman, Lisa Vanderpump. In Schwartz’s interview, he says he can imagine their 157th Pride. They’re teleporting to TomTom, wearing matching space outfits, but it’s still them. He can totally picture it.

Scheana sings Good As Gold, standing on the bar at SUR. Dayna looks horrified, as we all do, who are sober. Lisa asks if the sheriff can carry her the rest of the way because of her toe. Because Lisa can do no wrong, and gets whatever she wants, he does. In Lisa’s interview, she says, Pride means so much to her. People come out and express themselves… ish. We see more of the parties and parades. Everyone dances drinks, twerks, and it’s all very colorful. Scheana passes Dayna, and says she wants to talk in the back. She says she’s shaky right now, and uses an inhaler. Wtf? She says when she and Dayna had talked, everything was cool. Now she’s hearing Dayna is saying she’s being mean. Maybe the first day, everyone hated her. Dayna says, no; it was just Scheana. Scheana apologizes for being a bitch. Dayna asks if Scheana is 34 or 16. She’s embarrassed for Scheana. Scheana can’t be in the same room with her, yet she’s not mean? No one said why she couldn’t get her hair done. Scheana says the stylist could only take three girls, and they barely had time. In Dayna’s interview, she says, Scheana missed her calling as a press secretary for a politician. She puts a spin on everything. Dayna say she has to get back to work. Scheana seems threatened, and she doesn’t know why. Scheana says something is just irking her, and she doesn’t know what it is. Call her territorial, but Dayna came in full force, and started hanging out with her friends. She was there two seconds, and all of her friends are going to her comedy show. She wants to know Dayna’s intentions. Huh? Is Dayna getting engaged to said group of friends?  Dayna says, to have friends, and have a good life. She feels Scheana is triggered because she’s hanging around Max. Why can’t they all be friends? Scheana gets weepy, and says she’s sorry she’s been a bitch. Maybe it’s hormones. She’s feels like she’s being pulled in so many directions, and has a lot going on. She’s overwhelmed. Dayna says she’s overwhelmed too. Scheana says she’s not a mean girl, and not a bully, but Dayna says what she’s seen has shown her otherwise. Don’t talk about it; be about it. It’s not fair. Scheana says she’s really sorry. In Dayna’s interview, she says, finally. She tells Scheana, she’s moving on, and Scheana agrees. She thinks they should do a shot, and then she can glue her eyelash back on. They return to SUR.

Next time, Lisa tells Raquel not to go down the same path as her boyfriend, Max wants to be exclusive with Dayna, Jax and Brittany’s officiant makes offensive remarks, and Brittany says she did nothing wrong.

😍 What Do You Get…

When you cross Pride, Valentine’s Day, and it being so late, it’s early? I’m not sure either, but I think this is close enough. Although it’s more like the 4 am Special.


February 10, 2020 – Carly Talks To Brando, Yachties Reunite, Sailing the Drunken Seas, a Captain’s Reaction, After Fashion & Morning Call


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Anna tells Emma, it’s good to be able to hug her first thing in the morning. She asks if Emma slept well, and Emma says Violet loaned her a stuffed bunny. Anna says, Violet is adorable, and Emma agrees. She’s glad they can be in the same house together; it’s great. Anna says, it means a lot. It’s perfect timing for Emma’s visit. Finn comes downstairs, and says he has to warn Emma. He thinks Violet has a crush on her. Emma says, the feeling is mutual, and goes upstairs to see Violet. Anna tells Finn that she needs to know everything about his conversation with Sam, and what she and Jason think they know about Peter.

At the MetroCourt, Maxie tells Peter that she knew the photo shoot went well, but looking at the proofs, it went better than she thought. And it was all her; no Nina or Jax. She wonders why he hasn’t told her to shut up yet, but Peter says he agrees, and he adores her enthusiasm. They’re about to kiss, when Spinelli appears, saying, top of the morning to them. He asks if there’s room for one more.

Alexis is at Kelly’s when Neil walks in. She asks if they’re allowed to say hello, and Neil says he doesn’t think the board would prevent him from saying hi to a former patient. It will also save him a phone call; he’s going to the hearing. Alexis says she’s not going to be the reason he’s not allowed to practice, and he tells her, they’re going to want her to testify. She says, no problem, and he says, under oath.

Josslyn finds Trina at the gallery, and asks if Trina is ready for their SAT prep class. Trina says it’s not for another hour, but Josslyn wants to stop by Kelly’s before they go. Trina says she just has to finish up for Ava, and Josslyn asks when two hours a week turned into a full-time job. Trina says Ava put her in charge of the catalog for the next auction. It’s a huge responsibility, and it’s all her. Ava is awesome. Josslyn says, yeah – until she’s not.

Brando stands up. Carly comes into his room, and says it’s nice to see him on his feet. He says, they still work, and she asks if he’s feeling okay. He says he’s a little slow, but nothing  he can’t handle. She has a question for him. When he saved her life, did he know who she was?

Jason goes into Sonny’s office, saying he thinks he has a way to fix this. Sonny tells him that they got their asses handed to them. They were hit in three places. His family was a target, including his sick, aging father. They were totally exposed. It’s not a matter of how to fix it, but a matter of why it happened in the first place.

Alexis tells Neil, if the board wants a statement, she’ll give them one. There’s not much tell. She stopped being his patient, they went out for a night of Drag Bingo, and there was a spontaneous kiss. He thinks there might be a bit more than that, and Alexis says, maybe, but it’s nothing to talk about. She can’t see why the board would do anything but reprimand him. He doesn’t either, but says it still means they can’t pursue anything for two years.

Jason says Cyrus has a clearing house in Russia. The drugs come from China and the middle east; everywhere really. From Canada, they’re moved to the US, where they’re distributed. Any people who got in Cyrus’s way, got taken care of. Three Russian nationals were found in a Seattle warehouse – decapitated. It got a lot of publicity, but nothing was proven. A year later, Cyrus was arrested for an unrelated crime, and sent to the Federal penitentiary. Sonny says, after being so careful, Cyrus made a pretty big mistake.

Carly asks if Brando knew he was saving Sonny’s wife, or just some woman pinned down in a hail of bullets. He says it was basically a PTSD episode for him. He knew the building was under attack, and it wasn’t the police firing. It was civilians, and he ran in, like he was trained in the service. He saw her, and ended up catching a bullet. She asks if she could have been anyone, and he says he’d love to say it was because she was a beautiful blonde, but that’s not what he was thinking at the time. Not that she isn’t a beautiful blonde. She says she gets it, and he says, good.

Trina says she knows Ava has been horrible to Josslyn’s family, but to her, Ava has been great. She’s learning how to spot the next great artist. Josslyn says that’s cool, and she’s super proud of Trina, but Trina needs to be careful. Ava started with being nice to Morgan too, but she ruined his life. Um… I doubt Ava is going to get romantically involved with Trina. Josslyn says she doesn’t want to talk about it, and Trina says she doesn’t either. She’s interested in what she’s learning about, and she’s getting class credit. Not everyone has a billionaire dad who can open doors for them. Josslyn says she’ll have her dad open every door, if it gets Trina away from Ava. Josslyn’s phone dings, and she says Cameron is at Williams. She shows Trina the phone, saying, he’s with the soccer team, and apparently having the time of his life.

Spinelli says he’s gotten the most incredible news; it will change all their lives. It’s amazing how the phone rings and can send you on a trajectory in the other direction. Maxie asks if there’s a point here, and he says he’s so excited for her, Georgie, James, and Ellie of course (🍷). Maxie says, she got the job, and Spinelli says, she did. They’re moving back to Port Charles. He and Maxie hug, and he says he’ll be seeing her all the time now.

Anna tells Finn that she sympathizes with Sam. Drew’s body was never recovered; she’d want answers too, but she feels like fixating on Peter isn’t the way to go. The doorbell rings, and Emma says she’ll get it. It’s Robert, who says, it’s good to see her; she’s a sight for sore eyes. They hug.

Alexis tells Neil, two years is just two years. If they still want to explore things… Neil says, he just likes her, and she says, she just likes him – a lot – but she doesn’t want to let it get in the way of his career. She doesn’t want that kind pressure. If things work out… Sam comes in, and Alexis says she was just leaving. Sam says she’s there to pick up donuts, and Alexis says she’d stay, but she’s in a hurry. She leaves, and Sam asks Neil, what was that all about?

Robert says it’s good to see Emma. Emma tells him that he said that already, and he says he does tend to repeat himself; however, it’s the truth. Finn says he’s going to get Violet ready for school, and drive her. Anna asks if he wants her to come with him, but he tells her, no; enjoy the visit. Emma asks what’s up with Robert and Anna, and Anna says, everything is fine. Emma says they always say that when they’re fighting.

Maxie says, it’s amazing, and asks Peter if it isn’t amazing. Peter says, absolutely, and Maxie says Georgie can do sleepovers, and holidays, and she can take Georgie to school. She asks how Georgie feels about moving, and Spinelli says she told him she’d miss Portland and the friends she’s made there, but she’s excited to be closer to Maxie, James, and her grandparents. Maxie says, Georgie’s grandparents are going to freak out. She starts to cry, and Spinelli tells her, no tears; it’s happy news, but she says she can’t help it. Georgie and James will be brother and sister for real, and Peter can spend time with her. She can’t wait. She hopes with the close proximity, Spinelli will truly get to know Peter.

Trina and Josslyn look at a picture of Cameron with the soccer coach, and Josslyn says, Williams is the quintessential college campus. Trina says their art department is killer, and the sports are all amazing. Josslyn is excited about them being on their own, living in a dorm, and picking majors. Trina says, it’s still a year and a half away. Josslyn says she’s just getting a handle on high school. Trina says, whoosh, it will be over. It’s going to go by faster than Josslyn thinks.

Jason says, Cyrus was sent to prison, and Sonny says, where he was supposed to rot. Jason says he kept his organization running from prison. Cyrus must have friends in the government or the FBI, since he arranged for a transfer. Sonny says he arranged to get relocated to Port Charles. Jason says the drug running has more potential, and is more lucrative. They have the Canadian border, international waters, and it’s under-patrolled by law enforcement.

Carly says Brando was released from prison, went to Chicago and worked at a motorcycle repair shop. He and Bobby met in the Marines. He says she’s done her research, and she says, more specifically, Sonny’s people did. She knows whatever there is to know about him; what he did, where he did it, and who he socialized with. He says, Sonny must have access to a lot, and she says, Sonny has access to anything he needs. He says, if that’s the case, why didn’t they know his mom was lying when she said he was dead?

Carly says, she’ll get to that, but tell her how he got from being in the Marines to the PTSD episode that saved her life. He says he saw a lot of ugly action in the military, and when he got home, he thought he was handling it. Carly says, but he wasn’t, and he says he started using. He got lucky, since he was busted before he ended up on the street or OD’ed. There are drugs in prison, but he had enough sense not use. He guesses it was his rock bottom. Carly asks, what about his relationship with his mom? and he says, it crashed and burned after he stole her last paycheck. He took it, and went to a dealer. She kicked him out, and he went to prison. He took a deal, and Carly says, smart man. He says, dumb man, trying get smart. She says he succeeded, and he says he took his time. He didn’t want to go home; he thought his mom wanted nothing to do with him. So he went to his buddy’s in Chicago to work on motorcycles.

Jason tells Sonny, Cyrus came in hot. He wonders if Cyrus assumed Michael was the heir apparent. ELQ looks like the perfect front. Sonny says Cyrus probably thought the warehouse was his base of operations. While it was brutal, Cyrus didn’t do his homework. Jason says, he went after Sonny in Brooklyn, Michael on the pier, and his business at the warehouse. Sonny says, when he went to see Cyrus, Cyrus tried to negotiate with him, saying he would give Sonny 10% of everything he moved through Port Charles. Jason asks what Sonny said, and Sonny says, hell no.

Josslyn tells Trina that she thought she’d go big, but a small school might better. Trina says, it depends on how far she wants to go. Volleyball isn’t going to be Trina’s career; art, on the other hand… Dev comes in, and says he needs advice. His fake father – the guy who’s supposed to be dead – turned out to be alive, and he’s in Port Charles. Should he go to the hospital and see him? Josslyn says, no. Sonny is handling it. If Sonny thinks they should meet, he’ll tell Dev. Dev asks if they don’t need to get their stories straight, and Trina says Sonny will tell him what he needs to be told. Josslyn says, it’s not Dev’s job. It’s his job not to mess up.

Maxie says it’s good Peter and Spinelli will get to know one another; the two most important men in her life. Peter says, it’s long overdue, and Spinelli says he has to confess. While he’s delighted in them developing a relationship, his impression of Peter is somewhat tainted. Maxie says, Peter is an amazing person, and has turned his life around. Spinelli asks when it was exactly; the big start over. He’s fascinated by time lines. Was it after Peter came to Port Charles and met Maxie? It had to be, of course (🍷). When did Peter turn life around?

Anna says Emma is right. She and Robert are having a small disagreement. Robert says, not so small, and Anna says, at times, Emma’s grandfather can be a controlling busybody, who sees the worst in people, but what’s bothering her is, after all these years, he can’t trust her judgement. Robert says it’s mind-boggling that Anna is such a student of life, but is still making the same rookie mistakes. And who’s there to clean up the mess? Him. Anna tells him not to worry his granddaughter, but Emma says she’s not worried. No matter how made they get, nothing keeps them from coming to each other’s rescue. Now if they’ll excuse her, she has other people to visit.

Sonny tells Jason, he said no for two reasons. He doesn’t deal in drugs, and he’s not giving Cyrus an opportunity to double-cross him. Jason says Cyrus has new trucking route from Seattle to Port Charles.

Brando tells Carly, he had a good gig; steady and predictable. She asks if he was still in contact with his mom, but he says he knew better than to reach out. He did look at her MyFace page though, and saw her post that said Dev was supposedly his son, and her grandson. He needed to find out what was going on, because he knew Dev wasn’t his. Carly asks if was sure, and Brando says, no way. He could go into details… Carly says, that’s okay. He says he came to Port Charles, and went to the warehouse. He knew it was Sonny’s place of business, and wanted to tell Sonny that Dev wasn’t his son. That’s when he walked into the firefight. He’s told her everything he’s got. Now it’s her turn. Who is Dev?

Dev leaves, and Josslyn asks Trina if she wants a bet Dev is going to the hospital. Trina says, he thinks he’s helping Sonny, but Josslyn says, that’s not how it’s going to play out. She’s going after him. Trina says, it’s Dev’s life, and Dev’s decision. Maybe she’ll be sending the wrong message. Josslyn says Dev couldn’t have been more clear on New Year’s Eve, but Trina thinks him not wanting to kiss her was less about the kiss than it was not wanting to offend Sonny. It’s a good thing, regardless. It clears the way. Josslyn says, for what?

Sam can’t believe Neil got remanded for dating Alexis, and thinks it’s ridiculous. Neil says, that makes two of them, and Sam says if they want to date, they should date. Neil says he’s afraid the board is right. Without meaning to, he probably crossed the line first.

Alexis and Finn straighten up the room after a meeting. Finn asks her, what’s up? and she says, a couple of things; be more specific. He says she wasn’t sharing, and she says, for one thing, she can’t talk about it, and she has to get her own stuff together before she can help anyone else. He asks what she’s talking about, and she says, Sam has something going on, and she and Jason aren’t handling it well.

Peter tells Maxie, it’s a fair question. Shortly after the memory transfer, he realized his father was so despicable, he could no longer be part of his life. He took Jason, and hid him away for medical treatment. Maxie says, he saved Jason’s life, but Spinelli says, it seems Jason could have been healed and sent home sooner. Peter says he fell for Klein’s act; he didn’t know Klein was untrustworthy. Spinelli asks when he decided to come to Port Charles, and Peter says, when Drew surfaced. He knew it would draw his father out, and he owed Jason and Drew. Spinelli says, then he had no contact with Faison, and Peter says, not for many years. He worked at several companies, many of them publishing houses, and that’s how he ended up there. Spinelli says, Sam had asked him to run a background check, and he found the minor detail that Peter was Faison’s offspring. Peter says, he’s not proud of it, and he was trying to turn his life around. His father showed up, things came to a head, and Nathan died. That’s when he knew everything had to change.

Robert says it worked out well for Anna. Emma didn’t want the particulars about their fight, and Anna is content to continue lying by omission rather than lying to Emma’s face. Anna can’t believe he said that, and he says he’s not telling her that to be cruel. The fact is, everything but documented proof says Peter is guilty, and she’s protecting him at Robin’s expense. Jason is Robin’s dear friend. She tells Robert, not to pretend; he’s never had a use for Jason. He says, true, but Robin loves him. Imagine what she’ll think when she finds out what’s going on around there.

Sam tells Neil that he’s overthinking, but he says that’s his job. She says what if her mom was some normal woman he was dating? Eventually, her secrets would have come out; they just came out in therapy. He says, unfortunately, they can’t date for the next two years.

Alexis tells Finn, one of Sam’s parole conditions is that she can’t see Jason. He’s a convicted felon, but they love each other. It’s torture, and ironic. How many times has she wished she could separate them to keep Sam and the kids safe? Sam isn’t going to follow that order, and she’s going to see him because she loves him and they’re family. She’s worried Sam is going to violate her parole, and get sent back to Pentenville.

Anna asks Robert not to define Peter by what he’s done in the past, but he says, it’s what Peter did last Monday. She says there’s no real proof. She says she’s not dragging Robin into it without facts. Peter and Robin have a good relationship, and she was looking forward to Emma visiting with him. That’s family, and what’s going to pull Peter to the good side. Robert says she reminds him of a woman he once knew, who talked herself into believing she was a double-agent. Understanding that, he thinks it goes a lot deeper in than he thought. She says, it’s not the same as last time, and he says she’s right. The collateral damage last time was a lot of spies; this time the collateral damage will be her family.

Maxie tells Spinelli that she’s not pretending Peter was suddenly a decent guy overnight. Peter says, it was knowing Maxie, having her love and believe in him, and her opening heart and home to him. She and James are the greatest incentive he’s ever known, and he tries every day to be worthy of them. Maxie says he doesn’t have to try; he is. Spinelli says, what’s more heroic or proof of Peter’s change than him happening on Andre, and saving him. He can’t get over the timing. Peter says, timing is everything, in life, and publishing. He has to go, and says he’ll see them later. When he’s gone, Maxie asks Spinelli, what’s with the not so subtle interrogation?

Trina says Josslyn lost Oscar. It was devastating, but she got through it to the other side, and is ready to start dating. Josslyn says she can’t think about it, but Trina says she can and did, with Dev. On some level, that means she’s ready to start. It will get better. Josslyn doesn’t know if she can love again. Even if she does, it won’t be like Oscar. Trina says, loving someone new doesn’t take away from what Josslyn had with Oscar. Josslyn says she’s not brave enough, but Trina says she’s looking at it from the wrong angle.

Sonny wonders if Cyrus would risk moving drugs through his territory, and Jason says, maybe he’s testing out the route. Maybe he thinks there’s a good chance no one will know it’s drugs on board. Sonny says he’s underestimated them. He’s about to find out how wrong he is. In the meantime, go to the hospital, and talk to Brando. Sonny needs to know what to do with him. Jason leaves.

Carly says the plan was to convince everyone that Dev was his son. He’s been truthful with her, so she’s going to be truthful with him. Dev is a kid Sonny wanted to help, and needed official documents. He’d been told Gladys’s son died, and they saw the obituary. Sonny’s research team found the same one that Gladys had sent. He says, so to his mother, it was better he be dead than in prison? Carly thinks there’s another part to it, and he says, lay it on him. She says, Gladys took out a life insurance policy, and cashed it in. He says, that sounds like his mom.

Spinelli says Peter’s trajectory recently has been shady best. As Georgie’s father, he needs the complete picture. Maxie says she gets it, but Peter has turned his life around. Spinelli says Peter’s story about the clinic has more holes than Swiss cheese, but Maxie says, Peter has done what he can to change. He’s good for her, and to her, and the same goes for James. Peter has been working hard, and earned the benefit of the doubt from her. She’d hoped at this point, she’d earned it from Spinelli. He needs to take a step back. He says, anything for her. Her phone rings, and she says, it’s Paris, and steps away. He says, anything. Including facing the truth she can’t see. Peter is lying, and he has to go.

Anna says the strain on the family is Robert. He’s like a dog with a big bone. He’s targeting Peter to prove something that he can’t. Why? Why can’t he look the other way? He’s done it before. Accept the official story, and put an end to it. He did it for agents, and her. Why can’t he do it for her son? Peter is about to knock on the door, and listens. Anna tells Robert to leave Peter alone, but he says he can’t. She says, there’s no present danger or imminent threat. There’s no reason he should be digging except for his almighty ego and need to be right. Robert tells her that she’s wrecking herself, and for what? That murdering SOB? When Sam and Jason find evidence of Peter’s guilt… She tells him, get out. She opens the door to find Peter standing there.

Alexis says, what’s frustrating is, nothing short of a miracle reversal of Sam’s parole will help, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. She thanks him for letting her talk. Getting it off her chest helped. Finn says he has the feeling everything will work out for Sam. She says, from his lips, and leaves. Finn says, exactly, and makes a call.

Sam answers, and Finn says he’s sorry he shut her down last night. He thinks he knows something about Peter that might help her and Jason.

Trina ask Josslyn, what’s the first thing they’re taught in sports. Josslyn says, making sure you have a water bottle? and Trina says, if you think you can or can’t, you’re right. Josslyn says, deep thoughts by Trina, and Trina says if she thinks she’s going to lose, she will. It’s the same thing. Josslyn says, so she has to have an open mind? Trina says, yeah. Look at the 500 guys who would kill to go out with her. Pay attention to the little things in front of her that she’s not seeing. Hiding is a form of cowardice, and Josslyn’s not a coward. Josslyn asks if, as a way to prove her courage, she has to go out with the next guy who asks. Is it just a speech, or does Trina mean it? Trina says she means it, even though she doesn’t have to act desperate. Josslyn’s phone alarm sounds, and she says they’re going to be late to class.

Brando tells Carly, the bright side is, they have leverage against his mom, and none against him. She asks what makes him think they need it? Dev walks in, and Brando says, there he is. His long lost son. Carly introduces them, and Dev asks if he should call Brando dad. Jason pops his head in, and asks to talk to Carly. In the hallway, he says, tell him what’s going on in there?

Sonny calls Turning Woods, saying he’s checking in on his dad. He says, he’s not? He wanted to go yesterday, but a situation came up. He’s on his way. He dashes out the door.

Tomorrow, Ava tells Trina that she knows what she’s doing, Valentin tells Lulu that his legal troubles are going to be over, Finn tells Sam that he has information on Peter, and Robert tells Peter, it should stay between the two of them.

Below Deck – Reunion – Part One

Seriously, this show has been on for seven seasons, has two spinoffs, and they can’t give these people a real set? They all have to cram into the clubhouse? Really? In general, I hate the reunions, where Andy shines as the antichrist, stirring the pot over things long forgotten, and everyone talks over each other to the point where I can’t understand any of them. There’s only one setting, and only two scenes. Either it’s a Q&A session, or everyone is yelling.

Andy introduces the cast, blah-blah-blah, and we go down guest Memory Lane. The first topic of discussion is the guest who was a little too forward with Simone. Andy says, it seems lawless out on the sea, and Captain Lee says he has to know about it before he can do something. Kate taking Simone off of service was the right thing. Simone says, in terms of yachting, if a guest is paying for something, what they say goes, and you have to get around it. Kate says she’s seen worse behavior, but Simone shouldn’t have to deal with it. Kate knew she could handle it. Andy brings up Justine hassling Kevin in the galley, and Captain Lee thinks Kevin could have handled it better, and could have been gracious. Kevin says he wasn’t going to just sit and take it, when he knows his job, and he’s confident with what he puts out. Kate points out that he’s not cool with someone telling him to step up his game when it’s not their place, yet all season, he was telling her the same thing. We see clips of that, and move on to Kate not putting Simone on service enough. Captain Lee says, it’s not a training school, and Simone sits there stewing (pun intended). She says in a lot of instances, they’ve trained green crew members during the season. Her CD explained that she was proficient in cooking, laundry, and housekeeping, and she thought she’d be guided in service. Kate says she put Simone on service as much as she could, but Courtney’s service skills were stronger. Courtney says Kate had to accommodate the guests before anyone else. The captain says, if you want to work on a yacht, you have to check your ego at the goddam dock. Kate says, somebody has to do laundry. Andy asks if Kate and Simone ended on a good note. Simone doesn’t know if Kate being nice at the end was real, and Kate says if she came off mean, it was just because she was stressed. It wasn’t personal, and she’s sorry Simone felt that way. Rhylee asks if Simone really thinks Kate is evil, and Simone says she said it in the heat of the moment, but she doesn’t feel she got the same opportunities that Courtney did. Kate suggests Simone try working on a private boat or take a course in service where they have time to teach her everything.

A viewer asks why Kate gets a pass to bully a crew member to tears every season, and Kate says, laundry is not bullying. Simone says Kate made her feel less than, and Kate says she feels Simone wasn’t engaging with the group. Kate asks what she said that makes Simone say she’s a bully. She understands Simone never worked in yachting, and it looked that way. She has to get the work done. Andy says Kate spoke outside of the group to Rhylee, and criticized Ashton, but Ashton got crap for how he spoke to Rhylee. Kate says, over the seasons, bosuns have said things to employees that she’d never say. She might have said Simone isn’t the greatest, but she never cursed at her. Work needs to be done. She might have said Simone wasn’t the greatest, but she never cursed Simone out.

Andy asks Abbi (remember her?) how Ashton was as a boss. She says she and Ashton talked it out to solve problems, but she wasn’t there when Rhylee was. Ashton says he never swore or threw demands at them, but Rhylee says she felt he was condescending. Ashton says he’d never blare speakers at someone’s door and force them off the boat. We flash back to Kate and Josiah trying to get Caroline moving last season. Ashton says, the way Kate treated him wasn’t professional, and Kate asks if he’s saying she didn’t treat him well. He says he thinks she could have handled things more professionally sometimes, and she tells him that she’ll take that into consideration. Captain Lee asks if Ashton – in his limited experience – thinks he’s in a position to judge, and Andy says he asked Ashton to do that. Kate says his answer was confusing. When he was still gyrating in a speedo for dollar bills, she’d already worked up to chief stew, and that was before Below Deck. Ashton asks some convoluted questions about how long Kate and Captain Lee have been in motor yaching, and Kate asks what boat Ashton is working on now. Rhylee says, it’s his girlfriend’s ex-best friend’s boyfriend’s boat. Kate says, it’s not a real industry job, and Andy says, he’s working on a yacht, and shrugs. Ashton says that’s untrue, and unless they can bring hard evidence, it’s lies.

Andy says, Kevin knocked it out of the park with his cooking, but his personality didn’t pass the basic taste test. We look back on Kevin’s many mistakes and d-bag moments, ending with the c*ck cake. Andy says they had the primary on Watch What Happens Live, and she said, had Kevin explained, it would have gone over well. Kevin says it was requested, and he didn’t think it needed an explanation. This is one of the only times I agree with Kevin. Rhylee says it was the best cake, and she was impressed at how Kevin can make a penis. Andy says, Kate made a penis blanket, and Kevin made a penis cake. Kate says the cake was better than her blanket. A viewer says that, instead of working with them, Kevin seemed to work against the interior, and asks if he thinks he’s above them. Kevin says, definitely not, but he sees how he comes off. Andy asks how Captain Lee would rate Kevin’s skill as a chef, and the captain says he can’t get into scales, but had Kevin been consistent with his performance level, he would have knocked it out of the park every time. He let emotions get in the way, and boil over. Kate thinks Kevin is a wonderful talented chef. He also made the best meals for the crew, which is a lot of extra effort. He’s the hardest working chef she’s ever worked with. Kevin doesn’t know what to say. Andy asks if Kevin can see any way he acted or spoke to Kate that set the mood, and Kevin admits he came in hot. Andy wonders what the core of the issue was, and Kate says Kevin came from a large, private vessel. They’re used to different programs. Where he came from was very organized and structured, versus how they just go with it. Zack from Pearl River asks, what pushed Kate to sabotage the penis cake so it reflected badly on the crew? Kate says in her experience, penis shaped items have gone well, but she swears she didn’t know the guests were talking about charity and children. In that moment, Kevin was showing off his glorious masterpiece. Andy says, in that moment, she was getting back at him, and Kate says Kevin was always pelting her with questions, and in that moment, she thought, serve it now; do it your way. He’d been pushy and she was annoyed, and she thought he should handle it himself. Andy says she knew the primary had gone to bed, and it was bad timing. She says all she knew was that the primary had gone to bed. Kevin had called her a d*ck earlier, and was rushing her, not respecting her role as important to the guests. Kevin says he’s over it, and laughed when he saw the episode. The next morning, he apologized to Jamele, and she apologized for not being there.

Andy stirs the devil pot by reminding Kevin that he said he’d never raise his daughter like Kate when he was on Watch What Happens Live. Kevin says, both Kate and Rhylee have good attributes. He guesses he had nothing better to say; it was off the cuff. Kevin says he and Kate didn’t have such a great relationship at the time, and Andy asks if he’s apologizing. He says he definitely is, and Andy asks him to say one good thing about Kate and Rhylee. Kevin says, Kate super funny and Rhylee is a hard worker.

Next, we relive the steamy boatmances of Ashton and Abbi, Tyler and Kate, Brian and Courtney, and Simone and Tyler, as well as Ashton’s misplaced flirtations with Courtney and Kate. By the look on Tyler’s face, he once again can’t believe he missed what could have been his moment with Kate. Andy asks if Brian and Courtney haven’t spoken since when? Courtney says she had to block Brian when he sent her aggressive messages. Brian says he was just finding out where they stand, and she says he was venomous. Andy asks what Brian what Courtney said, and Brian says he was upset about Courtney bringing him down on Twitter. She says she’s been general. They were fundamental issues about things that reflect what’s happening in the world, and society. She was creating conversation about things she doesn’t think are okay. She can’t cosign by being silent; it’s not acceptable the way he treated her on the boat, and they way he handled their arguments. Andy asks what he said, and she says, Brian said she was cold-hearted, and he didn’t know what he’d seen in her. Andy asks if she was into Brian, and she says they obviously liked each other. Andy says she seemed miserable on their date, and she says she was exhausted. It wasn’t about him. Andy asks what she liked about Brian, and she says they had an easy connection, but being on a boat gives you a false sense of intimacy. Then you realize you don’t know each other that well. A viewer asks how Brian could say Courtney took it the wrong way, when he said he was in it just for fun. Brian says he didn’t breakup over a message. He knew Courtney wasn’t comfortable in front of the camera, and wanted to make sure they were on the same level when they t talked. He said, they were having fun, right? question mark. Courtney says that’s what Tanner said to Simone, and she had a normal reaction. She was calm, and expressed it to him, but he was angry. All he did was blame her for her reaction.

Andy asks how Courtney felt when she heard on the show that Brian really liked her. Courtney says, all Brian did was place blame on her. Andy tells Brian, he kept saying Courtney was dramatic, and Courtney says she acted calm; he reacted dramatically. Brian says Courtney put walls up, and he didn’t know where he was with her. He wouldn’t break up over text. Rhylee says that’s not what anyone thinks; he said it was casual. He says he didn’t mean it like that, and Courtney says that’s not her issue. He decided to text her mid work day, when she couldn’t talk. He was angry when she had a normal reaction. He says she told Kate, and Courtney says that’s because she had to go back to work. They all talk at once, and Brian says he didn’t mean it that way. She says it doesn’t matter what he meant; it’s what he says. Andy says Brian’s tone wasn’t clear, then he was dismissive with her. Brian says it broke his heart to see her cry, and Courtney says he rolled his eyes when she cried, and looked at her with disdain when she disagreed with him. He says it was her opinion, and Rhylee says he’s telling Courtney that she shouldn’t feel that way. There was miscommunication, but he can’t tell her how to feel or that she’s wrong to talk to someone. Brian says, it was personal, and Rhylee says he talked to the guys. Kevin says he told Brian because he wanted Brian and Courtney to talk. Captain Lee says Kevin overheard a private conversation, and had no right to relay it to anyone else. It was none of his business. Kate was Courtney’s superior, and asked what was wrong, and Courtney told her in confidence. He had no right to betray that. Kevin disagrees, and says it’s a tiny boat with eight crew members. Brian says if he could go back, he wouldn’t have sent a text. A viewer asks if Brian was trying to control and manipulate Courtney when she tried talking to other people, or when she disagreed with his opinion. Courtney says, he was angry when she disagreed with him, and he says she took the wrong side in every argument. She says that was his opinion. Andy brings up Rhylee saying she’d steal Brian from Courtney, and asks if she ever got the chance. Rhylee says she didn’t know Courtney when she said that. Courtney had been aloof to her, and she thought Courtney better jump on that before she does. She would never steal a guy from a friend. Andy asks if she still would, and she says Brian could be a pissed off mean a-hole to her, and she’d still think he was hot. She doesn’t know if she’d still hit it though. Andy likes that it’s still in question.

Andy says Abbi married her captain, and asks what life is like. She says they’ve been married almost a year. Once she left, she realized she loved him. They live in Greece, and have a charter business. She doesn’t regret being on the show, or leaving, because it brought her to that point. Andy asks if Simone and Tanner keep in touch, and Tanner says they text here and there. Andy asks if Simone regrets hooking up, and she says she does, only because she asked if liked Kate, and Tanner said no. A viewer asks why Tanner treated Simone that way. Even if he wasn’t serious, he should at least treat her with respect. Tanner admits it was stupid and immature, and he’s sorry it happened. At least it ended before anyone was seriously hurt. Simone thinks he’d conveyed that he wanted to keep it casual, and she was fine with that, as long as he respected her. Had he been honest, she might have kept it platonic. He says he really liked her, but emotions were flaring, and he was wrong. Andy asks what Tanner’s mom thought, and he says, it was never discussed. Everyone thinks they’re so close… Rhylee says Tanner told them that they were close. He says he has nothing to say to her, and Rhylee says his mother was blaming Captain Lee on Facebook. Tanner says, it was a private group, and Rhylee says she was upset at how the captain attacked Tanner on his blog. Hmm… I’ll have to read those. Tanner asks why she has an issue with it, and Rhylee tells Tanner, he said she tried to screw everybody on the boat, when he’s epitome of that. His mother wasn’t there, and she was saying shame on Captain Lee for holding him accountable for his piss-poor treatment of Simone, and the other women on the boat. She told his mother to be a parent, and hold him accountable. He says it shows Rhylee’s character, the way she got involved, and she says, maybe it does. He still mistreated Simone. He says he just apologized, but Rhylee says he still treats people like that. It’s disgusting.

Andy says Tanner and Kate couldn’t make happen, but she said it could if they were in the same zip code. Did anything happen? Kate says, not yet, and crosses her fingers. She says Tanner has a girlfriend, who she thinks is amazing, and she’s happy for him. Andy asks if she regrets pursuing him after seeing how disrespectfully he spoke behind her back. She says, it’s fun to flirt, and she was bored. Cabin fever is a real thing. Andy asks why Kate doesn’t think she broke girl code, since she didn’t ask Simone first. Kate says she feels Simone broke girl code first; she bent it. Andy asks how, and Kate amends it to stew code. She asks if they’re just talking about sex, and says, on a boat, the lines are blurry; there’s not a lot of loyalty. Her trust and respect were broken with Simone. Rhylee says, it’s not girl code if you’re not friends. Simone says they were on and off; they started as friends. Rhylee says, it’s more like a respect factor, and Kate says all she did was flirt.

Next time – Part Two – the captain says a fireball is coming, Kate feels not that sorry, and Captain Lee walks off, saying he’s done with these d*ckheads.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Jenna gives a tour to the new guests. In her interview, she says, between the boat being a disaster and new guests blowing in like a drug hurricane, they’re off to a sh*tty start. Guy says, after this, he’s blaming the tequila. I can’t stand when people have names that are also nouns. Jenna feels like she’s drowning, and tells Georgia to set the table. In Georgia says she wants to ease herself into it. She won’t be used to this boat for a while.

In his interview, Paget says he worked on smaller vessels with Ciara, where he was captain, and she was first mate. They felt equal, and he was fine with that, but now he’s trying to balance being her boss and boyfriend. Parker strums a ukulele in his cabin. Guy jokes, Alessia is cool, but has bad taste in men. In Jenna’s interview, she says she’s a control freak, and likes to do everything all on her own. She’s orchestrating the stews to be her puppets behind the scenes. Georgia and Madison straighten the cabins. Madison explains to Georgia, if she’s on early, she’ll be by herself for about an hour. In Madison’s interview, she says, first stew is like chief stew, but they do the bitch work. She’s glad Georgia wants to learn. The first course comes out, and Adam accompanies it. The guests toast to daughter Emily and Peyton’s graduation.

Parker hangs out in the crew mess. He says everyone is there who he doesn’t get to hang out with. In his interview, he says he doesn’t want to miss anything. Sleep is for airplanes. Madison thinks he’s a sweetheart. Byron juices oranges, and in his interview, says when he doesn’t have engineering work, he helps out. He wants to be where the action is. Madison asks Ciara where the pitcher is, and Ciara says the top shelf. In Ciara’s interview, she says, it’s frustrating when a new crew comes in, moves everything around, then asks where things are. Adam ices a vanilla chiffon cake. The guests admire it, and it’s plated and served. It looks beautiful, but there’s no chocolate involved, so it’s not for me. I don’t waste calories on something not chocolate.

The guests go to bed, along with most of the crew. Guy says, effing cool, and asks if Alessia wants to get married on the boat. They kiss. Ciara asks Paget if they’re okay, and Byron tells them, keep it in the shower. By 2 am, it’s quiet.

Jenna tells the guests they’re doing water sports, and a Greek night today. Alan says they need to have a wedding at some point. In her interview, Jenna asks, is he effing kidding her? She asks him if he wants them to do it. Alan says, they can’t get around to it on their own. Jennifer says, when Guy and Alessia wake up, they’ll tell them. Captain Glenn doesn’t think the crew can pull of the wedding the guests will be expecting. He asks Jenna, what’s the plan? and she says she’s just trying to get through breakfast.

Paget shows Ciara how do organize the water toys, and they bicker. Breakfast is served, and the captain suggests using the paddle boards afterward. In Jenna’s interview, she says, if a chef is good at their job, they’re hot to her. Parker tells Ciara that she asks a lot of questions. Ciara says she’s waiting for the day Paget asks for her help in managing Parker. Jenna talks to Guy about the wedding, and he says he’s up for that. She’s like, wtf? and wonders what they’re thinking. Alessia wants to wear white shorts. Jenna asks the stews to stay on service. She suggests they source out some dresses, and bring a hairdresser on board; it will take less time than Alessia going to shore. She calls for dresses and entertainment for Greek night. Guy has already started drinking, and Georgia tells him, that’s the spirit. In her interview, she says she’d love to be married, but she hasn’t found a guy who thinks it’s a good idea.

Adam says Jenna and Hannah are like night and day. Hannah is a cold, long, dark night – we flash back to her altercations with Adam on Below Deck Mediterraneanand Jenna is a beautiful morning sun, with chirping birds and spring flowers. Byron and Captain Glenn discuss getting the sail properly arranged in the donkey d*ck. Emily does some paddle boarding and water skiing. In Byron’s interview, he says, Captain Glenn is an awesome captain. There are no jobs he won’t do. The captain goes up himself to fix the sail. He says, the rope is in the track, but not in the donkey. In Captain Glenn’s interview, he says he’ll go for any solution to keep the charter going. Guests want to sail, and if a sail problem is major, it could mean the end of the season if they can’t sail. It’s a big issue. He tells Byron, easy jobs are always more complicated than you think. Byron says that’s why they’re paid the medium bucks.

Captain Glenn tells Byron to get ready to get the sails up. They’ll see if what they did works. It does. Alessia asks the captain if she push buttons. In his interview, Captain Glenn says he likes to get the guests involved; it’s part of being on a sailing yacht. Paget tells Ciara  to stop assuming, and trust him. In his interview, he says when he and Ciara worked together in the past, he had a hard time controlling his temper. He’s making a concerted effort to keep it in check. The boat goes a little sideways, and everyone hangs onto stuff.

Parker tells Paget that his last relationship ended because he wanted to go into yachting; he’s impressed. In Parker’s interview, he says, Paget and Ciara are a power couple. They’re in love, and work well under pressure. That’s a good relationship. He asks Paget when he and Ciara are getting married, and says he’ll DJ at their wedding. It will be on a boat, and they’ll throw a banger. When they get to Issos Beach in Corfu, the makeup artist and stylist arrive. The guests are on their third tequila, along with drinking margaritas. Guy drinks out of the bottle. In Madison’s interview, she says, on a scale of one to blackout, Guy is already on the bathroom floor. Alessia tries on different outfits, and picks a cropped lace blouse with a train on the back, to go with her shorts.

Adam makes a Greek buffet. Jenna tells the stews to put their evening dress pm/ Alessia tells Guy, take a nap; he’s drunk and she’s done. Byron hears them yelling, and wonders if that’s a domestic. He asks if they aren’t newlyweds. Jenna says she needs to be a part of it, and goes to listen. Alessia says she told Guy to stop drinking, and he asks where she’s been for the last hour. Um… getting ready? Madison says, wtf? and Guy asks if Alessia wants to be with him or not. She says she’s not marrying him. He’s an effing psychopath. Hmm… maybe I spoke too soon about this show being boring. She says he’s just a drunk, and he asks when they’re going to spend time together. Captain Glenn comes down with Byron, and asks if they’re okay. He says Guy has had a couple too many, but Guy says he’s good. He tells Alessia to get TF out of his room, and the captain doesn’t want to leave them alone. In his interview, Captain Glenn says, as captain, it’s within his jurisdiction to deal with this how he sees fit. However, if it gets violent, he’ll physically restrain someone. He’s hoping it doesn’t come to that point. He asks Parker to stay there. On deck, Alan says they’re yelling at each other, and Jennifer says she tried calming them down, and doesn’t know what to do. The captain tells Jenna that Parker is outside the room listening and keeping an eye on things.

Madison tells Georgia what’s going on. Alessia comes out, and Captain Glenn asks if she needs anything. She says she’s getting her hair done. Jenna tells Adam, things are happening, and he says, it’s going to be a successful marriage that’s obviously going to last forever. He tells her that he’s doing a family style dinner. Jenna tells him, thirty minutes. In Adam’s interview, he says, whether they go through with the wedding or not, they’re getting an awesome Greek spread. Adam tries to make hummus, and curses the blender.

Alan asks Jenna if there still might be a wedding, but she says she hasn’t heard. Alan says they’ll just let it play out. Adam tries again to make hummus. The entertainment arrives, and before one of them can explain how they do weddings in Greece, Jenna tells them, a wedding might not happen, but they’re still having a party. The musicians start warming up. Georgia tells Parker, she thinks Guy and Alessia thrive on the roller coaster thing. Guy tells Alessia, let’s do this. Alessia tells Jenna that she’s pissed off, and Guy is an a-hole. In Jenna’s interview, she says she just took an entire day to plan a wedding. Wtf is going on?

The captain asks Jenna if they’re going forward with the wedding, but she tells him, Alessia said Guy is an a-hole, and has to apologize. In Captain Glenn’s interview, he says marriage gives him a rash. When he and his girlfriend walked past one, he covered her eyes so she didn’t get any ideas. Adam kind of flirts with Jenna. The entertainers dance. In his room, Guy says he has to get TF out of there. Jenna asks if the guests are ready to be seated. They are, and she relays that to Adam. Guy shows up, and Alessia plops an olive branch crown on his head before Jenna takes a photo. Adam says his game is strong, and tells the guests to enjoy. The musicians play, and everyone looks miserable, but they like the food. The entertainers leave, and Captain Glenn tells Jenna that he doesn’t think they’re getting married. Jenna is so happy they did all that work for literally no reason. It’s the most tired she’s ever been.

Adam tells Jenna, if he was gluten-free, he’d make up a new breakfast. She says she’s not an egg person. How is that possible? It’s God’s perfect food. Adam says he isn’t either (what?), and she says she’s not really a breakfast person. Okay, now that’s a reality I can identify with. Adam says he isn’t either, and she says they always agree on things, and her perfect type would be herself. This is the worst flirting I’ve ever seen. On deck, Alan wonders if Guy and Alessia will ever get married. Jennifer thinks they’ll always be engaged. Alan is glad they didn’t bring a gift. Breakfast is served, and Alan says they’re optimistic, having set a table for six. Everyone is loving the food. Georgia sings while she irons. She tells Paget they should form a rhythm boat band. In her interview, she says she got into yachting to foster her dream to be a musician. She does performance and recording work for half a year, and then the other half, does menial domestic work. She’s hoping the music half wins. She does have a beautiful voice.

Captain Glenn says they were a great team, and what he’d hoped for. The guests pack, and the boat docks. In Parker’s interview, he says it’s his first official docking, and he wants to impress Paget. In the captain’s interview, he says, it was his easiest experience in a while. There was no wind, and there were no obstacles. It’s not always so smooth.

They tell the guests goodbye. Madison says, normally, she doesn’t like to see men leave, but she loves watching Guy go. Alan says they’re the best crew they’ve ever had, and gives Captain Glenn the tip envelope. Jenna gives the stews a game plan, and the boat is flipped. The captain calls everyone for a charter debriefing in the main saloon. I guess that’s what he calls a tip meeting.

The captain says, they started off behind the eight ball, then they had to plan a wedding. They had an incident with a guest being too drunk, but they dealt with it. It was amazing, and he’s impressed. They guests were happy, and they left $20K or $2,200 each. Holy! How is it they’re getting so much more than the real Deck? In her interview, Georgia says, that’s a lot of money. She’s effing stoked. Captain Glenn invites the crew out for dinner, but tells them, it’s a school night. Parker thinks his mother would be proud. It was his first charter, and they knocked it out of the park. The crew drinks some champagne.

Adam tells Jenna, she looks good in his galley. In Adam’s interview, he says the common dynamic between chef and chief stew is that they’re on opposite sides of the mountain, and it’s not pretty. Jenna has her sh*t together, she’s funny, she does her job well, and he likes looking at her. His job just got hella easier.

The crew gets ready to go out. In Parker’s interview, he says this is his first time in Europe. He grew up barefoot, and he’s still adjusting to the decorum of the posh yachting world. They go to a restaurant. Georgia talks to Paget and tosses her head like a circus pony, while Ciara inwardly glares at them. In Georgia’s interview, she says she’s not a flirt; she’s vivacious. In Paget’s interview, he says he’s excited to have new people on the boat, and excited for the season. Jenna says if she drinks anymore, she’ll get out of control, and they go back to the boat. Adam goofs around with Jenna on the way back.

Captain Glenn goes to bed, and everyone else gets in the hot tub. Except for Parker, who serenades them with the ukulele. They each make up a verse to his tune, some of them better than others. Adam pours wine in Jenna’s mouth. Jenna pours wine in her own mouth, and misses with some of it, looking longingly at Adam. Madison sees her, and looks horrified. In her interview, Madison says does she want to see Jenna looking – she pantomimes being sloppy drunk – no. Adam and Jenna remain in the tub after the others leave, but they’re so drunk, all they can do is slosh around in the water, and they finally get out. Byron asks Madison if she thinks they’re shagging, and she says, probably.

In Byron’s interview, he says he’s worked on a lot of boats, and one thing he’s learned is, this could be a disaster. And he’s got a front row seat.

Next time, Jenna is mortified about last night, Ciara tells Paget argue while wearing togas, and in her interview, Ciara says this is a completely different side of them.

🛥 He’s Not Having It…

I wonder if Captain Lee is going to quit after watching this season.

👠 There’s Got To Be a Party After…

The fashion after the fashion.

👼🏻 My Name Is…

Angel is probably not what you’d call me in the morning. Unless it’s still the night before.