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August 16, 2019 – Call Him Franco One More Time, Pride For GH, Some Carrrlos, Crossover Guest, Oh Brad, a Celebration, Endless Wedding, Life Reflections, Teddi’s Heartbreak, Three Squared Quotes & Weekend Shantay


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny’s doorbell rings, and Carly says it must be family, since no one called on the house phone. It’s Sam, who says she knows she should have called, but she’s got good news and bad news.

Josslyn and Dev walk into Charlie’s. Josslyn says, it’s better than the library. Dev says, it would be better without books, but she says he’s got to get caught up for the fall. They can grab something to eat while they work. He says he worked all day at his coffee job. She tells him, that’s just a summer job. He has to be ready for school. He needs good grades and good test scores to get into a good college. He needs college to survive. He says, it’s a waste of time. He’s going to prove himself to Sonny, and be a truly valued member of Sonny’s organization.

At the hospital. Monica asks Drew if he’s seen Kim. She made an appointment to talk to Monica, but never showed up. It’s not like her. Drew says, a lot of people aren’t acting like themselves. Monica asks, what’s going on? and he asks if she has time to talk private

Hayden sees Finn at the reception desk. She hopes he knows she didn’t mean it when she didn’t want to see him again. He says they’ve probably both said things they don’t mean. She says, probably. He tells her that he wants to talk to her about her sister Elizabeth, and Hayden says, what about her?

Elizabeth goes home. She sits on the couch and looks at her ring. Cameron comes downstairs, and says, Franco’s not here? Is he still at the hospital? Is he going to be okay?

Franco says, Jason Quartermaine. Jason says he’s half right. Jason Morgan. He’s Drew’s twin.

Sonny says, the bad news must be about that bastard Shiloh. Carly says Jason told them what he tried to do to Cameron. Sam says, everything? and Carly says Shiloh kidnapped Cameron, and planned to use the flashdrive to imprint Drew’s memories on him, but Franco showed up and took his place. Sonny says, it’s a helluva story. Sam says Robert told them. She’s happy Cameron is okay; that’s the good news. Sonny asks what the bad news is, and Sam says, the procedure worked. Franco woke up with Drew’s memories, and thinks he’s Drew.

In her office, Monica says she knows Franco was admitted for trauma, and that the episode involved Shiloh and an unscrupulous doctor. She didn’t know Franco was subjected to a memory transfer. Who benefits from that? Drew says Cabot wanted to continue his life’s work. He’s a misunderstood genius. Shiloh wanted information; probably something Drew learned in Afghanistan. Monica is glad Franco took Cameron’s place, but it must be devastating to Elizabeth. He says, she’s broken up about it, and Monica says, what about him? Drew says it looks like Franco remembers his life before 2012, but he’s not only remembering. Franco thinks he’s Drew. Even seeing his own face didn’t shake his belief. Monica asks if Drew isn’t a bit upset, and he says, that doesn’t begin to cover it. He’s mad as hell. His memories and his life have been stolen twice.

Finn says, it’s a long story, and Hayden says her head hurts thinking about it. He says, his too, but he thought she should know, for her sister’s sake. She says she appreciates it. If Franco has Drew’s memories, and doesn’t remember his real life, then he knows nothing of his life with Elizabeth or the boys.

Elizabeth tells Cameron that she’s glad it’s just them. She wouldn’t know how to explain it to the boys. He asks if Franco will ever get better, and Elizabeth says, he needs to time to come to terms with his new reality. Once that happens, they can figure out a way to reverse it, and he can come back to them. Cameron says she’s talking like it can happen with the snap of a finger, but they both know it’s not like that. If it was, Drew would have done it long ago. Elizabeth says, it’s not easy, but the doctors are already looking at Franco’s tests. They’ll figure out a way. GH has the best doctors. Cameron says, don’t treat him like a kid. He knows it’s bad; he was there. It could have been him. Where is Franco? Maybe he can talk to him. Elizabeth says she doesn’t know. Cameron says Franco needed to get away from them? and Elizabeth says, he’s confused right now. He thinks he needs to get away from everybody who’s telling him who he is, when he’s insisting he’s someone else. Drew said the best thing to do is fight for him. Try to get him to remember the life he had. The one waiting there for him. Cameron says, sounds good. He’s willing do that too, but how do they do it if Franco won’t come home?

Franco tells Jason that someone showed him his own face, and he didn’t look like himself, but Jason does. He didn’t know Jason even existed until he saw Jason’s photo in a newspaper. It was the state champion soccer team, and there he was; MVP. A rich kid with his face.

At a nearby table, Willow tells Chase that she has a lead on a job that’s teaching related. She has no problem with waiting tables, but… Chase is staring at Franco and Jason. She says, the job really is 24/7. Even when he’s off-duty, he’s not off-duty. Chase asks, where’s this coming from?

Franco says he did research at the library. It wasn’t difficult, since the Quartermaines are a prominent family. He learned about their father Alan, and their mother Susan, his mistress. She died and he dumped Drew, but kept Jason and raised him. Jason says, no; that’s not what happened

Sonny asks if Sam has spoken to Drew. She says she ran into him at the hospital. He was trying to console Elizabeth. Carly asks how Elizabeth is feeling, since Franco is running around with Drew’s memories? Sam says, optimistic. Drew is telling Elizabeth that Franco will come around when he remembers their love. Carly says, it’s a romantic scenario, but not likely. Drew still has Jason’s memories. They haven’t faded or worn off. What are the chances it will be different with Franco?

Josslyn tells Dev that he needs to work hard this summer, and not in the warehouse. He needs to hit the books if he wants to navigate American high school. Dev says they should discuss what classes he needs to take, and she says, American history. The teacher is big on the Civil war. He says she must want them to read The Civil War Diaries. He cites some other books, and she says he knows those authors? He’s read them? He says, of course (🍷). Hasn’t everyone?

Hayden says, if a doctor did it, can’t another doctor undo it? Finn would like to think so, but it’s complicated. To start, they’d have to convince Franco that he’s not Drew. She says, it’s a horrible mess, and he says it’s not the mess he needed to speak to her about. She mentioned she’s working at Aurora. Has she been in the Crimson office? She asks, why? but he’s not sure how to say it. She may have been exposed to a serious contagion.

Monica says the flashdrive had Drew’s memories on it? and Drew says, yeah. He’d all but forgotten he had it – there was so much going on – except when Shiloh asked him about it. Monica asks if Drew wanted nothing to do with it, and he says using it would have meant losing the memories he’s made since he came to Port Charles. He’d have no memories of his children, and he couldn’t make that sacrifice to learn about himself. Monica gets it, and thinks Drew made a good choice. What she doesn’t get, is why he’d hang onto it. He says he thought it was in a safe place. He wasn’t even thinking about it, but in the back of his mind, he thought maybe one day his memories could be replanted without him losing his recent ones. He never dreamed Shiloh would steal it, and plant his memories in someone else. Monica is glad Shiloh is locked away, but Drew says, it doesn’t do Franco and Elizabeth any good. They were just beginning their life, and it was ripped away. To make it even harder, Franco doesn’t realize what he lost. Elizabeth does.

Elizabeth tells Cameron that she has no idea where Franco is. Cameron asks if she wants him to talk to the boys, but she says, no. She wants them to know as little as possible. He asks, what if they read it on the internet, or hear it from their friends? She says she’s going to tell them Franco has a medical problem, and the doctors are working to solve it. Cameron asks how they can convince Franco he belongs there, if he doesn’t remember who they are? Cameron takes out his phone, and Elizabeth asks who he’s calling. He tells her, Sonny, but she asks him not to call. She says she appreciates that he wants to fix things for her and his brothers. Cameron tells her, Franco said he wouldn’t quit on their family, so they can’t quit on him, even if doesn’t know it.

Jason says the family didn’t know about Drew. He was given away to a woman named Betsey Frank, and Alan was never told he had twins. Their parents never knew, or he and Drew would have grown up with them, but that has nothing to do with him.

Willow tells Chase, Lulu was candid about what it’s like… Chase says, to put up with a cop? She says, no; to love one. She felt awkward, discussing it with Lulu, considering what happened with her and Dante, but Lulu wanted to talk. Chase takes it Lulu was illuminating. What did she learn? She says, nothing she didn’t know. Loving someone who puts their life on the line is difficult, sometimes terrifying. Like when he texted her that he was at the hospital, and she rushed there thinking he was hurt in the line of duty. She had a sudden surge of terror that she might lose him. He asks if it scared her off. Is his job too much for her? She says she’s right there, isn’t she?

Carly tells Sonny that if she’s learned anything after what happened to Drew, it’s that there’s no way to force someone to see the truth. Not at first. Sonny says, Franco will come to terms with it on his own, and seek help – if there is any. She says, what if there isn’t? Will Franco spend the rest of his life thinking he’s Drew? And are they supposed to treat him like a version of Drew? Do Elizabeth and the kids spend their lives with a stranger?

Hayden tells Finn that she thought it was the flu, not a serious contagion. Finn says it’s a flu strain, but he doesn’t know if it requires isolation. Until he figures it out, he needs to test everyone who was in close proximity of Sasha. Hayden asks, is it fatal? Could she have it and not know, and have passed it to someone else? He says he didn’t mean to alarm her. It’s mostly precaution. She seems fine. She has no symptoms, and minimal contact with Sasha. She says she’s been places that Sasha frequents; most recently, Windymere. She was there the night of the storm. Alcohol made her say a lot of things, but she doesn’t think it was the flu talking.

Drew tells Monica, even if Franco agreed to a reversal, it could seriously backfire. Andre made it clear that there could be put into a permanent coma. Monica says maybe Franco is better off living the rest of his life with Drew’s memories. He says, what about Elizabeth and the boys? They’re grieving a husband and stepfather. Franco is alive, but he’s dead to them. Monica says, as devastating as it is, there’s a silver lining. Drew loves the optimism, but isn’t sure he follows. Who would benefit from it besides Shiloh? She says, how about him?

Elizabeth tells Cameron that Franco truly loves them. If there’s an inkling of memory left somewhere, he’ll grab ahold of it, and ride it back to them. Cameron says Franco risked everything for him. He put it all on the line for him. The only way Cameron can repay him is to bring him back somehow. She says, remind him of the life he shared with them. No matter how Franco feels or doesn’t feel, it doesn’t change how they feel. They’ll go on believing in him, caring for him… Cameron says, and go on loving him, right? They hug.

Jason says his your name is Franco, and his wife’s name is Elizabeth. Franco says he’s never even met anyone named Franco, and he just met Elizabeth. If everything goes according to plan, he’ll never lay eyes on her again.

Willow tells Chase, Lulu said, Dante and Nathan were two of a kind. They were strong, and needed to make the world a better place. Lulu recognized that about Chase too. Chase says he’s honored to be in the same category. Willow guesses that’s why she relates so well to him. It’s why she became a teacher. Not that wrangling third graders compares. He says he’d rather do what he does. She’s seriously brave to face down eight-year-olds. He thinks teachers are heroes. One in particular inspired him to make a difference in becoming cop. Willow asks, who? and he says, his dad.

Franco says the solution for everyone’s problems is for him to just leave Port Charles. Jason asks if he’s sure he wants to do that, and Franco says, yes. Why? Is Jason going to try and stop him?

Carly asks how Sam is doing after her ordeal with Shiloh. Sam says there’s nothing like being locked in a nasty freezer to make you appreciate life. You think it’s your last breath, and appreciate life a lot more. Sonny says he had a reminder at his dad’s wedding. Sam apologizes, saying she forgot. Carly says it was so sweet. She especially enjoyed the minister. Sam thought it was in name only, and Carly says, he was a minister of convenience. Mike was having an episode, and thought Sonny was the pastor. Sonny says he started out with dearly beloved, they said their own vows, and professed their love. Then he and Carly decided to renew their vows.

Josslyn asks Dev, who is he? Dev says, Sonny’s cousin from Bridgeport. Josslyn wonders what a street kid from Turkey knows about literature, and Dev says he knows a lot of stuff. He picked it up from tourists. She says, a lot kids grow up on the street, but few of them turn in it into education. What makes him different?

Finn tells Hayden, if her contact was minimal, he has no reason to believe she’s infected. She asks if he thinks it’s okay to be around children, like Elizabeth’s kids. Finn thinks the more time she spends with Elizabeth and her family, the better. They’re going to need support until Franco comes home; assuming he’s coming home. Hayden says maybe there’s a brilliant doctor who’s not afraid to take risks. Finn says neurology isn’t his specialty. She says he saved her life, in more ways than one. Don’t sell himself short.

Cameron tells Elizabeth that he’s sorry it took all this for him to see the guy she saw all along. She says Josslyn is at the library with her cousin, and they’re going to Charlie’s afterward. Does he want to meet up with them? He says he’d like to stay there tonight, if it’s okay with her. She says, it’s more than okay.

Franco asks if Jason is still rich. Jason says he does okay. Franco says, give him some money. Float him a loan, and he’ll take the next bus out of town. Jason says how about if he finds Franco a room for tonight, and tomorrow, Jason can take him to some people who can help him. Franco says he doesn’t need a doctor or a shrink. He’s comfortable with who he is.

Chase tells Willow that his dad loved to teach, and he was good at it. He made his students come alive and want to learn. That’s how he inspired Chase to make a difference. His dad instilled it in him and Finn, and they each chose their way of making a difference. The problem is, you can’t always turn it off when it’s inconvenient. Willow says she’s beginning to understand.

Franco tells Jason, on second thought, keep his money. And as long as he’s stuck there, until he figures a way out, stay the hell away from him. Jason says, like it or not, he’s connected to a lot of people in this there. He can’t just disappear. Jason calls him Franco, and Franco says that’s the last time he’s going to let anyone call him that today. Chase watches.

Sam tells Carly and Sonny, it’s so exciting. Congratulations. She asks if it will be a church wedding, and says it probably depends on the season. And Avery can be the flower girl. Carly interrupts, saying they’re not that far, and Sonny says, it will be a simple, family celebration. Carly says, it’s not a wedding redo. They’ll speak their hearts surrounded by the people they love, including their newest family member. She touches her baby bump. Sonny says they’ll appreciate what they have with the people closest to them.

Dev tells Josslyn, the greatest treasure isn’t gold or diamonds, but education. His mom told him that. She had big plans for him. Josslyn says, she sounds like a good woman. He says he couldn’t let her down, so he decided to continue his education, whether or not it was in a classroom. Josslyn thinks she would be proud. She asks him to tell her more about his parents. There’s so much she doesn’t know. He says, there’s nothing to tell.

Drew tells Monica that he never imagined someone would be forced to end up with his past; especially someone he cares about. He can’t see a silver lining. Monica says he hasn’t thought it through. He doesn’t have to choose. He can keep the memories he has, and Franco can tells him about the man he used to be. Drew says Franco could fill him in at the expense of Elizabeth. Monica says, it’s Shiloh’s doing. She hopes it can be undone, but doesn’t he want to know more? She thinks she does. Drew says, the twin Alan didn’t claim, and she says, the twin he never knew existed. They missed out on Drew’s childhood, and his youth. It would be a chance to fill in the blanks. For the family too. The more they know about him, the closer they can become. Doesn’t he want that too?

Finn says he recalls he and Hayden saved each other. She says, he wins. He still reached out after she embarrassed herself at dinner. He could have just left her a message. He says she’s fun to tease. He’s not keeping score, and hopes she isn’t. He says he could never hate her. He was in love with her, and it hurt when she left, but he learned a long time ago that life is too short to keep grudges. Hayden is glad he told her what’s going on with her sister. She has to figure out how to get Elizabeth through this. Does he have a suggestion? He thinks she already knows what to do.

Elizabeth tells Cameron, go upstairs and get ready for bed; she’ll straighten up down there. He hesitates, but then goes. She looks at her ring, and flashes back to Franco in the jail, saying he’s down for more loving, cherishing, and honoring. He says, I love you, Elizabeth Imogene Webber. Till death do us part. Elizabeth wipes the tears from her cheeks.

Jason says he’s not going to fight Franco. Franco says if Jason calls him Franco one more time, he might not have a choice. Chase asks them if everything is okay. Franco says no one is talking to him. Chase calls him Franco, and Franco punches him in the face.

Sam says she assumes she and Jason will be invited, and Carly says they’ll be at the tippy top of the list. Sam says she can help, but she’s not good at that kind of thing. Sonny says they’re keeping it small. Sam says, good luck, and leaves. Sonny says if Carly wants a big, splashy wedding, he can rent a place, but she says she loves keeping it small. They could do it on the terrace. Sonny says that would make him happy, having it at home. When they’re apart, this is just a place to live in, but when they’re together, it’s a home. Because of her. She’s his whole life. Carly says, right back at him.

Josslyn tells Dev that she didn’t mean to offend or pry. He knows all about her family. She’s just curious to know more about his real family. He says she does. He’s a Corbin.

Elizabeth’s phone rings. It’s Finn, and she asks if he’s had any word about Franco. He was hoping she had some, but she says, nothing. He’s sorry. He wishes there was something he could do. For what it’s worth, he’ll talk to Monica, and tell her Elizabeth needs some time off. It’s a difficult situation, and she has the kids. It won’t do anyone any good if she runs herself into the ground. She says, good advice. She might take it. Her doorbell rings. I know we were all hoping for Franco, but it’s Hayden. She tells Elizabeth, don’t just stand there. Help her get settled. She’s moving in, and won’t take no for an answer. They hug. On the other end of the phone, Finn smiles.

Drew tells Monica, sorry. It strikes at his core. He knows exactly were Franco is; he’s been there himself. He can’t take advantage. Monica says, the memories are his, and Drew says, technically, they are, but Franco believes they’re his. Frankly, he doesn’t think Franco would share them if he asked. Monica tells him, think about it. Something good could come of this yet.

Jason tells Franco, settle, and Chase says he just hit a police officer. Franco asks how he was supposed to know that. Chase isn’t wearing a uniform. Jason tells Franco, do himself a favor – shut up. Chase says he’ll take it from there, and arrests Franco. He asks if Franco understands his rights.

On Monday, Julian tells Sam he was hoping to say a proper goodbye, Shiloh has information someone might find interesting, Scotty wants to see his son, and Lulu tells Olivia that Dante isn’t coming home.

🏥 Now If She Can Just Get a Storyline…

I love Terry, and wish she had more screen time.

🎨 Remember Him?

It’s Carrrlos! The man of many talents, who also taught Don Draper how to be Zen.

👠 Sashay Shantay…

A crossdressing crossover.

🎉 A Milestone…

Brad reaches his 200th episode.

🎂 Happy Birthday To Obrecht…

Fun will be had!

👰 No GH Talk Is Complete Without It…

The longest wedding celebration in history.

📺 A Trip Down Llanview Memory Lane…

Great photos!

✋ Raise Your Hand If You Identify…

Hollywood should be ashamed of itself. And she looked far from fat.

🙊 Quotes of the Week 

War is like love; it always finds a way.Bertolt Brecht

Never let a cat in. It’s really a person who’s reincarnated, and it will bring in all the bad Jews. – Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge), 2 Broke GIrls

Men are like floors. If you lay them right the first time, you can walk all over them for the rest of your life. – Kathy, s’Mothered

It’s discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit. – Noel Coward

Much of what was said did not matter, and that much of what mattered could not be said. – Katherine Boo

I love being a woman … But I wanted to have a man’s life in a woman’s body, and I did that very early on. I want every woman to have that.Diane von Furstenberg, NY Post interview, Page Six

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. – Albert Einstein

I’m like Rumpelstiltskin. Everything I touch turns to gold. – delusional guest on Dr. Phil – just in case you’re not up on your fairytales, it was King Midas who turned everything to gold.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Unknown

💃 Sashaying Away…

Until there are dead to fear, the weekend is my oyster. Or at least a clam shell.


August 15, 2019 – He’s Not Franco, a Theory, the Market’s Not Good, a Message From Sam & Moody Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Robert tells Jason and Sam that Franco has no recollection of his own life. He thinks he’s Drew Cain, and was implanted with Drew’s memories from before he came to Port Charles. Sam says, evidently, they were on the flashdrive. Franco knows nothing about Drew’s life.

Kim thinks Franco should sit down. She’ll find Elizabeth. He says while she’s at it, maybe she can find that loving feeling. She says, what? and he tells her that he said it to her. He actually sang it to her. She was wearing heels and a little black number, and he was in his dress whites. He grabbed the mic, and did his best Tom Cruise imitation. Does she recall what she said? Tom Cruise, eat your heart out. Kim is like, whoa, and he kisses her. Drew and Elizabeth see them, and Kim pushes him away. She asks, what the hell is he doing?

Julian tells Lucas that Kim was determined to leave no matter what. She told him that herself. Lucas says, so it’s not an idea they came up with together. It makes him wonder, if she was going to leave with or without him… Julian says, why go with her? He understands where she’s coming from. She’s going through a rough time, and needs to look after her well-being and survival. Lucas says, most people forget about self-care when they’re in grief. (I cringe, since I hate buzzwords; self-care in particular.) Julian says it doesn’t make him love her any less, and he’s glad she asked him to go with her. Brad walks in, and Lucas says he’s glad Julian feels that way, but it affects them too. He tells Brad that Julian and Kim are leaving Port Charles. Brad says Julian can’t leave.

Valentin runs into Finn, and asks if he has an update on Sasha. Nina is taking a break, and it would be nice to give her good news when she gets back. Finn says he can only discuss Sasha with family, but Valentin says he and Nina are engaged. Finn says, congratulations, but the regulations are still clear. He’ll update Nina, and she can fill him in. Valentin says while he has Finn there, can Finn give him an update on the search for Cassandra?

Jax pays the tab at The Floating Rib. He asks what Peter and Maxie are talking about, and Peter tells him, heads up about Obrecht. She was so distracted, she couldn’t even swing the bat, and she clapped every time Jax got a run, even though he was on the opposing team. Maxie says she has a crush on him. Why does he think she went racing home to change?

Digging around the trophy room, Hayden says, where could it be? It’s not in Valentin’s office, and it’s not there. Obrecht walks in, and says, two pairs of eyes are better than one. If Hayden tells her what she’s looking for, she might help Hayden find it. But if not, she might turn her in to Valentin. Hayden says Obrecht startled her. Obrecht says she caught Hayden off-guard; they’re two totally different concepts. Hayden says she lost an earring, and Obrecht tells her to stop twisting her story. With all the lies, she’s about to suffocate. She broke in to steal something. Hayden says it’s not what she thinks, but Obrecht says she’s clearly breaking and entering. Why waste time calling Valentin? She’s simply going to call the police.

Valentin asks Finn if there have been any further sightings of Cassandra since she was seen in Italy. He assumes Anna is keeping Finn posted, but Finn says Anna isn’t looking for Cassandra. Valentin says he’ll talk to Anna himself; he’s just looking for information. Finn asks, why the sudden interest in Cassandra?

Peter says, Obrecht went all the way back to Spoon Island to change? He laughs, and Maxie tells him, be kind. Obrecht is working hard to turn her life around, and she’s James’s grandmother. Jax says he’ll be cordial, and Maxie has no doubt he’ll be the perfect gentleman. Jax steps away, and Peter says he’d be terrified if Obrecht was crushing on him. Maxie says Jax is probably used to all the women throwing themselves at him. Peter says he hopes not her, and she asks why she’d want Jax when she has him. Jax gets a text from Hayden that Obrecht is there.

Obrecht says Hayden seems nervous, and Hayden says Obrecht just told her that she’s calling the cops. Obrecht says she won’t if Hayden comes clean. Hayden says she has permission to be there, but Obrecht highly doubts it. Nina would have mentioned it. She says she’ll call Nina to confirm, but Hayden says not to bother Nina. She’s with Sasha at the hospital. Obrecht is well-aware of it. Nina is beside herself with worry; which makes it even less likely that she gave permission for Hayden to rummage through her home. Hayden says Nina’s assistant called her, and Obrecht asks how long she’s been there. Hayden says, not that long. She was on the launch just a short time ago. Obrecht says she was on the launch just a short time ago, and the driver didn’t mention another passenger. Although when they were pulling up, she saw that unsavory Quinn’s boat speeding away. Hayden says Obrecht’s vision hasn’t suffered with age, and Obrecht says neither has her ability to spot a thief and swindler. No doubt Hayden has fond memories of the house. It contains pieces of priceless art spread throughout it. She could take one or two, and hope they won’t be missed. Why else would she be snooping? Hayden swears it’s nothing like that. Obrecht says an oath from someone who’s done multiple acts of fraud, embezzled two or three times, and fled town after stealing from the hospital. Compared to Hayden’s self-serving audacity, she looks like Joan of Arc. Hayden’s phone dings, and Obrecht says someone is trying to reach her. Perhaps her accomplice. Obrecht grabs Hayden’s phone, and reads, Obrecht at Windymere; get out now. She says, from Jax.

Sam says, there’s got to be a way to reverse the procedure, but Jason says, Andre designed the transfer to work on Drew. He remembers Jason’s life, and the memories haven’t faded. The treatment hasn’t worn off, and the closest Andre came to a fix was to give Drew his original memories back. Andre said he took a baseline of Drew’s memories before the procedure and put them on the flashdrive. He wonders if Cabot took a baseline of Franco’s memories, but Robert says, it seemed to be an improv at the last moment. Sam asks what the options are, and Robert says Cabot told them Franco could either live with Drew’s memories, or risk being in a vegetative state.

Franco asks Kim, what’s wrong? and she says he kissed her in front of his wife. Elizabeth tells him that he’s confused, and he says, not about this. He remembers everything about Kim. She forced him to go to Oldtown and find that lost kid. They debated what candy was best. The kid said Skittles, and he said Starburst, but she remained undecided. (Reminder: Kim had this conversation with the real Drew when he thought he was Jason.) It was New Year’s Eve, and they’d found out he was going to be deployed again. They watched the fireworks, and Kim said it was perfect, although they both knew they’d have to say goodbye. Then they said goodbye. Tell him she doesn’t remember now.

Brad says Julian can’t move, and Julian asks, why? Brad says, plenty of reasons. They’re used to him being a part of their lives. Julian says he’s just going to Manhattan. Lucas says they can visit, and bring Wiley. They can make an adventure out of it, and maybe make it monthly. Lucas’s phone dings, and he says, sorry. It’s the hospital, and he has to check on a patient. They’ll pick this up later. He leaves, and Julian asks Brad what his outburst was about. Brad says if Julian leaves town, he’s screwed. Julian says, how so? and Brad asks what they do if Wiley’s real biological parents show up to claim him? Up until now, everyone believes Wiley’s dad is Culty McCult from DOD, but Willow didn’t give birth to him. Who else can he turn to? Technically, until Wiley is eighteen, this is kidnapping. If Julian leaves, Brad will have no one else to talk to. Julian says, maybe that’s a good thing. He won’t have the option to come to Julian to fix things. It’s not healthy. As long as Shiloh is behind bars, there’s nothing to worry about. Move on with his life. It’s not like anyone else knows. Brad flashes back to Obrecht saying she knows his deepest, darkest secret, and him telling her that she poured her heart out to Franco. He tells Julian, nobody else knows.

Obrecht says Jax is colluding with Hayden? Hayden says she wouldn’t call it that. Obrecht wonders why someone of Jax’s stature would lower himself. Hayden says they’re working on a project. Obrecht asks, what kind? and Hayden says if she knows Jax, she knows they’re working on something good. Obrecht says she’s reaching her threshold of tolerance. She sends a text from Hayden’s phone, and Hayden asks what she’s doing. Obrecht says, cleaning up her mess. Jax gets a text that says, she’s gone. All set here.

Jax says he’s taking off, and Peter says, before Obrecht returns? Jax says he has phone calls to make that are in different time zones. He leaves, and Peter tells Maxie that Obrecht will be disappointed she missed him. Maxie says she doesn’t want to encourage it. Obviously, Jax isn’t going to reciprocate, but it’s the healthiest thing Obrecht has done in a long time; a step in the right direction. Peter says, better than holding people hostage, and Maxie says, better a crush than her usual secrets and lies.

Julian tells Brad that Shiloh is going to be sentenced to consecutive life sentences. There’s no reason to be paranoid. Brad says, Shiloh’s medical records are attached to Wiley’s. If anyone cross-references them, it will be a disaster. Julian asks if there’s anything Brad can do to stop that from happening, and Brad says, it wouldn’t be too difficult to change them. Julian says that’s what he thought about the adoption records, and it blew up in their faces. He tells Brad, learn from his mistake. Do nothing. There’s no reason for anyone to cross-reference the records. The best thing to do is nothing.

Jason thanks Robert for keeping them in the loop. Robert says he’ll reach out if anything comes up. Jason tells Sam what they did to Franco is like what they did to him in Russia. There’s nothing worse than trying to escape, and continually being drugged. Sam says she wouldn’t wish it on her worst enemy.

Franco tells Kim, even though he looks different, he’s Drew. Elizabeth tells him to stop. He’s upsetting Kim. Franco says they fed him some garbage about memory transfer, but he knows her, and knows she knows him. Kim says she does know him. He’s Franco Baldwin. Franco says he’s never met the guy, and walks away. Elizabeth asks him to just tell them where he’s going. He says he’s sorry, but he doesn’t know her, and doesn’t want to. Please leave him alone. He gets in the elevator, his back to the door. Kim says somebody needs to tell her what the hell is going on.

Valentin tells Finn that his interest in Cassandra is hardly sudden. He has a host of reasons why he wants to see her locked up, like Finn and Robert. Finn tells him, if he says so. Robert comes by, and says he just got off the phone with Anna. She saw Cassandra hanging out in Newfoundland. He wonders why, and Valentin says, if she’s trying to sneak into the country, that’s where private jets refuel. He makes a hasty exit.

Franco goes to The Floating Rib. Peter asks Maxie if that’s Franco, and she says, he looks terrible. Franco asks for whiskey, Irish, neat, two. The bartender asks for an ID (why?), and Franco says he had an ID in his wallet, but he threw it away. The bartender takes it he’s over twenty-one, but he can’t drink for free. Franco pulls some money out of his pocket, and puts it one the bar. He repeats his order, and downs the two shots in succession.

Elizabeth tells Kim that Cameron is okay because of Franco. Kim says, but he doesn’t know he’s Franco, and thinks he’s Drew back in 2012? Drew says they’re trying to wrap their heads around it themselves. I’m not sure why it’s hard for him to do, since he went through it himself. Elizabeth says it’s all they can do until they find someone who can reverse the procedure. Kim says the man who walked out remembered how they met, and their time together. They’re memories to him; he believes they happened. Drew says like he believed he lived Jason’s life. Kim asks what they’re going to do, and Elizabeth says, find someone to reverse the procedure. She needs her husband back. Kim wonders what she can do to help, and Drew tells her make sure Franco realizes they have no history together; be insistent. Kim understands. She needs a minute.

Maxie goes up to the bar, and says, hey, Franco. Franco says, go ahead. Call him that one more time. She asks if he’s okay. Peter joins her, and asks how Franco is doing. Franco throws the shot glass, and says that’s not his name

Brad goes to the hospital, and sees a computer unattended. He brings up Wiley’s records, and then Shiloh’s records.

Obrecht tells Hayden to have patience. She made sure Jax has no reason to follow Hayden, and deleted her history. The last thing Obrecht needs is to be implicated in Hayden’s scheme. Hayden asks if this means Obrecht is letting her go, but Obrecht says, on the contrary. It will take twenty minutes for the police to reach the island, giving Hayden plenty of time to repair her makeup for her mugshot. Hayden asks what she can offer Obrecht in return for her silence.

Jax sees Valentin at the hospital, and asks how Nina is doing. Valentin says, fine; he told her to take a break and get some air. Jax asks how Valentin is, and Valentin says there is something Jax can do for him.

Finn appreciates Robert keeping him in the loop, but wonders if it was a good idea to share information about Cassandra with Valentin. Robert says it was rubbish. He never said squat about Cassandra. But if Valentin thinks she’s getting closer to Port Charles, he’s more likely to show his hand, and they can figure out what that bastard is really up to.

Franco calls Maxie ma’am, and says his name is Andrew Cain. Please don’t call him Franco. Maxie asks if he’s drunk. The bartender says he doesn’t want any trouble, but Peter says, there isn’t any, and pays for the glass. Maxie says, sorry, and the bartender recognizes her as he owner’s daughter. She and Peter go back to their table, and Maxie says, oh my God. What is going on? Why is Franco calling himself Andrew? Peter thinks he knows.

Jason tells Sam that he’ll never forgive Franco for what he did to her and Michal. She says neither will she. Jason says, according to Robert, Franco saved Cameron’s life, or at least his mind, and that should count for something. Sam says, he thinks he’s Navy SEAL Drew. Does Jason think he can tell Drew about his past? Jason says he doesn’t know; maybe.

Brad types something into the computer. Lucas comes up behind him, and asks what he’s doing.

Kim goes to Charlie’s, and Julian says, perfect timing. He’s been looking at potential investments in Manhattan. He asks, what’s wrong? and she says she’s not sure where to start. He says the predictable, how about the beginning?

Elizabeth flashes back to Franco in jail, telling her that he loves her, and he’s down for more loving, cherishing, and honoring. Till death do us part. She starts to cry, and says, sorry, but Drew says, don’t be. Elizabeth says after what she and Franco have been through, she might have lost him forever. He tells her, don’t think like that. She says she should look for Franco, but she doesn’t know where to start. He says she probably doesn’t want to hear it, but he thinks they should give Franco space. Elizabeth thinks they need to find a way to reverse the procedure. Drew says, the doctors still need time to work it out. Maybe it won’t last. Sam joins them, and says she just heard what happened. She asks if Cameron is okay, and Elizabeth says, as okay as he can be. Drew says, Franco isn’t. Sam says Robert told them; she’s so sorry. If the doctors say it’s okay, she’d like to speak to him. Elizabeth says, he left a while ago. He’s gone. Sam wonders, where would he go?

Peter asks Maxie if Franco said he was Drew Cain. Maxie wonders if he’s hallucinating. Peter says, or he had a memory transfer. Maxie says, ha-ha, then says, oh my God; he’s serious. Peter says the flashdrive is out there, and it has the Drew’s baseline memories from before 2012. It’s the same flashdrive he bargained with for his freedom. Maxie asks if Peter thinks Franco has been implanted with Drew’s memories. Peter asks if she can think of another explanation. She says, not really, but it seems bizarre. He says, if he’s right, it’s partly his fault. She asks, in what universe? and he says he had a chance to give it back, but he selfishly kept it to bargain for his own freedom. Now the memories are in the wrong person. She says, insanity aside, there’s no way it’s Peter’s fault. It’s not like he wanted it to happen. Peter says, that’s most certainly true. The last thing he wanted was Drew’s memories in anyone else.

Lucas says he didn’t know Brad was coming back, and Brad says he was just checking some things. Lucas says it’s Wiley’s birth father’s medical records, and Brad says he never had a chance to look at them. Lucas says, so he decided to look without him? How rude. Brad says, sorry. They should find time together to review it. Lucas says, that’s weird. It doesn’t list Wiley’s inherited heart condition. Brad says, not that weird. They should print it out and look at it when they have clear heads. Lucas says his head is clear. It’s the first thing he looked for. Maybe the doctors missed it. Or Shiloh is lying. Brad says, it wouldn’t be the first time. Lucas tells him to pick up Wiley, and he’ll see them at home. Brad says, can’t miss family dinner.

Obrecht says if Hayden thinks she can be bribed, she’s sorely mistaken. Hayden can’t buy her off with what she came to steal. Hayden says she’s offering much more. Obrecht says she’s listening. Hayden thought she would, but Obrecht says she didn’t consent yet. Out with it. Hayden says, let her go and tell no one, and she’ll get Jax to have dinner with her.

Jax tells Valentin that he knows what it’s like, waiting for answers as to when his daughter was going to get better. He thought Nina could use a distraction for however long she can stand him. If they can get some business done, it’s a bonus. Valentin says he appreciates what Jax has done, but moving forward, he’ll be handling everything. Thanks, but Nina and Sasha are in capable hands. He’ll let Nina know Jax stopped by. He leaves, and Jax shakes his head.

Robert tells Finn that he hasn’t actually spoken to Anna, and he’s not sure what he’s going to say when he does. Finn asks, what’s going on? and Robert says, Cabot wants to cut a deal. If they drop the charges, he’ll point out the memories Anna has that belong to Alex.

Maxie says Peter has made mistakes in the past; so has everyone else. He says, not at his level, and she says, think how much he’s learned and grown. He’s more than Faison’s son now. He’s found goodness because Anna is his mother. He says maybe she’s seeing what she wants to see, and it’s too little too late. Maxie says, even if that was true, she’s not going anywhere. She cares about who he is here and now, and in the future. She takes his hand, and they leave. Franco sits at a table, and has a beer.

Elizabeth tells Sam that she has no idea where Franco went or if he’ll be back. Sam knows there’s no way to reverse the procedure, and Drew says part of Franco is buried beneath, and they need to get it out. It’s the only way to fight. Elizabeth asks, with what? What do they do? He says, everything they can to remind Franco about the life that’s waiting for him.

Julian asks Kim if she sincerely believes Franco thinks he’s Drew. There’s no chance Franco is putting it on? She says, none. He truly believes he’s Drew, and remembers things he couldn’t possibly know. Details that were only important to her and Drew. He says, so it’s real. She says, listening to him talking about things he never lived through was so…. Julian says, upsetting? All the more reason they need to leave town. The more Franco remembers things that happened, the more confusing things will get.

Jason walks into The Floating Rib. He and Franco stare at each other.

Tomorrow, Finn tells Hayden she might have been exposed to a serous contagion, Cameron says he was there, and Franco calls Jason a rich kid with his face.

💡 Theory for today. Maybe Hayden wasn’t lying when she said it was something good. Maybe they know Nikolas is alive, and he’s asked them to look for something. I’m not so sure we saw that painting for nothing.

🗽 On tonight’s Million Dollar Listing New York, Ryan had a $15 million listing – reduced from $20 million – in an okay neighborhood, in a market where nothing over $10 was selling. This seemed to be the running theme throughout the episode – the market is bad. The property was fantastic – over 8200 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 8½ baths, and a pool. If I had a spare $15 million, I’d buy it. Ryan loves nothing more than a crazy event, and this time invited tech people. He used 3D printing to his advantage, as well as a virtual tour (there was a real tour as well). Eventually, he got some bigwig broker to take a look, and they settled on something around $12.8 million, mostly because there was no completed C of O – i.e. Certificate of Occupancy. Take it from me, that’s a hard phrase to say when you’re drunk.

Luis came back full force, kind of. He went back to see his assistant, Ronita, who’s been running the show for two years, as well as becoming a new mother. Luis explained that he gave away all of his expensive, tailored suits because they felt like superhero costumes. He told us, it has nothing to do with what you’re wearing, but what you exude, and is now wearing nail polish. He wanted to find a way to dance with Ronita without stepping on each other’s toes. They did just fine, being chosen after a seller interviewed several brokers. We’ll see if their camaraderie sticks throughout the selling process. We also found out at the end, that Luis is expecting a baby girl. Well, he’s not having the baby, but you know what I mean.

Frederik got back together with his former assistant Jordan, who’d asked for help with a Tribeca listing. It was another humongous property – with a hallway was as long as a city block, that Fredrik couldn’t help but dance down. The problem again was the market. Fredrik insisted the sellers would not get what they were asking. The sellers thought maybe they’d wait for a better market, and Jordan got weirdly down, telling Fredrik that he takes every loss personally. Fredrik told him that it wasn’t a loss, and if it turned out to be, they’d fight for it. But it was better to take a pass, than have it sit there. Jordan said he regretted bringing Fredrik on. Much to Fredrik’s dismay, Jordan went back to the sellers, and suggested they give it a go their way, at top price.

And Luis got the award for best in attitude, saying he’s still got it, but he never lost it.

🏃 Where You Going, Billy…

Cryptic indeed.

And they’re dating IRL…?

🙇 Wishful Thinking…

I kept thinking Thursday was Friday, but it’s here now.





August 14, 2019 – Julian Is On the Move, Now Designing In Heaven, Ashley Crashes the Party, a First Reunion & a Harry Thursday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam tells Jason that she’s proud of him. He says it was just a softball game, but she says he had three chances to let ELQ win. He says he’s not doing that, and she says she knows he thought about it. He wanted Michael to win. Jason says, Michael is worried about his girlfriend. It was a big deal that he even showed up to play. She asks if he considered it, and he says, maybe, but no one wants to win because you let them. Sam says that’s why she’s proud of him. She’s also proud that he hit the game winning run. She says, congratulations, slugger, and they kiss.

On the field, Obrecht says Peter has a blind bias. He called a strike, and it was clearly a ball. Maxie says she was crowding the plate, but Obrecht says she was asserting herself. Peter says they’re both right. He was trying to give them a taste of what it’s going to be like when they face Aurora. Jax is a great pitcher. Obrecht says, Jax will be there?

At the hospital. Hayden tells Jax that she looked at Sasha’s chart. Her symptoms sound the flu. There’s no reason to panic. He tells her not to be blasé around Nina and Valentin. Nina is beside herself. Hayden says since Nina and Valentin are both at the hospital, that means Windymere is deserted. They can get what they need and get out.

Lucas sees the for sale sign in Charlie’s window. He goes inside, and Julian asks if Brad is parking. Lucas says Brad had to go in to work. He says Julian is being pranked. Does he know there’s a for sale sign on the pub? Julian says, it’s not a prank; he’s selling. Lucas says he thought Julian loved the place. Julian says he does, but he loves Kim more, and they can’t take Charlie’s where they’re going. They’re moving to New York City.

Franco tells Drew, if Drew is him with a new face, how does Drew explain his face? Elizabeth says he hasn’t looked in a mirror, has he? He says, okay; he’ll play along. He’s not sure how much longer they’re going to try sell this. Drew tells him, look for himself, and hands him a mirror. Franco looks at his reflection, and says, who is this? Elizabeth says, it’s him. His name is Franco Baldwin, and she’s his wife Elizabeth. They got married last winter with bars between them, and vowed they’d never let anything come between them again because they love each other. He promised Cameron that he’d come back, so he’d better come back. She knows he’s still in there. Please, just come back.

Peter says he heard Jax was coming, but if they’re lucky he’ll be a no show. Word is that he has quite an arm. Maxie tells Peter that his mind games aren’t working. Don’t pretend he’s being intimidate by Jax. He grew up playing field rugby, or whatever they play over there. They’re going to kick Aurora all the way to Cooper. Besides, they’re down one player. Peter sees Lulu, and says here comes his knight now. She tells him that she’s just there as a cheerleader. She doesn’t know how to play.

Jax says he told Hayden no. She says Valentin has turned into lethal Valentin, but he says Valentin isn’t crazy enough to kill them. Hayden says they can’t afford to let the opportunity pass them by. He says the staff will see them coming a mile away, but she says she has a guy who can get them there undetected. The clock is ticking. Is he coming?

Lucas says Kim and Julian are really leaving? Kim says, not right away, and Julian says, finding a buyer for Charlie’s will take time. They have a lot to wrap up, and a lot of goodbyes. Lucas says, Brad isn’t going to be happy. They had no idea Julian was thinking about moving. Julian says it was a surprise to him too, but it feels like the right thing to do. New York has a lot to offer; there’s a lot of stimulation. Lucy calls, and Julian steps away. Lucas says Kim must be excited. She says she’d be more excited if she wasn’t taking Lucas’s father away from his children and grandchildren. He says she makes it sound like she’s kidnapping Julian, and she says Julian isn’t leaving for what Manhattan has to offer. He’s leaving for her.

Sam tells Jason, on behalf of the Corinthos Coffee team, she thanks him. He says she’s giving him too much credit, but she says he’s the hero this time. Next time, she wants to be short stop. He says Milo did well, but she says Milo belongs on first. Terrible Tony is terrible, but he pulled it off. She should have played. Jason says she almost died. She says she was glad she was able to sit and watch him. She’s grateful to be alive. They kiss some more, and Jason picks her up. He starts to carry her upstairs, and there’s a knock at the door. Robert says it’s their friendly neighborhood DA come for a chat. Jason puts Sam down, and she lets Robert in. Robert says she left GH without giving a statement. Sam says, so he came all the way there to get it? He says, among other things. He has a bit of good news, and a bit of bad news. What do they want first?

Franco says, Elizabeth, right? He knows she believes with all her heart that she knows him, but he doesn’t know her or this Franco person. He’s Chief Petty Officer Drew Cain, service number… Drew finishes the number, and says Franco has been given his memories. He knows it’s hard to believe. Franco says anyone with access to his personal file could get his service number. Drew asks, what about his face? and Franco says Drew doesn’t have it, and neither does he. Drew says, it’s hard to explain, and Elizabeth takes out Franco’s phone. She shows them a picture of them at their wedding reception last month. She says here’s his friend Liesl, and her boss Epiphany. Here are their boys. They love him and miss them. Does he think she’s fabricating all of this, and none of it is real? She shows him his driver’s license and his hospital ID, saying, everything has his face and name on it – Franco Baldwin. He says, they were issued in 2019. It’s 2012. Drew says, no, it’s not, and Franco says his last memory is from 2012. Where the hell have the last seven seen years gone?

Jax tells Hayden, no Spoon Island today. Hayden asks if there’s nothing she can do, and he says they have a prior commitment. Did she forget she’s Aurora’s CFO? She says he’s ditching their project for a corporate softball game? He says, next week, they’re playing Corinthos Coffee, and there’s no way he’s losing. She says while he’s goofing around, she’s doing the heavy lifting. He tells her to make sure no one is alerted to her presence. Get in and out clean. They’ll still be one player short. She says, it’s all taken care of. She leaves, and he puzzles over that.

Maxie says it could be good for Lulu to play, but Lulu says she doesn’t feel up to it. Peter says she doesn’t have to, but Obrecht says he’s the boss. He says, it’s supposed to be fun, not a chore, and she says they’ll smile while doing it. Fun will be had. She was prepared to strut her stuff. Now they’ll have to forfeit. Dustin shows up in an Aurora uniform, and says he was called in from the minors.

Sam tells Robert, when she came to, Jason was there and pried open the freezer. Robert asks if she got the feeling Shiloh had an accomplice. Jason says Shiloh claimed people were watching him, but he never saw anyone. He asks where Shiloh is, and Robert says, at the city slammer, cooling his heels. By this time tomorrow, he’ll be drowning in charges, thanks to Sam’s testimony and the others. Jason asks who else Shiloh went after.

Franco doesn’t understand, and Drew says he gets it more than anyone. He’s been where Franco is. Franco says Drew doesn’t know the first thing about him. He’d like to talk to his superior officer. Elizabeth says the Navy will confirm what they’ve been telling him. She knows it’s overwhelming. Franco tells them that he needs a minute to sort things out, and he does it better alone. They leave, and Franco gets up.

Kim tells Lucas that Julian is being kind, not telling him in front of her that she’s the reason he’s moving. Lucas deserves to know the truth. She kept telling herself things would get easier. She might not stop seeing Oscar around every corner, but eventually, it would get easier, but she’s still waiting for that day. Lucas asks if it’s not even a little easier, and she says hopes he never feels the emptiness that she does. She doesn’t even see it in sight. Not in Port Charles at least. She told his dad that she had to move. Lucas says Julian isn’t letting her go by herself, and she says, it’s one thing for her to leave; there’s little holding her there. It’s not the same for Julian. It comes at quite a cost. She tells Lucas, say the word, but Lucas says, it would break Julian’s heart. She says, say the word, and she’ll tell his dad that she has to do this alone.

Maxie asks if that isn’t Lulu’s ride share driver. Lulu asks Dustin what he’s doing there. He says he picked up a fair who hired him for the whole day. Peter says, they hired him as a substitute? and Obrecht says, it’s in flagrant violation of the rules. Peter says the team members work for their sponsors. Jax appears, and says he does. As of today, Dustin is the official driver of Aurora. Obrecht says they were wondering if Jax would make an appearance. Maxie says Obrecht was the only one wondering. Dustin says he wasn’t going to play, but found out they were playing The Invader, and thought maybe score some points off Lulu. Lulu says, is that so? but Maxie says, she’s not playing. Dustin says he spoke too soon, and Lulu asks if they have an extra mitt. Obrecht says they have all the necessary equipment for a team. Lulu says it looks like she’s playing, and asks Dustin if he’d care to make it interesting.

Jax tells Maxie that Nina is still at the hospital. He doesn’t think she’s leaving until Sasha’s fever is down. They need to pull this one out for her. His phone dings, and he sees a text from Hayden saying she’s in Valentin’s office, and moving to the trophy room.

Hayden takes out a tool to pick the lock.

Lucas says Kim made Julian a better man. He’s grown a lot, and the last steps he’s taken were because she inspired him. Kim says Lucas and Julian are just beginning to talk, but Lucas says they can still do that. He’ll miss Julian, but would rather see him be happy with her, than stuck there wondering what might have been. He tells her, go, and take his blessing with her. Julian comes back, and says Lucy is arranging a meeting with a prospective buyer. He asks if everything is okay, and Kim says she needs to get to GH. She leaves, and Julian asks Lucas, where were they? Lucas says, Manhattan is stimulating, and Julian says, they have the best theaters and museums, and no Sonny. Any day without Sonny is a good day for him. Lucas says he’ll be a long way from his family, but Julian says, it’s only an hour by plane. Lucas is glad Julian loves Kim enough to start somewhere new, but wants to make sure he’s not choosing to leave because Lucas made Julian feel unwelcome in his life.

Robert tells Sam and Jason, after Sam was put in the freezer, that wasn’t the end. Shiloh still had the flashdrive. Jason asks if it was recovered, and Robert says it’s intact, and is now evidence. They don’t know if it’s still fully functional after being used. Jason says, Shiloh used it? and Robert says, he tried to. Sam asks, on who? and Robert says,Cameron Webber.

Franco gets dressed. Elizabeth and Drew come back, and Elizabeth asks what Franco is doing. He says he’s getting ready to take off, but Elizabeth says he can’t leave. Franco says he can. Drew says the doctors aren’t ready to release him. Elizabeth says she knows he’s forgotten everything, but that can be fixed. They’ll find a doctor who can undo the procedure and get his memories back, so he can be Franco like he’s supposed to be. He says he doesn’t believe her, but say she’s right. What she’s telling him is that his memories were taken, and he was turned into a whole other person. Elizabeth says they’ll get his real memories back, and he can go back to his life being Franco. If the procedure was done, it makes sense that it can be undone, especially at GH. It’s one of the best hospitals in the country. Franco says, Port Charles, New York? Drew says he knows it? and Elizabeth says, of course (🍷); he lives here. Drew says what Shiloh did to him… Franco asks, who’s Shiloh? and Drew says he knows Shiloh by his real name – David Henry Archer. Franco says, Hank? Shouldn’t he be in prison? Drew says, he is, but not for what he did in Afghanistan. Franco says he lost seven years. They don’t get a say in what he doesn’t or doesn’t do. He starts to leave, but Drew says he’s not going anywhere.

Hayden keeps working on the lock, and finally gets the door open. She goes inside, and is startled by a cougar’s head.

Lucas says he kept Julian at arm’s-length, and wouldn’t let him near Wiley. Except when his family was threatened, he was self-centered, and asked Julian for help. He’s gotten used to the idea of Julian being involved, and likes Julian being in his family’s life, but it seems like it’s too late. Julian says Lucas doesn’t have to say it. He hears Lucas loud and clear. If he’d thought for one second there was no hope to have Lucas, Brad, and Wiley in his life, he would have left long ago. They hug.

Sam asks Robert how Cameron got pulled in. Robert says, Shiloh left the Midwood, and was skulking around, probably figuring out a way to leave town. He saw Cameron, who was easy picking. It was just bad luck. Sam says, Shiloh kidnapped Cameron? And Robert says he delivered Cameron to Cabot. He was desperate enough not to care who the procedure was done on. Jason says Elizabeth was looking for Cameron, and he helped her track him down. He was in a warehouse on Dewitt. Robert says, that’s where Shiloh was holding him. Sam asks what Shiloh did to Cameron, and Robert says, he let Cameron go. Franco wasn’t so lucky. Franco followed Cameron. They had prepped the kid, but Franco convinced them to use him instead.

Franco tells Drew, step aside. Elizabeth asks Franco to promise he won’t leave Port Charles. There are people there who care about him; he’s part of their lives. Enough people have been hurt already. Give them time. Franco says he’s asking nicely, and Drew says, okay. He’s free to go. Elizabeth tries to stop Franco, but Drew holds her back. She fights with him, telling him to let go of her, and says, Franco, please. Franco walks to the elevator, and looks in his wallet. He sees Kim walk by, and follows her. He says, Kim, and smiles.

Elizabeth tells Drew, please let her go. She needs to get her husband. Drew says, it’s not him, but Elizabeth says, he’s still in there. They can’t let him leave. Drew doesn’t think he will, but Elizabeth says they might never see him again. Drew says, they will. She says he doesn’t know that, but he says he knows. Because Franco is him, or some version of him. He wouldn’t be able to leave, and neither will Franco. Trust him. Trust Franco. He’s not going anywhere. He holds Elizabeth.

Lucas tells Julian, it’s a good thing Brad isn’t there. They’d be having a crying jag, Julian says Brad is tougher than Lucas gives him credit for. If Lucas needs backup, give him a call. Lucas says, Julian too, if things get tough. Julian knows there’s no quick fix. No move will make it easier, but Kim will be distracted in a new environment. It might help, and who is he to get in her way? Lucas says, something Kim said… He probably misunderstood, but when Julian was on the phone, it sounded like she said she was leaving with or without him.

Franco tells Kim that he’s glad he ran into her. She says she wanted to talk to Elizabeth. She decided to take Elizabeth up on her offer for the four of them to have dinner. He asks what she’s doing there, and she says she knows it’s her day off, but she came in to talk to Monica. She’s giving her notice. He doesn’t understand, and she says she thought Elizabeth told him. She was thinking of leaving Port Charles, and decided to go. He says, him too. They can go together.

At The Floating Rib, Jax says drinks are on him. Peter says, they played a good game, and should have won. Obrecht had the winning run. Jax says she was on third, and got greedy. You don’t usually see those kinds of collisions on a softball field. Peter says he thinks she was trying to impress Jax with her prowess. Jax says, who?

Obrecht asks Maxie how she looks, and Maxie says, like she just slid into home plate. Obrecht says, it would have been a glorious victory. She tells Maxie not to let Jax leave. She needs to freshen up.

Lulu asks Dustin, what’ll it be? He says, the winning team pays, but she says they made a bet and she lost. He says she seemed distracted when he was up at the plate. He thinks she wanted to see him at bat.

Hayden turns on the lights, and asks, where does a lady hide her treasure? She sees the painting Helena left Nikolas in her will. I wonder why she didn’t close the door. Not very professional.

Dustin messes with Lulu’s phone, and she asks what he’s doing. He says putting in his contact info. Maxie watches as Lulu and Dustin clink beer bottles.

Jax says Peter thinks Obrecht has a thing for him? Peter tells him, see for himself when she gets back. Where did she go anyway?

Hayden wonders, where could it be? It’s not in Valentin’s office, and not there. From the doorway, Obrecht says, two pairs of eyes are better than one. Tell her what she’s looking for, and she might help find it. If she doesn’t, Obrecht will turn her over to Valentin.

Robert says Franco took Cameron’s place, and Sam asks, what about Franco? Robert says Doc thought there was definitely the possibility of brain damage, since Franco doesn’t share Drew’s DNA. However, he was sitting up and talking. Jason says, and he has no recollection of his past life. Robert says, Franco thinks he’s Drew.

Franco tells Kim, let’s get out of here. She asks if he’s okay, and he says he’s better after seeing her. Her hair is different; he likes it. She asks if something happened to him, and he says nothing she can’t fix.

Elizabeth says she’s sorry she hit Drew. He’s right to a point. Franco doesn’t see her as his wife, and there’s nothing anchoring him there. (Was that a pun?) They need to give him a reason to stay. Drew says, let’s go do that.

Lucas tells Julian not to listen to him, but Julian says he has it right. Kim told him herself. Lucas says, so it’s not an idea they came up with together? It makes him wonder, if Kim was going to leave without him… Julian says, why go with her?

Kim says maybe Franco should have a seat. She’ll find Elizabeth. He says maybe she should find that loving feeling while she’s at it. She says, what? and he tells her that he said it to her before; remember? He does. She was wearing heels with a little black number, and he had on his dress whites. He grabbed the mic, and does she recall what she said? Tom Cruise eat your heart out. She says, Franco? and he says, hell no. He’s definitely not Franco, and kisses her. Elizabeth and Drew see them.

The show was dedicated to Fernando Pardo, who did scenic design for the show. See below.

Tomorrow, Hayden asks Obrecht what she can offer for Obrecht’s silence, Lucas tells Brad about Julian moving, and Kim asks what the hell is going on?

😢 Gone But Not Forgotten…

A behind-the-scenes passing at GH.

Southern Charm

Patricia meets Kathryn at Gwynn’s to shop for party shoes. Kathryn gives the clerk a couple of pairs, asking for her size. Patricia asks if Kathryn’s new beau is coming to the party, and Kathryn says he is. They’re going with Austen and Madison. She thinks Madison is cool. Patricia says Madison never meant to hurt Danni. Shep pushed her too far, and was surprised when she stood up for herself. Kathryn says, Shep has an intense anger about something outside of Madison and Austen. Patricia says years ago, Shep told Madison that when she got a divorce, call him first. She doesn’t know if he resents her being with Austen. She observes that Kathryn’s shoes have spikes on them, and says Kathryn could kick someone in the ass with those. Kathryn says she should have worn them to the fox hunt. Ashley, let’s talk. Patricia heard Ashley was there, and asks what she said. Kathryn says, it was weird. Ashley talked about how she was so sorry for what she’d said, that it wasn’t her place. She said she respects Kathryn, and wants things to be good between them. Kathryn tries on shoes, and picks out a pair. Patricia says after Ashley and Kathryn talked, Shep overheard Ashley saying to her friends, Kathryn will never get custody of the children. Kathryn says Ashley makes her sick, and Patricia says that’s why she’s not buying the new Ashley, who wants to be pals with everybody. Kathryn says she doesn’t buy it for a second. Patricia thinks Ashley is vindictive, and will do anything get back at her. She’s given Ashley her rough time on social media. In Patricia’s interview, she says she turned against Ashley when Ashely started cyber-bullying her on social media, and defaming her. She’s not a shrinking violet, and Ashley is ill-equipped for that kind of warfare with her. She says Ashley is ballsy and shameless. Kathryn says, shameless is right.

Bailey visits Austen, bearing lattes. He says it’s the longest he’s been at a place. She says, coffee cheers, and asks, what’s new? He wishes they’d had a chance to talk at the fox hunt. She says she saw him with Shep. He says, maybe a little hiatus will be good. She tells him that she’s going to Patricia’s party, and he says, with Shep? She says, no, and he asks who Shep is taking. She makes a face.

Shep goes to Chelsea’s salon for a haircut. He tells her that his date for the party is named Chelsea as well. She’s the girl on the couch when Madison barged into Austen’s. We flash back to that. He says he begged Craig to take the other girl, who’s also in town. Chelsea asks how Austen feels about that, and Shep says he’s taking a step back. She asks how Austen is taking it, and he says, who cares? In Chelsea’s interview, she feels Shep’s been fighting hard to show that Madison is a horrible person, but at the end of day, she and Austen are together. Shep feels like he lost battle. Why he cares so much, she doesn’t know. She asks if he’s ever been with Madison, and he says, no. She asks if he tried, and he says he has a vague memory of thinking he could bang her. We flash back to a party four years ago, where Madison told Shep, don’t get any ideas. He says he’s glad it didn’t work out. She’ll never taste mom’s meatloaf.

Austen asks if he knows her, and Bailey says, yes. He asks, how? and Bailey says, she was there; Chelsea. Austen says, see what he means? Shep has no shame. Bailey says, Shep must have a relationship with her if he’s bringing her. Austen says, it’s called a booty call. He hopes Madison doesn’t get fired up. Bailey asks if he’s going to tell her, and he says he has to. In Austen’s interview, he says Shep claims Madison is a vindictive, revenge-driven person, and it’s exactly what he’s doing right now. He tells Bailey, this is sh*t.

Naomie’s mom Carole helps her paint the bathroom. Carole says Naomie is always busy, and Naomie says Carole always calls at the worst time when she’s working. Carole say she works with Naomie’s dad, and Naomie says she could never work with her dad. Carole says he couldn’t work with her either; she’s so opinionated. Naomie wonders why she’s like this, if her mom is so sweet, and Carole says she raised Naomie to have woman power. Naomie says, poor Metul. Carole says, they knew she could never have settled for typical or someone without their own mind. When they met Metul, they thought he might be it. It’s Naomie’s life, but she’s ready to be a grandmother. If Naomie ever gets married. In Naomie’s interview, she says she knows she wants to be married to Metul, but that doesn’t mean tomorrow. It can be the next day. They have tea, and Carole says when she was marrying Naomie’s father, another guy was trying to date her. The other guy was very handsome, and her dad was a little, chubby man, but his brain was tickling hers. She has to think, is she proud of this guy? Does she admire and trust him? Naomie says she wouldn’t date him if she didn’t think it could go further. She thinks she’s found a good partner in him. Carole says, that’s all that matters.

Eliza goes to get her extensions redone. Ashley walks in, and sits in the chair next to her. She asks if Eliza has any fun plans coming up, and Eliza says, Miss Pat is throwing a cocktail party. She says she hasn’t seen Ashley since the fox hunt. That went well. Ashley says her biggest regret was listening to Patricia, and siding with her and not Kathryn. She hates Patricia for doing that. She’s a POS. Ashley says she’s so regretful. She believed that bitch. She never would have said what she did to Kathryn if Patricia had steered her in the right direction. She was doing Patricia’s dirty work. Patricia was stirring the pot. Eliza says no one else has issues with Patricia, and Ashley says they see what happens if you go against her. Why is she the only person who sees it? That bitch called her a gold-digger. We flash back to that, and Ashley says she’ll never forgive Patricia for that. Eliza says she’s going to read Ashley some Bible quotes. Ashley says Patricia hurt her, and asks when the event is. Karma’s a bitch, and she’s going down. Eliza says she’s going to read her Bible app.

Madison calls Austen, and says she’s got a lot of work. He wants to tell her about his chat with Bailey. He says they talked about the ball, and he found out Shep is bringing Chelsea S. She asks why he’d do that, and asks how it makes Austen feel, but he says he hasn’t processed it. In his interview, he says Chelsea S is the girl who set up the video. Madison says he’s taking it better than she would, but she’s not surprised. Shep is a sh*t person. Austen says Shep is trying to get a rise from him, and he’s not giving Shep the satisfaction. He’s not going to run and hide. He tells Madison that they need to get their minds right, and should temper their drinking. Madison says she can’t wait. It’s just effing awesome.

At the Stag Party venue, event planner Stacey goes over things with Patricia. She points out the stag ice sculpture, shows Patricia the tables, and gives her the menu. In her interview, Patricia says, this year’s theme is a stag’s ball. It’s traditionally singles getting together to meet. It’s a European thing, and you can make it what you want, but even if it’s a casual event, she’s not lowering her standards. She tells Stacey that she’s going home to get a face lift and liposuction.

The girls gather at Kathryn’s place. Cameran sees the kids’ artwork, and says, it’s the best art ever. She can’t wait until Palmer is old enough. Kathryn says Kensie paints rainbows and hearts every day. They discuss what everyone is wearing. Kathryn says she’s glad they came over; it feels like a salon. She tells them a stylist is coming, and Hunter will be coming to the party. She says she calls him chicken nugget, and he calls her his honey mustard. Cameran sees that Naomie is wearing a promise ring, and says, the next one is a diamond. Kathryn says a friend overheard Ashley talking to Eliza at the salon, and Ashley said she was coming tonight. She’s going to climb that gate like, what up? We find out Metul and Jason are also coming, and Kathryn says she and Hunter are going with Madison and Austen. Cameron asks if Madison has apologized to Danni, but Danni doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. She wants a day to not talk about them. Kathryn says they’re going to see them tonight, and Danni says let her have an hour. She thinks it’s weird that Kathryn is going with them. Kathryn says she didn’t want to make Danni uncomfortable, and Danni says she doesn’t understand how Kathryn can allow Austen to be buddy-buddy with her. In Danni’s interview, she says, what Austen said was unwarranted, unfair, and mean. Her best friend should recognize that before anyone else. Kathryn says now she sees that it’s screwed up. She’s not going with them. She says she’ll text him, and Naomie says, that’s a real friend. Danni says she doesn’t have to, but Kathryn says she wants to. Danni is more important. On a better note, let’s have fun and be normal people. Naomie asks who Shep is going with, and Chelsea says, another Chelsea. She was involved in the threesome video.

Everyone gets ready. Austen suggests he and Madison skip the party. In his interview, Austen says he’s glad he reconfirmed his decision to go with his heart, rather than his drinking buddy. He’s finally doing what he wants to do. He fumbles around, trying to put Madison’s anklet on her, says he can’t, then gets it. He tells her, that’s love.

No surprise, the party looks glorious. A beautiful showgirl on stilts welcomes the guests outside, and there’s a purple carpet to walk. A contortionist does moves on a table inside, and there’s elegance galore. As she walks in, Chelsea says, fancy. Patricia introduces Chelsea to Mr. Kale, her bodyguard. She says, he’s security; she doesn’t want replay of last year. We flash back to Ashley calling Kathryn an egg donor. In Patricia’s interview, she explains that Mr. Kale owns a security company, and packs heat. Is that… yes it is. Jason. We never see him. Cameran sees the entrance, and says, this is extra. Whitney says, Jason made a guest appearance, and Chelsea says she heard the rumors. Kathryn arrives with Hunter, who’s really cute. Kathryn is wearing one of those dresses with a sheer bottom that I love. She suggests Hunter jam with Whitney, and Whitney says he shreds metal. We see a clip of that. Danni and Bailey come in together. Jason and Metul talk. Cameran is loving it, and says Metul smells good, getting into his personal space. Naomie says he’s being assaulted, but he says, it’s not assault if it’s welcome.

In the car, Madison feels sick. Austen tells her, rebound. They got this. She says she’s trying to be positive, and he takes her hand. She says she feels bad for anyone coming after her, but he doesn’t think anyone is dumb enough to do that. He kisses her, and tells her that he loves her before they go in.

Shep says, it’s gonna be fun; he’s into it. He’s also done in my book. I always thought of Shep as someone I’d never want to date, but would make a great friend. This is as immature and mean as it gets. I’m so disappointed. He has no business doing this to Austen just because he doesn’t like Austen’s choices. He’s being an insecure, arrogant pr*ck. Madison made a big mistake, but I think she exploded after taking his crap for a while. I’m not excusing it, because it involved Danni, as innocent a bystander as it gets, but Madison does not deserve this treatment. And while Austen shouldn’t have given her the ammo, Shep needs to face it – your dude friends tell their girlfriends the gossip you give them. An ex of mine couldn’t get to the phone fast enough when a mutual acquaintance told him something and said not to tell me.

Cameran tells Jason that Metul is her man crush. Austen and Madison come in, and Patricia and Whitney greet them. Shep and Craig follow. Kathryn points out the contortionist, who is now in a giant champagne glass. Chelsea bets she’s good in the sack. Shep is all excited, and I wish I could punch him. Craig is with Michelle, the other chick in the video. Austen says, it’s a total ambush. In his interview, he says, Craig is such a pawn. Cameran greets Shep and Craig. Austen says, this is total bullsh*t, but Madison says, it’s okay. Chelsea says Craig shouldn’t be friends with him. Cameran asks, which one banged Austen? Shep says, Austen claims neither. He thinks if they’re so secure in their relationship, they ought to be able to be in front of them. Cameran asks if he thinks Madison recognizes them, but Shep doesn’t give a f**k.

Don wants to unload Eliza’s purse that he’s been carrying around all evening. Austen tells Madison that Shep and Craig have a nerve to come to this. He asks Kathryn how she and Hunter met. Kathryn jokes that she’s a concert ho’, then says it was at a dinner thrown by mutual friends. Madison tells Danni that she’s about to lose her sh*t. They go to a terrace, and Danni is gracious. She says, regarding what happened between them… and Madison says she feels like sh*t about it. Dannie says she was hurt, and still wonders why. She doesn’t understand it, and she’s pissed at Madison and Austen. Madison says she should have bottled it, but Danni says maybe Austen told her in confidence, but it never happened. She was caught off-guard. Madison says Danni was caught in the crossfire. She hugs Danni, and says she’s sorry.

Craig joins ignores Austen, and greets Kathryn and Hunter. Austen asks, what’s up with Craig and Shep bringing those girls? Craig says if his relationship is solid, it shouldn’t matter. Kathryn joins them, and asks, what’s happening? Austen tells her that Craig and Shep brought the girls from the video as their dates. Kathryn calls Craig a d*ck. Austen says he doesn’t understand. There were plenty of other girls they could have brought. Kathryn tells Craig, good move. Craig says he needed a date, but he already knows what a big loser he is. Austen says he should call Shep an effing clown. He wants to be king, and make Craig a pawn. Kathryn says, he plays checkers actually.

Cameran tells Shep, of all the girls… and Shep asks if she doesn’t find the humor in it. She does, but at the same time. if he values his friendship with Austen… Shep says he doesn’t right now. She says, Austen is obviously happy. Why does he care? Shep says, it’s one of the biggest romances in history; everybody knows it. Cameran isn’t having it. Craig tells Austen and Kathryn, he never met her until tonight. Shep said she was a hookup from his past. Austen says Shep brought them specifically to slap him in the face. He knows that, but then Craig brings the other girl. How can Craig question that? In Craig’s interview, he admits he’s kind of being an a-hole. He didn’t really care about taking a swing at Madison and Austen, and now he feels bad that he got involved. He tells Austen that he thinks Shep doesn’t like seeing other people happy. Cameran asks if Shep is jealous because Madison and Austen are in love. Shep says, Austen is a real lucky man. Cameron tells him, she’s just saying, and Shep says if he could only find himself a Madison. Is she effing nuts?

Cameran stuffs her face. Patricia thought Whitney was going to shave. Chelsea thinks they should set the record straight, and Kathryn says they want to know if either of the girls screwed Austen. Chelsea goes up to Michelle and Chelsea S, and asks if they can talk really quick. She leaves with them to a more private spot, and the others follow. Austen asks to talk to Shep. Chelsea tells the two girls that everyone wants to know the truth. Cameran says Shep is using them to get back at Austen. Michelle says, that’s fine. It has nothing to do with what they’re doing; they’re just having fun. Chelsea S says they were hanging out, and passed out. Kathryn asks, did ya’ll screw him? and Chelsea S says there was nothing sexual. She woke up on the couch, and hears that crazy bitch screaming. Chelsea says she wouldn’t call Madison that, and Chelsea S admits she’d be crazy too. Cameran asks why she filmed it, and Michelle says they didn’t know what was going to happen with Madison screaming. Chelsea says, so the moral of the story is, neither one of them screwed Austen? They both say, no.

Austen tells Shep, be honest; what’s going on? Shep says Patricia was having a party, and he invited Chelsea. She’s one of the few people he could bring, and he thought it was funny. Austen says it was a slap in the face, and Shep did it to get a rise. Shep knows it was. Shep says, yeah, and drinks directly out of a wine (?) bottle. Austen says Shep is being petty. Shep says it was snippy and bad, but he’s not dying on the cross for Austen. It’s what Austen wants. Austen asks why he’s so angry. Shep sarcastically says he’s trying to destroy Austen, and Austen says Shep is mad at someone else, not him. It’s disappointing. Craig wonders in, and Austen tells him, eff off please. Craig doesn’t even hesitate, and turns right around. That, and the look on Craig’s face, make me literally lol. Shep says, sometimes a little revolution is a good thing, as usual, not even knowing what the hell he’s talking about. He says he’s not stopping the love story of the century, against all odds. They can go riding into the sunset. It’s called disassociation. In his interview, Austen says, Shep took the words right out of his mouth. The friendship is in total ruins. Don’t let the door hit him on the way out. Austen tells Shep that he’s got it. They go back to the party. BTW, Shep is also getting fat. There, I said it.

Cameran says if Ashley comes, she’ll give her credit. Whitney says it would take audacity and balls to walk into this viper’s pit. Shep sees Craig on the stairs. Craig says he’s kind of hiding, and Shep asks what’s up. wha up didn’t know ploy inferiority complex she p knew didn’t know brag looks like doin I t for a point not because he likes her; he wanted to take a jab at Austen

Madison asks Austen how it went, and he says they screamed, they shouted, and Shep admitted he was trying to get a rise out of Austen. He says he loves her, and kisses her. Whitney and Kathryn see each other. They make a little small talk, then Kathryn says it’s all good, but she was embarrassed by what he said. He says he was protecting both their reputations. We flash back to him telling the others that he and Kathryn never slept together. She says it was already out there, and she thought people would shut up if he just admitted it. In Kathryn’s interview, she says Whitney isn’t that big of a jerk. He knows he hurt her feeling, and probably feels bad about it. There’s some insecurity there, but she can’t put her finger on exactly what it is. Whitney says she has a lovely boyfriend. She says she’s happy, kisses his cheek, and walks away.

Patricia tells Madison that Craig overstepped the line. There’s a double-standard there, and she thinks he and Madison need to talk. Metul wants to do a shot, but says he still has to get up early. In his interview, Craig laughs, and calls them lame. Because they’re acting like grown-ups, and Metul is working toward being a doctor rather than sewing five pillows a year. Madison asks if Shep would be willing to talk to her. He says he’s a man of reason. She says his date is real classy. He says she’s a girl he hangs out with quite often really. For three years, on and off. Madison thought it was more of a nighttime thing. Shep says it usually is, but sometimes day leads into the night.

Madison says she’s going to tell him this one time only. She apologizes for saying what she said. It was inappropriate, and she crossed the line. She’s disappointed n herself, and not proud of how she made everyone feel. He thanks her, and she says Austen does value his friendship. She doesn’t want to feel like they can’t get back to where they were. She feels like Shep thinks they never will, and after tonight, probably Austen feels the same way. Shep says he doesn’t care, and Madison says, that’s obvious. She asks if he feels good about it, but he says he doesn’t care. Austen deserves it. She asks if he really wants to ruin the friendship, and he says he doesn’t give a f**k. She feels that Austen got caught in the crossfire of their hate for each other. He says he doesn’t hate her, but Madison says he did, He’s been calling her white trash from day one, and he didn’t like that she wouldn’t let him just say anything about her. She’s not taking it any longer, and she’s also doing it for Austen. Shep says he thought their relationship was stronger than a tire iron. They’ll be fine. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. (Something people trying to hurt you like to say.) She hopes he finds that, and he says he will. He’ll find it somewhere amazing, and he’ll have a big-ass grin on his face. She says, alone? He says, of course not, but she says he seems to want to be alone. He says he really doesn’t care, and she says she thinks they should cut the crap. She’s not doing this anymore.

They walk out, and Austen asks Madison, what happened? Are they best friends now? She says, no.  Shep asks if his date is having a good time, and asks if she ran into any insanity. Austen suggests he and Madison leave. Shep tells Chelsea S that he’s not worried about anything, and nuzzles her neck. Austen and Madison leave the party.

Fifteen minutes later. Cameran tells Jason that she and Metul have a running joke that they’re in love. Ashley comes in, and walks up the stairs. Eliza is starting her goodbyes. Patricia asks Stacey if she thought it was a good turnout, and Stacey thinks it was great. Ashley walks in, and goes over to Patricia. She says she and her friend were in the neighborhood. Patricia says she sees that, and nods to Mr. Kale. Ashley asks if Patricia has a moment to talk, and Patricia asks if she’s met Mr. Kale. Ashley idiotically introduces herself, and Mr. Kale says he has to ask her to leave. Eliza says she told Ashley to stay away from the party. Ashley gets loud, and says she knows what Patricia did, and the truth will come out. Kathryn goes to Patricia as Mr. Kale escorts the ranting Ashley out. Ashley tells Mr. Kale not to push so hard, even though it looks like he just has his hand on her back. Everyone runs out on the balcony, so they can watch. Patricia tells Kathryn that Ashley isn’t bringing her cat on hot trailer roof drama to this event. Kathryn can’t believe she showed up.

Outside, Ashley calls Thomas, and says they embarrassed her. The guy was pushing her down the stairs, and she was wearing heels. It was aggressive. It was so messed up. She says, okay, and hangs up. She tells her friend that he told her to call 911, Should she call 911? The friend shakes her head, while not even looking at Ashley. I don’t know if the cameras are distracting her, or she just wants to disappear. Ashley and the friend walk off. Ashley says she’s so pissed. Patricia says, it was the best money she ever spent.

One month later. We see a tweet from Ashley, thanking South Carolina for the life lessons, and saying she’s going back to California. She also has a new BFF – Landon.

Next time, the Reunion. My big question – why is no one mad at Shep, who apparently lied to Austen about Danni in the first place?

👗 A Southern Debut…

Good luck on your first reunion, Madison. You’ll need it.

🍭 Not My Thursday…

But I do love Nilsson.









August 13, 2019 – Laura Gets a Message, the OC OG Makes Herself Known, Another Return, Eternal, Book To Screen & Wednesday Carpet


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Mike tells Sonny, it’s time to get this show on the road, and Sonny says, ready. Carly plays Here Comes the Bride on her tablet. Yvonne walks in to the music, and kisses Mike. Everyone smiles.

In quarantine, Sasha tells Michael that he doesn’t have to stay, but he says he has the time. She tells him that he said that a half hour ago. It’s an important day for his grandpa. He says, she’s important too. She says, Mike is getting married. She’s just lying there like a zombie. So much for keeping it casual. Michael guesses it’s too early for her to move in, and she says they should probably table that. He tells her, but he has a U-Haul outside. She laughs, then coughs. She says, tell Mike congratulations. Michael leaves, and sees Finn in the hallway. Michael asks if he’s found the virus, but Finn says, not yet. He asks if Michael has heard from his contacts on his father’s island. If there are other cases, he can better understand how Sasha got infected.

Nina tells Jax that she’ll be working remotely for a while. He asks if everything is okay, and she says her daughter is in the hospital. She came back from Puerto Rico with a virus, but they don’t know what kind. She could be in GH for a couple of days or… She says she doesn’t know what’s going on with her daughter. She starts crying, and says, sorry. She’s not being professional. Jax says she has a right to be upset.

At the MetroCourt, Laura thanks Chelsea for agreeing to meet her. Chelsea says Laura is hoping to contact her late brother; correct? Laura asks if Chelsea can help her with that.

Ava walks into Charlie’s, and asks why there’s a for sale sign. Julian says, sorry. He didn’t want her to find out this way. She asks if he’s selling the place, and he says, that, and he and Kim are leaving town.

Also at the MetroCourt, Curtis is staring into space, and Jordan says, hey. He tells her, sorry. He was trying to keep his mind off what happened last night. He just can’t help thinking, if he and Drew would have gotten there earlier… She says they still did good. Shiloh is in jail, and there’s no way hell a judge will release him. It’s a win. He says, not for Elizabeth.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she knew he’d come back. He had to. Nothing or no one can keep them apart. She asks if she can get him anything, and he says he needs to speak to his superior officer immediately. She doesn’t think he understands, and he says, tell him Chief Andrew Cain needs him right now. Hmm… I think she’s the one not understanding

Michael tells Finn, no one has reported an outbreak. None of the staff or guests have any symptoms. The guests are all accounted for, except for one whose information is incorrect; Sandy Lance. They had breakfast together. Finn says they need to track her down. Michael says that doesn’t explain why Sasha would have been infected, and he wasn’t.

Hayden hopes she’s not interrupting, and Nina says, not at all. She was just telling Jax that he daughter is in the hospital. She’ll be fine. It’s just a little virus, and they’re trying to nail down a diagnosis. Nina is on her way to see Valentin at GH. They’re going to stay there until they know more. She can be contacted on her cell. Jax says work is the last thing that should be on her mind. She needs to be with her daughter, and make sure she gets better. She thanks him, and leaves. Hayden says, well done. That was quite a performance.

Stella sees Jordan and Curtis, and asks how come they’re not answering their phones. Jordan says she was supposed to disconnect and unplug. Stella says, that’s nice, except for those trying to reach them. Curtis asks if something happened, and Stella says they’ve got themselves a third cousin once removed in London. Isn’t it wild? They had an incredible conversation. She married a member of the family in the armed forces, and bounced all over, but is currently in the UK. She doesn’t have much extended family, and can’t wait to meet Stella. Curtis asks when she’s coming to Port Charles, and Stella says, she’s not. She offered to fly Stella out to London.

Laura asks if Chelsea is sure she wants to do this at the MetroCourt. Chelsea says she loves it there; it has wonderful ambiance. Laura thought she needed something like tarot cards, and Chelsea says she doesn’t believe, does she? Laura admits she has doubts, but Chelsea says, that’s okay. A lot of her clients do – at first. Laura asks if her skepticism won’t interfere with Chelsea’s work. Chelsea says the spirits are usually willing to talk to her. Whether Laura believes is up to her. They join hands, and Chelsea asks who Laura is trying to reach. Laura says her brother, Jonathan.

Doc tells Drew that Cabot’s experiment appears to be successful. Drew asks if Franco thinks he’s him, and Doc says, he identified himself as Chief Petty Officer Andrew Cain, and thinks he’s deployed in Afghanistan.

Elizabeth backs up, and Franco says, pardon me, ma’am, and asks her to let him leave. She says he needs to listen, but he says she can’t keep him against his will. He says she keeps calling him Franco, and she says, that’s who he is. He says he’s Chief Petty Officer Andrew Cain, but she says he’s Franco Baldwin, and she’s his wife. Look at his hand; it’s his wedding band. On Valentine’s Day, at the PCPD, she vowed to love him forever, and said he’d freed her soul. He doesn’t remember any of that? He says, no ma’am. He’s sorry. He’s never seen her before in his life.

Sonny says they’re here today to join Mike and Yvonne in holy matrimony. It’s an important union. More important than the law permits, or the paper that holds it together. It’s more than that. The most important thing is family, whether it’s one or two, or whatever you choose it to be. It’s unconditional love, and unconditional support and forgiveness. It’s never too late for family, and guess what? They’re going to start a family. They all laugh, and Sonny says, there will be bad days, but if they reach out and care for each other, the good days will outweigh the bad. That’s love. That’s family. Family always watches out for each other, and always has each other’s backs – always.

Stella tells Curtis and Jordan that she’s going to London. She has vacation time saved up, and might as well use it. Since she’s making the trip, she wants to travel to Europe too. Who knows when she’ll get the chance again. She says they don’t seem enthused, and Curtis says the cousin wants to fly her out on her dime? It’s a mighty generous move by a stranger. Stella says, third cousin once removed. He says sorry he’s skeptical, and Jordan says, it does seem forward. Stella thought they’d be happy. They’ve been pestering her for months to seek her relative out, and she finally has. Curtis says they’re happy for her, but he doesn’t like the idea of her meeting them in London. Stella doesn’t know her; she could be crazy. Stella says she’s not staying there. She’s cashing in on her hotel points. If they’re crazy, she’ll retire in peace at her hotel. Jordan says she’d be disappointed, and Stella says, in London. She also said her daughter-in-law is the police commissioner. They’re being paranoid. Curtis says, they’re being cautious. Let him do a background check before she leaves. Stella says, okay, but hurry. She’s flying out tonight.

Elizabeth says Franco is confused right now. He’s Franco Baldwin, her husband. He says he doesn’t know what kind of operation she’s running here, but she needs to step aside. There’s somewhere he needs to be. She says, Franco, please, and he ask why she keeps calling him Franco. Outside, Drew and Doc hear them, and come into the room. Doc asks for some phenobarbital. He tells Franco that he’s been through a traumatic event. Franco tries to leave, but Drew stops him. Epiphany gives him a shot, and he asks what they did to him. They have to let him go.

Ava asks if Julian was intending to tell her, or was he just going to send a postcard when he settled in… He says, Manhattan. It was Kim’s idea. She wants a change of scenery. Ava suggests he take Kim on a vacation, but he says, it’s too hard for her to be in Port Charles. There are too many reminders of Oscar, and face it, she has no roots in Port Charles. She wants a fresh start, and he wants to be part of it. Ava says, too damn bad.

Chelsea concentrates, and Laura asks if Chelsea has found her brother. Is he trying tell her something? Chelsea says, sorry; she can’t reach him. There’s nothing. It’s almost as if he doesn’t exist. However, she does have a message from Laura’s sister.

Sonny has Yvonne repeat the vows. When he gets to, till death do us part, Yvonne interrupts, and says, forever and always. It’s Mike’s turn, and he says being with her has to be the best time in his life. She makes every moment seem exciting and new. He’ll be lucky if he makes her half as happy as she’s made him, but he promises to give it one helluva good shot. He tells Sonny, sorry, Father, and Sonny says, it’s okay. Mike promises to love and honor Yvonne, and cherish her always and forever. Sonny asks for the rings, and Carly gets them gives them. Sonny asks if Yvonne takes Mike to be her husband. She does, and he asks if Mike takes Yvonne to be his wife. Mike says he absolutely does, and Sonny pronounces them husband and wife. He tells Mike that he can kiss the bride. Mike does, and they all smile and laugh.

Epiphany comes out of Franco’s room, and says he’s back in the bed. Doc says he gave Franco a little something to relax, but he won’t be out for long. He’s going to talk with the neurologist and see if he can get answers. He tells Drew and Elizabeth, hang in there. Elizabeth asks if Cabot was right, and Franco has Drew’s memories. Doc says it’s far beyond anything he’s seen before. He’s ordered an MRI, but he thinks it’s important to confront Franco with the facts. He’s not Drew Cain; he’s Franco Baldwin.

Nina visits Sasha, and asks how she’s feeling. Sasha says she’s been better. Nina is sure the stuffy room doesn’t help, and Finn says the room with the jacuzzi was booked. Sasha laughs and coughs. Nina says she knows they were told to take precautions, but Finn has no idea if Sasha is contagious. He doesn’t recommend her leaving until they find out what she has, but he’ll leave them to discuss it. Nina tells Sasha there’s no real reason she can’t take Sasha home. Sasha says, sorry, but she’s following Finn’s recommendation. She needs to stay there.

Jax tells Hayden, it wasn’t a performance; he feels terrible. Hayden tells him, regardless, they shouldn’t ignore the unexpected opportunity. If he gets Nina to trust him, they can use it to their advantage. Jax says he’s been in Nina’s shoes, when Josslyn was sick. Hayden says, the fact remains, Sasha’s illness has given them an opening.

Chelsea tells Laura, it’s a blonde woman, dressed in white, possibly a nurse. She’s quite a chatterbox. She said she misses gossiping with Richard. Laura says she doesn’t know who it is. Chelsea says she wants to give Laura her love, and is glad she found her happily ever after with Kevin. Chelsea suddenly looks in the distance, and says Laura’s son is in grave danger.

Laura asks, what kind of danger? Chelsea says she can help Laura, but they have to discuss payment. Sorry; it’s not volunteer work. Laura gets it, and asks, how much? Chelsea says the message from her sister is free, but this will be $300. Laura says, $300?! and Chelsea says she’s not forcing Laura. Laura wishes Chelsea took credit cards, and Chelsea says, it’s 2019. Of course (🍷) she can. Laura says, before Chelsea swipes, can she have a minute? She steps away, and calls someone, saying, please pick up.

Ava tells Julian she can’t believe he’s running away with Kim to deal with her loss. Julian says, she’s inconsolable. Ava says Kim isn’t the only one surrounded by reminders. Julian knows losing Kiki was difficult, but Ava says, it’s more than that. It’s been hell. Her phone dings, and she glances at it. She says, now perfect strangers are lining up to tear her to shreds. Julian says, bored people with nothing better to do than try to hurt her. She says, it’s working. It’s starting to weigh on her.

On the phone, Laura asks if they’re sure everything is okay. She says, don’t worry. Everything fine. She just got something in her head. She goes back to the table, and Chelsea asks if they’re good to go. Laura says, no, and Chelsea asks if something is wrong. Laura says she just talked to her son. Chelsea asks if he’s okay, and Laura says, perfect. He’s absolutely fine, but what Chelsea is doing there is not. It’s a violation of penal law 165.135. Fortune telling is illegal in the state of New York.

Curtis thanks someone on the phone, and tells Jordan, everything checks out. No red flags. She asks why he looks disappointed. He says he’s not, but she tells him, come clean. He says he’s going to miss Stella. Jordan says, it’s just a couple of weeks, and it’s a great opportunity. He says he doesn’t want to be selfish, but he loves how close they’ve gotten. Think how they were at this time last year. He’s proud of how they’ve grown as a family. He’s going to miss Stella being around all the time. Standing behind him, Stella listens. He says, like when they were kids. They were tight as a family. He doesn’t like the idea of her travelling by herself at her age. Stella coughs, and says, what age? That she reconnected with a family member means the world to her, but she’ll always be there for him, like in the old days. Watching the Corinthos family deal with Mike, and Marcus deal with Yvonne, brought up the sacrifices she’s made. She doesn’t regret it for a minute, but Tommy is gone, and Curtis and TJ are grown men, and in good hands. She needs to live her life. It might be a little trip to him, but it’s much more to her. it’s everything she’s been putting off for years. She finally has a chance to do something for herself. Does that make sense? Curtis says, perfect sense. He tells her, go, and have an incredible time. She’s earned it. She says she has, and they hug.

Carly tells Sonny that he did a beautiful job. He says, it was nothing, but she says, it was a big deal. Not everyone could have done it. She tells him, look at them; they’re so adorable. Sonny says, for a moment, before the ceremony, he thought Mike recognized him. Carly says she’s glad. Michael tells them that he’s going to take off. He wants to check on Sasha. He says Mike told him to let the reverend know he did good. Sonny says, message received, and Michael leaves.

Franco asks where is he, and what have they done to him? What did they give him? Doc says, it’s a mild sedative. Does Franco remember him? They spoke earlier. Franco says he doesn’t know any of them. Doc says he’s a doctor, and they’re all looking out for his best interests. He says sure they are. That’s why abducted him. Where are they keeping him? Doc says just give them a chance to explain, then he can decide what he believes. Franco says it doesn’t sound like he has much choice. Doc knows it’s jarring, but he’s in the US. Franco says he was deployed to Afghanistan, but Doc says, no; he wasn’t. He’s not deployed, and he’s not Andrew Cain. Franco asks why Doc is saying that, and Drew says because he isn’t. He’s Andrew Cain.

Sasha tells Nina that Finn isn’t sure what she has isn’t contagious, and she doesn’t want Charlotte to get it. Nina says, Charlotte can stay with her mom; Lulu would love it. Sasha says what if Nina or Valentin get it? and Nina says they’ll up their vitamin C. Sasha says she can’t take the risk. She’s staying there until Finn finds a cure. Nina says, he will, and Sasha will get better. Sasha asks what makes her so sure? but Nina doesn’t know. She says, maybe a mother’s instinct.

Hayden tells Jax that she thinks it’s in Helena’s trophy room, but Jax says he’s not taking advantage of Nina’s concern over her daughter. Hayden says she understands. He says he’ll be in touch.

Doc tells Franco, the memories he has belong to Drew. He’s Franco Baldwin. Doc gets a call, and he says it’s someone who specializes in memory study. He wants to drop in on him, and promises he’ll be back. Franco looks at Elizabeth, and asks if she honestly believes she’s his wife. She says she is his wife. He looks at Drew, and says Drew really believes he’s him? Drew looks nothing like him. Showing him a mirror might be an idea.

Julian suggests Ava steer clear of the comments section. Ironically, it’s the same thing he told Kiki during her lawsuit. It was good advice then, and it’s good advice now. Ava says it proves he can’t leave her. He centers her. He says he’s moving to Manhattan, not Siberia. She asks if he isn’t worried Kim is just leaving to avoid her grief. He asks if there’s a better reason, but she says that’s not the kind of pain you can outrun. It follows you wherever you go. She learned the hard way.

Chelsea tells Laura that she knows all about the code. She hands Laura her business card, pointing out that it says for entertainment purposes only. She appreciates Laura’s patronage, and tells her consider the clarification on the house. She was also serious about the warning. It’s not Laura’s son in Africa. It’s the other one she should be worried about. Chelsea leaves, and Laura is like, wha…?

Stella says she has some serious packing to do, and Jordan asks if she’d like a ride to the airport. Stella says TJ is taking her. It will be her last chance to see him before she goes. They hug, and Jordan tells her to have an amazing trip; send pictures. Stella says she will, and tells them to take good care of each other. Cheerio. Jordan tells Curtis, the mystery of the long lost relative has been solved. Curtis says, sort of.

Sonny tells Carly, it’s been a rough couple of years. Carly says it wasn’t easy, but they got through it together. Sonny says they have to keep it up. Why let Mike and Yvonne have all the fun. She asks what he’s talking about, and he says he was just thinking they should renew their vows.

Finn says he’ll have the results of Sasha’s blood tests soon. Michael comes back, and asks how she’s doing. She says he’s sweet, and she hopes he didn’t leave early because of her. He says, maybe. He realized he belonged there with her.

Ava tells Julian that she considered leaving Port Charles a thousand times, but realized she can’t outrun her grief. Julian says, you learn to live with it, and it becomes bearable if you confront it head on. Kim will have to face it sooner or later, no matter where she’s living. Chelsea walks in, and Julian says Ava fires one psychic, and turns around and hires another? Ava says she’s not defending herself for the way she’s dealing with her grief. If he’s not going to judge Kim, don’t judge her. She goes over to Chelsea, and thanks her for coming. Chelsea asks, what’s up? and Ava says her brother is leaving town. That means it’s even more important for her to make contact with Kiki. Chelsea says, Kiki isn’t ready, but don’t worry too much. Her brother isn’t going anywhere.

Laura sees Doc, who asks how it went. She says she was sure Chelsea was a charlatan, but she was convincing. She gave Laura a message from her sister Amy. Doc says, amazing. Does she think it was genuine? She says she was starting to, when Chelsea said her son was in grave danger. He says, Lucky? She says she was upset, but called him, and he was fine. Then Chelsea said she was talking about her other son. She didn’t seem to know he was dead though.

Hayden makes a call, and says she was hoping to hire a charter to Spoon Island – undetected.

Nina looks in Sasha’s window, and sees her with Michael. Jax joins her, and says he thought she could use some company, or at least decent coffee. She thanks him.

Elizabeth tells Franco that Drew looks different because he was hit by a car, and had facial reconstruction. Franco isn’t sure he buys that, but Drew says, it happened. Franco says if that’s him with a new face, how do they explain his own face. Elizabeth says he hasn’t looked in a mirror, has he? He says, sure; he’ll play along. He doesn’t know how long the two of them can keep this up though. Elizabeth hands him a mirror, and he looks at his reflection.

Tomorrow, Maxie tells Peter his mind games aren’t working during the softball game, Hayden tells Jax the clock is ticking, and Drew tells Franco that he’s not going anywhere.

⚓ Loving Roger Howarth getting to do something different.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Tamra tells Eddie that Kelly wants to see the house. Vicki does too, and she wants to get it all over with at once. She was also thinking of inviting the neighbors, but Eddie says he wouldn’t invite the neighbors with these women. They have to live with the neighbors.

Jolie takes a tennis lesson, with Kelly playing her alongside instructor Hadley. Afterwards, Kelly and Jolie sit. Kelly tells Jolie that she and Brian are thinking about a skincare line for teens. We see a clip of Brian discussing designing a travel kit with Kelly. Kelly says they want Jolie to be the face of the line. She’ll promote it on social media. Jolie says her social media is private because people call Kelly a cokehead. Kelly says she’s never done coke in her life, but Jolie says, that’s what people are saying. Kelly says, because Vicki said it. We flash back to the reunion where Vicki alluded to Kelly doing coke. Jolie reads, why is your mom such an effing loser-ass bitch? When she’s not drunk, she’s high on coke. In her interview, Kelly says she used to love Vicki, but her daughter’s gotten a lot of bullying on social media. Now she hates Vicki. She has no idea of the magnitude of hurt she’s done to Kelly’s family.

Sophie is getting ready for the winter formal, and Shannon tells her to put on her dress. In her interview, Shannon says Sophie is a seventeen-year-old, and acts like she’s twenty-five, but she trusts Sophie. She’s a good kid, and Shannon has to let her fly. Sophie comes out in her dress, and Shannon says it’s one millimeter from her ass; it’s really short. Sophie says God gave her nice, long legs, and she wants to show them off. Shannon says God also gave her a nice vagina, but don’t show that off. Shannon says she’s going out too, and Sophie gives Shannon some rules (yes, you read that right). No bringing home someone she doesn’t know, no drinking to the point of not remembering, no dancing with strangers, and have a good time. Sophie’s date Christian arrives, bearing a wrist corsage. Shannon wants photos, and calls Christian the boyfriend. Sophie says, he’s all red now. In Shannon’s interview, she says it’s her job to embarrass her children. One down. She trusts Sophie’s judgment. She thinks Sophie has a good gut. We see a clip of Sophie reciting with Shannon, if you do drugs, you die.

Emily tells Chef Alex that her father-in-law and mother-in-law’s birthdays are close to each other, so they’re having a dinner for them tonight. In her interview, she says she and Shane have been married ten years, and it’s a little bumpy right now. Shane is studying for the bar, and there’s no communication. They’ve had some high highs and some low lows. We see a clip of them at the counselor, and Emily is saying she thinks it was easier for Shane. He didn’t go through the physical and emotional things she did to get the embryos. In-laws Larry and Pary arrive, and Emily introduces them to Chef Alex. Her sister-in-law Shireen joins them. Everyone sits for dinner, and Alex serves. Shireen wonders if Shane is going to make an appearance. Emily says they don’t know the plan if Shane doesn’t pass the bar. Shireen says when she was taking it, her father said, if she passed, they’d celebrate with dinner, but if she didn’t, they’d still be hungry, so they’d go out to dinner. In Emily’s interview, she says she’s sure Shane feels like he has a ton of bricks on top of him from all the people wanting him to pass the bar. She tries to FaceTime with Shane, but says, he must be in the library. He calls, and tells her that he feels like he’s being hounded; it’s getting to be a level of harassment. No one respects him saying he doesn’t want calls. Is he supposed to call and ask how it’s going? Emily says, forget it. In her interview, she says she feels like she deserves more respect for taking care of everything. She’s hosting a birthday for his parents, and everything is on her. It’s a lot. Well, yeah. Shane is a big baby. She didn’t know that before? She lights the candles, and they sing Happy Birthday. One of the kids blows the candles out.

Braunwyn’s mother, Dr. Deb, looks like Betsey Johnson. In her interview, Braunwyn says her mother is larger than life. Growing up, her mom was a single mother in a rock band. She wanted to be famous, but then went to medical school, and graduated at the top of her UCLA class. She met Braunwyn’s stepdad, and went back to school to become a doctor. She had a family practice for a long time, and then went to Burning Man. Burning Man changed everything. Dr. Deb is connected to energies, and talks to angels. She asks if Deb has the schedule, and if she’s good. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says when she was growing up, her mom didn’t have much time, so she was shuttled to different family members. That’s why she thought it was important to be a stay-at-home mom. She wanted it so much when she was a kid. The grandma her kids have is nothing like the mom she had growing up. Which is a good thing. She’s fun now. They call her Rainbow Deb.

Kelly checks out Gina’s new house. In Gina’s interview, she says when they moved to the house in Coto, she thought it was her happily ever after. When things didn’t work out, she needed a change. Kelly helps Gina pick out an outfit for a date. Gina says the guy she’s going out with talks like an adult. Kelly says, try dating a thirty-year-old who’s a complete moron. We flash back to one of the many dudes who were on her bench. I think they called him the milk man. Kelly asks if Matt is dating, but Gina doesn’t know. She tells Kelly, he always says no, but maybe. Kelly wonders if he asks Gina. In her interview, Gina says she’s nervous about Matt’s reaction. She doesn’t want to do anything to mess up their co-parenting. She has to put the kids’ needs, and the needs of the family in front of her own. She tells Kelly, dating after being married is so weird, and Kelly says, it’s hard.

Braunwyn scatters rose petals on the floor. Sean comes home with roses. He says he hasn’t seen the place decorated yet. In her interview, Braunwyn says the last time they celebrated Valentine’s Day together, she was pregnant with Bella and so sick. She thinks it’s important for them to have their own space. They’re never alone. In Miami, they had a love shack where they could be by themselves. When they moved, they knew it was important to have a place where they get to be Sean and Braunwyn. She tells him about Kelly, and says her friend Gina is going through a divorce. It reminded her of what they went through when he was traveling. Jacob called him bye-bye daddy. Sean says he didn’t want to be away from the family so much. When he was at a meeting with some bigwigs, he’d asked what they’d change about their lives, and they all said they’d give it all up to spend more time with their families. That’s when he knew he needed to be home. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says she loved him and the kids, but hated the situation. They were so caught up in who they were supposed to be, they never talked about things like preferring less money to having him home.

Tamra reminds Eddie of their first Valentine’s Day. He was out of the country, and sent her chocolate-covered strawberries. She asks if he remembers. He says he does, and she says, no he doesn’t. He says she’s right; he doesn’t. She says he’s a bad liar.

Braunwyn leads Sean to the bedroom.

Emily asks which kid stinks. The dog drinks out of the toilet, and then kisses her. In her interview, she says, Happy Valentine’s Day to me.

Eddie and Tamra go out to eat. Eddie gives her a box. Inside is a pair of Valentino shoes. In her interview, Tamra says she thinks Eddie has a shoe fetish. Whenever it’s her birthday, or Valentine’s Day, or she wins a competition, she gets a new pair of shoes. They order, and toast to their good life. Tamra says the last year wasn’t horrible, but not one of their better years. We flash back to Eddie going to the hospital for surgery. In Tamra’s interview, she says, since Eddie had heart issues, seeing a heart is a big deal to them. She tells Eddie about going with Shannon to her follow-up for her non-surgical facelift. She looks good. She says, last year, she knows Eddie might have been annoyed with Shannon – we flash back to Eddie saying, Shannon thinks her sh*t doesn’t stink – and he asks if she’s excusing last year. Tamra says, absolutely, and he asks if she’s doing the same with Vicki. She says a big part of it is that she doesn’t trust Vicki. Vicki texts that she hates Gina; then she hears from Gina that Vicki called and was so sweet. When Gina got the DUI, Vicki sent her the article and laughed. You don’t worry about someone, then talk sh*t about them. She thinks Vicki is the most insecure person she’s ever met. In her interview, she says she’s known Vicki for fourteen years, but can’t figure her out. She has an angel/devil thing going on. She likes Vicki’s sweet side, but she has a horrible side. She never knows which Vicki she’s getting. She tells Eddie, the party is Saturday, and there’s a lot of work to be done, like tomorrow. He says he has a clear day tomorrow, and she says she loves him.

Tamra gets ready for the party.

Kelly can’t believe Vicki is going to be there. She doesn’t want to deal or talk to her. Shannon asks who else is coming, and Kelly says, Joe. Shannon says, Joe who? and Kelly says, Joe mama.

Emily tells Gina, the last time she was there, she threatened to kill Kelly. We flash back to that. She says her goal is to not threaten to kill anyone. Gina says, it’s good to have goals.

Tamra oversees lead caterer Jennifer. The guests begin to arrive. Gina tells Tamra that she’s met Braunwyn, and she’s cool. She has seven kids. Tamra asks, why? Emily brings flowers in a vase. Kelly says, Tamra is stepping it up. Emily tells Shannon that she looks good. In Shannon’s interview, she says, is she excited to see Emily? No. She has nothing to say to her. Sorry. Emily says she needs to get on the Shannon whatever-happened-here. Kelly asks if Emily didn’t see Shannon’s Insta-stories about her fitness journey. We see a clip of Shannon on a walk with her dog Archie. Emily says Shannon blocked her on Instagram. In her interview, Shannon says she doesn’t know where she stands with Emily. It’s the year of positive and fun. She and Tamra blocked her at same time. In Emily’s interview, she says nothing has changed in her relationship with Shannon. Shannon thinks tequila is in order. Sean and Braunwyn arrive, and in her interview, Tamra says, they’re a super cute couple, and full of energy.

Tamra gives the upstairs tour. Yes. Her house is beyond anything we ever had or will have. She says her big decision every day is which staircase to take. Shannon tells Braunwyn about how she married late, and got pregnant on her honeymoon. Ryan asks where Emily’s husband is, and Emily says, he’s studying for the bar. He guesses they won’t be having a beer together, but Emily says they won’t when he’s done either. He doesn’t drink; he’s Mormon. Kelly tells Braunwyn that she hopes Vicki doesn’t talk to her. She doesn’t like her. Tamra tells Shannon, Vicki is coming. She’s said she’s going to bring up the pig video. Shannon says, that sounds like something you’d see in a mafia movie. Tamra says Kelly sent Vicki a pig instead of a text, and shows Shannon a video of an emoji pig talking in Kelly’s voice, and giving Vicki the business. In Tamra’s interview, she says Slade called Vicki a pig on stage. We flash back to Slade trying his hand at stand-up, a billion years ago. Kelly knows it’s a sore subject. Vicki even had her nose done because of it. It’s really a low blow.

Vicki and Steve arrive. Tamra drinks as fast as possible out of Shannon’s glass, and nearly chokes, saying, it’s straight tequila. In Vicki’s interview, she says finally, Tamra moved to Coto; to her hidden gem, where it all started. Braunwyn says her mom told her, not everyone is going to love you, and if they do, you’re doing something wrong. Vicki comes outside, and says hello to everyone. Kelly tries to blend in with the woodwork. Someone asks about Sean’s necklace, and while he’s explaining, Vicki gets overly interested, and a little touchy-feely. In her interview, Braunwyn says she doesn’t think Vicki is flirting with her husband, but eww. He might be young enough to be her son. Vicki says hasn’t met Braunwyn, and Shannon introduces her. Lunch is served. Vicki tells Steve that she’s doing tequila. He says he’s doing water. Kelly says she’s not engaging with Vicki. No way. Her strategy is to stay TF away from Vicki. She’s like a disease, and Kelly isn’t about to catch anything.

Kelly disappears. Gina says she’s going to get a drink, check her makeup, and keep it moving. Tamra tells Vicki that she knows how to clear a room, but Vicki says it’s not her. She tells Emily about the pig video. In Emily’s interview, she says she gets it. She’s been there. We flash back to the reunion, and Emily saying that people are calling her fat ass and disgusting. She says, if you go after people’s looks, or their body, or how they’re built… She just doesn’t do that. Vicki says she’s had a couple of tweaks. Emily says she has to use the bathroom, and goes inside. Tamra says, another one down, and Tamra and Vicki are left alone. Inside, Emily tells Kelly about Vicki showing her the pig emoji. Kelly says Vicki left out what she’d sent first. It was a huge text about what Kelly should and shouldn’t do, and her response was a pig emoji. In Kelly’s interview, she says she used the emoji because she didn’t want to type out a dissertation on why Vicki is a POS. She just sent a mirror image of what Vicki looks like. Oink, oink.

Vicki tells Tamra that she was going to say something to Kelly, but she walked away. She doesn’t understand, since Kelly sent a text saying she forgave Vicki. Then people talk, and it lights the fire again. Tamra says Vicki is the one who claimed Kelly did cocaine. She tells Vicki to do her best not to say anything. Retaliation isn’t best. Vicki tells Tamra to try it. In Vicki’s interview, she says, at 57, she’s doing her best to look good, but there are some things she can’t change. Tamra isn’t a good friend, but she was at one time. Inside, there’s a discussion about who insulted who first. Tamra tells Vicki that she wants to set it up, and leaves Vicki standing by herself outside.

Tamra looks for Kelly. She tells Kelly that she had a conversation with Vicki, who would like to talk. Kelly says she doesn’t want to, but Tamra suggests if it’s not what Kelly wants to hear, walk away. Kelly says Vicki completely ruined her reputation. Kelly has nothing to say to her. In her interview, Kelly says she’s upset that Tamra and Shannon haven’t picked lane. They’ve hated Vicki forever. We see clips of Vicki’s various run-ins with them. Kelly asks why they’re choosing Vicki over her. It doesn’t make sense. Eddie says he could use a tequila drink, and wonders if the girls need more tequila.

Tamra tells Vicki that Kelly doesn’t want to talk, and Vicki says, good. She has other friends. Tamra says Vicki can’t be an a-hole, and Vicki asks if she’s siding with Kelly right now. Tamra says she is, and Vicki asks why they’re sitting on the sidelines. Tamra says because they’re not involved. Vicki says, Kelly isn’t innocent; they’re both wrong. Shannon suggests Vicki asks what she can do, and Tamra says, how can she make it better? Vicki says they have to help her.

Vicki asks Kelly if she’ll talk, but Kelly says she has nothing to say to Vicki. Vicki says she has the message where Kelly says she forgave her, and follows Kelly inside. She asks if Kelly thinks she’s a beauty queen. You don’t talk about women like that. Kelly says, no, she doesn’t think she’s a beauty queen, and get out of her face. Braunwyn jokes, it’s going really well. Tamra tells Vicki that she hurt Kelly’s feelings. Kelly repeats she has nothing to say to Vicki. Leave her alone. She goes back outside.

Kelly sits on a patio couch. Eddie and the other guys watch, amused. Vicki follows Kelly to the couch, and sits across from her. She says she cares about Kelly, but Kelly says, no she doesn’t. Tamra and Shannon literally sit on the sidelines.  Kelly says Vicki doesn’t understand what she’s done to her. Vicki hurt her daughter. Vicki says she doesn’t want to hurt Kelly’s daughter. Kelly asks if Vicki has ever seen her do cocaine.

Next time, Vicki claims to know more than she said, Shannon has dinner with Braunwyn, and Gina tells Emily that she can’t talk about it.

👶 Oh Yeah, That Kid…

I can’t say as I remember him from One Life To Live though.

💉 I Told You She’ll Never Die…

Helena will be alive as long as Constance Towers is.

💡 A Genius Move…

Whoever decided it was a great idea to bring V.C. Andrews’s books to life on Lifetime, deserves a promotion. While I loved the original, atmospheric film version of Flowers in the Attic, the ending wasn’t faithful to the book. Once I got past Heather Graham as Corrine – and mostly because it looked like she hadn’t aged since she was Roller Girl in Boogie Nights – I enjoyed Lifetime’s take on the Dollanganger saga. Grabbing onto their own coattails, at present the Casteel family has a weekly gig at the network. The books aren’t even close to being good literature. The dialogue is unnatural, and the stories are cringeworthy; yet somehow, they became a right of passage during the late 80s and early 90s. I’ve read quite a few of them, and forget at what point I stopped. Oddly enough, V.C. Andrews kept writing long after her death in 1986, which is probably a testament to how formulaic the books are. Yet I watch, fascinated, with millions of other viewers, the same way we read years ago. I do wonder though, if Jason Priestly ever hesitates in the middle of a scene, thinking, this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever said, even if he was on Beverly Hills 90210.

📶 Here It Is Again…

But it’s what we’ve got.







August 12, 2019 – Franco Wakes Up, a Day At The Monte Carlo Bay, a Fact, a Tribute, Good For Her & Chartreuse Kitty


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At Turning Woods, Stella gives Mike a boutonniere for his lapel. He says she’s thought of everything. Carly says, all Mike has to do is remember to say I do. He addresses Sonny as Reverend, and asks if he has the passage Mike wanted.

Kim tells Julian he has talent for creating the perfect balance of milk and espresso. He says, luckily, it’s a skill that travels. Lucy asks if Julian is abandoning Port Charles, along with the purchase of the old DOD house. Julian says after what happened to Sam there, the house should be burned down. Lucy says, Sam is safe, and Shiloh is in custody. Julian prays he doesn’t get out. Lucy believes she can get full asking price for Charlie’s. Kristina overhears, and is surprised to find out that Julian is selling.

Alexis tells Doc that she’s glad he was reinstated, and he says he is too. She knows how hard it is, from when she lost her license. Doc says he knows she’s not there to talk about his professional status, so why don’t they talk about why she did come by? She says she has an issue she needs to address, but can’t talk to anyone else. He says, not even her therapist? She says her therapist is the issue, and he’s her former therapist. She’s no longer seeing Neil.

In Rice Plaza, Cameron throws his pick-up stick down, then picks it back up. Trina and Josslyn come by. Josslyn says Cameron blew them off, and Trina says he was supposed to meet them at the movies. He says, sorry. He was busy being kidnapped.

Laura sees Drew at the hospital, and asks how Franco is doing. He says Franco is still unconscious. Elizabeth was with him all night. She hopes he wakes up soon, so she can thank him in person. Drew says, if he wakes up. And if he’s still Franco.

Epiphany goes into Franco’s room, and asks Elizabeth how it’s going. Elizabeth says, same as last time, and Epiphany says she should have been more specific. How is she? Elizabeth says Franco is the one in the hospital, but Epiphany says she’s a nurse. She knows the drill. Loved ones need to take care of themselves too. Is there anything Epiphany can do for her? Elizabeth says, make him wake up.

Drew tells Laura, when he considered revisiting his lost memories, he never thought they’d come back to haunt someone else. She asks, why would he? What Shiloh and that doctor did was unconscionable. Drew says he should have destroyed the flashdrive the second he got it, but Laura says it’s not his fault. If it’s any consolation, Shiloh will pay dearly for this, but he says, it’s not going to bring back Franco. Laura says if his determination to live isn’t enough, she thinks Elizabeth’s love will be.

Epiphany tells Elizabeth that they’re all pulling for him. He’s a true hero. Epiphany leaves, and Elizabeth asks if Franco heard that. Epiphany called him a hero. She always knew he was, and he proved it again with what he did for Cameron. She tells him not to break his promise to come back. It’s hard, but he has to fight and wake up. Please wake up. She lays her head on his chest. Laura comes in, and hugs her.

Trina tells Cameron, very funny, but Josslyn says, he’s not kidding. She asks, what happened? and he says, it was insane. He was finishing his community service in the park, and saw a guy who looked pretty beat up. He asked if the guy was okay; he thought the guy was in trouble, but it turned out to be Shiloh. Josslyn says, the creepy cult guy? Cameron says Shiloh pulled a gun, and forced him to get inside his car. He’s probably way faster than Shiloh, and should have run. Shiloh was really roughed up. He made the worst mistake, and got in the car with a psycho.

Sonny tells Mike that he’s got it, and asks if he’s ready. Looking at Carly, Mike says, and she is… Carly says she really likes weddings. Mike says him too, and asks if she’s a friend of this guy, indicating Sonny. Sonny says, a good friend. Carly asks if she can help him get ready, and Mike asks how she is with a bow tie. She says she’s had a lot of practice. She leaves with Mike, and Stella asks Sonny if Sonny is all right. Sonny says, no.

Kristina asks if Julian was going to tell them that he was selling Charlie’s. He says he was planning on telling everyone this afternoon. Lucy says, whoopsie daisy, and Kristina says, why? He says he’s moving to New York City, but Charlies will remain a pub/restaurant. Lucy starts to say, it would be a great location for a flagship store, but sees Julian’s face, and says, sorry. Restaurant it is. Julian says everyone will keep their jobs if they want them; nothing changes. Lucy asks, what about all the stuff? Is it included in the sale? Julian says, yeah, and Kim asks if he’s sure. Julian says the new owner can decide what to keep and what to toss. Lucy says she’s on it, and Kim asks her for a minute. Lucy tells Kim, step into her office, and she and Kim sit down. Kristina says Julian is going to miss it, but he says not as much as she’s going to miss him. They had some decent times. She says he’s been fair, and he says, really? She says, more than fair, and she’s grateful. He’ll take it.

Alexis tells Doc that she finds Neil attractive, which is awkward since he was her therapist, but she didn’t let it interfere. He’s a good therapist, and her treatment is more important. But she found out, inadvertently, too many personal things about him, which made it awkward for him. Doc understands, but… She says, no need to say anything; she’ll come back another time. He says, there can’t be another time. He has too many conflicts. He wouldn’t be able to move forward ethically be comfortable. He’d be happy to find her another therapist. She says, my God, how many times can one person get dumped by their therapist? She thanks him, and he says he wishes he could have been more helpful. She says he has been. She now knows how many sessions she really needs. When he looks for another therapist for her, maybe he could find a woman. She hasn’t tried that. He says, done. She walks out to find Neil in the hallway.

Alexis says now it’s starting to make sense. She told Doc how she blurred the lines, and he fired her as a patient because Neil is his patient too. The boundary thing is kind of rough. Every time she thinks she’s respecting it, she’s not. Neil says they talked, and agreed to part ways. No harm; no foul. She tells him, have a nice session. He thanks her, and goes in. Doc says he hears they have a lot of work to do.

Kristina asks Julian if Alexis knows he’s moving.

Lucy tells Kim that she’ll set up a tie to stop by, and give her a ballpark asking price. Kim says, it’s that easy? and Lucy says, easy peasy. Kim says, it’s strange. She knows she hasn’t been there long, but so much has happened. Now, she’s shutting the door on everything. Lucy thinks it’s a choice thing, but it applies. When one door shuts, another possibly opens.

Sonny tells Stella that it seems ridiculous to be upset, but she says, no; it doesn’t. He says he’s seen it so many times, Mike not recognizing him, but he wants stand up for Mike, and share in his wedding. She says he still will, just not the way he envisioned. Sonny says he tells himself that, but all he’s been doing lately is letting go. Marcus walks in, and Stella says, if it helps, Sonny’s not the only one.

Cameron tells Josslyn and Trina that Shiloh took him to a warehouse. It was empty and run down, and he strapped Cameron to a chair. Then there was a doctor who stuck him with a syringe. Josslyn asks, why? and he says, it was an insane experiment. They wanted to give him someone else’s memories. Josslyn says, like with Drew and Jason? and he says, they were Drew’s memories. They were trying to imprint him with them, using an electroshock machine. He tried to run, but couldn’t. Trina says he must have escaped at some point. Cameron says he didn’t. Franco saved him.

Laura tells Elizabeth that she needs a break; she’s been there all night. She suggests they go for a little walk, but Elizabeth says, what if he wakes up? Drew comes in, and says he’ll stay with Franco. He’ll get to do all the talking, and Franco will have to shut up and listen for the first time in his life. He hugs Elizabeth, and tells her it will be okay. She thanks him for everything he did for Cameron. He wishes he’d gotten there sooner. He tells her, take a breather, and she goes with Laura. Drew tells Franco that he’d give anything to have gotten to the lab sooner. He knows he’s wasting his breath – there are no do-overs – but Franco didn’t hesitate. He did what he had to, and because of that, Cameron is alive. Elizabeth has her son, and Jake and Aiden have their brother. The only thing missing from their happy family is him. He needs to wake up. Drew takes out a medal, and asks if Franco remembers reading the citation. Apparently, Drew got it for some action he doesn’t remember from someone he doesn’t know who thought he was heroic. But in his opinion, what Franco did was far more heroic than whatever he did. He says, for conspicuous valor in the face of the enemy at great personal risk. It’s Franco’s when he wakes up. Drew puts it on the nightstand.

Neil tells Doc that Alexis is the first woman he’s clicked with in a long time. Doc says, define long time, and Neil says, since the divorce. Alexis walked in his office, and it was a non-starter. Doc says, it didn’t have to be, but Neil says, what if he wanted to be her therapist? Doc asks if Neil decided to keep treating her because he thought she needed help, or to keep her at arm’s length. Neil says he hasn’t thought of it that way, but maybe treating her was an acceptable way of interacting. She deserves more. Alexis is a remarkable woman. Doc says she’s also a woman who is no longer Neil’s patient. Next time, they’ll explore what that looks like going forward, with boundaries no longer an issue. Neil says, it looks terrifying, and Doc says, it’s as good a place to start as any.

Julian tells Kristina that he’s had no chance to fill Alexis in. Alexis joins them, and asks if she should be bracing herself. He says it depends on where she stands on the issue. Kristina jets for barista duty, and Alexis says she saw Lucy and Kim talking. Should she assume it’s real estate, and he’s expanding? He says it is real estate, but not what she’s thinking. He’s selling the place, and moving to Manhattan with Kim.

Lucy tells Kim there’s nothing wrong with looking back, or changing her mind if she wants to. Sometimes there’s such a pull from a place, along with the people in it.

Stella says she didn’t expect to see Marcus. He says he has Stella’s favorite dress. He thought she’d like to wear it. She asks if he wants to give to Yvonne. He says he knows he can’t stop the wedding from happening, but he won’t be a part of it. They can just tell her it’s from a friend. Carly says, it’s incredibly generous, and Marcus says, it’s a happy day for them. Sonny’s father gets to spend the time he has left with someone he cares about, but for him, it’s saying goodbye to the most important person in his life. He asks Carly to give Yvonne the dress. Stella says she’s owed Marcus a nice meal for a while. What say they make it happen? They leave, and Sonny says he doesn’t know if he could do that. He doesn’t know if he can do this; officiating at his father’s wedding. Mike doesn’t know who he is. Carly says he can do this, and she’ll be right next to him.

Laura tells Elizabeth, when she suggested a walk, she meant outside, but Elizabeth wants stay close. She asks how the boys are, and Laura says, fine. She took them to camp this morning, and they’re blissfully unaware. Elizabeth asks about Cameron, and Laura says, he’s having a hard time, and wants to be alone a lot. He was great with his brothers. They asked where she and Franco were, and he said she was on call at the hospital, and Franco was with her. Elizabeth says, he’s a master of technically blurring the line. He’s upset that Franco took his place. Laura says, survivor’s guilt. He’ll work through it, and he’ll be okay. Elizabeth says, what if Franco doesn’t make it? Doc comes by, and asks how Elisabeth is holding up. She asks if he’s heard anything, and he says he spoke to the neurologist, and the doctor asked him to look in on Franco.

Drew tells Franco not to worry about Elizabeth and the kids. They have an entire city standing by their sides until he comes back. And he is coming back. He might have married Elizabeth in a jail cell, but forever is forever; there’s no getting out of it. The machine Franco is hooked up to beeps. Doc runs in, and asks Drew to wait outside. Epiphany comes in, and Doc says Franco’s pulse is elevated. Franco jerks, and Doc asks if Franco can hear him. Franco opens his eyes.

Carly says the disease robbed Sonny and Mike of so much; this a gift, even though Sonny doesn’t see it. Mike is so happy. She understands that Sonny misses him, but he gets to share in Mike’s joy. It’s real joy, not troubled by Alzheimer’s or what he’s lost. He’s thrilled that he’s found the person he wants to be with; it’s a blessing. Sonny thanks her for reminding him. Mike comes back in his wedding clothes, and Sonny says he cleans up nice. Mike says thanks to Sonny’s friend. Carly says she’ll take the dress to Yvonne. Mike admits he’s nervous, but Sonny says, it’s pre-wedding jitters, and normal. Mike says, it’s strange not having his family there today. Sonny asks if he has family, and Mike says he did, a long time ago. He had a wife and a kid, but he blew it. Sonny asks what happened to his boy? and Mike asks how Sonny knows he had a boy. Sonny says, lucky guess. Mike tells Sonny that his boy grew up, and they grew apart. They don’t talk anymore. Not that Mike blames him. He failed, and can’t fix it now. Sonny says, it’s never too late.

Stella and Marcus go to Charlie’s. She tells him, what he did might not feel like it, but it’s such a gift. It was a selfless gesture. Marcus says, it’s just a dress, but she says, it’s way more than that, and he knows it.

Alexis says, Manhattan, and Julian says, it’s a fresh start, but not so far that he can’t visit Lucas and Wiley. Maybe someday, Danny and Scout as well. Alexis says, maybe distance will make Sam’s heart grow fonder. He says, a dad can dream. If not, he’s just glad they’re safe. Alexis says, her too. Kim joins them, asking if she’s interrupting. Alexis says, not at all. Julian was just telling her about their plans. Kim says, Lucy just left, and Julian says, she’s like the Roadrunner. He goes to relieve Kristina, and Alexis tells Kim, it’s wonderful for Julian. She wishes them the best. Kim says, that means a lot. Kristina comes out, and asks Alexis if she’s okay. Alexis wonders why she wouldn’t be. Kristina says, Dr. Bern, and Alexis says he didn’t hurt her feelings. Kristina says, no. She means, Dr. Bern. Alexis follows Kristina’s gaze, and sees that Neil just came in.

Cameron tells Josslyn and Trina that Franco won’t just have Drew’s memories; he’ll think he’s Drew. Trina says, not possible, and Cameron says he doesn’t know what will happen to Franco. He could stay in a coma and not wake up, and it will be Cameron’s fault. Franco offered himself to save him, but he wouldn’t have had to if Cameron had done the smart thing and run. He blew everything. Josslyn says, Shiloh is a cult leader. He pulled a gun on Cameron. How was he supposed to know what to do? He’s not trained for that. Trina says Cameron couldn’t have stopped it, and Josslyn says, the only person responsible is Shiloh. Cameron says Franco showing up at all, and then taking his place, is because of him.

Drew tells Elizabeth that Franco’s monitor went off. Epiphany and Doc are on it, and he’ll be okay.

Epiphany says Franco is stabilizing, and Doc tells him, welcome back. Franco says, water, and Epiphany gives him some. Doc checks Franco’s eyes, telling him to follow the light. He asks if Franco knows where he is, and Franco says, the hospital. Doc asks if Franco can tell him his name, and Franco asks, is that an actual question? Doc asks if he knows what happened to him, and he says, yes; he does. Doc asks what’s the last thing he remembers?

Laura’s phone digs, and Drew says, mayoral business. She looks at her phone, and says her place is with her family. Mayoral duties can wait. Elizabeth tells her to do what she needs to, and Laura says she’ll be back when she can, and she’ll get the kids at camp.

Mike wishes his son knew how sorry he is. He wishes things had gone different. Sonny thinks wherever Mike’s son is, he’s thinking of him, and Sonny believes he’s forgiven Mike. Mike asks if Sonny is a dad, and Sonny says, there’s nothing better in the whole world. Sometimes, you don’t get it right. Mike says, God knows he didn’t. He tells Sonny, if Sonny sees his boy – he goes by Sonny – tell him that he’s sorry. Sonny says, he knows.

Stella asks if Marcus plans on staying away from the facility. Marcus doesn’t know. Yvonne is still legally his wife. Stella adds, and in his heart, she always will be. He says he doesn’t want to confuse or upset Yvonne. It’s not good for her. Stella says it’s not good for him either. He says she’s happy with Mike, and being at Turning Woods with the patients. Stella says, it’s strange how you can gain a family when you’re not looking for one. Marcus asks why he senses a Stella Henry story coming on. She says, it’s a long one, and he says he’s got nothing but time.

Kristina goes to get Alexis and Neil some coffee on the house. Alexis tells Neil that she often finds it’s best to just do what Kristina says. He figured that. He says he has some notes to work on, and she says she has some legal briefs. She tells him that they’re bound to run into each other. Do they pass like ships in the night? Is waving okay? He says, waving is allowed, and she says, good to know.

Doc comes out of Franco’s room, and Elizabeth asks if Franco is okay. He says Franco is stable, but he’s off to find the neurologist to check on him. He says, before she goes in…. but Elizabeth pushes past him, and into the room. Franco is up, and she tells him that he’s not strong enough be out of bed. Franco picks up the medal, and looks at her. Well, if he’s not grabbing her immediately, I’m guessing he ain’t Franco.

Carly says Yvonne is ready when the groom is. Mike says he’s never been so ready. Padre? Sonny says he’s ready and honored. He wishes Mike and his bride to live an incredible life. Sonny kisses Carly’s hand.

Marcus says Stella’s relative wants nothing to do with her? Clearly, they haven’t heard how amazing she is. Stella’s phone dings, and she says, apparently, she spoke to soon. Her unknown relative has had a change of heart. They’re as anxious to meet as she is.

Alexis tells Neil, it seems Kim is doing, what they call in AA, a geographical. Neil says moving, and thinking the problem won’t follow. Alexis says, alas, it’s none of her business. He says that’s a different family reference from her, and she asks if he means in general or as pertaining to Julian. He says, pertaining to Julian. But alas, it’s none of his business. Kristina brings out their coffees, and they sit at separate tables. They take out their work, but keep stealing glances at each other.

Julian asks where in Manhattan Kim wants to live, and she says anyplace he is. He says that’s the place he was looking for too, and they hug.

Drew asks Doc if Franco is in there, or did Cabot’s experiment work?

Elizabeth tells Franco that she knew nothing and no one could keep him away. Franco continues to look at the medal. She asks if she can get him anything. He nods, and she says, tell her. He says he needs to speak to his superior officer.

Tomorrow, Julian tells Ava that he’s moving, Chelsea asks Laura who she’s trying to reach, Stella is flying out tonight, and Franco tells Elizabeth that he’s never seen her before.

I just had a mini brainwave, and thought another possibility is that Franco is faking it because he thinks Elizabeth is better off without him.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Port Camille Rayon. We return to Johnny and company’s expectations not being met.  Captain Sandy wants the truth. It’s the only way they’ll improve. On guest says they’ve never had a better acting crew. The service was five-star, and the food was good but not five-star. He was surprised at breakfast being so informal. Like this bunch is big on formalities. Another guest says their expectations were higher, and Michelle says, it wasn’t five-star like they were expecting. In Aesha’s interview, she says, Anastasia is going to be so upset. The captain tells the guests they can’t correct the problem unless they know about it. In her interview, the captain wishes they’d come to her sooner. She tells them she’ll be adjusting it.

It’s time to bid these idiots farewell. Johnny thanks the captain for keeping them safe. They would like to have been at sea more, but obviously the ocean had other plans. Michelle says they had to deal with Andy – he must have been the main idiot – and there’s extra in the tip envelope. Captain Sandy says, tip meeting in five minutes.

The captain says it’s been their most challenging charter, with the anchoring, the dockage, and the weather. She was surprised to find out it was João’s first time calling her into the slip. We flash back to that. She says, without all of them, running the yacht wouldn’t be possible. She brings up the radios, and says she’s seen June with her earplug pulled out. That’s one thing that sends her over the edge. She wants them on board tonight. They have the day off tomorrow, and the yacht owner has arranged for them to enjoy a hotel in Monaco. The tip is 17400 euros ($19,478.43) or 1480 euros each ($1656.79). Aesha says she’ll need a wax before they go out. The captain tells Anastasia, Hannah said the guests weren’t happy with food; it wasn’t five-star. Anastasia says, it’s shocking. She wasn’t aware they didn’t like it. Captain Sandy says Anastasia has to talk to the clients. She needs Travis on deck, and Anastasia has to own the galley. There’s no question in the captain’s mind that she can do this. In the captain’s interview, she says, if you have int someone behind you, supporting you, it’s easier not to perform. If you don’t have that, you have to focus solely on your task. With Travis back on deck, Anastasia has to step it up.

Aesha tries joking with Anastasia, who’s on the laptop, and basically ignores her. Aesha gets ready to vacuum, and Anastasia asks if she has any requests for crew meals. Aesha says, now Anastasia is listening to her, and Anastasia says her job requires brain power, unlike vacuuming. Ouch! In Aesha’s interview, she says, Anastasia needs to get over herself a little bit. She’s not curing cancer. Jack announces its beer o’ clock. Jack, Travis, and Aesha have drinks. Hannah asks João, when he said he was jealous about her kissing Travis, it was hypothetical, right? We flash back to him asking her what if he was jealous that she kissed Travis. She says, there was nothing behind it, and he says there wasn’t. She says it freaked her out. It made her think that he liked her, and he asks what difference that would have made. She says, there’s a big difference between hypothetical jealousy, and actually being jealous. He says, it was just hypothetical. In Hannah’s interview, she says part of her isn’t going there, so she puts it aside, but another part says, you never know. There’s a fine line between love and hate.

In his interview, João stumbles over his words. A producer asks if he’s into her or not, and he says he doesn’t know. June asks why Hannah is looking at her like she’s dumb. Hannah says she’s not trying to. In June’s interview, she doesn’t know the reason why Hannah doesn’t like her. She wants to get to know Hannah, but Hannah doesn’t do that. she tells Hannah they’ll work together, but that’s it. The crew goes to bed.

In the morning, a van comes and takes the crew to Monaco. In Hannah’s interview, she says this is where the richest people in the world come to play. It’s stunning that they’re at the Monte Carlo Bay hotel. They’ll be drowning themselves in rosé. June says it’s one of the prettiest places she’s been. In her interview, June says she’s connected the most with Aesha, but she wants to be more open. She’s going to be trying today. It’s going to be yachts of fun. In Anastasia’s interview, she says she was blindsided by the criticism. The day off couldn’t come at a better time. She needs to chill TF out. The crew eats, drinks, and plays in the pool. Hannah asks for ashtrays, and João says, romantic. In João’s interview, he says seeing Hannah with Travis turned him off. In Jack’s interview, he says people think he doesn’t take anything seriously because he goofs around, but he’s serious about Aesha. Travis tells Hannah that he’s going to be tame because he was pissed last night. Hannah thinks that’s sexier.

Aesha dances around. João says they have the day off in an amazing hotel where millionaires walk around 24/7, and some of the crew members are acting like trash. They get dressed for dinner. Jack says Aesha looks like a sexy Russian, and João says, one you pay for. Hannah sees Jack sleeping. In her interview, she says she’s protective of Travis. He reminds her of her older brother in a lot of ways. He’s sensitive, but closed off and damaged in some way. He’s a good person at the core, but has a drinking problem. The crew goes to dinner in a beautiful restaurant that has palm trees as part of the décor. Aesha tells Jack that she doesn’t think she looks like a call girl, and Jack says João hates fact that she looks attractive, but she’s not interested in him.

Within a minute or two, Travis has his head on the table, and Hannah tells him, have some respect. In her interview, Hannah says, passing out at a nightclub at 4 am is one thing, but passing out in the Monte Carlo hotel at 4 pm is another. She tells him to stay away from her when he’s this drunk; she’ll punch him in the face. The waitress shows them a bottle of wine, and Travis insists on opening it himself. The waitress reluctantly gives him the corkscrew. In Colin’s interview, he says, it’s disrespectful. They’re in the service industry, and they’d be upset if a guest did that to them. Colin tells Travis, calm down, and says the waitress wants to open the bottle. Travis finally hands over the corkscrew. Colin changes his seat because he’s afraid he’ll punch Travis. Hannah is genuinely embarrassed. Aesha says João is judging her, and it’s quite rude. He says he’s being honest. Maybe he should be one of the Housewives. They equate being rude with being honest too. He says someone scratching their vagina in front of him isn’t his style. Jack says, even if you need to scratch it? João says they see him as he is, and Aesha tells him, stop looking at her like she’s a POS. She’s not. Uh-oh. João is officially teetering back the other way with me. I couldn’t stand him, then he became tolerable, almost likeable, and now back to can’t stand. And anyone who has a literal alter-ego called Jezebub shouldn’t be judging anything except maybe a beer drinking contest.

He tells her, don’t judge. She asks if he’s telling her to stop judging her judging him, and says, it’s awkward. He says she reminds him of his mom. She’s been through hell, but is one of the most positive women he knows. In his interview, he talks about he and his mother going through an armed robbery. They stole everything they could, and beat his mother with an elephant bone. He tells Aesha that he sees something underlying that no one knows about. Outside, Hannah tells Jack he passed out, and he’s no company at all. Travis says at least she didn’t call him an idiot. She says he’s an idiot. She’s embarrassed to be with him. It’s called self-control. He says he gets it. João tells Aesha that he knows there’s more to her. She’s the most loyal person he’s met in his life. In his interview, João says he sees Aesha’s inner strength and positivity, and he’s thinking she’s gone through something. It’s not fair to call her out on what’s negative. He tells her that he’s never said a bad word about her (what? he basically called her a whore more than once), and she says she respects him for explaining himself. In her interview, Aesha says just because it came to a conclusion, doesn’t mean she forgives him. He’s a judgmental guy, and he’s never going to change. He did it to her before, and he’ll do it again. They leave the restaurant. In Hannah’s interview, she says this is not how she wanted to spend her night off; babysitting a drunk twenty-six year old. June says, tonight has been effing weird.

Back at the boat, Hannah wonders if it’s weird that she’s the one keeping people sane. Travis, Jack, and Aesha drink on the deck. Aesha says she stood up to the man. João said he’d never met someone as disgusting as her, and she told him to stop judging. In Travis’s interview, he says you get to be a family quickly on a yacht. He’s found one in Aesha and Jack. João is effing with people he cares about, and he’s not dealing with that sh*t.

The captain has a preference sheet meeting with João, Anastasia, and Hannah. She asks if they had a good day off, and tells them new primary Verne is the director of an accounting firm, who wants to cut loose with his friends. Hannah says they want the water toys, and a private picnic on the beach. Anastasia reads, for breakfast, champagne, lobster, and fresh fruit. In her interview, she says the last charter brought her down, but Chef Anastasia is not a quitter. Jack tells Colin that João was talking sh*t about Aesha. In Colin’s interview, he says Jack was blacked out and should be worried about how to treat service workers correctly. Jack says they’re being forced to work with someone who makes people feel like sh*t. João is the only thorn. Colin doesn’t feel that way, and Jack says, maybe he’s more forgiving.

Jack tells João that he made Aesha feel like sh*t because of how he’s judging her. Maybe he doesn’t mean it, so Jack is asking for his side before he just gets pissed off. João says he’s never been around a girl who speaks like that, but by the end of the conversation, she thanked him. Jack tells him, what Aesha said was very different. In João’s interview, he wonders why Jack is being the protective guy, when he was a right prick throughout the night. João doesn’t understand the issue. Jack says how he speaks is how he manages. If they can understand each other more, they’ll work better. In Jack’s interview, he says João is good at his job. He can’t judge him too quickly. He suggests they put their differences aside, and he and João shake hands. Captain Sandy calls the crew to a pre-charter meeting in uniform.

Captain Sandy tells them that they want to have fun, and knock it out of the park with the food. Travis is needed on deck. In her interview, the captain says, Travis has been working so hard, on both the deck and the galley. She needs her deckhand back on deck.

Hannah says, fake smiles, everyone. Verne and crew come up the dock. In her interview, Hannah says, they seem very loud and very fun. If she’s ever seen a party walking toward her, it’s right now. The usual happens, and the guests are impressed with the layout. Anastasia confers with the guests, and the guests take selfies. Lunch is served, but the lobster ravioli is cold. Anastasia tells the captain that she just took it out of boiling water, and put hot sauce on it. In her interview, the captain doesn’t understand why it’s not hot, and asks Anastasia what the problem is.

In Aesha’s interview, she says she can see herself dating Jack in the future. She really likes him, but she wants to create a friendship first. They goof around in the laundry room. Hannah radios, June, June Hannah – her mantra this season. Anastasia asks why she doesn’t just go get June, but Hannah wants her to answer the effing radio. She doesn’t want to have to chase her third stew around. She finds June, and says she has to turn her radio on. June says she was on break. Anchor is dropped. Aesha says the galley smells delicious. Verne says, here’s to the good life; they’re living their best life. In Anastasia’s interview, she says she needs to win the guests over with lunch. She has to get the temperature correct. Lunch is served, and the deckhands get the water toys ready. The captain visits the guests, who’ve gotten their lamb burgers, but start to chant, truffle fries. In her interview, Anastasia says, the fries are coming when they’re done cooking. Hannah says they’re coming, and the guests chant some more. In his interview, João says it’s a relief to a start charter with a full team. He holds no grudge against Travis, and hopes Travis holds none against him. Anastasia brings the fries upstairs, and Verne says they’re the best truffle fries he’s ever had. They were worth the wait. In Anastasia’s interview, she says, halle-effing-lujah.   

João explains to the guests that the jet skis have to stay 500 meters from shore. A fat guy gets excited, and says he’s king of the water slide. Two guys go off on jet skis. Captain Sandy sees the jet skis by a wave runner. They’re zipping around other boats, and a guy asks what the hell they’re doing? Captain Sandy tells João that they have to pull the captain card. If the guests ride where they’re not supposed to, the yacht gets fined. She tells João, bring them in. In her interview, she says, everything begins and ends with safety. João has to reign them in; it’s really dangerous. The police come around, and the captain tells João, go get them.

In his interview, João says, WTF is going on? They’re breaking the rules like they’re trying to screw them over. João tells them to pull back in. They pretend they don’t understand, but the captain says they almost hit someone. Jack explains that the white flag means there’s a diver underneath. Anastasia is nervous about tonight’s dinner. She knows the guests are picky, but at the same time, she doesn’t want to give up. She remembers her mom coming home crying because her co-workers said screw the immigrant, but she held her head up high. Which doesn’t really apply here, but okay. She says throw what you want at her. She belongs in the galley. Colin takes a sunset photo.

Dinner is Cajun snapper with rice and beans. I’m in. Key lime pie, not so much. A guest says Hannah outdid herself with the table, but I like Kate’s centerpieces better. One guest wants their fish reheated. What’s up with that? In Anastasia’s interview, she says when she plates the food, it’s hot. What happens in between the galley and the table, she has no control over. I understand, since I have an online store, and it’s the same with mail. Once I get it to the post office, it’s out of my hands. Another guest says their fish isn’t seasoned enough. Hannah says she’ll bring it back, and tells Anastasia, the rice is cold, and the fish has no flavor. Anastasia says she’ll plate another. The captain tells the guests to tell her the truth. The chef won’t take it personally; she’ll want to improve. They give her their complaints, and Captain Sandy tells Anastasia the food isn’t coming up hot. Anastasia doesn’t understand. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says, Anastasia doesn’t respond well to the criticism. She listens, but she has excuses. She tells Anastasia, the only way they’ll fine tune this machine is to listen to comments. Anastasia is feeling the exhaustion, pressure, and anxiety. She comes up with the dessert, which is a choice of cheesecake or the pie. She suggests they talk about dinner. Everyone says the rice was cold, and one dude says his fish missed the seasoning. Anastasia thinks maybe it’s too cold in the galley, and says she’s just one person. Captain Sandy suggests they put the plates in the oven, so that way the food will stay hot. Good idea from the not-chef. A guest finds a hair on the pie, and Anastasia says it’s not hers.

Next time, a special ninety-minute episode – a Mardi Gras table, a guest gets sick, Hannah says Anastasia’s mistakes are affecting the guests and her, and Colin talks to Captain Sandy (I think about Jack). IMO, if Anastasia doesn’t check herself, she’s going to end up like Chef Leon. And that’s not a compliment.

🏃 Hannah and João are starting to remind me of the camp counselors in Meatballs.

🍁 I Could Get Behind This Too…

According to Mental Floss, when Canada’s Northwest Territories considered renaming itself in the 1990s, one name that gained support was Bob.

☔ Moved On, But Not Forgotten…

I have no clue what their relationship was really all about, but it’s clear Bethenny loved Dennis in her own way.

👙 For the Ladies…

And the men who love them. God forbid we should be a normal size.

🐈 One Cool Cat…

Who’s down for deaux Chartreuse?



























Augest 11, 2019 – Spreading the Wealth, October Return, the Days Before 90 & Sarah’s Anthem


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

A lot of this episode was comprised of interviews with the characters, being put together for what’s basically a PSA.

Al is filming. We see one of the boxes that says, take what you need – leave what you don’t. Morgan says he was on the run. Al asks, from what? and he says, people. Somebody helped him, and that’s what this is all about. A zombie goes by. Alicia says clean-up was her job. It’s what she was good at. She took a step back, and figured out what she needed to keep going; keep helping. Daniel says he thought that’s where he’d be spending the rest of his days, alone with that cat. This is better. Grace says, she gets up, counts her regrets, puta them on her shoulders, and starts the day. Want you do with the time you have left? That’s the question. Victor says the universe is testing them. One becomes born to do something else; a survivor. There’s power in that. John says, money means nothing now. People who were sitting on piles of money, eating caviar out of ladles could have done something in the world. They missed their chance. This group is lousy with skills. That’s wealth today, and they’re glad to spread the wealth. He tasted caviar once, and it tasted like bait. June says, things change. She reached out to someone, and someone else reached out to her. If they make it spread, it means everything. Duane says he has a chance to do what he needs to do, and he’s taking it. Charlie says when they helped as people, things got better. Luci says, everything else was training for this.

Morgan says they landed the plane, and they did the impossible, a few people noticed. That’s all they needed. Al asked if they’ve saved people, and he says, at least a few. He hasn’t stopped driving since he got the radio message. We flash back to Morgan hearing a woman’s voice on the radio, saying, can you help me?  Al asks, what about communal living? He says they’re still working on that. It’s easier to see what other people need help with. A zombie comes toward the camera, and Morgan kills it. He asks if she’s okay, and she says, let’s get back to it.

Al says after what happened, she wanted to make sure she wasn’t the only one doing this. She’s not used to this side of the camera. It’s been a long while. She knows how important the story is.

John opens a truck. In a voiceover, Morgan says, after they were contacted, they knew there were more out there. So they picked up more trucks, and covered more ground. Morgan asks Sarah if she’s heard anything, but she says. the radio is all quiet.

Sarah fills a big gas truck. She says this is how they keep humming. Polar Bear’s dudes hooked them up. They fill it every couple of weeks. Logan was right about one thing; gas is going kaput. It’s hard enough to get around. Daniel says someone drives behind to keep everything safe. People want to get it, and hopefully, their presence discourages that. Sarah says Logan wanted the gas for himself. He thought he’d fool them twice with the good Samaritan stuff, but they got him good.

Logan runs after the truck, yelling for them to stop, as they leave him in the dust. Sarah says, karma is a bitch. Technically, what they did to Logan wasn’t any different from what they did to Clayton, but this felt good.

Duane says he got lucky. He fell in with the right folks this time. He’s doing the polar opposite of what he used to do. If he does this for the rest of his life, he won’t make up for what he’s done, but he’ll know he did good. And being on the road, he can find her… Maybe. Daniel says, Duane won’t let him give him a haircut. Duane says, it doesn’t matter what he looks like. Daniel says it wouldn’t take much to make him look presentable.

Alicia explains that she rides in the lead vehicle. Morgan gives Alicia a pokey stick lesson. In her interview, Alicia thinks change is good. It’s what she needed. Victor kicks some zombie ass. Al says tell her about Alicia. Victor says she’s his friend. He wasn’t there when she needed him, but he’s with her now, and doing what he can.

June says she and Grace are in charge of the caravan. Everyone they’re helping is spaced so far apart. Grace says they try to keep the people comfortable between outposts. She and June set up a little camp. Grace makes a list. A zombie wanders in, and June tells everyone to get in the truck. In her interview, she says they’ll find a place to call home – eventually. There has to be a right place. June plays with her pseudo engagement ring. Al asks, when’s the wedding? but June says they have more important things to do. As far as she’s concerned, they’re already married. In John’s interview, he says June has his word and heart. That’s all that matters in this world. Al notices Grace checking her lymph nodes, and Grace says she wakes up wondering if today is the day she’ll feel sick. It used to stop her from doing things, but now she does as much as she can with what she has.

Morgan says when they were on the plane, he never pictured them coming this far. He feels good about what they’re doing, and seeing what it’s doing for everybody. Al asks what it’s done for him, and he says he might not have had the answer before he met Tess.

Luci radios Morgan, saying they need some help, and he asks where they’re going. He pulls up to a farmhouse. Luci says they tried to reach her husband on the walkie. From inside, Tess radios Luci, saying she doesn’t know what’s taking so long. Morgan asks if she can come out, but she says she can’t. They rigged the field, and she doesn’t know where they are. John joins them, and Morgan wonders what she’s talking about, when a zombie comes through the gate, and blows up. John says, landmines. Pieces of zombie rain down on them. Morgan asks, how many more? but Tess doesn’t know. John says the noise is going to bring more, and Morgan says they have to fix the fence.

Sarah listens to Convoy in her truck, and sings along over the radio. In her interview, Charlie says, they like their trucker music. Duane says, it’s all they listen to. Daniel says, this is not music. Sarah says, it’s not just music; it’s their anthem. It’s how they stay in touch when Wen is watching the kids in tanktown. Daniel says, they should have shot Logan in the mouth as soon as he opened it. No more words. He’s proven worth of his words.

Tess says the landmines were put everywhere. Morgan says they have to keep the zombies away from the fence. He asks where Tess’s husband went, and she says to the drugstore for an inhaler. Their son has asthma. Morgan asks if he’s okay, and she says, yes… no… yes. Morgan says they’ll send people to look for him. He asks her if she won’t come out in the meantime, and see what they look like. She asks about the cameras, and John suggests turning them off, but Al says, no. It’s important. Morgan says they’re recording so they can show people what they’re about. Al says not many people saw what they did, and they’re trying to figure the best way to get the message out. So people know they’re not full of crap. John radios Alicia and June. Morgan asks why Tess can’t leave, and Tess says she hasn’t left since things went bad. They have supplies. John says a map of the landmines would have helped. Morgan says it took him a long time to leave the first place he was in. Tess says her husband will be back soon. Morgan wants to make sure her boy gets what he needs. A zombie starts to come through the gate, but John shoots it. John tells Morgan, he said it would draw a crowd. Does he think they can find her husband? Morgan says they crashed a plane and put it back together. They should be able to find a husband. In John’s interview, he says it hit close to home with each of them in their own particular way.

June looks for medical supplies in a pharmacy. She radios Morgan, saying, there’s no inhaler. In her interview, she says, Tess needed to leave the house, and couldn’t. That’s what happens when you settle in one place too long. Things go bad. In Alicia’s interview, she says they thought they should split up to cover more ground. Alicia finds the tree with the message, if you’re reading this, you’re still here. June radios, asking if anyone sees anything. Victor says, nothing, but Alicia says she sees a message on a tree. In her interview, she says her mom looked for a little bit of good when she went out in the world. She would have liked this. We go back to Alicia by the tree. A zombie approaches her, and Victor pikes it from behind. She says she hasn’t killed since after the plane crash. She doesn’t want to go back there.

Morgan goes around the fence. In his interview, John says, a woman with a son; that’s what Morgan lost. Al asks Morgan if he wants to talk about it. He says, no. John says when he was a cop, he and his partner went for whole shifts without saying anything. They knew what made each other tick, and had each other’s backs. He was a good partner. Morgan says, John’s not a good talker. At least not always. Neither is he. At least not always. John tells Morgan that he’ll cover him. Al follows with the camera. Morgan starts to follows the fence, but the zombies pressing against it are too heavy, and that panel falls in. They blow up, and John says it’s the ugliest mustard he’s ever seen. His grandfather worked in a deli, and used to say that. In his interview, Morgan says, it was intense. John says Morgan has to get to the porch before… There’s another explosion; Morgan and Al duck. In Al’s interview, she says, words can’t describe it. Zombies keep blowing up. Morgan asks if everything is all right inside, and Tess says, yeah. Morgan radios June, asking where the inhaler is. Victor says the tree wasn’t the only remarkable thing they came across. June says, a walker came at Alicia. Not just any walker. Alicia says, it was him. June says, it was Tess’s husband. June takes inhaler out of a backpack.

Morgan says they don’t know how close the mines are to house, but runs toward it. In his interview, he says it was loaded for him. He knew from the moment he talked to them. Al says, because what happened to his wife and son? and he says, yes. He continues to move toward to house, and slams a zombie. Al says, don’t move… your left foot… sh*t. Morgan tells John not to come any closer; he doesn’t want anyone else get hurt. John says it could take a while, he might as well have company.

Victor drives up. June has the inhaler. John says they don’t know how many of these things there are. Tess asks what’s going on, and Morgan says they have the inhaler. She needs to come out. She says, Ben will be back. He can get it, and help them too. Morgan tells her, Ben’s not coming back. They found him. He got what they needed. Can she come out? She insists he’s coming back, and Morgan says she can’t bring herself to say goodbye. June gets it; it’s hard. Morgan says if she’s not coming out, he’ll have to get inside. June wonders if Al should put the camera down, but Morgan says, they need to see this. Al says she’s dealt with landmines before. It’s either a dud or a pressure release device. They won’t know until they see what it is. Al tells Morgan to dig the dirt from around it gently, so they can see what they’re up against. John gives him a pocketknife. Once the device is exposed, Al tells him how to rig it, so it doesn’t explode. He asks how sure she is, and she says, 50/50.  He says he had something planned for tonight. Something he thinks they all need. John tells him, don’t make any final pronouncements, but Morgan says he’s not doing that. He’s saying it’s still on. He says, on three, but Tess comes out, and tells him, wait. What he’s using won’t work. She’s seen Ben do it a hundred times before. Morgan tells her, stay back, but she says she can help. She wants to help. She knows he’s not coming back.

She carefully walks toward Morgan, and gives him some kind of clip, saying, he used these. Al explains to slide the pin in where the holes line up, and lift his foot slowly to release the pressure. He follows her instructions, and June asks if they think it will hold. John thinks Al should back up, and Morgan says they all should. They back away, but Luci has the camera and keeps filming Morgan. He steps away, and says, let’s go. In her interview, Luci says, she hadn’t gone out in two years. June says, she did today. To help Morgan. Morgan says, because he was there to help her. June asks how he feels, and there’s an explosion where he’d been standing. Tess comes out with her son. In Morgan’s interview, he says he didn’t think she’d come out. Al asks, why not? He says, you can hear somebody’s gone, even see for yourself, and you still can’t believe it. Sometimes you just can’t say goodbye. Morgan hands the boy the inhaler.

The group makes dinner at the campsite. Morgan says he’s been wanting to do it for a while, and they finally could. Grace is making pad thai, and says the recipe has been on her refrigerator for years, and this is what it took for her to make it. She’s just missing peanuts. I wonder if she memorized it, or took it with her just in case. Tess is interviewed, and she says Ben didn’t think everyone was bad. He just thought they needed to stay put to survive where they were, and help would come. He was right. She thanks them, and hugs her son. John says, there’s a proud tradition of eating noodles around a campfire with this group. Morgan asks Alicia if she wants to practice tomorrow, but she says she’s working on something on her own. In her interview, she says she wants to know who’s painting the trees. She wants to find them.

Sarah pulls up, with the others. Everyone laughs and eats. At their happiest, I don’t think they’ve ever looked this content on The Walking Dead. In his interview, Morgan says, you never know where help will come from, but we all need it. Al asks if he’s talking about Tess or himself. He’d said he didn’t think he could answer before Tess. He says he knew he needed help with something, but he didn’t know what it was. It’s been long time since lost them. He still hasn’t said goodbye. He thinks he needs to, but doesn’t know how.

On camera, Alicia says she needs help finding her own way to make things better. John needs to figure out how to make the world like it used to be. June needs to find a place for them. One that won’t be like other the other places they’ve been. Grace says there are things she wants to do. Victor wants to make the most of his second chance. Daniel wants to be a man his daughter would have been proud to call dad. Duane says, he wants to end the day knowing he tried to make someone else’s day better. Charlie wants to do right by the people who took a chance on her. Sarah says she’s keeping the rig chugging for the poet of pavement. Al says she’s making sure their stories aren’t just interviews on paper. She started filming so they’d have it, but it’s become so much more.

Each person says a piece of the end (and I paraphrase). No one can do it on their own. That’s why they made the tape. They need people. That’s how they’ll last. When everyone is helping one another. So if you’re watching, pick up a radio, or leave food, do something, anything. Help yourself. Help us. Help everyone. When everyone starts helping, that’s how they’ll help everyone.

A TV goes to black. A guy (whose name we’ll find out later, is Wes) picks up his knapsack and radio. He listens at the back door, and notices there’s a padlock on it. He takes some snacks, looks at the take what you need, leave what you don’t box – with the phrase help how you can now added – breaks the lock on the door, and walks out of Long Oak Gas. He fills his bike tank. He sees two cars coming, and says, sh*t. A bunch of uniformed people with guns get out of the cars, led by Logan (sans uniform). Wes says he doesn’t want trouble, and Logan says neither does he. There’s something Wes needs to see. He tosses a worn-through pair of boots down, and says, that’s what happens to shoes you walk two hundred miles in. The dead walk; we weren’t meant to. He spent a lot of time clearing the roads, and can’t make use of his own handiwork because their gas was taken. One of Logan’s people takes Wes’s bag, while another siphons the gas out of his bike. Logan asks Wes where the oilfields are. Forget the horse sh*t. Wes says he’s ignorant of said horse sh*t. He’s not with those people who made the tape. Horse sh*t of a different kind. Logan says he likes Wes, but wants to make sure he can’t follow. Two of Logan’s people shoot the tires on Wes’s bike. Logan says, unless Wes wants to join the marching band – he points to a few zombies headed toward the station – he might want to get out.  Wes asks, how? Logan says, call them. When they pick up, tell them they’re making more enemies than friends out there. He tosses Wes a radio, and says they have more bullets than they know what to do with. One of his cronies shoots in the air.

They drive off. Wes looks at the radio.

Next time, Morgan says they’re doing right, Dwight is knocked out by an unknown assailant, Daniel says they need to keep moving, and a working escalator!

💀 Not to rush the season, but The Walking Dead will be back on October 6th.

💍 Two Repeats and a Catfish…

Meet the couples on the new season of Before You Even Think Of That Green Card 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.–before-the-90-days-season

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August 9. 2019 – Memory Download Complete, General Spoilers, Billy’s Exit, More On the OC, Jill Moves In, Fear Comeback, OctogenariQuotes & Coastal Weekend


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General Hospital

Peter goes to the Crimson office. Maxie says it’s been crazy. Valentin and Nina have decided to prioritize their wedding, happening next month, and Sasha collapsed. No one knows what’s wrong, but the hospital is keeping her until they do. In the meantime, she’s stuck doing Nina’s job, which she’s always wanted, but Nina has minions and Maxie is minionless. James has forgotten what she looks like. She rambles on for a while, then asks Peter why he didn’t stop her. He says he didn’t think it was possible, and it was a lovely symphony. She asks if it even made sense, and he repeats what she said, but more concisely, and asks how he can help. She says he can start with this, and kisses him.

Lulu meets Robert at Charlie’s. He thanks her for coming, and she says it must have something to do with Dante. He says, savvy as ever. He’s afraid he does.

At a nearby table, Willow gets a text from Chase. He’s sorry. It’s a work thing. He’ll be there soon.

Chase asks Elizabeth if there’s been any word. She says she tracked Cameron’s phone to 721 Dewitt. Chase says that’s the warehouse district. It’s a dicey neighborhood. She says she’s going to go looking for him, and Chase says he’ll take her there.

Meanwhile, at 721, Franco tells Cameron it will be okay. He’s enjoyed getting to know Cameron. He’s a good kid. Cameron says Franco is a good man. Franco says he needs Cameron to do him a favor. Tell his mother that Franco loves her. Tell her that he’ll be back. Cabot injects him. Cameron cries, and tells Cabot to stop. Shiloh pats Cameron’s head, which is really weird. He tells Cameron, if it works out, it won’t matter what he tells Franco. He asks Cabot how long it’s going to take, and Cabot says he’s starting the process now. There’s some kind of device on Franco’s head that looks like it was made by Fisher Price.

Robert tells Lulu that Dante suffered a major setback after the shooting. The facility wasn’t equipped with what he needs to be helped, so the Bureau moved him. Lulu says it’s bad news, but hardly a surprise. She asks what the new facility can do for him, and if the WSB is still going to help. Robert says the primary concern is Dante hurting himself or other people. The deprogramming has been postponed. Lulu asks for how long, and he says, indefinitely.

Maxie is thinking velvet tablecloths, and asks what Peter thinks. He thinks whatever she chooses will be perfect. He kisses her neck, and she says she’s supposed to be working. He says she was supposed to be working last time, but she insists she needs to work. He says, fine, and kisses her again. Work it is.

Shiloh asks Cabot if it worked, and Cabot says it’s in progress; look at the status bar. Shiloh wants the information he needs, but Cabot says he’ll have to wait until the subject wakes up. Shiloh asks when that is, and Cabot says, when he opens his eyes and asks, where am I, and how did I get here? Cameron tells Cabot that Shiloh isn’t letting them live. When he gets the information he wants, he’ll kill all of them. Shiloh tells Cameron that he’s had enough, threatening him with the duct tape.. He says if Cameron isn’t a good boy, he’ll tape his nose shut too. Drew and Curtis bust in, and Drew knocks Shiloh down and out. He runs to Cameron, and Curtis drags Shiloh back up. Cameron tells Drew to help Franco. Drew tells Cabot, stop it now, or he’ll put a hole in him. Cabot says, the procedure cannot be stopped or reversed. Unless it failed… Drew says he better hope it failed. Cabot says, the procedure can only function in the way it’s deigned. Forgive the metaphor, but it’s a one-way street. Ideally, when the patient regains consciousness, his consciousness will be that of Drew; the man Drew was in 2012. The screen says memory download complete. Franco’s eyelids flutter.

On the phone, Drew gives the address to the police. Curtis ties Cabot’s hands behind his back. Cabot asks if they must do this. It’s undignified. Curtis tells him not to talk dignity or fairness. Drew says, Franco had better live. Cabot says physically, he’ll be fine. Drew says, mentally…? Shiloh says Franco won’t be his friend anymore. He’ll be a Navy SEAL, or whatever the hell he was in 2012. Drew tells Franco that if he can her him, they’re getting him out of there. Hang on. He tells Cameron it will be okay. Elizabeth and Chase run in, and Chase says they were already on their way when he got the 911. Cameron says what happened is his fault; he’s so sorry. Drew says, no, it’s not his fault.

Robert tells Lulu that he doesn’t feel Dante is coming home. She says, ever? and he says, for the foreseeable future. He still has a lot of friends at the bureau. If anything happens, and Dante’s status is changed, he’ll be all over it. She says knowing Robert is looking out for him helps. He kisses the top of her head, and tells her, good luck. They’ll get through this. She says, she has to. He leaves, and Willow approaches the table, asking if Lulu is all right. Lulu says she’s the opposite of all right. Willow asks if she needs company, and Lulu nods. Willow sits, saying Chase was held up at work. God only knows when he’ll show up. She guesses it’s the downside of dating a cop. Lulu says they seem pretty serious, and Willow says, it looks that way, Lulu says, before Willow gets in deeper, she needs to know what it’s really like trying to build a life with a man drawn to danger.

Cameron tells Elizabeth that he’s sorry, but Elizabeth says, the only ones responsible are these evil men. Cameron says he should have run when he had the chance. Drew says he had nothing do with any of it. Shiloh whines that the cuffs are hurting him. It’s serious police brutality. Chase tells him he’s being arrested for kidnapping, assault, false imprisonment, and more charges that are pending. He gives Shiloh his rights as he pushes him out the door. Drew starts to release Franco, but Cabot says he can’t do that. Drew says the procedure is over, but Cabot says the equipment is sensitive. Only someone properly trained can safely disconnect him. The brain has to recover at its own pace, like a computer. If it’s shut down abruptly, everything will be lost. Drew asks if Elizabeth believes him, and Elizabeth asks if she has a choice.

At the hospital, Lucas brings Cameron out, and says he’s in good shape. He’s running every test on Franco, and will let her know as soon as he gets the results. Drew thanks him, and Lucas says they have a good neurology department. Elizabeth says she knows Franco is in good hands. Chase joins them, and asks how Franco is doing. Drew says they’re doing tests now, and Chase asks if Cameron is up for giving a statement. Cameron says he wants to be there for Franco, but Elizabeth says it’s going to take some time, and he should go while it’s fresh in his mind. Drew promises he isn’t going anywhere, and Chase says they’ll only be a few steps away. Cameron leaves with Chase, and Elizabeth says Cabot’s not a doctor. Doctors take an oath to do no harm. They don’t take a hostage for forced medical experiments. She says, what if Franco doesn’t wake up? Drew says, he will. Elizabeth tells him that he doesn’t know that. Drew says he knows Franco. He’s such a big pain in the ass, he won’t be snuffed out so easy.

Chase asks Lucas, does he think it’s necessary for Cabot to be at GH? They want to take him into custody. Lucas says throw him in jail, where he can’t hurt anyone. Epiphany tells Lucas, a patient is waiting in cubicle two. It’s Shiloh, and I make a loud sound. I also think Epiphany might have warned him. Shiloh says he was hoping it would be Lucas.

Maxie tells Peter that she doesn’t mind picking out the wedding décor; she has excellent taste and doesn’t mind helping. But she wonders if she’s crossed the line between being supportive and being enabling. Peter says, enabling the wedding? and Maxie says, enabling Nina to marry Valentin. He deeply loves her, but loving someone doesn’t make you a good person. It can make a bad person worse if they deceive someone they love into believing they’re good. Peter says, or she could just respect Nina’s choice, and throw a spectacular wedding. Maxie says, on one month’s notice, they’ll have to settle for tasteful. Peter says, everything Maxie does is spectacular. They kiss, and Robert walks in. He says, isn’t this cozy? He just came from seeing Lulu, and telling her that her husband has taken a turn for the worse. And here Maxie is wrapped around the guy responsible. Funny, how things always come back to Henrik.

Lulu bets the things Willow loves about Chase also make him a good cop. Honest, protective, loyal, brave. Willow says, he’s also funny, kind, and incredibly sexy. Lulu says, here’s the thing about cops who are also great guys. They feel an obligation to do the right thing. They want to protect society at large, especially their loved ones. The obligation is so strong, they no longer care about their personal safety. Willow says, that’s not just bravery, and Lulu says, it’s a weird mix of bravery and righteousness – and sheer male stupidity. Every time they walk out the door, you take a snapshot of the person you love, thinking it might be the last time you see them, but you think, don’t let it be the last time. You want to tackle them, and beg, please don’t go, but instead you say, bye, have great day, and watch for a few seconds after the door closes. Every. Damn. Time. Willow asks if Lulu regrets marrying Dante. Lulu says, not even for a moment. If she had it to do again, she would, in a heartbeat.

Shiloh asks how Lucas’s son is. He bets Wiley is walking. It’s amazing how he resembles his mother around the eyes. The strong chin is from his side of the family. His daddy had a strong chin. Ask Sam. Lucas says Shiloh doesn’t he has a concussion. He’ll be sore for a few days, and Lucas ordered antibiotics, just in case. He’ll have plenty of time to rest up in prison. Shiloh says, if he goes to prison.

Cabot tells Drew that his attorney will be in touch, so Drew can speak on his behalf if there’s a trial. Drew says he’ll be happy to testify, but Cabot isn’t going to be happy about what he says. Cabot says when his friend wakes up and tells him about the life he doesn’t remember, Drew will thank him. Drew tells an officer, get his ass out of here.

Elizabeth tells Cameron they’re bringing Franco in any moment. Cameron says he has to tell her something about when Franco found him. He asked Cameron to give her a message. Dr Cabot had knocked him out, and by the time Franco showed up, he was out of it. Franco yelled, and woke him up. Elizabeth says he must been terrified. Cameron said he thought if Franco found him, someone else could. Shiloh was worried about the same thing, and kept pressuring Cabot. She says he doesn’t need to talk right now; he’s safe. All that matters is that he’s safe. Cameron says, because of Franco. Franco convinced Shiloh to use him instead. He said people would be mad if he hurt Cameron, but because of Franco’s past, Shiloh would get a medal for using him. Cameron tried to tell Franco that she and the boys would miss him; so would he. She’s sure that helped Franco, but Cameron doesn’t know. Franco seemed scared. Franco was telling him it was okay, but he saw it. Then Franco asked him to tell her that he loves her, and he’ll be back.

Drew asks Epiphany if he can stay with Franco, and she says, of course (🍷). He asks her to tell Elizabeth that Franco is back, and she leaves. He tells Franco, he just wants him to know that his past, all those years, mean nothing to him in comparison to their friendship. He hopes that crazy experiment doesn’t work, and Franco wakes up the same person, and his past stays buried exactly where it belongs.

Elizabeth tells Cameron, Franco said he’d be back? Cameron says after that, Cabot gave Franco a shot, and he couldn’t answer anymore. She thanks Cameron for reminding Franco how much they love him, and for giving her the message. If Franco said he’d be back, She trusts he will be.

Maxie says how dare Robert? Robert says Peter is Faison’s son. He always has another agenda. Maxie says, Peter is not his father. He’s a good person. He made mistakes because of the lies his father told him. He’s not the reason they finagled their way in to see Dante. It was her idea. Peter came along to protect her. Robert says, and that brought them closer together. No one ever said Henrik was stupid. Maxie says her mom and Mac have both accepted him. Robert says, that’s their mistake. This guy is going to drag her down as low as she can possibly go. His advice is to run. Otherwise, she’ll be sorry she ever crossed paths with this dirtbag. Geez, did I get a different impression in the preview. What’s with Robert?

Willow doesn’t know where Lulu finds the strength. Lulu says Willow escaped a cult. She got away from a very dangerous man. Willow says, not far enough. Lulu knows Shiloh did a number on her. Sometimes she feels weak and fragile because he told her that she was. What she did was beyond bravery. She’s the hero of her own story. Given all the press Shiloh and what’s left of DOD have gotten, maybe she should get some press of her own. Willow asks what she means, and Lulu says she’d like to write Willow’s story for the Invader. What compelled her to leave DOD? Willow asks if Lulu is interviewing her, and Lulu says, off the record – for now. Willow says her parents were always searching for someone to guide them. Truthfully, to make decisions for them. When it was her turn to give up control of her life, it was easy, but when she got pregnant, she had to think for the baby and herself. She needed her life to belong to her. Lulu says she makes it sound easy. Willow says, when she realized she had control all along, it was hard to let go. Lulu thinks the story is a good idea. Not just for Willow, but those who read it. She tells Willow to let her know if she changes her mind. She leaves, and Willow’s phone dings. Chase texts he’s sorry he missed her. It’s police business, and he’s at the hospital. She jets.

Elizabeth goes into where Franco is, and asks Drew if there’s anything, but no. Cameron asks Drew if they can talk outside, and they leave together. In the waiting area, Cameron says he didn’t tell the police about this because he doesn’t know the situation; it’s so bizarre. Shiloh and the crazy doctor kept talking about wanting information only Drew knows, or at least used to know.

Elizabeth asks Franco to open his eyes. Say something silly so she knows it’s him. She knows he’ll come back because Cameron told her that he said he would. She trusts he’ll keep his word, and trusts how much he loves her. She says, please come back, and touches his face.

Drew asks Cameron if Shiloh said anything else? The smallest detail. Cameron says it was something that would allow Shiloh to disappear. Drew doesn’t know what that means, but whatever it was, it was important enough for Shiloh to risk everything, including Cameron and Franco’s lives. Cameron says, he had no right to do that. Drew says, no, he didn’t. Nobody does.

Elizabeth thanks the unconscious Franco for protecting Cameron. He’s a hero to Cameron now, like he’s always been to her. She has to admit, she’s sick of seeing him in a hospital bed. Give it a rest for a while. She was thinking about what he said to Cameron. She’s so in love with him, the world would be infinitely less wonderful without him in it. Cameron asks if he can join her, and she tells him, come in. He wanted to say how sorry he is, but she says, stop. He didn’t do anything wrong. He says, none of this would have happened if he’d done the smart thing and run when he had the chance. She says someone asked him for help, and it was the wrong person. She’s proud of his compassion, and of Franco, risking everything to save him.

Maxie tells Peter, she’s so sorry. Robert had no right to talk to him like that. Peter says his father tormented Robert and his family for decades. He can understand why Robert would want to protect her. Maxie says, that’s crap. Anyone who spends five minutes with Peter knows he’s transcended his father’s influence. If he hadn’t, she’d still blame him for Nathan’s death. Which she doesn’t. She’s accepted him, and so have Anna and Robin. And Mac doesn’t dislike him. It’s time for Robert, along with the rest of the world, to let him live outside of his father’s shadow. He doesn’t know if that’s possible. Lulu comes in, and Peter says he’ll let them talk. He’s going to get take-out. Maxie says Robert was just there, and Lulu says so she knows about Dante. Maxie says he was too busy raking Peter over the coals to tell her anything useful. Lulu says there’s not much to report, but she’s made her decision about Dante.

Willow runs into the hospital, looking for Chase. Lucas asks if she’s heard. Shiloh is shuttled past the reception desk, and sees Willow. He says, how touching his baby mama, and her pretend daddy. She asks what he did. Did he do something to Wiley? Lucas says he was just telling Shiloh that Wiley is at home with his father, who loves him very much. Willow says Shiloh isn’t Wiley’s father, and never will be. The officer takes Shiloh away, and Willow asks what he’s doing there. Please tell her that he’s dying. Lucas says, no, but she happen to notice his traveling companion? He’s wracked up more felony charges. He’s going to prison. Chase arrives, and Lucas says he’ll let Chase fill her in. She grabs him, and he asks what she’s doing there. She says looking for him. Thank God he’s okay.

Robert asks Curtis if Shiloh and Cabot actually tried the memory map process on Franco. Curtis says, they did more than that. Robert asks if it worked, but Curtis says they’ll have to wait for Franco to regain consciousness. If it failed, everything’s fine. If it didn’t… Robert says they’ll have to deal with the fallout.

Drew stops Shiloh, and says he claimed Drew had some information that could make him disappear. Shiloh says, the key to our future lies in our past. Zzzz… Drew tells him, knock it off. Cameron sees Shiloh, and runs toward him, but Drew grabs Cameron before he reaches Shiloh, who’s laughing his head off. He says, come and get me, kid. Cameron says he’s going to pay for this. He thinks he can just erase his stepfather. Shiloh is the one who should be erased. Shiloh says his stepfather wanted to do it. Cameron is his witness.  Drew tells the officer to get Shiloh out of there. Shiloh laughs like a hyena, as he’s led away. Drew tells Cameron, breathe. Cameron says he’s going to make Shiloh pay.

Lulu tells Maxie that she never wanted Dante to go after Raj. They never discussed it; it was a done deal, just like the divorce. Too bad. She loves him, and doesn’t want a divorce. She’s choosing to honor her vows. For better or worse; for sickness and in health. She won’t fight Dante in court, but if he wants to end the marriage, it’s entirely on him.

Chase asks if Willow wants water or bad coffee, but she just wants him to stay there. He asks what happened, and she says he texted her, saying he was going to be late because of work, then he landed in the hospital. He says he told her that he was at the hospital, not in the hospital. His job requires it sometimes. She says, all she saw was his name and hospital, and her imagination ran away. She thought something happened. She tells him, stop smiling; it’s making her feel better, which makes her feel stupid. He says he can’t turn it off when he’s around her. She tells him to promise never to scare her again like that. He says he’ll do his best, and they kiss.

Cameron asks why Drew stopped him. Drew says because assaulting a dirtbag is still a crime. Cameron and his mom have enough to worry about. Cameron says he never felt that helpless. Drew says he feels helpless too. He wasn’t there in time to save Franco, the way Franco saved him. Cameron says he saw Shiloh, and all he could think about was that Shiloh was walking around, after he took Cameron’s stepfather from him as he watched. Drew knows it hurts. He wants to get back at Shiloh for all the people Shiloh has hurt too. Hate isn’t a word they’re supposed to use or feel, but the predators and users… Cameron says, they deserve to be hated, and to pay. Drew says he’s right, but they have to go about it in the right way. The world needs less Shiloh and more Cameron. If he can take that hate and focus doing the right thing, he can get great things done. That’s why Franco put it all on the line for him. He knows the world needs more Cameron. Cameron thanks him. He can’t believe he’s saying this, but the world needs more Franco too.

Lucas tells Elizabeth, the good news is all Franco’s brain functions are operating as they should. Elizabeth says, so he’s physically fine. Lucas says, the bad news is, they don’t know how the drastically procedure impacted him. Elizabeth says, so until he wakes up, they won’t know how much Franco is still inside of him. Lucas says, yeah.

On Monday, Lucy tells Kim that one door shuts and another opens, Elizabeth asks Franco to fight and wake up, and Carly tells Sonny that he can do this.

🏥 Half-Spoiled…

Some of these we already know, but others are still a question mark.

🚑 Will Billy Be a Hero…

They’ve been wrong before though.

🍊 OC Tea…

And more on the OG’s demotion. Ouch.

🗽 But the Rent Is Too Damn High…

Jill Zarin has a new squeeze.

💀 See You When the Dead Walk…

Fear the Walking Dead returns Sunday, August 11th, at 9 pm.

📍 Quotes of the Week

The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values. – William S. Burroughs

I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions. – Stephen Covey

It is downright aggressive to open a bag of salmon jerky in a contained area, and especially one where everyone is basically tied down to a seat (aka plane) (sorry, the author’s name obliterated by an ad. 😕

We don’t need to settle on a medieval solution for a 21st century problem. — South Carolina democratic representative Joe Cunningham on increasing border security by building a wall.

Make up your mind before time makes it up for you. – Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin), General Hospital

We’re not just behind the eight ball, we’re behind the whole pool table at this point. – contestant on MasterChef

Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen. – Orhan Pamuk (author, My Name Is Red)

Guilt: the gift that keeps on giving. – Erma Bombeck

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