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October 19, 2018 – Marino is No Saint, Chaos in Altura, Five Simple Quotes & Doc Ponders


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny tells Jason that he asked Drew about the Margaux situation. Drew is in a position to take him away from the people he loves.

Michael looks at the babies in the hospital nursery. Stella puts her hand on his shoulder.

TJ, Jordan, and Curtis have lunch at the MetroCourt. TJ says, so they’re having their reception on the Haunted Star. Curtis says anyone can have a reception at a restaurant, but a yacht is next level stuff. TJ thinks it’s awesome, and Curtis says it’s majestic. The perfect way start to start their journey. TJ asks if Aunt Stella will be there to see them off.

Maxie waits for take-out, and tells James he’s good and patient. He gets it from his father, not her. Peter comes by, and she says he remembers James; he helped deliver him. Peter says it can’t be James. The last time he saw James, he was tiny. Maxie says, he’s a beast.

Drew meets Margaux, who says she was happy to get his text. Has he reconsidered. He says he’s there to discuss why he hasn’t called the cops to turn her in.

Sonny tells Jason that Drew seems under pressure. Maybe he’s going through stuff Sonny doesn’t know about. He didn’t say he had Sonny’s back. Jason says Margaux can try all she wants, but she’s not taking him down

Maxie asks if Uncle Peter wants to hold James. Peter likes the sound of that. They talk about how big James is getting, and Peter says he’s just perfect. Maxie thinks so too. Peter tears up. It’s family, what he’s been missing his whole life.

Stella tells Michael that they don’t have to talk, but he asks her to stay. She likes seeing the little ones when she has a moment. They’re beautiful. Michael says, very.

Curtis tells TJ that Stella isn’t going to the wedding; it’s a done deal. He tried everything, but she won’t budge. It’s her choice. TJ asks if he’s okay with it, and Curtis says he’s accepting her decision, even if he doesn’t respect it. TJ says maybe she’ll come around. Curtis refuses to put his life on hold until she gets there. Jordan asks if TJ believes him. TJ says, no, and she says neither does she.

Jason tells Sonny that Margaux’s vendetta makes no sense. Sonny was eighteen and low man on the totem pole. There’s no way he could have refused. Sonny says he chose the life, and Jason says, so did Margaux’s father, and he knew better. He knew the risks, and still got caught up in it. Sonny says she’s not thinking rationally. She’s thinking like a little girl who lost her dad. Jason says they have to prove it. They have to show her that her father isn’t the sainted victim, and his own choices got him killed.

Margaux asks Drew, turn her in for what? He says she has stolen property that’s evidence in an open criminal case. He can find someone knows what talking about, like a lawyer. She says she’s a lawyer, and it’s all speculation; impossible to prove. How could he even prove she has the flashdrive, unless he was wearing a wire. She’ll says she didn’t even know what it was. Drew says, look at that. On top of everything else, the DA is a liar. She says it’s his word against hers. Why would she jeopardize her whole career? Unless it was the only way to get justice for her father. Sonny murdered him, and it’s the only way to bring him down.

Margaux says, unlike Drew, she remembers her childhood. Her father was a good man. She may have been young, but she can still see his face. He and her mom were happy. Her mother told her stories about how much he loved her, and how family was important to him. It’s not fair that he was taken away, and Sonny needs to take the consequences. He made a choice. Drew says, he made a mistake. Margaux says her father was a principled man who got involved with unprincipled people, and wanted out. He got killed for it, and Sonny pulled the trigger. It’s as simple as that, and Sonny needs to pay.

Sonny asks Jason if Spinelli said anything else. Jason says before his death, Vincent Marino leased an office; it was a big upgrade. Sonny asks if Skully signed off on it. Jason says he did, and Spinelli agreed that it didn’t look like he was trying to get out of the business. He was moving up. Sonny says unless he was working with the cops to bring Skully down. In which case, Margaux’s theory is still possible. Jason says he would have been keeping up appearance. Sonny says if Skully found out, it was game over. Jason tells him, however it happened, Margaux’s crusade is hopeless. Sonny says she’s not going to believe that. Sam walks in and says when she’s done with Margaux, she’ll have reason to.

Jordan tells Curtis that she invited Stella to dinner, suggesting they start over, but Stella couldn’t do it. She understands. She messed up. She cheated on Tommy, and set horrible things in motion, including Stella losing her nephew and sister. She can’t change the past. She can only be better moving forward/ Curtis says Jordan is amazing. Jordan says, Stella can’t get past it; she might not have either. Curtis says it breaks his heart to hurt her, and Jordan says, it’s still happening. She might never forgive Jordan, and she’ll have to live with it. TJ asks if Curtis can live with it.

Stella asks if Michael recalls their conversation. He says he thinks about it a lot; how grief sneaks up on you. Stella had said she was struggling with something; how’s it going? Stella says, terrible. She fell into the same trap, carrying around anger and bitterness, all tied up in grief. It’s a burden she wants to put down, but can’t.

Maxie gets take out, and she and Peter reminisce about James’s birth. Peter says he looks like his daddy, and Maxie says he’s her daily reminder that Nathan is still with them. All of a sudden, Maxie looks at James, and says, what is that?

Stella points out a baby that looks angry, and Michael says, or hungry. He tells her that he never showed up at the group she recommended; he couldn’t bring himself to walk in. She understands. He says, maybe he will, but she says she doesn’t care how he grieves, just that he does. He says he visits Jonah’s grave a lot, and talks to him. He talks to his brother too; it’s comforting.

Curtis wishes things were different. Stella is like his mother. Jordan says, she actually was. Curtis says without her, he and Tommy would have been lost. She gave up so much; a life of her own, a man she loved. He owes her everything. Her anger and grief are legit, but misplaced. Jordan didn’t kill Tommy or their mother. Life just happened, and Stella doesn’t know what to do with it. Jordan doesn’t want them estranged. Curtis says they’re not, and she asks when was the last time they talked. He can’t remember, and she hates being the cause of their distance. Curtis says, fine. The wedding is off.

Drew tells Margaux, be realistic. She says, Sonny killed her father; it doesn’t get more real. Drew says he was eighteen, and taking orders from an unprincipled man. He might not have had a choice. She asks if Drew thinks he regrets it, and Drew says, maybe. Margaux says she thinks Sonny was eager move up in the organization. She thinks he wanted to prove himself, and used her father to do that. Her father was his ticket to a promotion, and it worked. Look where he is. The most powerful mob kingpin on the eastern seaboard. It was a step on Sonny’s ladder to power. The worst part is that he’ll never pay. Unless the gun falls out of the sky with Sonny’s fingerprints on it, she’ll never get justice for her father’s death. But she can still nail Sonny. She can only do it with his help though. Drew says, no deal. Sorry.

Sam tells Sonny and Jason that she went old school to the library. The system is antiquated, but it works. She says obviously, Spinelli didn’t tell them that he handed the case over to her. He and Ellie had planned a vacation with Georgie, and he said Elie would remove his eyeballs from their sockets if he didn’t go. Sonny says they can’t have that. He knows she’s the best at what she does, but he’s worried about her partner. She says Curtis is a professional, and they agreed they could have exclusive outside cases, which they don’t have to share. Sonny is glad she’s on board. Jason is too (no surprise there). Sonny has to attend a tea party with Avery, and leaves Sam and Jason to stare at each other.

Michael says a lot of people have told him that the best way to manage grief is to take comfort in little moments of peace, and so far, it’s true. Stella says, good advice. Michael says it’s why he comes there. To remind him there’s still joy out there, and love and life goes on. Stella thinks it’s a wonderful way to work through grief. Michael says it’s not always successful. Sometimes he leaves feeling worse. Stella says he key word is try. Michael tell her that his cousin Wiley was born around the same time, and holding him makes him happy. He has his whole future ahead. He finds it best not to avoid or run from the bad, but take time to focus on the good. Stella thinks maybe Michael should look into social work, but he says he has his hands full.

Curtis tells Jordan it’s the only other alternative. He doesn’t want that; does she? She says he already knows the answer. He says it is what it is, but if they want to live life together, say their vows in front of people who love and support them, Stella won’t be one of those people. TJ says, it seems wrong, and thinks maybe he can get through. Curtis says, few people are more stubborn. TJ tells him about a light saber he wanted, a real movie prop. Stella told him no, until he found it under the tree at Christmas. He thinks he’s the only one who has a chance, and Curtis tells him to go for it.

Peter goes to the hospital with Maxie. She sees Michael, and says James got a rash out of nowhere. She’s wondering if it’s an allergic reaction, since he just started on solids. She asks if he’s breathing strange. Michael thinks he sounds normal, but he’s not a doctor. He’ll have one paged.

Margaux asks why Drew is protecting Sonny, and he says that’s not what he’s doing. She doesn’t understand his loyalty. He says he’s not protecting Sonny and Jason. but Sam. He doesn’t want to be the reason Danny loses his father. Margaux says Jason did illegal things, and Drew says it’s not his job to punish. She says it’s hers. Why won’t he help? He says he’s sorry about her father, but he’s also sorry she’s been manipulating him. He doesn’t feel obligated.

Jason tells Sam that Sonny doesn’t know about Oscar, but can tell something’s off with Drew. Sam tells him about Drew coming by to talk. She doesn’t know if she helped, but Jason says he’s sure she did, more than she knows. Sam says she’s happy to have the case, but was a little suspicious that Spinelli dumped it on her. Jason knows why. Spinelli wants them to work closely together; he’s matchmaking again. Jason says he told Spinelli to stop. Sam says, it’s Spinelli. When he believes in something, he sticks to it, and he believes in them.

Maxie says James is fine. There’s no rash. His pants were chafing him. Maxie is embarrassed, and Michael tells her about rushing Avery in with a bruise, and finding out it was dirt. Maxie offers to drive Peter back, but he tells her to go home and relax.

TJ finds Stella in the nursery, and asks if any of the babies are cuter than him. She says he’s her pride and joy. They make small talk, and he tells her that he was just with his mom and Curtis, talking about the wedding reception. It’s been moved to the Haunted Star. Stella says that’s fitting, but she’s not going to be there. He asks if it isn’t time for her to let the anger go? She says she’s tried, and he says, try harder. Not for his mom or Curtis’s sake, but for hers.

Drew tells Margaux that even if he went through the procedure, he’d lose the last last five years. She asks if it isn’t worth gaining his previous memories. He says he’d lose the night his daughter was born, and lose the first time he met his son. The relationship they’ve built means everything to him. Margaux says what about his childhood, his service, the things that made him who he is. Drew tells her that she keeps saying he doesn’t know who he is. That’s a mistake. He knows who he is, and the life he’s built means everything.

Jason says he’ll speak to Spinelli again. Sam says it won’t matter. He thinks they’re destined to be together. It’s aligned in the stars. It doesn’t matter what they say or do, or how annoyed they get. He’s convinced they belong together, and he keeps pushing, like a child, and she already has two. She’s not upset; she’s frustrated. Jason says, cold showers. Sam wants Spinelli to know they know, but they’re not ready. Sonny comes in and wonders what they’re talking about.

Stella says TJ is the one good thing, the best thing, to come out of this tangled mess. She’s not pretending that she’s handling it well. TJ has a fix for that – come to the wedding. She says she can’t, and he tells her that she’ll regret it if she’s not there. She says she’ll regret if she is. He says sooner or later she’ll give in to him. She says he has a real light saber to prove it. He tells her that he used the same example with his mom and Curtis. She’ll make it there; he knows she will. When she does, he’ll be waiting. She tells him none of the babies hold a candle to him. He says, obviously.

Curtis asks if Jordan thinks TJ made any headway. Jordan would love to say yes, but no. She’s been thinking a lot about their family therapy session. She said Stella had no life outside of his. Curtis says she apologized, but it’s not like it isn’t true. She says she wanted locate Marcus. Stella deserves something for herself; to find or refind love. Jordan wants that for her, no matter how much Stella hates her. Curtis loves her for that; for a lot of things. She says he’d better.

Margaux asks if there’s no changing Drew’s mind. He says, sorry. She asks what she does with the flashdrive. He tells her, toss it or burn it. She says she thinks she’ll hold on to it. Someday he might want it, and when that someday comes, he knows her terms. She goes into the elevator, and cries, telling her father she’s so sorry. She flashes back to telling Sonny that Vincent Marino is her father.

Sam tells Sonny and Jason that she has record of Marino’s activities. He and his wife were active in their local parish. She hands Sonny some pictures of Marino’s family, and he says, you’ve got to be kidding. He sees a woman he knew, but says he didn’t know she was Margaux’s mother. She was having an affair with Skully. That’s what lawyers call a motive for murder.

On Monday, Carly says someone has to step up, Curtis gets bad news, and Laura wants answers from not-Doc.

Z Nation

There’s chaos as everyone scrambles and crawls through the blast. Blood is being coughed up; things are falling. Roberta calls for George. I fret because Citizen Z isn’t looking too good. Leroy (the guy from last week’s argument in the bar) asks what happened. Are they dead? Citizen Z sees blood pouring out of Leroy, and says, not everybody. A guy is impaled by a chair, and Citizen Z tells him hold still; help will be there soon. He’ll be fine. Leroy licks some blood from the floor, and eyeballs the impaled guy. Roberta yells for George and Doc.

George come to, and asks what happened. Citizen Z starts filming, and says they need biscuits, stat. He reports that he doesn’t know what happened. There was an explosion, and first responders are rushing in. Most of the people were delegates here for the vote. Doc tends to the wounded. Roberta helps. Doc tells a guy, take it easy; death ain’t what it used to be. Zombies flood in. Doc takes a hammer in each hand. Shots are fired. Roberta saves Citizen Z from getting bitten. The zombies keep coming.

Roberta and Doc finish the zombies off. George wonders where they came from. Zombies just don’t walk into Altura. Roberta suggests they’re on vacation, but Doc thinks it’s a little late in the season. George yells they need biscuits, and tells Leroy his biscuit is coming. She gets him down, and feeds him some biscuit. He sits up a new man, and asks what happened. Uh-oh. The recent dead are starting to rise and begin to attack. Doc says they’re gonna need more biscuits. Outside, 10K and Lilly are shooting. 10K says, 2205. Lilly wonders where Red is, and 10K says he lost her. They wonder where the zombies came from.

Roberta tells George it was an assassination attempt. George ask if she means they wanted to kill Estes, but Roberta says, no, you. George says the referendum was going to pass. It was going to work. Estes appears, and says they were lucky, but they lost people. Looking on the bright side, George says they gained talkers. Good thing they had biscuits on hand. They agree it’s a dark day. Estes says sources are reporting there’s a talker behind it. George thinks it doesn’t make sense. Estes says it would have been a landslide, and the talkers would have become citizens. The attack changes everything. He wonders where Dante is; maybe he heard something. George says, maybe, but she doesn’t know where he is. Estes leaves.

Inside the lab, Murphy listens at the door. Sun removes a piece of a talker’s brain, and he says it’s a load off his mind. Apparently, he’s a stand-up talker. Sun’s assistant says the blast is bad news. Murphy says maybe it was a gas leak. The minute anyone says terrorist attack, someone has to be blamed. How long before the red guy is to blame? Sun says he does look like Satan, and Murphy says he’s rocking it. An alarm sounds, and Sun says it’s for lockdown. Murphy says that’s his exit cue. Bad things happen to those who wait.

Estes says he wants a complete parameter sweep. This was no accident; it was sabotage; an act of war. He wonders where Dante is. No one has seen him since before the blast. He wants Dante brought in for questioning, and tells security to destroy every zombie that came through.

The alarm continues to sound. Everyone runs out. People throw things in bags, and run. Roberta tells George they have to find Dante. George says his wife works in the lab; maybe she knows something. Outside, Red and 10K reunite. He says she’s shaking, but she insists she’s fine. He says they need to talk for real. The citizen militia is required to report to their posts. Red tells 10K that she has to report to the lab. Meet her there when he can.

Doc asks if Citizen Z’s device records, and Citizen Z tells him it backs up into the camera. Doc wonders if the blast could be on there. Citizen Z rewinds, and says the blast came from under the podium. Doc asks how far back he can go. Estes approaches them and notes the camera survived. It might have inadvertently filmed who planted the bomb. Estes says he’s heading the investigation, and needs the camera. Doc asks if Estes can give him a minute, but Estes says there could be more attacks, and asks Citizen Z if he’ll voluntarily give him the camera. Citizen Z looks at Doc, who sort of shrugs, and says, of course. Estes promises to bring it back asap. Pandora follows him out. I don’t trust this dude, and I’m surprised Citizen Z handed over the camera that quickly. In his backstory, he’s more of a rebel when it comes to authority.

Sun tells Roberta that Murphy said she was alive, but she didn’t believe it. They hug, and Roberta asks where Murphy is. Sun says he got nervous and ran when the lockdown alarm sounded. Roberta says they should do the same. George asks if she’s seen Dante. Sun says Dante’s not involved in this. It was his dream as much as George’s. George says it doesn’t look good for him, or the talkers. Some security people walk in, and Sun asks what they want. They’ve been ordered to take the talkers to quarantine. Sun says she’s in the middle of a test cycle. George asks who gave the order, and she’s told Estes is the authority. Step aside. Roberta thinks they should do what they’re told. George says she has to talk to Estes, and they have to find Dante. Security says they’ll be back for Sun’s guinea pigs. George tells Sun’s assistant that she’ll talk to Estes and get her out of there. The assistant tell her to find Dante. The comedian talker says he they’d never leave.

Murphy sneaks around outside. A security guy tells him not to move. He says, you’re red. Murphy says, and… He says he needs a pulse, and Murphy says sure. Murphy rolls up his sleeve, and knocks the guy out with his other hand. He says, live enough for you, punk? and trots off. A hooded figure follows.

Citizen Z is live casting from the site of the terror attack, and asks for a moment of silence for those who lost lives or turned today. Estes says, today was to be a day of joy, unity, and progress, not death, fear, and pain. This tragedy is his fault. Like many, he was taken by the momentum of change, and he failed. he won’t let his guard down again. Altura will be on lockdown until further notice. With their patience, he can restore order. Information has come their way that identified a person of interest. George says, don’t rush to judgement, more to herself than anyone else. Estes is asking Dante to come forward and turn himself in. He says if he makes contact, not to talk to him, but notify the authorities. The talkers are being quarantined. He knows it sounds cruel – these are their family and friends – but it’s for the safety of all of them. They’ve had to make difficult choices, but it’s how they’ve survived. They will restore security. Without that, democracy is meaningless.

Roberta takes George outside. George says it’s a waking nightmare. A van goes past. Dante is driving, and Murphy is hanging onto the back. 10K says they’re crashing the gate. 10K and Lilly try open it, but get fired at. Dante busts through. George calls for him to stop, but I wouldn’t either if I was him. George wonders, why run? The hooded figure watches.

Dante peels around a curve, and Murphy falls off onto the side of the road. He says, thanks for the  lift.

Pandora watches the chaos at Altura on a hill, with her sometimes companion. A dude wearing a (bottom) half-mask that looks like it was made from an old sweater. She says, hear that? There’s hate in the air. It makes her feel – alive isn’t the right word – aroused. She asks why the living are so damn predictable.

George tells Roberta quarantine isn’t going to make it safer. It will drive the talkers underground, and they’ll have no biscuits. They come upon a young man beating on Leroy. Leroy says he can’t feel anything, and he’s not used to it. The man tells George it’s her fault, They’re just like us, but dead. Now they want their brains. They should kill them all. Leroy says he doesn’t want anyone’s brains. Roberta tells the guy he’s going get an ass whoopin’ if he doesn’t stop. George tells her to let him go. She tells him to go home. His family needs him. Roberta asks, why? and George says his brother was one of the delegates who was killed.

Sun and Red see Sun’s assistant in quarantine, and ask if she needs anything. She says biscuits. They aren’t being fed. The biscuits are all gone. Sun says they’ll be back soon.

Roberta, George, Doc, and Citizen Z approach a fence. Roberta points to a spot, and says, right there. Citizen Z cuts the fence. 10K and Lilly are behind them, and 10K says, someone is coming. Lilly pretends they caught them at the fence. The security gut walks past them, and 10K knocks him out. George asks, was that necessary, and Citizen Z says, probably. George tells 10K and Lilly that they’re going to Pacifica, and to join them as soon as they can. The four jet through the fence.

Murphy hides as several trucks pass by, filled with guys whooping it up with weapons, like in The Purge. Murphy  hears someone in the brush.

Citizen Z and Doc trundle up the road. A truck comes up behind them. Three guys with weapons get out. They keep walking, and one of the guys says, here, talker, talker, talker. He says, hey, talkers, and they stop. Roberta says that’s close enough, and Doc tells them that their lives depend on their next decision. Above them on the hill, Roberta and George come out with guns. One of the guys says, aw, crap, and Doc and Citizen Z collect their weapons. The three guys stand naked, and one of them begs the group not to leave them out there like this. George says, be thankful they don’t mercy them. Citizen Z says they’ll leave the clothes up the road; it’s not all bad. Doc tosses them a sock for each of them. The group gets in their truck, Roberta driving. Citizen Z waves from the back, and one of the guys waves back.

Murphy hides. He runs across a field, the hooded figure following. He ducks behind a rock, and the hooded figure must be blind, since he walks right past him. Murphy keeps going, and trips. He tumbles down a hill, and the hooded figure catches up. Murphy asks what he wants, and tells him to stop. Who is he. The figure takes his hood off. Murphy says, Wesson! Wesson says, it’s been a long time since Murphy’s house. Murphy says Wesson scared life out of him. Wesson says they’ve missed him, and calls him sir. They’re waiting for him. They walk off together.

Red and Sun look through the lab, and Sun says someone took the biscuit stash. The comedian talker is still strapped to the table, and tells her they’re under the microscope. He also has one in his pocket. Red gives it to him, and he says he likes them. You can taste the brains in every bite. Sun says the talkers will have a meltdown without the biscuits.  10K arrives at the lab, and comedian talker asks if Red is going to introduce him to her friend. Red thinks they should go someplace where they can talk alone. The talker says he can take a hint.

Estes says the talkers are almost fully contained. He asks about George, and is told it appears she left Altura with the group of new arrivals. He says they might be headed back to Pacifica. If they are, he’ll find them. Alone with Pandora, she tells Estes to leave finding Dante to her. He couldn’t have gotten that far. She gently touches Estes’s neck, then puts her hands around it, squeezing a little. She bites his ear. He says she seems so alive, and she licks his ear.

Wesson thinks Murphy will be pleased. Murphy tells him not to get carried away yet. They see a car coming, and Wesson leaves a red rock in the road, telling Murphy, don’t be afraid. The car stops, and several people get out. Murphy asks, what is this? The group applauds, and Murphy asks if they’re all blends. Wesson says, they’re a carpool. They all work together in Limbo. He thinks Murphy will like it there too.

Red can’t believe this is happening. 10K says, nothing good lasts. I say, stay gold, Ponyboy. Sorry. He says he didn’t know what happened; Red was just gone. Red says she didn’t know if she’d see him again. She checked all the new arrivals, and was afraid she’d lost him forever. He says he never stopped thinking about her. They kiss. She has to ask about him and Lilly. They seem so connected. He says, it’s different, not like with her. She asks if that’s how Lilly feels.

As they drive, George tells Roberta that she’s known Dante since the black rain. He’d risk his life for everyone. She’s sure he’ll go to Pacifica, and have an explanation. Roberta says the talker roundup made it worse. George thinks Estes is trying to protect them, but he’s wrongheaded. It’s not like him. A white van blocks the road. They get out and investigate it. Citizen Z says, there’s no one home. Doc wonders what that smell is, and George says, over here. They see three burned bodies on a scaffold.

They cut them down. Citizen Z says, they’re just getting started, and Doc says, we don’t deserve a planet. One of them is still alive, and George recognizes Carlos. She asks, who did this? and Citizen Z tells him, bling once for yes, and twice for no. She asks if Dante is there; no. Were they headed to Pacifica; yes. Roberta says, they were tortured. Whoever did this wanted information. Carlos tries to talk. Roberta leans down to listen, and then closes his eyes. She gives him mercy.

At Altura, Sun sneaks over to the talkers, and sees her assistant. She gives her a biscuit, and the assistant eats it greedily. The talkers all run to the fence. Two guards approach, and one tells Sun to get away. Sun says, they’re starving. Sun struggles with the guards, but the fence caves in, and one of them gets eaten. Sun tells her assistant, get out and find Dante. The talkers feast on the guard.

10K tells Red they’re almost there. She asks what about Lilly, and he says she worries about Lilly a lot. Lilly waves to them, and he says it’s all good. The talkers go after a soldier down an alley. 10K follows, and mercies them, but turns around to see a small crowd of zombies.

Sun tells Lilly that she’s not going; she’s close to a breakthrough and needs the lab. They hear shots, and run out. 10K is surrounded, and gets bitten. Red struggles with some zombies. Lilly gets the zombies off of Red, but 10K gets his right hand bitten entirely off. His hand falls into a bunch of walkers, and I say, well, sh*t. Red pulls him out, but there’s one they can’t shake, who won’t let go of his handless arm. Lilly gets him off, but becomes surrounded, and goes down. Red is horrified. Lilly takes out a grenade, and pulls the pin. 10K yells, no! and Red pulls him away. There’s an explosion of blood, and 10k and Red huddle together. I feel sappy and teary.

We see 10K’s hand amid the mercied zombies, and the splash of blood that was Lilly. 10K is in a fog. Sun dresses his wound. Red tries talking to him, but he doesn’t hear. Sun says it’s clean, but they need to keep it that way. She say Red saved his life. Red cries.

The burned bodies are buried. George wonders who do something so terrible, and Doc bets a few humans. George speculates that Dante escaped or was taken prisoner, but what if Estes was right? What if Dante was behind the blast? Maybe he became more zombie, and she missed it. Roberta says, no. Her belief came from her gut, not her head. Always go with your gut. George says, they were so close coming together, and Roberta says, there’s still time. George says, there’s not that much time left. Roberta tells her, puppies and kittens. They drive off, and Pandora watches with her sometimes companion.

Next time, these talkers have some explaining to do, Dante says they have no idea what’s coming, and Roberta tells everyone the Z virus isn’t the only virus they need to be worried about.

🔊 Quotes of the Week

The apocalypse means never having to say you’re sorry. – Murphy (Keith Allan), Z Nation

That went from zero to Lifetime pretty quickly. – Han (Matthew Moy), 2 Broke GIrls

I had a bad day yesterday at night. – Karine, 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days

Buck Long died and could not attend Hawaiian ceremony.Radar Online

Let haste not be the ruler, lest we forget the purpose. – Arklon (Wings Hauser), Beastmaster 2, Through the Portal of Time

🎡 And I Leave You With This…





October 14, 2018 – Rick Builds a Bridge, Dedicated to Scott, a Bit of 90, Double Trouble, Goodbye Joe & This Little Piggy


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Rick says it’s been a while since they had a talk. He does most of the talking anyway. He’ll keep it short. We don’t see who he’s talking to, but my guess is Negan.

Today is day 35. Things are taking shape. Not that long ago, they were fighting just to stay alive. It’s not like that anymore. They’re building and growing. They’re ready to deal with world on its own terms, but not letting it define them. They’re getting back a piece of how it used to be; how things were before this. it’s all happening. They’re not just fighting to survive anymore. They’re making a new beginning. Rick looks out from a platform over the new world.

Ezekiel says Henry should be proud. Someday, he’s going to cross the bridge with his grandchildren, and tell them how he built it. Henry thinks that would be a boring story, but Ezekiel says, it’s the lifeblood of civilization. Without it, there would be no trade. The structure connects them all. Be proud. He tells Henry to be ready in an hour; he’s going home. Carol gives Henry his pokey stick. She thinks he’s taller. Ezekiel says he’ll be in college before they know it. He’d stay to drive in the last nail if Henry didn’t have school. Carol says she’ll be heading back after. Ezekiel tells her, fairy tales and heroes live forever, but in this world, it’s about finding small moments. It’s just good-by for now; he’s not giving up on fairy tales.

Eugene tells Rick that with the spring rains, they have six to nine days before the dam overflows, but he thinks they can beat it. Rick says he’ll talk to the foreman. Rosita thinks should push along the blasting. Rick asks Eugene about runoffs, and he says they’ve been down in the last six in past months Zzzz… and that doesn’t stand for zombies.

At the infirmary tent, Siddiq tells Cyndie she’s lucky her wound didn’t get infected. Tara says she’s ready to take on anything. Rick tells Eugene that there’s a bug going around. Eugene tells him that Alexandria is slim on supplies, and it’s getting slimmer by the day.

Michonne rides into Hilltop. She tells Maggie that the Sanctuary didn’t get the supplies. Maybe the delivery guys were taken out or went AWOL. She’s hoping Maggie can tide them over. Jesus thinks they can do it, but Maggie is hesitant. Until they get fuel for the tractor, their yield will be short. Michonne asks what about the plow from museum, but Maggie doesn’t have what she needs to fix it. Michonne asks how long Earl is going to be locked up, but Maggie hasn’t decided. Michonne says that’s why they need to start talking rules, so there isn’t another situation like with Gregory. Maggie asks if Michonne thinks she should have let Earl walk. Michonne says, no. She hates what he did to Maggie and Enid, but if keeping him locked up means crops aren’t planted, it’ a problem. Maggie says they’ll be fine, but until the ethanol shows up, she can’t plant. She offers for Michonne to spend the night. Michonne takes her up on it, and Jesus says he’ll get her set up.

Ricks’ crew works on the bridge. Aaron tells Daryl about an exploding diaper, and Daryl says, good times… Aaron thinks Daryl will be a great dad, and Daryl laughs. Henry gives out water. Savior Justin takes a cup and wants more. When Henry won’t give it to him, Justin pushes Henry down, and takes it. Andy uses the side of his pokey stick to knock Justin down. Another Savior tells Justin that he had his ass handed to him by a kid too – although he was six at the time. Daryl tells Justin, the kid was just doing his job. Get back to work. Justin says, don’t tell him what to do, and Daryl punches him. He throws sand in Daryl’s face, and they start to scuffle.

Eugene is telling Rick about his scheme to turn expired food stuffs into gazpacho, when Rick hears the fighting on the bridge. He runs over, and tells them, break it up. He gets in between Daryl and Justin, and tells them to go back to work. Daryl asks if that a-hole gets a free pass. Rick doesn’t like it either, but the bridge needs to get done. Daryl says some of the Saviors have walked off already. They’re not going to fall in line just because he says so. Carol says they never had to work together; he can’t expect them to just forget. Rick says it’s about moving ahead together. If they keep doing that, they’ll see they’re all on the same side. Daryl says, are they? Rick says, you tell me, and Daryl says he’s trying to, but Rick doesn’t want to hear it. Daryl walks away, and Carol says, it’s complicated. He’s been different since Gregory, maybe before. Rick wants her to talk to him, and she says, and say what? Rick says she gets what he’s trying to do. She says he’s doing the right thing, but for some aren’t ready for it. He tosses A Key to the Future on the table.

Michonne hears talking outside. Jesus is telling Tammy, not today. She asks, when? She deserves an answer. Since her husband has been locked up, no one talks to her. She doesn’t have much, but she still has rights, and they can’t take those away. Jesus says Earl tried to kill Maggie. Give her time to figure it out. Tammy says, tell Maggie that she’s not moving until she’s allowed in there. She has no place else to be.

Michonne tells Jesus that Maggie should talk to Tammy about it. Jesus says she’ll do what she wants. Maggie asks what he thinks, but he says it’s not his call. Michonne asks if he agrees. He doesn’t know if the hanging was for everyone, Maggie, or both. He’s not against Tammy seeing her husband. Michonne tells him to talk to her; Maggie trusts him. He trusts her, but no one is right all the time. Michonne says that’s why they need to build something bigger than all of them.

Anne does a sketch, while Gabriel dictates the features. He says she’s talented, coming from a half-blind art critic. She says she likes doing it; it’s intimate, and makes her feel like one of them. He says she is, and she says, thanks to him, Rick, and Morgan. They reached out. He says the others will come around. No one trusted him at first either. Anne says they had good reason not to trust her, and Gabriel says, him too. Rick reached out; he’s good like that. Anne says, he’s not the only one, and takes his hand. He says that’s his job; being there.

Maggie tells Jesus they can move the school trailer until the heat wave is over. Eww! Imagine all those dead during a Georgia heat wave. No thanks. Jesus says he’s been thinking about how much she’s done for them. He wonders if she’s thinking about joining Oceanside. She doesn’t think they’ll get tired of asking, but she’s busy building a future there. He says Tammy is asking to see Earl; he’s been there over a month. Maggie asks if Jesus thinks she’s unfair. He thinks some decisions are too big for one person. That’s why they have laws. Michonne isn’t wrong. She’s a good person, and good people disagree.

Maggie takes Tammy to Earl’s cell. Tammy tells Earl that she’s been trying to see him every day. He says he’s okay; they’re treating him fair; more than he deserves. He was twenty years sober, and brought shame on himself. She says he made a mistake, and lost himself, but he came back. She forgives him. it’s not her forgiveness he needs though. He misses their son.

Enid blows something up. Decrepit zombies trundle through the woods toward the sound.

Maggie approaches Earl’s cell. She never thought when he helped her build them, he’d be the first person in one. She asks him to tell her about the drinking. How did he get there? He says he started drinking after he quit smoking. He was always a bad drunk. He was drunk the day Ken was born. He can’t remember the first time he saw he saw him. He joined AA when Ken was two. They were barely making ends meet, and the stress got to him. On the way to pick Ken up, he saw the sign for McDuffy’s. The sitter could smell the whiskey on him, and tried to grab his keys. He put his son in the truck, and the next thing he remembers is being pulled off the road. Tammy was there; he guesses the sitter called and told her that he was drunk. She took him home, and he thought she’d be gone, but she stuck around. She said he was sick, and swore they’d stay together no matter what. He never took drink after that. He wasn’t even tempted until… Maggie knows the rest. She thanks him, and starts to go. He asks why she hanged Gregory, but not him. He was drunk and weak, but what he did was in him. Gregory didn’t make him do anything. Maggie asks if he thinks she made a mistake? He says, no, and she says, good, and leaves.

Enid watches from a cherry picker, and radios Rick on the bridge. She tells him they’re on schedule, and Rick says, okay, let’s do this. Enid tells Jerry, crank it up, and he starts up a crank siren. A Savior whose name I don’t remember tells Rick that the Saviors making the supply delivery never got there. The people at the Sanctuary are getting worried. They want guns. Rick says they were disarmed for a reason. The Savior says they’re scared. Rick says he’ll protect them. The Savior says, if they work for him, they’ll protect him; who does that sound like? Jerry can’t get the alarm to work a second time. Enid radios Rick that it’s not going off. If the zombies aren’t diverted, they’re going to run right into his crew.

The horses start to get antsy. Daryl senses trouble. Zombie start coming. Daryl does a ballet move, and spears a couple of them in the head, but a zombie crowd forms quickly. He thinks they should get the hell out, but logs tumble down from a pile, and Aaron gets pinned. Daryl tries moving the log from on top of Aaron, but the zombies are getting closer. Aaron tells him to go. Daryl kills a few more, and gets someone’s attention to help get the log off of Aaron’s arm, which is pretty messed up. He pulls Aaron up from the ground, and they try to jet, but aren’t fast enough. A zombie grabs Daryl’s shoulder, but Rick and his crew arrive, slicing, dicing, and shooting arrows, Carol and Ezekiel join them. Rick shoots the rest of the logs, and they slam into the zombies. I laugh because it’s a little Three Stooges looking.

In the infirmary tent, Enid tells Aaron the bad news. Amputation and cauterization are the only way to stop the bleeding. Aaron is like, wait a minute, as we all would be. Daryl says, sorry, and ties off Aaron’s arm. Enid tells Daryl to hold him, and reads the instructions from a book. Aaron says, do it, and she does. He screams.

In one of the tents, Carol tells Justin that she doesn’t give a sh*t. Daryl says he was supposed to turn the herd. Justin says the walkie wasn’t charged. Daryl says, it’s solar, and he didn’t check? Justin says it’s not his fault the radio is sh*t. Daryl lunges at him, but Carol tells him to stop; he’s out of control. Some of the kids stand there watching. Carol says, don’t deal with him like this, but Daryl says, it’s the only way to deal with these a-holes.

Michonne visits Maggie. She says Maggie has done something amazing with this place. Maggie says she knows what Michonne came to do. She’s thought about it; talking about common law, but she’s not giving up the right to do what she thinks is best. Michonne says, what’s best for everyone? Maggie says, what’s best for Hilltop, and Michonne says, neither will they. Maggie asks Jesus to load up the food like she promised. She tells Michonne that Earl till owes a debt. He can pay it by working under supervision. She’s going to get the plow fixed, and the field planted. Michonne asks, what changed? Maggie says her daddy drank. He was a good man, and if he hadn’t gotten a second chance, a lot of people would have been worse off. Michonne counts herself as one of them. Maggie says, but Gregory had chance after chance, and he wasted them. She doesn’t regret what she did. Some people can be redeemed; others can’t. Michonne asks, who makes that decision? and Maggie guesses it’s one of the things they have to figure out.

Justin tells Rick to keep his dog on a leash, referring to Daryl. He tried to kill him over nothing. Rick says he knows Justin. He used to be a cop. Every Saturday night, he’d pick up a dipsh*t like him, trying to blame someone else for their own damn problems. Justin says he doesn’t have to listen, but Rick says he does. Rick gave him the benefit of the doubt. That’s done. Pack his sh*t, and get out in the morning. If Rick sees his face again, even stitches won’t fix it. Justin says he wouldn’t stay if Rick begged him to, and he’s not waiting until morning.

Rick tells Aaron it’s going to be all right, which is easy for him to say. He would have died if the wound had gotten infected. Rick sits, and says he’s sorry. They were all supposed to be working together, and he thought they were. He knows he was pushing hard, putting the project first, and he paid the price. Aaron says it’s worth it. When the dead started to rise, he thought he was seeing the end of everything. Rick changed all that. It’s not the end of the world anymore. It’s the start of a whole new one. He’ll always be glad he was there to be a part of it.

Gabriel and Anne sit near a pong. Gabriel says those are frog mating calls. There’s a wild frog party going on. Anne says, that’s a strange thing to know, and Gabriel tells her that he grew up playing in the woods. It sounds like home. She asks if he knows the woman he had her draw. He says he doesn’t ask her secrets, and she asks if that’s who she was; a secret lover perhaps. He says it was nothing like that. She was the organist at his church. He cared for her very much, but was afraid and lost her. Anne thought he was supposed to be celibate, but he says he’s Episcopal, not Catholic. His vows don’t prohibit him from… He kisses her, and she kisses back. Wow. I didn’t see that coming. Gabriel says he’s supposed to be on watch. She says, then watch, and kisses him again.

Everyone jokes around the campfire. Carol asks Ezekiel if he’s still carrying the old ring around. She just wants to try it on for a while. He tries to get on one knee, and she tells him, no. He says he wrote a speech, and she says she’s sure he did. He can read it to her later. He puts the ring on her, and they smile at each other. Rick watches.

Rick says, it was a hard day. The hardest in a while. A man lost his arm; the project fell behind schedule; people were at each other’s throats. As bad as it was, when the day was done, they came together. Not all of them, but enough. They chose to be together. See what he’s getting at? No matter what happens, it’s human nature to come together. It’s what they do.

Negan (I was right) says, it’s a real pretty picture Rick is painting. When does he get to see it? Rick says, never. He’s going to die behind bars. He knows that. Negan says, then as a final request, why doesn’t he bring… Rick asks if he ever gets tired of acting still he’s still in charge. Negan asks, does he? Does Rick think because they had a weenie roast he has it locked? When everything goes to sh*t – and it will – make sure to come back and tell him. Rick says they’re thriving without Negan. They’re building a future, like he said. Negan asks, for who? Carl? Rick tells Negan not to speak Carl’s name. Negan says Rick’s family is gone; the same as his. The bridge isn’t the future. It’s a monument to the dead. Rick isn’t saving the world. He’s just getting it ready for Negan.

In the cherry picker, Anne hears something, and looks up. She sees a helicopter flying across the night’s sky.

Justin walks along the road in the dark, alone. He’s drinking, which probably isn’t the brightest idea. He tosses the bottle, so he’s a litterbug too. He hears something, and brings out a sword. Someone comes out of the woods who he recognizes. He says they could have gotten themselves killed… What the hell?

Next time, the future belongs to all of them, rioting starts, and Maggie and Daryl walk a road together.

😔 Tonight’s episode was dedicated to Scott Wilson aka Herschel.

💍 Tonight was the finale of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. The Couples Tell All is their version of a reunion, where at least one cast member has to SKYPE in because they didn’t get their visa or it didn’t work out. This time, there were several, and it was probably the messiest Tell All ever. Fingers in faces, walkouts, Shaun Robinson the worst host in the world. I read there’s an internet petition to get rid of her. A sad show made even sadder. That’s not to say it wasn’t the best thing since the invention of reality TV. One couple never even made it to meeting each other, and was a no show. Darcey and Jesse went from Jesse claiming he was going to file charges, to hugging it out. Karine announced she was pregnant, and Paul asked for another DNA test. Ricky decided to stay with his ex-wife, making him look like even more of an idiot, and leaving Ximena grateful she didn’t get more involved. Angela broke up with Michael, who was on SKYPE, because he brought up their age difference once again. It was apparently once too many. She ended up taking it out on Rachel when the couples present at the studio were brought together. We also found out that Michael did not steal all of Angela’s money when she gave him her PIN, and it was a bank error, probably the biggest surprise of the season. The only disappointment was that John wasn’t there in person, since I’m sure he would have had a fistfight with someone. After taking copious notes throughout the season, I’ll be submitting my analyzation of these couples in the near future.

👰 Almost Wife Meets Sister Wife…

Because being involved with one bad situation isn’t enough.

✈ Say It Ain’t So…

Looks like not-so-Juicy Joe might be getting the boot to the boot.

🐷 Best Music Video In a While…

October 13, 2018 – Emergency Vampire Film Announcement


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


I rarely post on a Saturday, but this was too important. The Fearless Vampire Killers is on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) tonight at 8 pm. I don’t know if they’re going to run it again, and it’s rarely on TV. Now’s your chance. It’s a lot of fun.





October 12, 2018 – Nelle’s Trial Begins, the Newmerica Vote, Z Quote, QuoteQuennial & Real Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I missed the very beginning of the show. One of my pups had a vet appointment, so I was running late. There are also a few gaps at the beginning because I had to take a call. Pesky real life got in the way of my TV life, but it was nothing the plot hinged on. I don’t think…

Valentin is glad Nina is meeting with Sasha. He hopes she finds the closure she deserves after everything Madeline put her through. Curtis tells Valentin that he never bought Madeline’s story. Valentin says he didn’t either, and Curtis says, until the test results came back. Two tests with the same results. It proved Sasha was Nina’s daughter. Valentin says now Nina just has to figure out what it means.

Nina tells Sasha that her mother left her the pendant when she died. Sasha is sorry for Nina’s loss, and Nina says she’s sorry for Sasha’s loss as well. Her mother left the pendant along with a note saying, this will mend a broken heart. She thought her mother was trying to reunite them. She’d arranged for the adoption, so it’s not outside realm of possibilities that she would have the other half. Sasha doesn’t have it, or recall ever seeing it. Nina says maybe Sasha’s mother didn’t want her to have it. If she didn’t want Sasha to know she was adopted, and Nina’s mom gave it to her, maybe she didn’t want to show it to Sasha.

Sitting outside Kelly’s, Alexis says If Sam doesn’t want to talk about Jason, it’s her prerogative, but if she does, she has their support. Molly says, every step of the way. Brad comes by with Wiley. He tells them that Wiley was being fussy, but once he was in the car, he went out like light. Alexis suggests music in the nursery. Brad thought it would keep the baby up, but Alexis says it’s just the opposite. I miss something here, and when I come back, Brad is talking about his rebellious teenage years, and how he shaved his head. They called him Mr. Clean. Molly doesn’t think Kristina will be shaving her head. Sam says Brad’s hair grew back, and he learned from his mistakes. Kristina will find her way.

At the courthouse, Michael tells Carly that Nelle will be receiving a lighter sentence in exchange for a state trial. Carly says she’ll testify on her own behalf, shed crocodile tears, and say she just made a mistake. But when she’s done, they’ll see her for the psycho she is. Michael has no doubt, but he’s not looking forward to reliving everything. Carly says the evidence is on their side, and when they win, Nelle’s reign of terror will be over. He’ll be fine. Just tell the truth, and don’t get angry. He wonders if she’s talking to him or herself, and she says, both. They don’t want the jury to see her as a victim. The real test will be when they see her. Michael says they’re going to find out together. Nelle is led in wearing orange, which is not the new black.

In the park, Aiden goes off for pretzels, while Franco and Elizabeth talk on a bench. Franco suggests that maybe Aiden is faking being sick so he can stay home with his brothers. Elizabeth thinks that could be a possibility, since they were together all summer; he misses them. Franco says it’s lonely at school. Halloween is coming up; they could have a costume party. Elizabeth says they can invite the entire class. She looks in Aiden’s backpack, and takes out an envelope. She looks inside, and says, it’s a letter from his teacher.

At Kelly’s, Valerie is having a celebratory lunch with Chase and Jordan. Chase tells Valerie she’s getting off that easy, but it’s not like she was tricked into performing at the Nurses’ Ball. Jordan says, what torture, and he says, it’s tradition. Jordan picks up the check, saying Valerie earned it. Kristina walks in, and asks, what’s up? Valerie says they insisted on a celebration for her promotion. Kristina congratulates her, and Valerie says it’s almost over, but does she want to join them? Kristina tells her that Brad is in desperate of coffee, congratulates Valerie again, and jets.

Nelle wasn’t sure Michael would come, and he says he had no choice. Carly says they were both subpoenaed. Nelle ignores her, and says it’s good to see Michael. She’d asked Kim to give him her messages and letters; why hasn’t he responded? Michael tells her that he has nothing to say. Nelle tells him he looks good. He looks at her handcuffs, and says she looks appropriate. She’s grateful to see him, and it’s a break in her routine, but she’s never alone. Her grief over their son keeps her company, but she can still dream. She dreamt they took Jonah to the park. He was asleep by the time they got back home, and the three of them were cuddling in their bed; they were watching him sleep. She woke up, and realized he wasn’t safe in his crib, and he was gone. Carly says, that’s enough. Nelle says she has to relive it, so it’s easier to know Michael does too. They’ll always be connected by the loss of their child.

Sasha says her mother is not an awful person, and Nina tells her that’s not what she’s saying. Sasha has a lot to reconcile, when something that big was kept from her. Nina understands how complex mother/daughter relationships can be. Her mother did unspeakable things to her. Sasha is sorry to hear it. She and her mother were close, and she was always encouraged to follow her dreams. She even went to Paris, for two weeks in her freshman year. It was an expensive trip, but her mother managed to swing it. Someday, she’s going back, and not staying in a youth hostel. Nina says she’s going in a few weeks for a fashion expo to represent Crimson. Sasha should go with her. Nina can introduce her to all the designers. It would be so much fun get to know each other between the fashion shows, and they could do some sightseeing. Sasha says, no. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

Chase tells Jordan that he’s due in court, and says he’ll see Valerie at the station, calling her partner. Jordan sees that Valerie and Chase are getting along. Valerie knows it’s only, but they’re a good fit. He’s showing her the ropes, and she’s showing him the low down on Port Charles. He’s doing okay getting around, and spends a lot of time at the gym. She tells Jordan not to worry about her crossing the lines like in the past. Jordan says she owes Valerie an apology for the way she handled things with Dante.

Curtis tells Valentin that Nina had sky high hopes. He tried to bring her down to earth, and convince her to keep her expectations low. Valentin says if anyone can get through to Nina, it’s him. Curtis says Sasha is a wild card. She gives the impression of being confident and self-assured, but refused to believe she was adopted. He had to show her the DNA test. It turned her world upside down. Valentin hopes there’s room enough for Nina, but if the worst happens, she’ll need support. Curtis says he’s got that covered. He suggests Valentin cancel any plans he has to win her back. The last thing she needs is his interference. Valentin says, absolutely.

Nina says she and Sasha could learn about each other while having a new experience. Sasha says she can’t, and Nina says if it’s a money issue, she’ll cover the expenses. Sasha says, it’s not about money. They literally just met; it seems premature. Nina says, sorry; it’s too soon. She has a penchant for going headfirst into things, and they don’t always pan out. Nina says maybe this time next year. They can go to the 2019 fashion expo. Sasha doesn’t think that’s going to happen. When the DNA results came back, she wanted to meet Nina, but that doesn’t mean she wants a relationship. She wanted closure, and after today, she has it. She already has a mother, and she’s gone, but Sasha will always think of her as her mother. Nina asks, even though she lied to Sasha her entire life?

I miss something here too, and Alexis says Wiley is already a jetsetter. This is confusing because I wonder where he’s been jet setting other than Kelly’s or the MetroCourt. Sam says it’s not like Brad is going to flee the country. Brad flashes back to Nelle telling him take her baby.

Carly says Nelle is just trying get into Michael’s head, so he chokes on the witness stand. Nelle says it has nothing so with Carly. Carly says Nelle is targeting Michael in an attempt to take her down; look at her. Nelle asks if Michael’s mother is still speaking for him. He says she doesn’t speak for him, but he has a support system. Nelle says, lucky him. He tells her the only person she has to blame for where she is, is herself. She says after everything they went through, now she’s nothing, no one to him. He says, Jonah is gone. Anything between them is gone. She is nothing to him. She says she is still something. There’s something he doesn’t know; something important she has to tell him. It’s going to change everything.

Franco asks what the letter says, and Elizabeth hands it to him. Aiden comes back with pretzels, and Elizabeth asks him what the letter is. He says, uh oh. She thinks he was supposed to give it to her. She found it in his backpack.

Jordan tells Valerie that it was the first time she was running a department on her own. A lot has changed, especially how she’d handle situations like Valerie’s. Dante was her supervisor. Valerie wants to make it clear that he in no way coerced her. It was completely consensual; he never took advantage of her. She thinks it was addressed appropriately. Valerie says she never held anything against always Jordan. She’s been professional. More than that; she’s been a mentor, a role model. She’s one of the reason Valerie took the exam. Jordan is looking forward to working with her, and getting back to where they used to be.

Brad says that running is on Lucas’s side of the family; not his. He says he should probably get going before Wiley starts again. He leaves, and Sam asks Alexis, was it her, or did Brad seem off? Kristina thinks their family makes him nervous. She can’t blame him; they’re screaming overachievers. Alexis says he looked like he had a lot on his mind.

Michael tells Nelle that he’s not interested. He asks her to spare them a long, drawn out trial, and reliving the pain. Chase walks in, and says she’ll never do that; she’s incapable of remorse. She just wants her moment in court. He asks if she has her victim tears ready. The jury is going to hear her ask him to kill Michael, and admit to killing Zach. She can cry all she wants, but she should cry for herself. She’s about to be convicted for murder.

Nina apologizes to Sasha. Sasha says she can’t deny the relationship out of respect for her mother. Nina says a woman who didn’t have respect enough for Sasha to tell her the truth. Sasha starts to leave. Nina asks her not to go. She still remembers being pregnant with Sasha, and thinking about their future; going to the theater, walking her to school, the incredible woman she would become. All of that was taken from her. She didn’t know Sasha existed, and thought she was gone. If she’d known, she would have spent every moment trying to find her. She asks if they can start over. Sasha sits back down, and says, it was a lot. Nina agrees, and says they can start again tomorrow.

Nelle tells Chase that he’s hardly in a position to look down on her. He set her up. He says she was the one who thought of killing Michael.

Kristina tells Alexis that she’s meeting friends. Alexis says she hopes they can have dinner with Molly and TJ, but Kristina thinks she’s hit her celebratory threshold. She leaves, and Alexis asks Sam why she thinks Kristina really has nowhere to go? Sam says, and she thought she was the PI. Alexis say she went overboard, but didn’t mean to. Kristina is just as intelligent as Molly or Sam, if she’d only apply herself. She thinks Kristina is afraid, and Sam says, partly, but their lives are going in different directions. Sam wonders why Alexis isn’t having this conversation with Kristina. Alexis says she’s showing restraint. She’s like sit down, and give Kristina ideas for her life plan, but she’s not doing that.

Nina says Sasha can’t drive all the way home tonight; stay for breakfast. Sasha doesn’t want to mislead Nina, or create false expectations. Nina says they may not be best friends or even close, but she just wants Sasha to have the opportunity to get to know her. Sasha said it didn’t go so well go today. Nina knows. She says the reality of Sasha was harder than she expected, but she’ll be better by breakfast. Sasha says it’s not about Nina being better. Nina says she’s the only biological mother Sasha will have. She owes it to herself to find out what Nina is about. Sasha agrees, and they decide to meet in the same place. Sasha can’t promise she’ll change how she feels. Nina understands. Sasha leaves, and I note their wine glasses are still full.

Curtis comes into Kelly’s, and says, if it’s not PCPD’s finest. He kisses Jordan. Lunch is over, and Valerie is about to leave. He says he hears congratulations are in order. Jordan walks Valerie out. Valerie says her congratulations are long overdue on Jordan’s engagement. She’s happy for them. Jordan thinks it’s nice of her to say, all things considering. Valerie says it’s the truth. She and Curtis weren’t right for each other. He and Jordan are, and Valerie thinks he’s a good one.

Chase hopes, whatever Nelle said, that Carly and Michael paid no attention to it. Carly says she claims she knows something that will change everything. Chase says she’s just being manipulative. If she’s sitting on anything significant, it will find it’s way out in court. Carly says, dragging them through this torture is the only power she has left. Brad walks in with Wiley.

Valerie sees Kristina in the park, and asks if Kristina is upset with her, since she bolted earlier. Kristina says she’s proud of Valerie. It’s badass to pass the detective exam on the first try. She’ll make a great detective. Valerie says Kristina is great too, and Kristina says, great at failing. She’s watching everyone else climb the ladder. It reminds her of how behind she is. She has no career; she’s just stuck. Valerie says it couldn’t have been easy to leave Parker. Kristina says she managed to make Valerie’s success about her, but Valerie says friends are supposed to vent, so vent away. Kristina tells her to be careful what she wishes for. Lately, everyone has been doing great things. Molly aced her exams, Michael is the youngest CEO she knows, Alexis just had incredible success with a trial, and Sam is a single mom adventure woman. She hates feeling like a loser. She should be buying Valerie shots, not moping. Valerie says she’ll hold her to the shots. She has an amazing road ahead. Kristina says she just has to figure out which way to turn.

Curtis hopes it wasn’t too awkward for Jordan. Jordan says she and Valerie are in a good place. Valerie wished them well, and said he’s one of the good ones; she shouldn’t let him get away. Curtis says she might be on to something, and lucky for Jordan, he’s not going anywhere. She’s counting the days to the wedding. Curtis says, and the honeymoon. They both need a break. Jordan says she has the case with Nelle wrapping up.

Valentin sees Nina, and asks to join her. She says, sure, and he says he spoke to Curtis. How did the meeting go? Nina asks if it isn’t obvious. As far as Sasha is concerned, her adoptive mom is her real mom. Valentin is sorry, but she says it’s not his fault. He says, it is. He got the ball rolling, and put her in this situation. Nina says she wouldn’t know Sasha existed if not for Valentin. She’s forever grateful for that; she’s just disappointed. She’s not disappointed in her daughter – she’s incredible – but she’s disappointed in herself. She did everything she’d promised herself not to do. She pushed too hard, she got too excited, and insulted Sasha’s adoptive mom. She invited Sasha to Paris, and acted like a crazy person. No wonder Sasha wants nothing to do with her. Nina did all she could do to get her to stay for breakfast. Sasha is gracious and lovely. That’s the hard part. She’s so familiar. They have interests in the same things, her mannerisms; she feels like Nina’s daughter. She doesn’t want to lose her. Valentin takes Nina’s hand.

Aiden asks if Elizabeth is mad at him. She says, no, but she’s not happy. When the teacher gives him something for her, he has to give it to her. He promises, and she tells him to wait by the car. Franco asks what she thinks he did. Cheat at finger-painting? Kill the class gerbil? She doesn’t know, but the teacher wants a meeting to discuss him. It’s weird that she didn’t say why. Elizabeth is worried.

Nelle sees Brad. Everyone looks at him, while Wiley fusses.

On Monday, Franco thinks Drew looks like he needs a friend, Doc can help Ryan if he’ll let him, and Laura wants to know where her husband went.

Z Nation

Cooper and Roberta cuddle and listen to music. She says just being there with him and touched by him, she’s afraid to believe it. The second she does, it will go away. He tells her, it’s not a dream It’s real. She was sent to him. He doesn’t know if it’s God, fate, or karma. Or Sarah smiling down from above. She’s there for a reason, and he’s not letting anything take her away. She says he’s the best imaginary friend ever. He asks if she chopped wood. She did, and he goes to fetch it.

A sign says, Welcome to Altura. Doc drives up to the entrance. Everyone greets George. The place looks like a campus, and Doc says, this is more like it. There’s a farmer’s market, and Doc sees some weird people in masks. George says she has new citizens. They’re informed it’s the longest running zombie free outpost. Give themselves a hand. They made it. George says the team will take good care of them. She’ll see them inside

Doc gets a dental and medical exam. The examiner says, 96.4, and a pulse; certifiably alive. He gets his application for citizenship and voter registration. So does Lilley. She can’t find a pulse on 10K, and asks if he’s had any near death experiences. He says sometimes everything is in slow motion. She looks at the back of his neck, and says she sees a healed over bite. Lilley says it’s from her. The examiner asks if 10K has any heart problems. He says not that he knows of. She finally finds his pulse. No biscuits for him.

A guy is trying to control Granny, and George says get her a biscuit before she turns. Once she has one, she’ll be back. Doc tells Lilley that they have to wait for housing and work permits. He sees Red at the farmer’s market and calls to her, but she doesn’t hear him. He says he knows someone who’s going to be very happy. A man hands Red a baby, and Doc says he sees a baby and a husband. There’s a turn of events. Lilley wonders what they’ll tell 10K.

Murphy shows up at the farm. Cooper draws his gun, and Murphy tells him not to shoot; he’s unarmed. Cooper pats him down, finding his gun, and Murphy says, unarmed except for that. Cooper asks what his story is, and Murphy says he’s not contagious, and not looking for trouble. He’s looking for a friend. Cooper says he’s the only one there, and Murphy says maybe he’ seen or heard of her. He’s come a long way. He’d remember her if he saw her. She was in a plane crash, and maybe hurt. Roberta Warren. Cooper aims his gun, and Murphy says if he hasn’t seen her, he hasn’t seen her. Thanks for his time. Cooper says he must be Murphy. Murphy says, so he has seen her. Cooper asks if he isn’t supposed to be blue, and Murphy says, it’s complicated. Murphy asks if she’s okay, and Cooper says she talked about him. Murphy says he denies all of it; half anyway. He has no idea how long Murphy has been looking. She has friends waiting in Newmerica. Cooper tells Murphy that he’ll take him to her.

Cooper says he has a car, and takes Murphy to the barn. When they get inside, Cooper knocks Murphy out.

Roberta goes looking for Cooper, and finds him in the barn. She asks if everything is all right, and what he’s doing in there. He doesn’t know. She tells him not to do this to himself; don’t torture himself. There was nothing he could have done. Let it go. Let the guilt go. Cooper says he doesn’t deserve her. She hears tapping from the trunk. She opens it, and sees Murphy gagged and bound. She glares at Cooper, who says, yeah, he knows.

Cooper says he can explain. She says, explain why her friend is tied up and gagged in the trunk? Cooper says he was going to take her away. She asks if he’d planned on killing Murphy, and he says he’s doing this for them. She tells him to let Murphy out. He apologizes. His bad, but he won’t let Murphy take her. Roberta says, or what? She tells him not to touch her, and when he approaches, she slugs him. He asks if she’s going to let the devil in the trunk destroy what they were talking about. She tells Murphy, hang on. She’s getting him out. She opens the trunk, and Cooper slams it shut. She smacks him again. He says he’d never hurt her. He grabs her, and she tells him to let her go. He asks her to stop struggling and hear him out. No one else knows what he knows. No one can help her like he can. He needs to tell her something, but she can’t fight. He lets her go and she hits him with a frying pan. She says he made her have hope.

Roberta gets Murphy freed. He tells her to let him out before the fight next time. She says it’s good to see him too. He asks who Cooper is, and she says, some guy. He asks what they’re doing with him; killing him? She says, no.

Roberta goes out on the porch and cries a little, something we rarely see. Murphy comes out, and says it’s a long walk to Newmerica. They take the tractor. Murphy says, it beats walking, but the apocalypse will be over by the time they get there.

We see Cooper’s car in the barn. A bunch of zombies scrabble at it. Wow. That’s harsh.

In Newmerica, Doc dumps his belongings in the garbage, saying, time for a new start. George asks if Doc got his work assignment. He’s going to be an intake examiner, and Lilley and 10K are gate keepers. George tells a soldier to take it easy with Granny; she’s someone’s mother. He says Granny is a goner, but George says, she hasn’t turned; she just needs her biscuit. He gripes that she’s already had her ration, and George gets one from Dante. 10K asks Dante what’s in them. Dante says, nobody knows for sure. Nobody wants to know. His guess is traces of brains. It’s an acquired taste. George tells the soldier, let her go. Granny comes to the fence, and George tells her, calm down, and she’ll get her biscuit. Granny says, please, and George gives it to her. Lilley says, they do the trick. Dante says they’d be screwed without them. Doc says George must be something, and Dante says he’s laid down his life for her many times. George tells Granny that she’ll be okay. The soldier doesn’t look happy.

Doc asks what Dante thinks of Newmerica. Is he going to vote yes? Dante hopes George is right. He doesn’t trust his fellow man, but trusts her. She says it should be one nation, so he’s voting for Newmerica. Doc asks what the alternative is, and Dante says, burn it all down.

A new group comes to the entrance. George says it’s the last of the survivors, and Doc says, looks like it. He looks again and sees Roberta and Murphy. Doc runs to Roberta, saying she’s indestructible. He notices her hair isn’t blonde anymore, and she says, I’m back, baby. Murphy tells Doc that he said he’d find her, and Doc says he’ll never doubt him again. The examiner tell Doc to refrain from touching them until after quarantine. Robert says it’s impressive, and Murphy asks if there’s room service. Doc gives them the welcome speech. When he tells them to give themselves a hand, they just look at each other. The examiner says, humans to her right, the mortally challenged to her left. The soldier who was bugged by Granny calls Murphy Lucifer. The examiner says Murphy has to go to biohazard research. Murphy asks who she’s calling a biohazard, and the soldier tries to grab him. Roberta intervenes.

George talks to a guy while they look at a map. He says there had been a natural barrier, but since the black rain, there’s been an increase in zombie contact. He thinks the black rain might have given them a level of consciousness like the talkers. George says they used to see a few zombies a week; now it’s a few a day. The remote outposts could be in danger, and if it doesn’t pass, they could all be in danger, Dante comes in, saying there’s trouble at the gate. George asks if it’s zombies, but he says, survivors. The ones they brought in. George says she’ll take care of it. She leaves, and the guy asks a masked woman for the head of the militia. She says they’re on their way, and asks if there’s anything else she can do.

Murphy says it’s discrimination. Roberta says Murphy is phobic of everything, especially scientists. The inspector says, it’s not up to her. It’s a lab exam or back to the apocalypse. Doc says despite what he looks like, Murphy is really human. Roberta is the head of their band of merry pranksters aka Operation Bitemark. She can vouch for Murphy too.

Roberta and George see one another, and hug. They both flash back to the beginning of the apocalypse. It’s chaos at a campus; zombies lurching, soldiers shooting, everyone running. Lieutenant Roberta sees George crouching by a building and grabs her. Roberta asks why she didn’t get out during the evacuation, and George says her grandma was dying, and she couldn’t leave. Roberta asks if she gave her grandma mercy, but she couldn’t. Her grandma turned, and she ran. Roberta introduces herself, and says they have two minutes to get to the evac. A zombie attacks Roberta, who drops her gun. George picks it up, and shoots at the zombie. She doesn’t know what she’s doing, and Roberta yells for her to shoot it in the head. She finally gets it, and Roberta tells her, that’s how you do it. She tells George there’s no time, and they’re going to have to run through the shooting and zombies. She gives George a pointy shovel, and tells her to use it like an ax. They run down the street, whacking zombies. Roberta gets George into the truck, and gives a salute. The truck pulls away. In the present, Roberta and George hug again. Roberta says she told George it would be okay. Doc says, so they know each other. They both say, she saved my life, at the same time. Murphy asks if this means he can skip the test, but George says, no.

A fiddler plays outside the building where the voting is taking place. Inside, Roberta tells George it’s quite an operation, and George says they’ve been working on a constitution for weeks. It will probably never be done, but they’re voting. She points to the guy she’d been talking to, and tells Roberta that his name is Roman. He’s the reason they have water and power. He’s a genius, but cool too. She introduces Roberta to Roman, saying Roberta is an old friend who saved her life during black summer. Roman says they owe Roberta a debt of gratitude. Roberta says George saved her life too. He says it’s a habit with George. He welcomes Roberta, shaking her hand, and she sees a barcode tattoo above his wrist. She says he was in Zona. Roman says, in the beginning, but he left. He didn’t support their causes, and got out early. He asks when Roberta was there, and she says she got out early as well.

The biohazard researcher is Dr. Sun. Murphy calls her Sun Beam, and I literally LOL. She says it’s Sun Mai. When she heard they were sending her a red freak, she knew it was him. He asks if his precious bodily fluids haven’t cost enough for one apocalypse, and asks if she’s working on another vaccine. She says she’s examining the protein in brains that make zombies human. He asks what happened; they thought she died. She says she was rescued by some Marines, including Dante, before he died and became one of the first talkers. Another guy in the lab says Sun is married to him. Murphy says, it’s true. Love never dies. It just rots away.

It’s Citizen Z! I can’t believe it. He’s going to meet the others face to face. He’s broadcasting from a bar in Newmerica, where everyone comes to get drunk and forget about the zombies. They’re ready to embark on a crazy thing called democracy. He sees Doc, 10K, and Lilley, and hugs them all, including Lilley, even though he doesn’t know her. Doc asks about Kaya and the baby, and he says they’re in Pacifica. He tells them to take a seat, and he’ll join them when he’s done. He announces, Operation Bitemark is in the house!

Roberta says George is all grown up; she’s changed. George says, zombies will do that to you. She says Roberta looks exactly like she remembers, and Roberta  appreciates her glaucoma, They toast to black summer. Roberta heard that most of the students made it because of George. George says if it hadn’t been for Dante and the other talkers, they wouldn’t have survived. Roberta says she knew George was special back then. George looks sad for a moment, then asks Roberta what she’s been up to since last summer. They laugh.

Pandora approaches Dante, who tells her, go away. She heard it’s going to be a landslide. His human is getting what she wants and more. Dante says George isn’t his human. And when did she give a biscuit about what humans want? She tells him that he doesn’t have to be so… living, just because he can’t get everything he wants. Pity.

Citizen Z does more filming at the bar. A fan accosts him, and gives him a drink. Citizen Z asks if that’s a thumb at the bottom, and the fan tells him to eat it when he’s done; it’s like the worm in tequila. The alcohol kills the germs. Citizen Z says, good to know. Doc says a little talker/stalker moment is going on, and tells 10K to rescue Citizen Z. When he’s gone, Doc asks Lilley, who’s going to tell 10K about Red? She says, not her, and Doc asks, why him? She says he’s sensitive, and will find a way to do it gently. 10k pretends to suddenly see Citizen Z, who says he was looking for his buddy, and extracts himself from the conversation.

Citizen Z joins the others, and puts down his cocktail, saying, he’s not drinking this. He has a wife and kid. Lilley and Doc stare at 10K. Doc suddenly says, Red is alive, and she’s here with another dude, and they’ve got a kid. Lilley is like, wha-? Lilley says, sorry, and 10K downs Citizen Z’s drink. Citizen Z tells him, don’t drink the thumb, but he does.

A talker and a human start to argue, and Doc says, there’s trouble in paradise. The talker tells the human it’s guys like him who give humans a bad name. The human says he never trusted his kind, and the talker says he’s going to be his kind in a minute, if he doesn’t watch it. George intervenes, saying they’re both drunk. The talker says, listen to her, but the human says they’ve been listening to her too much. She’s always siding with the talkers. He has rights. George says they all have rights. The right to life, liberty, and getting sh*tfaced. The human says, someday they’re going to stop pretending and start eating them. The talker says he’s drunk; he can’t speak that way to him. The human shoots him. The talker gets back up and says, hey, you shot me. The human says he’ll do it again if he doesn’t shut-up. Roberta says, this is going to take some getting used to. The talker says it’s his favorite T-shirt. George says the human’s wife was a talker, wasn’t she? He says he misses her every day. George asks how he thinks she’d vote tomorrow, and he says, she’d vote yes. George says that’s because she’d want to be with him. That’s all the post-dead want; to be with their loved ones. It’s all they’re asking. She takes the bullets out of his gun, and says he’ll get them back when he’s sober. Pandora watches. George toasts to democracy. 10K broods, and spits out the thumb.

Citizen Z continues to film. Roman and George have voted. Citizen Z asks how George feels, and she says she feels good; committed to end of a long journey. She sees the human from the bar, and says she knows they don’t agree, but she’s glad he voted. He tells her that he voted yes. Good luck with her country. He hopes she keeps it. She says they will if it kills her. The polls are officially closed.

Lilley asks 10K, what if the vote is no? Do they just start shooting? What will they do with the talkers? There’s more of them than live people. She asks if he’s even listening, but he’s staring at Red. Lilley says he should go talk to her. He walks toward her. She tosses her head, and everything is in slow motion like an Estée Lauder commercial. He sees the guy with the baby. There’s a record scratch sound, and he jets.

Roberta asks George if she’s nervous. George says not for the vote, but for the speech. Roberta tells her to just speak her truth. George says, Newmerica is real; that’s her truth. Roberta says, then what? George tells her, they roll up their sleeves, and get sh*t done. It’s 1776 all over again. Dante sees Pandora, and follows her.

Red tells 10K that his friend, the sarge, told her that he was there. She’s happy he’s alive. 10K says, him too. Not him; he’s happy she’s alive too. Red suggest they try this again. She says, he’s alive! and hugs him. She was afraid she’d never see him again. He asks, what about the other dude? The father of her child. Red says, her child? She laughs, and says there’s no other dude. He must mean Ted. He’s married to a friend of hers, and it’s her kid. 10K says, let’s try this again, and they hug.

Roman says it’s been a long journey. They’ll get to the results in a moment, but he has to thank one person who worked tirelessly to get them to this point. If anyone has earned the right to announce the final results, it’s her. They crowd chants for George. Roberta says they’re calling her name. She says she still needs a joke. Roman tells her not to forget the results, and gives her an envelope. She tells Roberta to wish her luck, and turns to walk to the podium.

There’s an explosion. Everything and everyone goes flying.

Next time, Who’s dead? Who’s alive? Who’s both? And Pandora says there’s hate in the air.

😈 Z Nation quote of the week – from a season one episode I saw this morning:

Doc to 10K: Who taught you how to drive? 10K: No one.

🙊 Quotes of the Week

I can’t wait to get off the stage, because I’ve got lifesavers in my pocket and pineapple is next. — Mitch Hedberg

I can’t tell you how many times I have failed. It’s the reason I am who I am. You don’t build tenacity, you don’t build work ethic unless you make mistakes and try again. It makes you tougher. It makes you grittier. — Serena Williams

If you can’t trust elevators, what the eff can you trust? — Mitchell (Ron Perlman), Down

We can all learn a little something from each other, so whatever people can take and be inspired by where my music is concerned is great.Aretha Franklin

Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.Will Rogers

🎭 The Weekend…

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October 7, 2018 – The Original Walkers Return, Talking Tidbit, RIP Herschel, 90 News, He’s Back, a Scammer Scammed & Cabin Fun


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Alexandria is being rebuilt, and looking pretty good. Michonne teaches Judith to paint. She and Rick take Judith for a walk. Why does Judith look more like Michonne than Lori or Shane?

Two Alexandrians hang up a zombie scarecrow, but Daryl shoots it in the head with an arrow. Jesus kicks zombie ass outside. Aaron wants to learn, and Jesus says he teaches a class. Zombie Ass Kicking 101? Rick gets a group together to go to DC.

Outside, it’s quiet. A group of zombies meanders up the street, begins to gather. Rick and Michonne gallop by on horses and whack them in the head. King Ezekiel follows, along with some others on horses and a horse pulled cart. Daryl brings up the rear with his motorcycle dudes.

The group does a sweep of a museum. A lone zombie pops up from behind the desk. Oh, it must be government run. Rick says they have their lists. Circle back when they’re done, and be safe. They split into smaller groups. Maggie says it’s going to work. Michonne sees zombies roaming underneath them through a glass floor, and carefully walks across. A zombie plummets over the bannister of an upper floor. Although he’s impaled on something, Daryl finishes him off.

Downstairs, Rick’s group looks around in the dark. Siddiq gets caught under a tarp with a zombie crawling with spiders. He doesn’t like spiders. Apparently even less than he likes zombies.

A zombie ambles toward the chain of human evolution, and becomes the final frame in the display. Daryl helps Cyndie with a canoe, and asks if she’s all right. She was thinking about her brother. They were fighting in a canoe at the county fair. She asks if he has random memories like that. Daryl says most of his memories of his brother involve fighting. He had friends who fought with him, but they didn’t make it.

Rick’s group finds a crate where seeds are being stores. Anne remembered where they were from the days when she was teaching; she brought her class there. Rick tells them to take the lot. Gee, seeds aren’t that heavy; take them all. He wants to get back, and see if the others need help.

Michonne is surprised that Gregory called for an election. Maggie says he had one great idea, but he’s sore about the results. Michonne says, the rebirth of democracy – by that guy. Who’d have thought. Carol says she lives with a king. Maggie says, it works, but there’s something about a vote. She tells them that they have to help the Sanctuary, and Michonne says she’s glad Maggie won.

Rick, Carol, and some others try to get a covered wagon down the stairs, and over the glass floor, which is at the bottom of the staircase. They wheel it slowly off the bottom steps and across the glass. The glass begins to crack, but the zombies don’t notice them. Maggie helps bring down a vintage plow. As the carry it across the glass, it isn’t looking good. Rick says, no sudden moves; nice and slow. Rick, Ezekiel, and Carol take another piece of equipment across. The glass cracks some more, and Ezekiel falls through. The zombies come at him, and latch onto him. He’s tied to a column with a rope that’s rubbing back and forth against the jagged glass. Dangling, Ezekiel kicks at the zombies, who are pulling at him every which way. The others try to pull him back. I’m freaking out, and hopping around in my chair. Daryl tries to use the crossbow, but can’t get a clear hit. Somehow, they get him back up. Carol hugs him, and then kisses him. Whoa. Nothing like romance in the apocalypse. That was rough. I don’t like many characters on this show, but he’s one of them.

The caravan heads back out.

Daryl pikes a random zombie in the head as he drives past it. He circles back to get his pokey stick. A few guys discuss how Daryl never smiles. Ezekiel tells Carol that he was scared back there. Carol was too, but she’s glad he’s okay. He says it made him remember something he’s been taking for granted. You can’t wait on life. He asks her to marry him, and shows her a ring. She tells him, put that thing away; it will snag on everything. She told him not to ask, especially after something like this. He laughs, and says he’ll always love her. He’ll keep it until she’s ready.

They get to a bridge, but a herd has taken it out. Maggie needs to get back to baby Herschel. Rick says, keep an eye on the road. He tells Gabriel to take his group back to Alexandria. The rest will go to Sanctuary and Hilltop, stay overnight, then head out from there. Enid writes bridge out on the sign.  Michonne tells Rick the horses can’t pull the wagon in the mud. Ken thinks they need a break. Maggie thinks they should come back, but Michonne isn’t so sure. Rick says they should swap out the horses, while they see what they can do about the trailers. Rick, Michonne, Daryl, and Ezekiel pull the wagon, but zombies toddle out of the woods. They get the wagon past the mud, and Rick tells Daryl and Michonne to take care of business. They load the wagon up with the farm equipment. The horses get nervous and rear up. The plow falls out and breaks apart. Rick tells them leave the wagon. Ken runs back to free the horses, and gets bit. Making sad face.

Siddiq tells him be all right, but no, he’s not. They start to make a tourniquet, but it’s too late. He’s gone. I hate this stupid show. Maggie cries, and I get annoyed that she’s suddenly being a baby.

Back in Alexandria, Maggie visits Ken’s parents, Earl and Tammy. Tammy says she took their boy out there, and now their son is dead. And what do they have to show for it? A broken plow. Maggie tells her they got more than that, but Tammy says the Sanctuary will get it all. Earl tells her to calm down. She says she hates Maggie but asks what kind of man would let this go? Um… a realistic one? Maggie would like to arrange a funeral, but Tammy says they’ll do it, and Maggie is not welcome. Tammy voted for her, but they’re not friends. Gregory was the one who said he put Hilltop first. He’s a scoundrel, but he’s no fool. Their son is dead, and Maggie’s boy has no father. The Saviors eat their food, and take everything Hilltop has bled for. It ain’t right.

Maggie watches as the funeral happens. A guy sings, and says he’s going to miss Ken. The world was a better place for having him in it. They drink to Ken.

Rick and his group arrive at the Sanctuary. Eugene says they all have a well-compiled list that needs attention. Someone asks Daryl if he’s giving a speech, but he says it’s a bad time; they just lost someone. Michonne sees, Saviors save us! We are still Negan, written on the wall. Michonne asks who did this? and Daryl tells a guy to clean it up or paint over it. The guy says they’re running out of paint; they’re finding it all over the place. He doesn’t seem too eager to get rid of it.

At the funeral, Gregory eulogizes Ken, saying, Ken had a good heart; he wasn’t a fighter. He tended to the animals. Regular guys like Ken keep the place going. He’s remembered as a son, a friend, a shining example of Hilltop. The straight face of fundamental decency, even in tragedy. Rest in peace. Jesus says, that was beautiful. Gregory says, it makes think about what you have, and what you’ve lost. He’s grateful for what he has.

Rick shakes hands. Eugene says they need a boost until help comes. Rick says he came with farming equipment, and heirloom seeds. They’re going to look to the past to help them with the present. A dude thanks Rick, and everyone applauds.

Rick asks Daryl, what’s up. Daryl doesn’t want to be there; it doesn’t feel right. He’s always better out there. He always has been. Rick says Daryl put this place together. He kept the people in line. He can’t let the Sanctuary fail. Daryl says it will anyway. It’s a factory; nothing grows. They still need other people to provide. Nothing changed. Rick says they give willingly, but Daryl says, nothing lasts. The bridge is out, and pretty soon, it will take days to ride from one place to another. Everyone is everywhere. When they were a small group at the beginning, they could do anything. That was right, and what he knows. Rick asks if Daryl wants to come to Alexandria, but he wants to go to Hilltop to check on Maggie and the baby. Daryl says they’ll need someone to take his place if he leaves. Eugene is going to Oceanside. The Kingdom has their own problems, and they need help back home. They’re not together because things have changed. Daryl says, he changed them. He gets it. Carol watches. I can’t figure out why, for all his smarts, Eugene couldn’t come up with some kind of hydroponic farming or something.

Gregory offers Ken’s parents a drink. Earl tells Tammy to go ahead; he’s fine. She takes a slug of whiskey. I guess she has a few more slugs, because now he’s putting her to bed. He asks what he’s supposed to do. She wants to be by herself and sleep. He asks if he should leave, but she says, no. He covers her with a blanket, and kisses her. Gregory appears, and offers to sit with her.

Daryl passes a smoke to Carol, who puts it out, saying it will kill him. She says they don’t sleep. Ezekiel sleeps like a baby. Daryl thinks Ezekiel is all right, but he’s corny. Carol is glad she has his approval. Corny is nice, after what she went through with Ed. Daryl is happy for her. He says if anyone deserves happiness, it’s her. He doesn’t like not seeing her. She wants to take over the Sanctuary for a while for him. She says Ezekiel asked her to marry him. Part of her wanted to say yes. Daryl asks, why not? She doesn’t know. She wants to take her time with him. He asks if Ezekiel is coming with her, but she says, no.

Earl tells Gregory his son didn’t need to be out there. He didn’t need to die. Gregory says, no, he didn’t. Earl wants to know, where’s the justice. Gregory says Maggie thinks she’s above the law. The election was a joke. He asks who Earl thinks counted the ballots – her buddy Jesus. A lot of people aren’t happy; they’re just afraid to speak up. She does whatever Rick says, even if it’s not good. Earl doesn’t see what they can do about it. She decides. Gregory says Maggie’s priorities are set, and the decisions she made put his boy in the ground. He’s speaking plainly because he’s angry. He see their lives being treated as the price of doing someone else’s business. Earl says, she’s the leader, and Gregory says, she doesn’t have to be.

Rick washes up, and gets in bed. Michonne calls him the famous Rick Grimes. He tells her not to start. She says don’t let it get to his head. Not today for sure. She wouldn’t want to be Maggie right now. Rick says, no, and she asks if he saw the name on the wall, Did they do the right thing? Sometimes she thinks they should have killed him. Rick thinks about it a lot, but it wouldn’t have changed anything. They don’t want Negan; they want food. Michonne has been thinking maybe they need an agreement between the communities. This is what they believe; this is how they treat each other; this is what happens when they don’t. Rick feels like it’s the right time. She says they couldn’t before; they were always running and fighting. Rick thinks it could pull people closer together; it’s smart. He tells her that Daryl isn’t happy. He’s worried about things breaking down. Michonne says he wouldn’t say anything if it wasn’t important. He cares. Rick says, too much sometimes. Michonne says, if he’s worried, there’s a reason. She wonders what they do, and Rick says they need to fix the bridge. She adds, and get the people to agree to a charter. He says, not constitution? and she says, charter. He says, okay; tomorrow. He feels lucky that he found her, and Michonne says they both lost enough. It’s time they won a little. They get busy, and she calls him the famous Rick Grimes again.

Maggie pushes Herschel’s stroller. Gregory sees her, and says, tough night. He’s been there, and he’s sorry. He knows it hasn’t been easy. She won fair and square, and was a worthy adversary. The election forced him to do some soul searching. Maggie says, it’s hard, not knowing where your place is. He can have one if he wants. He tells her when they were burying Ken, he didn’t want to say anything, but it looked like someone defaced Glenn’s grave. It was probably an accident, or kids who didn’t know any better. He hopes it wasn’t someone angry about the election, but it’s probably no big deal. She can check it tomorrow. Maggie jets.

A hooded figure ambushes her. She struggles with him, and Enid comes running to help, but gets knocked out. A bunch of people grab him, and pull his hood back. It’s Earl. Gregory asks what happened, like he doesn’t know. Maggie says he tried to have her killed because he’s too chicken sh*t to do it himself. He says she wants to ruin it. He built this place. It wouldn’t exist without him. She’s just Rick’s lackey. Maggie says Rick is her friend and mentor. He says she can’t go back because you-know-who is still there. She can’t believe after all the chances she gave him. He tries to stab her, but she gets the better of him.

Carol says goodbye to Ezekiel. She tells him that she’s not running away. He feels like she is, and wonders if he pushed too hard. She say her friends need her help. She has a home to come back to, and that’s enough for her for now. Ezekiel says he’ll be content to move at her speed, calling her Lady Carol. They kiss, and he says it’s such sweet sorrow. Carol tells Jerry to take care of him for her, just for a little bit. Ezekiel and Jerry gallop off.

Rick, Michonne, and Daryl drive in to Hilltop. Rick holds baby Herschel. Maggie calls Herschel a little stinker, and Rick says he’s perfect.  She thinks she’ll keep him. She puts the baby in the playpen. Rick says they’re going on runs again. She should visit Alexandria sometime. Judith talks about her a lot. He’s surprised she still remembers, but she does. He tells her that he needs her help in fixing the bridge. Hilltop is thriving; they’re better than anywhere else. She’s been generous, and given so much already, but he’s asking for more. The Sanctuary is still short, and the project will take a lot of people and supplies. He’s hoping she can be generous again. Maggie says, no more supplies without getting something back. If the Sanctuary needs food, she’ll give it to them, but in return, they provide the labor and fuel from their dead corn. Rick says, they’re barely holding on. Maggie wonders why he feels obliged to help. They surrendered, and weren’t killed. They can’t solve all their problems when there things here to deal. He’s sorry about what happened with her and Enid. She says she’s survived worse, but it has to stop. It changes now. She says it will be dark soon; it’s time to put the kids to bed.

It’s nighttime, and Gregory stands on a gallows, a horse underneath him, and a noose around his neck. Maggie says she doesn’t want to do this, but people need to understand, at Hilltop, the punishment fits the crime. She asks if he has any final words. Gregory begs for somebody to stop this. Killing him in the dead of night. She should be ashamed. It’s wrong. Maggie says she’s not ashamed. She nods and Daryl moves toward the gallows. Gregory starts wailing, stop! Suddenly, a couple of little kids are there. Michonne starts to run to the front, but Rick grabs her. Daryl slaps the horse, and Gregory hangs, swinging from the rope. Maggie tells them to get the children back in bed. She made this decision, but it’s not the beginning of something. She doesn’t want to go through it again. Rick looks at Ken’s parents. He tells Daryl to cut Gregory down. Daryl cuts the rope, and Gregory’s body drops to the ground.

Next time, rebuilding the bridge, Daryl wonders if they’re on the same side. Michonne wants rules, and Negan says they’re not saving the world, just getting it ready for him. Glad he’s still feisty.

👄 On Talking Dead, director Greg Nicotero said this season would have more of a Western movie feel, which was the original idea, with Rick being a sort of cowboy. They also talked about the new opening, and I watched that a second time. It definitely gives the vibe of a modern Western.

😞 Sad TWD News…

One of the characters I actually liked.

💍 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days – or as I like to call it, you all deserve each other – concludes its season next week. I have a lot to say about it, and am working on my dissertation as we speak. And luckily, just around the corner, are all new couples on 90 Day Fiancé, the original. This show has so many spin-offs, it could have its own channel. Which would be okay with me.

🎃 Because It’s That Time Again…

And because he never really dies.

🃏 Something Funny…

To make Monday less painful, enjoy this dude having fun with a scammer on CraigsList.

⛺ And Because I Can’t Leave It Alone…

The Cabin in the Woods. Never. Gets. Old.







October 5, 2018 – Maxie Forgives Peter, Zere Back, an Award, a Baby, Quotes of Five & Some Jarreau


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Franco brings Aiden to the hospital. Elizabeth thanks him for picking Aiden up. The nurse says he wasn’t feeling well. Aiden can’t tell her what’s going on, so she says they’ll get him checked out.

Cameron visits Josslyn. She asks if he’s seen Oscar. He says, no, and it’s lucky the homeroom teacher doesn’t take attendance or even notice who’s there; he’s skipped out twice today for her. She says he said he’d help her get Oscar back, and she’s figured out way.

Drew tells Oscar to chill. Oscar says he’s sick of waiting, literally. Drew thinks he should talk to his mother. When Kim asks, what about? Oscar says he quit. He’s not going back to school. What’s the point? He doesn’t want to waste the time he has left.

Griff and Kiki are still kissing at the gym.

Maxie tells Peter that they work in the same building. He doesn’t need to avoid her. He says he’s not; he has to get back to work. She asks if he doesn’t have a cell phone, and insists he is avoiding her. He says he’s been busy with the reboot of The Invader, but she knows Lulu told him to stay away. She gets that, but doesn’t get why he agreed.

Danny asks if Jason loves mommy. Jason says he loves mommy very much. Sam overhears.

Kiki tells Griff that she was going to skip boxing and go to yoga. He asks if it’s him she’s running from, but she says she’s not running. She told him that she wanted to remain friend, but in the back of her mind, she knew what it was like to be with him, and wanted it again. Griff says he was committed to make a reconciliation with Ava, but his heart wasn’t in it. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. Kiki wonders what that means they should do.

Oscar asks if Kim wouldn’t mind him skydiving, and Drew tells her it’s sarcasm. Oscar is clearly his kid. Oscar says he doesn’t want to go, and why should he? Kim says, normalcy of life, his friends are there, and he’s always liked academics. He says that’s when he thought he’d be going to college. Why not use the time to read whatever he wants? Sleep late, and go hiking while he still can. He’s not a doctor, but he can do research online. The tumor he has, is as bad as it gets. She tells him that he can’t believe everything he reads, and everyone is unique. If he wants to take it day by day, fine, but he can’t lose hope. The trial is promising. He says, when it doesn’t kill the patient.

Cameron sees a bunch of balloons, and says, balloons again? Josslyn says they’re significant; symbolic. She wants to remind Oscar of their anniversary. Cameron says, when Oscar didn’t show up? Josslyn says he was in the hospital. It turned out fine; he recovered. She’s not convinced the break-up is real.

Peter tells Maxie that she’s still vulnerable and hurting, and Lulu pointed out that his presence in her life will make it worse. Maxie says she can speak for herself. He tells her Lulu was just being a good friend, and is happy they’ve reconnected; don’t blame her. Maxie says she knows Lulu meant well. She doesn’t like Lulu speaking for her though, and doesn’t know why he went along with it. Being stuck in the elevator when he had the panic attack was a bonding experience. He tells her that she’s one of the only friends he’s ever had, and he messed it up. If keeping his distance helps her, he’ll accept it. She says, what if she doesn’t want that?

Danny asks Jason if mommy loves him, but Jason says he’ll have to ask mommy. Sam comes back with snacks, and tells Danny that Monica is coming to pick him up. Danny asks if he’s staying overnight, and Sam says he is. He says there’s a problem. His castle isn’t finished; the pieces got mixed up. Jason says he can help Danny put it together, and Danny adds, when he’s at grandma’s house. I laugh. Slick kid. Sam says Jason will be sorry he said that.

Maxie tells Peter that she’s not saying Lulu is wrong, but she and Lulu have been through a lot together, and not all of it pleasant. Maybe it’s Nathan’s influence, but she finds it harder to hold on to anger than to forgive. He asks if she means Lulu or him. She says she forgave Lulu. Her and Peter’s elevator experience was awkward, but she wanted to help him; from one human to another.

Elizabeth tells Aiden that his temperature is normal, and asks how his tummy is. He says, not so great. Franco says he was feeling good when they indulged in mud pie mayhem. Elizabeth asks if something happened at school. Aiden says, lunch was gross, and Franco says, no surprise. Elizabeth tells Aiden to rest, and asks Franco to get a ginger ale for him.

Josslyn tells Cameron that she’s staging an anniversary do-over. She’s decorating the bench again, but this time he’ll see it done right. Cameron thinks it’s over-the-top, but she says that’s because he doesn’t care about things like that. She could decorate ten benches, and he wouldn’t notice; Oscar would. She knows he still cares about her, but she doesn’t know what’s going on. Since he’s not responding to her texts, Cameron can get him there. Cameron asks, how? and she tells him, figure it out. When he gets there, she wants Cameron to take off. She wants to remind Oscar of how it felt. Like when he was at the hospital, and he showed her the video he made. Feelings don’t go away. She tells Cameron that if he meant it when he said he’d help, text Oscar to meet him in the park.

Oscar asks Kim if she was planning on telling him how the trial killed someone. Drew says they were advised of the risks. Kim says it’s important to get him enrolled, and ensure a spot. Oscar says she’s grabbing at the trail like a life preserver. Kim says despite the trial’s setback, it’s promising. No treatment works for everyone, but give it a chance to work for him. Oscar snarks that he’s so lucky. Drew says medical treatment is just part of it. He needs to stay positive; his mindset makes a difference. Kim says, the mind is a powerful weapon. Being positive can only help. Oscar asks if she doesn’t think he wants to hope. She lied for two years because she already knew he was going to die.

Sam and Jason try to put the castle together. Sam says it has a million pieces that have to be put in the exact right order. You have to be patient and meticulous, and he’s both. She tells him the problem is, Danny opened all the packages, but she has no idea where the directions are. Jason says they’d better get to work.

Griff tells Kiki, whatever’s next is up to them. She says, two cowards, dancing around their feelings. He must have a lot of faith in them. He says he does. There’s no stopping how far it goes. She says too bad they can’t go to a beach, and reenact the scene in From Here to Eternity. Griff has no clue about the film, and she explains the scene (google it if you don’t know either), and he asks if they had an interfering mother. Kiki   says, no; only the start of World War III. He says they got off easy. Kiki says Ava has done what she can to hurt them. They might as well do what they want. Griff agrees, and wonders why they’re still talking. They kiss.

Peter tells Maxie that she was compassionate, and she says, you don’t just watch someone gasp for breath and scream. He says he did not scream, did he? She says when she found out he was Faison’s son, and he’d been lying about who he was, she was incredibly angry and hurt. The more time passed, she thought less about the lies, and more about how much he’d supported her. He helped her give birth. What’s more important than that? Peter says it’s the most significant thing he’s ever done. She says she thought about how many people forgave her, and it’s the only way to pay it forward.

Cameron tells Josslyn, if Oscar doesn’t show, she’ll feel worse. She says she’ll feel worse if she doesn’t try. Her dad taught her that. You only really fail if you give into fear. You quit before start. Cameron asks what about her pride and dignity. She asks if he’s kidding. Is he going to help or not? Text Oscar.

Oscar tells Kim that he spent all night looking for a reason to hope. He only found reasons not to. Kim asks if he saw where it helped. Tumors shrunk. He says, that’s not a cure. Drew says if it can extend his life, he has a chance for a cure. Oscar says he doesn’t want to sit around pumped up with medicine. If the treatment doesn’t work, it could kill him faster.

Sam tells Jason she’ll look for the directions. Jason says they can figure it out. She says he’s dealing with the easy part now. It gets more difficult. He says they have to solve their own puzzle and mystery; her specialty she puts together litt person figured it out Jason puts them in a cube and say don

Kiki tells Griff that they’ll be asked to leave if they keep it up, and suggest they go back to her place. He wants to, but he also wants to make sure they’re doing this for the right reason; not just uncontained lust. Kiki asks what’s wrong with that, and he says he doesn’t want regrets. They’re better than that. He wants to get know each other, without the specter of Ava. Create something they can make last. She thinks it sounds good, and asks what he has in mind.

Peter says, not that Maxie has no right to her anger, but it’s a heavy burden. He’s glad she’s letting it go, so she can get back to being her, unencumbered. James deserves it. Maxie says she looks at his little face, and she doesn’t want to hold on to anything ugly. She wants only good for him. Peter says James is part of his family, and hopes she can find it in her heart to let him visit. Maxie thinks James should know uncle, and it’s a good place for them start. He says, something to look forward to besides murder and mayhem. He says he’s been taking the stairs. She’s glad he’s seen a doctor, and asks if it was PTSD from being held captive, or something else entirely.

Sam tells Jason he clearly has a gift. He says it wasn’t too hard, and she tells him not to rub it in. With the last one, she had the directions, and followed them, and still couldn’t get it to look like the one on the box. Danny didn’t care though, and said hers was cooler than the one on the box. And he meant it. Jason says she’s good at improvising, and they so at each other.

Oscar says Kim got to decide how he lived up to now. Now it’s his turn. Kim tells him not to make decisions based on anger. In the span of 24-hours, he’s quit school and broken up with Josslyn. Drew asks, why? and Oscar says, so many girls, so little time. Drew says, that’s not why.

Josslyn says Oscar didn’t text back, even though he didn’t know it was her. Cameron asks if she sees why it’s a bad idea. She asks what the alternative is, and he says, move on. She says, after a year, and finding Oscar’s long lost father together? She was tough on Oscar when her mom was in Ferncliff, and he never gave up on her. She can’t give up on him. Cameron asks if when she was pushing him away, if she ever actually told him to go away. Oscar did. He made it clear he doesn’t want to be with her. She says you can’t just go from love to breaking up for no reason. Cameron says, there is a reason.

Kim says Oscar is pushing people away that care. He thinks he can spare Josslyn from her boyfriend being sick. Oscar says he doesn’t want her waiting, every minute terrified he’s going to die. Putting every minute into saving him. She should be enjoying herself, not looking up holistic remedies and making kale smoothies. She’s happy now, and he wants her to stay that way. Drew says Oscar thinks he’s doing Josslyn a favor, but he couldn’t be more wrong.

Maxie doesn’t want to pry. Peter says since she talked him down, she has the right to know what caused it. Obrecht was a part of it. Being tied down for a week messed with his head, but some of it was from when he was a kid. Maxie can’t imagine what it was like. Peter says he thought he’d pass out; it’s happened before. It’s ancient history, and it should have been over it. Maxie says she can’t help if he won’t talk about it. He says he was seven. He didn’t know how to swim, and his father decided to take matters into his own hands. He threw Peter into the deep end of the pool. It was sink or swim, and he sank. When he came to, he was on the concrete. Triggers bring him underwater again, and he can’t breathe. Maxie says she’s sorry, and he says, don’t be; he survived. She says, no thanks to his father. What Faison did to him should never have happened.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she knows when Jake and Cameron are faking being sick, but even if Aiden knew how, what would be his motive? Hiding from a test? He does well in school. She wonders if she’s worried about nothing. I’m thinking Aiden has Princess Calenda-itis.

Kim says Josslyn is crazy about Oscar, and he feels the same way. Eventually, she’s going to find out. Oscar says he’ll be gone by then. Drew says he’s not thinking it through. He thinks he’s sparing her in some way, but think of how she’ll feel when she finds out, and knows he didn’t want to tell her. He didn’t trust her enough to be there, or worse, didn’t want her help. Kim tells him not to do this to himself. Make things right with Josslyn. Give himself that comfort. He leaves, and Kim wonders if she got through.

Josslyn says Cameron has to tell her if he knows. Cameron says, all he knows is, Oscar is an idiot. She’s put himself first, and dumped her without even trying to explain. Josslyn says it’s like he’s trying to make her hate him. Cameron asks if it’s working, but Josslyn says, no. She gets angry with Cameron, and tells him, just go, but then tells him to wait. She doesn’t agree with everything he said, but she’s sorry for going off on him. He accepts her apology, and says he’s sorry she’s going through this. She says if Oscar texts back, let her know.

In the hallway at the hospital, Oscar sees the message asking him to meet Cameron in the park. There’s a second one says he needs to see Oscar now. 911.

Jason is finished, and says, it’s not really a castle. No, it’s not. It looks more like an apartment building. Sam says, to Danny it is. He says it’s a collaboration. Sam thinks Danny will wreck it in ten minutes tops. Jason says they’ll put it back together as many times as Danny wants. He doesn’t mind. He likes working with her.

Griff asks if Kiki remembers the film festival, and she says she’s the one who invited him. She says it will make them feel cosmopolitan, but if it gets boring, they can just make out. He says, it’s a date.

Aiden is feeling better, and Elizabeth says she’ll get his homework. He says he doesn’t need it, since he might be sick tomorrow.

Cameron sees Oscar at the hospital. Oscar says he was on his way out, but had to wait. Cameron says he was just with Josslyn, and she’s suspicious that Oscar broke up with her for no reason. He can’t keep this up. Oscar says he promised he wouldn’t tell, but Cameron says he didn’t promise anything. Oscar told him to keep his mouth shut, but he’s not lying. Oscar has to tell her the truth.

Josslyn looks at pictures of her and Oscar on MyFace. She sends him a message, asking what’s going on, but she’s blocked. Then his status changes to single. Um… I think if she was blocked she wouldn’t be seeing a status update, but okay. She wonders what he’s doing, and says, it’s all wrong.

Cameron asks what Oscar just did. He says he blocked Josslyn, and updated his status to single. He has to make her stop hoping. It will be easier to hate him when he goes. Cameron asks if he’s trying to hurt her.

Drew tells Kim that Oscar is pissed, and he can’t blame him. Kim knows that, and knows he feels under attack. He’s afraid. He’s good and smart, and will come to his senses, and realize the trial is his best chance. It is, isn’t it? Drew hopes so.

Maxie tells Peter that she has to confess. Since they got stuck, she hasn’t ridden the elevator. He asks if she didn’t want to get trapped with an awful stranger. She says, what if they ride together. Peter says, no, but she says she’ll trust him if he trusts her. She gets in the elevator, and he follows. She takes his hand.

Jason asks if Sam really thinks it will only last ten minutes. She says, maybe one hour tops. He tells her to let him know when she wants to rebuild. She asks if he’s sure. If one piece gets lost, it could be hours. He says they’ll improvise; she’s good at that. She thanks him for staying, and he says, any time. She kisses his cheek, and they move in for a real kiss.

On Monday, Jordan says they’re dropping the investigation, Mike tells Sonny about the gun, and Jason and Sam get busy.

Z Nation

Last we left, Roberta had taken off in a drone, and it crashed.

The drone crash lands. It opens, and Roberta gets out. she sees the black rainbow in the sky, and realizes she’s wounded. She slowly makes her way across a field. She takes the tarp from some covered bodies to shield herself from the sun. She sees a farmhouse, but keels over before she gets there.

A farmer stands over her, and blurs out. A semi-conscious Roberta is on a pseudo surgical table. A man says he thought he lost her.

She wakes in a bedroom. She walks downstairs. Her clothing has been changed to either a really nice nightgown, or an understated formal gown. She sees pictures of the man and his family. The man is making breakfast. She peeks in on him. He asks if she’s hungry, and starts setting the table. She jumps when he moves toward her, and he tells her that he keeps the door unlocked. She asks where she is, and he says his farm. He found her on the ridge. He tells her that she’s a pretty thing, and he used to be a medic. He says she’s right to be careful. Roberta finds out she’s been there two weeks. He says she’s safe there, but Roberta says she’s not safe anywhere. She asks if he’s the only one, and he says, for some time now. Sarah and Claudette are gone. He’s Cooper. Roberta says she’s sorry, and he says she must be starved. Hopefully the food has minimal radiation, grown by him. He asks what she was doing out by herself. She wonders how he knows she’s by herself, and he tells her that he can look out for five miles; no one is there. She tells Cooper that she crashed her car; that’s how she got injured, and it’s totaled. Well, that’s kind of the truth. He tells her that she bled a lot, and serves her some spinach to help with blood loss. She thanks him for sewing her up, and he asks where she was headed. She says, Newmerica, and he says it’s been a while since he heard that. A lot of people used to come through, but not since the black rain. As far as he can tell, they might be the only ones left alive.

A woman runs from three zombies, but hits a cliff. Doc is… a zombie? She draws her gun to shoot herself, and Doc tells her don’t, apparently just pretending. Or rather, trying to fit in. Doc kills two real two zombies, and grabs her. They run into the woods, and Doc dispatches zombies with a hammer. He meets up with 10k, Sergeant Lilley, and Murphy. 10K tells Doc it’s his best makeup yet. Doc says, tell the artiste. Say my name; say my name. Doc says, it better come off. A few zombies show up, and mini Operation Bitemark takes care of them. Murphy asks if one of the zombies just said no. He pokes it, and says it’s not a living human; that’s good? Doc says, it’s getting harder to tell. The group they’ve been leading comes out and joins them.

Doc asks if everybody is okay, and if they can get food and water for the newcomer. Murphy complains about having another mouth to feed. Doc says, Newmerica, here we come.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch farm, Cooper says Roberta is hurting his feelings, and asks if she doesn’t like his cooking. Roberta says it’s great, but she just isn’t hungry. He says she’s suffered lot of trauma. It might take a while to feel like her old self. She’s not sure what that means. Al Jarreau’s Nothing At All is playing, and Roberta says she likes his musical taste. He says music saved his ass; it gets quiet out there. She asks how long it’s been since he was alone, and he says, over a year; how about her? She traveled alone the whole way? Even zombies aren’t safe. She says she has some friends who are probably looking for her. He says, if they’re still alive.

Roberta looks out over the farm. Nothing is moving, so she goes outside, grabbing a shovel and gloves. She watches Cooper working, and joins him in creating rows for the crops. They work quietly side by side

Murphy tells Doc, Granny don’t look so good. He could swear she coughed up a hairball. Doc is worried she won’t make it, and the others aren’t too much better. Murphy says if they weren’t talking, he’d swear they were Z’s. Just die already. Doc says it’s been like this ever since the black rain. Murphy asks why it’s always their fault, and Doc says because they do stupid sh*t. Once the others are safe in Newmerica, they’ll be someone else’s problem. Murphy wants to track down Roberta, and Doc says they  don’t know if she’s alive. Murphy says, she is. They have a special bond. They’ve shared bodily fluids. Doc says, ew-ew! and tells Murphy that he’s not leaving them. Murphy says he might.

Roberta sees a zombie coming up the road. She tells Cooper to be careful. He moves to shoot it, and it holds its hands up in a defensive way. He says, that was strange; has she ever seen that? Roberta says, she’s afraid. Cooper asks, of what? Dying? Roberta whacks her with a hoe, but she keeps going. Cooper says, have mercy, and shoots her.

Roberta serves Cooper dinner, saying, take note; it’s a rare sight. He says, duly noted. He makes a toast – may you have all you want, and want all you have. They dance. They kiss. Fade to black.

A sign says, Newmerica 452 miles – Apocalypse 3 miles. Murphy tells Doc this is where he gets off. Doc asks if he’s sure, and Murphy says if it was the other way around, Roberta would be looking for him. Doc guesses this is goodbye. Murphy tells him, like everything else in the apocalypse, it’s temporary. They’ll meet up. Doc says, take care of your red self, and Murphy says, people love him; he’s adorable. Murphy puts on his shades, and starts walking.

Roberta watches Cooper sleeping. She looks out the window, and there’s nothing moving. Cooper joins her, and tells her that she’s beautiful. She asks if he believes in fate, and he says he does now. She says it’s been a long time since someone’s arms were around her who wasn’t trying to kill her. He says it looks like the universe has given them a second chance. He doesn’t want to lose it. Neither does she.

Driving now, Doc tells the others shouldn’t be long now; they’ll be in Newmerica. Assuming it’s really there. One of the group says now that the coughed up blood, they don’t feel as bad. Another says, it’s the worst cold ever. Lilley says, Granny is missing. Doc calls for Mrs. Magilicutty, and 10K says, found her! and she’s eating some brains out of a head. Her son tells her, put that down, but she says she needs it bad. 10K doesn’t think she should be doing that. Her son takes the head from her, saying, let’s leave this here, and leads her away. She wonders what’s happening to her. She doesn’t know why she did that.

Roberta tells Cooper that he seems worried, and he says he is. He tilled enough food for one, if he’s lucky. She says they can till more, but he says they can’t do by hand. They need a tractor. She asks if there’s one nearby, and he says, ten miles. She asks if he’s got a car, but he doesn’t. She says it they double-time it, they can get there in a couple of hours on foot. If they’re lucky, they’ll ride back. He says it could be dangerous; infested with zombies. Roberta says, let’s hustle. He likes it.

Murphy sees zombies who have been in a fender bender. He says he’s looking for friend. One of the zombie’s brains are exposed, and Murphy eats a piece. He can see the drone crashing, and looks in that direction. He thanks the zombie for his help.

Cooper tells Roberta there used to be a lot working there; keep her eyes open. They don’t see anything, and Roberta thinks maybe they wandered off. He hopes the tractor starts, and she tells him that she can hotwire a space shuttle. He tells her, do it quietly. They don’t want to attract unwanted guests. He tells her to get it started, and he’ll hit the tiller. He sees zombies scrabbling underneath, and unhooks it. Half-zombies scramble after him, and one gets ahold of him. Roberta aims, but a full zombie grabs her from behind. Cooper throws off the zombie, shoots it, and shoots the one who has Roberta. Another comes up behind Cooper, and Roberta gets that one. A whole flock of them move in, and they knock off a few, and climb into the tractor. Cooper tells her to start the engine, and the zombies get shredded by the tiller. Roberta and Cooper smile at each other as they drive away. I’m smiling too. After nearly having a heart attack.

Murphy reaches the drone, and a bird flies out, nearly giving him a heart attack. He calls for Roberta, and sits on the drone, yelling, yee-ha! like he’s in a rodeo. He finally says, you find me; I’m right here. It’s starting to get dark and the cheese Murphy stands alone. A very deteriorated zombie toddles up. Murphy says he’s looking for a woman friend of his, grabs the zombie, and tells it. zombie focus up. Did it see the woman? Its jaw falls off, and Murphy says, sh*t. The zombie tries to talk. He eats a little of its brains, asking if it saw her. Then he asks why it didn’t say so in the first place. Which way did she go? Is it sure? He says, thanks buddy. Lightening starts to flash.

Doc tells 10K he smells sweet, fresh air. They must be close, Lilley rides with the others in the bed of the truck. One of them asks, are we there yet? and she says, a little father. Doc and 10K see something. 10K asks if that’s it. Doc says it’s smaller than he expected. Two people sit in front of a makeshift shack, covered in campaign posters and surrounded by junked cars and other things that should be in a dump. Doc tells the others stay put while they check it out.

A guy says, greetings stranger. Doc asks if it’s Newmerica, and he says, not yet; they ain’t voted. 10K asks, who is we? and he says, anyone still alive and talking. Doc asks what they’re voting for, and he says their lives. He says it looks like they’ve been on the road a while, and Doc says, the whole damn apocalypse. Granny tries to grab one of the others, and Doc and 10K separate them. There’s a melee with a few of the group, and one of the guys says, somebody didn’t get biscuits. A Rocker Chick stops him from shooting Granny. She takes a cookie out of her bag, and feeds to Granny, who settles down. She tells them they can let Granny go now. Granny hugs her, and Rocker Chick asks how long she’s been dead. Doc says they just thought she was sick; she’s talking. Rocker Chick says, no; she’s dead, and so are those two. They’re talkers. Since the black rain, people don’t just die and turn. Their bodies are dead, but their souls are conscious. They don’t just walk now; they talk. Cool! I’m very psyched for this.

Roberta splits logs. She opens the door to one of the barns, and sees a car inside. She looks through the window, and there’s a zombie inside. Cooper comes up behind her. She sidles past him, and runs out. Yeah, I think I know what’s coming. The zombie bangs on the car window.

Roberta asks if it’s Cooper’s wife and daughter in there. He says before the black rain, things got bad. His daughter, Claudette, got sick, and his wife couldn’t stand to see her suffer. He didn’t know how much Sarah was suffering too. When he was off looking for medicine, Sarah put their daughter in the car, drove into the barn, and left the engine on. That’s the way he found them when he got home. Roberta asks, why? Why are they still in there? Why hasn’t he mercied them? He says he wanted to think he’d find a cure. They were beautiful and conscious, and he couldn’t. He can’t. Roberta drops the ax in her hand, and says let her do this for him. She takes his gun from the holster, and says let her do it for them. He takes out his other gun, and goes into the barn. Roberta waits outside. We hear two gunshots.

Rocker Chick hands out cookies, saying there’s plenty for everyone. 10K is about to put one in his mouth, and she says he probably doesn’t want to eat one, unless he’s dead. Doc asks what’s in them. Rocker Chick says, nobody knows for sure, and nobody wants to know. Rumor has it, there are trace amounts of brains in them. It keeps the zombies happy, but eat enough of them, you’ll be one. Doc asks Granny how they taste, and she says, metallic; needs a little more sugar. Doc asks Rocker Chick if she’s the woman on the posters, and she says, everyone keeps saying that. She introduces herself as George, and introduces Lieutenant Dante; he’s dead. Doc says they’ve traveled a long way to get to Newmerica. Tell him this ain’t it. George says it doesn’t exist – yet. It’s just an idea. There are just outposts, trying to make it on their own, but they can’t. They’re voting on a constitution to make it a new nation. Doc asks if you have to be a citizen to vote, and George says anyone can become one. Lt. Dante says, you don’t even have to be alive. Doc is ready to sign up. She says the biggest outpost, Altura, is up the road; she has friends there. She says, anyone else want to be part of something great?  Granny says, she can vote, even though she’s dead? Everyone is in. George tells them, united we live; divided we turn. Doc says she is the woman on the poster, and George smiles, saying she’ll show them the way.

Cooper lights a funeral pyre. The bodies burn. Cooper puts his arm around Roberta, and they walk away from the fire.

Murphy thanks Bob for his service. He thinks he has it from here. He sees the smoke from the cremation in the distance.

Next time, a biscuit a day keeps the zombies at bay, and trace amounts of brains are an acquired taste. I’m loving it so far.

👴 Good News for Mike…

If Max Gail doesn’t get the Daytime Emmy, there is no justice in this world. But there is this.

👶 MJ Got Her Wish…

I couldn’t be happier for her. I wonder if they’ll name the baby Shams.

💬 Quotes of the Week

Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail. – Kinky Friedman

Dear frozen yogurt, you are the celery of desserts. Be ice cream, or be nothing. – Ron Swanson

Do you always have those with you?  **  Of course I do, I’m from Manhattan. – Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs), respectively, after Caroline takes a pair of heels out of her purse on 2 Broke Girls

Happiness is a warm puppy. – Charles M. Schulz

Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else. – Fred Rogers

🎷 Smoothing You Into the Weekend…




September 30, 2018 – Fearing, Walking & Talking Dead & Back Again


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

Al runs from some zombies, and tries to find a working car. She’s trapped on the street, leaps over a car, and locks herself in the nearest building. Zombies scrabble at the door. It’s a parking garage, and she breaks a car window, grabbing a radio out of it. She tries calling Morgan and June, but all she gets is static. She leans against the car for a moment, then says, you have to be sh*tting me, seeing a police van with all kinds of equipment, including a video camera. She gets a police car started, and hauls ass out of there.

Al stops, and here come Martha and zombie Jim. Martha says, he’s strong now. Al asks where everyone else is. Martha took her van, and owes her. Martha says she likes Al; she doesn’t make people weak. She’s watched Al’s energy. So many people need something, but she gave them what it took to get their stories. Al asks where her van is, and Martha says Morgan is looking for her. She wants Al to give him a message. Al says, tell him herself, and Martha lets Jim go. Al shoots Jim in the stomach, and blows another zombie’s head off who’s coming up behind her, but when she turns Martha is there, and knocks Al out with her zombie pole.

Al wakes to June saying her name. Al asks where she is; the woman who’s trying to kill them all. John says they heard her on the radio. When they didn’t find Al in the garage, they thought she must have doubled back to the hospital. Al says she saw Jim. John says, they’re all there; circling the wagons before the push to Virginia. June asks what Martha said, and Al says, the bitch said she liked her, and wanted her to deliver message to Morgan, but she wouldn’t. John says she delivered it anyway. She was used as a carrier pigeon.

On the radio, Martha tells Morgan that she’s disappointed in him. She’s given him chances to be strong, and he didn’t take any of them. Maybe it’s her fault. Maybe she wasn’t strong enough. He’ll see her again, and when he does, she’ll be stronger than ever, and make him strong too.

Sarah asks Momo where the hell in Virginia they’re going, and he says, it’s called Alexandria. There are also a few places around, more or less. Al asks about the king and his pet tiger, and Morgan promises they’ll go there. Victor says they’re going by caravan. Morgan thought they should go to Polar Bear’s truck stop first to get the boxes. Victor suggests hitting the road at dawn.

Outside on night watch, Morgan looks at the message again. John says he’ll take over. He expected to find Morgan walking away, and thought he’d have to jog after him. He knows what Morgan is up to. He’s going to run again. Morgan says, it’s not running. She’s dying. He tried to help, but she didn’t want it. Whatever happened, she thinks killing is the only way. John asks how he’s going to convince her otherwise, and Morgan says he understands her; he used to be her. John says he’ll come, but Morgan says he has to go on his own. He’s giving John directions, just in case. John says he almost got killed once before; why is he doing the same thing again? Morgan says, because he is. John says, she’s not the only one who’s stuck. Morgan says he’ll get there and meet them; hopefully with her. John says if Morgan isn’t back in two days, he’s going to look for him. They’ll be at the truck stop. He tells Morgan, some fish won’t be caught, no matter what you dangle in front of them. His gut tells him to leave them be, and he thinks it applies to Martha too. Morgan still has to try. John knows, and says Morgan might be the fish. Morgan says maybe he is, and starts to walk.

Morgan puts on the radio. He knows she’s listening, and thinks this is the only way she can be strong, but he’s telling here there’s another way. Let him try to show her. Martha responds, saying she knew he’d come looking for her. He asks where she is, and she says, mile marker 54. He’s on his way.

The others go to the truck stop, which is amazingly clean. They make coffee, and I can’t imagine how good it must taste. Charlie brushes her teeth. Victor says they can always go back to the mansion, but Alicia says, there’s nothing there for them anymore. Luci thinks they should find another place to go.

June and John get flirty among the shelves. She says, it’s like shopping at Bill’s. John doesn’t think they’re getting back there anytime soon, or his cabin. She tells him she was scared he’d realize she wasn’t who he thought. He says he knows who she is; it doesn’t matter to him. He knows her, and it doesn’t take a whole day to recognize sunshine. June wants him to know she knows who she is now; he gave that to her. She needed him. They kiss. Does this mean he’s going to die?

Morgan sees zombie Jim in a police car. He looks inside as Jim claws at the window. He lets Jim out, and pikes him in the middle of the forehead. Goodbye, Jim – for the second time. He closes Jim’s eyes, and looks around, seeing Martha lying face down in the grass. He asks if she’s armed, gets his pokey stick ready, and approaches her. He turns her over. She says, not yet, and he says his people can help her. She shoves her into the car, and she repeats, not yet. He says, no time. He’s taking her back. He drives away.

She futilely kicks at the door, and says he wasn’t supposed to see her like this. He has a pill bottle, and tells her to take them; it will clear up her infection. He asks, what was that place? What happened back there? What did she lose? He tells her, it’s a long trip; talking might help. John calls on the radio. Morgan says he found her, and he’s bringing her back. Martha asks where he’s taking her, and he says, Mississippi. He loses the signal with John.

John says he never should have let Morgan go. Sarah says if Morgan’s got ears, he can hear them, but his signal won’t get there until he’s closer. Al messes with the van engine, saying, smiley, rode the engine without coolant. She puts some in the van. Two zombies approach, and she tries to get out the weapon strapped to her leg, but she gets shaky, and keels over. Alicia shoots them. June and Victor run to Al, and Alicia says, get her inside. They’re going to have more company.

Martha sighs, and tells Morgan, her husband… Morgan asks his name, and she says, Hank. Morgan asks, what happened to him? Martha tells him back when everything was starting, they were trying to get out of the city. She was driving. Someone was weaving in and out of traffic, trying to get ahead; get theirs. and they clipped the car. Her hank needed her help, and she didn’t know what to do. She went out to the road to flag someone down, but no one stopped; no one pulled over to help. Morgan says it wasn’t her fault, but Martha says, he needed her to be strong, and she wanted to be. Morgan says he knows what she thinks, but it’s not true. She’s stuck. June radios, telling Morgan, Al got sick. They thought she had what she had before, but it’s not just her; it’s all of them. I’m thinking it’s the coffee. June says, something’s not right. She tells him get back. He loses her, but says he’s on his way back. He tells Martha to hang on. She wants him to pull over, and he says he can’t. She says she’ll take the medicine, but when he opens the partition to give it to her, she grabs his arm, and the car runs into the side of a mountain.

Morgan keeps slipping in and out of consciousness. Martha says she told him that she was going to make him strong. She writes on his face. He comes to, and sees a metal pipe has been driven into his leg. He says it doesn’t have to end this way for them. She laughs. On his forehead, it says, I lose peopleI lose myself. She says it does for her. She made sure he couldn’t help them. Now kill her, or she kills him. He says he doesn’t kill. I’d start right about now if I was him. He says he has to get to them. She says he’ll never make it, but he says he has to try; not for them, for him. He’s scared if they die, he’ll become what he used to be. That’s why he left. He hears them on the radio, and Martha asks why he came to find her. He says she was on her own, and needed help. He knew she wouldn’t take it. He’s been where she is. She says he’s still there. Whatever is getting worse, always will be, unless he tries to be strong. Let her make him strong.

Everyone at the truck stop looks like they have food poisoning. June says they have to keep hydrated, and realizes the caps on the water aren’t sealed. They used the water to make the coffee, and had also been drinking it. She tells them, all the seals have been broken. Someone poisoned them. Al says, she did.

June radios that Martha put something in the water. Martha admits it’s true. She did it the last time she was there. She didn’t know him, but it was like saying that’s what you get for helping. He asks what it is, and she says, it doesn’t matter. There’s nothing they can do. He asks again what it is, and she tells him, antifreeze. Morgan gets the radio, and tells the others. Martha says they can’t hear him. He can’t help them. They are going to die, and there’s nothing he can do. He slams her down, and squeezes her throat. She says, now he’s strong. Morgan thinks of them, all dead, and squeezes tighter. He sees himself in the cars side mirror, and lets go. He says he won’t. She says, they’re going to die, and there’s nothing he can do. He says, yes, there is, and pulls the rod out of his leg. Martha says he’s going to be strong; they both will. He drags her up, and handcuffs her to the car, and she wails. He says he won’t kill her, but he’s not letting her kill after she’s turned. She yells, it’s not supposed to be this way. He starts walking, leaving her cuffed to the car.

Morgan walks through the woods. He asks if anyone can hear him on the radio.

Alicia rubs Charlie’s head. Everyone is looking pretty bad.

Morgan hotwires a car. A pretty nice car, for being out in the middle of nowhere after a hurricane.

Al sets up her video camera. She fast forwards through the videos and smiles a little, a tear trickling down her cheek.

The nice car doesn’t work very well, and Morgan starts walking again. He falls, but tries to pull himself back up.

Al laughs over a video of a father with his child, and cries some more. Morgan radios again.

The zombies are getting more restless at the truck stop. Al says she’s not letting that bitch beat her. She radios Morgan, saying if he’s out there, tell Martha she’s coming for her. He can hear Al, but she can’t hear him. He pulls himself up. I say, Morgan, you got this, and SHE HEARS HIM. Al copies, and he tells her its antifreeze. June says the antidote is ethanol. Sarah says all they have to do is get to it; it’s in the truck. Al laughs, and John asks, what are they waiting for? Al tells Morgan that they’ll be okay. Get his ass back there. He says he’s on his way.

Al unlocks the door. John asks if everybody is ready. June bangs on a window to get the zombies traveling in that direction. John gets his gun out, and says, now! For being sick people, they come out guns blazing, and pokey things stabbing. Sarah falls, Alicia helps her out, and they squeak by. Victor gets to the truck first, and tries to get the dispenser open, but the valve is stuck. June keeps banging, but the zombies get closer. Al gets the top of the van opened, where the arsenal is, and blasts the crowd. This is great, but she also shot at the dispenser, and it all pours out.

Morgan asks how it’s going. June says, they lost what was in the truck, but he says there has to be more. June says, no one is in any shape to get it, but he says they have to find a way. John doesn’t think it’s going to happen. Morgan says he can’t lose any of them. He can’t go back to what he was. He almost did. John says, but he didn’t, and Morgan says he will; he’s not strong enough. John says Morgan is the strongest person he knows. He’s still going to be him, whether they’re here or not. People out there need him. Morgan loses the signal, and tosses the radio. A few zombies come his way, and he gets savage on them.

Al makes a video, saying, whoever finds these, keep them safe. Make sure they survive; make sure they matter. Sarah asks, what’s the final count? How many meat puppets did they take out? Wen says, not enough. Victor says, just when he stopped trying to drink himself to death, he succeeds.  Alicia and Charlie say something about second chances, but I think the boom person stepped out of the room. The zombies suddenly start moving away, and we hear…

Morgan, who limps in. John says he came back, and Morgan says he told him that he would. He says, ethanol is just a fancy word for alcohol, right? He made a stop along the way. He runs outside, and we see the Augie’s Ale truck, and gives everyone a beer. Sarah says, that’s twice Jim saved them. Here’s to you, ahole. Victor tells Alicia that he thought he didn’t have anyone to share a drink with anymore, and they both drink. John tells Charlie, it’s a onetime deal, and not to get poisoned again until she’s twenty-one. Luci says she gets it, and toasts to the heavens. I presume to Nick.

Morgan sees himself in the bathroom mirror, and washes the words off of his face. I guess it wasn’t indelible ink.

He goes back to the car, and sees Martha’s arm hanging from the cuff. The rest of her is toddling down the road. Morgan comes up behind her, and taps his stick. She turns around, and he pikes her in the head with another forehead bullseye. Being the kind dude he is, he buries her.

Wen asks if they can get going, but Morgan says they’re not going there; at least he’s not. He says, that woman. She was the way she was because no one stopped to help when she needed it. There’s more like her out there. Everyone looks sad, and he asks if they still have Polar Bear’s journals.

The group walks down a hill, and Morgan says, Polar Bear tried to set up a system that lasts. The supplies, the fuel, the trucks even, all came from here. We see a big building with a waterfall in front of it. He says, it used to be a denim factory. Before, Polar Bear made deliveries there, and after, he set up shop there because it’s out of the way. Sarah says. I don’t need new dungarees, Momo. He says, no one is being forced to stay. Luci tells Sarah that she wants to make up for what she did to Clayton; here’s where she starts. Alicia says, it can’t be just about the boxes. She wants to do what her mom did. Build this into something more. Victor asks where they find these people? They’re in short supply. Al says she has interviews with people all over, and some aren’t doing so hot. They can start with them.

Thy group comes back with a caravan. John thinks they can be found there; it’s a good place to start. Sarah says, let’s boogie, and they load their weapons. Morgan says they’re ready; let’s go. They pull into the factory lot.

Morgan takes the radio, and says he doesn’t know if anyone is out there or listening, but if they are, hang in there. We’re coming for you.

This was the finale, so next time, The Walking Dead. Negan says, a new world is being built. Not a future monument to the dead. They’re not safe from the world. They’re just getting it ready for him.

💀 On Talking Dead, we found out that Gerret Dillahunt’s (John) grandfather was the one who said, it doesn’t take a whole day to recognize sunshine. Gerret asked that the original line be changed to that. Sweet! They also called the zombies that Morgan took out on his way back to the truck stop, the Whack-A-Momo Walkers, which I thought was pretty funnyAnd an audience member got to go home with Martha’s arm. That show gives the best swag.

🌾 Heard online: Vegan zombie wants grains.          

🙀 How Are We Back Here Again?



😀 But The Good News Is…