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March 15, 2018 – Franco & Drew Are Trapped, Butcher’s Block Concludes & Friday Fun


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Kim tells Elizabeth that Oscar wants to thank Franco personally for helping save his father. She’s sorry the earth swallowed up Elizabeth’s wedding day, and asks if there’s a new date.

Sam calls Drew, but gets voicemail. She’s getting worried. Alexis comes into the office with an update on Molly, but wonders what Sam is doing in Drew’s office. Sam says she hasn’t heard from him since yesterday.

Drew opens his eyes. He and Franco are lying on a concrete floor in a basement. He tells Franco to get up, but Franco is out cold.

Curtis says Ned is the mayor, a man of action; he digs it. Ned says Jim burned them; how can they burn him back? Curtis says he messed with the quality of life on Charles Street, and Ned says he was drilling for gas with no permit. Jordan says she’ll jump on the smallest mistake he makes. Ned tells them that Jim played on his political ambitions. It’s time to turn the tables, and use his biggest weakness against him – his greed.

Jim tells someone on the phone that it doesn’t make sense, but he’s in the middle of another crisis, so they’ll talk later. One of his thugs knocks on the door, and says Franco and Drew are safe and sound in a quiet place. Jim says this isn’t good. He’s not a thug; he’s a businessman. Geez, you could have fooled me. He’s pretty much been all thug since he came to town. He asks why “Bobby and Andy” couldn’t leave past where it belongs.

Elizabeth says the wedding is on hold for the moment. Kim asks if she wants to talk, and Elizabeth says Franco kept something important from her. He’s done it before, and she’s forgiven him, but he promised to be honest. Kim says she’s the last person to be giving relationship advice, but people have secrets. We keep things from each other to protect them or protect ourselves. She kept Oscar from his father. Elizabeth says it was something significant about Franco’s past, and it had everything to do with Drew. She asks if Drew ever talked about his childhood. Kim says Drew asked same thing, but she didn’t know much. They talked about almost anything except that.

Sam tells Alexis that when she and Drew were on their way out of the hospital, Jim found them. Alexis asks what that Neanderthal wanted. Sam says he claims to have known Franco and Drew when they were small, calling them Bobby and Andy. He told them Betsy sent Drew to an orphanage because Franco tried to kill him. Alexis says children of that age don’t have the sensoria to be legally culpable. Sam tells her that Franco pushed Drew down the stairs and the last she heard from him, Drew was going to confront Franco, but she doesn’t know where he was headed.

Drew touches Franco, and Franco jumps up. He tells Drew his head hurts, and asks where they are. Something tells him they’re not in Jim’s hotel room. Drew says after the thugs showed up, it’s a blur. Franco says this is what it feels like to be knocked out, and Drew says this is what it feels like to be tased. Franco says them together, where he’s guessing there’s no way out. Maybe they’re dead and it’s hell.

At the MetroCourt, Lulu tells Dante that she and Maxie were best friends. If the damage is ever going to be repaired, she’ll have to take the first step. Dante thinks it’s a bad idea, and the first step is to wait. Since she’s really stupid and pushy, Lulu says she can’t; the friendship means too much. Apparently, her feelings alone define the relationship.

At one of the tables, Maxie tells Peter all she can think about are the test results. Lulu comes to the table, and says they need to talk. Peter doesn’t think it’s the time or place, and Dante says, let’s go, but Maxie says, no. Lulu is right. They need to talk.

Jim’s thug reassures him that Franco and Drew can’t get out, and asks what he’s going to do. Jim isn’t sure, and says he’ll figure it out. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Ned, and Jim tells his thug, good work, and to keep him apprised. The thug leaves, and Ned thanks Jim for the donation; the city owes him. Jim says Port Charles has been good to him, but this can’t be a social visit. Ned says it isn’t. Jim has done so much for Port Charles; he’s there to discuss what he can do for Jim.

Elizabeth doesn’t want to give Kim the specifics of what Franco’s secret was, and feels badly dumping on her, and then not sharing. Kim says she’ll always care about Drew, but he can take care of himself. Epiphany comes by, and asks where Franco is. He blew off his clients, with no heads up or explanation. He can’t leave patients hanging because he’s in a mood. Elizabeth says that’s not like him; there must be a good reason. Epiphany says to tell him that Dr. Quartermaine is going to hear about it. Elizabeth tells Kim that she told him not to come home, after he’d said she makes him better and he’s lost without her. She has to find him.

Sam says the last time Drew checked in, he was dealing with Franco and hung up. Alexis asks how worried she is, and Sam says, how worried do you think? Her calls are going to voicemail, and he’s not getting her texts. She’s probably overreacting, but if it was Jason she wouldn’t worry. It’s normal for him. She’s been thinking a lot about Jason and Drew. She hasn’t been honest with either them or herself.

Franco yells for help, and then says of all people, he should know better that they’re in a soundproof room. It’s in Kidnapping for Dummies. Drew’s guess is that it’s a building that’s going to be demolished for reconstruction. Franco thinks that’s a good bet. He says it’s so weird that the first time they agree, it’s something like this. Drew says any workers they find, work for the man who put them there. They might try to finish them off.

Peter asks if Maxie is sure, and she says she is. He tells her, good luck, and gets up. Dante tells Peter that they should have a chat as well. Peter asks if it’s a police matter, and he says, yes. They step away. Lulu wants Maxie to know she’s done a lot of soul searching since the funeral, about her choice to lay a trap for that monster. Maxie says, it worked, and Lulu says, at a terrible cost. Maxie says Lulu was just doing her job, writing sensational stories, no matter who gets hurt. Lulu says she told Peter that she was ready to walk away, but he talked her out of it. Maxie says she never intended to walk away; it was a gesture to ease her conscience. She’s immune to rules and consequences, and nothing is ever her fault. Lulu wants to make it right. She misses Maxie. Maxie says she misses Nathan. He’s not there to help her, or tell her what to do about the baby. Lulu asks if something is wrong, and Maxie says the baby might have inherited a fatal disease from Faison.

Jordan looks at a map, telling Curtis that each pin represents the loss of a home or business, all because of that SOB Jim. It will take years to rebuild and recover. Curtis knows it’s frustrating, but she’s the police commissioner, who brings bad guys to justice, like the man who caused this devastation. She asks if Curtis is actually trusting the legal system, and he says he trusts her. This isn’t just another case. TJ could have been killed, Molly almost was, and his auntie was put in harm’s way. Someone needs to pay. Jordan says, someone will.

Ned tells Jim that he wouldn’t be mayor if not for his support, but Jim says the people voted him in. Anything he did to help was his pleasure. Ned says he’s in a position to return the favor. Jim had plans to keep the city’s original character, while building new housing and boosting the economy. Now it’s all lost in the rubble. Jim says it’s not his first rodeo. When you dream big, you have to take big risks, and sometimes they don’t pay off. Ned says he’s awfully cool about it, and Jim says, never let them see you sweat. Ned tells him that he can’t leave Jim holding a title to worthless property, but he can buy back all of the Niagara properties at a price that’s more than fair. He writes a figure on a paper, hands it to Jim, and asks if they have a deal. Jim says, sorry, and Ned laughs, saying it’s more than generous. Why not take it? Jim says he knows why.

Sam tells Alexis that she and Jason were at the Quartermaines when the earthquake hit. They took Jason’s bike to find Drew, and ended up at a construction site trailer. Alexis asks if she slept with him, and Sam says, no; they almost died. Alexis reminds her that she’s the mother of two children, and this only happens when she’s with Jason. Sam says they managed to get out before the explosion, and Alexis says, of course. Sam says she had to tell Jason the truth. She loves him and always will.

Drew tells Franco they didn’t take everything, and hands him a candy bar. Franco says Jim is lying about what happened when they were kids. Drew says they can put that on their tombstones, and Franco admires his relentless optimism. Drew says they wouldn’t be in this mess if he’d stuck to the plan. Why didn’t he leave? Franco says Jim kept talking to him. Drew knows; he was listening. The guy is a jerk, but didn’t say anything to make him freeze. When he got there, Franco was curled in a ball. What happened?

Dante tells Peter that he gave him a pass at Nathan’s funeral. He didn’t want to add to the pain. He says Peter pressured Lulu because he saw dollar signs. He didn’t care who he put in harm’s way. Peter says he almost got shot. Dante says Nathan did, and Peter got a headline. Peter says it was Nathan’s decision, and asks if Dante doesn’t think his wife is capable of making up her own mind. Well…

Maxie tells Lulu that Faison had Huntington’s disease. It explains a lot. At worst, it affects the motor control and brain function, and is inevitably fatal. It might have been passed on, and she’s waiting for the test results. Lulu asks what the chances are, and Maxie says there was a 50% chance of Nathan having it. If he did, there’s a 50% chance of the baby having it. Lulu says that’s not going to happen, and Maxie asks, why? Because she doesn’t want it and she said so? Either it happens or not, and if it does, there’s nothing she can do, except wait for the symptoms to show up. She asks, what are years to parents? You blink, and they go from diapers to the prom. There’s nothing she can do. Lulu says she can love the baby and teach it about Nathan. Maxie tells her, don’t you dare. She doesn’t get to bury Maxie’s husband, walk over his grave, and pretend like they’re besties again. Lulu starts to say she thought – and Maxie says, thought what? She had to bury her husband, and Nathan’s not here. The baby might be sick, and he’s not there to help her through it because of Lulu.

Jim tells Ned he’s a man of his word; when he starts something, he finishes it. Ned says no one is going to build a high-rise on a fault, but Jim points out San Francisco is on the San Andreas. Ned says they know what they’re dealing with. This came out of nowhere; it went from stable to unpredictable, and cost Jim millions. Jim says, you know what they say; one man’s disaster is another’s blessing. Ned asks if that’s really what they say, and Jim tells him, there’s another saying, cut the crap. Jim says Ned knows there’s a huge deposit of natural gas under the city. What kind of businessman would he be if he sold the land back? Ned says it wasn’t just discovered. Jim used him because he needed the Quartermaine stamp of approval. Jim says, and he got elected. Ned says Jim leaked the article, and Jim tells him that they both win. Ned got what he wanted, and Jim is sitting on a fortune. He tells Ned that he’s the mayor. Stop crying foul, and have a cigar; he earned it.

Elizabeth tells Kim that she keeps getting Franco’s voicemail. Kim asks if she knows where he’s staying, and she says she called Kiki, but she hasn’t seen him. His studio is on Charles Street, but she doesn’t know what condition it’s in. She’s getting worried. Kim says maybe he’s not missing, and just keeping his distance like she asked. Elizabeth says that’s not like Franco.

Alexis asks Sam what happened to not acting on her feelings? Sam say she doesn’t want to live life not telling the truth. She’s in love with both of them. She tried to shut her feelings off with Jason, but couldn’t do it, and can’t think of cutting off Drew. She has to be honest. She’s already told Jason, and now Alexis, and needs to tell Drew. Alexis wonders how he’ll react, but Sam doesn’t know. She says it’s up to him to decide. She doesn’t get to decide how he reacts, and has no idea. All she knows is that she has to be honest. Alexis thinks she should take more time, but Sam says she has to go. Alexis asks where, and she says to get answers.

Franco starts to shut down, and Drew says he’s doing it again. He thinks he knows PTSD when he sees it, and tells Franco he’s in the safest place. Tell him what Jim did. Franco flashes back to Jim calling him a liar and saying no one will believe him. He tells Drew he can’t talk about it.

Lulu tells Maxie that they’ll face it together. Maxie asks if she’s serious, and wants to use the baby to ease her conscience. Maxie tells her that for every tear she’s shed, she prays Lulu sheds an ocean full. For every sleepless night, she hopes Lulu never gets another night’s rest. She tells Lulu to stay away from her and her child. Peter and Dante return, and Peter tells Maxie not to stress for the baby’s sake. Alexis wanders over, and Maxie says her timing is perfect. She wants to file a restraining order on Lulu.

Curtis tells Jordan if Ned thinks he’s going to take down the man who played him like a harmonica, he’s dreaming. Jordan says she’s not counting on Ned. She’s counting on someone willing to take a risk, and willing to bend the law just enough not to break it. Curtis says someone with a vested interest in the evictions and harassment, who knows that the earthquake was used as a get-rich-quick scheme? She says, something like that. He thinks he knows the man.

Kim has to go back to work, and tells Elizabeth if she needs a friend, she’s there. Sam comes barreling in, and asks Elizabeth, where the hell is Franco?

Franco bangs on the door. Drew says it’s reinforced steel, and tells him to get a grip. He puts his hand on Franco’s arm, and Franco says if Drew touches him again… Drew asks what he’s going to do, calling him Bobby. He asks if Franco is going to try to kill him again.

Dante tells Alexis there’s no need; it’s a personal matter. Maxie suggests they keep it that way. Alexis is sorry about what’s going on, and hopes it works out. Lulu says she’s going back to work, or this is all for nothing. Peter asks if Maxie wants the day off, but she thinks diving into work is good for her. Her phone rings. It’s Kim, who just got word. The amnio results are in.

Curtis tells Jordan that he’s going to bring down Jim. She asks him to wait, and he wonders if she’s going to deputize him. She kisses him, and says now he’s deputized. Go be brilliant.

Ned cracks the cigar in half. He tells Jim that he’s going to the commissioner and blowing him out of the water. Jim says, be his guest. He’ll tells them that Ned always knew. They’ll never believe a savvy businessman got into bed with Niagara and didn’t know. Ned says he’ll take his chances. Jim says, do that, or do his job. The city stands to make a fortune in tax revenue. Show his responsibility to Port Charles. Ned reminds him about Charles Street, and Jim says they’ll find somewhere else to live. Ned says that most of them can’t afford it. Jim suggests he start a foundation to help them make the transition or they can move out of the city. Ned stomps out the door. Jim says how it turns out now, is up to him. He’s gone to far to stop now, and no one is getting in his way.

Elizabeth asks Sam why she’s so anxious. Sam says Drew is missing, and she thinks Franco knows something.

Franco says Drew trusted him at some point. He gave him the rabbit’s foot for Christmas, saying Franco was the best friend he ever had. He says it didn’t happen the way Jim is laying it out. He put them there to cover up what happened, and they’re stuck. He hands Drew the rabbit’s foot, and Drew asks why give it to him? Franco says he needs all the luck he can get.

Tomorrow, Peter’s test results are back, Sam threatens to take Franco out herself, and Mike asks Sonny if he’s supposed to sign his life away.

😱 Zero Time

There seems to be a bit of a lull in TV viewing this week. I haven’t seen any of this season of Once Upon a Time yet, but I did catch up with Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block, which had its finale this week. I hate that the seasons are so short with this show, even if I barely grasp what’s going on in it. Although anything is less opaque than the monster made of teeth on the first season, Channel Zero: Candle Cove. What was that thing about? Fear of dentistry?

This time around, the story centered around two sisters, a town full of disappearances, and the Peach family. The Peaches once owned much of the town, including Peach’s Meats, a meat processing plant that still looms over the center of the city. Like in Motel Hell where it takes all kinds of critters make Farmer Vincent’s fritters, there’s more to the meat than meets (ha-ha) the eye. Sisters Alice and Zoe (Olivia Luccardi and Holland Roden), move to the town for a fresh start. Zoe is schizophrenic and on medication, Alice is on the verge, or at least afraid of it, since their mother was also mentally ill. Landlady Louise (Krisha Fairchild), whose hobby is taxidermy, is trying to uncover the mystery of the missing Peach family and disappearances of locals over the years, one of whom is her brother. The Peaches vanished after their two daughters were murdered and something – probably a human sacrifice – was found in their basement. Afterwards, locals started to disappear. The sisters and Louise discover that the Peaches aren’t gone, but have merely changed energy and are still among us. Meanwhile, the sheriff’s son, Luke (Brandon Scott), has his hands full with an escaping Peach who is wreaking havoc on the town by eating some of its residents. Along with that, there is door to nowhere, a weird baby man called Smart Mouth, people in weird baby masks (which is even worse), and dinners consisting of kidney parfait with an ear wafer garnish. There is also a red door, but not the spa kind. Among it all is Rutger Hauer as Joseph Peach, patriarch and head cannibal/sacrifice leader. Rutger is a catch for any production, having played the best of the good guys (Ladyhawke) and the worst of the bad guys (The Hitcher). No surprise, he did not disappoint as the somewhat in-between Joseph, and in a way, got the last word. A lot of it was a strange foray into the human psyche, and all of it was a wild, gory ride. The three existing seasons of Channel Zero can be found On Demand.

🚂 You’re Almost There…





March 11, 2018 – Gabriel’s Great Escape, a Bit of TV News & Weekend Over


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



The Walking Dead

A carload of Saviors is out hunting for Morgan and Dr. Carson. Daryl sneaks around under a bridge. He’s leading a group scouting the roads. Tara tosses a zombie at Dwight, claiming it got away. Dwight kills it, and Daryl tells everyone to keep it moving.

Dr. Carson drives, and Gabriel asks if they’ve passed the Linus overpass, but the doctor doesn’t know. Gabriel says it’s going to be okay and have some faith. They’re on the right path if not the right road. He studies a map, but has difficulty focusing. Carson tells him that he’s is suffering from a serious complication. Does he really think God is leading the way? Gabriel says God is always leading the way, and Carson says maybe God should be driving. Gabriel jokes about Him leaving too many footprints, and a zombie drags itself along next to the car. Maybe Gabriel just needs glasses.

Carson asks about a mile marker, and if Gabriel can see it. Gabriel says he can’t, and Carson says he was stupid to let him leave, but he’s sick and there are antibiotics at Hilltop. Gabriel asks if he hears something, almost like a bell. I don’t. Carson isn’t too thrilled with leaving the car, but they walk through the forest, and come to a cabin. Gabriel says it’s not a bell, but might be their salvation. Carson doesn’t think so.

Rosita says the group needs rest. Daryl says, ten minutes. Tara asks why Dwight is still breathing; she’s done. Rosita tells her that he may have an angle, and tells her to knock it off; at least until they get to Hilltop.

Morgan and Henry guard the prisoners at Hilltop. Carol says she can take over. Jared yells that the kid is freaking people out, and they should move him along. The Saviors are going to roll up and let them out anyway. Henry asks Morgan, who killed his brother? Morgan tells him to go and eat. Henry asks Carol why they’re not telling him. She says he’s a child, and he’s done too much already. Morgan tells her that Henry knows how to live, and it doesn’t bother him. She says he’s not fine, and neither is Morgan. She tells him to take a break, and takes a turn as guard.

Negan is disappointed. This crap should be over. His only doctor and that creepy-ass priest jumped ship without anyone knowing. He asks if Eugene has any idea how it happened, but Eugene is not venturing any guesses. Negan says Carson is a weasel like his brother, and once their asses are caught, he’ll get the whole story – one way or another. And Alexandria – Eugene asks what went down there, and Negan asks why does he care? They tried to blow him off the earth. He tells Eugene that he’s going to be in charge of his own outpost. He needs his bullet-maker to be making bullets. He’s going to provide the next bang-bang Negan needs to settle this situation for good. Eugene asks what about people as resources, and Negan says bullets are a last resort. If Rick and his merry band of pricks decided to pull sh*t, then they’ll have to pull sh*t. It will be some that they don’t want, but it’s on them. Eugene is going to have everything he needs to keep his head in the game. Eugene asks if there will be wine, which would be my first question, and Negan says there will indeed.

Inside the cabin, Morgan shakes a piggy bank and laughs. He tries to read something from a notepad. Looking out the window, Carson says, clear so far. He tells Morgan that he should be lying down. It’s lucky they found this place. Morgan says luck had nothing to do with it. Morgan gives Carson the pad, and Carson says the owner was a radio operator. He looks through the pad, the owner writing that even if he can’t be helped, maybe he can help someone else. There are pages of radio calls, but they all say, no signal. Morgan says that they don’t know if others might have been reached, but the operator never found out. Or maybe it gave them strength to go on, even if they didn’t reach anyone. Carson opens the bedroom door. He sees a zombie cuffed to the bed with a plastic bag over its head. He says, didn’t happen.

Daryl goes over the map. Rosita thinks they should keep moving. Daryl wonders about the swamp. Dwight says it’s one place the Saviors won’t be. Negan thought it was too dangerous and not worth the risk. Tara asks if Daryl is seriously considering what Dwight has to say. If it’s too dangerous for the Saviors, why send them? Why should they trust Dwight? He could turn on them like he did his own people. Dwight says they all saw what happens if one of them gets away. If they find him, his head will be on a pike. He’s not fighting for them, and he’s not going back there. He wants to help them beat Negan. After that, he knows how it ends. Daryl says, fine; they’ll try the swamp. Tara is stunned.

One of the Kingdom Hilltoppers tells Maggie that they finished taking inventory. They’re barely going to make it through another week, and it will be worse if they include the prisoners. Jesus is still out scavenging, and might bring something back.

Carson takes a gun from the corpse, and tells Gabriel to lie down; he’s fighting a serious infection. Gabriel gives Carson some prescription bottles, and he looks through them. He says two are antibiotics, and this may have just saved his life. Gabriel tells Carson that he’s not saying a word.

Dwight says he’s doing it for Sherry. She let Daryl out and ran; she must be out there somewhere. Daryl looks at the swamp. Rosita says they can do it. Someone suggests a small group push through, and make a path for the others. Rosita asks if Tara is coming, but she’s hanging back. The small group starts to walk through.

Maggie asks Gregory what he wants. He says they haven’t seen eye to eye, and loyalties have been questioned, but his behavior has been good. She says he’s staying in there. He says she can’t keep him there forever, and she tells him give her a reason to kill him and she won’t have to. Another prisoner says they’ve been good, and she still took one out; they don’t have to be enemies. Maggie asks what Gregory wants. They want to go outside on good behavior; one at a time under armed guard. Maggie says she doesn’t have the resources to oblige, even if she wanted to. And BTW, she’s cutting off their rations in a few days, maybe longer. Her people come first; she has no choice. Gregory thinks she does.

Rosita and the others continue through the swamp. A zombie pops up in front of her, and she stabs it in the head. Daryl is impressed. Groot! Never mind. It’s just a tree. Zombies start to rise from the water like something out of Creepy comics. Daryl and Siddiq go through the water, stabbing them one by one.

Tara tells Dwight he just volunteered to kill some zombies, and gives him a knife.

Carson says Gabriel’s fever has broken. He tells Gabriel that if there’s no improvement in his eyesight soon, there will be permanent damage. Morgan is like, oh well, and Carson asks if losing his vision doesn’t scare him or piss him off. Gabriel says he’s letting Him lead the way. He tells Carson that he can’t see it, but can feel the look on his face. He’s not saying God led them there, but to find meaning in it. He knocks the piggy bank over, and it breaks. Carson finds car keys and a map inside. He looks at the map, and says they’re no more than a few miles off.

Tara follows Dwight through the forest, covering him with a gun. He stabs a zombie. He tells her that he’s sorry about Denise. He truly is. He doesn’t expect forgiveness; he doesn’t deserve it. He just wants her to know. She says he should have stayed with the Saviors. He says he hates them. He hates Negan. Tara doesn’t care. She says switching sides doesn’t make it okay; it never will. He asks what killing him will do, and she says, make her feel hella better. She shoots at him, but he ducks behind a tree, and runs. He stops in a clearing. He says he knew it would happen, but he’d wanted to help them win first. They hear people coming, and hide.

It’s the group of Saviors from the car. Tara holds the gun to Dwight’s head.

Carson and Gabriel head for the garage. Gabriel looks up, and a warning sign comes into focus. He yells for Carson to stop, but it’s too late. Carson steps into an animal trap. His leg is caught, and here comes a zombie. Oh, great. Now they’re coming out of the woodwork… er, forest. Carson shoots at one, but another falls on him. He shoots that one, but there’s another right behind, and he drops the gun. Gabriel crawls over, and finds the gun. He blindly shoots, and miraculously hits the zombie and not Carson. Carson says he did it, and Gabriel says he might have had some help.

Tara continues to hold the gun on Dwight. She looks like a nut. Dwight walks out to the road. One of the Saviors says they thought he was dead. He says he got caught in an ambush, but got away. He spent the night hiding and running, and trying to make it back. He asks what happened to Laura, and they say, sorry, no one has seen her. They’re going to Alexandria, and thought they’d check out the swamp. Dwight tells them that he just came from there, and to steer clear of it. He takes a gun from one of them, and says he’ll lead the way. Tara can’t believe it. She’s surprised all over the place tonight.

Rosita tells Daryl that she saw Tara running after Dwight. He asks why Rosita didn’t stop her, and Rosita says, no one could have stopped her. When she gets back, Dwight gets in Tara’s face, saying he told her to wait. Dwight could tell them everything. She says he saved them; he led the Saviors away. Daryl doesn’t care, and starts cursing everything. Then he sees Tobin covering Judith’s ears, and says, let’s go. They start to maneuver through the swamp.

Gabriel asks if Carson wants him to drive, but that’s a no. They get in the car, and hear, hands up, a-holes. They turn around, and it’s the Savior group now joined by Dwight. They’re deposited in the bed of the truck. Gabriel tells Carson that He’s still leading the way. Believe it, and he’ll see it. What Carson sees is an unattended gun on a Savior, and grabs it, but gets shot. As the truck pulls away, Morgan weeps, and says, no, no, no. I say, no surprise this show is a total bummer. Always.

The gates of Hilltop open. Daryl and the others walk in. Carol runs to greet them. We only hear music, so we can’t hear what they’re saying, but Daryl shakes his head. Enid cries, and sinks to the ground. Siddiq looks tired. Maggie comforts Enid.

Morgan says Henry asked about who killed his brother. It was Gavin, and he got him, so…

Siddiq thanks Maggie for her hospitality. She says it’s not much, but he tells her, its everything. He asks if there’s an infirmary, and she asks if he’s hurt. He says he’s fine, but has medical experience. He can pitch in and help. She explains they’re using the trailers, and thanks him. She watches everyone interacting.

Eugene makes bullets. Frankie (I think – whoever the redhead is) says he was destined for this. He tells her to be there, she needs gloves and proper eye protection. She thought she’d help, and he says she can help by bringing some food – eggs nicely dancing with tomatoes. He’s going to designate the northwest corner as a breakroom and motivational presentation cubby.

Negan kicks the door open, and brings in Gabriel. He says Gabriel told him an interesting story about how he made his way out of their lovely home. We hold our collective breaths for a beat or two, and he says it was Carson. Negan asks if he called it or what. Gabriel asks why bring him here, and Negan says he needs an extra set of hands to separate casings. Gabriel’s eyes don’t work for sh*t, but his hands do. Eugene says it will still be a few days, but Negan says that doesn’t work for him. They need a more Biblical approach. Eugene says they could rig catapults, and launch dead arms, legs, and heads, creating traumatic theatrics. Negan thanks him. He believes a rose sprang into the pile of sh*t. He tells the guys, let’s roll, and whistles as he leaves.

Eugene goes to Gabriel. Gabriel says he thought he found what he was meant to do. Eugene says, he has, and so has Eugene. He tells Gabriel to get to work.

Maggie approaches the prisoners and points at one. She says they’re to be taken out in pairs for work, exercise, and medical attention. They can start by cleaning the stables. Gregory thinks since they’ll be working, they should get more food, but she says quarter rations, same as always. He appreciates it, but the Saviors are still coming. He thinks they should consider evacuation. If they run, they live. He asks how they could win, and she tells him to look around.

Outside, Negan addresses his people while standing in front of three zombies chained to a fence. He says they know how it works. You get a bite, something from them gets in you, and you join the club. But what if they can use it to their advantage? He whacks at a zombie with Lucille. He tells them Lucille is getting to know their friend. He bashes and pokes at the zombie, until Lucille is covered with blood and rotted flesh. He tells them to look at that. No more smashing and bashing; just a touch, just a kiss. Hilltop will learn to comply, dead or alive. Or some kind of sh*t in between.

Next time, Negan orders the Saviors to let them turn, don’t kill them; and Negan tells Rick that he failed his boy and his people – let Negan save them.

🎭 The Good News & the Bad News

Sunday, April 15th is a big day. Sadly, your taxes are due the next day, but Fear the Walking Dead (which Morgan will be a part of) also returns at 10 pm on AMC, and Southern Charm New Orleans premieres on Bravo at 9 pm. The original Southern Charm will be back on Thursday, April 5th at 9 pm. They’ve already tried with Savannah, which was a snooze, and IMO, it would be tough to top the Charleston cast. Who can resist the Peter Pan that is Thomas; his off-again-on-again squeeze, and mother of his children, fiery Kathryn; matriarch of the South, Patricia, and her baby boy Whitney; dreamer Craig; perpetual adolescent Shep; weepy roller coaster ride Landon; and Cameran, avoiding motherhood since the beginning of time, finally having a baby?

⏰ And We Lost an Hour…





March 4, 2018 – The Dead, Rambling About the Dead & a Comic Book Man


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



The Walking Dead


Michonne looks lost while Rick decorates the cross on Carl’s grave with a gun. She lets off steam by whacking some zombies’ heads off. As I like to do when I’m stressed. She looks at the half burned down Alexandria, and shuts the gate. Making sure to take half a zombie’s face off with it, and stabbing some in the eyeballs first.

Rick asks for some pudding. Just kidding. Nobody is saying anything, and I got bored. Michonne looks at Carl and Judith’s finger-paint handprints on the porch, and gets even more bummed. She goes inside. She tells Rick they have to go. They slip out the back door.

When they get to the car, Michonne grabs a fire extinguisher and runs with it; Rick following with another one. They try putting out a fire in the gazebo, but the zombies are forming a crowd, so they both run back to the van. Nice try. Alexandria has officially been taken over by zombies.

Rick asks what Michonne is thinking. Does she want to stop fighting? She says they could pull over, but he says not yet, not him. He wants to talk to Jadis. They have weapons and people, and they need them. She asks why now? He tells her that they went to the Sanctuary. They were seen, and will be a target too.

They sneak around where the trash pile is. Rick opens the door to go in, and it’s like a Three Stooges prank. A rope is triggered, and all this stuff on the roof above tumbles down. There are zombies all over the place.


Negan wants his men to check every nook and cranny. The Alexandrians had an escape plan. Rick’s kid is plaguing him; he’s built for this sh*t. Simon asks if he’s heard from Gavin. Negan says, no, but it’s coming. Gavin is perpetually pissed off, but has it together. Simon asks where Negan wants him; he’s not running down Rick. Negan says, the garbage people. Simon thinks it will be worth it to get the guns, but Negan says they may have pulled a triple-cross, but they’re still a resource. A deal with him is a lock, stock, and suck-my-barrel deal. He tells Simon to deliver the standard message. Take one out, and the rest fall in line. Just one. He asks if Simon has anything to say. Simon thinks maybe they should cut their losses. None of them can learn the lesson, no matter how many times they teach it. No one understands the situation one little bit, so maybe they should learn. Scrape the plates into the trash, move further out, and find other communities to save. Negan laughs. He’s doing his best to hold it together right now. He tells Simon to take own advice. The easy way isn’t their way. Saving people is hard, but it works. Simon says (it finally became unavoidable), not lately, and Negan tells him once he clips Rick, everything will be aces again.

There’s a knock at the door. Some guys bring in a delivery. It’s the crate from Hilltop. Negan tells them to get out, and he reads the lid: We have 38 more – stand down. We hear zombie noises from inside. Simon pries open the Crate, and Negan nail guns Dean in the head multiple times. Simon tells Negan that means the rest are from the outpost. They’re killing everyone, and he can’t let them get away with it. Negan tells him he’ll do his job. Simon is obviously not happy, but says nothing.


Enid and Aaron are shoved into a house by the Oceanside women. Aaron says, let’s talk about it, but they get chained to a radiator. One of the women tells Cyndie that Netanya was her family, and another says she should just kill them. The women leave, and Enid and Aaron are left alone.

Aaron says they’ll get out of it. Enid says it’s not about that. She had to do it. Netanya made her do it, and she’d do it again

Cyndie and her crew come back, and unchain them. They cuff Enid and Aaron’s hands behind their backs, and Cyndie says take them to the beach. Aaron says it’s her decision, but she has to own it (what is this? Real Housewives?), and she’d better have a good reason to kill them, other than making herself feel better. Killing is the punishment, but if Cyndie executes them, some of their people will come looking. They might kill a few more, but eventually, they’ll get wiped out. Her grandmother got herself killed. He tells her not to make the same mistake. Let them go. They’ll keep fighting, and the Oceansiders can keep hiding. Cyndie says, no… they live, confusing all of us

Aaron asks if she wants to know if they win, and she says, yes. He asks her to help them win. She says their contribution was not killing them, and they’ve taken everything else the Oceansiders can give. She tells him not to come there again. Aaron suggests they stop trying to kill strangers. They need to know the difference between friends and enemies. She says, don’t come back. Cyndie and her posse walk off, looking like weird Girl Scouts.

Aaron asks if Enid knows how to get to the car. She says they’re not going to help. Aaron wants to go home, but can’t leave until they join the fight. Enid says Beatrice and Cathy (which, no doubt, is spelled Kaythe) seem open to it, and Aaron thinks he can convince both. He tells Enid to go back and tell Maggie what he’s doing, but not to come. Enid thinks they’ll kill him if he goes back there, and he says he won’t go back there. No matter what happens, he’ll be okay. She makes him promise she’ll see him again, and he makes her promise she’ll be okay. They hug, and he tells her to go.

Commercial break. Talking Dead has a surprise guest. That usually means someone significant dies.


Simon is going to the landfill. He says, no worries, grabs some dudes, and they head to the heap.

Both the Saviors and the Heapsters draw their guns. Simon asks Tardis Jadis if they’re not friends, and she gives a nod. He says the bottom line is they need an apology – genuine. He knows she had a side deal with Rick, despite their preexisting arrangement. She saw them, and tried to kill them. By now, she’s had time to prepare a heartfelt act of confession. He tells her to feel free to use notes. Jadis says, no deal with Rick. They delivered him, brought him to the Saviors. Simon calls bullsh*t, but says no need to worry. They’ve cut themselves a big break. Negan is graciously willing to forego punishment. If they agree to revert to the agreed upon terms, all is forgiven. However, they will be taking all guns and ammo the Heapsters currently have. Jadis says danger is everywhere, and they need guns too. Simon tells her not when they have the Saviors. The Saviors will provide guns when they need them. Jadis nods because she’s used up her words for the day. The Saviors take their guns.

Simon asks about painting, if she learned it before or after. She says you don’t learn, you just know, which I kind of agree with. He asks why the dump? There had to be a better place to call home. Jadis says, our place. He wonders what the deal is with the helipad and solar panels (which is a clue to something, according to Robert Kirkman), and asks what it was before. She says, a dump. Simon laughs, but he’s not buying it. He wants to know if she understands they have guns and a deal, and he wants the full definition of an apology. What he got was a transgressional acknowledgment, and the guns as restitution, but no remorse. She says, there is remorse, and he shoots Brion. She repeats, there is remorse, and he shoots Tamiel. (Her two main people. I got their names from Talking Dead.) Jadis punches Simon, knocking him down, and says, there is remorse, you SOB. He says, no, no, no. He doesn’t think she means it. He says, light it up, gents. Everyone starts screaming, and they shoot… everyone? I’m not so sure Negan is going to like this.

Simon returns. Simon tells Negan that they got guns that and then some. Negan asks how it went, and he says the standard mess and delivery. They showed and told him they had remorse. There’s a call for Negan on the radio. It’s Rick.


Michonne and Rick knock off the zombies at the trash pile. They climb up, since zombies aren’t good at climbing. Jadis is there. Michonne asks what happened, and Jadis says, Saviors. Rick asks how they get out, and Jadis says the same way they got in.  Jadis starts to talk, and loses her woman-of-few-words shtick as she goes along. She says they weren’t heaps. There was just trash far as the eye could see. She would go there to find things to paint on – metal and fabric. When everything changed, she realized the whole place was a canvas, and they were the paint. They could create something new, become something new, and they did. This was their world, apart from everyone else in every way. Rick says, you did this because of you.

Rick picks up a car door, and twirls it around. He bends some pieces of it; he’s going to use it as a shield. Jadis says she’s coming with them until they’re gone. Rick says he’s done with games. She can’t help them anyway. He goes down, and uses the door to knock some zombies around, and shoots some others. Michonne shoves the stuff in front of the door out of the way. Jadis asks them to just let her get out, but no deal.

All is quiet at the trash piles. Jadis pounds on the ground, and the zombies come toward her. They’re stopped by a chain several feet from her. She flips a switch, and a grinding machine turns on. I assume it was once used to crunch up trash. It’s between her and the horde, and she releases the chain with a stick. As they continue forward, they fall in and get chopped up. Cool. She watches as people she knows fall in. She cries. It churns out chili con zombie. When all of the zombies have been dispatched, she shuts off the machine.

Jadis digs a file cabinet out of one of the trash piles. She takes out a box that says apple sauce. I think it must be something else, and just says that to throw people off, but it’s apple sauce. She eats some, and I reflect on Carl’s pudding, and eat a piece of beef jerky, which somehow seems appropriate.


Rick tells Michonne he shot above Jadis’s head; he saw she made it. He didn’t want her dead, just gone. Michonne says they have a choice. He stops the van, and says he needs a second. He gets out and walks through a field next to the road.

He takes out Carl’s letter to Negan, and looks at it. I guess we don’t get to know what it says, but Rick looks like he has a headache. He radios Negan, who asks where he is, saying they should talk face to face. Rick says Carl is dead, and Negan is visibly shaken. Rick tells Negan that Carl left some letters, and wrote one to him. He asked Negan to stop, and asked Rick to stop. He asked them to make peace, but it’s too late. Even if Negan wanted to deal, it doesn’t matter. He’s going to kill Negan. Negan asks how it happened. Was it them? The grenades or the fire? Rick tells him that Carl went out to help someone, and got bit. Negan says, goddammit. He says he’s sorry, and I totally believe it. He’d wanted Carl to be part of things; he had plans. Carl was the future. Rick says the only future is one where he’s dead. Negan asks why Rick is making this hard. Carl is dead because he couldn’t leave sh*t well enough alone. Maybe he would have died anyway, but in this case, he’s dead because Rick wasn’t there to stop him from doing something stupid. He set the course; who’s next? Rick says, Negan is. Negan says, someone is. He stops people from dying. He’s the answer. It might be a hard lesson to hear, but it’s time. He tells Rick not to let another sh*t decision cost him the people he loves. That garbage sticks with you forever, like Carl will. He’s feeling it, and will for a while. He could have let Negan save all of them. That’s why he killed them in the first place, so Rick could say he’ll kill him when he won’t. He’s failed as a leader. He should just give up. He’s already lost.

Next time, Gabriel is up and running, Dwight says it’s too dangerous, a swamp full of zombies, and Eugene makes something.

👂 Although I’ve long grown weary of this show being so one note – now Rick even seems to have perpetual tears in his eyes – I actually got something out of the episode. Negan’s methods need some serious tweaking, but he makes sense to himself, and is better leader than Rick, especially at this point. Rick should have waited a hot minute before going against Negan, since he was originally taken by surprise and didn’t have a plan. Instead, he went on his emotions. It seems odd that now he doesn’t want to take a stab (no pun intended) at making Carl’s vision a reality. What spoke to me, is that Carl had a revelation of an idyllic new society, and instead of trying to make that happen – which seemed to be his original plan – Rick has put up his own road block. It made me think of how we often get in our own way of attaining what we say we want. Of course, zombie stories are rarely really about zombies. I just wish this one were more balanced. To be fair, I doubt Carl’s dream could be achieved. It’s like socialism. Great in theory, but there’s always somebody who is going to want more. And in this case, that somebody is Negan.

📡 As much as Walking Dead annoys me, I love Talking Dead. It’s nice to see that nerds are finally getting a voice, and not just on the Sy – we can’t spell – Fy channel. I’m sure The Big Bang Theory made a big contribution to that. Along with Comic Book Men, this show is a nerd’s dream. Lots of getting deep into things that are pretty much meaningless. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a nerd myself, and labeled myself as such long before it was fashionable. I used to stand out at Star Trek conventions. I’d probably just blend in now. Anyway, Chris Hardwick fooled us. The surprise guest was Enid (Katelyn Necon), who did not die. There was some discussion as to whether Rick did the right thing not helping Jadis get out. The general consensus was that he did, because she’d screwed him over. I’m of two minds on that. Yeah, there is that, but she got left alone with a load of zombies after she’d just poured her heart out to him about her art – and probably used more words than she had in the past two years. On the other hand, while I don’t think her wanting to get the best deal for her people was that horrible, Rick might have done her a favor in having to be on her own, and rely on herself. Who knows? Maybe she’ll end up at Oceanside. The highlight of the show for me was when they had the factoid segment. According to his portrayer, Steven Ogg, Simon is a multi-layered persona, who is a bit of a bully, but loves musical theatre. Who knew?

🏥 Speaking of Comic Book Men, glad to hear Kevin Smith is on the mend.

✌ The Two Kevins…

KevinSmith    KevinJames




February 25, 2018 – A Somber Start to the Dead, a Bit of Ash, an Atlanta Mention, McWhat? & a Song


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



The Walking Dead

When last we left, teens and tweens everywhere were crying into their Skittles because Carl got bit. They’re thinking he might make a cute zombie though.

Rick prays that mercy prevails over his realm. I think this is a dream. There are kids running around, and Jerry is there. Everyone is all happy, and things look normal. In the here and now, Michonne and Rick dig what I assume is a grave. He tells her to go, and we flash back to Carl fighting off a zombie. This time we actually see him get bitten. It gets shot from behind, and Siddiq asks if he’s okay. He says he is. Siddiq and Carl drop down to the sewer tunnel.

Back home, Carl checks out his wound, and the bite holes in his shirt. He waits for Rick with a guard, who gives him a note from Michonne, saying she had to see for herself. Carl writes letters to everyone. He and Siddiq go back through the tunnel. Carl sets up a cot there. He rocks Judith on the porch, and they do some finger-painting. He takes a Polaroid selfie of the two of them. Carl and Siddiq share a candy bar. I guess this is his bucket list? Such as it is during the apocalypse.

Carl does some planting, and waves to Michonne as she drives by. He enjoys the sunshine.

Across from the Sanctuary, Morgan tries to get a bead on Negan. The Saviors shoot at the zombies outside, and Morgan tells someone on the radio, it’s not now. He says the Saviors are trying to make a path, using the zombie bodies as a block. Suddenly, the room Morgan is in, is being riddled with bullets. He stops, drops, and rolls out the door.

Morgan is outside, and sees the zombies wandering to the opera music. He bangs on the fence, distracting them. They come his way. Some Saviors pop out, but he’s able to slip away while they’re busy with the zombies. A Savior caravan goes by, and Morgan jets out of the forest as soon as they’re gone.

Elsewhere in the forest, Carol tells her Kingdom group about a place the Saviors don’t know about, and tells them to hide there until she comes back. Henry says he’s going too. They killed his brother, and he’s not going to let them kill her too. He wants a gun, but she says that’s not happening, and heads toward the Kingdom.

Carl shows Rick his wound and sweats bullets. Daryl holds Judith. Carl says, sorry, like he dented the car. He says if he doesn’t make it, he wanted to make sure he said goodbye, and gives Rick the letters. There’s shooting outside, and Rick says it’s them. Carl tells Rick about bringing Siddiq back, and that he’s the one from the gas station. It wasn’t the Saviors; it just happened. He got bit.

Gavin tells Ezekiel that Negan is going to kill him, and there’s nothing he can do to stop it. Ezekiel says he buried his people, and what happens to him matters not. Gavin says he liked him. He accepted things for how they were, and didn’t get any big ideas, but then Rick planted one, and here they are. Ezekiel says he made a choice he can live with; now it’s Gavin’s turn to do the same.

Morgan sneaks around the Kingdom. He runs into Carol, who’s also sneaking around. Morgan thinks they can take them one by one, but she thinks it’s better to avoid them until they can’t. He says they have Ezekiel, and she says they have to take them now.

Michonne tends to Carl. Siddiq has some OTC inflammatory that will help with the fever. It did for his mom and dad. Rick’s son should have them. Rick asks if he was a doctor, and Siddiq says he was a resident… before. Rick asks if he’s Siddiq. Carl says he wasn’t going to make it alone, and needed them. That’s why he brought him back. He starts coughing, and Rick gives him the medication.

Michonne tells Dwight to make it stop. He’s one of them. She begs him. Rosita says if Hilltop is safe, they should go there. Dwight says they’re looking right now. Their best chance is to stay until they’re gone. They’re almost done. It wasn’t about destroying the place; they don’t have the ammo for that. After they’re gone, that’s when they go. Rosita says they wait then. He asks if she thinks Hilltop the best plan, and she asks if he has another one. He says, all of them together, and Daryl finishes, it will be their worst nightmare.

Two Saviors are putting out fires (literally), while Morgan and Carol watch. He says they have to go through the courtyard, exposed; this is it. He taps one guy on the shoulder, and knocks him out with his staff. Carol knocks out the other. Carol thinks they should just do it. Two more Saviors run out, and they knock them out too. Morgan impales them with the pointy end. He and Carol go inside.

Gavin tells everyone to hustle. He asks Ezekiel if it’s going bad; if it’s going to turn into something else. Ezekiel says he’s the author of this nightmare. I’ll have to remember that one.

Michonne strokes Carl’s face. He says she’s supposed to be resting, but she tells him that she’s not tired. He says it’s going to stop; it’s not supposed to be like this. She’s having a hard time keeping it together.

Dwight thinks it sounds like it’s letting up. Rosita says it looks like he was right – about everything. Daryl decides to take a look, and hands Judith off to Rick.

Morgan and Carol sneak around some more. They start to go inside another building, but Morgan hears something. He looks around the corner of the porch, and sees some Saviors unloading a car. He silently goes down the steps, and kills all three of them, but another pops out of the building with a gun. Carol shoots him before he can shoot Morgan. Morgan takes one of their guns, and they go inside.

Ezekiel is packed into a pickup truck, and Gavin says it’s his last ride; try to make him comfortable. He tells Ezekiel that you try, and hope, and want things to finally settle, but no. it always comes down to this. It always has to get dark and ugly and inhuman. He doesn’t like it. Ezekiel says it’s not too late to walk back from something decided. Gavin says Ezekiel did, and look what it’s got him. Gavin gets on the radio, and calls Peter, but gets no response. He starts to get nervous, and calls Gomez, and also gets no response. Ezekiel tells him again that it’s not too late. They hear gunfire, and Gavin says to get Ezekiel inside now. Morgan and Carol creep around one of the trailers.

A tear rolls down Rick’s cheek. In his mind, he sees a cookout. Eugene jokes with Judith, who is around five. Rick and Michonne continue to dig.

The gunfire stops. Michonne says they can get to Hilltop. Rick says Carl won’t make it. He has to stay with him. She says they’ll both stay. He asks her to take Judith; she needs to be there. He starts to cry, and Daryl says he’ll take her and keep her safe. He’s got this. Rick wants to let her say goodbye, and brings her to Carl. Carl tells her that his hat was dad’s before it was his; now it’s hers. It always kept dad with him, and helped him. Maybe it will help her too. He tells her before mom died, she said he’d beat this horror, but he didn’t. She will though; he knows it. She starts howling, and Rick gives her to Daryl. Daryl says Carl saved them all. Everyone starts to leave.

Siddiq says Carl helped him, and he’s going to honor his memory. Carl brought him there and gave him a chance. Siddiq can never repay him, but can honor him by showing his people, friends, and family that what he did wasn’t for nothing. It mattered and meant something, and because it did, he’s going to honor Carl. Carl smiles, and shakes Siddiq’s hand. He tells Saddiq congratulations; he’s stuck with them. Siddiq leaves to join the others.

Commercial break. They need to stop trying to make Red Machete happen. It’s not going to happen.

Gavin tells everyone what to do. They’re ending this whatever the hell it is. He smacks Ezekiel, and says it is too late. He’s the author, and Ezekiel is the dead man. He lives, and Ezekiel dies; it’s the way it is. Ezekiel says the compromises he made were done to save lives. He realizes the compromises Gavin is making are to save only his, but no more. There’s an explosion, and everything is pretty dark. The Saviors start shooting. Gavin holds up his hand, signaling them to stop. He tells Morgan and Carol to give up, or Ezekiel is dead. Carol and Morgan come out, machine guns blazing. Gavin is so startled, he forgets all about Ezekiel, who dives for cover.  Gavin gets hit in the leg, and drops his gun. Morgan has turned into a serious badass. We already knew Carol was. Ezekiel grabs Gavin’s gun, and now he’s a badass too. One of the Saviors gets Morgan down to the floor, and starts punching the crap out of him. With some bizarre burrowing skills, Morgan puts his hand into the guy’s wound, and practically disembowels – no, I spoke too soon – he disembowels him. Yep, he’s pulling the guy’s intestines out right out. Wow. I did not see that one coming.

Gavin gets up and tries to run (yeah, I’d be scared too), and Morgan shoots at him. He gets away, and Morgan picks up his staff/pokey stick. Ezekiel says they should leave, but Morgan tells him they don’t need to go, and heads after Gavin.

Violin music plays (I’m not kidding) as Rick and Michonne make Carl comfortable. He doesn’t want Michonne to be sad or angry. She’ll have to be strong for Rick and Judith, and for herself. She says she will, and he tells her not to carry this; not this one. He calls her his best friend. She says he’s hers too, and smiles through her tears. She kisses his hand. Rick says they need to get him out of there.

Gavin stumbles around like a blind bat out of hell, while Morgan walks steadily behind him like Michael Meyers in any one of the Halloween films.

The town is burning. Michonne and Rick walk out, with Carl between them. Rick says he can make it. They take Carl to the church, which is relatively unscathed by the fire.

Morgan drags his staff along the ground, like Freddy Krueger’s knife fingers, and Gavin shakes. He sees Morgan’s shadow. This is great. Morgan opens the door to Gavin’s hiding place, and he tumbles out.

Carl thanks Michonne and Rick for getting him there. He tells Rick about when they were back in the prison. When they got outside, there was a kid a little older than him with a gun. He was starting to put it down, and Carl shot him. He was giving up, and Carl just shot him. Carl thinks about him and what he did, and how easy it was to just kill him.

Morgan kicks Gavin. Gavin says Morgan is a sick man; he kept his word. Morgan’s not having it, and walks around him. Gavin says they can go back to Hilltop. Ezekiel and Carol arrive on the scene. Gavin says they think they can beat Negan. They can’t, but it can go back to how it was. Morgan says, no.

Rick tells Carl that what he lost, what happened, all those things he had to do; he was just a boy. Carl says Rick saw what he did, and how easy it got.

Gavin asks if Morgan killed all those men because of the kid. Morgan has his staff a few inches from Gavin’s nose. Gavin tells him killing him won’t make any of it go away. He’ll still wake up in the same sh*t tomorrow. Morgan drags him to his feet.

Carl says that’s why Rick changed. He brought them in, and they all lived together; frenemies. Rick put away his gun. He saw how Rick changed, so Carl could be who he is now. How he stopped fighting. It was right and still is. It can be like that again. He can still be like that again.

Ezekiel tells Morgan to cease this revenge. It’s the coward’s way. They don’t have to kill him. Let him see what he’s wrought, and let it be his to live with.

Carl says Rick can’t be who he was. He’s different now. He can’t kill all of them. There has to be something after. For Rick. For them.

Carol tells Morgan to stop. He doesn’t want to do this, and doesn’t have to. He’s the one who told her that they can be better than them. She can see he doesn’t want to do this. Morgan says he has to. Gavin looks petrified. Suddenly, there’s a hole in his neck, and blood starts pouring out. He drops to the ground, and Henry stands behind him with a pokey stick like Morgan has. Morgan looks slightly freaked.

Carl doesn’t know how it could be, but he’s seen it. We see it too, as he describes it. Rick has a beard, longer and greyer. Michonne is happy, and Judith is older, listening to songs he used to… before. Alexandria is bigger. There are new houses, crops, and people working. Everybody is living together, and everybody is helping everybody else. Rick can still be who he was. That’s how it could be. Rick says it was all for him from the start. Everything he did was for Carl and Judith; it still is. Nothing is going to change that. Carl says he wants this for Rick. Rick says he’ll make it real. He promises.

Ezekiel tells Henry that it’s all right. Henry says he had to. Carol scolds him, saying it’s not what he was supposed to do; it wasn’t for him. Ezekiel says all will be resolved, and hugs him.

Rick tells Carl that he’s sorry he couldn’t protect him. A father’s job is to protect his son. Carl says it’s just to love. Carl isn’t looking too good, and reaches for his gun. Michonne starts to say, it should be – and Carl says, he knows. It should be someone you love, but you should do it yourself if you still can. He has to do this. He tells her that he loves her, and she says she loves him too. He tells Rick that he loves him, and Rick says he loves Carl so much. Everyone is crying except me, since I stopped investing a long time ago. It’s a beautiful tableau though, with the light coming through the broken stained glass window, and the three of them in semi-darkness.

Rick and Michonne are outside, and we hear the gunshot.

Michonne and Rick dig. We see Carl’s idyllic world. Judith tells Negan good morning as he picks tomatoes.

Rick sits under a tree. Panes of stained glass hang from its branches.

Next time, Simon thinks they should cut their losses, Negan says to do the job, and Simon approaches the Heapsters.

🎶 Side knowledge: During the opening scenes, the song At the Bottom of Things by Bright Eyes was playing. Loved. It.

🍑 I’m half paying attention to The Real Housewives of Atlanta, where they’re infecting Barcelona with American reality TV. The amusing highlight of the evening – besides my husband asking if everyone was Nene, since that’s the only name he knows – was when the women were leaving their hotel. Apparently, it wasn’t up to the standard these peaches are used to, and a few of them were saying, “Goodbye, mildew,” on their way out the door. For a moment, I thought mildew was someone’s name.

👹 Ash Vs the Evil Dead had its season premiere tonight. Ash opened a hardware store/sex emporium in his home town, but his retirement from chasing deadites was not to be. The book was back, via an idiot on an Antiques Roadshow type program reading out loud from it. Why does everybody always read out loud from age-old spells? It’s really a bad idea. Ash had a wife and a daughter he knew nothing about (nor did we), but the wife didn’t matter, since she got her head sliced off with a cymbal in the high school band room. It looks like Ash’s daughter, Brandy, will be coming along for the ride this season, as well as Kelly’s boyfriend sidekick whatever-he-is, Dalton, who is also the descendant of an ancient order of knights who fight evil.

🔫 AMC has a new show coming up on Monday called McMafia. I’m wondering if it’s about an Irish mafia guy, or if the mafia is a franchise now.

👀 It Takes a While, But They Get to the Song…



February 12, 2018 – After the Funeral, Two Birthdays, an Atlanta Mention, a Creepy Town & the Visible Man


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At the cemetery, Lulu says she’s sorry abut Maxie’s loss. Maxie says she should be; she killed him. Lulu asks how she can say that. Maxie says Lulu wanted to be the next big thing; journalism’s next superstar. She asks if Lulu got her story, and what the going rate is for her husband’s life.

At The Floating Rib, Anna asks if Felicia and Mac need anything. Felicia tells her, a time machine. Yeah, we could all use one of those.

Kim goes to Charlie’s to get take-out. Julian tells her they have couple’s dinners available for Valentine’s Day, and gives her the menu to check out. She says it’s a little over the top for her son.

Finn and Alexis are leaving an AA meeting at the hospital. Finn asks Alexis if he agrees to buy coffee, will she get off his back about sharing? She says she will, if he’ll add telling her one significant detail.

Sam asks Drew why the staring contest with Franco. He wonders why he’s making Franco nervous. Franco suggests to Elizabeth that they leave, but she wants to wait for Maxie to get there. Mac wonders where Maxie is.

Lulu tells Maxie that she didn’t fire the gun. Maxie says she didn’t shoot Nathan, but she put him in a position to be shot. And for what? A stupid article? A pat on the back from her boss? Lulu says she understands Maxie’s heart is breaking and needs to lash out, but Maxie says, no; she needs her husband. She tells Lulu don’t dare cry, and Lulu says she loved Nathan too. Maxie says she used him to advance her career. She actually believed she’d become a prize-winning journalist after two weeks. Her ego knows no bounds. She exploited Nathan. She knew he wanted to get Faison away from his family, and Nathan agreed because she put the idea in his head, making him think it was the only way when it was just her way. Peter listens from behind some bushes, looking pained. Maxie says Lulu did it to get an interview, and she knows it’s true. Dante says they’re not doing this, and Maxie tells him she knows he told Lulu to leave it to the police. Lulu says Nathan was the police, but Maxie says, no. He was a husband and father-to-be who would do anything to protect his family, and she took advantage of that. Why not? She had nothing to lose. She risked nothing, and in turn took everything from Maxie.

Oscar and Josslyn enter Oscar’s apartment. He tells Josslyn she has to be fast; his mom will be home soon. She asks what if she hurts him, but he tells her to hurry.

Finn wants to go to Charlie’s, but Alexis says Julian is Charlie. Finn wonders when that happened, and says he has to get online more. He asks if she wants to go somewhere else, but she says, let’s just do it.

Franco ponders the rabbit’s foot. Drew asks how it’s going. Franco says it’s a funeral, and leaves the table.

Spinelli tells Anna that his deepest regret is not finding Faison sooner, and Anna agrees it would have played out differently. He asks if she’s still looking for Henrik, and she says, absolutely. He could be planning on picking up where his father left off. Spinelli says Henrik’s trail is as cold as Faison himself. Anna tells him that no one can stay lost forever.

Dante wants Lulu to leave, but she says she needs to make Maxie understand. Maxie says, of course that’s her response. No I’m sorry; no I was wrong, and made the biggest mistake of my life. It’s Maxie’s problem, and Lulu has to make her see she’s right and Maxie is wrong because Lulu is always right. The one thing that could bring her closure is Lulu admitting her part, but she’ll never get it. It’s not Lulu’s style or in the Spencer DNA. Lulu says she admits it when she’s wrong, and Maxie asks when was the last time she did that. Lulu asks if she wants an example, and Maxie says she does, but she doubts Lulu will be able to find one. When Maxie screwed up, she felt terrible and apologized over and over until Lulu forgave her, but she’ll never get that from Lulu. Her ability to feel regret or remorse doesn’t exist. She’s incapable of it, and also a murderer, but a morally superior one, so there’s that.

Lulu says she can’t mean it. She asks Maxie to talk, but Maxie says it’s not her job to make it better for Lulu. Nina tells Lulu to stop; she’s done enough. She tells Lulu to please go, and leads Maxie away. Dante takes Lulu in the opposite direction. Nina asks if Maxie is okay, and suggests they go to the reception. Maxie doesn’t want to leave him; she doesn’t know how to do this. She asks Nina to please tell her how. Nina doesn’t know, but they’ll figure it out together. They hug, and Valentin takes Nina’s hand.

Drew tells Franco that he thought the condolences went well. Franco says the whole thing is sad and awful. Drew asks if Franco is avoiding him.

Julian tells Kim that she’s not walking home alone. She says a free drink, take out, and delivery, and Julian says he aims to please. She says, or make someone jealous. She sees him staring at Alexis, and he says he’s just making sure the customers have what need. Kim hands him the bags to carry. At first, he acts like the bags heavy, giving me hope that one of the actors gets it, but then, not so much. (sigh) Finn asks Alexis about getting something to eat, but she says she’s not hungry.

Peter stands by Nathan’s grave with tears in his eyes. He says it’s strange to say goodbye when they weren’t formally introduced; not as brothers at least. He wishes he’d known Nathan. He seemed like a good man; loving, kind, heroic – all the things their father wasn’t. He says it’s so clear how much Maxie loves him. He’s tempted to say he was a lucky man. He’s truly sorry that his luck ran out.

At The Floating Rib, Anna tells Maxie it was an honorable send off for an honorable man. Maxie looks at the pictures, and says she knows how much Nathan loved her. Sam tells her that she was great today. Nathan would be proud. Maxie excuses herself, and tells Nina that she can’t be there. Everyone is so sad and sorry. Nina tells her to take care of herself. Felicia wants to take her home, but she wants to be alone. After she leaves, Spinelli tells them that what Maxie says she wants and what she needs are often different things. Mac tells him to take care of their girl, and he follows Maxie.

Franco thought Drew would prefer he keep his distance, and Drew says he does. He asks how long Franco has known Jim. Franco says as long as Drew has, since they were little kids. Drew asks if Franco recognized him, but Franco says it was the other way around. Jim showed up at his studio. Drew wonders why he wouldn’t have said something about meeting someone from their past. Franco says there is no “our past,” just the past. The were toddlers, and don’t remember. Drew asks to see the rabbit’s foot.

Valentin sees Anna in the hallway. She asks how Nina is doing, and he says as would be expected. He wants to help, but can’t. Anna says he’s helping more than he knows. She tells him that she’s still processing their conversation. He wonders if there’s anything he can do or any questions he can answer. She asks why keep quiet? He hated her for so long, and all this time, had ammunition at his disposal. If anyone found out she had Faison’s child, it would kill her career and damage her personal life. He had the means to take her down, and didn’t. What stopped him? He says there’s a thin line between love and hate. He loved her, hated her, and everything in between, but could never bring himself to destroy her.

Josslyn is in front of Oscar, who’s sitting on a stool. She’s doing something, but we don’t see what. Kim comes into the apartment with Julian, and Oscar and Josslyn scramble around; Oscar running into the kitchen. Josslyn asks why Julian is there, and he says, love you too. Oscar messes around in the kitchen, and Kim asks what he’s doing. He says grabbing some food, and she tells him to say hello to their guest. He walks over, and we see he has a black eye. I laugh because I thought Josslyn was waxing his eyebrows or something.

Alexis says there seems to have been an uptake in Finn’s attendance at AA meetings, and asks if it’s because of Anna. Finn says he has a tendency not to know what has until it’s gone. Dante and Lulu come in. Lulu tells Dante it won’t shut off. It’s not just the words, but the way Maxie said them. Maxie hates her. So do I. Her point?

Maxie hesitates before going into the apartment. She finally does, and sits on the couch without taking off her coat. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Spinelli, and she asks what he’s doing there. He says her mother was right; she shouldn’t be alone. She says, but she is.

Elizabeth asks Franco if everything is okay, and he tells her Drew was just asking to see the rabbit’s foot. Elizabeth asks why, and Drew thinks he recognizes it. Franco hands it to him. Sam says, anything? Drew says, no, but he appreciates it.

Anna thanks Valentin. Felicia sees them in the hall, but goes back inside. Anna is grateful he kept quiet. She asks if he knows where her daughter is, and if he kept track of her, but he says he only knew what the midwife told him. It was a private adoption; no birth certificate, and no records exist. She went to a good family, and has a good life where Faison doesn’t exist. If Anna found her, she would have to tell her the truth. She says, Robin too; it would turn her life upside down for a multitude of reasons. Valentin says she knows what she has to do.

Oscar tells Kim that he got in a fight. Kim says, that’s clear, but with who? He asks if she remembers the friend he told her about that identifies as a girl, and says he stood up for her. She says next time, tell a teacher, and don’t provoke the bully. He says there wasn’t any time. Josslyn says if he hadn’t stepped in, their friend would have been seriously hurt. Kim says she cares about her son, not their friend.

Finn tells Alexis that he keeps making the same mistake over and over. She asks who left who, and he says this time, it was all Anna. It’s like she opens a door with one hand, and slams it shut with the other.

Dante tells Lulu that he was with Nathan every day. Nathan wanted Faison caught. Lulu admits she pushed him about the interview until he gave in. She should have stayed out of it. Dante takes her hand.

Spinelli gives Maxie some tea. She asks if he thinks it’s strange that she didn’t want Georgie at the funeral. He says on the contrary. She was looking out for their daughter, who is too little to understand what transpired. She also would have missed her school outing. Maxie brightens a little, and says, her first field trip. Spinelli tells her that Georgie went to the Portland zoo, but she doesn’t have to only imagine it. She asks if he has a video, but he was referring to her coming home with him. Their guest room goes unused, and Georgie would be ecstatic to spend more time with her. She tells him that going to Portland won’t make her forget that her husband is dead.

Peter looks for Maxie, and Sam tells him it was too much for her. He says it’s understandable. Drew and Sam hope he’s had a chance to regroup, and rethink leaving. They’re not shutting any doors.

Valentin tells Anna that she made a bold choice. Does she continue going forward with the consequences, or pass it on to her children? He gives her some advice that he ultimately borrowed from her. Let the past be the past. They’ve all made mistakes. The difference between him and her is that she wants to be better; so be better. She wonders if it will be enough, and he says it will have to be. He leaves to be with Nina.

As the kids are leaving, Julian tosses Oscar the bag of frozen peas. Josslyn says she’ll tell her stepdad that he said hello. Kim asks if Sonny is a friend of his, and he says, not exactly.

Finn asks Alexis, where is he supposed to go with this?

Maxie tells Spinelli she can’t jet off to Portland and forget Nathan. She forgot before, when she could have been at home instead of wasting precious time. She’s not wasting more by running away. Not feeling the loss, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Spinelli says he wasn’t suggesting that. She knows he was just trying to help, but don’t. She tells him don’t show up either. He doesn’t understand what happens when she hears a knock or footsteps or the elevator door. Every moment of every day is a reminder that Nathan is gone. All the brief, blissful moments of hope are the hardest to get over. She needs to be there until she does. She doesn’t need reminders. It’s horrifyingly real, and he can’t help her with that. She tells him to leave. He kisses her forehead and goes.

Peter tells Nina how sorry he is. She introduces him to Valentin. Valentin says it’s kind of him to come, and he says they’re all family at Aurora. Nina leaves them to help Felicia. Valentin says he hopes Peter has reconsidered leaving town. Some people might get suspicious. Peter thinks Valentin is overestimating his importance, but Valentin says Drew is going to follow every lead. Peter says there were complications, and Valentin says it was a shame about Nathan being collateral damage. He tells Peter to trust him, since he’s always looked out for him in the past.

Lulu tells Dante she has to quit her job. He says she loves it, but she says she loves Maxie more, and needs to make this right.

Alexis tells Finn she’s a master of mixed signals, both giving and getting them. She says that people can hold mixed truths in their hearts. If Anna is finding it that hard to keep away, she’s not ready.

Kim tells Julian that Oscar is her everything. He’s all she has. Julian says that’s not entirely true. She says she has her work, and it’s meaningful, but he says she also has friends.

Elizabeth asks where the rabbit’s foot came from, and Franco tells her it was in a box with his stuff from New York. It’s been with him ever since. She says it’s done it’s job. They’re happy, in love, and about to get married. Who’s luckier than them?

Sam tells Drew to remember the last time he got that familiar feeling. It was about Kim, and she ended up being a big part of his life. The rabbit’s foot could be a missing piece of the puzzle.

Felicia says she saw Anna talking to Valentin, and asks if she should be worried. Anna says it’s taken decades, and they have no more wars to fight.

Nina places a ticket stub from the Natural History Museum on Nathan’s grave. She talks to Valentin about taking Nathan there, and thanks him for bringing her. She needed one more chance to say goodbye. He tells her that he’s been in a lot of dangerous situations, but he never met someone as brave as she’s been today. She says she doesn’t feel brave. He tells her that she doesn’t have to, and holds her.

Maxie put on Nathan’s jacket and smells it. She talks to the baby, saying she’s so sorry. Sorry the baby won’t get to meet the dad who would have loved them; he already did. She’s sorry she lost it earlier, and hopes she didn’t scare the baby by freaking out about the future. She swears its mom isn’t psycho, just sad and angry. She’ll pull it together. It’s what the baby’s dad would have wanted. He’d want her to sing songs and make the baby laugh, like he was looking forward to doing. She’ll do it for both of them. It’s not the same, and they’ll always miss him, but she thinks if they’re brave and lean on each other, they’ll get through it and be okay.

Tomorrow, Robin thanks Jason for killing Faison, Michael says he’s selling the building, and Sonny tells Mike he’s not going anywhere.

Vanderpump Rules

Stassi and Katie go shopping at Dapper Cadaver. Stassi is having a death/murder-themed birthday party, and I guess this is the place to go. She’s celebrating the death of her 20s. When she dies, she wants to be taxidermized with a glass of wine in her hand and let people take photos with her. I actually think this is a cool idea. She has a list of the various items she wants to get, and goes over the guest list with Katie. In her interview, she tells us that Patrick blocked her when he went to Amsterdam. She tried sexting him, he turned her down, and she got angry, telling him she was going to find someone else. He’s finally unblocked her, so she’s hoping he comes to the party. She thinks she and Ariana having the same birthday is like Bride Wars.

Billie, Scheana, Lala, and Ariana go outfit shopping. Ariana is having a kings and queens party, because she’s a queen. I could make a lot of jokes here, but I’ll leave it. The girls look through the fabulous dresses, lingerie, and accessories. Billie tells Ariana that her 30s is her prime, but Ariana says she’s not having sex. In her interview, she says she’s not a fan of her nether regions. Really. She said that.

Tom and Schwartz go to the restaurant site. Today is the day to find out if the permits are approved. Without them, they can’t start the construction. Tom says they’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, and we flash back to those. Lisa and Ken arrive. Lisa says Tom smells like alcohol. He tells her the triplets are on their way home, but last night they went to a strip club and made it rain. Lisa wonders if Schwartz’s wife knows he went to a strip club. She tells them the permits have been approved, and they start Monday. Tom counts it among one of the best days of his life. He writes a check, but tells Lisa not to cash it until the end of the month. Schwartz is having PTSD from writing the check for the wedding. That’s why they catch you at the end for that. You’re a little drunk, so it doesn’t hurt as much. He didn’t say that last part. It’s my personal observation.

Ariana visits therapist Julia. She says it’s long overdue. She wants to do more to help herself and get her head right. She tells Julia about her self-criticism, and how it’s amplified over the years. Her ex-boyfriend added to the problem. She says in the beginning, she thought it was a fling, but he wanted her to stay, and after she moved in, held it over her head because she had no money. Julia asks about her support system, and she says Tom is a true partner. Julia wonders about marriage and family, and Ariana says she never wants to give birth. Her goal is to just be able to function without so much anxiety. In her interview, she wants to communicate her feelings to Tom, but doesn’t want him to think it’s him. She tells Julia she’s frozen. Well, let it go then. BA-DUM-CHH!

James, Lala, Brittany, and Schwartz go to Villa Rosa to discuss World Dog Day. Lisa wanted a festival that was diametrically opposed to the Yulan dog meat festival. In his interview, James says it’s not the most extravagant or exciting gig he’s had, but on the road to success, you have to pay your dues. Lisa suggests Schwartz make out with the guests for a fifty-cent donation. Brittany asks if Lisa is coming to either of the parties, but she doesn’t have the time. Giggy! Schwartz tells her that she wouldn’t have to dress up for Ariana’s party, since she’s already a queen. Once again, I have to squelch my jokes.

Lisa asks Brittany to stay behind. She wants to talk about Jax. Lisa says it’s been challenging to say the least, and she doesn’t want him there tomorrow. She tells Brittany that she doesn’t want him anywhere near her.

Tom makes breakfast and serves it to Ariana. He asks how therapy was. She says she’s a work in progress, but she’s glad he stuck around. He says he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with her, but when they first started dating, they had sex all the time. In his interview, he says he understands the excitement dies down, but thinks she’s afraid to tell him. He tells her that he knows the newness wears off, but she says the only thing that wears off is confidence; there’s no pretending. He thinks she felt it more back then, but she begs to differ, telling him she was just saying it to impress him. In her interview, she says she knows it must be confusing for him. Ariana isn’t thrilled that they haven’t been spending much time together. Tom says he got a high off of helping Tom’s brothers and we see clips. He gets that some things turn her off, but she says there’s no closeness if they don’t do things together. In her interview, she says when he does other things, it makes her think he doesn’t want her. He tells her that he can’t read her mind.

Katie does Stassi’s makeup. She says she wants to be a hot dead girl, and is going for shot-in-the-head chic. Kristen says they’re like sluts in a morgue. Katie tells them about Kevin Lee bringing her flowers, and we see a clip. He tells her that he’s sorry, and she tells him that he should never make comments about weight to anybody. Ever. She tells the girls it was awkward. His apology doesn’t affect her, but she feels badly for him.

Tom loves dressing up and going over the top. Jax stops by while Tom is trying on costumes. He tells Tom that he and Brittany decided on prom king and queen. He’s wearing a prom style tux, and stopping by Burger King for a crown on the way there. Tom puts in creepy white contacts. Brittany calls, and lets Jax know about Lisa not wanting him at World Dog Day. He doesn’t know why Lisa is holding a grudge when others have done worse. I hate that. I hate when people won’t take responsibility, and try to deflect by pointing at someone else. He tells her just go without him. She says he’ll miss the beauty pageant, and Tom adds there are a lot of hot bitches there.

It’s party time! We visit Ariana’s party first. Tom, wearing a Maleficent costume, introduces Queen Ariana, who is dressed in gold with a huge spiky crown. James says everyone is killing it with the costume game tonight. I would agree, but Scheana and Lala are basically dressed in lingerie and wearing crowns. I’m not sure if that qualifies as a costume. Lala says she’s never missing one of Ariana’s birthdays again. Billie tells Tom that she’s heard amazing things about his drag, and we flash back to that.

Schwartz says Stassi put her name on the party – it’s macabre. He thinks the scariest thing is the ranch dressing fountain, and has no doubt people will put their fingers in it by the end of the night. Peter brings a bottle of Dom Perignon from Lisa and Ken. Stassi is thrilled, since a year or so ago, she would have gotten a bag of Giggy’s flaming dog poopy. Patrick comes in wearing a man bun, which is scarier than everything else combined. Stassi’s mother asks how the trip was, and Patrick says he had a great time. Stassi feels like she’s walking on eggshells, trying to make things work. Her best solution is to drink. She orders Jager bombs all around. Bleh. I think that’s even worse than the fountain. It tastes like cough medicine.

Jax tells Billie that he’s not going to Stassi’s party. He doesn’t want to be around the anxiety; he’s trying to surround himself with better people. Ariana tells Tom that experiencing things together is a huge thing for her, and he apologizes. He says he needs her; she’s his foundation. Well, that beats saying she completes him. It kills him that she’s doubting herself and being self-conscious. He tells her that she’s his number one, and she says ditto. She says if she doesn’t feel the closeness, it’s hard to get busy. They kiss. She says he’s not perfect, and she’s a work in progress (all right already), and she wants to be close to him. He suggests they make magic happen, and she asks if she can keep her crown on.

Katie tells Patrick that he and Stassi need to stop breaking up and making up. He says he doesn’t care if she has sex with other people, but he doesn’t want her to have emotional commitment with anyone else. Kristen says Stassi has always been the conductor in relationships, but with Patrick, she’s second fiddle.

Ariana’s brother, Jeremy, is wearing a little crown that reminds me of Blaine and Antoine (Men on Film) on In Living Color. He takes the mic, and wishes Ariana a happy birthday. The cake comes out, and Ariana tells everyone how glad she is they came. She breaks up a plastic crown, and tosses the pieces out like in Mean Girls. She says she’s not a queen amongst peasants; they’re all royalty.

Katie has brought in Arielle the stripper from her party in in Las Vegas, and wants Stassi to take a shot off of her body. Stassi says she wanted her as a guest, not a serving tray, and declines. She’s nervous about Patrick being there, because they’ve been fighting, and she’s effed-up on Adderall and tequila. She walks outside. Kristen and Katie follow. She tells them she hasn’t been able to talk to Patrick the entire night, and she’s annoyed by how everything turned out. They try to talk her into coming back in, but she tells them to go eff themselves; she’s leaving. Kristen says back in the day, she would have gone after Stassi, but she’s an adult. Get a grip and grow up.

It’s World Dog Day. This year, they’ve taken over the street where the rescue center is. Cute dogs everywhere! Brittany’s Monroe wins the beauty pageant, and title of VP Posh Pup. Brittany hopes it doesn’t go to Monroe’s head, since she can’t deal with two big-headed divas at home, the other one being Jax. Scheana asks Peter about Stassi freaking out at her party. He tells Ariana that Stassi was ticked off about the body shot. Ariana says this is why they’re not friends.

Brittany tells Lisa that Jax will have to do a lot of work before she ever makes him another sandwich. Brittany asks if Jax has texted, but Lisa says no. She tells Brittany his apology doesn’t cut it now. He was in enough trouble at the Beverly Hills Life party, but by not reaching out, he’s dug a deeper hole. Lisa says she supports them, and expects the same in return.  Stassi texts an apology to Katie. Katie says the meltdown was Stassi circa 2012, and immature bullsh*t. They also had to pick up a $1400 tab. Schwartz is surprised, thinking it had just been a mini meltdown.

This season, horses, dancing, the Toms are late for a meeting, Stassi thought it would be different with Patrick this time, drinking, more drinking, Tom doesn’t want to be around Katie, Brittany kicks Jax out, and Jax gets fired… maybe.

🍑 On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha had a vegan dinner for the ladies, and Cynthia invited them all on a trip to Barcelona. Kenya seems somewhat separated from the pack this time around, probably due to being a newlywed and having an ongoing feud with Kim. I’m lukewarm about this season, but this episode did give me what could possibly be the best quote of the millennium:

💥 What kind of fraggle knackle bullcrap is this?Sheree Whitfield

🔪 I’m already loving Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block. In this latest effort, the plot revolves around an odd town with a strange history, where people keep disappearing. Sisters Zoe (Holland Rogan) and Alice (Olivia Riccardi) are making a fresh start there. Alice is a budding social worker, and Zoe is being treated for the “insidious onset” of schizophrenia, as well as battling a drug addiction. Landlady Louise (Krisha Fairchild) made it clear from the start that she wasn’t their mom, not even their cool aunt, but their landlady, yet she shared a joint and a story with Zoe not long after the girls arrived. Louise was also a reporter back in the day, and is working on a book about the town and the disappearances, her brother having been one of them. I adore her already, and hope she doesn’t meet an untimely end.

During Alice’s first day on the job, a child disappears while waiting to be picked up by CPS, vanishing inside her own home. Alice’s supervisor chalked it up to the mother running with the child, but Alice wasn’t so sure. That night, she followed a small, shadowy figure to an old park, thinking it was the little girl. At the entrance, she found Rutger Hauer instead, who was creepy, yet somehow grandfatherly. Out for his nightly walk, he told her his family once owned the park and he lives close by. Further into the woods, Alice discovered the figure, sitting at the bottom of a staircase that went nowhere, and what she had thought to be a little girl, was a little person, with a weird, unnerving baby’s face. It went after her with a mallet, but she was saved by a tall creature – what it would look like if Groot and the Visible Man had a baby – who took the whatever-it-was up the stairs. Later, Alice saw Louise’s research board for her book, which included a photo of the Peach family, who owned a lot of the town way back when. The focal point of the town is a huge brick building labeled Peach’s Meats with a logo of Joseph Peach’s face. He’s the family patriarch, and oddly enough, looks just like Rutger Hauer.

Zoe realized that Alice had concerns about following in her mental footsteps. Feeling smothered and weirded out – there’s also a nutcake lady running around town looking for scissors, which Louise has informed them not to give her – Zoe decides to book. While at the bus stop, she meets Joseph. Being musically inclined, I’m super aware of soundtracks (Vanderpump Rules always has a great one), and I almost fell off the couch when I heard Timothy by The Buoys in the background while Louise was working. For you youngsters, it was a hit in the 70s, written by Rupert Holmes, and is about some miners who eat one of their own when they become trapped. How this became a hit, who knows? but I do have it on a 45 somewhere. This clinched the deal for me with Louise. She also gave me the second-best quote:

🌏  When you set out to change the world, the world changes you.

Creepy babies, creepy Groots, staircases to nowhere, a strange landlady (her hobby is taxidermy) who smokes weed, a mysterious town, and Rutger Hauer. Seriously, what more could you want?

💀 The Visible Man

My sister had one of these when I was a kid, and I was fascinated with it.

Visible Man  Visible Man 2



December 16, 2017 – Z Nation Trifecta with Photos & a Quote Quartet


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Technically, what I watched Friday night.

Z Nation

A quick recap of last week. Operation Bitemark went back to Mercy Labs, where they found the blob that was once Dr. Teller’s wife, and his intact son, encased in some kind of liquid in a tank. Sadly, they needed the juice powering the tank to power the radio, so Andrew was taken off life support, or suspended animation, or whatever he was. Lily wanted to save him, but Roberta said he’d be like a bug trapped in amber that won’t die, since no one was coming to get him. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of one. I thought it was “the few,” but okay. Roberta collected another cylinder, and there was also a lot of flashing back to the mercy-proof zombies and Red.

Kaya told Citizen Z that the man with a plan cracked his way into NORAD, and downloaded files from something called Black Rainbow. Scampy was still frolicking around, albeit minus an arm, and caught Citizen Z unawares. Citizen Z pulled out Scampy’s heart, but of course this did nothing. Kaya came to his rescue, zipping Scampy into a body bag. Kaya found out a lot of money had been pumped into the Black Rainbow project, and something called the fourth strike weapon. She and Citizen Z kept trying to get Operation Bitemark on the radio, saying they had vital information regarding Black Rainbow. They finally connected, and told Roberta that intruders copied the files and spoofed their way into NORAD. Kaya told her the reset will kill everything in order to start the world over; the launch codes needed to be changed. Roberta said her dream was about stopping the launch, and Kaya said they had to be changed manually at the launch pad, but they’ll need the thumbprint of the President to change them. Roberta said they were headed to Washington DC

The Season Finale

Operation Bitemark travels down the road. Roberta says this is it. The last place evacuated. Doc says there’s a nuclear war, and the government got relocated while the rest of them were blown to smithereens. Roberta tells them to keep their eyes open. They walk into the Mount Weather Emergency Operation. They see massive doors built into the side of a mountain, and a line of abandoned cars. Roberta says she guesses the President didn’t make it inside.

They look into the cars, but nothing, until they get to the last one. Secret Service zombies pop out. Murphy looks in the back, and Roberta asks if it’s the President. He says sort of; all the good parts are gone. He checks, saying no thumb on one hand, and no hand on the other hand. Murphy finds an ID indicating it’s the President’s husband. Roberta says they need to go inside; the President could still be in there. Roberta tries the ID, but the lock uses a retina scanner. She asks Doc if he’s thinking what she is, and that’s a yep. Murphy goes, eww! Doc scoops out the guy’s eyeball. It doesn’t work on the first try, but he removes a contact or cataract or something, and it opens the doors.

Roberta tells them to keep their eyes peeled for signs of life. Murphy adds, and dead. Doc asks why it always has to be underground. Why not a showdown in a penthouse, or at least something with a window? They go through the building. Roberta wants to find the Oval Office. They check the Congressional Chambers, where there are some political zombies toddling around.

Doc and Murphy dispatch them, and high-five each other for keeping democracy alive. Lily and 10K clear the stairs. Roberta smashes a zombie in the head in with her Route 66 shield. Two very much alive Secret Service agents stop them in the hallway.

Roberta introduces herself, saying she needs to see the President; it’s about saving humanity. The agents – both of whom are named Johnson, but are not related – tell them they’re about eight minutes too late to save humanity. Roberta explains that there’s going to be a biological attack to cleanse the world and repopulate it with genetically modified offspring. They’re not sure what the problem is, and Roberta asks if the President knows her husband is dead.

A woman comes out and tells Johnson to put his weapon down. They ask which one, and she says both of them. She introduces herself as Jane Carlson, President of the United States. Roberta asks how many survivors there are, and she says they’re looking at them. Most of them evacuated, and they were supposed to follow, but ran into obstacles. Murphy says he just killed some obstacles. Roberta explains they’re on a mission to find a secret weapon, and need her thumbprint. She knows it sounds crazy. Jane hopes they didn’t go to much trouble. She has no thumbs. Murphy says, eww! She didn’t know thumbs would be in such demand, and suggests they go to the Oval Office.

Jane offers them bottled water, and jelly beans from the 80s. She tells them about a visitor who said he could either kill her, or she could take a sedative, but either way, he would take her thumbs. She tried to tell him it wasn’t what he needed, but she had no choice. When she woke up, he was gone, and so were her thumbs, but she never knew why. Roberta tells her that they’re needed to access a doomsday weapon. Jane explains that she’s about the fiftieth down the line for President, so they would do no one any good. It needs to be the person who was President during the outbreak. President Bill Carney, who turned Z, but last she knew, still had his thumbs. He’s about twenty-five levels below them. The lower level is rife with zombies, and was sealed off ages ago. Roberta says the only way to access Black Rainbow is to have the President’s thumbprints. Jane asks if Dr. Teller sent her, Roberta says he did, and Jane says there’s something she’s supposed to show her. One of the Johnsons puts on a VCR, which Murphy calls Jurassic tech. Jane says that’s what happens when you’re on a budget. She takes out a tape.

They eat jelly beans as they watch. We go through all the “unauthorized use of” warnings, and finally get to Black Rainbow –  when three strikes aren’t enough. We’re told if this is being watched, World War III is over, and we lost. The corn belt is a wasteland of radioactivity, and anyone who survived day one has been wiped out by fallout contamination. No doubt, some enemies have escaped, repopulated, and colonized what was once the USA. The narrator says, no, sir, not on our watch. Now is the time for Black Rainbow – the fourth strike in the doomsday project that will protect US interests, even after the US is gone. The narrator goes on to talk about drones that will spread a contaminant that kills anything it touches – the ultimate autonomous doomsday weapon, when three strikes aren’t enough. Roberta decides they’d better find the President after all.

The group gets in the last working elevator. Jane explains that access was cut off after day one, and no one has been down there since. There’s an entire alphabet of elevator buttons, and they go to level Z. Roberta asks who’s down there, and Jane says pretty much everyone was trapped, including most of Congress and the cast of Hamilton. They’re all zombies now. The elevator stops.

The door opens behind them, instead of the way they’re facing. They bust through the crowd of zombies, which, sure enough, contains some Hamilton cast members. Hamilton has officially hit the big time now. Doc says they’ll have to check every Z, and Murphy says, welcome to the nothing-is-ever-easy club. Roberta gets back in the elevator, and presses a button with an omega symbol. She gets out, and goes down a long hallway. Doc realizes she’s missing, and says they have to find her, but Jane says they can either find a dead President or help their friend.

Doc finds a jacket belonging to the President, and tosses it to Murphy. Doc says maybe Murphy’s whispering powers are back, and he can detect a scent. Murphy says he’s not a bloodhound, and it’s degrading. Doc says so is dying in an underground bunker; take a whiff. He does, but says the only thing he detects is that the President needs stronger deodorant. Jane says she has a plan.

Roberta calls out for anyone alive.

Jane suggests they open the door enough to let the zombies in one by one, and check them one at a time. She shakes her head no, as each one comes through, and they’re mercied.

Roberta continues on downstairs. She hears the music for Hail to the Chief, and follows the sound. She finds a dead man sitting in an auditorium, while the music blares from a boombox.

Doc wants Murphy to sniff one of the zombies. Murphy says he’s doing it under protest, and Doc asks how that’s different from anything else he does. Murphy tells him they all smell alike, and it’s not a good smell.

Roberta sees a teleprompter rolling a speech about everything being fine and under control.

Jane thinks one of the zombies might be the President. They wrestle with him, and Lily says he’s feisty for a dead guy. They put something in his mouth to keep him from biting, but Jane says, her bad. It’s not him. It’s the Secretary of State… or Agriculture.

Roberta goes backstage, and finds the zombie President tied to a chair. She wheels him out.

Murphy says for the record, this plan sucks unilaterally. Doc says it could be worse. Murphy asks how, and Doc says it might suck, but it’s all they’ve got. They hear a squeaking sound, and Roberta arrives with the President. Jane confirms that it’s him.

Doc says thumbs up has been given a whole new meaning. He thanks Jane, and she tells him to vote for her when things are back to normal. Roberta says if they can stop Black Rainbow, maybe there will be an election again someday. Jane says she never said anything about stopping it, and asks if that’s why Teller sent her. One of the Johnsons draws his gun, and says everyone chill and no one gets hurt. Lily draws her gun, and tells everyone to be calm. Jane tells her to lower her weapon; it’s a direct order, and she’s still her Commander-in-chief. Lily keeps her weapon readied, and Jane says she’s ordering her to help secure the prisoner. Roberta tells Lily she doesn’t have to listen to her, but Lily says she does, and moves to the other side. She says she’s sorry, but she took an oath; she’s a Marine. Jane hopes to get her vote one day. They return to the Oval Office.

Roberta tells Jane that she retrieved the toxic cylinders from Mercy Labs. Jane wonders how much she was told about the reset. They were about to join the Founder when Operation Bitemark showed up. Murphy says, good luck with that plan. Doc thought they were going to Newmerica, but Jane says it’s doomed. The only ones who will survive the reset will be those in Zona, and democracy will flourish. Doc says there won’t be anyone left to vote, but she says the right people will vote. Everyone else is collateral damage. Lily says the rest of humanity will be wiped out, and Jane tells her that she switched sides just in time. The reset starts now. Lily says, no, and shoots her. Doc and 10K kill the Johnsons. Jane calls Lily a traitor. Lily says she’s required to disobey an unjust order, and shoots her again. Doc says she just killed the President. Lily says she turned, besides, they’ll get another one.

They move out to the hallway, where Lily and 10K wait until the Johnsons appear. They blast them until there’s nothing left. Jane careens around the corner next, but they’re out of ammunition. Roberta says she’s got it, and stabs Jane in the head with a golf umbrella that just happens to be there. Roberta goes into a fugue state, and sees a fireball in the sky. She finishes Jane off until she’s another pile of mess.

Doc asks if Roberta is okay. Murphy says now that they have President Thumbelina, what are they going to do? Roberta says, take him to Washington DC. If anybody asks, they were nowhere near Mount Weather.

Part Two

Washington looks like a pile of rubble. Our heroes fight off various Congressional and House zombies on the way to the Capital building. Ooh, nice exploding head. Murphy says if they knew what they were looking for, that would be great. Roberta says she’ll know when she sees it, but they’re getting close. Roberta flashes back to killing Jane, but it’s in her dream wasteland. She circles a mound of wreckage, and tells Murphy to stand there and put his hands up. She puts a curb your dog sign in front of him, and tells him to get on the rock and put his hands together. She has Lily hold the sign, and crouches down. She goes into her dream, and sees a spire instead of Murphy.

Roberta pulls some junk off of a sewer cap. They open it, and she smiles.

They go down, bringing the President with them. Murphy wonders if they’re on a VIP tour from hell, and Doc says leading the President is like walking a Slinky. Roberta brings them through a tunnel. A blind worker zombie feels his way toward them. Roberta slams him, and Murphy marvels at a blind Z, wondering what they’ll think of next. Doc tells him they go by sound, so curb his farting. They need to go down thirty flights, and discuss how to get the President down the stairs. While they’re debating this, Murphy dropkicks him, and says he fell.

When they get downstairs, they find a couple of zombies, who are either mad or blind, snacking on the President. 10K nails them with a slingshot, and announces that’s 8,402. Murphy says the President is fine, but Doc says he looks like he fell off a cliff in a cartoon. They get him back up, and Doc tells him to look alive.

They continue on, going past signs for the first and second strikes, and destruction worldwide. Next is the third strike, and kill, kill, kill. When they come to the fourth strike, there is only a Skeletor face. Doc suggests they go to the cafeteria instead, and wants to know why they always have to go the way of the skull? Roberta tells them to hold, and they hear zombies. It’s a close, narrow hallway, and Green Beret zombies move toward them. A body drops down from the landing, and Murphy says somebody up there doesn’t like them. It’s the man with a plan. Roberta says he’s going to launch the codes, and they let him get there first. Roberta translates some Latin words written on the door – to the end of everything – even though she’s never studied Latin.

Roberta flashes back to waking up in Zona. Dr. Teller says they have a lot to talk about; a lot of questions. Roberta asks where she is, and the doctor tells her Zona, and explains that she was in a medically induced coma. He tells her about the bullet passing through Murphy, and hitting her. She’s now immune. He says Murphy is there too, giving blood to save the world. The world is in grave danger, worse than the zombie apocalypse or danger from themselves. This time, they still can save what’s left of humanity, and she’s the only one who can do it.

Back in Washington, they enter another area. Roberta sees a the launch panel. She stares at it, and starts messing with the dials and keyboard. In her Zona flashback, she’s wearing a VR headset, and Teller says that what she’s seeing is a mockup launch panel of a doomsday weapon. She asks if Black Rainbow is nukes, and he says, worse. The fourth strike repurposes weapons of mass destruction, and uses them to make the world new. By the time she gets there, she’ll know what to do. In Washington, the machine starts beeping, and Roberta continues to fiddle with it.  In Zona, she gets frustrated, as Teller watches. In real time, Lily says, locals coming this way. They need the door code.

Dr. Teller suggests Roberta relax, and let her subconscious do the work. 10K says, here comes everybody, Lily adding, everybody and their mother. Doc asks what happens when the timer gets to zero? Murphy tells Roberta that they need the door code. Roberta puts on the security camera monitors. 10K says they need the door code. In Roberta’s Zona flashback, Teller is explaining geographical areas to be treated. The timer stops. The man with a plan takes out a cylinder. Roberta remembers asking Teller what’s in them. He tells her the end of the world as they know it. A chemical agent that will spread the cure globally within a few years. Once the countdown is started, she has three minutes to change the cylinder. In the conscious world, Murphy tells Roberta they really need the door code. She finally gives it to Doc who punches it in. The door closes, but it gets stuck and doesn’t close completely. Roberta says when Teller woke her up, he told her how to stop it. She has to change the cylinders.

The President is wheeled to the panel. He starts to put his thumb on the pad, but Roberta says, not now. She tells the others she has to go alone to change the cylinders. Where she’s going, no one can follow. If they get to Newmerica, find Addie and Red, and tell them she loves them. She says goodbye to everyone, and tells Murphy if she’s ever in a coma again, don’t wake her. Lily salutes her.

Roberta follows a corridor to a hard hat area where the launch pad is, housing a huge flying saucer-like drone. The man with a plan appears, and tells her it’s too late. Her actions noble and heroic, but misguided. She tells him to misguide this, and runs toward him. He shoots at her, but the bullets bounce off her shield. Seeing this on the monitor, Murphy says they have to help. Doc says she told them to stay there. Roberta and the man (not to be confused with The Man in the previous season) fight. Murphy says Roberta kicked his ass. Doc says they still have a situation, and starts shooting through the door opening.

Roberta opens the drone. In her mind, Teller gives her the instructions. She blocks the opening from closing completely. Teller says she’s almost done. He says there’s a 78% chance of gas being released, which is why she has to do it alone. She asks, if she does this, is she not coming back? He says if she doesn’t, humanity isn’t coming back. She inserts the cylinder, and sits up. Murphy says that’s the signal; Mr. President, it’s showtime. Doc thinks he should wait until she clears out, but Murphy says Roberta is running the show and that’s the signal. A half-zombie flies into the room, and jumps onto Doc’s back. He twirls around, but it won’t let loose. Murphy says, on three, and the machine says, countdown, three minutes. Doc says that was fun.

Roberta gets out of the drone. The others see the man on the monitors, but Roberta doesn’t. Murphy says he’s going. Doc tells him, no, but he leaves anyway. The rest watch as Roberta gets down, and the man knocks her out.

Roberta sees the Black Rainbow in her mind. She gets rained on, and starts to burn and melt. Teller says, sorry about the fire and brimstone, but he needed images strong enough to burn in her memory. Some plans are best kept hidden, even from ourselves. He says someone would personally like to thank her for her sacrifice.

It’s Michael Berryman! The Founder tells her, hello, and Roberta says they’ve met before. He says many times. He wanted to personally thank her, on behalf of everyone in Zona, for her heroic efforts to make the reset a reality. She says her mission was to stop Black Rainbow. Teller says there’s been a small change in plans. The Founder says she’s the saver of Zona. There’s a flesh-eating bacterium in the drone. It will cleanse the world, and they’ll start anew. Roberta asks what makes them think she’s going along with it. The Founder says she has no choice, and puts his oxygen mask over her nose and mouth.

Roberta hears the countdown. She says, she’s the reset. Well, this is just mean.

Murphy fights with man. The man whacks him with the cylinder, and gas is released into the man’s face. Roberta gets up. Two minutes and counting. She goes back to the drone. Doc wonders what she’s doing, and Lily says she’d better do it fast. When Roberta is inside the drone, she forgets to block the door, and it closes all the way. Doc wonders where Murphy is. Crawling out toward the cylinder. Roberta starts to take the installed cylinder out, but her hand shakes (part of her dream). She hears the drone start. The back of the building opens, and it’s like the landscape in Roberta’s mind. Minus the nuclear fallout. The drone starts to rise.

Doc says it’s taking off with Roberta. Lily asks what they do, and 10K says they can’t stay there. They all run. This is the longest nine seconds ever. Roberta starts to mess with the other cylinder, and yells, nooo! The drone takes off. Doc, Lily, and 10K watch. Now what?

The drone flies with Roberta inside. Things start popping out of it, seeding the clouds. Murphy joins the others, his skin totally red. Doc says, Black Rainbow. Murphy says Roberta was right. They watch as the Black Rainbow forms in the sky. 10K says it’s beautiful. Lily asks if they’re going to die. 10K says it looks like it, and she grabs him and kisses him. Murphy asks Doc if he thinks they should make a run for it, but Doc says no. They’d just get run over by a giant wheel of zombie cheese. Murphy says maybe the reset isn’t such a bad idea after all, and Doc says he guesses they’ll find out.

The drone spins. Roberta says. have mercy. and cries out.

😈 I already heralded the good news of Z Nation being renewed, but Channel Zero will also be back with Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block in 2018. Looks good!

Quotes of the Week

It is not happy people who are thankful; it is thankful people who are happy. – Unknown

You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you. – Mary Tyler Moore

Look down at me and you see a fool; look up at me and you see a god; look straight at me and you see yourself.Charles Manson (Scary thought, but he might have had a point.)

We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.Rick Warren

 🏆 Some of the Zeason’s Best Moments

🌈 Roberta’s Vision


💫 On Zona with Michael Berryman


😢 Farewell Lucy


💞 Fan Art


💥 My Girl Roberta





December 15, 2017 – Franco Wants to Come Clean, a Curse is Evoked & Renewal Happiness


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Anna tells Finn it’s lucky he met her, and he says his presence is the only thing preventing her from putting on a bathrobe and adopting a cat. She can’t believe he played the cat card, and says plenty of men would want to be with her, starting with him. He asks if she thinks he wants to be with her, and she says, doesn’t he? He grabs her and kisses her. He says she’s still arrogant, and she says he’s still miserable. They kiss some more.

Franco asks if Elizabeth wants to go to the art therapy room for some therapy. She likes the idea, but has to mail Jake’s cards. She says he made a card for Franco, and Drew, who he still looks at as his father, but not for Jason. Franco says it’s an adjustment. Elizabeth says normally she’d ask Andre, and Franco says, no, she doesn’t want to do that.

Jordan brings Andre some food from Kelly’s. She hears Julian shouting. He wants to know what’s going on, and why he was dragged down there. Jordan tells him to kindly dial it down. He says he’s not saying another word until his lawyer gets there. Magically, Scotty appears, and Julian complains that they didn’t even read him his rights. Scotty was supposed to get the shackles off. He says he’s done with trials, prison, and the PCPD. He says he’s walking out. If they don’t like it, shoot him.

Alexis waits for Drew in his office. He tells her sorry he’s late. He needs some help with some contracts and other paperwork. She tells him those are legalities that can be arranged. She’s not just any attorney, she’s Sam’s mom, and needs to know if he’s going to do right by her daughter.

At the docks, Sam says Jason wanted her to have the ring because she was his wife, but she’s not anymore.

Anna’s phone rings. It’s Robin. Anna says she wishes she had something exciting to report, but things are dull at the moment. I’m surprised Robin isn’t asking what’s wrong, since Anna answered the phone panting, like she was in the middle of a workout.

Franco tells Elizabeth why make trouble where none exists? Jason is doing fine. Elizabeth is disappointed in Andre and herself. She trusted him, and it’s made her doubt everything and everybody. Franco asks if he’s included, but she says no, she has complete faith in him. He says he’s going to do whatever he can to make sure it stays that way. Elizabeth tells him that she loves him, and they start kissing. Kiki clears her throat, and says she’s going to report them to HR for fraternizing. Franco says they’re not fraternizing; they’re just making out. Kiki comments on Elizabeth’s ring, and tells them congratulations. Elizabeth says she’ll be back, and they can go home together. Kiki tells her that she’ll keep an eye on him. When Elizabeth is gone, Kiki asks if everything is okay, and Franco says, great, but it doesn’t sound like it.

Julian whines that it’s open season on Julian Jerome, like always. Jordan tells him if he doesn’t quit it, she’ll have him arrested for resisting release. DA Campbell elected not to retry the case. Scotty says the good news is, he’s free; the bad news is, his bill is a doozy.

Drew tells Alexis nothing personal, but it’s not his life he needs help with; it’s Aurora. Now that they’ve determined he’s not Jason, he wonders what the legalities are. Alexis asks why he doesn’t go to Diane, since she negotiated the purchase. He says she’s no longer his lawyer; she’s Jason’s. he’s worried that she’s going to confiscate what’s his, and give it to Jason. Alexis says she is fiercely diligent. Drew asks if he can count on her help. She says that depends on if she can count on his.

Sam says when she thought Drew was Jason, they started to reconnect, but wanted a clean slate, so they got divorced. They wanted a fresh start, instead of recreating the past. When he asked her to marry him, he put this ring on her finger, but it wasn’t his to give; it’s Jason’s.

Robin puts Emma on the phone, as Finn bites the head off of a gingerbread man. Anna tells Emma it seems like yesterday they were going to see Santa, and not to be in a rush to grow up – some people never do. After she hangs up, she tells Finn those cookies are expensive. He asks if she wants to talk about it, and she says no. Did he think she would because she’s a woman, and they’re all talky-feely?  She’s sorry to disappoint. She pulls out some gifts and wrapping paper. She tells him they need to wrap gifts for the children’s home, and take a box of ornaments to the park for the tree. Finn calls her a regular Christmas elf. She knows he’s more the Grinch type, but if they’re going to look authentic, he might as well help, since he’s determined to go undercover. He says he’ll work with her as long as it takes to bust her. Ann says that Christmas cheer is part of the deal.

Julian thanks Scotty, and says now they can move forward with the other project. Scotty says he’s on it. Jordan tells Julian to use his second chance to live a better life, or it will be her pleasure to send him back to Pentonville. Elizabeth asks comes in wanting to talk to Jordan.

Drew tells Alexis he’s not going to forget what he had with Sam, and hand her over to Jason like a baton. Alexis says she was just testing him. She’s on his side. He’s good to and for her daughter, and made a calculated choice to give her and the kids a safer life. That’s why she’s here. They need to tackle the biggest problem first. He and Sam aren’t legally married.

Jason tells Sam the traitor could be in Port Charles. A call Klein made in Russia was traced call back to there. Sam says she’s trying to give back the ring, not talk about Faison. He says Faison is the reason she’s giving It back. He lost five years, and needs to know how everything fits, and if there’s a threat. To do that, he needs his brother’s help.

Elizabeth visits Andre. She needs answers. Jake trusted him, and he broke that trust. She doesn’t know how to explain it to him, but has to tell him that Andre broke the law, and can’t talk to him when he needs it the most. His father isn’t his father’ he’s a stranger. Andrew says it’s confusing. He knows Jake is struggling, and it’s a lot to process, but he has the tools now. He can trust his family and himself. He’s in a good place, and Andre is confident he’ll find a way through with their love and guidance. Elizabeth says he has Franco too, and Andre says, about Franco…

Kiki asks Franco what’s going on with Elizabeth. She knows when he gets twitchy, something is bothering him, and he’s in serious danger of making it worse. He tells Kiki that he didn’t trust to tell Elizabeth something. He’s learning to care and feel, but he’s bad at it. Kiki says the alternative is the old Franco, who had no conscience, and no one to love.

Alexis looks through Drew’s paperwork. He says doing this feels like packing up bits and pieces of his life. She asks if he still wants to leave Jake and Danny in his will. He does, and she asks about Sonny and Carly being guardians if something happens to him and Sam. Drew says his entire existence is invalid. Alexis tells him it’s nothing that can’t be fixed, but they need to discuss everything with Sam. It’s her life too.

Jason explains to Sam that Drew went AWOL three months before he was shot. Drew might have seen the traitor. He doesn’t remember, but maybe the baseline exists. Sam asks if Jason thinks his memories can be given back. He doesn’t know, but he’s like to find out. Sam says even so, it wouldn’t matter. She’s married to Drew; they have a life and family together. Danny is Jason’s son, but he loves Drew. They can’t undo what Faison has done, and she can’t keep the ring, since she can’t keep the promises made with it. She tries to hand it back. He touches her hand, and they give each other soap opera looks.

Finn wraps gifts way better than I do, and Anna too, apparently. She tells him that hers aren’t as compulsively perfect, but her skill set more suited to espionage. He tells her to stop; it’s hard to watch. He takes over making a bow.

Elizabeth tells Andrew that Franco is handling it. She knows he’s not the most forthcoming, and has a tendency to keep dark and damaging things inside, but he’s been through a lot, and she loves him. They’re getting married. She asks if this is where he throws warnings at her, but he says he knows Franco loves her. She brings out the best in him. He congratulates her, and wishes them nothing but happiness

Franco tells Kiki that everyone says to be honest, but everything between him and Elizabeth is perfect; why mess it up? Kiki can’t tell him what to do, but thinks he’s paying a price for staying silent. He says he’s mostly scared to disappoint Elizabeth, and for her to lose faith in him or herself. Kiki says he’s being human, having feelings for people he loves. He tells her it sucks. Aiden wants him to read Pinocchio every night, and he hates it. He’s spent his life being hollow pieces of wood. Kiki wonders if that makes Elizabeth the Blue Fairy. Franco says she’s magic. Kiki says love is a gift, and stop trying to save her.

Julian thanks Scotty for coming through. Scotty says he can’t take all the credit; Julian’s crazy sister helped. As for the other piece of business, once it’s done, it’s done. Scotty wants him to be aware of what he’s signing. Julian says he is, and Scotty tells him to go ahead and sign his life away.

Alexis tells Drew that they’re navigating uncharted waters. They need to resolve the custody issues and the Quartermaine trust settlement. Drew tells her about Oscar, saying it just keeps on coming. He just found out, but had never known. He and Kim knew each other when he was in the Navy. He only knew her a short time, but that was enough. Sam knows, and has been nothing but supportive. Alexis thinks they should table the questions before his head explodes, and they can talk tomorrow. He’s dreading talking to Sam about their marital status, but Alexis tells him to face it head on; he might be pleasantly surprised. Drew appreciates her believing in him. She says he’s good to her daughter, and that works for her. When she gets outside, David calls. She tells him they’re still on for tonight.

Jason won’t take Sam’s ring. He can’t; it’s hers. He understands why she’s not wearing it, but tells her to give it to Danny. He’s their son, and someday, he can give it to the woman he loves. As fast as kids grow up on soaps, that shouldn’t be too long from now.

Anna asks what is it with Finn? He doesn’t dance, he doesn’t do Christmas. She takes a piece of mistletoe out of the box, and they smile at each other.

Alexis sees Julian at dive bar Charlie’s. She asks if he has a tracking device, and he says no, and he was there first. She tells him she’s meeting someone, and doesn’t want to be uncomfortable. She’s glad for his freedom, but doesn’t want drama. If he respects her, he’ll leave; one of them has to. He says it should be her.

Jordan tells Andrew that she wishes things could be different. So does he. The guard cuffs him, and he’s taken away. Before he leaves, Jason asks to speak to him briefly. Jordan wonders if he should have a lawyer present, but Andre says it’s fine. Jason says he took a baseline of the memory map, and asks if it still exists, and if the memories could be returned. Andre says it’s never been done, but in theory, it could. Unfortunately, he destroyed everything before he left. Jason asks if it’s gone, and he says, not quite.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she went to Andre because she needed closure, and for him to understand how difficult it is for Jake. He thinks Jake will be okay, and is in a good place. Andre said he’ll adjust, and she believes him.  She also told him they’re getting married. Franco asks if Andre told her to run for the hills? She says actually he said congratulations and wished them happiness. He told her that she brings out the best in Franco. She didn’t say it, but Franco does the same for her. She kisses him, but then asks, what is it?

Sam goes to the office. She tells Drew she went to the pier to think, and ran into Jason. It was a little intense. She thanked him for clearing up the desertion charges, and they talked about Spinelli. It came up about Spinelli being the one who married them, and she realized she was still wearing the ring Jason gave her. Drew says Jason did give it to her first. She says it was his grandmother Lila’s ring, and he wants her to give to Danny to give to someone he loves someday. Jason hands her his ring, saying Danny should have that too. It belonged to Alan, who was also his father, but he raised Jason. They shouldn’t be wearing rings anyway, since they’re not actually married. Way to drop that bomb.

Julian tells Alexis that he was just about to order. She asks him to surprise her, and do the right thing. He says he’s not leaving. He owns the place. He just bought it.

Finn takes the mistletoe. They get close, but then he pulls away, saying, let’s get going, and puts it back in the box. They gather up the presents, and he asks if she needs help putting them in the car. She says no, and he puts on his jacket. They keep looking at each other. He tells her goodnight, and not to wait up. She says she wouldn’t dream of it. This is going to be like Moonlighting, isn’t it?

Franco tells Elizabeth that Andrew was right. She brings out the best in him, but he hasn’t been his best self lately. He used to be able to lie or keep things to himself and sleep like a baby, but now it actually hurts him. He to tell her something that he should have told her before now.

Jason asks Andre if there’s a copy of the baseline. He says there’s a copy of both memory maps, along with a detailed record of what he did. He put it in a Christmas ornament, and gave it to the only person he trusts, but they don’t’ even know what it is.

Anna takes the box of ornaments to the car. I guess that means it’s her.

Drew tells Sam that they married when he thought his name was Jason Morgan. It isn’t legal, but he meant every word of his vows. He needs to say them again in his own name. So, would she marry him?

On Monday, Elizabeth asks why Franco didn’t give anyone the proof, Jason thinks Drew remembers more than he realizes, and Lulu asks Maxie for a favor.

Once Upon a Time

Jacinda takes Lucy to the hospital.

In Lucy’s parallel life, she’s born into a magic kingdom. Henry wonders where his mother is, and Drizella says she was detained. He wants Drizella to leave, but she has a prophecy to deliver. On Lucy’s eighth birthday, their lives as they know them will end. Hook says not so fast, and Henry tells her to look down. She’s turning into stone, and Lady Tremaine says she can’t have Drizella casting the curse. Drizella says she’ll be back, and they’ll know what true misery is.

Tiana thanks everyone for coming to Lucy’s birthday. Regina lights the candles with a poof! but when Lucy blows them out, it gets dark, and lightening flashes. Gothel pops in next to the now statue of Drizella. She asks if they really thought there would be a celebration. Hooded figures are backing her up, Drizella comes back to life. Regina says the magic can’t be broken. Gothel says not by one, but as a family they can do anything. She tells Drizella the suffering shall begin. They disappear; no poof, no smoke, no nothing.

Back at the hospital, Sabine tells Jacinda that Lucy will be fine. She thinks Jacinda should call Rogers; maybe he can help them figure things out. Victoria watches Anastasia watch TV. Weaver says he didn’t know Lucy would pay the price. Victoria says her daughter isn’t his Guardian. Her magic might save Lucy, but not if she dies. Victoria has no choice but to let him protect her.

In San Francisco, Roni looks at the vial, and asks Henry if everything’s okay. He thinks something’s wrong, but she tells him to focus. They came here for a reason. Spin class? They take their places on the bikes, and Roni tells him to play along and pretend he loves it. Zelena is the instructor, but her name is Kelly here.

In olden days, Henry tells Lucy they stopped her once, and can stop her again. They’re going to fight. She asks if she gets a sword, but that’s a no. Cinderella wonders if they’re doing the right thing. Henry says if Regina can’t stop the curse, it’s the only way to keep her safe; to keep all of them safe.

In the forest, Regina watches some piglets in a pen. An arrow comes thisclose to her, followed by more. She turns around, and tells the archer she’s impressed; she’s getting good. Zelena appears, and says luckily, she has her father’s aim. Regina says Robin is growing up fast, but Zelena says not in their realm.

Because you can never be alone, even in the middle of the woods, Drizella grabs Zelena from behind. Regina tells her to free her sister, and the cloaked figures appear. Zelena says they’re witches, the cult of the eight; the worst of the worst. Regina thinks they should fight witches with witches. Zelena says, let her get her wand.

After spin class, Kelly is surprised to see Roni, who’s interrupted her happy place, and is the epicenter of her unhappiness. Roni says she’s there for a reason. Henry leaves them to talk, and Kelly asks why Roni is there. Roni says they were like sisters, but Kelly sees the bitch who ruined daughter’s life, giving her a ticket to Amsterdam, and telling her only losers get an education. Roni says she’s sorry, but Kelly doesn’t understand the whole story. She asks Kelly to have a drink with her, but Kelly says, never. Henry runs in, saying Lucy is in the hospital. He’s getting on the first plane back. Roni tells him be with his family – help Jacinda

Back in the day, Rumpelstiltskin giggles as he spins. Hook says they need his help. He must have magic to stop the curse. Rumpel says he has a bit, and shows Hook a white elephant figurine. Hook asks if it will stop the curse. Rumpel tells him nothing can stop it, but it can keep his most precious relationship intact. When it happens, it will insure that he will still be a father and she will still be a daughter. Alice hides behind a tree, and Hook asks if that’s who she wants to be. She owes it to him to stay by his side. She gives him a note to give to her mother. He says he’ll deliver it, and do his best to make sure nothing harms any of them.

In Hyperion Heights, Tilly sees Weaver on the street, and asks if he remembers the symbol from the journal. She shows him where someone has painted it like graffiti. He wonders what that’s doing there.

Henry arrives at the hospital. Jacinda cries in his arms.

While waiting for Kelly, Roni puts the contents of the vial in some liquor. She tells Kelly that the anger is all meaningless. She’ll remember they were like sisters. She’s not leaving until Kelly has a real drink with her, and she pours some shots from the bottle in her purse. Why Kelly doesn’t mention how weird this is, I don’t know. Kelly drinks it, and Roni says they’re cursed, doesn’t she remember? They are sisters; the Evil Queen and the Wicked Witch. Suddenly, Kelly remembers everything, and becomes Zelena. She asks what’s going on, and Regina says she teaches peddling. Zelena says she was cursed to be a hippie, and Roni tells her that Gothel is out. They’re in danger, and Zelena has to come with her. Someone has to pay for this. Zelena hesitates, saying she had a life here; it’s not that easy. She unzips a garment bag, revealing a fabulous wedding gown. She’s getting married.

Weaver has a line-up of daggers on a table. He tells Anastasia that he’s performed this test many times, and asks her which one has magic? She picks one up, and says no. The table starts to shake, and the daggers fly into a cupboard door. She thinks it’s in there. I wield no magic whatsoever, and I’d probably think the same thing. Weaver opens the cupboard, and takes out the real dagger. Anastasia doesn’t want its power if it does things like that. He says it can be used to heal and help. Victoria’s little girl needs time to show what she can do.

Zelena tells Regina he’s a good guy. She might be cursed, but he makes her happy. Regina says she can come back after the curse is broken. She doesn’t mean to screw up Zelena’s life. Zelena says she loves her, and knows Regina has to save her family. It’s what she always does. She tells Regina, let’s go.

Jacinda and Henry watch over Lucy. Henry wishes he could do more. Jacinda suggests reading to her, and takes out Once Upon a Time. She tells Henry whenever Lucy looked at his book, it gave her strength. He takes Jacinda’s hand.

In ye olde forest, Henry shows Lucy the oldest part of realm. He points out a tree that has the same magic that brought his mom to Storybrooke. He introduces her to Tiger Lily, who says she found Geppetto’s ax. Henry asks if Lucy remembers the wardrobe. She doesn’t want him to cut the tree down. He tells her if the curse happens, she has to go to a land without magic, and find their people. With the book, she can help them believe. He tells her it’s okay. Just believe in him. He gets to work cutting the tree. It’s so big, it should only take a million years with an ax. Henry hears something, grabs a torch, and runs to a cottage. He tells Lucy wake up; they’ve been found, and it’s time. He’s going to stay behind to give her time to escape. She doesn’t want to go without him, but he says she has to make sure the book stays safe. Something very big is at the door. Henry makes her take the book and run. The something comes in, and it’s shadow encompasses the entire room.

Lucy says witches got her father. Cinderella says what Drizella wants is to distract them from stopping the curse. If they don’t, nothing will matter, not even Henry.

Gothel works some magic. Drizella looks at her notes for the curse. She says she’s waited so many years to cast this curse, and thanks Gothel. Lady Tremaine tells Drizella she finally found a mother figure, but she’s just being used. Drizella says no one controls her. Lady Tremaine is going to think she did it to save Anastasia, when actually it will be in service to her. Then she’s going to rip Anastasia from her arms forever. She tells Lady Tremaine to go to sleep, and she does. Regina asks if she’s still working out her mommy issues. Drizella says the sisters won’t be enough, and Regina says Zelena isn’t the only one she brought. She has Cinderella, Hook, and Jack. Regina says if she wants a witch fight, they’re happy to oblige; she won’t be casting a curse.

Drizella says, no, you will, and tells Gothel to show her. Gothel reveals Henry, who looks like he’s in bad shape. She says they did to him what witches do best – poisoned him. Regina’s magic won’t work, and Drizella says it’s not going to, and the only thing that can change that is a trip to land without magic. Regina tells her don’t do this; a curse takes time and ingredients. Drizella says there are eight, and she has seven. The last one is the most important, and hardest to find – magic from a witch who crushed the heart of one she loves most. Does she choose Drizella’s curse or Henry’s life?

In the land without magic, Weaver tells Anastasia she has it, and it’s the only ay to save a girl. Anastasia says, someone is here; it’s her place. Everything starts to shake. The door blows open, and it’s Gothel. Everyone flips around like the characters in Carrie at the prom. Anastasia runs out of the room.

Drizella finds her and says her mother called her to come and help. She tells Anastasia that these will help dampen the magic, and puts bracelets made of vines on Anastasia’s wrists. Anastasi says the witch is after her, but Drizella says she won’t let anything happen to her, and leads her outside.

In the land with magic, Drizella says there’s nothing Regina can do except cast the curse. Regina says she’ll do it. Zelena says it’s not what she wants, but Hook says she’d do it for Robin; let her go. Regina says, let’s do this, but know one thing, it’s not over. The pattern of a wheel has been dug into the ground. Regna drips blood into it, and it bursts into flames.

Rumpel says, gold in a room in my mind. Alrighty then. He gives Alice a key, and says if it doesn’t work, she knows what to do. Robin sees Alice, and says she got her letter. They kiss. Robin says she wanted to see her one last time. Alice says they’ll always know each other. A storm starts to brew.

Cinderella asks what happens to Lucy? How will she find her, if she doesn’t even know she exists? Hook gives her the elephant, and says she’ll know. The flames leap higher. Everyone watches from their respective spots. Smoke envelops the kingdom.

At the modern-day hospital, Henry reads, every curse can be broken. You just need believe. When he learned that, he knew he could believe in everything to save child’s life. He says he gets it. He would do anything to save Lucy, no matter how crazy. If somewhere he’s her dad, he believes. He kisses her om the forehead, like the illustration in the book, but nothing happens. Jacinda sleeps in a chair in Lucy’s room.

Roni tells Zelena that Henry says Lucy is no better. Zelena suggests true love’s kiss, but Roni says he tried it. Victoria must have stopped Lucy’s belief. Zelena says if it will help, she’ll get her magic back, but there’s only one way to do that. Regina says, break the curse. If they do that, Henry dies. If they don’t, Lucy does.

Anastasia asks where they are, and Drizella says a gathering place for her and her family. Gothel appears, and asks what’s going on. Drizella says she’s sick of living in Anastasia’s shadow. She’s going to steal her magic, like she’s stolen everything from her. Anastasia grabs her hand. Drizella tells her to let go, but she can’t. Drizella asks what happened. Gothel says she didn’t plan to use the vines to give Anastasia’s magic to her, but used them to give Drizella’s magic to Anastasia. She should have listened to her mother. Gothel throws Drizella into a well. Victoria is already there, and says, don’t dare look at me.

Gothel takes Anastasia to a room that holds the witches’ cloaks. Gothel says they’re beautiful. They’re just cloaks right now, and belong to the darkness, but soon they’ll find the women meant to wear them. The sisters of the coven of eight will be joined.

This spring, the battle has just begun, a conflict of dark magic where two families hang in the balance, and the war of the witches. Once Upon a Time is back on Friday, March 2nd, 2018.

👹 It was also Z Nation‘s season finale, as well as a two-parter. I realized there’s no way I could properly edit that and get any sleep at all. It’s so late, it’s possible I’m not even making sense right now. But fear not, I’ll bring the zombies in all their gory to the blog tomorrow, as well as this week’s quotes. The really good news is…