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October 8, 2018 – Remembering Morgan, a Celebratory Dinner, Some Play, the Lala Blues, a Royal & It’s Already Here


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam thanks Jason for his help, and he tells her, anytime. They move directly to kissing, and a new version of their theme music.

Jordan meets Margaux at the MetroCourt. Margaux has a stack of letters she’s written to her father. She wrote to him once a week, and kept writing even after she realized he was probably dead. There’s no question now; he’ll never read them. It was a wasted effort. She asks why Jordan asked to meet, and Jordan says it’s about her father’s case.

A sandwich board sign says, In Loving Memory – Morgan Stone Corinthos. Sonny tells Mike that he has a meeting with his business partners. Mike says Sonny is a rich man, and Sonny says he does all right. Mike remembers how much it meant to Sonny; money and power. When he was too young to know the real cost. Sonny says he knows now.

Ava puts flowers on Morgan’s grave. She says he should be there, and she wishes he was. She touches the headstone.

At the Crimson office, Lulu asks Nina if it’s a bad time. Nina asks Lulu to call her on her cellphone, and Lulu points out that Nina is holding it. Nina want to make sure it rings. Lulu calls, and it does, but Nina says it’s not the call she was waiting for.

On the docks, Valentin is on the phone with Curtis, who tells him the results of the second test are in. Valentin says it’s what he thought; excellent. After he’s done talking, he drops the phone, and reaches around under a pallet. A foot comes down on his free hand. It’s Laura, who says, Valentin Cassadine, finally at her feet. They’re dressing her so much better. Laura is no frump anymore.

Lulu tells Nina that she dropped by to give her the materials for the book fair. Nina says she didn’t forget. It’s just that something has been occupying her attention. Lulu says if there’s a conflict, Valentin can take Nina’s shift. He’s great about volunteering. Nina tells her not to mention it to him, and Lulu asks if he’s giving her grief about the divorce. Nina says, it’s been finalized, and he was more than fair. He also did something incredible. He found her daughter.

Laura says she likes Valentin on his hands and knees, since a bad attitude apparently came with her new clothing. He tells her not to get used to it. He’d like his hand back; he doesn’t want to scuff her shoe. She’s like, oops, and takes her foot off. He says Lulu didn’t tell him she was coming home, and Laura says it was a surprise. She was about to visit him at Windemere, and he says he saved her a trip. The water can be treacherous this time of year. She says he has experience in treachery. He asks how long she’s in Port Charles, and she says as long as he calls Port Charles home. She’s here for good.

Sonny tells Mike that Carly said he’d remembered something important Sonny needs to know. Mike says they talked about him going to daycare. He thinks it would be good for him to socialize. Sonny says if that’s what Mike wants. Mike tells him to not just say that. They have to follow through. He thinks it would be good for both of them if he gets out of the house.

Carly joins them, and asks if they had a good talk. Sonny says his dad wants to start daycare, and they have to set it up. Carly says that’s great news, but does Mike remember what else they talked about? Jason was late because the DA called him in to question him about Sonny and Vincent Marino. He said Sonny had nothing to worry about. Mike laughs, and says, it’s at the bottom of the Hudson river. Sonny asks, what? and Mike says, the gun. As he was driving to Port Charles from Croton, he was crossing a bridge. He pulled over, and threw it in the river. Sonny asks if he’s sure, and Mike says, thirty years, at the bottom of the Hudson. Sonny is safe. He did one thing right. Sonny says, more than one, and thanks him. Mike tells Sonny that he loves him, and they hug.

Julian asks Ava how long she’s staying. Ava tells him that if he’s nervous, he can go. She’s staying until she’s said what she needs to say. The only two people who have seen good in her, and a reason to give her a chance, have been Griff and Morgan, and she’s lost them both. Julian says he sees he good in her, but she’s not sure that counts. He says, Avery and Kiki. Kiki appears, and says she used to see the good in Ava. Then she wised up.

Jason and Sam get busy on the desk. They both have a hard time with the buttons on her shirt, and I laugh because I don’t think it was intentionally scripted. He picks her up throws, her on the couch, and they get busier. They hear a key in the door, and Alexis walks in. She says, sorry; she didn’t man intrude. Sam says key privileges aren’t to be abused, but Alexis says Kristina left her wallet, and didn’t think Sam was home. She didn’t pick up the phone. Jason says he’d better go. When he leaves, Sam asks if Alexis has something to say. Alexis says, you’re welcome. It looks like she got there in the nick of time.

Lulu says Valentin told Nina that she has a daughter, after Madeline died. Nina knows what Lulu is thinking, and says she’d gotten clues independent of him; like the necklace her mom left to her. There have also been two DNA tests, and she’s a genetic match. Her name is Sasha. Lulu is happy for her. She wishes the circumstance were different, but it’s amazing. Nina says Valentin got the information from her mom, and Curtis tracked her down. He also requested the DNA tests, and she trusts him. Sasha Gilmore is her daughter. Lulu says it’s going to change her life forever, and asks if Nina has figured out how to tell her. Nina says she left a message.

Valentin asks Laura if Spencer is with her. He doesn’t want Spencer breaking into his house again. Laura says he’s in France, away from the man who murdered his father. Valentin says Nicholas went out the window. He’s assumed dead, but they can’t be sure; he’s faked his own death before, and there was no evidence contradicting it was self-defense. She says Valentin stole Spencer’s inheritance, but Valentin says he claimed the inheritance left to him by his father. He tells Laura that he and her daughter have set their differences aside for Charlotte’s sake. Laura should take a page from Lulu’s book. They’re one big happy dysfunctional family. Join them.

Margaux asks Jordan if she’s found something, but Jordan says, sorry. Margaux says there must be a lead somewhere on Skully’s connection to Sonny. Jordan says they’ve poured over everything. It’s time to move on. Margaux asks if they’re dropping the investigation.

At the memorial, everyone tells stories about Morgan. Kristina talks about the time Morgan took off his shirt after he got it dirty. It was the most successful promotion ever. Every girl in town showed up, although they did get a ticket from the health department. Sonny says he never heard about that. Bobbie says Morgan was handsome, and Michael says he was shameless. Mike says Morgan sounds like his kind of guy. Carly reminds him that Morgan was his grandson. Josslyn says it feels like only yesterday, but it’s been two whole years since they lost him.

Kiki asks Ava if she’s going to show up where she’s least wanted, and hurt the people Morgan loved. Or is hurting them the point? Julian tells her to stop, but Ava says it’s okay. She’s here because no matter what Kiki believes, she loved Morgan. Kiki asks when did she love him? When she switched his meds and he was taking placebos instead? When he spiraled out of control and took off in a car rigged to explode. She never loved him; she loved that he loved her. She’s incapable of live because she’s incapable of basic empathy. Here she is, a vain shallow narcissist, making a day that should have been about Morgan, about her. Kiki tells her to leave. Ava asks what if she doesn’t, and Kiki says she’ll drag Ava out herself.

Laura tells Valentin that she’d never fault Lulu about making compromises for Charlotte’s sake, but she’ll never forget what he did. He asks if she’s waiting to strike, but she says she won’t have to lift finger. Children grow up fast. He can’t hid the truth from her forever. Valentin says, that her uncle faked his death and skipped town, leaving an innocent man to take the fall? Laura grabs at Valentin’s neck, saying she’d never say her son was a saint, but he’d never murder someone in cold blood. Valentin says she’s assuming Charlotte would believe her version of the events, but she’s a stranger. Little more than grandma in name only. She slaps him. I can’t stand Laura getting out of control this way. She’s already assaulted him three times, and is lucky he’s not calling the cops.

Nina tells Lulu that she thought she was prepared. She called Sasha, got voicemail, and I’m your mother comes tumbling out before she realized, and it was too late to take it back. This is how the poor girl got confirmation. Lulu says it’s a voicemail she’ll never delete; the first time she heard her mother’s voice. Nina says, rambling and incoherent, but Lulu says, a voice full of love. It would be shocking no matter how she did it. Nina says it proves she has no business being a mother. She doesn’t know what she’s doing. She called Sasha’s entire life into question. What if Sasha wants nothing to do with her?

Avery, who is growing like the Starchild in V, says she misses Morgan. Kristina says she’ll miss his crazy schemes, and Carly says she misses his smile and laugh. Sonny says he misses them sitting together late at night when they couldn’t sleep. Mike says the way they’re talking, it’s like he never left. It’s like he’s right here with them.

Ava tells Kiki that she has every right be there. Kiki says until Sonny and Carly come; they’ll be there soon. She needs to go before she makes another scene in front of Avery. Julian says they can pay their respects another day. Ava tells Kiki that she prays no one Kiki loves ever speaks to her the way she’s spoken to Ava. Kiki says all she did was tell the truth. Ava leaves, and Julian tells Kiki that he knows she’s angry. Kiki says she’s done; no more. Julian suggest she try not to provoke Ava. She’s hurting right now, and that’s when she’s at her most dangerous.

Josslyn tells a story about hiking with Morgan. How she wanted to go back, even though she’d begged to come, and thought he’d be mad at her. On the side, Mike asks Sonny if he’s upset because Mike is fuzzy about Morgan; it goes in and out. Sonny says nothing Mike does upsets him. Mike asks, since when? and Sonny says, not the way he’s thinking. Mike thinks maybe he shouldn’t have come, but Sonny says Mike loved Morgan. He belongs there.

Sam comes downstairs, and says, still here? to Alexis. Sam says she told Alexis that she’d give Kristina her wallet. Alexis guesses Sam isn’t talking about it, and Sam says, works for her. Alexis says she’s Sam’s mother. She has a vested interest in her well-being. Is she back with Jason?

Carly sees Josslyn, and says, tough day. Josslyn asks if Carly is okay, but Carly likes talking about Morgan. She calls Josslyn a trooper, and says if she needs a break, tell her. Josslyn says she’s fine. Carly says she’s strong; it’s not the same thing. If she needs to talk… Josslyn says she doesn’t, and Carly tells her if that changes… Josslyn says she will. She’s fine. The only person she wants to talk to is Oscar. Carly tells her to give him time to get his head on straight. Josslyn says if he doesn’t, she’ll do it for him, and Carly says, don’t push too hard. Carly sees Jason, and hugs him.

Kiki puts a white rose on Morgan’s grave. She sees the bouquet Ava left, and has to hand it to her; she has good taste. She apologizes to Morgan for the drama, but he loved a good confrontation. Her relations with her mother are at an all-time low, and she wonders what he’d tell her. Not to write Ava off just yet? To make the effort? She’s tried more than once. He got a second chance, and seized it. She’s lost count of how many chances she’s given her mom; it’s easy to get confused, since she reverts to form every time. Kiki calls herself an idiot for believing Ava’s promises. This time it’s different. Not anymore. She sees her mother for who she really is. She’s just sorry she didn’t see it sooner – for Morgan’s sake. She touches the headstone.

Julian tells Ava that she and Kiki will find their way back to each other. Ava says, some betrayals can’t be forgiven. Ask Alexis.

Sam tells Alexis that her relationship status is none of her business. Alexis says she just admitted to having one. She doesn’t want Sam to get hurt. Sam suggests Alexis respect her enough to back off. She knows what she’s doing, and can handle the consequence, good or bad. She asks Alexis what time it is. Alexis is wearing her mother’s watch, and says it’s not working. She’d gotten it fixed, but it stopped at the same time again, 10:10. Sam says there must be a glitch somewhere. Alexis is glad she kept it; it’s a beautiful piece of jewelry. She thought of getting rid of it, but it was her mom’s, and it’s all she has left of her. She knows the relationship didn’t work out, but it was given in the spirit of love. Sam says that she sounds like Molly, and tells Alexis she’s going to be late.

Valentin is disappointed that Laura marked the occasion of her happy homecoming with threats and assaults. She says it’s not a threat. Children grow up and stop seeing their parents through rose-colored glasses. Valentin says the only thing he cares about is that Charlotte is happy, and that she has love and consistency. He thinks Lulu could use some help. Laura asks what he’s implying, but he says it’s just an observation. Dante is gone, and she’s juggling two small children along with her job. She asks who’s keeping him warm at night? She heard Nina came to her senses and left. What a shame. The weather is about to turn, and it’s going to be a very long cold winter. She walks away, after annoying the hell out of me. Did she get a bad attitude with that new wardrobe?

Nina asks Lulu, what if Sasha says not to contact her again? Lulu says in the beginning, Charlotte hated her. It took a lot of time and effort to win her over, but she did. Nina points out that Charlotte is a child, and adaptable. Sasha is a grown woman with an established life. Lulu agrees that Nina has a tougher task ahead. Nina asks if Lulu is saying she should give up, but that’s not what she’s saying. Regardless of the circumstances, Sasha is her daughter. She tells Nina not to wait for her to call. Go to her. Be prepared for it not go well, and for her to not want Nina around, but don’t let it go. A good mother never gives up on her child.

Valentin goes to Nina’s office, and says he just got off the phone with Curtis. The results are back from the second test, and Nina has a daughter. Nina tells him it’s technically true, but remains to be seen. Valentin says if she wants a sounding board on the way to best approach her, he’s there. Nina says she left Sasha a voicemail, like an idiot. Valentin says she’s not an idiot, but Nina says she has no business being a mother. He thinks Charlotte would disagree, but she says he’s just being nice. He says, sorry. He likes being nice to her.

Ava, who’s been guzzling martinis, sees Alexis at the MetroCourt. She has a small job for Alexis; a small revision to her will concerning Kiki. Alexis tells her to find someone else, and Ava asks if it’s not worth her time, but Alexis says, no. She doesn’t want to, and she’s representing Kiki. Aside from that, she’s not getting involved in another Jerome family feud. She can give her a referral though, and some advice from one mother of a sometimes estranged daughter to another. Give it a week. If she if still feels like hurting Kiki, give it another week. And keep giving it a week until she can let it go. If she doesn’t, what she’s feeling now will pale in comparison to what she feels when she needs Kiki and she’s not there.

Margaux tells Jordan that she can’t turn her back on a murder case. Jordan says she can’t allocate resources to something that’s outside of her jurisdiction. Margaux asks if the PCPD has no room for justice. Jordan tells her that if she doesn’t back off and get a sense of perspective, Margaux is going to do serious damage to her career. Margaux says she’s going to get Sonny – with or without Jordan’s help.

Jason says he only knew Morgan as a boy. He wishes he’d known the man Morgan became. Sonny says he was a good man. Carly says he would have driven Jason crazy, but they’re not here to mourn him. They’re here to celebrate the time they had together. Avery asks if they can start now. Kiki and Sam arrive. Sam and Jason smile at each other. There’s a song part (Heaven’s Got Another Angel), while everyone hugs. Sam takes Jason’s hand. Laura and Lulu join them. Laura hugs Sonny. They let memorial lanterns fly into the sky. Bad. One of those landed in my yard once – still on fire. Don’t do it.

The memorial moves to the MetroCourt. Kiki tells Michael about Morgan’s transformation of the boat house. He says Morgan believed in grand gestures. He’d do anything for those he loved. Ava tells Julian to look at Kiki hanging on Michael like she’s part of the family. She cheated on Morgan, and it devastated him. Julian suggests they go to Charlie’s. Ava feels like she’s always on the outside looking in; alone. He says she’s got him, but she says she’ll always be the odd one out; the pariah. Would it be something for Kiki to know what feels like? To be hated, scorned, and despised? She says, yes; that would be something to behold.

Nina tells Valentin that she doesn’t know why she’s so keyed up. This is something she’s wanted her entire life, and she blew it, alienating her daughter on the first try. He tells her to give it time. She asks how long before panic should set in. She can’t look at her phone forever. In perfect soap timing, the phone rings, and it’s Sasha. She says she doesn’t want an audience, and Valentin tells her, good luck. She answers, saying this must be Sasha. She guesses Sasha got her message.

Michael stops Jordan as she’s leaving the MetroCourt. He heard she payed some visits to his father’s house, and questioned him about the explosion. Sonny can obviously take care of himself, but the DA is hounding his grandfather. Jordan says Mike answered all the questions to their satisfaction. Tell Sonny that the case is closed. He’ll know what she means.

Carly and Sonny visit Morgan’s grave. Carly can’t believe another year has come and gone without Morgan. Sonny says he’ll never forget Morgan, and neither will she.

Jason come back home with Sam. She asks if he thinks Danny would like to see a memorial lantern. He thinks it’s a good idea; they can watch it disappear into the sky. He tells her to name the date and time. He’s about to leave, but she asks him to wait. She wants him to stay.

Tomorrow, Laura needs someone’s help, Kim thinks she and Drew should intervene as parents, Oscar tells Josslyn it’s over, and Jason says Sam can tell him anything.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Emily’s trainer does a session with Emily and Gina. And the dog, who wants in on the action. The trainer leaves and Gina says she’s happy for Shannon. She hopes they can ride on that vibe. She feels like she has to start over every time they meet. Shannon is the sun they all revolve around. Emily is meeting with her fertility doctor. Shane doesn’t want more children, but she’s always wanted another daughter. In her interview, thinking of destroying the embryos breaks her heart. She’ll probably pay for storage for life.

Gina tells Emily that she and Matt are rotating being in the house. It’s not the ideal situation, but okay for now. In her interview, Emily says Gina shouldn’t make this long term. It needs to be a clean break. She tells Gina it’s like a limbo thing. Make it temporary, and after six months or so, she can move on to the next stage. It doesn’t bother Gina to think of Matt dating, but bothers her to be alone. In her interview, she says she’s never been by herself and it’s scary to think of being on her own. She tells Emily that she can’t cry anymore; she can’t afford the wrinkles. Emily says they’ll kick her out of Orange County when they have wrinkle inspection.

Shannon tells Eddie that Shannon is having a celebratory dinner. She has a really hard time saying celebratory, and it keeps coming out celibatory. Eddie is confused, and Tamra says Shannon was only celibate during her marriage. Eddie has to check his heart rate with a device he uses on his phone. In her interview, Tamra explains that an irregular, erratic heartbeat can cause blood to pool, and Eddie could have a stroke. If he doesn’t take medication, it could be deadly. Eddie says he’s back to normal, but then sees possible AFib. In Tamra’s interview, she says when Eddie was first diagnosed, they all said it would be a breeze. Almost a year later, they found out he’d been having heart issues for a long time that he didn’t know about. It’s not life threatening, but life altering. She tells Eddie that he’s too young for it not to be fixed, and he’ll beat it.

Shannon says she just got home from Philadelphia. Server Caitlin is helping to prepare for dinner. Shannon calls herself the moron who invited everyone for dinner. Tamra gets there first, and tells Shannon how good she looks. Emily is next, and in her interview, she says she made an effort to be friendly. Shannon didn’t respond to her text, but Emily is giving her the benefit of the doubt. This is another opportunity to introduce herself. Maybe she should wear a name tag. Tamra is wearing real shoes again. Gina arrives, and marvels over Shannon’s house. Vicki also raves about the house, and says she’s proud of Shannon. Kelly rounds out the group, bringing a bottle of wine. Shannon promises good tequila.

Shannon wishes she’d had more time to prepare. In her interview, Gina says she’s trying hard to be nice and be friends. Just ask how her day was. Interesting. The girls who complain about Shannon all say the same thing – she’s self-centered. Tamra had this same complaint earlier. Everyone tells Shannon she did an amazing job, and they toast. Vicki tells her about trying to order, and getting hung up on twice. Tamra is thinking they need to really celebrate with a girls trip. Vicki suggests the Caribbean. Tamra has never been there. Me neither. Emily suggests the resort where her sister just celebrated an anniversary. We flash back to Vicki renewing her vows in Turks and Caicos. Emily has three kids and will go anywhere. Jamaica is suggested, and In Kelly’s interview, she says she’s looking forward to the food and the herb.

Gina gets sad about a trip she and Matt had booked for Tahiti. She bought a bunch of stuff for the trip, and wants to use it. In her interview, she says that they took good vacations, and she’s losing that privilege of going on vacation as a family. It’s part of the process, but it’s hard to walk through. In her interview, Vicki thinks it’s obvious Gina still has feelings for her husband. She asks Gina if they were good four months ago, but Gina doesn’t want to talk about her relationship problems. Shannon is glad she’s not involved. In Shannon’s interview, she says she’s sorry Gina is getting a divorce, but there’s going to be head butting. She needs to lower her expectations. Kelly says looking back, she made a mistake going back to Michael. Gina says she misses Matt’s family, and starts to cry. She’s scared she won’t see anybody again. Vicki says it will be okay. Emily tells her to go on the trip and have fun. In Emily’s interview, she understands. She loves Shane’s family, and his parents treat her like their own daughter. The group talks about changing with age. Kelly says she’s still the same person – immature.

Dinner is served. Everyone takes a seat. It’s something wants to try for fall or winter, a pork tenderloin dish that looks quite tasty. Kelly says it’s fabulous. Shannon asks who wants a drink. Gina says drinking tequila is probably not the best thing tonight. In her interview, Gina says Shannon has a way of looking right through you. Shannon wants to take some time to decompress. She thanks everyone for being supportive. She’s looking forward to Jamaica.

Kelly takes Jolie to the soup kitchen again. She says the ultimate goal as parent is to teach lessons. She’s trying to be the best parent she can be. She thinks it’s the best thing for the both of them. She’s proud that Jolie wants to help the community. Jolie thinks the food looks better than Kelly’s cooking. She loves doing this, but gets sad to see babies, who will know this their whole lives. Geez. Let’s hope not necessarily. She wants to hug everyone, and cries. Kelly is glad she has such a big heart. For real. All kids her age should be like that. In Kelly’s interview, she says people who grow up with wealth don’t like to see struggle. Jolie has compassion and a huge heart. She doesn’t see anyone as being less than herself. It all comes down to her being a great human being. They help clean up, and Kelly says she needs Jolie to start doing this at home. Kelly shows her how to use the mop and wring it out. In her interview, Kelly says now that she’s divorced, she sees the valuable lessons she didn’t teach as a parent. Jolie doesn’t even know how to clean. Kelly tells her they’re burning calories.

Gina meets Kelly in the park. Kelly says she’s been reading up on Jamaica. She’s fascinated by the history. In her interview, she talks about Jamaica being sold to Britain, and Britain bringing in slaves from Africa. And that’s why it’s primarily African American. Wait. It’s not African American; it’s Jamaican. That was pretty funny. They walk, and Kelly asks how it’s going with Matt. Gina is upset at Shannon, saying Shannon never asks her anything about herself. She doesn’t know if Shannon knows anything about her. Kelly says it took long time for her to get to know Shannon. In Gina’s interview, Gina says that’s not how friendship works. There shouldn’t be a time frame for Shannon to acknowledge her existence. It shouldn’t take this much time for her not to be an a-hole. Kelly says when Shannon is ready to let Gina in, she will. Gina thinks that’s not fair that Shannon gets to decide how much time is enough time before she acknowledges her. Kelly says maybe Gina should open up more on the trip. You get to know people on trips. I’ll bet. That’s why I don’t travel with friends. There are things I probably don’t want to know.

Emily and pipsqueak Shane go out to eat. He actually jokes about wanting a booster seat. I think he’s joking. He ignores her offer of a pillow. Emily tells him she was trying on bathing suits with Tamra, and says, who wants to do that? Shane says he does, and Emily says, never again. She tells him that she’s going to see the fertility doctor. She knows he’s not on board with having more children. He says it’s not in a negative way. In her interview, Emily says Mormons have lot of kids, so you’d think he’d want another. We see a clip of Pary telling her that Shane had always wanted six children. She says they have five; they’re so close. Emily says there will be no more little Emilys, but he doesn’t think it’s right that she keeps pushing him in that direction. She says she’s not pushing. He says he’s being honest and sensible. She says she’s been open about wanting more than one girl. Shane says he wants to be six feet tall, but it’s not going to happen. She wonders what to do with the embryos. It makes her sad. Shane doesn’t know how to answer. In Emily’s interview, she says she knows the kids are exhausting, and she understands. Shane’s reasons are valid and reasonable. Her heart doesn’t agree, but her mind does. She says a surrogate would be another concern, since her sister doesn’t want to do it a second time. Shane suggests she talk to the doctor about the embryos. She can learn what her options are, and maybe he can answer her questions. She agrees that’s a good idea, but doesn’t look happy.

Vicki and Steve are going to Michael’s house for dinner. It’s important for Vicki to blend the kids; they have six between them. She wants them to get to know each other. Steve’s daughter Amanda is coming with her boyfriend. Vicki says it’s been nice getting to know Amanda better. Everyone gets along great.

Michael and girlfriend Danni make drinks in a blender. Vicki is proud of Daniel. He’s the VP of her company, and doing great. She toasts to the first family dinner at Michael’s place. Pug Walter steals a bag of crackers. Vicki says she’s happy with life, pointing out none of them are married, but still happy with their partners. Amanda thinks maybe marriage ruins it. Steve laughs, and Vicki says she told him they’re not dating forever; there has to be an end goal. He says he thought the end goal was being happy. In her interview, Vicki says they need to set an example for the kids. She tells Steve she’d be happier with a ring. He says it’s not like they’re going to have kids. Vicki tells Michael and Danni that they should be pregnant within the next two years. Danni thinks she just wants another dog, and figured they’d have a bunch of Pugs instead of kids. Steve tells Vicki that they’ll have kids when they decide, not when she does.

Emily goes to the doctor with in-laws Larry and Pary. In her interview, Emily says Larry and Pary do everything together. He even waits for her when she gets her hair done. She hopes Shane does that for her someday. I don’t think I’d want my husband waiting for me during a hair appointment, and I definitely wouldn’t want Shane waiting for me. Dr. Long-Last-Name, so we’ll say Dr. N, comes out. Pary goes in with Emily, and Larry watches the kids. In Emily’s interview, she explains that Pary found the doctor through her Persian connections, and got her to the top of the list.

Emily tells Dr. N that she’s at an emotional crossroads. Even before she had children, she’d always wanted more than one girl. She’s close to her sister, and wants that for Annabelle. She says that Shane is opposed to it. The doctor says they have lots of girls among the embryos. He asks if her sister would carry another baby, but Pary says she told them the oven is closed. Emily asks about trying to carry the baby herself, but the doctor says she has, and hasn’t been successful. Emily asks about options. The doctor says if she’s not using them, they can be kept in storage, donated to science, or embryo adoption. As a last resort, they can be destroyed. Emily says the only option that isn’t very emotional is continuing storage. The first time they met, he’d promised she’d have a child, and it was the first time in five years she felt a sense of hope. Dr. N says there are lots of embryos and options, but it starts with Emily and Shane being on the same page. He asks if Shane is persuadable. Emily says he always is, but is it something she wants to try? At some point, they need to go to therapy together.

Shannon meets Kelly for lunch. Kelly says she took a nap, and never does; she’s exhausted. Shannon says she’s still catching up. They talk about packing for the trip. Shannon doesn’t want to put on a bathing suit. Kelly says she did didn’t she in Mexico, and Shannon says it was a mistake. We flash back to Shannon romping in the hot tub in what actually looks like underwear. Kelly tells her that Michael came over. They watched a movie, and had a good time. He texted her, saying it’s nice they can laugh together, and it makes Jolie happy. Shannon says that would never happen with her and David. Kelly says she thought never in a million years. In her interview, Shannon says when she and David separated, it was amicable. They went to football games and family dinners. That’s not the case anymore. It’s breaking the nasty meter.

Shannon asks Kelly if she’s talked to the girls since Friday, and if she talked to Gina about her outburst. My mouth is hanging open. I’d hardly call that an outburst, and compared to some of Shannon’s insane tirades, it was nothing. Kelly tells Shannon that Gina thinks she’s hard to know. Shannon says she and Kelly weren’t friends right off the bat. Kelly says they were frenemies, and Shannon says Gina is twenty-one years younger. She doesn’t know how much they have in common, but she likes Gina. In Shannon’s interview, she says Gina has stirred the pot a few times. We flash back to Shannon stirring the pot, and the divorce/money discussion. Shannon says it doesn’t make her jump for joy to carve out time to get to know Gina. Kelly says doesn’t really know her either.

Shannon says if she hears Emily say she wants to see fun Shannon tonight, she’s going to scream. She’s waiting for fun Emily, since she hasn’t seen it yet. Kelly wonders if Emily is in a bad marriage. Shannon isn’t talking. Last time, she had her ass handed to her when she compared Emily’s marriage to her own. She’s zipping her mouth shut, and keeping her boundaries. Yeah. We’ll see.

Next time, Jamaica, Tamra sees distance with Shannon, and Shannon is a huge bummer. No surprise.

📺 The dudes on Bravo Play by Play took a field trip to TomTom, and it was debatable whether it’s all about the pasta. Kelly Dodd SKYPED in. She has officially brought the word jam back into American slang. I love this show. They often give a voice to the things I’m thinking while watching Bravo. And I have to face the fact that People’s Couch is not coming back, and this is the closest I will get. Dave Holmes once again hit the nail on the head when describing Below Deck’s first primary of the season, returning guest, Steve. He said, Steve is like a Sammy Hagar song that made a wish and became a real boy.

🍸 Speaking of TomTom…

It’s been a bittersweet year for Lala.

👑 My Favorite Royal…

Hint: It’s not Camilla.

🎅 Yep…



November 29, 2017 – Andre is Found, a Fashion Show Standoff, a Little Star & Random Info


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Obrecht shows up at The Floating Rib, where Mac, Felicia, and Sam are setting up a celebration. Maxie has insisted on a gathering of her and Nathan’s nearest and dearest, but they don’t know why. Lulu has her suspicions, but says it’s not her place to say. Maxie and Nathan arrive, and say they have good news to share, but they’re waiting for everyone to get there. Obrecht suggests entertaining them with a medley of German ballads in the meantime, so Maxie reveals that she and Nathan are having a baby.

Jason goes to the station to see Dante. He’s hoping for some help.

In Havana, Curtis enjoys a cigar. Almost. Jordan takes it out of his hand, telling him that’s a no if he wants to kiss her. He says she drives a hard bargain. She asks if he’s sure about the name Andre is using, since no one has checked in with it. He says his contact is solid, but Andre probably changes it. Using different ones for travel and lodging makes it harder to trace. Curtis tells her that his contact sent a photo of Andre at the place they’re staying, so just sit back, chill, and wait for him to return.

Valentin sees Nina at the MetroCourt, and asks if she’s having breakfast meeting, since there’s an extra place setting. She says yes, but it hasn’t started yet. Cassandra walks up to the table.

Finn tells Anna that he didn’t want to press the issue on Thanksgiving, but they have to move forward. Anna says she could arrest Cassandra on what she has, but the organization would still go on, and it would be for nothing. He’s out, and she intends to keep it that way. Finn says Cassandra will want to flood the market with the new opiate he’s going to develop.

Maxie says she couldn’t hide it after she annihilated the Thanksgiving buffet, and Lulu says she was right. Felicia had been worried they were moving, and asks why she didn’t tell them. Obrecht says the Americans have it wrong. Maxie might be pregnant, but her son is going to be a father, and she will be a großmutter. She tells Mac and Felicia that they’ll be bonded together for eternity, and Mac suddenly needs a drink. Maxie says she wanted to tell Georgie first. She was confused, thinking Spinelli was the father, and still has questions about how a baby can have the same mother, but a different father. She sees Sam, and says, sorry, but Sam says it’s okay; they’re coping.

Dante tells Jason that was some entrance, and Jason says it wasn’t on purpose. Dante says it never is. He has good intentions, reacts, and mayhem ensues. He didn’t want to say anything, but has to admit that Jason’s brother has been a good friend. His twin saved Dante’s life, and he’s a good dude. He didn’t want to think Jason was bailing on him, but now that he’s staring him in the face… He says, welcome home, Jason.

Jordan doesn’t want to just sit there, but Curtis says they’re leaving nothing to chance. She wants to pay the waiter, but Curtis explains that you can’t use an American credit card in Cuba (good to know). It’s cash or nothing. Andre never had a chance to empty his bank accounts, and now that they’re frozen, he can’t access them. They’ll just wait and draw him out.

Cassandra wonders why Valentin is surprised that she and Nina are meeting, since she thought they tell each other everything. Nina says she sent him a text, and he pretends to suddenly see it. Nina says since Valentin told her about his involvement with Cassandra, she thought it best that everything be out in the open, so they met. Cassandra says sorry to blindside him, and Nina says she’s been working late, and by the time she gets home, the last thing she wants to talk about is his exes, but she thought why not still be friends? Cassandra tells Valentin she’s like to get closer to the people he loves.

Anna tells Finn it’s a bad idea. She’s not risk getting him further involved; it’s too dangerous. Finn says it wasn’t when she blackmailed him into treating Cassandra, or telling people they’re dating. Anna says the cover is keeping him alive, but working with her will have the opposite effect. He says Cassandra is interested in him, and if he can convince her that he has the expertise to develop a new drug, she might let him in and show him where the bodies are buried. Anna says, or he’ll be one. She tells him he doesn’t have the resources, and he says, Valentin does? She says he’s a trained spy, and Finn suggests maybe he should be in jail. Anna says Cassandra knows Valentin because he’s a criminal, but knows Finn to be an upstanding citizen. How is he going to convince her otherwise? He says he’ll find a way, but he can’t sit on his hands and do nothing. She tells him no, and Robin appears, asking if everything is okay.

Obrecht tells Nathan that her dismissal was blessing in disguise. She’s been doing some traveling, and Nathan asks if she saw Britt. She says Britt’s whereabouts are a mystery. He says, to everyone or just him? Obrecht changes the subject, wanting to know about the Man Landers story. He says it’s long and complicated. Maxie joins them, saying she’s glad it’s over, but she won’t rest until she  finds out who leaked the story. Someone went out of their way to ruin her career. Sam says she’ll be glad to help.

Valentin suggests he stay, but Nina says it’s a girl brunch, and she’ll walk him out. In the hallway, he asks what she thinks she’s doing. Nina says Cassandra believes she knows nothing about their business relationship. She thinks Valentin told her told her everything, but is convinced she knows nothing. She reminds him about keeping your friends close, and your enemies closer. She says after a few drinks, she’ll find Cassandra’s weak spot. Valentin says she knows his is Nina, but Nina says she’s not going to get away with it. Trust her.

Robin says she didn’t mean to pry. Finn says he’s just worked up about an excess of fentanyl ODs at the hospital. Robin says it’s been the same in Berkeley. I saw a woman hooked on fentanyl on Intervention once, and it was seriously scary stuff. Robin tells him as long as newer end cheaper drugs are produced, more generations will get hooked. He says it’s too bad they can’t stop it before it hits the streets. After Robin leaves, Anna tells Finn not to use her to make point, but Finn says even Robin can see how urgent it is; why can’t she? She says one of the reasons she’s involved is because of Robin.

Jordan asks how Curtis plans on drawing Andre out, and he says Andre likes to collect antiquities. His passion is now his cash flow. He made nice with the concierge, telling him that he’s into artifacts, and asked if he knows someone who might want to unload some. He did, and Curtis asked for a meeting in the café where they’re sitting. Jordan says they’ll have to hang back and hope Andre takes the bait.

Jason tells Dante that Diane is working on proving his identity, but Dante wonders if she shouldn’t be working on keeping him out of prison. He says that Jason’s attack on Franco was unprovoked, but he’ll testify against Franco if necessary. Jason says that’s not why he’s there. He needs to see his file from the night Faison shot him.

Nina confesses that she’s never been to Monte Carlo, and Cassandra jokes the friendship over. Nina says she’ll have to schedule a photo shoots there; the winters are killing her. Cassandra says she’s sure Port Charles has its charms, and she’ll be taking them in while she’s on business there. Nina asks what her business is. She mentioned she was in pharmaceuticals. Nina  tells her about an ad from a pharmaceutical company being pulled at the last minute, and says it must be hard dealing with the FDA. Cassandra says she prefers the European way of keeping business and friendship separate. Nina’s phone rings, and she says her new assistant is still getting the hang of things. She’s just now getting a message about an announcement her brother made an hour ago. Cassandra understands if she has to leave, and they make plans to get together soon.

Finn asks what Robin has to do with it, and Anna says she’s HIV positive. She was diagnosed about twenty years ago. Finn says he’s sorry, and Anna tears up. She says it was at a time when it was practically a death sentence, but she benefited from the advancement in the way the disease is treated. Her boyfriend wasn’t so lucky. Finn asks if she contracted it from him, and Anna nods. She says his name was Stone Cates, and Finn recognizes it from a wing at the hospital. Anna says Sonny endowed the wing in his memory. He was just a kid, and his girlfriend had been an IV drug user. She was just a kid too, but she got hooked, and her addiction changed the course of her life, Stone’s life, and Robin’s life forever. Drug addiction affected her in a different way than Finn, but it’s had an impact on her life nonetheless.

Robin tells Maxie that Noah and the baby will have to grow up being besties. Lulu asks Sam if she’s okay, and Sam says she’s just distracted. Lulu doesn’t know if it’s a bad time, but tells her about how she’s been doing some writing for a local publication, and wants to make a go of it. She asks if they’re hiring writers; she’s willing to start at the bottom. Sam says Lulu doesn’t have to do a hard sell; she’ll help. She gives Lulu the contact information for Peter August, telling her that he’s the new CEO. Lulu thought they were planning on running Aurora themselves, but Sam says it’s a big ship to steer. She’s just glad they found someone to be at the helm with them, since they’re in a lot of flux.

Dante tells Jason that the file doesn’t leave the building, room, or his sight. Jason’s identify hasn’t been legally proven, so it’s at his discretion, and he’s responsible. Sooner or later, it will be a file about himself. Sooner, if Sonny has anything to do with it. He calls Jason, Sonny’s right hand man.

Andre, looking spiffy in a straw fedora, comes up behind Curtis’s chair, and says he heard he’s looking to take something back from Cuba. Curtis gets up, and says, good to see you, doc. He never thought this day would come. Andre pushes him back, and they struggle

Maxie tells Felicia that she made so many mistakes with Georgie, she wants to get it right this time. Felicia says she knows she wasn’t the best mother, but Maxie says she’s managed to make up for lost time. Felicia says it’s love that matters the most, along with patience, forgiveness, sacrifice, and acceptance. She’s never met anyone with more love to give.

Nina tells Nathan it’s amazing. He’s going to be the most incredible, stupendous father on the planet. She’s happy for him.

Valentin visits Anna, and asks if he’s interrupting. She tells him that she’s explained to Finn that she’s using him as a mole instead. Finn says Valentin’s credentials are better than his. Anna says the risk outweighs the reward, but Finn says he’s only person who can create the chemical compound Cassandra needs to develop a new drug. Anna says it’s a terrible idea, but Valentin thinks it’s brilliant.

Robin tells Sam she knows how confusing it is, and apologizes for any part she played in the confusion. She saw his face, the same face she’d known her entire life. She had no idea he had a twin. If it’s any consolation, she has some idea of what she’s going through after what happened with her, Patrick, and Sabrina. Sam tells her to stop.

Jason tells Dante that he heard Sonny thought about getting out of the business. Dante says now he doesn’t have to; he has Jason back. Anyone who crosses Sonny will live to regret it. He loves Sonny, but hates what he does, and Jason enables him. No matter how much he likes Jason, they’ll always be on opposing sides.

Jordan tells Andre and Curtis to stop. Andre says he knew wouldn’t be long before they figured things out. Curtis tells him skipping out was a red flag. Jordan says they know he has information about Jason Morgan, and asks him to come with them to answer questions. He tells them they wasted their time. He’s not going back, and he’s not talking to anyone.

Robin and Sam apologize to each other. Robin tells Sam that she’s heading back, but she’s still reachable if Sam needs her. Nina approaches Sam, asking if she’s okay. Sam says people keep saying she’s confused, but she isn’t. She knows who her husband is, but can’t convince them.

Andre says it’s not going to get better, but Jordan says if he goes back, it would for a lot of people, namely Jason. Curtis says he’s a good friend. They’ve been to hell and back together, and he deserves to know what’s going on with his own life. Andre says he’s sympathetic, but already said too much. The people involved don’t want truth to come out. He says that Jordan has no jurisdiction in Cuba, and by the time she’s able to extradite him, he’ll be long gone.

Anna asks if Valentin is joking. He tells her that Cassandra is threatening his family. His wife has taken it upon herself to do recon for him, and she’s about as subtle as a freight train. Cassandra only trusts him if he’s in check, but has no reason to distrust her doctor friend. She’s actually fond of him; she likes his healing hands and bedside manner. Anna says she’s not sanctioning this. She’ll have Finn arrested for interfering and making narcotics with the intent to sell. Finn says he’s out of there. Valentin tells Anna that he seems like a keeper.

Mac asks what’s on Lulu’s mind. She tells him that she’s thinking of switching her career to journalism. She says it’s one thing to think about it, but it’s totally different to take the plunge. Mac remembers how he felt leaving the PCPD. He thought his life was over, but it was the best thing that ever happened to him. He’s able to do something he enjoys, and put his family first. They agree that if you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. He tells her to do it; it worked for him.

Dante asks what Jason is looking for, and he says something to tell him where he’s been. Dante doesn’t think he’s going to find it there. Other than the phoenix figurine Sam gave him, there was nothing to be found after he fell in the water. Faison is a fugitive, so they can’t ask him any questions. All they even know about him is that he’s obsessed with Anna.

Valentin asks Anna why she’s flustered. She says she’s angry and frustrated. She asks him why he’s encouraging Finn. Is he trying to get him killed? He says that Finn would have to work hard to screw up. Anna tells him now she’s angry, frustrated, and annoyed; it’s a trifecta. Valentin says Cassandra is getting close to his wife and daughter, and if she doesn’t back off, he’ll have to take it into his own hands. Anna tells him to get out. He asks if she means out of her house or the operation, and she says it’s still on. He tells her she’s never had a problem putting people in harm’s way. What makes Finn different as an asset?

Finn orders black coffee. No shots, no syrup, no foam. Cassandra asks if he’s had a bad day, and is there anything she can do to help?

Dante congratulates Nathan, and tells him that he’s never going to get another night’s sleep as long as he lives. Maxie asks for everyone’s attention, and proposes a toast, reassuring them she has club soda. She says seeing them all reminds her and Nathan about how much love they have in their lives; Nathan adding, and how lucky their kid will be. They clink glasses.

Finn confesses he’s had a rotten morning, but Cassandra could make it better by joining him for coffee. She says she’d be delighted. Valentin sees them.

Jason goes to Anna’s house. She says she heard the rumors, and there he is. He tells her that he needs her help in finding Faison. He needs to know why he was shot, and what they’re after. Anna says she doesn’t know where he is, but Obrecht would. I get super excited, because Faison is my favorite GH character of all time. I met Andres Hove at a horror convention, where he did a panel with a soap actress whose name I don’t remember. They’d done a horror film together. When I asked them to sign a soap magazine, the both of them snatched it out of my hands, flipping through it to find themselves and their friends. I did eventually get it back, signed. He was really a nice guy, and oozed European charm.

Nina asks how Nathan feels, and he says he has a lot to think about. Mac and Felicia will be awesome grandparents, and he knows his mother is going to spoil their child. He says he never knew his biological father. Obrecht overhears.

Curtis says he’ll make a call to Anna. Jordan might not have jurisdiction, but the WSB does. Andre says he’ll be gone before they get there. Jordan says she doesn’t know how he got mixed up in this, but she knows he’s a healer. She has to believe he had higher purpose, and was doing it to heal in some way. He’s a good man. She never would have trusted her heart to him if she didn’t believe that. As someone he once loved, she’s asking him to come back and make it right.

Tomorrow, Oscar can’t stand not knowing who his father is, Franco wants to know why Elizabeth is taking his side, and Spinelli sees Jason.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Back at the retreat, the women pick a partner and role play. Siggy goes first, picking Margaret. Margaret starts whining about how beautiful the cake was, and how disrespectfully it was treated. Melissa wonders how they’re solving things this way. She doesn’t think this kind of role-playing will result in a happy ending. Siggy pretends to have pigtails, complaining about everything. Vikki tells them it was hard to watch. I don’t know if she means because of the situation or their bad acting. Siggy says she feels like Margaret got to know her better here. Calling her “Soggy” cut her to the core, bringing her back to a time she wasn’t accepted, and was bullied over her name. Vikki tells her to use it as a strength. Margaret says she thought she was being funny, and didn’t mean to hurt Siggy’s inner child. She apologizes, saying now that she knows, she’ll never do anything like that again. Siggy says she was coming from place of hurt – “a place of” being the new catchphrase. They’re good, and hug it out.

Melissa is next, and she says she had a problem with Siggy. She gets that Siggy was sensitive about the cake thing, but feels it was overreactive. She does a spot-on impression of Siggy welcoming Melissa into her home, proceeding to call her an a-hole, then asking for a show of hands as to who else thinks so. She ends with Siggy being a normal hostess again, and it’s all very funny. Siggy says her intention wasn’t to embarrass Melissa; she just wanted her to understand how much effort she’d put into the weekend. Melissa says she could have been more sensitive, but Siggy could have been too. Siggy wants to break down the wall between them, and they also hug it out.

Danielle wants to speak to Teresa about an old wound, surprising everyone, and causing Dolores to breathe a sigh of relief, although I wonder if she’s a little disappointed. Danielle says she and Teresa are in a good place, and she wants to stay there, but there’s an old wound that affected her daughters. Calling her a “prostitution whore” in front of her kids upset them. She’s continually been made fun of for it, and her kids were bullied. She needs to hear Teresa says she didn’t mean it. Teresa says if she could, she’d take it back, and she was coming from a place (sigh) of anger. Danielle asks if Teresa is willing to tell her daughters that. Teresa says whatever she can do to make it better, she will. In her interview, Dolores says that Danielle blames every hardship on Teresa. I’m really starting to dislike Dolores. She doesn’t know Danielle, it was a legitimate complaint, and it’s none of her business anyway. Teresa says there’s an Italian saying that the tongue breaks bones. Siggy thinks the group has taken huge steps in being more compassionate. I think so too, except for Dolores.

Joe #2 takes Milania to play race cars. Not like Matchbox cars, but ones you sit in and drive on an inside track. He says she’s been through a lot. Her mother and father going away (I love that euphemism), and her grandmother passing. They go for a snack afterward. Joe tells Milania that her mom is worried, and told him she was seeing her grandmother in the kitchen. He says she was his mother; he loved her and misses her. He tells Milania not to be a tough girl. When you talk about it, you feel better. She says it doesn’t feel real. Her grandma used to say one day she’ll die, and now it’s happened. He says he knows her dad isn’t around, but anything she needs, let him know, and not just if she wants something; he’s there to talk.

The ladies get ready for a last conversation. Siggy says the idea of the exercises was to get to a point of trust, and the last one is meant to take them to a deeper place. She asks them to tell something no one knows. Margaret says before Joe #3, she had the perfect family. Now, two of them don’t speak to her, and it’s been six years. Siggy says she should have ended the marriage first, like Margaret needs to hear that or could change it, and Margaret says ideally that should have happened. Vikki says her ex is the key, and to ask him to help mend with the children. Her best advice is to never give up. Siggy feels badly, because she’s having a hard time with Josh going to school, and can only imagine how hard and upsetting this is.

Teresa says they don’t all have perfect lives. When she came home, Joe #1 was drinking a lot. She wishes he’d been stronger, but realizes women are stronger than men. She does have resentment, but has to move on. Siggy says she’s taken on a lot, and inside, feelings have a way of festering and need to be released. In her interview, Melissa says Teresa needs to come out and tell Joe she wants an apology, but she’s not there yet.

Dolores invites everyone to her animal charity event. In her interview, Margaret says, are you kidding? She bares her soul, and Dolores asks everyone to come to her dog charity. But of course, she’ll go. Vikki thanks everyone, and thinks the test was successful. It’s awesome that they’re in a great place.

It’s back to routine. Teresa visits Siggy, bearing coffee. Siggy tells Teresa about getting the pellets in her behind, and how it’s been life-changing. She’s actually in the mood now. She asks when Teresa last saw Joe #1, and Teresa says it was before her mom got sick. In her interview, Siggy says that’s three months. She thinks Teresa is frustrated, sad, and holding resentment. Teresa tells Siggy that she’s guarded. Her upbringing was geared to not showing emotion, the old school way. Siggy says she has the right to feel how she does, and no one thinks she isn’t the strongest woman around. She tells Teresa to go against what she learned. Dig deep, and spill it.

Dolores explains that she got involved in the Onyx and Breezy Foundation after the love of her life, Boo, passed away last year. I remember that; it was really sad. It looks almost like a carnival, in a big field, with booths, and food, agility runs for the dogs, and things like a bouncy house for the kids. There are a lot of people there with dogs. Danielle brings her pups in a stroller. Teresa is afraid of dogs, but only big ones. Everyone agrees the retreat was great. Melissa asks Siggy if she’s talked to Danielle, who thinks she went kumbaya too quickly with Margaret. We see a clip of Danielle telling the women that of course she’d want to fix her own problem first to look good.

Danielle talks to Margaret, telling her that she doesn’t understand how they made up so fast, and it was convenient for Siggy to look good. Margaret says she has a point, and Danielle thinks she should be on guard. In her interview, Margaret says understands Danielle has been known to create drama, but thinks she has genuine concern.

Siggy tells Melissa that she doesn’t care. She thinks Danielle has things festering (another popular word), and it is what it is. In her interview, Siggy says she has history with the others, but nothing with Danielle. Two dogs do some weird thing that’s incredibly cute, and everyone goes, aww! Danielle and Margaret join the others. Dolores talks about Kim D.’s fashion show, and asks who’s going. Teresa isn’t, and Siggy doesn’t think it’s the right time to bring it up. Dolores says she and Siggy will be walking in it,  reminding them it’s a charity event for the two boys found in the burned car. Teresa reminds her about Kim D. spreading rumors that Joe #1 was cheating on her. Dolores says she was just throwing it out there, but obviously no one is interested. In her interview, Teresa says of course she’s not going, and she doesn’t think her friends should either. Kim D. is creepy. She reminds me of Sylvia Miles in Midnight Cowboy.

Melisa visits Margaret’s showroom, and she has the cutest stuff! Melissa tells us that no one wanted to help her without cost, but Margaret said she’d show her the ropes. Melissa tells Margaret that boutiques are everywhere in New Jersey. She’s still new to the game, and trying to figure out a way to separate herself from the others. Margaret says she has to find what no one else has. Maybe go to Europe, and find brands no one else is carrying. Margaret invites her to come to Milan, where she’s having her shoe line designed. Melissa says it would be beneficial, and she’d love to. Oddly enough, she’s never been to Italy.

Siggy and Dolores go to Kim D.’s store, Posche. They try on outfits for the show, and she has them do their walk. Siggy says that Melissa and Teresa won’t be coming because they don’t like her, and remember the last time. Kim says everyone was thinking it, but she said it. Siggy says it was only rumors. Anybody can say anything, but unless you have a picture of the “weewee entering the cookie,” people should mind their own business. She says Teresa has been through hell and back, and is working her butt off. Kim says she heard Teresa is rekindling an old flame. Siggy and Dolores don’t want to hear it. Siggy says Teresa has no old flames; the only man she’s ever been with is Joe #1, although no one would blame her. Kim says forget it then, and Dolores says it’s forgotten until they have to tell her what Kim said, and she’ll shoot the messenger. Kim thinks Joe treated her horribly, and Siggy has to leave. It amazes me that they’d even want to be friends with this woman. I don’t care how long they’ve known her. She’s horrifying.

The ladies are meeting for dinner at Fresco. Melissa and Teresa are there first. Teresa says she just dropped Gabriella off at a bat mitzvah, and Melissa says it’s that season. Teresa has to explain that a bat mitzvah or bar mitzvah is related to a 13th birthday. Margaret, Danielle, and the weird ass Bobbsey twins arrive. Melissa talks about how fabulous Margaret’s collections are, and how she’s going to Milan. She thinks everyone should come, because she’s out of her mind. Siggy chooses this time to make it clear that she and Dolores are walking in the fashion show.

Teresa asks why, and Dolores tells her about what Kim D. said regarding Teresa rekindling an old flame. Melissa says not only has Kim done things to hurt her and her family, on top of it, she’s saying Teresa is a cheater, and they’re still supporting her. Siggy says it’s for charity, and Dolores says she’s neutral; she’s known Kim for twenty years. Oh, I see. For her, it’s okay to be neutral, but anyone else who is, isn’t loyal. Melissa says everything Kim D. says and stands for is bullsh*t. In her interview, Dolores pities Teresa for not seeing she’s her truest friend. This woman is delusional. We flash back to Kim D. stirring up rumors that Melissa was a stripper. Melissa tells Dolores she has to pick a side, and Dolores doesn’t get it. Siggy says when she and Margaret weren’t getting along, she didn’t tell them not to go to Margaret’s party. I just stare at Siggy blankly. Melissa lists all of the things Kim has done, and says she’s a vial human being. Siggy says she can only judge on the way Kim treats her. Margaret says Hitler wouldn’t have killed her; should they have been friends? Snap! Teresa is fuming, and Dolores says no one would blame Teresa if it was true. Teresa smashes a glass against the wall, and says they should have stuck up for her. Dolores says they did, and they both get loud, with Dolores leaning nearly all the way across the table. Margaret pulls her back. She insists she stuck up for Teresa, and tells Melissa not to tell her what to do. Siggy says it’s not about Kim, but about the dead kids, and doesn’t she have a heart, since I guess Siggy never heard of just sending a check. Margaret says they’re both hurt, and Dolores tells her to shut up. Margaret says, no thanks, she won’t shut up. Dolores and Siggy leave, with Danielle saying a line has been drawn in the sand, and telling them to have a nice time.

Outside, Siggy tells Dolores they did the right thing by telling Teresa, and Dolores says they did stand up for her. In the restaurant, Melissa is like, great, and I just invited them to Milan. Teresa can’t believe they’re supporting Kim after what she did. It’s screwed up. She wants to confront Kim, and Melissa says it would be like walking into the lion’s den. Danielle says they’ll all go. They’ll walk in like Charlie’s effing Angels, plus one, do what they have to do, and leave. Melissa says okay, and Margaret says she’s never been to a shakedown before. Danielle tells her they’re going to win, and Melissa says, kill me now.

Next time, a medium visits Joe #2 and Teresa, Kim D. and Teresa go at it, and Teresa tells Siggy eff-you.

👌 Who knows? Maybe she is just stirring the pot, but I like Danielle. She set the bar early on. I’d take a guess that she was told to put the book on the table that Teresa flipped, but she took that ball and ran with it. She’s the best thing that could have happened to this season. Her, and Teresa getting sprung.

🌟 Star began with a round of interviews about the shooting, and how it’s a normal occurrence. It was really good until they threw in Al Sharpton playing himself on the TV. Noah and Alex played it up for the cameras, which Star wasn’t happy about, but wouldn’t admit. Ayanna got custody of Simone, and her father put the pressure on about getting the numbers up, causing her to move up the showcase date. The girls were in though. Noah was also hitting the bottle pretty hard, but Joyce was the one who keeled over due to an OD. Ayanna hoped Joyce would go to rehab, and gave Simone a Xanax to calm her down, which made perfect sense. Brody’s loan shark was breathing down his neck, threatening his daughter. Under the guise of needing to use the bathroom, he snuck around upstairs at the beauty shop. Later, he got an eyeful of the pictures of a battered Star, and heard Hunter’s frantic calls to her afterward. Jahil and Carlotta tried to save Cotton from herself (again), and Jahil shot her boyfriend in the leg. Cotton claimed she needed him, but Carlotta told her to stay away from his sorry ass. Noah ended up kissing Alex for real, and she told him to back off. She went back to Derek, but thought about Noah when she was in bed with him. Next time is the finale, because seasons are only like, six episodes now.

🌴🍹 The new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills starts on Tuesday, December 9th, at 9pm. I can’t wait! Giggy!

❄ If you get a chance, check out Bravo’s Winter Warm-Up. Stassi Schroeder (Vanderpump Rules) and Kyle Cooke (Summer House) host a line-up of clips from the new seasons of the old shows and the premieres of the new ones.

😎 Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard from The People’s Couch have a new podcast, Dumb Gay Politics. I haven’t listened in yet, but they were hysterically funny on the couch. You can tune in here:


October 29, 2017 – The Shahs Reunion Comes to An End, a Triple Attack & Silver Shamrock


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset – Reunion Part Two

I’m still trying to get over the fact Destiney was on People’s Couch and I didn’t realize it.

Asa asks Reza if he believes her about not getting IVF treatments to have her son. He does, but hates himself for having doubts. She says she and MJ aren’t friends like that. Shervin says Asa doesn’t reciprocate, and that’s why MJ is hurt. Asa insists MJ never wanted good for her, and crossed the line. We flash back to MJ not wanting to hug her after finding out she’s pregnant. MJ says she was shocked and disappointed that it was six months before any of them were included. Asa tells MJ she’s lost all respect for her. Reza tells Asa that she doesn’t understand MJ and what she’s been going through. MJ tells Asa about crocheting a blanket for baby Soltan, and Asa says, the bastard child. They break for lunch.

Backstage, Mike is upset, and GG says it seems like Asa hates them. MJ brings up Asa’s comment on racism, and Mike jokingly asks if she’s talking about him. Asa overhears and isn’t happy. GG asks for the paramedics. She’s having a panic attack, and says she just smoked some weed. She tells the paramedic how cute he is.

Back to the reunion. Andy says it was a season of new beginnings for GG. Her anger levels turned down, but not completely off. A viewer asks about GG’s sobriety. She says she was never practicing sobriety, and shows us her vaporizer. We flash back to her fight with her sister Layla on Thanksgiving, and GG says she can’t anymore. Mike doesn’t think the relationship can be healed – there’s been too much damage. We find out he’s hooked up with Layla in the past. Andy is surprised that Reza and GG reconciled. Reza says hating her was taking up energy and space in his head and heart, and was a lot of work. He either had to let it go or let her go. GG doesn’t think it would have happened if his friends hasn’t pointed out to him that she’d changed. Reza tells us that they were just in Palm Springs together. Now the song Layla will be my earworm for a while. You’re welcome.

We revisit GG getting her hearing aid. She didn’t know how deaf she was, but notices now when the batteries need to be replaced. Andy says by the time he found her wedding registry, he heard the marriage was over. Reza is willing to guarantee that there are relatives on Shalom’s side who didn’t want to go to the wedding, and that’s why they just had a civil ceremony. GG says she kept asking if he was sure things were cool with Shalom’s family, and he insisted it was. Andy asks where things are at now, and she tells him that they’re trying to get to know each other, since they didn’t before. Wow – that’s some ring. Andy reminds her that she has a Shalom tattoo, and she claims she doesn’t regret it, but talks about a fight they had and how she slashed the tattoo to show him that she didn’t care. Mike says that’s some serious sh*t. She says information came out that he’d been married before, and applied for a green card. A lot of people thought that was his reason for wanting to marry her. His ex was also on the reality show Dash Dolls about the Kardashian boutique.

Andy says, guess what? We invited Shalom here! GG is mad, and everyone is surprised. Shalom comes out, and Andy asks how he would define their relationship. He says they’re working on it and trying to figure it out. Andy asks if him snapchatting his abs to her was the deciding factor. and brings up the green card issue. Shalom says there are plenty of women he could marry for that reason, and they’d accept a cheaper ring. Andy asks if he’s attracted to women on reality shows, but he says his ex was only on one for about two weeks. We flash back to Shalom being upset about GG kissing her scene partner in the play. Shalom says it was really bad, and he apologized to everyone. He comes from Persian/Jewish family, and 90% were against him getting married. After a few drinks and people talking in his ear, he realized he had a proposal happening in Times Square. Asa says it was weird. Andy asks why they broke up, and Shalom doesn’t know. GG says whether it was true or not, the gossip was hurting her, but he only sees it from his point of view. She tells him that he got overbearing, and when they got married, she got a call from E! News, saying Shalom wanted to do a story. Shalom says one day she loves him, and the next, she hates him. Shervin asks why try again, and he says he still loves her. He’s confused about her feelings though. Andy points out they don’t have a prenup. Reza says he’s a good guy. He likes GG, but likes Shalom more. Mike says together they might be like oil and water, even if they’re both good people. GG says at this point they’re going to see if something is worth saving. They’re taking it one day at a time. Andy says the good news is, she’ll always have the tattoo. خداحافظ, Shalom. (That’s goodbye in Persian.)

They talk moms. Reza says Mike’s mom is more thug than all the rest put together. Andy ask if Mike relies on her too much, and he says he doesn’t have to. Reza adds that she’s omnipresent in his life. Andy asks why there’s an obsession with Mike’s dool and where it goes. Mike corrects that to where they think it goes, and says it started in Mexico, and never stopped. We flash back to MJ catching a glimpse of “Russel the love muscle.” Mike thinks it’s funny, and Reza says it’s like that one shady relative you have who’s always up to no good.

Andy reads a raise your hand viewer question, and tells them raise their hands if they think Mike is as much of a man whore as ever, but only Reza thinks so. Next, Andy asks who thinks he’s slept with Jessica in the past year. That would be everyone. Mike says it’s complicated. It’s sad, and he felt it ended prematurely because of how he treated her, but now he’s the better version of Mike. Andy asks if he’s seen the email Jessica sent to his mom, but he says no, and has never brought it up. MJ wonders why. He says his mom stepped in when Jessica lost hers. They had a connection outside of him, and it was between them. He doesn’t feel it’s his business. Reza thinks Jessica feels that if it’s not cool with his mom, it’s not cool with Mike. Mike says been divorced for about a year, and they’ve both dated. The whole thing broke his heart, and he cries when he watches the show. Andy asks what’s the number one thing he learned. Mike says a lot, but the main thing is you have to be open and honest in a relationship, and be present and real.

Adam joins the group – his first reunion. He and Reza just celebrated a year of marriage, and Andy asks what Adam thinks of the new Reza. He says he has more closet space since Reza lost weight. Andy asks who he’s closest to out of the friends, and Adam says Asa has become a close friend. She’s the one person who reached out to him after Thailand. GG says Reza has changed a lot. In the beginning, he was rebellious, but he’s calmed down. Mike says his tone is different, and the way he talks about Adam. He wants to be a better person because of Adam. MJ says he fights hard daily to make himself better. A viewer asks if he’s been faithful, and Reza says 100%. He did the don’t ask don’t tell in another relationship, and it didn’t work, but there might come a time for that conversation down the road. Andy points out how upset Adam was about Reza using the divorce card; he felt disposable. Ada says it brought up Thailand for him again, and was hurtful. It’s one thing to think it, but another to say it to your partner. A viewer thinks it’s weird that Reza compares being faithful to alcoholism, using the one day at a time credo. Reza says it helps him as a person who had infidelity in his life.

They discuss what religion their child will be, and Adam says he’s converting to Judaism. Andy asks if having a baby pings Reza’s commitment issues. Reza prays they’ll be together for the long haul, since he comes from a broken home. Adam says he plans for future, but it’s always one day at a time (the phrase of the night). Mike commends it, and loves them both.

Reza says they’ve decided on surrogacy, and adoption can be an option later. They sold their house in Palm Springs, and just closed on a new one, which is a surprise to everybody. Mike says that explains why Reza has been MIA. Reza says once they move in, they can deal with baby stuff. Mike is upset that he didn’t tell them, but he wanted it to be a surprise. Reza says now Mike knows how he felt about Asa’s pregnancy. Asa mentions she didn’t even know Mike had a company until she saw him with the shoes.

Andy tells us Asa’s reluctance to share was a sore point this season, but has bubbled up in the past. He asks about MJ being offended, and MJ says she’s been open, and it hurt her feelings that Asa wasn’t. Reza says as friend he gets it, but as for being a cast member on a reality show, it’s effed up. From that aspect, it bothers him. From friend aspect, he loves Jermaine, who never has negative word to say. Asa says he has his own right not to sign a contract. She tells them that she’s been open about financial struggles, and was labeled the poor one, even though that wasn’t exactly the case. That’s why people are rooting for her success now. GG says it’s a contradiction, how she claims she doesn’t want to get involved, but wants to know everything that happens with the others. She asks why Asa is on the show. Asa says it’s says amazing platform, and GG says the rest of them are bleeding for the world to see, and Asa should tell her facts. Asa continues, saying she has political and social convictions, and wants as many people as possible to see that. Mike thinks its all surface stuff. He has issues with her; she brings only superficial things to the show. Everyone talks at once, so I can’t understand what anyone is saying. Andy tells Asa that’s what she brings to the show, but why is she on the show. Asa says wants her voice heard, just like anyone else. Mike asks why make him sound like racist, instead of using the opportunity to talk about her interracial relationship? He loves her, but doesn’t like the person she became this season. She insists she’s taken the side of other cast members who have been ganged up on, and calls Mike a follower. He says he stands on his own, and asks why she’s continuing if she doesn’t want to show her life? Andy says she’s at a crossroads. Jermaine doesn’t want to be on the show or have Soltan on it, so where does she go from here? Asa tells him that her brain is on her baby, and she doesn’t know. Andy asks if she still cares about her friends.

Asa talks about looking at old videos of their travels, and getting sad. It was a difficult season, and she thought they weren’t happy for her. She believes in the future, and believes there’s hope, but has thinking to do. MJ says every time she bared her soul to Asa, it was her way of being a sister and forming a lifelong friendship. She says it sucks. Asa remembers beautiful moments, but MJ’s back stabbing and being two-faced deteriorated the friendship. If there’s no loyalty or respect, there’s nothing to build on. Mike is sad for the group thinks it will change after today.

Andy asks where they go from here, and Reza says if he and GG can get from where they were to where they are now, anything can happen. At the end of the day, they’re family, and should cherish their relationships. Andy says maybe Shervin’s girlfriend will be at the next reunion. Reza wants Shervin’s publicist’s number, since he did so well with his monologues. Andy hopes Reza and Adam will be pregnant by then; MJ as well. He wonders if GG and Shalom will still be together, and she says she’s a serial monogamist.

Asa says that some of the relationships are frayed, but her most important relationship is at home. She feels changed, being responsible for her son, who won’t eat unless she feeds him. Andy attempts to says something about them all being good friends in Persian. Reza toasts to all of them. Asa can’t leave fast enough.

Backstage, MJ says it was the dumbest day of her life. Reza asks if she thinks she and Asa will reconcile, but that’s a no. Asa tells Mike that she really doesn’t think he’s a racist, and changing her tune, GG thanks Shalom for coming.

🚑 Married to Medicine will be returning next Sunday at 10 pm.

The Walking Dead

We see close-ups of the main characters from Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom.

At an outpost, the Saviors work at getting their weapons in shape. Mara tries to call Little Roy on the radio, but there’s no answer. She finally reaches Todd, and tells him to lock the stairwell on every floor. A group led by Aaron zooms up in the reinforced trucks, and shoots everything up.

Another group, led by Jesus, sees a moat of zombies outside another outpost. Morgan says they just need the right timing. If the Saviors fire first, the rest will be alerted. He tells Diane not to give them time to fire a gun. One of the others asks Morgan if he needs to be covered, but he says he doesn’t die. Okay…

Carol and Ezekiel recover from the grenade that was lobbed at them last week. Zombies are pouring out of the clinic, and the group shoots, stabs, and axes them. Carol asks where the guy with the grenade went. If he tells the Saviors they’re here, it’s over before it started. Ezekiel is confident that’s not going to happen, and they’ll find him. Their comrades are back to the staging area, and will release Shiva if necessary. He claims certain victory, and Carol looks impressed.

Aaron and his group continue shooting the place up. Aaron is really into it. Rick and Daryl get inside with a small group.

Morgan teases the zombie barricade. Two guards walk toward them to see what’s going on. Diane shoots them in the head with arrows.

Jesus, Tara, and some others go in with Morgan. Diane whistles, and the rest come in silently. Tom says kill the bitches is written on the wall. Wtf? They spread out. Morgan hears someone talking. He waits outside the door, telling the other guys with him to hold up.

Rick looks at the map. Daryl says upstairs. He kicks open a door.

Mara says the Alexandrians are too chicken sh*t to move in, and tells the Saviors to push them back. There’s lot of machine gunning, and Aaron says don’t let them through. He tells his group to move in.

Morgan and two other guys bust into a room, shooting the first guy they see. Several men pop out from behind him, and shoot them. I go, what?! because I wonder why Morgan wasn’t faster on the draw.

Daryl and Rick climb on top of an elevator cab and go to another floor. Rick says they’d be faster if they split up.

Tara and Jesus find a man alone in a room. He begs them not to shoot him. He starts sniffling, saying his name is Dean, and Tara points out he peed his pants. Tara wants to shoot, but Jesus tells her to wait; the man has his hands up. She says they have a job to do. They hear shooting, and Jesus tells her to check it out while he covers Dean.

Diane tells Tara to be ready. They don’t know if Morgan is alive. Dean tells Jesus that he’s just a worker, brought from the Sanctuary to cook and clean; he had to leave his wife and kids. Jesus tells Tara that they don’t want to hurt the workers. He’s not shooting someone with their hands up or letting her. She sees Maggie’s prenatal vitamins, and says they stole medical supplies from Hilltop just because they could. Dean takes this opportunity to grab Jesus’s gun from him, and get him in a hold. Dean tells them it’s hard to piss yourself on purpose. He crushes the vitamins, and says they’re ruined, like that dumb bitch Maggie. She’s just going to die anyway, like they are, but for now, he’s taking them with him for an insurance policy. Dean keeps talking, and apparently never saw The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, where Tuco says, “If you have to shoot, shoot, don’t talk.. While he’s babbling, Jesus gets his gun back, and ties him up. Tara still wants to kill him, saying it’s not about revenge, it’s about getting the job done, but he won’t let her, insisting Maggie will listen to him.

Diane asks Jesus if there’s another way out, and he says to follow him. It looks like Morgan is dead. Nope, not quite. The armor pieces he’s wearing saved him. He sits up, grabs his gun, and runs to catch up.

Gunfire is still happening outside. Mara realizes it’s not good for them, and one of the dead Saviors attacks her, biting out a piece of her throat.

Ezekiel’s group is in the woods looking for grenade guy. Carol says if he made it back, the Saviors know they’re coming. Ezekiel says they’ll be ready regardless. Carol asks him if he knows that it’s not just a few walkers. He says he does, yet still smiles. She asks why, and he says he has supreme confidence. His job is to project certainty. In other words, fake it till you make it. It’s what he’s done and does; he leads people forward in darkness. Carol says they might not make it or win, but Ezekiel has no fantasy of failure this day. They move forward as they move the very world forward.

Daryl sneaks around with his crossbow. I wonder how hard It must be to be sneaky with a crossbow. Props to him. He looks into a room, and sees the remains of food and handcuffs attached to a pipe. He slides back out. Rick goes down another way, and looks in a bedroom that’s empty. Suddenly a dude comes out of nowhere, and punches him out. Rick tries shooting him, but dude is too fast. Rick kicks him in the face, and he slams Rick against a wall. Rick gets him in a chokehold, and asks where they are. Dude says there are no guns. He struggles free, and Rick piggybacks him, continuing to choke him. He sees a hook on he sees a hook on the wall and impales the guy on it. Like Billy did with that guard in Midnight Express, except it’s through his eyeball.

Morgan goes through the building, shooting anything moving.

Jesus and his group circle around the back. He tells them not to shoot right away, but Diane says if they shoot first, someone dies. A Savior opens a big garage door. Jesus tells him to drop his gun and surrender. He does since there’s fifty of them to his one, but his back up comes out, and he tells them to put their guns down; they’re surrounded. Tara tells Jesus that even if Maggie listens to him, Rick will listen to her. All the Saviors lower their weapons.

Morgan keeps shooting people. I assume it’s people; we don’t actually see what he’s shooting. He looks supremely pissed. He comes out into the sunlight, and walks toward the others. In his head, he hears Rick saying, we have to come for them, before they come for us. Where there’s life, there’s possibility.  Morgan walks up to a Savior who says he knows him, and asks if he was transferred too. It’s the dude who took Morgan’s staff, and killed Benjamin. Morgan is about to shoot him, and Jesus tells him to lower the gun. Morgan says they came here to kill them; they’re supposed to. Jesus says they surrendered; it’s not what we do, and Morgan asks, what do we do? And in my head, I think, do-be-do-be-do.

Rick goes back out into another room. It’s a nursery, complete with a baby sleeping in a crib. Rick shakes his head, and I wonder if the guy he killed is her father. Rick gets all weepy like he does on occasion, and I say, there’s no time for that now, Rick. He sees himself in the mirror, and walks away.

Carol sees blood on a leaf, and they follow the trail. Is there a hairdresser in the group? Carol’s hair looks fabulous. Ezekiel says, there! and starts to run. He stops and lowers his gun. He says their friends have arrived. We see Shiva take a man down up ahead.

Aaron’s group isn’t done yet. There’s still tons of shooting going on. How many freaking people do they have? Aaron’s husband, Eric, gets shot. Aaron ducks down and runs to a car. He gets in and floors it to Eric. He asks if Eric is okay, and Eric shows him the gunshot wound. Aaron helps him out of there. Hard to tell if he’ll make it.

Ezekiel says there it is, our certain victory. He’s not glad for anyone’s death, and Carol says she knows. Knight dude, whose name I don’t remember, holds out the radio. The Saviors know they’re coming. Knight dude says the jig is up. Ezekiel says no; their journey won’t end in retreat. Knight dude says, but they know we’re coming, and Ezekiel says, indeed they do. He raises his sword and laughs. Carol smiles. Yeah, he’s cooler than cool. He’s one of my reasons for sticking with the show. Him, and Negan. And peer pressure.

Rick looks in another room. He looks at a photo, and says, dammit!  A man walks in with a gun, and tells Rick to keep his hands down, and turn around slow. The man says, hi, Rick, and Rick says, Morales. Rick says he was in Atlanta. Morales says it was a long time ago. It’s over. He called the Saviors back, and they’re coming.

We see close-ups of everyone’s faces again, like in the beginning. Everyone looks tired, but Ezekiel is still smiling. Carol is too, as much as Carol smiles.

Morales cocks his gun.

Next time, Ezekiel says their first victory will deliver the second, and the second will deliver the third. They will not lose one of their ranks. That is one optimistic guy.

🎃 No Halloween is Complete Without It…


October 22, 2017 – A Shah Reunion, a Dead Return, Random TV Thoughts & Creepy Costumes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset – Reunion Part One

As usual, the venue is gorgeous, an old Hollywood theater, and there’s an incredible spread of food. Andy asks the Shahs who would play each of them in a movie, and everyone is totally unrealistic, except for Shervin, who says Kahl Drago from Game of Thrones (Jason Momoa). He doesn’t have the body, but damn if he doesn’t look like him. Reza has lost his mustache and forty-three pounds. We see before and after pictures. Andy asks who has had work done, and MJ finds that offensive. Asa says people are open about what they want to be open about, and insists MJ’s lips are not her own. GG and Mike start arguing, and Andy moves on.

He asks how Asa is enjoying motherhood, and she says it’s magical and difficult. We don’t get any photos though, because Jermaine wants to be private about that. She’s hoping to Instagram some in the future. There haven’t been any playdates yet, but Janet Jackson and Asa’s babies are only two weeks apart, so she expects it will happen. She says her relationship being bi-racial caused extra conversation. Mike says Asa turned his inquiry about getting married into something else. MJ wonders why Asa can’t just answer questions honestly. Mike says she went on a social media rant about racism, and isn’t the righteous person she claims to be. He thinks she’s hyper-sensitive, but she says she’s just more aware. Mike didn’t mean to offend anyone, he just wanted her to share. Asa claims he has casual racism. Whatever that is.

The Shahs were the first show to travel to Israel, making Bravo history. Woohoo. Andy asks GG about Reza saying eff Iran, and why it upset her. She says her family is from there. Reza says it’s a terrorist country, and until there’s another gay Persian on the stage, no one else can contradict his opinion. Shervin make noises about the people of Iran, and Reza says he didn’t mean the kindergarteners, he meant the government, and should have said Islamic Republic. Andy talks about them causing a commotion that wasn’t aired, and we see a clip of them getting kicked out of a restaurant. Reza explains that the owner wanted more money, and when a producer said, “no problem,” he heard “no” and “problem,” and misunderstood. They talk about the city where Asa thought the Muslims and Jews were intermingling well, and Reza says it was more like a Muslim ghetto. Mike says they seemed aggressive to the people there, getting in their faces with cameras. Asa thinks they had a certain vibe that they were giving off.

They talk about the Western Wall. Mike says the feeling was remarkable. Reza says he literally felt something embrace him, and felt an energy from the Wall. GG starts to say something, and Mike says to be careful, since he stuck up for her. She felt the Wall was a barrier, and talks about someone saying “jihad” to her. Mike says there are idiots everywhere, but he knew what she meant and had her back.

Next up is MJ. Vida and Tommy join the group. Andy wonders what MJ was smoking to live in her mother’s apartment complex. MJ says it’s the winter of her father’s life, and she wanted to be close by. She tells us he’s doing much better, but she’d expected to be on a totally different life plan. We flash back to MJ and Tommy arguing about having kids. MJ says she was in a panic at the time, but when she saw the show, she knew how much Tommy loved and supported her. Tommy says it was a tough year for her, and he didn’t want to throw his reluctance to have kids at her too, but now the time is right. Vida again says she’s not ready to be a grandmother. She says the parents have to be ready for responsibility. MJ is annoyed that her mother is still discouraging her, and Reza suggests she’s projecting. Andy asks if Vida was ready when she had MJ, and after a pause, Vida says she didn’t plan it. Reza says she should end with icing on it, like saying she was happy once she had MJ. She does say she’s started to like Tommy, and everyone’s mouths drop open. GG says hell has officially frozen over. Vida says she’ll marry Tommy if MJ doesn’t, and I wonder what on earth happened. Andy asks when the wedding is, and Tommy says whenever MJ is ready. Andy offers to officiate.

He asks who has changed the most for the better, and Vida thinks it’s Mike; he’s more mature and relaxed. He asks what about the worst, and she calls Asa ungrateful. She owes everything she has to the show, but doesn’t even watch it. If she doesn’t like an opinion, she gets negative, because she’s only interested in promoting herself. How did Vida become so insightful? Is MJ slipping Vida weed edibles or something?

Destiney was on People’s Couch! Omg, I hadn’t realized that. I loved that show, and now that they mention it, I wonder why I didn’t recognize her or even her voice. We see a clip. A viewer says there’s undeniable sexual tension between Mike and Destiney. Really? I don’t think so. Destiney says they’re both hot-headed individuals, and it wouldn’t be healthy for anyone. She talks about what she wants in a man, and someone suggests Shervin, but she says there are no penises on that stage for her.

Nice segue to Shervin and Annalise’s relationship. Shervin tells them it’s an open relationship, which is news to everyone, but he says she didn’t want it shared. Andy asks if anyone believes it, and they all say no. Destiney says she was Shervin’s number one fan, until she hit a nerve asking him about cheating, and he came at her. We flash back, and Andy calls it a half-assed confession. Shervin gets Annalise on FaceTime. MJ leaves the stage. Andy asks Annalise if they have an open relationship. She tells him that she thinks it’s foolish to expect monogamy when she’s on the other side of the world. She’s not dating anyone else, but could if she wanted to. Annalise says you can’t cheat on someone if it’s not exclusive. We say g’day, and she’s gone. MJ thinks it was rehearsed. I think it’s one-sided openness, and she’s letting him cheat on her.

Andy tells us another bone of contention was MJ using the word bastard, but MJ insists there was no venom behind it. Asa says she expected more from Reza, but he says he can’t control what someone else says or how they feel. We flash back to Asa telling MJ it’s an ugly word, and MJ saying she was referring to herself. Reza deflects, saying Asa has claimed she’d had no hormonal treatments, then revealed she had frozen embryos. She’d confided in him about it previously, and he says he never told anyone, so he was shocked. Asa gets it, but says he’s smart, and she can’t believe he was thrown off by what she said. Reza says she answered so casually about the embryos, he was floored. He wondered what else was going to come out. He tells her that’s why they’re where they are in their relationship.

Andy asks why it wasn’t shared earlier. Reza says Asa asked him not to say anything, but he wished she and MJ would have had an honest conversation. Asa says their relationship wasn’t like that, but MJ says at the time, they had exchanges on a regular basis. Andy asks if Asa can’t see how it would raise questions. He asks if she went through IVF, and she says not with her son, but for the embryos, like an insurance policy. She felt hurt, because she had discussed it with Reza before. Andy asks if Asa understands how she put Reza in an awkward position. He asks if the group believes her, but only Mike does. The camera goes to Reza…

To be continued.

Next time, Mike and Jessica are discussed, Shalom joins the group, Reza’s faithfulness is questioned, and more Asa and MJ angst.

The Walking Dead – Episode 100

I hate when they start off all weird. We see a shot of flowers, a cane, Rick, and an alarm clock. Rick is standing over a grave.

Everyone is getting ready for battle. Rick gives a mini-speech, telling them Jesus said his world would get bigger, and it did. They found each other. The world is theirs, and they’ve come together, for it it’s theirs by right. At the Sanctuary, Dwight gets a note via arrowgram that says, tomorrow. Rick says anyone with common ground, it’s theirs too, but those who want it to be theirs alone, they end them. They don’t celebrate it or have shame. Only one person has to die and he’ll kill them himself. Dwight sends an arrow note back to Daryl. Rick says they’ll keep making the world bigger together. Ezekiel says together bound forever. He who sheds his blood today will be his brother. Shiva growls. Maggie says they may have to live in uncertainty, but have to keep faith in each other. If they can hold onto that, the future and world are theirs.

Tara and Carol sit on a bridge, where a billion zombies are passing underneath.

Rick does what he does best, ponders.

A bearded Rick opens his eyes. He hears music.

Carl goes on a gas run. He finds a bunch of cars near a gas station that have been halfway stripped, some with rotting corpses in them. Someone says, hi, and we all crap our pants. He draws his gun. The guy says he’s been shot at and had a microwave at him, but his mom said helping a traveler is everything. He gets not trusting people. Carl looks around as the man talks. He says he understands Carl doesn’t know him, but he hasn’t eaten in a few days and Carl might not even be real. He reveals himself. Carl draws his gun, but the guy raises his hands, and says, it’s cool. Someone else starts shooting at him, and the guy jets. Rick appears, telling Carl that they were supposed to meet at the intersection. Carl isn’t happy with Rick shooting at a defenseless person, and Rick says he just shot over his head; he wanted him to be gone. Carl says he’s not a spy, not one of them. Rick hopes he makes it. Carl says there isn’t going to be enough. Rick asks enough what, and Carl says, hope. Carl walks off, and Rick gazes at a slow-moving zombie.

A Savior in a lookout tower is shot, and falls to the ground, where a zombie is overjoyed that a picnic lunch just dropped from heaven. Daryl scratches a lookout off of his list, and picks off another guy. He makes strike marks on his gun, along with updating the list. Morgan impales one of the lookouts, which surprises me. Father Gabriel tells Rick that everyone is ready; is he? Rick says one person brought it to this. Gabriel says it always starts with one person, adding this did, meaning their group at Alexandria. Rick says it’s not about him.

Rick says goodbye to Judith, who is in college now. Not really; she’s a toddler. He kisses Michonne, and hugs Carl. He says this is the end, and drives away in a caravan of cars and trucks, shielded with corrugated iron panels. Carl tells Michonne he knows she wanted to go; he did too. She says it hurts, but they have to defend this place.

A guy teases a zombie chained to a tree. Rick knocks him out, and he goes through the guy’s stuff. Dude says Rick’s boy is gonna die. Rick lets the zombie go, and I say, ah-ha! in a Nelson voice.

Everyone gathers in a big field like it’s a soccer match. They all chit chat. Shiva gets off her tour bus a school bus. Maggie says she needs to be there for the first part. Rick is concerned about her pregnancy, but she says she can wage war through the second trimester. She has one more fight, and she’s gonna be there. Ezekiel says Hilltop lost their doctor, but there’s one at The Kingdom. He says they can join him, but Jesus says they’ll get theirs back. Ezekiel says on this day, they reshape the world for the children to come. Rick says Hilltop is lucky to have Maggie, and she says he made her someone worth following. He tells her next time, he’ll be following her.

Daryl, Tara, Gabriel and Carol wait at the bridge. Tara counts down, but nothing happens. Here comes the zombie horde, and Tara says she was close. The group walks off, leaving a car behind that blows up.

Negan’s people come out. This is like a Sharks and Jets rumble. Regina says she wants blood, and Dwight says maybe she’ll get lucky.

Daryl and company string a wire across the road.

The guards on the roof of the Sanctuary are picked off by Rick’s people. The caravan drives in past the line of chained up zombies. I feel sorry for them. They must get really bored. Rick’s people draw their guns. They shoot in the air. This is a rumble.

Negan comes out and says, well, sh*t. Sorry, he was in a meeting. I hope they don’t kill him. He’s one of the few senses of humor this show has going for it. And Eugene.

We see Rick with teary eyes, some flowers, and older-looking Rick with a beard. Why? Why do they do this? I hate this cryptic stuff. Bearded Rick get up. Everything is cool, and he’s with Michonne in a beautiful house.

Negan isn’t exactly feeling he has a reason to shoot, He cares about his people. he doesn’t want to play whose d*ck is bigger. His is, and they know it, but if it wasn’t, he could accept it. He’s not going to let people die over it, like Rick is about to. He asks what the hell he can do for him. Rick calls out the Hilltoppers and Eugene. He says they have chance to survive. They can live if they surrender. He can’t guarantee that at any time but right now.

Morgan goes down to the road.

Negan asks, what about me? Rick says he told Negan twice. Negan tells Rick that he has no idea the sh*t that’s about to go down. Does he think he has the numbers for this fight? He doesn’t. Simon brings out Gregory, who says Hilltop stands with Negan and the Saviors. Any Hilltoppers who support Rick are no longer welcome in the colony. Negan says, and… Gregory tell them that they’re families will be thrown out and left to fend for themselves. Go home now, or there will be no home to go back to. Maggie tells Jesus to do what he needs to do, and he says all he has are a bunch of books and old lobster bib. Negan tells them to go back to separating wheat or whatever they do. Maggie says doesn’t look like anyone is going. Jesus says Hilltop stands with Maggie.

Morgan pikes a zombie. He sees a car coming.

Simon says (tee-hee) he’s invested a lot in Gregory, and he’s disappointed. He pushes Gregory down the stairs.

Cars come. Morgan waits. Sh*t blows up.

Negan says it sound like sh*t (the word of the night) is going down. Negan looks pretty pissed, and Rick asks if he’s going to make him count. Negan smiles. Rick counts down from ten, but when he gets to seven, starts to shoot

Lots of shooting back and forth. Negan and company go inside. Rick’s people shoot out the windows.

Morgan joins Carol, Tara, and Daryl. Carol says it’s starting, and the zombies arrive. Daryl waits while the others go ahead. He rides forward of the horde, and shoots, creating an explosion.

Rick and company shoot up everything. Daryl continues to blow stuff up. The zombie horde keeps walking. A stray zombie wanders by when Daryl sets off one of his explosions. Cool. A truck drives into the Sanctuary gate and explodes. Negan limps out. Rick is relentless with his machine gun. Gabriel says they have to leave now. Rick messes around with a Polaroid camera. I don’t know if now is the time to take candid snaps.

An entrance for the zombie horde has been opened up by the truck. Gabriel is about to leave in one of the cars, and sees Gregory. Leave him, you idiot. He doesn’t listen to me, and dashes over to Gregory. They’re being shot at, but Gabriel tells him to wait for their moment. Gregory doesn’t wait. He runs to Gabriel’s car, and drives off, because he’s a selfish a-hole.

Carl goes back to the gas station. He leaves cans of food with a note that says, sorry. The new guy watches.

Rick’s group regroups. Ezekiel smiles.

Daryl tells Rick they can wait until tomorrow. Rick says they can’t. Gabriel stopped to get him when Negan almost killed him. It isn’t about him.

Morgan asks if one of the Hilltoppers can hit the guard with an arrow. She says she wouldn’t bet on it, but I would, because she does. They open a gate. Is this the back way? Someone lobs a grenade at them, and there’s a lot of smoke.

Tons of zombies are walking into the Sanctuary. Gabriel jets through them, and goes inside a trailer. Negan says he hopes Gabriel has his sh*ttin’ pants on, because he’s about to sh*t his pants. Negan laughs. Gabriel gulps. Tons of zombies scratch and scrabble at the trailer. We see a crane shot of all the zombies descending on the Sanctuary.

Judith runs to bearded Rick, babbling about an owl. Michonne tells him the festival is being taken very seriously. Judith wants to see the owl, and they go outside. It’s all beautiful and green.

Teary-eyed Rick talks to his people. He says mercy prevails over his land. He doesn’t want to wait for it anymore. They don’t either. They don’t have to start tomorrow. Right now, with everything they’ve borne and endured, everything they’ve risen above, if they start right now, no matter what comes next, they’ve won. They’ve already won.

😪 The episode was dedicated to John Bernecker and George Romero. John was a stuntman who worked on Walking Dead’s eighth season who died from a head injury he sustained in a fall. George, who also passed away this year, is the man who started it all with Night of the Living Dead, the first zombie allegory. My personal favorite is Dawn of the Dead, the perfect statement on consumerism. I also recommend Martin, a gem of a vampire film, but it’s hard to find. I had the pleasure of meeting George at a screening at the Waverly Theater in Greenwich Village, home of the original Rocky Horror Picture Show.

🎭 Glad to hear UnReal will be returning February 26, 2018. I’m not sure they’ll be able to top the real Bachelor in Paradise debacle that recently happened though.

💍 I’m still following the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, and taking notes. It’s been a helluva busy month, and then someone threw Halloween in there. Hey, we do a whole theme with the dogs here. All right, I do a whole theme. I’ve also been watching My Giant Life, which follows some very tall girls. Like the shows with little people, the struggle is real to live in an average height world.

🏡 Channel Zero: No End House continues to intrigue, although I’ve had to watch it On Demand due to TV scheduling conflicts. It’s very weird, and I’m not so sure I know what’s going on all the time, but it’s not as weird as last season, where I really had no idea what was going on with that monster made of teeth. This season brought us a house that the characters are exploring – it just appeared out of nowhere – where each room holds a different terror. The last couple of episodes brought them to a room that opened to a parallel town. At first, they thought they’d found a way out, but then realized they were stuck with no way out. The dead were alive again, a doppelganger insisted he was a better version of his double, and no one knew who was real. Offbeat and odd, but I like it.

For Your Halloween Viewing Pleasure…

👻 Creepy Vintage Costumes 👻

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July 31, 2017 – Finn Says Yes, Lee Has a Half-Birthday & Jax on the Farm


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Jason talks to himself in Sam’s hospital room about more tests. He’s hoping they make progress this time and he can take her home. He can’t help but think about how empty the house is without her, and what if he’s married to a memory? He tells himself that’s not going to happen.

Griff doesn’t like that Sam is in a coma, but thanks Finn for the diagnosis. He tells Finn he should take a break. Finn asks if Griff thanks Sam is going to wake up. He doesn’t know, but the longer it continues, the greater the odds of her not waking at all.

Hayden talks to Lucy on the phone. She’s visiting the new house to get a feel for it at night. After she hangs up, she says this is going to be their home. She never liked playing house as a girl, but so wants to do it now.

Jared Meets Obrecht in her car. He says he’s given it a lot of thought. Rachel/Hayden has already cost him years in prison, and as tempted as he is, he’s leaving her and his past behind for good. Obrecht anticipated his reluctance. She gives him information on Hayden’s new, wonderful life that she created while he was doing time. He decides to take a look.

Nina sees Nathan at the station. She’s there to collect her bail money. Nathan asks if she’s mad at him, and she says not mad, just disappointed. She never thought he’d give up on her. He says if he implied that, he’s sorry; he just doesn’t want her to get hurt again. She asks where she can get her paperwork for the bail money return, since Valentin is innocent. Valentin walks in, and Nina says this is the last place she thought she’d see him. He wants to know if they found the kidnapper, or is he still a person of interest?

Garvey on a gurney is wheeled into the hospital. Carly is all over him like a cheap suit, and tries to shake him down about where Sonny is.

Still cooling his heels in the cask room. He says he’s not ready, and he wants to live.

Dante asks if the Garvman knows where Sonny is, and what did he do to him? One of the doctors says they have to get him to the OR, and Dante tells them to keep him alive. Elizabeth says the only thing she can remember about the car is that it was dirty. Is it mine?  Dante sends an officer to check the car out. He thanks Elizabeth, who thanks Carly for coming along when she did. Carly tells Dante that Garvey claimed he killed Sonny, but says no way he got the drop on Sonny. She wonders how their paths could have crossed.

Jason wants to know what Griff and Finn are talking about, and Griff says he was just telling Finn to take a break. Finn explains that speculation is what they do. Hayden texts Finn, and Griff tells him to go. Jason asks why he wasn’t told about Sam maybe not waking up forever.

Obrecht tells Jared that while he was languishing in prison, Rachel/Hayden was busy reinventing herself. Her father stole billions in a Ponzi scheme, and she remained blameless. Now she’s CFO of GH. Now she and Finn, who torpedoed her career, just bought a big, beautiful house. She says Finn has no respect for convention or rules. He took the happily ever after that should have been Jared’s.

Valentin thanks Nina. Nathan tells him that he’s worse than people say he is. Valentin says it’s a witch hunt, and Spencer redacted what he’d said. They’ll call him a person of interest, rather than focusing on the real kidnapper.

Carly tells Dante what happened in the parking garage, and that when Garvo let his guard down, she jumped him. Dante says could have had a gun, but she figures he would have shown it. Well, yeah, he would have been holding it to Elizabeth’s head. An officer comes back with the information that they’re running the license plate. He hands Dante something of Spencer’s they found in the car. Dante wonders if maybe Garvey was stalking Sonny, and took Spencer for bait. Carly says what better way to set a trap than to take Sonny’s nephew hostage?

Obrecht tells Jared that’s just the overview; there’s more where that came from. Jared says that he’s cutting his losses, and suggests that she do the same. He tells her auf wiedersehen, and she says he’s a coward. No wonder Hayden left him holding the bag. She’s not walking away; not now, not ever.

Finn shows up at the new house, and Hayden is lying on the floor. He thinks something is wrong, but she’s imagining a skylight. He’s sorry he overreacted, but realized how fragile life is today. He tells her about Sam lapsing into a coma. Hayden asks if it will be okay, and he hopes so. He saw the fear in Jason’s eyes, and could relate to how he could lose everything with no warning. Hayden says their life is just beginning.

Jason asks Griff to be straight with him. Griff says he’s not speculating, or telling him something not confirmed. Jason says that Sam might look fragile, but she’s strong and a fighter, and will do anything for those she loves. He needs Griff to help and believe in her, and asks if Griff can help his wife. Griff says he’ll fight for her. They need to get her conscious, because there’s more likelihood of complications when she’s in a coma. He needs Jason to hold it together. He tells Jason to eat, rest, and hug his kids, but Jason says he’s not leaving until Sam wakes up.

Valentin says he’s going to sue for false arrest, obstruction of justice, and something else I wasn’t fast enough to type, and it flew out of my head. Nathan hopes that Spencer takes Valentin for everything he’s worth. He says it can’t be much, since Nina bailed him out. I guess he doesn’t know that Nina did it to show solidarity, and Valentin’s lawyers were in the process of wiring the money. Nina is like, oh yeah, I came to get my money back. Dante calls Nathan and says they know who abducted Spencer. Valentin says now Nathan has to admit it wasn’t him.

Carly asks Dante what if the Garvster is telling the truth? They have to find Sonny now. Dante says what about checking the GPS on his car or phone, but Carly says that Sonny made sure he was untraceable.

Sonny fingers the cross on his necklace, and starts to give his confession.

Hayden messes with design software on her laptop. She talks about what they can do with the tennis court. Finn asks what she doesn’t like about tennis courts, and she tells him that she doesn’t like what they represent. He wonders what she means, and she says when she was married, they had a house with a court. Her husband was a great player, and would invite investors over, letting them win. It reminds her of a time in her life, and the sad person she was. Finn says he hates tennis. They can turn it into natural habitat for Roxie and her friends. A giant terrarium. I like it. Hayden starts crying, and says hormones are killing her. She tells him that she was talking to Curtis, and he wanted to know if they were going to talk about marriage, or did they even want to get married?

Nina says tells Nathan that he owes Valentin an apology; he was arrested without any evidence. Valentin wants a public apology. It tarnished his character when he’s involved in both a lawsuit and a custody battle. He tells Nina that at least she knows her faith in him wasn’t misplaced. Nathan has a few details he wants to discuss with Valentin, and tells him that if he keeps trying to worm his way back into Nina’s life, he’ll regret it.

Sonny says he has many sins to confess. Pride caused him not to walk away from his old life, now he’s buried in it. He doesn’t know what’s wrong with Sam, but asks God to help her – and him. For so long, he wasn’t afraid to die, but he is now. He doesn’t want to leave his kids and Carly, and not be able to see their lives and futures.

Dante tells Carly to go home. She insists she has to get the Garvmeister to talk, but Dante says that’s his job; there’s nothing for her to do. Dante leaves, and Carly sees Jason. They hug.

Hayden tells Finn that she’s survived her past, and doesn’t want to repeat her mistakes. Marriage is the ultimate test, and she failed twice. She wants to build a life for their child, and she’ll try her best. She tells Finn that she loves him, and he kisses her. She asks if that’s a yes.

Nina orders a martini at the bar, and Obrecht says to put it on her tab. Nina says she should be buying, since she turned down Obrecht’s proposal. Obrecht tells her that you win some, you lose some. She wasted too much time with the ingrates at GH. She tells Nina that sometimes you have to do what’s best for you, even if it means that it’s not best for everyone else. Nina says to tell that to Nathan. Obrecht says he’s too nice for his own good, and Nina says thanks, and jets before she even gets her drink.

Valentin tells Nathan that Nina’s mistakes are hers to make. Nathan tells him to stay away from Nina, but Valentin says they both live in Port Charles, so that’s not practical; they’re part of the same community. He says if he’s lucky enough to get her back, he’ll spend the rest of his life making her happy.

Griff asks Elizabeth if she’s okay, and why she’s still at the hospital after taking down a thug. She says that was Carly. She asks Griff not to laugh, but it felt like a Guardian Angel was looking out for her. Griff says he’s the last person who would laugh at that.

Jason is sorry he couldn’t do more for Sonny. Carly says that he had his hands full. She knows Sonny is alive, like she knows that Sam will pull through this. Jason says that it wasn’t that long ago when he was there, hoping the same thing. He wonders how many prayers God will answer. Carly says that He answers them forever, at least she hopes so. Jason hopes so too.

Finn says he didn’t think Hayden wanted to get married. He agrees that the bar was set high for him, which is why he thought he’d never fall in love again, but that before he met her. She saved him. Hayden says he saved her, and his cure will save more people. Finn says he’s done everything for her, so yes, and not just because of the baby. They kiss some more

Nina calls to Valentin in the garage. She apologizes for Nathan. She says that since there’s no Maxie to protect, he’s overcompensating, but his intentions are good. Valentin admires anyone wanting to fight for Nina. He shares that desire, even though she’s capable of fighting for herself. She’s glad to have someone that has her back, and Valentin says she’s had his. She says he’s not indebted to her anymore, but he says always will be. She kisses him.

Sonny says the Our Father. He closes his eyes.

Griff looks at the test results. He takes Jason aside to talk. Elizabeth tells Carly that the Big Garvhuna is out of surgery, and what room he’s in. She says she should inform Dante, but that might take a while. Carly gets the message, and heads to Garvey’s room. You’d think Dante would have had someone there already.

Finn asks if Hayden wants a celebration, and suggests getting take-out from The Floating Rib. They can have their first dinner in the house. It’s fine with Hayden, as long as there are pickles. He says if he gets a call from the hospital, he’ll bring back the food first. She has to get used to being a doctor’s wife. When he’s gone, she opens her laptop. She hears the door, and thinks Finn forgot something, but it’s Jared, who must have passed Finn on his way in.

Nina and Valentin make out a little. He says that she has no idea how much he’s wanted to kiss her. He asks her to come back and be a family. She says no, and backs away. He tells her goodnight.

Jason calls the Quartermaine’s to talk to Danny, saying that mommy sleeping, but the doctors are taking care of her; she’s going to be fine. He knows, because she loves him and all of them, and blah-blah-blah dad stuff. After he hangs up, he tells himself that she’s going to be fine.

Carly goes to Garvs’s room. This should be good. He opens his eyes, and she says, good, he’s awake. She tells him that she spent time in nursing school, and knows her way around. She knows the morphine drip is a gift for those in pain. She hopes he’s not in too much pain, but that’s up to him – where’s her husband?

A light shines on Sonny. He sees someone, and says, it’s you. I’m assuming he sees Morgan, but they’ve fooled me before. Not often, but they have.

Tomorrow, Curtis tells Finn that happiness won’t protect him from a relapse, Josslyn asks where her mother is, and Hayden says she’s done with Jared, but he says no.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Shannon visits Tamra. She asks for water, probably so Tamra won’t smack her. Tamra recommends some kind of natural mood lifter. Geez, can she spare the water? There’s like a whole inch in the glass. Tamra talks about seeing Kelly walk into the restaurant, and insists she was wasted. Well, probably. She was on the boat with her friends all day.

Kelly is steaming some clothing, noting that it looks easier when they do it in the store. She tells Michael about the evening at The Not-So-Quiet Woman. We flash back to all the times that Kelly has been kicked out of various places and parties, as well as Shannon’s plate throwing skills. Michael thinks it will be difficult to get past. In her interview, Kelly says that Shannon doesn’t own up to where she’s responsible. Truth! Michael says somewhere in there is a fun-loving person, since they’ve had laughs. Kelly believes they could be friends, but for whatever reason, she thinks Tamra is interfering. Michael says they have a new puppet master. Kelly thinks that Shannon has Stockholm Syndrome with Tamra. This is like the Munchhausen of the new OC season.

Tamra tells Shannon how everybody was looking at them. Shannon says Lydia just wanted to get out of there. Can you blame her?

Lydia’s mother is having a party for grandson Stirling’s birthday. Everything is set up like it’s a movie premiere. Lydia explains how her parents are total opposites, but it works. She tells Judy she doesn’t think Vicki is going to bring Briana, but Judy doesn’t care. She says it’s five years ago. It might be, but we can still flash back to the infamous Judy-putting-her-feet-on-the-couch incident. Lydia tells her about making up with Shannon, but she thinks it’s Vicki and Kelly vs Tamra and Shannon. She doesn’t want any plate throwing at the party, and Judy thinks fairy dust might be in order. Isn’t it always?

It’s really a cool set-up, with a red carpet and everything. A magician usher does some tricks, but hears crickets from the kids. Lydia tells Kelly she’s confused about what happened at the restaurant. She says after seeing Shannon’s reaction to Kelly, she doesn’t think it will ever be fine between them. Peggy arrives, and doesn’t want to get in the middle of it. Vicki says Peggy’s ring is the size of her house, which is more than a slight exaggeration, although it is sizable. Lydia introduces their MC, Micky, who is also the usher. All the kids are brought in for the movie premiere, while the adults eat and drink. We see Judy’s collection of crowns. That she cooks in. She gives the ladies vials of fairy dust. She dusts Lydia, who isn’t thrilled when some gets on her sweater. Peggy says it’s hard to clean off, and I’m with her on that, having done crafts with kids. Glitter and Play-Doh are my enemies.

The cake is brought out. Vicki tells Peggy that she has to teach her to be tough, since some of the girls can be hard and turn on you. Peggy tells Vicki about her double-mastectomy, and how she’ll be going through reconstructive surgery. Vicki tells her to call if she needs anything like help with the kids. In her interview, she feels that health issues should be kept private after the whole Brooks thing, but she’s not requiring any documentation.

Vicki picks Kelly up. She’s getting tightened inside and out. She’s hoping it makes everything better for everybody. ♫ LA-LA-LA! ♫ In her interview, Vicki says she’s always there for her friends, but she doesn’t want to know. She says next time, they’re just going to lunch. How can I put this? They put in a laser that looks like… never mind. Kelly says she’s taking one for the team. It’s a fairly quick procedure, thank God.

Shannon is teaching Sophie to drive. Beforehand, she tells Sophie that her goal is for her daughter to be a safe driver, so don’t argue with anything. Sophie still thinks it will be easier than her father teaching her. Shannon says she’s going to be calm, and it’s going to be a nice, peaceful ride. It starts off that way, until Shannon tells Sophie that she keeps going into the crosswalks. Then tells her to slow own. Sophie says that Shannon is freaking her out. Someone blows a horn, scaring Shannon, and Sophie claims the car wasn’t even in her lane. Shannon keeps giving instructions, and tells the next car over that Sophie is a permit driver. Which Sophie really appreciates.

Tamra’s son Ryan is at her place. She has to give a speech, and isn’t looking forward to it. She got involved in a documentary called Erasing Family, and they asked her to speak at one of their events. She’s texting Simon, who she has a better relationship with now. Ryan says he was talking to Sydney and told her that she was missing everything, and should come around more. Tamra ran into her at Ryan’s house, and says it was awkward, but they hugged for the first time in years. She feels like she doesn’t even know her own daughter, and says it’s the first step to their future. She asks about Sarah, and says all the fighting doesn’t need to happen. Ryan says he knows, but can relate to Simon. We flash back to how Simon tried to get Ryan to be more responsible when he was young. Ryan says that Simon is an a-hole, but thanks him. Tamra thought he hated Simon, but Simon was hard on him because he wanted him to do well. In her interview, Tamra says Ryan gets it now. Tamra tells him not to go through what she did the last few years, and he tells her that his biggest fear is leaving because of the fighting, and not knowing who might step in. Tamra feels guilty, and says she’s here for him. He says his problems are his.

Meghan is pleased with dropping another pants size. She’s waiting for Kelly. She has a new nanny named Bridget, whom she hired without knowing her qualifications. That seems pretty odd for a new mom, but okay. She says her relationship with Kelly has drifted. In her interview, she tells us that she asked Kelly if she was seeing someone, and she didn’t like the question. In her interview, Kelly says she doesn’t have a boyfriend, and if she did, she would say so. Meghan doesn’t care, but Kelly retaliated by sending a text saying Jimmy was having an affair. Meghan says even though she knew it wasn’t true, no one should send a text like that to a woman who is seven months pregnant. So she cut Kelly out for a few months and let her back in because it’s easier not to fight with her. Kelly brings a cute outfit for Aspen, and tells Meghan about the fight with Shannon, including Kelly’s “keep eating” comment. In her interview, Meghan says the way Kelly goes after people isn’t normal, and it’s like a toddler having a tantrum. Bridget presents Meghan with the baby, who is wailing her head off.

Diko is putting wheels on Vicki’s car. She’s overwhelmed with all the cars in his garage. He says that he has ten more in another building because they didn’t fit. Vicki has a hard time with new people, and we flash back to her clashing with most of the ones who have joined the show since the beginning. She thinks there’s promise for a great friendship with Peggy though. Diko says Peggy was touched by whatever Vicki said at the birthday party. In her interview, Peggy says that she likes Vicki because she’s protective, and Peggy knows she means it when she says she’d drop everything to help. Peggy starts to talk about her mother, but chokes up, and doesn’t want to go there. She says it’s hard to look in the mirror, because she looks like her. Vicki says her mother was so young. Peggy’s father has also passed, and it came at the same time she was diagnosed. Vicki tells her about her own mother, and we flash back to when she found out her mother had died. That was one of the saddest things ever, and a truly real moment.

Tamra’s dad, Frank, comes over for the Erasing Family event. They haven’t had the best relationship – he left her mom for her best friend. Eww, that’s messy. She says she took her mom’s side in the divorce, and shunned her father, and thinks Sydney is doing the same to her. Well, karma and all that. Her brother also shows, but her mom got called into work. She’s annoyed that her mother didn’t make the effort. She wonders if it’s too painful, but says her mother never talks about anything. They head out.

Tamra schmoozes with the guests. She tells us that there are 22 million people alienated from their kids. She talks to someone about her dad having been her hero, and how she ostracized him, but he’s here tonight, and drove ten hours to get there. In her interview, she says that it hurts her feelings that her mom didn’t think it was important enough to show up. Tamra is introduced. She asks her dad, brother, and son to come up – three generations of alienated people. She says that it hurts every day, and she gets through it by helping others. She starts to cry as she speaks about silent pain. She thinks her daughter will be back one day, as well as the others. She tells them to love their children more than they hate the other parent. In her interview, she says that she hopes Ryan and Sarah think twice and work harder at making things work. Eddie tells her she did great. He says to let her daughter come back, and not force the issue. Leave it to God.

Next time, a trip to Hawaii, Lydia talks to Doug about downtime, Kelly wants her mother to do something for her soul, and Peggy tells Meghan to shut up.

🐮 On Sweet Home Oklahoma, the girls threw a 40.5 birthday party for Lee, whose birthday is in December, when it’s hard to compete with Jesus’s birthday. A 70s costume roller rink party was decided on, and Pumps wanted pictures of everyone in their costumes first, to make sure she wouldn’t be the only one in costume, like on Tubby’s birthday. Lee insisted no strippers, and Jennifer agreed the only thing they’re good for is humiliating the person being danced upon. Pumps was proud of her rented costume, not wanting anyone to see it beforehand, and then found out she had the wrong decade, thinking it was an 80s party. They grilled their Uber driver, because they enjoy interrogating millennials, and he was an incredibly good sport – and very hot. Lee skated like a pro, but I’m more like Pumps, who needed a child’s walker. Or roller, as it were. A SWAT team guy came in, and yep, he was a stripper. After Lee was subjected to a lap dance, she made Pumps go next, since it was her half birthday. Jennifer also helped Pumps look for a new house. Next time, Pumps gets her new house. I can’t say it enough how much I love this show. While I totally enjoy a good Wife fight, this reality doesn’t make you feel like you might need a shower afterward. Without being saccharine, it leaves you feeling good. These people are real friends, who are intrinsically funny, much like the ones on my dearly departed The People’s Couch. I literally lol several times per show, and it’s broken my heart a little too. There is real love between everyone, and they’re funny without being mean. We could all use a little more of that.

💪 Tonight’s best Sweet Home quote: I’m always nice, bitch. – Pumps

🐓 Starting Wednesday, August 23, at 9 pm, Bravo is bringing forth Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky. It looks like it might be amusing in a Simple Life way – i.e. Jax contending with life on the farm – but if LVP isn’t on it, I’m not sure if it’s worth the TV time.


January 26, 2017 – Franco on the Edge of Found & Something Completely Random


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly goes to Sonny’s place and sees something for Morgan in the mail pile. She tells Sonny she doesn’t know why she’s surprised, but she hasn’t had to deal with it since his main residence was at Sonny’s. Sonny shows her an entire pile of Morgan’s mail that he can’t deal with. He says he’s accepted Morgan is gone, but part of him doesn’t want to do that. He suggests they go through the mail together.

Elizabeth tells the others that they don’t have enough proof for either theory about Franco, and suggests calling the police.

Alexis stares at the two fingers of wine she just poured, and says she can do this. Whether she means drink it or not drink it, I’m not sure.

Michael gives Nell a keychain with tiny ice skates on it for when she decides to get back out there. He thanks her for the pep talk she gave Josslyn. Nell says all she did was repeat what Michael had told her, that you can keep finding people to blame or make the best of it. He hopes she can take it to heart as well, and get over her bad memories. She focuses on a picture of Carly and Sonny.

Sonny and Carly go through the mail. Carly wishes she could tell Morgan how proud she is that he kept trying. She sees some credit card bills, and Sonny says he meant to call, but kept putting it off. He wonders if he should delete Morgan’s name from his phone. Carly comes across some charges for some things like a first-class ticket to Australia and gambling websites. She says Morgan was manic, and obviously hurting and trying to fix himself. She says she knew something was wrong, and wonders why they didn’t save him.

Alexis swirls the wine around in the glass and sniffs it like she’s at a five-star restaurant.

Sam doesn’t think involving the police is a good idea, and Kiki agrees. She says they’ll just assume Franco is on the run. They all agree to share any information they find, and Kiki and Dillon wander off. Sam tells Elizabeth to keep her theories to herself. Elizabeth says she’s sure it was self-defense, but if they don’t say something, Franco’s disappearance won’t be treated like a kidnapping case. Sam begs Elizabeth to keep her mother out of it. Like Sam would do that if the shoe was on the other foot.

Dillon and Kiki decide to leave and get some lunch. Kiki drops her purse, and Franco’s note falls out. Of course she doesn’t notice.

Michael gets a call from Tracy, who wants to meet because she’s upset about a business decision he made. He tells Nell that he thinks his decision was a good one. The company they were going to invest in has a bad carbon footprint history, so he decided to drop them. GH’s way of being current.

Sonny tells Carly they didn’t know how much Morgan was hurting. She says her head understands that, but not so much her heart. She thinks they should get someone else to deal with the mail. She has to go to work, and tells Sonny that she loves him. She knows grieving apart was a mistake, and they need each other. She tells him that she trusts him more than anyone.

Lulu tells Laura and Doc about what happened with Charlotte. She says she doesn’t need Valentin to poison Charlotte against her, since she’s doing fine by herself. Doc suggests family therapy. Lulu says she knows Dante would be on board, but Doc says he wasn’t referring to her and Dante.

Dante tells Nathan to leave for his honeymoon before something else happens. Elizabeth comes into the station and tells them they have the wrong suspect. Dante is like, see what I mean? Elizabeth tells them that Franco figured out who the real killer is. She says the person is related to someone he hurt badly, and he doesn’t want to hurt them anymore. She thinks she figured it out though, and tells them that she thinks it’s Alexis.

Sam goes to visit Alexis. She tells Alexis that Elizabeth might be at the police station, and wants to know if there’s anything Alexis isn’t telling her. She asks if there’s someone else Alexis thinks might harm Franco.

Kiki and Dillon have lunch. She thanks him for distracting her from the Franco situation. He wipes something from her face (bleh) and kisses her. Carly pops up from behind the bar. She says don’t mind her, but maybe they can keep their PDA to a minimum. Kiki says Morgan was her first love and she’ll never forget him. She’s sorry she hurt him, and if Carly needs to hurt her to feel better, she understands. Carly says she didn’t like the way Kiki handled things, but at the end, it was just bad. She asks Kiki if she knew he was gambling again, but that’s a no. Carly says it’s difficult seeing Kiki move on when she doesn’t have the option, but she knows Morgan would want her to be happy even if Carly can’t be.

Sonny takes his phone out. He’s about to delete Morgan as a contact, but can’t do it.

Nell asks Michael if it’s possible to let go of what you want in order to help someone else. Michael asks if she’ll still be his friend if he ends up unemployed and moving back in with his parents. She points out that he lives with his grandmother already. We both say, ouch! Carly comes in and tells Nell she needs her for something.

Elizabeth tells Nathan and Dante that she knows it sounds crazy. Nathan asks what motive Alexis would have. Elizabeth says she doesn’t think Tom was rehabilitated in prison. Dante asks if she thinks Tom attacked Alexis, but Elizabeth says she doesn’t think Alexis even remembers. She adds that she thinks there’s someone in Alexis’s life who would protect her at any cost.

Alexis realizes that Sam is hinting around about Julian and says he has nothing to do with it. Sam tells Alexis that Julian has always lied to her, but Alexis says she believes him about this. After everything that has happened, she can see into his soul (gag). Sam asks Alexis not to tell her she’s falling in love with him again.

Doc suggests Lulu go to therapy with Valentin if they’re going to co-parent. Lulu thinks that’s insane, but Doc tells her to look at it from Charlotte’s POV. Lulu says they’re not going to co-parent, and she wants nothing less than full custody. Doc says that’s what she wants, but what about Charlotte?

Elizabeth suggests that Julian got rid of Franco. She wonders if he had Franco killed, and Nathan says they’ll do everything that can to find him.

Alexis tells Sam that ship didn’t just sail, it was set on fire and shoved out to sea like a Viking boat. She says Julian only helped her get sober. Sam says it doesn’t look like it to her, and brings out the bottle from Diane that Alexis tried to hide.

Michael tells Carly that Morgan died because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He says Morgan had the fiercest, most protective, badass mom in the world, but she couldn’t prevent what she didn’t know about.

Sonny’s doorbell rings. It’s Nell.

Laura thinks Lulu should hear Kevin out. Lulu says her main goal is Charlotte’s happiness, but she doesn’t think it will end up being shared custody. She gets up to go, and Doc says sorry for upsetting her. She says he’s just given her a lot to think about. After she’s gone, Doc apologizes to Laura. She’s cool with it, but says she’s surprised he can be impartial about the man who shot him.

Alexis tells Sam that she stared at it, swirled it, and sniffed it, but when she was about to take a drink, she saw a picture of the girls, and knew how much she’d disappointed Sam. She says she’s going to have to talk to Molly and Kristina, and disappoint them too. She tells Sam that it’s a struggle, and according to AA, it will last for a while. Yeah, it’s called your whole life. She says she owes Jason an apology too, but Sam says not to worry about it. She tells Alexis not to answer the door, since it could be the cops, but Alexis says she’ll be a lawyer again by then.

Dillon asks if Kiki is okay and if she needs time alone. Kiki asks if he thinks that Carly meant what she said about Morgan wanting her to be happy. Dillon says he thinks in time Carly will want her to be happy too, but maybe not in her restaurant. Kiki says she wants to be happy again, and he makes her happy. She says to hell with tacky behavior, and they kiss.

Carly tells Michael that she saw Kiki kissing Dillon and she was caught off guard. She adds that life goes on, and Michael says we honor the people we lost by living. Carly says he’s wise beyond his years, and wonders how that happened. He says if Dillon makes Kiki happy, he’s happy for her. He tells Carly that ever since New Year’s, he and Nell have gotten close. Carly says she thought they were just friends, but he feels like they’re starting to build something else.

Nell tells Sonny that Carly sent her there to go through Morgan’s mail. Sonny isn’t comfortable with that, and Nell asks what she should tell Carly. Sonny says that Nell has some anger going on, and Nell acts ignorant. He says he knows something about rage, and there’s something behind her smile. He says if it’s not directed at him, who’s it aimed at?

Kiki thanks Dillon for being understanding, and he asks if she’s ready to get to work. She asks him if he still wants her to go to Crimson, and he says unpaid assistants are the best kind. He has tons of stuff to go through for the wedding issue.

Carly asks Michael if he and Nell are on the same page. She doesn’t want to discourage him, but she says Nell is involved with someone else – a married man. I love how Carly keeps going around saying this when all Nell told her was that she was unavailable.

Nell tells Sonny that Carly told her to bring the mail back to the office, and should she do that, or tell Carly that he wouldn’t give it to her? He tells her to do what Carly asked. Changing the subject, he says that he’s been so consumed with anger, it nearly destroyed him. She says she’s not angry, and he says yes, she is. She might have her reasons, but it doesn’t matter. If she keeps feeding the anger, it will consume everything else she cares about.

Alexis pours out the wine and tells herself she can do this. She can do it for the girls and herself. Dante suddenly shows up. He wants to ask her some questions about Tom.

Nathan says he’ll keep Elizabeth updated. He says Franco has a long criminal history, and wonders why she thinks he’s innocent. She says that despite his past, she has faith that Franco has changed, and she knows the truth always comes out.

Sam runs back into the bar and finds her phone. She sees the note on the floor. It says, Help! I’ve been locked in a storage container, and to call Elizabeth Webber.

Tomorrow, Amy 2.0 tells Hayden that she and Finn are considered a hot item, Elizabeth wants to work with Jason, and Dante asks Alexis where she was on December 21st.

A Random Recommendation

I was thinking that I’m going to name my next dog Joe Buck, just so I can say, “Where’s that Joe Buck?” Anyway, this got me thinking about Midnight Cowboy and the lengths I went to see it for the first time. Even though it won the Oscar for Best Picture, it was rated X, and back then they actually cared. I was 13 or 14 when it came out, and I desperately wanted to see it. I was crazy about Dustin Hoffman, having recently seen Little Big Man, and I’d spent all night reading the book one Saturday that I’d stayed overnight at my sister’s house. She’s ten years older than I am, and was already a grown-up. She would gladly have taken me, but X meant no one under 18 admitted. By today’s standards, it’s rated PG-13 and very tame. There’s very little nudity in it, although the subject matter is adult.

For those who’ve never seen it (and you’re missing out), the story’s protagonist is Joe Buck (John Voight), a clueless guy from Texas, who thinks he’s going to make millions being a hustler in New York. And his idea of a hustler is a gigolo. (Giggy!) Right off the bat (or bus, as it were), he gets taken for a ride by a woman (Sylvia Miles) who he’d expected to make money from. An interesting side note is that the director had thought they had hired a real hooker for the role, not realizing Sylvia was an actress. I’d say that means you’re doing your job. After Joe loses money to her, he loses the rest of it to Ratso Rizzo (Dustin Hoffman), a homeless man living in a condemned building whose dream it is to go Florida. Obviously, he’s a better hustler than Joe. They eventually become friends, and I don’t want to spoil the rest. The film starts about halfway through the book, so we don’t entirely know why Joe thinks the way he does, but it’s not necessary. The story is really about the human condition and how everyone has a dream. It’s also worth watching for the 60s NYC vibe. One of my RHPS cohorts from the late 70s is in a party scene. If you watch it, he’s the guy who says, “Up? Or down?” and shakes two pill bottles.

The movie was on its second time around, which is also of the bygone days. Movies stayed a lot longer in the theaters – well, for one, there were fewer films then – and they usually stopped by again within the next year, possibly as the B-picture in a double-feature. (♫ Science Fiction! Double Feature! ♫ Sorry.) That fall, my maternal grandmother had this idea to take me on a bus tour through New England, a story in itself. You go on a month week long trip with a bunch of old people singing Let Me Call You Sweetheart over and over. It was worth it though. When we got to Boston, Midnight Cowboy was playing across the street from our hotel. It was the second feature, with Women in Love, based on a book by D.H. Lawrence, being the main one. (Alan Bates and a young Oliver Reed – score!) The box office was run by teenagers who couldn’t have cared less how old I was, so after grandma went to sleep at 8 o’clock, I snuck across the street with a purse full of tissues, as both movies are tear jerkers.

So that’s my Midnight Cowboy story – no, I never got caught – and my recommendation. It’s a film well worth watching, and unless your heart is made of stone, it will stir your compassion for humanity, especially for those who have nothing but a dream.

🍷 Speaking of which (my dream job being to get paid to watch TV), whatever happened to The People’s Couch? Is it ever coming back? It’s like one of my favorite shows ever.

May 27, 2016 – Good-by to the Nurses Ball & the Couches


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Curtis reminds Nicholas that he tried to kill Hayden once before and says maybe he wants to finish the job. Hayden adds, especially since Nicholas saw her with the police commissioner.

Robin asks if there’s anything Griff can’t do and Anna says she thought he couldn’t dance. That’s right, she gave him a tango lesson. That is totally different from break dancing though.

Sam goes to look for Lucas. Jason asks Carly where Michael is, and tells her about the ELQ assets being frozen. She says he’s out of town with Sonny. Jason wants to try and fix it before it becomes a bigger problem, and asks her not to say anything to Michael. Sonny, Michael and Morgan show up at the ball.

Bobbie sees Lucas on the floor next to her hospital bed.

Lucy says they have time to kill and asks if anyone would like to do an impromptu performance. No. So she asks to play an audience participation game called has anyone seen Lucas? Amy remembers that she was supposed to tell them he was at the hospital with Bobbie.

Finn puts a syringe away. Quick change artist Griff is already back at the hospital and while he’s talking to Finn, they hear Bobbie yell for help.

Lucy wants Epiphany to do something and she says magnificence takes time and her act can’t be rushed. Lucy grabs Kiki and Dillon. Kiki says it was supposed to be later, but Lucy says an empty stage means people who contribute money aren’t being entertained.

Hayden says Jordan shut her down. Nicholas asks her to come home and he’ll give her the diamonds. Curtis tells her not to go. He says she won’t get the diamonds unless she pries them from Nicholas’s cold, dead hand. Nicholas says he’s giving her a one time offer. She says if he’s leaving now, she’s not going.

Lucy introduces Kiki and Dillon. They do Shawn Mendes’s Stitches. Not bad. It looks like they make a connection while they’re singing.

Brad wonders why Lucas didn’t text him. He thinks Lucas got cold feet, but Felix doesn’t think so.

Griff tries to get Lucas’s heart started. Bobbie says he’s diabetic and wonders if that has anything to do with it. Lucas’s phone rings. It’s Brad. Bobbie picks it up and tells him to get to the hospital, but don’t alarm anyone about Lucas. Brad tells Felix that Lucas had a hospital emergency. He says Lucas is on break and he’s going to see him. Nice lying without technically lying. Brad has had a lot of practice at that.

Lucy is wearing the most fabulous outfit ever – a white lace, backless dress with bell sleeves and mermaid hem (lots of those this year) and the earrings are wow. She’s changed about four times already.

Sonny tells Dante about Sabrrrina.

Nina tells Kiki and Dillon they make her believe she can fall in love again. Dillon wonders why everyone thinks they’re a couple. He says Morgan is a fool for letting Kiki go. They kiss. Saw that coming miles away. Morgan walks in. No surprise there either, but dude, you told her to move on.

Michael asks Morgan if everything is okay. Morgan says it’s just hard to adjust. Carly thanks Andre for everything he’s done for Morgan and Andre says Morgan is almost ready to be discharged.

Robin talks to Sonny. Jason joins them. Robin says the Nurses Ball has always been about remembrances, but also being thankful for what they have.

Lucy takes the stage and explains why the ball is named after the nurses, and talks about how they’re the backbone of everything and have to take doctors’ orders. Dante’s phone rings. It’s Lulu on stage. Milo gets a call from Epiphany on stage. The girls sing Doctor’s Orders, with Epiphany leading. Lulu does a bit of a solo dance. They do those Supremes hand moves that I love.

Nicholas photographs the diamonds and texts Hayden saying they can come to an agreement. A storm comes up outside. Thunder and lightening starts happening.

Brad gets to the hospital where Griff is working on Lucas. They use the defibrillator.

Morgan says he feels a little overwhelmed, so he’s going to take off. Sonny says he’ll take him back and Carly says she’d like to come too.

Finally, Lucas has a heartbeat. Bobbie says she has no idea what happened. All of a sudden his heart just stopped beating. Damn. Even I was nervous for a minute.

Nicholas waits for Hayden at Windemere. Curtis asks Hayden where she’s headed. She says if Nicholas hasn’t killed her by now, he’s not going to. Curtis says she hadn’t crossed the line before, but Nicholas knows she talked to Jordan. She says it worked, and Curtis says he’s tired of saving her from herself.

Sam tells Jason she doesn’t want Franco to ruin his night. He says it’s not that, it’s the lawsuit. Michael joins them and Sam excuses herself. Michael says he wants to make Jason proud with his work at ELQ. D’oh!

Carly and Sonny discuss Morgan. Sonny tells her how great she looks and Carly claims she looks younger because of the Aveeno stuff in her gift bag. Nice plug.

Lucy introduces Robin. She’s like the person who explains the Academy Award system every year during the Oscars. She talks about a new medication that can prevent HIV, but there has been a rise in infection among young, gay men of “low means,” meaning poor or homeless. She talks about Stone, who died 21 years ago. She says she expects to live to see the day we conquer HIV/AIDS and the whole thing makes me cry.

Amy wants to do a song with Felix, but Epiphany says Sabrrrina owned the song. She’s like, okay, I’ll go solo and grabs the mic from Lucy to sing. Sabrrrina comes out and sings You’re Not Alone with her. As they sing, Sabrrrina goes down to the audience and hugs her friends. Epiphany joins them on stage. Where’s Obrecht? I need some comic relief here. I also think they could fill the room better. It doesn’t look like a whole lot of people are at the ball. It’s a junior high dance level crowd.

As they sing, we see Lucas, wearing a breathing tube, surrounded by Bobbie, Griff and Brad. Brad tells him to wake up. Finn enters the room. Griff says Lucas is hanging on and it seems like there’s an injection site on his neck. He asks Finn if he injected him with anything.

Jason walks into Windemere looking for Nicholas. He wants to talk.

Lucy plugs Aveeno and thanks everyone. Felix comes out to give her roses. She says it’s a new beginning – no one saw her panties. What?! Do we still have a minute?

Carly and Sonny get romantic.

Anna tells Robin it’s the first time she actually saw her speech. Michael tells Sabrrrina she brought the house down, after which Jordan arrests her.

Finn is like, how dare you? but Griff says he had to ask. Brad brings up the unexplained deaths at GH. Bobbie wonders if there’s a connection and Griff says it’s worth investigating.

Curtis makes Hayden promise she won’t go to Windemere before talking to the police. Sam enters Windemere. She hears a crash. Nicholas lies on the rocks below the window.

Tomorrow, Tracy hears about Sabrrrina, Carly tells Sonny about the video, and Nicholas lies unconscious or dead.

General Hospital – Friday

Tracy tells Baby Edward that she didn’t miss not going to the Nurses Ball. She shows him the pictures of Edward and Lila, and I tell her not to get me crying in the first second of the show. Dillon walks in and tells her she looks happy.

Michael tells Jordan it would be a mistake to arrest Sabrrrina. Sabrrrina tells him not to fight for her; she deserves to be arrested. He says she was a victim of Carrrlos too. Jordan says sorry, she helped Carrrlos out. Michael begs Jordan to let Sabrrrina see her son first.

Anna introduces Robin to Andre. Paul pulls Anna aside. He gives her something in an envelope. The charges against her are officially dropped. Andre and Robin chat. He excuses himself to find Jordan. Anna thanks Paul, but tells him there will never be anything between them. Ava grabs Paul. Robin asks Anna if she heard right, that Anna tried to kill Carrrlos.

Carly tells Sonny about getting Ava to back off. She tells him about the subverted furniture delivery and goes on to explain about the flash drive. Except she lies like a rug, saying she tore the place apart. She did not. She found it on the first shot.

Hayden tells Curtis he was correct in telling her to stay away from Windemere. She’s going to stay at the hotel.

Sam walks into Windemere, and sees Jason by a broken window. She asks where Nicholas is, and he tells her “down there,” where Nicholas lies unconscious (or dead?) on the rocks. Jason says he doesn’t know what happened and to call 911.

Dillon tells Tracy he’s on her side and she deserves some happiness. He says he hopes she isn’t going to be disappointed when she has to give up the baby. Tracy says she has an army of lawyers and no one is taking this poor orphaned child away from her. Dillon tells her that Michael found Sabrrrina.

Curtis says as soon as he turns his back, Hayden is going to be looking for the diamonds. She swears she’s not going back tonight. Curtis says that’s not true and he’ll go with her. Hayden says he’ll ruin any chances of her striking a deal with Nicholas. He says tonight, he’s her shadow.

Jason gets into the water to get to Nicholas. Sam picks up a cuff-link among the rocks, no doubt belonging to Nicholas.

Anna tells Robin the Carrrlos story. She says all her training and principles went out the window, and she shot him, but it was a set-up. Robin asks why she didn’t say something sooner. Anna says it was her mess and she wanted to clean it up herself. Robin tells her there’s such a thing as being too independent and she’s punished herself enough. It’s time to start healing.

Carly and Sonny gloat. Carly talks about losing her iPhone, but this gets me thinking that if Ava kept it, she might be able to delete that video from the cloud.

Ava tells Paul she’s not giving in to Carly’s demands because of him. He says what good is getting Avery back if she goes to prison. He says if the video gets out, he’ll make sure her confession goes public. Apparently, Ava wasn’t smart enough to get that phone, but even so, if Paul outs her for Connie’s murder, isn’t he going to implicate himself in some way? I tell myself not to think too hard here.

Anna tells Robin that Julian got off and there’s never any punishment for him. She says one way or another, she’ll get him to trial, even if it’s for murdering Carrrlos. Robin says nothing will bring Duke back, but Anna says maybe the closure will give her peace. Robin says peace doesn’t come from revenge, but living the best life you can. I refrain from making any jokes about her living in Berkeley.

Andre asks Jordan for a minute, but she asks if it can wait. He says he wants to spend the end of the night with her and she says ditto. Jordan asks Sabrrrina about the baby. Sabrrrina says she was just hoping for one night with the baby and she was going to turn herself in.

Dillon gives Tracy a note that Sabrrrina left earlier that night. It says she’s coming back later.

Jason can’t get to Nicholas. Sam says the police are coming. Hayden and Curtis arrive and see the mess. Hayden looks out the broken window, but doesn’t see anything. Sam and Jason come back to the house. Sam explains what they found and that they think the current took Nicholas away. Sam gives Hayden the cuff-link.

Sam and Jason go to wait for the police. Hayden sniffles over the cuff-link and Curtis asks if the tears are real. She says she did love him, but she needs to look for those diamonds before the cops get there. Ha-ha!

Carly tells Sonny the Avery battle is over and she’s thrilled. She says Avery is always going to be safe and happy. In Port Charles? She’s got to be kidding.

Ava tells Paul there will be an investigation and no doubt he has more secrets that will cause a worse scandal that them in bed together. She says his best bet is to ride it out.

Tracy tells Dillon that Sabrrrina won’t be coming back tonight. She says that it’s a safe bet she’s already in custody since Jordan attended the Nurses Ball.

Jordan says Sabrrrina is a flight risk and she can’t allow it. Michael says he’ll take full responsibility, but Jordan doesn’t want to take the chance. Michael says he knows Jordan was away from TJ for a long time, and he plays the mom card.

Robin says it would have been easy for her to lose hope when she was being held captive, but because of Anna, she didn’t. She tells Anna she’ll get past the anger, hurt and need to be vengeful. She needs to say good-by to all of that and to Duke. Anna tells Robin about the vision she had when she was stuck in the meat locker. She says he vanished before she could say good-by, and Robin says that’s probably because she wasn’t ready to.

Robin leaves, and tango music begins. Duke asks for the pleasure of this dance, but Anna says she has to say good-by. He says he’s glad to hear that and he loves her. He asks for one last dance and she says she’d love to.

Ava says she’ll take Paul down with her. He says he has an impeccable record of beating the odds. He tells her that he has the leverage he needs to keep her in line. He says if she lets the video go public, she’ll wish she had stayed dead.

Sam wonders if the police will think Jason had something to do with it, especially since they had that fistfight not that long ago. He wants to call Diane, but Sam says if he does that right now, he’ll look guilty. Can’t please her. Hayden walks in and Sam stupidly asks her if she and Nicholas had a fight. Hayden tells her not to be ridiculous and accuses Jason of pushing Nicholas out the window.

Sabrrrina and Michael arrive at the Quartermaines. Tracy tells her not to touch the baby.

Jordan tells Andre she’s officially done with work. Not quite. Her phone rings. It’s Curtis. She answers and says she’s on her way.

Anna starts to say what she wishes, but Duke stops her and says to save her wishes for someone else. He tells her to move on with her new life and bids her good-by. She tangos away from him and he’s gone. Anna stands alone on an empty stage. Robin asks if she’s ready to go and she says yes. Nice scene.

Paul texts Ava. She better hang on to that text, since it’s basically blackmail.

Carly tells Sonny she’s going to take a bath and will meet him in bed. The doorbell rings. It’s Ava. she says she’s there for Avery.

On Monday. Sonny tells Ava to get out, Hayden tells the police that Nicholas was pushed, and Tracy tells Sabrrrina that she’s the baby’s legal guardian.

The People’s Couch Quotes of the Week

I feel vindicated, since the Couches had the same reaction I did about the Whitney/Kathryn thing on Southern Charm. It’s obvious by the look on Whitney’s face alone that Craig hit a nerve and hit on the truth.

This is better than a Real Housewives reunion. Scott, referring to the argument between Craig and Whitney on Southern Charm.

God help her if she ever goes to your house. Brandy to Julie, referring to Patricia’s reaction to Whitney’s loft on Southern Charm.

You know she slept with that guy on The Bachelor. She didn’t get to the final holding his hand. Teddi, referring to The Bachelorette.

There’s always somebody who looks like Weird Al Yankovic. Blake, referring to the singing competition, Eurovision.

Everything he sees is the worst thing he’s ever seen. Emerson, referring to Gordon Ramsey on Motel Hell. Truth!

This was the season finale <sob!>. Hope they keep the same Couches next time around.