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July 15, 2019 – Maxie Makes a Mistake, the Queen Takes On the Med, the OC Returns, Prime Quote & Versailles


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the hospital, Finn checks his phone, but nothing from Anna. He runs into Alexis, who’s coming out of an AA meeting. He asks, how was it? and she says, needed. He says he’s looking to get in one, and she asks if he’s troubled. He says it’s more unsettled, and she asks if it has anything to do with Hayden. Does he want to talk? He doesn’t think she has the time, but she says for him, she does.

Ava sits at Charlie’s bar, and Julian says he’s proud of her. She’s doing the Crimson interview and cover as a survivor; not helpless. She tells him, don’t go overboard. Some days it’s too much effort to get out of bed. He says, regardless, she’s still doing it. Her phone rings. It’s Sibley, and Ava says she was hoping it was her.

Laura steps away from her table at the MetroCourt to take a call. Walking out of the elevator, Dev sees, and knocks her bag off the table. When he bends to pick it up, Jason grabs it first. Carly approaches, and asks how Jason and Dev are getting along.

Sonny asks if Lulu has heard from Dante. She says, no, and it’s getting to the point where his absence is more than she can take. Sonny is sorry, and asks if there’s anything he can do to help. She says he found Dante, and brought him home once before. She needs him to do it again. He asks, did something happen? and she says, Rocco’s little league game happened. Charlotte’s Dance recital happened. Olivia lost a family member in Oscar, and Sonny is on the verge of being a father. Dante is missing all of it. Their lives are going on, and Dante’s not there. She doesn’t feel like herself without him. She has no steady ground or stability; nothing. It’s wrong, and it’s time to make it right.

Maxie says she’s not accepting this. Peter tells her, wait, and follows as she barges into the WSB office.. She looks into the room, says, Dante, no! and Peter is shot. She rushes to him, and tells him, stay with her. She asks if he’s in pain, and he says, it’s not best feeling. Guards run in, and a medic runs to Peter. A woman comes out of the office, and says, everything is okay. The patient is secure. Maxie asks, what the hell happened? and the woman tells her, remain calm, and let them handle it. The medic says the bullet went clear through and didn’t hit any organs, but Peter needs to be transferred to a medical facility. Maxie says, no. He’s going to General Hospital in Port Charles, where the people she trusts can take care of him.

Carly tells Jason that Dev needs a summer job, so she’s setting him up at the MetroCourt. She tells Dev to see a guy in the kitchen. When Dev leaves, Jason asks what she thinks of him. She asks what he thinks, but he says, her first.

Hayden sits with Laura. Laura says she understands Hayden had a trip to the PCPD. Hayden says, it was a big misunderstanding, and it’s over now. Laura’s phone dings, and she says, it’s Spencer. Hayden says she wanted to talk to Laura about him, and asks how he’s doing. Laura says, well, and shows her a selfie he took at the Tivoli Gardens. He’s in boarding school in the French Alps, and they go to Paris often. Hayden says, he looks so much older, like a little man. Laura laughs, and says, he sounds older too. It’s hard to believe the precocious grade schooler… He’s still precocious, but he looks more and more like Nikolas every day.

Finn tells Alexis that he and Hayden almost had something. They were so close to making it work, then she was gone. You think you’re going to make it, then realize you’ll never see them again. Alexis says, life happens. Finn says, when she came back, he was forced to come face to face with his epic failure. Alexis says that happens when she runs into Ned… and Sonny, and Ric, and Julian. He asks if she want to talk, but she thinks he needs to talk about Hayden. He says he’s good at near death stuff – Hayden saved his life and he wouldn’t be there if it hadn’t been for her – but it was the day to day stuff. Neither of them trusts others easily, and the impulse is to protect themselves. Hayden said she moved on, and he so did he, but he moved on with someone who disappeared.

Ava tells Sibley that she has a personal item from Kiki. They’re all set. Kristina comes in, and hears the end of the conversation. When she’s done, Ava notices Kristina, and asks if she wanted to be conferenced in. Kristina says she didn’t mean to eavesdrop, and Ava says, yes, she did. Kristina says she heard the name Sibley. As in Sibley Gamble? She’s the most famous psychic ever. Julian asks if she said psychic. Kristina says she even solved a murder upstate. Ava tells Julian that plenty of people believe. She’s getting more in tune with her spiritual side. Kristina says she had a roommate like that, and Julian asks if he’s mentioned how glad he is to have her back. Maybe she should do something. Kristina says roger that, and leaves. Julian says he didn’t think in a million years this is something Ava would be interested in. She says it’s not like the material plane has been good to her. She’s investigating her spiritual side. Julian asks if it’s one spirit in particular – Kiki.

Carly tells Jason that Dev saved Sonny’s life, and Jason says, Sonny likes to pay his debts. She says Jason is the same way, so he gets it. Jason says, to a point. Carly says he’s a little too cocky and charming, but a good distraction for Josslyn. Sonny wants to mentor him, and it’s important. It’s the most involved she’s seen him in a long time. She wants to help, and thinks he should too. Dev put his life on the line for Sonny.

Laura tells Hayden about Spencer’s skiing accident, and says she had to relocate to France for a while. Hayden says, there are worse places. Laura says Spencer is fine now, and has had made strides forward emotionally and academically too. He’s really growing up. The only cloud still over his head is Valentin. Hayden says, because Valentin wound up with Spencer’s fortune? Laura says Valentin stole the home Spencer grew up in with his father, and he’ll never get over it.

Lulu tells Sonny, when Dante was gone first the time, it was torture. Nights were the worst of all. All she did was worry if he’d come home, and would she ever see him again? When he walked in, she had relief like she’d never experienced, which is saying something from the wife of a cop. Sonny says, but he didn’t come back all the way. Lulu says it wasn’t the physical scars, but the emotional toll. Part of it was being away from his family; missing his wife and children. Sonny says, she told him that Dante had scars. Lulu assumes Dante told him in Turkey, but Sonny says, not like he told her. She says, Dante’s back was like a web of ridges. She can only imagine it’s from being tortured. Sonny knew he was haunted, but he didn’t get specific. She says, he’s good at not sharing. He didn’t want to put it on her, but he said he saw and did unimaginable things when he was working for Raj. He told her that he was broken without her, and she’s broken. The only way she sees them as whole again is for them to be together.

Ava tells Julian, she’s not doing this. He says she’s paying a psychic, and she says, so what? It doesn’t have any effect on his life. He says he’s worried about the effect on hers. She says she needs this more than she’s needed anything. He says he understands, but she says he can’t possibly. His children are alive. They’re not his biggest fans, but they’re still breathing. He has a chance to make things better; she doesn’t. Her child was murdered, and at the time, believed Ava hated her. Julian says Kiki knew Ava loved her, but Ava says she doesn’t know that, and that’s why she needs to make contact. She needs to tell Kiki that she’s sorry; it was a terrible mistake, and she needs to resolve things. Julian says this woman can’t do that for her; she’s a fraud who wants money. Preying on grieving parents, and talking to their deceased kids is a good way to do it. Ava says she felt her; she felt Kiki. Her spirit was there. Ava knows it.

Alexis tells Finn to think about what he’s being presented. He says, that sounds like legal speak, and she says it is legal terminology. She tells him not to make up stories in his head about Hayden. It will drive him insane. He says he’s almost there, and she says, focus on what he’s presented. Don’t go digging into the other person’s background. If Hayden is emotionally withdrawn, it’s none of his business. And if you do it, you’ll get kicked out of therapy. He thanks her for talking. She thinks they both need to go to a lot of meetings.

Ava tells Julian, it was incredible. The lights went off and on. There was a chill in the room, and Kiki was there. He asks where Ava was, and she says, the stateroom on The Haunted Star. Julian says, where they found Kiki? Why did she do that? She says she’d endure anything for one more moment with Kiki. Kristina asks if she talked to Kiki, and Ava says she tried, but Kiki left. Sibley said Kiki didn’t want to linger. Julian says, convenient. Ava asks if it would be so hard to support her, but Julian says she’s being played. Kristina tells him, from what she’s heard, Sibley is the real deal. Julian says, she’s perfected her scam. Ava asks if she’s a fool now, and he says she’s a grieving mother. What Kim is going through is the same. Grief makes people do desperate things. Ava feels for Kim. Oscar was too young to be taken, but at least she got to say goodbye knows her child knew she loved him. She doesn’t have that. Julian says she wants Kiki to be at peace, and the only way is if she finds it in herself.

The hospital floor is deserted, when Peter is wheeled in on a gurney. Maxie wonders why no one was there to meet them. Peter insists it’s okay, but she says, no, it’s not. He says, there’s no damage; he’s fine. She doesn’t know how this happened. A doctor comes out, and says they have a room waiting. From the sound of things, he doesn’t think Peter will need surgery. Peter is wheeled in, and Maxie stands there, looking at his blood on her hands, no doubt remembering Nathan. Finn walks by, and asks what happened to Peter?

Jason tells Carly, all they know about Dev is that he was surviving on his own in Ankara. Carly says he’s resourceful, but Jason says he lacks respect for the law. Carly laughs, and he says, Dev is smart and quick, and understands the rules of the game, but not the game in Port Charles. She asks what his concern is, and Jason says, he’ll get arrested. Being undercover is a lot to ask a kid his age. He doesn’t think Dev can handle it. What’s the first thing you learn on the run? She says, don’t make waves. Jason says trouble has a way of finding Dev. Under normal circumstances, that wouldn’t be a problem, but these aren’t normal circumstances. If Dev thinks he’s as good as he is, he’s going to get caught doing something stupid. That means trouble for everybody. Carly says she has to talk to Sonny.

Julian tells Ava, don’t be mad. She says she’s just stunned. She needs this, and if he can’t get behind it, do her the courtesy of staying out of it. She starts to leave, and opens the door to find Alexis on the other side. Alexis says Jax told her about Ava’s Crimson cover, and congratulates her. Ava says she’d be lying if she didn’t say she was apprehensive. Alexis says, interviews are tricky, and Ava hopes her story is told with care. Alexis wishes her good luck, and Ava leaves.

Alexis comes up behind Kristina, and hugs her. Kristina asks what that was for, and Alexis says she felt like loving her daughter. Kristina says, thanks, but she has to get back to work. Julian asks if she wants coffee. She does, and he says he couldn’t help notice that she made a beeline to Kristina. She asks if she’s not allowed to hug her daughter while she’s working, and Julian tells her that he was just saying he knows how her mind works. Although it annoys the crap out of him. She feels the same abut him, and says she didn’t realize they were on speaking terms. He says he was hard on her about some things, and she says she was a tad judgmental, but what he did was not okay. They have to be on their best behavior. She says, truce? and they shake hands. He says when he sees how much grief Ava is in, it shows him how lucky they are. She says she’s grateful every day that she can see and hug her daughters. He says he feels the same way. What Ava is going through is tough, but he can’t do anything for her, or Kim. Alexis says at the reading of Oscar’s will, the pain that radiated off of Kim and Drew was a parent’s worst nightmare. Julian says, Kim is speaking to someone, which is a good thing. Alexis asks, what about Ava? and he says she’s talking, just not to the person he wants her to. She’s headed for serious trouble.

Laura asks Hayden what her plans are. Hayden says she’s staying in Port Charles. She’s working for Jax. She’s the CFO of his branch of Aurora. It was generous of him to give her the opportunity. Laura says since she was busted twice for embezzling, yeah.

Dev tells Jason that he can explain. Jason misunderstood. The purse was on the floor. Jason says he saw the whole thing. The purse was on the table, unattended, and he knocked it off. He looked around to see where the owner and waitress were. When he saw there were no eyes on him, he tried to grab the wallet. Did he miss anything? Dev doesn’t understand. If Jason saw that, why didn’t he tell Carly?

Finn says he and Maxie don’t know each other well, but Anna thinks of her as a daughter. If she needs to talk… Maxie says, it’s pretty simple. Peter was shot, and it’s her fault. He says, not unless she pulled the trigger. She says she insisted on tracking Dante, when they all told her that he was dealing with PTDS, and it wasn’t something to mess with. She wouldn’t listen. She convinced herself that she knew better. She asked her father for the ultimate favor, and got admitted, but Dante refused to see them. She ignored that, and decided to see him anyway. She barreled into the room where she wasn’t supposed to be. She never saw anyone move so fast, and Dante fired at Peter. Finn says Peter is going to be okay, and Maxie says Dante never would have shot Peter if he’d been in his right mind, but he wasn’t. Peter could have died, and Dante would be a murderer. What’s wrong with her? Why can’t she ever learn?

Maxie tells Finn that she forced her way in. Everyone told her to stay away, but she didn’t listen. He says she was probably wrong and should have listened, but her intentions were good. She broke a rule for a good cause, and shouldn’t take on more responsibility than she has to. She didn’t take away Peter’s choice. She says she was supposed go alone, and he says, Peter is a grown man. The doctor comes out, and says Finn is getting sutures to close the wound. He’ll need to take it easy for a few days, but he’ll make a full recovery. He’s asking for her. She heads to the room, and asks if Finn is coming.

Sonny tells Carly that she just missed Lulu. She wants him to find Dante. Carly says she must be going out of her mind. Sonny says he feels for her, but… She says she got Dev set up, and Sonny asks how he’s doing. She says he’s willing and charming, but she thinks he’s in way over his head. Which means, so are they. She says he knows what it’s like to be young and desperate, telling people you’re capable of what you’re not capable of. She would think, what’s one more lie? when she was at the tipping point. She would get scared, panic, and try to cover, just making things worse. He asks if she thinks that’s going to happen to Dev, and she says, doesn’t he?

Jason tells Dev that he didn’t tell because he needed time to consider. He thinks Dev saw the wallet, and went to grab it before he thought about the consequences. He says let him tell Dev about the family he landed with. The wallet belongs to the mayor of Port Charles, who happens to be one of Sonny’s close friends, and Dante’s mother-in-law. Dev doesn’t know the territory or the people. Impulse worked in his old life, but not in his new life. He has to think it through, study the room, figure out who the people are, and does he really need the money? He’s being taken care of, so the answer is no. It’s an unnecessary risk, and he can’t afford to take those anymore.

Laura apologizes to Hayden for bringing it up. She returned the money twelve hours later. Hayden says it bothers her that she did it at all. She felt pride working at GH. Laura says she’s learned you can make pretty spectacular mistakes, and still be forgiven and rebuild. Maybe not overnight, but if she wants a fresh start, she can have one. Hayden hopes she’s right. Laura says Nikolas dug a deep hole, but in his heart and core, she thinks he was a good person, and could have found his way back. Ava approaches their table, and says, if only he’d lived long enough to have that chance.

Alexis has news for Kristina. She wants Julian to hear too. Shiloh was taken into police custody, and charged with a host of things. His second in command – Kristina says, Harmonyagreed to testify against him. He’s going away for a long time. Kristina says, so it’s over, and hugs Alexis.

Maxie tells Peter that she’s so sorry. He asks, why? and she says it’s all her fault. He knew it was a bad idea, and kept trying to tell her. As usual she did what she wanted. Peter says he’s fine, and asks Finn to tell Maxie he’s fine. Finn tells him, sit back, relax, and enjoy this. He’s obviously in good hands. Finn leaves, and Maxie says she can’t apologize enough. He tells her, stop, and she says, it was a stupid idea. Peter says he was there because he wanted to be there. Being shot was no picnic, but he’s glad it was him and not her. She doesn’t know what to say, and he tells her, says she’s glad both of them are still alive. She does, and kisses him.

Sonny knows what Carly is saying; Dev leaps before he looks. He’s clearly a scammer, and conned his way into the US. He’s been in trouble with the authorities in Turkey. Sonny told him stay away from Raj’s place, but he didn’t listen. Now Sonny owes him, and wants to help, or at lest try. Carly says he’s trying because Dev reminds Sonny of himself. She kind of gets it. Dev reminds her of him too.

Jason says Sonny told him what happened, and some of what Dev has been through. It’s rough stuff, but he survived. He has a huge opportunity. Sonny is one of the best there is. He’s giving Dev an opportunity, but it’s up to Dev to take it, or throw it away. Dev says he wants it to work out, and Jason says so does he – for Dev and Sonny. Sonny is his best friend, a guy who wants to repay a debt. He wants to help, and if that means saving Dev from himself, what’s he going to do?

Laura is surprised Ava is spending any time thinking about Nikolas. Ava says she’s been thinking about him quite a bit. He made a lasting impression. Laura and Hayden start to leave, and Ava asks if Laura finds herself feeling like she can still speak to him. Laura says he’s always with her in her heart.

Lulu asks Maxie if Peter is okay. Maxie says he’s resting, and doesn’t need surgery. She has to believe he’ll be okay. Lulu is glad, but wonders, what happened? Why is Maxie looking at her like that? Maxie starts to cry, and says, Dante shot Peter.

Tomorrow, Kim tells Julian that she’s sorry, Sibley asks if Ava is ready to contact Kiki, Peter asks Finn not to tell Anna what happened, and Lulu ask Maxie what the hell was she thinking?

Below Deck Mediterranean

João says Anastasia isn’t a seven-star chef, and Anastasia leaves the table. Travis says, she’s stressed as sh*t. Aesha follows, and hugs her. Hannah thinks João is right, but doesn’t need to tell her. Anastasia comes back to the table. In his interview, João says, it’s annoying how the honest person is the bad person. The crew moves on to a club, heavy drinking commences, and everyone loosens up. Travis tells Jack that João wants to make everyone feel smaller. He’s just a mean d*ckhead. Travis and Jack get on the dance floor. Travis dances with Hannah, and tries to kiss her. She tells him to behave himself. João is a stick in the mud, and calls Aesha whorish for twerking. She tells Jack that João is judgmental. In his interview, Jack says João is being disrespectful to Aesha, and he wants to be João’s karma. It’s best not to mess with him. He tells João, stop being a d*ck, and just relax. The crew gets it together, and heads back to the boat.

In the car, Jack says João showed his true colors, and Aesha says something unintelligible. In the other car, João mumbles something about growing up. Back on the yacht, they get ready for bed. Travis and Aesha eat spaghetti in the galley, and João tells jack if he can’t get up by ten, he’s not going back to work. Everyone finally goes to sleep.

Hannah just wants nine more hours. I know the feeling. João asks Colin what the story is with last night. Colin says Aesha wasn’t charmed by him, and said he was judgmental.  João says he’s done with drinks. In João’s interview, he says he’s disappointed in himself. We flash back to Jezebub, and he says, it’s amazing how you can work on something you don’t like about yourself for a year, and all it takes is one moment to go back to square one. If he loses control on a night out, he loses control of his team.

Aesha says, it was a fine night. Travis says Jack wanted her bad. In Hannah’s interview, she says she’s not looking for a boyfriend, or anything or serious, but Travis is there, and he’s like a cute puppy to play with. João wakes up Jack at ten. In his interview, he says he wants to maintain his relationship with the crew, so he wants to be lenient. He wishes he could trust them as much as he trusts himself. He tells Colin that he’s frustrated.

It’s time for the preference sheet meeting. In her interview, Anastasia says she’s not just helping in the galley; she’s the chef now. The primary is Jackie Siegel of Queen of Versailles fame, Versailles being a 90,000 square foot mansion Jackie and her husband are building. She’s taking a trip with friends, her stepson, and his wife. For her stepson’s birthday, she’s requested blow-up dolls, and she also wants to go to the top of Eze for a picnic. Hannah explains in her interview, that Eze is beautiful, and you can see all of the Med from there. Jackie also wants a celebration of life dinner to honor her late daughter Victoria. Sandy says the family is very philanthropic. She also tells them a new crew member is coming. She tells Travis that he’s to be on deck, and only go to the galley if he’s requested. She asks if Anastasia is ready. Anastasia bites her nails.

Everything is made perfect. João apologizes to Aesha, and she thanks him. In Aesha’s interview, she says she doesn’t like judgmental people. Her mother suffered from an addiction, and she saw people judging her when they didn’t know her. She’s an amazing mother. She came out the other side, and is doing well. For now, she’ll play nice, but if he does it again, she’ll play something different.

Anastasia goes to town to do shopping. Hannah looks up Jackie, and tells Aesha she’s quite the socialite. João makes a list for Jack. He says, there’s no one way to mange everyone. He’s going to try a different approach. He gives Jack the list, and Jack says, it will take all day. Oh horrors. A full day’s work. The new stew is seen on the horizon.

June is both a deckhand and a stew. In her interview, she says she was a bartender and server, but loved to travel, so she got into yachting. She’s been working in the South of France for four months. She doesn’t think she’ll ever speak French. Captain Sandy tells her, good luck. In Hannah’s interview, she says it’s not ideal to get a new person two hours before charter. She’s hoping Aesha will step in, and show June how it’s done.

Anastasia goes to Old Town Antibes. She says the guests come from money, and they’re used to fine dining. The finest ingredients in the world are found in the south of France. Hannah shows June where everything is. In Jack’s interview, he says João gave him a list of the same things he tells Jack to do every day. Like it will make a difference. Anastasia comes back, and says she feels off, not organized. In June’s interview, she says it’s intimidating, and she wants to learn as much as she can. She’s going to be a sponge. Hannah asks if June has a boyfriend, and June says, um… Hannah says she knows that situation. June says she’s always traveling, and Hannah says, that makes it hard. Colin tells June to ask anyone but him. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. In Colin’s interview, he’s glad to have another American on board, and she’s the only person he can understand on the boat. Aesha tells June they have a cool crew.

Jackie and the rest of the guests arrive. Hannah predicts that they’re going to be a lot of work. The usual champagne and tour happens. I never mind seeing it again, even though no one hands me a glass of champagne beforehand. Anastasia asks Travis for a radio. Jackie asks if there’s an elevator (that’s a no). She says Steve is one of her favorite sons. She married into acquiring him. The boat heads out into the peaceful blue water.

Jackie goes to the bridge. She asks if she’s supposed to unpack herself (not in a rude way, just inquiring), and Captain Sandy calls Hannah. Hannah tells Jackie that one of the stews will unpack for her, and Aesha gets that job. Anastasia tells Jack that it feels weird. He tells her just do what she did the last time. Jack says the brake is stuck, and João can’t believe they’re starting like this. João says he should know to take the brake off before the anchor can drop. Anastasia is making a Mediterranean buffet for lunch, and is beyond nervous to serve the first meal. In Hannah’s interview, she’s hoping the promotion doesn’t go to Anastasia’s head. They’ll end up fighting like she has with every other chef. The jet skis go into the water, and the slide is prepared. Jackie says the calamari is fantastic. Not even finished with lunch, they ask what’s for dinner. Jack says, the new girl is a good looking bird.

When Jackie finds out they’re having lamb, she asks if they can have mint jelly with that. Hannah is sure they must have it, but Anastasia looks blank when Hannah ask her. In her interview, Anastasia says she doesn’t know how make that. She has no effing clue. I think that’s what recipes are for. June introduces herself to Anastasia. In June’s interview, she says her dad was a chef. They moved around a lot, and she was always the new girl. Captain Sandy tells Anastasia that the guests love the food. She believes they’d tell her if they didn’t. Anastasia asks Travis to help prepare dinner. In her interview, Anastasia says she just needs to figure out what the hell to do regarding the mint jelly. She’s used to figuring things out on her own, since she was an only child, and her parents worked.

João babbles at Travis. In Travis’s interview, he says he’d rather be inside than listening to João’s bullsh*t. In June’s interview, she says, Colin is the sweetest guy, genuine, and seems like a guy you could tell anything to. The crew opens the packages for two randy Russian love dolls with three horny love holes. Colin asks if they use a pump to blow them up, but João says they have to do it by mouth. I think he’s kidding until I see Aesha doing it. In Colin’s interview, he says, eight guests, two dolls. You do the math. Aesha wonders where the love holes are, and pretends to make the doll talk. After seeing the latest in Japanese robotics, these dolls are just sad. Not that they weren’t sad before, but even more now. Like a really old Macy’s parade balloon.

Travis tests the food, and pronounces it perfect. June and Aesha set the table. In Aesha’s interview, she says she’s showing June how things are done, or Hannah might come down hard on her. Jackie puts on a sash that says, Queen of Versailles, and the other guests put on crowns. I’m not sure what to make of this. Jack suggests to Travis that they double-date with Aesha and Hannah. June does the cabins. In her interview, she says each chief stew has their own way of doing things, but Hannah must be busy, since she’s not getting any instruction. Aesha asks how it’s going. In Anastasia’s interview, she says she’s more comfortable with being chef at this point, but still feels like she has to answer to Hannah. She doesn’t have the arrogance, but it’s working for them. She substitutes mint yogurt sauce for the mint jelly, and the guests are impressed. The birthday cake looks amazing. Hannah tells the crew to bring out the sex dolls and come get rid of their dignity. In her interview, Hannah says she’s never had a request for blow-up dolls. She can’t believe Jackie is presenting them to her stepson in front of his wife. Her stepmother usually gets her bottle of wine and chocolates. Happy Birthday is sung, the cake is served, and the dolls are brought out.

The guests check out the love holes. Then go to bed. Without the dolls. Jack calls for Hannah and Aesha to come to the bridge. Jack asks if Aesha would like to go on a date with him. They all laugh, and Aesha says, it’s so sweet; of course she will. She hugs Jack, and Hannah says he’d like to ask Hannah as well. Because he wants to, and also wants to apologize for being a total d*ick the other night. Hannah hugs him, and in her interview, says it’s nice and fun, and she likes it. It’s the way it should be on a boat. She doesn’t think Travis will catch feelings – a dirty word. In Aesha’s interview, she says they’re so cute and thoughtful. June shoves ice cream in her mouth. In her interview, she says no one is telling her anything. She understands they’re busy, but she’s starving.

It’s morning, and I think about how good their coffee must taste. Colin says he’s more cautious about lifting anchor. Better safe than sorry. He tells the captain, the anchor is at home. The guests come out for breakfast, and Jackie asks Anastasia for boiled quail eggs. For whatever reason, she claims she started the fanny pack trend. Surprisingly, no one smacks her. June and Aesha pack for the picnic. June asks when breaks are. Captain Sandy tells João it’s a long hike up the hill. João says, it’s challenging, but at least he can trust Colin. Jack tells Anastasia that Jackie is happy with the quail eggs. Aesha tells her they said breakfast was delicious. Aesha dries dishes, and Jack helps by putting his arms around her. June says the cabins are done. In Hannah’s interview, she’s hoping it’s new job jitters, but something is strange about June’s energy. I agree. She’s annoying me, and I don’t know why.

João tells Colin that he’ll be going on the picnic. The jet skis and tender are put in the water. Hannah tells Jackie the plan is to leave at one, but Jackie says they can go earlier. They might want to stop by the beach. In her interview, Hannah says she has to organize so many pieces to put this puzzle together, and now she’s down from an hour and a half to twenty minutes. Hannah asks Anastasia what’s the earliest she can have lunch together, and Anastasia says, 12:30? Her question mark. Hannah asks João to get ready, and calls the drivers on shore to be on stand-by. The guests get antsy. João tells Hannah that he’ll take the guests first, and Colin will come back for the food. The guests act like the crew just has to bring the car around, and knew what time they’d be leaving before two seconds ago. I’m hoping they watch this and see themselves, but, rich people. The captain tells Jack she wants all the toys in the water.

The taxi-limos are waiting on shore. Colin goes back to the boat to pick up the food. João tells the guests that they’ll meet at the top of hill, and they go off to shop or whatever. Jack wonders what he and Travis should do for their date. Colin returns to Eze with the supplies. While the guests wander around Aesha, João, and June start hauling everything up the hill.

Back at the yacht, Captain Sandy tells the remaining crew, it’s training day. It’s to show them how better to use the equipment for the guests. This is apparently code for, you can goof around on the water toys for a while. In her interview, the captain says when the crew gets a moment where they can get in the water together, she calls it training day. Everybody gets a turn. She always takes care of her crew. Captain Sandy is the kind of boss we all dream of. The crew plays on the water toys. Back in Eze, Colin is realizing it’s not an easy walk. It looks grueling actually. June says, it’s bullsh*t. We see the huge contrast between the crew on shore and at the yacht. In June’s interview, she says she takes pride in her work, and wants the picnic to be absolutely perfect for the guests. It’s what they do.

The trek up the mountain is done. Aesha asks where the cutlery is. We see it sitting in a plastic bag on a table in the galley. June says, they packed it. Colin goes back to the van, but radios that there’s nothing. Aesha says they’re stuck with no cutlery, and hungry charter guests.

Next time, João and Jack argue, Aesha cries, Anastasia says the guests are requesting weird sh*t, and June gets sick.

👓 The new season of The Real Housewives of Orange County begins Tuesday, August 6th, at 9 pm.

💸 Best Quote Today…

#PrimeDay is like when grandma says “help yourself to the candy jar!” but it has nothing but raisins and sugar-free salt water taffy.Dera Luce, Twitter

👑 Med Save the Queen…

I’ve seen this movie, and loved it. If you enjoy documentaries about rich people building big houses, but with slightly more substance, this one’s for you. It’s also a Sundance winner.


July 14, 2019 – A Step Closer To Takeoff, A Little 90 News, Tea For Three Wives & Yes It Is


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

Alicia faces the zombie barricade. She radios the kids, asking if they can hear her. Nothing. She takes out her crazy weapon, and chops through the ropes linking the zombies.

Victor shoots at the zombies, and suggests he and Charlie beat a hasty retreat. He has to check the propeller, and Charlie yells, this way! coaxing the zombies away from him. Morgan radios, saying he heard gunshots. He tells Victor that they need to stay away from the zombies with burns on them. Stay as far away as they can. He’s seen people who were exposed, and it ain’t pretty.

Alicia chops zombies down like Joan Crawford chopping rosebushes. She ignores the ones who are restrained. She pikes a few in the head for variety.

Morgan tells Victor that Alicia is looking for Max and Annie. He asks if Victor is still near the balloon. Victor says they are, and asks Morgan for something. I miss what it is, but Morgan says he’s on it. June radios Morgan, saying she’s on her way. Morgan says he doesn’t know where John is, and if she wants to help, she can do that by finishing the plane. Morgan radios Grace, and says he needs some help. Some people crashed on the other side. They’re all right, but they need her. It’s the only way they’ll finish. He tells her that he’s past the roadblock. She says if he gets any closer, he could be contaminated. He says she has what they need to fix the plane. She tells him that he needs to get back to the truck stop, unless he wants less time to finish. She tells him where he can stop to get what he needs.

Alicia continues on through the woods. She gets a little fascinated with a tied-up zombie. She feels something behind her, and turns around to find Dylan. He tells her to follow him. The forest is crowded with zombie deterrents, attached to trees.

Victor drags the propeller, as the zombies toddle after him. He tells Charlie, now, and she pulls the balloon material up to make a barrier between them and the zombies.

At a tall, wooden gate, Dylan says, olly, olly, oxen free. The gate opens, and Alicia follows Dylan in. Max holds a gun on her, and Alicia says she wants to help. Annie says she told Alicia that they didn’t want it. She never should have come there. The gate closes.

Annie asks why Alicia has that thing, meaning her weapon. Alicia says it gives her another day. They’re running out of time. They all are. They’re not safe there. Annie says they made it through the first one, but Alicia says, one day the wind will blow in a different direction, and kick up the radiation. Annie asks why Alicia can’t leave them alone. Alicia says she can’t leave knowing she didn’t do everything to keep them safe. They could die, or worse, live and kill everyone by staying there. She knows getting on a plane sounds crazy, but so is staying there. Annie says Alicia crashed a plane, and someone almost died for a person who wasn’t even there. They put a barrier up, and Alicia still won’t give up. There’s something else. What is it? Alicia says she wants to do something good to make up for what she did. Annie asks if Alicia hurt people, and Alicia says she did. She asks if Alicia killed people, and Alicia says, yes. She doesn’t want them to go through what she did. Annie says she’s not going, and neither is Alicia. She tore down the only thing protecting them. She needs to help put the barricade back up, and make sure no one followed her. If Alicia misses her flight, it’s her fault.

Gas drips from the airplane, and Luci tells Al that they must have put a hole in the tank when they moved it. Al checks out the damage, says, sh*t, and gets into the cockpit. The plane won’t start. June says they’re standing on a giant gas tank, but Al says it’s not the same. They need aviation fuel. She knows where they can get some.

Morgan checks inside a car, and finds a bag with a mask in it. He goes into a house, pokey stick at the ready. He bangs on the floor, but all is quiet. He looks through some drawers, and radios Alicia. He asks if she’s all right, and she says, yeah. She found the kids; they’re with her now. She asks about Victor and Charlie, and if they’re still in the contaminated area. Morgan says, yes, and so is he, but not for much longer. He picks up a birthday card, and looks at it. He tells Alicia, John and Dwight are out of range. Stay safe, and get the kids back to the truck stop. Alicia says she tried, and she can’t. She can’t get through to them. Morgan should be there. Morgan says they’re both exactly where they’re supposed to be. He looks at some personal mementos on the refrigerator, and finds a set of keys. Alicia says she’s starting to wonder if this is right, but Morgan says, it is. He hears a zombie being noisy outside the window. He looks at it, and the reflection of his face looks like it’s the zombie’s face. He tells Alicia that they’re getting everybody on the plane, and they’re going to do what they came there to do.

June asks if Al is sure where the helicopter landed. Al say she is. She can climb up, and see what’s left.  John’s voice crackles over the radio. June tells him that he has to get back to the truck stop. He says they’re still a ways out, but she says, the second reactor might melt down. Grace said they don’t have much time. John has a problem hearing her, and loses the signal. Dwight found tells John that he found something. John says they need to get the hell out of there. Dwight tell him to go. John has done more for him then he needed to. He he has to keep looking. He asks if John would get on the plane if he knew June was out there, and John says, of course not. John almost gives Dwight the note from Shari, but decides against it. He says, come on.

Charlie asks if Victor thinks the material is going to hold, and he says, yes. She tells him, Daniel said, every day was a chance to start over; to get it right. Victor says, he speaks the truth, but she doesn’t think the barrier is going to hold for long. They might not get a chance. Victor says they already have. He knows he’s said that should have been his plane, but the truth is, he might have been able to get back on. He hesitated. Charlie asks, why? and he says he doesn’t think he believed in it – in them. They were on the precipice of something extraordinary, and he balked, but he’s standing there now. So is she, and they did something extraordinary, and didn’t balk. They’re not starting now.

Victor gets his gun ready, but blood starts to spatter on the other side. It’s Morgan, shooting up zombies while wearing a Hazmat suit. Victor tells him that he just said they’re due for a break. Morgan asks where the propeller is, and says he’s got to get them out of there.

Annie asks why Dylan brought Alicia there. He says, she wants to help, and Annie says, she’s a mess. Dylan says, the plane can work, and she asks if he wants to get in a plane that’s already crashed. If they stay there, they stay safe. They fix the zombie blockade, and jet.

Up in a treehouse, Alicia looks through a box of photographs, and finds a notebook of a child’s drawings. There are drawings of a family, a zombie barricade, and it looks like the kids as zombies. Dylan asks what she’s doing, and she asks if he drew these. He nods, and she says, he’s scared, isn’t he? She tells him, it’s okay, but he takes the book, puts it back in the box, and moves the box out of reach. He says he drew them before; at the beginning, when everything happened. He says, they were playing. Annie saw them, and thought they were scary. She thought if they made it real, it would scare away the others, so no one would bother them. Alicia says they’re living in his nightmare, and Dylan says, everything is a nightmare now. Alicia can’t argue with that. He looks at her weapon, and she says, it wasn’t always like that. She sharpened it after she lost her mom. It saved her from the dead, but kept the living away. She thought if she scared them, they’d leave her alone, but she was the one who was scared. Annie comes in, and says the zombies followed them.

A kid reinforces the gate, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to hold.

The generator doesn’t work, and Grace bangs on it. She puts her head in her hands. Morgan radios, and says he got what he needed. She tells him the generator isn’t strong enough; she’s sorry. He asks how long before a meltdown, and she says, twelve hours; maybe a day. Morgan says they’ll finish by then. She say she can still buy them time. He asks if that’s the truth, and she says she can try. She uses a wrench to tinker with something, and tells Morgan that she’ll go to the truck stop when she’s done.

Morgan gives Grace directions to the truck stop.  He tells Victor that he’ll meet them there. He’s going to get her. Victor says he thought they just said Grave was meeting them, but Morgan says, she’s not coming back. He was at her house, and saw who she was when she had something to live for. He says he’ll meet them there, and Victor and Charlie take off.

June packs up the gas containers, and tells Al it should get them over the mountain. Al says the fact that she knew where to find it, points to them being able to do this. She radios John, but it’s dead air. June says she went over a year without seeing John, without hearing his voice. She’s not letting that happen again. She waits a moment, and says, well? Al says she asked if Al wanted to talk about what happened when she was missing. She does, but June can’t tell anyone.

She tells June that she met someone. June says, who? When? Al says while she was gone, she met someone and felt something she hasn’t felt in a long time. But Al can never see her again, never talk to her, and doesn’t know how to live with that. June says when she left John in the cabin, she thought she’d never see him again. She felt… gone. Like she wasn’t the same as when she was with him. She was a ghost. She couldn’t talk about it. Nothing anyone said would have made it better. What do you say when someone is missing a piece of themselves? The piece that makes them who they are. She told herself every day, even if never saw him again, she’d always be grateful for what they had, and who she could be. Grateful that she could still feel that way for someone after everything. That it could even exist. She chooses to believe that whoever she is, Al will see her again. Al knows June will see John again. June says, as sure as sh*t, she knows that.

The fence isn’t doing well. Alicia asks about guns, and Annie says, they’re not loaded. She insists the fence will hold. They put the zombies there, and Alicia can’t stop them by herself. Alicia begs Annie to give her the guns. Max says, she’s right. He saw her after the crash. Dylan agrees she can keep them safe. The zombies start to come through. Alicia tells Annie to work on a plan to get down, and she’ll hold them off. Zombies begin to come across on a footbridge that hangs over the water, and Alicia meets them halfway. She impales one, not even breaking her stride.

John drives until the gas tank is empty. He says they have to raise June on the radio, or they’re up the creek. Dwight points out a giant rig. They get in the cab, and John tries to hotwire it. Dwight says they can walk if they have to. He says she might have made it across the mountain; they can too. John says it doesn’t sound like they have days. He thinks he may have gotten them into trouble. When Dwight asked if he’d found anything in the car, he said no. He lied. He found this… He hands Dwight the note, and Dwight reads it. John says he’s sorry. Dwight gets out of the truck.

Grace works on the generator. Morgan arrives wearing the suit, and carrying his pokey stick. He says Grace might not know how much time she has left, but she’s not dead yet, and he’s not letting her act like she is.

Alicia whacks and stabs zombies. She radios the kids, asking how it’s going. Max says they need more time. Zombies start trickling in. Alicia gives it everything she’s got, but one gets her down, his eyeball hanging in her face. This really pisses her off, and she flips him over, stabbing the other eyeball into next week. She sees the ID from the nuclear plant around his neck, and realizes there’s blood on her and she probably got it in her mouth.

Annie shoots at a couple of zombies, who tumble down the hill, pushing them even closer. She’s not a great shot but finally gets them in the head. Alicia asks if they’re okay, and Max says, yeah. Her? She looks around, and says, this isn’t going to work. She can’t do what she said. Annie tells her to come up, but she says, no. She knows they don’t want to leave, but they’ll die if they stay. You have to know when to let go. She tells Annie, get the kids on the plane. That’s how to protect them. Annie doesn’t know what Alicia did, but thanks her for it. She tells the kids, let’s go, and they head out.

Alicia bangs on the gate, and says, come on.

Luci tells Victor and Charlie they can shower and get fresh clothes. Victor tells her, Morgan said he’d be there, and Luci is sure he will.

Sitting outside the truck, Morgan tells Grace that he didn’t have much choice. He did what he had to do. Grace says they don’t know how much radiation they’ve been exposed to. He says he tried to face things, and almost died trying. A man named Eastman helped him. Eastman taught him that all life is precious. Grace asks how he knew she wouldn’t leave, and he says he didn’t. He just took a chance. Eastman taught him something else, about redirection. He didn’t think his own life was worth saving, so he made it about someone else’s life. She asks what if she’d refused to leave? and he says he didn’t think of that. She laughs, and says they have the same problem. They think everyone else’s life is more valuable than their own. She gets in the truck.

Charlie says they have to get to work. The kids show up at the gate. Luci introduces Victor and Charlie. Dylan says, The Little Prince. That was Charlie’s book. Charlie says it was. Luci says they came back, and Annie says, Alicia was convincing. Victor says, she usually is, and asks where she is now. I think Annie says, stuck, but I’m not positive.

Alicia leads the zombies through the forest.

Dwight looks at Shari’s rings. John supposes Dwight isn’t happy with him. He’d said that the world hadn’t touched John. Dwight knows why John did it. He wanted to keep Dwight going. John says, it doesn’t have to be the end of the road. Dwight says she didn’t want him looking for her, and looks at the note again. He reads, find something to live for, and live. He says he doesn’t want to give it up, even if she’s telling him to stop, but if he does find a reason to live, he has to make it right. Maybe they’ll end up like him and June. Maybe… she’s alive. Impossible sh*t happens. John says it happened for him, and Dwight says he’s going to get John back to June.

Alicia rinses her mouth in the creek. I don’t know how smart that is. In the car with Grace, Morgan radios, and asks if she’s all right. After the longest pause ever, she says she’s okay. She picked up a pack of walkers, but thinks she lost them. He tells her that the kids made it to the truck stop. She did it. He says when he and Grace were on their way back, he kept thinking about what she said. He thinks helping people isn’t the only reason. They might be right; trying make up for the lives they took. When they stopped living on their own, they kept finding people to help, but also helped themselves find a way to start living. Alicia says they will. Morgan asks her to tell him where she is. She gets up. A few zombies have nearly caught up to her.

A siren goes off, and Morgan says, is that…? She says, yes. We see the plant, where the zombies try to get at the speakers blasting the sound.

Next time, Max Headroom is back, June tries to find John, and the plane is started.

💍 The new season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days will begin on August 4th. I can’t wait. The Family Chantel, starting July 22nd, sounds intriguing, but phony as hell. I’ve always had the nagging suspicion that, even if their story is based in truth, these people have been reading their lines. And they’re bad actors. Yet somehow they’ve charmed the fans and gotten a spin-off.

🎧 The Countess Meets DJ Shore…

It remains to be seen whether this is a match made in heaven.

💞 Another New Connection…

Bethenny finally seems to be on the right love track.

🔃 Undecided About Caring…

Although she became more interesting after the season was over.

📅 This About Says It All…

Except how it gets here so fast.

July 12, 2019 – Shiloh Replaces Willow, Bravo Save the Queen, Three Times Three Quotes & Weekend Life


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Dev and Sonny walk into Sonny’s office at Pozzulo’s. Dev tells Sonny, Bensonhurst, New York City, and Sonny tells him, just say Brooklyn. He says Dev is doing good with Corinthos and Corbin, and he wants to move on to something more important. He needs to know who Sonny’s enemies are.

Jax walks into Nina’s office while she’s getting flowers for Obrecht. When she’s finished, she says she should get some for him too; he saved her aunt. He says he and Finn were just there at the right time. Nina wonders what the deal is between him and Hayden.

Finn asks Chase if something is wrong, and he says that’s what he’s trying to figure out. He needs to ask Hayden some questions. She says, ask away. He says, in public? but she says she doesn’t mind. Finn tells her the detective is his brother. Hayden says, since when? Chase says he’ll tell her the whole story on the way to the station. She asks what it’s about, and he says the attempted murder of Obrecht. Finn says, it’s a mistake, and Hayden asks if it’s some kind of joke. Chase says, not at all, and tells Finn he has orders. Hayden says, it’s ridiculous, but goes with him. Finn follows. Laura and Lulu come out of the elevator, and Chase greets Laura saying, Madam Mayor. Hayden is surprised, and Laura tells her, lots has changed since they last saw her. Hayden says she’s getting that impression.

Going into the restaurant, Lulu asks if Laura knew Hayden was back, but she says this is the first she’s heard. Valentin approaches them, and asks to talk to Lulu about Charlotte’s schedule for the rest of the summer. He knows she’s spread thin with Dante out of town for the foreseeable future. He’s there to pick up the slack where Charlotte is concerned.

Maxie and Peter wait at the WSB. Maxie tells Peter, relax, but he says, it’s not every day he walks into the enemy’s lair. She says, they’re not the enemy anymore. He’s one of the good guys. He says, some might disagree, but she says plenty will agree when they reunite Dante with his family.

Jason tells Sam, Shiloh is on his way to GH to pick up DNA test results he’s had run on Wiley. Mac comes out, saying he has a warrant for Shiloh’s arrest, and Jason tells him that Shiloh is at GH. Mac says it makes his job easier. Sam says she’ll see him there, and he tells them he hopes they don’t think he’s deputizing them. Sam says it’s personal to her. Shiloh didn’t just hurt her, but hurt her family. Mac says, what the hell. He’s only a temp anyway.

Curtis tells Jordan that he can get used to that kind of check-up. Jordan says, only good news. He says her kidney is functioning properly, and she’s on track with the anti-rejection meds. They couldn’t ask for much more. Jordan says, the green light to go back to work, and he says she’s impossible. She’s glad her recovery is going smoothly, and she’s aware of how lucky she is, but she’s going stir crazy. Curtis says, not for much longer.

Shiloh tells Lucas that Wiley is his son, and he has the DNA test to prove it. Lucas says he can’t take Wiley away from his parents. Shiloh says he’ll be just as good a dad as Lucas and Brad ever were. Better.

In the interrogation room, Chase asks Hayden, if given the opportunity, would she push Obrecht over the side? She says, tempting, but no. Is she under arrest? He says, it’s just a friendly chat. She says they’re not friends, and she doesn’t speak to the police without her lawyer present. Finn looks through the window. Chase goes out to the squad room, and Finn asks him to go easy on Hayden. Chase says, she’s making it difficult for herself. Finn says, that’s her style. Under the cutting remarks, there’s a really good person. Chase says it sounds like Finn knows her well. Who is she?

Jax says Nina has been given the wrong impression. Nina says, on second thought, she doesn’t need to know. His personal life is just that – personal. He says she brought it up, but she says upon further consideration, they should keep their relationship professional. His private life is his, and hers is hers. Jax gets a call from Hayden, who says she needs a lawyer. Finn’s brother dragged her to the police station for the attempted murder of Obrecht. He says, Liesl? And she asks if he knows another one. After he hangs up, Nina asks what was that about her aunt? but he says he can’t say. He wouldn’t want to share personal details.

Valentin tells Lulu that he’s offering to have Charlotte stay for the summer. He thinks it would be good for her. She says she’d prefer to stick to the court ordered schedule, and he says, fine. He just thought he’d free her to work on her marriage. Laura says, Lulu has lots of help from her family – like Sonny. She wonders how Sonny would feel about Valentin interfering in his son’s affairs. Valentin says she doesn’t need thinly veiled threats. They’re on the same team, wanting the best for Charlotte. He was just trying to help.

Sonny tells Dev, Josslyn’s father isn’t dangerous, just irritating. He’s bound to run into Jax, since he’s living with Josslyn. He’s going to wonder who Dev is. Dev says there is one way to avoid that, and Sonny asks what he has in mind. Dev suggests he not go to school.

Michael visits Willow in her cell. He asks how she is, and she says, good. Better, now that he’s there. She has great news. He just missed her mother. She got a temporary release from Pentonville to give the police her statement, incriminating Shiloh. He says, so she turned? and Willow says, completely. Something shifted, and it’s like she finally saw the scope of Shiloh’s crimes. They’re arresting him now. He’ll never get his hands on Wiley.

Shiloh says Lucas did a great job, but he’ll take it from here. Unfortunately, Wiley won’t remember who Lucas is, but Shiloh will. Lucas grabs him, calling him a son of a bitch, and slams him up against the wall. Jordan and Curtis run over, and Shiloh tells Jordan to arrest Lucas. She says, no can do. She’s in no position to make an arrest. Mac joins them, and says he is. David Henry Archer, you’re under arrest.

Willow tells Michael that she was totally shocked when she saw Harmony. After all this time, Harmony was like her mom again; like she was before DOD. She said she saw Shiloh for who he is. She says Michael will never guess who her mother’s cellmate is – Nelle. She said Nelle talks about Jonah all the time. It sounds like she misses him as much as Michael does.

Shiloh asks why Mac isn’t arresting Lucas. Lucas assaulted him. Mac asks if there are witnesses. Curtis says he didn’t witness any assault. Just two guys, having it out. Mac asks if anyone saw anything different, and Jordan says, nope. Even though nobody asked him, Shiloh thinks he might name his son David Henry. Wiley is too precious a for his son. Lucas says Wiley isn’t his son, but Shiloh says when the court sees the DNA evidence, they’ll think differently. He tells Sam that she can visit, and she says if he’s in Pentonville, she just might.

Sonny says Dev is going school. End of discussion. He tells Dev that he has to have an education in order to succeed in this country. Dev is concerned that Josslyn and her friends will see how far behind he is, and he’ll draw attention to himself. Sonny says he’ll get Dev a tutor. Dev says he looked it up. He’s old enough to drop out. It’s a waste of his talent. He wants to be out learning in the real world, working for Sonny.

Chase asks if Hayden is Finn’s ex-girlfriend, and Finn says, ex fiancé. It’s complicated, and ended badly. Chase asks if he’s defending Hayden, and Finn says she made mistakes, but there’s no way she’d try to kill Obrecht. Hayden saved his life. Chase says maybe one day Finn will trust him enough to tell him the whole story. Finn sighs, and Chase says, maybe not. Jax comes in, looking for Chase. He introduces himself, and says they have a friend of his in custody – Hayden.

Laura tells Lulu not to let Valentin get to her, but Lulu admits nothing he said was untrue. Dante is gone indefinitely, and he’s not in touch. He told her not to wait. She has two kids at home, and every day she goes to work, going on fake dates for an investigative piece that makes her miss Dante. She should be respecting him, and give him the space and time he needs to heal. Laura says Lulu has been an angel. It’s natural she’d want answers. Lulu says she’s feeling resentful, when Dante is trying to get the help he needs. What about the help she needs?

A WSB agent looks at Maxie and Peter’s ID’s. He says he hopes the know how much trouble they caused their friend. He’ll have to be relocated. Maxie says it’s important they speak to their friend about his family. They have a lot to talk about. He goes back into the office, and Maxie asks Peter if he noticed the guy was armed. Doesn’t he think that’s excessive? Peter says, not necessarily. Maybe Dante is being protected.

Michael tells Willow, Nelle is broken, and can’t be repaired. Whenever she’s kind, it’s because she’s manipulating someone. No one should believe a word she says. She’s sorry to upset him, and he says the night Jonah was born, Nelle put him in Michael’s hands. She cried the right tears, but he knew deep down that she liked seeing him hurt. He wishes he could bring Jonah back, but his son is gone. He’ll be damned if he lets Shiloh take Wiley away. Willow says he won’t if he never knows the truth, but Michael says Shiloh got a call from GH that the DNA test results are in. He’s afraid it will prove he’s Wiley’s father.

Mac asks if Shiloh is coming, or does he have to cuff him? Shiloh asks what the charge is, and Mac says, extortion, false promises, and he’s a suspect in the death of Douglas Miller. (Once again, I almost type Dennis Miller.) Sam says she’ll testify that he threatened her. Lorraine will also testify against him. Shiloh looks confused for a moment, and Sam says, she stopped calling herself Harmony. Jason says he doesn’t have an alibi for the night Douglas died. Sam says, it’s over. He’s over. Shiloh says Harmony would never do that. She’s his son’s grandmother. Mac tells an officer to cuff Shiloh. He’s under arrest. He reads Shiloh his rights.

Sonny asks what Dev thinks he does, and Dev says, he’s in the coffee business. Sonny says Dev isn’t a citizen. The further away he is from customs, the better. Dev says he can make himself useful. He could be the solution to a problem Sonny never knew he had. Sonny asks if that’s what Dev had in mind. Was he looking for a safe place, or a place in Sonny’s business?

Chase says Hayden’s record is something. Fraud, fraud, blackmail, false statements, perjury, and her favorite, fraud. How could his brother have wanted to marry her? Finn said she was capable of a lot of things, but she’s not a killer. Finn has never mentioned her before. Why should he believe her? She says Finn has a habit of compartmentalizing. Chase asks her to tell him all she knows about his brother, and what he needs to know about her.

Valentin goes up to the Crimson office, and Nina asks how it went with Lulu. He says, as expected. She had no interest in him taking care of Charlotte for the summer. She says, but he did it anyway, and she admires him for it. She says something is bothering him. If it’s not Lulu, what is it? Valentin says, Jax. Her new boss is not forthcoming. He doesn’t think Jax is concerned about Crimson, but concerned with what happens between the two of them.

Dev says he was in full survival mode when Sonny met him. It’s the first time he’s thought about his future. Sonny says if he gets an education, he can be anything he wants. Dev says he wants to stand on his own; be respected, and not be afraid of anyone. Like Sonny. Sonny says if Dev wants his trust, it has to be earned. He’ll keep Dev in mind for a business opportunity, but he has to learn when to take no for an answer. Go to school. Dev says, if Sonny insists. He does, and tells Dev to think about nailing down the background. He’s sending Dev to the MetroCourt. Carly will give him a job there. Dev says, not the warehouse? Sonny says if he wants to prove himself, do it by taking direction.

Valentin tells Nina that Jax has files on him and Cassandra. He has a source who’s seen them, and is working on what’s inside and why they exist. Nina says, no offense, but considering his reputation and last name, it would be surprising if Jax didn’t have a file on him. Valentin asks, why have one on Cassandra? Nina asks what he thinks is in it, and he says he doesn’t know. That’s what his source is working on. She asks him why he doesn’t just say it. His source is Curtis.

Chase asks Hayden to tell him about the relationship his brother kept secret. They can exchange stories. Jax is brought in, and Hayden says, her white knight. Where’s his horse? Chase says security footage cleared Hayden. She says he knew she was innocent, and just wanted to pump her for information about his brother. Mac says if they’re finished with whatever that was, he’s bringing in a prisoner that might interest Chase. He leaves, and Shiloh smirks his way in.

Willow asks how Shiloh obtained DNA proof. Michael doesn’t know, but Shiloh was dropping hints at Oscar’s will reading. She says, if he can prove he’s Wiley’s father, she’s there for no reason. It’s all for nothing.

Sam tells Lucas to go home to Brad and Wiley. He says he’s not okay to drive, and she says she’ll drive. Lucas wonders how he’ll face Brad, and Sam says he doesn’t have to. It’s over. Lucas says, is it?

Laura asks what kind of help Lulu needs, and she says the kind Dante gave her. The one she knew, who would do everything he could to support his family while he was gone. That’s not the person he is right now. He hasn’t been himself since he came back from Turkey. Laura wonders if being separated makes it harder to heal. Lulu says she’s not a psychiatrist. Laura says, but they have those there. Lulu asks if the WSB doesn’t know how to handle it best. It’s not their first experience in deprogramming. Laura says their mission statement is to help all over the world, but they don’t treat their agents well. They’re not fighting for her marriage. Lulu says, so she has to.

The agent tells Maxie and Peter that their visit can’t be accommodated at this time. The patient refuses to see them. Maxie asks if he told them who they were, and that it’s on behalf of Dante’s wife, who’s worried sick. The agent says, he’s aware of that, and doesn’t care.

On the phone, Jordan suggests Robert involve the Feds in a case against Shiloh. Curtis gives her the eye, and she says, it’s just a call, not a stakeout. He tells her, he didn’t say anything. If he did, it would be that it’s the most engaged he’s seen her in moths. Finn approaches them, and says he talked to Jordan’s kidney doctor, and her kidney is the picture of health. And she shows no sign of infection. Jordan asks if she can go back to work, and he says her surgeon needs to decide, but he’ll put in a good word. He has an ulterior motive. Maybe she could make a call, and clear Hayden of Obrecht’s near-drowning.

Jax brings Hayden back to his office. He says the reason she kissed him at the reception was because she wanted Finn’s attention. She says she was happy to see him. He says, for Finn’s benefit, say something. If she doesn’t tell him they’re not together, he will.

Nina says Curtis is conveniently made head of security at Aurora just before the files are uncovered. She’s telling Drew. Valentin says, please don’t. She’ll blow Curtis’s cover. She says, Drew will be in the dark, and he asks her to give him time to find what he can. She doesn’t like keeping secrets or having them kept from her. Valentin says he’s worried they’re the crux of Jax’s plan. She says, because of Cassandra? and he says he can’t think of another reason. No one knows that they were involved in Cassandra’s near-death. She says they do, and Finn, Anna, and Obrecht. That leaves Cassandra.

Lulu asks if Sonny has a minute. He asks, what’s wrong? She says, the same thing that’s been wrong for months – Dante.

Lucas tells Sam that he remembers getting his acceptance letter to med school. This is the opposite. A paper never felt so heavy. It’s proof of Wiley’s father; proof he can be taken away from them. Sam says, it will never happen. Lucas says she doesn’t know that. Shiloh has been exposed as a criminal a hundred times over, and got away so far. Sam says the judge isn’t letting him near Wiley or taking him away.

Michael tells Willow, nothing went to waste. Her being there gave time for Sam and Jason to build a case. Shiloh is going to be convicted, and go to prison. Willow asks, for how long? Ten years? Five? Michael says he murdered her father. He’ll get life. She says what if he’s wrong? What if Shiloh beats this charge like he’s beaten everything else? What if he goes free, and takes Wiley? Michael says the test results aren’t admissible. They’ve come this far, and fought so hard; they can’t give up. He’s going to GH to see what’s going on. She thanks him for being there for her and Wiley. He says there’s no place he’d rather be.

At the station, Mac says, the evidence is quite damning. Chase says there’s no reason to keep Willow in custody now, and Mac says he’ll call Diane. Shiloh is brought in, and he says he wants a lawyer. Mac asks if he can afford one, and he says he has stock in ELQ. He can afford the best. This case isn’t going to stand. It never does.

Jax says he and Hayden have a business arrangement. They’re not together. She says she’ll tell Finn, and he suggests she do it sooner rather than later. They have a job to do. Don’t let issues with her ex get in the way.

Finn calls Anna, and leaves a message. He asks her to call when she gets the chance. It’s nothing urgent. He just wants her to know Hayden is back in town.

Nina asks Valentin why Jax would connect them to Cassandra, unless someone told him. They didn’t, Obrecht didn’t, and she can’t see Anna or Finn doing it. Valentin says, there’s only one option. Jax and Cassandra are in touch. Jax comes into the Crimson office with Hayden. He says he was helping Hayden with a legal difficulty, and wants to get on with the budget meeting. Nina says Valentin can walk Hayden out, but Jax says, she’s part of this. Starting immediately, all financial decisions go through her. Jax tells Nina to say hello to her new CFO.

Laura gets a call from Mac saying Shiloh is under arrest. She says she can’t hear, and steps away from the table, leaving her bag on it. Dev comes in, and knocks her bag down. He starts to pick it up, and Jason takes it from his hand. They stare at each other.

Sonny asks if Lulu has heard from Dante. she says, no, and it’s getting to the point where his absence is more than she can take. Sonny is sorry to hear that, and asks if there’s anything he can do. Lulu says he found Dante and brought him home once before. She needs him to do it again.

Maxie tells the agent that Dante’s wife is worried sick. He tells them, wait there. Someone will be there soon to show them out. Maxie says she doesn’t accept this, and goes into the office. She says, Dante! No!

Jordan says Curtis didn’t tell her Hayden was back. He says the information got lost. Chase went overboard. He can’t believe Chase dragged Hayden to the PCPD. He wishes they were following her lead. He thinks they want her back. She asks if he’s suggesting she go back to work. They get in the elevator.

Chase goes to Willow’s cell. He tells her Shiloh has been arrested, and Judge Walters ordered her release. They kiss.

Sam tells Michael that he just missed the party. Shiloh was arrested. He says, fantastic. He asks about the DNA results, and Sam says he didn’t get to open them. Michael tells Lucas to destroy them. I can’t believe no one has actually bothered to take a look at the results.

Shiloh is brought into the cell, and says hello to Willow. He says he won’t be there long. He’ll be free soon. Free to be you and me a father to his son Wiley. A new day will dawn. It always does. Zzzzz…

Michael says, rip it, burn it, get rid of it. Sam says the records will still be there. There’s nothing to stop Shiloh from confirming he’s Wiley’s father. Not really answering that question, Michael says, it’s not legally admissible. It’s a failed threat. Genes don’t matter. Wiley has only two parents he needs or knows. Get rid of it. Lucas rips the envelope up, and throws it into the trashcan.

On Monday, Laura talks to Hayden, Jason says there’s going to be trouble for everyone, and Lulu says it’s time to make it right.

👠 The Sainted One…

Here’s the story of a lovely lady, who basically got ousted from her friend circle by mean girls. But they own it, which makes it okay.

🎯 Quotes of the Week

I do not wish any reward but to know I have done the right thing. –Mark Twain

Every burden is a blessing. – Walt Kelly

People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news.A. J. Liebling

The best proof of love is trust.Joyce Brothers

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes. – Oscar Wilde

Honesty is the fastest way to prevent a mistake from turning into a failure. – James Altucher

The more things change, the more they are the same. – Alphonse Karr

Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.Ann Landers

You can’t set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm. – guest on Dr. Phil, while discussing his alcoholic mother

👯 May Your Fantasy Match Your Reality…

The real weekend situation.

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July 11, 2019 – Shiloh Gets Some Surprises, NYC Reunites, Shady Andy, Farewell Favorite Blueberry & a Fountain


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


😣 Apologizing in advance for any editing mistakes. Or brain farts. It’s been another one of them there long weeks. And the struggle is real with my technology…

General Hospital

Hayden goes to the hospital, carrying a big bakery box. Elizabeth says she’s popping up all over the place. She can’t believe Hayden is back in town. Hayden can’t believe Elizabeth is working the day after her reception. Elizabeth tells Hayden she might not be welcome, and Hayden says that’s why she brought treats from Kelly’s for her former colleagues. Elizabeth asks if she means anyone in particular.

Obrecht wakes up to Finn checking her vitals. Franco says, look who’s awake, and she ask why she’s there. He says she was on The Haunted Star, and fell overboard. Curtis and Jax pulled her out, and Finn was kind enough to do mouth to mouth. Obrecht tells Finn, you’re welcome.

Chase visits Willow in her cell. She asks how it’s going, and he says it’s not a great day for the justice system.

Alexis reads that Oscar is leaving his voting shares to someone who helped him out when he needed it, gave him a roof to sleep under, and who will use the shares to take care of many others. Shiloh walks in, saying, sorry he’s late. Did he miss anything? Ned asks how he got in, and Shiloh says he was invited. Ask Alexis. Monica says, Alexis didn’t know? and Alexis says her assistant made the arrangements. Olivia says, Oscar gave his shares to Shiloh? and Alexis says she’s afraid so.

At the station, Mac tells Jason there’s an APB out for him. He says he’s bringing them a witness who can bury Shiloh. She has firsthand knowledge of David Henry Archer and his crimes. Harmony is brought in. Sam says, Harmony? and she says she’s using her real name, Lorraine Miller; widow of the late Douglas Miller.

Obrecht asks why Finn is monitoring her, since he works with infectious diseases. Finn says she was in the murky waters, which hold a variety of issues, including viral infections. Not to worry. She’s welcome.

Hayden asks Elizabeth if she’d like to Indulge. Elizabeth wonders if the doughnuts are an excuse to see Finn. Hayden says they’re an excuse see her sister. Elizabeth says she missed Hayden, who’s totally evading her question. Finn hands Elizabeth an order of antibiotics for Obrecht. He sees Hayden, and she opens the box, saying, doughnut?

Obrecht tells Franco to make himself useful, and get a guard for outside her door. Some schweinhund tried to kill her. What if they come back to finish the job?

Willow asks Chase if Shiloh found out how to get his hands one Wiley. He tells her, nothing has changed, but he misses her. She says she’s easy to find. He says she’s amazing, how she stood her ground. She’s not in it alone. He’s there with her, and Sam and Michael are doing all they can to find evidence to bring down Shiloh for good. Unfortunately, while they’re looking, Shiloh is still looked at as innocent, and using it to his advantage.

Shiloh says it was shocking to him too, but Oscar’s bequest will help DOD accomplish a lot. Alexis says she doesn’t think the probate court will appreciate him using to money to drug and sexually assault women. Shiloh says he was exonerated. She needs to examine her bitterness, and anger addiction, and be proud of Oscar’s legacy. Drew says Oscar didn’t know who Shiloh was. The music is so loud, I miss some of the exchange between them. Shiloh wishes Drew could remember what they shared. Maybe Oscar’s gift will bring them back together. Drew tells him, think again, and knocks him down.

Lawyer Judith says Harmony is her client. She has a testimony, and has been given temporary relief to give her story in person. Robert thanks her, but says before they get into her statement, he wants to clear up a few items. Did Jason have anything to do with her being there? Harmony says he came to see her, and Robert says, whatever promises he made, Robert’s office isn’t bound by them. If he offered to pay her… She says he made no promises or gave her any pay. She contacted the public defender on her own; it was her idea. She perjured herself already, and knows she has has to pay for that, but being incarcerated gave her time to think. She realized Shiloh is responsible for her husband’s death, among many other crimes. Someone has to bring him to justice, and bring an end to DOD.

Finn tells Hayden, thanks, but he’s not in the mood for sweets. He does have a question though. She says he sounds like her sister. Sometimes a doughnut is just a doughnut. Finn puts the box on the reception desk, and tells Elizabeth to put a sign on it that says, help yourself. Elizabeth says, her pleasure, and Finn suggest he and Hayden to go for a walk, like they used to. He steers her toward the elevators. She tries to get Elizabeth to intervene, but Elizabeth says she’s very busy making the sign.

Franco tells Obrecht that he’s called the PCPD to take her statement. She says it’s kind of him to call, but he doesn’t believe her. He says he didn’t say that, but she says his attitude speaks volumes. He says maybe she stumbled and fell. She says she didn’t, and he suggest they at least revisit the sequence of events leading up to it. She says if he insists, and he says they were talking, and she said something about secrets. She says she was exaggerating; she has no secrets. He says she told him something cryptic about Wiley’s parents. She flashes back to talking to him, and says, poor Brad, Lucas, and Wiley’s poor real father. She laughs, and says she recalls the conversation. She’s ashamed; she had a moment of melancholy. She’s truly happy for him, even though his bride was never her favorite person. Knowing what he and Elizabeth have together, she felt left out, and decided to ramble. She implied she was keeping secrets she doesn’t actually possess.

Chase tells Willow, it’s wrong. It’s a literal miscarriage of justice. She’s being treated like a criminal when she’s only protecting her kid, while the real criminal is thumbing his nose at the cops. It makes him want to turn in his badge and work for Sonny. She says he doesn’t mean that, and he says, it’s an appealing fantasy. This isn’t over, and he’s getting her out of there.

Drew tells Shiloh, keep his son’s name out of his mouth. Don’t bring him up again. Shiloh understands. It’s a delicate situation, and everyone is emotional. He’s sorry. Monica says this house has seen more than its share of conflict, and more than its share of interlopers, and they never last. Neither will he. Shiloh admits he’s surprised and excited, but assures them there will be no personal gain. He’s going to use the shares to further compassion, and spread it to future generations. Alexis says he seems unclear on how probate works. Oscar’s father can dispute the will, and the family is well within their rights to object. Ned says, they will be. Shiloh says there’s one person they haven’t spoken to – Oscar’s mother. He knows the family is well-intentioned, but they were only around for Oscar’s final years. His mother was there from the beginning. She carried him, and raised him, and she knew his heart. He stands in front of Kim – who looks miserable – and asks if she really wants to second guess her son’s dying wish.

Mac says Harmony has lied before. Why should they believe her now? She says she has no incentive; no one to protect. She’s willing to tell the truth about everything, starting with Sam. Shiloh had been stalking her for years. Daisy took the blame for the emails he sent. She took the fall, like she took the blame for the drugged tea, and Carol took the blame for the drugs given to Douglas, but it was a lie. Carol had nothing to do with it. Shiloh is the one who killed him. Robert says, sounds convincing, but in the end, it’s still her word against Shiloh’s. Harmony says she has proof.

Hayden and Finn sit at the MetroCourt. Hayden asks why they couldn’t talk at the hospital, and he says he didn’t want to give a show to the nurses’ station. He thought they could sit a minute. She doesn’t have to talk, but there’s something he needs to say to her about the child they lost. She says, time heals all wounds. Should they leave at that, and move on? He asks if that’s the way she wants it. She nods, and he asks if she wants to hear from him. She says she’s knows he’s engaged to Anna. He asks how, and she says it’s all over social media, and her sister told her. He says funny how Elizabeth said they weren’t in touch. Why ask her to lie? Hayden says she wanted to keep up with the news in Port Charles without seeming to pry. Finn asks why she cares.

Elizabeth sees Lucas, and asks about Wiley. Lucas says he’s amazing, exhausting, and everywhere all at once. She tells him that Aiden won an award, and he says, good for her, standing up for her son. She protected him when he needed it. Elizabeth says every day is a new challenge. Wait until Wiley goes to school, and then becomes a teenager. Lucas says he can’t wait. She asks if Wiley is okay.

Obrecht tells Franco between the antibiotics and champagne, she’s out of sorts. Not that she didn’t enjoy it, but too much foolish talk. Forgive her. She was under the influence. He says she’s trying so hard to convince him, it can only mean what she said was true. What was she trying to tell him about Wiley’s real father? Chase comes in, and says he’s there to take her report. There was an attempt on her life?

Harmony says she had special knowledge of DOD. She was Shiloh’s closest associate, handling the finances, and helping to raise money. Not a dollar here and there; he targeted deep pockets. They would  skim cash off the top, and put it in tax free off-shore accounts, and use it for payoffs. Robert asks who they were paying off, and she says, the Beecher’s Corners PD and elected officials. Shiloh liked to have high level people in his pocket, and have friends in high places. She made copies of the books, and put them in a secure place. Robert says Shiloh can claim she doctored them. He needs something that more directly links Shiloh to the crime. Jason says, how about a prescription?

Kim tells Shiloh that she hasn’t forgotten how he helped Oscar when they thought they’d failed him. Oscar forgave them, and came to understand how much they loved him. She recently heard disgusting things about him and DOD. Now he wants to profit off Oscar’s goodness and naivete toward him. Shiloh is sorry how they all feel. Once again, he’s the only one listening to Oscar’s wishes. He asks where he signs, but Michael says he doesn’t. Oscar’s bequest is invalid.

Hayden tells Finn that her sister and family are there, as well as him and Curtis. He asks if she cares about him, and she says it seems like they both landed on their feet. She doesn’t want to talk right now, but would love to have dinner with him there. She needs to check Jax’s schedule, and asks Finn to give her dates he and Anna will be available. He says it’s a kind gesture, but unnecessary. Anna is out of town, and will be for a while.

Lucas tells Elizabeth, Wiley is fine, perfect, a blessing. It’s just that there may be an issue with his birth parents. Elizabeth thought the adoption was final, and he says so did they. There was an unexpected complication. She says, no wonder Brad was so sick. She tells him that she’s sorry, but don’t assume the worst. They have Alexis on their side. She’s a great attorney, and passionate about family and parents. He says he’s grateful for that. He’s usually rational with problem solving, but this time he can’t be. Wiley has completely changed his life, and Lucas doesn’t know what he’d do if he lost him.

Chase tells Obrecht that the PCPD takes a dim view of false alarms. Did someone push her or did she fall?

Jason says, on August 4th, Douglas Miller died of an OD. Robert says it’s a matter of public record, and Jason says on August 4th, Harmony’s daughter said she was going to meet her father. Did anyone else know? She says, Shiloh was with Kelly when her father called, and told Harmony that Kelly was to be initiated that same night. Robert asks her to review what initiated means. She says initiated to Shiloh’s Trust, his inner circle. Initiates were tattooed with his mark, then he’d have sex with them. Robert asks if she approved of this, and Harmony says completely. She pressured Kelly to cancel, so she could participate. Kelly was reluctant, but agreed. Jason asks when the initiation began, and Harmony says, 9 pm. He asks where Shiloh was, and she says he escorted the initiate to the ceremony, per tradition, and wished her a joyous transformation, telling her that he’d be with her after. Then he left. Jason asks for how long? and she says, until midnight, also tradition. Then he was left alone with the initiate. Mac says, a three hour window, and Harmony says, plenty of time to kill Douglas.

Michael tells Shiloh that Oscar made a separate provision for the Kilimanjaro Foundation. It sponsors teens who can’t reach the mountain on their own. Shiloh says, that’s not what his will said, and Michael says,it was written by hand, and given to Oscar’s executor. Shiloh says he’s making up some kind of fairytale. He can’t prove it. Michael says the original is on file with the court. Alexis says, excellent. She’ll coordinate with Diane. Shiloh says the shares were left to him, and Ned says he’ll need to make that argument before a judge. Alexis says, probate finds a handwritten request after a will is filed takes precedence. A final testament supersedes any previous documents. Shiloh says they’re delaying the inevitable. Oscar was of sound mind when he made the bequest. Why cause his mother undo pain? Grant Oscar’s dying wish. Monica says he doesn’t speak for her grandson. She tells him to get out of her house before she calls the police, and has him arrested for trespassing. Kim says, just go. Shiloh’s phone rings, and he answers on his way out the door. He says the test results are in? He’s on his way to the hospital. Things are only getting better. I laugh, and say, yeah, for everyone else.

Jason asks what Harmony did when Shiloh was arrested. She says she went to one of the faithful, Carol, and said Shiloh wanted to see her. She drove Carol to the jail herself, but Carol went in alone. When she came out, she confessed. Jason asks where Carol was that night, and Harmony says, at her daughter’s initiation with the rest of the Trust. He asks if she had access to the drug. Harmony says, no, and he asks if anyone else did. She says, Shiloh and herself. They put it in the tea meant to calm the initiates and lower their resistance. Jason asks how they got it, and she says, the pharmacy. Shiloh had a prescription under his real name, David Henry Archer. Judith shows Robert a copy of the prescription, saying it was on file at the pharmacy, in addition to all the times it was refilled. Sam says they needed a corroborating witness; now they’ve got it. Harmony has backed up what Carol said. Judith says Harmony is willing to testify in court. Robert asks what she wants in exchange. Judith starts talking about dropping the charges, but Harmony says she doesn’t want anything. She wronged her own daughter. She won’t stand by and let Shiloh get away with murder, and she won’t let him get near her grandson. Do what they want with her. Just stop Shiloh.

Hayden tells Finn that she should be going. She has a business meeting. Finn says the letter she left for Curtis to find. She wrote about the baby they lost, and not to look for her. She say she’s sorry for the way she handled it; it wasn’t fair. At the time, it seemed like the kindest alternative. Finn says a year later, she sent another letter asking him to meet her in Rome. She had something to share. What was it?

Obrecht tells Chase that she thinks she was pushed. Chase says, she thinks? She says she remembers standing by the rail, looking at the water. She heard footsteps, there was a hand banging in her back, and she fell into the harbor. Chase says he needs more specifics. Did she see a face? She says they came from behind. He wonders what their motive would be, and asks if she got in an argument. Obrecht says she has a big personality. It inspires awe and envy. He says he’ll go down the list of people on the ship at the time of the incident. Nina. Obrecht says, absolutely not. He says Franco and Elizabeth, and she says, don’t be ridiculous. Finn, Curtis, and Jax. She says they saved her life. Cameron, Josslyn, and Trina. She says she was told they went for help, after throwing her a life preserver. Bobbie, Felix, and Epiphany. She doubts they’d do anything so extreme. None of the others would have a reason to harm her, and he says that’s everyone except Hayden. Obrecht says, Hayden was there? It must have been her. Hayden hates her.

Elizabeth asks how Obrecht is, and Franco says she’s back to her usual self, spinning everything. She’s trying to downplay what she said about Wiley. Elizabeth says Lucas is worried about an issue with the birth parents. One wants Wiley back. Franco says Obrecht keeps hinting at a secret. She knows something about the real father, but what?

Harmony gets put in a cell opposite Willow, who asks what she’s doing there. Harmony says she’s being held until she can give her statement. Hopefully, Willow won’t be there much longer. Willow says Harmony is different. What changed? Harmony says she opened her eyes to who Shiloh is and what he’s done to Willow and her father. She’s so ashamed, but maybe she can begin to make amends before it’s too late. Before Shiloh gets his hands on her grandson. Willow doesn’t understand, and Harmony says she’d do anything to talk to Willow’s dad; tell him she’s sorry, and he was right. But it’s not too late to do what Willow wants, to stand up for her, and protect her grandson. She failed Willow her whole life. She promises she won’t do it again.

Robert says he’ll notify the state police to protect Carol. Mac says he’ll get out an arrest warrant for Shiloh. Sam says, what about Jason? and Robert says, the charges are dropped. Jason tells Sam she did good, and she says, no, he did. He sounded like a lawyer. He says he spent a lot of time with Diane. He hopes enough to put Shiloh in jail.

Shiloh sees Lucas, and says, it must be fate. Lucas asks what he wants, and Shiloh says, the same as Lucas – what’s best for Wiley. He’ll have to get rid of that name. He suggests they make the transfer easy. Lucas says there isn’t going to be one. He and Brad are Wiley’s fathers. Shiloh says the DNA test will tells a different story. Lucas asks how he had one run without permission. Shiloh says, Brad carelessly dropped a cloth he used to wipe Wiley’s mouth. He wants Lucas to get Wiley’s stuff together. Once he gets the results, he’s taking his son home. Lucas will probably be happy, but really confounded when he finds out the results.

Elizabeth tells Franco, it makes no sense for Obrecht to know anything about Wiley’s birth father. He says she has a talent for uncovering secrets, and a talent covering them by lying. Elizbeth says maybe she’s making it up because she feels bad. Her being involved with Brad and Lucas is a disaster waiting to happen.

Hayden tells Finn, she was surrounded by lovers in Rome, and admits she missed him. She wondered if he felt the same way, and thought if they met at the Trevi fountain, like in the movies, they could try again. He never came, so she threw in her coins, and went on her way. She met Jax. They worked together, and she heard about his engagement. Finn says, even after all this time… Chase interrupts. He introduces himself to Hayden, and says they need to talk.

Ned says the Kilimanjaro Foundation is a double gift. They’ll help the kids, and it will keep the ELQ shares out of Shiloh’s hands. Alexis says she and Diane can create postponements and delays, and keep it out of probate for at least a year. Kim says everyone is going on about the stock, and they don’t give a damn that Oscar is gone. She leaves the room. Michael tells Monica he can’t let Shiloh get his hands on his godson. He wants to claim Wiley.

Willow tells Harmony, maybe when this is over, they could start fresh. Harmony says she still has a sentence in Pentonville that she has to serve. Willow says, maybe she’ll get a deal, and Harmony says, maybe. It could be worse, she and her roommate Nelle get along. it helps the time go by. Willow says, did she say Nelle?

Michael calls Jason, who apologizes for not being there. He asks how it went. Michael says, Oscar gave his ELQ shares to Shiloh. Jason says, that’s got to be a mistake. He clearly endowed them to the Kilimanjaro Foundation. Diane already started the paperwork, and can tie him up for years. Michael says, unfortunately, he’s winning in other areas. He’s on his way to get DNA test results as they speak. Jason knows what that means. Jason says he’s one it. Sam asks, what? and Jason tells her, Shiloh’s other card came into play.

Lucas tells Shiloh to take his threats and go. Shiloh says it’s his legal right as a parent. Lucas says Wiley is already with his parents, and they’re never letting him go. Shiloh says they won’t have a choice. He gives the reception nurse his ID, and Lucas watches as she hands him the envelope with the results.

Tomorrow, Nina wonders what the deal is with Hayden, Willow has great news, and Chase asks how Finn knows Hayden.

The Real Housewives of New York City – The Reunion – Part One

Season 11? It’s really been on that long? The women get ready, and Andy makes the rounds to chat with them. Bethenny tells Andy that her lawyer says, anything can happen in a courtroom, and anything can happen at a reunion.

Andy welcomes us to put the final touches on a masterpiece of a season. Sonja is wearing her own design, and I’ll say it again, she makes nice clothing. Everyone looks fabulous – the earrings are exceptional – but I’m not loving Ramona’s neckline. She might as well be wearing only sleeves on top.

LuAnn is up first. Andy reminds her that she wasn’t at the last reunion, and says everyone had a lot of opinions about her this season. How’s her head? LuAnn says, her head is humble. We all stifle a laugh. She says she was totally self-absorbed this season, and she owns it. She was trying to take care of herself in the best way she could. She didn’t realize how different it would be. It’s hard to be around these women and not drink. She was in self-protection mode. Bethenny starts to say something, but Andy says they’re going to discuss the topic later. We find out Tinsley has a line of lashes, and Ramona got new teeth. Andy says people don’t realize that Dennis came to the last several reunions. Bethenny says he liked minutiae. Andy asks if she thought of him when she came in, and she says he’s always on her mind. LuAnn says he adored Bethenny, and Bethenny says she misses that. Andy says it’s been a big year for everyone, and they have a lot to discuss.

Andy tells us, home where heart is, but it can also be where the heartache is. Half the women pulled up roots, and planted themselves in new ground. We see clips of Sonja’s new apartment. We flash back to Ramona saying she needs something fresh, and Dorinda says she needs a fresh start. We revisit Dorinda saying her new place is the first thing in twenty-five years that’s all hers, and telling John to hold off on bringing in any stuff. Last is LuAnn, saying she has photographers in the bushes in the Hamptons, and she loves it upstate. We see her new house as well. Andy asks what was LuAnn’s reaction to Ramona saying Kingston was the poor side of town? LuAnn says it’s what Ramona does. When they went to Marrakesh, she thought it wasn’t upscale enough. She’s always putting everything down. That’s Ramona. Ramona tells LuAnn that her real estate friend said he won’t look at Kingston for another fifteen years, so LuAnn is ahead of the curve. Tinsley is reminded that she said living there would drive her to drink. Tinsley says she just likes more action.

Andy says LuAnn talked about being too high profile in the Hamptons. Bethenny says she’s said before that LuAnn has a God complex, and delusions of grandeur. Bethenny walks around the Hamptons in her PJs, and there are plenty of high profile celebrities there, but LuAnn as photographers popping out of the bushes. It’s a reach. When Bethenny was there, LuAnn thought there were people going by in boats with cameras, when it was just people going by in boats. She was paranoid, and everyone would have seen those pictures by now. We see a few snaps of LuAnn going to her mailbox, but not from someone going by in a boat. Bethenny says, Madonna doesn’t seem to have a problem. LuAnn says, when you’re arrested, you become popular.

Andy asks Sonja how things with the townhouse are going, and she says she’s renting it for $36K. Dorinda asks how’s her new place? and Sonja says she’s happy. A viewer asks about Dorinda saying her new place is just for her. What does that mean for her relationship with John? Dorinda says, it works. They see each other two or three times a week, and he goes home. She’s been living with someone else most of her life, and it doesn’t mean they don’t have sex. Thanks for the visual. Ramon says that makes it more fresh. Andy asks about Ramona’s house, and she says she took an offer, but still needs the contract signed. She’s lowered the price, and could have held out, but it’s not life-changing. She blurts out her new potential address, which is bleeped, and Bethenny says, single men, come on by.

Andy says along with grappling with losing a soulmate, Bethenny has a booming business, and looming court case. And she’s leaned into life after death. We see clips of her talking about Dennis, including talking to a grief counselor. He tells her loving someone else is a testament to her love for Dennis. We also flash back to the different issues Bethenny has faced, like Suckerfish Hoppy, and wanting to sell the business. We see her telling Sonja that being near death was a wake-up call. She’s changing her life. The montage ends with her telling Albi about Dennis trying to pull her in. Andy says, wow. A lot of tears. He says it’s been almost a year since Dennis passed, and asks how she’s doing. Bethenny says she’s well. It comes in waves, and delayed reactions, but she’s moved away from it. She loved him deeply, but doesn’t know if she’d be in the place she is now if he was still there. Andy says they’d broken up, yet he was still a large presence in her life. Bethenny says they broke up many times, but he was always in her life. He’d say he’s change, and she’d get pulled back in. She says, when you’re older, you don’t know if you’ll ever get your fairytale, and you already have kids, and don’t know if you should be dating. He was a secure presence. She could always be with him, but she wasn’t giving herself what she deserved. Dennis loved her daughter, so she wondered if she could do the Dorinda and John program. Andy asks what Dennis needed to change, and Bethenny says he couldn’t be present; he would disappear. Ramona says he was undependable. Bethenny tells Andy about ending up alone on Mother’s Day after he’d made plans for them. It made things worse, and she thought she’d rather be alone than in a relationship feeling alone. Andy brings up their engagement, and Bethenny says he proposed, and she accepted the ring. Andy says Dorinda seemed to be the one most there for her, but also thought she needed space. Dorinda says grief is an individual thing, and you need to do what you have to for yourself. Bethenny says she was in shock for a long time. It was hard to come back to the show. Dorinda says she felt more comfortable saying, this is bad, rather than do whatever you’re supposed to according to the manual. Andy asks LuAnn if it sparked thoughts about her own recovery. LuAnn says, no, but she was saddened. Even though she didn’t know him well, but he really helped her. Andy asks how Dennis helped her, but she says she can’t talk a lot about it. She’s still in it.

Bethenny says Dennis got LuAnn a very powerful lawyer, one of the most powerful in the country. He looked into her case, and helped her out. LuAnn said he was able to do things her lawyer couldn’t. LuAnn admits she hit him up for six million dollars. Bethenny says Dennis had a financial services company. She was in the car, and her phone was blowing up. LuAnn said it was an emergency, and begged Bethenny to ask Dennis for the money. She was in a manic state, and obsessing over the house. She was calling a lot of people. Bethenny said she thought Dennis had helped enough, and LuAnn moved on to the next person. LuAnn says that was all true.

A viewer asks about Bethenny seeing two other guys when she was seeing Dennis. Bethenny says she and Dennis would break up, and she was seeing them intermittently. Bethenny talks about the catering guy, who I forgot about, and says there was an age difference, and she wasn’t ready for that relationship. He was. We see a picture of them on the beach – the guy is gorgeous – and Bethenny says it was a hard pill for Dennis to swallow, seeing the photo. Dorinda says it was a hard pill for all of them to swallow, and they all laugh. Andy says Bethenny was in the midst of grieving, and got hot and heavy with Paul. Bethenny says she had told Tinsley that she liked him. Around Christmas they went on a date, and she thought she was an idiot, thinking he could be the one. They went out a couple of times, but she was too needy. She wanted someone to give her a guarantee that she wouldn’t get hurt. He courted her after Dennis died. It was great, since they had a history. They’re still together. Tinsley says she met up with Bethenny, and they met his parents, and everyone was really nice. Andy wonders why he’s not on the show, and Bethenny says he’s private, conservative, and reserved. He’s calm and balanced, but the show’s not for him. A viewer asks what’s the deal with Bethenny’s relationships on the show being on her terms, when she called out Tinsley for not being forthcoming? Bethenny says she actually thought about it, and if it’s a double-standard, but Scott signed a release. He also sent Tinsley those Kentucky Derby Secretariat flowers. We flash back to the giant heart Scott sent, and Tinsley reading the card – 365 roses for 365 days together. Tinsley says it’s Scott’s way of being part of the show without being part of the show. Andy asks Bethenny if she’d call Paul on camera, and Bethenny says, maybe, if it’s not on speaker. Tinsley admits she wanted Scott on the show, Bethenny says she’d rather Paul not be on it. Andy asks if Bethenny has sold the company. Bethenny says she’s had offers, but she gets nervous at the last minute. She believes the company hasn’t reached its full potential, so she let some high-salaried people go. She doesn’t like managing that many. She doesn’t want an operation.

Bethenny talks about her near-death experience, telling Andy about Dennis puling at her when she was on the stretcher. She says it wasn’t an intellectual thought, but she felt it. It was very him. The same way he’d see a picture of her with someone, and suddenly want to be engaged or take a trip, and she’s get pulled back. It’s metaphorical, but true. Andy asks if she felt guilty about getting involved with Paul so soon after Dennis passed, but she says, no. She thought about it, but Paul is a loving person. He literally saved her life emotionally. He respects boundaries, and even wanted to make sure she’s not making some kind of transference because of Dennis. One door closed, and another one opened. Dorinda says Paul freed Bethenny’s spirit. Ramona says she’s on a merry-go-round, and Bethenny says it’s a different ride this time. Andy says, a happier ride. Bethenny says that’s why she wanted Tinsley off her ride. She knew it was a train to nowhere.

We move on to Dorinda and LuAnn butting heads. We see clips of their ongoing issue throughout the season, including Jovani and the fish room. Dorinda says, it’s half of LuAnn’s show, between the dresses and taking the piss out of her castmates. Andy asks if Dorinda feels unappreciated, but Dorinda says, no. She thought she and LuAnn were in a good place. LuAnn spun out control, and went back to rehab. LuAnn asks what that has to do with it. Bethenny says Dorinda feels like LuAnn is exploiting it. Dorinda says she’s given LuAnn a lot of help. LuAnn wouldn’t have a dress if not for her. Sonja says Dorinda has constantly been there. Dorinda says she was there the first time LuAnn went to jail. LuAnn says Dorinda makes her feel like sh*t. She whines that Dorinda didn’t call her when she was in the Hamptons. Dorinda says, it’s kiss the ring again. She was visiting another friend. Andy thinks part of their issue is that things brought up the season before weren’t resolved at the end. LuAnn wasn’t at the last reunion, so they didn’t hash it out in that forum (i.e. the reunion). Dorinda says she wanted to see LuAnn when she came out of rehab, but her friend of thirteen years did everything to avoid her. Andy says, in all fairness, it was Bethenny who suggested Dorinda not go to the clambake, Bethenny says she was worried about LuAnn’s sobriety. Dorinda says LuAnn hasn’t been nice to a lot of them. Even the comments, like they’re jealous. Dorinda doesn’t feel like LuAnn has any substance anymore.

Dorinda says LuAnn’s life has been one big Cabaret with the Countess. LuAnn says she’s the same old Lu, they’re just looking at her with different eyes. A viewer asks what LuAnn thought when she saw how upset Dorinda was. LuAnn says she was upset too, because everything’s all about her. Dorinda says she was arrogant, and LuAnn says she was slow to warm up because she was hurt. She’s sorry about how Dorinda felt, and misses their friendship. Andy mentions the Tyler Perry quote, and asks LuAnn if Tyler Perry isn’t capable of deep thought. LuAnn says, of course. She just thought it was funny. I have to agree with her here. The were expecting to see the quote was from the Dalai Lama or at least Confucius. Dorinda says LuAnn decided she can’t do anything right after she stood by LuAnn like a soldier. She starts to cry, and LuAnn say she did, but then Dorinda let her down. Dorinda says she gave LuAnn a prayer card that she’s had since her First Communion. LuAnn treated her like an animal, and broke her heart. LuAnn says Dorinda did the same to her. How does Dorinda think she felt when she heckled her?  Dorinda says by not inviting John to her show, she took another person Dorinda loved and pissed on them. LuAnn says she did invite John. She’d said he’s always welcome. Sonja confirms this, and LuAnn says she brought her phone, aka the receipts.

Andy says, while LuAnn looks for those texts, Leslie from Burbank gives the definition of heckle, interrupting with loud, unfriendly statements or questions. She wants to know why Dorinda claims she didn’t heckle LuAnn. Dorinda insists it wasn’t heckling; that she was joyous in her shouting Jovani! but everyone is like, no, except For Ramona, who just sits there smiling with her new teeth. They all talk at the same time, which I hate. LuAnn finds the text, and Andy reads out loud. In a nutshell, LuAnn did say he was invited, but was then invited by a third party, doesn’t want to go now, and is somehow pissed at Dorinda. LuAnn said, not her problem, and Dorinda said she was excited for the evening. Dorinda’s foot in pumping up and down like crazy, so you know she got caught. At the end, LuAnn said she wanted it to be a girls night anyway, and no one is bringing dates. Dorinda somehow thinks this vindicates her. Andy says the verdict is she did invite John, but said it’s not her problem. LuAnn says it was the day of her show, and she was nervous. Andy says that’s show biz.

Andy asks what was with the demands when LuAnn was in the Berkshires. A viewer wonders if LuAnn saw it as an opportunity for Dorinda to make things up to her. LuAnn says, no, but it looked that way when she watched it. Andy asks if LuAnn realizes Dorinda was bending over backward for her. LuAnn says Dorinda was a gracious hostess. Andy asks about her insensitive reaction to the fish room, and LuAnn says she was just trying to keep her sh*t together at that point, and overreacted. Bethenny thinks LuAnn was relishing Dorinda’s apology. She wanted Dorinda to bend down and really apologize.

LuAnn says she saw herself on TV, and she felt cold about her own behavior. She couldn’t cry, or feel any kind of emotion. She was kind of numb. She doesn’t want to say she had it rougher in the past year – they all have their sh*t – but it’s been a hard time for her. She’s not excusing her behavior, but just saying she felt cold. She hugs Dorinda, and they sound like they’re underwater for a moment, LuAnn says Dorinda was so angry. Dorinda says she wasn’t angry. She was confused. They had been so close. LuAnn say she misses it. Dorinda says they can put a period on it, and move on, even though their friendship might take a different form. Looking back, she thinks LuAnn was nervous. She was still making the transition after her recovery period. Dorinda thought it was brave of her to go at all. Maybe she was looking for a loophole to get out. Bethenny says it was very human.

Andy says since they’re good, he doesn’t want to go backward, He asks LuAnn if she thought giving Dorinda an award in her cabaret show was going to go over big. LuAnn says she was trying to find a way to shift the narrative. She wanted to make it funny. Andy asks if Dorinda really talked to a lawyer, and she says she did. She’s over the Jovani thing. Do they have shares in it or something? Andy, ever stirring the pot, says, hit LuAnn’s new track. The sounds of Feelin’ Jovani fill the air. While LuAnn keeps saying it should be louder, mercifully, it’s kept at a reasonable volume. It still goes on too long, and LuAnn sings along with herself. Dorinda says she likes it, and gets dressed to LuAnn’s tunes in the morning. LuAnn says cabaret is her cabernet. LuAnn says getting on stage is the diversion she needs, since she’s not drinking.  It’s helped her so much. She doesn’t know what she’d do without it.

Andy says everyone is happy and reconciled. It’s a long night, and he hopes they can keep it up.

Next time – Part Two – the fish room returns, Tinsley and Scott’s relationship is discussed, Ramona thinks LuAnn is still drinking, Barbara joins the women, and Andy feels like he’s at a Jersey Wives reunion.

😮 Oh No He… Did He?

I saw a clip of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion. I can’t be positive, since they show preview teases out of context, but it sure looked like Andy was throwing huge shade at Teddi. He said, for someone who is the queen of accountability, it’s amazing you had such a lapse. Oooh! Girl! I wonder if he’s pissed because LVP quit.

🏃 Another Escapee…

This is getting freaky. Is the new lifespan before 70 now? It all started with David Bowie, and now Violet Beauregarde? And is there anyone from the original Dark Shadows left?

⛲ In Honor of Hayden…

And because I can’t think of one more thing today.

July 10, 2019 – Oscar’s Will Is Read, the Return of Ashley, a Life Well-Acted & Rise Up


dWhat I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the MetroCourt, Sasha is about to renew her gym membership on her phone, deciding between monthly and yearly, when Shiloh walks up and says, hi there. She asks if she can help him, and he says he was about to ask her the same thing. She says she’s fine, and she’s waiting for someone. He says she seems troubled. He sits, introducing himself, and holds out his hand. Michael comes out of nowhere, and knocks him off of his chair, telling him, back off.

Mac asks Chase how Willow is. Chase says she’s doing as best she can. Max wishes there was another way. He sees Robert, and says maybe this is a good omen.  Robert says he’s meeting with a client. Sam arrives and says it’s her. She has evidence against David Henry Archer, aka Shiloh.

Jason goes to Sonny’s office. Sonny asks why he’s not in the safe house, and he says he’s just checking in. Sonny say Jason can’t be walking around. He’s considered a fugitive. Jason says, not for long. Brick comes in, and asks if it’s Jason who’s relocating, but Jason says his situation is about to be resolved. Sonny asks if Brick has everything, and Brick tells him, take a look. Sonny says, birth certificate, social security, driver’s license. Jason asks, who’s getting a new identity?

Cameron sees Dev outside Sonny’s house, and says he’s picking up Josslyn. The reading of Oscar’s will is today. Dev says it must be tough for them; he’s sorry. Inside, Josslyn gives Carly some juice. Carly asks if Josslyn has joined the green juice brigade, and Josslyn says Sonny wants her to drink the whole thing before she leaves; there’s tons of kale in it. Carly sarcastically says, thanks, and Josslyn says they want to make sure the baby is okay. Carly thanks Josslyn for real, and asks, what about her? Today is going to be hard. Carly asks if Josslyn wants her to come along to the Quartermaine’s.

Alexis asks If Monica needs help setting up. Ned and Olivia come in, and Ned tells Monica he said he’d handle it. Monica says she needs to keep busy. If she doesn’t, she’ll think about how much the family has lost.

Kim sees Drew at Oscar’s Meadow. She thinks they should probably talk before the will reading. She doesn’t know how much he remembers. He says he remembers she drugged him because she wanted to conceive a child to replace Oscar. Did he miss anything?

Shiloh says Michael just attacked him. Michael says he tripped; how clumsy. He tells Shiloh, be careful. Next time he might break his neck. Shiloh asks if Michael is threatening him. Michael says he didn’t, and Sasha says she didn’t hear any threat. He did sit down uninvited, which she interpreted as an unwanted advance.

Chase tells Robert and Mac that Carol took the blame for giving Douglas Miller the drugs that killed him. Sam says Carol lied to cover for Shiloh. He has too much influence in Beecher’s Corners, and has the PD wrapped around his little finger. Carol wears an ankle monitor, and they’ll have to get a subpoena to bring her to Port Charles to give an official statement. Robert says it might not be as easy as they think.

Josslyn tells Carly that she’d rather go by herself. Carly doesn’t want her to be alone, but Josslyn says she won’t be. Cameron comes in, and says he’s going with Josslyn. He asks if she’s ready, and she says ready as she’ll ever be. Carly tells them to text if they need anything. They leave, and Carly turns around to see a smiling Dev.

Sonny tells Jason the kid helped him and Dante in turkey. Dev came to Port Charles to find him, and got mixed up. Jason says, he came all the way from Turkey? Sonny says, Raj wanted him dead, and he had to flee. Brick is helping him fix things. Jason looks over the papers, and says, good work. Brick says, the best for the boss. Jason says, Sonny is making the kid part of his family? and Sonny says, keeping him close is the safest move. Brick says he’ll be the grandson of Mike’s cousin. Jason asks where Dev is going to live, and Sonny says at his house. Jason asks if he’s sure that’s a good idea.

Alexis says, there’s no way to tactfully say it, so, no fighting. Oscar didn’t want the family fighting. Ned says, they’re Oscar’s last wishes, so they won’t fight. He asks if Alexis found Jason, but she says, he’s off the grid again. She tells them, he doesn’t have to be present for the reading. Olivia asks how many people are expected, but Alexis doesn’t know. She’d delegated the details to her assistant.

Kim tells Drew, nothing happened. Not that it excuses her behavior. Drew says, it doesn’t. He’s worried about her. What she did crossed the line. Why? She doesn’t know, and says she’s so sorry. She doesn’t know how it got to this point. Drew says he does. She couldn’t take no for an answer, and took matters into her own hands, trying to conceive a child with him without his consent. She says she’s disgusted with herself, and grateful Julian came in and stopped her. She tells Drew that she’s ready to deal with the consequences. He asks what she means, and she says she could be arrested for what she did. She could lose her medical license, but she takes full responsibility. If he wants to press charges, she understands.

Sam asks Robert why they can’t just use Carol’s statement. Mac says, Shiloh clearly convinced Carol to lie. Robert says he’s with them, but he has to argue it before a judge. Sam says Carol was forthcoming. It’s her own voice, and she used her own words. Robert says, the judge might interpret it as hearsay, but Sam says there’s no doubt about Carol’s involvement in the cover-up, and the statement is from Carol firsthand. It’s not like there’s a third party involved. Robert says, unfortunately, there is. Mac asks, who? and Robert says, Sam.

Shiloh says Sasha misinterpreted his actions. He’s sorry. He tries to explain himself, and Sasha cuts him off, saying she doesn’t care. She doesn’t know him, and doesn’t want to know him. Michael tells him, run along before he has to ask the manager to throw him out. Shiloh jets, and Michael says what Sasha did was a thing of beauty. She says Michael knocked him off his butt. She just gave him a verbal smackdown. She assumes he’s the guy bothering Willow, and Michael explains that Shiloh runs a cult in Port Charles, and his sister was briefly involved. He recruits young women, but Sasha saw through that. She says she just thought he was hitting on her. Never in a million years. Even if she wasn’t… Michael says, wasn’t what? and she says, even if she wasn’t already with him.

Drew tells Kim that he’s not pressing charges. She says he’s well within his rights, but he says she needs to get help, and he wants her to concentrate on that. She says he’s right. She had a session with Dr. Massey this morning. She has a long way go to get better, but she wants to. She wants to be okay, and feel like herself again. He’s sure she will. He says, no matter what happens, Oscar is their son, and they’re forever bonded because of that. She cries a little, and he says they don’t want to be late. They should get going. She says, okay, and thanks him.

At the Quartermaine’s, Josslyn says it’s weird being there without Oscar. Olivia asks how she’s holding up. Josslyn thinks she’s okay. Monica asks how the reception was, and Cameron says, Obrecht went overboard. She claims she was pushed. His aunt also came back. Monica says, Sarah? but he says, Hayden. Alexis says, that ought to throw Finn. Monica says that’s not the word she’d use, and Cameron says he takes it Hayden isn’t her favorite person. Monica is worried what trouble Hayden will bring to the hospital.

Jason gets that Sonny owes Dev a debt, but Brick has already given him an airtight identity. Brick says Jason has a point. Jason says he can make other arrangements. There’s a knock at the door, and Carly brings Dev in. She says she’s dropping him off on her way to work.

Sam tells Robert, she’s not the one making the statement. It’s Carol’s story in her own words. Robert says Sam recorded it. There’s no context, and no proof there wasn’t coercion. The judge might think she was held at gunpoint. Sam suggests Robert subpoena Carol if he has to, and bring her to the judge. Chase asks why they’re wasting time. They have proof. Shiloh coerced Carol; she explicitly stated that he was responsible. Robert asks Mac to take a walk with him, and let Chase calm down. Sam says Chase losing his cool isn’t helping Willow. He doesn’t feel like they’ve done enough. What the hell is the point of being on the right side of the law, when they’re putting the wrong people behind bars?

Michael tells Sasha that he feels they’ve progressed, and he’s not complaining. She says her neither. Maybe they should skip breakfast, or better yet, order room service. He says he’d love to, but he’s on the way to his cousin’s will reading. She says she’s sorry; it must be tough. He says Oscar made them promise, no tears. It’s good to see her though, even if it’s for a little while. He was thinking about getting away for a little bit; getting out of town for a few days. She says, like the Martha’s Vineyard trip? And he says, but for longer, and further away. And no business meetings. He asks her to come with him. She doesn’t know, and he says he knows her time in Port Charles is limited. She says, who knows? A lot can change between now and her mom’s wedding.

Drew and Kim arrive at the Quartermaine’s. He thanks Monica for hosting, and Monica says it’s not easy, but they’re all in this together. Olivia asks how Kim is holding up, and Kim says she’s just getting through the day. She goes into the living room. Josslyn looks at a box, and Alexis says they’re personal items that Oscar left behind for everyone. Josslyn says, Oscar was so full of plans and ideas. There were so many things that interested him. Places he wanted to visit, and things he wanted to learn. Now all that’s left is in that box. Kim listens.

Carly hugs Brick, and Sonny introduces Brick and Jason to Dev. Sonny says Jason is like family, and Carly says if Dev needs anything, he can trust Jason. She leaves for work. Sonny tells Dev that Brick was nice enough to produce documents for him. He wants Dev to look them over. Dev says, a birth certificate, social security, and driver’s license; thank you. Sonny says Dev can start thanking him by memorizing the details. Brick says he wants to make sure his answers are as natural as possible, and takes Dev out to practice. Sonny asks what Jason thinks. Jason thinks there are a lot of ways to provide for Dev, but Sonny doesn’t have to let him move into the house. Sonny says, it’s a big house, but Jason says, what about Avery, Josslyn, and the new baby. It’s generous, but maybe he needs to consider how Dev fits in with the people who already live there.

Jason sits in his Thinker position. Sonny knows it will be a hard adjustment. Dev has been through a lot, and needs stability. Jason asks how much Sonny knows about Dev. Sonny knows Dev saved his life, and Jason says it’s a great reason to help him, but not move him in. What about Dev’s family. Are they alive? Dead? Is someone after them? He has different experiences and comes from a different world. Sonny can drill him until he can recite everything in his sleep, but he still has a past Sonny knows nothing about. Sonny appreciates what Jason is saying, but he needs to help Dev. He owes Dev, and sees potential. I’m wondering if Jason is jealous in some way.

Sam tells Chase maybe she’ll give Diane a call. Chase wonders how she can help, and Sam says, some sort of legal maneuver. Chase says Willow is jailed, and they can’t get Carol, their potential witness. Sam says maybe Diane can get the judge to issue a subpoena as part of Willow’s defense. She tells him that she’s going to get going, and he thanks her for going above and beyond. She says she’d do anything to see that bastard get his after what he’s done to Kristina and Wiley. Kristina is her sister, and Wiley is her godson, which makes him family. And she’ll do anything to make sure her family is protected.

Carly tells Sasha, whatever she wants, it’s on the house. Sasha appreciates it, and Carly asks if she can join her. Sasha says, of course (🍷), adding, it’s nice when someone asks. Carly says, that’s cryptic, and Sasha tells her, some jerk sat right down and started making personal remarks. Carly says she’s sorry. The staff shouldn’t have let them… Sasha says, Michael ran him off. For a nice guy, he has a side you don’t want to mess with. Carly says it’s perceptive of her to notice. Michael is kind and non-judgmental, but can’t be pushed. Sasha likes that about him, and the more she gets to know about him, the more she likes him.

Michael arrives at the will reading, and sits with Josslyn and Cameron. Alexis thanks them for coming, and says Oscar knew his time was limited, and also knew his love for them was infinite. She’s already gone over practical matters, but Oscar wanted to share some personal mementos with them. She gives them the standard beginning of a will, and reads, sorry for sounding so formal. Alexis said he had to be, in order to make it stick, and it’s important that it sticks. What he’s leaving behind is the only way to tell them how important they are to him.

Sonny tells Jason, Dev was dealt a bad hand. He’s a fighter, and took control of his life. Sonny is thinking with a home and family, he can get Dev on track. Jason says, what if it doesn’t work? and Sonny says, he’d rather keep Dev close, where he can protect him. Jason’s phone rings, and he says he has to take it. He answers, saying he was hoping to hear from them.

Alexis continues to read. Oscar thanks Ned and Olivia for welcoming him into the family. They both inspired him to pursue music and express himself. He’s leaving his keyboard in his room, and wants them to give it to Leo. He knows Leo has a little one, but thinks he’s ready for the real deal. Music runs in the family. Ned says, yes, it does. Olivia tells them, Oscar said no tears, but he’s making it difficult. Alexis reads, Michael was the first person to welcome him, while everyone else was arguing about shares or something. He showed Oscar the darkroom AJ built in the basement. He’s no professional, but thinks he got some good shots when no one was looking. Alexis hands Michael a framed photo of himself with Wiley. Alexis moves on to Monica. His grandma convinced him life was worth fighting for, and showed him the ins and outs of Port Charles. He wishes he had lived long enough to give her a tour of his hometown. The best he can do is give her this book. He’s flagged pages, and written in pointers, and if she ever has a chance to go to Cleveland, take it with her, and think of him. Monica guesses she knows where she’s going on her next vacation. Alexis says, Oscar says Cameron got his license first, even if he screwed up. Oscar is partially to blame, and wants to give Cameron some compensation. Alexis takes out some car keys, and says her instruction is to toss them to him. She does, and Cameron tears up. Me too. Alexis resumes, saying Josslyn told Oscar. life is about the journey, not the destination. Just because you don’t know where you’re going, doesn’t mean you’re lost. She gave him this, and he’s giving it back. May it guide her on her next adventure, wherever she goes. No matter what, he’s on her side. Alexis gives Josslyn the compass. Josslyn says she can’t do this, and runs out.

Sasha tells Carly that she and Michael aren’t official, and Carly says she’s not butting in. It’s just that they’ve barely said two words to each other, and she’d like to get to know the young woman who makes her son happy. Sasha says they agreed to be casual. Partly because her plans are in the air. Carly says she thought Sasha was going back to Chappaqua after the wedding. Sasha says it’s been great getting know Nina, and Carly is sure Nina will be sad to see her go, but she’s sure Sasha has a big life waiting for her. Sasha says, sure, but Carly says that doesn’t sound enthusiastic. Sasha says she had a job, but not a purpose, and Carly asks what’s stopping her from finding a purpose there?

Chase tells Sam that he’s worried. In the rush to protect Wiley, no one is looking out for Willow. She asks if he isn’t, but he says she’s been detained. She’ll stay as long as she has to, to protect her son, and he’s worried. Sam hopefully they can get Carol on record. The murder investigation will be reopened, and Shiloh will spend the rest of his life prison. Then it won’t matter if he knows about Wiley.

Carly say she knows how Sasha feels – stalled. She stalled a few times. She grew up in Florida, and didn’t have much purpose. Sasha asks what brought her to Port Charles, and Carly says she was tracking her biological mother. She’s sure Sasha did better with Nina than she did. Long story. When the dust settled, she found more than a purpose. She found a home. Maybe Sasha’s purpose is right in front of her. Carly hopes she hasn’t said too much. She’s going back to work. Sasha thanks her, and says it was nice talking to her. Carly hopes they do it again soon. She renews her gym membership for a year.

Dev and Brick come back to Sonny’s office. Brick says Dev is a quick study. Dev gives Sonny his deets, and Brick tells him, never recite your driver’s license. No one knows it by heart, and they’ll be suspicious. And he needs to wait for people to ask where he’s from. Don’t blurt it out. He suggests Dev do a deep dive into Bridgeport. The more he knows, the better. Brick leaves, and Dev says, when he came, he knew it was a long shot, but Sonny has done more than he ever imagined. He can’t thank Sonny enough. Sonny says, that’s what friends are for.

At Oscar’s meadow, Josslyn looks at the compass, and flashes back to when she gave it to Oscar. He says he loves it, and loves her. Cameron finds her, and says he thought she might be there. Is she okay? She says, no. She gave Oscar this compass so he’d never get lost, but he won’t find his way home this time. Cameron puts his arm around her, and she puts her head on his shoulder.

Michael tells the others that Cameron is with Josslyn at the park. Alexis says they can take a break, but Michael thinks they should continue. Monica agrees. Alexis says, to Drew, dad. He and Josslyn stole this glass to run the DNA test. He knows it violated Drew’s privacy, but he’s glad they did it, since it proved Drew is his dad. He figured in time, he’d give it back. Alexis gives Drew a shot glass, and reads, he’s sorry he never made it to Kilimanjaro. He loves Drew. Monica says Oscar would have been so proud of them for going. Alexis says, to mom. There’s literally nothing he can give her to show how much he loves and appreciates her sacrifices. She got him Mr. Bear when he was scared on the first day of preschool. Alexis gives her a loved-on stuffed toy. Alexis says, Kim always found ways to make him feel happy and safe. He knows she’d say it’s her job, but this is proof that she’s great at it. She was the best. Kim tries to hold her tears back. Alexis says, now for the distribution of ELQ shares. Oscar leaves the voting shares to… Ned says, what is it?

Mac tells Sam and Chase that jurisdiction matters. Robert says they need a corroborating witness, and they don’t have one. Chase says he should have known. He’s going to check on Willow. It is the law, after all. Someone has to. Robert says he wants this to work, but he can’t do anything without a witness. Sam says she can’t find one – Jason comes in – but he can. Mac says there’s an APB out for him, but Jason says he’s surrendering himself. He’s bringing them a witness who will bury Shiloh.

Ned tells Alexis to just let them know who got the shares. They promised not to fight. She says she’s releasing them from that promise, and Monica asks, how bad is this?  Alexis reads that Oscar has decided to leave the shares to somebody who helped him when he needed a roof to sleep under. I say, oh no! out loud, like, three times. She reads, he’ll use it to take care of other people. Shiloh walks in, and says, hello, everyone. How is everything? And of course (🍷) he smirks.

Tomorrow, Hayden tells Finn they should move on, Franco questions Obrecht about Wiley’s father, Harmony is ready to tell the truth, and Shiloh asks Kim if she wants to second guess her son’s last wishes.

Southern Charm

Everyone interacts with their pets. Lil Craig is the cutest.

Eliza answers the phone at Meeting Street Inn. Mom Susan comes in bearing food. In Eliza’s interview, she says, it’s a lot to handle. She comes from one of the oldest families in Charleston, and people hate her off the bat. They assume she’s a spoiled polo brat, but her family owns three hotels, and she’s been working in them her whole life. One day, she’s going to inherit the properties, and she’s learning every aspect. You name it, she’s there. Susan comments that the sofas are early funeral parlor, and Eliza says they’re getting them recovered. She remarks that Eliza’s nails need to be redone. In her interview, Eliza says Susan is a Southern mom all the way. She’s a proper Southern belle, and if Eliza has chipped nail polish, she tells Eliza she looks dirty. Eliza tells Susan that she was going to have a fox hunt this weekend, but the weather is looking dicey. She already sent out invites, so she’s changed it to a skeet shoot/Southern brunch. Susan asks if she can at least date someone closer to her age, since boyfriend Don is fourteen years her senior. Susan admits she’s not good at picking men, and wonders if Eliza is looking for a father figure. Eliza tells her, stop right there. In her interview, Eliza tells us that Susan has the idea she should marry into a family like the Limehouses, but her own marriage was a big mistake. No thanks. Her dating Don threw her mother for a loop. He’s from Jersey and a wildcard. Nothing about him fits the mold. She’s sick of the double-standard that women should marry, have children, go to church, and take care of their husbands. She tells Susan she likes Don, and doesn’t agree. Susan says she and Eliza’s father had counseling before they married, and the priest, who was also Chip’s cousin, said maybe they shouldn’t. They should have listened.

Cameran and Naomie meet for a pedicure. Cameran is drinking wine when Naomie gets there, and Naomie says she’s crazy. We flash back to Cameran’s party. Naomie asks if anyone stayed late. Cameran says Craig, Danni, and Kathryn stuck around, and Craig let it all out about her. In a nutshell, he feels like he and Naomie had no closure, and thinks her relationship with Metul is miserable. We flash back to Craig talking stupid. Naomie says, he’s asinine, and Cameran thinks it’s called denial.

Craig meets Shep, who’s walking Lil Craig. Craig says Shep’s dog has a good personality. Shep says he’s confident. He wants to keep Lil Craig warm, and puts him inside his jacket. Shep says Craig was shot out of a cannon at the oyster roast. Craig says he wants to shake Austen sometimes. He had a weird conversation with some of the girls about Naomie not going on the trip because of him. He’s dumbfounded. Well, maybe the first half…

Naomie thinks Craig lives on a different planet, and Cameran asks if she’s had a conversation with him about Metul. Naomie says there’s no point; it’s been over a year. Cameran says he’s hung up on what they had, and he’s convinced Naomie had it better with him. In her interview, Cameran thinks Naomie was Craig’s first love, and it’s hard for him to let go. She tells Naomie it might be therapeutic for her to sit down with him, and explain Metul is he man she sees herself marrying.

Craig tells Shep that he and Naomie never had closure. Shep says the awkwardness after they had so much fun is tragic. In Shep’s interview, he thinks they should look on their time together as a good ride, and cherish it. He tells Craig that he’d never try to interfere in any of his relationships, and wishes him nothing but the best. Craig says he needs to write that down.

Kathryn, Austen, and Chelsea take a barre class. Austen says, namaste, but instructor Jackie says, that’s not what they’re doing. Kathryn thinks Austen would look awesome in a tutu. They start with stretches, and Austen has a hard time. They do pliés, and Austen says, oh my God. Kathryn is feeling it too, and says her legs are on fire. Afterwards, Austen says he feels good. Chelsea is glad he joined them, and asks if he’s getting home by eleven. He says he is, and he likes it sometimes. Kathryn says Craig was going crazy on him, but Austen says they were texting that night like nothing happened. In his interview, Austen says, when women bicker, they go back to 2003, but men have the memory span of a goldfish. Chelsea asks if they’re going to Eliza’s party. Kathryn says her brother is getting married, so she won’t be in town. Chelsea asks if Eliza is friends with Ashley, and Kathryn says, yes. Chelsea says they don’t think she’d show up, do they? Austen does, and Chelsea says they probably shouldn’t have guns. Kathryn says Ashley is the one who shouldn’t have one.

Eliza calls Ashley from the car. Ashley says she’s working, and going out every night. She and Thomas got Botox together. He’s obsessed with her, but she’s just helping him out, since he’s single again. Ashley says they broke up. The allegations changed their life together. They used to travel, and now he can’t leave the state. That made it hard for them. Eliza says she misses Ashley, and wants to see her. She invites Ashley to the brunch, and tells her everyone except Kathryn is coming. In Eliza’s interview, she says she knows what it’s like to be an outcast, and wants to be inclusive. It’s Ashley’s opportunity to make peace with everyone, and Eliza is the only person who can help, since she’s the only one who doesn’t have a problem with her. She tells Ashley she can be her normal self, and not be dealing with the Kathryn issue. In her interview, Eliza says that Kathryn and Ashley are different, but are the same in that their relationships with Thomas took a toll on them. Ashley was sweet when they met. Now she’s a mess.

Cameran is meeting Shep and Naomie for lunch. Shep gets their first, and says, Lil Craig is on a playdate. He’s like a single father. Cameran says now he knows what it’s like. Shep says, before Naomie gets there, what’s the plan? Cameran says she doesn’t want to Craig. Shep tells her that he can say Craig’s past it, but Cameran says he’s not. Does he honestly believe Craig has no feelings for Naomie? Shep thinks Craig knows it’s never going to happen. He grabs a nacho off Cameran’s plate. Naomie joins them, and Shep says Cameran won’t share her nachos. Naomie says he doesn’t ask anyway; he just takes. Cameran says she wants to cut to the chase. She and Shep are there to convince her to come to Colorado. Naomie says Craig needs to be more chill. It’s so over. Shep says he talked to Craig days ago, and he’s happy for her. Naomie says it’s not important enough to make Metul uncomfortable. He said he wouldn’t go on a trip with his ex. Cameran asks if Naomie was single, would she go? Naomie says, yeah, and Cameran says, then it’s not about Craig. Cameran says, it’s a bad way to start a relationship, with… Shep says, parameters. Naomie understands where Metul is coming from. What if the roles were reversed? Cameran says Jason wouldn’t care, and she loves him more for it. Shep says she wants someone who’ll trust her, but Naomie says she’ll never get someone as good as Metul. Shep loves Metul, but tells her not to give up on Cameran’s real 35th birthday. Give Craig a chance.

Whitney comes down to an incredible breakfast spread. Austen joins him, and asks if he’s had any word from Craig. Whitney says, speak of the devil, as Craig walks in. Whitney asks if they’re bosom buddies again, and Craig says they shouldn’t be. Austen shouldn’t listen to the girls. In Austen’s interview, he says he shouldn’t be listening to Craig. Because he did, he’s not with the love of his life. Craig suggests Austen consult an Irish witch. Austen says Craig is an Irish witch, and Craig says he’s Dutch.

Eliza’s party is set up. In her interview, she says she learned her party skills from her mom and grandma. It’s a Southern woman thing. The plantation originally belonged to her grandma’s ancestors, but the house burned down during the Civil War. Not because of the war; it was a candle fire. It was rebuilt on the original ground. She begins to greet guests. Shep brings Lil Craig, and asks his cousin Marcie if he’s trying too hard; it wouldn’t be the first time. Shep introduces Marcie to everyone. Lil Craig plays with Boo, another, bigger, French bulldog. Chelsea says, he’s like the real life Craig. He runs from women who are trying to hump him.

Shep brings out the gun his dad gave when he was a little boy, and stashes Lil Craig with someone else. Skeet shooting is readied. Shep gets one on the first shot, and everybody does pretty well. Whitney orders green juice and whiskey. It’s unclear if he means in the same glass, which would be disgusting. Austen doesn’t do so well shooting. Cameran asks Craig if they can talk. She asks if he remembers what he said at her party. He says what they were telling him elicited a reaction. At the drink wagon, Naomie tells Austen that she wants to talk to Craig and get it over with. Craig tells Cameran that he was hammered, and she says, when you’re drunk, the truth comes out. Naomie approaches Craig, and Cameran tells them, go talk. They walk away, and Chelsea wonders if they can hide behind a tree and listen.

Craig tells Naomie that he had no idea her not wanting to go on the trip was a real thing. He’d hate to be the reason for her missing it. She has eight other friends going. If she reconsiders, he won’t bother her. She says, it’s a respecting thing. It would be a slap in face to Metul, because Craig isn’t over it. Craig insists he is, but she says she’s heard it over and over. Craig tells her that’s not what he said. What he said was they didn’t have normal closure; they just walked away. We flash back to their final discussion, where Naomie had enough, and did walk away. She says, a year ago, she was depressed and angry. She thinks he’s in a similar place. Craig agrees, and says he hasn’t figured out how to fill the void. He takes his mind off stuff by going out. Naomie wonders why he doesn’t deal with things head on, and he says he doesn’t know how. He tells her, it obviously took him a while to come to terms with it, but he’s happy for her. In Craig’s interview, he says he didn’t realize it would be this tough. Running into Naomie and Metul reminds him of what he used to have. He felt like their chapter was left open, even though they were writing new books, but now they can close the chapter. That part of their lives is over for good. Naomie says it’s been nice talking to him like a normal person. She’s gotten more out of this conversation then the last two hundred conversations combined.

Scotty dogs play one the terrace, and a band tunes up. Everyone plays games, eats, and drinks. Cameran asks when Ashley is coming, and Eliza wonders who spilled the beans? She tells them, it’s a Christian thing. She likes to forgive and forget. In her interview, she says she worried about inviting Ashley, since she’s finally in a good spot with everyone, but she believes in forgiveness and making peace. Cameran says Ashley said nasty things about Whitney’s mother. Eliza says she didn’t know that. Whitney says she did, but she insists she didn’t.

Here she comes. I hear Here Comes the General from Hamilton in my head.

Naomie says, no way, and walks away from table. Chelsea suggests she hide under it. Craig and Shep meet her on the walkway. Shep says hello, but Craig jets. Naomie tells Chelsea that he left skid marks.  Craig pretends to talk to the staff at the food table. Ashley goes over to Eliza. Austen moves leaves with Whitney. In her interview, Danni says she had a good first impression of Ashley, but she was really wrong. Really, really wrong. We flash back to the ferry ride during the trip to Hilton Head, where Ashley and Thomas terrorized the girls.

At the drink station, Shep asks if Ashley is still with Thomas, and she says he’s diving right into it. It was the worst year of her life. She says she needs a cocktail first, and gets one. She tells Shep that she’s not with Thomas anymore. He introduces her to Marcie. Naomie wants Austen to go with her to get a drink; she’s scared. He says he is too. In her interview, Naomie says, Ashley is crazy. If you’re not scared of her, you should be. Whitney offers to get the drinks. Ashley says, good seeing you, and Whitney says she talked sh*t, unfairly, about his mother. Ashley tells him that she could say the same for Patricia. She’s almost eighty – <gasp!> she went there – and Ashley thinks she should know better. In Whitney’s interview, he says Ashley insists on besmirching his mother’s reputation with conspiracy theories. We see a clip from the reunion where Ashley insisted it was Patricia who turned her against Kathryn. Whitney says she’s delusional, and Ashley says, same. Patricia made her life hell, and she has nothing kind to say about her. She doesn’t want get into it. Over at the tables, Shep says Eliza is also to blame, but he’s not talking clouds on a sunny day. I like that! He says he’s going to have fun.

Ashley sits next to Danni, and kisses her cheek. I think it’s all Danni can do not to wipe it off. At another table, Eliza says she hasn’t had any bad experiences with Ashley. Naomie says Ashley called her a bitch in front of an entire restaurant. Danni says she was Ashley’s friend, and she doesn’t think Ashley was very good to Kathryn. Ashley says she’s a nurse, but still needs to empathize more. She’s sorry she hurt Kathryn. The other Madison, owner of Gwynni’s, points out how Ashley trashed everyone on social media. Ashley acts like it was in the past, and Madison says it was two weeks ago. Ashley says she doesn’t want to get into it, so Madison should keep her mouth shut. It has nothing to do with her. Madison says they’re friends with Kathryn, and Ashley is talking about her. Danni asks if Ashley just told Madison to keep her mouth shut. Ashley babbles some total nonsense, and says she just wants to find peace, and they’re making it bad. Why even bring this up? Madison says because they’re close to Kathryn. Ashley says that’s who she needs to speak to. Danni says Kathryn isn’t going to do that, and Ashley says she’ll write her a letter. She leaves to get another drink. Madison asks if they’re in The Twilight Zone.

Eliza goes over to Danni’s table, and says they must hate her, since she invited Ashley. Madison says, no one is mad at her. Eliza says she wanted to give Ashley the opportunity to make peace. Ashley moves on to Chelsea’s table. She says Chelsea has a puppy (Lil Craig) in her hands, so she figured it would be safe. Cameran asks if Ashley is still living there, and Ashley says she is; she loves it. Wasting no time (probably since she has so little free time), Cameran asks why Ashley tweeted that they were all losers? Ashley tells Cameron that she’d said Ashley was a horrible person. We flash back to the reunion, when Cameran called Ashley a horrible human being. Cameran says Ashley called Kathryn an egg donor. That’s pretty effing bad. Shep and Craig are doing some fishing, and Craig says it figures Austen is with the girls. Ashley tells them that Patricia is the one who talked smack about Kathryn, and she respected Patricia, and thought Patricia can’t be lying. In her interview, Ashley says Patricia made Kathryn her enemy. We flash back again to the reunion, where Ashley said Patricia didn’t want Thomas to get back with Kathryn again. Chelsea tells her, if she’s there for Eliza, go sit with her. Ashley says she’s not asking them to lunch, but she wants to be civilized. She’s just saying hello. Chelsea says when Ashley ran into Naomie, she called Naomie a bitch. Ashley says, rumors, and Austen says, Madison was there. Ashley says she called Naomie a bitch because she was one. Madison says if Ashley is trying to make it right, calling someone a bitch doesn’t work. Ashley says she’s right. She should have just walked away from the bitch. Eliza wonders if she needs to ask Ashley to leave. She’s got it.

Chelsea tells Ashley that she can’t be calling people bitches, and expect them to be nice. Ashley asks why Chelsea’s friend isn’t nice to her? They restaurant was empty. Chelsea says she would have waited until Naomie was done with dinner to call her a bitch. In her interview, Eliza says she did not intend for this to happen. She knows Ashley is in survival mode, but she’s digging a bigger hole for herself, and making her look like an idiot. Ashley agrees she shouldn’t have done that, and says she has so many regrets. She just wants to say she’s sorry.

Austen calls Naomie over. Chelsea says, well… and Ashley says she wishes it had been different. They might have been friends and had fun together. Austen isn’t buying her crocodile tears. Naomie says Ashley called her a bitch, and Austen says she just called them losers. It’s impossible to believe anything she says. Ashley says she’s not talking to him. She doesn’t care about them. Craig tells Shep, it takes a certain amount of crazy to even show up. Shep says he’s incredulous. Ashley says she just wanted to be friendly to Naomie. Naomie says she was in a restaurant, and Ashley called her a bitch in front of her friends. Ashley now says she was joking, making me wonder just where on the insanity scale she falls. She’s gone just about everywhere possible with her reasoning. She tells Naomie that she had only good intentions. Naomie says, no. Ashley came up to her while she was eating, and wanted a hug. When Naomie said she wasn’t giving her a hug, she called Naomie a huge bitch. Austen says, that’s pretty on brand. Eliza says she tried, and it’s all she can do.

Whitney tells Kathryn they have a different interpretation of events, Cameran invites Madison (Austen’s ex) on the trip, Chelsea says she has a bigger d*ck than Craig, and welcome to Denver.

💥 A Final Farewell To the High Priest Maax…

Or Malox as I’ve often called him. While Rip Torn did it all, I’ll always remember him as the villain in The Beastmaster.

👂 Because I Can’t Get It Out Of My Head…



July 9, 2019 – A Surprise Reception Guest, the End Of a Beverly Hills Era, Random Musing, Dorit’s Woes, Tinsley’s Rescues, a Necessary Quote, Advice To Be Heeded & 3 AM


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sibley tells Ava, shh… Ava says, this is ridiculous. What was she thinking? Sibley says, Kiki is here.

Obrecht goes out on deck, taking in the night air. Someone pushes her over the railing.

Drew and Kim find the fuse box. Drew suddenly feels a pain, and says, what was that? He slides to the floor. Kim flips the switch, getting the lights on, and looks at the syringe in her hand.

Elizabeth can’t believe Hayden made it. Hayden says nothing could keep her from being with her sister on the happiest day of her life.

Kim brings Drew to a stateroom. He says he doesn’t feel so great. She tells him, just lean back, and touches his face.

On deck, Cameron says he can’t believe Hayden is back. Trina says she thought they’d had enough of Hayden. Josslyn says, her mom has. They hate each other. They hear Obrecht calling for help, and Josslyn thinks there’s someone in the water.

Ava says Kiki made the lights go off and on, and Sibley says it could be Kiki reaching out from beyond the grave, or a blown fuse. Ava says she can feel Kiki, and asks if Kiki hears her. She says, please talk to her.

Ava calls for Kiki, saying she misses her very much. She can’t tell Kiki how sorry she is for the awful things she said. She wonders if Kiki can hear her, and says, please, something. Sibley tells Ava, be quiet. She’s trying to concentrate. Ava says, Kiki was there. Where is she now?

Hayden says she’ll leave Elizabeth and Franco to celebrate. She has to say hello to someone. Curtis says, what a coincidence; he’s right there. They hug, and she says she missed him. He suggests they take a stroll on deck and catch up. She says she has someone else to say hello to first. She hugs Jax. He’s glad she could make it. Cameron runs in, saying, man overboard. Josslyn says someone just went over the starboard side. Jax and Finn run out.

Lulu arrives at the MetroCourt, and Maxie calls her over. Peter asks if she cares to join them, and Maxie asks if she’s there to bait the burglar. She says she is, and Maxie tells Lulu to sit while she gives her a lecture. Lulu says, with any luck, her date will stand her up, and Peter says, because he’s robbing her house. Lulu says her decoy house. Hopefully, she’ll join them for celebration afterward when her date is at the police station. Lulu sees a guy come in, and says her date’s here. Maxie says, cute, clean, well-dressed; too bad Lulu is married who’s deeply in love with her husband. Lulu thanks her for the reminder, and says she doesn’t want to waste his entire evening. She walks over to her date, and Peter asks Maxie how she proposes to find Dante this time. She’s got that look again.

Kim pushes Drew back on the bed. She tells him that he has no idea how badly she wished he’d been able to see Oscar grow, but he’ll be there for every moment this time, and he’ll forgive her when he sees the baby. He says, Oscar. She strokes his face, and I’m actually kind of creeped out.

Obrecht is pulled out of the water, and brought on deck. Nina runs to her. Finn tells her that she doesn’t want to quit. She doesn’t want to leave all those schemes she’s got going on. Nina asks, what happened? and Jax says, she must have fallen overboard. Finn says, come on Obrecht, and does CPR. He pumps her chest, and she coughs on him. He wipes his mouth and tells Nina, she’s going to make it.

Kim tells Drew that Oscar used ask about his father, but she didn’t want to talk about it. She gets undressed, and gets in bed with him. She says she should have. That’s what tonight is about. She knows he’s going to be there for the baby they’re making tonight, created from love. She kisses him. Julian walks in, and she says it’s not what he thinks. He asks, what the hell is going on here? and Kim says, please, just go.

Obrecht is brought back inside, and Epiphany tells everyone to give her room. Valentin can’t believe it, and Nina says, thank God the kids heard her. She asks where he’s been.

Lulu thanks her date, and tells him that she’s sorry. He says, that he showed up and isn’t robbing her house? She says, something like that. He says it’s certainly the most convoluted explanation for breaking a date that he’s gotten. He says it was still great to meet her. He hopes she catches the burglar, and says, he’s not just decoy while his partner is robbing her house. She says he’s great. He’s funny and smart, and she’s sure there are plenty of good reasons why he’s single. But from their brief conversation, it doesn’t seem like he needs an app to get a date. She’s sure he’ll make some woman happy. She realizes she’s rambling, and asks if he’s stopping her. He says, if anything, he wants her to keep going. She sounds amazing.

Maxie tells Peter, it’s not like the WSB facility in Ithica is underground. It’s a bunch of office buildings. He says, with tremendous security. If she trespasses, it’s violating international law. They hear Lulu laughing, and Maxie says, some non-date. Lulu seems to be enjoying herself, and it’s not appropriate. Maxie says, so Ithaca?

Lulu’s date laughs about the amazing lengths his students will go to, to get off the hook; often in long, run-on sentences. She says, like her, but he says she’s better. She says it’s good to know she’s upped her game since high school. He tells her it’s the most enjoyable pretend date he’s been on.

Ava tells Sibley that she said Kiki was there, and Sibley says, she’s not there anymore. After what happened, her soul doesn’t wish to linger. Ava says, try again, but Sibley says, the session is over. Ava says Sibley isn’t going anywhere until she brings her daughter back.

Josslyn tells Cameron and Trina that Jax and Curtis pulled Obrecht out of the water, and Finn was giving her CPR. She gives Jax a towel, and he says, quick thinking. Josslyn says they didn’t do much. Cameron says Josslyn threw Obrecht a life preserver, and Josslyn says, but she was too weak to hold on. It wasn’t much of a rescue. Jax says they did what they were supposed to, all of them. He asks what he always tells Josslyn about these situations, and she says, never underestimate the value of a cool head.

Obrecht yells, get off me! adding something in German. Finn says, she’s back. Nurse, take the patient. Epiphany says, if she must, and he says, bless you.

Bobbie asks Brad where he’s been. He missed the excitement. He say he was getting some air, when the lights went out.

Cameron asks Hayden if she’s visiting, or is she back back? She says, excellent question. Curtis says it is, and asks if she’s got a ballpark answer, because he’s dying to know.

Julian asks what Kim gave Drew, and she says, a mild sedative. He asks if they… and Kim says they didn’t have sex; Julian stopped them. He asks if it’s what they both wanted, and she says Drew will love any child they have as much as Oscar. He says, that wasn’t his question, and she says he’s turning it into something it isn’t. He asks, what’s going on? and she tells him, stop it. He says she’s in pain; more than she can handle. He says he’s sorry, and she asks, what for? He says, for not recognizing how deep her grief went. She says, this will make it stop, but he says, no. That baby will never be Oscar. She says she knows that, but it might have a trace of Oscar; like his smile or eyes, or just a little gesture. He says it’s not fair to the baby to create a life as a reminder of a child she’ll always love more. It’s not fair. She says she misses Oscar so much. How will she explain things to Drew? Julian says they can deal with that later, but he thinks she should get out right now, before he wakes up. He leads her out of the room.

Elizabeth asks Curtis if he was able to use his PI skills to find out how long Hayden is staying, but he says she’s been cagey. He’s yet to determine how long she’s planning to stay, or how she’s connected to Jax. Hayden says she doesn’t know how long she’ll be in town, and she and Jax crossed paths in Rome. He hired he as a consultant, and they discovered they enjoy each other. Curtis says, same old cupcake. She acts like she’s giving a real juice, but in reality… Elizabeth says, there’s more going on than meets the eye.

Sibley tells Ava that her daughter’s spirit isn’t there anymore. Ava says, isn’t that convenient, and asks if she gets off on torturing the grieving. She’s toying with Ava’s loss, and will regret exploiting her child’s death. Sibley says, shhh… Ava asks, is Kiki…? and Sibley says, there’s something about a dinner; a special dinner. She really wanted to be there. Ava says they made a date a year ago; a girls night. When the reminder came up, Ava went by herself. Sibley is afraid Kiki is gone, and Ava says, get her back, but Sibley says, that’s not how it works. Ava says she just made contact. Do something; anything. She doesn’t care what it costs.

Nina thanks Curtis for helping, and says he’s a good friend. He says she makes it easy. She says, no; she doesn’t, and he agrees. She says she hasn’t thanked Jax, so she’s going to bite the bullet, and thank him now. She sees him with Hayden, and says she’d hate to interrupt an intimate moment.

Hayden gives Jax a jacket she found in the captain’s office. He says he’ll have to be sure to return it. She hasn’t told him if she’s accepting his proposal. She says she’s thinking about it.

Epiphany brings in some EMTs, telling them Obrecht’s vitals are fine, and so are her vocal chords. She tells Obrecht that the EMTs are going to ask her about her fall. Obrecht says she didn’t fall. She was pushed.

On deck, Elizabeth asks Finn how he is. She can’t imagine how he feels seeing Hayden. He says it was a great party, and thanks her for the invite. Congratulations. She asks if he knows that Obrecht claims she didn’t fall over the side of the boat because she was hammered. He says, she was pushed. She says, unfortunately, not by her. What about him? He says he’ll never tell. She says, given who’s on board, it could be anyone.

Maxie tells Peter that Spinelli will get them fake IDs, and official documents. There will even be a phone number in case their credentials are checked. She says he can be an important psychiatrist, and she can be his assistant. Wait, that was super sexist of her. She’ll be the doctor. Peter says her father is head of the WSB. Her face is most certainly in the security system. Someone might catch on. She says he might have a point.

Lulu tells her date that it was nice to meet him. One good thing she’s learned doing this story, is that there are plenty of nice people looking to make a connection. She hopes this hasn’t discouraged him. He says it would take more than a beautiful woman, inadvertently trapping him in her sting to make him give up on love. Now that he has his evening free, he’s going to work. As a teacher, he has several jobs. He says he’ll look for her bylines. She says, goodnight, Dustin Phillips.

Lulu goes back to Maxie and Peter’s table, and Maxie says someone looked like they were having a good time. Lulu says Dustin is a nice guy. Maxie asks if Dustin knows she’s married with children, and Lulu says, of course (🍷). He still found it in himself to be friendly and charming. Peter says, now that it’s over, does she care to join them for a drink. Lulu says she’ll be a third wheel. She’s going home to a nice hot bath. When Lulu is out of earshot, Maxie tells Peter, she’s texting her dad. She’s learned not to expect much from her dad, but he promised to step up if she ever needed him, and she’s not taking no for an answer this time.

Nina asks Obrecht who pushed her? but Obrecht says, it was dark. She didn’t see them. She was enjoying the calm night air, and the next thing she knew, she was in the drink. Nina says she was hammered. She suggests maybe it was less embarrassing for Obrecht to say she was pushed instead of admitting she ran into a pole and fell. Obrecht says she doesn’t run into poles. She was deliberately pushed.

Bobbie tells Scotty that Franco and Elizabeth finally get their reception, and one harpy shows up out of the blue, and another nearly drowns. Scotty says, here’s to Port Charles, and they clink glasses. She tells him stay there and work on his toast. She’ll round up the happy couple, everyone will raise their glasses, and they’ll get the wedding will be back on track. Scotty asks why he always has to save the day?

Drew wakes up, and wonders, what the hell is happening? Everything looks blurry to him. He pulls his pants on, and stumbles out. Curtis sees him, and asks, what happened? Drew doesn’t know how he got there, and Curtis asks if he’s okay.

On deck, Franco tells Elizabeth it was weird. Obrecht was rambling about Brad, Lucas, and Wiley’s real father. She was so hammered. He’s worried once she’s sober, she’ll clam up. Elizabeth says Obrecht trusts him. She’ll never understand it, but they care about each other. He doesn’t understand it either. Elizabeth says, tomorrow when she’s sober, he’ll get the truth out of her. Bobbie overhears.

Drew asks where he is, and Curtis says, a stateroom on The Haunted Star. Drew knows he was on the boat, but how did he get to the room? He wonders if he got drunk, but Curtis says he didn’t see that. He says, hang on. He thinks he saw something. He goes out in the hallway, and sees the syringe on a chair. He gets a cloth, and brings it back, saying, look what he found. Judging from Drew’s state of mind, and his pupils, Curtis thinks somebody drugged him. Drew remembers being with Kim. He flashes back to saying he doesn’t feel great, and Kim saying she’ll take care of everything, and starting to take her clothes off. Curtis says he’s calling Jordan, but Drew tells him, don’t call her. Curtis says, whoever did this needs to be caught. Drew says, the person who did this is in enough trouble already.

Julian leads Kim to the pier. She says, she was about to… She can’t look at Drew again. She doesn’t know who she is anymore. Who she is without Oscar. She doesn’t know what do. Julian holds her, and says he’ll get her some help, and he’ll be with her every step of the way.

Scotty asks Bobbie where the bride and groom are. He has his toast ready. She says, something came up, and she’ll be right back. She grabs Brad, saying she just heard something he needs to know about.

Jax introduces Josslyn to Hayden. Hayden says Josslyn must be Carly’s daughter. She couldn’t be anyone else. Josslyn says she’ll take that as a compliment, and Hayden says, it’s meant as one. Josslyn says she’ll tell her mom that Hayden said so. Jax says he’ll take Josslyn home, but she says she’ll share a ride with her friends. He says hell cancel the limo then. She says, he didn’t say limo.

Valentin congratulates Franco, and says he’ll see Nina in the car. Nina says, great reception. It was smart to get married in lock- up. There’s no one to object. Franco says, the guard looked like he might say something any moment. She tells him that she’s happy for him and his family. Even Elizabeth. She thinks they’re pretty perfect for each other. He thanks her, and she says she wants him to be happy. He deserves it. She kisses his cheek, and leaves.

Bobbie tells Brad that she overheard Franco say Obrecht knows who Wiley’s biological father is. He asks why anyone would believe anything that homicidal drama queen has to say? She asks, why was she talking about Wiley at all? He wishes he knew, and she says they can’t take a chance. She tells Brad to fill Lucas in, and call Alexis. The last thing they need is loose information flying abound about her grandson.

Ava tells Sibley that she had doubts, but there’s no way she could have known about the restaurant. She knows Kiki was really there, and needs her back. There’s so much she needs to tell Kiki. Sibley says she can’t feel her, and Ava says, there must be some other way. Sibley says she could try channeling Kiki, but it’s not always possible. When it works, she can be a conduit between the physical and spiritual worlds, but it takes time and preparation. It’s not something to be taken lightly, and she can’t always control what comes, especially if the spirits are unsettled. Ava says she believes Sibley. There’s no need to try and make it spooky. Sibley says she’s not doing this for effect. She’s warning Ava that once the door is opened, it’s not easily closed.

Lulu looks up Dustin’s profile, smiles, and goes into the elevator. Maxie looks at her phone, and says, amazing! Peter thought they were done with fashion week until September. She says she’s so glad he’s been paying attention, but her dad got them in to see Dante. Peter says, Ithaca, here we come.

Kim leaves a message for Dr. Massey. She wants to make an appointment. Tomorrow or as soon as possible. It’s an emergency.

Curtis wants to make sure Drew gets home safe. Drew says he can take care of himself, but Curtis says he has no choice, and helps him up. Drew is still groggy, and says, let’s just get out of here. He looks at the bed and flashes back to Kim saying, he’ll accept the baby they make tonight will be created out of love. He asks Curtis to get him the hell out of there.

Trina tells Josslyn and Cameron, that was the sweetest, craziest, most intense wedding reception she’s been too. Josslyn says, clearly, she’s never been to a Corinthos or Spencer wedding. Cameron says, no bomb threats, nobody got slapped, and only one person almost drowned. Trina thinks next time they do something, they should invite Dev. He’s cute, and mysterious, and annoys Josslyn, which is a plus. Cameron says she wants Josslyn to be annoyed, and Trina says, if it gets her out of the house. Josslyn says she didn’t come there because of Dev, but she had fun. They’re her best friends in the entire world. The three of them sit, Cameron in the middle with an arm around each girl.

Sibley tells Ava, when she has all the components to channel the spirit, she’ll be in touch. Ava says she’d better be. Sibley says she will. Not because Ava is threatening her, but because Ava and Kiki need to talk. Ava asks if Kiki hears that. They’ll talk soon.

Elizabeth tells Jax that she’s glad he was there. He wishes her all love she deserves, and she says, even if it’s with Franco. She tells Jax that he really is a changed man, and Jax says he makes her happy. If anyone deserves happiness, it’s her.

Finn comes face-to-face with Hayden. He says, hi, and she returns the hi. She says, now that they got that out of the way, excuse her. Jax is taking her back. Elizabeth thanks her for coming, and Hayden says she wouldn’t miss it. She and Jax leave.

Scotty asks if Bobbie took care of whatever was so important. She says she wouldn’t say it’s taken care of, but she did what she could. She’s ready to call it a night. Elizabeth thanks them for coming, and Scotty thanks Elizabeth for making an honest man of her son. Bobbie says he did a 180, and she’s proud of him. She tells Franco, be good to her, and he says, always. She tells Elizabeth, don’t wait for happiness. Grab it by both hands. Scotty says that was his toast. Now he’s got nothing, except he loves them. Franco says he loves Scotty, and thanks him. Bobbie and Scotty leave.

Franco says he thought they’d never leave, and Elizabeth says, at least they didn’t leave in an ambulance. Franco asks may he have this dance, Mrs. Baldwin? She says, her pleasure, Mr. Baldwin. They walk out to the floor. He asks if she knows what he was looking forward to the most. She says, tell her, and he says, just being by her side every day for the rest of his life. She says, good answer, and they kiss.

Tomorrow, Cameron says Oscar’s will is being ready today, Drew tells Kim that she crossed the line, Sam has evidence against Shiloh, and Jason asks Brick who’s getting a new identity.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Ugh. Thank God this is the finale. I’m not that interested in watching this bunch of mean women, who are old enough to know better, anymore. LVP won’t be at the reunion either. The only interest I’d have in watching the next season would be to see who they decide to turn on next. I don’t really believe LVP walks on water, but even if she might finagle things sometimes, it’s not like she’s deliberately cruel. And these chicks became like a gang.

Kim visits Kyle. She asks if Kim is hungry. She says she could eat. Kyle says, If Kim was a guest, she’d make her something, but since she’s Kyle’s sister, she can feed herself. In her interview, Kyle says she and Kim have gone through a lot. We flash back to a lot, including the infamous limo scene. She thinks their relationship will always be a work in progress. She asks how the baby is. Kim says she never imagined she’d have kids who would have babies, and she’d feel this way. She’s in a new phase of her life, and happy. She asks what going on with Kyle, and Kyle tells her Alexia is enjoying being in the business with Mauricio. In Kyle’s interview, she says when Alexia first came home from college, it was an adjustment, but she learned if she wants to succeed, she has to go out there and make that money. She tells Kim about the agency’s upcoming celebration. Kim says she’ll do her best to come. Kyle warns her that LisaR will be there. Kim says, no matter what she does to make things right, she’s going to have that with LisaR. She doesn’t want to be LisaR’s friend, but she doesn’t want a dagger coming at her, or being called the c-word. In Kim’s interview, she says she and LisaR will never be friends. There have been moments they’ve tried to make amends – we flash back to Farrahween when they decided to forgive each other – but she doesn’t know if LisaR is sincere. She tells Kyle that she just wants to get along, but thinks LisaR has it out for her.

Dorit tells PK that she’s still reeling. She could have done without Camille’s sh*t. She’s the most two-faced human Dorit has ever met. Wow. In LA? Really? PK says he’s not really surprised. Dorit tells him that Camille said she didn’t know how Dorit has so much, when PK clamed bankruptcy. PK says he filed in ’09; ten years ago, before he knew her. It has no bearing on their lifestyle now, and it’s his job to take care of Dorit. What irritates Dorit are some of the things in the press about the Beverly Beach lawsuit. She can’t discuss it, and she knows Camille wants to throw in digs. In her interview, she says the lawsuit is hanging over her head. It’s had a devastating effect on Beverly Beach, and she had to find a new manufacturer. She wonders why anyone would want to ruin her reputation. PK asks where Camille gets her money. In Dorit’s interview, she asks if Camille forgot where her money came from. (Later, on Watch What Happens Live, Camille answered that question – no, she didn’t.) She asks if there’s any chance PK can come to the party, but he says he has his daughter. Dorit explains in her interview that PK’s daughter, Atlanta, is now eighteen, and just moved to the US. She says she’d like him to be there, but understands. He asks if she can avoid Camille, but she says it would be impossible.

Everyone gets ready for the agency party. Dorit whines to her glam squad that Camille is low and dirty.

Teddi calls Kyle, saying she’s running late. In the limo, Kyle says she is too. Apparently, a little rain is going on, and this causes everyone to freak out, and traffic to be slower than it usually is. Denise and Aaron pick up Dorit. Denise asks if Dorit’s house is still for sale. Dorit says she wants more yard for the kids. Denise says they’ve been bouncing back and forth from different hotels, and it’s been hard, stressful, and sad. In Denise’s interview, she says the situation with the fire tested their marriage. If they can get through this, they can get through anything. She tells Dorit that she loves Malibu, but doesn’t feel safe because of the toxins from the smoke. Dorit thanks them for picking her up. Denise tells Aaron, if anything happens. he has to have Dorit’s back. Dorit says people like Camille scare her. I say, oh please. In Dorit’s interview, she says she hates knowing she’ll be face-to-face with Camille. She doesn’t know which face Camille will bring out. Hopefully, not the batsh*t crazy one. I guess she’s not that scared, since she’s saying that on camera for posterity.

The guests begin to arrive. Kyle tells Mauricio, if her boob falls out, let her know. Futuristic servers greet the guests and carry trays with food and drink, and there are guys on stilts in futuristic costumes milling around. As much as you can mill on stilts anyway. In Kyle’s interview, she says when Mauricio started the agency, it was his idea to build a legacy their daughters could carry on. When she looks at what they’ve built, she feels happy and fulfilled. She asks Teddi if anyone else is there (i.e. Dorit or Camille). She tells Alexia that she’s not comfortable when her friends are arguing. Alexia says Kyle’s friends are next level.

Both Erika and LisaR decide to wear wigs, independently of each other. In Erika’s interview, she says she loves a pink wig. We flash back to a few times when she’s worn one. I’m not sure why she brings this up, since both of their wigs are platinum. She says, it never rains in LA, and a little bit can ruin your whole situation. Mauricio says blah-blah-blah about the building. Camille walks in. In her interview, she says she’s disappointed with her friends’ actions and behavior. She’s sick of being on the chopping block. It’s pretty heartless.

Blah-blah-blah, real estate talk. Teddi says, oh no; she’s here, and again I say, oh please. Kyle says Camille came all the way there in the rain. Camille says she came for Kyle, and Kyle asks how she is after the other night. She tells Kyle, the other night was a sh*t show. They ganged up on her. Kyle says it wasn’t their intention, and Camille can’t understand why they’d bring up anything at all. No surprise, Teddi tries to insert herself in the conversation, and Camille tells her, shut it down. Teddi isn’t worth her time. She didn’t jump on the LVP bitch train, and it’s not fair. She says she’s disappointed in Kyle, but Kyle insists they weren’t attacking her. In Kyle’s interview, she says Camille seemed remorseful when they left the dinner, and now she comes in guns blazing. What’s going on? Teddi steps into the reception area, as Erika and LisaR are coming in. She says she’s taking a breath. Camille came in hot with her and Kyle. She doesn’t like to be talked down to, but doesn’t like that Camille says they attacked her. Erika wonders how you stand up for yourself without going overboard. In her interview, Teddi says Camille can’t tear her down to make herself feel better about her sh*tty behavior. Kyle tells Camille it was a miscommunication. The euphemism for when people act nasty and get caught.

Dorit and Denise arrive next. Denise and LisaR agree they look like high class hookers. In Denise’s interview, she’s sure some hookers dress like this, but not the ones she’s met. LisaR asks for chat with Camille, and Camille says, no. After being attacked, she wants to wait a while. LisaR says Camille seemed like she understood, and was fine with things the other night. What changed? Camille says, after thinking about it, she realized it’s not her fault. She doesn’t have to say she’s sorry. LisaR says she was just sharing what happened in the van. Camille says she and LVP know what they’ve been through. LisaR asks if she’s okay with what she did to Dorit. In her interview, LisaR says Camille bringing up LVP is annoying. She feels sympathetic to what the women have gone through, but their behaviors existed in the group before they had loss. She tells Camille that she’s empathetic, and Camille says, really? In LisaR’s interview, she says when she lost her father, she wasn’t cut any slack. She was accused of being a pill popper and drug addict. We flash back to that, and I can’t believe she’s bringing up that silliness. Not to mention, she didn’t tell people about her father right away. And while I’m at it, she had some fine sensitivity when LVP’s brother died, posting birthday greetings along with a joke about pills – which is how he died. She asks if she played the victim. Camille asks why come at her because she said something nice about LVP? How disgusting is she? It’s disgustingly petty. Let’s figure out who the mean girl is. She thinks it’s LisaR.

Zzzzzzz… this party. Denise approaches Camille, and Camille says she likes Denise. She’s not getting into it. She does feel bad about what she said about Dorit though. Denise says she needs to apologize. In Denise’s interview, she says she and Camille have both been attacked in the press. To see this side of Camille, and for her to lash out at Dorit is unacceptable. Kyle picks up the mic, and says she’s excited and proud of what her husband and the agency have accomplished. When Alexia was six months old, he lost his job, and she suggested they get real estate licenses. It was a big risk for Mauricio going out on his own, but they’ve gone from six people to four hundred and eighty-five. Mauricio thanks everyone at the agency and his family. Camille and Denise continue their conversation, and Dorit tells them to let Mauricio finish his speech. Camille wants to apologize to Dorit. Dorit tells the others that she’s shaking. My third oh please of the night. Camille says she feels awful about what she said. Dorit says it hurt her. In Dorit’s interview, she says she doesn’t take anything Camille says seriously. She’s gone too low. One of the stilt dudes strolls by.

Assuming it’s her business, Teddi tells Camille that she doesn’t know what going on. She’s sorry for what Camille is going through, but she doesn’t like how Camille talked down to her. If Camille doesn’t like her, don’t hang out with her. Which is amusing, since Teddi keeps seeking Camille out. Camille says Teddi blew off her daughter. We flash back to Camille hearing that Teddi ignored her daughter at an event. Teddi swears she said hi. Denise butts in, disappointing me. Camille says Teddi snubbed her daughter, but Teddi insists she never did. Camille knows she wouldn’t do that. Camille says she doesn’t know that, and that’s not how her daughter feels. In Camille’s interview, she says, Teddi has a hard time being accountable for her own behavior. She says her daughter isn’t making it up, and Teddi says, stop talking down to her. Denise says Camille isn’t talking down to her. They’re not in seventh grade. She starts to say Camille knows some other thing, and Camille says again, she doesn’t know, especially after the other night. She tells Denise, back off, and Denise says, you back off. Because we’re not in seventh grade. In her interview, Denise says she was married Charlie, and can handle drama, but enough’s enough. Camille says she’s not going to be attacked. In her interview, Camille says, it hurt. It was unfair, the way they were coming after her and questioning her. She just lost her house and assistant. She needs time to heal. LisaR says all the women there for her. Camille says, she appreciates it, but it’s too much to process, and leaves.

In the car, Camille tells David that she’s not diminishing or dismissing her daughter’s feelings. He thinks she should chill out, and they should put it behind them. She thanks him for being there. Now that I’m thinking about it, why didn’t the ever-accountable and fan of apologies Teddi, just say she was sorry if she made Camille’s daughter feel snubbed?

Kyle tells the women not to go anywhere. She brought Provence to Denise, since she couldn’t be there. She brings out the rosé they were drinking, and we flash back to that. In her interview, she says the group has gotten close, and that’s something to celebrate. She was hoping Camille would be a part of it, but that’s not happening. Not tonight. They clink glasses, and LisaR says, cheers, to a fun effing time.

Six months later. The women gather at Kyle’s house, Kyle telling Erika that she looks like Mrs. Girardi today. She does look like a high-end Donna Reed. Lunch is set up outside. Dorit asks if anyone saw the video of LVP opening her restaurant in Vegas. She was wearing a crown, and came in on sleigh or something. We see the video, but it’s not a sleigh. It’s one of those things Cleopatra is carried on. (I looked it up, and it’s called a carrying chair/litter.) Camille is in the video, and Denise doesn’t know why she wasn’t invited. We see a clip of Camille visiting LVP, and telling her how the women came after her after she lost Scott and her house. As soon as LVP left, she was the target. LVP says after all the bullsh*t, she immersed herself in her Vegas project. Camille is sorry about Kyle, and LVP says her friendship was thrown in her face. Camille says, it’s not fair. Back at the table, Dorinda says LVP needs the devotion of the people around her. No wonder she’s called the queen. Kyle says, that’s why she wears a crown. Denise says she thought it was because she’s English.

LisaR says she ran into LVP in a parking garage. She heard LVP’s voice say, oh god. She didn’t say anything, and LVP got in her car. She was fumbling in her purse, and her nails were wet. LisaR asked if she needed some money. In her interview, she says she’s still willing to loan LVP a few bucks. She says LVP said, no, and if she did, she wouldn’t take LisaR’s money. Erika wonders, why wet nails in 2019? Kyle says she also bumped into LVP in Nieman Marcus. She said hi, and LVP said hello before she realized it was Kyle. She was really shocked. Kyle said she was sorry about how everything turned out, and everything that’s happened; it didn’t need be this way. LVP said Kyle called her a liar. We flash back to their depressing argument. Kyle says, she didn’t; those were LVP’s words. Oh come on. One more person that hides behind not using the exact words when they still conveyed the idea. She says, it felt sad. Nothing is going to change. She feels for what LVP is going through, but it doesn’t excuse her behavior, and it’s not behavior because she’s having a hard time. Teddi says they’re all capable of saying they’re sorry and moving on. There’s only one person who hasn’t apologized. Kyle says she can’t keep trying to fix it; she can’t do it anymore. In her interview, Kyle says, it felt like old times; she and LVP trying to talk through something. She misses her friend, but she never came around at all, and left no door open. Kyle tells them she felt lighter. She’s good. In her interview, she says, in hindsight, it feels like she was more invested in the friendship than LVP.

Erika says they’ve all made mistakes, and said they’re sorry. LisaR says she’s done things she’s not proud of, but has been able to move through it. She feels a sense of freedom with them, and doesn’t feel that much in life. She thanks them. Dorit asks Denise how the honeymoon stage is, and if they’re still in it. Denise says, always. In Denise’s interview, she says the fire made her realize she doesn’t need a lot in life. She’s had all the stuff, and realizes what she needs to live with simply. It was a lesson for her. Since it’s the finale, we see some text about her life. She’s moved from Malibu to Brentwood, and even though her married life is just beginning, she’s counting on a happy ending with Aaron. BA-DUM-CHH! Denise asks if Teddi and Edwin are still scheduling sex. In Teddi’s interview, she says she went along with LVP’s scheme because she’s a stupid idiot. No argument with that. She says she has to trust her gut, and no matter how hard it is, go directly to the person she has an issue with. Her blurb say she’s focusing on her business and family, and scheduling more time with Edwin. LisaR can’t believe how fast her kids have grown. They have prom and graduation; it’s happening. In her interview, she says she’s called people on their sh*t. We read that Amelia is off to college, and LisaR is an official empty nester, but still refuses to go camping with Harry. In Erika’s interview, she says she’s been with this group four years now. She was slow to open up, but it feels comfortable sharing. It’s nice to know she’s not alone. She says, things are good. We see that, although she loves her friends, she still takes pictures of her handwritten notes – just in case. Okay… Not sure where that’s coming from. Dorit says they’re still looking for a new home, and talks about her kids being at a yummy age. In her interview, she says there could have been better closure. She wasn’t prepared for the LVP trauma. The text says she’s still looking for her dream home, and Beverly Beach is debuting men’s swimwear called the Andy.  Brownnose much? Kyle says she doesn’t want an enemy, and doesn’t like having bad feelings about someone she cares about.

In LVP’s interview, she says between opening a new restaurant, her personal issues, and the screw up with her friends, she’s had a lot to deal with. She feels like she’s in a different place. Out with the old, and in with the new. We read that LVP has many crowns to wear, but says her favorite times are at home with her dogs. Which is why I love her. She still hasn’t made amends with her friends.

Kyle says her girlfriends are beautiful, talented, and successful. She couldn’t be happier. In her interview, she says she was afraid to be honest and speak her truth with LVP, since she knew the outcome wouldn’t be good. But ultimately, she feels like she did the right thing. She grew as a person. Hopefully, for the better. She tells the women, instead of saying, I have to, say, I get to, and everyone tries it with crap they don’t want to do. Kyle’s ending says that she’s still waiting to give LVP her birthday present. She’s also working on some new TV projects, which she hopes don’t cause conflict with her sisters.

The women clink glasses, and LisaR says, the best is yet to come. Maybe so, but I don’t think I’ll be watching.

🚪 Six Degrees Of… Something…

Making connections. While watching a King of Queens rerun, I noticed guest star Tim Matheson was playing Dr. Farber. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that his character Otter in Animal House went to Faber College. Okay, it’s off by an R, but still…

👙 Beverly Beach Blues…

All about the lawsuit.

All about Dorit’s feelings.

🐶 Brava Tinsley!

As sad as she was when Bambi died, she opened her heart to two new babies rescued from Yulin.

😀 Because I Have To…

Best thing I heard all night.

Denise: We’re not in seventh grade.

Camille: Back off!

Denise: You back off!

Me: Really, Denise?

🎣 Sound Summer Advice…

Get out of the water if you see large schools of baitfish jumping in shallow water.

— Shark researcher Dr. Gavin Naylor, who helped identify the type of shark that bit a man’s foot, 24 years after it happened.

⌛ Poof! There It Is…

July 8, 2019 – The Reception Goes Dark, the Med’s Biggest Tip Ever, a Return, a Climb, a Baby & Yeter Tuesday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nina meets Valentin at the MetroCourt. He talks to her in French. She tells him, whatever he said, thank you. He kisses her neck.

Psychic Sibney Gamble tells Ava, disclosures up front. She doesn’t have a crystal ball, she’s not a palmist, and doesn’t predict the future. She has experiences in clairvoyance, but can’t predict or control the images. Ava says she’s not interested in the future. Sibney says she senses the emotional energy of those who have passed. Sometimes, it’s just a feeling, and sometimes they’re as present as Ava is. Ava says Sibney has been clear on what she can’t do, but vague on what she can. Ava wonders why she should pay such a substantial fee, and Sibney says she can afford it. And she’s Ava’s best hope of making peace with Kiki.

Nina tells Valentin that she’s going to check in with Jax. He says if she must, and she tells him not to sulk. He says he’s not sulking. He has phone calls to return.

Nina sits with Jax, and asks if he got her text. He says, it’s been handled. She says, that was quick, and he tells her, time is money. He asks if she knows the woman sitting with Ava. She says, the so-called psychic? Unfortunately, yes.

Valentin calls Curtis, who’s on the deck of The Haunted Star, and asks if he has anything. Curtis says he has two things. Jax has a file on Valentin, and also one on Cassandra.

Finn dances with Epiphany, and she asks if he wants to take a break. He says he wouldn’t want to show Milo up. Epiphany says Milo is out of town, defending his title. She says, speaking of significant others, where’s Anna? He says she’s out looking for her sister, and Epiphany says good thing Anna has her to keep an eye on him. Terry sees Drew, and says she’s glad he make it. He says, it felt like a happy distraction, and she asks, how was the trip to Africa? He says, beautiful. Painful, but beautiful. He’s surprised she hasn’t talked to Kim, but Terry says she hasn’t seen much of Kim. She hasn’t been at work for a while. Kim and Julian walk in, and Kim asks where the happy couple is.

Franco knocks on the door to a room on the boat, and asks if Elizabeth is ready. People are waiting. He goes in, and sees rose petals everywhere, and champagne in a bucket. Elizabeth comes out in a robe, and tells him, welcome to the honeymoon suite. He says, technically, it’s not a honeymoon until after the reception, but she says it’s a honeymoon when they say it is. She starts taking off his clothes, saying, it’s their party. How much trouble could they get into? He asks, what could possibly go wrong? Always a bad question to ask on this show.

Kim tells Terry that it’s great to see her. She’s contemplating her return to work. There is such a thing as too much time on your hands. Terry says they’d love to have her back, and Kim says, no hospital talk. She wants to toast to Franco and Elizabeth. She and Terry go to look for them. Drew tells Julian, it looks like Kim is doing better, but Julian says he should have a closer look.

Julian takes a champagne glass out of Brad’s hand, and asks who’s home with Wiley. Brad says Lucas is there. He insisted one of them come, since Shiloh is lurking around. Julian says Shiloh is no threat, but Brad says Shiloh thinks he’s Wiley’s father. Obrecht watches on the sidelines.

In Sonny’s kitchen, Michael and Sasha make snacks. Josslyn comes in, and says she thought it was Dev. He’s a bottomless pit. Michael says they’re babysitting Avery. Josslyn says she could have done that, but Michael says they thought she might have something better to do. She’s in the clear. She can go hang out with Cameron and Trina.

Cameron and Trina walk into the reception. He tells Trina, it’s not too late to back out, but she says she’s not going anywhere until she has some cake. He says he doesn’t really want her to. She knows he’s not looking forward to this, but said she’d have his back, so she will.

Laura tells Doc that Cameron showed up with a date. It’s a step up from him not wanting to be there. Doc knows how Cameron feels, but Laura says he wouldn’t have been invited if they didn’t want him there. He can’t hole up, and expect to get back to normal. He says he’s not sure he’s ready to reenter their social scene, and Laura suggests they stay for one toast. She tells him, besides, take a look around. No one is paying attention to them. He says she’s right. They’re probably wondering what to make of that. She looks, and sees Bobbie come in, accompanied by Scotty on his scooter.

Valentin says, so Jax has Intel on Cassandra, and asks Curtis if it’s recent or background. Stella asks if Curtis is coming, or does she have to make her own entrance? He says, one minute, and Valentin asks where he is. Curtis says, in the doghouse. He’s at Franco and Elizabeth’s reception. They’ll speak later. Curtis goes in with Stella.

Ava tells Sibney not to toy with her. She came for real answers, not superficial mumbo jumbo. Sibney says she doesn’t do mumbo jumbo. That’s why she doesn’t work for free. She’s been in contact with Connie Falconari. Ava says she came to talk about Kiki, and Sibney says, she’s not telling Sonny anything. You don’t have to shoot me. That was the last thing Connie said before Ava pulled the trigger. Ava asks how she knows, and she says, it’s simple. Connie told her. Ava says, that’s impossible, and Sibney says if she wants the impossible, she’ll give it to Ava, but her fee is non-negotiable.

Valentin approaches Jax’s table. He says he hopes he’s not interrupting, but they have an engagement. Jax asks if they’re going to the reception, and Valentin says Elizabeth is an old friend. Nina adds that Franco is her ex, and Jax is impressed that they’re cordial.

Ava tells Sibney that she paid the fee for the initial consultation. Could they focus on her daughter? SIbney says Kiki isn’t the only spirit in Ava’s orbit. As Nina and Valentin walk past, Nina stops and asks if Sibney is still in contact with the great beyond. She tells Ava that Nina’s mother was her best client. Nina says, she’s a fraud, and tells Ava, steer clear. Sibney says, Madeline was a demanding client. She still is. She has a message from her. Nina says, yeah, right, but Sibney says, it’s not for her. She tells Valentin, next time, use tweezers. Valentin flashes back to standing over Madeline’s coffin, saying, maybe in death, she can give Nina the greatest gift of all. Ava asks what the hell that means, and Nina says, exactly. They move on, and Ava says she doesn’t want to communicate with Madeline or Connie. She wants to reach her daughter.

Franco and Elizabeth are in bed, when there’s a knock on the door. Franco tells her, stay quiet, and they’ll go away. Cameron asks if they’re almost ready.

Finn asks Curtis how Jordan is, and Curtis says, improving by the day. Stella says she claims she’s stagnating, and Epiphany asks Stella if she’s going to find her long lost mystery relative. Stella says she went to a website that claimed she had a relative living nearby. Curtis asks if she doesn’t want to know more, but she says, you never know who you’re letting into your life. She doesn’t want some drunk. Curtis says they’d be related to him too; maybe he should get tested. Stella says, sure; spread his DNA along. Finn says, no offense to Chase, but he has enough problems with the family he knows.

Scotty says, so they invited Laura, and Bobbie says, of course (🍷). They join Laura and Doc, and Scotty says he thought Laura had split with Doc. Doc asks Bobbie if she’s met the real Scotty, and she says she’s known him for a long time. Laura says, let’s not do this, and Scotty tells them, enjoy the evening, before scooting off. Doc says, nice scooter Scotty. I’ll bet they drew straws for who got to say that.

Felix comes in, and an obviously drunk Obrecht hugs him. She asks if he’s there alone; where’s Donny? He says they broke up, and she asks if he’s still carrying a torch for Dr. Jones. He says, Lucas is married now, but she tells him, don’t give up. That marriage is not built to last.

Julian tells Brad, all Shiloh can do is speculate. He can’t prove anything. Brad says he can ask a judge for a DNA test, and they know what the results will say. Julian says, it doesn’t matter; he has no proof, and no one who knows will say anything. He tells Brad, relax, get his head on straight, and he’ll be fine. Bobbie sees them, and says Brad looks like he could use some air. She suggests he take a walk while she talks to Julian.

Drew asks Kim how she’s holding up, and she says she’s happy for Elizabeth and Franco. He is too, but he’s concerned about Kim. She doesn’t know what’s worse; not getting what you want, or being pitied for wanting it in the first place. She knows it was crazy, but Drew says it’s not. Kim says she wanted another family with him when they never had one in the first place. He says they are family; her, him, and Oscar. Oscar might be gone, but the bond is forever. Kim says if it’s not crazy, is wanting a family with him still possible?

Josslyn asks what movie Michael and Sasha are going to watch, and Sasha says they haven’t decided. Does she want to pick? Josslyn asks if they mind if she stays, and Michael suggests inviting Dev. Josslyn seems reluctant, and he says, or she could take him to hang out with Cameron and Trina. She says Cameron is busy at his mom and Franco’s reception. He wanted her to go with him to run interference. Sasha asks if he doesn’t like Franco, and Josslyn says, no; he’s just weird about it. Sasha says it sounds like she could help. Why didn’t she go? Josslyn says she didn’t want to make a hard night harder. People mean well, but when she’s around… Sasha says people are looking at her, wondering how she is, and Josslyn says, yeah. Sasha hates to break it to her, but they’re doing right now.

Stella tells Curtis that she’s not interested in seeing what relative is a match. She’s going to see what’s keeping the party from being started. Nina asks Curtis what she missed, and he says his auntie being stubborn. Nina sees Obrecht approach Finn, and thinks she should mount a rescue.

Curtis tells Valentin that he’s going to dig in and do more research before he gets into Jax’s office again. What does Valentin know about Cassandra? Valentin says he and Cassandra had a limited interaction before he fell in love with Nina. Curtis wonders if Finn can help. He and Anna got mixed up with her. Maybe he knows if she’s connected to Jax. Jax walks in, and he and Valentin nod politely at each other.

Obrecht says Finn’s fiancé vanished again? He says, someone hasn’t vanished if you know where they are. She says, it must be a strain on the relationship when one party refuses to settle down. Nina joins them, and says she’s been so busy, she feels like she’s been neglecting her aunt. She says she wants to catch up on Obrecht’s column, and leads her away.

Drew tells Kim that they can’t have another kid right now. She says she didn’t intend to put him on the spot again. He says, yearning for a child isn’t something you can rush, and thinks she should take some time. She wanders off.

Bobbie asks if she needs to remind Julian about the last time they talked. He asks if he should duck now or later, and she asks him if he’s inserting himself into Lucas and Brad’s lives again. He says he’ll always be a part of their lives, and if they need help, he’s going to give it to him. She wonders what good his help is, and suggests he not help anyone ever. Scotty calls her over.

Ava says she’d like to talk to her daughter now, and Sibney says, here? In the middle of the restaurant? It’s not exactly conducive to contacting the departed. Ava asks if there’s another place that’s more conducive, and if there’s an extra charge. Sibney says, energy leaves a mark, and a spirit’s energy leaves a huge discharge if there’s a violent death. Ava asks if she wants to visit where Kiki was killed, and Sibney asks if that’s possible. Ava says, the apartment has been sold, but then the police were never sure where exactly it was she died. Sibney asks if there’s an alternative location, and Ava says, one.

Terry thanks everyone for coming, and supporting her oldest and truest friend and her handsome groom. They’ve been waiting, and the wait is over. It’s her pleasure to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin; Franco and Elizabeth. The guests applaud. Franco tells Elizabeth, make ‘em laugh, make ‘em cry, make ‘em wait. The music plays, and he dips her on the dance floor.

Elizabeth thanks everyone for helping them celebrate. They’re not big on formalities or speeches, but they’re incredibly happy, and everyone’s presence made the moment even more perfect. Franco says it’s been a long, strange trip getting there, and he owes them a huge debt. He thanks everyone for coming, and publicly wants to thank his wife for loving him, and allowing him to love her, and changing everything. He loves her. He asks where the boys are, and thanks them. He’s happy to be around them, and thanks them for coming. Cameron says they’ll be right back. Elizabeth thanks her husband for completing her family, and for his patience, humor, and perseverance. Franco says he has a lot to be grateful for and to celebrate. Drew toasts to Elizabeth and Franco.

Cameron, Jake, and Aiden come back in. Cameron says they’ve been working on; a tribute to their mom and dad. He hopes they don’t mind, and Elizabeth says, of course (🍷) we don’t. Cameron plays the guitar and sings, while Aiden accompanies him on the tambourine, and Jake on the rhythm shaker. I think it’s an original song, since I can’t find anything via the lyrics. Trina films them, and Elizabeth wipes a tear from her cheek. Franco holds out his hand, and he and Elizabeth dance. We see everyone dance, as the song continues. Jax watches Nina and Valentin. The cake is cut. Elizabeth throws the bouquet, and Terry catches it. Family photos are taken.

Cameron congratulates Elizabeth and Franco, and shakes Franco’s hand. Franco compliments the boys. Laura says, two happy people, and Doc says he’s happy he and Laura are still together. She says, her too, and they kiss.

Michael gives Josslyn a bowl of loaded ice cream, but she’s not sure if she’s up to tackling it. She didn’t help Cameron, and he’s been there for her. Sasha is sure Cameron understands. What she’s going through is something real, but she’ll get back out there. Josslyn says she’ll have to sometime. She might as well help a friend. Michael asks if that means she’s not staying for the movie. Josslyn says they’re on their own, and pushes the bowl of ice cream toward him, telling them, good luck. Michael says, it has to be done, and asks Sasha if she wants some, but she says she’ll stick with popcorn.

Felix asks Brad how it going with the baby, and Brad says, good. Felix says when he didn’t see Lucas, he thought the baby was sick or something. Brad says, or something? Like what? He starts to tell Brad what Obrecht said, but then says she’s hitting the skids. It sounded like she had the inside track, but she’s drinking, and probably made it up. Forget he said anything.

Brad asks to talk to Julian, and Kim goes to get a drink.

Jax introduces himself to Finn, saying he’s a good friend of Robin’s, and she wanted him to tell Finn hi. He thinks she believes Finn is lonely because her mom is away. Nina introduces him to Obrecht, saying she insisted on meeting him. Obrecht says the pleasure is all hers, and asks if he’s heard from his brother. He says he hasn’t, and she says Jax has a reputation for honesty, so she feels like she should believe him. On the other hand, he also has a reputation of protecting his brother, which leads her to believe he’s lying. He asks how she knows Jerry, and she says they go way back. Everyone who’s worked for Helena Cassadine meets at some point.

Ava arrives, and introduces Sibney to Elizabeth. She tells Elizabeth, hold on to this one, and Elizabeth says she will. She tells Finn that he’s missing his fiancé, but soon, he’ll have more women than he can handle. Ava tells him, sorry; have a nice night, pushing Sibney along. She tells Sibney to stop giving away free readings on her retainer. Sibney says she can’t help the flashes. They come when they want to.

Valentin wonders if it’s wise, leaving Obrecht alone with Jax, and Nina says, he’s a big boy. He can handle himself. She can’t believe Ava brought that charlatan there. She exploits vulnerable people. She tells Valentin not to believe her comment. Valentin tells Nina not to listen to Obrecht. Nina knows how outrageous Obrecht is, and now she’s three sheets to the wind.

Franco drags Obrecht away, and says she’s really throwing them back. She says she’s lonely. She wants someone to come home to; someone to confide her secrets to. He says, she has secrets? She says she’s had secrets all her life, like the truth about Nathan. She hates the pain she visited on him. Perhaps he’d have been better off knowing the truth. Poor Brad, Lucas, and Wiley… and his real father. Someone watches them.

Ava and Sibney go to the room where Kiki’s body was found. Sibney says Kiki was still alive when she was brought there. She was mortally wounded, and this is where her soul left her body. Ava asks if she’s there. Can Sibney feel her daughter? Sibney tells her, be quiet. Kiki is there. The lights go out.

The lights are out everywhere, and Drew says, that’s crazy. He asks if Kim is okay, and she says, yeah. She was looking for Julian. She left him with Brad. She says she saw a fuse box, and he follows her. Nina asks Curtis if he noticed where Valentin went.

Obrecht goes out on deck, drink in one hand, shoes in the other. Someone watches her. She walks to the edge, and breathes in the air. Suddenly, someone pushes her over the side.

Drew finds the fuse box. He’s about to flip the switch, says, what the hell? and slumps to the ground. Kim turns on the lights. She checks Drew out, and looks at a syringe in her hand.

Elizabeth says, oh my God. Everyone looks as Rebecca Budig Hayden comes in.

Tomorrow, Maxie tells Peter that she’s not taking no for an answer, Ava tells * that they’re not going anywhere until her daughter is brought back, and Nina asks where Valentin was.

Below Deck Mediterranean

When we last left, there was quite a mess on deck, with the anchor chains in a tangle. Daniel Sheree

The captain says, holy sh*t. She points out the whole thing that the chain wraps around is bent. Captain Sandy radios João, and says they have a situation. Jack is glad he isn’t the one who caused it. In Hannah’s interview, she says they’ve lost Anastasia and Travis to the galley, and she’s in the cabins. It’s like opposite day for grown-ups. The captain says, it’s a huge problem. In her interview, she wonders what’s going through Colin’s brain. It his second season, and he should know it by now.

Ashley shoots more of her music video. Captain Sandy watches as João and Colin fix the anchor mess.  In his interview João says, it’s a 500kg anchor and 500kg chain. If it picks up too much speed, you could lose a leg. He ought to know after getting tangled up in the lines last season.

Anastasia asks if Aesha wants breakfast, and Aesha says Anastasia makes her fanny tingle. The anchor is in the pocket, and Colin heads out in the tender. In his interview, he says he’s off to a fantastic day. The engineer works on the anchor thing to straighten it out. In João’s interview, he says they drove four meters and moved so they could have a good background for a pop singer. It’s ridiculous. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says, it’s every captain’s nightmare, and exactly what she has. She won’t allow the anchors to beat her. She hates the effing anchors. She’s over it. The crew hears her saying all this on the radio.

The captain tells the deckhands, lock it down. Travis sits on the galley floor, trying to get Wi-Fi. Hannah asks if he wants to connect to her hotspot. In her interview, she thinks Travis is adorable, but she’s not dating someone in the crew. It was exhausting last year. We flash back to that, and she says she’s not doing it again. João tells the captain, these anchors are a nightmare; they’re too small. Captain Sandy says, that’s a fact.

Videographer Cassandra films Ashley on some kind of water bike. The slide is set up. Jack has a smoke while hiding from work. João notices the slide isn’t tied down properly. Jack says he tied it, but João says he only did one side. It won’t matter if it comes off. Anastasia makes one pound burgers. Jack takes a break in his bunk. João looks at his watch, probably calculating how long Jack has pretended to work, and takes the cover off the jacuzzi. Cassandra asks if someone can help her, and Colin volunteers. Hannah’s feet are killing her. In Colin’s interview, he says he feels like Ashley’s fluffer, using the reflecting mirror. The producer asks if he knows what that is, and he thinks it’s someone who preps an actor. They explain that it’s to prepare someone for porn, and he says he thought it was a general term in the movie business. He has to stop saying it. Jack does a backflip off the boat. He tells João, stop being moody. João asks when that happened, and Jack says when João criticized him about only tying one side of the slide. João says Jack is an engineer. He should know if he only ties one side, it’s not tied. In João’s interview, he says, if only Jack worked as much as he talks. His mouth works overtime, and he’s always bitching.

Colin wonders what the chances are of Jack taking work seriously. João tells him if there’s anything wrong, it will be on him, not Jack. In the captain’s interview, she says if possible, when she hires a chef, she has them prepare a meal for her, but when she doesn’t have that luxury, she has to trust what they say. Cassandra confers with Hannah about the crew doing a dance at Ashley’s wrap party. She has hats and T-shirts for them to go with it. Travis says he’s losing his sh*t; he’s so tired. It’s time for lunch, and Travis says he likes working in the galley, but it’s not his only job. He has to work on deck as well. Mmm… Some kind of giant burgers are plated. In her interview, Anastasia says her biggest fear is failing, and admits the one who puts the biggest pressure on her is herself. Ashley takes a billion photos for social media.

Hannah radios Jack, asking if he knows the food in the bosun’s locker, but Jack says he doesn’t remember what’s there. He tells the other guys, when he doesn’t want to help, he just says he doesn’t remember. In his interview, he says, you only have one life. You might as well push it, and see what you can get away with. Geez. Before I just thought he was lazy. Now I think he’s a total d-bag. Anastasia is making a unicorn cake. She says, it’s the type of cake people write songs about. Is it the one left out in the rain? The guests use the slide. Hannah tells the crew about the coordinated dance, saying João is the lead. Aesha thinks it’s cool.

Anastasia thinks her butter cream icing is not that good, not great, and finally, too sweet. It’s like Goldilocks icing. She calls her mom. In her interview, she says her mom was the head pastry chef for the President of Georgia, and works in five-star hotels. Her mom tells her to add butter. Making mental note about that. Cassandra discusses the dance with Hannah. Aesha thinks the cake looks amazing. Hannah calls for the crew to practice the dance.

On deck, Cassandra shows them choreography to one of Ashley’s songs. Aesha had fourteen years of dance; modern jazz, and ballet, which she found too slow and boring.  Colin makes some corrections as far as rhythm goes, and Cassandra has him come to the front and help. In his interview, he says he’s got to show off his skills. Anastasia chops onions, making me think of the no onion guy a few seasons ago. In Anastasia’s interview, she says, so far, the guests love the food. She wants to make sure their last meal leaves a good impression. The guests are seated. Aesha cleans the cabins.

Hannah radios for help running plates, but no one responds. The captain goes to the galley. She’s getting mad. They’re short staffed, and the crew has to step it up. She says, whoever’s on deck get in the galleynow – but she’s the one who ends up helping. Cauliflower bisque with garlic croutons sounds so good. Travis and Jack talk about the girls. Jack says Hannah’s boobs want out. You’re not supposed to cage a free bird. Colin clears the plates, and Daniel says it’s the best cauliflower he’s ever had, making me want it more. In Anastasia’s interview, she says she’s impressing the guests and herself. She doesn’t think she knew how good she was. Filet mignon, baby carrots, shallot sauce, salmon. I’m dying. Hannah tells Anastasia the guests are loving it, and asks the guys to change into the T-shirts.

She calls the crew into the main salon. She tells them that they’ll be snug while they’re performing; the space is kind of small. They go upstairs. Ashley freaks out. Anastasia brings up the cake, saying it’s their wrap party surprise. Even Captain Sandy joins in the dance. Colin has no idea what these dances are, but Ashley loves them. She hugs everybody. These are much nicer guests than they usually get. Ashley thinks everything is so cool, and the unicorn cake is the cutest thing ever. Anastasia is happy that they’re happy. In her interview, Anastasia says, it feels good that Ashley feels special. To be part of a crew who made it special, makes it worth it – and the money. Ashley says it’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for her. In the galley, Captain Sandy tells Anastasia, this is her calling. Anastasia says she needs better knife skills. In the captain’s interview, she says to witness a third stew perform like this, she’s blown away. She’s never seen anything like it in her career. Aesha pretends to be bummed, and asks what her parents gave her. Anastasia says, sex jokes?

The captain tells the guys, it’s all fun and games until it’s time to go back to work. Anastasia goes to bed. Jack shoves cake in his mouth. Most of the crew is done, but Hannah is still cleaning up at 1 am. It looks so tedious. In her interview, she says they’re a person down in interior, and they feel it. There’s no way they can survive the season. Anastasia is a Band-Aid to the problem, and they can’t go on like this.

Last day of charter. The captain tells João that they’re hauling anchor at nine. Travis says he’s so effing tired. He’s exhausted, and sick of doing this sh*t. He asks for an hour, and João is cool with that. Travis can’t wait until he’s not working at 140%. Anchor is hauled, using a couple of guys this time. A breakfast buffet is laid out. Sheree loves how they all help out (like they had a choice, but she doesn’t know that). She adds that Anastasia is amazing. On deck, Anastasia tells Jack that she doesn’t get to go outside as chef. He asks how she’s going to feel when someone else is running the show, and she says she’ll miss it. The captain radios the crew to prepare for docking. Jack and Travis call each other stud muffin. Hannah can’t find her epaulets. João tells her just go out the way she’s dressed, and she has a lightbulb moment. She asks Captain Sandy what she thinks about them wearing their Ashley T-Shirts to say goodbye to the guests. Captain Sandy loves the idea. They dock, and the captain says, well done.

Hannah finds her epaulet shirt, and jokingly says, okay, everyone, change back. The crew lines up. The guests loved their time on board, and Daniel says, the chef killed it. Daniel thanks everyone, saying they were sincere and honest, and gives the captain an envelope, saying it’s a nice chunk for them. Captain Sandy says they’ll turn the boat around, and then have the tip meeting. I think one thing the crew didn’t really grasp was that the chef was responsible for a big part of that tip. The crew meets in the main salon.

Captain Sandy tells Colin to move a fender next time he’s hauling anchor. She tells him that he’s not in trouble, but if he does it again, it’s his paycheck. She says she’s kidding, but in her interview, says, sort of. I like her more each season. She loves how the team came together, and says, Anastasia is definitely a chef, and did an amazing job. It’s the biggest tip they’ve ever gotten on the Med – $27K or $2330 each. She reminds them that they are one crew member down. Anastasia wants to make it rain on herself. Hannah says they worked hard. They don’t need a chef.

The captain calls Anastasia to the bridge. She says she asked Anastasia to be the chef, and she stepped in. When she saw what Anastasia was doing, she thought it was phenomenal. They got the biggest tip ever, and the food had something to do with it. There’s no question in her mind; Anastasia can do this. She soars as a chef. She asks if Anastasia wants to remain a chef, or go back to being third stew. I’m almost crying;, this is so cool and exciting.

Anastasia says she wants to continue, and Captain Sandy is glad she said that. It’s the right answer for her. In her interview, the captain says she’s going to stick with Anastasia. She trusts her. She’s witnessed what Anastasia can do, and she has the right attitude. Why would she not want to propel someone from third stew to galley, and see their potential? She tells Anastasia to own the galley. She’s not a third stew anymore; she’s a chef. In Anastasia’s interview, she says, when they needed someone who knew how to cook, it happened to be her, now she’s the effing chef. Hannah marvels over getting the best tip ever. The captain calls an agency, and says she’s looking for a third strew. Hannah tells the others that she’s never worked with a crew who came together like they did. Captain Sandy calls Hannah to the bridge.

The captain tells Hannah, good news. She thinks so anyway. Anastasia is going to be chef, but there’s a third stew ready who has experience. Travis is still going to help out in the galley, and they’ll be fine. In Hannah’s interview, she doesn’t think Anastasia should be chef. Not because she’s not good, but she’s not experienced. It’s not cadet camp, where you learn on the job. Captain Sandy announces that Anastasia is now chef, and Travis will still be working in the galley. Travis says, f**k me, and João wants his deckhand back. In his interview, he says he only has one left, along with one who hardly works. So there are two of them willing and able. Anastasia thought with her ego when she took the position. I’m not sure what’s wrong with her taking the opportunity she was given, but okay. Hannah says it’s the first time she’s had a strong team, and she wants to keep it, because at the end of the day, it’s all about her. She laughs, but I think she’s only half-joking. Captain Sandy says she’s going into town.

The girls get their bathing suits on, and lie on the sun deck. Hannah says she was just wired the provision list. In her interview, Anastasia says she knows she has a big responsibility. She’d be lying if she said she’s 100% confident, but she’s gotta fake it til she makes it. She’s got to pretend she has the biggest balls on the boat. Colin tells Jack that his services are needed on the bow. Jack sees the girls, and says he was sent up to help them clean. He gets a tray of drinks for them, leaving his radio on one of the chairs in the bar. João tries to get ahold of him, asking if he wants to get the work done, or stay until eight. João tells Colin that he bets Jack has no radio, and Colin suggests dangling a butt in front of him to get him moving. João says he could dangle anything but work. In João’s interview, he says they need to pick up more slack, not be given extra slack. He’s never dealt with someone who doesn’t want to work. Jack carries the tray out in his underwear, and Hannah says what he lacks in work ethic, he makes up for in humor.

Jack gets a beer, and João asks what he’s doing. They still have to work, and they’re going to have issues. Jack asks when they’re going to be done, and João tells him, just work until they’re finished. Top to bottom; accomplish what they can, but it’s not up to Jack to decide when they’re finished. Why is it difficult? In his interview, João says, Jack has a beer in his hand, and he’s putting the hose away. He doesn’t want to learn. He’s here for the money and good time, and it’s frustrating. João says he can be a good leader for people who want to be led. Jack tells Hannah that work gets in the way of his life. In Jack’s interview, he says he’s obviously crossed the line, so he’s not going to keep winding João up.

Travis and Jack have a beer and a smoke. Jack tells Travis that João should just say what needs to be done, and he’ll do it. Travis suggests writing a list. In Travis’s interview, he says he’ll back Jack until he dies. He can be lazy, but it’s mainly about how you speak to him. If you talk down to him, he’s like, screw you. Travis understands because he’s the same way. Jack says he’s not stupid just because he’s not passionate about washing a boat. He just wants to have a good time tonight.

Anastasia is excited. She needs to blow off steam. She’s an effing chef, and they effing drink. The crew goes into Cannes.

So, in France, is a French bulldog just a bulldog? The drinking commences. João toasts to one less crew member sharing the tip. Anastasia tells Colin that she thinks people don’t understand. They think she just cooks, but 50% of the charter is what she puts on the plate. It takes a lot of planning, and she’s in the galley all day long by herself; it’s tough. She felt like she couldn’t say no, but João says if she didn’t want to do it, she should have said so. She’s employed to be a third stew, and she’s great at it. She’s great as a chef too, but is she a seven-star chef? Is she a Michelin chef? No. In her interview, Anastasia says, read my face. Tell me I’m doing great. He says, she doesn’t have to accept what she doesn’t want to. Anastasia gets up, and walks away from the table, and João wonders how being honest screws him over. She has a say in what she’s doing.

Next time, the new stew arrives, João calls Aesha whorish, Jack flirts with Aesha, and Jackie Siegal from Queen of Versailles is the primary.

🙊 Not a Spoiler Anymore…

The psychic said Finn would have more women than he could handle. Two sounds about right.

🌄 Something For Oscar…

A successful trip by a cancer survivor to Mount Kilimanjaro. Which I can spell by heart now.

🍼 If Anyone Still Cares…

I guess Ashley from The Real Housewives of Potomac finally talked her husband into it. I tune in to a few minutes of the show now and then, but like I did with The Jersey Shore, I remember why I stopped watching, and tune back out.

🎧 While I Was Looking For Songs About Tuesday…

This came up. And I thought, why not? Especially since I just watched A Simple Favor, which was full of foreign pop. Which I love.