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December 10, 2017 – Alexandria is Literally in the Sewer, 90 Day Drop Out & Break Some Bad


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



The Walking Dead

Rick tries to get someone on the radio, but only gets static.

Rick is on the road with Carl. Carl says it’s not enough. If he cared, he’d do something. It takes more than hope. Carl tells Rick it will be something after the fight’s over, and Rick says not for everyone. Carl asks, what about him?

Rick comes out with Jadis and the Heapsters (sounds like a rock band), and they go to the Sanctuary. There are bodies and zombie bodies everywhere, and it’s a real mess. Tetris Jadis says, not like the picture. Gunfire begins, and the Heapsters jet. Rick ducks behind something. Carol drives up in a car with Jerry. Rick gets in.

On the road (I hate when they flip back and forth like this), Carl says Rick is going to live, and asks why they’re fighting. Because they don’t like the way the Saviors want everyone working for them? He wants something more than just killing other people. Are they just going to kill all of them? Rick says finding a way forward is harder, and something more. That’s how it’s got to be.

We see Rick, Carol, and Carl’s faces. Then Ezekiel, Jerry, and Maggie. And Negan who whistles and laughs, making me smile. Come on. You can’t help but kind of like him. He’s so devil-may-care.

Enid tells Aaron they have to talk to them after coming all this way, right? He tells her that he and Eric used to take trips like this when they were looking for people to take back to Alexandria. She says she’s sorry. She had been thinking about Oceanside, wondering if they’ll talk to them. He says it will be a risk, but they have to convince them. She thinks they should have brought guns. He asks if she wants to drive, and they switch places. She makes an unplanned turn, saying she wants to check something out; give them something they can use. Aaron says they can’t show up empty handed. She drives toward a distillery. Would there really be any booze left after all this time?

Michonne tells Judith she’ll be back soon, and she’ll bring Judith’s daddy back with her. She’s glad Daryl returned. Daryl says they’ll go in tell and them to give up, and they will. She says sorry she couldn’t go with him when he let the zombies in, but he says it’s okay; it worked.

Carl opens an encyclopedia. Tweens everywhere sigh. He looks at a note that says, just survive somehow.

Tara tells Rosita it worked. The walkers are in, and they’ll finish it like they planned. Tara asks if she found any guns. Rosita says nothing heavy, just some grenades. Tara says they can use them to redirect the herd, and Rosita stacks a bunch of crates in her arms.

Enid and Aaron sleep in the car at the distillery. Aaron sees someone, and makes a signal for Enid to be quiet. He gets out with his rifle, and she follows with her gun at the ready. Someone tells them that they shouldn’t have come here, and Enid shoots. A woman says her grandma is dead, and we see Natania on the ground. Aaron and Enid are surrounded by Oceansiders. And they have guns.

Carl messes with a sewer cap, and Michonne asks him what he’s doing, He says he met someone, a traveler. She says, in the sewer? We hear Negan speak through a megaphone, saying he bets they’re wondering why the lookouts didn’t sound the alarm. He’s being polite, and cutting through the cowsh*t. They lose. It’s over. Everyone will have to give an apology, and the one who apologizes last, dies. He kills Rick, and then it’s over. He whistles some more. Michonne can’t believe they got out. Carl tells her to come on, and they drop down into the sewer.

Rick is all shaky. Carol’s face is like steel. Carol and Jerry’s car crashes into something.

Ezekiel sits in his throne room, dejected. He reads a note from someone saying they had to bounce, but I’m not fast enough to see if it’s from Carol or Jerry. He hears a commotion and shooting. He moves quickly, and gets out of there.

Jesus drives with Maggie on the passenger side, and Neil in the backseat. He asks if Maggie thinks they’ll surrender. She says eventually, but not now. Would they give up that quick? She tells him it will be when they run out of food, water, and choices. I’m having difficulty believing they got out of that mess at the Sanctuary. Maggie tells Jesus to slow down; there’s a tree in the road that wasn’t there before. She says, it’s them, and gets on the radio, telling the others to turn around. Too late; they’re trapped.

A truck pulls in front of them. Maggie and I both say, oh sh*t. The back of the truck opens, and Jerry is hauled out. Simon gets out of the cab. He remarks that it’s a damn nice night. I think he’s trying to be like Negan, but IMO falls completely short. A couple of guys lean a crate up against the front of Maggie’s car.

Carol tries to get it together, telling Tara to meet them there. (Where?) Over the megaphone, Negan says they’ll get points for creativity. Tara says they can fight. Carl says they just need to survive tonight. It’s his show, his plan, and they’re all going to do it. They scatter, and Negan says, one minute.

At the Kingdom, Gavin says he didn’t want it to come to this, but they wanted to order off the menu. Now, they have to eat sh*t. He didn’t want to serve it, but the Kingdom and everyone in it belongs to Negan. Moving forward, everything they produce belongs to the Saviors, and they’ll let them hold on to just enough to keep going. All able-bodied men and women will repair and refurbish the Sanctuary. Since they made it a mess, the Saviors will be hanging their hats here.

Simon tells Maggie that due to recent decisions, everything has changed, yet nothing has changed. Everyone needs to hand over their guns. He tells the guy holding Jerry to kill him if anyone tries anything, and that goes for everyone in the cars.

Outside the walls of Alexandria, Negan says Rick brought this on himself. He was willing to work with them. They just had to follow a few simple rules. Now he has to go. Carl appears at the top of the wall, and says Rick isn’t home. Negan tells the Saviors to hold their fire. It’s Carl answering the door like a big boy; he’s proud. He guesses Rick will get back to a smoky surprise, and Carl says there are kids there. Negan says it breaks his heart, but there were kids at the Sanctuary; he must have seen them. There was a baby at the outpost, and he wonders what happened to her. He says none of this sh*t is fair. Hell, he knows that Carl had to kill his own mom. That’s screwed up; ergo, they need someone in charge who’s willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that doesn’t happen, and that’s him. Carl says they can stop it. Negan says Rick gave his people a choice, but not him. They need a new understanding with apologies. Carl tells Negan if he has to kill someone, kill him; he’s serious. Negan asks if he wants to die. He doesn’t, but he will. If him dying can stop it, and make things different for everyone, it’s worth it. He asks Negan if this was the plan, and if it was supposed to be this way. Is this who he wanted to be? Negan thinks this over.

The Alexandrians zoom past in a caravan. Outside the town, Regina tells Dwight they should have had trucks, but he says it will hold. It doesn’t, and the trucks drive right through.

Explosions start happening in Alexandria. Negan tells Carl that he thought they were having a moment. So did I. Carl drops down, grabs his bag, lights some flares, and throws them around. Everything is burning. The church explodes, and a car blows up right next to him.

Simon tells Maggie and company that one person has to answer for this, but he hasn’t found Ezekiel. They should do themselves a favor and cooperate. I swear, if Ezekiel dies in this episode, I’m not watching next season. He says Ezekiel has to be there somewhere. There were rules, and he broke them. If they don’t give him up, this moves into something traumatic (like it’s not already), and he doesn’t want that. He tells them not to make this worse; the kids don’t need to see this sh*t. Simon gets nothing but silence, and says they’ve got five minutes. Then it’s Negan’s way, and it’s on them, not him.

Maggie asks Simon how they got out. Simon gives her three guesses, and says, let’s say they figured it out. Right now, the Kingdom is getting their innards splayed out, and the Saviors are taking possession. The same with Alexandria, as long as they don’t make it complicated. He tells them it’s the farmers’ lucky day. They’ve been chosen to keep producing. He says Gregory made fool out of him, so he’s hoping Maggie is the one to make things right.

Music is heard, and Simon tells Maggie that they need to shift into active listening. Eugene, who he was skeptical of, worked out. He helped get them out of the situation. Now his guys are leading the herd away. It can go one of two ways. One, he can kill the likeable gent on his knees (Jerry), drag them out, and put her in the box, in which she won’t suffocate like their friend Sasha. He’ll take her to Hilltop, gather everyone, and kill her in front of the whole place. After that, they’ll go back to the Sanctuary, and put her on a spike. Then his people will lead the walkers to Hilltop, and they’ll pull same the move they did – unsuccessfully. It will be a pita for everyone concerned. He tells Jesus to go home, water stuff, and save everyone, mostly him, trouble. He has to kill one of their people; then they’re aces.

Simon shoots Neil. He needed Maggie to know he means business. Now tell him he doesn’t have to go down the line. Maggie says she doesn’t need to do it, but wants to ask a favor. She’d like the box to bury Neil in. Simon tells her, favor granted.

Eugene can’t sleep. No surprise. He takes a drink. He actually might be more fun as a drunk. He weeps a little. Maybe not.

Carl wanders around. Is this his plan? Did the plan not work? Wtf is going on? Negan’s people are all over the place. Carl goes onto the porch of a house, and hears something. He runs, as it blows up behind him.  He sees everything burning. He looks exhausted. Buck up, dude, you’re still a teenager. I’d have been long dead by now, with all this jumping off of things.

In the woods next to the road, Tara says the Sanctuary attack was a mistake, but she made one too. Maybe Sasha would still be alive; maybe everything would end up the same way. Maybe they have to play it out to figure it out. Michonne asks where the hell they are. They hear a vehicle approach. Daryl throws flare in the road. Regina tells Dwight to stop the car; he’s leading them into it, and will get them killed. Daryl and the others start shooting, and gunfire goes back and forth. Regina tells Dwight it was him. She shoots him in the arm, but comes short of killing him, since she almost gets shot.

Alexandria continues to burn. Negan laughs. He says the convoy got away, but the kid still has to be there; he’ll go down with the ship. He tells the Saviors to find him, and don’t kill him. Blow up the houses. He’s going to Rick’s house to make spaghetti. Send Carl his way when he’s found.

A few of the Savior’s see Carl, but he lights more flares, and the smoke blurs their vision. He drops into the sewer.

Eugene tells Gabriel that Dr. Carson is capable of returning to Hilltop, but he’ll die en route. Dr. Carson asks what’s going on, and Eugene says Gabriel told him that Maggie will need his services for the birth. He tells them the guard at the north gate isn’t there. What they choose to do with this information is up to them. Gabriel asks if Eugene killed him, and Eugene explains that he gave him medically induced diarrhea via his coffee, and he’s “catastrophically crapping his khakis” right now. Gabriel asks why he changed his mind, and he says he couldn’t sleep. Gabriel says it’s not too late, and to come with them; they’ll take him back. I wouldn’t be too sure about that. He says he shan’t be doing that, and oops! he dropped the keys to a vehicle parked outside the unguarded gate. Gabriel tells him that he’s doing the right thing. Eugene says that assessment is relative, and Gabriel says no, it isn’t.

Ezekiel pours a line of gas, leading away from quite a few barrels of it, and sets it on fire. The whole thing blows up. He drives a bus through to the Kingdom. One of the Saviors says they need him alive. Carol asks one of the Kingdom people where Ezekiel is, and says to go to her house outside the Kingdom, and meet her there. As Carol gets to Ezekiel, he closes the gate, telling her that he can save them. Someone knocks him out from behind. I’m worried, since he’s a guest on Talking Dead tonight.

Maggie goes back to Hilltop, where the Saviors have been rounded up. Gregory says she knows he doesn’t belong here, and she tells him to shut up. She points to Dean, and says, that one, and tells them to get him out. Gregory is like, aw, man. She asks one of the guys for his gun. They bring Dean out, and Savior Al says, don’t do this. Dean, calls her cupcake, and says if she wants to put on a show, let her. She shoots him. It was probably the cupcake reference. She asks if Al wants to be next. He doesn’t. Maggie says they aren’t even, but it’s a start. She tells them to start fortifying the walls, and bury Neil. Jesus says he thought they weren’t giving up. She says they’re under attack; no more supplies are going in. They have to make a last stand.

Dwight shouts to Daryl and the others that it’s over. He made sure they could get back. He made the convoy come to the roadblock; he knew what it was. Now he can’t go back. Daryl asks how they escaped, and Dwight outs Eugene. He says he can still help them. He knows how the Saviors work, and knows how Negan thinks. He wants them to win, and wants Negan to die. Michonne says they need to get back now, and Enid helps Dwight up.

Maggie writes on the box. We have 38 more. Stand down.

Negan tells Ezekiel they had a good thing going. He felt bad for the kid. He didn’t want that, now more people have to die. Morgan slips around the back. Negan says he liked Ezekiel. Now his people are going to see their king is dead. Morgan stands outside, listening.

Daryl throws a rock into the sewer. Why? I have no clue. Everyone begins their descent. Dwight tells Michonne that he’s sorry. Michonne hesitates before going down. She watches some zombies sauntering around, and shuts the sewer cap.

Hey, it’s Rick. Where has he been? He goes to his house, calling for Carl, Michonne, and Judith. In response, he gets conked in the head by Negan, who says, sh*t isn’t funny anymore. Don’t make him do this. He says he has plans to cut Rick up in little pieces, then when he’s just a creepy stump with a head, he’s going to kill him in front of everyone. Rick asks if he ever shuts the hell up, and Negan tells him, no. He says Rick’s kid volunteered to die, and asks what kind of boy he raised. He tells Rick that he’s going to fix Carl. In a few years, Carl is going to be his own. They start to fight, and Negan says when he’s done with Rick, no one will try what he did ever again. Rick grabs Lucille, and gets a whack at Negan, who tells him not to touch her. He grabs Lucille back, and Rick snatches his gun from under the table. Before he can shoot Negan, Negan pushes him back, and they both go through the window. Rick takes off, and Negan says, sh*t

Michonne slices the top of a zombie’s head off. She looks very determined. A Savior grabs her, and says they’re all dead, and it’s her fault. Well, she’s the one with the big sword, so he dies. She spears him through the forehead, and then won’t stop hacking at him. Rick finds her, and asks where everyone is, but she can’t even speak.

They go through the sewer tunnel, and see the others. Judith is there.

We see the faces of Maggie and Jesus; Rick walking through the sewer, and seeing the others; Carol; Ezekiel, still smiling; and Morgan. Rick sees Dwight. Then we see Eugene’s face, Gabriel, and Saddiq. Carl tells Rick that Saddiq brought him there. Carl seems kind of out of it. Uh-oh. Carl got bit. He shows Rick his wound. When did that happen? Michonne falls to her knees. Tweens everywhere cry, but think he’d make a cute zombie.

We pan out on Carl through the long lens of the sewer tunnel.

As Negan would say, well sh*t.

Next time – February 25th – Dwight says they’re still out there looking, Ezekiel is still alive, the last stand is made, and Negan and Rick make love. Just kidding. And while I’m throwing ideas out there, why doesn’t Eugene put himself to real use, and invent a cure?

💍 On 90 Day Fiancé, it looks like there’s one down already. Molly called it quits with Luis, and rightly so. Very disappointing. The preview for next week showed her still toying with going through with it, but I doubt it’s happening. I hope not. He’s callous and a little strange.

🔬 AMC will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of Breaking Bad, with a marathon of the whole thing. It starts December 31st, and runs through the weekends in January. If you haven’t seen this show, check it out. Or watch it fresh if you have. The writing and acting are incredible, and there are many sardonic laughs along the way. The story actually has an ending too. Chemistry teacher turns meth lab king, starring Bryan Cranston. What’s not to like?


Walter White – Breaking Bad



December 3, 2017 – The Dead Invade the Sanctuary & Christmas Shopping Cheer


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



The Walking Dead

Rick sits in the container. Someone opens it. It’s Tardis Jadis and her cohorts. He tells her it’s not too late; the offer stands. Join them or die. She takes his photo. I guess this is a thing now? She tells him to turn around, and she takes a picture of his nakey behind. Her assistant drafts a letter. He asks why the pictures, and she says, after. He asks, after what? and he’s closed back into the container.

Eugene ponders his crappy life, and takes notes. What he knows, what he doesn’t know, and things he wasn’t aware of. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Dwight. He’s well aware Dwight is the fifth columnist. He’s been charged by Nathan to figure it out, so needs him to cease and desist his back stabbery. In exchange, he’ll keep what he knows to himself. Dwight grabs him by the collar, and sits him down. He says the Saviors are finished. Negan is finished. This place, what it’s been, is over. Food and water are running low, the workers are angry, and the Saviors are scared. All he has to do is nothing. Wait, and let it play out. He asks if Eugene can do that. He’s seen what happens, heard the screams, and smelled the burning skin. Dwight says that’s coming. Once you do those things, you become them, and there’s no going back. Eugene says he thinks about being safe a great deal, and it’s what’s important; what cranks his shaft. He says it’s not perfect, but they’re Saviors, and they save. He tells Dwight his cloak and dagger is on the QT. Just do nothing to anyone within the walls of the Sanctuary, and it will stay that way.

Eugene goes downstairs, where the zombies are clamoring at the windows. A Savior tells him he could use some help; Gabriel is getting worse. He has an infection, maybe more than one, and it’s only a matter of time. Eugene wishes he could help. He wishes for Razzles too (do they still make those?), but if wishes were horses and all that. Dude asks him to stay with Morgan, while he tries to find some Chinese herbs; maybe Eastern medicine will help. Gabriel nearly coughs up a lung, and tells Eugene to sit; Eugene looks worse than he does. Eugene says, he looks like a potato in a sh*t casserole, and sits.

Gabriel reaches for some water, and Eugene helps him drink. He coughs some more. He asks if Eugene is going to help him get Dr. Carson out. Eugene tells him there’s a Wilkes-Barre of walkers out there, and he doesn’t see it happening. He’s a small person, who doesn’t stick his neck out for anyone but himself, and stays in his lane. Gabriel just wants him to do the right thing. Eugene wonders what the definition of that is, since it’s different things to different people. Not going by other’s definitions has kept him staying vertical, when so many have gone horizontal. Gabriel tells him it requires faith, and the trusting belief that God is guiding him, and has a plan. Eugene says that’s absurd. Gabriel says he’s a man of science, but not long ago, would have found it impossible to believe that the dead could walk. (He has a point there.) Gabriel says maybe it’s not impossible. He’ll know what the right thing is when the time comes. He takes Eugene’s hand, and when Eugene takes it away, he sees a red dot on his thumb.

Morgan sees the zombies outside the Sanctuary through his gun site. He hears Daryl say he’s got something. Daryl drives up in the truck.

A Savior whose name I don’t remember visits Eugene. She asks if he’s fixed her boombox. He asks if she’s not distressed they’re trapped. She says she was already trapped. He asks if it’s possible for him to have the second bottle despite the delinquency. He needs it. She asks if he’s making jet fuel, but he says he needs it to sleep. She gets it; she needs help sleeping too. She tried to stop this. They came to him, and asked for help. He could have changed this place to something better, but took care of himself. She gives him the bottle, saying she hopes it helps, but it won’t. Negan summons Eugene.

Daryl says, make it happen. He tells Michonne to cover him. He’s going to crash the truck through the zombies and into the into the building. Michonne is concerned that they’ll be killed, but Daryl says  the workers are on other side. Michonne says it’s risky. Tara says they’ll work with what they’ve got, and Morgan says they’ve got him; Daryl is covered. Rosita thinks they should wait it out; it could go bad. Tara says it almost did go bad, and Daryl says they don’t have the Kingdom anymore. Rosita says Rick went to talk to the scavengers, and thinks they should wait for him. Tara says she knew about the weapons, but didn’t say anything, and look what happened. Rosita says it’s happening without her; she’s out. Michonne decides to see it through, but Rosita asks if it’s easier to risk everything than stay and wait. Michonne says she used to believe that, and Rosita says she wishes Sasha had realized it. Daryl says let’s go, and he gets in the truck with Michonne.

Negan sits at the head of the boardroom table with Lucille. Eugene sits down. Negan tells him if things don’t get fixed soon, a lot of people will die. His people, not him. He’s too good at this, but he doesn’t want to see them die. He doesn’t want to see Eugene eaten. It’s about pooling and organizing strength, and he’s strong. He wants to make sure Eugene knows he knows that. Eugene says their pages are utterly and completely one and the same. Negan holds out his hand. Eugene starts to kiss it, but Negan says he was going for a handshake, and tells Eugene to stand up. He understands the confusion; he rarely does this sh*t. Not many get mutual respect from him. Eugene says work needs getting to, and leaves. Negan smiles.

Eugene works on the boombox. He examines the speaker. He goes to the basement, wearing a miner’s headpiece with a light, looking around in the dark. He sees Sasha’s coffin, and flashes back to her bursting out of it, zombified. He opens it and finds the iPod he gave her. He sniffles a little.

Morgan tells Daryl to cut the engine before he draws walkers. This should be awesome if it works, or even if it doesn’t. Tara gets out to go for a cover spot. Daryl asks Michonne if she’s up for it. She says she came to see for herself if things would work, but she doesn’t get to know that. None of them do, but she does know things are working now, and they need to trust things will keep working. What they’re about to do, is it worth risking that? Daryl says it is for him. She hopes it works, but she can’t do it. She says she shouldn’t, and gets out, looks at Tara, and walks away. Tara says he has Morgan and the snipers; they can do this. Daryl says they will.

Outside on the second floor, Eugene sets the iPod up on a glider that looks like it’s made out of a kite. He talks into the recorder, and says stuff I don’t understand. Dwight tells him not to turn around

Tara runs around the compound, and sees the zombies trying to get into the Sanctuary. She radios that she’s there and ready. Morgan is ready. The lookouts are ready.

Dwight tells Eugene to get up, and back away from that thing. He has a gun, and Eugene gets all shaky. He says he’s attempting to save people’s lives. If Dwight kills him, he’ll be killing a great many innocents. Dwight asks if he’s aware that Negan is going to kill all his old friends. Eugene says they were former traveling companions. Dwight says he’s working with them to keep people alive. They can get rid of Negan, they’re almost there. Eugene says Negan ain’t the dyin’ type. Dwight says he is, and he’ll either execute Eugene or he can take his chances of being shot in the back. Eugene turns the iPod on, and cranks up the sound. The glider takes off, and floats above the zombies. Wtf? I guess he’s trying to lead the zombies away using Dolly Parton. Dwight’s hand shakes.

Daryl starts the truck. Dwight shoots at the glider rather than Eugene. Tara just shoots. Eugene turns around, and Dwight is gone. Morgan shoots. Daryl drives. Eugene ducks. Daryl puts cinderblock on the gas pedal to hold it down, jumps out of the truck, and it slams into the building. Morgan says, clear to the south. Daryl and Tara run as the zombies swarm into the Sanctuary.

The Saviors shoot at them, but they’re way outnumbered. Eugene has a panic attack. Dwight can’t believe it. Regina machine guns, but why bother? Just run. Eugene freezes on a landing as the bodies pile up at the bottom of the stairs, and they still keep coming. Eugene just blinks at the zombies reaching for him.

Eugene goes to Gabriel’s room, and says his invitation is declined. He won’t end up like Sasha or him. He can’t do this. Judge him, but he’s staying alive, and doing what takes to lock that down. He’s going to make sure Dr. Carson stays right there, since staying alive requires his expertise. He’ll survive; it’s all he knows how to do. Morgan is like, go to hell.

Negan tells Eugene he hopes Eugene realizes the storm of sh*t (his favorite word) he’ll be dumping on Rick as soon as he’s clear of the sh*tstorm Rick dumped on him. He asks how it feels to be his second, and to save people. Eugene says it feels great, and he’s solved some other problems. Negan is thrilled that Eugene has made more bullets, calling him magnificent. Eugene agrees he is. Regina and Dwight come in, and say that the dead have taken over the lower level. Negan tells them that Eugene has solved a way out of this mess, and he says he has a topper Dwight looks at him, I’m sure thinking he’s a gonr. Eugene says he’s fixed the intercom. Negan asks if that’s it, and Eugene says, sorry. That kind of thing cranks his shaft. He leaves.

Alone in his  room, Eugene listens to the shooting. He shivers and cries. He should cry. He drinks the liquor straight from the bottle, throws up, and drinks some more.

Rick is hauled out again. A scavenger takes him to the trash heap, and forces him to his knees. A zombie with a helmet is brought out, snapping and snarling. Jadis says, time for after. Rick pops the guy holding him in the nose, and manages to fight, even with his hands tied. He grabs the stick the zombie is attached to, and twirls the zombie around in a circle, so that it nails everyone else. Until it’s head pops off. Rick goes after Jadis, who has a gun, but he trounces her anyway. He gets her on the ground and puts her face a few inches from the zombie’s head, which is still alive and gnashing its teeth. He tells her the others won’t attack today, but they will. They can play their games, draw pictures, sculpt all the sh*t they want, but he’s leaving; maybe they should just run. I agree. They’re not super effective. Jadis signals her people to lower their weapons.

Rick asks if they’re done, and she says, yes. He helps her up. He tells her the Sanctuary is surrounded twenty deep. He tells her to come with him. When the others meet them, they’ll ask for surrender. He alone kills Negan. He asks if there’s a deal, and she says, after, the Saviors things; their things. Rick says, all of theirs; a fourth. Jadis says she gets to sculpt him, and he says no sculpting. His boots and clothes now. I think she likes him.

Rick leads Jadis and company out. He sees some zombies feeding on one of his snipers, and shoos them away. He uses the radio, asking if anyone copies, but there’s nothing. He takes the gun and climbs up the tower. He focuses on the Sanctuary, and sees it empty of zombies. He’s like wtf? but shakier.

Next time, they just have to survive the night, Maggie and Jesus join up with the others, and the big confrontation with a shocking (they promise) ending happens. It’s a 90-minute mid-season finale preceded by a marathon starting Saturday night.

😵 That’s all she wrote tonight. You try dealing with the AOL upgrade that’s more like a downgrade while finishing your Christmas shopping.

🎇 The Fantasy

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👺 The Reality

Shopping4 Shopping3

🎅 Total Delusion


😎 Done


November 26, 2017 – The Aftermath Outside the Sanctuary & Weekend Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



The Walking Dead


Rick takes a note out of a microwave on the side of the road.

Carl opens the gate at Alexandria, letting the caravan in.

A memorial is created at the Kingdom, remembering Shiva, and the others that we lost.

In a voiceover, Rick says the plan is working. They’re winning. They’ve lost people, but when it was over there weren’t any Saviors left standing. Maggie says, Jesus took prisoners. They’re holding them until they decide what to do. Carol tells about the ambush. She, Ezekiel and Jerry are the only ones left. Rick says it’s scarier than he thought it would be. Sasha was the first, and they need to make it right for them. He’s headed to the next step. The Sanctuary is cut off from any supplies. They’re to meet there in two days to end it, and win it all. They fought every step of the way to this moment. The path led them to who they are, to each other, and to now. This can be their last fight.

Jesus passes out food to the prisoners. Maggie is irritated, but he says they had a bumper crop of turnips; even the Saviors didn’t want them. I understand, having had more zucchini than I could handle one year. Gregory says to build a gallows already; save the bullets, and be done with it. Maggie tells him to go inside – now. He says she knows he’s right. Maggie tells Jesus that he shouldn’t have put them in this position. He wonders what they’re fighting for, but she says they have to end it. He tells her they have to make sure what’s left was worth what they lost when it’s over.

Jerry says the King isn’t receiving visitors, but Carol knocks anyway. She says they promised to meet Rick, and need everyone who can fight. Jerry tells her Ezekiel wanted him to go away, but this is what he does. Henry asks if he can help, but Carol tells him to stay there.

Tardis Jaundice Jadis and the Garbage Pail Kids have captured Rick. These people are weird and annoying. Jadis asks what he wants, and he says the same thing he wanted before – a deal. She says they killed his people. He says they killed some of hers too, but they need him, and his people need them. She knows they have the numbers to take the place. He announces the Saviors are finished. Negan and his people are trapped by walkers. Until they surrender, they stay there. He’s there to offer a better deal; it’s their choice to forget Negan, switch sides, and be part of what they’re building together. Or they’ll be destroyed. Threats and dreams. He passes out the Polaroids that he took after the attack. His people know he’s there. What they do next, depends on what Jadis does right now. She smiles, and says no. Rick is led away. She says he talks too much. Ha-ha! He does.

In his old office, Gregory tells Maggie that people who aren’t leaders always think they know better. It’s not so easy. Maggie thinks it was easy for her not to sell out Hilltop to Negan. He says what he did was in the best interest of the community. She says he was scared, and tried to save himself. He tells her not just himself. He’s sat in the leader chair. She needs someone to tell her it’s okay to follow her gut. Jesus might try to make her feel bad, but she’s the shepherd, and they can’t have wolves among the flock. It’s that simple.

Michonne decides to go out and look for Rick. Rosita tells her not to, but she won’t listen, so Rosita gets in the car. Tara tells Daryl he was right not to kill Dwight. They wouldn’t have gotten this far without him, but when it’s over, she wants to be the one to kill him. Daryl says maybe they could do it together. Geez. It was an accident for Pete’s sake.

Jesus looks through the fence as he guards the prisoners. A Savior asks if this is what he signed up for, but he doesn’t respond. The Savior says he was by himself for a while. Different guys kept taking over, but he didn’t care since he was getting food. They sent him to put up a fence, and now here we are. Jesus tells him to stop. None of them are innocent. The Savior says he’s no angel; there’s no such thing.

Rosita asks why Michonne needed to come out. Michonne says it’s like a siren has been going on in her head that she can’t turn off. She helped get it started, and needs to see it, turn the alarm off, and go back home.  Rosita seems satisfied with her answer. They hear something, and Michonne tells her to stop the car.

It sounds like opera. Rosita doesn’t think it’s the Sanctuary. Neither does Michonne, but she says they don’t know. They walk into the woods, ready for a fight, following the music. They come out and move toward the building it’s coming from.

In the middle of the woods, an impaled zombie grabs for a bag hanging from a tree. A guy kills it, and it’s the guy from the gas station a couple of episodes back. Carl makes himself known, explaining that his dad was firing warning shots at the gas station, and introduces himself. The man says he’s Saddiq. Carl asks if Saddiq wants food and water. He remembers Saddiq saying his mom told him to help people, and Carl’s mom said to do what’s right. He tosses the supplies to Saddiq, who drinks greedily from the water bottle. Carl is glad he found him, and tells Saddiq that he and his dad are in a community. He asks Saddiq to answer honestly. How many walkers have you killed? Two hundred and thirty-seven, give or take a couple. How many people have you killed? One. Why? The dead tried to kill him, but they didn’t. Carl asks if the traps are how he killed so many. He says that’s only part of it. His mom hoped that killing them freed their souls. Maybe she was right. Carl asks if it doesn’t just make things harder, interfering with his own survival. Saddiq says you have to honor your parents. Carl says if he did that, they wouldn’t be talking, and he wouldn’t be asking him to come to the community.

Henry whacks at zombies with a stick in the woods. Carol shoots them, and says kids who go into the woods are never seen again, or if they are, they’re monsters. He says she needs fighters, and he’s fighting. He asks if she was going to the Sanctuary by herself, inferring that it’s not too smart. He wants to kill the ones who killed his brother. Carol asks if he knows how to use the stick, and Henry tells her that he watched her train people. She tells him to stay close.

Tara approaches Jesus, and tells him Maggie said to bring the Saviors in. He tells them two at a time, and they’re led into a pen. Maggie says they’ll feed them and not mistreat them, but won’t stand for anything less than total cooperation. Gregory says they can’t let people they don’t trust run around inside their walls. She says she grew up on a farm, and knows about sheep and wolves. Two guys grab Gregory, and walk him in with the Saviors. He acts like Sylvester the Cat, grabbing at things, and dragging his feet, trying to keep them from putting him in the pen. Savior Jared tells Maggie she’s going to get her people killed, but oh that’s right, she already did. He tries to grab one of the guard’s guns, and she cracks him one. She says she might regret her decision, but he’ll definitely regret his.

Carl and Saddiq hear zombie gurgles. Zombies are feeding on a deer, or moose, or Bigfoot, or something. Several zombies stagger toward them. One gets up close and personal with Carl. Saddiq stabs its throat, but they keep coming. It’s a pretty tense, oh sh*t! moment. Carl is totally trapped, and Saddiq gets one down, but he’s struggling. Finally, Carl gets a grip on his gun, and shoots them. I was starting to like Saddiq, then I remembered. Don’t like anyone on this show and invest nothing. Carl says he’s responsible for Saddiq now; that’s how it works. Saddiq doesn’t want to make trouble, and says Carl’s dad didn’t want him. Carl says sometimes kids have to make their own way and show the parents. Good point.

Michonne and Rosita follow the sound. They go inside a warehouse (?), and hear people talking. It’s two Saviors, a man and a woman, talking about saving asses and how what’s done can’t be undone. Tara and Michonne sneak around. Michonne accidentally kicks a tennis ball, and the Saviors see it. They draw their guns. Rosita takes out her gun. The Saviors shoot, and Michonne takes off. The Saviors search for them, one of them whistling. Tara looks in a box, and pulls out a drill. I think.

Michonne jumps out, getting the best of the woman, but she rallies, and they duel. She calls to her partner. He comes into view, and Tara points a gun at him. He says she’s not going to use that thing – which is like, a villain’s famous last words – and that wasn’t a gun, it was some kind of fire launcher. The second the words were out of his mouth – whoosh! – like Enoch, he was no more. The woman drives off in a truck, the back of it carrying large speakers, blasting the opera. As she gets to the intersection, BOOM! She’s T-boned by a garbage truck. Daryl is the driver, and Tara came along for the ride. Rosita says, that was too close, and Michonne says, it was.

Daryl says that was a Savior, and Michonne explains they found them scavenging. Tara asks why they’re out there, and Michonne tells Tara that she has to see the Sanctuary. Rosita says she does too. Rosita asks what about them, and Daryl says they have work to do; all of them.

Carol makes another try at seeing Ezekiel. Jerry says still not seeing anyone. She tells Henry to cover his ears, and points her gun at the door. Jerry says it’s not locked. Carol goes inside.

She finds Ezekiel, sitting on the floor in front of his throne, Shiva’s empty lead in his hand. He knows what she wants, and what he should be doing, but he can’t. She tells him the people out there need him. He says he played a part, and the stakes were their lives. He still played it; he knew, and yet he smiled. He can’t be what they need. He asks her to please, just leave him alone. Carol starts to leave, and stops. She asks why he kept coming to visit her? Ezekiel says it was his duty to make sure she was okay. She says she was okay; why did he really? He tells her that she made him feel real, not a fiction. Tears roll down Carol’s cheeks. She says he is real – to her, to the Kingdom; the people need their king to lead them. He says she could lead them, but she says it has to be him. He inspired them to build this place, to believe in something. He has to help them grieve, to move on, to end this. He owes them. Henry needs him. The people need King Ezekiel, and if he can’t be the king, do what he does best, and play the part. Carol says she has to act every day. It bothered her at first, but it’s who she is, and she’s still standing. They have to act like everything is normal. It’s what they need, and what he has to give them. Ezekiel says he can’t.

Jared works at cutting the bonds on his wrists with a rock. The guy who was talking to Jesus, slaps it out of his hand. He says Jared will get them all killed. Keep it together, and this place will be theirs. Gregory broods.

Aaron, Maggie, and Enid sit in Maggie’s office. Aaron says he keeps forgetting Eric is gone. He has moments where he thinks he’ll see him and be able to talk about how he’s feeling, and his mind catches up. He remembers, and the pain is knowing it won’t ever happen. Enid knows the feeling. He asks if it gets easier. Maggie says no, but it helps to do something about it. Jesus comes in, and tells them Gregory is trying to suck up to the Saviors; she did the right thing. He thanks her, but Maggie says, not so fast. She thinks they might be bargaining chips. Maybe they can trade them for some of their own people, so they might need them. But if they don’t, they can’t let them live. Jesus looks sad. Aaron walks out.

Aaron packs up his car. Enid asks where he’s going, and he says he’s going to make sure they win. She wants to come, saying he’s right; they need to win. He tells her to get her stuff, and some food. They might be gone for a while.

Daryl drives to an empty lot. He looks through a pair of binoculars, and gives them to Michonne. She sees the Sanctuary, and it’s coated with zombies trying to get in. Daryl thinks they should end this thing right now.

Jadis draws an A in chalk on a storage container. A naked Rick looks out from inside. She, and the garbage people (Talking Dead calls them the Heapsters), leave Rick at the dump alone.

Next time, inside the Sanctuary, Dwight has a talk with Eugene, and Eugene gets a gun held to his head.

🎆 It was a long weekend in more ways than one, and included my birthday, which included martinis. I’m trying to ignore Real Housewives of Atlanta, or at least not concentrate real hard on it, and I like to compile my 90 Day Fiancé thoughts into a once a month fiancé rant, so the Dead stands alone. Hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend. Now, back to work.

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November 20, 2017 – Negan’s Confession & a Few Extra Things


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



The Walking Dead

They say “previously on The Walking Dead,” and I fill in, they killed of any vestige of hope we had, and my desire to root for anyone.

Gabrielle prays, saying he might die, and very likely will. He’s not asking to live, but to be given redemption. He no longer fears death, but fears a fruitless death. He asks God for purpose.

There’s a knock at Gregory’s door. It’s Simon with wakey, wakey, eggs and pancakey, that he made himself. He says a lot of love is on the tray. Gregory did the right thing. He called Simon when things got dicey at Hilltop, and followed instructions. Gregory keeps babbling, and Simon tells him that he doesn’t need to explain himself over and over. He did the right thing every step of the way. He tells Gregory that the reason he was brought there is that they’re not standing on the precipice of greatness, and he said he could solve the problem. Today is the day.

Negan is having a board meeting, Gregory sits at the table, and says thanks for having him. Negan fiddles with Lucille. Gregory says he understands the difficulty of Negan’s position. He doesn’t like killing people any more than Negan does. Negan says he likes killing people. Kill the right people at the right time, and everything falls into place, and everybody’s happy; some more than others. Negan says by killing one, you can save hundreds more. That’s what they’re about; they save people. A light bulb comes on over Gregory’s head, and he says that’s why they’re called the Saviors. Dwight wants to go out for a smoke, and Negan wonders if he doesn’t want to hear the rest. Dwight tells Negan to just tell him where to go and what to do, and he’ll make it happen. Dwight leaves, and Negan asks where they were, saying oh yeah, Gregory doesn’t like to kill and he does, under the right circumstances. Gregory says he likes to stop a conflict before it starts, and suggests he go back to Hilltop. He’ll tell them if they join in this meaningless crusade, they’ll be out on their asses. Negan asks if they still listen to him, and he says Hilltop is his house. He’s still the guy; always has been. Negan wonders if that’s indeed true, why didn’t know about the widow leading an army of his people straight up his ass with Alexandria? Negan thinks he’s playing both sides. Is listening to him the right way to go, or is it the right place and time for something else? Gregory starts stuttering about not being aware of the rebellion until it was in motion. Simon says he believes him; now make Negan believe him. Negan puts Lucille on his shoulder. Gregory says he let a fox into his henhouse, and she and her people took advantage of his generous nature. He sees that now, and will fix it. Simon tells him, lay down the law, and things go back to being copacetic. If not, kill everyone there, and the other communities will get the message. They’ll achieve equilibrium. Negan smacks Lucille on the table, and says people are a resource. People are the foundation of what they’re doing there. He uses Lucille for emphasis as he talks. He asks who the hell do Simon thinks he’s talking to, and if he’s confused as to who’s in charge. He asks if Simon if “we’re” backsliding, and please tell him they’re not. Simon says they’re not. It was a pronounced event in a fragile moment. Negan says, hell yes it is. They need to win it all. Plan A is taking Rick, the widow, and King Assface alive, and making them dead in a public and constructive way, and make them all watch. Kill the right people, in the right way. Negan looks out the window, and we hear shots. He tells Simon they need to have a chat, and he can bring his friend. Negan opens the door, says well, sh*t, sorry, I was in a meeting, and they start to go outside.

Negan and Gabriel are together in a trailer, zombies clamoring at the windows. Negan takes Gabriel’s gun from him, calling him a baby. He says Gabriel “done good,” and made a smart play. The sit together on the floor, and there’s an amazing shot of them, with a silhouette of the zombie hands grabbing at the window in the background. Negan says Rick is an a-hole, and Gabriel says he’s an a-hole. I literally LOL, which I didn’t think was possible after last week. Negan says, yes, he is, but Rick is going to get people killed. Gabriel says, killed by him, and Negan says he killed widow’s husband and the ginger, but he didn’t get them killed. That was Rick; there’s a big difference. He watched Gabriel try to save Gregory, and wonders why he’d stop for that bearded pr*ck. Gabriel says he fears a fruitless death, and Negan asks if he’s kidding; Gregory split on his ass. He asks if the point of his life is saving that d*ckhead, and Gabriel says there’s some reason he did what he did. Maybe he’s there to take Negan’s confession.

Savior Yago is lying by the side of the road, bleeding to death. Rick and Daryl interrogate him. They ask who won at the chemical plant, and Yago says, no one; everyone’s dead. He’s the only one left. Him, the king, his yes-man, and some weird psycho lady. His people, Rick’s people, all gone. He dies, and Rick stabs his eyeball or whatever. We don’t see it.

Negan is sure about one thing; his people think he’s dead. He tells Gabriel that he doesn’t have sh*t to confess. He asks why Gabriel became a priest. Gabriel says he loved God and loved people, and wanted to bring the two together. He wanted to help people through difficult times, and help them through their weaknesses. Negan says he’s been doing that in one way or another his whole life. He says people will start dying in there, because he’s not there to stop it. He whistles.

Regina thinks they can assume Negan is dead. Simon reminds her that they’re all Negan, and they try to form an escape plan. Eugene thinks they’ll be attacked quickly, but Regina says they can use the workers as a distraction. Eugene says that’s no good either. The workers outnumber them. Dwight says he’s right. The workers have the numbers that they need on their side, and there are snipers everywhere. Right now, they have to deal with the other part. Someone in here made everything out there happen. Simon tells him that when they find the subhuman who did this, they’ll kill them slowly in front of everyone, over the course of a few very long days. He looks pointedly at Eugene, and says, good meeting. Make today the best today it can be. At least he didn’t say, today is the first day – oh, you know the rest.

Eugene visits Dwight, He wants to give Dwight his sincere thanks for his support. He also brought cukes from his private stash, and tells Dwight they’ll find a way out of this pickle, pun intended. Dwight shows him a chess game he made. Dwight touches the board and Dwight tells him to be careful; it’s still drying. Eugene says he fully understands he’s being looked at in the Benedict Arnold situation, so he’s doubly grateful.

Gabriel asks Negan if he helped the weak before this. Negan says, kids. If you don’t show them the way, they turn out like garbage; little a-holes become big ones. You have to show them the way because people are weak. Gabriel says Negan is weak; killing the innocent is weak. Negan agrees he’s weak, but that’s not why. A zombie hand busts through the window. Negan thinks they should wait a little longer, and see if his people can pull it together. Gabriel asks why he’s weak. Negan pontificates on how he uses his weaknesses to drive his strength, and he’s strong as sh*t. The last guy in charge at the Sanctuary allowed the people to be weak. He makes them strong, and they make the world strong. Gabriel is going to be his new, special project. He’ll make him strong, and they’ll find his purpose. Gabriel says he’s already strong; he’s killed; he was a part of the satellite outpost mission. Negan tells him that he’s not talking about killing people while they’re sleeping. Gabriel asks again why he’s weak. They might be dead soon. Doesn’t he want absolution and forgiveness? It costs nothing more than saying the truth aloud. Negan says he never killed anyone who didn’t need it. Gabriel says the workers are treated like slaves. Negan tells him it’s economy. No one is a slave or starving. Gabriel asks about his multiple wives, and Negan says no women were pressured into marrying him; everyone made the choice. Gabriel asks if there was a first one, before all this, a wife he made vows with. Gabriel grabs his gun back, but Negan is distracted by a zombie getting through, and beats the crap our of its head with Lucille. He tells Gabriel he took his shot, now it’s time to go,

Daryl and Rick come out of the woods, and see an overturned truck. Daryl asks Rick to give him a hand, and they pull out a container of explosives. Daryl puts them in his backpack, saying can use them to blow the Sanctuary, and let the walkers in. It will be theirs by sundown. Rick says there are workers with families in there. They’re workers, not fighters. Daryl says if they don’t surrender, maybe they’ll all fight, and they don’t have the Kingdom as back-up. Rick says they’re not doing this, and Daryl says maybe he’s not. Rick tells Daryl they have a plan, and they’re sticking to it. Daryl says things change, and walks away. Rick follows him, saying they’re not doing this. Daryl punches him, and says it’s not Rick’s choice. He starts to continue on, and Rick jumps on his back.

Eugene plays video games. The power goes out.

Rick and Daryl continue to fight. Daryl gets Rick in a headlock. The truck starts to smoke, and they both run. Nice going, I think, as whatever they could have used from there blows up.

Rick can’t start the jeep. Daryl rides up on his bike. Rick tells him there’s a plan, and he’s got to see it through. Daryl says they have to win. Rick asks if he’s walking, and Daryl gets ready to roll. He asks if Rick is sure about what he’s doing. Rick says he is, and they head off in different directions.

Negan talks to Gabriel, who went into another room or closet or something. He says he has Lucille to help them get to the Sanctuary. Gabriel has the gun, and he should use it, but most important, they have each other. Negan endears himself to my heart in perpetuity for not saying importantly. He tells Gabriel that people are a resource. He doesn’t want to kill Gabriel; he wants Gabriel to work with him. Gabriel says he’s killed before, but that’s not his greatest sin. He locked his congregation out of the church when it happened. He listened to them die, because he’s a coward. He failed them, and failed God. Every day he works to lessen his failure, and be of service and purpose now. He offers Negan assurance of pardon, penance, and absolution. Show him they’re working as equals. His only way to a future is if he confesses.

Negan says what Gabriel did is horrible, cowardly, spineless sh*t, but guesses that’s what confession is supposed to be. His first wife was his real wife, and only real life; till death did them part. He lied to her, and screwed around. She got sick, and when she went, it was messy. He couldn’t put her down. That’s how he was weak, and what he’ll confess. Maybe they do bite the big one there. Gabriel comes out, and says Negan is free. Negan punches him in the face, and says thank you; he can keep the gun. Negan tells Gabriel that they’re going to have to put the dead’s guts on themselves. He says putrid decaying organs, cooking all day in the sun; how many people have gotten sick from this? Gabriel says he’s from Georgia, which is apparently a joke I don’t get. Negan hacks apart the zombie he killed, and they put entrails all over themselves.

Commercial break. Red Machete. Does anybody care?

Negan says, let’s make some noise. They yell, and he bangs Lucille on the wall. He opens the door, and lets the zombies in. Negan and Gabriel walk out, and we get up close and personal zombie shots. Gabriel falls, and the zombies notice. One tries to bite him, and Negan smashes it in the head. Now attention has been drawn to them, and they start to kill zombies; Negan with Lucille, and Gabriel with his gun. The look up, and zombies are about to jump down on them. I’m wondering if Gabriel got bitten.

At another meeting, Savior Gavin gripes that his deliveries aren’t coming through. Something happened. That Rick guy happened. He’s been hitting outposts. Laura runs in, saying the workers are coming upstairs. They go into the hallway, and the crowd looks like a bunch of angry union workers about to go on strike. Simon tells them that they’re designated to the ground level factory floor and the garden. A worker says it’s too hot inside, and no way are they going outside. Simon explains they need to conserve fuel, and it’s a shared sacrifice. The worker says his tone isn’t working. Dwight says they need time, and the worker says they need water. They’re supposed to be protected in exchange for their work. They need a plan for getting out. One worker wants to know where Negan is, and another asks if he’s dead. Simon orders everyone to return to the factory floor, and a worker says they’re not going anywhere. Regina says, I am Negan, and shoots the woman. She asks if anyone else wants a bullet. They hear whistling, and everyone kneels down.

Negan asks why she had to go and do that. A lot of fine folks thought he was chewed up, never to be crapped out again. He’s not dying until he’s damn good and ready, and right now he’s ready for a sandwich, shower, and massage, maybe all three at once. After that serious business, he has things to attend to, like talking to his right-hand man. They’ll figure how all this happened and why, and then go back to what they’ve always done, save people. A worker says, thank you, Negan, and another says, thank God for you. He looks at Gabriel, and says that’s why he’s the man. He tells the guards to gently take him to number two. Gabriel is led away. He looks at Eugene. Eugene’s bottom lip trembles.

At yet one more meeting. Negan says they need to figure out where the guns came from; find out when they went missing. This came from one of their own. He throws a backpack on the table. Eugene sees that there’s read paint on it, and looks at a paint smudge on his finger. It’s the same paint that Dwight used on the chessboard.

Rick walks along a creek. He looks up, and sees a helicopter. It flies past, and he continues walking.

Negan sees Eugene, and says, yo, Dr. Smarty-Pants, and tells him that he has a big chance here. If he solves this, he’ll make Eugene very happy. But even if tries his best, and can’t figure it out, Negan assures Eugene that he’ll kill him quickly, so he doesn’t have to see the horrific things that will happen when they run out of food and water. In other words, he has Eugene’s back either way. Does Eugene have his? Eugene nods.

Rick keeps walking.  A guard in a tower sees him, and blows a whistle.

Eugene knocks at Gabriel’s cell door. Among other things, he says they’ve eaten dog together, so that joins them in some manner for life. He wants to formally welcome him. He took it upon himself to bring welcome wagon items, in hope of providing some relief. He knocks again. When there’s nothing, he unlocks the door. Gabriel is sweating and shaky. Eugene wants to take him to Dr. Carson, but Gabriel says they have to find Dr. Carson asap. For Maggie.

Next time, Jadis and the trash people (sounds like a group) are back, and Carl finds himself in trouble.

👹 Interesting postscript – on Talking Dead, Lisa Edelstein said she thought perhaps Simon had been in charge when Negan arrived, hence the exchange about Simon backsliding. He’d also talked about what a mess it was when he got there. Very astute. She was obviously paying attention.

😪 I never got a chance to watch Once Upon a Time, but hope I can catch up before the next episode. It was a busy weekend after a truly hellacious week selling on eBay. Seller. Nightmare. Customer.

 👍 An Appropriate Quote

Ah, work — it’s second only to families in forcing us to spend time with people we’d rather not be in close contact with. – Alison Green, Ask a Boss, The Cut

⚡  More Negan Backstory


November 12, 2017 – The Kingdom Collapses & 90 Day Triad Treatise


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



The Walking Dead

Ezekiel washes his face. He fixes his dreads, and gets duded up.

The knights say goodbye to their families. Ezekiel walks out, and the crowd parts. Shiva growls. Everyone moves down the road. Ezekiel tells a boy to fear not and be brave. He says they face dire challenges; their lives, their way of life, hang in the balance. They pray for not one drop of rain under an overcast sky. Yet he smiles. They will fight and bleed. Yet he smiles. They will end them all, as is their charge and sorrow this day. Yet he smiles. They’ll leave their loved ones, rushing out from peace to war. Yet he smiles. They will find glory and honor, and protect this bastion of life. On this day, they are joined in purpose and mission. they are one. The crowd joins him in saying they are one, and gathers around him.

We see a bloody battlefield. Ezekiel crawls out from under a pile of men. He looks through the casualties. He cries out, not smiling anymore. The dead begin to stir. Ezekiel, get the blip out of there! A dead soldier grabs at him. He can’t walk, so he crawls. Oh sh*t! How is he going to get out of this? He can’t get up, and scrambles backward as they come at him.

The zombies stagger toward Ezekiel. He manages to get up, and falls again. He shoots a zombie in the head, but that was the last bullet. The next gun is empty too. He keeps crawling. Suddenly, another live man is there. He shoots a couple of zombies, and helps Ezekiel up.

Carol sneaks around inside the outpost. She hears men talking. Someone needs help. Another guy tells them to move their asses; it’s real now. A couple of guys bring a crate of guns in, but all of them are taken down by some gunfire. Carol drops down from the ceiling, and finishes them off. She takes a gun and runs. Some men follow her, but she ditches them.

Ezekiel asks if the man has seen Shiva, but he says not since they were hit. They see a crowd of zombies, but suddenly the man is shot from behind. Ezekiel is dragged back to the outpost by the shooter. Dude looks like Jeffrey Dahmer, but his name is Gunther (which I find out later from Talking Dead). Gunther makes Ezekiel give him his staff, which is also a sword. He’s taking Ezekiel to the Sanctuary, but Ezekiel says the gates are down. Gunther says Ezekiel is going to help him remedy the situation.

Carol sneaks around outside. She sees some Saviors loading the guns into a truck.

Ezekiel falls, and Gunther shoots the closest zombie. He tells Ezekiel he made it this far; he can walk. Ezekiel tells him, better the dead be his end, than a desperate foot soldier. He asks if Negan knows even knows his name, and Gunther says he’s Negan. Ezekiel says he won’t be used to harm his own people. Gunther tells Ezekiel, let’s go now, and drags him back up. He tells Ezekiel that he played his cards and people good, but they can’t do sh*t for him now. He says some stuff about Shiva, and I swear, if they kill that tiger, I’m out. The zombies trail them, and Gunther tells Ezekiel that he got them killed, and they’re still following him. He calls Ezekiel a meaningless con man in a costume.

Carol pops out, shoots up everything and ducks behind a truck. A bunch of Saviors shoot back, and it doesn’t look good for her. The truck gets riddled with bullets, and she hunches down on the other side.

Gunther says they’re getting something with wheels and getting out. Ezekiel tries to attack him, but Gunther gets the better of him, saying it’s over. He took his shot, and it’s over. I can’t wait for this guy to die. Gunther smears blood on Ezekiel’s face, and says delusions of grandeur.

The gate is padlocked, and Ezekiel says the dead are nearly upon them. Gunther takes Ezekiel’s coat and puts it over the wire on the top of the fence. Ezekiel says he can’t climb. Gunther says he doesn’t have to. Negan was hoping to have his ass chained on the sanctuary fence, but his head on a pike will be fine. Gunther raises the sword, but is split in half from behind by Knight Jerry. Wow, that was cool!

The shooting stops, and the men inch forward, Carol tosses her gun out, and says she can tell them where the others are; just let her live. A savior tells her, nice and slow. She comes out, hands up, saying she’s unarmed.

Jerry brings Ezekiel to his feet, gives him his sword back, and lops off a couple of zombie heads. He calls Ezekiel “Your Majesty,” and Ezekiel says he doesn’t need to call him that. Jerry says, yes, he does.

The Savior asks where Carol’s people are. She asks him to promise not to tell them she told him. She grabs the guy coming by with the ammo, and puts a knife to his throat. The Saviors shoot, but he ends up getting it instead of Carol. In the meantime, zombies start coming in through the gate.

Jerry works on the padlock. More zombies are coming, and he spears one in the eye. He and Ezekiel ready themselves.

Zombies start taking down the Saviors. Ezekiel and Jerry take down some zombies. Jerry thanks Ezekiel for being such a cool dude.

Inside the compound, the Saviors are busy dealing with zombies. Carol says they need to end this. The Savior she was negotiating with says she was lying about her friends. He must not be too bright if he just came to that understanding. Carol tells him to walk away. He says she’s not going anywhere with the guns, but she tells him that she has the ammo, and asks how much they have left? He tells her to come and find out, because he’s five. She notices what’s happening with Ezekiel and Jerry.

She joins them, asking if Ezekiel has fought before. He says he was once a marauder in the woods, and has trained for a long time. He’s ready to become what he must; to will himself into what he must be. He tells her that he was a zookeeper. He was weak, then a 500-lb. tiger needed his help. He didn’t just leap into her enclosure, and wasn’t seized by deep seated instinct. He deliberated for a few seconds, weighing the risk of approaching such a beast or not. He decided he wanted to be the one who leapt. Years later, Benjamin told him what he knew, but couldn’t hear – if you’re asked to be the hero, be the hero. He’s not ready, but made the decision on who he’ll be. He asks if it was easier for her. Was she always this strong and brave, or did she decide? She says she decided, like him. Life decided some things too. He says it does, and it will.

Zombies start to close in, but Carol mows them down. She says there’s nothing she can do about them getting the guns. Jerry finally gets the padlock off, and helps them through the fence. Ezekiel says, word to Rick before the guns get to the Sanctuary. Carol says they won’t be going there. The truck speeds past, with Daryl not far behind it, and Rick behind him.

The driver sees Daryl in his rear-view mirror. Daryl shoots, but the back panel drops down, and there’s a guy with a machine gun. Daryl swerves, and ends up off the road, with the bike falling and sliding. Rick keeps going, serpentine behind the truck. The Savior veers to avoid some zombies, and the shooter in the back is thrown. Rick gets Death Proof close to the truck, and jumps in. He punches the driver in the kidneys, and tosses him out. Nice work.

Daryl sees the truck off the road on its side, and Rick comes crawling out of the weeds. He says they got the guns; let’s see if this a-hole is alive.

Carol, Jerry, and Ezekiel continue on. Ezekiel says they have to leave him; he’s slowing them down. Carol says no way. At least these are slow zombies. They come to a creek, and the place is teaming with them, some of them downright skeletal. I start thinking, wait a minute, wouldn’t the spine deteriorate at some point? How come we don’t see piles of bones everywhere? Carol says they’re almost out of ammo. Ezekiel tells Jerry he’s not his king, and to leave him. He tells them to go, saying he ain’t no king; he’s just some guy.

Shiva to the rescue! Carol and Jerry help Ezekiel up. Shiva attacks the zombies.

Screw this show. The zombies got her. I am so over this. I’m livid.

Ezekiel comes back. He sees the boy he spoke to in the beginning, and touches his face.

😠 I hate this show right now. I’ve had such little investment in the characters, because it’s so one-note. It’s a relentless downer, which is fine for a two-hour film, but not week after week. I understand that it comes from a graphic novel series, but again, it’s a weekly show, and should play differently. There’s just no balance here. It’s not realistic. Before you say the whole zombie apocalypse is unrealistic (could happen), hear me out. It’s not realistic for what it is. If this was a real situation, you’d have more of a variety of people, not just depressing ones. Somebody would be cracking jokes, or at least being sarcastic. They found some balance with Abe, then they killed him off. I was growing weary of the dark atmosphere at that point, but Ezekiel, the Kingdom, and Shiva were bringing me around. (And Negan, who I find amusing.) So what do they do? Kill almost all of them off, let the zombies get the tiger, and no doubt Ezekiel will be his own version of walking dead now. I never like when a show is obvious about eliciting emotion from the audience. This was even worse than Viserion on Game of Thrones. And at least they have Peter Dinklage, king of the medieval one-liners. While Z Nation can be silly at times, they’ve managed to pack both variety and heart into the show, and still give the audience zombie thrills as well as melancholy. Honestly, I’ll probably finish out the season, but I think I’m out. If I want to get depressed, I can look at my bank account. I would have rather seen Rick get it. I hope Negan wins.

😑 Next time, too busy being annoyed to even pay attention.

90 Day Trifecta

I never did find out why Pedro called Chantel “Pinky,” but moving on, and catching up.

Starting with Before the 90 Days, we have Cortney and Antonio. He’s from Spain, and this looked like a catfish in the beginning, especially since he was a model, but he turned out to be the real deal. Antonio said he liked smart girls, and my advice was to not date Cortney, but the whole thing surprised me. After giving a negative first impression, and being relegated to sleeping on the couch, Antonio finally won her over and they got busy. She told us it was better than expected, and I was thrilled she shared that information. Not really. All was well until his A/C went out. I don’t blame Cortney for not wanting to share a cramped apartment in 90 degrees, but she whined so much, he ended up leaving to do laundry at his mother’s house and stayed the night. When he came back and wanted to go flamenco dancing, Cortney started crying. He decided she shouldn’t have any more whine wine, and asked if she was getting her period. Wrong, wrong, and more wrong. Even though they somehow got it together again, and got all I’ll-miss-you weepy at the airport, I was pretty certain that this would be the end for them. Not so. On a Tell All special after the season ended, where he contributed via Skype, they were in a committed relationship with each other. He sent her one of his sexy photo calendars, which her parents have hung up in their kitchen. I have no words. Cortney also told us that in Spain, women will come right up to your table while you’re on a date, and ask for the guy’s number. I should add, Antonio did not give his out, and claims he’s being faithful. I might as well believe him. I’ve been wrong about this one the entire way through.

Patrick went to Paris, and Myriam’s big secret was that she already had a boyfriend. It was so uncalled for and sad. I couldn’t fathom why she wouldn’t have told him this before he spent a fortune to go halfway around the world to meet her. He might have gone anyway, but that should have been his decision to make. It’s the worst when a decision is taken from you because you didn’t know the truth. He told Myriam he had to take a breath, and called his mom, who freaked out. He decided to stay and change Myriam’s mind, and spent the rest of his time there trying to do just that. We never saw Myriam’s boyfriend, but he sounded like a dud. It seemed to me, the real reason she’s with him is because they’re both Muslim. In the end, on a romantic boat ride/dinner, the kind Myriam wished her boyfriend would be into, she told Patrick that she’d give him a chance if circumstances were different. But they weren’t, and her parting words were basically c’est la vie. During the Tell All, both Myriam and Patrick’s mother were on Skype. Patrick’s mother just about cursed Myriam out, and told her karma was a bitch that would bite her in the ass. Myriam insisted that Patrick knew their flirting was nothing serious before he came to visit. Patrick was just like, I’ll be waiting when you dump your sorry ass boyfriend.

Sean finally met Abby’s ex, Chris. Abby took him to beautiful places to get his mind off of it beforehand, so we got to see some of Haiti. And it was, indeed, beautiful. Sean waited with a scowl on his face, while Abby picked Chris up. Their meeting was over before it began, and Sean told Abby that Chris was “poisonous.” I hadn’t gotten that impression, although he was flirty with her in the cab, but more on that in a minute. He told her that if she wanted a relationship with him, she had to ditch Chris. They couldn’t have a healthy relationship with him in the picture. Abby wasn’t thrilled with an ultimatum, but said she’d do it “for love.” Sean went home, but then came back and asked her to marry him. During the Tell All, we found out that Sean was right, and Chris is a 64-year-old a-hole who was basically using Abby as a sidepiece. She’d cut all ties with him but – let’s scratch our heads here – she was calling from his condo where she was staying. Supposedly, he wasn’t in town, and she planned to be gone before his return, but I’m not sure why she couldn’t call from somewhere else. I like Abby. She seems mature and seems to genuinely love Sean, but this gives me pause. My opinion to be continued.

Darcy’s visit with Jesse went downhill when she started to have enough of his healthy lifestyle, and militaristic attitude about everything. She met with Jesse’s mom, who is super cool, and honest without being an a-hole, unlike his stepdad and best friend. They had some wine, and his mom told Darcy to take her time. Darcy had another drink at the bar, ignoring Jesse’s texts and messages. When she got back to the apartment, he said she was “obviously highly intoxicated,” which he backed up in his interview, claiming she kept looking at the ground and being “sassy.” She decided to spend the night in a hotel, since he was harshing her buzz. He called the producer, saying she was drunk and irresponsible, and had run off. On her end, she claimed to be only tipsy, and said she left to do her own thing. No camera crew was there, so it’s hard to tell what really happened. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall. In the morning, Jesse came to the hotel. He told Darcy that he has issues with drinking because he’d lost people to the bottle, which explains a lot IMO. He asked her to promise never to drink again, and surprisingly, she agreed. The worst part of all was when, near the end of her trip, Jesse took Darcy to some place with windmills and bridges that was supposed to be iconic and romantic. He got down on one knee, told her how wonderful she was and how much he loved her, showed her a ring, and said this wasn’t a proposal. The ring was an “appreciation ring.” What? Even though Darcy has been tireless in her pursuit of an engagement, this was cruel and unusual punishment. It was like the ring on a string Schwartz gave Katie on Vanderpump Rules. I agree that six weeks is too short, but that was just bizarre. So, like, are they going steady now?

It got better during the Tell All, when Jesse made a surprise appearance. He acted like his robot self, and she was obviously uncomfortable. When asked what the biggest strain in their relationship was, they bleeped whatever Jesse said. I checked around and found a Reddit thread where it was being discussed. A user thought he’d said “bullsh*t.” I watched it a couple of times, and decided to accept that answer. What it means, I don’t know, and Darcy was just as vague. In that same thread, some users thought she seemed like an abused woman, but there’s an ocean and more between them, so I don’t think that’s it. He doesn’t seem to be in any kind of hurry to move either. They went back and forth about their problems without actually naming what they were. Darcy did have “a couple of glasses of wine” – which I’ve decided is her euphemism for getting sh*tfaced – with her sister on some occasion, Jesse wasn’t too happy about that, and she also had the nerve not to think it was no big deal. At one point, Jesse jumped up, said it was over, but then they left holding hands. And he hassled her about wearing his jacket on the way to the car because it was cold. I give up.

It was a real toss-up as to who gets the title of the WTF? Couple – Jesse and Darcy or Paul and Karine. The machete attack won. Because it wasn’t bad enough that Paul made Karine take an STD and pregnancy test prior to their “being intimate,” he kept saying that he had a secret. He continued to fret about it, while we were kept in suspense for weeks. I started thinking that maybe he had been born a woman, when he revealed that he had a “criminal past.” Then I thought maybe he stole some Star Wars action figures. The real story was that there was an ex with a restraining order against him, and he’d done prison time for arson; setting his own house on fire. He never really said whether he was guilty or not, so I’m assuming he has some issues, and the answer is yes. No big shock that Karine was knocked for a loop, but before she had a chance to process this information, Paul went on a kooky little adventure. He ran like a girl through the woods, until he got to the river. Then he clung to a tree, repeating, don’t let me get in this water, over and over. In his interview, he said at that moment, he didn’t care what happened to him, if he got some disease or was bitten by a snake: he’s a bad person. He certainly cared about making a production of it. Karine followed him, and was like, what is up with this, Paul? He basically said he wasn’t good enough for her, and believe me, if a guy ever says that, take him at his word and run. Karine just wanted to get the hell out of the woods, and left Paul still being weird.

It got better. While Paul was busy wallowing in self-pity, Karine’s phone was stolen. She’d already said something about it not being a good area, so why he chose to put this act on there is a mystery. When Karine got back to the more public space, a guy came running up with a machete, and demanded her phone. The camera crew was like, we just got mugged, and it looked like some kind of gang was going through the park, robbing people. They ran into the woods, cops ran after them, shots were fired, and Karine just wanted to go home and never think about Paul again. But that’s not how it ended.

She decided to stay with a friend, and he followed her like the stalker he no doubt is. She forgave him, and after an elaborate proposal on the beach, said yes to marrying him. Good luck with this guy. Are times this desperate? During the Tell All, she and Paul were together in Brazil, participating via Skype. I did wonder if the machete business had been staged, when he got so upset about the topic, he had to walk away, but she didn’t even seem fazed. Although maybe it happens so often there, she’s used to it. Either way, it was strange. Also disconcerting, was when Paul was asked if he returned the favor and also took an STD test. He said he did, and it was nerve-wracking. Why that would be, since he’s not exactly a Casanova, I have no idea, but chalked it up to his many neuroses. What was bothersome was that Karine claimed to have never seen the results, but he asked her if she didn’t remember looking at them on the phone together. 1) For such a paranoid dude, how come he’s doing all this online? and 2) she looked like she had no idea what he was talking about. Referee TV host, Shaun Robinson, added to the insanity by screeching Karine’s name repeatedly when Paul revealed he was with her. I can’t figure this woman out; the way she mugs for the camera is insane. I also can’t figure Paul out. Is he a trust fund baby? Does he work? Either Karine is a desperate girl or there is something seriously lost in the translation here.

On the flipside, there are a few interesting characters on the new season of original 90 Day Fiancé.

Larry – the one who makes me laugh every time he says Filipino Cupid, and the desperation with which he looks at the camera – met Jenny’s family, who had a humongous barbecue for him, which included a roast pig. Here’s where Larry went wrong. Now I’ve been to a pig roast, and although I was creeped out by seeing the entire pig, the smell was heavenly, and it tasted delicious. Apparently, Larry has a tender tummy, because he made it obvious that he could not eat this, bringing Jenny to tears, and disgrace upon the family. They worked things out, and both have decided to wait until marriage for sex, so there was no make-up anything. Larry informed us that he hasn’t had sex in fourteen years, and we’ll just leave it at that.

There are a couple of other standouts. David and the much younger Annie, who is from a poor village in Thailand. David had to give her parents a couple of oxen or something as dowry. There was an engagement party, and the entire village had a parade for him, because it was a huge honor. David handed out money right and left per some tradition I’ve never heard of, and was king for a day, even though this whole enterprise has tapped him out. When they get back to the states, he and Annie will be temporarily staying with friend Chris and his wife. They spent a couple of days in Bangkok, met up with them, and I decided Chris is a creeper. He started off saying mi casa es su casa, and by the end of the conversation, suggested Annie not only cook for them in exchange for rent (the applicant can’t work during the 90 day period), but give him massages. There was a silence heard around the world – one in which Chris’s wife said nothing and looked at no one; she didn’t even kick him under the table – and Annie told him she didn’t mind doing the cooking, but wasn’t giving massages. You’d think David would have spoken up, and later, Annie asked him if Chris got the idea from him. He claimed the only thing he’d ever said was that she gave him a massage. I believe it, and I think it’s a mistake to move in with those people. Honestly, it was one of the creepiest moments in this franchise so far, and that’s saying a lot.

There’s also Nicole, single mother to May, and Azan, who is from Morocco. From the jump, it wasn’t looking good, and his motives were suspect. Nicole’s first visit to Morocco was exhausting for the both of us – I got tired just watching. She’s a large girl, and he seemed disappointed about that when they met, although if they’ve been video chatting or even sharing pictures, I find it hard to believe he wouldn’t have noticed. She wanted to be affectionate, and he kept telling her it was a no-no in public there. He was annoyed that she didn’t show more decorum, and made her promise to eat healthier and exercise. Nicole’s mother hasn’t been thrilled with anything here, and refused to sponsor him for the K-1 visa. Since Nicole doesn’t make enough money, she needed a kind of co-signer. Her father – her parents are divorced, and both have remarried – decided to step up to the plate, figuring he can keep an eye on her if she stays in the states. Nicole made a second trip to Morocco, this time with her daughter. It was another fiasco, since May is a rather energetic child. Azan and Nicole disagreed on parenting methods. A visit to his family made me wonder if he was adopted. They seemed like lovely, joyful people, and very welcoming to both Nicole and May. Maybe they want to get rid of him. Nicole also “cheated” on him prior to them meeting IRL. What this actually means, I’m not sure. It wasn’t bad enough that she kept begging his forgiveness for this transgression, she also went out with a male friend to a club, and had not told Azan, who thought she’d gone with girlfriends, and it made him question the relationship. Not sure where this is going to go, but it smells bad. She seems desperate for a husband and father, and he seems like he might be desperate for… something. He doesn’t sound necessarily gung-ho about moving to America. Maybe he just wants someone to control, but if so, you’d think it would be easier for him to find a girlfriend at home. I can’t even see what these two have in common, besides… nope, nothing.

There are three other couples, but they aren’t quite as interesting because they seem almost normal. However, that’s always subject to change. I still have to watch tonight’s episode.

After the pig fiasco, Jenny told Larry that she never cries for men, mens cry for her. It was like a moment out of a telenova, and I realized that I watch this with a combination of amusement and horror. I also know more about the K-1 visa than I ever wanted to. And I’ve learned that if you want to act like an a-hole, just say it’s part of your culture and get offended if people don’t respect it.

90 Day Fiancé – where stupid people meet.



November 5, 2017 – Eric We Barely Knew Ye, a Little Atlanta & Some Xscape


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



The Walking Dead

King Ezekiel says they’re coming – bloodthirsty rogues and cutthroats, bent on their destruction – yet he smiles. The Kingdom tromps trough the woods. Ezekiel notes that Carol smiles. They keep walking, Ezekiel leading them like a bloodhound. They hear whistling, and raise their hands as they’re approached by Saviors. Carol says they have the numbers, but we have the strategy. Suddenly, there’s a gun battle, with the Saviors being the losers. Ezekiel says it brings hope to the heart, maybe unwisely. Keep to their plan and training, and the fates may smile and allow this dream. They won’t lose, not one of their ranks. Ezekiel walks among the dead Saviors. He tells Carol, not one. Shiva growls.

Morales tells Rick, guns down. He remarks that this whole time it was him. Rick tells him the fight is out there; it’s just him in there. Morales says he knows who Rick is, and it wasn’t any blast from the past to see him. They both came from there to here. He calls Rick a monster. He called the Saviors back because Rick is a prize, Morales asks why he’s there? Why is there always a guy willing to rush in; why? What’s Rick looking for? He says Rick has nothing to say, even though he’s not giving Rick a chance to say anything, and just keeps barraging him with questions. Morales says it doesn’t matter. What’s left is coming to get him. Whether they get him to Negan or not, his sh*t is going to be settled. He calls Rick “peaches,” and I wonder if that’s Rick’s stripper name.

Outside, the battle goes on. God forgive me, someone falls, and I laugh. Some Saviors run back inside. Lots of shooting is still happening, and a little feeding as the dead rise.

Aaron gets Eric to a tree out of the line of fire. Aaron says there’s an exit wound, so that’s good. He’ll get Eric to the Kingdom’s doctor. He tells Eric he’s sorry. Eric asks if he’s the one who shot him. Aaron says pulled Eric into it when he didn’t want to fight. Eric says, until he did. He tells Aaron to go and help the others; they need him. Aaron starts to cry. Eric says Aaron knows he loves him, and tells Aaron to get back to the fight; they can win this thing. Aaron says we will, and tells Eric he loves him and always has. He leaves, giving Eric a gun.

On the road, Jesus’s group walks on, with the Savior prisoners tied together by a rope. One of the soldiers tells Tara they’ll take the Savior prisoners back to Maggie; she’ll know what to do with them. Tara says she knows what they did. Walking next to Morgan, Jared starts whistling, and Morgan pokes him with the staff. I’d do that on a good day if he started that whistling next to me. Jesus says it’s not far to Hilltop; they’ve made the decision. Morgan insists nothing has been decided, and Jesus says nothing is permanent, but they’re taking the Saviors to Hilltop. Morgan says he knows how dangerous this is, and who these people are. Jesus tells him no matter what they’ve done, they’re people. He and Morgan have killed, but they don’t execute. Morgan says, not here.

Rick asks Morales if his family is there, but Morales says they didn’t make it to Birmingham. Rick says he’s sorry; he’s lost people too – Lori, Shane, Andrea, Glenn. Negan killed Glenn; forced him to his knees and bashed in his head in front of his pregnant wife; Maggie is his widow. He asks if Morales is Negan too. Morales says he lost his family, and lost his mind, waiting to become nothing, and the Saviors found him. They thought he was worth a damn and worth bringing back, so yeah, he’s Negan. To make it this far for this long, there has to be something. Morales says they’re the same; two a-holes, doing whatever they have to, to keep going. The only difference is that he’s the one holding the gun. That makes him luckier. If it was Rick holding the gun, his brains would already be on the floor. Rick tells Morales that he doesn’t know that. He wouldn’t want to, and would do the best he could to try and find another way. Morales thinks he can talk all he wants, but they’re all dead. Somewhere along the way, Officer Friendly died with them, just like he did.

Rick says, no, and Daryl shoots Morales in the back with his crossbow before Rick can protest. Rick says Daryl didn’t know who it was, but Daryl says, it don’t matter. He asks if Rick found guns, and Rick says the guns aren’t there. They gotta get out before –

Too late. They’re here.

Jared says there’s something different about Morgan. It’s his armor, like it shrunk. He realizes it’s Benjamin’s armor, and asks why Morgan would wear it, since the kid didn’t do sh*t for him. Morgan points the staff at Jared, but their altercation is interrupted by zombies rolling down the hill next to them, and landing in the road. There’s a wide variety, some barely more than skeletons. More zombies roll down, and a bunch of Saviors start running, but it’s awkward when you’re tied together.

Some of the Saviors run into the woods. Morgan tails them. One of them falls, Morgan catches up, and shoots another one. Jesus stops him from shooting any more. Morgan tells him the Saviors are never going to change, and Jesus says they’ll find another way; Maggie will. Morgan says she’ll want them dead after what they’ve done. Jesus says they’ll have to live with them after. They have to find a way to peace. He puts his hand on Morgan’s shoulder, and Morgan knocks Jesus back. They fight.

Ezekiel reminds his band that those they extinguished are just part of the compound. But their first victory will allow their second, and their second will deliver their third.

Daryl and Rick run through the building, getting shot at periodically. There’s a mini gun battle in the hallway.

Jesus and Morgan kick each other’s asses. Morgan tries to hit Jesus with his staff, but Jesus is pretty nimble, and does some amazing bobbing and weaving. Morgan finally gets a good whack in, but then Jesus drop kicks him. Morgan comes close to stabbing him with the pointy end of the staff.

Daryl says he’s out. Rick sees a fire extinguisher across the hall, and shoots it. The white stuff sprays all over the place, and while the Saviors are trying to get their bearings, Rick and Daryl grab the Savior’s guns, and jet the hell out.

Morgan and Jesus continue fighting. Ain’t nobody got time for this. They struggle over the staff, and Jesus gets the staff. He tosses it back to Morgan, and in gratitude, Morgan points it at Jesus’s throat. The rest of the group gets closer, and Morgan backs off. He says he’s not right, but that doesn’t make him wrong, which sounds like the title of a Tyler Perry movie. Morgan says he can’t be a part of this. Tara says he is right. Morgan picks up a gun, and strides off, looking at the bodies.

At Hilltop, Enid looks out and says, it’s him. Gregory bangs on the door, saying he needs help; he’s been through hell, and he knows they can hear him. Maggie opens gate a little bit, and asks what he’s doing with Gabriel’s car? Gregory says he doesn’t know Gabriel, and the car was there. He says he lives there, adding that some of them didn’t just show up, which is probably the wrong thing to say to Maggie right now. She says he sold out, and he says he tried to save lives; it was Negan who made him say horrible things. He went to the Saviors, furthering diplomacy. Some people would call it heroic. Maggie says he was looking out for himself, and tried to betray them. Gregory tells her that he caused no harm; Negan already knew everything. Maggie tells him goodbye, and he says okay, he was scared. He knew they couldn’t win a fight against Negan, but didn’t want to be seen as complicit. He sees now that he can’t be reasoned with.

She starts to walk away, and he says he made a mistake, and he’s sorry. They’re all just human beings with faults, flaws, and fears. Is this who she is? Has she no mercy, humanity, or charity? He asks her to open the gate, and open her heart. Don’t leave a human out to die. Maggie turns around, and says, let him in. He’s not worth killing, not yet anyway. Gregory says he’s a believer now. Cal calls down that Jesus is here. Gregory tells her not to let him in with the Saviors; she’ll put their safety in jeopardy. She says, Gregory, go! like he’s a dog.

Maggie wonders what they’ll do with the Saviors, and Jesus says there are empty trailers out back that they can be locked in. He says they surrendered. They can’t let them go, but they can’t kill them.

Back at the outpost, the shooting is over, but the dead who have turned are feeding. Daryl starts killing the new zombies off, and Rick takes Polaroids. Wtf? They load their wounded into a truck, and clean up as best they can. What’s with Rick taking photos? Did Instagram survive the apocalypse? He writes a note.

Aaron goes back to the tree, but Eric is gone. He sees the gun on the ground, and calls out to him. There’s a lot of blood at the base of the tree. He looks across the road, and sees Eric ambling toward his new people, the undead. Aaron cries, and one of the group takes his arm, saying, it’s not him. He leads Aaron away.

Rick brings out the baby. Aaron says he’ll take her to Hilltop, where she’ll be safe. He and Eric were going there to update Maggie. Yep, babysitting a newborn ought to take his mind off his troubles. Rick gives him the baby, saying her name is Gracie. (Last week, on Talking Dead, Andrew Lincoln had said the baby would be fine.)

Rick sees Daryl, and they’re about to confer, when someone shoots at them. They duck and hide. Rick calls out, saying they’re alone, and he knows the shooter is too. There’s not enough room behind the tree for more than one. He says a herd is coming – just sayin’. They can make a deal. Drop the gun and come out. Tell them what they need to know, take the car, and live. Todd’s voice asks why he should trust them. Rick says he gives Todd his word. There’s isn’t much that’s worth anything anymore, but a man’s word should mean something. Todd comes limping out, and asks what they want to know. Rick asks about the guns. Todd says the guns aren’t there. They had them for a while, and they were sent to another outpost yesterday. Rick asks which one, and Todd says McGavin (I think), west of there. He asks if he can go now, and Daryl shoots him. Geez.

Ezekiel is still smiling. Everyone is accounted for, and he smiles even more broadly. He tells Carol, not one. She tells them to sweep the compound. Ezekiel says, we or they; one or the other. She heads toward the buildings, and Ezekiel suddenly yells, scatter! Gunfire comes from the tower window.

The Kingdom people drop like flies. Several of them block King Ezekiel from getting hit, at the expense of their own lives.

Next time, Ezekiel says they face a dire challenge; they will fight and they will bleed – lives hang in the balance. Carol is captured.

👓 Jordan Woods-Robinson, who played Eric, is also a member of Blue Man Group.

👱 Didn’t want this, but I’m starting to understand what’s on the menu now. We can hide like these people, we can keep trying to serve The Saviors, and I can watch you get randomly beaten every so often, or else we can fight. So, here we are. And being with you, well it makes abject terror tolerable. – Eric to Aaron

🍑 The Real Housewives of Atlanta started its new season tonight, along with Married to Medicine, but I decided to take a break from these shrews women. My real life, such as it is, has been extra busy lately, so if I watch these, it will be in a half-assed way, like while I’m doing three other things. I did catch most of Atlanta tonight. Kenya claimed to have gotten her fairytale ending, having gotten married over the break, and showed off her gorgeous ring, as well as pictures of the ceremony. Are they divorced yet? Phaedra got fired over the litigious accusations she made about Kandi last season. We’re still stuck with Porsha though. She now has a podcast, where she says she’s unplugged and unedited. If she considers herself plugged and edited on this show, I can’t imagine. I did a double-take when, after being told men could father children at any age, Porsha thought the children might come out looking old. Seriously, is this an act? No one can be this stupid, right? Right? NeNe now has a store that carries clothing for “women who eat, and women who don’t eat.” Cynthia is fifty, single, and alone. Don’t cry for me, Argentina. She’s fabulous and has a home on a lake that looks like it’s out of a magazine. Sheree hasn’t been interesting since her who gonna check me, boo? days. She said she doesn’t want to have bad energy around her, and I have some advice. Leave. Now. Kandi is busy with the baby and the OLG restaurant. And her new show, Xscape: Still Kickin’ It, that premiered after Atlanta. It’s a limited (I think six part) gig, so catch it while you can.

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October 29, 2017 – The Shahs Reunion Comes to An End, a Triple Attack & Silver Shamrock


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset – Reunion Part Two

I’m still trying to get over the fact Destiney was on People’s Couch and I didn’t realize it.

Asa asks Reza if he believes her about not getting IVF treatments to have her son. He does, but hates himself for having doubts. She says she and MJ aren’t friends like that. Shervin says Asa doesn’t reciprocate, and that’s why MJ is hurt. Asa insists MJ never wanted good for her, and crossed the line. We flash back to MJ not wanting to hug her after finding out she’s pregnant. MJ says she was shocked and disappointed that it was six months before any of them were included. Asa tells MJ she’s lost all respect for her. Reza tells Asa that she doesn’t understand MJ and what she’s been going through. MJ tells Asa about crocheting a blanket for baby Soltan, and Asa says, the bastard child. They break for lunch.

Backstage, Mike is upset, and GG says it seems like Asa hates them. MJ brings up Asa’s comment on racism, and Mike jokingly asks if she’s talking about him. Asa overhears and isn’t happy. GG asks for the paramedics. She’s having a panic attack, and says she just smoked some weed. She tells the paramedic how cute he is.

Back to the reunion. Andy says it was a season of new beginnings for GG. Her anger levels turned down, but not completely off. A viewer asks about GG’s sobriety. She says she was never practicing sobriety, and shows us her vaporizer. We flash back to her fight with her sister Layla on Thanksgiving, and GG says she can’t anymore. Mike doesn’t think the relationship can be healed – there’s been too much damage. We find out he’s hooked up with Layla in the past. Andy is surprised that Reza and GG reconciled. Reza says hating her was taking up energy and space in his head and heart, and was a lot of work. He either had to let it go or let her go. GG doesn’t think it would have happened if his friends hasn’t pointed out to him that she’d changed. Reza tells us that they were just in Palm Springs together. Now the song Layla will be my earworm for a while. You’re welcome.

We revisit GG getting her hearing aid. She didn’t know how deaf she was, but notices now when the batteries need to be replaced. Andy says by the time he found her wedding registry, he heard the marriage was over. Reza is willing to guarantee that there are relatives on Shalom’s side who didn’t want to go to the wedding, and that’s why they just had a civil ceremony. GG says she kept asking if he was sure things were cool with Shalom’s family, and he insisted it was. Andy asks where things are at now, and she tells him that they’re trying to get to know each other, since they didn’t before. Wow – that’s some ring. Andy reminds her that she has a Shalom tattoo, and she claims she doesn’t regret it, but talks about a fight they had and how she slashed the tattoo to show him that she didn’t care. Mike says that’s some serious sh*t. She says information came out that he’d been married before, and applied for a green card. A lot of people thought that was his reason for wanting to marry her. His ex was also on the reality show Dash Dolls about the Kardashian boutique.

Andy says, guess what? We invited Shalom here! GG is mad, and everyone is surprised. Shalom comes out, and Andy asks how he would define their relationship. He says they’re working on it and trying to figure it out. Andy asks if him snapchatting his abs to her was the deciding factor. and brings up the green card issue. Shalom says there are plenty of women he could marry for that reason, and they’d accept a cheaper ring. Andy asks if he’s attracted to women on reality shows, but he says his ex was only on one for about two weeks. We flash back to Shalom being upset about GG kissing her scene partner in the play. Shalom says it was really bad, and he apologized to everyone. He comes from Persian/Jewish family, and 90% were against him getting married. After a few drinks and people talking in his ear, he realized he had a proposal happening in Times Square. Asa says it was weird. Andy asks why they broke up, and Shalom doesn’t know. GG says whether it was true or not, the gossip was hurting her, but he only sees it from his point of view. She tells him that he got overbearing, and when they got married, she got a call from E! News, saying Shalom wanted to do a story. Shalom says one day she loves him, and the next, she hates him. Shervin asks why try again, and he says he still loves her. He’s confused about her feelings though. Andy points out they don’t have a prenup. Reza says he’s a good guy. He likes GG, but likes Shalom more. Mike says together they might be like oil and water, even if they’re both good people. GG says at this point they’re going to see if something is worth saving. They’re taking it one day at a time. Andy says the good news is, she’ll always have the tattoo. خداحافظ, Shalom. (That’s goodbye in Persian.)

They talk moms. Reza says Mike’s mom is more thug than all the rest put together. Andy ask if Mike relies on her too much, and he says he doesn’t have to. Reza adds that she’s omnipresent in his life. Andy asks why there’s an obsession with Mike’s dool and where it goes. Mike corrects that to where they think it goes, and says it started in Mexico, and never stopped. We flash back to MJ catching a glimpse of “Russel the love muscle.” Mike thinks it’s funny, and Reza says it’s like that one shady relative you have who’s always up to no good.

Andy reads a raise your hand viewer question, and tells them raise their hands if they think Mike is as much of a man whore as ever, but only Reza thinks so. Next, Andy asks who thinks he’s slept with Jessica in the past year. That would be everyone. Mike says it’s complicated. It’s sad, and he felt it ended prematurely because of how he treated her, but now he’s the better version of Mike. Andy asks if he’s seen the email Jessica sent to his mom, but he says no, and has never brought it up. MJ wonders why. He says his mom stepped in when Jessica lost hers. They had a connection outside of him, and it was between them. He doesn’t feel it’s his business. Reza thinks Jessica feels that if it’s not cool with his mom, it’s not cool with Mike. Mike says been divorced for about a year, and they’ve both dated. The whole thing broke his heart, and he cries when he watches the show. Andy asks what’s the number one thing he learned. Mike says a lot, but the main thing is you have to be open and honest in a relationship, and be present and real.

Adam joins the group – his first reunion. He and Reza just celebrated a year of marriage, and Andy asks what Adam thinks of the new Reza. He says he has more closet space since Reza lost weight. Andy asks who he’s closest to out of the friends, and Adam says Asa has become a close friend. She’s the one person who reached out to him after Thailand. GG says Reza has changed a lot. In the beginning, he was rebellious, but he’s calmed down. Mike says his tone is different, and the way he talks about Adam. He wants to be a better person because of Adam. MJ says he fights hard daily to make himself better. A viewer asks if he’s been faithful, and Reza says 100%. He did the don’t ask don’t tell in another relationship, and it didn’t work, but there might come a time for that conversation down the road. Andy points out how upset Adam was about Reza using the divorce card; he felt disposable. Ada says it brought up Thailand for him again, and was hurtful. It’s one thing to think it, but another to say it to your partner. A viewer thinks it’s weird that Reza compares being faithful to alcoholism, using the one day at a time credo. Reza says it helps him as a person who had infidelity in his life.

They discuss what religion their child will be, and Adam says he’s converting to Judaism. Andy asks if having a baby pings Reza’s commitment issues. Reza prays they’ll be together for the long haul, since he comes from a broken home. Adam says he plans for future, but it’s always one day at a time (the phrase of the night). Mike commends it, and loves them both.

Reza says they’ve decided on surrogacy, and adoption can be an option later. They sold their house in Palm Springs, and just closed on a new one, which is a surprise to everybody. Mike says that explains why Reza has been MIA. Reza says once they move in, they can deal with baby stuff. Mike is upset that he didn’t tell them, but he wanted it to be a surprise. Reza says now Mike knows how he felt about Asa’s pregnancy. Asa mentions she didn’t even know Mike had a company until she saw him with the shoes.

Andy tells us Asa’s reluctance to share was a sore point this season, but has bubbled up in the past. He asks about MJ being offended, and MJ says she’s been open, and it hurt her feelings that Asa wasn’t. Reza says as friend he gets it, but as for being a cast member on a reality show, it’s effed up. From that aspect, it bothers him. From friend aspect, he loves Jermaine, who never has negative word to say. Asa says he has his own right not to sign a contract. She tells them that she’s been open about financial struggles, and was labeled the poor one, even though that wasn’t exactly the case. That’s why people are rooting for her success now. GG says it’s a contradiction, how she claims she doesn’t want to get involved, but wants to know everything that happens with the others. She asks why Asa is on the show. Asa says it’s says amazing platform, and GG says the rest of them are bleeding for the world to see, and Asa should tell her facts. Asa continues, saying she has political and social convictions, and wants as many people as possible to see that. Mike thinks its all surface stuff. He has issues with her; she brings only superficial things to the show. Everyone talks at once, so I can’t understand what anyone is saying. Andy tells Asa that’s what she brings to the show, but why is she on the show. Asa says wants her voice heard, just like anyone else. Mike asks why make him sound like racist, instead of using the opportunity to talk about her interracial relationship? He loves her, but doesn’t like the person she became this season. She insists she’s taken the side of other cast members who have been ganged up on, and calls Mike a follower. He says he stands on his own, and asks why she’s continuing if she doesn’t want to show her life? Andy says she’s at a crossroads. Jermaine doesn’t want to be on the show or have Soltan on it, so where does she go from here? Asa tells him that her brain is on her baby, and she doesn’t know. Andy asks if she still cares about her friends.

Asa talks about looking at old videos of their travels, and getting sad. It was a difficult season, and she thought they weren’t happy for her. She believes in the future, and believes there’s hope, but has thinking to do. MJ says every time she bared her soul to Asa, it was her way of being a sister and forming a lifelong friendship. She says it sucks. Asa remembers beautiful moments, but MJ’s back stabbing and being two-faced deteriorated the friendship. If there’s no loyalty or respect, there’s nothing to build on. Mike is sad for the group thinks it will change after today.

Andy asks where they go from here, and Reza says if he and GG can get from where they were to where they are now, anything can happen. At the end of the day, they’re family, and should cherish their relationships. Andy says maybe Shervin’s girlfriend will be at the next reunion. Reza wants Shervin’s publicist’s number, since he did so well with his monologues. Andy hopes Reza and Adam will be pregnant by then; MJ as well. He wonders if GG and Shalom will still be together, and she says she’s a serial monogamist.

Asa says that some of the relationships are frayed, but her most important relationship is at home. She feels changed, being responsible for her son, who won’t eat unless she feeds him. Andy attempts to says something about them all being good friends in Persian. Reza toasts to all of them. Asa can’t leave fast enough.

Backstage, MJ says it was the dumbest day of her life. Reza asks if she thinks she and Asa will reconcile, but that’s a no. Asa tells Mike that she really doesn’t think he’s a racist, and changing her tune, GG thanks Shalom for coming.

🚑 Married to Medicine will be returning next Sunday at 10 pm.

The Walking Dead

We see close-ups of the main characters from Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom.

At an outpost, the Saviors work at getting their weapons in shape. Mara tries to call Little Roy on the radio, but there’s no answer. She finally reaches Todd, and tells him to lock the stairwell on every floor. A group led by Aaron zooms up in the reinforced trucks, and shoots everything up.

Another group, led by Jesus, sees a moat of zombies outside another outpost. Morgan says they just need the right timing. If the Saviors fire first, the rest will be alerted. He tells Diane not to give them time to fire a gun. One of the others asks Morgan if he needs to be covered, but he says he doesn’t die. Okay…

Carol and Ezekiel recover from the grenade that was lobbed at them last week. Zombies are pouring out of the clinic, and the group shoots, stabs, and axes them. Carol asks where the guy with the grenade went. If he tells the Saviors they’re here, it’s over before it started. Ezekiel is confident that’s not going to happen, and they’ll find him. Their comrades are back to the staging area, and will release Shiva if necessary. He claims certain victory, and Carol looks impressed.

Aaron and his group continue shooting the place up. Aaron is really into it. Rick and Daryl get inside with a small group.

Morgan teases the zombie barricade. Two guards walk toward them to see what’s going on. Diane shoots them in the head with arrows.

Jesus, Tara, and some others go in with Morgan. Diane whistles, and the rest come in silently. Tom says kill the bitches is written on the wall. Wtf? They spread out. Morgan hears someone talking. He waits outside the door, telling the other guys with him to hold up.

Rick looks at the map. Daryl says upstairs. He kicks open a door.

Mara says the Alexandrians are too chicken sh*t to move in, and tells the Saviors to push them back. There’s lot of machine gunning, and Aaron says don’t let them through. He tells his group to move in.

Morgan and two other guys bust into a room, shooting the first guy they see. Several men pop out from behind him, and shoot them. I go, what?! because I wonder why Morgan wasn’t faster on the draw.

Daryl and Rick climb on top of an elevator cab and go to another floor. Rick says they’d be faster if they split up.

Tara and Jesus find a man alone in a room. He begs them not to shoot him. He starts sniffling, saying his name is Dean, and Tara points out he peed his pants. Tara wants to shoot, but Jesus tells her to wait; the man has his hands up. She says they have a job to do. They hear shooting, and Jesus tells her to check it out while he covers Dean.

Diane tells Tara to be ready. They don’t know if Morgan is alive. Dean tells Jesus that he’s just a worker, brought from the Sanctuary to cook and clean; he had to leave his wife and kids. Jesus tells Tara that they don’t want to hurt the workers. He’s not shooting someone with their hands up or letting her. She sees Maggie’s prenatal vitamins, and says they stole medical supplies from Hilltop just because they could. Dean takes this opportunity to grab Jesus’s gun from him, and get him in a hold. Dean tells them it’s hard to piss yourself on purpose. He crushes the vitamins, and says they’re ruined, like that dumb bitch Maggie. She’s just going to die anyway, like they are, but for now, he’s taking them with him for an insurance policy. Dean keeps talking, and apparently never saw The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, where Tuco says, “If you have to shoot, shoot, don’t talk.. While he’s babbling, Jesus gets his gun back, and ties him up. Tara still wants to kill him, saying it’s not about revenge, it’s about getting the job done, but he won’t let her, insisting Maggie will listen to him.

Diane asks Jesus if there’s another way out, and he says to follow him. It looks like Morgan is dead. Nope, not quite. The armor pieces he’s wearing saved him. He sits up, grabs his gun, and runs to catch up.

Gunfire is still happening outside. Mara realizes it’s not good for them, and one of the dead Saviors attacks her, biting out a piece of her throat.

Ezekiel’s group is in the woods looking for grenade guy. Carol says if he made it back, the Saviors know they’re coming. Ezekiel says they’ll be ready regardless. Carol asks him if he knows that it’s not just a few walkers. He says he does, yet still smiles. She asks why, and he says he has supreme confidence. His job is to project certainty. In other words, fake it till you make it. It’s what he’s done and does; he leads people forward in darkness. Carol says they might not make it or win, but Ezekiel has no fantasy of failure this day. They move forward as they move the very world forward.

Daryl sneaks around with his crossbow. I wonder how hard It must be to be sneaky with a crossbow. Props to him. He looks into a room, and sees the remains of food and handcuffs attached to a pipe. He slides back out. Rick goes down another way, and looks in a bedroom that’s empty. Suddenly a dude comes out of nowhere, and punches him out. Rick tries shooting him, but dude is too fast. Rick kicks him in the face, and he slams Rick against a wall. Rick gets him in a chokehold, and asks where they are. Dude says there are no guns. He struggles free, and Rick piggybacks him, continuing to choke him. He sees a hook on he sees a hook on the wall and impales the guy on it. Like Billy did with that guard in Midnight Express, except it’s through his eyeball.

Morgan goes through the building, shooting anything moving.

Jesus and his group circle around the back. He tells them not to shoot right away, but Diane says if they shoot first, someone dies. A Savior opens a big garage door. Jesus tells him to drop his gun and surrender. He does since there’s fifty of them to his one, but his back up comes out, and he tells them to put their guns down; they’re surrounded. Tara tells Jesus that even if Maggie listens to him, Rick will listen to her. All the Saviors lower their weapons.

Morgan keeps shooting people. I assume it’s people; we don’t actually see what he’s shooting. He looks supremely pissed. He comes out into the sunlight, and walks toward the others. In his head, he hears Rick saying, we have to come for them, before they come for us. Where there’s life, there’s possibility.  Morgan walks up to a Savior who says he knows him, and asks if he was transferred too. It’s the dude who took Morgan’s staff, and killed Benjamin. Morgan is about to shoot him, and Jesus tells him to lower the gun. Morgan says they came here to kill them; they’re supposed to. Jesus says they surrendered; it’s not what we do, and Morgan asks, what do we do? And in my head, I think, do-be-do-be-do.

Rick goes back out into another room. It’s a nursery, complete with a baby sleeping in a crib. Rick shakes his head, and I wonder if the guy he killed is her father. Rick gets all weepy like he does on occasion, and I say, there’s no time for that now, Rick. He sees himself in the mirror, and walks away.

Carol sees blood on a leaf, and they follow the trail. Is there a hairdresser in the group? Carol’s hair looks fabulous. Ezekiel says, there! and starts to run. He stops and lowers his gun. He says their friends have arrived. We see Shiva take a man down up ahead.

Aaron’s group isn’t done yet. There’s still tons of shooting going on. How many freaking people do they have? Aaron’s husband, Eric, gets shot. Aaron ducks down and runs to a car. He gets in and floors it to Eric. He asks if Eric is okay, and Eric shows him the gunshot wound. Aaron helps him out of there. Hard to tell if he’ll make it.

Ezekiel says there it is, our certain victory. He’s not glad for anyone’s death, and Carol says she knows. Knight dude, whose name I don’t remember, holds out the radio. The Saviors know they’re coming. Knight dude says the jig is up. Ezekiel says no; their journey won’t end in retreat. Knight dude says, but they know we’re coming, and Ezekiel says, indeed they do. He raises his sword and laughs. Carol smiles. Yeah, he’s cooler than cool. He’s one of my reasons for sticking with the show. Him, and Negan. And peer pressure.

Rick looks in another room. He looks at a photo, and says, dammit!  A man walks in with a gun, and tells Rick to keep his hands down, and turn around slow. The man says, hi, Rick, and Rick says, Morales. Rick says he was in Atlanta. Morales says it was a long time ago. It’s over. He called the Saviors back, and they’re coming.

We see close-ups of everyone’s faces again, like in the beginning. Everyone looks tired, but Ezekiel is still smiling. Carol is too, as much as Carol smiles.

Morales cocks his gun.

Next time, Ezekiel says their first victory will deliver the second, and the second will deliver the third. They will not lose one of their ranks. That is one optimistic guy.

🎃 No Halloween is Complete Without It…