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April 22, 2018 – Madison Meets New People, Quite the Hat, Film Talk & More Than One Random Thought


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead


Everyone is sleeping like things are normal; like it used to be. Luci makes coffee for Nick, and everybody gets dressed, and ready for the day. All kinds of activities are going on.

Madison asks a little girl about her family, but she doesn’t want to talk. She asks the girl about some of her favorite things instead. Madison says it takes getting used to, but this is home now. She’ll do what she can to make it happen, but needs help. The girl nods. Madison asks where the girl was coming from, and she points. Madison looks out to see zombies wandering around outside the baseball stadium they call home.

Over a loudspeaker, we hear it’s been 365 days. Victor says they’re celebrating, and pours maple syrup over everyone’s breakfast. Madison hammers away at something, and Alicia brings her some food. She tells Madison that they’re leaving in twenty minutes.

The girl talks to Nick about a story that sounds like Faust; a guy selling his soul to the devil. The turnip crop isn’t doing so great, and the girl, whose name is Charlie, asks about food running out. Nick says they’re almost growing enough not to need scavenging.

Madison tells the others where she thinks Charlie is from, but it’s outside the range. Madison says they have to look for her family anyway.

The group gets ready to leave. Nick asks Luci to find Charlie a new book. If she’s reading Faust, hopefully Luci understands to bring back something at a higher reading level than My Little Pony. Luci says Nick should come, but he has a turnip situation. He asks her to make sure Madison comes back this time. Luci tells Madison that Nick has to come out at some point. Madison says he needs to feel safe right now, but he will. Nick finds out it’s weevils causing the crops to fail, and radios the car. They get out of range before he can finish the conversation.

Madison parks, and tells them eyes open, stay close, keep talking. Victor and Luci go through a building that’s been picked clean; even the lightbulbs are gone. Alicia and Madison find a mess and a burned-out car. Madison says it’s lucky Charlie got out alive. Victor realizes the place isn’t just void of survivors, but also the dead. It’s a ghost town without ghosts. (I said that, not him.) Madison sees half-eaten food, and tells Victor that they’ll be there in a minute.

Luci says Madison won’t stop until she looks under every rock. Victor says she wouldn’t stop until she found him. He still hasn’t asked why she helped him after what he did. Luci suggests he does.

Charlie messes with the radio, and Nick tells her it’s okay, they haven’t been gone that long. Charlie knows it’s not a regular run. Nick says if her family is out there, they’ll find them. He asks if she’ll help with the turnips. What is it with turnips? They grow them on The Walking Dead too. Considering my gardening skills lean more toward enthusiasm than actual talent, maybe I should try growing them.

Madison and Alicia look around, but there’s nothing. A woman comes up behind Madison with a gun, and asks for her keys. Madison tells her that she doesn’t have to do this, but the woman keeps a bead on her. Madison signals Victor on the radio. He says, sh*t! and takes off. Madison tells the woman about the settlement. She says they have strong walls, plenty of food, and good people. She says they took in a little girl named Charlie, and asks if the woman knows her, but she says she doesn’t have a kid, and tells Madison to stop. She takes the keys from Madison’s pouch, but runs up against Alicia, with Victor and Luci now behind her. The woman dashes past them. Madison follows.

The woman runs up some steps leading to an oil tank. Alicia asks her to put the gun down, and puts her own down. Alicia tells her to trust them; they’ll give her the car. The woman backs up, and falls into the tank. Lots of falling through roofs going around. It’s dark, and full of oily water. Zombies pop up everywhere. Madison tells Victor to get the hatch open, and jumps down. Victor and Alicia struggle to get it open, but finally do, and oil, water, and zombies flow out. They kill the zombies, and Alicia gets Madison out.

Luci finds a copy of The Little Prince. Well, it’s no Dostoevsky, but better than My Little Pony. Victor wonders why they’re bothering, and Madison says, no one is gone until they’re gone. The woman introduces herself as Naomie. She says she’s sorry; she wasn’t going to hurt her. Madison asks if she has any idea who let the zombies into the tank, but she just got there. Madison asks where she’s from, and Naomie says it’s been a long time since she’s been from anywhere. We hear zombie noises, and Luci says they should leave – now.

Nick burns the turnip crop. A zombie sticks its dead fingers through the fence. Suddenly, music is playing, then fades. Nick wonders if it’s a signal, and he and the others wait to hear it again. There’s just silence, and Nick asks Charlie to open the gate. He gets in a car, takes a deep breath, and rolls out.

Nick remembers being behind a fence, and blowing up the reservoir. Zombies grapple at the car, and Nick runs into something, hitting his head on the dashboard. A sniper from the settlement shoots at the zombies, and radios him to get back. He gets out, and starts walking toward the gate. A zombie starts to come up on him from behind, and in perfect timing, Madison returns and creams it with her car. Luci asks what happened, and Nick says he was out for a stroll. She tells him get in.

Madison wants to talk to Charlie. Charlie says it’s okay; she knows Madison didn’t find them. Madison  tells Charlie that she has to ask another question; not an easy one. What happened at the camp? Who did that? Charlie says nothing, and Madison says they’ll talk later.

Nick gets his wounds dressed by Naomie, who was a nurse, at the ER, then the ICU. Madison doesn’t think it was a surprise to Charlie that they didn’t find her family. Nick leaves, and Naomie says Madison didn’t tell her it was a baseball stadium. Madison says Naomie didn’t believe she had a camp. Naomie asks how many, and Madison says forty-seven; forty-eight if she decides to stay. Naomie says she pulled a gun, but Madison says they’ve all done worse. She thought she’d lost her kids, but found them and found this place. They built it up together. They are who they are because of it. Naomie says they don’t know her. Madison says she doesn’t know them. They’re both taking a chance. She suggests Naomie take a shower, and Naomie is astounded they have one – with hot water.

Victor pushes the car Nick was driving, while another guy steers. Luci radios them to get inside now; ditch the car. They look behind them, where there’s a convoy of large vehicles driving in. They run in, and lock the gate. This doesn’t look good.

A dude rides around on a bicycle, music coming from the boombox on the handlebars. Another guy opens a boxcar, and takes out a ramp. Biking dude leads the zombies up the ramp, and goes out the other side, while the ramp guy locks the zombies in. He puts a flag up that says 12. (In last week’s episode, Al found a flag that said 51, and said she’d seen a lot of those.) A third guy gets out a lawn chair, sits in it, and cracks a beer. Everyone watches. Okay, they have me. I have no clue what’s going on, but obviously these numbers mean something.

Madison walks over to guy sitting down, and asks what he’s doing. He says, having a drink. She asks if there’s a problem, and he says, we’re good, and asks if she wants a drink. She says they have people inside with guns, and he says, that’s a helluva welcome. She tells him that she saw the camp, and the tanks. He asks if she thinks they did that, and she says she saw their flag. He tells her that they had to clean up the mess. The people never thought of what would happen if the bleeder valve got jammed. He warned them, but they didn’t listen. Madison asks what he wants. He wants them to listen. They have a mess of their own. He knows they had a bad batch of turnips, and says to tell Nick to check the other crops; weevils are a bitch to get rid of. Madison asks how he knows Nick’s name. He calls out for Chito, and Charlie walks over.

He tells Charlie, sorry he’s late, but he got her some new records. She smiles, and he tells her to get in the bus. He tells Madison that she’s a good kid. They found her a while back; she has a knack for finding good stuff, and they hit the jackpot here. Madison says they’re not taking anything. He tells her people often say that. They don’t take anything from anyone; not anyone alive anyway. He knows they’re good people, and how many guns they have. He says there’s a natural cycle to a place like this, and they’re due for something to go wrong. They can either give them their stuff and live, or join them. Become one of them, or they wait for them to die, trying to make things work. Either way, he ends up with what he wants. It’s not a threat; it’s the way it goes. He tells Madison that his name is Mel, and holds out his hand. She doesn’t reciprocate, and says they’re not going anywhere. Mel says he’s heard that too. She says they’ve been like them, moving from place to place, and they’re not going back to that life; they’ve found a better way. Mel says they just haven’t been tested yet, but they’re about to be. If she changes her mind, they’ll be waiting. I’m wondering where the women are in this merry band.

Nick toils in the fields. Mel and his friends play more music, country this time. The weevils still rule the turnips. Madison continues to hammer. The others put down their guns, and join her. Takeaway point: Country music makes people do carpentry.

Luci goes out to the bus. Charlie watches from the window as she leaves the book outside. Luci goes back, and joins in on the hammering. Nick remembers working on Jeremiah’s house.


Morgan and John are on their knees, with Madison and her group around them. Morgan says, we’re not who you think we are. Nick rifles through Morgan’s knapsack, and Morgan tells him to help himself. Luci says they must be with them, and holds up the numbered flag. Al asks, who? Victor says, the Vultures. Al has no idea what he’s talking about, and says, if you a-holes would put your guns down, we can help each other. Madison asks who put the flag up, and Al asks what is it to them? Alicia tells Al that she’s going to answer their questions. Al says they found it, and Alicia says show them where.

They get into Al’s truck, and move out.

Next time, Morgan and Nick tussle, Alicia fights zombies, and Morgan says it’s not going to work out how they think. And in case you didn’t know, Naomie is being played by Jenna Elfman.

😸 Ha-Ha!

On Talking Dead, when they say goodbye to those we’ve lost this week, they included Nick’s crop, calling them tur-nopes.

🍸 I barely glanced at The Real Housewives of Potomac, but I did see Robyn trying to have some serious words with Ashley about respect. Ashley was wearing a hat – a fascinator no less – the size of Potomac, and I wondered how Robyn could even keep a straight face, much less discuss anything important. This was during a garden party Gizelle had for a book she was writing (via ghostwriter) about pastor’s wives in the Black church, who are called First Ladies. It’s fiction, but loosely based on her own experiences. I’d definitely read that.

🏯 I was watching a mini-marathon of Abandoned episodes on Viceland this morning (I love that show!), and it led to my leaving the TV on when the original 1980 film of The Shining followed. I’ve never thought it was as good as the book, and thought Jack Nicholson seemed crazy from the jump. I would never let him babysit my hotel over the winter. And Shelley Duvall… well, she was Shelley Duvall. The remake (1997) had more of a sporting chance, since it was a mini-series and had more hours to tell the story. Sadly, although I finally got the topiary animals I wanted to see (Stanley Kubrick couldn’t get them to look right on film in the original, so they were scrapped for the maze), it was somewhat tepid, and lacked the intensity of the original Danny (Danny Lloyd) and Dick Halloran (Scatman Crothers). Which brings me to my point. It was pretty much background noise until Scatman was on the screen. While I love looking at the hotel – sometimes the setting can be one of the stars of the film for me – my favorite scene is when Dick connects telepathically with Danny in the pantry, then explains the shining to him. They just seem so real. That it still captivates me after all these years is a testament to their acting skills. SPOILER – if you’re the one person who hasn’t seen this film. That’s what made it even worse that they killed him off, totally changing the end of the story, where he saves the day. I heard there was supposed to be a third time, again for the big screen. Whether that’s the charm or not, remains to be seen.

🎷🚬 The second episode of Southern Charm New Orleans was on tonight. While Charleston is your upscale country cousin, NOLA is your sultry, mysterious maiden aunt, who never ages, but has a portrait upstairs.

🔌 I saw a commercial for Amazon Echo, and it was a father telling Alexa to announce “ready or not” to his kids during a game of hide-and-seek. How lazy can you get????  Unplug now. Save yourself.

🔮 Danny Learns About His Gift…

🌎 Happy Earth Day! 🌍


April 21, 2018 – Double the Dead with Catch-up & a Side of Random Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


I couldn’t do this last week because the wind blew my internet away. But now, I’m all caught up, and if you weren’t, you will be too. Sorry for the different tenses between shows. It just came out that way.

The Walking Dead

Rick wondered how it happened that Carl got bit. Siddiq explained that his mom believed the dead’s souls were trapped. Carl wanted to honor her to gain Siddiq’s trust, and died paying respects to a woman he never knew. Siddiq had a brainfart, and forgot it was dangerous. Which didn’t exactly answer the question.

Ezekiel told Jerry to justify what they’ve lost, be prepared to lose everything. but they weren’t going to lose sh*t. Daryl still thought Dwight could be setting them up. Morgan got weird, thinking that something was happening, and nearly skewered Henry with his pokey stick. Maggie wouldn’t let the stray Saviors come along for the battle. Morgan insisted on coming, even though Rick was skeptical. Morgan said they were worse than they were, and it was wrong for Rick to have given his word, then double-cross the renegade Saviors. They lost everything good, and can’t go back. Morgan wanted to finish it.

Negan told Dwight that he had nothing, and told his guys to load Dwight up. Eugene personally checked and quality controlled all of the ammunition, and Negan tested it on an effigy of Rick. Eugene suggested a one-fell swooper. Negan decided Gabriel should tag along; he had things to confess.

Negan set up a roadblock, using his own people as bait. He told Gabriel that Rick thought he got the real story. Now he’ll find the map with the time and place, and believe it, because he’s going to kill everyone who could have told him otherwise. Sure enough, Rick kills them all, even the last guy begging for his life. Morgan saw Jared in a vision, and he told Morgan that he should try dying sometime. Ezekiel found the map on one of the dead Saviors, and Carol figured they could get to Negan before he knew what happened.

Gabriel was surprised that Negan wanted to kill everyone; he’d thought Negan didn’t want that to happen. Negan told him it wasn’t about want; it never was. Gabriel bounced out of the moving car, but Eugene helped hunt him down. Negan remembered Gabriel saying he didn’t want to die a fruitless death, and told him you can’t always get what you want, while I got a Rolling Stones earworm. He told Eugene to put Gabriel back in the car.

Jesus tried to explain the conundrum of safety to Morgan, and proposed the pokey end of his stick for the dead, and the blunt end for the living. When Rick and company came out into the open, they heard whistling. It looked like the Saviors had Rick’s people outnumbered by about 300%. Negan said he met Rick’s ambush with a bigger one, and to come out and face them. He wanted to make it fun, so he brought some old friends. He told them that Eugene made today possible; the same with Dwight. He told Dwight he was going to watch them die, and live with that. He was going to clean house, starting with Gabriel. He told Rick there never had to be a fight, if he’d just accepted how things are. Negan started to count down, and they looked like the Jun horde from The Beastmaster coming over the top of the mountain.

They joke was on them, because Eugene had quality controlled the bullets to shoot backward, and they shot themselves. Pretty good trick. Rick announced the charge, and there was lots of shooting, but Negan took off. The ex-Saviors Maggie didn’t want there came anyway. A bunch of Saviors who came out of nowhere, nearly nailed the group, but got blown up by the Oceansiders, who’d decided to join in too. The remaining Saviors kneeled in front of Maggie, and said, it’s over.

Rick went after Negan on his own, but ran out of bullets. They kicked each other’s asses for a while, by the tree where Carl is buried. During a break, Negan told Rick he was bullsh*tting with the eenie, meenie, minie, mo business in the beginning. He just didn’t want to kill a kid’s dad in front of him, but if he had, the kid might still be alive. Negan always makes good points. He told Rick he’s bigger, badder, and has a bat. Rick wanted to talk about the future. He told Negan that Carl said there didn’t have to be a fight. Despite looking somewhat weepy, Negan said Carl was wrong, and Rick slit his throat. Surprising the hell out of me, and probably everyone else, although somehow, it seemed anti-climactic and rude.

Everyone was like, whoa, and then, now what? Rick said Negan was still alive, and told Siddiq to save him. Maggie freaked out, saying they had to end it, and it wasn’t over until Negan was dead. Rick said they were all going home. Negan might be alive, but his way of doing things was over. Anyone who couldn’t live with it would pay the price. He said they were going to live in peace and fairness, and find common ground. The world was theirs, but others would come for them unless they stood together. The new world was going to begin, and there had to be something after. Rosita gave props to Eugene for the sabotage, but punched him in the face anyway for the puke.

Morgan gave Carol his pseudo armor for Henry, and walked off. Rick got teary, as Rick is wont to do these days, and said, mercy prevails over the land. He sat where Carl was buried, and cried.

The ex-Saviors decided to go back to the Sanctuary, hoping to get something out of it.  The guy whose name I can never remember told Maggie that he’d been reading the book, and could make some things. He has a passion for building things, and said she gave him his life.

Daryl took Dwight to the woods. Dwight started crying and saying he knew what he did, and knew he’d have to face it and pay. He was ready; it was enough to see Negan taken down. He cried, saying how sorry he was, and Daryl told him to shut up. He tossed Dwight some car keys, and said to keep going. If he saw Dwight again, he’d kill him. As Dwight walked away, Daryl told him to find her. I assumed he meant Sherry.

Gymboree Jadis was reading at the trash heap when Morgan showed up. He told her that Rick said she could come back if she wanted. He explained that Rick wanted to show people that things can change, and needed all the hands he could get. He told her that she didn’t want to be alone, and everything in life worth a damn, is people. She told him her name is Ann, which was kind of a let-down. He told her he needed to be alone, and go back without him, which made perfect sense considering what he’d just said.

Dwight went back home to the cabin in the woods (no, not that one), where he found a note. it just said honeymoon, with an infinity symbol below it.

In Maggie’s office, she told Jesus that he was right. She had no regrets, but he and Rick were right. Rick wasn’t right about Negan though. She said they had to make it thrive for the people who live there. They needed strength, and the ability to defend themselves better, but RIck was wrong; Michonne too. She said they were going to bide their time, wait for the right moment, and then show him. Daryl came out of the shadows, and said, yeah, they will. I don’t like this.

Negan woke up, his neck bandaged, handcuffed to a bed. Michonne said she needed to tell him some things. They planned on making him watch what happens. Rick said it wasn’t about who he killed, but what he did to so many, making them live for him and putting them under the boot. Negan struggled to say, he saves people, and Michonne put her hand on his throat. Rick suggested they could open his stitches for a while. Rick said Carl pitched something better; working together for something bigger than all of them. Michonne added, being an example. They weren’t going to kill or hurt him, but his fate was to rot in a cell for the rest of his life, evidence that they’re making and getting back a civilization like they had. He’ll get to see how wrong he was about what people and life can be. They’ll show people things changed by keeping him breathing. Michonne said after all this, he’s good for something.

Gabriel went to the burned out church and thanked God. He said he understood, and knew now. He’s been given so much, and now he can see.

Rick wrote to Carl. As he wrote, we saw them in the old days, walking down a road. He told Carl that he forgot who he was, and Carl made him remember. He remembered walking with him, and knew who he was for the first time. They were walking side by side, but Carl was bringing him somewhere. To the new world. He made it real. Rick sees it and remembers. Officer Rick and little Carl continued to walk down the road.

Moving right into…

Fear the Walking Dead

Out in the middle of nowhere, a man stands by a truck. He hears something, and asks if anyone is there. He longs to hear someone else’s voice, and suggests they come out and have something to eat. He talks about his life before, and says he can make popcorn. He also has books. He says, since no one is there, before he goes quiet again for another year, he has a story. He talked to a woman who showed up. He let her stay. They had feelings for each other, and one day, they allowed it. He hoped by saying it, he would see it. He did. It was nice, and there hasn’t been a lot of nice. We hear a zombie. The man shoots it, and we see Morgan just behind. The man introduces himself as John Dory, like the fish. He asks Morgan what’s his story?

Morgan is at the trash heap. Jesus knocks at the entrance. He thought they could continue their acquaintance. He insists Morgan cares about people, and tries to get him to come back.

Morgan is alone again. There’s another knock at the entrance, and this time it’s Carol. She asks him to come back. He helped her, so let her help him. She’s not going to tell him what to do, but he belongs with people who care about him.

Again, Morgan is alone. Rick shows up, and says he can hide, but he can’t run. He wouldn’t be alive if not for Morgan. Rick was hurt, and Morgan brought him in. Morgan wasn’t shot, but he’s been hurt. He asks Morgan to come back, and not to waste another second. He’s alive and part of the world. A lot of people are there because he helped them. Morgan says that’s not him anymore. Rick disagrees, saying he’ll end up with people one way or another. He’s part of the world already, so just come back. Rick leaves.

Morgan packs up his stuff, and gets his stick. He takes a long last look at the trash, and moves on down the road. He thinks about Rick’s words, and starts to run. He hotwires a car, and the gas tank is miraculously full. He walks some more. He sees a group of people, and avoids them. He finds another car, and drives again. He goes into a town and sees a cluster of zombies.

He opens a car to find someone who’s sick and shaky. He starts to leave some supplies, but the guy doesn’t want them. Morgan says, sorry. He thought the guy was on his own. The guy says, we all are. Morgan moves along, and it starts to rain.

Morgan comes up behind a zombie in the woods. A shot rings out, the zombie falls, and we’re back to the beginning. John tells Morgan he’d like company, but Morgan is hesitant. John asks if he’s seen a woman with a pistol like his; he’s looking for her. Morgan says he hasn’t, and starts to leave, but John suggests he stay the night; he can take the back of the truck. Morgan sees the wisdom in a good night’s rest. He slips out later while John is snoring.

Morgan finds a tent with a lantern lighting the inside. He sets down his stick and gets whacked in the head. I jump a mile.

Dude tells Morgan, whatever he’s thinking, don’t. Morgan says keep the food, and he’ll go. Dude doesn’t want him telling no one. Morgan says he has no one to tell, and doesn’t want to know anyone. John is suddenly there, and shoots dude in the arm. He says he’s looking out for his friend, and dude says he has friends too. They’re surrounded, and John says now he got himself captured. He’s reminiscent of Eugene in how he speaks.

A big ass truck drives into the tent city, or whatever it is. The woman behind the wheel asks what’s going on, and remarks they have new people. She likes new people. She has a cake and some Cup O’Noodles, the good kind, and she’ll throw in some Pall Malls. Apparently, dude likes Pall Malls. She opens the hatch of the truck to reveal a couple of machine guns. She tells dude, there’s always a choice, and this is an easy one. Morgan and John get in the truck.

The woman’s name is Althea; Al for short. John asks if she’s an officer of the law, and she says, not exactly. She tells them that they owe her. She didn’t save them out of the goodness of her heart. John draws his gun, but she says she just wants to ask them questions. What they’ve seen, who they’ve met, where they’ve been, and where they’re going. She tells them that she’s a journalist, pulls over, and picks up a video camera.

Al interviews John, who talks about Laura. Al asks how they got split up. He says it’s not a happy story, and gets vague. Morgan asks why it matters; there are no news stations anymore. She says he owes her. He tries to give her some food instead, but she only wants his story. He just wants to go. John gives him some clean socks for the road.

Dude comes back with his friends to hassle Al. They want the truck. Dude asks for Morgan’s stick. Morgan slams him with it, and he and john get the better of dude and several of his guys. John gets his gun back. Morgan jumps onto a truck, and John inadvertently lets a bunch of zombies loose. Dude tries to steal Al’s truck, but doesn’t have the keys. Al flings them away, and dude tries to run for them, but a zombie goes after him. Morgan gets shot in the leg by a sniper, who’s been a bad shot up until now. Morgan knocks him around on the roof. The sniper falls off, but hangs onto the ledge, dangling above a gaggle of zombies. Morgan holds out his hand, and pulls him back up. As thanks, the sniper punches Morgan. This is a good example of no good deed going unpunished. They both tumble through the roof. No surprise, Morgan does not help a second time, and gets the hell out. He throws a grenade or something, ducks, and the room blows up. He goes back outside.

John and Morgan shoot and pike zombies. Dude harasses Al for the keys until John finally shoots him, and leaves him for zombie food. Al gets in her truck, opens up the guns, and kills the rest of the zombies. And they all lived happily ever after. Not quite, but they lived.

Al says Morgan still owes her. He tells her to pull over. She films as he talks about Alexandria and the Kingdom. He says there was a big fight, but he left before he left. She asks why he left, but he thinks she should talk. He asks why it’s important, but she doesn’t want to return the favor. She says one real thing, and they’re even. Why did he leave? He tells her that he loses people, then he loses himself. He starts walking down the road again.

Morgan sees the station wagon the sick guy was in, and sees someone walking in the distance. He follows them, but some zombies, feeding by the side of the road, decide to follow Morgan. Since his leg was injured in the fight, he can’t go too fast, and he falls. They’re on him, but John appears once again, and pikes them in the heads.

Morgan needs to know who it is walking up the road. I guess he’s hoping the guy made it, but that’s a no, and he ends up spearing now-zombie guy in the head with his stick. He says he’ll travel with them until his leg heals, and no asking questions. Al says she’s not going to stop, and he says, no answers then. John says she’s taking him to look for Laura in exchange for more story.

Al sees someone in the middle of the road. Both Morgan and John inform her that they don’t kill. She tells them it’s a great moment to share that information. It’s a girl, hunched over. Al asks if she’s injured, and tells Morgan to get the first aid kit. The girl says there are bad people there, then grabs Al in a headlock. It’s Alicia. Victor, Madison, ♫ and the rest ♫, come out from the forest. Al asks what Alicia’s story is.

And there we have it. Until tomorrow night.

🔎 An Observation…

Andrew Lincoln always looks like a businessman on an interview when he’s a guest on Talking Dead.

🎬 Another Thing I Watched…

Mourning Son is a 2015 documentary about the murder of Dave Navarro’s mother, and how it’s affected him throughout his life. It’s also a glimpse into what an incredible artist he is. I had no idea about his background, but always thought he was a very honest and kind man. When Bill Maher was hosting Politically Incorrect – before he fully turned into a mean curmudgeon, and was just working on it – I saw Dave put him in his place when he was talking out of his ass. I’ve admired him ever since. Even more so after seeing this excellent film.

🎆 Right now, I’m (finally) watching Girl’s Trip, and between this and Star, can confirm that Queen Latifah wears more fabulous wigs than the entire cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta put together.

🛀 Enjoy the Remaining Weekend Like…


April 20, 2018 – No Match for The Jackal, a Golden Apron, a Quote Times Five & Tomorrow


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly tells Sonny there’s nothing physically wrong with her. He says that’s good news, but she says, now he thinks she’s losing her mind. He tells her, he didn’t say that. She says it’s obvious. He doesn’t want to talk about it right now. She tells him that he doesn’t know what’s going on, and then when he does, he dismisses it, thinking she’s making it up. He asks, what other explanation is there?

Griff tells Ava that Julian is conducting a search in the Charles Street area. Ava can’t believe it’s come to this. Her last, best hope is the city’s good will toward her brother, who used to be Public Enemy #1. Griff says the PCPD is looking too, and Ava wonders where Jordan is.

Dante starts to leave the station. Chase says, like or not, they’re partners, and he’s coming too. Dante tells him to keep up and keep quiet.

Avery, who looks like she’s aged a year from last week, tells Mike to wake up. It looks like they’re in a stable.

Peter sees Lulu go into Charlie’s. He sends a text, and follows. He tells her it seems he can’t shake her. She says she was there first, so who can’t shake who? He says, fair enough, and asks if she wants to join him for lunch. She can’t. She’s getting food for Dante’s family; everyone was up all night. Lulu’s phone dings, and she says this could be it. The man claiming to be Henrik just got back to her.

Robert tells Anna that Emma is in the game room with some other kids. Anna says, good. She’d rather Emma not be there when they question people about Faison’s son. He asks what Anna isn’t telling him about this case.

A Swiss banker tells Sam that he’s pleased to meet her in person. She says she can only give him forty-five minutes, and walks in with Jason. Sam says she was advised to transfer some of her assets to Switzerland, even though she’s happy with her Grand Keys bank. He suggests Jason go elsewhere, but she tells him that her mother doesn’t allow her to travel without protection. Just pretend he’s not there.

Ava tells Griff that she doesn’t need more caffeine, so her empty coffee cup has chamomile tea in it. She says the waiting is torture, and thinks about joining the search. Griff says they’ll probably want her there when they find Avery – and they will. She knows he wants her to keep the faith, but sometimes prayer and faith aren’t enough, and it’s too little too late.

Mike wakes up, and asks what going on. Avery asks about the horses. He remembers they were waiting for them to come back. She says she’s hungry, and he says, him too. He bets everyone is wondering where they are. He suggests they find everyone, and tell them where they were hiding.

Anna tells Robert that Henrik might have been an accomplice or a victim, probably both. She knows the kind of havoc Faison can wreak on someone’s mind. He’s probably not fully culpable, and she has medical information he needs. Robert says she’s only talking about Henrik and Faison. She asks who else, and he says, her. He asks her to talk to him, but there’s a knock at the door. It’s a Mrs. Everett Ashton. Anna thanks her for coming. They have questions about a former student. She says she’s sorry, but she can’t answer any of their questions.

Sam tells the banker she wants to diversify her assets between several countries with different banking laws. She gives him a flash drive, saying all of her information was put on it. He needs a security code, but she says she can’t say it out loud. While she’s typing it in, she makes sure he’s distracted by her behind. Or posterior, as Anna might say.

Sonny asks Carly how he couldn’t be worried, when she left her responsibility for Avery to reminisce at a grave? She’s called him out when he’s been off his meds. She tells him that she isn’t on meds, and Dante traced the calls, but he says it could have been someone calling a wrong number. There’s no proof of anything. She says she knows what she saw. She saw the scarf, smelled his cologne, and saw the writing on the flyer. She needs him to believe that she’s not imagining it. He doesn’t think she is; he believes that she believes it happened. She says, but he doesn’t believe it happened. He wants her to make an appointment with Doc after this is over and Avery is home.

Dante and Chase go to the stables, and find Mike and Avery. Dante asks if Avery is okay, and Mike says they must have lost track of time. Dante introduces Avery to Chase, and tells him to take her to the station. Chase makes a big deal about her riding in the police car. Mike wonders what’s going on, and Dante asks if he remembers meeting Chase. Mike says Chase threw him in jail, but Dante says they met another time, and they’re buddies now. Mike wouldn’t go that far. Dante is staying behind to talk to Mike. Dante tells Mike that he gave them a scare; they didn’t know where he was. Mike wishes everyone would keep their noses out of his business. He says where he takes his daughter is for him to decide, and Courtney wanted to see the horses. Dante says she’s not Courtney; she’s his granddaughter Avery. Courtney died a long time ago. Mike insists she was there. Is this man going to make me cry every time he’s in a scene?

Lulu tells Peter that she decided to follow up on the first email. She thinks it’s the real Henrik because it’s the same email address PK Sinclair uses for his correspondence with the publisher. She can trace it and find him.

Anna asks if Mrs. Ashton will hear them out. She says she thought they wanted advice regarding a prospective student, but she sees what’s going on, and it’s not the first time. Robert asks why she thinks they’re there, and she says many past students have become prominent figures, but she makes it a point never to engage with journalists. Anna says they’re not journalists, but Mrs. Ashton says the rule still applies. Anna shows Mrs. Ashton her ID, explaining they’re with the WSB, and a former student is a person of interest.

The banker tells Sam that he her investments are somewhat limited in scope, and they could accommodate her. She says her number one concern is security, and he says theirs is state of the art. Spinelli walks in, and the banker says it’s a closed meeting. Spinelli says they haven’t been properly introduced. He’s The Jackal, and dude and his bank are at his mercy.

Carly can’t believe Sonny wants her to see a shrink. Someone is messing with her, making her doubt herself and making everyone else doubt her. Sonny thinks they should be on the safe side after everything she’s been through. She says he thinks she’s losing her grip on reality. He says it’s not the first time. She had a breakdown before. When they thought Michael was dead, she had a delayed reaction. She realized she needed help, got it, and got better. He doesn’t want her to have to go away again. He needs her there in the present when Mike gets home. Her phone rings, and Carly says, thank God. She tells Sonny they’ve found Avery, and she’s okay.

Griff knows hope and faith aren’t in Ava’s tool chest. She says that’s putting it mildly. He starts to talk about when you lose hope, but Ava hears Chase coming back. She runs out of the room, and picks up Avery. Avery tells her that grandpa took her to see the horses.

Dante asks if Mike remembers the nice chat they had when he was arrested. He told Dante stories about the old neighborhood and they talked about the Yankees. They agree that the only reason there are other teams, is so the Yankees can beat them. Mike told Dante one of his first jobs had been cleaning stables at a racetrack. Mike says he admired the horses. They weren’t the Rockefellers, so cleaning up was the only way to get close to them. Courtney loves horses too, but they can’t afford lessons, so he should take her someday. Dante says that sounds like a great idea, but he looks tired and pained. Mike asks to go home.

Anna tells Mrs. Ashton that they think he attended school, and was a member of the Julius Caesar cast. Robert asks to talk to his colleague for a moment. He asks what Anna thinks she’s doing now? Anna says now Mrs. Ashton will answer their questions, but he’s concerned she’ll blab. Anna says after all these years, he should trust that she knows what she’s doing. He says he does, so he knows she’s off her game. This case starting to get under her skin.

Sam asks the banker, what was he saying about the security? He wonders how Spinelli got past the facial recognition, and Spinelli says state of the art is no match for him. He tells the banker the silent alarm has been deactivated, but will look like it’s still on. The banker says they’ve never been robbed, and Sam says, until today.

Spinelli sits at the computer and taps away, saying no matter how money is hidden, it still leaves a trail. He sees that the banker has done a lot of embezzling. He’s sure the people he’s stolen from will be happy their money has been found in his personal accounts. The banker says he can’t. Spinelli says he can and will, unless the banker cooperates.

Anna tells Robert that she’s a seasoned operative. She’s had years of experience, and knows what she’s doing. Mrs. Ashton asks if they’re playing good cop/bad cop. They’re both so polite, she can’t tell. Robert says he’s the good one. Anna says they were trying to find a loophole, so they could share more information with her, but they can’t. They can tell her that they don’t mean any harm, and aren’t out to ruin anyone’s name, but they need to question the former student on an urgent matter. She believes he was using another name at the school, and asks if Mrs. Ashton remembers Henri Françoise. Mrs. Ashton says she wishes they’d said so at the beginning. She’s certain he’s done nothing wrong. Anna shows her the photo, and asks which one he is.

Peter asks Lulu if she can really trace the email. She tells him when Spinelli tried, he hit a dead end, so it’s probably untraceable. He asks what her next move is, and she says he wants to meet up with her to share his side of the story. She’s going to take him up on it.

Sonny and Carly arrive at the station. Griff says checked he checked Avery out, and she’s fine; just a little dehydrated. Sonny asks where his dad is, and Chase says Dante stayed behind with him. Ava says they were apparently there all night, and they need to have a discussion about his father. Carly takes Avery to get some water. Ava tells Sonny that she was willing to look the other way when Mike vandalized the gallery. Sonny says she blackmailed him into letting Avery spend the night. She says they need to make sure Mike doesn’t do something like this again. Sonny asks what she’s suggesting. Mike walks in.

Spinelli says The Jackal has the banker’s information – the money he embezzled, how he spent it, and where he hid it. He sees that he also did some trophy hunting and killed two endangered species. Sam says that’s disgusting, and Spinelli makes an anonymous contribution to the World Wildlife Fund out of the banker’s account. He wonders what other charities could benefit. Jason reminds him that they still need to find Henrik.

Mrs. Ashton points out Henri. She says he was a handsome young man, always shy about being photographed. Anna wonders why a shy boy would take on such significant role, and Mrs. Ashton says the theater was safe for him, and where he was most comfortable to emerge from his shell. She thinks he relished becoming someone else, with a new name and identity other than his own.

Peter asks if Lulu is having second thoughts. She wants to meet with Henrik, but after what happened last time, doesn’t know if she should go by herself. He’s not wanted for a crime, but he is a person of interest. She thinks she should bring in the PCPD sooner rather than later. Peter asks what’s wrong with that, and she says she hasn’t told her husband what she’s up to yet.

Mike wants to go home. Chase says they’re good on their end. Avery says something about the horses, and Mike says he and Courtney waited all night. Ava asks who’s Courtney, and Carly explains she was Mike’s daughter and Spencer’s mother. Ava realizes Mike thinks Avery is his daughter. Dante gently explains again that it’s Avery, and Mike says, oh, right. He wants to lie down, and Sonny tells Avery let’s go home. Ava says, absolutely not.

Spinelli sees that the payment for the book has already been deposited, and sent by a wire transfer to Iceland. He says Henrik is very thorough in covering his tracks. He says Henrik’s picture is there, and everyone gathers around the computer. Sam looks puzzled.

Mrs. Ashton says, If she had to guess, Henri enjoyed being other people because his home life was troubled. He dreaded going home, and begged them to let him stay. His father had no use for him, and she could never rid herself of the impression that he would have been happier with a loving mother. She says he was a special boy. They thank her for her time. Anna asks if she might have any class photos, but Mrs. Ashton says she never held on to those. Anna asks if there’s anything physical she remembers that set him apart; something that would have distinguished him. Mrs. Ashton says he had the most emotive brown eyes, which was what made him so effective on stage.

Peter is surprised by Lulu, and not in a good way. She never struck him as someone who needed to ask permission. She says she doesn’t need permission, but wants to make him aware and persuade him. She’s not sure now is the right time with Avery missing, but she’s concerned Henrik could go underground. Who knows when she’d get another shot? Her food comes, and she thanks Peter. He tells her to be careful. Henrik could be more dangerous than she’s giving him credit for.

Anna tells Robert the meeting was productive. Now they know he has brown eyes; that narrows it down. Robert says, that’s if he’s the same person. She’s sure he is. He says it’s time to tell him the truth. What is the case really about? She tells him if he wants to help, help; if not, don’t. He asks what the child really means to her.

Ava says Avery is not going home with the man who kidnapped her. Chase says he’ll question him, but Sonny says his father didn’t kidnap Avery. Ava says she was gone overnight; what else would you call it? Griff understands, and shares her concern, but Mike didn’t mean any harm. She knows Mike isn’t well. Ava says that’s her point. Avery isn’t spending one more night under the same roof. Avery is coming home with her.

She and Sonny have a stare down.

On Monday, Robert realizes Henrik is Anna’s son, Michael tells Nelle he’s optimistic, and Spinelli tells Sam if she touches something they’re dead.

🍳 I watched the second hour of MasterChef Junior, and unfortunately missed the eggs Benedict challenge. Eggs Benedict is one of my favorite things in the world, but I’m sure I wouldn’t have learned anything, unless there’s a new way to order them at a restaurant. I came in at the tail end of the next challenge, where eight-year-old Avery’s superb cake won her immunity. While she went to the balcony, chocolate chips literally rained down on the rest of the junior contestants, since the next challenge was chocolate oriented. A golden apron was the prize, as well as a definite spot in the finals. Avery was given the option to forego her immunity and join in, but she thought better safe than sorry. Mikey got the gold, while Anthony and Cade were out for bad cream puffs and overpowering cocoa, respectively. Anthony told us that he was going to keep his head up and keep on cookin’. Well said. Next time, the young chefs will be cooking for now older alumni.

👄 Quotes of the Week

Death is only the end if you assume the story is about you. – Welcome to Night ValeJoseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor

Looking at you is like looking at the Grand Canyon of ineptitude. – Dave Harken (Kevin Spacey), Horrible Bosses 2

I already have more filler than a two-hour Dateline. – Angie, minor character on 2 Broke Girls (S:5, E:21)

Anger finally only ages a person.Elsa Lanchester

The worst is not. So long as we can say “This is the worst.”. – Edgar, King Lear, William Shakespeare (One of my favorite quotes!)

💀 Tomorrow, a special mini-cap of last week’s The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. Just in case you’ve been under a rock, lost your internet like me, or just want to brush up before Sunday night. I watched them tonight, but still have to edit. Unfortunately, that pesky thing called sleep is getting in my way.



April 15, 2018 – My Day Sux Big Time


What I watched today was, unfortunately, not much of anything. Sadly, thanks to Verizon, I have no internet, TV, or phone (borrowed this one). While it’s been fun watching the DVD of The Beastmaster with commententary, and several extra features from my set of Downton Abbey DVDs, it’s killing me that I won’t be able to see The Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead crossover, much less recap them. Quell disappointment! Hopefully, I’ll be back in business tomorrow and will be able to catch  up On Demand. If I can, I’ll do a mini-cap. Until then, enjoy your TV watching without me.



April 13, 2018 – Robert Joins the Mission, Twelve Small Chefs, Some News, QuadrupliQuotes & the 13th


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly tells Griff that she’s had a few incidents where she’s heard or seen something, then it’s not there. Griff asks why Sonny thinks something is wrong. Carly says she does too, but not with her health.

Mike is frustrated, looking for his glasses. Sonny tells him it’s no big deal, but Mike thinks losing anything is a big deal for him. Sonny takes the glasses out of Mike’s shirt pocket, and hands them to him. Mike wants to go for a walk, but Sonny says he could use some company. Mike asks what’s on his mind. Sonny says he’s happy Mike is there, and wants to make most of it. He says Mike brought something up the other day, but then they got distracted. He was hoping to finish the conversation. Mike asks if it was horses, cards, or ladies, and they laugh. Sonny asks, what about a field in Croton?

In Bern Switzerland, shopping bags are all over Anna and Emma’s suite. Emma asks Anna if she looks convincing for a secret mission in her new dress. Anna praises her look, and says she should give her mom a call. Jason knocks at the door. Anna tells him that he’s just in time. She and Emma need a bodyguard.

Carly brings Griff up to speed about the phone calls. Griff says it sounds intense, and Carly tells him that  Dante traced the calls to a phone booth on Angel’s Bluff, close to where Morgan died. Griff says it must have been difficult being there, but Carly says she misses him everywhere she goes. She explains about the scarf, saying it was in the picture of Morgan on her desk. She tells him that she’s not making it up; she held it in her hands. He asks where it is, and she says the fire alarm went off and they had to evacuate. When she came back, it was gone. Griff asks what it felt like, and she says, like a scarf. Ha-ha! She tells him it was torn, dirty, and had what looked like blood stains on it. Griff asks if she had any weird sensations, smelled any odors, or got nauseous. She says every time she remembers Morgan getting killed, she gets sick. She knows someone else was in the house. He asks if she heard or saw them, but she says she could feel them. He tells her that sometimes you can pick up on something your other senses don’t register, and to always trust it. Usually it’s nothing, but it can save your life. She tells him that Sonny showed up, and scared the hell out of her. She almost took him out with a baseball bat. She’d heard sounds coming from Morgan’s room. When the lights came back on, she found a framed picture of him, with the glass in the frame shattered.

Sonny tells Mike that he mentioned a field in Croton, and sounded upset. Mike isn’t recalling it, and Sonny says if he’s upset, he can take it off Mike’s mind. Mike appreciates the offer, but has the feeling he did something to piss Sonny off. Sonny says he just wants to help him. Mike says whatever it was, is gone now. Sonny knows it’s difficult to remember. Mike says he’ll do his best. Sonny says it was a long time ago, and he’s not upset or mad in any way, but it seemed like Mike felt guilty. If that’s the case, of something is eating away at him, they can find out why and move on.

Griff knows it’s difficult to talk about, but Carly understands he has to rule stuff out. He tells her that a compromised brain can lead to incidents.

Anna tells Jason that she’s posing as the Widow Ashton (a nod to Larry?), and needs a pretend bodyguard. She was going to make him into her son-in-law, but his look screams bodyguard. She needs to make inquiries, and wants a bodyguard for Emma. She asks him what his jacket size is, and he tells her to ask Carly. Ha-ha! Emma comes out, and tells him that they got new clothes for their secret mission. They got an outfit for him too. She gives him a garment bag, and he tells Anna that they need to discuss this. She asks Emma to do some more research. She says she loves it, and Jason says she’s obviously Anna’s daughter. Anna says that’s why they need a bodyguard.

He asks why they don’t just break in to get the information from the records room. Anna says if she wanted to do that, that’s what she’d do. Does he think she can’t handle a simple robbery on her own? He thinks it might be beneath her. She asks why break in, when they can walk in without suspicion? He asks why not save time? She gets that he’s used to working alone, and he asks how they’re going to do this.

Sonny tells Mike to try again. Mike is sorry. He wishes he could help, but he has to find his glasses. Sonny picks them up from the table, and hands them to Mike. He tells Mike to sit, and breaks out a jigsaw puzzle. He says Griff thought would help. Mike asks if he’ll be putting together a picture of things he’s forgotten. Sonny says it’s not about remembering the past, but focusing on the present. Mike explains that the way to do it is to find the frame first, and fill it from the outside in. Sonny has some business to attend to, and asks if Mike will be okay. Mike says since he has three hundred pieces to deal with, he should be all right.

Griff looks at Carly’s records, and notices that after Morgan was born, she had a bullet removed from brain. She explains that when she was in labor, Sonny thought someone was trying to hurt her, and when he shot them, the bullet went through them and into her. It was a helluva day. He notices she had another incident more recently. She says it was when she was pregnant with Josslyn, but they both came out fine. Griff says traumatic injury effects can show up years later. She has a history of falls and wounds. She tells him that he might as well know that she was hospitalized twice for nervous breakdowns; the first one was mostly fake. Michael was kidnapped as a baby, and the kidnapper only got a slap on the wrist, so she shot him in open court. She was afraid she’d go to prison, so she faked a break with reality. The second time was a real breakdown.

Anna wants Jason to watch Emma while she slips away to get the records they need. Jason says, so what she needs is a babysitter, which is exactly what I was thinking. She says she’ll be making a path toward Henrik. Jason thinks simple and clean is the best way. Just go in and make a demand; it doesn’t require a cover. She asks what about Spinelli, and Jason says he set Jason up with what he needs to catch Henrik. Anna insists that a widow with disposable cash and a beautiful granddaughter is how to pave the way. Jason says he knows how good she is, and knows she doesn’t need him. She’s making a diversion, so he doesn’t get to before she does.

Nanny Pilar and Avery are headed to the park. Mike says he’ll join them.

Carly tells Griff that she’s not embarrassed about it. Michael’s biological father, AJ, staged Michael’s death. They even had a funeral and everything. She forgot to breathe; she just couldn’t take it. She held breath for longer periods of time, like she was trying to keep in suspended animation. I can actually understand what she’s saying. She tells Griff, obviously, Michael came back fine, but she didn’t recognize herself. She was paralyzed, fragile, weak, and powerless, and she doesn’t do powerless. Her phone rings, and it’s Pilar. She asks if it’s okay if Mike goes to the park with them. Finding out the test won’t take long, Carly tells Pilar it’s fine, and she’ll meet them there. She continues her story, telling Griff that she went to the hospital, and made a complete recovery. He asks if the feelings she described ever resurfaced, and she says, never. Morgan’s death rocked her to her core, but she never felt like she was losing herself. Griff says he’ll put a rush on the tests, and get her out. She says she remembers what it’s like to feel lost, but this is nothing like that. It all happened, and it’s all real.

Sonny goes to the hospital, looking for Griff, but Deanna says he’s not answering. Stella comes by, and asks how Mike is doing. Sonny says, not so well. It seems like every day, Mike is slipping away a little more.

Mike is ready to go, and tells Avery, let’s hit the road.

Anna says even if Jason found Henrik first, he’d wait for her, because they’re on the same side, aren’t they? Jason says he wants answers; she wants to protect Henrik. There’s a knock at the door. Jason waits on the side, his gun ready. Anna opens the door, and immediately closes it. She opens it again, and asks, what the hell are you doing here? It’s Robert.

Sonny tells Stella sometimes Mike makes perfect sense, and he lets his guard down. Then, bam! a left hook. Now it’s fifty years ago, and Mike is wondering if his parents are waiting for him. He’s like a time traveler. Stella says there are no easy answers. She can occupational therapy to his schedule, and Sonny should discuss medicinal options with Griff. She tells Sonny If he needs any help, let he know, and she’ll make sure it happens. She tells him to bear in mind that no matter how well the disease is managed, as the patient deteriorates, the symptoms change; it’s curveball after curveball. Sonny says it’s funny. When he was a kid, he used to wait up, playing a game about if Mike was going to show up. As he’s talking, we see Mike playing in the park with Avery, and once again, Max Gail takes my heart and stomps on it. Sonny says eventually, he stopped playing; stopped expecting things from Mike, and learned how to take care of himself. Now he’s playing the same old, losing game, but worse. He’s asking himself is Mike going to remember what day it is or what he had for lunch, or does he work at Kelly’s? He wonders about the day to come when Mike doesn’t recognize him.

Carly sees the noodle house ad underneath the windshield wiper. There’s something written on the back.

Robert says a suite and a shopping spree; what is Jason doing there? He didn’t think Jason worked undercover. It’s not his style. Jason hands Robert the garment bag, and leaves. Robert asks Anna what’s going on. She tells him that she and Jason are in the middle of following an important lead, and he ruined it. He’s shocked she brought their granddaughter, and is using Jason as backup. Anna says she’d would never involve Emma in anything dangerous. It’s a research mission, and he’s blowing it out of proportion. He says not where Faison is concerned, and Anna says it’s Henrik, not his father. Robert says Faison still has an important hold on her.

Stella tells Sonny that she heard about the night at Luke’s, and he says it was like going back in time; Mike was his confident, old self again. She says it was a beautiful gift, and he says it was great while it lasted. Sonny asks if recreating a moment could be a way to get Mike to remember something, and Stella says there’s no magic wand. She’s not telling him don’t try, but there’s no guarantee. Sonny wonders if it’s worth a shot, and she tells him the bottom line is, there’s no way to influence or manipulate what he remembers or doesn’t. What he needs is kindness, compassion, and empathy. He needs to be kept calm and have structure in his life. Maybe it will come on its own, but like Sonny did when he was a child, prepare for disappointment; it might not come back at all. Sonny says that’s what he was afraid of. Stella says in the meantime, he and his family should treat themselves with the same kindness and empathy. He has unfinished business, and Mike’s memory will disappoint him. The one thing he can rely on, is that it gets worse until it can’t get any worse. Sonny likes her; she gets to the heart of things. Stella hopes he appreciates it when she tells him the time will come when Mike no longer remembers his name, and he should forgive himself for wanting what Mike couldn’t give him.

Carly calls Pilar, and tells her to go back to the house and meet her there.

Griff joins Sonny and Stella, Stella reminds Sonny that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Griff asks how it’s going. Sonny says all right, but he was hoping to meet Carly there. Griff tells him that Carly had a test to rule some things out. Sonny asks if they were brain scans, but Griff says he’ll let Carly explain.

Pilar says they have to head back home. Mike says they saw a pretzel cart, and it wouldn’t be an outing without getting one. Pilar relents, and Mike looks at the money in his wallet, but seems confused. Pilar says she’ll get them, and tells Mike to stay with Avery. After she leaves, Mike calls Avery, Courtney.

Robert says Anna needs to get away from all things Faison, so she can heal. She says it sounds lovely, but she has to find his son first. Robert tells her to let Jason do it, and she says she would if they shared the same viewpoint. Robert says she makes Henrik sound like a victim, and she says they won’t know until the find him. Emma comes back out, and asks if Robert came to help with the mission. He asks what brings her across the pond, and she says a research project for school, and she’s helping grandma with a secret mission. She asks what he’s doing there, and he says there’s no secret mission without him. He’s coming too. Anna is like, no way, telling Emma that he has more important things to do. Robert says he’ll check with HQ, and looks at Emma. Emma says, permission granted. Robert tells Anna he’s going to keep her from getting into a mess.

Sonny returns home. He sees the frame of the puzzle completed, but no Mike.

Pilar also comes back to no Mike – or Avery. She drops the pretzels and runs off to look for them.

Deanna gives Griff the test results. He reads, the preliminary tests show no markers indicating that Carly is having episodes originating from a physical cause.

Carly starts the car. The noodle house ad is on the passenger seat, and the back says, find me where you left me tonight.

In the hallway of the hotel in Bern, Jason asks Sam what she’s doing there.

On Monday. Ava wonders what Griff is hiding, Jason tells Sam that Henrik is targeting his mother, and Carly looks for Morgan.

🍳 I saw the last hour of this week’s MasterChef Junior, which is now being billed as, MasterChef: Junior Edition. It’s down to the top twelve, who all have more cooking talent in their pinkies than I’d have if I had two bodies. It fascinates me that the kids have such sophisticated skills and palates, yet they’re still kids. They got really excited when given tonight’s mystery box, which was also a HUGE plug for Blue Apron. The boxes were empty, mystifying the contestants, who were then led to the Blue Apron pantry, where they were to pick ingredients for their Blue Apron recipe. Lots of brand placement here. Gordon cooked along with them, which was cute, and he also got a critique. The lightheartedness of the judges is also a nice change from the screaming and yelling. Not that I can’t wait for the next Hell’s Kitchen. Winner Billy got a sweet prize; his recipe gets a spot in the Blue Apron (he-he) rotation, and he got saved from elimination. As if that wasn’t enough, he also got to pick the pairs for a tag team challenge, and another contestant to save. The challenge was creating a plate of classic Far East appetizers. Billy told us it was like a chess game, and chose the teams based on more erudite reasons than I would ever think of. Best of all, no one went home.

🔉 Important News

I’m so excited. Tinsley Mortimer is back with Coupon King Scott.

🔊 Even More Important News

Big night for TV on Sunday if you’re a zombie fan. The Walking Dead season finale will be followed by the Fear the Walking Dead season premiere, at 9 and 10 pm, respectively.

📣 Quotes of the Week

People who are committed to becoming aware of what they’ve done and changing, they can be our strongest proponents in an issue like this. – Edie Falco, on whether Louis CK should be given a second chance. Ditto! He seems to be one of the few who actually know how to apologize.

If you have made mistakes, there is always another chance for you. You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call ‘failure’ is not the falling down, but the staying down.Mary Pickford

You try to take a shortcut to success and end up with a mouthful of confetti. – Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge), 2 Broke Girls

If you make decisions based upon people’s reactions or judgments, then you make really boring choices.Heath Ledger



April 8, 2018 – The Battle of Negan & Simon, a Little Atlanta, a Dash of Potomac & Bye-Bye Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Rick reads Carl’s letter and gazes out the window. Carl talks about his eighth birthday, and other things he remembers from how it used to be. Tears rolls down Rick’s cheeks. It’s not just the stuff that happened, but how Carl felt, special and safe. He thought growing up would mean a family and a job, but it means keeping those you love safe. He wants Rick to feel safe, like he did when Rick held his hand on walks. He doesn’t think the Saviors will surrender, but there’s regular people in there. They’re close to starting over, and have friends now – there have to be more places and people; a chance to make changes and have a real life. If they won’t end it, he has to. He has to find peace and move forward; not forget, but make it so it won’t happen again. Show them they can be safe again without killing, and maybe one day they’ll have birthdays, schools, jobs, and pizza on Friday night, like they used to. Carl tells Rick to take Judith on walks like they had, because she’ll remember. He tells Rick that he loves him. Rick sees Michonne walking hand-in-hand with Judith.

Michonne lies on the bed, pondering. She checks the nightstand. There’s a letter for Negan in the drawer. I’m hoping somehow, Rick and Negan can work together as frenemies. Not just because I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan is nearly everything on this show, but there’s a tremendous amount of story potential there. Please, Walking Dead, don’t blow another opportunity.

Gregory tells Simon that he came back to make amends. Simon is pissed because Gregory made him look like an ass. Gregory says his intel wasn’t current. Juice and momentum can give you a chance in the game. He had it, and did it. Maggie had Hilltop by the nut, and he didn’t know it. He wants to make it right with Negan. Simon tells him that he’s Negan, and not in the collective sense, but he’s assumed control. Negan no longer in the field of play. Gregory calls Simon, the man, and says he knew he could do it. Negan had a big personality, but was too unconventional. Simon is a leader. Simon tells Gregory that’s why he can’t be seen going easy on him. He has the juice and momentum, and wants to keep it. Ergo, Gregory goes. Gregory says the stupid troglodytes at the Sanctuary can’t advise him in community affairs and politics. Simon tells him, it’s ended. Gregory says he’s achieved, survived, and suffered too much. He’s been reborn as a certified sh*t-kicker. It’s not going to end with him wandering into the wilderness with his d*ck in his hand. Gregory says, he is the juice. Simon throws him to the ground. He says he wasn’t going to send Gregory away; he was going to kill him. He asks if Gregory can make coffee, and Gregory says, the best in the land. Simon tells him they’ll start with coffee, and see where it goes. Is this a date?

The Oceanside people go through the woods. Still trying to convince them to fight, Aaron is there, and is so dehydrated and weak, he can barely fight off a zombie. Cyndie says they made their choice. If wants to die in the woods, that’s his.

Eugene shows the Savior ladies the dish he’s made – mac and cheese with sardines – a staple from his college days. It’s a lasting energy source. He eats some, and says it takes him back. It’s all that’s on the menu until the order is complete. He reminds everyone that their lives are on lock. Negan is MIA, and Simon has taken over. They need to be lickety-quick, but he thinks the best they can hope for, is to squeeze out the bare minimum needed to stop Simon from finding out how short they are. Gabriel coughs up a lung, and Eugene tells him to keep his mask on. He either has influenza or cocca-something. Either way, it’s airborne or he would be dead.

He brings a bullet over to Gabriel, and asks him to feel it. Morgan says the imperfection was intentional. He wanted to make it so didn’t work. He doesn’t want anyone to die. Eugene asks if he wants to die, and Gabriel says he doesn’t want to hep him, but does fear death. He thinks maybe it’s God’s way of showing he’s still the same person who locked his parishioners out. He’s still the same scared animal, doing what he can to survive. Eugene tells him to find an unobtrusive corner; he’s off the line. He tells Gabriel to try not to cry too loud. He’s going outside to test rounds not compromised by Gabriel’s chicanery.

Eugene goes outside, and is ambushed by Daryl and Rosita. They spirit him away.

Dwight goes out for a smoke, and hears Negan’s whistle. Negan asks him if he’s surprised. He shouldn’t be. Dwight says they found his car, and Simon thought – Negan cuts him off, telling him it was a real punch in the d*ck (his second favorite word). Rick cornered him with those decomposed a-holes, and Dwight and Simon never showed. He knows what they were thinking, and wants to know if Dwight remembers who he is. He tells Dwight the conversation is just between them. Dwight says, Simon is his number two, and he thought Negan would want him to go by Simon’s call. Dwight says, he’s Negan. Negan says, good; that’s what he likes to hear. He tells Dwight that when time comes, and it will, to remember this talk. Remember what they’ve done, and can still do together. Dwight looks relieved.

In the boardroom, Simon tells Negan that he thought Negan had been killed, and he was gone. Negan polishes Lucille. Simon admits he lacks discipline, and made it personal. That’s why he moved it from infection to extermination at Hilltop. Things went bad, but he owns it, and asks for a pass. He’ll make it up to Negan; he promises. Negan smiles, and ask if Simon remembers when he took this place; when Simon helped him? He wasn’t sure he wanted to keep Simon on board before he had a system in place. Simon had killed all those people in a settlement long ago. People think that’s psychotic sh*t from a demented, broken ghoul. That’s someone you don’t want to work with, let alone stand next to. He figured he’d figure keep an eye on Simon, and everything seemed to work out until this point. He tells Simon he needs him on his knees. Simon gets ready for a bat in the head, but Negan says, all is forgiven. Get his ass up; they’re good. Simon tells Negan that he won’t let him down. Negan says he appreciates the hell out of that.

Negan has a board meeting, and a Savior takes out a map. Negan points, saying this is where they start. They don’t have to take Hilltop, but they’re going to make sure the farmers can’t leave. If they poke their heads out, the Saviors will clip their asses. They’re going to have teams 24/7, sniping them one by one, until they have full contrition. Simon is happy to have Negan back, and Negan says it’s good to be back. Negan tells them clear out, except for Dwight. He wants to kick around some things. I’m sure Dwight thinks one of those things is his head.

Negan tells Dwight he’s smart as hell. No matter what, he didn’t stew or do anything stupid. He just went about the business of getting his. Nothing shook him. He kept his eyes on what could keep him alive and well. He tells Dwight to keep on keeping that sh*t clear. Dwight nods, and Negan smiles.

Eugene suspects he’s alive because they have a nostalgia for comradery, but he’ll give them space until they’re ready to break the ice. Daryl pulls out a large knife, telling Eugene to shut his mouth or he’ll cut Eugene’s tongue out. Rosita tells Daryl to keep on moving; they’re going to be looking for him. Eugene thanks her, and she tells him to shut up. He tells her that she’s the one who told him making bullets would save lives. He thought the crack of a bat would be the last thing he’d hear, and then thought Negan would torture him, but he didn’t. He gave Eugene a chance to live. Rosita says everyone who has died since then is on him. He says Rick pushed to take the Savior’s home. Rosita pulls out her gun, calling him a selfish coward and a traitor. He turned his back on the friends he had, and didn’t give a rat’s ass about them. They’re going to stick him in the darkest hole, and the only time he’ll come out is when need him to teach them something. He’ll get his wish and live, but they’ll be forcing him to do something useful with his pathetic life.

Dwight writes things on the map. There’s a knock at the door, and he hides everything. It’s Simon, who says, it went well. The status quo has been re-achieved. He asks why Dwight was held back, and Dwight says, for a pep talk. Simon tells him they need to have a serious talk with others who are less than thrilled with the current management. It saddens him, but the time has come to gather like-minded individuals to gather strength, and do what need to do. He tells Dwight to think about what Negan has done to him. Everything he’s extracted; every indignity. He knows what he has to do. They’re meeting in the courtyard after rounds, and going to begin what’s next. Dwight says, all right, and Simon grabs his shoulders, and says, yes, my boy. Well, if it was a tossup I don’t think I’d pick Simon.

Daryl shoots some zombies with arrows.  While the zombies are being a distraction, Eugene sticks his fingers down his throat, and makes himself throw up on Rosita. Considering what he ate, that’s pretty disgusting, but she barely flinches. He takes off, and she shoots at him, but he gets through a hole in a fence. She and Daryl follow. Rosita says they can’t let him get back, and suggests they blow his head off. As soon as they pass, Eugene comes out from under a pile of ashes and mess.

Aaron is sleeping in the woods. It starts to rain, and he gets some water from a can nearby. He hears zombie sounds, and takes out his knife. It’s a mean-looking one, and he pikes it in the head. If we were in a 42nd Street movie theatre, I’d yell, look out behind you! Another zombie grabs him, and they fall together. Aaron loses the knife, and the zombie grabs at his legs. He manages to kick its brain out of its head, but here comes another one. The knife is lost, but he grabs a pokey stick, and skewers it. Yet one more comes, knocking him down, and it’s inches from his face only separated from him by the stick. He gets the upper hand, and beats the non-living crap out of it with the stick. He lies there, rain pouring down, surrounded by the now dead undead.

Someone asks if he’s dead. It’s the Oceansiders. He says they left him. It’s what the Saviors turned them into. They lie, they don’t trust, and don’t live the way they want because of the Saviors. The Saviors hurt them, and will keep on hurting them, unless they do one thing – fight. They just look at him vacantly, and I’m thinking this group seriously lacks personality. Give them a personality or get rid of them.

Commercial break. Red Machete is still not happening for me.

Dwight waits in the courtyard. The others come out, Gregory among them. Simon tells them that if they’re here right now, they’re in. They can talk about approaches and finesses, but they’re in; no take backs. They need to make it quick, quiet, and respectful. Negan has done a lot for them, and deserves it. He says Dwight has legit personal issues with Negan, so the kill is his if he wants it. Something quiet – not a knife, that’s too personal. Maybe a silencer. Then they’ll set a break to start healing. The destruction of Hilltop and its people, and then get on with their lives. He says, right, Dwight?

We hear whistling, and I literally lol. Negan says he’ll take it from here. He says, three… two… one… There are gunshots, and the renegade Saviors drop, save for Gregory, Simon, and Dwight. Two Saviors come out for Simon. Simon lunges at Negan, who says there’s the Simon he knows. He’s coming at him, instead of doing that backstabbing bullsh*t. He asks, why? After everything he did for Simon. He killed the garbage people, when Negan specifically told him not to do that. He pounds on one of the dead Saviors with Lucille. He says after all this, him being him, he’s still going to give Simon his share. If you want to be the man, you got to beat the man. If he can do that, then hell, he should be the man.

Inside everyone gathers. Simon blathers about how they have to get to work when this is done, and how he didn’t want this, but the Sanctuary must stand. As he’s talking, he catches Negan off-guard with a punch. He gets his bearings, and they fight. I’m just a little worried, since Negan is wearing his leather jacket, which probably isn’t a good idea. Negan gives Simon a head-butt. Simon goes down, and Negan kicks him in the face. Gregory inches away. Dwight grabs him, and tells him to get out now. He gives Gregory a map, telling him to give it to Rick. It’s about tomorrow, and the only move they’ve got. He hands Gregory some car keys. Hopefully, he won’t just keep driving.

Negan straddles Simon, strangling him. Finally, he lies still. Negan gets up, and says, what an a-hole. I realize my mouth is open. The crowd was certainly quiet about it. I have to admit, I’ll be glad I won’t have to work around writing Simon says anymore.

Gregory is shoved into the pen at Hilltop. Maggie gives the map to Rick. End Negan, end the risk, is written on it, along with something about where they’ll be. Maggie asks what they’re going to do.

Negan tells Dwight that Simon was a d*ckless worm. What else could he do but crush his throat? But what was bad for Simon, is good for him. They’ve had their ups and downs, but he’s always been able to count on Dwight. He’d like Dwight to be his right-hand man, if he’ll accept the promotion. Dwight agrees. He wants to help Negan finish things with Rick. Negan tells him not to sell himself short. He already has.

Laura, who knew Dwight was a traitor, is in his room. Negan says he found her on the side of the road. She says in Alexandria, he killed their team. She ran and kept running. She wanted to expose him for the scum weasel he is. Negan says it makes sense. He told RIck when to attack, and how to get to the outpost. He’s been slipping workers guns, and maybe even lied about Shari. He thinks he’s some sort of hero, but he’s a nobody and way over his head. When he said Dwight comes through when he’s needed, he meant it. He knew he could count on him delivering the plan to Rick – the brilliant fake-ass plan. He used Gregory. Negan thought he’d take a field trip, but he got a delivery boy; good for him. All that intel will lead them directly into the line of fire. They won’t know what hit them, all thanks to his new right-hand man. He’d thought about killing him, but that was too dignified for a backstabbing, double-crossing dirtbag. Negan says he has plans for Dwight, and laughs.

Looking all angry and rumpled, Eugene tells the workers that they have to prepare to protect the Sanctuary. Negan is back, and they’re going to finish Hilltop. A messenger tells him Negan needs the bullet order by tomorrow. He says to give Negan his personal congratulations on his return. His request will be filled in its entirety, and on time. If he needs bullets, he’s going to get them. All of them. They’re going to rise to the occasion, and will change Savior history forever. He tells Gabriel, all hands on deck. He’s going to be sorting shells. Follow his lead, or cry and die. He says, here we go. He quotes Rosita, saying, time to do something useful with their pathetic lives.

Yay! Simon is a zombie chained to the fence. He’s a good one too; a snapping maniac. Negan is on the deck, and Michonne radios him from a rooftop nearby. He asks if Rick is with her, and to put him on. She says this isn’t about Rick; it’s about Carl. Carl wrote him a letter, and she’s delivering it because that’s what he wanted. Negan says he can’t promise not to kill the messenger, and she tells him, shut up and listen. She reads.

Carl tells Negan that he was helping someone, and got bit. Now he’s gone. Negan might be gone, but he doesn’t think so. He wonders if Negan is working on a way out. Maybe got out. Maybe he thinks it’s a lost cause, and wants to kill them all. He wishes he could have asked if Negan feels that he has to be who he is. If this is what he wanted or wished he could have. The way out is forgiveness. There doesn’t have to be a fight. He hopes his dad offers peace, and he takes it. He hopes things can change. It did for him. He can still start over. Negan listens to every word so thoughtfully, I want to cry.

Negan says, there is no getting out of it now. He wouldn’t accept surrender if they were on their knees. Winning isn’t about beating them, but killing every last one of them. That is starting over. He never wanted this. Rick made it happen. Tell him that. No more talk. He throws the radio down and stomps on it, along with my storyline dreams.

Next week – both the finale of The Walking Dead (at 9 pm), and the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead (at 10 pm). Morgan tells Rick to finish it, the Saviors attack, and Dwight is sent to Jaundice Jadis. I can’t wait to see Fear, since they’re setting up camp in an amusement park. Abandoned amusement parks are creepy all on their own. Add zombies, and you can’t lose.

🍹 A Quick Wives Note…

🍑 The Real Housewives of Atlanta know how to pour on the glam. It was part one of their reunion, and Porsha went full-on princess with a tiara, mammoth jeweled earrings, and a blue velvet gown. Although she claimed to be a goddess because she’s grown. The earrings were all huge, sparkly, and fabulous. Only Kandi was slightly lower key with the accessories, but made up for it with the bling on her gown. NeNe was in red lace and fringe. Kenya was in a frilly yellow explosion. She confirmed her pregnancy, but she never did actually say, I’m pregnant, which made me wonder if the bun is in someone else’s oven. Cynthia had the most glamorous, Rapunzel-like side ponytail ever, and was wearing a red gown fit for a quinceañera. Marlo joined them swathed in lavender cotton candy. Only Sheree was a bit of a disappointment. Her gigantic emerald earrings passed, but she was covered all the way to her chin in a gown of silken material that did not look good on film. She said it was Gucci. Was it his nun period? I wondered if her new felon man doesn’t want her showing any skin. A viewer even pointed out that she seemed unusually covered up this season.

🏰 The Real Housewives of Potomac has mostly centered around Karen’s tax issues, since apparently her husband owes the government. They moved out of the neighborhood, although her idea of downsizing isn’t like the average person’s idea. I guess now they only have 6000 square feet and one pool. What blew my mind though, were the rest of them demanding answers from her like it was their right to know. I’m not a huge fan of Karen’s, but they were like a pack of vultures.









April 1, 2018 – Everyone is Looking for Something, Wrong Lane Legend, Some Ramble & My Neighbor’s Brother


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

At the trash heap, Tardis Jadis hears shooting, and covers Negan with a bunch of material. She plays dead, and several people run past. A guy stops and spits on her. Lucky for her, he keeps moving. When it’s over, she removes her boots and coat, and is in the nightgown she wore when she killed the other Heapsters.

Wearing normal clothing – a plaid flannel shirt and jeans – Jadis retreats to a long, narrow bedroom that’s in amazingly pristine condition, and even has a skylight.  She picks up a now clean Lucille, and checks her watch. She goes to the container. She goes to the container. Negan says, what the sh*t?  He’s tied up, and she pulls him out on a dolly.

Carol chops wood. Ezekiel wants to look for Henry, but she says Maggie needs her. He tells her that she’s choosing not to leave; why? Does she believe Henry is already dead? She told him to pretend until it’s so, yet she can’t. He thought she was the bravest person he’d met, but no. She’s being stopped by cowardice.

Tara tells Daryl it’s been over a day, and she’s still not sick. He says she got lucky. She says Dwight shot her with clean arrow. Everyone else who got hit, got sick. It can’t be an accident. Daryl asks if Dwight gets a pass. Tara reminds Daryl about telling her that they might need Dwight. If she’d killed him, now she’d be dead. She thinks it’s personal with Daryl, and he’s not looking at the whole picture.

Michonne asks Rick if he wants to read it. He gets his coat, and says they need food. She asks what he wrote to Rick. Rick doesn’t know; he can’t. Michonne says he has too. Someone stopped her, and now she’s stopping him. Carl wrote it because he wanted Rick to read it. It was one of his last wishes. She tells Rick that he’s staying. She takes his coat and bag, and leaves the room. Rick looks like he has a headache, and takes out the letter.

Morgan sees Carol, and she asks if he’s looking for him for the Saviors. She says he doesn’t have to, but he says he does. He was supposed to do it before. Carol says fine, but she’s coming with him.

In Maggie’s office, Rosita says if the Saviors come back, they can’t defend a sizeable attack. Daryl thinks hand-to-hand combat is the way to go. Maggie asks if he thinks they’re running out of ammo, but Rosita says they have their bullet-maker; they’ll never run out, but she knows where to find him.

Negan tells Jaundice Jadis that whatever happened, he can smell it. He told her that he thinks people are a resource; he doesn’t throw that away. He’s confident that most people can be put on the right path; his own path. He wouldn’t have done this. It’s the work of someone not following the program, but it’s his mistake; he’ll own this. He took a chance, and thought he was doing the right thing, and punched himself in the d*ck. He’s sorry. He really is sorry. Jadis says she lost all she had. He tells her that he can help get it back. She brings Lucille down about an inch from his face.

Carol tells Morgan it makes sense that they stayed near the road. She finds a partially eaten turnip, and says, they were here. Morgan sees something and runs, calling Henry’s name. Carol follows. Morgan sees Henry, who turns around. He looks like death, and says, you know where it is; you were supposed to. Morgan says he’s not there, and tells Henry he’s not there. He tells Carol that Henry is dead. Carol says she didn’t come to look for Henry, but keep an eye on Morgan. She saves people, but she can’t save the dead. Morgan says he’s not dead. He doesn’t die; he just sees them – again and again. Even when he looks away, he still sees them. They continue to walk, Morgan in the lead. He sees a zombie whose head was cracked open with a rock. He says they came through here. Maybe it was a shortcut.

Rick watches Judith play. A single tear rolls down his face. He goes out with his gun, and asks Alden where they went. Alden says his best and only guess is the Sanctuary. He says they talked about getting out, but he hadn’t given their plans too much credit. Rick asks how he would do it, and Alden tells him about an old dive bar Negan talked about turning into an outpost. He asks Rick to do him a favor, and if Rick finds them, not to kill more than he has to. He says it went bad last night. They made a wrong choice, but it probably hasn’t hit some of them yet. He says Rick could bring them back and show them. Rick says he could.

Jadis’s watch beeps. She tosses Lucille, and walks off. Negan says, let’s talk about this. He had nothing to do with it. He moves himself along on the dolly with his feet. Jadis slides out a luggage cart with a zombie attached to it. It’s super weird, like the zombie is part of the cart. Negan says if she really wanted to harm him, she wouldn’t have left him near a bag full of guns, along with pictures of her nearest and dearest. She looks out, and he has a gun in one hand, and a lit flare in the other. Nearby are several photos. He suggests they have a chat.

Down the road, Carol and Morgan see a herd of zombies crossing. Carol thinks they should wait, and let it pass. Morgan says they could lose the trail, but Carol is afraid of losing more than that. A zombie stumbles toward them, and Morgan pikes it in the head. He starts to walk down the road, and Carol says maybe they can find them by another road. Morgan says he knows what they’ll find. She says he won’t know unless they keep going, and she won’t know unless she tries. He can try too. Morgan says he can’t. She saves people; he watches them die. He’s supposed to. Carol says he found her. He saved her. He knew she could come back, and he can too. He says it wasn’t him. He’s not strong like her. He was there watching them, knowing something would happen, and then it did. He has to kill him. He walks off. Carol calls to him, and then walks in the opposite direction.

Gimcrack Jadis tells Negan to leave the pictures alone. He says he figured they meant something to her. Considering the way things are, she can’t just pop around corner and order friends. He’s asking her one more time, what the sh*t is this? Is this how she kills people? Jadis mimics him, saying people are a resource. She asks him to put the flare away. It’s all she has left. He took her world; her everything. He tells her that his wife’s name was Lucille. She got him through. He didn’t give her sh*t, and she got him through regular life. The bat got him through this. He named the bat after her. It’s the last piece of what he has of her life, like Jadis’s photos. Jadis says, yes, and her watch beeps. She pushes the cart toward him, jumping around it. She knocks the gun out of one hand, and tries to grab the flare, but it falls into a puddle. A helicopter comes by, and she runs inside. Negan says, what the sh*t? for the fifteenth time. Jadis runs back out with a lit flare, but it’s too late. She walks over to where Lucille is, amid a pile of kindling, and is about to light it on fire. Negan says he didn’t burn her pictures. What will she have after she burns Lucille? Just a pile of ashes. She says she gets to hurt him, and he says he didn’t do it, but he can settle it. She puts the flare down, and cries.

Rick runs through the woods. He and Morgan see each other. Morgan is about to whack Rick with his staff, and Rick says Morgan knows him. Morgan says he’s not right, and Rick says out here for them and they’ll finish it. He and Morgan go out to the road, and see a car with fresh body parts next to it. The screen goes to black, and we hear shots.

In the dive bar, the Saviors are talking about two guys who are lying there. Jared wants to get rid of them, saying they don’t look too good. Another Savior says maybe that’s because they hacked part of them off. I guess these are the guys who belong to the body parts. Jared says, even if they make it, who’s waiting? They need to make their own way. If they deliver Rick to Negan, they’ll win big and be recognized. He asks if Rick is ready to walk. They’re ditching the dead weight and moving on. Jared is about to kill the two wounded men, and one Savior says they can get them to the doctor at Hilltop. Rick suggests they come back with him. He says they chose wrong, but it’s not too late. Cut them free, cooperate, make a fresh start, and become part of a community. He’s giving his word. There’s not a lot worth much anymore, but a man’s word means something. Jared looks skeptical. He asks if Rick thinks they’re dumb enough to believe him. He asks Jared to hear him out. They don’t have much time. They’re headed this way. They need to make a choice now.

The Saviors start to get nervous, and Jared says, there’s no herd, and there’s no deal at Hilltop. Rick didn’t come to save them. He came for blood. He says, this one here, indicating Morgan, strangled one of his own men with his bare hands. Jared accuses Rick of saying bullsh*t. Morgan says he came here to do what he was supposed to; kill every last one of them. Jared holds a gun to Morgan’s head. Morgan smiles, and tells him to save his bullets. He’s going to need them. The herd is coming, and after, when he’s just torn skin, loose teeth, and blood – stuff the zombies didn’t eat – it will be a damn shame, because there will be none of them left to kill. Now tell us how you really feel, Morgan. Jared tells the Saviors, let’s dump and bounce. Morgan says it never changes. He doesn’t die. No one does. Everybody turns. Jared is about to shoot Morgan, when another Savior stops him.

They hear the herd. Zombies begin to flow in. Jared is like, WTF?! and shoots at them. Rick yells for someone to cut them loose. Someone knocks Jared down, but it backfires, and they get eaten. Jared takes off. Morgan and Rick get loose, and get their weapons. Rick shoots, and Morgan uses his big stick. There are several Saviors helping them dispatch the zombies, and they kill them too. I’m like, he-e-ey. Rick throws the last one to a zombie. Wow. He’s harsh. Morgan looks around in the rooms behind the bar. He sees Henry by the pool table. But not for long. Jared pops out, and attacks Morgan with some pointy thing that looks pretty dangerous. He almost stabs Morgan in the throat, but Morgan throws him off and out, closing a metal gate that separates the rooms. It’s a kind of chain link, so Morgan watches Jared trying to grab through the openings. Jared screams as zombies tear his flesh from him. Morgan shows no emotion.

A dying Savior tells Rick this isn’t what he said, and Rick says, he lied. He shoots the guy in the head. Hmm… I don’t know how I feel about this. Morgan says, everybody turns, and walks out. Rick says Morgan saved him; he would have died. Maybe on the street in front of Morgan’s house. Morgan didn’t know him; why did he do it? Morgan says they should go. Rick says, just tell him. He had his son then. Morgan says, because his son was there. I forgot all about that.

Negan has Lucille back. Anthrax Jadis looks at the pictures. Negan asks what happened there; what was that was all about? He tells her to come with him and he’ll follow a new path. She’s not interested, but he says, the offer stands. Maybe he’ll swing by again. Who knows? Maybe she’ll want to share. He leaves, and I’m disappointed she didn’t go with him. And it seems Negan is better at keeping his word than Rick is.

Carol annihilates some zombies, after seeing Henry is trapped in a tangle of roots along a swamp. She pulls him out, and he says he’s sorry. She hugs him, and he cries. She says she was wrong; he can survive.

The wall guards at Alexandria bang on the sheet metal, and hoot and holler. Jerry runs to get Ezekiel. Carol and Henry walk in. Henry runs to Ezekiel. Carol nods, and keeps walking. Henry and Ezekiel hug. Nice welcome, but way to draw a crowd of zombies.

Carol tells Ezekiel that he was right, she was afraid. He says, but she’s no coward. Carol says she had a daughter. After she lost her, Carol was nothing. The people she was with saw a better version of her, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t find herself down at times.

A wind blows through Alexandria. Morgan and Rick come in. Morgan touches Henry, making sure he’s real. He tells Henry that he killed the man who killed his brother. He smiles, And Henry says he’s sorry, putting his hand on Morgan’s shoulder. Morgan tells him, don’t ever be sorry. Rick walks past everyone, and goes inside. Michonne sees Morgan crying.

Matrix Jadis brings her rolling suitcase to the bedroom. This must be her safe space. Her clean place too. She lies down on the bed.

Negan drives. He pulls over, and opens the passenger door. He says, if sh*t could sh*t, it wouldn’t look as sh*tty as you. Get in. I think this is probably his record number of sh*ts in one episode. Definitely in one sentence.

He drives to the Sanctuary. The guard says he knew Negan was alive. Negan says, hell yes, but not a word. Daddy is home, but it’s going to be a surprise. Hell, he has all sorts to roll out. We hear zombie noises from the car. See? He’s fun. He brings some life to this show. I know that sounds oxymoronish, but it needs some fun.

Daryl and Rosita watch Eugene through binoculars. They make a plan to take him out.

Rick changes into a comfortable t-shirt, and takes out the letter from Carl. Michonne comes in, and he thanks. Her he says he’s sorry, and she tells him that he doesn’t have to be. He says he loves her. She loves him too. They kiss. She leaves the room. He sits on the bed and reads. He cries a little.

Next time, Negan surprises Dwight, Simon wants to gather the like-minded, and the Saviors plan to take the Hilltop.

✝ My Late Slip

Tonight, I hate Walking Dead even more than usual, since they screwed up my entire evening by being on at all. Bravo decided to show new episodes as well, but not for any Wives who are important to me, so I’ll catch up with Atlanta and Potomac later. So how did they screw up my night, do you ask? (Or maybe not.) I’m going to be up half the night watching the late rerun, since I wanted to see Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert. I mostly wanted to see it because, Alice Cooper. Alice was my first real concert that my sister took me to. An hour in, I still mostly wanted to see it for the same reason. Did Chrissy Teigen fund this production? I have nothing against John Legend, but no. He looked like he was having difficulty getting through the score and moving around at the same time. I’m sure he moves around during his concerts, but this is a different kind of moving around. I don’t know if he wasn’t used to it or wasn’t up to it or what, but next to Brandon Victor Dixon (Judas), who knows his way around a Broadway stage, he was a total lightweight. Like vinyl, the concert format of this musical was touted as something new, but isn’t. That’s how the show was first presented. I saw the original on tour. Quite young at the time, I thought they were just really loose with their staging. Especially when Jesus came out and started slapping hands with everyone. At first, I thought he was an actor who showed up late.

It’s always annoyed me that the two most lackluster songs were given to Mary Magdalene. Although I did love her dress, an orange ombre maxi sheath number. The audience was apparently made up of 12-year-olds and/or Legend fans, since they cheered every time he actually made it through a difficult note. Thankfully, they did change some of he score to suit his vocal range. Except for one they forgot. He thought he’s sad and tired? He should have been me watching this. Every once in a while, they also changed a word or line, leaving me with a question mark over my head, because it did nothing to improve on the lyrics or make them more relevant. The lighting was also a problem, most likely looking abstract and cool from the audience, but it wasn’t made for television viewing. During Peter’s Denial, some dude was taking his pic with a cell phone, which also left me wondering. If they were modernizing this, why wasn’t the rest of it like that? Was that supposed to be ironic or something?

Alice gave me a thrill and a smile. Not bad for a seventy-year-old. Thank God (heh-heh) the audience obviously knew who he was. His costume rocked. If a suit could be called psychedelic, this one would be it, again in an orange pallet. (The color scheme in general was in the brown-yellow-orange family.) He also held a walking stick/scepter topped by a small skull. I’ve seen several different Herods – from an Ohio summer theatre Herod, who was downright frightening, taking the apple he was eating and smushing it into Jesus’s face, to the silly film version with my old NYC neighbor Toby’s brother, Josh Mostel (both, sons of the late, great Zero Mostel). Alice was enjoyable and milked it well. I also loved his harem of dancing girls. The choreography as a whole was good.

Oh yeah. Could We Start Again. The third Mary Magdalene song. There’s a reason this one wasn’t even on the soundtrack.

I always feel a little sorry for Pilate, who was really a little fish in a big, Roman political pond. Ben Daniels worked for me here. I love how he seemed like he got a migraine when Herod dropkicked Jesus back to him.

The biggest hit out of the show – the title song, Superstar – was spot-on, again Dixon knocking it out of the park, in the appropriate sparkly outfit, the backup dancing reminiscent of Janet Jackson in the 90s, with some obvious freestylin’ at the end. The crowd went wild.

John Legend is probably a really nice guy and a good singer, but this was out of his whatever. I don’t want to say league, because he’s just in a different one. Lane perhaps? This role was not for him, not at this time anyway. Legend, maybe; Superstar, no. He got lucky though, with a solid supporting cast, winning choreography, and interesting direction.

👠 The Real Housewives of Potomac has a new girl – Candiace. What is wrong with parents?

🎭 I also checked out Your Husband Is Cheating On Us. Multi-talented, JD Lawrence, brings his urban theater circuit play of the same title to NYC. Besides being let in on the rehearsal process, we follow the actors living in the same house. It’s a worth-watching show within a show, and definitely something different.

🏅 Quote of the Night

Rick and Morgan walk into a bar… there is no punchline… just death.Talking Dead

🎶 My Neighbor’s Brother