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October 13, 2017 – Patient 6 Walks into a Bar, Too Many Hooks, Unkillable Z’s, Quotes & Love-ahs


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

In an NYC bar, the bartender asks if she can get Patient 6 something other than water. He says he’s just trying to catch up on what he missed.

Jason and Sam arrive at an apartment in the city. He tells her that he thought she likes mysteries. She tells him if he bought a townhouse, she doesn’t want to move. He tells her to come in and see their future.

Nina is going crazy answering the phones, while Valentin kisses up her arm, like Gomez kissing Morticia. He tells Simone that Nina will have to get back to her, and hangs the phone up. Nina wonders where her assistant is.

At Kelly’s, Michael tells Nelle it was an incredible gesture to make the donation. She says she knows he thinks she should have given the ring back, but she couldn’t return it to the people who accused her of murder. It was a compromise, but she’ll never convince people of her innocence. Michael says he’s taken steps to prove it for her.

Nina needs to put the latest issue of Crimson to bed, and Valentin tells her that he wants to put her to bed. He says he has an opportunity where he needs her talents and leadership skills, but first a little fun.

Anna calls Griff. She wants him to check in. No matter how she feels about Ava, if Ava is his friend, she wants to help.

Ava is officially now a friend with benefits.

Michael tells Nelle that he hired Curtis to give the case another look. She wants to know why he didn’t tell her. If the Grant family finds out that she was nosing around on her behalf, they’ll be suspicious. Assuming that Curtis can do what the police couldn’t. Michael says the case needs fresh eyes.

Anna sees Finn at the MetroCourt. He asks why they’re meeting, and she says it’s the last time. They won’t be able to meet in public once Cassandra arrives. Finn makes snarky remarks, and she says that he’s hostile when he’s tired. He says he wants it to be over with. Anna says they’re heading into the second part of the operation, and tells him not to rush or he could make a mistake. He should take his time getting her trust. He remarks that all criminals often tell their doctors about their illegal dealings; she’s putting too much faith in his abilities. Anna says Cassandra wouldn’t be coming there if she didn’t trust him. Give her what she wants, and she’ll return the favor. She has every confidence in him. He asks what she’s going to be doing, and she tells him working the case from another angle. He asks if it has anything to do with Valentin.

Nina asks what opportunity Valentin is talking about, and he tells her that he’s on the verge of a deal to make her the next media magnet. She says that’s a huge responsibility. Not long ago, she was an heiress with mental instability issues; she doesn’t think she’ll be on the cover of Forbes any time soon. Valentin tells her that she’s an inspiration to his daughter, and not to sell herself short. Instead of just calling the shots at Crimson, she’ll be calling all the shots. He’s buying Derek Wells Media, and wants her to be co-CEO.

Jason opens the apartment door, and Diane is there. She has the titles for them, explaining that they have to sign this part in NYC. Sam asks what they’re signing, and Jason says today. Julian ceases to be the owner of Derek Wells Media.

Patient 6 says he’s been out of the country, and the bartender asks if he was deployed. He says he’s not in the military, but he’s been away for a while. She tells him welcome back, and asks if he’s in trouble. He asks if it’s obvious, and she says she picks up on things. Cops usually don’t show up for no reason. He follows her gaze to a couple of guys at the bar. He asks which way to the restroom, and she tells him it’s in the back. He leaves the bar, and one of the men says they’re looking for a guy. She says, aren’t we all? They tell her that he was a stowaway and entered the country illegally. They show her Patient 6’s picture, and ask if she’s seen him around.

Nina asks since when is Julian interested in selling? Valentin says he’s been circling for a while, and waiting for the right moment. She says he’s never shown an interest in publishing, and he says it’s not a done deal until the papers are signed, but thinks it’s a good fit. He says she can jump on board or continue to take orders from a demanding boss.

Diane says the deal was hard won. At the last minute there was a high bid. She tells Jason that Julian has major ties to the mob, and even though Jason is no longer in the business, he’s going to be scrutinized. The Feds will see it as one mobster selling to another. Jason tells Sam that he’s keeping him promise. He’s breaking away from his old life. He did this on his own, but he doesn’t intend to run the company without her. Diane says she needs Sam’s signature. He says they’re doing this as partners, or not at all.

Patient 6 peeks out. The bartender tells the men that he hasn’t been around here. They mention that he has blue eyes, and has a distinctive look. She says she would have remembered them. She adds that she also hasn’t seen any badges, and if they’re not cops, she has no reason to be talking to them. One of them slides some money over, along with a phone number. She says she’ll call if she sees him. When they’re gone, Patient 6 comes back out ad thanks her. She says it’s a fireman’s bar, but she’s not partial to cops, and gives him the money. He tells her to give it to someone who needs it, and she tells him he looks like he needs it more than she does. He takes the money, and gives her the watch.

Nelle appreciates Michael trying to clear her name, but there were no charges. He reminds her that she said the questions would follow her forever, and if Curtis comes through, a big cloud over her head will be gone. She says that would be a welcome change, but she’s used to being presumed guilty. He tells her that Curtis is coming straight from the airport, and suggests she stick around, but she has to get back to work.

Ava and Griff bask in the afterglow. Griff says he’s thinking about tomorrow. He has to speak with Father Cory. He was Griff’s spiritual mentor and gone to bat for him. He has to give him a decision. Ava asks if he’s made one, and he says no. She says of course not. He tells her that they have to talk, and she says if this is the part where he agonizes and says it’s a big mistake they should never speak of again, let her make it easier. She says it was a big mistake and they should never speak of it again. I have to mention, Ava sleeps on the loudest sheets ever. Every time one of them moves, we hear them rubbing together.

Jason wants Sam to help him run the company, and she says it’s like the blind leading the blind, and is he sure? He says absolutely not, but if it doesn’t work out, they’ll sell it and find something else.

Nina comes up with the domain name Casareeves, saying it’s strong and sexy. Nelle runs in, saying she saw the phones on night service, and asks if something happened. Nina says yes, her assistant was MIA during an important deadline. She tells Nelle that a lot of changes will be happening, and she can’t afford any mistakes.

Curtis arrives at Kelly’s hungry as a hostage. Michael says that he told Nelle about hiring him, and asks if he’s found enough evidence to exonerate her.

Diane calls Valentin, and tells him that he’s been outbid for Derek Wells Media. He asks how she knew he put in an offer, and she says she’s paid to know things. It was a valiant effort, but the company is off the table.

Patient 6 tells the bartender that the watch is supposed to be lucky. It already worked for him – he picked this bar and met her. She covered for him when she had no reason to. She says she could use a little luck, and he asks if he can exit through the kitchen. She tells him to have a safe trip, wherever he’s headed. He says, home, and jets. Sam and Jason walk in and order champagne. They’re celebrating.

Anna tells Finn that the WSB has determined that Cassandra is involved in international drug trafficking. The markup is astronomical, and the more money she makes, the worse people are suffering. Finn says he knows about addiction, and now the spy game doesn’t seem like a game anymore. Anna says this is one take down she’s looking forward to. Cassandra suddenly appears, and asks who’s being taken down, and who’s doing the taking?

Curtis thought that Michael wasn’t telling Nelle. Michael explains about her selling the ring to give the money to the foundation. Curtis says that could be generous, or manipulative. Michael says he told her the ring wasn’t hers to sell, but her intentions were sincere. He tells Curtis about her concerns that his investigation could trigger the Grants into escalating their vendetta. Curtis says maybe there’s something she doesn’t want him to find out.

Nina tells Valentin not to poach her assistant when he owns the company. She asks why Valentin has that look, and he tells her that she can register the domain name, but they can’t use it any time soon. His offer was rejected; he was outbid by another buyer.

Sam and Jason toast. They agree the champagne is not the best, and Jason asks if she wouldn’t rather have beer. They talk about how the company is a departure for them. Jason says it presents a bunch of challenges, and their lives will undergo one helluva change. The drink bad champagne to that.

Finn says he wasn’t expecting Cassandra until tomorrow, and she says she moved her flight up so she would have time to recuperate. He’s glad she made it in one piece. Anna introduces herself, but Cassandra says she already knows who she is. She saw her with Finn in Monaco, and she’s obviously his lover. Every time I hear that word, it brings to mind an SNL sketch with Will Ferrell and Rachel Dratch where they go on and on about being love-ahs.

Griff asks if Ava wants him to leave. Ava says it’s obvious he doesn’t want to stay. He tells her not to jump to conclusions or put words in his mouth. She says don’t tell her it actually meant something, and he says of course it did. She says he just doesn’t know what. He asks why it’s so hard to understand it’s not easy to throw away what he’d planned on being his life and calling. She says that’s one way of looking at it, but he can live honestly or live a lie. He can continue to hide behind the collar, but for what it’s worth, he doesn’t have sex like a man with doubts.

Anna tells Cassandra that they prefer the word “partners,” and Cassandra calls it chic. Anna is happy that Finn is able to help her, and Cassandra says it was a fortuitous meeting. She says Finn must have told Anna about it, but Anna says that doctor/patient confidentiality is of the utmost importance to him, and she’s lucky to have him. Cassandra says she’s counting on that. Finn asks if she wants to join them, but she declines, saying she just came in for a nightcap to help her sleep.

Valentin says that Diane is on retainer to Sonny. What would he want with the company? Nina says what does it matter, and he says it matters if he’s going to sabotage the company. She tells him it was the ultimate romantic gesture and she loves him. The name goes with anything, and they’ll have other opportunities. He can accomplish anything he puts his mind to. They kiss.

Sam tells Jason they’ll need an ad campaign to rebrand the company to be more like them. Jason asks who she is, and what has she done with his wife. Sam says he bought the company; what has he done with her husband? He says they might be successful and actually like being in publishing. Sam says they’ll make sure everything is honest, with no bias. He says they’ll be bankrupt with a year. She says that’s possible, but at least they’re together.

Valentin is about to leave Crimson and sees Nelle. He tells her not to let her personal difficulties affect Nina’s business. She says that’s the aim, and he says make it a reality. Nelle says she’d never do anything to hurt Nina. He tells her that he knows an opportunist when he sees one.

Curtis explains to Michael that Nelle worked as Zack’s mother’s assistant – the same job she had with Michael’s mother. To hear Sharon tell it, she did her research. Michael asks if he’s suggesting that she’s planning the same thing with him, and Curtis says he can’t deny the parallels. Michael says there was no evidence of wrongdoing. Curtis says not by itself, but coupled with other things, he advises Michael to take a good look at Nelle.

Anna tells Finn that they can use this to their advantage with Cassandra, but he wonders about the rest of Port Charles. She says he doesn’t seem like someone who cares about what people think. He takes her hand and they walk out of the bar.

Valentin tells Nelle that she’s good, being all things to all people. She says she had no idea he was watching her so closely, and he says he used to be in threat analysis. People think it’s a boring desk job, but it’s not. It’s solving endless puzzles, finding what’s dirty in something seemingly innocuous, and dismantling a web of lies. He says he’s good at finding the threat, and good at taking it down. If she makes a move against Nina, he will intervene.

Curtis tells Michael it’s his money, and he doesn’t want to tell Michael what he doesn’t want to hear. Michael says Nelle lies, but he thinks it’s because she’s scared and no one trusts her. He wants her to trust him, but he can’t help unless he knows everything. Curtis says, even the things that make her look guilty?

Nina runs out with Valentin’s scarf. He’s already gone, so she asks Nelle to give it to him at the bar. When Nelle comes back, Nina wants her to research the sale of Derek Wells Media. She needs to know about who she reports to now.

Sam and Jason see the watch on the bar. The bartender tells them that they have the best sliders in town. Jason asks if it’s better than the champagne. She tells him that’s the first champagne she’s served in a decade, but they serve sliders every day. Sam admires the watch, and asks if she can look at it. The bartender tells her to knock herself out. Sam sees the name Huxley engraved on it, and asks where she got it.

Patient 6 sits at he bus station.

Griff doesn’t want to leave things like this. Ava asks what the alternative is. Then she says, wait, don’t tell her; he doesn’t know. Griff says he’s strangled by indecision, but closer to clarity. She says she’s glad to be of service. He says is wasn’t a mistake for him, and hopes it wasn’t for her. She walks away, and he leaves. Ava looks at the door.

Nelle is about to walk into the MetroCourt, and sees Valentin sitting with Cassandra. He tells Cassandra about living on an island, and she tells him you can’t be spontaneous if you need a boat every time you want to leave home. But then again, spontaneity was never his thing. He always planned everything, down to the last detail, which is why he never got caught. He tells her that he would have arranged a proper welcome had he known she was coming. Cassandra kisses him, and Nelle snaps a photo. She’s not very subtle about it either.

Curtis asks Michael if Nelle didn’t say she couldn’t save Zack. Michael says she tried, but couldn’t reach him and she wasn’t a good swimmer. Curtis says the Lakes High Dolphins might disagree. He shows Michael a newspaper article about Nelle winning a medal for swimming. You mean to tell me the police wouldn’t have known that? Or the Grants?

The bartender tells Sam that she did a guy a favor, and he insisted on giving her the watch. Jason shows her a picture of Huxley on his phone, and asks if she recognizes him, and if he gave her the watch. She says no, it was someone else. He tells Sam it was a stretch, and there are probably a lot of Huxleys out in the world. She thinks there would be a slim chance of running into someone they know. Guess again. NYC is the smallest big city ever.

The train for Port Charles is departing in ten minutes. Patient 6 gets up from the bench.

On Monday, Franco asks what someone is doing there, Jordan asks if she should prepare for World War III, and Michael asks Nelle why she lied. For the fiftieth time.

Once Upon a Time

In Storybrooke, years ago, Hook swordfights on his ship with Henry. Emma is impressed. Hook wins the match, and Henry says he’ll never be good enough. Emma asks what’s up, and Hook says he’s almost grown. Emma is bummed because he’s supposed to leave home, but Hook says It’s not an ending; there’s more to come. She wants to keep him a while longer; she’s worried she won’t get a second chance. Hook takes out a bottle of magic. You speak into it, leave a message, and you can find who you seek. Hook says Henry will be fine.

In another realm, years later, Henry rides through the forest and is surrounded a bunch of men on horseback. Lady Tremaine rides up and says this is the man who helped Cinderella kill the prince. Henry says she didn’t kill him, and Lady Tremaine asks where she is. He won’t tell her, and she realizes he’s in love with Cinderella. She tells him to give her the slipper and live. She wants to know where he’s hidden it, and he says he hid something else made of glass. He speaks into the bottle, calling Regina and Hook.

In Seattle, Rogers comes to Henry’s place at 6 am. He tells Henry that he read his book, and can’t get something out of his head. He wants to know who the blonde woman is, and Henry says she’s a fictional character. Rogers says it feels like he met her, and asks if she’s based on someone real. Henry says the truth is, he made her up. He tells Rogers there’s something can help him with since he’s there. He wants to find where his family is buried, and keeps hitting dead ends. Was that a purposeful pun? Rogers says he’ll see if he can help. Henry asks how Lucinda and Lucy are, and Rogers says not great.

Lucinda finds out that the ballet Lucy is performing in is now a charity event, and the tickets are five hundred bucks a pop. She accuses Victoria of keeping her from her daughter, and Victoria says her assistant set the price. Lucinda says people should be given second chances, and Victoria tells her they’re not given, they’re earned.

In the other realm, Henry is tied up on Cinderella’s bed. Lady Tremaine says that’s as close as he’s getting to her. She tells her daughter to find the slipper and kill him. He must never see Cinderella again. Drizella says she doesn’t understand, and Lady Tremaine says she doesn’t need to; she just needs to obey. When she’s gone, Henry says Drizella seems nicer than the others, but she says she’s not, and pulls out a dagger. She asks where the slipper is, and Hook and Regina appear. Drizella asks who Regina is, and Regina says, his mother, and knocks her out. Hook and Henry hug. (Say that three times real fast.) Regina marvels that he grew up, and they hug. Hook suggests they do hugs and tears outside. Henry asks where is other mom is, and Hook tells him that she’s fighting a swarm of tiny irritating dragons, but really she wants to let him get on with his life. They have to respect her wishes.

Back in Seattle, Detective Weaver (Rumpelstiltskin) notes that Rogers is late. Rogers wonders why Weaver chose him as a partner, and Weaver says when he’s a real detective, he’ll have the answer.

Lucinda’s friend/co-worker (whose name I do not know) promises she’ll see Lucy, and look for part time jobs for her. Lucinda says she needs the money by tonight. Henry comes in and Lucinda’s friend goes back to work. He tells Lucinda that he was wrong, and he’s sorry. She wants to see Lucy, and he offers to give her the money, but she tells him that she’s not a damsel in distress waiting for Prince Charming. He tells her that was Snow White. Ha-ha! She says she can find her own money, and he tells her that she’s not being fair. She says what’s not fair is being separated from her kid.

Victoria summons Weaver. She tells him she has a problem that needs to go away – Henry. He’s been seen with Lucinda in a bar, and he’s a bad influence. She tells Weaver to do something. He’s like, wth?

In not Seattle, Regina tries to work some magic on the glass slipper. Hook says they’re near the sea, so their must be a port. Where there’s a port, there’s pirates. If a woman passed through, they’ll know. Regina thinks he should bring Henry, but he says Henry needs to remain in this realm, and he doesn’t want to take chances.

IRL, Roni asks why Weaver is in her bar. He says that she knows Henry, and she tells him a bartender is like a therapist – they don’t share secrets. He says he can always get answers, and leaves. Roni tells Rogers to be careful around him. He gets a lot of new partners, and none come back. He needs to ask himself how badly he wants this job.

Moving parallel, at the pier, a hooded figure approaches Hook. Hook demands his name, and the stranger says he already has it, and reveals his face. It’s Hook from yet another realm. Everything there is a twisted version of the truth, like a cracked mirror. Other Hook says, infinite realms, infinite possibilities. Hook says he’s seen him before, a drunken fool version of himself. He’s afraid of what he might have become. Their stories were the same up to a point. When the tales parted, Hook found love and happiness, and Drunk Hook found misery. Drunk Hook says he wandered realms, but couldn’t find his Emma, and then the answer literally jumped into his lap. He brings out the magic bottle. It sent Henry’s message to both Captain Hooks. He tells the bottle, Emma here, and says he aims to take her. Then he falls over. Hook chastises him for his self-pity, and Drunk Hook head butts him. He covers the knocked out real Hook with a blanket.

Flipping to Seattle, Weaver asks Rogers if he thinks they’re going to far, and Rogers says not far enough. Weaver wonders if Rogers is going to the dark side, and Rogers says he’s not the man Weaver thinks he is.

Back in the fairytale realm, Lady Tremaine wants Drunk Hook’s help with Henry. Make him go home, and they both get what they want. She asks what he wants, and he says a woman, Emma Swan. She wonders why he’d think Emma would go for him, and he says she already fell in love with Hook from another realm. He got some fresh blood from Hook, and wants to be made like him. Lady Tremaine says she doesn’t wield magic talent, but does have a talent for acquiring things. She takes out the wand, saying acquired it from a fairy godmother; bad luck for her, good for them. She touches the wand to the blood, and it sparkles, swirling around Drunk Hook like a snake. When it’s done, he looks like real Hook.

Sliding back to Rain City (okay, Seattle), Lucinda’s friend says she must have a fairy godmother somewhere. She’s found the perfect job for her – a catering gig at the ballet. The bartender is turns out to be Henry. He tells Lucinda just trying to help feels terrible trying to make up for it after tonight never has to see him

Rogers and Weaver go into Henry’s apartment. Weaver deduces he has a daughter who doesn’t live there, so he’s probably divorced. Rogers says that’s hardly dirt. Weaver intimates that it’s something to be used, unless it bothers him. He says Rogers has been there before, and needs to be either a good detective or extremely loyal. He’s pinning his hopes on loyal. Rogers says to try him, and Weaver says he certainly will.

Lucy sees Lucinda. Lucy says she knew Henry would help. It’s all happening. Lucinda’s friend asks Henry if he’s in love with Lucinda. He stammers, and says he’s just a guy who screwed up and is trying to fix it. Victoria sees Henry and gets on her phone to Weaver. She says that he’s here, and get him out of her life. Weaver tells Rogers to come, the Lady beckons. Rogers sees a keyring with a swan on it, and takes it.

In the supplementary realm, Henry asks Regina how things are back home. She says that Archie’s therapy business is down because of all the happy endings, but his wedding officiating is way up. Everyone is sickeningly happy. He asks what about her, and she says she misses him. She wants to hear about him, his story. He tells her that Cinderella doesn’t even like him. If he was her, he’d ditch the slippers and run too. Hook, that’s really Drunk Hook, returns. He tells Henry that he caught Cinderella on the pier before she left, and she wrote him a note on the spot. Henry reads it, but we don’t see it. Drunk Hook says she’s set sail, and it’s time to head home. Henry declares the trip a failure. Regina tells Drunk Hook to go give Henry a piratey heart-to-heart, and make him feel better.

Drunk Hook tells Henry sorry about the lass. Henry says it will take a while, and asks if everything is okay at home. He says Hook doesn’t seem like himself, and Drunk Hook says let’s just go home. Henry wants to know if Emma is okay. Drunk Hook isn’t really sure what to say, when Emma appears. She says she’s fine; Hook just wanted her to stay home and rest. She hugs Henry, and says she wanted to tell him herself that she’s pregnant. Now what, Drunk Hook?

Emma says that she and Hook will have to learn the diaper and feeding thing. She missed it with Henry. They’ve made mistakes, but learned from them. Now they can do something good from the start. Drunk Hook says he’s done something he has to fix it, and jets.

Victoria fumes. She tells Weaver that she doesn’t care what he does; frame him for something, just put him away. Weaver gives a bracelet to Rogers and says Rogers told him that he’s not the man Weaver thinks he is. Let’s see who he is.

The ballet is performed. Rogers pretends to bump into Henry during the applause.

You know where, Drunk Hook can’t find real Hook, who comes up behind him. He says Drunk Hook came to finish him off. They fight, and roll around on the dock, and Drunk Hook falls on a dagger. Hook says it looks like he’s finished himself off. Drunk Hook says he didn’t come to kill him, but set him free. Emma is here, and he’s going to be a father. He would never get between father and child. He was trying to find his own daughter. It’s why he came there in the first place.

In the other place, the ballet concludes. Victoria proclaims it a delightful performance. Weaver goes to the front and says that there’s a missing bracelet. The donors should stay in their seats, and there will be a non-invasive search of the employees. Lucinda is offended that they’re just looking at the workers. Weaver moves forward, and Henry says to leave her alone, putting his hand on Weaver’s shoulder. Weaver punches him out, saying you never touch an officer. He tells Henry to turn out his pockets. Henry is surprised to find something, but it’s the swan keyring.

Hook tells Drunk Hook to stay awake until Emma comes. Drunk Hook explains that a witch trapped his daughter in a prison. He was sneaking in to visit her, but he was discovered. He was cursed to never save her, but true love is the cure. He roamed the realms seeking it. Emma appears, and says he deserves a second chance. Drunk Hook says it’s too late for him, and gives Hook something to give to her. It’s a chess piece; her rook to his knight that she carries. Emma says she’s sorry, but she doesn’t think her magic works there. She has to find the part that’s Hook. She tells Drunk Hook that he doesn’t know her, but she knows him, the man she fell in love with. Before they met, that’s who he was. She tells him there’s hope, just believe. He looks at her, she passes her hand over his wound, and he’s all better now.

Rogers starts to throw the bracelet into the river, and Weaver stops him. Rogers says that he couldn’t do it, and wonders if he’s out of a partner or a job. Weaver says Rogers had asked why he chose him as a partner. He thought Rogers would to anything to keep his job, but he caught a glimpse of something he’d thought extinct – a moral core. He tells Rogers not to worry about the bracelet. He’ll put it back where it belongs.

Victoria complains that Weaver didn’t fail at the task; he couldn’t pull off basic police work. He says she’s not his employer, and she’s not the boss of him. She says their goals had aligned up until now, but he tells her not always.

Lucinda gives Henry a beer as he nurses his eye. She says if it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t have seen Lucy, and she accepts his apology. He’s earned a second chance. He asks her to join him, but she’s like, sorry, not that accepting.

Ye alternate realm Henry asks if Emma and Hook are good. Emma asks if he wants to come back with them. He does, but still hasn’t found his story. Maybe he did, but he still has to fight for it. Emma knows the feeling. He says it could be for nothing; maybe Cinderella didn’t leave the slipper for him, and it just fell off. can’t give up could be for nothing maybe slipper just fell off. She says he’s not allowed home until finds answer. It will never be okay with them apart. She misses him, but has to give him what he gave her. Drunk Hook tells him to never give up on love. He tried to steal another man’s love, and it’s time for him to find his own – his daughter. Hook gives him back the rook. Drunk Hook wishes he knew what steps to take. Henry feels the same way, and Emma suggests they team up. She’d feel better with some sort of Hook looking out for Henry. Yeah, just don’t take him to a bar. Regina decides to stay behind, hating to be apart from Henry.

Henry asks her to come with them. Her story isn’t over, and maybe she needs to be there to find it. Maybe he needs her there too. She asks if this can be one of his Operations, and he calls it Operation Next Chapter.

Emma and Hook say goodbye to Henry. Hook makes a portal. I guess we can do that at will now. They all gaze at each other, and Hook and Emma walk through.

In our final Seattle chapter, Rogers finds Henry, and gives him list of cemeteries. He couldn’t find any information, but thought it was a good place to start. Henry says he was happy to find the keychain in his pocket. Funny, he took the bus, and thought left it at home. He’s always liked swans; it’s the name of the mother of his main character. tje mother he wanted, a hero.

Rogers tells Henry about trying to find a missing girl, and going down wrong alley. He was attacked, and a woman came from out of nowhere. She placed a hand on his wound, and told him if he believed in her, this will work, and she gave him life. She was the woman from the book. He never saw her again, but she gave him a second chance. He became so desperate to succeed, he almost lost himself. The woman from the book reminded him do things the right way.

They agree that all the problems in town have the same name – Victoria Belfry. They go to Roni’s bar. Rogers wants a know about all the people being squeezed, and tells her to write it down. He’ll release it when they’re ready, and maybe he can find the missing girl. Roni says it sounds like enough for a book, possibly two. Henry asks if she’s ready, and she says, oh yeah. Rogers says, let’s get to work, and they clink glasses.

Next time, Lucinda has to make a sacrifice, a rebel and a princess unite, and something buried is unearthed.

Z Nation

10K sees remains of the treehouse, and thinks of Red.

Lucy is still in the backseat of a car, when a shot comes through the windshield, killing the soldier who’s driving. She hangs on, and the car crashes into a tree. The driver’s door opens, and the soldier falls out. Murphy looks inside. Lucy says, dad?

Murphy tries to give her a hug, and she turns away. He tells her that he didn’t know she was alive. She says now he knows. He tells her that she’s grown, and she says that happens – if you’re there for it or not. He says she did it kind of quickly. He asks if he’s done something to disappoint her. If so, he’s sorry. He doesn’t know what he would have done differently; the parent thing is hard, especially during a zombie apocalypse. She says he looks different, and he tells her he’s been cured. She asks if there was something wrong, and he says he didn’t mean it that way. She tells him that she doesn’t feel anything with him, but she does with Roberta. She touches Roberta’s shoulder, and Roberta says something is wrong. Lucy tells her that Addie told her to go, but she didn’t want to leave her behind. They were going to the refugee camp. Everyone is heading to Newmerica. Roberta says they’ll go to the camp, and Addie will find them.

At camp, Doc says he’s seen bad things he can’t explain, but this insane. Why not take the gear? It doesn’t make sense. Mueller says they need to be proactive, head north. Doc says as soon as his friend gets back. Mueller tells Doc that he may not find her, but he could find whatever ripped her face off and ate her soul. The situation is not compatible with survival. What makes him think what cleaned this place out isn’t coming back? Doc get the point, but staying there has kept everyone alive. Mueller says they’re down to four. He’ll be damned if he lets Doc kill himself on his watch.

They hear the car coming, and draw their weapons. Doc is thrilled to see Roberta. They hug, and Doc says he’s digging her hair. She calls it apocalypse blonde. Lucy walks past Doc without saying anything, and Murphy shrugs. Doc hugs him, and Murphy says he’s the first person who’s been happy to see him. Doc says you reap what you spawn. He introduces Mueller and Lily. Roberta says she’s ex National Guard, and Doc says Murphy is ex human. Mueller explains about intercepting the convoy, and that they were ambushed. They lost a good man, and found the camp abandoned. Doc says everyone was gone, including Red and Sun. 10K is out looking for Red. Mueller says whatever is out there will be out there when the sun sets. They can’t risk the vehicles, supplies, and lives for one individual. Roberta says they’ll wait until morning. Mueller says it’s a mistake, and she tells him it wouldn’t be her first.

In the forest, 10K does bird call.

Lucy is napping. Roberta watches the road, and her hand turns a mysterious something. Mueller asks what’s up with her, and Murphy says she’s complicated. He asks what Zona was like, and Murphy says better than this. He wonders why Murphy left then, and he asks if Mueller has hear of reset. For two years, Zona was like Club Med, but for free. Then, one day a guy was cracked over the head with a four iron, and that was that. Mueller says it doesn’t matter. Newmerica is actual civilization. Murphy says he’s heard that a hundred times, and it always turns out to be a Utopian cult freak show, and by the time they leave, it’s on fire. Mueller says it’s all they’ve got. Murphy says it can’t be better than Zona, and Mueller says, maybe, but it’s more real.

Doc tells Murphy that Lucy is sleeping, and not much for talking. Murphy says he’s all for anyplace that’s not here. Doc tells him that Newmerica is in Canada; they’re headed for the Yukon. Murphy whines that it’s far and cold, but Doc says they have no choice. Murphy says, welcome back to the apocalypse. Doc knows he was living like the pope of zombie town, but there’s slim pickin’s in the cheap seats. He wonders what’s up with Roberta, and Murphy says there’s more there there [sic] than there used to be. Roberta continues to turn an unseen knob or dial or something.

10k finds car with dead people in it. He takes the glass out of one of the windows, and holds it up to his ear, where it amplifies the sound. He hears a crow, and thinks he hears Red, but a zombie comes up to the other side of the glass, scaring the bejesus out of both of us.  He slams it to the ground with the glass and runs.

Murphy hears something, but doesn’t know where the sound is coming from. Mueller looks through binoculars. Roberta ponders. She moves closer to the gate. Mueller says something is out there, watching, waiting, and unkillable. He wonders if it’s the Z virus mutating. He says something is happening that can’t be stopped, some fresh hell they’ve brought upon themselves. It’s enough to make you run into the abyss. Doc says why not jet, but Mueller says they’re waiting for his boy, but people who wait too long are dead

Suddenly, it sounds like something is crashing through the forest, and the trees are moving. It seems to surround them, like in that scene from American Werewolf in London, when they don’t stick to the roads and stay off the moors. Lucy comes out, and gets coffee. Mueller says they’ve got to get out, but Doc tells him not until Roberta gives the okay. Mueller doesn’t want to stay put while something decides to eat his innards, and he’d rather die on his feet than his ass. Doc asks if those are the only options. Mueller goes to a truck with Lily. He says if their friend is out there, they’ll bring him back. He tells them that he doesn’t know what’s up with Roberta, but be alert. They leave, and Murphy says, never get out of the boat.

Roberta sees her vision. A voice tells her always go east. She falls into the fire, and hears, the rising sun, you know the way; it burns. She’s engulfed in flames, and wakes up in the medical tent. Doc asks if she’s okay, and gives her some water. He tells her that she passed out, and she says she has to quit doing that. The last time, she lost two years. Doc can’t believe she’s alive, but says he shouldn’t have doubted it. He tells her that she didn’t miss much. It was like one long root canal. He asks if life was that sweet in Zona, and she says she slept through the party. He says he feels that way about the 60s, 70s, 80s, and most of the 90s. He still keeps wondering if it was worth it; keeping the faith in the midst of an apocalyptic sh*t storm. He asks if it’s worth it, and Roberta says it’s all they’ve got. He says he knows, but really, is it really worth it. Roberta takes his face in her hands, and says yes. Doc says he just needed to hear that, and tells her to get some rest.

Mueller and Lily walk through the forest. They walk toward the sounds, with Mueller ahead. He calls for  Lily, but she’s gone. He hears the crunching noises. The trees move and crackle.

Murphy blathers to Lucy, saying creepy, threatening sounds coming from deep infested woods; let’s follow them. He tells her to go ahead and roll her eyes. He’s rarely wrong, and rarely listed to. Doc joins them, and asks Lucy what happened to Addie. Lucy says she made it, but she was shot in the face by a sniper. Doc asks when, and she says a few hours ago. She’ll meet them in Newmerica. Doc asks Murphy what he thinks happened to Mueller, and Murphy says he realized no help was coming and got the hell out of Dodge.

Roberta hears something from inside a metal closet. She moves slowly toward it, ready. She flings it open, and worried guy pops out. She knocks him to the floor. The others run in, and Doc says he knows him. It’s Burgess, one of the refugees. He asks what happened, but Burgess just shakes and sweats.

Roberta tells Burgess that she needs to know what happened. Where did everybody go? Burgess just sits there, shaking, Doc asks if they’re safe, and Murphy wonders if he expected a different answer. Roberta asks if it was alive, or something else? She tells him to breathe. She needs him to pull himself together; she needs his help, and needs to know what they’re up against. Murphy says, zombie gaga; he’s seen it a million times. Whatever happened traumatized him. Murphy suggests getting out. 10K could be home or could be in zombie town. Roberta says at least take supplies; they’ll be better off with them. Murphy asks if she’s not coming with them.

All is quiet around Mueller. He looks at a picture of a little girl that’s been torn in half, and says he’ll find her. The noises begin again. He walks up a hill. 10K is walking on the other side, and both have their guns drawn. That damn Czarnecki comes out of nowhere, and attacks Mueller. Mueller shoots and runs. He trips over a boulder, and I gasp out loud. The zombie is almost on him, and he shoots it in the head, and it falls. He gets up, gun still at the ready, and says I give you mercy. He shoots Czarnecki in the head once more, and Lily. Behind him, Czarnecki gets up. He’s like Yul Brynner in the original Westworld. That sucker needs to be burned to a crisp.

Roberta tells Burgess to blink once for yes, twice for no. Did he see what it was? No. Did he hear it? Yes. Was he in the tent alone? No. Was Sun with him? Yes. Roberta asks what happened to her, and he freaks a little. Roberta keeps asking. Lucy tells them something is coming.

Outside, they all get ready. We hear snarls. Something is moving closer. It’s 10K. Doc calls him a zombie-proof SOB. Doc opens the gate and hugs him. He tells 10K to stop leaving him like that. Roberta and 10K hug. Murphy comes out of the tent and says Burgess is gone. We hear growling. It’s Mueller, who’s now a zombie. They all shoot at him, but he keeps coming at them. He grabs Lucy, and she screams. Doc whacks him with the gun, but he grabs it, Doc still holding the other end, and continues holding on to Lucy with his other hand. Roberta whacks him on the back of the head with a shovel, and he gnashes his teeth at her. Murphy shoots him in the head, but he gets back up and continues to attack. Doc hits him in the back of the knees, and brings him down, and they all keep beating at him with whatever is in their hands. He grabs Murphy and gets a little close. Lucy kicks him off, and 10K stabs him in the back of the neck.

Lily enters the scene with a seriously big gun. Everyone gets out of the way. Mueller comes toward her with a scary wide-open mouth. She keeps shooting, and he keeps coming, and it’s all in slow motion. Why don’t they try cutting off his head? He just won’t quit. This is relentless, and the oh sh*t! moment of the night. There are a million spent shells on the ground, and still it doesn’t end. Lily waits until he’s really close, and blows the top of his head off. He still comes at her, and she literally cuts him off at the knee. He falls, but she keeps shooting until there isn’t much left.

Roberta and the others hesitantly come out. Lily is obviously devastated. She goes to Mueller, and kneels by his body. She takes out the other half of the picture with him on it. Was she his daughter? The others slowly come forward. Wow. I swear, I get physically worn out during scenes like this.

Farewell, Henry Rollins. We barely knew ye.

Mueller is buried. Everyone is silent, and Lily puts both halves of the picture on the grave. She salutes, giving a final tug on my heartstrings. Her half of the picture blows away.

Lily says they’re going north, and everyone gets in the truck. Except for Roberta, who grabs a Route 66 sign with a red Z painted over it. She begins to walk east. Lily says she’s going the wrong way. Doc yells to her. Lucy begins to follow. Doc asks Murphy if Roberta knows she’s going the wrong way, and he says not in her mind. 10K also begins to follow Roberta. Doc is like, great, but goes along too. Murphy asks where he’s going now, and Doc says Murphy knows he doesn’t like it when they split up; he’s going with them. Lily pulls up, and Roberta and the others get in the truck. Murphy shrugs, gives a last look at the camp, and gets in.

Next time, zombies aren’t z only problem, and Murphy says Newmerica is looking better.

Quotes of the Week

Despite everything, no one can dictate who you are to other people. – Prince

Family isn’t about blood relationships, it’s about the meaning behind them. I realize now that sharing chromosomes is not the only way to having a family, it’s about the friendship behind it.Sarah Dessen

We are who we know ourselves to be, and we are what we love. – Laverne Cox – Great. I’m a dog and Chinese food.

Life is very short and what we have to do must be done in the now. – Audre Lorde

Being happy isn’t about having everything in your life be perfect. Maybe it’s about stringing together all the little thingsAnn Brashares

The world is f**ked. – Luthor Voz (Mel Gibson), Machete Kills – I had to even it up somewhat.

The Love-ahs…

SNL Love-ahs



October 6, 2017 – Jason Comes Home, New Fairytales, Back to the Apocalypse, a Meat Loaf Story & a Quote Trifecta


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At the MetroCourt, Carly makes a toast to Bobbie for her years of service at the hospital. Bobbie appreciates the champagne and accolades, but the best part is being surrounded by those she loves. Carly says, not everyone, to Sonny.

Michael goes to the Crimson office where Nelle is. He says that she hasn’t been answering her phone, and she tells him that she needed time to cool off. He suggests dinner somewhere quiet to talk, and she likes that idea, but when he invites her to the brunch for Bobbie, she doesn’t think so.

Valentin and Lulu explain joint custody to Charlotte. She asks what about holidays. She’s worried about Santa finding her, but Valentin assures her that Santa will find her anywhere. Charlotte goes to get ready for the brunch, and Valentin mentions their agreement to be civil for Charlotte’s sake. Lulu says Charlotte isn’t in the room, so let’s get down to business.

At the hospital, Griff asks Deanna about an appointment he set up for Ava. He had to get it squeezed in, and Ava suggests rescheduling, but he tells her that she needs to see specialist. He wants to make sure no further damage was done. Ava says she has every confidence that she was on her way to a normal existence until her conscience got the better of her.

Patient 6 does pushups. Side story: I once visited the One Life to Live set, and the guys did pushups before their scenes so they could look more pumped. Truth!

Jason and Sam arrive home. Jason tells Sam that she’s a good nurse. Inside, there’s a welcome home banner from the kids. He tells her how much he missed them, and she says that they missed him too, but he’ll always find his way back to his family. They kiss.

Patient 6 does crunches. A British man’s voice says he should have passed on that last bottle of Dom. We see him tied up, and he asks Patient 6 who the hell he is.

Valentin tells Lulu that Nina has a two-day celebration on Christmas and Christmas Eve. Nina tells them that Nathan and Maxie will be there, and Lulu says that she’s sure they’ll enjoy it, but Charlotte will be at the Quartermaines where Dante’s mother is making dinner. They decide to table the Christmas discussion, and start bickering about Thanksgiving, Valentin asks if Lulu is going to threaten him with gun like her mother did.

Carly tells Sonny that she called Michael, but got voicemail. Sonny says maybe he’s busy with work and will make it up to Bobbie later, but she thinks that in warning him, she played into Nelle’s hands.

Michael is hoping that the animosity his family has for Nelle will change, but she says it’s not about his grandmother; it’s about him, and everything that he’s accused her of. Michael says he didn’t accuse her of anything, but she says he didn’t approve of her keeping the ring, and it’s not his call. She didn’t appreciate him judging her for it. He says that’s fair, and they can agree to disagree about the ring. Nelle wonders if he’s starting to believe that she did something to Zack. Michael says it was an accident, but the family needed someone to blame. He knows they gave her hell, but he’s not them. In the past year, he’s gotten to know and care about her. He asks if it’s possible to move on and get past it. She says it is.

Griff says that Ava came through for a total stranger. She tells him that all she did was give the guy a paperclip. Had she known her life would be on the line, she would have left him to his own devices. She says that she heard Nikolas’s voice in her head, and tells Griff about how they didn’t get along at first, until the Weeping Nyad. Griff is like, huh? She says long story short, he stayed by her side.

The British dude tells Patient 6 to explain himself. Why was he on the attack? Patient 6 says he didn’t attack him, although he doesn’t deny tying him up. British dude tells Patient 6 to release him at once. Patient 6 says British dude came after him with a pipe, and he’s not letting that happen again.

Ava tells Griff that Nickolas literally gave his life for hers. She’s still processing it, and wanted to repay him. The only thing she could do was be a better person, and pay it forward. Griff says that it’s not always easy. Ava says she did more than fall short; she sold him out to fix her face. Griff thinks she can still make it right with her testimony. She’s grateful for the help, but says that he did his good deed, and their business is officially concluded.

Nelle tells Michael that she can’t be with someone who doesn’t trust her. Michael says that they have no problem then, but he wants her to trust him the same way. They can’t pretend to agree when they don’t. It only leads to repressed emotions and fights. While he doesn’t mind the make-up process, he wants to be free to disagree with her. He kisses her, and asks if she wants to be his date for brunch. She says she has to work. She wants things organized by the time Nina gets back, and besides, brunch with Bobbie (sounds like a talk show) is a terrible idea. Michael thinks the more they interact, the more they’ll see what they have in common, but Nelle doesn’t think that she’s up for it today. He tells her that he’s not going either then, but she says it will only confirm their suspicions that she’s turning him against them. She asks him to do it for her, and he says okay.

Laura is happy that Bobbie is getting the recognition that she deserves. Bobbie says the same to her, now that she’s a board member. They talk about Lucas and Brad not being able to make it (are they still on this show?), and Valerie tells them that she saw pamphlets on adoption at their place. Bobbie and Laura get all excited, and Valerie tells them that they didn’t hear it from her. Laura tells Bobbie that Lulu and Dante are picking up Charlotte from Wyndemere. Bobbie says she wouldn’t have handled the situation with as much grace as they are.

Lulu doesn’t believe Valentin, but he says Laura’s feeling about him are no secret. He thought of pressing charges, but didn’t want to put Charlotte’s grandmother in jail. Dante suggests he’s saving it for leverage. Valentin says if it happens again, he’ll be contacting social services. Lulu and Dante leave with Charlotte. Nina asks Valentin when he was going to tell her that Laura held a gun on him. He says it wasn’t loaded, but Nina tells him that’s not the point; Laura is physically attacking him now. I guess she doesn’t know about when Laura tried punching him out at the docks. Valentin tells Nina that he didn’t want to upset her, but she says upset doesn’t begin to describe how she feels. He says the more erratic they get, the weaker their position. Nina says that Lulu already thinks she can have Charlotte whenever she wants. Valentin says that Thanksgiving is a month away, what could happen?

Valentin’s phone rings. Nina jets for work, and Valentin tells the caller thanks for the update.

Ava apologizes to Griff for being harsh. She says she can’t repay him, and she doesn’t mean for the rescue. Before that, he was getting her to be human again. He tells her that she was always human, but she says she didn’t feel like she was. In hindsight, she can see that he was offering only friendship, but she never had that many friends, and won’t make that mistake again. Griff says that he meant what he said. He never pitied her, and needs to own his part. He never thought his actions would be misinterpreted, and that was insensitive. He was focused on only his own feelings, and he doesn’t want to lose her as a friend; she means too much to him, but it’s her call. He’ll respect her decision, no matter what. Deanna tells them that Dr. Guerrero is ready to see Ava.

Jason tells Sam that it’s quiet without the kids, like when they first moved in together. Sam says it was a lifetime ago. Jason says it’s the first day of the rest of their lives (really, he said that), and they should make the most of it. She tells him that the doctor said he should take it easy, and he says to be gentle with him.

Patient 6 shows British dude a pipe, and says he tried to swing it at his head. British dude tells him it was an accident. He was trying to escape some unsavory characters. He’d thought Patient 6 was sent to finish him off. He seems to be a man of action who knows about restraining a fellow.

Sam and Jason get busy. I’m loving her jeans, although she probably won’t be wearing them much longer.

Nina comes into the office. She forgot to pick up her coffee, and asks Nelle to get her some from upstairs. Nelle tries to talk her into getting coffee from Perks instead, and eventually tells Nina the real reason she doesn’t want to go into the restaurant. Bobbie’s brunch is going on.

Bobbie hugs Michael. She says if it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t have been awarded this prestigious honor. Sonny looks at Carly like, told you.

The British dude introduces himself as Huxley Lynch. He was on a business trip and has to keep a low profile. His associates aren’t happy with him because their investments didn’t pay off. He says that Brexit wasn’t his fault. Patient 6 doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and Huxley asks if he’s been living under a rock.

Sam and Jason bask in the afterglow. She asks what he wants to do. He tells her gather up the kids and sail into the sunset. She wonders if he could handle being stranded with her on an island. He tells her that he has to have a purpose, but it’s not like he has a specialized skill set. She says he does, but it’s nothing he could put on a resume.

Griff remembers telling Ava that she’s beautiful and the two of them kissing, He makes a worried face. You know, that face he always makes.

Ava tells the doctor to give it to her straight. He says he’s astonished, and the improvement is incredible. She says imagine how she’d look if the treatments had been finished. Dr. Guerrero leaves to get the test results, and Ava picks up a hand mirror. She looks amazing, except for a patch near her jawline. She says one more treatment is all it would have taken. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Valentin.

Ava asks what he’s doing there. Valentin tells her that he wanted to see the results for himself, and it’s a vast improvement, but he expected more. She says she had to run for her life. She just committed a tiny infraction of the rules, and they threatened to drug her. Valentin says he just gave the referral; after that, it was out of his hands. She tells him she can change her statement again.

Huxley says he’s not surprised that Patient 6 doesn’t keep up with global news – he’s American. He’d thought since Patient 6 had been visiting Russia, he was a man of the world, interested in more than fidget spinners and the Kardashians. I regret to say that spellcheck recognizes Kardashians as a word. Huxley says it’s going to be a long ride, and asks if Patient 6 can be persuaded to untie him.

Sam reminds Jason that Michael had offered him a position at ELQ. He says he appreciated the offer, but doesn’t want a job that keeps him away from her and the kids. He tells her that before he got shot, he had been thinking about a possible career.

Carly apologizes to Michael, saying that she could have handled it better. She’s glad he showed up. Michael tells her that Nelle insisted on it, and she’s more supportive of his family ties than Carly thinks.

Nelle tells Nina that no matter what she does, a cloud of suspicion hangs over her with Michael’s family. Nina says that sounds familiar; she also has a troubled past. Nelle asks what she did to move forward, and Nina says she had help from friends who were supportive, like Michael is with her. She tells Nelle that she also listened to Maxie’s advice to “fake it til you make it.” If Nelle acts like she shouldn’t be judged, eventually they’ll stop doing it. In the meantime, there’s always caffeine. Nelle leaves to get the coffee.

Lulu, Dante, and Charlotte arrive at the brunch. Charlotte and Dante give Bobbie a present, and Laura asks Lulu how it went. Lulu says it was a little tense, but no one pulled a gun. D’oh! Laura seems surprised that Valentin told Lulu, and I’m starting to doubt her sanity. Lulu asks what she was thinking. Laura says when she found out that they’d be sharing custody because Ava recanted her statement, something snapped. She wanted him to feel the terror that Nikolas did. Lulu gets it, and would probably have done the same, but tells Laura that from now on, play it smart. As much as she’d like to put the fear of God in Valentin, he holds the cards. She says to play nice. They’re stuck with him, and it’s not changing unless there’s a miraculous turnaround.

Valentin tells Ava that it will be the second time she changed her story, and she’ll be looked at as an unreliable witness. She’ll make her testimony officially meaningless. Why doesn’t she just enjoy the victory? Her face isn’t perfect, but it’s a vast improvement, and she has him to thank. Ava raises her hand to smack him, and he grabs her arm. Suddenly, heroman Griff appears, and tells Valentin to stay away from her.

Nelle sees Michael, and tells him that she’s picking up coffee. He says she doesn’t have to pretend he’s not there, and asks her to say hello. She figures she might as well. Michael leads her over to the table, and says that she wanted to stop and congratulate Bobbie. Bobbie snarks that she really shouldn’t have, and Nelle says this was a mistake; she’s going to leave. Carly asks Bobbie if she couldn’t have played it closer to the vest.

Valentin lets go of Ava, and Griff asks if she’s all right. He says he’s not going to let Valentin hurt her, and Valentin says that Ava attacked him. Griff tells him to leave or he’ll have security throw him out. Valentin says he just wanted to see how Ava’s procedure went. It was too bad she couldn’t stick around for them to finish. Valentin leaves, and Ava says that he’s a bastard, but he’s right. All she needed was one more treatment. Griff holds her.

Sam asks Jason what new career? He tells her that he doesn’t want to jinx it, but when he has something solid, he’ll tell her. Now he’s just an unemployed man with nothing but time on his hands. She asks what he wants to do, and he says that he might have some fresh ideas. They start kissing.

Patient 6 tells Huxley that he’ll let him stretch his legs. Huxley calls him a gentleman and a scholar. Patient 6 says he’ll have to tie him back up though, and Huxley says that it was just a misunderstanding; allow him to demonstrate. He sees that Patient 6 has no luggage, and he’s also traveling light. He tells Patient 6 to get his bag, and help himself to the contents. Patient 6 gets the bag and pulls out a London newspaper. While Huxley goes on about reading and Proust, Patient 6 looks at the date, and makes a soap opera face.

Charlotte gives Bobbie a picture that she drew of herself and all four of her “parents.” Lulu says it’s one, big, happy family, like she said.

Valentin brings flowers to Nina at the office. She asks if they worked things out. He says he doesn’t think that anything will take Charlotte away again.

Ava tells Griff that she thought she could change her testimony again, and make things right. She had her chance, and there’s no making up for it. Griff says he doesn’t believe it. She tells him that might work on his parishioners, but not with her. Some things can’t be undone, so stop acting like she can be saved. He’s wasting his time. He tells her that he has faith in her.

Carly tells Sonny that she has to talk to Bobbie. Nelle got the reaction she was hoping for when she was sure that Michael would see.

Michael tells Nelle not to take it personally, and she asks how she’s supposed to take it. He tells her that it won’t always be like this, but she’s already been through it with Zack’s family. They’re determined to think the worst. There’s nothing he can do to make it better.

Jason asks if Sam wants breakfast. She’s glad his appetite is back, but there’s no food in the house. She tells him that she’ll run to Kelly’s, and he can work on his surprise career, whatever it is. When she’s gone, Jason makes a call. He asks to speak to Julian.

Patient 6 says the newspaper date can’t be right. Huxley says it’s over a week old, but Patient 6 says that he’s talking about the year. Huxley gets excited that it might be a collector’s item. Patient 6 asks if it’s really 2017.

On Monday, Franco needs to tell Elizabeth something, Michael asks Sam for advice, and Huxley wonders what’s so important about a date.

I had to make a decision. Hell’s Kitchen or Once Upon a Time. Since it’s easier to catch up with Hell’s Kitchen, I went with the latter.

Once Upon a Time

Henry is leaving home. Operation Cobra is over, everyone has happy endings, and he needs to find his own story. There are endless possibilities, and he needs to figure out where he belongs. He rides his motorcycle through a portal, nearly colliding with Cinderella driving a coach. The coach ends up trashed, but as all fairytale princesses do, Cinderella falls into a bed of flowers.

In present day Seattle, Henry is a writer. A little girl knocks on his apartment door, and insists that she’s his daughter, Lucy. He tells her that’s impossible, but she says a curse changed his memories. She tells him that his place is a dump, and he says he didn’t write Harry Potter. Lucy tells him that the reason he’s not successful, is because he’s not living his own story. Her mother is Cinderella, and lives with other fairytale characters in Hyperion Hts. Her mother’s stepmom wants to get them out of the town, so they’ll be separated. Henry says that her mother has to do what they all do – save herself.

Hey, it’s Dania Ramirez from Devious Maids! Present day Cinderella, Lucinda, calls her fast food boss a jerk. He tells her to apologize, but she refuses. She quits her job.

Back in the day, Henry tells Cinderella that he’s from another realm. He asks if she doesn’t have a prince to find and offers to give her a ride on his bike.

Seattle Henry looks for his laptop, and finds a note from Lucy, who is holding it hostage until he meets her. He goes to a local bar called Roni’s. Roni is the old Regina. She tells Henry about how the neighborhood is changing. A woman named Victoria Belfry is buying up everything, and everyone is scattering. She’s going to sell her bar, saying that she might as well take the money. She says it looks like he’s had a day, and he says imagine if he walked in and said he was her son.

Henry shows Cinderella how the motorcycle works. She gets on back. She asks how her story ends; do they live happily ever after? He says there’s complications before that, and tells her about losing her glass slipper. She tells him that she doesn’t believe him. She knocks him off the bike, and drives off.

Lucinda is also Lucy’s mother, and comes home to find her gone.

Victoria walks into her office like Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada. She tells her assistant to find her granddaughter.

In olden times, the wicked stepmother has cut off the fairy godmother’s wings, and tells her that it’s a teaching moment. Her stepdaughter (who isn’t so ugly) wants to use the wand, but the stepmother tells her that magic isn’t power because it can be taken away, but fear lasts forever. She hands it to the stepdaughter, saying just this once, and the stepdaughter points it at the fairy godmother. She disappears, poof! in a cloud of smoke, leaving a pile of ashes. The stepmother says to have Cinderella clean it up.

Lucinda finds Lucy at a wishing well. She says that she doesn’t believe in it, and Lucy will just be wasting a quarter. Lucy tells her to give it time. Lucinda asks where she was, and Lucy says that she found her dad.

Lucinda goes to Roni’s with the laptop. She tells Henry that she’s sorry and it won’t happen again. He tells her that he was starting to wonder if he had a kid, but he would have remembered her.

Meanwhile, back at the castle, Henry sees Cinderella at the ball. He’s less concerned about his bike, than the dagger she stole from him. She’s there to kill the prince, who took everything from her family. He killed her father, and she’s been sweeping floors ever since. He tells her that revenge is no happy ending. He knows where she can start over, and find her own story. She says that her father meant the world to her. Cinderella walks toward the prince. Henry gets dizzy, and falls to the floor. The waitress, or wench, or whatever she is, winks at him. The next thing he knows, he’s in a cave. The winking woman is there, and he calls her Alice.

In Seattle, Robert Carlyle (whose name we don’t know yet, but I’m glad to see is back) is sticking a guy’s head under water, and I get the impression it’s an interrogation. Alice tells him that there’s someone new in town, and she thought he’d want to know.

Henry asks about Lucy’s father, and Lucinda says it was a fling, and he’s not in the picture. She talks about a place across the water, where she and Lucy could live quiet, happy lives. She says it’s not much of a story, but Henry thinks it’s perfect. Victoria strides in, and Roni says it’s hers at midnight. Victoria says that’s not why she’s there, and tells Lucinda that day drinking is how she ended up with Lucy. Lucy needs stability, and will be moving back in with her permanently. Henry says he understands the Cinderella thing now. Victoria knows Henry’s name, and he wonders how. She tells him that in the real world, people get hurt, and if that happen, he’ll be sorry he came there. Alrighty then.

Henry’s car has been stolen. He goes to the police station to report it. The desk cop looks under his desk, and says, nope, not there. Officer Rogers (used-to-be Hook) comes out and tells Henry that some of them still care. Henry explains that he has to get out of there and his car is gone.

In olden tymes, Henry has some kind of vines holding him to the wall of the cave. He says the woman is Alice in Wonderland, and she says she’s from a lot of places. You take one crazy trip, and that’s all anyone knows. He asks her to get him out of there. She tells him that Rumpelstiltskin knows him. She says that she can’t help; it’s not his story, and when it’s not your story, bad things happen. When bad things happen, she’ll be far away. Alice tells him to forget Cinderella, but Henry says that when someone needs help, he helps them.

Henry sees Lucy, and tells her that his car was stolen. He asks if it was her, and she says of course not; she can’t even reach the pedals. He tells her that he’s going home, and she says that he is home. He says he’s not the one who can save her. She says that he always believed, and argues that the curse has blinded him to the truth. He says that he had a family, and they died in a fire. Lucy insists that she and Lucinda are his family. She tells him that no story is perfect; it just needs to start. Lucinda pulls up and tells Lucy that they’re going to live their story.

Just before the bridge, Lucinda’s car dies. Lucy says that the curse wants them to stay there. Lucinda says they’ll walk.

At the ball, the price sweettalks Cinderella. She says that he doesn’t recognize her. She pulls out the dagger, but she can’t do it. Surprisingly, the prince falls over dead, stabbed from behind by Cinderella’s stepmother. She says that Cinderella can never manage to finish her chores. She explains that he rejected her daughter. Then she calls for the guards, yelling that Cinderella has murdered the price. Henry tells her to take the bike, and starts a swordfight. Cinderella joins in, and gets in some licks in before she runs out the door. Very cool scene. I love a swordfight.

At the station, Rogers says they can’t find Henry’s car. Victoria interrupts, saying that Lucy is missing. Henry wonders if Lucinda can’t build a better life, but Victoria says not by running away. If Henry helps her, he can get his car.

Lucy doesn’t want to go. Lucinda tells her about having to live with her stepmom, and says they can have a fresh start. She understands Lucy’s belief in fairytales – life is hard – but this once, believe in her. Rogers pulls up, and Lucinda’s stepsister hops out of the car. Lucinda finds out that Henry squealed on them. Stepsis takes a book out of Lucy’s backpack and gives to Rogers to burn or use as evidence. It’s Once Upon a Time. He looks through it. He sees Emma’s picture.

Lucinda sees Henry. He tells her that the car has no damage, and nothing was taken; it makes no sense She says that life doesn’t sometimes, and hopes it was worth it. He says he didn’t ask to be dragged in, and she tells him good luck with his second book.

In the enchanted forest, Henry looks for Cinderella at the carriage. His phone sounds an alarm, and a portal opens. He moves toward it, and finds one of her shoes on the ground. He says that Operation Glass Slipper is a go.

Rogers makes detective. His new partner is Robert Carlyle.

Roni changes her mind about selling the bar. Victoria says they had a deal, but Roni says that Victoria’s stepdaughter inspired her by not giving in. Victoria loves pushing people around, maybe it’s time someone pushed back. It’s her bar, her home, and her life. It might have seen better days, but it can again. We see Lucinda go in and get her job back at the fast food place. She starts sweeping the floor. Roni says that she’s thought about what she wants to do and have, but she’s not doing and having.

As Roni talks, we see Henry going with flowers to where he thought there was a cemetery, and Rogers look at the book. Roni says that everyone has given up on better life. What if what they want is out there somewhere? Maybe they can fight for it, and be halfway to getting it. She says that things can seem hopeless, and suddenly someone gives them inspiration. Lucinda wishes at the well, and Henry starts to write – Once upon a time. Roni continues that the first step to a new beginning is imagining the impossible. She’ll be damned if she stands by and let’s a bully take that away from them anymore. Victoria says that she’ll regret it, but Roni says regret isn’t her thing. She slugs back a shot, and smiles.

Next time, Emma makes an appearance.

Z Nation

In Zona, everything is Stepford perfect. Until a guy drives right into a pedestrian, killing him. Several people get out of the car and gather around the body. One woman hangs back, and we hear eating noises. She slowly backs away.

Teller, Murphy, and Roberta walk down the street. Teller says it’s their duty to get Murphy out; things are changing. It’s no longer safe, and they’ve progressed to the point that measures need to be taken. A guy from the neighborhood tries to get Murphy to join a lawn game, but Teller steers him away. He tells them that it will all make sense eventually. Murphy is disappointed to be missing lawn bowling, and Roberta says that she liked him better before.

Soldiers arrive at a safe house in the middle of the woods with Lucy. They shove her into a cabin. One soldier tells another to get a scope on the vehicles. The convoy is close by.

At the camp, Sarge, otherwise known as Henry Rollins, says that the convoy is overdue, and they haven’t changed their objective or timeframe. One guy says they’re wasting resources, and are sitting zombie bait. Sarge wants to be proactive and find a solution. The convoy has munitions and supplies; without it, they’re at a disadvantage. He asks for a volunteer to come with them, and Doc and 10K say they will. Doc says they got nothin’ else to do.

In a warehouse hallway, Murphy wants to take a moment. He’s not too sure that leaving a life of limbo parties and martinis to go back into the zombie nightmare is a good idea. Teller says that Zona isn’t going to be what he knows for much longer. Roberta asks Teller what’s really going on. He tells her that there’s a helicopter leaving, and if they’re not on it, they won’t survive. Roberta asks with the hell, and he says that everyone who got the new vaccine is going crazy. There must have been something else in the blood. Murphy starts to hyperventilate, saying it must be mistake. He hasn’t had it this good since – he’s interrupted by a golf ball pinging through the hallway.

Mr. Spears, in a shirt, tie, and boxers with puppies on them, is playing golf. He greets Murphy, and complains that because Murphy missed the tourney, he had to partner with Beardsley, and he’s the worst croquet player. There’s a dead body next to him, and Murphy says he sees Spears has moved on. Spears starts to cry and repeat himself. He looks at them maniacally, and lifts his golf club. He runs past them, after another guy. Teller asks if they believe him now.

Sarge’s group finds the convoy. They get out of their truck, and canvas the area. The trucks are there, still full of supplies and ammo, but the people have vanished. I notice that Henry Rollins is getting old, then think, that makes me old. Dammit. 10K says it makes no sense. Sarge tells them they need to get the vehicles back to camp. Czarnecki gets shot by a sniper. 10K bellycrawls under a truck, and sees the cabin. He thinks he has him. Sarge asks Czarnecki if he can stand, but that’s a negative. He’s bleeding out.

Doc radios Red back at camp. He tells her that the convoy is gone. She asks for the coordinates, but only hears static. 10K tells her to stay put. She tells the previously worried guy that everything is fine. She finds Dr. Sun in the infirmary, and tells her that the group is under attack, but they got cut off. The vehicles had been abandoned. Sun tells her they can’t let the people lose hope.

Teller tells Murphy and Roberta that they need uniforms. Murphy doesn’t think this is the time to be concerned about fashion, but Teller says they’re only taking a few. If they don’t dress like military, the won’t be able to get on the helicopter. On the landing above, a woman chases a man with a meat cleaver. Teller says that it starts with mild dementia, and goes to homicidal psychosis. Murphy is like, that’s a jump, no in-between? Teller says that the blood contained contaminants, and within 72-hours, predatory madness sets in. Roberta asks if they’re infected, and he says they were the only two who didn’t receive it. Murphy is Murphy, and she was in a coma. She asks what about him, and he says let’s go. Now that she mentioned it, he doesn’t look so good.

While they’re getting uniforms, Murphy opens a freezer where there are bodies wrapped in plastic. He says these are his people; his blends. Teller says they’re the lucky ones. He tells them that they’re running out of time.

Czarnecki is losing consciousness. Lily wants to get him, but Sarge says he can’t afford to lose two. 10K says there’s one soldier shooting, but he saw movement; they’re not alone. In the cabin, Lucy and Addie duck down behind a table. Doc tells 10K to turn the cabin into Swiss cheese.

Sun tells Red that everything will be okay. Red says it’s hard to sit still, knowing what she knows. Sun tells her that hope is contagious, and so is the opposite. Red says that Doc told her the people disappeared, like no one was there. Sun says there’s nothing worse than not knowing. Red goes outside and tries to radio Doc. She sees something in the distance, and gets a really frightened look. Like really frightened.

Murphy sees a guy peeing in the hallway, and says that’s unpleasant. He, Teller, and Roberta come up behind two guards and attack them. Roberta gets slammed up against a wall, and she flashes to the acid rain wasteland in her mind. She smashes the guard in the head with a fire extinguisher. Teller gives them uniforms.

Sarge thinks Czarnecki has suffered enough. 10K gets a bead on him, but a bullet from the cabin hits the car he’s under. He fires back, and gets the sniper right between the eyes. One of the soldiers tells Addie to kill him or they’ll kill her. She goes to the gun, and communicates with Lucy. Both she and 10K look through their gun sights. I realize my mouth is open. They both shoot at the same time. The bullets meet each other perfectly in slow motion, melding into one another, and it’s awesome.

Teller, Roberta, and Murphy go to the Founder’s house. Someone is being eaten on the lawn. Roberta asks if it’s a zombie, but Teller says he doesn’t know. It could be something else, but he doesn’t know what. They have to get through the residence to get to the helipad. The Founder is sitting in the living room with two women, and asks what they need. Teller says to get to the stairwell. He explains that more men are needed, and he didn’t want to burden him with what’s happening. Things have taken a turn. The Founder says that he’s aware of the spreading of misinformation; it’s insidious and has to stop. Teller thinks he knows what’s happening, but doesn’t get the bigger picture, which makes him the most dangerous man on earth. He babbles about the most ignorant ten percent believing they have comparable knowledge to those around them, and don’t understand that they don’t know. Teller says they have to get on the helicopter.

Murphy takes off his helmet and steps forward. The Founder says he missed him at Bridge, and asks what brings him there. Murphy says a chopper ride, and the Founder says that he loves chopper rides. He’s concerned with Murphy missing the talent show, but Murphy says that’s not for a few weeks. The Founder remembers a previous show where they accidentally lit someone on fire, and says it was the most fun he ever had. This probably doesn’t come across as amusing as it actually was. The exchange sounded like actors doing improv while high.

The founder takes in some oxygen from his portable tank with the skull mask. He has big plans for Murphy, and wants him by his side at all times. Murphy wants to be there right, but now he has to go. The Founder says that he has no idea of what’s in store; the glorious things. In time, all be known, but first, the reset. Murphy backs away. The three go to the helipad.

The shooting continues at the cabin. Sarge says that they have to mercy Czarnecki, and asks Lily if she has a clean shot. On the count of three, the others shoot at the cabin. Lily hesitates, but shoots Czarnecki in the head. I say the eff word – he turned anyway. Doc is like, wtf? and Czarnecki goes crazy. 10K shoots him, and he ricochets toward the cabin. Doc and Addie both say, wth? at the same time, and Addie shoots him, and he reverses direction again. He’s like a pinball, bouncing back and forth. Addie sees that it’s 10K under the truck, and her cheek gets grazed by a bullet. Lucy runs to her. Czarnecki is still nuts, and Sarge tells the rest to fall back. Get in the truck and jet.

Addie tells Lucy to go, but she says no. Addie says that she’ll find her. Get to Newmerica. Lucy slams a soldier into the wall and runs, but she gets pulled back in. Addie fights off another guy, and pushes her thumbs into his eyeballs. Man, she is pissed. A soldier throws Lucy in the back seat of a truck. Addie feels Lucy leaving, and mentally tells her to find the others, not realizing she’s been kidnapped.

Sun wakes up and looks around. It’s quiet. She goes outside, and the camp is empty. I say wtf? out loud. She walks around the camp, but there’s no one anywhere. If there were tumbleweeds, they’d be blowing through. She looks in the tents, but nothing. An opening has been torn in the fence and she goes through it

Teller orders the elevator to go to the helipad. He says that Roberta seemed like she was somewhere else, something is triggering her visions, and interrupting her reality. He says it’s common. Murphy wonders what they’re doing – it’s the apocalypse for God’s sake. Teller says that his daughter is alive. The population has been depleted, but there’s a small group of survivors. Military personnel have set up a refugee camp. He gives them some directions, saying the helicopter will take them to the mainland. After that, they’re on their own. He’s staying behind. He tells Roberta not to ignore her visions; the unconscious is a powerful thing. He starts getting sick. Roberta asks if he took the vaccine, but he tells her to get going. Too late. He grabs Roberta, who  sees the wasteland.

She and Teller scuffle, in both real life and in her vision. Where’s Murphy? There he is. He shoots Teller in the back of the head while they’re struggling. Roberta says they gotta move.

Sarge gets back to camp. They come in at the ready. Doc says where the hell is everyone? 10K calls for Red. Doc says they’re gone. Lily says just like convoy. 10K runs out of the fence opening, and Doc yells after him.

Murphy and Roberta get in the helicopter. He asks if she believes Teller. He can’t feel Lucy. Roberta says she believes him. The helicopter takes off.

Addie picks up her spiky club, and continues through the forest. Barely.

Next time, a black rainbow, going east, and welcome back to the apocalypse.

👻  Ghost Wars looks promising. Meat Loaf is in the cast. I belonged to Meat Loaf’s fan club for a while, and got to go to a taping of a special he did for VH1 when Welcome to the Neighborhood was released. It was a lot of fun, but I learned never to wear black when you’re going to be in a crowd on TV. You will never be able to see yourself. I also met him once at a signing for the same CD. That wasn’t quite as glorious. He was gracious enough to agree to a photo, and my husband couldn’t seem to work the camera, despite Meat Loaf giving him instructions. I was mortified. He did put “love” before his autograph though.

💍 90 Days still on hold. Life gets in the way while you’re making other plans.

Quotes of the Week

I really didn’t feel anything when I heard Hef died. He started out as an innovator and was a very liberal guy. He was pro abortion, gay rights, marijuana. He was very ahead of his time and then when he moved from Chicago to Holmby Hills, he became just another dirty old rich man.Stefan TetenbaumHugh Hefner‘s valet

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. – Mahatma Gandhi

I don’t care to try a chicken foot. – Chantel’s mother, Karen, 90 Day Fiancé






September 27, 2017 – Carly Meets with Sharon, a Shining Star Returns & My Best Girl Forever


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

In NYC, Finn meets Anna and she asks how the meeting went. He tells her about Cassandra’s house, and Anna asks what they talked about. Teasing her, he says illegal gems…not. Anna says next time, but Finn says there isn’t going to be one.

Nelle gives Michael her first rent check. He says he’ll even charge her a penalty if she’s late, but she says he doesn’t have to go that far. She wonders if it will be weird sleeping with her landlord, and he says let’s find out.

Bobbie is ordering a cake for her millionth year at GH, and sees Carly at Kelly’s. She says all the RSVPs are in except for Michael’s, and she invited Nelle. Carly says after today she’ll know if she can accept Nelle or she’s getting rid of her permanently.

Quinn tells Amy that the book sales are going to skyrocket, and they’re going to thank her. Amy says she’s not excited about how it happened, but she’s excited about today. Nina arrives. She wants to make sure everyone has a good spot for the Crimson exclusive. She asks Amy if Nathan is okay with the whole world knowing.

Nathan procrastinates with getting ready. Maxie says she’s taken clever steps. He asks if it will work, and she says it’s foolproof. Everyone goes home a winner, and no one will know he was part of the deception. Then their lives can go back to normal. She texts Amy, saying they’ll be there soon.

Spinelli comes by. Maxie wonders if there’s something wrong with Georgie, but he says their offspring continues to flourish. He’s there because of Ask Man Landers.

Bobbie asks Carly what the game changer is. Carly says she can’t tell anyone; she doesn’t know if she’s doing the right thing. She got a text from Sharon Grant, Zack’s sister, who agreed to meet her. It’s possible she’s just a bitter snob, but Carly is less concerned about the why than what Sharon has to say. The best thing that can happen is Nelle getting exonerated, but it could blow up in her face. Bobbie says it’s for Michael’s own good. Sharon walks in.

Finn tells Anna that over the course of a very detailed conversation, Cassandra told him about a litany of doctors who have failed in diagnosing her. He says she has common allergies, and is a full-blown hypochondriac. Anna says that everything he’s telling her is like she planned it. He says it’s over. Cassandra doubted they’d see each other again.

Quinn is about to make Nathan the next big thing. All the women want him, and all the men want to be him. She runs off. Nina says if it’s as big as Quinn thinks, the press is going to be more interested and dig deeper. Amy says the only ones who know the truth are the two of them, Nathan and Maxie.

Spinelli says that Maxie asked him to uncover Man Landers true identity. She tells him that she forgot about it, and he can too. He says she didn’t rescind the request, which makes it more urgent. He’s sorry, but he got preoccupied, and neglected his promise, and now Man Landers’s identity is going to be revealed to the world. Maxie tells him forget it. She asks if she paid him. He says, no, and she says then she got her money’s worth. He thinks she’s unusually okay about it. She tells him again to forget it. Nathan comes out in his tux. Spinelli asks what the occasion is.

Sharon introduces herself, and Carly introduces Bobbie. Bobbie wanders off. Sharon doesn’t want coffee, which me suspect her already. She says that they’ve done best to move on from loss. Carly says she lost her son a year ago, so she understands. Sharon says that because an investigator came around, wanting information on Nelle, she hired her own and found out Nelle was in Port Charles. She asks if Nelle did something to Carly. She wants Carly’s story first.

Nelle has the day off to move in, even though she technically didn’t move out. Michael says her special bonus is him, he took the day to help her unpack. Nelle says he’s perfect. She wishes it could stay like this all the time, just them. He thinks she’d get bored (I would), but she says this is the happiest she’s even been. He says she doesn’t have to act like he’s the only guy she’s ever cared about, but she says this is different. After Zack died, she took it for granted that she’d never be that happy again. She wants to put the bad stuff behind her, and move forward. Their future is all that matters.

Nina hopes that Amy is right. Her brother is risking everything. Amy tells her to chill. Nina says she appreciates Amy’s brother’s service, and what she’s doing is admirable and noble, but if it hurts her brother, Amy will regret it. Quinn wonders where Nathan is, and Amy says he’s on his way.

Maxie says that Nathan is going with her to the book signing, and going anywhere with her means black-tie. She suggests they get going. She wants to get there early, so she can get the scoop, and Nina will take her seriously. Spinelli says let’s go together, but Maxie says that the guest list is locked up, and pushes him out the door. She tells Nathan thank God she took care of that. Spinelli hears.

Anna tells Finn that Cassandra will change her mind. Finn says or maybe she’s on to them. She asks if he thinks she is, but he says that he doesn’t care what she thinks. He tells Anna to stop pretending that this isn’t about her obsession with Valentin. Finn is leaving tonight, and if she wants to make good on her blackmail threat, go ahead.

Maxie tells Nathan that Spinelli still doesn’t know, and if they keep him away from the book signing, he never will. She says it wouldn’t be worst thing if he did, but if they want the plan to work, they have to leave now.

Spinelli shows up at the signing. He asks Amy what she’s doing there, and she asks why he’s there so early, since it’s not open yet. She asks if he’s on the guest list, and he is. He says that when they met, she never indicated any professional involvement with Man Landers. She says they’re not ready to start, and he needs to wait in the lobby. She pushes him into the elevator while he’s still talking.

Michael tells Nelle about his grandmother celebrating her years of service at GH with a family party. He says that she’s invited. Nelle asks if Bobbie gave him a plus one, but he says she mentioned Nelle by name. They don’t have to stay long, but Nelle says that she’s not going, invite or not. It feels like a bad idea to be in the same room with Bobbie. If anything went wrong, she’d be blamed, no matter who it was. Nelle would rather stop the problem before it starts and avoid both her and Carly.

Carly tells Sharon that what happened with Nelle and her family was a misunderstanding, and legitimately not her fault. How she handled it was a different story. Sharon hopes that Nelle never takes anything precious from Carly, like she did with her. Carly says she knows that Sharon’s parents and the police suspected Nelle, and Sharon says for good reason. Carly says she never took anything from them. Sharon asks if she lied, and Carly says like a rug, but it was a legitimate misunderstanding. Sharon tells her not to underestimate Nelle. She has a talent for deceit, and wormed her way in to their family before striking, ultimately getting away with murder.

Nathan arrives at the book signing. Quinn explains how he’ll make his entrance, but Maxie says that she’s introducing him. She’d like to introduce all of them. A bunch of guys come in, all dressed like Nathan, with half-masks on.

Anna says that Finn is right. It’s personal, and they have a past, but the case is about the present. Finn says that he’s not a spy. He’s a doctor and recovering addict, and the last few weeks have been bad. Anna says that she doesn’t want to make him do this, since he helped her so much. He tells her this isn’t the best way to say “thank you,” and that he’s bad at this. She should bring in a pro; he blew it. Maybe he didn’t want to help, but he didn’t want to let her down. He doesn’t think Cassandra will reach out. Anna says that unlike him, she doesn’t underestimate his charm. Finn asks if she’s met him. He’s the opposite of charming.

Quinn asks who Maxie is, and why is she hijacking the event. She says she’s a friend of Amy and Nathan’s, and PR is her life. Amy confided their reveal, and Quinn should thank her for rescuing the event. Quinn says it doesn’t need rescuing, and Maxie says maybe not, but it needs improvement. The guys are going to work the room, handing out signed books, and will compound the mystery instead of revealing it. Everyone will try to guess which one is Man Landers, blowing up social media. Amy says that’s not what they agreed on, but both Nina and Nathan think it’s fantastic. Quinn says that she has thirty seconds to make a decision. As much as she finds her uncouth and annoying, the idea “Trixie” has is brilliant, and she’s going with it.

Quinn asks one of the Man Landers men questions. She’s pleased, and hopes they’re all this good. Maxie mingles to make sure the men are all pulling their weight. Amy is upset and sniffling over in an area that’s curtained off. Nathan says he thought she’d be happy. She wishes they’d let her in on the plan. He tells her that Quinn is on board, and everything will be okay.

Sharon tells Carly that Nelle pulled it off with a sick sort of genius. At first she was sweet and self-deprecating, then did something beyond understanding. Their absence at family events became more frequent, and after a while, Zack missed all family functions and trips. Before they knew it, they weren’t seeing him at all. He was cool and defensive, and they stopped hearing him laugh. Nelle convinced him that they thought she wasn’t good enough, and called her trash behind her back. It wasn’t true, but what could they do? He announced they were getting married, and they could either accept it, or he’d cut them out of his life. They didn’t know it, but he’d already changed his will. As soon as it was signed, Nelle dragged him on vacation to Maine. He was a Southern boy who hated cold, and wasn’t fond of roughing it; his favorite part was the wind-down afterward. Nelle arranged for them to be all alone, and he went along because he trusted her, and got in the kayak. Sharon starts crying, and Carly tells her she doesn’t have to go through every detail. She asks when Sharon is leaving, and Sharon says tomorrow at the earliest, but she would be willing to meet again to tell her the rest, and answer questions. As painful as it is, she’s glad they met. She says that Carly obviously thinks Nelle is up to something, and whatever it is, don’t let her get away with it. Nelle did tell Michael that she and Zack had been kayaking before, just not up north. She could have been lying, but I’m not so sure I buy this woman’s story. Another difference Sharon and Carly’s stories, if we believe Sharon, is that Michael’s family really does call Nelle trash and he knows it.

Nelle says if Michael really wants her to go, she will, but he says she’s right; it would just be asking for trouble. He’ll take Bobbie out another time. Nelle says she never meant that he shouldn’t go. She thinks it will be just one more thing use against her. Michael says at least they’ll know he and Nelle are serious. It will work out; trust him. He leaves to get coffee.

Finn tells Anna that he’s been called a lot of things, but never charming; no one thinks that. Anna disagrees. He tells her that no matter what, he’ll keep it on the down-low. His phone rings. Cassandra changed her mind. Anna smiles and Finn shakes his head.

Quinn knows exactly when she’s revealing Man Landers’s true identity – never. She thinks it’s brilliant. Nina tells Maxie, congratulations, she’s a woman of many talents. She says that she did it for the man they both love. She goes up to the wrong Man Landers, saying she can’t wait for their private celebration. He says he has other plans, and she tells herself that she’s good at casting.

Nathan tells Amy that everything is fine. She’s worried that someone will find out the truth, saying they’re still under contract. Nathan says no one will find out. She tells him that when he says it, she believes it. She feels like she can trust him with anything. He says they shouldn’t be seen together that much, and Amy goes back to the book launch. Spinelli pops out, and Nathan asks what he’s doing there. Spinelli tells him that The Jackal has figured it out.

Finn tells Anna that other than allergies, Cassandra is healthy, and there’s no reason to treat her. Anna tells him to do some tests, pick the most difficult thing to rule out, and then run with it. Or make something up. He’ll be brilliant (the word of the day).

Michael sees Carly at Kelly’s. She says the only RSVP they haven’t gotten is his. He tells her that’s because they’re not going.

Sharon knocks on Nelle’s door. She says long time, no see, and remarks that Nelle changed her name. She tells Nelle that she can change it all she wants, but she can’t change what she did. Nelle says she didn’t do anything, and asks Sharon why she’s there and what she wants.

Nathan tells Spinelli that he can’t tell anyone. He knows what Spinelli must think, but Amy is just a friend. Spinelli calls him a philanderer and a rake, among other old-fashioned terms, and heads toward the launch. Nathan chases Spinelli, trying to stop him. As Spinelli walks through the curtains, Nathan says that he’s not cheating. He’s Man Landers. Everyone in the room rushes toward him. I laugh.

Tomorrow, Maxie tries to explain things to Spinelli, Sharon tells Nelle that she can’t run away from what she did, and Franco asks if the anonymous buyer is in on it.

🌟 Star is back! Great music! Great dancing! Miss Lawrence! Queen Latifah’s hair! Benjamn Bratt‘s character is dead, but he’s still in the credits. Tonight, the girls haven’t had a hit, and a female music mogul took over their label. The aftermath of Jahil’s death was felt, and Alexandra came back from doing time for doing some really stupid things. Carlotta tried to intervene on the group’s behalf while the mogul was getting a massage, but was told to make an appointment. Her hair was resplendent – a neon violet, like the bestest shiniest Crayola crayon ever – and matched her top. As she was about to leave, Carlotta caught a news flash about an arrest being made for the triple-homicide that included Jahlil. Funny thing though, we flashed back with Carlotta to that night, and she’s the one who shot him. We’re off to a good start. It was a brilliant move to air this after Empire. I hope it does well, since I really like this show. I’m not the type to sit still for many music videos, but the songs are engaging, and I love the dancing. The storylines aren’t up to Tyler Perry, but they’re good. And of course, there’s the Queen.

🐾 Cutting it short tonight. My little old girl is having little old girl issues, and needs extra attention right now. That’s not a euphemism for anything; I’m talking about my elderly dog. Tomorrow, I’ll be getting to my 90 Day obsession, and how much I hate Jax. And of course, so much to look forward to on Friday, with Hell’s Kitchen and Z Nation premiering.

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Juliet – Summer 2017

September 22, 2017 – Two Patients Change Status, Myriam is a Horrible Person, a Few Random Thoughts & a Quote Quad


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Sonny goes to Pozzulo’s, where Milo is stuffing his face with pasties. Milo asks about Jason, and has questions about Josslyn. Sonny asks if there’s a problem, but Milo isn’t sure. He asks how much he’s supposed to tell him about Josslyn’s activities.

Carly and Josslyn have lunch at Kelly’s. Carly tells Josslyn that after talking to Milo, she realizes how much everything has affected her. She says she knows about Josslyn and Oscar.

Nelle tells Michael this might be the last time they can laze in bed together. Someone put in an offer for her apartment. She thought she’d have more time. Thanks to him, a big time, ocean front developer, she might have to move to Greenfield and commute. He says that’s not happening.

Jake and Danny have a plan to bring Jason around. Elizabeth tells them just be prepared for it not to work; it will take time for him to wake up. Kristina takes him to pick up Danny before they go to the facility.

Franco leaves a phone message for Betsy. He needs to know the truth. Elizabeth hears him, and asks what that’s about.

At Jason’s bedside, Sam goes down Memory Lane. She talks about them riding on the bike together, and a sunset they watched. She never felt so free, so safe. Tears run down her cheeks. Jason taps his fingers

In Russia, Patient 6 gets on his feet. Ava – who just can’t stay away – tells him be more careful. God knows what would happen if she told Dr. Kline that he can get out of the chair.

Michael tells Nelle not to rush into a new lease. He thinks she can afford something in Port Charles. She says maybe a walk-up with three roommates. He tells her not to do anything rash. He has some business to attend to, and he’ll tell her about it after he closes the deal.

Milo tells Sonny that Mrs. C. has been pumping him for information. Both Josslyn and Oscar seem like good kids. While something made him uncomfortable, they weren’t doing anything wrong. Sonny asks if Oscar respects Josslyn, and Milo says that he’s a total gentleman. He says that wasn’t enough for Mrs. C. though. She wanted a minute by minute account.

Josslyn tells Carly that they did nothing wrong. Carly says she’s talking about them being on the footbridge, and asks how they ended up there. Josslyn wanted to tell Oscar about Jason, and thought what better place? Carly tells her that’s what she assumed, but now she wonders what happened. What did she think Milo said?

Franco tells Elizabeth that he was talking to the shipping company. Elizabeth says she heard him talking about the painting. He asks if she means the one his dad sold out from under him. He thinks the showing and the old material is bringing up stuff from his old life. Elizabeth says they made a pact. Does he want to keep talking or tell her the truth? He says that there’s something he’s been meaning to talk to her about, and shows her the photo.

Sam tells Jason that the doctors claim his movement doesn’t mean anything, but they don’t know him. She knows that he’s fighting to come back. Kristina arrives with the boys. Danny tells Jason that he’s here. Jake asks if he can hear them, and Danny says he loves him.

Ava tells Patient 6 that he knows she wouldn’t really talk, but she overheard Dr. Kline insisting that he’s a danger, and either has to be drugged or restrained. Clearly the drugs don’t work, but she’s the only one who knows. She wonders what she should do about it, and says the smart thing would be to tell someone. He can’t be treated without them knowing what’s going on, but she doesn’t want to out herself. She says that he probably wants to pretend she was never there, and be left to his own devices, but she doesn’t think his family would want that.

Elizabeth tells Franco that the other boy in the picture looks like Jason, but that’s not possible, is it? Franco tells her about Heather refusing to talk to him. She asks what he thinks. He says his imaginary friend was real, and the painting represents the memory of having a brother. She asks if his twin is Jason. He says he doesn’t know, but it seems that way.

Sonny tells Milo that as long as Josslyn is happy, safe, and being treated well by Oscar, he’s not spying, just making sure she’s safe. Milo says, cool. He leaves, and Michael comes in. Sonny is now stuffing his face with pastries, and I’m thinking he should give some to the whole class. Michael asks about Jason. Sonny says there’s no change, but he’s not discouraged. They both know that people come back. Michael says Sonny didn’t give up on him, and here he is. Sonny asks how he’s doing. Michael says let’s just get it out of the way. He’s sure Carly told him about Nelle’s fiancé having a boating accident, and Nelle being suspect. Sonny doesn’t blame Carly for being concerned, but Michael says he talked to Nelle and believes her explanation. Sonny heaves a sigh.

Carly asks Josslyn what she and Oscar were going. When Josslyn says they weren’t doing anything, Carly asks why she’s so nervous. Josslyn tells her that Milo was there, so what could they do? Carly says he’s there to keep her safe from Sonny’s enemies, or herself if she becomes her own worst enemy. Josslyn says that she makes it sound like they’re serious. Carly asks if it is. Omg, she’s worse than my father ever was, and Milo wasn’t following me. Josslyn sees Nelle come in, and waves her over. Carly says that Nelle is probably busy, and they’re having a mother/daughter lunch. Josslyn is puzzled, thinking things were better between them. Nelle says she’ll sit outside, and Josslyn asks what happened. Nelle says that Carly is concerned about something in her past. Carly says she’s sure Josslyn would like to know Nelle’s story. She tells her to take a seat; the floor is hers.

Michael and Sonny have coffee. Sonny says that he doesn’t like to see Carly worried. Michael says they both know that Nelle did horrible things, but does Sonny really think she’s a killer? Sonny says she drugged him to get him into bed, which shows that she’s calculating and cold-blooded. Michael says that she thought she was avenging her father, which is a far cry from killing a fiancé. Sonny says that Michael has resources, and should use them to prove Nelle’s innocence to Carly. Michael tells Sonny that Nelle told him what happened, and he believes and trusts her. Michael gets a call from Lucy. He’s closing on something, and says he’ll pick up the title and the deed.

Elizabeth reminds Franco that the DNA tests proved that he and Jason aren’t related. Franco says, right, and no one has ever tampered with medical tests, especially when Heather is involved. Elizabeth says that Jason grew up in Port Charles, surrounded by the Quartermaines. Franco adds, except when he wasn’t. Elizabeth asks where he’s coming from, and he tells her that once he got his past back, so to speak, he can’t stop thinking about it. He can’t move on until he knows who his family is, and if this boy is important. Elizabeth believes him, but thinks there’s a simple explanation.

Danny tells Jason that he misses him. Jake says that they made a drawing of their family in the park, and used Scout’s handprint for the sun. Aww! He asks if Jason doesn’t want to open his eyes and see it. Maybe I’m projecting, but it sure looks like Jason wants to laugh.

Ava tells Patient 6 that she knows what happened. He was shot and fell into open water. It created a psychotic break, and his family sent him here to recover. She says they must be wealthy, since the clinic caters to the elite. If they didn’t care or gave up hope, they could have parked him anywhere, but he’s here. That means they care and are waiting for him. Patient 6 shakes his head. She asks if he has a family, and he nods. She asks if they know he’s there, and he shakes head. She asks who is she talking to, and who put him here?

Nelle tells Josslyn that she was accused of doing something she didn’t do. It was a traumatic time in her life, and she’d rather not share the details right now; it will just make Carly angry all over again. She knows it looks bad on paper, but there’s no reason to pull Josslyn into it. Carly accuses her of stonewalling, and tells Josslyn that there’s no way Nelle will tell her. Nelle says all that matters is that Josslyn’s brother means the world to her, and she’d never do anything to hurt him. She says she has to go look at apartments, since her place is going condo. Carly says Seattle is nice, and walks out. I don’t like this Carly. Nelle tells Josslyn that she’s sorry about a lot of things, but Josslyn says not to worry. Nelle doesn’t get why everything is so messed up all the time. Josslyn doesn’t either.

Sonny asks Michael if ELQ doesn’t own enough property, and Michael says it’s a personal acquisition. Sonny asks if he’s moving, and Michael says no, but why all the questions? He’s an adult, and his business is his, just like Sonny’s is. Are they good? Sonny says they are, but thinks he should look into the story about Nelle. Michael says not to let his feelings come between them.

Elizabeth sees how the photo plays into the story about Jason being Franco’s twin. He asks if she thinks it’s some random blonde kid. She does, but also thinks he won’t rest until he has answers. He says the truth will fix him, and he can be the man he wants to be for her. She says he already is, but he wants to be better. He’s not sure what to do, since Heather won’t see him, and Betsy won’t talk. Elizabeth suggests he go see Betsy.

Jake says just because Jason is asleep, doesn’t mean he’s not listening. He asks Danny if he wants to do their song. The start to sing This Old Man, and now I’m laughing. No wonder Jason seems on the brink. Sam records it, and I sing along, but they only go to four.

Ava says enough with playing twenty questions. She needs some real information. She gives Patient 6 a pad and pen. She tells him to start with his name.

Nelle asks Josslyn about Oscar, and Josslyn says it couldn’t be better. She amends that, and says it could if there was no bodyguard. She wishes Jason would wake up, but Oscar is amazing. Suddenly, Michael is there, and says so is Nelle. Josslyn says that she and Milo have to be somewhere. Michael tells her don’t even try ditching him. He tried it many times, and failed, so learn from his mistakes. Nelle apologizes for Josslyn being put in the middle of her and Carly. Josslyn leaves with Milo, and Michael asks if Nelle and Carly had another run-in. She says same tune, different beat, because Josslyn was there to hear it. She knows everyone is worried about Jason, and she’s worried about where she’s living, which is selfish. Michael says it’s possibly the most important thing, along with love. She asks if he’ll help her look, and he says that she doesn’t have to move. She says since when, and he says since ten minutes ago, when her apartment was bought – by him. you know, I take it back, I could put up with boring.

Carly bursts into Sonny’s office. She says that she can’t have lunch with her daughter without Nelle ruining it. Can I just insert that she called Nelle over? Carly says that Nelle is going to dismantle their family a second time. Sonny tells her that if she keeps making Nelle the enemy, she’ll push Michael away. Carly says she was contacted by someone who has information about Nelle’s fiancé. If she turns out to be a black widow, he’s in trouble. She adds that Nelle’s apartment went condo, and she’s scrambling to find a place. Since rents are high in Port Charles, she might have to move to Greenfield. It’s not far enough away, but it’s a start. Sonny tells her that he thinks he overheard Michael buying her apartment. Now please tell me, if Carly is soooo concerned, why hasn’t she jumped on finding out that information already?

Sam tells the boys good job, but Jason has physical therapy now. Even though he’s sleeping, they want to make sure he’s strong when he wakes up. They tell Jason they love him, and Kristina takes them out.

Ava doesn’t buy that Patient 6 can’t write. She thinks he doesn’t want to tell her anything. She gets it; he wants to be left alone. She asks how that’s working for him, stuck in a wheelchair and shot up with elephant tranquilizers. She tells him it’s only going to get worse. She heard Dr. Kline talking about upping his dosage. This could be his last coherent moment for a long time. He might not want to waste it. Patient 6 picks up the pen.

Betsy is talking to Heather on the phone. She says no, she didn’t tell him. She did what Heather asked, and she’s leaving for the airport. She tells Heather it isn’t right. He’s living in the same house with Jason’s son. She says fine, do what you want. You always do. She hangs up, and Franco is standing there. He let himself in with his key. She says she has to go. She’s booked a cruise. He tells her that he heard her, and Heather doesn’t want her to tell him about the boy in the photo. He wants to know who the boy is, and needs to know what the boy means to him.

Josslyn asks Milo how much he tells her parents. He says if they ask him a direct question, he answers it, but he’s here to protect her, not to spy on her. As long as she has nothing to hide, they’re cool. She promises not to put him in a tight spot.

Sonny tells Carly it’s just a hunch, but Michael got a call from Lucy that he said was personal, not business. Carly says that she can just hear Nelle’s “poor me” act. Sonny says she knows how to play the victim. Carly insists she’s started her campaign to take Michael for all he’s worth. Well, you never know on this show, but I’m tired of Carly making it up as she goes along. I can’t stand people like that. I laugh at myself for being all pissed at a fictitious character.

Nelle can’t believe it, and Michael shows her the title and deed. He says, welcome home.

Sam doesn’t want to go, but knows that Jason would want her to be there for the kids. She says the plan is that she’s going home to practice sleeping without him, and getting the kids ready in the morning. She talks about having to buy a bigger crib for Scout, and says that all the things parents should to together, she’ll do for them. Her heart will be with him though. She kisses him

Jake tells Elizabeth that he wants to show Kristina the painting of the two boys. Elizabeth says there was a mix-up, and it was sold accidentally. Jake says too bad; he liked it, and Franco did too. It was all about having a brother.

Franco begs Betsy to help him. She says that she loves him, and he’s the light of her life. She tells him to leave it alone, but he says it’s making him crazy in a way he can’t allow in his life again. He can’t feel like this, and be with Elizabeth. He can’t risk losing her, so talk to him. She cries, and says she’s sorry she lied about him. Franco asks if she’s talking about his imaginary friend. She tells him the friend wasn’t imaginary, but real. He was a twin.

Patient 6 writes, and hands Ava the paper. They look at each other. Show us, dammit! It’s a phone number with a Port Charles area code.

Jason hears the boys’ song in his head, and Sam saying she loves him. He opens his eyes.

Franco says so he has a twin brother, and it’s Jason. Betsy says no, not his brother. He’s a twin, but wasn’t his twin.

So does this mean that Patient 6 isn’t Nikolas, but Jason, or fake Jason, or Bizarro World Jason?

On Monday, Franco asks who the kid is, Nelle tells Michael that Carly accused her of being a black widow, and Ava gets caught.

💍 For some unfathomable reason, I’m still consumed with 90 Day Fiancé. On Before the 90 Days, Larry found out that Jenny was a real person. Although for a moment, like with Paul, they made us think he’d been catfished. There was no response to any of his calls or texts since he’d left Florida, and at first he couldn’t find her. He’s another one who doesn’t know the language, which is insane. Like all of the men, Larry came bearing gifts, and wasn’t afraid to over-enthusiastically announce that he had “chocolate for the family!” to anyone who would listen. And I mean complete strangers at the airport. He reminded me of Steve Martin when he gets the new phonebook in The Jerk. Maybe he was double-glad that the candy was in his carry-on, as the airline lost his luggage. Since it seems like Jenny might be a frequent Filipino Cupid flyer, even after claiming to love Larry, my jury is out.

Paul and Karine checked into a swanky hotel in Brazil, where Paul finally got the all clear for them to be intimate. He did this little hesitation thing after he looked up the results of her STD and pregnancy tests. Even though she never looked worried, that was not cool so early on, and after she’d been annoyed in the first place. This reminded me of when my husband and I got blood tests before getting married, which was a requirement by the state. I worked at a women’s clinic, so we got them there for free. When the results came back (yes, both of us could be intimate), I called him and freaked him out a little, asking who else he’d been with, because his STD test was positive. Oh come on. It was funny, and I couldn’t help it. I’d also known him for over two years in person. Karine leapt on Paul like whatever animal leaps on their prey, as soon as he gave the signal. I hope he’s not a disappointment to her, since he’s been one in other ways so far.

The saddest moment was when Myriam revealed her secret to Patrick. It looked like it was going to be a great match, until she took him out to dinner and said she’d been hiding something. He was like, please don’t tell me you’re a boy – ha-ha! – something his mother had jokingly suggested. Of all the things that I thought it might be, her already having a boyfriend wasn’t one of them. No wonder she wasn’t too interested in his kid. She was never going to get involved with him. I’d thought maybe she had a kid, or that her parents forbade her to marry outside her religion, but this was inexcusable. Dude used all his money to make this trip. Her explanation was that she met said boyfriend after she and Patrick had started talking when she was single. But instead of letting him know, she continued the relationship, thinking that he’d never follow through in coming to see her. Um… how about when he started making plans? Or if she thought he was still blowing smoke, when he bought the ticket? He could have canceled the trip. I hope her boyfriend dumps her after seeing this. She offered to show Patrick around town, but no surprise, he was pretty blown away, shell-shocked, and gobsmacked. He said he needed to think. He might as well make the most of it, since he’s there, and at this point, can’t get a refund. I’d definitely ditch Myriam though. I can’t believe this guy flew all the way to Paris just to get put in the friend zone.

Cortney finally met up with Antonio, whose idea of a first date was going directly to a beauty pageant he was judging, before Cortney could even go to the bathroom. To be fair, he works a lot, and told her he would be working when she sprung this visit on him. I have the feeling that she’s a princess, and thought he was going to pick her up in a golden coach. She acted helpless and shy, reluctant to hold his hand, even in the limo to the pageant. She kept texting him during the event, when he was supposed to be paying attention. Then she decided to leave, thinking she made a mistake. I was thinking she was acting like an idiot. He’d been very nice, and seemed open to them being a couple, despite the warnings of his friends. When Antonio saw that she was gone, he actually went out to find her. She wasn’t far, sitting right outside the doorway. She said she was tired, blah-blah-blah, and it all seemed good. I was shocked that he was so understanding, but maybe he thought he was going to get some nookie be intimate. That didn’t happen, as he spent the night on the couch. In his interview, he said he was okay with that for the first night. The second, he wasn’t so sure. In the morning, they took selfies in the bed, and I was left with a question mark over my head.

😳 This show makes me embarrassed for a lot of the cast in so many ways. But I can’t stop watching. Which embarrasses me.

👺 For the record, Mambo Gladys was the witch doctor who treated Abby.

🗽 While I’m on the topic of names, I have to confess that I literally and immaturely lol’d when I heard that NYC Wives wannabe, Missy’s, last name is Tool. Sometimes I’m more Beavis and Butthead than I let on.

Something to Ponder…

🐓 Why does everyone want to be Colonel Sanders? First Rob Lowe, now Ray Liotta? What is happening? Is the pay that good? Do they even need it, or is this some weird new acting fetish?

👹 🍴 Next Friday both Z Nation and Hell’s Kitchen have premieres. My head might explode.

Quotes of the Week

Fear never needs to control my choices. Something powerful rises up in me whenever I put the fear aside and move ahead in spite of it.  – Judith Light

I ain’t dreamin’. I ain’t got the brains to make this up. – Jacob, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Do I push the envelope? I tear the envelope.Garry McFadden, I Am Homicide

Sometimes you can do everything right and things still go wrong. The key is to never stop doing right.Angie Thomas



August 11, 2017 – Sonny Gets Questioned, an Endorsement, Quotes & Zombie News


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Prosecutor and pseudo Will Smith asks Alexis if Julian was acting as Olivia-J’s accomplice. She says he was coerced, and Will asks if the night on the bridge could have been avoided if Julian had told her. She says maybe, but he shouldn’t be held accountable for Olivia’s actions. He asks would she have gone to the police if she’d known. Alexis says yes, and he says bloodshed could have been avoided. This is kind of a poor angle, since the only blood that was shed was Julian’s.

Dante and Nathan laugh about Mac and Felicia getting caught while getting busy in the park. Dante says he heard Maxie is riled up about Man Landers’s advice.

Sonny walks around with a cane a little bit. Carly doesn’t want him doing too much too soon. She brings up the last time he had a bullet wound, and pretended he was in a wheelchair. He says she has to trust him. She says she knows he wouldn’t keep a secret again. He thinks about Sam shooting him.

Jason asks if Sam had a bad dream, but she says it wasn’t a dream.

Finn hears Hayden on the phone, saying that she’s Rachel Berlin from White Hat Medical Supplies. He’s looking for the card he lost, and asks what the phone call was about. She tells him some baloney about it being something for the wedding, and he asks why she was calling herself Rachel Berlin.

Scotty asks Alexis what her recollection of those hours is, and she says tumultuous. She was drugged, kidnapped, and handcuffed to the bridge. Scotty asks why she’s still alive, and Alexis says Julian. Olivia used her as bait. She wanted him to shoot Alexis to take away the most precious thing to him, and if he didn’t do it, she’d shoot Alexis herself. Will Smith objects, but the judge lets it ride. Scotty asks if Julian is just a bad shot. Alexis says he’s excellent; he aimed at the handcuffs instead, freed her, and yelled at her to run. When she looked back, Olivia was by herself. It was confirmed later that she shot Julian, and he fell into the water. Scotty asks if his actions were those of a coward. Alexis says no, and he asks if Julian put his life on the line to save her, and if that wasn’t true heroism. Another objection, but Alexis says it was.

Hayden tells Finn that she typed in her old name, and it slips out sometimes. He asks if White Hat isn’t the company that was just flagged for suspicious activity. He says she seems uncomfortable, and she says he snuck up on her. He asks if she’s rethinking things. Hayden says she’s doing everything to make sure they get married, but it’s not enough. Finn asks what’s going on.

Carly thinks Sonny isn’t taking recovery seriously, and says he’ll be hobbling on one leg forever if he doesn’t do his physical therapy. He’s like, all right, all right. She apologizes, and says that other than when babies are born, whenever she’s at the hospital, it’s because something terrible happened. She wants things to change, and Sonny says they will. I hate to tell her, but other than new babies and maybe plastic surgery, most reasons to be in the hospital are terrible for everyone. Mob people problems.

Sam tells Jason that she wasn’t too sick to buy a gun and shoot Sonny. Jason says she didn’t understand what she was doing. She says that he sounds like a lawyer, and asks if he talked to Diane. He says no, and there’s no reason he should have to. There are only three people who know about it – Sam, him, and Sonny. Sam isn’t comfortable with that.

Dante tells Nathan that there are a couple of loose ends, but Sonny’s account matches with everything. He says the guns are missing, and there’s this, handing Nathan the ballistics report. The bullets taken from Sonny’s leg and vest don’t match. Dante says they have an interview to conduct.

Jason tells Sam that it’s never going to happen again. Sam says it will be on her conscience for the rest of her life, and she wants to take responsibility. Jason says at the very least, she’ll be investigated, and she’s still sick. He says hospital is better than jail, and if she says something now, it will hurt a lot of people. Sam doesn’t want to hurt Sonny any more than she already has, and they agree it’s the best solution. Jason tells her everything will work out.

Sonny insists that he’s getting out of the business; he wants it as much as Carly does. Carly says it will be difficult. He’s had a lot of power for a lot of years, and if he’s having second thoughts, she gets it. He asks if she’s trying to talk him out of it, and she says no, but she knows it’s for her. He says it’s for all of them and Morgan’s memory. Carly says the most important thing is to be honest. It’s the only way it’s going to work.

Finn asks Hayden if she’s in trouble. He says to talk to him, and she asks if he thinks she’s stealing from GH. He says no, but an outsider might think so. He believes her, but wants her to understand that someone else might think she’s pulling a scam. She says this is different. She’s going to give the money back.

Scotty asks if Alexis’s feelings toward Julian have changed, and she says she was livid, but her feelings have tempered. He asks why that happened, and she says is was when she got the letter from Julian. Scotty produces the letter, and asks her to read it as evidence. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve heard this like five times, about how Olivia had a hold on him and how much he loves Alexis, so I’ll take a short nap. Scotty asks if it changed her perspective, and Alexis says he was under duress, and an unwilling partner with Olivia in order to keep his family alive. Scotty asks why he perpetuated the lie about Olivia’s identity, and she says to protect his family. He asks about their relationship. Alexis says it was estranged, but knowing the truth makes it easier to be in his presence. Scotty asks if it was enough to rekindle the flame, and Julian jumps up, saying, enough. The judge tells his lawyer to get him under control.

Hayden admits to taking the money. She shows Finn the accounts she set up. She says that she didn’t take that much, and couldn’t go through with it; she’s returning it. She finishes putting the money back, and says when he walked in, that’s what she was doing, but she’s afraid he’s thinking she just did it because she was caught. He asks why she did it, since they have money. She tells him that she wanted to buy their freedom from her ex-husband.

Carly asks Sonny if he remembers anything. He says he was shot and left in a hole, what’s to remember? She asks what about after, but he says it’s a blank. Jason comes in, and Carly goes to see about getting Sonny discharged. Sonny tells Jason he needs the case closed now. Carly is talking about trust and honesty, and it will get ugly. He says they’ll figure it out, and tell her what they need to. Sonny asks about Sam, and Jason says that she’s struggling. They agree that she can’t confess. Dante and Nathan come in. Sonny tells them that he’s getting out soon. Dante wants to ask some questions about the night he got shot.

Sam sees Carly at the desk. She says she needed to talk to Sonny, but owes Carly a conversation.

Scotty asks Alexis if she sees herself forgiving Julian. Will Smith objects, and the judge says if Scotty doesn’t move along, she’ll assume he’s stalling the court. He’s finished, and the judge orders the court to be in recess until the morning. After one witness, who talked for maybe twenty minutes. Julian tells Alexis he had no idea that Scotty was going that route. It wasn’t the plan.

Hayden tells Finn that her ex showed up out of nowhere, making demands. Finn asks if it’s the guy who popped into her office, saying they’d worked together. She says if Jared had given his real name, he’d have lost his leverage. She tells Finn about driving drunk and hitting the girl. Finn asks if she died, and Hayden says no, but she was hurt badly. Jared took the fall, under the condition that her father’s money and connections would get him off, but he ended up going to prison. Through her tears, Hayden says now he knows everything. Finn asks why she didn’t come to him right away; was she too ashamed? She says it wasn’t her proudest moment, but Finn says it’s not like he doesn’t know shame or guilt, or self-loathing. He knows all of that, and she saw him through his recovery. She says she did it for him, at least that’s what she told herself. She was afraid he’d go back to doing drugs if he knew the truth.

Dante asks Sonny to take him through the night he got shot. Sonny says he went to pay Spencer’s ransom. The Garveman was there, and ultimately it wasn’t about Spencer, but about him. He doesn’t remember what happened after he was shot, and says that sometimes when you’re bleeding for 24-hours, it does something to your memory. The last thing he remembers is Garvey hitting him in the vest. Dante asks if someone else was there, and Sonny says not that he recalls. Dante tells him the bullet in his vest and the one in his leg came from two different guns. Sonny thinks about getting a leg vest. Not really, but it would be a good idea.

Carly says good to see Sam up and around. Sam says it wasn’t easy, and Carly tells her to let her know if there’s anything she can do. Sam says she’s the one who should be telling Carly that. Carly says that it’s awful to be thankful that someone’s dead, but when she thinks about almost losing Sonny… She says that she doesn’t want to dwell on it or take over the conversation, and asks what Sam was going to tell her. Sam says she needs to tell her the truth.

Sonny tells Dante that he wishes he could tell him, but doesn’t remember. Dante thanks him for his time. Sonny says he’ll let them know if he remembers anything. They leave, and Jason asks if Sonny thinks that’s the end of it. Sonny says not by a long shot.

Carly tells Sam that it sounds heavy. Sam says that her illness affected her head, and she didn’t see things clearly, and some of what she was seeing wasn’t there. She was scared all the time, of things she hadn’t been afraid of before, like losing Jason. Every time he left, she’d panic. Carly says that’s not crazy, but Sam says this was different. She says she’d do and say things that she’d do anything to take back, and it involves Sonny. She went off on him. She was afraid he’d take Jason away and put him in danger. Carly says that was just the illness talking; he would never do that. Sam says that Sonny told her that, but she really thought it was true, so she had to do something about it.

Finn tells Hayden she didn’t have much faith in his recovery if she thought a piece of bad news would cause a relapse. He might have needed some time, but he would have understood and stayed clean. She says maybe it was an easier excuse than facing that she’s a coward. She brings up Reiko, and says she’s always there, hovering in supreme glory, and can do no wrong for the rest of their lives because she’s dead. She immediately apologizes, saying she didn’t mean it. She should apologize. That was really unfair. Finn says that he loved Reiko and thought she was perfect, but he let it go, and accepted the loss, because he loves Hayden more than anything. He thought that they understood each other, but she can’t even turn to him because she thinks he might relapse. Finn doesn’t doesn’t know what to do, and Hayden says he does. He just doesn’t want to say the words.

Julian tells Alexis that he never told Scotty about anything between them. He came up with it on his own. Alexis says she’s sorry if she disappointed him with her testimony, and he says it’s not a surprise that she hasn’t forgiven him. She says that she didn’t even know she was thinking it. Julian understands how she feels, and she’s glad that she didn’t blindside him. Scotty tells her to get out before she does more damage. Julian says she was just telling the truth, and asks Alexis what she would have said about forgiving him. She tells him that she’s committed to living life one day at a time, and doesn’t know what future holds.

Finn tells Hayden not to put words in his mouth. He’s trying to wrap his head around it. Some other couple would be torn apart, but not them. He loves her, and having a baby; life, for better or worse, and right now it’s worse. He says they can’t just say the right things, but need to live and honor them. Hayden tells him to let her know when he figures it out, and leaves. I’m puzzled. It seemed like it was going her way.

Dante and Nathan discuss Sonny. There’s something he doesn’t want them to find out. Dante supposes that Garvelino could have had two guns, but Nathan says that’s unlikely. Dante says then they’ll go with the second shooter theory. Maybe it’s someone from the five families. He thinks maybe Sonny is afraid of starting a mob war. Nathan says so much for getting out.

Carly tells Sam that she’s not accountable. Sam says she was so scared, and would have done anything to protect Jason. Sonny and Jason join them, and Jason takes Sam back to her room. Carly tells Sonny that Sam seems shaken not stirred up, and the symptoms of her sickness sound awful. Carly asks if Sam talked to him, and yelled at him about Jason. Sonny says it was nothing; she wasn’t in her right mind. Carly says it seemed like something more to Sam, and asks if he has any idea what it might be.

On Monday, Monica decides who goes and who stays, Jason wants to talk to Julian about Sam, and Obrecht and Jared team up.

🦄 Highly recommended – Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, on rotation on Showtime. An excellent adaption of the book, with some truly creepy creatures, and of course peculiar children. An amazing cast as well. I was especially delighted to see Terence Stamp. Just perfect.

Quotes of the Week

I’ve had so many false starts. But if it’s easy, what story are you going to tell? Nobody wants to hear about how easy it was. That doesn’t inspire anyone. Taraji P. Henson

I have no doubt that she would piss off a statue.Dr. Phil, referring to a future monster-in-law.

I got through my own father’s death. You think I can’t get through a man getting elected president of the United States? It was so absurd. – Norm McDonald (Thank you.)

Good News

Z Nation will be back in September on the Sy – we can’t spell – Fy network. Among other new faces, Henry Rollins will be joining the cast. I can’t wait! Unfortunately, it looks like The Man won’t be back. But hey, that looks like Michael Berryman (from the original The Hills Have Eyes, among many other films) on the bottom left.

🙀 You can read more about Z Nation here:


December 16, 2016 – No GH, Lots of Zombies & Four Quotes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Due to presidential circumstances beyond my control, there was no General Hospital today. Why, why, why is it always at 3 pm? I rushed home from Christmas shopping hoping they were going to reveal who the mystery person is, only to see the horrifying words “Special Report.” It’s my understanding that today’s episode will be shown on Monday, throwing off the entire Port Charles holiday season.

Z Nation

The Man tells Lucy no one is coming for her and she has to think about her future, especially at the rate she’s aging.

Doc tells Addie that their car needs oil. They see a hitchhiking zombie in a sweater that says Grandpa on it. Addie stops the car. Doc thinks he’s trippin’, but Addie says she sees it too. They back up. The zombie comes toward the car, but as Addie is about to shoot, he says, “Lucy.” They bind him with duct tape and put him in the back seat. Doc gives him a pair of sunglasses so he doesn’t look as weird. Addie instructs Doc not to get him stoned.

The Murphy caravan pulls over. Red asks 10K how he’s holding up, and he says he’s just tired. Murphy examines his new KISSish look in the mirror. Kaya gets through to Roberta. She tells Roberta to change course to intercept The Man. She fades out and Murphy starts to freak because they couldn’t hear the coordinates. They get her back and she repeats them. There’s been no word from Citizen Z for the past 12 hours. Murphy tells Roberta he’s counting on her.

Lucy mentally contacts the zombie in Addie’s car. Doc thinks he’s dead, but Addie says he’s receiving and Lucy is transmitting. Doc calls it an apocalyptic GPS.

Red blows the car horn and pulls over. 10K is having a seizure. Sun examines him, and he has an infected wound . Murphy tells Roberta that making the right decision is her strength. She tells Sun they have to keep moving and Red should drive.

Lucy continues to transmit. The Man drives the car into the woods and then into a mountain, where a weird invisible door has opened up. They get out of the car and The Man tells Lucy no talking. They walk through a corridor that’s wet and dark, and includes a zombie banging its head against the wall. It tries to attack them, and The Man shoots it. Lucy tells him that she couldn’t communicate with it. More zombies come toward them. The Man shoots them, but they just keep coming. Some soldiers come out with machine guns, and The Man tells Lucy to get down. The soldiers mow down the zombie crowd. The Man tells Lucy not to be afraid, and that he won’t let anyone harm her.

A soldier asks if she’s infected. The Man says she’s the package. He’s supposed to meet someone from Zona. He needs access to the LZ and a radio to let someone know they’ve arrived. Lucy is pretty frightened, but he tells her it will be all right.

Addie tells Doc they’re running on fumes. They stop the car and get out, bringing the zombie along. He keeps repeating Lucy’s name, and leads them through the forest. They come to the mountain, but Doc says he doesn’t see a doorbell. Addie says she doesn’t think that’s their way in and looks up. Doc asks what about Grandpa and she tells him to stay with the zombie since he’s all they’ve got.

Doc does some Z-weed vaping, while the zombie continues to point. Doc closes his eyes for a moment and when he opens them, sees some parachuters. Soldiers suddenly come out from everywhere. They knock Doc in the head. Doc tells them not to shoot the zombie. One of them says he might be the package. They tie Doc and Grandpa together back to back.

One of the soldiers tells Doc he’s going to answer some questions, but he’s only to nod or shake his head. Every time Doc speaks, he gets a smack. The soldiers are given instructions to sweep the inside and try to make contact with the base team. The soldiers go in and we hear machine gunning. The zombie starts making noises, and the soldier guarding them tells Doc to keep him quiet. Despite his binds, Doc rushes the soldier, but the soldier gets the best of him. Grandpa jumps the soldier though, and he’s toast. Doc and Grandpa look at the entrance to the mountain, and a bunch of soldiers-now-zombies come out.

Doc and Grandpa take off. Roberta appears and yells for them to get down. She shoots the zombie soldiers and then shoots Grandpa before Doc can say anything. Doc tells her that was their guy and he was helping them find Lucy. Murphy says the soldiers are from Zona and their immunity must be failing. Doc tells them that Addie is climbing up. Roberta tells Murphy, let’s go get your daughter.

Addie climbs up the side of the mountain. OMG it’s like the wall in Game of Thrones.

The Man explains what’s happening. He tells the soldiers there might be others coming, and if they get inside, shoot to kill. He starts to leave with Lucy, but she begins to cry. He tells her not to be afraid. She says she doesn’t want anyone else to die. The man says that’s exactly the point; because of her, more people will live. He says that she’s very special and she knows it, and whatever’s left of this world will know it too. She says she doesn’t want to die, and clings to him. He promises to keep her safe. She asks what’s going to happen to her, and he says they’ll find out together. Well, that’s comforting.

He asks her if she’s ready, and they go up a flight of stairs to the outside.

Roberta and the others go into the mountain. Doc tells 5K to stay and keep watch. Sun tells them that 10K is dying. Murphy tells her that he saved him once, and he can do it again. Doc and Roberta split up. Roberta hides behind a pillar and sees a group of soldiers go by. Doc looks out a window and can see the entire coast. They reconvene. Doc tells Roberta maybe they should stash 10K upstairs. Roberta says Lucy is the priority and they’ll deal with 10K when they get back.  They bring him to a spot near the window.

Sun says they have to kill 10K in order to save him, and that Murphy died four years ago. Technically. Murphy is like, I’ve been dead this whole time? Sun says yep, and 10K needs to die too, if he’s going to survive. Murphy says he doesn’t feel dead, and how do they know they’re not all dead, and this is a dream? Roberta slaps him hard, and says if he felt that, then he’s not dead. Sun says someone has to kill 10K.

She tells them, choke, die, bite, inject, in that order. Roberta tells Murphy to get a move on, and he says to give him a break, he just found out he was dead. She tells him to focus. Roberta chokes 10K while Murphy holds him down. Murphy bites him immediately after he dies. Sun does the injection. Nothing happens. Suddenly, Murphy feels something and says 10K is finished. Red says Sun has to save him. Everyone stands around looking helpless. Sun goes to 5K and Doc to let them know. Doc holds 5K.

Whoa! 10K sits up and grabs Murphy, saying he’s not his savior. Murphy says thank God for that. Red is ecstatic, and says she’s glad he’s alive. Roberta says they all are, and Murphy tells her to speak for herself.

Murphy feels something going on with Lucy, and says they have to hurry. Roberta tells Sun to stay with 10K. Red stays too.

Addie is still climbing up the side of the mountain. Her foot occasionally slips. She realizes she has to lose her weapon, because it’s just getting in her way. Reluctantly, she tosses it down.

The Man radios someone, telling them two for transport, and that the deal has changed. Lucy begs him not to make her go. He says it’s not up to him. Operation Bite Mark minus 10K and plus Murphy, keep going up on the inside.

This is the season finale. Waaaaaah! I hope it gets renewed. I always worry about that, because when I really like a show, the chances of it sticking around go down.

A zombie goes by with Addie’s weapon sticking out of its back. Maybe she can get it later. She passes a zombie mountain climber and cuts the rope holding him.

Kaya tries to contact Citizen Z. Nothing. She looks at her Nana sleeping, wondering where he is.

OBM get to where The Man and Lucy are. Murphy is shocked that Lucy is a teenager. Doc tells him that it’s the apocalypse, and none of this sh*t makes sense. Roberta tells Doc to keep her covered. She puts her gun down and walks forward, telling The Man they don’t want any trouble; they just want Lucy. She tells Lucy that this is her daddy, Murphy. Lucy asks The Man if it’s the truth, and he says yes. He tells Roberta take another step and he’ll shoot, but Lucy says no more killing. Murphy shoots, and The Man gets distracted. Lucy runs to Murphy, hugs him, and then slaps him. She asks why he abandoned her, and says he missed her entire childhood. He tells her that a month ago she was a baby, and that he loves her more than anything.

The Man and Roberta fight. The Man gets her in a headlock. He tells Doc careful with the gun. Doc tells Murphy and Lucy to run, but Murphy says, today we fight. The Man and Murphy struggle. The Man says he doesn’t want to kill him, and Murphy says he can’t kill him, he’s already dead. The Man backs up and shoots at Murphy. We see the bullet travel in slow motion, through Murphy and into Roberta.

Roberta falls to the ground. So does Murphy. Doc holds Lucy back. The Man points his gun at Doc. Doc shoots at him, but his gun doesn’t work. The Man picks Lucy up, throwing her over his shoulder. Sun and the rest come up the stairs. Lucy screams.

Addie reaches the top of the wall just as some kind of space ship arrives to take The Man and Lucy away. It says USAF on it. Everyone stares at it, frozen. The Man has set Lucy down, and Addie runs at him, taking him over the edge of the mountain. Lucy follows, and so does 5K, his wings spread. A huge gun comes out of the ship, shooting flames. WTF? Well, they left us hanging with a nuclear bomb the first time, and it doesn’t get much more dire than that.

Yay! Z Nation will be returning in 2017.

Quotes of the Week

There wouldn’t be a parade if there wasn’t Lisa on a bus. — Stassi on Vanderpump Rules

Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all you want. — Jim Rohn

Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty, instead of upon your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.Charles Dickens

Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1942.Kim Zolciak’s daughters, while discussing history on Don’t Be Tardy

December 9, 2016 – Charlotte’s Parents Are Revealed, Addie Fights The Man for Lucy & Some Free Quotes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

 General Hospital

Jason tells Curtis the information had better be good, since he didn’t exactly feel like meeting him.

Nell goes to Sonny’s house. She asks why he needs to see her, and he gives her the necklace she lost. She asks where he found it, and he tells her under the bed. He says if Carly had found it before he did, they’d have a big problem.

Ava tells Julian she hears congrats are in order; he’s being released. She talks about hiring nurses, and he says that won’t be necessary. She wants to hire some professionals, and remain distant and slightly amused at his condition. He tells her that he already has someone who’s perfect for the job.

Alexis puts a vodka nip in her coffee. Best. Takeout. Coffee. Ever.

Nathan tells Griff about his visit to Windemere. He wants to talk with him, thinking maybe they can come up with some more information. Griff gets a call, and says they’ll talk later. Dante tells Nathan that he can’t get ahold of Lulu.

Why isn’t Lulu using her phone? She hears me, and tells Maxie that she can’t get a signal. Maxie thinks Dr. Bellamy is either calling the cops or a total perv. Lulu says the longer they’re in there, the more nervous she’s getting, and they need to get out right now. Maxie opens the window blind and there’s a gate over the window.

On the phone, Dr. Bellamy tells Valentin what Lulu saw in the file. Valentin tells the doctor he’s going to have to clean things up sooner than he thought.

Dante thinks something is wrong. He tells Nathan that whatever the girls are doing in NYC involves Charlotte, not the wedding.

Lulu says no one has done anything to them yet. She says the doctor definitely didn’t buy her story, which means he doesn’t believe why Maxie is there either. Well, I think even if he bought Lulu’s story, he would figure Maxie’s was a ruse to get them in there. Maxie complains about having to go through two exams for nothing. Lulu thinks the doctor must be calling Valentin.

Curtis tells Jason that the footage the police have didn’t tell him anything new, but he realized there must be more footage elsewhere. He chatted up the drugstore manager and voila! He shows Jason a homeless man who probably wasn’t interviewed. Jason sees a guy go behind Julian’s car and then drop a Chinese takeout bag in a trash can. He says they have to find the bag

Sonny asks Nell if they can talk. He says he slept with her and shouldn’t have, and now they have to deal with the consequences. Nell says it’s been rough seeing Carly. She has to brace herself before going into work, so it must be worse for him. She talks about Carly and Sonny’s connection, and says most people don’t have a connection like that. She’s afraid if Carly finds out, the connection might be broken. She agrees they should keep it a secret, and swears she’s not going to hurt any of them. Sonny says he’s figured out a way to resolve the situation.

Ava asks if Julian has vetted the health care professionals he’s hiring. He says she’s been vetted. Ava is like, she not they? She says she hopes whoever it is can double as a bodyguard. Julian says he can’t wait to get out of the hospital. Ava tells him nice try, changing the subject. She says that he’s unusually calm, and she wants to know what’s going on. In the meantime, whoever ran him over is still out there, and he needs to trust the people around him. He says he does, and she tells him to spill it. He says it’s not a healthcare worker at all, but here she is now. Alexis walks in.

Griff tells Dante that Lulu seemed driven, anxious, and determined before she left. He shows Dante and Nathan a picture of Dr. Bellamy on his phone, and explains he had shown it to her. Dante and Nathan leave for NYC.

Dr. Bellamy tells Lulu and Maxie that they’re good hostages. Maxie says it’s not their first rodeo, and Lulu adds that their husbands are detectives. The doctor says she’s probably already figured out that it’s a dead spot, and tells them not to bother screaming; it will just annoy him. Maxie says he’s in trouble, and Dr. Bellamy says they’re the ones who broke in and they need to just sit tight. He leaves, and Maxie tells Lulu that it’s up to them to get themselves out. She starts picking out some surgical instruments for weapons.

Jason digs around in a dumpster. Curtis is just standing there, and Jason says he thought finding the truth was important to him, so get in the other dumpster. Curtis says the way he sees it, Julian was setting Sonny up the whole time. Jason tells him get moving.

Sonny tells Nell that she doesn’t have to deal with it anymore. He says she was working for the school system in Atlanta and even though her position was terminated, he knows people. They have a job waiting for her. He hands her an envelope and says she can start teaching at the beginning of the year and he got her a higher salary. She says he can’t let her go.

Julian tells Ava that Alexis will be taking care of him at Ava’s penthouse. Ava asks how Alexis feels about that. Alexis asks Julian for the paperwork, takes it and walks out. She gives Griff the confidentiality form, so he can tell her what she needs to know to take care of Julian. He doesn’t get it. He says she did everything to put Julian behind bars, and he was under the impression she wanted justice.

Ava tells Julian that Alexis isn’t a nurse, and even if she was, it would be a horrible choice. Ava says he tied to kill her and she tried to put him away. She says no matter how much he clings to the emotional attachment, Alexis doesn’t share it; she hates him. He says contempt is better than indifference. Ava says playing head games with Alexis should be the last thing on his list of concerns. Someone tried to kill him twice, and maybe they won’t fail the third time. All of a sudden, the light bulb comes on, and Ava knows it was Alexis who hit him.

Nell says that Sonny can’t throw her away like garbage. He says he’s not; he’s just trying to help. He thought she could get on with her life. She says she has no friends or family in Atlanta. He doesn’t see how that’s possible. She says where she lives, her qualities aren’t admired, and kindness is considered weakness. Sonny says that’s how he grew up, but Michael taught him that kindness is strength. Nell says that even if she went back, she wouldn’t be able to forget, and it would be a reminder of how she screwed up in Port Charles. She thanks him for reminding her that she has a purpose now. When she met Josslyn, she realized the worst thing that happened to her is the best thing that happened to someone else. She says eventually she’ll forget about what happened between her and Sonny. She wants to continue building her life with the people she cares about, and asks him not to send her away.

Curtis complains to Jason about Julian. He says when he got too close to the truth, Julian terminated their relationship, and no one does that to him. The cop in him wants justice, and if his mom could see him in a dumpster, she’d slap him. Jason asks him to talk less and look more. Curtis finds some old World’s Fair glasses from 1939 that are in perfect condition despite the lack of packing material, and sets them aside. Like any of us would find something that good in a dumpster. Curtis is startled by something and jumps to the top of the dumpster. Jason and I laugh.

Lulu tells Maxie to hide behind the door. She’ll scream to get the doctor in there, and Maxie can jump him. Too late, he’s in already. He says they’re free to leave the exam room, and to put the instruments down; they won’t need them. In the office, Valentin introduces himself to Maxie. He says Lulu must have a lot of questions and she smacks him across the face.

Curtis tells Jason that there was a rat the size of a Doberman. He talks about rats carrying diseases and says now he’s in a dumpster looking for months old garbage. Jason finds a Chinese takeout bag.

Ava is worried about another attempt on Julian’s life. She says he’s making Alexis do this, and they didn’t get along when she was happy with him. She says if Alexis had no qualms about killing him in a public parking lot, why wouldn’t she try in the privacy of the apartment? He says Alexis didn’t try to kill him.

Griff asks how Alexis can be willing to help Julian. She says she’ll answer when he tells her why it’s his business. He says Julian killed his father, which she can’t argue with. She says it’s an emotional situation that’s weighing heavily on her. She would appreciate someone to confide in, and asks if he’s still a priest. He says yes, and she asks if he can keep a confidence.

Sonny says he’s not making Nell do anything. Nell says she understands that he was just sparing her pain. Sonny says just forget about it then. She tells him that she has to get ready for the gala, and asks if he can get her some tea, as she feels light-headed. She promises to never tell Carly about what happened, and Sonny believes her. When he’s out of the room, she listens to what she just recorded on her phone.

The bag Jason finds contains everything you’d need to plant a bomb. Curtis thinks the fingerprints might be preserved as well because of the way it’s wrapped. This doesn’t say much for Julian’s guy, who threw everything out in the same place and in the same bag, while he was being videotaped from several different angles, and left DNA evidence. Seriously, Julian needs to rethink his mob staff.

Valentin says Lulu has every reason to be upset, but he needs to explain. Maxie says imprisoning people it getting to be a thing with him. He tells Dr. Bellamy that he must have a delivery to attend to at the hospital, and the doctor leaves. Valentin asks Lulu to be an adult, because he needs to explain things. She wonders why she should believe anything he says. He tells her that he’s never lied to her except by omission, and there was reason for that. He says it’s awkward, but here they are. He wants to tell her something, but Nathan and Dante bust in. Valentin tells them that there’s something they all deserve to know. How is it possible for these people to travel so quickly? Yesterday, Hayden made it sound like they were close to Niagara Falls.

Maxie tells Nathan that Dr. Bellamy was keeping them prisoner, and wants him to arrest Valentin. Valentin says he knew this day would come, and it’s time they knew the truth. Dante wants to know what happened.

Alexis tells Griff that she doesn’t think her daughters would understand. She doesn’t know how long she can keep it from them, but asks him not to share the information. She says Julian has done horrible things, mostly to her, and she thought she’d hate him forever. When she found out he was in the hospital, she just found herself getting involved. She says the only way she could move on was by forgiving people, including Julian. Griff understands wanting to forgive, but devoting her days to taking care of Julian doesn’t seem like something she’d do.

Julian tells Ava not to say anything, and she says what is she going to do, go to the cops? Julian says it was an accident. Ava says no it wasn’t. He says he knows Alexis is telling the truth, and let’s leave it at that. Ava thinks he’s keeping something from her.

Nell thanks Sonny for the tea, and for finding the necklace. They make small talk. He says he knows what it’s like to fight for your place in the world, and he’s not standing in her way. She takes his hand and promises to stay quiet. Jason walks in. Because he never knocks.

Jason apologizes for barging in. Nell says she’s on her way to meet Michael anyway, and excuses herself. Jason tells Sonny about the security footage. Sonny isn’t paying attention, and Jason asks what he’s missing.

Alexis says she’s sorry that Griff doesn’t’ understand, but he doesn’t have to. He says she’s right, and goes to sign the forms.

Ava doesn’t see how any good can come of this. Julian says he knows what he’s doing and everything will be crystal clear.

Valentin says it’s no secret that Claudette lied about who Charlotte’s father was, but she lied about something else – that she was Charlotte’s mother. He confirms for Lulu that the both of them are Charlotte’s parents.

On Monday, Jason asks Sonny what’s going on, Kiki asks if the offer still stands, and Dillon is shocked about Nina’s new boyfriend. Nina is now consistently calling Valentin her boyfriend, but I find that word odd sounding once you’re past college age. Although I don’t know what other term to use. Significant other sounds clinical. We have to come up with something else.

Z Nation

Addie continues on Lucy’s trail. She sneaks around a marina, hearing laughter somewhere. She sees Lucy playing with a bunch of zombies. She’s also lighting matches near a gas pump. Addie reveals herself, and stomps out a match. Lucy is glad to see her, and shows her how she can play patty-cake with one of the zombies. She says the zombie thinks Addie is her mom. She’s obviously got a connection to them like Murphy does.

Addie asks Lucy where The Man is. Addie tells her that they have to go before The Man gets back, but Lucy says she likes her new friends. Addie says she’ll pike them if Lucy doesn’t get a move on, and Lucy agrees to leave. The Man comes out of nowhere, and says no one is going anywhere. He cracks Addie in the face with a gas can, and she whacks him with her spiked thing. Lucy screams and it carries into the next county.

The Man starts shooting the zombies. He loses his gun and faces Addie. Lucy screams again.

The Man grabs what looks like a metal oar, and they duel, but a zombie comes up behind him. He dispatches it, and then Addie has the same problem. The Man gets her weapon away. He says if she lets Lucy go now, he won’t kill her. Lucy throws a match and some gas is lit on fire. She tells Addie to run, and takes off herself. Addie picks up her weapon and follows. The man walks through the fire after them.

Lucy calls to Addie. The Man follows like Yul Brynner in Westworld, slow and steady, whacking zombies along the way. A zombie pops out of a boat and Addie kills it. The Man tells her she could make things easier and just walk away. She says she could say the same thing for him, and it’s got to do with saving humanity. He asks what humanity has done for her. She says more than some rich a-holes from Zona, and asks what they’ve done for him and why he doesn’t quit. He says everyone has a job to do.

The zombies are accumulating, and Addie gets on one of the boats. Lucy finds an arm and takes a bite. The Man tells her not to eat garbage off the ground. He grabs her and drives away as she screams for Addie.

The fire travels along a rope to the boat. Addie is trapped. The boat starts to fill with smoke, and zombies are gathering. Addie punches out a window and jumps out. The boat explodes as she runs down the pier. She finds her bike, but it’s wrecked. She sees another boat and has an idea. She goes inside and looks for tools, grabbing some liquor too, and eating a piece of discovered chocolate. She goes back out to the bike and tinkers with it. She sees a disembodied arm crawling. Lucy is apparently making the hand point in the direction she’s going in.

Lucy tells The Man he can’t tell her what to do; he’s not her dad. She says they all hate him. She lists their names, and he says he doesn’t know them. She says he killed them, and they’re going to eat him. She sing-songs, you’re gonna die; they’re gonna eat you, and he yells at her to sit down and shut up. She says he can’t make her; she’s a magical princess. He slams into a zombie on the road which distresses Lucy. She sings again, and he runs another one down. After the third time, she says she’ll promise to be quiet. She does that I’m-locking-my-lips gesture and he pretends to take the key.

Addie gets the bike going again and heads north, the direction the arm is pointing. She sees the car in the distance and goes through the forest. The Man sees two cars blocking the road. Were those there or is Addie that fast? The Man gets out, drawing his gun. Someone shoots him. Addie comes out and kicks the gun away from his body. I guess she is that fast. She gets in the car. Lucy tells her The Man is mean. Addie asks which way he was taking her; they’re going to go in the opposite direction. As soon as they’re gone, The Man’s hand twitches.

Doc follows Addie’s trail. She’s left him a message scrawled on the boathouse. He sees the arm and figures it’s talking to him. It points. He says Lucy is a genius, and when a zombie arm tells you to go north, go north.

Addie takes Lucy shopping. She sees no reason Lucy can’t be stylish, and tells her no jumpsuits or overalls. Lucy sees a bra, and Addie tells her it’s a medieval torture device, and explains what it’s for. Lucy asks if her mom wore one, and Addie says probably. Lucy says her mom was a warrior queen, but left her. Addie says she sacrificed herself – she died so Lucy could live. Lucy asks if she’s dead dead and Addie says yes; she was there. Lucy says she doesn’t know everything. Her mom was special, and her dad wouldn’t let her die. As Lucy gets agitated, so do the zombies wandering around. Lucy tells Addie to leave her alone, because she’s suddenly a tween.

The Man comes to. The bullet hasn’t gone all the way into him, and he pulls it out of his chest.

Addie tells Lucy they have to go. Lucy says she wants her mom. Addie says she’s old enough to understand that people die. The more you love them the more likely they are to bite it unexpectedly. Lucy says her father would have saved her mom, but Addie says there were too many zombies even for him. Lucy asks how her mom saved her. Addie says she killed a lot of zombies who were after her. Lucy asks why they always have to kill. Addie says they’re not like her, and if they don’t kill the zombies, the zombies will kill them. Lucy says the zombies just don’t know any better. Addie says they don’t know anything. It’s just a dead body and a virus keeping it going.

Lucy gets into the zombies’ heads, and tells Addie their names. Uh-oh. The Man is suddenly there.

The Man takes Lucy outside, but she takes off running. Addie follows them. Lucy runs to a creek. Addie almost gets the man with her weapon, but he smacks it out of her hand as well as her gun. They fist fight. The Man knocks Addie out. Lucy picks up a rock and throws it at him. Addie recovers and jumps on his back. He twists her arm behind her back and dislocates her shoulder. She grabs him with the other arm. He drags her to the water and tries to drown her. Lucy says she’ll go. Addie stops moving, but I don’t think she’s dead. The Man scoops Lucy up.

Back at the car, The Man tells Lucy to be quiet or he’ll shut her mouth for her, and binds her wrists with duct tape. They drive away. Lucy tells The Man she’s in pain. She smacks him and he stops the car. She breaks the bonds around her wrists. She’s a teenager now, and jumps into the front seat. The Man is like, oh no, a teen, and she starts crying. I think she has PMS. She gets out and he follows. She wants chocolate. Yep, PMS. He tries to grab her, and she tries to bite him. She says she needs chocolate. The zombies start growling and he says, fine. He piggybacks her, and she says next time just do what she says.

Doc bicycles along. He sees a car leaving a trail of fire. It’s a DeLorean. Another Doc and 10K get out, like Marty McFly and Doc in Back to the Future. Future Doc tells real Doc to get in. Doc asks if it won’t mess up the time continuum, and the car disappears. He pulls a joint out of his pocket and smells it.

Addie wakes up on the rocks and sees a zombie. She can’t move very fast, but luckily, neither can he. She gets up and moves along the rocks into the forest. Another zombie joins him, but Addie is having a hard time getting it together. She whacks them both, but nearly faints from shoulder pain.

The Man takes Lucy to a general store and looks for chocolate. She asks what’s wrong with him that he can’t find it. He tells her that it’s the apocalypse and not many treats are left. She says it’s not a treat, it’s medicine; that’s what Addie told her. He tells her to keep the zombies back, and she laughs because he’s afraid of them. All of a sudden, she  says she’s bleeding and dying. She gets up, leaving a blue puddle, and gets hysterical. The Man tells her to stop screaming. He says she’s just growing up. He says she’s fine, and they’ll get her chocolate somewhere else.

Lucy tells him to go. The zombies look at him in a threatening manner, and she tells him to go now.

Addie gets up. She slams her shoulder into a tree to reset it. I feel her pain.

The Man says Lucy is his responsibility, and he’s not leaving without her. He says he’ll kill her friends, and she tells him they’re ready to die for her. She bites one of them and tells The Man not to follow her. She walks out and he’s left with the rest of the zombies.

Addie moves along the creek.

Lucy gets in the car. The zombie stands next to the car, telepathically telling her how to drive. She takes off. The Man comes out to see her drive away. He calls to her and stands in her pathway. She says let’s see how you like it, and runs him down.

Addie is back at her bike, but hears a car and hides. Lucy pulls over. She tells Addie that was awesome. She says that her friends helped her get away. The Man grabs Lucy from under the truck. I say oh sh*t! out loud. Addie tells him not to hurt her; she’s too valuable. The Man says Addie isn’t, and he’ll kill her next time, no matter how much Lucy cries. He drives off with Lucy.

Addie is a mess, but gets back on the bike. It won’t start. She scratchess DXD with an arrow into it. A car comes by and she flags it down. She puts down her weapon, acting like she’s harmless, but draws her gun and says it’s an emergency. The woman says screw you, and tries to grab her own gun, but Addie is faster and pulls her out of the car. She says nothing personal, just the survival of humanity, and drives away. The woman chases the car. Addie sees a little girl in the back seat. She tells her she can’t go where Addie is going, and her mommy will find her. She leaves the girl on the road with the gun.  The little girl immediately shoots a zombie. Her mother comes running to her, but the girl looks nonplussed.

Addie sees Doc. She stops the car and gets out. They look at one another, saying nothing. They both get in the car. The poor zombie from the store stumbles up the road.

Next time, a hitchhiking zombie and Murphy is out to kill The Man.

Quotes of the Week

I love walking in your front door. It gives me a moment in my gown. — Porsha to Phaedra on The Real Housewives of Atlanta – please note that this was at midday

If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you do read it, you’re misinformed.Denzel Washington

If God sends you on stony paths, He will provide you with strong shoes.Alexander McLaren