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August 11, 2017 – Sonny Gets Questioned, an Endorsement, Quotes & Zombie News


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Prosecutor and pseudo Will Smith asks Alexis if Julian was acting as Olivia-J’s accomplice. She says he was coerced, and Will asks if the night on the bridge could have been avoided if Julian had told her. She says maybe, but he shouldn’t be held accountable for Olivia’s actions. He asks would she have gone to the police if she’d known. Alexis says yes, and he says bloodshed could have been avoided. This is kind of a poor angle, since the only blood that was shed was Julian’s.

Dante and Nathan laugh about Mac and Felicia getting caught while getting busy in the park. Dante says he heard Maxie is riled up about Man Landers’s advice.

Sonny walks around with a cane a little bit. Carly doesn’t want him doing too much too soon. She brings up the last time he had a bullet wound, and pretended he was in a wheelchair. He says she has to trust him. She says she knows he wouldn’t keep a secret again. He thinks about Sam shooting him.

Jason asks if Sam had a bad dream, but she says it wasn’t a dream.

Finn hears Hayden on the phone, saying that she’s Rachel Berlin from White Hat Medical Supplies. He’s looking for the card he lost, and asks what the phone call was about. She tells him some baloney about it being something for the wedding, and he asks why she was calling herself Rachel Berlin.

Scotty asks Alexis what her recollection of those hours is, and she says tumultuous. She was drugged, kidnapped, and handcuffed to the bridge. Scotty asks why she’s still alive, and Alexis says Julian. Olivia used her as bait. She wanted him to shoot Alexis to take away the most precious thing to him, and if he didn’t do it, she’d shoot Alexis herself. Will Smith objects, but the judge lets it ride. Scotty asks if Julian is just a bad shot. Alexis says he’s excellent; he aimed at the handcuffs instead, freed her, and yelled at her to run. When she looked back, Olivia was by herself. It was confirmed later that she shot Julian, and he fell into the water. Scotty asks if his actions were those of a coward. Alexis says no, and he asks if Julian put his life on the line to save her, and if that wasn’t true heroism. Another objection, but Alexis says it was.

Hayden tells Finn that she typed in her old name, and it slips out sometimes. He asks if White Hat isn’t the company that was just flagged for suspicious activity. He says she seems uncomfortable, and she says he snuck up on her. He asks if she’s rethinking things. Hayden says she’s doing everything to make sure they get married, but it’s not enough. Finn asks what’s going on.

Carly thinks Sonny isn’t taking recovery seriously, and says he’ll be hobbling on one leg forever if he doesn’t do his physical therapy. He’s like, all right, all right. She apologizes, and says that other than when babies are born, whenever she’s at the hospital, it’s because something terrible happened. She wants things to change, and Sonny says they will. I hate to tell her, but other than new babies and maybe plastic surgery, most reasons to be in the hospital are terrible for everyone. Mob people problems.

Sam tells Jason that she wasn’t too sick to buy a gun and shoot Sonny. Jason says she didn’t understand what she was doing. She says that he sounds like a lawyer, and asks if he talked to Diane. He says no, and there’s no reason he should have to. There are only three people who know about it – Sam, him, and Sonny. Sam isn’t comfortable with that.

Dante tells Nathan that there are a couple of loose ends, but Sonny’s account matches with everything. He says the guns are missing, and there’s this, handing Nathan the ballistics report. The bullets taken from Sonny’s leg and vest don’t match. Dante says they have an interview to conduct.

Jason tells Sam that it’s never going to happen again. Sam says it will be on her conscience for the rest of her life, and she wants to take responsibility. Jason says at the very least, she’ll be investigated, and she’s still sick. He says hospital is better than jail, and if she says something now, it will hurt a lot of people. Sam doesn’t want to hurt Sonny any more than she already has, and they agree it’s the best solution. Jason tells her everything will work out.

Sonny insists that he’s getting out of the business; he wants it as much as Carly does. Carly says it will be difficult. He’s had a lot of power for a lot of years, and if he’s having second thoughts, she gets it. He asks if she’s trying to talk him out of it, and she says no, but she knows it’s for her. He says it’s for all of them and Morgan’s memory. Carly says the most important thing is to be honest. It’s the only way it’s going to work.

Finn asks Hayden if she’s in trouble. He says to talk to him, and she asks if he thinks she’s stealing from GH. He says no, but an outsider might think so. He believes her, but wants her to understand that someone else might think she’s pulling a scam. She says this is different. She’s going to give the money back.

Scotty asks if Alexis’s feelings toward Julian have changed, and she says she was livid, but her feelings have tempered. He asks why that happened, and she says is was when she got the letter from Julian. Scotty produces the letter, and asks her to read it as evidence. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve heard this like five times, about how Olivia had a hold on him and how much he loves Alexis, so I’ll take a short nap. Scotty asks if it changed her perspective, and Alexis says he was under duress, and an unwilling partner with Olivia in order to keep his family alive. Scotty asks why he perpetuated the lie about Olivia’s identity, and she says to protect his family. He asks about their relationship. Alexis says it was estranged, but knowing the truth makes it easier to be in his presence. Scotty asks if it was enough to rekindle the flame, and Julian jumps up, saying, enough. The judge tells his lawyer to get him under control.

Hayden admits to taking the money. She shows Finn the accounts she set up. She says that she didn’t take that much, and couldn’t go through with it; she’s returning it. She finishes putting the money back, and says when he walked in, that’s what she was doing, but she’s afraid he’s thinking she just did it because she was caught. He asks why she did it, since they have money. She tells him that she wanted to buy their freedom from her ex-husband.

Carly asks Sonny if he remembers anything. He says he was shot and left in a hole, what’s to remember? She asks what about after, but he says it’s a blank. Jason comes in, and Carly goes to see about getting Sonny discharged. Sonny tells Jason he needs the case closed now. Carly is talking about trust and honesty, and it will get ugly. He says they’ll figure it out, and tell her what they need to. Sonny asks about Sam, and Jason says that she’s struggling. They agree that she can’t confess. Dante and Nathan come in. Sonny tells them that he’s getting out soon. Dante wants to ask some questions about the night he got shot.

Sam sees Carly at the desk. She says she needed to talk to Sonny, but owes Carly a conversation.

Scotty asks Alexis if she sees herself forgiving Julian. Will Smith objects, and the judge says if Scotty doesn’t move along, she’ll assume he’s stalling the court. He’s finished, and the judge orders the court to be in recess until the morning. After one witness, who talked for maybe twenty minutes. Julian tells Alexis he had no idea that Scotty was going that route. It wasn’t the plan.

Hayden tells Finn that her ex showed up out of nowhere, making demands. Finn asks if it’s the guy who popped into her office, saying they’d worked together. She says if Jared had given his real name, he’d have lost his leverage. She tells Finn about driving drunk and hitting the girl. Finn asks if she died, and Hayden says no, but she was hurt badly. Jared took the fall, under the condition that her father’s money and connections would get him off, but he ended up going to prison. Through her tears, Hayden says now he knows everything. Finn asks why she didn’t come to him right away; was she too ashamed? She says it wasn’t her proudest moment, but Finn says it’s not like he doesn’t know shame or guilt, or self-loathing. He knows all of that, and she saw him through his recovery. She says she did it for him, at least that’s what she told herself. She was afraid he’d go back to doing drugs if he knew the truth.

Dante asks Sonny to take him through the night he got shot. Sonny says he went to pay Spencer’s ransom. The Garveman was there, and ultimately it wasn’t about Spencer, but about him. He doesn’t remember what happened after he was shot, and says that sometimes when you’re bleeding for 24-hours, it does something to your memory. The last thing he remembers is Garvey hitting him in the vest. Dante asks if someone else was there, and Sonny says not that he recalls. Dante tells him the bullet in his vest and the one in his leg came from two different guns. Sonny thinks about getting a leg vest. Not really, but it would be a good idea.

Carly says good to see Sam up and around. Sam says it wasn’t easy, and Carly tells her to let her know if there’s anything she can do. Sam says she’s the one who should be telling Carly that. Carly says that it’s awful to be thankful that someone’s dead, but when she thinks about almost losing Sonny… She says that she doesn’t want to dwell on it or take over the conversation, and asks what Sam was going to tell her. Sam says she needs to tell her the truth.

Sonny tells Dante that he wishes he could tell him, but doesn’t remember. Dante thanks him for his time. Sonny says he’ll let them know if he remembers anything. They leave, and Jason asks if Sonny thinks that’s the end of it. Sonny says not by a long shot.

Carly tells Sam that it sounds heavy. Sam says that her illness affected her head, and she didn’t see things clearly, and some of what she was seeing wasn’t there. She was scared all the time, of things she hadn’t been afraid of before, like losing Jason. Every time he left, she’d panic. Carly says that’s not crazy, but Sam says this was different. She says she’d do and say things that she’d do anything to take back, and it involves Sonny. She went off on him. She was afraid he’d take Jason away and put him in danger. Carly says that was just the illness talking; he would never do that. Sam says that Sonny told her that, but she really thought it was true, so she had to do something about it.

Finn tells Hayden she didn’t have much faith in his recovery if she thought a piece of bad news would cause a relapse. He might have needed some time, but he would have understood and stayed clean. She says maybe it was an easier excuse than facing that she’s a coward. She brings up Reiko, and says she’s always there, hovering in supreme glory, and can do no wrong for the rest of their lives because she’s dead. She immediately apologizes, saying she didn’t mean it. She should apologize. That was really unfair. Finn says that he loved Reiko and thought she was perfect, but he let it go, and accepted the loss, because he loves Hayden more than anything. He thought that they understood each other, but she can’t even turn to him because she thinks he might relapse. Finn doesn’t doesn’t know what to do, and Hayden says he does. He just doesn’t want to say the words.

Julian tells Alexis that he never told Scotty about anything between them. He came up with it on his own. Alexis says she’s sorry if she disappointed him with her testimony, and he says it’s not a surprise that she hasn’t forgiven him. She says that she didn’t even know she was thinking it. Julian understands how she feels, and she’s glad that she didn’t blindside him. Scotty tells her to get out before she does more damage. Julian says she was just telling the truth, and asks Alexis what she would have said about forgiving him. She tells him that she’s committed to living life one day at a time, and doesn’t know what future holds.

Finn tells Hayden not to put words in his mouth. He’s trying to wrap his head around it. Some other couple would be torn apart, but not them. He loves her, and having a baby; life, for better or worse, and right now it’s worse. He says they can’t just say the right things, but need to live and honor them. Hayden tells him to let her know when he figures it out, and leaves. I’m puzzled. It seemed like it was going her way.

Dante and Nathan discuss Sonny. There’s something he doesn’t want them to find out. Dante supposes that Garvelino could have had two guns, but Nathan says that’s unlikely. Dante says then they’ll go with the second shooter theory. Maybe it’s someone from the five families. He thinks maybe Sonny is afraid of starting a mob war. Nathan says so much for getting out.

Carly tells Sam that she’s not accountable. Sam says she was so scared, and would have done anything to protect Jason. Sonny and Jason join them, and Jason takes Sam back to her room. Carly tells Sonny that Sam seems shaken not stirred up, and the symptoms of her sickness sound awful. Carly asks if Sam talked to him, and yelled at him about Jason. Sonny says it was nothing; she wasn’t in her right mind. Carly says it seemed like something more to Sam, and asks if he has any idea what it might be.

On Monday, Monica decides who goes and who stays, Jason wants to talk to Julian about Sam, and Obrecht and Jared team up.

🦄 Highly recommended – Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, on rotation on Showtime. An excellent adaption of the book, with some truly creepy creatures, and of course peculiar children. An amazing cast as well. I was especially delighted to see Terence Stamp. Just perfect.

Quotes of the Week

I’ve had so many false starts. But if it’s easy, what story are you going to tell? Nobody wants to hear about how easy it was. That doesn’t inspire anyone. Taraji P. Henson

I have no doubt that she would piss off a statue.Dr. Phil, referring to a future monster-in-law.

I got through my own father’s death. You think I can’t get through a man getting elected president of the United States? It was so absurd. – Norm McDonald (Thank you.)

Good News

Z Nation will be back in September on the Sy – we can’t spell – Fy network. Among other new faces, Henry Rollins will be joining the cast. I can’t wait! Unfortunately, it looks like The Man won’t be back. But hey, that looks like Michael Berryman (from the original The Hills Have Eyes, among many other films) on the bottom left.

🙀 You can read more about Z Nation here:


December 16, 2016 – No GH, Lots of Zombies & Four Quotes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Due to presidential circumstances beyond my control, there was no General Hospital today. Why, why, why is it always at 3 pm? I rushed home from Christmas shopping hoping they were going to reveal who the mystery person is, only to see the horrifying words “Special Report.” It’s my understanding that today’s episode will be shown on Monday, throwing off the entire Port Charles holiday season.

Z Nation

The Man tells Lucy no one is coming for her and she has to think about her future, especially at the rate she’s aging.

Doc tells Addie that their car needs oil. They see a hitchhiking zombie in a sweater that says Grandpa on it. Addie stops the car. Doc thinks he’s trippin’, but Addie says she sees it too. They back up. The zombie comes toward the car, but as Addie is about to shoot, he says, “Lucy.” They bind him with duct tape and put him in the back seat. Doc gives him a pair of sunglasses so he doesn’t look as weird. Addie instructs Doc not to get him stoned.

The Murphy caravan pulls over. Red asks 10K how he’s holding up, and he says he’s just tired. Murphy examines his new KISSish look in the mirror. Kaya gets through to Roberta. She tells Roberta to change course to intercept The Man. She fades out and Murphy starts to freak because they couldn’t hear the coordinates. They get her back and she repeats them. There’s been no word from Citizen Z for the past 12 hours. Murphy tells Roberta he’s counting on her.

Lucy mentally contacts the zombie in Addie’s car. Doc thinks he’s dead, but Addie says he’s receiving and Lucy is transmitting. Doc calls it an apocalyptic GPS.

Red blows the car horn and pulls over. 10K is having a seizure. Sun examines him, and he has an infected wound . Murphy tells Roberta that making the right decision is her strength. She tells Sun they have to keep moving and Red should drive.

Lucy continues to transmit. The Man drives the car into the woods and then into a mountain, where a weird invisible door has opened up. They get out of the car and The Man tells Lucy no talking. They walk through a corridor that’s wet and dark, and includes a zombie banging its head against the wall. It tries to attack them, and The Man shoots it. Lucy tells him that she couldn’t communicate with it. More zombies come toward them. The Man shoots them, but they just keep coming. Some soldiers come out with machine guns, and The Man tells Lucy to get down. The soldiers mow down the zombie crowd. The Man tells Lucy not to be afraid, and that he won’t let anyone harm her.

A soldier asks if she’s infected. The Man says she’s the package. He’s supposed to meet someone from Zona. He needs access to the LZ and a radio to let someone know they’ve arrived. Lucy is pretty frightened, but he tells her it will be all right.

Addie tells Doc they’re running on fumes. They stop the car and get out, bringing the zombie along. He keeps repeating Lucy’s name, and leads them through the forest. They come to the mountain, but Doc says he doesn’t see a doorbell. Addie says she doesn’t think that’s their way in and looks up. Doc asks what about Grandpa and she tells him to stay with the zombie since he’s all they’ve got.

Doc does some Z-weed vaping, while the zombie continues to point. Doc closes his eyes for a moment and when he opens them, sees some parachuters. Soldiers suddenly come out from everywhere. They knock Doc in the head. Doc tells them not to shoot the zombie. One of them says he might be the package. They tie Doc and Grandpa together back to back.

One of the soldiers tells Doc he’s going to answer some questions, but he’s only to nod or shake his head. Every time Doc speaks, he gets a smack. The soldiers are given instructions to sweep the inside and try to make contact with the base team. The soldiers go in and we hear machine gunning. The zombie starts making noises, and the soldier guarding them tells Doc to keep him quiet. Despite his binds, Doc rushes the soldier, but the soldier gets the best of him. Grandpa jumps the soldier though, and he’s toast. Doc and Grandpa look at the entrance to the mountain, and a bunch of soldiers-now-zombies come out.

Doc and Grandpa take off. Roberta appears and yells for them to get down. She shoots the zombie soldiers and then shoots Grandpa before Doc can say anything. Doc tells her that was their guy and he was helping them find Lucy. Murphy says the soldiers are from Zona and their immunity must be failing. Doc tells them that Addie is climbing up. Roberta tells Murphy, let’s go get your daughter.

Addie climbs up the side of the mountain. OMG it’s like the wall in Game of Thrones.

The Man explains what’s happening. He tells the soldiers there might be others coming, and if they get inside, shoot to kill. He starts to leave with Lucy, but she begins to cry. He tells her not to be afraid. She says she doesn’t want anyone else to die. The man says that’s exactly the point; because of her, more people will live. He says that she’s very special and she knows it, and whatever’s left of this world will know it too. She says she doesn’t want to die, and clings to him. He promises to keep her safe. She asks what’s going to happen to her, and he says they’ll find out together. Well, that’s comforting.

He asks her if she’s ready, and they go up a flight of stairs to the outside.

Roberta and the others go into the mountain. Doc tells 5K to stay and keep watch. Sun tells them that 10K is dying. Murphy tells her that he saved him once, and he can do it again. Doc and Roberta split up. Roberta hides behind a pillar and sees a group of soldiers go by. Doc looks out a window and can see the entire coast. They reconvene. Doc tells Roberta maybe they should stash 10K upstairs. Roberta says Lucy is the priority and they’ll deal with 10K when they get back.  They bring him to a spot near the window.

Sun says they have to kill 10K in order to save him, and that Murphy died four years ago. Technically. Murphy is like, I’ve been dead this whole time? Sun says yep, and 10K needs to die too, if he’s going to survive. Murphy says he doesn’t feel dead, and how do they know they’re not all dead, and this is a dream? Roberta slaps him hard, and says if he felt that, then he’s not dead. Sun says someone has to kill 10K.

She tells them, choke, die, bite, inject, in that order. Roberta tells Murphy to get a move on, and he says to give him a break, he just found out he was dead. She tells him to focus. Roberta chokes 10K while Murphy holds him down. Murphy bites him immediately after he dies. Sun does the injection. Nothing happens. Suddenly, Murphy feels something and says 10K is finished. Red says Sun has to save him. Everyone stands around looking helpless. Sun goes to 5K and Doc to let them know. Doc holds 5K.

Whoa! 10K sits up and grabs Murphy, saying he’s not his savior. Murphy says thank God for that. Red is ecstatic, and says she’s glad he’s alive. Roberta says they all are, and Murphy tells her to speak for herself.

Murphy feels something going on with Lucy, and says they have to hurry. Roberta tells Sun to stay with 10K. Red stays too.

Addie is still climbing up the side of the mountain. Her foot occasionally slips. She realizes she has to lose her weapon, because it’s just getting in her way. Reluctantly, she tosses it down.

The Man radios someone, telling them two for transport, and that the deal has changed. Lucy begs him not to make her go. He says it’s not up to him. Operation Bite Mark minus 10K and plus Murphy, keep going up on the inside.

This is the season finale. Waaaaaah! I hope it gets renewed. I always worry about that, because when I really like a show, the chances of it sticking around go down.

A zombie goes by with Addie’s weapon sticking out of its back. Maybe she can get it later. She passes a zombie mountain climber and cuts the rope holding him.

Kaya tries to contact Citizen Z. Nothing. She looks at her Nana sleeping, wondering where he is.

OBM get to where The Man and Lucy are. Murphy is shocked that Lucy is a teenager. Doc tells him that it’s the apocalypse, and none of this sh*t makes sense. Roberta tells Doc to keep her covered. She puts her gun down and walks forward, telling The Man they don’t want any trouble; they just want Lucy. She tells Lucy that this is her daddy, Murphy. Lucy asks The Man if it’s the truth, and he says yes. He tells Roberta take another step and he’ll shoot, but Lucy says no more killing. Murphy shoots, and The Man gets distracted. Lucy runs to Murphy, hugs him, and then slaps him. She asks why he abandoned her, and says he missed her entire childhood. He tells her that a month ago she was a baby, and that he loves her more than anything.

The Man and Roberta fight. The Man gets her in a headlock. He tells Doc careful with the gun. Doc tells Murphy and Lucy to run, but Murphy says, today we fight. The Man and Murphy struggle. The Man says he doesn’t want to kill him, and Murphy says he can’t kill him, he’s already dead. The Man backs up and shoots at Murphy. We see the bullet travel in slow motion, through Murphy and into Roberta.

Roberta falls to the ground. So does Murphy. Doc holds Lucy back. The Man points his gun at Doc. Doc shoots at him, but his gun doesn’t work. The Man picks Lucy up, throwing her over his shoulder. Sun and the rest come up the stairs. Lucy screams.

Addie reaches the top of the wall just as some kind of space ship arrives to take The Man and Lucy away. It says USAF on it. Everyone stares at it, frozen. The Man has set Lucy down, and Addie runs at him, taking him over the edge of the mountain. Lucy follows, and so does 5K, his wings spread. A huge gun comes out of the ship, shooting flames. WTF? Well, they left us hanging with a nuclear bomb the first time, and it doesn’t get much more dire than that.

Yay! Z Nation will be returning in 2017.

Quotes of the Week

There wouldn’t be a parade if there wasn’t Lisa on a bus. — Stassi on Vanderpump Rules

Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all you want. — Jim Rohn

Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty, instead of upon your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.Charles Dickens

Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1942.Kim Zolciak’s daughters, while discussing history on Don’t Be Tardy

December 9, 2016 – Charlotte’s Parents Are Revealed, Addie Fights The Man for Lucy & Some Free Quotes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

 General Hospital

Jason tells Curtis the information had better be good, since he didn’t exactly feel like meeting him.

Nell goes to Sonny’s house. She asks why he needs to see her, and he gives her the necklace she lost. She asks where he found it, and he tells her under the bed. He says if Carly had found it before he did, they’d have a big problem.

Ava tells Julian she hears congrats are in order; he’s being released. She talks about hiring nurses, and he says that won’t be necessary. She wants to hire some professionals, and remain distant and slightly amused at his condition. He tells her that he already has someone who’s perfect for the job.

Alexis puts a vodka nip in her coffee. Best. Takeout. Coffee. Ever.

Nathan tells Griff about his visit to Windemere. He wants to talk with him, thinking maybe they can come up with some more information. Griff gets a call, and says they’ll talk later. Dante tells Nathan that he can’t get ahold of Lulu.

Why isn’t Lulu using her phone? She hears me, and tells Maxie that she can’t get a signal. Maxie thinks Dr. Bellamy is either calling the cops or a total perv. Lulu says the longer they’re in there, the more nervous she’s getting, and they need to get out right now. Maxie opens the window blind and there’s a gate over the window.

On the phone, Dr. Bellamy tells Valentin what Lulu saw in the file. Valentin tells the doctor he’s going to have to clean things up sooner than he thought.

Dante thinks something is wrong. He tells Nathan that whatever the girls are doing in NYC involves Charlotte, not the wedding.

Lulu says no one has done anything to them yet. She says the doctor definitely didn’t buy her story, which means he doesn’t believe why Maxie is there either. Well, I think even if he bought Lulu’s story, he would figure Maxie’s was a ruse to get them in there. Maxie complains about having to go through two exams for nothing. Lulu thinks the doctor must be calling Valentin.

Curtis tells Jason that the footage the police have didn’t tell him anything new, but he realized there must be more footage elsewhere. He chatted up the drugstore manager and voila! He shows Jason a homeless man who probably wasn’t interviewed. Jason sees a guy go behind Julian’s car and then drop a Chinese takeout bag in a trash can. He says they have to find the bag

Sonny asks Nell if they can talk. He says he slept with her and shouldn’t have, and now they have to deal with the consequences. Nell says it’s been rough seeing Carly. She has to brace herself before going into work, so it must be worse for him. She talks about Carly and Sonny’s connection, and says most people don’t have a connection like that. She’s afraid if Carly finds out, the connection might be broken. She agrees they should keep it a secret, and swears she’s not going to hurt any of them. Sonny says he’s figured out a way to resolve the situation.

Ava asks if Julian has vetted the health care professionals he’s hiring. He says she’s been vetted. Ava is like, she not they? She says she hopes whoever it is can double as a bodyguard. Julian says he can’t wait to get out of the hospital. Ava tells him nice try, changing the subject. She says that he’s unusually calm, and she wants to know what’s going on. In the meantime, whoever ran him over is still out there, and he needs to trust the people around him. He says he does, and she tells him to spill it. He says it’s not a healthcare worker at all, but here she is now. Alexis walks in.

Griff tells Dante that Lulu seemed driven, anxious, and determined before she left. He shows Dante and Nathan a picture of Dr. Bellamy on his phone, and explains he had shown it to her. Dante and Nathan leave for NYC.

Dr. Bellamy tells Lulu and Maxie that they’re good hostages. Maxie says it’s not their first rodeo, and Lulu adds that their husbands are detectives. The doctor says she’s probably already figured out that it’s a dead spot, and tells them not to bother screaming; it will just annoy him. Maxie says he’s in trouble, and Dr. Bellamy says they’re the ones who broke in and they need to just sit tight. He leaves, and Maxie tells Lulu that it’s up to them to get themselves out. She starts picking out some surgical instruments for weapons.

Jason digs around in a dumpster. Curtis is just standing there, and Jason says he thought finding the truth was important to him, so get in the other dumpster. Curtis says the way he sees it, Julian was setting Sonny up the whole time. Jason tells him get moving.

Sonny tells Nell that she doesn’t have to deal with it anymore. He says she was working for the school system in Atlanta and even though her position was terminated, he knows people. They have a job waiting for her. He hands her an envelope and says she can start teaching at the beginning of the year and he got her a higher salary. She says he can’t let her go.

Julian tells Ava that Alexis will be taking care of him at Ava’s penthouse. Ava asks how Alexis feels about that. Alexis asks Julian for the paperwork, takes it and walks out. She gives Griff the confidentiality form, so he can tell her what she needs to know to take care of Julian. He doesn’t get it. He says she did everything to put Julian behind bars, and he was under the impression she wanted justice.

Ava tells Julian that Alexis isn’t a nurse, and even if she was, it would be a horrible choice. Ava says he tied to kill her and she tried to put him away. She says no matter how much he clings to the emotional attachment, Alexis doesn’t share it; she hates him. He says contempt is better than indifference. Ava says playing head games with Alexis should be the last thing on his list of concerns. Someone tried to kill him twice, and maybe they won’t fail the third time. All of a sudden, the light bulb comes on, and Ava knows it was Alexis who hit him.

Nell says that Sonny can’t throw her away like garbage. He says he’s not; he’s just trying to help. He thought she could get on with her life. She says she has no friends or family in Atlanta. He doesn’t see how that’s possible. She says where she lives, her qualities aren’t admired, and kindness is considered weakness. Sonny says that’s how he grew up, but Michael taught him that kindness is strength. Nell says that even if she went back, she wouldn’t be able to forget, and it would be a reminder of how she screwed up in Port Charles. She thanks him for reminding her that she has a purpose now. When she met Josslyn, she realized the worst thing that happened to her is the best thing that happened to someone else. She says eventually she’ll forget about what happened between her and Sonny. She wants to continue building her life with the people she cares about, and asks him not to send her away.

Curtis complains to Jason about Julian. He says when he got too close to the truth, Julian terminated their relationship, and no one does that to him. The cop in him wants justice, and if his mom could see him in a dumpster, she’d slap him. Jason asks him to talk less and look more. Curtis finds some old World’s Fair glasses from 1939 that are in perfect condition despite the lack of packing material, and sets them aside. Like any of us would find something that good in a dumpster. Curtis is startled by something and jumps to the top of the dumpster. Jason and I laugh.

Lulu tells Maxie to hide behind the door. She’ll scream to get the doctor in there, and Maxie can jump him. Too late, he’s in already. He says they’re free to leave the exam room, and to put the instruments down; they won’t need them. In the office, Valentin introduces himself to Maxie. He says Lulu must have a lot of questions and she smacks him across the face.

Curtis tells Jason that there was a rat the size of a Doberman. He talks about rats carrying diseases and says now he’s in a dumpster looking for months old garbage. Jason finds a Chinese takeout bag.

Ava is worried about another attempt on Julian’s life. She says he’s making Alexis do this, and they didn’t get along when she was happy with him. She says if Alexis had no qualms about killing him in a public parking lot, why wouldn’t she try in the privacy of the apartment? He says Alexis didn’t try to kill him.

Griff asks how Alexis can be willing to help Julian. She says she’ll answer when he tells her why it’s his business. He says Julian killed his father, which she can’t argue with. She says it’s an emotional situation that’s weighing heavily on her. She would appreciate someone to confide in, and asks if he’s still a priest. He says yes, and she asks if he can keep a confidence.

Sonny says he’s not making Nell do anything. Nell says she understands that he was just sparing her pain. Sonny says just forget about it then. She tells him that she has to get ready for the gala, and asks if he can get her some tea, as she feels light-headed. She promises to never tell Carly about what happened, and Sonny believes her. When he’s out of the room, she listens to what she just recorded on her phone.

The bag Jason finds contains everything you’d need to plant a bomb. Curtis thinks the fingerprints might be preserved as well because of the way it’s wrapped. This doesn’t say much for Julian’s guy, who threw everything out in the same place and in the same bag, while he was being videotaped from several different angles, and left DNA evidence. Seriously, Julian needs to rethink his mob staff.

Valentin says Lulu has every reason to be upset, but he needs to explain. Maxie says imprisoning people it getting to be a thing with him. He tells Dr. Bellamy that he must have a delivery to attend to at the hospital, and the doctor leaves. Valentin asks Lulu to be an adult, because he needs to explain things. She wonders why she should believe anything he says. He tells her that he’s never lied to her except by omission, and there was reason for that. He says it’s awkward, but here they are. He wants to tell her something, but Nathan and Dante bust in. Valentin tells them that there’s something they all deserve to know. How is it possible for these people to travel so quickly? Yesterday, Hayden made it sound like they were close to Niagara Falls.

Maxie tells Nathan that Dr. Bellamy was keeping them prisoner, and wants him to arrest Valentin. Valentin says he knew this day would come, and it’s time they knew the truth. Dante wants to know what happened.

Alexis tells Griff that she doesn’t think her daughters would understand. She doesn’t know how long she can keep it from them, but asks him not to share the information. She says Julian has done horrible things, mostly to her, and she thought she’d hate him forever. When she found out he was in the hospital, she just found herself getting involved. She says the only way she could move on was by forgiving people, including Julian. Griff understands wanting to forgive, but devoting her days to taking care of Julian doesn’t seem like something she’d do.

Julian tells Ava not to say anything, and she says what is she going to do, go to the cops? Julian says it was an accident. Ava says no it wasn’t. He says he knows Alexis is telling the truth, and let’s leave it at that. Ava thinks he’s keeping something from her.

Nell thanks Sonny for the tea, and for finding the necklace. They make small talk. He says he knows what it’s like to fight for your place in the world, and he’s not standing in her way. She takes his hand and promises to stay quiet. Jason walks in. Because he never knocks.

Jason apologizes for barging in. Nell says she’s on her way to meet Michael anyway, and excuses herself. Jason tells Sonny about the security footage. Sonny isn’t paying attention, and Jason asks what he’s missing.

Alexis says she’s sorry that Griff doesn’t’ understand, but he doesn’t have to. He says she’s right, and goes to sign the forms.

Ava doesn’t see how any good can come of this. Julian says he knows what he’s doing and everything will be crystal clear.

Valentin says it’s no secret that Claudette lied about who Charlotte’s father was, but she lied about something else – that she was Charlotte’s mother. He confirms for Lulu that the both of them are Charlotte’s parents.

On Monday, Jason asks Sonny what’s going on, Kiki asks if the offer still stands, and Dillon is shocked about Nina’s new boyfriend. Nina is now consistently calling Valentin her boyfriend, but I find that word odd sounding once you’re past college age. Although I don’t know what other term to use. Significant other sounds clinical. We have to come up with something else.

Z Nation

Addie continues on Lucy’s trail. She sneaks around a marina, hearing laughter somewhere. She sees Lucy playing with a bunch of zombies. She’s also lighting matches near a gas pump. Addie reveals herself, and stomps out a match. Lucy is glad to see her, and shows her how she can play patty-cake with one of the zombies. She says the zombie thinks Addie is her mom. She’s obviously got a connection to them like Murphy does.

Addie asks Lucy where The Man is. Addie tells her that they have to go before The Man gets back, but Lucy says she likes her new friends. Addie says she’ll pike them if Lucy doesn’t get a move on, and Lucy agrees to leave. The Man comes out of nowhere, and says no one is going anywhere. He cracks Addie in the face with a gas can, and she whacks him with her spiked thing. Lucy screams and it carries into the next county.

The Man starts shooting the zombies. He loses his gun and faces Addie. Lucy screams again.

The Man grabs what looks like a metal oar, and they duel, but a zombie comes up behind him. He dispatches it, and then Addie has the same problem. The Man gets her weapon away. He says if she lets Lucy go now, he won’t kill her. Lucy throws a match and some gas is lit on fire. She tells Addie to run, and takes off herself. Addie picks up her weapon and follows. The man walks through the fire after them.

Lucy calls to Addie. The Man follows like Yul Brynner in Westworld, slow and steady, whacking zombies along the way. A zombie pops out of a boat and Addie kills it. The Man tells her she could make things easier and just walk away. She says she could say the same thing for him, and it’s got to do with saving humanity. He asks what humanity has done for her. She says more than some rich a-holes from Zona, and asks what they’ve done for him and why he doesn’t quit. He says everyone has a job to do.

The zombies are accumulating, and Addie gets on one of the boats. Lucy finds an arm and takes a bite. The Man tells her not to eat garbage off the ground. He grabs her and drives away as she screams for Addie.

The fire travels along a rope to the boat. Addie is trapped. The boat starts to fill with smoke, and zombies are gathering. Addie punches out a window and jumps out. The boat explodes as she runs down the pier. She finds her bike, but it’s wrecked. She sees another boat and has an idea. She goes inside and looks for tools, grabbing some liquor too, and eating a piece of discovered chocolate. She goes back out to the bike and tinkers with it. She sees a disembodied arm crawling. Lucy is apparently making the hand point in the direction she’s going in.

Lucy tells The Man he can’t tell her what to do; he’s not her dad. She says they all hate him. She lists their names, and he says he doesn’t know them. She says he killed them, and they’re going to eat him. She sing-songs, you’re gonna die; they’re gonna eat you, and he yells at her to sit down and shut up. She says he can’t make her; she’s a magical princess. He slams into a zombie on the road which distresses Lucy. She sings again, and he runs another one down. After the third time, she says she’ll promise to be quiet. She does that I’m-locking-my-lips gesture and he pretends to take the key.

Addie gets the bike going again and heads north, the direction the arm is pointing. She sees the car in the distance and goes through the forest. The Man sees two cars blocking the road. Were those there or is Addie that fast? The Man gets out, drawing his gun. Someone shoots him. Addie comes out and kicks the gun away from his body. I guess she is that fast. She gets in the car. Lucy tells her The Man is mean. Addie asks which way he was taking her; they’re going to go in the opposite direction. As soon as they’re gone, The Man’s hand twitches.

Doc follows Addie’s trail. She’s left him a message scrawled on the boathouse. He sees the arm and figures it’s talking to him. It points. He says Lucy is a genius, and when a zombie arm tells you to go north, go north.

Addie takes Lucy shopping. She sees no reason Lucy can’t be stylish, and tells her no jumpsuits or overalls. Lucy sees a bra, and Addie tells her it’s a medieval torture device, and explains what it’s for. Lucy asks if her mom wore one, and Addie says probably. Lucy says her mom was a warrior queen, but left her. Addie says she sacrificed herself – she died so Lucy could live. Lucy asks if she’s dead dead and Addie says yes; she was there. Lucy says she doesn’t know everything. Her mom was special, and her dad wouldn’t let her die. As Lucy gets agitated, so do the zombies wandering around. Lucy tells Addie to leave her alone, because she’s suddenly a tween.

The Man comes to. The bullet hasn’t gone all the way into him, and he pulls it out of his chest.

Addie tells Lucy they have to go. Lucy says she wants her mom. Addie says she’s old enough to understand that people die. The more you love them the more likely they are to bite it unexpectedly. Lucy says her father would have saved her mom, but Addie says there were too many zombies even for him. Lucy asks how her mom saved her. Addie says she killed a lot of zombies who were after her. Lucy asks why they always have to kill. Addie says they’re not like her, and if they don’t kill the zombies, the zombies will kill them. Lucy says the zombies just don’t know any better. Addie says they don’t know anything. It’s just a dead body and a virus keeping it going.

Lucy gets into the zombies’ heads, and tells Addie their names. Uh-oh. The Man is suddenly there.

The Man takes Lucy outside, but she takes off running. Addie follows them. Lucy runs to a creek. Addie almost gets the man with her weapon, but he smacks it out of her hand as well as her gun. They fist fight. The Man knocks Addie out. Lucy picks up a rock and throws it at him. Addie recovers and jumps on his back. He twists her arm behind her back and dislocates her shoulder. She grabs him with the other arm. He drags her to the water and tries to drown her. Lucy says she’ll go. Addie stops moving, but I don’t think she’s dead. The Man scoops Lucy up.

Back at the car, The Man tells Lucy to be quiet or he’ll shut her mouth for her, and binds her wrists with duct tape. They drive away. Lucy tells The Man she’s in pain. She smacks him and he stops the car. She breaks the bonds around her wrists. She’s a teenager now, and jumps into the front seat. The Man is like, oh no, a teen, and she starts crying. I think she has PMS. She gets out and he follows. She wants chocolate. Yep, PMS. He tries to grab her, and she tries to bite him. She says she needs chocolate. The zombies start growling and he says, fine. He piggybacks her, and she says next time just do what she says.

Doc bicycles along. He sees a car leaving a trail of fire. It’s a DeLorean. Another Doc and 10K get out, like Marty McFly and Doc in Back to the Future. Future Doc tells real Doc to get in. Doc asks if it won’t mess up the time continuum, and the car disappears. He pulls a joint out of his pocket and smells it.

Addie wakes up on the rocks and sees a zombie. She can’t move very fast, but luckily, neither can he. She gets up and moves along the rocks into the forest. Another zombie joins him, but Addie is having a hard time getting it together. She whacks them both, but nearly faints from shoulder pain.

The Man takes Lucy to a general store and looks for chocolate. She asks what’s wrong with him that he can’t find it. He tells her that it’s the apocalypse and not many treats are left. She says it’s not a treat, it’s medicine; that’s what Addie told her. He tells her to keep the zombies back, and she laughs because he’s afraid of them. All of a sudden, she  says she’s bleeding and dying. She gets up, leaving a blue puddle, and gets hysterical. The Man tells her to stop screaming. He says she’s just growing up. He says she’s fine, and they’ll get her chocolate somewhere else.

Lucy tells him to go. The zombies look at him in a threatening manner, and she tells him to go now.

Addie gets up. She slams her shoulder into a tree to reset it. I feel her pain.

The Man says Lucy is his responsibility, and he’s not leaving without her. He says he’ll kill her friends, and she tells him they’re ready to die for her. She bites one of them and tells The Man not to follow her. She walks out and he’s left with the rest of the zombies.

Addie moves along the creek.

Lucy gets in the car. The zombie stands next to the car, telepathically telling her how to drive. She takes off. The Man comes out to see her drive away. He calls to her and stands in her pathway. She says let’s see how you like it, and runs him down.

Addie is back at her bike, but hears a car and hides. Lucy pulls over. She tells Addie that was awesome. She says that her friends helped her get away. The Man grabs Lucy from under the truck. I say oh sh*t! out loud. Addie tells him not to hurt her; she’s too valuable. The Man says Addie isn’t, and he’ll kill her next time, no matter how much Lucy cries. He drives off with Lucy.

Addie is a mess, but gets back on the bike. It won’t start. She scratchess DXD with an arrow into it. A car comes by and she flags it down. She puts down her weapon, acting like she’s harmless, but draws her gun and says it’s an emergency. The woman says screw you, and tries to grab her own gun, but Addie is faster and pulls her out of the car. She says nothing personal, just the survival of humanity, and drives away. The woman chases the car. Addie sees a little girl in the back seat. She tells her she can’t go where Addie is going, and her mommy will find her. She leaves the girl on the road with the gun.  The little girl immediately shoots a zombie. Her mother comes running to her, but the girl looks nonplussed.

Addie sees Doc. She stops the car and gets out. They look at one another, saying nothing. They both get in the car. The poor zombie from the store stumbles up the road.

Next time, a hitchhiking zombie and Murphy is out to kill The Man.

Quotes of the Week

I love walking in your front door. It gives me a moment in my gown. — Porsha to Phaedra on The Real Housewives of Atlanta – please note that this was at midday

If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you do read it, you’re misinformed.Denzel Washington

If God sends you on stony paths, He will provide you with strong shoes.Alexander McLaren


December 2, 2016 – Sonny’s Dream Comes True, Murphy is Roberta’s Nightmare & Collectible Quotes


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Jason and Sam are meeting Curtis. He’s late, and Sam asks if Jason still trusts him. Jason says he never did.

Curtis eavesdrops on Ava’s visit to Julian in the hospital. I’m wondering why Julian doesn’t have a guard. Sonny would have one. Ava asks if there’s been any progress tracking down the driver. Julian tells her no, and he doesn’t think there ever will be.

Alexis gets a text from Julian asking her to stop avoiding him. She flashes back to the accident. OMG – she just hung her purse on the back of the chair at Kelly’s. You should never do that. It’s a huge invitation to a purse snatcher. And Lord knows, Port Charles is rife with criminals. She puts a nip of liquor into her coffee. Anna is suddenly there, and says she hopes there’s more where that came from; she could use some. It’s cold in Port Charles today.

Nell listens to the recording of Sonny on her phone with earbuds. Michael asks if she’s listening to something good.

Carly wakes up Sonny, who’s sleeping on the couch. She says she woke up and reached for him, but he wasn’t there. She didn’t like the feeling of life without him. She says they have a lot to work on, but have to work on it together. She wants him beside her now and forever. He says he loves her and they kiss. As their lips part, he sees Nell’s face, and she says she loves him too. He wakes up. Carly is there. For real. I think.

Nina tells the kids at the hospital that Santa is on his way. She plugs Toys for Tots. Valentin comes in and asks if he can help with anything.

Alexis asks Anna why she wanted to meet. Anna says she heard about Alexis’s case being reviewed. Having returned to the WSB, she has some pull with the bar, and could use her influence to get Alexis’s license restored. Alexis asks what the catch is.

Ava complains to Julian about the inept police department. She says he has to do something about Sonny – it’s the second attempt on is life. She says he’s vulnerable right now, and she wouldn’t miss the opportunity. He asks what she has in mind.

Nell acts like she was listening to music. She asks Michael what’s up, and he says he’s going Christmas shopping and asks if she can help him. He wants to brainstorm some gift ideas for Carly. He thanks her for helping on Thanksgiving, and asks if she cheered her friend up. Not really, but her “friend” doesn’t know that.

Sonny tells Carly he was having a nightmare, and she asks if he remembers what it was about. He says every time he sleeps on the couch, he can’t get his mind to shut off. He tells her that it was a long day, and she says not as long as Julian’s.

Laura and Doc bask in the afterglow. So that’s where Santa is. He asks if she has any regrets, but she has none. Not counting opening her coat and finding Santa staring at her. She says that she realizes that she’s been making excuses and she loves being with him. She says her life is better with him in it, and he says the feeling is mutual.

Jason tells Sam that it’s safe to assume Curtis is sympathetic to law enforcement, so he doesn’t really trust him, but his favorite PI, meaning her, is out of commission. Sam wonders if Curtis has loyalty to Julian, but Jason thinks it’s just the opposite. He has unanswered questions, and maybe a grudge. And they’re running out of time to prove Sonny’s innocence.

Sonny tells Carly it’s a shame Julian wasn’t finished off. He says go ahead and ask if it was him.

Dante and Lulu are still all romantic when they arrive at the hospital. Lulu tells Dante about how Tracy ended up babysitting, but doesn’t have the details.

Valentin has brought toy donations. He talks with Nina about Toys for Tots. I always love how every year they try to make these conversations sound natural. Valentin says that Nina has a soft spot for children, and she says maybe a little.

Doc suggests breakfast in bed to Laura. He likes to cook, but says it’s no fun doing it for one person. She suggests they cook breakfast for each other. He asks if she’s up for the challenge of eggs Florentine. She asks when he’s supposed to be at the hospital, and he says right now. Oops.

Nell gives Michael gift suggestions. He says she really knows Carly, but there’s one more thing he needs to ask before he goes. He tells her there’s a Toys for Tots gala happening, and asks if she’d like to go with him.

Carly doesn’t think for one second that Sonny did it, but says the police probably do. He’s surprised they haven’t questioned him, and she says they know he’s not going anywhere. She says when they first lost Morgan, the only way to deal with it was anger, and she lashed out at everyone, especially him. She says the grief is still there, but the anger has faded and she’s seeing things more clearly.She knows he’s not responsible for Morgan’s death, and it makes the grief more bearable. Sonny says it matters a lot. If she doesn’t believe in anything else, believe he wants to change for her.

Anna asks Alexis how much she knows about Valentin. Alexis says he’s proved he’s the heir and owns everything Cassadine. They talk about Charlotte. Anna says Claudette has disappeared, and Valentin came forth with proof he’s her father. She says Griff lost in court because it’s impossible to prove any of Valentin’s crimes. She needs a place to start looking. Anna says she knows Alexis has been in contact with the Greek authorities, and if Alexis could help, she would be grateful. Alexis says she knows Valentin is evil.

Ava goes on to Julian about Sonny. Curtis’s phone rings, so he steps away. Julian tells Ava that when the time is right, he’ll deal with it as he sees fit. He suggests she not provoke Sonny. He asks what if Sonny gets off, and she says he’s making it sound like Sonny has been wrongly accused. She tells him the trouble is going to be all Sonny’s and leaves.

Jason tells Sam that the new DA will want to make a name for herself and is interested in making a case, so she’ll want an early trial date. Sam says Diane will push it back. Jason says even though Sonny was previously pardoned by a judge, they can still bring up his past.

Carly asks Sonny if Jason has made any progress. Sonny says not yet, but he will. He’s hoping there will be enough evidence that the charges get dropped. He says he’s not doing anything stupid; he doesn’t want to throw away the good he has left. Carly says she believes him and they’ve had too much loss not to be honest. Sonny thinks back to Nell in the bed. He asks if Carly wants coffee, and she says he doesn’t have to change the subject. She can tell something is eating him up inside and asks what it is. Oh brother.

At the hospital, Lulu wonders why Valentin is hanging around Nina. She freaks when she realizes they’re together. Nina tells Valentin she has to get back to work. He asks if he’s done something to offend her, and she says if Anna has her way, he will.

Anna tells Alexis that any detail could open up a line of inquiry. Alexis tells her about establishing Valentin’s lineage, and that he resided in the UK. Anna asks about his time there. Alexis says she doesn’t know much except that he went to boarding school when he was five. She says when she asked about his mother, he told her to keep her focus on the Cassadines. She tells Anna not to say anything to the bar. She wants her license back on her own merit.

Curtis enters Julian’s room. He says Julian needs him. He needs to find out who’s after him before his luck runs out. The third time’s the charm and it’s already been twice.

Sonny tells Carly that he has too much time to think and be alone. He knows he shouldn’t be playing coulda, shoulda, woulda, but he does it all the time. Carly says she does it too. She says you have to stop and think about the future and the people who love and need you. She tells him to think about Avery. Sonny’s phone rings. An old fashioned landline phone with a twirly cord. He says to send her up and tells Carly to guess who’s here. It’s Ava. He asks what she wants and she says they have to talk. She hopes they can keep it civilized. She sees Carly and wants to speak privately, but Sonny says she can talk in front of Carly. Ava says no secrets between the two of them, eh?

Valentin asks Nina if Anna has been talking to her. She says more like an interrogation. He asks if Anna said to stay away from him, and she says more or less. Valentin was hoping Anna would back off after Charlotte’s custody hearing. Nina thinks it might have something to do with what happened in Greece, but she chooses to believe his version. She says he’s far from innocent, but he’s a good father and it carries a lot of weight with her. He whispers something naughty in her ear.

Dante tells Lulu that eventually Valentin will make a mistake and they’ll catch him then.

Alexis tells Anna to nail Valentin to the wall. She wants him to pay for Nicholas’s death. Anna says she’ll do what she can, and steps away to make a call. She says she has the name of Valentin’s childhood school and it’s a starting point.

Alexis sees Sam and Jason outside. She apologizes for ditching them on Thanksgiving. She gets another text from Julian and says she has to go. Sam asks if she knows Julian was hit by a car. Alexis asks if there are any suspects. Sam says the police are looking at Sonny, and Jason adds that they don’t think it’s him

Julian says maybe it was an accident. Curtis asks what he remembers, and Julian says he remembers firing Curtis. He’s not giving him one more cent. He says if he keeps investigating, he’s going to regret it.

Michael and Nell talk about business. She says he’s cool and icy, and it’s the opposite of the warmth he has with his family. He says she’s been so good to them, he wants to treat her to something fun.

Ava tells Sonny that they need to revisit the custody agreement. Sonny says the agreement is that it’s on his terms. She says he doesn’t have a leg to stand on, and one of them has a monitor. I think Scotty is rubbing off on her. Sonny says he’s Avery’s father, and Ava says he can’t even go out his front door. He says she can go to the park or wherever with her brother or sisters, and the charges could be dropped next week. Ava says not only did he kill Morgan, he tried to run Julian over, so why not spare Avery more turmoil and chaos? There’s no reason that Avery shouldn’t be with her mother. Carly says she’s the reason.

On Monday, Curtis thinks Julian is hiding something, Anna talks to Laura, and Carly threatens to kick Ava’s ass.

Z Nation

Addie continues to follow The Man and Lucy, and a zombie pops out at us like one of those things on YouTube. A ball of zombies tumbles past. Ha-ha-ha! Lots of hijinks already. Addie stops for gas at a station overrun with zombies. She dispatches them with her nifty new weapon. She thinks she sees Lucy in the back of a car, but it’s a doll.

Kaya says Spokane is totally powered up. She tells Citizen Z that The Man is still headed for the coast with Lucy. No word about Operation Bite Mark though. Citizen Z is bumping along in a tiny plane that Uncle is piloting. He tells Kaya to keep and eye out for Roberta. He asks Uncle if everything is okay, and Uncle tells him they’re carrying too much weight. Citizen Z says Uncle thinks he’s funny, but he’s not.

Roberta and company spy on Murphytown. She feels badly for the Blends, who live in some kind of limbo. She says Murphy has the numbers. Sun asks how she plans on limiting collateral damage. Kyle says the whole world is collateral damage. Roberta says they made their choice, and she can’t let them stand in the way of saving humanity. She’s come too far and killed too many to give up now.

10K is shooting zombies and sees Roberta. He runs down an alley. She waits at the other end and knocks him out as he runs past.

Kaya sees Roberta on the screen. She radios Citizen Z, telling him OBM has landed. She says Roberta looks like she’s traveling with some rough customers, and tells him that Addie isn’t with them before he asks. Neither is Doc. Citizen Z says they’re going into strong headwinds, but don’t worry. He looks pretty worried though.

Roberta makes a plan with Kyle and Sun. She gives Kyle instructions He says they’re professionals and suggests a grisly distraction. Roberta wonders what to do with 10K. She says she can see the Murphy in his eyes. She asks if Murphy sent him to kill her. Sun keeps her from getting physical with 10K, saying he could be useful knowing about Merch’s work. He doesn’t want to talk to her, and Roberta tells him it’s for his own good and punches him. She pulls a paper out of his pocket and hands it to Sun to read. It’s the paper he was looking at in the previous episode. It says: Find Warren, bring her to me. If she won’t come, kill her. Roberta tells Sun to give him a booster. Sun hesitates, wanting a baseline first, since he’s had so many drugs pumped into him. Robert says she’s do it herself. A bloody severed hand drops down from above. Murphy says hello to Roberta.

Murphy tells Roberta that it’s the new new him and if she likes it. He looks like a cross between my Uncle Al and a KISS band member. He tells them no sudden moves, but one of the men aims at him anyway and is shot down. Roberta asks if he’s dying, and he says he’s becoming. She asks if he’s becoming Moses or Billy Idol, and he tells her he’s becoming his destiny. He asks where she gets off judging him, and says at least 10K has the good grace to count his kill. He points out that she’s brought along the Red Hand. He tells Kyle that if he wants to stop being a murdering nihilist, to take the cure. Kyle says he’ll stick to his nihilist ways. Murphy wonders where Hector is, and answers his own question – dead.

Murphy suggests that Roberta take the cure, but she says no way. He tells her that their lives as they know them are over, but they can be reborn. Roberta says he’s insane. He says they were all wrong, and look at what he’s built. He says it’s over for the human race and they all know it. He knows how she thinks and tells her don’t do this. He wants and needs her on his side. She says she has a species to think of. His species. He says not any more, not for a long time.

Roberta tells him Sun needs his blood for a vaccine. He says he doesn’t trust humans anymore, and wants to let nature take its course. He helps 10K up and tells Roberta her friends are rubbing off on her. He leads 10K away, telling him he did good in reaching out.

Sun tells Roberta maybe they can still reason with Murphy. Roberta says she doesn’t know him. Sun says this is about revenge, not the mission. Roberta says nothing else matters except getting Murphy’s blood for the vaccine. Sun says give her a lab and she’ll do her part

The zombies are eating someone who fell into the moat. Murphy asks what he did, and looks up to see a huge sign hanging from the building, saying Be Afraid. Murphy says he knew the day would come, and it’s here, but they won’t be afraid.

Kaya plays with streetlights, trying to get Roberta’s attention. Sun asks Roberta how they’re going to cut the power to the fence. She and Sun go down an alley. One of Murphy’s minions is checking the bridge security and Kyle and his men take her down.

In Murphytown, tons of people are still getting inoculated. Murphy’s head guy tells im that they’re almost out of vaccine, and Murphy gives him a new batch. He says it’s wonderful how so many are joining him.

Citizen Z is trying to talk to Kaya, but he’s not coming in clearly.

Roberta sees that Kaya is signaling them in Morse code on the streetlight. Sun translates. Operation Bite Mark, Frenchy. It’s the fast food clown. Kaya explains who she is and says she has a message from Citizen Z, but the screen goes blank before they can copy. Roberta isn’t sure, but she thinks Kaya said they found Lucy. She tells Sun that they need to finish what they came to do.

Murphy says Warren! the way Seinfeld says Newman!

Murphy tells his clan that living without fear is within reach, but some find comfort in chaos and terror. He says they knew the day would come when they’d have to defend their way of life. He tells them be careful out there a la Hill Street Blues. He tells 10K to get the power restored. He’s ready to dance with Roberta.

10K and a technician head for the power supply, but get shot at. The tech thinks they should try to reason with them. He walks out, raising his hands over his head, explaining that he’s the one who restores the electricity. He gets shot for his trouble, and 10K ends up getting shot in the arm. Then a zombie grabs him with a small crowd of them on the way. What do you know there’s Red and 5K with a slingshot. Red leads 10K away.

Even though he can’t hear her, Kaya tells Citizen Z something is going down in Murphytown and the power is down. She says she forgives him for being recklessly brave, and that he’s her hero. She says don’t forget to be careful and come back to her.

The woman from the bridge is covered with blood and approaches Murphytown. The guys run out to get her, but she struggles against them. She screams for Murphy to help her. Kyle pops out of a trailer and we realize she’s attached to it. She tells them not to let go and yells for help. Kyle says it’s time to die and they let her go. She scoots back to the trailer and there’s a shootout between Kyle’s men and Murphy’s. Murphy watches and makes a hand gesture. Not that kind of gesture. He’s controlling them.

Sun and Roberta continue on. The get inside and go upstairs to the lab. Roberta tells Sun to get what she needs while she finds Murphy. Roberta looks around and hears what’s going on outside. She sees the gunfight. A woman tells her she can’t be in there, and then recognizes her. Roberta shoots her. She says “Murphy loved you,” and drops to the ground. Roberta says she has something for him.

10K tells Red she looks good for an hallucination. He hears Murphy and says he has to go.

Murphy makes another hand gesture and the zombies in the moat break the gate down. They’re cut off at the ankles by a wire which is pretty cool. Unfortunately both the bridge woman and Kyle are casualties. A zombie free-for-all ensues.

Roberta comes up behind Murphy and says knock knock. He says her lost boys are bleeding out. She says they knew what they were in for and served their purpose. He tells her that she’s turning into an ends justifies the means gal. She says she has a mission and he says that’s getting old. He says he saved the world, and she tells him that he’s taking the zombie messiah thing to heart. He says he’s brought peace and that’s what a savior does.

Roberta wants his blood. He says she’s on a fool’s errand. She tells him that there are still survivors. He says they come to him every day, begging to be released from fear. He says she needs a bite mark to make her see things more clearly. She holds up a brain and Murphy gets all longing and shaky.

10K catches Sun in the lab. She says she can help him and the rest of them. He says they don’t need help, they need Murphy. She says she has to test the vaccine and asks if he can help find the notes she needs. Red and 5K run in, and 10K says don’t worry, they’re not real. He tells Sun that he can’t help, but Red tells him to let her do what she needs. He says Red isn’t real, but Red says she’ll prove it and kisses him. I can’t help but think of how he must smell. And when was the last time he brushed his teeth? 10K is all happy and hugs 5K. He tells Sun where the research is. The password is password and she opens the vault.

Some guys come in and tell Sun to put the book down.

Murphy asks Roberta where she got that and she teases him with a piece. He grabs it and eats it. She knocks him down, asking him if he’s saving the people or are they his food supply? He says she doesn’t understand. They wrestle, and Roberta kicks him in the cojones. Roberta tells him that he’s reborn this very moment, because she’s decided not to kill him. His cronies come in. The little girl runs to him, and Murphy asks who the monster is now. He asks if reality is setting in. He’s never seen a look of resignation on Roberta and it doesn’t suit her.

Uncle lands the plane near Murphytown. Roberta says Citizen Z might have a message about Lucy. The plane doesn’t land well.

Everyone goes out to the plane. Citizen Z is weirded out by actually seeing everyone in person. He says he sees it’s a bad time, but has a message for Roberta. She hugs him and asks if Addie and Doc are still alive. He says he doesn’t know, but Doc told him that Lucy has been kidnapped by The Man. Murphy says he’s taking her to Zona. Citizen Z says he’s taking her to a top secret rendezvous, but he has the coordinates. Murphy tells Roberta that he needs her help and she says let’s make a deal.

Kaya keeps trying to get Citizen Z. Suddenly he’s there. He says things got dicey, but they’re going after Lucy. Kaya tells him that The Man is still on his way to Puget Sound. He tells her that she’s saved the world. She says she’s missed her period. He asks if that’s a code thing, and she says it’s a she’s pregnant thing. He says the world will have to take care of itself; he’s coming home.

Murphy says he’ll be back soon. He’s told that Roberta can’t be found, and he says that everything will be fine.

Meanwhile, Addie finds The Man’s car abandoned on the road. It’s still warm. She sees a few dead zombies. One of them is pointing, and Addie says, “Clever girl.”

Next time, Addie faces The Man, and Lucy shows her mettle.

Quotes of the Week

We can complain that rose bushes have thorns or we can rejoice that thorn bushes have roses.          – Abraham Lincoln

The adoption process is simple. We put cats in your car when you’re not looking.Kate McKenna in a Whiskers R We SNL skit

…Above all things lose no occasion of exercising your dispositions to be grateful to be generous, to be charitable, to be humane, to be true... – Thomas Jefferson

November 23, 2016 – A Very GH Thanksgiving


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Whatever Dillon is looking for (I missed it) is gone and a ransom note is in its place, instructing him to go to the Quartermaine living room or whatever they call it in a mansion. Monica’s tennis racket has met the same fate, as well as Ned’s gold record. Dillon wonders who would take their most cherished items. Tracy enters and says they’ll get them back after they celebrate Thanksgiving as a happy family.

Laura calls Lulu. We actually hear her on the other end of the phone, which I don’t think has ever happened before. She’s going to be late. Dante gets a call from Sonny, who says he’s fine and getting used to the accessory. Dante tells him not to mess around with it, and I have visions of him putting it on the family dog. If they had one. He asks if Sonny wants them to bring him some dinner, but Sonny thinks Lulu wouldn’t be too happy if they left. And besides, he’d rather just drink. He doesn’t say that, but it’s obvious that his Thanksgiving meal is going to consist of bourbon in a short glass. Sonny tells Dante to celebrate with his family, but Dante doesn’t like him being alone.

Carly forgot it’s Thanksgiving, but Nell has gone shopping for dinner.

Sonny tells Dante that he has plenty to keep him busy with the games on TV. Dante says he knows things are hard right now, but they’re family, so if Sonny needs him, just call. Sonny opens the door and Laura is standing there. Surprise!

Alexis asks Julian what he’s doing at the dive bar. I see the name of it is Gene’s not Gent’s, making me wonder if I need glasses. Julian tells her not to let let him stop her, and she says she wouldn’t dream of it.

Tracy asks if they thought they could skip out on a family Thanksgiving. Ned says how dare he forego pizza and her nagging? She insists they’re having turkey with all the fixings. Dillon says it always ends in disaster, and Ned asks if she’s serious. Dillon gets drinks and Monica gets the pizza menu.

Carly apologizes, and Michael says she doesn’t have to be so strong all the time. Josslyn tells her that everyone needs to be taken care of sometimes, even moms. Jax has cooked all of her favorites. Man, send that guy over here.

Laura apologizes for not coming to see Sonny sooner. (Say that three times real fast.) She doesn’t want to intrude, but it’s not like Sonny has anything going on. She says that Dante and Lulu would love to come by, and he says he just talked to Dante. He can’t go anywhere and Laura says it’s a hard time. He says he talked to Spencer, who told him that he’s going to be president of his class. Laura tells him that Spencer created the position. Ha-ha! She says there’s still a lot to be grateful for. He says the holiday is a reminder of what you’re missing. She says if anyone would know how she feels, it’s him.

Alexis orders a double. She tells Julian he’s in her space and he’s violating a court order. He says he’ll get out of her space as soon as he calls Sam and tells her what’s on Alexis’s menu. I wonder if Alexis forgot she went out for whipped cream already because I did until he said that.

Lulu is in cahoots with Dante and Doc about a surprise. Maxie asks if they’re breaking up again.

Jax promises that Carly will be dazzled by his culinary skills. Carly wants to double-check things in the kitchen, but he won’t let her. The doorbell rings. It’s Olivia. She has some paperwork to give Carly, and is surprised that she isn’t with Sonny.

Sonny tells Laura it’s his own fault he’s alone. She asks if that’s what Morgan would want, and says whether he likes it or not, he has people who care about him. She tells him that some of them might be scattered right now, but when they come back, let them in, don’t push them away. The death of a child isn’t something anyone should endure alone.

Alexis tells Julian that tattling on her is rich. He asks how she’s going to explain that she prefers the company of barflys to her family. She says his repeated attempts to kill her would drive anyone to drink, and he asks if she’s finding answers at the bottom of a glass. She asks him what’s the big deal, and he asks her why she’s hiding it. She says she doesn’t have to answer to him or his creepy texts. He says what it amounts to is stopping her downward spiral.

Tracy is happy that everyone is together, but sorry Finn and Hayden couldn’t join them. She’s researched fun activities for Thanksgiving, and asks if anyone would like to play a board game. Ned tells her the June Cleaver act is too weird. Dillon cries extortion. Tracy says she was just trying to do something good after a crummy year, and here’s their stuff back. She tells them there’s a lizard she’d rather spend the holiday with. I assume she’s referring to Roxie, but I’m not positive.

Laura shows up at Lulu’s and Maxie tells her they have to keep Dante and Lulu from breaking up. Dante says they’re not breaking up, they’re getting married.

Michael says he knows his mom is happy to have the family around. Nell says even if Sonny isn’t there? Carly tells Olivia that Sonny isn’t responsible for the bomb that killed Morgan. Olivia says this changes everything. Sonny did what she asked. She tells Carly to think of all the people who’ve asked him to change his ways. He wouldn’t do it for any of them, but he did it for her. She sees that Jax is there and tells them to have a good holiday.

Sonny drinks alone. He thinks back to Carly telling him she loved him. He brings up her number on his phone and stares at it for a while before calling. Nell sees who’s calling and is about to get Carly, but sees her hugging Jax.

Alexis tells Julian her life is a mess and she feels like she’s falling apart. Sam is happy and she doesn’t want her bothered. She says he’s right, she knows she’s drinking too much, but don’t make a bigger deal out of it than it is. She asks to keep it between them and puts her hand over his.

Lulu tells everyone that she and Dante are getting married today. She says they have everything they need, even an officiant. Doc is now an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church online. Maxie says she wishes she’d thought of it. Olivia comes running in and asks what she missed.

Tracy says she doesn’t want to spend Thanksgiving with people who are just waiting for it to be over. Monica suggests she drop the word normal from the conversation. She says it’s important for them to stick together, and Ned thanks Tracy. Dillon tells her happy Thanksgiving.

Nell considers answering Carly’s phone. Sonny leaves a message. He says their children are lucky to have a mom like her. Nell eavesdrops on Carly and Jax. Carly says maybe she’s not being fair to Sonny. Nell starts to leave and Michael catches her, asking where she’s going.

Julian asks Alexis what she’s doing. He says she needs help, and maybe she should talk to someone. When Julian is the voice of reason, you know something is wrong. He suggests Diane or Jax, and says she can always talk to him. She says she’d rather die. She says she’s never turning to him for anything again. She says she might have a problem, but he has a bigger one. He says she thinks she knows everything about him. She says she knows his children hate him and she hates him, but she has a family that loves her and she’s getting her career back. He says he worries about her prospective clients.

Michael asks if Nell is taking off. She says she has a friend who’s alone, so she made plans with them. She leaves.

Carly asks Jax if it’s wrong to grieve Morgan together with Sonny. Jax says she’s talking about getting back together with him, to be careful.

Olivia calls Ned. She’s shocked they’re having turkey instead of pizza. Monica can’t believe it’s really happening. Tracy says Cook used a special brine. Ned says it doesn’t smell like turkey, like they’d know. Monica stops them from eating. She says she noticed a full container labeled “brine” in the refrigerator and an empty container labeled “bacteria” on the counter and goes to get the pizza menu. Maybe Cook needs a vacation.

Lulu is wearing a gorgeous deep red strapless gown and carries matching flowers. Doc starts the ceremony.

Dillon thanks Monica for saving them from being poisoned.

Lulu says she’s learned that falling in love and taking vows is just the beginning. Love requires work and dedication. She says she’ll take care of Dante and Rocco, keep them safe, and love them today and every day.

At the Quartermaines, they go around the table saying what they’re thankful for. Tracy is thankful for GH’s resurrection. Ned is thankful for her filling Edward and Lila’s shoes.

At Carly’s place, Jax is thankful for everyone in his life. Josslyn thanks them for being her parents, Michael for teaching her to ride a bike, and Morgan for teaching her that if she falls down, she can get back up. Michael is thankful for his family – those who are here and those who can’t be. He asks if Carly has anything to say, and she sees Sonny in place of Jax on the couch.

Dante and Lulu exchange vows and rings. Doc pronounces them husband and wife.

Carly says she’s grateful for all of them, and wonders where Nell is. Michael says there’s someone she needed to see. At Sonny’s place, he opens the door to find Nell there.

The pizza arrives, and Dillon says it’s really Thanksgiving now. Tracy says it feels like they’re forgetting something, and they sing We Gather Together, almost making me cry. Ned leaves a slice of pizza by Edward and Lila’s picture and I lose it.

Nell tells Sonny she felt out of place at Carly’s, and he invites her in. Sonny says Carly has Michael to lean on, and Nell says, and Jax.

Michael and Josslyn go to the kitchen to slice the pie, and Carly thanks Jax. He says Nell did the shopping, and Carly says she’s really good to them.

Sonny is like, what? and Nell says she probably misunderstood. He asks if something happened between Jax and his wife.

Carly tells Jax that she thought she knew how she felt about Sonny, but now she’s not sure.

Nell tells Sonny that it was probably nothing. Carly is in a lot of pain, and Jax is just there to help her. Sonny gets loud and says she has to tell him right now. She says she saw them kissing. Sonny looks for the family dog. Just kidding.

Julian asks another bar patron for his phone, telling him his companion is in no condition to drive, but when he turns around, Alexis is gone. She jets through the parking lot and gets into her car. Julian runs after her, telling her not to drive. He stupidly stands in front of the car, and instead of backing up, she hits the accelerator. God help me, I laugh when he flies up in the air.

Tomorrow, a rerun from Thanksgiving 2014; On Friday, football; On Monday, Jordan asks Andre if he kept Curtis’s call from her, Sonny asks Nell if Jax is sleeping with his wife, and Alexis tells Julian not to die on her instead of just getting the hell out of there.

📻 Little Women: LA is done for the season, and Bravo has reruns tonight. There’s a new show on Lifetime called Little Weddings that I’m going to check out. Little Women: Dallas is only half-promising. It started off well, but is already degenerating into a little battleground.

🏈 Hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving and that no one mistakes the refrigerated bacteria for turkey brine. See you on Friday for Z Nation. SyFy is also having a Z Nation marathon before the new episode.

November 18, 2016 – Valentin Obtient la Garde, Lucy is Found Then Unfound & Quotes to Ponder


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Valentin opens his arms and Charlotte goes to him. She whispers something to him in French. He tells her the nice judge will decide if he’s taking her home.

Curtis meets Julian for breakfast. He says he’s done some more digging. Julian says Sonny confessed at the funeral, but Curtis says he almost confessed. Somebody stopped him.

Franco looks at Tom’s picture in the newspaper online at the hospital. He flashes back to choking Tom. Suddenly, the paper is gone and it’s a 404 error. He starts banging on the computer and I identify. The tech guy comes by and tells him that’s not going to help. Franco sees Sam in the hallway.

Elizabeth is about to go into Kelly’s and Tom is there. She asks if he’s following her, but he says it’s a coincidence. He’s glad he ran into her though, because they have unfinished business.

Jax makes surprise waffles for Josslyn, and I’m skeptical that they’re homemade. Josslyn tells him that she misses Morgan. She says yesterday was hard, and she wasn’t even there for the worst of it. She can’t believe what Sonny said. Jax says he did the right thing. Josslyn thinks Carly will never go back to him now.

Carly shows up at Sonny’s cell. Sonny tells Carly he wants to make it right, and wants Morgan to have peace. She says there is no peace. She brings out a jar and says there’s pieces of their son in there. She opens it. Sonny wakes up. Jason is there.

Jax tells Josslyn that he can’t answer that question. Carly comes in and sits with Josslyn to eat. Jax says he’ll try pancakes tomorrow and Carly says it sounds like he’s staying a while. Josslyn says she wants him here, and so does mom.

Elizabeth takes out her pepper spray. Tom says he’s not going to hurt her. He tells her that legally, he can’t say certain things, but if he’s ever done anything to harm her, he’s sorry. He says he’s trying to get on with his life, and she doesn’t have to send her boyfriend after him. Elizabeth says Franco told her about it and she doesn’t blame him. Tom says Franco left out the part about choking him.

Franco apologizes to Sam for what happened in Hawaii. He says it was sick, but there’s no excuse, tumor or no tumor. He apologizes for what he took away from her. He knows it’s a lot to ask, but hopes that one day she’ll forgive him. She tells him to go to hell. Well, that answers that question.

The judge asks Claudette why she calls Valentin “papa,” and Charlotte says because he is. The judge asks if she likes him, and Charlotte says she loves him.

Curtis tells Julian that he thinks Jason knows more than they do. Julian says he’ll be right back, and wants to hear about some actual investigating. Curtis moves over to sit with Diane. He wants to talk about her client.

Sonny asks what Jason has for him. Jason says the bomb had nothing to do with Sonny or hi contractor, but they have to find out who planted it. Sonny asks if it matters, since Morgan is dead. He wonders why he should keep fighting.

Carly tells Josslyn that Jax has work and a life. Jax says he has no obligations right now, and he can stay as long as they need him. Carly offers a suite at the hotel, but Josslyn wants him to stay with them.

Sam asks what Franco’s end game is, to lower their defenses so he can blindside them? He says something happened to someone he cared about, and he realizes he has to come to terms with some things .He doesn’t want to be that guy. It dawns on Sam that he’s talking about Elizabeth, and she says there is no being better person; he’s sick and cruel and he’s lying to himself.

Tom shows Elizabeth the marks on his neck. He tells her that Franco said he was going to torture Tom until he begged for death. He says he doesn’t want to go to the police or harm her, and to tell Franco that he’s no threat to her. Elizabeth says he’ll always be a threat because of what he took from her.

The judge wants to wrap it up. Valentin says his daughter loves and trusts him, and wants to be with him. Anna says he’s dangerous. Valentin says she only has allegations, and to prove it. Anna shows the judge some Interpol stuff. She says Valentin didn’t even exist prior to 2011. She thinks he intends to disappear again, with Charlotte. The judge wants to review and deliberate in private. They step outside. Griff tells Anna, nice save, but Valentin says he wouldn’t be so sure.

Diane tells Curtis that Sonny must have remembered her advice and kept silent. Curtis says that Sonny talked to Jason. Diane tells him that she has nothing to say, since he’s working for dirtbag Julian. She thanks him for picking up the tab and leaves.

Jason tells Sonny that he didn’t fail Morgan. No matter what guilt he’s feeling, it isn’t going to change anything, and throwing his life away won’t help anyone. He asks if Sonny wants Avery with Ava. Sonny says Carly will work it out. Jason asks if Sonny knows Oscar Jessup. Sonny says when he worked for Skully, Oscar was a contractor for the Jeromes. Jason tells him not to do something he can’t take back, and that it’s not too late.

Jax tells Josslyn not to put her mom on the spot, but Carly says she’s right. They have plenty of room. Josslyn wants to finish her homework so her weekend is free. When she’s gone, Carly asks Jax how he thinks she’s doing. He says she’s hurting a lot. Carly is worried she’s not there for Josslyn, and Jax says that Josslyn gets her strength from Carly.

Griff says Claudette meant something to him and he owes it to her to fight for Charlotte. Valentin says Claudette only has a passing relationship with the truth, and doesn’t love him. Griff asks what Valentin did to her and punches him. Well, that was a bad move.

The judge comes out, asking if she needs to call security, or are the three of them capable of sitting down while she renders her decision? She says she understands it’s a heated situation, but she can’t condone any violence. She tells them what just happened has no bearing on her decision, but it’s clear that Charlotte has bonded with her father, is secure in his presence, and loves him. Anna has serious allegations, but no corroborating evidence, and his lack of history has no bearing on his fitness as a parent. She awards custody to Valentin.

Carly tells Jax it’s great having him there, for Josslyn and for her. He knows what she needs. He tells her that the waffles are a one time thing. He’s making a green smoothie tomorrow and he won’t let her put it in the planter. She laughs and says it’s been a while since she found anything funny. She says Morgan wouldn’t like her like this, but his life is over. Jax says he wouldn’t want hers to be. She wonders how to move through this. Jax puts his arm round her and says maybe they can try together. Josslyn sees them and smiles.

Jason meets Sam. She tells him about Franco. She thinks he’s trying to get into her head. He apologized for what happened in Hawaii and says he truly regrets it. Jason asks how Sam feels. She says it’s not up to her to make him feel better, and thinks he’s a coward. She wonders what Elizabeth is thinking.

Franco asks Elizabeth where the donuts are, and she says she forgot them. She asks if he tried to choke Tom. He says he told her he went to see him, but Elizabeth says he never told her that he tried to choke him. Franco says he never said he didn’t. She says it was lying by omission. Franco says it wasn’t an end-his-life choke, just a send-a-strong- message choke. She wonders if they can make this work. He says he’s not sorry for anything he’s done. Tom is garbage and scares her, and her being scared upsets him. He asks who told her, and she says Tom did.

Griff says the judge can’t give Charlotte to Valentin, but she says there’s no legal reason not to. She talks about equal protections of law, and that you don’t get to violate someone’s rights because of your opinion of them. Should Claudette resurface, that will be a separate matter. Her decision is final. Griff looks sick, and Valentin smiles.

The judge thanks Charlotte for her help and says she’s made her job easy today. She tells Valentin to stay in New York for the time being, and he says he’s staying in Port Charles indefinitely. The judge lets Griff say good by. Griff tells Charlotte that he knows he’s not her dad, but she’s in his heart just the same, and he’ll always be there for her.

Franco is like, what? Elizabeth says she saw Tom at Kelly’s. She says it’s disgusting he’s out of prison, but he’s legally paroled. He has every right to have Franco arrested, but she doesn’t want Franco taken away from her. She wants him to swear he’ll let it go.

Josslyn is doing a report on Pride and Prejudice. She asks Jax and Carly for some input. She talks about Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, and how they realized they belonged together. She hints that the story relates to Carly and Jax, and asks if she got her point across.

Diane tells Sonny he’s reviewed the confession and has a strong case for reasonable doubt. She says why bother though, since he’s determined to plead guilty, but he says not any more.

Jason tells Sam about talking to Sonny. She says she talked to Spinelli about Jessup’s phone number. In perfect soap timing, her phone rings and it’s Spinelli.

Curtis tells Julian that something about the bomb doesn’t add up. Julian tells him go on a wild goose chase on his own time. Since Sonny confessed, Curtis doesn’t need to follow up anymore. He’s fired.

Anna tells Valentin she’ll uncover the truth about him. He tells her to open her eyes in Latin and leaves with Charlotte.

Elizabeth tells Franco that Tom has done enough damage; they can’t let his release from prison consume them. She goes back to work, and Franco thinks about what Sam said to him. The computer tech comes by, and Franco asks if he can break into the cloud and hypothetically track someone’s GPS.

After she goes back upstairs, Jax and Carly talk about Josslyn wanting to pair them up again. Jax says she probably thinks it would get Carly away from Sonny. Carly says other people see Jax and Sonny as opposites, but she looks at them at individuals. She says she and Jax’s time with each other was herhappiest, and she should have worked harder at the relationship. They kiss.

Diane asks if Sonny has decided to take her advice, and he says yes. She wonders what brought about his change of heart. He tells her that they both want the same thing – justice.

Sam hangs up with Spinelli. She says Oscar has been dead since 1990.

Curtis tells Julian that he’s done good work. Julian can’t argue with that, but says he wanted Sonny in prison and that’s where he’s going. He gives Curtis a check. Curtis leaves, and Julian’s phone rings. Julian says he got rid of him like he was asked, and he’s done everything Jessup has wanted.

On Monday, Curtis asks Hayden what’s going on, Jason is afraid they’re too late, and Jax is hesitant, but Carly isn’t.

Z Nation

Doc and Addie run as some Lucy’s adoptive father shoots at them. Her adoptive mother, who also has a gun, them. She says she won’t hesitate to shoot them, and that Lucy needs new friends. They’re taken inside.

Murphy says he needs an assistant for all the paperwork. 10K is brought in to see him. He tells 10K  that he’s not like the others; they’ve all embraced him. When he doesn’t have a booster shot, he’s a pita, but when he has one, he’s uncommunicative. He reacts, but doesn’t act. They’re preparing to go to war, and 10K should be leading. Murphy says they need to fix his problem. He thinks it might be 10K’s name. It’s also his mission and purpose, and as long as he’s 10K, he’s of no use. He needs a new purpose. The world has moved past zombie killing and he needs a new mission. He renames 10K “Thomas,” and says first, he needs to know if he can trust him.

Addie and Doc are tied to chairs. “Pa” says they aren’t playing games. Doc says they’re not there to cause trouble. “Ma” asks who they are and where they’re from. Addie makes the introductions, and says they came from upstate. Doc says they were traveling with Murphy. Addie tells them that Murphy sent them to get his daughter. Doc adds that he helped deliver her. Addie explains that Murphy asked them to take him to California. Pa says that must be at least 100 miles and she tells him it’s more like a few thousand. And I thought I was geographically challenged.

Pa asks if Addie is a princess. Doc says it’s really Lucy talking, and Addie asks if he’s having a stroke. Addie remarks on how big Lucy is. Ma says the zombies love her; they keep her safe and even help with the chores. Addie asks Lucy if she’d like to go on a trip, and Lucy says she’d like to see her daddy. Pa says they have to see if they’re telling the truth, but Doc says how would they know all this? Pa says just give them the password. Ma says Murphy gave them a password in case he had to send someone one day.

Addie tells Doc to tell them the password. He looks at Lucy and says “Smurf ,” and waits to be shot. The couple puts their guns down. Pa brings out a humongous knife and says he’s cutting them loose. He amends that to it’s the wrong password and Doc is going to meet his maker. Doc says Murphy must have given them the wrong password and asks for a do-over. Addie tells Lucy they can’t take her to see her daddy if Pa kills Doc. Lucy says she wants to play with them, but Pa says they mean her harm. She says no, play. Ma tells her whatever she says, and they’re cut loose. Ma says they’re not out of the frying pan yet.

Lucy takes them to meet her friends. A bunch of zombies hanging out in the backyard, dressed as princesses, pirates, and fairy tale characters.

Lucy tells Addie and Doc not to be afraid; these are her friends. Addie thinks Lucy’s friends aren’t going to like them. Doc explains they’re not like her; the zombies think they’re food. Lucy gives them “tea,” and then wants to play hide and seek. Doc is “it,” and the zombies and Addie are supposed to hide.

Murphy asks 10K if he knows the knife game and 10K nods. He does that between the fingers thing with the knife. Murphy says they have a history. He needs to know it won’t interfere with things and what 10K is willing to do for him. 10K’s knife goes faster. Murphy says he needs to know if he’ll kill for him and die for him. 10k now Thomas moves the knife even faster.

Doc finishes counting. He hears Lucy giggle. He’s not about to find any of the zombies, so he starts looking for her. Ma is behind the house with a gun and he tags her. She seems annoyed. Doc follows the sound of Lucy laughing. And finds a zombie dressed like Raggedy Ann.

Murphy concentrates on 10K with leopard iris eyes. 10K stabs himself and stops with the knife. Murphy says good thing it wasn’t his trigger finger, and wraps the wound. He says let’s talk about the new mission.

The zombie tries to attack Doc. He calls for Lucy. He grabs a rock and hits the zombie in the head with it. Addie runs to him, asking if he’s okay. Lucy comes out asking them to do it again. She wants Raggedy Ann to get up, but that’s not happening. Addie says Doc had to stop her or she would have bit him. She’s dead. Lucy says Doc broke her and she hates him; he ruined everything. She runs off, and Addie follows. Pa goes too, and the zombies surround Doc, but Ma is still there with a gun.

Addie and Pa run after Lucy through the woods. Ma takes Doc inside. Seriously, what was he supposed to do? Ma says they’ll have to round the zombies up now, since Lucy hates it when they run off. Then they’ll probably shoot him. She asks if he’d like tea.

Lucy checks out some flowers. A zombie comes out of the woods, and she tells it to take her home, but the zombie is threatening. Lucy says bad zombie, but the zombie says she’s no zombie, and to come here. Lucy screams.

Lucy comes to the edge of a cliff and tells the woman to stop. Addie comes up from behind and knocks the woman down. She tells Lucy it’s not a zombie, she just looks like one, and to run. Addie fights the woman and grabs a huge stick, chasing her off. Lucy says Addie saved her and runs to her.

Murphy gives 10K instructions and asks if he understands. 10K nods. He says he has a surprise for him, and shows him a syringe. He says it’s what 10K wants, to be himself again and be human. 10K hesitates. Murphy concentrates, and 10K puts the syringe down. Murphy says good, and to remember what they talked about. 10K leaves.

Lucy jumps up and down, happy she’s going to meet her dad. Doc says he brought her into the world and won’t let anything happen to her. She asks about her mommy. Addie says her name was Serena and she loved Lucy very much. Doc tells the story of Murphy and Serena meeting, and we flash back. He says they fell in love over a blueberry pie. He says they were king and queen of the apocalypse. Lucy asks if they lived in a castle. Doc says yes, and we flash back to things that didn’t happen. Lucy asks how babies are made. Doc says it’s like baking a pie. They loved each other so much, they ate the whole pie she baked. Lucy asks if that’s why she’s blue, and Doc says yes. He says by the time they finished the pie, her mom had a bun in the oven of her own. We see Serena giving Murphy a list of baby needs while he sips a martini.

Doc says they were separated by fate and we see them leaving Serena in the dust. Doc says Murphy looked for her, and we flash back to when they met up again. Doc says that Lucy was ready to come out and meet the world, and he was there to help. We see the delivery, and he says she made quite an entrance. He talks about Murphy loving her immediately. Lucy asks if her mommy loved her. Doc says she loved her so much, she had to fight off zombies who wanted to hurt her. Lucy says zombies are her friends, and Doc says not all of them. We flash back to how Serena met her end. Doc says Serena is a warrior princess, and fought them off and saved her, but afterward, she had to rest, and went to a faraway land. By the time he’s done, Lucy is asleep in Addie’s lap.

Zombies gather outside. Along with a hooded figure that has Freddy Kruegerish knives.

Doc and Addie buckle Lucy into the car. Addie asks where Ma and Pa are. Doc goes back to see what’s keeping them, but the house looks empty. He goes out back and sees them sitting in chairs. He approaches them saying this is best for Lucy. They’ve been tied up. He undoes the bonds, and Ma says it’s his fault. Pa says he lied to them, and the couple chases Doc. He locks the back door and runs out the front. It’s a little tense when he can’t get the front door open, but he breaks the lock.

Doc calls to Addie. Ma says if he hurts her, every zombie in the apocalypse will be after him. Doc says he doesn’t know what they’re talking about. He finds Addie on the ground next to the car. The Man drives off with Lucy. Doc calls to Lucy, saying they’ll find her, and tends to Addie. Ma and Pa come running out.

They come after Doc. He tells Addie to play dead and runs. He lights a flare, and sticks Pa in the back of the head with it. I’m not so sure you could get through a skull with a flare, but okay. Ma knocks Doc down. She tries to bite him, and he says it wasn’t him. Addie comes from behind, and smashes her in the head with a garden gnome.

Lucy asks The Man a million questions, including are we there yet? She says he’s not a good bully, and asks why his head is shiny. He tazes her, and she says do it again. He does it again, and she laughs and says again. He tells her to shut up. She wants her Aunt addie. The Man tells her that Addie is dead and Lucy screams. Murphy hears her.

Doc stitches up Addie’s head wound. Addie says they have to go after her. She says they have to get help. They passed a radio tower and one of them has to contact Citizen Z or Roberta. Doc suggests that she take the motorcycle and follow Lucy; he’ll go to the tower.

Murphy feels hot and it’s getting hard to breathe. He goes out for air, loosening his collar. Somewhere Lucy is fussing with some ropes. She has a hood over her head and is gasping. The Man stops the car. He takes Lucy’s hood off. He asks what happened to her, I assume he’s noticing her color for the first time, and she says wait until she tells her daddy.

Murpy stares into the distance, presumably connecting with Lucy.

Addie rides down the highway with determination.

Outside Murphytown, 10K looks at his dog tags that say Thomas. He consults a paper. We don’t see it, but there’s not much written on it. What there is, is written in large print in felt marker. I can make out the words “end” and “kill.”

Next time, Doc makes a broadcast and becomes a guru.

Quotes of the Week

What’s the answer to a perfect square? – You. — Greg Ottot (Diedrich Bader) and Taylor Otto (Meg Donnelly) respectively, on American Housewife

The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: It connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity. From the day of the Declaration, the American people were bound by the laws of God.John Quincy Adams, the sixth President of the United States, 1821

Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.Judge Judy

November 11, 2016 – A GH Funeral, a New Escorpion & a Trio of Quotes


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Jax wakes up Carly, who feel asleep on the couch. She says for a while, she stopped dreading the day, but it’s here.

Sonny says today is the day, and he’s going to make things right. Nell comes to the door. Carly sent her to pick up some clothes because she didn’t have appropriate funeral attire. She asks Sonny if he wants to talk. He doesn’t.

Alexis tells the alcoholism quiz on her computer that it knows nothing. Sam comes by. She says she was calling all morning, and Alexis says her phone died. Sam tells her that it smells like a bonfire and asks what happened.

At the hospital, Franco asks Elizabeth how she’s doing. She says time hasn’t dulled any of the pain Tom Baker inflicted on her. Franco tells her that she did a great job on her victim impact statement, and thanks her for sharing it. Elizabeth is waiting to hear from the parole board, and he says there’s no way her statement can’t affect things.

Finn goes to Windemere and asks Laura if she’s seen Hayden, and if she was behaving oddly. Laura says she seemed flushed, but nothing too out of the ordinary. He asks if she’s there now.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she hopes he understands why she didn’t want him to stay. He says he totally does, and what’s important is to keep Tom behind bars. He says what they have is special, and he wants her to feel comfortable. She says she doesn’t know how she would have survived without Lucky, and when she lost him, Jason was there. In some ways, Jason put her on the path she is now, by making her feel safe. Brad is cursing Finn out nearby, as he goes through some of the lab’s contents.

Laura tells Finn that Hayden wasn’t there in the morning, and her bed is still made. She invites him in. Hayden pops up saying she was fine last night and still is.

Nell apologizes to Sonny, and he says it’s not her fault; he shouldn’t have snapped at her. He asks about Carly, and Nell says she’s functioning, but not living. She tells him that Jax arrived and stayed at the house with Carly. He says that’s great, but his face doesn’t match his words.

Jax gives Carly coffee. He tells her that Bobbie and Josslyn are making sure everything is in place for the reception, and Nell went to get her dresses. Carly appreciates that Jax loved Morgan like a son. Jax asks about Sonny, but she says when she sees him, she thinks of their bad choices, and sees how badly they failed their son. Jax says none of it is on her. She says it is, because she believed Sonny had changed.

Alexis tells Sam that her oven timer needs to be fixed, but Sam wonders why Alexis didn’t smell anything. Alexis deflects the questioning. Sam asks if she can borrow Alexis’s laptop.

Finn asks what Hayden is doing. He says they need to know if she was exposed. Laura asks exposed to what, and he gives a mini explanation. Hayden says she has to get to work, but Laura says it would be a good idea for her to listen to Finn. Hayden says she’s fine, and Finn says he’s not going anywhere.

Brad complains to no one in particular, saying there’s a Hazmat team cleaning up in the lab. He says there’s definitely something wrong with Finn, and no one seems to care. Elizabeth says she does, and it sounds like Finn might be an addict.

Franco talks to himself about Jason, a guy who kills people, making Elizabeth feel safe. Obrecht overhears him, and he tells her about how Jason makes Elizabeth feel safe and made him leave, Obrecht asks if he expressed his feeling, and he says no. She says she told him not to bottle things up and expect Elizabeth to read his mind.

Kristina comes by Alexis’s place to get her shoes, and talks to Sam, distracting Sam long enough that Alexis can delete the history on the laptop. Kristina says everyone is blaming Sonny when it’s Julian’s fault. Sam says not everyone. She and Jason don’t.

Nell asks if Sonny is still planning on leaving. She says he’s making a mistake and that his family needs him. He says they’re better off without him. He asks if she kept his secret. Nell says yes, but it’s hard not telling Carly. Sonny says he’s put her through enough. Nell tells him that for what it’s worth, she hopes he reconsiders. She goes upstairs, and Sonny looks at a picture of himself and Morgan.

Carly tells Jax that she begged, she pleaded, she tossed an entire gun shipment in the harbor. She knows that Sonny sees violence as a solution, but she lied to herself, thinking she could make a difference. She says she should have known that Sonny was incapable of change. Jax says that doesn’t change the fact that she still loves him.

Laura says if she’s been exposed to something through Hayden, she needs to know, but Finn says it isn’t transmitted that way. Hayden says don’t worry, she’s fine, and she’ll be out of Laura’s life soon. Finn asks her about last night. She claims she was out, but he thinks she passed out. He wants to take her temperature and check her heart. Hayden says she’ll cooperate if he’ll leave, but she doesn’t even make it to the couch before she keels over.

Carly tells Jax that a part of her wants to reach out to Sonny, but she can’t get sucked back in. Now she can see the chances she took, not only with herself, but her children. She’s sorry she didn’t listen to Jax. Jax says no apologies, but Carly says Morgan should get one. Jax brings up a Thanksgiving in the past, and how Morgan sabatoged their cars so they had to spend the day together, and they stopped fighting. She says Morgan is a great kid; he knew they belonged together.

Nell comes back downstairs. She asks if Sonny needs anything else. He says he’d love to be able to hug his son and hear his voice, but that can’t happen. He tells Nell that Carly is probably waiting, so she should go. She says she hopes wherever he goes, he manages to find peace. Sonny gives her the letter for Carly, and says to give it her after the service. She promises she will.

Sam tells Alexis that Danny said the cookies were burning and she was asleep. Alexis makes the excuse that they were watching a boring kids’ movie. Sam says Danny claimed he shook her and tried to wake her. She wonders why even an alarm and smoke didn’t wake Alexis up. She asks if Alexis was drinking while watching Danny.

Finn tells Hayden that he’s reasonably sure she’s been infected. He promises to take care of her and find a cure for them both. Hayden says even if it kills them.

Brad has a jar of something in a plastic bag. He doesn’t know what it is, but he’s going to find out.

Obrecht tells Franco that he needs to find a way to express his feelings about Jason, rather than repress them. Franco talks about Eliabeth being raped, and asks if he’s supposed to feel badly about scaring Sam. He thinks there’s no difference between the sick rapist and the sick illusionist.

Alexis tells Sam that she wasn’t drinking. Sam says the bottle is half gone. Alexis tells her that Laura came by. She explains what Mikkos had done with the estate, and how she had to tell Laura. She says that everything Laura thought belonged to Nicholas and Spencer belongs to Valentin. She says Laura asked for the wine . Sam wonders if Alexis helped her drink it, but Alexis says no

Carly tells Jax that she knows he and Nell got off on the wrong foot, but Nell has helped her a lot. Nell pops in with clothes and shoes. Carly goes upstairs to get ready. Nell asks if she could do anything for Jax. He thanks Nell for helping Carly. She says Carly has been good to her, so no thanks needed. Jax asks if she remembers the circumstances surrounding her kidney surgery.

Sonny takes out his gun. Kristina is at the door, and he puts it back in the box. She says she told herself she wasn’t going to cry, but walking into the house, it hit her that she’s never seeing Morgan again. Sonny asks her to sit down. She asks him why he’s so peaceful, and he says he’s come to a decision. He’s happy that she’s supported him and wants her to make peace with losing her brother. He wants her to thrive and be the best person she can, and find the happiness she deserves. He tells her to live the best life she can live, for him and her brother She asks why it sounds like good by, and asks where Sonny is going.

Franco tells Obrecht that he and Elizabeth have been taking it slow. She’s accepting him for who he is, but Tom Baker’s parole hearing brought up old stuff. Obrecht asks if Tom is going to be let out, and Franco says he’ll make sure he never is.

Brad runs back from wherever they test stuff, and says the jar contained and opioid that’s one of the most tightly controlled substances in the world. Finn having that much in his possession could get him fired. Obrecht applauds, saying Brad finally got the drop on Finn.

Laura tells Hayden that she and Dr. Finn are going to help her. She takes Hayden’s temperature. Finn says they can’t let it get to a life threatening condition. Hayden asks if the exposure isn’t a life threatening condition, but he says it can be slowed.

Sam apologizes for thinking Alexis wouldn’t honor her promise. Alexis says right now they should concentrate on Sonny and Carly. Sam says because of Morgan’s death, she’s become a helicopter mom.

Nell tells Jax that she remembers the car ride, the smell of the room, the sound of the machines, and how she just wanted to go home. Jax wonders why her parents would do this, and she says money; her father couldn’t keep a job, and they weren’t the best parents. Carly comes down. She tells Nell she can dress there, just lock up before she leaves.

Sonny tells Kristina that he’s not going anywhere, but since Morgan died he’s been distant. He apologizes and Kristina says they’re all coping as best they can. It’s not his fault, it’s Julian’s. Sonny says all she needs to know is that he loves her and always will. He says before Morgan died, he didn’t say it enough, and no matter what, he’s always going to tell her how much he loves her. She says she loves him too, and they hug. He tells her to go to the car while he checks on something. When she’s gone, he takes out the gun and says, “Okay, buddy.”

Franco asks Elizabeth why Brad was so concerned about Finn. She tells him that it’s not her business, and she wants to stay away from it. Her phone rings. It’s the prison.

Obrecht calls Monica, saying she has proof that Finn has something that will put the hospital under more scrutiny.

Finn tells Hayden that she’s showing signs of sepsis, and has to get to the hospital.

Elizabeth tells Franco that the parole board took the statement into consideration, and decided to parole Tom anyway. The man who raped her is getting out of prison.

Alexis leaves for the funeral. She gives a lingering look to the wine bottle.

Nell talks to herself, saying she doesn’t know what Sonny wrote, but Carly’s life is about to go from bad to worse.

At the church, Kristina tells Sonny that he was quiet on the drive, and asks if everything is okay. Jax and Carly come in. Kristina tells Carly that she feels lousy, but Sonny feels worse, especially now that Carly strolled in with Jax.

Jax tells Sonny that he’s going to miss Morgan. Sonny says him too. They bro hug.

Tomorrow, Franco is going to stop Tom, Nell gives Carly a letter, and Sonny tells Jax that after today, he won’t be a problem.

General Hospital – Friday

Laura calls for transport to the hospital. Finn tells Hayden she’s going to be okay. I don’t think she’s looking too good though. She stops breathing.

Franco tells Elizabeth that they’ll fight Tom Baker’s release, but she says by tonight he’ll be in Port Charles, staying with his brother.

Jordan and Andre have breakfast and talk about Morgan’s funeral. Julian approaches them and says why drag out the investigation when they all know that Sonny is guilty?

Jax realizes Sonny has a gun. Sonny says he has to protect himself, but Jax says this is the behavior that got them here in the first place. Kristina tells Carly that she doesn’t have to rub Sonny’s nose in it by showing up with Jax, but Carly says he’s there for Josslyn.

Jason meets with the broker. He asks how a bomb ended up in Julian’s car.

Sonny tells Jax that after today, he won’t be a problem for his children anymore.

Hayden’s pulse is back, but thready. Finn brings out a shot of adrenaline.

Franco is stunned, but Elizabeth explains that Tom wasn’t convicted for raping her; he was convicted of another crime. Franco says he’ll stop him before he hurts Elizabeth.

Anna gives her condolences to Dante, explaining that Robin wanted to be there, but had to go back to Berkeley. Griff tells Lulu and Dante that Valentin is Charlotte’s father.

Kiki hesitates to go into the church. Dillon sees her.

Molly, who has a great new haircut, is praying by the votive candles, and Josslyn joins her. Molly says she doesn’t really pray, but it’s the only way to talk to Morgan now.

Kristina asks if Carly stopped to think about how her being with Jax would hurt Sonny. Carly says he has to get through it as best he can. Kristina and Jax leave to check on the other girls. Bobbie tells Carly they’ll get through it together.

Jax questions Sonny, but Alexis comes in and distracts them. She tells Jax that she wouldn’t be surprised if her ex-husband tries to pull something when everyone is at their most vulnerable.

Jordan tells Julian they’re investigating everything. Julian says that’s why he hired his own guy.

Jason asks the broker why Morgan Corrinthos is dead. The contract was supposed to be canceled, and Jason wants to know why it didn’t happen.

Franco says there’s no reason they can’t stop Tom, but Elizabeth says absolutely not. Finn comes running in with Hayden in his arms.

Griff tells Lulu and Dante that Claudette lied to protect Charlotte from her own father. Lulu says no wonder, and Anna tells her that they’re going to do everything to prevent Valentin from harming Charlotte.

Nell says she has something for Carly. We think she’s going to give her the note ahead of time, but she shoves it to the bottom of her purse and gives Carly some earrings that she forgot. Carly tells Bobbie that they were the first gift Morgan gave her that he bought with his own money. Bobbie seems skeptical of Nell.

Micheal suggests where all the kids sit, and Kristina says it feels like they’re being pulled apart. Michael says that Morgan will always keep them together. Nell approaches Michael and gives him kudos. She says they’re lucky to have him as a brother, and so was Morgan.

Olivia hugs Sonny. She tells him he takes on too much guilt, and she and Dante love him. He tells her to take care of their son.

Jordan advises Julian against any outside investigation and interference.

The broker – who looks and sounds like he stepped out of a Rat Pack movie – says he canceled it himself, immediately after getting off the phone with Sonny. He says his guy wouldn’t even have done it like that. He doesn’t have anything to do with bombs and makes things look like an accident. Jason asks if he’s saying his guy isn’t responsible, and the broker says absolutely. Someone else was trying to kill Julian.

Julian asks Curtis what’s up with Jordan, but Curtis doesn’t want to talk about it. Julian tells him make sure nothing interferes with investigation. Curtis tells Julian that he knows what the last call was on Pete’s phone.

Jason wants to talk to the contractor, but the broker says it doesn’t work that way. Jason says it does today. He tells Max to stay with the broker and make sure he calls his guy, and leaves for the funeral.

Kiki didn’t expect to see Dillon. He says he’s surprised himself. He and Morgan didn’t exactly get along, but he never wanted something like this to happen. He asks if she’s going in. Kiki says she doesn’t know; she doesn’t think Carly wants to see her. Dillon says think about what Morgan would want, and she goes in. He waits a beat and follows.

Kiki sits next to Lulu. Dillon sits next to Bobbie. The service begins. We don’t hear it, but only see everyone’s reactions. Kristina gets up to speak. She talks about Molly helping her with what to say, and reads something from the Bible. Dante speaks next, talking about what a great kid Morgan was, and that he’s grateful for the time he had with him. He also does a reading. It’s about forgiveness. Sonny ponders it.

Hayden is finally in a hospital bed hooked up to things. Finn tells Elizabeth that Hayden came in contact with something in the lab. Hayden goes into shock.

Josslyn sings Amazing Grace. Sonny ponders some more. Obviously, today’s theme is forgiveness. Finn and Elizabeth trying to get Hayden under control is interspersed with the funeral. Sonny and Carly look at each other from across the room.

Franco uses the hospital computer to look up Tom’s brother’s address. Because it’s left totally unattended and no one is around. There might be more reasons than one why people don’t want to come here.

Hayden is stabilized. Elizabeth asks Finn what they’re dealing with, and he tells her to keep monitoring her sister and he’ll be back. Tracy asks Laura what happened. Finn comes out and says Hayden is stable for now. Tracy tells him to leave the rest to the doctors. Finn says he’s a doctor. Tracy says because of Brad’s complaints, he’ll probably be banned. He says he’ll take his research elsewhere, but Tracy says he has a reputation. Finn says it’s his fault that Hayden is sick. Tracy asks if she has what he has, and Finn tells her that it’s worse. She was exposed to something more concentrated. He says no one will be able to understand the treatment like he would. Tracy says she has an idea.

At the funeral, Michael speaks. He talks about not being able to protect Morgan, and hopes that Morgan would forgive him. He says they never gave him enough credit for his capacity to forgive. Kiki leaves and Dillon leaves behind her. Michael says Morgan always found room in his heart again for people who did him wrong.

Kiki tells Dillon to go away, but he says he can’t leave her like this. They hug, and Kiki cries.

Michael says he wishes they could all be as forgiving as Morgan, and wishes he was still here. He never had the chance to tell him how much he admired him.

Elizabeth tells Finn that Hayden is stable for now. He asks her to gather the medication they used and arrange for transfer. Tracy is taking her. Elizabeth gets weird about that, but Laura says even if she doesn’t understand, Finn is the best one to treat Hayden. Tracy says Hayden saved Elizabeth’s life, now it’s her turn. Finn thanks Tracy, and Tracy says just prove her right.

Carly goes to the podium. She says the casket is empty. There wasn’t a body to recover, so they filled the coffin with things; pictures, acceptance letter to college, symbols of Morgan’s life, symbols of his potential. He was going to be a great man, but now that potential is gone. She cries at the casket. It’s killing Sonny. Jason comes up and hugs her. This is just miserable.

Jason sits down and Sam asks what happened. He says he thinks he’s on to something that will change everything. Sam says Carly really needed him. Sam doesn’t seem well, so Jason and Alexis suggest she go home. They leave with her.

Curtis tells Julian that Pete was lured away so someone could plant the bomb. He asks if the name Oscar Jessup rings a bell. Julian says no, and Curtis asks if he’s sure.

The priest starts to give the details for the reception at the MetroCourt, but Sonny wants to speak.

Franco calls Tom’s brother, Seth. Using an Irish accent, he says he’s from the parole board, and needs to confirm that Tom will be staying with him and what his address is. He says he’ll be personally following up on the conversation.

Hayden is wheeled out, and Finn calls Tracy the best friend he ever had. He hugs her. She says she’ll see him at the house. Laura tells Tracy that she really sticks her neck out for the people she loves. Tracy says Finn saved her life, but Laura says she thinks Tracy cares about Hayden too.

Kiki wants to go back in. Dillon asks if she wants him to go in and sit with her. She thanks him and they enter together.

Julian says he’s the guy who signs Curtis’s paychecks, so stop wasting time with Pete, and prove Sonny was behind it.

Sonny says his son is gone and he can’t believe it. He knows most of them blame him, but they can’t blame him more than he blames himself. Morgan’s life wasn’t easy; he deserves to be at peace, but that can’t happen because of Sonny. He says there’s only one way Morgan can be at peace, and there’s only one way to make it happen – the only way he knows how. He takes out the gun.

On Monday, Valentin and Doc meet again, Ava thinks it’s just a matter of time before she’s found out, and Sonny takes responsibility for Morgan’s death.

Z Nation

Back on the air, Citizen Z is joined by Kaya in the Skya. They suddenly get a load of feedback, and Murphy comes on. He makes a speech about the new world he’s creating. He says everyone has done what they had to in order to survive. He tells them about the Murphy Miracle Vaccine, and says it’s there for all who are ready for freedom from fear.

Roberta watches Murphy’s compound. Dr. Sun thinks the vaccine can be deluted so that a person is immune, but not under Murphy’s control. Hector spies Murphy leaving. Roberta says he has a magazine and there’s only one place Murphy ever reads. The toilet? Roberta decides to go on her own, and slips into the latrine. Ha-ha! There are two of them with half moons on the doors. One says Mr. Murphy, and the other says Everyone Else.

The zombies start pounding at the door to the Everyone Else outhouse where Roberta is. Murphy comes out, complaining that he can’t get five minutes to himself. One of his cronies tells him that someone cut through the fence. They open the Everyone Else door, but it’s empty and obviously someone has gone out the other side. Murphy says, “Warren.”

Sun asks Roberta how long they’re going to search. Roberta says until they find the Red Hand or the Red Hand finds them. Hector says the Red Hand is crazy even by apocalypse standards. Roberta says they’ll need an army. Hector tells her that they can’t be controlled, and they’ll change her more than she’ll change them. She tells him, so be it.

Sun notices some trash cans are on fire. The three of them slip into what looks like a utility headquarters. They see some people who seem high, messing around with an abandoned car. Hector calls them Enders. Roberta fires a shot and the Enders flee. Escopion is written on the car’s hood and there are bodies in the trunk. Roberta thinks they’re probably the owners of the car.

Some zombies come out of nowhere. While Hector and Roberta are dealing with them, one gets Sun on the ground, but someone shoots him. A guy comes out from behind a wall. He says it’s an odd little stand-off, and introduces himself as Hopper. He tells them that he was just going down the road, and they need to watch out for the Red Hand; their methods are harsh. Hopper explains that he’s the Red Hand’s drug dealer, and just a small time business man. Roberta wants to see Escorpion. Hopper says he’ll take them, for a fee. She draws her gun, and he says okay, no fee.

Kaya figures out that Murphy is transmitting from Spokane. Citizen Z wonders what Murphy is up to.

Hopper says Escorpion had a come to Jesus zombie moment, and decided to bring justice to a lawless world. The Red Hand executes his judgment. They drive to a warehouse area.

They get out of the car and Hopper lags behind. He tells them they’re paranoid. Roberta says he is too, and he says Escorpion wants it that way. He lights up a joint and asks Sun if she wants to partake. He offers her drugs or something stronger, saying she needs a man. He puts his arm around her and she flips him to the ground. Roberta tells him not to pull that sh*t again and helps him up.

Hopper leads them to one of the warehouses and opens a metal door. Roberta says it had better not be a trap. They follow Hopper inside. Hopper leads them down to the basement and through a tunnel. He calls it “underground Seattle.” He says it was a cesspool of humanity until the Red Hand cleaned it up. They go on for what seems like forever.

Screams are heard in the distance. Sun hears a scratching noise, and they see disembodied hands climbing all over the place. Hopper says it’s best they keep moving.

10K is in a cell. He’s brought to Murphy. Murphy says the thing about confinement is that it gives you time to think about the big things, like who am I, why am I here? 10K says he only thought about how much he hated Murphy.

Murphy asks what Roberta is planning. 10K says she didn’t tell him. Murphy opens a safe. He pulls out a vial calling it humnaity in a single injection. If 10K tells him Roberta’s plan, he might get his soul back. 10K says Roberta is planning to smack his ass good. Murphy laughs. He tells his cronie to find 10K something useful to do, and that zombie moat clean up might be a good start.

Hopper leads the trio to a chamber where there are neon signs that say guilty. Underneath, there are men bound up in barbed wire with metal gags in their mouths. One tries to speak, but Hooper throws a switch and electrocutes them. He says, the sign did say guilty. The men turn to zombies, breaking their bonds and going after Roberta, Hector and Sun. Hooper applauds when all of the zombies are dead. He suggests they do that professionally and tells them that Escorpion will see them now.

A phone rings? Murphy gets off his throne and looks around for the source. A phone inside a cardboard box inside a closet is ringing. Murphy answers. It’s Citizen Z. Murphy tells him that Operation Bite Mark has been terminated, and there’s a new mission now. Citizen Z asks about Roberta. Murphy says he doesn’t know what happened to her. He says Merch decided it’s more than she could handle, and he has his own mission now. He tells Citizen Z not to call again and hangs up. Kaya tells Citizen Z, that went well.

Hector, Roberta and Sun are led to another area. Everyone gets on their knees and they’re made to do the same. Escorpion is presented. It’s Vazquez. I say OMG! out loud.

Vazquez tells Roberta he hears she has a proposition for him. She says she didn’t expect to find him here. He asks if they’ve met. She says yes, but it’s been a while. He says she must be mistaken; he’d have remembered her. Vazquez says he knows Hector. He’s one of those men who think they’re better than him. They want the peace he brings, but denounce his methods. He says right now the world needs a mad man. Hector asks if he’s sure he doesn’t remember him, and shows him his tattoo.

Vazquez says he has one just like it. He tells his guards to lock Hector and Sun up. Roberta tells him that she also is on a mission, and together they can get a vaccine for the zombie virus. He says he has his own mission, and she should help him. She says they were on a mission together once. He asks her to tell him about it. She unbuttons the bottom of his shirt. She says he was badly wounded and dying; she was hurt too and he helped her. She some close enough to kiss him, says, and then…and she kisses him.

He calls the guards and says get her out of his sight.

Sun asks Hooper what’s going to happen to them. He says he doesn’t know; Escorpion is unpredictable. He throws Sun into a single cell and tells her that she’s safe – for now. Roberta gets thrown in with Hector. She tells Hector that Vazquez won’t help; he still thinks he’s Escorpion. Hector blames himself for Vazquez going insane, because of what he did to Vazquez’s family. Roberta says he’ll snap out of it and Hector asks what if he doesnt? She says she’ll hill him. Hector says she won’t have to, and grabs her from behind, squeezing her neck until she blacks out.

Hopper wakes Roberta. He asks where Hector went. She says maybe he walked out. Hopper takes her and Sun to Vazquez/Escorpion. Vazquez asks where the other one is, and Hopper says he escaped, but not for long.

Vazquez asks Roberta why she’s really there. He asks what this is, showing her a vial. She says their mission, and tells him about trying to get Murphy to California and how they found the real Escorpion. She says he has to remember; they were doing it as a team.

Hector comes in fighting. Vazquez goes over to Hector, and Roberta asks Vazquez not to kill him. Hector says he’s the real Escorpion. Vazquez says it’s lie, and punches him. Hector tells Vazquez that he was an undercover cop named Vazquez, and Escorpion killed his family. Vazquez says he lies. Hector says they met again in Mexico. He goes through the scenario, and how he remembered killing them .He says he didn’t care about their begging and shot them both.

Memories flood Vazquez’s mind. Roberta says it’s true. Vazquez tells the guys to let Hector go. Robeta sees they’re going to fight and wants to stop it. Vazquez hits Hector with some kind of hammer, and then runs him through with a machete. I gasp. Vazquez says he is Escorpion and wants Hector to say it, but he refuses.

Roberta sees the machete and kills Vazquez with it. More gasping on my part. Roberta tells him that she’s sorry. Everyone just stands around watching this entire thing. Vazquez says he’s sorry too, and calls her Roberta. He asks for mercy, and she says yes, go home to your family. He dies and she gives him mercy by slicing off his head. Even though I’m miffed that they gave me Vazquez back and then took him away, it’s really cool how his head slides off his body as he slides down to the floor.

Roberta drops the blade and goes to Hector. She asks Sun to do something. Sun gives him an injection of the experimental vaccine. They wait for a millisecond. Sun says it didn’t work, but he’s not turning.

Hopper holds up Vazquez’s head, and everyone kneels to Roberta.


We hear Murphy say that there’s a world without fear and zombie bites. They’re taking back the apocalypse one vaccine at a time, and if you can hear him, fear no more.

Doc and Addie come to a clearing in the woods. They look into a backyard where a zombie couple is with a little girl. At first Doc thinks the child is going to get bitten, and then he realizes it’s Lucy. Apparently, zombie children grow at the same rate as children on soap operas, because she looks a lot older than one. A live man comes out of the house and shoots at them.

Hector opens his eyes.

Wow. This episode took me all over the place.

Next time, it’s all about Lucy.

Quotes of the Week

Little Jewish kids love hip-hop.Marcy Blum, president of Marcy Blum Associates, from the online article Hollywood’s Battle for the Best Bar Mitzvah: $5M Budgets, Justin Bieber and Camels

Instead of letting your hardships and failures discourage or exhaust you, let them inspire you. Let them make you even hungrier to succeed.Michelle Obama

I respect your jumpsuit, but not its contents. – Tina Fey, as Kate Ellis in Sisters