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General Hospital

Carly asks if Sam has a minute. Sam tells Carly that trying to force her back to Jason has to stop. Carly says she’s Sam’s friend, and Sam says as her friend, she needs Carly to stop. It hurts her to hurt Jason. She doesn’t want to open that door and he knows it. He’s her past; Drew is her present and future.

Ava begins to train Nelle, giving her a list of everything she’ll be responsible for. Nelle says she quits.

At the hospital, Kiki drops everything all over the hallway, and Griff helps her pick it up. She says that’s what she gets for being impatient. She tells him abut the blizzard grounding her flight to meet Dillon. She thought she could be productive and study, but that didn’t happen. He asks why, and she says, her mom.

Jason says that Britt claimed Faison hadn’t written the manuscript; it just showed up. Sonny adds that it also shook Faison. In the manuscript, the son betrayed his father like the traitor betrayed Faison by letting Jason live. Jason thinks it’s the same person, and Sonny says, his son. Sonny seems to be finishing Jason’s thoughts today.

At Charlie’s, Maxie tells Obrecht that Nathan doesn’t believe she’s telling the truth about his father. Obrecht says the medical records are accurate, and Nathan says he believes the records belong to his father, but that his father isn’t Victor. Obrecht says that Victor is his father; he told Nathan so himself. (Well, that answers it then. No way Victor would be lying. 😏) His sanity might have been questionable, but he was a fine physical specimen. She tells them that they have the complete medical histories of all the grandparents, they’re both in good health, and the baby is proceeding normally. They love each other, and there have been no bad choices or circumstances to change that. They should say a prayer of thanks. Maxie thinks maybe she has a point. Nathan gets a call from Amy. The DNA results are in.

Spinelli is excited; they’re finally making progress. Faison has a son bent on the destruction of his father. Sonny says it’s not Shakespeare, and they have to make sure they’re on the right track. Jason says someone paid to keep him sedated. Spinelli says they were keeping him in future reserve. The gunplay at the media launch might have been meant to draw him out, but Jason threw off the plans, and Klein got arrested. Jason tells them about the call Klein got from his client, severing all ties. Sonny says that Faison didn’t want Jason alive, and said whoever didn’t kill him was a traitor.

Griff tells Kiki that her mother adores her. She says it doesn’t always translate that way; they have a volatile relationship. She calls Ava on her BS, and Ava sulks. She’s been treating Kiki like a competitor instead of the daughter she raised. What’s going on with her?

Ava is surprised Nelle is quitting on her first day, and Nelle says she was hired without an interview. Ava says she might despise Carly and Nina, but they’re both shrewd businesswomen, and she doesn’t see the problem. Nelle says she was studying to be a teacher. She’s not even remotely qualified. She says she was trying to meet Michael halfway by getting a job. Carly insists that the pregnancy is just a way to get Michael’s money, but it took her by surprise.

Carly tells Sam that she’s trying to save her from making the same mistake she did, and the pain afterward. She knows their lives aren’t the same, but she loved Jax. He’s a great guy and a great father, but she wasn’t honest about the hold Sonny has on her heart. Jax is a dream come true, and Sonny is a nightmare, but it doesn’t matter. Her first loyalty is with Sonny, and she can’t stop how she feels. Because of that, she broke Jax’s heart. She tells Sam not to do that to Drew. In perfect soap timing, Drew walks in and says, don’t do what?

Drew doesn’t suppose she came to apologize. Carly wants to get to know him as he is now, but says even if that doesn’t happen, she’s still his friend. He’d like to believe that, but being a friend doesn’t mean she gets to intervene in his marriage and family. She says she wanted to save him from a marriage to someone who can’t stop loving someone else. She leaves, and he asks Sam if she’s right.

Ava tells Nelle her job is a work in progress. She says just focus on what she knows to do, and be a smart, capable assistant. She’ll learn the rest as she goes. She can learn about art in general, and then the specific artists they carry. Nelle hops she can justify Ava’s faith in her. Ava says she’ll be knowledgeable and confident in no time. Nelle says, like her, and Ava says it’s an act. She’s horribly self-conscious, and lies awake at night, thinking people aren’t telling her the truth, and her scars bother them more than they’re saying. It won’t be for much longer though. She has an appointment with a plastic surgeon. If it’s a success, she’ll be the woman she was. Then Nelle will see confidence, and there will be no stopping her.

Griff tells Kiki her mom won’t feel normal until her face is fully restored. Kiki asks if he’s told her, and he says yes. She asks if Dr. Garrett thinks it will work, and Griff says he only had to adjust the formula to make it legal in the United States. Kiki says he’s given her mom an amazing gift, and she wants to be happy for her. In a couple of weeks, Ava will feel beautiful again. She’ll be good as new, but Morgan will still be dead.

Jason says that the Aurora party was on October 27th. The next month, Britt and her father were traveling overseas. Sonny says once Jason turned up alive, Faison knew there was a traitor and went looking for him. Jason says somewhere on the trip, the manuscript showed up, written by Faison’s alias, a story about a son betraying his father. Now Faison knows his son is out to get him, and comes back to confront the traitor, but doesn’t. Spinelli says because Obrecht warned him. The call he traced on the burner phone must have been a warning for him to flee. Sonny says Obrecht might now more than she’s saying. He suggests they invite her over again for espresso and a chat.

Obrecht tells Nathan that Victor was killed when the clinic exploded. There’s no trace of his DNA. Maxie explains that she saw Valentin at Kelly’s and yanked a hair out of his head. She brought it to Amy, along with Nathan’s hairbrush. Obrecht says doing it without Nathan’s knowledge would make the results invalid, but Nathan says she means inadmissible. The only one there with nefarious motives is her, and she couldn’t have tampered with the test, since she didn’t know. Obrecht says she thought they’d decided to co-exist because of their mutual love for the baby. Maxie says she knows what it’s like to lie when you think there’s a good reason, but they need to know the truth that might affect their child. Obrecht says she only wanted to protect the baby, and tells Nathan not to open the email, but Nathan tells her that he already knows what it says.

Carly goes to the gallery looking for Ava, but Nelle says she’s not there. Carly asks if Nelle is working for Ava now. Nelle says she just started, and she did it for her. Carly told her to get a job.

Griff tells Kiki that he thought she’d forgiven her mother for her role in Morgan’s death. Kiki says she purposely sabotaged his sanity. Griff says it was a misguided instinct to protect her daughter, but Kiki says her motive was less altruistic. She wanted him for herself. They’d had two affairs. Her mother is insecure and possessive, and when Morgan came back to Kiki, she didn’t want her gorgeous, young lover with her daughter. Griff thinks Kiki is being hard on her, but Kiki says she’s being honest. Ava regrets what happened, but she’s never been honest about it. She pretends it doesn’t exist. Griff suggests she might change when she’s more secure, but Kiki says it won’t change who she is inside. All Griff takes Kiki’s hand and says all he knows, is that her mom loves her. He hopes in time, there’s enough love to heal them both. Kiki says Ava is lucky to have him. Ava watches from a distance.

Sam tells Drew that what Carly went through has nothing to do with them; she’s not that selfish. Drew says she’s the opposite. She says Sonny wants what he wants. He wanted Carly, and he went for it. Drew says what’s right for him is making her happy, but she has to tell him what she wants.

Nathan says it’s not a match. Valentin isn’t his cousin, and Victor can’t be his father. Obrecht lied. Obrecht says the medical records are accurate. Nathan asks who it is, and she says no one he needs to know. He says he does for his child. She’s an incredibly difficult woman, but he knows she loves him. She says more than he’ll ever comprehend. He says he loves her too, and doesn’t want this anymore. Tell him.

Sonny, Jason, and Spinelli barrel into Charlie’s. Spinelli says Obrecht is right where he said she’d be. Maxie tells them this is incredibly bad timing. She tells them they need to go. Spinelli can’t believe she just told the godfather of Port Charles to leave, but she says they all have to, adding a welcome back to Jason. She says they’re in the middle of a family crisis. Sonny asks if the crisis has anything to do with Faison’s son. Obrecht asks how they knew.

Carly shows Nelle a picture of a painting, saying the artist donated the piece to Morgan’s foundation. If it sells, the foundation gets the money, but if not, she needs it sent back to her office. Nelle says Ava was generous to hire her. Otherwise, she’d be waiting tables, even though she’s having a difficult pregnancy and is prone to dizzy spells. Carly says she’s prone to something. She’s not surprised;Ava probably did it just to spite her. The plus side is that Nelle will sleep with Ava’s boyfriend, and rob her blind. They deserve each other.

Ava approaches the desk, and Griff says he’ll go prepare things for her appointment. Um… don’t nurses do that? Ava tells him to take his time; she wants to talk to Kiki. She tells Kiki that she owes her an apology. She treated her miserably, and was completely unfair. It was an emotional overreaction when she thought Kiki was spending too much time with Griff.

Sam tells Drew what she wants is what they have; their life with the kids. They have Oscar now too. He asks what about Jason? Sam says she wants him to be happy, but his definition of happiness isn’t what she wants. He has to choose his own path, and so does Drew. She knows he loves her, but he has a whole other past that he hasn’t started to explore. It’s his turn. What does he want?

Sonny says Faison was in Port Charles looking for his son. Obrecht knew it, and called him, telling him they were looking for him. Obrecht says that’s preposterous, but Spinelli says he traced the call. She says that’s illegal, and tells Nathan to arrest them. Nathan says, Faison has a son? and Sonny says they’re pretty sure. Nathan asks Obrecht why that frightens her, but she says she’s outraged. They barged in on a private family matter. Nathan says, Sonny comes in and says Faison has a son, and she panics, asking him how he knows. She tells Nathan that he’s taking things out of context, and jumping to conclusions. Nathan says it makes sense now. Maxie says not to her, and asks what’s going on? He knows now why his mother wouldn’t tell him who his father was. Even Victor Cassadine looked good by comparison. He tells Maxie that he’s sorry. Obrecht begs him to leave it alone, but he says that his father is Caesar Faison. Everyone makes soap opera faces.

Nelle tells Carly that she should be nicer. If her blood pressure spikes, Carly could endanger her grandchild. Carly says she’s right. She shouldn’t make accusations. She has no idea if Nelle will sleep with Ava’s boyfriend. She could just drug him and pretend she did, or record something to blackmail him with. Nelle asks what right she has to judge anyone. At least Nelle got pregnant with someone she loved. Carly was screwing her own stepfather, and cheating on him with a drunk. Carly says it’s true she was messed up when she was Nelle’s age, but she had an advantage; a friend who believed in her and found the good in her. She says there’s no good to be found in Nelle. The only friend she could scrape up is a user like Ava. I dunno. I think Carly is hypocritical.

Kiki explains to Ava that she only helped Griff for her. Ava says she’s grateful to both of them. Kiki says she obviously doesn’t respect them. She can’t believe Ava thought they were sneaking around. Ava says she let self-doubt get the best of her. Griff is the first man who’s wanted her for herself. Their relationship is pure and real and right, and she’s afraid it won’t last. She’s afraid she can’t be woman he thinks she is. Kiki says she has to work it out with him, not project her problems onto her. Ava says she knows after the last treatment, things will be fine. Kiki warns her that it won’t fix her doubts. Griff says the doctor is ready to see her. Ava thanks Griff for getting her so close to being herself again. She walks away, and Griff and Kiki look at each other.

Maxie says Faison is Britt’s father, and Nathan says his too. He can get another test to prove they’re full siblings. Obrecht says it’s true. Caesar is his father. Maxie sits down. Sonny thinks they should go, and Spinelli says he didn’t think this is what would transpire. They leave, walking in the loudest shoes ever, and Nathan says Obrecht owes them the truth. Obrecht says she loved Caesar, but never deluded herself that he was a good man or suited to be a father. He rejected Britt, and that was her salvation. She knew if she had a boy, Caesar would take him, so she concealed the pregnancy. When Nathan was born, she entrusted him to her sister. She starts to cry, saying she desperately wanted him with her, but it was more important to protect him from Caesar. Seeing the man he’s become, she knows she was right.

Sam says what they’ve been through is kind of like earthquake. The first impulse is to grab on to something. It’s a reflex, an instinct, not a choice. Now they know what they’re dealing with, and he needs to choose. Not just with his marriage and family, but his past. Does he want to find out who Andrew Caine is? He says he can reach out to the Navy, and see if anyone he served with can explain or spark a memory, but what if it doesn’t? What if he sits across from a man who saved his life and can’t remember or doesn’t remember someone who died for him? He can’t dishonor the memory of their experience to jump start his own. Sam says he’s Chief Andrew Caine, and even if he can’t remember his service, he remembers what it means. It’s who he is, and who she loves.

Obrecht doesn’t regret her choice Her sister had her failings, but kept him safe. His father didn’t have a chance to poison him. Nathan says he needs her to leave now. She tells him that he’s going to have a child himself, and will understand. When you have a baby, you do things you never thought you would. When his anger cools, she prays he can forgive her. She loves him, and hopes he allows her to be part of her grandchild’s life. When she’s gone, Maxie says it’s a lot to process, and will take time, but she wouldn’t change one thing about him. He says who knows what he inherited, but she says it doesn’t matter where he came from. What matters is he’s here, and they love each other. She makes him promise to believe they’ll give the baby the best of themselves.

Spinelli says it appears his beloved daughter Georgie is going to have a half-sibling whose grandfather is Caesar Faison. Jason says it’s not the baby’s fault. When Sam was pregnant with Danny, they thought Franco was the father. He hated Franco so much, he let it get in the way. He tells Spinelli not to do the same. Maxie will need him to say it’s okay, and to teach Georgie to love her sister or brother. Spinelli says he can do that. Spinelli tells them this has only amplified their need to locate Faison. Sonny asks if anyone thinks Nathan is PK Sinclair. That’s a no, and Sonny says that means Faison has another son whom he considers a traitor. They need to find that son, and use him to draw Faison out in the open. I love how they assume it must be a son because of the manuscript. I would love it even more if the traitor was a woman.

Kiki tells Griff that Ava wants to apologize for being insecure and overreacting. Ava thought she and Griff were spending too much time together. Griff says he already knew that. Kiki doesn’t care what she thinks, unless Griff thinks she’s leaning on him too much. He says he enjoys their friendship, and she can lean on him all she wants. She says if she’s going to med school, she needs to learn to stand on her own. He says medicine is a collaborative effort, and every doctor needs all the help they can get. Ava comes back, and tells them that the procedure will be done tomorrow. She thanks them both, and says tomorrow, it will be like nothing ever happened to her.

Carly tells Nelle that she’ll talk to Michael about an allowance, so she won’t have to work for Ava. Nelle thinks there’s a lot she can learn. Carly suggests instead of reading about art, she do some research on Connie Falconari. Ava shot her in cold blood, but her confession was disappeared. She also switched Morgan’s medication to a placebo, but Nelle already knows that, since she caught her in Morgan’s room. Ava can’t deny what she did to Morgan when there’s a witness. Nelle says Ava would never hurt her or her baby, but Carly says she’d kill her, step over her body, and by the time she made it to the door, convince herself it was an accident, and she had good intentions. Carly doesn’t care about Nelle, but she could be carrying Michael’s baby, and she cares what happens to the child.

Sam says the SEALS will be there to help Drew, no questions asked. They’re his brothers, and he’d do the same for them. She knows him. He says he doesn’t know himself. She says he does. He might not have dates or details, but he knows his own heart. What does he want to do? He tells her that he wants to love and honor her as long as they both live. She suggests they get married today.

On Monday, Finn says it’s time he told the truth, Oscar has something to tell Josslyn, and Jason tells Anna about Faison’s son. She’s not his mother, is she?

🍝 Still floundering around with Hell’s Kitchen: All Stars. Tonight, the contestants had to make three restaurant quality pasta meals for $20. I’d say that’s totally possible. Pasta is the best, cheapest, most versatile ingredient in the world. I feel about pasta like Homer Simpson does about beer.

😦 Speaking of personal preferences, I see WordPress wants me to pay for this now. They still have a free version, but there are no tags or categories anymore, so I’m not sure if anyone will see it. With the new Tyler Perry season coming up, I’ll be mulling it over. Not sure if I want to put the effort into something no one will read. Although I often think I’m just amusing myself anyway.

🍹 Apparently, Landon Clements is not returning to Southern Charm. After her behavior last season, I wouldn’t either.


📜  Quotes of the Week 📜

I don’t believe in luck. It’s persistence, hard work, and not forgetting your dream.Janet Jackson

If you’re so laser-focused on reaching one specific goal, you may actually miss forks in the road that lead to other opportunities.Cate Blanchett

If you’re tired of style, you’re tired of life. – Mr. Carson, (Jim Carter), Downton Abbey

I don’t trust anyone. I don’t trust my mother. And she’s been dead eleven years. – Lt. Joe Kenda, Homicide Hunter

They told me there would be tea… Oh, it’s a disaster. Okay, well, we’ll just have to rough it. I’m going to be like everybody else, with no hot tea.Mariah Carey, New Year’s Eve 2017


Times Square



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