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April 25, 2019 – A Good Day In Port Charles, Runway Elegance, 90 Day Approaching, Watching Live & Funny Lady


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Laura and Doc lounge around, kissing, and saying I love you. Laura says she’s been missing his last name and can’t wait to use it again. He says, it might be a while. She asks if he’s meeting Ava and Felicia today. He tells her it’s the last thing he wants to do.

At The Floating Rib, Ava asks if Felicia is ready to put her plan into action. Felicia says she has one problem. Ava asks, what’s that? Mac comes out, and says, me.

Josslyn and Oscar practice their song on the terrace at the Quartermaine’s, but Oscar is feeling tired. Josslyn thinks they’ll be blown away at the Nurses’ Ball, and he perks up a little.

Cameron goes to the hospital for his community service. Elizabeth wants him to know she’s the only mom he’s got, and she loves him. Eventually they have to find their way through this. He’s not exactly communicative, and moves on. Epiphany asks how that went, but Elizabeth doesn’t know.

Outside Kelly’s, Anna thanks Robert for coming. He says, before she starts, there’s nothing she can tell him that will make him believe he was with Alex. If she wants to torture herself, he’ll hold her hand through the entire miserable episode, but he knows why he fell in love with her. He knows she gave birth and she’s Robin’s mother. She says he’s right.

Carly meets Bobbie at the hospital, and thanks her for being there. Bobbie says it’s always good to have an extra set of ears when you’re listening to the doctor. Carly says genetic testing isn’t her favorite, but Bobbie says it’s standard, and nothing is set in stone; it’s just theoretic. Carly says she and Sonny just want someone to say the baby is healthy. Bobbie is surprised Sonny isn’t there. Carly isn’t. He’s dealing with a situation – it’s not dangerous, but it’s important. Bobbie says, more important than Carly and the baby? Carly says, that situation is urgent; hers isn’t. Bobbie asks if there’s any chance Sonny is using it to keep his distance. Carly says, maybe a little. He doesn’t want her to die, and if everything goes okay, the baby will be a whole sibling to Morgan, and a living reminder of the son they lost. Bobbie says, it’s a gamble in more ways than one. Carly says Sonny has to deal with things his way, and she has to deal with them her way. She just wishes their ways were the same, but they’re not. Bobbie says she’s not alone. She’s there for Carly, whatever she needs. Bobbie’s phone rings, and they go in.

Drew asks Josslyn how it’s going, and Josslyn says, Oscar fell asleep. Monica says, what’s better than a nap in the sunshine? and I’m in. Josslyn says she has an errand to run, but she’ll be back. After she leaves, Kim says she’s so grateful for Josslyn. What she’s giving Oscar is such a gift. Monica thinks Josslyn would say he’s given her just as much.

Elizabeth tells Epiphany, it is what it is. Cameron just hasn’t bonded with Franco the way the other two have. Maybe he’s resistant because of his age. Maybe it’s because of who Franco used to be, or maybe both, but she can’t seem to fix it. Epiphany says, don’t. You can’t force people bond. Elizabeth loves her son; he loves her. Elizabeth says, and he loves his brothers. Epiphany says they’re good people. That’s what matters. They might bump along for a little bit, but eventually find out they have more in common than they thought. Elizabeth wants to bridge the gap, but Epiphany says they have to build that bridge on their own. Elizabeth says it’s no Brady Bunch, and Epiphany says, reality is more complicated. People say give it time for a reason. Sometimes it’s the only way.

Anna says she owes Robert an apology. He warned her about going down the rabbit hole, but she did anyway. Robert loves the apology; it happens so rarely. What made her come to her senses? Anna shows him the bracelet, and asks if he remembers it. He says she saw it at a stall in Castellammare. They were halfway through their mission, and she had to have it. Of course, she had no money, so he bought it to shut her up. She says she wore it through the whole mission, and through Robin’s conception. When she saw the picture, it was like a freight train hit her. Alex never had this. Robert says he was never with Alex. He was always with her.

Elsewhere, Finn looks at the engagement ring.

Felicia makes herself scarce, and Ava asks Mac if he’s not tired of living in fear that Ryan will show up and finish his twisted game. She wants more than that. Mac says she wants to bump Ryan off, and he doesn’t blame her, but she’s not getting Felicia involved in a murder conspiracy. Ava says she wants to bring Ryan to justice, and Mac says they’re not helping to kill him. Whatever she’s cooking up, keep it to herself. Felicia comes back, and asks if everything is all right. Ava says they all have the same mission – to keep Ryan from killing again, whatever it looks like.

Doc says the part he played, the sin of treating Ryan in secret… Laura tells him to try and stop beating himself up about it. He says he is. That’s why he’s teaming up with Ava and Felicia. It’s part of his amends, but they’re also right. The best way to lure Ryan out is to make him believe Ava has taken up with his hated twin. Laura says, a necessary evil to bring Ryan to justice. She says it’s hard for him be around Ava, isn’t it? He says, yes. What his brother did, the shambles he made of her life… He could never say this to her, but he knows why Ryan killed Kiki. It wasn’t a random, spur of the moment thing, or because she was young, beautiful, and blonde. He did it because she was Ava’s. Maybe to impress her, or it was what he thought she wanted, but he thinks Ryan did it to make her more vulnerable, and to need him. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. Kiki is dead because her mother got involved with his brother. Laura says it’s not Ava’s fault either, and Doc says, no, it’s Ryan’s, but it circles back to him. That’s why it’s physically painful to look at Ava. Her life will never be the same, and he played a big part in that. Laura hugs him, saying it’s painful for her too. She doesn’t want him near Ava, but if it’s what has to be done, they can get through it, as long as they’re together. He says he shut her out once, and can’t tell her how much he regrets it. He’ll never do it again. There’s no way he’ll do this without her. She says lucky for him, he doesn’t have to.

Kim feels Oscar’s forehead as he sleeps on the terrace. She goes inside, and Monica asks how their boy is. Kim says sleeping. No surprise; he had a rough night. Monica asks if the headaches are worse. Kim says they are, and his left side is weaker. Monica says she can call Terry and have a consult about pain medication, but Kim says, no. Oscar is working on a song for the Nurses’ Ball with Josslyn. It’s as if they’re trying to turn back the hands of time. Monica says, if that was possible, she’d join them.

Josslyn sees Cameron at the hospital, and asks what the hell he thinks he’s doing. He says, community service? She says he promised to be there for Oscar. He says he will be, after he’s finished. She asks when was the last time he saw Oscar? and he says they texted last night. He’s sorry he’s strong, and Oscar is sick and dying, but he doesn’t know how to handle it. Josslyn says, when Oscar is gone, he’s gone; there’s no looking back. Oscar needs Cameron to be there for him. Cameron says he’s got it; freak out on his own time. Right now belongs to Oscar. He asks if that’s what Josslyn does, and she says, yeah. He hugs her, and she asks where he’s been. He tells her that he’s sorry.

Carly’s OB asks how she’s feeling. Carly says, great. The doctor asks about nausea and fatigue, and Carly says, so far, so good. Bobbie asks how Carly’s blood pressure is, and the doctor says she’s in range. Carly knows that can change, and promises she won’t ignore medical advice. The doctor wishes all the patients were like her. She says Carly’s first son was born prematurely, which could be caused by hypertension. It’s all the more reason to keep an eye on things. Bobbie says Carly has lots of extra eyes on her. The doctor asks about her other pregnancies, and Carly says Morgan’s birth was normal, and the doctor has the records for Josslyn. Michael had a heart defect, a hole that was corrected, and there have been no other problems. The doctor asks if Michael doesn’t have a different father, and Carly says, yes, but she’d still like the baby monitored. The doctor says they’ll do a test later in the pregnancy, and asks if she has any other concerns. Carly says her daughter has kidney disease, but the doctor says most renal diseases aren’t inherited. Carly asks, what about being bipolar? Her husband is, and she wonders what the chances are of the baby inheriting it.

Anna tells Robert that she’s sorry she opened that horrible can of worms. She doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. Robert says, she’s in love. Finn wouldn’t be his first choice, but he does something for her, and he’s got her spiraling. Anna says, that’s so Robert; thinking he knows her better than she knows herself. He says he does. She’s dredging up mistakes from her past to convince herself that she shouldn’t be happy. For a smart woman, she’s a basket case. Correct him if he’s wrong. She says that’s one of her favorite pastimes, but she thinks he might be right. He says an apology and this? He takes out his phone to record the moment. Anna makes him put the phone away, and says she thinks he might be right. She’s afraid to be happy.

Robert tells her, of the two of them, she’s made the most progress in turning her life around. At this point, she’s attracting her own misery. She says, true, and he asks if she wants his advice. She says, no, but he says, here it comes. Let the past stay where it is; in the past. They can’t change it, and at this point, she needs to start moving forward. Allow herself to be happy. How she does that is her business. She says one thing she doesn’t regret is falling in love with him. He says, that makes two of them. He says, there were disasters, and she says, a lot, but they have an amazing daughter to to show for it. They hug. Finn arrives, and Anna waves to him behind Robert’s back. Finn says, good news, or bad?

Mac says he’s on board – to a point. Ava says Ryan needs to be dealt with, and if the cops won’t do it, it’s up to them. Mac says if Ryan gets shot execution style, they’ll all be in trouble. It will be premeditated. They can call Ryan evil, but it doesn’t give them the right to assume they can commit murder. Doc walks in, and says, that’s quite an assumption.

Cameron asks Josslyn how Oscar is doing. She says, he’s tired and weak, but still Oscar; playing music and writing poetry. Cameron adds, telling lame jokes, and Josslyn says, absolutely. She tells Cameron, this is it. They’re not getting any more time with him. He asks how she’s so chill with this, and she says she’s not. She can’t stop and think, so she’s trying to make as many memories as she can. He says she’s amazing, but she says, no. She asks if he’s coming by the Quartermaine’s today. He says he is, but he needs to get something first. Josslyn starts leave, and Cameron says he knows he’s been a crappy friend, but swears he’s there for her. She knows.

Monica sits near Oscar with Scout. She pats his leg, and he opens his eyes. She says, sorry to wake him, but Scout wanted to show her big brother her toys. Oscar says, cool. Monica tells him that Josslyn has to run an errand, but will be back soon. He says, Scout is so little. She won’t even remember him. Monica says she might not have the memories, but she’ll know him; they’ll tell her stories. Oscar thinks it would be cool if Scout climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with their dad in his place. Monica says, please don’t mention that. She’d like to live a little longer before she has a heart attack. Scout might not have memories of him, but part of her is connected to him through their father. And that is forever. He’s glad something is. She takes his hand.

Drew comes back to the Quartermaine’s, and Monica tells him Scout is having her nap. She asks how lunch was, and he says he’s never eating again. Even after he told Olivia he wasn’t hungry, she kept piling food on his plate. Oscar says he had no idea how many different kinds of pasta there were. Monica thinks Olivia is making some of them up. Oscar tells Drew that he should take Scout to Mt. Kilimanjaro, and Monica suggests something more local. There’s a great hill in the park. Drew asks, what’s the thrill in that? Monica says, no thrill equals safe. She wants to take a picture of them, and goes to get Kim. Drew asks how Oscar is doing, and Oscar says, it’s a good day.

Anna tells Finn, when she saw the bracelet in the picture, she felt sorry about the crying, hammering, and sleepless nights. The whole thing was stupid. Robert says, it’s not the first time, and won’t be the last. Anna says she bought it while they were on assignment, and Robert asks, who bought it? She says he did, and she had it the entire time. Finn says, meaning Alex never did. Robert says, Robin is, and always will be, their daughter.

The doctor tells Carly, a bipolar parent does give a child a genetic vulnerability, but it’s by no means a given. She asks if Carly’s husband has other biological children, and Carly says, three. She asks if there are any symptoms. Carly says Dante is fine. Kristina is iffy, but she doesn’t think that’s the problem, and Avery is too young to tell. The doctor says there’s no test for it, and it can skip a generation, but they should concentrate on what they can control. The mother staying healthy and informed. She says if there are no more questions, she’ll tell the staff that Carly is ready for the test.

Drew finds Elizabeth and Josslyn in the sitting room, and he says, Oscar just woke up from a nap. Elizabeth asks how he’s doing today, and Drew says, it’s been a good day. He’s says Oscar is with Monica and his mom, and asks Josslyn to hold up a minute.

Oscar says he was thinking about something, and it has nothing do with how he feels about Kim. She’s his mom, and the most important person in his life. If it’s okay with her, he’d like to add Quartermain to his name. Monica tells him, by the way, he’s already a Quartermaine, like the rest of them. Oscar feels lucky to have found this family, who welcomed him, no questions asked. He wants the name to be part of his legacy. Kim says, Oscar Nero Quartermaine. He asks what she thinks. She thinks finding his father, and the family that came with him means a lot to Oscar, as it should. Do it. He asks if she’s sure. It doesn’t change… Kim says, anything between them. She knows. Do it. Monica thinks it’s an honor that he wants to add the family name to his. They all smile.

They go back inside, and Drew asks if they want to fill him and Josslyn in. Oscar says he’s changing his name. From here on out, he’ll be Oscar Nero Quartermaine. Cameron arrives, and says, way to boost his social status. Oscar asks if he’s jealous, and Cameron asks if he’s kidding. The Quartermaines are insane. No offense. He says he went home to pick up some cards; his mom always brings them out when they’re sick. Josslyn asks what’s with the bag of peanuts he has, and he says they don’t have chips. Monica brings out a case, and suggests they use these. Oscar’s great-grandfather was a dedicated poker player. Oscar thinks maybe they should stick with the peanuts, but Kim says he’s a Quartermaine now, and it’s part of Quartermain tradition. Cameron says they need a fourth, and Oscar asks Drew. Josslyn says as long as he’s not a sore loser. Drew doesn’t know. He’s never lost.

Doc tells Ava that she’s only ever seen the good side of Ryan. The one in love with her, who would do anything to make her happy. She hasn’t seen his vengeful side. She says Ryan hasn’t seen hers either. The woman he knew was a grieving mother, so devoted and human, who would let him lead her anywhere. Now she knows he killed her daughter, and she’s going to make him pay like no one ever has. Doc says they’ll do what they need to, and see that he does.

Anna says she’s never been so relieved. Robert says except when Robin turned out to be alive. Anna says, that was a miracle, plain and simple, Robert says miracle describes their kid; she’s perfect. Finn is happy for her. Anna says she is too. Robert says, there it is – happiness. She says she’s not looking back anymore. She’s going to focus on the future, and make the most of every moment. Finn says, sounds like a plan.

Anna thanks them for being patient. She’s sorry, and Robert tells her, do away with the apologies. Enough is enough. Anna wants to FaceTime with Robin, and goes inside Kelly’s to freshen up. Finn thinks she’s not completely over the memory thing. Robert says he just watched a woman claw her way back from eternal purgatory. It will be fine. Finn says, yeah, and Robert tells him, learn to read the signs better. Finn is sure Robert could teach a class. Robert says, if it could ensure Anna’s happiness, he would.

Epiphany calls Carly in for her test. Carly thanks Bobbie, and Bobbie says, good luck. Carly says she’ll take all she can get.

Laura sighs, and looks at her phone. She calls Lulu, leaving a message for her to call back when she has a chance. Laura has a lot to tell her.

Ava says, so they’re all on board. Mac just wants to say it one more time. They trap Ryan, and turn him over to the authorities. Felicia says she’s in. Doc says he is too. Ava says, all right. Let’s get started. The sooner Ryan believes they think he’s dead, the sooner they’ll be rid of him.

Oscar raises Drew twenty dollars. Josslyn and Cameron fold. Drew asks if Oscar is bluffing, or has a hand. Oscar says, one way to find out. Drew says he’s out, and Cameron asks what Oscar has. Oscar shows his cards, and says, nothing. Drew wants the hand back. Monica tells Kim and Elizabeth, if there was ever any doubt that Oscar was a Quartermaine, it’s gone now. They laugh, and Cameron deals another hand.

Tomorrow, Anna asks why Robert keeps giving Finn a hard time, Carly tells Sonny that Avery deserves an answer to her question, and Oscar asks to speak to Jason alone.

👗 On Project Runway, the contestants were to interpret elegance inspired by weird items in one of Brandon Maxwell’s see-through button bags. The designers picked from ten bags, drawing lots to see who went first, second, etc. The range was pretty wide; peacock feathers, a blue display hand, a silver mirror set, a mini Grecian bust, an orchid, a bottle of rosé, dollar bills, headphones, lemons and limes, and a perfume bottle. Another word thrown around a lot by the judges and Christian, was restraint. There was a flash challenge photo shoot, where everyone took pictures of their own models. This had something to do with audience votes, and I still have no idea who won. The big winner was Jamall, with a black and white plaid strapless gown that was really gorgeous (I love a nice plaid!), and looked like a different dress from every angle. Sonia was out, basically for being boring. Her effort was a lovely slate strapless gown with a slit on the side. I’ve started to wonder if there’s any other kind of gown but strapless, since bridal dresses seem to have gone that route too. Sonia’s problem was that she didn’t finish the kimono that was supposed to go with it, giving the model a scarf/sash instead. In her parting speech, she said, as you get older, you realize not everything is where you shine. She was glad for the opportunity, but also glad to get back to her own thing. The twist here was that, had she not had immunity, Hester would have most likely been gone. IKR? The designer we’ve come to expect wonderful surprises from, landed a dud. She decided to take a chance on a gown she’d always wanted to make – with pasties on top. This actually might have been a daring, progressive choice. God knows, we’ve been seeing it for years at music awards shows, but not in a way you’d call elegant. However, her fabric of choice was taffeta. Making pasties out of taffeta turned out to be a bad, bad idea. The darts caused them to be pointy, and they ended up looking like, as one judge described them, lime green fortune cookies. Nice try, but no. Even the model thought the idea was poorly executed, but then again, they were attached directly to her skin with fabric glue. Yikes. The other big loser was Tessa. Not for her runway project, but her attitude toward curvy models. She got dressed down by Brandon, and quite a few people on Twitter, because of her concern in working with a larger form. She just stopped short of being genuinely insulting, but Nadine already covered that a few episodes ago. What bothers me even more, is neither Tessa or Nadine are what you’d call slim, so… If you’re going to design for people, design for people, and shut up if those people are not your ideal shape.

💍 In preparation for the upcoming new season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? – this Sunday, May 5th, at 8 pm on TLC – I checked out the preview. The station also revamped last season’s 90 Day episodes to capsulate the individual couples’ stories. I’d forgotten how irritating these people were. Like the way Pedro’s mother says his name, with the emphasis on the dro. Really, just Pedro’s mother in general is irritating. It also brought back other fond memories, such as Libby and Andrei’s idea for a wedding in Moldova getting squelched by her family. And how, every time I hear Moldova, I think it sounds like a country Groucho Marx made up. You can check out the trailer for the new season here:


📺 I can’t handle Judge Judy’s new hairstyle. It’s just not right. I thought it was a messy bun, but on Watch What Happens Live, Andy gave her a mazel for a ponytail, and showed a side view. I find this change less than mazel-worthy. I wouldn’t give it a jackhole either, but if there’s some shout out for no, just no, that’s what I’d give it. And while I’m on the WWHL subject, the hysterically funny Jackie Hoffman was a guest this week. She’s visited the Clubhouse before, and IMO is one of the best guests they’ve had on. Besides having a talent for comedic spontaneity, she has an impressive acting resumé. I was absolutely blessed to see her in Hairspray on Broadway (along with Harvey Fierstein!), but the list is quite long. If you get a chance to see her in any capacity, do.

😂 And While I’m On the Subject…

I literally lol’d when she talked about LuAnn and the fish room.








March 22, 2019 – Shiloh Confronts Willow, Sad Sonny, Housewife Hilton, Not So Sweet Caroline, 90 Preview, Karma Shade, 8-Legged Quotes & That Moon


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the hospital. Jason asks Sam how it went, and she says, it worked like a charm. Shiloh is going to be her personal mentor, and show her the ways of DOD. All she has to do is, whatever he tells her to do.

Willow says, Shiloh. He says she does remember him, and closes the door. He says he was scared when she vanished. What could possibly have taken her from him? She asks if he really wants to know, but he says, it doesn’t matter. He’s glad she’s safe and well. He knew he’d run into her again. He didn’t know when or how, but knew he would destined to see her. Now he’s here, and once again she can stand by his side.

Laura goes to the station, and sees Jordan and Margaux. She’s surprised Jordan is at work, but Jordan promises she can handle it. Laura tells her to make sure duty doesn’t get in the way of her health. Jordan says, there’s been no progress. They haven’t recovered Ryan’s body. Laura wonders if there’s any possibility he survived, and made it back to Port Charles.

Griff punches the crap out of Doc on the pier.

In her office, Lulu is on the phone with Peter. She can’t believe being late to a meeting caused him to reassign a story she’s working on. The door handle rattles.

Carly finds Sonny in an examining room. Lucas says he’s fine, and Sonny says, it’s not that bad. She says, fine isn’t the same as not that bad, and asks, what the hell happened? Sonny says, hey, good lookin’.

Lulu tells Peter to call 911. She’s going out the back. The door opens, and she grabs something as a weapon. It’s Dante, who says he surrenders. He says she changed locks, so he had to pick it. He would have called, but thought she was working. She gets Peter back on the phone, and tells him, call off the police. It’s just Dante. Dante says, that’s all he rates? She jumps into his arms, and kisses him.

Carly asks Sonny how it happened, and how many stitches. She reminds him the doctor told her to avoid stress, but he says she’s still glowing. She wants to know everything, like how he got shot. He says Dante is the one who shot him.

Sam tells Jason that Shiloh was more than happy to welcome her. She has to allow his choices to become hers; no questions asked. He asks if she’s having second thoughts. She tells him that Shiloh said to learn commitment, she has to give up self-control. Jason says it’s crazy that people fall for it. Sam says she has to convince Shiloh that she is.

Julian sees Brad at Kelly’s. Brad asks what Julian is doing there. Julian says, don’t tell his customers, but he loves a Kelly’s BLT as much as everyyone else. Brad says he’s having a family downfall. Doesn’t Julian read The Invader? It’s there in black and white.

Shiloh tells Willow that she can’t dodge fate, even if she changed her name. He erases Miss Tait from the blackboard. She wants him to leave, but he says that’s not what he wants. She made him a promise not to leave, and she broke it.  She says, it was made under duress; it was meaningless. He says he never coerced her, but she says he had others do his dirty work. He asks what she’s talking about. She says she means it – go. He says he’s glad she became a teacher. He bets she’s good at it; better than him. His lessons didn’t stick, but there’s still time for her to be her best self. She says she warned him. She’s calling the police.

Laura says they searched from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, and nothing? Jordan says, the police believe he was carried to the lake and froze. Margaux adds, or died on impact. Laura asks what Jordan believes. Jordan says the body will turn up in time, and Laura says like when they assumed he died in the fire. Margaux tells her the FBI is closing the case. Laura asks, is the PCPD?

Griff kicks Doc. Doc says, please, and Griff says, please what? Doc asks Griff to let him go; don’t hurt him. Grigg wonders if Kiki said those words to his brother. He wakes up wondering – when he actually sleeps. He asks himself if she had enough time to wonder if he’d come back to save her. Now Doc knows how she felt. Nobody came to save her, like no one is coming to save him. He picks up a pallet, and is about to slam Doc with it, when Ava appears. She yells at him to stop.

Carly asks Sonny if he’s sure he’s okay. Lucas says he’ll be fine with exercise and antibiotics. She can’t believe Dante shot Sonny. He says it was enough to satisfy Raj, and she asks if she should complement Dante on his marksmanship. She’s mad, but understands. He found Dante, and brought him home safe. She hugs Sonny.

Lulu tells Dante she was so scared. Some days she wasn’t sure he’d ever come home. Is he back for good? He kisses her, and says, Raj is dead. He says he shouldn’t have left, but she says he did what he needed to do to protect their family. He says he didn’t. He knows what happened while he was gone. He’s sorry he didn’t keep her safe.

Jason asks, when is Sam’s next lesson? Sam says Shiloh’s final instructions were for her to be available 24/7. Jason says, for what? but she doesn’t know. She’s just supposed to go, no questions asked. Jason says, Sonny is back. He has to tell him. Sam asks if it can’t wait, but he says, if it was their kid, wouldn’t she want know? If Sonny says it’s time to make a move, that’s it. She says it could destroy Kristina. She needs some time before Jason tells him.

Willow asks if Shiloh doesn’t believe she’ll call the cops. He asks, why the cops? He says she cares about the school; she’s a good fit. She says he doesn’t have kids, and he asks how she knows. Has she been keeping tabs on him? She says any woman would be crazy to leave a child under his influence. He says she left him, after what they went through together; what he did for her. She says he’s a loser, a liar, and a manipulator. His words are weapons, and if she has to, she’ll turn him in. He wonders what she has against him. He’s the injured party.

Jordan tells Laura that they’re going to keep looking, but have no federal Canadian resources. Laura says she’ll assist any way she can. She asks if they’ve spoken to people who knew Ryan. Jordan says they’ve spoken to Mac and Felicia. Laura says they can consult Doc too, if necessary, but Margaux says, at this point in time, Doc is a liability, and they’re going to treat him as such.

Ava says, what the hell? Griff can’t do this. He’s not Ryan; he’s Doc. He didn’t kill Kiki. Griff says, not with his own hand, but he might as well have. He knew his psycho freak brother was alive, and didn’t tell anyone. She asks if Griff is any better, beating Doc to death. Griff says she’s called him a hypocrite so many times. How does it feel to be right? She tells him, go home, and he asks why she’s protecting Doc. She says she’s protecting him. Kiki wouldn’t want not want Doc’s blood on his hands. That’s not the man she loved. Griff says Doc is all hers. Doc thanks her.

Dante says he left Lulu unprotected. She says, it already happened. She doesn’t want to waste breath on it. He’s home. That’s all that matters. Dante’s phone rings. He says, Director Jones, and Lulu says, Frisco Jones, director of the WSB? He should take the call. He answers, and thanks Frisco. He says he did what had to be done. Raj is no longer a problem. They’ll all sleep better now. He’ll have a full debriefing.

Jason asks Sonny and Carly if he’s interrupting. Sonny tells him to come in, and he asks, how’s the arm? Carly says, it’s a minor injury, but that’s not the same as fine. Sonny asks, how’s Dante? Jason says he drove him over to see Lulu, and he took it hard when he found out what happened. Sonny asks Carly if everything is okay, and she says there was trouble while he was gone.

Lucas sees Griff, and asks, what happened? Griff says he’s fine, but Lucas says he’s not. He wants to look at Griff’s hands, and says, let’s go.

Margaux tells Laura that Doc knew his brother was alive, and didn’t tell a soul. He’s not going anywhere near the investigation. Besides, he’ll be too busy defending himself. She’s charging him as an accomplice.

Doc says Ava doesn’t have to do this. Ava asks if he thinks he deserves a beating. He says, there’s not much worth saving. Ava asks if Griff is right; if he knew his brother was alive. Doc says he was treating Ryan in secret at Ferncliff, before Ryan got the jump on him, and took his place. He’s sorrier than he can say. Ava is sure he is. She’s sure he never intended for anyone to get stabbed. She tosses him a pack of tissues. She says he told himself he was doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. She knows about that lie. She’s told it to herself many times. Now here she is. The one whose kid is dead, and someone is telling her they didn’t mean for it to happen. He says she has every right to despise him. She says she didn’t ask for approval. She asks if he’s filing a police report, but he doesn’t want to make trouble for Griff. Enough people Have been hurt on his account. She says he can’t stumble off like that. Her brother will know somebody to send. He asks why she’s helping him after what happened.

Brad reads a letter from Obrecht’s Invader column to Julian. It’s about a mother who’s adoptive baby’s mother was insane. She’s worried that her baby inherited the mom’s illness. Obrecht writes, maybe. Studies have shown that the offspring of people with mental illness have a predisposition. Now Brad is worried about Wiley’s birth mom being unstable. Not only that, Wiley’s mother had to be crazy to give him up. Julian says, what about the father? Maybe he’s the one Brad needs to worry about.

Shiloh says he won’t have Willow slander his good name. She backs away from him, and says she won’t let him push her around anymore. He says her regression is staggering, but he has plenty of time to get her back. She says she’s seen how he repatriates people. He ask if she’s worried about discipline, and says they’ll welcome her back with open arms. Doesn’t she miss her family? She says, of course, but she doesn’t belong there. She has a new life. He asks if she has a new family. She doesn’t seem happy. They have everything she wants and needs. Come on. He holds out his hands. Chase walks in.

Julian asks Brad why he’s making himself crazy. A few people know that Wiley isn’t Willow’s son, and unless she starts making noises, he has nothing to fear. Julian’s phone rings, and he says it’s his sister. He notices Brad popping antacids, and suggests he see a doctor. Brad says he did, and they thought it was the stress of being a first time parent. Julian says, keep it that way, and leaves

Carly tells Sonny that she and the baby are fine. Jason says Ryan jumped off the footbridge into the Niagara River. Besides it being a long drop, it was freezing, so the cops think he’s dead. Sonny asks if that’s what Jason thinks, but Jason doesn’t know. Sonny tells him, call in every favor, and if Ryan is alive, make sure he’s not. Jason says, right now, Ryan isn’t their only problem.

Chase asks Willow if he’s Interrupting. Shiloh says, yes, but Willow says, no. He’s on time for his parent/teacher conference. Chase says he’ll let the station know where he is. Shiloh ask what’s worse, being a single parent or a detective. Chase says not much phases him. Shiloh introduces himself, and Willow says, he was just leaving. Shiloh says it’s good seeing her again. His door is always open. She just needs to walk in.

Laura says there’s no way Doc was an accomplice. Margaux says, three people were killed because he shielded his brother. Laura says she knows her husband, and Margaux asks, her point? Jordan acknowledges that it’s a politically sensitive moment, but no matter how she spins it, Doc was complicit in Ryan’s crimes. Laura asks if they think she’d try to sweep it under the rug because of political fallout. Margaux says she’s a good mayor, and Port Charles is better off with her being in office. They’re telling her so she can get in front of it. Laura says there’s nothing to get in front of or spin. She intends to be transparent. Margaux asks if, when the time comes, they have her support.

Ava tells Doc that his brother did do a lot of damage. If they added it up, she thinks she lost the most. A cop comes out, and asks if everything is okay. He sees Doc, and draws his gun. Ava says, he’s not Ryan, and the cop says he can prove that down at the station. Ava says, it’s not right. She fumbles for her phone, and drops it, asking what his badge number is. The cop asks if she wants to be booked for public intoxication. Doc says, it’s not necessary; he’s surrendering voluntarily. Ava says she’s not intimidated, but Doc says she’s saved enough people today. Call a cab, and go home. The cop leads him away.

Lucas says in med school, they all wondered who this warm, generous, gorgeous guy was. Everyone was either jealous of him or in love with him; some of them both. What happened to that guy? Griff says, he’s lost, and Ryan suggests they find him, take him home, and get him fixed up. Griff says he can’t do that there. All he sees are ghosts, and all he feels is rage. He asks Lucas to write something for him, and Lucas gets a pad. Griff says, Dr. Quartermaine, consider this my letter of resignation effective immediately.

Jason tells Sonny, Kristina is in deep. Molly got into it with her, and said straight out that Kristina was in a cult. Kristina said she didn’t need Molly or her negativity, and took off. She’s isolating herself, and cutting people from her life. He thinks this guy is controlling her. Sonny says, it has to stop. Jason says if Shiloh happens to have an accident or disappears, Sam is concerned that Kristina will know it came from Sonny, and blame herself. Carly agrees. The guilt could break her. Sonny is more concerned about what Shiloh is doing to his daughter.

Sam goes to Kelly’s with Danny. She and Brad talk about Wiley, and she tells him, the first year is the hardest. She holds Wiley, who promptly spits up on her. Brad asks Danny to get some napkins. Shiloh shows up, and says it looks like they need help.

Chase asks Willow what he just walked in on. She says, nothing, but he says she’s shaking. She can tell him or he’ll get answers from Shiloh. She says, stay away from Shiloh. Don’t get involved. He says he already is; he got a personal invitation. He saw what happened when Michael brought up Shiloh and DOD. Whatever she couldn’t say then, tell him now. She says the only thing she has to tell him is she’s canceling the weekend. He says, there will be other weekends, but she says, no, there won’t. She can’t stay in Port Charles.

At the station, the cop from the pier says he might have brought in Ryan. Laura sees Doc, and says, it’s not Ryan. It’s her husband. She asks, what happened? and he says nothing he didn’t have coming. She tells Jordan that she’s sure it’s Doc. Jordan nods, and the cop uncuffs him. Jordan says, sorry for the mistake, but since he’s there, would he answer some questions. Laura tells him, not without a lawyer, but he says he’ll answer their questions, with or without a lawyer.

Dante and Lulu get busy. There’s a song part. I finish my sandwich.

Lulu knows Dante is still thinking about what happened. She knows he won’t be at ease until Ryan is gone, but wants him to promise not to leave her alone again. He promises, and she says they can face anything together. They kiss, and we see whip marks on Dante’s back.

Lucas suggests he hang on to Griff’s resignation until he’s sure. Griff says the letter is the only thing he’s sure about. Sonny sees them, and Griff’s bandaged hands. He asks, what happened? and tells Griff, take it easy on the heavy bag. Griff says Dr. Hoffman is an excellent neurologist, and will take care of them. Carly asks, what about him? Griff says, it was an honor to take care of Mike and to know the family. He wishes them the best. He leaves, and Carly asks if he just said goodbye. Lucas says, for now.

Griff looks back before he goes out the door. Then keeps moving.

Ava takes off her ring and hurls it into the water.  Julian arrives, and she says he’s late. He says, and she’s three sheets to the wind. She says, well stocked is well armed, or something like that. He suggests they get her home. Her phone rings. She answers, and tells Julian, there’s no one there, but then says she can hear them breathing. Ryan? Julian takes the phone, and says, come near his sister again… He tells Ava, whoever it was hung up, and holds her.

Jordan puts a recorder on the table, and says, for the record, is it true Doc knew his brother was alive, and secretly placed him in Ferncliff in order to treat him without the authorities being aware? He says he found that his brother was alive, and in deep psychosis. He admitted Ryan under the alias Todd Wilson, with the intention of treating him, while concealing his existence from the authorities. Margaux says he’s under arrest for aiding and abetting Ryan. Jordan cuffs him, and reads him his rights.

Chase asks if Willow thinks Shiloh won’t find her again. She’s not thinking straight. She says, don’t tell her that. He gets that she’s scared, but he can help. Let him. She says he doesn’t understand; he can’t help. He says she got caught up in the group, somehow got out, and changed her name. She says she can’t talk about it, and he asks why she cares so much. Just say it. Shiloh is the father of her child, isn’t he? That’s what I was thinking.

Sam introduces Brad to Shiloh. Danny informs her, it’s baby spit, and she asks him to come with her to clean up. He says he’s too big for that, and Shiloh says he’ll stay with Danny. Doesn’t she trust him? Brad says he’s there too, and Sam says of course she trusts him. Danny sits, and Shiloh introduces himself as a friend of his mom. He says they can be friends too, and they fist bump. Jason sees through the window.

On Monday, Chase tells Willow the more she tells him, the more he can her and the baby; Kristina tells Alexis the only family she can count on is her family at DOD; and Jason tells Shiloh to stay away from his son.

😪 For Me It Was At the Nurses’ Ball…

Although anytime Max Gail is on the screen, I’m prone to cry.


🗼 She’s No Lisa Vanderpump…

And if anyone deserves a million, it’s Giggy.


🚤 The Best Worst Third Stew…

Next, she’ll be saying it’s a conspiracy. While Kate and Josiah were pretty juvenile when Caroline was on her way out the door – or rather, wouldn’t go out the door – she’d been very taxing, and they had enough. There’s no shame in having a problem, but if you’re an adult, there is shame in not getting help for it.





💍 From Bad…

Can you say mismatched? Colt and Larissa were doomed from the start. Why anyone would think otherwise, I’ll never know. Included, a sneak peek of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?


👎 To the Worst…

Methinks NeNe should worry about her own karma.


🙊 Quotes of the Week

I love an inauthentic apology. Then you’re really swallowing your pride.Kate Chastain, Below Deck

Promise me you’ll always remember; you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne

A good walk in the fresh air sorts everything out. – Queen Elizabeth (Helen Mirren), The Queen

The first thing I ever remember was my mother changing me at a bus stop. I was so embarrassed. Of course, I was 14 at the time. I jest. I was probably about two years old. – Alice Cooper

Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties. – Helen Keller

Recently asked how she’s managed to live such a long and fulfilling life with minimal health issues, the 95-year-old said it boils down to always indulging in vodka and hot dogs: “Probably in that order.” – interview with Betty White

Putting a guy who’s in the closet in the closet? That’s like gay nesting dolls. – Max (Kat Dennings), 2 Broke Girls

It ain’t what you do it’s how you do it. – Leon Spinks

🌝 Calling It a Night…

Hope you’ve enjoyed your own personal Supermoon this week.




August 5, 2018 – A Whole Lot of 90 & a Cockroach


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


There was a special on the upcoming Walking Dead season on AMC tonight, but I took a pass. Yvette Nicole Brown hosted, and I love her, but I’ll wait until the season starts, when hopefully Talking Dead will be back to normal. Or abnormal. However you look at it. Instead, I took the opportunity to gather my notes and thoughts about…

💍 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

Where to start? This franchise now has so many spin-offs, they could have their own channel – all 90 Day all the time. Which would be fine with me. For whatever reason, I’m obsessed with this train wreck. The new season of Before the 90 Days starts tonight, so I figured it was time to catch up with the previous group.

Let me start by saying, there must be a pamphlet they give you when you come into the US that includes the translation in all languages of the f-word, as well as the phrase WTF? Not one person on this show, regardless of their level of English language capability, hasn’t gotten those two things down.

Let’s begin with Jorge and Anfisa. My opinion of Anfisa has totally changed since we first met her. While Jorge didn’t seem like any huge prize, but she was constantly screaming, hitting, and throwing things at him. I get it now, since apparently, the way to tell that Jorge is lying is that his lips are moving. He lured Anfisa to America, claiming he was going to give her the lifestyle of a princess because he was huge weed mogul. She knew no one and couldn’t even get a job until she got a green card, and it turned out she didn’t know Jorge either. He didn’t even have a job and was deeply in dept. At their first tell all, he got downright creepy, throwing veiled threats her way, acting like he was a member of the mafioso or something. He kept hinting about what she did “for a living,” making it sound like she must be a prostitute. Later, a webcam video (which has only ever been referred to as the webcam) surfaced. Of course I had to check it out, and it really wasn’t much of anything, and was her alone. She still insists it was just someone who looked like her, but I dunno about that. It sure looked like her, but I couldn’t see what the big deal was, especially since the video was supposedly taken long before they committed to each other.

Fast forward to the latest season. Although separated, they decided to go to counseling, both together and separately. Jorge said he lied to deflect Anfisa screaming at him, although she was usually screaming at him because he lied. When asked what he loved best about her, Jorge said, her honesty. The counselor said that was interesting, since it’s something she said she wants, but isn’t getting, from him. Jorge believed money was the answer to their problems, and wouldn’t consider otherwise. She also told the counselor that she thought they should go their separate ways, but was afraid Jorge would ruin her life as he’d threatened. She felt like a prisoner in the relationship. To make matters worse, an ex had come out of the woodwork, with a ten-year-old child she claimed was Jorge’s. He said he’d get a DNA test, but he’s yet to do it.

Next, we have Chantel and Pedro. The crux of their issue is the family dynamic. Pedro continuously sends loads of money to his mother and sister in the DR, who thank to him, live in a spacious four-bedroom, two bath apartment. Meanwhile, he and Chantel live in a cramped one-bedroom where most of their living space is taken up by his gaming system. The only people who think this is a good idea are Pedro, and his mother and sister, who seem like a couple of nasty-ass grifters. They couldn’t care less about Chantel or Pedro’s marriage to her. Case in point. When Pedro, Chantel and her family came to the Dominican Republic to have a second wedding and meeting of the families, their first question was, where is the gigantic TV you were going to bring us? Chantel’s parents met with a private investigator, with Chantel tagging along. The investigator was gung-ho about looking into Pedro’s family, thinking their might be an illegal business like a marriage ring involved, but Chantel put the kibosh on it, so it was a big bunch of nothing, except for the P.I. getting a free TV spot. We also got the free advice to always follow the money trail. I seriously doubt Pedro’s mother is anything except greedy, but I would have liked to see if anything got turned up. Pedro’s sister came for a visit, and although Chantel did her best to be accommodating, sleeping on the new $1000 couch was not good enough for Nicole. Somehow, they got past that, but dinner with the family Chantel was a total disaster. To be honest, Chantel’s parents don’t come of as very sympathetic characters either. I understand why they don’t have a good impression of Pedro’s mother and sister (his mother once called them stupid Americans for wanting a prenup), but they’ve consistently talked down to them, as though they’re deaf three-year-olds who are slow learners. They also have a tendency to come off like bad actors, in their interviews and their interactions with the others on the show, which makes me wonder if they’re just badly playing to the camera. They did not, however, instigate the fight in the most scandalous episode ever.

During Nicole’s visit, Chantel’s parents invited her, along with Chantel and Pedro, to dinner. They did tongue in cheekily serve chicken wings, although I was disappointed that they didn’t say, sorry we were all out of chicken feet, when they served them. I almost felt badly for Nicole, when Karen (Chantel’s mom) blindsided her, firing questions about how the visit was going. When Nicole lied, saying everything was fine, Karen told Nicole that she knew better, and Nicole had applauded when Chantel left the apartment after the couch argument. Pedro told Chantel’s parents to shut up, brother River told Pedro not to talk to his parents that way, and Pedro stood up. River stood up, and while they were having words, frustrated, he hit the pendulum light, which was a big paper lantern thing. It swung in Pedro’s direction, and Pedro teleported over the table, grabbing River by the collar. It was on after that, with the two best parts being Nicole getting knocked down and her high-heeled foot sticking up from the floor; and Pedro, doing a sidekick and knocking what was left on the table to the floor. That was after the fight had been broken up too. Chantel’s father kept repeating, what did you do that for? while Karen yelled immagaçion for Pedro and Nicole! While it was amusing, it lessened what little respect I had for Pedro. I can’t find out how old River is, but he looks like a big teenager, and there was no excuse for Pedro jumping on him. While it made me almost – almost – sympathetic toward Nicole, she’s been nothing but a brat, thinking it’s all very funny that she’s being disrespectful to Chantel, and calling her hysterical, when she was nothing of the kind. Exasperated maybe. Her mother encourages this behavior, but for Pedro to allow it in his and Chantel’s home is a no. There was some weird after-show where Michelle Collins interviewed a very reluctant cameraman who had a front row seat for the fight. Last we checked, Chantel and Pedro were talking divorce.

What can you say about David and Annie, but poor Annie. At this point, she’s thinking she made a huge mistake, and wanted to go back to Thailand. As if David not having a job wasn’t enough, they ended up moving into an apartment above a storage facility in exchange for David working there. Owned by David’s friend Chris, the firehouse they were living in was sold, and they had three days to move. Chris is probably an ex-friend now, although he did steer David to the storage facility. Three days to move is inhumane, but perhaps he got tired of David’s perpetual need to be helped. He’s not exactly looking that hard for work either, thinking many jobs are beneath him, because he has a masters degree. Hey, sport, you’ve been out of the country for years, are not collecting unemployment, and can’t afford to be choosy. According to David’s sister, who we also met this season, he’s made a lifelong career out of being a sponge. She wouldn’t lend him money either, having done it a few times. Daughter Ashley was her usual bi-polar self, acting nice to Annie one minute, and accusing her of being a prostitute the next. She claimed not to trust Annie, which is interesting, since David was another one who lied to hook his wife. I noted that David’s sister, Nancy, looked like David in a wig. There was much ado about Annie wanting a child, with Ashley griping that he didn’t take care of the ones he’s got. She’ll be forty and still complaining about that. Annie did find a Buddhist temple – in the middle of whatever middle of nowhere they live in – which gave her some peace, and was cool to see.

My first thought when seeing Pao and Russ again was, what is up with Russ’s hair? He went from looking normal to looking like he’s three and his mom cut it. Russ left any job opportunities he had in Oklahoma to move to Miami, so Pao could pursue her modeling career. While it’s nothing sleazy, and I hate even saying it, what over-thirty Pao calls a modeling career isn’t exactly Heidi Klum modeling or even one of the Kardashians. She wears a lot of lingerie, and also did a music video, wearing lingerie. This season, she and Russ went to Columbia, and Pao did a calendar wearing body paint, which is even less than lingerie. Pao invited Russ, her parents, and mean queen friend Juan to the shoot. Russ and Juan were not supposed to cross paths, since seeing Juan makes Russ’s blood boil, but cross paths the did, Juan making a big show out of greeting Pao’s parents. Juan hoped to make Russ feel like a cockroach, and wanted to spit on him, but needed to maintain his good boy image. I’m not crazy about Russ, but I’d love to knock Juan on his ass. I will admit, him singing a bar of La Cucaracha was amusing.

After Pao and Russ got back to the US, Pao’s doctor told her it wasn’t as grim as she thought after her miscarriage, and could get pregnant again, bringing the baby to term. She talked to her friend Jenny, telling her that Russ wasn’t being supportive, and Jenny suggested that maybe Russ wasn’t sure what to do for her, and she needed to communicate better. Yeah, like maybe not screeching at him to STFU when he’s not saying anything. Pao explained that she didn’t tell Juan because she didn’t think he had the kindness or tenderness to handle it right. Making me wonder again why she’s friends with that cretin. At present, as mentioned in another post, Pao and Russ are expecting, and her doctor gave me one of that week’s best quotes: You googled, so now you’re dying from something.

We already knew things weren’t working out for Molly and Luis, and it was the end of the road. It wasn’t the radical age difference – somewhere around twenty years, Luis being younger – but the lifestyle difference. Luis was not ready, if he’ll ever be, to settle down and help raise children. Molly’s oldest daughter had booked to her boyfriend’s house, and Luis was strutting around, blasting music from a portable speaker. Molly said Luis wasn’t the same man, and thought he’d expected vacation Molly. He put his heart in it until he got there. Luis cleared out when Molly wasn’t around, leaving his Dominican shirt behind. His room was a total wreck. She’d thought he was her lifelong love, but it didn’t happen. I’m not sure why she thought it would, but maybe there was something I didn’t see. All Molly knew for sure is that she no longer wanted to be with him, and filed divorce papers.

Here came the worst part. Molly found out she might have to be responsible for Luis for the next ten years, since she signed an affidavit of support. The lawyer explained it was because our government says, you brought him here, you deal with him. I can’t say as I blame them, but I felt badly for her.

Nicole and Azan just plain don’t know what the hell they’re doing. Or he’s a scammer and he’s bad at it. Azan was denied his visa, but not because of any of the horrible things the immigration lawyer suggested. He explained the interviewer focused on him having a previous visa to visit an ex-girlfriend. Azan believed they thought he just wanted out of Morocco. That’s funny, because he seems like that’s the last thing he wants. The wedding was canceled – twice. The first time was because scatterbrained Nicole thought a photocopy of a document was good enough. It’s not good enough for a driver’s license, so it’s highly doubtful it would be good enough for a foreign government. Azan’s family was not too happy, since they’d sunk money into this thing. Nicole’s mother came to Morocco anyway, to see May, and also grill Azan, who admitted he’d talked to other women before realizing Nicole was the one. I realized something too. That Nicole’s family always gives in to her because she whines. Especially when she’s the one who screwed something up. Fast forward to the second cancellation.

This was in a separate episode, subtitled, I can’t remember exactly what, but it could have been Nicole and Azan’s Journey to No Wedding. After being outfitted in several gorgeous dresses, along with accompanying tiaras; having a tasting in a place no woman had been in for a tasting before, and where Nicole had to explain pigs-in-a-blanket, which Azan translated to American hotdogs; and Nicole’s family being all pumped and ready to fly to Morocco, the wedding was canceled. In their interview, both Azan and Nicole claimed they’d made a joint decision, but the look on Nicole’s face said everything. Not only that, Azan suggested they take any money they were putting toward the wedding, and invest it in buying a “make-up store.” I have no clue if that meant something like Sephora or what. He put in $500 to her $6000. Again, Nicole’s mom insisted on coming, since she had the reservation anyway. She was not too happy when she didn’t get to see the store, being told it wasn’t ready yet. To date, don’t think it has been. Like a website that’s always under maintenance or a hotel pool that’s always being cleaned.

🔥 Capsule of The Couples Tell All

Shawn Robinson is the host of these reunions, and she’s the worst. Way too many over-the-top faces, and wows. I once again wondered if Pedro calls Chantel baby because he doesn’t remember her name. Ashley Skyped in, and acted like an idiot, demanding to know how David met Annie. Who cares? Annie has so far drawn the short straw here. Let’s not punish her further. Annie did make it clear that David had 90 days (yes, she said that) to prove his worth, or she was going back to her homeland. By the end of this roller coaster ride, Annie said she hoped she and Ashley would be “a good family,” and had everyone crying.

Not so much Anfisa, who came in with an attitude because of remarks made behind-the-scenes about her, by Pao in particular. At one point, Pao was trying to get Jorge’s attention because a cameraman was signaling him, and Anfisa gave her the finger, thinking Pao was giving her the finger. I think Anfisa was actually embarrassed when she realized what was happening, but never one to give in, she said Pao deserved it anyway for what she’d said. Anfisa got up in a hold-my-hoops kind of way, but nothing came of it. And maybe she’s right. I’d give Pao the finger too. She needs to dump Juan, who also Skyped in. Russ said Pao is a mean girl when she’s around Juan, and he’s definitely right. Juan did his usual lowlife thing, saying Pao should divorce Russ and marry someone he had in mind who was “worthy.” Pao knew who he was talking about, but acted coy, making me ill. I’m hoping Juan is out of the picture now that a baby is in it.

Chantel’s parents also dropped by on Skype, causing Pedro’s head to explode for a moment. He walked off, but then Chantel talked him down and back to his seat. The fight was rehashed, but it was like the parents were reading it off of cue cards. Nicole’s mom joined the group, as did Azan and Nicole from Morocco, via Skype. They were interrogated about everything from Azan’s lack of a job to his phone call habits. Nicole whined that how she spent her money was no one’s business. This has been a repetitive whine of hers, but I wonder how much money she’s gotten from her family.

Anfisa again insisted the webcam wasn’t her, and Annie agreed with me that it sure looked like her. Annie cracks me up. She’s very sweet, and also seems like a bit of a kinkball. Jorge and Russ nearly came to fake blows, when Jorge told Pao to mind her own business. We also found out that Jorge had been arrested for several hundred pounds of weed. He couldn’t talk about it, even though the poor excuse for a host prodded him.

Luis also didn’t want to talk. He never showed up, but David called him on the phone. Apparently, David talks to both Pedro and Luis all the time. Luis might not be talking to him anymore though, since he passed to phone to Shawn. Luis abruptly said he was busy, call later, and ended the call. Molly called him a narcissistic turd, which pretty much said it all.

🌄 Refreshing Our Memories…

In catching up, with the last Before the 90 Days group, What Now? found Cortney still chasing Antonio. I’ll bet her friends are sick of her talking about Antonio. He was in NYC working, but when Cortney suggested she visit, he said it was a stressful time. I’m thinking Cortney makes it a stressful time. She ultimately decided it wasn’t worth waiting forever, and ended the relationship. Antonio couldn’t understand why, which proved her point that it was going nowhere.

Myriam visited Patrick in the US. After some friction with his mother – or rather, from his mother – they bonded over soul food. Andrei is still dour, and his father-in-law is bugging him to do something with his life. The family was not thrilled when Andrei and Elizabeth thought they should have a second wedding in Moldova. It was only going to cost a measly $15K.

Kirlam and Alan had their baby, and damn if Liam wasn’t the cutest thing. They had this baby wrangler do professional shots, and he was born for the spotlight. They’re a really nice couple, and I can’t figure out how they ended up on this show. Aika wants to be pregnant, but Josh wants her to be practical expense-wise, and freeze her eggs until she’s forty. He got a hard no on that. He also made sure she knew that his sperm weren’t duds. He was still producing; they just couldn’t get out. Devar’s did, and he and Melanie have a baby, but they seemed to be at an annoying stage in their marriage. They’d had a big blow-out, Devar swore off booze, and all was well. He does seem like a doting father, and it looks like they love each other. Another couple who made a wrong turn and ended up here.

Danielle still hasn’t learned her lesson, and was already well on her way to being catfished by a new dude named Nelson. Just prior to, and during, the six-hour drive she was making to meet him, her calls went to voice mail. And then it was mailbox full. No surprise, there was no answer to her knock when she got there. She blamed Mohamad for cursing her. Until he came along, she didn’t have these problems. She’s also suing him. I’m pretty sure Mohamad has a stalker for life.

🔄 Back to the Present…

Before the 90 Days is back, along with Paul and Karine, and D’Arcy and Jesse. There are some new people, whose names I can’t retain yet, but one looks like a scam, and another looks like a catfish. Jesse is visiting D’Arcy in the US, and it looks like it won’t be long before there’s trouble in paradise. Paul is headed for Brazil, where he’s hoping to marry Karine. Her parents want a look at his arrest record for themselves, although with her father being an ex-cop, you’d think he could get that online or something. Paul didn’t tell his mommy that he might be bringing back a wife. Mommy packed him a lunch and told him not to have an anxiety attack.

🐜 Now It’s Stuck In My Head…





June 22, 2018 – A Scream Grows in Ferncliff, Fiancé Dish, TV News, Quotes to Ponder & Weekend Plans


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly does push-ups. Jason peeks into her room. They put their hands on opposite sides of the glass in the window. I tell them to get a room. Jasper sees Jason, and tells him to make himself useful and open the door. His hands are full of food trays, and he tells Carly take one. She pulls the bottom one out, and he spills them all over the place. He calls her an idiot, and tells Jason to clean it up

Mike asks if Sonny knows Charlie. Sonny says they’ve never met personally. He wonders if Mike remembers him from the 90s, when he used to live across the street. Mike says, not then. He hasn’t seen Charlie since Sonny was about eighteen. Sonny thinks Mike might be mistaking him for someone else, but Mike insists he knows that man.

Sam tells Curtis there’s no trace of Peter anywhere. Curtis says he left Peter’s picture wherever he went. Sam says some people recognized him, but only from the news. Curtis says he got away clean. Sam says, or he’s hiding in Port Charles. Someone is helping him.

Nina finds little Morocco in her office, and Valentin tells her, welcome back. He sent her assistant away for the evening. Now she can have Morocco without the seven-hour plane ride. She says it was a long time ago. He says it was when they fell back in love, and hopes this reminds that they still can.

Julian sees Alexis at the hospital, and says it’s perfect timing. He was about to let Doc know his decision. He’s going to therapy with her. She asks if Kim gave the green light. He says she no issue with it, and it’s his call. She asks why he agreed. He tells her that she said she needed closure, and he owes her that much. She appreciates it, and he says to let him know when best time is. She says, how about now?

Sam tells Curtis maybe they’re overthinking it. Curtis asks if he’s laying low and waiting. Who would help him? He’s torched every relationship he had. Sam wonders about Valentin. Valentin is his only ally. Sam says, that they know of. Curtis says, the jet never took off and there’s been no trace of him. Sam is sure it must be Valentin.

Nina doesn’t like people messing around with her office. Valentin says he’s not people, he’s her husband. She tells him to enjoy the title while he has it trying. He says he was trying to do something special, and she says it’s Arabian Nights themed prom in her office. He wants her to see what they have to lose; Morocco was incredible. Nina says especially when the expensive necklace was stolen, and Valentin returned it, because he seems to have criminal ties all over the earth. He says he took a beating, but she nursed him back to health. He loves when she takes care of him. He loves when she loves him. He talks about making love in the moonlight, with distant waves crashing on the beach. He says, there was no past, just a future. She is his future. Tell him she feels the same. She says she doesn’t.

Alexis thinks she and Julian should get it over with. He says it’s a little fast, but she says, not for her; she just wants closure. She thanks Julian, and says she’ll talk to Doc. Lucas overhears, and tells Julian that sounded almost too civil. Julian says he’s just doing Alexis a favor, and hopes she’s willing to reciprocate.

Mike says he met Charlie in Port Charles, but not when he lived there. Sonny thinks Mike might be confused, and Mike tells Sonny not to talk down to him. If he listens, he might find out something. Sonny moves to take his arm, and Mike pulls away, saying he’s not an invalid. DA Margaux walks in, and sees the two of them arguing. She asks if there’s a problem here. She sees Sonny, and says they meet again.

Carly wants to hug Jason, but he suggests she doesn’t, since they can be seen through the window. She can’t believe Jasper locked him in there; she could be dangerous. He tells her it was a nice move, getting him to spill the trays, but don’t do it again. She says she’s trying to ignore Mary Pat, but every time she brings up Morgan’s death, she wants to punch her. Jason tells her not to give in. There’s no fight worth winning in there. She only wins when she walks away free. Carly wonders when that will be. Since it’s been all of two days.

Sonny says that everything is fine, and Margaux tells him, if he says so. She wonders why he’s hanging out in a place owned by Julian Jerome. He says they sell Corinthos Coffee. Mike asks if Sonny knows her, and Sonny tells him that she’s the new DA, Margaux Dawson. She asks Mike if Sonny is bothering him, and Mike says if she calls interrupting bothering. Sonny tells Margaux this is father. He mentioned him on the stand; does she remember that? Mike says, what he said. They were just having squabble about when Sonny got started in the business. She asks if they were talking about coffee.

Lucas tells Julian that he doesn’t want to know. Julian says Brad stopped by and told him Alexis is handling the adoption. He hopes she does good by them. Lucas says she’s focused on the legalities, since the only one who has any control is the birth mother. Lucas leaves, and Alexis returns. She tells Julian that Doc gave go the ahead. She asks if he’s ready, and he says as he’ll ever be.

Nina tells Valentin that she doesn’t love him anymore, breaking my heart into a million pieces. He says he doesn’t believe it. She says, that’s the problem. There’s a direct connection between his lies and her brother’s death. His failure to act was an act in itself. He knew Faison was looking for Peter. He made her doubt herself, when the whole time he was undermining her. He says he didn’t know what to do. She says she can’t trust what comes out of his mouth, and he says he never lied about loving her. She tells him love means trust and honesty, but she doesn’t know what it means to him. Reminding her of the trip reminds her that she never should have given their marriage a second chance.

Doc thanks Julian for joining them, and he says it’s not how he saw his day going. Doc asks Alexis to explain what she’s hoping to accomplish. She says she started therapy because she has issues she thinks might have started with her father. He was ruthless, amoral, and cruel. If you loved him, you either adapted to his cruelty or paid price. Her mother paid with her life. No one was left unscathed, including her. Watching his behavior has had a bit of an effect on her. Doc asks if she means it had an influence on her romantic relationships. Alexis says if a man was stable, she’d run for the hills. Doc asks if she ever saw her father behave that way, and she says only if it was a manipulative tactic. Doc wonders if it feels like a trap to her, but she says it feels foreign. Love is obsessive, compulsive, and damaging. From what she witnessed growing up, love could get you killed. Julian remembers her telling him about how Mikkos got off on power and enjoyed ruining people’s lives; love was transactional. Julian asks how he fits in. She can’t believe doesn’t see connection. Neither can I. He says maybe it works for Sonny and Ric. Alexis says they didn’t hold a knife to her throat. Julian says he had no choice. She says he did; he could have told her the truth. The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter it happened; it happened. He says he couldn’t risk his family’s lives. She says he dragged to a pier and held a knife to her throat, making her think he was going to kill her. The only way to cope, was to drink herself into a stupor. It didn’t work. She had sex with him, knowing he’s hurt her again. Julian gets up, saying this was a mistake. Alexis says she wants closure, but if she’s just looking to rake him over the coals, he’s calling the whole thing off.

At the hospital, Brad sees Lucas peeking into a room window. He says something is distracting Lucas; a mother and a newborn. That will be them any day now. Lucas if afraid the birth mother is going to change her mind; it’s keeping him up at night. Brad suggest he go home, have a glass of wine or three, and rest. Lucas is worried about falling in love with the child, and having them taken away. How would they deal with that? Brad says it’s not in their hands. It sucks, but they agreed to keep the faith, and believe everything will work out. They’ve done all they can. Lucas asks why aren’t they talking about names then?

Valentin says Nina gave him thirty days to be a better husband. She says she signed that to humor him. She just wants a divorce. He thinks they can still make it right. She says nothing can make it right. Because of his silence, her brother is dead, and she’s had to take justice into her own hands. He asks what she means by that.

Sam thinks Valentin helped Peter, but something wrong. Between the hotel and the jet, Peter vanished. Curtis says maybe Valentin doesn’t know anything about it. He claims Peter just disappeared. The hotel room has been searched by everyone from forensics to the WSB. Sam says it hasn’t been searched by Ashford and McCall.

Jason cleans up the mess in Carly’s room. She says she should be enjoying it, but wants to help him, and can’t because Jasper will report it to Mary Pat. Jason says Jasper is a bully, but Mary Pat is dangerous. She has it in for Carly. Carly doesn’t know why; she’s not a threat. Jason says she can’t hide how strong she is, and that threatens her. She’ll make excuses to find Carly wrong. Carly says if she was thinking strategically, she’d do what Doc said, and tell him to quit.

Sonny asks Mike to get another round of coffee. He tells Margaux if she has questions, ask him. Don’t play games with his dad. She knows he has Alzheimer’s. She says they might have been discussing his criminal enterprise. Sonny says if she’s implying that he’s anything less than an upstanding citizen, she’s mistaken. She says he’s been investigated for murder, extortion, and racketeering. He pled guilty to AJ’s murder. His community is organized crime. Sonny says, prove it. Everyone else has failed. She says she’s not everyone else. He says no; she’s cruel. She comes after him through his wife.

Carly says someone could recognize Jason, but he came anyway. He says the hard part was getting hired. Mary Pat believed his resume and references. Carly is sure Spinelli was thorough, and Jason tells her that Elizabeth gave him a recommendation letter. Carly wishes it was safe for him to be there. He says on thins he knows, Mary Pat likes to be right, and she hired him. If he keeps doing a good job, she’ll look at him like her person. Everyone else will just see the uniform. She says unless they see his eyes; they’re memorable. He says, to her, but she says, anyone. He asks if she wants him to stay. She doesn’t think she can make it without him.

Lucas says he can’t pretend he’s not terrified, and Brad says he has his moments of paranoia. He reminds himself that they’re everything a birth mother could want in a couple. They have everything a baby could want. If she didn’t believe that, she would have chosen another couple. They have Alexis in their corner, and she’ll do everything in her power to protect them.

Alexis says Julian wants to be a martyr, and he says it’s not about closure. She wants a free pass to tear into him. She says he wants to be forgiven on his terms. Storming out shows he’s not responsible for his actions. Julian says they clearly don’t need a psychiatrist to play referee. Doc suggests more structure in the session, assuming Julian is willing to continue. Alexis says she’d be grateful if he stayed, and Julian says, okay.

Julian sits back down. Doc asks Julian what drew him to Alexis. When he returned again, he knew their lives were I conflict. He was engaged in a covert criminal enterprise, and Alexis was an attorney who prides herself on her ethical practices. He adds that Alexis encouraged it. Alexis says she encouraged nothing. They’re supposed to be discussing why she’s drawn to dangerous men. Julian says he wanted redemption, and he saw a chance for it in her.

Carly says she keeps repeating what Jason told her; don’t panic, no shortcuts, wait for him and Sonny to get her out. Jason says they will. She knows it intellectually, but when she’s sitting alone or with Mary Pat watching her, she feels trapped. Jason says it takes everything not to make run for it. In Russia, it took him months to plan his escape. They would park him by a widow, where he could see the grounds and the city beyond, but he couldn’t move. He knew he’d be caught. When he finally made a run, he knew he had to make it all the way out, like she’s going to. He tells her to wait. Every day gets her closer to home. If she can’t do it for herself, do it for her family. They need her back. She takes his hand, but Jasper is coming in. He asks if Jason is done. He’s got a lot of corners waiting for him. He tells Carly since she spilled the tray, she doesn’t eat until the next meal.

Margaux tells Sonny that she didn’t scapegoat his wife. He says she wants to try anyone who’s a Corinthos. When the judge said she wasn’t guilty – Margaux says, by reason of insanity – she had her sent to that hellhole because of revenge. Margaux says the judge remanded her there, and Sonny says, because of her big speech. She got what she wanted. Now Carly is in lock-up with psychotic murderers. Margaux says, she pushed a pregnant woman down the stairs. Sonny says Nelle admitted she played tricks on Carly, and Margaux asks if he’s implying Nelle deserved to be pushed down the stairs. Sonny says he’s implying there was no justice at the trial. It was about ambition, and she’s responsible for the misery that came out of it. Margaux says she became a DA because she believes in justice, order, and structure. People like him flaunt their disregard for it. She did the same thing she would have done if it were anyone else. His wife committed a felony, and was prosecuted accordingly. The same way she’ll prosecute him if she has to. He doesn’t want her as enemy. He says there’s no way to avoid it, and she says, let the games begin. She leaves, apparently without ordering. Mike asks who she was, and Sonny says, nobody important.

Alexis asks Julian what made him think she could redeem him? He says maybe he saw something; he didn’t realize it until now. Maybe he thought she was strong enough to handle his darkness; this person, who championed the concepts of right and wrong. Doc asks what value it had to him? He says he never thought he could be good man, but with Alexis, maybe he could be a better man. He didn’t just fall in love with her, but with the idea that he could be a better man. He did horrible things to hold onto that. He can never ask forgiveness, but he’s sorry. Maybe there’s some psychological reason that she’s trying to redeem the men in life, because her mom wasn’t able to redeem her father. Well, I guess they don’t need Doc. He can go home now. Julian says, in her, he saw a chance for redemption. At that point, he was wanting – begging – to be redeemed. He thinks they were just trying to break the cycle of violence with each other. He wishes they had.

Outside Peter’s old hotel room, Curtis tells Sam that Jordan’s team swept it already, and he trusts her. Sam says, and she trusts Jason. Sam opens the lock, and they go inside. Someone’s stuff is there, and Curtis says Olivia didn’t waste time in renting it out. Sam says they have to hurry.

Valentin asks Nina what she means by justice. She says Peter should be in custody, but he’s free instead.  instead free. He says she seems worried, and she says, it’s work. He says she was distracted at The Floating Rib, like she was somewhere else. She apologizes for not giving him her undivided attention while seeking her well-earned divorce. He thinks it’s something else. He tells her that if she’s in trouble, he’ll help her, but she has to tell him what it is.

On the way to the elevator, Alexis tells Julian that she thinks Doc is right, the therapy will be good for them both. He under no pressure though, and she knows it’s more than he bargained for. Julian thinks he’s good to go to future sessions. Clearly, they have other things to address, and owe it to each other to move on with their lives. Alexis says, and here they are. The elevator comes, and Alexis says she’ll do whatever he needs on her end to help him move on; don’t hesitate to ask. He says he’ll think of something one of these days. The elevator door closes.

Lucas agrees with Brad that Alexis is a great lawyer, but she can’t stop the birth mother changing her mind. Brad says they could get hit by a bus, or a giant meteor could obliterate life on earth. There’s potential disaster everywhere. Lucas says Brad’s faith is impressive. Brad promises they’re going to bring the baby home, be amazing parents, and nothing can stop them. Lucas says Brad doesn’t know that. Brad says he can, and promises there’s nothing that can keep them from being parents. They kiss.

Nina says Valentin would love for her to be in a crisis, so he can swoop in and rescue her. Even if she needed rescuing, she’s capable of rescuing herself. He asked if she defended herself on New Year’s Eve, when Cassandra attacked her. She needed his help, and he gave it, no questions asked. He cleaned up any trace that would lead to an investigation. Imagine what would have happened if he’d written her off when she needed him. She asks if he’s trying to blackmail her.

Curtis says the place is cleaned out, but Sam sees something above the window. She calls Curtis over to look. Margaux walks in, and asks what the hell they’re doing in her room.

Sonny tells Mike, sorry for what happened. He doesn’t like fighting with him. He says they can talk about anything, and asks what were they talking about? Mike doesn’t remember. Sonny says it doesn’t matter; he shouldn’t have been pushing him. He’s sorry. Mike says, him too. Sonny doesn’t want to be late for Michael’s dinner. Mike says he’ll meet him outside. On the way out, Sonny looks at picture of Charlie. He calls Max, and says he needs a team to look into someone – Charlie Delaney.

Jason is cleaning in the hallway outside Carly’s room. We hear a scream. Carly says, what the hell? Jason moves toward the other room, and Doc comes down the hall, asking if he can help him with something. Jason asks, who’s the patient in this room?

On Monday, Felicia asks Anna who’s comforting her, Margaux accuses Sam and Curtis of breaking and entering, and Maxie talks to Jordan about Peter.

💍 Thoughts on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

I’m liking Anfisa more. The web cam thing was never an issue, because it’s not like she was doing anything illegal, it’s her decision, and it happened before she and Jorge got together anyway. So pfft! But, for a while, I did think she was using him. I wouldn’t go so far to say it was the other way around, but this dude will say anything he can to get over. She seems to be actually listening to what the counselor is saying. She also wanted him to defend her to his family, but he couldn’t get sister Lourdes on the phone. This prompted one of the producers to ask if the last time he saw Lourdes wasn’t at the divorce lawyer. Talk about stirring the pot. Anfisa wasn’t too happy. When denial didn’t work, Jorge did a lot of singing and dancing, finally agreeing to individual therapy. While at first, I thought Anfisa just wanted a green card, it looks like she really does want to make it work. Why? Who knows.

David made an attempt to have a cohesive family moment, taking Annie and the rest of his clan to the zoo. Daughter Ashley said, with Annie, it could go either way. More like, with Ashley it could go either way. I feel sorry for Annie. She’s another one who was lied to, and she hasn’t done one wrong thing. David insightfully realized that Ashley is taking out her anger at him on Annie, and they all managed to have a peaceful day. Annie basically said David was all talk and no action, and she didn’t want to talk about it anymore. If I was her, I’d head back to Thailand, but insist on keeping the water buffalo or whatever it was he had to give her parents.

Pedro sent his sister a ticket to come and visit, which Chantel did not appreciate, especially since he never once paid for her ticket to the DR. He also sprung it on her while they were furniture shopping, and she had to come to grips with the fact they could no longer to be able to afford the couch she just thought was so comfy. Chantel made it clear that sistergirl is to leave her drama in the DR. That sister is a real piece of work, so I can’t wait to see how this visit goes.

Molly is having a hard time getting Luis out of her house. This guy definitely wins the In-It-For-The-Green-Card award. He probably thought he was getting a free ride too, but didn’t bargain on having to “babysit” and not go to the club every night. He locked himself in the guest bedroom, Ricky Ricardo music on full blast, threatening to call the police. Molly says she’s about to snap. I just have to say it. This is what she gets for being a more than grown-ass woman who’s managed to avoid marriage so far, picking up someone she barely knows, and is of barely-legal age, while on vacation in another country, and marrying them.

Russ hit the nail on the head, saying Pao turns into a mean girl when she’s around Juan. Although she finally left with Russ after the non-fistfight outside the club, she’s not willing to let go of the friendship. I’m not sure why, unless she likes being a mean girl. Or at least acquiescing to a mean queen. I wouldn’t be friends with this guy. This is always going to be a thing between them, like Pao wanting to take her clothes off for the camera.

Which brings us to the biggest mistake of all, Azan and Nicole. A “friend” of Nicole’s told her that a voice recording of Azan had surfaced online. (How much you want to bet the producers have something to do with its sudden appearance?) She listened to them, and he talked about wanting a kiss from some girl, but we didn’t hear another person responding. No surprise, Nicole threw a fit, and called Azan at who-knows-what time it was there. She tried to keep the cameras away, but they remained up her ass. Good job! Azan explained that it was long ago, when he was drunk with his boys, and they were leaving prank messages for girls. Nicole whined for a while, but still got on the plane for Morocco with her toddler, to take on an 18-hour travel day. When Azan met her at the airport, he almost seemed like he really cared about her, which confused me. If nothing else, both of them are too young. Nicole’s MO is to whine until her family agrees with her and does what she wants. I think she might be in for a big surprise when the rest of the world doesn’t follow suit. She’s also been sending Azan some large chunks of cash, but keeps saying it’s no one’s business what her “financials” are. Rightfully so, her mother is concerned, saying it’s like putting a frog in boiling water. If you turn up the heat slowly, it doesn’t realize it’s getting cooked. She thinks Nicole is getting cooked. Like my brain from watching this show.

📺 TV Tidbits

Preacher returns this Sunday, June 24th at 10 pm. I’ve never been able to fully commit to this show due to time constraints, but from what I’ve seen, I definitely want to investigate it further.


I doubt Luis is going to contribute to society, although he might contribute to five-dollar margarita night at Chili’s.


Meanwhile, in Morocco… or not.


I can just see Ashley, flipping her hair as she trash talks the show.


📠 Quotes of the Week

What does a nosy pepper do? Get jalapeno business. – sign at Trader Joe’s

Am I still here? In my mind, I was running so fast. – Earl (Garrett Morris), 2 Broke Girls

Selfish, not self-centered: for in such a life my mind would be directed towards a thousand things, not one of which is myself. The distinction is not unimportant. One of the happiest men and most pleasing companions I have ever known was intently selfish. On the other hand, I have known people capable of real sacrifice whose lives were nevertheless a misery to themselves and others, because self-concern and self-pity filled all their thoughts. Either condition will destroy the soul in the end. But till the end, give me the man who takes the best of everything (even at my expense) and then talks of other things, rather than the man who serves me and talks of himself, and whose very kindnesses are a continual reproach, a continual demand for pity, gratitude, and admiration.CS Lewis, From Surprised by Joy

In other words, quit complaining.

⛳ Enjoy – No Matter What They Are…


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June 17, 2018 – What’s Not on TV, a Visit from the 70s, NOLA Split, Father’s Day & My Dad


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


There was no Fear the Walking Dead tonight, and how will they ever top last week anyway? I was able to watch 90 Day Fiancé: Happily, Ever After? fresh (dissection of it coming soon), and Westworld on the first rerun encore performance. I also checked out The Real Housewives of Potomac, but I’m just not feeling these girls. I’m not sure I ever did. I think if you look up the definition of boushetto in the urban dictionary, their pictures are there. Although Karen did give up a good quote – You don’t know me to be a liar, but we do know you to be a fool.

And of course there’s the elephant in the room, Talking with Chris Hardwick, that was supposed to premiere tonight, but didn’t. That whole thing has bummed me out. I find it sad that, as beautiful a thing as the internet can be, it seems to create an easy judge and jury for just about everything. Maybe it’s just me, but I like getting all the facts first. The only fact I have so far is that he was possibly a d-bag and took advantage in a previous relationship. If people start losing their jobs over that, there will be precious few people working. Especially in the entertainment business where egos are humongous. In other words, I fail to see how this situation is anything close to that of a Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby, or even a Louis C.K. Yet this guy has already been hung out to dry. And the internet makes it way too easy. The Wicked Witch of the West said it best – what a world… what a world.

That being said, moving on…

🚀 Recommendations from the Wayback Machine…

Last week, I stepped back to the 70s with The Warriors, a surprisingly well-crafted film for its time, 1979. The scene symmetry and use of place are sophisticated, and the costumes alone make it worth watching, although the dialogue is often unintentionally funny. While completely unbelievable, the plot is simple. All the gangs in NYC are called to a meeting. One of the leaders suggests all the gangs band together, making them a force to be reckoned with. He’s shot and killed at the big rally, and the wrong gang, the Warriors, are blamed. They have to make it from Coney Island to the Bronx, various gangs coming after them along the way. One of my favorites were the Furies, who wore baseball uniforms and Kiss/Rocky Horror-ish make-up. It was also fun seeing Deborah Van Valkanburgh (Too Close for Comfort) acting like she was in a high school production of Grease. I’m endlessly glad they did not remake this film.

Check out the costumes: http://mentalfloss.com/article/55223/21-street-gangs-featured-warriors

Sadly, The Hills Have Eyes – the 1977 gem I followed The Warriors with – did get remade. It was horrifying all right, but not in a good way. And as far as I’m concerned, it’s just not the same without Michael Berryman. Forget Hills Have Eyes II, which is basically clips from the first film, strung together in a barely cohesive way. Stick with the original. Another straightforward plot. A family from Cleveland (which has never ceased to amuse me, since I’m originally from the area) get lost in the desert, and become the unfortunate victims of a feral family living in a cave. A true B-picture, a lot of it is over-the-top fake, but there are a few chills, a few laughs, and like I said, Michael Berryman.

🍹 I was sad to hear that Reagan and Jeff from Southern Charm New Orleans were splitting up. Who gets the little dogs??? http://extratv.com/2018/06/07/reality-stars-reagan-and-jeff-charleston-split/?adid=extra_eme_26606_2018-06-07_rightnow1

👔 Last But Not Least…

A heartfelt, albeit late, Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there. No matter who or what you are the father of, be it blood relation or a chosen role. Here are some quotes for you:


🏆 It Takes Someone Special…

Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad, and that’s why I call you dad, because you are so special to me. You taught me the game and you taught me how to play it right.Wade Boggs

I was raised by my father most of my life. I’m part sailor, part farmer, part craftsman. I was taught I could be anything I wanted to be, but that I needed to work for it. Although he worked an eight to ten hour a day job, he never missed an awards ceremony or a school assembly where parents were invited. He always took time to listen, and was never less than fair. As he said about his own father, the older I got, the smarter my father got. I also realized that, even though it embarrassed me how we opened the refrigerator door with a screwdriver, everyone loved to gather at my house. They knew that no matter who they were, if they were my friends, they’d be welcomed with open arms and an open heart. He passed away shortly before I got married, and I’ll miss him until we meet again.

👑 My Dad…


June 15, 2018 – Julian Goes Camping, Who’s the Worst Fiancé, a TriaQuote & It Can Wait


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Anna tells Finn that it’s a lot with him. He doesn’t envy carrying a lifetime of secrets. He asks if there’s any news in the search for Peter, but she’s starting to think they won’t find him.

Obrecht tells Peter that she’s not going to hurt him. She points out he has a fever, and he says his hand is infected. She tells him that’s the consequence of trying to escape. He begs her to help him. She says Faison came to kill him, but her son died in his place. Nathan’s death is the only reason he’s alive. He deserves to suffer. Nina walks in, and asks if Obrecht is trying to kill him.

Oscar and Drew discuss Oscar’s paper on The Stranger. Not my favorite book that I was forced to read in school. Oscar says he liked it after Drew explained it to him; the character was a stranger to himself. Drew says life doesn’t always make sense. Oscar says what doesn’t make sense is why his mom is on a camping trip with Julian.

Julian and Kim are lying in their sleeping bag. Julian says it’s terrific; who knew? He’s enjoying their leisurely afternoon. They kiss. Julian asks if she happened to pack anything for bug bites, and she brings out an organic remedy, rubs iron his chest, and they kiss some more.

Carly asks Doc if it’s really him. He says it is, and she asks if he’s her doctor there. He tells her since Laura is in France, he’s been taking on extra work. He isn’t sure she should be there at all.

On the phone, Sonny says to tell his wife that he loves her. Mike is sorry Sonny couldn’t talk to her. Sonny says, him too. Mike thought the ride in the Bel Air would take his mind off of it. Sonny says it was a good idea, and Mike says so was letting him take a spin around the lot. It’s the first time he’s felt like himself since the party. He’s a goner for that car got. It’s got a big trunk; functional, and big enough for a body.

Carly tells Doc that she doesn’t belong there. He says it seems harsh, and he didn’t think she was ill enough to be there. She tells him that Nelle is a liar, and set her up. He says he and Carly only met one time, but she showed no symptoms of a full blown mental disorder.

Mike talks about Sonny, and how angry he was when he was younger. He was dumb in way only a young man could be dumb. Throwing his life away, listening to that hood. Sonny asks if he’s talking about Skully. Mike says Skully saw potential, and wanted Sonny under his thumb. He wanted something to hold over Sonny’s head, and he walked into it, thinking knew everything. Good thing his old man was there. Sonny asks what he’s talking about, and Mike asks if that isn’t why he let Mike drive the car around. He owed Mike a favor. Sonny is like, what?

Julian feels something crawling in the sleeping bag. He says, what the hell is it? and jumps out of the sleeping bag, and Kim laughs.

Drew asks Oscar if Julian did something he needs to know about. Besides his lifetime of criminal acts. Oscar can’t believe his mom is dating an ex-con. Drew says Oscar is dating someone whose stepfather has his own reputation, but Oscar says that’s different. She’s not responsible for what her stepfather does. Drew says they all want the happy family where everyone gets along, but it’s not always like that. Great families come in different packages. Oscar wishes Drew could remember his life. Drew does too. Oscar asks if he’ll ever get it back, and Drew says he was trying, but decided against it. Oscar asks, why, and Drew says, because of him.

Peter begs Nina to help him. Nina asks Obrecht what’s wrong with her? She used to be a doctor. What happened to do no harm? Obrecht says Peter cared nothing for her son’s well-being. He was cavalier about Nathan’s life, and so she is with his. Nina says she ran into Curtis and Sam. They’ve been hired by the PCPD to find Peter, and were asking her questions. They needed her to distract Valentin so they could search Wyndemere. They think Valentin was part of the jail break; another reason for divorcing him. Peter asks if they found anything, and she says, no. Obrecht says, and they won’t. Peter asks for water. Nina gives him some, and he tells her that his wound is infected, and he’s going to die there. He asks her to please help him.

Finn finds Anna in his office. She asks how his day is, and he says, no one died; that’s always a plus. She wanted to see him before she headed home. She has to wait for word from Robert about the search for Peter. He says she could do that there. He has a light schedule. She says she can’t bear to play any more games. Does he want her to stay? Because she wants to. They kiss.

Oscar says he’s the reason Drew doesn’t want his memories back? Drew says that didn’t come out right. There are risks. The procedure has never been done, and he could end up not remembering himself and the people he loves in this town, including Oscar and his sister. He’d love to remember who he used to be, but it’s not worth losing the past five years, and possibly being a vegetable. He can’t imagine not knowing Oscar and Scout. Someone else’s past might be inside him, but the future is his, and he wants to share it with Oscar. He tells Oscar that he’ll always have a father.

Nina tells Obrecht that Peter needs antibiotics. Obrecht says he’ll survive without them – probably. Nina says if she wants a confession, he’ll be no use if he’ dead. Obrecht says they want justice, but Nina says, not this way. Nathan wouldn’t want him to die. She tells Obrecht to get antibiotics for him, or she’s calling 911. Obrecht leaves, and Peter thanks her. She says she did it for herself; she doesn’t want to be an accessory to murder. He says she’s being pulled into a sick game in which they’re both pawns. His father used Peter for his own purposes, like Obrecht is using her. She has a backbone, and a moral code. She’s better than this. She’s not cruel, and can fix this. She can save his life.

Mike asks Sonny to spike the coffee; he’s losing his Bel Air buzz. Sonny owes him that; it’s the least he can do. Mike says he didn’t mean that how it sounded. Driving the car swelled his head. Sonny doesn’t owe him anything. He abandoned Sonny and his mother, and left them to that bastard Deke. He should have done better. There were times he tried; not often enough, but he tried to watch out for Sonny.

I’m not sure what was in the sleeping bag, but Kim says the little guy was traumatized. He’ll be okay though. Julian says, he’s not coming back, is he? He thinks his appreciation for nature doesn’t go much farther than deck chairs. She says she’s trying to expand his horizons, and suggests they do to the watering hole. He asks if by watering hole, she means a bar, but she says, no, an actual watering hole. She says they can go skinny dipping. He says, just what he wanted, nothing between him and the critters. He tells her despite the bug bites and maneuvering to make love, he’s actually having fun. She says they’re just getting started.

Drew tells Oscar that when he dropped off the info on the award’s ceremony, all the doubts and warnings solidified, and he realized what he was risking If it didn’t work. He’s glad he took the safe path. Oscar apologizes for talking about his past; that doesn’t mean he wants Drew to be different. He likes him the way he is. Drew calls him a helluva kid.

Nina says Peter came into her family’s life, masquerading as a good guy. He watched her brother die in his place. Peter says it’s not his fault, and she says that’s one thing she and Obrecht agree on. Faison came for him, and her brother was collateral damage. He knows she’s blinded by grief, but hurting him won’t bring her brother back. It’s not worth her own life. She could go to prison, and if he dies, she be away a long time. Charlotte loves her, and Maxie needs her. Doesn’t she care about them? They need her in their lives. Let him go.

Obrecht sneaks around the hospital.

Anna tells Finn that there’s something special about today, and he’ll be the first person she’s told. He asks what’s important about today, and she says today is her son’s birthday. Obrecht overhears.

Doc gives Carly water. She explains that she only went to him because Sonny insisted, thinking she was affected by her grief over Morgan. Doc asks if she thinks it’s more than that. She says she’d like to think somehow, some way, her baby was coming back to her. She thought the medication was working. Doc says he clearly misread her condition. Had he worked harder to get her to continue the sessions, it might be different now. They have to establish trust. He tells her that he can get her a different psychiatrist.

Sonny tries to talk to Mike about the Yankees, and Mike says Sonny doesn’t believe him. Sonny believes he tried, but Mike says Sonny thinks he’s always been too busy chasing the next sure thing. Sonny says every time they get into this, it goes south. Mike says he was a rotten father in most respects, but he managed to watch out for Sonny when it counted, whether he knows it or not.

Nina calls Peter a liar and a viper, who slithered into her family’s life, and if he hadn’t, her brother would still be alive. Peter days he’s sorry. He thought he could handle his father, and lost control of the situation. He hates the way it turned out. He was unconscious when Nathan was shot. He was wearing a bulletproof vest, but still got knocked out. By the time he got up, it was too late. He tried to make amends by helping Maxie, and Nina. She doesn’t care. He says he’s not a monster. The WSB wants to make him a scapegoat for his father’s crimes. He could have taken off with no second thought, and been on a plane, long gone. But he had to write a note to Maxie, and return the flash drive to Drew. Nina says, what? and he asks if it worked. Did Andre restore Drew’s memories?

Oscar wants fried everything. His mother insists on a vegetable that’s not fried at meals, since he argued that French fries were a vegetable. While Oscar puts in the order, Kim calls his phone. Drew picks up, and she asks if everything is okay. He says Oscar is ordering lunch, and he’s been apprised of the vegetable rule. He thinks spending time together is bringing them closer. He asks how camping is going, and if Julian has been eaten by a bear yet. Kim says, no bears yet, and says to give Oscar her love. Julian is now concerned about bears.

Carly asks Doc if he’s kidding. He’s the first face she’s seen that’s not a nightmare. Mary Pat is a sadist, and her orderly isn’t much better. She’s on so many meds, it’s absurd. Doc says that’s no good. Carly says Mary Pat is using medication to control the patients. She was handling things until they put her on the pills. She asks if he can help her get out.

Mike says he saw Sonny fall in with the hoods. He got scared, so he stepped up his game, keeping closer tabs on him, to keep him from getting in trouble. Sonny asks if he talked to someone about his first real job with Skully. Mike says he knew a guy who knew what Skully was planning. He couldn’t stop him; he would have laughed if Mike tried. He figured out a way to save him from the consequences.

Anna tells Finn it’s weird to share things when you haven’t before. Today is her son’s birthday. He says it must be painful. She says she dreaded it. Sometimes she’d sit in the dark, thinking and remembering . Finn tells her that she can talk as little or as much as she wants. She says when she finally told Robert, He was sorry he hadn’t made her feel safe enough to confide in him. What if she had told him? Everything would be different. Finn says at meetings, they say, no if onlys. Regret only compounds the pain. Anna takes his hand, and wonders what she’s supposed to do. Finn suggests starting small, and changing one little thing about her life. He thinks he has idea how to make that happen.

Oscar asks if Drew minds not knowing who he used to be, and Drew says he’s tried to make peace with it. He doesn’t understand the science behind it, but there’s a flash drive with his memories on it. Supposedly Peter had it, but he must have taken it with him. He supposes if the police find him, they’ll find that too. He asks if Oscar is cool with things as they are.

On the phone with Nina and in the woods, Obrecht says she’s traveled a significant distance on the trail. It’s crowded with people who have too much time on their hands. She has the medicine. Nina tells her the aspirin brought Peter’s fever down, but he needs antibiotics for the infection. Obrecht says she has what they need. She overheard int news about their friend. Obrecht nearly walks past Julian. He introduces her to Kim, saying she must have a bunker of victims close by, since she’s not the outdoor type. Nah, just one.

Nina tells Peter that Obrecht is coming back with his medicine. Peter says she’s going to kill him, but Nina says she wouldn’t be bringing back the medicine if she was. Good point. Her bark is worse than her bite. Peter asks if she barked at his arm. She thinks he’s a bad person, but he’s trying to make amends. He knows she’s heard about the flash drive. He has it, and tried to barter, offering it to Drew in exchange for his help breaking him out. Drew turned him down, but he had the drive in his hand. It was the last thing he remembers. He must have dropped it, and thought someone would figure out what it is. Everything Drew needs to be man he used to be is on it. He asks Nina to let him go. She says she’s going to check. If his story is true, it’s a game changer. She leaves.

Sonny asks why Mike didn’t tell him before, and Mike says it didn’t feel right. Everything had been off for a while, but driving the Bel Air cleared everything up. Sonny asks Mike to tell him everything he knows about Croton. Mike says he took care of the problem with Skully. He knows about how Sonny drove to Croton, and buried the loudmouth with the money clip. He followed Sonny. He saw him dig the hole and walk away thinking it was over, but he thought wrong.

Finn brings Anna a stack of waffles with whipped cream on top. She says it’s not what she was expecting. He says someone is always having a birthday, and explains how he’s adept at avoiding the gatherings where there’s spit on cake. She’s marking her son’s birthday, and their changing what happens on this day. She says, with birthday waffles? Finn says he was born in Belgium, and lights a candle. He tells her to make a wish for her son. She’s sorry for not giving him the life he should have had; for the life he could have lived. More than anything, she wishes he’s safe. She blows out the candle.

Peter hears something, and says, what is that?

Obrecht tells Julian, as the Americans put it, she’s taking me time. She’s mourning her son in her own way. Kim says she’s sorry for her loss, and Julian tells her not to step on any rattlesnakes and get herself killed.

Peter asks again, what is that? It’s a rattlesnake on the bed. He screams.

Drew tells Oscar it would be great to remember what fifteen was like, and he could offer actual advice, but sometimes you have to learn to let go and move forward. He feels better knowing he made peace with it. Oscar says, him too. Josslyn is meeting him at the library, and he has to leave. Drew says because of him, he knows every fried thing on the menu now. He says they don’t have to wait until his mom’s next camping trip to get together.

Obrecht tells Julian there are no rattlesnakes there; look it up. (I did, and they’re very rare.) She says, no one in their right mind would be spending time in the woods. They hear Peter screaming.

Nina sees Drew, and says she was destined to run into him. He asks what’s on her mind?

Doc tells Carly his goal is to help her heal and get back to her life. He says someone overstepped. Carly doesn’t think she’ll last long in there. Doc says it will take as long as it takes, but he’ll be there with her every step of the way. She takes his hand.

Mike tells Sonny that he was in the field in Croton when he buried the body. Sonny says he and Jason were there for hours, digging. They found a money clip, but no body. Mike knows. He took it.

On Monday, Nina is not okay, Maxie asks Lulu if there are any new leads, Sonny needs to get on with his life, and Kim says someone is in terrible trouble.

Just a thought. Is Carly really seeing Doc?

💍 Re: 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? or as I’m calling it now, You Deserve Each Other, I can never decide who is worse. It’s like asking someone which child is their favorite. I have decided that Juan’s problem is he’s never going to have a real relationship, and wants to drag Paola into loneliness with him. Still in Columbia, Pao tried to get Russ and Juan to mend fences, but no way was Juan letting that happen. After meeting at a club, Russ started the evening off by asking Juan not to ruin things, since they were doing this for Pao. Juan took offense, and responded by surreptitiously giving Russ the finger, like any other fourteen-year-old would. Pao told Russ later that he used the wrong choice of words, but why should he walk on eggshells around this mean queen? As usual, totally disregarding the fact they’re married and Pao wants to have a baby with this man, Juan told Pao if she left with Russ, he never wanted to see her again. He and Russ almost got in a fistfight outside the club, but I wasn’t positive how much of that hold-me-back wasn’t just posing.

On to David’s horrifying daughter, Ashley. What a selfish, nasty a-hole she is. I get that David is a disappointment as a father – he’s not what you’d call a go-getter – but this woman needs to calm down. They met for what was supposed to be a meal to discuss keeping the peace, but it wasn’t long before she was going up one side and down the other, about everything from him getting a job to him choosing his young wife – who, she pointed out, could leave him at any time – over his family. She insisted she hadn’t tried to break them up, which was a complete lie. The poor guy looked like a deer in the headlights while she babbled on incessantly, and told him that he never lets anyone get a word in edgewise. Sadly, David’s son Jacob was accidentally shot in the face by a friend, and was awaiting surgery. There was a sweet moment where Annie made a promise to pray for his healing, and she tied a triple string on him per her culture. It was cool. Annie is probably the only decent person on this show.

Which brings me to the family Chantel, as Pedro calls them. Wtf, these people? I can’t tell if they’re just uncomfortable talking or they’re bad actors doing improv. Apparently, Pedro had too much wine, and told them he was going back to the DR to start a business. They got the impression it was permanently, and without Chantel. When confronted, Pedro changed that to a couple of weeks, and he’d be back. The business part remained a mystery, but according to Chantel’s mother, Mrs. Pedro’s Mother was running some kind of marriage ring, using her legal skills. Pedro video-chatted with his shrew of a sister who said they were idiots. Since Chantel’s parents are having the family Pedro investigated, hopefully they’ll get busted for something. I was disappointed when, making an American dinner for Pedro, the family Chantel didn’t leave the feet on the Cornish hen, and tell him that’s how we eat it here. Whose family is creepier? I don’t know.

Not much to say about Molly and Luis. Luis made it pretty clear that he wasn’t up to step-fathering duties, and Molly got to thinking he wasn’t the partner she’d hoped for. She lives in a dream world if she thought this dude was ever going to be a father to her kids and enjoy life in Georgia. To give him credit, he’s been honest about that all along. His attitude seems to be, she’s as good a wife as any, but he misses the club, the beaches, and, oh God, the food.

Anfisa and Jorge went to counseling, but, although more cheerful, Jorge is still his hesitant lump of a self, who has problems telling the truth. The counselor suggested Jorge uses lying as a way to control Anfisa’s feelings, which I thought was quite insightful. Anfisa said Jorge had inflicted a lot of emotional pain, and she wasn’t so sure he wanted to have a family with her. Once again, the topic of why was taboo. Was she a hooker? Worked at Chernobyl? What? Anfisa met Jorge’s good friend, Ramone, who was on his best behavior. Anfisa was spot-on though, saying in her interview that Ramone wasn’t being himself. Not that he’s a bad guy normally, but she was right.

Nicole’s grandpa was also right when he flat-out told her that she was being stupid, getting involved with Azan. He pointed out how very much money she’d given him. In reply, she stuck her fingers in her ears, and went ♫ La-la-la! ♫ Not really, but she might as well have. Grandpa said in the two years she’d known him, Azan had never even had a job. She was trying to buy his affection, and by the way, he didn’t see any on Azan’s end. At least someone is telling it like it is. The new plan is for them to marry in Morocco. Supposedly, the groom’s family is picking up the tab, which I find hard to believe if she had to send him money. Nicole explained there are six costume changes at Moroccan weddings, one of which is allowed to be an American wedding dress. Her mother came along when she tried on dresses, and Nicole whined until her mother agreed she loved the same dress Nicole did. My take on this chick is that she’s totally delusional. Not only was that dress just no, grandpa was correct right across the board. What’s sad is how she’s been placated by her mother and father, who were afraid all along that she’d skip to Morocco with her daughter, which is exactly what’s happening.

👄 Quotes of the Week

When God closes a door, you work here. — Earl (Garrett Morris), 2 Broke Girls

Every one of us is losing something precious to us. Lost opportunities, lost possibilities, feelings we can never get back again. That’s part of what it means to be alive. Haruki Murakami

It’s a general moral principle that the more power you have over someone, the greater your duty is to use that power benevolently. Well, who is the one person in the world you have the greatest power over? It’s your future self. You hold that life in your hands, and what it will be depends on how you care for it.Rick Hanson

😎 Engage Weekend…



June 3, 2018 – The Stadium is Under Attack, a Few TV Tidbits & Not Done


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

John isn’t looking too good, but Naomi tells him to stay with her. He says he got her note. She and Morgan drag John behind a car, and away from the shooting. Morgan tells Naomi he’s john’s friend. She says she’ll get medical supplies, and promises to be back. He says he knows she will.

Mel says they have to get out of there. Alicia hits one of the Vultures. Mel starts the ambulance he’s driving, but Naomi says she needs the field kit from the back. He’s like, too bad, and keeps driving. She runs after the ambulance. As the distance becomes longer between them, the back of it blows up. Alicia is standing there with a grenade lancher, and tells Naomi that they took her in. Naomi says it’s not what she thinks. Naomi runs back to John, and tells Morgan they have to get him out of there.

Luci sees Charlie. Charlie says she’s sorry. Luci has gun pointed at her, but shoots some other guy. Al keeps filming. Morgan tells her they need to get John out. She says she’s not part of story, and Morgan says if she hides, a good man dies. The story is almost finished, and it doesn’t have to be that way for John. Al pulls her mega truck next to John, and opens the gun portal. Alicia puts her hands up, and Naomi and Morgan get John inside. Al says, gotta move.

Morgan tells Charlie they won’t hurt her. Charlie wants to make sure Mel is okay. Morgan says Mel is gone. She needs to come with him, or she’ll die. She gets in Al’s truck. Alicia, Victor and Luci shoot at the back as it’s driving away. Naomi tells Al to go to the stadium. Al says it’s supposed to be gone, and Naomi says, it’s not. Al says Naomi is supposed to be dead, and asks if she wants to tell them what else they got wrong.

[Before] Planting is happening at the stadium, and everyone pitches in. Nick says it won’t be ready for months. Madison says rations will get them through. He asks if she’s ever thought they wouldn’t make it, and she says, plenty of times. He asks what got her through, and she tells him, thinking she didn’t want to be out there; it’s way better in here. Douglas radios, saying they have a visitor. It’s Charlie. Nick asks why she’s there, and she says she needs their help.

[Forward] Morgan tells Al that they don’t have much time, and she says she’ll get him there. Charlie realizes he’s Nick’s friend. He knows what she did. Why did he save her? He says, because this has to stop some place.

Naomi tells John again to stay with her. She finds a tin of Scrabble letters on him. Morgan says he’s been looking for her, and never gave up all this time. Naomi says if you try to protect someone, you wind up hurting them. Al asks what happened; what did she do to them? Charlie says what happened wasn’t Naomi’s fault. It was hers.

[Before] Outside the stadium, a zombie pounds at the car Mel has crashed. Alicia says he’s breathing, but to be careful. He might have lung damage. Charlie insists Mel was trying to avoid the accident. There’s an argument as to whether they should just leave him there. Alicia says, if they leave him, will he make it? Nick says the Vultures lost and know it, and now they have supplies. Charlie says she lied before, but she’s not lying now. She asks Madison to please bring him back with them. Nick says they just started replanting. Madison says, If it’s a trick – Charlie says, it’s not – they’ll handle it. She says Naomi put a gun to her head when they first met; now they’re replanting thanks to her.

[Forward] Alicia sees a Vulture zombie and cuts him down. She tells Victor to wait. She sees someone crawling toward her. She squats down, and Mel reaches out. She asks how long Charlie was with him, and he gurgles something unintelligible. She says, you know what? It doesn’t matter, and smashes him in the head with the butt of her weapon. She should have left him for the zombies

[Before] Mel is handcuffed to a bed at the stadium. He asks what he’s doing there, and Naomi tells him that he has broken ribs. He asks where Charlie is, and Madison says she asked them to help her; she’s fine. He says she needs to let them go. Naomi says he has a serious injury. He says they’re not safe. Madison tells him that he’s said that before, and they’ll make it. If his brother and their crew try something, they’ll handle them. Mel says he and his brother are the ones they need to worry about.

We see a bus load of zombies, trying to get their hands out of the boarded-up windows.

Victor shows the Vultures’ numbered flags to Madison, saying that’s all that’s left. She says maybe Mel is telling the truth. Nick asks Charlie if she thinks Ennis is leading them there, and she says he wouldn’t do that. Madison asks if she’s sure. She tells Victor it will be tough, but they can do it. He says they have cars running the length of the railway. Madison asks if they’re full of dead, and Victor says, they were. She asks how many, and they go through the flags; the highest number is 735. Madison says no one goes in or out without them knowing. She tells Nick to take Charlie to her room.

Mel nearly coughs up a lung. Naomi tells him take the deepest breaths he can. When she gets close to help him, he pulls a knife on her, and tells her to take him to Charlie. Naomi pooches him in his broken ribs, takes the knife, and says not to make her break his cracked rib. He’s here to keep him breathing. He says they won’t listen to him. She’s new; maybe she’s been out there for a while. Maybe she was at another place that went down. Maybe knows what he does; what happens to people who stay. They die, and everything they’re fighting for dies with them. It doesn’t need to be that way for her. This place isn’t worth her life. He asks her to come with them. If she helps them, they’ll help her. He has the feeling she knows he’s right.

Madison pries the boards off of a concession stand. Naomi approaches. Madison says she needs the needs the lumber to reinforce the walls. Naomi says, it’s not safe here, and Madison says it will be. Naomi thinks they should consider what Mel is saying and think about leaving. Madison says that’s what the Vultures have wanted since they showed up. Out there, things don’t get better. She built this place for her kids; so they can have something close to a real life. Naomi says if she wants to protect them, she has to disappoint them. Madison says she thought about walking away. She told Alicia to prep a car just in case. She saw it on Alicia’s face, like she was chipping away at what they built. She told herself she wouldn’t use it. Naomi thinks she should reconsider. Madison asks what he said to her, and Naomi says he didn’t have to say anything. She’s been on the wrong side of where Madison is. Naomi doesn’t want to see it happen to her. What she built for her kids isn’t worth risking their lives – or hers.

Madison continues to accumulate boards off of various structures. Mel coughs some more. Madison says if he wants to go; go. He asks why, and she says while he’s here, he’s going to try to turn the others against her. He asks where Charlie is, but Madison says she’s not going. She can’t let him risk Charlie’s life.

Everyone is helping to reinforce the walls. Madison tells them to open the gate, and get the Land Rover. Mel wants to go. Victor says he might die out there. He’s there because she didn’t give up on him; what’s different? Madison says, open the gate, or she will. Mel gets in the car, saying they won’t make it. Madison says, if Charlie goes with him, whoever Charlie turns into won’t be Charlie anymore. He tells her the walls won’t hold, and Madison says she’ll keep Charlie safe. Mel tells her that’s what her parents said, and died in front of her. Don’t make her go through that again. Madison says she wasn’t there; it wasn’t them. He says they’re trying to be the type of people who are extinct. She draws her gun, and says, no one’s gone until they’re gone, and he drives away, wounds and all. The gates close again. Madison tells them not to think about what Mel said.

Nick tells Madison that she should have made him stay; He wouldn’t have taken Charlie, since he can’t get far. Madison says he’s not getting far without Nick and his sister protecting him. Nick asks if she remembers when he said he was afraid of who he was out there? He was really afraid of being away from her; she showed him the way. She finds him when he’s gotten lost. He felt found here, like he’d finally starting to get it. Letting a guy kill himself because they’re afraid of him. doesn’t sound like what she wanted them to find out.

Charlie says, he’s gone, but he’s hurt? He’s not going to make it, and he’s her friend. Alicia says she put a radio in the car, and it’s on. They should let Charlie see if he’ okay. They call, and Madison asks if Mel can hear her. He coughs, and she asks where he is and if he’s all right. He coughs some more. The signal is lost, and everyone looks grim and sad. Charlie says they have to help him.

More reinforcing goes on, and Cole hopes it holds whatever is coming his way. Alicia says they have to go out. Victor asks Nick if Madison knows they’re leaving. Nick asks, is he letting them out, or what? Victor knows they’re going after Mel, and says their mother did the same thing for him. Who is he to stop them? He lets them out. As they get on the road, Nick says they’re going to find Mel, and help Madison remember why she built this place.

One of the Vultures starts a truck full of zombies. A woman says, you know what to do, and he drives off. Behind him is a whole caravan of trucks.

Naomi finds Madison to tell her that she’s not going. Madison says, in that case, they’ll find her a new bedroom. Naomi says if she starts pulling boards off the showers, she’s chaining herself to the pipes. Madison says she forgot how it was for her kids to look at her like that, but it would it be worse if they didn’t. She guesses she taught them something after all. Naomi says whatever is going to happen, will happen soon. She’s prepping the infirmary.

Nick sees the Land Rover, and radios Victor, says they found him. Victor tells him to get back with due haste. Nick nails a zombie. Alicia says Mel is in rough shape. Nick hears something, and tells her to kill the headlights. They see the trucks coming toward the stadium. The trucks drive past without noticing them. Nick radios Victor, telling him a convoy is coming his way.

Victor tells Madison to sound the alarm. Madison is surprised Victor didn’t try to stop Nick and Alicia. He says they needed to do it, and she says that doesn’t mean she has to like it. Cole says, that’s not a convoy. We see only two headlights. Madison radios Nick and asks if he’s there, but he’s still a half-mile off. It’s an ice cream trail, leaving a trail of… blood? Gas? Something. Nick radios Madison, who tells him to just in get inside. Alicia says maybe it’s a trap, and here come the trucks. Ha-ha! My heart is beating faster.

The trucks line up in the parking lot. Luci asks what’s happening. Madison explains that Nick and Alicia are out there. Lots of zombie rumbling is coming from the trucks. The Vultures set up ramps. Ennis whistles, and signals for the trucks to be opened. Zombies stagger down the ramps. I think it must be gas. Someone is going to get these zombies lit.

Madison radios Nick and Alicia to come inside. and here we go, the gas is set on fire. The zombies crowd Nick’s car. Madison runs down. Victor tells her she can’t go out there. She says her kids in the parking lot. Is he going to stop her? He says, no. He’s coming with her. Luci says she’s coming too. In the car, Alicia asks how much ammo the have, and Nick says, not enough, reminding me of Sheriff Hague (Michael Biehn) in Planet Terror. Madison says there are too many zombies for them to drive through, and Nick says they can’t last much longer. Douglas says they have to get the fire out before anyone can leave. Victor tells him to shut up and open the gate. Alicia radios Madison, saying she’s sorry they had to come out to try and save him, but they couldn’t just hide. They didn’t mean to do this to her, but it was the right thing to do. Zombies grapple at the car. We see the flames reflected on Madison’s face.

[Forward] Al drives past a burned ice cream truck. Naomi says don’t stop; there’s no time. Morgan asks if she’s sure she’ll find what they need. She says she set up the infirmary herself. Any supplies that were taken, were taken from the outside; no one would go in there. Morgan says he thinks he knows who Al is; he’s seen it. She says he doesn’t know who she is. She’s a chick with layers. Me too. I am so one with this show right now. Al tells them to hold on, and she drives through the closed gate into the stadium. The dust clears, and there are a million zombies scattered all around. They grasp at the truck.

Next time, the mid-season finale (sigh) – Madison has nothing else to lose, Al thinks someone will want to know what happened, Naomi tries to save John, and Al machine guns the crap out of some zombies.

Excellent episode!

💍 I only saw pieces of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? and will be watching it in its entirety at a later time. However, I saw enough to wonder what the blip is with Chantel’s family? Are they bad actors? Are they on something? Like a high dose of Valium? Even Chantel has inherited their strange, wooden monotone – in two languages! No wonder Pedro is looking to book back to the DR, but I still think there’s something crooked about the mother/sister grifter team. And note to Molly – all men call watching the kids babysitting. Even when the kids are their own.

🎭 Sadly, Imposters has been canceled:


🙏 In happier news, Preacher will be back on Sunday, June 24th.