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December 18, 2017 – A Missing Disco Ball, the Return of Lala & a Pinch of 90


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Since The I Hate This Show Right Now Walking Dead is done for the season, I took Sunday night off. Off of here anyway.  It was past time to Christmas up the house.

General Hospital

Franco used to be able to lie and sleep like a baby, but now it hurts not to tell Elizabeth things. He says there’s something he should have told her a while ago. She takes him where they can have some privacy, and says they’ll figure it out together.

At the MetroCourt, Jason calls Robin, and says things are still complicated. He needs to get in touch with Anna. Carly sees Sonny at the bar. They make holiday small talk about having fun. Zzzz…

Anna and Jordan run into each other in the park. Jordan says it’s nice to see the community coming together. She tells Anna that Andre was transferred, and seemed almost relieved. Anna says a secret like that, and watching the fallout, takes its toll. Jordan says it’s not over yet – not even close.

Drew tells Sam they’re not legally married. He meant every word of the vows, but needs to say them again in his own name. He asks her to marry him, but she says they are married. The vows are still real; names don’t count for anything. He says they do out in the world, and he wants things to be right. How much they love each other hasn’t changed. They kiss.

Maxie meets Lulu at Kelly’s. She asks if Maxie can team up with her for something worthwhile. She wants to host a food drive for feeding America.

Sam and Drew talk about all the different areas they have to deal with regarding the name change. Drew adds Oscar, and tells her about their awkward conversation. She says it will be an adjustment – like everything. They’ll work it out. He calls her Mrs. Kane. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Oscar. Sam leaves them to talk.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he may have learned the truth before everyone else. Okay, he did learn it before everyone else. After Jason came through the skylight, he confronted Andre, who admitted faking the death certificate. She says he told her, and the sky didn’t fall. She has questions, but is surprised he knew. He says he knew more than that.

Jordan tells Anna about a case where the wife knew nothing about her husband’s criminal activities, and how she’d judged her. She promised herself it would never happen to her, and she’s a cop, trained to look for clues. She had no idea about Andre; he never even raised a red flag. Anna says she was unaware as well, and some people are gifted with compartmentalizing. Maybe after he realized he couldn’t save his wife, he created a reality he could live with, and it worked for a while. Jordan says until his past caught up with him. Anna’s phone rings. Jason asks her to meet him at the MetroCourt. Jordan asks if everything is okay, but Anna isn’t sure

Jason joins Sonny and Carly. They talk about Spinelli being the best one to check over the manuscript. Sonny says, unless he gets distracted by the story. Ha-ha! Sam comes in, and asks Carly about settling the bill for the launch party. They go out in the hallway, and Carly asks if really abut the bill. Sam says yes, then admits it’s no. Drew just pointed out obvious, that they’re not legally married, and he asked her to marry him again. Carly asks what she said.

Drew Is glad Oscar dropped by. Their meeting didn’t go the way he’d hoped. Oscar says maybe they should forget it. No point in forcing it if Drew isn’t interested. Drew says he wanted to give Oscar space, but he is interested. He just doesn’t want to pressure Oscar, but hopes he’s interested too.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he wanted to know who was who, and Andre sent him a printed document, saying he’d know what to do with it. Elizabeth is shocked he knew and had proof. He says he went back and forth, but didn’t want to tell her something that would upset her. She’s at a loss. Two men literally had their lives stolen, and he could have proved everything. She asks him why, and he says, Jason.

Jason tells Sonny about the memory baseline. Sonny says the transfer was just a preliminary step to something bigger. Brick is working on getting the files from Russia. He says the money was laundered six ways to Sunday, and it will take a long time. Jason thanks him, saying he must be spending a bundle on the investigation. Sonny says he has his right hand back, and the investment is even better than he thought.

Sam tells Carly that she’s in love with Drew; they have a family and a child. Carly says she has a family and a child with Jason. Sam says, had; there’s difference. Carly tells her that she has time to think. Sam says it’s just a name, and it shouldn’t change anything. Carly gets what she’s doing, but wouldn’t be able to do it herself. She says Sam loves Jason, and no matter how well she guards her heart, it will eventually come out. Sam says she’s not denying it, and Carly says even if she doesn’t say the words, Drew probably knows. He’s out there thinking he’s doing the noble thing, and she’s doing the same, but no one is happy. Not Drew, not Jason, and especially not her.

Lulu says while she was doing research on the school lunch program, she found out that one in four Americans go hungry every day. They don’t talk about it, so it becomes an invisible problem. A lot of them live in urban deserts, where fresh produce isn’t available, so she wants to concentrate on that. Maxie asks how, and tells her that she needs to get the word out. Lulu says that’s why she came to her.

Franco says Jason hates him like God hates sin, and has a certain amount of influence over her. Elizabeth asks if Franco thought she’d dump him if Jason said so. Franco says Jason can’t get past the terrible things he did, even though it wasn’t him back then. He’s thinks Jason will come up with something to make him pay. Elizabeth asks if he thinks Jason will hurt him. Franco says it wouldn’t surprise him, but he’s afraid of Jason changing her viewpoint on him. He didn’t tell the truth, and was a coward. Elizabeth says, yes, he was.

Oscar is like, it’s cool, and Drew says, baby steps. They talk about Scout. Drew says Scout would love to meet him, and Oscar says he’d like to meet her. Drew tells him that they’ll set that up.

Anna joins Sonny and Jason. Jason tells Anna that before Andre left the country, he stashed a flash drive in an ornament that he gave to her. She says it must be the disco ball, but she didn’t know anything was inside of it. She says it’s at home, and she’ll get it. I’m guessing it’s with the other ornaments. No way it could be this easy.

Sam says that Carly adores Jason, and would do anything to give him what he wants. Carly says she does, and he wants Sam’s happiness. Jason will be okay; he’ll survive without her. The person she wants it for is Sam, but she’s just worried about Drew. Jason is just as much of a victim, but it seems like Drew has all the sympathy and is the only one allowed to grieve. Jason came back after being held captive for five years, and found out his life was no longer his own, yet everyone is wringing their hands over Drew. Sam says Jason will be fine. Carly tells her that’s exactly why she’s with Drew, and why it’s a mistake.

Lulu tells Maxie that she wants to host the event at Kelly’s. They’ve already offered a huge donation of fruit and vegetables. Maxie thinks The Floating Rib will match it, and Lulu is also going to talk to Carly about the MetroCourt. She tells Maxie they need a social media presence, and Maxie says, done. Lulu says she makes giving fashionable.

Elizabeth tells Franco that her biggest problem is that Jason is Jake’s father. This affected her son’s life. Doesn’t he care about how Jake feels? Franco says her boys are the second-best thing that’s ever happened in his life, and it’s hard for him. He doesn’t want Jason near Jake; hanging out, and bonding in matching black T-shirts. The last thing he wants Jake to know about him are the horrible things he’s done. Elizabeth says he’s going to eventually find out, with or without Jason. Franco was sick. He’s worried Jason can persuade Jake otherwise, but she says she can be persuasive too. He can’t keep doing this. The world is bigger than him and his fears. He says she’s his world, and to tell him he has her. She says he does, but he has to stop. If he has any deep, dark secret, now’s the time.

Drew and Oscar make small talk about school. Drew asks if Oscar has any questions, but Oscar says none he can probably answer. Drew tells him to take a shot, and Oscar asks what he was like when he was younger, and what it was like with his first girlfriend. Drew wishes he could answer, but he can’t remember. Oscar would also like to know about his mom, if she ever let loose or was she always like a mom-in-training? Drew says his mom might enjoy that conversation, but Oscar thinks she wouldn’t give him answers. He does know one thing about Drew; the music he liked, or at least what he thought Oscar’s mother would like. He’d made a CD for her. Drew can’t believe she kept it, and asks if there are any embarrassing songs, but Oscar says it’s pretty solid. He asks if Drew would like to hear it.

Sonny says if they find the flash drive intact, then what? Jason says he’ll ask Drew to undergo the procedure. Sonny asks what if he says no, and Jason thinks he can remember on his own. Even though he has Jason’s memories, why are they so different? He thinks Drew already remembers more than he realizes.

Carly says Sam just admitted she loves Jason. Sam says she always will, but is in love with Drew. Carly says you can love two people, but only be with one. She tells Sam you should be with the one who really gets you, all the way to your toes. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Back at the park, Anna tells Jordan there’s something important in the box of ornaments, and she has to find it.

Sam says Carly makes it sound easy. Carly knows it’s not, but whatever Sam decides, she has her back. She says she’d by lying if she didn’t say she was rooting for Jason, but the team she’s on is Sam’s.

Carly goes back inside. Sam and Jason gaze at each other. Sam leaves.

Elizabeth tells Franco to promise no more secrets. He says one more, and he’s secret free. He tells her that he went to see Betsy after he found out Drew was alive. He wanted to know why she sent Drew away, and not him. She told him it was because she was protecting Drew. According to her, he tried to kill Drew by pushing him down the stairs. She sent Drew away, and kept Franco close to keep an eye on him. Elizabeth says Jason was right; he’s evil. When Jason finds out Franco is the person he thought he was, he’ll pay. This is all just in Franco’s mind. Elizabeth says if they’re going to make it work, she needs to know. He says no more secrets. She asks if he promises, and he says, cross my heart. Why does he do this?

Sonny asks Carly if everything is okay. Carly tells him that Sam is overwhelmed. She tried to help, but thinks she made things worse. Anna calls Jason. She asks him to meet her in the park, and tells him that they have a problem.

Sam asks Drew how it went with Oscar. He thinks it went well; at least better than the first time. He asks how she is. She left pretty fast, and he hopes it wasn’t the proposal. She says he was right; they’ll always be them. Legalities mean nothing. She loves him, their life together, and everything they’ve created. Yes, she’ll marry him. He tells her that he loves her so much, and she makes him happy, but they can’t right now. Not like this.

Franco apologizes to Elizabeth for lying. She wishes he hadn’t, but understands. There’s no reasoning with Jason when he sees something a certain way, but moving forward, he needs to be brave enough to trust her, so she can trust him with her heart and boys’ hearts. She loves him more than she’s ever loved anyone. She can’t wait to be his wife. They kiss.

Sonny asks Carly what’s really going on with Sam. She tells him that she and Drew aren’t legally married. He says the hits just keep on coming, but she wishes Sam could see it as a blessing. She thinks staying with Drew is the noble thing, but loves Jason. How do you stay married, even if you love someone, when your soulmate still in picture? Sonny says maybe she’ll realize. Carly asks what he and Jason were talking about, and he says how to handle a threat, when you don’t know what you’re dealing with. Faison switched them for a reason, but they don’t know what it is.

Drew tells Sam that Oscar has questions about who he was, but he couldn’t answer them. It’s not fair to him or any of his kids, and especially not to Sam. He needs to try get his memory back. The person he loves most should know about him. He asks her to wait for him. He has to find himself. He feels like they’re meant to be, and they’re forever. She kisses him.

Jason meets Anna at the park. She tells him the ornament is gone. Her housekeeper must have made a mistake, and put it in the box with the other ornaments. The rest are all accounted for, except for that one. Jason thinks it’s not an accident. She asks him what was on the flash drive, and he says supposedly Drew’s memory. It can lead them to the person who put it into motion.

We see the disco ball opened on a desk. So when is Faison getting here?

Tomorrow, Obrecht tells Britt not to betray Faison, Julian says he only told Alexis the good news, and Sam wants to know what’s going on.

🌽  On a Personal Note…

In regard to Lulu’s venture to feed America, please donate to your local food bank when you can. I understand what it’s like to be hungry. Having gone through broke AF times, the food bank was an invaluable resource. Lulu was right about there being a lack of fresh produce though. It’s hard to come by when you’re poor and hungry. Since I live in an area where there are farms not far away, it was a real blessing when farmers donated to the bank. Another blessing was the “ugly” vegetable department in my Shoprite, where they sell the not-so-pretty vegetables, as well as those that are still edible, but about to turn. (Not turn into zombie vegetables, but they wouldn’t be lasting much longer.) So besides donations, you can also sign petitions requesting that places like Walmart carry these. And if you are the one who’s hungry, there’s no shame in going to your food bank. It’s there for a reason – use it – but pay it forward when you’re back on your feet.

Vanderpump Rules

I’m not sure how last week can be topped. Unless Jax is drawn and quartered.

Stassi and Brittany go to the spa. Today would be Brittany and Jax’s two-year anniversary. Brittany had planned a spa day for the two of them, but since he can’t keep it in his pants, she’s bringing Stassi instead. She’s one of the few people who knows exactly how Brittany feels. Brittany says she keeps going all over the place. Stassi would never suggest not getting back together, but she is. Brittany tells her that she knows what’s best, but she doesn’t know if she can follow through. Stassi knows Jax is saying what she wants to hear, and doesn’t want her to go through what she did. We flash back to that. Brittany says it’s so new, and she’s confused. She admits to having sex with Jax last night. She doesn’t know why, and Stassi says she’s feeling emotion when he’s crying and whining he’ll never do it again.

Tom and James take Jax out for a drink. He wishes Brittany would hook up with someone else, and they’ d be even. Once again showing us what a shallow, empty-headed jerk he is. In his mind, it would fix things. He tells them he was planning on staying at a hotel, but ended up staying at the apartment. They had more sex in the last two days than they’ve had in six months. Tom says it’s been two months since he’s had any, and it’s freaking him out. In his interview, James wonders if this is what the future holds for him. Tom is starting to feel skeezy coming on to his own girlfriend, and downloaded an audio book on intimacy at three am.

Schwartz brings Lisa flowers, and she asks what he’s done. He says the meeting they had left a bad taste in his mouth, and he wanted to apologize on behalf of both of them. Lisa says it’s not him that’s guilty, but Tom is being negative and accused her of spying. Schwartz says they’re a team, and he wants to “moisturize” the situation. Lisa tells him some of the things Tom said, and says she and Ken are bringing experience, financing, and a plethora of other things to the table. She needs them to be positive. Ken says they should grasp the opportunity both hands. Schwartz says they are really appreciative, and that he’s ready to get serious. They’re invested in this. Lisa promises they’ll have another meeting. Lisa thinks the Toms and Jax must have a standing order with the flower people, since they need to apologize so often.

Lisa and Nathalie (Lisa’s partner) meet with Stassi at SUR. Lisa goes over some of the things they’ve already done for the upcoming party. Stassi says she didn’t dream about being an event planner, but wants to be a boss, and she can’t think of anyone better to learn from. Scheana was concerned that Stassi would be telling them what to do, so Nathalie tells her it’s not her job to deal with the servers. In her interview, Stassi says she should be annoyed, but she isn’t. It shows she’s above all that now. Lisa wants to see Stassi mature as much as the business has, but says she can’t wish for everything. Stassi doesn’t want to mess anything up, and Lisa tells her just be on the same page as her and Nathalie.

Katie tells Schwartz about the girls throwing a party for Brittany. They don’t want her to be scared of dumping Jax’s ass and starting over. Tom comes over, and tells Schwartz that he found a machine that can freeze any drink. Schwartz tells him not to get ahead, because Lisa and Ken are still mulling it over. In his interview, Tom says if the new restaurant turns out to be the one that got away, it will haunt him. Schwartz says from now on, they only vent to each other. Katie is proud of him, and says they can bring the quirk and flair, and Ken and Lisa can bring the class.

Brittany joins Ariana at the stables. Ariana says if she didn’t have riding, she doesn’t know what she’d do. It always centers her, and she wants to carry that back to her relationship. She’s riding in a competition, and is nervous because she wants to win. I think that’s the idea of a competition. She takes a spill, and the horse gets kooky. She tells Brittany she bailed, because she realized he wasn’t going to stop. She’s worried he might get spooked during the competition.

At Vanderpump Dogs, Lisa cuddles some of the furbabies. Raquel is volunteering today, and in her interview, Lisa says she’s like Bambi on steroids. She tells Raquel she still ahs to treat it like a job, and show commitment. In his interview, James says he and Raquel both have their own ways of dealing with things. He smokes weed; she pets dogs. James tells Lisa that he’s ready for his Turn It Up Tuesdays at SUR. In her interview, Lisa thinks if he does something autonomous, he’ll take responsibility, and might actually get it together.

Tom and Ariana’s brother go to watch Ariana compete. She says she and Walter (the horse) don’t have that trusting relationship yet, aka, she doesn’t trust him. Tom tells Jeremy that she always gets freaked out before a show. Tom says it’s awkward to broach the subject with him, but he and Ariana haven’t been having sex. Ariana said if he cheated once, they’d be done, but he wonders how anyone could blame him. Jeremy says they have to hash it out; there’s a root to the problem somewhere.

We watch Ariana ride. Tom thinks she looks hot. They already have a whip, so he thinks maybe they should get a saddle. She gets a blue ribbon. He says, save a horse, ride a cowboy – or a bartender.

Brittany tells Jax she’s going to Stassi’s for a pajama party. They’re throwing it in her honor, with her favorite things, and will probably talk sh*t about him. He says it’s between the two of them, and has nothing to do with the other girls. Brittany says she loves him, but it’s hard. He doesn’t understand how people can say he’s manipulative. I would say only to girls with no brain, but Stassi isn’t stupid. I find him repulsive, so I just don’t get it. Brittany asks if she’s going to find anything else out, but he says no.

Stassi wants the party to be special, and got a beer cheese recipe from Brittany’s memaw. Katie brings a piñata with Jax’s face on it, and Kristen has a gun that shoots tequila into your mouth. No thanks. I don’t even want to drink it from a glass.

The guys meet at a bar. The owner was once the manager at PUMP, and Tom is psyched, hoping the meeting about TomTom leads to something like that for him. Schwartz says the girls have set aside their differences to hate Jax together.

Brittany arrives, and Scheana and Ariana are right behind. In her interview, Stassi says it feels good to be the bigger person, but she hates when the angel wins. She shows Brittany the spread of all her favorite foods, and the beer cheese gets her approval. In her interview, Brittany confesses that it was a brave attempt, but not like her grandmother’s cheese.

The guys do shots. Tom says it’s the perfect storm ready to destroy the City of Jax. In his interview, Schwartz says the girls are the ideal espionage team, and Jax doesn’t appreciate the sh*t storm coming his way.

The girls beat on the piñata, and Brittany rips its head off. Alrighty then.

James tells everyone about his debut at SUR. If he does it right, he gets a percentage of the bar. In his interview, he says it’s crazy how much can happen in a year. We flash back to him being a total idiot. He swears he’s changed. My jury is out. It’s still early in the season.

The girls have orchestrated a spell. Stassi says it’s about scorning a cheating lover, and Katie is facilitating. In her interview, Katie says it’s so that Jax will receive his karmic punishment. Brittany says normally, she wouldn’t dabble in witchcraft, but she thinks the way Jax treated her, even Jesus would be on board. They light some candles and use some other props. Ariana is concerned that if she goes a whole night being cordial, Stassi will want to be friends again. Everyone kisses and makes up.

Lisa gets a drink from Wesley, the new SUR bartender. She has a meeting there with Lala. She tells Lala it’s been a while, and Lala asks if she’s surprised to hear from her. She’d like her job back. She has a man who provides her with amazing things (she’s still with the same guy), but he’s not an ATM machine, and she wants to pay her own bills. Lisa says she has a tendency to cut and run when she gets nervous, and makes things up. She says she should have been honest, and admits to leaving Lisa hanging, but asks forgiveness. It is granted. Lisa says she’s always fought for her. She tells Lala that she likes her very much, and Lala says she’s changed a lot. Lisa tells her she can come back. In her interview, Lisa says Lala is a fabulous hostess, and inside the tough exterior, is like a lost puppy. She tells Lala if she becomes unreliable, she’s out.

Peter asks how Jax is doing. He says it’s getting better, and the sex is the best. Tom says he should be prepared. Schwartz says they’ve taken precautionary measures. Tom brings out a locking chastity device for men. I’m not sure what to say…

Brittany isn’t sure what she’s going to do. She doesn’t want to upset anyone. Ariana asks if he told her it was a onetime thing, because it wasn’t. She says several people have said it. Stassi says she’ll always hear things about Jax, and for the most part they’re true. Ariana does a perfect imitation of Jax making excuses. Brittany calls him, and he goes outside with the phone. He swears on his life that it was only once. Brittany decides to bluff him, and says she has proof; she’s there. He asks why she’s setting him up, and she says she didn’t know it was more than once. She tells him Faith isn’t really there, but she wants the truth. He asks what does it matter, once or ten times, mirroring exactly what Ariana said when she mimicked him. He says it doesn’t make a difference, but she says it changes everything – he’s gone. Jax, who by now is pacing up and down the sidewalk, screams for her to shut-up, and that he didn’t do it. She says that’s not changing anything. They’re done. She hangs up.

Jax comes back in, and tells the guys that it was only once. Tom isn’t doubting it, but if he did it more than once, he needs to tell her. Jax insists it was just once.

Ariana calls Tom, and tells him that Jax isn’t allowed to stay at the apartment tonight. The girls are going back with Brittany. He knows how crazy Kristen is, and it will get intense if he comes home. Tom tells the table that the girls are charged up, and Jax can’t go home tonight.

Brittany stirs her drink, and shakes her head. The rest of the girls all look bummed.

Next time, Lisa asks if the Toms are in or out, Nathalie tells Stassi that Lisa is hard to impress, and Katie and Schwartz argue.

👰 💍 The 90-Day Fiancé finale was tonight, along with a Couples Tell All, but I still have to watch it before I prepare my thesis. However, I can’t hold inside that I was right about Molly not making it to the altar with Luis. Not only did he scoff at being a stepfather, saying they were her kids, he got really weird with his deflection during an argument. In the middle of her wailing about how he was a bully, and didn’t want her kids around, he suddenly started criticizing how she decorated with things like Buddhas,  owls, and candles, practically saying she was a devil worshiper. It was out of the blue, off-topic, and strange. She called it quits, but as if life wasn’t bad enough for her, Molly was already married to him. They weren’t going to the church, but had already been to a Justice of the Peace. D’oh! Not sure what happens now. The producers were pretty shocked.

😧 Postscript: I’m watching Couples Tell All as I’m editing this, and they’re back together. Once again, I don’t know what to say…





December 10, 2017 – Alexandria is Literally in the Sewer, 90 Day Drop Out & Break Some Bad


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



The Walking Dead

Rick tries to get someone on the radio, but only gets static.

Rick is on the road with Carl. Carl says it’s not enough. If he cared, he’d do something. It takes more than hope. Carl tells Rick it will be something after the fight’s over, and Rick says not for everyone. Carl asks, what about him?

Rick comes out with Jadis and the Heapsters (sounds like a rock band), and they go to the Sanctuary. There are bodies and zombie bodies everywhere, and it’s a real mess. Tetris Jadis says, not like the picture. Gunfire begins, and the Heapsters jet. Rick ducks behind something. Carol drives up in a car with Jerry. Rick gets in.

On the road (I hate when they flip back and forth like this), Carl says Rick is going to live, and asks why they’re fighting. Because they don’t like the way the Saviors want everyone working for them? He wants something more than just killing other people. Are they just going to kill all of them? Rick says finding a way forward is harder, and something more. That’s how it’s got to be.

We see Rick, Carol, and Carl’s faces. Then Ezekiel, Jerry, and Maggie. And Negan who whistles and laughs, making me smile. Come on. You can’t help but kind of like him. He’s so devil-may-care.

Enid tells Aaron they have to talk to them after coming all this way, right? He tells her that he and Eric used to take trips like this when they were looking for people to take back to Alexandria. She says she’s sorry. She had been thinking about Oceanside, wondering if they’ll talk to them. He says it will be a risk, but they have to convince them. She thinks they should have brought guns. He asks if she wants to drive, and they switch places. She makes an unplanned turn, saying she wants to check something out; give them something they can use. Aaron says they can’t show up empty handed. She drives toward a distillery. Would there really be any booze left after all this time?

Michonne tells Judith she’ll be back soon, and she’ll bring Judith’s daddy back with her. She’s glad Daryl returned. Daryl says they’ll go in tell and them to give up, and they will. She says sorry she couldn’t go with him when he let the zombies in, but he says it’s okay; it worked.

Carl opens an encyclopedia. Tweens everywhere sigh. He looks at a note that says, just survive somehow.

Tara tells Rosita it worked. The walkers are in, and they’ll finish it like they planned. Tara asks if she found any guns. Rosita says nothing heavy, just some grenades. Tara says they can use them to redirect the herd, and Rosita stacks a bunch of crates in her arms.

Enid and Aaron sleep in the car at the distillery. Aaron sees someone, and makes a signal for Enid to be quiet. He gets out with his rifle, and she follows with her gun at the ready. Someone tells them that they shouldn’t have come here, and Enid shoots. A woman says her grandma is dead, and we see Natania on the ground. Aaron and Enid are surrounded by Oceansiders. And they have guns.

Carl messes with a sewer cap, and Michonne asks him what he’s doing, He says he met someone, a traveler. She says, in the sewer? We hear Negan speak through a megaphone, saying he bets they’re wondering why the lookouts didn’t sound the alarm. He’s being polite, and cutting through the cowsh*t. They lose. It’s over. Everyone will have to give an apology, and the one who apologizes last, dies. He kills Rick, and then it’s over. He whistles some more. Michonne can’t believe they got out. Carl tells her to come on, and they drop down into the sewer.

Rick is all shaky. Carol’s face is like steel. Carol and Jerry’s car crashes into something.

Ezekiel sits in his throne room, dejected. He reads a note from someone saying they had to bounce, but I’m not fast enough to see if it’s from Carol or Jerry. He hears a commotion and shooting. He moves quickly, and gets out of there.

Jesus drives with Maggie on the passenger side, and Neil in the backseat. He asks if Maggie thinks they’ll surrender. She says eventually, but not now. Would they give up that quick? She tells him it will be when they run out of food, water, and choices. I’m having difficulty believing they got out of that mess at the Sanctuary. Maggie tells Jesus to slow down; there’s a tree in the road that wasn’t there before. She says, it’s them, and gets on the radio, telling the others to turn around. Too late; they’re trapped.

A truck pulls in front of them. Maggie and I both say, oh sh*t. The back of the truck opens, and Jerry is hauled out. Simon gets out of the cab. He remarks that it’s a damn nice night. I think he’s trying to be like Negan, but IMO falls completely short. A couple of guys lean a crate up against the front of Maggie’s car.

Carol tries to get it together, telling Tara to meet them there. (Where?) Over the megaphone, Negan says they’ll get points for creativity. Tara says they can fight. Carl says they just need to survive tonight. It’s his show, his plan, and they’re all going to do it. They scatter, and Negan says, one minute.

At the Kingdom, Gavin says he didn’t want it to come to this, but they wanted to order off the menu. Now, they have to eat sh*t. He didn’t want to serve it, but the Kingdom and everyone in it belongs to Negan. Moving forward, everything they produce belongs to the Saviors, and they’ll let them hold on to just enough to keep going. All able-bodied men and women will repair and refurbish the Sanctuary. Since they made it a mess, the Saviors will be hanging their hats here.

Simon tells Maggie that due to recent decisions, everything has changed, yet nothing has changed. Everyone needs to hand over their guns. He tells the guy holding Jerry to kill him if anyone tries anything, and that goes for everyone in the cars.

Outside the walls of Alexandria, Negan says Rick brought this on himself. He was willing to work with them. They just had to follow a few simple rules. Now he has to go. Carl appears at the top of the wall, and says Rick isn’t home. Negan tells the Saviors to hold their fire. It’s Carl answering the door like a big boy; he’s proud. He guesses Rick will get back to a smoky surprise, and Carl says there are kids there. Negan says it breaks his heart, but there were kids at the Sanctuary; he must have seen them. There was a baby at the outpost, and he wonders what happened to her. He says none of this sh*t is fair. Hell, he knows that Carl had to kill his own mom. That’s screwed up; ergo, they need someone in charge who’s willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that doesn’t happen, and that’s him. Carl says they can stop it. Negan says Rick gave his people a choice, but not him. They need a new understanding with apologies. Carl tells Negan if he has to kill someone, kill him; he’s serious. Negan asks if he wants to die. He doesn’t, but he will. If him dying can stop it, and make things different for everyone, it’s worth it. He asks Negan if this was the plan, and if it was supposed to be this way. Is this who he wanted to be? Negan thinks this over.

The Alexandrians zoom past in a caravan. Outside the town, Regina tells Dwight they should have had trucks, but he says it will hold. It doesn’t, and the trucks drive right through.

Explosions start happening in Alexandria. Negan tells Carl that he thought they were having a moment. So did I. Carl drops down, grabs his bag, lights some flares, and throws them around. Everything is burning. The church explodes, and a car blows up right next to him.

Simon tells Maggie and company that one person has to answer for this, but he hasn’t found Ezekiel. They should do themselves a favor and cooperate. I swear, if Ezekiel dies in this episode, I’m not watching next season. He says Ezekiel has to be there somewhere. There were rules, and he broke them. If they don’t give him up, this moves into something traumatic (like it’s not already), and he doesn’t want that. He tells them not to make this worse; the kids don’t need to see this sh*t. Simon gets nothing but silence, and says they’ve got five minutes. Then it’s Negan’s way, and it’s on them, not him.

Maggie asks Simon how they got out. Simon gives her three guesses, and says, let’s say they figured it out. Right now, the Kingdom is getting their innards splayed out, and the Saviors are taking possession. The same with Alexandria, as long as they don’t make it complicated. He tells them it’s the farmers’ lucky day. They’ve been chosen to keep producing. He says Gregory made fool out of him, so he’s hoping Maggie is the one to make things right.

Music is heard, and Simon tells Maggie that they need to shift into active listening. Eugene, who he was skeptical of, worked out. He helped get them out of the situation. Now his guys are leading the herd away. It can go one of two ways. One, he can kill the likeable gent on his knees (Jerry), drag them out, and put her in the box, in which she won’t suffocate like their friend Sasha. He’ll take her to Hilltop, gather everyone, and kill her in front of the whole place. After that, they’ll go back to the Sanctuary, and put her on a spike. Then his people will lead the walkers to Hilltop, and they’ll pull same the move they did – unsuccessfully. It will be a pita for everyone concerned. He tells Jesus to go home, water stuff, and save everyone, mostly him, trouble. He has to kill one of their people; then they’re aces.

Simon shoots Neil. He needed Maggie to know he means business. Now tell him he doesn’t have to go down the line. Maggie says she doesn’t need to do it, but wants to ask a favor. She’d like the box to bury Neil in. Simon tells her, favor granted.

Eugene can’t sleep. No surprise. He takes a drink. He actually might be more fun as a drunk. He weeps a little. Maybe not.

Carl wanders around. Is this his plan? Did the plan not work? Wtf is going on? Negan’s people are all over the place. Carl goes onto the porch of a house, and hears something. He runs, as it blows up behind him.  He sees everything burning. He looks exhausted. Buck up, dude, you’re still a teenager. I’d have been long dead by now, with all this jumping off of things.

In the woods next to the road, Tara says the Sanctuary attack was a mistake, but she made one too. Maybe Sasha would still be alive; maybe everything would end up the same way. Maybe they have to play it out to figure it out. Michonne asks where the hell they are. They hear a vehicle approach. Daryl throws flare in the road. Regina tells Dwight to stop the car; he’s leading them into it, and will get them killed. Daryl and the others start shooting, and gunfire goes back and forth. Regina tells Dwight it was him. She shoots him in the arm, but comes short of killing him, since she almost gets shot.

Alexandria continues to burn. Negan laughs. He says the convoy got away, but the kid still has to be there; he’ll go down with the ship. He tells the Saviors to find him, and don’t kill him. Blow up the houses. He’s going to Rick’s house to make spaghetti. Send Carl his way when he’s found.

A few of the Savior’s see Carl, but he lights more flares, and the smoke blurs their vision. He drops into the sewer.

Eugene tells Gabriel that Dr. Carson is capable of returning to Hilltop, but he’ll die en route. Dr. Carson asks what’s going on, and Eugene says Gabriel told him that Maggie will need his services for the birth. He tells them the guard at the north gate isn’t there. What they choose to do with this information is up to them. Gabriel asks if Eugene killed him, and Eugene explains that he gave him medically induced diarrhea via his coffee, and he’s “catastrophically crapping his khakis” right now. Gabriel asks why he changed his mind, and he says he couldn’t sleep. Gabriel says it’s not too late, and to come with them; they’ll take him back. I wouldn’t be too sure about that. He says he shan’t be doing that, and oops! he dropped the keys to a vehicle parked outside the unguarded gate. Gabriel tells him that he’s doing the right thing. Eugene says that assessment is relative, and Gabriel says no, it isn’t.

Ezekiel pours a line of gas, leading away from quite a few barrels of it, and sets it on fire. The whole thing blows up. He drives a bus through to the Kingdom. One of the Saviors says they need him alive. Carol asks one of the Kingdom people where Ezekiel is, and says to go to her house outside the Kingdom, and meet her there. As Carol gets to Ezekiel, he closes the gate, telling her that he can save them. Someone knocks him out from behind. I’m worried, since he’s a guest on Talking Dead tonight.

Maggie goes back to Hilltop, where the Saviors have been rounded up. Gregory says she knows he doesn’t belong here, and she tells him to shut up. She points to Dean, and says, that one, and tells them to get him out. Gregory is like, aw, man. She asks one of the guys for his gun. They bring Dean out, and Savior Al says, don’t do this. Dean, calls her cupcake, and says if she wants to put on a show, let her. She shoots him. It was probably the cupcake reference. She asks if Al wants to be next. He doesn’t. Maggie says they aren’t even, but it’s a start. She tells them to start fortifying the walls, and bury Neil. Jesus says he thought they weren’t giving up. She says they’re under attack; no more supplies are going in. They have to make a last stand.

Dwight shouts to Daryl and the others that it’s over. He made sure they could get back. He made the convoy come to the roadblock; he knew what it was. Now he can’t go back. Daryl asks how they escaped, and Dwight outs Eugene. He says he can still help them. He knows how the Saviors work, and knows how Negan thinks. He wants them to win, and wants Negan to die. Michonne says they need to get back now, and Enid helps Dwight up.

Maggie writes on the box. We have 38 more. Stand down.

Negan tells Ezekiel they had a good thing going. He felt bad for the kid. He didn’t want that, now more people have to die. Morgan slips around the back. Negan says he liked Ezekiel. Now his people are going to see their king is dead. Morgan stands outside, listening.

Daryl throws a rock into the sewer. Why? I have no clue. Everyone begins their descent. Dwight tells Michonne that he’s sorry. Michonne hesitates before going down. She watches some zombies sauntering around, and shuts the sewer cap.

Hey, it’s Rick. Where has he been? He goes to his house, calling for Carl, Michonne, and Judith. In response, he gets conked in the head by Negan, who says, sh*t isn’t funny anymore. Don’t make him do this. He says he has plans to cut Rick up in little pieces, then when he’s just a creepy stump with a head, he’s going to kill him in front of everyone. Rick asks if he ever shuts the hell up, and Negan tells him, no. He says Rick’s kid volunteered to die, and asks what kind of boy he raised. He tells Rick that he’s going to fix Carl. In a few years, Carl is going to be his own. They start to fight, and Negan says when he’s done with Rick, no one will try what he did ever again. Rick grabs Lucille, and gets a whack at Negan, who tells him not to touch her. He grabs Lucille back, and Rick snatches his gun from under the table. Before he can shoot Negan, Negan pushes him back, and they both go through the window. Rick takes off, and Negan says, sh*t

Michonne slices the top of a zombie’s head off. She looks very determined. A Savior grabs her, and says they’re all dead, and it’s her fault. Well, she’s the one with the big sword, so he dies. She spears him through the forehead, and then won’t stop hacking at him. Rick finds her, and asks where everyone is, but she can’t even speak.

They go through the sewer tunnel, and see the others. Judith is there.

We see the faces of Maggie and Jesus; Rick walking through the sewer, and seeing the others; Carol; Ezekiel, still smiling; and Morgan. Rick sees Dwight. Then we see Eugene’s face, Gabriel, and Saddiq. Carl tells Rick that Saddiq brought him there. Carl seems kind of out of it. Uh-oh. Carl got bit. He shows Rick his wound. When did that happen? Michonne falls to her knees. Tweens everywhere cry, but think he’d make a cute zombie.

We pan out on Carl through the long lens of the sewer tunnel.

As Negan would say, well sh*t.

Next time – February 25th – Dwight says they’re still out there looking, Ezekiel is still alive, the last stand is made, and Negan and Rick make love. Just kidding. And while I’m throwing ideas out there, why doesn’t Eugene put himself to real use, and invent a cure?

💍 On 90 Day Fiancé, it looks like there’s one down already. Molly called it quits with Luis, and rightly so. Very disappointing. The preview for next week showed her still toying with going through with it, but I doubt it’s happening. I hope not. He’s callous and a little strange.

🔬 AMC will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of Breaking Bad, with a marathon of the whole thing. It starts December 31st, and runs through the weekends in January. If you haven’t seen this show, check it out. Or watch it fresh if you have. The writing and acting are incredible, and there are many sardonic laughs along the way. The story actually has an ending too. Chemistry teacher turns meth lab king, starring Bryan Cranston. What’s not to like?


Walter White – Breaking Bad


December 9, 2017 – Z News, Sacrificing for Family & a Couple of Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



I was hoping to recap Z Nation, but wanted to cry when it wasn’t On Demand yet. Usually it is the day after it airs. Hopefully, it will show up before the next episode. BTW, there’s no news of it being renewed yet, so if you love it as much as I do, let the SyFy channel know.

Once Upon a Time

A carriage is driven through the forest. Rapunzel is driving, with her husband Marcus and their two daughters in the back. She says she always finds a way for her family. She steps out and goes through a gate. She stoops to gather up some radishes from a garden, and a cloaked figure appears, asking who dares to pick something from Gothel’s garden? and the radishes disappear from her hands. She tells Gothel that her husband is sick, and her children haven’t eaten in two days. Gothel says many come to try and steal her magic, but she’s selflessly risking Gothel’s ire for radishes. It’s rare to find a flower growing amongst the weeds of human nature. Rapunzel says she’ll meant no disrespect and will make payments. Gothel asks what she’ll sacrifice for her family, and Rapunzel says anything. Gothel says they have a deal. Suddenly, thorny vines wrap around and dig into Rapunzel’s wrists, then disappear.

Rapunzel finds herself in a tower with no way out. She tells Gothel that she didn’t agree to this. Gothel says she swore to pay the price for her family’s happiness, and there’s a difference between hers and theirs. Rapunzel says they’ll look for her, but Gothel says they’ll never find her. Rapunzel yells out the window, but the tower is in the middle of a dense forest, and like in Alien, no one can hear her scream.

In the kind of real world, Victoria is in the visitor room at the jail, looking at the scars on her wrists. Ivy/Drizella walks in, and tells her orange looks better on the women in the Netflix show. Victoria says her wardrobe has something in common with Ivy; she’s been stuck with what’s been thrust upon her. She asks why Ivy is there. Ivy says Victoria has taken a family heirloom from her, and Victoria asks if she means Anastasia’s body. She knows Ivy wants the magic within her, and says they both know what she wants to do. Ivy tells Victoria that she has all her assets now, and telling her where Anastasia is, is the only way to get out of jail. Victoria says she doesn’t need Ivy to get her out. Ivy says she’ll find Anastasia herself. She has Gothel helping her now. Victoria says she always gravitated toward any mother figure she could, and asks if someone didn’t get enough hugs. Ivy tells her have fun in prison. Victoria says it’s not the first time someone tried to lock her up, but they learned the lesson that when it comes to her family, she always finds a way. Apparently, she’s the wicked stepmother and Rapunzel.

Lucy asks Jacinda if they can invite Henry over to share the good news that she’s back for good. Jacinda says they’ll talk about it tomorrow, and to get ready for school. Sabine tells Jacinda that Lucy keeps trying to parent trap her. Jacinda says she went to Roni’s to see if she and Henry could work things out, but he’d left for San Francisco with Roni. The bartender was vague about the details, only saying that Roni needed a ride.

Weaver visits Victoria. She says she’s missed their talks. He asks if she enjoyed the talk with her daughter, but Victoria says not since she was four. He says given her current situation, she has little to offer. She tells him she needs help getting to Anastasia, and asks why he’s pretending not to be concerned that Gothel is out of the tower. Weaver doesn’t understand what her nonsense means. She talks about all the knickknacks he’s been collecting, the great love he’s been separated from, and the dagger he can’t get rid of. She asks how the search for the Guardian is going, and says if he helps her today, she’ll share some information with him. She calls him Rumpelstiltskin, and he tells her she has a deal.

In the tower, Rapunzel ticks off the days as her hair grows longer. She sees lanterns floating in the sky outside her window, and gets a scathingly brilliant idea. She anchors her hair, and tells herself to be brave as she climbs out the window.

In Hyperion Heights, Rogers asks Victoria how she got out. She tells him determination. She didn’t get where she is by waiting for others to improve her odds. He tells her that he didn’t ask for a TED talk; he wants to know how she beat the charges. Weaver comes out of the station, and tells Rogers it’s his doing; he didn’t get a warrant. Rogers says there was immediate danger, but Weaver says the judge didn’t see it that way. Rogers knows Weaver is getting something out of this, and he’s going to find out what. Weaver suggests he not cross him. He gets in the car with Victoria, and she says she needs some things to wake her daughter. They have a few stops to make.

Victoria goes to Jacinda’s place. Sabine says a fugitive is here, and Victoria says she’s a free woman. She’s there about her long-standing agreement with Jacinda. Jacinda says she’s not getting Lucy back, and Victoria says she’s there to do the opposite. She’s removing all claims to her granddaughter. Sabine asks what the catch is, and Victoria says there is none. She was testing Jacinda by asking her to sign Lucy over, and she failed, but now she’s passed. She reached out to Nick, and she’s glad he’s back in Jacinda’s life. Jacinda wants to know where this is coming from, and Victoria says she was forced to think about what’s important, and it’s Lucy’s happiness. She gives Jacinda a doll Lucy is fond of, and says family is worth fighting for.

To confuse me even more, young Anastasia is the one sending up the lanterns in front of her home in the enchanted forest. Her sister Drizella says it’s been six years, but Anastasia says she’s not giving up on their mother, and something feels different about tonight. Rapunzel walks out of the woods, and Anastasia hugs her. Marcus comes out, and says he thought she was dead; all he found was her tattered cloak. She says it was a trick. She’d promised Gothel anything for her family to thrive, and was locked away in a tower. Another girl comes out, calling him father, and he tells Ella to go back inside. He tells Rapunzel that she’s his stepdaughter, and introduces her to his wife, Cecilia.

In the present, Gothel tells Ivy that her mother’s entanglement with Rumpelstiltskin is going to prove meddlesome. Ivy says she can team up with the Seven Dwarves for all she cares. If they follow her, she’ll lead them to Anastasia. Gothel tells her it’s a mistake to underestimate Victoria. Ivy asks if she’s speaking from experience. In her experience, her mother always takes wrong path and made poor choices because of it. Now she has to deal with her.

In the fairytale world, Rapunzel pours tea for her daughters. Anastasia says they came for her company, but Drizella says she’s thirsty. Marcus arrives, and asks if they’re ready to head back to the manor. He needs to speak with Rapunzel, and they go inside. He tells her the girls love her. Anastasia speaks about her constantly. Rapunzel says Drizella seems more distant by the day, and he says to give her time; she was very young when Rapunzel left. He takes her old cloak out of his bag, saying he mended it. She’s surprised he kept it. He places it around her shoulders, and says if she hadn’t made the deal, he would most likely be dead and the girls would be in the street. The family owes all their happiness to her. She asks if he still loves her, and he says of course. The girls mean everything to him, but so does Ella and Cecilia. I guess bigamy isn’t against the law in the world of fairytales.

He leaves, and Gothel appears, telling Rapunzel that she’s too strong for tears. Rapunzel thinks Gothel is there to put her back in the tower, but Gothel says no; she admires her resourcefulness in escaping. She knew Rapunzel would escape, and is curious to see if she’ll sacrifice someone else’s happiness for hers. She gives Rapunzel a cartoonish mushroom, something she picked up in Wonderland. She tells Rapunzel to squeeze it into Cecilia’s drink when she least expects it. She can make her go away, and have her family back. Rapunzel throws it into the fire, and says she’s not the kind of person to harm an innocent. Gothel says maybe she’ll find other happiness, but if not, she might come to see it her way. Another mushroom materializes.

Back in Washington state, Nick looks over the papers, and tells Jacinda that Lucy is hers. It’s finally over. She’s glad she called him. She owes him a future life. He kisses her, and she’s like, whoa, and says didn’t want to do this. Nick says he must have misread the signs, and Lucinda says it’s not about him. She’s glad he’s back in their lives, and wants him to have a relationship with Lucy. He says him too, and leaves. Jacinda picks up the mix tape that Henry gave her.

Rogers pulls a fire alarm, and goes into what looks like an evidence room. He sees his Captain Hook hook in a plastic bag, and looks puzzled. He finds a box of folders regarding all of the players in this story. He wonders what Weaver is doing.

Rogers sees Sabine at the food truck, and is impressed at how spiffed up it is. Sabine says they’re nearly ready for the big ball. He tells her that he’s following up on the fire, and she says Weaver already did. He says they need more details, but he didn’t want to bother Weaver on his day off. He asks what she and Weaver spoke about, and Sabine says he told her about how the door was jimmied with a knife he found in the dumpster. Rogers asks if she can describe it, and she draws him a picture of the dagger. She says it didn’t look like something you’d break in with; more like something out of a Tim Burton movie. She tells Rogers that Weaver kept shoving it in her hand, asking if felt anything. She asks what this is about. He says he doesn’t know, but he’s going to find out

Victoria and Weaver go to a mausoleum. He tells her they’ve been followed since they left the police station. She’s aware of it, but not concerned; she has a plan for those two. They open a vault, and Victoria takes out a huge purse, saying it has everything she needs to wake Anastasia. Weaver finds it odd that she wants to reunite with one daughter, when the other waits outside. He had a son who thought as little of him as Ivy does of her, but he never stopped trying to make things right. She says good for him, and he tells her that he ended up losing his son. She tells him not to compare his grief to hers. He has no idea what she’s been through. He says he knows what it’s like to seek reunion, and the costs involved. He paid them, and then his son did. She tells him that she can’t stop now that she finally has a way. He asks where the information is that she promised. Victoria says he’ll get it when Anastasia is awake. As for Ivy, she hasn’t been her daughter for long time.

Back in the day, It’s Drizella’s birthday party. Rapunzel is serving, and Cecilia approaches her, telling her it’s her daughter’s birthday; she should be celebrating, not working. Cecilia wanders off, and Marcus tells Rapunzel the girls get along; maybe the parents should take a cue from them. He says the girls need her, and she says Drizella didn’t even smile at her gift. She sees Drizella getting all excited about Cecilia’s present.

Inside the house, Rapunzel smashes a mirror, and sees the mushroom. She takes it, and squeezes it into a lemonade.

Fast forwarding, Drizella and Gothel go into the mausoleum, but see only Weaver. Drizella asks where Victoria is, and he says long gone. They need to learn how to tail someone better. Gothel wants a moment with Weaver. When Drizella is gone, he wonders how she bought into Gothel’s mother routine; she’s not a mother to anyone. She says mother means different things to different people. She tends to their needs like she can with his. She never thought she’d see a pout on the Dark One, or love in his heart. He says there’s always a time for firsts, and she asks how Belle is. He tells her don’t dare say her name, and she remarks that she struck a nerve. He’s never getting back to her unless she helps him. He says he doesn’t need her help, and Victoria is going to wake Anastasia. Gothel says whatever role she’s assuming today, Victoria neglected to ask the cost, and the cost is the loss of an innocent’s belief. She asks if he has any idea where his great granddaughter is.

Lucy sees Victoria at school. She wants to give her something, and takes the Once Upon a Time book out of her bag. She tells Lucy that she was right. Fairytales are real; her family and belief are all real, but she doesn’t know the whole story. Victoria tells Lucy to come with her, and she’ll tell her the rest.

Lucy is surprised to find out that Victoria is Rapunzel as well as Lady Tremaine. Me too. Victoria says Marcus’s last name was Tremaine, and she took it from him. Lucy says she knew her mom was Cinderella, and Victoria says her unfettered belief is what makes her special. Lucy sees an illustration of Rapunzel using the mushroom, and is shocked that she poisoned her mom’s mom. Victoria says the witch tricked her. She needed her family to be together again. Lucy asks if Cecilia died, and Victoria says no; she could never do that. It only caused her to flee. She didn’t know Marcus would chase after her. Eventually, the family was reunited, and they even welcomed Ella in, but the story didn’t end there.

It’s winter in the enchanted forest. Rapunzel and Marcus watch as the girls build a snowman. Rapunzel says the three seem like sisters. Marcus says he’s been thinking about how much she’s done for the family. The snowman’s hat blows away, and Ella chases after it onto a frozen lake. Anastasia follows her. Their parents are too busy making googly eyes at one another to notice. Marcus tells Rapunzel it’s time he did something to show how much he cares. The ice cracks, and the sisters fall in. Marcus goes after them, diving into the hole they fell through. He pulls out Ella. Rapunzel screams, where’s their daughter? He says he could only grab one.

In modern times, Anastasia is in the hospital on life support. Lucy asks why Victoria is showing her this, and Victoria wants her to see how the world really is, even for the people in the book. She only did what heroes would do. She sacrificed everything for her family, and only got pain in return. Fairytales are real, but happy endings aren’t. Lucy says happy endings are real if you work for them. She believes her family will be together again, and Victoria isn’t a part of her family. Victoria says she believed it too, for far too long; it’s already too late. She shows Lucy her phone, where she has a video of Nick kissing Jacinda. She says Henry means nothing to her. Lucy cries, and Victoria says their stories are the same. They’re separated from those they love, and willing to do whatever it takes to get their families back. Henry has already left town. She tells Lucy that when you’re betrayed by people, you must let them go. She says it’s time to let her belief go. Lucy closes her eyes, and a tear falls on the book. She runs out of the room. By the look on Victoria’s face, I’m guessing a tear is what she needed.

In the old fairytale days, Rapunzel brings Anastasia to Gothel, who says as long as her last breath is in her, she hangs between life and death. Gratitude alone is not enough to wake her though. Anastasia will be going to the tower. Rapunzel says she’s done nothing wrong, and Gothel says it’s not a punishment; it’s a test. She needs a Guardian. When Rapunzel sacrificed everything for her family, Gothel thought she had potential, but she couldn’t resist the temptation to harm an innocent. Perhaps someone else will do better. Rapunzel says if Anastasia is in the tower, she’ll scale it brick by brick. Gothel says she’s made improvements, and there’s magic to prevent any escapes. She checks her pockets for something, and Rapunzel holds up a vial. She says Gothel taught her, when they least expect it. She throws the vial on the ground in front of Gothel, and Gothel disappears, poof! in a cloud of black smoke. Rapunzel tells Anastasia that she’ll bring her back.

In the modern-day hospital, Victoria takes the tear off the book with and eyedropper.

Out on the street, Weaver asks an officer if she’s seen any sign of Lucy. The officer gives him a backpack they found. She asks if he’s sure they shouldn’t contact her mother. He tells her to just keep searching, and remember to report directly to him. Rogers comes by, and shows Weaver the picture Sabine drew of the sword. He asks who Weaver is looking for. Weaver says that’s his business, and to stay out of it. Rogers says he’s been in Weaver’s locker, and he has files on half the town. He can’t tell if Weaver is a dirty cop, or the best one he knows. One minute, he’s talking in riddles, and the next, he’s shutting Rogers out. He can’t shake the feeling that Weaver is trying to tell him something, so just spit it out. Weaver says he’s looking for someone, like Rogers is. Rogers asks what Victoria has to do with it, and Weaver says he thought she could help him, but he was wrong. It’s hard to put into words, but he’s been separated from his wife, Belle. He’d do anything to get to her, and this is in service to that. Rogers believes him, and asks what he can do to help. Weaver says tonight they have to find Lucy.

Victoria approaches Anastasia’s bed with the eyedropper.

Lucy goes home, and Jacinda asks what’s wrong?

Victoria drips the tear onto Anastasia’s forehead. Her eyes open.

Lucy keels over.

Anastasia asks what happened, and Victoria says she saved her. When it comes to her family, she always finds a way. Ivy looks through the window, and walks away with tears in her eyes.

Next time, the winter finale – someone wicked returns, Regina suggests fighting witches with witches, and the first strike ignites a war.

💍 Will Anyone Get Married?

Re 90-Day Fiancé – still working on my monthly dissertation, but it looks doubtful that any of them are making it to the altar. David turned out to be an obnoxious drunk; Luis (who held such promise) didn’t realize that when you marry a woman with children, the children come with the deal; Andrei is a control freak; the guy half of the couple whose names I don’t remember argues with her over wedding plans and refuses to talk about sex (they’re both virgins); and Azan and Nicole are a no, just no. I sense a pattern here…

👘 In Other News…

I got an e-newsletter from a fashion website. The subject line said, the coat of your dreams. It wasn’t. Not even close.



November 12, 2017 – The Kingdom Collapses & 90 Day Triad Treatise


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



The Walking Dead

Ezekiel washes his face. He fixes his dreads, and gets duded up.

The knights say goodbye to their families. Ezekiel walks out, and the crowd parts. Shiva growls. Everyone moves down the road. Ezekiel tells a boy to fear not and be brave. He says they face dire challenges; their lives, their way of life, hang in the balance. They pray for not one drop of rain under an overcast sky. Yet he smiles. They will fight and bleed. Yet he smiles. They will end them all, as is their charge and sorrow this day. Yet he smiles. They’ll leave their loved ones, rushing out from peace to war. Yet he smiles. They will find glory and honor, and protect this bastion of life. On this day, they are joined in purpose and mission. they are one. The crowd joins him in saying they are one, and gathers around him.

We see a bloody battlefield. Ezekiel crawls out from under a pile of men. He looks through the casualties. He cries out, not smiling anymore. The dead begin to stir. Ezekiel, get the blip out of there! A dead soldier grabs at him. He can’t walk, so he crawls. Oh sh*t! How is he going to get out of this? He can’t get up, and scrambles backward as they come at him.

The zombies stagger toward Ezekiel. He manages to get up, and falls again. He shoots a zombie in the head, but that was the last bullet. The next gun is empty too. He keeps crawling. Suddenly, another live man is there. He shoots a couple of zombies, and helps Ezekiel up.

Carol sneaks around inside the outpost. She hears men talking. Someone needs help. Another guy tells them to move their asses; it’s real now. A couple of guys bring a crate of guns in, but all of them are taken down by some gunfire. Carol drops down from the ceiling, and finishes them off. She takes a gun and runs. Some men follow her, but she ditches them.

Ezekiel asks if the man has seen Shiva, but he says not since they were hit. They see a crowd of zombies, but suddenly the man is shot from behind. Ezekiel is dragged back to the outpost by the shooter. Dude looks like Jeffrey Dahmer, but his name is Gunther (which I find out later from Talking Dead). Gunther makes Ezekiel give him his staff, which is also a sword. He’s taking Ezekiel to the Sanctuary, but Ezekiel says the gates are down. Gunther says Ezekiel is going to help him remedy the situation.

Carol sneaks around outside. She sees some Saviors loading the guns into a truck.

Ezekiel falls, and Gunther shoots the closest zombie. He tells Ezekiel he made it this far; he can walk. Ezekiel tells him, better the dead be his end, than a desperate foot soldier. He asks if Negan knows even knows his name, and Gunther says he’s Negan. Ezekiel says he won’t be used to harm his own people. Gunther tells Ezekiel, let’s go now, and drags him back up. He tells Ezekiel that he played his cards and people good, but they can’t do sh*t for him now. He says some stuff about Shiva, and I swear, if they kill that tiger, I’m out. The zombies trail them, and Gunther tells Ezekiel that he got them killed, and they’re still following him. He calls Ezekiel a meaningless con man in a costume.

Carol pops out, shoots up everything and ducks behind a truck. A bunch of Saviors shoot back, and it doesn’t look good for her. The truck gets riddled with bullets, and she hunches down on the other side.

Gunther says they’re getting something with wheels and getting out. Ezekiel tries to attack him, but Gunther gets the better of him, saying it’s over. He took his shot, and it’s over. I can’t wait for this guy to die. Gunther smears blood on Ezekiel’s face, and says delusions of grandeur.

The gate is padlocked, and Ezekiel says the dead are nearly upon them. Gunther takes Ezekiel’s coat and puts it over the wire on the top of the fence. Ezekiel says he can’t climb. Gunther says he doesn’t have to. Negan was hoping to have his ass chained on the sanctuary fence, but his head on a pike will be fine. Gunther raises the sword, but is split in half from behind by Knight Jerry. Wow, that was cool!

The shooting stops, and the men inch forward, Carol tosses her gun out, and says she can tell them where the others are; just let her live. A savior tells her, nice and slow. She comes out, hands up, saying she’s unarmed.

Jerry brings Ezekiel to his feet, gives him his sword back, and lops off a couple of zombie heads. He calls Ezekiel “Your Majesty,” and Ezekiel says he doesn’t need to call him that. Jerry says, yes, he does.

The Savior asks where Carol’s people are. She asks him to promise not to tell them she told him. She grabs the guy coming by with the ammo, and puts a knife to his throat. The Saviors shoot, but he ends up getting it instead of Carol. In the meantime, zombies start coming in through the gate.

Jerry works on the padlock. More zombies are coming, and he spears one in the eye. He and Ezekiel ready themselves.

Zombies start taking down the Saviors. Ezekiel and Jerry take down some zombies. Jerry thanks Ezekiel for being such a cool dude.

Inside the compound, the Saviors are busy dealing with zombies. Carol says they need to end this. The Savior she was negotiating with says she was lying about her friends. He must not be too bright if he just came to that understanding. Carol tells him to walk away. He says she’s not going anywhere with the guns, but she tells him that she has the ammo, and asks how much they have left? He tells her to come and find out, because he’s five. She notices what’s happening with Ezekiel and Jerry.

She joins them, asking if Ezekiel has fought before. He says he was once a marauder in the woods, and has trained for a long time. He’s ready to become what he must; to will himself into what he must be. He tells her that he was a zookeeper. He was weak, then a 500-lb. tiger needed his help. He didn’t just leap into her enclosure, and wasn’t seized by deep seated instinct. He deliberated for a few seconds, weighing the risk of approaching such a beast or not. He decided he wanted to be the one who leapt. Years later, Benjamin told him what he knew, but couldn’t hear – if you’re asked to be the hero, be the hero. He’s not ready, but made the decision on who he’ll be. He asks if it was easier for her. Was she always this strong and brave, or did she decide? She says she decided, like him. Life decided some things too. He says it does, and it will.

Zombies start to close in, but Carol mows them down. She says there’s nothing she can do about them getting the guns. Jerry finally gets the padlock off, and helps them through the fence. Ezekiel says, word to Rick before the guns get to the Sanctuary. Carol says they won’t be going there. The truck speeds past, with Daryl not far behind it, and Rick behind him.

The driver sees Daryl in his rear-view mirror. Daryl shoots, but the back panel drops down, and there’s a guy with a machine gun. Daryl swerves, and ends up off the road, with the bike falling and sliding. Rick keeps going, serpentine behind the truck. The Savior veers to avoid some zombies, and the shooter in the back is thrown. Rick gets Death Proof close to the truck, and jumps in. He punches the driver in the kidneys, and tosses him out. Nice work.

Daryl sees the truck off the road on its side, and Rick comes crawling out of the weeds. He says they got the guns; let’s see if this a-hole is alive.

Carol, Jerry, and Ezekiel continue on. Ezekiel says they have to leave him; he’s slowing them down. Carol says no way. At least these are slow zombies. They come to a creek, and the place is teaming with them, some of them downright skeletal. I start thinking, wait a minute, wouldn’t the spine deteriorate at some point? How come we don’t see piles of bones everywhere? Carol says they’re almost out of ammo. Ezekiel tells Jerry he’s not his king, and to leave him. He tells them to go, saying he ain’t no king; he’s just some guy.

Shiva to the rescue! Carol and Jerry help Ezekiel up. Shiva attacks the zombies.

Screw this show. The zombies got her. I am so over this. I’m livid.

Ezekiel comes back. He sees the boy he spoke to in the beginning, and touches his face.

😠 I hate this show right now. I’ve had such little investment in the characters, because it’s so one-note. It’s a relentless downer, which is fine for a two-hour film, but not week after week. I understand that it comes from a graphic novel series, but again, it’s a weekly show, and should play differently. There’s just no balance here. It’s not realistic. Before you say the whole zombie apocalypse is unrealistic (could happen), hear me out. It’s not realistic for what it is. If this was a real situation, you’d have more of a variety of people, not just depressing ones. Somebody would be cracking jokes, or at least being sarcastic. They found some balance with Abe, then they killed him off. I was growing weary of the dark atmosphere at that point, but Ezekiel, the Kingdom, and Shiva were bringing me around. (And Negan, who I find amusing.) So what do they do? Kill almost all of them off, let the zombies get the tiger, and no doubt Ezekiel will be his own version of walking dead now. I never like when a show is obvious about eliciting emotion from the audience. This was even worse than Viserion on Game of Thrones. And at least they have Peter Dinklage, king of the medieval one-liners. While Z Nation can be silly at times, they’ve managed to pack both variety and heart into the show, and still give the audience zombie thrills as well as melancholy. Honestly, I’ll probably finish out the season, but I think I’m out. If I want to get depressed, I can look at my bank account. I would have rather seen Rick get it. I hope Negan wins.

😑 Next time, too busy being annoyed to even pay attention.

90 Day Trifecta

I never did find out why Pedro called Chantel “Pinky,” but moving on, and catching up.

Starting with Before the 90 Days, we have Cortney and Antonio. He’s from Spain, and this looked like a catfish in the beginning, especially since he was a model, but he turned out to be the real deal. Antonio said he liked smart girls, and my advice was to not date Cortney, but the whole thing surprised me. After giving a negative first impression, and being relegated to sleeping on the couch, Antonio finally won her over and they got busy. She told us it was better than expected, and I was thrilled she shared that information. Not really. All was well until his A/C went out. I don’t blame Cortney for not wanting to share a cramped apartment in 90 degrees, but she whined so much, he ended up leaving to do laundry at his mother’s house and stayed the night. When he came back and wanted to go flamenco dancing, Cortney started crying. He decided she shouldn’t have any more whine wine, and asked if she was getting her period. Wrong, wrong, and more wrong. Even though they somehow got it together again, and got all I’ll-miss-you weepy at the airport, I was pretty certain that this would be the end for them. Not so. On a Tell All special after the season ended, where he contributed via Skype, they were in a committed relationship with each other. He sent her one of his sexy photo calendars, which her parents have hung up in their kitchen. I have no words. Cortney also told us that in Spain, women will come right up to your table while you’re on a date, and ask for the guy’s number. I should add, Antonio did not give his out, and claims he’s being faithful. I might as well believe him. I’ve been wrong about this one the entire way through.

Patrick went to Paris, and Myriam’s big secret was that she already had a boyfriend. It was so uncalled for and sad. I couldn’t fathom why she wouldn’t have told him this before he spent a fortune to go halfway around the world to meet her. He might have gone anyway, but that should have been his decision to make. It’s the worst when a decision is taken from you because you didn’t know the truth. He told Myriam he had to take a breath, and called his mom, who freaked out. He decided to stay and change Myriam’s mind, and spent the rest of his time there trying to do just that. We never saw Myriam’s boyfriend, but he sounded like a dud. It seemed to me, the real reason she’s with him is because they’re both Muslim. In the end, on a romantic boat ride/dinner, the kind Myriam wished her boyfriend would be into, she told Patrick that she’d give him a chance if circumstances were different. But they weren’t, and her parting words were basically c’est la vie. During the Tell All, both Myriam and Patrick’s mother were on Skype. Patrick’s mother just about cursed Myriam out, and told her karma was a bitch that would bite her in the ass. Myriam insisted that Patrick knew their flirting was nothing serious before he came to visit. Patrick was just like, I’ll be waiting when you dump your sorry ass boyfriend.

Sean finally met Abby’s ex, Chris. Abby took him to beautiful places to get his mind off of it beforehand, so we got to see some of Haiti. And it was, indeed, beautiful. Sean waited with a scowl on his face, while Abby picked Chris up. Their meeting was over before it began, and Sean told Abby that Chris was “poisonous.” I hadn’t gotten that impression, although he was flirty with her in the cab, but more on that in a minute. He told her that if she wanted a relationship with him, she had to ditch Chris. They couldn’t have a healthy relationship with him in the picture. Abby wasn’t thrilled with an ultimatum, but said she’d do it “for love.” Sean went home, but then came back and asked her to marry him. During the Tell All, we found out that Sean was right, and Chris is a 64-year-old a-hole who was basically using Abby as a sidepiece. She’d cut all ties with him but – let’s scratch our heads here – she was calling from his condo where she was staying. Supposedly, he wasn’t in town, and she planned to be gone before his return, but I’m not sure why she couldn’t call from somewhere else. I like Abby. She seems mature and seems to genuinely love Sean, but this gives me pause. My opinion to be continued.

Darcy’s visit with Jesse went downhill when she started to have enough of his healthy lifestyle, and militaristic attitude about everything. She met with Jesse’s mom, who is super cool, and honest without being an a-hole, unlike his stepdad and best friend. They had some wine, and his mom told Darcy to take her time. Darcy had another drink at the bar, ignoring Jesse’s texts and messages. When she got back to the apartment, he said she was “obviously highly intoxicated,” which he backed up in his interview, claiming she kept looking at the ground and being “sassy.” She decided to spend the night in a hotel, since he was harshing her buzz. He called the producer, saying she was drunk and irresponsible, and had run off. On her end, she claimed to be only tipsy, and said she left to do her own thing. No camera crew was there, so it’s hard to tell what really happened. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall. In the morning, Jesse came to the hotel. He told Darcy that he has issues with drinking because he’d lost people to the bottle, which explains a lot IMO. He asked her to promise never to drink again, and surprisingly, she agreed. The worst part of all was when, near the end of her trip, Jesse took Darcy to some place with windmills and bridges that was supposed to be iconic and romantic. He got down on one knee, told her how wonderful she was and how much he loved her, showed her a ring, and said this wasn’t a proposal. The ring was an “appreciation ring.” What? Even though Darcy has been tireless in her pursuit of an engagement, this was cruel and unusual punishment. It was like the ring on a string Schwartz gave Katie on Vanderpump Rules. I agree that six weeks is too short, but that was just bizarre. So, like, are they going steady now?

It got better during the Tell All, when Jesse made a surprise appearance. He acted like his robot self, and she was obviously uncomfortable. When asked what the biggest strain in their relationship was, they bleeped whatever Jesse said. I checked around and found a Reddit thread where it was being discussed. A user thought he’d said “bullsh*t.” I watched it a couple of times, and decided to accept that answer. What it means, I don’t know, and Darcy was just as vague. In that same thread, some users thought she seemed like an abused woman, but there’s an ocean and more between them, so I don’t think that’s it. He doesn’t seem to be in any kind of hurry to move either. They went back and forth about their problems without actually naming what they were. Darcy did have “a couple of glasses of wine” – which I’ve decided is her euphemism for getting sh*tfaced – with her sister on some occasion, Jesse wasn’t too happy about that, and she also had the nerve not to think it was no big deal. At one point, Jesse jumped up, said it was over, but then they left holding hands. And he hassled her about wearing his jacket on the way to the car because it was cold. I give up.

It was a real toss-up as to who gets the title of the WTF? Couple – Jesse and Darcy or Paul and Karine. The machete attack won. Because it wasn’t bad enough that Paul made Karine take an STD and pregnancy test prior to their “being intimate,” he kept saying that he had a secret. He continued to fret about it, while we were kept in suspense for weeks. I started thinking that maybe he had been born a woman, when he revealed that he had a “criminal past.” Then I thought maybe he stole some Star Wars action figures. The real story was that there was an ex with a restraining order against him, and he’d done prison time for arson; setting his own house on fire. He never really said whether he was guilty or not, so I’m assuming he has some issues, and the answer is yes. No big shock that Karine was knocked for a loop, but before she had a chance to process this information, Paul went on a kooky little adventure. He ran like a girl through the woods, until he got to the river. Then he clung to a tree, repeating, don’t let me get in this water, over and over. In his interview, he said at that moment, he didn’t care what happened to him, if he got some disease or was bitten by a snake: he’s a bad person. He certainly cared about making a production of it. Karine followed him, and was like, what is up with this, Paul? He basically said he wasn’t good enough for her, and believe me, if a guy ever says that, take him at his word and run. Karine just wanted to get the hell out of the woods, and left Paul still being weird.

It got better. While Paul was busy wallowing in self-pity, Karine’s phone was stolen. She’d already said something about it not being a good area, so why he chose to put this act on there is a mystery. When Karine got back to the more public space, a guy came running up with a machete, and demanded her phone. The camera crew was like, we just got mugged, and it looked like some kind of gang was going through the park, robbing people. They ran into the woods, cops ran after them, shots were fired, and Karine just wanted to go home and never think about Paul again. But that’s not how it ended.

She decided to stay with a friend, and he followed her like the stalker he no doubt is. She forgave him, and after an elaborate proposal on the beach, said yes to marrying him. Good luck with this guy. Are times this desperate? During the Tell All, she and Paul were together in Brazil, participating via Skype. I did wonder if the machete business had been staged, when he got so upset about the topic, he had to walk away, but she didn’t even seem fazed. Although maybe it happens so often there, she’s used to it. Either way, it was strange. Also disconcerting, was when Paul was asked if he returned the favor and also took an STD test. He said he did, and it was nerve-wracking. Why that would be, since he’s not exactly a Casanova, I have no idea, but chalked it up to his many neuroses. What was bothersome was that Karine claimed to have never seen the results, but he asked her if she didn’t remember looking at them on the phone together. 1) For such a paranoid dude, how come he’s doing all this online? and 2) she looked like she had no idea what he was talking about. Referee TV host, Shaun Robinson, added to the insanity by screeching Karine’s name repeatedly when Paul revealed he was with her. I can’t figure this woman out; the way she mugs for the camera is insane. I also can’t figure Paul out. Is he a trust fund baby? Does he work? Either Karine is a desperate girl or there is something seriously lost in the translation here.

On the flipside, there are a few interesting characters on the new season of original 90 Day Fiancé.

Larry – the one who makes me laugh every time he says Filipino Cupid, and the desperation with which he looks at the camera – met Jenny’s family, who had a humongous barbecue for him, which included a roast pig. Here’s where Larry went wrong. Now I’ve been to a pig roast, and although I was creeped out by seeing the entire pig, the smell was heavenly, and it tasted delicious. Apparently, Larry has a tender tummy, because he made it obvious that he could not eat this, bringing Jenny to tears, and disgrace upon the family. They worked things out, and both have decided to wait until marriage for sex, so there was no make-up anything. Larry informed us that he hasn’t had sex in fourteen years, and we’ll just leave it at that.

There are a couple of other standouts. David and the much younger Annie, who is from a poor village in Thailand. David had to give her parents a couple of oxen or something as dowry. There was an engagement party, and the entire village had a parade for him, because it was a huge honor. David handed out money right and left per some tradition I’ve never heard of, and was king for a day, even though this whole enterprise has tapped him out. When they get back to the states, he and Annie will be temporarily staying with friend Chris and his wife. They spent a couple of days in Bangkok, met up with them, and I decided Chris is a creeper. He started off saying mi casa es su casa, and by the end of the conversation, suggested Annie not only cook for them in exchange for rent (the applicant can’t work during the 90 day period), but give him massages. There was a silence heard around the world – one in which Chris’s wife said nothing and looked at no one; she didn’t even kick him under the table – and Annie told him she didn’t mind doing the cooking, but wasn’t giving massages. You’d think David would have spoken up, and later, Annie asked him if Chris got the idea from him. He claimed the only thing he’d ever said was that she gave him a massage. I believe it, and I think it’s a mistake to move in with those people. Honestly, it was one of the creepiest moments in this franchise so far, and that’s saying a lot.

There’s also Nicole, single mother to May, and Azan, who is from Morocco. From the jump, it wasn’t looking good, and his motives were suspect. Nicole’s first visit to Morocco was exhausting for the both of us – I got tired just watching. She’s a large girl, and he seemed disappointed about that when they met, although if they’ve been video chatting or even sharing pictures, I find it hard to believe he wouldn’t have noticed. She wanted to be affectionate, and he kept telling her it was a no-no in public there. He was annoyed that she didn’t show more decorum, and made her promise to eat healthier and exercise. Nicole’s mother hasn’t been thrilled with anything here, and refused to sponsor him for the K-1 visa. Since Nicole doesn’t make enough money, she needed a kind of co-signer. Her father – her parents are divorced, and both have remarried – decided to step up to the plate, figuring he can keep an eye on her if she stays in the states. Nicole made a second trip to Morocco, this time with her daughter. It was another fiasco, since May is a rather energetic child. Azan and Nicole disagreed on parenting methods. A visit to his family made me wonder if he was adopted. They seemed like lovely, joyful people, and very welcoming to both Nicole and May. Maybe they want to get rid of him. Nicole also “cheated” on him prior to them meeting IRL. What this actually means, I’m not sure. It wasn’t bad enough that she kept begging his forgiveness for this transgression, she also went out with a male friend to a club, and had not told Azan, who thought she’d gone with girlfriends, and it made him question the relationship. Not sure where this is going to go, but it smells bad. She seems desperate for a husband and father, and he seems like he might be desperate for… something. He doesn’t sound necessarily gung-ho about moving to America. Maybe he just wants someone to control, but if so, you’d think it would be easier for him to find a girlfriend at home. I can’t even see what these two have in common, besides… nope, nothing.

There are three other couples, but they aren’t quite as interesting because they seem almost normal. However, that’s always subject to change. I still have to watch tonight’s episode.

After the pig fiasco, Jenny told Larry that she never cries for men, mens cry for her. It was like a moment out of a telenova, and I realized that I watch this with a combination of amusement and horror. I also know more about the K-1 visa than I ever wanted to. And I’ve learned that if you want to act like an a-hole, just say it’s part of your culture and get offended if people don’t respect it.

90 Day Fiancé – where stupid people meet.



October 22, 2017 – A Shah Reunion, a Dead Return, Random TV Thoughts & Creepy Costumes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset – Reunion Part One

As usual, the venue is gorgeous, an old Hollywood theater, and there’s an incredible spread of food. Andy asks the Shahs who would play each of them in a movie, and everyone is totally unrealistic, except for Shervin, who says Kahl Drago from Game of Thrones (Jason Momoa). He doesn’t have the body, but damn if he doesn’t look like him. Reza has lost his mustache and forty-three pounds. We see before and after pictures. Andy asks who has had work done, and MJ finds that offensive. Asa says people are open about what they want to be open about, and insists MJ’s lips are not her own. GG and Mike start arguing, and Andy moves on.

He asks how Asa is enjoying motherhood, and she says it’s magical and difficult. We don’t get any photos though, because Jermaine wants to be private about that. She’s hoping to Instagram some in the future. There haven’t been any playdates yet, but Janet Jackson and Asa’s babies are only two weeks apart, so she expects it will happen. She says her relationship being bi-racial caused extra conversation. Mike says Asa turned his inquiry about getting married into something else. MJ wonders why Asa can’t just answer questions honestly. Mike says she went on a social media rant about racism, and isn’t the righteous person she claims to be. He thinks she’s hyper-sensitive, but she says she’s just more aware. Mike didn’t mean to offend anyone, he just wanted her to share. Asa claims he has casual racism. Whatever that is.

The Shahs were the first show to travel to Israel, making Bravo history. Woohoo. Andy asks GG about Reza saying eff Iran, and why it upset her. She says her family is from there. Reza says it’s a terrorist country, and until there’s another gay Persian on the stage, no one else can contradict his opinion. Shervin make noises about the people of Iran, and Reza says he didn’t mean the kindergarteners, he meant the government, and should have said Islamic Republic. Andy talks about them causing a commotion that wasn’t aired, and we see a clip of them getting kicked out of a restaurant. Reza explains that the owner wanted more money, and when a producer said, “no problem,” he heard “no” and “problem,” and misunderstood. They talk about the city where Asa thought the Muslims and Jews were intermingling well, and Reza says it was more like a Muslim ghetto. Mike says they seemed aggressive to the people there, getting in their faces with cameras. Asa thinks they had a certain vibe that they were giving off.

They talk about the Western Wall. Mike says the feeling was remarkable. Reza says he literally felt something embrace him, and felt an energy from the Wall. GG starts to say something, and Mike says to be careful, since he stuck up for her. She felt the Wall was a barrier, and talks about someone saying “jihad” to her. Mike says there are idiots everywhere, but he knew what she meant and had her back.

Next up is MJ. Vida and Tommy join the group. Andy wonders what MJ was smoking to live in her mother’s apartment complex. MJ says it’s the winter of her father’s life, and she wanted to be close by. She tells us he’s doing much better, but she’d expected to be on a totally different life plan. We flash back to MJ and Tommy arguing about having kids. MJ says she was in a panic at the time, but when she saw the show, she knew how much Tommy loved and supported her. Tommy says it was a tough year for her, and he didn’t want to throw his reluctance to have kids at her too, but now the time is right. Vida again says she’s not ready to be a grandmother. She says the parents have to be ready for responsibility. MJ is annoyed that her mother is still discouraging her, and Reza suggests she’s projecting. Andy asks if Vida was ready when she had MJ, and after a pause, Vida says she didn’t plan it. Reza says she should end with icing on it, like saying she was happy once she had MJ. She does say she’s started to like Tommy, and everyone’s mouths drop open. GG says hell has officially frozen over. Vida says she’ll marry Tommy if MJ doesn’t, and I wonder what on earth happened. Andy asks when the wedding is, and Tommy says whenever MJ is ready. Andy offers to officiate.

He asks who has changed the most for the better, and Vida thinks it’s Mike; he’s more mature and relaxed. He asks what about the worst, and she calls Asa ungrateful. She owes everything she has to the show, but doesn’t even watch it. If she doesn’t like an opinion, she gets negative, because she’s only interested in promoting herself. How did Vida become so insightful? Is MJ slipping Vida weed edibles or something?

Destiney was on People’s Couch! Omg, I hadn’t realized that. I loved that show, and now that they mention it, I wonder why I didn’t recognize her or even her voice. We see a clip. A viewer says there’s undeniable sexual tension between Mike and Destiney. Really? I don’t think so. Destiney says they’re both hot-headed individuals, and it wouldn’t be healthy for anyone. She talks about what she wants in a man, and someone suggests Shervin, but she says there are no penises on that stage for her.

Nice segue to Shervin and Annalise’s relationship. Shervin tells them it’s an open relationship, which is news to everyone, but he says she didn’t want it shared. Andy asks if anyone believes it, and they all say no. Destiney says she was Shervin’s number one fan, until she hit a nerve asking him about cheating, and he came at her. We flash back, and Andy calls it a half-assed confession. Shervin gets Annalise on FaceTime. MJ leaves the stage. Andy asks Annalise if they have an open relationship. She tells him that she thinks it’s foolish to expect monogamy when she’s on the other side of the world. She’s not dating anyone else, but could if she wanted to. Annalise says you can’t cheat on someone if it’s not exclusive. We say g’day, and she’s gone. MJ thinks it was rehearsed. I think it’s one-sided openness, and she’s letting him cheat on her.

Andy tells us another bone of contention was MJ using the word bastard, but MJ insists there was no venom behind it. Asa says she expected more from Reza, but he says he can’t control what someone else says or how they feel. We flash back to Asa telling MJ it’s an ugly word, and MJ saying she was referring to herself. Reza deflects, saying Asa has claimed she’d had no hormonal treatments, then revealed she had frozen embryos. She’d confided in him about it previously, and he says he never told anyone, so he was shocked. Asa gets it, but says he’s smart, and she can’t believe he was thrown off by what she said. Reza says she answered so casually about the embryos, he was floored. He wondered what else was going to come out. He tells her that’s why they’re where they are in their relationship.

Andy asks why it wasn’t shared earlier. Reza says Asa asked him not to say anything, but he wished she and MJ would have had an honest conversation. Asa says their relationship wasn’t like that, but MJ says at the time, they had exchanges on a regular basis. Andy asks if Asa can’t see how it would raise questions. He asks if she went through IVF, and she says not with her son, but for the embryos, like an insurance policy. She felt hurt, because she had discussed it with Reza before. Andy asks if Asa understands how she put Reza in an awkward position. He asks if the group believes her, but only Mike does. The camera goes to Reza…

To be continued.

Next time, Mike and Jessica are discussed, Shalom joins the group, Reza’s faithfulness is questioned, and more Asa and MJ angst.

The Walking Dead – Episode 100

I hate when they start off all weird. We see a shot of flowers, a cane, Rick, and an alarm clock. Rick is standing over a grave.

Everyone is getting ready for battle. Rick gives a mini-speech, telling them Jesus said his world would get bigger, and it did. They found each other. The world is theirs, and they’ve come together, for it it’s theirs by right. At the Sanctuary, Dwight gets a note via arrowgram that says, tomorrow. Rick says anyone with common ground, it’s theirs too, but those who want it to be theirs alone, they end them. They don’t celebrate it or have shame. Only one person has to die and he’ll kill them himself. Dwight sends an arrow note back to Daryl. Rick says they’ll keep making the world bigger together. Ezekiel says together bound forever. He who sheds his blood today will be his brother. Shiva growls. Maggie says they may have to live in uncertainty, but have to keep faith in each other. If they can hold onto that, the future and world are theirs.

Tara and Carol sit on a bridge, where a billion zombies are passing underneath.

Rick does what he does best, ponders.

A bearded Rick opens his eyes. He hears music.

Carl goes on a gas run. He finds a bunch of cars near a gas station that have been halfway stripped, some with rotting corpses in them. Someone says, hi, and we all crap our pants. He draws his gun. The guy says he’s been shot at and had a microwave at him, but his mom said helping a traveler is everything. He gets not trusting people. Carl looks around as the man talks. He says he understands Carl doesn’t know him, but he hasn’t eaten in a few days and Carl might not even be real. He reveals himself. Carl draws his gun, but the guy raises his hands, and says, it’s cool. Someone else starts shooting at him, and the guy jets. Rick appears, telling Carl that they were supposed to meet at the intersection. Carl isn’t happy with Rick shooting at a defenseless person, and Rick says he just shot over his head; he wanted him to be gone. Carl says he’s not a spy, not one of them. Rick hopes he makes it. Carl says there isn’t going to be enough. Rick asks enough what, and Carl says, hope. Carl walks off, and Rick gazes at a slow-moving zombie.

A Savior in a lookout tower is shot, and falls to the ground, where a zombie is overjoyed that a picnic lunch just dropped from heaven. Daryl scratches a lookout off of his list, and picks off another guy. He makes strike marks on his gun, along with updating the list. Morgan impales one of the lookouts, which surprises me. Father Gabriel tells Rick that everyone is ready; is he? Rick says one person brought it to this. Gabriel says it always starts with one person, adding this did, meaning their group at Alexandria. Rick says it’s not about him.

Rick says goodbye to Judith, who is in college now. Not really; she’s a toddler. He kisses Michonne, and hugs Carl. He says this is the end, and drives away in a caravan of cars and trucks, shielded with corrugated iron panels. Carl tells Michonne he knows she wanted to go; he did too. She says it hurts, but they have to defend this place.

A guy teases a zombie chained to a tree. Rick knocks him out, and he goes through the guy’s stuff. Dude says Rick’s boy is gonna die. Rick lets the zombie go, and I say, ah-ha! in a Nelson voice.

Everyone gathers in a big field like it’s a soccer match. They all chit chat. Shiva gets off her tour bus a school bus. Maggie says she needs to be there for the first part. Rick is concerned about her pregnancy, but she says she can wage war through the second trimester. She has one more fight, and she’s gonna be there. Ezekiel says Hilltop lost their doctor, but there’s one at The Kingdom. He says they can join him, but Jesus says they’ll get theirs back. Ezekiel says on this day, they reshape the world for the children to come. Rick says Hilltop is lucky to have Maggie, and she says he made her someone worth following. He tells her next time, he’ll be following her.

Daryl, Tara, Gabriel and Carol wait at the bridge. Tara counts down, but nothing happens. Here comes the zombie horde, and Tara says she was close. The group walks off, leaving a car behind that blows up.

Negan’s people come out. This is like a Sharks and Jets rumble. Regina says she wants blood, and Dwight says maybe she’ll get lucky.

Daryl and company string a wire across the road.

The guards on the roof of the Sanctuary are picked off by Rick’s people. The caravan drives in past the line of chained up zombies. I feel sorry for them. They must get really bored. Rick’s people draw their guns. They shoot in the air. This is a rumble.

Negan comes out and says, well, sh*t. Sorry, he was in a meeting. I hope they don’t kill him. He’s one of the few senses of humor this show has going for it. And Eugene.

We see Rick with teary eyes, some flowers, and older-looking Rick with a beard. Why? Why do they do this? I hate this cryptic stuff. Bearded Rick get up. Everything is cool, and he’s with Michonne in a beautiful house.

Negan isn’t exactly feeling he has a reason to shoot, He cares about his people. he doesn’t want to play whose d*ck is bigger. His is, and they know it, but if it wasn’t, he could accept it. He’s not going to let people die over it, like Rick is about to. He asks what the hell he can do for him. Rick calls out the Hilltoppers and Eugene. He says they have chance to survive. They can live if they surrender. He can’t guarantee that at any time but right now.

Morgan goes down to the road.

Negan asks, what about me? Rick says he told Negan twice. Negan tells Rick that he has no idea the sh*t that’s about to go down. Does he think he has the numbers for this fight? He doesn’t. Simon brings out Gregory, who says Hilltop stands with Negan and the Saviors. Any Hilltoppers who support Rick are no longer welcome in the colony. Negan says, and… Gregory tell them that they’re families will be thrown out and left to fend for themselves. Go home now, or there will be no home to go back to. Maggie tells Jesus to do what he needs to do, and he says all he has are a bunch of books and old lobster bib. Negan tells them to go back to separating wheat or whatever they do. Maggie says doesn’t look like anyone is going. Jesus says Hilltop stands with Maggie.

Morgan pikes a zombie. He sees a car coming.

Simon says (tee-hee) he’s invested a lot in Gregory, and he’s disappointed. He pushes Gregory down the stairs.

Cars come. Morgan waits. Sh*t blows up.

Negan says it sound like sh*t (the word of the night) is going down. Negan looks pretty pissed, and Rick asks if he’s going to make him count. Negan smiles. Rick counts down from ten, but when he gets to seven, starts to shoot

Lots of shooting back and forth. Negan and company go inside. Rick’s people shoot out the windows.

Morgan joins Carol, Tara, and Daryl. Carol says it’s starting, and the zombies arrive. Daryl waits while the others go ahead. He rides forward of the horde, and shoots, creating an explosion.

Rick and company shoot up everything. Daryl continues to blow stuff up. The zombie horde keeps walking. A stray zombie wanders by when Daryl sets off one of his explosions. Cool. A truck drives into the Sanctuary gate and explodes. Negan limps out. Rick is relentless with his machine gun. Gabriel says they have to leave now. Rick messes around with a Polaroid camera. I don’t know if now is the time to take candid snaps.

An entrance for the zombie horde has been opened up by the truck. Gabriel is about to leave in one of the cars, and sees Gregory. Leave him, you idiot. He doesn’t listen to me, and dashes over to Gregory. They’re being shot at, but Gabriel tells him to wait for their moment. Gregory doesn’t wait. He runs to Gabriel’s car, and drives off, because he’s a selfish a-hole.

Carl goes back to the gas station. He leaves cans of food with a note that says, sorry. The new guy watches.

Rick’s group regroups. Ezekiel smiles.

Daryl tells Rick they can wait until tomorrow. Rick says they can’t. Gabriel stopped to get him when Negan almost killed him. It isn’t about him.

Morgan asks if one of the Hilltoppers can hit the guard with an arrow. She says she wouldn’t bet on it, but I would, because she does. They open a gate. Is this the back way? Someone lobs a grenade at them, and there’s a lot of smoke.

Tons of zombies are walking into the Sanctuary. Gabriel jets through them, and goes inside a trailer. Negan says he hopes Gabriel has his sh*ttin’ pants on, because he’s about to sh*t his pants. Negan laughs. Gabriel gulps. Tons of zombies scratch and scrabble at the trailer. We see a crane shot of all the zombies descending on the Sanctuary.

Judith runs to bearded Rick, babbling about an owl. Michonne tells him the festival is being taken very seriously. Judith wants to see the owl, and they go outside. It’s all beautiful and green.

Teary-eyed Rick talks to his people. He says mercy prevails over his land. He doesn’t want to wait for it anymore. They don’t either. They don’t have to start tomorrow. Right now, with everything they’ve borne and endured, everything they’ve risen above, if they start right now, no matter what comes next, they’ve won. They’ve already won.

😪 The episode was dedicated to John Bernecker and George Romero. John was a stuntman who worked on Walking Dead’s eighth season who died from a head injury he sustained in a fall. George, who also passed away this year, is the man who started it all with Night of the Living Dead, the first zombie allegory. My personal favorite is Dawn of the Dead, the perfect statement on consumerism. I also recommend Martin, a gem of a vampire film, but it’s hard to find. I had the pleasure of meeting George at a screening at the Waverly Theater in Greenwich Village, home of the original Rocky Horror Picture Show.

🎭 Glad to hear UnReal will be returning February 26, 2018. I’m not sure they’ll be able to top the real Bachelor in Paradise debacle that recently happened though.

💍 I’m still following the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, and taking notes. It’s been a helluva busy month, and then someone threw Halloween in there. Hey, we do a whole theme with the dogs here. All right, I do a whole theme. I’ve also been watching My Giant Life, which follows some very tall girls. Like the shows with little people, the struggle is real to live in an average height world.

🏡 Channel Zero: No End House continues to intrigue, although I’ve had to watch it On Demand due to TV scheduling conflicts. It’s very weird, and I’m not so sure I know what’s going on all the time, but it’s not as weird as last season, where I really had no idea what was going on with that monster made of teeth. This season brought us a house that the characters are exploring – it just appeared out of nowhere – where each room holds a different terror. The last couple of episodes brought them to a room that opened to a parallel town. At first, they thought they’d found a way out, but then realized they were stuck with no way out. The dead were alive again, a doppelganger insisted he was a better version of his double, and no one knew who was real. Offbeat and odd, but I like it.

For Your Halloween Viewing Pleasure…

👻 Creepy Vintage Costumes 👻

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October 5, 2017 – Stella Works on Her Groove, Another Nanny is Out, 90 Day Immersion & Mr. Miyagi


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Nathan and Maxie go to the station. The desk sergeant asks what he’s supposed to do with all the women who want to meet Man Landers. A woman comes out with baked goods, and tells Nathan that he’s God’s gift to women.

Jordan has to get to work. She tells Curtis that Aunt Stella will be home soon. He says that she’s out making life changes, and they have hours. They start to get busy, and Stella walks in.

Griff tells Ava that as soon as he realized she went to the clinic, he knew it was partly his fault. He should never have danced on the line like that. She asks if he’s apologizing for rejecting her. He tells her that he wanted to apologize, but that’s not the only reason.

At the MetroCourt, Sonny asks Carly if she has a minute. She tells him that it depends on what he needs, and he tells her how beautiful she is. She says he’s trying to charm her, and it’s making her nervous. He tells her that it could be nothing, but it could be game changer. Either way, they’re about to find out.

Sonny tells Carly that Brick has an update about the phone call. Carly says maybe it was a wrong number. Sonny says it could be a coincidence, but she knows how he feels about those. He had Brick follow up and trace the call. Carly says she needs to consult Brick on another matter. Sonny asks what it is, but they’re interrupted by Josslyn and Oscar. Josslyn talks about a football game that they’d like to go to – without a bodyguard.

Griff says he cares a lot about Ava, and she says as he does any member of his flock. He tells her that he doesn’t have a flock, but he has her, and doesn’t want to lose their friendship. It may not be enough for her, but it’s honestly all he can say right now. She says it’s enough.

A table is piled with flowers, baskets, stuffed toys, and bakery items at the station. Maxie says that she came back to be with Nathan, and this is out of control. Nathan says he doesn’t want to worry about tweets and gifts, he wants to worry about bills and rent. He tells her that Jordan texted him that she’s coming in and wants to speak with him. He thinks that his days at station are over.

Stella has news she thinks they’ll both find interesting. She knows she’s been in the way, and Curtis is a sweetheart for taking her in, but it’s time to think about leaving. She’s recovered from her stroke, her blood pressure is in a healthy range – at least until she walked in on them. She says that Curtis needs his space, and she needs to be the independent woman she was in Baltimore. Curtis hopes he didn’t do something to make her go back, but she says she’s not moving back to Baltimore. She just landed a job. Port Charles is her new home.

Maxie tells Nathan that if she hadn’t ruined everything by dragging in Spinelli, Nathan would still be anonymous, and she’s be working at Crimson again. She wonders if they should both go back to Portland. Nathan says that Spinelli did blow everything up, but he’s the one who announced in a grand fashion that he’s Ask Man Landers. He couldn’t stand the thought of anyone thinking he’s cheating, especially Maxie, but it’s done. Maxie says they need to get all the stuff out of here, and he suggests taking it to the hospital.

Stella says that she saw Felix at church, and he told her that one of the GH social workers was retiring. They offered her the position, and now she’s officially part of the GH team. Curtis says she did it right under his nose, and she should have gone into business with him. She asks where he thinks he got his skills from? She can be close to both of her man, and hopes that maybe she and TJ can make up for lost time. Curtis congratulates her. Stella says soon she can move out, and they can carry on like Adam and Eve at all hours of the day and night. Jordan says that’s her cue, and jets.

Josslyn tells Carly and Sonny that it’s an important game. The stands will be packed, and they want to sit with their friends. Oscar says there will be plenty of security. Carly says the bodyguard can sit a few rows behind. Josslyn is like, great, the bleachers will be filled with screaming fans, and one guy in a suit staring at her; no one will notice. Sonny understands where she’s coming from, but tells her that it’s a fact of life right now. It’s like seatbelts. You might never need them, but if there’s an accident, they can save her life. Josslyn says no one is coming after her. Sonny says it’s a million to one shot, but he can eliminate the one. Oscar says that Sonny is right. He would never want anything to happen to her.

Griff asks Ava if he was right, and that’s the reason she went to the clinic? Ava says at first. His interest gave her hope that she could be the woman she once was, and when he rejected her, she became fixated on getting her face back. She knows now that even if it was completely restored, she can’t be who she once was. Maybe it’s a good thing. Healing her face isn’t the same as healing herself. She wants to be held and loved, but her insides were mangled up, and need to be healed too. Griff says that she risked her life to save a stranger. Ava tells him that she blew any chance of restoration, but it’s okay; there’s nothing she can do now. This is the new her; take it or leave it. He tells her that what she did was selfless. Did she put herself in danger because she wanted to help someone or because she gave up and didn’t care what happened to her?

Carly wants to take a picture of Josslyn and Oscar. Josslyn objects, but Sonny says that you can’t stop her when she gets like this. She takes the picture, and asks if Oscar wants her to send a copy to his mom. Oscar says that if they don’t leave, they’re going to miss the kickoff. They leave, and Carly thinks that Oscar is afraid of telling his mom that he’s dating the stepdaughter of a local crime lord. Sonny days that he thought she didn’t want Josslyn dating. She doesn’t, but if she’s going to, she wants Josslyn to date Oscar. She shows Sonny the picture.

Ava tells Griff that she wasn’t being intentionally reckless. She was curious as to who this man was in glasses and a safety restraint mask. He showed signs of life, and she was intrigued. When she saw they were pumping him with enough drugs to down an elephant, she decided to help him. He wrote down a phone number, but then used the pen to try and escape, and she ended up giving the phone number to Dr. Kline. Later, she found Patient 6 handcuffed to a bed. He was using a paperclip to free himself, and dropped it. She gave it back to him, and that was the extent of her heroics. Griff says that she’s not only courageous, she’s awesome. She saved herself in saving someone else. He says it’s divine intervention that Patient 6 led him to the clinic after they met in a church. She asks how he knew where to start looking, and he tells her that Sonny helped him.

Brick flirts with Carly. Sonny tells him to quit it, but Brick says it’s one of the perks of the job. He tells Sonny that he has some information.

Ava is skeptical that Griff appealed to Sonny’s better nature, and Griff tells her that he was already dealing with phone call from St. Petersburg. She says that the number Patient 6 gave her had a Port Charles area code. She wonders why he’d have Sonny’s number, and who he is to Sonny

Nathan loads Maxie down with stuffed toys. She says these women are out of control, and she’s never been this close to an internet sensation. A million women can’t be wrong; he’s basically the perfect man. She’s off to the hospital, and Jordan tells Nathan that she needs to speak privately with him.

Brick traced the call to a cell phone paid through a Swiss bank. The calls from it have been made to private lines of rich people. Carly says that doesn’t make sense, but Sonny says it does if the call came from Ava.

Ava says that she can only assume that Kline called Sonny, but Griff thinks the whole thing is improbable. She asks when he saw Sonny, and figures it to be around when Kline got the number. Griff tells her that he thought it was her calling, and assumed she was working with his enemies. It was a happy accident. Sonny was in the process of turning him down, but Griff thought she might be reaching out for help. Ava says that she was under the impression that Patient 6 thought the person would come and get him no matter what. Like Griff got Ava.

Josslyn and Oscar have coffee at Perks. She tells him she’s sorry that she dragged him away from the game, but she doesn’t really like football that much. Oscar says that he doesn’t either. Josslyn notes that Devon the bodyguard is still watching, and wishes her parents wouldn’t stress all the time. She tells Oscar that it’s the one thing Sonny and her father agree on. Her father calls it a necessary evil, and checks in every day with her. Oscar looks sad, and she asks if he misses having a dad. He says that you can’t miss something you never had. He knows nothing about his dad, even his name. His mom gets weird when he asks questions, so he doesn’t want to press the issue. Josslyn asks if he wouldn’t like to know who his father is.

Stella breaks out a bottle of liquor to celebrate. Curtis thinks it’s cool that she’ll have a built-in community at the hospital, and she’s already making friends. She says he must hope that she’ll be busy enough to stop interfering. He says there’s that, but thinks it’s healthy that she’s going on with her life. She’s a beautiful, vibrant woman, and he hopes she finds a boyfriend or a new group of friends. Stella repeats that then she’ll be busy enough to stop interfering. Curtis laughs, and says well, yeah, now that she mentions it, but seriously, what’s wrong with finding a nice guy to appreciate the phenomenal woman she is? He toasts to her being phenomenal, and she says that’s nice, but it’s not happening. She already met the great love of her life, Marcus, and there will never be another for her.

Nathan apologizes for not being upfront about the blog. He had no idea how it would blow up, but promises to protect and serve to the best of his ability. Jordan says that she was surprised, and wishes he’d said something before it became a PR event, but that being said, he’s one of her best detectives. If he can assure her that his Man Landers activities won’t interfere with his job, that’s all she wants. He can relax now; she’s not firing him. He asks why she called him, and she says she needs his advice. She has a problem with her boyfriend’s aunt, and needs help fixing it.

Amy meets Maxie, and tells her how thrilled the kids at the hospital were. Maxie is happy to know that the Man Landers swag went to a worthy cause. Amy asks Maxie how she’s doing with all the publicity, and Maxie says it’s an adjustment. They both look on their phones at the tweets, and Maxie says he’s reaching superstar status. She asks if Amy has a problem with Nathan being famous, and Amy says that’s not what it was about for her. Now she can get Chet the best care, and a quality of life she didn’t think was possible, all because of Maxie’s generous husband. Maxie says she told Nathan how proud she is of him. Amy says it must be a change to see Nathan getting attention, when she shined in high school, like they just graduated five minutes ago. Maxie says she was an outcast because of her heart, but Amy disagrees. Maxie says she struggled to be perfect, when there were people just waiting for her to blow it. She dreaded every pimple and bad hair day, but Amy says she succeeded. She was the cheer captain and head of the popular group. Now that Nathan is getting attention, she can’t stand it.

Jordan explains to Nathan about Stella not being able to back off. He asks if she has someone to love, and Jordan tells him a long time ago, but she set that aside to raise Curtis and Tommy. Nathan says that maybe she’s grieving her sacrifice or she’s afraid to love again. He doesn’t know her, but feels sorry for her.

Curtis tells Stella that he’s eternally grateful. Stella says she’s not looking for gratitude. She only told him about Marcus so that he’d know that no man could measure up to him. Curtis asks if she’s talked to him since then, and she says no. He says that when people aren’t around, we tend to elevate their status, and only remember the good. Stella says that had his faults, but that doesn’t change how she feels. Curtis hopes that she’ll be open to dating again. She says, so she can stop meddling? He says no, so she can get her groove back. Aw, that made me smile.

Oscar tells Josslyn that it’s weird knowing someone is out there who made him, but doesn’t know him; someone who gave him his genetic code, including the gene that makes him want to hang out with her. Josslyn asks if he doesn’t want to know who gave him such great taste. He tells her that he doesn’t want to bother his mom, so it’s impossible. Josslyn says nothing is impossible. I hum the Impossible song from Cinderella.

Sonny talks about Ava being in the clinic, and Brick says that the call could have come from a clinic. Carly wonders how Ava would have gotten the number. Sonny tells her that he picked up, but she didn’t say anything. They agree that the mystery is solved, and Carly tells Brick that she has a job which requires his expertise.

Ava tells Griff that he should be proud of standing up to Sonny as a man. She asks if he ever thinks of himself that way, rather than a priest. Griff tells her that she needs to rest, and he’ll text Kiki when they land. Ava thanks him.

Carly wants Brick to do a full background check and surveillance on Nelle. Sonny tells her to let Michael handle it. They know she’s bad news, but let him figure it out for himself, and stop pushing. Carly says they’ll wait for now. Brick says he’s always there for her, and she hugs him. He says anything for a lovely lady, and Sony tells him to stop. Brick says that he knows Sonny likes it. Genuine smiles all around.

Maxie tells Amy that she doesn’t resent the attention, and she’s thrilled with Nathan’s success. Amy says that she has to find a way to deal; go back to work and raise her own self-esteem. Let Nathan’s fifteen minutes of fame ride itself out. She tells Maxie not to do anything impetuous, or she’ll defeat anything he’s trying to do.

Jordan thanks Nathan. She says now she has compassion for a woman who hates her. Nathan hopes that Stella finds love again, and leaves Jordan’s alone. Jordan says clearly, she finds all of his services valuable.

Sonny asks how mad Carly is, but she says that she knew in her heart that he’s right. Michael has to discover that Nelle is bad on his own. Sonny says he’s caring, but not a pushover. Carly says it would be nice to have a dossier ready, and Sonny accuses her of being obsessed over the kids. He wonders if she’s going to have surveillance on Oscar next. Don’t give her ideas, Sonny.

Oscar asks Josslyn, what if his dad doesn’t want to know him, or he’s pissed because his mom got pregnant, or has another family, or what if they meet and he doesn’t like Oscar? Josslyn says whoever he is, he’s lucky to have a son like him. Oscar guesses they’ll never know, and Josslyn asks what if they could find him? Would he want to?

Carly says that Sonny is right. She’s holding on too tight, and it’s embarrassing. She used to encourage her kids to be independent. He says that after losing Morgan, she wants to keep them safe, and he feels the same way. Carly says she can’t believe that Ava called him, and that she’s using Avery as a way in. She thinks that when time passes, they’ll reach an acceptance and forget what she did to Morgan, but she’s wrong. Wow. They got all this from a call coming from a number no one knows, where no one said anything.

On the plane, Griff watches Ava sleep. He brushes her hair back. She opens her eyes, and says she was dreaming about her girls. She can’t wait to see them. Griff says they’ll be proud of their mom. She tells him that some of his goodness rubbed off on her. She puts her head on his shoulder.

Tomorrow, Ava tells Griff their business is concluded, Nina asks Valentin when he was going to tell her about Laura, and Sonny asks who the hell Patient 6 is.

😵 On Flipping Out, Jeff went from Versailles with Best Western bathrooms to helping gut his dad’s condo. Jenni said that Jeff was the Karate Kid to his father’s Mr. Miyagi. The big topic of the night was nanny Gema, who was starting to not work out. She wanted to cut her hours, claiming that baby Monroe was a handful, which we knew, and rated her an eleven on a scale of one to ten in difficulty. Jeff agreed that Monroe was too much for them to handle, and she’d be going to boarding school. House manager Nancy told Jeff that Gema complained about Zoyla watching her and telling her what to do. He thought that Zoyla was just being protective, and Gage said that she was probably being nosy; it’s her job. Gage discovered that the camera was being blocked, and Gema was being vague in answering questions. This was an obvious no, so she was let go. Afterward, Jeff received a text from Gema. She said now that she could speak freely, she wanted him to know that Zoyla had been using her against Jeff and Gage. The episode is to be continued, but that didn’t explain why the nanny was blocking the camera. Unless it was Zoyla trying to set her up. I guess we’ll find out next week.

💍 My head is going to explode with 90-Day Fiance. TLC has been showing so many repeat episodes from various seasons, it’s like my TV has been holding a 90 Day convention. Sometimes it’s fun to come late to the game, since there’s a lot you haven’t seen, and everything old is new to you. I can’t tear my eyes away from the original show, The Couples Tell All, and my favorite, Before the 90 Days, in the wee hours of the morning. And there are new episodes on Sundays (just what I needed, another Sunday night must watch). I don’t know whether to laugh or cry that I’m transfixed by these mostly miserable people nearly all night long. Which is why I need sleep, so I’ll be talking about this on the morrow. Let it suffice to say that on the latest episode of Before the 90 Days, Paul totally shocked me by not being just the nerdy hypochondriac that we thought, but a criminal with very serious mental issues. I felt badly for Karine before, when I thought she’d just be disappointed, but he actually put her in danger. From a guy with a machete. Not a good look. Not at all.

Mr. Miyagi Says…

MrMiyagi2 MrMiyagi



September 22, 2017 – Two Patients Change Status, Myriam is a Horrible Person, a Few Random Thoughts & a Quote Quad


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Sonny goes to Pozzulo’s, where Milo is stuffing his face with pasties. Milo asks about Jason, and has questions about Josslyn. Sonny asks if there’s a problem, but Milo isn’t sure. He asks how much he’s supposed to tell him about Josslyn’s activities.

Carly and Josslyn have lunch at Kelly’s. Carly tells Josslyn that after talking to Milo, she realizes how much everything has affected her. She says she knows about Josslyn and Oscar.

Nelle tells Michael this might be the last time they can laze in bed together. Someone put in an offer for her apartment. She thought she’d have more time. Thanks to him, a big time, ocean front developer, she might have to move to Greenfield and commute. He says that’s not happening.

Jake and Danny have a plan to bring Jason around. Elizabeth tells them just be prepared for it not to work; it will take time for him to wake up. Kristina takes him to pick up Danny before they go to the facility.

Franco leaves a phone message for Betsy. He needs to know the truth. Elizabeth hears him, and asks what that’s about.

At Jason’s bedside, Sam goes down Memory Lane. She talks about them riding on the bike together, and a sunset they watched. She never felt so free, so safe. Tears run down her cheeks. Jason taps his fingers

In Russia, Patient 6 gets on his feet. Ava – who just can’t stay away – tells him be more careful. God knows what would happen if she told Dr. Kline that he can get out of the chair.

Michael tells Nelle not to rush into a new lease. He thinks she can afford something in Port Charles. She says maybe a walk-up with three roommates. He tells her not to do anything rash. He has some business to attend to, and he’ll tell her about it after he closes the deal.

Milo tells Sonny that Mrs. C. has been pumping him for information. Both Josslyn and Oscar seem like good kids. While something made him uncomfortable, they weren’t doing anything wrong. Sonny asks if Oscar respects Josslyn, and Milo says that he’s a total gentleman. He says that wasn’t enough for Mrs. C. though. She wanted a minute by minute account.

Josslyn tells Carly that they did nothing wrong. Carly says she’s talking about them being on the footbridge, and asks how they ended up there. Josslyn wanted to tell Oscar about Jason, and thought what better place? Carly tells her that’s what she assumed, but now she wonders what happened. What did she think Milo said?

Franco tells Elizabeth that he was talking to the shipping company. Elizabeth says she heard him talking about the painting. He asks if she means the one his dad sold out from under him. He thinks the showing and the old material is bringing up stuff from his old life. Elizabeth says they made a pact. Does he want to keep talking or tell her the truth? He says that there’s something he’s been meaning to talk to her about, and shows her the photo.

Sam tells Jason that the doctors claim his movement doesn’t mean anything, but they don’t know him. She knows that he’s fighting to come back. Kristina arrives with the boys. Danny tells Jason that he’s here. Jake asks if he can hear them, and Danny says he loves him.

Ava tells Patient 6 that he knows she wouldn’t really talk, but she overheard Dr. Kline insisting that he’s a danger, and either has to be drugged or restrained. Clearly the drugs don’t work, but she’s the only one who knows. She wonders what she should do about it, and says the smart thing would be to tell someone. He can’t be treated without them knowing what’s going on, but she doesn’t want to out herself. She says that he probably wants to pretend she was never there, and be left to his own devices, but she doesn’t think his family would want that.

Elizabeth tells Franco that the other boy in the picture looks like Jason, but that’s not possible, is it? Franco tells her about Heather refusing to talk to him. She asks what he thinks. He says his imaginary friend was real, and the painting represents the memory of having a brother. She asks if his twin is Jason. He says he doesn’t know, but it seems that way.

Sonny tells Milo that as long as Josslyn is happy, safe, and being treated well by Oscar, he’s not spying, just making sure she’s safe. Milo says, cool. He leaves, and Michael comes in. Sonny is now stuffing his face with pastries, and I’m thinking he should give some to the whole class. Michael asks about Jason. Sonny says there’s no change, but he’s not discouraged. They both know that people come back. Michael says Sonny didn’t give up on him, and here he is. Sonny asks how he’s doing. Michael says let’s just get it out of the way. He’s sure Carly told him about Nelle’s fiancé having a boating accident, and Nelle being suspect. Sonny doesn’t blame Carly for being concerned, but Michael says he talked to Nelle and believes her explanation. Sonny heaves a sigh.

Carly asks Josslyn what she and Oscar were going. When Josslyn says they weren’t doing anything, Carly asks why she’s so nervous. Josslyn tells her that Milo was there, so what could they do? Carly says he’s there to keep her safe from Sonny’s enemies, or herself if she becomes her own worst enemy. Josslyn says that she makes it sound like they’re serious. Carly asks if it is. Omg, she’s worse than my father ever was, and Milo wasn’t following me. Josslyn sees Nelle come in, and waves her over. Carly says that Nelle is probably busy, and they’re having a mother/daughter lunch. Josslyn is puzzled, thinking things were better between them. Nelle says she’ll sit outside, and Josslyn asks what happened. Nelle says that Carly is concerned about something in her past. Carly says she’s sure Josslyn would like to know Nelle’s story. She tells her to take a seat; the floor is hers.

Michael and Sonny have coffee. Sonny says that he doesn’t like to see Carly worried. Michael says they both know that Nelle did horrible things, but does Sonny really think she’s a killer? Sonny says she drugged him to get him into bed, which shows that she’s calculating and cold-blooded. Michael says that she thought she was avenging her father, which is a far cry from killing a fiancé. Sonny says that Michael has resources, and should use them to prove Nelle’s innocence to Carly. Michael tells Sonny that Nelle told him what happened, and he believes and trusts her. Michael gets a call from Lucy. He’s closing on something, and says he’ll pick up the title and the deed.

Elizabeth reminds Franco that the DNA tests proved that he and Jason aren’t related. Franco says, right, and no one has ever tampered with medical tests, especially when Heather is involved. Elizabeth says that Jason grew up in Port Charles, surrounded by the Quartermaines. Franco adds, except when he wasn’t. Elizabeth asks where he’s coming from, and he tells her that once he got his past back, so to speak, he can’t stop thinking about it. He can’t move on until he knows who his family is, and if this boy is important. Elizabeth believes him, but thinks there’s a simple explanation.

Danny tells Jason that he misses him. Jake says that they made a drawing of their family in the park, and used Scout’s handprint for the sun. Aww! He asks if Jason doesn’t want to open his eyes and see it. Maybe I’m projecting, but it sure looks like Jason wants to laugh.

Ava tells Patient 6 that she knows what happened. He was shot and fell into open water. It created a psychotic break, and his family sent him here to recover. She says they must be wealthy, since the clinic caters to the elite. If they didn’t care or gave up hope, they could have parked him anywhere, but he’s here. That means they care and are waiting for him. Patient 6 shakes his head. She asks if he has a family, and he nods. She asks if they know he’s there, and he shakes head. She asks who is she talking to, and who put him here?

Nelle tells Josslyn that she was accused of doing something she didn’t do. It was a traumatic time in her life, and she’d rather not share the details right now; it will just make Carly angry all over again. She knows it looks bad on paper, but there’s no reason to pull Josslyn into it. Carly accuses her of stonewalling, and tells Josslyn that there’s no way Nelle will tell her. Nelle says all that matters is that Josslyn’s brother means the world to her, and she’d never do anything to hurt him. She says she has to go look at apartments, since her place is going condo. Carly says Seattle is nice, and walks out. I don’t like this Carly. Nelle tells Josslyn that she’s sorry about a lot of things, but Josslyn says not to worry. Nelle doesn’t get why everything is so messed up all the time. Josslyn doesn’t either.

Sonny asks Michael if ELQ doesn’t own enough property, and Michael says it’s a personal acquisition. Sonny asks if he’s moving, and Michael says no, but why all the questions? He’s an adult, and his business is his, just like Sonny’s is. Are they good? Sonny says they are, but thinks he should look into the story about Nelle. Michael says not to let his feelings come between them.

Elizabeth sees how the photo plays into the story about Jason being Franco’s twin. He asks if she thinks it’s some random blonde kid. She does, but also thinks he won’t rest until he has answers. He says the truth will fix him, and he can be the man he wants to be for her. She says he already is, but he wants to be better. He’s not sure what to do, since Heather won’t see him, and Betsy won’t talk. Elizabeth suggests he go see Betsy.

Jake says just because Jason is asleep, doesn’t mean he’s not listening. He asks Danny if he wants to do their song. The start to sing This Old Man, and now I’m laughing. No wonder Jason seems on the brink. Sam records it, and I sing along, but they only go to four.

Ava says enough with playing twenty questions. She needs some real information. She gives Patient 6 a pad and pen. She tells him to start with his name.

Nelle asks Josslyn about Oscar, and Josslyn says it couldn’t be better. She amends that, and says it could if there was no bodyguard. She wishes Jason would wake up, but Oscar is amazing. Suddenly, Michael is there, and says so is Nelle. Josslyn says that she and Milo have to be somewhere. Michael tells her don’t even try ditching him. He tried it many times, and failed, so learn from his mistakes. Nelle apologizes for Josslyn being put in the middle of her and Carly. Josslyn leaves with Milo, and Michael asks if Nelle and Carly had another run-in. She says same tune, different beat, because Josslyn was there to hear it. She knows everyone is worried about Jason, and she’s worried about where she’s living, which is selfish. Michael says it’s possibly the most important thing, along with love. She asks if he’ll help her look, and he says that she doesn’t have to move. She says since when, and he says since ten minutes ago, when her apartment was bought – by him. you know, I take it back, I could put up with boring.

Carly bursts into Sonny’s office. She says that she can’t have lunch with her daughter without Nelle ruining it. Can I just insert that she called Nelle over? Carly says that Nelle is going to dismantle their family a second time. Sonny tells her that if she keeps making Nelle the enemy, she’ll push Michael away. Carly says she was contacted by someone who has information about Nelle’s fiancé. If she turns out to be a black widow, he’s in trouble. She adds that Nelle’s apartment went condo, and she’s scrambling to find a place. Since rents are high in Port Charles, she might have to move to Greenfield. It’s not far enough away, but it’s a start. Sonny tells her that he thinks he overheard Michael buying her apartment. Now please tell me, if Carly is soooo concerned, why hasn’t she jumped on finding out that information already?

Sam tells the boys good job, but Jason has physical therapy now. Even though he’s sleeping, they want to make sure he’s strong when he wakes up. They tell Jason they love him, and Kristina takes them out.

Ava doesn’t buy that Patient 6 can’t write. She thinks he doesn’t want to tell her anything. She gets it; he wants to be left alone. She asks how that’s working for him, stuck in a wheelchair and shot up with elephant tranquilizers. She tells him it’s only going to get worse. She heard Dr. Kline talking about upping his dosage. This could be his last coherent moment for a long time. He might not want to waste it. Patient 6 picks up the pen.

Betsy is talking to Heather on the phone. She says no, she didn’t tell him. She did what Heather asked, and she’s leaving for the airport. She tells Heather it isn’t right. He’s living in the same house with Jason’s son. She says fine, do what you want. You always do. She hangs up, and Franco is standing there. He let himself in with his key. She says she has to go. She’s booked a cruise. He tells her that he heard her, and Heather doesn’t want her to tell him about the boy in the photo. He wants to know who the boy is, and needs to know what the boy means to him.

Josslyn asks Milo how much he tells her parents. He says if they ask him a direct question, he answers it, but he’s here to protect her, not to spy on her. As long as she has nothing to hide, they’re cool. She promises not to put him in a tight spot.

Sonny tells Carly it’s just a hunch, but Michael got a call from Lucy that he said was personal, not business. Carly says that she can just hear Nelle’s “poor me” act. Sonny says she knows how to play the victim. Carly insists she’s started her campaign to take Michael for all he’s worth. Well, you never know on this show, but I’m tired of Carly making it up as she goes along. I can’t stand people like that. I laugh at myself for being all pissed at a fictitious character.

Nelle can’t believe it, and Michael shows her the title and deed. He says, welcome home.

Sam doesn’t want to go, but knows that Jason would want her to be there for the kids. She says the plan is that she’s going home to practice sleeping without him, and getting the kids ready in the morning. She talks about having to buy a bigger crib for Scout, and says that all the things parents should to together, she’ll do for them. Her heart will be with him though. She kisses him

Jake tells Elizabeth that he wants to show Kristina the painting of the two boys. Elizabeth says there was a mix-up, and it was sold accidentally. Jake says too bad; he liked it, and Franco did too. It was all about having a brother.

Franco begs Betsy to help him. She says that she loves him, and he’s the light of her life. She tells him to leave it alone, but he says it’s making him crazy in a way he can’t allow in his life again. He can’t feel like this, and be with Elizabeth. He can’t risk losing her, so talk to him. She cries, and says she’s sorry she lied about him. Franco asks if she’s talking about his imaginary friend. She tells him the friend wasn’t imaginary, but real. He was a twin.

Patient 6 writes, and hands Ava the paper. They look at each other. Show us, dammit! It’s a phone number with a Port Charles area code.

Jason hears the boys’ song in his head, and Sam saying she loves him. He opens his eyes.

Franco says so he has a twin brother, and it’s Jason. Betsy says no, not his brother. He’s a twin, but wasn’t his twin.

So does this mean that Patient 6 isn’t Nikolas, but Jason, or fake Jason, or Bizarro World Jason?

On Monday, Franco asks who the kid is, Nelle tells Michael that Carly accused her of being a black widow, and Ava gets caught.

💍 For some unfathomable reason, I’m still consumed with 90 Day Fiancé. On Before the 90 Days, Larry found out that Jenny was a real person. Although for a moment, like with Paul, they made us think he’d been catfished. There was no response to any of his calls or texts since he’d left Florida, and at first he couldn’t find her. He’s another one who doesn’t know the language, which is insane. Like all of the men, Larry came bearing gifts, and wasn’t afraid to over-enthusiastically announce that he had “chocolate for the family!” to anyone who would listen. And I mean complete strangers at the airport. He reminded me of Steve Martin when he gets the new phonebook in The Jerk. Maybe he was double-glad that the candy was in his carry-on, as the airline lost his luggage. Since it seems like Jenny might be a frequent Filipino Cupid flyer, even after claiming to love Larry, my jury is out.

Paul and Karine checked into a swanky hotel in Brazil, where Paul finally got the all clear for them to be intimate. He did this little hesitation thing after he looked up the results of her STD and pregnancy tests. Even though she never looked worried, that was not cool so early on, and after she’d been annoyed in the first place. This reminded me of when my husband and I got blood tests before getting married, which was a requirement by the state. I worked at a women’s clinic, so we got them there for free. When the results came back (yes, both of us could be intimate), I called him and freaked him out a little, asking who else he’d been with, because his STD test was positive. Oh come on. It was funny, and I couldn’t help it. I’d also known him for over two years in person. Karine leapt on Paul like whatever animal leaps on their prey, as soon as he gave the signal. I hope he’s not a disappointment to her, since he’s been one in other ways so far.

The saddest moment was when Myriam revealed her secret to Patrick. It looked like it was going to be a great match, until she took him out to dinner and said she’d been hiding something. He was like, please don’t tell me you’re a boy – ha-ha! – something his mother had jokingly suggested. Of all the things that I thought it might be, her already having a boyfriend wasn’t one of them. No wonder she wasn’t too interested in his kid. She was never going to get involved with him. I’d thought maybe she had a kid, or that her parents forbade her to marry outside her religion, but this was inexcusable. Dude used all his money to make this trip. Her explanation was that she met said boyfriend after she and Patrick had started talking when she was single. But instead of letting him know, she continued the relationship, thinking that he’d never follow through in coming to see her. Um… how about when he started making plans? Or if she thought he was still blowing smoke, when he bought the ticket? He could have canceled the trip. I hope her boyfriend dumps her after seeing this. She offered to show Patrick around town, but no surprise, he was pretty blown away, shell-shocked, and gobsmacked. He said he needed to think. He might as well make the most of it, since he’s there, and at this point, can’t get a refund. I’d definitely ditch Myriam though. I can’t believe this guy flew all the way to Paris just to get put in the friend zone.

Cortney finally met up with Antonio, whose idea of a first date was going directly to a beauty pageant he was judging, before Cortney could even go to the bathroom. To be fair, he works a lot, and told her he would be working when she sprung this visit on him. I have the feeling that she’s a princess, and thought he was going to pick her up in a golden coach. She acted helpless and shy, reluctant to hold his hand, even in the limo to the pageant. She kept texting him during the event, when he was supposed to be paying attention. Then she decided to leave, thinking she made a mistake. I was thinking she was acting like an idiot. He’d been very nice, and seemed open to them being a couple, despite the warnings of his friends. When Antonio saw that she was gone, he actually went out to find her. She wasn’t far, sitting right outside the doorway. She said she was tired, blah-blah-blah, and it all seemed good. I was shocked that he was so understanding, but maybe he thought he was going to get some nookie be intimate. That didn’t happen, as he spent the night on the couch. In his interview, he said he was okay with that for the first night. The second, he wasn’t so sure. In the morning, they took selfies in the bed, and I was left with a question mark over my head.

😳 This show makes me embarrassed for a lot of the cast in so many ways. But I can’t stop watching. Which embarrasses me.

👺 For the record, Mambo Gladys was the witch doctor who treated Abby.

🗽 While I’m on the topic of names, I have to confess that I literally and immaturely lol’d when I heard that NYC Wives wannabe, Missy’s, last name is Tool. Sometimes I’m more Beavis and Butthead than I let on.

Something to Ponder…

🐓 Why does everyone want to be Colonel Sanders? First Rob Lowe, now Ray Liotta? What is happening? Is the pay that good? Do they even need it, or is this some weird new acting fetish?

👹 🍴 Next Friday both Z Nation and Hell’s Kitchen have premieres. My head might explode.

Quotes of the Week

Fear never needs to control my choices. Something powerful rises up in me whenever I put the fear aside and move ahead in spite of it.  – Judith Light

I ain’t dreamin’. I ain’t got the brains to make this up. – Jacob, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Do I push the envelope? I tear the envelope.Garry McFadden, I Am Homicide

Sometimes you can do everything right and things still go wrong. The key is to never stop doing right.Angie Thomas