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May 27, 2018 – 90 Day Night, a Little West Shogunworld, Some Random Info & Memorial Day


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

I mostly watched reruns of The Office today, but since Fear the Walking Dead was replaced by Jaws 2 tonight, I was thrilled to be able to watch 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? in its entirety, and not at 2 in the morning. I’m somewhat obsessed with this show because it’s like the worst people in the world are on it. Okay, Jax isn’t on it, and maybe Big Brother might take the number one spot, but some really awful people are on this show. And I love it. Here’s my take on the couples so far. Obviously, Mohamad (still watching for that headline with his picture) and Danielle aren’t joining the cast, and the least horrible people, Lauren and Alexi, chose not to participate, as they want some privacy. So without further ado…

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

Pao and Russ went to Columbia to visit her dying grandmother. Whatever the hell city she’s from was very engaging and colorful, with a carnival atmosphere, but she’s apparently never been to NYC, since she said no city had that much passion in the US. I’m starting to think these two deserve each other. Pao is a selfish twit, insisting Russ move to Miami, leaving his native Oklahoma where he could actually make some money, because she wanted to further her nude picture modeling career. The sad part is, her family seem like decent people, and she claims to love them oh-so-much, but she’s barely talked to them in years, since moving to the States. I’m waiting for her to blame Russ, even though it’s obvious she loves Miami and being photographed naked for whatever gigs she does. (During the previews for next week, it looks like her family is going to blame Russ.) I should add that I’ve never seen her get her picture taken when she’s totally nakey, but might as well be. Russ isn’t happy about the lack of clothing, or even lingerie, which he finds different from a bikini because it evokes thoughts of bedroom antics. She’s basically called him a stick-in-the-mud for feeling the way he does, but I disagree. I’m not prude by any stretch of the imagination, but she knew how he felt, and agreed to terms she didn’t keep – all for the sake of this illustrious career. Honey, you are thirty. And while thirty isn’t old (I’d love to see it again), no one starts modeling at thirty. More like thirteen. I’m not denying that she’s doing legit modeling of some kind, but she acts like she’s Heidi Klum whenever she talks about her “career.” On the other hand, Russ can totally be a wet blanket. While in the city whose name I don’t know, a large group of motorcyclists came past. It turned out that Pao had known one of them since she was a teenager, and they’d briefly dated. Russ kept saying what tough guys bikers were, but dude, these guys were wearing neon and had stickers on their helmets. They were not the Hell’s Angels. To his credit, he did get on a bike for a spin, along with Pao, who rode with her friend. Russ got bent out of shape afterwards, when Pao said she and biker guy had dated, but it wasn’t anything serious. I mean, come on, it’s not like she suddenly hatched when she met him. She also has that mean queen friend, Juan, who’s been outright rude to Russ from the jump, probably because he lost his drinking/gossip buddy. I can’t imagine allowing a friend to talk to your SO the way Juan talks to Russ. Pao has repeatedly acted like she just doesn’t know what to do in the situation, but I know what I’d do. Dump Juan. I’m sure we’ll see him later in the season.

I just shook my head watching Anfisa and Jorge. First, he sought advice about divorce, and even his attorney thought he seemed more relaxed without Anfisa screeching at him every five minutes. I get it. He lied to her. But she could have gone back to Moscow if she’d wanted to, and she didn’t. Anyway, I blinked, and the next thing I knew, he couldn’t live without her again. They met at a restaurant, and she agreed to give it another shot, providing they get marriage counseling. But it looks like next week, she’s back on the fence again. I give up. Another two who deserve each other. I finally found out what the deal was that Jorge was alluding to with her profession in The Couples Tell All. Apparently, she’s done a nakey video with herself. While I didn’t look at the video, I did see some almost tasteful stills from RadarOnline, and it sure looks like her, pre boob job.

What I still haven’t found out is why Pedro calls Chantel Pinky. Maybe I don’t want to know. Their story was much of the same. Pedro’s momma is still waiting on her TV, whining for money, and saying his name in the most annoying way possible. He finally said he’d send her money to get her own damn TV, since it would be $1500 to ship. And I cry over $8. Chantel thought Pedro and her family would bond during a trip to a mountain cabin for five days. Pedro reluctantly agreed to go, but in the preview, says he wants to leave. So many cast members on reality shows love to cut out when the going gets tough, they should issue roller blades with every contract. He’s never going to forgive them for the display of disrespect to his family in the DR. My jury is out on that. After his mother called them stupid Americans and offered them chicken feet to eat, I’m not so sure I blamed them for not wanting more of the same. For the record, Pedro kept saying they eat chicken feet all the time, but other than his cursory nibble at one to prove his point, they went untouched by all. His mother and sister were definitely playing Chantel’s family. On the other hand, her family overreacted when they went to his grandma’s house in the middle of nowhere, sat in the car for a couple of hours, refusing to get out, and then left.

Molly decided to give Luis another chance, although I’m not sure why. Despite his insane ranting at her last season, about having Buddhas and owls all over the place, he actually seems like an okay guy. An okay guy who isn’t ready for the responsibility of a family. Daughter Olivia booked, deciding to stay at her boyfriend’s house while Luis was in the picture. Molly tracked her down, and Olivia said she was being selfish, but agreed to try and work things out. It sounded like Molly said she was done again, but we’ve been there before. SPOILER: I read that Molly has since filed for divorce, and Luis went on a social media rant about how TLC is racist and he’s going to sue them. Good luck with that.

Azan was still waiting on his K1 visa, while Nicole was on pins and needles. When Azan finally did call, no surprise, the video began to break up. How bad is the Wi-Fi in Morocco anyway? First, Azan was required to get a statement from a third party, confirming that the two of them had actually been a couple during the past two years. Then he was denied. Nicole’s mom thought maybe he didn’t really want to come, and had sabotaged things, but in the preview, the lawyer Nicole sees, tells her that he has ties to drug smugglers. Ruh Roh! These two seem too young to be getting that involved anyway. Face it, her weight is always going to be an issue for him, and she’s just looking for a daddy for her daughter.

Annie and David were living in friend Chris’s refurbished firehouse – mega cool digs – but Chris’s wife put the kibosh on Chris funding David. While I’m not sure what David’s problem is with the job thing, it seemed kind of mean to cut him off abruptly when Chris had promised to float him for a few months. He also suddenly asked for $1000 a month rent, which was like a double-whammy. Annie can’t work because she hasn’t gotten her green card yet, and she’s going stir crazy, since she can’t get a driver’s license either. Life in America hasn’t worked out the way she thought, since they’re clipping coupons and she had to pawn her jewelry. That’s right. You can’t believe everything you see on TV – we are not all the Carringtons. His son is moving in with them, which doesn’t make newlywed Annie too happy, since she likes being loud during sex, and… Never mind, it’s bad enough she gave me a mental picture that I can never erase.

🐎 Thoughts on Westworld, which I also got to watch in its regular time-slot. Wow. This show is a little depressing, but I love a good head lopping, and we’re getting a lot of that. The Shogunworld storyline was sad, and so is the wiping of Teddy’s mind. Mostly because I like James Marsden. It looks like Delores is only on her own side, and Maeve has telepathic powers, but is using them for good, trying to help other hosts and humans. Too bad she was a little late for Sakura.  I did approve of the man bun on the dudes in Shogunworld, so they are now added to the list of one – Josh from Sweet Home Oklahoma – that gets my okay. Another thought – whose cleaning up that mess?

🍸 Monday night at 9 pm, BRAVO will be serving up Vanderpump Rules: Secrets Revealed. It’s also being rerun at 10 pm. I love the Secrets shows. They were once called Lost Footage, until the network stopped insulting the viewers with that title. Like I really thought Andy Cohen looked in one of his desk drawers and suddenly found it. The clips are random, but usually more lighthearted, and I swear they save a few things that are better than what we’ve seen during the season.

🏥 General Hospital has no new episode tomorrow. They’re airing the episode from April 13. Normally on a holiday, they rerun something significant, but I can’t tell from the blurb which one it is; it’s so vague.

🙋 So it looks like I’ll be back on Tuesday. Some information for you in the meantime:

😪 The 8 Stages of Grief We All Go Through After a Relaxing Long Weekend


🎆 In Case You Didn’t Know Why You’re Off Work…







May 11, 2018 – Nelle’s Shower Gets Exciting, 90 Day Journey, Quotes Worth Heeding & Moms


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny tells Jason that if they dig up what he did, his life will get blown apart.

At the MetroCourt, Anna leaves another message for Robert. She writes an email to Henrik from his mother. She says now that Faison is dead, she can tell him the truth about why she was forced to give him up when he was born. Valentin sits down and says she’s been avoiding him.

Curtis sits with Nina, and tells her she’s all work and no play. She says if her brother’s letters are any indication, she’s always been cool and interesting. He says, the ones he found in Peter’s office? She thanks him for a job well done, and gives him an envelope. He says it’s his pleasure, and amends that to extreme pleasure when he sees what’s inside. He asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want him to do any extra digging, but she says she was just angry. She was being paranoid and overprotective about Maxie. Peter isn’t a threat.

Peter reads his mother’s email, and says he can hear the excuses already. He leaves a message for Valentin to call him – now. Sam drops by, and says she’s given more thought to what they discussed.  She was surprised he told her it would be better off if she left. She asks him, why?

Carly yells, screw you, Ava! and throws the penguin mobile against the fireplace. Olivia says they all know how she hates Ava. They know what she did to Morgan and Connie – and her – but if she can keep her cool, so can Carly.

Jason tells Sonny it’s been decades. There’s nothing to connect him to the body. Sonny wouldn’t say that, since there have been major strides in forensics since then. A young kid on his first job made the mistake of burying the gun too. If they find a partial print and run it through the system, it will be Christmas for the Feds. Jason says they’d better get moving then.

Peter tells Sam he didn’t mean to imply the company would be better off without her. To be honest, Drew is more invested in the company. It might be difficult, if not impossible. for them to work together. It’s in Drew’s best interest if she walks away.

Curtis needs Nina to help him pick the right one. He shows her his phone, and she asks if that’s what she thinks it is. He says he’s going to propose to Jordan, and needs help in picking the perfect ring.

Valentin tells Anna that he can’t get ahold of Robert; he seems to have fallen off the grid. Anna says that’s what good agents do. Valentin wanted to follow up on the conundrum box with him. He put some thought in it, and remembers seeing one like it on Cassadine Island. He offers to have it dug up, but Anna passes that to Robert. Valentin is surprised she doesn’t want to check it out herself. He says Robert made it sound urgent, and he thought it had something to do with Henrik.

Carly says Ava brought Avery to the shower to flaunt it in her face. Ava says Avery is her daughter, and she’ll bring her where she wants. Carly says that’s only because she threatened to send Mike to prison. Ava says she’s like Carly, and will do anything for her children. Nelle apologizes, telling them to blame her. Carly says she’s not sorry; she’s thrilled. Monica reminds everyone that it’s a baby shower, and now it’s been brought to a halt in an argument about penguins. Bobbie says that’s not what the fight is about. She knows Nelle did it on purpose. Monica says it’s her shower. If she wants penguins, she can ask for penguins. Carly asks if her mother is the only one who sees Nelle for the snake she is.

Olivia suggests they play the baby bag game, where they guess what’s in the bag without looking at it. Olivia tells Carly that she knows it’s hard. She doesn’t like Nelle any better than Carly does. Ava hears her, and asks why come, let alone host the shower? Olivia says the baby is a Quartermaine, and after what Nelle pulled, Carly has every right to be skeptical. Nelle starts to interject, but Olivia suggests she quit while she’s ahead. Bobbie tells Carly that she can’t go in guns blazing. If she won’t do it for the baby or Michael, do it for herself. It’s not the battle to be picking right now. Carly steps away and takes a pill.

Nina looks through the rings. Curtis knows it will hurt one person and he’ll have no true peace, but it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. He and Jordan keep running away, and end up in the same place. Their last resort is to surrender, and promise to honor their bond every day for the rest of their lives. Nina says this is the one. It’s poetic yet honest, dazzling yet direct, and undeniably romantic. It’s like Jordan is for him, and him for her. Curtis looks at it and says she’s good. Nina says she is, and also happy for him. He’s been a good friend, indulging her with the investigation. He says she thought something was wrong, now it’s not, so that’s good news. She says Peter is on the up and up, and asks him to tell Sam that she was wrong. He has the best of intentions.

Sam asks if Peter thinks it’s impossible for them to work together. He says not to sound insensitive, but they’re getting a divorce. It would be better to have one CEO than two who are struggling with one another. She says she’s made her decision, and she’s staying. She tells him to let everyone who expressed concern know that she’s back and not going anywhere.

Anna tells Valentin that Robert is personally taking over the search for her son. She’d lost perspective, and her health suffered for it. Valentin asks if it’s serious, but Anna says she just needs to rest. She’s fine, and doesn’t need his sympathy. She needs to focus on the family she already has, and not be fixated on making things right with her son. Robert pointed out it might have a negative effect on Robin. Valentin says it’s shocking, but he agrees with Robert. She should focus on the  child has, not the one she doesn’t know.

Maxie comes into Peter’s office, and tells him that Nina showed her the folder he put together. He takes it that he owes her an apology. She asks if he’s kidding. Both she and Nina are beyond grateful. For Nina, it’s a keepsake of her brother, and for Maxie and the baby, it will be a window to what Nathan was like growing up. He wishes he’d given it to them sooner. When he sees it from Nina’s point of view, he can understand why she was suspicious. Maxie says Nina now sees what a good guy he is.

Nelle feels terrible. Monica opened her home to make this beautiful day happen. Carly has every reason not to trust her, but Nelle has to make it right. All she wants to do is build bridges and make amends. Olivia says now is not the time, but Nelle says what better time is there than when they’re celebrating the baby. She tells Carly that when she wanted name the baby Morgan, she was sincere. Carly says she has no reason to believe her, and Nelle says she’s right; she doesn’t. Josslyn says Nelle didn’t mean to be insensitive; she just wanted to do something nice. Carly is sure that’s what Nelle told her. Josslyn says even when Nelle told her that she admired her as a mother, and trusted her with guardianship of the baby, even that was a mistake. She just wanted to honor Morgan. Let her make things right.

Maxie tells Peter that Crimson is donating the programs. Peter laughs, saying he just wishes Nina would tell him something ahead of time. Maxie says Nina’s motto is that it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. She wishes it didn’t mean she has to attend. Peter feigns shock, and says, Maxie Jones missing the social event of the season? She must be feverish and delusional, and needs to go home immediately. She tells him that last year, she was in Portland and missed it, so she and Nathan were going to do it up this year. She suggests sending an intern so they understand with glamour there is always pain. Peter says, or they could go together; he would appreciate the company. She says it would be easier to go with a friend, if he doesn’t mind walking the red carpet with a very pregnant lady. He says they’re on.

Carly tells Nelle that if she wants to make it right, stop saying Morgan’s name. She says Nelle only wants to hurt her, like with her friendship with Josslyn. Nelle is using Josslyn because she resents their loving family, and wants to destroy it. No one is buying her noble victim act. She doesn’t want to make amends or honor Morgan, she just wants to get Michael back. And everyone knows he’s too good for her. Nelle runs out of the room, crying. Monica says, so much for playing nice.

Jason and Sonny arrive at the field in Croton, using the Star Trek transporter. Jason says, they’ll be breaking ground any day, and Sonny tells him, this is it; between the columns and the water tower. He suggests they get past the nostalgia, and do what they came to do.

Bobbie tells Monica it’s a sensitive subject, and Monica says no one knows better than she the pain of mourning a son; ask Sonny. She suggests Carly suck it up, and treat Nelle with courtesy, and if she can’t, fake it. Josslyn asks if she couldn’t be nice for a change. Bobbie says Nelle was baiting Carly all afternoon. Josslyn says Nelle is insecure, and tries too hard because she loves Michael. They’re having a baby, and she’s the reason Josslyn is alive, if that counts for anything. Carly knows how badly Josslyn wants Nelle to be a good person, but wanting something doesn’t make it true. Josslyn asks if Carly is going to hate Nelle for the rest of her life, and blow up at every birthday party. She asks if Carly thinks Nelle will want to bring the baby to their house if Carly is going to fight with her. If she doesn’t make things right, Nelle will give up on them, and make her family with the Quartermaines. Josslyn will have to choose, and she doesn’t want to do that. She’s always telling Josslyn to take responsibility; why can’t she? Whatever Nelle did was wrong, but Carly was out of line. Why can’t she say she’s sorry, and forget it? Bobbie says Carly isn’t wrong, and Josslyn says, her too. She asks Carly, who’s more important, Nelle or her daughter? Carly says that’s ridiculous; Josslyn is her heart. Josslyn says, then suck it up and apologize. She wants to see her make the gesture. I want one of those giant balloons with a tassel. Carly says, okay, she’ll apologize to Nelle.

Jason and Sonny dig. Jason says it’s packed tight. He doubts anyone has been out there since Sonny was. He asks how far down, and Sonny says six feet; that’s how far he dug. Sonny has to take a break. Jason keeps digging. Sonny says that Skully had everything he wanted; money, respect, and power. What he wanted most was the power. His dad didn’t have it, and he knew it would cost him, but he didn’t care. He had two choices – be powerful like Skully, or weak like his dad. Here they are thirty years later, his dad is starting to lose everything, and it’s brought him back to the place it started. How about that?

Anna tells Valentin if he and Robert agree, who is she to argue? He asks if she’s being facetious, and she says, actually, she’s not. Faison stole a lot of her time, and now he’s gone. She hopes to make up time with Robin, who’s on her way to visit. Everything is on hold until after the Ball. Valentin says, for what it’s worth, he’s sorry. She’s in pain is he she knows he is this odyssey looking for Henrik search for peace hopes she finds it thanks him don’t know if sincere as sincere as he is he leaves

Carly seeks out Nelle in the nursery. She says Monica went all out. Nelle says at least somebody cares about the baby. Carly says she’s sorry. Nelle had no reason to know penguins were Morgan’s favorite. She’ll love the baby with everything she has. Nelle knows she will. Carly says as distasteful as it is, they have to call a truce. Nelle asks how she proposes they do that?

Nelle picks up the blanket she’s been knitting. Carly asks where she got that? Morgan had one just like it; her mom made it. Nelle says she had no idea. Carly says it’s her. All of it; the scarf, the calls. She smashed the picture, and put the note on Carly’s car, sending her to Morgan’s grave. Nelle asks if she’s feeling okay; she’s not making much sense. Carly says she sees what Nelle is doing, and it’s not going to work. She underestimated her. She’s good, but it’s over. Nelle says if she didn’t know better, she’d think Carly was losing it. The situation is perfect for getting Carly to smack her while she’s pregnant. Then she can cry in Josslyn’s arms. It’s not going to happen. She sees Nelle for who she is. Nelle says she’s carrying a baby that Michael loves. She says he appreciated that she was there for him when Avery disappeared. Carly says she was circling like a vulture to make herself look good. Nelle says it’s because she loves him. She’ll be there to ease the pain about his grandfather, and they’ll tells stories to the baby about him one day. She’s there for all of them. If Carly needs anything, just say the word. Carly says, it will be a cold day in hell. Nelle says, if she didn’t know better, she’d think Carly was having a breakdown. She must recognize the signs. She did when she threw Nelle’s breakdown in her face. She shouldn’t throw stones, since she spent time in a mental hospital herself.

Sam sees Maxie at the MetroCourt, and asks if she’ll be her date for the Nurses’ Ball. Maxie says she just promised Peter she’d go with him. Sam says she can fill him in on what happens. Nina tells Curtis good luck, and when he leaves, Maxie sits down. She wonders why everyone needs luck. Nina says she can’t tell her. Maxie says that something is happening, and she wants Nina to hear it from her first.

Curtis tells Sam that it’s off; Nina pulled the plug. He don’t know what Peter is selling, but Nina is buying it wholesale. Sam says if they keep it quiet, he’ll think he’s in the clear. He’s involved with too many people she cares about. She’s not letting it go.

Peter looks at an email from his mother, saying she wants to finally get to know him. He asks, is that what you want, mom?

Jason says they should hit the body soon. Sonny keeps thinking about when Jason came to work with him. He didn’t intend it to be the rest of Jason’s life. He didn’t know he’d rely so much on him. He can’t have own life because Sonny has trapped him. Jason says he chose his own life, but Sonny wants him to know he’s not taking it for granted. Jason says Sonny, Carly, and Michael are his family; they’re good. Sonny gets a flashlight. Jason hits something. It’s a dollar sign money clip.

Carly says it was all a ploy. Nelle set her up with the shower gift. She’s using the baby shower to hurt her and freak her out in front of Josslyn. Nelle says it must be a banner day for her, and a tragic one for Michael with his mother unbalanced and dangerous. She’ll have to get checked out before they let her have access to the baby. Carly says, think again, bitch. She’ll never get away. Nelle says, watch her.

Sonny remembers it like yesterday, the dude he buried flashing wads of cash. Jason says that’s all there is. There’s no body.

Anna types an email from Henrik’s mother. She tells him, for his own protection, not to trust Valentin Cassadine.

Curtis tells Sam that Nina might be satisfied, but there are too many unanswered questions. He suggests they work together.

Nina thinks Maxie going to the Ball with Peter is great. It’s good for her. Maxie says, so she doesn’t need the speech where she valiantly, but unsuccessfully, promotes Peter? Nina says she thought he was hiding a deep, dark secret, but he’s just a thoughtful guy. Maxie says, I told you so, and Nina says it’s the only one she’s going to get. She’s sorry she was overprotective. With Nathan gone, she thought it was her job to watch out for Maxie. She thought he’d want it that way. Maxie says, he would, but Nina says she took it too far. Her heart is in the right place, but Peter isn’t someone Maxie needs protection from.

Peter reads the email about Valentin. Valentin shows up at his office, and asks if he’s disturbing Peter. Peter says, on the contrary. He just left a message demanding Valentin call him back. It’s better face-to-face when there’s an important matter to discuss. He wants to know if they’re on the same page.

At the shower, everyone is playing Olivia’s baby bag game. Brad guesses, a toy. Olivia says every child under the age of six months thinks everything counts as a toy. It’s a wooden spoon.

Upstairs, Carly says she will not let Nelle get her hands on her son. Nelle leaves the room, and Carly makes a grab for the blanket. They struggle over it at the top of the stairs, and no surprise, Nelle falls down them. I’ve been wondering if something like that was going to happen.

On Monday, Jordan says she’s not ready for marriage, Jason thinks the body was moved, and Monica wants to call the police.

💍 In anticipation of the new season of 90 Day Fiancé (May 20th), TLC has been taking the pieces of each couples’ story shown throughout a season and putting them together, adding a new branch to the franchise tree. Tonight, was Jorge and Anfisa: Our Continuing Journey, and I couldn’t resist. They had a journey, all right. I never did quite get a handle on these two. I hadn’t seen them in the beginning, so that part was new to me. Apparently, Jorge had quite a thing going with dealing medical weed, as well as designing packaging for it. He’d designed a bag that didn’t let in ultra-violet rays or something like that, and it kept the weed fresher. You’d think that would have set him up for life. He’d told Anfisa that he was a millionaire, and they had traveled a bit together, but after she got here, she found out he was actually in debt. Jorge lost his job, although that wasn’t clear if it was because Anfisa kept interrupting his $15K drug deal with screaming mimi phone calls. While I totally get that she felt she’d been duped, she reacted like a toddler, throwing many literal temper tantrums. On the other hand, Jorge had the emotional range of a potato, so maybe she was just trying to get a reaction. Any reaction. She wanted to live the good life, but with Jorge, it was less than mediocre. The final straw came when Jorge’s sister accused Anfisa of only spreading her legs for Jorge when he had money, and he just sat there like the emotionless sack of flour he was during the entire relationship. She walked out, finding a life of her own. These two were just bizarre. At times, they seemed like bad actors, their conversation and mannerisms stilted and wooden.

The really weird part came during The Couples Tell All episodes (what you call a reunion). They arrived together, and were sharing a hotel room. During all three episodes, Jorge intimated he had some juicy information about Anfisa, claiming it was something she wanted to keep hidden. Even though the host eventually had a two-on-one with them, Jorge never really spilled the beans. Was she a hooker escort? A stripper An exotic dancer? Part of the Russian mob? A potato farmer trying to capture him? What? We may never know. Another question on my list for God when I meet Him. She made it clear she’d expected a life of luxury and Jorge didn’t deliver, and the rest of the couples were of one mind that this was not a love match. Still, there were glimmers of humanity, like when Anfisa cried at the civil ceremony. Although she could have been crying about the United States not being the land of opportunity she’d thought it was.

ℹ Quotes of the Week

I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.Louisa May Alcott

Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today. – Will Rogers

Dead isn’t what it used to be. – Man in Black (Ed Harris), Westworld

If somebody is being mean, they’re probably really not happy. If you’re having a great day, you don’t walk past someone and yell, ‘Freak!’ If you’re happy, you say, ‘I love your skirt!’Melissa McCarthy

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May 4, 2018 – Peter Secretly Scrapbooks, Junior Chefs Move Toward the Finish, 90 Day Rerun, Five Eclectic Quotes & the Fourth


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

On the phone at the MetroCourt, Carly says she’s excited about Nelle’s baby shower. No, really. She hangs up and takes a pill. Sonny asks how she’s doing, and she says better. He says that means Doc knows what he’s doing. She hopes it gets her through Nelle’s baby shower.

Nelle and Michael arrive at Kelly’s, and see Lulu and Dante. Nelle says they just came back from interviewing pediatricians, and asks who their kids see. Lulu says Valentin prefers Dr. Arden for Charlotte. Nelle thinks he’s a little cold, and Lulu says they could get along perfectly. What’s with these people? If I was Nelle, I’d be plotting against them too.

On the phone, Valentin tells someone to find a legitimate reason to get Robert on the plane, and he’ll take it from there. He needs to get rid of him.

Robert tells Anna that the problem with Jason is there’s no negotiating with him. Robert is concerned about the risks of Anna posing as Henrik’s mother and dangling herself as bait. He says she’s working hard to get herself killed.

Nina asks Peter what reason he has keeping a folder of personal things regarding Nathan. He didn’t even know her brother. Peter says he can explain. It was going to be surprise for her and Maxie.

At Nathan’s grave, Maxie says it should be a kind, generous, and thoughtful gift, but it’s a stunt. If Henrik wanted to do something good, he would leave her alone, or find a way to bring Nathan back. He has no idea how much she wishes it was possible. She hears something, and asks if someone is there.

Chet reveals himself. Since it’s a different Chet, I’m confused for a moment. He’s sorry he scared her. He’s also sorry about Nathan; he was good man. Chet wishes he could have gone to the funeral. Maxie says Amy told her that he was having health problems, but he says he’s doing better after the surgery. He’s brought Nathan his six-month NA chip, since Nathan had a lot to do with him achieving it.

Nina tells Peter it’s crazy, weird, and certifiable. He says it was for her. He thought she’d enjoy looking at it; remembering things, and learning new ones. He reached out to her mother and Aunt Liesl (aka Obrecht) . They’d saved tons of mementos, but he got most of it from her mother. Nina thinks it’s a load of crap, and is going to call Obrecht to confirm it.

Robert tells Anna that her plan screams trouble. She says she won’t break their agreement. She won’t tell Henrik that she’s really his mother, she’s just using that to draw him out. Robert asks what if he kills her first? She says she’ll just pretend for an instant, and then show her badge. He says her badge isn’t bullet proof. Anna tells him she’ll explain that he needs to be tested for Huntington’s disease. Robert says, so she’s just giving him a message, then going on her sweet way? She says he’s her son; she can’t just leave him like this. Robert says there lies the trouble he mentioned earlier.

Nelle apologizes to Lulu, saying she knows she made mistakes, and made life difficult for those Lulu cares about. She hopes Lulu will accept her apology, and she’s able to make amends one day. Nelle leaves to get a seat, and Dante asks Michael if everything is okay. Michael says they’re gearing up for the baby. Lulu says they’re here for whatever he needs, including a BS detector. Michael just wants everyone to get along, and Lulu promises to try for him.

Sonny asks if Carly is sure she’s up to do this; she can’t stand the Quartermaines or Nelle. She thinks she can handle a few hours. She tells Sonny that she’s not in a good place, and he asks why; is she seeing things? She can’t explain it, but she’s under stress, and can’t take more medication than what she’s supposed to. Sonny suggests she let Josslyn represent her at the shower and send a gift, but she’s not letting that snake win and paint her as a bad guy. She doesn’t care what Monica thinks, but she does care about Josslyn. She knows Morgan is dead and not coming back. She’s accepted it, but she’ll be damned if she’s letting Nelle alienate her from the son and daughter she has left. She’s going. Sonny gives her an envelope that arrived earlier. Carly takes out some paperwork, and says, she actually went through with it. Sonny asks who, and she says, Nelle.

Dante asks Lulu what’s going on in the world of journalism? She asks if he’s been reading her articles. She thought they’d agreed not to talk about work. He asks if she’s tried to contact Henrik, but Josslyn interrupts.

Michael sits with Nelle, and she says interviewing the doctors made it real. It’s exciting – and terrifying. She already feels for the baby, and Michael says that’s a good sign. She tells him that she found a lawyer to draw up the papers, and his parents probably have them by now.

Carly explains to Sonny that the papers are to make them legal guardians if something happens. She says that Nelle had second thoughts about Jason, since his life is up in the air. She wants the baby to have two parents, and a mother as fierce about her children as she is. She thought Nelle was blowing smoke, but she’s serious. Carly can’t believe that snake. Sonny thinks she needs to take a step back. From where he’s standing, it’s a good thing.

Chet tells Maxie that Nathen went distance to help with his medical bills. He made Chet look at himself, and he got clean. Maxie says Nathan would have been proud; all the Ask Man Landers insanity paid off. She congratulates him, and he says he should be saying that to her about the baby. She says she’s excited. Chet can’t imagine how hard it must be, but she says it’s easier knowing there’s a trust fund. She can’t thank him and Amy enough, and he says it’s the least they could do. She says it’s a thoughtful gift coming from a kind and generous place, as opposed to someone setting up a fund who’s not just anyone, but Nathan’s killer’s son. She’s going to give it back.

Peter asks Nina to hold off; he’s like to explain himself. Nina says she’s done with the stalling. Valentin shows up, asking if she’s done with work. She says, not quite. Her boss is lying through his teeth.

Maxie already knows that Nathan would accept it, saying the good outweighs the negative. She could go with that if it came from anyone other than Faison’s son. Chet asks how she knows he’s like his father? Maybe he’s looking for a way to honor Nathan, like he and Amy did. Maxie says that’s different; they’re friends. The gift came out of kindness and love. Chet says she doesn’t know the motives unless she asks, and in the end, does it matter? Its a chance to give back. Maxie admits she’s scared to not be angry, and have a place to put her pain and grief. Then what? Chet says she thinks it’s giving her strength, but it’s poison. Not until she lets it go will she feel the pain and loss, and find a way back to the good things again.

Nina tells Peter she didn’t know these things even existed, and he says that was the point. She goes through them; an award for a spelling bee, a letter from camp. Valentin says it does seem peculiar. Nina says it’s outrageous and intrusive. Peter is obsessed with Maxie, and finding a way to get close to her. Peter says that’s not the case, and Valentin says, then what is it?

Anna says she needs to have a conversation with Henrik. There’s a lot of speculation as to how complicit he was, and she wants to set the record straight. He should get the opportunity to expunge his record. Robert says, a fresh start? but Anna knows she doesn’t have the authority to make those deals. He asks, what about Jason? Henrik kept him captive. Anna says Henrik saved his life. She doesn’t want to argue. It’s all speculation, and he hasn’t been charged; he’s only alleged to have committed these acts in Russia. She just wants to give him a chance to explain. Robert says, no. She wants him to say he’s innocent.

Lulu tells Josslyn it’s well-written. The earthquake was dramatic, and Oscar’s take is insightful. Josslyn says it was in the school paper, and asks if Lulu could give it to the PC Press. She asks why not go through Drew, but Josslyn doesn’t think Oscar would like that. Dante asks if he knows she’s doing this, and she says not exactly, but she thinks would be cool. Dante says she’s so her mother’s daughter.

Michael tells Nelle that was fast, and she says she wants the baby protected. He asks if she thinks his parents are the way to go, and she asks if he doesn’t. He does, but what about her history with his mom? She says they’re going to be family now. The baby connects them, and whether they like it or not, they have to find a way to make peace. She’s showing she’s serious. Michael is glad she’s making an effort, and hopes his mom can do the same.

Carly is worried that Nelle is trying to slither her way back into their good graces, and use them to trap their son. Sonny says Michael knows that and won’t fall for it. Carly insists he doesn’t know that. Sonny asks who she would want to raise the baby, and she says, them, but they think they’re getting something when they’re just opening a door. Nelle has an agenda. She’s working an angle, but Carly hasn’t figured it out yet.

Josslyn tells Dante she is not her mom. Dante asks if Oscar wants it in the paper. Josslyn thinks it would be an awesome surprise. Dante asks if it matters what Oscar wants, and she says okay, she is like her mom.  Dante says if it ends up in the paper, to everyone on the outside, it might look like his father had something to do with it. It’s one thing to be goal oriented, but she should keep in mind that there are consequences for everything you do, intended or unintended. Josslyn respects his viewpoint, but says Oscar deserves it. Lulu says she’ll do her best. When she’s gone, Lulu says she felt like he was talking to her about unintended consequences. He wants her to be careful. She didn’t get hurt last time, but that doesn’t mean she won’t this time.

Michael leaves, and Josslyn tells Nelle they looked cozy. Nelle says they’ve been getting closer. She’s trying to prove she’s not the giant horror show Carly thinks she is. Josslyn says maybe her mom is warming up. They’re going baby shopping for the shower together.

Michael joins Carly and Sonny. He suggests that Carly is trying to see something that’s not there. Carly says that’s what Nelle wants them to think; they’re playing into her hands. Michael says he gets it; she’s playing them. He tells Carly this game has got to end. He gets it. Nelle hurt her, and she can’t stand that they’re having a child together. He needs her to back off.

Maxie tells Chet it’s a good thing we can’t look ahead see where we’d end up. Who knew in high school they’d end up where they are; the widow of cop and a wounded vet. He says life takes you to strange places, and Maxie adds, and you have no say. Chet asks if she’d change it. Maxie thinks for a moment, and says, no. The way it played out is the only way she’d have time with Nathan, and she has the baby. No matter how hurt and lost she feels, she wouldn’t trade it. What about him? Chet says after he was injured, he was angry. He was still alive, and his friends had been killed. He couldn’t stand to think about high school. Now, he draws strength from it. It beats being sad about how it turned out. Maxie says he’s right. She’s going to forget where the money is coming from, and focus on where it’s going. Nathan loved helping people, and would want her to do the same.

Peter tells Nina that he barely knew her or Maxie, and he witnessed their grief. He wanted to help. Maybe it was for him too, because he didn’t save Nathan. He’s sorry she’s upset; it’s the last thing he wanted. Nina says she’s taking the folder, and tells Valentin, let’s go. She tells Peter to stop using her brother to look good in front of Maxie. Valentin tells her to go ahead. After she leaves, Peter tells him to forego the lecture. Valentin says he just has an update. The plans for Robert are in motion.

Anna asks Robert what parent doesn’t want to see the good in their child. She wants him to be able to without Faison’s legacy. There are no charges against him, so she won’t be getting into trouble. Robert asks what about stealing five years of Jason’s life. He can’t see Jason not bearing a grudge. He thinks she’s lying to herself. She says Jason won’t listen. He’ll just find Henrik and kill him. Robert says then she’s leading Henrik’s assassin right to him. She says that’s not going to happen. She respects Jason and vice versa; she can handle it. Robert gets a text. He says it’s a case that’s been dogging him for months, even though he’d like to delegate it. She says she has this, and to go. Robert tells her to keep him updated. He leaves, and she begins to type on the laptop.

Maxie visits Peter’s office. He says he was worried about her. She says she went to Nathan’s grave to talk to him. Peter asks if she got any answers. She says a friend did. She could swear he was sent by Nathan, so she’s going to accept for Nathan and the other grieving families. Peter asks why she’s starting to come around; what convinced her? I space out while she’s saying something about friendship being like a sliver of light, and she feels the baby kick.

Nina looks through letters and photographs, telling Valentin that Nathan was a reindeer in the school pageant. He says his childhood might have been cold and harsh, but he didn’t have brother to lose. Sh’es had more than her fair share of pain. She says, him too. He says he has something to take care of, and asks if she’ll be okay. When he leaves, she makes a call to Obrecht, asking about Peter.

Michael tells Carly it’s good news that Nelle wants her for a guardian, if it comes to that. Carly hopes it won’t. She insists Nelle has an ulterior motive, and is working him; it’s just a gesture. If she tore up the papers, they’d never hear about it again. Michael takes the papers and rips them, saying he’s calling Nelle’s bluff. If Carly is right, he’ll let it go, but if he’s right, she’ll get new papers. If she does, he’d like it if they both accepted that Nelle is being genuine. Carly has a headache, saying it’s a side effect of her medication. She leaves to get some Ibuprofen, and Michael say the harder she pushes Nelle the worse it gets. It’s best to move past what happened. Sonny thinks Nelle is winning him over, but Michael is just asking him to try for the baby’s sake.

Dante tells Lulu if Henrik contacts her, he wants to know first. She wishes he wouldn’t give Peter a hard time. She feels awful, and hopes, if time passes, Maxie will come around. Dante does too, and she says for once, they’re all on the same page. Dante gets up, and Lulu gets a text from someone saying they think they’re Henrik’s mother (presumably, Anna). Dante asks, what’s up? Is she chasing a big story?

Josslyn finds Carly at the MetroCourt, and asks if she forget something. Carly realizes she’s supposed to be shopping with Josslyn, and Josslyn says Nelle brought her – to get a present for her own baby shower. Carly says time got away from her, and Josslyn says it’s not like her. Like with Avery in the park. Carly says that’s totally different. Josslyn says it seems like there’s something going on, and asks if there’s something Carly isn’t telling her. Carly says things are crazy and she’s off her game, but everything is getting better. It’s going to be okay.

Nelle joins Michael and Sonny. Michael tells Nelle it’s lame to take someone to get a present for your own shower. She says Josslyn was excited about the pop-up store, and she didn’t want her to miss out.  Michael is glad, and Sonny says he is too.

Dante says he’s proud of Lulu, despite his reservations. She says she feels the same about him. She looks at the text again.

On the phone, Nina tells Obrecht that she’s grateful she preserved Nathan’s childhood, and knows she misses him. She does too. When she’s done, she calls Curtis, and tells him to call off the investigation.

Peter asks Maxie if the baby kicked, and she says it was a full body roll. He can’t imagine what it’s like, and she puts his hand on her stomach. She says it’s not the same, but he can feel it. He starts laughing, and asks if she can believe an actual person is in there. She keeps wondering if the baby will be like her or Nathan, and Peter suggests a little of both. He can’t wait to meet him or her. Maxie says makes two of them.

Anna thinks back to Valentin telling her that she was afraid of ever letting go if she saw the baby.

Robert is on a plane, having a cocktail and getting sleepy. Valentin sits across from him, and says he hopes Robert is enjoying the drink. He tells Robert, nighty-night.

On Monday, Olivia has something to boost Ned’s outlook, Stella suggests a lawsuit, and Carly feels strongly about a fitting tribute.

🍜 On MasterChef: Junior Edition (aka MasterChef Junior), the kids had to cook for Junior alumni at a pop-up restaurant, with the pressure test being designed by the winner of season five. I missed that part, but came in to Gordon dressed like Mrs. Doubtfire, and Christine and Joe backing him up dressed as old ladies who weren’t Mrs. Doubtfire. It was like a grandmathon, where the contestants prepared dishes inspired by their grandmas, and the winner getting a visit from their grandma. The next challenge presented the young chefs with four different whole fish, and previous winner Quani got to choose who got which. This was the beginning of the end, as only three would be going on to the finale. The first ever eight-year-old, Avery, was one of the chosen, and told those leaving tonight that it wasn’t goodbye, but see you later. Wise, for one so young, and she can cook.

💍 Because I can never get enough of 90 Fiancé, tonight, I went down Danielle and Mohamad Memory Lane with a repeat of The Full Story. If you haven’t been introduced to this delightful pair, in a nutshell, Tunisian Mohamad traveled across the world to Ohio to marry halfwit Danielle. One look, and it’s doubtful he’d be interested, but he seems harmless enough, and genuinely glad to be there with her. Until she loses her job. Having immediately acclimated to the culture, Mohamad consulted a lawyer, finding out that not only would he be responsible for half her debt if they married, it takes a helluva long time to get a green card. Waiting until five minutes before the wedding, he decided to go through with it, but it was downhill from there, with Mohamad going on a never-ending business trip to Miami, posting pictures with many hot women on social media. There was an eternity of Danielle flip-flopping between getting an annulment, where Mohamad’s happy ass would go back to Tunisia, and a divorce, which would let the citizen chips fall where they may. In another last-minute move, Danielle’s lawyer basically told her she couldn’t afford an annulment if Mohamad fought it, which he intended to do. So divorce it was, although that didn’t stop Danielle from harassing Mohamad even after it was over. He disappeared after the reunion – called The Couples Tell All in this franchise – and was never heard from again. I’m still checking the headlines.

More infuriating than anything else, is my indecision on who I find to be the worst of the two. Mohamad, who so obviously did not come here because he loved Danielle, or Danielle, who was so obviously deluded. He would play the let’s-stay-friends card, then disappear, only to be seen on social media with hot women. She would convince herself that if she could just talk to him, he’d give her the happily ever after she wanted. It was no, just no, from the beginning, but she never saw that. It’s possible, had she not lost her job, he might have stuck around longer, but she was never going to make it happen. It was also clear pretty quickly that she was not that bright. It was like watching Groundhog Day, but without Bill Murray, and totally humorless. He would ghost her, she’d fall apart, then decide she could talk sense into him; she’d tell him she was getting an annulment, he’d meet with her and promise they could stay friends, she’d see his social media posts; rinse and repeat. They were equally awful. And I can’t wait for the new season, starting May 20th.

👄 Quotes of the Week

Let no feeling of discouragement prey upon you, and in the end,  you are sure to succeed.Abraham Lincoln

The deeper sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain. — Kahlil Gibran

I’ve never been so close to this chandelier in my life. Maybe when I put it up. — dude on Hoarding: Buried Alive

In the end, they left a really bad taste in the yoga community. — a yoga student regarding Alexandria and Anastasia Duval

I want a gift, not another errand. — Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge), 2 Broke Girls, after receiving a gift card

🙇 Lest I Forget…


April 26, 2018 – Curtis Gets Caught, Peyton Arrives in Charleston, a Little Rambling & Sheldon


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Alexis’s phone rings. It’s Sam; she’s home. Alexis notes her use of the word “we.” She tells Sam the kids are at Monica’s. She asks if the trip was good, and Sam says they’ll talk later.

Sam opens the door to Maxie with Crimson paperwork. She says it’s crowded in the office.

Lulu comes into Peter’s office on crutches. She explains she broke her foot while chasing Rocco. Peter asks if she needs a leave-of-absence, but she came for some advice. Henrik hasn’t responded to her asking for a meeting, and there’s too much up in air for her next move. Peter thinks a meeting might be too drastic. Lulu agrees. The more comfortable Henrik is with her, the more clues he might reveal. Peter asks if she’s gotten anything so far.

Curtis goes to Windemere. He needs her advice. She asks if it’s about Peter, and he says, it’s about marriage. She and Valentin have managed to make things work. Nina can’t talk right now, and he needs to get into Peter’s office. She’d love to talk his ear off about marriage when they’re done with Peter. He’ll be at the senior staff meeting, and it’s the perfect opportunity. With impeccable soap timing, Valentin appears, and asks, for what?

Anna and Robert go to Kelly’s. Anna needs caffeine. Robert remembers the days when she didn’t have jet lag. Anna remembers the days when he had a mullet. He wonders what Emma is going to tell her class about the trip, and Anna says like a good operative, she’ll say nothing. Anna asks for his tablet, so she can look at the conundrum box. She says Faison left it for someone to find, but who? Robert says, someone with last name of Cassadine.

Maxie asks where Sam was. Sam gives her a hint: The Alps and banks. She gives Maxie some chocolate, and explains about Danny putting his thumb on the globe to decide where to go. Maxie says whenever she does that, it always lands on the Indian Ocean. Sam says they hiked so much, she can eat all the chocolate she wants. She tells Maxie that Jason and Spinelli showed up, and they all worked on a case. She asks why Maxie is there, an Maxie says she didn’t want to risk running into Lulu. Fortunately, she has friends who care, like Sam and Peter. For someone she barely knew, he’s been incredibly supportive.

Lulu tells Peter that Henrik seems eager to share his side of story; he did write the book. He wants the world to know he was a victim, not an accomplice, although he was involved with Klein and holding Jason captive. Peter says his intent was unknown, and he was instrumental in keeping Jason alive. She says that’s why she came to him instead of her editor. He seems to understand what drives a man like Henrik. Peter thinks she’s smart enough to trust her own instincts; Dante should be relieved. He realizes Lulu hasn’t told him.

Nina says Valentin will never guess why Curtis came by, and he says, she’s right. She says he has marriage on his mind. Curtis says he’s been thinking about stuff, and weighing it. He admires how they make their marriage work, and Nina graciously offered to give him pointers. Curtis asks if Valentin has any hints for a brother taking the plunge. Valentin says, honesty, and tells them to drop the side thing. He asks what’s going on.

Anna tells Robert that she’s not sure Valentin and Faison ever crossed paths. Robert says Valentin has turned up in unexpected places. Anna thinks the box was meant for Helena. They worked closely, and Helena was a big influence. Faison’s will was textbook Helena. He was always cruel, but it had her spitefulness. Robert starts to nod off, and claims he’s thinking about paperwork. Anna calls him a liar, and gets up to leave. She tells him that she has an idea, and jets. He realizes she took his tablet.

Finn asks Alexis if anything is wrong, and she says Sam is back from her big trip. She hopes everything works out, and Finn asks if she means spiritually, professionally, or emotionally. She says, all three. Sam has a lot to confront. She tells Finn an interlude can only last so long until you have to go back to reality. He thought they agreed enjoy journey, and she says, she did, but she’s not that girl. She buys trip insurance on the way to the airport; she’s a planner. Spontaneity doesn’t typically end well for her. Finn says there’s always an exception to the rule. She asks if he wants to do it again, and he says, yes. They jump onto the couch.

Maxie tells Sam before she says it, she’s not filling in the gap with Lulu. Lulu is selfish and has a sense of entitlement. She never faces any consequences. She throws up her hands and says she’s a Spencer, and gets a free pass. She’s done with it. Sam tells her the difference between a catastrophic screw-up and maliciousness, is intent. Maxie says Lulu won’t even admit she’s wrong; she just defends her intent. She says Nathan was a willing participant, so it’s his fault, not hers. Nothing is ever Lulu’s fault. Lulu makes her bitter and angry, and it’s not good for the baby. She’d rather talk about her new unexpected friend Peter.

Peter thought Lulu didn’t tell Dante because of Avery being missing. Lulu says she’s grateful Avery has been found, but Dante’s family has been through turmoil. She admits that’s just an excuse. She’s not ready to tell him. If she’s going to justify it, she needs more than a couple of emails. She need to get to the truth, and draw Henrik out of hiding.

Nina tells Valentin they have nothing to hide, and Valentin says, then why not just tell him. She says she knew he’d react this way, and tells Curtis to take notes; this is where it gets fun. Valentin says he knows she hired Curtis to dig up dirt on Peter. Nina says, not to dig up dirt, to find the truth; there’s a difference. Valentin asks if she found what she was looking for.

Sam didn’t realize Maxie and Peter were so close. Maxie says it surprised her too, but he’s easy to be around, and he cares. She doesn’t have to pretend she’s not a total mess He even went with her when she had the baby tested for Huntington’s Disease. He was supportive, like he had a stake in it. Sam says he does – her. Maxie wishes Nina felt like that. She thinks she should the only one Maxie leans on. Sam says she has to understand that Maxie has a process she needs to go through. Maxie says sometimes it’s just easier with Peter. He got her out of the MetroCourt to face the memories. He went with her to the apartment, and crashed on the couch in case she had a breakdown. The first thing she saw was a package with a baby blanket that Nathan ordered, and she was pretty emotional about it. Peter got her to focus on the good memories, and how excited she and Nathan were about the baby. Sam says there’s clearly more to Peter than they thought.

Finn and Alexis get busy. A timer goes off, and she says it’s her casserole. She’s all excited, and runs into the kitchen. The doorbell rings, and she asks him to get it. It’s Anna, who tells him that he missed a button. He says, she’s home. She says, he’s not. He asks her in, and she says, sorry, she should have called. She needs to discuss a legal matter with Alexis. Finn says that’s his cue to leave, and kisses Alexis goodbye. Anna says it looks like things are going well. They fumble a little with small talk, and Anna shows her the box on Robert’s tablet. She asks if Alexis has seen it.

Valentin tells Nina that he thought they shared everything. She says she told him that she hired Curtis. He says she’s perilously close to defamation. She says she’s protecting Maxie, since her brother isn’t there to do it, and why is Valentin is protecting Peter over Maxie?

Sam tells Maxie that she was thinking about stepping down from Aurora. She owns it with Drew. It was his dream, and they wanted to do it as family. She needs to find time with herself, and figure out who she is. It sounds cliché, but as an independent woman, she doesn’t want to be behind a desk. She’s a PI, and pretty damn good at it. She wants to focus on that.

The waitress tells Robert that his cronut will be out shortly.  He gets a call from Frisco, and asks if the box was x-rayed. He takes notes with a crayon he finds on the table, and writes, lithium alloy, no x-ray. He guesses it wasn’t meant for Helena. Finn walks in, and orders a gallon of coffee and a cronut. The waitress says they’re out of them, and he asks, what about this one? picking up the cronut meant for Robert. Robert asks what he thinks he’s doing.

Sam tells Maxie about posing as a prospective client at the bank. Maxie asks if they robbed it, and Sam says they infiltrated it. Maxie asks if they took anything, which constitutes robbery, and Sam says whatever they took will be put to good use, and she sleeps well at night. Maxie says, what if they’d gotten caught, but Sam says they have so much dirt on the bank manager, he practically works for them now. Sam just wants Maxie to be happy, and Maxie says, her too, but she’ll get there eventually. Sam thinks it’s great that Maxie is holding on to good memories and moving forward; it makes her feel better about what she did. She asks if Maxie remembers putting things in boxes for the homeless shelter, and Maxie says it was the worst mistake, and Sam is glad she said that. Sam goes to the closet, and gives Maxie a box, saying she kept this for her. Maxie thanks her, and we all get teary.

Valentin says he’s trying to protect Nina’s job; Peter is the CEO of her parent company. This could be considered corporate espionage and grounds for termination at the very least. Nina says let them try; they’d be lost without her. Valentin says as much as the magazine would suffer without her, she would suffer without her job. It fuels her creativity and means something to her. She says Maxie means more. Valentin asks if they’ve tapped Peter’s phones or hacked his computer, but Curtis says, nothing like that; he’s just done some preliminaries. Valentin suggest he be discreet. He can see how much Nina has to lose. Curtis says he has a renewed appreciation for the bachelor life, but Nina says they’ll work it out; stay tuned. Valentin says he just got a front row seat to the negotiations in marriage. Nina tells Valentin that if Curtis and Jordan don’t make it to the altar, it’s his fault. He tells her that she’s looking for trouble where there isn’t any, and she hopes so. He tells her that if they find anything, tell him.

Robert tells Finn to put the cronut back. Finn offers to pay him for it, but he says it’s not for sale. Finn says he’s the shower guy. He heard him in Anna’s room. They introduce themselves, and Finn asks if he’s with Anna now.

Alexis recognizes the crest, but not the box. Anna explains that it’s a conundrum box, imprinted so no one except the recipient can open it or it self-destructs. Alexis says it sounds like something you’d find on Cassadine Island. She wishes she could be more helpful, and asks if it has anything to do with her search for Faison’s son. Anna says it’s a WSB matter. She has another matter she wanted to discuss with Alexis; adding a codicil to her will. She wants to make sure her children are provided for. Alexis says, children? Anna says her heirs; Robin has two children now. Alexis says if she’d like another attorney, she can recommend Diane, but Anna says she trusts Alexis with her affairs, immediately realizing her poor choice of words. She tells Alexis that she’ll call next time.

Peter tells Lulu that he has to prepare for a meeting. It’s supposed to be on policy, but inevitably, someone asks about the budget, so he has to be on his game. She asks if he thinks she’s right in playing the long game and keeping Dante in the dark for now. He tells her to trust her instincts. She thinks Henrik is probably like everyone else, somewhere in the middle; not a hero or a villain. It haunts her that Faison wasn’t not like everyone else. There were no shades of grey; he was cruel, twisted, and evil. He was Henrik’s father, and no matter how bad Henrik might be, it’s not his fault; he didn’t have a chance. Peter tells Lulu that her compassion and humanity make her a great reporter.

Maxie goes through the box, and says she thought it was gone. Sam offers to keep it there, but Maxie says she doesn’t think she can ever leave it again. She can’t thank Sam enough. They hug. Sam tells her that friends don’t always do what we want, and sometimes fail miserably, but they’re still friends. Maxie says some things are unforgivable. She’s suddenly hungry, and says she’s going to Kelly’s. She invites Sam along, but Sam has something to take care of, and there’s no putting it off.

Nina has to get to the meeting. Valentin tells her whatever she and Curtis have planned, keep him in the loop. She insists they know what they’re doing, but he says only one of them went to spy school. She needs an alibi in case they get caught. She says in this case, the less he knows, the better.

Finn tells Robert it’s none of his business. His association with Anna was temporary, and now it’s over. Robert asks if he figures she’s not worth fighting for, and Finn says he’s staying away for his own protection. Robert says he needs the cronut more, and leaves. He runs into Anna outside, and she returns his tablet. He tells her to ask next time, and she says, like he asked to share her hotel room? He tells her that there’s a guy in danger of eating his heart out inside. She goes in, and sees Finn.

Nina stops by Peter’s office, and says he’d better get going. He says he thought of delegating it to her, but she thinks they need to hear from the CEO. They leave, and Nina says she’ll be right there. She texts Curtis that the coast is clear. She turns out the light and shuts the door.

Maxie sees Lulu sitting outside Kelly’s. She asks what happened, and Lulu explains. Maxie asks if Lulu wants her to tell the waitress she’s out there. Lulu says she’s just resting, and Maxie tells her to feel better. Lulu calls her back, and says thanks.

Curtis goes into Peter’s office, and looks around with a flashlight.

On the phone, Valentin tells someone that they need to call him. They’re in more trouble than they think. Robert strolls into the living room. Valentin asks how he got in, and he says he knows his way around. Robert loves what he’s done with the place.

Alexis picks up Finn’s tie and remembers them talking about giving it a try.

Anna sits with Finn. She says he met her ex, and he nods.

Curtis continues looking around. He hears someone. Sam walks in, and asks what he’s doing there.

Tomorrow, Ava tells Nelle that Sonny is getting payback, Sam asks Curtis is there’s something about Peter they don’t know, Anna tells Finn that she’s not the person everyone believes she is, and Diane says Mike might not be going home.

Southern Charm

Craig reads the paper, Shep practices putting, Naomie feeds the cat, Austen puts on a facial mask, and Cameran bounces on a giant ball, asking the baby to move lower.

Cameran says Michael is the best gift. Patricia loaned him to her. He brings her a bunch of supplies and a mixer for making baby food. He says it’s easier than it seems, but she says she’ll be buying Gerber. She asks if Michael will rub her feet and not feel weird; Jason won’t do it. Michael says he’d be glad to. Jason is her husband; he’s a domestic. Cameran says, best gift ever, but feels like Michael is cheating on Patricia.

Craig video chats with his parents. His mom says he looks a little drunk, and he says he just took a nap. She asks how his sewing is going, and he’s going for a pillowcase a night. He says he and Naomie are so emotionally charged when they see one another, they don’t know how to handle it. She runs at the first sign of trouble. They speak different languages. His parents say they’ve been married a long time, and are still navigating that. Craig is interested in calling a life coach that he met. He knows his problems, but hasn’t done anything to fix it.

Thomas meets JD (bleh) for lunch. Thomas got in a workout and JD says he’s doing eight-ounce free-weights. Oh, har-har-hardy-har-har, you idiot. Thomas asks what’s going on. JD said he was single, but showed up at the shower with Elizabeth. JD says they’re staying friends, and decided to go to the shower together. Thomas tells him it confused everyone, and JD says it’s complicated; they have three kids. Thomas says if they’re really doing it for the kids, they should stay apart, but be harmonious. In his interview, Thomas says it was better for him and Kathryn to be apart. The negative energy isn’t healthy for the kids. He tells JD he has to protect himself. JD appreciates the advice, which probably means it went in one ear and out the other. It went quickly too, since there’s nothing in there. Thomas says it’s a role reversal.

Kathryn calls Cameran who only has three more weeks to go. Kathryn asks what’s going on. Cameran hates that Kathryn couldn’t come to the shower. In her interview, Kathryn says she had so much baggage with Patricia, and we flash back to her imitating Patricia, but with a British accent. Now, now she sees that Patricia is Patricia, but she’s still Petty Patricia. She tells Cameran that she asked Ashley to lunch. Cameran says that takes balls. Kathryn wants to make sure she’s not crazy, since she’s around Kathryn’s kids.

Shep meets Peyton for lunch. She was one of his dates on RelationShep. He welcomes her to Charleston. She already has a job at a doggy daycare, and got peed on by a Great Dane twice today. In his interview, Shep says they dated last year, but it didn’t work out. He’s never not been friends with anyone he’s dated, after the fact. As long as didn’t attack him or mortally wound a family member, they’re okay. Peyton asks if he’s chilled on parties. He says he has, but he’s ready again after laying low for a few days. He asks if she wants him to set something up with a group, and she likes the idea. She already knows Austen. She says they hung out the other night, and went to dinner and a movie. He says she’s off to the races. I his interview, Shep says he gets them on base and Shep knocks them in. We flash back to Chelsea having dated Shep first. He tells Peyton that Austen is a good person from a good family. Shep is really a nice guy; he’s just not marriage material. I’d totally be friends with him, but I’d never date him.

Kathryn cracks her knuckles waiting for Ashley at the restaurant. It seems like everyone eats and drinks outside in Charleston. I’m not keen on eating outside, especially in the heat. Ashley asks if she wants a cocktail, and Kathryn says she doesn’t drink. In her interview, Kathryn says, are you kidding? She tells Ashley that she’s never met any of Thomas’s girlfriends, and thought they should get to know each other. She doesn’t know what impression Thomas has made about her, but she just wants to work together. The first step would have been for him to tell her that he had a serious girlfriend, and she has a lot of questions. Ashley says her parents are divorced, and she knows what it’s like. Everyone was shocked when she moved there, and her parents were concerned, thinking she wasn’t making the best decision. She tells Kathryn that she met the kids after a week. In her interview, Kathryn says, per their agreement, she and Thomas aren’t allowed to introduce the children to romantic prospects. If she slips up once, she can’t see the kids, but he can do what he wants and still gets full custody. She asks if that says anything about men with money in Charleston. It took her years and crazy fights to realize that got her nowhere. She tells Ashley all she cares about is consistency.

Cameran meets Danni and Leva. Leva is one of her best friends, and it’s been a blessing being pregnant together. They sniff Danni’s wine. Cameran can’t wait to drink again, and asks if Danni is going to “pump and dump.” Danni is surprised the alcohol is absorbed into the milk (really?), and asks if it won’t help the baby sleep. Cameran is waiting for her hormones to kick in, calling herself a cold-hearted bitch. She thinks she was looking at motherhood the wrong way, and we flash back to her talking to a therapist about not wanting children. She says giving up something doesn’t mean life ends; it’s just a different life. Danni says, it enhances it. Danni thinks Cameran and Leva should make an arranged marriage for the kids.

Chelsea visits her dad Ken. They’re going to do some fishing and drink beer. Her parents divorced when she was three, but remained close friends. Her dad moved to Atlanta, and every other weekend they met at the Hooters in Augusta. They were known by name there. Ken says he got her a present, and that makes her nervous. It’s tequila, so everything is good. She says she loves her mom, but she’s tough. Her dad was always more of a friend than a father figure. She probably tells him more than some of her girlfriends. He asks about Austen, and she says they don’t hang out as much. He taught her to try and remain friends, even if it’s hard, because life too short. Exactly, which is why I think just the opposite. I’ve rarely remained friends with an ex. I’m like Robin Stone from The Love Machine. Movin’ on. She tells Ken that everyone her age is married and has kids, divorced, or remarried. She’s worried she’ll be forty, and still not be in settle-down mode. Ken says not everyone is meant to be married or have kids. Chelsea thinks it would bother him, but he says, not as much as she thinks. He has three kids, so as long as one of them has a kid, he’s good.

Kathryn is hosting a girls’ night at a hotel; she hasn’t had one since she was nineteen. She says girlfriends are a helluva lot better than sh*tty boyfriends. Preach it, sister! Danni asks about lunch with Ashley, and Kathryn says she just wanted to get to know Ashley. Danni thinks she’s being very mature, and Kathryn says she needs to know who’s around her children. Danni calls her the new Kathryn.

Thomas and Ashley have a drink at home. Ashley shows him bachelorette favors called “mug shots,” that have epithets on them. Thomas seems less than thrilled as Ashley holds up Trophy Wife, Gold Digger, and finally, Baby Mama. She says, speaking of which, she left lunch pleasantly surprised. Coming in as the woman Kathryn is threatened by, she was friendly and kind. As the mother of children Thomas’s children, she respects Kathryn. In his interview, Thomas says they strive for cordiality. Thomas is going out for a boys’ night tonight. If this was a musical, his group would merge with Kathryn’s, and they’d dance. Ashley tells Thomas that she gets worried, because – wait for it – he’s a stud. I literally LOL. She says she can’t blame other women for throwing themselves at him. Because it can’t possibly be the money. She says it’s not that she doesn’t trust him, but she doesn’t trust them. In his interview, Thomas says that he moved Ashley there because he was tired of being in meaningless relationships, but he needs a little space. He tells her that he has feelings, and that’s what he tells them. Oh brother.

Kathryn sets out appetizers. The centerpiece is a giant hand with bananas placed on it. Chelsea asks if they’re having condom training. Kathryn says she should take that class. She says the hotel room is bigger than her apartment. The other girls arrive. Naomie says the banana placement is incredible. They talk about Elizabeth, and Naomie says it was shocking to see her walk in with JD. It didn’t make sense. We see a clip of Elizabeth telling Naomie what boils down to, mind your own business. Elizabeth tells her, it’s their relationship. In her interview, Naomie says she understands that Elizabeth is trying to hold it together, but she’ll never be okay with it. She tells the girls that a heads-up text wouldn’t have been nice. Chelsea says let her deal with it now; Naomie learned her lesson.

The guys meet at a bar. Austen wants to reintroduce Craig to the wild. Shep wonders if he has the nuts to make it happen. In his interview, Shep wants to introduce Craig to as many girls as possible. They have a shot.

The girls go out to dinner. Danni wants cheese. They talk about sex like they’re on Sex in the City, and the waiter is highly amused. Kathryn says her vibrator is waterproof. I don’t want to know

Thomas says a sure-fire way to meet women is to cut in while they’re dancing. Austen says Thomas is being unrelentingly Thomas. Craig says they’re from two different eras. What was considered gentlemanly at one time, means you’re a cretin now.  In his interview, Austen thinks Thomas might be from 1932, but his style of game is still better than Craig’s.

Naomie tells the girls that she and Craig got in fight at the shower. Even though they’ve broken up, they still find a way to fight. He sent her a rant at 2:30 am, and said he doesn’t understand why they didn’t work, and they need to talk. Naomie reveals that she’s basically been stalking Craig, following all his social media, and sneaking a tracking app onto his phone. Really? In her interview, Naomie says she has PG Syndrome – Psycho Ex-Girlfriend Syndrome. Who does this? Who admits they do this? She looks him up on her phone, and tells the girls where guys’ night is. Danni wonders if the guys are discussing relationships. Doesn’t one of those girls think what Naomie is doing is weird???

Craig says it’s the most hellish night of his life. In his interview, he says until he’s sure he and Naomie are done, he’s not ready to sleep with anyone else. He doesn’t want to throw away the three years they had. Shep takes Craig up to some women.

The girls have a shot. Kathryn drinks water. Chelsea asks the waiter if there are any good-looking men at the bar. He suggests they come back on the weekend.

While walking to the next bar, Shep asks Austen about having a date with Peyton. He says he had a chance with Peyton, and blew it. At the next place, Shep immediately introduces Craig to some women, but he doesn’t linger.

Craig visits Chelsea at the salon. She tells him that he needs his neck shaved like no one’s business. They talk about having laughs at their respective nights out. Chelsea asks if he was out seeking women or getting past the break-up. He says he’s told Naomie that he needs a definitive answer. Chelsea asks if they can’t have an adult conversation. Craig says Naomie doesn’t like to talk, which I interpret as, she doesn’t like it when she’s wrong. His phone dings. In a totally psychotic psychic move, it’s Naomie, texting that she wants to talk. He says he has new hair. It’s time for them to meet.

Naomie is tired of being mad about anything to do with Craig. Why is she stalking him then? They meet at an outside bar. Craig says they’re so nice when they’re texting, but when they see each other, they fight. He asks if she wants to get back together. He says he would love that, but she says she doesn’t know. She’s not sure the changes they both want to happen, can happen. He says he’s getting a life coach; he wants to be more productive. She says if he’s really going to change his lifestyle and get help, that’s amazing, but she won’t believe it until she sees it. She’s not basing anything on his words; she did that. He says, she’s not even going to try? She says she spent three years clinging to something that wasn’t there. Craig doesn’t know what she’s talking about. He said he was going to finish law school, and he did. He passed the bar in the top 93% percent in the country. Did I hear that right? Does that mean he’s not totally crappy? He tells her that he’s bought property. What is it he’s said he’d do, and didn’t? Naomie tells him, get up in the morning and be a productive member of society. He accuses her of attacking him, and she says she can’t live like he does. He tells her that she focuses on the negative, and accuses her of being a quitter. She says he’s all talk and no action, and he says that’s awful. She says she’s so mad, she wants to cry. Craig says he tried to give her chance. She says he’ll never be accountable for anything. He says he can’t be with her unless she works on her negativity problems.

Naomie says she feels better now about them not being together. She loves him, but he doesn’t get it. Craig thinks she’s angry because she can’t figure a reason they shouldn’t be together. They’re on different planets. Naomie gets up, and walks off. Craig says he guesses that means they’re not getting back together. Very perceptive, our Craig.

Next time, Austen talks to his parents about making his own beer, Thomas invites Kathryn trick-or-treating, and Naomie calls Peyton a thirsty bitch at a Halloween party. I’d thought Naomie was spoiled, but now I’m starting to think she’s batsh*t crazy.

🍹 I’m getting to know the cast on Southern Charm New Orleans, and really enjoying Reagan and Jeff. They have three little dogs (one with one eye like my Casey), along with a Doberman, which is enough, but I’m impressed with their team effort marriage. Because Reagan supported him during his football career (sorry, I didn’t catch the team – football does not stick to my memory), he’s supporting her now, one of her ventures being a jewelry business. I actually love the jewelry, the designs based on her global travels, but I’m sure it’s out of my league pricewise.

🎡 On Watch What Happens Live, they played a new game that was loads of fun. Someone in the booth would give Andy a series of words – for example, Mary Poppins, or shake, rattle, and roll – and he had to use it in a sentence. We also saw the words, but the guests did not. It was amusing to see what he came up with, trying to work it into the conversation. Sometimes he was right on, but he missed a couple of golden opportunities. I hope they do it again. Of course, I said that about their New Year’s Eve show, and they never had another one.

💍 90 Day Fiancé: Happily, Ever After? will be returning on May 20th at 8 pm. I can’t wait! I never did finish writing about last season, but the main takeaway was that Molly was already married to Luis, and never told the producers. This probably would have been fine, except Luis turned out to be an incredibly weird d-bag. He also disappeared. Maybe he met up with Mohammed. Keep watching the headlines.

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December 18, 2017 – A Missing Disco Ball, the Return of Lala & a Pinch of 90


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Since The I Hate This Show Right Now Walking Dead is done for the season, I took Sunday night off. Off of here anyway.  It was past time to Christmas up the house.

General Hospital

Franco used to be able to lie and sleep like a baby, but now it hurts not to tell Elizabeth things. He says there’s something he should have told her a while ago. She takes him where they can have some privacy, and says they’ll figure it out together.

At the MetroCourt, Jason calls Robin, and says things are still complicated. He needs to get in touch with Anna. Carly sees Sonny at the bar. They make holiday small talk about having fun. Zzzz…

Anna and Jordan run into each other in the park. Jordan says it’s nice to see the community coming together. She tells Anna that Andre was transferred, and seemed almost relieved. Anna says a secret like that, and watching the fallout, takes its toll. Jordan says it’s not over yet – not even close.

Drew tells Sam they’re not legally married. He meant every word of the vows, but needs to say them again in his own name. He asks her to marry him, but she says they are married. The vows are still real; names don’t count for anything. He says they do out in the world, and he wants things to be right. How much they love each other hasn’t changed. They kiss.

Maxie meets Lulu at Kelly’s. She asks if Maxie can team up with her for something worthwhile. She wants to host a food drive for feeding America.

Sam and Drew talk about all the different areas they have to deal with regarding the name change. Drew adds Oscar, and tells her about their awkward conversation. She says it will be an adjustment – like everything. They’ll work it out. He calls her Mrs. Kane. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Oscar. Sam leaves them to talk.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he may have learned the truth before everyone else. Okay, he did learn it before everyone else. After Jason came through the skylight, he confronted Andre, who admitted faking the death certificate. She says he told her, and the sky didn’t fall. She has questions, but is surprised he knew. He says he knew more than that.

Jordan tells Anna about a case where the wife knew nothing about her husband’s criminal activities, and how she’d judged her. She promised herself it would never happen to her, and she’s a cop, trained to look for clues. She had no idea about Andre; he never even raised a red flag. Anna says she was unaware as well, and some people are gifted with compartmentalizing. Maybe after he realized he couldn’t save his wife, he created a reality he could live with, and it worked for a while. Jordan says until his past caught up with him. Anna’s phone rings. Jason asks her to meet him at the MetroCourt. Jordan asks if everything is okay, but Anna isn’t sure

Jason joins Sonny and Carly. They talk about Spinelli being the best one to check over the manuscript. Sonny says, unless he gets distracted by the story. Ha-ha! Sam comes in, and asks Carly about settling the bill for the launch party. They go out in the hallway, and Carly asks if really abut the bill. Sam says yes, then admits it’s no. Drew just pointed out obvious, that they’re not legally married, and he asked her to marry him again. Carly asks what she said.

Drew Is glad Oscar dropped by. Their meeting didn’t go the way he’d hoped. Oscar says maybe they should forget it. No point in forcing it if Drew isn’t interested. Drew says he wanted to give Oscar space, but he is interested. He just doesn’t want to pressure Oscar, but hopes he’s interested too.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he wanted to know who was who, and Andre sent him a printed document, saying he’d know what to do with it. Elizabeth is shocked he knew and had proof. He says he went back and forth, but didn’t want to tell her something that would upset her. She’s at a loss. Two men literally had their lives stolen, and he could have proved everything. She asks him why, and he says, Jason.

Jason tells Sonny about the memory baseline. Sonny says the transfer was just a preliminary step to something bigger. Brick is working on getting the files from Russia. He says the money was laundered six ways to Sunday, and it will take a long time. Jason thanks him, saying he must be spending a bundle on the investigation. Sonny says he has his right hand back, and the investment is even better than he thought.

Sam tells Carly that she’s in love with Drew; they have a family and a child. Carly says she has a family and a child with Jason. Sam says, had; there’s difference. Carly tells her that she has time to think. Sam says it’s just a name, and it shouldn’t change anything. Carly gets what she’s doing, but wouldn’t be able to do it herself. She says Sam loves Jason, and no matter how well she guards her heart, it will eventually come out. Sam says she’s not denying it, and Carly says even if she doesn’t say the words, Drew probably knows. He’s out there thinking he’s doing the noble thing, and she’s doing the same, but no one is happy. Not Drew, not Jason, and especially not her.

Lulu says while she was doing research on the school lunch program, she found out that one in four Americans go hungry every day. They don’t talk about it, so it becomes an invisible problem. A lot of them live in urban deserts, where fresh produce isn’t available, so she wants to concentrate on that. Maxie asks how, and tells her that she needs to get the word out. Lulu says that’s why she came to her.

Franco says Jason hates him like God hates sin, and has a certain amount of influence over her. Elizabeth asks if Franco thought she’d dump him if Jason said so. Franco says Jason can’t get past the terrible things he did, even though it wasn’t him back then. He’s thinks Jason will come up with something to make him pay. Elizabeth asks if he thinks Jason will hurt him. Franco says it wouldn’t surprise him, but he’s afraid of Jason changing her viewpoint on him. He didn’t tell the truth, and was a coward. Elizabeth says, yes, he was.

Oscar is like, it’s cool, and Drew says, baby steps. They talk about Scout. Drew says Scout would love to meet him, and Oscar says he’d like to meet her. Drew tells him that they’ll set that up.

Anna joins Sonny and Jason. Jason tells Anna that before Andre left the country, he stashed a flash drive in an ornament that he gave to her. She says it must be the disco ball, but she didn’t know anything was inside of it. She says it’s at home, and she’ll get it. I’m guessing it’s with the other ornaments. No way it could be this easy.

Sam says that Carly adores Jason, and would do anything to give him what he wants. Carly says she does, and he wants Sam’s happiness. Jason will be okay; he’ll survive without her. The person she wants it for is Sam, but she’s just worried about Drew. Jason is just as much of a victim, but it seems like Drew has all the sympathy and is the only one allowed to grieve. Jason came back after being held captive for five years, and found out his life was no longer his own, yet everyone is wringing their hands over Drew. Sam says Jason will be fine. Carly tells her that’s exactly why she’s with Drew, and why it’s a mistake.

Lulu tells Maxie that she wants to host the event at Kelly’s. They’ve already offered a huge donation of fruit and vegetables. Maxie thinks The Floating Rib will match it, and Lulu is also going to talk to Carly about the MetroCourt. She tells Maxie they need a social media presence, and Maxie says, done. Lulu says she makes giving fashionable.

Elizabeth tells Franco that her biggest problem is that Jason is Jake’s father. This affected her son’s life. Doesn’t he care about how Jake feels? Franco says her boys are the second-best thing that’s ever happened in his life, and it’s hard for him. He doesn’t want Jason near Jake; hanging out, and bonding in matching black T-shirts. The last thing he wants Jake to know about him are the horrible things he’s done. Elizabeth says he’s going to eventually find out, with or without Jason. Franco was sick. He’s worried Jason can persuade Jake otherwise, but she says she can be persuasive too. He can’t keep doing this. The world is bigger than him and his fears. He says she’s his world, and to tell him he has her. She says he does, but he has to stop. If he has any deep, dark secret, now’s the time.

Drew and Oscar make small talk about school. Drew asks if Oscar has any questions, but Oscar says none he can probably answer. Drew tells him to take a shot, and Oscar asks what he was like when he was younger, and what it was like with his first girlfriend. Drew wishes he could answer, but he can’t remember. Oscar would also like to know about his mom, if she ever let loose or was she always like a mom-in-training? Drew says his mom might enjoy that conversation, but Oscar thinks she wouldn’t give him answers. He does know one thing about Drew; the music he liked, or at least what he thought Oscar’s mother would like. He’d made a CD for her. Drew can’t believe she kept it, and asks if there are any embarrassing songs, but Oscar says it’s pretty solid. He asks if Drew would like to hear it.

Sonny says if they find the flash drive intact, then what? Jason says he’ll ask Drew to undergo the procedure. Sonny asks what if he says no, and Jason thinks he can remember on his own. Even though he has Jason’s memories, why are they so different? He thinks Drew already remembers more than he realizes.

Carly says Sam just admitted she loves Jason. Sam says she always will, but is in love with Drew. Carly says you can love two people, but only be with one. She tells Sam you should be with the one who really gets you, all the way to your toes. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Back at the park, Anna tells Jordan there’s something important in the box of ornaments, and she has to find it.

Sam says Carly makes it sound easy. Carly knows it’s not, but whatever Sam decides, she has her back. She says she’d by lying if she didn’t say she was rooting for Jason, but the team she’s on is Sam’s.

Carly goes back inside. Sam and Jason gaze at each other. Sam leaves.

Elizabeth tells Franco to promise no more secrets. He says one more, and he’s secret free. He tells her that he went to see Betsy after he found out Drew was alive. He wanted to know why she sent Drew away, and not him. She told him it was because she was protecting Drew. According to her, he tried to kill Drew by pushing him down the stairs. She sent Drew away, and kept Franco close to keep an eye on him. Elizabeth says Jason was right; he’s evil. When Jason finds out Franco is the person he thought he was, he’ll pay. This is all just in Franco’s mind. Elizabeth says if they’re going to make it work, she needs to know. He says no more secrets. She asks if he promises, and he says, cross my heart. Why does he do this?

Sonny asks Carly if everything is okay. Carly tells him that Sam is overwhelmed. She tried to help, but thinks she made things worse. Anna calls Jason. She asks him to meet her in the park, and tells him that they have a problem.

Sam asks Drew how it went with Oscar. He thinks it went well; at least better than the first time. He asks how she is. She left pretty fast, and he hopes it wasn’t the proposal. She says he was right; they’ll always be them. Legalities mean nothing. She loves him, their life together, and everything they’ve created. Yes, she’ll marry him. He tells her that he loves her so much, and she makes him happy, but they can’t right now. Not like this.

Franco apologizes to Elizabeth for lying. She wishes he hadn’t, but understands. There’s no reasoning with Jason when he sees something a certain way, but moving forward, he needs to be brave enough to trust her, so she can trust him with her heart and boys’ hearts. She loves him more than she’s ever loved anyone. She can’t wait to be his wife. They kiss.

Sonny asks Carly what’s really going on with Sam. She tells him that she and Drew aren’t legally married. He says the hits just keep on coming, but she wishes Sam could see it as a blessing. She thinks staying with Drew is the noble thing, but loves Jason. How do you stay married, even if you love someone, when your soulmate still in picture? Sonny says maybe she’ll realize. Carly asks what he and Jason were talking about, and he says how to handle a threat, when you don’t know what you’re dealing with. Faison switched them for a reason, but they don’t know what it is.

Drew tells Sam that Oscar has questions about who he was, but he couldn’t answer them. It’s not fair to him or any of his kids, and especially not to Sam. He needs to try get his memory back. The person he loves most should know about him. He asks her to wait for him. He has to find himself. He feels like they’re meant to be, and they’re forever. She kisses him.

Jason meets Anna at the park. She tells him the ornament is gone. Her housekeeper must have made a mistake, and put it in the box with the other ornaments. The rest are all accounted for, except for that one. Jason thinks it’s not an accident. She asks him what was on the flash drive, and he says supposedly Drew’s memory. It can lead them to the person who put it into motion.

We see the disco ball opened on a desk. So when is Faison getting here?

Tomorrow, Obrecht tells Britt not to betray Faison, Julian says he only told Alexis the good news, and Sam wants to know what’s going on.

🌽  On a Personal Note…

In regard to Lulu’s venture to feed America, please donate to your local food bank when you can. I understand what it’s like to be hungry. Having gone through broke AF times, the food bank was an invaluable resource. Lulu was right about there being a lack of fresh produce though. It’s hard to come by when you’re poor and hungry. Since I live in an area where there are farms not far away, it was a real blessing when farmers donated to the bank. Another blessing was the “ugly” vegetable department in my Shoprite, where they sell the not-so-pretty vegetables, as well as those that are still edible, but about to turn. (Not turn into zombie vegetables, but they wouldn’t be lasting much longer.) So besides donations, you can also sign petitions requesting that places like Walmart carry these. And if you are the one who’s hungry, there’s no shame in going to your food bank. It’s there for a reason – use it – but pay it forward when you’re back on your feet.

Vanderpump Rules

I’m not sure how last week can be topped. Unless Jax is drawn and quartered.

Stassi and Brittany go to the spa. Today would be Brittany and Jax’s two-year anniversary. Brittany had planned a spa day for the two of them, but since he can’t keep it in his pants, she’s bringing Stassi instead. She’s one of the few people who knows exactly how Brittany feels. Brittany says she keeps going all over the place. Stassi would never suggest not getting back together, but she is. Brittany tells her that she knows what’s best, but she doesn’t know if she can follow through. Stassi knows Jax is saying what she wants to hear, and doesn’t want her to go through what she did. We flash back to that. Brittany says it’s so new, and she’s confused. She admits to having sex with Jax last night. She doesn’t know why, and Stassi says she’s feeling emotion when he’s crying and whining he’ll never do it again.

Tom and James take Jax out for a drink. He wishes Brittany would hook up with someone else, and they’ d be even. Once again showing us what a shallow, empty-headed jerk he is. In his mind, it would fix things. He tells them he was planning on staying at a hotel, but ended up staying at the apartment. They had more sex in the last two days than they’ve had in six months. Tom says it’s been two months since he’s had any, and it’s freaking him out. In his interview, James wonders if this is what the future holds for him. Tom is starting to feel skeezy coming on to his own girlfriend, and downloaded an audio book on intimacy at three am.

Schwartz brings Lisa flowers, and she asks what he’s done. He says the meeting they had left a bad taste in his mouth, and he wanted to apologize on behalf of both of them. Lisa says it’s not him that’s guilty, but Tom is being negative and accused her of spying. Schwartz says they’re a team, and he wants to “moisturize” the situation. Lisa tells him some of the things Tom said, and says she and Ken are bringing experience, financing, and a plethora of other things to the table. She needs them to be positive. Ken says they should grasp the opportunity both hands. Schwartz says they are really appreciative, and that he’s ready to get serious. They’re invested in this. Lisa promises they’ll have another meeting. Lisa thinks the Toms and Jax must have a standing order with the flower people, since they need to apologize so often.

Lisa and Nathalie (Lisa’s partner) meet with Stassi at SUR. Lisa goes over some of the things they’ve already done for the upcoming party. Stassi says she didn’t dream about being an event planner, but wants to be a boss, and she can’t think of anyone better to learn from. Scheana was concerned that Stassi would be telling them what to do, so Nathalie tells her it’s not her job to deal with the servers. In her interview, Stassi says she should be annoyed, but she isn’t. It shows she’s above all that now. Lisa wants to see Stassi mature as much as the business has, but says she can’t wish for everything. Stassi doesn’t want to mess anything up, and Lisa tells her just be on the same page as her and Nathalie.

Katie tells Schwartz about the girls throwing a party for Brittany. They don’t want her to be scared of dumping Jax’s ass and starting over. Tom comes over, and tells Schwartz that he found a machine that can freeze any drink. Schwartz tells him not to get ahead, because Lisa and Ken are still mulling it over. In his interview, Tom says if the new restaurant turns out to be the one that got away, it will haunt him. Schwartz says from now on, they only vent to each other. Katie is proud of him, and says they can bring the quirk and flair, and Ken and Lisa can bring the class.

Brittany joins Ariana at the stables. Ariana says if she didn’t have riding, she doesn’t know what she’d do. It always centers her, and she wants to carry that back to her relationship. She’s riding in a competition, and is nervous because she wants to win. I think that’s the idea of a competition. She takes a spill, and the horse gets kooky. She tells Brittany she bailed, because she realized he wasn’t going to stop. She’s worried he might get spooked during the competition.

At Vanderpump Dogs, Lisa cuddles some of the furbabies. Raquel is volunteering today, and in her interview, Lisa says she’s like Bambi on steroids. She tells Raquel she still ahs to treat it like a job, and show commitment. In his interview, James says he and Raquel both have their own ways of dealing with things. He smokes weed; she pets dogs. James tells Lisa that he’s ready for his Turn It Up Tuesdays at SUR. In her interview, Lisa thinks if he does something autonomous, he’ll take responsibility, and might actually get it together.

Tom and Ariana’s brother go to watch Ariana compete. She says she and Walter (the horse) don’t have that trusting relationship yet, aka, she doesn’t trust him. Tom tells Jeremy that she always gets freaked out before a show. Tom says it’s awkward to broach the subject with him, but he and Ariana haven’t been having sex. Ariana said if he cheated once, they’d be done, but he wonders how anyone could blame him. Jeremy says they have to hash it out; there’s a root to the problem somewhere.

We watch Ariana ride. Tom thinks she looks hot. They already have a whip, so he thinks maybe they should get a saddle. She gets a blue ribbon. He says, save a horse, ride a cowboy – or a bartender.

Brittany tells Jax she’s going to Stassi’s for a pajama party. They’re throwing it in her honor, with her favorite things, and will probably talk sh*t about him. He says it’s between the two of them, and has nothing to do with the other girls. Brittany says she loves him, but it’s hard. He doesn’t understand how people can say he’s manipulative. I would say only to girls with no brain, but Stassi isn’t stupid. I find him repulsive, so I just don’t get it. Brittany asks if she’s going to find anything else out, but he says no.

Stassi wants the party to be special, and got a beer cheese recipe from Brittany’s memaw. Katie brings a piñata with Jax’s face on it, and Kristen has a gun that shoots tequila into your mouth. No thanks. I don’t even want to drink it from a glass.

The guys meet at a bar. The owner was once the manager at PUMP, and Tom is psyched, hoping the meeting about TomTom leads to something like that for him. Schwartz says the girls have set aside their differences to hate Jax together.

Brittany arrives, and Scheana and Ariana are right behind. In her interview, Stassi says it feels good to be the bigger person, but she hates when the angel wins. She shows Brittany the spread of all her favorite foods, and the beer cheese gets her approval. In her interview, Brittany confesses that it was a brave attempt, but not like her grandmother’s cheese.

The guys do shots. Tom says it’s the perfect storm ready to destroy the City of Jax. In his interview, Schwartz says the girls are the ideal espionage team, and Jax doesn’t appreciate the sh*t storm coming his way.

The girls beat on the piñata, and Brittany rips its head off. Alrighty then.

James tells everyone about his debut at SUR. If he does it right, he gets a percentage of the bar. In his interview, he says it’s crazy how much can happen in a year. We flash back to him being a total idiot. He swears he’s changed. My jury is out. It’s still early in the season.

The girls have orchestrated a spell. Stassi says it’s about scorning a cheating lover, and Katie is facilitating. In her interview, Katie says it’s so that Jax will receive his karmic punishment. Brittany says normally, she wouldn’t dabble in witchcraft, but she thinks the way Jax treated her, even Jesus would be on board. They light some candles and use some other props. Ariana is concerned that if she goes a whole night being cordial, Stassi will want to be friends again. Everyone kisses and makes up.

Lisa gets a drink from Wesley, the new SUR bartender. She has a meeting there with Lala. She tells Lala it’s been a while, and Lala asks if she’s surprised to hear from her. She’d like her job back. She has a man who provides her with amazing things (she’s still with the same guy), but he’s not an ATM machine, and she wants to pay her own bills. Lisa says she has a tendency to cut and run when she gets nervous, and makes things up. She says she should have been honest, and admits to leaving Lisa hanging, but asks forgiveness. It is granted. Lisa says she’s always fought for her. She tells Lala that she likes her very much, and Lala says she’s changed a lot. Lisa tells her she can come back. In her interview, Lisa says Lala is a fabulous hostess, and inside the tough exterior, is like a lost puppy. She tells Lala if she becomes unreliable, she’s out.

Peter asks how Jax is doing. He says it’s getting better, and the sex is the best. Tom says he should be prepared. Schwartz says they’ve taken precautionary measures. Tom brings out a locking chastity device for men. I’m not sure what to say…

Brittany isn’t sure what she’s going to do. She doesn’t want to upset anyone. Ariana asks if he told her it was a onetime thing, because it wasn’t. She says several people have said it. Stassi says she’ll always hear things about Jax, and for the most part they’re true. Ariana does a perfect imitation of Jax making excuses. Brittany calls him, and he goes outside with the phone. He swears on his life that it was only once. Brittany decides to bluff him, and says she has proof; she’s there. He asks why she’s setting him up, and she says she didn’t know it was more than once. She tells him Faith isn’t really there, but she wants the truth. He asks what does it matter, once or ten times, mirroring exactly what Ariana said when she mimicked him. He says it doesn’t make a difference, but she says it changes everything – he’s gone. Jax, who by now is pacing up and down the sidewalk, screams for her to shut-up, and that he didn’t do it. She says that’s not changing anything. They’re done. She hangs up.

Jax comes back in, and tells the guys that it was only once. Tom isn’t doubting it, but if he did it more than once, he needs to tell her. Jax insists it was just once.

Ariana calls Tom, and tells him that Jax isn’t allowed to stay at the apartment tonight. The girls are going back with Brittany. He knows how crazy Kristen is, and it will get intense if he comes home. Tom tells the table that the girls are charged up, and Jax can’t go home tonight.

Brittany stirs her drink, and shakes her head. The rest of the girls all look bummed.

Next time, Lisa asks if the Toms are in or out, Nathalie tells Stassi that Lisa is hard to impress, and Katie and Schwartz argue.

👰 💍 The 90-Day Fiancé finale was tonight, along with a Couples Tell All, but I still have to watch it before I prepare my thesis. However, I can’t hold inside that I was right about Molly not making it to the altar with Luis. Not only did he scoff at being a stepfather, saying they were her kids, he got really weird with his deflection during an argument. In the middle of her wailing about how he was a bully, and didn’t want her kids around, he suddenly started criticizing how she decorated with things like Buddhas,  owls, and candles, practically saying she was a devil worshiper. It was out of the blue, off-topic, and strange. She called it quits, but as if life wasn’t bad enough for her, Molly was already married to him. They weren’t going to the church, but had already been to a Justice of the Peace. D’oh! Not sure what happens now. The producers were pretty shocked.

😧 Postscript: I’m watching Couples Tell All as I’m editing this, and they’re back together. Once again, I don’t know what to say…




December 10, 2017 – Alexandria is Literally in the Sewer, 90 Day Drop Out & Break Some Bad


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



The Walking Dead

Rick tries to get someone on the radio, but only gets static.

Rick is on the road with Carl. Carl says it’s not enough. If he cared, he’d do something. It takes more than hope. Carl tells Rick it will be something after the fight’s over, and Rick says not for everyone. Carl asks, what about him?

Rick comes out with Jadis and the Heapsters (sounds like a rock band), and they go to the Sanctuary. There are bodies and zombie bodies everywhere, and it’s a real mess. Tetris Jadis says, not like the picture. Gunfire begins, and the Heapsters jet. Rick ducks behind something. Carol drives up in a car with Jerry. Rick gets in.

On the road (I hate when they flip back and forth like this), Carl says Rick is going to live, and asks why they’re fighting. Because they don’t like the way the Saviors want everyone working for them? He wants something more than just killing other people. Are they just going to kill all of them? Rick says finding a way forward is harder, and something more. That’s how it’s got to be.

We see Rick, Carol, and Carl’s faces. Then Ezekiel, Jerry, and Maggie. And Negan who whistles and laughs, making me smile. Come on. You can’t help but kind of like him. He’s so devil-may-care.

Enid tells Aaron they have to talk to them after coming all this way, right? He tells her that he and Eric used to take trips like this when they were looking for people to take back to Alexandria. She says she’s sorry. She had been thinking about Oceanside, wondering if they’ll talk to them. He says it will be a risk, but they have to convince them. She thinks they should have brought guns. He asks if she wants to drive, and they switch places. She makes an unplanned turn, saying she wants to check something out; give them something they can use. Aaron says they can’t show up empty handed. She drives toward a distillery. Would there really be any booze left after all this time?

Michonne tells Judith she’ll be back soon, and she’ll bring Judith’s daddy back with her. She’s glad Daryl returned. Daryl says they’ll go in tell and them to give up, and they will. She says sorry she couldn’t go with him when he let the zombies in, but he says it’s okay; it worked.

Carl opens an encyclopedia. Tweens everywhere sigh. He looks at a note that says, just survive somehow.

Tara tells Rosita it worked. The walkers are in, and they’ll finish it like they planned. Tara asks if she found any guns. Rosita says nothing heavy, just some grenades. Tara says they can use them to redirect the herd, and Rosita stacks a bunch of crates in her arms.

Enid and Aaron sleep in the car at the distillery. Aaron sees someone, and makes a signal for Enid to be quiet. He gets out with his rifle, and she follows with her gun at the ready. Someone tells them that they shouldn’t have come here, and Enid shoots. A woman says her grandma is dead, and we see Natania on the ground. Aaron and Enid are surrounded by Oceansiders. And they have guns.

Carl messes with a sewer cap, and Michonne asks him what he’s doing, He says he met someone, a traveler. She says, in the sewer? We hear Negan speak through a megaphone, saying he bets they’re wondering why the lookouts didn’t sound the alarm. He’s being polite, and cutting through the cowsh*t. They lose. It’s over. Everyone will have to give an apology, and the one who apologizes last, dies. He kills Rick, and then it’s over. He whistles some more. Michonne can’t believe they got out. Carl tells her to come on, and they drop down into the sewer.

Rick is all shaky. Carol’s face is like steel. Carol and Jerry’s car crashes into something.

Ezekiel sits in his throne room, dejected. He reads a note from someone saying they had to bounce, but I’m not fast enough to see if it’s from Carol or Jerry. He hears a commotion and shooting. He moves quickly, and gets out of there.

Jesus drives with Maggie on the passenger side, and Neil in the backseat. He asks if Maggie thinks they’ll surrender. She says eventually, but not now. Would they give up that quick? She tells him it will be when they run out of food, water, and choices. I’m having difficulty believing they got out of that mess at the Sanctuary. Maggie tells Jesus to slow down; there’s a tree in the road that wasn’t there before. She says, it’s them, and gets on the radio, telling the others to turn around. Too late; they’re trapped.

A truck pulls in front of them. Maggie and I both say, oh sh*t. The back of the truck opens, and Jerry is hauled out. Simon gets out of the cab. He remarks that it’s a damn nice night. I think he’s trying to be like Negan, but IMO falls completely short. A couple of guys lean a crate up against the front of Maggie’s car.

Carol tries to get it together, telling Tara to meet them there. (Where?) Over the megaphone, Negan says they’ll get points for creativity. Tara says they can fight. Carl says they just need to survive tonight. It’s his show, his plan, and they’re all going to do it. They scatter, and Negan says, one minute.

At the Kingdom, Gavin says he didn’t want it to come to this, but they wanted to order off the menu. Now, they have to eat sh*t. He didn’t want to serve it, but the Kingdom and everyone in it belongs to Negan. Moving forward, everything they produce belongs to the Saviors, and they’ll let them hold on to just enough to keep going. All able-bodied men and women will repair and refurbish the Sanctuary. Since they made it a mess, the Saviors will be hanging their hats here.

Simon tells Maggie that due to recent decisions, everything has changed, yet nothing has changed. Everyone needs to hand over their guns. He tells the guy holding Jerry to kill him if anyone tries anything, and that goes for everyone in the cars.

Outside the walls of Alexandria, Negan says Rick brought this on himself. He was willing to work with them. They just had to follow a few simple rules. Now he has to go. Carl appears at the top of the wall, and says Rick isn’t home. Negan tells the Saviors to hold their fire. It’s Carl answering the door like a big boy; he’s proud. He guesses Rick will get back to a smoky surprise, and Carl says there are kids there. Negan says it breaks his heart, but there were kids at the Sanctuary; he must have seen them. There was a baby at the outpost, and he wonders what happened to her. He says none of this sh*t is fair. Hell, he knows that Carl had to kill his own mom. That’s screwed up; ergo, they need someone in charge who’s willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that doesn’t happen, and that’s him. Carl says they can stop it. Negan says Rick gave his people a choice, but not him. They need a new understanding with apologies. Carl tells Negan if he has to kill someone, kill him; he’s serious. Negan asks if he wants to die. He doesn’t, but he will. If him dying can stop it, and make things different for everyone, it’s worth it. He asks Negan if this was the plan, and if it was supposed to be this way. Is this who he wanted to be? Negan thinks this over.

The Alexandrians zoom past in a caravan. Outside the town, Regina tells Dwight they should have had trucks, but he says it will hold. It doesn’t, and the trucks drive right through.

Explosions start happening in Alexandria. Negan tells Carl that he thought they were having a moment. So did I. Carl drops down, grabs his bag, lights some flares, and throws them around. Everything is burning. The church explodes, and a car blows up right next to him.

Simon tells Maggie and company that one person has to answer for this, but he hasn’t found Ezekiel. They should do themselves a favor and cooperate. I swear, if Ezekiel dies in this episode, I’m not watching next season. He says Ezekiel has to be there somewhere. There were rules, and he broke them. If they don’t give him up, this moves into something traumatic (like it’s not already), and he doesn’t want that. He tells them not to make this worse; the kids don’t need to see this sh*t. Simon gets nothing but silence, and says they’ve got five minutes. Then it’s Negan’s way, and it’s on them, not him.

Maggie asks Simon how they got out. Simon gives her three guesses, and says, let’s say they figured it out. Right now, the Kingdom is getting their innards splayed out, and the Saviors are taking possession. The same with Alexandria, as long as they don’t make it complicated. He tells them it’s the farmers’ lucky day. They’ve been chosen to keep producing. He says Gregory made fool out of him, so he’s hoping Maggie is the one to make things right.

Music is heard, and Simon tells Maggie that they need to shift into active listening. Eugene, who he was skeptical of, worked out. He helped get them out of the situation. Now his guys are leading the herd away. It can go one of two ways. One, he can kill the likeable gent on his knees (Jerry), drag them out, and put her in the box, in which she won’t suffocate like their friend Sasha. He’ll take her to Hilltop, gather everyone, and kill her in front of the whole place. After that, they’ll go back to the Sanctuary, and put her on a spike. Then his people will lead the walkers to Hilltop, and they’ll pull same the move they did – unsuccessfully. It will be a pita for everyone concerned. He tells Jesus to go home, water stuff, and save everyone, mostly him, trouble. He has to kill one of their people; then they’re aces.

Simon shoots Neil. He needed Maggie to know he means business. Now tell him he doesn’t have to go down the line. Maggie says she doesn’t need to do it, but wants to ask a favor. She’d like the box to bury Neil in. Simon tells her, favor granted.

Eugene can’t sleep. No surprise. He takes a drink. He actually might be more fun as a drunk. He weeps a little. Maybe not.

Carl wanders around. Is this his plan? Did the plan not work? Wtf is going on? Negan’s people are all over the place. Carl goes onto the porch of a house, and hears something. He runs, as it blows up behind him.  He sees everything burning. He looks exhausted. Buck up, dude, you’re still a teenager. I’d have been long dead by now, with all this jumping off of things.

In the woods next to the road, Tara says the Sanctuary attack was a mistake, but she made one too. Maybe Sasha would still be alive; maybe everything would end up the same way. Maybe they have to play it out to figure it out. Michonne asks where the hell they are. They hear a vehicle approach. Daryl throws flare in the road. Regina tells Dwight to stop the car; he’s leading them into it, and will get them killed. Daryl and the others start shooting, and gunfire goes back and forth. Regina tells Dwight it was him. She shoots him in the arm, but comes short of killing him, since she almost gets shot.

Alexandria continues to burn. Negan laughs. He says the convoy got away, but the kid still has to be there; he’ll go down with the ship. He tells the Saviors to find him, and don’t kill him. Blow up the houses. He’s going to Rick’s house to make spaghetti. Send Carl his way when he’s found.

A few of the Savior’s see Carl, but he lights more flares, and the smoke blurs their vision. He drops into the sewer.

Eugene tells Gabriel that Dr. Carson is capable of returning to Hilltop, but he’ll die en route. Dr. Carson asks what’s going on, and Eugene says Gabriel told him that Maggie will need his services for the birth. He tells them the guard at the north gate isn’t there. What they choose to do with this information is up to them. Gabriel asks if Eugene killed him, and Eugene explains that he gave him medically induced diarrhea via his coffee, and he’s “catastrophically crapping his khakis” right now. Gabriel asks why he changed his mind, and he says he couldn’t sleep. Gabriel says it’s not too late, and to come with them; they’ll take him back. I wouldn’t be too sure about that. He says he shan’t be doing that, and oops! he dropped the keys to a vehicle parked outside the unguarded gate. Gabriel tells him that he’s doing the right thing. Eugene says that assessment is relative, and Gabriel says no, it isn’t.

Ezekiel pours a line of gas, leading away from quite a few barrels of it, and sets it on fire. The whole thing blows up. He drives a bus through to the Kingdom. One of the Saviors says they need him alive. Carol asks one of the Kingdom people where Ezekiel is, and says to go to her house outside the Kingdom, and meet her there. As Carol gets to Ezekiel, he closes the gate, telling her that he can save them. Someone knocks him out from behind. I’m worried, since he’s a guest on Talking Dead tonight.

Maggie goes back to Hilltop, where the Saviors have been rounded up. Gregory says she knows he doesn’t belong here, and she tells him to shut up. She points to Dean, and says, that one, and tells them to get him out. Gregory is like, aw, man. She asks one of the guys for his gun. They bring Dean out, and Savior Al says, don’t do this. Dean, calls her cupcake, and says if she wants to put on a show, let her. She shoots him. It was probably the cupcake reference. She asks if Al wants to be next. He doesn’t. Maggie says they aren’t even, but it’s a start. She tells them to start fortifying the walls, and bury Neil. Jesus says he thought they weren’t giving up. She says they’re under attack; no more supplies are going in. They have to make a last stand.

Dwight shouts to Daryl and the others that it’s over. He made sure they could get back. He made the convoy come to the roadblock; he knew what it was. Now he can’t go back. Daryl asks how they escaped, and Dwight outs Eugene. He says he can still help them. He knows how the Saviors work, and knows how Negan thinks. He wants them to win, and wants Negan to die. Michonne says they need to get back now, and Enid helps Dwight up.

Maggie writes on the box. We have 38 more. Stand down.

Negan tells Ezekiel they had a good thing going. He felt bad for the kid. He didn’t want that, now more people have to die. Morgan slips around the back. Negan says he liked Ezekiel. Now his people are going to see their king is dead. Morgan stands outside, listening.

Daryl throws a rock into the sewer. Why? I have no clue. Everyone begins their descent. Dwight tells Michonne that he’s sorry. Michonne hesitates before going down. She watches some zombies sauntering around, and shuts the sewer cap.

Hey, it’s Rick. Where has he been? He goes to his house, calling for Carl, Michonne, and Judith. In response, he gets conked in the head by Negan, who says, sh*t isn’t funny anymore. Don’t make him do this. He says he has plans to cut Rick up in little pieces, then when he’s just a creepy stump with a head, he’s going to kill him in front of everyone. Rick asks if he ever shuts the hell up, and Negan tells him, no. He says Rick’s kid volunteered to die, and asks what kind of boy he raised. He tells Rick that he’s going to fix Carl. In a few years, Carl is going to be his own. They start to fight, and Negan says when he’s done with Rick, no one will try what he did ever again. Rick grabs Lucille, and gets a whack at Negan, who tells him not to touch her. He grabs Lucille back, and Rick snatches his gun from under the table. Before he can shoot Negan, Negan pushes him back, and they both go through the window. Rick takes off, and Negan says, sh*t

Michonne slices the top of a zombie’s head off. She looks very determined. A Savior grabs her, and says they’re all dead, and it’s her fault. Well, she’s the one with the big sword, so he dies. She spears him through the forehead, and then won’t stop hacking at him. Rick finds her, and asks where everyone is, but she can’t even speak.

They go through the sewer tunnel, and see the others. Judith is there.

We see the faces of Maggie and Jesus; Rick walking through the sewer, and seeing the others; Carol; Ezekiel, still smiling; and Morgan. Rick sees Dwight. Then we see Eugene’s face, Gabriel, and Saddiq. Carl tells Rick that Saddiq brought him there. Carl seems kind of out of it. Uh-oh. Carl got bit. He shows Rick his wound. When did that happen? Michonne falls to her knees. Tweens everywhere cry, but think he’d make a cute zombie.

We pan out on Carl through the long lens of the sewer tunnel.

As Negan would say, well sh*t.

Next time – February 25th – Dwight says they’re still out there looking, Ezekiel is still alive, the last stand is made, and Negan and Rick make love. Just kidding. And while I’m throwing ideas out there, why doesn’t Eugene put himself to real use, and invent a cure?

💍 On 90 Day Fiancé, it looks like there’s one down already. Molly called it quits with Luis, and rightly so. Very disappointing. The preview for next week showed her still toying with going through with it, but I doubt it’s happening. I hope not. He’s callous and a little strange.

🔬 AMC will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of Breaking Bad, with a marathon of the whole thing. It starts December 31st, and runs through the weekends in January. If you haven’t seen this show, check it out. Or watch it fresh if you have. The writing and acting are incredible, and there are many sardonic laughs along the way. The story actually has an ending too. Chemistry teacher turns meth lab king, starring Bryan Cranston. What’s not to like?


Walter White – Breaking Bad


December 9, 2017 – Z News, Sacrificing for Family & a Couple of Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



I was hoping to recap Z Nation, but wanted to cry when it wasn’t On Demand yet. Usually it is the day after it airs. Hopefully, it will show up before the next episode. BTW, there’s no news of it being renewed yet, so if you love it as much as I do, let the SyFy channel know.

Once Upon a Time

A carriage is driven through the forest. Rapunzel is driving, with her husband Marcus and their two daughters in the back. She says she always finds a way for her family. She steps out and goes through a gate. She stoops to gather up some radishes from a garden, and a cloaked figure appears, asking who dares to pick something from Gothel’s garden? and the radishes disappear from her hands. She tells Gothel that her husband is sick, and her children haven’t eaten in two days. Gothel says many come to try and steal her magic, but she’s selflessly risking Gothel’s ire for radishes. It’s rare to find a flower growing amongst the weeds of human nature. Rapunzel says she’ll meant no disrespect and will make payments. Gothel asks what she’ll sacrifice for her family, and Rapunzel says anything. Gothel says they have a deal. Suddenly, thorny vines wrap around and dig into Rapunzel’s wrists, then disappear.

Rapunzel finds herself in a tower with no way out. She tells Gothel that she didn’t agree to this. Gothel says she swore to pay the price for her family’s happiness, and there’s a difference between hers and theirs. Rapunzel says they’ll look for her, but Gothel says they’ll never find her. Rapunzel yells out the window, but the tower is in the middle of a dense forest, and like in Alien, no one can hear her scream.

In the kind of real world, Victoria is in the visitor room at the jail, looking at the scars on her wrists. Ivy/Drizella walks in, and tells her orange looks better on the women in the Netflix show. Victoria says her wardrobe has something in common with Ivy; she’s been stuck with what’s been thrust upon her. She asks why Ivy is there. Ivy says Victoria has taken a family heirloom from her, and Victoria asks if she means Anastasia’s body. She knows Ivy wants the magic within her, and says they both know what she wants to do. Ivy tells Victoria that she has all her assets now, and telling her where Anastasia is, is the only way to get out of jail. Victoria says she doesn’t need Ivy to get her out. Ivy says she’ll find Anastasia herself. She has Gothel helping her now. Victoria says she always gravitated toward any mother figure she could, and asks if someone didn’t get enough hugs. Ivy tells her have fun in prison. Victoria says it’s not the first time someone tried to lock her up, but they learned the lesson that when it comes to her family, she always finds a way. Apparently, she’s the wicked stepmother and Rapunzel.

Lucy asks Jacinda if they can invite Henry over to share the good news that she’s back for good. Jacinda says they’ll talk about it tomorrow, and to get ready for school. Sabine tells Jacinda that Lucy keeps trying to parent trap her. Jacinda says she went to Roni’s to see if she and Henry could work things out, but he’d left for San Francisco with Roni. The bartender was vague about the details, only saying that Roni needed a ride.

Weaver visits Victoria. She says she’s missed their talks. He asks if she enjoyed the talk with her daughter, but Victoria says not since she was four. He says given her current situation, she has little to offer. She tells him she needs help getting to Anastasia, and asks why he’s pretending not to be concerned that Gothel is out of the tower. Weaver doesn’t understand what her nonsense means. She talks about all the knickknacks he’s been collecting, the great love he’s been separated from, and the dagger he can’t get rid of. She asks how the search for the Guardian is going, and says if he helps her today, she’ll share some information with him. She calls him Rumpelstiltskin, and he tells her she has a deal.

In the tower, Rapunzel ticks off the days as her hair grows longer. She sees lanterns floating in the sky outside her window, and gets a scathingly brilliant idea. She anchors her hair, and tells herself to be brave as she climbs out the window.

In Hyperion Heights, Rogers asks Victoria how she got out. She tells him determination. She didn’t get where she is by waiting for others to improve her odds. He tells her that he didn’t ask for a TED talk; he wants to know how she beat the charges. Weaver comes out of the station, and tells Rogers it’s his doing; he didn’t get a warrant. Rogers says there was immediate danger, but Weaver says the judge didn’t see it that way. Rogers knows Weaver is getting something out of this, and he’s going to find out what. Weaver suggests he not cross him. He gets in the car with Victoria, and she says she needs some things to wake her daughter. They have a few stops to make.

Victoria goes to Jacinda’s place. Sabine says a fugitive is here, and Victoria says she’s a free woman. She’s there about her long-standing agreement with Jacinda. Jacinda says she’s not getting Lucy back, and Victoria says she’s there to do the opposite. She’s removing all claims to her granddaughter. Sabine asks what the catch is, and Victoria says there is none. She was testing Jacinda by asking her to sign Lucy over, and she failed, but now she’s passed. She reached out to Nick, and she’s glad he’s back in Jacinda’s life. Jacinda wants to know where this is coming from, and Victoria says she was forced to think about what’s important, and it’s Lucy’s happiness. She gives Jacinda a doll Lucy is fond of, and says family is worth fighting for.

To confuse me even more, young Anastasia is the one sending up the lanterns in front of her home in the enchanted forest. Her sister Drizella says it’s been six years, but Anastasia says she’s not giving up on their mother, and something feels different about tonight. Rapunzel walks out of the woods, and Anastasia hugs her. Marcus comes out, and says he thought she was dead; all he found was her tattered cloak. She says it was a trick. She’d promised Gothel anything for her family to thrive, and was locked away in a tower. Another girl comes out, calling him father, and he tells Ella to go back inside. He tells Rapunzel that she’s his stepdaughter, and introduces her to his wife, Cecilia.

In the present, Gothel tells Ivy that her mother’s entanglement with Rumpelstiltskin is going to prove meddlesome. Ivy says she can team up with the Seven Dwarves for all she cares. If they follow her, she’ll lead them to Anastasia. Gothel tells her it’s a mistake to underestimate Victoria. Ivy asks if she’s speaking from experience. In her experience, her mother always takes wrong path and made poor choices because of it. Now she has to deal with her.

In the fairytale world, Rapunzel pours tea for her daughters. Anastasia says they came for her company, but Drizella says she’s thirsty. Marcus arrives, and asks if they’re ready to head back to the manor. He needs to speak with Rapunzel, and they go inside. He tells her the girls love her. Anastasia speaks about her constantly. Rapunzel says Drizella seems more distant by the day, and he says to give her time; she was very young when Rapunzel left. He takes her old cloak out of his bag, saying he mended it. She’s surprised he kept it. He places it around her shoulders, and says if she hadn’t made the deal, he would most likely be dead and the girls would be in the street. The family owes all their happiness to her. She asks if he still loves her, and he says of course. The girls mean everything to him, but so does Ella and Cecilia. I guess bigamy isn’t against the law in the world of fairytales.

He leaves, and Gothel appears, telling Rapunzel that she’s too strong for tears. Rapunzel thinks Gothel is there to put her back in the tower, but Gothel says no; she admires her resourcefulness in escaping. She knew Rapunzel would escape, and is curious to see if she’ll sacrifice someone else’s happiness for hers. She gives Rapunzel a cartoonish mushroom, something she picked up in Wonderland. She tells Rapunzel to squeeze it into Cecilia’s drink when she least expects it. She can make her go away, and have her family back. Rapunzel throws it into the fire, and says she’s not the kind of person to harm an innocent. Gothel says maybe she’ll find other happiness, but if not, she might come to see it her way. Another mushroom materializes.

Back in Washington state, Nick looks over the papers, and tells Jacinda that Lucy is hers. It’s finally over. She’s glad she called him. She owes him a future life. He kisses her, and she’s like, whoa, and says didn’t want to do this. Nick says he must have misread the signs, and Lucinda says it’s not about him. She’s glad he’s back in their lives, and wants him to have a relationship with Lucy. He says him too, and leaves. Jacinda picks up the mix tape that Henry gave her.

Rogers pulls a fire alarm, and goes into what looks like an evidence room. He sees his Captain Hook hook in a plastic bag, and looks puzzled. He finds a box of folders regarding all of the players in this story. He wonders what Weaver is doing.

Rogers sees Sabine at the food truck, and is impressed at how spiffed up it is. Sabine says they’re nearly ready for the big ball. He tells her that he’s following up on the fire, and she says Weaver already did. He says they need more details, but he didn’t want to bother Weaver on his day off. He asks what she and Weaver spoke about, and Sabine says he told her about how the door was jimmied with a knife he found in the dumpster. Rogers asks if she can describe it, and she draws him a picture of the dagger. She says it didn’t look like something you’d break in with; more like something out of a Tim Burton movie. She tells Rogers that Weaver kept shoving it in her hand, asking if felt anything. She asks what this is about. He says he doesn’t know, but he’s going to find out

Victoria and Weaver go to a mausoleum. He tells her they’ve been followed since they left the police station. She’s aware of it, but not concerned; she has a plan for those two. They open a vault, and Victoria takes out a huge purse, saying it has everything she needs to wake Anastasia. Weaver finds it odd that she wants to reunite with one daughter, when the other waits outside. He had a son who thought as little of him as Ivy does of her, but he never stopped trying to make things right. She says good for him, and he tells her that he ended up losing his son. She tells him not to compare his grief to hers. He has no idea what she’s been through. He says he knows what it’s like to seek reunion, and the costs involved. He paid them, and then his son did. She tells him that she can’t stop now that she finally has a way. He asks where the information is that she promised. Victoria says he’ll get it when Anastasia is awake. As for Ivy, she hasn’t been her daughter for long time.

Back in the day, It’s Drizella’s birthday party. Rapunzel is serving, and Cecilia approaches her, telling her it’s her daughter’s birthday; she should be celebrating, not working. Cecilia wanders off, and Marcus tells Rapunzel the girls get along; maybe the parents should take a cue from them. He says the girls need her, and she says Drizella didn’t even smile at her gift. She sees Drizella getting all excited about Cecilia’s present.

Inside the house, Rapunzel smashes a mirror, and sees the mushroom. She takes it, and squeezes it into a lemonade.

Fast forwarding, Drizella and Gothel go into the mausoleum, but see only Weaver. Drizella asks where Victoria is, and he says long gone. They need to learn how to tail someone better. Gothel wants a moment with Weaver. When Drizella is gone, he wonders how she bought into Gothel’s mother routine; she’s not a mother to anyone. She says mother means different things to different people. She tends to their needs like she can with his. She never thought she’d see a pout on the Dark One, or love in his heart. He says there’s always a time for firsts, and she asks how Belle is. He tells her don’t dare say her name, and she remarks that she struck a nerve. He’s never getting back to her unless she helps him. He says he doesn’t need her help, and Victoria is going to wake Anastasia. Gothel says whatever role she’s assuming today, Victoria neglected to ask the cost, and the cost is the loss of an innocent’s belief. She asks if he has any idea where his great granddaughter is.

Lucy sees Victoria at school. She wants to give her something, and takes the Once Upon a Time book out of her bag. She tells Lucy that she was right. Fairytales are real; her family and belief are all real, but she doesn’t know the whole story. Victoria tells Lucy to come with her, and she’ll tell her the rest.

Lucy is surprised to find out that Victoria is Rapunzel as well as Lady Tremaine. Me too. Victoria says Marcus’s last name was Tremaine, and she took it from him. Lucy says she knew her mom was Cinderella, and Victoria says her unfettered belief is what makes her special. Lucy sees an illustration of Rapunzel using the mushroom, and is shocked that she poisoned her mom’s mom. Victoria says the witch tricked her. She needed her family to be together again. Lucy asks if Cecilia died, and Victoria says no; she could never do that. It only caused her to flee. She didn’t know Marcus would chase after her. Eventually, the family was reunited, and they even welcomed Ella in, but the story didn’t end there.

It’s winter in the enchanted forest. Rapunzel and Marcus watch as the girls build a snowman. Rapunzel says the three seem like sisters. Marcus says he’s been thinking about how much she’s done for the family. The snowman’s hat blows away, and Ella chases after it onto a frozen lake. Anastasia follows her. Their parents are too busy making googly eyes at one another to notice. Marcus tells Rapunzel it’s time he did something to show how much he cares. The ice cracks, and the sisters fall in. Marcus goes after them, diving into the hole they fell through. He pulls out Ella. Rapunzel screams, where’s their daughter? He says he could only grab one.

In modern times, Anastasia is in the hospital on life support. Lucy asks why Victoria is showing her this, and Victoria wants her to see how the world really is, even for the people in the book. She only did what heroes would do. She sacrificed everything for her family, and only got pain in return. Fairytales are real, but happy endings aren’t. Lucy says happy endings are real if you work for them. She believes her family will be together again, and Victoria isn’t a part of her family. Victoria says she believed it too, for far too long; it’s already too late. She shows Lucy her phone, where she has a video of Nick kissing Jacinda. She says Henry means nothing to her. Lucy cries, and Victoria says their stories are the same. They’re separated from those they love, and willing to do whatever it takes to get their families back. Henry has already left town. She tells Lucy that when you’re betrayed by people, you must let them go. She says it’s time to let her belief go. Lucy closes her eyes, and a tear falls on the book. She runs out of the room. By the look on Victoria’s face, I’m guessing a tear is what she needed.

In the old fairytale days, Rapunzel brings Anastasia to Gothel, who says as long as her last breath is in her, she hangs between life and death. Gratitude alone is not enough to wake her though. Anastasia will be going to the tower. Rapunzel says she’s done nothing wrong, and Gothel says it’s not a punishment; it’s a test. She needs a Guardian. When Rapunzel sacrificed everything for her family, Gothel thought she had potential, but she couldn’t resist the temptation to harm an innocent. Perhaps someone else will do better. Rapunzel says if Anastasia is in the tower, she’ll scale it brick by brick. Gothel says she’s made improvements, and there’s magic to prevent any escapes. She checks her pockets for something, and Rapunzel holds up a vial. She says Gothel taught her, when they least expect it. She throws the vial on the ground in front of Gothel, and Gothel disappears, poof! in a cloud of black smoke. Rapunzel tells Anastasia that she’ll bring her back.

In the modern-day hospital, Victoria takes the tear off the book with and eyedropper.

Out on the street, Weaver asks an officer if she’s seen any sign of Lucy. The officer gives him a backpack they found. She asks if he’s sure they shouldn’t contact her mother. He tells her to just keep searching, and remember to report directly to him. Rogers comes by, and shows Weaver the picture Sabine drew of the sword. He asks who Weaver is looking for. Weaver says that’s his business, and to stay out of it. Rogers says he’s been in Weaver’s locker, and he has files on half the town. He can’t tell if Weaver is a dirty cop, or the best one he knows. One minute, he’s talking in riddles, and the next, he’s shutting Rogers out. He can’t shake the feeling that Weaver is trying to tell him something, so just spit it out. Weaver says he’s looking for someone, like Rogers is. Rogers asks what Victoria has to do with it, and Weaver says he thought she could help him, but he was wrong. It’s hard to put into words, but he’s been separated from his wife, Belle. He’d do anything to get to her, and this is in service to that. Rogers believes him, and asks what he can do to help. Weaver says tonight they have to find Lucy.

Victoria approaches Anastasia’s bed with the eyedropper.

Lucy goes home, and Jacinda asks what’s wrong?

Victoria drips the tear onto Anastasia’s forehead. Her eyes open.

Lucy keels over.

Anastasia asks what happened, and Victoria says she saved her. When it comes to her family, she always finds a way. Ivy looks through the window, and walks away with tears in her eyes.

Next time, the winter finale – someone wicked returns, Regina suggests fighting witches with witches, and the first strike ignites a war.

💍 Will Anyone Get Married?

Re 90-Day Fiancé – still working on my monthly dissertation, but it looks doubtful that any of them are making it to the altar. David turned out to be an obnoxious drunk; Luis (who held such promise) didn’t realize that when you marry a woman with children, the children come with the deal; Andrei is a control freak; the guy half of the couple whose names I don’t remember argues with her over wedding plans and refuses to talk about sex (they’re both virgins); and Azan and Nicole are a no, just no. I sense a pattern here…

👘 In Other News…

I got an e-newsletter from a fashion website. The subject line said, the coat of your dreams. It wasn’t. Not even close.