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October 5, 2017 – Stella Works on Her Groove, Another Nanny is Out, 90 Day Immersion & Mr. Miyagi


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Nathan and Maxie go to the station. The desk sergeant asks what he’s supposed to do with all the women who want to meet Man Landers. A woman comes out with baked goods, and tells Nathan that he’s God’s gift to women.

Jordan has to get to work. She tells Curtis that Aunt Stella will be home soon. He says that she’s out making life changes, and they have hours. They start to get busy, and Stella walks in.

Griff tells Ava that as soon as he realized she went to the clinic, he knew it was partly his fault. He should never have danced on the line like that. She asks if he’s apologizing for rejecting her. He tells her that he wanted to apologize, but that’s not the only reason.

At the MetroCourt, Sonny asks Carly if she has a minute. She tells him that it depends on what he needs, and he tells her how beautiful she is. She says he’s trying to charm her, and it’s making her nervous. He tells her that it could be nothing, but it could be game changer. Either way, they’re about to find out.

Sonny tells Carly that Brick has an update about the phone call. Carly says maybe it was a wrong number. Sonny says it could be a coincidence, but she knows how he feels about those. He had Brick follow up and trace the call. Carly says she needs to consult Brick on another matter. Sonny asks what it is, but they’re interrupted by Josslyn and Oscar. Josslyn talks about a football game that they’d like to go to – without a bodyguard.

Griff says he cares a lot about Ava, and she says as he does any member of his flock. He tells her that he doesn’t have a flock, but he has her, and doesn’t want to lose their friendship. It may not be enough for her, but it’s honestly all he can say right now. She says it’s enough.

A table is piled with flowers, baskets, stuffed toys, and bakery items at the station. Maxie says that she came back to be with Nathan, and this is out of control. Nathan says he doesn’t want to worry about tweets and gifts, he wants to worry about bills and rent. He tells her that Jordan texted him that she’s coming in and wants to speak with him. He thinks that his days at station are over.

Stella has news she thinks they’ll both find interesting. She knows she’s been in the way, and Curtis is a sweetheart for taking her in, but it’s time to think about leaving. She’s recovered from her stroke, her blood pressure is in a healthy range – at least until she walked in on them. She says that Curtis needs his space, and she needs to be the independent woman she was in Baltimore. Curtis hopes he didn’t do something to make her go back, but she says she’s not moving back to Baltimore. She just landed a job. Port Charles is her new home.

Maxie tells Nathan that if she hadn’t ruined everything by dragging in Spinelli, Nathan would still be anonymous, and she’s be working at Crimson again. She wonders if they should both go back to Portland. Nathan says that Spinelli did blow everything up, but he’s the one who announced in a grand fashion that he’s Ask Man Landers. He couldn’t stand the thought of anyone thinking he’s cheating, especially Maxie, but it’s done. Maxie says they need to get all the stuff out of here, and he suggests taking it to the hospital.

Stella says that she saw Felix at church, and he told her that one of the GH social workers was retiring. They offered her the position, and now she’s officially part of the GH team. Curtis says she did it right under his nose, and she should have gone into business with him. She asks where he thinks he got his skills from? She can be close to both of her man, and hopes that maybe she and TJ can make up for lost time. Curtis congratulates her. Stella says soon she can move out, and they can carry on like Adam and Eve at all hours of the day and night. Jordan says that’s her cue, and jets.

Josslyn tells Carly and Sonny that it’s an important game. The stands will be packed, and they want to sit with their friends. Oscar says there will be plenty of security. Carly says the bodyguard can sit a few rows behind. Josslyn is like, great, the bleachers will be filled with screaming fans, and one guy in a suit staring at her; no one will notice. Sonny understands where she’s coming from, but tells her that it’s a fact of life right now. It’s like seatbelts. You might never need them, but if there’s an accident, they can save her life. Josslyn says no one is coming after her. Sonny says it’s a million to one shot, but he can eliminate the one. Oscar says that Sonny is right. He would never want anything to happen to her.

Griff asks Ava if he was right, and that’s the reason she went to the clinic? Ava says at first. His interest gave her hope that she could be the woman she once was, and when he rejected her, she became fixated on getting her face back. She knows now that even if it was completely restored, she can’t be who she once was. Maybe it’s a good thing. Healing her face isn’t the same as healing herself. She wants to be held and loved, but her insides were mangled up, and need to be healed too. Griff says that she risked her life to save a stranger. Ava tells him that she blew any chance of restoration, but it’s okay; there’s nothing she can do now. This is the new her; take it or leave it. He tells her that what she did was selfless. Did she put herself in danger because she wanted to help someone or because she gave up and didn’t care what happened to her?

Carly wants to take a picture of Josslyn and Oscar. Josslyn objects, but Sonny says that you can’t stop her when she gets like this. She takes the picture, and asks if Oscar wants her to send a copy to his mom. Oscar says that if they don’t leave, they’re going to miss the kickoff. They leave, and Carly thinks that Oscar is afraid of telling his mom that he’s dating the stepdaughter of a local crime lord. Sonny days that he thought she didn’t want Josslyn dating. She doesn’t, but if she’s going to, she wants Josslyn to date Oscar. She shows Sonny the picture.

Ava tells Griff that she wasn’t being intentionally reckless. She was curious as to who this man was in glasses and a safety restraint mask. He showed signs of life, and she was intrigued. When she saw they were pumping him with enough drugs to down an elephant, she decided to help him. He wrote down a phone number, but then used the pen to try and escape, and she ended up giving the phone number to Dr. Kline. Later, she found Patient 6 handcuffed to a bed. He was using a paperclip to free himself, and dropped it. She gave it back to him, and that was the extent of her heroics. Griff says that she’s not only courageous, she’s awesome. She saved herself in saving someone else. He says it’s divine intervention that Patient 6 led him to the clinic after they met in a church. She asks how he knew where to start looking, and he tells her that Sonny helped him.

Brick flirts with Carly. Sonny tells him to quit it, but Brick says it’s one of the perks of the job. He tells Sonny that he has some information.

Ava is skeptical that Griff appealed to Sonny’s better nature, and Griff tells her that he was already dealing with phone call from St. Petersburg. She says that the number Patient 6 gave her had a Port Charles area code. She wonders why he’d have Sonny’s number, and who he is to Sonny

Nathan loads Maxie down with stuffed toys. She says these women are out of control, and she’s never been this close to an internet sensation. A million women can’t be wrong; he’s basically the perfect man. She’s off to the hospital, and Jordan tells Nathan that she needs to speak privately with him.

Brick traced the call to a cell phone paid through a Swiss bank. The calls from it have been made to private lines of rich people. Carly says that doesn’t make sense, but Sonny says it does if the call came from Ava.

Ava says that she can only assume that Kline called Sonny, but Griff thinks the whole thing is improbable. She asks when he saw Sonny, and figures it to be around when Kline got the number. Griff tells her that he thought it was her calling, and assumed she was working with his enemies. It was a happy accident. Sonny was in the process of turning him down, but Griff thought she might be reaching out for help. Ava says that she was under the impression that Patient 6 thought the person would come and get him no matter what. Like Griff got Ava.

Josslyn and Oscar have coffee at Perks. She tells him she’s sorry that she dragged him away from the game, but she doesn’t really like football that much. Oscar says that he doesn’t either. Josslyn notes that Devon the bodyguard is still watching, and wishes her parents wouldn’t stress all the time. She tells Oscar that it’s the one thing Sonny and her father agree on. Her father calls it a necessary evil, and checks in every day with her. Oscar looks sad, and she asks if he misses having a dad. He says that you can’t miss something you never had. He knows nothing about his dad, even his name. His mom gets weird when he asks questions, so he doesn’t want to press the issue. Josslyn asks if he wouldn’t like to know who his father is.

Stella breaks out a bottle of liquor to celebrate. Curtis thinks it’s cool that she’ll have a built-in community at the hospital, and she’s already making friends. She says he must hope that she’ll be busy enough to stop interfering. He says there’s that, but thinks it’s healthy that she’s going on with her life. She’s a beautiful, vibrant woman, and he hopes she finds a boyfriend or a new group of friends. Stella repeats that then she’ll be busy enough to stop interfering. Curtis laughs, and says well, yeah, now that she mentions it, but seriously, what’s wrong with finding a nice guy to appreciate the phenomenal woman she is? He toasts to her being phenomenal, and she says that’s nice, but it’s not happening. She already met the great love of her life, Marcus, and there will never be another for her.

Nathan apologizes for not being upfront about the blog. He had no idea how it would blow up, but promises to protect and serve to the best of his ability. Jordan says that she was surprised, and wishes he’d said something before it became a PR event, but that being said, he’s one of her best detectives. If he can assure her that his Man Landers activities won’t interfere with his job, that’s all she wants. He can relax now; she’s not firing him. He asks why she called him, and she says she needs his advice. She has a problem with her boyfriend’s aunt, and needs help fixing it.

Amy meets Maxie, and tells her how thrilled the kids at the hospital were. Maxie is happy to know that the Man Landers swag went to a worthy cause. Amy asks Maxie how she’s doing with all the publicity, and Maxie says it’s an adjustment. They both look on their phones at the tweets, and Maxie says he’s reaching superstar status. She asks if Amy has a problem with Nathan being famous, and Amy says that’s not what it was about for her. Now she can get Chet the best care, and a quality of life she didn’t think was possible, all because of Maxie’s generous husband. Maxie says she told Nathan how proud she is of him. Amy says it must be a change to see Nathan getting attention, when she shined in high school, like they just graduated five minutes ago. Maxie says she was an outcast because of her heart, but Amy disagrees. Maxie says she struggled to be perfect, when there were people just waiting for her to blow it. She dreaded every pimple and bad hair day, but Amy says she succeeded. She was the cheer captain and head of the popular group. Now that Nathan is getting attention, she can’t stand it.

Jordan explains to Nathan about Stella not being able to back off. He asks if she has someone to love, and Jordan tells him a long time ago, but she set that aside to raise Curtis and Tommy. Nathan says that maybe she’s grieving her sacrifice or she’s afraid to love again. He doesn’t know her, but feels sorry for her.

Curtis tells Stella that he’s eternally grateful. Stella says she’s not looking for gratitude. She only told him about Marcus so that he’d know that no man could measure up to him. Curtis asks if she’s talked to him since then, and she says no. He says that when people aren’t around, we tend to elevate their status, and only remember the good. Stella says that had his faults, but that doesn’t change how she feels. Curtis hopes that she’ll be open to dating again. She says, so she can stop meddling? He says no, so she can get her groove back. Aw, that made me smile.

Oscar tells Josslyn that it’s weird knowing someone is out there who made him, but doesn’t know him; someone who gave him his genetic code, including the gene that makes him want to hang out with her. Josslyn asks if he doesn’t want to know who gave him such great taste. He tells her that he doesn’t want to bother his mom, so it’s impossible. Josslyn says nothing is impossible. I hum the Impossible song from Cinderella.

Sonny talks about Ava being in the clinic, and Brick says that the call could have come from a clinic. Carly wonders how Ava would have gotten the number. Sonny tells her that he picked up, but she didn’t say anything. They agree that the mystery is solved, and Carly tells Brick that she has a job which requires his expertise.

Ava tells Griff that he should be proud of standing up to Sonny as a man. She asks if he ever thinks of himself that way, rather than a priest. Griff tells her that she needs to rest, and he’ll text Kiki when they land. Ava thanks him.

Carly wants Brick to do a full background check and surveillance on Nelle. Sonny tells her to let Michael handle it. They know she’s bad news, but let him figure it out for himself, and stop pushing. Carly says they’ll wait for now. Brick says he’s always there for her, and she hugs him. He says anything for a lovely lady, and Sony tells him to stop. Brick says that he knows Sonny likes it. Genuine smiles all around.

Maxie tells Amy that she doesn’t resent the attention, and she’s thrilled with Nathan’s success. Amy says that she has to find a way to deal; go back to work and raise her own self-esteem. Let Nathan’s fifteen minutes of fame ride itself out. She tells Maxie not to do anything impetuous, or she’ll defeat anything he’s trying to do.

Jordan thanks Nathan. She says now she has compassion for a woman who hates her. Nathan hopes that Stella finds love again, and leaves Jordan’s alone. Jordan says clearly, she finds all of his services valuable.

Sonny asks how mad Carly is, but she says that she knew in her heart that he’s right. Michael has to discover that Nelle is bad on his own. Sonny says he’s caring, but not a pushover. Carly says it would be nice to have a dossier ready, and Sonny accuses her of being obsessed over the kids. He wonders if she’s going to have surveillance on Oscar next. Don’t give her ideas, Sonny.

Oscar asks Josslyn, what if his dad doesn’t want to know him, or he’s pissed because his mom got pregnant, or has another family, or what if they meet and he doesn’t like Oscar? Josslyn says whoever he is, he’s lucky to have a son like him. Oscar guesses they’ll never know, and Josslyn asks what if they could find him? Would he want to?

Carly says that Sonny is right. She’s holding on too tight, and it’s embarrassing. She used to encourage her kids to be independent. He says that after losing Morgan, she wants to keep them safe, and he feels the same way. Carly says she can’t believe that Ava called him, and that she’s using Avery as a way in. She thinks that when time passes, they’ll reach an acceptance and forget what she did to Morgan, but she’s wrong. Wow. They got all this from a call coming from a number no one knows, where no one said anything.

On the plane, Griff watches Ava sleep. He brushes her hair back. She opens her eyes, and says she was dreaming about her girls. She can’t wait to see them. Griff says they’ll be proud of their mom. She tells him that some of his goodness rubbed off on her. She puts her head on his shoulder.

Tomorrow, Ava tells Griff their business is concluded, Nina asks Valentin when he was going to tell her about Laura, and Sonny asks who the hell Patient 6 is.

😵 On Flipping Out, Jeff went from Versailles with Best Western bathrooms to helping gut his dad’s condo. Jenni said that Jeff was the Karate Kid to his father’s Mr. Miyagi. The big topic of the night was nanny Gema, who was starting to not work out. She wanted to cut her hours, claiming that baby Monroe was a handful, which we knew, and rated her an eleven on a scale of one to ten in difficulty. Jeff agreed that Monroe was too much for them to handle, and she’d be going to boarding school. House manager Nancy told Jeff that Gema complained about Zoyla watching her and telling her what to do. He thought that Zoyla was just being protective, and Gage said that she was probably being nosy; it’s her job. Gage discovered that the camera was being blocked, and Gema was being vague in answering questions. This was an obvious no, so she was let go. Afterward, Jeff received a text from Gema. She said now that she could speak freely, she wanted him to know that Zoyla had been using her against Jeff and Gage. The episode is to be continued, but that didn’t explain why the nanny was blocking the camera. Unless it was Zoyla trying to set her up. I guess we’ll find out next week.

💍 My head is going to explode with 90-Day Fiance. TLC has been showing so many repeat episodes from various seasons, it’s like my TV has been holding a 90 Day convention. Sometimes it’s fun to come late to the game, since there’s a lot you haven’t seen, and everything old is new to you. I can’t tear my eyes away from the original show, The Couples Tell All, and my favorite, Before the 90 Days, in the wee hours of the morning. And there are new episodes on Sundays (just what I needed, another Sunday night must watch). I don’t know whether to laugh or cry that I’m transfixed by these mostly miserable people nearly all night long. Which is why I need sleep, so I’ll be talking about this on the morrow. Let it suffice to say that on the latest episode of Before the 90 Days, Paul totally shocked me by not being just the nerdy hypochondriac that we thought, but a criminal with very serious mental issues. I felt badly for Karine before, when I thought she’d just be disappointed, but he actually put her in danger. From a guy with a machete. Not a good look. Not at all.

Mr. Miyagi Says…

MrMiyagi2 MrMiyagi




September 22, 2017 – Two Patients Change Status, Myriam is a Horrible Person, a Few Random Thoughts & a Quote Quad


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Sonny goes to Pozzulo’s, where Milo is stuffing his face with pasties. Milo asks about Jason, and has questions about Josslyn. Sonny asks if there’s a problem, but Milo isn’t sure. He asks how much he’s supposed to tell him about Josslyn’s activities.

Carly and Josslyn have lunch at Kelly’s. Carly tells Josslyn that after talking to Milo, she realizes how much everything has affected her. She says she knows about Josslyn and Oscar.

Nelle tells Michael this might be the last time they can laze in bed together. Someone put in an offer for her apartment. She thought she’d have more time. Thanks to him, a big time, ocean front developer, she might have to move to Greenfield and commute. He says that’s not happening.

Jake and Danny have a plan to bring Jason around. Elizabeth tells them just be prepared for it not to work; it will take time for him to wake up. Kristina takes him to pick up Danny before they go to the facility.

Franco leaves a phone message for Betsy. He needs to know the truth. Elizabeth hears him, and asks what that’s about.

At Jason’s bedside, Sam goes down Memory Lane. She talks about them riding on the bike together, and a sunset they watched. She never felt so free, so safe. Tears run down her cheeks. Jason taps his fingers

In Russia, Patient 6 gets on his feet. Ava – who just can’t stay away – tells him be more careful. God knows what would happen if she told Dr. Kline that he can get out of the chair.

Michael tells Nelle not to rush into a new lease. He thinks she can afford something in Port Charles. She says maybe a walk-up with three roommates. He tells her not to do anything rash. He has some business to attend to, and he’ll tell her about it after he closes the deal.

Milo tells Sonny that Mrs. C. has been pumping him for information. Both Josslyn and Oscar seem like good kids. While something made him uncomfortable, they weren’t doing anything wrong. Sonny asks if Oscar respects Josslyn, and Milo says that he’s a total gentleman. He says that wasn’t enough for Mrs. C. though. She wanted a minute by minute account.

Josslyn tells Carly that they did nothing wrong. Carly says she’s talking about them being on the footbridge, and asks how they ended up there. Josslyn wanted to tell Oscar about Jason, and thought what better place? Carly tells her that’s what she assumed, but now she wonders what happened. What did she think Milo said?

Franco tells Elizabeth that he was talking to the shipping company. Elizabeth says she heard him talking about the painting. He asks if she means the one his dad sold out from under him. He thinks the showing and the old material is bringing up stuff from his old life. Elizabeth says they made a pact. Does he want to keep talking or tell her the truth? He says that there’s something he’s been meaning to talk to her about, and shows her the photo.

Sam tells Jason that the doctors claim his movement doesn’t mean anything, but they don’t know him. She knows that he’s fighting to come back. Kristina arrives with the boys. Danny tells Jason that he’s here. Jake asks if he can hear them, and Danny says he loves him.

Ava tells Patient 6 that he knows she wouldn’t really talk, but she overheard Dr. Kline insisting that he’s a danger, and either has to be drugged or restrained. Clearly the drugs don’t work, but she’s the only one who knows. She wonders what she should do about it, and says the smart thing would be to tell someone. He can’t be treated without them knowing what’s going on, but she doesn’t want to out herself. She says that he probably wants to pretend she was never there, and be left to his own devices, but she doesn’t think his family would want that.

Elizabeth tells Franco that the other boy in the picture looks like Jason, but that’s not possible, is it? Franco tells her about Heather refusing to talk to him. She asks what he thinks. He says his imaginary friend was real, and the painting represents the memory of having a brother. She asks if his twin is Jason. He says he doesn’t know, but it seems that way.

Sonny tells Milo that as long as Josslyn is happy, safe, and being treated well by Oscar, he’s not spying, just making sure she’s safe. Milo says, cool. He leaves, and Michael comes in. Sonny is now stuffing his face with pastries, and I’m thinking he should give some to the whole class. Michael asks about Jason. Sonny says there’s no change, but he’s not discouraged. They both know that people come back. Michael says Sonny didn’t give up on him, and here he is. Sonny asks how he’s doing. Michael says let’s just get it out of the way. He’s sure Carly told him about Nelle’s fiancé having a boating accident, and Nelle being suspect. Sonny doesn’t blame Carly for being concerned, but Michael says he talked to Nelle and believes her explanation. Sonny heaves a sigh.

Carly asks Josslyn what she and Oscar were going. When Josslyn says they weren’t doing anything, Carly asks why she’s so nervous. Josslyn tells her that Milo was there, so what could they do? Carly says he’s there to keep her safe from Sonny’s enemies, or herself if she becomes her own worst enemy. Josslyn says that she makes it sound like they’re serious. Carly asks if it is. Omg, she’s worse than my father ever was, and Milo wasn’t following me. Josslyn sees Nelle come in, and waves her over. Carly says that Nelle is probably busy, and they’re having a mother/daughter lunch. Josslyn is puzzled, thinking things were better between them. Nelle says she’ll sit outside, and Josslyn asks what happened. Nelle says that Carly is concerned about something in her past. Carly says she’s sure Josslyn would like to know Nelle’s story. She tells her to take a seat; the floor is hers.

Michael and Sonny have coffee. Sonny says that he doesn’t like to see Carly worried. Michael says they both know that Nelle did horrible things, but does Sonny really think she’s a killer? Sonny says she drugged him to get him into bed, which shows that she’s calculating and cold-blooded. Michael says that she thought she was avenging her father, which is a far cry from killing a fiancé. Sonny says that Michael has resources, and should use them to prove Nelle’s innocence to Carly. Michael tells Sonny that Nelle told him what happened, and he believes and trusts her. Michael gets a call from Lucy. He’s closing on something, and says he’ll pick up the title and the deed.

Elizabeth reminds Franco that the DNA tests proved that he and Jason aren’t related. Franco says, right, and no one has ever tampered with medical tests, especially when Heather is involved. Elizabeth says that Jason grew up in Port Charles, surrounded by the Quartermaines. Franco adds, except when he wasn’t. Elizabeth asks where he’s coming from, and he tells her that once he got his past back, so to speak, he can’t stop thinking about it. He can’t move on until he knows who his family is, and if this boy is important. Elizabeth believes him, but thinks there’s a simple explanation.

Danny tells Jason that he misses him. Jake says that they made a drawing of their family in the park, and used Scout’s handprint for the sun. Aww! He asks if Jason doesn’t want to open his eyes and see it. Maybe I’m projecting, but it sure looks like Jason wants to laugh.

Ava tells Patient 6 that she knows what happened. He was shot and fell into open water. It created a psychotic break, and his family sent him here to recover. She says they must be wealthy, since the clinic caters to the elite. If they didn’t care or gave up hope, they could have parked him anywhere, but he’s here. That means they care and are waiting for him. Patient 6 shakes his head. She asks if he has a family, and he nods. She asks if they know he’s there, and he shakes head. She asks who is she talking to, and who put him here?

Nelle tells Josslyn that she was accused of doing something she didn’t do. It was a traumatic time in her life, and she’d rather not share the details right now; it will just make Carly angry all over again. She knows it looks bad on paper, but there’s no reason to pull Josslyn into it. Carly accuses her of stonewalling, and tells Josslyn that there’s no way Nelle will tell her. Nelle says all that matters is that Josslyn’s brother means the world to her, and she’d never do anything to hurt him. She says she has to go look at apartments, since her place is going condo. Carly says Seattle is nice, and walks out. I don’t like this Carly. Nelle tells Josslyn that she’s sorry about a lot of things, but Josslyn says not to worry. Nelle doesn’t get why everything is so messed up all the time. Josslyn doesn’t either.

Sonny asks Michael if ELQ doesn’t own enough property, and Michael says it’s a personal acquisition. Sonny asks if he’s moving, and Michael says no, but why all the questions? He’s an adult, and his business is his, just like Sonny’s is. Are they good? Sonny says they are, but thinks he should look into the story about Nelle. Michael says not to let his feelings come between them.

Elizabeth sees how the photo plays into the story about Jason being Franco’s twin. He asks if she thinks it’s some random blonde kid. She does, but also thinks he won’t rest until he has answers. He says the truth will fix him, and he can be the man he wants to be for her. She says he already is, but he wants to be better. He’s not sure what to do, since Heather won’t see him, and Betsy won’t talk. Elizabeth suggests he go see Betsy.

Jake says just because Jason is asleep, doesn’t mean he’s not listening. He asks Danny if he wants to do their song. The start to sing This Old Man, and now I’m laughing. No wonder Jason seems on the brink. Sam records it, and I sing along, but they only go to four.

Ava says enough with playing twenty questions. She needs some real information. She gives Patient 6 a pad and pen. She tells him to start with his name.

Nelle asks Josslyn about Oscar, and Josslyn says it couldn’t be better. She amends that, and says it could if there was no bodyguard. She wishes Jason would wake up, but Oscar is amazing. Suddenly, Michael is there, and says so is Nelle. Josslyn says that she and Milo have to be somewhere. Michael tells her don’t even try ditching him. He tried it many times, and failed, so learn from his mistakes. Nelle apologizes for Josslyn being put in the middle of her and Carly. Josslyn leaves with Milo, and Michael asks if Nelle and Carly had another run-in. She says same tune, different beat, because Josslyn was there to hear it. She knows everyone is worried about Jason, and she’s worried about where she’s living, which is selfish. Michael says it’s possibly the most important thing, along with love. She asks if he’ll help her look, and he says that she doesn’t have to move. She says since when, and he says since ten minutes ago, when her apartment was bought – by him. you know, I take it back, I could put up with boring.

Carly bursts into Sonny’s office. She says that she can’t have lunch with her daughter without Nelle ruining it. Can I just insert that she called Nelle over? Carly says that Nelle is going to dismantle their family a second time. Sonny tells her that if she keeps making Nelle the enemy, she’ll push Michael away. Carly says she was contacted by someone who has information about Nelle’s fiancé. If she turns out to be a black widow, he’s in trouble. She adds that Nelle’s apartment went condo, and she’s scrambling to find a place. Since rents are high in Port Charles, she might have to move to Greenfield. It’s not far enough away, but it’s a start. Sonny tells her that he thinks he overheard Michael buying her apartment. Now please tell me, if Carly is soooo concerned, why hasn’t she jumped on finding out that information already?

Sam tells the boys good job, but Jason has physical therapy now. Even though he’s sleeping, they want to make sure he’s strong when he wakes up. They tell Jason they love him, and Kristina takes them out.

Ava doesn’t buy that Patient 6 can’t write. She thinks he doesn’t want to tell her anything. She gets it; he wants to be left alone. She asks how that’s working for him, stuck in a wheelchair and shot up with elephant tranquilizers. She tells him it’s only going to get worse. She heard Dr. Kline talking about upping his dosage. This could be his last coherent moment for a long time. He might not want to waste it. Patient 6 picks up the pen.

Betsy is talking to Heather on the phone. She says no, she didn’t tell him. She did what Heather asked, and she’s leaving for the airport. She tells Heather it isn’t right. He’s living in the same house with Jason’s son. She says fine, do what you want. You always do. She hangs up, and Franco is standing there. He let himself in with his key. She says she has to go. She’s booked a cruise. He tells her that he heard her, and Heather doesn’t want her to tell him about the boy in the photo. He wants to know who the boy is, and needs to know what the boy means to him.

Josslyn asks Milo how much he tells her parents. He says if they ask him a direct question, he answers it, but he’s here to protect her, not to spy on her. As long as she has nothing to hide, they’re cool. She promises not to put him in a tight spot.

Sonny tells Carly it’s just a hunch, but Michael got a call from Lucy that he said was personal, not business. Carly says that she can just hear Nelle’s “poor me” act. Sonny says she knows how to play the victim. Carly insists she’s started her campaign to take Michael for all he’s worth. Well, you never know on this show, but I’m tired of Carly making it up as she goes along. I can’t stand people like that. I laugh at myself for being all pissed at a fictitious character.

Nelle can’t believe it, and Michael shows her the title and deed. He says, welcome home.

Sam doesn’t want to go, but knows that Jason would want her to be there for the kids. She says the plan is that she’s going home to practice sleeping without him, and getting the kids ready in the morning. She talks about having to buy a bigger crib for Scout, and says that all the things parents should to together, she’ll do for them. Her heart will be with him though. She kisses him

Jake tells Elizabeth that he wants to show Kristina the painting of the two boys. Elizabeth says there was a mix-up, and it was sold accidentally. Jake says too bad; he liked it, and Franco did too. It was all about having a brother.

Franco begs Betsy to help him. She says that she loves him, and he’s the light of her life. She tells him to leave it alone, but he says it’s making him crazy in a way he can’t allow in his life again. He can’t feel like this, and be with Elizabeth. He can’t risk losing her, so talk to him. She cries, and says she’s sorry she lied about him. Franco asks if she’s talking about his imaginary friend. She tells him the friend wasn’t imaginary, but real. He was a twin.

Patient 6 writes, and hands Ava the paper. They look at each other. Show us, dammit! It’s a phone number with a Port Charles area code.

Jason hears the boys’ song in his head, and Sam saying she loves him. He opens his eyes.

Franco says so he has a twin brother, and it’s Jason. Betsy says no, not his brother. He’s a twin, but wasn’t his twin.

So does this mean that Patient 6 isn’t Nikolas, but Jason, or fake Jason, or Bizarro World Jason?

On Monday, Franco asks who the kid is, Nelle tells Michael that Carly accused her of being a black widow, and Ava gets caught.

💍 For some unfathomable reason, I’m still consumed with 90 Day Fiancé. On Before the 90 Days, Larry found out that Jenny was a real person. Although for a moment, like with Paul, they made us think he’d been catfished. There was no response to any of his calls or texts since he’d left Florida, and at first he couldn’t find her. He’s another one who doesn’t know the language, which is insane. Like all of the men, Larry came bearing gifts, and wasn’t afraid to over-enthusiastically announce that he had “chocolate for the family!” to anyone who would listen. And I mean complete strangers at the airport. He reminded me of Steve Martin when he gets the new phonebook in The Jerk. Maybe he was double-glad that the candy was in his carry-on, as the airline lost his luggage. Since it seems like Jenny might be a frequent Filipino Cupid flyer, even after claiming to love Larry, my jury is out.

Paul and Karine checked into a swanky hotel in Brazil, where Paul finally got the all clear for them to be intimate. He did this little hesitation thing after he looked up the results of her STD and pregnancy tests. Even though she never looked worried, that was not cool so early on, and after she’d been annoyed in the first place. This reminded me of when my husband and I got blood tests before getting married, which was a requirement by the state. I worked at a women’s clinic, so we got them there for free. When the results came back (yes, both of us could be intimate), I called him and freaked him out a little, asking who else he’d been with, because his STD test was positive. Oh come on. It was funny, and I couldn’t help it. I’d also known him for over two years in person. Karine leapt on Paul like whatever animal leaps on their prey, as soon as he gave the signal. I hope he’s not a disappointment to her, since he’s been one in other ways so far.

The saddest moment was when Myriam revealed her secret to Patrick. It looked like it was going to be a great match, until she took him out to dinner and said she’d been hiding something. He was like, please don’t tell me you’re a boy – ha-ha! – something his mother had jokingly suggested. Of all the things that I thought it might be, her already having a boyfriend wasn’t one of them. No wonder she wasn’t too interested in his kid. She was never going to get involved with him. I’d thought maybe she had a kid, or that her parents forbade her to marry outside her religion, but this was inexcusable. Dude used all his money to make this trip. Her explanation was that she met said boyfriend after she and Patrick had started talking when she was single. But instead of letting him know, she continued the relationship, thinking that he’d never follow through in coming to see her. Um… how about when he started making plans? Or if she thought he was still blowing smoke, when he bought the ticket? He could have canceled the trip. I hope her boyfriend dumps her after seeing this. She offered to show Patrick around town, but no surprise, he was pretty blown away, shell-shocked, and gobsmacked. He said he needed to think. He might as well make the most of it, since he’s there, and at this point, can’t get a refund. I’d definitely ditch Myriam though. I can’t believe this guy flew all the way to Paris just to get put in the friend zone.

Cortney finally met up with Antonio, whose idea of a first date was going directly to a beauty pageant he was judging, before Cortney could even go to the bathroom. To be fair, he works a lot, and told her he would be working when she sprung this visit on him. I have the feeling that she’s a princess, and thought he was going to pick her up in a golden coach. She acted helpless and shy, reluctant to hold his hand, even in the limo to the pageant. She kept texting him during the event, when he was supposed to be paying attention. Then she decided to leave, thinking she made a mistake. I was thinking she was acting like an idiot. He’d been very nice, and seemed open to them being a couple, despite the warnings of his friends. When Antonio saw that she was gone, he actually went out to find her. She wasn’t far, sitting right outside the doorway. She said she was tired, blah-blah-blah, and it all seemed good. I was shocked that he was so understanding, but maybe he thought he was going to get some nookie be intimate. That didn’t happen, as he spent the night on the couch. In his interview, he said he was okay with that for the first night. The second, he wasn’t so sure. In the morning, they took selfies in the bed, and I was left with a question mark over my head.

😳 This show makes me embarrassed for a lot of the cast in so many ways. But I can’t stop watching. Which embarrasses me.

👺 For the record, Mambo Gladys was the witch doctor who treated Abby.

🗽 While I’m on the topic of names, I have to confess that I literally and immaturely lol’d when I heard that NYC Wives wannabe, Missy’s, last name is Tool. Sometimes I’m more Beavis and Butthead than I let on.

Something to Ponder…

🐓 Why does everyone want to be Colonel Sanders? First Rob Lowe, now Ray Liotta? What is happening? Is the pay that good? Do they even need it, or is this some weird new acting fetish?

👹 🍴 Next Friday both Z Nation and Hell’s Kitchen have premieres. My head might explode.

Quotes of the Week

Fear never needs to control my choices. Something powerful rises up in me whenever I put the fear aside and move ahead in spite of it.  – Judith Light

I ain’t dreamin’. I ain’t got the brains to make this up. – Jacob, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Do I push the envelope? I tear the envelope.Garry McFadden, I Am Homicide

Sometimes you can do everything right and things still go wrong. The key is to never stop doing right.Angie Thomas



September 15, 2017 – Franco’s Biggest Fan, Charlotte Detective, Double the 90 Days, Four Quotes & a Dog


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Sam stands on the docks calling for Jason. She sees him, and asks what he’s doing there. When she reaches for him, he disappears. She wakes up in his hospital room.

Finn tells Sonny that he’s sorry to hear about Jason. Sonny says there’s been no change, and it’s been a rough few days. Finn says if there’s anything he can do, just ask. Sonny was there for him, and the least he can do is return the favor. Anna skulks around, listening.

Nina is going to an event for Crimson. She tells Valentin it’s not a big deal. It’s being hosted by her ex.

Kiki tells Franco to relax. She spent all day setting up the show. He says he’s anxious, and never thought he’d be confronted with this part of his life. Scotty tells him that when the money rolls in, he’ll feel differently; this is his big day. Franco isn’t too sure that’s a good thing.

Amy finds Spinelli, telling him he left his book behind, and leaving a galley around is a big no-no. He thanks her, and hopes that she doesn’t mind the inquiry, but how does she know Nathan?

Nathan asks Maxie why they’re at the art showing, since Franco isn’t a favorite to either of them. Maxie is hoping she can find her story there – Better in Bed Than Dead: My Night with a Serial Killer.

At the hospital, Monica talks to Alan’s picture, saying their boy is in a lot of trouble. Elizabeth brings the test results to her. Monica reads them, and doesn’t look happy. Sonny sees her, and says if she needs anything as far as Jason goes, just ask. She says he’s done enough – he’s the reason her son is in that bed in the first place.

Jordan and Curtis go jogging. He wonders how she has so much energy. She tells him if he’s going to tag along, he has to keep up. He says doing everything together, without anything getting in their way, is nice. She asks if he doesn’t mean anyone. She tells him that TJ told her about Stella staying in Port Charles, and how she isn’t too pleased with them being a couple.

Maxie tells Nathan that she doesn’t exactly want to tell the world about spending the night with Franco, but she needs a story. He says she doesn’t have to blow up her life. She’s glad it’s working out with Man Landers, but doesn’t want her own publishing dreams to get crushed in the process.

Amy tells Spinelli that she went to high school with Maxie, but barely knows Nathan. Why does he ask? He says that he needs to connect with Nathan, but he’ll send a text. Amy tells him that Jason is back in his room.

Nina tells Valentin that it’s Franco’s introduction back to the art world, and she has to make an appearance. He says all he knows is that Franco let her go, which makes him a fool, and he got her, which makes him smarter. He tells Nina that he’ll go with her.

Scotty sees the painting of the two boys. Franco tells him that the painting isn’t for sale; it means a lot to him. He wants to take it down, but Kiki isn’t going to let him leave a gaping hole in the display. Scotty suggests that they mingle, and he’ll make closing deals. Franco looks at the painting and the photo side by side.

Anna sees Finn at the hospital. He asks about her wrist, but she says there for her phlebotomy treatment. She wonders if he thought more about their conversation. He asks if she means about misrepresenting himself, so that she can tie Valentin to a laundry list of crimes. She says it’s the only way to get evidence against him. She thinks that Cassandra’s doctors will jump at the chance for him to examine her. He says that he took an oath to help people, and trying to convince a hypochondriac that they’re really sick goes against it. He tells Anna that nothing she can say will convince him otherwise. She thinks maybe there is.

Sam begs Jason to come back to her. Spinelli enters the room, and she jumps up and hugs him. He says he’s sorry he wasn’t there sooner, and arrived when Jason was having tests. He tells Jason, tis I, Spinelli, and that they’re all here for him when he wakes up. He tells Sam that he’ll stay as long as she needs him. He discussed it with Ellie, and she agrees. He suggests babysitting, since it doesn’t look like she’s gotten much sleep. She says sleep is the last thing she needs.

Monica tells Sonny that there’s a good chance her son won’t wake up, and she’ll lose him again. Sonny says that he didn’t intend for this to happen. She says he never does. If Jason dies, he has the blood of both her sons on his hands.

Spinelli tells Sam that she’s exhausted. She says that since Jason got shot, she hasn’t got much sleep, and when she does, she has same dream. He tells her that sharing it might help it lose its power. Sam says that she’s standing on the dock, looking for Jason. It’s foggy, and she can barely see. His back is to her, and she calls out. She starts walking toward him, but when she’s about to grab him, he vanishes. Spinelli says it’s most unsettling. She says that when she wakes up, she can barely breathe, and can’t help feeling that she’s losing Jason.

Alexis sees the exchange between Monica and Sonny, and says that everyone is under stress. Monica says it’s okay. She can’t apologize to Sonny, but it’s unfair to blame the entire situation on him. Jason chose to risk his life for Sonny, and he has to live with that. Sonny tells her to give Sam his best, and that he’s just a phone call away. Monica tells Alexis that she’s sorry she had to see that, but Alexis says it’s nothing in comparison to what she’s said to Sonny. Monica tells her that the test results came back, and there’s been no improvement.

Finn sees Elizabeth wiping away tears, and asks if she’s okay. She tells him that she just got some news about someone close to her, and she has to go to a fancy event. He doesn’t want to add to her burden, but tells her that Curtis tracked Hayden down. She’s fine, but the baby is gone.

Maxie says hello to Franco, and he’s surprised she’s there. She says she’s known him a long time, and does he have any memories about when they first met? He says, their one-night stand? and mumbles something before he jets. Maxie tells Nathan that he scared Franco off. Nina and Valentin walk in

Scotty asks Franco about the visit to Heather. Franco tells him that it was unproductive, and he decided to take a different route. A woman walks up to Franco, and hugs him tightly. I think we can assume that it’s Betsy.

Finn tells Elizabeth that the pregnancy wasn’t viable. Elizabeth says that she’s sorry. She hopes he’s taking care of himself, and he tells her that he went to a recovery center for a few days just to be on the safe side. She tells him that he shouldn’t go through this alone, and neither should Hayden. She asks when Hayden is coming back, and Finn says she isn’t and doesn’t want to be found. Elizabeth suggests she cancel her plans so they can talk, but Finn says he’s going back to work. It’s better if he stays busy. She tells him that she’s there if he needs her.

Jordan tells Curtis that she meant what she said. She’s done searching for obstacles, and wants to be in it for long haul. He asks what about falling in love? She gets a call, and has to leave on police business. She says she’ll meet him at Perks later. He says she’s enjoying this, and she says most definitely. She leaves, and Curtis sees Sonny.

Betsy says she’s missed Franco. He doesn’t keep in touch, and she was thrilled that he arranged to fly her there. It’s like old times. Scotty says he hopes not too much. Franco introduces them, saying that Scotty is his biological father. Betsy says they did have secrets, but that’s in the past. Scotty leaves, making the excuse that he wants to look at the paintings.

Monica tells Alexis that Jason shows no signs of improving, and there’s a good chance he’ll never come out of the coma. Alexis asks if Sam knows. Monica says she was working up the nerve to tell her, when she saw Sonny. Alexis says they’ll tell her together. It’s not an easy conversation about having to make decisions about Jason’s future.

Sam can’t shake the feeling that her dream is an omen, and that Jason is slipping away. Spinelli tells her that no matter how bleak the future seems, he can’t slip as long as she holds on to him. Monica comes to the door, and wants to talk to Sam about Jason’s tests.

Valentin critiques Franco’s art. He and Nina see the painting of the two boys. Franco steps out, and says it’s about the twin nature of self-desire for companionship; another to share life experiences with. Nina says it’s very striking. Elizabeth literally bumps into Betsy. Betsy says it’s been ages since Franco has shown his paintings. Elizabeth says she’s seen most of them, but all together, it’s a different experience. She asks if Betsy is a fan. Nina practically runs away, with Valentin following. Betsy tells Elizabeth that it’s exciting and she couldn’t be prouder. She’s his biggest fan, and also his mother.

Anna calls Robert to ask for a favor. She wants him to cross reference something about Finn with Sonny.

Curtis asks Sonny about Jason, and he says there’s no change. Curtis says he went to the hospital, but didn’t want to crowd the family. Sonny wants to think him for looking into Morgan’s death; it gave them a semblance of closure. If he needs anything – anything – all he has to do is ask. Curtis says funny, he was about to make Sonny the same offer.

Sam tells Monica that Spinelli can stay; he’s family. Monica says that the latest tests show no change in brain activity. Sam thinks that’s good, since he’s not getting worse. Alexis says it’s painful, but she has to give some thought to a long term facility. Sam says that she’s not doing it. Monica tells her that the hospital is going to need the unit. She can use her influence for him to stay a little longer, but eventually the board will intervene, and he’ll have to be moved. Sam says her only choice is to take him home. Alexis wants her to think about it, but Sam says she’s done her research, and they have the resources. She’ll get the proper equipment and hire a full-time nurse, and he can be home. Monica thinks she should reconsider, but Sam says he’s best off at home with his family. Alexis tells he to think about what it means for Danny and Scout, but Sam says she’s not breaking up the family.

Franco introduces Betsy to Elizabeth. Betsy apologizes for keeping her little boy. Elizabeth says it was a different time, and Franco didn’t know he wasn’t well. She forgives Betsy, and says Aiden is happy and healthy now. Franco tells Betsy that Elizabeth is his girlfriend. Betsy asks what she does, and she says she’s a nurse, and the mother of three boys. Franco says that his mom was a nurse, but just one boy – right? Betsy wants to see more of the art, and says it was nice meeting Elizabeth.

Back at Wyndemere, Valentin asks what upset Nina about the painting? She tells him that she has a headache, and he asks if it has to do with seeing Franco. She says no, then yes, but it’s not the way he thinks. She tells him that her second luckiest day was the day she and Franco broke up, and her first luckiest day was when she met him. She has no regrets, and realizes it was just a transitional relationship on the way to something better. She wanted to have kids and he didn’t, but then he went right to Elizabeth and her three boys. (Isn’t that always the way?) Valentin asks what that has to do with the painting. She says that she didn’t know he could paint like that, and it brought back how much he lied. She can’t be in another relationship where someone lies. Valentin says this isn’t about Franco; it’s about him.

Finn deletes a photo of Hayden on his phone, when Anna calls. She says that she just left the hospital, and needs to speak with him. He asks if it has something to do with her treatment, and she says it’s important, and just hurry. She hangs up, and looks at a folder with Finn’s picture on it.

Franco tells Elizabeth not to take it personally. Now she knows where he got his social skills. He tells her if she wants to duck out early, he understands. She tells him about Hayden and the baby. She feels like she lost a sibling; someone who’s a part of her. Franco gets it.

Finn gets to Anna’s place, and asks where’s the emergency? She says that she’s made tea, and they need to discuss strategy. He says the call was bogus, and she needs to understand the word no. She tells him he has no choice, and hands him the folder. She asks if they should continue.

Nina says that there are unsettling things about Valentin’s past that he refuses to tell her about. He says he’s worked hard to bury it, but will never hurt her. She believes him. She says he was in so much pain, and scared when showed the picture of what he’d looked like, but she fell in love with him that night. They were already married, and she knew that he was sexy and strong, but part of her didn’t want to fall too far. She was holding back, but when she saw who he was inside, she was a goner. He tells her that he loves her so much. She knows and has no doubt. They kiss.

Maxie tells Nathan that they’ve had enough drama. She’s dropping the Franco story, but needs another one to replace the Man Landers scoop.

Amy leaves Nathan a phone message. She says the guy who had the galley proof is a huge fan of Man Landers. She says the book is going to sell, and it’s all because of him. She thanks him now and always.

Sam is back in Jason’s room. Spinelli says he doesn’t mean to intrude, and she asks if he’s there to tell her what to do. He says that’s not his place, and she insists that she’s not in denial. She knows what her mom and Monica think, but if she sends Jason away, isn’t it giving up hope that he’ll never come back?

Curtis tells Sonny that Jason is a friend. If there’s anything he can do to keep the family safe, he’s in. Sonny says he might have to take him up on it. Jordan eavesdrops overhears.

Sam thinks she’ll be forcing her dream to come true. Spinelli says that Jason would want what’s best for her and the kids. If she decides on permanent care, that doesn’t mean she’s giving up on him or her love. Sam hugs Spinelli.

Jason’s hand moves. They gave him a manicure at the hospital too. Maybe Amy has a side hustle going on.

Betsy tells Franco that the piece with the two boys is gorgeous. He says it’s an homage to his imaginary friend, and asks if she remembers him. She says that he didn’t fly her here to see the exhibit. He shows her the photo, and asks who’s the blonde kid. He knows it’s Jason, but wants to know why he’s next to him. She says that she’s sorry. He deserves the truth and it’s time she gave it to him.

On Monday, Scotty asks what Elizabeth’s intentions are, Ava gets a call, Betsy tells Franco to be careful what he asks for, and Sam says that Jason is waking up.

🚔 During those stretches when, even though I have 500 channels, there’s nothing on TV, thank God for the ID network. There are a couple of copycat networks that show similar programming, as well as Dateline on OWN, but they were the first true crime station for insomniacs. Reenactors are so much better than they used to be too. Not long ago, I saw Valerie from GH on one of the shows. My latest favorite is I Am Homicide, that follows Garry McFadden, a Charlotte, NC detective. The reenactments are interspersed with narrative from Garry himself, who has colorful turns of phrase, like, roll me up and call me curly. He didn’t actually say that one, but it sounds like something he’d say. Like Captain Lee, but cleaner. He’s also passionate about helping his community. I’ve always loved true crime, and Detective McFadden brings his cases to life in a lively and interesting way.

💍 It’s time for my 90 Day Fiancé assessment. Since there will be a whole new crop of potential spouses coming up on Sunday, there will be even more names to remember. I stink at names, and think everyone should go around wearing nametags to make my life easier. Don’t ask me anyone’s zip code or phone number either. But I digress.

👫 On the final episode of The Couples Tell All, we got no closer to finding out what Anfisa does for a living than we were before. Well, maybe a little. I think she’s a stripper an exotic dancer, but Jorge never came out and said it. He said that her personality suddenly changed after he paid for her breast augmentation (although he didn’t say it that way, it was easily translatable), and prior to that, she was a nice person. After alluding to her practically being a hooker, everyone else was booted off the stage, and they had a two-on-one with host Shaun Robinson (aka Zzzzz…). Anfisa ended up leaving, and Jorge said she’d have to be the one to say it. Even when Shaun came out and asked if Anfisa was a dancer, he wouldn’t say. All that build-up for nothing. Behind the scenes, Pao and Loren tried to pry from Jorge whether or not Anfisa was a mail order bride, but we got nada there either. Backstage when it was over, Anfisa whined to Jorge that she didn’t say anything bad about him. No, she only acted insane throughout their whole “marriage.” He totally hit the nail on the head when he said it was like dealing with a four-year-old. He told her that she kept her mouth shut because he had even worse things he could say about her. He made noises about staying quiet for her family’s sake, but Anfisa didn’t buy it. I don’t think I do either. These two have some weird, toxic relationship, and I have the feeling they aren’t done with each other.

Pao’s nasty best friend, Juan, was discussed. I can’t imagine allowing any friend to talk about my spouse the way she lets him talk about Russ. Right in front of him. Pao complained about how Russ walked away from the confrontation, but Russ says that’s because he didn’t want to get physical. Frankly, I think Russ should just punch Juan in the nose and be done with it. I’d love to see Juan cry like a little girl, but I’ll bet he’s a dirty fighter. I’ve met queens like him. They’ll shove a stiletto right in your back when you’re not paying attention. There wasn’t much from Loren and Alexi, except for Loren putting the screws to Mohamad some more, which is fine with me. I think Danielle is strange and stupid, but no one deserves to be taken for a ride like that, and then be discouraged from pursuing fraud charges. In the car afterwards, Alexi wasn’t thrilled with Loren being so outspoken, and felt empathy for the “foreigners” of the group, since he identifies. Sorry, Alex, fraud is fraud, and Loren is right that people like Mohamad and Anfisa make it difficult for people who legitimately want to get married. There wasn’t a lot from Chantel and Pedro either, but it looked like Chantel was back to being weepy when the show was done airing. Danielle followed Mohamad around, asking where her court mandated three grand was, until he finally got in the limo and left. I wish her more luck than I had when I won three grand in court from a deadbeat. Good luck collecting.

In a postscript to the show. Danielle kept calling Mohamad’s phone, but only got a recording. She wanted to ask him what his address was, so she could sue him. Did I already say that she was stupid? One of the producers told her that the recording she was getting meant the phone was disconnected, and that it was the same number they had for him.

Keep your eye on the front page for his photo.

💑 On Before the 90 Days, Antonio turned out to be a real human, after leading Cortney on a merry chase, trying to meet up with him. He seems like an okay guy. While his friends discouraged such a lengthy visit (three weeks) from someone he didn’t know, he was all about how special she seemed, and that he believed in rainbows and unicorns. He kept marveling at her “clear eyes.” I wasn’t sure what he meant by that. Was he was talking about them being blue or not bloodshot? Who has he been dating? She didn’t even get a chance to go to his place and shower, before he hustled her off to a beauty pageant he was scheduled to judge. From the looks of the next episode, she’s not too happy about this, and ends up walking out. I might take her side if it weren’t for the fact that she invited herself, and he said he works a lot. I’m guessing this pageant was probably on his schedule quite some time ago.

Abby and Sean had a bit of a creepy segment. Abby had a rash, which sounded to me like hives, probably from stress, and they went to see a voodoo doctor. It actually wasn’t too crazy. She talked to Abby for a while, and then burned some sage and shook maracas or whatever. She told Abby that she got the rash when she was in the Dominican Republic, and it came from some kind of bad juju. This made Sean’s antennae go up even further about Chris, and he hoped that Abby read what he did into the doctor’s words – that she should dump Chris as a friend and run off with him. Next time, Sean and Chris meet face to face. At least I hope so. They’ve been teasing this for a couple of episodes.

Darcey and Jesse were up again this time, and got together with a friend of Jesse’s. He was about as kind and tactful as Jesse’s stepdad had been, asking what Jesse was going to do when Darcey was 80? He also pointed out that a relationship with Darcey included being a stepfather. In his interview, Jesse wasn’t too sure he was ready for that. The best part was when they had an interview together, and Jesse – who is so blasé, it’s astounding – said they welcomed the outside analysis at this point in their relationship. He looked at Darcey, and was like, right? Her reaction was priceless. She said, yep, and made a face like Debbie Downer. Wa-waaa. Despite Jesse’s reluctance to start including her daughters in their relationship, she insisted that he Skype with them. I honestly don’t see this as happening, not matter how much Darcey wants to force it. She might have actually had a chance, if she hadn’t started talking incessantly about marriage from the moment she saw him, and never missing the opportunity to slip it in. She’s just way too desperate. Pretty soon, we’ll be seeing T-shirts that say, Run, Jesse, Run!

Last and least, there’s Larry, who’s getting ready to go to the Philippines to meet his Filipino Cupid girlfriend, Jenny. He met with his cousin and the cousin’s wife, who also met on the Cupid site, and they weren’t too encouraging. Apparently, Jenny was, and still is, quite cupidly active. Larry doesn’t care, since he’s already sucked money out of his 401k to fund this love mission. My jury’s out on this one. Maybe she wants to make sure he’s the right dude before she stops looking.

👉  Quotes of the Week

We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.Randy Pausch

If you are gracious, you have won the game.Stevie Nicks

If you only hear one side of the story, you have no understanding at all. – Chinua Achebe

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. – Edith Wharton



September 14, 2017 – Who is Patient Six, I Am Jeff & Steve’s Return


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Amy says Kiki wins the basket of the day. The envelope says Dr. Kiki Jerome. Inside, she reads, Looking forward to our reunion. Body shots a must. I hope it’s from Dillon. Dr. Bensch asks, where’s the party?

Maxie says retro Hollywood glam is cliché, and wonders why Nathan couldn’t talk Nina out of it. She asks why he didn’t talk her out of getting back together with Valentin, but he says she’s in love and on cloud 9. Maxie tells him that she needs a special scoop to get her job back, and he says nobody is better at that than her.

At the hospital, Spinelli is looking for Jason’s room.

Anna looks at Finn’s file. Griff drops by. He needs her help.

Larissa shows Ava around. She asks when she’ll see Dr. Baronski. She says the longer she waits, the more time he has to swindle her.

Nina is all excited about having gone riding on Lumiere. She says nothing could have made it better. Valentin begs to differ, and kisses her. He says the world will be back on its axis when she’s moved in. She tells him that she has one more trip. He shows her a framed picture of the Cassadine family tree. He wants Charlotte to know about the family.

Anna asks Griff what’s going on. He says he’ll feel better when he gets answers. He tells her about the groundbreaking work the clinic in Russia does, and wonders if the WSB has any information. She doesn’t think they would be interested in a clinic, but he says what if Valentin is involved? He sent Ava there, and he’s not too sure it’s in her best interests.

Ava says she’s leaving if the doctor isn’t there in five minutes. Entitled much? Larissa tells her to take some time to get acclimated. She wouldn’t want to waste the time of someone who can restore her to her former glory.

Dr. Bensch looks at the gift basket card, and says he sees Kiki is already using the title.

Spinelli tries to get into Jason’s room. Amy tells him that he can’t go in there. He says he knows he’s not family, but his presence might speed up healing process. She says maybe, but Jason isn’t in his room; the doctors took him for tests. Spinelli apologizes, saying he’s wasted time already. He would have been there sooner, but his girlfriend’s mother got taken ill. He asks if Jason’s condition is that grave, and how bad is it? Amy says bad enough.

Nathan suggests a story about how wrong men’s rompers are to Maxie, but she needs something huge. He’s trying for peaceful co-existence with Nina. Maxie knows he loves his sister, but she needs his help. He tells her that she can get her job back on own merits. She says it would involve outing him and Amy.

Kiki tells Dr. Bensch that no one thinks of her as a doctor; least of all, her. Her boyfriend was making a joke. He tells her it’s not a frat house. It’s not an ordinary office either, and her boyfriend should think twice about sending her tequila on the job.

Amy brings Spinelli some water. She says he’s pale, and thinks it’s because he’s worried. He says Jason has survived many dire circumstances and come out stronger, and he will again. He wishes he knew how to help, and she tells him just being there helps. Jason’s family will be glad he came all this way.

Maxie tells Nathan that it’s the perfect story. Amy hiding behind a man’s man, duping everyone, and then they find out she did it for a noble reason. Nathan says she’d be outing Amy and her brother, but Maxie says outing them as good people. Nathan explains about the book deal, and Maxie thinks it will drive sales. Nathan doesn’t, thinking about what will happen when they find out that Man Landers isn’t the man they thought, or even a man. She has to find another way to get back in Nina’s good graces.

Nina asks what Valentin is going to tell Charlotte about Spencer’s lawsuit. He’s hoping he won’t have to say anything if it doesn’t go to trial. Nina asks how that’s going to happen, and he tells her that he’s already neutralized the key witness – Ava.

Ava backs off, and Larissa says she understands. She’ll do whatever it takes to minimize Ava’s anxiety. She’s going to get Ava’s room ready, but she has to give Larissa her phone. Ava says it’s not like she’s going to be posting before and after pictures, but Larissa says it’s about privacy, both hers and the clinic’s. They strive for minimal government interference. Ava says she’s all for that, but she draws the line at no contact. Larissa understands her concern, and tells her that she’s not a prisoner and can leave at any time, but if she can’t abide by the policy, she can’t stay. Ava hands over the phone. Larissa tells her that she’ll find distance liberating.

Griff thinks Ava has made a devil’s bargain. Valentin promised to restore her face in exchange for her rescinding her testimony. Anna asks what business this is of his, and Griff wonders what if he wanted to lure her away for a permanent solution? A trip like that could exhaust her immune system, and leave her open to infection. Anna asks if he thinks Ava isn’t capable of fending for herself. He says he does, and Anna asks again why it’s his business. He says he drove her to it.

Maxie tells Nathan that she hates it when he’s logical, but he says it’s part of his charm. She insists that it might be uncomfortable for the people involved, but everyone will come out on top. She’ll get her job back, Amy will be a bestselling author, and Nathan will be a hero. Nathan says assuming it turns out that way, and explains about the book launch party, and how he has to be there.

Spinelli tells Amy that he’s imposed on her kindness long enough. She has sick people who need help, and he’s just a weary traveler. He asks how long she thinks Jason will be. She doesn’t know, but he says he’ll wait. She tells him there’s not much in the way of entertainment, and he says he brought reading material. He pulls a galley proof of the Man Landers book out of his backpack.

Dr. Bensch lectures Kiki on the need to be professionally focused on care, and not waiting to party. He’s not saying it’s fair, but the soon she starts having that mindset, the better off she’ll be. He says the next time her boyfriend wants to send a gift, make sure he doesn’t send it there. She says it won’t be a problem. He says that he can see she’s smart, and only needs to be told something once

Nina tells Valentin that Ava is always talking about how noble Nikolas was, giving his life to save her. She asks if he was ruthless with Nikolas, and he says no more ruthless than Nikolas was with him. Nina wonders why Ava would retract her statement, and he says he offered her something Spencer couldn’t; the chance to regain what she loves – her beauty.

Anna doesn’t understand why Ava is Griff’s responsibility, since she’s not his patient. He says that he told Kiki he’d help Ava. Anna adds, who’s brother arranged for Duke’s murder. Griff says he already hurt her. All of his attention led her to believe there was something more between them. She kissed him, and he wasn’t expecting it. He apologized for giving her the wrong idea, and said he hoped it didn’t affect their friendship, but it did. Now she’s put herself in Valentin’s hands, and he doesn’t want her to regret it. He asks Anna if she’ll help him, and she says that depends on how involved he is with Ava.

Larissa takes Ava to the lounge. She knows how disconcerting it is to give up her phone, but it might surprise her how nice it is to be unplugged. Sounds good to me. Although not in Russia. When Larissa leaves, Ava tells herself to keep her eyes on the prize. She’s here to get a new face, not to argue with the staff. If the doctor is as good as Valentin said, she’s in good hands. She goes to the window, and when she turns around, she sees a man in a wheelchair. His face is entirely covered. I say omg, wondering if it’s Nikolas, Steve Burton, or will Steve Burton be Nikolas? He’s supposed to be back this coming Tuesday.

Ava says sorry, she didn’t see him. She asks if he can speak English, but he doesn’t reply. She asks if he can hear her at all, and snaps her fingers, but he’s still unresponsive. She hopes whatever happened to him didn’t happen here.

Griff tells Anna that he’s just trying to help. Anna says maybe Ava misunderstood his kindness, but maybe there’s more going on subconsciously. Vows or no vows, he’s still a man, and he could be sending mixed signals. She thought there was room in his heart for the love his vocation forbids. She says he’s keeping himself in limbo, and how does he think Ava will react? If he shows up, it’s going to look like he wants her.

Maxie tells Nathan that if everyone is going to find out anyway, she can sell the story to Nina. Nathan breaks it to her that Nina already knows. Nathan says he doesn’t think that Maxie would deliberately hurt anyone to get ahead; she’s a good person. Maxie says when it’s all over, Amy will be swimming in royalties, he’ll be super-famous, and she’ll be unemployed.

Amy watches as Spinelli starts to read. She asks if that’s a galley proof of the Man Landers book, and he tells her that he has friends in publishing who hooked him up. They talk about the blog, and Spinelli says he’s a Man Landers disciple. He even wrote to him, and he was the one who suggested his facial hair. Amy thinks it looks great. He tells her that not everyone shares her opinion, and he was going to shave. She says he should do what makes him happy. He decides that Man Landers wouldn’t steer him wrong. That’s what makes it hard to see him crash and burn. Amy asks what he’s talking about.

Amy asks why Spinelli thinks Man Landers is in trouble. He says the book is about to be released and he’s going to go through the reviews gauntlet. Spinelli is also an author, and has received his fair share of criticism. Amy says after giving all that advice, Man Landers probably has thick skin. She asks about Spinelli’s book, but Ellie calls, and he needs to leave. He thanks Amy, but runs off forgetting the book. Amy picks it up.

Nathan tells Maxie that he has it on good authority that she won’t remain jobless for long. She asks if he called a headhunter, but he says the good authority is his own. Nina will hire her back, that is if someone else doesn’t hire her first. He says he’s sorry about the exposé, but she’s not walking away empty-handed. She has Amy’s undying gratitude, and his endless admiration. Maxie says he’s her husband; he has to admire her.

Valentin asks Nina if she’s mad about him making a deal with Ava. Nina says she despises Ava, but she’s living a life of misery she brought on herself. Nina is happier than she’s ever been, and she’s not going to waste time thinking about Ava. He tells her that’s a wise choice. She says that coming back to him was too. He tells her that she’s his motivation, and moves in for a kiss, but knocks the frame off of the table. He gets cut on the glass, and his blood drips onto Nikolas’s name.

Griff tells Anna that never occurred to him that Ava might misconstrue his intentions, because he’s that dense, but he has to risk it. His priority is making sure she’s not making a mistake. They can work out the rest later. Anna tells him not to talk to Valentin; it will only alert him. Griff asks what he’s supposed to do, and Anna asks him to let her make some calls.

Quiet dude just sits and stares out the window. Ava asks what’s out there that he finds so riveting? She says that she’s not going to let them dope her into oblivion like they did him. Leave it to her to find the one place lonelier than Port Charles. Ava doesn’t see it, but dude makes a fist with his right hand. I don’t think that’s good. Larissa comes in to tell Ava her room is ready, and asks, what is she doing? She tells Ava not to go near him.

Kiki talks to Dillon on the phone, telling him she’s on duty. She got the gift basket, but it was inappropriate to send to the hospital. Dr. Bensch didn’t approve. She says, no, he’s not a jerk. He’s a well-respected doctor, who’s fast-tracking her through medical school. She says she can’t have gift baskets full of tequila being sent there. It was a great gift, but don’t do it again.

Nina bandages Valentin’s hand. Maxie calls Nina, and says she has something. It’s a juicy story about ownership of some negatives. Nina isn’t impressed, and says the terms are clear. Maxie has to give her a juicy story. Maxie says she’d thought she had something juicy, but it wasn’t as juicy as she thought it would be. If “juicy” was a drinking game word, we’d be halfway there by now.

At the hospital, Nathan asks Amy how Jason is doing, and she says no change. He asks about the galley launch party, and says it’s coming up quickly. He told Maxie about it, and she’s cool with it; she respects his decision. He’s in for good. Amy hugs him, and Spinelli sees them.

On the phone, Anna tells someone to call her back. She tells Griff that there isn’t much, but they’re sending the information that they have. He thanks her, and says that he owes her. I was just thinking, she should have Griff go with her to Morocco, if she goes to Russia with him. Anna tells him that she has deep misgivings. The idea that she’s pushing him toward Ava makes her sick. Griff says Ava’s health is at stake, and Anna says that’s why she’s biting her tongue. She understands his questions about feelings and faith. If he finds no place for himself in the priesthood, please don’t run to Ava. She might be in pain, but there’s another side to her. He needs to who she truly is.

Larissa tells Ava never to approach Patient Six. He’s a dangerous psychotic. His mask is a safety precaution in case he gets agitated. Ava asks what if he’d hurt her, and Larissa says he’s heavily sedated, but don’t get close enough for him to reach her. He’s been the victim of a violent crime.

Nina and Valentin kiss.

Larissa tells Ava that this is the result of a vicious attack. It’s tragic, but not surprising considering his injuries. Ava asks why he’s here. She says his family has hopes for his rehabilitation. She can’t give the details, but she can say that he’s from a wealth family. He was shot and fell into the water. Patient Six is beyond help. Omgomgomg.

So is it Nikolas, or are we just supposed to think that?

Tomorrow, Anna talks with Finn, Sam has one choice, and Nathan’s biggest fan shows up.

😵 On Flipping Out, Baby Monroe is still the loudest thing ever. She’s very, very cute, but has a set of lungs worthy of a Metropolitan Opera cast member. Times ten. Jenni said that she’s loud and throws tantrums like her father, and she’s enjoying every minute of it. Payback’s a bitch. Jeff met with Lea Black from The Real Housewives of Miami to show her some houses. Hearing her nails-on-a-blackboard laugh gave me flashbacks, but that was kind of a fun show. Jeff and Gage are not getting along well at all. Gage is torn between tending to the baby and work, but thinks the relationship will survive. Jeff, on the other hand, is making future plans in his head in case of a divorce, and telling his therapist this isn’t working. He doesn’t know how to handle Gage not giving 100% at the job. When they showed the clip from next week’s show – Jeff’s annoyance at he driveway at the new house being blocked, and loudly saying welcome to the neighborhood – he felt like a kindred spirit. I’ve been surrounded by construction of one kind or another since Hurricane Sandy, and that is my pet peeve.

💍 It’s been a long week, but tomorrow I’ll have much to say about 90 Day Fiancé, especially the finale of The Couples Tell All. Here’s a hint. Jorge was a big, fat disappointment.

Because this is how bored we are…


The Return of Jason, Nikolas, or Both?



September 7, 2017 – Nelle is Ambiguous, 90 Days is Longer Than 90 Days & Several Random TV Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Jordan hears Curtis struggling with something or someone, and he pops out of Finn’s room. She says she heard him yelling. He tells her that he’s feeding Roxie while Finn is away, but thinks he just lost her.

Franco asks the kid in the picture where he went. Jake comes downstairs, saying that he can’t concentrate. He’s thinking about his dad, and wondering If he’s going to be okay.

Carly talks to God in the chapel. She says she’s talked to him more than ever since Morgan died. She thanks Him for everything, and asks Him to keep Jason safe. She’s asking not just for herself, but for Jason’s kids, his mother, and his wife. She says Sam can’t lose him again, so she’s begging for Him to bring Jason back.

Sonny asks Elizabeth how it’s going She says she only told Jake what he needs to know for now. She tells him that Sam has barely left Jason’s side.

Ava tells Griff that she’s sorry she wasted her time falling for his act, and she’s done. He grabs her hand, and she shakes him off. She tells him to save it for someone else; saving her soul is off the table. Griff tells her that he wants her to stay.

Curtis can’t believe he’s stressed out over a lizard. Jordan tells him to start from the beginning. He tells her about Hayden disappearing and leaving the note. He didn’t see what it said, but Finn checked into rehab as a precautionary measure. Josslyn usually takes care of Roxie, but the family is overloaded right now. He thinks taking care of her is the least he can do. His phone fell in the tank, and she disappeared while he was retrieving it. Jordan wants to help, but he says it’s not necessary. She says they can’t avoid each other forever, and she’s not doing it for him, but for Roxie.

Franco says he knows Jake is scared, but he can’t see his dad yet. He says everyone hates hospitals, but they’re the best place to get better, and that’s what his dad is trying to do. Jake sees the picture. Franco says sometimes when things are confusing, he likes to look at an image that grounds him and puts him back in reality. Jake gets it, and likes the idea. He says his Grandma Monica asked him to help scan some photos, and thinks it will help keep her centered. Franco says it’s a good idea, but count him in, and it’s perfect.

Michael asks Sonny about Jason, but there’s no update. Sonny says they’re going to do more tests. He asks how Sonny is holding up. Sonny says if it wasn’t for him, Jason wouldn’t have been there at the warehouse. Michael says it does no good for him to blame himself. They know how strong and how much of a fighter he is, and he’s made it out of worse situations. Sonny says this one feels different. Michael suggests he get some rest. Sonny is glad Michael came home, and says he loves him.

Ava says she can’t keep track of Griff anymore. He tells her that he doesn’t want to leave things awkward and uncomfortable. She says too late; they are. She takes some of the blame. She knew he had a savior complex. She wonders if he wants to dissect her feelings, but he doesn’t like the thought of someone being upset. He rejected her, and that was the result. Maybe she misread the signals, but there must have been something to misread. She tells him not to put it all on her. She starts to leave, and he says she’s right. He’s as much to blame as she is.

Carly wishes they could go back in time and alter the definitive moment that changed everything. Morgan would still be here. She’s thinking the same thing about Jason. What if he’d stayed Jake Doe? He would never have felt compelled to save Sonny. She pushed Sonny to get out of the business, and it’s Jason and his family paying the price.

Curtis suggests looking in the air vents, but Jordan nixes that. She thinks Roxie found a safe dark place. Curtis wonders when she became a lizard whisperer. She says TJ had a guinea pig that she once spent an entire Sunday afternoon looking for. He says the things we do for those we love. She looks behind the couch, and there’s Roxie.

Griff says he enjoys Ava’s company, and even before the accident, he knew they had a connection. He can’t let himself go there. He isn’t dismissing her feelings, but he took a vow of chastity, and shouldn’t have been reckless with her heart by crossing the line. She says he used her to play with fire and expected no one to get burned. She wonders where his vow was when he hopped into the sack with Claudette. Oh snap.

Jake talks about Jason looking different. Franco says it’s because of the accident, but he’s a tough guy and pulled through; he will again. Elizabeth comes home. Jake asks if his dad is okay.

Bobbie sees Michael at the hospital. He says it’s unreal. He hasn’t seen Carly this devastated since Morgan. Bobbie asks if she mentioned anything important, and he says nothing other than Jason being shot. Nelle joins them, and hugs Michael.

Carly asks if there’s any news. Sonny says Jason is getting more tests, and Michael is back. Michael told him not to blame himself. Carly tells him Michael said the same thing to her. Sonny says he’s right. It was his decision, but deep down he knew it wouldn’t be easy. He tells her that after everything that’s happened, he has to stay in it. There’s no getting out of this life for him.

Griff tells Ava that the affair with Claudette was a mistake. He’s never been so ashamed, but it helped him refocus. She tells him that if he can’t be honest with her, at least be honest with himself. If Claudette had left Nathan, would he have followed his heart and left the priesthood? She says it’s not for every man, and doesn’t think it’s for him. He had one foot out the door because of a woman – a passionate blonde with a self-destructive streak. Apparently, he has a type. She wonders how Claudette tempted him away from his vows, but not her. She thinks it’s because of her face.

Nelle asks how Jason is, and Michael says still in a coma. He says she looks tired, and asks if they found the missing necklace. She says it was a misunderstanding, and it turned up, but not before she had to spend a night in jail. Bobbie is all ears.

Sonny is putting a halt to everything. They did it to protect their families, but his enemies will strike, and he can’t let them see him weak. He wanted to give Carly the life she deserved, but he can’t do it. He doesn’t blame her for not wanting to be a part of it. He has to do what’s right and let her go.

Jake asks Elizabeth if Jason is okay. She says he’s still sleeping, but she’s had a long day. He tells her about the photo project for Monica. She says that they have to get on a school schedule, and asks him to get ready for bed. He goes upstairs. Elizabeth says seeing them smiling and safe, she has so much, while Sam is wondering if Jason is going to wake up. She says she stole precious time from them, and now it might be running out. She doesn’t know how they can forgive her, or she can forgive herself.

Sonny says that he and Carly should cut all ties, resume the divorce, and they can’t use her as leverage. He says he’s going to miss her, but he’ll be able to sleep at night. She says she’s not going anywhere. They need each other more than ever. She wanted to break the cycle of violence, but it can’t be broken. He’ll have to make sure he’s so powerful, that no one comes after him or his family. She’s with him all the way.

Michael asks Nelle if Nina called the embassy. She says they made such a stink, she wasn’t even in cell. She stayed the night, and they brought her back to Nina in the morning. She says that thankfully, Valentin found the necklace in the makeup artist’s bag. She calls the makeup artist “Rochelle,” but Michael thought her name was Naomi. Nelle says maybe Valentin got it mixed up. He suggests she get some rest, and Bobbie thinks that’s a good idea. Nelle asks if Michael wants to come. He asks if Bobbie will be there, she says sure, and he leaves with Nelle. Ha-ha! She thought she was getting rid of Nelle for a second there.

Griff tells Ava that he doesn’t care how she looks; he cares about her as a person. She tells him to save the noble talk. If she wasn’t so disfigured, she could tempt him from his vows. He says his vows would be part of his life whether he’s a practicing priest or not. She says she’d admired him, but now she sees the flaw. He won’t and can’t take responsibility for himself, and uses the priesthood as crutch. She tells him that he should have resigned when he had the tryst with Claudette, but he didn’t. If he can hide behind the collar, he doesn’t have to get his hands dirty. He has needs and wants and anger and fears, and it scares him to death. She says it’s funny, all this time, he told her not to hide behind her mask, but at least she admits she’s wearing one.

Mission accomplished. Roxie is back in her tank. Curtis says he’s had DEA cases that were less stressful. He asks if Jordan wants a drink, since she was on her way to the bar anyway. He takes a couple of beers out of the minibar. He tells her that make a good team; they always have and always will. He kisses her.

Sonny says that Carly wanted him out of the business for years. She says she still does, but not right now. She tells him they have to recommit, but he doesn’t want her to be a target. She says that she’s been one since they started dating. She married him knowing who he was and what he did, and what she hates are the secrets and lies. She says it has to be different; no more keeping her in the dark. She has to know the threats against their family. He doesn’t want to make her an accessory, but she tells him that she’s going to be by his side until they can figure a way out. If they don’t, it’s the reality of their life, and they have to accept it.

Franco tells Elizabeth that if Jason had gone back to his old life right away, it might have been a disaster. He could have been shot instead of Duke. He says they only have one reality, one past, and one present. What happens in the future is up to them. Jake needs her in the present; he’s scared. Elizabeth doesn’t know how to handle it, and Franco tells her that she’s strong, and if not, he’s strong enough for the both of them.

Carly arrives at the hospital. Bobbie tells her that Michael went off with Nelle. She knows it’s not the best time, but they need to talk about her. Carly says it isn’t the best time, and wants to blow her off. Bobbie tells her that the last time the family was in crisis, Nelle used it to take advantage. She’s afraid Nelle will strike again. Carly says that everything was circumstantial, but Bobbie says that it raised red flags, and even more were raised after Nelle went to Morocco.

Curtis and Jordan get busy. She says they have to stop. She asks if they’re going to run around behind Stella’s back, and he says that Stella is getting better every day. Jordan adds, unless they add to her stress level. Curtis says that life is stressful. Jordan tells him that he has no idea what it’s like to be the source of pain, and he says they’ve both made mistakes and are just trying to do better. Somehow, they stayed connected, and it means something. She says maybe all the obstacles are telling them something. Curtis says none of that matters. He’s dangerously close to falling in love with her. He tells her that he’s not going anywhere, and they get busy again.

Sonny sees Griff at the gym. Griff tells Sonny that he’s been monitoring Jason, and he’s waiting for more test results. Sonny says things are eating at him – the harsh truths of life.

Ava calls Valentin. She says he told her that he can arrange a miracle. She thinks perhaps they should talk.

Carly asks if they found the necklace. Bobbie says it was found, but there’s a lot of ambiguity about the story. As a matter-of-fact, there’s a lot of ambiguity about Nelle. Why do bad things happen when she’s around? Carly says that maybe she’s just unlucky. It doesn’t make her a thief or a murderer. Bobbie thinks it’s a big mistake to let her guard down if there’s a chance that Michael is getting into bed with a black widow.

He is.

Franco talks to himself, saying that they can’t change the past, but they can make a better future. Elizabeth goes to change, and Jake comes downstairs and shows Franco a picture of Jason as a kid. He says it looks like Franco’s real imaginary friend. Franco says they’re identical. Is this how they’re going to move nuJason over to make room for Steve Burton?

Tomorrow, Stella says her work is done, Scotty isn’t going to make things better, Maxie wants to come back to work at Crimson, and Valentin meets with Ava.

 90 Day Fiancé now has yet another spin-off on TLC Go called 90 Day Fiancé: What Now? I’ve decided to create still one more, and call it 90 Day Fiancé: WTF?

💞 Tell us about it, Jorge. On The Couples Tell All, we flashed back to Mohamad embarrassing Danielle on national television about how she smells, then he accused her of “fake crying” to get sympathy. I don’t even like her and I felt badly about it. Dude said that after today, nobody is going to hear from him again. Yeah, until we see him on the front page. FYI re Danielle, I can promise you that most people from northern Ohio speak properly, and don’t say things like “you don’t ever take no responsibility.” Loren came right out and called Mohamad a fraud, so enough said. She also said something that was bleeped that he had an interesting reaction to. One of my favorite things is how he has virgin ears every time a woman says a curse word. It makes me want to use every combination of the f-bomb I can think of. Danielle brought a binder of texts and emails with her, but unfortunately, none of them were read out loud. Mohamad tried to make it seem like Danielle wanted something out of him, not the other way around, but failed to explain what that might be, He has such a poker face, I’m pretty sure we’re looking at the next ISIS recruit. Immigration take note for when Danielle sends you that binder. Danielle talked about how differently he acted when she visited him (pre-90 days). This guy would be a great candidate for the Real Housewives, since he thinks we have short-term memory loss and forgot about how he reeled her in time after time, saying that if she treated him nicely, they could remain friends, when he had no intention of it whatsoever.

It sounds like Anfisa was up Jorge’s butt the entire time they were together, not even letting him speak to his family without her being present. There was some discussion about what Jorge’s sister, Lourdes, had said about her spreading her legs for his money, and I had to agree with the majority here. Pao said it best, that he should have just told Lourdes not to talk about his wife that way, end of story. Anfisa did make me laugh when Pao said she had heard about Russian gold-digger schools. Without missing a beat, Anfisa said yeah, she went to one. Pao was like, really? and Anfisa told Pao that she had no idea what she was talking about. I doubt that Anfisa went to classes, but I know they have them for sugar babies here, so it’s not that far-fetched. Jorge claimed that she’s scared of what he’s going to say, but we still have to wait for his big reveal.

Pedro is sending even more money home to his exhausted mother. Who we find out is a lawyer. How come she’s not sending money to them? The chicken feet made another appearance. Everyone was skeptical that it was any kind of local cuisine, but what really gave it away was his mother and sister laughing like hyenas the whole time. Chantal said that not one person ate them, and they had never been served when she stayed there. Even Mohamad thought it was wrong.

If I never hear Mohamad say Dan-nyell again, or anyone say “social media,” I’ll be a happy woman.

💍 On Before the 90 Days, Karine suggested swimming in the Amazon River, and Paul almost had a coronary, since he’s afraid of germs and piranhas. In her interview, Karine said he was too cautious, and she wasn’t that cool with this side of him. I don’t blame her. We both nearly died laughing when he wore a full outfit with long pants to go in the water, even though she begged him not to. When she splashed at him playfully, he made a big deal about going, ptooey! and saying, “Poop water! Poop water!” Then he nearly killed himself getting out of the water, because the pants he was wearing bagged out and stretched all over the place, tripping him. Karine was embarrassed, and so was I. The bathrooms there were a lot cleaner than the ones on the beaches here. Paul wanted them to have some fun together before he brought up the pregnancy and STD tests. I’m not sure what his idea of fun is. Acting ridiculous when being shown local amusements?

Paul trying to talk to Karine’s father was a real sh*t show, especially when he tried to explain that he wanted to marry her. He made a hand gesture that was supposed to be putting a ring on a finger, but it was his index finger and way too aggressive, so I’m sure the father thought he meant something else. Can anyone really be this stupid? I’d thought he was a nerd, but now I don’t know what he is. Her parents gave their blessing, but I have no idea why.

They threw in a guy named Larry, who’s a McDonald’s manager with a tiny chihuahua. He has a couple of sons, and it was another relationship with an age gap. He met his girl, Jenny, on Filipino Cupid, which made me laugh, but apparently, there are Cupid sites for all over the world. We saw him shake her down for having been on the site in the past week (what was he doing on there?), but she told him that her phone basically butt dialed it. There was also Patrick, who seems like a great guy. His baby daughter is his life, and he’s good friends with his ex, admitting that he wasn’t mature enough for a relationship when they were together. His girlfriend, Miriam, lives in Paris, and he’s another one traveling to a country where he doesn’t know the language, but at least Miriam is pretty fluent in English. She’s also a Muslim, and he thinks their coupling might be a problem with her family, as she hasn’t told them about him. His ex was a little concerned that she seemed to show no interest in him having a daughter either, but Miriam also told us that she has a secret.

Sean met Abby’s parents, who were understandably concerned, since he’s older than her mother. There was a language barrier here too, but Abby was able to translate. Next time, he’s supposed to meet her ex-but-still-friend, Chris, which ought to be interesting, since Sean is jealous as all hell.

Karine discovered the pregnancy test that Paul brought along, which didn’t sit well with her, and rightly so. She actually got together enough words in English to ask him WTF? He told her some sob story about an ex, and although she didn’t think it was fair that he was comparing them, said she had nothing to hide, and agreed to take the tests. He was still worried about the freaking results, but was bummed that they had their first fight.

Next time, Cortney goes to Spain and gets stood up, and Larry gets bad news. I wonder where Darcey and Jesse went?

✔  90 Day takeaway point – If you want to act like an a-hole, just say it’s cultural.

💒 I tried watching Spouse House a couple of times, but it didn’t really work for me. It was like Big Brother meets exploratory marriage.

👶 According to Jeff on Flipping Out, Baby Monroe is causing everyone to be sensitive, tired, and overwhelmed. She is one loud baby. Gage kept checking out, and Jeff accused him of acting spoiled and entitled, which made Gage want to go, see ya later, dude. I’m not sure if their relationship is going to survive parenthood.

🙎 Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce is worth watching just for James Brolin, who plays Abby’s father. While he’s a comedic gem (Life in Pieces, Sisters), he’s also a better actor than he’s ever been given credit for. When Abby’s father was in the hospital recovering from a stroke, her mother died from a heart attack in the waiting room. Having a bit of dementia, at first he thought the funeral was Abby’s Bat Mitzvah. When he realized what was happening, the grief was subtle, but plain on his face. I’d give him an Emmy for that moment alone. I met James at a car show back in his Marcus Welby days. He gave all of us kids the advice many actors do – stay in school. I should have listened.

🐉 Now that Game of Thrones is over, I finally found the dragon emojis. 🐲

Jeff and I Share a Thought…



September 5, 2017 – Ava Comes Out of Her Shell, a Funeral is Planned & the Return of Captain Lee


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Andre startles Anna, who’s busy on her phone. She asks if he was able to trace the diamond to the jewel thieves he was tracking in central Europe, and more important, to Valentin.

Officer DeRoche brings Nelle back, and says Nina has friends in high places. Valentin walks in, and asks who he is, and Nina says incompetent. She’s going to have him fired. She says he arrested Nelle, botched the investigation, and now the necklace is probably being divided. Valentin says here it is, and pulls it out.

Ava and Kiki have coffee at Perks. Ava asks her a million questions about the fast track program, and Kiki tells he not to try so hard. She thinks that Ava is freaked out about people staring. Kiki says they’re not, but even if they were, who cares? She says she’s thrilled that Ava is done hiding out, and that Griff is a miracle worker, but she knows it’s hard. Ava says she’ll be strong for Kiki. Kiki says she’s grateful that Ava has decided to start living again. Ava says she’s had help.

Dr. Bensch tells Griff that Marisol’s right side is paralyzed, and she doesn’t have much time. He tells Griff that he’s sorry; nothing ever prepares you for this. Her parents are asking for Griff. He goes over to where they’re sitting, and Marisol’s father asks if there’s anything he can do.

Finn calls Curtis. He asks why Curtis isn’t returning his messages, and to please call him. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Curtis. No Hayden though. Finn asks where she is.

Nina asks how Valentin found the necklace. He says he did his own search, and it wasn’t stolen. It wound up with the makeup. Dillon says they practically tore the place apart. DeRoche asks how he found it when no one else did. Nelle tells DeRoche to buzz off, but he says the case isn’t closed. Valentin talks to him in French. DeRoche says on second thought, it’s closed, and leaves. Nelle thanks them. Nina says she’s sorry it happened, and Nelle should get hazard pay. She tells Dillon they’re scrapping the photo shoot. She says it’s been incredible, but it’s time to pack up and get out.

Andre says the thieves were well-organized and well-equipped, and their MO was consistent. In and out in less than ten minutes, and only big-ticket items. He says their driver was good, but whoever planned the heists was better. He says smash and grab is impulse, but these were planned out to the last detail. He thinks Valentin might have used mercenaries, or been one himself. Anna asks if they can tie him to the robberies. Andre thought they made peace, but Anna says that she’s not blind to who he is. He’s spent most of his life outside the law. Charlotte and Nina might have settled him down somewhat, but he lives by his own code, and might be maintaining ties to associates if it’s advantageous to him.

Griff explains to Marisol’s parents that her organs shutting down. Mrs. Valdez weeps, asking if Griff can’t do something. Mr. Valdez says that he’s a doctor, not a priest. Griff promises she won’t suffer, and Mr. Valdez says God bless him for everything he’s done. They go back to Marisol’s room, and Griff calls a priest to come to GH – and hurry.

Kiki tells Ava that Dr. Bensch is giving her the opportunity for second or third year stuff. Ava laughs, and Kiki asks if she sounds like a kid. Ava says she sounds like she knows what she wants, and is smart and talented enough to make it happen. Just a few months ago, she didn’t know what she wanted to do, now look. Kiki says if she can go for what she wants, so can Ava. Ava says she’s going to start asking herself what would Kiki do? They both leave for the hospital.

Curtis tells Finn he’s sorry. Finn asks where she is, but Curtis says he doesn’t know. He found her trail, but she has the hiding thing down. he got to LAX, where Hayden called him. He doesn’t know how she knew, but she told him to meet her at a hotel. When he got there, the room was empty, but she’d left this. He shows Finn a suitcase.

Nelle speaks with the ambassador, telling him it was just a mix-up. She explains to Valentin that she knows him from the Hamptons. Valentin says he was searching for hours. She says she knows every place in the area, and she’s grateful that he recovered the necklace, but wants to know what he’s covering up.

Anna wonders how the diamond ended up at Wyndemere. Andre suggests Hayden, and she tells him about seeing Raymond. He asks if she believed him. She says if he’s capable of love, he loves his daughter. She starts talking about how you have to make conscious effort to do better, and not just think you can cover your tracks and be decent by day and a criminal by night. Andre says they’re not talking about Raymond anymore.

Finn opens the suitcase. Inside is a bunch of clothing, and the What to Expect pregnancy book. Curtis says that’s not all she left behind. The room hadn’t been cleaned, and he went through the trashcan. She’s not just running; she’s planning on reinventing herself again. Curtis hands Finn her passport. Seriously? A pro like her would have just thrown that away?

Ava tells Kiki to go wow Dr. Bensch. She sees Griff all stressed out. The priest arrives, and Griff takes him into Marisol’s room. He listens, and blesses himself as Ava watches.

Nina asks if Valentin is going to tell her where he was. He says no, and she asks if he’s going to tell her how he recovered the necklace. He says no again, and she asks if this is what he meant by not staying within confines of law. He tells her it is, and she asks if he took the necklace. He tells her that he’d never do anything like that to her. He made some phone calls, and she asks if they were to people that he did business with in the past. He says yes, and asks if it changes anything. She plays with her ring.

Nelle tells Dillon that if he ever has to spend the night in custody, to have a place like this to come back to. Dillon can’t believe she’s making jokes. She says she’s been treated like a criminal before, and it probably won’t be the last time. Dillon says the film is in the can, the necklace has been returned, and they have the whole day to bask in spa treatments. Nelle asks about Jason, but Dillon says he left a voicemail for Ned, but hasn’t followed up, and Kiki is focused on her pre-med program

Dr. Bensch asks Kiki questions. He tells her he wants her observation, not speculation. Kiki goes over the tremor one of the patients had. She says there could be a medical explanation, or it’s possible he’s nervous or panicky about another person being in the room. He kept looking at her before answering the doctor’s questions, and it could be anxiety. She thinks maybe she’s way off base, but Dr. Bensch says they have more patients to see and tells her to keep up.

Finn tells Curtis that Hayden wanted him to have this stuff, and he’s not giving up. He can still find her. Curtis says she did more than leaving her ID behind; she left Finn a message. It was propped up against a cactus plant on the desk. He hands Finn an envelope.

Valentin wishes he was better man, and could offer Nina a spotless past, although he thinks a checkered one makes for a more interesting person. He says that he can’t take some things back, but the only thing he fears is losing her and Charlotte. It keeps him up at night, knowing everything he’s done. She says it sounds bad, and he says it was, but all he can do is tell her the truth in a general way, and hope she loves him for who he is. She says she loves him, good or bad. He says that’s all that matters, and they kiss.

Andre tells Anna to clarify why she’s doing it. She insists that it’s not a vendetta; it’s strictly WSB business. She’s going to follow the trail of the diamond where it leads. Andre gives her a folder. He tells her it looks like a Cassandra Pierce was working with the jewel thieves. He says there’s no way to prove it, but Valentin could have sold the diamonds to Cassandra, who turned them around and sold them at markup and invested the money. Anna doesn’t think Valentin would be involved in something that’s simply stolen goods for cash; she can’t see it. Andre says Cassandra has been living in Monaco, and Anna wonders when was the last time Valentin was in Monte Carlo.

Griff comes out, obviously upset. Ava asks if he’d like to talk. She wants to return hid kindness. He says there’s nothing she can do; there’s nothing anyone can do, and he gets in the elevator. Ava asks the priest about the patient. He says she’s with God now. She went peacefully, but that’s no consolation for the family or Dr. Monroe. He tells Ava that he has the blessing of being both a priest and a doctor, a savor of both body and soul, but right now he feels like a failure at both. Ava gets in the elevator.

Finn looks at the note. Hayden says that she doesn’t know what to write or what to say except that she’s sorry. She’s sorry for the secrets and lies, and her inability to trust. Most of all, she’s sorry for taking the coward’s way out, and leaving before the wedding. At least she knows he’s free to find someone worthy of his love. She tells him to forget she ever existed.

Nina sees that Valentin is wounded, and he says it’s nothing. She tells him that she can’t afford to lose him, and the necklace was insured. She reminds him of how she thought she’d never see him again when he went to The Hague. No one has ever loved her like he has and no one ever will. Valentin feels the same way. She tells him not to risk his life for a necklace or anything. She suggests they just be happy, and they kiss some more.

Nelle thanks Dillon for defending her when he had no reason to believe that she was innocent. He tells her that he took her at her word, and she would have done the same. He says they both have a healthy disrespect for authority. She kisses him on the cheek, and goes off to get a massage.

Kiki tells Dr. Bensch she knows she has a lot to learn, and she’s more than willing to do the work. He tells her that what she said – she interrupts, saying that she knows she should go by science and not feeling. He says that she was spot on. Empathy can’t be taught, and she had a rare understanding of someone older than herself. He says the tremor could be an indication of early Parkinson’s, but anxiety made it more obvious. He likes instincts, and tells her to trust them.

Curtis asks if Finn is okay. Finn says he should go. Curtis doesn’t want to leave him like this, but he says he’ll be fine. Curtis leaves. Finn reads the rest of the note. Hayden says there’s one more thing. Something was wrong with the baby. There was a complication, and the baby didn’t survive. We see Hayden crying as she writes. Finn sinks to the floor and cries.

Griff uses a speed bag at Sonny’s gym. Ava comes in, and watches him. He stops for water and sees her. They stare at each other.

Dillon’s phone rings. It’s Kiki. He asks about Jason. She tells him that Jason is out of surgery, but still in recovery. She asks when he’s coming home, and he tells her tonight. She says that Dr. Bensch likes her instincts. He’s having a hard time hearing her, and she tells him that she’s working her tail off while he was hanging out in Morocco. Dillon says he’ll tell her all about it when he gets home.

Nina dresses Valentin’s wound. He says he’s feeling better already, and apparently so, since they get busy.

Ann tells Andre that there’s no proof that the diamond was ever in Valentin’s possession or that his past association with the thieves is ongoing. She says that Andre is right. He asks if she’s closing the book on it, and she asks what he thinks, and smiles. She says she’ll be in touch. She has to make some arrangements  and Monaco is lovely this time of year. He tells her to stay safe.

Finn continues reading. Hayden says there’s nothing to bind them together anymore, and no need for him to find her. She says that he’s a wonderful person and will find love again. She hopes his new love appreciates how special he is, and how lucky she is to have him. She tells him good-by. Hey, where’s Roxie? How come we never see her anymore? Finn picks up a picture of Hayden’s sonogram, which is a very large baby for how pregnant she was. He clutches it to his chest, and cries.

We see Hayden folding the letter and tossing the passport away. When she gets up, we see that she’s still pregnant – as I suspected.

Tomorrow, Ava calls Griff a hypocrite, Parker tells Kristina that she’s not seeing anyone, and Dante has news for Sonny.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Jim tells Kathryn he loves her. She says she doesn’t love him. There’s been too much pain and heartache. He says after everything they’ve conquered together, really? Yep. She’s going to divorce him. He says she just let him make a fool of himself by allowing him to sleep with her. She says sorry, but she’s done. He does the “baby” thing, and she tells him he should have listened to her about Amanda and Wyatt, and he’s never apologized. He says he’s sorry, but she says it doesn’t matter now; their daughter is dead. He says he thinks about it every day, and the only thing that gets him through is thinking about her and Wyatt. She says he’s out there doing God knows what with a load of money. She doesn’t think she can handle another phone call saying he’s dead. She tells him to go, but Jim says he loves her and he’s not going anywhere.

Jim repeats that he loves her and she laughs. She asks him when her birthday is and don’t look at his phone. He says it’s in February, but she says it’s June. She asks when Wyatt’s birthday is, but he gets that right. She asks when they’re anniversary is and he says he’s not playing this game. She says when you love someone, you know these things. He gets it right, and says he’s not a total idiot. She says he made a horrible mistake, coming in here and trying to seduce her like the Jim from thirty years ago. Golden hair and tight jeans were all he had, and he thought she’d fall for the memory. Does he think she’s that stupid? He says he wanted to make love to his wife. She tells him to be honest for once. She’s not the public or a politician or the campaign trail. She says it didn’t work, and he asks why she participated. She says for this moment, when she tells him she’s through and doesn’t want to see him anymore. If he’s there when she gets back, she’ll take the gun that she killed Jennifer with, and blow his brains out, just as easy as she just blew something else. Whoa.

David brings Erica to his apartment. She goes to use the bathroom, and David calls Jeffrey. He tells Jeffrey that they found a bracelet and set of keys with Quincy’s body. Jeffrey says the keys are his, but he doesn’t know who the bracelet belongs to. He asks what he should do, and David says stay where he is. Veronica is calling every five minutes, and David tells him not to answer and stay away from her. He’s working on something. He’ll let Jeffrey know after it’s done. Jeffrey asks if David is going to hurt Veronica, and David says he’d never do that, and tells him again to stay away. Jeffrey says she knows where he is, and David tells him to change rooms. The hotel Jeffrey is in is booked, and David says go to another hotel. Duh.

Wyatt calls Jeffrey. Jeffrey says he sounds so clear. Wyatt says he’s good, and Anna is amazing. He asks if Jeffrey wants to join them for a walk. Jeffrey says he has a lot going on. Wyatt asks if he’s still going to avoid him. Jeffrey says he’s not, and Wyatt asks about Justin. He tells Jeffrey how Justin showed up with the DA. He says Justin is weird, and to stay away from him. An unusually happy moment between them.

Jeffrey calls Justin, and says he wants to see him now. Just to talk.

David tells Erica that she’ll be safe there. She appreciates it, and he says it’s the least he can do. She says he owes her nothing. David wishes he’d tell her his name. Erica thinks it’s best she stay away from him and leave it at that. He says these situations never resolve themselves on their own. She asks if they can drop the subject, and asks for a drink. She says it’s a nice place, and it is. The view is spectacular, and I think everything is from Urban Home. Omg, she reads my mind, and asks if he did the decorating. That’s a no. He toasts to getting better and stronger, and she says and to him being a free man.

David tells her they have a son, and Veronica has been terrorizing him. Erica wonders if she’s using Jeffrey because of her, but he says it’s a family matter. Erica tells him to act like she’s not here. If she wasn’t, what would he be doing? He says figuring out how to get her there. She asks where the bedroom is, and if there’s just one bedroom. He says one bedroom, one bed; he wants her to sleep in the bed with him. She doesn’t think that’s right and can’t stay there. David says she can, and it’s big enough for both of them. He says to be honest, he doesn’t sleep well alone after sleeping with someone for so many years. He’d like her to stay with him. Erica asks to take it one night at a time. David says as long as she’s in his bed for the first night. His phone rings, and Erica says she’ll give herself a tour.

It’s Jim. Jim says he did the stupidest and hardest thing he’s had to do in years. He slept with Kathryn. David says she’s his wife. He says he hasn’t been attracted to her in years, but she and Veronica are out of control. David says he’s not going to deal with Veronica anymore. As soon as he gets Jeffrey out of her clutches, he’s shaking her off. Jim says Mama Rose is pissed at them, and David has to get Kathryn and Veronica the same room. He just took one for the team. Get them in the same room at the same time. Jim says they’re all going to the penitentiary if they’re not careful. He slept with Kathryn; David knows how serious this is. He says they lost a huge ally with Mama Rose, and they can’t even use their knowledge of the law until they have a meeting. David says he’ll call Veronica, but he’s not sleeping with her. Jim says he went through enough trauma for the both of them, and has to take a shower. Double whoa.

Justin arrives at Jeffrey’s room. He says he’s nervous. Jeffrey tells him to sit down. He tells Jeffrey he needs to see someone. Justin says he’s not crazy, but Jeffrey says he didn’t say that. He thinks he needs some help. He says the anger isn’t healthy for either of them. Justin is like, is that it? Jeffrey asks what else he thought it was. Justin says that it was over. Jeffrey says there isn’t anything on his end. He’s telling him to get some help. Jeffrey’s phone rings and Justin asks if it’s the guy. Jeffrey says no, and Justin gets demanding, and Jeffrey is like, this is the kind of thing I’m talking about. It’s Veronica. The phone stops ringing, and immediately starts again

Jeffrey answers this time. Veronica asks if he’s coming back, and he says no. She asks if he’s with “that boy,” and he says no. She tells him to put it on speaker or she’s coming over there. She calls Justin something like a fluffy ball of yarn, and I laugh. She says she’s going to court to file a motion to save Jeffery. If he’s not at the house in an hour, she’s turning him in. Then, she’s going to the judge’s chambers to argue his case. After that, she’s going to Justin’s wife’s room, and tell her why she should recuse herself from the case, and play the video for her. Justin warns her not to. She says that Jeffrey had better get home, and Justin had better get to the courthouse. His wife will be looking for him.

Jeffrey thinks Justin should talk to his wife. Justin says Veronica won’t do it, but Jeffrey says trust him, she will.

Charles is wrapping up a campaign speech. Landon tells him how great it was, and the poll numbers are good. Landon says he’s going to win. He asks to speak with Charles. He apologizes for what he did to Candace. Charles makes him list everything he did wrong, and thanks him. He says Landon is good at his job. Landon shows him that a search online for Candace shows virtually nothing. He tells Charles that he’s happy and excited to be working on the campaign. Charles says when it’s over, they’ll have a drink.

Landon leaves, and Charles calls Candace. She asks why he’s calling. He sys to see if she’s okay. She says she’s on her way to a funeral home. He says he knows that she’s angry and sad, and he’s sorry. She says she’s fine. He asks her to call later.

Mr. Wilson, the funeral director, leads Hanna and Benny in to view the body. Hanna asks if they can talk first. He shows them the casket that they chose, and tries to get them to pick a more expensive one, since Kathryn had told him that money was no object. Benny is like, move on, and he shows them the program. He asks if they’d like the casket open or closed, and Hanna wants it open. The director says they’ll make him look good. Benny isn’t sure it’s a good idea, but Hanna says she wants them to see what was done to that baby. Candace walks in.

Benny introduces her, and says she’s his mother. Mr. Wilson says he knows it’s a hard time. Burying a child is the part of the job he dislikes the most. Benny tells her that Hanna picked the casket. Candace insists that she wants the blue one. Hanna says it’s more expensive, and asks if she has the money. Candace asks if she does. Candace says she’s his mother, and she wants him in the blue one. Benny argues with her. Mr. Wilson says he can make calls to see if he can get a discount, and Candace says to make the calls.

Benny asks what she’s doing, and Candace says burying her son. She says Hanna went in the bathroom with him, and came out without a scratch. She didn’t get shot. Candace says that Hanna didn’t protect him to spite her. She wanted to get even with her, and wants Candace to say that she’s right. Benny tells her to stop, but Candace says she didn’t help. Benny says he was there, and Hanna did more than Candace ever has. He says that War could have killed all of them for what she did. He says she does the same thing over and over, expecting a new result, and that’s crazy. Hanna would have died for her son.

Benny tells Candace that he’s sick of what comes out of her mouth, and she says that she’s sick of him. He’s depended on her for everything since she’s been on her own, calling her for money, telling her about his fairytale dreams. He says that he was talking to his sister, someone he loves and shares his dreams with, and nobody told her to sell her ass to get anything. Candace says he’s been talking to Hanna, and Benny says her act isn’t working anymore.

Mr. Wilson comes back, and says the price is what it is. Candace says she still wants the blue one, and he asks if he should bill Kathryn. Candace is like, oh no, she isn’t paying for this, and Benny asks if she has six grand. She says that she’ll get it, and Mr. Wilson says the payment has to be made today. Geez, he’s worse than the emergency animal clinic. Candace tells him she’ll bring cash, and she decides what’s best. Benny asks how she’s getting the money. Hanna says from the man who’s running for President. She saw him on the news, saying he knows the family. I’m impressed that Hanna put this two and two together. Hanna says that Candace is probably blackmailing him. That’s why the Secret Service, and why Benny was in jail. Candace is like, what? Hanna says she’s blackmailing him. Mr. Wilson is really getting an earful of some seriously dirty laundry. Candace tells him again, the blue one. Hanna can’t believe she’d rather steal the money, and Candace says she can’t believe Hanna will take crumbs from white people’s tables.

Candace also wants a different cemetery, and says she’ll get a plot there. Mr. Wilson tells her that the service is tomorrow, and she says it will be on Thursday, and she’ll bring the money tomorrow. Mr. Wilson starts to ask if Hanna is okay with all this, but Candace tells him not to ask her another thing about her son. Candace looks at the program, and rips it up. She tells them he won’t be buried in a church, and all of a sudden, I wonder where else people get buried, since not everyone subscribes to an organized faith.

Once again, Candace says she wants the blue casket, and not this one. She opens the one that Hanna chose, and Quincy Jr.’s body is in it. I gasp out loud. Mr. Wilson says he’s sorry, and Benny tells Candace that they were there to view the body.

My hat is off once more to Tyler Perry. Not everyone can cause me to make noises during a show. Very few as a matter-of-fact.

Next time, the finale – Veronica talks to Melissa, David spends money on Erica, Justin has had enough, and Veronica is going to show him how much Black lives matter.

Below Deck

I’m so excited. The stud of the sea, Captain Lee, is back! Not that I didn’t enjoy Croatia, but…

Each cast member puts in thier two cents. We immediately find out that Captain Lee thinks the new crew is a bunch of idiots, and that we’ll be traveling to the West French Indies.

Kate enjoys yachting more because she’s doing it less. She says it’s like sex with an ex. She doesn’t want to recommit, but a fling is good. The captain tells her it was slim pickin’s with the new crew, and they basically got the leftovers. Chef Matt arrives first. He’s from Canada, and seems like a cool guy. Brianna is next. She trusts in the universe to guide her, and has no goals. Yachting is convenient for her nomadic lifestyle. Deckhand Bruno follows. It’s been his dream to work on a yacht. He’s Portuguese, and speaks three languages, but has no clue what starboard means. He also needs subtitles when he talks. Jen has an obsession with boats, and always wanted to get into yachting. She’s also a single mom, and had to put her career on hold for ten years. Nico – the only one other than Kate who’s returning from another season – has come back to yachting after dealing with some family issues, and is ready for more responsibility. Captain Lee tells him that he’s lead deckhand; he’s not ready to be a bosun yet. He says he and Kate had some differences last season, but it’s all about maturing. We’ll see. Chris and Baker round out the deckhands.

Kate asks the stews about their past service jobs, and there isn’t much. Both she and Nico go over duties with the crew. Kate tells the stews to start making the boat look great. Bruno and Chris discuss how neither one of them can tie knots. Baker tells us that she comes from a long line of Southern classy ladies, but she’s more the Burning Man type. Kate and Brianna discuss relationships. Kate says if she’s attracted to someone, it’s probably bad news.

We meet the first officer and another crewmate, but it goes by so fast, I miss their names and what they actually do. It’s like those Academy Awards for behind-the-scenes stuff. Captain Lee says he was green once, and doesn’t mind teaching the crew, but once he shows them something, it had better stick. He tells them no drinking on charter, tips are divided equally, and if you really mess up, you can find a one-way ticket home in your tip envelope.

Kate tells us that most of the chefs are crazy, and we flash back to that. She says Matt seems too good to be true. She doesn’t want to be as strict as she normally is, because this is all she’s got. She shows the stews how to fold the end of the toilet paper. I bet Martha Stewart has a video for that.

The primary guest is Dave, who made his money with a trampoline park. I imagine the insurance premiums must be pretty hefty. His wife, Amy, and a bevy of friends are joining him. They’re into extreme sports, and Dave is a meat and potatoes guy. Matt says they’re a perfect match. Captain Lee says they might have a green crew, but the guests aren’t going to give a sh*t.

Nico shows the deckhands how to use the ropes to dock the boat. The crew has dinner. Jen wants to room with a guy in order to get dominance in the bathroom, and a bigger closet. I don’t know about any of that stuff, so I assume she knows what she’s doing.

Nico does a deck check, and Kate gives the stews instruction on how to ready the boat, along with Captain Lee’s uniform. In her interview, she says adrenaline junkies are coming on board, and no one’s adrenaline is pumping more than hers. Dave immediately calls Matt” Chef No-Pants,” since he’s wearing shorts. Kate does the tour. Nico says it’s going to be a real test to move the boat off the dock, but somehow, they’re successful, and move out to sea. Amy says that for Dave, the higher and more dangerous, the better.

Captain Lee sees cushions floating in the water, and asks one of the crew to snag them. It gets pretty breezy, and the guests lose some chips. That’s not a euphemism for anything. They literally lose some taco chips. The Valor drops anchor. The cushions are rescued. Captain Lee just shakes his head.

Matt makes chicken Cesar salad, and lunch is served. Kate tells Jen to serve the ladies first, and Jen totally ignores that. Nico instructs the deckhands on how to put the tender in the water, but it’s another sh*t show. One of the guests says all kinds of things are happening, and they’re never supposed to notice anything. Captain Lee is called in to help. In his interview, he says he’s more than happy to show them how to do things – once. Kate explains clearing a table. Matt asks how it’s going, and she hopes she’ll only have to teach them on the first charter. Some of the guests use equipment that’s like water-skiing, but you go way up in the air. Like space shoes. I don’t know what this thing is, but it looks scary and fun. Baker says that the fact she’s the next most experienced is scary. Jen seems to be this season’s Lauren, since she’s already spending a lot of time in the laundry room.

Kate make a beautiful fall-color table setting. Jen confuses a gin martini with a gin and tonic. The guest tells her it’s not a martini, and she says she didn’t make the drink. Maybe not, but she ordered it. In her interview, Kate says she asked where the gin, tonic, and olives were, and it’s like which thing doesn’t belong? She says she should have known better, but she’s clearly overwhelmed.

Matt says that the first dinner is extremely important, and cooking what the guests want makes them happy. Just looking at the food makes me happy.

Nico gets a headache trying to teach Bruno one knot.

Kate feels like if she doesn’t check something herself, it’s not going to be right, and basically she’s working alone. Captain Lee asks Nico how it’s going. Nico explains about his younger brother passing away after a fall from a balcony. He says it felt like it wasn’t real. He still tried to call his brother’s phone, but he doesn’t pick up, and is never going to. The captain is sympathetic, and I am too, especially when Nico tears up in his interview. I know that feeling of picking up the phone, and then realizing the person is no longer alive.

Oooh, breakfast. Thank God I love swimming. If I was ever blessed enough to go on a cruise like this, I would eat myself into oblivion. At least swimming would burn off some calories. Dave calls the omelets “art.” Afterwards he takes the long dive from the top. A few of the others dive too. The stews get the beach picnic ready. Brianna likes them, because they can escape the madness. Kate leaves to set up. Kate tells Baker that it’s hard for the stews to work up to speed and learn at the same time. The guests arrive at the beach on the tender.

Back at the yacht, it’s time to put out the toys. Nico tells Bruno to get in the water, and unhook the rope on the slide. For whatever reason, Bruno isn’t getting what Nico is saying, and just flails about in the water. Nico doesn’t know how he’s going to make it through the season. Brianna and Jen relieve Kate at the beach, and Jen struggles to open the wine. On the tender, Kate tells Nico that she’s working by herself. In her interview, she says whatever differences she and Nico had, they need to leave the past behind, as they only have each other.

This season, Captain Lee dresses up, there’s a record tip, obnoxious guests, an embarrassing anchor drop, the boat hits a dock, and there are hook-ups. Nico tells us that the crew is greener than a leprechaun’s d*ck. It looks amazing!

🐄  Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky is being shown way too many times a week. It’s like, oh, we have a half-hour to fill? Just put Jax in. I’ve seen both episodes several times when I would rather not. I also don’t want to be reminded about how Jax has a foot fetish. (You’re welcome.) How about showing the Odd Mom Out with Dave Navarro again?

💍 And yes, I’ll be getting to the 90 Day trifecta later this week. Since Game of Thrones is done, and there were no Shahs this past Sunday, I was glad to be able to watch at a reasonable time.


Captain Lee is all of us.

August 31, 2017 – Nelle is Suspect All Over the Place, I Don’t Like Jax & Three Times 90 Days


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Kiki drops by Ava’s apartment, surprising her, and asks how she’s doing after the trial. Ava says the Jeromes are getting their karma, and Kiki changes the subject, asking if Ava’s blouse is new. She says that Ava seems energized, and Ava says that she is. Kiki wonders what she missed.

At the hospital, Griff visits a little girl, Marisol, and her father thanks him for staying with her during the bomb scare. Griff asks her what’s up, and she asks if she’s going to die.

Bobbie tells Carly that what Felicia found out about Nelle is substantiated and disturbing. Carly looks at the article, and says omg.

Nelle tells Dillon that she doesn’t want to pretend to be someone else, and she wants him to delete the pictures. Dillon says that she has future in modeling, and she tells him that if he doesn’t delete them, she will. They struggle over the laptop, and Michael walks in. He asks if they need a referee. He wonders if Nelle would like a moonlight camel ride, and she says he has to get out of there right now.

Nina tells Valentin that the agreement for the necklace required 24-hour security, and it probably just ended up in the wrong place. She gets back in bed with him. She can’t wait to get home, and be a family with him and Charlotte again. He says that Charlotte will be thrilled. Nina thanks him for making her dreams come true.

Sonny goes to the station with Dante. He wants to check on Jason, and says they already went over it at the warehouse. If he hadn’t killed Petro, he and Sam would have been dead, and Jason got in between Petro’s shot at Sam. He says he shot Petro, now Jason is fighting for his life instead of him.

Elizabeth sees Sam at the hospital. Sam has blood all over her, and Elizabeth asks what happened.

Ava tells Kiki that Julian accepted his punishment to avoid further embarrassment and humiliation to his family. Kiki says that Ava has a smile on her face, and Ava says maybe that’s because she’s with her amazing daughter. Kiki tells her that she was accepted to the accelerated med school program, and Ava says, her daughter the doctor. She says every mother dreams of a better life for her children. Kiki says she has to head over to the hospital, and Ava tells her that she’s headed the same way for a therapy appointment. Kiki marvels at the day getting better and better. Ava says that she isn’t ready to be a recluse yet.

Griff tells Marisol that she’s there to get better, so don’t talk about dying. He says they’re going to do everything they can to make her headaches go away, and he’ll put a rush on the test results. Her father tells her that Griff came through for them before, and will again.

Carly says it was kayak accident. Bobbie points out that he drowned just before wedding, and after changed his will to make Nelle the beneficiary. Carly says Nelle was never charged, and Bobbie tells her the evidence was all circumstantial. She tells Carly that Nelle never saw a dime from the will, but there’s always next time.

Nelle tells Michael that she missed him. She says that it’s her responsibility to take care of everything there, and she doesn’t want Nina to think she’s slacking. Dillon says that Nina probably won’t care, and they did fine without her. He tells Michael that Nelle is thinking of a career change, and shows him the pictures.

Valentin talks about what he and Nina can do while they’re there, like go to Casablanca. The assistant who had brought the jewelry comes in, and tells Nina that they haven’t found the necklace. Nina doesn’t want to involve the police yet, and Valentin mentions that then the insurance company will get involved. Nina tells the assistant she’ll talk to the crew first. Valentin says he’ll come along

Sonny says he must have been delusional to think he could get out of the business. Dante says that he tried to do right thing, and Sonny says, yeah and look what happened. He asks if this is where Dante says violence doesn’t solve anything, and says this is the way it always ends up. Dante says he wanted a better life, and Sonny asks if it’s better for Petro to run Port Charles, even though that’s not an option anymore. Dante says he’d take Sonny over him, but Sonny is his father and he loves him, but he’s also a cop. It would be better for him if Sonny wasn’t in the business. Sonny says sometimes wishes don’t come true.

Sam tells Elizabeth what happened, and that Jason is being stabilized so they can operate. Elizabeth says that they’re just being thorough, but Jason will make it because he’s Jason.

Dr. Bensch gives Griff the test results, and Griff doesn’t look happy. Kiki comes by with Ava, and says guess who’s going to therapy voluntarily, without even an eyeroll? Ava asks Griff if everything is okay. Kiki goes back to work, and Ava asks Griff if he read the paper. When he says no, she tells him she’s the bearer of good news. There’s nothing in it; he’s in the clear. He’s distracted, and she says sorry for bothering him. He says no, he’s sorry. He’s just a little jealous. She got to deliver good news, and he’s about to do the opposite.

Bobbie tells Carly she’s not saying I told you so, but she knew they’d find something. She urges Carly to call Michael, saying that he needs to know. Carly says not from her. She tells Bobbie that if Nelle invites him kayaking, she’ll tell him. She turned a corner, and it feels good, so she’s reserving judgement. Bobbie asks who she is, and what has she done with her daughter? Carly says that she already lost one son; she doesn’t want to lose another.

Nina and Valentin arrive at the photo shoot site. Nelle says she must have been happy to see Valentin, and Nina says that’s an understatement, showing her the rings back on her finger. Nina tells them about the missing necklace. Nelle says there have been people in and out of there, and Michael says it’s not her job to babysit the necklace. Nina sees the picture of her wearing it on the laptop.

Carly says she’s done with the conversation, and Bobbie hopes she doesn’t regret it. Sonny calls, and tells Carly to get to the hospital. It’s Jason.

The doctors do doctor stuff on Jason.

Monica is startled to see Sam covered in blood, and asks if she’s okay. Sam says Jason was shot. Elizabeth tells her that he was shot in the chest, and they’re stabilizing him now. An alarm goes off, but Elizabeth says that means everything is under control. Monica says that she’d thought he left that life, and Sam says that he did. Monica goes in to see him and get answers.

Griff tells Ava that the worst part of his job is moments like this. Ava feels guilty for complaining. She says that she’s lived a good life, and Marisol’s will be cut short. Griff says it’s God’s will, but he wishes that he had the power to change it. Ava takes his hand.

Dr. Bensch tells Kiki that dedication and sacrifice will get her where she wants to be. He asks if she’s up for that.

Dillon explains how he ended up taking the photos. Nelle says that she put the necklace back in the case, and it’s the last time she saw it. Nina asks if anyone was around. Michael asks what’s with questioning Nelle, and she says it’s obvious they think she stole it.

Sam tells Sonny that Jason is being stabilized. He asks how she’s doing. Sam blames herself (I do too). She says that she was terrified and unprepared, and wonders how she got to this place. Sonny says had illness that messed with her. She says she should have stayed at home or not gone in. Monica tells them that Jason is prepped for the OR. Sonny tells Sam no more about blame and regrets, just have faith. Carly arrives, and Sam tells her that Jason is hanging in there. Elizabeth says she’s going to see what she can find out. Carly says he has to live.

Sam says Carly must hate her, but Carly says that Jason will pull through, and not to blame herself; she was worried about her husband. Sam says it was stupid, but Carly says it was human, and what happened should surprise no one. Jason would lay down his life for any of them; it’s who he is. She wipes the blood from Sam’s face, saying Jason doesn’t need to see this. She’s been strong, and it’s time to give someone else a turn. They hug. I’m liking this Carly. For a while there, we weren’t on speaking terms.

Ava tells Griff that if the family needs money for treatment, she has it. He says that’s generous, and she says that she’s trying to buy her way into heaven. He asks why she always sells herself short, and she tells him, habit. He suggests she break it, and tells her that no amount of money can help, but they’ll take all the prayers they can get. He goes into the room.

Kiki tells Dr. Bensch that her sacrifices already started’ she could be in Morocco with her boyfriend, He says she’ll be giving up more than vacation time. She’ll be using skills she didn’t know she had. She says she’s up for the challenge, and he asks if she’d like to join him on his rounds. She says she’d love that, and he says he’ll let her know when. And congratulations on her important first step. I’m totally seeing that Dr. Bensch is Max from One Life to Live now.

Nina says no one is accusing Nelle, and it’s not her responsibility; they’re just trying to find it. Nelle says that she put it back where she found it. Nina asks if Dillon was there, and he says he was, but Nelle says no; she was alone with it. Michael says they seem quick to judge. Nelle tells Nina that she trusted her with her most valuable thing, Charlotte, but doesn’t trust her with this. Nina says until the necklace is found, everyone is a suspect. I think it’s the disposable assistant.

Sonny can’t get through to Michael, and asks Carly if she’s all right. She says she can’t stand it. She says that Bobbie also found out something disturbing about Nelle’s past, but it can wait until they find out if Jason will be okay.

Elizabeth asks Monica how she’s doing, and Monica says her son has a gunshot wound to the chest, how does she think? Elizabeth takes her hand.

Jason asks for Sam. She asks Carly keep him company while she cleans up. Sonny and Carly go into the ER. Carly says Sam will be right in, and Sonny asks how he’s doing. Jason is glad to see them; there are things he needs to say.

Griff asks Marisol if he can borrow her dad. In the hallway, Kiki tells Ava about how it feels like she just joined the inner circle. Ava says that she’s not surprised. Kiki has all it takes to be good doctor, and her big heart seals it. It will give her strength and compassion. She says it can make all the difference.

Dillon apologizes for not deleting the pictures, and Nelle says it’s not his fault. Michael says to take a step back and breathe. He says it’s insured, and it’s not like it’s something irreplaceable. The worst case is there will be an investigation, and someone will be on the hook for new necklace, but not Nelle.  Dillon says to cut her some slack, and Michael says he’s just saying not to be nervous. He asks when she last saw it. She says that she couldn’t resist trying it on. Dillon says he drafted her for test shots, and Nelle says she took it off after that, but she was alone; no one saw her put it back. Michael says it looks like they’re not going on the camel ride.

Nina tells Valentin this isn’t how she wanted to spend the evening. Valentin says that she can wait to call the police, but she doesn’t want to. Valentin takes the phone, and speaks to someone in French.

Carly tells Jason that Sam will be there shortly. Jason tells them to look after her. Carly tells him to focus on pulling through. He tells Sonny to watch his back, and don’t let his guard down. Sonny tells him to focus on his life, and he’ll handle the business. Jason says it’s a deal.

Sam comes in. She thanks Jason for saving her life, and he says it’s his pleasure. She tells him how much she loves him. She talks about him having surgery before, and how he chose to live for her. She says that she needs him to do it again. She can’t raise the kids without him; he’s everything to them. She asks him to promise he’ll come home, and he says that’s the plan.

Ava tells Kiki that Griff is talking to Mr. Valdez. Kiki says that Griff became a legend for not leaving Marisol’s side during the bomb scare. She’d thought Marisol was getting better, but Ava says that Griff is breaking the news that she’s dying. That’s the kind of doctor she was talking about.

Dillon says that the necklace will turn up, and Nina will owe Nelle an apology and a raise. Nelle tells Michael sorry about the camel ride, and he tells her another time. She says she should join the others. She starts to leave, and then asks if he believes her.

Nina talks to the police. She’s getting nervous that it wasn’t misplaced, but stolen. They’re sending someone to investigate. Valentin is gone, and she wonders where he is.

Jason is taken into surgery. Jason tells Sam he loves her. Everyone waits.

If Nelle is a real criminal, she’s not a very good one.

Finn asks Anna what’s so important about the diamond, Nelle believes everyone thinks she’s guilty, and Diane asks Alexis if she thinks Sonny can leave the business.

🐓 Filler show Vanderpump Rules Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky is already making me uncomfortable, with Brittany’s family pressuring Jax to marry her, and Jax pretending he’s going to. Dude, you are thirty-seven, either make poopie or get off the pot. This week’s episode centered around the kids sneaking alcohol, and Brittany’s all-knowing grandma telling them not to do it again. I’m just baffled as to why Brittany is interested in this guy, and even more why her family wants them to get married. He’s not all that. He’s not even that. I wasn’t crazy about him to begin with, and like him even less as this show goes on.

💍 90 Day Fiancé Rundown 

On Happily Ever After? Danielle disappointed me by caving on the divorce, instead of pushing for an annulment. It sounded like her lawyer discouraged it on the basis that she can’t afford to pay him three-grand. I’d actually contribute to a GoFundMe page for that one. She harassed him at his motel room later, which probably wasn’t a good idea. He’s never going to admit he used her. Chantal and Pedro went through with the wedding in the DR, but what was even more puzzling was how everyone acted like nothing had ever happened. Chantal’s parents brought Pedro’s grandmother flowers, which made it all good. Pedro’s mother and sister wept tears of joy, and there were hugs all around. Chantal said that Pedro made her happy every day, while I just sat there SMH. Pao copped to the lingerie she wore in the video, showing Russ her outfit on FaceTime. Later on, she accused him of being controlling, when he just wanted her “career” choices not to be a surprise after the fact. I’ve noticed he sighs a lot. Jorge met with Anfisa, who said they were never getting back together, so I assume she hooked a new fish on Plenty Of. I’d already mentioned that Alexei surprised Loren when she gave a talk on Tourette’s in Washington DC. Those two are couple of the year in comparison to all the rest put together.

Because it’s the embarrassment of my life that I can’t get enough of these people, I watched yet anther spin-off with The Couples Tell All, which is basically a reunion-type show, and just as awkward. Mohamad showed up at the last minute, sitting as far away from Danielle as possible. I’m still not sure what her problem is, and she obviously has one. First of all, I’ll say it again, there’s no way this guy would be interested in her in the first place. And I think they only had sex once, no doubt to seal the deal from his perspective, but should have been a tremendous red flag. Pao was her usual selfish self, at one point walking off the set because Russ isn’t thrilled about her getting nakey on camera. That guy either has the patience of a saint or is dumb as a box of rocks. This girl might care about him to a certain extent, but she’s going to do what she wants. Jorge was an emotionless slug, except for his continuous alluding to having some information about Anfisa that she doesn’t want out there. What was really weird, was that they were staying in the same hotel room, and he kept saying he had to come with her or she wouldn’t have shown up. Is he holding her hostage? I kept expecting a bombshell that never happened, but he insisted he still had things to say. Chantal and Pedro seemed genuinely normal, so I’m not sure what happened there. The best part was Loren calling out Mohamad and Anfisa for using their spouses as a way into the country, and abusing the system. She told them that they’re the type of people who give the process a stigma, and she and Alexei had to apply three times before they could get him to the US. That is pretty sad. Mohamad kept telling her not to curse, and I laughed, hoping she would curse even more. I can’t wait to see another one of these. And hopefully find out what Jorge has on Anfisa.

On Before the 90 Days, somehow, Karine showed up, and Paul got off the bridge he was sitting on and into the bed of a truck, where they had a problem communicating because neither one of them knows the other’s language. It’s so stupid. I went to Russia with a group from my Russian history class in high school. Our teacher spoke fluently, but we all knew how to say basic things like, where’s the bathroom? BTW, it was quite a trip. Enough said. They basically live in an upscale shack with no air conditioning (I’m out). Her room was very cute though Very Hello Kitty-ish. Paul was staying in a hotel, and asked Karine’s father, who’s an ex-cop, if it was okay to bring her there. I didn’t blame him for being like, what?! at first, until Paul declared his intentions honorable. He has nothing to worry about though, since Paul doesn’t want to get intimate until Karine has had an STD and pregnancy test. I’m not quite sure she understands why he doesn’t want to fool around, but it looks like next week, he’ll be breaking out the pregnancy test. This isn’t the conversation to have when you don’t know one another’s language. Again, SMH.

Cortney, the one going to Spain to meet Spanish model Antonio, continues to just vapidly fill time. She’s pretty, but if he’s really the guy in the pictures, no way is she on his level. The best part here was how she told her parents everything, and her dad drove her to the airport. My dad would have locked me in my room until I was forty-five. Sean brought about a million pairs of cute underwear to Haiti, giving it to  Abby, who sells it online. Okay.

What held my attention most was Darcey and Jesse in Amsterdam. Apparently, fireworks happened and their souls collided on their first night together. Meeting his parents (mom and stepdad) was a different atmosphere altogether. First came the house straight out of fairyland. All overgrown cottagey, with bright artwork everywhere. Stuff hanging from trees, stuff hanging on trees, even mosaics on the ground. I wanted to spend serious time there, gawking. Although my first thought was, what do they do when it rains? Darcey of course wore her six-inch stilettos. Jesse’s mom was a trip – all crazy braids and wearing an outfit she probably designed – she’s the artist in the family. The stepdad, who Jesse warned Darcey about, saying he was outspoken and abrasive, was a double-trip, looking like the Mikado in The Mikado, but with piercings. He was also very loud. Everything was relatively cool, even when they talked about Jesse moving to the US, until Darcey brought up the topic of marriage over soup, and stepdad Dave asked her if she was out of her f-ing mind. He also said something about Darcey not being in Jesse’s league, which did not sit well with her, as it wouldn’t with most people. But instead of actually discussing it, Darcey was passive/aggressive, pouted, and sulked on the ride back. I think she’s going to sink her own boat with that behavior. She’s way insecure. I even noticed how she wears a lot of scarves or some such thing around her neck, I believe to hide her age. The problem here isn’t the age gap, but the emotional maturity gap. I’ll be surprised if these two make it to the 90 days.