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February 24, 2020 – Willow Mourns Her Son, Parker Has Opinions, Revival, the Jerome Gallery, Contract Stretch, Best Trash & Leaping


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the hospital, Nikolas approaches Elizabeth, but Ava comes out of the elevator, intercepting him. She says, a happy coincidence, and he asks if she’s following him. She says, he wishes. The sight of him brightens her day. She hugs him, and says, rest assured she treasures every moment they’re apart. He asks why she’s there, and she says, Franco had an opening, so she’s going to sit for her portrait. And him? He says he’s seeing his mother, and Ava says to give Laura her best. Nikolas says Laura opposed the marriage. The less he mentions Ava, the better. She says she thought they agreed to show the public that they’re a loving couple, and he says they did, but he had no idea how demoralizing it would be. He goes to the reception desk, and Elizabeth asks how she can help him. He asks if she’s seen his mother; she’s not in her room. Elizabeth thinks Laura is getting her final round of tests before she’s discharged. She starts to walk away, but Nikolas asks her to wait. He needs her help.

Willow gets ready to leave for work, and Chase startles her. He asks if she wants to join him for breakfast at Kelly’s. She thanks him, but says she has to get to work. He’s surprised she’s going in today, and she says, why wouldn’t she? The world doesn’t stop because something terrible happened to her. He suggests she call in sick; she’s recovering from a head injury. She says she wouldn’t have been discharged if she wasn’t fine, but he says she’s not fine. She needs time for herself. She’s going through a lot. She says she has to keep busy, or she’ll cry all day because her baby is dead.

Julian goes in to see Brad, and Brad asks if Wiley is okay. Nelle was in the cell across from him, but she wouldn’t tell him what happened. Did she hurt Wiley? Julian says, Wiley is fine; he’s with Michael. Brad asks, what about Lucas? and Julian says Lucas won’t return his calls or texts. Brad wonders if Lucas is still at Carly’s, and Julian says he wouldn’t know. Sonny kicked him out. Brad says he tried to protect Lucas, and it backfired, but he loves Lucas so much. He asks why Julian is there, and Julian says he wanted to thank Brad for not telling Lucas that he knew. He can help Lucas get through this. Brad tells him not to kid himself. He can still blow Julian’s cover.

Sitting in Sonny’s kitchen, Jason tells Sonny, nothing yet. He’s doubled down on security on all of their properties. Carly comes in, and asks if they were ever going to tell her. The police are calling the warehouse explosion suspicious. Jason asks how Michael is, and she says it’s his first day as Wiley’s dad, and he’s sent about thirty pictures. Sonny is glad Michael got his son back, but he should have never lost time with him. Brad and Nelle are going to pay for that.

Michael tells Wiley, he thinks they’re off to a good start. Breakfast went smoothly. He says he loves Wiley so much. He’s going to do the best he can to be the best dad. Monica comes in, and says she didn’t know Michael had Wiley today. Michael says he’s going to have Wiley for a while. It turns out Wiley’s not his godson. Wiley is his son.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth, he’s at a loss. Spencer won’t answer his calls, so he emailed. Spencer wrote him back. He takes out a letter, and reads, don’t contact me again. Any further correspondence is pointless. Spencer writes, his father died three years ago. He mourned being an orphan, but realizes how lucky he is. Nikolas says, it’s on stationery. Who still writes letters? She says, people like Spencer. He says he misses Spencer, and Elizabeth says Spencer seems like he’s done with Nikolas, but don’t give up hope. Not yet.

Franco finds Ava watching Nikolas and Elizabeth, and says, all set? She says, just a moment. She asks Franco what her husband and Elizabeth are doing, and he says he doesn’t know. She suggests he go over and find out. Show Nikolas who’s boss. He says, it’s not a good day to punch someone’s lights out. She says, what about tomorrow? and he says Elizabeth told him that she can handle Nikolas all on her own.

Brad says Julian didn’t come there to thank him. He’s covering his own ass, and keeping himself safe. Don’t get used to it. Julian asks if that’s a threat, and Brad wonders what Sonny would do if he found out Julian helped keep Wiley from Michael. Julian knows it’s hard on Brad, but says Brad asked him to help. Brad says he was just keeping his family together, and now he’s stuck by himself, paying the price. He lost everything. Julian says, that’s on Brad. He couldn’t keep his mouth shut, and had to tell Lucas the truth on Thanksgiving. Brad is the reason the plan fell apart.

Monica says, what an ordeal, and Michael says he and Chase found Nelle before she could leave with Wiley. Monica tells Wiley that he had an eventful night, and Michael says, it turned out all right. Monica says she’s thrilled for him, and the fact there’s another Quartermaine in the family. She doesn’t mean to suggest a name change, but Michael says he wouldn’t mind. She asks how he’s feeling. It must be overwhelming. He says he’s exhausted. He didn’t sleep; he was up every hour checking on Wiley. It feels like a dream. She says, it’s real, and Michael says he got a miracle, but not everybody was so fortunate.

Chase asks what Willow is looking for, and she says her ID badge. He asks if she checked her purse, and she says, twice. She can’t believe she lost it. She dumps her purse out, saying she can’t be late. He says they should talk, and she says she knows he wants to help. His support meant the world to her, but he can’t hold her hand forever. He says, why not? and she says he doesn’t get it. She needs to keep busy, and going to work will help. He asks if she’s sure she’s in the right mindset to be around kids, and she says, what? He says, that came out wrong. She’s always telling him that kids pick up on emotions. Does she want to bring everything she’s feeling to the kids she works with?

Carly says she wanted to see Lucas, but her mom just texted that Lucas wants to be left alone. She wishes he’d let his family help. Sonny says, if he wants space, give him space. He’ll just try to convince Carly that he’s okay to make her feel better. Carly guesses she’ll stay there, and wait for him to ask for help. She asks if she can get them anything, but Jason says he’s on his way out to see Michael and his son. Carly loves the sound of that, and Sonny says Michael brought Wiley over last night. Whatever was broken inside of him, seems healed. Jason can’t wait see that, and says he’s heading over there right now. He leaves, and Sonny asks Carly if she’s okay. She says, yeah, but he says she’s not very convincing. She says she’s overjoyed that Michael got his son back, but it’s killing her that her brother lost his son. All because of Nelle. She’s determined to destroy their family. She gaslit Carly, and had her sent away. She nearly killed Michael, and kept him from their grandson for almost two years. Sonny says, Nelle is heading back prison, and Michael has his son back. Nelle lost; they won. Carly says, she’s in custody, and she’s weaseled out of prison before. Someone has to stop Nelle for good.

Franco suggests he and Ava brainstorm. He wants her to share her feelings. Does she want to go Mona Lisa? Ava says, too conservative, and he says, The Birth of Venus, but she says, a little too naked. He says she doesn’t want her new husband to have a heart attack, unless that’s what she’s going for. He asks how the marriage is going, and she says, it’s functional. He says, it sounds like a transaction rather than a marriage. She says, if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck… He hopes whatever she’s after is worth living with the dark prince. She says, it’s not so bad. Elizabeth found it in her heart to forgive Nikolas. Franco says, that’s who she is, and Ava says she understands Elizabeth and Nikolas were close once upon a time. Franco says, Elizabeth felt it was the biggest mistake of her life, and not just because she was married to Lucky. Ava says, Elizabeth and Nikolas had an affair?

Elizabeth tells Nikolas, Spencer is just a teenager; however, he has every right to be furious. Give him some space, and see what happens. He says Ava told him the same thing, and Elizabeth says Nikolas talked to her about Spencer? He says they had time to kill on the way back from Paris. It got her to open up about Kiki’s death. Elizabeth says it was shocking and senseless, and Nikolas asks if Kiki and Elizabeth were close. She says they got to be while Kiki was working there, but she knew Kiki first through Franco. Nikolas says he vaguely remembers that Franco thought he was Kiki’s father, but it turned out to be Silas. Elizabeth says, Franco and Ava had a brief affair when Franco was starting to make a name for himself, but they weren’t together when Kiki was born, and weren’t speaking. He says, now, Ava is representing Franco professionally, and he’s painting her. He guesses time really does heal all wounds.

Jason walks into the Quartermaine living room, and Monica asks if he heard. He says he did, and she says, Michael’s son is home where he belongs. Jason says, fatherhood looks good on him, and Michael says he’s seesawing between excitement and terror. Monica says, that sounds about right, and asks if Jason can stay a while; she needs to freshen up. He says he’ll stick around, and when she’s gone, Michael says, not to change the subject, but he got an alert about the warehouse fire. Jason says, there’s nothing to worry about, and Michael says he’s glad, especially now that he has even more reason to keep his family safe.

Carly tells Sonny, what Brad did was unforgiveable, but he was following Nelle’s lead. He’s weak that way. Nelle was the mastermind. Sonny has no doubt, and she asks what they’re doing about it. He says it didn’t happen to them, but she says Nelle let them believe their grandson was dead. He says, it’s about Michael’s son, and he’s a grown man. It’s up to him. She says, Michael will never retaliate in any real way that makes a difference. They have to make the decision for him. it’s time they remove that psychotic bitch from their lives once and for all.

Willow says she’ll tell her students the truth. She lost someone she cares about, and misses them, and it helps her to focus on her students. Chase suggests she take a personal day, but she says she can’t. She shouldn’t even be around him. It’s hard to keep herself from screaming, she’s so angry. He says, of course (🍷) she is, and she asks why God took her little boy. Why does Nelle get to be a mother when all she does is hurt people? He says, it’s not fair, and Willow says, it’s not. Michael deserves to have his son back, and she’s happy for him. Chase says she doesn’t have to be; not now when it’s so raw. Curse, cry, do whatever she needs to. She says she doesn’t know what she needs to do. It’s all she can do to keep from screaming. He says he’ll scream with her. He loves her. He loves everything about her, even her anger. He’s angry too, that she has to go through this, but let him help. She says, if he wants to help, give her some space, and she leaves.

Brad tells Julian that he wanted to be honest with Lucas. He thought they could work through it, and eventually Lucas would forgive him. It’s not possible now. Julian says Brad has no one to blame but himself. Brad says Julian is probably grateful for the accident. Their car crashed before he could tell Lucas that Julian was in on it. Julian says it was the worst day of his life. Lucas never should have been in the car in the first place. Brad asks what Julian means.

Nikolas wonders what drew Franco and Ava together. Physical attraction? The artist and his muse? Elizabeth asks if he’s jealous, but he says, not in the slightest. She says, good. Whatever happened in the past, they’re just friends. Nikolas hopes he and Elizabeth can be friends, but she suggests they not get ahead of themselves. He says he feels lucky Elizabeth is speaking to him, and she says, that’s only because of Spencer. He appreciates her compassion for his son, and she tells him, don’t act like the Nikolas she remembers. The one who acts with thoughtful consideration. It almost makes her forget how angry she is with him. Almost.

Franco tells Ava, lighten up. If he draws her all moody and broody, they’ll think she’s Helena. She says she’s surprised to hear Nikolas and Elizabeth had an affair. She’s only heard about Nikolas’s great love Emily. She says she’s curious about what happened. Was it puppy love, or something more? He says he’s going to draw warts on her if she keeps it up. If she’s that curious, consult her loving husband. She says maybe she will. Who someone chooses to sleep with says lot about that person. He says, fascinating theory, and tells her, chin up; to the right.

Jason says Michael and Wiley always looked alike, but now the resemblance jumps out. Michael says he’s still in shock. Wiley laughs, and Jason says Wiley is lucky to have Michael as a dad. Michael says, before Brad confessed, Wiley had his own world. He had his home and two dads. Now Wiley’s just got him. Wiley has spent plenty of time there, but now he lives there. It’s got to be confusing. Jason says, he’ll adjust, just like Michael will, but it might take Wiley a while to realize he’s home. Michael says, Wiley has already been through so much. What if he can’t be the father Wiley needs? What if he’s not enough?

Brad asks what Julian means by Lucas shouldn’t have been in the car. Julian says neither one of them should have been hurt; it was a freak accident. Brad says they still don’t know why the brakes gave out, and Julian says, there was no way to know; the undercarriage was too badly damaged. His point is, it’s just beginning for Lucas. He’s going to need the support of his father to get through it. Brad says Julian should  tell Lucas he was keeping the secret, and let Lucas decide. Julian says he knows Brad was protecting him because Lucas will need help after losing Wiley. Brad says, so Julian and Nelle walk, while he’s left twisting in the wind. Nelle went into victim mode, telling the guard that he was harassing her. She said Brad stole her baby after she gave birth, and she had no clue the babies had been switched. Not only did she lie, it’s a complete reversal. It was her idea in the first place. Julian says, Nelle isn’t just a psychopath; she knows how to protect herself. If Brad does as Julian says, Julian will protect him, but they need to work together on this.

Nikolas says when Elizabeth is ready, they’ll get back in a good place. It will take a while, but she might forget what a jackass he is. She says, it will help if he doesn’t do anything to remind her. She’s sure his mom’s tests must be ready by now, and Nikolas goes off to find Laura. Chase runs in, and asks if Elizabeth has seen Willow. She asks if he checked the children’s wing, but he says he went there first. Elizabeth says she’ll check the schedule, and says, Willow called in sick. He asks, when? but she says, it doesn’t say. She asks if something is wrong, and he says, Willow just lost someone precious to her.

Willow goes to the cemetery. She keels by the baby’s grave, and brushes snow off the headstone. She says, hi. She should have visited long before now, but she didn’t know he was there. She says, it’s your mom; I’m right here.

Carly tells Sonny, Nelle denied them their grandson. She’ll keep using Wiley against Michael if she’s not stopped. Sonny says she’s the worst user in the world, and he wishes Michael had never met her, but he did. Now she’s Wiley’s mother, and however Michael wants to deal with it, they can’t interfere.

Jason says he had a big advantage with Michael. He had zero experience with babies, so he had no expectations, and followed Michael’s lead in letting him know what he needed. His advice is for Michael is to let everyone help. Michael says when he couldn’t sleep, he looked up kids and memories online. Wiley probably won’t have conscious memories of what happened, but he’s bound to feel the absence. What about when he’s older? How much does Michael tell him? Jason says, it’s up to Michael. Tell Wiley the truth when he feels Wiley is ready. Michael is in control. Michael went through a lot of chaos when he was a kid, and knows what Wiley is dealing with more than anybody. Michael says, but he’s facing what Jason didn’t have to. Nelle as Wiley’s mother. He doesn’t want her anywhere near his son.

Brad says Julian got what he wanted; Brad is out of Lucas’s life for good. He can take his empty promises, and get the hell out. Julian asks if he’s sure. When he walks out, the deal is off the table. Brad asks, what deal? and Julian says, if Brad keeps his mouth shut about his part in this, he’ll make sure Brad walks out.

Ava tells Franco, she’s proud of them, remaining close like Elizabeth and Nikolas. She understands better now why Elizabeth forgave Nikolas. They have a rich past history. Franco asks what she’s doing, and she tells him, she’s just saying that once you share an intimate connection, it binds you forever. Whether it’s a sweet one night stand or a passionate love affair, when you see the person, you get a spark. I’d say that’s debatable, but Franco asks again what she’s doing, and she says, contemplating the human condition. Posing for a petulant artist is giving her time to conjure deep thoughts. He says she acts like she’s been there for hours, and she wonders, why after all these years, he’s never painted her. He says, because she’s impatient, and she says maybe the time would go faster if he was better company. He says, she didn’t just insult the person who’s painting her. Nikolas watches through the window.

Brad tells Julian that he’s listening. Julian says Brad has a chance to dodge this conviction. He’ll hire the best defense attorney money can buy, and Brad can beat the charge. Brad says, in exchange for…? Julian says, his continued silence. So do they have a deal?

Jason asks Michael what he and Chase found, and Michael says, Willow was unconscious. Jason says, a felony assault, and Michael says, Nelle was headed out the door with Wiley. She had plane tickets and fake IDs. Jason says, that’s kidnapping. Nelle isn’t going anywhere but back to Pentenville. Michael doesn’t think Nelle is going away that easy, and Jason says, she can always be dealt with. Monica returns, and says, three generations of Quartermaines has to be documented. She takes a picture of Jason, Michael, and Wiley, and Jason says he’ll take one of her. They sit on the sofa, and Monica says she wants to remember this forever. Jason takes a picture, and asks how he did. Monica says, good. She loves it. She shows her phone to Wiley. Who immediately deletes all of her pictures. Just kidding.

Willow doesn’t know what to say. This wasn’t supposed to happen. He wasn’t supposed to die before her. She cries, and says she gave him up because she wanted him to have a better life. She wanted him to have a family who would give him all the love, support, and opportunities he deserved, but he didn’t get any of those things. He died the day Brad brought him home, and she’ll never know what would have happened if she’d kept him with her.

Nikolas goes into Franco’s studio, and says, there’s his beautiful wife. She asks what he’s doing there, and he says, being a devoted husband. She tells him, save his charm. Franco knows. Franco says, they despise each other, and are in it for the money. Their secret is safe with him. Nikolas says, somehow, he doesn’t find that comforting. The reason he interrupted is to remind Ava about dinner tonight. She says, networking for Cassadine Industries; she wouldn’t miss it for the world. Nikolas says, happy sketching, and leaves. Franco and Ava laugh, and Franco says, it’s like they’re in the park and he’s making her into a cartoon. He doesn’t know how Ava puts up with Nikolas, and she says, eyes on the prize. When Nikolas breaks the terms of their contract, she’ll have all of the money with none of the ball and chain. And he will break them. He won’t be able to stop himself. Franco asks, how? and she says that’s for her to know, and her husband to find out. In the hallway, Nikolas says his turn is coming.

Julian asks if they have a deal, and Brad says he’s not feeling there’s an alternative option. Julian says, yes or no, and Brad says they have a deal. Julian says he can’t guarantee anything, but Brad says he can. If Julian’s lawyer fails, he’ll bring Julian down with him.

Willow says, she hopes he was asleep when it happened. She hopes there was no pain. She sobs, and says she’s so sorry. She is so, so sorry. Elizabeth approaches, and says she didn’t mean to startle Willow. Willow asks what she’s doing there. Elizabeth squats next to her, and says Chase was looking for her. He told her about the baby. She’s sorry for Willow’s loss. Willow says, Brad put him down in his crib, and when he came back, her son wasn’t breathing. He was all alone. Elizabeth puts her arm around Willow, and says she’s not alone. Willow cries.

Michael tells Jason, it feels right, like it always should have been this way. He should have known better. Things didn’t add up. Jason tells him not to be hard on himself, but Michael says he knows with Nelle, nothing is what it seems. There’s always an agenda. Jason says, don’t worry about Nelle. Wiley is Michael’s and no one is going to take him away. He’ll handle Nelle.

Sonny asks what Carly is thinking. Can’t she let go, and be happy that Michael has his son and they have their grandson? She says, Nelle has beat the system before, and Sonny says, and she got caught. No one is going to give her the benefit of the doubt. Carly says she’s thrilled and relieved, and Sonny says, if the justice system does it’s job, Nelle will be sent back. Carly says, agreed, but that’s a big if.

Tomorrow, Ned tells Brook the free ride stops here, Trina tells Josslyn she’s going to spend more time writing about her life than living it, and Carly says Nelle’s first steps in the sunshine could be her last.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Paget tells Ciara, nothing has been done, and she says he’s only looking at what hasn’t been done, not what has. In his interview, Paget says Ciara has to respect his authority. This is too much. The guests tell Jenna which crew members they’d like to hook up with. Jenna radios Madison, asking her to make coffee. In Madison’s interview, she says she’s worked with stellar chief stews in the past, and the interior was a cohesive unit. Here, she just doesn’t know. Paget asks if he and Ciara are cool. She says they are, but her expression says, I don’t think so.

Parker has anchor watch in the middle of the night, and disturbs Adam’s sleep on his way out of the cabin they share. In Adam’s interview, he says, a sure sign that Parker has never worked on a yacht – slamming doors. Later, he tells Parker about waking him up, and in Parker’s interview, he says he knows Adam has one of the most important jobs on the ship, and Parker doesn’t want to hinder him in any way. Moving forward, he’s going to be quiet as a mouse. Adam says, everyone can take a nap except him. Paget flirts with Georgia, kind of. The guests tell Jenna that they’re ready for breakfast anytime. Captain Glenn says it might be more exciting sailing today than it has been, and tells the crew to make sure all of the cupboards are locked. The sails go up, doors bang, and the boat nearly turns sideways. In her interview, Jenna says she’d never serve breakfast while sailing, but what the guests want, the guests get. Adam says he knows his job is to cook, but it couldn’t be more windy. It’s absolutely ridiculous. He asks the captain if they can pull the sail for forty minutes, and cruise in for breakfast, but the captain says, the guests want to sail. In Captain Glenn’s interview, he says, there was no wind yesterday when the guests wanted to sail, and he can’t pass up the opportunity. Adam doesn’t get to tell him how to sail. Jenna serves breakfast, and the captain says they’re heading back to the dock. They’re sailing upwind, and have to tack their way in. Tacking means to zigzag your way up. Things slide all over the kitchen, and a glass container of something slides off the breakfast table, and crashes to the floor. Jenna calls Parker to clean up the mess on deck, and he suggests they find a nice vacuum cleaner that picks up glass. In Jenna’s interview, she says, Parker has a kind heart, but he doesn’t get it. The number one thing she learned starting out was that you have no opinions. You just shut your mouth, and do your job. She tells Paget that Parker has opinions.

A guest goofs around, sliding across the floor on her ass, and the rest of them laugh. Paget radios Parker, and points out that Parker asked Jenna why they didn’t have a vacuum cleaner in front of the guests when he was sweeping. Parker says, he loves Jenna, and doesn’t want to piss her off. Captain Glenn says they’re going to be backing up, and in his interview, Paget says, a sidewind of more than 15 knots makes it difficult to dock. It’s an expensive boat, and if they hit the dock, it could be hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. Paget tells Parker that he’s throwing the wrong line, and Parker freaks out, saying the guy on dock asked for it. Paget says Parker doesn’t throw anything unless he says so. Ciara is having difficulty pulling on another one, and is afraid it will snap. I have the feeling Parker isn’t going to last the season. Captain Glenn asks, what’s happening back there? Paget manages to tie up the line, and the captain says he has no reference, and needs someone to give him the distance. Paget goes to the line Ciara is struggling with, and secures it. Glenn says he can’t see where he is, and he can’t stop because the boat has momentum. In Parker’s interview, he says he threw the line because he thought it was the right thing to do. He just wants to make people happy, and do a good job. It’s tough to know he screwed it up. I’m not so sure yachting is for him.

The crew says goodbye to the guests, and primary Whitney apologizes for their debauchery. She thanks Adam for putting up with their dietary restrictions, and gives Captain Glenn something for their trouble. The captain tells the crew to finish up, and then they’ll have a debriefing. Paget hugs Ciara, and says he was worried about her hands getting caught. In his interview, Paget says they’ve been bickering lately, but he loves her confidence and work ethic. He doesn’t want to say she’s like his mother, but he said it.

Captain Glenn calls the crew to the saloon. He says, the deck had a problem with communication on the dock. Make sure it doesn’t happen again. He tells Jenna that he was impressed with the interior, and Adam was challenged, but he nailed it. The tip is $13500, or $1500 each. Adam was expecting more, and so was I. The captain says there’s still a lot to do, and tells them to power through. Byron hands Jenna a woman’s crew shirt that was in his clothing. In Jenna’s interview, she says, at the bare minimum, she expects a stew to be good at organizing. It’s not rocket science. She tells Georgia, the laundry is a sh*t show. She has to get it together; stuff is not going back properly. Georgia says she has no system to work with, and Jenna says they’ve all been doing everything. In Parker’s interview, he says, the last charter was rough. He wants to make the captain and crew proud, and feels like he let them down. He hopes everybody sees something great about him this charter. The crew gets ready for dinner.

They go to a restaurant, and order a tasting menu. In Jenna’s interview, she says she’s enjoying the casual flirtation between her and Adam. She doesn’t want to eff it up like last time. We flash back to the hot tub fiasco, and she says, no red wine for her. Georgia says Parker has zoned out. She doesn’t like to see his energy level dip like this. He says he doesn’t either, and in her interview, she says she’s trying to get him to cheer up, but it’s not helping. The crew goes outside to drink and check out street food. Adam says chicken fried steak is his favorite thing, but Paget says he’s never had it. Neither have I. In Paget’s interview, he says, it’s nice to go out with the crew, have a drink, and treat each other as friends. He talks with Georgia, and in Ciara’s interview, she says, in between charters is the only time she and Paget get quality couple time. She wants a little attention. Parker apologizes to Madison, and says his vibe has been off. They go back to the boat, but Parker hangs back a little, moping along. In Adam’s interview, he says Jenna is cute, and she makes him laugh, Maybe for the first time, he can get through a charter season without being miserable. Parker tells Madison that he’s tired, but wants to give Adam some space. In Madison’s interview, she says she wants to be there for her bud, and let him be him. They snooze in the crew mess.

In his interview, Parker says, yesterday was tough. He needs to keep being him, and be confident. Positive Parker is back and ready for action. Paget tells Ciara to do something, but she says, if it’s not a priority, she’s not doing it. Georgia tells Madison that Jenna won’t show her how to do anything. In Madison’s interview, she says Jenna doesn’t give two sh*ts about them. She’s been in the same position as  third stew, and she’s glad she can be there for Georgia.

The new primary is Sylvia, a single mom with a cleaning service. She’s bringing along her daughter, son-in-law, her two sons and their girlfriends, and her daughter’s one month old daughter. The captain says, obviously, they need to think about safety. They want to do some cliff-jumping, and one couple wants a secluded beach campfire by themselves. There are no dietary restrictions, which thrills Adam. Parker asks Georgia to talk to him while he deals with some chores. She asks about his last relationship, and he says it was two years ago; she’s doing yoga sh*t in Thailand. In his interview, he says parting ways was the hardest. He never believed in love at first sight, but had it with her. It took him a long time to recover. He tells Georgia, if that hadn’t happened, he wouldn’t be there.

Paget tells Parker to cut his conversations short with the guests. In Paget’s interview, he says Parker has a problem with rules and discipline. He has to repeatedly tell him what to do, and it’s becoming a problem. In her interview, Georgia says she’s giving it her best shot, but Jenna nitpicks things that haven’t even happened. She feels it’s a testament to Jenna that she’s not paying attention except in the galley. She doesn’t know what’s happening in her own department. In Jenna’s interview, she thinks Georgia should get her sh*t together, and organize the laundry. It’s not that complicated. Georgia tells herself to harden up, and in her interview, she says she doesn’t like sharing emotions. It gives her more control over the situation. She goes into the bathroom and cries.

An hour before charter, Madison asks if Georgia is okay, and says she appreciates her. Georgia says she’s not an effing moron, and she’s frustrated. In her interview, Madison wonders if Jenna thinks the worker bees are going to think it’s the best job ever when she’s being a d*ck to them. Jenna comes by, and asks if Georgia is okay, and Georgia quickly closes the bathroom door in Jenna’s face. In Jenna’s interview, she says she doesn’t set out to make people cry, but it’s her job to hold them accountable. Suck it up, and do your job. The laundry. Jenna tells Georgia that she doesn’t want to upset her, but she has to do a job as well. Georgia says she’s 100% right; no problem. Jenna moves in to hug Georgia, but Georgia puts her hands up. Captain Glenn tells the crew to change, and they put finishing touches on everything.

The guests board with baby Angelica, and Adam says they have precious cargo this time. In Jenna’s interview, she says, the parents are crazy. How are they taking a vacation when they had a baby one month ago? Take a breather. She gives the guests the tour, and Sylvia’s daughter says there’s been a change in her preferences. She can’t have eggs, dairy, nuts, or coffee. Jenna relays that to Adam, and in his interview, he says, oh my God. He was so close. Madison decorates the table with shells. Parker talks to the guests about where he’s from, and Paget asks if Ciara thinks Parker talks too much to the guests. In Paget’s interview, he says, Parker gets too personal with the them. He needs to cut the conversation short, and continue on. And he’s got to listen to his boss. He calls Parker over, and Byron points out that Parker has a shammy. Parker says he’s supposed to have one at all times. Paget says the guests shouldn’t see it (like it’s Disneyland), and he told Parker about talking to the guests. Parker says the guests talked to him. In his interview, Parker says it’s rude not talk with people who engage with him. It’s what people do.

Adam makes lunch, and Sylvia says she wants a private chef. Adam describes the menu to the guests, competing with the baby wailing her head off. In Byron’s interview, he says seeing the family reminds him of his daughter. Saphira is 14 months old, and the light of their lives. Being a dad is the greatest thing he’s ever done. Bringing a little human being to life, and nurturing and educating them, is a miracle. Captain Glenn points out a beach, asking Paget if he thinks it’s a nice place for a campfire. Jenna asks if Parker will be checking it out, and Parker says, when his superior tells him. Paget says Parker is still not getting it. He told Parker to keep his voice down, and a guest is right there. In Paget’s interview, he says, Parker is really frustrating. He can’t baby Parker for the whole season. He tells Jenna that he already told Parker to keep his voice down. Parker tells Paget that he’s not saying anything negative, but Paget says, the guests don’t need to know who’s who, and he should be aware. In Parker’s interview, he says he’s not perfect. He’s growing and learning, and doing a kick-ass job at being the best Parker he can be. At least he didn’t say he was a work in progress.

Madison gives Georgia some laundry tips, and Georgia thanks Madison for helping her. Byron is informed that there are some guests who would like to see the engine room. In his interview, he says, in the sixteen years he’s been doing this, no one has asked to see the engine room. It’s not like they know what they’re looking at. He could tell them a bullsh*t story that he machine makes diamonds. He has no problem though, if it increases the chances of them getting a better tip. If they want him to dance around naked, he’ll say, okay. Go sit over there.

Three guests go water skiing on the tender. In Jenna’s interview, she says her appendix burst when she was seventeen, and the doctor told her that she was infertile. She thinks she’d be a good mom, but she has satisfaction in other aspects of her life, and made peace with it. In Adam’s interview, he says he dated a single mom who had two little girls, and he played dad. It was fun, but after six or seven months, he learned he didn’t like having screaming little sh*ts around. In the crew mess, Georgia tells Paget that his hairstyle looks nice; it matches the aesthetic of the boat. He says her hairstyle is nice, and matches the head it’s on.

Ciara goes to the beach with Paget to start prepping. Adam says he’s excited about dinner. He’s not sure how he managed to get Japanese Kobe beef out in Greece, but they’re going to love his elevated meat and potatoes dish. On the beach, Paget starts digging a firepit, and Ciara tells him that he’s not digging a grave. In the galley, Jenna tells Adam, the food looks dynamite, and he says she looks dynamite. Byron says, this is a professional environment, and laughs. Dinner is served, and the baby starts crying. Angelica is handed off, and Adam explains the meal while competing once again with her wails.

Paget doesn’t know what’s a bigger pain in the ass; breaking rocks or Ciara telling him where to place them. After four years, you’d think he’d be used to her nagging, but no. Jenna asks Madison why she’s not helping Georgia, and Madison says because she was doing service. In Madison’s interview, she says she’s spreading herself so thin, the whole thing sucks. Jenna tells Adam they have teen ‘tude on the boat. Madison asks if Georgia did the master, but Georgia says she hasn’t; that’s why she’s worried about time. Jenna tells Madison that she’s going to the beach. She’s concerned about the time Georgia is taking. In her interview, Jenna says if they have charter guests who want to go to bed before dinner, and they’re still ironing the sheets, that’s a problem. She tells Georgia to do the master, and Georgia says, f*** me. Jenna goes back downstairs, where Madison is getting her shoes on, and Madison says it would be nice to know where she’s going, but not twenty seconds before she’s leaving. Jenna says at least she’s getting out of turn-down. Jenna tells Adam that it’s taking Georgia two hours to do three cabins. When she told Georgia to do the master, she said f*** me. Adam asks what Jenna is going to do, and Jenna doesn’t know. Georgia will cry again. Adam says, break her down to a pulp. In Georgia’s interview, she says she’s torturing herself trying to do the best she can. F*** you guys. Adam tells Jenna, personally, he’d can her ass, and Jenna says, maybe…

Next time, lots of wind, Georgia leaves laundry undone, Parker asks if Paget thinks he’s undermining him, Jenna admits she really likes Adam, and the boat hits the dock

🧼 A Little Bit Of Soap…

The latest on the AMC/OLTL revival.


🖼 Ava’s Artistry…

This is pretty cool. I’d never thought about it before. I guess I thought they bought art from one of those hotel sales or something.


🥛 Way To Milk an Opportunity…

I’m not surprised that Obrecht turned into a favorite. Kathleen Gati rocks!


📺 One Perception Of Reality…

I’m not so sure I’d agree some of these are the best reality shows. I just can’t with The Bachelor. And Jersey Shore, no. Just no.


🏃🏾‍♀️ Every Four Years…

There’s a leap.

January 6, 2020 – Nikolas Explains, the Captain Steps In, Returns, Past Cast, a Tease, a Transformation, Facetious Deck & Is It Something I Said?


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Before Nina can say her vows, the door bursts open. Nicolas walks in with Ava in his arms. He puts her on the couch where Jax tends to her. Laura says, oh my God, and touches his face, then hugs him.

Josslyn lights a 2020 candle, and tells Dev, happy New Year in Turkish. He says something back, but she says she only knows those two words, and he says, same to you. She gives him a gift bag, saying she learned that small presents were customary on New Year’s Day in Turkey. He says it’s cool of her, and takes something out. She says, before he asks, she didn’t buy them herself. Michael helped her. He says Michael must have done his research. A lottery ticket brings prosperity. She says, that makes sense, but explain the next one. He takes out a pair of boxers.

Cameron looks at the Christmas tree in Rice Plaza. Trina tells him, happy New Year. He mumbles something, and she asks what his problem is. At midnight, his probation officially ends, and he’ll be a free man. How does he want to celebrate?

Valentin asks Maxie and Peter to take Charlotte upstairs. Maxie tells her, it’s going to be boring grown-up stuff, and Valentin says, everything is going to be all right. Laura weeps, and says, it’s really him. Nikolas says it is, and moves on to Lulu, hugging her. She says, he’s alive, and Valentin looks at Nina. Lulu says she doesn’t understand. How is this happening? Nikolas says they have a lot to catch up on, and Lulu asks where was he? She turns to Valentin, and says Valentin was holding him prisoner. Valentin was behind this, wasn’t he?

Valentin says, no; he hasn’t been holding Nikolas captive. For three years, Lulu has been hounding him about Nikolas’s supposed murder, but he looks healthy. And Ava survived. Nikolas says, no thanks to Valentin. Valentin shot him and tried to kill Ava. Valentin pushed her over the edge of the parapet, but Nikolas was there to save her. Valentin says she’s drunk, and probably tripped. Nikolas says he saw Valentin. Valentin is always armed with an explanation, but not anymore. This time, there’s no way out. He loses everything.

Coming back from the skating rink, Trina says Cameron was impressive out there. He says she was too – by the third lap – but she says she fell on her face. He says, it was only once, and asks if she’s heard from Josslyn. She says Josslyn and Dev will be there at some point, and he wonders what they’re doing together. Trina tells him, admit it, and he asks, what? She says he’s totally into Josslyn, but he says he’s not. He’s known her forever. She says that doesn’t mean he can’t have feelings for her. He insists he doesn’t, and she tells him to prepare himself. Josslyn and Dev might be a thing. Dev is definitely into Josslyn, and Josslyn might be into him too.

Dev tells Josslyn, the boxers are awesome. He wants to wear them over his clothes. She says, that’s the custom in Turkey; to receive red underwear? He says, if it is, he hasn’t heard about it. Josslyn looks surprised, and he tells her that he’s kidding. It’s a New Year custom. He thanks her, and says when he was little, his parents would buy him funny red ones, saying if they laugh at midnight, they’ll laugh through the whole year. She asks if he misses them, and he says he bought her something too. He gives her a gift bag, saying, he can carry the Turkish traditions on in America. She opens a box containing a beautiful pen, and he says, for her journal. She says she loves it, and thanks him. He tells her, there’s more, and she takes out a pomegranate. He says, another Turkish ritual. If you smash a pomegranate on the threshold of your home on New Year’s Eve, you’ll have good luck. Josslyn suggests they go find a hammer.

Nikolas tells everyone, Mikkos made a codicil, and it was concealed in Helena’s portrait. Valentin says the portrait was destroyed, and Nikolas says, except it wasn’t. He has the codicil. He asks if Valentin can guess what it says, but then says he’ll do the honors. It says Valentin is disinterested. The entire Cassadine estate belongs to – wait for it – him.

Peter hands Charlotte her stuffed horse, saying, she was right. Electra was in the trophy room. Maxie says, PJs, check; teeth brushed, check. They could read her a story, but it’s so late, Charlotte must be exhausted. Charlotte asks if Peter can go downstairs to see what’s happening. Peter says he doesn’t know what’s happening, but he does know this. When he was a kid, big confusing things happened all the time around him, and he developed a bad habit of listening in. He found a really great hiding spot off the backstairs, in the hall closet. No one ever knew he was there. Looking back, he realizes that he was hearing only half of the conversations, making it much worse. Charlotte says, bad things happen, and Peter says, they do sometimes, but a lot of times, there’s nothing you can do about it. One of the best things he ever learned is that people are going to do what they’re going to do, and the best thing she can do, is let them. He knows she wants her papa and Nina to get married tonight, but whether or not that happens, he can tell her that they still love her the same, no matter what. That doesn’t mean the wedding’s not important. It means their love for her, and hers for them, is more important. He promises that everything will be better in the morning. Charlotte is already asleep, hugging Electra, which seriously chokes me up.

Valentin says Nikolas can produce any paper he likes, but he’s the rightful heir. Nikolas says, not so much, and Valentin says, it’s obviously forged. Nikolas wishes he could take credit for it, but it’s nothing he came up with. He can explain it though. The reason Mikkos amended his will to cut out Valentin is because Valentin isn’t his son. He’s Helena’s, which means he’s not a Cassadine at all. Everyone is like, wow.

Cameron and Trina sit on a bench. Cameron says he thought Trina was into Dev, and she says she was. He asks, what happened? and she says, nothing good. She tried to kiss Dev at the Halloween dance, and he gave her a polite, thanks, but no thanks. Cameron says he knows at least five people on his team who would kill to go out with her. She’s smart, cool, and funny. She thanks him, and says, but unfortunately, Dev isn’t into her. She senses he’s into Josslyn. He doesn’t talk to any other girls. Cameron says, maybe Dev is afraid he’ll slip up, and they’ll figure out who he is, but Trina doesn’t think that’s it. He says, what about Josslyn? If Dev hasn’t said anything, how does she know Dev is into her? Trina says she told Josslyn, and Cameron gets up.

Dev tells Josslyn that he had no idea the pomegranate would explode all over them. She asks if they don’t explode in Turkey, and he says he’s never actually done himself. There must be a trick to it. Josslyn says, there’s probably a how-to video online, and he says they’ll have to watch it for next year. He asks if he’s clean, but she says, no, and wipes his cheek with her hand. She asks if this means she doesn’t get good luck if they made a mess. He says, the mess has nothing to do with it. Smashing a pomegranate means she’ll be happy. He promises this year will be better for her, and she says, it already is, and she kisses him.

Josslyn asks, what’s wrong? and Dev says, nothing. She says, it’s obviously something. Was she out of line? He says, no; he just… She says he doesn’t feel that way about her, and he says he’s sorry. She says, don’t be, and he says, it’s just that… She tells him, he doesn’t need to explain. She got her signals crossed. He asks if she’s mad, and she says, no, embarrassed. He says she shouldn’t be; she’s amazing. She asks if they can not talk about it anymore, and he says Sonny and her family have been so good to him. He doesn’t want disrespect them. She says she gets it, and tells him, Cameron and Trina are waiting. I can totally get why he would want to keep his distance from her that way – she’s Sonny’s almost daughter. I’m surprised she didn’t think about that.

Cameron asks why Trina told Josslyn, and Trina says, because it’s the truth. Cameron says Dev wasn’t even on Josslyn’s radar before. Trina thinks it’s awesome, but he asks why she couldn’t have stayed out of it. She says she hates subtext; people not saying what they want because they’re scared. And Josslyn needs a number two to transition, and get her mind off Oscar. She’s not saying Josslyn is falling in love, but she’s moving on, and it’s a good thing. Dev is a nice guy. He’s not a player, and won’t hurt Josslyn. Cameron says if Trina wants to give advice, and go to college to get a degree in counseling, go for it. She says, if he wants to tell Josslyn himself that he disagrees, do that. Cameron doesn’t say anything, and she says that’s what she thought.

Valentin says, he’s Helena’s son? That’s rich, considering she hated him more than anyone. Nikolas says, that’s because he’s hers. He’s smart, evil, and calculating, and Helena was afraid of him. That’s why Mikkos wrote the codicil. He knew Valentin was a bastard, and didn’t want him to end up with the Cassadine fortune. Helena, with her endless games, made it a test for Nikolas. She had to overcome her own hatred and bitterness toward him, and look past it. Guess what? He’s a Cassadine, and Valentin isn’t. Valentin says Nikolas is spinning fairytales, and Nikolas says, they have happy endings. Lulu says, happy doesn’t cover it, but why was Valentin originally in the will? Nikolas says, it makes perfect sense, considering who his mother was. She passed him off, tricking Mikkos into taking care of him his entire life. It’s classic Helena. Valentin suggests Nikolas crawl back under whatever rock he’s been under. His mother and son fought his battles because Nikolas wasn’t man enough to face him. Now he’s made up a fake codicil. Laura says she needs to talk to Nikolas alone.

Maxie tells Peter, she can’t believe that just happened. He says, her and him both. She says she’s thrilled that Nikolas is alive, and Peter says she’s known Nikolas her whole life. Lulu must be beyond relieved. She says he sounds less than convincing, and she’s asking the same question. Where has Nikolas been? He doesn’t look like he just escaped a prison camp, wearing a nice suit. Peter agrees Nikolas’s suit is fabulous, and Maxie says Nikolas faked his death once before. Not that he’s worse than Valentin, but obviously, he’s not the sweet prince he used to be. Peter is the only person she can say that to. There’s no way she could say it to Lulu.

Nikolas tells Valentin, all of his lies are in ashes at his feet. If Valentin doesn’t believe him, ask Nina. Nikolas walks out with Lulu and Laura. Valentin says he noticed Nina isn’t surprised, and Nina says Nikolas is right. She knew.

Valentin says, now it comes together; why Nina invited these people who have no interest in watching them exchange vows. They all want her as far away from him as possible. It seemed off, but he was hoping he was wrong. Obviously, he wasn’t. You’d think he would have learned to follow his gut, not his heart, but he’ll always follow his heart when it comes to her. She’s put a lot of work into hurting him as much as possible. Is she done, or is there something she wants to say? She tosses her bouquet aside, and says she knew it was him all along. He nods and cries a little.

Maxie asks if Peter remembers a weird moment with Obrecht, and he tells her, be more specific. She says, when Obrecht brought up Valentin’s sordid history, she said something weird. She hoped Nina chose happiness. Maxie thinks Obrecht knew something was up. There’s the guest list too. Nobody there wants to see Nina marry Valentin; just the opposite. She thinks Nina invited them to watch her blow this up. She doesn’t think Nina intended to marry Valentin. Peter agrees, and she says, how awful to love someone and have them say they love you. To have them look you in the eye, and be lying about everything else. She can’t imagine anything worse, but Peter says, that’s the thing. Rotten people love too. That doesn’t mean Valentin is lying about loving Nina. Maxie says, Valentin is going to lose her, and Peter says, he knows.

Nina tells Valentin that when Sasha admitted she wasn’t Nina’s daughter, she knew he had to be responsible. She admits she loves him. She knows him, and he knows her. He’s the only person who would be able to find someone perfect enough to be her daughter, and get her and Curtis to believe it. She couldn’t figure out the DNA test, but Obrecht provided the missing piece. Obrecht says she regrets nothing, and Nina says Valentin took a swab from her mother’s corpse, then gave it to Sasha to give to Curtis, who he made sure came calling. When the test came back, he didn’t have to doctor the result, since it was from Nina and her mother. Valentin says, Nina… and she says, stop. Obrecht told her everything that she saw, and Nina believes her. All of this was a set-up; a way to ambush him, and make him understand. She can’t get through to him. If he’d told her the truth, he could have stopped all of this.

Nikolas tells Laura, Lulu, and Doc that Valentin shot him, and he flew out a window into the sea. Lulu says, thank God. Not the shooting part, but that he fell in the water. He says, it wasn’t fatal, and he started to swim. Laura says, it must have been painful, and he says, it didn’t feel great. A ship going to Pyrenees picked him up, and the crew got him medical attention. He realized how dangerous Valentin was, and knew he needed to be strong enough. He was almost fully recovered, when he found out Mikkos had amended the will, and Valentin would be inheriting everything. He couldn’t just come back and reveal that. He had to be meticulous; find a weakness, and a way to stop Valentin and reclaim what was his. He wanted to come back every day, and tell them how much he missed them. He hated what was going on. He asks Laura to tell him that she understands why had to stay away. Laura cracks him a good one across the face.

Valentin asks, may he tell Nina the truth? and she asks if he’s capable of it. He says, the truth is, he loves her. The truth is, his life is better with her in it. The truth is, on top of everything tonight, he thinks it’s just a problem he needed to fix. And the truth is, no matter what she does, no matter how badly she hurt him, she’ll never be the antagonist in his story. She’ll always be his love. And the truth might be, that no matter what he does, he might not have the skill to love her the way she wants him to. That might be the awful truth. Another truth is that he never manipulated her; not one time. She thinks Nikolas is more trustworthy than him, and Jax has obviously manipulated her since the beginning. Obrecht has known for months, and he’s the bad guy. He asks her to do something for him; one last thing. Think about who’s been using her. He walks out, and Ava says, that bastard just tried to kill her tonight. Why are they letting him walk away?

Trina tells Cameron, Josslyn just texted; they’re on their way. Cameron apologizes, and she says, for what? He says he knows she’s into Dev. It must be hard for her that Dev likes Josslyn and not her. She says she’s over it; Cameron said she can have her pick. She suggests if they’re still single when it’s time for the winter formal, they go together as friends, and he says, sounds like a plan. Dev and Josslyn arrive, and Trina asks where they’ve been. Josslyn says they got caught up at home, and they wish each other, happy New Year. Trina asks if they want to get their skate on, and Josslyn tells Cameron to show Dev where the rentals are. After they’re gone, Trina says, getting caught up at home is code for…? Josslyn says, the most mortifying moment of her life, and Trina asks, what happened? Josslyn says she kissed Dev because Trina said he was into her. Trina says, he is, and…? Josslyn says, he wasn’t.

Ava asks if Jordan isn’t hearing this. Valentin shot Nikolas, tampered with a corpse, defrauded Nina, and tried to kill her tonight. Martin says she’s a rambling drunk woman, saying, Ava’s vodka consumption earlier was quite impressive. He says, the accusation of corpse tampering, as weird as it sounds, came from Obrecht, who has a rap sheet a mile long. Obrecht says she knows what she saw, but Martin says, due diligence would be prudent here. Ava suggests he seek out somebody else for a retainer, because Valentin is going down. She tells them, there’s somewhere else she needs to be, and excuses herself. Curtis and Jordan exchange a look.

Laura says Nikolas could have come home. Spencer spent the last three years grieving. Never mind her, Lulu, and Alexis; they’re adults. Spencer is a child who has already lost so much. He let Spencer sit there and watch, while the man Spencer thought killed him, took his home and everything he loved about it. Where was Nikolas? Off plotting revenge? Really? She asks if he knows who else was plotting revenge; his son. Spencer goaded Valentin over and over; it became an obsession. Valentin came to her, and threatened that if she didn’t take care of Spencer, he would, so she put him in boarding school on another continent, because Spencer believed it was his duty to avenge his father’s death. She hates Valentin, and what he did to Nikolas and Spencer, but it pales in comparison to what Nikolas did to his own son. Spencer needed him. Spencer needed a father, and where was he? Plotting revenge for three years? How could he?

Josslyn tells Trina, it was so embarrassing. She kissed him, and he turned her down. So awkward. Trina says she knows, and Josslyn asks, when? but Cameron and Dev return. Trina says, no more probation, and Josslyn says she’s going to miss the orange vest. Trina agrees that it’s Cameron’s color. Cameron says, hilarious, and Dev says, the reflector was the best. Cameron thinks he needs new friends, but Josslyn says he’d be lost without them. He admits he would, and Trina suggests they get their skate on. They leave for the rink.

Curtis tells Jordan that he knows Ava can be a little extra, but don’t tell him that she’s falling for that lawyer and his BS.

Jax approaches Nina, and she tells him not to ask if she’s okay. He says he was going to ask if there was anything he could do to help.

Nikolas tells Laura that he’s sorry. He hated it as much as they did. Laura says she doesn’t think so. He knew they were alive; it’s not remotely the same. She says, the Halloween party. The man in the mask was him, wasn’t it? Why didn’t he reach out to her? He says he wanted to, and she says, but he didn’t. He followed Ava to the gallery, and took off his mask. Ava told her that she saw him, but she didn’t believe Ava. She thought Ava was having a nervous breakdown. Ava’s brother convinced her to commit herself when she was perfectly sane. Doesn’t he see the affect he’s had on everyone? He says, maybe what he did was wrong… She says, maybe? He says, he did it for Spencer. Laura claims she knows how dangerous Valentin is, but she doesn’t. The only way to secure the estate, and keep Spencer safe, was to take down Valentin. Laura says, it was worth anything, and he says, a temporary sacrifice. He won. It’s finally over, and now the damage can be repaired.

Maxie asks if Peter believes what he said, that everything will be better in the morning. Valentin walks in, and wakes Charlotte, telling her that they have to go right now. He picks Charlotte up, but Maxie says he’s not going anywhere. Not with her.

Jordan tells Curtis, they’ve been yanked around by a lot of people for a lot of different reasons. Clearly, a crime has been committed, and they need to bring Valentin in for questioning.

Nina tells Jax that she’s surprised how much she liked the dress. She was torn whether or not to get such a lovely dress. It turned out to be a revenge dress. It’s a pity, but he warned her. Jax says, it’s a beautiful dress, and Nina says she should change. She heads upstairs.

Laura tells Nikolas, she honestly doesn’t know what to say. He thinks she’ll eventually understand, but Laura says, right now, it feels unfathomable. Lulu says, what matters is Nikolas is home, and they’re grateful. They’ll figure out the rest later. Ava comes in and tells Nikolas, she’s sorry to cut the reunion short, but it’s time. Doc says, for what? and she says Nikolas didn’t tell them the happy news? She and Nikolas are getting married tonight. Everyone is in shock. I’m in shock that she negotiated that so quickly.

Tomorrow, Ava asks Laura to stay for the wedding, Nina just wants to get away from Windymere, Valentin punches Peter, and Anna won’t be satisfied until she gets all the answers.

Below Deck

Kevin flashes back to Justine telling him, chef to chef, he needs to go more upscale. The guests are talking about his cooking behind his back. She’s just looking out for him. Nicole and Zak are happy, but the other guests aren’t. Kevin tells her that he doesn’t need her to look after him. In his interview, Kevin says he’s pretty sure she flips burgers and takes pictures. Justine goes back to her girl crew, and says repeats what Kevin said. She tells them, If she was working on a boat, she wouldn’t want the guests not liking her food.

Ashton has a meeting with the deckhands to go over the schedule, and says they’re aiming for a 2 o’clock beach picnic. Kevin tells Courtney, Justine told him that he needs to step up his game. In Kevin’s interview, he says he works hard, and what he puts out contains a bit of him, and he takes it extremely personally. He asks Courtney if he thinks they like cream cheese in their sushi, and she reminds him that they have guests who don’t like dairy. He says, screw these people.

Simone gets drinks for the guests, and Kate tells them about the beach picnic. She asks Rhylee about the fishing trip, and tells her about Ashton going to the captain, and blaming her for going to the wrong spot. He said, since Rhylee was in charge, she should have researched it more, and it annoyed her. Kate thinks since Ashton is the head of the department, it should fall on him. In Rhylee’s interview, she says she’s not surprised Ashton threw her under the bus; she’s an easy scapegoat. She was technically leading the expedition – we see a clip of her and Ashton looking at a map – but to put the blame solely on her is infuriating.

Captain Lee tells Courtney about giving up his room to Lauren. Courtney thinks it’s weird that she accepted, but he says he doesn’t blame her for not wanting to sleep on the sofa, and she paid money for that. In the captain’s interview, he says, it’s her vacation. He couldn’t believe Jamie’s attitude, she was a spoiled brat. If he’d been the primary, he’d have told her to take what she got or got the eff off the boat. Kevin makes sushi.

The guests talk about the weather. Jamie says she’s overheated – probably from the 99 mimosas she’s had before breakfast – and goes to her room. Rhylee and Brian set up the pool, and Brian tries to find fault where there is none. She dared ask him where to place it, telling him she hasn’t been there when they did this before. In his interview, he says, when it comes to Rhylee, he tries, but she’s stubborn. We flash back to some so-called altercations, which are really a lot of nothing, and he says he doesn’t understand why it has to be that way. They put the pool in the water.

The captain advises Ashton on places to scout for the picnic. In Kate’s interview, she says she doesn’t hate Ashton, but she doesn’t respect him. She’s never had a bosun try to punch out a window in a fit of anger and rage. If she couldn’t do a job every time she worked with someone she didn’t like, she’d be unemployed. Kate tells Courtney that she’s going on ahead, and to send Simone with anything they’ve forgotten.

They unload the supplies at the beach, while the guests jump off the boat, and play in the water. Kevin asks where Katie Boo-Boo is, and Courtney says, she’s at the beach. Simone is going over with the food, which is news to Simone. In Simone’s interview, she says communication is bad on the boat, but she’s happy to do something different. Ashton says someone will have to sit next to him, and no surprise, Molly volunteers. Captain Lee tells Ashton that he’s subtle. In Ashton’s interview, he says, working on  yacht, there are always beautiful people. Molly is an absolute cracker, but he’s not going to cross the line, just possibly brush the line. He wonders if that’s a thing.

Kate tells the guests that they have sushi and salad for lunch, and Simone pours champagne. Justine tells Lauren that she just had a short conversation with Kevin, and thinks she scared him. Back on the yacht, Brian tells Ashton that Rhylee doesn’t listen. It’s her way or no way. Ashton says it frustrates him, since they have a cool vibe with Tanner. Rhylee tells Courtney about Ashton talking to the captain, and saying she should have known where fishing was legal. Brian says Rhylee comments here and there, and she’s not even lead deckhand. In Ashton’s interview, he says he can’t fault Brian for speaking to him. It’s draining, having to keep the peace. Now other crew members are saying they’re affected by it. Something has to change. Ashton asks if anyone wants to go snorkeling, but he has no takers. This is a lazy bunch.

The guests return, and are met with watermelon popsicles. Kevin goes over the evening’s menu, and Kate tells him that he’s doing a great job. Kevin wants to make ceviche, but he doesn’t get where the guests are coming from. Some want a cheese course, some don’t want cooking in Teflon pans, some are vegetarian. There are too many options; he doesn’t know where to start. For whatever reason, some of the women want to take posed photos with Ashton; Molly, who is a model, and it looks like Justine, who’s confusing me now. In his interview, he says, so far, he’s had to do a striptease and a lap dance. Now he’s doing a photo shoot with professional models. The Ashton sandwich will have good flavor. They take photos, while the captain watches from the bridge, and Nicole says, it’s like the cover of a romance novel. In his interview, Ashton says he’d expected the models to be stuck up, but they’re the kind of girls he could mix with. Brian and Courtney have a quick kiss in passing.

Rhylee tells Kate that she’s frustrated, but Kate tells her, don’t take everything so personal. Rhylee says she’s literally treated like nothing on deck, and Kate says, it’s like they want to have a girl who sucks. Abbi was bad at her job, so they were nice to her. She tells Rhylee that she’s better at her job than the rest of them. In Kate’s interview, she says, Rhylee has a temper, but works hard, and is very good at her job. If Ashton can’t manage Rhylee, she could use her in interior. She’s probably a better stew than Simone.

The guests get ready for dinner, and the captain sighs in the Sky Lounge, digging through his bags. Kate tells Tanner, G-V-O, and he responds by singing, good vibes only. Lauren tells Courtney that Jamie is in her cabin, but they don’t want to go to dinner without informing her. Courtney is it. Captain Lee gets dressed, and Courtney knocks on Jamie’s door. In Courtney’s interview, she says she doesn’t like getting involved in guest drama, but they all hate Jamie. What’s pettier than refusing to share a room, and making another guest sleep in the communal area? She tells the others that she called Jamie’s name, but there was no answer. Rhylee asks if Ashton wants to talk quietly. Captain Lee checks himself out in the mirror, and guesses it will work. It’s all he’s got.

Rhylee asks Ashton about throwing her under the bus. He says Kate told her about what he discussed with the captain. She says she constantly feels dismissed, and if he can take a second and understand what it’s like in her shoes. This is the second year she’s been dealing with this, and she’s been calm and quiet. Ashton disagrees, and wonders if it’s her insecurities. He says he’s on her side, but she says the problem is, she gets no support from him, even in this conversation, and it sucks. Ashton says maybe she should check how much of it is her insecurities, and how much is the rest of the crew. She says he’s not even listening. She’d like for him as bosun to figure out a resolution. He hasn’t even looked at her once during the conversation. He says he’s been tolerant of her, and she asks what that means. He says her attitude, her behavior, and body language. The way she does things gives off a negative vibe, and the other crew members see it. She says, it’s not her insecurities. It’s 100% the way of the vibe on the boat. He says, so it’s everyone else? and she says she told him, it’s the way of the vibe. He starts pointing at her with his finger, and she tells him not to do that. He says, the conversation is done. He’s her superior. She asks if he just dismissed her. He points his finger some more, and says the captain warned her. She tells him to quit pointing his finger at her, and he says she doesn’t give a f*** anyway. She says he’s right, and he tells her, go to bed. She says she’ll go to her quarters. I hate Ashton at this moment. He is dismissive of her, certainly isn’t like that with the dudes, and I can’t stand when someone doesn’t look at me while I’m talking. It can mean a lot of things, but regardless, it’s disrespectful. That’s his problem. He has more respect for the guys than he does for the women.

Kevin makes beautiful starter plates, and Kate calls the guests for dinner. He says, the plates are pretty, and waiting for the Gram. The captain joins the guests for dinner, and thanks them for inviting him. Kevin says, Justine will probably say there are maggots on her plate, but she declares it good. Molly says, the plating is fantastic, and Kate tells Kevin the guests are loving it. Nicole asks if Captain Lee if he ever goes to Charleston, and he says it’s one of his favorite places. She invites him to look them up when he’s there, and he says he looks forward to it. Kate serves scallops as the second course, and everyone agrees it’s great. Kate lets Kevin know the guests are super happy, and asks if he is. He ignores the question, since he’s busy charring something with a blowtorch, and Kate goes up with the dessert; crème brulee and deconstructed cheesecake. Lauran says, clearly, Justine put a fire under Kevin’s butt. Courtney makes up the Sky Lounge for the captain, who excuses himself, saying he has work to finish. Tanner asks Brian if he should make a move on Kate tomorrow, and Brian says, why not? Tanner says he’s going to roll the dice.

Rhylee tells Kate that she’s on early tomorrow, but was told to go to bed in a demeaning way. Ashton said he tolerated her, and she’s insecure. In Rhylee’s interview, she says she is who she is. She was seven when her mother married her stepfather. They moved from Alaska to Florida to open a bed and breakfast. Nobody goes on vacation to see and hear kids, who should be seen and not heard. In their case, they weren’t even seen, and would be forgotten. If she has to defend herself about something, she’ll do it, no matter what. She tells Kate, it’s humiliating. Captain Lee asks the deckhands to turn the bridge lights off. He can’t sleep with it lit up like a football field. The guests go to bed. At 4:03 am, Tanner has a nightmare, and screams his head off. Brian asks if he’s okay, and says Tanner nearly gave him a heart attack.

In her interview, Rhylee says, the situation with Ashton is not going to fix itself, but no matter what, she’s going to do her job as best she can. The captain talks to himself, saying, travel the world; it will be fun. Now he’s homeless, living out of blue bags. Tanner helps Simone wipe down the tables. In her interview, she says she’s hooked up with him and seen him naked, but wants to be mature about things working out. Ain’t no man going to distract her from her job. Ashton asks to talk to Captain Lee, who says he feels like he was rolled up in a bedsheet and beaten with baseball bat. Ashton says they have the same issues as last year. He’s tried to address Rhylee’s attitude. She works hard, but that’s only one aspect of the job. The crew has to get along. He would never speak to the captain the way Rhylee speaks to him. He’d rather do the last two charters a man down. Captain Lee says, it’s only six days. He really doesn’t want to make a radical change this late in season, but he’ll talk to her one on one. In his interview, the captain says he has two people bumping heads. That means he has to get involved, and no one will like it. It’s his responsibility to make sure things run smoothly. If you’re acting like a d*ck, I’m going to tell you. He radios Rhylee, and asks her to see him in his new office.

The captain tells Rhylee to have a seat. He says she and Ashton have a bit of an issue, and Rhylee says Aston told her that he tolerates her, whether he wants her there or not. It’s a totally different dynamic than with the guys and their banter. On deck, Tanner tells Brian there’s built up negative energy, and they compare Rhylee to cancer. Rhylee says she offers her opinions and tries to help, and Captain Lee says, sometimes when she offers an opinion, it comes off as criticizing people. People in general often don’t see how the way they express themselves is taken. He’s not saying it’s a one-way street. That’s where he thinks the real issue lies. They should confront problems head on, not run away from them. He’s going to talk to other members of the crew, and see what they think is going on. In Rhylee’s interview, she says, it’s a scary situation. If he’s going to talk to everybody, their opinions will be bias, and against her.

At breakfast, Zak asks Simone if they’re serving real maple syrup from Canada. (I’ll let it go that most people would think Vermont first.) She says she doesn’t know if it’s from Canada, but it’s the real deal. He says he doesn’t care where it’s from, as long as it’s not corn syrup. I can’t say as I blame him there; that stuff is crap. Simone assures him it’s not corn syrup, and brings in muffins. Captain Lee calls Tanner and Brian to the bridge. He says he’s going to ask them some questions, and he’s not interested in bullsh*t; he wants the truth. Ashton and Rhylee are going at it like a burlap bag of bobcats trying to get loose. Give him the skinny about what’s going on. Tanner says, it’s tense, and Rhylee doesn’t make it easy. Brian thinks she’s not right for the crew. She doesn’t like to listen, has a temper, and she’s disrespectful. Tanner says she’s difficult, and Brian says she’s mean and doesn’t respect any of them. Tanner says, it builds up until it explodes. The captain asks if they can’t tolerate it for another six days, but Brian says he’d rather deal with the last two charters a man down. Tanner says the energy transfers like a cancer. Captain Lee thanks them for their candor. He doesn’t know what he’s going to do, but he has to do something.

Zak tells the other guests that his bedroom smells a little funky, and it’s not from the bathroom; the bathroom smelled better. Courtney tells Kevin that he’s taking everything too personal, and he says Justine called his food sh*t. Justine slides into the galley, and says she apologizes for making him uncomfortable. Dinner was great, and everyone was impressed. He thanks her, and after she leaves, Courtney says he didn’t even look her in the eye. In Courtney’s interview, she says, look her in the eye, and say you appreciate the apology. She meant it. It’s their job to be nice to guests, but it’s also common courtesy. I doubt Kevin knows what that is, but nice try.

Captain Lee radios Kate, asking if he can impose on her for a bowl of Cheerios. Kate brings the cereal, and asks if he wants to eat in the breakfast lounge – i.e. another couch. He tells her about talking to Brian and Tanner, and she says it’s three against one. He says Rhylee seems difficult to get along with, but Kate says she thinks Rhylee is lovely, and asks what Rhylee had to say. He tells her that Rhylee accepts none of the responsibility, and thinks she’s getting picked on. Kate doesn’t feel that’s the bigger issue, and thinks everyone is wrong, but the responsibility falls on Ashton. Why give him the responsibility of being bosun, if he doesn’t want to be responsible for his team? Being a department head means helping the team work together. In her interview, Kate says, Ashton is a big time d*ck. If he wants to play the game where we talk bad about each other, let’s play. No one is putting Ashton in check, and it’s time someone does. He’s an ego tripping power cocky d*ck. On deck, Tanner tells Brian that Ashton has been patient with Rhylee, and Brian says more patient than he would be. He thinks Rhylee knows she’s leaving, and Tanner says she has a radio. She knows who’s being called to the bridge. In Tanner’s interview, he says, Rhylee has to go; they can’t all be miserable. They have to get rid of her. Brian says, it’s not fair. The anchor is pulled into the pocket.

Kate asks Ashton how his morning was, and Ashton says, there’s a lot to be thought about. The situation was aggravated when it didn’t need to be. She’s not in the position to discuss what he said to Captain Lee with Rhylee. Rhylee walks past, and all three of them are quiet. Ashton doesn’t think it’s right for Kate to get involved in the management of his team, and she tells him, don’t say anything in the presence of another crew member that he wouldn’t want repeated. He says he expects privacy and confidence. In Ashton’s interview, he says he’d never tell Courtney or Simone what Kate said, which I find hard to believe. He says, anybody with a sane mind would know this, but the rules don’t apply to her. We flash back to Kate complaining about Ben and Kevin getting involved in her management. Ashton says, it’s not her team, and Kate says the only reason she brought up the issue is that it needed to be addressed. He says he knows how to manage his team, but she says she doesn’t think he does. He wants to fire Rhylee, and that’s management; it’s quitting. He thinks she should apologize for getting involved in his management, but she tells him to feel free to bring up anything she says out loud. She has no secrets. He goes to his bunk, and calls her a bitch. The captain calls for the crew to get into their whites.

They dock, and Captain Lee calls the crew to the aft deck. In his interview, Kevin says this has been his favorite charter so far. He’s kidding. He hopes he never sees Justine again. Nicole says they had a fabulous time. She can’t thank the chef enough for making her favorite foods. She gives Captain Lee the tip envelope, and Zak says look them up if they’re ever in Charleston. The captain tells everyone, back to work, and Kevin sings about boiling water

Brian calls his daughter, and tells her that he’ll be coming in one week. In his interview, he says he hasn’t gotten to the stage of introducing anyone to his daughter. He’s going through it in his head, wondering about him and Courtney in the long term. They’re coming to the end of the season, and he doesn’t know what’s going to happen. Ashton tells Tanner that Kate pushes his buttons. She feels the needs to give her two cents about what happened with Rhylee. Tanner says, it’s not her business, and Ashton says she’s adding fuel to the fire, and causing more problems. Kate tells Rhylee that Ashton told the captain to fire her, and Rhylee says, for what? In Rhylee’s interview, she says, this is their leader? Instead of bringing her up or helping her, he’d prefer her to be fired. If she’s fired over something like this, her career in yachting might be in jeopardy. Where does she go from here? The captain calls everyone to meet in the crew mess.

Captain Lee says he thinks it was a good charter. The chef nailed it, and the girls did good. The tip was $17,700; $1600 each. He thinks it was appropriate, and he’s happy with it. In Kate’s interview, Kate says a lot of people don’t realize, she’s not a chief stew because the job is fulfilling. The money is fantastic. The captain says, the exterior had a lot stuff going on. Needless to say, he wasn’t pleased. He’s not sure yet how he’s addressing it. You can’t kick sh*t down the road, and think it’s going away, because it don’t. That, they can take to the bank. In his interview, Captain Lee says, the deck crew is behaving like little effing kids. Unfortunately for them, he doesn’t babysit. He’s fed up with the whining and bitching, and has to make a decision. This closely resembles a clusterf***. It’s a sh*t show.

Next time, the captain tells Rhylee they have a situation, and it’s a yacht, not Alaska; Alexis Bellino celebrates her divorce with a charter; and Tanner hooks up with Justine from this charter.

📡 News Flash: Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours To Hell and Back premieres tomorrow at 9 pm. The Haves and the Have Nots, and Vanderpump Rules are also premiering at 9, and I would think the universe hates me, were it not for the fact Gordon’s show will repeat on Saturday at 8 pm.

📺 And heard on Bravo: The Shahs of Sunset is coming soon. A date would have been nice.

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December 9, 2019 – Franco’s Procedure Is Prepped, More Elephants In Thailand, a Few Of My Favorite Things, Where’s My Children, Double Adoption & This One


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Anna says she didn’t watch Peter grow up, but feels they’re connected. She’s beginning to see how he operates.

A suspicious dude sits in the hospital waiting area, and watches Franco and Elizabeth. Elizabeth says she’s checking in on Cameron; he’s off early today. Franco says she’s a good mom, and she thanks him. He says she seems calm; it’s almost showtime. He hopes all goes well, and she’s reunited with her husband. Elizabeth says he knows what that means for him. He made the choice to give Franco his back his life. She’ll always be grateful. Of course she wants Franco back, but if that doesn’t happen, and he remains Drew, she’ll live with it. At least she’ll know one of them is still okay. Franco says he knows the risks and figures Franco was always there. He must be if someone as special as Elizabeth loves him that much. Suspicious dude watches, and checks his waistband for his gun.

Trina is at the gallery, when Cameron walks in. He asks, how goes the art world? and Trina says he almost gave her a heart attack. He says, the door wasn’t locked, and Trina tells him, someone broke in the storage room. Now she has to match the artwork to the inventory photos to see if anything was taken. Cameron asks if she needs help, and she says she appreciates the offer, but she knows what day it is. Why isn’t he with his mom? Ava walks in, and says she heard from the police that someone has been messing with her things, and Trina knows how she hates that.

At the MetroCourt, Nina looks at Nikolas’s ring. Valentin arrives, and apologizes for keeping her waiting. She asks if his apology includes an explanation as to why he didn’t come home last night. He says he got home late, and didn’t want to wake her. She says she spent the night worrying. The last she heard from him, he was going to the gallery. Did he find anything? He says he hit a glitch, and she asks if the glitch has anything to do with the bruise on his chin.

There’s a knock at Jax’s door, and Nikolas yells to let him in; it’s cold. Jax opens the door, and Nikolas says he tried the back door. What’s wrong with the lock? Jax says, nothing; it’s new. He had them all changed, but Nikolas can keep the key as a souvenir. Nikolas asks what Jax is talking about, and Jax says he told Nikolas that he wanted him gone, so he packed Nikolas’s stuff. Take it, and go. Nikolas sees some black garbage bags sitting on the couch, and Jax says he’s out.

Anna says whatever Peter’s call was about, it must be important. He can tell her about it. He says he was clearing his calendar at work. He’s moving in with Maxie and James. Anna says, today is the day? and he says Maxie is probably tripping over boxes as they speak. Anna says, that’s lovely. She tells him, it’s a big step, and wonders why he’s not there unpacking.

Andre tells Franco, not too much longer. How does he feel? Franco says it doesn’t matter how he feels; how’s Andre? Did he get enough sleep? Andre says, it’s not actual surgery. He starts to explain, but Franco says he doesn’t care; that part will be lost on him. Andre says, just know he’ll be sedated, and won’t wake until afterward. He’ll let Franco know when they’re ready. Suspicious dude acts even more obvious.

Trina says Ava is back, and asks if she escaped. Ava says she didn’t escape. She checked herself in, and she checked herself out. Tell her about the break-in. Trina says, the back room is a mess. She was just making sure nothing was stolen from the front, and replaced with something from the back. Ava thanks her for being a loyal intern, and asks if Cameron is going to just stand there and watch Trina work. Cameron says he was just reading a text from his mom; he swears he’s going to help. Ava looks in the back, and says, at least he had the decency to confine his activity to the back room. Trina asks how Ava knows it’s a he, and Ava says, just a hunch. What did the cops say? Trina says they were just leaving when she got there. They want to go over the camera footage. Either the security alarm kicked in, or a neighbor called them, and told them to contact Ava. Ava asks if Trina knows if anything was taken, but Trina says everything looks the same out front. The back room is a mess, but she doesn’t know if anything is missing. Ava says, imagine that. Someone took all that trouble of breaking and entering, and left empty-handed. It almost makes her feel sorry for him… Almost.

Nikolas says he has no intentions of leaving; Jax gave him a deadline. Jax says that was before he staged the attack on Hayden. Nikolas says they can’t always play it safe, but Jax says he didn’t sign on for this. Nikolas says Jax liked the idea of helping Spencer, but Jax thinks that was just an excuse for Nikolas. He’s not buying it anymore. He tells Nikolas to grab his stuff and go. Knock on Valentin’s door, and stake his claim. He hopes it’s worth all the damage. They’re parting ways, and he’ll leave it at that. Nikolas says he can’t. He didn’t get the codicil.

Nina asks Valentin to tell her the truth, and he says he went to the gallery to look for the portrait. He took Martin wit him, to make sure someone could decipher the legalese if they found the codicil. He discovered Martin is a shark in the courtroom, but useless in a pinch. They struck out, and didn’t find the codicil, but another interested party showed up. Nina asks if he was caught, and Valentin says it’s more like he caught them. It was a man in a mask, and he thinks they were there for the same reason. There was a scuffle, and Martin was useless; he doesn’t even think the guy knew Martin was in the room. Valentin landed a couple of blows, but was caught off balance and some boxes knocked the wind out of him. She asks if he’s okay, and he says he’s fine. She asks if the other guy was injured, and he says the guy will have a headache. She says, so someone else is looking for the same thing. Does he think it’s Jax? He says, on the contrary. He knows it wasn’t Jax.

Peter tells Anna that he’s never lived with a woman, let alone a small child. Maxie’s place is smaller than he realized. There’s a lot of arranging and rearranging. He never realized how many books he’s accumulated, and Maxie has a lot of clothes; every closet if basically filled. Anna says, that’s flexible. They can get a storage unit. Peter says there are a million details to deal with, but that’s not what worries him. He knows it’s a big step. She asks if he’s having second thoughts, but he says he was never more certain about anything. Building a future with Maxie and James was more than he’d hoped for, and he’ll do anything to keep from losing it.

Scotty shows up at the hospital, and says, thank goodness the procedure didn’t start yet. Franco says, Andre is getting the OR ready, and Elizabeth says she’ll go check. Scotty sits, and Franco asks if he’s okay. Scotty says, it’s funny. He’s never been at a loss for words with Franco. They always knew what to say to each other. Franco says, if it goes great, Scotty will have the chance to talk to his every day for the rest of his life. Scotty apologizes. He said horrible things about Drew, and he’s a stand-up guy. He appreciates what Drew is doing for his son, and hopes nothing goes wrong. Franco says, when you step into battle, you expect the worst. Otherwise, you don’t step into battle. They’ve done everything. Now it’s up to Andre, and God, fate, or whatever. He’s made peace with it, and Scotty should too. Andre comes back, and tells Franco, time to prep. Is he ready?

Cameron checks out a painting, saying, cool. It would look great is his bedroom. He asks Trina, how much? and she says, six figures. He says, on second thought… Ava comes out, and says she’s pleased to say her way of doing inventory works. It’s so confusing, no one can find anything but her. Trina says they broke in the safe, but Ava says, nothing was taken. She gives Trina and Cameron some cash, and tells them to get hot chocolate and a sandwich on her. Trina asks if she’s sure; it’s a mess in the back. Cameron says he’s used to cleaning up messes, and Ava says he’s a sweet young man. She can see why Franco is taken with him, and she promises to give Trina a stellar review as a great intern. Cameron goes on ahead, and Ava tells Trina that he looks like he could use a friend. Trina says, one more thing. There are a bunch of messages for Ava, mostly from her brother. Trina thinks Julian needs to talk to her. Ava says, he’s always two steps away from a crisis; she’ll talk to him. She tells Trina to go. In the hallway, Cameron says he doesn’t feel like skating, but Trina says she has a better idea. Try to keep up.

Ava looks at one of the paintings, and says, Helena, you vicious harpy. I hope you’re enjoying your disguise. She hears footsteps, and thinking it’s Trina, says she said she’d be fine. She turns, and says, oh my God. It’s Griff.

Jax says Nikolas didn’t get the codicil? Nikolas says Jax delayed him, and he was too late. If he’d left earlier, he would have been in and out, and no one would have been the wiser. Because he was delayed, someone had already disable the alarm by the time he got there. Uncle Valentin.

Nina asks how Valentin is sure it wasn’t Jax; he’s after the portrait. He says, if it was Jax, he’d still be on the floor. The guy wasn’t as tall, and had a slighter build. There was something familiar about him. She asks who Valentin thinks it is, and Valentin says, it’s just a feeling. Anyway, he didn’t get the portrait. How was her visit with Ava? Did Ava give her anything useful?

Anna tells Peter that he’s not going to lose Maxie or James. Why is he torturing himself? He’s no longer the guy who can’t escape his father’s shadow. He’s free. He’s severed the branch. He says he tried, but what if it’s not enough? Maybe some people can’t make their own destiny. Does she believe they do?She says, how could she not? She’s living proof.

Cameron joins Elizabeth in the examining room, and she’s glad he came. He says he wanted to be there, but he was having a hard time. Trina says, sometimes Cameron needs a kick in the butt, and Scotty says he’s needed a few himself sometimes.

Ava says Griff is looking well, and he says, her too. She says, an early morning spa appointment will do that. She’s been incommunicado for a time, and today is her reentry to the world. He says he heard she was in Shadybrook. He went by, but they said she’d checked out. He trusts she’s feeling better, and she asks if that’s his polite way of saying he’s hoping she’s not a threat to society. Or at least a worse threat than usual. He says that’s how she looks at herself. He doesn’t. She says, give it time. Did he happen to read her interview in Crimson? He says, it was hard to miss. It reaffirmed what he knew all along; she’s her own biggest enemy. The person she hurts most is herself. She says, Kiki might beg to differ. What brings him to Port Charles? He says he’s there for Lucas, and she asks if he’s consulting on a patient. He says she hasn’t spoken to Julian? She says she owes Julian a call. What’s the problem, and what does it have to do with Lucas?

Nina slips the ring back in her bag, and Valentin says he’s sure Ava was out of it. Nina says, she was talking about ghosts; Kiki and Nikolas. He says Ava is lucid enough to entertain bids for the painting, but she says, maybe it doesn’t exist. Maybe it does. Who was the man in the mask? Martin texts Valentin, and Nina asks if he wants to double his retainer. Valentin says he’s sure that’s coming, but Martin has new information that could change everything.

Jax asks if Valentin saw Nikolas, or followed him back to Jax’s house. Nikolas says he was wearing a mask, and Valentin had no clue who he was. He pulled a gun on Nikolas, and they fought like old times, but he was able to overpower Valentin, and get away. Jax asks where he’s been, and Nikolas says, at the gallery. He kept watch, but they have no clue, and there was no sign of Valentin or his accomplice. The police are searching everywhere. Jax says if they find anything that leads back to him… Nikolas says they won’t. He didn’t just wear a mask; he wore gloves, and he’s dead. Jax says Nikolas still exposed himself. Valentin knows someone else is after the painting, and he was willing to break into the gallery. Don’t underestimate him. Nikolas says he never does, but Valentin’s fatal flaw is that he underestimated Nikolas. Jax says he overestimated Nikolas. He completely misjudged him. He had no idea how obsessed Nikolas is or how low he’s willing to go. He isn’t dragging Jax down. Hayden has dealt fairly with him, and Jax is going to return the favor. He’s going to do what he can to bring her home.

Cameron asks how Franco is doing, and Franco says, not good; what about Cameron? Cameron doesn’t know, and Franco says, look at it this way. He already lost his stepfather once. It won’t happen again. If everything goes right, he’ll get Franco back. Cameron says, and if it doesn’t? and Franco says he needs to know he can count on Cameron.

Anna tells Peter that she’s settled down with a man who loves her, and she’s overcome a major health scare. Peter came back into her life, and she got a second chance with her son. Everything she could hope for was right there, and she let the fear of losing it literally run her out of town, in search of… Peter says, what? and she says she forgot what she had was solid and unshakable. She convinced herself it was built on sand, and listened to her fear. She blew things out of proportion, and ended up running away to fix something that wasn’t broken. She risked the things she loves. She abandoned Finn for months. He’d never say it, but he had to feel that he wasn’t a propriety. You don’t just disappear from someone who matters. You have to fight for what’s important, even if it means fighting yourself. Peter says he’s discovered he’s a formidable enemy, and Anna asks, why not trust himself? She was just saying to Robert that Peter is his own man; a man Maxie loves and trusts. A man she’s proud to call her son. Peter excuses himself, and steps into the hallway.

Franco says Cameron and his stepdad had something special. He can see why. He sees what Franco saw in Cameron. He’s a good kid, and if it’s not in the cards for Franco to come back, he needs Cameron to be the man of the house. He knows it’s a lot of responsibility to ask from someone Cameron’s age, but life isn’t fair. He knows Cameron can handle it; he’s seen it. Cameron says he will. About him and Franco. He already said they didn’t always get along. At the beginning, they couldn’t stand each other, but Franco was the first one to make peace. He just hopes Franco knows it. Franco says, do him a favor; hold on to this, and gives Cameron his phone. Andre asks if Franco is ready, and starts to wheel him out. Elizabeth asks him to wait, and says she’ll never forget him. Franco tells her, be happy, and Andre leaves with him.

Suspicious dude sees them go, and follows, throwing his burner phone in the garbage can. We see there’s an incoming call, and at the MetroCourt, Peter says, pick up.

Ava tells Griff, no wonder Julian has been trying to reach her. It’s terrible. Lucas is just starting his own family. Griff says, where there’s life, there’s hope. The doctors induced a coma so Lucas’s body would have a chance to mend on its own. She says, thank God Wiley wasn’t in the car. How’s Brad? He says Brad didn’t bear the brunt of the injuries, but he’s certainly devastated. Ava says, Julian and Lucas were just starting to bond. Has Griff seen Julian? Griff says he hasn’t, but he knows Julian has support around him. Ava says, the pain of losing a child is an agony she’d never wish on her worst enemy, let alone her brother. She prays Lucas comes back. Yes, she said pray. Old habits die hard.

Valentin tells Nina, full disclosure; Martin is following Spencer around the clock. He was just at a gastropub, but one thing he doesn’t do is exchange a lot of phone calls or emails with the United States. Could she see Jax taking orders from Spencer? Nina says, if Spencer isn’t pulling the strings, who is? Valentin says he has a mask to find, and kisses her. When he’s gone, she takes out the ring, and leaves.

Jax tells Nikolas not to worry. He won’t tell Hayden he staged the attack. He just wants her to know it’s safe to come home, but she hasn’t returned any of his messages. He tries calling again, and says, her phone is no longer in service. Nikolas says, maybe she’s worried about it being traced. She’ll contact Finn eventually; she wouldn’t cut ties with her daughter. Jax says, she’s already proved she’ll do anything to protect Violet. He guesses the thug Nikolas hired was pretty convincing.

Anna asks Peter, what’s going on? And don’t tell her it’s the stress of moving day. She can’t help him if he doesn’t tell her.

Scotty tells Elizabeth, they’ve probably started by now.

Franco says, this is it? The instruments? Andrew says, no scalpels, no sutures, no blood, and Franco says, just his memories. Everything that gives him his identity, and makes him who he is. Doesn’t he have a form to sign? Andre asks if he’s sure, and Franco says, positive. If goes south, he’s not breathing through a tube on a ventilator. Andre hands him a DNR, and he signs. Suspicious dude has changed into scrubs, and skulks around outside the room.

Griff tells Ava, part of the reason he came back was to see her. He regrets how things ended, and how much he hurt her. She appreciates that, but she knows she caused her fair share of pain, and owns that. Griff says he’s trying to do better; be of service to people, and get to know himself and own his choices. He carries Kiki with him all the time, in his heart and soul. She envies him. She only sees Kiki in dreams; her nightmares really. Kiki tells Ava  that she’ll never forgive her. Griff says that’s her own conscience and regret, not Kiki. Kiki was all about forgiveness. Ava says she’ll never know. She can only tell herself stories about Kiki now, and how she feels about the loss and emptiness every day. She learned something along the way. She doesn’t do broken well, and doesn’t do helpless at all. She hit rock bottom at Shadybrook, but she’ll never let anyone take what’s hers, or give them the power to hurt her. Nina walks in, and says she didn’t know Griff was back in town. He says it’s just a short visit. He understands Nina is engaged to Valentin – again. He wishes her all happiness. He asks her to tell Charlotte he said hello, although she probably won’t remember him. She says she’ll tell Charlotte a friend said hello, and Griff tells Ava that he should get going. It was nice to see her. He leaves.

Nickolas tears through his stuff. Jax asks if he’s packed yet, and Nikolas says he can’t find it. Jax wonders if this is a stall tactic, and Nikolas says he must have left it in his room. Jax says he packed everything; what is Nikolas looking for? Nikolas says, his ring with the Cassadine crest. He might have lost it.

Nina says she called Shadybrook, and they said Ava had checked out. She had a feeling Ava would be there. Ava says there was a break-in, and the storage room was ransacked, but she guesses Nina already knew that. Nina says they both know who’s responsible, and what they’re looking for. The real question is, what are they going to do about it?

Nina tells Ava, there were two break-ins. Valentin was the first one, but someone else had the same idea. She has no idea who it was, but does Ava remember this? She shows the ring to Ava, and says she found it in Ava’s room at Shadybrook after the ghost of Nikolas came to haunt her. Ghosts don’t wear rings with the Cassadine crest. There are only a few in existence, and Nikolas had one. Ava asks if Nina believes Nikolas is alive, and Nina says, so does Ava. Otherwise, she’d still be curled in a ball at Shadybrook. Doesn’t she think it’s time they do something about the Cassadines’ lies and manipulations? Does Ava remember her saying that? Ava says she does, but she was still on meds. She needed one last reality check. Nina says, this is it. It proves Nikolas is alive, and not an apparition or a fevered delusion. He was alive last night, and broke in. If that doesn’t convince Ava, nothing will. Ava says, convince her of what? and Nina says, for them to join forces. Let’s take down the Cassadine boys once and for all.

Jax says, Nikolas lost his ring? It could identify him, and prove he’s alive. If the wrong person finds it, they might think it belongs to Valentin, and bring it to him. Nikolas will be exposed. The doorbell rings, and Valentin yells for Jax, saying, let’s put cards on the table, shall we?

Peter tells Anna, it’s a potential scoop, and his reporter has gone radio silent. She says he’s a publisher; he has editors to handle that. He says, it’s sensitive material. He can’t let anyone else handle it, and jets.

Scotty says Elizabeth is brave; he’s scared to death. Cameron asks how she can be so calm, and she asks what Franco’s last words were to him. Cameron says he’s told her a thousand times. Franco said to tell Elizabeth that he loves her and he’ll be back. Elizabeth says, she believes him. She believes her husband, and they all have to believe now.

Andre tells Franco that he’s administering the sedative. Franco looks scared, and takes a deep breath. Andre tells him to count backwards from one hundred. As he counts, suspicious dude peeks in.

Tomorrow, Maxie tells Griff that she and Peter are officially living in sin, Nina says she’s on Ava’s side, Valentin suggests he and Jax pool their resources, and as the Peter’s hit man makes himself known, Andre says, what the hell?

Below Deck

Courtney tells Kevin, there’s a deep meaningful meeting happening in the stew panty. Simone says Kate made her second stew, but doesn’t treat her like one. Kate says she’s not sure Simone is a great second stew. It’s nothing personal, but it’s not wonderful to hear from other crew members that she got a second stew upset. And Simone made the department look bad. Simone says she didn’t, but Kate says she’s telling Simone  that she did. In Kate’s interview, she says, a second stew would know better. When she was a second stew, she had it worse. She didn’t see land for two months straight, and only saw laundry. She didn’t complain; that was the job. Kate tells Simone to take a minute. Simone goes to her cabin, and says, this is bullsh*t. She tells Courtney that she’s a good second stew, and starts crying. Kate says, the yacht needs a certain level of maturity, and she can’t teach that. She tells the other crew members, goodnight. In Simone’s interview, she says she doesn’t like confrontation, but she was pushed to the end. Rhylee says Simone sounded upset, and they step away. Courtney says Simone seemed like she was doing well enough, but Simone says, some people don’t think so. Rhylee tells Simone that Kate has little patience, and Simone says she wants to spend more time doing service. Rhylee asks if she told that to Kate, and Simone says she did. Rhylee suggests they have drinks tomorrow, and Simone says that would be amazing. Courtney says, no worries. Simone did everything she could.

Rhylee asks Kate, what’s the deal with Simone? and Kate says, Simone is such a victim. Rhylee says she doesn’t know Simone, but likes her. Kate says she did at first too. Rhylee says Courtney is mousy, and so boring. She’s going to steal Brian. Kate says Rhylee is so sauvage. Rhylee asks what that means, and Kate says, savage. I guess that was too hard to figure out?

Koh Hong; final day of charter. Tanner sings, it’s drop-off day. Kate serves coffee to the guests, and asks if they had a good time. In her interview, Kate says she feels bad for them. She knows what a Thailand alcohol hangover feels like. It’s not good. We flash back to Kate’s hangover. Captain Lee calls for deckhands to bring up the anchor, and Brian – who is back to work somewhat – and Ashton guide the anchor into the pocket. Kate asks how Simone slept last night, and Simone says, not as well as planned. In Simone’s interview, she says, it’s just a few more weeks. She’ll make the money, and she’s out of there. Tanner asks for some sugar, and they kiss. He says, let’s get lit. Over the radio, captain says, whoever is still changing into their whites, step it up. Ashton says it’s the first time since the second week that he’s had a full crew on deck. It actually feels good.

The guests say goodbye, the primary telling Captain Lee that they’re so grateful. He takes good care of them. The crew rocked it. When they’re gone, Ashton says, another one down, bro. Kevin tells everyone, good job, mates. At the tip meeting, the captain says, it was a good charter. The tip is $12000; not the biggest, but for a short charter, not bad. We’re still all disappointed though. In his interview, Kevin says he’s there to make money, and it’s a bit frustrating when he’s putting his heart and soul into it. He’s not getting any applause either, but he doesn’t need it. Okay, he guesses he does, a bit. Captain Lee says he wants them to have some extra time for themselves, and they’re going to an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. Instead of washing the boat, they’ll be washing elephants. In his interview, the captain says they’ve had a lot of adversity this season; injuries, crew members leaving. It hasn’t been easy. The crew deserves a day off, but frankly it’s necessary. He tells them, hang out, enjoy the day, and enjoy the sanctuary. Until then, bust a hump getting the boat ready.

Courtney tells Simone that she’s obsessed with elephants. They’re her favorite animal. Tanner sees a million messages from his mom. In his interview, he says if he doesn’t answer, she starts blowing up his phone. He calls her, and asks, why? She says she’s sorry, but she worries. He says, if anything happens to him, she’ll find out. She says she loves him so much. In Tanner’s interview, he says she probably cares too much. He’s the youngest of four, and the baby. He tells her that he’s working today, and she says she misses him. She tells him, don’t get any hookers pregnant, and he says, Jiminy Cricket. I don’t think hookers are what she has to worry about. Courtney wonders what to wear for elephants. Kevin tells Courtney and Simone not to take up space in the refrigerator with the wine. The captain radios, telling them to have their asses ready for the elephant excursion in fifteen minutes. Kate radios back that her ass will be ready for the elephants in fifteen minutes. Everyone has started drinking already.

Kate wonders why the wine was moved out of the refrigerator, and says, the fridge is for the guests. Kevin says it’s his space, it’s his fridge, and that’s how he likes it in the galley. She says, it’s empty, and he says he made it that way. There’s plenty of room upstairs. In Kate’s interview, she says, it’s a fridge. Why is Kevin losing his sh*t over a wine bottle in the fridge? He tells her to do what she wants, and she says she’s going to. He says to shove it up behind the vegetables, and she says she’ll shove it up the backside of the fridge. In her interview, she says, it’s wild. not based in logic; he just likes to oppose her. They leave, bringing along beer and wine. Kevin says there’s only so much space. It’s his domain, and he doesn’t want to compromise. In the taxi, Rhylee says, Kevin is high-strung. She accuses Simone of not telling them the whole truth. She said she and Tanner just cuddled, but Tanner said he went downton on her abbey. And she touched for like eight seconds. Simone says, Tanner is an a-hole. In Simone’s interview, she says, that’s childish. He shouldn’t be telling everyone about their private moments. She’s hoping a huge elephant steps on his foot.

They get to sanctuary, and we see a baby! ♫ Thailand! Thailand! Where everyone gets a baby elephant! ♫ The guide explains that the elephants were rescued from a riding park, and were saved from a horrible life of being abused. The elephants play in the sand, and everyone is charmed. Courtney says she literally can’t cope, and wants to live there. They pet the elephants, and no surprise, the guys have to point out the male elephant’s junk. The guide says, it’s time to get dirty, and they get in a huge puddle with the elephants to help with bathing. In his interview, Brian says, they’re absolutely majestic. They need days like this, especially for team building. He has a little FOMO, since he can’t get his leg wet, but he’s glad to be there. They help wash the elephants. On the way out, Kate says she kissed five of them, and Courtney calls her a ho.

Court asks Simone what’s happening with her and Tanner, but Simone says she doesn’t know. In Simone’s interview, she says it’s different if he’d told his friends, but he thinks she’s dumb enough that it’s okay to tell her co-workers. She’s not letting him get away with it. She asks to have a talk with Tanner. In Tanner’s interview, he says nine times out of ten, when a woman asks you to have a chat, it’s not a good one. He’s walking into quicksand. She tells him whatever happens between them, she wants him to keep it between them. If he talks about it, it seems like he’s keeping a scorecard, and it makes her feel dirty. He says he doesn’t want her to feel that way. He doesn’t want to bother or upset her. She thanks him, and they hug. In her interview, Simone says she appreciates Tanner being up front, but don’t play her for a fool. It’s not her first rodeo. She tells Courtney that she and Tanner had a chat, and he said the last thing he wanted was to make her feel bad. That’s it. In Tanner’s interview, he says this is why he doesn’t get into relationships. You’re having fun, and then you’re being interrogated. Simone is an awesome, cool girl, but not his vibe right now. Apparently, Tanner doesn’t understand the difference between interrogation, and someone telling him to shut up. It definitely sounded like she wanted to keep it more casual than he did. Kevin and Kate fold laundry in the crew mess.

Tanner tells Brian that someone told the girls about what he said happened between him and Simone. Brian says, Rhylee, and Tanner says, that’s pretty obvious. In his interview, Tanner says, Rhylee is a double-agent. She wants to work with the boys, but still be part of the girls. She’s a bridge between the drama, but she’s creating more. He tells Ashton that he wants a bro code. Rhylee told Simone what he’d said. Ashton says, if Rhylee wants to be one of the girls, the boys need to keep their sh*t with the boys. In Ashton’s interview, he says it’s better if they can speak freely, but Rhylee can’t be trusted. He calls day drinking tomorrow, and they go to bed. Tanner stumbles around, drinking by himself. He texts Simone, asking her to come to his room, but when she gets there, he’s passed out and snoring.

It’s the crew’s day off, and everyone is yawning. Ashton tells them to be ready by 10:30, and someone tells him, shut up. Kate says her bed at home is bigger than the cabin; this is hell. Courtney says she loves to lounge around. Drinking wine, and eating pasta; is that too much to ask for? Tanner and Brian complain about how long Kate and Rhylee are taking. Ashton tells them, hurry it up, as Kate leisurely does her hair while having a drink. Ashton says, the whole crew is waiting for two people; it’s disrespectful. Tanner wonders how long it takes to put on a bikini. In Kate’s interview, she says in the first place, she’s a higher rank, and second, STFU. They come out, and everyone heads to shore.

The girls go in one taxi and the guys in another. Tanner tells the guys that he woke up naked next to Simone, and got a text later, asking, what is she? A booty call? Ashton asks if he doesn’t remember. Kate asks how Simone is feeling. Tanner tells the other guys that every time his mom calls him, she says, he hasn’t gotten anyone pregnant, has he? Simone tells Kate that she doesn’t know why she’s tired. Kevin asks about Brian and Courtney, and Brian says it’s going slowly. Kevin is glad love is blossoming on the boat. They get to Dream Club, a resort where they’re welcomed with fancy drinks. I don’t think they could shove any more accoutrements in that glass. There’s a pool with a DJ setting up in a nearby gazebo. In Kate’s interview, she says she didn’t think there was anything better than meeting a baby elephant, but this place has everything she loves: a bar, a pool, a beach, a bar. She can relax now. They guys play pool. Rhylee marvels at Brian’s abs, and says he’s better than Ashton. In Courtney’s interview, she says she’s enjoying getting to know Brian, and it’s nothing serious yet, but she feels some jealousy. She goes over to watch the guys, and Rhylee tells Kate, Courtney’s staking her claim. She waves to Courtney, who waves back.

Rhylee asks Kate why Brian has to be taken. He’s gorgeous, and she would do him so hard. In Rhylee’s interview, she says relationships aren’t for her. She’s a hunter. She tells Kate that she can make Brian not remember who Courtney is. The DJ starts spinning, and the others get in the pool, while Kate and Rhylee continue to get some sun. In Ashton’s interview, he says it’s been tough as bosun. His goal is to put back a lot of drinks, and go from one to Smashton. Tanner makes sweet talk to Simone, and she pours water on his back. Kate tells Ashton that Simone is treating Tanner like a baby elephant. In Kate’s interview, she says, Simone is like an octopus, putting her limbs around Tanner; slowly suffocating her pretty. Two girls come out, and it seems like everyone stops to look. They get on perches and dance by the pool. I guess they come with the DJ. Ashton gets up, and Kate tell him, do what you’re good at.

Meanwhile, back at the Valor, Captain Lee suns himself on deck.

Tanner waves at Kate to come over. In Kate’s interview, she says, it’s her day off. She doesn’t want to engage her other hand unless someone is handing her a cocktail. Ashton announces that Smashton is back, and he’s entertaining. Brian says if Ashton doesn’t do a striptease, he’ll be disappointed. Ashton gets up, and dances with one of the dancers. Simone asks if Tanner is done looking, as he stares at the other dancer. Tanner says, it’s amazing. He was thinking about dancing with her. He asks if he should, and Simone discourages that idea. He says, damn, girl, and in his interview, he says he’s been drinking and wants to be moving. Simone tells him, go; be happy. Tanner gets up with the other dancer, but he’s not exactly Ashton caliber. In Simone’s interview, she says it’s her day off. She’s supposed to be having a good time, but she’s feeling disrespected. She doesn’t know what Tanner’s problem is, but she’s not having it. Ashton dips his partner, and when Tanner tries to grind against the girl he’s dancing with, she walks off. Kevin tells Tanner that he screwed up big time, and Brian says, massively. Simone likes him, and it wasn’t cool. Tanner says he asked permission, and Courtney says Simone didn’t mean it. Tanner says he’ll make up for it. Back by the pool, Tanner tries to jump on Simone, but she’s says, no. In Kevin’s interview, he says he thinks Simone has sugar-coated feelings, but Tanner wants something a little different – like a threesome. Simone tells Tanner that he should know better; she shouldn’t need to tell him. In Simone’s interview, she says he’s not her boyfriend, but she sleeps in his bed, and treating her like a toy is rude. In Courtney’s interview, she says, it was a d*ck move. Tanner kissing Simone, then awkwardly gyrating against the poolside dancer. He’s a douche.

Tanner says, his bad. He’s sorry he upset he. Kevin suggests he and Brian watch the sunset on the beach. Ashton joins them, yelling, Thailand, baby! Courtney tells Kate that Kevin and Brian are having a romantic moment. Kevin tells Brian, Kate treats them like bitches, and it’s going to pop. He’s not there to get treated like a bitch. In Kevin’s interview, he says, Kate’s not an evil, terrible person but… she kind of is. Kevin tells Brian that Kate doesn’t like them either. The crew gets ready for dinner, changing out of their swimsuits and into regular clothes.

Kate goes to the bar, and Kevin asks if she got a bill. Kate says he’s usually sleeping, but usually she pays them. That’s what she’s doing now. We flash back to all the times Kevin has been passed out on their way back. She says she’s happy to do it, just don’t be rude. He says he’ll pay it, and she says she’ll pay him to stop talking. In Kate’s interview, she says he’s not the boss of her; not on the yacht, and not on her day off. They go to the dinner table, and Rhylee remarks that everyone cleans up so nicely. Tanner and Simone don’t sit together, but he makes faces at her. In Brian’s interview, he says he thinks Tanner is still young, and doesn’t realize the consequences of his actions. He needs to understand that he hurt Simone. She’s feeling sad, and it’s not cool. The food comes, and they clink beer bottles. Tanner asks if Brian wants to go for a smoke. In his interview, Brian says he hates to see women disrespected. Tanner is in a rut, and has to understand that it’s not cool to flirt if Simone is there.

Tanner sits with Kevin, Brian, and Courtney, and Brian tells him that he’s a sh*t. Tanner says, Jiminy Cricket. He didn’t know it would be such a big deal. Kevin says they knew. In Tanner’s interview, he says, the whole crew is upset. This is why you don’t dip your pen in the company ink. Tanner gets up, and starts heading for the table, then back again. At the table, Rhylee wonders when this turned into a nightclub, and Kate says, right now. Kevin hugs Simone, and Tanner tells Ashton that he just got chewed out. Kevin says they didn’t feel like they were in the wrong, but hadn’t intended to bring it up. Tanner says he just wants to eat dinner with his co-workers. Simone joins them again, and Ashton thinks it’s time they went back to the boat.

In the taxi back, Kate tells Tanner not to allow Simone in his bed unless he’s going to give her gentlemanly attention. Kevin says he still needs to keep his guard up. Brian says he packed the van, and Kate says he’s the best yachtie she knows. He asks her not to call him a yachtie; he prefers seafarer. In his interview, Brian says it’s a disrespectful term. It refers to someone who doesn’t work hard, but makes a lot of money. Kate says she thinks a yachtie is agreeable, hardworking, and well-traveled. Brian says he still doesn’t like it, and Kate says she’s not calling him one. What does he think she is? He says, kind of a bitch. In Kate’s interview, she says she thought he was the nicest guy. She was happy to have him n the crew, and surprise! He thinks she’s a bitch. Kate pouts, and Tanner says, get over it. Kate starts to get out, and the producer tells her, hang on; the car is still moving. She barely waits for the car to park, before she’s out and walking to the boat.

Courtney calls Brian a dum-dum. In Brian’s interview, he wishes Courtney would have his back in this situation. Kate is wrong, and Courtney is smart enough to see that. As they walk to the boat, Rhylee asks how the ride was, and Courtney says she wouldn’t recommend it. Rhylee asks, what happened? and Courtney says she’s an innocent bystander. Brian tells Kevin, Kate was just being Kate, and Kevin asks if he told her to shove it. Brian says he did, and Kevin says, my man. He’s got Brian’s back. In Brian’s interview, he says, anyone can see that Kate is the issue. She’s the common denominator, and needs to be put in her place.

On the boat, Kate sits with Captain Lee in the crew mess. Tanner tells Ashton that it got heated. Ashton says Kate has been acting like a brat, and it’s something they need to address. She hears the crew on their way down, and says their lovely powwow is about to be interrupted. As the guys come in, Kate asks the captain what size pants he wears, and starts tossing the pairs of other sizes on the floor. In Kevin’s interview, he says that Kate acts like she’s above them, but this is on another level. And in front of the captain. Kevin tells Ashton what Kate is doing, and Ashton comes in, asking, what’s gong on? She asks if he knows what his deckhand said to her, and he says, it must be bad, considering all the clothes on the floor. She says those stripes are below her, and he asks if they’re in kindergarten. She tells him to ask his deckhand. Ashton says she’s doing this in the crew mess, which is shared by the crew and captain. In Captain Lee’s interview, he says, the crew has a day off, and comes back bat sh*t nuts. They’re not playing well in he sandbox with each other, but he’s not wasting his time right now. You can’t reason with drunks. But tomorrow, he’s having a come to Jesus meeting with them.

Ashton tells Kevin and Tanner, he can’t believe Kate had the audacity to throw their clothes around. Brian tells Kate, sorry, and Kate says, cool. He waits, but she says she thinks they’re done. In Ashton’s interview, he says he doesn’t care what was said. It doesn’t matter. How old is Kate, and who does she think she is? Kate starts crying, and goes to her cabin.

Here’s my take on the situation. I like Kate, and would have no problem working with or for her, since I have an extremely strong work ethic. However, I think a lot of people either just plain don’t have that, or they mistake a career in yachting for a vacation. Kate has also forgotten the rule that 20% of the people do 80% of the work, and that goes for pretty much every profession. As for Tanner, this guy is so stupid and/or narcissistic, he thinks Simone’s problem is that she’s not taking their casual relationship casually. News flash, just because it’s a casual relationship, doesn’t mean she wants to go on a double-date with you and her, and you and another girl.

Next time, Captain Lee says the crew isn’t all getting the message, Kate feels attacked, Master Pearson makes a return appearance, Simone doesn’t understand what’s going on in Tanner’s mind, and Rhylee says it’s a boys’ club on deck.

👈 And You Get a Kardashian…

I love lists and I love reality shows. Here’s a list of the best reality shows, but if anyone deserves two paragraphs, it’s Gordon Ramsay, not the K women.


📺 Never Mind Where Are They…

I’m just glad when I see they’re still alive.


🐕 Mac Pup Daddy…

Yep. My mother said no more dogs too.


🎄 Yeah, I Know How He Turned Out…

But if I stop watching every entertainer who’s personal junk I disagree with, I’ll end up with Mr. Rogers and… I’m sure there’s someone else. And regardless, I love this movie.









March 13, 2019 – Doc Explains How Ryan Got to Ferncliff, Dorinda Refuses To Make It Nice With LuAnn, a Definite Return, a Possible Return & Thursday Views


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Jason finds Sam at his place. She hopes he doesn’t mind that she let herself. He says, not at all, and they kiss.

Harmony says Shiloh outdid himself. Everyone was enraptured by him. He says, his message, but she insists it was the way he delivered his speech. He’s a force of nature. He’s glad she made it down from Beechers Corners. She says she’s reinvigorated being with him. It confirmed her suspicion that she belongs there with him. Shiloh says they’ve had this discussion many times. She says he doesn’t want her to move to Port Charles. Why? Because he’s obsessed with Sam?

Kristina plays Shiloh’s speech for Valerie at Charlie’s. He says, the message is simple. They can end hunger, homelessness, and together, make the world a better place. Kristina asks, how amazing is he? Valerie says, he’s a good public speaker, and Kristina asks if she wasn’t inspired. He reached out to the lost souls, and it reminded who was before DOD. She almost doesn’t remember her. Valerie says, her neither. Kristina says DOD brought her peace, and she can accomplish anything. Valerie says, she guesses, and Kristina says she could show more enthusiasm. Valerie tells her that she doesn’t see what Kristina does in Shiloh or DOD.

Amy helps Franco back to his room after physical therapy. He says, what’s a little searing pain? and she tells him, stay strong, and he’ll be walking normally in no time. He guesses he shouldn’t complain. He’s alive. He’s a lucky guy. Amy says he is. They’ve been working overtime, keeping the reporters out. Epiphany gave them a strong talking to. He’s a hero. He’s not sure his wife agrees.

Cameron arrives at the hospital. Elizabeth says she was so worried. Cameron says his bus just got in. She’s glad he’s safe now. He asks how bad his punishment is going to be, and she says he’s not the one who disappointed her. Honestly, what’s wrong with this woman?

Amy says she’ll be back to check on Franco. He tells her, bring a top hat to go with the cane. He’s going to be doing high kicks. She says, no pressure.

Ava asks Amy for help; she’s looking for Doc. She knows he’s a patient there, and she needs to see him. Amy doesn’t think he’s in his room at the moment, and Ava says she’ll find him herself. Franco calls to her, and says come wait with him in his room. She asks, why? So he can kill her too? She’s obviously drunk, and says she knows he’s got to be pleased, pinning the murders on Doc. She knows he killed Kiki, not the man she loves.

Laura goes to Doc’s room. They hug, and he asks if she’s all right. She says she’s fine, and he says that’s the face he’s been missing. The face he conjured up every night. She inspired him to survive. Now that he can actually see her, he feels like he’s falling in love again.

Sam asks where Jason was. He said he was with Carly, then she got radio silence. He says he texted her, but she tells him that he didn’t say where he was. Did it have anything to do with Ryan? He says, a lot. For starters, Carly’s neighbor at Ferncliff was Ryan at first. Then, he switched places with Doc. Carly asked too many questions, so he stuck her in the trunk of his car, and tried to elope with Ava. He left Carly down an embankment to freeze. She was on the verge of dying when he found her, but she’s okay. Sam says, it’s all over the media that Ryan is dead. Jason says he jumped off a bridge into the river. Sam tells him that she thinks things with Kristina are getting worse.

Valerie tells Kristina that she doesn’t get why Kristina thinks it’s groundbreaking. It’s not like he’s the only person who’s taught people to better themselves. What an ego. He’s all Kristina talks about. Kristina says he’s the least self-centered person she knows, and gives to everyone equally. Valerie says she’ll take Kristina’s word for it. Kristina asks where the negativity is coming from, and Valerie says she’s had an intense work week, and thought she’d spend time with her friend. Kristina says they’re doing that now, but Valerie says she’s talking about Shiloh and DOD. Kristina says she didn’t force Valerie to come to the rally. Valerie says she felt like it was the only place she could see Kristina. She’s losing her friend, and she doesn’t want that to happen.

Elizabeth tells Cameron, lying is never acceptable. Cameron says he can’t believe the man he ran into was Ryan Chamberlain, the serial killer. She says if hadn’t told her, Carly would never have been rescued, but he says, Franco deserves the credit.

Franco tells Ava that he could never do that. It was Ryan Chamberlain. Ava says, he’s been dead for years. This is just a bizarre mix-up. Doc is not a killer. They love each other, and have a future. He says he’s sorry, and she says she’s sorry for him. He doesn’t have the love and devotion they have. He says she’s drunk, and not making sense. She says he’s the one who confessed; boasted about murdering people. Franco says Jordan was using him as bait. It was all lies. The confession and the interview were the only way to get justice for Kiki.

Doc thanks Laura for bringing a change of clothes. She says it’s so good to see him up and around, and he says it’s good to see her at all. He feels like he’s getting back to himself. She says the doctor said she can take him home. He says it’s what he’s been dreaming about; seeing her and getting his life back. Laura says the sooner they put this behind them, the better. He says he’s been following the news, and they still haven’t found Ryan. Laura says, not yet. He says she was there. Does she think he’s dead? She says, the cop said he didn’t think it was possible for him to survive, but Doc says, they’ve been wrong before. She says, even if he survived the jump, the water was almost freezing, and the river ran to the Falls, but Doc says, until they recover the body, they can’t be absolutely sure he’s dead. Doc says he’s so sorry, but she tells him, don’t apologize. It’s not his fault. One thing she doesn’t understand though, is how Ryan got into Ferncliff. Where did Doc find him?

Doc tells Laura that he got a call from someone who claimed to work for the DVX. They said an operative had become problematic. Their mental illness made them useless. They wouldn’t identify the operative, but said if no one took him, they’d kill him. He couldn’t let this unknown person be murdered, so he agreed to meet. He should have contacted Robert or Anna. Laura says, hindsight is 20/20. He says he went to the meeting, and found his brother. He was disassociated from reality; howling. He tried to help him. He got him on meds, and he could communicate. Doc was helping him, but wanted to know what happened. Where he’d been after crawling out of the explosion over twenty years ago. Laura wonders if he killed anyone then.

Cameron tells Elizabeth that he freaked out about Franco. He was afraid of what he might do to their family. He didn’t want to see her hurt, or Aiden bulled, or Jake to revert to how he was before therapy with Franco. She understands that he just wanted to protect them, but he doesn’t have to protect the from Franco. Cameron says her faith has been rewarded. It must feel good knowing she was right.

Franco says before Ryan tried to kill him, he confessed. Before he tried to kill Carly, and took Ava off the bridge. Ava says he was wounded and disoriented. Franco says he wanted her dead. If Jason hadn’t saved the day – again – that’s where she’d be. She says, maybe it would be better than this, trying to sort through it. Every moment they spent was a lie. Knowing she was never with Doc, just his lunatic brother, a murderer. The first time they were together was like an hour or two after… On Thanksgiving, he came to her place. He was so sweet, romantic. He swept her off her feet. He was kissing her, had his hands on her, and he’d just come from killing her daughter. She cries.

Jason asks, what happened with Kristina? and Sam says Daisy came to visit her. She wanted Sam’s forgiveness; she thinks to get back into Shiloh’s good graces. She felt sorry for Daisy, trying to make amends, even cleaning the toys. She seemed scared, scattered, and was flustered putting the toys away. Her shirt came up, and Sam noticed a strange tattoo. She asked what it was about, and Daisy practically ran. Jason asks if she thinks it has to do with DOD, and Sam says she’d put money on it.

Shiloh tells Harmony that he’s not obsessed. She says, so his reason for keeping her away has nothing to do with Sam? Is he sure? He tells her to concentrate on her work. The numbers have nosedived in the past couple of months. She asks if she’s there for a performance review, and for him to scold her about money. What’s going on? Tell her. She sometimes doesn’t recognize him, and asks, what happened to the man who professed his love? The man she did this for. She lifts her shirt, and has the same tramp stamp that Daisy does.

Sam tells Jason that she’s never seen a symbol like that. Jason asks, what does she think it means?

Kristina asks why Valerie is putting her on the defensive. Valerie says maybe Kristina knows she’s right. She’s a cop, and knows a scam when she sees one. If something is too good to be true, it usually is, especially when money is involved. Has he asked for donations from her? Kristina says that’s none of her business, and Valerie tells her, open her eyes. She’s an heiress. No one knows how much money her father has, but Shiloh will find out. Kristina feels attacked, and calls Valerie blind. She says Shiloh is just trying to help people. Valerie says Kristina refuses to see what’s in front of her. He’s a con artist. Kristina says she’s wrong, and Valerie says she’s done. Kristina tells her to wait, but Valerie says she’s seen enough.

Jason asks if Daisy said anything, and Sam says she claimed she couldn’t remember where she saw it. Sam told her that she thought it was cool, but she couldn’t get out any faster. Kristina also borrowed money from Michael to do seminars with Shiloh. Jason asks if he knew the money was for DOD, but Sam thinks he just assumed it was for PCU. Jason says, now she’s hiding things? Sam says Kristine Insists it’s a loan, and she’s paying it back, but what concerns her is Kristina getting deeper into the organization.

Shiloh says his love for Harmony has gone nowhere. It’s gotten stronger. It’s past the physical, and into the spiritual, which transcends jealousy. She says she’s always shared him, but it’s hard. He says he offers himself to anyone looking for the light. If she has issues, look inside herself, and find peace He tells her, continue her work at Beechers Corners. She says he should be proud of his work at the rally. Shiloh asks if Harmony has heard from her.

Cameron tells Elizabeth that he missed his community service. Elizabeth says it’s a problem, but they’ll deal with it. He says Judge Carson didn’t want to see him for a year. What if this messed with his probation? He could end up in juvie.

Franco tells Ava, have a seat, and she kicks the chair across the room. Amy comes in, and Ava says, get out. Franco says he’s got it; it’s fine. He gives Ava some water, and she drinks. He asks if she wants to talk to him a little bit. He can listen; it might make her feel better. She says, what’s the use? The universe always finds the depths of hell to drag her in. Doc, Ryan, whoever the hell he is, called her goddess. He worshiped her. He didn’t judge her, and told her it was okay to explore her anger and desire for revenge. He was so nice to her. He got her back on her feet, and helped her though her grief, when he was the person responsible for it. His love gave her hope. Her first fiancé. She prays he’s still alive. Franco asks if it’s because she forgives him, and she says, of course not. She hopes Ryan is alive so she can kill him.

Doc tells Laura, when Ryan fled the country without any income, he reached out to the DVX, and offered his services. Laura asks, as what? and Doc says their father was a renowned mathematician and spy. The DVX probably assumed Ryan had similar talents, so they took him. He performed special projects. Doc doesn’t know what they entailed, but by this time, he’d become more of a burden than an asset. She says, so they contacted him? He says he couldn’t abandon Ryan. Despite the pain he caused, Ryan was still his brother and he wanted to help him. Even Ryan said it was a waste of time; he never believed anything was wrong with him. Then Ryan got the better of him, and he paid the price. He was left to rot in Ferncliff while Ryan pretend be him. Laura says it breaks her heart. She should have known. She’s sorry. He says the only one to blame is him. He knows better than anyone not to trust his brother. Still, after working all those months with him, he let Ryan lull him into complacency. Laura asks what he means. When did he find out Ryan was alive? Doc says, May of 2018.

Sam tells Jason, prepare to be enlightened, and plays Shiloh’s speech. He says he’s here for them, his special people. The meeting costs nothing but their time. If they improve themselves, they improve the world. Sam says, tell her he’s not convincing. Jason guesses he is. She says, maybe not to him. He knows who Shiloh is, and how he preys on the most vulnerable. Jason says, there’s clearly a pattern. Sam says, it’s time to stop dancing around what’s going on, and call DOD what it is; a cult.

Harmony asks what difference it makes where she is; he has Sam. Shiloh thought Harmony would locate her by now. Harmony says she’s trying, but it’s not easy. Shiloh says, find her and he’ll consider relocating Harmony there with him. She says she’ll do her best. He tells her, make him proud, and she leaves.

Franco tells Ava, killing Ryan would be satisfying, but he’s already dead. She says, they haven’t found his body, but Franco says, no way he survived the fall. Ava hopes he did. She’s not done with him yet. She want him to look her in the eye, and tell her why he did it. She wants to know why he took Kiki from them.

Laura says, so Ryan was Doc’s own secret project. What about when he visited her in Paris? He was working with Ryan all that time? Why not tell her? He says he didn’t know how to tell her that his serial killer brother was alive, and he was treating him. It sounds stupid now. He’d hoped by the time she came home, he would have made sufficient progress, and could bring in the authorities. She says he could have turned Ryan in, and he would have gotten medical attention. He left everyone in the dark. Doc says Ryan was under lock and key with maximum security measures. He couldn’t imagine Ryan escaping. Laura says, but he did, and killed three people. He almost killed her daughter. None of it had to happen if Doc had turned him over to the authorities.

Sam reads that the followers are made to feel special and needed. They’re reeled in with the promise of success, and friendship. Jason says, Kristina goes on and on about how they’re like a family. Sam continues, the followers who disagree are shunned, psychologically and spiritually, and told they’re incapable of grasping the concerns of the group. She says, sounds like Daisy. Jason reads that sometimes they’re deprived of food, or isolated from their friends and family. Once they’re in the web, it’s nearly impossible to extract them from it.

Kristina arrives at DOD. Shiloh says he was watching the video, and she did an amazing job. She says, it was easy. She had an incredible speech to work with. She says he’s too kind, but he says she’s good at what she does. She says her phone is blowing up. Everyone is interested in DOD. He says it’s a credit to her. She says all she did was pass out flyers, but he says, more than that. He saw her speaking to the newcomers. Some of them were hesitant, but her warmth and heart brought them in. He thinks she might be a candidate for his Circle of Trust, those closest to him who understand what they’re doing at DOD. Does she think she’d be interested? She says if he thinks she’s ready. He says, it’s too soon say, but she’s on the right path – for the most part. She asks if she did something wrong, and he asks if something happened with her friend Valerie, the cop? She seemed bored; put off even. Kristina says Valerie is upset with her and DOD. Shiloh nods.

Franco tells Ava that he understands revenge, but there’s none to take. Ryan is dead. She says, maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. She tells Franco that he can’t be a part of this. He was so close to getting everything he wanted. Beautiful, kind Elizabeth, and her three wonderful boys; a real family. She has nothing, not even dignity. Ryan took it from her. She’ll be the one to give him his punishment. She’ll honor Kiki’s memory for both of them. Elizabeth and Cameron come in. Elizabeth asks how Ava is. She can’t imagine what Ava is going through. Ava says it’s pretty bad, but talking with Elizabeth’s husband helped her. She’ll leave them to it.

Franco and Elizabeth look at each other. She tells Franco, Cameron has something to say. Cameron says he wants to apologize for thinking the worst. Franco says he should have been more transparent. The commissioner swore him to secrecy, telling him the only way to flush out the killer was to keep quiet. Cameron says he read all about it. Franco is being called a hero. What did I say?

Laura cries, and Doc says he wanted to be able to treat Ryan, so he could so face his demons. He knew Ryan would spend the rest of his life in prison, but there was just a small chance at redemption. Maybe he would find a way use his talents constructively. Laura asks what was he thinking? and he says, there’s nothing in his life he regrets more. He was in a room at Ferncliff for months, terrified; wondering what Ryan was doing, who he was hurting, who he was killing. All because of his terrible mistake. Laura nods, and says, terrible.

Laura doesn’t know how to process it; there’s a lot. Doc says he’s so sorry for keeping Ryan secret. She says his secret had devastating consequences. People suffered, people died because of his misguided loyalty to his brother. She understands him wanting to help or not wanting give up hope that one day Ryan could be normal, but she can’t understand why he couldn’t talk to her about it. She walks out. So much for Doc’s homecoming.

Jason asks Sam what they’re going to do about Kristina. Sam says, the same. She’ll get closer to Shiloh, and be keeping an eye on Kristina. Jason asks what about confronting Kristina with what they know? but Sam says, not until they have tangible evidence. Jason says maybe figuring out Daisy’s tattoo will lead somewhere. Sam says, hopefully. Before Kristina pushes away from her family and friends.

Shiloh asks if Kristina wants to be surrounded by negativity, resentment, and criticism because of her own insecurities. If she wants to move forward, she needs to choose.

Cameron tells Franco he was reading about how dangerous it was. Franco got past Ryan, and survived. He made it out alive. Franco says he had to. He has a lot to live for.

Doc come out, and asks Amy if she’s seen Laura. Amy says she’ll let him know if she does. Ava sees him, and says, Kevin?

Tomorrow, Anna wonders which memories are hers; Kristina says if her family can’t respect her choices in life, they don’t need to be in it; and Ava slaps Doc.

The Real Housewives of New York City

In Southampton, Ramona helps Dorinda with her luggage. Tinsley and Sonja arrive a few minutes later. Sonja says Tinsley is a good driver, who knew? For some reason she also thinks this will make Tinsley a good mother. Dorinda has brought mermaid outfits for everyone. She wants to do more fun-hearted (is that a word?) stuff. All they do is go out to eat and drink, and she wants to do something silly. They’re doing a mermaid photo shoot. Ooh, those are really cute! Sparkly tails with shell bras, and a floral headband.

Bethenny asks LuAnn about dating. LuAnn says, the best guys are in AA, and Barbara wants to go. She hasn’t had a relationship in a few years. She thinks she’s a great catch, but when men see her on the job site, they think it’s a lot. LuAnn wants to see Sonja.

Dorinda thinks it might just be the four of them for dinner. Ramona extended an invite to the others, but hasn’t heard back. In her interview, Ramona says it’s no surprise not to hear from Bethenny. She isn’t close to anyone, but is close to LuAnn by default. LuAnn calls Sonja. She’s surprised Sonja isn’t staying with her, and calls her a traitor. Jokingly… I think. She asks if they’re going to dinner tonight. Sonja can’t wait. LuAnn is having a dinner for those who supported her. Barbara tells Sonja that she’s having a clambake tomorrow, and Sonja immediately blabs to the others, inviting them. In Barbara’s interview, she says she’s already worried about Dorinda coming, and now she has to worry about Ramona. LuAnn doesn’t want to be around Ramona, who lies about her. We flash back to Ramona gossiping at the Reunion about seeing LuAnn cavorting at a hotel, and being asked to leave somebody’s party. LuAnn says it’s damaging to how she feels about herself. Being around Ramona makes her want to have a cocktail. I can’t say I blame her one bit. It would make me want a whole lot of cocktails.

In Ramona’s interview, she says LuAnn and Bethenny obviously have issues with her, but she’s not concerned about what others think. She’s just doing her. Sonja comes out in her mermaid outfit, and goes down the stairs on her butt. Ramona tries walking down the conventional way, and it takes forever. The others are outside taking pictures already. Sonja says the cutest mermaid is Tinsley, but she knows Tinsley will complain about how she looks. Ramona says she’ll go in the deep end of the pool with her noodle now, since she’s taken swimming lessons.

LuAnn and Barbara arrive at Almond. Sonja shows up next, and Barbara is excited to see her. In her interview, Sonja says they’ve known each other forever, and travel in the same circles. Sonja tells Barbara that Dorinda isn’t drinking.

Ramona, Tinsley, and Dorinda eat across the street. Ramona says she’s hitting the bar, and then coming back.

Barbara thinks it’s great that Dorinda isn’t drinking. They hope Dorinda and LuAnn can be together again. Sonja says she’s coming to Barbara’s party, but Barbara says LuAnn is in a vulnerable state, and doesn’t want to be around Ramona. Sonja asks what she should tell her hostess, who’s excited to come. In Barbara’s interview, she feels bad. She’s in an awkward position, but doesn’t want people to come who make LuAnn uncomfortable. She suggests Sonja ask Dorinda to call or text LuAnn. Bethenny joins them. It was hard for her to get out of the car. She was afraid she’d run into someone who would say something about Dennis, and she doesn’t want to live in the crying. Ann, another friend of LuAnn’s, sits down with them. LuAnn says it’s great to have friends who are being supportive. They toast with water.

Ramona comes back to the table, saying, they won’t believe it; you can’t make this sh*t up. She was chatting and flirting with a bunch guys, and found out they were gay. Imagine that. Gay guys in the Hamptons. She says her gaydar must be off. She just wants a nice relationship, but all the men are forty. The last guy wanted a child. She wants a new chapter. I’m wondering how you can leave your friends for a drink and flirting session before dinner. Desperate much?

LuAnn thanks them for everything. In retrospect, she’s glad she didn’t get the mega mansion. In Bethenny’s interview, she says by intervention weekend, LuAnn was making irrational financial decisions. She wanted a $6 million mansion in upstate New York. Who does that? LuAnn says she was calling everyone, and got mad at Bethenny for not giving her the money for the house. She would have sold her soul for it. In her interview, she says she’d been sober for months, but had a glass of wine here and a glass of wine there, and the lawsuit was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Two bottles of rosé wasn’t enough. Ann emailed everyone, and they got the code to LuAnn’s phone. Barbara said, enough is enough, got power of attorney, and they blocked calls and emails. LuAnn says she doesn’t remember a damn thing. Barbara said if she refused to go to rehab, they were literally going to strap her down and bring her there. LuAnn says she owes them, but Bethenny says she doesn’t. That’s what friends are for. Thanks. Now I have an earworm of that song. LuAnn says she had to learn that alcohol was a power greater than herself – for the second time. She doesn’t want to hear from Dorinda unless it’s coming from a good place. If not, LuAnn doesn’t want a relationship with her at all.

Tinsley and Ramona are ready for tennis; a pro is coming to give them a lesson. Ramona says she flirted with the pro at a bar. She didn’t want to date him, but wanted to take lessons. Tennis pro Michael comes in. In her interview, Dorinda says, Ramona loves to flirt, and hires people so she can flirt constantly. Dorinda just watches while Tinsley and Ramona play. We find out Tinsley played at Columbia University. In Dorinda’s interview, she says, if Tinsley gets too many balls, Ramona won’t be happy. Ramona wants all the balls, and wants them hard. Dorinda eventually wanders off. In her interview, Tinsley says, Ramona was being competitive, and should stick to flirting. It’s the game she plays best. Ramona says her game isn’t that great right now. She’s been traveling, and then it was raining. She leaves the court.

Bethenny goes to her investment property in Easthampton, bringing Barbara along. She purchased it on a whim, getting a great deal. She’s not sure if she should sell it or keep renting, and wants Barbara’s opinion. She wants to talk to someone on planet earth. We flash back to Ramona babbling about how she wouldn’t own a property in Easthampton. Barbara says, it’s Architectural Digest. It’s priceless. Bethenny says she rented it for eight weeks at $15K, and it’s cheaper to run, so it pays for itself. In her interview, Barbara says, the house has great bones. She thinks it’s the perfect house. They talk about the trim, and some of it looks like mine. I do not, however, live in the perfect house. Bethenny says she doesn’t want to sell it now, and Barbara says she’ll live there.

Dorinda tells Sonja to spill the beans about the dinner. Sonja says it was mostly about LuAnn’s recovery. She went back to rehab for fourteen days. Ramona says, in her opinion, fourteen days isn’t rehab; it’s a vacation. And God knows, she’s the expert. In her interview, Ramona doesn’t think LuAnn is touching on her deep emotional problems. Sonja says it was about being supportive, and not taking her off the rails. Dorinda says part of getting sober is responsibility. Another expert weighs in. She says if a trigger causes LuAnn to fall off the wagon, she shouldn’t do cabaret, but stay longer in rehab. I have no words about Dorinda deciding what triggers someone else. Sonja says, Barbara is having a clambake, and she asked who was invited. Barbara told her to just bring Tinsley. LuAnn is in a very vulnerable state, and doesn’t want emotional triggers. Dorinda asks if it’s Barbara’s clambake or LuAnn’s? Since Barbara told her about it, should she call and find out if she’s disinvited? Sonja says everyone thinks Dorinda should give LuAnn a call. Dorinda knows Sonja is trying her best, but says that’s not happening; it’s ridiculous to her. Sonja says Barbara wants LuAnn to be comfortable, and Dorinda says that’s not her responsibility. In her interview, Tinsley doesn’t know why Barbara is causing tension. it seems like she wants to make it worse. Sonja says Dorinda should call out of respect to Barbara and LuAnn, but Dorinda repeats, it’s not happening. She’ll call Barbara, and see if she wants her there.

It’s official, Bethenny is not selling. She gives Barbara an upstairs tour. Dorinda calls Barbara, and asks, what is this? Has she been disinvited to the clambake? Barbara says she’s not disinvited. Dorinda asks if she’s expected to call LuAnn. She’s not doing it. They had one incident after thirteen years. We flash back to Dorinda being a drunken a-hole, telling LuAnn at least she doesn’t have a mug shot. Dorinda adds, and frankly, she didn’t say anything that wasn’t true. She spent the next four weeks apologizing, after years devotion. Then LuAnn was bashing her in the press. Barbara keeps trying to talk, but Dorinda just talks over her. She says she’s been taking the high road. In Barbara’s interview, she says Dorinda’s problem is that she can’t say she’s wrong. She has an excuse for everything. She’s her own worst enemy. Dorinda wants to be assured that LuAnn is in a good place and there won’t be any erratic behavior. LuAnn should call her. Barbara is concerned about LuAnn sticking to her program, and doesn’t want to put her in a vulnerable position. Dorinda says, LuAnn is running around doing cabaret. Barbara says she’s doing well, but she’s only fifty-five days sober. Ramona thinks it’s ridiculous; they’re not in high school. Funny, since I’ve consistently thought that about her. Barbara says she wants them there, but just give LuAnn a call. Dorinda says they’re not in that place, and it’s disingenuous. And disingenuous to her growth right now. She’s not mad; she’s nothing. Ramona says they should go there and resolve the issue. Dorinda says if she’s not good enough, she’ll disinvite herself. At LuAnn’s place, Bethenny asks if it’s animal farm over there. In her interview, Bethenny says, Dorinda is living in this argument, and wants to win and prove her point. They’re not on the road to repair. Barbara is sorry Dorinda feels that way. Dorinda tells Barbara that she’ll see her in the city. Bethenny never thought she’d apologize, but figured she’d call. Barbara says Dorinda wouldn’t let her talk. Bethenny says, Dorinda has to win, and Barbara says, there’s nothing to win.

Ramona says they’re not four, and I bite my tongue. Barbara calls LuAnn, and says she had an upsetting call from Dorinda. She was aggressive, and she’s not going to call LuAnn. Dorinda says she doesn’t need to bend the knee. I heave a huge sigh, since this isn’t Game of Thrones. Not even close. LuAnn tells Barbara that’s why she wanted Dorinda to call. She knew Dorinda wasn’t in a good place. Ramona gripes that Barbara made it worse. Bethenny tells LuAnn, not only won’t Dorinda apologize, she thinks Dorinda wouldn’t spit on LuAnn if she was on fire.

Barbara shops for the clambake. She thinks it’s going to be thirteen people. LuAnn joins her at the market. Barbara loves a clambake. She loves anything not in the kitchen. She never has the right tools to cook. LuAnn suggests crab cakes. Barbara is blown away by Dorinda’s call. LuAnn says she called it. Dorinda isn’t in the right headspace. Barbara says, she’s not drinking, but LuAnn doesn’t buy it. Sonja said Dorinda wasn’t drinking, but LuAnn couldn’t do it on her own. She thinks Dorinda’s been drinking too long for that, but God bless her if she does it. In Barbara’s interview, she doesn’t think it’s necessary for Dorinda to go to rehab, and LuAnn wouldn’t be the person to make that decision. I like Barbara. She seems very fair. LuAnn hopes Ramona isn’t coming. Barbara tells her, Ramona said she wasn’t. LuAnn says Dorinda is being coached by Ramona.

Dorinda says she’s not calling and making a spectacle of forgiveness. She’s happy she’s not going. Ramona tells Dorinda that when she’d said something negative about John, Dorinda said it hurt because Ramona was a good friend. Maybe LuAnn feels the same way. Dorinda won’t accept that, and says she’s sending LuAnn a text. She doesn’t even need to add anything. Ramona looks at it, and she likes it. She tells Dorinda that she’s reaching out in a way; it’s a life lesson. She thinks it’s fabulous. Appropriate, and not confrontational. Dorinda hits send.

LuAnn gets the text. She reads it to Barbara. When you haven’t forgiven those who hurt you, you turn your back against your future. When you forgive, you walk forward. – Tyler Perry. In her interview, LuAnn says, how deep. They love him, but really? Not Gandhi? Not even Oprah? Not Deepak Chopra? Barbara says she could respond with question marks. LuAnn says she could say, very deep, but Barbara says, no. That’s antagonistic. She has Ramona in her ear. It’s crazy times two.

The clambake is being set up. Barbara checks everything out. LuAnn says it looks great. Barbara says she heated the pool in case anyone wants to go in. LuAnn says, or if she wants to push someone in. Is Ramona coming? Barbara says all she knows is she over-ordered on lobster.

Oh boy. On the preview before the commercial, they revealed Ramona is going to show up. She’s so freaking clueless. I’d love to see her get a slap in the face. Repeatedly.

Bethenny arrives bringing friend Gina. She says the house has a Moroccan vibe. In her interview, she’s impressed that Barbara built a house in the Hamptons. She can’t build a card house. Barbara isn’t into design, so the interior is a little ADD.

Ramona tells Dorinda that she’s saying her piece to Barbara. She doesn’t know if she’s invited, but she’s bearing two bottles of wine. Dorinda says she’s looking forward to silence and alone time.

LuAnn tells Bethenny about the text. She doesn’t know how to respond. Bethenny says she doesn’t have to. LuAnn reads it to Bethenny, and they laugh, and Bethenny says, she’s quoting Tyler Perry instead of Gandhi?

Tinsley, Ramona, and Sonja pull into Barbara’s driveway. Sonja thinks Dorinda should have come along and sucked it up, but Ramona says she shouldn’t have to. There will be a hundred people there. Once again, clueless, since Barbara said it was more like thirteen. Ramona says she’s set a thirty minute timer. She’s waiting thirty minutes before she talks to Barbara; she doesn’t want to go in too quickly. They promised Dorinda that they’d leave after an hour, so another timer is set for that. They walk inside the house, but no one is there. They wonder if they’re early, and can’t figure out where everyone is. Apparently they don’t understand what a clambake is either. How did any of these women survive for so long?

Bethenny says she loves Tyler Perry, but she would have thought Confucius. LuAnn says, a fortune cookie would have been better. Ramona says she wants to tell Barbara that Luann wanting a call from Dorinda is ridiculous based on her current behavior. LuAnn doesn’t tell the truth – only the truth that works for her. They wander around aimlessly.

Ann says LuAnn doesn’t need to respond. It’s not forever. Right now, they’re riled up. LuAnn sees Sonja come in, and smiles. She’s followed by Ramona, and I laugh at the immediate change in LuAnn’s expression. She says, ugh. Bethenny can’t believe it.

Next time, LuAnn tells Ramona to cut to the chase, Barbara gets in the pool, Barbara asks Dorinda if she heckled LuAnn, and Dorinda and LuAnn cross paths at a party.

📘 The new season of The Book of John Grey premieres on April 6th.

🛀 Possible OLTL and AMC Return…

From Soaps In Depth:

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👓 Seeing Thursday Like…





February 11, 2019 – Jason Visits Beechers Corners, Crazy Kristen is Here, the New Guy, Soap Sadness Times Two, James Meltdown, Grammy Fashion & Solvang


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At Beechers Corners, Harmony welcomes Jason. She says he called with questions, and wants to check them out. Let’s get to it.

Carly thanks Sam for meeting her at the MetroCourt. She talked to Jason, and thinks she knows why Sam and Jason broke up. She wants to support them both, which Sam interprets as wanting to talk her out of it. Carly laughs. Drew comes by to say hi. Carly says Josslyn told her the good news about Oscar, and Drew says the tumor hasn’t grown. Sam says, incredible, and Drew says he and Oscar’s mother are trying to get back to a normal life – whatever that is. He wants to check in on Shiloh. Sam says he doesn’t have to, but Carly thinks the more information, the better. Drew says Shiloh made a point to be friendly. The least he can do is be friendly back. He leaves, and Carly hopes he gets lucky, and gets some leverage on Shiloh. Then Sam and Jason won’t have to break up.

Alexis says the new guy is Neil Bern. She looks at his card, and says, yep. She wishes she’d read it before putting it in her bag. He wishes he’d known he was inviting a patient out to dinner. She asks what they do now, and he says it’s up to her.

Not-Doc sneaks around behind Griff, holding the syringe. He flashes back to seeing Griff holding Ava. He asks if Griff sees a spot for Kiki’s memorial brick. Griff thinks she’d like the flower bed. The GH community meant a lot to her; it’s a thoughtful gesture. He turns around, and not-Doc startles him, being so close. Griff says he didn’t see him there. Ava pops out of the roof door, and tells Griff that he’s too close to the edge. Does he have a death wish? Not-Doc asks if she was looking for Griff, but she says, no; she’s looking for him. She knows what he’s been up to.

Neil tells Alexis to do what she thinks is best. He’ll be happy to give her a referral. She says she can’t go back to Doc; she’s representing his ex-wife in the divorce. She tells Neil, once again, she’s given him TMI, but he says there’s no such thing for a psychiatrist. If she’s uncomfortable, he can give her the name of an associate. He writes something down, and gives it to her, saying he thinks it would be a good fit, and he hopes it works out. She thanks him, and says, goodnight. She closes the door behind her, and shakes her head.

Drew goes to DOD. Shiloh says it’s a nice surprise, and Drew says he had a free night. Shiloh invites Drew inside. Drew wanted to talk about their time in Afghanistan together; when Shiloh went by Hank. Shiloh says Drew saved his life, but more than that. They were seriously tight, but Drew held his cards closer to the vest than he did. He gave Drew some late night, sloppy confessions. He wanted to get some things off his chest in case he didn’t make back. Drew said he didn’t remember, and Shiloh thinks he feels better about it that way. Drew says they must have been some confessions.

Sam tells Carly that she told Danny she was coming there, and he wanted her to give this to Carly and Sonny. She hands Carly a handmade Valentine’s Day card. Carly says, little boys can sure surprise you. She never would have associated Danny with making a card; he was always the adventure boy. Sam says she had to have Monica lock the attic. Danny was taking Annabelle up there, and playing on the roof. He’s like his father; fearless, but sweet and thoughtful at the same time. Carly says Sam is going to have to work harder if she wants this to work out. It’s obvious how much she loves Jason.

Harmony says Jason must be there on someone’s behalf, and asks if it’s a family member. He says he considers them one. She asks if they’re in Beechers Corners; is it someone she knows? He says, no, and she asks why not talk to Shiloh; he’s in Port Charles. Jason says he wants to talk to someone besides Hank Archer. Harmony says, a blast from the past. She used to be Lorraine. Her parents chose it, but it was never a good fit. She found it freeing and empowering to choose her own name. Jason says so she became Harmony, like Hank became Shiloh. She says it was a bridge to becoming her true self. Shiloh untethered her from what was holding her back, and Dawn of Day unlocked her potential. She tells him that she and Shiloh built the community center across the street from the ground up. He asks if they’re still in touch, and she says, of course. They still conduct business together. Jason says, but they’re not together. She’s there, and Shiloh is in Port Charles. Why? Wow. Harmony looks a lot like my sister.

Not-Doc asks what Ava thinks he’s up to. Ava says she knows why he’s up there. She went to his office, and found this on his desk. A letter about honoring Kiki with a community brick. It says the best way to look for a spot is from the roof, so she came to see for herself, and give some input. She says it’s a lovely gesture, and thanks him. He says it’s all he could think of. Maybe it will bring some small comfort to the people who miss her. Griff says he was just saying the same thing. He tells not-Doc to let him know when it’s picked out. He needs to be somewhere. He leaves, and Ava says Kiki will be part of a place she loved forever. Not-Doc says a brick isn’t much, but if it dissipates her anger toward him… She says she’s not angry at him. She jumped to conclusions, and owes him an apology.

Carly tells Sam that Shiloh has charisma, and knows how to use it. She asks if Sam thinks he’s a sexual predator. Sam intends to find out. Not just for Kristina. All the girls there look like they worship him. Carly asks why she and Jason have to break up, and Sam says she has to con Shiloh. He’s about to get a taste of his own medicine.

Harmony tells Jason that Shiloh was the visionary; she was the pragmatist. Jason asks why they’re apart, and she says Shiloh wants to expand the work. Jason wonders why Port Charles, and she tells him Shiloh found that’s where people needed outreach that DOD can provide. He left, and she stayed to continue the work there. Jason says, Shiloh seems devoted. What about a life outside? Does he have no family, or no interest in having one? Harmony says, DOD is his family; why is he asking? He says because the young lady he’s there for is really involved. She’s naïve, and growing attracted to Shiloh as more than a mentor. She’s falling for him. He asks how Shiloh handles situations like this when they come up.

Shiloh tells Drew the thing about confessions is, when you’re making them, they seem of monumental importance, but in the grand scheme of things, they’re not important at all. Drew says he has a point, but why is he still thinking about it? Shiloh says coming there brought back memories. First he runs into the brother he didn’t know Drew had, with his face; then he sees Drew with another face, and Drew doesn’t know him. Drew says he doesn’t remember anyone or anything, and not to take it personally. Shiloh asks if there’s any chance Drew’s memory will return.

Griff bangs on the radiator. Then he does push-ups. Like three of them. He starts to lift free-weights, but there’s a knock at the door. It’s Sasha. She says she was in town to visit Nina, but needed a break. She can’t imagine what Griff has been going through. It must be hard walking past Kiki’s apartment every day. She asks how he’s doing, and he says he’s sick and tired of everybody taking to him about Kiki. Talking about her is not going to bring her back.

Ava tells not-Doc that she realized he wasn’t protecting Franco. He didn’t think weren’t Franco was a threat. Not-Doc says he would have never let Franco harm Kiki or anyone. He never thought Franco would act on his impulses. Ava says she’s convinced Franco is innocent, which means the killer is still free. Not-Doc says, that’s a real problem. She says, it doesn’t have to be. He needs to go to the police, and tell them that they have the wrong man.

Alexis goes back into Neil’s office. She says she’s thought about it. She already spilled her guts to him, and established she’s at ease talking with a complete stranger. So if he’s still willing to treat her… He says he is. She has some intriguing issues to work out. She says, referring back to their conversation, just to sure, when they met, did he know she was his patient?

Drew tells Shiloh, supposedly, there’s a procedure that can undo what happened. Shiloh doesn’t know what happened, and Drew says, long story. Shiloh says he’s heard plenty of those, but Drew assures him, not like this. He was never AWOL; he was abducted. Shiloh says he knew Drew never abandoned his post. Drew says the plan was to put him in his brother’s place. Transfer his brother’s knowledge to his head, and have his brother eliminated. Shiloh says Drew’s brother is still around; someone messed up. Drew says, the first part worked. He has Jason’s memories, and lost his. Shiloh says Drew told him there’s a procedure that could help him recover his memories. Why wouldn’t he do that? What’s holding him back?

Carly tells Sam, maybe Sonny can persuade Shiloh to leave town. Sam says, that could backfire. Shiloh could tell Kristina, and she’ll dig in even harder. Carly would like to wring Shiloh’s enlightened neck. Sam says she has to pretend to be hanging on every word. Carly asks what if he catches on? Sam says she’s an experienced con, and Shiloh expects women to fall for him’ the girls there are almost like groupies. All she has to do is play along.

Harmony says Drew is naturally warm and inclusive. It can be misunderstood by the more vulnerable volunteers. Jason asks how he handles it. He doesn’t want his friend getting hurt. A cop walks up, and asks if he’s Jason Morgan. Jason asks if there’s a problem, and the officer says he ran Jason’s plates. He has an arrest record there for murder. Jason says the charges were dropped, but the officer says he’s on the wrong side of the law again.

Neil says Alexis called to make an appointment at five, when he was already sitting at Charlie’s. He didn’t know the interesting woman sitting down next to him was soon to be his patient. If he had, he wouldn’t have asked her to dinner. She apologizes for questioning his professionalism. He says, apology accepted. If they move forward, can she trust him? She says she can, and he says they’ll see how it goes, and if she wants to continue. He asks why the urgent return to therapy at this time? She says, a lot of reasons, but the chief one is the feeling she has when she sees her ex kissing his girlfriend. She also had an experience at the Dawn of Day house.

Drew tells Shiloh the procedure is like overriding a computer program. The old memories are restored, but the past five years would essentially be deleted. The relationships he’s made with the people he’s grown to love. the memories of his daughter from the day she was born, until now – gone. He didn’t know he had a son until he move there. Meeting his son, and the memories they made together, he’d lose them. They mean everything to him, so the short answer is, no; he’s not having the procedure. Shiloh says, good. He has his priorities straight.

Sam tells Carly the worst part is lying to Danny. He’s too young to understand what’s going on, and he’s missing out on family time. Monica has been great about it; she’s a hand’s off mother-in-law. Carly says when she was married to AJ, all Monica did was meddle. She understands though; they loathed each other. Sam says she and Monica are a lot alike. Carly asks, in what universe? Sam says they both have a love for family, and Carly says she’s a part of that club too, protecting Kristina. Sam knows what it’s like to have a guy using you, and making you feel worthless, tearing down your self-esteem. She’s not letting Shiloh do that to Kristina.

Jason tells the cop that he did nothing wrong. The officer says he parked in a designated handicapped spot. Jason says there was no sign, but the officer tells him to move it, or he’s impounding the car. Harmony tells the officer that Jason will be going shortly, and thanks him for his diligence. When he leaves, she tells Jason that his bark is worse than his bite. Jason thanks her for smoothing things over. She says it’s a community, and they look out for each other. They’ve really come together since Dawn of Day launched. She hopes it’s the same in Port Charles. He thinks he’s heard enough. He’s learned a lot.

Griff apologizes to Sasha. He doesn’t know what’s worse; thinking about Kiki or not thinking about her. He’s consumed with missing her. He can’t find a moment’s peace. Sasha asks how he get the bruises, and he says, boxing; he spars sometimes. She says with a neurosurgeon’s hands? Is he crazy? He says they wear padded gloves. She tells him, pick someone his own size next time. He looks like he boxed with a kangaroo. He says he lost focus. His mind wanders, and regret takes over. She knows the feeling, and he asks what she has to regret. I’m wondering if Griff is involved with a fight club. Griff Durden.

Ava tells not-Doc it’s important the police stop wasting time on Franco, while the real monster is out there. Not-Doc knows she’s struggling with grief, and didn’t want to add to it by upsetting her. She says she recovered, but he says she ran back to Griff. She says he saw Griff comforting her, and assumed she went back to him? He says she ran out on him. She’s beautiful, and the man is an Adonis. Ava says not-Doc is insane, and she’d have to be equally insane to go back to the man who betrayed her with her own daughter. She hugs him.

Sasha tells Griff that she thought she’d blow in, meet with her mom, and blow out. She’s met people she cares about, and found herself worrying about them; hoping they’re okay. Griff says that’s a good thing. She made connections. She says she wants to do the right thing, but she’s not sure how. Some things are hard to fix. He says if she wants to talk, he’s wide open to distractions, and wants to help. She asks why it’s so hot in the apartment. He says can’t control the radiator. Kiki showed him some tricks, but he never got the hang of it. She had the magic touch with everything she did.

Not-Doc turns away from Ava. She asks if he’s okay. He says he thought he’d lost her. It’s only been a short time, but she has his heart. She’s everything to him. He doesn’t think he could put one foot in front of other if he lost the woman he loves. She says, he loves her?

Alexis tells Neil, in an effort to heal the rift between her and her daughter, she attended a seminar by the man responsible. Neil asks, how was it? and she says, weird; uncomfortable. She played along to appease her daughter, and realized, as Neil pointed out, she frames everything in the context of her ex. She’s fairly certain she doesn’t want a relationship, but she’s drawn to his type; dangerous, selfish, incapable of intimacy and honesty. Men who love power more than they’ll ever love her. He asks if there’s a man in her life who set that pattern. She says her father. Small world. Her father was one of those exiled Russian aristocrats he’s fond of studying.

Shiloh says that’s a lot of pain Drew is carrying. If he’s ever interested in reconciling, the seminars can ease suffering, including his own. He’s learned to untie his troubled past. It looks like they both can have closure. Drew says, no charge. Maybe he can start his own seminars. They shake hands, and Shiloh thanks Drew for giving him his life back again. Drew leaves, and Shiloh ponders the visit. Or plots. I’m not sure which.

Harmony says she’d Invite Jason to attend an open house, but something tells her that won’t happen. He must bear scars, being arrested for a murder he didn’t commit. He says he doesn’t, and thanks her for time.

Carly knows Sam and Jason aren’t candy hearts and flowers people, but they should be together on Valentine’s Day. Sam says she has plans, and Carly asks if she’s going to the Dawn of Day event; she’s seen the flyers. Sam says Shiloh is expecting her, but Carly says she can have an emergency. Sam says she won’t be spending Valentine’s Day with the man she loves. She’ll be at the DOD house, listening to Shiloh’s wisdom with an eager smile. The harder she works on it, the faster she can get Kristina out of there.

Alexis suggests she skip over the gory family details. To sum it up, her father was a distant, unapproachable, controlling figure in her life. He was ruthless and powerful, and she was simultaneously drawn to him and repelled by him. She rarely got his attention, and never his love. Neil says, it’s not a job. You don’t earn a father’s love; it’s a gift with no strings attached. She says, not in her family. Love was a weakness to be exploited. He asks at what age she realized that, but she has no idea. She blocked out most of her childhood. Her father murdered her mother, and she witnessed it. He says she probably has PTSD, and asks if she’s ever been diagnosed. She says, no. Her stepmother was as ruthless and cruel as her father. He wonders if she equates those traits in men with safety, to ensure her survival. She says she never thought about it like that. He says if she decides to move forward, she can get a better understanding of herself, why she’s led to people who aren’t good for her, and be steered toward healthier relationships. She likes that, and he asks when she’d like another appointment.

Not-Doc was hoping to save the words for Valentine’s Day, but Ava says, don’t. He says he won’t. He loves her. She says she loves him too. Very much. They kiss.

Sasha tells Griff she didn’t mean to bring up Kiki again. She’s heading out, and he says to stop by anytime. They can work on her regrets. She’s too young to have them weighing on her. She says so is he. He watches as she leaves.

Harmony calls Shiloh, who asks to what he owes the pleasure. She says he sounds upbeat. He tells her a potential threat isn’t so threatening. She says she just met Jason Morgan, who questioned her about their arrangement. She was assisted by their favorite cop, Billy. He did his part, and made Jason feel less than welcome. I wasn’t aware Jason felt much of anything. She doesn’t think he’ll be back, and he didn’t learn anything they didn’t want him to know.

Jason arrives at the MetroCourt, and Carly says he just missed Sam. Or was it intentional? He tells her she has a bartender who’s into DOD. She asks, which one? but he doesn’t know. Sonny was talking to him. She says she can’t fire him, but she doesn’t want him reporting to Shiloh. She wanted a safe place for him and Sam. Yeah, a public hotel seems just perfect. Jason says they’ll find one. She says DOD has made unsettling inroads. No one noticed they were responsible for the clothing drive. She wouldn’t have let Josslyn be a part of it. Jason says Josslyn has a good sense of herself. Kristina is in deep. It might help if Shiloh is distracted, and feeling pressure from the outside. Carly asks what kind? And he says he went to the originating DOD, and got a good idea of how it works. But now he has to figure out how to take it down.

Tomorrow, Sonny talks to Spencer, Sasha and Obrecht meet, Nina announces she’s marrying Valentin again, and Cameron questions Franco’s innocence.

Vanderpump Rules

I’m not sure if anything can top Lisa getting slaughtered last week, but we’ll see.

Lisa arrives at SUR with a bit of a hangover. She tells Peter, those bloody cocktails; she literally had two. We flash back to her at the event, saying she had five. She hasn’t had a hangover this bad since 1985. She got pregnant that night. Schwartz says she was amazing; it was well-earned. Tom says she was cute; she had so much momentum. Schwartz thinks they both get gold stars, and Tom says it was a total success. She says once they get the gas on, they can start interviewing, and there’s outside work to be done. It’s a different situation when people aren’t paying to be there. Now is when the hard work begins.

Lala, Kristen and Ariana meet for lunch. Kristen asks if it was fun at TomTom. Lisa didn’t want her there. In her interview, Kristen says whether Lisa likes it or not, she’s part of the SUR family, and she might as well accept it. Lala tells her about the trip to Danish wine country. In Lala’s interview, she says Kristen is a nightmare to travel with. In Mexico, she was an absolute sh*t show. We flash back to her throwing a glass of wine at James. Lala says this trip is for the people who were there for her when her dad passed, and Kristen was one of them. Kristen says she and carter are having problems. They fight about dumb sh*t. We see a clip of that. Something about the dishwasher, walking the dogs, and sharing responsibilities. She thinks it’s healthy to disagree, but not seven days a week. Lala passes on the rosé, and in her interview, says she and Randall got sloshed one night, she got naked, was yelling at the top of her lungs, and broke a hurricane proof window. They made a pact that they should probably stop drinking. but that doesn’t mean she can’t get her bitches drunk.

Jax and Brittany, along with Katie, Stassi, and Ariana, look at the venue for the engagement party, The Inn of the Seventh Rain. Brittany says it has a whimsical, enchanted forest feel. They get the tour. The place is gorgeous, and Jax says, it looks expensive. The manager asks what Brittany’s vision is. In his interview, Jax says Brittany sees possibilities, and he sees dollar signs. He says they’re not even at the wedding yet. The total damage is $14,205. In Stassi’s interview, she says Jax looks like he’s sh*tting his pants. Since he’s always stolen things, she doesn’t know if he’s cheap or a klepto. Brittany says they can all have babies together now. Stassi wants them to wait, but Jax says they’re starting right away. Wait until he finds out how much a kid costs. They talk about pre-marriage counseling.. In Jax’s interview, he tells us that if you get married in the Catholic church, it’s require the have therapy a year ahead. It’s the Pope’s rule. I don’t know about it being a year ahead, unless it’s a waitlist thing, or if the Pope is involved, but it is a requirement to have pre-marriage counseling. Most of them have a one-day seminar option though, so it’s not like he’s making it sound. He says he’s never going to be able to quit SUR.

SUR is hopping. Peter sends Brittany to work in the pink room, her favorite. She tells Lala and Scheana that the venue looks like a fairy tale. The guys are having a guys’ night when the girls are away, and Tom is glad it’s relatively local. He has to be close to TomTom in case the sh*t hits the fan. In his interview, Tom assumes, now that he’s engaged, Jax wouldn’t do anything remotely close to pissing off Brittany. He assumes. Lala hasn’t asked for time off yet, and finds out no one else did either. She approaches Lisa, and explains about the trip. Lisa is cool with it, as long as they’re back by Friday night. Lala says they’re taking a private jet, so they can be back any time. Lisa says Randall must be part of the equation. In Lisa’s interview, she thinks Lala is cavalier with her job. It feels almost like she’s working for Lala, and Lala needs to come back to earth if she’s going to be part of SUR.

James goes to the therapist. In his interview, he says Lisa thinks it’s a good idea for him to talk to someone. If he’s going to get back in SUR, he has to show her he’s trying. He says he’s dealing with his parents. HIs mom called him about his dad not having a job, although his dad says he’s looking, and James is sending money to his mom every other day. In his interview, James says when his dad was managing George Michael, and his mom was modeling, they lived a lavish lifestyle. As he got older, it gradually disappeared, until they were fighting about money 24/7. He tells the therapist he came from a two-income household, with a mom and dad. His life has now flipped, and he’s the guy providing the only income. The therapist says he’s put these expectations on himself. He says it turned quickly, and the therapist says his mom has resentment at his dad, and he has to set boundary that she can’t take it out on him. In his interview, he says, it’s frustrating. He’s helping them, but still getting caught in the crossfire. They’re treating him like a child, when he’s the man of the family.

James calls his mom, and tells her that he can’t deal with it anymore. She’s always yelling about his dad and asking for money. He’s her ex-husband, but his father. He starts yelling, because she’s obviously not listening, and eventually he hangs up. He wonders if he’ll ever get something back at some point. She’s his effing mother. I don’t think he’s talking about the money either. I think he just wants to be acknowledged, and see a little gratitude. I don’t like James, but fair is fair, and I feel sorry for him with having to carry the family.

Katie asks Schwartz is jealous of her going on a private jet. He asks if they’re going Girls Gone Wild, and she says possibly. Stassi drops in. She’s excited; she’s never been on a PJ. In her interview, Katie says she used to think Lala was a rachet gold digger, bragging about traveling on the PJ, but she took a trip with Lala and Randall, and it was luxurious AF. Stassi says they have the rooming situation. She doesn’t want to room with Kristen. Katie volunteers. In Stassi’s interview, she says Kristen is a bad traveler. During their girls trip to Copenhagen, she left. She flew home instead of going with them to Paris. That’s next level. Beau says he’s turning his phone off after midnight.

It’s Brittany and Jax’s turn for therapy next. Brittany is nervous. Jax says he’s making better choices now. He was a bad boyfriend, but after his father passed away, it cleared up for him. He knows the right way to live now. The therapist says every relationship has its challenges. She asks if they talk about what happened last year. Brittany says when the pat has to be brought up, Jax doesn’t like talk about it. Jax says they talked about it, and put it to bed. No one points out the bad choice of words. Brittany says, for sure. The therapist says, if Brittany wants to talk about it, and he shuts that down, he’s basically telling her to shut up. If she’s a people pleaser, then it’s not honest. It’s part of what needs be healed. She asks why Jax just rolled his eyes. Jax says, it’s fine, and Brittany asks what he’s mad about. He says he’s not mad. He just doesn’t understand how going back makes everything better. Brittany asks how does he know he won’t go back to old behavior? He says he just knows. Brittany wants to keep their relationship on the right track. The therapist says that means being honest, not hiding things, and being more transparent.

James plays some tracks for Ariana and Raquel. Ariana thinks being there is a good first exposure being in recording studio. We see a clip of her singing. Kind of. In her interview, she says Ariana Grande needs to look out for Ariana Vente. She asks how everything is going. James says, all right. He’s seeing a therapist to figure out how to avoid future fights. He’s learning how to say no in the right way. Ariana says it sounds like he’s doing good sh*t for himself. Raquel says he’s going to the gym, and James says he’s picked up golf again. Ariana says he can be sober and responsible, and not be a sixty-five-year-old man.

Jacqueline arrives at the apartment, bringing her rescue dog. In James’s interview, he says he wants peace. No down-talking or shutting him out. He wants to be listened to, like a person. Ariana leaves, and Jacqueline asks if James went to therapy. He says they talked family stuff, and how it would be a good thing to set boundaries. She can’t talk about his dad. She says, okay, and he tells her, she says that, but then she calls him. This is all it takes for her to go on a tirade about his father, and how he doesn’t send her a dime. She says, yes, she’s bitter. Ya think? Raquel looks really uncomfortable. He says she puts him in middle, and she says, fine. Boundaries done. He says the other thing is finances. He’s helping, and wants to see what she’s doing with the money. He’s sending $200 every three days. She says she still has two kids at home. She asks him if she was a sh*t mother. He went to an expensive school, had fabulous vacations, and designer clothes. He took his first steps at Tiffany’s. Well we see what’s important to her. She says she’s not telling him to kiss her ass, but he should thank her. Act like she’s not a total bitch. He’s making her feel like a child. James says, he’s the child, and she needs to remember that. She says when she and his dad broke up, she was in hell. He says they were all in hell. He says she sees the relationship going downhill, and doesn’t want that. No talking about his dad, and he wants to know where the money is going. He doesn’t want to see it going nowhere.

Jax asks if therapy was what Brittany expected. Brittany tells him the therapist said things that made sense. She wants to go back. Jax thinks she should go by herself a couple of times, but she doesn’t know about that. She asks what he’s doing while she’s gone, and he says he has to monitor the guys. We flash back to other guys’ nights, where Jax needed to be monitored. Brittany says don’t disappoint her. She doesn’t want to go backwards. He says he should probably cancel the strippers.

At SUR, Lisa asks Peter, what’s happening. He has a table in garden for her. Jacqueline arrive, and meets with Lisa. She was hoping James would be working there again. Wow. This woman is so entitled. No wonder James is the way he is. She says he’s in therapy, and not drinking. He needs this. Lisa says, it’s a start. He needs to be committed. He has an anger issue. Jacqueline says he needs to come to terms with her and his dad. She has something to ask Lisa. James’s brother, Harry, is back from college. She asks if he can bus two nights a week. In her interview, Lisa says James has been a major pita, and doesn’t know if she wants to deal with another one, but maybe if his brother is working, the finances won’t be James’s sole burden. Jacqueline wants Lisa to meet him regardless.

The girls get ready to leave. Ariana opens champagne on the plane. Stassi texts to say they’re running late. In her interview, she says she told Katie don’t carpool with Kristen – she’s always late – and they had to go back for her purse. Stassi has never been on a PJ, and she’s not letting Kristen ruin the trip. In Kristen’s interview, she says Stassi goes out of her way to be an a-hole to her. She is who she is. Ugh. I hate people who are chronically late, and can’t understand why the people on the other end are upset because their time is valuable too. Lala tells the pilot that she has virgins, and they’re popping PJ cherries. Kristen finds a basket of booze nips, or baby bottles of booze, as Adam (Guy Pearce) calls them in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Stassi films. In her interview, she wonders why she waited so long. She’s naming her first born PJ. It was the best twenty-five minutes of her life.

James brings Harry to meet with Peter and Guillermo. He introduces Harry to Jax. He asks if Jax is having a big night, and Jax tells him about guys’ night. In his interview, James thinks Jax gets pleasure in not inviting him. He’s not letting it bother him. Well, he did kinda ask. Jax asks what James is up to. In James’s interview, he says that his mom helped him get a job at SUR, and he’s here for Harry’s interview. It’s a big day for him.

The girls take a limo van to the hotel. Lala says they’re going to have a wine tasting at the hotel today, but tomorrow, they have full day. Lala is obsessed with Sideways, and hoping someone gets so drunk, they drink out of spit bucket like Paul Giamatti. In her interview, Stassi says she spent more time waiting for Kristen than being on the PJ. The town of Solvang is really cute; quaint and Danish. It looks like it’s from another time.

They get to the hotel, and divvy up the rooms. Scheana is rooming alone. In her interview, Scheana assumed she’d room with Ariana, since they’re besties. She lives by herself, and doesn’t want to room by herself on vacation. Lala can’t wait to Instagram TF out of it. Stassi and Ariana get to their room, and Ariana says, there’s a coffeemaker; thank God. Stassi says, there’s wine; thank God.

Scheana puts a stuffed frog on the other bed, and says she guesses it’s just him and her.

Kristen tells Katie that Stassi screamed at her. Katie says she didn’t want to get involved, and Kristen goes through a lengthy explanation as to why she left her purse. In Katie’s interview, she says you’d think since Kristen is a bad traveler Carter would help, but no. And now she has a stressed out terrorist traveler in her room.

At SUR, Peter talks to James and Harry, while they wait for Guillermo. When Guillermo arrives, he asks what Harry is looking for. Harry says he just finished school, and is looking for a couple of nights a week bussing tables. Guillermo says, five years ago. James said he’s a DJ. He said he didn’t need a DJ; he needed a busboy. Now, he doesn’t need a busboy; he needs a DJ. James effed it up. He says they’ll take Harry on, and train him, and see how it works out. In his interview, James says Guillermo is like a third father, after Ken. His jabs are like a knife in his heart. Guillermo says they’ll find out if he’s a hard worker. He’s heard that before. He looks at James. As he’s leaving, he says he’s still looking for a DJ. By this time, James is crying. In James’s interview, he says it feels like someone who was once proud of him isn’t proud anymore. Harry tells him that he made some mistakes; it will be all right. He needs a little tough love. Peter tells him to hang on.

Brittany loves how the buildings all look like little cottages. There’s lavender everywhere, and Kristen eats a piece. To double-check that it’s not something poisonous, afterward, she checks with the bartender. They start doing a tasting. Kristen announces that merlot is the basic bitch of wines. Whatever that means. (In Vanderpumped – a wringing-it-dry second show that features pop-up trivia, Stassi said she drinks the basic bitch of wines – pinot grigio.) Katie thinks Kristen should get ahold of herself. It’s just the first winery.

When they get to the next one, Stassi says she can see the telltale signs. Crazy Kristen is coming out. Weird behavior, she starts rambling, and drinking – a lot. Yep, she’s guzzling, and looking for more. Stassi says, crazy Kristen. She’s not coming. She’s here.

Next time, Peter gets wild, Lisa says Harry’s brother hasn’t set the best example, Harry says he’s his own person, and Kristen takes a drunken tumble.

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😥 A Sad Farewell…

I didn’t watch The Young and the Restless, except for a few months when Marc Singer played a villain. However, Kristoff St. John was in one of my favorite exercise videos of all time, Kick Butt, along with trainer Jackie Vankatwyk and three-time European kickboxing champion Badrino Kocktane. It was made a million years ago, but I still use it. He was so young too.


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I did watch All My Children though, and remember Donna. And she wasn’t much older.


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Could James have a gluten intolerance?


👗 As a general rule, I don’t watch awards shows, but I did check out the Grammy fashions online. There were a few I loved – like Lady Gaga and the sculpture that Cardi B wore – but it mostly went from, I kinda like that, to eww! to, what the blip is that??? You can read about the pretty stuff here:

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