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September 12, 2018 – A Body Under Charlie’s, a Dallas Rodeo, Mentors of Mentors, Viva Apocalypse, NYC Travels, Charleston & Keep Goin’


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Anna’s doorbell rings. It’s Robert. He says Cassandra has been gone three days (!), and they still don’t know who’s behind her kidnapping or where they took her. She wouldn’t be giving them so much trouble if the good doctor hadn’t revived her. Finn comes stairs looking for his other sock, and tells Robert, good morning.

Sonny tells Carly that Kristina has no more headache or ringing in her ears. Carly says that’s good news, but Sonny can’t get it out of his head. He can’t believe Mike blew up Charlie’s to cover up what he did. Carly is surprised Julian chose to keep quiet, but Sonny thinks sooner or later he’ll want to collect.

Ava asks Julian, what the hell happened? He tells her a gas leak led to an explosion. Just another day at the office. She asks what the yellow tape is all about, when Chase comes upstairs. He says forensics is done, and the evidence has been gathered from the crime scene. Ava says she thought it was a gas leak.

Elizabeth tells Cameron that he’s going to be late. He tells her to chill; the first class is gym. She asks if he still doesn’t get a grade for that, and he asks if he’s grounded for life or gets time off for good behavior. Franco says if he shows some good behavior. Cameron asks if Franco just said that, and Elizabeth makes him apologize. She asks why he doesn’t invite Oscar over; they can do homework together. Cameron asks why she suddenly wants him to be besties with Oscar?

On the way to school, Oscar asks Drew what’s up with raiding the fridge at midnight. Drew says Monica is between cooks, so everyone is enjoying the kitchen in the meantime. He hopes Oscar stays over more often. Oscar never thought he’d say this, but he needs space from his mom. Whenever he leaves the house, she acts like she’ll never see him again. It was just one blackout, and he keeps telling her not worry. Drew says that’s what parents do. He’s worried too. Right now, he’s worried that Oscar thinks it’s not cool that Drew is walking to school with him, but he’s too nice to say it. Oscar says he’s glad they’re doing it. They might not be able to for much longer, since there’s no future to look forward to.

Finn tells Robert they were up all night, exhausting every possibility. Robert says Cassandra wouldn’t have vanished if Finn hadn’t woken her up. Anna says it was their best chance to find out who the people were, and if Finn hadn’t treated her, they would have shot him. Robert says he knew the risks, but Anna says Robert didn’t tell him. The doorbell rings. It’s Robin. She asks if it’s a bad time.

Robin tells them that the kids are growing up too fast. Anna asks what brings her to town. She says she was coming back from a medical conference in Vienna, and thought she’d check in after Anna and Finn’s latest adventure. She asks how Finn is. He says he’s still getting used to the kidnapping thing, but he’s getting the hang of it. She tells him to stick around. He thinks he will.

Drew asks Oscar why there’s no future, and Oscar says an asteroid is heading for earth. Some scientists are predicting it will crash early next year. Drew says, is that all? Oscar says the chances are one in 75,000. The odds could be better, but it’s close enough to get a good view; it would make a good news story. He’s thinking a father and son field trip to Tanzania and Mount Kilimanjaro to see it. Drew says, cool. Oscar has to get to PE; they’re doing cross country. Drew says it will be great training for Kilimanjaro. Oscar asks if they’re doing it, and Drew says, yes. Oscar says, awesome, and hugs Drew.

Elizabeth tells Cameron that he and Oscar don’t need be besties, but when Oscar was in the hospital, Cameron seemed concerned. He says he was, for Josslyn. Elizabeth suggest he invite them both, but he says so he can be a third wheel? No thanks. He’d rather do his time in solitary. He leaves, and she asks Franco if she’s going overboard. He says, maybe a little. She says things change fast. One minute, everything is fine, and the next, the person you love with all your heart is gone. Franco says, he just went to gym class. She’ll have to make due with him. They kiss, and the doorbell rings. Franco asks what kind of monster shows up at this hour? It’s Kim. She sees Franco, and Elizabeth says, it’s cool. They tell each other everything.

Chase asks Julian how long he’s owned the pub. Julian says, a year, and Chase asks why he bought it. Ava asks what that has to with anything. Julian says he’d just gotten out of prison, and sold his previous business to his daughter and son-in-law. He wanted a fresh start. Chase asks, why Charlie’s? it’s not exactly new. Julian says he walked in, and it spoke to him. Chase asks if the place was in good shape or did he have to renovate? Ava says it seems like an unusually real estate related third degree. Why? Chase says they found human remains in the basement.

Sonny tells Carly that Julian will probably gouge him with a huge repair bill. Carly says his silence is worth it. Sonny can’t believe his dad decoyed him and slipped away. He insisted Sonny stay with Jason, said he was going with the nurse, then slipped away from the hospital. Mike comes in, telling them that they don’t have to stop talking when he shows up. Carly says they stopped talking because he looks terrible. Sonny asks how he’s feeling, and he says apparently the way he looks. He knows what they’re thinking. Carly says, that they’re worried about him and love him? He says that he tried to make things better, but only made them worse.

Finn says he’s going to spend some time with Roxie, and leaves. Robert asks if Robin wants to go to the airport together, but she’s not headed back right away. She has unfinished business. He asks if he should he be there for it, but Robin says they’ll be okay. He tells her go easy on mom. When he’s gone, Anna asks if Robin wants to talk about the unfinished business now.

Elizabeth tells Franco that they have to talk about patient. Franco says he has art therapy patients to tend to, so he’s going to the hospital. He asks Kim if, as a doctor, she can suggests a how to parent manual. She wishes, and says if he finds a good one, can she borrow it? He tells her that she could write it. When he leaves, Kim asks if Elizabeth told him. Elizabeth says, no. They agreed not to keep secrets, but if he asks a direct question, she’ll have to tell him the truth. H hopefully don’t ask more people know better chance he’ll find out

Cameron sees Oscar. They’re both ditching gym, and Cameron tells Oscar that the coach is only interested in varsity, He won’t notice they’re gone, Oscar asks if Cameron wants to explain what went down between him and Josslyn while he was in the hospital. Cameron says it’s totally on him. He shouldn’t have kissed her. Oscar says, what?!

Julian asks if a body was found, and Chase says a skeleton. He asks if Julian knew about it, and Julian says, of course not. Chase says he had to ask, given Julian’s criminal record. Julian says he just gave plans to city for renovation. Why would he bring in jackhammers if he knew a body was in the basement? Chase asks him to call if he remembers anything. Julian wonders how long the basement will be off-limits, and Chase says he’ll let Julian know.

Carly says Mike gave them a scare yesterday, but everyone is okay. Mike says, Kristina almost got blown up. Sonny says, she’s doing fine. Mike says, he’s getting worse, isn’t he? The things he wants remember, he forgets, and the things he wants to forget… Sonny tells Mike that he knows it’s hard; it’s hard for him too, but Mike can’t wander off on his own. Mike says he didn’t wander off; he snuck off. The reason he went with the nurse is that he knew he could give him the slip. Sonny is going to make sure it never happens again. Mike says he just wanted to help Sonny and help fix what happened in the field. Where was It? Sonny says it doesn’t matter. Mike says maybe it’s better he doesn’t remember where it was, and only remembers what he took and what he did with it. He was trying to help and he screwed up again. Sonny says it will be fine. He’s paying for the damages, and Charlie’s will be good as new. Mike says if he’d blown himself to smithereens, they’d all be better off. Sonny tells him, don’t say that, and Mike says, even if they both know it’s true.

Anna tells Robin that she knows she dropped a bomb on everything Robin believed. She can’t imagine how difficult it was. Robin says, it was a shock, especially finding out her brother was Faison’s son. Anna says, no one is happy about that, least of all Peter. But despite all that, Robin is there. She just wants to know if Robin forgives her.

Kim tells Elizabeth that she told Drew. She’ll never forget the look in his eyes, when he found out he was going to lose the son he only just met.

At the hospital, Drew leaves a message for Kim, saying he was hoping to run into her. Franco approaches, and tells Drew that Kim is at the house talking to Elizabeth. Drew asks if he knows what about. Franco says they’re consulting about patient, but if true that’s true, why wouldn’t they do it there? He’s kept secrets, so if Elizabeth wants to not tell him something, it’s okay. Drew thinks it’s eating him up, but Franco says that’s what he looks like when he’s coping. He asks if he can he pick Drew’s brain about something – Oscar.

Oscar says, Cameron kissed Josslyn? Cameron thought that’s what he wanted to talk about. Oscar asks what happened, and Cameron says Josslyn wanted to surprise him, and he was helping her decorate the bench. When Oscar didn’t show up – Oscar interrupts, saying he was in the hospital. Cameron says Josslyn didn’t know that and blamed herself for pushing him away. She thought she’d pushed too far. Oscar says Cameron didn’t do anything stop it, and Cameron asks why he should. He knows her better than Oscar. Oscar says he knows her better than anyone. Cameron says he and Josslyn will still be friends long after she forgets who Oscar is. Oscar shoves Cameron.

Mike says Kristina got hurt because of him, but Sonny says she made her own choice. She went back in to pick up the wrench Mike left. Mike says, like he said, it’s his fault. Sonny tells him that Kristina took a chance on her own life because she loves him. Carly says, like they all do. Mike asks what about his life is worth saving? He’d gladly give up his own life for Kristina, or any of them. Carly says he proved he would do anything for his family; now it’s their turn. Let them help him. Mike says he’d like to see the brochures for the places that take care of people like him. That stomping sound is Mike jumping on my heart.

Robin tells Anna she gave it a lot of thought, and realized there’s nothing to forgive. Anna made the right choice for herself at the time, and she has no right to judge. Anna says she’s had a lot of time to think too, and keeps coming back to the same question. Should she have told Robin sooner? Robin says she’s lost sleep too. Patrick knows when she’s not there. She spent so much time way because of Faison, maybe it’s better she didn’t know; it might have been too much to handle when she was younger. She can see there was no real right time to tall her – until the truth came out. It was her secret to keep. Anna wishes felt as sure as Robin seems to be.

Finn sees Chase at the hospital. Chase tells him remains were found in a local business, and he’s waiting for test results. Finn says, good work. Chase says it freaked him out. He might need to borrow Roxie. Finn says he has to take it up with her. He’s a poor substitute, but Chase can tell him more over coffee. Chase is surprised, and Finn says when he was being held captive, Chase came to the rescue. Chase says he was just doing his job. He knows he’s been pushing Finn, but has come to accept that what he wants might be more than Finn is willing to give. Finn doesn’t owe him. Finn asks if he can’t just have a cup of coffee with his damn brother. Chase says, damn half-brother.

Kim tells Elizabeth that Drew is Oscar’s hero. Elizabeth says, the feeling is mutual. He won’t give up without a fight. Kim says she’s already scheduled a meeting with Terry to discuss options. Elizabeth asks about the prognosis, and Kim says if she can only give Oscar a little more time; just a few months. She starts to cry, and Elizabeth hugs her.

Cameron can’t believe Oscar pushed him. Oscar says his dad is a Navy SEAL, and showed him some things. He asks if Cameron is scared. Cameron says, hell no, and Oscar punches him in the eye. Cameron leaps on him.

Franco tells Drew that he’s good with Jake; Cameron, not so much. Everything he does is wrong. He knows Cameron is a teenager, and will grow out of it, but Drew is obviously there for Oscar. Drew tells him to shut up for a minute.

Robin wonders what it was like when Anna first realized Peter was her son. Anna says he was so full of pain and anger, blaming her for abandoning him. Robin says, but she found him after all this time; that was something. Anna says he’s still in town, and Robin says he can’t hate her that much. Anna says he’s not there for her. He’s there for Maxie and her little boy. It’s an uphill battle. Robin isn’t so sure. Maxie has a forgiving spirit. She knows what it’s like to make mistakes, and makes allowances. Anna hopes she’s right. It would mean a lot to Peter. Robin thinks there’s hope for Peter and Maxie, and Peter and Anna.

Drew apologizes to Franco; he’s been stressed lately. Franco says for most of his life, when someone apologized, he felt great joy. Now he feels concern, and it’s new for him. Maybe they can explore that. No pressure, but if Drew wants to talk… He asks Drew to tell him about Cameron. Drew says Cameron needs him. He doesn’t realize it, but he does. He was with Elizabeth when the kids were younger, an it was easier for him. He doesn’t think he’d know what do with Oscar if he hadn’t taken Parenting 101 from Elizabeth. She’s the best, and deserves the best. He tells Franco not to forget that, and leaves. Franco looks puzzled.

Cameron asks how Oscar’s hand is. Oscar says it hurts; how’s Cameron’s eye? He wonders if Cameron should go to the nurse. Cameron says she’ll just ask questions. If anyone asks, he tried to hurdle the bench, and face planted. Oscar is surprised Cameron is covering for him, but Cameron says it’s for himself. He doesn’t want anyone to know he was punched by Oscar Nero.

Chase says it’s a damn fine half-cup of coffee. Finn says the less you drink, the better it is. They can work up to a full cup Robert comes in, and says he’d like to talk to the doctor. It’s federal agent business. Finn would like his brother to stick around. It was Chase’s work that figured out where he and Anna were. Chase tells Robert that he’s the official liaison between the PCPD and the WSB. Robert asks Finn what he was going to say before Robin showed up. Finn says the medications Cassandra was given is hard to find, and some are illegal. He’ll give Robert a list. Chase says, trace the drugs, trace Cassandra. Nicely done.

Ava tells Julian, bodies don’t appear in the earth like truffles. Someone plants them. He’s up to something, and this is just another piece of the puzzle he intends to profit from. Julian says his days of taking advantage of other’s misfortune are over. She’s impressed he’s keeping a straight face. He says whoever the bones belong to, he hopes they get a proper burial and mystery gets buried with them.

Mike says some of the places look not bad, and Sonny says he doesn’t have to go there. Brick made it easier for him to stay there. Mike says he’ll think about it. Sonny tells him, no rush, and Carly says they just want him to be happy. Mike says he’ll be happy if he does right by his family.

Kim tells Elizabeth, if all goes well, she’ll be delivering triplets. Elizabeth tells Kim to call her if she needs her, and Kim thanks her for being a good friend. Drew sees Elizabeth, and asks what’s wrong.

Oscar tells Cameron they should head back. Cameron says if they’re stragglers at the end, the coach won’t recruit them. What said about Josslyn, he was just getting in Oscar’s face. Oscar is it for her; the only it. Oscar says he knows.

Elizabeth tells Drew that she’s so sorry about Oscar. Kim told her. He figured that, and he’s glad Kim has her to turn to. They’re both torn up. He’s glad that person is her, and she says she’s here for him too. She hugs him, and Franco sees.

Anna tells Robin that she can’t stay in a hotel. Robin says, good, because she didn’t make a reservation. They hug, and Anna asks how long she’s staying. Robin says, long enough to figure out what to do about her brother.

Robert looks forward to seeing Finn’s list. It’s just possible the two of them aren’t as useless as they present themselves. Finn says, hilarious; he’s welcome. Chase says Robert is like an angry Australian. Finn says he and Chase share more than DNA. Chase says that guy really does not like them.

On the phone, Sonny says let him through. Carly says, trouble? Nothing he can’t handle. Carly suggests she and Mike check out the brochures over a cup of tea. He says one place has a swimming pool and a pool table. All pool all the time. Carly says she’ll visit all the time.

Sonny opens the door, and it’s Julian. Sonny says it’s too soon to be billing him for damages. Why is he there? Julian says he knows why Sonny pushed so hard to buy Charlie’s. He didn’t want the pub. He wanted what was buried beneath it.

Tomorrow, Maxie asks where she fits in, Julian tells Sonny the body was found, and Peter asks Lulu if she wants the Ryan Chamberlain story.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Kameron has photos taken. Cord asks if she was badgering them with questions. She freaks because he used the word badger.

Brandy is back from Beaver Creek and back to reality. When Bryan is out of town, juggling three kids is a lot. She was on an emotional high when they got Bruin, and now she’s exhausted. The girls are a little jealous of the baby, and there’s only so much of her to go around. The girls suggest renaming the baby Booka. She feels like if she got help, it would be like she failed. Doing it all is taking its toll. The girls eat chips and candy for dinner.

LeeAnne and Rich go out to dinner. He wants more details about the trip. She says, when they left, D’Andra and Brandi were at opposite ends of the spectrum, and now they’re best friends. Rich asks, based on what? and LeeAnne says, tequila. Rich thinks that works.

LeeAnne says Rick told her he wanted to set a date to set a date for the wedding. He says, let the ambush begin. She says it made her feel like he didn’t want to set the date, and therefore, doesn’t want to get married. He says it was a joke, but she wants an adult conversation. She doesn’t know why she’s afraid to make him set a date, and he adultly says she can’t make him do anything. She says they don’t talk about it. Does he think they’re not discussing it because they don’t want to do it? They went from a magical moment to a desert. She wants to know if he wants to be married. He says he didn’t ask just to ask. She’s afraid to push, because he might say he doesn’t want it. Rich says it’s a communication issue, and admits to avoiding her because he doesn’t want to piss her off. He says they have a lot going on, but LeeAnne thinks that’s an excuse. In her interview, LeeAnne says her abandonment and avoidance issues stem from her mother, who told her if her mother doesn’t want her, no one else will. She says, if someone doesn’t want you at three-years-old, in your cutest phase, who would want a fifty-year-old bitch? Rich says he loves her and wants to take care of her. She says she’s scared. Her grandparents were together through thick and thin; they never left each other’s side. She wants that commitment from him. In her interview, LeeAnne says it makes her uncomfortable that Rich was divorced more than once. She wants someone who understands commitment. Rich asks if has to ask again, and she thinks he needs to re-encourage her. He asks if she’ll marry him, and she asks if she can move forward with plans. For some bizarre reason, Rich says the date will be set organically by them starting plans. Um… what about invitations? He kisses her, and says he has a little romance in him.

Kameron tells her kids that she has get her stuff together for a global pet expo, explaining it’s a trade show for animal products. She asks if they can help put things together. In her interview, she says most of the exhibitors will be billion-dollar companies. This is her best shot at getting a distributor. She’ll be mortified if she can’t pull it off. The kids think the display rack is a jungle gym. Kameron says she wants to get the kids involved, instead of them always being with the nanny. The kids tell her the product is dumb. In her interview, Kameron says marrying into Cord’s family has it’s perks, like vacation spots and a private plane. The women in the family are involved in the community, and she took on that role, but wants a career now. She thinks it will be a struggle for the family to adapt to it. She tells the kids they’re the most important thing, and don’t ever think Sparkle Dog is.

LeeAnne visits D’Andra. She tells D’Andra she’s exhausted from the trip. In her interview, LeeAnne says these bitches don’t sleep. They stay up drinking all night, get four hours sleep, then start drinking again. She doesn’t know who can live like that, but she can’t. D’Andra says starting over is a big pill to swallow. Her new company will be the first time she has the opportunity to start something from the ground up, and make it successful on her own. LeeAnne tells her about the conversation with Rich. She says she needed reassurance, and it felt like they got engaged again last night. He asked her again. D’Andra asks what the date is. In her interview, D’Andra has heard of renewing vows, but this sounds like he’s buying time. How does LeeAnne know he’s not just saying what she wants to hear? LeeAnne says she knows him, and D’Andra says that’s not a real answer. They argue over what D’Andra’s age is, and talk about going to the rodeo.

LeeAnne doesn’t get it. D’Andra didn’t want to be around Brandi. LeeAnne slept, and when she woke up, they were sh*tfaced shopping. She says she knows what Brandi is capable of; she’s been Brandi’s victim, and had her heart shredded. D’Andra tells LeeAnne that her grandma always said the proof is in the pudding. LeeAnne doesn’t want D’Andra to think she has ulterior motives. She’s concerned Brandi will use the foundation she has with D’Andra to get to her, and she doesn’t want to get hurt. In her interview, D’Andra says if Brandi and LeeAnne made up, why does she care. D’Andra says she’s a big girl. She and Brandi had a great time and made a breakthrough. In her interview, LeeAnne says she can sweep things under the rug and still be cautious. D’Andra saw Brandi stab her in the back. We flash back to the brunch where Brandi went off on LeeAnne. LeeAnne says she’s forgiven Brandi, but she’s not forgetting. D’Andra hears her, and says she’ll proceed with caution.

it’s D’Andra’s birthday. She greets her guests with tequila shots. In her interview, she explains that the rodeo is part of Texas culture. If a Texas girl’s family has a ranch or farm, you know the rodeo. Kameron tells us her dad was a professional polo player, but she’s never been in an environment where people are screaming on bucking bulls. Brandi is thrilled that mom Jana steps in so she can have a life.

Only Cary and Stephanie are absent. In her interview, Brandi thinks Stephanie is missing out, but it’s not boushy enough for Cary. Kameron pronounces bull like bowl, and no one knows what she’s talking about. LeeAnne wants to see Brandi country western dancing. Brandi says she did that last week, and we flash back to her and D’Andra dancing around in the store. Kameron says Brandi is a bad influence on D’Andra. D’Andra says she has a silly side. Brandi loves when D’Andra is herself and doesn’t care.

The first thing is a bull parade. Kameron thinks they’re adorable, and they’re not even on leashes. At the bar, Brandi brings out a beer bong, and drinks one down. Kameron doesn’t like beer, but in college did a champagne bong. LeeAnne thinks public beer bonging is a no, but does it anyway. Brandi doesn’t know if it’s cute or depressing, but thinks it’s sad to feel left out at fifty… one. D’Andra says LeeAnne might as well hang up her hat if she thinks she can keep up. LeeAnne says like waterboarding, and makes a huge burp. She hates beer.

Next is the mechanical bull. Brandi goes first to show them how it’s done. It’s not her first rodeo. LeeAnne vaults on via the back end. In her interview, she says, if you can’t break a man’s ribcage with your thighs, don’t have sex or ride a bull. Alrighty then. Kameron is afraid to get hurt. In her interview, she says she doesn’t want to be a party pooper, so she’s getting on – Rodeo Barbie. She’s wearing a dress (!), and LeeAnne helps her up. D’Andra says she looks great, which of course is the most important thing. The bull is so slow, I could ride it, but Kameron is frightened. She manages to get through it, and in her interview, says being on a wild moving animal makes her feel at one with the rodeo. I guess no one has the heart to tell her it’s not real.

The ladies go to Bill Bob’s Panhandle Arena where the real bull riders are. it’s amazing to watch, but I think it’s mean to the animals. D’Andra thinks step up from watching Kameron.

Cary stops by her house renovation. Builder Susan tells her they’re getting the mechanical inspections done, then doing insulation. In her interview, Cary says there was no Michelin star restaurant at the rodeo, so it’s not her. It wasn’t boushy enough. So, Brandi was right. Susan maps out Cary’s ginormous closet. In her interview, Cary says it’s modeled after the Fendi store. It’s costing a gazillion dollars, but it will be fantastic. Mark says he’ll probably end up with the hall closet. They discuss the Molteni stove Mark is getting. Oooh, it is nice. In her interview, Cary says it’s going to be her sister wife, and she’ll have to vie for Mark’s attention. Her parents are back in three months, and they have to get out. She says the positive thing about staying there is that she realized she wants to fix the strained relationship with her father. It will never be perfect, but it’s something she wants.

Brandi says, Kameron is redefining slow ride. In her interview, Kameron says the members of her family hold each other to a high standard. LeeAnne explains to Brandi, when have a family name, you’re watched closer, and can’t let your hair down. In her interview, Brandi says LeeAnne has the perception that she’s high in Dallas society, but has a police report. D’Andra asks Kameron how she feels about the pressure, and Kameron says you’re more under a microscope, but she surrounds herself with people who are like her. In her interview, Kameron says she’s conservative anyway, and fits right in. D’Andra feels like she’s not being true to herself. In her interview, D’Andra is sick of being judged on what’s acceptable by Dallas society. She wants to do what makes her happy in the next phase of her life. Brandi thinks if they can’t accept her for who she is, screw that. At the end of the day, D’Andra needs to be happy. D’Andra says it’s her year to figure things out. Her dad told her be the fun person she is. When he passed away, she felt the freedom to be that. In her interview, D’Andra aspires to be freewheeling like Brandi. Brandi says she understands and they should celebrate that. Brandi loves D’Andra when she’s herself. It’s sad that she feels the need to apologize for it. In her interview, LeeAnne says she’s not spreading her ass cheeks and dropping out a quarter into a K-cup.

Brandi gives D’Andra the necklace she wanted in Beaver Creek. Wow. That was very thoughtful. And expensive. LeeAnne says Kameron is good at basketball, and suggests they go for a game. In her interview, Kameron thinks Brandi is investing in the friendship, and trying to buy D’Andra. Kameron and LeeAnne play basketball, but it’s not like a regular game. More like something you’d see in an arcade. LeeAnne says she told D’Andra that she could get hurt. Kameron doesn’t trust Brandi with D’Andra. Brandi can be classless. We flash back to Brandi’s dog poop hat, and also Sexual Chocolate. Kameron says if D’Andra continues to hang out with Brandi, what next?

D’Andra tells Brandi that she didn’t expect to like her so much. D’Andra says she understood that LeeAnne was protecting her, but she has to make her own decisions. She tears up, and Brandi says she appreciates what D’Andra is saying.  In her interview, Brandi is annoyed that LeeAnne is encouraging other people not be friends with her. It’s a slap in the face. D’Andra says she has to figure out her own path. She needs to do what feels right. She and Brandi hug.

We move on to the World’s Largest Honky Tonk. D’Andra thanks everyone for the great birthday, and they do shots. Leanne rides D’Andra like she rode the mechanical bull, then does some weird dance moves, many of which involve full contact with the floor. Brandi says LeeAnne talks about acting a certain way in society, but she’s giving a lap dance, and mopping the floor with her hair. LeeAnne says D’Andra is her bitch. Brandi thinks she’s jealous.

Back from Italy, Stephanie visits Brandi. In her interview, Stephanie says they haven’t seen each other in ten days. It’s like forever, and she wants the scoop. It should be entertaining. She tells Brandi and Jana about the trip, and we see pictures. She says Travis bought himself a Ferrari for his 50th birthday, but he’s not even forty-nine. Brandi tells her about LeeAnne’s lap dance. Stephanie asks if D’Andra was bruised. Brandi says she had good time, but there were some intense moments. D’Andra said she needed to start making decisions for herself, and LeeAnne is trying to influence D’Andra into not being friends with her. In her interview, Stephanie says she sees LeeAnne as wanting to change, but she’s her own worst enemy. She can’t judge LeeAnne by other people’s experiences. Brandi doesn’t think she can be friends with LeeAnne.

Next time, Brandi prepares for the social worker’s visit, LeeAnne and Rich start planning the wedding, and the ladies do some demolition.


Cesar, Bowen, Samantha, and Gerron (my man!) were left. The first challenge was for the cooks to conquer a colossal protein; what America was built on, still devours, and chef’s worship. If you guessed beef, as I did, you were right. They were told to make a MasterChef worthy masterpiece of a kabob in thirty minutes. The judges agreed it would come down to the tiny details. Bowen changed the dish, garnishing it with peppers underneath, which Joe wasn’t pleased with, especially since the peppers were raw. Samantha omitted the peppers entirely, going for a Mediterranean flair. Joe said it tasted okay, but her minimalist strategy didn’t work. Gerron used jerk seasoning and was told he did a good job. Ashley was praised for her generous seasoning. Casar used red wine vinegar, and although Gordon said it was perfectly cooked, it didn’t need that kick. Gerron was the first to be safe, and the other three (all Gordon’s people) had the challenge of making meatballs – or as Joe said, soft pillows of deliciously seasoned beef – in marinara sauce. Since Bowen cannot possibly listen, instead of putting the breadcrumbs in the meatball mixture, which Joe explained gives it lightness, he breaded them like cutlets. He insisted it was a Chinese thing, but Joe suggested he follow the rules at this point. Samantha put the frying pan in the oven for some reason, causing the middle of her meatballs to be raw. Since they contained pork as well as beef, Gordon bravely ate around it. He told her they had to sit in the sauce to be evenly cooked. The flavor of Ashley’s meatballs was divine, but Aaron wanted more sauce. Still, it was enough to keep her safe.

In the next round, the remaining contestants had to cook a MasterChef classic – filet mignon. Three of them – well done, medium and rare. To keep their MasterChef dream alive, the cooks had to nail all three temperatures. Cesar said it was trying to get three darts make a bullseye. Gerron was glad he wasn’t in their shoes. Bowen is a pilot? I guess I don’t always pay attention to the text. It’s enough to remember their names. Samantha won the save, and Bowen was out. Gordon told him that the MasterChef door might have closed, but he’d love to have Bowen in his brigade anywhere. Bowen said it was the best moment of his life, and he hasn’t lost his dream of opening a restaurant. He didn’t feel so well at this moment, but learned a lot, and felt it was a big step toward his future.

Next, the remaining four divided up, with Cesar pairing with Ashley, and Gerron with Samantha. They were going to be cooking for the mentors of their mentors. Aaron introduced the pioneer of California cuisine, Jonathan Waxman; Joe introduced his Emmy winning mother, Lidia Bastianich; and Gordon’s mentor was master of French cuisine, Daniel Boulud. The challenge was to make three identical plates of whatever dish they liked in sixty minutes. Cesar and Ashley decided on pork chops, and Gerron and Samantha made lamb with a rhubarb glaze. Lidia’s advice was to taste everything, which sounds obvious, but I can’t count the times on Kitchen Nightmares when Gordon asks, did you taste it? and they say, no. Cesar and Ashley’s pork chops were deemed complex, intriguing, and not overly done. They said they were going for a culmination of their talents and journey, while representing their culture in a beautiful and respectful way. Samantha had been so jazzed, she ran into the counter, and we learned to use white, not brown, sugar to give more depth of flavor. Lidia said both dishes were great, and there was a professional level on both sides.

It was Cesar and Ashley for the win, and for the next challenge, the cooks had to replicate a three-course dinner. Joe presented one of his favorite appetizers, spring risotto. He said it was so hard to nail, it’s rarely seen in restaurants. Aaron offered pan-seared salmon, with he said involved many techniques and flavors. Last was a signature dish of Gordon’s, sticky toffee pudding. I’m not so sure I would like it, but it was fun to hear Gordon say it repeatedly. The requirements were for it to be flavorful, but not too sweet, and if it was dry, game over. The cooks had ninety minutes

Samantha was a wreck, and most worried about the pudding. She forgot the gelatin and had to start over. Wine was the ingredient for something, and had I been her, I would have been drinking it. I also have to note, that although Gerron is a teacher, he used the non-word mines. Samantha’s pudding was as much of a mess as she was. The caramel sunk into it, and she burned the butter. Gerron wisely told us that, it’s not the mistakes you make, but how you bounce back from them. The mentors were proud, and in the end, Gerron had the best appetizer, and Samantha the best salmon. The dessert was the tie-breaker, and I breathed a sigh of relief that Gerron was safe. Twenty-year-old Samantha said she was going to enroll in culinary school, and Gordon offered to pay for her tuition. The MasterChef door might have closed, but she said she was opening a door to her future in the industry, and she was excited.

Next time, the 2-hour finale with a live audience. The face-off for a quarter of a million dollars, and the title of MasterChef.

💥 I happened to notice an ad in the digital guide reminding me that American Horror Story: Apocalypse began tonight. Miracles still happen, since it doesn’t look like it will interfere with anything else I watch. I didn’t even bother with the last season, since if I want to look at political rhetoric, I can go to Facebook. Or pretty much anywhere. I’ve enjoyed past seasons though. Lady Gaga can do no wrong, the dinner with the serial killer guests was superb, and I adored AHS: Freak Show. It’s fun to see what new roles the regulars assume, and this season, I was pleased to see both Billy Eichner and Joan Collins in the cast. So far, it’s exciting, and I’m in.

🗽 The Real Housewives of NYC showed an episode called Passport Edition tonight. I didn’t see it, but would assume it’s a rehash of their trips.

🌀 Hoping All Stays Well…

Most of the Southern Charm cast left town, but Patricia stayed.


🌈 Nostalgically Moving Toward the Weekend…


January 18. 2017 – Surprised by a GH Thanksgiving, So I’ll Just Ramble & Show You a Puppy


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Not wanting to break a streak, the President’s final press conference was on at 3 p.m. I kept flipping back to see if it was over, and got excited for a millisecond when I saw Dante and Lulu. But then, Olivia came in saying, “Happy Thanksgiving,” and I realized that I was in rerunland. Here’s hoping the new administration are a bunch of early risers who hate The View more than GH.

I’m pretty certain that the rest of the week might be a bust too, with the inauguration happening and all.

So here’s a puppy picture.


☕ I did watch Star, which it looks like they’re also rerunning on Saturday nights. The casting is genius on this show. I was loving Miss Lawrence tonight, as well as some blue lipstick. Poor Benjamin Bratt though. He has to do all the grunt work.

👓 Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce – or is it Girlfriends’ Guide to Freedom now? or just Girlfriends’ Guide? – was also on the roster. I have the feeling that Abby is going to be sleeping with her son’s baseball coach within the next few episodes.

Game of Thrones might possibly follow their last season with a prequel. I didn’t think HBO would let go of something that makes so much money.

💀 American Horror Story has been renewed for three more seasons. Supposedly, some of the Freak Show characters will be back for the next one. That’s been my favorite season so far, so my interest is already piqued.

November 16, 2016 – Lucy & Scotty Team Up, Little LA Wraps It Up & a Roanoke Mention


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Finn ponders Hayden sleeping. She wakes a little, and asks what he’s done to her.

Elizabeth tries to call Franco.

Does Franco have a man bun? Please, no. The phone rings but he doesn’t answer. He tells Tom he’s there about Elizabeth, the girl Tom raped. He flings himself on Tom and pummels him.

Jax and Alexis go to lunch at some out-of-the-way dive. She says no one they know will see them there, and he asks if she’s ready for the drink he promised. I’ll bet she is.

Ava sees Scotty at The Floating Rib. He says Lucy wants to be wined and dined, and they’re meeting for dinner there. He tries to get Ava to leave so Lucy won’t be suspicious, but she’s meeting Kiki. Too late anyway; Lucy walks in.

Michael asks Nell to distract him. Give him something else to think about. Well…

Carly visits Sonny in the clink.

Scotty suggests he and Lucy go to her apartment. She says it’s not a booty call. Wine and dine her, and maybe they’ll discuss it. He says he doesn’t want Ava to make her lose her appetite. Kiki comes in and Lucy says just ignore them. She suggests they start with champagne.

Alexis downs half of her drink before Jax can even make a toast. He asks about her having a hard time right now, and she says it’s definitely up there as far as anxiety goes. She blames herself for Julian not going to prison, and says she’s the reason everything got out of control. Jax tells her that sometimes the choices they make out of love come back to haunt them for the rest of their days. She asks him what’s up with that, and he says he can’t tell anyone else. He did something in secret years ago that could ruin Carly’s life.

Sonny is surprised that Carly came to see him, and Carly says she is too. She read his letter about how he divided all of his assets. He says he owed it to Morgan. She asks if he still feels that way, and says Jason filled her in. She asks if that changes anything.

Despite what we all had in mind, Nell suggests backgammon, but Michael is thinking chess. Nell says he’ll slaughter her because he’s a strategy king. He says she’s quitting before they start, and she tells him to bring out the chessboard.

Hayden is confused, and Finn tells her she went into septic shock. He tells her that she’s at the Quartermaines’. There was a problem at the hospital, and Tracy stepped in. Hayden asks what’s going to happen to her.

Elizabeth leaves a message for Franco, telling him not to hurt Tom. If he does, he goes to prison. She says she’s coming there to get him, even though she never wants to lay eyes on Tom again.

Franco tosses Tom around like a football. Tom says he wasn’t in prison for rape. Franco says he did his homework and knows everything about Tom. He says there’s no record of him harming Elizabeth, but he knows Tom raped her, and it’s time for him to pay for his crime.

Finn tells Hayden that it’s too soon to make a diagnosis. She asks if she’s going to have what he has, but he doesn’t know yet. She says if this is how he feels all the time, she doesn’t know how he does it. He says that’s why the medication is important, and she needs to rest. She asks what happened at the hospital. He says there was an altercation and he quit. She asks how he’s going to treat her.

Elizabeth gets a call from Finn. She tells him she’s in the middle of a personal emergency, but he says he has his own going on. He’s out of antibiotics. He asks her to help save her sister’s life.

Tom says his brother is coming home soon, and Franco will be arrested. Franco says they’re two people who happen to be sociopaths. He introduces himself, and Tom says they talk about him beating the system in prison. Franco says it seems like there’s always going to be a part of him that’s a sadistic freak. Tom says Franco can change. He did.

Carly wants to know why Morgan was manic. She tells Sonny that Morgan’s journal proves that he was vigilant in taking his medication. It’s obvious the pills weren’t working. Sonny says he’s looking for other answers. Like who killed Morgan.

Ava asks Kiki if she wants to go somewhere else instead of where she works. She says it‘s fine. She tells Ava that it’s not just about feeling guilty, she misses Morgan, the way he listened and made her laugh. She asks if Ava heard about how they filled Morgan’s coffin with things he loved because there was no body. Ava says she was there.

Scotty suggests he and Lucy get some food to go. She says it sounds yummy, but she knows what he’s doing. She has something he wants, and he says yeah, a hot body. She says it’s something else, and he says he’d like her heart too. She says what he wants is what she has right there, and shows him the pill bottle. It’s a brilliant idea to be holding that up in a public place. Maybe she should talk louder too.

Tom insists to Franco that he’s been rehabilitated. He grew and changed, and is a counselor now. He says he wants to be an asset to society instead of a drain. He swears he could never force himself on a woman again. Franco says he doesn’t care.

Hayden asks if she has the same thing that’s killing Finn. He says they have to do more tests, but you don’t go into septic shock unless there’s a massive infection. He’s going to do everything he can for her. She says there’s no cure, and that means she’s dying. She says she’s sure that makes him happy. I have no clue why she would say that, or why Finn doesn’t respond to her saying that.

Jax tells Alexis that when Josslyn needed a kidney donor, he would have done anything. He talks about how Carly thought the donor was Jake, but found out otherwise, and then searched for the real donor. He says at the time, he’d put out feelers everywhere, and Alexis asks him if the black market was involved. He says he would have done anything regardless of the consequences.

Nell is beating Michael at chess, and she says they could switch to poker, but she supposes he’s a master at that too. He talks about Sonny having owned a casino and how Jax is a poker wiz. Nell thinks he must be letting her win.

Lucy says Ava wants Scotty to romance her so everyone won’t find out what she did. She asks if he thinks she’s dense. She tells him to man up and own it.

Kiki reminds Ava that she’d said she wasn’t going to the funeral. Ava says she needed closure too, and she snuck in as everyone else was leaving. Kiki says she missed Sonny’s confession.

Carly asks what Sonny is going to do. He says for one thing, not go to prison. Carly says she was against that anyway, since his kids need him; it would have been a waste. She asks if he’s going to retaliate when Jason finds out who’s responsible. Sonny says she’s asking him to move steps ahead from where he is. He says everything happened so quickly, he hasn’t been able to process anything yet. He knows the answer she wants, but he can’t say it. She says that’s her answer.

Jax tells Alexis about Nell showing up, and how she told Carly the story about her parents selling one of her kidneys. Alexis asks if Carly knows about his involvement, but he’s not sure.

Nell says Michael is genuinely kind, which she finds a rare quality. He says ditto, and talks about everything she’s done for his family. She says that’s different. When she showed up, she needed answers. Carly gave them to her and then offered her a job. She says there’s nothing kind about it. Michael wins the chess game.

Elizabeth brings the antibiotics to Finn. Hayden says she’s dying. When Elizabeth asks why she thinks that, Hayden tells her that she was just being dramatic. Elizabeth asks Finn about Hayden being infected, and says it must be serious if she went into shock. She gets a text from Franco and says she has to go. She hopes Hayden feels better, and tells Finn that the next time he wants her to do something illegal, a little honesty would be nice.

Franco starts choking Tom. Tom tells Franco he’s sorry about Elizabeth. Franco says Tom took away a life, the life Elizabeth knew. He made her afraid and robbed her. Tom says he’s sorry, and Franco says he is too, sorry Tom got paroled. Tom swears he’ll never come near Elizabeth again. Franco asks if Tom’s pals in prison told him that Franco gets off on watching people suffer. Tom begs Franco not to kill him.

Scotty admits he was trying to get the pills. Lucy says it’s not okay, and wonders why he’s being loyal to Ava over her. He says if Ava owed him a favor, it’s good to have a mobster in your pocket. Lucy asks if he was going to steal them before or after they had sex. He says definitely after, and she punches him. She says considering their history, she’s sad and disappointed that he tried to make a fool out of her for Ava. She mentions that Kiki doesn’t know Ava was sleeping with Morgan before he died. Lucy decides to tell Kiki everything.

Ava is stunned that Sonny confessed, and Kiki tells her that he took responsibility for Morgan’s death. Ava asks if he was arrested, and Kiki says Jordan was waiting until got to the station. Kiki wonders why Ava isn’t thrilled about it.

Michael asks if Nell wants a rematch. She’s about to move a chess piece, and he touches her hand, saying she doesn’t want to make that move.

Alexis thinks Jax should tell Carly. He says it’s not the best time. She asks what he’s not telling her, and he says now isn’t the time for that either, and asks for the check. She says she thinks she’ll stay, and he asks why.

Sonny tells Carly that he doesn’t have all the information, so he can’t make a decision. She says look at where he’s standing, look at their reality. They’re the the parents of a dead son, and up until a half hour ago, he thought he was responsible. She asks if he’s learned anything.

Scotty tells Lucy that Kiki just buried her boyfriend. Lucy tells him not to guilt her. He says what if it was Serina? He thinks the reason why Lucy is holding the pills is the reason that’s motivating him – they both want to have something on Ava, and if Lucy gives the sword away, they lose leverage. He suggests she throw in with him and they take Ava to the cleaners

Ava tells Kiki that Sonny did right by Morgan, which is more than she can say for herself.

Nell thinks maybe a rematch isnt a good idea. It’s too easy to like Michael, and it’s not good for either of them. She works for his mother, and if they get close, it could get awkward. He says she went from touching hands to a bad break up in 20 seconds. Ha-ha! He says his family is falling apart, and whether she likes it or not, he considers her a friend. She says she can handle a friendship, and that his family isn’t falling apart, because he won’t let them. He still wants the rematch, but she tells him not to be so certain he’ll win. She’s off to buy a book on chess.

Carly asks Sonny if Morgan’s death doesn’t count for anything. She says he’s telling her that if Jason finds the killer, he’ll do the same thing all over again. She says she loves him and always will, and she’s glad he didn’t kill Morgan, but something has to change. If not him, it has to be her. She walks out.

Alexis tells Jax that she has phone calls to make and she’ll take an Uber home. Jax pays the check and asks her if she’s sure. She says she’s a big girl. He tells her to take care of herself and leaves. She asks for another drink.

Hayden asks Finn what happens next. He can’t get back in the hospital for his research, he’s running low on medication, and now he has to share it. He says it’s not all bad, Roxie is here. He tells Hayden that he has no answers right now, but he knows he’s not going to let her die. She says they’re in it together now.

At the hospital, Elizabeth makes a call asking about the pathogen found in Finn’s lab, and says to call her back with the information. Franco walks in, and she asks what he was thinking and what he did. He says Tom is never coming after her again, and she doesn’t need to be afraid anymore.

Tom sits down across from Alexis and offers to pay for her drink. I go, oh! out loud.

Tomorrow, Jax can’t find Alexis, the custody hearing happens, and Carly grills Michael about Nell.

Little Women: LA – The Reunion – Part Two

We jump right into Christy’s sobriety struggles. She says she’s been sober for over six years and she only had a problem with alcohol. We flash back to some of the girls thinking she was taking pills. Kevin pumps her about a possible relapse. Silence. She walks off to get a tissue, and then insists she hasn’t relapsed. Kevin asks Jasmine if it’s fair and she says no; if you haven’t seen it happen, you can’t accuse someone. Christy says she’s been stressed lately because of her daughter’s and father’s health issues. We see some clips of her being stressed.

Todd talks about watching Christy going through her struggles. He says he’d be on pain pills, but she does everything in her power not to go there. Tonya suggests Christy should be focusing on that instead of Briana. Terra says everyone is going trough crap, whether she knows it or not. She says she went through ovary cyst surgery herself, but she shouldn’t use situations at home as an excuse for acting out on her friends.

Kevin asks if she feels isolated, and Christy says a little. She doesn’t know if the girls are her friends anymore, with the exception of Jasmine and Elena. Tonya is on the fence. So I guess that leaves Terra and Briana. Elena says she tried to fix what was broken. She feels that there’s a future for Briana and Christy’s friendship. She says it’s different with Terra though, because of the police report. She talks about Briana waffling on forgiving Christy. Briana says she was pushed too much. She says she was there for Christy, but not vice versa. Moving on.

We take a look at Little LA’s maternity ward. Kevin suggests there was something in the water, and I tend to agree. He asks if they got a hospital discount. He asks Jasmine how her pregnancy is going. She has gestational diabetes, and is hoping to take care of it with diet. He asks about Elena’s twins. She says they’re growing so fast, before she knows it, they’re going to be in college. She’s sleeping four hours tops, and Terra says four hours sounds like heaven. She says Penny is doing well with D’Artagnan as long as he’s sleeping, but she is showing a jealous streak. Briana talks about her health scare.

The babies’ names are discussed. I love all of them. Unusual without being freaky or embarrassing. They talk about Joe’s opposition to the name D’Artagnan. Terra says he was fine with it until his family got involved. Kevin asks Jasmine if she has anything picked out, but not yet. Or maybe she’s just not telling.

Preston, Chris and Kerwin join the ladies. We see the clip of Tonya saying she thought Briana would have an easier time with a little baby and how that got so blown out of proportion. Tonya sticks by her original comment. Briana says it’s all in how she parents, and she feels Tonya discredited her as a person. She says Tonya has commended her in the past, so she was caught off guard. Jasmine says she was irritated because Tonya is the mother of an average sized daughter. It made her wonder if Tonya thought she’s not a good parent, since she also has an average sized child. Terra says a little child can run over you too. Tonya says Briana and Matt seem to be doing well now, so she thinks it will be fine.

They talks about genetic testing and why it’s important. Terra says it gives you an idea of what to expect with medical problems. Preston says as long as they’re healthy, it doesn’t matter. Kerwin talks about not caring when Angelique was born. Terra says they all feel the same way – they don’t care, but it’s nice to be prepared. We say good-by to the guys.

We revisit Christy’s casino night and the survival retreat. Kevin questions Christy about adding the medical report to the invitation. Christy gives a convoluted explanation. Tonya and Elena talk about Christy’s friends attacking them. Kevin says funny they should mention that, and brings out Karla and Rhonnie. He asks why Christy brought them. Christy says she didn’t think anyone was going to show up, but Elena says they were definitely prepared for the group. Rhonnie says no one has Christy’s back. She points a finger at everyone and tells them what their problems are. Kevin asks how she can suddenly give them a personality evaluation, and I wonder if the two of them are bucking to be on the show. Tonya says they should have waited until Christy got jumped before coming to her defense. Good luck, Rhonnie, getting that glitter eye-shadow off.

Elena says Christy brought them to have someone to help her, and Christy admits that’s true. Jasmine says she read the text from Briana because they wanted her to, and then got flack for it. Jasmine doesn’t want to hear it and Kevin tells the two girls adios.

Nooo! It’s the athletic-wear logo discussion. We flash back to all that. Tonya says she understood some of the criticism, but feels Terra went overboard and hurt her feelings. Terra says she just didn’t see the lotus flower symbolizing Tonya. Kevin asks if it was payback for Tonya ignoring when Penny was born. Terra says she thinks of Tonya as more kick-ass than zen. There’s a mini (no pun intended) argument between Elena and Tonya about Elena’s clothing line. Tonya asks why Elena stopped working on it, and she says she got interested in something else. Tonya says her line will be out soon, and Kevin says maybe the logo will change by then because he’s an idiot.

Kevin asks what everyone thinks about Terra competing on Dancing with the Stars. Elena says she was concerned about Terra starting too soon after the c-section. She admires Terra’s strength, but doesn’t think she could do it. She talks about Terra missing out on the kids and Terra says she does feel like she’s missing out, but she wants to prove to herself and her children that she can do it. She says the first two weeks of rehearsal were hell, but she’s good now. Kevin asks Tonya how she feels, since she’d also wanted to do it, and Tonya says she’s proud of Terra. They discuss Terra’s placenta eating, and Elena says it reminds her of Silence of the Lambs. Ha-ha!

Christy thinks Terra gets opportunities that the others don’t because she’s an executive producer of the show. Yeah, it can’t be because she’s actually talented. Christy says Briana wanted to do DWTS too. Briana says Terra had better means of representation and complains about her ex-publicist. Elena says she doesn’t think it would have happened for Briana anyway. Ouch! Terra says she hopes there’s no jealousy, and Briana says she’s happy with how everything is.

Kevin asks Christy where she thinks they go from here. She says they can continue to fight or move on, and she wants to move on. She promises to stay out of Briana’s life and no comment on the support or lack thereof.

Tonya is taking one day at a time, and having her launch party soon. Elena is ready for a third baby. She wants to get it out of the way so she can have her body back. Jasmine tells us that she’s having either a boy or a girl. Everyone thinks it’s a girl except Terra. Jasmine says she’ll let them know next season, thereby telling us they’ve been renewed.

Kevin thanks everyone and congratulates them on season 6, airing next year, confirming that they’ve been renewed.

👻 Just a word on American Horror Story: Roanoke. I really enjoyed this season. I loved the shows within the shows. It definitely held my interest, and went by way too quickly. The casting was excellent – and I’m sure a lot of fun for Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates, who both got to go to town. I’m already curious as to what the next installment has in store for us.

September 28, 2016 – GH’s Anna is Back Home, Little LA’s Terra Finally Gets in Her Home & AHS/RHPS Tidbits


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Anna is home! She wants to find out what the hell has been going on.

The scene with Paul, Susan, and the birthday cake is repeated. He tells her that except for Monica Quartermaine, he’s killed them all. He blows out the candles and Susan reacts. He asks her what is it, but it’s probably that she saw Tracy peeking around the door.

Curtis works out at the gym hitting a punching bag. Nothing important, but his hot body is duly noted

Nathan apologizes to Maxie for the crazy situation. She tells him the only crazy is Claudette and he has nothing to apologize for. She mentions how Claudette talked to his mother without a heads up, and Claudette comes out of nowhere and says she thought it was the right thing to do.

Griff welcomes Anna back. They sit down to eat at Kelly’s and talk about Julian. Anna says he’ll never be brought to justice now. Griff says he knew she’d be disappointed, but she says more like angry and confused. She tells him she’s sorry they couldn’t get justice for Duke. Griff says he’s sorry for the loss of Sabrrrina. Anna says the hardest thing was explaining it to Emma. She tells Griff that she’s spent the better part of her life upholding the law and now it’s failed her all over the place.

Paul asks Susan what’s going on. Tracy runs to the elevator and gets in. The door closes. Then it opens back up and Paul is standing there. I make a noise out loud. Tracy smiles.

Nathan tells Maxie to go do her conference call and he’ll talk to Claudette. Claudette tells Nathan that she hasn’t handled things in the best way. She realizes that she wants him to be a real father to their daughter and hopes that he does too.

Anna tells Griff she spoke to Dante about Sabrrrina’s murder. The consensus is that Sabrrrina figured out who attacked Monica and was killed for it. Griff tells her that Monica is going to be okay. He asks about the cufflink, but Anna says nothing yet, and all they have is a picture. She says when she left, they had an airtight case against Julian, so how did everything evaporate, including his confession? Jordan walks in and Anna asks what the hell happened with Julian.

Tracy tells Paul she came to see Susan. She explains how she found out where Susan was. She’s pretty good at this because I would never guess that she’s probably dying inside. She says she’s sad that Paul didn’t feel he could tell her or Dillon about Susan being at the hospital. She says she didn’t mean to invade his privacy. He says he knows how much family means to her and thanks her for caring. He says it’s not a good time to see Susan though. She doesn’t speak but uses sounds and gestures that he can understand, and she signaled she wants to be alone. He says she’s resting, but he’s staying in the area so he can come back later. Tracy apologizes again, saying she realizes it’s a private matter for him. He says now that she’s here, he’d like to talk to her about Susan.

Andre shows up at the gym for some boxing. Curtis says they must have double-booked, but if he wants to use the bag, he can. Andre suggests they spar.

Nathan says he gets the results of the paternity test in a few hours. Claudette has a mini freak-out, wondering how they could get an accurate result so quickly. Suddenly, she has to go. Maxie comes back in. She says Claudette must be desperate to do damage control and she’s been lying to them the entire time. This is a real shock since Claudette has been so truthful up until now.

Griff leaves so Anna can talk to Jordan. His phone rings. It’s Claudette. She says she spoke to Nathan and Maxie, and now she needs to speak to him immediately. She asks him to come to her room at the MetroCourt.

Jordan tells Anna that she didn’t screw up the warrant; she knows she gave the right address. She says she can’t find any sign that someone else got into the system, but that has to be what happened. Anna says Scotty’s ethics are flexible (ha-ha!), but he’s not going to do something that will land him in jail. Anna says whoever did this set Julian free. Well, yeah.

Paul says he needs someone to talk to and asks Tracy to have a quick bite with him at this great steakhouse he knows. He says he’s been feeling overwhelmed, like things are starting to get away from him. He says he didn’t see Sabrrrina’s death coming. He knows he and Tracy aren’t family anymore, but they’re friends. She says absolutely, but she doesn’t want to take away from his Susan time. He reminds her that Susan wants to be alone right now, and asks if there’s some reason she doesn’t want to dine with him. He uses the word “dine.” Who uses that word? Besides Paul.

Griff comes to Claudette’s room. He asks what her frantic call was about. She says there’s a slight possibility that what she told Nathan and Maxie could involve him.

Maxie says Claudette is obviously panicked. Nathan says it’s possible he might not he the father, but is Maxie prepared if he is?

Jordan and Anna go over what happened at the trial. Jordan says Alexis told her that she’d only had one glass of wine, and either she’s lying or everything got to her. She says the testimony was ridiculous and Alexis ended up collapsing into Julian’s arms. Anna says she’s not going to get angry after the fact, but what the blip was Alexis thinking? Jordan says Alexis is only human, and maybe she couldn’t cope with seeing Julian there. Anna says she needs better answers and wants to talk to Paul.

Tracy says she’ll be happy to dine with Paul. They get into the elevator.

Curtis asks Andre if there’s any progress with his killer profile. Andre says he can’t discuss it because Curtis isn’t technically a part of the team. Curtis says he’s been helpful and Jordan is comfortable talking to him. Andre says he’s not, so drop it.

Tracy goes back to Paul’s room. He looks for his wallet, but she says she’s willing to spring for the meal. He says he’s buying, end of story. He goes through his stuff. His phone rings, but he doesn’t answer, saying it’s nothing important. Tracy is clearly nervous.

Anna tells Jordan that Paul isn’t answering. She says maybe he’s laying low because he hates to lose. Jordan asks if she’s going to respect his privacy and Anna says no. Two minutes in the door and she’s on fire already.

Griff tells Claudette the past is the past, let it go. She sputters some nonsense and he tells her to spit it out. She says the night Nathan shot him, she discovered something – she was pregnant.

Maxie says Nathan has never had a problem with Georgie, so why would she have a problem with him having a child? He says if he’s Charlotte’s father, he needs her to be honest about where she stands. She says years ago, she was more like Claudette than she’d like to admit, and would have wanted him to stay away, but now that she’s a mom, she’d never sabotage any relationship with his child. She says if Charlotte is his daughter, she knows he’ll be a committed father and she’ll completely support him.

Claudette tells Griff about Charlotte. She says she’s almost positive Nathan is the father. She says they never used protection, but she and Griff were always careful. Except for the times they weren’t.

Maxie says all of her reservations are about Claudette being a lying liar, not about him being a dad. Nathan says he’s never loved her more. He says Claudette having a child explains a lot, and whether or not Charlotte is his daughter, he wants to make sure she’s safe. Maxie says his first instinct is to protect and it’s one of the reasons she loves him.

Claudette tells Griff that she feels Charlotte is Nathan’s. Griff says calling him is a preemptive strike just in case her daughter isn’t Nathan’s. He asks why she didn’t tell Nathan to begin with. She says she’d just seen him shoot Griff in a drunken rage and didn’t know how he’d react. Griff says that’s no excuse. He asks if there’s something else she’s not telling him. She says Nathan wanted a paternity test and the results are coming in today. Her phone rings. It’s Nathan and the results are in now. He’ll pick up the papers, and he and Maxie will meet her.

Curtis tells Andre that they have more important things to talk about than sparring. He says it’s Andre’s call about discussing the case, but this has nothing to do with the case; he doesn’t want Curtis involved with Jordan. Andre says Curtis has disrupted her life. Curtis says all that’s in the past and obviously Andre is out of the loop. They verbally spar and Curtis tell Andre to go ahead and take a punch.

Anna goes to Paul’s hotel room and sees Olivia, who’s spot checking the rooms. She tells Anna that Paul did the best he could, and Alexis messed things up. She says Julian will never see his son again though. Anna asks if she can leave a note for Paul. Olivia gets a call and has to go, leaving Anna alone in Paul’s room.

Anna opens a drawer – I assume looking for stationery – and takes out a folder. The papers fall out and they’re all articles about the hospital killer.

Paul continues to look for his wallet, and explains how Susan communicates with him. He tells her that Susan can let him know when he should come or go, or if a nurse is at the door. This makes Tracy a little nervous. He finds his wallet in the couch, but says why don’t they order in?

Nathan knocks on Claudette’s door. He and Maxie come in with the results. Nathan says he’s not surprised to see Griff. He opens the envelope.

Jordan asks Curtis why he’s telling Andre to hit him. Curtis replies that it’s a boxing gym. Curtis leaves and Andre calls Curtis Jordan’s boy. He says Curtis was prying into the case, and admits to just not liking him.

Anna thinks the folder is Paul’s research. And then she finds the biggest cufflink I’ve ever seen. Seriously. It’s stupid big. Who is Paul on his off-time? The Jolly Green Giant?

Tracy asks why she’d want room service when Paul has been bragging about the steakhouse. Paul locks the door and says he can’t let her leave.

Next time, Doc and Laura share the same flight, Paul tells Tracy he needs to tie up loose ends, and Anna investigates the giant cufflink further.

Little Women: LA

After having the babies, Elena is concerned about stretch marks and she’s having them burned off. At least that’s what it sounds like. Terra goes with her, and says she seems like she’s in a better mood since her birthday party. Elena is upset that the girls aren’t getting along. We flash back to the Plastic incident at Tonya’s photo shoot and then the fight Tonya had with Christy on the yacht. Elena wants to get to the bottom of why Christy’s personality has changed so much. We see some of the procedure and while they don’t use a torch, it’s some kind of zapper that looks painful. I guess vitamin E wasn’t an option.

Terra wants a drama free night of belly dancing. She’s invited all the girls with the exception of Christy. Can’t say as I blame her. In her interview, Terra says that she wants to be in the best shape possible, so that she’s raring to go for Dancing with the Stars after she has the baby.

Christy is still getting over Elena’s birthday, so she goes to a soap-making class with her mom. She says she’s had it with the girls, and talks about the fight with Tonya. She tells her mom that she exploded at everyone. In her interview, Christy plays the victim. She does regret some of the things she said though, like calling Tonya a Black whore. She says she misses her friendships. Well, quit acting like a d-bag then. Her mom tells her she can’t change the past, but only move forward. Zzzzz….

Matt’s son is visiting from Seattle. Briana loves the family vibe, and Eric is enjoying his baby brother, Maverick. The kids go to play upstairs and Matt says he loves having the kids, but he’s pretty tired. He talks to Briana about the party and “Crusty.” In her interview, Briana says she thinks Christy is pissed off because she and Matt worked things out. She tells Matt that Christy is spreading the story about him and Plastic like it’s new, even though it was six months ago. IMO, that’s still kind of new, but if they’ve decided to let it be in the past, that’s their business. Frankly, I was pretty appalled at Christy’s antics. Briana says Christy has no soul and no respect, and Matt says she’s crazy.

Two masseuses show up at Tonya’s house with flowers. Tonya thinks some wine, chocolate and a foot massage will help her bond with Angelique. She wants their relationship to get back to where it was before Kerwin moved in. Angelique tells Tonya she’s dating. When Tonya asks if she’s committed, Angelique wants a definition of that. Tonya asks how many massages it will cost her to get some real information.

Christy talks to her daughter about getting her driver’s license. She wants Autumn to be extra prepared, since being a dwarf makes it even tougher. She suggests they practice at home. I think she means taking a spin around the block, but Christy sets up a makeshift “car” in the kitchen using a paper plate for a steering wheel. Autumn wonders why they’re doing this. She’s unenthusiastic and tired. Christy thinks in addition to her cyst, Autumn has a thyroid problem and wants to make a doctor’s appointment. Autumn agrees.

Tonya says ever since she had a baby, she’s suffered from thinning hair. She’s approached Jasmine about her issue, since Jasmine is a hair stylist. Jasmine can totally relate because she has the same problem. She likes to make her clients empowered rather than embarrassed and help them take control of their hair.

Tonya tells Jasmine about the evening of belly dancing Terra is planning. Jasmine says she doesn’t have a pet and Terra told her that she usually doesn’t like people who don’t have animals. She says she’d love one, but doesn’t have the time. Tonya says she doesn’t think Terra meant anything bad and to just discuss it with her.

Kerwin and Tonya have been looking for fun things to do on date nights, so they go to a flight simulator place. This is really cool. They put on flight suits and goggles, and sit in a cockpit type thing with huge screens in front of them. It looks like they achieved their goal of having fun.

They talk about Angelique. Tonya tells Kerwin that Angelique is worried that she’ll pass along everything they talk about. She definitely wants him to back off about Angelique’s love life.

Terra and Joe are going back to the house they bought. The one the former owner won’t leave. We flash back to last week when they couldn’t get in. They’re meeting with the seller’s brother-in-law to hopefully get the keys. The guy meets them and says everything is cleared out. He warns them that there’s powder all over the place though, since she was afraid of people breaking in and wanted to get fingerprints. He gives them the keys. Joe says they can deal with a couple of kilos of powder and Terra says she hopes it’s not that kind of powder.

Tonya meets them and they tell her about the powder. In her interview, Tonya calls the seller a crazy heifer and I laugh. Terra is afraid to go in. Joe suggests they paint the walkway yellow and the seller will think their small footprints are from Munchkins.

Terra is nervous, but puts the key in the lock. The door opens and she gasps. Man, I so relate to this, since we had the same problem. Not quite as bad, but when we got here with the moving truck a day after closing, the previous owner was sitting here in a folding chair along with a bunch of her stuff. This was after we’d acquiesced to several things just to get her out on time. And she’s still here twenty years later. Just kidding.

Everything is fine. And it looks pretty clean. Terra is excited because it’s where they’re going to raise their family and she knows she can make it a home. Okay, the tub is covered in powder. Tonya has a lot of connections and is going to hook them up with someone who can make the house little people friendly. Terra is ecstatic. Joe wants to christen the room and Tonya says she’s outta there. Contractor and landscaper to follow.

Elena and Briana go to the park, so the kids can have some fun in the sprinklers. Elena knows what sex her baby is going to be, but she’s not ready to tell us yet. She asks Briana how Matt is dealing with Maverick’s littleness. Briana says things are going well, but she’s still miffed about Tonya’s comment that a little baby would be easier for her. Jasmine says she’s surprised, since Tonya is a mother to an average sized daughter. Briana says her step-son doesn’t look down on her because she’s little, and I think, well, technically, he does. Jasmine talks about Terra saying she normally doesn’t like people who don’t have animals and wonders if she’s being sensitive. Ya think? Briana says she is pregnant. In her interview, Briana thinks Jasmine must be having a girl and has extra estrogen. Since we didn’t actually see the conversation, I’m assuming what Terra meant was that she doesn’t normally like people who don’t have pets, because those people don’t like animals, and it translated wrong.

It’s belly dancing time! In her interview, Terra says the belly dancing will help her crush it on DWTS. Elena says dancing isn’t her thing, even though she does it after a couple of cocktails. Terra asks the instructor if anyone has ever gone into labor during a lesson and she says not yet. This looks like it’s probably good exercise. In her interview, Briana says the dancing makes her feel confident and relaxed, but it might be because Christy isn’t there.

Afterward. Terra thanks everyone for coming and says she’s glad they’re able to enjoy this moment as friends. She asks Jasmine what the stank face is for, and Jasmine says she wonders if they are friends. She tells Terra about how she said she normally doesn’t like people who don’t have animals. Terra says she meant it as a compliment. In her interview, Terra admits she says offensive sh*t all the time, but that wasn’t one of those times. I’m thinking that Tonya didn’t mean for Jasmine to talk to Terra in front of everyone. Elena says this is the most stupid thing she’s ever heard. Jasmine says she felt judged after she thought they were on a good path. It’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard too.

Tonya gets involved and brings up Briana being upset about her saying she hoped Briana’s baby was little. This is how things get out of control. Too much input. Tonya explains her comment, but it’s not going over too well. Instead of clarifying things, it’s only adding fuel to the fire. It’s certainly not mending things with Briana. Briana says both of her children are taller than she is and there’s no problem. Somehow this all leads into Tonya saying that Matt is disrespectful. Elena jumps in and in her interview, Terra wonders how this got to the topic of Briana’s parenting skills. Jasmine says that it was taken the wrong way and Tonya says that’s why she’s explaining it and it’s just her opinion anyway. I can’t help but be distracted by Jasmine’s awesome earrings. She always wears crazy dangling things with feathers and sparkles.

Terra starts to talk and Tonya says she wan’t talking about her. In her interview, Tonya says this is Terra’s fault in the first place. Jasmine and Elena think Terra should apologize, but I’ve forgotten for what at this point.

Next time, Christy’s mom gets a make-over, Christy asks for help in making peace, Joe can’t make Terra’s pre-op appointment, and baby number two arrives.

👻 Re: American Horror Story: Roanoke (?). I guess the theme is a reenactment of The Children of the Blair Witch? I am enjoying it, and happen to like reenactment shows, but none of them is as professional as this looks.

💋 I’m looking forward to FOX’s interpretation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on October 20. Check out my archives for my post on how I started the RHPS cult. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Sal Piro‘s book Creatures of the Night. I’m on page 5 (I think). A friend of mine and I were the first ones to throw confetti. The one thing all the retrospective RHPS tales leave out is how high everyone was. The idea was that if we threw confetti from the balcony at the same time they did in the movie, the people below us would think they were in the movie. Does that sound like straight thinking to you? While times have changed and there’s no going home to the spontaneity again, I look back on that time fondly. I do have to admit I thought it was a phase that wouldn’t last, but it’s a pleasant surprise to see that there are new Frankie fans even in 2016.


September 14, 2016 – GH’s Hayden Gets Caught, LA’s Christy Gets Evidence, NYC Wives Get to the End & AHS Begins


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Alexis and Diane show up early for court. Alexis says Molly helped grill her, but she’s used to asking the questions, not answering them. She can’t believe the day is finally here and it’s going to be the beginning of the end for Julian, She says it’s divine justice that her testimony will be the one to put him away.

Julian is shaving, although I’m questioning why anyone would be giving a prisoner a razor blade. He says it’s his last day there and asks if the guard will miss him.

Carly tells Sonny once Julian is put away, they’ll get their lives back. Fat chance of that, since you’re characters on a soap opera.

Elizabeth says Hayden had no right to the diamonds. Hayden says Elizabeth had no right to her blood either, but she gave it to her. Franco tells them again that they’re sisters and he can prove it. Elizabeth asks if he’s just being his usual wildly inappropriate self, but he says he didn’t want them to find out this way. He tells them that they have the same father and explains that Jeff Webber had an affair with Hayden’s mother while he was married, and their gift to the world is Hayden.

Finn tells Tracy he was a suspect and ended up in jail, so the board is unlikely to listen to him.

Monica is on the phone in the half-dark of her office. She tells Epiphany she’s busy and doesn’t want any interruptions. Paul grabs Monica from behind and injects her. He tells her she got what she deserved. As he’s leaving, he runs into Sabrrrina, and I die laughing at the look on his face. Sabrrrina wants to talk to Monica and like an idiot Paul just lurks around while she goes into the office. Sabrrrina finds Monica on the floor.

Carly asks Sonny how the jury could do anything but send Julian to prison for the rest of his life. Sonny says a lot can still go wrong. He says Ava should have gone to prison for killing Connie and the confession disappeared. Carly insists Julian is going away for good and maybe they can go on their long-delayed honeymoon. She says she needs to help at the hotel since Leo is sick, and Sonny says that another good thing about Julian being locked up for life is that Leo will never know what a creep his father is.

Tracy tells Finn the suspension was lifted and the board will listen. He says maybe they’re tired of hearing him defended and maybe tired of him altogether. She says she personally needs his support. He tells her she should have presented it that way to begin with, and he’ll support her in anything. On the way out, they run into Michael, who asks about the hospital closing. Tracy says not if she and Finn have anything to say about it. She tells him the silly look of love on his face is annoying and she wants to know what his intentions are with Sabrrrina.

Diane has Alexis do deep breathing exercises in the witness box. She says once Alexis is done with her testimony, she’ll never have to see Julian again. Alexis says the thought of being married to him sickens her. Diane asks if she can handle condemning him in front of a jury.

Julian looks for his tie. Sonny comes in – using his own key – and asks if this is the tie he’s looking for, twisting it in his hands.

Hayden tells Franco that’s a lie. Her father is Raymond Berlin and he might not be perfect, but she loves him and he loves her. She says her mother even told her she looks like him. Franco says maybe she was compensating. Elizabeth says her father could do no wrong, and her parents marriage was perfect in every way, and she wants to know where he got this information. He says from Heather, and while she is a lunatic who shouldn’t be taken at face value, Naomi confirmed it.

Finn asks if Tracy shouldn’t be clutching some pearls while she questions Michael. Tracy says if Michael isn’t making a commitment, she needs to know. She doesn’t want Sabrrrina wasting her time. Michael says he’s meeting Sabrrrina later and having a serious conversation with her. He shows them a ring and says he’s asking her to be his wife. Carly overhears and says, hell no.

Paul appears Monica’s office doorway. Sabrrrina asks what happened and Paul acts like he was on his way to get help. Just not very quickly.

Diane tells Alexis she needs to bring her A-game. She asks what if Julian stands up and declares his love again. Alexis says she’ll vomit and Diane says, no she won’t. She’ll act indifferent. Diane says if he’d had his way, Alexis would be cold in the ground, and her daughters would have no mother. She says Alexis can’t get emotional or she’ll come off as the wronged woman. Diane tells her that Paul will be very dramatic and showboat. She goes over what Paul might say.

Julian calls for the guard, but Sonny says he’s on break, giving them private time. He says a while back, he offered Julian a deal and he needs an answer. Is he pleading guilty or going to have a fatal accident his first week in prison? Julian says nothing has changed and he’s taking his chances with the trial. He says Sonny is only worried about him getting acquitted. Sonny says he’s worried about Kristina’s mother and doesn’t want her put through reliving everything.

Alexis says she knows Julian’s moves and she’s ready. She tells Diane about how she even asked Julian to speak to the bar and he refused. He wouldn’t lift a finger to help her. She says Julian is a narcissist and she’s sending him to prison. Diane tells her to hang onto that thought.

Hayden asks in what world Franco knows her mother. Franco tells her about Naomi visiting Heather the same day he did, and finding out that Heather was blackmailing her. Hayden wonders if her father knows. She puts two and two together about how Naomi has been acting about Elizabeth, wanting Hayden to be nice to her. Hayden says she saved her sister’s life, and her sister repaid her by destroying hers.

Sabrrrina does CPR on Monica. Monica starts to breathe and Sabrrrina calls for help.

Tracy says if Carly doesn’t think Sabrrrina is good enough for her son, they should take a trip down Memory Lane, because Carly hasn’t always been perfect. Finn tells Tracy that they should get back to the hospital. They leave. Carly tells Michael they need the kind of love that transforms you and sustains you, and she doesn’t think they feel that way about each other. Nice of her to define love for someone else.

The doctor finds an injection site on Monica’s neck and tells Sabrrrina to get the police. In the hallway, Paul gives instructions about the trial to someone on the phone. Sabrrrina interrupts him and tells him about the injection mark. He says he’ll call the police, and she realizes he never got help. Paul goes humana-humana and makes me laugh. He says he’ll call the commissioner. He reaches into his pocket and Sabrrrina makes a soap opera face looking at his hand. I actually like Paul a lot and hope that somehow they keep him on as a character. Or we could always find out he has a brother, like Carrrlos suddenly did.

Franco says maybe Elizabeth doesn’t seem super grateful, but she didn’t ruin Hayden’s life. Hayden is like, oh yeah? and tells him what happened with the diamonds. Elizabeth says she wasn’t going to let Hayden get away with pushing her down the stairs. Franco tells her about the picture and how it was a man who did it. Elizabeth says if she’d known, she’d have done it differently. She asks for a phone. The phone rings its Nathan. Nathan tells her something we don’t hear. She tells Franco that Nathan has the diamonds, Sabrrrina told them everything, and she’s sorry. Hayden says she is too; she’s sorry she ever wasted her time or a drop of her blood saving Elizabeth’s miserable life.

Diane says the cooler Alexis stays, the more rattled the defense becomes. Alexis says she’s ready for anything Paul does, and she’s not going to let Julian or Scotty get to her. Diane has to leave and tells her good luck.

Sonny tells Julian about Alexis getting her license suspended. Julian pretends to be concerned. Sonny says if he wants to do something for her, plead guilty, and goes over all the despicable things Julian has done. He says do the right thing for once, own up to what he did and take the consequences. Sonny leaves, locking the cell behind him. He passes Scotty.

Scotty asks why sonny was there. Julian says he wants to plead guilty. Oh wow.

Michael asks what gives Carly the right to decide Sabrrrina doesn’t love him? Carly says she passed the baby off as his and has proved it over and over. Michael is like, and you’ve never done anything like that? She says what has Sabrrrina ever done for him.

Sabrrrina starts babbling and backing away from Paul. He grabs her and covers her mouth.

Scotty has a mini freak out. Julian says it’s not like he’s going to be acquitted anyway. Scotty says he’d be lying if he said the odds were in Julian’s favor because of the recording, but the only way to fight is to discredit Alexis. He tells Scotty to go make a deal, shocking all of us.

Sonny asks Alexis if she’s okay. He says he’s not judging, just the opposite. He tells her he did her a favor, but not to get her hopes up.

Scotty is given an envelope that was just delivered. He takes something out and says, wait till they get a load of this.

The doctor works on Monica. Tracy asks what happened and the doctor tells her about the injection mark.

Finn runs into Hayden, who tells him about the diamonds. He says he’s sorry and it’s bad news, but not the end of the world. She says she committed a federal crime. She has to get out of there and isn’t even stopping to pack.

Franco takes the phone away from Elizabeth, who says this could all be a lie since no one is credible. She says Hayden is a stranger and a liar and a thief, but she saved her life. She’s pretty upset about thinking Hayden tried to kill her. She wonders who the man in the picture is, and why he’d want to kill her.

Paul drags Sabrrrina into Monica’s office. She’s screaming and crying and struggling and he’s freaking out, saying sorry he can’t spare her.

Carly tells Michael that he’s too compassionate for his own good. Sabrrrina has been hurt and he’s trying to make up for it. He tells Carly it’s more than that, but if she can’t accept it, too bad. She asks him to just give it some time and think about it. She says she wants to support him, but give the family time to trust Sabrrrina again.

Sabrrrina tries to get to her phone, but Paul tosses it aside. These two are really good in this scene, very realistic reactions.

Carly tells Michael that he and Sabrrrina have the rest of their lives together. Michael says they love each other and he doesn’t give a damn if she doesn’t believe it. He’s going to ask Sabrrrina to marry him.

Sabrrina lies unconscious. Her phone rings. It’s Michael texting that he has a surprise for her.

Tracy talks to an unconscious Monica, telling her that she can’t do it without her.

Hayden says she has to go as soon as possible. Finn tells her she can’t run that far and that there’s always another way out. If she stays, he’ll be with her every step of the way. He tells her to come with him and they’ll make a plan. Roxie likes her, so she can stay with him as long as she likes.

Oh crap. Too late. The Feds come out of the elevator and arrest her.

Franco tells Elizabeth to focus on recovery. She says she has to figure out how to fix it with Hayden, and the only reason she gave over the diamonds was because she thought Hayden tried to kill her. Franco says deep down Hayden knows that too, and he’d never forgive himself if what he told Elizabeth interfered with her recovery. Elizabeth says he’s been there for her and they hold hands.

Alexis gets ready to testify, while Scotty tells Julian that he has his ticket to freedom. He has a has a better deal for Julian in the envelope.

Tomorrow, Alexis thinks Sonny tried to get Julian to make a noble gesture and it was a futile effort, Paul comes to court late saying he had an emergency, and the doctor continues to work on Monica.

Little Women: LA

Christy and family are bowling. Todd and Christy’s mother have been on a league, but Christy bowls about as well as I do. Which isn’t very good. I think my high score is 90. They talk about the Murder Mystery Party. Todd and Christy whine about how the girls blamed her for Briana being served a summons at Kerwin’s party, and flash back to that. Christy insists she had nothing to do with it. Todd makes some excuse about Julie figuring it out herself because she knew Christy’s schedule. Todd brings up the girls suggesting that Christy is popping pills. Christy says something about Matt hitting on a transgender woman, and thinks she should bring her to meet the girls. Her mom thinks that’s a fine idea, but Todd isn’t so sure.

Jason meets Terra for a dance class. In her interview, she talks about trying to get in dancing shape before her gig on Dancing with the Stars. Joe isn’t thrilled with it happening only three weeks after her c-section. After class, Terra talks to Jason. She tells him what’s been happening with the girls and about her DWTS gig. She says she hasn’t told the girls yet. Jason is thrilled for her.

Christy thinks Jasmine is fake because one minute she’s nice and the next she’s a bitch like Terra. She wants to find out if Jasmine is on her side, so they meet for lunch. Jasmine asks how Christy’s father is, but he’s not doing well. Jasmine apologizes for being harsh. She says she’s been frustrated with Christy, because Briana has been through so much. She says Christy spilled the beans about the transgender thing and then had a hand in Briana being served. Jasmine asks how she knew it was going to happen, and Christy says Julie told her that Briana was in trouble. In her interview, Jasmine wonders how they can forgive Christy for something she won’t admit to. Jasmine tells Christy that she doesn’t understand her actions, and Christy says she’s not the bad guy, Matt is.

It’s 102 degrees, and Terra wants to live in the pool. Joe joins her, saying it was fitting that Christy was the murderer at the party. Terra says she’s the only link to Julie and wonders if a one on one with Julie would help. She says she has a good relationship with her, even though she didn’t want to have the same publicist as Briana. She wants to get to the bottom of this and Joe wants to get to the bottom of her bikini. Ha-ha! Joe cracks me up.

Baby Maverick comes home after spending two weeks in the ICU. Briana explains that because of her type of dwarfism, she has no sense of smell, so it’s both a hindrance and a blessing when it comes to dirty diapers. Matt says he never wants to go backwards again and tells Briana how beautiful she looks.

Terra meets with Julie, and Julie asks what she wants to talk about. Terra says Briana was served papers at a party. Julie explains how Briana stranded her in Las Vegas not showing up for an appearance, and how later Matt called and said they were unhappy with the contract. Terra says this version is very different from Briana’s and Julie thinks Matt is the problem. Julie says that she had no address for Briana after she moved and she hired an investigator to hunt her down. She says Christy called after the party wondering why Briana was served, but Julie said she doesn’t discuss other clients. In her interview, Terra says that Christy claimed she hadn’t known the papers were served at the party, yet obviously she did. Julie says that Christy wasn’t involved, but Terra feels like a piece of the story is still missing. Yes, I’m aware of how stupid this all sounds.

The girls, minus Christy and Briana, take an archery class. Terra says they need to take their frustration out on something. Jasmine looks really cool. She has feathers in her hair that match her orange tank top. These girls always have some interesting fashion choices going on. They have a little tournament after the learn some skills.

Afterwards, they sit and chat. Tonya says her activewear line is coming out this week. She’s having a photo shoot and would like them to model. Terra balks at modeling while she so pregnant. We flash back to the whole altercation between Tonya and Terra about the line. Terra says she wants to invite Christy. Jasmine talks about meeting with her and how her dad has cancer. Tonya says she thought he’d just had a cancer scare. Jasmine says that Christy told her that her father is dying. Terra thinks she’s deflecting. In her interview, Terra says her own father died from cancer and hopes Christy’s father recovers, but she doesn’t think that’s the reason Christy is acting this way. Jasmine thinks they should be supportive. Terra tells them about the meeting with Julie and how she caught a slip up. Elena thinks Christy isn’t a bad person and is just trying to fix her friendship with Briana, but continues to shoot herself in the foot. Tonya says Christy is crazy, but harmless, and the girls need to accept her for who she is. She tells the girls that until Christy fixes whatever her problem is, it’s going to continue to cycle back around, and them jumping into it isn’t helping.

Preston takes Elena for a gondola ride. They’re having a date night. Elena talks about how she worries about the babies constantly. She says she feels like she doesn’t know what she’s doing half the time, but she must be doing something right. She tells Preston about the archery tournament and how they had fun with no fighting. She talks about how she has a different perspective about what’s going on with Christy. Preston asks if she could talk to Christy, but Elena thinks it might be pointless. She says Christy not seeing there’s a problem is part of the problem.

Plastic (yes, that’s her name), a transgender friend of Briana’s and Christy’s, confided in Christy that Matt was sexting her. Plastic and Christy go for a manicure. Plastic says it’s been uncomfortable. She got a private message from Matt after she and Briana posted a picture on Instagram. At first she thought he was legit friendly, but then he started talking about how Briana isn’t adventurous and he wanted to meet with Plastic before her surgery because it would turn him on more. He claimed to have a tranny fetish and a dwarf fetish. He sent her a d*ck pic and that was the end of it. Plastic thinks he’s objectifying the both of them.

The girls meet for Tonya’s photo shoot. She hopes it goes better than the fitness video. She wanted two average sized people, but one couldn’t make it, so her daughter will be the only one. She says she wanted all kinds of people, little and average, pregnant, fit, and Christy. She asks Elena if she’ll work as director. Elena tells her she should have had someone there to do makeup. Terra asks where the logo is and gloats when she finds out Tonya changed it. In her interview, Terra says she thought the logo was the problem, but then Christy showed up.

The girls actually look pretty cute. Everyone is enjoying the shoot, and then Plastic shows up. Tonya is annoyed. She didn’t want any extra people because she needs the models to focus. Christy introduces Plastic and then reminds everyone about when she told them Matt chatted up a transgender. Tonya says love you, but whatever Matt does is his business and it’s irrelevant. Plastic says she’s there because the ladies have been getting on Christy’s case. She says Matt wrote to her that he has a transgender fetish and Tonya says he has a fetish for everyone. Tonya says they don’t need to prove this, and Plastic needs to go.

I know I’m the one who decided to invest in this show, but sometimes I just shake my head. If someone showed up at my photo shoot uninvited when I was on the clock, we wouldn’t even have been discussing it this far. They would have been an in and out item. No pun intended.

Plastic is offended and Tonya says she wasn’t invited. She tells Christy that Plastic has to go and they don’t give a flying about Marr. In her interview, Elena says she gets what Christy is trying to prove, but why here? Plastic calls Tonya transophobic. I guess Plastic doesn’t understand about paying for studio time. Terra can’t believe she said that. Tonya says she has no problem with transgenders, but she has a problem with someone taking up her shoot time. She and Plastic trade insults. Christy is clueless as to why Tonya would be angry about this. Lots of F-Us exchanged. Angelique tries to keep Tonya from popping Plastic in the nose…er, knee. They finally leave and Tonya is livid. She says she tried to be nice and include Christy, and this is what she gets. Outside, Plastic continues to call Tonya transphobic. Jasmine says she’d actually felt sorry for Christy.

No preview.

The Real Housewives of NYC – The Reunion – Part Three

We open with Sonja’s sobriety, flashing back to the various women discussing her drinking, among each other and with her. Surprise! her life and relationships improve when she calls it quits. Andy gives her props. Sonja says she always quits around the holidays and just decided to extend her abstinence. She says she has the occasional sip of something now, but never finishes a glass. The Countess compliments her and the others also give her kudos. Andy asks Bethenny about being too harsh, and she agrees that she was. Sonja says she understood and knows how Bethenny operates. Dorinda tells Sonja she’s delusional and makes it about the trip to the Berkshires.

Sonja tarnishes things a little by pointing fingers, mostly at Ramona, because she was supposed to go in on Tipsy Girl. We move on to the Berkshires trip like Dorinda wanted us to. She stands by her decision. I guess to ask them to leave. Or maybe that she made it nice. The Countess says she worked through it, and Bethenny says she did call Dorinda afterward. Andy says Dorinda must have had respect for Sonja when she was so much fun sober. Sonja says friends don’t exclude friends, and she was alone around the holidays. Dorinda tells her that she needs to sort her sh*t out. Sonja talks about being excluded again and Bethenny tells her to put it in perspective since it was only one night.

Sonja says Dorinda doesn’t care about her feelings and she walks off. She says she doesn’t want to be a part of the show unless Dorinda admits to not caring. Andy says everyone just said how incredible she is, and the women encourage her to sit back down. Sonja talks in a whiny voice and cozies up to Jules.

We revisit Miami. We got the yacht! The ring! Sonja’s lover! We’re getting married! I love the little squares where we see the Wives reactions to the videos. Andy asks if The Countess had been worried about inviting other women he dated to the engagement party. Jules says that two of her bridesmaids were ex-girlfriends of her husband, but we know how that ended up, so…

Sonja regrets her remarks about The Countess’s ring, although I didn’t like the ring either. The Countess says she didn’t take it personally, and Sonja says sorry again, adding that she was really mad at Tom. Andy brings up Bethenny calling Dorinda the village idiot. Bethenny says Dorinda plays ignorance is bliss. She says Dorinda is always the last to know. Dorinda says she’s just a hopeful person, but thanks for the analysis. Bethenny asks Dorinda to define village idiot and Dorinda does a Quasimodo impression. Bethenny says she didn’t get the metaphor, but I don’t either.Although I more think of Otis on The Andy Griffith Show.

Andy brings up Bethenny chastising Carole for being late to dinner and everyone talks at once. Jules talks about Carole being nicer and more relaxed when she’s not around Bethenny. A couple of the ladies say Bethenny’s personality out-shadows Carole’s. Andy bugs Ramona about lying when she went to Bagatelle, but Ramona says she avoids conflict. Dorinda says Bethenny browbeats people, calling them names and being nasty, and she often walks away feeling bad after talking to her. Bethenny says that’s how she feels right now. I like Bethenny, but I have to agree that this season she’s been pretty aggressive. I chalked it up to the horror that is suckerfish Jason Hoppy.

On to the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the Tom bomb. Roll the tape! Dorinda and The Countess whisper to each other throughout. Andy wonders how Bethenny got the pictures. She says someone who is in that circle sent her the pictures one night in the wee hours. Andy brings up The Countess saying she had an open marriage with Alex. She denies saying it, but everyone agrees that she did. She makes up a bunch of stuff. Andy asks Bethenny why she didn’t tell The Countess first and The Countess interjects that they wanted to talk about her behind her back and say she’s the village idiot. The Countess says she should have gone to Dorinda, if anyone, since she’d introduced them, instead of Ramona and Carole.

The Countess asks why Bethenny asked her about monogamy. Bethenny says she’s not doing this anymore and gets up. This must be around the eleventh hour, when everyone is sweaty, starving, and out of their minds. She twirls around a little and sits back down. Bethenny tries to explain that she didn’t know what to do, so she asked questions and almost called Tom. She says she didn’t want to see The Countess hurt and wants her to be happy, and that’s why she was so emotional. For some reason, Dorinda looks smug. Maybe she’s thinking about her laundry man, John.

Andy asks if The Countess thinks Bethenny is sincere. The Countess says all the investigation Bethenny did seemed odd. Bethenny says she wanted to be sure and most people want to know what, when and where. The Countess says she was devestated and shocked. Andy asks what Tom said on the phone, since we didn’t hear it. The Countess says they’d had a fight and he went to The Regency, got drunk, and saw an old girlfriend. She says in the morning, he was in bed where he was supposed to be. She says it was embarrassing and heartbreaking.

Andy asks if they’d all want to know if their partner was cheating, and everyone says yes. The Countess says the problem was how it was done and she wishes Dorinda had told her. Bethenny says next time her fiance of one week is making out with someone else, she’ll know what to do.

Dorinda says when they got back, The Countess was in shock. She invited The Countess to stay with her and told her not to see Tom, but The Countess went to a hotel. Dorinda says The Countess was in a state of panic and Tom wanted her to lie about it. She wasn’t about to get in the middle and be the fall guy. Not to mention there was that pesky picture. Dorinda says Tom did give her an apology later. The Countess makes up stuff to make Tom sound better.

The Countess says Tom was sad and sorry, and she decided she wasn’t going to let it ruin her life. Ramona asks what she’d do if he did it again and would she want to know. The Countess says not from Bethenny. She says they love each other and decided to work things out. Since then it’s been unicorns and rainbows. Andy asks how the kids reacted and she says Noel was furious. She had to tell them since she didn’t know if it would come out in some big way. Yeah, like on the show. She says if it happens again, they’d better tell her and Ramona asks if she’s sure.

Andy says he feels crass asking, but Ramona keeps questioning whether The Countess would want to know. He wonders if she knows something. Ramona says she doesn’t. Dammit! I thought we’d get more evidence whipped out. Andy asks The Countess if it hadn’t been so public, would she have been as upset. She says because it was in public, she was less upset because it was obvious he wasn’t thinking clearly.

A viewer asks if The Countess is in love with Tom or in love with being in love with a man like Tom? She says he’s the male version of her. Ramona feels her reasoning is too shallow, but The Countess says he even likes her kids.

The Countess says it’s one of the roughest things she’s ever gone through, and she’s not going to let a kiss ruin their life together. They’re getting married! She thanks the girls for being there for her.

Wrapping it up, Andy asks if Bethenny and The Countess can get past it. Bethenny says it’s been like opening a new wound and The Countess hit a new low saying she was sleeping with a married man. The Countess says she was given misinformation and apologizes.

They go through the things they would have handled differently, and none of them are very interesting or surprising. Dorinda compliments Sonja on being a survivor, saying she admires that in a woman. Ramona says she’s glad The Countess is happy and The Countess wishes them all happiness. She’s getting married!

Andy can’t wait to see what happens next and says they’re the reason why he loves New York women so much. There’s a group hug with everyone except Bethenny, who remains seated.

👻 While I’m not recapping American Horror Story, I’ll be watching. All I have to say about the first episode tonight is that when an amazing old house is cheap, you know there’s going to be a scary problem. A hail storm of teeth was a great start.