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February 2, 2018 – Carly is Worse Than Nelle, a Helluva Winner, Idol Return & Six Not-So-Blind Quotes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Maxie sees Nathan next to her in bed. He asks how she slept, and says she looks like she’s seen a ghost.

Ava comes into Kelly’s. The waitress comments on her hair, telling her how great it looks; she can actually see her face now. Ava remembers Carly and Sonny saying that she’s ugly on the inside, and her telling them that her daughter would know her. She spills the coffee. Kiki walks in with Avery.

Sonny talks to Caruso on the phone, and asks what about his father? What kind of trouble is he in?

Carly tells Nelle that she always knew there was something deranged behind her eyes. She asks how crazy you have to be to spend a year in a mental hospital, and how crazy Nelle is now? Nelle should ask her the same about Morgan. Regardless of how manipulative Nelle is, this is starting to tick me off. Nelle tells her it’s none of her business, and Carly says it is; she cares about her grandchild. Nelle says if she cares about the baby to back off, since stress isn’t good for it. Carly says Nelle is volatile and her judgement is questionable. That’s not good for a mother. Nelle asks if Carly is going to try to say she’s unfit. Carly says not her, but if Michael were to think that she was… Nelle raises her hand to smack Carly, and Carly stops her, saying she shouldn’t have done that.

Jason tells Drew and Sam that they were working on theories, including Faison saying that Drew knows more than he realizes. Drew sarcastically says Faison is a very believable guy. Sam asks Jason to tell them everything he knows. If Drew really did know Henrik, it might spark something.

Maxie says Nathan is there, and he asks where else he’d be? He has the late shift, and they can spend the whole day together. She tells him that she had a horrible dream. Faison came to her office, and Nathan saved her. Nathan says of course he would, but she says it’s not just that. Faison shot him, and he didn’t make it; she lost him. He says it’s all right. They start to kiss, and she wakes up. She cries, saying, don’t let this be real.

Kiki asks Ava what’s wrong, and Ava says it’s just a klutzy waitress. The waitress gives her the stink eye as she cleans up. Way to make friends. Ava asks her to make another, and make sure the lid is on tight. Ava offers to treat Kiki and Avery to some hot chocolate, but Kiki says Avery will be pinging off the walls with the sugar. Ava says she knows it’s a lot to ask, and Kiki tells her, then don’t. Carly and Sonny have been decent, and she wants to honor their wishes.

Carly says Nelle has a violent streak, and Nelle says Carly provoked her. Carly accuses her of being a perpetual victim. Nelle says she wanted a reaction, and got one. She’s sure Carly is going to run off and tell Michael. Carly says he needs to know Nelle slapped her and that she lost control. She can’t blame it on the hormones. God help me; I’d like to slap Carly. I certainly wouldn’t goad a pregnant woman. Nelle says she has no right to bring up the past. It has no bearing on who she is today, or her capacity to be a mother. Carly disagrees, but says she’s been wrong before. She doesn’t have to bring Nelle down. Nelle is her own worst enemy, and handling the job fine on her own.

Drew asks Jason if Henrik and the traitor are the same person. Jason says they think so. Klein was working for a client who wanted him brought back to Russia. He thinks the client wanted him contained before Faison found out he was alive. The client was in Port Charles, but they found out nothing until they found Britt. She said Faison freaked out when he discovered Jason was alive, and said the traitor double-crossed him. Britt said she had no idea who it was, but when they found Britt, they found something else – a manuscript by PK Sinclair. Faison didn’t write it, but when he read it, he tried to burn it. Drew asks what it was about, and Jason says the main character was betrayed and destroyed by his son. Sam asks if he thinks the main character is Henrik.

At Maxie’s apartment, Nina looks at a picture of Maxie and Nathan. Maxie comes out, and tells her that she had the worst nightmare. She’d woken up, and Nathan was there like nothing happened. She was so relieved; her heart unfroze. She held him, and could feel him, warm and alive. Just as they were about to kiss, she woke up. She knows she was dreaming, and now she’s awake, but she can’t help but feel it was real, and this is the nightmare. She needs Nina to make her hear it. Nina says, Nathan is gone.

Jason figures the traitor, the client, and PK Sinclair are the same person, and also Faison’s son. They made contact. Drew notices that Jason keeps saying “they,” and asks who he’s working with. Jason says, Sonny and Spinelli. They went to Anna, who said she had no idea there was a son. Spinelli found an email for PK Sinclair. They reached out, and he replied. Obrecht confirmed there was a son, and they wanted to set up a meeting. Drew asks if he knew before the wedding. Jason says he did, and Drew says, yet he chose to keep it to himself.

Carly asks Sonny if everything is okay. He tells her that his old associate from the city called with information about his father, Mike. He’s is living in Brooklyn, and got himself in trouble. He’s guessing Mike fell off the wagon, is gambling again, and owes the wrong people. He tells Carly he’s going to Brooklyn, and she says something doesn’t feel right.

Ava tells Kiki she needs this. Kiki says Sonny and Carly were clear about the rules. Ava did something she can’t take back. Ava asks if Kiki thinks keeping her child from her is okay. Kiki says they have their reasons, and she can’t say she’s in complete disagreement. Ava says that Avery deserves to know her mother. She just wants to hold her for a minute. Kiki hands her over. Ava tells Avery how much she loves her, and tells Kiki that Avery isn’t afraid this time. It makes everything she went through worth it. She tells Kiki that she had a dream where Carly and Sonny were telling her that Avery would never know her, but here she is now. Kiki says Michael is coming in, and he can’t see Ava with her.

Maxie asks Nina where her parents are, and Nina says they were up all night, so she thought she would come. Maxie appreciates it, but says she doesn’t need a babysitter. Nina says it helps them to help her. She suggests Maxie have some yogurt; it’s good for the baby. She goes to look for Maxie’s vitamins, and Maxie sees literature from the funeral parlor on the table.

Kiki asks Ava to give Avery back. She does, and goes to the counter, where the waitress continues to throw shade with her eyes. Michael is happy to see his little sister and big sister. Kiki tells him about taking Avery to the botanical gardens. He sees Ava, and Kiki explains they just bumped into her; it wasn’t planned, and Ava was just leaving. Ava says she supposes she was. When she gets outside, she looks at them through the window.

Carly tells Sonny that Mike hasn’t gambled since Sonny put him in a program years ago. Sonny has kept tabs on him, and would have known. Sonny says if Mike wants to gamble, he will, and if it’s his first time hearing about it, that means he’s in with the wrong crowd. Carly tells him to at least take Jason.

Drew says that Jason told them to get out of town, but never mentioned Faison’s son. Jason thought when he got something concrete, he’d share it. He and Anna waited for Henrik in the park, but that’s when the trouble happened at the hotel. Drew wonders if Henrik could have shown up afterward, but Jason says Anna was there the whole night. She thought someone might have been watching, but never revealed themselves. Drew says he could have been there, and approached him. Jason says he was keeping Sam and the kids safe. He tells them the email account has been shut down, but Faison told him Henrik was hiding in plain sight. Drew thinks Faison could have just been making him chase his own tail and look for a ghost. Jason says he’ll let them know if he finds anything, and Drew says, truthfully this time? He leaves, and Drew tells Sam if they want to find Henrik, they’ll have to do it on their own.

Ava sees Nelle at the MetroCourt. Nelle apologizes, saying she knows they were supposed to meet a buyer in the lobby. Ava says the buyer canceled, and asks Nelle who she was picturing when she impaled the cherry in her drink? Carly? Nelle says Carly is upping her game by digging into her past. Ava says, not to scare her, but be prepared. Anything Carly finds out about her past that she can use, she will, to prove Nelle is an unfit mother.

Jason shows up at Sonny’s place, and Carly tells him there’s a problem. Sonny says Mike is in trouble, but Carly says she’s not convinced. Why would he start gambling again? Sonny says maybe he hooked up with a friend, found a sure thing, fell behind in his rent, and thought he’d use the card tables to compensate. He can’t help himself. Carly thinks it’s a trap. What if Faison set him up? Jason says Faison is dead. Carly asks why Sonny didn’t tell her, and he says he was going to, but things came up. Sonny leaves, and Carly asks Jason if he’s really dead. Jason says he is, and Carly says he won’t get his answers. Jason tells her he did get some answers. Faison told him why he was replaced with Drew. Faison’s mental conditioning didn’t work on him because of his brain damage. Drew was used because Faison and Henrik needed an asset they could control. Carly says he did blow up The Haunted Star. She asks if he’s told Drew, and Jason says, yes, but he told Sam first.

Drew tells Sam that they need to go to Anna. Andre gave her the flash drive. Sam says he put it in a Christmas ornament, and Anna didn’t even know she had it. Drew says she’s close to the situation. She confirmed Faison had a son, and has WSB contacts. Sam is afraid the problem is that they’ll be doing what he said Faison wanted Jason to do – run in circles chasing a ghost.

Maxie looks at a funeral brochure, and asks, what’s this? Nina says she and Felicia thought it might give her some ideas, so she’s not so overwhelmed. Maxie pushes everything onto the floor, saying she’s way past overwhelmed. They should be planning a nursery, not his funeral. Nina says she just wanted to help. Maxie says her husband dead. Everything she counted on and dreamed of, plans for her whole life disappeared in the time it took Faison to pull the trigger. Unless Nina can bring him back from the dead, there’s nothing she can do. Nina says she’s sorry, but she lost her brother too. They hug and cry.

Jason tells Carly that he went to tell Drew, and Sam showed up as he was leaving. He explains how Faison found Drew by accident when he was researching a SEAL team, and saw Jason’s face. It was hard for Sam, knowing it was so random. If he’d looked at another team, things might have gone differently. Carly says, it never would have happened, but Jason tells her not to look at it that way. Carly says she can see Sam’s point of view. Now Maxie is grieving the way Sam grieved for him.

Sam says even if they find Henrik and he cooperates, what can he tell them? They still need the flash drive, and it’s gone. Drew says they’ve talked about it more than once, but he can’t go on with Jason’s memories in his head. He needs to know who he is for both their sakes.

Ava tells Nelle it was all she could do to convince Kiki to let her hold Avery. Nelle says Carly is using Avery as a wedge between her and Kiki. Ava says Carly has no limits when it comes to protecting whoever she deems family, even if it means keeping a child away from their rightful parent. Nelle says, like Michael’s biological father, adding, as if Carly has led a spotless life. Ava calls Carly a staggering hypocrite. Nelle should try to strengthen her bond with Michael, and hopefully, he’ll be more open-minded. Sonny didn’t hesitate to swoop in while Ava was in the burn unit, and got full custody of Avery, so they have all the power. Nelle asks, who says she has to take it lying down?

Kiki wants to make it clear to Michael that she respects his parents’ limits. It was selfish of her mom to push it. Michael is sorry she’s stuck in the middle. Kiki says, not really, but Michael says she is Kiki’s mom, so she can’t be indifferent. He knows his kid will feel the same about Nelle. Kiki asks if they’re really trying to co-parent. He says the emphasis is on trying. They’re making things up as they go along. Kiki thinks he’s going to be a great dad. She remembers how he was with Avery. She and Morgan were wrong. Michael says he was no shining angel, but Kiki says he was the one willing to look past his own hurt, and do what’s right. She knows he’ll do that with his own kid.

Nina knows how Maxie feels; she’s grieving too. She thinks about things Nathan did as a child, and then things he said last week. She missed so many years with him, but she was lucky to have seen the man he became. Maxie says he was a spectacular man, with kindness and heart. She knew it the first night they met. We flash back to when Maxie was leaving to find herself. Nathan tells her that she doesn’t seem bad the way she is, and she tells him not to burn the apartment down. She and Nina hold hands.

Sonny uses the Star Trek transporter to get to Mike’s apartment in Brooklyn. He bangs on the door, yelling that Mike isn’t answering his phone. He came all the way out there; now open up.

Michael tells Kiki passing her medical exams is a big deal, and she should be proud of herself. He congratulates her, and she says now she just needs to attend med school and get a degree. He asks her what someone who’s the last in their med school class is called, and she says, a doctor. BA-DUM-CHH! She tells him she’s always had trouble sticking to anything, but he says with this, she let nothing stand in her way. She says, not even Dillon, and asks if he heard they broke up. He says he got that impression, and he’s sorry. Kiki knows he had mixed feelings, and he asks what happened. She says they gave each other space to pursue their goals, and got lost in it. He says it’s hard to develop a relationship when you’re separated. She says it goes both ways. The more time you share, you get close, whether you want to or not. Hmm… is she talking about Griff or Dr. Bensch?

Ava advises Nelle to make Michael an ally. Carly is relentless. She wouldn’t stop until she pried Avery away from her. Nelle says Ava can be relentless too. Look at her face. She took control of her destiny, and did the impossible. Why not again? Ava says she’ll think about it. Nelle says if they play it right, she can get her child back, and Nelle won’t lose hers in the first place. Ava tells her not to underestimate Carly. Once she puts a target on your back, she won’t rest until she takes you out. Nelle says she has no choice but to take Carly out first.

Carly tells Jason that people say heartbroken all the time, but really mean disappointed, sad, or upset. Heartbroken is what it sounds like; your heart is broken. You can’t breathe. It’s like a weight on your chest. The pain is so strong, you can’t move. Like how it was for Sam when he disappeared. She kept going for Danny’s sake, and did okay. She built a life for herself, and was as happy as she could be with a broken heart. Then, he comes back. Not someone she thinks is him, but him, and she’s not heartbroken anymore. She’s confused, and doing the wrong thing for what she thinks is the right reason, but she knows he’s alive in the world. When she comes up with the courage be with him, she can. Jason tells her to stop it. She says she knows he’s trying to do the noble thing, and wants Sam to be happy, but her love isn’t going away. Waiting for her to admit it, isn’t doing anyone any good. He loves her. Go and fight for her.

Drew tells Sam that his only valid memories are from the past three years, there in Port Charles. She asks what about Kim, but he says it was just a flicker of recognition. Sam says if his memories are gone, that wouldn’t have happened. Faison said that the mind control wouldn’t work on Jason because of his brain damage, but maybe it didn’t fully work on him either, or the process wasn’t as good as they thought. She believes who he is, is still inside of him. They don’t need the flash drive. He can remember on his own.

Maxie looks at the brochure again. She asks Nina to go through it with her. They can figure out what Nathan would want. Nina thinks Maxie should do it with her mom. Maxie says it’s the hardest thing she’ll ever have to do, but she’s doing it for Nathan, and it would be nice if Nina helped her. Nina says okay; they’re family. We see Nathan sitting behind them on the couch. He kisses the tops of both their heads. They look at each other. <sniffle>

On Monday, Griff wishes he had done more for Nathan, Nelle says Carly isn’t an issue anymore, and Michael asks what Carly did. Everything. Carly is the worst.

🍗 It was the Hell’s Kitchen finale tonight. Benjamin and Michelle were the final two, and their families joined them before they had to get cooking. This is also where the previous contestants help the final two in the kitchen. I always think this must be a double-edged sword. You know they’re good, but you can’t help wonder if they’re going to throw a hair into the soup. Michelle won the big prize – being head chef at Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Vegas with a $250K salary – amid much fanfare and confetti. Benjamin said he had no regrets. I’m guessing he won’t do too badly in his next endeavor.

🎤 After its fake quick retirement, American Idol will be back on Sunday, March 11th. Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, and Katy Perry will be judging, and the hardest working man in show business (besides Tyler Perry), Ryan Seacrest will be back to host. I’ve heard we won’t be privy to the bad auditions, so why bother? I actually haven’t paid much attention to the show since Scotty McCreery’s win. It was such a stellar season – and with Lady Gaga coaching and performing – I just felt it couldn’t be topped. I’ll probably take a peek somewhere along the line though.

 🔊 Quotes of the Week

My life is an ever-swirling toilet that just won’t flush. – Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni), Happy

Let haste not be the ruler, lest we forget the purpose. – Arklon (Wings Hauser), Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time

Not in a million years would they say this stuff in person, because they know they’d get punched right in the face. When they’re behind a keyboard and a screen name, they feel they can vent their frustrations and anger and rage. – BASE jumper and wingsuit pilot, Jeb Corliss, on cyber harassment

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.Jim Rohn

I love the Lord; it’s Christians I can’t stand. – Dr. Phil (I hear you, Phil.)

I can take it or leave it, but I’d rather take it. – an alcoholic on the Dr. Phil show



January 29, 2016 — GH x 2 + Chefs x 2 + 1 Unfriend + 3 Quotes


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)


General Hospital – Thursday

Sam comes into the hospital. Franco is at the desk and asks her if she’d like to go for coffee.

Elizabeth is trying to get Jake to do something normal, but since he’s gone to the darkside, he doesn’t want to. Jason stops by. Elizabeth says it was an uneventful night.

Morgan wants to move out of the friend zone with Kiki, but she says she’s working and doesn’t want to talk about it right now.

The hospital commissioner tells Anna and Robert she’s never met the couple who was scheduled. She tells them the fake names that Carrrlos and Sabrrrina gave the hospital. Since they weren’t too creative, the last name is Rivera and Anna and Robert know it’s them immediately. They ask for any information the commissioner has.

Sabrrrina says that after what happened to Gabriel, she’s not getting in a car. Carrrlos has to take a call. It’s Paul, who tells him that he’d best not call, write or send smoke signals, because if Anna doesn’t catch him, Sonny will.

The commissioner says she can’t give out patient information or the clinic can get into trouble. Anna and Robert tell her that Carrrlos is a murdering fugitive who has Sabrrrina as a hostage.

Paul says Carrrlos needs to disappear now. Carrrlos says Sabrrrina can’t travel and he’s not going without her. He says that Paul had better hope Anna doesn’t catch him, or he won’t be the only one going to prison.

Sonny’s steps weren’t exactly legit. He was just holding himself up. He gets all stupid and feeling sorry for himself. Carly says she knows he’s impatient, but it’s still fantastic that he can stand. Sonny tells Carly not to tell anyone, especially the kids.

Morgan says he and Kiki share a bond. She says they do, but it’s better as friends. He says he’s dug deep in therapy and he knows what he wants and it’s her. That’s right. What it takes most people years to do, he’s done in only two sessions. Now I want to ask him if he’s taking his meds.

Sam says the courts might have given Franco a free pass, but she never will. She says she has bigger problems than him, and he says yeah, like Elizabeth.

Jake gives Jason a picture he drew and says Jason should hang it above where he and mom sleep. Jason is like, we’ve been over this already, and Jake asks him if he’s moving back in.

Sonny makes Carly promise not to tell what she thinks she saw. He says she takes something she wants to happen and makes it a reality in her head. He says a whole bunch of ridiculous things about people encouraging him because he’s weak. He tells Carly she has to respect his choice.

Jason once again tells Jake that he loves him, but he and Elizabeth aren’t getting married and he’s not moving in. Jake wants to know the details, but Elizabeth says it’s a grown-up thing.

Franco says Sam should be more gracious in her victory and cut Elizabeth some slack. He also tells her that she doesn’t have a monopoly on redemption. He says he’s trying to help Elizabeth. Sam suggests he’s the one breaking in.

The commissioner says all they have is the couple’s name. She says the appointment was made through their online booking system. Anna says she needs the IP address and Robert wants to talk to the clinic’s IT guy. Anna’s phone rings and it’s Paul asking if she misses him.

Carrrlos says Sabrrrina is his hero. He admires how she left everything to go with him and says they’re going to have an amazing life. He says he’s put away some money over the years in a Grand Keys account. He says they can go there and make a personal withdrawal. He says it’s warm, tropical and beautiful and they can stay there as long as she wants. I’m totally ready to go.

Anna asks if everything is ok. Paul says, you tell me. He asks if she’s in Berkeley right now and she says yes.

Sabrrrina says she realizes love is all that matters.

Carly says she won’t tell anyone on one condition. She wants to know if his pride is keeping him from accepting help. She doesn’t want his progress impeded because he wants to do it himself. He says Epiphany is up to speed.

Morgan says he’s just poured his heart out and deserves an explanation as to why Kiki is blowing him off. She says she doesn’t know him anymore. She says whenever she sees him, she has to wonder which Morgan she’s getting that day.  She says she has enough uncertainty in her life and can’t be with a stranger. Is he going to get stupid now? He takes disappointment about as well as Sonny does.

Jason asks Elizabeth if therapy is helping Jake at all. She says it seems to be and he asks if he should come in for the next session. Elizabeth says not until the doctor thinks it’s time. Jason says he’ll just concentrate on his own therapy right now then.  He says he’s about to start hypnosis. Elizabeth asks why, and Jason tells her he had another memory. She’s pretty disappointed to find out it was about him and Sam.

Franco doesn’t know what Sam is talking about. Sam tells him about Jake’s New Year’s Eve scare and the break-in. He says that kind of stuff is beneath him and Sam says maybe Elizabeth was behind him doing it.

Franco asks exactly what she’s accusing him of. He says he likes his life and doesn’t want Jason or anyone else to screw with it. He adds that Elizabeth wouldn’t terrorize her own children and Jake has enough problems.

Elizabeth gets nosy about Jason’s memory. He tells her about it and she says it sounds like he’s making progress. He says he hopes the hypnosis will push him through. She says even though she didn’t want him to remember before, but she does now. Not for his sake of course, but she wants him to know that she’s not all bad. She says despite what’s happened, she’s his friend. With friends like that, etc.

Sonny says he has to do things on his own terms. Carly says she won’t tell anyone. She says that he’s too arrogant for her to pity him. He says thanks for believing in him and Carly says she always has. Max has to talk to Sonny, so Carly leaves. Sonny tells Max he lied to Carly about not getting his legs back, when he is.

Paul tells Anna that they need to talk about her future. She says she realizes she took some personal time, but is she doing that badly at her job? He says it doesn’t seem to be working for either one of them, but he wants to arrange it so it does. When Anna hangs up, she tells Robert that Paul is on to her.

Sabrrrina says Carrrlos must want a boy, but he says wrong, he’s just hoping for a healthy baby, but if he had his wish it would be a daughter. He could love and spoil her and she’d never have to be lonely or afraid and would never know the mistakes he made. Sabrrrina says it will be fine until she’s a teenager and they make some silly things up about the boys she’d date. Carrrlos says maybe when she’s in her 30s, she’ll meet someone who’s almost good enough for her. Sabrrrina asks what if it’s a boy? Carrrlos says he’ll learn that character is the most important thing and his life will mean something. Sabrrrina says she thinks it’s time to push.

Morgan says Kiki is right and that he doesn’t even know himself. He says he’s learning to live with his illness day by day and is starting to feel like a normal person. He says they can be friends, but he thinks they’re just hiding their true feelings.

Sam asks Franco what’s up with Jake. He says if Jakes parents want to tell her, that’s one thing, but he’s not telling her anything. He says she has issues to work out but making a scapegoat of Elizabeth isn’t going to help

Elizabeth says she’s really not a terrible person and she doesn’t want Jason to hate her. He says he doesn’t; she’s the mother of his son and that’s who they need to focus on right now. Elizabeth has to go to work, but the sitter is late. Jake says he’ll stay until she gets there.

Boom! The baby’s here. Sabrrrina asks if it’s a boy or a girl, and Carrrlos doesn’t say anything. She asks for the baby and when he still doesn’t respond, she knows something is wrong.

Anna says she knows what Paul is implying and she has to go back and do damage control. Robert says the phone was traced to a hotel and they’re getting Carrrlos once and for all.

Sonny says the only ones who know are Max and Epiphany. Max says that’s not fair to Carly. Sonny says he doesn’t want his enemies to know he’s improving. He says he doesn’t want Carly involved in the business, even in keeping secrets. Max asks what the plan is. Sonny says when he’s on his feet, he’s taking back the city and getting rid of the unsavory elements, which sounds funny coming from him. He says to let them think he’s helpless, weak and trapped in the chair, and one day they’ll be in for a surprise.

Kiki says she’s proud of Morgan and can’t wait to see which Morgan he becomes. She says she’s not ready for a relationship, but she’ll go on a date with him. No expectations.

Max tells Sonny about that the guns Raj is moving are high grade military weapons.  Sonny wonders why Ava is involved. He says she’s putting Avery in danger and he’s not letting his baby girl get hurt.

Anna and Robert bust into the hotel room, but Sabrrrina and Carrrlos are gone.  As they’re about to leave, two cops barrel in with their guns drawn.

Jason looks at Jake’s drawings. They all seem normal until he gets to the last one, which is the drawing of Sam. Franco is also looking through Jakes drawings in his medical folder. They’re all weird. Jason trips down Memory Lane in his head and realizes the drawing is of Sam. Jake asks if he likes the pictures.

Tomorrow, Jason questions Jake about the picture and Lulu asks for help getting Dante back.

Random Thought

I don’t know what it is, but I’m just not into American Idol this time around. Did it start happening when we lost Simon? Randy? Stephen Tyler? Did it happen when they stopped showing us the worst of the worst? That was actually the best. Was it that they just couldn’t top season 10? Scotty McCreery for the win, Haley Reinhart who I loved to hate, and Lady Gaga playing at the part where they bring in the celebrities. Maybe it was all downhill from there. Or maybe since I know it’s the final go around, I just don’t want to invest any more time.

Regardless, although I’m only half-watching, it’s always hard to say good-bye to an institution. Idols, we salute you.


Occasionally, I’ll write about a movie I’ve seen that’s exceptional. This is one of them.

The title is somewhat unfortunate. When I first heard it, I figured the movie would be some kind of cheap stalker film like Swimfan. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. I’d previously read that it was better than its title, and had been shown at Sundance under the title Cybernatural.

This is a real ghost story in every sense of the word. What makes the film unique is that It all takes place on a computer screen, there’s no action outside of that. For some reason, this makes it even more frightening. Maybe because I spend so much time on here.

A group of friends is video chatting and a stranger joins them. A stranger with only an icon for a face. Our POV is that of the main character, Blaire, and we go through her discovery that the stranger is a dead friend, one that committed suicide because of cyber-bullying.  It’s eventually revealed that this ghost is going to pick them off one by one.

What I really loved about this film was how real the computer screen seemed. It’s totally plausible how Blaire is going through her social media — Facebook, video chat, YouTube and text chat – as well as clicking on links she receives through them. No Twitter is used. I’m guessing because that’s such a public forum, and we’re made to feel that the characters are trapped in their private world. Even the way Blaire’s cursor moves around is incredibly real, and the way she writes messages, changing her mind about what she’s going to say and hesitating to hit send.

There’s a minimal amount of gore, again seen only on the computer screen. It’s made all the more creepy because we rarely see anything clearly with pixels breaking up.

So much better than I thought it would be, Unfriended captured and held my attention all the way through. The premise is unique, the story is intense and the acting is superb. It’s on HBO rotation now, and I highly recommend giving it a look. Although you might not want to get online for a while afterwards.

 General Hospital – Friday

Dante is about to sign the divorce papers, when Mayor Lomax knocks on the door. She wants to have a conversation away from the public. She insists on Dante getting Olivia to drop the lawsuit.

Alexis is going over the case with Olivia. She says she expects a lot of supporters, and she hopes the mayor doesn’t fill the audience with her lackeys. Olivia is surprised that people watch a trial because she lives at the MetroCourt and has no clue as to how the outside world works.

Lulu asks Maxie to help her get Dante back.

Christina is packing her suitcase to fake going back to school. Sam tells her she should tell Alexis she’s been suspended and that she isn’t going to be able to keep it up forever. Christina says she’ll get an apartment and a job and go back next semester. Sam tells Christina she had a distressing conversation with Franco. Christina asks why she’s even speaking to Franco, and Sam says she had to talk to him because of Jake.

Franco tells Elizabeth that art therapy might help Jake with his feelings. He suggests they start today. Elizabeth asks why it’s so urgent.

Jason asks Jake who the woman in his drawing is supposed to be, although he has a pretty good idea already that it’s Sam.

Dante tells the mayor he knows all about what happened and he supports Olivia 100%. She says that she’s had her mind on budget cuts. He asks if she’s threatening him with his job. She says that would be unethical, but she was looking over his folder and sees that he’s involved with the Big Brother program. The one for kids, not the reality show. She says a lot of the funding comes from the city, and that protecting the program would be quid pro quo. He says she can’t buy him and to get out before he reports her. She wonders how his wife stays with him. How is she totally out of that loop?

Lulu says Dante thinks there’s no way back because of what they’ve discovered about themselves – he cheated and she sought revenge – and doesn’t want it spilling over on Rocco. Lulu tells Maxie about how Valerie called it quits before the whole Johnny debacle happened. She says she came to realize that one act doesn’t define their marriage. Lulu tells Maxie she has a plan to surprise Dante at the loft, but she stupidly threw away her key when she got mad.  Maxie says she’s on thin ice with Nathan , but she would still borrow the key if she knew where it was. She says she knows someone else with a key though.

Olivia says everyone is staring at her and they are. She says they’re not looking at her face either. She says when she gets a cancelation, she wonders if it’s because of the lawsuit. She thinks maybe she didn’t think things through and that she s not sure if she wants to be the poster child for public breastfeeding.

A woman, who obviously recognizes Olivia, approaches their table. Alexis tries to stop her from speaking, but she says Olivia needs to know something from her.

Franco tells Elizabeth that someone else was concerned about Jake’s artwork. She asks who and if he spoke to the therapist.  After hemming & hawing, Franco tells Elizabeth he talked to Sam about the drawings.

Christina asks why Sam was discussing Jake with Franco. She says she thought maybe Franco was in cahoots with Elizabeth, but they ended up talking about Jake. Franco let slip Jake is in therapy, but wouldn’t tell her why. Christina tells Sam to mind her own business and not get involved with Elizabeth’s kid drama.

Jake waffles on who the woman in the drawing is and settles on it’s just a bad woman he made up. Jason says Jake can always tell him anything and asks again who it is.

The stranger says what Olivia is doing is wonderful. She says she would have liked to do the same in her day and thanks Olivia for standing up for a basic right for all mothers. The entire place applauds, and we see where Dante got his jumping to conclusions from. Alexis says they’ll get support, but there will also be antagonists. Olivia realizes the lawsuit isn’t just for her, because she lives in the same bubble that Glinda the Good Witch of the North lives in. Alexis says they’ll win, assuming Olivia is still on board and Olivia says hell yes.

Alexis leaves and Lulu sits down. She tells Olivia she needs help in saving her marriage. Olivia says she’s disappointed in her.

Dante says he knows what the mayor is doing and that she’d like him to do something stupid, but his mother’s lawsuit is going to take care of everything. He tells her again to get out and she’s says he’s a lousy husband and a rotten son, because she doesn’t know he’s really a cheating, waffling loser.

Jason asks again about the picture. Jake now insists it’s a bad woman from a video game. Jason asks to see the game and Jake says he doesn’t remember which one it is. Jason says again that Jake can tell him anything and asks if he can take the picture. Jake asks if he’s mad. Jason says no, the picture is just interesting and if Jake remembers more, to tell him. Someone is at the door. It’s the sitter, and of course Jake whines for Jason to stay.

Elizabeth asks if Sam told him she suspects that Elizabeth broke into her own house. Franco tells her she suspected him too. Franco keeps trying to tell her something about Jake, but she won’t hear it. She says she’s not discussing Jake with him and he’d better not discuss her son with anyone else.

Christina says Sam is just going to make trouble for herself. Sam asks if Christina thought she was treated unfairly with being suspended and is there something she’s not talking about. Christina says Sam knows everything , and repeats what happened to catch everyone up. Sam isn’t buying it that’s all there is to the story.

Olivia says she tried to tell Dante that they should work things out. Lulu tells her about the key. She says if Olivia wants to help save their marriage, she needs the loft key.

Sam tells Christina to call her if she needs anything and that Sam has her back. She adds she’s going to take Christina’s advice. She says Elizabeth is so manipulative, it will backfire; she’ll hold it against Sam and try to get Jason to do the same. Christina says Elizabeth is the type of woman who acts all helpless when they’re really yanking the guy’s chain. Sam says she’s going to talk to Elizabeth. Like that’s ever helped before.

The sitter is covered with silly string. She goes to the bathroom to clean up and Jake examines a marble coaster carefully.

Jason comes to the hospital and says he needs to talk to Elizabeth. He shows her the drawing. He says Jake told him at first it was a real person, and then said it was a video game character. He thinks Jake lying to him is cause for concern and they need to get him help right away. Franco hears him and seconds the motion.

Dante tells Olivia that she and Alexis must be doing a good job, because the mayor tried to get him to talk her out of the lawsuit. He also wants to know if she’s been bothering Olivia. Olivia says no, and asks what else is up. Dante asks if she’s seen Lulu.

Lulu and Maxie go to the loft. Lulu asks Maxie to set a romantic stage. Maxie says she could do that herself, so why is she really there? Lulu wants her opinion about a red slip dress she has on under her coat. Maxie says it’s beautiful even if it isn’t this season. Lulu says it’s the dress she was wearing when she told Dante she was pregnant. She says they went through a lot of heartache trying to have a baby, but finally got Rocco. She wants to remind him of the good in their lives and how they achieved something when they worked together. Maxie says Lulu definitely has a chance. They start getting the candles out.

Maxie opens a drawer and the divorce papers are there.

Alexis gets home before Christina leaves. She says it makes her sad when Christina to see her go. She says she wishes it was like when Christina was little and they were close. Alexis tells Christina she can always tell her anything

Jason asks Franco if he’s been eavesdropping. Franco says he knows Jake needs help. Jason tells him to butt out and he says fine, he tried. Elizabeth stops him from leaving and the three of them go into a private room. She asks Franco what he was trying to tell her. Franco shows them the folder with the morbid drawings.

Jake is looking out a broken window. I assume he used the coaster. He deliberately (?) cuts himself on the jagged glass. Or maybe he’s just stupid and wanted to check how sharp it was. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Sam. She asks him what happened to his hand.

Olivia tells Dante that Lulu was there with Maxie earlier. She asks if he has any thoughts on what they’d discussed earlier. He says he had the divorce papers drawn up. Olivia says she meant for him to think about it for more than 10 minutes. He says he didn’t do anything with them yet and Olivia says give it time.

Lulu says Dante hasn’t signed the papers, so there’s still a chance for him to change his mind. She tells Maxie to work her magic on the atmosphere.

Christina tells Alexis some baloney about how she supports Alexis’s marriage to Julian and she’s happy for her even if her dad isn’t. Alexis says she knows something else is going on. Christina says no, that’s it, and she hopes Alexis’s good luck rubs off on her in the love department. Alexis tells her she can bring a date to the wedding.

Jake says someone threw a rock through the window. Sam asks if he saw someone throw the rock. He says yes, but Sam says there’s no rock and there’s no glass on the floor, so it came from inside the house.

Franco says it doesn’t take an expert to see Jake is upset about something. Jason says he’s not a doctor. Franco says no, but he’s an artist and he knows that Jake is in distress. He says pictures that show this much anxiety and rage mean he’s already acting out.

Sam tries to talk to Jake and he runs downstairs to the basement.

The mayor approaches Olivia and Olivia asks how she dare shake Dante down. The mayor says she was merely visiting a city employee, and by the way, all city functions in the hotel are canceled until the lawsuit is settled. Olivia is like, you can’t do that, and the mayor says, you want a war, you got one.

Dante comes in to the loft. Lulu, standing there in her red dress, asks him if he remembers that night in August. He says yes, he does, and what is she doing there. She tells him trying to save their marriage.

Alexis says good-bye to Christina and leaves. As Christina opens the door, a woman is standing there. She addresses the woman as Parker and I go, oooh.

Jason says there’s never been an intruder; it’s Jake. He says Franco is right and that Jake needs a lot of help. I’m impressed that he got it this quickly. He’s no dummy.

Sam follows Jake, saying that no one will be mad at him. She falls down the stairs and lies unconscious at the bottom.

On Monday, Nina wants to help Olivia and Jake looms over Sam’s unconscious body. As much as a kid can loom anyway.

MasterChef Junior

It’s the finale and we’re down to 9-year-old Addison (Addy, who’s won more challenges than anyone else) and 9-year-old Avery. Family and friends are there to cheer the girls on. Brava, young ladies!

The first challenge is to make a 3-course dinner. I take a last, longing look at the pantry. Addy is going the pan Asian seafood route and Avery has chosen a Creole creation. They have 90 minutes. The heartland versus the bayou.

Uh-oh, Addy gets cut. I mean cut with a knife, not cut from the competition. She’s cool though. She falls a little behind, but sucks it up and soldiers on. When the girls get to creating their desserts, I almost go out of my mind because everything looks so fresh and delicious. OMG – Avery is “elevating” a strawberry rhubarb shortcake. I wouldn’t even know what to do with the rhubarb. These kids are just amazing, especially since the people in the gallery cheering them on are really boisterous.

Of course all the dishes are fabulous – even more so for 9-year-olds – and Gordon says it’s the closest it’s ever been.  Once again, it’s down to details I wouldn’t have a clue about. The judges switch places with the girls so that they can get some well deserved applause. I love how they never talk down to the kids and treat them with respect. They made the show fun for the junior contestants, but the challenges were just as tough as with the adult MasterChef.

MY GIRL ADDY WINS!!! I feel so proud. She gives props to Avery and says that either one of them would have deserved it today. I hope Avery takes that to heart. I’m sure she’s disappointed, but she’s already further ahead in her culinary skills than most of us could ever hope to be, even if we lived forever.

Well played, junior chefs!

Quotes of the Week from The People’s Couch

This whole thing is a nerdgasm. Blake referring to the return of The X-Files.

It’s never good when a guy’s holding his junk walking in. Joe Resnick, referring to an episode of Sex Sent Me to the ER.

Think of every great person on the planet. If they didn’t get yelled at they’d be average as hell. Lamont Zeno, referring to a contestant on Pitch Slapped.