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February 13, 2019 – Cabot Doesn’t Work There, Gastro Hell, Seeing Red, Retro Andy & See You


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Stockholm, Sweden. Finn tells Robert he drives like a maniac. Robert wanted to get to the clinic before Cabot left. He says it’s a Bureau op, so he’ll do the talking. Finn says the man worked for the DVX. If he hears WSB, he might shut down. Finn thinks he should talk, doctor to doctor. He tells Robert to just sit there, and try not look so much like a spy. He told Anna that he’d check in. He calls, and tells her that they just got to the clinic. They’re hoping to see Cabot. He didn’t want Valentine’s Day to go by… Anna says, without saying he loves and misses her? He says, all of the above. She tells him that she has a special present, and comes around the corner, saying, happy Valentine’s Day.

Willow goes to the MetroCourt. She looks around, and says, maybe he’s just late. She calls Chase, and leaves message that she’s there, but doesn’t see him. She thought they were meeting after school let out. She says, if there’s any problem, call her. She starts to leave, and runs into Brad and Wiley. Wiley smiles, but Brad, not so much. I normally don’t pay much attention to the babies, but Wiley is a blast. He’s one of the most animated babies I’ve ever seen on any show.

At the hospital, Michael pulls an envelope out of his pocket, and looks at the contents. Chase asks how it’s going, and Michael says, better, now that Franco has been arrested. Chase says he knows it must be a relief that the alleged killer is behind bars. The evidence is strong. He just retuned a file to Doc; dark stuff. He sees the envelope and asks if Michael has a secret admirer. Michael says it’s someone they’d both love to forget. We see the return address is Nelle at the prison.

Kristina sits with Alexis at the MetroCourt, and asks why Sam wanted to meet. Alexis thinks she just wants to check in, since they’ve all been busy.

Sam tells Jason that she doesn’t want to go. Jason wishes she could stay. She has to go to the MetroCourt, and make Kristina and her mother believe they broke up. Jason wonders, what if it backfires? Kristina could get pulled in deeper. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Shiloh looking for Jason. They stay quiet, and Jason sees Shiloh is leaving a phone message. He says Kristina gave him Jason’s number. He heard Jason was at Beechers Corners, and had a chat with his friends. It’s not necessary. If Jason has questions, he can ask Shiloh. He knows where Shiloh is. He leaves, and Jason tells Sam that he’s gone. Sam says, that’s not creepy or anything. Kristina gave him the number, and now he knows where Jason lives.

Kristina tells Alexis that they didn’t just achieve a mini-breakthrough at Dawn of Day, but she had a heart to heart with dad her dad. She introduced him to Shiloh. He was scoping Shiloh out, and putting him on notice. Alexis says he does that to everyone, but Kristina says he has no reason to worry about Shiloh. That’s why she’s grateful Sonny invited her to dinner. He really listened when she told him DOD was like family to her. He didn’t challenge her or criticize. Alexis says she didn’t criticize either, and even went to a seminar. Kristina says she’s talking about dad. Alexis says Kristina has always had her own family with them, and always does.

Finn and Anna hug. He’s happy, but also confused. He thought she was keeping an eye on Obrecht. She says it was really counterproductive. Peter is in charge of his own life. If he wants to employ a woman who captured him and tortured him for weeks, who is she to interfere? Peter is doing it for Maxie; they’re edging toward a relationship. Obrecht is her mother-in-law and James’s grandmother, and Maxie wants to see the best in her. Robert says Anna is dangerously close to being Obrecht’s BFF. She says they have an armed truce. If Obrecht behaves, she won’t intervene, but if she goes back to her old ways, Anna will slam her. Meanwhile, she’s here to help. Robert says there’s a bar in the hotel lobby. She can wait there. Anna doesn’t think so. Robert says she can’t stay. If Cabot gets an eyeful of her, it blows the deal.

Michael says he thought of throwing it in the trash, unopened. Chase says, or setting it on fire? Michael says Nelle is getting under his skin, and knows it. Chase reads, thinking of you and sweet Jonah. Michael says he can see Nelle in her arts and crafts class, scoring points with the guards. Meanwhile, she’s twisting the knife. It always comes back to Jonah. She never misses the opportunity to bring up the son they lost. Chase says he can make a call to the prison, but Michael says, no. Chase wonders if he wants to hear from her.

Willow asks if Brad is coming back from a parent/baby group. She’s a big believer in early child development. Wiley must love it. Brad says he does, but it’s getting toward naptime. He has to get home. She thought he was headed into the restaurant. He says he was, but he’s had enough coffee, and he’s tired. You know what they says; you sleep when they sleep. She says he knows who she is, doesn’t he?

Sam asks what Jason is thinking. Jason says he went to Beechers Corners, and Sam wonders if it’s payback. Jason says it’s a message that he’s on Shiloh’s radar. A message that he’s pulling Sam in, and Jason doesn’t want to interfere. Sam says tonight’s theme is, true love begins with self-love. Jason says the last thing Shiloh wants is for him to step in and create distance. He’s going to try and get Jason to lash out, so Sam will move away from Jason, and closer to him. She says she’s telling her mom and Kristina that they broke up. Jason thinks her mom will be happy. Sam says Alexis likes him, just not with her. She says it’s temporary, just until she can get Kristina away from Shiloh. Now he knows where Jason lives, so they can’t meet up. Jason says, there are plenty of ways in and out of the building. That’s why he got the apartment. It’s not easy to track who’s coming in or going out. Sam says he thinks of everything. He says he thought he’d be avoiding the cops, and Sam says, instead, he’s avoiding the con. They kiss, and Jason tells her, good luck.

Anna asks if Robert just told her to wait in the hotel bar. He says, it’s a nice bar, and she says he can wait there. She and Finn will deal with Cabot. Finn loves the idea, but doesn’t think it will work. She says, how so? and he says she came to the conclusion herself. She said they could get closer to Cabot if she wasn’t there. She says she changed her mind. Robert says they don’t know how things were left with her sister. A woman comes in, and asks if she can them. Finn introduces himself, saying they came to confer with Cabot. Anna is sure she’s heard of Finn. He found the cure for Blackwood disease. She says it’s an honor to meet him, but she’s sorry. Their information is out of date. Robert says Cabot isn’t there? She says he’s there, but he doesn’t work there. He’s a patient.

Michael tells Chase, in a weird way, Nelle has done him a favor. The card had a different effect than she intended. She can’t get to him anymore. The pain of losing a son will never go away, but she wants to keep him imprisoned like her; trapped in the past. Chase isn’t sure Nelle is trapped, but she knows how to weaponize it. Michael says he has Jonah in his heart. Not even Nelle can take that away. It gives him the strength to live again.

Brad says, he knows who she is; Wisteria. She says, Willow, and he tells her he’s lousy with names. She’s Michael’s friend, the teacher. They talked at Charlie’s. He must sound like a helicopter parent; the kind a teacher dreads. He promises he won’t bother her with questions. She says, it’s no bother. She loves seeing them, which she’s sure he realizes. She says he knows she’s Wiley’s mother. He says he and Lucas weren’t told the name. She says he knows it’s her. Did Julian tell him? Does Lucas know? Brad says Lucas doesn’t know anything. How long has she known? She says, all that matters is that little boy. The child they both love. Brad asks if she’s trying to have a relationship with Wiley, and she says, yes.

Finn says, Cabot is a patient? Robert says they’d still like to talk to him. He won’t want to pass up a visit from Finn. The woman says Cabot hasn’t wanted visitor, but might make an exception. She leaves, and Anna says they’re not leaving until she finds out why she got the virus. Robert says Cabot and Alex could have parted enemies. Why risk it? Anna tells him, don’t ask her to wait in the bar, and Finn says, never ask something like that. Why doesn’t she get them checked in, and he’ll update her. She says she’s not going, and Robert tells her, stay quiet, and let him do talking. She says she always does. Cabot comes in, sitting in a wheelchair. He says Finn has him at a disadvantage. He doesn’t recall Finn’s name, and he’s unable to see his face.

Kristina tells Alexis that she’s adjusting her perspective. Things are almost perfect. Alexis asks, what’s missing? Kristina says, she is. They were just starting to make progress, and Alexis ran out of the session. Alexis says it doesn’t work for her. Kristina says it seemed like it did until Julian’s name came up. Alexis thinks they should take a theater trip, and Kristina tells her, come back for another try. It worked for them. Alexis thinks they’re in a good place, and Kristina says they are; thanks to Shiloh. Who knows what they could accomplish with more work. Alexis thinks she’ll stick to a more traditional path of self-discovery. Kristina says, okay. She’ll ultimately find something that works for her. Alexis sees that DOD is good for Kristina. She’s happy and found a place she feels she belongs. Kristina hears her, but tells her, just remember, if the traditional path doesn’t work, DOD’s doors are still open. She asks what Alexis is doing tonight. She should come to the Valentine’s Day event. Alexis says she hates Valentine’s Day, but Kristina says, it’s not a typical party. Alexis says she’ll be on her couch. Sam approaches the table, and says if she can go, Alexis can go. The flyer says, true love begins with self-love.

Dawn of Day is being decorated for the event. Shiloh says it looks fantastic, but they need to pick up the pace. Their guests are about to arrive, and to show others the path, their own way must be clear. Jason walks in. He says he got Shiloh’s message. He said Jason should come to him with questions. Here he is. Shiloh hears he took a ride to Beechers Corners. It’s a lovely town, and the people are sweet. Did he find what he was looking for? Jason says he met Harmony; she was helpful. Shiloh says she keeps everything together. He’d be lost without her. Jason tells Shiloh that she had good things to say about him, like Kristina, and she’s devoted. Shiloh says, not to him; to the mission. Jason says the mission seems successful in Beechers Corners. Even the local police are friends. Shiloh likes to think they appreciate the positive influence. Jason asks, if it’s so active, why did he leave and come to Port Charles?

Alexis asks if Sam is going to the Valentine’s Day party with Jason. Sam says, no; they’re not together. Alexis says, since when? Kristina asks what she means. They’re not together for Valentine’s Day or he’s out of town. She says they’ll both be in town, but she won’t be with him. She realized she’ll always love him, but they don’t have a future. Jason has been back for over a year, and they’re still not together. They’re lives have taken different paths. He’s wonderful and fearless, but refuses to change. He’s set in his ways. That’s okay, but he’s just not open to self-discovery. In the past few weeks, she’s realized self-discover is what she needs. There’s so much more she needs to know and explore about herself. Kristina thinks it’s a huge step toward enlightenment. She’s happy for Sam. They hug, but Alexis doesn’t look like she buys it.

Michael wonders where he should throw the card away. Paper and plastic, or toxic materials. Chase says, tough call. Michael has to get to a meeting, and Chase didn’t realize the time. He checks his phone, and hopes Willow’s not canceling. Michael says, are they… and Chase says they’ve just been out a few times. They seem to get along; she even likes his cooking. Michael says Chase really likes her. Chase says she’s the anti-Nelle. Open and honest, and she’s great with kids. Michael says she’s out of Chase’s league. Chase says, she’s had some real setbacks, and they didn’t make her bitter, but better, stronger. They get into the elevator, and Chase says he’s got it bad. Michael says it sounds like he’s got it good.

Willow tells Brad, of course she wants to be part of Wiley’s life, but she knows she can’t be. Brad says the adoption is finalized; he’s theirs. She says maybe when he’s grown, he’ll want to know who she is, but she can’t tell him for now. She can’t allow anyone, including Brad’s husband, to know. They’re wonderful parents, and it’s best for everyone, especially Wiley, if no one knows she’s his mother. Brad says so they’ll stick to the agreement. Like she said, all that matters is Wiley.

Finn says he’s a great admirer of Cabot’s work. He traveled from the US to confer with him, and had no idea. He asks when the blindness occurred. The woman says she’s sorry. She thought they knew each other. Cabot says he’s starved for a colleague to converse with. He tells the woman she can go, calling her Elsa. He tells Finn the blindness came on suddenly, without warning, a few months ago. Finn asks if it started with a severe headache, followed by a loss of consciousness, and waking up blind. Cabot asks how he knows. Finn says his field research was done in infectious diseases. Cabot says he created a synthetic interferon to replicate the human immune system. Finn tells Cabot that he’s treated other patients. Once the virus is cured surgically, it won’t reoccur. Cabot asks, who are the other patients?

At the MetroCourt, Michael sees Brad, who says he has to go. Michael says, not so fast. He wants to see his godson. It’s just what he needs to make it through a boring meeting. He can’t stay away from this kid. Willow doesn’t blame him. Chase arrives, apologizing for being late. Willow says she got know Wiley and his dad a little. Chase asks if she’s okay, and she says she was actually worried he might not show. He’s sorry. He lost track of time. They’ve been working him 24/7 since the attack. Why would she think he’d blow her off? She says she was worried she scared him off after telling him she gave up her baby.

Michael says Wiley is better dinner company that the head of the Port Charles zoning board. Brad doesn’t want to keep him, but Michael says he has a few minutes. He tells Brad that he heard from Nelle, and Brad asks what she said. Michael says, happy Valentine’s Day, in her twisted way. She wants him to feel guilty about losing Jonah. She’s never letting it go.

Finn tells Cabot the names of his patients are confidential. After two cases in Port Charles, New York, he isolated the virus. They both recovered their vision. Cabot asks why he should believe Finn, when every specialist has said otherwise. Robert says, he’s the best, and Cabot asks, who’s that? Finn says his colleague from Sydney, who’s also best at what he does. Cabot asks if Finn can give him back his sight, and Finn says he has every confidence. Cabot says, he may be blind, but he’s not a fool. Finn wants something. Robert says now Cabot is talking his language. If he helps them, they’ll help him.

Alexis asks Sam if this isn’t sudden. Kristina says Sam told them Jason has been there a year, and has acknowledged a barrier existed all along. Alexis says it’s no secret she has reservations about their relationship., but Sam always insisted there was a bond. Sam says her perception changed. There’s a real bond with him, but it’s holding her back. This is something she has to do. Alexis asks how Jason feels. Sam says, he doesn’t like it. He thinks it’s temporary. That’s why she’s going to the Valentine’s Day party at DOD. Shiloh wants her there. Kristina says, it’s not a big deal, and not to feel like she has to accept. Sam says she thought Kristina would be happy she’s going. Kristina wants Sam to be there. That’s what the evening is about; love and renewal. Not just for the lonely; for couples, friends, and family. Maybe it’s the kickstart she needs to move forward without Jason. Sam says, that’s the plan. She doesn’t need a man to complete her. Alexis says she’s seeing a new therapist, and thinks it’s good. Kristina asks if that’s the traditional path she was talking about. Who is he? Alexis asks what makes her think it’s a he? She says she shouldn’t have brought it up. It’s doctor/patient confidentiality. Sam says, not the therapist’s name. Alexis asks if Kristina doesn’t have a party to plan for. Kristina says, it’s not really a party. She’ll see Sam there. She leaves, and Alexis asks what’s really going on with Sam and Jason?

Shiloh tells Jason that he prefers direct questions. What does Jason want to know? Does he think Shiloh is taking over? Beechers Corners, Port Charles, then the world? Jason says he’s the one who said it. Shiloh says he’s been accused of a lot of things, but world domination isn’t one of them. Jason asks what he has been accused of, and Shiloh says, caring too much, offering something money can’t buy. There’s nothing up his sleeves or in a Swiss bank account. What you see is what you get. If he accepts it, he can move past the obstacles he puts in front of himself and Sam. Jason says it always comes back to Sam; the emails. Shiloh says they were sent without his knowledge, but he’s interested in anyone who turns from dark to the light. Sam is already taking steps and coming to their celebration tonight. He says there’s more than enough light. Why doesn’t Jason join them?

Willow says she didn’t mean to put all that on Chase. He’s glad she told him. Trust is everything.

Michael tells Brad, even in prison, Nelle is holding on. He told Chase she’s part of his past, and he’s focusing on the future. It’s looking bright, and a large part of that is because of Wiley. He makes everything better.

Cabot says his blindness surprised Finn, so Finn didn’t come expecting to treat him. He has something Finn wants. Finn says he wants to learn about Cabot’s research with identical twins. It was fascinating; he read every word. But it’s what Cabot didn’t publish that interests him most. Cabot doesn’t know what he means. Robert says the park of his work that he never intended to be made public. Cabot asks why he should tell them. Anna says, if he wants his sight back, he’ll answer their questions. Cabot knows that voice.

Sam tells Alexis that she won’t ask any more questions about Alexis’s therapist, if Alexis doesn’t ask about Jason. Alexis says, fine, but she’s warning Sam to be careful. Sam says she doesn’t have to worry. Alexis doesn’t know what Sam is up to, or why she and Jason aren’t together, or why she’s going to the Valentine’s Day party, but wants her to please consider it’s been tough for Kristina. She’s found peace and made friends. Please don’t spoil it. Sam says she’d never do anything to hurt Kristina. She’s doing this for her.

Shiloh tells Jason that Sam has taken the first step on the path to her best life. He can walk with her – them – or walk the same path he’s walked his whole life. But that path is a dead end. Jason says he’ll take his chances. He leaves, and Shiloh shakes his head. We see the Valentine’s Day sign that says, love begins with self-love.

Tomorrow, Cabot says Anna is the other one, Shiloh tells Sam to stop running, Jason asks Spinelli how dangerous Shiloh is, and Spinelli says murderously so.

🍔 On 24 Hours to Hell and Back, Gordon dressed like a hipster (or homeless person, I’m unsure since I missed the beginning) to visit Boardwalk 11, a gastropub and karaoke bar (my wheelhouse!) in Los Angeles. The secret camera showed us unbelievable levels of grease, green and rotten food (a chef suggested just scraping the mold off), and an employee who needed a breathalyzer. I’ve noticed that people who have probably never said, yes, chef! once in their lives, automatically say it to Gordon. Before the renovation even started, a cook got called out for inappropriate banter and was fired. Gordon said it was a toxic atmosphere, and owner Steve’s negativity had infected the whole staff. He wanted Steve (who looked a lot like a young Stephen King) to delegate, and in the process, another cook was let go. The décor was given a retro 70s feel, which I loved. Gordon promoted two women, both named Kat (!) to head chef and general manager. The place was jumping, and Steve seemed pleased. Gordon thought as long as the Kats were in charge, life would be beautiful, but the after he left, Steve made excuses to demote them. Some people just can’t listen and/or are resistant to change. Next time, a Mexican restaurant whose owner is throwing five decades of business down the trash.

🍳 Best quote from Gordon: We are not going down for an egg.

👜 This week’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey had Jennifer throwing a 16th anniversary party. Danielle and Teresa went fancy shopping for red dresses. The kind of shopping where you drink champagne and they bring the dresses out. Delores claimed Frank wasn’t holding her back, but she was standing in her own way. She told Frank that she needed a change of environment, and was ready to move out. He took it better than I expected, saying no matter what, he loved her and would be there for her. Is she sure she wants to move? The conversation emotionally exhausted her, and she needed a nap.

Marge got her ex Jan’s son (I have no idea which kids are hers, his, or whoever’s) to agree to a dinner with him, which was a huge step. Melissa confronted Joe #2 about his view of gender roles, and how it was affecting their daughter. Surprisingly, he caved quickly, saying a real man sucks it up and changes for his family. Melissa was also sending in a DNA test, hoping somehow this would connect her with her possible sister. Jackie got her mother a makeover, and told her about speaking with her estranged sister. Her mother was thrilled with both.

When Teresa told Milania that she was going to Jennifer’s 16th anniversary party, Milania asked if Jennifer didn’t want to spend the day with her husband. Teresa said she just spent the last 16 years with him, which we all found hysterically funny. At the party, there was Turkish food, hookah action, and some fake-money gambling. The most asked question by Danielle to Teresa was, was anything said about me? followed by, who said it? Marge didn’t even do anything, and Danielle bad-mouthed her, saying she was the toxidity [sic] in the group. No wonder she and Teresa get along, since they both make up their own language. She appealed to Teresa’s stupidity vanity by saying Teresa doesn’t let anyone tell her what to do. I’m not sure what’s up with Teresa that she’s not seeing what’s wrong with this picture. It’s a shame. I liked Danielle, prostitution whore and all, but not this season. Marty is obviously insane, saying once again that Joe #3 was jealous because Danielle is so hot. They had this argument way too close to the pool, and Marge finally pushed him in. Somebody had to. Although he popped right back up with his mouth still running. Jennifer missed the whole thing until Teresa started screaming at her to get a towel. Melissa couldn’t understand how Teresa couldn’t see that Danielle was a common denominator. One thing Jackie said that I appreciated, was that you don’t choose your friends based solely on how they treat you. You have to see how they treat other people. Thank you. I hate when there’s a totally toxic person, and one of them will say, but they’ve never done anything to me. If you’re treating my friends like sh*t, why would I want to be yours? And if say you’re not picking a side, you just did. The side of the wrongdoer.

This was the finale, so they had the blurbs about what’s happening with the cast. Delores is looking for an apartment that will take five dogs, a chinchilla, and a three-legged Guinea pig. She’s also looking for a boyfriend, so I assume things with David aren’t working out. Jennifer is helping throw a lavish Turkish wedding for her brother. Her husband will be coming along to keep her away from the tequila. Marge got a facelift, and Jackie mended the relationship with her sister. Melissa hasn’t found a sister yet, but did find out she’s 97% Italian. And we all know Juicy Joe is appealing his deportation ruling. I’m not particularly fond of either him or Teresa, more him, but I think he’s being treated unfairly. I think the court wants to make an example of him, since he’s a D-list celebrity. Next time, the Reunion, Part One.

🙊 One thing that gave me pause. Passing by Danielle on her way out of the party, Marge said, your husband’s in the pool. Danielle immediately said, who threw my husband in the pool? How did she know he was thrown? He could have fallen in or decided to go swimming if he was drunk.

💭 Speaking of things that make you go, hmm… Andy has been having a week of theme nights on Watch What Happens Live. What I call cheap shows, since they’re basically clips from old ones. It’s been fun to watch though. Everything from James and Lala practically getting booted off for using the f-word to Joan Rivers and Carol Burnett. The Clubhouse has done well for itself.

✋ Until Next Time…


January 31, 2019 – Jordan Questions Franco, RIP James, Chefs At the Opry, Another Loss, Gage Goes, Danielle’s Near-Snub, Another Summer & Ready


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Drew goes home with Kim, who says don’t mind the place; she hasn’t had time to clean. Her apartment is spotless, and Drew asks if she has a poltergeist. There’s no way Oscar did this. She says the cleaners must have come today. They were a gift from Julian.

Brad tells Julian that he’s trying. Julian says, try harder. He used to be good liar, and Lucas will realize something is wrong if he keeps stammering. Brad says Willow thinks Wiley is hers, and he’s supposed to remain calm? Julian says, it changes nothing, but Brad says it does if she wants a relationship with Wiley. Julian tells him, stay away from her. The less she sees Wiley, the less she’ll think about coming forward.

Alexis arrives at Dawn of Day. Kristina is surprised, and Shiloh tells her to give her mother credit. He’s glad Alexis made it. He says, you can’t tie yourself up, if you’re tying up others. I’m not sure if he’s talking about loose ends, being on time, or something kinky, but I already spent too much time thinking about it. He’s excited to get started. With an open mind and some effort, they can learn about each other and themselves.

On the phone, Obrecht tells Valentin the Swiss are known for their patience, but she’s only half Swiss. Her economic situation is simple. She needs income, and he needs Nina. If he sees to it that Obrecht is flush, and Nina will never know Sasha isn’t her daughter. What would really be cool is if Sasha turned out to be her daughter anyway. She finds the other half of the necklace, and…

At the hospital, Franco tells Elizabeth that the library has a parenting section for parents with potentially LGBTQ kids. I’m thinking if any more initials crop up, we’ll really have to think of something new.

Nina, Maxie, and Obrecht meet for dinner at the MetroCourt. Nina says a year ago today, they lost a great man. A son, a brother, a husband. The greatest man she’s ever known. Maxie says it still hurts so much. She’s not there yet, but the pain and sorrow are nothing compared to the joy of having known him. Obrecht says, the time was precious, and they’re better for having had him in their lives. They toast to Nathan.

Ava sees Lucas, and asks about Lulu. He says he can’t discuss it. She says Lulu was attacked be the same person who killed her daughter. She needs to know if Lulu remembers who did it. Lucas says forcing Lulu into remembering would be counterproductive, and the worst thing they could do. Ava says, at least she’s alive. The other victims weren’t so fortunate.

Chase brings in a box, and tells Jordan it’s the last of the material from the LA office. He wants to give it a once-over. He asks if there’s been no breakthrough, and Jordan says, hardly. Nothing makes sense. She’s ready call in a psychic, and asks if he knows any.

Elizabeth thinks it’s great that Franco is diving in head first. Franco says he’s trying to help both Aiden and them. She’s swamped at work, and feels when and if the day comes, they’ll have a conversation with Aiden, but on his terms. Not because they forced the issue. Franco says, ideally, but his classmates already forced the issue.

Kim asks if Drew wants a drink, and he says, if she is. She pours them something. He asks if she wants to talk about Julian, and she says, what’s left to say? She was too busy tending to Oscar, and not their relationship, so Julian decided to sleep with someone else – not Alexis, according to her. At the very least, it means he went ahead and slept with a random person, and dumped her. The end. Drew says he didn’t cancel the cleaning service, and she says, or the meal service, or the tune-up. The garage confirmed it. She doesn’t know what to do. Why doesn’t he stop them? Drew says maybe Julian wishes he hadn’t let her go.

Brad asks why Julian didn’t tell him. Julian says, now that he knows who Willow is, keep a wide berth. Brad says, what if she doesn’t do the same? Julian asks if he and Lucas didn’t agree to an open adoption. Worst case, Wiley has a mother figure. Brad says, except she’s not his mother. Julian asks how she’d know, and Brad says, a DNA test? Julian says, run by who for what reason? Brad says Wiley could get sick, and Julian tells him, the odds are incredibly, insanely small. Lucas appears, and says, is that so?

Alexis tells Shiloh that he has quite a set-up. He says it does the job. Alexis asks what the job is, and Kristina says Shiloh has provided a place for friends and strangers to hang their hats. Alexis asks if he doesn’t charge, and Shiloh says they pay what they can, and make the rest up in service. Everyone works in the community, whether it’s in or out of their doors. He covers the day to day with course fees. He says it’s time to start. Alexis says Kristina didn’t mention there was a fee, but Kristina says it’s free for her. Alexis asks what the course is about, and Kristina says, don’t worry; it’s a good one. Shiloh thanks the group for joining him. He’s excited to be their guide for being one when you’re two: finding yourself in a relationship.

Shiloh guides Kristina and Alexis. He says they’re endlessly, boundlessly connected. It must be double adverb day. Alexis says she agreed to a self-improvement class, but she’s not talking about Julian. Kristina says, there are all kinds of relationships. Kristina was hoping to explore her relationship with Alexis. Alexis says it doesn’t have to be there, but Kristina says it hasn’t worked anywhere else. She thought Alexis would want to explore it too.

Lucas asks Julian what odds they’re discussing, and Julian says the odds of Lucas seeing him holding Wiley. He says Wiley was fussy, Brad took him out for a drive, and stopped for coffee. Julian was supposed to be at the book signing, and his plans changed. Lucas says, and here he is again, but Brad says, it just worked that way. Julian says Ava is lurking around with her boyfriend who used to be her shrink. Julian sees her, and tells Lucas that he knows Lucas can’t cut him some slack, but give his husband a break. Brad did nothing wrong. Julian goes over to Ava.

Valentin tells Peter that he needs a favor. A talented acquaintance has fallen on hard times, and they’d be a good fit at The Invader. Peter asks if his acquaintance has a r. Valentin says she’s known far and wide. It’s Obrecht.

Nina, Maxie, and Obrecht laugh over Nathan stories. Obrecht thinks they should put them in writing; a record of Nathan’s goodness. Nina says she is doing that, as a history for James to remember his father by. She’s not doing it alone. She asked around for stories, and the other day, got an email from someone who told her about a prank in college. Maxie says, stories they don’t know, and Obrecht says, stories they never will know. Nina says they’re not saying that man’s name today. It’s a celebration of Nathan. They’re not dwelling on the past. Obrecht looks at Maxie’s hand, and says she’s lost her wedding ring.

Jordan tells Chase, on one hand, all of the driver’s licenses are missing, and there’s the timing. Chase says that suggests a connection. She says, on the other hand, only two victims fit the pattern. There’s something missing. What kind of person knows three residents of Port Charles, and an LA producer? Chase says, an already established killer.

Elizabeth thanks Franco, gives him a kiss, and goes back to work. His phone rings. He says whatever it is, he didn’t do it. Jordan asks if he’ll meet her at the station anyway. She believes he might have information that could help solve Kiki’s murder. And the others.

Kristina says she’ll go first, and Shiloh tells Alexis to ask her what she wants from the relationship. Alexis asks, and Kristina says, to get along better. Shiloh says, ask again. Alexis does, and Kristina says, to communicate more. He says they’re hardly communicating. Now, ask again. Alexis asks, and Kristina says, not to fight so much. Shiloh asks why they’re fighting. What does she want? Dig deeper. He tells Alexis, ask again, but Alexis says he’s not giving Kristina a chance to answer. He says, ask again, so she does. Kristina says she wants Alexis’s respect. Shiloh says, now they’re getting somewhere.

Julian tells Ava that she can’t jog Lulu’s memory by hanging around. She says she wants to be there when Lulu remembers; he’d do same thing. Julian says avenging Kiki will eventually bite her in the ass, plus cost her the one daughter she has left. He says, for Avery’s sake, find something else to occupy her time. He asks if Doc didn’t want to whisk her away, but she says the timing wasn’t right. Julian is the one who sounds like he needs a vacation. Why doesn’t he take Kim and go? He says they’re not going anywhere. Not with each other anyway.

Kim tells Drew, it would be easier if Julian was a jerk, but he’s been great. Except for the cheating and abandoning. Drew sits down, yowls, and brings a knitting needle out from underneath him. She wondered where that went. She tells him she’s been torturing yarn. He wants to see what she made, and she shows him an infinity scarf, saying it’s hideous. It’s probably better than I’d do.

Peter says Valentin wants him to hire Obrecht? The woman who tortured him for a month, and left him to die in a burning stable? Valentin says he’d be in Peter’s debt, but Peter wonders why incur one from Obrecht? She must have leverage. Something that could take away what’s most important to him. Peter corrects himself, and adds, not what. Who.

Obrecht says Maxie lost her ring. Maxie says Obrecht doesn’t understand. She didn’t lose it. Obrecht says, she took it off?

Elizabeth reads from This Book is Gay, that the suicide rate is triple among gay teens. Lucas and Brad come by. Lucas asks if Elizabeth is okay, and she says she’s taking a break. She drops the book, and Lucas says he knows it. Someone gave it to his mom after he came out. She asks if it was helpful, and he says his mom thought so. Brad asks if one of Elizabeth’s patients is gay. She says, um… and he realizes it’s for her.

Franco arrives at station. Jordan tells him there have been new developments in a connection among the victims. Franco wondered what the TV guy had to do with the others. Jordan wonders if he can tell her. Franco says the way the bodies were arranged – and Chase says, it was artistic. Franco says that would be in the eye of the beholder, but they were dramatic. Franco can’t see what they have in common. Chase says they couldn’t either, but they came across this script. He hands it to Franco, and says the only thing they have in common is him. There’s a notation on the top page that says, talk to Franco.

Maxie says she felt it was time to put her ring away, and Nina says everyone grieves at their own pace in their own time. It’s time to move on. Obrecht doesn’t understand. Is she seeing someone? Maxie says, no; it’s too early. Obrecht says, in other words, yes. She asks if Nina knew, and Nina says she had an inkling. Obrecht wonders why Nina said nothing. Is this payback for trying to open her eyes about Sasha? Maxie wonders what she’s talking about, and Nina says she didn’t give Obrecht a job, and she made vague innuendos about her daughter. Maxie asks why Obrecht would want a job at Crimson, and Obrecht says she’d sooner drop dead than work for her capricious niece. Nina says if she wants to drop dead, go for it, and leaves the table.

Peter asks Valentin, how bad? So bad he lose Nina, Charlotte, or both? Valentin tells Peter not to concern himself with his family. Peter says someone is using leverage to force Valentin to do what he doesn’t want to. Valentin says apparently, he asked too much. Forget about it. Peter says, not likely.

Kim tells Drew that she made the scarf in the wee hours when she couldn’t sleep. They laugh about it, and Drew says it’s a nice change of pace. Kim asks if he ever feels guilty having good time; forgetting about things for the moment. He says, sometimes, but laughing about something is the closest feeling to hope.

Alexis asks how it was for Kristina. She says they’ve talked about potential, and the things that tie you down. She feels like a tie was cut. Alexis asks if she didn’t feel browbeaten, and Kristina says it’s rough being on the spot, but it helped. It bothers Alexis that Kristina thinks she doesn’t respect her. Kristina asks if Alexis thinks she has a perception problem, or she’s imagining it. Alexis says sometimes she gets upset that Kristina isn’t living the life she envisioned for her, and forgets Kristina’s life is hers. What Alexis wants is irrelevant, and it’s what Kristina wants that matters. Shiloh asks how it’s going, and Kristina thinks they achieved a measure of understanding. He asks if Alexis would care to do an examination. Alexis says, no, but thanks for asking. Kristina tells her, at least try. Does she have a relationship that needs work? Alexis says Kristina doesn’t know when to quit, does she?

Ava says Julian told Kim he slept with someone else, and broke up with her? How’s she taking it? He doubts it’s crossed mind. After they parted, Oscar’s prognosis came back. Ava says, and? Julian doesn’t say anything, and she says, that’s awful. He says at least she won’t have him distracting her, and Ava says, how thoughtful; denying Kim support in her hour of need. How selfless to abandon her. How did a man with such good intentions wind up being such an ass?

Kristina tells Alexis that they can work on any relationship she wants, as long as she wants to change it. Alexis says she’s not doing Julian. Kristina says he doesn’t have to know. Shiloh tells them, look your partner in the eye. See her. Let her see you. He tells Kristina to ask the question, and Kristina says, what do you want? Alexis says she doesn’t want a relationship with Julian, and Kristina asks why she still has one then. Why hasn’t she moved on? She hasn’t because she doesn’t want to yet. Kristina continues to ask what Alexis wants, and Alexis finally says she doesn’t want to talk or think about it. Kristina says, if it’s still in her head, it’s not finished. Alexis says what she wants is to be happy, to feel passion, and be in love. She wants to feel like she did with Julian before.

Julian asks Ava if she thinks he made a mistake. She says, yes. Kim is good for him, and he’s shown improvement. He has a real and lasting chance. If he wants to be worthy of his children, grandchildren – and Kim – do what he has to in order to make things right. She leaves.

Kim tells Drew, when she brought Oscar to Port Charles, she wanted him to connect with family. She never realized she’d land one in the process. She says Oscar should be home any minute. Drew doesn’t want Oscar to think they’re ganging up on him. Kim says she’ll talk to him in the morning.

Elizabeth tells Brad and Lucas about the kids bullying Aiden. Lucas says, that’s why they’re picking on him. Brad asks if Aiden has more female friends than male. Lucas asks if he doesn’t like sports, and likes things traditionally girly. Elizabeth says that describes Aiden. Lucas says the main prerequisite is, does he like boys? It took Lucas a long time. He sensed he felt different, but didn’t know for sure until puberty. Even though he was attracted to boys, he didn’t want to be. He played it straight until he couldn’t hide it anymore. Elizabeth asks if things got better after that. Brad says, the getting better part takes a while.

Franco tells Jordan that he has no idea where he was when the murders were committed, and doesn’t know what Peyton knows. Jordan asks why Peyton was keen on speaking to him, but he doesn’t know. Chase says, clearly, Peyton reached out. Franco says he doesn’t answer numbers he doesn’t recognize. They can check his phone records. Then, when they’re done, they can go catch this maniac before he kills someone else.

Nina is back home, and Valentin asks how her evening was. She says, okay; they were talking about Nathan. It helped, until they stopped taking about Nathan. That crashed and burned the evening. He asks, would she like a cocktail… ice cream… Paris? Cocktails and ice cream in Paris? She says there is something he can do. She could use some mother/daughter time. She wants Sasha to come visit.

Maxie takes the check, telling Obrecht, they’ll work things out. They always do. Obrecht says, now that they’re alone, tell her about the new man. Maxie says, it’s nothing. Just a flirtation. It will probably end before it goes anywhere. Obrecht asks who he is, but Maxie suggests they talk about careers. A job at Crimson? Obrecht thought a medical column. Her readers have questions, and she can give honest and innovative solutions, without a medical board to answer to. Maxie thinks Obrecht needs a niche audience. She needs an outlet with expanded access. Obrecht says she wants to share her views and experiences. Maxie thinks she knows just the place. Peter walks in.

Kim straightens up. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Julian. He says, I love you. On New Year’s Eve, when he told her that he slept with someone else, and let her think it was Alexis, there wasn’t anybody else. He made it up because he’s an idiot. He needed to tell her the truth. There’s nobody else. Only her. He walks into the apartment, and says he was jealous. He saw her and Drew kissing, but he also convinced himself that she and Oscar would be better off without him. So he told her something to make her glad to get rid of him. He’s so sorry. He wishes he could take it back. The truth is, he loves her. She made him a better person, and he owed it to the both of them to tell the truth. Now that she knows, she can do or not do what she wants with it. Kim looks confused, and maybe a little panicked.

Alexis says she has to go, but Kristina say they just had a breakthrough. She should stay, and face her darkest fears. She’s sure the process works for a lot of people. Kristina says it works for her daughter, and Alexis says she appreciates that. She loves Kristina, and is proud of her. She does respect Kristina, and asks her to remember that when she gives her cause to forget. Kristina wants to talk about their relationship. Alexis says they will, but not here, and not now. It’s not for her. She leaves the house.

Elizabeth asks, what does she do? Aiden is going through a tough time. Franco thinks maybe they should bring it up themselves. Lucas says it sounds like they’re on top of it. His parents weren’t. He tells her, create a safe environment, so he’ll speak when he’s ready. Brad suggests she invite them over for dinner. Lucas thinks that’s a good idea. Let Aiden see her gay friends, and see they accept people for who they are, not just him. Her friends and family have her back. Lucas hugs her, saying, so does Franco. She’s got this.

Chase tells Jordan that Peyton called Franco, but he didn’t pick up. Jordan thanks Franco for his time. Franco asks if they’re done, and she says, for now. He says, next time she wants to question him, she can talk to his lawyer. He leaves, and Chase says, fun guy. With his history, no wonder she wants to nail down his whereabouts during the other murders. Jordan says during his last brush with the law, Jim Harvey was shot. She says he’s one of Doc’s patients, and wonders if Franco is still seeing him. Chase says Doc can’t discuss what Franco tells him, but Jordan says he can if it’s possible he committed a crime. Chase wonders, if that was the case, why Doc wouldn’t have come forward. Jordan tells him to set up a meeting. If anyone knows whether Franco is capable of murder, it would be his psychiatrist. Please. Don’t tell me Ryan is going to try and pin the murders on Franco and leave town. I can’t stand it.

Tomorrow, Ava asks Olivia to work her magic, Carly asks Kim if Drew was there, and Lulu screams no, no, no!

🎤 Goodbye to James Ingram…

Another GH alum.


👜 🔪 Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry was the setting for Top Chef this week. For the Quickfire Challenge, the chefs had to make a dish for a Grammy winning country star, using riders – basically preference sheets – that indicate what the star and their staff would like foodwise. The star’s name wasn’t revealed until after the dishes were complete, It was singer Hunter Hayes, whose music I have no clue about, but he used terms like flavor profile, so it seems he’s no stranger to the culinary arts. Adrienne wasn’t well, but won the challenge anyway, enticing Hunter with red meat. For her efforts, she received an extra hour to complete the next challenge. The Elimination Challenge had the chefs creating a dish based on a music memory. The judges were the people responsible for the Music City Food and Wine Festival, and included the lead singer from Kings of Leon. His wife, model Lily Aldridge, was also at the dinner. I knew who she was right away, since she was on an episode of 2 Broke Girls. My reference point for too many things. Justin dropped a plate, so wasn’t eligible to win. Tom said we learn a lot about ourselves with cooking. I’ve learned that when I want to eat, it’s quicker and less labor intensive to use the microwave. Michelle won the challenge, but I wasn’t sure if she was getting a bit of a sympathy vote, since she talked about her father’s suicide and everyone cried. David had to pack his knives and go, because his dish was overly salty, and they didn’t even know what was going on with it. It involved puffed rice, which rubbed the judges the wrong way. David was proud of his performance, and hoped to set a good example for his son. The show was dedicated to Fatima Ali, a Top Chef contestant who recently passed away. Next time, chefs in a gymnasium, and a conflict over boxed waffles.

😔 You can read about Fatima here:


😵 Jeff Flips Again…

Nothing but sad news from this guy lately. Hate to say it, Jeff, but you’re the common denominator.


👶 Something You Didn’t Realize You Needed to Know…

Because you don’t. Behold Andy’s baby shower drama.


🚤 In Case Anyone Cares…

Summer House will be returning on Monday, March 4th, at 10 pm.

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January 21, 2019 – Three Collapses in Port Charles, Girls’ Night In, New Shows, Leida Drama, Gaga in Vegas & Speechless


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny and Carly walk into the MetroCourt. Carly asks if going to Morgan’s grave helped, and Sonny says, maybe. But eventually they need to do what needs be done. Carly wonders why Ava is there.

Lucy tells Ava that she doesn’t know what Doc was thinking taking up with the likes of her. Ava says for someone who’s been with him off and on for years, she knows very little about him.

Curtis tells Laura that Ava and Lucy are squaring off. If it gets physical, who does she like? Laura says if he quotes her, she’ll deny it, but its Lucy all the way. She’ll take Lucy over Ava any day.

Lucy says Ava doesn’t know Doc. He’s a good person, and has a deep, wonderful heart filled with compassion and forgiveness. While Ava is a toxic cocktail of vanity and misery.

Elizabeth congratulates Kim on delivering a baby in the parking garage. Kim is distracted, and says Oscar hasn’t checked in.

Underground, Josslyn stomps on a floor, and asks Oscar what he thinks. He says, amazing. It sounds hollow. She says the catacombs are below them.

Sonny tells Carly that he and Ava agreed on a truce for Avery’s sake. Carly thought Ava was leaving town, and says, as good a psychiatrist as Doc is, he made a mistake trashing his marriage to be with Ava.

Lucy says Ava is full of bile and malice, and alienates anyone unfortunate enough to see a sliver of good in her.

Laura asks Jordan if there’s any news. Jordan says all the precincts reported in, and there have been no bodies found. She says it’s awful to be relieved at something like that. She asks how the book launch went. Curtis says, it was interesting, but nothing major happened – until now.

Ava says Lucy is just jealous that she and Doc are together. Lucy says, it’s not going to last, and thinks it’s just pity. It’s not in Doc’s nature to abide anyone who causes harm to others.

The doorknob to Lulu’s office jiggles. She asks, who’s there? It’s not-Doc. She lets him in, and says she thought he was going to the party. He says he got her message, and his plans changed. He closes the door behind him. She asks how many people Ryan killed, and he tells her, nine. She says, only seven came up when she was researching it. When her back is to him, he slips her driver’s license out of her purse. He lists the women Ryan killed, but she doesn’t have two of them. He says the names didn’t come up anywhere because the murders were never solved.

Anna sits in a wheelchair at the reception area, and Finn asks if she isn’t jumping the gun; she’s not discharged yet. She asks if that isn’t just a formality. He tells her the hospital functions on formalities, and she’s supposed to stay in her room in the meantime. She wants to put this behind her, but she understands how lucky she is. Finn says her body responded to treatment, and Griff has given her the all clear. She says, thank God it’s over, and thanks him for dealing with the virus. She wishes she knew how she got it, and he says he does too.

At Chase’s apartment, he takes Willow’s coat. She says she never appreciated Port Charles like she does now. It’s nice to enjoy a meal in safety. Chase says he can eat in the hallway and be a lookout, but she says she wouldn’t want him to do that. He wants her to feel safe with him.

Josslyn tells Oscar, the cellar was built in 1850, and the town can’t decide whether to fill it in or fix and preserve it. Oscar votes for preservation. It’s a piece of history. He can’t believe they haven’t explored the catacombs yet, but Josslyn says she’d forgotten about it. She tells him that the seniors had to be lying, and if they found a way in, there’s no reason the two of them couldn’t. Oscar says, maybe they missed one. Josslyn says the Black Duck was built over the catacombs. There’s got to be a way in through there.

Michael thanks Lucas for meeting him. Lucas says, it sounded serious. Michael wants to talk about Wiley’s future. Lucas asks if he means in general, or something specific. Michael gives him a document, and says he’s set up a college fund. Lucas says Michael is too generous, but he can’t accept it. Michael asks Lucas to let him do this; he loves Wiley, and it has nothing do with him losing Jonah. He’s Wiley’s godfather, and he wants to help. Lucas thanks him for his generosity and courage. He doesn’t know how Michael does it. He can’t imagine losing Wiley.

Laura sits with Sonny and Carly. Laura suggest Carly give her mother a call. Laura only came in toward the end, but she guesses the book isn’t just about the town; it’s about the people who live there. Sonny asks if he should be worried, and Laura says he should be warned. No one was left unscathed.

Lucy says Ava doesn’t deserve Doc, and Ava says, but she does? Lucy says she didn’t kill anybody’s father, but Ava says not everybody might agree. Lucy says, Victor swallowed the necklace all on his own, and she tried to save him. That makes her worthier than the woman who killed Connie Falconari, and tricked Sonny into murdering AJ. Ava says she didn’t do that. Lucy says she just hasn’t been convicted. Ava says Lucy is right about Doc. He has a kind forgiving heart.

Lulu asks if Ryan told not-Doc about the murders before he died, and why didn’t he tell the police? Not-Doc says it’s a shame a driver’s license doesn’t capture a person’s soul. She asks what he’s doing. He says she’s an investigative reporter. Tell him what she thinks he’s doing.

Finn tells Anna that he neutralized the virus, meaning it will never flare up again, as opposed to it being dormant, where there are no signs, but the virus is still active. She asks how long she’s had it, but he says they have no way of telling. It could have been years. She says if it’s been in her body indefinitely, what changed? Why did she go blind?

Chase gives Willow a glass of wine, and she thanks him for making it easy. He says she’s the one making it easy. It’s nice to be with someone so honest. Some people in his life haven’t been. He says he’s heard it’s unattractive to talk about exes on a date, but she says she likes hearing about other people’s mistakes. Then she doesn’t feel as bad about her own.

Laura suggests Sonny encourage Dante to come home. The long separation from Lulu isn’t good. Sonny says he didn’t know it would be so long. Laura wonders why the WSB can’t do a manhunt without a member of the local police. Sonny says, the man he’s chasing almost killed Luke. Lucy asks if she could talk to Sonny, and Laura tells them, have fun. She and Carly leave the table, and Lucy tells Sonny the book launch was a huge success, and thanks him. Carly asks Laura if she’s expecting someone, and Laura says her daughter was supposed to cover the book launch, and missed the entire thing. Sitting alone, Ava wonders where Doc is.

Lulu tells not-Doc that he’s scaring her. Her mother and husband have been worried about him for some time, thinking the anniversary of the murders took its toll on him. He says, they certainly had an effect. She says she wanted to make sure the victims were treated respectfully, including him. He says he’s not one of Ryan’s victims. She says he had a breakdown and convinced himself that he was Ryan, and he seems be thinking that way now. He says, for the record, her articles weren’t displeasing. Pedestrian writing aside, she managed to capture a spark of Ryan’s genius. She tries to run around him, but he says, time’s up. He’s given her hint after hint, and the truth is staring her in the face. She sees who he is. She says, not Ryan; he’s dead. He takes out a knife, and tells her, if she’s going to be a reporter, she needs to be diligent about checking facts.

Josslyn tells Oscar that they’re on top of the catacombs. She’s sure there’s an entrance, but they’ve been over every inch. There’s no way in, unless they go through the floor. Oscar doesn’t think that’s a good idea; the floor is shaky as it is. The boards are probably rotted since it was built in 1800. Josslyn says she’s sorry, but he’s glad they came. She says she wanted to make one thing work, but he tells her, after weeks of sitting in the hospital playing Go Fish and Celebrity, he’s doing something cool. It doesn’t matter if they make it to the catacombs. They’re here together.

Kim wishes she could keep Oscar all to herself, and Elizabeth says, he’s her baby. Kim says, he’s also fifteen, and she wants him to have a normal life, until he can’t. She supposes that doesn’t include hanging out with mom. Elizabeth thinks she should share that with Josslyn. She can get him to fall in line. Kim says she and Drew have given him free reign over his time, on the condition he check in every three hours to let them know he’s fine. It’s been great up to now. It’s been three hours and fifty-two minutes. She thinks she should be saying it’s probably nothing to worry about, but Elizabeth says, when it’s your kid, you worry.  

Lulu lies on the floor. Not-Doc cleans his knife. She struggles to get up, and he says he missed. He won’t make that mistake again. All of a sudden, he grabs his head and drops to the floor. Lulu stumbles around him. He makes a grab for her, but she gets out the door. Not-Doc passes out.

Chase tells Willow, his ex was one huge mistake in a series of catastrophic ones. She did a number on him. He’s past it, but part of something like that sticks with you. Willow kisses him, and he says that was a nice surprise. She says for her too. He wants her to know he’s not the kind of guy who thinks dinner and drinks entitle him to something else. He likes her too much to rush in and screw things up. She says, if anyone screwed up, it’s her, letting him believe something that’s not true. She wants to set it right. She needs to come clean.

Carly says Sonny told her about Ava’s request. To be clear, there’s no way they’re going to let her leave town with Avery, never mind the country. Ava says Avery is all she has left. She shouldn’t have come to Port Charles in the first place. Carly thinks she should leave, and Ava says she needs to have her one remaining child with her, at least part of the time. Carly tells her to do what she needs to do, but Avery stays there. The elevator door opens, and Lulu staggers out to Laura, dropping to the floor. Laura says she’s been stabbed; call 911. She tells Lulu to stay with her. Ava says, just like Kiki. Lucas puts pressure on Lulu’s wound, and tells her, keep breathing. Laura begs Lulu to stay with them and breathe.

Finn tells Anna that he could go through other cases, but it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. The nature of the virus and it’s transfer remain a mystery for now. She says she called Robert, asking for any intel on the virus. He hasn’t called back yet, so that means he probably does, and he’ll let her know in his own sweet time. Finn says, spies are weird, and Anna says, yeah.

Willow tells Chase, when they first met, he saw a pamphlet on grieving parents in her car. She said it was for someone else, but she lied; it was for her. Chase tells her not to be offended, but he wouldn’t be a good detective if he hadn’t figured that out. She says he knew all along, and he says he strongly suspected, but now that she’s told him, he’s sorry for her loss. She says that’s why she’s so bad at dating. She’s only ever been with one man; the baby’s father. He says she doesn’t have to say anything, but she wants to talk about it. They didn’t stay together. He says, losing a baby is hard, but she says she didn’t lose the baby. That is, he didn’t die. In the support group, they think that’s what happened, but she couldn’t find a group that matched her situation. Her baby is alive, but she gave him up for adoption. Um… I’m sure there’s an online group for that.

At the hospital, the doctor says there’s one internal wound, and heavy bleeding. Lucas tells Laura that Lulu has been stabilized, and they’re getting her to the ER as soon as possible. She’s lost a lot of blood, but he thinks she got to them in time. Laura says she came by Lulu’s office; why did she leave? Sonny tells her not to blame herself.

Not-Doc feels around for the elevator button. I guess he can’t see? One of the doors opens, and he gets in.

Carly tells Ava that she’s free to go, but Ava says she’s waiting for Doc. Carly says she may want to call him. Lulu was attacked, and only hotel guests are allowed in the building. Carly says she’s going to the hospital, and Ava asks for an update when she gets there. Not-Doc stumbles out of the elevator, feeling around. Ava asks what happened. He says he thought the electricity went out, but the elevator was still moving. He can’t see. Called it.

The doctor tells Laura that Lulu is stable, and in the OR now. They won’t know how severe her injury is until they operate. Laura asks to see her, just for a moment. She goes in, and Elizabeth tells her that Lulu isn’t in any pain. Laura goes to Lulu’s bedside, and pets her head. She tells Lulu that she loves her. So many people do, especially Rocco and Charlotte. They need her, and Laura needs her. She begs Lulu to please stay with them.

Carly arrives, and asks how Lulu is. Sonny says she’s stabilized. Carly says she called Valentin, and both kids are asleep. She prays when they wake up, they still have a mother.

Willow hopes Chase doesn’t think she didn’t love her baby enough to take care of it. He doesn’t, and she says she knows she did the best for her son, but there hasn’t been one second when she doesn’t miss him. Chase can’t imagine how hard a decision it was. At least she knows he’s alive and well, and in a good home. She says she almost didn’t go through with it. She almost took her baby back. Chase asks why she didn’t? and she says he was already in a loving home; that’s what she was told. As much as it hurts, she believes he’s better off.

Carly tells Sonny that Lulu isn’t the only reason she’s there. She and Ava found Doc. He said he had a terrible headache, and lost his sight. They’re checking him out now, but there’s no explanation so far.

Curtis and Jordan examine Lulu’s office. Curtis says it looks like she put up a fight, and Jordan says, damn right. Judging from the blood on the floor, she was stabbed by her desk, and moved out. When she stood up, the killer must have still been there. Curtis sees the knife on the floor. He says, it’s the same M.O., but this time, they left their weapon.

Ava says not-Doc must be terrified, and he says he’s been through worse. He wonders if anyone knows how he lost his eyesight so quickly. Ava tells him Carly said something about Lulu being attacked. He asks if she’s all right, and would Ava do him a favor, and check on her and Laura. She says Lulu is in surgery, and she’s the last person Laura wants to see. He says she’s asking for both of them. He thinks she’d feel better if she knows another child didn’t suffer the same fate as Kiki. Ava says she’ll ask the nurse.

Kim asks Carly if she’s heard from Josslyn. She can’t reach Josslyn or Oscar. Carly says Josslyn told her that they wanted work on the planner. Kim says they want to cross things off the list, and hopes they didn’t do anything foolish.

Oscar tells Josslyn that he wants to stay; he likes it there. Josslyn thinks he’s just saying that to make her feel better about her brilliant inspiration being a total lapse. He says she’s more disappointed than she is. She wishes she could make it better, and he says she is, by being there. She says she’s been wishing for miracles, even though she knows he hates them. Wishing for them and hating them are both weird. He says he hates how people use them as an excuse not to talk about death. He’s dying, and maybe he wants to talk about it now and then. Josslyn says if he wants to talk about death, they can. She can’t promise not to get emotional, but anything he wants to say, she’ll listen. He can’t imagine being gone. He imagines what it would be like to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with his dad. He doesn’t think as much about the actual climbing, since that requires training; just about being at the top. She’s with them sometimes, and sometimes, it’s just her and him. That’s when it’s the most beautiful. The worst part of thinking about dying is leaving her, and how much he’ll miss her. He puts his arm around her, and she snuggles against him.

Willow tells Chase the baby’s father couldn’t be in the picture for all kinds of reasons. She tells herself that she did the right thing, but knowing her son is out there, and someone else is holding him is more painful than she imagined. She says now she’s completely derailed the evening, but he says, not at all. He’s glad she told him. So is she, but she still thinks she should go. Chase says he’ll walk her to her car.

Michael tells Laura that he heard chatter on the police radio that evidence was found in Lulu’s office. Sonny asks if it’s enough to ID the killer, but Michael doesn’t know. Laura says there were officers everywhere, and the killer still managed to attack her daughter. She doesn’t know what it will take to stop him.

Curtis sees a bloody footprint on the floor, and says, jackpot. Jordan says they’ve finally caught a break. The killer has stared making mistakes. Curtis says if they find the owner of the shoes, they’ll find the serial killer.

Ava tells not-Doc that Lulu is’t good. She may not make it. He heaves a sigh of relief, but says, that’s just awful. Ava shows him his shoes, which are in a bag, and says she’ll make herself useful. She’ll take those home, and bring back some slippers for him. She leaves.

Elizabeth tells Anna that Lulu was attacked. She’s in surgery, and Doc is in the hospital too. He says he can’t see. Anna tells Finn that they need to find Doc.

Carly tells Elizabeth that she’s been calling Josslyn and Oscar, and getting no response. She asks if Elizabeth can call Cameron.

Josslyn is freezing. She suggests they go back to her house, make popcorn and hot chocolate, and watch a movie. Oscar passes out. Josslyn tells him it will be okay.

A lot of collapsing going on today.

Tomorrow, Chase introduces his godson to Willow, Oscar wonders how they’ll get out if Josslyn doesn’t go for help, and Carly tells someone Josslyn is in trouble.

Vanderpump Rules

Lisa arrives at SUR, which is now open for brunch. Billie wanted to host something to promote the LGBTQ profile, and it’s packed. Lisa asks why James is there, and he says he’s there to say hi to Billie. Lisa says Billie defended James at the meeting, and he says he came to support her brunch. Lisa is glad to see him sober. Billie comes over and says people are loving it. She’s grateful to Lisa. Lisa talks about going to Stassi’s new event.

Stassi is on the phone, setting up photos. Outfit of the Day is now a holiday she started. Beau comes out in overalls, and she’s like, no. He says he’s comfortable. She asks if he can find something to wear that he’s just as comfortable in, but that’s not that. The day is about being yourself, and expressing your individuality and unique style, but she has to draw the line somewhere, and the line is at overalls. She explains that she found a company where she could submit a holiday. They told her to get a website up, and it was approved. In her interview, she says Patrick thought OOTD was cringy, and she’d have to sneak off to take photos. Beau is supportive, even making her a hashtag to hang up. She tells him that she’s doing everything to be good, but no matter what, her mom constantly tells her that she’s not good. We flash back to one of the many times in two episodes that Dayna was being an a-hole. Stassi says she needs a break from her mother. Beau tells her not to get wrapped up in all that, and she says she’s a holiday owner now.

Billie says it’s all about the good vibe. Kristen comes in with Katie, and Billie wonders why she’s there. Tom says, she’s been banned from the restaurant four times, and Billie says, Lisa needs to re-ban her. In Billie’s interview, she says, starting sh*t is Kristen’s thing, and her energy smells like dogsh*t. My question is, why is Billie looking like a somewhat dowdy 50s housewife? She goes over to their table, and says it’s random to see them there. The last time they talked, it wasn’t good. They were talking about James negatively. Kristen says Billie doesn’t know what she’s talking about, and Billie says he’s one of her close friends. Kristen doesn’t think Billie should be friends with him at all, but Billie says Kristen is holding a lot of anger, and campaigning hate. Katie says Billie is campaigning to get Kristen banned. In her interview, Katie says, there are bottles of tequila behind the bar that have been at SUR longer than Billie. Billie says she doesn’t want drama, and Kristen says she’s there as a customer, and Billie is creating drama at her table. Kinda weird. Billie tells them, enjoy brunch, and disappears, poof! because she knows what Kristen said is true.

Stassi tells us this is the begging of the empire she wants to create; her own version of Lisa’s empire, but instead of classic elegance, National OOTD day is more like, basic bitch. Tom says since he’s off duty, he can flex his OOTD. Schwartz wants a National Mumu Day.

Jax wonders if he was disrespectful. Brittany tells Jax that she hates conflict, especially with Lisa.

Katie tells Scheana what happened with Billie. Lala says it’s pathetic. She tells the girls that she’s going to the studio with James tonight. Katie wanted them come over to make flyers. In her interview, Katie says she wanted the girls to come together and make something new for Tuesdays. Katie is confused as to why Lala wants to hang out with James, especially when they’re figuring out Tuesday. Lala says, at one point, James was her only friend. Kristen appreciates that, but she doesn’t know what to say. Katie thinks the only way James will hit rock bottom is if he thinks he won’t have Lala in his life. He thinks it’s all good now. In Lala’s interview, she says she let her guard down, and felt for James, but now that she’s been talking to Katie and Kristen, her gut is speaking to her. She feels like James played her again, and Lala is no fiddle

Lisa agrees with Stassi that dressing up enhances your self-esteem. Stassi gives an interview, saying she loves classic, feminine, timeless styles. Lala wants Tom and Ariana to make a baby. Ariana asks if she can do it in a test-tube, and wonders when men will be getting pregnant. In Tom’s interview, he says him getting pregnant might be the only way he and Ariana will have a baby. Knock him up. Lisa joins them. Tom wonders when the big reveal is. In her interview, Lisa says she and Ken have been working tirelessly on TomTom. We see a clip of that. She tells Tom it’s going to be in a few days when everything is unwrapped and in place.

Stassi has Beau check Instagram, and he says OOTD is on fire. Stassi is pleased that thanks to her, all these people are taking pictures of themselves in their outfits, when they’d never felt confident enough before. She wants to do it every year. More and more people will get involved, and one day it will be a federal holiday, and schools and banks will be closed. You’re welcome. She tells Beau that she’s going to try so hard, and puts a piece of burger in his mouth with hers. Bleh.

Brittany and Scheana take pictures in front of a flower wall. Brittany tells Lisa that she was a nervous wreck at the meeting. She doesn’t usually speak her mind. When she did, she didn’t want Lisa to get mad at her, but Lisa said she was disappointed. In Lisa’s interview, she says if she based every decision on business and money, Jax wouldn’t be there. She tells Brittany, when Jax was yelling, she didn’t need his input. Not everything is black and white. Jax joins them, and Brittany tells him they were talking about the meeting. Jax says when he sees his fiancé crying, he has to step up. Lisa say she’s not ready for his attitude again, but he says he’s just defending his fiancé. She says he doesn’t need to be negative and rude, and maybe she needs to teach him how. He thinks she should focus on James. Lisa says she doesn’t need him telling her that. In her interview, Brittany says that she used to think she made Jax look better, but now that they’re engaged, when he acts like this, he makes her look worse. Lisa says she was talking to Brittany. Jax says he just wanted to apologize, but Lisa says she missed the apology. Jax says he’s sorry, and Lisa thanks him. In Jax’s interview, he says he can’t win with Lisa. She’s always going to treat him like the old Jax. James could set fire to SUR, and she’d say, Jax, you thought about doing this. Brittany tells Lisa that she and Jax go at each other, but Lisa says he’s working for her, and needs to show respect.

Ariana goes to Katie’s. Katie says everyone is an hour late. Jax came by, yelling about how Brittany is stressing out. Ariana says she’s not doing this for the next year; making everything about the wedding. In her interview, Katie says Jax was screaming that Lisa was on Brittany’s case, and how no one believes he’s really changed. There’s eleven months until the wedding. Chill. The other girls arrive, and they discuss having a girl’s night. Katie says they’ll forget who James is. Brittany says they’re about to blow that sh*t out of the water. They don’t need James. Ariana says Tom is going to the studio with James, who asked him to bring his trumpet. She was like, Tom, please don’t.

But he did, and we hear him playing badly. He tells James to make him sound like Lala. James was expecting something sexy and sultry, which Lala could have given him. In his interview, he says he sees her in her Rolls with her coffee, and he’s paying out of pocket for studio time. If you say you’re going to come, show up. Tom doesn’t want the sound synthesized, and James says he loves the organic sound. In this case, I guess organic means bad. Tom asks if he’s as good as Lala, and James says, yeah, but I don’t think he’s saying that in his head. Tom asks if James and Lala are friends again, and James says, it’s complicated.

The girls decide on Girls’ Night In for the name of their event. Lala tells them that she loves them.

James says the girls act like they’re playing Duck, Duck, Goose; a child’s game. He wonders who the duck is that the chicks are following, causing his game reference to make no sense. That Katie is doing his Tuesday night is a gutting feeling. In his interview, James says Katie won’t stop reminding him what a bitch she is. She wants to change everything, but the people were coming there for him. James says he hopes it goes well. He sounds sincere, confusing me even more.

In Lala’s interview, she says every person in the world has seen her boobs, so she doesn’t mind bringing them out for a good cause. They create a flyer with the text covering Lala’s nipples: SUR presents Girls’ Night In. Katie thinks Jax should chill out. In her interview, Brittany thinks everyone is waiting for them to mess up. We flash back to various comments from the others about Jax. Brittany wonders when everyone is going to believe they’re happy. Brittany tells the girls that she’s on the brim of freaking out. She leaves, saying she’s not doing this sh*t anymore, but isn’t specific about what this sh*t is, other than saying something unintelligible about her relationship. Back home, she tells Jax that she’s going to lose it, and to give her a second.

Scheana thinks Brittany lets little things affect her in a big way. Jax quickly blows  in and out, the girls telling him to let Brittany freak out. Scheana gets a text from Brittany saying she’s not mad at them. She’s just having a bad weird day. Katie wonders if she’d feel this way if she wasn’t marrying Jax.

Jax asks if Brittany is all right; what’s going on? She says she’s about to lose it. These are her best friends, and Katie was complaining about Jax talking about the wedding. She keeps hearing everyone talking, and it’s giving her a pit in her stomach, thinking Lisa is mad at her. She feels like she’s constantly keeping the peace between Lisa and Jax. Jax says he was sticking up for her. She says she knows that, and Jax says he’s damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t. She feels like they have to prove they’re in a great place, but Jax says only to themselves. In Brittany’s interview, she feels like their friends are pulling them back to the same place, and she just want everyone to be happy for them. Jax tells her, don’t worry about it.

Lala and Scheana go to see Lala’s acting coach, Shannon. In her interview, Scheana says she’s dusting off her acting chops, and went back to her old manager. She hasn’t been in class for a long time. She prefers cold reads, but she and Lala are doing some improv. Shannon tells Lala that she’s Scheana’s boss, and Scheana has been screwing up a lot at work. Scheana starts telling Lala her excuses, which sound exactly like things out of Scheana’s real life. In Lala’s interview, she says Scheana is being herself. She loves acting because she gets to be everyone who isn’t her, but Scheana is so vain, she can’t imagine being anyone else. Shannon wants to play with illusions, and tells them to act out orgasms. In Scheana’s usual TMI way, she says she’ll be great at this, since she never had one until last year. They both go for it, and Lala says the Oscar winning performance goes to Scheana.

Stassi visits Katie and Schwartz. Stassi tells Katie that #NationalOOTDDay got over a thousand posts. Katie says Stassi really turned it out. She’s excited for tonight. Schwartz says he likes to take the high road, but hopes they’re more successful than James. Katie wants make everyone happy whose been bummed, but then yesterday happened. Billie took to social media, saying the girls at her job didn’t include the trans girl. She’s trying to insinuate that they left her out because she’s trans. Ariana says she even asked Billie to come. Now she’s gone on a smear campaign. We see a clip of her asking Katie about inviting Billie, and Katie says everyone is invited, but she does need her to help. Katie says she doesn’t pretend to know the adversity Billie has come up against, but she’s had nothing but compassion and support.

Scheana doesn’t like what Billie has been saying on social media. It’s not about her being trans. Lala says it’s hurtful. In her interview, Lala says she liked Billie when they first met, but in the past year, she’s been nothing but rude. She stirs the pot, and now she’s liking posts that are saying the girls at SUR are transphobic. Now it’s a thing. Schwartz says if she feels left out, it’s a real thing, but she should have approached them personally. Katie says she only had the people over who were planning the party, but Billie was invited to the party. Stassi says Billie acts the opposite of what she says her message is.

At SUR, before Girls’ Night In, Peter tells Katie if they’re replacing James, he was there several nights a week. She says tonight isn’t about James, and it’s a trial run. Manager Diana tells her the room is packed. In her interview, Katie says they got a masseuse, a sparkle bar, and DJ Mickey. James isn’t the only person that can make a ton of money for SUR. Ariana brings in some fancy vodka for shots, promising it’s like liquid gold. Kristen says, it’s insane; so many people. In Stassi’s interview, she says they don’t need James to be successful.

Raquel asks James if every Tuesday night is going to be Girls’ Night, and James says he hopes not. Tom arrives. In his interview, Tom says he’d like to be at the first Girls’ Night In, but they’re having a night in with robes and rosé. He wants to make sure James knows he’s there for him. DJing on Tuesday nights was his identity. He says Schwartz says it’s already packed, and there’s a line out the door. In James’s interview, it pisses him off that Katie is having her night on Tuesday, and now Lala’s boobs are getting the credit.

The place is jumping, but people are packed so tight, I can’t imagine it’s very comfortable. Everyone is taking photos, and the girls are dancing on the bar, and pouring shots. Lisa tells Ken, the girls have done it. James won’t be thrilled, but she has to give the girls their due. She says, it must be girl power or p*ssy power or something. Billie arrives, whines that she wasn’t included, and didn’t know about the event until it was posted. I assume along with everyone else who wasn’t in on the planning, so…? In her interview, she says, as a child, she wasn’t allowed to go to girls’ things, and missed out on a lot. It made her feel like she was wrong, and she felt a rush of shame at not being included.

Ariana climbs over the bar, going over to see Billie. She says she doesn’t want Billie to feel excluded. And Billie asks why she left out the trans woman. Ariana says it’s becoming something it’s not. It’s her personal beef with Katie that has to be worked out. in her interview, Ariana says she’s in the middle of two girls who are her friends. She has empathy for Billie’s position, but at the same time, Billie just had an altercation with Katie. Ariana wouldn’t invite her either. Katie asks, what’s going on? and Billie repeats her gripe about not being included. Katie says, tonight is for everyone, so stop making it something it’s not. Her posts are perpetuating the insinuation that they’re discriminatory. Billie says they never included the trans woman. In Billie’s interview, she tells us that she never called them transphobic. She just liked a few comments from supportive people about being excluded. She tells Katie, an apology would have been good. Katie says Billie is the one who needs to apologize. Billie says Katie doesn’t get it. Cis privileged for sure. Katie tells her, stop it. Ariana wants them to be able to talk it out, but says no one is listening to her.

Katie tells Lala what Billie said about her being cis privileged. Lala says, eff that bitch. In her interview, Lala tells us that she doesn’t quite know what that means, but if it came out of Billie’s mouth, it’s effed up. 

Lisa tells Katie, it’s crazy, and asks if they’re doing this every Tuesday. Katie asks if Lisa wants them to, and Lisa says she does. Katie says she’ll do it. The line down the street blew her expectations out of the water, but to hear Lisa say it, confirms it. Katie tells the others, and they toast to Girls’ Night In. In Kristen’s interview, she dances around, saying she won. James is done.

Tom listens to his own playing, and makes faces, saying things like, that’s gotta go. He tells James, edit the sh*t out of that,

Lisa says, it’s a raving success. Billie joins her table, and Lisa asks if she’s having fun. Billie says, no. She wasn’t included in the planning, and didn’t know about it until it was posted. She says she wasn’t tagged in the original post. Lisa knows she’s coming from her trans experience of not being included, but she’s here. Billie ignores this, and says she’s trans and it’s Girls’ Night; her pronoun. They’re not being sensitive. Lisa gets how much Billie has endured, but thinks that’s a separate issue. The girls probably organized it between themselves, but that has nothing to do with Billie being trans. She’s never heard a negative comment about that, and everyone has had the utmost admiration for Billie. In Lisa’s interview, she understands that Billie’s had a difficult journey, but they’ve all been welcoming and supportive. Once again ignoring what Lisa just said, Billie tells Lisa that her feelings were hurt. Katie is crying about her weight all the time. Lisa says, it wasn’t deliberate, but Billie says if Katie can pull the fat card, she can pull the trans card. Lisa says she’s not hearing any more of this nonsense.

Next time, Billie tells Lala she’s not better than everyone just because she has a rich boyfriend, Lala calls Billie a psychopath, Tom has an 80s roller rink birthday party, and the big reveal.

👸 Interesting. IMO, they treated Billie exactly like one of the girls. If we’re pissed at you, we’re not including you in the planning of the party. She’s also seems to have confused the planning party (if you want to call it that) with the event itself. Seems to me they never even considered her to be anything but one of the girls. and it’s her own projection. I get why, but she needs to woman-up and admit she’s wrong. On Twitter.

📺 I saw a preview for Mexican Dynasties, premiering Tuesday, February 26th at 10 pm, and it looks good. Don’t Be Tardy starts its new season on Sunday, February 17th at 9 pm. As much as I don’t care for Kim Zolciak, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and especially Kim on RHOA, I like this show. Zany is the perfect word for it.

🙊 After Watch What Happens Live, at 11:30, Bravo aired a new show, Dating: No Filter, and I think it’s a keeper. It’s like People’s Couch, but the people on the couch are critiquing couple’s first dates. The dates were pretty awful, but the critiques were funny as hell. They’re airing episodes all week at 10:30 pm on E!

Gay guy after being asked by his date if his family knows he’s gay: We haven’t had that talk yet.

Commenter: Have they seen that shirt?

📓 BTW, Andy Cohen has a stenographer? Stenographers still exist who aren’t retired?

🏥 Leida Continues Her Pursuit of a Medical Career…

No, wait. She doesn’t.


The Instagram post where she promises we’ll never have to see her on TV again. I believe it if you believe it.


😍 Because I Love Her…

No surprise, Lady Gaga’s Vegas looks are incredible.


🎶 Since We’re On the Subject…

My favorite Gaga song.


December 20, 2018 – Peter Revises His Statement, Dessert Sinks Chefs, OG Special, Unsure, Quoting the Carol & Sugar Plums


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Bobbie arrives at Sonny’s with Brad Lucas and Wiley. Sonny holds him.

On the phone, Sam says she doesn’t know who’s using her alias. She sent an email, and got an even weirder response. The call gets cut off. Alexis is at the door, wondering where Sam is. Sam had to drop the kids off, and is running late. Alexis says she has to ask Sam to make her apologies. She won’t be able to watch Sam become Wiley’s godmother.

Chase meets Willow at Charlie’s, He thinks it’s an interesting choice for a second date. She tells him it’s the closest he’ll get to her making him breakfast. Not that they… She tells her students, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Chase says, and if the date doesn’t work out, the rest of the day is still salvageable. She says she’s free all day; they’re on break. He promises to make sure no parents are lurking around, but she’s already checked. It’s a parent-free zone.

Valentin tells Nina, good morning. She says, it’s better than good.

At the MetroCourt, Maxie leaves a message for Nina. They had a breakfast meeting; where is she? It had better be super important. Peter approaches the table. He says they haven’t set a date for diner yet, and suggests tomorrow night. She says she’s washing her hair; what about Saturday? He agreed to meet someone at the mall that day. She gets a message from Anna, and tells Peter that Obrecht is being transferred to Pentonville. It must make his day.

Obrecht is brought into the interrogation room. She says she’d rather wait in the snow, and Finn asks if that’s an option. She asks Anna if she’s come to gloat at the woman duped into saving her ill daughter who was never ill. Anna says Obrecht did save her. Not the way she’d planned, but Britt is free and out of prison. Finn shows her proof. Anna appreciates Obrecht’s concern for her daughter, and she’s sure Obrecht appreciates her concern for her son. Jordan says the van is ready, and if Obrecht is thinking about another escape, think again. It will never happen. Obrecht says a famous doctor, a legendary spy, and a decorated officer. You’d think they’d have learned never say never.

Sonny jokes that Wiley can always stay with him as the godfather. Brad asks Carly if that should make him nervous. Josslyn comes in, calling it a hipster baptism, and Michael says, it’s a naming ceremony. A celebration of Wiley and his place in the family. The house phone rings. Josslyn answers. She tells Sonny Julian is there.

Alexis tells Sam that she has to appear in person for a case. Sam says she’s sure they’ll understand, but she could have just called. Alexis says she wanted to see Sam, then admits she wanted to see Kristina. Sam says she’s not there. Alexis asks if they talked about her, and how mad is Kristina? Sam says they didn’t talk about her, and on a scale of one to ten, it’s from an eight to an eleven. Alexis says she didn’t accuse Kristina of anything. Sam says it’s not a good idea to jump to conclusions, but understands why Alexis has reason to mistrust Kristina. She sees it from both sides. She doesn’t want to get stuck in the middle, and Kristina doesn’t want her advice any more than she wants Alexis’s.

Nina tells Valentin that she has to… She looks at her phone, and realizes she’s ridiculously late. He tells her to stay. She’s going to have to apologize anyway. Nina says at least she gets to come home to him. She’s accepted he’s her home. Valentin says she’s his. She says, even though Sasha is in Chappaqua, she’s still in her heart, and she has Valentin to thank. She’ll thank him forever for bringing them together.

Peter knows Maxie’s feelings toward Obrecht are conflicted. Maxie says, that’s an understatement. Obrecht deserves to go to prison, but Maxie also understands she acted out of grief. Nathan’s death was too much for her, and she has no family or friends to turn to. So she’s not surprised Obrecht flipped out. Peter says it sounds like she’s still struggling. She says Obrecht is also Nathan’s mom, and she knows, no matter what, Nathan wouldn’t want his mother going to prison. She’s James’s grandmother. What is she supposed to tell him? Peter’s phone rings. He says it’s not important.

Jordan tells Obrecht that they’re well-aware of what happened last time, but Obrecht says she was a helpless prisoner; a victim of an unfortunate accident. Jordan says, unfortunate for the two guards. She’s lucky they survived. Obrecht says that’s more than can be said for her son. Nathan is dead. The chain of events was set in motion by Anna’s son, and he was never punished. Anna says, he was; Obrecht saw to that. Obrecht asks who she thinks she’s fooling. This is about Anna getting back at her; not justice. Finn says it is about justice. She had a right to grieve, but not take revenge. Them bringing her back was legal, and she’s going to stand trial. Hopefully, she’ll be convicted, and that will be justice.

Julian asks what Lucas is doing at Sonny’s. Lucas says, he doesn’t know? Julian says, looks like a family celebration. Sonny tells him not to make trouble, and he says he’s there to pick up Avery. It’s Ava’s day, and with all that’s happened, she thought it best if he came. Sam walks in. She didn’t know Julian was on the guest list. He explains again why he’s there. Sonny says Ava is in no condition, but Julian says she loves Avery as much as he does. Sonny thinks Avery should be celebrating with her family, and not dealing with Ava’s grief. Carly says, it’s not Avery’s job to make Ava feel better. Sonny says she’s just a child. Josslyn finds Avery, who’s been listening, and wonders if she’s done something wrong.

Avery asks if her mommy is still sad, and Julian says, a little; she misses Avery. Avery asks if she’s sad about Kiki, and Michael says they’ll all be sad about Kiki for a long time. Carly asks if Avery wants to see her mommy, and Avery says she does. Carly tells Sonny, it’s what she wants. Sonny says she can’t be alone, and Julian says he’ll be there. Carly takes Avery to get ready. Julian congratulates Brad and Lucas. He leaves to wait for Avery. Michael needs some Wiley time, and Lucas gives Wiley to him.

Bobbie thanks Sonny for not having Julian thrown out, like he deserves. He thought she was into peaceful coexistence, and she says, it’s easier from a distance.

Chase asks if Willow is finished Christmas shopping, and she says she hasn’t begun. She likes the last minute thing though. He tells he that’s a sign of mental illness, but she says she likes the energy, music, and decorations. Chase says, parking and long lines. She tells him that she doesn’t have much of a list. He says his mom is Christmas crazy. Their house is like the mall the entire month. Willow says Christmas wasn’t a big deal for her growing up; long story. He says he has the time, and would like to know.

Maxie tells Peter about a serious conflict over James’s Christmas outfit. He’s totally distracted, and she asks if something is wrong. He says there’s something he has to do, but he hasn’t forgotten about dinner. She says the week is full of Christmas parties, and he says he wants it to be special. Maybe they should wait until after the holidays, and do it right. He promises it will be worth the wait.

Brad tells Julian he would have invited him if he could have. This day wouldn’t have happened without him. Julian is just glad he and Lucas have their son. Brad says they both know that’s not entirely true, and Julian says he has to stop torturing himself. All that matters is that Wiley is where he deserves and needs to be. Avery is ready to go. Sonny takes her to Julian.

On the phone, Nina says, it’s completely unforgivable; there’s no excuse. Valentin comes in, and asks what’s wrong. She asks him if he thought he could fool her forever. Did he think she’d be so crazy in love, she’d never find out the truth? How long as she been blackmailing him? Valentin says Obrecht is crazy, and Nina says Obrecht told her everything. How he got a stranger to masquerade as her daughter. Both Valentin’s and my heart sink. How he faked the DNA test. How he used her deepest, darkest pain to get her back in bed. She slaps him. He’s only been fantasizing, and walks in again.

He asks Nina, what’s unforgivable? and she says she is. She blew off her breakfast meeting with Maxie. Valentin and I both breathe a sigh of relief. She tells him she’s not even sorry, and kisses him.

Jordan tells Obrecht, next stop, Pentonville. Obrecht tells her, so she says. Peter comes in, saying he’s here for Obrecht. Obrecht says she’s about to go to prison, but he says, there’s been a mistake. Anna says they have plenty of security this time. He says he wants to make a statement before there’s a terrible miscarriage of justice. Jordan says they have his signed statement. He said Obrecht drugged him, kept him tied up in a cabin for weeks, and left him to die in a fire. He says, that time was overwhelming. He was hallucinating, and in the throes of a fever. He couldn’t distinguish fantasy from reality. Finn says the only hallucinations he was having were from the drugs Obrecht gave him. Anna says they have the surveillance tape, but Peter says, that proves nothing. They need his statement. Without it, they can’t send her to prison. Anna asks what he’s doing. He says, the more he thinks about it, the less he can trust his memories. Jordan says his DNA was in the cabin. They pulled him out of the fire at Windymere. He was dehydrated and malnourished, and had bruising consistent with restraints. He says he was in the cabin, because Obrecht wanted him to write another book in Nathan’s memory.  She kept him alive while they tried to make sense of Nathan’s loss. They have to let her go.

Nina tells Valentin she loves him. She isn’t standing in the way of their happiness anymore. They’re spending Christmas together. Maybe Sasha could come for Christmas Eve, and they could spend it as a family. He’s given that to her – a family. It’s the most important gift. He tells her there’s something she has to know.

Willow says her childhood was unconventional. Her mother was a free spirit, who raised her alone. She often had to work on Christmas Eve, Christmas day, or both. He thinks it’s sounds lonely, but she says they were a team. He asks if she has other family, and she says they’re not close. He reminds her of the flyer for grieving parents she had in her car when they met, and asks if she knew someone who lost a child. She says, as a teacher, she tries to keep up with things that might affect her students and their families. Anything else, detective? He says he didn’t mean to interrogate her; he wants to get to know her.

Julian brings Avery to Charlie’s. Her mommy isn’t feeling well, so she’s taking a nap. Avery says, no nap, but he says, not her. Her mommy is taking a nap, and she’s going to help him run the place. He makes her his assistant manager. He says she has to make sure his customers are happy. She runs to Chase and Willow’s table, and introduces herself.

Bobbie has never been asked to preside at a naming ceremony before, and thinks it’s fitting that the first time should be her grandson. He has the perfect name, and he couldn’t have a better role model than Sam. She’s honored to be chose to be Wiley’s godmother, and promises to do whatever she can to help him make his way in the world, and love him unconditionally. When he gets lost, just look around and know she and his godfather will be there. Lucas thanks Michael for agreeing to be Wiley’s godfather.

Michael says it’s a gift to be a part of Wiley’s life, and he fell in love with Wiley the first time he saw him. He’s a reminder of everything good in the world, and if he can be an extra pair of arms to hold him, he’s honored to be Wiley’s godfather. Bobbie welcomes Wiley Cooper Jones to the family, and hopes he cherishes his name as much as all of them will always cherish him. Josslyn says every important occasion needs an accessory, and puts a Hello, My Name Is… tag on him. Brad takes a picture of Lucas and Wiley.

Willow introduces herself to Wiley. Chase says they’ve met before. He asks if she remembers him bringing her home when she spent the night with her grandfather in the stable. Julian comes over to apologize, but Chase says, no problem. Julian says she’s there until her nanny comes. She’s in charge of customer satisfaction. He asks if she wants to taste test the cocoa. She leaves with Julian, and Chase says kids seem to chase Willow.

Anna asks Obrecht what she has on Peter. How did she get him to change his story? Jordan says Peter signed his new statement in front of the DA. Without his testimony they just have circumstantial evidence. She has no choice but to release her.

Nina ask Valentin what it is. He says he was given a new beginning. He wants that more than anything, but if they’re going to start with a clean slate, he has to be honest. He’s made mistakes. His phone rings. She says ignore it, but he says he can’t. It’s Obrecht. She tells him that Peter recanted his testimony, and she’s a free woman. She’ll keep her word, and no one will ever know he passed off a counterfeit as a long lost daughter. Merry Christmas, Heir Cassadine. Nina asks who that was. He just half-smiles.

On the terrace, Josslyn asks Michael why every happy moment makes you think about the people who aren’t there to share it. That’s a good question, but it’s probably because you notice they’re not there. He says, it goes with the territory. That’s why they have to hold on to happy moments. She says, like every moment she has with Oscar, and every moment he has with his godson. He looks though the window at Wiley.

The nanny comes. Avery says she had fun. Julian says he did too. He takes her outside. Chase checks his watch, and Willow wonders if he’s bored. He says she might be on vacation, but the PCPD doesn’t get a holiday. She says, duty calls, and he says, unfortunately. She tells him that she’s sticking around to do some Christmas shopping, and he says, in that case, he’s a medium. She says, don’t get your hopes up, and he says, too late.

Valentin tells Nina that was Santa Claus. She asks why he’s smiling, and he says, her. He was a clever fool; knowing what he wanted, and how to get it. Then she came along. He has her now, and he’s never letting her go. They kiss.

Maxie sees Obrecht, and asks if she escaped, and is hiding in plain sight. That’s not going to work. Obrecht tells her, everything is all right. All the charges are kaput. Maxie asks what happened, and Obrecht says, Peter revised his statement. He’s 100% sure that she didn’t kidnap and torture him.  He realized a deeper truth happened in the cabin. Someone must have appealed to his conscience. She’s grateful, because now, she has all the time in the world to get to know James.

Jordan has to confirm with the warden that she won’t be transferring Obrecht. Unless Peter is changing his statement again. Peter hands her the paper, and says, justice has been served. She says not from where she’s standing. Anna asks him to wait. Finn says he’ll make some calls. Anna asks why he did it. His entire life has been built on hatred. He was either trying to please his father, or running from his legacy. Coming that close to death taught him there’s another way to live, and his nephew has shown him innocence still exists. Maxie has shown him there’s room for forgiveness. He tried to be the man Nathan would have wanted him to be. She asks if his forgiveness is only for others, or is there a tiny bit left for her?

Sam comes home, and opens her laptop. She writes an email to Linda Black. Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t need any help.

Nina says she’ll never get to work. He says he’s never letting her go. She says, what a coincidence. She’s never going to leave.

Anna tells Peter she’s having a Christmas Eve party thing at her house, and he’s invited. If he wants to come. She jets, and he ponders.

Obrecht looks at pictures of James. She can’t wait to hold him again. She wishes that Nathan… Maxie says, life can be horribly unfair. James will never know his father, and Michael will never know his baby. His and Nelle’s baby was stillborn. Obrecht says, really? How dreadful.

Lucas thanks Sonny and Carly for hosting. It’s a day he’s never going to forget. Josslyn says she’s available for babysitting. Lucas thanks Michael for stepping up. Michael says, hopefully the day will never come, but God forbid Wiley is ever in his care, he promises to treat him like his own son.

Chase gets a call from the station. Julian looks at the picture of Lucas and Wiley on his phone. Willow sees it, and tears up. She and Chase leave. She looks back at Julian, who looks pained. Is she the birth mother whose child really died?

Tomorrow, Jordan wishes she had better news for Stella, Bobbie says they have a Santa-sized problem, and Mike is waiting for his best girl to show up.

🍲 On tonight’s Top Chef, the contestants were to create a traditional French Christmas dinner, where chef Eric Ripert was their guest. Baking is often not a chef’s forte, and they all seemed to get hung up when it came to dessert. Eric called their desserts offensive, and Tom summed up the episode rather neatly. They all messed up, they know they messed up, and they didn’t do anything about it.

🍷 Andy Cohen is having a two-part special on Watch What Happens Live. The first part of O Come OG Faithful aired tonight, and Part Two will air on Sunday at 11:30 pm. The fun included a trip down Memory Lane, iconic moments, catch phrases (bloop!), games, and plenty of shade. Teresa, Kyle, Ramona, Nene, and Vicki were the guests, while Vicki’s son Michael bartended. Bethenny was also listed in the TV Guide, but I have no clue what happened there. It was a good time, but I wish it could have been a little longer.

🎄 Since I have a lot of Christmas goings-on, I’m not sure what will be up with tomorrow. For sure, I’ll be bringing you Z Nation, if not tomorrow, on Saturday, but GH might be very encapsulated. It remains to be seen…

❄ A Carol in Quotes

A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, in nine quotes.

If I could work my will, every idiot who goes about with ‘Merry Christmas’ on his lips should be boiled with his own pudding and buried with a stake of holly through his heart. He should! – Scrooge

If they would rather die, they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population. – Scrooge

No space of regret can make amends for one life’s opportunity misused. – Marley’s ghost

I wear the chain I forged in life. I made it link by link, and yard by yard – Marley’s ghost

Are these the shadows of the things that Will be, or are they shadows of things that May be, only? – Scrooge to the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. – Scrooge

And it was always said of him, that he knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge. May that be truly said of us, and all of us! – Narrator, referring to Scrooge

God bless Us, Every One! – Tiny Tim

💯 And if you’re up for more, here’s a hundred of them.


🎅 4 Days and Counting…

And possibly going out of my mind.


July 18, 2018 – Franco Reasons with Obrecht, NYC Wives Invade South America, Kenny Returns to the Deck, a Remark, a Quote & Done


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

On the phone, Sonny tells someone to call in any favors they can. Jason joins him, and Sonny says Carly is on lockdown at Ferncliff. Jason asks what about the appeal. Sonny tells him that Diane is working on it. They have to get her out, and she’s making it worse. Not that he blames her for wanting to protect Michael.

Chase meets Michael in the elevator at the hospital. He asks if it was a fun wedding night, and the best thing Michael can say about it is, it’s over. They have Nelle where they want her, and he’s ready for the next step. Chase tells him, God speed.

Kim tells Nelle the baby is in great shape. Nelle asks, what’s up with the stomach pains? Kim says she ran every test, and they were negative, but she might know what’s causing it.

Valentin says, I know you, to the MetroCourt bartender, but he says he has one of those faces. Valentin says they’ve met before, and the bartender says he’s been in Port Charles a while. He introduces himself as Chip, and Valentin says they can start with him explaining exactly who he is.

Peter asks Nina what he’s supposed to do next time, when she’s not there and Obrecht tries to kill him? Nina tells him to shut up. She’s got this; a way out for both of them He’ll be safe from Obrecht if he’s behind bars.

Sam tells Elizabeth that she and Curtis have some questions about Franco.

On the docks, Franco asks Obrecht if she’s okay. She asks him to excuse her state. She didn’t anticipate running into anyone else. He asks if she’s crying, and she says it’s allergy season. The pollen is ruthless this year. He doesn’t think that’s it.

Julian visits Sonny, who asks what he’s doing there. Julian says nice to see him too. He shows him the picture of Charlie and Mike.

Michael visits Nelle at the hospital. Kim thinks the culprit is indigestion. It’s like heartburn on steroids, and common in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Nelle feels like she was being melodramatic, but Kim tells her not to feel that way. They’re going to make sure she’s hydrated, and then she can go.

Sam tells Elizabeth, more specifically, they have questions about Franco’s relationship with Obrecht. Curtis says they have reason to believe Obrecht is hiding Peter from the authorities. Elizabeth asks if they’re talking about the cabin in the woods. Franco already told the police everything he knows.

Franco tells Obrecht to be honest; he already knows everything. She asks what everything is, and he says she lied. She didn’t have a woodsy hunk at the cabin; she had Peter tied to a bed, and she knows where he is. She says nothing gets past her Franco. He tells her that Elizabeth said to go to the police. She asks if he heeded that little snitch’s advice, but he says Finn already told them. She says, how predictable. A known drug addict couldn’t wait to cast dirt. He says, not dirt. She’s been holding Peter hostage, and he was found by an innocent kid whose probably scarred for life. She suggests Wyatt have a few sessions with Franco, and he’ll be fine. He says the cops aren’t just after Peter anymore. They’re coming after her.

Peter says Nina’s solution is to surrender to the PCPD? If he turns himself in, Robert will make it his mission to keep him in a cell for the rest of his life. Nina says he’ll be alive, and it’s better than what Obrecht has planned.

Valentin says he’s definitely seen Chip before. Chip says he’s an actor. Chip Morris. He’s worked in several metro areas, and did a local commercial; it pays the bills. He asks if this rings a bell, and pantomimes the advertisement he did. Valentin says he remembers, and grabs him by the front of his shirt. He says, it was some show on the pier, and asks who hired him?

Julian tells Sonny it’s a small world, and Sonny says, sure is. Julian says he’s been making room for the expansion, and found the photo. Sonny never mentioned Mike was buddies with the guy who owned the joint. Sonny says he didn’t know. Mike saw the picture of Charlie on the wall of the pub, and started talking about the old neighborhood. He lit up when he was talking, so Sonny wanted to buy the place. Julian says, it’s a hefty price to pay for nostalgia. Sonny says he’s lucky he’ll never understand what living with Alzheimer’s is like. He wanted Mike to be able to work there once in a while. Julian says he has no intention of selling, but Sonny’s dad is always welcome for coffee on the house, and not because Sonny forced him to. He tells Sonny to keep the photo, and leaves. Jason asks how much Sonny thinks he knows?

Nelle thanks Kim for being supportive, and Kim says she made it easy. She congratulates them on their marriage, and Nelle shows her the ring. Kim says it’s the first hospital wedding in her medical career, and Nelle says, everything is falling into place. Kim tells her to enjoy the end of her pregnancy, and get as much sleep as possible before the baby comes. She leaves, and Michael says it’s a relief. Nelle is glad it didn’t completely ruin the wedding. When she woke up, she felt like a different person; like how she was supposed to be. She can’t wait to start their new life. Michael’s phone dings. He says Alexis is supposed to meet him to go over logistical stuff with his will. He says he’ll be back before Nelle is discharged, and she says she’ll get her hydration on.

Chip threatens to call security, and Valentin asks him if all DEC agents are looking for extra work, or just him. Chip admits he was playing a part, and Valentin says, so it was just a hoax; why? Chip says he didn’t mean to start trouble. A lady hired him. She didn’t give her name; she just said it was part of a project. Valentin asks him to describe her. He says she was tall, athletic, strawberry blonde, and intense. Valentin says he knows who Chip means.

Nina says she’ll get Valentin to the MetroCourt, take him up in the freight elevator, and tip the police off. In exchange for setting him free, he’s going to tell them that he never saw his captors. Spin it however he wants; he’s good at fiction. Just keep her and Obrecht out of it. He says, no matter what he promises to say, how does she know he won’t give them up when he’s in police custody?

Elizabeth understands the think Obrecht has Peter, but when Finn and Franco got to the cabin, no one was there, but the ropes still were. Curtis asks why Franco didn’t tell the police, and Elizabeth says he didn’t want to jump to conclusions. Sam says they just came from the PCPD, and Franco wasn’t there. Elizabeth says they must have missed each other. She calls Franco to prove he was there.

Obrecht thanks Franco for the heads up. He asks if she’s disassociating, and she tells him not to shrink her. He says Peter is a fugitive, and they know she has him. If they catch her, she’s done. He wonders how she convinced herself that any of this was a good idea. They won’t care about her motivations, only her choices. She says she’ll make sure they don’t find him, and Franco says she’s not going to kill him. He’s not letting her do this to herself.

Kim goes to the pub. Julian says she caught him in the middle of organizing. She says she had a window between patients, and thought she’d swing by to show him some ideas. She wants to make sure the place feels like them. Julian asks if she means him and her, and she says, of course. He’s says things have gotten more complicated than when he started, and she asks, how so?

Jason tells Sonny that Julian knows something is up. Sonny says that’s why he told him that he wanted the pub for Mike. The closer the lies are to the truth, the easier they are to maintain. He’s going to force Julian to sell or take him out altogether. Jason says he’s Sam’s father and Danny’s grandfather, but if Sonny says he has to go, he’ll take care of it. Michael walks in, and says Nelle is being discharged, so he needs to follow through on the next step. Sonny thinks it’s time to fill him in on the specifics of the plan.

Chase visits Nelle, and she asks if it’s time for her daily lecture. No more kissing; she’s officially a married woman. He says he came to check on her, and apologize. He still has feelings for her, but he didn’t realize how strong they were until he kissed her. He could tell she didn’t feel the same way, and he felt like an idiot, so he lashed out. It’s for him to deal with, and he shouldn’t have said what he did. It’s not his place to interfere. He wants her to be happy, and if she says she is, it’s good. She tells him that he was right about Michael. She found out he’s planning to cut her out of his will.

Franco tells Obrecht it’s the only way. She wants justice for Nathan, but he says, murder isn’t justice. She says, close enough. He thinks she can make a better set of choices. She says, like him? He knows what she feels. He felt rage and wanted revenge, and then he faced the guy who hurt him. Obrecht asks if he let him live, and he says he didn’t have to make that choice. She says, lucky him. Franco tells her that if he’d killed him, he would have lost everything, and she will too, if she doesn’t step back. She says it’s too late; she’s already lost everything. Her son is dead, her daughter is in prison, and most people would be better off without her. What does she have to live for? He says she still has him.

Elizabeth leaves Franco a message. She guesses he must be giving his statement, and probably answering questions. She’ll let them know when he calls. Sam says they’ll be looking forward to it.

Curtis asks Sam if she thinks Franco is lying. She says he’s always lying, only the scale changes. They need to figure out where Obrecht is.

Valentin shows Nina’s picture to Chip. He says, that’s her, and Valentin says she’s his wife. Chip says he had no idea he was getting involved with a marital dispute, but Valentin says he’s not to blame, adding he’s a good actor and had him convinced. Chip tells him to spread the word about the show. He gives Valentin a flyer, and Valentin says he’ll get right on it. Valentin wonders what Nina wants.

Michael tells Sonny the less he knows the better. Sonny will have to trust him. Sonny says he married a woman who killed her last fiancé. She’s dangerous. Whatever he’s doing to neutralize her, Sonny wants in. Jason says Michael owes it to his father to tell him what he’s planning.

Nelle tells Chase that Michael is meeting with Alexis, and writing his will. Chase thinks that’s morbid, but he’s not sure why she’s worried. He probably wants to add their child as a beneficiary. She says their child is the only beneficiary. He’s leaving nothing to her. She asks if he’s going to say, I told you so, but he says he’s not going to gloat. She says Chase said Michael didn’t love her. Between the prenup and the will, Michael is making sure she gets nothing if the marriage ends.

Curtis and Sam see Valentin. Curtis tells Valentin that they’re having trouble getting ahold of Nina. She’s not answering her phone, and she’s not at Crimson. Sam tells him they think Obrecht might be keeping Peter captive. Valentin remembers Nina telling him that because of his silence, her brother is dead, and because of him, she had to take justice into her own hands. Sam asks if he has any idea where Nina is, and he says, as a-matter-of-fact, yes.

Nina says Peter could go back on his word, but she has to take that risk. He asks if she’s rediscovered her conscience. She says because of his choices, Nathan is dead, Maxie has no husband, James has no father, Obrecht has no son, and they have no brother. He’s dead, but now Peter has the chance to make it up and protect the people Nathan loves. Even if she’s wrong, could he seek revenge like his father would? She thinks he’s better than that. Peter says he’ll do it her way. Get him to the MetroCourt, and turn him in.

Franco tells Obrecht that she’s not the only person there who’s suffered losses. She hugs him. He tells her to turn herself in. She’ll miss out on some things, but not because she’s in prison. She’s been harboring a fugitive against his will, and it won’t go easy, but she won’t be there. He thinks she should leave Port Charles for good, and go somewhere safe. She can tell him where Peter is, and he’ll handle it. Assuming he’s alive. She says he was the last time she saw him. He says she can never return, but it’s better than life in jail. She says they may never see each other again, but he says they’ll see plenty of each other. She says he’s a good friend. He turns the other way, and takes his phone out. He asks where Peter is. He’s guessing Spoon Island. Obrecht comes up behind him, and hits him over the head, knocking him out.

Sonny asks Michael if he’s really going to goad Nelle into killing him. He says she’s nine months pregnant, and will need help. She thinks Chase is in love with her, and wants to run away with her. Sonny asks if he’s assuming she’ll ask Chase to kill him. Michael says when she does, it’s all the proof they need for attempted murder. Sonny asks if he’s considered the outcomes. Michael says Chase is a cop, and trashed a career for her. She thinks he’s infatuated with her. Jason says there’s no time to look for outside help; he has to move soon. Michael says Nelle has already signed the prenup, and knows she’s not getting anything in the will. She has to kill him before he files the papers, so he’ll die intestate. Sonny says he’s acting like he can’t get hurt. His mom will lose her mind for real if anything happens to him. Nelle has cost her enough. Michael says he’s the one who set it in motion, so it’s on him to stop it. He loves and respects Sonny, but it’s not his problem to solve; it’s Michael’s.

Nelle tells Chase to be honest. Does he think Michael is setting her up? Chase says it seems like text book rich people protection stuff. Those people aren’t like them, but if she and Michael love each other, she has nothing to worry about. He tells her to stop stressing and be happy. She’s earned it.

Sonny respects Michael taking the initiative, but thinks there are better ways to deal with Nelle. Michael is asking Sonny to let him finish what he started. He’s not as naïve as people think, and is fully aware of what has to be done. He wants Sonny’s blessing to do things the way he knows he can. Sonny puts his hand on Michael’s shoulder, and says he trusts him, but if Michael wants his blessing, there’s one thing he has to do for him.

Kim asks Julian how Sonny reacted. Julian says he got the point, which is that Julian knows Sonny has an ulterior motive for buying the pub. Now he knows that Julian knows. Kim says she told him she’d accept what he’d done in past, because he assured her that he had a new life. If he gets drawn back into anything criminal… He says Sonny was trying to strongarm him, but Kim says he just admitted to goading Sonny. Julian says he was putting him on notice. It makes her uncomfortable, and sounds like he wants to provoke an attack, so he has a reason to retaliate. Then he’ll be drawn into an illegal war? If he continues with this, she’ll need to rethink their situation.

Valentin tells Sam and Curtis that Nina is dealing with Crimson, and had to fly to Manhattan. He chartered the jet. Sam says that’s pretty nice of him, since they’re estranged, but he says he still wants to be supportive. He asks if Nina is in trouble, and Curtis says not unless she’s with Obrecht. Valentin leaves, and Sam says he’s lying. He definitely knows something.

Obrecht tells an unconscious Franco that she wishes she didn’t have to do that. She says to look after Maxie and James, and give them support. She knows he can. He’s a better man than when they met. Few people change, and those who do, seldom change for the better. He did, but alas, she can’t. She says, no more delays. She knows what must be done.

Julian asks if Kim is trying to break up with him. She says she loves spending time with him, but won’t turn a blind eye. He says she’s over-thinking it. He’s not trying to one up Sonny. He just wants to run his business his way, without Sonny breathing down his neck. The expansion isn’t just a business move; it’s an investment in the future. He hopes their future. She wants the man she’s come to know, not the one he used to be, and promised not to be again. He asks how about if he backs off Sonny, and puts peace and space between them? She asks if he means it. He kisses her, and she says she’ll see him later. He calls her cruel, but she says he has to be patient. It’s worth waiting for.

Chase comes by Sonny’s place at Sonny’s request. Sonny says Michael told him about the plan to incriminate Nelle. He thanks Chase for his genius idea, but Chase doesn’t think they should discuss an active operation. Sonny says it involves his son. if the plan backfires, and Michael gets hurt, he’s going to hold Chase responsible.

Nelle messes around on her phone. She hers Jason and Michael talking in the hallway. Jason asks Michael if he’s sure he knows what he’s doing. Michael says, obviously, Jason doesn’t think so, but he has to trust Michael’s judgement. Jason says he has Michael’s back, and Michael says Alexis took care of everything, while he’s putting the rest in motion. Jason says so he’s going through with it, and Michael says once they baby comes, he’s filing for divorce, and getting full custody. Nelle listens in.

Elizabeth leaves Franco another message. She’s getting worried.

Valentin goes to the docks. He hears Franco groaning from behind some crates.

Sam tells Curtis that she had Spinelli monitor the hangar, since they’d wondered if Valentin used it to help Peter. The jet hasn’t left Port Charles in weeks. Curtis wonders why he lied, and Sam says, because Nina knows where Obrecht is.

Peter thanks Nina, who tells him to save it for when he gets out. Obrecht walks in, holding something that looks like a Molotov cocktail. She says Nina has betrayed her, and Henrik has come to the end of the road.

Tomorrow, Chase goes to the docks, Carly refuses treatment, and Mike needs Sonny’s help.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Tinsley is excited to be taking the girl to Cartagena. Everyone is packing. Ramona had been in Marrakesh, and had to leave early. In her rush to switch gears, she’d fallen. She got up, but her ankle was twisted. Bethenny says she’s not in the best place for a trip, since she won’t be coming back to the apartment again. She isn’t feeling the love from Carole and Dorinda either.

Fastest. Plane. Ride. Ever. Ramona takes a wheelchair to one of the limos. She asks if they speak Spanish there, and Dorinda tells her they speak German. Ha-ha! In the other limo, Bethenny talks about Brian being persistent; he won’t stop texting her. LuAnn asks if that’s the one Ramona was trying to maul. Bethenny says Ramona said she went for drinks with him, but he said when she saw him with some other people, she abandoned her Uber to join them. He said, nice woman, zero interest, but Bethenny used it as an out, since she’s not interested.

Tinsley says the girls are used to their typical vacation being private beaches and catering to them hand and foot. This won’t be like that, but she thinks they’ll like it. She says the main exports are coffee, cocaine, and beer, and Dorinda asks how anyone works.

They arrive at the hotel. LuAnn thinks the city looks like a mix of New Orleans and Cuba. The house manager greets them, and introduces the house butler. LuAnn says the house has a lot going on; courtyards, staircases, elevators. They take a tour, and there’s an amazing spread already being prepared in the kitchen. Tinsley announces how they’re determining rooms. Each room has a Tiffany box containing one of their initials. In her interview, Sonja says this is where the vacation unravels. Tinsley wants it civilized, fair and random. We flash back to Bethenny trying to be fair picking names from a hat. She says it wasn’t her fault Ramona and Sonja acted like complete animals.

Everyone seems happy with their rooms, which is a miracle. In her interview, Ramona says it’s genius She didn’t know Tinsley was that smart. Ramona tells the chefs no butter for her. As usual, she harasses the staff about helping her unpack.

The dining table is high, and being short, I know how they feel. I often feel like those two kids in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Lunch is served. Bethenny is allergic to fish, and Ramona forgot to mention it’s in the soup, even though she knew. In her interview, Bethenny says it’s like a poison inside. She needs a Benadryl, but doesn’t do well with medicine either. Tinsley apologizes for only having the budget for silver necklaces instead of gold.

In her interview, Ramona says Bethenny has a major allergy and should tell people, divesting herself of responsibility. Everyone gets ready for dinner. Tinsley is excited. Scott booked her glam team to come along, and it’s the way to her heart. A wheelchair arrives for Ramona. Dorinda says she’s dehydrated, and asks for some wine. I have no idea what Carole is wearing. She says it’s sexy, but I’d call it convoluted; some kind of corset under a sheer dress, which I’d normally like, but no. Ramona gets stuck in the elevator. No one notices, but she finally gets herself extracted. LuAnn comes out in a wig to channel Sophia Vergara. In her interview, Bethenny says she’s proud of LuAnn powering through without alcohol.

The girls head to the restaurant. Carole says only Ramona would be in a wheelchair on old cobblestone.  LuAnn says she feels better not drinking. She tells Bethenny she’s been charged, but has one felony pending for battery, so she’s still not out of the woods. Bethenny asks the odds of her going to jail. LuAnn thinks it’s none, but says, knock on wood. Their table is in a room that looks like it’s outside, with a lot of trees, but still enclosed. LuAnn says she never made it to South America over the holidays, and toasts to making it there. Bethenny says it was a motley crew at speed dating. Carole says she went out to dinner with Brian. In her interview, Bethenny says Carole never mentioned anything to her. They’re not best friends, but it’s basic. Ramona says she could have talked to him for hours. They all acknowledge that she tried, and Sonja insists Ramona liked him. Carole says he thought she was funny. She talks about hosting a fitness party with Cosmopolitan, which I’m shocked is still in existence. Sonja asks if Brian is coming, Bethenny says he would; he’s running game. Carole says he’s friends with Bethenny, who says, no they’re not. Carole seems skeptical, and Bethenny asks if she would believe him over someone she’s known for years. In her interview, Bethenny says Carole is acting like Brian is her high school boyfriend and they’re going to the prom. She wants to piss on him and stake claim. Tinsley asks what running game means, and LuAnn explains it means he’s hitting on everyone. Dorinda asks if Bethenny went out with him, but Bethenny says she doesn’t want to date him. Carole tells Bethenny that he didn’t want to date her either. Apparently, she doesn’t know Bethenny was getting a million texts from him. Bethenny says it’s unusual for someone to be circling one group. She says Carole seems to be acting smug, like won prize; a consolation prize. In her interview, Carole wonders where this is coming from. She’s done nothing to elicit this nastiness and judgement.

Carole says Bethenny knows everything, and surprisingly, Bethenny says, no, she doesn’t. Sonja says Bethenny is worried about Carole because Brian is a player. Carole calls her crazy, and says it’s not that complicated. In her interview, LuAnn says they’ve lost their mojo as a group. They used to have fun before the fighting started. After dinner, Bethenny tells LuAnn it was torture, and two hours of her life she won’t get back. In her interview, Dorinda wishes Bethenny and Carole would have it out already. The tension is exasperating. Bethenny says she’s tired, and not feeling good energy. She’s going back to the hotel. Outside, as they watch the others go off to a bar, Bethenny tells LuAnn and Sonja that this is the motleyest crew ever. In her interview, Carole says it’s classic Bethenny. If she’s not in charge, she’s unhappy, and wants to make everyone else miserable. Ramona complains that she had to hang up her own clothes.

Bethenny says it’s painful, and LuAnn agrees. The three of them decide to look around the town. In her interview, LuAnn says she would look at a guy differently if he’d been texting her girlfriend for two months. Bethenny is enjoying LuAnn and Sonja’s company, because they want to be on vacation and silly.

Carole wonders why Bethenny is angry. Ramona decides she’s not feeling sexy in a wheelchair, and pretty much abandons it in the street. Miraculously, she can walk. Bethenny, LuAnn, and Sonja find them in the bar. Sonja says they got the Colombian vibe while they were walking around. Bethenny says she’s just tired. Tinsley thought she wanted to go home because Dorinda said she was unhappy. In her interview, Bethenny says Dorinda loves to find gasoline and light a match. She tells Dorinda that she doesn’t need to share everything. Dorinda tells Bethenny all she said was that she didn’t seem happy. Bethenny compares it to when she’d though Carole was sad, and Carole got mad about it. In her interview, Dorinda says it was like Bethenny was wearing a sign that said she hates it there Dorinda tells Carole that they need to sort that sh*t out. Carole says she and Bethenny are in two different places. Dorinda insists she doesn’t share important things. In her interview, Bethenny feels like she’s back in high school or in the Hunger Games. She starts to get weepy. Sonja says don’t let minutiae get her down. In her interview, Carole says, if you don’t want to be there, stay home, but if you come out, buck up. Bethenny tells Sonja that Carole is probably having a later-in-life crises, but she doesn’t want to be judgmental. Sonja would rather see Bethenny be a bitch than cry. She hates what Bethenny is going through.

The next morning, Ramona says, it’s paradise, and her foot is good. Tinsley organizes s shopping trip. Bethenny swims with Sonja in the pool. Tinsley watches, and Bethenny apologizes to her. Tinsley just doesn’t want Bethenny to be unhappy. Bethenny says she has a lot going on. The custody case is causing more tension, and she’s not close with Carole anymore. She’s also moving. In her interview, Bethenny says, inside, she’s upset that she doesn’t have the same friendship with Carole, and feels like an outsider.

A fabulous breakfast is served. Tinsley says it’s her and Scott’s anniversary. It’s been a year since they started dating. Bethenny says they’d better get engaged soon, and Dorinda says he’s moving in soon. LuAnn says it’s a good way to figure out if it’s going to work, and talks about Rey, who got desperate when she dumped him. We flash back to him drunk, and hitting on women while looking for LuAnn at a party. A huge heart made of red roses arrives from Scott. It has tm + sk in white roses in the middle. There are 365 roses, one for every day they’ve been together. Carole gives Tinsley a gift and card that she’s been holding for him. It’s a bracelet Tinsley wanted. I don’t think she even bothered looking at the card. LuAnn says they should celebrate over lunch. In her interview, Bethenny says she wants to come back as Tinsley. Sign her ass up. Mine too.

Bethenny tells Dorinda that the restraining order – against suckerfish Jason Hoppy – is up in a month, and they’re still embroiled in a custody battle. We flash back to the reunion, where Bethenny says there’s no way to describe the torment. Dorinda says she has so much going on, she’s going to explode, but she’s not running around talking about her. In her interview, Dorinda says she isn’t gossiping, she’s agreeing with an observation. Bethenny says if she tells Dorinda something, don’t tell anyone. They get ready to go shopping, but Bethenny doesn’t think she can go. She breaks down crying, and tells Dorinda that she’s having a panic attack. Dorinda sits her down, and tells her to take a deep breath. LuAnn pops her head in, wondering about the shopping trip. Bethenny says she can’t have more people around her.

To be continued…

Next time, Carole can’t engage with someone who’s always crying, Bethenny says she’s not welcome there, and Carole wants to address the elephant in the room that’s affecting everyone.

Below Deck Mediterranean

In Naples, the dock party breaks up. Brooke tells João that they have blatant chemistry, and he kisses her. Kasey is like, wtf just happened? He’s been pining for her, and treating her like a princess, and she feels like an idiot. She and Jaimie clean up, and she doesn’t even look at them. Fireworks happen (literally), and he kisses Brooke some more.

Back at the boat, everyone winds down. Kasey says João was all over her all night, and told her he knows what he wants, insinuating it was her. Hanna tells Conrad he’s the guy, and needs to be a big spoon. I guess that’s drunk non-birthday talk for she wants to spoon. João says Kasey and Brooke are like yin and yang in his mind. In her interview, Brooke says she’s drawn to players. She wants to change them and make them a better person. Good luck with that. She and João make out on deck.

The next morning, Conrad gives instructions to the deck crew. Colin asks João if Brooke is into him João likes Brooke because she doesn’t judge him. In his interview, Colin says João is his closest friend on the boat, and it’s not the first time this happened to him. In college, he brought a girl to a party, and his friend went home with her.

At the preference sheet meeting, we find out the infamous no-onions Kenny will be the primary, along with his wife Amber. Adam is nervous to have him back. We flash back to the onion incident. Adam says in their industry, you don’t get a second chance. Former NBA player, Desmond Mason will also be on board, celebrating his engagement to girlfriend Rebecca. There are also a couple of Texans coming along. Hannah says they went through eight bottles of vodka in one day, so she’d better order it. They left a surprisingly big tip last time. Captain Sandy tells them to have fun on their off time. Adam gets rid of everything in the onion family that’s on the boat.

Jamie asks João what’s happening with him and Brooke, and what about Kasey? He says he wouldn’t have kissed Brooke if he didn’t mean it. He’ll have to be less flirty with Kasey. He knows what he wants now. Which is exactly what he said to Kasey the night before. Jamie isn’t feeling too good, and keeps coughing.

The crew gets ready to go out. João says it’ a tough crowd. Jamie says he’s screwed up the dynamic of the boat. Brooke tells Hannah that when they kissed, it was amazing. Colin is ready to hang out on the beach, and cruise in the catamaran. In her interview, Hannah says she thinks some people need to make their own mistakes. She tells Brooke that he has two strikes with her, and it’s important he doesn’t do it again. She says if Brooke is going to do something with him, stay the eff away from her.

Hannah takes pictures, and they get on the catamaran to go to the beach. Hannah tells Adam that the men in her life are usually friends or someone to play with, but she thinks Conrad is the guy. Adam loves watching it happen. Brooke thought João was more into her than anyone else. Apparently, there’s no such thing as girl code for Brooke. Hannah says it escalated quickly, and Colin is upset. João joins them, and they abruptly stop talking about him, and discuss the weather. Brooke asks Colin if he’s having a good day. In his interview, he says he wants to tell her, but now is not the right time. Kasey says actions speak louder than words, and nothing he says means anything anymore. In her interview, she says it feels good to show off her two piece, so he can see what he missed out on. It sucks for him. A small boat meets them at the catamaran, and takes them to the beach.

They’re met with champagne, and are being treated like guests for the day. João jumps from the deck after one of the staff tells them not to. Hannah, Conrad, and Colin sit in lounge chairs, while João and Brooke continue to make out. The others go on a hike up the mountain. Jamie says she’s not well. The location is stunning, but she’s feeling like sh*t. Hannah asks Colin how he’s feeling about Brooke and João. He says it’s hard, but they’re into each other. Hannah asks if he wishes she’d fallen in love with him. Adam picks figs, and is trying to enjoy the day off, but it’s difficult with Kenny coming. There’s never been a charter guest he’s wanted to redeem himself with more. Brooke and João take the paddleboard out. Kasey says when he’s around her, he flirts with her, and when he’s around Brooke, he flirts with Brooke. Hannah says it’s a d-bag move, and he’s a d-bag. Adam says he’s sure she’s not missing anything. Jamie goofs around with a water gun shaped like a penis.

Everyone dresses up and goes to eat at the restaurant. Jamie keeps coughing. The wine glasses are gigantic. Hannah tells Kasey that Brooke has to learn for herself. João talks some smack about Colin, who says he can hear him. Colin asks Brooke if she’s João’s second or third choice. In her interview, Brooke says she wants to keep Colin waiting in the wings in case anything happens. Nice. Hannah is proud that Kasey didn’t throw up today. The food arrives. Brooke seems bummed. In his interview, João says Hannah is fake. Everyone goes back to the boat.

Conrad cares about Hannah, but thinks she’s obsessing over João. He says he knows she’s fuming, but she doesn’t need to have go at him. She says she’s just being passionate with what she’s talking about, and she’ll talk to someone else. In her interview, she says he’s not being supportive, and it makes her sad. Colin falls asleep on deck, and the other guys play Buckaroo, a game where you stack things on a sleeping person until they wake up. They manage to stack a lot of things on him, including a cooler, and also put fancy sandals on his feet. When he finally wakes up, he’s a good sport about it.

Jamie says no one realizes how sick she is. Everyone goes to bed. João and Brooke talk on deck. She thinks they should hang out after the season is over. He says she should come to Zimbabwe. She’d love it, but there’s a lot of crime. He talks about his mother being beaten in front of him, and how he had a gun held to his head when he protested. He says it’s the worst thing he’s been though, and Brooke says his experiences are worlds away from everyone else on the boat. Maybe, but it still doesn’t excuse him from being a d-bag. Colin slams down Pringles directly from the can in the galley.

Conrad asks Hannah what the deal is. In his interview, he says this is why it’s bad idea to talk when there’s alcohol is involved; it won’t go well. João cries in the bathroom. Brooke hunts him down. He doesn’t want her to see him cry, but she says it’s fine. She probably loves it. He says he doesn’t want to talk about it. In his interview, he talks about recurring nightmares of not being there for his family. He tells Brooke that some have it worse. He wants people see the positive side of him. She says he’s awesome. In his interview, he says he convinced himself that he’s not in pain, but when he talked to Brooke, it came out.

Conrad goes out on deck for a smoke. Hannah joins him, and says she isn’t coping well. What she’s feeling for him is beyond what she allows herself to feel. He says he’s here to stay, and they’ll do it together. They kiss. In her interview, Hannah says the important male figures in her young life either passed away or left. She thinks she might have abandonment issues. She holds back because she’s waiting for them to leave. At 4 am she bugs Conrad. She tells Adam that she feels panicky.

In the morning, João says chewing seems like an effort. Everyone gets ready for the guests. Jamie coughs. Captain Sandy says she’s patient zero. If she spreads what she has, it will kill season. The captain sends Jamie to the doctor.

Conrad asks if Hannah is feeling better. Kasey says they have to be supportive, put what’s already been done in the past, and focus on now. Brooke thinks no one takes her seriously. Kasey thinks Colin is a good person. The crew puts last minute touches on the boat. Brooke asks if Hannah is okay, and Hannah says she’s having a full-blown anxiety attack.

Captain Sandy is annoyed that she hasn’t seen Hannah all morning, and calls her to the bridge. Hannah says she’s a bit ill, and they both go back to her bunk. The captain asks Conrad if they all ate the same thing yesterday, and he says, no, but Jamie was sick before that. Captain Sandy asks if Hannah wants to see a doctor, but Hannah says it’s anxiety. She’s struggling. When she falls in love, she goes away, and she can’t get away without quitting. In a shockingly compassionate response, the captain asks if she wouldn’t rather experience love, than not know it, and tells her to rest. My mouth falls open.

Conrad comes to Hannah’s bunk. He says he needs to be there, but can’t let his personal life affect his work. Hannah grabs on to him, and says the environment being closed makes her more anxious. He tells her to rest.

The crew changes into their whites. In her interview, Hannah says she’s suffered from anxiety for ten years. She thought she had it under control, but guesses she doesn’t. The captain says it’s a repeat client, and to – let’s all say it together – knock it out of the park. Hannah isn’t well, and Jamie is sick, so the rest have to pick up the slack. She tells Hannah greet Kenny, then rest. Brooke doesn’t want to feel disgruntled. They’re a great team, and it’s what team members do for each other. Jamie comes back, telling them she has bronchial something. The captain tells her that she’s quarantined for a while, and gives her a room away from the others.

Kenny arrives. Adam says, it’s D-day. Captain Sandy says she’s happy he’s back. He pretends to be leery of getting on the boat if Adam is there, and then says he’s just kidding. Adam apologizes, and says he’ll do everything he can to make it up. Hugs all around. Colin is a sports nut, and freaks a little over Desmond, saying, he’s huge. The captain is happy Kenny is giving it another try, and Adam can redeem himself. She tells them it’s a bigger boat, and Hannah gives the tour. Conrad wonders if he’s super weak or the suitcases are super heavy. Hannah says they have 150 bottles of Grey Goose on board. She tells them she might not be around too much today. In her interview, she says she looks fine, but her body is closing down. No job is worth her health.

Anchor is pulled, and the guests wander around the boat. Adam says, Hannah is down, Jamie is sick, and Kenny is on board. Who’s screwed? This guy, referring to himself.

The guests put on bathing suits. Kasey says she can step up and do her work without constant criticism. Lunch is prepared, and Kenny gives Adam a trucker cap that says #noonions. Anchor is dropped and locked. Kenny thinks it should be beach lunch, even though the table is already set. He’s going to be that guy. He tells Brooke that they noticed a great beach, and it would be cool if they did lunch there. In her interview, she says she can’t make magic; it’s a bit frantic. The captain tells Kenny that they’re putting the toys in the water, and Kenny tells her about the beach. In his interview, Conrad thinks Kenny doesn’t realize how much of an insane request it is. I think he does. Brooke tells Adam about the change, and he thinks it’s payback.

Later this season, more fabulous scenery, more drinking, more water; Captain Sandy sees everything, and tells them, no hookups upstairs; Kasey gets mad at João; Adam forgets a crew dinner; a table goes flying; Conrad says accept him for who is or eff off; the captain gets pissed at Hannah, and doesn’t want to babysit; Conrad says João is an a-hole; and Captain Sandy wants to fire Hannah.

🍳 On MasterChef, the mystery box was filled with fresh seafood, which the chefs had to cook New Orleans style. Taylor faced some serious criticism about her red fish and spicy shrimp. Gordon spared her, but told her to never put a dish like that in front of them again. Gulp. Matt was out, but he’s only been cooking for two years, so he was proud of himself, as he should be. Joe predicted there was more great food to come from him. Matt hoped to be an inspiration for others to follow their passion. Gordon said it was a stern reminder that everyone has to bring their A-game every time. The judges picked two from each of their teams to be safe from the elimination test, which was recreating a frozen Salisbury steak dinner, with potatoes and green beans. Gordon displayed the real thing, frozen since 2004, and those who were safe assigned cook times – from 30 to 45 minutes – to the competitors. Gordon said SJ, Gerron, and Emily knocked it out of the park (he must hang out with Captain Sandy), but Chelsea with the blue hair (who hadn’t plated well), Lindsay, and Shanika overreached, overthought, and underdelivered. In the end, Aaron told Lindsay that it wasn’t her night tonight, but her dream of opening a bed and breakfast with her wife was within her grasp. In parting, she said she was going to continue with her culinary dream. Next time, something different. The contestants partner up for a game of chicken, and a grueling challenge returns – a dish that strikes fear in the heart of every home cook. I have no clue what that might be. Risotto?

🐮 Tonight, Bravo got us prepped for the future by airing The Real Housewives of Dallas: How They Got Here. I can’t wait to see what craziness LeeAnne pulls in the coming season.

👂 A Quote That Can’t Wait…

The only greens I want in my chocolate is weed. – Andy Cohen, after finding out avocado chocolate bars exist.

👍 Because I Did It…







June 7, 2018 – Nelle Takes the Stand, Ashley Stays Home, Charming Observations, a Hello, a Goodbye, & Kevin


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Griff starts off the show with his best worried look. While having coffee with Ava, he thinks about being in bed with Kiki. Ava asks if he’s all right, and he says it’s just… She says the trial is bothering him. She knows he doesn’t want to testify. He says he’s not thrilled about it. Ava knows after all they’ve been through, he can handle it, but she’s starting to feel like something else is wrong.

Elizabeth finds Kiki, who tells her that she just got the official notification that the investigation is closed, after the found there’s no wrongdoing. Elizabeth says it’s disgusting and she’s sorry, and she has Kiki’s back no matter what. She thinks Kiki should tell Ava and Franco. Kiki thinks they’ll want to fight her battle for her, and it’s hers to fight, not her mom’s or Franco’s. In great soap timing, Franco is there, and says, not Franco’s what?

Lulu asks if Dante is okay. He says it’s not his favorite day, and she tells him that her heart will be with him, Sonny and Carly. She knows it will be hard for him to testify. He says as the arresting officer, he has to. It’s going to boil down to Carly’s word against Nelle’s. Lulu says Carly has been emotional lately, but she doesn’t believe a word that comes out of Nelle’s mouth. Scratch the surface, and you’ll find a scheme.

The trial starts. I forgot Carly’s name is actually Caroline. The judge asks for the opening arguments.

Bobbie says she doesn’t want to testify against Carly, but Sonny knows it’s not her choice. She’s worried she’ll send Carly to prison, but he says, that’s not possible. Just answer the DA’s questions.

Michael talks to Spinelli on the phone. He says Nelle always finds a way to cover her tracks. Maybe she’s using the gallery accounts as a front. Nelle joins him, and he asks if she’s all set. She’s sorry she has to go to the bathroom every five minutes. She wonders if it wouldn’t be a better idea to go separately to the courthouse, but he says he’s going to be where he needs to be; by her side.

The DA says the state is going to prove that Carly deliberately, and with intent to kill, shoved a pregnant woman down the stairs. She’s not suffering from a break in reality, but will go to any extreme to get what she wants.

Griff insists it’s the trial that’s distracting him, but Ava says he hasn’t been himself since the Nurses’ Ball. He says there’s a lot going on. She tells him that he’s always honest, and she counts on it. She wants him to tell her if it’s still weighing on him.

Franco says, tell him what, and Elizabeth says that Kiki needs help navigating. and she’d said to come to her. Kiki thanks Elizabeth, and leaves. Franco likes that they’re friends; he appreciates her strength. He wants to nail down a date, and tells her to name it, and they’ll throw the wedding of a lifetime.

Lulu asks Dante how bad it is. He says it’s never good if the best case is for Carly to end up in Shadybrook. She tells him to call her when it’s over. She’ll be working, but her phone will be on. It’s just good old-fashioned news; Scout’s honor.

Diane tells the judge that Carly is a mother who recently suffered the loss of a child, and struggling to accept a world without her son. She was succumbing to the idea that her late son was sending messages to her; clinging to the idea he was still alive. The ongoing agony of loss, brought a fissure in reality. Relentless grief broke a mother’s psyche. Bobbie is called to the stand.

Bobbie is sworn in, and her relationship as Carly’s mother is established. Sonny tells Carly they’ll get through it. The DA asks her to describe their relationship, but Bobbie says she wouldn’t. She wants to talk about the systematic campaign Nelle waged to destroy Carly’s relationship with her family. The DA declares the witness hostile. She says that the family came to rely on Nelle, and Bobbie says she ingratiated herself to take advantage of the family’s grief. The DA asks if Carly felt threatened by Nelle’s closeness with Michael, and Bobbie says, no. The DA asks if she approved, and Bobbie says, no, but not because she was threatened. Nelle turned Carly’s family against her, and pushed Sonny and Carly to the brink of divorce. She preyed on the family to break them up. The DA asks if it’s true that the closer the time came to Nelle’s shower, the more agitated Carly became. Bobbie says, no, and the DA asks if she was pleased. Bobbie tells her, no, and that Nelle is a parasite. The DA asks if Carly would do anything to stop her, and Diane objects. It’s sustained, and the DA asks if Carly was increasingly convinced Nelle wanted to separate Michael from his family. Bobbie tells her, yes, and the DA has no further questions. Diane reserves the right to question Bobbie at a later date, and the state calls Josslyn.

Ava tells Griff that she let petty jealousy get the better of her. She spent most of her life suspicious of those who might hurt her, but he’s different. She knows he won’t. She’s sorry she couldn’t keep her fears at bey. Griff continues to think about Kiki. He says she’s not the only one who made mistakes. They hurt each other. Kiki walks in, and Ava asks if she wants to join them. Griff has to get to the courthouse, and Ava says they need to have catch-up time soon. Kiki says she’s been super busy, and Ava says she worries about her. Apparently, she’s not the only one. Kiki’s boss came to the gallery, and expressed concern. Kiki asks if David came to the gallery to talk about her. Ava says he came to buy art, but her name came up. There isn’t time now, but they need to talk. Ava leaves, and Lulu arrives. Kiki thanks Lulu for meeting her. She needs her help.

The DA asks if Josslyn felt threatened at any time by Nelle, and she says, no. The DA asks if they’re friends, and Josslyn says they are. She asks if there was ever a moment in all this time that Nelle treated her unfairly, and Josslyn says, no. The DA goes to look at some notes, and Josslyn starts to get up. The judge tells her to remain seated. The DA returns and asks if Josslyn’s brother is looking forward to becoming a father. Josslyn says, definitely, and she asks if Josslyn is ready to be an aunt. She can’t wait, and the DA says, how does her mom feel? Josslyn says, happy; they’re setting up a room for the baby to stay in for visits, even though… She hesitates, and says her mom doesn’t think Nelle will let the baby come over all that much. She starts to cry. The DA asks about her mom’s reaction when Nelle opened the mobile, and Josslyn says it reminded her of Morgan. The DA says, it’s not the first time the issue came between them, is it? Josslyn says Nelle wanted to name baby Morgan, and the DA asks how Carly reacted. Josslyn says, she was angry – no, upset. She thought Nelle was using Morgan’s name to hurt her. The DA asks if she was, and Josslyn says, it was kind of a shock. The DA asks if Josslyn believes Nelle was using the name to hurt her mother, and Josslyn says, no. The DA says after Nelle ran from the room, Josslyn and Carly got in an argument; about what? Josslyn says she thought her mom should apologize. It was Nelle’s shower, and she was upset, so Josslyn felt bad. The DA asks if she was worried when Carly went upstairs, and Josslyn says, no. The DA asks if Josslyn believed Carly was thinking clearly and in control of her emotions; so when she sent Carly upstairs, she thought Nelle would be safe. Carly jumps up, and says, not another word to her daughter. The judge tells Diane to control her client. Diane apologizes, and the judge gives a brief recess. He wants Carly to calm down, and wants no more outbursts. Michael comforts Josslyn, and Carly asks Nelle if she’s happy. She did this.

Lulu tells Kiki what David is doing is disgusting. Kiki says he met with HR, and in all of five minutes, the investigation was closed, saying he was misread. Lulu says it’s crap, but why is she here? Kiki thinks her work exposes truth and influences people. She could use her work as a reporter to stop him.

Carly criticizes Diane for just sitting there. Diane says she objected when it was applicable, but the DA is good. Ava is up next. Diane tells Carly that they’re not there to dispute facts. The more innocent Nelle appears, the better for them, because no one in their right mind would attack her. She tells Carly they can’t paint Nelle as a snake.

In the hallway, Josslyn says she sent Carly after Nelle, now she’s sending her to prison. Nelle says no one wants that. Sonny asks Bobbie to take Josslyn home. Nelle tells Ava that she’s sorry to get her swept up in this. Nelle hugs Ava, and tells her as long as she doesn’t have to worry about the blanket, Ava doesn’t have to worry about her secret. Ava tells her it’s fine, and not to stress; it’s not good for the baby. Michael says he’s going to do everything in his power for the child to grow up surrounded by love. The court is to resume in five minutes.

Franco tells Elizabeth that they’re free. There’s no stuff from the past to sort out, so why not do it big? He wants everyone there. He’s going to promise to love and protect her forever, and wants the family to witness it. Elizabeth doesn’t think inviting her family is a good idea.

On the stand, Ava says she’d gotten Nelle a mobile with penguins, and Carly snatched it out of Nelle’s hand, accusing Ava of terrorizing her on purpose. Nelle explained that she’d registered for it, and Carly tore into her. The DA asks if Nelle defended herself, and Ava says, no; she was pleading with Carly, trying to make amends. When asked how Carly reacted, Ava says she refused to listen, and said Nelle wasn’t worthy to speak Morgan’s name, adding that Michael was too good for her. Nelle left the room, crying, and Josslyn insisted Carly apologize. The DA asks if she appeared to be out of control, but Ava says it was her usual temper, being so mad she couldn’t control herself. The DA says, so it was nothing unusual, and Ava says the only unusual thing was Carly apologizing. The DA asks about the blanket. Ava says she doesn’t think Nelle got one as a gift, and she doesn’t remember seeing one. The DA asks what the last words were that Ava heard Carly say. Ava tells her that Carly said Nelle wouldn’t get her hands on her son. The next time she saw Nelle, she was crumpled at the bottom of the stairs, with Carly standing over her. The DA has no further questions, and Diane has no questions at this time. Carly shakes her head. Nelle looks angelic.

Franco tells Elizabeth that if didn’t know better – which is rare – he’d think she’s trying to avoid him. Elizabeth says she’s working. He tells her that everybody is good at one thing, and he’s good at avoidance. She can’t stand the mention of her mom, dad, or sister. He wants to know what’s going on. She says it’s no big mystery; they’re just not close. The only family that matters is them. He says he wants to meet them. Elizabeth asks, what about his? Is he inviting Betsy?

Michael is called to the stand. Diane tells Carly that she did a great job with Ava. It’s imperative she not throw another tantrum. Now is not the time to convince them that Nelle is a liar. After establishing that Nelle is the mother of Michael’s child, and they’re not getting married, but co-parenting, the DA asks if Michael’s mother had reason not to trust Nelle. He say, yes, and the DA says, but he still began the relationship. She says when he found out Nelle was pregnant, it was already over and she was out of his life. The judge tells her to move it along, and the DA says that Carly did everything to keep Nelle away from him, and failed. She was going to be a permanent part of his life, unless something happened to her. Diane objects, saying it’s leading and inflammatory. The DA has no further questions, and again, Diane reserves the right to question the witness at a later date. The judge tells the DA that she’s becoming dangerously close to being theatrical. He tells her to stick to the facts, and no shenanigans from either side. Nelle knows it was hard for Michael, but he says he did what needed to be done for his family. She puts her head on his shoulder. Sonny looks at Michael.

Lulu says if she could, she’d put David’s picture on the front page with the headline Time’s Up, but the hospital officially dismissed the matter. She asks if there’s any physical proof. Without it, both she and the paper are liable. Kiki says, so they close their ranks. Lulu says she can’t right that, but as far as the harassment and the hospital’s lack of response, she can force the issue without naming names. Kiki asks if her name can be kept out of it, but Lulu can’t pitch the story without a first-person account. She needs what specifically happened to her to make people care, but it’s still a crime where the victim is subject to criticism and suspicion. She wants to write it, but she’s not the one who has to live with it. Kiki has to decide.

Dante gets on the stand, and reads the arrest statement. Nelle said Carly grabbed her by thr arms, and screamed that she’s not getting her hands on Carly’s son, and pushed her down the stairs. The DA says in the official initial interview, Carly said they had an argument over a blanket. She asks if the blanket was found at the scene, and Dante says, no. She says Sonny is his father, and Morgan his half-brother. Does he expect the court to believe he has no bias? He tells her the commissioner would have acted if there was a problem. The DA asks if there was another situation where the defendant threatened Nelle, and Dante says, no. She tells him, on April 30th, they were gathered at the PCPCD, when Mike was in custody, and Nelle offered Carly a cup of tea. Does he recall her reply? She reminds him that he’s under oath. He says Carly turned her down; she didn’t want tea. She says, that’s not very specific. He doesn’t remember it verbatim, and the DA tells him to get close as he can get. He says Carly wanted Nelle’s head on silver platter. I’d say that’s specific.

Afterward, Dante tells Sonny that he’s sorry. Sonny says he told truth; his wife has a turn of phrase. He asks Dante to go by the house to check on Josslyn and Mike, who is having a good morning for once. Dante doesn’t know how Sonny is getting through it, and Sonny says he takes one step, and then takes another, to get Carly home and help for his dad. Dante says, so is he.

Diane tells Carly to keep her hands and arms inside the vehicle, no matter what. Ha-ha! I love Diane. Nelle is on the witness stand, and the DA says she’s happy the baby survived the fall unharmed. Diane thinks everyone is grateful that Nelle and her baby have a clean bill of health. The DA says they’ve heard testimony about her troubled relationship with Carly, and asks how it began. Nelle says it started when she was lucky enough to save Carly’s daughter’s life. She didn’t have much growing up, and her dad had to sell her kidney. She wasn’t even in a real hospital, and has had health problems ever since, but it was worth it when she found out it went to Josslyn. She would have died without it. The DA asks if, when they first met, Nelle wanted to hurt Carly. Nelle says she’s ashamed of her behavior, but was jealous of Carly’s life because of her father’s lies. She’d thought Carly never paid. She made mistakes she’ll always regret. When she and Michael fell in love, It was wonderful; the happiest she’s ever been. She should have known it wouldn’t last. Carly was livid when she found out, and did everything to break them up. When they were alone, Carly would threaten her and suggest she leave town. Carly humiliated Michael into asking for a paternity test, then insisted she must have faked the test. They’re not together anymore, but found a way to be partners to do what’s best for their child. The DA asks how her health has been since the fall. Nelle says she has nightmares about falling, and searching for a baby she can’t reach. She wasn’t able to sleep at all until Michael moved to the room next to hers at the Quartermaine’s. Since that day on the stairs, she’s lost hope of her baby having a life better than hers. The DA is finished, and Diane says, in light of Nelle’s obvious distress, she’ll defer her questions until a later date. As she gets off the stand, Nelle doubles over. Michael takes her back to her seat. Carly and Sonny look at each other. The prosecution rests.

Elizabeth ask Franco what he’s doing still at the hospital. He says he’s been thinking about his mom. He’s totally been avoiding her, but he’s forgiven her, so in answer to Elizabeth’s question, he’s like to invite both mothers. Elizabeth says her family won’t give him what he’s looking for. They’re more interested in humanity than individual people, even the ones they’re related to. She stopped waiting for them to show up for her a long time ago. Franco says, their loss, and asks, what about Sarah? She says her sister is on other side of the country, but he thinks her family should be given the opportunity to maybe say yes. He asks her to please just think about inviting them. She says, fine; she’ll think about it. She leaves, and Franco calls Audrey. He says he has a weird question, and asks if she has Sarah’s phone number.

Ava has to open the gallery. She tells Griff that she would say, good luck, but he doesn’t need it. Just be his kind, honest self, and call her when he’s done.

Lulu asks what Kiki thinks. She says if the article will stop David from doing it to someone else, or inspire someone else to come forward, it’s worth it. She’s all in. Lulu says, let’s take this loser down.

Sonny gripes about Nelle’s fake acting and fake tears. Diane says if, at the end, they’re unable to prove temporary insanity, nothing will make any difference. Carly wishes the DA wasn’t so good, but Diane says she’s better. She asks if Sonny is clear on what to do. She says it’s showtime, and the defense is ready.

Next time, Anna thinks something is irrevocably broken between her and Robin, Jordan isn’t losing her job over it, Michael tells someone that Nelle buried his mom, and Jason tells Carly they can stop it right now.

BTW, the DA is being played by Elizabeth Hendrickson, who was Frankie Stone on All My Children once upon a time.

Southern Charm

I have to admit it. I’m loving hating Ashley. Her hair flipping alone is enough, but her diarrhea of the mouth makes it so easy.

Victoria hangs up on Austen. Craig wants to jump in the hot tub. Ashley flips her hair. Austen asks to talk to Chelsea. He tells her about Victoria seeing Naomie’s Insta story, and how she misinterpreted it. Chelsea says she doesn’t want to tell him they can’t be friends if he dates one of her friends, but it is kind of that way. She can’t be as involved in his life when he’s dating a friend. He says it would be different if she said it hurts her because she wanted him back, but that’s not what’s happening. It’s okay Austen; I don’t get it either.

The next morning, the place is a total mess. Kathryn tells Danni not to judge her for the marshmallows and chocolate in the bed. She eats while she sleeps; she has an issue. What’s bizarre is, I also eat in my sleep if something is close enough.

Whitney wants to get out while he can, and tells Craig he’s leaving. Craig stumbles downstairs with his pants undone and his shirt half on. He dreamt he had a girlfriend, and asks Naomie if they got back together, but that’s a no. Everyone starts to leave. Chelsea wants to do a drive-by of where she used to live on their way out.

Ashley tells Thomas if she seems anxious, it’s because she wants to get home. She wonders where his after-shave and socks are, and they look for Austen, but no one is around. Oh, come on. He can buy more.

Shep goes to his parents’ house. He asks what’s going on. He points out the cupboard is bare, and his mom says they were gone for five months. He forgives her.

Chelsea tells the girls that her parents divorced when she was three. Her mom started seeing a man named Jerry, who took them in. She only remembers happy times there, and didn’t know how bad they had it.

Shep wants a French bulldog. His mom says he has no business getting any dog. He tells her that he’s having surgery on Friday, and Kathryn is giving him a ride. He says he saw the good in her. He likes to see the good in people; he’s an optimist. In his interview, Shep says with some people, you never know what you’re going to get, and Kathryn was one of them for a long time. She’s more dependable now. His mom asks about his nose, and he says it was an accident; no one beat him up. He tells her that he doesn’t want to end up an angry old guy. She says it’s easy to get complacent when you live alone. He thinks he shouldn’t be in a relationship for the same reason he shouldn’t get a dog. He’ll never be a conventional person. His mother says she could pray, but couldn’t make it happen.

Chelsea drives to her old house. She says it pretty much looks the same. She has pictures of her stepdad pushing her down the driveway. He and her mom never married, but he was like a dad. She starts to cry, and wonders why she can’t keep her sh*t together. She says it was a great weekend, and she ended it by crying about her stepdad who passed away. She tells them he died when she was eight, and they lost everything because he and her mom weren’t married; they had nothing. In her interview, she says they moved to a duplex, and she had to share a twin bed with her brother. For life to change that fast was mind-blowing. She thinks that’s why she struggles to be independent. They relied on him, and then he was gone. Her mother had to work three jobs to keep a roof over their heads. In her interview, she says she doesn’t know if the walls in her relationships are due to him passing away. Her mom told her to always take care of herself, no matter what. Now that everyone is bummed, they head home.

Craig cuts pictures out of magazines, and makes I don’t know what.

Austen has more baseball caps than anyone should have.

Kathryn picks up Shep. He says he can drive there, but needs her on the way back. She asks him to come to the party, and tells him that she didn’t invite Ashley. She texted Thomas that she thinks it’s best Ashley isn’t around the children right now. He replied, okay, along with an okay emoji. Shep doesn’t think anything there’s anything more important to either one of them than the kids. She asks about his life, and he says he’s not really into anybody. He hasn’t found the person where everything makes sense. Kathryn suggests yoga or meditation, and says she’ll go soul searching for him. In her interview, Kathryn says Shep gets her, and she feels safe with him.

Three hours later. Shep is wheeled out. He feels great, but knows once the pain meds wear off, it’s going to hurt. He’s still wearing his hospital gown, and accidently flashes some leg while he’s getting into the car. He says, the first look is free.

Austen picks up take-out to bring to Victoria’s place. He says the situation has deescalated, but he’s never dealt with this level of jealousy before. He’s not sure how to navigate it. When he gets there, they open some wine to go with the food. She asks how Hilton Head was, and he’s like, um… He tells her it was awesome, but he took Chelsea aside, told her that they’d gotten back together, and that was that. He doesn’t want her to disengage from his life. Victoria says some of Chelsea’s actions don’t line up with what she’s saying. She doesn’t think Chelsea’s body language is appropriate with someone she used to be dating or respectful to her. Austen says he didn’t think anything of it. Victoria thinks there’s an ulterior motive. It didn’t feel right, and looked clingy romantic. Austen doesn’t think Chelsea is the romantic type, and Victoria accuses him of defending Chelsea to the death. He says he wants to be friends with Chelsea, but it hasn’t been sexual whatsoever since they broke up. Victoria mentions Chelsea’s comment about sneaking into his room in the middle of night, and he says social media is a pita. If Victoria thinks something isn’t appropriate, he feels like he has to agree, or she’ll be angry. He thinks she’s scrutinizing the photo more than she needs to be. He asks if they can let it pass, and she says, for the time being. I know what that means. She’s never letting it pass.

Shep nurses his knee, and calls Cameran. She feels like she was hit by a Mack truck, but got a cute baby out of it. She tells Shep that she was at home, and started getting contractions. Going to the hospital isn’t like you see in the movies. She wasn’t screaming and crying, but holding on to the oh, sh*t handle (is that the one above the side window?), and telling Jason to go fast. She was in labor for twelve hours, pushed about an hour, and out popped Palmer. She’s glad Palmer didn’t come out ugly. In her interview, she tells us a lot of newborns don’t come out cute, and pretty-up later. She says it was dehumanizing, but worth it. Shep has ice on his knee, and she has ice on her vagina.

Craig goes to see life coach Laura. She says he’s going to play show-and-tell with his self-portrait. So that’s what he was making. He tells her, on the outside is how he feels about himself, the inside represents his goals. There are no faces; he doesn’t see himself as a face. If there was a camera here, I’d be giving it a look. Laura says it has holes, referring to how the pictures are spaced. It’s not integrated enough; he’s not self-directed enough. Translation: he’s bad at being his own boss. He says it’s interesting that he came to her at this time. He currently has an amazing opportunity to design a pillow for his friend Patricia’s clothing line. We see a clip where she calls him, asking how the pillow is going. He says he has a hard time designing something for someone else. Hell, I’ll do it. He says he’s scared he’ll continue fantasizing about what could be, but not doing it. Laura says he’s bullsh*tting himself. He’s having a hard time jumping into the adult world with both feet. He finds different ways to sabotage himself. He’s a charming guy with great ideas, but doesn’t follow through, so he doesn’t have to adult. Hey, stop picking on me… I mean, Craig. Craig says he can justify everything, and convince anyone of anything; he’s a great liar. Laura asks why he’s effing lying. She actually uses the word effing. She asks, what is that about? He says it comes natural to him. In his interview, Craig says he can profile someone, and steer them in a certain direction. Laura says he keeps setting himself up for negative attention. He’s not nice to himself at all. He says the way she puts it, it sucks. She says the next time, they’ll talk about why he’s a liar. He doesn’t like being vulnerable, and is doing the thing he doesn’t like to do – have to talk about it.

Kathryn tells Kensie got to get ready for Saint’s birthday. In her interview, Kathryn says, last year, she was a guest at her own son’s party, and it was humiliating. She’s grateful for the chance to be a mother, and host the party herself. It’s what’s right. It’s crazy to her that Saint is turning into a little man. He’s blooming as a person, and is happy and sweet. She thinks it’s interesting she and Thomas could create such a normal person.

Ashley loves that Thomas still reads the physical newspaper. She asks if he’s looking forward to the party. She’s going to stay in and relax; she doesn’t feel well. Of course not. She says the emotional stress took its toll on her physical health. He asks if, in retrospect, going after Kathryn was worth it. Ashley says she was protecting him. He tells her the fighting is counterproductive. He says, don’t fight; just chill. Ashley insists wanted to go to the party to show Kathryn that she’s no threat. When Kathryn sent Thomas a message about not wanting her to be around the kids because she’s angry and aggressive, it hurt her. Thomas says, too bad. Hahahahaha! In his interview, he says Kathryn and the kids will always be in his life, and he needs to be with someone understanding, not critical. Ashley is jealous and paranoid. Ashley says she doesn’t trust Kathryn; she doesn’t want him to be happy. That’s the real reason she wants to monitor what’s going on; Kathryn wants to be where she is, and wants to keep tabs on him. Okay. She’s batsh*t crazy. Especially since she’s the one who didn’t like Thomas going out without her. Thomas tells her she’ll need tough skin if she wants to be in a relationship with him. She says they’re not dealing with a normal person, but darkness and evil. What? He says she’s fired up, and needs to reduce it to nothing. Kathryn wants to see what’s going to happen long term, and at that point, maybe she’ll be friendly. Ashley doubts it. Ashley tells Thomas that she’s not letting him go; she’s not going anywhere. Now she’s being creepy. Thomas says he thought she was going to Santa Barbara for the holidays, and he thinks they could use the space. I think he should change the locks when she’s gone. She wants him to hold her hand. He asks why, and tells her not to get upset if he doesn’t. He tells her to chill, and takes her hand. He says she’s very intense, and needs to reduce it. She tells him to stop talking about Kathryn. What’s important is right here, and she’s not letting that get the best of her. I could see this being part of a horror movie script.

Kathryn brings the kids to the venue, called Play Garden. It’s a large play/crafting room, divided into various sections. Thomas meets her, and helps bring the kids in. Kathryn wants this day to be absolutely perfect. She gives the staff the supplies she’s brought, including the party favor bags. Kathryn thinks it’s good for the kids to see their mother and father together, happy and having fun. Thomas puts on a tiny birthday hat. Danni and Naomie arrive, with Austen following. The rest of the guests trickle in. Austen tells Chelsea that he’s still recovering from Hilton Head. Shep limps in. He says it hurts, but it’s okay. Finger painting happens. Naomie says this is Craig’s jam, and texts him. We see he’s busy using duct tape to wrap the presents.

Austen says Saint has better style than he does; his bow tie is killing it. Thomas tries to take Saint’s picture, and it’s like taking a picture of one of my dogs, trying to get them to stay still. Naomie says it’s heartwarming when Ashley isn’t there. Danni asks if makes her want kids. The kids blow noisemakers, and Naomie says, no. Craig and Sean arrive just in time for the pizza. Kathryn asks if Thomas wants to join them for dinner there. Ashley is going to go out of her mind. In his interview, Thomas thinks Kathryn has stepped up as a mom. He sees a lot of improvement. It’s been amazing watching her transformation, and he’s proud of her. It’s time to open the presents. Craig has gotten a karaoke machine and keyboard for Saint and Kensie to share. The cake comes out, and everybody sings. In her interview, Kathryn says Thomas sees her as adult now, and has a new respect. Maybe it took longer than she would have liked, but they’re here now, and she just wants to keep everything good.

Kathryn visits Shep, bearing gifts. Shep says she looks like a femme fatale , and asks what she’s up to. She says she just came from work, and this is what she wears. In his interview, Shep says Kathryn has something, a je ne sais quoi. Yeah, she’s gorgeous, and the something is she finally got a decent haircut. She gives Shep some soup from her grandmother’s receipe, and a basket of goodies. Shep says when they get together, they can be weird, and she can be herself. He tells her that no one else has done anything for him, and she’s a joy to be around. He loves how rambunctious Kensie is, and she says Kensie gets it from both parents. They heat up the soup. Kathryn says she hasn’t had a date since August; she knows everyone in Charleston. He tells her to increase her radius. In her interview, Kathryn says she considers Shep a good friend, but her head can’t help going to that space where she thinks, why couldn’t they just make it work? He eats some soup, and says he’s happy. Well, apparently, he’s easy to please.

Ashley brings Thomas a take-out sub sandwich for lunch. She asks about the birthday party, and if it was the best one yet. He says it was a good one, and he helped Kathryn organize it. She went all out, and it was a good turn-out. Ashley asks if she was thought of, because she gets confused that it wasn’t her own party. She’s sure Kathryn was thinking about her. Wow. She continually tops herself with insecure egoism. Thomas doesn’t think Kathryn is appreciating her presence lately. He also doesn’t believe what Ashley says about Kathryn having feelings for him and not wanting to let him go. Ashley says, no. They’re not a family. They’ve never been a family. The kids weren’t planned, and they weren’t in a relationship when they had them. They were never in love, and Kathryn is living in a fantasy world. I’m not sure what’s making my mouth hang open more; Ashley’s impudence, or Thomas’s restraint. Thomas tells her that he’ll always have a soft spot for Kathryn. He would never want anything to happen to the kids, or her, the mother of his children. When Ashley disrespects Kathryn, she’s disrespecting the kids and him. Ashley says she feels disrespected, and he tells her, then back off nicely. She’s emotionally charged, and has a lot of anger and frustration. She says he’s frustrating her right now. He’s putting words in her mouth; don’t tell her what to do. I guess no one ever told this chick not to have arguments like this before the ring is on her hand. And I mean, the wedding ring. Thomas says if she wants to get along with people, relax. She says, like the other night, that’s who she is. We see a clip of him out with the guys, and having a good time. Ashley goes ballistic about him being out all night, and how he had a naked girlfriend waiting for him, but he’d rather be with Shep and Craig. He says, once in a blue moon, he likes to blow it out with his friends. She says it’s the first time someone didn’t want to come home to her. Her relationships must have only lasted two days. Thomas asks if she’s not going to California to hang out with her friends, and she says she is now. He gave her a kickstart. He says, when she comes back, she’ll be a better person for it. She says, if she does come back, and he says, go ahead. I’m dying.

Next time, Cameran has an oversupply of milk, Kathryn thinks Ashley wanted a one-way free ticket to spend someone else’s money, Thomas doesn’t know if he wants to get married, and Austen premieres his beer.

👍 I gotta say it, my take on Kathryn is that she’s the real deal. Cameran will back me up here; she feels the same way. I think Kathryn was very young when the show started, and as we all do – or I hope we do – matured over time. Being on television and involved with a very rich, well-known (at least in Charleston) guy put her at a disadvantage, so her growth wasn’t allowed its natural progression. Thomas was less than gracious, and some of the others egged her on. A lesser person would have folded under the pressure, but she did well. I’m proud of her too.

🍹 Speaking of not so charming Thomas, I was wondering what was up with the assault allegations against him, and this is what I found: https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2018/06/thomas-ravenel-sexual-assault-charges-finally-addressed-by-bravo/

The article said that Bravo has a reputation of turning a blind eye to bad behavior. Are they kidding? Bravo encourages bad behavior. Andy Cohen is probably pissed that he didn’t think of the Jersey Shore. Don’t get me wrong, although I don’t always like him, I admire Andy a lot. He had the tenacity to do what others only dream of – loving pop culture so much, he became part of it.

💲 🌆 Million Dollar Listing New York will be back on Monday, June 11th at 10 pm. Rebel Wilson will be making an appearance, and from the looks of the preview, 50 Cent will be showing up as well. Is this the celebrity edition?

🎭 Sadly, tonight was the final finale for Imposters. I loved the show from the first one. It was fresh, something different with fun twists, and they weren’t afraid to show some blood and guts. It’s a shame Bravo won’t continue to give it a chance. It was a bittersweet ending, knowing that it won’t be back.

😯 So, I’m watching this movie on Lifetime, and there’s Kevin Bacon playing a father figure. When did this happen?

🙌 There Was a Time When He Cut Footloose…





June 3, 2018 – Nelle Visits Carly, a Salad of Shows, a Tee-Hee & a Dance


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

The doorbell rings at the Quartermaine’s. Nelle answers. It’s Sonny, and she tells him Michael isn’t there. He wants to see her, but she says it’s not a good time. She’s trying to rest. Kim advised her to avoid stress for the baby’s sake. He thinks it might be time for a nice little chat.

On the phone, Josslyn asks if Oscar is standing her up. He says, never, but there’s something he needs to take care of. He sits at the visiting window, and Carly sits down on the other side of the glass.

Drew leaves a message for Andre. He took a day to consider the risks, and still wants to do it. He asks Andre to get back to him with the time, and he’ll be there. He looks at the DNR.

At the hospital, Chase tells Epiphany that he needs to talk to Maxie, and promises to be brief. Finn sees him, and asks if there’s something he can help with. Epiphany tells them they can help each other on their own time, not hers, and leaves. Chase asks Finn how it’s going, and Finn tells him, don’t make it weird, and asks why he’s there. Chase tells him that Peter escaped, and they’re pulling out all the stops. Finn is like, what?!

Anna tells Maxie that the letter was recovered from Peter’s hotel room. He wrote it to her.

Peter yells for help. We see a pair of heels, and the camera pans up until we see it’s Nina. He says, she did this to him?

Nelle tells Sonny that Monica is still there, but he says her car isn’t. Nelle says even if she left, there are plenty of servants around. She tells him to state his business, and be on his way. She’s not a hostess; she’s a guest. He says she seems at home there, and she says it was generous of Monica to let her stay there. Michael moving back to help with the baby is a bonus. He says she finally got what she wanted. Maybe it’s time to pay it forward. She was wondering when he was getting to the subject of Carly.

Carly asks Oscar if everything is okay, and wonders how he got in, since he’s a minor. He shows her a fake ID, and she says he looks young for someone born in 1997. He jokes that he gets that a lot. She’s impressed, and asks why he’s there. He says he has a message from Josslyn.

Mike and Felix play checkers. Mike asks if Felix is letting him win, and Felix says, never. When he plays, he plays to win. Mike makes a winning move, saying he might not remember much, but he remembers how to play checkers. Josslyn comes in, and says it looks like they’re getting along. Mike says Felix is a big step up from the other nurses Sonny has hired; he doesn’t talk to Mike like he’s five. Felix wonders if he’s being hustled. Mike asks if Josslyn is a friend of Michael’s, and Felix says she’s Carly’s daughter. Mike says, of course, and apologizes for not remembering. Josslyn says plenty of people ask her just who she thinks she is all the time. Mike says she’s her mother’s daughter, all right. He likes Carly, and wonders where she’s keeping herself these days.

Maxie says Anna might have unfinished business with her son, but she doesn’t want to see or hear from him again. Anna says he was on the run, but felt it was important enough to leave the letter for her. She leaves Maxie with the letter.

Chase tells Finn that Anna was immediately made aware that Peter escaped. As Finn leaves, Chase tells him, catch you later, bro. Finn runs into Anna, and says he knows about Peter. She says part of her is worried they’ll find him, and part of her is terrified they never will.

Peter asks Nina, why; what does she want? She says she wants her brother back. Peter says, he’s sorry, but she tells him that he doesn’t get to apologize. He used Maxie’s trust. The scrapbook wasn’t filled with mementos, but trophies, and he sat there, a few feet away from where Nathan was killed. It should have been him. She starts to scream at him, saying that somewhere, in the depths of hell, Faison is proud of him. He’s sick, and knows where he deserves to be right now.

Nelle tells Sonny if she could alter her statement, she would, but Carly’s fate is in the hands of the legal system now. He says now that she’s recovered, and her memory is clear, Nelle knows she fell; it was an accident. Nelle says, but it wasn’t. She knows how hard it is to hear – it’s hard for her to say – but Carly pushed her deliberately. She could have killed the baby. Sonny says the baby is fine. She was confused, but thinking clearly now. She can change her statement, and any bad blood will be forgotten. She’ll never want for anything. Nelle thinks everything will be fine even if she doesn’t give a false testimony. He asks what she wants, and she says she wants what’s best for her family. If she alters her statement, and Carly gets out before she gets the help she needs, she won’t feel safe, or feel the baby is safe. It’s best for everyone, Carly included.

Carly asks Oscar what Josslyn wants her to know, and he says she’s fine and still cares about Carly. After he told her that he was coming, she said no matter what happened, she loves Carly. Carly says it’s sweet, even if it’s not true.

Josslyn tells Felix that Sonny is grateful he’s there, and her mom would be too. Felix says he usually doesn’t put his nose where it doesn’t belong, and she says, but he’s going to. He says she is just like her mother. She wishes people would stop saying that. Felix says Carly is fierce, loyal, and magnificent; so is she. So she’s in the best position to do with Carly what he’s doing with Mike. Playing checkers? Josslyn says, put herself in Carly’s shoes.

Monica comes by Drew’s office. She says he must be swamped. She hears he’s practically running Aurora by himself. He says, bad news travels fast. She also hears he’s sleeping in the hotel, but he doesn’t have to. He’s welcome at the house. After all, it is his family home. He says living at the hotel isn’t bad, and the commute is super easy. She says she knows when she’s being brushed off, and he tells her that she’s not being brushed; he appreciates the offer. She tells him to just remember he’ll always have a place, no matter what. He thanks her.

Chase asks Anna if there’s been any update from the WSB on Peter’s whereabouts. She says, nothing yet, but the Bureau will keep them posted. Chase leaves, and Anna tells Finn, not right now, but maybe one day he can explain the whole family thing. He says it’s long story, and she says she has a twin sister on the run, so he won’t get any sympathy. He asks if she’s worried that she’ll never see her son again. She says, even if he’s brought to justice, she doesn’t think he’ll want to see a mother he despises.

Maxie opens the letter. Peter says he won’t make worse trying to justify or defend himself. There’s a lot she doesn’t know about the past that determined his future. He never meant to hurt her. He knows it sounds shallow, but it’s true. He wishes he had known Nathan, and wishes he could be there when Nathan’s child becomes as fine a man as Nathan was. He hopes she finds peace, and wishes it with all his heart. Chase walks in.

Peter tells Nina that he’s nothing like his father. If she read The Severed Branch, she’d know how hard fought against him. Nina says, honesty would have brought him down. He and Nathan could have teamed up. Peter says he didn’t know their brother, and Nina says, her brother. To him, Nathan is nothing but a scrapbook, got it? He does. He says Faison is dead now, and he promises to stay away from Maxie. She says they both know he’ll be away from Maxie forever. The person who did this will make sure of it. Peter says, if she didn’t do it, who did? A shadow covers the doorway.

Sonny tells Nelle he figured it would go like this. She says if it was just her, she’d gladly change her statement, but she’s concerned for the baby’s safety. He says she’s gotta do what she’s gotta do, and so will he. She asks what that means, and he thinks it’s clear. She asks if he’s threatening her, and he says he doesn’t threaten. She asks if he just makes it sound like a threat. He says she did what she could to get into the family, and she got her wish. The Corinthos family looks out for each other. He tells her, welcome to the family. No kiss of death though.

Carly tells Oscar that she knows Josslyn has no idea he’s there, and he admits she doesn’t. He says he’s telling her when he gets back, so it’s not like he lied. She says she used to use that excuse. He asks if it works, and she says it’s about 50/50. He says he’s not lying about how Josslyn feels, and she’s upset. Carly says, stubborn, and he says that too. She wonders where Josslyn gets I from. Oscar says he thought she should know, and Carly says it’s very sweet of him. She’s not mad, but would like him to do her a favor. When he leaves, go straight to Josslyn. She feels better knowing he’s looking out for her.

Drew tells Monica that he’s not saying no, but she says he didn’t exactly say yes. He doesn’t know what’s going on right now; things are in a whirlwind, and he doesn’t know where he’ll land. She tells him that her door is always open, adding, that’s not true; it’s locked, but she wants her son to have the key. She presses the key into his hand, saying, remember, her house is always his home.

Chase says, sorry; he didn’t mean to impose. Maxie says, that’s okay; he’s a cop, and it’s what he does. She asks if he wants to know if she’s heard from Peter, and says the letter has been his only contact. Anna said the PCPD has the original, so they already know what it says. Chase supposes she’s not buying Peter’s apology. She says she’d rather buy a used Pinto. Epiphany joins them, telling Chase he’d better not be upsetting her patient, but Maxie says he’s making her feel better.

Obrecht says, good. Nina got her text. Nina asks if she means the one that said go to the cabin; she has a surprise for her? Obrecht asks if she was surprised. She asks Nina what’s wrong, and Nina says besides her kidnapping a man and holding him in the middle of nowhere? Obrecht asks where is she supposed to hold someone hostage; the MetroCourt? Nina says, now she’s an accessory. Obrecht asks who’s going to tell? Henrik won’t tell a soul. He says his name is Peter, and Obrecht grabs an ax, and says there’s nothing he can do to stop her. Nina laughs, saying it’s funny, but she knows it’s not a laughing matter. Obrecht swings the ax down toward Peter.

Finn asks Anna if Robert is joining her to visit Robin. She says he’s on his way to Europe, besides it’s up to her to explain how Robin has a brother that was hidden away her entire life. Anna says it would be ironic for her to find her son, only to lose him, and lose her daughter too.

Finn says Anna and Robin mean the world to each other, and there’s nothing to forgive. Anna says Robin is a mother and a doctor, and she’s hidden a huge part of her life. It could break their trust. Finn tells Anna how great she is, saying all of the superlatives are escaping him, but she can’t do other people’s thinking for them. It didn’t work out when she did it with him; don’t do it to her daughter. She gets into the elevator, and he asks if she’s forgetting something. She runs down her list, and he says, what about this? and kisses her. She says she’ll add that to her travel checklist, and won’t forget again. The elevator doors close.

Epiphany asks if Chase got what he came for, and he says he thinks so. He leaves, and she says Maxie is on her way out too. She’s on her way to get a wheelchair. She hopes she won’t embarrass Maxie on her way out, but Maxie says she wouldn’t have any other way. When Epiphany is gone, Maxie looks at the letter again, and crumples it.

We see the ax embedded in the wall. Peter is cringing, and Obrecht says, better in the wall than in his cerebellum. Nina asks for a word, and they go outside. She asks if Obrecht has an end game or is she making it up as she goes? The WSB and PCPD are looking for him. Obrecht says what happens if they find him? He’ll cut a deal and slip away. Nathan’s death will be unavenged. They have to take matters into their own hands. Nina asks what that means, and Obrecht says, what does she think?

Oscar visits Drew’s office to invite him to the awards ceremony at school. He asks about the summer internship. Drew apologizes, saying he forgot, but will get right on it. Oscar understands, and if he can’t make it to the ceremony, that’s cool too. He says he’ll let Drew get back to work, and Drew says, or he could tell him why he’s there. He could have texted him with the information, but here he is. Oscar says he could use some fatherly advice. Drew asks if it’s about Josslyn. Oscar says, partly, and her mom.

Mike asks if Felix knows Sonny. He does; Sonny hired him. Mike says he was just testing him. He says Sonny looks out for him now, but there was a time when he looked out for Sonny, whether Sonny knew it or not. Felix says that was fatherly of him. Mike says, like the time he moved the guy from Croton. Felix says, he helped a friend move? and Mike says he moved him closer to home.

The guard brings Carly back to the visitor room, and Nelle is there. Nelle says, long time, no see. She came by to see how Carly was doing, since it’s not the Ritz. Carly says maybe she’ll see for herself one day, and asks what prompted the concern for her well-being. Nelle says Sonny stopped by to chat about family, and congratulated her on being a part of theirs. Carly bets he was super welcoming. Nelle says it got her thinking how everyone is rallying around her, and wanted Carly to know that she’s taking great care of her grandchild. Carly says she wouldn’t expect less. Nelle doesn’t want to worry her, but Josslyn is beside herself. She wants Carly to know that she’ll be there for Josslyn if she needs to talk or needs someone to listen. They’re very close. Speaking of which, Michael is moving back to the Quartermaine’s so he can be there for her and the baby. All those times Carly told Nelle that she’d never have her son? She was wrong.

Sonny asks Felix if he warned him that his dad was a shark. Felix says he realized it, but only his pride has taken a beating. He says Mike has great stories, and Sonny asks if there are any he hasn’t heard. Felix starts to repeat what Mike said about a friend of Sonny’s or Mike’s, when Mike wins another game. Felix wonders how he did that so fast, and says he guesses he’s on the hook for lunch.

Drew asks how Josslyn is, and Oscar says, shaken up. That’s why he went to Pentonville, hoping to smooth things over. Drew says that’s noble, but Oscar doesn’t know if he made it better or worse. Drew is sure he made it better. Oscar says, as much as he loves his mom, he’d always been jealous of Josslyn’s big family. Drew says now that he sees how crazy it is, he must be thanking his lucky stars it’s just been the two of them. Oscar says it’s not the two of them anymore. He has a sister and a great dad.

Nina tells Obrecht she doesn’t want vengeance for Nathan; she wants justice. If vengeance is what she has in mind, Nina is calling the PCPD, and telling them where to find their fugitive. Obrecht says she’s right. Vengeance is a temporary rush; they won’t kill him unless they have to. Nina says there’s no “we” about it; she’s not involved. Obrecht says they’ll keep him there, and when he’s had enough of their hospitality, they’ll get him to confess. Once his confession has been recorded, they’ll hand him over to the authorities. Nina says a coerced confession is meaningless. Obrecht says he will unburden himself and justice will be done. It’s what Nina wants, right? It’s the only way. Nina asks what she can do, and Obrecht says they’ll need food and supplies; she’ll send a list. She tells Nina to go back, and say nothing. She asks if they’re in it together. Nina agrees, and they shake hands.

Chase tells Maxie that hospital policy dictates the patient needs to be accompanied out. He asks if she has any takers, and she says Nina was supposed to be there. Chase says when you take over for someone loved like Nathan was, someone honorable, a lot is expected. Since Nathan can’t be there to do it himself, Chase would be honored – unless she has a better offer. Epiphany thinks she can entrust her patient to one of Port Charles’s finest, but if anything happens and it’s his fault, she’ll give his carcass to the med students. She leaves, and Maxie tells Chase that she’s kidding. She thinks. He wheels her out.

Finn sits next to Anna on the plane. He thought she’d like some company. He holds out his hand, and she puts her hand in his. They smile.

Peter tells Nina to let him go or get help. She says she’d call her brother, but he can’t come to the phone. She tells him that he’s in good hands, and he says she can’t leave him with this maniac. She leaves and Obrecht tells Peter that he talks too much, like his father. She puts a gag on him as she whistles. She says, that’s much better. Sweet, silent Henrik. She has the feeling they’ll get along famously.

Oscar starts to leave, and Drew says he’s glad Oscar stopped by. He tells Oscar to swing by HR, and fill out an application for internship. They hug, and Oscar says it will really make it a family business. He leaves, and Drew looks at the DNR and assembly flyer, side by side.

Sonny asks Josslyn if there’s no school, and she tells him it’s exam week. He has to talk to her about her mom. he wants to make things easy for Josslyn, and thinks she should stay with her dad. She asks if he wants to send her to Australia. He says her dad would be glad to see her, and the trial is going to be a circus. He wants to spare her that, and thinks her dad would agree. She says he wouldn’t want to be used as an excuse to run. She’s committed to her team, school is almost over, and she doesn’t want to be apart from Oscar. Sonny knows what she means.

Nelle tells Carly that Michael is sleeping in the room next to hers. Their relationship is evolving. She says it’s true near-tragedies bring people closer together. Carly totally freaks out, and starts banging on the glass and yelling. The guard takes her away, and she yells that Sonny is coming after Nelle, and he’s going to take everything from her. Nelle looks shocked.

Tomorrow, Jordan’s head is on the chopping block, Stella doesn’t want to talk about Curtis’s engagement, and Sam asks if Valentin is helping Alexis.

🍲 A Mix…

Nothing new on Bravo. I’m guessing The Real Housewives of the OC is back soon, since last season’s reunion was aired tonight, and next week is a How They Got Here special. Andy must be on vacation too, because Watch What Happens Live has been in reruns. He also has that tour going on with Anderson Cooper. They did have a 50th birthday party for Andy on Sunday night, with John Meyer as host. It was fun to see them turn the tables by putting Andy in the hot seat, and opening the vault to a video from his college days that he’d hoped would remain unearthed. His hair-do alone was reason enough. They’re also rerunning Dorinda’s Night of 31 Doorbells, which was a delightful gathering of many Bravo family members, when the show was in LA. Catch it if you can. I’m having difficulty caring about The Real Housewives of Potomac, but was never totally invested in them. I checked out Dietland (AMC), which had a promising start. I was also able to catch up with Westworld tonight, and think Maeve’s daughter might have a sporting chance. Even though she was captured by the Native American warriors, she wasn’t killed, and we don’t really know what their deal is yet. Next week, it looks like we might. I kind of wish they hadn’t jumped so quickly into the outside world getting involved, as well as the struggle between Maeve and Dolores. I would have liked to see more of what the park was like when it functioned, and how the various worlds dealt with suddenly being offline.

👠 Funny Footnote…

For the life of me, I couldn’t remember the name Dolores. When I finally looked it up, I realized it’s the same name Jerry Seinfeld once forgot in an episode of his sitcom. That Dolores finally gave him the hint that it rhymed with a female body part.

📅 I Mean Week…