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November 20, 2019 – Not Preempted For Me (Or You), Everyone Gets a Baby Elephant, Quick Take On Jersey, Jax Dream & the White Christmas Of Thanksgiving


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


SPOILER ALERT: This show was not seen on regular TV in the US today, so it will be shown tomorrow. Through the magic of the internet, I saw it anyway, but if you want to wait, close your eyes and scroll down for RHOD.

General Hospital

Brook Lynn asks how Ned is, and he says he’s good. He asks if she just get in, and she says, more or less. He says he didn’t call, and she asks if no one is still down for surprises anymore. She says hi to Olivia and Sonny.

Jason tells Carly that he just came from the courthouse. Sam has been convicted of manslaughter. Carly says, she’s going to prison? She asks, for how long? and he says, two years. She hugs him and says she’s sorry.

Valentin waits for Ava in her room at Shadybrook. He wonders how he didn’t know about this high-end retreat, and she says he’ll make it there eventually with his lineage. He says that’s what he wanted to talk to her about, and she says, his mental health? He says, his family.

Nikolas comes downstairs and tells Jax that Nina is there. She pulled up, got out of the car, and got back in. She can’t seem to make up her mind. Jax suggests Nikolas go to his room until Jax tells him to come out, and Nikolas says, that’s a good one. He has an errand to run. Jax says he’ll be seen, and this will all be for nothing. Nikolas flashes back to locking eyes with Charlotte at the pier. The doorbell rings. Nikolas says he’ll be careful, and Jax says he’d better be.

Finn giftwraps a children’s book. Chase comes in, and he tells Chase make himself useful and help him. Chase says, it’s a little light for Anna, but Finn says, it’s not for her. Chase asks if it’s for the daughter Finn neglected to mention.

Hayden meets Anna at the MetroCourt bar. Anna wasn’t sure she’d be interested in clearing the air, but Hayden says they’re going to be one big happy family once Anna and Finn get married. They’re  still getting married, right?

Carly tells Jason that she’s so sorry, and asks how Sam is. Jason says, she’s trying to be strong. Carly asks what about him? and he says he hates it. He’ll do anything to get her out. He’s worried about the kids. He’s struggling with what to tell them. He doesn’t want to lie, sugar coat it, or tell them Sam will be home soon. She says there has to be a way to reduce Sam’s sentence, but he says, everything with Shiloh has worked against them. What if the sentence sticks? The kids think two weeks is a long time. How does he tell them she’ll be away two years? Carly says they’ll figure it out together.

Jax opens the door to Nina. He says he figured she’d be at Windymere with her family. She says she was, but she wanted to drop something off. He asks how Charlotte is, and she says not as rattled as her and Valentin. That kid is ridiculously brave. She likes what Jax has done with the place. He asks if she wants a drink, and she says, no, and hands him something. He hopes it’s not her resignation, and she says he’ll have to pry Crimson out of her cold, dead hand. He sees it’s a wedding invitation, and he says, she’s going to try to marry Valentin again? She says she’d like for him to be there.

At the MetroCourt, Curtis tells Jordan that he guesses he should find Nina, and tell her the man she’s about to marry is no good. He hired a woman to impersonate her daughter. Who does that? Jordan says, tell her, and he says, and blow up her world again? She says, then don’t tell her, and he says, and let her live a lie? She says he already knows how she feels. He says, he has no proof, it’s none of his business, let her figure it out. She says he does actually listen, and he says he hopes Nina never figures it out. She asks if it’s occurred to him that, on some level, Nina already knows. Maybe facing the truth isn’t worth losing Valentin. Maybe Nina loves him that much. He says, that’s insane, and she says, but to some people, a lie is more comfortable. Stella comes in, and asks if someone said comfort. She’s in the mood for a hug. Curtis hugs her. This is so weird. I was just wondering when she was coming back.

Finn asks how Chase found out, and Chase says, Robert. Finn says, for a guy who was a spy, Robert can’t keep a secret. He wanted to tell Chase himself. Chase says he would have liked that too, and Finn says it’s been overwhelming. He’s still trying to wrap his head around it. He should have told Chase, and he’s sorry. Chase says he has a daughter; how does it feel? Finn says, amazing and utterly terrifying. Chase thinks it’s awesome he’s an uncle, and their dad is a grandfather. Finn says Chase hasn’t told him, and Chase says he hasn’t, but Finn should. The family is expanding, and he can’t wait to meet Violet. Finn says, she’s incredible. He thanks Chase for being on board. He’s not sure everyone feels the same. Chase says, everyone, or Anna?

Anna asks why Hayden would think she and Finn weren’t getting married. Hayden says Finn didn’t say anything, if she’s concerned. Anna says she’s not, and Hayden says, it’s just that Anna has been gone so long. She knows how it is. Anna isn’t sure she does. Hayden says, time passes; feelings change, but Finn never told her anything like that. Anna says that’s what they share in common. They don’t tell people things. It’s Hayden’s MO.

Brook likes how they redecorated, and Ned tells her, Monica can be touchy about uninvited guests. She asks what Monica has to do with anything, and Ned says, it’s her house. They all say in, Alan gave it to her, in unison. Brook says she’s not a guest; she’s family. Olivia says, welcome home. She asks how the music industry is, and Brook says, great, but she can’t say the same for her shoes. The terrace is an obstacle course. She almost came in through the kitchen. She asks if somebody died, and Ned says the were in the middle of something. She says, they’re Quartermaines. When are they not in the middle of something? All except for Uncle Dimples. She asks if Sonny is still driving the ladies wild, and he says, it’s a gift.

Ava tells Valentin that she’s not feeling herself these days. Perhaps they could finish the conversation another time. He says he wants to continue their conversation from Halloween; the one about Helena’s portrait. He’s had time to reconsider its worth, and would like her professional opinion. He’ll reward her handsomely, of course (🍷). She says, right, and he says she owes him. He arranged for her reconstruction. She says, look where it got her. He says because of him, she still has her beauty, but she says she might still have her soul. She would have done the right thing by Spencer, and wouldn’t be seeing him around every corner. He asks if she’s seeing Spencer, and she says, no. Nikolas.

Nikolas pops out through a secret door at Windymere. Charlotte asks who he is, and what’s he doing in her living room?

Ava asks Valentin to leave; she’s exhausted. He asks what kind of meds they have her on. She says, the kind that stop you from having hallucinations. He says, so that’s what she meant by seeing Nikolas, and she says, Halloween night. He’s surprised, since Nikolas has been gone so long, but she says, that’s the thing about regret. He says he wouldn’t know, and she says lucky him. He says, if you make a mistake, you fix it, but if you can’t, you don’t dwell. There’s nothing anyone can do for Nikolas now. She says she’ll keep it mind the next time any Cassadine memorabilia passes by. He says that’s why Nikolas is on her mind. She has Helena’s portrait.

Jax tells Nina, it seems a little fast, but she says, to her, it seems like the most drawn out wedding in history. He says, a lot has happened since the last time. She says, things have been dealt with and any remaining issues will be dealt with by the ceremony. She asks why he’s upset, and he tells her that he doesn’t think she’s thinking it through. He doesn’t know what to say. She tells him, just say chicken, fish, or vegetarian. He says, none of the above. He won’t be attending.

Chase says, Anna came home to find Finn, Hayden, and Violet – a child she didn’t know existed – shacking up in her house? Finn says, there was no shacking up. Chase says, it could have gone bad. Finn says it didn’t go great, but for the most part, Anna took it in stride.

Hayden asks if Anna has something to say about the choices she’s made as a mother. Anna says she has no clue about Hayden’s choices. Violet seems lovely, and it must be due to Hayden’s influence; at least in part. Hayden thanks her. Anna says she’s referring to Hayden’s choices as a human being, and keeping Finn in the dark. Hayden asks if Anna thinks it was easy. She’s beaten herself up enough. Anna says, Finn should have had a say; an opportunity to be a father. Hayden says, he’s getting that now, but Anna says she’s robbed him of years. Both of them actually. Hayden says, Robin turned out okay.

Carly asks Jason for all the reasons he’s mad and blames himself. She knows he won’t vent unless she makes him. He says he should have killed Shiloh from the start. If he had done his job, they could have avoided this whole situation. She says, Sam didn’t want that. Sam chose to handle Shiloh they way she wanted to, and these are the consequences. He needs to ask himself if Sam is the one he’s mad at. She is. She’s furious at Sam. Like he said, this could have been avoided if Sam had let him do what he needed to, and looked the other way. But here they are because of Sam’s decisions. She’s not judging; she loves Sam. Jason says he’s frustrated, but in the end, it was Sam’s call to make. Kristina is her sister, and this is how she wanted to handle things. She accepted the risk, and took it. Carly says, and he accepts it too. Jason says, but that’s him and Sam. It’s not their kids.

Curtis asks why Stella didn’t call. Stella says she didn’t want to trouble them; she’s just here for a minute. She’s grabbing a visa, and going back to London, so she can stay as long as she wants. Curtis takes it that her and long lost cousin Wanda are getting along. Stella says, like fish and chips. Curtis says it’s not the same without her, and she asks if he expected otherwise. She says, London is amazing, and Jordan says she’d love to go someday. Curtis asks, what about now? They never got their honeymoon. How does Christmas in London with Aunt Stella sound?

Charlotte says she knows Nikolas. She saw him on the pier last night. Does he work for Cassandra like those other creeps? He says he works for her father. He was supposed to find her and bring her home safe, but someone else rescued her. He’s sorry. Next time, he’ll be faster. She says, next time? and he says her father wants him to stay on as her bodyguard. She says, papa didn’t say anything, and he says her father thought she’d be frightened, but he thought she’s old enough to know. She says she is mature for her age, and he says he thinks so too. He’s going to stick to the shadows, and she won’t even know he’s there. She asks why he told her when papa didn’t want him to.

Valentin tells Ava that he threw away the portrait and now she has it. It’s important to him. His daughter was kidnapped, and could have been hurt, or worse. She asks what that has to do with the portrait, and he says she told him the artist sometimes hides information in his work. Laura seems to think if she can get to the portrait, she can get to him. Why is that? Ava says, it isn’t just Laura, and he says, it’s Jax and Hayden.

Nina says it’s important to her that Jax is at her wedding, and he asks, why? She says, because it is. He says, Valentin lied to her time and again. He used her worst pain to draw her in close, and now she wants to marry him again? She says she sees things clearly for the first time, and he has to trust her. Sasha owned up to the scheme; she did it all herself. He says Nina doesn’t actually believe that, and she says if he has proof to the contrary, hand it over. He says, fine. He can’t tell her what to do. If she wants to make the biggest mistake of her life… She says, it’s hers to make.

Carly tells Jason that she’s learned by having kids in your life, they’re in your life. Technically, Avery isn’t her daughter. He says, she is. That’s how he feels about Scout, even though she’s Drew’s. Carly says, unfortunately, Scout won’t remember Drew. Jason is the father she’s going to have. Jason says the kids count on them, and he’s realizing they should have taken it into consideration before getting involved with this whole thing.

Valentin says he wants that portrait, and Ava says, join the club. He asks if Jax knows she has it, and she says, he may have come calling. She’s going to tell him what she told Jax. That wretched painting is somewhere he’ll never find it. He says name her price. She laughs and asks if he’s not more creative. Numbers are so mundane. He says he can’t negotiate by himself; tell him where to start. She says, how about hell? Start there. Now get out.

Jax says working with Nina gave him a chance to know her. She’s an amazing person. Intuitive, with good judgement, but she’s the last person who should be with a guy who blows up his own enemy. They both know Valentin rigged Cassandra’s boat. He’s a criminal. Nina says, he was afraid for his daughter, and Jax says, being with a criminal can ruin your life. Trust him; he’s seen it happen. She says all she wanted was to invite him to her wedding, but he says, all she wanted was for him to talk her out of it.

Finn asks how he got here, and Chase says he’ll have to be more specific. He says he went from a doctor to a father who’s engaged, who has friends – not many, but a few – and a brother who he thinks cares about him. He has to figure out how to be all those things. He’s terrified of messing it up. Chase says, all those things – marriage fatherhood brotherly love – you can’t control them. You just have to jump in and figure it out.

Anna tells Hayden, what happened with Robin isn’t the same situation as what happened with her daughter. Hayden says, she heard Anna got pregnant and took off – same – left the father out of the loop – same – and for even longer than she did with Finn. Anna says, her life was filled with danger, and Hayden says, so she was protecting her daughter? That makes it better; more justified? Anna says, it does, and Hayden says they both had their reasons. Anna says she’d love to hear about Hayden’s reasons. She must have thought Finn might get angry and want to take the child from her, so why tell him at all? Hayden says she had to; Violet got sick. Anna says there are other doctors, yet Hayden chose to come there and loop Finn in. Why now? Hayden says she has her reasons. Suffice it to say, the timing felt right. Anna says she bets it did. She was out of the picture.

Hayden says Anna could have returned at any second, but Anna says she didn’t. Hayden asks if that’s her fault. Anna says, no. She’s just pointing out that Hayden had Finn’s undivided attention for months, and it couldn’t have worked out better for her. Hayden asks if Anna wishes she hadn’t told Finn, but Anna says she’s glad Finn know and Violet will be a part of his life. It’s beautiful. She’d just like Hayden to be honest. It was less about a father/daughter reunion, and more about Hayden rebuilding her relationship with Finn. Hayden says she and Finn already had a relationship, and because of Violet, they always will.

Chase says he can’t picture Finn hosting a tea party, but Finn says, Violet was the host; he just attended. Bella and Otto were supposed to be there, but couldn’t make it. Chase says, Bella and Otto? Finn says, Bella’s a pig, and Otto’s an owl. He’s heard they’re uptight, but he hasn’t met them yet, so he’s reserving judgment. He shows Chase pictures of the tea party. Chase never thought he’d see the day, and Finn says he didn’t either. Chase says fatherhood looks good on Finn, and Finn says, it feels good.

Jordan asks if London isn’t wet and cold this time of year, and Stella says more than it is there. They need to go someplace warm, put their toes in the sand, and relax. She’s surprised Curtis hasn’t planned a honeymoon for his bride yet, and Jordan says work has taken up all of their time. Stella says they have to make time. For themselves and each other. Otherwise, what’s the point? Curtis says, TJ, among other things, and Stella wonders what her grandnephew is up to.

Jason tells Carly that they could have done a better job of calculating the odds. She thinks the days of Sam riding off with him, guns a-blazing, are probably over. She should have told him that, but she doesn’t think Sam would have listened. He says he thinks she’ll listen now. She says, in the meantime, the kids need him.

Brook asks if Dante is going to be okay. Sonny says, after the kind of trauma he’s been through, it’s a long way to the other side. She suggests Dante’s wife should have stood by him, but Sonny says, Dante is the one who wanted the divorce. She asks if Lulu has never seen a paper shredder.

On the terrace, Ned tells Olivia that he’s sorry about Brook. She’s becoming more like his mother. Oliva says tell her about it, but it’s not her. He says, it’s about Dante, and she says she wasn’t just writing weather reports and local gossip. She told him to take his time and get better; that they would be there and were rooting for him. That the minute he reached out, they’d be there to get him. He didn’t see any of it, and doesn’t even know. She cries, and Ned holds her.

Nikolas says it’s his job to protect Charlotte, and he didn’t feel comfortable lying to her. They’re a team, but if Valentin finds out Nikolas broke his confidence, he’ll be fired. Will she keep his secret? She says she’s not supposed to lie to papa, but he says she wouldn’t be lying if she just doesn’t tell. Valentin didn’t tell her that he was hired. Please. He just wants to prove himself and keep her safe.

Jax says, Nina is at war with herself. Half of her knows he’s right about Valentin. Nina says, what about the other half? and Jax says, the other half is willing to look past the atrocities Valentin has committed, and tell herself that it won’t affect her or Charlotte. She’s smarter than this. Nina says he’s a patronizing condescending jackass. Who is he to tell her who she is or what she wants? He’s better than Valentin?

Carly tells Jason, no more openly daring the cops get to him until Sam is out. He’s a superhero with a secret identity. She feels for Sam, in that cell, wondering what happened, but Sam knows her kids are okay because they have him. She hugs him.

Stella asks if she suddenly developed a British accent, and they don’t understand her. What’s going on with TJ? Jordan says, nothing yet, but it may be something. Stella says they’re scaring her, but Curtis says, it’s nothing bad. The opposite. Jordan says, it’s TJ’s place to tell, not theirs, and Stella says, then she’ll track him down.

Ned and Olivia go back inside. Brook apologizes. She says she had no idea, or she wouldn’t have said anything. Olivia says she understands, and Ned asks how long Brook is in town. Brook says, TBD. She assume she could crash there, but Olivia doesn’t seem okay with it. Olivia says, that’s not it, and Brook says she did Olivia a major favor when she took Leo. Olivia says she’s thanked Brook a gazillion times, and Ned says they’re glad to have her. Leo will be excited, and maybe she can teach him to ride his new pony. Olivia says, that’s not a done deal. Brook thinks it’s cool, but Ned says, Olivia is a hard sell. Olivia says Leo hasn’t learned to ride a bike yet, and it’s so over-the-top. So Quartermaine. Brook says Ned wants to buy Leo a pony. Who could say no to that? Olivia says, how about someone who doesn’t want to raise an entitled spoiled brat? Sonny laughs, and Brook asks what he’s laughing at. Sonny says he was thinking how much Edward and Lila would enjoy this. We see their picture on the mantel.

Finn gives Chase everything he’s got on Alexis’s poisoning, and Chase thanks him for helping out. He asks when he can meet Violet, and Finn says they’re having a sleepover tomorrow. Is that too soon? Chase says he’ll stop by. He congratulates Finn on his way out, and Finn says Violet is lucky to have Chase as an uncle.

Anna tells Hayden that she welcomes the addition of Violet to the family. Hayden says, but not her. Anna says she comes with the territory. Violet is going to be a part of their life, and she’s over the moon about that, but it’s their life – hers and Finn’s. She doesn’t want Hayden to get it twisted. She leaves, and Hayden smiles. Sort of.

Jax tells Nina, she’s right. It’s her life and her choice if she wants to throw everything away to marry Valentin. Nina says, what if she’s not planning on marrying Valentin? What if she’s planning on destroying him? I say, ah-ha! I was right.

Charlotte says she could use a secret bodyguard. There are a lot of bad people out there. Papa says so. Nikolas promises to get rid of all the bad people – every last one of them. Valentin arrives home, and Nikolas makes himself scarce. Charlotte runs to Valentin, and he asks if she had a good day. She says, full of surprises. He hopes good ones, and wants to hear all about it, but has to make a quick call. He tells her to go upstairs and brush her teeth. He’ll come up soon as he can.

Valentin calls Hayden. He says, sorry for the delay in notice, but he’d like her to come out to Windymere tonight. He has a proposition for her that he thinks she’ll find attractive. He tells her, keep an open mind. He thinks they could be useful to one another. Nikolas listens in.

They had no preview, since the same show will be on tomorrow.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

The women arrive in Thailand. Kameron says she’s a little foggy. She took a Xanax for the plane ride, and doesn’t remember much. Did they put masks on? We see a clip, and yes, they did. Beauty masks, not Halloween masks. Stephanie only remembers sleeping. D’Andra says she didn’t sleep. Either it was hot on the plane, or she’s menopausal. She was sweating her balls off. It’s very difficult, but I’m sitting on making a joke here. LeeAnne says between getting off the plane and going to the hotel, she doesn’t remember much. In her interview, Kameron says there’s a twelve-hour time difference, so they’re traveling to the future. It’s really yesterday in Dallas. She says, future Kameron is twelve hours older, but she looks great. Stephanie feels like she should be sleeping. She doesn’t know how they got there, and she’s confused.

The women gather for breakfast. Stephanie wants to be the hostess with the mostest, and pre-ordered breakfast. She knew they’d be tired. Kary puzzles over a rambutan – that spiky fruit I always stare at in the grocery store and wonder if I should try. I hear they’re hard to peel, and I don’t like to work for my fruit. They toast to Thailand. Stephanie says Travis will be there in two days. They’ll see him on the last day, since he has stuff to do for work and his dad. She says they’re going to the temple today, explore a little, and come back to the hotel for dinner. In her interview, Stephanie says she pretty much planned all the activities on the trip. Well, really Travis did. Kameron wants to go to the red light district. She says people are  hanging off the windows there. Stephanie says tomorrow, they’re doing the elephant sanctuary. Kameron sings ♫ Thailand, Thailand, where everyone gets a baby elephant ♫ to the tune of Toyland. Sort of. LeeAnne says Kameron didn’t even take a Xanax this morning. In Kameron’s interview, she says that’s been in her head for years. She and Court made it up on a  trip there. She reads a list of rules for the country to the others, and says, you can’t talk about the king negatively, or you’ll go to jail. You have to respect your elders, and lean forward when they speak. D’Andra says Stephanie and Brandi are going to have to do a lot of leaning. Kameron reads, no teasing or joking excessively, and you can’t stare at someone for too long. Brandi says they’re all going to jail right away. Kameron says you also can’t whisper in front of anyone. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says she thinks the rules are being directed at everyone but Kameron. Kameron says, no fighting in public and making a scene of yourself. In their separate interviews, everyone agrees that D’Andra and Kary are most likely to go to jail first. In Kary’s interview she says she doesn’t follow the rules at home; she’s not following them there.

Stephanie says they’re tired, but everyone is excited. Kary picks up a handful of makeup brushes, and asks if D’Andra needs so much makeup. D’Andra says she pared it down. She has a surprise brought one of LeeAnne’s Infinity dresses. She says she got it to support LeeAnne, but has to figure out what goes where. I’ve checked out this dress online, and although it was a bit out of my price range, I’d definitely buy it. In Kary’s interview, she whines about LeeAnne saying the necklace she gave D’Andra looked like anal beads. She can dish it out but can she take it? D’Andra doesn’t think LeeAnne will find it funny, but sometimes you have to behave badly for a funny moment. If she’d designed the dress, LeeAnne would be wearing it.

Kary says she’s ready to do Thailand. They get into a limo bus. Stephanie says she loves the elephant statues everywhere. In her interview, D’Andra says the elephant is revered in many cultures, and is considered a symbol of prosperity. She has a statue in her yard, but maybe hers is facing the wrong way. Kary says most of the cute girls there have a pee-pee, and Stephanie says, lady boys. LeeAnne says, they’re annoyingly pretty. In Stephanie’s interview, she says, the lady boy shows are like the drag shows in the US. She doesn’t know if it’s jet lag or Kameron is getting her freak on in Thailand, but she likes that Kameron wants to check the red light district out. They get to Wat Pho, and go to the temple. Tour guide Yom welcomes them, and tells them the temple was built in 1688. First, he shows them the place where the monks pray, chant, and meditate. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says she’s highly religious, and excited that they’re starting with the temple. It brings peace and inner calm. Yom tells them to take their shoes and hats off to go inside. In Brandi’s interview, she says she’s a spiritual person, and thinks it’s important to learn about other people and their beliefs. Kary keeps having to be reminded to take her hat off, and in LeeAnne’s interview, she wonders how many times Kary needs to be told. In Kary’s interview, she says she knows. Don’t tell her what to do. One more Housewife disappointment. I liked Kary at first, but with each episode, I like her less. They see the reclining buddha, which is huge and gold. Yom tells them it’s made of brick covered in plaster, then lacquer, and on the outside, gold.

Kameron nearly hits her head on a porch roof, and says she’s too tall to be in Thailand. Kary tells Kameron that LeeAnne is annoying, and should mind her own business. They go to a market that has just about everything, including a fortune teller. He tells Stephanie that she’ll die a peaceful death when she’s older, and won’t be murdered. In Stephanie’s interview, she says she’s thought murder is a possibility many times in this group. Oddly enough, this guy is pretty accurate. He points out that D’Andra has issues with her mommy and money, and says if she keeps drinking a lot, she’s going to need an operation. She drinks too much sometimes, and talks too much. Holy! He’s a regular Long Island Medium. In her interview, LeeAnne says, imagine that. She suggests Kary monitor D’Andra, and in Kary’s interview, she says she’s tired of LeeAnne telling her what to do.

Next is Bangkok. Kary tells Kameron about LeeAnne telling Eduardo that it’s her turn to babysit D’Andra. LeeAnne is always poking at her. The text tells us that Kary is breaking the whispering rule. The women get into several little open cabs, kind of like golf carts, and the drivers go pretty fast. Kameron tells LeeAnne that Kary is mad about LeeAnne getting on her about the hat. LeeAnne says she didn’t want Kary to be disrespectful. Kary asks how LeeAnne doesn’t get on D’Andra’s nerves. D’Andra says she knows LeeAnne was thrilled when the guy said something to her about her drinking. Kary tells D’Andra that LeeAnne needs to mind her own business. LeeAnne tells Kameron that she was joking about the babysitting. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says Kary wants to make Kameron not hang out with her. It’s manipulation 101. Kary knows LeeAnne is an alpha, and she wants to be the alpha and take her out. In Kameron’s interview, she says, LeeAnne and Kary are both rebels. They want to control their own situations, and the minute someone tells them what do, they fire. LeeAnne says if she’d kept quiet, Kary would have found something else. They stop for street food, and Kary gets coconut water in a coconut. In D’Andra’s interview, she says Thailand is renowned for its food, and she’s going to try as much as she can. In Kameron’s interview, she says her typhoid shot has run out, and she’s not eating something from a dirty pan that hasn’t been washed all day. She’s nervous to eat street food. LeeAnne and Brandi are skipping it too, and LeeAnne suggests they find a place where they can all eat. In Stephanie’s interview, she says she want to be a good hostess and try things, so she got pad thai. People pleasing 101. LeeAnne tells Brandi that Kary thinks things are directed at her when she’s joking.

On the bus, Kary says she’s so full, and Kameron tells her, shut up; she’s starving. They get back to the hotel, and get ready for dinner. D’Andra is rooming with Kary, and pulls out the Infinity dress. Brandi and Stephanie have drink in their room before getting dressed. Brandi thinks it’s fun so far, and Stephanie says everyone is being nice. Brandi tells Stephanie that she’d better get busy, since the fortune teller also said she’d have five kids. She can adopt Bruin’s sibling. Stephanie asks how Brandi is feeling about that; does she think it’s for sure? Brandi says she’s 110% sure Bruin’s mother is pregnant, and it’s definitely the same daddy. Stephanie says, it’s insane. Brandi says she’s not sure on the adoption. It would be mentally and physically challenging to have another baby, but emotionally, she wants to do it. Her hesitation comes from her concern that everyone gets enough attention. She wants to be the best mom. At the end of the day, she’s going to let go, and let her heart and God lead her.

D’Andra tries figure out the dress, saying, there are no instructions. She says the claim is that there are 175 ways to wear it, but it should say it takes 175 hours to put it on. In Kary’s interview, she says they can’t figure out one way to wear it. D’Andra says you need a genius IQ to figure it out. Well, that leaves these two out.

LeeAnne, Stephanie, Kameron, and Brandi get drinks before dinner. In their room, D’Andra and Kary die laughing, trying to put the dress on D’Andra. D’Andra says it’s an enormous challenge. She never thought snaps would be so difficult. She wonders if she’s wearing a cape as a sleeve or a train. It’s confusing. At the table, LeeAnne thinks they must have passed out. It’s rude not to show up on time. The waitress gives them single flowers to wear behind their ears. Kameron says since they’re in Thailand, they should order in Thai, but seems to be the only one who has mastered it. Brandi says she’ll have what LeeAnne is having. Kameron says she got a text from Kary saying they had a wardrobe malfunction. LeeAnne says her money is on D’Andra. They sing Kameron’s Thailand song, and D’Andra walks in. Kameron thinks it’s sweet that she’s wearing LeeAnne’s design, but D’Andra says, it’s coming apart. We see another broken rule – no teasing or joking.

Stephanie says D’Andra looks gorgeous. In her interview, Brandi says she didn’t see that coming. She knows the dress isn’t D’Andra’s style, and thinks shade is going on. D’Andra isn’t wearing the bottom piece, and LeeAnne says she made it super long so people can hem it. D’Andra says it took an hour for her to get into it, and Kary says, it should have come with instructions. They needed private lessons. LeeAnne says she needs a drink. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says she loves the way they described it. She realized it was meant to piss her off. Kary says they couldn’t figure it out, and LeeAnne says you’re supposed to snap it together first, before you put it on. D’Andra says, it was a situation, and she lost a snap every time she was in the bathroom. In Stephanie’s interview, she says it’s a joke at someone else’s expense, and LeeAnne is the punchline. It’s not cool. Kary says, instructions with pictures would be helpful. In Kameron’s interview, she says her initial reaction was that it was sweet, but during the aftermath and the conversation around the dress, she didn’t think the intentions were sweet. Kary wouldn’t shut up, and had to keep repeating herself. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says, if it’s a joke, make it and move on. If they keep going when they’ve gotten no reaction, that means they did it to get a reaction. LeeAnne says she’s tired, and Brandi asks why they’re picking on LeeAnne. D’Andra says she was just asking, but Brandi says they’re picking on her. D’Andra insists she bought it to be supportive, but she can’t figure it out. Brandi says Kary keeps on going, and she feels like she’s continuing to dig at LeeAnne. LeeAnne feels the same way 100%. Kary is making fun of her, and she’d thought they were in a different place after Travis’s party. D’Andra says she wanted to surprise LeeAnne. Kary says she was making a joke, and LeeAnne asks if everyone thinks it’s funny. She gets silence, and in D’Andra’s interview, she says, LeeAnne has no sense of humor. She used to be fun; now she’s a buzzkill. She doesn’t understand how it’s not funny. D’Andra is less of a disappointment to me, since I used to not like her, and now I just don’t like her even more. Kameron says some jokes should be kept private. Kary says the dress is complicated, it should come with instructions, and it’s a pain in the ass. D’Andra says she’s sorry, and Brandi says LeeAnne puts her heart and soul into her stuff. they’re being nit-picky, and LeeAnne is taking a beating. She’s at dinner, and being torn apart. LeeAnne gets up from the  table. She doesn’t think this is the time or place. D’Andra says she thought it was funny, and Brandi says LeeAnne’s feelings are hurt. In Brandi’s interview, she says D’Andra did it to piss LeeAnne off. If she wants to be honest, fine, but then they kept going. LeeAnne comes back, and says she thinks D’Andra meant to embarrass her; she knows Kary did. If trashing her husband last year didn’t embarrass her enough, this is the icing on the cake. She walks out, and Stephanie follows her. What a couple of girl pr*cks Kary and D’Andra are. The two of them are disgusting.

Kary says, sorry, and Kameron says, it’s LeeAnne’s baby. Kary says if the pearls fell off of one of her necklaces, she could take a joke. Kameron says, then tell the joke and drop it. In Kary’s interview, she says she’s never seen someone cry on demand so much. LeeAnne should go into acting. Kary mimics LeeAnne being upset. Stephanie tells LeeAnne that she understands LeeAnne is feeling hurt. LeeAnne says they just kept going when she didn’t take the bait. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says she keeps trying to move forward. If D’Andra doesn’t want to fight, why go out of her way to get the dress and make fun of it? At the table, Kary says LeeAnne has been nothing but a bitch to her. She was nit-picking about Kary’s hat. She can give it out, but can’t take it. Um… the hat thing was a Thai rule, not a nit-pick. Kary says she’s sick of people like that. LeeAnne is an effing bully. I have to mention something I left out. When they went to the market, LeeAnne bought a knickknack, and Kary made a huge point of saying LeeAnne was stupid and didn’t know how to negotiate since she’d never been outside the US, to both the store clerk and the other women. Methinks LeeAnne isn’t the bully here.

LeeAnne tells Stephanie that she can imagine what they did in their room. They don’t have the balls to be honest. In her interview, LeeAnne says don’t sit there and say you’re being funny when you’re being hurtful and mean. She tells Stephanie, they’re being passive aggressive, but expect her to take it. She’s tired of it. She thought Kary was all Mexican and strong. That bitch wouldn’t survive sh*t. In Stephanie’s interview, she says she understands LeeAnne is mad at Kary, but talking about her ethnicity is disgusting. While in some cases, I might agree here, I’m guessing LeeAnne was repeating something she’s heard Kary say a  thousand times. Stephanie thinks LeeAnne is having a breakdown. Kary tells Brandi and Kameron that LeeAnne is always drama. Quit defending her. She says Brandi is getting out of hand. Brandi wonders how she got out of hand, and Kameron says they’re the ones who kept going. Kary says she’s going to take her drink to her room. We see another rule broken – no fighting in public. In Kary’s interview, she doesn’t know why no one is calling LeeAnne out, but she’s not drinking the Kool Aid.

LeeAnne cries, and wonders what she did. Stephanie hugs her. Brandi tells Kary that LeeAnne was being picked on. It’s ridiculous. Kary says LeeAnne picks on everyone else, and can’t take it. Brandi just says, okay. In Brandi’s interview, she says she has her history and past with LeeAnne, but she’s moving forward. She thinks this is wrong, and she’s not afraid to speak her mind. She’d be feeling hurt in LeeAnne’s position. D’Andra says she didn’t think LeeAnne would take it personally. She meant it to be funny, not mean. She leaves, and Kameron tells Brandi, last ones standing. Brandi looks like she has a headache.

Next time, bears, monkeys, elephants; Stephanie talks to D’Andra; Brandi says D’Andra did it to be an a-hole; a trip to the red light district; and Kameron makes a diagram.

🍷 On Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa had a 40th birthday party where Jennifer fake apologized to Jackie. She didn’t think she should apologize for anything until daughter Gaby basically shamed her into it. Since Marge had called Jennifer a bully, pointing out that Jennifer wouldn’t have liked it if someone had mimicked her daughter, Jennifer showed Gaby the video she’d made aping Jackie. Gaby said it would have hurt her feelings, and Jennifer practiced her apology. Out of the mouths of babes, Gaby not only told her, no buts (no one wants an apology that includes one of those), she asked if Jennifer was looking to defend herself or apologize. I’m still not buying it though. Teresa had an old flame put in her new pool, at half price, and said she should have taken him to prom. She and The Marge sort of made up, and Jennifer put her husband’s money where her mouth is, and invited everyone to Jamaica for her birthday.

😴 I had a dream the other night that I was with Jax from General Hospital, and he turned into Jax from Vanderpump Rules. I don’t know if I watch too much TV, or there are just one too many Jaxes.

🍵 Probably Just Tea Tomorrow…

I’ll see what I can find, since the evening only holds Below Deck reruns. Meanwhile, a tale of a Thanksgiving past…