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February 25, 2018 – A Somber Start to the Dead, a Bit of Ash, an Atlanta Mention, McWhat? & a Song


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



The Walking Dead

When last we left, teens and tweens everywhere were crying into their Skittles because Carl got bit. They’re thinking he might make a cute zombie though.

Rick prays that mercy prevails over his realm. I think this is a dream. There are kids running around, and Jerry is there. Everyone is all happy, and things look normal. In the here and now, Michonne and Rick dig what I assume is a grave. He tells her to go, and we flash back to Carl fighting off a zombie. This time we actually see him get bitten. It gets shot from behind, and Siddiq asks if he’s okay. He says he is. Siddiq and Carl drop down to the sewer tunnel.

Back home, Carl checks out his wound, and the bite holes in his shirt. He waits for Rick with a guard, who gives him a note from Michonne, saying she had to see for herself. Carl writes letters to everyone. He and Siddiq go back through the tunnel. Carl sets up a cot there. He rocks Judith on the porch, and they do some finger-painting. He takes a Polaroid selfie of the two of them. Carl and Siddiq share a candy bar. I guess this is his bucket list? Such as it is during the apocalypse.

Carl does some planting, and waves to Michonne as she drives by. He enjoys the sunshine.

Across from the Sanctuary, Morgan tries to get a bead on Negan. The Saviors shoot at the zombies outside, and Morgan tells someone on the radio, it’s not now. He says the Saviors are trying to make a path, using the zombie bodies as a block. Suddenly, the room Morgan is in, is being riddled with bullets. He stops, drops, and rolls out the door.

Morgan is outside, and sees the zombies wandering to the opera music. He bangs on the fence, distracting them. They come his way. Some Saviors pop out, but he’s able to slip away while they’re busy with the zombies. A Savior caravan goes by, and Morgan jets out of the forest as soon as they’re gone.

Elsewhere in the forest, Carol tells her Kingdom group about a place the Saviors don’t know about, and tells them to hide there until she comes back. Henry says he’s going too. They killed his brother, and he’s not going to let them kill her too. He wants a gun, but she says that’s not happening, and heads toward the Kingdom.

Carl shows Rick his wound and sweats bullets. Daryl holds Judith. Carl says, sorry, like he dented the car. He says if he doesn’t make it, he wanted to make sure he said goodbye, and gives Rick the letters. There’s shooting outside, and Rick says it’s them. Carl tells Rick about bringing Siddiq back, and that he’s the one from the gas station. It wasn’t the Saviors; it just happened. He got bit.

Gavin tells Ezekiel that Negan is going to kill him, and there’s nothing he can do to stop it. Ezekiel says he buried his people, and what happens to him matters not. Gavin says he liked him. He accepted things for how they were, and didn’t get any big ideas, but then Rick planted one, and here they are. Ezekiel says he made a choice he can live with; now it’s Gavin’s turn to do the same.

Morgan sneaks around the Kingdom. He runs into Carol, who’s also sneaking around. Morgan thinks they can take them one by one, but she thinks it’s better to avoid them until they can’t. He says they have Ezekiel, and she says they have to take them now.

Michonne tends to Carl. Siddiq has some OTC inflammatory that will help with the fever. It did for his mom and dad. Rick’s son should have them. Rick asks if he was a doctor, and Siddiq says he was a resident… before. Rick asks if he’s Siddiq. Carl says he wasn’t going to make it alone, and needed them. That’s why he brought him back. He starts coughing, and Rick gives him the medication.

Michonne tells Dwight to make it stop. He’s one of them. She begs him. Rosita says if Hilltop is safe, they should go there. Dwight says they’re looking right now. Their best chance is to stay until they’re gone. They’re almost done. It wasn’t about destroying the place; they don’t have the ammo for that. After they’re gone, that’s when they go. Rosita says they wait then. He asks if she thinks Hilltop the best plan, and she asks if he has another one. He says, all of them together, and Daryl finishes, it will be their worst nightmare.

Two Saviors are putting out fires (literally), while Morgan and Carol watch. He says they have to go through the courtyard, exposed; this is it. He taps one guy on the shoulder, and knocks him out with his staff. Carol knocks out the other. Carol thinks they should just do it. Two more Saviors run out, and they knock them out too. Morgan impales them with the pointy end. He and Carol go inside.

Gavin tells everyone to hustle. He asks Ezekiel if it’s going bad; if it’s going to turn into something else. Ezekiel says he’s the author of this nightmare. I’ll have to remember that one.

Michonne strokes Carl’s face. He says she’s supposed to be resting, but she tells him that she’s not tired. He says it’s going to stop; it’s not supposed to be like this. She’s having a hard time keeping it together.

Dwight thinks it sounds like it’s letting up. Rosita says it looks like he was right – about everything. Daryl decides to take a look, and hands Judith off to Rick.

Morgan and Carol sneak around some more. They start to go inside another building, but Morgan hears something. He looks around the corner of the porch, and sees some Saviors unloading a car. He silently goes down the steps, and kills all three of them, but another pops out of the building with a gun. Carol shoots him before he can shoot Morgan. Morgan takes one of their guns, and they go inside.

Ezekiel is packed into a pickup truck, and Gavin says it’s his last ride; try to make him comfortable. He tells Ezekiel that you try, and hope, and want things to finally settle, but no. it always comes down to this. It always has to get dark and ugly and inhuman. He doesn’t like it. Ezekiel says it’s not too late to walk back from something decided. Gavin says Ezekiel did, and look what it’s got him. Gavin gets on the radio, and calls Peter, but gets no response. He starts to get nervous, and calls Gomez, and also gets no response. Ezekiel tells him again that it’s not too late. They hear gunfire, and Gavin says to get Ezekiel inside now. Morgan and Carol creep around one of the trailers.

A tear rolls down Rick’s cheek. In his mind, he sees a cookout. Eugene jokes with Judith, who is around five. Rick and Michonne continue to dig.

The gunfire stops. Michonne says they can get to Hilltop. Rick says Carl won’t make it. He has to stay with him. She says they’ll both stay. He asks her to take Judith; she needs to be there. He starts to cry, and Daryl says he’ll take her and keep her safe. He’s got this. Rick wants to let her say goodbye, and brings her to Carl. Carl tells her that his hat was dad’s before it was his; now it’s hers. It always kept dad with him, and helped him. Maybe it will help her too. He tells her before mom died, she said he’d beat this horror, but he didn’t. She will though; he knows it. She starts howling, and Rick gives her to Daryl. Daryl says Carl saved them all. Everyone starts to leave.

Siddiq says Carl helped him, and he’s going to honor his memory. Carl brought him there and gave him a chance. Siddiq can never repay him, but can honor him by showing his people, friends, and family that what he did wasn’t for nothing. It mattered and meant something, and because it did, he’s going to honor Carl. Carl smiles, and shakes Siddiq’s hand. He tells Saddiq congratulations; he’s stuck with them. Siddiq leaves to join the others.

Commercial break. They need to stop trying to make Red Machete happen. It’s not going to happen.

Gavin tells everyone what to do. They’re ending this whatever the hell it is. He smacks Ezekiel, and says it is too late. He’s the author, and Ezekiel is the dead man. He lives, and Ezekiel dies; it’s the way it is. Ezekiel says the compromises he made were done to save lives. He realizes the compromises Gavin is making are to save only his, but no more. There’s an explosion, and everything is pretty dark. The Saviors start shooting. Gavin holds up his hand, signaling them to stop. He tells Morgan and Carol to give up, or Ezekiel is dead. Carol and Morgan come out, machine guns blazing. Gavin is so startled, he forgets all about Ezekiel, who dives for cover.  Gavin gets hit in the leg, and drops his gun. Morgan has turned into a serious badass. We already knew Carol was. Ezekiel grabs Gavin’s gun, and now he’s a badass too. One of the Saviors gets Morgan down to the floor, and starts punching the crap out of him. With some bizarre burrowing skills, Morgan puts his hand into the guy’s wound, and practically disembowels – no, I spoke too soon – he disembowels him. Yep, he’s pulling the guy’s intestines out right out. Wow. I did not see that one coming.

Gavin gets up and tries to run (yeah, I’d be scared too), and Morgan shoots at him. He gets away, and Morgan picks up his staff/pokey stick. Ezekiel says they should leave, but Morgan tells him they don’t need to go, and heads after Gavin.

Violin music plays (I’m not kidding) as Rick and Michonne make Carl comfortable. He doesn’t want Michonne to be sad or angry. She’ll have to be strong for Rick and Judith, and for herself. She says she will, and he tells her not to carry this; not this one. He calls her his best friend. She says he’s hers too, and smiles through her tears. She kisses his hand. Rick says they need to get him out of there.

Gavin stumbles around like a blind bat out of hell, while Morgan walks steadily behind him like Michael Meyers in any one of the Halloween films.

The town is burning. Michonne and Rick walk out, with Carl between them. Rick says he can make it. They take Carl to the church, which is relatively unscathed by the fire.

Morgan drags his staff along the ground, like Freddy Krueger’s knife fingers, and Gavin shakes. He sees Morgan’s shadow. This is great. Morgan opens the door to Gavin’s hiding place, and he tumbles out.

Carl thanks Michonne and Rick for getting him there. He tells Rick about when they were back in the prison. When they got outside, there was a kid a little older than him with a gun. He was starting to put it down, and Carl shot him. He was giving up, and Carl just shot him. Carl thinks about him and what he did, and how easy it was to just kill him.

Morgan kicks Gavin. Gavin says Morgan is a sick man; he kept his word. Morgan’s not having it, and walks around him. Gavin says they can go back to Hilltop. Ezekiel and Carol arrive on the scene. Gavin says they think they can beat Negan. They can’t, but it can go back to how it was. Morgan says, no.

Rick tells Carl that what he lost, what happened, all those things he had to do; he was just a boy. Carl says Rick saw what he did, and how easy it got.

Gavin asks if Morgan killed all those men because of the kid. Morgan has his staff a few inches from Gavin’s nose. Gavin tells him killing him won’t make any of it go away. He’ll still wake up in the same sh*t tomorrow. Morgan drags him to his feet.

Carl says that’s why Rick changed. He brought them in, and they all lived together; frenemies. Rick put away his gun. He saw how Rick changed, so Carl could be who he is now. How he stopped fighting. It was right and still is. It can be like that again. He can still be like that again.

Ezekiel tells Morgan to cease this revenge. It’s the coward’s way. They don’t have to kill him. Let him see what he’s wrought, and let it be his to live with.

Carl says Rick can’t be who he was. He’s different now. He can’t kill all of them. There has to be something after. For Rick. For them.

Carol tells Morgan to stop. He doesn’t want to do this, and doesn’t have to. He’s the one who told her that they can be better than them. She can see he doesn’t want to do this. Morgan says he has to. Gavin looks petrified. Suddenly, there’s a hole in his neck, and blood starts pouring out. He drops to the ground, and Henry stands behind him with a pokey stick like Morgan has. Morgan looks slightly freaked.

Carl doesn’t know how it could be, but he’s seen it. We see it too, as he describes it. Rick has a beard, longer and greyer. Michonne is happy, and Judith is older, listening to songs he used to… before. Alexandria is bigger. There are new houses, crops, and people working. Everybody is living together, and everybody is helping everybody else. Rick can still be who he was. That’s how it could be. Rick says it was all for him from the start. Everything he did was for Carl and Judith; it still is. Nothing is going to change that. Carl says he wants this for Rick. Rick says he’ll make it real. He promises.

Ezekiel tells Henry that it’s all right. Henry says he had to. Carol scolds him, saying it’s not what he was supposed to do; it wasn’t for him. Ezekiel says all will be resolved, and hugs him.

Rick tells Carl that he’s sorry he couldn’t protect him. A father’s job is to protect his son. Carl says it’s just to love. Carl isn’t looking too good, and reaches for his gun. Michonne starts to say, it should be – and Carl says, he knows. It should be someone you love, but you should do it yourself if you still can. He has to do this. He tells her that he loves her, and she says she loves him too. He tells Rick that he loves him, and Rick says he loves Carl so much. Everyone is crying except me, since I stopped investing a long time ago. It’s a beautiful tableau though, with the light coming through the broken stained glass window, and the three of them in semi-darkness.

Rick and Michonne are outside, and we hear the gunshot.

Michonne and Rick dig. We see Carl’s idyllic world. Judith tells Negan good morning as he picks tomatoes.

Rick sits under a tree. Panes of stained glass hang from its branches.

Next time, Simon thinks they should cut their losses, Negan says to do the job, and Simon approaches the Heapsters.

🎶 Side knowledge: During the opening scenes, the song At the Bottom of Things by Bright Eyes was playing. Loved. It.

🍑 I’m half paying attention to The Real Housewives of Atlanta, where they’re infecting Barcelona with American reality TV. The amusing highlight of the evening – besides my husband asking if everyone was Nene, since that’s the only name he knows – was when the women were leaving their hotel. Apparently, it wasn’t up to the standard these peaches are used to, and a few of them were saying, “Goodbye, mildew,” on their way out the door. For a moment, I thought mildew was someone’s name.

👹 Ash Vs the Evil Dead had its season premiere tonight. Ash opened a hardware store/sex emporium in his home town, but his retirement from chasing deadites was not to be. The book was back, via an idiot on an Antiques Roadshow type program reading out loud from it. Why does everybody always read out loud from age-old spells? It’s really a bad idea. Ash had a wife and a daughter he knew nothing about (nor did we), but the wife didn’t matter, since she got her head sliced off with a cymbal in the high school band room. It looks like Ash’s daughter, Brandy, will be coming along for the ride this season, as well as Kelly’s boyfriend sidekick whatever-he-is, Dalton, who is also the descendant of an ancient order of knights who fight evil.

🔫 AMC has a new show coming up on Monday called McMafia. I’m wondering if it’s about an Irish mafia guy, or if the mafia is a franchise now.

👀 It Takes a While, But They Get to the Song…


February 23, 2018 – Andre Gets Sprung, Ash Vs My Digression, Get Out, SextupQuotes & the Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

It’s GH’s 14,000th episode.

New detective Chase comes to the gallery. Ava says the insurance value of the sculpture Mike broke is $14,000. The man is deranged and she wants him caught.

Sonny asks David if he knew something was wrong before referring him to Griff, but David thinks Griff is the doctor he should be talking to. Sonny says he must have seen the signs. Why didn’t David warn him?

Franco tells Elizabeth that he’s exactly where he wants to be. Elizabeth is glad they’re going to be spending the rest of their lives together. Epiphany sees them, and says, hell no.

Anna sees Finn talking to Alexis at the hospital desk, and turns away. Alexis bemoans another article about her tanking the election. She says no one should run who has skeletons in their closer. Finn mentions there’s an elephant in the room. Alexis sees Anna.

Carly goes with Jason to the station. She says she’s been getting calls for weeks. She says if the police can’t help them, they have Spinelli as a fallback. She wonders if she’s being ridiculous, and Jason says he wants to help her find out what happened. Dante asks them what’s going on, and Carly tells him that she’s been getting calls from a local number and no one is there. She called back, but no one answers. On one call, a male voice said, I’m here, then twenty minutes ago (two days in our time) she got this. She shows him her phone and says she heard an explosion. She wants Dante to trace the number, and he says okay. It must be nice to have friends in high places. There’s no way they’d bother with this IRL. You might even get reprimanded for being a time-waster.

Epiphany says she can’t let Elizabeth defy tradition; she doesn’t want to invite misfortune. Doc pops out of his office, and tells Franco it’s time to get started. Epiphany asks Elizabeth what her plans are for tonight, the night before the wedding. Elizabeth says she’s going to take a bubble bath, and Epiphany says, wrong. Epiphany is taking her out for a drink. Elizabeth is concerned that Epiphany wants to talk her out of marrying Franco, but Epiphany says Elizabeth’s friends spent the better part of the past year trying to convince her not to marry him. What would be the point?

In Doc’s office, Franco is worried that if Elizabeth finds out he’s keeping another secret, she’ll never trust him again.

Alexis tells Anna that they just came from an AA meeting, and Anna says she was there for an appointment. She says she’s sorry about the election. Alexis was trying to do a good thing, and didn’t deserve what happened. Anna leaves, and Alexis calls Finn a silver-tongued devil. He couldn’t even choke out her name. She tells him to clear up the misconception, and go after her. He doesn’t see a need for that. He told her how he feels, and she shot him down.

David says he’s told Sonny what he could. Technically, he shouldn’t be discussing Mike’s case with him. Sonny says Mike didn’t believe the diagnosis, and stormed out. They haven’t seen him since. They don’t have the greatest relationship, but Mike has always been a capable guy, and able to think on his feet. This has to be worst thing in the world.

Ava talks to Chase, who says it will help if she gives him the security footage.  Griff shows up, and asks what’s going on. Ava says a disoriented guy came into the gallery, broke a statue, and ran off. He asks if she was threatened, and she says no, but she felt unsafe; the guy was out of control. She goes to her laptop to get the footage. Chase tells her that he’ll forward it to all local units, and leaves. Griff looks at the screen and says he knows that guy. We see a still shot of Mike at the gallery.

In the interrogation room, Jason asks Carly when the phone calls started, and she tells him the beginning of February. At first, she thought it was a wrong number, but the calls kept coming. All three of them? Then on Valentine’s Day, she heard a young man’s voice say, I’m here. Jason says that was a week ago, and asks why she waited so long. Carly didn’t think it was important. He says, maybe, but if it’s bothering her, it’s important to him. She says this is why she missed him. She can always come to him no matter what shows up. He’s the first person who did that for her. She counts on him, and knows she takes advantage, but he loves her. He says he does, and if something is bothering her, he wants to fix It. She wants him to let her do the same. She says the only reason Sam married Drew is because she’s running. Jason tells her to stop. Dante comes in, and says he got a hit on the phone number.

At the bar, Elizabeth is worried that Epiphany has set her up, but Epiphany says it’s just them. Elizabeth tells her it’s hard being surrounded by friends smiling and wishing her well, when they’re thinking it’s a mistake. Epiphany tells her to forget her friends; what does she think?

Franco wants Doc to be able to tell him that Elizabeth and the kids are safe, and there’s no weird monster inside of him. Doc says he can’t do that. He can help Franco with what’s troubling him, but Franco has to tell him. Franco says he and Drew were playing hide and seek. He found Drew in a toy chest, locked it, and left him in it.

Sonny asks how long the progression is, and David says it’s not his area of expertise, but some medications work in some cases. Even so, the best that can be hoped for is to slow the deterioration. The long term is inevitable. Sonny says it sounds grim, and David says he’s sorry. Sonny appreciates his honesty, and that he’s not sugarcoating. Sonny gets a call from Griff. Griff asks if he’s found his father. Sonny says, no, and Griff tells him to get to Ava’s gallery.

Anna sits at the bar, messing with her phone. Andre asks if this seat is taken, and she asks what took him so long.

Dante tells Carly it’s a pay phone off of Route 35 by the river. There haven’t been any reports of an incident in the vicinity, but he has to follow up.

Elizabeth tells Epiphany that she and the boys see the real Franco, but everyone else seems to be waiting for him to prove he’s as bad as they thought. Epiphany says they trust her judgement. She just hopes Elizabeth is right. They love her, and remember Franco’s life before the tumor was removed.

David sees Kiki studying in a booth at the bar. She groans over her studies, and he tells her that she’s going to need more than coffee to survive; she needs sustenance. He orders ribs, coleslaw, mac and cheese, and two plates. He says he can’t have his future intern collapsing from hunger, and asks, what’s stumping her?

Anna tells Andre she’s glad he’s there, and he says he is too. He didn’t expect it. The bureau is reviving the memory mapping program. In exchange for his cooperation, his sentence was commuted and his record expunged. He says it had to have come from someone high up. She wouldn’t know about that, would she? Whoever it is, he owes them. Anna asks if he thinks he can duplicate the procedure without his research notes, and he says he’s reasonably confident. He’d rather it be funded by the WSB than a faceless backer who turns out to be Faison. Anna says even though know she knows he’s dead, she still feels sick hearing his name. Andre says she suffered severe trauma at his hand, especially when she thinks about the baby. She says she has no one to blame but herself, but Andre says she still doesn’t have to endure it alone. She needs  to confide in someone. She says she told him, but he says what about the man she’s grown close to? Has she told him?

Alexis tells Finn that the downside of running for mayor – besides losing – is that it negates the anonymous part of AA. People must either be thinking, hooray, she lost, or poor thing, she lost. He asks if she’s projecting a little, and says she shouldn’t second guess her campaign. She did something valuable. She says a lot of good it did, but he tells her to fight harder next time. She says this was the only time, and he says find another way to fight. She cared enough about the community to put herself out there; don’t be sorry for making an effort. She appreciates the encouragement, but tells him not to feel an obligation to prop her up because of last night. And last night can never happen again.

Sonny gets to the gallery. Ava says his father was disoriented, got agitated, and broke something, and she called the police before she knew who he was. Sonny wonders why he went there, and she says he thought it was Luke’s club. Sonny says Mike worked there as a bartender when he first came to Port Charles. Griff says it’s like when he went to Kelly’s. Sonny says ,but it was the same diner in the same spot. Aside from the address, the gallery has nothing to do with the club. Sonny asks if he’s that far gone, and Griff says the disease isn’t a steady or consistent process. Times of lucidity can be followed by disorientation, especially after emotional strain. Sonny wonders if hearing the diagnosis made everything worse. Sonny’s phone rings, and it’s Mike. He tells Sonny that he’s at the station.

Anna tells Andre that she hasn’t said anything; there’s no need. He says there is if she wants a healthy relationship. She says she and Finn have no relationship. Andre says the word was out that they were seeing each other. Anna says her plan was to use him to gain access to Cassandra. One thing led to another, and they pretended to be lovers, but Finn insisted  on staying when she wanted him to quit. He refused to listen to anything, and almost got killed twice. First, Cassandra drugged him, and the second time she knocked him out when Faison wanted her to shoot him. Andre says Cassandra is comatose, and Faison is dead. Andre isn’t saying it’s not complicated. She can find a million reasons for them not to be together, but can’t change her feelings. She says feelings aren’t the point. Finn deserves love, and also deserves the truth. In order for them to mean anything to each other, he has to know about her past, and the worst thing she ever did. It doesn’t matter anymore though. By the time she got to him, it was already too late.

Alexis says she and Finn have been in recovery about the same amount of time, and know it’s a bad idea for AA members to sleep with each other. She likes him and gets him; they’re both fighting the same demons. The last thing she wants is to compromise their sobriety. Finn says the back and forth with Anna taught him that he’s in no place to pursue a relationship, but he could use a friend. He’d be sorry if last night messed it up.

David sits next to Kiki, and shows her something that sounds like an algebraic formula. She says he makes it sound simple, and he tells her when you’ve been doing it as long as he has, it is. The food arrives, and he tells her to eat.

Elizabeth says Epiphany is the smartest person in the hospital. She knows there were medical reasons for Franco doing what he did. Epiphany says if she didn’t believe it, Milo would disappear him. Elizabeth says she doesn’t need protecting, and Epiphany asks if Jason knows that.

Franco tells Doc that he locked Drew in a toy chest and pushed him down the stairs. Doc says he’s putting adult judgment on a child’s actions. There could be number of reasons they need to explore. Franco says he’s marrying Elizabeth tomorrow, and asks if Doc can tell him that there’s no darkness inside, and he’ll never commit violence again. Doc says if he chooses to go forward without disclosure, he has to live with the consequences. Franco says he’s not doing this anymore. He’s not letting anything coming between him and the best thing that’s happened to him. He tells Doc not to blow it for him, and leaves. Doc’s phone rings. He says he did ask for the tests to be fast-tracked. He listens, and says, interesting. He wants a copy of everything.

Ava tells Griff that she’ll probably be on the phone half the night; he should go. Griff says he’s not going anywhere. She says okay, if he wants to listen to her wrangle with the claims adjuster. He says he’s not leaving until they talk about Valentine’s Day.

Sonny comes to the station, and is directed to Chase. Chase tells him that he picked up Mike wandering around the pier. Sonny goes into the interrogation room to see him. Mike is sorry for the trouble. He didn’t mean to break the lady’s sculpture. Sonny says it’s all taken care of. Mike says he wanted to go to Luke’s, but it wasn’t there. Sonny says it burned down, and Mike says he knew it; how could he forget? Sonny tells him it’s okay, but Mike says it’s not. You don’t forget things like that unless something is seriously wrong, and the doctor says he has Alzheimer’s. He starts to cry.

Mike says he screwed up this time; scaring the woman, and breaking things. Sonny says Ava has seen and done worse; one day at a time. He’s getting Mike out of there. He asks Chase what he has to do, but Chase says unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Mike was arrested for trespassing and vandalism. The reports aren’t even filed yet. He can’t let him go tonight.

Ava tells Griff there’s nothing to discuss. He asks why she’s pushing him away. He knows he should have called her about Kiki, but Ava says it’s not about Kiki; it’s about her. Since the surgery, she’s been afraid he’ll see her for who she really is, and find someone else who can be a saint like him. He says he sees and accepts her for who she is. She says he doesn’t understand. It’s new to her, being in love.

Anna tells Andre that it’s for the best not to say anything to Finn. The less people know, the better; most of all for her daughter. Andre says she opened a door that might be harder to close than she realizes. She says it’s mostly to protect her children. She can’t imagine how Robin would react. It would shatter Robin’s faith in her. The only gift she can give her other daughter is to not know who her father was. Andre respects her decision. Anna says, but he doesn’t agree, and he tells her it’s not his call. She asks if that’s as a shrink or as her friend? He needs to make arrangements for his room, and she offers him her place. He says maybe another time; he’s been looking forward to some privacy. I’ll bet.

David tells Kiki that life will be easier if she does what he says. She thanks him for dinner and the tutoring. He tells her organic chemistry is the weeding out course, and if she needs more help, just ask.

Elizabeth tells Epiphany that she hasn’t even had a chance to process that Jason is alive and home. She says the first time she saw him, he came out of nowhere and attacked Franco. Ever since then, she’s been trying to tell him Franco has changed, but he can only think about how Franco hurt Michael and Sam.

Dante, Jason, and Carly go to the phone booth. Carly wonders who would be calling her from out there. Um… someone up to no good? For a woman who’s so slick and trying to stay a step ahead all the time, she’s pretty dense.

Sonny tells Chase that he’ll call Dante, but Chase says it’s not going to change anything. Mike committed  a crime. Sonny says he was just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Chase says, sorry; it must be hard for him. Sonny says he’ll compensate Ava, and it will all be over. Let him take his father home.

Ava tells Finn it’s the first time she’s ever been in a healthy relationship. It’s the first time she’s been in love with someone who’s actually good for her, and it scares her -a lot – so that’s it; he has it. She was going to tell him on Valentine’s Day that she loves him.

Alexis tells Finn that she enjoys their friendship, and never wants to lose it. She’s never going to sleep with him again. He agrees, and they pinky swear. He says now that his stomach has uncoiled, would she like to get something to eat? She says she always wants to eat. Anna sees them. Finn tells Alexis that his and Anna’s relationship was over before it started. She made an attempt to open up. She wanted to, but won’t, and he doesn’t know why.

Doc runs into Anna. He tells her that Faison’s diagnosis said that he had Huntington’s disease. It’s a genetic disorder that he could have passed on to his children.

Franco meets Elizabeth at the bar. He wanted to get a glimpse of her before midnight. Epiphany says that’s her cue to leave. Elizabeth thanks her, and gives her a hug. Epiphany hugs Franco, and tells him good luck, and if he hurts Elizabeth, he’ll have her to answer to.

Carly says the calls came at night. Why would someone call from out in the middle of nowhere? Dante says maybe it’s a prank. She says she heard an explosion. Dante says she can see it’s nothing. Carly starts wandering around, saying maybe they missed something. Dante tells Jason that Morgan was killed about a hundred yards from there, and he died in an explosion.

On Monday, Brad tells Julian he won’t be a part of his grandchild’s life, Ava asks Griff if he’s breaking up with her, and Josslyn asks Nelle if she’s getting back together with Michael.

🎢 How’s This for Digression?

Last week, I caught a marathon of Ash Vs the Evil Dead, which is returning to STARZ on Sunday, February 25th, 9 pm. You can also catch the second season there, earlier on Sunday. This is one of those shows I feel like I have no business watching. Ash is sexist and racist, and probably a bunch of other ists, but I still love him. I feel the same way about Two Broke Girls. It’s embarrassing, but they still make me laugh. Or at least snicker. Maybe I also feel a little bit guilty because I once mistook Garrett Morris for a homeless thief. For a couple of years, I worked in the Manufacturer’s Hanover bank in Rockefeller Center, and just about everyone who worked at NBC banked there, including the SNL cast. I didn’t normally work on the ground level, and was filling in for someone. Most of the news people and Dan Aykroyd (who was dating one of the tellers at the time) did their banking downstairs, and I had never met Garrett. He handed a counter deposit slip to me with only half of the account numbers filled in, saying he didn’t remember the rest. You need to know that this is a way thieves rip people off. They make a phony deposit using a counter slip, but say they don’t know their account number offhand. Shortly afterward, they try to cash a bogus check against the same account, saying they were just here and made a deposit. You’d be surprised with what grifters come up with. Anyway, it was very busy, and I had barely glanced up at the guy who looked like he hadn’t shaved in a few days, and was wearing a rumpled coat, and this was my first thought. Then I looked at the name. And looked at him again. Thank God I hadn’t said anything.

🚫 Right Now

I’m almost at the end of Get Out (on HBO rotation). Everybody is great, but IMO, Lil Rel Howery steals this film. His delivery is The. Best. I also love seeing some old character favorites like Stephen Root (News Radio) and Richard Herd (V). Nice to see it’s getting a lot of nods/awards. It’s confusing as to which category it belongs though, since it seems to have one all its own. Funny, creepy, and gory, wrapped in a message, the story is definitely unique.

Quotes of the Week

Life is hard and dangerous, and sometimes you have to chop off somebody’s head to survive. – Ash (Bruce Campbell), Ash Vs the Evil Dead

You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.Rabindranath Tagore

Change may not always bring growth, but there is no growth without change.Roy T. Bennett

There was a certain elegance to it. I kind of miss it.LeVar Burton, referring to television in the 70s on The Seventies

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.Ernest Hemingway

… the flick dances by with the same cadence and mediocrity viewers have come to expect.Erin Huestis, The Celebrity Café review of Insidious: The Last Key

👇 It’s Here..                 









December 13, 2015 — Ash, Andy & Atlanta


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)


For the next couple of weeks, much of the regular programming will be trumped by holiday cheer. Like the annual showing of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, where poor Rudolph gets abused by mean Santa. Tonight, Once Upon a Time was eclipsed by a special on the original Disney animated classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and The Walking Dead was replaced by an Into the Badlands marathon, another show well worth watching.

So I was left with a couple of bits and pieces and the usual nonsense from Atlanta.

 Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Now that Bruce Campbell has finally succumbed to the will of the fans, he has realized that he is Ash and will be forever more. Gory slapstick mixed with the shaky camera we’ve all come to know and love, this show will never win an Emmy, but as Bill Murray once so beautifully put it, it just doesn’t matter. Starz has thrown us a gruesome bone in the wasteland that is weekend programming, and I’m grateful.

Then & Now with Andy Cohen

If you can catch this show, do. I love the retrospectives. One of my favorite parts of New Year’s Eve is always what I’ve christened, the roll call of the celebrity dead. I also enjoy any trip down Memory Lane involving a year or decade I remember. Andy Cohen is a good choice to host one of these programs because he’s a lover of pop culture who has made himself part of pop culture.

This particular show is about 1994, “the year pop culture pushed back.” That actually sounds like a nonsense statement, and I at first I wondered what was so special about 1994. Actually, a lot. It’s the year that gave us Tonya and Nancy, OJ’s slow speed chase, the suicide of Kurt Cobain, and so much more.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Phaedra, Porsha and a wannabe are going shopping. Porsha talks about working on a Miami trip for the ladies with Kenya. Meanwhile, Sheree, Kandi and Kenya are exploring the still unfinished “Moore Manor,” Kenya tells Kandi it’s a Cynthia re-do, since the boat trip went so horribly wrong. Kim is coming along, which is surprising, for the same reason.

Another Wife Wannabe, Tammy, is joining them on the trip. Kenya uses her phone cam when they board the plane, and we get to see them trying to cram things into the overhead that won’t fit unless Willy Wonka comes by with his shrinking machine.

After the fastest flight in history, they take a limo to the house Kenya rented. Estate really. They’ve decided that since Kandi is pregnant, she can have the master bedroom. Surprisingly thoughtful of them. The house has an infinity pool that I would be spending all my time in. Porsha’s wannabe friend, Shemia (who Kenya keeps calling things like “Shimmy Shimmy Koko Bop” and “Sheneneh”), has met them at the house. Lots of wannabes in this episode. There are two living rooms, and Kim decides she’s sleeping in one of them. I’ll bet the TV has a lot to do with that decision. The others are like, why would you want to sleep in the living room? but hey, it’s her vacation too. And I’m guessing, like me, she hasn’t had one since 1987, so let her set up camp in the living room if she wants to.

I have no doubt that, as usual, this gorgeous luxury spot will be wasted on this bunch.

Tammy sits down to talk to Kim in her living room space, while Kenya entertain the others with imitations of Kim. Apparently, Tammy is an acquired taste, but Cynthia says she’ll take quirky and weird over mean nasty and shade throwing any day. Kenya says that Tammy (who’s friends with Sheree’s ex-husband) intimated that Sheree was a gold-digger. Sheree seems to think she also slept with him.

The ladies gather for dinner at a fancy restaurant where they have a private back room. The servers start bringing weird things to the table, like a Viking helmet for Kenya to wear, a toaster and what looks like fondue. Kim makes an announcement that she might not make it through the whole trip because she might get homesick. Huh? In her individual interview Kim says she’s out of her element and needs to rise above her feelings. What?

Cynthia says Neanderthal Peter is making an effort to win her back. They’re talking about their significant others and Tammy says she’s been married 13 years and everything is still great. Sheree makes noises about being unhappy with her presence. Tammy says yes, she’s friends with Bob (the ex), and she feels he was treated unfairly during the divorce as far as seeing his kids went. Sheree asks if she slept with Bob. Tammy is like, are you joking? She says she’s not even attracted to him. Sheree says Bob told her differently and Tammy says that’s news to her. Sheree says she was told Tammy didn’t like her and had told Bob not to marry her. Kim can’t believe “grown ass women” are talking like this. Get used to it if you’re going to be on this show. Kim says there’s a difference between information and instigation. Kenya says sometimes people just need to clear the air of old stuff.

Porsha has set up another boat trip. Really? Kim and Phaedra are talking and Kim says it’s hard to tell if Kenya is being genuine or not, and that people can air their grievances without being messy. Kenya doesn’t understand why Kim is sticking her nose into it.

Kim breaks down at lunch because she’s homesick. She says that everyone is having a good time, but all she’s thinking about is she’d rather be sharing it with her husband. That’s a really nice thought, but she seems to be getting weird about it, like a kid who’s away at camp for the first time. She starts to cry about how she’s lost herself and she can’t find herself here. I hate to tell her, but it’s highly doubtful you’d be finding much of anything on a long weekend in Miami except a Margarita.

Whoa. She’s weeping and wailing to Phaedra outside, while the women flirt with some dude named Oliver inside at the table. Phaedra says she’s sensitive to Kim missing her husband, and if her husband treated her well, she’d be missing him too. Shade of the night. Somehow, Phaedra turns the conversation around to her own problems, but Kim seems to think she’s a great friend. They go back inside.

New guy Oliver and his friend have invited themselves over to party. The girls get googly eyed when Kim says she misses her husband, but on the side Kenya says that most of the women would pay get away from their husbands and kids. Houdini Tammy, who had disappeared, comes back draped with another strange man. It’s her nephew, Glen, who Kenya immediately turns her high beams on.

It’s time for the ladies to get back on the boat and the guys go with them. Things go a little sour when Glen doesn’t respond positively to Kenya’s aggressive attempt to get his attention.

Next week, it looks like things go so far south, they hit the equator.