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September 5, 2019 – Drew’s Plane Vanishes, New Guy Listing, Tyler Is Here, Sonny’s Busy, the Kids Do Double Duty, Days’ Gain & Finally from George


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Diane and Sonny walk into Sonny’s place, Diane tell him, that’s what he paid for; for her to uncomplicate things. Carly says she didn’t hear Diane come in, and Diane says that’s because she’s stealth, like a cat. Carly asks, what’s going on? Diane says they were discussing certain legal issues, and Sonny says he wants Carly to join in the conversation. She asks what he’s talking about, and he says, adopting Dev.

Sam asks Michael how Sasha is; how is he? He says he’s hanging in, but he’s worried about Sasha. They have her on a new round of anti-virals, and he hopes they work.

Obrecht asks Finn what Sasha’s status is, and he says, the next 24 hours are critical. Nina says anyone who had contact with her early on is being tested. Valentin says they were given medication when Sasha was diagnosed, but Finn says, now they know it’s a weaponized strain. Finn says some medical stuff I don’t really understand, and Obrecht asks if that test doesn’t require a DNA sample from all parties. Finn asks if it’s a problem.

Outside of Charlie’s, Alexis says she knows Kim is anxious to leave, but Kim says, don’t worry. It takes as long as it takes. Alexis follows her inside. She says, sorry. She thought Kim was in a hurry, but she’s glad to hear that’s not the case. Julian asks what they’re talking about, and Kim says, the closing delay. Julian says, sorry, and Kim says, things happen. He asks if she’s not disappointed, and she says, a little bit. Franco walks in.

Elizabeth grabs her coat, and says something came up, but Cameron says he needs to tell her something. She says she has to get to the hospital. He says, it’s important. He saw Franco in the park, and he was with Oscar’s mom. Elizabeth asks if something happened, and Cameron says, they were kissing.

At the hospital, Jordan tells Jason, Andre walked in alone, and collapsed. He was unconscious before he could tell anyone anything. Jason asks if they’ve determined the nature of Andre’s injuries. Jordan says they have a good idea, and Epiphany asks if anyone has heard of HIPPA. Mac says, Jason is officially helping, right? Jason nods, and Epiphany says, Andre has two deep wounds in his abdomen. He was stabbed. Jason says, Andre just returned to the states. Who here wants him dead?

Peter goes into Andre’s room. He says, Dr. Maddox (I add, I presume, in my head). He tells Andre, he shouldn’t have come back. What is he supposed to do with him? Peter looks at the IV drip.

On the phone, Brad tells Lucas that he’ll be home soon. He’ll pick up dinner. Lucas is cooking? Please don’t burn down the house. He says he loves Lucas too, and looks at a picture of Lucas and Wiley.

Michael tells Sam, the rest can wait. She says, what rest? and he says forget he said anything. She says he can tell her anything; she won’t judge. He says he’s not concerned about that, and she says, sometimes you have to talk. If he gets it out in the open, he might feel better. He says Sasha has been secretive for as long as he’s known her. Sam asks, how so? He says, he knows she grew up in Chappaqua, and knows where she went to college, but he doesn’t know any details, nothing about her past. Last night, she told him when she gets better, she’ll tell him everything; to quote her, even if he doesn’t like it very much. Sam asks what he thinks she’s referring to, but he has no idea. It could be the medication talking, but if it’s not, she might have a major secret that can blow them up. He’s not sure he wants to know.

Nina sits next to Sasha’s bed. In the hallway, Finn explains why the DNA is needed. Obrecht says they’ll do what’s required. They need to focus on Sasha, who’s at risk. Finn says, she’s getting the best care possible. He leaves, and Valentin tells Obrecht, say it. She thinks the test will prove that Sasha isn’t Nina’s daughter. Obrecht asks what he thinks it will find. It’s to check for the virus, not paternity. It might be better if Sasha dies. He says, how dare she? He’d never wish Sasha dead. She asks if he’s sure. He seems very defensive. He says he brought Sasha there to help Nina heal. Obrecht says, he brought her there to get back into Nina’s good graces. He says his motives are irrelevant. Nina will be inconsolable if Sasha dies. Nothing is worth that.

Peter tells Andre that he wishes there was another way. The machine starts to beep, and Peter goes out another door. Is he hiding in the bathroom?

Franco says he realized Kim might be there, but maybe he should go. Julian says, before he does, Julian doesn’t think he’s had the pleasure. He introduces himself, and Franco says, he’s Kim’s boyfriend, right? Julian says, yeah. He knows it’s uncomfortable, but they’re all adults. He suggests a round on the house; they can talk about it. He’ll be holding onto his bar for a few more days. Franco says, it’s Julian’s bar? If he’d known, he wouldn’t have come. Julian says, it’s fine. It doesn’t have to be awkward. Franco says maybe it’s better if he leaves. Everything that happened earlier is his fault. He apologizes. Julian asks what he’s talking about. What happened?

Cameron asks if Elizabeth heard him. Franco was making out with Oscar’s mom in public. She says she heard him. It’s a very complicated situation for everyone, including Kim. Cameron asks how she’s not pissed. Kim hasn’t lost her memory, and knows he’s Franco and not Drew. Elizabeth says she’s feeling a lot of things; loss, grief, confusion. She has to stay focused in finding a solution. Hopefully, Andre can reverse the procedure. Cameron says she better figure it out fast. Franco is planning on leaving as soon as the ankle monitor is off, and he asked Kim to go with him.

Mac asks Epiphany, how much longer? She hears the beeps, and says, that’s Dr. Maddox. She runs to his room, and they wait outside. Peter comes in another door, and he sneaks around. He sees Jason, Mac, and Jordan outside Andre’s room. I’d love to know what door goes outside from where the bathroom should be, but okay.

Carly says, Sonny wants to adopt Dev? He says he’s considering options. They’re just talking about the process. Carly asks when he decided, and Sonny says they’re just talking possibilities. He hasn’t decided. Diane thinks they need space, but Sonny says, no. If they move forward, she needs to know everything. Carly asks when he decided maybe adopting Dev, and Sonny says, Gladys has been hanging around Mike, and is visiting Port Charles. He wants to make sure Dev is taken care of. Carly asks if he doesn’t need Gladys’s cooperation; technically, she’s Dev’s guardian. He says he’s thinking of cutting her out of it, and dealing with it the legit way. Diane says Sonny informed her that he provided Dev with a US ID. Had he consulted her, she would have advised against it. Sonny says that’s why he didn’t consult her, and I literally lol. Carly asks if it would be possible using Dev’s real ID. Diane says, immigration law is clear on it. Not unless the child is under sixteen, and Dev just missed the cut off. They may be able to adopt him using his US ID though. Sonny says she means adopt him as Dev Corbin? Carly doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

Michael tells Sam, it feels wrong talking about Sasha while she’s in the hospital. Sam says it’s clearly a weight on him, and he’s just venting. Michael says, if he thought she was being deceptive, that would be one thing, but he thinks she’s talking about her past; something embarrassing or that she’s ashamed of, and they all have those things. Sam says, of course (🍷) they do, but it’s good to be honest. You can’t hide the past forever, and secrets end up coming out In the end.

Valentin says, it would destroy Nina if anything happened to Sasha, and Obrecht says, just as it would if Nina knew he was lying. He asks, which is worse? and she says, for who? He says, her, and she asks how she’s involved. He says she’s long suspected Sasha isn’t Nina’s daughter, but she hasn’t said anything. She used it for her personal gain, to get leverage and blackmail him. That makes her an accomplice. If the ship goes down, she’ll drown with him. Obrecht says his reasoning is unassailable. Allow her to handle this.

Jordan says, come on, Andre. The doctor gives Andre an injection, and says, he’s stabilizing. Andre opens his eyes.

Obrecht finds Brad about to get in the elevator. She says she caught him just in time.

Sasha wakes, and Nina says, it’s okay. She was just watching Sasha sleep. Sasha says her mother did that when she was a kid. Nina says she finally gets it. Every cliché she’s heard about parenting. It’s overwhelming; the urge to make sure your child is okay. She feels better being near Sasha, like she’s protecting her and keeping her safe. It’s silly. Sasha says, no; it’s not silly. She feels better when Nina is there. Nina wishes she could trade places with Sasha. She would give her life in a second if it meant saving Sasha’s.

Michael tells Sam not to bring up Nelle, and she asks why she’d do that. He says Nelle had secrets, and would give him plausible excuses as to why she told a lie or kept things from him. Now Sasha has a secret. Sam says he doesn’t think she’s like Nelle, does he? He says, no. Nelle was broken and vindictive. Sasha is the opposite. She did her best to keep things casual, and they tell each other it’s casual. The problem is, they’re good for each other. Whatever secret she’s hiding, he can’t believe it’s that bad. At least that’s what he wants to believe. Sam asks if he wants to rescue Sasha, and he says he wants her to get well. She says that’s not what she means. Does he want to ride in on a white horse, and fix all her problems? He says even if he did, Sasha wouldn’t let him. She’s way too independent. She asks if he’s comfortable with that, and he says, absolutely. Sam doesn’t think anything is wrong. He’s a rescuer, and Nelle took advantage of that. Sasha is being honest, and honesty is the key to a healthy foundation of any relationship. Michael thanks her for the advice and support. He feels like he owes her a drink. She says he owes her nothing, and Michael says, under normal circumstances, he’d insist, but he has to go back to the hospital. Sam tells him to go be with Sasha. Her phone dings, and she says, wait. She has to head to GH too.

Julian says, something happened between Kim and Franco? Franco says he ran into Kim at the park. She was visiting the marker dedicated to their son. Julian says, Drew and Kim’s son. Franco says she was trying to have peace and quiet, and he upset her. He apologizes, and Kim says, it’s okay. Alexis says she’ll keep them posted about the closing. It won’t take too long. Julian says, sounds good. He tells Franco, maybe they should take a raincheck on that drink. Franco agrees, tells Kim that he’s sorry, and leaves.

Outside, Franco tells Alexis that he doesn’t know her name. She introduces herself, and he says it’s a pleasure to meet her. He asks if she’s a lawyer, and she says she is; why? He says he might need her services.

Elizabeth asks if that’s what Franco really said. Cameron says, word for word, that’s what he told Kim. She says that’s what she and Scotty were afraid of. Once the monitor comes off, he’s gone. She asks what Kim said, and Cameron says, she didn’t commit, but she was pretty emotional. They talked, and Kim took off. When she left, he let Franco have it, saying he was a real jackass. Elizabeth appreciates the support, but he doesn’t really have to intervene. He asks what she expects him to do; sit back and let Franco do what he’s doing? She says he needs to be strong  for his brothers. They’re going to hear rumors, and he has to protect them. She tells him, don’t worry. As terrible as it seems, it’s temporary. Andre will find a way to bring Franco back.

The doctor says, Andre’s heart rate is up, but he just regained consciousness, and that’s a normal response. Epiphany says she needs them all to leave, but Andre tells them, stay. They need to know what’s going on. Jordan says, if he’s up to it. He says he’ll manage. He’s glad to see her on her feet, and she says she wishes she could say the same about him. What happened? He says, someone tried to kill him. I have to admit my error. It is the same Andre. Between the oxygen mask, and him growing facial hair, I thought it was a new guy. I’m glad it’s not, since I like this Andre.

Diane tells Sonny, adopting Dev using a false ID is asking for trouble. The documents are no golden pass. There’s no question how it will look. From a legal standpoint, it’s questionable. She says it’s their decision to make; she’s off. Sonny tells Carly that he knows it’s a sticky situation. She says, that’s an understatement, but he says he won’t go for it unless they can get away with it. She says, it’s not just the legal issue. She’s not sure it’s the right thing. She thinks having Dev live there is one thing; making Dev a permanent part of their family is another.

Brad tells Obrecht that he’d love to stay and chat, but he has to get home. Lucas made dinner. He suggests they table this until never. Obrecht says she could follow him home, and they can talk there. He says, fine. What is it? She pulls him out of the elevator, and says she needs his expertise. He asks for clarification, and she says, Nina’s family is going to require a genetic test. He needs to make sure Nina and Sasha’s DNA is a match.

On the phone, Finn asks Anna to check in with him. He sees Peter, and tells him that he should call Anna. She’d love to hear from him.

Jordan asks Andre, what happened? He says he was working with a humanitarian aid group in Ethiopia. Drew found him, and told him everything. He wanted Andre to reverse the memory transfer procedure on Franco. He agreed to come back and examine Franco, but couldn’t make any promises. Mac asks about the trip home, and Andre says Drew drove him to the airport, and put him on the first flight to Port Charles. Mac says, Drew didn’t accompany him? Andre says, no. Drew had his own jet, and was en route to Afghanistan. He had urgent personal business there. Mac says, he came alone? and Andre says, correct. A driver met him to take him to GH. He thought Drew arranged it, so he got in the car, but instead of driving to GH, the driver pulled into an alley. He took out a knife, and Andre tried to run, but the driver caught up with him, and stabbed him. He managed to fight the driver off, made his way back to the car, and drove himself to the ER. That’s the last thing he remembers. He must have blacked out. Jordan asks if anyone talked to Drew. He needs to know what’s going on. Wow. Maybe they should recruit Andre for the PCPD. He’s pretty hardy.

Mac says he hasn’t heard from Drew. Shouldn’t he have landed in Afghanistan by now? Andre asks how long he’s been out, and Jordan says, a couple of hours. Jason says, it’s been time enough; Drew should be there by now. Epiphany needs to clear the room. Jason lingers, but leaves with the others. Jordan asks for a word with Mac. Elizabeth comes out of the elevator, and asks Jason where Andre is. Jason says he got stabbed and was admitted. He’ll be okay, but what about Drew?

Julian asks if Kim is good, and she says she’s trying to be. She says, this should help, indicating her drink. He says, it can’t be easy, and Kim says Franco just frazzles her. She knows he’s not Drew, but it’s painful hearing her personal memories coming out of Franco’s mouth. Julian asks why she didn’t tell him, and she says Alexis was there, and she didn’t want to risk upsetting him. He says, if all that happened was Franco bringing up old memories, why would he be upset?

Alexis asks why Franco would want to hire her. Does he know his father is a lawyer? Scott Baldwin. He says they’ve met, and Alexis says she’s sure Scotty would be happy to represent him. Franco says, thanks to him, he’s wearing an ankle monitor. She says she can’t represent him; it’s a conflict of interest. He says, with Franco? He’s not him. She tells him, so he says. Her daughter might see it differently.

Nina tells Sasha that she and her mother weren’t close, and as an adult, the relationship was toxic. As a child, her mother alternated between overbearing and indifferent. She swore she’s be better with her own child. For the longest time, she didn’t think it was possible, then Sasha came into her life and changed everything. She has to get better. Sasha nods, and Nina says they have a lot of catching up to do, and they have to see Paris. Charlotte will be desperate for Sasha’s advice when she’s a teenager too. Don’t give up on their future together. Sasha says she won’t. Valentin looks through the window.

Brad tells Obrecht, Sasha not being Nina’s daughter makes no sense. There were two DNA tests. Obrecht says, a DNA test is only as good as the security around it. Who should know better than him? Do whatever he must. Brad says he doesn’t want to break more laws, and she says, how noble. He says, especially for her, and she says, but he will. He says he’s done with that stuff. He’s committed to be a law abiding citizen. She says all she has to do is tell Michael that his child is alive and well, and living with Brad and his husband. She’d hate to have to do it, but if he forces her hand…

Sonny tells Carly that he wants to make sure Dev is taken care of. Dev earned that; Dev saved his life. Carly gets it. He wants to help Dev, but there’s a big difference between letting him live there, and legally adopting him. Sonny says sorry to spring it on her. Carly says, it’s forever. Dev will always be part of their family, like the rest of the kids. He says he understands, and understands she thinks it’s a bad idea. Carly says she won’t say yes unless the kids are on board. If they commit to Dev, they commit to him as a family. Is he ready to have that conversation?

Michael comes back to Sasha’s room. Nina tells Sasha to think about where she wants to go on their Paris trip, and Sasha says, will do. Michael takes Nina’s place by the bed, and says, so Paris? Sasha says, she, Nina, and Charlotte are going together as soon as she’s well. Nina says she’ll be right outside. In the hallway, Valentin asks if Nina is okay. She says she is. She’s just feeling grateful that she got to know Sasha. If anything happens, at least they had time together. She realizes it’s selfish. She wouldn’t be in this position if Valentin hadn’t found her daughter. Valentin says Sasha has made it this far. He promises they’ll have years and years.

Obrecht asks Brad what his answer is, and he says, all right. He’ll make sure Sasha and Nina’s DNA match. She knew he would make a reasonable decision. He says, after this is done, she can’t hold it over him forever. She says, look who’s making demands, and he says, damn right. Do him a favor though. Does he have her word? She says, of course (🍷). If he can’t hold her to her word, who can he trust? She leaves, and Brad leans against the wall, sliding down it.

Kim tells Julian that she didn’t want a scene. That’s why she didn’t say anything. He thinks she was right the first time. The situation is causing too much stress. There’s no reason she can’t leave immediately. She doesn’t need to be there. The staff can watch over Charlie’s. He doesn’t need to stay. He tells her, let’s just go. He really thinks it’s the best thing for them. They can be setting up in Manhattan by this time next week. She says, sounds great.

Franco asks Alexis if he did something to her daughter. She says she won’t give him details, but his actions were unforgivable. He says he’s sensing a trend. She says she can’t get involved. He’ll have to find representation someplace else. Good luck. He asks if she means that, and she says, actually, she does.

Mac tells Jordan, they have to organize having Andre’s room to be monitored around the clock. Drew not showing up is a bad sign. Andre’s attacker might try again. They can’t give him a chance to get to him.

Peter tells Finn that he doesn’t want to interrupt Anna’s secret spy mission. Finn says he won’t. She won’t pick up if that’s the case, and he can leave a voicemail. Peter asks Finn to just pass along a message. He’s looking forward to seeing her when she gets back. He hopes to do better, and he’s sorry he judged her so harshly. Real life can take you places you can’t anticipate. You wind up compromising in ways you never thought you could. Tell his mother that he’s thinking about her.

Sam sees Jason and Elizabeth at the hospital, and says she got Jason’s text. He says, Andre got stabbed, and Elizabeth says they can’t locate Drew. Sam says, he’s in Afghanistan, but Jason says, Drew should have landed by now. Any calls go to voicemail. Sam has an idea. She’s still on the account for the private jet. She calls, and gives them her account number. She says she wants to know if the jet landed in Afghanistan. She thanks them, and says, Drew’s flight never arrived. Elizabeth says, not yet? and Sam says, it disappeared. It fell off the radar. It’s as if it just vanished.

Tomorrow, Obrecht asks if Brad is threatening her, Jax suggests Josslyn live with him, and Nelle tells Shiloh they can help each other.

💰 On Million Dollar Listing: New York, Ryan took Amelia’s advice, and decided to focus on what he could control. He was back at the LifeSaver loft, he had an intimate showing with only five brokers, each with a client in another state. He told us from an average open house, he might get 10% that are interested, but all of them will eat all his food. This time, he had 100% interest. The apartment on Great Jones Street was ready to go, and Ryan said his events were always about having fun. Since people always asked about the origin of the street name, he made up a character called Sam Jones, and dressed up like Napoleon. He threw a huge bash, where Steve showed up. Deciding to rain on Ryan’s parade, he said that Ryan’s costume was just distracting, but IMO Ryan was right that his open house would be remembered, rather than the ones by the brokers in boring suits. He wanted to make the brokers to have a positive experience in the space. Despite the nearby construction, Ryan got an offer for the LifeSaver pied a terre, by intimating that the buyer could lose the apartment to another offer. He told us you can never say there is offer if there isn’t, but you can say another party is interested and going to make offer. Deal taken.

Fredrik convinced the seller with the million dollar parking spot, that they were never going to sell it for a million. The seller finally relented when he pointed out there were other apartments for sale in the same building with parking included. They agreed on selling at $7.5 million. Fredrik showed the apartment to Steve’s childhood friend Phil, trying to get stories about Steve from him the entire time. The following potential buyer decided to bring her parrot – named Chris – with her, and it promptly pooped on the coffee table. At least it wasn’t the carpet. Fredrik turned this into a selling point, saying the bird knew it was home. This is why he gets the big bucks.

In other Steve news, Steve’s girlfriend Luiza arrived, and she was welcomed with a huge apartment he’d rented. He this is what he’s dreamed of, and the reason he bought a five-bedroom house in the Hamptons. He always wanted family, but just had to find the right person at the right time.

Tyler Whitman is the new broker in town. He’d been on the operational side of real estate until two years ago. A former fatty, he’d had weight loss surgery, something he heavily promoted throughout the show. He even told us that only 2% of people who lose weight the natural way keep it off. Um… I don’t think so. He seems a little addicted to the idea, and no surprise he turned to fitness when he couldn’t turn to food. He seems like a nice guy, but a little sad, covering it up with his loud personality. From the South, he moved to NYC, excited to be a free gay man, but he felt poorly judged and body shamed for being overweight by other gay men. He told his trainer that instead of eating three times a day, he ate three meals for each meal. Tipping the scales at 387 pounds, he lost the weight, but now feels there’s a stigma because he had surgery. Perhaps if he’d tone down his promotion of it just a tad… He did give us the best quote of the night. While walking through a seller’s apartment, it was noted that they’d turned a walk-in closet into a nursery. Not missing a beat, he said, the sooner you get the kids out of the closet, the better.

This season, Derek isn’t happy living in L.A., Steve takes a carriage ride, Luis is excited about being a father, and Amelia goes into labor.

🗽 New Broker On the Block…

Meet Tyler.


☕ The Busiest Man In the Coffee Business…

I can’t wait to read his memoir.



🎬 Joss and Dev Get Around…

Now that school’s out, they had time to make a movie.


🛀 Dorian’s New Gig…

It just makes me miss One Life To Live all over again.


🚵 I Can Smell the Freedom…

Momentary though it may be.











July 5, 2019 – Kristina Comes Clean, My Musical Valentin(e), All About Diane, From Film To Soap, Sonny’s Cousin, Poor Meghan, Lucky Number Of Quotes & Unbelievable Places


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason tells a prison guard that he needs privacy to confer with his client. The guard leaves, and Harmony asks when did she become his client, and when did he become a lawyer? He thinks she knows why he’s there. She says he wants to shake her faith in Shiloh, but he can’t. He asks if Shiloh has come to see her. Has he sent a lawyer? Has she heard from him at all? How much faith can she have left?

Dressed in a waitress uniform, Sam introduces herself to Carol. She says she’s sorry she’s late. Her car battery died and she had to get a jump. Carol says she didn’t know they were hiring a new waitress. Sam says she’s temporary, and just there to help.

Kristina tells Alexis that she wants to talk to Neil with her. She wants to share what she said in her Pledge. Alexis says Kristina will have to discuss with Neil. Kristina goes into his office, and tells him she had a breakthrough. As long as she’s hiding something, she’s giving Shiloh power. She needs to tell her mom, but she needs him to be with them. If she doesn’t say something now, she’s afraid she never will. He invites them both in.

Josslyn asks Cameron, since when did his mom and Franco decide on having a reception? He says they kept putting it off, and he was hoping they’d give up, but they’re having it tomorrow on The Haunted Star. Dev wonders what’s terrible about a party. Music, dancing, and free food. Josslyn tells him, stay out of it. Dev thinks she should go with him. Michael comes in, and asks, go where? Josslyn says, none of his business. He can’t barge in on a conversation and start interrogating people. He says she’s right, and that he hasn’t met Dev. Josslyn introduces him as Sonny’s cousin.

At the MetroCourt, Brick asks what Sonny needs, and Sonny says protection for a friend who he wants to be a member of the family. Brick asks, which family? and Sonny says, the Corbins. He wants his friend to be a cousin on his father’s side. His name is Dev Cerci. Brick says, it sounds Turkish, and Sonny says, it is. Dev pickpocketed him, and then saved his life. Brick likes him already, and Sonny says, he needs citizenship sooner than later. Sonny sees Shiloh sitting with Zahra at the bar, and says, son of a bitch. He tells Brick to give him a minute. Brick says, this should be entertaining.

Sonny approaches Zahra, and says he doesn’t think they’ve met. She introduces herself, and he asks what brings her to the MetroCourt? Shiloh says he’s having dinner with his attorney, and Sonny says whatever Shiloh is paying her, he’ll pay her double to quit.

Neil asks if Alexis has any objections to him seeing Kristina with her. She says, no, and he says he’ll facilitate as best he can. Kristina says when Shiloh asked her for a Pledge, he wanted a secret. Looking back, she knows he wanted something to use as blackmail, so that’s what she gave him. Not something he could use against her, but against her mom.

Michael says whatever Cameron is inviting Josslyn to, he thinks she should go. He leaves, and Josslyn says she hopes Cameron doesn’t do that to Jake or Aiden when they’re older. Cameron asks what she means, and she says, assume he knows more about their lives than they do. Michael has no idea, but he pretty much ordered her to go to Elizabeth and Franco’s wedding reception. Dev says the stress of going might crush a fragile flower like her. She should definitely stay home.

Carol tells Sam that they split tips, but Sam says she just started, and doesn’t need Carol’s money. Carol asks why she’s there then, and Sam says, Shiloh. She mentions Carol’s dog, and Carol says she did everything Shiloh said for her to do. She went to prison and kept her mouth shut. Please don’t hurt her dog. Sam says she’s just there to get Carol’s statement.

Jason tells Harmony that he’s Investigating the murder of her late husband Douglas Miller. She says, he wasn’t murdered; he OD’d. Jason asks when she saw him last, and Harmony says that’s none of his business. He says Douglas called her daughter. Shiloh was there, and encouraged her to take the call, then encouraged her to meet him. They were supposed to meet that night, but Shiloh decided to initiate her instead. She asks if Kelly (aka Willow) told him this. He says she led the ceremony, right? While she was drugging and tattooing her own child, Shiloh was murdering her father.

Kristina tells Neil, Kiefer was abusive. The first time, he put her in the hospital, and she covered for him, blaming someone else. When Kiefer beat her up again, her mom found her in an old house by the lake. She was pretty out of it when they were driving to the hospital, and her mom hit Kiefer with her car. Alexis says, it was an accident. It was dark, the middle of the night. She was emotional, and didn’t see him until it was too late. Kristina says she was unconscious, and didn’t see what happened, but she told Shiloh that she did. She lied, and said she was awake and saw Alexis deliberately run him down. She told Shiloh that Alexis did it on purpose.

Billy walks into the diner. He sees Sam, and says she’s not Carol. Sam says, Carol had to check on Jeremy, and Billy asks if Carol mentioned that Jeremy is a dog. Sam says she did, and Billy asks if she can believe the way Carol fusses over him. He introduces himself, and asks what brings her to Beecher’s Corners?

Harmony says Jason is lying. Him being there is a lie. He’s not a lawyer; he’s a killer, a man of violence. He was tried twice for murder. Jason asks how she knows about him, and she says she’s good at research. He’s the one who contacted her before. Jason tells her that Shiloh came after Sam. She’d conned his father, and he tracked her down. He targeted Kristina as a way to get to Sam, and Harmony helped. It’s pretty twisted. She says he doesn’t know anything about them, and he says, her daughter is a different story. She owes her daughter the truth about how her father died.

Dev says he knows receptions are a fun party – he’s crashed a few – but if it’s so boring and difficult for her, stay home. Josslyn says if it was important to Cameron, he would have said so. Dev says he can’t help her if she won’t help herself. Trina walks in, and asks why Josslyn is yelling. Josslyn says Dev is staying with them for the summer. Thank God it’s halfway over. Dev introduces himself, and says Trina has excellent timing. She asks what he did to make Josslyn mad.

Shiloh says Sonny can’t bribe his attorney. Zahra says she does family law, and asks if Sonny needs representation. Sonny says he has joint custody of his little girl, and her mother is a problem. Zahra says it’s tempting, but she has to pass. She has a full case load. He says she looks like someone who likes to work, and she says she is. He says she needs better clients. If she changes her mind… He gives her his card, and goes back to the table. Brick says, Shiloh doesn’t look very happy, and Sonny says, good.

Jason tells Harmony, Shiloh was born David Henry Archer. He was a military contractor, and met Jason’s twin, Drew, in Iraq. Drew saved Shiloh’s life, but Shiloh came back to no money, so he decided to start DOD. Harmony says, he had a spiritual awakening, and Jason asks how long it’s been since she really believed that? Shiloh wrote a book, and gathered followers. She became his fixer, his right hand, and when he wanted her daughter, Harmony handed her over. She knew it was wrong, but had to keep believing. Like an alcoholic, she was afraid to face herself and what she’d done to the people she loves.

Sam tells Billy that she just wanted peace and quiet, and somewhere safe. He asks if she’s heard of Dawn of Day, and she says, no; why? He says, they’re a community service organization. They’re good people, very welcoming. She might want to look them up. Carol comes back, and he says he was just telling Sam about Shiloh.

Neil asks why Kristina chose to lie about the incident, and she says, it was the kind of secret Shiloh wanted, so she pretended she was a witness. He asks how Alexis feels about that, and she says she understands the pressure. She gets that Kristina was desperate to please Shiloh, and was confused, but given everything her father has done, why choose something about her? Kristina says it seemed like less of a betrayal to lie about something that didn’t happen, than say something that might be true about her dad. A simpler explanation is that she wanted Shiloh to think she was important. She’s an idiot. Alexis saved her, and she lied to get Shiloh’s approval. Alexis says it hurt her, but it doesn’t compare to how proud she is of Kristina. She broke Shiloh’s hold over her, and it took courage. She’s not an idiot. She’s brave and smart. Kristina says, not recently, but Alexis says she was smart enough to get help. Lots of smart people, including herself, don’t. Kristina asks if Alexis forgives her, and Alexis says she’s Kristina’s mother. She’ll always forgive her. Kristina hugs her.

Trina asks, why the drama? and Dev says Cameron invited Josslyn to a wedding reception, which she considers a hideous ordeal. Josslyn tells Trina, she never said that. She didn’t even turn him down before Dev barged in making pronouncements. Dev says he was making an observation, and she says, whatever it was, it’s not needed or wanted. They can figure out for themselves if Cameron needs her to go.

Brick asks what Sonny knows about Shiloh. Sonny says, the cops will be sending him to prison, and accidents happen.

Obviously charmed, Zahra asks if Shiloh thinks Sonny breaks out those dimples for every lawyer. She wants to talk about the case, since she’s billing him for her time. He says he found his son; he’s Wiley Cooper Jones. Zahra says knowing that is one thing, but proving it is another.

Sonny asks if Brick remembers locating his cousin Gladys, like it was years ago and not last week. He’s going to say her son got married overseas, and his wife tragically died giving birth. Can he make that work? Brick asks if Dev can pass as an American, and Sonny says, he has a perfect accent from watching TV and movies. They’ll fill in his back story, and grill him until he can pass. Brick doesn’t think it will be easy, but Sonny says, Ankara is on the other side of the world and Dev has been through a lot. He’s resilient and thinks on his feet. Brick asks if he reminds Sonny of someone, and Sonny says, himself. Kids from the streets are all the same. They do what they can to survive. Brick hears that. He asks what Sonny’s plans are for Dev, and Sonny says he wants to get him an education. Brick says, it sounds like a do-over; giving Dev a chance Sonny didn’t have. Sonny says, maybe. Or maybe he just sees potential. Brick says, surprise, surprise.

Shiloh tells Zahra that his son was in front of him for months. He even held him. Once he has Wiley, Willow will have no choice but to come back to him. She asks if his goal is to reclaim his child or his child’s mother, and he says, all of it. He wants the family he was meant to have.

Michael sees Brick and Sonny, and says, sorry to interrupt, but he has a quick question. He stopped by the house, and Josslyn introduced him to Sonny’s cousin. What’s going on there? Sonny says, it’s simple. He’s paying back a debt.

Cameron tells Dev that his mom loves Franco, and his brothers think Franco is great. He doesn’t want to wreck things, so he has to go. It would be great if Josslyn comes, but he won’t have a nervous breakdown if she doesn’t. Dev is right about one thing. There will be music, dancing, and plenty of food. It might actually be fun.

Jason says Harmony gave Shiloh her daughter, and covered for him when he killed her husband. She says, Kelly had doubts about the initiation. She wanted to meet with her father, but Harmony pressured her, telling her it was an honor. She gave Kelly the tea, and put Shiloh’s tattoo on her, knowing she was sending Kelly to Shiloh’s bed. She thought that’s why Doug killed himself; the pain of what she did to his daughter was too much for him. Jason says she can still do what he wanted. She can still protect their daughter from Shiloh.  She asks what he wants her to do.

Billy tells Sam that Carol is a member of DOD. Carol says, they do outreach for the underserved. Billy adds, they have classes and social events. It’s a good way to meet people. Carol tells him, no charge, but he pays anyway, saying they deserve the tip. Sam hopes to see him at a social event, and he says he’ll find her again. Don’t worry. He leaves, and Sam asks if everything was okay with Jeremy. Carol says he was curled up, snoozing. She’s sorry she didn’t believe Sam when she said wouldn’t hurt him. Sam says she had every right. She’s been lied to by many people. Carol says, not Sam, Michael, or Jason. They told her the truth. Now it’s her turn.

Brick asks Sonny, what if Dev gets picked up, panics, and tells the truth? Sonny says, he won’t. He doesn’t know Dev well, but Dev saved his life.

Zahra tells Shiloh that they have a lot of hurdles to get over before a family reunion. It’s not easy to prove. Shiloh takes out the burp cloth, and says he grabbed it from Brad. They can do a DNA test. She says, it won’t be admissible. At best, they can get a judge to order a second one. He asks why she’s so negative, and she asks if he was paying attention at the hearing. Willow’s attorney will use the laws to fight his every step.

Kristina sees Sonny’s table, and says she hit the jackpot. Sonny says, what’s up, firecracker? She notices Shiloh, and asks what he’s doing there. Sonny says, take it easy, and she says she’ll be right back. Brick says, it looks like Shiloh needs to choose another restaurant.

Kristina asks why Zahra is sitting with this sleazy perv. Shiloh says his son will soon be returned to him, and Kristina says, don’t bet on it.

Josslyn tells Cameron that she’s not ready. She went to the Nurses Ball and sang because Oscar wanted her too, but she was miserable the whole time. She thanks him for the invite, but no. Cameron says, no big deal. Trina says her mom is having a responsible parent moment. She hopes it passes soon, but she has to go. She’s calling an Uber, and offers to drop Cameron off. She tells Dev, nice to meet him, and he says, the pleasure was his. Trina and Cameron leave, and Josslyn asks if Dev was flirting. He says he was being polite, and she says he was being obnoxious. He asks if Michael didn’t say to be kinder and less judgmental. She suggests he work on being less annoying.

Jason says, on August 4th, 2014, Harmony’s daughter told her that she was meeting her father. Did anyone else know? Harmony says, Shiloh. He told her that her daughter’s initiation was that same night, so Harmony pressured her to cancel with her father. Kelly was reluctant, but eventually agreed. Jason asks when the initiation began, and she says, 9 pm. He asks where Shiloh was, and she says he escorted Kelly to the initiation, per tradition, and wished her a joyous transformation. He said he’d be with her afterwards, and left until midnight, also traditional. Then, he’s left alone with the initiate. Jason says, he had a three hour window. Plenty of time to go to Douglas’s hotel room and kill him.

Carol reads her statement as Sam films it. She says that Shiloh said she could save him. The police would believe her, and if she made the sacrifice, he would go free.

Alexis goes back to Neil’s office, and thanks him for the session with Kristina. He’s been both a translator and referee. She doesn’t think they’d be in the place they are now without his help. He says they did the work, and she says she seriously apologizes for intruding on his life. Her friend saw them together, misconstrued their relationship, and checked his background. She knows that doesn’t absolve her. She chose to look and deeply regrets it. He says, so does he.

Michael wants to stop Kristina, but Sonny says, let her speak.

Kristina says Shiloh belongs in prison for attempted rape, among other things. He says, the charges were dropped. She tells him Sam will be thrilled to testify against him, and if he thinks he can blackmail her, think again. She burned her Pledge, and told her mother what was in it. By the way, she lied to impress him. How sad is that? He says what’s sad is the progress she’s lost. She says the karma he teaches about is a bitch, and it’s coming back to him. She walks away, and Zahra says, she’ll make a compelling witness, but Shiloh says nothing matters except getting a DNA test to prove his son is Wiley. Brick wonders where Kristina got her fire from. She says from her dad, and hugs Sonny.

Alexis tells Neil, the truth is, she finds him easy to talk to. She’s able to share things she’s not able to share with other people. He’s glad she found their sessions productive, but a sound patient/therapist relationship only works if there’s trust on both sides, and he doesn’t trust her anymore. She says she realizes she didn’t solely relate to him as a therapist. She thinks of him as a friend. The irony is that she has friends, but needs a good therapist. She’ll miss this. He asks, how’s Tuesday at five? and she says she’ll be there.

Trina asks if Cameron wants to go to Perks or the park. He thought she had to go home, but she says, it was just an excuse to leave and give Josslyn room to change her mind. Cameron doesn’t want Josslyn to change her mind. He doesn’t want her to be miserable. Trina says, Josslyn isn’t afraid of that. She’s afraid of having fun. It will mean she’s moving on. Cameron asks if Josslyn told her that or she’s guessing. She says she pays attention and picks up on things. That’s how she knows he’s dreading the reception. He shouldn’t have to face it alone, so she’ll be his date, but she’s warning him that she’ll expect to dance. He says he’s not good dancer, and she says, tough.

Josslyn sees Dev eating a bowl of ice cream, and says, he just helped himself? He says he made her one too, but she says, that’s not the point. This isn’t his house. He asks if he’s supposed to stay in his room, and she says she didn’t say that. He shouldn’t serve himself. He says he was in the right place at the right time, and did a favor. If he gets deported tomorrow, at least he’ll have had ice cream tonight. She supposes she shouldn’t let it go to waste, and sits across from him.

Sam thinks the video will be enough to get a judge to issue a subpoena for Carol to come to Port Charles and issue an official statement. Carol says, it might sound crazy… and Sam says, of course (🍷) you can bring your dog. Carol says, not everyone in DOD is bad. Most of them are decent people who lost their way, like she did. Shiloh gave them a place to belong. Sam says he’s the one who took advantage of them. He’s at fault, and the tide just turned against him.

Jason tells Harmony the body was discovered, and Shiloh was arrested. What did she do then? She says she told one of the faithful, Carol, that Shiloh needed to see her. She went in alone, and when she came out, she confessed. Jason asks where Carol was that night, and Harmony says, at the initiation with the rest of the Trust. Jason asks if Carol had access to the drug that killed Douglas, but she says, Carol didn’t even know what it was. He asks if anyone else had access, and she says it’s the same drug Shiloh had her put in the tea to calm the initiates and lower their resistance. He asks where they got it. She tells him, a pharmacy. Shiloh has a prescription. Jason asks what name he used, and she says, his real name, David Henry Archer. 

On Monday, Ava tells the psychic that she came to talk about Kiki, Brad tells Julian that Shiloh thinks Wiley is his son, and the wedding reception finally happens.

🎼 A Man Of Many Talents…

And he guest-starred on Two Broke Girls.


💟 Love Her, Want To Be Her…

Diane is one of my favorite GH characters.


👽 An Alien Alumni Lands In Port Charles…

And she’s possibly a psychic.



👓 The New Guy…

I must need glasses. I thought his last name was Airbnb.


🍛 More Than a Full Plate…

Like it’s not bad enough she’s stuck with Jim.



💬 Quotes of the Week

Life is like an onion. You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep.Carl Sandburg

Nobody will ever win the battle of the sexes. There is too much fraternizing with the enemy.Henry Kissinger

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Women don’t get hysterical. They get historical. – dude whose name I don’t know on Texicanas

I generally avoid temptation, unless I can’t resist it. – Mae West (you have to think of it in her voice.)

There wouldn’t be a parade if there wasn’t Lisa on a bus. Stassi Schroeder, Vanderpump Rules, when talking about Pride day

Always live in the ugliest house on the street – then you don’t have to look at it.David Hockney

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