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January 27, 2020 – A Link To Port Charles, Kevin Bakes a Cake, Who Knows, Keeping Them Guessing, Returns, I Take It Back, Sad Surprise & Apropos


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


🚑 If You Missed It…

I posted the latest General Hospital episode, supposedly to be shown tomorrow on ABC, but we’ll see. You can find it here:


Below Deck

When we last left, Captain Lee told the crew he didn’t want to hear loud voices and slamming doors, and to get to bed, emphasizing his point by slamming the door. In his interview, he said they were acting like a-holes, and there was going to be hell to pay in the morning.

Kate cries, and Tanner gives Ashton a goodnight kiss. Kate tells Rhylee, they’re all so awful, and Rhylee says, everyone has a breaking point. In Rhylee’s interview, she says Kate has a hard exterior, but she’s still vulnerable. She knows how Kate feels. She’d rather have explosive diarrhea than work with these guys. Kate says, everybody hates everybody. In Kate’s interview, she says if this kind of behavior had been allowed when she started in yachting, she wouldn’t still be there. She’s over these misogynist a-holes. If they want to make her the bad guy, she can play that game.

Ashton says, there was drama last night. In his interview, Captain Lee says, it’s been an extremely tough season. They’ve had injuries, people quitting, and personality issues. The crew are acting like children. He’s pissed, and he’s not putting up with it. He calls everyone to the main salon. Kate tells Courtney that it was a nightmare hearing four males saying her name and laughing. She asked what they were talking about, and it was a delightful conversation.

The captain tells the crew, what happened last night is past. He doesn’t give a flying about that. All he cares about going forward, is the next charter. If anyone feels they can’t get along, they can pack their effing bags and leave. If anyone thinks they’re safe because it’s charter nine, and he won’t fire someone mid-charter, they don’t know him. Even the crickets are quiet. He tells them, that being said, he doesn’t see anyone getting up to leave, so go to work. He says, it’s only two and a half days. He can eat a sh*t sandwich every second for two and a half days. And if he can do it, they can.

Ashton has meeting with Tanner and Brian, not waiting for Rhylee. In Ashton’s interview, he says his first season as bosun wasn’t easy. He got dumped with Rhylee’s sh*t, and wants to stay as far away as possible. Kate calls to schedule massage therapists for the guests. Provisions arrive, including flower crowns. Jemele Hill is the primary, and the stews discuss her working for ESPN. Kate thinks it’s going to be fun; the best charter ever. Kate sits on the dock having a smoke, and messing with her phone. Tanner asks if she wants to make a sex tape, and she tells him to let it happen organically. In her interview, she tells us, he said it, so it can’t happen today.

Rhylee tells Brian that she’s happy to see that he and Courtney are good, but he says  they’re not good again. In her interview, Courtney says Brian isn’t ready emotionally. He looks at everything like she’s being disloyal. She’s more than willing to have a constructive conversation, but calling her out on everything she doesn’t agree with him on isn’t acceptable. Kevin asks Kate if she remembers when he wasn’t allowed in the pantry, and she says he is now. In his interview, he says, one more charter. He can do this. Just hold it together.

Courtney asks Brian if he’d like a chat, since he was mad at her again. He says she was sticking up for Kate, and stormed off, affecting everything. Both Courtney and I are wondering if he’s on the same boat. She says that didn’t happen. She was crying, and he walked past her to the van. He says it’s his fault again. In his interview, he says, loyalty is a big thing in his life. He and his friends all came from broken homes, and all they had was friendship. It’s disappointing that Courtney doesn’t have his back. He tells her, it’s the last charter, and he’s effing done. He can’t be a nice guy all the time. He calls her bru, and I want to smack him. She starts crying in the galley, and Kevin hugs her. Brian tells Tanner, he hates this boat. Courtney was upset and crying last night. Now she’s crying again, and he feels like an idiot. Kate hugs Courtney as she cries some more.

Brian complains to Tanner and Ashton about Courtney pointing her finger at him all the time. It’s always about what he did, and never anything she did. In Courtney’s interview, she says she doesn’t want to be in a relationship where she has to walk on eggshells to accommodate the other person. She doesn’t want to waste time on people who aren’t worthy. The captain says the guests are arriving in five minutes. Kate says, everyone in the crew is cracking. She asks Captain Lee if he ever wants to throw up and smile at the same time. The guests arrive, Kate distributes the flower crowns, and Simone passes out champagne. The captain welcomes everyone, Kate gives the tour, and the luggage is brought on board. The Valor heads out for the last time.

One of Jemele’s friends tells Kate that Jemele just got engaged, and gives her a big sign and balloons to hang. In Kate’s interview, she says the guests requested a 90s bachelorette party, and she loves the 90s. She went to a lot of ska shows and smoked a lot of pot. She loves these guests so much. In Kevin’s interview, he says, it’s the last charter, and he’s super excited. He wants to give the guests top level service, and knock their socks off with something special. While Brian and Ashton eat in the galley, Rhylee takes her food to her cabin. Brian says, it’s a shame, Ashton smiles, and I want to smack them both. In Simone’s interview, she says Jemele is an inspiration, and the guests are kick ass. Thank you, charter gods. Kevin sings, and Courtney opens more champagne. Jemele tells Simone to blink twice if the chef’s not that good. The guests make a toast, and lunch is served. Jemele wants to feel the love in the food when she tastes it. The guests agree the lunch is everything.

Kate tells Kevin that regardless of whether she’s on service, she still wants to know all the elements of the meal. Kevin says she’s never around, and calls her an effing weirdo. The boat coasts into Koh Nok, and Jemele says lunch was perfect, and they’d like dinner at 9. The jet skis are put out, and Tanner and Ashton help take the guests out. Jemele tells her friends that she has a stern observation about Kate’s coolness. She thinks they’re getting on Kate’s nerves. Another guest says Kate is just doing her job. When Kate asks if they need anything, Jemele tells Kate to promise not to cuss her out, and asks if they annoyed her. It seems like they’re getting on her nerves. Kate says she’s sorry they feel that way. In Kate’s interview, she says she feels like she’s in the Twilight Zone. Jemele is acting like Dean. We flash back to primary Dean basically calling Kate a bitch a million seasons ago. She says they’re in Thailand on a yacht. Look elsewhere for satisfaction besides her face. Kate insists they didn’t get on her nerves, and Jemele says they will. Kate says, challenge accepted.

Jemele says she’s never had a dude buy hair for her, and another guest says, just ask for the money, and wherever it lands, it lands. Kate tells Rhylee what Jemele said to her, and Rhylee asks if she’s sure Jemele just didn’t wonder if they’re being too demanding. Kate says, there hasn’t been enough interaction for them to make a judgement. Jemele tells Simone that she’s the first girl of color they’ve seen in a yacht crew, and says some encouraging words. Simone tells Kevin, the guests are amazing. Kate tells Rhylee, the guests are a-holes. As he cooks, Kevin sings, it smells like heaven, or should I say Kevin? In his interview, Kevin says he’s wrapping snapper in banana leaves with some local mango for the finale, and making a banging chocolate/peanut butter tart. Kate tells Courtney that the guests weren’t getting on her nerves, but they are now. In Simone’s interview, she says now that Jemele is putting Kate on the spot, she loves her. The guests play Never Have I Ever, which I think is the Dumbest Game Ever.

Kate calls the deckhands to help set up the bachelorette party. In Kate’s interview, she says she’s normally not super enthusiastic to throw a party for guests who are annoying, but since they’ll be getting d*cks shoved in their faces, she is. She is that cocky. (BA-DUM-CHH!) Rhylee blows up balloons, and one blows back at her. The guests get ready for the party. In Courtney’s interview, she says she loves the 90s; The Spice Girls, Tamagotchi. She was five, but she loved it.

The guests dance and drink. Jemele says she’s going through an awkward transition, and calls Kate over. In Kate’s interview, she says Jemele is looking for reasons to get mad at her, but surprise! Jemele apologizes, saying, early on, she got the wrong impression, and judged Kate prematurely. Kate asks if she’s having a great time. Jemele says she is, and Kate says that’s all she wants to know. In her interview, Kate says she loves an apology. She’s been called bitch this season more times than she’s been called Kate, but a bitch recognizes another bitch, and she thinks respect is happening. The guests go to bed, and Courtney cleans up the decorations.

I hate the dudes’ alarm clock because it sounds exactly like mine, and always startles me. The boat moves on, and hungover guests toddle out the next morning. One of Jemele’s friends says when Jemele is drunk, she gets turnt up. Tanner tells Brian, it feels like the last day of school, senior year. He’s still hopeful about Kate, and wants to see if she comes to him. Ashton tells Rhylee to drop the hook, and ready the anchor. Jemele tells the others that she woke up naked, but alone. They agree it was a great night, and Jemele asks for a shot of bourbon for breakfast. Kevin says he’s nervous about the d*ck tonight. The guests requested an erotic cake, and he’s never made a freestanding c*ck.

Kate tells the guests that they’ll be getting massages on the beach, and lunch at 12:30. Kevin wants the food served in Pyrex dishes, and Kate tries to explain they have a lot of sh*t to carry, and she has to lift and serve it. He calls her a d*ck, and in her interview, she says she’s sick and tired of every word out of his mouth. We flash back to some of the many times Kevin was an a-hole throughout the season. She says she’s being called a d*ck over casserole dishes. She has a gift for creative revenge that she only uses when she’s really angry. Congratulations. He’s made her really angry.

Rhylee feels like she’s being paid to take a break all season. In his interview, Ashton says he’s been doing things on Rhylee’s terms. Up to this point, he’s made an effort to do things differently to suit her, but he feels defeated. He wonders what he has to do to satisfy her. She’s a junior deckhand with so much to say. Kevin tells Simone there’s a lot of drama with the crew, so he’s happy the guests aren’t a-holes. Simone says Kate is the worst human she’s had to work with. Kevin likes how Simone stays out of it, and Simone says, it pisses Kate off when she doesn’t react, so that’s why she doesn’t. In Kevin’s interview, he says on the other boats he’s worked, the chef and chief stew try to get along, making an effort for both of them to shine, but there’s no trust between him and Kate. She doesn’t have his back, and it’s sad.

Tanner and Ashton set up the canopies on the beach, while Kate decorates. Simone and Brian bring the guests over. In Ashton’s interview, he says beach picnics are normally a pita, but they found an incredible gem of a beach. He can’t think of a better way to finish the season. It is really beautiful; a little cove shaded by trees. Kate greets the guests with welcome shots. The masseuses are there, and the guests take turns getting massages. Lunch is served, and one of them says it’s their favorite meal so far. In the galley, Tanner tells Kevin, eggs are gross. Kevin says, they are, but they’re cool. Huh? Kevin designs his cake, and Tanner suggests putting Betty Cocker on it. Ha-ha-ha! In Kevin’s interview, he says, this is harder than he expected, and we both laugh at his pun. On the beach, the guests are finishing with lunch. A lantern blows away, and Simone chases it.

The guests go back to the boat, and the beach stuff is taken back down. Rhylee meets the guests with towels, while Courtney has popsicles. Simone tells Kevin that the food was great. Kevin ices his cake, and Kate says his d*ck cake is amazing. She wonders if it takes one to make one. Brian and Courtney eat lunch in silence. In his interview, Brian wishes things were back to normal with Courtney. He hates drama and awkwardness, and wants to sort it out.

Kate tells the captain that it’s windy, and asks if there’s any chance of it dying down, but he says, it doesn’t appear so. In Kevin’s interview, he says the guests are lovely people, and he wants to go the extra mile for them. Captain Lee joins the guests for dinner. In Kate’s interview, she says, primaries who have a shot of whiskey for breakfast usually don’t make it to dinner and dessert. Kevin makes balls, and says he’s getting more and more into it. He’s going to make the best goddam c*ck cake he can. He wants to finish on a high note. The stews take pictures of the cake. Jemele says she needs a nap. In Kate’s interview, she says, it’s perfect. Kevin put a lot of effort into the cake, and Jemele went to bed. He’s been a d*ck this whole season. She’s acted like a bitch, but she is a bitch. She’s been hiding it, but now the bitch is woke, and there’s no going back. The captain says he’s never going to retire. If he does, he might as well lay down and have someone shovel dirt on him. He wants to do something for kids who need it, and he’s been doing a lot of charity work.

Kate puts a sparkler on top of the cake. Kevin is excited to show the cake to Jemele, and wants the guests to be super happy. He put in a lot of love into it. Captain Lee says, doing something useful with your life keeps you alive a lot longer. Kevin comes in with the cake, and one of the guests says, here they were having such a grown-up conversation, and then a penis came into the room. In Kate’s interview, she says her spirit animal is karma, and she’s a bitch. She always comes to people who deserve it. Who’s the d*ck now? Kevin asks where Jemele is, and he’s told she went to bed. The captain says he’s not taking a bite of that.

Next time – the season finale – Kevin says Kate made an evil bitch move, Ashton tells Rhylee they’re different people and that’s okay (gag), the odds look like they’re in Tanner’s favor, Brian doesn’t want to end on a bad note with Courtney, and Captain Lee says, no sailor ever learned anything in calm seas.

🛀🏻 Soap Balls In the Air…

I don’t think even they know what’s going on.


🎭 I Knew It…

I knew Roger Howarth and Kin Shriner must be big adlibbers.


📺 AMC’s The Walking Dead will return on February 23rd, along with 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days on TLC.

💍 Well, roll me up and call me curly. I’d thought the relationship between Anna and Mursel was over on 90 Day Fiancé (TO), which I wrote about on Friday. To my surprise, on Sunday’s episode, he owned up to lying to his parents, and they relented, saying he could marry Anna. To top it off, the government allowed him to return to the US again on the same visa. The wrench in the works is, he’ll only have six hours left on the visa by the time he gets to the US, and they have to get married in that time. Good luck with that.

🏀 Because I’d Be Remiss…

Shocking and sad news.


💧 No Better Time…

And no better combination than simplicity and sincerity.

October 4, 2019 – Lulu Makes a Decision, a Snub For Jeff, It Never Ends, Early Departure, Darcey Points a (Well Manicured) Finger, Unlucky Number of Quotes & a Petty Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Curtis shows up at the station in his tux. Jordan tells him how good he looks, and says it might be enough to salvage a thoroughly rotten day. Sometimes the wheels of justice take you places you don’t want go. Diane comes out and says, it’s blatant grandstanding. The evidence – and she uses the term loosely – is worthless. Jordan says she can make that argument in court. Diane says, Sam has been nothing but cooperative, and Jordan repays her by arresting her. Jordan says it was her only course of action, and Diane asks if it required Sam to be held without bail. Does she really want Sam languishing in a jail cell until the trial?

Jax and Josslyn visit Carly at the hospital. Josslyn asks Carly if Donna is really going to be okay. Carly says they’ll have things to look out for, but she’s pretty perfect. Josslyn says, she is. Jax joins them, and says as much as he enjoyed meeting Donna, he wanted to see how the baby momma is doing. She says, well. She feels great, and knowing Donna is going to be okay is the best medicine. Josslyn gives Carly an envelope, and says, it’s from Dev.

Dev is in the kitchen doing homework, when Sonny and Mike come in. Sonny says they were just visiting with Avery, and Mike says they took a bunch of pictures to show Yvonne. Dev is sure she’ll enjoy them. Avery is a beautiful little girl. He says it’s nice to see Mike again, calling him Mr. Corbin. Mike says, they’re cousins; call him Mike. Dev says, okay, Cousin Mike. Mike says Dev’s grandmother told him that she and Dev aren’t close. He wonders why is that? Dev looks at Sonny, and says, they just aren’t. Mike says Dev should give her a call some time. Sonny asks if Mike has been talking to Gladys, and Mike says, all the time.

Jordan says Robert deems Sam a flight risk, and she agrees. Diane tells Curtis, nice tux. As her client’s former business partner, does he really think Sam would skip town, abandoning her children, or take them with her, forfeiting her right to clear her name? He says he’s not taking sides, and she says, that alone speaks volumes. Jordan says, they have a witness. Diane says, who’s allegations are hearsay, and Jordan says, they have a recording. Diane says, obviously doctored.  Jordan says the PCPD techs proved it to be authentic, but Diane says, imagine their embarrassment when her independent analysis debunks their finding. Jason comes out with Sam, and Diane says she sees the exorbitant and arbitrary bail has been posted. Jordan asks why Diane is harassing her, when bail has been posted. Diane says, exorbitant bail. which few people could afford. Fortunately, Jason is one of them, but that doesn’t change this grievous miscarriage of justice. Someone is obviously trying to frame Sam.

Maxie says Peter just called. He and Valentin are on their way to All Saints. That means they need to step it up. Obrecht says they’re ahead of schedule, and Maxie says, they can’t become complacent; that’s when disaster strikes. Obrecht says there will be no disaster as long as she’s involved. Nina thanks Sasha for wearing the pendant. Sasha thanks Nina for giving it to her. Obrecht says, it’s a lot of schmaltz over a pendant no one will notice, but Nina says, who cares? She and Sasha know it’s there. Obrecht says, apologies, niece. Nina says she got a special gift of her own last night. She shows them the necklace from Valentin, and everyone is like, wow. Maxie asks who gave it to her, and Nina says, Valentin surprised her with it last night. Maxie says it’s bringing a tsunami of bad luck with it.

At the church, Dustin tells Lulu that she looks amazing. She says, all things considered, she was surprised she could dress herself, and he asks if she’s decided if she’s telling Nina that Sasha isn’t her daughter. Lulu says, and Valentin is behind it all? She hasn’t decided. Valentin and Peter come up the walk.

Jason tells Sam, Spinelli agreed to look at the recording. She adds, that just happened to come from Daisy. He says she’s still loyal to Shiloh, and it gives her motive to lie. Sam says, what about Sheri? and he says, they can’t prove anything; it’s hearsay. Sam tells him what Diane said was right. Someone is trying to frame her, and whoever it is, might be manufacturing more evidence against her.

Diane tells Jordan, Sam killed Shiloh to prevent him from impaling Jason with a gaffing stick. Jordan says, there were only three people on the boat, and one is dead. The other two have criminal histories that seriously compromise their credibility as witnesses. Diane says, Shiloh was the leader of a sex cult, whose followers would blindly follow him off the ledge of Mount Rushmore. One of those followers delivered a damaging declaration. She asks Jordan to please tell her she sees through this. Jordan says she’s welcome to cross-examine, question, and debunk the evidence. Do her job, and Jordan will do hers. Let justice prevail. Diane says she has no doubt it will. She leaves, and Curtis tells Jordan that Sam wasn’t just his business partner, she’s his friend. Jordan asks if he’s telling her that he’s biased, but he says he was wondering if she thinks the killings were anything other than self-defense.

Carly says, Dev was so thoughtful. Josslyn asks what it says, and Carly tells her, congratulations and best wishes. Children make the family’s kettle whistle. She loves it. Jax says, Aussies have a saying for everything, but he’s never heard that one. Carly wonders where Dev is, and Josslyn says, he was concerned it was too private of a situation. He didn’t want to intrude. Carly tells Josslyn, let him know, wherever family is welcome, he’s welcome. Looking at his phone, Jax says, the saying about the teakettle? It’s Turkish.

Dev says he’ll study upstairs, and Mike says he hopes they’re not interrupting. Dev says, no. There’s a book he needs upstairs anyway. He tells Mike it was good to see him, calling him Cousin Mike, and Mike laughs. Dev goes upstairs, and Sonny asks Mike how he got so close to Gladys. Mike says, it’s just one of those things. They weren’t that close when they were younger, but since she made contact with him, they hit it off. He says, it’s the way this disease works. He can recall old times with his cousins or buddies, but can’t remember why Sonny picked him up today. Sonny says Avery was asking for him, and Mike says does his old heart some good. She’s the best. Sonny says, she’s not the only one who wants to see him. He wants to introduce Mike to their new family member. Carly had the baby. Mike says, she did? He didn’t know they were… never mind. He’s a grandfather again. Sonny says they had a little girl. He and Mike hug, and Mike says, that makes seven grandchildren for him. Sonny says he pulled that number out fast, and Mike says they covered it in their memory care sessions. He wants to see if he can do it, and says, there’s this new one, and there’s Michael, Kristina, Avery – he hesitates, and Sonny says, DanteDante, Spencer, and Morgan. Sonny says he wants to introduce Mike to Donna. Mike likes the name, and asks if Sonny remembers Donna Messina from the old neighborhood. Sonny says, that’s why they chose it. Because they wanted to honor her. He and Carly have another surprise for him.

Nina asks Maxie, what’s wrong? and Maxie says, not to throw water on her special day, but Nina isn’t planning on wearing the necklace, is she? Valentin invited in bad luck giving it to her the night before their wedding. She doesn’t want to compound it by wearing the necklace at the ceremony, does she? Nina says, all that matters is that it’s a symbol of his love for her. She’s starting a new chapter, with Valentin, and her beautiful daughter Sasha, and her equally delightful stepdaughter Charlotte. Obrecht asks what they are? Bratwurst? Nina says she loves them both. She tells them to guess what happened a year ago today. A year ago today, she finally got up the courage to pick up the phone and call Sasha to let Sasha know she was her mother. Obrecht takes a drink.

Valentin introduces himself to Dustin. Dustin congratulates him, and he says, today, he feels like the luckiest man on earth. Lulu says he won’t feel that way after he hears what she has to say.

Carly says, Dev drinks a lot of iced tea. Maybe he got it off of a bottle cap. Josslyn says, Dev knows all kinds of random stuff. Jax says, okay. He tells Carly that Donna looks like her. She’s beautiful, just the other women in Carly’s family. She says he’s smooth today, but he says he means it. He has to go. He’s going to Nina’s wedding. Carly wonders how he got roped into that. She tells him, have fun, and he says he’ll try. He just wanted to tell her how happy he is that Donna is fine, and he hopes she’s home soon. Carly says, amen to that. Jax asks if Josslyn wants a ride, and Josslyn says she’ll never get her homework done there. She’ll be back soon. She can’t wait for both Carly and Donna to be home. She loves Donna already. Carly says Josslyn is making her cry, and tells Jax, thanks for the visit.

Jordan tells Curtis, the big mystery isn’t whether Sam planned to kill Shiloh; it’s how many people she managed to beat to the punch. Kristina, Willow, the Cooper-Joneses. Michael and Chase are the two most upstanding citizens she knows, and they could have done it. Curtis says, Sam was clear about pulling the trigger, and clear about why. Jordan says her gut tells her to believe Sam, but the evidence has left her no choice. She had to charge Sam. Curtis tells her not to hate him for saying this, but he hopes she doesn’t win the case. She says she still has to work it, but he says, not today. They have a wedding to attend. He gives her a garment bag, and she says she can’t believe she walked out without her dress. He says lucky for her, she has a loving husband to rescue her. She says, very lucky, and they kiss.

Diane tells Jason and Sam, if this case goes to trial with this Swiss cheese evidence, she’ll make fondue. Jason hopes it doesn’t. Diane agrees it’s clearly a frame-up, and asks if Spinelli is on board to examine the recording. Jason says he’s prepping. Sam says they could be manufacturing more evidence, and Diane says, there’s nothing they can do about it, so put it out of her mind. She has Sam’s statement about being on board the Haunted Star, and it’s thorough, but is there anything she left out. Sam says, nothing she can… Jason says, what? and Sam says Shiloh did say something that made her think he had an accomplice.

Valentin tells Lulu, it’s his wedding day. Can whatever she has going on, wait? She’s afraid not, and he asks if it has anything to do with Charlotte. She says, no, and he says, obviously it can wait then. She says, it’s about… Dustin puts his arm around her, and she says, Valentin is right. It can wait. They don’t have to talk about it right now. Peter says Valentin has to check in with the minister. Valentin thanks Lulu for joining them, and says he hopes they can all be happy for Nina’s sake. He goes inside, and Dustin says, no judgement, but he’s curious. Why didn’t she confront Valentin about Sasha?

Lulu says she knows from panful experience, if she shows her hand, Valentin will outmaneuver her. Besides, he’s not the person she needs to talk to. Dustin says, Nina, and she says, exactly. She doesn’t know if Dustin is aware of this, but Valentin killed her brother. Dustin asks, who is this guy, and why isn’t he in prison? She says, it happened in Greece, and the Greek authorities believed Valentin when he said it was self-defense. Even worse, everything that belonged to her brother, now belongs to Valentin. She wants Valentin punished, but right now she’s trying to make sure she’s telling Nina for the right reasons. Dustin says he’s just getting to know her, but she doesn’t strike him as the vengeful type. Is he wrong?

Valentin thanks Peter for the save, and Peter says, what are best men for? He wonders what Lulu’s problem is, and Valentin says she still blames him for Nikolas’s death. He only invited her for Charlotte’s sake. He thinks she should be asked to leave, and Peter says it would tarnish his halo. In Nina’s eyes, he qualifies for sainthood for finding Sasha. Valentin says, that’s a stretch, but he’d do anything for Nina. Peter feels the same way about Maxie, and Valentin says they have to escape their respective pasts for the women they love. Peter asks if Valentin has forsaken the dark side of his heritage (sounding like a character from Flowers in the Attic), and Valentin says, has Peter?

Nina asks if Charlotte realizes that when she marries Charlotte’s papa, Sasha will be her be true sister. Charlotte says she’ll get the sister she’s always wanted. Did Sasha want a sister? Sasha says not until she met Charlotte. Obrecht passes out champagne, and says, sisters are a gift. On this happiest of occasions, she can’t help but remember Nina’s mother. She’s sure Madeline is craning upward to look past the smoldering brimstone, to disapprove of all their choices. Sasha is glad she never met Madeline, but Obrecht says Madeline made it possible for Sasha to be there. That woman; never a hair out of place. Curtis knocks on the door, and Maxie asks why he’s there. Nothing can go wrong today. He says he wanted to talk to Nina before she marries Valentin. Nina asks, what’s up? and he says she told him to always be honest with her, no matter how much the truth hurts. Charlotte says that’s what her mommy tells her too. Curtis says, it’s good advice; she should follow it. Nina says if he’s there to try and convince her to call it off, she doesn’t want to hear it.

Mike gives Carly a bouquet in a cup that says, World’s Best Mom. He says he got it in the gift shop, and tells her not to go down and see how much he paid. She says it’s priceless to her. Mike said he heard the baby is a little sick, and Carly says, a little, but she’ll be fine. It just takes time. Mike says that means he has seven grandchildren. This new one, Michael, Kristina, Avery, Dante – he looks at Sonny – and Spencer, and Morgan. Did he get them all? Carly says, he got them. Sonny says Mike is surrounded by family, and they all love him. Does he want to see Donna? Mike says, after he meets Donna, does he get his surprise? Carly says, yes.

Sam tells Diane that when she was trying to get Shiloh to let Dev and Wiley go, he said they were running out time. He said he was on the clock, and when he got what he wanted, he’d go. Diane says, he never told her who or what he wanted? Jason says, it’s got to be money, and Diane says, someone would have to deliver it. They need to know who. Sam says, maybe Dev heard something. He was on the Haunted Star before she was. Jason says he’ll check on that, and Diane says she’ll continue to work on things from her end. She tells Sam to enjoy her freedom; live her life. She’ll let them know when it’s time to regroup. Sam says she wants to see Carly and the baby. Jason says, baby Donna made it through surgery with flying colors. Diane had no idea there was a problem, and Jason tells her, the baby has spina bifida, but there’s been no nerve damage, and she can live a full, healthy life. Diane says, thank God. Give the proud parents her love, and tell them that she’ll drop by soon. And Sam… Sam knows. Don’t leave town. Diane tells her, don’t, but she was going to say, don’t worry.

Josslyn and Jax find Dev in the kitchen, where he seems to spend most of his time. Jax says he seems jumpy, and Dev says he didn’t know anyone was there. Josslyn says they just got back from visiting Carly. She loved Dev’s card. Dev asks how Carly is doing, and Josslyn says, all things considered, she couldn’t be better. Jax says the quote Dev put in the card was Turkish, and Dev says, was it? He found it online. Jax says, good choice. Dev says they just missed Mr. Corbin, and Jax says, isn’t Mike his cousin? That’s kind of formal. Dev says that’s what Mike said. He’s trying to call him Cousin Mike. It’s a lot to get used to. Josslyn tells him that Carly said it was fine if he visits. She’d love to see him. He says he’ll head over there now. Dev jets, and Jax says, Dev couldn’t get out fast enough. He wonders why.

Josslyn says she’s sure Dev was saving them from standing around, making polite conversation. Doesn’t Jax have a wedding to get ready for? Jax says he’s not going to be angry, but he knows Josslyn is covering something up about Dev. He hates to see her trying so hard to keep it from him. She says, he’s right. She’s sorry. She has been lying to him.

Mike and Sonny look at baby Donna, and Mike says, she’s little. Sonny says, she came early, but she’ll be well enough to take home soon. Mike says maybe he can introduce her to Yvonne. Jason joins them, and Sonny says he and Mike came to check out the baby.  Jason says, she’s a beauty. Sonny tells Mike that he’ll be right back; he and Jason have to talk. Sonny asks, how’s Sam? and Jason says he persuaded Robert to let him post bail. He thinks Sam is a flight risk. Sonny says it doesn’t surprise him. He asks how the case against Sam looks, and Jason says, Diane doesn’t think it’s going to trial, but if it does, they need to be prepared. Sonny says he’ll do whatever he can, and Jason thanks him. Jason says he needs to talk to Dev about what happened on the Haunted Star, and Sonny says, if it helps Sam, be his guest.

Sam tells Carly that she’s sorry she couldn’t visit sooner. Carly says Jason told her what’s happening; it’s crazy. It’s obvious Sam killed Shiloh in self-defense. Sam says there’s evidence that says she planned to kill Shiloh. Carly says, who didn’t think about killing Shiloh? She was dropping hints to Sonny daily. Sam says, there’s a recording that says she was plotting revenge. Carly says she’s out on bail. She knows Sam and Jason will get to the bottom of this. Sam says, that’s the plan.

Dev comes out of the hospital elevator, and Jason says he was looking for Dev. Dev asks if he’s in trouble, but Jason says, no. He doesn’t know if Dev heard, but Sam was arrested for Shiloh’s murder. Dev asks, what kind of justice is that? That guy was out of control. Jason tells him to keep his voice down. He needs to know everything that happened on the boat with Shiloh.

Peter tells Valentin, he supposes there’s always a chance all their misdeeds could be exposed. Valentin says, no risk, no reward. Peter says, yes, but sometimes that risk can be overwhelming. Why do they live with it?

Lulu says Dustin is right. She’s not the vengeful type. He says, good to know. She says she used to be, and he says, also good to know. She says, if she tells the truth about Sasha, it won’t be out of revenge. It will be to save Nina from marrying a man who’s deceiving her; because it’s the right thing to do. How can she teach Charlotte to value honesty if she can’t be honest herself? He says it sounds like she knows what she’s going to do.

Maxie says she has to get to the church, and Charlotte asks if she can come too. She wants to see papa. Nina tells her, it’s okay, and Sasha says she’ll give Nina and Curtis privacy. Nina is sure Curtis won’t mind if she stays, and he says it’s about her too. Nina tells him, please don’t ruin her wedding by trash talking Valentin, but he says, let him finish. It’s no secret he’s not a fan of Valentin’s. He was skeptical about Sasha at first, but he liked her the moment they met, and two DNA tests proved she’s Nina’s long lost daughter. Obrecht says, thanks to Maxie, there were three tests, all yielding the same result. Curtis says, that means Valentin did right by Nina. And anyone who can make her happy, gets his stamp of approval. Nina throws her arms around him, and thanks him. He says, just in case, Aunt Stella gave him this when he was a kid. He gives her a blue handkerchief, and says, because everyone should cry at their wedding. Weeping, Nina says, really? She doesn’t think that’s a thing. He says, crying at your wedding, means there will be no tears throughout your marriage. He says she’s his best person, and she says he’s hers too. He tells her, never forget that, and tells Sasha, be good to her mom.

Jax says, Dev isn’t Sonny’s cousin, right? and Josslyn says, no. Jax asks who he is, and Josslyn says, it’s a long, complicated story. He says he’s all ears, but Josslyn says, first he needs to know that her mom and Sonny made sure she was okay with it. He says, sure, they asked, but was she going to say no? She says she could have. She can think for herself. He says he knows. He just wanted to make sure Sonny didn’t keep repeating the question until he got the answer he wanted.

Dev tells Jason that he was hiding on the Haunted Star when Shiloh showed up with Wiley. He told the baby it wouldn’t be long. He just need to grab some essentials for the trip. That’s when Dev called him, and got Sam. Then Shiloh hit him in the head. He didn’t lose consciousness completely, and heard Shiloh talking on the phone. He was asking for money. Does Jason know who it could have been?

Peter tells Valentin, it was easier to keep secrets when there was no one else he cared about. Valentin says, truer words, my friend. His advice is to forget about it today. Peter asks if that’s Valentin’s way of saying he’s making the wedding day about him. Valentin says he’s being practical. In the wee small hours of the morning, their secrets may find them. Not that he fears it. No, this is a good day.

Lulu tells Dustin, she hates that she knows this. Why does she have to be the one to break Nina’s heart? Curtis and Jordan arrive. Curtis shakes Dustin’s hand, and Lulu introduces him to Jordan. She tells Dustin that Jordan and Curtis were married a year ago. They had their reception on the Haunted Star (but we won’t mention that pesky murder). Curtis says, here’s to Nina’s wedding ending on a happier note. Charlotte runs up, and hugs Lulu. Maxie wants to grab Lulu for a word. Lulu says, thank God Maxie is there. Maxie says Lulu brought Dustin as her plus one. Lulu said she wasn’t going to do that, and they’re not a thing. Charlotte tells Lulu that Curtis visited Nina. He said Nina told him on his wedding day to always be honest, and never lie. Maxie says, there’s a recipe for disaster. Charlotte says, she told Curtis that’s what Lulu teaches her too. Lulu looks at Dustin.

Josslyn tells Jax, if she’d said no, her mom and Sonny would never have let Dev stay, and he’s glad to hear that. She says she kind of likes Dev. He drives her crazy, but it’s a nice distraction from thinking about Oscar every minute of every day. She hated lying to him. He takes her hand, and says he’s sorry Sonny put her in that position.

Mike tells Carly, the baby is beautiful, and Carly says, she is. He says she reminds him of someone; another little baby, but not Avery. He wishes he could remember. Sonny says, maybe Courtney? and Mike says, yes; his beautiful daughter. Sonny thinks now might be the right moment to give Mike his surprise. Carly says she and Sonny talked about it. Sonny wanted to honor his sister, and she agreed. Donna’s full name is Donna Courtney Corinthos. Mike is visibly touched.

Jason asks Dev, what happened when he left the pier? Dev says Jason told him to call 911, but he got worried about getting the cops involved. He saw Peter, and asked for a ride. Peter said yes quickly, and he was pretty cool. Jason asks if Dev remembers anything else. Dev says, Peter was carrying a gym bag, and he seemed pretty nervous.

Peter tells Valentin, it’s almost show time. Valentin says wish him luck, but Peter says it doesn’t sound like he needs it. Valentin says, it’s always good to have it. Charlotte runs to Valentin, and he tells her, tres belle. Charlotte says, Nina said the best thing. After Valentin marries her, Sasha will be her true sister. Valentin says, she will.

Maxie asks Lulu to tell her the florist is inside. Lulu says, they are, and Maxie says, everything is as it should be. She checks her list, the last item being, wedding planner’s BFF and hot date. They’ll be talking about how that happened later. Right now she needs to make sure everything is okay. Maxie runs inside, and Lulu tells Dustin that she has to catch Nina as soon as she gets there. He says he’ll wait with her, but she says she has to do this herself. He tells her that he’s just a text or a holler away, and she thanks him. She waits.

Obrecht, Sasha, and Nina approach. Obrecht says she remembers the last time she was there. Her sister lay dead in her coffin. May today be equally joyous. Sasha calls to Nina, and asks if she’s coming. Nina says she’s on her way. Lulu looks panicked.

On Monday, Charlotte asks what’s wrong, Lulu says she has to tell Nina something that can’t wait, Sam tells Jason that Peter was definitely working with Shiloh, and Josslyn tells Dev that her father knows about him.

👶 A Fight On Andy’s Playground…

It hasn’t exactly been Jeff’s year.


😕 The Hits Just Keep On Comin’…

Spoiler 1: She didn’t do it, and Spoiler #2: It backfired.


✈ Might As Well Go Early…

Maybe he realized Teresa isn’t having it.


💍 Well, He Did Allude To That…

I doubt Tom would have proposed, but Stacey didn’t help any.


💀 You Decide…

I’d say it’s a toss-up between Herschel and Carl.


➡ Quotes of the Week

Nothing will work unless you do. — Maya Angelou

You had a boob job. You didn’t lose an arm. – Chris Sorge, Little Women LA

Big results require big change. – Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone), Creed II

I think that is what film and art and music do; they can work as a map of sorts for your feelings. – Bruce Springsteen

Don’t ever miss a big chance to shut up.Dr. Phil

The past cannot be cured.Elizabeth I

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be. – Douglas Adams

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. – George Bernard Shaw

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. – Jim Rohn

The problem with this generation is that you have the knowledge to use the internet, but not the wisdom. – Dr. Phil

Welcome to your own petard, a-hole. – Trevor Kirchner (Matthew Morrison), American Horror Story: 1984

Do not read, as children do, to amuse yourself, or like the ambitious, for the purpose of instruction. No, read in order to live. – Gustave Flaubert

Character is revealed when pressure is applied. – Unknown

💨 Kick Up Some Dust…

See you when there’s whispering among the Dead.






August 30, 2019 – Elizabeth Has a Brilliant Idea, News About 90, Bethenny Bolts, I’d Rather Ghost Than Fish, Septad Quotes & Another One


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Charlie’s isn’t open yet, but there’s a knock at the door. It’s Ava, who tells Julian, they need to talk. Julian asks if it can wait, but she says, it can’t. This came in the mail. She shows him an envelope, and says, a letter from Ryan.

Kristina and Sam meet at the MetroCourt for breakfast. Kristina reminds Sam that she works nights, and isn’t usually up this early. Sam thanks her for making an exception, and Kristina says she loves sister time. Sam does too, but Kristina says, the timing is too perfect.

Felicia asks if James had fun, and Mac says they bonded over the Yankees. Felicia says, the game put James to sleep. Then Mac fell asleep. He says, two peas in a pod. He didn’t mention this, since they were having a good time, but now Jordan is back, and he’s not Commissioner anymore. She says, Mac will be back by her side, running The Rib where he belongs.

Peter watches Maxie sleep. He flashes back to his conversation with Shiloh. Shiloh asks if Peter will help him get out, or would he prefer to face Robert? Everyone Peter cares about will know he was in on Drew’s kidnapping, and he was the Cassadine’s project manager. Maxie wakes up, and says she can spend the morning showing him how much she loves him. He says he loves her too. She asks, what’s wrong? He says he’s new to this, but he thinks in order for them to have each other fully, they have to tell each other the whole truth. She asks if this is about what he was trying to tell her the other day, that he’s as bad as Shiloh. He says, no. He’s worse than Shiloh.

Franco looks at the plaque in Oscar’s Meadow. Jason shows up, and Franco says, well, if it isn’t his father’s favorite son. He’s visiting the memorial of the son he never knew.

In the interrogation room, Chase tells Shiloh, chill. His hearing was delayed. Shiloh says, excellent. They can talk about Wiley. Chase says Wiley is safe with his fathers, and Willow is safe with him. Shiloh can’t touch them. Shiloh says he will when he gets out, but Chase says, that’s not going to happen. Alexis walks in, and says she thought her client was being brought up. Shiloh says, just the lady he’s looking for.

Elizabeth runs into Kim at the hospital. Kim says she was just introducing her former patients to Dr. Navarro. Elizabeth says, when that’s squared away, is she really leaving? Kim says, once Julian closes on Charlie’s, she’s hoping to get out as soon as possible. Elizabeth says Kim has been busy. Is that why Kim has been avoiding her, or does it have something to do with Franco?

Franco says Jason doesn’t consider Oscar to be his son. man of few words Jason says, no, and Franco says Jason still considers him Franco. Jason says that’s his legal identity. Franco says he’s glad he’s not that guy. He wants nothing to do with that guy or his crimes. Cabot and Shiloh did the world a favor with the memory transfer. Jason says the people who love him disagree. A lot of those people, he cares about. That’s why he can’t stand by and watch Franco hurt them.

Ava reads, dear Ava; to my precious goddess. I’ve been feasting off the memories of your visit for days. She says, it wasn’t a social visit, and Julian says he doesn’t know what she thought she’d accomplish. She says she went to peace about Kiki’s death. She asked Ryan to let her go, so Kiki could rest, but he gave her nothing. Julian tells her, tear up the letter. He doesn’t know why she opened it.

Kristina says Sam is keeping an eye on her while Shiloh is at the courthouse. Sam says, a little. She’s glad Kristina is free of Shiloh’s influence. Kristina says, more than free. She can’t wait to testify against him. Sam is worried that Shiloh is going to wiggle his way out of it. She doesn’t want him coming after Kristina. Kristina says, he wouldn’t dare. Not only does she have her father’s protection, she’s been brushing up on her boxing. There’s nothing to worry about.

Franco says Jason is talking about Elizabeth, but Jason says, not just her. He’s bound to meet Monica Quartermaine. Franco says, his stepmother? Jason says she didn’t know he existed. She has questions about Drew’s childhood. Will he answer them for her? Franco says he’ll talk to people who accept him as he is. It was difficult with Elizabeth. He can’t be the man she wants him to be. It would be better if he could take off. He’d like to start his life. Go someplace where nobody thinks he’s someone else. Jason asks how he’s going to manage that. Everything he has belongs to Franco. Franco asks what he has. A family who thinks he’s someone else? They want him to be the man they know. Kim can’t even look at him. She thinks he’s someone else, and so much time has passed, he’s ancient history. Jason says, what about Franco’s life? He made promises to Elizabeth and her sons. Is he okay with breaking those? Jason leaves, and Franco looks at the plaque again.

Kim apologizes for not returning Elizabeth’s calls. She didn’t know what to say about Franco. She knows Elizabeth saw the kiss. It took her completely by surprise, and she had no idea what was going on. Elizabeth asks if she’s seen Franco since, and Kim says she ran into him, and he wanted to know about Oscar. He considers himself Oscar’s father, and wanted to know everything. It’s very disconcerting. She sees Franco, but hears Drew. Elizabeth knows it’s confusing. How is she doing with it? Kim says she’s okay. She knows what’s going on now, and she’s just handling it.

Maxie says she told Peter before, there’s no comparison. He was an innocent victim of his father, and he’s moved on. He’s a good person, and he can’t tell her otherwise. He says, stop. He  has to get this out, and she’s making it harder. She asks, what is it? and he says he’s responsible for everything that happened to Drew and Jason.

Felicia tells Mac, that’s great news. He’s free to come back to The Floating Rib. He says he’s been offered a permanent position as Chief of Detectives, but he said he’d ask her first. She asks if it’s something he wants to do, and he says he thinks so. She tells him, accept the position.

Maxie says Peter isn’t responsible; Helena and his father are. He did what he could to keep Jason alive, so he could return home. Peter says he stashed Jason away to keep him in reserve, until he could use Jason to kill his father. He planned the whole thing, move by move. The best way to abduct Drew, and leverage Andre to be cooperative. She asks what he’s saying. He says he wasn’t brought in after the procedure. He was there from the beginning. She doesn’t believe him, but he starts to cry, and says he was there in Afghanistan with Helena when she delivered Drew. He painted himself as the victim so he could win the good graces of the people of Port Charles. He’s no innocent. He’s as guilty as Helena and his father.

Kim tells Elizabeth that she knows Franco’s not Drew. She tried to make it clear that she intends to spend the rest of her life with Julian. She’s sure Elizabeth is still planning to spend her life with her husband. Elizabeth says, absolutely. She’s just waiting for Andre to give Franco his memory back. Kim is sorry Elizabeth has to  go through this. She hopes the situation gets sorted out before she leaves, so when she goes, she knows they’re happy. They’ll talk before she leaves. Kim gets in the elevator.

Kristina tells Sam, she hates that she bought into Shiloh’s BS. Sam says, not anymore, and Kristina says, never again. He has no power over her. He’s lost his last piece of leverage.

Alexis says if Shiloh is looking for her to represent him, forget it. He says he’s not. His court appointed attorney encouraged him to plead guilty. Alexis says his attorney is better than he deserves. He’s lucky. He says he does consider himself a lucky man. Not only is he a father, he’s been given time to reflect on the people who have enriched his life, her daughter among them. Sam was an inspiration, but Kristina taught him the most important lessons.


Image result for swearing symbolsYou will never believe what happened here. The screen froze, and then it said I wasn’t authorized to view the channel. WTF, ABC? A new message appeared which led me to believe somehow Verizon had mixed up ABC with a sports channel, and a sports package is about the only thing I don’t subscribe to. After juggling remotes and rebooting, it came back. I’m in desperate need of sleep, and it’s not On Demand until the wee hours, but I only lost about five minutes. You’ll figure it out, as I did.


Elizabeth tells Scotty, an ankle monitor was a great idea, but Scotty says, it’s not forever. Franco is going to split as soon as it’s off. Elizabeth says, they have to stop him from leaving town. By force if necessary.

Kim goes to Oscar’s Meadow. She tells Oscar that she’s going to miss coming there to visit. She hopes he knows, everyplace in Port Charles makes her think of him. It’s a reminder, and makes her miss him more. She’s going to try and make a new start in Manhattan, but he’ll always be with her, no matter where she is. Franco appears, and asks why she didn’t tell him about this place. She says, she didn’t have a chance? (Her question mark.) She says, it’s Oscar’s Meadow. The Quartermaine family arranged it with the city, and they dedicated a spot to him. They put up the marker, and they all came after Oscar’s memorial to scatter wildflower seeds, and share a moment with Oscar that they remembered. He asks what moment she chose to share, and she says, encouraging him to have a relationship with his father.

Maxie tells Peter, she doesn’t understand. He’s been so good to her, and he’s close with James. She let him into their lives; into her heart. She loves him. He says he loves her too. He’s sorry. He’ll be the man she wants him to be, but he needs to be honest. He helped destroy Jason and Drew’s lives, and now Franco. He tried to keep it contained, but Shiloh is blackmailing him. Shiloh said he’s going public if Peter doesn’t help him get free. Picking up her phone, Maxie says, forget Shiloh. She’ll do it. Jason busts in, and shoots Peter. Peter wakes up, and Maxie asks, what’s wrong? Wow. Did they fool me.

Kristina asks Sam and Jason how they’re so solid. She can barely remember the last time she was in a real relationship. Not some sick excuse Shiloh encouraged. Sam says it will happen for Kristina too. Kristina says, someday she’ll find a love as great as theirs. Right now, she’s working on herself; figuring out what she wants, and going for it. She has to go, but Sam asks her to stay. She tells Sam, don’t worry. Shiloh is going straight to Pentenville. She leaves, and Jason asks if she’s really as good as she seems. Sam says, yes; she is. It makes everything they went through worth it.

Scotty says they can’t put Franco in a cage. It’s bad enough he has the ankle monitor. He was so desperate, he even tried to get Bobbie to put Franco in quarantine so he wouldn’t bolt. Elizabeth bets Bobbie didn’t like that, and Scotty says she threw drink in his face. He doesn’t blame her; it was unethical. He doesn’t think they can trap Franco like a rat. Elizabeth says, what if there was a legal way? One if, when Franco comes back, he’ll understand? She’s his wife, and if he’s mentally incapacitated, by law she’s permitted to make choices for him. She can argue that he’s not in his right mind, which is the truth. Once guardianship is granted, she can have him committed to Shadybrook, and when Andre gets there, she can make the decision to have the procedure done. Scotty says she wants Franco committed? She asks if he wants his son back. It’s the only way. Frankly, I’m surprised the hospital would even let him out, but that’s GH for you.

Franco asks what else Kim can tell him about the memorial. She says, Oscar wanted it to be a joyful occasion, and despite everything, it was. Oscar planned the whole thing, and everyone showed up. He says, even when Oscar was dying, he was making plans. He sounds like his mother. Kim was always making lists and planning. Kim says she’s learned to appreciate spontaneity. He says, as soon as she got used to a good surprise, they got one when he was deployed. She says, Franco was at the memorial, with Elizabeth and Cameron. He wishes he’d been there. He wishes he’d gotten to know their son. He thinks it might have changed things. She says she’s in a relationship now, and he asks if things are serious with Julian.

Kendra tells Alexis she has a new life plan for her. Alexis says, that’s a lofty goal. Can’t they start with cutting out junk food and exercising a little? Kendra says she can tell Alexis is ready for the holistic approach. It’s about inner strength, not just inner thighs. Julian asks if he can borrow Alexis, and she introduces him to Kendra, adding, Kendra is whipping her into shape. Julian asks if Kendra is a personal trainer, and Kendra says, among other things. He thinks Alexis is perfect as is. Julian brings Alexis over to Ava, who asks if there’s any way to get Ryan to stop writing. There must be a law against it. Alexis says she’s afraid there isn’t.

Mac says Felicia agreed pretty quickly. She just said she wanted him back. She says, yes, but she knows how much he adores police work. She was trying to make the end of his job less of a  letdown. It’s wonderful. He says, to be clear, she’s okay by herself? She says, okay with it? She loves it. Ever since he’s been gone, she’s made a million changes. She’s put locally sourced organic and vegetarian options on the menu, and their microbrews are a big hit. She had a single barrel whiskey tasting last week, and the revenues were never higher for a weekday. Their revenue overall has been higher than it’s ever been. Seeing how happy he’s been, inspired her to give her all to the restaurant. And when he comes home, it’s exciting, because it gives her an opportunity to miss him. He says he noticed an uptick in their nocturnal activities. She says, sexy cop, and he says, hot business woman.

Maxie asks if Peter had a bad dream, and he says, yes. She asks what it was about, and he says, losing her. She says, that’s not going to happen. She loves him, and she’s not going anywhere. She says they have plenty of time to order room service and make love before she has to get James. That will drive the demons away. He says he’d love to, but he can’t. He got a text about something he forgot at work. He must have dozed off after he read it. She says, nothing like work stress to freak you out. He says, sorry, and she says they’ll see each other later. It’s not the end of the world.

Sam tells Jason, they don’t have to worry about Kristina. She’s really good. She asks, what is it? and he says he ran into Franco again. He’s determined to leave town. Jason wanted to offer Franco money to just go.

Scotty tells Elizabeth, good idea. She can make medical decisions for Franco, but they still have a lot of trouble. They have to find Andre and reverse the procedure, but Franco is still locked up. She says, for his own good. Scotty wanted Franco quarantined. He says, but it was stupid, and Bobbie talked sense into him. He doesn’t want to force Franco, but Elizabeth says, it’s clear he’s incapable of making decisions on his own behalf. Scotty says, because he’s thinking like Drew, not himself. She says, exactly. Once the monitor is off, they’ll lose him forever. Scotty says, what if he hates them anyway? and she says, who cares? It’s temporary. He says, what if the reversal doesn’t work? Elizabeth tells him, when Franco gave himself up, he told Cameron to tell her that he’d be back. He can’t keep his promise on his own. Franco needs them, and Scotty needs to help his son.

Kim tells Franco, it’s very serious. She tried to keep it casual, but before she knew it, she fell in love with Julian. He asks, what about before Julian? She never married? She says, no, and he says she must have had other serious relationships. She says she dated, but Julian is the first man she’s fallen for since Drew.

Ava says, there’s got to be something that can be done, but Alexis says, unfortunately, prisoners have rights too. Ava can write refused on the envelope and send it back, but that won’t necessarily stop him. Ava says, he’ll never stop. What if they ask the warden to stop his outgoing mail? Alexis says, the warden isn’t obligated to do that, and if they do, Ryan will have a legal case that he was denied his first amendment rights. Ava knows he’s not going to stop, and Alexis suggests Ava not read them. Ava says Alexis has been a lot of help, and walks off. Alexis tells Julian, she wishes she could do more to help. He says, the law is the law. He tells Kendra not to be too hard on Alexis. She’s pretty perfect as it is. He leaves, and Kendra says he thinks highly of Alexis. Alexis suggests they not go there, and Kendra says they’ll get to work reaching her personal lifestyle goals. She hands Alexis her analysis.

Shiloh asks if there are any pictures on his phone that Chase would like to share with him. He’s sure Willow would want to share her son with the man she loves. Chase gets in Shiloh’s face, and tells him, watch it. Chase leaves to see what’s going on, and Shiloh bangs his head on the table. Peter walks in through the side door, and Shiloh asks where the hell he’s been? Peter says, it takes time, and Shiloh tells him, work harder or all of Port Charles will know his dirty little secret. He wonders when people will learn secrets are never safe?

Sitting in Julian’s office, Ava tells Julian she can’t believe a prisoner has the right to torment her like this. He tells her, tear it up, shred it, burn it. Don’t let it get to her. Ryan has done enough damage. She says she’s never hated anyone more, but Julian says she’s giving him the power, just give him nothing. He leaves, and she starts to tear the letter up, but doesn’t.

Alexis tells Kendra, it’s really a major overhaul. It’s a big exercise plan. Kendra says, a new mindset requires physical change; a new relationship to the body. Alexis asks if Kendra is sure she’s not trying to kill her.

Peter tells Shiloh that he hasn’t forgotten their agreement. Shiloh says he’s minutes away from his hearing. His attorney wants him to plead; there’s no way he’s avoiding the charges. Peter says he won’t do time, as long as he keeps his mouth shut. Chase comes in, and asks what Peter is doing there. Peter says Mac must not have told him. The Invader is doing an exclusive on Shiloh. Chase says he wasn’t told, and wonders who would want to read that garbage. He tells Shiloh, his hearing  is about to start, and pushes him out the door.

Maxie tells Mac, Chief of Detectives is fantastic. He says Maxie’s mom is on her way to making The Floating Rib the hottest spot in Port Charles. He’s happy. Maxie says she is too. She and Peter are madly in love. Mac says, that’s good news.

Sam says Jason didn’t actually give Franco money to leave? He says he tried to get through to him for Elizabeth’s sake. Sam asks if Franco listened, but Jason doesn’t think so. He doesn’t think anyone can convince Franco to stay.

Scotty tells Elizabeth that he can’t stand the idea of losing his son. It seems like just yesterday, he found out Franco was his son. He won’t give up. Elizabeth ask if he’ll help her, and he says, yes, he will. She hugs him and thanks him. He says he’s got to move fast. He has to get to the judge, and present his case for guardianship. And he has to make it fast before the ankle monitor comes off, and before Franco convinces Kim to be with him.

Franco asks if Kim remembers the CD he made for her. She says, Oscar found it a couple years ago. He says she kept it, and she says, Oscar made a copy and gave it to Drew, in the hope he’d remember. He didn’t. Franco says he remembers every second. He chose the songs hoping to remind her of a moment they had together. Kim says, this was a bad idea, and starts to walk away. Franco grabs her hand, and says he just wanted to tell her that he’s leaving town.

Monday’s episode will be a repeat of May 6, 2019. On Tuesday, Franco says Kim has made him rethink everything, Jordan tells Curtis that spying on Jax is a bad idea, and Sonny tells someone not to try to renegotiate their deal.

💍 All Kinds of 90…

Where are the previous 90 Day Fiancé couples now?


The Other Way, and the idiot who doesn’t realize he’s being catfished, even though there are so many red flags, we can’t count them.


The latest on Before the 90 Days.


And the new Pillow Talk season begins September 15th at 11 pm. I can’t wait!

💔 My Heart…

Bethenny is leaving the RHONY again. It’s one of the few Housewives shows I’m still keenly interested in, and she was a big reason. I wonder if Jill Zarin will vie for the spot?


👻 Even Better Than Catfish…

The only halfway captivating thing about Catfish, is watching those two losers get excited over nothing. But this looks good.


☝ Quotes of the Week

Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

If you’re turning American on me, I shall be going downstairs. – Lord Grantham (Hugh Bonneville), Downton Abbey

It’s better to come from a broken home than live in one. – Cindy Bakersfeld (Dana Wynter), Airport

He who has God and everything else has no more than he who has God only.C.S. Lewis, from The Weight of Glory, compiled in Words to Live By

The pen is the tongue of the mind. – Horace

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. – Mae West

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. – Dalai Lama

🙆 Here We Are Again…

Enjoy the long one, and the good weather if you have it, and hoping all stay safe from Dorian. See you at Dead time on Sunday.








August 18, 2019 – Zombies At Bridgeview Mall, Competing To Be Real, the Newest Larissa & Sunday Blues


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Fear the Walking Dead

A voice on the radio says he saw their video at the gas station. His name is Charles. He was called Chuck when there were people still around to call him Chuck. He asks, when they get there, do one thing – kill him. He got bit, and wants to help like they asked. Where he is, has everything they need under one roof; bookstores, places to get clothing, a food court, and even an urgent care unit. Anyone listening – if anyone is listening – by the time they get there, he’ll already be gone. He doesn’t have a gun, or he’d do it himself. We see zombies in a mall, and someone putting up boards to make a gate. He says he’s wearing a red jacket, and should be easy to spot; he’s holed up in the security office. He asks to be buried someplace outside. Under the stars.

A zombie toddles up to a wooden gate. A hand comes through from the other side, grabs the zombie by the collar, and repeatedly smashes it’s head against the gate. Dwight walks through, and says, sh*t. He wasn’t kidding. Morgan follows, along with Grace, and says, it’s like before. Dwight asks if Morgan thinks it will be enough, and Morgan says it will be. Grace grabs some jelly beans from a candy store, and says, let’s go find him. Dwight says he’ll stay there and pick up the strays. Morgan takes some candy, and Grace tells him, careful. The candy beansies could be jawbreakers now. He says, candy what?

Grace and Morgan go to the security office. They see one of their boxes there, but no Chuck. There’s an iPod in a charger on the desk, along with a note. Morgan asks if Grace talked to him, and shows her the note. It’s addressed to her, saying the iPod is loaded with some of Chuck’s favorites. He hopes they’re okay at double-speed. Grace says, no. He must have remembered what she said on the tape. He said he’d be there. They see a chair with broken ropes tied to it. Morgan says, it looks like he tied himself to it, until he turned. He must have broken loose and wandered off. Grace says, he couldn’t have gone far. Morgan asks if she’s okay, and she says her blood sugar is low. That’s why she grabbed the candy beansies. He says, what does she keep calling those? Dwight calls them to come.

The three of them look down at the zombies gathering on the ground floor, and Dwight says their voices must have drawn them out. Grace wonders if Chuck is down there, and Morgan says it might take a while to find him. Dwight says they’re thinking of going down there to kill someone who’s already dead? Morgan tells him, Chuck said he’d have on a red jacket. Suddenly, Grace keels over. Morgan asks Dwight to get the first aid kit. He tells Grace to stay with them.

Ooh. This week’s credits are creepy cool. The background is a weird-ass carousel in an empty field, and a little calliope music to go with it.

At the Lone Oak gas station, Daniel loads up Skidmark, and tells the others, they need to keep moving. He plays some music over his walkie.

Morgan says Grace’s name, and asks if she can hear him. He tells her that she passed out. She says, candy beansies aren’t what they’re called? and he says, no. Jelly beans. He asks if she’s all right. She says her mom was an interesting woman. She made up answers, and always had to be right. Grace says she thought jelly beans was a brand name. She’s glad she didn’t find out too late. He says, the generator is downstairs. It’s the best they’re going to do. He asks if what happened had anything to do with… Grace says, radiation? He asks if it’s just a matter of time, and she says, it could be anything; she doesn’t know. Morgan asks if there’s anything he can do. Dwight joins them, and asks if she’s okay. She says she just got a nap on a real mattress, with fresh sheets, and she faced the truth about jelly beans. She’s good. Dwight turns on his walkie, and they hear Daniel’s music. Dwight says Logan’s people were at a truck stop not far from there. What if Logan finds out where they are? Grace says they were careful, but Logan might have heard the same messages that brought them there. Dwight says, Logan is pissed about the gas, and Morgan says if Logan is hitting truck stops, they’ll need what’s in the mall more than ever. He tells Dwight to go back, and bring the trucks, so they can load them up. Send the kids out through the back roads. Grace says she’ll stay with Morgan, and Dwight goes to get her some water from the car.

Outside the mall, Dwight gives a flat of water to Morgan. Morgan tells him, be careful. Dwight says Morgan isn’t being careful. They both chose something else. They could have given up the oil fields. Morgan says, but other people needed them. Dwight says he’s already been on the wrong side. You turn off your conscience and heart. When that happens, it’s harder to turn back on. He wonders if they’re now going to live looking over their shoulders. Is that how it’s going to end with them? Morgan says he has faith in people; he has to. He has faith in Dwight already. If Logan’s men come at them, they’ll redirect them, and try to make it something other than a fight. Dwight says they might need more than that, but Morgan thinks he already said it. They’re not being careful; they’re doing right. He hopes Logan and his people see that. He goes back in, and Dwight takes the radio out. He calls Daniel, and asks where he is.

Grace listens to A Tale of Two Cities on the iPod. She watches the zombies, and loads a gun. We see a sign that says Bridgeview Mall. She’s about to walk down the escalator, when Morgan calls her name, and she stops.

Morgan tells her, they said they’d bury Chuck, but he wouldn’t want her to be in the ground next to him. Grace says she wasn’t going down there for him. She going for herself. She’s seen people die from radiation poisoning. She’s seen them get cancer. Every time she coughs or loses her breath or feels a butterfly in her stomach, she wonders if this is it. The beginning of the end for her. It’s no way to live. Morgan doesn’t understand, but she says, there’s an urgent care clinic off main concourse. They have an X-ray machine, and maybe an ultrasound machine, if she’s lucky. She wants to know. She needs to know. He asks how he can help, and she says help her get to the generator, and she can take care of the rest. He asks if there’s nothing that can be done, and she tells him there isn’t. He says, they’ve got work to do. Grace says, after that, they’ll find him.

Dwight stops to pee by the side of the road (why?), and someone holds a gun to his head. He asks if they’re with Logan. Whatever they came there for, they’re not going to find. He was hoping they’d follow him. Why else would he say where he was going on an open channel? A dude knocks him out with the gun butt. Dude says Dwight is right. He didn’t think Dwight would say that.

A remote-controlled car with metal scoops tied to the back (like tin cans on a newlywed’s car), lures the zombies. Morgan works it, and we can tell he’s having fun. He tells Grace, when they get to urgent care, they can get to the generator from the back halls. Morgan keeps moving the car toward a carousel, and they follow the zombies at a distance. Morgan sees the urgent care sign, but Grace is gone. A zombie kicks the car, and it gets trampled on. Grace follows a guy in a red jacket, and takes out a knife. She steps on something, and it makes a noise. The zombies turn around. Morgan sees what’s happening, and doubles back. Grace kills a zombie in a red jacket, but now they’re coming from the other side too. Grace and Morgan lock themselves in a GNC-type store.  Zombies clamor at the door. Morgan says, it’s done, and Grace says she thought it was Chuck, but the zombie was dead too long. Morgan says she was trying to help. He checks a door, and says, it’ll be all right. Dwight will be back in the morning. They’ll get to the generator. They just have to wait until Dwight gets back,

Dwight wakes up in a boxcar. Dude says he can’t figure out why Dwight would do a dumbsh*t thing like walk around with an unloaded gun. Dwight says, dumbsh*t like following him with a walkie, so he can find out where everyone else is? Dude says he reloaded Dwight’s gun. Dwight says, and Dude is going to shoot him unless he tells where the others are. What does Logan want with them anyway? He’s sure it started with good intentions, until it became their bread and butter. The question Dude has to ask himself is, is he just an a-hole now, or has he always been an a-hole? Dude says he’s always been an a-hole. At least according to his mama. He hits Dwight, and Dwight says look at his face. He’s been through worse, and from worse people. Dude says he’s sure he’ll think of something if Dwight doesn’t give him what he wants. Dwight says he can keep trying, and when Dwight gets free, they’ll see. Dude leaves the boxcar, pulling the door down.

Grace listens to her book, and Morgan gets them some protein drinks. She says it’s all her fault. Morgan says, she’s brave; making most of what she’s got. They should all be doing the same. She says she’s so not brave. He says she is, and he’s seen it. She says when she was eight, she loved horses. Her parents took her to a dude ranch. She’d never seen one up close, and saw a white mustang. She went up to it and put her hand on it. The horse turned away a bit, and it looked funny. She ran to her mother’s arms, and her mother tried to tell her it was a natural reaction. She tried to get Grace on the horse, but she wouldn’t go. Morgan says she was just a kid, and Grace says she kept screaming. She never went back. She started a life. She was great at her job, but not much else. It doesn’t matter now. Morgan says she can always find another horse to ride, and she asks if he’s seen one not torn to pieces. He says he has, and he’s ridden a couple. She says she’s still playing it safe. Doing what she can today, because she’s too scared to start something she won’t see to the end. Morgan asks, what if the ultrasound tells her something is wrong? Is there anything to be done? She says, before, she might have had a fighting chance, but no. She asks if he raced cars with his son. She doesn’t think she’s seen him smile like that before. She saw the tape. They’re here because he’s helping her with her problem. The least she can do is help him with his. She’s cooking pad tai and listening books on double speed; let her do something while she can. He says, it’s not the type of problem that can be fixed in a day. He looks at the zombies still at the door, and says they have another problem to deal with. The door starts to crack, and he says, let’s get to that generator.

Dude comes back with a gym bag, and Dwight asks if he brought back a pair of pliers. Dude says he’s been thinking about Dwight’s question, but he has no clue why Logan wants the gas. When you go that long without something, it makes you do crazy things to get it. He can understand that. Right, Dwight? Dwight asks how Dude knows his name, and Dude says you can’t go a mile without finding one of their tapes. When he saw Dwight’s part, he thought, he gets this guy. He’s broken up about what gets them all –snatch. He takes a plastic bag of letters out of the bag, and Dwight says, don’t touch that. Dude says, when you get good snatch and lose it, watch out. He tosses the letters on floor one by one. He reads from one, honey – that’s cute. He lights the corner on fire. Dwight starts to get up, and Dude says, that’s not a good idea. He’s going to burn them until Dwight tells him. Maybe he’ll find her himself. She sounds like a sweetheart. In a blink-and-you-miss-it move, Dwight gets the gun from Dude. Dude says, do it. Dwight’s an a-hole too, right? Dwight sees the letters, and says, right, knocking Dude out.

Morgan and Grace go through the back hallways. He tells her to turn off her headlamp. She says she won’t be able to see. He says he knows. He sees the zombies coming, and says he needs her to turn it off, and get down. Don’t overthink this. He’s got it. She does as he asks. He starts fighting the zombies, and she hears his stick fall. She turns her light back on, and sees that a zombie has Morgan down. She stabs it, and says, got it? He says, he would have, and thanks her.

They find the generator, and Grace says they always seem to end up around them. She tells him, it might take a minute, and she tinkers with the generator. He says, his boy was six when he got him one. He can’t remember why. Maybe good grades. Grace asks his son’s name, and he says, Duane. He used to race that car up and down street until it was too dark to see, and Morgan would smile. He’s always been a serious guy. Grace says, really? He says, except with his son. That’s how he knew it was right on the first date. He had on a giant, stupid smile all night afterward. Grace says she wouldn’t want to say goodbye to that either. He asks if she has somebody, and she says, no. He says, why not? and she says for the same reason she didn’t get on the horse. She met a guy who was smart and kind, and let her keep thinking jelly beans were candy beansies. It was right. That’s why she didn’t let it happen. She says she’s jealous of him. He did it. He went for it. He’s the brave one, not her. Now he has that smile. She gets the generator going, and everything in the mall turns on. Homage to Dawn of the Dead, I suppose?

They open the door, and Morgan pikes a zombie. They see the urgent care center. The zombies are headed for the arcade (no surprise), and Morgan and Grace struggle with the gate. The alarm goes off, and the zombies turn in their direction.

Grace shoots, and Morgan uses his pokey stick as they go to the escalator. Grace starts going up, and Morgan follows, but a zombie pulls him down. He struggles with it until Grace finally gets a clean shot. Morgan runs back up. He says, it’s the only way out, and asks how many bullets does she have? She gives him the usual answer of, not enough. He tries working the off switch, but the escalator keeps going, and the zombies keep coming. Grace tells him that she’s out. Morgan looks around for something to block them. As he pikes zombies, she finds an electrical box, opens it, and stops the escalator. She makes it go the other way. Morgan nearly slips down, but she pulls him back off. They go into a maintenance office, and Grace starts shutting things off. She finds a set of keys, and says, let’s go. They look out to a roof landing, and see Chuck. Morgan says, he’s alive.

Dwight opens the truck, and tells Dude, get out. He walks out behind Dude, and tells him, turn around. Dude says, just get it over with, and Dwight asks if Dude knows why the gun isn’t loaded. It’s because Dude is right. He’s an a-hole, or used to be one. The way things are going, he didn’t trust himself to not be that again. Someone gave him a second chance. The same chance he’s giving Dude. Dude asks what the hell Dwight is talking about. Dwight says, when Dude walks out of the woods, he has a choice to make. Go on being an a-hole, or figure out someone else to be. This is such a great moment, I almost cry. Dwight cuts Dude’s wrist ties off, and tells him, go. Dwight walks back to the truck.

Grace says, Chuck. Chuck says, they came. Morgan says they’ve been looking for him, and Check says, sorry about changing things up. He didn’t know how much time he had, and figured he’d make his move while he could. The zombies followed him up the stairwell. He hopes they didn’t cause any headaches. Grace says they had no problems whatsoever. She asks why he’s up there, and he says he wasn’t sure how long they’d be. He’d asked them to bury him under the stars, and he got to thinking if he could make it to the roof, he could see them one last time. It was his luck that it’s a cloudy night. At least he’s got company now. Grace says she’ll be right back. She has something she thinks could help. Morgan sits next to Chuck.

Grace brings back one of those things that makes stars on the ceiling. She sets it up so that it shines on an overhang. Chuck says, it’s perfect, and thanks her. They all smile.

Morgan buries Chuck outside. Grace puts a stuffed turtle on the grave. They stand in silence.

Back inside, they go to urgent care. Morgan says he’ll wait by the door, in case any more stragglers come by. Grace says she doesn’t want to know. He says, sorry; what? She says she doesn’t want to die.  She wants to make it. She believes there’s more, no matter what happens. He says, that’s brave, and she laughs. She says, it’s being alive; really alive. She tells him, sorry to make him go through all this, and he says they did what they came there to do. She says, they did. He says Dwight will be back with the others in a few hours. They should get some sleep. She says she’s not tired, and says she knows there’s juice left in the generator.

Grace rides on the carousel. She asks Morgan if he’s going to make her ride by herself. He says he is, and she tells him. come on. He gets on, and they laugh. She says he looks like a natural.

The caravan gets to the mall. Morgan and Grace come out to meet them. Daniel hopes there’s a Cinnabon; he really likes those. Morgan says he didn’t see one. Daniel asks if there’s a Sin City, but Morgan doesn’t think so. Daniel says, a Bunnery? and Morgan says, no. Dwight walks up, and Morgan asks, what happened? He says he ran into one of Logan’s guys on the road. He let the guy go. He’s not doing careful. Morgan says, he’s doing right. Dwight says they should get out, so Logan’s guys don’t find them here. Tess says they passed a ranch that needs to be cleared, but they’ll help.

Daniel cuts Dwight’s hair and gives him a shave, as Grace listens to the end of her book. I see a beautiful city and a brilliant people rising from this abyss. I see the lives for which I lay down my life, peaceful, useful, prosperous and happy. I see that I hold a sanctuary in their hearts, and in the hearts of their descendants, generations hence. It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known. Dwight is now clean shaven. Morgan looks around and smiles. Daniel asks what he’s smiling about, and Morgan says, no reason.

Morgan approaches Grace’s truck. She says she’s got them gassed up, and she grabbed some protein bars. He says he’s not going. I say, nooo. He says, Al is out there on her own. She should have backup. He thinks that’s where he ought to be. Grace says, of course, and he tells her, be safe. He’ll see her soon. She nods, and says, see him soon. He leaves, and she looks as disappointed as I feel. She watches him get in his car, and a tear rolls down her cheek. He sees her in the rearview mirror, and watches her as he drives away, wiping tears from his face.

The episode ends with us all feeling cheated out of a romance we were sure was coming.

Next time, Alicia is in trouble, Logan demands to be told where the oil fields are, a new guy joins the crew, and Morgan says, what if?

🍸 The Struggle Is Real…

I don’t know about Desperate or Real, but these two would be perfect on Mob Wives.


🗽 So I Guess She’s Staying Here…

I can’t keep up with Larissa’s court saga any more than I can keep up with how many procedures she’s had.


😔 Almost Right…

Not so much a blue Sunday, but blue because it’s Sunday. I will never, ever get the 60 Minutes clock ticking out of my Sunday head.

































Augest 11, 2019 – Spreading the Wealth, October Return, the Days Before 90 & Sarah’s Anthem


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

A lot of this episode was comprised of interviews with the characters, being put together for what’s basically a PSA.

Al is filming. We see one of the boxes that says, take what you need – leave what you don’t. Morgan says he was on the run. Al asks, from what? and he says, people. Somebody helped him, and that’s what this is all about. A zombie goes by. Alicia says clean-up was her job. It’s what she was good at. She took a step back, and figured out what she needed to keep going; keep helping. Daniel says he thought that’s where he’d be spending the rest of his days, alone with that cat. This is better. Grace says, she gets up, counts her regrets, puta them on her shoulders, and starts the day. Want you do with the time you have left? That’s the question. Victor says the universe is testing them. One becomes born to do something else; a survivor. There’s power in that. John says, money means nothing now. People who were sitting on piles of money, eating caviar out of ladles could have done something in the world. They missed their chance. This group is lousy with skills. That’s wealth today, and they’re glad to spread the wealth. He tasted caviar once, and it tasted like bait. June says, things change. She reached out to someone, and someone else reached out to her. If they make it spread, it means everything. Duane says he has a chance to do what he needs to do, and he’s taking it. Charlie says when they helped as people, things got better. Luci says, everything else was training for this.

Morgan says they landed the plane, and they did the impossible, a few people noticed. That’s all they needed. Al asked if they’ve saved people, and he says, at least a few. He hasn’t stopped driving since he got the radio message. We flash back to Morgan hearing a woman’s voice on the radio, saying, can you help me?  Al asks, what about communal living? He says they’re still working on that. It’s easier to see what other people need help with. A zombie comes toward the camera, and Morgan kills it. He asks if she’s okay, and she says, let’s get back to it.

Al says after what happened, she wanted to make sure she wasn’t the only one doing this. She’s not used to this side of the camera. It’s been a long while. She knows how important the story is.

John opens a truck. In a voiceover, Morgan says, after they were contacted, they knew there were more out there. So they picked up more trucks, and covered more ground. Morgan asks Sarah if she’s heard anything, but she says. the radio is all quiet.

Sarah fills a big gas truck. She says this is how they keep humming. Polar Bear’s dudes hooked them up. They fill it every couple of weeks. Logan was right about one thing; gas is going kaput. It’s hard enough to get around. Daniel says someone drives behind to keep everything safe. People want to get it, and hopefully, their presence discourages that. Sarah says Logan wanted the gas for himself. He thought he’d fool them twice with the good Samaritan stuff, but they got him good.

Logan runs after the truck, yelling for them to stop, as they leave him in the dust. Sarah says, karma is a bitch. Technically, what they did to Logan wasn’t any different from what they did to Clayton, but this felt good.

Duane says he got lucky. He fell in with the right folks this time. He’s doing the polar opposite of what he used to do. If he does this for the rest of his life, he won’t make up for what he’s done, but he’ll know he did good. And being on the road, he can find her… Maybe. Daniel says, Duane won’t let him give him a haircut. Duane says, it doesn’t matter what he looks like. Daniel says it wouldn’t take much to make him look presentable.

Alicia explains that she rides in the lead vehicle. Morgan gives Alicia a pokey stick lesson. In her interview, Alicia thinks change is good. It’s what she needed. Victor kicks some zombie ass. Al says tell her about Alicia. Victor says she’s his friend. He wasn’t there when she needed him, but he’s with her now, and doing what he can.

June says she and Grace are in charge of the caravan. Everyone they’re helping is spaced so far apart. Grace says they try to keep the people comfortable between outposts. She and June set up a little camp. Grace makes a list. A zombie wanders in, and June tells everyone to get in the truck. In her interview, she says they’ll find a place to call home – eventually. There has to be a right place. June plays with her pseudo engagement ring. Al asks, when’s the wedding? but June says they have more important things to do. As far as she’s concerned, they’re already married. In John’s interview, he says June has his word and heart. That’s all that matters in this world. Al notices Grace checking her lymph nodes, and Grace says she wakes up wondering if today is the day she’ll feel sick. It used to stop her from doing things, but now she does as much as she can with what she has.

Morgan says when they were on the plane, he never pictured them coming this far. He feels good about what they’re doing, and seeing what it’s doing for everybody. Al asks what it’s done for him, and he says he might not have had the answer before he met Tess.

Luci radios Morgan, saying they need some help, and he asks where they’re going. He pulls up to a farmhouse. Luci says they tried to reach her husband on the walkie. From inside, Tess radios Luci, saying she doesn’t know what’s taking so long. Morgan asks if she can come out, but she says she can’t. They rigged the field, and she doesn’t know where they are. John joins them, and Morgan wonders what she’s talking about, when a zombie comes through the gate, and blows up. John says, landmines. Pieces of zombie rain down on them. Morgan asks, how many more? but Tess doesn’t know. John says the noise is going to bring more, and Morgan says they have to fix the fence.

Sarah listens to Convoy in her truck, and sings along over the radio. In her interview, Charlie says, they like their trucker music. Duane says, it’s all they listen to. Daniel says, this is not music. Sarah says, it’s not just music; it’s their anthem. It’s how they stay in touch when Wen is watching the kids in tanktown. Daniel says, they should have shot Logan in the mouth as soon as he opened it. No more words. He’s proven worth of his words.

Tess says the landmines were put everywhere. Morgan says they have to keep the zombies away from the fence. He asks where Tess’s husband went, and she says to the drugstore for an inhaler. Their son has asthma. Morgan asks if he’s okay, and she says, yes… no… yes. Morgan says they’ll send people to look for him. He asks her if she won’t come out in the meantime, and see what they look like. She asks about the cameras, and John suggests turning them off, but Al says, no. It’s important. Morgan says they’re recording so they can show people what they’re about. Al says not many people saw what they did, and they’re trying to figure the best way to get the message out. So people know they’re not full of crap. John radios Alicia and June. Morgan asks why Tess can’t leave, and Tess says she hasn’t left since things went bad. They have supplies. John says a map of the landmines would have helped. Morgan says it took him a long time to leave the first place he was in. Tess says her husband will be back soon. Morgan wants to make sure her boy gets what he needs. A zombie starts to come through the gate, but John shoots it. John tells Morgan, he said it would draw a crowd. Does he think they can find her husband? Morgan says they crashed a plane and put it back together. They should be able to find a husband. In John’s interview, he says it hit close to home with each of them in their own particular way.

June looks for medical supplies in a pharmacy. She radios Morgan, saying, there’s no inhaler. In her interview, she says, Tess needed to leave the house, and couldn’t. That’s what happens when you settle in one place too long. Things go bad. In Alicia’s interview, she says they thought they should split up to cover more ground. Alicia finds the tree with the message, if you’re reading this, you’re still here. June radios, asking if anyone sees anything. Victor says, nothing, but Alicia says she sees a message on a tree. In her interview, she says her mom looked for a little bit of good when she went out in the world. She would have liked this. We go back to Alicia by the tree. A zombie approaches her, and Victor pikes it from behind. She says she hasn’t killed since after the plane crash. She doesn’t want to go back there.

Morgan goes around the fence. In his interview, John says, a woman with a son; that’s what Morgan lost. Al asks Morgan if he wants to talk about it. He says, no. John says when he was a cop, he and his partner went for whole shifts without saying anything. They knew what made each other tick, and had each other’s backs. He was a good partner. Morgan says, John’s not a good talker. At least not always. Neither is he. At least not always. John tells Morgan that he’ll cover him. Al follows with the camera. Morgan starts to follows the fence, but the zombies pressing against it are too heavy, and that panel falls in. They blow up, and John says it’s the ugliest mustard he’s ever seen. His grandfather worked in a deli, and used to say that. In his interview, Morgan says, it was intense. John says Morgan has to get to the porch before… There’s another explosion; Morgan and Al duck. In Al’s interview, she says, words can’t describe it. Zombies keep blowing up. Morgan asks if everything is all right inside, and Tess says, yeah. Morgan radios June, asking where the inhaler is. Victor says the tree wasn’t the only remarkable thing they came across. June says, a walker came at Alicia. Not just any walker. Alicia says, it was him. June says, it was Tess’s husband. June takes inhaler out of a backpack.

Morgan says they don’t know how close the mines are to house, but runs toward it. In his interview, he says it was loaded for him. He knew from the moment he talked to them. Al says, because what happened to his wife and son? and he says, yes. He continues to move toward to house, and slams a zombie. Al says, don’t move… your left foot… sh*t. Morgan tells John not to come any closer; he doesn’t want anyone else get hurt. John says it could take a while, he might as well have company.

Victor drives up. June has the inhaler. John says they don’t know how many of these things there are. Tess asks what’s going on, and Morgan says they have the inhaler. She needs to come out. She says, Ben will be back. He can get it, and help them too. Morgan tells her, Ben’s not coming back. They found him. He got what they needed. Can she come out? She insists he’s coming back, and Morgan says she can’t bring herself to say goodbye. June gets it; it’s hard. Morgan says if she’s not coming out, he’ll have to get inside. June wonders if Al should put the camera down, but Morgan says, they need to see this. Al says she’s dealt with landmines before. It’s either a dud or a pressure release device. They won’t know until they see what it is. Al tells Morgan to dig the dirt from around it gently, so they can see what they’re up against. John gives him a pocketknife. Once the device is exposed, Al tells him how to rig it, so it doesn’t explode. He asks how sure she is, and she says, 50/50.  He says he had something planned for tonight. Something he thinks they all need. John tells him, don’t make any final pronouncements, but Morgan says he’s not doing that. He’s saying it’s still on. He says, on three, but Tess comes out, and tells him, wait. What he’s using won’t work. She’s seen Ben do it a hundred times before. Morgan tells her, stay back, but she says she can help. She wants to help. She knows he’s not coming back.

She carefully walks toward Morgan, and gives him some kind of clip, saying, he used these. Al explains to slide the pin in where the holes line up, and lift his foot slowly to release the pressure. He follows her instructions, and June asks if they think it will hold. John thinks Al should back up, and Morgan says they all should. They back away, but Luci has the camera and keeps filming Morgan. He steps away, and says, let’s go. In her interview, Luci says, she hadn’t gone out in two years. June says, she did today. To help Morgan. Morgan says, because he was there to help her. June asks how he feels, and there’s an explosion where he’d been standing. Tess comes out with her son. In Morgan’s interview, he says he didn’t think she’d come out. Al asks, why not? He says, you can hear somebody’s gone, even see for yourself, and you still can’t believe it. Sometimes you just can’t say goodbye. Morgan hands the boy the inhaler.

The group makes dinner at the campsite. Morgan says he’s been wanting to do it for a while, and they finally could. Grace is making pad thai, and says the recipe has been on her refrigerator for years, and this is what it took for her to make it. She’s just missing peanuts. I wonder if she memorized it, or took it with her just in case. Tess is interviewed, and she says Ben didn’t think everyone was bad. He just thought they needed to stay put to survive where they were, and help would come. He was right. She thanks them, and hugs her son. John says, there’s a proud tradition of eating noodles around a campfire with this group. Morgan asks Alicia if she wants to practice tomorrow, but she says she’s working on something on her own. In her interview, she says she wants to know who’s painting the trees. She wants to find them.

Sarah pulls up, with the others. Everyone laughs and eats. At their happiest, I don’t think they’ve ever looked this content on The Walking Dead. In his interview, Morgan says, you never know where help will come from, but we all need it. Al asks if he’s talking about Tess or himself. He’d said he didn’t think he could answer before Tess. He says he knew he needed help with something, but he didn’t know what it was. It’s been long time since lost them. He still hasn’t said goodbye. He thinks he needs to, but doesn’t know how.

On camera, Alicia says she needs help finding her own way to make things better. John needs to figure out how to make the world like it used to be. June needs to find a place for them. One that won’t be like other the other places they’ve been. Grace says there are things she wants to do. Victor wants to make the most of his second chance. Daniel wants to be a man his daughter would have been proud to call dad. Duane says, he wants to end the day knowing he tried to make someone else’s day better. Charlie wants to do right by the people who took a chance on her. Sarah says she’s keeping the rig chugging for the poet of pavement. Al says she’s making sure their stories aren’t just interviews on paper. She started filming so they’d have it, but it’s become so much more.

Each person says a piece of the end (and I paraphrase). No one can do it on their own. That’s why they made the tape. They need people. That’s how they’ll last. When everyone is helping one another. So if you’re watching, pick up a radio, or leave food, do something, anything. Help yourself. Help us. Help everyone. When everyone starts helping, that’s how they’ll help everyone.

A TV goes to black. A guy (whose name we’ll find out later, is Wes) picks up his knapsack and radio. He listens at the back door, and notices there’s a padlock on it. He takes some snacks, looks at the take what you need, leave what you don’t box – with the phrase help how you can now added – breaks the lock on the door, and walks out of Long Oak Gas. He fills his bike tank. He sees two cars coming, and says, sh*t. A bunch of uniformed people with guns get out of the cars, led by Logan (sans uniform). Wes says he doesn’t want trouble, and Logan says neither does he. There’s something Wes needs to see. He tosses a worn-through pair of boots down, and says, that’s what happens to shoes you walk two hundred miles in. The dead walk; we weren’t meant to. He spent a lot of time clearing the roads, and can’t make use of his own handiwork because their gas was taken. One of Logan’s people takes Wes’s bag, while another siphons the gas out of his bike. Logan asks Wes where the oilfields are. Forget the horse sh*t. Wes says he’s ignorant of said horse sh*t. He’s not with those people who made the tape. Horse sh*t of a different kind. Logan says he likes Wes, but wants to make sure he can’t follow. Two of Logan’s people shoot the tires on Wes’s bike. Logan says, unless Wes wants to join the marching band – he points to a few zombies headed toward the station – he might want to get out.  Wes asks, how? Logan says, call them. When they pick up, tell them they’re making more enemies than friends out there. He tosses Wes a radio, and says they have more bullets than they know what to do with. One of his cronies shoots in the air.

They drive off. Wes looks at the radio.

Next time, Morgan says they’re doing right, Dwight is knocked out by an unknown assailant, Daniel says they need to keep moving, and a working escalator!

💀 Not to rush the season, but The Walking Dead will be back on October 6th.

💍 Two Repeats and a Catfish…

Meet the couples on the new season of Before You Even Think Of That Green Card 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.



🚚 Thanks Sarah…

Because now it’s stuck in my head. Just sharing the wealth.





August 4, 2019 – The New 90, Heartbreak At Sea & Goodbye Sunday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


90 Day Fiancé

The new season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days premiered. I’m so obsessed with this franchise, I couldn’t be more thrilled. Like Paul in The Other Way, the series has a repeat customer, Darcey. This time, loving a dude from England. Considering her experience last time with Jesse from Amsterdam – the poor man’s Alexander Skarsgård, who would have made a wonderful Nazi – I’m surprised she’s throwing her hat in the ring again. From the previews, it looks like another accident waiting to happen,.

I’m also in the thick 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way (Mondays at 9 pm, although I watch the later rerun encore performance), where one half of the couple is an American moving to another country for the love of their lives. While I don’t recap any of the franchise – since these train wrecks need my full attenton – since the dead aren’t walking tonight, I thought I’d bring you up to speed on the couples from The Other Way, and maybe you’ll watch with me. To make it simple, the first half of the couple is the one moving to the country listed with them.

Paul and Karine – Brazil

We’ve met these two before, on Before the 90 Days. Paul is an absolute mess, a germophobe with a sketchy past. His ex has a restraining order out on him, and he’s been arrested for stalking, as well as arson. Apparently, he set fire to his own property. Since he’s terrified of any and all ailments, from malaria to a piranha biting his junk, the Amazon is not the best place for him, although it’s pretty funny for us. Karine is now pregnant, and Paul is trying to get Brazilian citizenship. At present, that’s been hung up, since the Brazilian government considers his crimes akin to terrorism. Paul already threw a huge tantrum after finding out his visa was denied, so good luck with that.

Tiffany and Ronald – South Africa

These two met when she was on vacation, so IMO, that’s slightly better than a dating app. Still not a good enough reason to pack up your life and head to another country, especially when the guy has an arrest record as long as my arm. And she has an eight-year-old son. Did I mention Ronald is also a gambling addict fresh out of rehab? It would be hard to pick a worst factor, but Tiffany didn’t even know the details of Ronald’s criminal history before she was getting on a plane with her kid. While Ronald actually seems like an okay guy – which doesn’t necessarily make him a catch – one of the first things he said to the son was, do you know what human trafficking is, my boy? Of course he didn’t, so Ronald explained to his future stepson that he had to be careful because traffickers were looking for a child just like him. This isn’t just starting off on the wrong foot, It’s just plain wrong.

Cory and Evelin – Ecuador

I’m very confused by this couple. Not only soes her name sound suspiciously like Evil-Lyn from Masters of the Universe, she doesn’t really seem to like him a lot, even though she says I love you on occasion. The show started with her having spent several months in America with him, but definitely missing home. After pumping quite a bit of money into the relationship – for real estate and funding a bar as a business, nothing in his name – he sold his everything and followed her. She’s created a bizarre catch-22 for him. She’s made it clear she doesn’t want to get married, yet she’s also made it clear she wants him to take care of her. If she doesn’t marry him, he won’t be able to get a visa and work, so I’m not sure how she expects him to do that. She didn’t even bother meeting him at the airport, her excuse being she wanted him to learn things on his own, and not be dependent on her. She also complains about his complaining, because he prefers having things like hot water and mosquito netting. Oddly enough, there are rumors that these two were married before the show started. So who knows?

Deavan and Jihoon – South Korea

Another couple who met face-to-face first when Deavan was on vacation, but in a twist they never saw coming, she became pregnant. She already has a four year old that seemed out of control on a trip to Las Vegas, where Jihoon’s parents met them for a visit. Hoping to ask their blessing for the marriage, it wasn’t looking good – and Deavan was looking mighty weepy and tired. No surprise, since daughter Drucilla was climbing on the counters, and sticking her hands in everyone’s food. Why nothing she did nothing was beyond me, but maybe she just didn’t have the energy after chasing Drucilla around the airport. She also practices attachment parenting, which may or may not be related to this misbehavior, but was a real surprise to Jihoon, when she told him that her daughter sleeps with her every night. Deavan’s mother swooped in, taking Drucilla off of everyone’s hands, and Jihoon’s parents gave their blessing. Deavan smiled for the first time, and finally seemed to relax. Her groom-to-be also got her an engagement ring, even though he’d said that’s not a common practice in his culture. Despite the hurdles they’re going to have to overcome, they seem like the golden couple in this mess of six. They also seem like sweet people, and his parents were very cute, so I’m rooting for them. I just hope that kid learns some manners.

Jenny and Sumit – India

This one is kind of sad, and I’m also rooting for them. Their thirty year age difference – Jenny being the older of the two – genuinely doesn’t seem to matter. They clicked online, then clicked in real life, and Jenny left everything behind to follow her heart. They stand out in a crowd, but Sumit also stands up for his lady. Except where his parents are concerned. While it seems bizarre for a thirty-year-old to require his parents approval, per Sumit’s culture, that’s the case. Apparently, his parents can interfere with the wedding plans too, should they so desire, even though he’s in his thirties. Telling them that he took a job in a city with too long of a commute (yes, he lives with them), Sumit and Jenny are living together, but their funds are going to run out quickly, as Sumit has no job, and Jenny can’t work without a visa. It remains to be seen if they’ll make it to the altar, but it’s not for lack of wanting to. And they too, seem like lovely people.

Laura and Adadin – Qatar

The age gap is smaller, although it’s still the dude who’s younger, I think the cultural gap is the widest here. To put it in Laura’s words, they have chemistry, but he’s not rocking her world in the bedroom. It sounds like he’s pretty straight-laced, but when she made her big move, she brought along some (contraband!) sex toys to spice things up. He was not happy. What separates them from the other couples is that they’re already married. In Qatar, unmarried couples can’t stay in the same hotel room, so they got hitched. She’s now moved in, and it’s a big change from playing Bingo in Florida. While I’m all for saying age is just a number, I’m skeptical of Aladin, who, if I’m being honest, is way higher on the good looks scale. I’m not saying it can’t happen, but I wasn’t loving the way he was treating her prior to her trip there. He was periodically blocking her both personally and on his social media when they had a disagreement, exerting his control and (no surprise) triggering her insecurity. If this isn’t a huge red flag, I don’t know what is. This just seems like a bad, bad idea.

You can meet the couples here:


😞 An Equal Opportunity Disease…

I was saddened to read that Captain Lee’s (Below Deck) son passed away from an accidental overdose. I have no doubt that he and his wife are wonderful parents, but addiction doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, what color you are, or how well you were raised. My heart goes out to The Captain and Mary Anne, as well as all who knew and loved Joshua.



🚴 Moving On…

Another one come and gone.

October 14, 2018 – Rick Builds a Bridge, Dedicated to Scott, a Bit of 90, Double Trouble, Goodbye Joe & This Little Piggy


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Rick says it’s been a while since they had a talk. He does most of the talking anyway. He’ll keep it short. We don’t see who he’s talking to, but my guess is Negan.

Today is day 35. Things are taking shape. Not that long ago, they were fighting just to stay alive. It’s not like that anymore. They’re building and growing. They’re ready to deal with world on its own terms, but not letting it define them. They’re getting back a piece of how it used to be; how things were before this. it’s all happening. They’re not just fighting to survive anymore. They’re making a new beginning. Rick looks out from a platform over the new world.

Ezekiel says Henry should be proud. Someday, he’s going to cross the bridge with his grandchildren, and tell them how he built it. Henry thinks that would be a boring story, but Ezekiel says, it’s the lifeblood of civilization. Without it, there would be no trade. The structure connects them all. Be proud. He tells Henry to be ready in an hour; he’s going home. Carol gives Henry his pokey stick. She thinks he’s taller. Ezekiel says he’ll be in college before they know it. He’d stay to drive in the last nail if Henry didn’t have school. Carol says she’ll be heading back after. Ezekiel tells her, fairy tales and heroes live forever, but in this world, it’s about finding small moments. It’s just good-by for now; he’s not giving up on fairy tales.

Eugene tells Rick that with the spring rains, they have six to nine days before the dam overflows, but he thinks they can beat it. Rick says he’ll talk to the foreman. Rosita thinks should push along the blasting. Rick asks Eugene about runoffs, and he says they’ve been down in the last six in past months Zzzz… and that doesn’t stand for zombies.

At the infirmary tent, Siddiq tells Cyndie she’s lucky her wound didn’t get infected. Tara says she’s ready to take on anything. Rick tells Eugene that there’s a bug going around. Eugene tells him that Alexandria is slim on supplies, and it’s getting slimmer by the day.

Michonne rides into Hilltop. She tells Maggie that the Sanctuary didn’t get the supplies. Maybe the delivery guys were taken out or went AWOL. She’s hoping Maggie can tide them over. Jesus thinks they can do it, but Maggie is hesitant. Until they get fuel for the tractor, their yield will be short. Michonne asks what about the plow from museum, but Maggie doesn’t have what she needs to fix it. Michonne asks how long Earl is going to be locked up, but Maggie hasn’t decided. Michonne says that’s why they need to start talking rules, so there isn’t another situation like with Gregory. Maggie asks if Michonne thinks she should have let Earl walk. Michonne says, no. She hates what he did to Maggie and Enid, but if keeping him locked up means crops aren’t planted, it’ a problem. Maggie says they’ll be fine, but until the ethanol shows up, she can’t plant. She offers for Michonne to spend the night. Michonne takes her up on it, and Jesus says he’ll get her set up.

Ricks’ crew works on the bridge. Aaron tells Daryl about an exploding diaper, and Daryl says, good times… Aaron thinks Daryl will be a great dad, and Daryl laughs. Henry gives out water. Savior Justin takes a cup and wants more. When Henry won’t give it to him, Justin pushes Henry down, and takes it. Andy uses the side of his pokey stick to knock Justin down. Another Savior tells Justin that he had his ass handed to him by a kid too – although he was six at the time. Daryl tells Justin, the kid was just doing his job. Get back to work. Justin says, don’t tell him what to do, and Daryl punches him. He throws sand in Daryl’s face, and they start to scuffle.

Eugene is telling Rick about his scheme to turn expired food stuffs into gazpacho, when Rick hears the fighting on the bridge. He runs over, and tells them, break it up. He gets in between Daryl and Justin, and tells them to go back to work. Daryl asks if that a-hole gets a free pass. Rick doesn’t like it either, but the bridge needs to get done. Daryl says some of the Saviors have walked off already. They’re not going to fall in line just because he says so. Carol says they never had to work together; he can’t expect them to just forget. Rick says it’s about moving ahead together. If they keep doing that, they’ll see they’re all on the same side. Daryl says, are they? Rick says, you tell me, and Daryl says he’s trying to, but Rick doesn’t want to hear it. Daryl walks away, and Carol says, it’s complicated. He’s been different since Gregory, maybe before. Rick wants her to talk to him, and she says, and say what? Rick says she gets what he’s trying to do. She says he’s doing the right thing, but for some aren’t ready for it. He tosses A Key to the Future on the table.

Michonne hears talking outside. Jesus is telling Tammy, not today. She asks, when? She deserves an answer. Since her husband has been locked up, no one talks to her. She doesn’t have much, but she still has rights, and they can’t take those away. Jesus says Earl tried to kill Maggie. Give her time to figure it out. Tammy says, tell Maggie that she’s not moving until she’s allowed in there. She has no place else to be.

Michonne tells Jesus that Maggie should talk to Tammy about it. Jesus says she’ll do what she wants. Maggie asks what he thinks, but he says it’s not his call. Michonne asks if he agrees. He doesn’t know if the hanging was for everyone, Maggie, or both. He’s not against Tammy seeing her husband. Michonne tells him to talk to her; Maggie trusts him. He trusts her, but no one is right all the time. Michonne says that’s why they need to build something bigger than all of them.

Anne does a sketch, while Gabriel dictates the features. He says she’s talented, coming from a half-blind art critic. She says she likes doing it; it’s intimate, and makes her feel like one of them. He says she is, and she says, thanks to him, Rick, and Morgan. They reached out. He says the others will come around. No one trusted him at first either. Anne says they had good reason not to trust her, and Gabriel says, him too. Rick reached out; he’s good like that. Anne says, he’s not the only one, and takes his hand. He says that’s his job; being there.

Maggie tells Jesus they can move the school trailer until the heat wave is over. Eww! Imagine all those dead during a Georgia heat wave. No thanks. Jesus says he’s been thinking about how much she’s done for them. He wonders if she’s thinking about joining Oceanside. She doesn’t think they’ll get tired of asking, but she’s busy building a future there. He says Tammy is asking to see Earl; he’s been there over a month. Maggie asks if Jesus thinks she’s unfair. He thinks some decisions are too big for one person. That’s why they have laws. Michonne isn’t wrong. She’s a good person, and good people disagree.

Maggie takes Tammy to Earl’s cell. Tammy tells Earl that she’s been trying to see him every day. He says he’s okay; they’re treating him fair; more than he deserves. He was twenty years sober, and brought shame on himself. She says he made a mistake, and lost himself, but he came back. She forgives him. it’s not her forgiveness he needs though. He misses their son.

Enid blows something up. Decrepit zombies trundle through the woods toward the sound.

Maggie approaches Earl’s cell. She never thought when he helped her build them, he’d be the first person in one. She asks him to tell her about the drinking. How did he get there? He says he started drinking after he quit smoking. He was always a bad drunk. He was drunk the day Ken was born. He can’t remember the first time he saw he saw him. He joined AA when Ken was two. They were barely making ends meet, and the stress got to him. On the way to pick Ken up, he saw the sign for McDuffy’s. The sitter could smell the whiskey on him, and tried to grab his keys. He put his son in the truck, and the next thing he remembers is being pulled off the road. Tammy was there; he guesses the sitter called and told her that he was drunk. She took him home, and he thought she’d be gone, but she stuck around. She said he was sick, and swore they’d stay together no matter what. He never took drink after that. He wasn’t even tempted until… Maggie knows the rest. She thanks him, and starts to go. He asks why she hanged Gregory, but not him. He was drunk and weak, but what he did was in him. Gregory didn’t make him do anything. Maggie asks if he thinks she made a mistake? He says, no, and she says, good, and leaves.

Enid watches from a cherry picker, and radios Rick on the bridge. She tells him they’re on schedule, and Rick says, okay, let’s do this. Enid tells Jerry, crank it up, and he starts up a crank siren. A Savior whose name I don’t remember tells Rick that the Saviors making the supply delivery never got there. The people at the Sanctuary are getting worried. They want guns. Rick says they were disarmed for a reason. The Savior says they’re scared. Rick says he’ll protect them. The Savior says, if they work for him, they’ll protect him; who does that sound like? Jerry can’t get the alarm to work a second time. Enid radios Rick that it’s not going off. If the zombies aren’t diverted, they’re going to run right into his crew.

The horses start to get antsy. Daryl senses trouble. Zombie start coming. Daryl does a ballet move, and spears a couple of them in the head, but a zombie crowd forms quickly. He thinks they should get the hell out, but logs tumble down from a pile, and Aaron gets pinned. Daryl tries moving the log from on top of Aaron, but the zombies are getting closer. Aaron tells him to go. Daryl kills a few more, and gets someone’s attention to help get the log off of Aaron’s arm, which is pretty messed up. He pulls Aaron up from the ground, and they try to jet, but aren’t fast enough. A zombie grabs Daryl’s shoulder, but Rick and his crew arrive, slicing, dicing, and shooting arrows, Carol and Ezekiel join them. Rick shoots the rest of the logs, and they slam into the zombies. I laugh because it’s a little Three Stooges looking.

In the infirmary tent, Enid tells Aaron the bad news. Amputation and cauterization are the only way to stop the bleeding. Aaron is like, wait a minute, as we all would be. Daryl says, sorry, and ties off Aaron’s arm. Enid tells Daryl to hold him, and reads the instructions from a book. Aaron says, do it, and she does. He screams.

In one of the tents, Carol tells Justin that she doesn’t give a sh*t. Daryl says he was supposed to turn the herd. Justin says the walkie wasn’t charged. Daryl says, it’s solar, and he didn’t check? Justin says it’s not his fault the radio is sh*t. Daryl lunges at him, but Carol tells him to stop; he’s out of control. Some of the kids stand there watching. Carol says, don’t deal with him like this, but Daryl says, it’s the only way to deal with these a-holes.

Michonne visits Maggie. She says Maggie has done something amazing with this place. Maggie says she knows what Michonne came to do. She’s thought about it; talking about common law, but she’s not giving up the right to do what she thinks is best. Michonne says, what’s best for everyone? Maggie says, what’s best for Hilltop, and Michonne says, neither will they. Maggie asks Jesus to load up the food like she promised. She tells Michonne that Earl till owes a debt. He can pay it by working under supervision. She’s going to get the plow fixed, and the field planted. Michonne asks, what changed? Maggie says her daddy drank. He was a good man, and if he hadn’t gotten a second chance, a lot of people would have been worse off. Michonne counts herself as one of them. Maggie says, but Gregory had chance after chance, and he wasted them. She doesn’t regret what she did. Some people can be redeemed; others can’t. Michonne asks, who makes that decision? and Maggie guesses it’s one of the things they have to figure out.

Justin tells Rick to keep his dog on a leash, referring to Daryl. He tried to kill him over nothing. Rick says he knows Justin. He used to be a cop. Every Saturday night, he’d pick up a dipsh*t like him, trying to blame someone else for their own damn problems. Justin says he doesn’t have to listen, but Rick says he does. Rick gave him the benefit of the doubt. That’s done. Pack his sh*t, and get out in the morning. If Rick sees his face again, even stitches won’t fix it. Justin says he wouldn’t stay if Rick begged him to, and he’s not waiting until morning.

Rick tells Aaron it’s going to be all right, which is easy for him to say. He would have died if the wound had gotten infected. Rick sits, and says he’s sorry. They were all supposed to be working together, and he thought they were. He knows he was pushing hard, putting the project first, and he paid the price. Aaron says it’s worth it. When the dead started to rise, he thought he was seeing the end of everything. Rick changed all that. It’s not the end of the world anymore. It’s the start of a whole new one. He’ll always be glad he was there to be a part of it.

Gabriel and Anne sit near a pong. Gabriel says those are frog mating calls. There’s a wild frog party going on. Anne says, that’s a strange thing to know, and Gabriel tells her that he grew up playing in the woods. It sounds like home. She asks if he knows the woman he had her draw. He says he doesn’t ask her secrets, and she asks if that’s who she was; a secret lover perhaps. He says it was nothing like that. She was the organist at his church. He cared for her very much, but was afraid and lost her. Anne thought he was supposed to be celibate, but he says he’s Episcopal, not Catholic. His vows don’t prohibit him from… He kisses her, and she kisses back. Wow. I didn’t see that coming. Gabriel says he’s supposed to be on watch. She says, then watch, and kisses him again.

Everyone jokes around the campfire. Carol asks Ezekiel if he’s still carrying the old ring around. She just wants to try it on for a while. He tries to get on one knee, and she tells him, no. He says he wrote a speech, and she says she’s sure he did. He can read it to her later. He puts the ring on her, and they smile at each other. Rick watches.

Rick says, it was a hard day. The hardest in a while. A man lost his arm; the project fell behind schedule; people were at each other’s throats. As bad as it was, when the day was done, they came together. Not all of them, but enough. They chose to be together. See what he’s getting at? No matter what happens, it’s human nature to come together. It’s what they do.

Negan (I was right) says, it’s a real pretty picture Rick is painting. When does he get to see it? Rick says, never. He’s going to die behind bars. He knows that. Negan says, then as a final request, why doesn’t he bring… Rick asks if he ever gets tired of acting still he’s still in charge. Negan asks, does he? Does Rick think because they had a weenie roast he has it locked? When everything goes to sh*t – and it will – make sure to come back and tell him. Rick says they’re thriving without Negan. They’re building a future, like he said. Negan asks, for who? Carl? Rick tells Negan not to speak Carl’s name. Negan says Rick’s family is gone; the same as his. The bridge isn’t the future. It’s a monument to the dead. Rick isn’t saving the world. He’s just getting it ready for Negan.

In the cherry picker, Anne hears something, and looks up. She sees a helicopter flying across the night’s sky.

Justin walks along the road in the dark, alone. He’s drinking, which probably isn’t the brightest idea. He tosses the bottle, so he’s a litterbug too. He hears something, and brings out a sword. Someone comes out of the woods who he recognizes. He says they could have gotten themselves killed… What the hell?

Next time, the future belongs to all of them, rioting starts, and Maggie and Daryl walk a road together.

😔 Tonight’s episode was dedicated to Scott Wilson aka Herschel.


💍 Tonight was the finale of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. The Couples Tell All is their version of a reunion, where at least one cast member has to SKYPE in because they didn’t get their visa or it didn’t work out. This time, there were several, and it was probably the messiest Tell All ever. Fingers in faces, walkouts, Shaun Robinson the worst host in the world. I read there’s an internet petition to get rid of her. A sad show made even sadder. That’s not to say it wasn’t the best thing since the invention of reality TV. One couple never even made it to meeting each other, and was a no show. Darcey and Jesse went from Jesse claiming he was going to file charges, to hugging it out. Karine announced she was pregnant, and Paul asked for another DNA test. Ricky decided to stay with his ex-wife, making him look like even more of an idiot, and leaving Ximena grateful she didn’t get more involved. Angela broke up with Michael, who was on SKYPE, because he brought up their age difference once again. It was apparently once too many. She ended up taking it out on Rachel when the couples present at the studio were brought together. We also found out that Michael did not steal all of Angela’s money when she gave him her PIN, and it was a bank error, probably the biggest surprise of the season. The only disappointment was that John wasn’t there in person, since I’m sure he would have had a fistfight with someone. After taking copious notes throughout the season, I’ll be submitting my analyzation of these couples in the near future.

👰 Almost Wife Meets Sister Wife…

Because being involved with one bad situation isn’t enough.


✈ Say It Ain’t So…

Looks like not-so-Juicy Joe might be getting the boot to the boot.


🐷 Best Music Video In a While…

October 7, 2018 – The Original Walkers Return, Talking Tidbit, RIP Herschel, 90 News, He’s Back, a Scammer Scammed & Cabin Fun


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Alexandria is being rebuilt, and looking pretty good. Michonne teaches Judith to paint. She and Rick take Judith for a walk. Why does Judith look more like Michonne than Lori or Shane?

Two Alexandrians hang up a zombie scarecrow, but Daryl shoots it in the head with an arrow. Jesus kicks zombie ass outside. Aaron wants to learn, and Jesus says he teaches a class. Zombie Ass Kicking 101? Rick gets a group together to go to DC.

Outside, it’s quiet. A group of zombies meanders up the street, begins to gather. Rick and Michonne gallop by on horses and whack them in the head. King Ezekiel follows, along with some others on horses and a horse pulled cart. Daryl brings up the rear with his motorcycle dudes.

The group does a sweep of a museum. A lone zombie pops up from behind the desk. Oh, it must be government run. Rick says they have their lists. Circle back when they’re done, and be safe. They split into smaller groups. Maggie says it’s going to work. Michonne sees zombies roaming underneath them through a glass floor, and carefully walks across. A zombie plummets over the bannister of an upper floor. Although he’s impaled on something, Daryl finishes him off.

Downstairs, Rick’s group looks around in the dark. Siddiq gets caught under a tarp with a zombie crawling with spiders. He doesn’t like spiders. Apparently even less than he likes zombies.

A zombie ambles toward the chain of human evolution, and becomes the final frame in the display. Daryl helps Cyndie with a canoe, and asks if she’s all right. She was thinking about her brother. They were fighting in a canoe at the county fair. She asks if he has random memories like that. Daryl says most of his memories of his brother involve fighting. He had friends who fought with him, but they didn’t make it.

Rick’s group finds a crate where seeds are being stores. Anne remembered where they were from the days when she was teaching; she brought her class there. Rick tells them to take the lot. Gee, seeds aren’t that heavy; take them all. He wants to get back, and see if the others need help.

Michonne is surprised that Gregory called for an election. Maggie says he had one great idea, but he’s sore about the results. Michonne says, the rebirth of democracy – by that guy. Who’d have thought. Carol says she lives with a king. Maggie says, it works, but there’s something about a vote. She tells them that they have to help the Sanctuary, and Michonne says she’s glad Maggie won.

Rick, Carol, and some others try to get a covered wagon down the stairs, and over the glass floor, which is at the bottom of the staircase. They wheel it slowly off the bottom steps and across the glass. The glass begins to crack, but the zombies don’t notice them. Maggie helps bring down a vintage plow. As the carry it across the glass, it isn’t looking good. Rick says, no sudden moves; nice and slow. Rick, Ezekiel, and Carol take another piece of equipment across. The glass cracks some more, and Ezekiel falls through. The zombies come at him, and latch onto him. He’s tied to a column with a rope that’s rubbing back and forth against the jagged glass. Dangling, Ezekiel kicks at the zombies, who are pulling at him every which way. The others try to pull him back. I’m freaking out, and hopping around in my chair. Daryl tries to use the crossbow, but can’t get a clear hit. Somehow, they get him back up. Carol hugs him, and then kisses him. Whoa. Nothing like romance in the apocalypse. That was rough. I don’t like many characters on this show, but he’s one of them.

The caravan heads back out.

Daryl pikes a random zombie in the head as he drives past it. He circles back to get his pokey stick. A few guys discuss how Daryl never smiles. Ezekiel tells Carol that he was scared back there. Carol was too, but she’s glad he’s okay. He says it made him remember something he’s been taking for granted. You can’t wait on life. He asks her to marry him, and shows her a ring. She tells him, put that thing away; it will snag on everything. She told him not to ask, especially after something like this. He laughs, and says he’ll always love her. He’ll keep it until she’s ready.

They get to a bridge, but a herd has taken it out. Maggie needs to get back to baby Herschel. Rick says, keep an eye on the road. He tells Gabriel to take his group back to Alexandria. The rest will go to Sanctuary and Hilltop, stay overnight, then head out from there. Enid writes bridge out on the sign.  Michonne tells Rick the horses can’t pull the wagon in the mud. Ken thinks they need a break. Maggie thinks they should come back, but Michonne isn’t so sure. Rick says they should swap out the horses, while they see what they can do about the trailers. Rick, Michonne, Daryl, and Ezekiel pull the wagon, but zombies toddle out of the woods. They get the wagon past the mud, and Rick tells Daryl and Michonne to take care of business. They load the wagon up with the farm equipment. The horses get nervous and rear up. The plow falls out and breaks apart. Rick tells them leave the wagon. Ken runs back to free the horses, and gets bit. Making sad face.

Siddiq tells him be all right, but no, he’s not. They start to make a tourniquet, but it’s too late. He’s gone. I hate this stupid show. Maggie cries, and I get annoyed that she’s suddenly being a baby.

Back in Alexandria, Maggie visits Ken’s parents, Earl and Tammy. Tammy says she took their boy out there, and now their son is dead. And what do they have to show for it? A broken plow. Maggie tells her they got more than that, but Tammy says the Sanctuary will get it all. Earl tells her to calm down. She says she hates Maggie but asks what kind of man would let this go? Um… a realistic one? Maggie would like to arrange a funeral, but Tammy says they’ll do it, and Maggie is not welcome. Tammy voted for her, but they’re not friends. Gregory was the one who said he put Hilltop first. He’s a scoundrel, but he’s no fool. Their son is dead, and Maggie’s boy has no father. The Saviors eat their food, and take everything Hilltop has bled for. It ain’t right.

Maggie watches as the funeral happens. A guy sings, and says he’s going to miss Ken. The world was a better place for having him in it. They drink to Ken.

Rick and his group arrive at the Sanctuary. Eugene says they all have a well-compiled list that needs attention. Someone asks Daryl if he’s giving a speech, but he says it’s a bad time; they just lost someone. Michonne sees, Saviors save us! We are still Negan, written on the wall. Michonne asks who did this? and Daryl tells a guy to clean it up or paint over it. The guy says they’re running out of paint; they’re finding it all over the place. He doesn’t seem too eager to get rid of it.

At the funeral, Gregory eulogizes Ken, saying, Ken had a good heart; he wasn’t a fighter. He tended to the animals. Regular guys like Ken keep the place going. He’s remembered as a son, a friend, a shining example of Hilltop. The straight face of fundamental decency, even in tragedy. Rest in peace. Jesus says, that was beautiful. Gregory says, it makes think about what you have, and what you’ve lost. He’s grateful for what he has.

Rick shakes hands. Eugene says they need a boost until help comes. Rick says he came with farming equipment, and heirloom seeds. They’re going to look to the past to help them with the present. A dude thanks Rick, and everyone applauds.

Rick asks Daryl, what’s up. Daryl doesn’t want to be there; it doesn’t feel right. He’s always better out there. He always has been. Rick says Daryl put this place together. He kept the people in line. He can’t let the Sanctuary fail. Daryl says it will anyway. It’s a factory; nothing grows. They still need other people to provide. Nothing changed. Rick says they give willingly, but Daryl says, nothing lasts. The bridge is out, and pretty soon, it will take days to ride from one place to another. Everyone is everywhere. When they were a small group at the beginning, they could do anything. That was right, and what he knows. Rick asks if Daryl wants to come to Alexandria, but he wants to go to Hilltop to check on Maggie and the baby. Daryl says they’ll need someone to take his place if he leaves. Eugene is going to Oceanside. The Kingdom has their own problems, and they need help back home. They’re not together because things have changed. Daryl says, he changed them. He gets it. Carol watches. I can’t figure out why, for all his smarts, Eugene couldn’t come up with some kind of hydroponic farming or something.

Gregory offers Ken’s parents a drink. Earl tells Tammy to go ahead; he’s fine. She takes a slug of whiskey. I guess she has a few more slugs, because now he’s putting her to bed. He asks what he’s supposed to do. She wants to be by herself and sleep. He asks if he should leave, but she says, no. He covers her with a blanket, and kisses her. Gregory appears, and offers to sit with her.

Daryl passes a smoke to Carol, who puts it out, saying it will kill him. She says they don’t sleep. Ezekiel sleeps like a baby. Daryl thinks Ezekiel is all right, but he’s corny. Carol is glad she has his approval. Corny is nice, after what she went through with Ed. Daryl is happy for her. He says if anyone deserves happiness, it’s her. He doesn’t like not seeing her. She wants to take over the Sanctuary for a while for him. She says Ezekiel asked her to marry him. Part of her wanted to say yes. Daryl asks, why not? She doesn’t know. She wants to take her time with him. He asks if Ezekiel is coming with her, but she says, no.

Earl tells Gregory his son didn’t need to be out there. He didn’t need to die. Gregory says, no, he didn’t. Earl wants to know, where’s the justice. Gregory says Maggie thinks she’s above the law. The election was a joke. He asks who Earl thinks counted the ballots – her buddy Jesus. A lot of people aren’t happy; they’re just afraid to speak up. She does whatever Rick says, even if it’s not good. Earl doesn’t see what they can do about it. She decides. Gregory says Maggie’s priorities are set, and the decisions she made put his boy in the ground. He’s speaking plainly because he’s angry. He see their lives being treated as the price of doing someone else’s business. Earl says, she’s the leader, and Gregory says, she doesn’t have to be.

Rick washes up, and gets in bed. Michonne calls him the famous Rick Grimes. He tells her not to start. She says don’t let it get to his head. Not today for sure. She wouldn’t want to be Maggie right now. Rick says, no, and she asks if he saw the name on the wall, Did they do the right thing? Sometimes she thinks they should have killed him. Rick thinks about it a lot, but it wouldn’t have changed anything. They don’t want Negan; they want food. Michonne has been thinking maybe they need an agreement between the communities. This is what they believe; this is how they treat each other; this is what happens when they don’t. Rick feels like it’s the right time. She says they couldn’t before; they were always running and fighting. Rick thinks it could pull people closer together; it’s smart. He tells her that Daryl isn’t happy. He’s worried about things breaking down. Michonne says he wouldn’t say anything if it wasn’t important. He cares. Rick says, too much sometimes. Michonne says, if he’s worried, there’s a reason. She wonders what they do, and Rick says they need to fix the bridge. She adds, and get the people to agree to a charter. He says, not constitution? and she says, charter. He says, okay; tomorrow. He feels lucky that he found her, and Michonne says they both lost enough. It’s time they won a little. They get busy, and she calls him the famous Rick Grimes again.

Maggie pushes Herschel’s stroller. Gregory sees her, and says, tough night. He’s been there, and he’s sorry. He knows it hasn’t been easy. She won fair and square, and was a worthy adversary. The election forced him to do some soul searching. Maggie says, it’s hard, not knowing where your place is. He can have one if he wants. He tells her when they were burying Ken, he didn’t want to say anything, but it looked like someone defaced Glenn’s grave. It was probably an accident, or kids who didn’t know any better. He hopes it wasn’t someone angry about the election, but it’s probably no big deal. She can check it tomorrow. Maggie jets.

A hooded figure ambushes her. She struggles with him, and Enid comes running to help, but gets knocked out. A bunch of people grab him, and pull his hood back. It’s Earl. Gregory asks what happened, like he doesn’t know. Maggie says he tried to have her killed because he’s too chicken sh*t to do it himself. He says she wants to ruin it. He built this place. It wouldn’t exist without him. She’s just Rick’s lackey. Maggie says Rick is her friend and mentor. He says she can’t go back because you-know-who is still there. She can’t believe after all the chances she gave him. He tries to stab her, but she gets the better of him.

Carol says goodbye to Ezekiel. She tells him that she’s not running away. He feels like she is, and wonders if he pushed too hard. She say her friends need her help. She has a home to come back to, and that’s enough for her for now. Ezekiel says he’ll be content to move at her speed, calling her Lady Carol. They kiss, and he says it’s such sweet sorrow. Carol tells Jerry to take care of him for her, just for a little bit. Ezekiel and Jerry gallop off.

Rick, Michonne, and Daryl drive in to Hilltop. Rick holds baby Herschel. Maggie calls Herschel a little stinker, and Rick says he’s perfect.  She thinks she’ll keep him. She puts the baby in the playpen. Rick says they’re going on runs again. She should visit Alexandria sometime. Judith talks about her a lot. He’s surprised she still remembers, but she does. He tells her that he needs her help in fixing the bridge. Hilltop is thriving; they’re better than anywhere else. She’s been generous, and given so much already, but he’s asking for more. The Sanctuary is still short, and the project will take a lot of people and supplies. He’s hoping she can be generous again. Maggie says, no more supplies without getting something back. If the Sanctuary needs food, she’ll give it to them, but in return, they provide the labor and fuel from their dead corn. Rick says, they’re barely holding on. Maggie wonders why he feels obliged to help. They surrendered, and weren’t killed. They can’t solve all their problems when there things here to deal. He’s sorry about what happened with her and Enid. She says she’s survived worse, but it has to stop. It changes now. She says it will be dark soon; it’s time to put the kids to bed.

It’s nighttime, and Gregory stands on a gallows, a horse underneath him, and a noose around his neck. Maggie says she doesn’t want to do this, but people need to understand, at Hilltop, the punishment fits the crime. She asks if he has any final words. Gregory begs for somebody to stop this. Killing him in the dead of night. She should be ashamed. It’s wrong. Maggie says she’s not ashamed. She nods and Daryl moves toward the gallows. Gregory starts wailing, stop! Suddenly, a couple of little kids are there. Michonne starts to run to the front, but Rick grabs her. Daryl slaps the horse, and Gregory hangs, swinging from the rope. Maggie tells them to get the children back in bed. She made this decision, but it’s not the beginning of something. She doesn’t want to go through it again. Rick looks at Ken’s parents. He tells Daryl to cut Gregory down. Daryl cuts the rope, and Gregory’s body drops to the ground.

Next time, rebuilding the bridge, Daryl wonders if they’re on the same side. Michonne wants rules, and Negan says they’re not saving the world, just getting it ready for him. Glad he’s still feisty.

👄 On Talking Dead, director Greg Nicotero said this season would have more of a Western movie feel, which was the original idea, with Rick being a sort of cowboy. They also talked about the new opening, and I watched that a second time. It definitely gives the vibe of a modern Western.

😞 Sad TWD News…

One of the characters I actually liked.


💍 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days – or as I like to call it, you all deserve each other – concludes its season next week. I have a lot to say about it, and am working on my dissertation as we speak. And luckily, just around the corner, are all new couples on 90 Day Fiancé, the original. This show has so many spin-offs, it could have its own channel. Which would be okay with me.

🎃 Because It’s That Time Again…

And because he never really dies.


🃏 Something Funny…

To make Monday less painful, enjoy this dude having fun with a scammer on CraigsList.


⛺ And Because I Can’t Leave It Alone…

The Cabin in the Woods. Never. Gets. Old.







September 24, 2018 – Morgan’s Leap of Faith, Sorry Charlie, a Few Thoughts, Aviva, Darcey & Tonya


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

Morgan looks down on the wandering zombies in the parking lot. June asks if Al copies. Jim suggests she’s dead, and June tells him, shut it, Jimbo. Jim wonders what Morgan is waiting for. He got them into this. Wen asks if he can do the honors when Jim becomes a zombie. Jim says, the way it’s looking, he won’t be the only one who needs to get put down. Morgan is sorry, but doesn’t know how they’re getting out. June says, if he doesn’t want to lead, fine, but he can help.

Victor hears Alicia yelling. He and John see her and Charlie across the water. John wonders how the hell they found them. Victor says perhaps he was right; they just needed to believe.

Alicia gets through to June on the radio. She tells June she’s with Charlie, and they just found John and Victor. They’re cut off by the flooding, but they’re going to get them. She asks where they are, but Morgan says he can’t tell her; it’s not safe. He got them stuck, and doesn’t know if there’s a way out. Alicia says she did what he told her to – she tried to be there for someone who needed her. Now they found John and Victor; she’ll find them. She tells him, hang in there. June says they have to find Al first, and Morgan tells her they should do that after they get John and Victor. She wonders how they’re getting down, and Morgan says, maybe the same way they came up.

John says the crocodile is hungry today. He says, they ain’t coming back. They won’t be able to find a way. Victor says his doubts are unfounded. John asks if that’s why Victor isn’t drowning his sorrows, and Victor says he’s saving it for when they get out. John asks what makes him think Alicia and Charlie can help. Victor says he was unable to see the promise of what lies ahead, and John thinks he might have used all that up. The way he looks at life, he put himself on an island before living on the brighter side. Someone helped him see it, and took him off the island. Victor says someone helped him get off the island. Alicia knows what Charlie did; who she took. Now, they’re working together. If that doesn’t make John think anything is possible, he doesn’t know what else will.

Alicia tells Charlie that they need something that will float; like a boat or canoe. They look around.

Martha bleeds onto a map. She puts a paper towel on her bullet wound, as I would do.

Jim looks down, and I say, oh, jump already. He hears me, and stands on the ledge. Morgan tells him to wait. Why, is a mystery. Jim asks if Morgan thinks he’s jumping. Morgan asks what he is doing, and Jim asks if he’s ever seen a meat puppet (a zombie, not a member of the band) walk with broken bones. He’s not dong that until some a-hole pokes something pointy through his skull. He’s pissing on them; it’s the only fun he has. And he does. Jim asks if Morgan is there to make himself feel better about what he did to him. Morgan says they’re going to try and get to Alicia, and find a way out. Jim asks if Morgan is asking him to help. Morgan knows he doesn’t have the right. Jim says he can’t do anything about dying, but can decide how he goes. Wow. That’s one long pee. Sarah joins them, and Morgan tells her, Jim’s not coming.

Sarah says, really, Jimbo? He’s not going hand over his beer recipe? They may never see him again. At least not like this. He tells her, go to hell. She says he’s a Class A a-hole, who fills every room with a philosophical fart, but his beer is poetry in a bottle. That’s him too, and he can live on. Jim considers this, and says she’s right. It’s an exceptional brew that packs a nutritional punch. It’s refreshing, with enough alcohol content to provide a buzz. It can give comfort to a dying man. And she can bring him comfort by turning around and leaving him alone. If she trips and breaks her neck, he’ll call it a bonus. She says it’s been nice knowing him. I’d pretend to trip and freak him out.

As they’re looking at some cars, someone shoots at Alicia and Charlie. It’s Martha, who says they shouldn’t be there. Someone broke her chain, and she’s going to fix it She’s going to make them strong. Alicia says she’s hurt; they can help. Martha says she doesn’t need help. She’s not weak. Martha continues to shoot at them, and Alicia repeats they can help her. Martha tells her that she said she doesn’t need it, and keels over. Alicia goes over to her, still keeping a gun on her.

Morgan and the others sneak around the hospital. June wonders where the zombies are. Morgan taps the ground with his stick, telling them to stay close. They’ll circle back. They head down the hall, and Morgan signals for them to stay back. He looks around the corner. They see zombies under a pile of cement, and continue on. There are dead bodies everywhere, and Sarah says, Al has been busy.

They keep walking. Morgan taps some more, and calls out for Al. Luci looks at a clipboard, and says Al left a message. Sarah takes it, and reads. Al hopes they’re alive. The walkie died, but she doesn’t now if they did. She’s taking the freight elevator. If they find out she’s dead, get her tapes and make copies. And if they find that c-word, they need to be settling her sh*t. Sarah says, she didn’t use c-word; she used the full quesadilla. Wen says with the power out, the elevator won’t be running long.

John dresses his wound, saying it’s going to get infected in the muck. Victor says, maybe not. John asks if Victor hears that, and they see the Al’s van, driving right through the water. Victor takes a swig from his bottle, and John does the same. Alicia says they were looking for a boat, and found this instead. Charlie gives John his hat, and he asks if she’s talking now. Victor asks if they’re okay Alicia nods, and says, him? John asks who their fellow passenger might be. It’s Martha.

Morgan says the hallway doubles back; they should go. Outside, they’re still surrounded. Even if they get down, can’t get away – unless he creates a distraction. He got them into this, and has to get them out. He can do something to draw the zombies away from the front. June says he doesn’t have to, but Morgan says he does, and she has to let him. June asks if he’s getting out, and he says they have to go.

The others leave. Morgan drags a body out onto the roof. Jim asks if he got the others killed too. Morgan says they have work to do.

On the radio, John says it’s safe to talk. June asks if he’s okay, and he says he opened up his side a little, but he’s good now. He tells her that he had a Black Jack for her, but he ate it. She tells him that they’re at the hospital, and he says they’re headed that way. She suggests the meet on the outskirts of town. The city is filled with the dead. They can’t miss each other again.

They see a crowd of zombies lining the fence outside. Sarah tells Momo, they’re going to need a distraction. He copies. He wants them to go back inside. He just needs a minute.

Martha comes to with her hands tied. She asks what they did, and John says they’re pretty cordial considering what she did to them. Alicia says she wanted to leave Martha, and Martha says she should have. Charlie says she would have died, but Martha says she wouldn’t have been weak. Alicia says she remembers that Morgan said he’d help her. She should be thanking them. She laughs, and says, they’ll see.

Morgan asks Jim for a hand, and Jim applauds. Just kidding. Jim says Morgan has given him a good reason not to. He sits, and Morgan hangs the body over the edge of the roof. He swings it to get momentum, and then heaves it out and down. It hits the roof of a car, and the alarm goes off. The zombies gravitate to it. Morgan gets on the radio, and says, come on. He doesn’t know how long it will last.

June tells Morgan, get going. Jim too. They’ll wait. The group heads for an ambulance. Morgan says, the power is out, the elevator isn’t working, and the stairs are flooded with walkers. June says, anyone could have made that call, but Morgan says he has things to make up for. If he knows he got them out, and she’s on her way back to John, maybe he can make up for something. The group gets in the ambulance, and pulls out.

Jim tells Morgan that he’s off the hook, at least with them. He gets it. Whatever you have to make up for, it’s hard. Even if works out, he won’t know if what he’s done makes up for it. Does he think Jim being up there is the easy way out? Take it from a Class A a-hole, death is a certainty; getting out from sh*t you’ve done, not so much.

Jim asks Morgan to do him a favor before he… Would he… Morgan nods. June asks if Morgan copies, and asks what’s gong on. He says he’s getting Jim off the roof; he’s not leaving Jim behind. The car alarm is dead. They’ll have to keep going; he’ll find own way out.

John says he just stitched up a woman who tried to kill everyone he cares about. Anything is possible. Alicia says Morgan told her that if she was in the position to help, she should do it. So that’s what she’s doing.

Sarah tells Morgan that they’re all there. June says he’s wrong. No matter what he thinks, they need him. Jim tells Morgan he’s not going to get off as east as he thought. Morgan tells them not to do this, but Victor says, it’s too late. They already are.

A long truck with a hydraulic crane is outside the hospital. Morgan asks where they got it, and Sarah says, the engine is dead, but the generator for the hydraulics purrs like kitten. Martha says, this isn’t going to end well; leave now. Luci grabs an ax, and they hook the truck to the van with a chain. The ladder goes up, but Morgan says, it’s shy by a couple of stories. John asks if he can make it down to that level. Morgan gets a cable, wrapping one end around something to anchor it to the roof, and the other end around himself. He says, let’s go, and Jim sits. Morgan says he can’t leave him up there. Jim says Morgan can’t do anything for him, and tells him to go. Morgan is real sorry, and Jim says he should be, but don’t give himself a reason to be sorry for them too.

Morgan climbs down the side of the building. A zombie pops out of a terrace door, and he and Morgan struggle. The zombie pushes Morgan against the ledge, but crack shot John nails him.

On the ground, June, Luci and Alicia dispatch zombies. Morgan asks how it looks, and June says they’re drawing a crowd. They don’t have much time. In a phenomenal leap, Morgan launches himself into the cherry picker. I say, holy sh*t! He nods to Jim. John tells them all to come back, and they get on top of the truck bed. Zombies clamor at Charlie and Wen in the cab, and start to surround the truck.

Victor says, it’s one hella predicament. Sarah asks Wen if they’re all right, and he says they’re still kicking. Morgan say they need to clear a path; draw them away. He tells them to go to the van; he’s getting them out of here. On the radio, Jim says he’s got this. He can choose how he goes out, and he thinks this beats pissing in the wind. He asks if Sarah is there, and asks if she can remember something. His recipe. She says, sh*t on a stick.

Jim stands on the ledge, and gives her the recipe. She writes it down, and he tells her to hold the radio close to her ear. It’s the most important part, and no one else can know. We don’t know either, since only Sarah hears it. He says, there’s love in there too, if she can believe it, but that’s it. Everyone smiles sadly. Sarah copies that. Jim closes his eyes, and jumps. He goes through the roof of a car, and the zombies move toward it. Morgan says they should get out of there.

Uh-oh. Martha is gone. Charlie says she’s hurt; they have to look for her. Sarah says there’s no time, and Alicia says she doesn’t want their help.

It’s quiet in the van. Luci asks what they’re going to call the beer when they brew it. She says it was called Augie’s Ale, but Sarah says they’re not calling it that chicken sh*t name that the marketing company told him to give it. The name has to mean something. They decide on Jimbo’s Beerbos. Morgan says, Jim would hate that, and Sarah says she knows.

June asks where they’re going, and Victor says, out of the city. Alicia says the hurricane took out pretty much everything. Morgan says he told Jim about Virginia, where he was heading. Jim isn’t making it, but he thinks they can. He says, let’s find out, then make our way there together.

Martha draws on Jim’s face. Bitch. Jim opens his eyes, and makes zombie noises. She puts a spiky-ended pole through him, and says he’s strong now. She says, you’re strong. Now let’s go make him strong too.

Next time, the finale; Martha is going to be stronger than ever, Al is alive, Morgan can’t loose any of them, and Morgan has writing on his face even though he’s not dead.

😳 My apologizes to Jerry O’Connell – who I’m so sure reads this – since I’ve been calling him Charlie O’Connell in referring to his new show, Bravo Play by Play (which premieres tomorrow!). Charlie is his brother. who looks a lot like him and also played his brother on Sliders, which is probably what caused the confusion in my head. But while we’re on the subject, Sliders would be a great show to bring back in syndication.

📺 Brief Observations from This Week’s TV Watching…

I don’t know if Dateline: Secrets Uncovered is the best place to advertise e-Harmony.

Gleaned from watching 90 Day Fiancé – no matter how much or how little of the English language someone knows, everyone has WTF? down, as well as the eff word in general.

And from watching Hoarding: Buried Alive, the two most common reactions upon seeing a hoard for the first time are, oh sh*t! and oh my God!

I finally saw The Shape of Water. The merdude was cute, in a Groot sort of way. It reminded me of how I was in love with Pepe Le Pew when I was five. I also wondered if the guy from Boardwalk Empire is just doomed to play skeevy psychopaths.

👢 Maybe She Could Give Him a Leg Up…

They had to let Aviva go. Once you throw your leg on the table, there’s just no way to top yourself.


❓ What Did Darcey Do?

On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, Jesse was returning to the US to put the final nail in the relationship coffin. He hinted at something abominable that Darcey had done that was some sort of deal breaker. The closest I could come to finding anything was this, but I’m not quite satisfied.


✴ Something Extra…

Tonya Pinkins ALEX FWD Audition Self Tape for Filthy Woman “Martha.”

September 16, 2018 – Martha Wreaks Havoc, Dwayne, a Little Talking, a Bit of 90, a Beauty’s Secret & Monday Feels


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

A dude is trapped in a car; he’s impaled on something. The driver tells him just stay with her; someone will stop and help. The driver is Crazy Lady. I guess this is her backstory. She yells for a car to stop, but they just keep moving. As does the next one. A third goes around her.  Crazy Lady cries, and sits next to the car. A zombie toddles out of the woods. She starts telling him that her husband needs help, and realizes this guy is not right. She slams him a rake. Don’t ask me where she got that from.

Back in the car, she tells her husband someone will help them; someone will come. He wants her to go, but she won’t. She holds his hand and kisses it. It’s nighttime, and she cries on the hood of the car. The next morning, she’s still saying, someone will come. We hear zombie noises, but this time it’s her husband from inside the car. She wraps her hand, and picks up a piece of broken glass. All is quiet.

Crazy Lady buries her husband in a field nearby, digging the grave with her hands, and crying. When it’s done, she builds a fire, talks to herself, and slowly goes crazy. She sleeps on the grave.

A truck stops by the broken down car. A woman takes a box out of the back, and places it at the nearest sign. She sees Crazy Lady, and asks if she needs something. They make a drop about every ten miles. Crazy Lady looks at what she’s written on the box, and tells her, it’s farther not further. Further denotes degree; farther denotes distance. She was an English teacher, and drives people crazy, but words matter. It’s all we leave behind. The woman introduces herself as Stevie, and Crazy Lady says she’s Martha. Stevie thanks Martha for helping her. Martha says she doesn’t help, then kills Stevie, saying neither does she.

With Stevie at the end of a pole, Martha nails the next delivery person, and with that guy, the next, and so on. She tells the last guy, when you help people, they never learn to take care of themselves. She says one of them told her the man who started this calls himself Polar Bear. The guy won’t talk, and she lets the latest pole zombie loose on him. She gets on the radio in the truck, and she asks if Polar Bear copies. A voice says he thinks he hitched ride accidentally in the back of a semi. I think it’s Morgan. She half-smiles.

In the back of Sarah’s truck, Morgan and June stir. In the cab, Sarah’s belt is jammed. Jim gets her free, just as Martha comes back around in Al’s tank. The tank stops. Morgan looks through a bullet hole in the door. He wonders what she’s waiting for, and Al says she probably used up all her ammo. Sarah’s been hit, and Wen tells Jim to keep the pressure on; he’s got this. Morgan says they can’t stay, and helps Luci up. Wen says, sh*t in a sandbox, seeing there’s a gas leak.

They get out of the truck. Al runs to her tank, and opens the back. Martha comes out with her Quinn zombie kabob. Morgan tells her not to do this, and Martha says she didn’t; he did. He says, then make him pay. She tells him that he has potential. He says she’s stuck; he was too. Martha says she is, and Wen shoots her in the shoulder. Quinn is in the process of trying to eat June’s face, and Morgan stabs him in the head. Wen tells Martha not to move; he’s going to lay her down with the next one. A fire starts in the engine of the truck, and Jim tells Sarah, that’s not good. She and Jim ditch the truck, and it blows up. Morgan says, the boxes, but it’s too late. The whole thing goes up in flames.

Jim says his yeast cake was in there. A small crowd of zombies has arrived, and Luci says they don’t have enough ammo. Martha takes off in the tank.

Alicia and Charlie arrive at the remains of the truck. Charlie wonders where they are, and Alicia tells her, stay in the car. Alicia calls Morgan’s name. Charlie approaches Alicia, and says, the woman on the walkie. Why would she do this? Alicia borderline cries.

They look at a map. Charlie says, they could still be out there. Alicia says, they could be anywhere. She’s thinking east. They get back in the car.

Sarah says, sh*t in a sandbox, which is apparently the phrase of the night. A load of zombies is coming up the road behind them. Morgan says it’s going to keep building. Jim is pulling Wen, and Al has a ruptured ear drum. Jim says at least she’s mobile. Wen wants to know why Jim got through it without a scratch, and Jim says he’s good. Sarah says, at ducking, and Jim says, no; at living. We find out Sarah was a Marine. June wants to check everyone out, but Jim says they can’t slow down. Morgan sees shelter, and says maybe they can. Sarah tells him, good eye, Momo. Jim wonders why wait them out when they can keep moving away from things that want to eat them. Morgan says Jim thinks they can get ahead of them, but they won’t. Jim says he’ll take his chances. Sarah says he wouldn’t be there if Momo hadn’t saved him. Jim owes him. Jim asks, for what? She got shot because Morgan brought them back and wouldn’t listen. The woman wants him, not them. She tells him to go, and tosses his bag at him. Jim asks if Morgan really thinks they’ll be safe. He does. Jim looks at the zombies coming up the road, and joins the others. I wonder why he didn’t pick up the bag.

They hole up inside a hospital. Zombies scrabble at the windows. June says she stitched up Wen, Al has a mild concussion, and Jim is Jim. Morgan says they can’t stay for long, and June says they got medical supplies, and a chance to catch their breath.

They move deeper into the building. Sarah finds a radio. She says if that woman is still alive, she’d like to light her up like a pinball machine. Wen says he got her pretty good, but June says she shot him. Al gets where he’s coming from. She asks how he got into the chair. Wen explains that when he was ten, a kid kicked a ball into the street. He didn’t see a car coming, and Wen pushed him. The kid got up; Wen didn’t. Al asks if that’s what changed him. He says it made him help people even more. He had to work harder for things. After graduation he went to register for the Marines, but the recruiting officer laughed, and wouldn’t file the application. Al says, bad sh*t happens when you try to help people. Wen says now she’s getting it.

Alicia and Charlie looks for gas in other cars. Charlie thinks they should turn back, but Alicia says they have to keep moving. Alicia tries a truck, and gets nothing. Charlie asks how they could have gotten this far, and Alicia says they’re not looking for them. They’re going to Galveston; that’s where the beach is. Charlie has never been to the beach, so Alicia is taking her. It’s one thing she knows she can do.

Morgan blocks the windows with hospital equipment. Jim tells Morgan that earlier, when he said this was Morgan’s fault… The zombies finally push in the window, and Morgan grabs Jim. They run, and the zombies pour in.

Morgan says they need to get out. Okay, Captain Obvious. Jim says Morgan claimed they’d be safe there. Sarah tells Jim to shut up, but Jim says he got them into this. He had the answer; what now, Sherlock Holmes? They listened to him, now he needs to get them out. Everyone waits, and Morgan finally says they go up.

They bypass the first floor, where zombies clamor at the door window. Morgan says, keep going. The zombies below begin to follow. The next floor’s door window is shatter, and a zombie grabs for them as they go by. Morgan makes noise at the next door, but there’s nothing. He tells them to come in. Zombies clutter the stairwell, and they block the door behind them.

Morgan tells them to make sure the stairwells are secure. Sarah and Al check the floor. Al asks Sarah about the Marines, and Sarah says she quit. She didn’t agree with their code of conduct. Al bangs at a door, and radios Morgan that those stairs can’t be used; they dumped the dead there. Morgan suggests the west stairs, and June tells him the roof has caved in on the landing, and the barricade isn’t holding. Morgan says, the roof; they’ll take the elevators. June says the generators were kept high up because of flooding. Sarah tells Al, let’s stir some beef.

Jim tells Morgan, if they get out alive, they’re driving directly to Virginia. Morgan says he can’t get there soon enough. Two zombies back Morgan against the wall, while another one attacks Jim. Jim calls for Morgan, who’s a little busy, but grabs a pair of surgical scissors and stabs the zombie in the neck. The zombie gets Jim down on the floor, and when he grabs at it, it’s scalp comes off. Yuk, He manages to get ahold of the scissors again, and spikes it in the head. Morgan runs in, and Jim says, it wasn’t so hard. June finds the generators. She says she’ll get them working, and to meet at the elevators. Luci tells her to hurry; they can’t hold on much longer.

Al tells Sarah to leave with her brother. Trust her. Go. Al closes the door.

Luci. Wen, and June dash for the elevator, and Morgan and Jim come around the other way. Sarah tells them, Al has gone solo. The zombies are there, and Morgan says, ready? Sarah pries the elevator door open, and they run in, the door closing just before any zombies get inside. It’s so effing close, my heart is pounding.

They go onto the roof. Morgan says, it’s clear. Sarah radios Al, but gets nothing. Luci says, she’s smart, she’s resourceful, and she’ll find a way up. Jim looks down to the street, and doesn’t think they want to go down there, even if they could. His hand is bleeding, and June asks what happened. He says he put his hand through a window, and she wants to clean it up before it gets infected. He lifts his shirt, and she doesn’t look happy. She says he didn’t get cut by glass. He has a bite. He tells her, do something. She’s sorry, but there’s nothing she can do. He says, no, no, no, no, no, and everyone looks sick. He asks how long it takes, but June doesn’t know. He stands by himself. I’m wondering if he’s going to jump off the roof.

Morgan tells June that Jim asked for his help. He asked Morgan to save him. June says he did, as long as he could. She says, Al will make it back. They made it there; what’s next? Morgan laughs, and says, she’s asking him? She says he got them there, and he says, that’s right; he did. She asks if he can he get them out. He says he can’t, but she says he will.

Alicia tells Charlie that it’s a little farther. Charlie says they’re hundreds of miles from the coast. They should have kept looking. Alicia says it wouldn’t have made a difference, but Charlie says, they need help. Alicia says, they could be dead. They could find them, find them dead, or die tying to find them. She’s trying to take Charlie to Galveston. She though if could get Charlie there, that would be good. Getting her to the beach; she knows that would be good. Alicia needs something to be good. I can identify. Charlie says she does too. She asks if Alicia hears that. It sounds like water.

Alicia says, it’s not on the map. They come out near John’s lagoon. Charlie says, it’s a beach, and walks to the water. Be careful of that crocodile. Charlie picks up John’s hat. She says, look, and they look across the water. Alicia laughs, and says, holy sh*t.

Next time, Martha shoots at Charlie and Alicia, June says they’ll find a way down, and Wen isn’t sure if they’re all right, but they’re still kicking.

🎥 The episode was dedicated to Dwayne Haevischer. He worked in the transportation department of many films, including three of my favorites, Planet Terror, Death Proof and Machete. You can read more about him here:


📣 Tonight’s Talking Dead guests were the mega talented Tonya Pinkins (Martha, FWD), Lou Diamond Phillips (who has been directing FWD this season), and Sinbad (!), who apparently is a super fan. It was a lively discussion, but I mentioned it just to say that Ms. Pinkins cleans up well. She would be unrecognizable as being the Crazy Lady aka Martha. She was just gorgeous.

💍 A Couple of Couples…

A quickie about 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days (where the delusional meet), since I can’t contain myself. Jesse paid a visit to Darcey in the US, and it was a bickering hell. Remember Fantasy Island? This was just the opposite. It boggles my mind that these two are still together, albeit off again/on again. Their anger is palpable during the interviews they do together. They spent a couple of days in NYC, which neither one of them enjoyed, then stayed at an Airbnb in Connecticut. Darcey’s girls met Jesse in Manhattan, and also spent time at the rental. Jesse insisted on calling Connecticut CT, which is fine if you’re addressing something, but normal people don’t talk like that. Darcey said their chemistry is magnetic, and Jesse said something about a connection, so I can only assume it’s the sex. Or they get some weird S&M satisfaction out of it. These two just do not get along. It was pretty funny when she threw a Louboutin at him though.

The other couple I’d like to touch on is Ricky and Melissa, who is now Ximena. No, she’s not a trans person, but Ricky came to Columbia looking for Melissa’s love, and ended up finding it with second choice, Ximena, when Melissa ghosted him. Ricky is totally out of touch with reality, since Melissa was freezing him out before he even left the States. She did show up for dinner – three hours late – but what he said was having chemistry, was basically a mercy date. Ximena on the other hand, seems to be an open, lovely person, attractive, but not in the bombshell way Melissa is. Ricky’s first mistake, thinking he was in Melissa’s league, and an explanation as to why Ximena was second string. Which led to his second mistake, calling Ximena Melissa in what, no doubt, was an intimate moment. But instead of doing the hard, but noble thing, by explaining things to her – hint: she will see the show anyway – he told her it was a member of the crew. He made a couple of feeble attempts to tell her, all of them ending in him making something else up. I just kept thinking, what an idiot. All the things she’s thinking whenever he says, I have something difficult to tell you, are so much worse than what it is. But since he waited so long, he did make it worse. Tonight, he finally told Ximena that he’d originally come there to meet Melissa. To her credit, Ximena didn’t crack him one across the face. Although she did call him a bullsh*t artist, and said she never wanted to see him again. I do kind of feel sorry for him, since he seems to care for her, but sorrier for her. Then again, it’s hard to feel sorry for people who think they can fall in love in five minutes, especially when they can barely communicate.

👓 Beauty Advice…

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.Audrey Hepburn

☁ It’s Ba-a-ack…