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August 15, 2017 – Evidence Disappears, a Mansion Burns & Mediterranean Season is Over


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Alexis and Kristina are having a picnic in the park. Alexis tells Kristina that she doesn’t know if her testimony helped or hurt Julian. Kristina tells Alexis to give herself a break and chill. Alexis asks how registration went, and Kristina says you know how it is. Alexis doesn’t, and asks how is it?

Ava talks to herself, saying that all she needs is a referral from the Prince of Darkness, and sell her soul to get her face back. Oh for Pete’s sake. I don’t believe Nikolas is dead, but even if Valentin killed him, he’s not all that bad. She won’t choose vanity over justice for Nikolas, and puts Valentin’s card away again. I note that she hasn’t thrown it away, so maybe she will be choosing vanity yet. Griff knocks at the door. He says he was out for a walk, and asks if she’d like to join him and give the world another go.

Josslyn meets Oscar at the bridge. She says it sounded urgent. He asks if she wants to go to a concert in the park tonight.

Michael and Nelle have their picnic basket ready. She’s glad he’s taking a break from his responsibilities, but Nelle’s phone rings. She says she’ll be right there, and tells Michael it was the police. They want her to answer some questions about Sonny’s shooting.

Dante says he got new information on the gun. They found a posting on the Dark Web about a gun for sale, and they’re going to ask the guy some questions. He tells Sonny whatever secret he’s trying to hide is going to come out, so spill it now.

Jason asks for a word with an officer at the station.

Carly storms into Sam’s room, saying she knows what Sam did to Sonny. Carly is starting to get on my nerves.

Griff walks in and Ava says not to be rude, but she didn’t invite him in. He tells her the fresh air will do her good. She says she doesn’t need to go out. She just orders something and it shows up. She says she’s not afraid of the world; the world is afraid of her. Every time she goes out the townspeople come after her with torches and pitchforks. He tells her doctor’s orders; she needs to get out. She asks if it’s the doctor or priest talking. Griff says maybe he’s asking as a friend.

Alexis says she doesn’t blame Kristina if she’s uncomfortable with the new school year. She says she’s not, but thanks for the reminder. Alexis says it’s a fresh start, and a chance to reinvent herself. Kristina says she likes herself the way she is. She asks Alexis what’s wrong, and sees Parker standing behind her.

Oscar tells Josslyn that the concert is classical, and then goes full-on jazz. He thinks she’ll love it. Josslyn is about to text Trina, but Oscar says he’d like it to be just them. She asks like a date? and he says exactly.

Sonny says the gun wasn’t his, and asks why Dante is hounding him. The Big Garve ambushed him and tried to kill him. He’s dead; isn’t that enough? Dante thinks that Sonny is trying to cover up for a third shooter, and tells him he should teach a master class in stalling.

Carly starts throwing stuff around. Sam says she didn’t know what she was doing, but Carly says there’s no getting away from this, and puts her hand on Sam’s throat. Sam wakes up (as I suspected, but that doesn’t let Carly off the hook for getting on my nerves). Carly is there, and says she had a bad dream.

Parker exchanges pleasantries with Kristina. Alexis says it’s a surprise, at least for her. She finds out that Parker is teaching at PCU, and she hopes Kristina didn’t enroll in the class. Kristina says no, but Molly did.

At the park, Griff says something about a boombox, and Ava tells him to be careful or people will think he hasn’t updated his tech since the 80s. He says, look, made her laugh, but he can’t see her face. She tells him consider himself lucky. The worst are the people who deliberately don’t look at her. He tells her sometimes people don’t know what to do or say, so they do nothing, but it’s their problem not hers. She says easy for him to say; he’s not living in her skin. He tells her she’s right, but he knows her life isn’t over. It just shifted a little.

Josslyn sees Michael and Nelle. Michael introduces himself, since Oscar has already met Nelle. Josslyn talks about the concert. Michael says Nelle covered for her as long as she could, and now’s the time to come clean about the shell casing.

Carly hopes she didn’t disturb Sam. She asks if it’s the disease causing the dream, but Sam says it was just a dream. Carly asks if she wants to talk about it, and wonders what Sam had to tell her yesterday. Sam doesn’t want to bother her, but Carly says nonsense; they’re like family, and Sam can tell her anything. Jason walks in. He says Sam needs her rest; when she gets home with the kids, that’s not going to happen. Carly says she’ll visit another time, hopefully at home. Jason and Sam hug. Carly watches through the window.

Kristina tells Alexis that Molly needs the class for her minor, and Parker says she’ll be honest and fair. Alexis is more concerned about her respecting boundaries. Parker wishes them a good night. Alexis wonders why no one told her. She thinks they came down on her for not being honest, and she felt horrible and vowed to do better. She suggests they do the same, since open and honest communication goes both ways.

Ava asks Griff about surgery. He tells her go easy with online searches. She asks if he’s afraid she’ll get sucked in by an online quack. He tells her to bring whatever she finds to him, and he’ll help. She wonders why he’s interested in her case, and he says she’s not a case, but a person. Maybe she’s pitying herself and projecting onto other people. She says that’s what therapist suggested, and he says maybe therapy wasn’t a waste of time after all.

Under the guise of getting lemonade, Alexis follows Parker. She asks Parker wth she’s doing?

Josslyn is afraid Carly will freak when she finds out she’d been at the construction site. Michael says Nelle isn’t going to perjure herself so she doesn’t get in trouble. Oscar volunteers to go, since he’s the one who found it. Josslyn gives him the necklace, and he says he’ll call when they’re done. Michael says it was cool of him to step up like that. Josslyn says he is cool, and not to blame him for something she did. He tells her that if you break rules, you have to expect the consequences. Carly is going to find out the truth, and it would be best if it came from her.

Carly visits Sonny. He says he’s walking around as much as he can. She calls him a model patient, and says when he’s good, she’s suspicious. She tells him about Sam being upset and how Jason shut it down before she could talk. She says that she got the feeling you get when everyone knows something and you’re out of the loop. Sonny says there’s something he needs to tell her.

Alexis asks Parker if it’s a weird coincidence. Parker says that she was offered tenure. Alexis hopes she doesn’t blow it over a co-ed. She asks if Parker is coming back for round three. Parker says she didn’t know Kristina would be there, and Alexis says it’s her home town. She wonders how Parker’s wife feels about it, and asks if she’s going to derail Kristina’s life again, now that she’s gotten it together. Kristina says that’s enough.

Griff and Ava share a flask. Suddenly, Griff thinks something stung him. She asks if he’s been stung by a bee before. It appears he’s allergic.

Sam tells Jason about her dream and how Carly was yelling, and said she’d make her pay. He says it’s just a nightmare. Sam says that Carly was there when she woke up, and couldn’t have been kinder. The guilt isn’t going away, and she thinks Carly will understand. Jason says she will, but please wait until the investigation is closed.

Carly asks Sonny how worried she should be. He says he didn’t want to tell her until things calmed down. Michael and Josslyn interrupt. He says Josslyn has something she needs to tell Carly. Carly says it’s her night for it. Josslyn says it’s about the shell casing. Nelle wasn’t the one who found it; she was covering for her. Oscar found it when they went to the construction site.

Oscar tells Dante about finding the casing. He swears they had no idea Sonny was there. Dante says it’s good he came forward, but since he’s a minor, Dante has to tell his parents. Oscar gives Dante his mom’s number. Nelle says he did good, and he says he hopes so.

Dante goes to the interrogation room. Gun dude wants lawyer. He says they’ll just find out they have him dead to rights. Money has been going to his account in exchange for guns. He’s going away for a long time, and Dante wants to make it easier on him. He shows gun dude a picture of the gun, and says all they want to know is who he sold it to.

Kristina apologizes. Parker says she admires how much Kristina’s mother cares about her. She has to leave, and says she’ll see her around, but probably not. Kristina says Alexis doesn’t trust her to handle her own life. Alexis says she doesn’t trust Kristina to tell her about it. Kristina says she’s not a victim. Just because Alexis can’t own up to her bad choices, doesn’t mean Kristina can’t. She immediately apologizes, but Alexis says she’s right, and tells her to enjoy the concert.

Ava brings Griff back to the apartment. Griff thinks they should go to the hospital, but Ava tells him to quit whining. He reminds her that only one of them has a medical degree, but Ava says Kiki is mildly allergic, and she has a homemade remedy on hand. Some kind of lavender oil. Before he whines to the hospital, they should see if they can handle it there. He takes his shirt off, and I hear a collective wow.

Carly asks why Josslyn didn’t tell her. Josslyn says that she didn’t want Carly to know she was sneaking off with Oscar. Carly asks what if she got caught in the middle of the gunfire or demolition? Josslyn says she knows, it scared her almost as much as telling Carly. Sonny says that they saved his life, but she has to be honest with her mom. Josslyn wants to go back to the concert, but Carly tells her that she’s home all weekend now. Michael stops the argument before it starts, telling Josslyn to come with him. Outside, he tells her don’t push it; she got off light. Sonny asks if Carly isn’t being too hard. She says lying by omission is still lying. D’oh!

Jason tells Sam that the police can still press charges, and she should concentrate on healing. The kids need their mom. Jason’s phone rings. He has to take care of something, and says he’ll be back.

Dante says only one gun like that was sold in the past month. Gun dude says they don’t use real names. Dante says asks him what the guy looked like, and he says he sold it to a woman.

Ava says Griff will smell great and the pain will go away quickly. She massages the oil into his back, and then it’s his turn to say wow. He tells her that he might have the MD, but she’s a miracle worker. He can’t thank her enough. They look at each other.

Kristina asks Parker if she wants company. Parker says sure. They look at each other. Lots of meaningful looks today.

Carly tells Sonny that she’s grateful everything turned out okay, but who is this girl sneaking out? Sonny says Carly has done worse, but she says she doesn’t want Josslyn to be like her; when did she turn into a rebel? Sonny laughs, saying she is too, and when he’s not pissed off, he finds it attractive. Sometimes he finds it attractive because it pisses him off. Carly asks if he’s flirting or stalling. He tells her that he’s rescheduling his PT, but promises he’ll go. He’s alive, they’re all safe, and that’s what matters. She kisses him.

Sam looks at her kids’ pictures, and says she’ll be home soon. She wonders how she’ll make peace with what she’s done.

Dante asks gun dude what she looked like. A lawyer walks in, and says no more questions. Dante says it’s not over. When he leaves the room, an officer approaches him, and tells him that the third gun is missing.

On the bridge, the officer Jason talked to earlier gives him the gun. He asks if he and Mr. Corrinthos are square now, and Jason says that he’ll be grateful.

At the station, the officer tells Dante that Jason was at the station earlier, waiting to talk to Jordan.

Jason takes gun out of the bag, removes the clip, wipes it down, and throws it into the water.

Next time, Griff says he’s tempted, Curtis stops Finn from chasing Hayden, and Franco returns.

The Haves and the Have Nots

We ended last week with Charles giving Candace the choice of throwing Benny under the bus for Quincy’s murder. Or not.

Candace tells Charles that it isn’t an option, but Charles says that Benny was at the scene. She wonders how he knows that, but says she’ll turn herself in first. He says he never knew that kind of love. She says he has children, and she read he was madly in love with his wife. He tells her that’s true, and asks why she forged Benny’s name on the loan documents. She’s shocked at how much he knows, and asks if he knows what color panties she’s wearing. He says the story would have worked, but she says she wasn’t planning on going to his inauguration anyway. She asks him to leave. He says she turned down the gift of a lifetime and she says, no, he did.

There’s a knock at Wyatt’s door. Anna answers and rolls in a suitcase. She tells Wyatt she won’t take up much space. She asks how he’s feeling, and he says the daytime isn’t as much of a problem. She tells him to fill out his questionnaire. She picks it up, and asks what his goals in life are. He says she’ll think it’s stupid, but he always wanted to be a fireman. His parents thought it was stupid; they wanted him to work for the family company, like his sister had, and they saw how that turned out. Anna asks about Amanda, but he says he never talks about it. She says she’ll check into getting him a fireman’s exam. Dr. Jarvis knows a lot of people, so if everything goes well, he might be able to get in. She says his first goal is doing research. He says ever since he was a kid, his life was planned out for him. Anna thinks there’s more, but Wyatt says nothing he wants to share. He asks what she wants to do. There’s a camera on the table, and he tells her that it was left by the guy who lived there before him. She suggests they take pictures of firehouses for inspiration.

Wyatt’s phone rings. It’s new DA George who informs him that old DA Jennifer is dead. They want to talk to him – just a formality. Wyatt suggests they come to his place right now. He tells Anna that the DA wants to talk to him. She wonders if they should call a lawyer, but he says he didn’t do anything wrong. (Well, there’s his first mistake.) Anna says she’s his shadow, so they’ll wait together.

Veronica takes Hanna in to see Benny. Kathryn waits with Mitch. She wonders what Benny is being questioned about, and asks Mitch how long he’s known him. Mitch says ten years, and he’s a good friend, but he doesn’t know Hanna that well though. Kathryn asks if Hanna knows who he is, and he says he’s just Mitch. She says that whenever she tries to be just Kathryn, Hargrave comes to the surface. He says that life isn’t for him. She asks if he’s dating anyone, and he says, no, why? She says she’ll be single soon, and she could use a man life him. He asks how much she pays, but she says she doesn’t – he’ll be paying her. He asks if she’s joking, and says he’s out of there. She says he doesn’t know what he’s missing.

Benny tells Hanna that he’s sorry. She asks what’s going on and why he’s there. He doesn’t want her to worry, but she says it’s too late for that. Benny says he can’t talk. Hanna asks what happened, and he says nothing. She asks if he killed Quincy, and he says he already told her no. She says there were two people and one was a man, so who did it? He says he doesn’t know. Veronica asks if he’s sure. Hanna wants him to look her in the eye and tell her, and he does. He says they asked him about it, and she says what’s up with the Secret Service? He says her guess is as good as his, and they wanted his DNA. Veronica is like, what? She calls for the guard, saying that she’s talking to a supervisor about these clowns.

Benny tells Hanna that he’s telling her the truth. She says she knows, and knows that he didn’t kill Quincy. She asks if he’s sure it was Jeffrey, and he says he is. She says it’s that girl (meaning Candace). Her baby is dead, and she hasn’t even called. Benny thinks maybe she doesn’t know. He says Hanna should call her, but Hanna can’t be bothered, saying she doesn’t care. She tells him not to trust that whore, and that Kathryn can find him another lawyer. She wonders what Candace has done now, saying she’s a walking tsunami. She wishes she could have kept him and Quincy Jr. away from her. She begs God for some relief. Benny says they’ll make it through this.

Veronica makes a call outside. She gives someone the names Harrison and Downs, saying they claim to be from the Secret Service or Homeland Security, and they’re not telling her anything. She asks for information on them, and says she’ll be waiting. She goes back inside and sits. Justin goes to the desk and gives the desk sergeant some task so she leaves. He grabs Veronica by the arm, and she says, “Girl, you’re strong.” Omg, she’s the best at being the worst. He tells her to delete the video. She tells him to do it; go ahead and take it from her. He tells her that she has no idea what he’s capable of, and she says his wife doesn’t know what he’s capable of, but she’ll find out in open court. She says he has a nervous twitch, and asks if he’s all right. He asks her to please delete the video. She says that she asked him to stay away from her son, and instead he went from stairwells to rooms. He apologizes, and asks for the video. She says she won’t be doing that. He asks if she’s going through with this, and she tells him, you bet your sweet ass. He says she won’t like the outcome. She asks if he’s going to hit her with rainbows and feathers, and I laugh. She sits back down, and Justin leaves.

There’s a knock at Erica’s hotel room door. It’s Candace. Erica tells her that she should have called. Candace says that she’s frustrated. She just met a very powerful man. She thought she had him, and thought if she played it right, she could get more out of him, since she got him to go crazy. When he drinks, he’s passive and nice, but when he’s sober, he’s like a beast. He knew everything about her. Erica says it’s kind of scary. Candace says he offered to change her life if she gave up Benny for Quincy’s murder. Erica thinks that’s not a bad idea, and Candace cracks her one across the face, telling her not to forget her place. Erica apologizes. Candace says she’s just stressed, and talking to him is like talking to a snake. She tells Erica that the dress she borrowed had a scent, and it was the cheap cologne that War wears. Erica says she doesn’t deal with him. Candace says they’re cool, but she’ll throw Erica out a window if she’s lying. She asks for another dress. Erica offers for her to stay there, and Candace says she should have David’s credit card by now. Erica says she’s working on it, and Candace says she’d better be. She takes a dress and leaves.

Erica runs to the phone and calls War. She tells him to get this bitch; Candace just slapped her. He says he’s working on some stuff right now, and he’ll call her back. Erica says Candace is at the hotel, but he says he knows.

War wants to head to Mitch’s family restaurant. One of his gang reminds him that’s mob territory, but he doesn’t care.

Veronica tells Kathryn that she’s waiting for a phone call. Kathryn tells Hanna they have a lot of work to do. Hanna says she almost forgot. Mitch says he’s sorry, and she says it’s not his fault. Mitch and Hanna leave, but George walks in, and tells Kathryn he wants to talk to her about Jennifer; they found her body. She asks what happened, and he says they don’t know, but were hoping she could tell them. Kathryn’s house was the last place Jennifer made a call from. Veronica tells George that he knows better than this, and tells Kathryn not to say anything else. She says he needs a warrant, and he says he’ll get one. She tells him to do that, and he says she represents a lot of people. She tells Kathryn she’ll meet her at home in fifteen minutes.

Jeffrey visits Melissa, who rolls her eyes when she sees him. She tells him to get out. He says he was thinking about her. She doesn’t care, and he says he’s sorry about everything. She tells him good-bye. He says he doesn’t want her hurting herself, and this will work out. She asks if her father will come back to life. He says no, and she tells him that she has nothing else to say.

Melissa’s mother, Doris, comes into her room, and tells her to stop acting this way. She asks Jeffrey if Melissa is giving him a hard time. Jeffrey says no, and he’ll leave. Doris tells him to stay, and says that Melissa did this twice as a teenager, now this. She says Melissa needs to grow up at some point. Jeffrey says there’s treatment. Doris asks who’s paying for it? She’s not into taking handouts, but she hears he’s into taking hand j*bs; Melissa told her everything. Melissa glares at her like Regan looking at Karras in The Exorcist. Jeffrey tells her that he’s gay, but for her information, anyone get a hand j*b. Doris tells Melissa that she’s got to stop this. She can’t bury Melissa’s father and take care of this. She says it’s best for all of them, and Melissa asks what about her? Doris calls her selfish, and says if she has the baby, everything will be okay. She asks Jeffrey to forgive her daughter and tell his mother she’ll do better. She says nice to meet you, like this is an everyday thing. Melissa says, see? Just like his mother, and tell her again why she wants to live. Jeffrey says he doesn’t know how, but it will get better. She asks him to go. He says he’s sorry, and she says that she is too.

There’s a knock at Candace’s door. It’s Charles. She doesn’t want to deal with him, but he has something to tell her. She doesn’t care as long as he’s not messing with her brother. He says it’s about her son. He was asked to speak about violence, and her son was the one caught in the crossfire. She thinks Charles had something to do with it, but he says he would never. She asks where he is, and Charles tells her that he was shot; he’s not going to make it. I guess he’s telling her like the old joke about the cat on the roof. She asks where, and Landon tells her the fleabag motel. She starts to cry, and Charles says he’s sorry. She tells them to get out, and slams the door behind them. Candace weeps, and says, oh God, over and over.

Outside the Cryer mansion, Veronica hands Kathryn matches, and starts pouring gasoline on everything. Kathryn asks what she’s doing, and she says that she loves starting fires, and if Jim is in there, it will be more fun. She tells Kathryn that the evidence has to be destroyed. Kathryn isn’t keen on burning down her house, but Veronica says no evidence, no crime, and she’s not being dragged into this. She says to light the damn match. Kathryn does, and Veronica asks if she’s sure Jim isn’t in there. Kathryn says, who gives a damn? and throws the match on the gas. They step away and watch, like a twisted Lucy and Ethel.

Next time, Landon tells Charles it’s asinine, Candace asks Erica if she’s with War, and Mitch tells Mama Rose that he’s delivering War.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season Two Reunion

Or as I call it, the cheap-ass reunion that Andy does with everyone crammed in the clubhouse.

First, wtf is Hannah wearing? Everyone looks gorgeous, but she’s wearing a very odd necklace that looks like a car part. Andy tells us everyone is excited about the reunion happening, but you couldn’t tell that by the budget. He asks who’s working together, and Hannah picks her perfect crew from whatever season. Moving on.

Captain Sandy is up. They show clips where Hannah thinks she’s a micromanager, but that wasn’t the vibe I got during the overall season. Andy asks the captain if it bothers her to be mistaken for chief stew, but that’s a no. I didn’t think so. Sandy is a pretty laid-back chick. It also reminds me of an embarrassing moment when I thought a woman who worked for an airline was a flight attendant, and she was a pilot. She was cool about it, but I wanted to die. Next up is Bobby being a jerk. Lauren is briefly in the hot seat about not having Bobby’s back. Oh wow. They have last names. Um… Lauren isn’t Chef Ben, even though his name pops up underneath her. Bobby insists both Hannah and Lauren are lying, even though Hannah hasn’t said anything about him… yet. Malia thinks about doing Wes her laundry. Bobby blabs about some party where he claims Lauren threatened something, and Andy actually says what we’re all thinking – who cares? Everyone has text messages about everyone. I wonder if Captain Sandy has left by now.

Andy talks about Bobby treating Hannah poorly, including on Watch What Happens Live. Andy asks if anything has happened between Hannah and Malia. Malia says not yet, and Hannah tells her see you later. Ha-ha! Andy asks if Lauren went out with Bobby to get on the show – she’d accompanied him to WWHL – but she says that was just a coincidence. A producer approached her.

We move on to Chef Adam and the Onion Incident. He claims he couldn’t make a tasty broth without onions, and then it turned spiteful. Captain Sandy says to her knowledge, she’s never had a chef do that before, but had she known he lied to her three times, she would have had no choice but to fire him. She says she’s disheartened about how he treated several of the crew members. It wasn’t the guy she thought she knew. He says he regrets it, but blames it on being heartbroken. Malia says it’s rough to go through, but some of it was unacceptable. Wes says it’s not an excuse.

The spotlight is on Hannah hooking up with Jason. Andy asks if making out with a charter guest is ever okay, and asks if he was her kryptonite. She suggests we look at Jason with no shirt. Andy asks Bugs about going to Bobby first about the texts on the iPad, and she says she wasn’t being malicious; she just ran into him first. Bugs asks why Hannah didn’t talk to her about it, and Hannah uses Bugs’s acting experience as a reason not to trust her. Andy asks Bobby why it was okay for him to hook up with a guest. He says he didn’t care if Hannah hooked up with anyone. He thought if there was love interest in a charter guest, go for it. Captain Sandy is like, no, just no. We find out that he’s gotten together with Paula since the charter. Andy brings up Jason having been in the WWHL audience, and saying he’s not the one who went in for the kiss. Hannah says he likes to stir the pot, and other than hellos on social media, they haven’t kept in touch. Captain Sandy is disappointed that she wasn’t told the truth. She says it’s about putting them on the right path. Hannah says she didn’t lie, but the captain says she watched the show. Hannah tells her all she saw was the door close, but I watched the show too – more than once – and she ran after him, and knocked on the door before it closed.

Andy tells us that Malia spent most of the season deciding where to park her love boat. Ha-ha! He’s so corny. We go over all the back and forth, and the texts, and how she knew Adam before the charter. Andy asks about how they met, but there isn’t much more information than we knew already. FYI, they only kissed and there was a connection. Andy stirs it by saying Adam had said that he loved her. He says his father knew the day he met his mother that she was the one. Not that he felt like that. Malia says everything was too intense on the boat, and Adam agrees. Andy asks if they regret lying about it, and they both say they do. Malia says it wasn’t intentional, but after Bobby and Lauren’s history came out, they decided it was best to keep it quiet. Wes says that Adam never said anything to him, or it would have changed the ballgame. Max talks about them saying hello as though they were meeting for the first time. Andy says they’ve gotten a lot of viewer feedback about Malia leading both Adam and Wes on. She admits to doing her fair share, but being on a yacht for six weeks heightens your emotions, and you don’t get to live a normal life. Plus, the cameras. Adam keeping quiet for so long is brought up again. Why doesn’t everyone just agree that he’s a big baby and move on? Andy asks if Wes and Malia are seeing each other, and she says every now and then, but they’re in different places. Then we find out they’re staying in the same room. Wes says it’s good they got off the boat, so they could date normally. Then it comes out that they’re an official couple and going to South Africa together. And meeting each other’s parents. Andy tells them don’t lie to daddy. Everyone seems pretty friendly at this point, but Andy wants to hear that Adam is hurting. He doesn’t give Andy the satisfaction though, and says they’re a great couple.

Andy asks who’s hooked up with each other, and it’s nobody. Just kisses here and there. They talk about Adam slut-shaming Malia, but she’s over it. Chrissy Teigen had a poll about giving vs getting a wedgie. It distresses me to hear that 77,000 people voted. A viewer asks why Adam didn’t expose Malia sooner. Because he still thought he had a chance.

Malia becoming lead deckhand is discussed next, and we see clips. A viewer asks if Captain Sandy would have still backed Wes’s decision, and she says she would. If she would have known Bobby wanted to be a captain, she would have had him on the bridge more, but she thought Malia showed more interest and believes Wes is a professional. Max is asked how he feels. He says she’s good at what she does, but Malia did spend more time with Wes. Someone asks why Bobby is such a man-baby and always whining. He whines that he doesn’t understand why people think he’s whining. Malia comes to his defense, and everyone is proud of Bobby, who’s driving boats now. All of a sudden, I see a scene in my head from The King and I where the child king says he likes boats.

We cover Hannah’s laziness. Lauren says Hannah and Bugs have different management styles. They’re both good at what they do, but do it differently. Bugs says she doesn’t think she’s better than anyone, and Lauren is called out for playing both sides. She admits she did because she’s a people-pleaser, and respects the hierarchy. Adam is asked who he’d rather work with, and he says the chef usually butts heads with the chief strew so it wouldn’t matter who it was. A viewer asks if Lauren did anything except laundry, and we all laugh. Someone points out that Bugs seemed petty, and she makes some excuse about just being informative. Hannah says Bugs did whatever she was asked, even though there was some attitude, but that’s par for the course. They’re exhausted, stressed, and have a lot of pressure on them.

Andy claims he isn’t trying to pick a scab, BUT Adam’s eyes are misty, and blah-blah-blah, Andy feels like he’s more hurt than he’s letting on. Adam says that Wes and Malia kill it as a couple, and he’s not going to change that. At some point you grow up and wish them well. Andy asks if Adam still loves her, and Adam says sorry to disappoint you, Andy, but no. Really he just says no, but I’m sure he was thinking that. Andy takes a poll and most of the crew is single. Captain Sandy is asked who she’d like to work with again, and she says she loves them all. She says it was a pleasure to work with them, but team work makes the dream work, and don’t lie to your captain. Captain Lee has sayings too, but they usually involve body parts. Andy asks about regrets. Hannah says she would have waited to exchange texts with Jason until they were off the boat. She also would have given the captain more leeway for an adjustment period. Bugs would have come to Hannah sooner, and Max would have spent more time at the bridge. Malia says that she would have made her decision sooner, and Adam wonders why he kept the secret so long. Lauren has no regrets, except her people pleasing, and that’s who she is. Bobby also has no regrets, but learned what not to do.

Andy thanks everyone and the season is officially over.




August 8, 2017 – Sam Gets the Truth, Mama Rose is on the Warpath & a Croatian Farewell


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Olivia-F-now-Q presents cannolis to Dillon and he’s impressed. She’s impressed with the kitchen at the Quartermaine mansion. Monica wants a word with her.

Hayden says they’re taking their first vacation to Zanzibar. She says it will be amazing and just what they need, getting as far away as possible.

Michael hasn’t had any sleep. Nelle asks if he’s okay, and he says he’s been here before. Nelle asks if Sonny has a habit of getting ambushed and shot, and Michael is like, sorta. She tells him that Sonny’s call would have been closer if not for Josslyn’s friend. Michael wonders why a shell casing necklace, and Nelle thinks that Oscar didn’t know what it was. Michael hopes it was a friendship bullet casing necklace since Josslyn is too young to date. Carly comes by and gives Michael the good news that Sonny is safe.

Even though she doesn’t want to, Josslyn tells Oscar that she has to give the necklace back to him.

Jason finds Sam’s room empty. Deanna wonders where she went.

Sam tells Sonny that the doctors say she’s going to recover, but parts of her mind are a blur, and what she remembers doesn’t make sense. Sonny says they’ll figure it out together – before she shoots someone else the way she shot him. Way to drop that bomb.

We hear a bunch of crashing and banging. Cook is laying waste to the kitchen. Monica says she guards her territory like a well-trained attack dog. Olivia says the kitchen is the heart of the home, but Monica says at the mansion, it’s cook’s domain. She says it should be a nice break to have someone else do the cooking, but Olivia says not for her. Monica suggests she feed her soul at the MetroCourt. Monica tells her not to feel bad, since she’s not allowed in kitchen either. Olivia says she’ll never be a part of the family.

Finn doesn’t know if he can take off work, but Hayden says that Monica owes him. He says she saved his job. She says soon they’ll be consumed with wedding prep and then she’ll be too pregnant to do any prep. She says this will be their last chance in a while to get away. Finn asks if she’s feeling all right. She says she’s just excited, and it’s the best thing for them. Finn says he’s in under one condition – they make it their honeymoon

Josslyn explains to Oscar that she loves the necklace. It’s awesome, and no one has ever made anything for her before. She thinks it’s special. He asks why she has to give it back. She says her mom will get the wrong idea and flip out. She tells him it was made from a bullet.

Carly says Sonny is almost back to his old self. Nelle excuses herself to get back to work. Carly says she couldn’t have found Sonny without Nelle’s help.

Sam tells Sonny that bits and pieces are coming back, but she doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and not. He tells her it’s okay. She says he’s part of her family, and she’d never want to hurt him. Sonny says it’s not her, the same way it’s not him when he’s in a manic episode. She says it means she’s really sick, and what else is she capable of?

Dillon doesn’t know how Ned doesn’t weigh 5000 pounds, and Ned says restraint. He told Michael he’d help him out, but he’s having trouble with the ELQ numbers. He thinks the company needs to refocus. Dillon says he’s investing a lot of time for someone who doesn’t work there much. He wonders if he’s angling for Michael’s job, but Ned says he has no desire to run the company. Dillon says it’s who he is; he’s a player. He asks how long Ned is going to pretend he doesn’t want to play.

Hayden says the trip is in 36 hours, and Finn says if it’s going to be a honeymoon, then they should get married now. She says they’ll have to kiss a big wedding good-by. He’s like, oh, no. She asks if he’s 100% sure. Finn didn’t think it was possible for him to be sure like that again, but it is. As far as he’s concerned, the sooner they get started, the better. Hayden can’t wait. Jared is at the door, saying he can’t either, and asks wait for what?

Carly says if Nelle and Michael hadn’t put everything together, she wouldn’t have found Sonny. She wonders how they got the shell casing to begin with.

Josslyn tells Oscar it’s a bullet casing, technically a leftover, but he didn’t know that. She says they were walking around while Sonny was in the pit waiting for someone to save him. Oscar says it all worked out, and Josslyn says no thanks to them, but he says if she hadn’t agreed to come out, he wouldn’t have found the casing. If that hadn’t happened, her stepdad wouldn’t have been saved. He says she has to keep it. It’s her reward for being a hero.

Sam asks Sonny to walk her through what happened. He’d just found out where Spencer was when she showed up. She says it’s like she’s watching it happen to someone else. She says she was terrified the whole time. She started seeing him and he was telling her he was taking Jason away. She’s never felt that way about him. He tells her she was sick. She says she’ll never understand it. She starts to cry. He says it was obvious something was wrong and he tried to talk her down. She says she kicked him into that hole, and walked away leaving him to die.

Monica tells Olivia not to be absurd. Olivia says she still feels like a guest. Monica says believe it or not, she felt that way once. Olivia asks how she handled it, and she says she learned to talk back. Olivia says she has no problem with that, but Monica tells her that the Quartermaines converse by arguing; fighting is love. She tells Olivia not to try to get along to get along.

Jared calls Hayden “Rachel” and asks if this is the famous Finn. He introduces himself as Adam Green, and says that he and Hayden go way back. Finn asks how so, and Jared says they used to be married – she was his work wife in another life. He’s in town to do some debt collection business. He asks how she is, and suggests they all have dinner. Finn says they have a lot to do before their trip.

Josslyn tells Oscar that he has to come up with what to tell her mom. He thinks she should hide the necklace until everyone forgets, but Josslyn says that he clearly doesn’t know her mom. He tells her to just keep it for her alone to see. Oscar says he owes her a sandwich, and suggests they split it there. Josslyn says it almost sounds like a date. He says he wanted to ask her out, but wasn’t sure, and asks what she thinks about going out with him?

Carly wonders how Nelle ended up holding a freshly shot shell casing. Nelle says a friend found the casing; he has a knack for turning junk into cool things. Carly says, so he took it home made it into a necklace and gave it to Nelle? She’d like to meet this friend. Michael encourages Nelle to leave for work. When she’s gone, Carly asks if Michael bought Nelle’s story.

Sonny says that Sam is his friend, and he loves her, but she says friends don’t do that. (Friends don’t let friends shoot friends.) He says that it wasn’t her, but Sam says she’s the one who pulled the trigger and shot him. She doesn’t know what’s happening to her right now. Sonny tells her that no one understands better than him what it’s like not to trust your own mind. He says she’s not like him; she’ll take some medicine and get better. Sam asks what if she doesn’t, and tells him she’s scared.  She kisses his hand and cries. Crap. She almost got me crying.

Sam tells Sonny that she doesn’t deserve to be let off the hook, and needs to take responsibility. Jason comes in, and Sam says Sonny told her what happened. Jason says she needs to rest, and Deanna, who has followed Jason, suggests they go back to her room. Sam tells Sonny how sorry she is. Jason stays behind, and thanks Sonny for understanding. Sonny says that Sam is going to feel so guilty, she might confess to the cops.

Michael asks why Carly is digging up more drama. He asks what she thinks, that Nelle shot Sonny, pushed him in a hole, and concocted the whole thing to be the hero? Carly says the story is neat, tidy, and random, but of course she’s grateful. She has to give credit where credit is due, and Michael says that’s why he loves her. She tells him to go, and she’ll watch Avery.

Jared says he’d love to hang, but if they’re going to Africa, they’re going to Africa. Finn says that he still has to ask for time off, and Hayden urges him go now. She asks Jared wth? He says nice getaway plan, like he wouldn’t be there when she got back, or was she planning on staying there? All she has to do is use her financial know-how to siphon money into his account, or he sings like a canary to Finn. Hayden says she trusts Finn, but Jared says what if he doesn’t survive?

Josslyn and Oscar talk about being friends, but Nelle interrupts. Oscar tells Josslyn to think about it, and scoots. Nelle tells Josslyn that he didn’t have to run off. Josslyn says it was Oscar, and Nelle asks what the deal is. Josslyn tells her that she can’t say anything, but he just asked her out. Nelle asks what she said. Josslyn says Nelle came along before she could answer, but she’s relieved. Nelle asks if that’s because she doesn’t know the answer or she does, and doesn’t want to hurt him.

Dillon says that ELQ fell into Michael’s lap, and if Ned wants it, he should take it back. It’s his birthright, and it’s not like Michael is doing a bang-up job. Ned tells him he’s out of his mind if he thinks Michael will hand over the reins. Behind that baby face is grandfather’s savvy. He’s not going to just let it go. Ned will have to out maneuver him.

Hayden asks if Jared is going to kill Finn. He says no, but he’s liable to kill himself. He’s an addict, and when he finds out his wife is a criminal, he’ll go back to using. Jared tells her time to get to work, and shows her the cuckoo clock GIF. I’m kind of weary of Jared already. I’m not feeling him as the somewhat amusing villain.

Monica asks if Finn if they’ve set a date yet, and he tells her day after tomorrow. She’s like, gee, why hesitate? Finn asks for time off, and she tells him to have a wonderful time. But now that she thinks about it…

Josslyn tells Nelle that she likes Oscar; he gets her, but according to Carly she’s too young to date. Nelle asks if she wants to go out with him, and Josslyn asks what Nelle thinks. Nelle talks about a boy she liked when she was Josslyn’s age. Their friends thought they should go out, but they had no idea what being boyfriend and girlfriend even meant. She wonders what her life would have been like if she’d had someone to go to for advice, and she could have taken time to figure things out. Michael joins them, and asks what he missed. Clearly, Ned should be in charge of ELQ, since Michael never seems to go to work.

Sonny tells Jason that Sam is fragile, and can’t go through all that. He says that he’s fine, and the reason he’s there is because of the Garvster. Jason says he’ll tell Sam that, and Sonny says he’s not going to tel Carly. Emotions are running wild, and Carly will go to Sam, wanting to know it from her end, and Jason says she’ll end up confessing to the cops. Sonny says as far as the both of them are concerned, it’s over and they move on.

Olivia tells Dillon and Ned that she tried to make peace with Cook, saying they’d finance a cookbook if she could share the kitchen, but it was a no go. Ned tells her don’t take it personally, and she tells them that’s what she said when she fired Cook. Who wants ziti?

Hayden makes up a new vendor, and sends a quarter of a million dollars to them.

Michael asks what Josslyn and Nelle were talking about. This is the nosiest bunch of people in the world. Josslyn says her ride will be there soon, and has to leave. Michael tells her that Carly was asking about the necklace. He and Nelle covered for her, but don’t make them regret it. Josslyn leaves, and Michael tells Nelle it seemed like they were talking about something important. She says it was – girl talk. He says then it’s not his business, and she tells him, exactly.

Sam asks Jason how could she do that? Jason says it’s okay; it was out of her control. She says she needs to take responsibility. Jason says if she turned herself in, it’s not going to help anyone. Certainly not their kids, or Sonny, who’s fine, and least of all, her.

Carly and Avery come into Sonny’s room. She didn’t want to sleep, so Carly thought a visit was in order. She asks if everything is all right. Deanna comes in, saying sorry for the intrusion earlier. Carly asks what happened, and Sonny says that Sam wanted to visit. He tells Carly that she’s going to make full recovery, and Carly says like he is. Sonny tells her that everything is going to go right back to the way it used to be. Hmm… would that be before or after he decided to leave the business?

Tomorrow, Jared tells Hayden that she has a big problem, Finn asks Curtis to stand up for him, and Stella sees something that makes her go OMG!

The Haves and the Have Nots

When we last left, Landon had followed Jeffrey into his hotel room like a lost puppy, and there was Justin, nakey in bed.

A body was also dumped on the street with a note that says, Jennifer Sallison – Cryer Victim.

Jeffrey tells Landon he needs to leave. Landon recognizes Justin as a cop, and says if he was wrong about him, maybe he’s wrong about Wyatt. Jeffrey says he’s a friend. Landon says he’s excited and gonna get some, and refuses to leave. He says they’ll do what they always do, and Jeffrey says they don’t do anything, and he didn’t invite him up there for sex. Landon crawls across the bed and Justin grabs him by the throat. Jeffrey drags Landon off the bed, and gets him out the door. Landon keeps saying, weird, even though he’s the one behaving weirdly. I’m totally surprised at his behavior. No more for him. Ever.

Jeffrey tells Justin to get out. Justin says he came there to see him, but Jeffrey says he was not invited. Justin won’t leave until Jeffrey tells him who Landon is, but Jeffrey says he doesn’t owe him anything. Justin says he fell for Jeffrey, and he’s in love with him. Jeffrey says they just met, but Justin says he thinks about him day and night, and now he comes in with that guy. He keeps asking who Landon is, and Jeffrey asks if he’s going to attack him again; he has that look in his eyes. Justin says no, and Jeffrey tells him to leave then. Justin says Jeffrey is a therapist, why doesn’t he help him? This is news to me, since I didn’t even know Jeffrey had a job. He asks what Jeffrey has done to him; he wasn’t like this until Jeffrey came along. Jeffrey says that Justin was in the back of his patrol car having his way with prisoners, and Justin says he never enjoyed it until Jeffrey. Jeffrey says he’s always enjoyed it; he’s just never going to admit it. He asks Justin to leave again, and Justin says he loves him. Jeffrey says he doesn’t know him, and to go home to his wife. Justin says he doesn’t know anything except that he loves Jeffrey. Jeffrey says if Justin doesn’t leave, he will. Justin thinks Jeffrey wants him to attack so he has a reason to leave. He lets Jeffrey go, and says go to him, meaning Landon. Or maybe Wyatt. I don’t know.

When the door opens, there’s Veronica with her phone camera. She walks through the room, filming everything, including zooming in on a condom on the nightstand. Jeffrey is like wth? stop it, but she says nothing and just continues. When they’re out of the room, Justin throws a chair, breaking a mirror.

Oscar meets with Jim at the hotel. He has a number for War. Jim wants to talk to him. Oscar says he needs twelve minutes for a trace, but if Jim spooks him, they’ll lose him. Jim says just give him the phone.

Erica checks on a sleeping David, and calls War from the bathroom. She says that Candace is at the hotel. War says she’s not going anywhere, since they’re looking for her everywhere. Erica asks if she should call the cops, but War says no, that bitch is his. She says Candace won’t give up her room number. She senses things, and is like a cat with nine lives. Jim calls, and War asks how Jim got the number. Jim doesn’t say, but tells War he has to meet with him. War tells Erica he has to call her back. Jim tells War it’s serous, but he can help him get out of the warrants that are out for him. War asks what he wants. Jim says he knows there are more pictures – he’ll take care of War and vice versa. War is like, no deal. Jim asks what happened to his code, and War hangs up on him. Oscar says he couldn’t get the exact location, just the general area. Jim says if he doesn’t find War, all hell will break loose. Oscar says it already has.

Jim asks what Oscar is talking about and Oscar brings up the news on his laptop. It’s a clip about the discovery of Jennifer’s body. Oscar says it’s everywhere.

Wyatt is sleeping, and there’s a knock at the door. Anna answers, and it’s Jeffrey. She asks if he wants to see Wyatt, but Jeffrey doesn’t want to wake him. She says Wyatt is a nice guy, and Jeffrey says he hasn’t seen the nice guy in years. He loves him, but isn’t in love with him. Anna doesn’t really care about any of that, and Jeffrey thanks her. She says she’s just doing her job. He says he owes Wyatt’s mother a phone call, and asks if he can tell her it’s going well.. Anna says yes, and Jeffrey leaves.

Oscar calls Anna. She says she doesn’t think she can help him; she’s not for sale. She says it’s wrong, and she doesn’t want to be a part of it. He asks her to think about it, and she tells him not to call again. Wyatt appears, and says whoever it is sounds jealous. She tells him Jeffrey was there, but Wyatt doesn’t like the look of sympathy he gets every time he sees Jeffrey. He says Jeffrey is in love with him, but Anna sees a friend who loves him. Wyatt thinks he wants to have sex. Anna doesn’t know about that, but thinks that Jeffrey has no conditions. Wyatt asks if the man on the phone has conditions. She says she doesn’t even know him; it was just a telemarketer. Wyatt says she’s lying, and if she’s going to help him, he has to trust her. He asks if it’s a boyfriend. Anna says no, but it’s personal. Wyatt thinks Dr. Jarvis is more than her boss, and it was him. She says he can try all he wants, but the guy on the phone isn’t worth mentioning. She asks what Wyatt wants to do. He tosses her the remote, and tells her to pick something. He says he feels a chick flick coming on, but she won’t give the remote back.

David asks who Erica was talking to. She says she called room service, but David isn’t hungry. Not for food anyway. She’s wearing his shirt, and shows him the lingerie underneath. He thanks her for dealing with his situation, since she said she didn’t do crazy exes. Erica says his is fun; she’s extra, and dramatic. He says soon to be ex, and Erica says not soon enough. David’s phone rings. It’s Jim.

Jim asks where he is and David tells him the Artisian. Jim tells him that they have a problem, and he’s there now. David says he’s on his way down. He tells Erica it’s business, and they agree to meet later. She wants to stay dressed like this, and he says it will give him something to hurry back to, but he needs his shirt. I can’t tell what her deal is, or if she really likes him or not.

Mitch calls Veronica. When he tells her that his last name is Malone, she says he has her interest. He says that he’s a friend of Benny’s, and he needs a lawyer. She wonders if he doesn’t have one already. She tells Mitch that she’s seen Benny once and is going to again. She’s in the parking lot, and Mitch says he’ll meet her.

Hanna asks Mitch if he knows what’s going on with Benny and if he’s been in touch with a lawyer. Mitch says he has one and he’s meeting with her. Hanna and Kathryn wonder who it is, and Veronica joins them, saying she is. Hanna is like, hell no, but Veronica says that’s no way to talk to her saving grace. Kathryn says she’s the best, and sometimes the devil you know is better than the one you don’t. Veronica asks if she’s met Mitch Malone. Kathryn is like, well now, since she hadn’t known Mitch’s last name. Hanna insists that Veronica is not Benny’s lawyer, but Kathryn says she can’t hurt anything and let her do it. Hanna wants to know where Benny is, and Veronica says she has to ask nicely. Hanna says that she’s not asking Veronica’s Black ass anything. Veronica says he was brought in on murder charges, but the Secret Service got involved. Mitch asks her to get Benny out. Veronica says Hanna has to ask nicely, on her knees. Hanna tells her to go to hell. Kathryn tells her to get Hanna in there, since she doesn’t want truths told. Veronica says she has truths of her own – bang, bang. Mitch tells Veronica that he and his family would be appreciative if she gets Hanna in to see Benny. Veronica says that’s the way to ask, and she’ll see what she can do. Mitch tells them she’ll take care of it.

Agents Vince and Harris go in to see Benny. They want a DNA sample to exclude him from a terrorist investigation. He says he has nothing to do with that. Vince asks if he knows Mitch Malone. Benny says he’s known him a long time. Vince says his family is being investigated for organized crime tied to a Syrian terrorist operation. He asks if Benny wants out, and says that if they get his DNA he can leave. Benny is like, hell no, this is America. Vince tells him that he has no choice. He’s in the arms of Homeland Security, and he can give it or they can take it. Benny agrees to have his blood taken.

David joins Jim and Oscar, and Oscar shows him the news. Jim says he thought David had handled this. He asks Oscar to excuse them, and Oscar steps away. Jim says Mama Rose did this because War took a potshot at her grandson. He can’t find War, and he’s pissed. David calls Oscar over, and he says that he had War on the phone, but they lost him. Jim says this is bad. They’ve been through a lot, but this is bad. When Rose is upset, everyone is upset. David says they have a good relationship, but Jim says she’ll hang him in the freezer; they’re talking about real war. Jim talks about her taking out an entire housing project – everything that moved, dead. David says they helped her get out of that mess. Jim says it’s them that got War out of jail, but maybe they can do damage control. David says it’s already started. Jim says Kathryn won’t take his calls, and asks David to call, but he gets voicemail. Jim yells at Oscar to just find that kid.

In her hotel room, Candace is on the phone, telling someone that she didn’t cancel her phone number. Charles walks in, and tells her to get a new one, but she says it’s not going to help with her contacts. He says she doesn’t need those people anymore. She wonders about her son, and he suggests she call her mother since she has custody. Candace doesn’t like the situation, and Charles asks if it’s because he has the upper hand. She tells him this is illegal. He says everything is accessible, and she should be more careful. She complains about being treated like a prisoner. He tells her the phones have been destroyed, and a new start isn’t such a bad thing, but she says that she doesn’t want one. He asks how often you get a chance to wipe your past clean, and she says that people have memories. He says not about things they don’t want aired. She asks what the plan is, but he doesn’t have one; he just wants to give her a new start. She asks why, and he tells her so that she can be around him when he becomes President. He says the bubble is small, and he wants her on the list. She tells him it’s crazy, and he asks if she doesn’t want a do-over and to be respected. She thinks it can’t be done, but he says look at him. He was plucked from military, sent to college, and groomed for this day; all his past went away. She thinks it’s unreal, but he says it’s politics; take the reset and enjoy it. She’ll get to be one of the President’s regular women. He’s going to clean her up and make her able to pass; he’s been looking for someone like her. She asks if she’s his project now, and he says he really likes her. He tells her to go to school and get a real degree. They can make that happen, get her a house, put her up, and make her strong and independent. She’ll have power. She wonders why her, and he says he wants her, asking if she isn’t tired. Wouldn’t it be great to rest, and not look over her shoulder all the time? Candace says if she agrees, he’ll own her. He says that’s not how it works, just stay straight, and they’ll take care of each other. Candace doesn’t want to be a number. Charles says she’ll be the only one, but she wants to be First Lady. He says that’s not going to happen. She asks what happens if she says no, and he tells her that she goes back to her old life. He says there is one matter – a murder and a body. It’s too public, and someone has to take the fall. She asks if he can make that happen, and he says it’s being done now. Her brother is in custody. He tells her that there are casualties with this life. She’s horrified at the idea of giving up her brother, and Charles says it’s her choice.

Next time, Hanna visits Benny, War says he’s coming to get Candace, Justin tells Veronica that she has no idea what he’s capable of, and Kathryn says he could use a man like Mitch.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Adam tells Wes he doesn’t care what happens between him and Malia, but he has proof she’s a liar. It’s been weighing on his shoulders because he likes Wes, and Malia is a heartbreaker. Right. Wes’s well-being is totally his main concern. Adam says the night that Wes and Malia kissed in the wheelhouse, she was texting him. He shows Wes his phone, and says he doesn’t want anything to happen to him. Wes feels like he knows who she is, but there’s another side he doesn’t know, and has to protect himself.

In her interview, Hannah says having a second stew lecture her about her work ethic is insulting. She’s going to show them how it’s done. In her interview, Lauren feels like she’s in the middle of everything, since she’s friends with both Bugs and Hannah. Adam just wants the last dinner finished.

Primary guest Jerry asks if someone can take the girls to shoe shopping, and Bobby volunteers. Jerry tells Hannah that compared to last year, she’s a better and friendlier version of a chief stew. Bobby takes the girls to shore. By dinnertime, they’re not back, and Jerry says it’s like herding cats with them.

Wes is confused, and says the texts have made things more complicated than they need to be. Jerry is tired of waiting for the girls. A few trickle in, but two got lost. Bobby is chatting with Paula, and she says they got separated. Jerry wonders why Bobby left two girls behind. Adam says he loves pissed off guests, but If I was an angry guest, the shrimp cocktail appetizer would definitely appease me. Jerry asks Paula what she likes about Bobby, since he’s not doing too well in his book right now. The other two girls arrive, and I lust after the croquettes. Jerry asks to talk to the captain.

Hannah tells Captain Sandy that Jerry is upset about something, and he tells the girls to keep quiet when he talks to her. He apologizes for waking the captain up, but he’s upset with Bobby. He lost a couple of girls, and left two behind. He didn’t mind the Tinder thing, but Bobby took Paula on a Jet ski date, and he feels like Bobby is taking over his role. He wants Bobby on anchor watch tonight. In her interview, Captain Sandy says they might be pitas, but they’re guests, so Bobby needs to get it together.

The guests are going out on shore for the evening. Jerry tells Bobby he’s cool with him having fun, but he crossed the line a bit. He’s disappointed, but still loves him, and wants him to come along. In his interview, Bobby says Jerry is separating him and Paula, since she’s staying on the boat, but wonders why he didn’t just take her with them. Um… because she has to leave super early? Bobby says he matched with her on the dating app before they were even on the boat. Bugs feels badly for him, but says he crossed a line and should know better, especially after Hannah and Jason. He says he’ll just be fake and get it over with.

The guests go to a bar. Bobby apologizes, and Jerry says they all make mistakes. Next is a dance club. Hannah says it’s a lot of work, but she’s going to prove she’s one of the best chief strews in the industry. How? By drinking the guests under the table?

Wes wonders how you can build a relationship when you can’t trust someone. Well, you can’t.

Jerry tells Bobby that it’s too bad Paula’s not here, just to rub it in. At 3 am, everyone goes back to the yacht. Jerry tells Bobby to get the girls in the hot tub or no tip. Jerry starts to fall asleep in the hot tub, by himself, waiting. Max says people who drown in hot tubs don’t leave good tips, so they wake him. At 4 am, it’s time for Paula to leave. Bobby walks her to the taxi, and tells her tonight was a disaster. They kiss good-by.

Captain Sandy asks Bobby if they let up on him, and he says more or less. She says the good news is, it’s over. The crew gets in their dress uniforms to bid adieu to the guests. Jerry says it’s been a pleasure, but sometimes the actions of one have consequences for the many. A-hole. I hate when these people act like that. He says that’s not how he rolls though, making me dislike him even more. He tells the captain that he’s taking care of them. He also has an MVP tip for Hannah.

Hannah decides to split the tip, even though she doesn’t have to. It’s $20K, plus $4500 from Hannah (that was very generous of her), making it $2200 each – the best all season. Bobby is thrilled, but glad it’s over. Captain Sandy tells them when they’re done flipping the boat, she’s taking everyone out to dinner.

Hannah tells Lauren that the MVP tip was like a big f-u for Bugs. Bugs and Malia gossip about Hannah. The boat is squeegeed and fluffed, and everyone gets ready. They go to a barbecue place where the food looks phenomenal. Wes thinks he and Malia have a connection, but there are a lot of questions. The captain tells them that they came through shining with every challenge. Max informs everyone that the lamb was probably running around someone’s garden a few hours ago, making me glad I don’t eat lamb. Captain Sandy tells them have a good time and don’t wake her when they come back. Max thinks if she was any more laid back, she’d fall over.

The drinking commences. Hannah tells Bugs that she wanted to touch base. She finds it interesting that she’s had zero guests complain, but Bugs thinks she and Lauren worked harder than she did all season. She says it’s more than putting knives and forks down. Bugs says the whole crew felt the same way, and Hannah says she said something kind of late.

Bugs runs to Wes and complains about Hannah. Hannah tells Lauren that according to Bugs, she’s been talking sh*t about her. Lauren says that Bugs has been trying to brainwash her. Bugs sits down at the table, and repeats what Lauren has said. We flash back to her saying it. Lauren says that she values Hannah’s friendship, and she’s the only person she’s going to keep in contact with. She tells Bugs not to drag her into it. Hannah tells Bugs not to take a second stew job if she wants to be chief stew. Bugs has enough, and leaves.

Wes tells Malia about the texts that Adam showed him. Then says something I can’t understand, because he’s nearly as bad at enunciating as Max. Malia explains that she knew Adam before the charter, and Wes asks if anything happened then. I have to mention that the outside area is absolutely beautiful. Lots of greenery and twinkling lights. Malia says she had nothing physical going on with Adam, and that’s probably why he’s upset. She says they thought it would be best to keep it a secret from the rest of the crew. She says Adam isn’t the kind of guy she would be with, and she’s enjoyed getting to know Wes. Wes says he’s happy because he’s an idiot. She as if she’ll see him after the charter, and he says yes because he’s stupid. They kiss in the parking lot. She says he’s a gentleman, and he tells her that chivalry isn’t dead.

Everyone goes back to the boat, and pizza is brought out. Hannah and Adam talk on the deck, while the others watch in the galley. Adam tells Hannah about he and Malia getting their certifications at the same time. In her interview, Hannah says that she’s understanding why Adam is messed up. He thought the relationship would be cemented on the charter, but instead, Malia played tonsil hockey with her boss.

Malia tells Wes that Adam said he loved her after only four days. This doesn’t surprise me, since he seems emotionally immature. In his interview, Wes says there’s probably more to the story. Adam tells Hannah that he feels like an idiot, but she says that Malia fooled everyone.

It’s the final day of charter, and it’s gorgeous out. Malia wants to talk to Adam, but he’d rather not. She says that she liked him in the beginning, but got to know him, and feeling changed. She says she was wrong to text him, but was intimidated to call him out. He says she’s making a good decision then. She says it was a big mistake not coming to him earlier. In his interview, Adam says it proves she’s in the wrong, and making a last-ditch attempt to make herself feel better. He says he has zero respect for her, and she says the feeling is mutual, because they’re both twelve. She tells him to f-off, and he says alrighty then.

Adam rolls up his knives. Max says it’s like his family, and it’s heartbreaking. Bobby says he felt like an outcast, and if it wasn’t for Max, he would have left. Max is thinking about getting home to his chick, but won’t forget his bromance. Hannah thanks Lauren for working so hard. In her interview, Lauren says she knows that you can’t please everyone, but wishes she’d take her own advice. Adam tells Wes that he has one last thing to say on an honest level, and tells Wes that he and Malia hooked up before the charter. Wes says he thought that there was something between them, but he sees that she was keeping up with two people. In his interview, he realizes that you can’t mix bus with pleasure, and at the end of the day, she’ll have to seek him out if she wants to continue. Adam is sorry they didn’t get to be better friends.

Bobby tells Hannah that he hopes she accepted his apology. She says it killed her when he got so angry with her. He doesn’t want anything bad between them. Hannah says that she might be a hard bitch, but she’s always there for her friends. Bobby says they’ll be friends, but it won’t be the same as before the season. Bobby and his tattoos leave. Adam enjoyed working with Bugs, and tells her she should be a chief stew. Adam says Hannah and he genuinely hated each other, but now they’re friends. He tells Captain Sandy that he would have cracked if not for her. He’s learned a lot of lessons, but his main takeaway point is that he should read the preference sheets.

Adam leaves without saying good-by to Malia. Wes tells her what Adam said about them having a physical relationship Malia is like what? and he says it is what it is. She says at least Wes is a good guy. In her interview, she says that whenever Adam has a chance to be a stand-up guy, he isn’t. Hannah says her good-by to Bugs, and says it’s what it should be – good-by, see ya later, f-off. Hannah tells Malia it’s been an interesting season. We see a clip of Malia motorboating Hannah, and in her interview, Malia says that they don’t know how they feel about each other, and it’s awkward.

Wes tells Malia that everyone tried to warn him about her, and he’s annoyed she played him and Adam. She tells him that he deserved better, and he says it was his conscious decision. They kiss good-by. In his interview, Wes says that he can’t change what happened, but knows he likes Malia, and maybe they can explore the relationship further because he’s a total moron. He says if it’s meant to be it will happen, and if not, they had a good run.

Wes says good-by to Captain Sandy, who thinks that he’s an amazing asset, and is proud of him. Hannah thanks the captain for changing her mind about captains. Captain Sandy says she’s been in the business a long tiem, but never had a chief stew like Hannah. She did the best she could do, which is all she can ask. I have no idea what all that means, since I could take it two ways. Hannah tells us that she’s going to need therapy now to work out what happened.

No preview, but this was the finale, so I assume next time, it’s the reunion.


Zbogom, Croatia!


August 1, 2017 – Carly Says a Prayer, Veronica Picks a Fight & the Final Charter Begins


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Julian asks Ava when she started wearing the mask. She says she realized it protects her and everyone around her. Sam was the one who encouraged her, and was actually kind. Ava tells Julian that Sam was also trash talking Sonny.

Finn gets take-out at The Floating Rib, and tells them to put in lots of pickles, and adds that he also wants some sparkling cider. Curtis asks if he’s working some new program, but Finn says it’s for his pregnant lady. Curtis says congratulations like he doesn’t know already.

Jared tells Hayden that he learned some things in the slammer. Hayden says he’s out early. He tells her that he thought she’d wait until he served his time to serve him with divorce papers. He’d thought taking the fall for her would save their marriage. She says they’re done with each other, but he says no, they’re not.

Jordan tells Dante there’s no blood, fingerprints, or any other signs of Sonny in the car. Dante says he’s on his way to see the Garvman.

Garvo tells Carly that he already said he killed Sonny, but she doesn’t believe him, and asks again where Sonny is.

Sonny is busy seeing visions. He asks if he’s dreaming, and his vision says that’s one possibility. Who the blip is this? Ohh, it’s Stone. All growed up now. They did fool me a little, but he’s still a dead guy.

Julian asks Ava when Sam was there. Ava says this morning, looking for Julian, but she has no idea why. Sam didn’t seem like herself. Julian says that’s because she’s sick. She’s in the hospital and might be dying. Ava is like, omg, what’s wrong? Julian explains that it’s an infection she picked up when their sister pushed her off the bridge.

Hayden tells Jared that they have nothing to talk about. She’s having a baby, and marrying the father. Jared says he’s happy for her, but worried about the doctor she’s corralled. She can’t erase him from her life along with the past. Hayden says that nobody there cares about her past, and he says that she owes him.

Finn tells Curtis that things got turned around, and Hayden asked him to marry her. Curtis says under her hard exterior, Hayden is softie. She was a hot mess when he met her. She had issues, some self-inflicted, some not, but no one has worked harder to turn it around.

Jordan says they found some hairs in the car that might be Spencer’s. That, and Garvino having Spencer’s phone should be enough evidence to nail him on the kidnapping. There’s nothing to connect him to Sonny’s disappearance though.

Carly says that the Garvmeister used a child to lure Sonny. Sonny must have figured it was a trap; Garvey couldn’t even kill him in Puerto Rico. Garvey insists that he killed Sonny. Carly says, okay, maybe he’s hurt or was left somewhere. She tells him this is how it’s going down. Sonny’s people know Garvey is in the hospital and vulnerable. If she can get to him, they can, and they’re going to do what they need to. When they’re finished, he might need more surgery or might not be able to walk again, so why not spare himself the agony, and tell her. Dante walks in and says, wth?

Sonny gets up. He says he’s thought a lot about Stone over the years, and the life he could have had. The way he died was unfair. Stone says he had a good life, and a lot of it was because of Sonny – he saved Stone. He tells Sonny that it’s what you do with the life you’re given. Sonny asks if that’s why he’s here, because he’s dying. Stone says that’s up to him.

Carly tells Dante that she’s trying to find out what happened to Sonny, and if Dante can’t get him to talk, she’ll find someone who can. When she’s gone, Garvelicious says that she’s crazy. Dante says he can’t blame her. She’s married to Sonny, so she’s emotional, but it’s just them now. He tells Garvey that he’s a detective, and Sonny is his father. He can put a guard outside the room, or deem it unnecessary. Garvey asks if Dante is threatening him. Dante says no, just presenting the options. He can cooperate, and stay safe, but if not, Dante doesn’t know what will happen. He asks what Garvey did to Sonny

Julian asks Ava how Sam wasn’t like herself. Ava says that she seemed fragile and feverishly determined. She seemed to be very angry with Sonny. She made a point of blaming him for the fire, and gave Ava a pep talk. She wasn’t sure if Sam was encouraging her to move on from Sonny or destroy him

Finn tells Curtis that he and Hayden have more baggage than an airport at Christmastime. She helped him through his addiction. Curtis says it’s a process. Finn thanks him. Curtis wants to give him some expert advice, and Finn asks if it will be preachy or annoying. Curtis tells him certainly, and he says that’s good to know ahead of time. Curtis tells Finn that happiness won’t protect him from a relapse.

Hayden wasn’t expecting Jared to be paroled for another two years. Jared says and here he is to collect his bonus. She tells him that her money is all gone from paying restitution; the Feds cleaned her out. He says she has a job now, but she tells him that she doesn’t make the kind of money she promised him, and sorry, but she has nothing to give him.

Sonny asks Stone if he gets to choose. Stone says it’s not the first time Sonny has faced death, and before, he always chose to stay and fight. Sonny says this is different. In the dark, he was afraid, but not now; he’s with his buddy. He knows if he goes with Stone, he’ll get to see Morgan. Okay, I still win, since they mentioned Morgan.

Josslyn visits Michael. Nelle is with him, and Josslyn asks what’s going on. She tells them that Carly sent her a text, and she assumed she was off with Sonny somewhere. She asks Michael where Carly and his good-for-nothing father are. Michael explains that there’s a man who wants Sonny dead who is on loose, and no one seen or heard from him since this morning.

Hayden tells Jared if she could, she’d give him what she promised in a second, even if just to get him out of her life for good. He says that’s the Rachel he knows. He talks about them having a fight at the country club, and how she was always criticizing his ethics and the deals he made on the tennis court. She says that she meant every word. Jared wants to review what she did, and asks who’s the one who got behind the wheel of her Porsche and drove like a maniac, drunk? He wasn’t the one who drove out of control, and hit a girl so hard that she went flying through the air and crashed into a tree. Hayden says it was her, and he thanks her for admitting it. She asks if he’s wearing a wire, and he wishes he’d thought of it, but no. He says he’s only solidifying his position. She did the crime, and he did the time.

Curtis tells Finn that addiction is complex, and he can’t let his guard down. If he stays in control, the need to use will become an echo, sometimes far, sometimes close, but either way always there. Finn asks if Curtis hears them, and he says the all do. If he fought once, he can fight again, but for now, it’s under control. Finn asks what’s going on, and Curtis says while Hayden pushed her past off a cliff, he and Jordan weren’t so successful, He tells Finn about Aunt Stella unearthing history and says it pulled them apart.

Carly sees Jordan, who says she’s working hard looking for Sonny. Carly asks why so diligent? If he’s dead, she can cross him off her to-do list.

The Garvster wants no prison time, but Dante says he can get him a reduced sentence. He bribed marshals, and took a child from the park. The have enough DNA evidence to convict him, but Dante can make sure he’s not in prison for the rest of his life. He asks one more time what Garvey did to Sonny, but Garvey flatlines.

Sonny asks if Stone knows about his boy, Morgan Stone, named after his two best friends. He was a good kid, and the only boy in the world who ate his broccoli, but as he got older, he got reckless. He was never a mean kid – he had a generous heart – but for a long time, Sonny didn’t see what he’d passed to him. He thought bipolar would destroy Morgan, but he fought and won, then died for no reason. He’s been trying to figure out how to live in a world without him. Maybe he just found out.

Josslyn tells Carly that all she’s been doing is bad mouthing Sonny. She thought he deserved whatever was coming to him, but she’s sorry. She hugs Michael. He tells her that Sonny understands, and would be first one to forgive her.

Jordan tells Carly that her responsibility is to protect and serve, no matter what she thinks of the person. Carly asks why she’s so adamant, and Jordan says that Sonny was a friend to her son when there was no one else, so it’s personal to her and she’s doing her best.

Wavy Garvey is bleeding internally and has to go back to surgery.

Hayden tells Jared, fine. She was the one. She was upset about him running around on her, but he wanted her to owe him, so he took the most horrible thing in her life and used it. She can’t give him money or mercy; she’s empty. Jared says she’s good at getting her hands on money, and she best do that or Finn finds out there’s a girl who will never walk again because of her. He leaves and Hayden drops to the floor, crying.

Finn tells Curtis that it’s his turn to tell him things he doesn’t want to hear. Curtis says to lay it on him. Finn says his aunt might be using her convalescence to get back at Jordan. Curtis balks at the notion, but Finn says it happens all the time. Patients will even subconsciously use their illness to manipulate loved ones. Curtis says regardless, him being with Jordan makes her sick. Finn says that’s not possible. He says it’s true that stress and emotions can undermine a compromised immune system, but neither one of them caused it. Curtis asks what about the source of stress. Finn says he’s talking to Curtis as a friend, not a doctor, and not to let Stella stand in the way of him being with Jordan.

Jordan tells Carly that for what it’s worth, she’s sorry. Carly thanks her, and says anything she can do will be greatly appreciated. Dante tells them what happened with Garvey, and Carly says they have to be sure about Sonny. Dante tells her that her family needs her, and she should go home.

Stone asks if that’s what Sonny wants; is he ready to give up the rest of his life with his other kids? Avery won’t remember Morgan or him. All she’ll hear are stories, not all of them good. People will want to tell her the worst. Sonny asks what if she’s better off without him> Stone says if he believes that, they can go right now. It’s his call.

Carly goes to Michael’s place, and asks what Josslyn is doing there. Josslyn tells her that she thought Carly was with Sonny there, and Michael told her that he disappeared. She’s sorry that she was unfair. Carly says it will be okay.

Finn comes back to the new house, saying, honey, I’m home. He likes the sound of it, and tells her about talking to Curtis. Hayden wants to talk with Finn, but he says he wants to do something first. It’s kind of a do-over. He says that she’s all he ever wanted. They forgive each other’s mistakes; she’s strong, kind, loves Roxie, and he loves her.  He asks her to marry him, and produces an onion ring.

Jordan and Dante confer on something about the car. Jordan tells Dante to check the time stamp on the video. It’s the same time that Sonny left house. Dante says it narrows down the search. Jordan tells him to go home and rest; he won’t be any help if he’s falling all over. He appreciates her concern, but he’s not stopping. He jets, and Curtis sees Jordan.

Stone tells Sonny that he thought they were leaving. Sonny wants to see Morgan, but he’s not ready. He can’t leave his wife and kids, and what’s left of his life, especially after how hard Stone fought for his Stone says if he’s not coming, he has to show him the way out, but Sonny says he’s been trying for hours. Stone reminds him about how he said the walls feel like they’re closing in on him, and they are. He tells Sonny to close his eyes and stretch out his arms. He asks if Sonny feels walls. Sonny says no, and Stone says that’s because what he fears is in his head. His bastard stepdad put it there when he locked him in the closet. He tells Sonny that he’s not there anymore, and to open his eyes. He says to look up, and tells Sonny there’s his freedom above him. It’s not easy, but there’s a way out of everything. He has to fight, and he’s a helluva fighter. Stone disappears.

Sonny opens his eyes. He struggles to his feet. He looks at the opening.

Curtis asks if Jordan is okay or is it work? She says her perp is in surgery. She asks if Stella is okay. Curtis says he just came to get her permits. (Did he mean prescriptions? What kind of permits would she need?) Jordan needs to get back to work, and it’s all awkward. Curtis watches as she walks away.

Finn asks Hayden if it’s payback for leaving her hanging. She says it’s her; her mistakes. He says look at what they’ve fought – disease, addiction, Tracy’s approval; the rest should be a day at the beach. Hayden says one with sharks and tsunamis. He asks if she’ll marry him. She says yes, and he puts the onion ring on her finger. They kiss.

Michael says there’s no reason to lose hope, but Josslyn says something bad did happen, and she feels terrible. Carly says when Sonny comes home, she’ll go back to giving him hell until she feels better, and he’ll be fine with it. Nelle says she’s sorry, and if there’s anything needed, she’s there, but right now she thinks she should go home.

Carly says Dante is narrowing the search and focusing on the riverbank. She doesn’t put a lot of stock in prayer, but thinks they need to say one for Sonny. Josslyn tells Nelle that she saved her life, and is a part of her, and a part of this. They all hold hands. Carly decides to say one of Sonny’s favorite prayers, and hopes it works. Some say the sky is darkest just before the light. We pray this is true, for all seems dark. We need Your light, Lord. In every way, we pray to be filled with Your light, to know all is right in the world as You have planned, and as You want it to be.

While they’re praying, Sonny is stacking crates. He reaches the top.

Tomorrow, Michael is concerned about how long it’s taking to find Sonny, Finn doesn’t want to screw things up, and Jared harasses Hayden at the hospital.

The Haves and the Have Nots

After Veronica plops herself down at David and Erica’s table, David asks to speak to Veronica outside, but she says she’s comfortable where she is. She tells him not to touch her, and he says he wasn’t going to. She says that’s because he wants to touch Erica, and Erica agrees. Veronica reminds Erica that she told her a hurricane was coming her way. David leads Erica away from the table, but Veronica follows. She gets in the elevator with them. Geez, you’d think David would know by now that he’s not going to shake her that easy.

Veronica points out that there are cameras, and won’t move from in front of the door. Erica tells David to ignore her. She says she’s not scared of Veronica, and tells her that she needs to move. Veronica says no. Erica says she’ll move her, and Veronica says she’ll press charges. David reminds Veronica that he has a restraining order. He asks what she wants; he’s given her everything she’s asked for. She wants to make his life a living hell. He says she already is, but she says she hasn’t begun. He asks why she’s doing this. She says he’s humiliating her. He says she threw her affair with Benny in his face, and she says she’s still having it. He suggests she get back to him, but she’s not ready to let David go. He asks what more she wants, and she says blood. He’s like, damn. She says he can’t toss her away for a whore; it’s not okay. David tells Erica he’s sorry; she doesn’t deserve this, but she says it’s fine, calling him baby, which riles Veronica more. Erica stops the elevator, and Veronica threatens to prove she was hit first; she’s been wanting a reason to beat Erica’s ass. Erica asks if she needs a better reason than stealing her man, and starts to kiss David. Erica suggests that she join them, and Veronica goes nuts. The two women try to get at each other, and David stands in between. I’m thinking they had to have laughed while rehearsing this, because it looks a little silly with David in the middle of two women flailing their arms at each other in a small space. Veronica keeps yelling for him to let her kick Erica’s ass. Over the speaker, security asks if everything is all right. David says it is, but Veronica yells for help, and tells David to stop hitting her. The elevator door opens, and she falls to the floor, yelling for him not to hit her again. David and Erica jet, and Veronica gets up. A security guy asks if she needs the police, and she tells him that he’s a little late, and struts off.

Charles goes over his speech in front of some of his team, with Landon making corrections. He tells Landon he’s won a lot of debates. Landon says he’s watched them all and they’re great for a senator but not presidential. Charles says he has the nomination, but Landon says winning the vote and winning the popular vote are two different things. Landon wants to talk in private, and Charles asks the others to leave. He asks what’s on Landon’s mind. Landon brings up the young lady he was entertaining, and asks if he bedded her. Charles asks if he has. Landon says he was working with the gubernatorial candidate she blackmailed. He asks again if Charles slept with her. Charles says he did, and Landon asks if he had the room swept. Charles tells him that he didn’t, and Landon says Charles doesn’t want her involved with what they’re doing, and doesn’t need to see her again. Charles asks what if he likes her, and Landon says he’ll be making the fatal mistake she’s used on many men. He shows Charles something on his tablet about her as an escort. Charles says He says it’s from years ago. Landon asks if he’s defending her, and Charles says that’s his job, and to clean it up. He tells Landon he’s heard him, and made his decision – clean her image up. Everything he can do, do it. He might want to ask her to his inauguration. Landon says the world will be watching, and everything will make the national news. Charles tells Landon to teach her how to be in “those rooms.” Landon says okay, but still tries to protest. Charles tells him that will be all. Charles is kind of cool. And hot.

In the hallway, Landon calls the police and outs Candace, telling them where she’s at. Bad Landon.

Wyatt is back home, playing cards with Anna. She asks him how he’s feeling, and he says good, but that means he has to deal. She asks what’s so bad, and he tells her that she has no idea. She tells him to talk to her; her job is to be right there, and he can tell her anything. She says that she was a crystal meth addict for ten years, starting from when she was sixteen. He asks how she got started, and she says her mom. Nice. She says there’s always something that brings you to the path. She realized it was hurting her more than her parents. She was trying to hurt them, and herself. She asks if that’s what Wyatt was doing, but he doesn’t know. She says they seem to love him, but he’s not so sure. He says his sister loved him, but she died. Anna says they seemed concerned at the hospital, but Wyatt says he never felt loved; more like he was an inconvenience. Anna says when she left, she never looked back. He says she had it worse than he did; at least they had means. She says means or not, here’s where he ended up. She says she doesn’t know where she’d be without Dr. Jarvis’s program. She tells Wyatt that she’s also a fortune teller, and his life is about to change for the better. He hopes she’s right. They toast, and he tells her that it’s the first time he’s chosen to drink water. It’s not bad. I tell Wyatt to try some flavored seltzer; it’s even better.

In the car, Jim’s phone rings. It’s Mama Rose (not the one from Gypsy), and she’s not good. She asks if he found her guy, and he says he’s working on it. It doesn’t make her happy; they’re having trouble finding him too. Jim tells her not to do anything drastic; he’ll find him. He asks her to do him a favor. He’s watched over her guys while he was on the bench, and watches over her too. She asks if she needs to run down the favors she’s done for him. He says good to know they have each other’s backs, but she says this is different. She thinks he’s run out of favors, and she needs to send him a message. She’s not going to kill him, but needs him to know how pissed off she is. Jim says when he finds War, he’ll bring him to her, but she says he’s run out of time. She refuses to tell him what she’s going to do, and hangs up. Now I’m curious. Jim calls Oscar.

At the station, Hanna asks what Benny is in for, but the desk sergeant can’t tell her. She asks if Justin is there, and the officer gets him. She tells him that her son is there, and asks why. Justin says he’s being questioned about Quincy’s murder. She asks if she can see him, but he says sorry; it looks like he’s going to be charged. She asks to please see him. Justin says even if he had the authority, Benny being questioned by the Secret Service. He’s not sure why. Hanna wonders what’s going on, and he suggests she talk to a lawyer.

Hanna calls Katherine. She says she’s on her way, and tells Hanna to stay calm.

Agent Davis offers Benny a smoke, but he wants to go home. He doesn’t understand why he can’t leave if he’s not under arrest. He wants to call his mom, and Davis says she’s outside, but doesn’t know how long she’s been there. Benny asks to speak to her, but Davis says Benny has federal restrictions on him. He hands Benny his phone, and he calls Hanna. It goes to voicemail. Figures. Benny calls Mitch next. He tells Mitch that he needs him to get Hanna at the station. Mitch says something is about to go down at the restaurant. Benny asks him to come as soon as he can. Davis tells Benny that for what it’s worth, he’s being railroaded. He made enemies in high places. Benny says he didn’t do anything.

David sleeps while Erica ponders. Her phone rings, and she takes it quietly to the bathroom. I’m surprised Veronica isn’t behind the shower curtain. It’s Candace. She says she needs a phone. Erica asks how she is, and Candace says fine. Erica wonders where she is, and Candace says she’s busy waiting on a john. Erica asks what room she’s in, and Candace that her room changes every day, and she just needs a phone. Erica tells her about going off on Veronica. Candace says to be careful, and Erica says that Veronica had better be careful. Candace says that Veronica plays at a higher level, and asks about David. Erica says he’s asleep, and Candace tells her to get off the phone. Erica sees that David is still asleep, and texts someone.

Wyatt is jittery. Anna asks if he’s thinking about it. He asks how you think about it and not get it? She says he can do that, or stay there and enjoy her company. She asks what he does for fun, which is a stupid question, since the answer is obviously get high. He tells her have sex. She says they’re not doing that either, but he says it wasn’t an invitation. He asks what if it had been, and she says Dr. Jarvis would send her to another client. He tells her that she’s hot. She says so is he, but that’s not why she’s there. He asks if she’s single, and when she tells him yes, he says she’s ethically bound then. She says he’s looking to change one addiction for another, and asks what about exercise? He needs to find something healthy to do when he wants to get high. It doesn’t get easier, but gets manageable. She asks what brought him to this point, and Wyatt says he almost died when he OD’d. Anna says she OD’d too, but hers was on purpose; she tried to commit suicide, but she’s glad it didn’t work out. Wyatt says that he is too. She asks if he wants to go for a walk, but he says let’s just try to play cards. Anna says she’s proud of him.

Landon has a drink at the bar, and Jeffrey sits down. They make small talk. Landon says he’s working on Charles’s campaign, and Jeffrey says that it’s the big leagues. Landon says that Jeffrey doesn’t look okay, and Jeffrey says there’s a lot going on. Landon is sure it revolves around Candace, and asks if Jeffrey knows she’s wanted for murder. Of course he does. He asks if Jeffrey wants a drink, and Jeffrey wants a double. Landon says maybe he’ll get lucky. Jeffrey doubts it, and Landon asks if he’s pining after Wyatt. Jeffrey says no, and Landon says he’s in a drought then, and that he is too. He asks if Jeffrey wants to water his garden, but Jeffrey wants to leave. Landon asks if he can come along. Jeffrey bristles, and Landon tells him to relax. Jeffrey asks him to stop talking stupid, and Landon asks why he’s stressed out. Jeffrey doesn’t want to talk about it, and Landon wonders what they can talk about, since he doesn’t want to talk about Candace either. Landon calls to the bartender for shots. He has a confession to make. Jeffrey was the best he’s ever had. Jeffrey asks how long he’s been drinking, and he says not long enough. Landon asks to be heard out, and tells Jeffrey he was amazing and he thinks about him all the time.  When he starts talking about Jeffrey’s body, Jeffrey has enough, and says he’s leaving. Landon – who is annoying me at this point – says he’s coming too. Poor Jeffrey can’t catch a break. He tells Landon to go home, but he follows Jeffrey.

In the elevator, Landon comes on to Jeffrey, who isn’t having it. Jeffrey says he’s not doing this, and tells Landon to stop; he’s drunk. Landon won’t quit, and asks for five minutes. He follows Jeffrey to his room, promising to leave after just this once. They walk in to find Justin, naked in the bed. Landon is like, wth? and I actually say uh-oh out loud.

Two guys in a van, throw a body wrapped in plastic into the street. There’s a note on it that says, Jennifer Sallison – Cryer Victim.

I love me some Tyler Perry.

Next time, Jeffrey tells Landon to stop, Veronica films Justin, Jim says all hell is going to break loose, and Charles tells Candace that someone has to take the fall.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Malia and Bugs talk about Adam. Malia says him, of all people, is sucking up to Hannah. She says there were so many red flags with him, she should have known better, and she’s going for the good guy. Hannah tells Adam that he has a good sense of humor, and promptly falls off the curb. Malia says she couldn’t care less about them. The crew heads back to the yacht.

Adam and Hannah continue to drink. Hannah finds a reason to grab Adams butt. Hannah wants to pretend they’re hooking up, but Adam says he wants to put her to bed, not take her to bed. Hannah falls in the hallway, but miraculously is all right, and finally heads to bed.

Adam talks to Malia on the deck, and she says he doesn’t have to be an a-hole to prove a point. In his interview, he says he finally found common ground with Hannah (what? liquor?), and Malia can’t stand it. She tells him she thinks he’s a good guy, but he calls her a liar, and says later, gator. I blink, and I don’t know if there was an altercation or what, but Bugs decides to sleep in the crew mess. Bobby asks if this is professional behavior, and Wes tells Bugs to sleep in her bed.

I don’t know how these people get up and work the next morning after their nights out. Bugs tells Captain Sandy that she’s concerned about Hannah’s management skills, and thinks she’s doing everything. She thinks Hannah is lazy, and we flash back to Hannah doling out various chores. You can’t say she lacks delegation skills. Bugs says she hasn’t set one table all season. The captain thinks that Bugs is good at managing her emotions, and she should have a sit-down with Hannah. In her interview, she says she wants the crew to come to her, but she’s not going to solve their problems for them. This is how it’s done.

Wes goes over some stuff with Malia. He tells us that he was never one to hook up with another crew member, but as long as they act professional, what’s the harm? Somehow, Hannah is awake, and thanks Adam for looking after her.

At the preference sheet meeting, we find out that the primary is Jerry, a repeat client. We flash back, and I kind of remember him. He’s a loud guy who like milkshakes. He’s bringing along his friend, Dean, who is a former NFL kicker. They seem relatively low maintenance, requesting Italian food and the water toys. He’s also bringing along several lovely ladies. Bobby notes that the last time it was a bunch of dudes, and says that Jerry was a loud, obnoxious pita. The captain says they don’t get to pick their clients. Lauren and Bugs complain about Hannah as they make the beds. Bugs tells Lauren that she’s going to say something, and thinks Lauren should stick up for herself too. Malia meets with the other deckhands, and says she thought about the other night. She wants to be thought of as a deckhand first, and then a girl, and wants the opportunity to show that she can do the job. In her interview, she hopes this puts the job title thing to rest, because if it gets brought up one more time, she’ll freak out. Bobby appreciates that she respects them as co-workers and a team.

Bugs asks to chat with Hannah before charter. She’s feeling frustrated, and should have come to her sooner. She feels Hannah has been a lousy chief stew this season. The interior isn’t a team, and Hannah isn’t pulling her weight. She enjoyed it at the beginning, and doesn’t know what happened. Hannah says that Bugs lost her trust, and that she didn’t hook up with Jason. Bugs says she has her own opinion, and is looking forward to the next charter and hopes they knock it out of the ballpark. She asks if Hannah has anything to say, but Hannah says she has nothing to say. Hannah goes to Captain Sandy, who somehow turns it around, telling Hannah that she’s a great chief stew in allowing her second to come to her and picking up the slack.

Bobby finds out that he’s a Tinder match with one of the charter guests. Hannah apologizes to Lauren if she feels she’s doing too much. She tells Bugs that she’s switching back to nights. In her interview, Bugs says that she doesn’t care what shift she’s on, as long as Hannah works when she’s on her shift.

The guests arrive. Hugs all around. Bobby eyeballs the Tinder guest. Hannah does the tour. The crew gets the suitcases. Two of the women get lost, and end up in the wheelhouse, where the captain points them in the right direction. I see already this is a bright bunch. The yacht isn’t that big.

Bobby checks out his Tinder match’s Instagram. Adam starts lunch. Hannah tells us that she’s paid her dues. She doesn’t need to clean toilets anymore, but she will just to bug Bugs. Adam thinks he can get through this. Lunch is served, and the table has a starfish centerpiece. One of the guests misses her chair. No more for you. Jerry jokes about the milkshakes.

Adam doesn’t want the crew to think he’s this crazy aggressive man. All he can think about is how he got played. Jerry talks about all the foods he doesn’t like. He tells Hannah that one guest wants peanut butter toast and there are also some milkshake orders. Hannah says she thinks that Malia has done a number on him, so she doesn’t want to give him a hard time. The milkshakes are pronounced beautiful and good. Bobby tells Jerry about the Tinder match, and we find out her name is Paula. Jerry suggests setting up a table and bringing her Tinder date out to her. He says that maybe Bobby will score this time, and we flash back to when he didn’t. Malia says he has five hours to get ready, so he’d better start.

Bugs says that Hannah is finally working, but where was she all season? Even though she said herself that she should have approached Hannah sooner. Malia goes to the galley and asks if Adam is okay. He appreciates it, but in his interview says he sees no reason to respect Malia. The guests have shots and go in the hot tub. Jerry makes eyes at an ex Miami Dolphins cheerleader. Lauren says she’s seen this before, older guys hitting on young girls and the girls just being in it for a free trip.

Hannah tells Adam about Bugs complaining. She says she does a lot of behind the scenes stuff, and the guests haven’t complained. He says he woke up feeling stupid because of Malia. Eww, he’s like a teenager. Hannah says Malia should feel stupid. He tells her about how the texts sounded like they had a relationship. Hannah says she’s sorry, and hugs Adam.

Jerry wasn’t kidding, and gets the table thing set up for Bobby. Adam figures out dinner. Jerry introduces Paula to her Tinder match. Bobby says it’s cool, but awkward. Paula wasn’t expecting that it was someone on the boat. They sit and talk, while she sips champagne, and the other guests peek out the window. Jerry gathers everyone for dinner. Through Bobby’s earpiece, Max asks if Bobby needs for him to bring out any game, and tells him not to look at her breasts. Bobby deposits Paula back at the dinner table. Pan seared jumbo shrimp for an appetizer, pearls and gold for the setting. Lauren thinks Hannah is trying to prove herself more after Bugs complained.

Bugs tells Malia about being taken off nights. Malia thinks Hannah uses her rank to delegate, and get out of things a normal chief stew would help with. Hannah tells Adam he might get a good night’s sleep for once. The guests call it a night. By midnight. Wow. Malia thinks it’s hard to keep her distance from Wes and not flirt. Bugs chides Bobby for texting a guest on charter. Well, she should after they raked Hannah over the coals for the same thing. The guest wants him to come to her room. He tells Max that his will is weak. Wes basically says he deserves it and to do him proud.

Bobby wants to do unprofessional things, but just hugs Paula goodnight. He says something about seeing her some other time. He quietly freaks out in the hallway.

One guest wants to go on a hike, and another one doesn’t know what a hike is. Must be the same one who got lost. Bobby tells the guys about Paula. Paula tells the other girls that Bobby came to say goodnight, and they all go, aww. Water toys are brought out. It looks pretty far jumping from the deck. I’m not sure I could do that. Jerry does some water skiing. I know I can’t do that.

Malia asks Adam for a can opener. He’s not too friendly, but gives it to her. Bobby asks Paula why she’s inside, and says he can take her on the jet ski. Bobby says it might look bad, but he’s wanted to meet a girl, and if it’s a charter guest, that’s the way it goes. He takes Paula near shore, and they make out.  Max high fives Bobby when he gets back.

Time to pull anchor for the last time. Wes feels like a war veteran returning from WWII. Lauren says it’s like Bobby has never seen a girl with a nice ass, which he has. We see pictures of the two of them together. She says he’s not the brightest crayon in the box. Agreed. Lunch is served. Hannah says what Adam told her is annoying her. She thinks Malia was leading them both on. She asks Adam if he’s going to say something to Wes. Adam says he can’t let her get away with all that or let Wes not know what he’s getting into. In his interview he says he was engaged before, and it was a cultural clash. He was a  secret. He is again, and it’s eating him alive. Seriously, he’s so dramatic for a dude. How old is he?

The boat makes its final dock. Adam says if there are two sides to the story, they should both be said. Wes doesn’t know the truth, and he deserves to hear it. I don’t know if he’s trying to convince us that those are his motives, or himself. He tells Wes that he wishes them the best, but that being said, Wes needs to know something. He shows him texts from Malia that happened the same night she kissed Wes in the wheelhouse.

Next time, more Bobby and Paula, Jerry wants to talk to the captain, Lauren stands up for Hannah, and Wes confronts Malia.


Leaving Croatia…


July 25, 2017 – George Interrupts GH, Wyatt Gets Sprung, Some Swinging Guests & a Croatia Crossover


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

On the phone at The Floating Rib, Nathan tells Amy they have a problem. Things got really weird. Maxie, who’s suddenly standing in front of him, couldn’t agree more. Nathan hugs and kisses her.

Dante wants to canvas the area where he found Spencer’s glasses. Laura comes to the station. He tells her to sit down, but she doesn’t want to. He shows her the glasses.

Nina runs into Anna and says he’s innocent. Anna assumes she means Valentin, and asks what Nina wants from her. Nina thinks Anna’s word has weight, but Anna says there’s really nothing she can do. Nina tells her that Valentin has a lot of people who believe in him. And there he is. Looking rather bedraggled. Nina asks what happened.

Jason calls Sonny and gets voicemail. He thinks it’s weird for Sonny to go off the grid while they’re looking for Spencer. Carly asks if she should be worried, but Jason says he’s probably chasing another lead.

Sonny tells Sam he’s unarmed, and asks if Jason knows she’s there. Sam says he’s not coming to help Sonny, not now or ever; now he dies. As long as he’s alive, they’re not safe and he follows them. She has to take him out.

From his kiss, Maxie thinks Nathan missed her as much as she missed him. She can see he’s shell-shocked, but wanted it to be a surprise. She says she didn’t tell anyone, because the only thing she’s interested in, is being alone with him. She thinks she had a right to presume he feels the same, and asks if she should have called. She knew he was working all night, and figured he’d be there to get something to eat. He says she has the makings of a fine detective. He asks if something changed, and if she’s back for good. She says she’s still needed at the magazine, but they can have a mini reunion while she’s on a layover on her way to Paris. She has three hours, but plans to make the most of it. She asks who he was talking to.

Laura asks if Dante found Spencer. He says there was no sign of him, but no sign of him being harmed either. Laura flashes back to Spencer coming back to Port Charles. She says the glasses are broken, and asks where he found them. Dante tells her, and says they’re going over the place with fine tooth comb. If there’s evidence, they’ll find it

Anna says that Valentin looks disheveled. She reminds him about being a suspect in Spencer’s kidnapping, and asks if there was an altercation. He appreciates her concern, but says he can handle himself. Nina asks what happened, but he’s hesitant to tell her. She asks him to trust her, and he says that he was questioned – by Jason.

Carly asks Jason if he’s sure Valentin didn’t do it. He says Valentin is a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them. It’s a dead end. He’s going to chase other leads, and says to call him if she hears from Sonny. Carly says it feels like old times, and he says yes, it does.

Sonny doesn’t want to hurt Sam, but she says she doesn’t want the father of her kids taken away. She tells Sonny that he thinks he has all the answers and always gets what he wants. She’s not letting him talk his way out of this one.

Nina asks Valentin why Jason would do this. She asks if he tried to enforce the truth from him. She wants to call the police, but Valentin says no. Jason knows he wouldn’t do something in such an obvious, stupid fashion. Nina says he has to give a statement, but he doesn’t want to press charges. She says that Anna is probably telling everyone that he’s been in a fight, and he could get a violation of bail and go to lock up.

Dante tells Laura that they can’t be certain it’s Valentin. Laura insists that he sees Spencer as obstacle to be gotten rid of. Dante says there’s no evidence, but she says they know what he’s capable of. He promises Laura that they’ll get Spencer back, and tells her to stay strong. He leaves, and I guess she’s allowed to keep the evidence. She flashes back to Valentin saying he’ll protect what his by whatever means necessary.

Maxie tells Nathan that he has a try-not-to-be-worried look. He says if her parents see her, they’ll never get out of there. She says that when guy says something is nothing, it’s something, and she’d just read an Ask Man Landers column about this. He’s surprised she reads it, and she says the magazine was going to approach him before he got so high-minded. She doesn’t see how a blog will fill entire book (I guess she’s never read/seen Julie and Julia), and says Man Landers is overrated. Nathan says he gives great advice – he may have glanced at it once or twice. He says there’s something he has to tell her. He’s been meaning to talk about it, but it’s a better in person thing.

Felicia and Mac come into the restaurant. Felicia gushes over some flowers Mac gave her, and wonders why. He says a guy doesn’t need a reason. They see Maxie, and bombard her with questions.

Anna calls Patrick and asks about Robin. She says, OMG.

Carly tells Jason that Sonny is walking away from a lot of power, and she feels like a hypocrite. The second someone she cares about is in trouble, she wants him to use it. Jason says she’s not a hypocrite, but being realistic. Carly says he’ll use everything he can, and will end up owing people who will want to collect. She was naïve thinking he could make a clean break. Jason says that he got out. Carly knows how difficult it was, and is glad he made that decision, but Sonny is the boss. Jason got to walk away because Sonny gave his blessing, but Sonny getting out will leave a lot of unhappy people.

Sam says just being around Sonny puts the people he loves in danger. She doesn’t want Danny and Scout to end up like Morgan, so she’s saving their lives. Sonny says he’d never want anything bad to happen, and she says but it does, and it ends now. Sonny doesn’t know what’s going on, but she needs to know he doesn’t want to hurt her; he wants to help. He promises it will be fine, and tells her to put the gun down or she’ll do something that she can’t take back.

Felicia says this is the best surprise she’s had all day. Mac clears his throat, and she says except for the flowers. Max says he’ll let it pass, but wants to see pictures of Georgie. He can’t wait for Georgie to be teenager, so she can give Maxie the same grief he got from her. Maxie says they probably had plans, but Felicia says that they can curl up with movie any night, and they’re not letting her out of their sight. Nathan says he was hoping… but Anna comes in. She says that Robin is having the baby. Nathan and Maxie exchange exasperated looks.

Laura harasses Dante, who says they have to broaden the search. She continues to insist it was Valentin. Nina and Valentin walk into the station, and he says he wants to make statement. Laura gets in his face, and asks what he’s done with Spencer.

Jason tells Carly that he knows it’s different. Sonny will be a target or threat for whoever wants to take over, but when Sonny is determined to do something, he gets it done. Carly says that circumstances have a way of interfering. Jason tells her that Sonny will find way to make it work. Diane strides in, and says he has. She says he’s been avoiding her calls, although she can’t blame him. She says for a man of such physical courage, he can be an emotional coward; she wouldn’t want to face her either. She tells them that he gave Max a promotion to inter-manager until he finds a permanent successor.

Sam says she has no choice, but Sonny says there has to be another solution where no one gets hurt. He knows she’s going through something, and understands. She’s like family to him. He puts his hand on hers, and she starts to lower the gun. He says he’d do anything for Jason. The gun goes off.

It’s my nemesis George Stephanopoulos. I hate them all more with every afternoon press conference.

Now that the show is almost over…

Jason comes home to an empty place. He looks for Sam. She comes in while he’s upstairs. She’s been crying.

Mac toasts to Robin’s new baby and their family getting bigger. They all drink to family.

Apparently, Nathan and Maxie got alone time. While they’re getting dressed, Maxie wishes she didn’t have to leave. Nathan tells her don’t, but she says her car is going to be there any minute. She’ll see him in a few weeks. She remembers he was going to tell her something, but the car horn beeps. He says it’s nothing that can’t wait. They exchange I love yous.

Spencer is at the station. Valentin asks if he was rescued or turned himself in. Laura says that he escaped. Dante asks who did this? Nina says to tell them that Valentin had nothing to do with it.

Carly tells Diane that there was a time she thought Sonny would never leave the business. Diane says it’s only because of her. It was evident when she represented him in their latest divorce, that if he couldn’t be with her, he didn’t care if the world burned around him. Now he’s getting out of the mob without throwing himself in a six-foot ditch. Diane tells Carly to make the most of it.

Sam mumbles to Jason about protecting him, and that it’s over. They don’t have to worry anymore. She keels over, and he grabs her before she hits the floor.

Sonny lies unconscious in a storage room under the distillery back lot.

Tomorrow, Finn tells Griff that he got a second chance, Obrecht talks to Jared, and Jason tries to get the truth from Sam.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Candace looks to Charles for help, and asks why he’s doing this. He asks if she really recorded their conversation. She did, but only the part she played for him, and she’s sorry. He asks if they’re clear on how this goes. He tells her that he plays the game better than she does. One of his men mentions that the last girl got life in Guantanamo Bay. Candace says please, and Charles says, take her. Methinks Charles is a bit of a BS artist with back-up.

Candace is cuffed. Charles has tracked what she’s done, and says she doesn’t have any real information. She only talked to Oscar, but didn’t record anything. What he wants to know is why? Why not go after him? She says she likes him, and saw him with his kids. It was exciting for her; he made her excited. She only recorded the conversation because she wanted to make sure he’d come back. He says she’s a good liar, but she says she’s not lying. He tells the men to let her go and leave them. They take her phone, and Charles says if he were her, he’d say nothing. She asks if they can start over, and he says he’d like that.

Charles reintroduces himself. He says her name is, out of your league. He asks if she’s done this before, and Candace tells him that she has. He asks how many times, and she says a few. He asks if that’s how she got so much money. Charles knows everything about her, and Candace says she knows that she can’t lie to him. He tells her that she’s not the first to try this. She asks if he would have really locked her up. He says faster than she could say “Guantanamo,” and she’s shocked at who he is. She thought she had him figured out, and he was nice. He says he is nice. Last night, she met a presidential candidate; did she think there was no secret service? They were all around. He asks if he should take his clothes off, but Candace says she’s not in the mood. Charles says he thought power turns her on, so he’s going to grant her this opportunity, but she still says no. He says, no it is then. She asks if she’ll see him again, and he says he’ll think about it; he was hoping she’d be one of the places he could take care of his needs. Candace is taken aback, and says if she’s not number one, she doesn’t want it. He talks about her past and how she’s wanted for murder, and says she’s a powder keg waiting for a spark. He knew everything when he first saw her. He tells her Oscar has been hired to get something on him. Candace wonders why he bothered going along with it, and he says she’s one of the sexist women he’d ever seen, and knew she’d recently been cleared by a doctor. (I guess you have to think of these things today.) For some reason, that doesn’t offend her, and she asks if she blew getting to know him. He says he doesn’t know, but feels that he can trust her as long as he has the upper hand.

Landon comes to the door. His eyes nearly bug out of his head when he sees Candace, but he doesn’t miss a beat. He tells Charles there’s been a shooting in the neighborhood where he’s having a rally, and he needs to address it. It was a child caught in the crossfire of a fight. I assume it’s Quincy Jr. Charles doesn’t want to take advantage of the situation, and says no way. Landon tells him that if he doesn’t address it, it could backfire. He tries to rush Charles and says it’s his job to keep him on schedule. His second job is to keep shooting glances at Candace. Charles says that he’s in the middle of a conversation. Landon is insistent, but Charles says he needs a minute.

When Landon leaves, Charles tells Candace that he’ll see her later, and asks if she’ll still be there tonight. She says she will.

At the hospital, Veronica visits Melissa. She asks how Melissa is, and says she gave her a scare. She tells Melissa to say that she’s sorry, and she does. Veronica says that Melissa put her grandchild in great danger. Melissa says the baby is fine, and Veronica says that’s good for her. Melissa asks if that’s all she cares about, and Veronica says she doesn’t care about Melissa; she cares about the legacy she leaves, and the bundle of joy in Melissa’s belly. She asks Melissa if she wants to die, and Melissa says yes. Veronica asks why, and she says her father is dead. Veronica says people die; it happens all the time. Melissa says she wants to go with him, and Veronica slaps her, saying she wants to live, and live well, and raise her child. Veronica slaps her again, and tells her to listen. She doesn’t want to die; she’s just being dramatic. She’s there because she wants attention, and wants something Veronica isn’t capable of giving – sympathy. So what? Another old negro died; we move on. Veronica says if Melissa had really wanted to die, she would have buried the razor deep in her wrist. She should slap her again for ruining her sheets, and her night. She had to go to court in the morning, but she was there with Melissa, of all people, when she needed her beauty sleep. The only thing keeping Melissa alive is that baby. She says Melissa will take care of him, and she’ll take care of Melissa, but if she doesn’t take care of him, then death won’t be her problem. Veronica will make sure she survives in a catatonic state, where she knows everything that’s going on, but can’t move. She’ll show her what it’s like to be living, yet dead in hell. Veronica wants to be sure Melissa understands that if she ever, ever does anything like this again, they won’t have to come to the hospital because she’ll throw her off the roof. She’ll be sure to revive her though. Melissa looks at her like Regan looking at Father Karras in The Exorcist, and nods.

The funeral director goes over things with Hannah and Kathryn. Kathryn tells Hannah not to worry about the price. He asks when they’d like the funeral, and Hannah says Saturday. He knows it’s a hard time, and she’s in his prayers. Katherine shows him out. Hannah calls Benny, but Mitch answers. She asks where Benny is, and Mitch says he went out. Hannah is skeptical, since he said that the  last time, but Mitch isn’t giving out any information. He says Benny asked him not to tell her, but she insists. Kathryn asks what’s going on, and takes the phone. Mitch tells Kathryn that Benny is in jail for Quincy’s murder, and not to tell Hannah. Kathryn says she’ll make a call. She tells Hannah that Benny is fine, and says she’ll call Mitch back later.

Hannah wants to leave. She wonders why Benny isn’t calling her back. Kathryn says he’s fine; he’s in jail. Hannah is like, what?! Kathryn says that it’s about Quincy Maxwell’s death. Hannah runs out the door, and Kathryn follows her.

Wyatt wakes up. Anna is there. He asks how long he slept. She says a long time, and asks how he feels. He tells her that he feels good. She explains that he’s going to be discharged, and they’re happy with his progress. She’s going to get the car, and tells him to get dressed. She leaves, and Jim walks in. Wyatt asks what he’s doing there, and he says that he wants to see his son. Wyatt doesn’t want to see him. Jim says that he’s still Wyatt’s father, but Wyatt says that doesn’t give him the right to do what he wants to him, and he’s not taking it anymore. He has enough money to not deal with him again. He tells Jim to forget about him, but Jim says that Wyatt is his son and he loves him. Wyatt laughs, and says nothing will keep him from testifying. Jim is offended, and says he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about that. What he cares about is that Wyatt was gone, and he couldn’t look for him because he was in jail. Wyatt says he put him there, and doesn’t give a damn how it makes him feel. Jim says fine. He’d like the money back so they can make sure he’s okay. Wyatt says they want to control him. Jim says they want to make sure he uses the money properly, since he has a substance abuse problem. Wyatt says he’s getting treatment, and Jim says they’re proud of him. Wyatt refuses to listen. He’s sick of Jim, and doesn’t want to see him or Kathryn again; Jim is going away for life. Jim begs him not to do this. It’s not about him. Wyatt says it’s done. Leave him alone; he never wants to see Jim again. Wyatt leaves and Jim calls Oscar.

Oscar is trying to locate War. Jim wants to know about Wyatt’s money. He says Wyatt is doing everything to recover, but he’s done it before and will fail. He needs Oscar to get the money back before he goes off the deep end. Oscar says he’s good at what he does, and he’s on it. Oscar sees Anna in the parking lot, and says he’d like to talk to her.

Veronica goes to the interrogation room to see Benny. He doesn’t know what’s going on. He wonders about the Secret Service threatening him, but Veronica sees nothing in the report about it. Benny says they were there, and told him he was free to go, but then they came back, said crazy stuff about terrorists, and wanted him to wait. She thinks it’s odd, and says she’ll look into it. He asks why he’s there. She tells him that he’s charged with murder. He says it’s crazy, and Veronica says it doesn’t make legal sense. Technically, he can leave, but she doesn’t think he should. She’s confused, and wonders who’s railroading him. Benny asks if she’s doing it. She says she can pull off things, but this is bigger. He asks what she wants with him. This is his life, and she’s playing games. She assures him she’s not, and this is serious. What high powered person did he piss off? She tells him that this is on another level, and he suggests David. Veronica doesn’t think he can reach that high. She tells Benny that she’ll get him out soon. Benny wants to use her phone. She says she can’t do that, but she’ll look into everything. She suggests that he insert a thank you. She says they’ll deal with who put what on whom when he’s out, and has to work off her retainer.

Anna calls Jeffrey and tells him Wyatt is going home. There’s a knock at his door. It’s Justin. He asks if Justin is following him. Justin says that he couldn’t call; Jeffrey’s mom threatened to talk to his wife. Jeffrey tells Justin not to follow him again. Justin asks if Veronica would really do it, and Jeffrey says she will. Justin knows that Jeffrey doesn’t want to see him again, but Jeffrey says that’s not true, confusing me. Justin says he screwed up, and please tell him if he’s doing better. Jeffrey says time will tell.

Justin says that he opens heart, but Jeffrey doesn’t care. Jeffrey tells him not to turn it around. He tried to hurt Jeffrey, and almost got him killed. Justin says he’s sorry. Jeffrey asks if they can stop; he doesn’t want to talk about it and stop bringing it up. Justin says that Jeffrey’s mother is a threat, but he’s still there. If that doesn’t prove he’s committed, what will?  Jeffrey says that he barely knows Justin, and he needs to respect his wishes and space. Justin says he’s trying, but wanted to see him. Jeffrey repeats that he needs Justin to give him space and time to clear his head. Justin asks if Wyatt is coming over, and Jeffrey says go. Justin apologizes, and says to call him.

David and Erica are having coffee. He says he got a bit distracted, and thanks her for inviting him. She apologizes about the other night, and says that she was overwhelmed. David says he was too. She says they were both a little drunk, and he says that he was too aggressive. She says it was everything she wanted it to be, and he’s a man of many talents. She asks if he’s blushing, and he says he’s surprised. He didn’t think she’d want to see him again. She says that she really likes him, and the feeling is mutual. Erica says that she doesn’t do crazy ex-wife. David apologizes, and Erica wonders what else Veronica is capable of. Veronica sits down at their table, and says she has no idea.

Omg, Veronica is the best at being the worst.

Next time, Veronica confronts David, Landon tells Charles about Canace, Justin tells Hannah what’s going on, and Rose says Jim has run out of time.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Adam gets in Wes’s face, taking pictures with his phone, and Wes knocks it out of his hand. Adam whacks Wes upside the head, and Hannah gets in between them. Wes tells her that Adam gave him a wedgie (I can’t believe I even wrote that about adults), but Hannah thinks his anger is really about liking the same girl. Wes says that Adam has crossed the line enough, and now he’s going to rip Wes’s pants? Now it’s personal.

Back at the boat, Lauren can barely contain her laughter. In a taxi, Hannah tells Wes to chill. Lauren asks what happened exactly, and Bobby says he’s not sure, since he was busy digging his boxers out of his ass. I guess it was wedgies all around. Adam wants to talk to Wes, but Wes isn’t having it. Malia says it’s unfair that Adam is taking out his aggression on Wes. Max tells Adam to feel free to give him a wedgie.

Adam tells Malia that he thought he’s met a person he could trust, but obviously not. We flash back to her texts to Adam. He says she put herself in this position, and congratulates her. Malia tells Bugs she doesn’t know what he thinks she’s lying about. In her interview, Bugs says that she likes Malia, but she is a big tease with the boys. Malia wants nothing to do with Adam. Hmm… Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, when Adam said that about her a few episodes back.

Wes calls Adam an idiot. Adam says he thinks that Wes is overreacting, and it has to do with Malia. Wes says if it was anyone else, he would have reacted the same way. Adam trips going down the stairs, making Wes smile and me laugh. Malia asks Bobby what he thinks, and he says she kissed both of them. She says if she wants to kiss everyone on the boat, that’s her business. Max says that half the problems on boats come from dudes hooking up with chicks. I’m paraphrasing since he says it in his unique gibberish. He and Malia argue, but I can’t understand a word.

Adam asks Hannah what’s happening. She says it’s not about the wedgie. He says before the charter he never wanted anyone like he did Malia (gag), and she’s playing Wes the same way. In his interview, he says that he didn’t care if she flirted around, until she got with Wes. Then he lost confidence in the situation. Hannah says she tried to get him to concentrate on his work when his mind was elsewhere. She doesn’t think he’s a bad guy, but confused and thinking with wrong head. She and Adam hug it out, and he apologizes for being a pita to her.

Oh, Wes and Adam bunk together? How did I not remember/notice that?  Wes wants nothing to do with Adam.

It’s quiet at breakfast. Malia ignores Adam. Bugs calls last night a comedy of errors. In his interview, Max says last night was a mess, and they saw a dark side of Adam. Malia does laundry, which is what you do when you want to hide. Hannah checks with the captain on the new charter. Bugs says she thought they were on a winning streak with the last charter, but Hannah is back to her old ways.

Bobby says that he just knew something was going to happen last night. Malia is more concerned about Wes than Adam. She says she’s over it, and doesn’t deserve to be called names.

It’s preference sheet time. The primaries are Dr. Quang and his wife, Stacey. They’re part of the Houston social scene, and have high expectations when it comes to travel. They’ve requested a black-tie dinner. Since it’s a one-day charter, Hannah says how hard can it be? Captain Sandy tells Adam that all of the guests like onions except one, and don’t be funny. The guests are being picked up near their hotel.

The crew cleans the boat. Max is tired of Malia bouncing off Wes and then Adam, and now being lead deckhand. The boat proceeds to pick up the guests. Hannah asks Bugs to clean the crew mess. Captain Sandy gets ready to drop anchor, with Wes and Malia on deck. The captain starts getting annoyed because the communication is nil. She doesn’t want Malia and Wes working the bow together again. She tells Wes that if Malia can’t do the job, she wants someone out there who can. Malia is supposed to be holding her fingers up for a signal, and the captain says if she’s too short, get someone taller. She says that Malia needs to step it up. Malia doesn’t get what she’s doing wrong, and tells Wes that she’s not that short.

The guests come in by water taxi. Wes says it’s the first time they’ve picked guests up that way, and it’s a cool entrance. Bugs calls them fancy. The ladies are even wearing hats, and Adam says it’s like the game Clue.  The tour happens. Guest Bryan says that if the room is rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’. Not that fancy.

Hannah can tell it’s going to be a long one-day charter. Bobby and Malia are lost about unpacking the luggage in the master bedroom. I wouldn’t want someone else unpacking my bags. The guests want a proper sit-down lunch. Hannah says it’s a disaster, and Adam says you can’t silver serve a canape.

Adam makes sushi. Scrambling isn’t his favorite way to begin a charter. Hannah puts wine in a guest’s glass for her to taste. The guest says she might need more than that, and Hannah explains. We all get a good laugh, and Dr. Quang thinks maybe that is all she needs. One of the guests wants Hannah to book some flights for the next leg of their journey. The spread looks fantastic, especially in comparison to the turkey sandwich I had for dinner.

Hannah asks Lauren to unpack one of the cabins while she books flights. Lauren thinks Hannah does more talking than working. The guests seem happy. No one knows how to unpack. Bugs asks Malia for help in the galley. Hannah tells the guest about the flights, but she wants something direct. Captain Sandy heads toward the next beach. Bobby says he’s invisible to the captain now, and it pisses him off. Hannah tells Adam how picky the guests are. She feels like they’re finally getting along. Max says you know what they say about pineapple… and leaves that there.

Adam feels spiteful when Malia gets chummy with the others in the galley. He says it has nothing to do with Wes, and he misdirected his anger. He apologizes to Wes, who says he was embarrassed in front of the locals. Adam says he’s in a better space now, and asks to bury the hatchet. In his interview, Wes says they need to be professional even though it’s a half-assed apology.

Guest Bryan is in Bugs and Lauren’s faces about getting the water sports going. In her interview, Bugs says he’s too much. He wants to know why they didn’t go to some other beach, and Bugs explains something about having to anchor there because of safety issues. Bobby brings out the jet skis.

Wes tells Malia about the sorry it happened, instead of sorry I did it, apology from Bobby. He says it’s not the first time Adam has been spiteful, and brings up the onions. He’s glad people can see who Adam really is. He and Malia agree that they don’t want to associate with people like him.

Guest Stacey, who stayed out of the water, tells Captain Sandy how thrilled she is with the weather and the scenery. The captain says that they’ll be anchoring there, and Stacey says it’s perfect. Adam says he knows how to do Tex-Mex, but for these guests he’s doing a Thai Tex-Mex fusion. And another cake, since there’s an anniversary. The guests get dressed up for the black-tie dinner. The table is beautiful, lots of gold and a silver cowboy boot to hold the wine. Adam comes along with the appetizers. The guests pronounce it spectacular.

Lauren and Bugs gripe about the extra work. Bugs says it is what it is. Adam introduces the soup, which is way more than just soup. Adam works on the cake, vanilla chiffon with strawberry filling, decorating it flowers and fruit. Bugs thinks it’s bizarre that Hannah and Adam are getting along.

The guests go to bed. Bugs cleans up. We see guests switching cabins. Bugs tells Max that they all went down to the lower cabin, and he says that they’re swingers. He tells us that he doesn’t meet many swingers, but if he did, that’s exactly what they’d look like.

Malia starts to bring up the anchor, and the captain calls Bobby to the bow. She wants Bobby on anchor. Malia is confused about her deckhand role, but thinks she’s messing up and being challenged, and it’s not fair. The boat docks. The guests pack. It starts to rain. It’s time to say good-by. Stacey tells Captain Sandy that it was the bucket list trip of a lifetime. She says she can’t wait to come back, and nudges her husband. The tip is handed over. In her interview, Hannah says after all the work they did, she hopes it’s good.

Tip time! Captain Sandy goes over anchoring, and wants Bobby on bow from now on. She commends the crew on a fantastic job, and singles out Hannah for her travel agent skills, and Adam for his food. The tip is $15K or $1350 each.

Malia tries to tell Bobby what to do, but he says his way is better. She thinks he believes it’s okay to ignore her, and wants to talk. She says he’s being competitive, but he says the captain wants him on the bow, and he knows what he’s doing. He tells her that she has no experience, and she says she has initiative, which got her the job, and not to take it out on her. She doesn’t care about the title, and would gladly give it to him. Bobby says he doesn’t want it out of sympathy. She tells him to let it go. She says comradery is what makes a lead deckhand, and you can’t be a leader by being a d*ck. He says he’ll go somewhere else then.

The crew gets ready to go out. They go to a really cool looking bar with brick walls and neon. Adam tells Hannah that he’s sick of being on the boat with Malia. He says that from day one he told her not to break his heart. He’s losing steam on getting to know someone, and asks if all chicks are the same way. Bugs and Malia talk about how Hannah and Adam are suddenly friends. Hannah tells Adam that Malia is jealous, and he likes it. She gets closer to him, and Lauren takes a picture. Bugs tells Malia that she should make out with Wes.

Adam calls Malia a sweetheart, and she calls him an a-hole. Hannah thinks she shouldn’t have jerked him around in the first place. Adam and Hannah go outside, and Malia toasts to something stupid. Sitting at one of the outside tables, Hannah says she’s glad she met Adam. He says he’s glad he met her too, and she kisses him. She says that she’s going back to the boat and nearly topples over. Adam says he’ll walk her back. He goes inside to get his hat, and tells Malia that he’s going back with Hannah. He makes some inappropriate comments and gestures, and Malia says she’d be glad if he hooked up with Hannah. He says Malia is special, but not really. Hannah and Adam drunkenly walk back to the yacht.

Next time, Hannah thanks Adam for looking after her, Bugs calls Hannah lazy, and Adam shows Wes the texts.







July 18, 2017 – Ava Sees Herself, Jim Sees Wyatt & the Guests Don’t See Much of Anything


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Julian goes to the hospital looking for Ava. He’s told she’s been released. He wonders where she is, since she’s not at her apartment.

She’s at the graveyard. Sonny and Carly see her, and she says she doesn’t want to intrude. Carly says it’s too late.

Jordan asks Curtis how Stella is, and Curtis says she’s getting to be like her old self. Jordan thinks that’s wonderful, but when Curtis doesn’t respond in kind, she wonders what’s wrong

Laura gets a call from Josslyn. She asks, what kind of incident?

Spencer is thrown into a basement. Which I’m sure he’s going to refer to as a dungeon. He yells to be let out right now.

Sonny says that was quick, and Ava says she’d rather have stayed at the hospital. Carly asks what she’s doing there, and Ava says that Morgan is always on her mind, but more so since the fire. Sonny says welcome to his son’s grave, and asks why she didn’t come sooner. Ava tells him that she didn’t want to live in a world without him. Carly says she’d drag her out of there, but doesn’t want to be arrested for assault. Ava says maybe she’s thinking of Avery too, but maybe not, since they’ve made it clear she’ll know everything. Sonny says Avery deserves to know who she is. He says she’s taken two people he loves away from him. First Connie, then Morgan. He tells her that if she’s thinking of plastic surgery, the second she’s healed, he’ll rethink letting her live. She’s not walking away from this death. I’m so glad he and Carly are both moving on and letting it go like they said they were going to.

Curtis tells Jordan he could always tell Stella anything and she’d give him straight talk, but also defend him. Jordan calls her a truth teller and protector. He’d forgotten how special it was. Jordan says it sounds like they had a great morning, so why is he upset?

Laura tells Josslyn that she’s on her way.

Spencer yells, you can’t leave me in here! The place looks very familiar – like where Maxie was held the last time she was kidnapped. Spencer says, all right, Valentin, game on. How much you want to bet that Valentin will be paying someone to take Spencer back? Like in that O. Henry story.

Ava says she knows that she’s a terrible person who’s done terrible things, especially to Morgan, but she’s paid. Carly tells her that she doesn’t get a free pass for setting herself on fire, and it will never be enough. Carly suggests that she tell the world what she did, but sonny says she has no courage or class. Ava doesn’t know what Morgan would want her to say. Sonny says she does, but she’s not going to tell them or the cops. Carly asks if it hurts. Morgan was blinded by her beauty, and now she’s a gutless, cruel monster. She killed Carly’s son, and now her face is as ugly as her soul. Carly and Sonny leave Ava alone at the cemetery.

Spencer says he’s trapped like a rat. He sees a window, and says, hello ticket to freedom, but how?

Laura sees Charlotte on a bench. She asks if Charlotte is okay, and Josslyn says she was just upset after what Spencer said, and wanted to see her father. She couldn’t get ahold of Valentin, so she called Laura. Laura says Josslyn handled it perfectly. Charlotte asks where her poppa is. Laura says Josslyn couldn’t reach him, and called her instead. Charlotte cries in her arms.

Curtis feels like an idiot. He never considered that Stella had a life before him. Jordan says Stella would say she gained more than she lost. Curtis tells her about Marcus, and how Stella passed up getting married to take care of him and Tommy. Jordan asks what happened with Marcus, and Curtis tells her about him moving to San Francisco for a job. Stella says she has no regrets, but he feels guilty. He’d assumed it was the life she chose, and it’s a game changer. Jordan says for him and Stella, or for him and her. He says both.

Sonny and Carly go to the MetroCourt bar. She says she doesn’t feel sorry for Ava, but it hit home. Ava isn’t free, and they won’t be either until they let her go. Did this hit home while Sonny was threatening Ava or Carly was calling her names?

Felix tells Ava that he has to set up her home care, and she should get off her feet. Ava asks him to give her a minute to say good-by. She tells Morgan that she was wrong. She loved him so much, and she’s so sorry. If she could go back… If she loved him like she thought she did, how did they get here? She’s trying to make amends, and not just because of the fire. She felt sick about it before that whenever she thought of him, but he probably doesn’t believe it. She doesn’t know what to believe herself.

Curtis tells Jordan that it’s all the stuff he put Stella through afterward. Jordan says Tommy was no saint, but Curtis says he wouldn’t be surprised if he was the cause of her first stroke. He talks about going on a bender, and telling her she wouldn’t be so focused on him if she had a life of her own. Jordan says he was young and didn’t know. He says she never even did the “how could you, after all I’ve done?” riff. Jordan says she didn’t feel that way, and would do anything for him. He says it’s time to put her first for a change, and Jordan says that she deserves it, but asks what it means for them.

Sonny tells Carly that it’s not over. Carly says he put fear in her about plastic surgery, and hopefully by the time she heals, they’ve moved on.

Julian finds Ava at her apartment. Felix says she’s an outpatient now, and asks if she wants alone time with her brother. She says let’s get it over with. Felix is removing some of the bandages, and she tells Julian that it might be a good time to run. Julian says he’s not going anywhere, and she asks him to cover the mirrors.

Spencer makes a lasso and tries to hook it onto a nail above the window. He gets a chair and stands on it.

Laura asks if Charlotte wanted to talk to her dad because of Spencer. Charlotte asks why Spencer is mad at him, and Laura says that she it’s confusing. Charlotte asks if what Spencer says is true, and Laura says it is, and she misses Nicholas every day. Valentin arrives, saying he’s back like he promised. Charlotte jumps into his arms, and he gives Laura a look.

Julian covers the mirrors. He says she’s seen herself already, but she says it was ages ago when she was a work in progress, and this is the new her. He tells her she’ll always be beautiful. She says he hasn’t seen her yet, and asks about him. He tells her that the trial date is set. She asks about his chances, and he says he thinks differently every minute. Julian is sporting a beard and I kind of like it. Felix asks if she’s ready. Julian says no matter what, she’s still her. She says that’s what she’s afraid of.

Carly says living well is the best revenge, and it should be their mantra. They get to grieve their son the way they should now. She doesn’t want to give Ava one more moment; it’s giving her the power, and Carly doesn’t want that anymore. Sonny says she’s probably right. Carly tells him that it’s the most difficult road they’ve had to walk down, but they made it. She says it sucks that Ava isn’t in prison, but hey get to move forward. She calls him her everything, and says this is how they win – they live – together.

Laura asks what Valentin is doing there, and he says he’s going to spend quality time with Charlotte. He has immediate, temporary visitation. Laura asks to see the paperwork and says he moves fast. He tells her he’s motivated when it comes to his daughter, and she’s his for the next three hours. He reminds Laura that Charlotte is also her granddaughter, and asks how she could sic that petulant brat on her. Laura says he’s a kid who’s been traumatized by the death of his father, and has his own mind. Valentin says she wasn’t in the room. Nicholas faked his own death and framed an innocent person, which was why he was on the island. He tells her that she doesn’t want to face the truth, and she moves to hit him, but he grabs her arm and suggests she not come after him again. Josslyn comes by with Charlotte, asking if everything is okay. Valentin leaves with Charlotte, and Laura tells Josslyn to find Spencer while she calls Lulu.

Spencer pulls himself up the wall with the rope.

Curtis tells Jordan that it came fast and strong, and he saw them going the distance. He’s sorry, but she tells him not to be. He owes this to his aunt. Curtis says he can’t break her heart after what she’s done for him. He says the funny part is, she’d be livid if she knew the reason. She doesn’t want them together, but wouldn’t want them to end like this. Jordan says that Stella wants Curtis to realize how awful she is, but he says she’s anything but. She says she thinks they’re doing the right thing, and he asks why it feels so wrong.

At the MetroCourt, Charlotte and Valentin are having ice cream. Valentin asks if she’s thinking about what happened at camp. He tells her that Spencer is mad at him, not her. He explains that Spencer’s father made poor choices. In the end, he disappeared, so Spencer is sad and angry and looking for someone to blame. He doesn’t like Spencer taking it out on her. She wants to stay at camp, and Valentin says that she can, and she’ll never have to see Spencer again. He’ll make sure of it.

While Laura is on the phone, Josslyn tells her that there’s a problem; it’s Spencer. Laura thinks he’s signed himself out, but Josslyn says he didn’t, and no one knows where he is.

Spencer falls, but says Rome wasn’t built in a day. His glasses are missing the lenses.

Sonny asks if Carly wants lunch, and she’s glad he’s done talking about Ava. Sonny’s phone rings. It’s Max. Sonny says not now, and Carly asks what’s up. He says a deal and stuff. She wonders what stuff is. He goes back to the menu, and she just looks at him.

Felix removes Ava’s bandages. He has to apply antibacterial ointment and a mask. Ava says Julian is quiet, but he says he’s concentrating on Felix, in case he need to know anything. She calls him a liar, and says it’s not a good sign that he can’t maintain eye contact. She says he should move, so none of his friends see her. She’s a monster, and it’s not the first time she’s heard it today. He asks who called her that, and she says never mind. He asks Felix if she can have a drink, and Felix gives the okay. Ava tells Felix that she can take it from there, and he tells her to call if she needs anything.

Julian apologizes. Ava tells him to please go. He says fine, but he’ll be back. She says of course, he lives there, and he tells her don’t forget it. Wasn’t she burned anywhere else except her face? She looks at a picture of herself, and takes the cloth off the mirror. Geez, it’s not even that bad. I’ve seen acne that’s worse.

Curtis wishes it was different. Jordan says that’s life, always throwing a curveball. He tells her that maybe when Stella is better, but Jordan doesn’t live life on maybe. She tells him about her bowling game being on point, and he calls her a shark. She says she’ll miss him, and he says she has no idea.

Sonny peruses the menu. Carly asks him to define stuff. He says loose ends, and asks for a break, telling her they knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

Ava looks at herself like she’s Frankenstein. She says Carly was right; she did this to herself. It’s the definition of karma. Did she think this wouldn’t haunt her and she wouldn’t have to pay? It’s who she is now. This is her face. This is her life, and it’s all her fault.

On the phone, Laura thanks Chandler, and says if he hears anything, to call her. Josslyn says Spencer isn’t in the park or camp. Laura doesn’t know where he could be, but thinks he’s missing.

Spencer gets his glass lenses back in, but they’re cracked in spots. He wonders how he’ll get out if he can’t see.

Charlotte feeds Valentin ice cream. He asks what her favorite camp activity is, and she says arts and crafts. She’s almost finished with Nina’s surprise, and says she misses Nina. Valentin says that he made a mistake, but in the end they’ll be together, and no one will keep it from happening – least of all Spencer.

Tomorrow, Dante questions Valentin. Obrecht wants to discuss something, and Julian asks Alexis to be a witness.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Veronica approaches Justin on the hospital stairwell. She says, so, you’re married. He asks how she is, and she says a little nauseous because of what she just heard. Justin feigns ignorance, and she asks if he’s having problems with his short-term memory. She asks if he and Jeffrey are friends, and barrages him with questions. She says she’s giving him a chance to practice – she’s had officers like him on the stand before. She asks if he’s married and he says he is. She asks if his wife knows about his unnatural affections and his perverted interest in her son. She says she was shocked and appalled. Jeffrey’s wife is clinging to life, and her unborn child is in danger, and Justin is dragging her son into stairwells and sexually harassing him.

Justin acts surprised, and asks if Veronica has lost her mind. She says she knows what she heard. She tries to talk, but Justin keeps interrupting. She tells him if he interrupts her again, there won’t be any more nice Veronica, and the bitch behind door number two is a show stopper. Justin asks what she’s trying to say. She says she’s going to give a statement to the press and his boss. The climate is ripe for him and this moment. He’s a white police officer sexually harassing her son, and it will be national news. Justin says they were discussing why he pulled Jeffrey over. Veronica says she knows what she heard. He says he didn’t say or do anything. She repeats what he said about what Jeffrey does to and for him, and thinks his wife would find it troubling. Justin says he’s not gay. She asks how long he’s been married and keeping it from her. He says his wife is a judge – on her case; the one involving her son. She says it’s improper to be talking to him then. He says it’s improper and dangerous to be talking like she is. She says those words will soon have a whole new meaning for him. She’s Veronica Harrington, and he’s never bothering her son again. Justin tells her that his wife knows he’s not gay, and Veronica should be more concerned about the trial. She says he’s making another threat. He says it’s not a threat, and it’s the last time he wants to hear about him and a man, and not to interfere with him and her son again. Veronica says she’ll file a motion to have his wife removed from the case on the grounds that her husband is having an affair with her son. Jeffrey steps toward her, and she tells him get back, asking who he thinks he is. He asks what scares her, and she tells him nothing and no one. He tells her to do what she has to. She says he’s not the first. Jeffrey loves himself some Wyatt. Jeffrey walks back to the hallway, and she asks what’s the matter that he doesn’t want to hear about it, calling him honey.

Jim and David see Jeffrey at the hospital. Jim asks why Wyatt is there, and Jeffrey says he tried to detox himself, and couldn’t. He wants to get his life together. Jim is surprised, and asks if Jeffrey made him come, but Jeffrey swears he didn’t. Jim wants to know where he is, but Jeffrey doesn’t think Jim should see him. He says the treatment is sensitive, and Jim should wait. Jim says he’s not the doctor. David tells Jeffrey that Jim will find out anyway, and he’s just prolonging it unnecessarily. Jim says he’s in a fragile state too. He knows Jeffrey loves Wyatt, but he does too, and wants to see that Wyatt is okay with his own two eyes. Jeffrey gives him the room number, and Jim apologizes for yelling.

David tells Jeffrey he did the right thing. Jeffrey says that Jim is a source of pain for Wyatt. David tells him regardless, Jim loves Wyatt and is still his father. He tells David that Melissa needs help. David asks what Veronica did to her, and Jeffrey says everything, but he thinks her father dying set her off. David tells Jeffrey that he and Veronica were friends with them for years, and he was sorry to hear about it. He says that he heard Jeffrey had something to do with Quincy’s murder. Jeffrey says he was a horrible person. David knows that and asks what happened. Jeffrey says he didn’t mean to, and David says to tell him. Jeffrey explains that it all happened in slow motion. He walked in on Quincy beating Candace, and hit him with a vase. Quincy got up and started hitting Jeffrey, and the next thing he knew, he was on the floor covered in blood. David asks if he stabbed Quincy, and Jeffrey admits he did. He asks if Veronica knows, and Jeffrey says she found out. David asks why not call the police? Jeffrey tells him that Candace says it would be considered a crime of passion, and they’d be arrested, and he didn’t want to get David involved. David says as Jeffrey’s father, he’s already involved. Jeffrey continues, saying they buried Quincy in the backyard because of all the cameras being around. David knows what Veronica has on him now. Jeffrey thinks it’s going to be okay. Veronica said she’ll have discovery of the body thrown out because of the warrant being issued in the wrong name. David says if she pulls it off, they might look for witnesses, but Jeffrey says the only other person who knows is Benny. David says he’ll get him out of it. Jeffrey asks how, and David tells him to get a room at a hotel and call him. He tells Jeffrey it will be all right, and Jeffrey thanks him.

Jim goes to Wyatt’s room. Anna introduces herself. She says she runs the rehab program that Wyatt signed into. Jim asks how he’s doing. Anna can’t say yet, but he’s strong and really trying. Jim requests a few minutes alone with Wyatt, but Anna doesn’t think it’s a good idea. She says he’s sleeping, but Jim says he won’t wake him. He understands they don’t want him agitated, and asks for a little time. She says she’ll be outside.

Jim wipes Wyatt’s forehead with his handkerchief and kisses him. He smells the hanky, and puts it back into his pocket. Aw, it’s a side of Jim we’ve never seen. He tells Wyatt he’s got this, and leaves. He tells Anna that he’s sorry, and asks if she’s sure he’ll be okay. She says he has to want it. She thinks he does, but they’ll see what happens. Jim says Wyatt is all he’s got, and asks for her card. She says they know all the tricks and he’s in the best hands.

Katheryn sees Hanna sitting on the couch and asks how she feels, but Hanna doesn’t know. She asks if Hanna has been up all night, and says she has to eat something. She realizes there’s nothing anyone can say or do, only God can help. Hanna says she doesn’t know who she is right now, and Katheryn understands. Hanna needs to call Benny, and uses the phone while Katheryn gets the dishes out.

Mitch answers the phone. He tells Hanna that Benny is out. Hanna says she needs to talk to him about funeral arrangements, and Mitch says he’ll have Benny call her.

Hanna says she doesn’t know where Benny is, and Katheryn says to let her help. Hanna can’t even afford the casket, and Katheryn says she’ll cover the funeral. Katheryn says after all Hannah has done for her family, she shouldn’t worry; she loves Hanna. Hanna thanks her, but Katheryn says no, she should be thanking Hannah. Hanna thinks of the funeral home questions – what was their favorite flower and favorite color – and wonders how she’ll know. Katheryn tells her to just choose for him. Hanna says he loved purple, and Katheryn says it’s a start. Katheryn tells Hanna that she’ll handle Benny too, but they have to get food into her. Hanna doesn’t want to eat, but Katheryn says she needs to. Hanna asks if Katheryn is cooking. When Katheryn says she is, Hanna tells her that now she knows she doesn’t want anything. Katheryn says that Hanna’s laughter will come back, as well as her smile. Maybe Katheryn’s cooking will get her there. Hanna doesn’t think so, and Katheryn asks how you turn the oven on.

Candace hears kids playing in Charles’s room. They open the adjoining door and say hello. They ask if she knows their dad, and say he’s going to be president. Charles tells them not to bother her, but she says they’re beautiful. They ask if she’s voting for him, and she says yes. He tells them to get ready for school and asks the nanny to take them, promising he’ll be there to tuck them in.

Charles says he takes being a father seriously, and sorry they bothered her. Candace says it’s no bother, but she’s surprised there’s no secret service. He says that he wants them to have it as normal as possible until they get to the White House. She’s surprised at how comfortable he is, not caring about the recording. He says he’s calm on the surface, but his feet are paddling underneath. She tells him to come over.

Charles goes to Candace’s room, and she tells him to close the door. He says he has a rally in an hour and a half, and she repeats her request. He closes the door, and she says he learns fast, He asks if she does, and she says it depends on the lesson. She says he knows what he’s doing, but it needs work. He asks if she’ll teach him, and she says yes. She can’t believe how unfazed he is. He asks if she’s a threat to him, and she says no. He says she did screw up his day. She says she screwed his night, but he says he means that she’s been on his mind. He tried giving a speech, but only thought of her. She tells him the magic is working. He tells her that it’s the most fun he’s had in a long time, and she says they’ll have more tonight. He thinks it’s going to get really fun. She says it’s not his decision because she’s in control. He mentions that she has the recording, but she says she gave him everything. He thanks her, but she says she wasn’t going to do anything. He says he’s not the type to wait for the other shoe to drop, and she suggests they drop shoes right now, demanding that he take off his clothes. He wants to tell her something, but she says, clothes off now. William complies. He says he’s a sucker for a pretty face, and she tells him to get into bed.

Benny tells Logan that he’s been sitting there all night long. Logan says that he’s not under arrest, and Benny asks why he’s there. Logan tells him that he was brought in for questioning, and Benny says he’s leaving then. Agent Davis comes in and asks for Benny’s DNA. Benny says they’re not getting any blood from him, and he has rights. They have reason to believe he’s a threat to a presidential candidate, and Benny asks what’s going on. He doesn’t know any candidate, and didn’t threaten anyone. Logan tells him to relax.

Candace and Charles bask in the afterglow. Candace takes a snap on her phone, and he tells her she can’t do that. She says she just did. He says she has no respect for his accomplishments; he’ll be the youngest president. She says she respects the office, but he’s human like everyone else, and bleeds if you cut him. He wonders if that’s why the phone and recording. She asks why he’s so trusting, and he says he’s always been. She tells him that a girl needs something for a rainy day; it’s all the power in the world, and all the power to hold against him. He doesn’t like being blackmailed, and she asks why he’s so serious. He says she has no idea who or what he is. He’s Senator Charles Walter Fredricks. Suddenly, a bunch of guys in suits storm into the room. One tells Candace that she’s in violation of the Patriot Act. She’s under arrest for terrorism. Charles says to look at him, and repeats she’s under arrest. He doesn’t like playing games.

Next time, Veronica slaps Melissa, Wyatt tells Jim that he’s the one who put him in jail, and Charles says that Candace is a powder keg waiting for a spark.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Captain Sandy tells Wes he has to choose a second, and he goes with Malia. He doesn’t want it to look like he’s doing it just because he likes her, but says that she deserves it.

Guest Shannon bugs Adam while he’s cooking. He says it’s hard for him to stay focused, but with a charter broker on board, dinner has to be perfect. Hannah says charter brokers can literally make or break your career.

Wes talks to Malia about being lead deckhand. He says he’ll talk to the others tomorrow. In her interview, Malia says it’s an earned title, but she’s afraid the other deckhands will think she earned it in a different way. Hannah talks about Bugs, saying there’s only a few more charters left, and then she’ll be free.

The captain asks Wes and Malia to check for a dragging anchor. There’s an alarm sounding, so she knows there’s one somewhere. The guests sip cocktails. Captain Sandy says they have to head back to port, since they’re surrounded by rocks, and the anchors won’t hold them in the strong wind. She has Hannah tell the guests what’s happening, and that tomorrow they’ll resume a normal day. Shannon says they’ll expect it to be made up. I think she’s joking, but I’m not positive.

Adam says they have to go into full diversion mode – get the guests drunk, then fed. I’m loving the appetizers – caviar on a bed of what looks like red onions. Captain Sandy says docking at night is tough, and with the wind, it can be dangerous. The stuffed roast thrills the guests. The wind is whipping, and the captain is having a hard time, but they successfully dock. Dessert is presented. There’s ice cream and whipped cream involved, and I know I’d gain a thousand pounds on this yacht.

Shannon goes to the wheelhouse. She tells the captain that dinner service was good, but there are a few things she’s noticed. Ugh! When it starts like that, you know she’s become a pita.

Commercial break. Girl’s Trip looks like a lot of fun. I’m in for anything with Queen Latifah, but this is also my kind of chick flick. I’m not keen on the romances, but like the buddy movies. The Women was great, and I don’t often say that about a remake. I got talked into seeing The Proposal, the plot description swearing up and down there was a twist ending that I wouldn’t guess. Well, I did, five minutes into the film, and never let that friend pick the movie again.

Captain Sandy asks Shannon if it’s on the service side. She says no, but there have been little things, like the crew missing a used towel. The captain says she told the crew to step it out because Shannon knows all.

It’s 57 degrees, freezing for the Mediterranean. Captain Sandy calls Wes and Malia to the bridge. She says they have to stay docked, so they have to pour it on. Hannah thinks of a couple of things for the guests to do. In her interview, Hannah says when she’s stressed Captain Sandy tends to micromanage, and there’s already tension among the crew. Wes relays the message to the rest. The captain tells Shannon what happening. She doesn’t want to disappoint anyone, but with the wind at 27 knots, it’s nots happening. She tells Adam to make sure everyone is well fed. He talks about the relationship of a captain and a charter broker being like Tom and Jerry.

Shannon wonders if the crew is trained in massage, and Lauren says they’re trained in booking them. In his interview, Adam says he’s never had the feelings he does for Malia before, and I gag. Hannah calls to arrange for masseuses to come to the yacht. She wants to give the most perfect service they can under the circumstances.

In his interview, Bobby says he’s used to being rewarded for hard work. He’d hoped to go from cleaning the boat to driving the boat. Malia is stoked, but feels guilty. A guest wanders around, and Hannah has to explain weather to him. The guests grumble about not going to the beach. I’ve been on the beach when it’s cold and windy, and they really don’t want to do that unless they’re in parkas. Bugs says she’d rather be in a hotel, but Adam says they don’t give the same kind of service. Bugs has decided to put her feelings aside, and try to be as professional as possible.

Hannah tells the guests they’ve gotten a private tour guide, and also a couple of masseuses. Wes tells his deckhands about choosing Malia as lead deckhand. He thinks that she shows promise, and the desire to go further in the industry. He explains what’s going on for the day, and says have a good one. Bobby tells Malia she deserves it. She says she was nervous, but Captain Sandy did have a say. In his interview, Bobby says she kicks ass on deck, but he thought he was lead deckhand already, since no one else has his experience. Hannah congratulates her.

One of the guests has decided to leave. Hannah says that’s never happened before, and unless she can bring out a unicorn, their tip is in jeopardy. She tells the captain, who has also never had a guest leave. The exiting guest complains that they were promised something the crew couldn’t deliver, and it’s unprofessional. I guess because the crew controls the weather. She tells the captain if they’re not going to be on the water, she can’t. Unreal. In her interview, Captain Sandy says that if they leave the dock, she puts everyone at risk because it’s not safe.

On shore, the guests go to the palace. There are Roman soldier reenactors, and everything looks interesting and cool, but the guests are bored because they have no intellect whatsoever. Bobby makes an excuse about the schedule and having to get back, and the guests are glad to be off the hook. In the hot tub, Shannon says it’s the last night of vacation.

Malia talks to Bugs about Wes kissing her on the bridge. She says it’s hard because he’s her boss. In her interview, Lauren says you don’t promote the one you’re hooking up with, and it would be like if she made out with the captain, and became chief stew. Lauren tells Hannah about Malia and Wes making out. Hannah can’t believe it after she got called out for being unprofessional in texting a guest. In her interview, she says she’s torn between calling Malia out for being a hypocrite, and buying her a drink.

Malia tells Wes that now he understands why she didn’t want to kiss the boss. He says he doesn’t usually do things like that. Lauren calls Bobby, saying she needs some help with something, but she really wants to get him out on deck so she can pass along the info about Malia and Wes. In the galley, Bugs, Malia and Max watch them on the monitor. Lauren tells Bobby to say that he overheard it in his cabin. In his interview, Bobby says he doesn’t have the fire department to fall back on anymore, and this is his career. Now he and Max have to work for the boyfriend and girlfriend.

Hannah hopes that a local acapella group and a Croatian-themed dinner will make up for them being a floating hotel. Bobby gossips to Max. In his interview, Max suggests that Wes kiss him. The singers give a mini concert, and then another amazing table setting is displayed. Lots of gold and green vines. Bobby asks Wes for a quick chat. He tells Wes that there’s a rumor about him and Malia making out, and Wes says it’s true. Bobby asks how Wes thinks that looks. It’s hard to believe his decision wasn’t based on personal stuff. Bobby says he busted his ass last season to get to this one, and thinks it’s unprofessional (word of the night) and BS, but Wes stands by his decision. Bobby says his hard work doesn’t mean sh*t. Whatever they eat in Croatia looks pretty good, and the entrée is based around snapper. The guests are satisfied, and Hannah is glad to see Adam dressing better.

Thw captain asks the guests how dinner was, and it gets rave reviews. The guests move to the hot tub. Hannah is concerned that Bobby is going straight off the rails.

In the morning, the guests are met with mimosas, and one bloody Mary. Bobby wonders out loud to Malia how professional it is to make out on the bridge during a watch. He has nothing to say about her work ethic, but thinks his was never seen because Wes is up her ass. She says maybe hers is better, and really, it’s just a pat on the back, since it’s not like she got a raise. Bobby says for him it was a stab in the back. Wes appears, and tells Bobby that decision has been made. Bobby repeats that it’s unprofessional, and Wes says he doesn’t want to hear about it again.

Lauren tells Adam about Malia and Wes making out and Malia being promoted. She says Bobby has more experience, and she doesn’t think it’s right. Adam is speechless. Lauren says she doesn’t know everything, so he’ll have to talk to one of them.

Time for the guests to go. Primary Guest Jeremy says it was a bummer, but the crew’s attitude and attention to detail made up for it. He commends Adam on his cooking, and says that alone made it worthwhile.

Captain Sandy says they’ve become a team. For all his praise, Jeremy only coughed up $12K, not what she expected, considering how hard they worked. The captain says they have to turn the beat boat around for the next charter, and after that is free time.

Adam wanders around. He wanders to the bridge, where Wes and Malia are, and says, oh, his favorite couple. He says something about all of them having made out at this point. Malia says what happened, happened, and Wes says to keep it professional. Adam asks why Malia led him on. She says that she had feelings for both of them, but wants to put him in the friend zone. In his interview, Adam says she played him like a flute, and it will be painful for Wes to find out the backstory. He tells Malia that he wonders how she sleeps at night. Bobby wonders what the next night out will be like.

Bugs visits Adam’s cabin. He tells her about meeting Malia before the charter, and how they fooled around. Bugs is astounded. He says it can’t be a secret anymore. She said that she wasn’t into Wes, but was into Adam; he has the texts to prove it. Yes, he does. From the same night she was making out with Wes. She also suggested that she and Adam share a hotel room on their last night in Croatia.

They arrive in Dubrovnik, which is a stunning city. Captain Sandy says it’s like you’re walking back into history. The crew gets ready to go out. Adam asks Wes when it happened, and mumbles about having texts. Adam, Max and Bobby go to down some beer, and Wes goes with the ladies to a restaurant. The guys so some kind of shots with their beer, and Adam says, let’s go to drunk town. The guys talk about Malia and Wes, and inexhaustible topic. Adam says the yacht is a little close right now.

Wes leaves to join the guys. Lauren asks if everything is okay, and Malia says she’s been on edge. She gets why Bobby is frustrated, but it’s not like that. In her interview, Hannah says that she no longer trusts Malia. I can understand why.

In his interview, Wes says they’re already hammered, and he thinks Adam is turning to alcohol to solve his problems. Thanks, Dr. Phil! Like the crew ever does anything else but drink when they’re on break. His problem is you. Go away. He thinks the guys are being embarrassing and obnoxious, and they nearly walk into a car on a narrow street. Bobby throws Malia over his shoulder and carries her around. Adam gets in Wes’s face, trying to take a picture, and Wes smacks the phone out of his hand. Hannah steps in between them. Well, that turned quickly.

Next time… what? No preview. I guess there isn’t one after the later show. I should have paid more attention to Watch What Happens Live.




A Bit of Dubrovnik

July 11, 2017 – Valentin is Sprung, Justin Gets Jealous & Tequila is Paired


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Elizabeth asks Hayden if Obrecht really got arrested. Hayden isn’t at liberty to talk about it, but is surprised Elizabeth cares. She says she doesn’t, but Franco will.

Nathan visits Obrecht in her cell. She’s thrilled to see her son, and wants out, so she can seek revenge. She says she was trapped into a confession, and that cretin stole her job. It was all she had. Nathan says he’ll see what he can do. He goes back out into the station and Finn is there. Finn says he got a message that someone wanted to talk to him, and Nathan says it was from him. He wants to discuss the case against his mother.

Anna runs into Andre at The Floating Rib. She was hoping to see Mac and Felicia, but is glad to see him. She says about last night… and he asks how she feels.

Dante tells Lulu that Valentin is out of prison.

Nina wakes to someone standing in front of her. It’s Valentin. He tells her that it’s okay.

Hayden feels sorry for Nathan. Elizabeth says he can’t be oblivious, but she knows how a mother’s love for her son can be. She asks if she can get something for Hayden, and Hayden admits to wanting to eat everything in sight.

Nathan tells Finn that he doesn’t know if prison is the way to go. Finn says he’s open to alternatives; It depends on what she tells him.

Obrecht sings while she balances her lunch tray on her lap. Nathan brings Finn to the cell.

Dante tells Lulu that Valentin was questioned by customs, and everything was legit. Lulu says assuming he’s legally free, how could it happen? Dante doesn’t know, but knows who might have the answers.

Andre tells Anna that he had an amazing time; it was fun and physical, but he’s glad they stopped when they did. Anna says her too. They were barreling toward something they weren’t ready for. They both wanted to forget and did, for a little while. Anna says they should be friends, and Andre says friends are good. Their conversation is starting to sound like a children’s book.

Anna’s phone rings. She asks Dante how the wedding is, and then says she’s on her way.

Valentin gives Nina a drink. She says that she thought he was going to be killed, and he says that he did too. He was thrown into a van, and was sure he was going to an undisclosed location to be shot, but was told the charges were being dropped and he was free to go. He had time to think on the flight home, and thinks he knows why. The bureau was more complicit than he was, and want to pretend like nothing happened. He’s free, and came home to his wife and daughter. She says he doesn’t have a wife anymore, and he asks why she’s there.

Obrecht wonders why Finn is visiting her, and isn’t interested in what he has to say. Nathan says it’s about her freedom, and she says go ahead, talk. Nathan leaves them to talk privately. Finn tells her that he was talking with Monica, and Obrecht wonders if she’s being burned at the stake or drawn and quartered. He says he has a solution that benefits all of them, but it involves her resigning immediately.

Elizabeth takes Hayden to lunch. Hayden tells her that she and Finn are adjusting. Elizabeth says it’s a big adjustment for someone so early in recovery. She says it might be a good idea for Hayden to get familiar with the signs of addiction, just in case. Hayden starts to ask something, and suddenly feels pain. She says it’s the baby.

Anna goes to the MetroCourt. Lulu asks how Valentin is free, but Anna doesn’t know. She makes a call to Robert, but gets voicemail. She leaves a message asking how Valentin made a legal return to the US. She has some people who are anxious for answers.

Nina tells Valentin that she was just getting her things, and he says, and fall asleep in his sweater. Nina says that she was cold. She says she didn’t appreciate him making her think that he was going to be executed. He says he was sure that he was, and wanted to hear voice one more time. He says he still loves her, and now that he’s been married to her, he’s developed a taste for it. He’s going to convince her they can be a family again. She says he should be worried about Charlotte, but Valentin tells her that with Lulu having custody, he didn’t think it was a good idea to just show up there. Nina tells him where they are, but won’t go with him. She says she’s glad he’s alive and out of prison, but he should go to his daughter. She wishes him well, but says that they’re divorced.

Elizabeth tells Hayden to stay calm and keep breathing. Andre comes over to the table, and suggests they get to the hospital, so Hayden can be checked out.

Obrecht says that while Finn goes on with his career, that he jeopardized, she’s supposed to resign. Finn needs to clear his name, and wants a written apology to him and the hospital. She says he just wants to humiliate her, but he tells her even though that sounds good, he doesn’t want to cause a rift between the hospital and the pharmaceutical company that bought his research. Obrecht says that if she publicly disgraces her name, reputation, and life’s work, the charges will be dropped, but she won’t really be free. She tells him the answer is no.

Nina brings Nathan coffee at the station. He asks if she knows what happened, and tells her about Obrecht tampering with the drug tests. Nina wonders why, and he says she blames Finn for her demotion. Nina asks what will happen now. Nathan tells her that he tried to broker a truce, but isn’t sure it worked. Nina says that Obrecht doesn’t need to be bailed out. Nathan says he knows they’ve had problems, but she loves him – in her own unique, demented way. She’s in trouble of her own making, but he can’t do nothing. Nina tells him that he’s a good guy and helps everyone, and that’s why she loves him. She adds that she needs reality check before she gets in trouble.

On the phone, Anna thanks someone for the information. She tells Dante and Lulu that the charges were dropped. Lulu asks how that’s possible. Anna says that the WSB is concerned about drawing attention to a weapon that isn’t in line with their current goals and methods. They want to avoid embarrassment. Dante says, so they’re covering it up. Anna says there’s not much to cover. Alex is at large, and Helena is dead; their case is just circumstantial.

Valentin enters the MetroCourt and Charlotte runs to him. Lulu almost has a heart attack.

After being checked out, Hayden tells Elizabeth that everything is okay except her dignity. Elizabeth says she’ll trade pregnancy stories with her one day. Andre asks how she really feels, and Hayden says grateful. He tells her congratulations, since he hadn’t known she was pregnant. He asks if she’s having second thoughts, and she says only about her fitness as a mother. He tells her that uncertainty is normal, but advises that she stay away from rich, spicy food. Hayden says she realized how much she wants the baby, and to raise it with Finn. She knows she’ll be a helicopter mom, and Andre says she sounds like a normal mom.

Finn is astounded that Obrecht would rather go to prison than admit her wrongdoing. She says she stayed in Port Charles to acquaint herself with her son, and then tried to help with the Quartermaine corrupted madhouse that is GH. Finn showed up, and everything changed. He says he was there to treat one patient, and would have left, but he has a life there now. If it wasn’t for her spite and anger, he wouldn’t have been cornered into the life he has, so he’s grateful for that. She tells him that the scandal will eclipse her work; she’ll never get a job as a doctor again. He says that’s the fate she’d planned for him, and she says he deserved it. He says she can still see her son through Plexiglas if she wants; what’s it going to be?

Nina tells Nathan about seeing Valentin and that he’s been legally released. Nathan asks where she saw him. She says that she was at Windemere, sleeping on the couch in his favorite sweater

Valentin says he missed Charlotte. She asks where he was, and he says nowhere he as to go again. Some folks made a mistake, but it’s been corrected. He asks about the wedding, and she tells him about being a flower girl. Lulu asks if Charlotte wants to get lemonade, telling her that Anna and Dante need to talk to her poppa. Valentin asks if they want to see paperwork, and Dante grabs it out of his hand. Valentin says it shocked him too. Anna says that without Alex to testify, they don’t have much, and wonders if they let her go too. Valentin says it’s better to pretend the Chimera didn’t exist. Dante says the papers are in order, and Valentin says he’ll collect his daughter then. Dante says that’s not going to happen.

Obrecht tells Finn that his arguments are sound, and as much as she hates to admit it, generous. She’ll says that she’ll take everything under advisement; it might be best way to go. Finn says he’ll be in touch.

Nina tells Nathan that she realized her jewelry was at Windemere. She saw Spencer, who he wants to be there, but can’t because it belongs to Valentin. Nathan tells her that she’s getting sidetracked, and she says that she doesn’t want to admit that after she got the jewelry case, she saw the sweater. It was something familiar, and she fell asleep on the sofa, waking up to Valentin’s smiling face. It was the happiest that she’s ever been. She needs Nathan to tell her why she’s better off without him.

Nathan sees Finn and runs after him. Finn thinks that Obrecht will go along with his proposition, and the charges will be dropped. Nathan thanks him. Nathan tells Nina that he has to follow up, but wants her to stay there and think about Valentin lying to her and leaving her every time Anna called.

Valentin tells Dante that he’s grateful, but he’s back now. Dante says Lulu has custody, and Valentin says it’s temporary. Dante tells him until that changes, Charlotte is staying with them. Valentin tells Charlotte that it’s late, and he has to go back to Windemere to get everything ready for her to stay.

Elizabeth thanks Andre for his help. He’s glad it was just enthusiastic eating. Elizabeth says whatever he said meant a lot to Hayden. Andre asks about them being sisters, and Elizabeth tells him they’re half-sisters. She says it didn’t start off too well, but things are better now, and she’s excited about becoming an auntie.

At The Floating Rib, Finn calls Hayden, but she’s behind him, and tells him to turn around. She says she’ll tell him later why she’s late, and asks about Obrecht. He says that she’s considering his offer, and thinks that they came to an understanding.

Nathan asks Obrecht about the offer. She says it will keep her from going to prison, and he says that’s great news. She adds that all she has to do is resign, and tell the world what she did. She’ll probably never practice medicine again; at least nowhere with indoor plumbing and floors. He says he knows it’s a lot, but it’s better than prison. When she’s alone, Obrecht says she’ll be free to go wherever she wants, and do whatever she pleases – to whomever she pleases. Finn took away her medical career, but she’ll take the most important thing in his life away from him. We see Finn and Hayden laughing together.

Nina thinks about when Valentin gave her the horse, and how she told him that all he has to do is be honest. Nathan asks if she’s doing some remembering. She tells him that every time she remembers something bad, it moves to something good. Nathan says to remind herself that there’s nothing good in the relationship, and every move he makes, she should send him packing, or they both know what will happen.

Valentin tells Charlotte that he’ll see her tomorrow. Lulu tells him about Charlotte being enrolled in Lila’s Kids, and he says he looks forward to hearing about it. Charlotte tells him that she’s glad he’s home, and he says he is too.

Valentin asks Anna to have a drink with him. She says, why not? He asks if they can drink to his freedom, and she agrees. She thinks they should drink to the bureau for making the right call, and he says better late than never. He had a lot of time to think about her and her sister, and the choices they’ve all made. His life would have been different if she’d kissed him that day. He was resentful, but now has nothing but gratitude. Anna left him vulnerable for Alex, and he sold the Chimera to pay for life-changing surgery. Like falling dominoes, he wouldn’t have his daughter or have met Nina. In the end, it happened because of Anna, and he thanks her. She says when she was arresting him, he’d said that she managed to put her mistakes behind her, and build new and better life. Now it’s his turn. She tells him not to blow it, because if he does, there won’t be any more chances.

Tomorrow, Julian has news for Nina, Carly wants to stop Nelle, and Sonny has something that will benefit both him and Jason.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Benny tells Logan that he can’t be forced to give information. Logan says he can take him in though. Benny says he didn’t do anything, but Logan says that’s not the way the DA is going to see it. He asks what Benny knows about Quincy’s murder, but Benny says he knows nothing about it. Logan asks where Candace is, but Benny still won’t talk. Benny tells Mitch not to tell his mother anything. Mitch says he’ll get him out, but Benny says don’t count on it, and he doesn’t want Veronica to know.

Too late. Veronica comes by. Logan says she can talk to him at the station, but she says she’s his lawyer, and she’ll talk to him now. They take Benny away, and she says she’ll come to the station. Mitch says he’ll be there too.

Veronica sees David and asks if he saw them arrest her man. He asks where Jeffrey is. She asks if he wants to come along to the station. He leaves a message for Jeffrey that he’s waiting at the hospital. Veronica asks if he’s serious about “this girl.” He asks where his son is, and she says she doesn’t know. He asks about Melissa at the desk, but doesn’t know her last name. Veronica says now he wants to talk to her, and won’t tell him. She says she’ll give him information if he gives her his, and asks where he met this girl, but he says nothing. David says she pushed Melissa into taking her own life, and he’s glad he left her. She asks if he’s sure he’s gone, and he says he couldn’t be more gone. She tells him that when you really love someone, you tell them everything, never knowing a mad day will come. When it does, that person you love so much, has your deepest, darkest secrets locked away. He says she doesn’t scare him. She says what she knows should scare him. He says he knows her dirt, but she says he also knows how clever she is. He calls her a rabid wolf, and Jim sits down behind them and howls.

Jim says they look tense, and Veronica says he brings that out in them. He asks David if the number was traced. David says he’s working on it and Jim tells him to make it quick. Veronica calls them devils, and asks what they’re up to now. Jim calls her leader of the legion, and says they’re just herding cats – whatever that means. He asks if she wouldn’t like to thank him. She says no, and when he asks about their “situation,” she says, oh, you mean Kathryn murdering the DA? She’s keeping the secret, but says whatever they’re planning, make it quick. She suggests that Jim stop by to see Wyatt. He asks what she means, and she says she didn’t do anything to him; he did it to himself. She tells him Wyatt is there, and when Jim asks why, she says she’s not a doctor.

Jim asks about Wyatt at the desk, but the nurse says he has to talk to Wyatt’s doctor.

Jeffrey visits Melissa. She tells him to get out. He asks if she’s okay, and she says of course not. He says he does care, and she asks since when. He doesn’t want her to hurt herself. She tells him just go, and he tells her that taking her life isn’t the answer. She asks if he’s really trying to help her, and says he’s wasting his time. She tells him that the only person who ever loved her is dead. He says her mom loves her, and she says like his mother loves him, but her father loved her. He says he’s sorry, but she says he’s just like his mother. They just want to inflict pain, but dammit, she’s a human being. She tells him to leave, and he does.

Hannah sits on Kathryn’s couch in her blood-stained clothing. She asks where they are, and Kathryn tells her it’s one of her houses, and gives her something to help her sleep. Hannah doesn’t want to sleep, but Kathryn says she needs to; it’s the only thing that will help. Hannah takes the pill. She asks why Kathryn is staying there, and Kathryn says she’s divorcing Jim, but it’s not about her. She suggests Hannah take a shower, and change clothes. Hannah doesn’t want to shower, but Kathryn tells her to look at her hands. They’re covered in blood. Hannah starts to cry again. Kathryn holds Hannah, saying that she’s sorry, and Hannah says he was all she had and it’s killing her. There’s crumbling in her soul. Kathryn understands, but says that Hannah has a strong belief in God. She knows it’s tragic, but also knows that her faith is too strong to let anything shake it. Even this. Hannah says she’s only human, and now she has to bury her grandson. She says she’s so angry, and Kathryn tells her to just breathe. She takes Hannah to get cleaned up before the pill kicks in.

Hannah looks at herself in the mirror. She washes her hands and cries.

Jeffrey goes to Wyatt’s room. He asks Anna how Wyatt is doing. Wyatt says he feels so sick, but Jeffrey says he can do it. Anna gives them privacy. Wyatt wonders if they can help him, and Jeffrey says he knows they can. He says Wyatt is stronger than he thinks. Wyatt says he’s never had to be strong before, and it’s never been this bad. Jeffrey reminds him of the facility, and says it has been this bad. Wyatt begs for something, and Jeffery says just stay, they have a plan. Wyatt says he’s freezing, and Jeffrey goes to get a blanket. He sees Justin in the hallway. They exchange glances. Justin follows Jeffrey.

Jeffrey brings the blanket to Wyatt and tucks him in. Justin looks through the window, then pops in and asks if he can talk to Jeffrey. Jeffrey says he’s busy; now is not the time. Wyatt says that Justin needs to leave, and Jeffrey says he’ll call. Justin says he’ll wait outside. Wyatt is like wth? This guy is nuts. Jeffrey tells him to rest, but he can’t. Jeffrey asks if they gave him something to help, but he says it’s not working. Jeffrey tells him to give it some time. Wyatt thanks him, and apologizes for treating him like crap. He says Jeffrey is his only friend. Jeffrey says it’s okay, but Wyatt says it’s not. He begs Jeffrey not to leave. He asks if Jeffrey will be there when he wakes up, and Jeffrey promises he will. Wyatt says he doesn’t want to die, and Jeffrey says he won’t; he’s going to kick it. Wyatt keeps repeating not to leave him.

Oscar goes to his hotel room. He tells Candace to wake up. He throws a bag on the bed, saying it’s 250K, and asks if he has her attention. She says it’s hers, and he says it’s a chance for her to earn it. He could have gone to the police. He wants to work with her, but she doesn’t want to; she’s fought bigger devils than him and won. She tells him to leave and he says fine, but he’s taking it. He tells her she’s stupid and doesn’t she get what’s happening. She says she sees him trying to destroy a good man. He asks if she wants to lie on her back the rest of her life. He could have used anyone, but they’re not her. She refuses to help him, and he tells her to play the long game. She says she’s not interested and neither is William. Oscar asks if he said that, and what else did he say? Candace says she’s not giving William over. They struggle over the bag of money and she finally agrees, but Oscar thinks she’s lying. He says his clients are expecting results, and she doesn’t want to mess with them. She says she’ll do it. He says he gets it – she’s going to blackmail him on her own. He tells her not to do it. William is going to be President and has very little money. These things are bought and sold, and it’s a league she doesn’t play in. If they feel threatened, they’ll come for her. Candace tells Oscar good-by. He says she’s damaged, and he can’t use her. They struggle over the bag again. She says she’ll scream, and starts yelling for help. Oscar jets. Candace sees that only the outer bills on the packs of money are real. The inside is just paper.

Anna comes back to Wyatt’s room. He’s sleeping, and Jeffrey thanks her. She thanks him in return. She says that Wyatt really loves Jeffrey. Jeffrey says that Wyatt he isn’t gay, but Anna asks if he has to be to love him; she knows they both love each other. Jeffrey says he’s leaving; he doesn’t want Wyatt to trade one dependency for another, meaning himself. He wants Wyatt to stand on his own, and Anna says that’s smart. Jeffrey asks if the cop is still out there. She says he is, and asks if everything is okay. He says it’s fine, and leaves.

Justin is waiting like a spider in a web. Jeffrey asks why he’s still there, and Justin says he just wants to talk, but not here. Jeffrey says he’ll call him then; he’s not going anywhere. Justin apologizes, saying he was out of control and it will never happen again. He asks Jeffrey to please talk with him elsewhere. Jeffrey begrudgingly follows him.

Justin goes into a stairwell. Veronica sees, but walks away. Justin says there’s no cameras. Jeffrey says he needs cameras with Justin. Justin apologizes again, and says that Jeffrey doesn’t need to be afraid. He didn’t know Wyatt was his friend, and he can be jealous at times. Jeffrey says they’ve been friends since they were kids, and he and Justin aren’t together; he can see who he wants. Justin tells him not to say that. Jeffrey says he thinks they’re on different pages; things are moving too fast. Justin says he knows Jeffrey is hurt and mad, but it’s not him. Answering like I would, Jeffrey says it is him, and Justin says he’s trying and to give him credit. Jeffrey says that Justin is giving him the same look as when he attacked him, and needs to calm down. Justin says he’s trying to control himself. He’s never felt like this before. He has a wife, but all he knows is that he really likes being with Jeffrey, and it made him a little crazy. He’s sorry. Jeffrey accepts his apology, and tells Justin about Melissa. He says he was supposed to marry her, and Justin asks what’s going on. Jeffrey doesn’t want to talk about it right now, and tells Justin that he should back up his apology by dropping it. Justin says to call him, and asks if he’s going back to Wyatt’s room; he doesn’t like it. Jeffrey says here’s his chance to show how sorry he is, and Justin tells him to go. He gives Jeffrey a kiss, and Jeffrey goes back out to the hall. Justin waits on the stairs.

Veronica comes up the other way. She says, so, you’re married.

Next time, Jeffrey doesn’t think that Jim should see Wyatt, Veronica asks if Justin’s wife knows about his unnatural affections, and William tells Candace that she has no idea who he really is.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Hannah asks Adam to dress more appropriately in front of the guests. He says she thinks she’s perfect, but she’s not. She says she’s not there to keep the crew happy, but the guests. He tells her she’s already made that clear.

Hannah asks the captain if Adam’s attire is okay with her. After she leaves the wheelhouse, Captain Sandy calls Adam in, and tells him that he needs to wear his uniform in front of the guests. He asks if Hannah approached her, and she says it doesn’t matter. Those are her standards.

Bugs thinks something more happened between Hannah and Jason than Hannah is owning up to. She thinks it’s wrong for Hannah to be calling Adam out, when she’s getting involved with charter guests.

Hannah whines to Captain Sandy that she’s used to a different standard, but the captain tells her to get off her high horse after what she just did.

It’s time for lunch. More food, glorious food. Even the salads are amazing. Adam brings Malia some of the cookies that he’s made for dessert. I want one of those too. Great food, liquor, and blue, blue water. What else could you possibly need?

The captain tells Wes to take the guests for a walk with Malia when they get to shore. Adam complains to Max about having to take his hat off when addressing the guests. Proving once again that he’s fourteen years old. Bobby shows Malia how to tie knots.

Adam tries to get information about Hannah from Bugs. She doesn’t really say anything, but the next time Adam sees Hannah, he tells her that maybe she should think twice about dating the guests. She asks if there’s anything else he wants to ask her about, but he says that’s it.

Captain Sandy wants the crew to know how appreciative she is, and says they’re improving as they go. Hannah makes notes for the tequila pairing dinner. Wes and Malia take the guests on a walkabout, and walkabout to a bar. They deposit the guests there and get ice cream. On the yacht, Adam says he has experience drinking tequila, but has never done a pairing before. He thinks Mexican food is the way to go. In her interview, Malia says she doesn’t want to tell Wes about knowing Adam before the charter. She doesn’t see what good it would do.

Hannah tells the captain that she’s struggling with serving the food. She thinks it’s repetitive, and wants to put down food she’s excited about. I’m excited about any food that I don’t have to cook.

The guests get back to the boat, and dinner begins. As usual, the centerpiece is everything – this one using chili peppers as the focus. The first course is queso and pork, with homemade tortilla chips, along with margaritas. I have to say it. I hate tequila. I had shots once and that was enough. A friend of mine asked me what I expected from something made of cactus, but everyone else seemed to like it. I also only had margaritas once. They were okay, but I only had two, and the bartender was so heavy-handed, it wasn’t worth it in the morning. The crew gossips about Hannah in the crew mess. Malia says she’s tired of her. Next is some kind of chicken dish, and a tequila ginger beer drink. Still a no from me, but the guests are happy. Max tells Adam about Hannah saying his food is boring. Hannah asks Bugs how she likes the new shift. Bugs pretends to like it, but in her interview, she doesn’t think it’s fair since she has to do more work.

Wes talks to Lauren about Hannah and guest Jason, wondering how much they did. Lauren thinks it got them a bigger tip, so she doesn’t care. The guests declare dinner f-ing good.

Hannah and Lauren have a smoke on the deck. Hannah talks about going to war, and Lauren says she’s scared. In her interview, Bugs says Hannah wasn’t even interested in Lauren, and now they’re BFFs. The guests are still raring to go. Primary guest Lauren (as opposed to deckhand Lauren) can barely form words, but wants a “tequila bump.” In their room, Hannah tells Lauren that everyone hates her, and f-yous all of them, except Captain Sandy and Lauren. Wes shows the guests his version of the worm.

It’s anchor watch shift change, and also around 3 am. Malia and Wes kiss in the wheelhouse. In her interview, Malia doesn’t think it was the wisest decision, and would have liked another setting.

It’s departure time. Hannah says that she has a good idea for where the crew should go on their night out. Adam says it must be a good restaurant, since his food sucks. She tells him to make himself clear, and she’ll have a conversation. She tells him that she cares about the guests’ food, and it’s been soup and salad the entire season. We flash back – and it has! I still think everything looks fantastic though. Adam tells Hannah that he prides himself on variety, and she says she’s just used to a different standard (word of the day).

The crew gets in their whites, the guests pack, and Wes is mastering the bow. The guests rave about the trip, and guest Lauren says it was the best trip of her life. She says everything was awesome, and Captain Sandy is a kick ass woman. Which leads to tip time. The captain tells the crew that the next guests have asked to board from their hotel, so they have to dock before they get their freedom. She says that the guests are having the yacht come to them, which sets a standard (what did I say?). She wants the best of the best, and no back talk. She thinks they’re definitely a team, and says, bring it on. The tip is $15K, or $1363 each.

Captain Sandy is proud of Max, and says it’s his turn to move the boat off the dock. In his interview, Max says just call him captain. Bugs tells Lauren that she feels like she’s in the middle, and Lauren says she’s trying to stay neutral and doesn’t want to be roped into anything.

Bobby gives Wes a haircut. The captain calls Wes to the bridge and asks if he had to name a second-in-command, who would it be? He says not Max, and although Bobby has more experience, Malia seems to be grasping it quickly.  Captain Sandy says she wants him to choose who should have more responsibility. In her interview, she says she wants them to learn leadership skills. She tells Wes that they’ll get mad, but they’ll respect him.

Time to go out. The crew goes to another beautiful restaurant, and sits outside where there’s a firepit. Jason messages Hannah, and she asks if they all want to see it. Bobby says he was just joking around, and she says he’s okay, but taking it to the bar and having a laugh at her expense is a different story. She wants to know why they would read a primary guest’s messages anyway. She does sort of have them there. While Hannah was on the other end of the messages, Jason was a guest, and his privacy should have been respected as such. Bobby says the iPad belongs to the boat. Wes says she should have texted him or better yet, not messed around with him. Hannah says Jason kissed her, and Wes tells her she should have pushed him off. She says she pretty much did, and decides to go back to the boat. Lauren asks what she should do, and Hannah tells her to stay and have fun. On the way back, Hannah mumbles that she’s over the boat and over the season.

In the morning, Wes tells the deckhands that this is the point in the season when people lose their minds, so let’s just get through it. Captain Sandy calls the preference sheet meeting. She tells Adam, Wes, and Hannah that the guests are high caliber, and everyone has to step up their game. The primaries are Jeremy and Maureen, and they’re bringing along some realtor friends, including a yacht broker that the captain knows. Captain Sandy says she’ll probably be looked at like she’s under a microscope. Shannon (the broker) will want to see how she manages, so the crew will see her a lot. In her interview, Hannah says that if you fail to impress a charter broker, you’re name can be dragged through the dirt.

Sandy talks to Adam. She wants to see his very best. Cookies? She wants him to think he’s in a competition.

Hannah wants a super quick chat with Bugs. She doesn’t want any tension. She says she flirted with guest, but on her father’s life, she wasn’t messaging him while he was on board, only afterward. Bugs tells her that the time stamp says differently, but Hannah says she has the original messages. In her interview, Bugs says the time stamp can’t be changed on an iPad (I dunno about that), but tells Hannah that it’s in  the past and she just wants to move on. They hug it out. Lauren says no fun allowed this charter

The guests arrive. I hate them already. Captain Sandy says her reputation is on the line, and they can’t be less than perfect. She jokes to Shannon that the pressure is on, but she’s really not joking. JokingNotJoking.

Hannah does the tour. Captain Sandy tells the deckhands to make it fast; she wants to get off the dock. The guests toast to the most spectacular cruise ever. Wes delegates jobs. He wants to choose a second who wants to go further. He thinks Malia is the right one, even though people will think he gave it to her for another reason. Well, yeah. I don’t even like Bobby and think it should be him. Wes says that Bobby is a good worker, but doesn’t show the intention of going forward. In his interview, Bobby says he’s told Wes he wants to be a captain, and this is BS; he’s obviously showing favoritism.

Wow. The stews wear gloves to put out the glasses. The yacht anchors. Bugs tells Lauren to pay attention to every detail; Shannon is picking up on everything. Sandy says she doesn’t work with Shannon often, but wants to make sure she’s happy. The first meal is a success.

Wes talks to Malia about Captain Sandy asking him to rank his deckhands. Malia thinks it will cause tension no matter what. Adam tries to be more creative with the dessert. He tells us that a charter broker can recommend you for jobs. Hannah serves watermelon granita in giant ceramic spoons, and Shannon asks if it’s handmade. Hannah is like, what? and Shannon asks if it’s out of a box or something whipped up. Huh? Is she drunk? Hannah says it’s from an actual watermelon. After lunch, the guests go swimming, and then move on to the hot tub.

Malia tells Bobby about Wes having to rank his deckhands, and that he said they had different strengths. In his interview, Bobby tells Lauren that Wes has spent more time with Malia, since he does the schedules, and he doesn’t even know what Bobby can do. Max and Bobby gossip about Hannah. The captain tells Wes that he has to make a decision. There’s no choice of putting it off any longer.

Next time, a guest leaves mid-charter, Malia argues with Bobby, Adam asks Malia how she sleeps at night, and Wes and Adam get physical. And not like the Olivia Newton-John kind of physical.


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June 27, 2017 – Sonny Wants Out, Rose Wants War & Hannah Wants Jason


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Julian suggests Alexis stop thinking and take the night off. He tells her maybe she should take a risk. Kristina comes by.

Hayden tells Curtis that she thought she’d feel an immediate, amazing connection to her baby, but instead she’s ambivalent. She doesn’t know if she wants to be a mother. He asks if she’s worried about being a less than perfect mom or being a mom. Finn overhears.

Obrecht tells Kiki that people have noticed how diligent she is on the job, even under the hardship of her mother’s tragedy. Kiki says it would be nice if she’d mention it to Monica. Obrecht says her word means nothing to Monica, who is known to be stingy with raises and promotions, but her leadership won’t last forever

Jason arrives back home.

Carly tells Sonny she doesn’t believe he can leave the business. He asks if she thinks he’s playing her, but she thinks he’s playing himself. Geez, Sonny isn’t getting any younger and they have a skabillion dollars, why doesn’t he just retire and they can live on the island? I’ll go.

Curtis says he knows all about Hayden’s less than perfect parents, and  wonders if she’s concerned about repeating their mistakes. She asks if he thinks she wants to pass that mess onto another generation. He suggests she become an overprotective helicopter mom, and asks if anything else is going on. She says it wasn’t planned. She doesn’t know if it’s something she can do on her own, and isn’t sure if Finn is in a place to help her, since he needs to help himself. Finn walks in and says he is.

Sam offers to wake the kids, but Jason says he’ll surprise them in the morning. She notices his wound, and he says it’s just a graze, no big deal. She wonders how delivering a message translates into being shot. Monica says it looks fine. He says Godzilla Garvey pulled a gun on Sonny and Carly, but Carly was the one who shot him.

Carly says that Sonny doesn’t get to retire, and he wants to know who says? She tells him that he’s been honest that no one has been able to leave his line of work. He says that was just the worse case scenario. She says a man doesn’t leave his kind of business; the business leaves him. He can live out his life and die of natural causes, or someone could kill him. Well, that sounds like how it goes for most of us.

Hayden asks how long Finn has been there, and Finn says he just got there, and tells them about talking to Griff. Hayden tells him about bringing in Curtis, and Finn fills Curtis in on Obrecht. Hayden says if they can’t prove it, Finn could lose his medical license. Curtis says not on his watch, and suggests they get moving on it.

Obrecht tells Kiki that Monica can’t be in charge forever. She says the day might come sooner than later if Kiki can help her. Kiki might be in a position to hear things, like any talk about labor actions. Once she’s chief again, she could pay Kiki back for keeping her informed. She tells Kiki to think about it.

Kristina asks if she’s interrupting, but Alexis says no. She says they’re not together, and Julian says they just happened to be in the same place at the same time. He has to go, and Kristina says he must be enjoying his freedom before the trial. He asks if Kristina has heard from Sonny, explaining what happened. Kristina asks why Julian would care about warning him.

Sonny tells Carly that he’s been in the business a long time; he knows how it works. She asks what route he’s taking this time. He tried disappearing once; what is he going to do now? She asks if he wants to go in the witness protection program, and he tells her not to get ridiculous. She wonders how he’d be able to keep his mouth shut if there was a successor, or what if they’re not as strong as he is? Would there be the possibility of an all-out war for his territory?

Sam doesn’t blame Carly for protecting her family; she blames Sonny. He knows Jason will protect him, never mind his own family. Jason says everything is fine. Sam goes to check on the kids. Jason apologizes to Monica, but she’s just glad he’s home safe and sound. She says family is never trouble. He asks if Sam seemed different before he left; she seemed off. He says he’s been worse and she handled it fine. Monica says maybe Sam is rearranging her priorities for the kids. I love how no one asked what happened that Carly ended up shooting Jason. Does she have the reputation as a bad shot?

Sam says kids still asleep. She wanted to thank Monica for talking her down when she wanted to go to Puerto Rico. She wants to kick sonny’s ass, but Jason says it wasn’t his fault. If he hadn’t gotten involved, they would be dead. Sam says that he can’t be responsible for their lives. He wonders why she’s annoyed with Sonny. He says she’s been quick to react lately, and volatile. She has right to be concerned, but her reactions seem disproportionate. He doesn’t understand where it’s coming from. Maybe they should see a doctor.

Hayden says they’re all in agreement. Monica walks in, and wonders what’s up. Hayden says Curtis was just filling them in on what he’s been doing. Monica says the mansion has seen more schemes than the CIA, so they might as well be truthful. Finn says owes her the truth, and Hayden adds even if it gets him fired. Finn tells her that one of the staff has been tampering with his drug tests. She asks if there’s proof, and Curtis says he’s going to get evidence. She isn’t keen on going behind on of her doctor’s backs, but Finn says it’s Obrecht. She says there are doctors and then there’s Obrecht. She asks what the plan is.

Carly asks Sonny who the successor would be; they can’t ask Jason. Sonny says years ago, he would have done a great job, and he could have let go thinking it was okay. Carly says he’s changed, and has a different life. Sonny says he’s different. Carly says that brings them back to square one. If it’s not Jason, it’s no one. It’s Sonny. The phone rings.

Alexis thanks Julian, saying it’s the first time she’s had an urge to drink in a while, but next time, she’ll call her sponsor; they’re over. Julian asks if just for tonight or for good.

On the phone, Kristina asks if Sonny is okay. He says Jason got nicked, but it’s nothing. She says it’s not nothing. She wishes he’d stop acting like it’s normal. She’d hoped things would change after Morgan. She calls herself an idiot for wanting something better, but Sonny says she’s not an idiot. She wants a normal life, and can’t take anymore empty promises. She tells him get home safe, and hangs up on him.

Monica says the plan hinges on fooling Obrecht, and she’s not easily fooled. Hayden says she’s hired Curtis before, and Monica can ask Jason how skilled he is. Monica says if Jason has used him, that’s good enough, and it’s believable that Obrecht would sabotage Finn. If they come up empty she’ll take the hit but she doesn’t think that will happen. Obrecht took her job once, and no doubt is planning it again. She says she wants to plan a field trip.

Kristina tells Alexis about calling Sonny. Julian says he’s glad Sonny is okay. Kristina thanks him.

Carly understands Kristina’s frustration. She wonders if she seems like a hypocrite, changing the rules this late in the game; she knew what she was getting into, but now she can’t follow through. Sonny feels the same way. He can’t stand to lose anyone else the way they lost Morgan. He’s going to figure out a way. It’s been all he knows, but he’s going to do everything to make it happen. He says he’s done with this life.

Sam asks Jason if by them seeing a doctor, he really means her. She says he wants her to have her head examined because her worrying makes her crazy. She asks if he thinks she’s hysterical or has anxiety and should be medicated. He thinks maybe she should call Alexis. Sam says because she doesn’t want him working for Sonny that means something is wrong with her. She’s yelling so loud, she wakes Scout. Jason says if something is wrong they need to figure out what it is.

Hayden is surprised that Monica wants to help. Finn says that’s the problem with hypothetical situations. You don’t know for sure unless you ask. Hayden says he’s not talking about Monica, and says that she didn’t doubt his ability to be a good father. She was talking about him having so much on his plate. Finn says that it’s not the perfect time to have a baby, but it’s the time they have, and need to work with it.

Monica wants to familiarize Curtis with lab, but Obrecht is still working. She tells him they’ll have to find him a disguise first.

Alexis tells Kristina that it was beyond generous to thank Julian. Kristina says he stuck up for once. Alexis says maybe people do change. She asks if Kristina wants to talk about it. Kristina asks what going on with her and Julian.

Carly tells Sonny that it’s ironic how he once told her there’s no getting out, and now she’s telling him. He says things are relatively stable at the moment, and it’s the perfect time to make a transition. He’ll get rid of the things he can, and groom someone to take care of what he can’t. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. He calls Lucy. Says it will be worth her while. He says he’s selling his restaurant, and the listing is hers, price it to sell.

Sam apologizes to Jason about waking Scout. She says she feels like she blacked out, which is what he was saying. Jason says he’s just offering suggestions. She says she can’t apologize for feeling the way she does. He says even though he’s not going back to work for Sonny, she’s still afraid, and it’s not like her. He asks if she thinks she’s really okay. She says maybe not

Kristina asks Alexis what she walked in on. Alexis says, nothing. She had a banana split instead of drinking, and she didn’t want to talk to anyone. Julian showed up, then she did. Kristina says good thing, but what happens next time when she’s not there to save Alexis from herself?

Julian brings Obrecht take-out for the staff looking after Ava. He wants her to know how much Ava’s family appreciates it. Obrecht says they’re just doing their jobs. He says good thing Monica brought hospital back from the brink.

Monica brings Curtis out, wearing glasses, a hat and a uniform. He says looks like a nerd, and asks if there isn’t something in sexy in the IT department. Monica says the point is to get Obrecht’s guard down. Kiki approaches Monica for a private talk, but Monica says Curtis is the new IT guy, and it’s okay to talk in front of him. Kiki says that she might have misunderstood, and doesn’t want to get someone in trouble, but she thinks Obrecht just asked her to spy for her. Monica says that’s exactly what she’s going to do.

Finn tells Hayden that he’ll work every day to be the best father the baby could ask for. Hayden doesn’t doubt it, and says she’s the candidate to screw the baby up. He says they always blame their parents anyway. They can be scared together.

Jason tells Sam that maybe something is wrong. She brings up Alexis, and he says there’s definitely not drinking problem. Sam says ever since having Scout, she’s been antsy, like not entirely in control of herself. She hoped it would just blow over. He says doesn’t seem like it. She asks why it has to be an official thing and not just stress; first there was her mother’s drinking, then Julian, and Jason getting shot. Jason says that she handled things differently before, and thinks she should get checked out. She says what if they don’t find anything, and he says they’ll learn to handle things differently, suggesting getting a nanny, but she doesn’t want that. He says maybe part time, and she says they’ll see. He tells her the operative word is “we,” and he doesn’t want her to feel alone. She says she’ll see a doctor, even if she thinks it’s a waste of time.

Sonny says he made Lucy’s night. He takes out his gun to take it apart, saying it’s not needed any more. She appreciates the symbolic gesture, but thinks disarming himself will make him vulnerable. He says no more vulnerable than he’d be without her.

Tomorrow, Lulu tells Charlotte that her father is going to be away for a long time, Spencer wants to take action against Valentin, and Carly asks Josslyn what happened in the house.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Kathryn asks what Veronica is doing at the hospital, and Veronica says there are some problems with Melissa, Jeffrey’s girlfriend. Kathryn says her first problem is that Jeffrey is gay. Veronica says Melissa had some issues with her pregnancy, but Veronica is going to be a flawless grandmother. She asks what Kathryn is doing there, and Kathryn says to check on Hannah. Veronica says, oh, Hanna the maid, but Kathryn says Hanna is her friend. Veronica says too bad she has to pay her friends, and Katherine says Melissa and the baby couldn’t have come cheap. <snort>

Kathryn explains what happened to Quincy Jr., and Jeffrey wants to call Candace. Veronica says he has other things to attend to, but Kathryn tells Veronica she wouldn’t push him. She asks how Veronica’s wound is, and Veronica says fine, how about hers? When Jeffrey leaves a message for Candace, Veronica tells Jeffrey not to be so dramatic. He tells her to shut up. <double snort>

Kathryn sees Wyatt in a wheelchair, and asks what happened. Veronica says apparently drugs, but Kathryn tells her to back off. Kathryn is told he just needs medical attention, but Wyatt doesn’t want her bothering him. Anna says he’ll be fine, and Kathryn says that bitch gave him the money, and now he’s doing it again – drugs and whores. Veronica says she shot her, and Kathryn says she’ll shoot Veronica too. Jeffrey tells her to calm down, and introduces Anna. Anna tells her they do rehab at home, but Wyatt was having problems detoxing, so she and Dr. Jeffries thought he should be brought in. Veronica says they’ll fail. Kathryn tells them not to pay attention – she’s delusional. Anna says she should be proud. Kathryn says he’s been a lot of facilities, but Anna says he called them while he was trying to go cold turkey, and that’s a big step. She says he’ll be okay. Kathryn apologizes, and says she hopes they can work miracles. Jeffrey says this is good because he called on his own. Kathryn wants to see him when he’s done, but Anna doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Jeffrey says she’s a source of agitation, and detox is hard enough without added stress. He says Wyatt made the first step, and she’ll see him. He says he’ll keep her updated, and she thanks him. She’s glad he has his father’s heart.

Benny asks if he could get Hanna anything, but she just talks about how are they going to bury Quincy Jr. with no insurance? Benny says they’ll work it out, and Mitch says he’ll make sure they get the money. She tells him to call a place that buried Lizzie. Everyone is bummed. Kathryn arrives. Benny and Mitch make themselves scarce.

Hanna tells Kathryn it’s senseless and wrong; he was a baby, and had nothing to do with it. She tells Kathryn about how they busted in the room, looking for “that girl,” and just shot him, over money that doesn’t belong to either of them. Kathryn says she knows. Hanna says he’s dead. She’s never going to see him grow up and be happy. She calls out to God. She’s breathing, but he’s not. Kathryn tells her that she could say calm down and pull herself together, but nothing works. Unless you’ve lost a child, you don’t get it. She says Hanna will hear ridiculous things from people; when Amanda died she heard it all. Even the sympathy cards made her angry. She says they mean well, but nothing comforted her. She tells Hanna that she’s a good friend, and she needs to pray, adding that God sends you grief in waves, so it’s not so overwhelming. Hanna says she feels nothing, and it’s strange. Kathryn says she knows the feeling, and it passes. Sadness, rage, anger, depression; it’s a bitch, and then there’s just you and a new way of living, a new way of normal. Hanna says there’s nothing normal about this much struggle and this much pain. Her life has gone from nothing to nothing. Kathryn tells her not to say that, but she says it’s true. She has such strong faith, but this, God has some explaining to do. She’s done her best to live her life right. She gets upset and angry, but she tries her best to do her best, and what good is it? That baby is cold and what good is that? She pleads with God to talk to her. Wow. That was heart-wrenching.

Benny and Mitch return, and Benny tells Hanna that she’s okay. She says she knows that, but Quincy Jr. is dead. She starts to cry and scream he’s dead over and over. Benny holds her. Kathryn says to let her go. She hugs Hanna, and says she’ll take her home to her house.

Oscar is in Candace’s room when she comes out of the shower. He asks if she knows she’s wanted. He says she took his surveillance equipment out, and he’s paying for the room. He tells her that he knows she has nowhere to go. She tells him to leave, and asks what he wants. He says what she did last night. He’s being paid by powerful people who want Charles out of the race. He acts like a choirboy, but he’s not. Oscar says what she has is gold. Candace asks why she should help him. He says she could be First Lady of the US. She says her face is all over the TV, wanted for murder, but he says that could be spun. She asks how she could she be first lady, and he says in eight years, when his guy wins; it’s the long game. Candace says she’s not in it for the long game, and Oscar says that’s the problem. She’s only in it for quick money. He tells her that power begets money, not the other way around. She says she made it before him. He says she was hustling before him. This is the big leagues. She asks if he wants to be her pimp, and he says no, her partner. She tells him to get out. He says that Charles is there three more days – get him. He leaves, and Candace thinks about it.

Dr. Vincenti tells Veronica that Melissa and the baby are fine. He asks if Veronica would like to see her. She says she has things to do, but let her know if there are any changes about the baby. He says Melissa is depressed, and Veronica asks if it affects the baby. He’s concerned about Melissa’s suicide attempt, but Veronica says when she’s done talking to Melissa, she won’t try that again. The doctor says that seeing a friendly face might help, and Veronica says that’s why she doesn’t want to see her. Veronica tells Jeffrey let’s go, but he wants to check on Melissa. Veronica says he wants to see Wyatt, and Jeffrey says him too. She says not tonight, but Jeffrey walks away.

Meanwhile, at Malone’s Restaurant, Jim meets Rose. She’s not a happy woman, and he says he can see that. She says he knows what she’s like when she’s not happy, and it’s not good. She reminds him of the ‘08 race riots, and says she’s that angry. She asks who War is. Jim says some thug, and she asks how Jim knows him. He tells her that Candace had War abduct him and hold him for ransom. Rose asks if he’s and idiot, and Jim says yes. He tells her that War was a puppet for Candace, but found out she’d cheated him, and then she set him up. He and War struck up a deal in jail. Candace had something he needed – pictures of him in compromising positions – and War was supposed to get them back. Rose realizes that’s why he got War released, and her sources were right. She says that she’s always been there for Jim, and he says ditto. She says War shot at her grandson. Jim says War couldn’t have known who he was. Rose says he just lived up to his name –  she’s giving him a war. Jim tells her that these are different times, but she says that she has no choice. He says it will get heated around here, and she asks why he’d worry about heat.

Jim tells Rose that they’re in it deep together, and if she goes down, he has a lot to be concerned about. He asks her to let him talk to War, and she asks why Jim wants to protect him. Jim says he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about War, but wants to tell him what he did. If she takes this route, it could destroy him. Rose doesn’t give a damn. She says it’s already been decided, but he says she needs to understand things too. She says she should blame him – he got War out. Jim says he didn’t know that War knew Mitch. Rose says that he doesn’t. Jim asks if Mitch is okay. Rose says he wasn’t shot, but she needs to send a clear message that the Malones aren’t to be screwed with. He says the whole town knows already, but she says that she needs to rebroadcast it. She tells Jim to call War – now. Ha-ha I like Rose. She’s one tough broad.

Jim calls War. He says they need to talk. War asks about what, and Jim tells him that they have themselves a situation. War says he didn’t know the kid was there. Jim asks what kid, and War says Hanna’s grandson. Jim says they need to talk about him shooting at the wrong person, and he doesn’t mean the kid. The light bulb comes on, and War realizes he’s talking about Mitch. Jim tells War that he pissed off the wrong people and to let him help. He wants to make sure War is safe until he gets the package, and after that, needs to make sure he’s safe leaving Savannah. War says he doesn’t want to go anywhere, but Jim says he has to. War says it’s not happening, and Jim asks about the photos. War says he’s working on it, and hangs up. Rose wants the number, and tells her guy to trace it. Jim asks her not to do this. She says he’d better find War before she does. Jim asks her to consider the road she’s going down; this street thug isn’t worth her trouble. She tells Jim to get out. He asks her what her plans for DA Jennifer’s body are, but she doesn’t answer. He thanks her for the drink, and leaves.

Jim calls David. He says War took a shot at Rose’s grandson, and David says it’s powder keg. They can’t afford to have her upset. Jim asks if Oscar can be trusted. David thinks so, but Jim needs him to be sure. He says they need leverage, and David says maybe he can come up with something. Jim tells him that they have to find War before Rose does. War still has the package, and Oscar has to find him. David says that he’s on his way to the hospital, and Jim says he’ll meet him there.

Justin and Detective Logan approach Hanna. They need her to answer questions while it’s still fresh in her mind. She says that his name is Warrick Lewis, and explains what happened. Justin tells the detective that her daughter is Candace Young, and wonders why they’d be looking for her. Hanna says they’re both evil. Logan asks if Benny will talk to them. Benny shrugs and says sure. Justin asks if Mitch was there, and asks if his name is the same as in Fredrico Malone. Mitch says he’s a grandson. Logan asks why Benny was there, and he says he and his mother had rented a room. He asks about Mitch, and Mitch says that he and Benny are friends. Logan wonders if it was a drug thing, and Mitch says check their records. Logan asks if Benny knows where Candace is, and Benny says that she’s not returning his calls, but he won’t give up the phone number. Logan suggests he help them, and Benny says why, since they’ve been no help to him. Logan tells him they know two people were involved in Quincy’s murder, and he’s under arrest.

Next time – two weeks from now, Justin visits Wyatt, Melissa tells Jeffrey to get lost, David tells Veronica he’s glad he got rid of her, and Oscar tells Candace not to mess with those people.

Below Deck Mediterranean

When last we left, Hannah asked Jason if he was off to bed, and they kissed. We didn’t see that part; we just heard smacky noises.

Lauren asks if Max has a special outfit for his girl, and Bobby says his birthday suit. Ha-ha! Bugs suggests to the captain that Hannah was partying with the guests, since she’s still sleeping. She thinks Hannah is taking advantage of the fact that none of them know when she goes to bed. Captain Sandy says Wes doesn’t know how to delegate, which makes it difficult for the crew to learn. I like how she gets them involved with the workings of the boat.

Another beautiful morning in Croatia. The water is so blue; it’s incredible. The guests gather for breakfast. Jason asks if Hannah is okay, and Bugs says she’ll check. In her interview, Hannah feels guilty. Bugs tells her that Jason asked her to check if Hannah had a pulse. Hannah says she’s keeping her mouth shut, which is what she should have done the night before.

Captain Sandy says she had captains who didn’t allow her on the bridge, and she wants to be able to further the careers of her crew. Wes docks the boat for the first time. Success! The guests don’t want to go home, and Jason asks for Hannah’s email addy. She says they’ll be around Croatia for a month, and he says they’ll be there until Friday. As much as she likes having him there, it’s a bit of a distraction.

Jason tells the captain that it’s a lifelong memory, and they probably gained fifteen pounds. He has something he’d like to leave behind in appreciation. How did this guy get to be good looking and nice? The crew cleans up, and the captain calls tip time.

She says she understands that all of them can get pulled in at one time to party with the guests, but they didn’t allow it happen. In her interview, Hannah says sometimes it’s not what you do, but what you get away with. Captain Sandy says the main thing is the guests were happy, and details some of the things they were happy with. That’s a nice touch. I think the captain would make a great teacher. The tip is $15K or $1400 each. She’s also arranged for the crew to go to the Fortress of Klis for the day.

Max’s girlfriend, Emily, arrives. She’s a hugger, and hugs all the crew. Unfortunately, Max is in the bathroom when she gets there, which she says is reflective of their relationship. Although I’m not quite sure what she means by that. She asks how they manage in such small quarters. Laruen jokes about it being glamorous. They haven’t seen each other in six weeks, and chatter away.

The medieval Fortress of Klis is gorgeous and has amazing views. Apparently, it’s quite historic as well. The crew does some archery, and watches a swordfight. Adam tells Malia that he’s confused and crazy, and she’s not helping. She’s annoyed that he’s angry because she’s not giving him enough attention. Way to ruin the day, baby man.

Everyone gets ready to go out for the evening, and they head to a pub. Wes asks Malia what’s up with her and Adam? She says he asked her on a date. Wes asks if she wants him to step away, or does she want to pursue something? She says she doesn’t know what’s happening in the Adam situation. They hug. She says they’ll see what happens. They kiss. Well, that happened. Wes thinks it feels right and natural. In his interview, he says he made his stand and he’ll see how it goes. Funny. Last week he made the stand that he wanted nothing more to do with her.

Max makes out with Emily at the bar. Adam asks Malia if the walk was planned. She says that Wes has feelings for her (a standard reality show term), but she told him that she’s going on a date with Adam, and they’re seeing how it goes. A couple of the crew disappear. Malia calls Adam an a-hole, and he says to put herself in his shoes. He says something about all they’ve been through, and refers to a penthouse and Santorini. He says that he has big plans for her, and thought it was going to be the Malia and Adam show. In his interview, the producers ask if he and Malia hooked up before the show, and he says yes. Alrighty then.

Malia explains that they met at their yacht certification courses, but thought it was best not to let the crew know. We flash back to a couple of their interactions. Adam says that it could have been awkward for the rest of the crew, and. Malia says that Adam doesn’t like that she fell for Wes. Well, of course not. Even if he wasn’t an immature idiot, that would be normal. He says they went from a potential great thing to all lies. He tells her not to break his heart.

Bobby asks Wes about the walk. Bobby thinks he should pull back, and that he can do better. Adam tells Wes he feels horrible seeing him walk off with the girl of his dreams. Bugs waves a sparkler around, and falls down in the middle of the street. At the boat, Hannah texts Jason. The guest cabin is made up for Max and Emily.

Malia says she thinks she should step away from both of them, since they’re all on the same boat. She doesn’t like how Adam is reacting. They weren’t dating, so it’s not like she cheated. She thinks he’s immature, and we agree on that one. Adam says that he wishes Malia the best. He wanted her, and she shut him down. She says that’s not true, but he cuts her off, and she’s like, fine then. He says the smartest and easiest thing is to walk away.

Wes knocks at Malia’s cabin. He says he’s tired of all this. She says she’s not going on the date. Adam tells him the same thing later. They decided it’s best to keep it professional.

Malia asks if Adam is all right, and if they’re all right. He says he doesn’t love it, but who cares? Since we’re in the seventh grade.

Captain Sandy goes over the new guest preference sheets. The primary is Lauren, founder of a tequila company. She’s bringing a friend named Bobby, so the name thing could be confusing. They want a tequila pairing dinner the last night, and also to use the water toys and slide. I know a lot of people love tequila, but I don’t, and just the thought of a pairing dinner turns my stomach. The boat gets readied. The master iPad buzzes, and Bugs sees it. She gets to looking at some texts, and shows Bobby. He says Hannah was texting with Jason and didn’t log off. One of her texts mentions the tip, and in her interview, Bugs says it’s the worst thing ever, and the rule is to never get involved with guests during charter. Well, it’s not like he’s still on the boat. Bobby wants to read everything.

Hannah tells Lauren about Jason, and Lauren says she’d go for it; you can’t help who you have a connection with, even if it turns out to be friendship. Hannah thinks he won’t be in the friend zone. Bobby wants the crew to know that Hannah has been talking sh*t about them.

Bobby and Bugs go out with Max and Emily. Adam thinks he and Wes aren’t friends anymore, and it proves that two men can’t go after the same woman. Bobby shows Max the iPad. Bugs says Hannah made them look bad. Bobby says he doesn’t care what she did with the guest, but she shouldn’t be talking about the crew. When they leave the restaurant, they see Jason and his friends, but wisely don’t bother them. Bugs talks to Wes about the iPad. He thinks it’s going to cause some sh*t.

The crew gets ready for a barbecue on the dock. Captain Sandy wants pictures, and ironically asks if Bugs has the iPad to take them. Bugs tells Bobby it’s not going to turn out well, and thinks they should talk to Hannah before it blows up into something bigger than it needs to be. They bring along Max and go to Hannah. Bugs tells her about all of her texts with Jason being on the tablet. Hannah thinks it’s an invasion of privacy, and says she hasn’t done anything wrong. I kind of agree with that, but it’s like Harriet the Spy when she loses her journal with all the entries about her friends. No surprise though, they were twelve.

Bugs talks to Malia, who says if Hannah found something like that, she’d lose her sh*t. Lauren joins them, and they tell her that Jason mirrored his phone to the iPad, and Hannah had been texting him.  Lauren says it sucks that her personal business is out there. In her interview, Lauren says she’d die if that happened to her.

The next morning, Emily has to go. Max says it’s an incentive to work hard and get back home to her.

Hannah says it’s a violation and shows no respect for her. She doesn’t know how to work with Bugs now, let alone trust her. She meets with Captain Sandy. She says she and Jason had an instant connection, and he pulled her aside and kissed her. She kissed back for two seconds, but then regained her professionalism. The captain tells her that it’s not cool to respond if a guest comes on to you. Professionalism must be maintained at all times. She switches Hannah to the day shift to remove temptation. Like all of the guests are Jasons.

Hannah tells Bugs that she talked to Captain Sandy, and they’re going to be swapping shifts. She says she’d expected Bugs to be both her second and her friend, instead of reading her personal messages to Bobby. in her interview, Bugs says that the iPad is the boat’s property, and it’s a fireable offense to use it for your personal amusement. Yeah, yeah. Bugs says it’s not like she went to the captain; she spoke to Hannah. Hannah says she did, but she brought along Bobby and Max. Bugs makes up a stupid excuse, and they decide since there’s tension, Bugs and Lauren are going to switch bunks. Hannah calls Lauren to come meet with her.

She tells Lauren about swapping shifts with Bugs, and about switching rooms. Lauren says she has Hannah’s back. Hannah says the guest kissed her, but she told him she couldn’t see him until after charter. Lauren says the crew is talking. Hannah says she guesses you should definitely never text a guest, but making out with two crew members in one night is okay. Oh, snap!

In the mess, Bugs announces that she’s rooming with Malia, who says everyone on the boat wants to sleep with her. Ha-ha!

The new guests arrive. They’re very enthusiastic. Hannah does the usual tour. The captain has Bobby take command of the launch. He’s crazy nervous, and hopes they don’t hit the dock. Success!

Wondrous appetizers come out. Adam comes up and asks the guests about what they might like that wasn’t on their preference sheets. A couple of the guys joke about wanting Cocoa Puffs, but, surprise! they have them. Hannah thinks it’s unprofessional for Adam to come out in his apron and backward baseball cap. She’s never seen a chef approach guests wearing what he cooks in. Adam asks Malia for his lucky hat back. He says it smells like her (ew!), and she tells him not to excite himself.

Hannah is annoyed about the crew looking at her texts. If they want to get at her, she’s giving it back. She’s going to go out of her way to make it difficult.

Some of the guests use the jet skis. Hannah asks Adam for a favor, but he says no. She asks about taking his cap and apron off in front of guests, and he says no. He says it’s his galley, but she says not when he comes up to the deck. She suggests a more professional approach. He tells her that she prances around like she’s perfect, and she’s not. She says the interior got kudos last charter, but not so much the food. Adam says that was intentional, and she’s like, okay, an intentional screw up is so much better. He tells her she has an attitude, and she says that she’s not there to be loved. He gets sarcastic with her, and she says she’s not there to keep crew happy, but to keep the guests happy. He says she made that clear. That probably was a poor choice of words. Unless it was intentional.

Next time, Malia talks to Wes, Captain Sandy wants Wes to choose a lead deckhand, the captain thinks she’s going to be under a microscope with the next guest, and the guests seems like an idiot when she asks if the food “came out of a box or was something whipped up.”

🔊 Okay, here’s my opinion whether you want it or not. I get the rule about not fraternizing with the charter guests. Otherwise, it would be a free-for-all. But sh*t happens, and it’s not like Hannah went crazy in kissing Jason for half a second, and then deciding to get to know him better afterward. Maybe she shouldn’t have been discussing the crew, but the charter was over, and people talk about their jobs. When Bugs saw the texts, she should have immediately let Hannah know, but instead decided to pass around the information, both disrespecting Hannah’s position, and I’m sure breaking some kind of girl code. What I think is that Bugs is still pissed that Hannah wasn’t happy about what Adam said, and also might have been a little jealous. The Adam thing is also a time that she should have had Hannah’s back. Bugs is not a girl’s girl.


Fortress of Klis