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September 23, 2019 – Shiloh On the Loose, Last Day Of the Last Charter, B-ing Strong, Another Season, a Sudden Goodbye, Some Fluff & Portable Party


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

So sorry – I missed the very beginning. Sometimes dog duty calls. You’ll figure it out.

Confined to a hospital bed, Franco says, now is when Elizabeth tells him it’s a huge misunderstanding and he’s being released. He guesses not. Clearly, Elizabeth is a very determined woman. She tells him that he gave her no choice, since he won’t accept what the surgeons have told him. He was leaving town, never to return. He says she’s keeping  him from the woman he loves; the woman who had his child. He has no interest in hurting Elizabeth, but she needs to accept the truth. He loves Kim. Elizabeth has no claim on him, and no right to keep him. Scotty comes in, and says, not true.

Kim tells Julian that she tried to call him. He says he got her message, but he was stuck at Charlie’s with some last minute repairs. By the time he was done, he figured she was in bed, and he crashed in the back room, like old times. Kim says, it seems like a million years ago. He says her message sounded sad; what’s happening? She says she wanted to tell him how grateful she is for him. He says he’s the one who’s grateful. She changed his life. She made him a better man. He knows that now. The other day, he came close to making a choice he would have regretted, and would have put their future in jeopardy, but he had a moment of truth. He saw her beautiful face and knew he couldn’t betray her faith in him. She hugs him, and he says, from now on, it’s the Manhattan skyline and Sundays in Central Park. How about if he helps her take her luggage down. They’ll throw what they need in the car, and go tonight. Kim notices the envelope she was going to leave for him.

Epiphany tells Carly, Dr. Navarro is ready. Carly tells Sonny that he doesn’t have to wait, but he says his place is there. Epiphany says, sometimes he gets it right, and he says, if he doesn’t, she’ll tell him. Epiphany says, right again, and wheels Carly off to her appointment.

On the phone at the Haunted Star, Dev asks when the ferry is leaving. He says, tomorrow morning. His destination? Canada. All the way to Port Stanley.

Josslyn gives Jax the boarding school brochure, and says she found this. Her mom and Sonny are thinking about it for her.

Finn tells Peter that he’s misinformed. Franco isn’t his patient. Peter says Finn knows about Franco having the option of his memory being restored.   ** peter som ptions correct restor mem** Finn asks if he’s doing a story on Franco, or is he asking because of his own interest. Peter says, selling newspapers and driving internet traffic is a priority, but his interest is also personal. Finn says, that’s right. Peter was there for the initial transfer. Maybe Peter can answer some questions for him.

Chase tells Jason and Sam, the van was found abandoned, and the guards were gone. There’s no trace of them; nothing. The only thing they found is a pair of handcuffs. Sam says, Shiloh is a menace, not a superhero. Chase wonders if DoD helped Shiloh escape, but how would they know the route? Jason says, maybe it was an inside job.

Shiloh is sorry Bobbie recognized him, but she says, Just keep going, and she won’t tell anyone. He says then she won’t mind if he borrows her car. He opens the door and sees Wiley in the car seat. She tells him, just go. She’ll give him all the money in her purse. He tells her that she has something far more precious. She can give him his son.

Franco says Scotty and Elizabeth were in this together. Scotty was never going to defend him; he was going to drag out the trial as long as possible. Who’s his real client? Him or Elizabeth? Scotty says, his son. He just doesn’t know it yet. Franco says Scotty’s son is gone. Scotty can’t help him. Scotty says he’s done his research, and the law is clear. A spouse can file for guardianship when the husband or wife is incapacitated, and make medical decision. Franco says he’s not Scotty’s son. Scotty says Franco doesn’t believe his own driver’s license, and doubts who he is. The whole world is wrong, and he’s right. They’ll see how that plays out in court. Franco says it’s his life, and he gets to decide how he lives it and who he spends it with. Elizabeth says he told her at their wedding reception that he wanted to be by her side for the rest of his life. He told Cameron that he’d be back. So yes, she’s fighting for him to have that chance. He says, strapped to a bed in a mental ward? She says she’s not doing this to punish him. She’s doing this because she loves him.

Julian tells Kim, it felt good realizing he’d turned a corner with his character. The first step in being a man she can be proud of, and who will make her happy for the rest of her life. He sees the envelope, and asks, what’s this? Their first love letter? Does he have to write one? He knows he’ll get choked up when he reads it. Kim says it’s not what he thinks.

Sonny asks if Carly is okay, and Epiphany says, she’s doing well. How is he? He says he’s good, and she tells him have seat with her. She says, there are a lot of nervous daddies out there, even the experienced ones. Sonny knows how that is. She says he thinks he does, but because they’re friends, she’s going to be straight with him. Because she’s the head nurse, she reads the repots and confers with the doctors. Sonny asks if she knows the diagnosis. Epiphany says, every parent leaving with a newborn is facing something. Sometimes it’s right away, sometimes later, but all babies are perfect in God’s eyes. Does he get what she’s saying? He does.

Jax tells Josslyn that he can’t imagine her mom would want to send her away. Josslyn suggests it’s because she cut classes the first day, but Jax says, of course (🍷) not. They’re just worried about her. They know it’s been difficult for her without Oscar. Did she mention transferring schools? Josslyn says, no. She mentioned something about being homeschooled, but she wasn’t serious. Jax says maybe she misunderstood, but Josslyn says, how? There’s only one reason she found that. They want to send her away.

Peter tells Finn that his father was adamant about wanting Jason killed as soon as the transfer happened, but he hid Jason in the hospital. jason was severely injured, and it took years of rehab and care. Finn says it would have been nice if he’d let the family know, but Peter says he couldn’t take the risk. Finn says, fair enough. He saved Jason’s life. Peter says Dr. Cabot had it out for him. He wishes he could have done more. Franco has Drew’s memories, and Andre hopes to reverse the procedure? Finn says Andre thinks he can, but he was clear on the possible risks; there’s a one in four chance Franco will be in a permanently vegetative state. Peter says, tragic, and Finn says, the other outcomes are, he could restore Franco’s memories – Peter says, the best outcomeor there could be no effect. Franco will just continue with Drew’s memories. Peter says, disappointing, and Finn says, or they could intensify. He’ll have a clearer recall of Drew’s past; his capture and what happened when he was in Faison’s hands.

Jason asks Chase if there was any sign of a struggle. Chase says, nothing obvious; no blood trail. Someone had to be in on it. Chase’s phone rings, and he says he’ll meet them there. He tells Jason and Sam, one guard was found unconscious; a blow to the head. They’re bringing him to GH. He’s going to question the guard, assuming he regains consciousness. Jason asks where he was found, and Chase says, not far from the prison. Is Jason thinking of driving out there? Jason says he might take a look, and Chase says keep him informed. He leaves, and Sam asks what Jason is looking for. Jason says, the best option of escape is by boat. He thinks Shiloh is going to head for the closest port, lay low, and wait for the next boat. She asks what he wants her to do, and he tells her, go to GH. See if she can listen in when Chase questions the guard. His phone battery is low, so Sam trades phones with him. She tells him, be careful, and he says, her too. This is what the two of them always say instead of goodbye or see you later.

Bobbie yells for help. She shouts that her grandson was kidnapped. She tells herself, think. She decides she’ll have to walk to get help, but she gets dizzy. She falls to the ground, unconscious.

Franco says, he gets it. As misguided as it is, Scotty loves his son, and Elizabeth obviously loves her husband, but that’s not him. Franco is gone and he’s not coming back. Scotty says he doesn’t know about that. There could be a chance. Franco says, it’s a risky procedure. Elizabeth says he’s hung up on his fantasy past with Kim because he can’t hack the reality they share. He forgot, but she didn’t. There’s something else he doesn’t realize. She knows the real Drew Cane. The one who won medals, and took the flight to bring Franco back to himself, and them.

Kim tells Julian, the past came crashing back and took hold of her. She realized her mistake, and how it could affect her future; the future with him. He says, this is about Franco, He brings back memories of Drew. It’s like having the time back, and she remembers how Oscar came to be. He helped keep Oscar alive. Julian understands. Kim suggests they just go to New York like they planned. She’s ready to go tonight. Julian knows Kim and Franco kissed, and he accepted that, but was there more? What exactly happened last night?

Epiphany wheels Carly back out, and Carly says she and the baby are fine. Epiphany says she looks forward to meeting the baby. In the meantime, go home and enjoy their last few weeks of sleeping through the night. Sonny tells her that he appreciates her words. She leaves, and Carly asks what that was about. Sonny says, friendship. He asks what the doctor said, and she says, the ultrasound showed the baby is right on schedule and getting bigger. The position hasn’t changed. Sonny says they should take Epiphany’s advice and rest. The 2 am feedings are going to happen sooner than later. Carly says Avery has a school bake sale tomorrow. Sonny has to bake brownies. He says he’s not doing it, and she says then he needs to stop by the MetroCourt and get some pastries. Lucky she owns it.

Jax tells Josslyn that he could see floating it past Sonny, but he can’t imagine her mom considering boarding school. She says she knows she’s been stressing Carly out. Maybe she thinks they’d be happier with some distance. Jax says, it’s the last thing she wants. They’ll figure something out. Josslyn says she has. She’s moving in with him.

Peter says, so there’s still a chance to restore Franco to himself? and Finn says, that’s the best outcome for him and Drew. Anna blames herself for giving Drew Andre’s location, but there’s no way she could have known. Finn’s phone dings, and he says he has to get back. Peter says he looks forward to doing this again. He’ll pay the tab, and Finn can get the next one.

Shiloh brings Wiley to the Haunted Star. That boat has been more active lately than it is when it’s open. Dev watches Shiloh from his hiding place.

Chase asks how the guard is doing, and the doctor says, he’s lucky. There’s no apparent injury, and his vitals are good. There’s no sign of head trauma, but they’re doing a CT scan to make sure. The guard opens his eyes, and Chase says he’s in the hospital. The guard says, they’ve got to catch him. Chase says they’ve got that covered, but he says, not just Shiloh. The other guard jumped him, and set the prisoner free.

Sam answers Jason’s phone, and says, Dev? Dev says he needs Jason. Tell Jason that he’s on the Haunted Star. Tell him… The phone goes silent. Dev has been knocked out.

A car pulls up near Bobbie. Jason runs over to her, and asks if she can hear him.

Scotty says Franco made a choice, and now he’s making one for him. Franco gave his life for someone he doesn’t recognize. He wishes it didn’t have to be this way, but it is. He has to get going, and tells Franco this is what’s right. He hopes one day, Franco thanks his father for what he did. Sometimes loving someone means making a difficult choice for someone else. Franco says they want him to undergo a procedure that could leave him in a vegetative state. If they loved him, they’d forget he existed. Just like they said; he’s nothing but delusion. Elizabeth says, forget about him. How can he do this to Franco?

Julian says, what happened last night was more than a kiss, and Kim says, wow. He guesses he should have taken her call, but he was too busy getting ready, while she was too busy getting busy. She says she never meant for it to happen. She says she was leaving. Her mind was made up, and in an instant, everything changed. It would be so easy to put it on Franco, but she’s to blame. It’s so familiar. It was like reconnecting with Oscar’s father. Julian says, and that’s what she wants. Why would she want a guy who sold his restaurant to follow her? Who changed his life, and became better for her? For them? Kim says she’s sorry. She doesn’t know how to grieve Oscar, or how to deny Franco when he remembers everything about her and Drew. She can’t pretend it’s orderly. It’s messy, and complicated, and she doesn’t know what to do. Julian says she’s in pain and wanted comfort, but instead of turning to him, what did she do? Was she going to run away… He says, that’s what the letter is about. She says she was going to explain, and he asks, how? She’s leaving him for another man; thank you, have a nice life. That about sums it up.

Jax says he’d love nothing more than to have Josslyn move in with him, but he wants her to have her own room that she can decorate herself. She can’t until he buys something. They’ll get to the bottom of what’s going on; he promises. He didn’t come halfway around the world for her to go to boarding school. She tells him that she’ll spend the night in his suite tonight.

Peter’s phone rings, and he says, is it done? Shiloh asks if Peter means is he dead? No, sorry. It didn’t happen. Peter probably expected to hear from the guy he planted to kill Shiloh, but he’s not there. Peter asks what Shiloh wants, and Shiloh says, an apology for starters. He’s all about redemption, even for people who don’t feel the same. He has two phones. The burner phone he’s talking on, and another one he came across. It has names like Jason and Sonny in it. Peter asks again what he wants, and Shiloh says, cash. He wants all the cash Peter can get his greedy hands on. He’s on the Haunted Star, and if he sees any backup, he’ll sing like a bird about Peter’s involvement with Helena. He can kiss the sweet life he’s created goodbye.

The doctor asks in what condition Jason found Bobbie, and he says, she was unconscious. The doctor asks if she regained consciousness at any point, but Jason says, no. He asks if Bobbie has any preexisting conditions, and Jason says he thinks she was just diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Sam gets to the Haunted Star and sees Dev on the floor. She runs over to him. Shiloh pops out, and says it’s nice of her to join them. Can he make her some tea? It’s going to get pretty crowded on that boat in about fifteen minutes.

Elizabeth tells Franco, in nursing school, they were taught to be objective. She called on her skills, and weighed the risks. She searched her heart, and knows what she stands to lose. It shouldn’t be new to him. In Afghanistan, he put his life on the line every day. He got awarded for distinguishing combat action and extraordinary heroism. She wants him to be Drew. Be that hero again.

Julian says maybe he was wrong, thinking he was the only one who could help; that love was that powerful. He guesses it’s not. He’s not perfect. He never has been. He can spend the rest of his life not breaking any rules, and never catch up. She says he’s the only reason she’s functioning at all right now. He says he could forgive her. How can he blame her for wanting to ease the pain of losing her son, but then he finally has to admit that it’s always been Drew. Not the phantom, the feeling in love exalted memory. Not just the guy, the war hero she fell in love with seventeen years ago. She says she loves him too, but Julian says, just not the same way. She’ll never go over to him. It’s always been Drew.

The guard tells Chase that he’d never worked with the other guy. Chase asks what his name was, and the guard says, it was pure vanilla, Dave Smith. Chase says he’ll run it anyway. He asks if the guard can give a description; a general description is fine. The guard says he’ll do his best, and Chase says that’s good enough for him.

The doctor tells Jason that Bobbie is in a hypoglycemic state. Her blood sugar spiked, but they started treatment, so she should be fine. Jason says he needs to speak to her; it’s important. The doctor says, she’s in and out; make it quick. Jason goes in, and Bobbie wakes up. He asks if she can tell him what happened. She says, Shiloh.

Sam says, he’s breathing, and Shiloh says, of course (🍷) he is. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. His call did bring Sam to him, so maybe it’s fate. Here they are, together again, but this time there’s no Jason to get between them. Well, not right this minute.

Elizabeth tells Franco, if he’s really Drew, be Drew. Do the right thing, and make the sacrifice. He says, easy for her to say. It’s an experimental procedure, and he has a one in four chance of being a vegetable. She says she’s not taking it lightly, but she knows if there’s a chance for Franco to come back, he’d take it. She knows Franco is in there. The man she’ll love forever. The man who was willing to die for her son. She’ll never stop fighting for him. She’ll never stop fighting for them.

Julian puts the envelope down. Kim asks if he’s not even going to read it, and he says, no. He doesn’t need to. Besides, it’s addressed to someone else. His name is Julian. He walks, and I say, good job, Kim.

At the MetroCourt, Jax approaches Carly and Sonny’s table. Carly asks, what’s up? and Jax says, a miscommunication. At least, Josslyn hopes it is. Sonny asks if something is going on. Josslyn was fine earlier. Jax says, not now. She’s pretty upset. She wants to move in with him, and she’s staying at the hotel tonight. Carly asks, why? and Jax shows her the brochure, saying, because of this. Josslyn thinks it’s for her.

Jason asks if Shiloh took Bobbie’s car. Bobbie says he pulled her over, and told her to get out. He was wearing a uniform, and she thought he was a police officer. She didn’t recognize him until it was too late. Lucas comes in, and asks, what happened? Jason says he found Bobbie passed out, and Lucas asks, where’s Wiley? His mom picked Wiley up. Jason asks if Wiley was still in the car when Shiloh pulled her over, and Bobbie says, Shiloh has Wiley.

Sam thinks they should get Dev to a hospital, but Shiloh says, he’ll be fine. She says he knows nothing about kids, and he’s out of options. He’ll never make it. His best hope is to give himself up. If he helps Dev, it will work in his favor; she’ll speak up for him. Shiloh says, that’s really nice, but no way. There’s no way she’s conning him. She’s right. He doesn’t have experience with kids, but he’s willing to learn. He brings Wiley out, and says, luckily, he has Wiley to teach him.

Tomorrow, Jax says if it gets worse he’s coming to Sonny for answers, Brad tells Lucas this wouldn’t have happened if not for him, and Shiloh says he has too many hostages. Just wait five minutes, he’s going to have a lot more.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Antibes, France. In her interview, Anastasia says, hallelujah. She and Jack finally had sex, and she’s pleased with the merchandise. She tells Hannah that she only had an hour of sleep. Hannah feels like she’s under a microscope. Her whole season was based on her relationship with Captain Sandy, and she’s not messing it up now. João says he has a virus and a fever, but he’s fine to work. In the captain’s interview, she says she can’t allow João to infect the crew. He needs rest, and she needs to quarantine him. She tells Travis to be the bosun. He has to pick up the guests in Monaco. In Travis’s interview, he says he actually knows more than João. Provisions come in, and Anastasia asks Ben to help, which totally offends him. He tells Hannah to tell her stews not to tell him what to do. The inside dining table is totally covered with all kinds of decorating supplies that Hannah has pulled out. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says the weather is unreliable, especially now that winter is coming. She has to depart early to pick the  guests up. The pressure’s on.

Travis jokes that one must have a deep-rooted passion to do yachting. The sea is seriously rough, but he thinks it will be an easy charter. João’s temperature is still 102. In Colin’s interview, he says Travis has had a million years’ experience, and he’s great, but off the boat, they have problems. The only prescription for João is more yachting. The captain calls for the interior to be on deck. In Ben’s interview, he says he’s been in yachting for fifteen years. He started as a first officer on his first job, but the captain found out he could cook, and the rest is history. In João’s interview, he says he’s hearing Travis on the radio. He thinks Travis is doing a doing great job, but wants to be doing his job. They dock.

The boat is readied for the last charter. The captain calls all crew to the main salon. She tells them that they’ve been challenged by the weather, but hopefully, they can do water sports on the last day. João is looking forward to seeing what they pull together for the last charter. In Hannah’s interview, she says, when they have to stay in, the interior goes up a notch. Ben says, less love, more work. In his interview, he says, the last charter has to be perfect. It would be a shame for him to fly in all the way from Florida to do three half-assed charters. The guests arrive.

Captain Sandy welcomes the guests, saying, the weather is obviously not the greatest of conditions, but they’re happy the guests are here. Champagne is served, and Hannah does the tour. In her interview, Hannah says guest Dan is looking fine, but – she slaps her own hand – that’s not happening. Anastasia says it’s the first time she’s ever seen guests pack light. João tells Colin that he’s tired, and Colin says he’s got this. Ben makes up a cheese plate. He follows the plate to the guests, and says they’re not agreeing with each other on their preference sheets. In his interview, he says it puts a strain on cooking when the guests have nothing else to do but eat. He tells them he’s making a five-course dinner, and no one said they don’t like snails. One guest is leery, and he asks what if he hides it? and she tells him that would be okay.

Hannah tries to eat, and wonders why the girls aren’t answering the radio. The captain wonders why Colin is ordering drinks, and tells Hannah to have one person keep an eye on the guests. In the captain’s interview, she thinks because the stews are friends with Hannah, they think they don’t have to do their jobs. Jack and Aesha flirt. Ben tells them to get out of the galley and make themselves useful. In Hannah’s interview, she says they have two massive theme parties. She’s been spending her break and sleep time making sure this goes off without a hitch, to impress the guests and the captain.

João says he’s freezing, and Colin says João looks like death. He’s going to sleep in the crew mess just to be safe. Colin tells the captain that it’s a million degrees, but  João is freezing. The guests talk about their college days, and a Willie Nelson concert. In Aesha’s interview, she says, it’s so boring. It’s the most boring thing in the world. There’s nothing more boring than that. Anastasia wants to wow the pants off the guests. She doesn’t want Captain Sandy coming down on Hannah about table décor. The captain checks out the Great Gatsby themed table, and says, it looks great. In her interview, she says, finally. It’s what she’s been wanting, and she’s loving this. Colin tells Aesha about sleeping in the crew mess, and she invites him to share her and Jack’s cabin.

The guests dress up for the Great Gatsby dinner. Ben tries to open something, but can’t. Colin does that desperate thing many of us do, trying to open it with his teeth. Ben is having trouble finding a serving spoon. He says the guests requested a French themed menu, and he’s throwing the book at them. Shouldn’t that be le livre? He jokes about hiding the snails. A couple of crew members gather in the galley, but Ben says he wants silence when he’s plating, and it’s like a circus in there. Possibly the biggest exaggeration ever. Now he can’t find his plating tweezers. In his interview, Ben says he usually doesn’t want to eat his own food, but he feels like he’s missing out on this dinner. Big risks yield big rewards, and it was bloody good.

Aesha and Jack hug. He wonders, since they’re boyfriend and girlfriend, is it all downhill from here now? She’s not sure, but he hasn’t seen her in her granny panties yet. In Jack’s interview, he says maybe he should have put it off for a little longer. A few guests get in the hot tub. Dan flirts with Hannah, and in her interview, she says she can look, but can’t touch.

Travis is glad this is the last charter. Captain Sandy says they’re going to leave the dock, and show the guests what they can do with the yacht crew. I’m not sure what that means, since it’s not like they make the food or entertainment. Do they have hidden talents? Will they be the cancan dancers??? Anastasia has set the indoor table, and the captain asks why, since the weather is beautiful. Anastasia says Captain Sandy is right; she made a poor judgement call. It was a mistake. The captain tells her, take everything out, and Anastasia curses her life as soon as Captain Sandy is out of earshot. They prepare for departure, and pull out. They anchor down, and the guests have breakfast. João feels great, and whistles while he gets dressed. He can’t wait to go back. Captain Sandy tells them to put out the water toys. It will be amazing. João says he’s 100% better, but the captain doesn’t want him to be around the guests. Hannah calls for Anastasia, who is busy taking pictures. In Hannah’s interview, she says, here we go again, and we flash back to June, June, Hannah. She says, you can do your job for two more days.

Hannah doesn’t want to come down on Anastasia with an iron fist. Anastasia works well with praise, but crumbles under criticism. The water toys go out. Colin thinks it’s a baller move for primary Randy to bring his girlfriend on a trip like this. He takes his dates to McDonald’s to eat off the dollar menu. Hannah confirms the cancan dancers. Ben thinks he hit the wall again. João is surprised the boat hasn’t sunk. In Ben’s interview, he says Hannah is pressured to have the stews like her. Friendship overrides hierarchy, and when there’s no hierarchy, there’s no accountability. He tells Hannah, the girls nap longer than he sleeps. Captain Sandy tells Ben, it’s like the last supper. She’s noticed that the chefs she’s worked with count meals, not days.

João says he’s good for anchor watch. He feels guilty, and thinks it’s the least he can do. Everyone can get a full breakfast. Cancan dancer Mandy calls Hannah, saying she and the dancers at on the dock. Travis goes to pick them up. Anastasia says she’s never been so committed to table décor. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says when Hannah applies herself, and applies it to her team, it’s mind blowing. She doesn’t want to come down on Hannah to get this result. The guests are seated for dinner, and are properly impressed with the table.

The captain asks João how he’s feeling, and he says he’s a little bit under the weather. The dancers warm up. Insecure Ben asks if there have been any comments, but Aesha says, no. He wonders why something wasn’t eaten, and Aesha suggests he check with Hannah, since she’s been at the table more. In his interview, Ben wonders why Hannah is rushing things. He can’t be rushed, and she knows this. Ben tells Captain Sandy that he’s losing it. He’s forgetting what he just did. João and Jack snap towels at each other. Hannah tells the guests that she’s taking them upstairs for a little surprise.

The cancan girls dance. In her interview, the captain says she’s proud of Hannah. She tells Hannah, it’s mind blowing (her phrase of the week). Everyone loves it, and she wishes they’d seen more of it. In Aesha’s interview, she says the interior stepped up, and she’s proud of them. We did a great job. Jack takes to Hannah about Dan, asking if she can suggest they meet when the charter is over. The guests are ready to go to bed, and Dan asks if he can have a whiskey nightcap. He meets Hannah in the longue bar. In Hannah’s interview, she says it’s the last night of charter, and she deserves a break. She asks if Dan has had a good trip, and says it’s a pity he’s not staying longer. They flirt without flirting, and Hannah finds out that he’s seeing someone at home. He says, it’s very new, but her balloon has already deflated. João walks by, and in his interview, wonders what he interrupted. In the galley, he jokingly tells Hannah to maintain her professionalism, and she says she is.

Anastasia complains to Ben that she has nowhere to poop after her morning coffee. She doesn’t want to wake up Hannah. Thanks for the visual. Travis tells the deckhands to put all the water toys out, so when the guests wake up, they’ll be happy. Anastasia makes parchment paper for the decorations. Captain Sandy comes out, and tells Anastasia the table isn’t set. The deckhands have the toys out, and she didn’t even have to ask. That’s real yachting. Why can’t she get interior to work that way. Anastasia says they’re not having brunch until 10:30, but the captain says, a set table is a priority. It’s number one. She tells Anastasia to wake everyone up. She’s pissed. Hannah tells the captain the same thing Anastasia did about brunch being at 10:30, and says she has no idea why a table wasn’t set.

In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says she’s getting excuse after excuse. It’s the last day of the last charter, and she’s sick and tired of having this conversation. Aesha tells Anastasia that it’s a Captain Sandy typhoon; she’s pissed. The captain tells Hannah, if someone wakes up, there’s nowhere to sit and have coffee. What’s inviting? Hannah says, the view is inviting, but the captain says there’s nothing on the table. Hannah says she’s never done that, since the glassware might get salty. Captain Sandy says, then put the décor out. If she chartered the boat, she’d want the table set when she wakes up. She wants Hannah to make sure everyone is up. The deck crew is up. They were on anchor watch, and washed her effing dishes last night. She tells Hannah not to exacerbate her already upsetness [sic]. Wisely, Hannah says, sorry. In Hannah’s interview, she says her main priority has been to build a relationship with Sandy. She’s shut her mouth, had no breaks, and barely slept. She’s effing done. Find yourself another chief stew. The captain gripes some more, saying Anastasia said they’re too busy, when the deck crew has set up, and there’s nothing going on with interior. Where’s the OJ? Anastasia says brunch is at 10:30, but Captain Sandy wants it now, and she wants everybody up.

Next time – the Finale – Jack wonders how João puts up with him, a fire on a nearby boat, Captain Sandy wants to cry, Hannah says she can’t do it anymore, and the captain says yachting is not Hannah’s passion.

📖 Turning a Page…

Bethenny keeps on keepin’ on.


☎ Best Lawyer Ever…

I only saw the first season and a half, but I would definitely call Saul.


🌇 Farewell To the Captain…

The Devil’s Rejects is high on my list of favorite horror films, but he had quite an illustrious career. There’s also an early roll call of the celebrity dead on the page.


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The clothes and parties.


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You can take it with you anywhere, and it’s a lot cheaper to throw.


September 15, 2019 – Sasha Confesses To Michael, Jack Asks Aesha To Be His Girlfriend, Post Med News & Tuesday Groove


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Lulu asks Dustin if he wants to again, and he says he’s game if she is. Laura and Curtis walk in. Everyone is in shock.

Franco goes to Kim’s apartment, and she asks what he’s doing there. He says he wanted to check on her. He asks if he can come in, and she says, sure. She tells him, it’s nice of him to check on her, but she’s really fine. He asks how she can be fine when she just lost someone else she loves? She says she knows who she lost. Oscar’s father – the real Drew Cane – but he’s a survivor. There’s still a good chance he’s alive. Franco says he appreciates her faith in them. She says she knows who Drew is, and if there’s a chance for him to find his way back, he will. Franco says, she’s right. She knows him; perhaps better than anyone else. He doesn’t quit, but if Julian is the man she wants in her life, he’ll stand down, and they’ll go their separate ways. He just needs to hear her say it once more. is that what she really wants?

Nina tells Valentin, Lucy is going to relaunch her cosmetics line, and wants Sasha to be the face. She doesn’t know if Sasha is going to accept, but how cool would it be? Obrecht says, how cool. Her followers and fans will be clamoring to know every detail. Nina says she can’t tell if Obrecht is really happy or not, and Obrecht says if Nina is happy, she is. Valentin says he’s happy about any success in their family. Nina thinks it would be fabulous if Sasha was the face of Deception. Obrecht says, a poetic choice, and Nina says Sasha will be on billboards and in magazines. She’s happy to tell the world how fabulous her daughter is. Obrecht says, they must also prepare for the downside. Sasha will be inviting the entire world into her life. They’ll want to know every little detail.

Sasha tells Michael that she needs to do this now, before she loses her nerve. Michael – who’s trying to grow a mustache, and I vote no – says she’s still recovering. She should give it time. She says she can’t decide if he’s being caring and considerate, or trying to delay the inevitable. He says, maybe a little of both. She said what she had to tell him is bad and he’s not going to like it. He can think of many reasons why it can wait. She says she can’t keep living in fear, and can’t lie anymore. He deserves to know everything about who she really is. Michael says, okay; tell him. What’s the secret? She says she’s not Nina’s daughter.

Laura says, oh my God. She’s so sorry. Lulu asks why she’s there, and Curtis thinks it’s time to go. He says, sorry for the intrusion. In the hallway, Laura says, wow. So maybe they don’t start in the staterooms. Curtis says, good idea. Maybe they should get some fresh air. She says, good idea. Dustin tells Lulu, it’s been a while since someone’s mom walked in on him. She asks if he was having sex with their daughter, and he says he was going to be a gentleman, but yeah. The mom in question was also mayor. Lulu says, really? and he says, no. She puts the blanket over her face, and he says, it’s not that bad. She says, oh God, and sinks further under the blanket.

Valentin tells Nina, as much as it pains him, he thinks Sasha should pass on subjecting herself to the public. Obrecht says. she calls it public scrutiny, but they’re on the same page today. Nina says they’re both missing the forest for the trees. It’s a wonderful opportunity, waiting for Sasha to say yes. Obrecht says, she and Valentin are in a rare state of agreement, and Nina says they can discourage it all they want, but it’s Sasha’s choice. Valentin says they all have faith in Sasha, and suggests they talk about something else. Obrecht says she was granted an interview with someone who has a rare and horrible disease. Nina asks if Valentin saw the way Sasha and Michael looked at each other. Obrecht says she was giving them good news. Valentin imagines it’s been quite a while, and tells Nina that he’s happy for Sasha and Michael, as he is for Sasha’s Deception. Nina says, it’s not Sasha’s; she’s going to represent it. Through Sasha’s room window, she sees Sasha and Michael talking, and says, Michael has been supportive and caring throughout Sasha’s illness. She can only imagine what they’re talking about. Valentin is sure it’s something earnest.

Michael asks what Sasha means, and she says, exactly what she said. Nina isn’t her mom; they’re not related in any way. Michael says, there were multiple DNA tests, and Sasha says she doesn’t know how the tests were doctored, but when Curtis found her, he asked for a DNA sample. She’d already been provided with samples to give him that were a match with Nina. Michael asks why she’s telling him, and Sasha says, even though Nina’s not her mother, she loves Nina like family. That’s why she can’t bring herself to keep it up. He asks why she did it in the first place, and she asks, why does anyone do something like that? She needed the money.

Curtis tells Laura that he didn’t know Lulu had moved on, but it’s none of his business. Laura says, it’s not their business, except Dante wanted the divorce, not Lulu. She didn’t fight it, but that’s because…  never mind; it’s too much information. Curtis says they have plenty of other things to talk about. Laura says she’s surprised that Lulu moved on so quickly, and he says, him too. Does Laura want him to check the guy out? Laura says Lulu is a good judge of character, and she’s met him. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, and she thinks his interest seems sincere. Curtis says, good for Lulu. Let him know if she has cause to doubt it. Laura says he’ll be the first call she makes. Curtis says, back to the business at hand. The only reason they got caught on the boat is because it’s supposedly closed. Lulu is going to ask why they’re here. Laura asks what they should say, and Curtis says, Dustin and Lulu might have been getting a little too busy for them to get in their radar.

Lulu tells Dustin, she’s so sorry. The boat is closed for repairs. No one is supposed to be there. She wonders how she’s going to explain this to her mom, and Dustin says, her mom doesn’t know she has sex? Lulu says, he doesn’t understand. It’s been a long time. Dustin says her divorce is final. She broke no vows or laws. Lulu says she’s going to see if they’re still on the boat. He says he’ll get dressed, and if he’s not there, he’ll be on deck. But hurry back. She tells him, hold that thought.

Kim tells Franco that she doesn’t want to have this conversation again. She made her decision. She wants to build a life with Julian. He says he doesn’t see how she can get away from the memory of their son. She says, her son. Hers and Drew Cane’s son. The man who’s missing is Oscar’s father. He was with Oscar at the end, and beyond. Not Franco. He says he’s the man she fell in love with. He’s more Drew Cane than Drew is. Drew doesn’t remember her the way he does. He gets where she’s coming from; he’s the only person who does. She says it’s what she wanted once upon a time, but Oscar is gone. It’s over, Drew. He says she called him Drew again, and she says, so? He wonders when she’s going to realize he’s standing right there. She knows him, and he’s as much in love with her as on the day he shipped off.

Kim says, sorry. He’s not Drew, and even if he were, it’s been a lifetime. Oscar’s lifetime. Her son with the man who’s missing. Franco picks up a snow globe with polar bears in it. He says he bought this for her. She kept it. She says she didn’t remember it was there, but he doesn’t believe she forgot. He hasn’t. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Chase, and Kim says, what a surprise. He asks if everything is okay, and she says, fine. He tells her that he came to speak to Franco. She says she’s just about had enough of him tracking Franco. He’s not a criminal. He’s a victim who had his life stolen by Shiloh and that crazy scientist. The worst part is that probably no one is interested in getting justice for him. Chase says he apologizes. It’s not his intention to make things more difficult. He  has good news for Franco. The judge looked at the facts of the case, and found extenuating circumstances. The case was dismissed. Franco asks if he’s free to go, and Chase says, as soon as he removes the monitor.

Obrecht tells Brad, clearly fatherhood has changed him. She’s happy to see him, but Brad isn’t sure why they have to see each other. They’re done. Obrecht says she made a premature declaration before Sasha nearly perished. She was inspired to fight for her own life. She misses Britt. Brad says he isn’t sure Britt would say the same. Obrecht says she needs him to do her a kleiner Gefallen. He asks how many laws he’ll have to break for that, and she says she needs a little favor. He’s going to reunite her with her daughter

Michael says Sasha did it for the money? She says she was hired be Nina’s daughter, and he says, by whom? She says first, he has to know that not everything she said was a lie. She was raised in Chappaqua by a single mom, who she loved very much. after her mom passed away, all she had was her grandmother. Her grandmother fell ill and needed surgery, but even after Medicare, the costs were enormous. When she got the offer to pose as Nina’s long, lost daughter, she realized, in a few days she could make enough to pay the medical expenses. Michael says, from whom? and she asks who does he think? He says, Valentin. She says, exactly. She doesn’t know how he found her; a girl with no family who needed money and looked like Nina. Michael wonders why go through all that trouble, and Sasha says if he asks Valentin, he’d say to give Nina her heart’s desire because he loves her.

Michael says, so Sasha agreed to impersonate Nina’s daughter. Then what? She says she was supposed to leave; glad Nina found her, but going back to her life. It was supposed to be the end. He asks why it wasn’t, and she asks if he’s met Nina. She’s nothing if not persistent. Nina invited Sasha into her home and life, and introduced her to Charlotte. He asks, what about Valentin? and Sasha says, he got what he wanted. Nina took him back. He says she let Valentin use and manipulate her. Sasha says, the more she got to know Nina, the more she cared about her. She wanted out, but knew if she told the truth, she would lose Nina and Charlotte. She convinced herself that she was still helping out. She convinced herself that she was doing the right thing, and he says, she convinced herself that lying was doing the right thing? She says she told herself that she wasn’t taking anyone’s place, and giving Nina what she’d always wanted. He asks what about her grandmother? and Sasha says, her grandmother died shortly after she went back home; complications from surgery. When she got the call from Valentin that Nina wanted her back for another visit, she should have refused, but as strange as it sounds, they were the only family she had left. For a while, it was better than good. They bonded, and then she got to know Michael. He says, she tried to slam on the breaks. She says he told her about Nelle; the lies and the manipulation. She says she knows she was selfish. Lying brought him and Nina into her life. She didn’t want let them go, but she can’t lie anymore. She starts to cry, and Michael asks when she’s telling Nina. She says, as soon as they’re alone. Nina says, knock-knock. Time to get a move on, and comes in with Valentin, and asks if they’ve interrupted something, but Michael says, it’s okay. He and Sasha are finished. He leaves, and Nina asks, what happened? Valentin’s eyes look like they might fall out of his head.

Curtis asks what Laura would tell Lulu if she demands answers? Laura says he claims the document might undermine or weaken Valentin, but Curtis says he doesn’t think anyone else should know at this point, especially Lulu. Lulu comes out and says she has no idea why they’re here, but about what they saw… Laura says they don’t need an explanation. Lulu says her divorce is barely dry, but Dante forced her hand and pushed her to move on. She shouldn’t have to explain what she’s doing, even to Laura. Laura says, she’s proud of Lulu, and hugs her. She says she wanted Lulu to move on. She’s entitled to a private life. it’s their fault; they invaded her personal space. Lulu asks what they’re doing there. Clearly, they weren’t expecting to run into her. What were they planning on doing in the stateroom? They’re having an affair? Curtis says, she’s punking them, and they all laugh. Lulu says she knows Laura is in love with Doc, and Curtis loves Jordan so why are they on the ship?

Brad tells Obrecht, if Britt wants to speak with her, she’ll reach out. Obrecht says, surely he understands how devastating it is to be estranged from your one’s kinder. Put himself in her place. Think of Michael, grieving over a child who’s not dead, serving as his godfather, when he’s more than that. Another troubling thought is how sons resemble their fathers, but most people are sheep. They see what they want to see. His secret might be safe. She tells him, look into her heart. Given the circumstances, won’t he reconsider reaching out to Britt? She leaves, and Julian asks what the hell she wanted.

Franco says, that’s it? and Chase says, he’s a free man. He tells Kim, for what it’s worth, she’s not the only one who thinks Drew Cane and Franco Baldwin deserve justice. She thanks him, and he leaves. Franco says, all right. He can go where he wants, but there’s only one place he wants to go – anywhere with her. Kim says, not happening, and he says they can go back to San Diego. They can go to the zoo. She tells him, don’t, and he says she told him that she wanted to see the giraffes. They can go to Savannah. Kim says they can’t go to Africa, and he suggests Italy. She said she wanted to learn to make pasta. Kim says, when she closes her eyes, and just listens, the voice is different, but her heart makes her believe the things he says; he’s the Drew she loves. He says he is, and she says, but then she opens her eyes, and she’s faced with truth. He’s her friend’s husband.

Kim says it’s bad for everyone involved, including his wife. One thing she’s clear on; she loves Julian. And the life she wants that lies ahead is with Julian. He says, what about them? She says, them? That was seventeen years ago. She had to find the strength to let him go then. She has to find the strength to do it again. She’s starting a new life with someone else, and they have to say goodbye.

Curtis tells Lulu that her mom is helping him with a case. Laura says he asked for her help, and she agreed. It’s as simple as that. Lulu says, if Laura is so busy running the city, how does she have time? Why is this case so special? Laura says, it will have a big impact on a small group of citizens in Port Charles. Lulu asks if The Invader can help, and Curtis says, not yet, but he’ll let her know as soon as something is noteworthy, newsworthy, or whatever. She can have an exclusive. Lulu says it’s still unclear why he recruited her mom. He says the case led to the Haunted Star, and he knew she had an intimate knowledge of the vessel. Lulu says, she owns it; why not call her? Curtis says, she’s a member of the press, and he’s honoring his client’s confidentiality agreement. Lulu says, if what he’s looking for is newsworthy, she knows everyone who works on the ship. If what he’s looking for is there, they might have seen it. He says, if it’s there, chances are it was hidden a long time ago. She asks who hid it, and he says, that’s where the confidentiality agreement comes in. Laura says they can come back another time, but Dustin comes out and says he doesn’t think that’s necessary. Sorry to eavesdrop. Lulu says, he remembers her mom, and Laura says, nice to see him again. Lulu introduces Curtis, a P.I. and close family friend. Laura says they’re so sorry for interrupting their evening. Lulu says she hopes they find what they’re looking for – quickly. She and Dustin leave, and Curtis says, it could have been worse

Nina tells Sasha, she doesn’t know what happened, but she’s seen the way Michael looks at her. When she was lying there, he looked at her with such love and care. Whatever the problem is, is a little bump. Sasha doesn’t think so, and Nina says she’s there if Sasha needs a shoulder to cry on. Valentin thinks they should give Sasha some space. She’ll tell them what’s going on when the time is right. Nina asks if she’s crowding Sasha, but Sasha says she’s not. It’s wonderful. She’s lucky to have Nina. Nina says she’s the lucky one. She tells Sasha that Finn wasn’t comfortable with her living so far away from the hospital, so they’re putting her up at the MetroCourt. Sasha says, as long as it isn’t the room where Ava drugged her. Nina says she’ll make sure, and soon Sasha will be home with her, safe and sound.

Brad tells Julian that he told Obrecht it was the last time he was helping her. She made it clear she would always be there, holding Wiley’s birth father over his head, and can destroy his family at any moment. Lucas sends Brad a picture of Wiley, and he shows Julian. He asks how can he let Obrecht jeopardize Wiley’s happiness? Julian asks what he has in mind. Push her overboard? Brad says they both know what Julian is capable of, and he’s begging for Wiley’s safety, and Lucas’s peace of mind. Julian tells Brad to keep an eye on Obrecht, and he’ll take care of the rest.

As they search one of the rooms, Curtis thanks Laura for not telling Lulu what they’re up to, and she says, Lulu would just get fired up. She’d be trying to bring Valentin down herself. She’s have too many questions, and ultimately tip their hand. Curtis says, she’s going to continue to press. What is Laura going to say? Laura says that she knows Lulu is a reporter, and as far as she’s concerned, Lulu’s safety is more important. She already lost a son to that man. She couldn’t bear losing her daughter on top of it. Curtis says, keep an eye on Valentin, and don’t let Lulu too close. Laura says, that might be difficult; they share a child. Charlotte loves her father, and he’s got Nina snowed pretty good too. Laura opens a drawer, and takes out a scarf. She says, what have we got here?

Chase sees Michael, and says he heard Sasha is making a full recovery. He must be relieved. When she’s up to it, the four of them should go out and celebrate. Michael says he doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

Julian screws with Obrecht’s car. He starts to cut the break line, and flashes back to Kim telling him that she wants the man she’s come to love, not the one he promised he’d never be again. He remembers her saying what she needs is right in front of her, calling him Charlie, and saying she loves him. He does… something. We don’t actually see what.

Brad tells Obrecht he was thinking about her request. She asks why the simplest favor causes him to break out in a cold sweat? He says, Britt can be… high-spirited. He doesn’t want to be on Obrecht’s bad side, but doesn’t want Britt to be mad. Obrecht says she has no time for this. Does he want her advice? He says, by all means, and be as detailed as she likes. She says, talk to Britt or suffer the consequences. He’s evaded them until this point. It might be today his life changes. Stop being a coward, and reach out to her daughter. Obrecht gets in the elevator. Brad texts Julian, saying he’s stalled as long as he could. She’s on her way.

Julian’s phone dings. He closes the hood of the car, and leaves.

Curtis asks if Laura thinks the scarf is Lulu’s, but Laura says, it’s not her style. She can still smell the perfume on it. The boat is closed, and there are no staff or guests. They’re not the only people on the boat. He says neither were Lulu and Dustin. Someone spies on them.

Chase asks if Michael is okay. Michael says, actually, no. Not at all.

Nina walks down the hallway with Sasha, and suggests they grab something to eat. Sasha sees Michael talking to Chase, and Nina says she doesn’t know what happened, but they can talk at the MetroCourt. Valentin says they want to respect Sasha’s privacy, but Sasha says she does need to talk to Nina. Valentin bounces around, looking pretty nervous.

Julian sees Brad, who asks if it’s over. Did he finally stop Obrecht? Julian says he did what he needed to do.

Obrecht gets in her car, and starts the engine.

Franco touches Kim’s hand, but she pulls back. He says, sorry, and she says she spent years missing him.. He knows this is hurting her, and wants to respect her wishes, so he’ll be on his way. She thanks him, and he says when he gets where he’s going, he’ll let her know where it is. He’ll send a postcard. She says, please don’t. He says he needs her to know where to find him, even if she chooses to never look. You got to give a man something to hope for. He starts to leave, but she says, wait. She can’t say goodbye again. They kiss.

Brad asks Julian if it’s over, Curtis suggest he and Laura combine forces with someone else, Finn asks Andre if he can reverse the process, and Chase needs to tell Elizabeth something about Franco.

Below Deck Mediterranean

The water is seriously rough. A guest literally crawls out on their hands and knees to the deck. Anastasia radios that there’s a man down. Captain Sandy says she wants to get out of this, and it will be better once they turn. Anastasia tells the sick guest to keep her eyes on the horizon, and breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. She tells Hannah that they have a stage-five thrower upper. Hannah tells the guest to go upstairs; the higher up you are, the less you feel it. She rubs the guest’s hand. In her interview, Hannah says the poor guest is so seasick, she has to work on their pressure points. She thought her career in giving handjobs was over. They get to a calmer place and anchor down, and the guest starts to feel better. She says Hannah saved her life. Ben makes breakfast. Captain Sandy is jealous of a slide on another boat. In the captain’s interview, she says now that they’ve found calm anchorage, the crew needs to turn it up and make it amazing for the clients. She tells the deck crew to put out all the toys.

The guests eat breakfast, and the crew puts the water toys out. Hannah tells Ben, everyone is all good. Ben is thinking about pale food for the white party. In his interview, he says he likes a theme party; it simplifies everything. He’s thinking cauliflower, white fish, and white truffles. He places an order for provisions. Aesha suggest they put on white glitter makeup, but Hannah doesn’t like the idea. Aesha says maybe they can just use whitening toothpaste before dinner. Hannah orders one hundred white balloons. In her interview, Hannah says a white party looks elegant, but you don’t have to try that hard. Aesha asks Captain Sandy about doing white glove service; she thinks they should make everything as white as possible. The captain likes it. In Aesha’s interview, she says she worked with a crew who did white glove service in synchronization. It was so amazing, even she got shivers.

Hannah asks Travis to pick up the balloons. Captain Sandy tells Travis that he’s the best tender driver she’s ever seen. In Travis’s interview, he thinks the captain has taken a liking to him because he knows wtf he’s doing. Last night they had a conversation about his drinking. We flash back to that, and Captain Sandy saying she’s been where he is. He says he thinks about the same thing. He thinks maybe he’s in control, but then wonders, when was the last time he had three beers and went home? Colin holds the balloons (filled with helium) in the back of the tender. He says he’s nervous, but Travis says he won’t be upset if Colin lets go; he’ll think it’s funny. Jack tells Hannah that he and Aesha haven’t had sex yet. Travis and Colin get back with the balloons. It sure doesn’t look like 100 of them. Aesha tells Jack it was a stealth balloon mission. João and Jack take some of the guests out for a ride, pulling an inflatable boat on a jet ski. The jet ski dies out on the water.

In João’s interview, he says if a jet ski doesn’t turn over, it’s either a small problem – the battery is dead – or a huge problem – the engine is dead. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says it’s João’s job to make sure the equipment is working. She sends Travis on the wave runner to help.  João thinks the battery isn’t connected properly. Ben starts to prepare for dinner. Aesha tells Hannah about the white glove service, but Hannah says she doesn’t want to. In Aesha’s interview, she says she’s going to stop pitching ideas. Everything gets turned down. Hannah tells the stews to get in their black dresses. In Ben’s interview, he says the white theme has had a drastic effect on him. White jacket, white food on white plates, and Hannah and the stews are in black. Anastasia puts the white gloves on, but Hannah thinks it’s old school and looks tacky. The table is set. In her interview, Hannah says she sent Anastasia shopping for table décor, but she came back with no décor. She can only work with what she physically has. She hopes the balloons are enough. Captain Sandy takes a look at the table, but it’s not what she expected. She’s witnessed them do better. We flash back to the last white party. In her interview, the captain says she wants white glove service. She wants the guests to have the ultimate five-star experience. It’s on Hannah, and Hannah needs to bring it.

In his interview, Jack says, it’s weird. He and Aesha are having a relationship and live together, but the last time he waited this long to have sex was from when he was born to when he turned sixteen. Aesha has finally made an honest woman of him. He’ll have to take it to the next step. Ben says he’s found an amazing job for Jack. A white party requires white pepper. He has Jack separate the peppercorns, and Colin helps. The guests are seated. Jack crushes the peppercorns. The starter is cauliflower/cheese soup. Hannah can’t seem to keep the menu straight, and in her interview, she says, Ben doesn’t like planning, and there are consequences for that. Either give her a meal plan, or don’t get mad if she can’t remember the exact elements of a dish. Hannah gripes to Aesha.

João says he needs to find out what’s wrong with the jet ski. Either it’s the battery or the engine over-heated. He tells Captain Sandy that he hopes it’s the battery. Ben says he’s making a special risotto, and tells Hannah it will be ready at 10:15. In his interview, he says he comes from a line of perfectionists. His dad is a best-selling author. He’s hard on himself, and realizes perfection is an illusion, but he wants that illusion. Hannah tells the guests that a special risotto is coming, and it’s going to take a little time. João tells the captain that the engine in the jet ski isn’t even turning over. It could be the battery or the whole thing is shot. The entrée is served, and the guests deem it phenomenal. Captain Sandy suggests it might be the spark plug, but João insists it’s not. She tells him, just look, calling him a know-it-all. She says if he thinks it shouldn’t be done, it doesn’t get done. She’s the captain, and she wants it done. She talks to him nicely, but his ego takes over. In the captain’s interview, she says he’s showing a lack of respect to her as captain, and it pisses her off. She instructs João that when she tells him to do something, he’s to jump really effing high and do it. In her interview, she says, when she asks, he’s supposed to say yes. She tells him to switch the spark plug. Travis radios that the anchor is dragging.

Aesha tells Ben, empty bowls, which makes him happy. João tells Colin, it doesn’t turn; it’s not the sparkplug. Dammit. I wanted it to be. Jack says, off topic; he wants to ask Aesha to be his girlfriend. He’s going to write it on a bedsheet – will you be my girlfriend? The guests repair to the longue for some drinking. João tells Colin, he’s good at a lot of things, but he’s tired. Colin chants, four more days! Four more days! In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says since their conversation, Travis has been trying, and is acting like an experienced deckhand. Jack and Travis wake João and Colin up, wearing lifejackets and blowing whistles. João feels like he’s running on pure exhaustion. He’s three hours sleep a night  for five weeks now.

The deckhands get the anchor up. Colin explains what’s going on to a curious guest. The guests go to bed, and Colin works on a rap piece while on anchor watch.

Anastasia says Ben does so many things that she got sh*t from the captain for, like not wearing a uniform. He says he gets away with more than most people. He’s been doing this for more than twenty years, and the captain probably respects that. She says that doesn’t make it annoy her any less. Breakfast is served, and the table looks really pretty with a centerpiece of flowers, but also individual bouquets at each place. Ben says, the food is ready to go, and there are no stews in sight. The guests pay a sh*t-ton of money for an experience, and deserve every ounce of their energy. He’s serving eggs benedict, my absolute favorite breakfast food. One guest wants the white cooked more, and Ben is like, wtf? He makes another dish, and goes up with it. He asks if it’s okay, but she wants it cooked even more. Now I’m saying, wtf? He radios Hannah to come to the galley, saying, when there are hiccups in the galley, he needs as much support as possible.

The captain hears Ben on the radio, and goes to the galley. He says, the eggs were sent back again, which is really odd. In Hannah’s interview, Hannah says she was making drinks; come get her. Captain Sandy calls for help. Hannah tells the guest, the third time’s the charm, and the eggs are finally okayed. Ben asks what Anastasia is doing, but Hannah says she can’t have two people out, and Aesha is sleeping. Ben asks how long they sleep, and she says eight hours, and she’s not getting Aesha up. Ben says he only gets five, and she asks if he wants her girls awake in case he screws up. Captain Sandy calls for the crew to get in their whites, and the guests pack. The crew lines up in the main salon because of the bad weather. Primary Jennifer says they couldn’t have asked for a better trip, and Daniel tells Ben, the white party was awesome. His passion is beautiful. He knows they were demanding, and thanks the crew. He gives the captain an envelope, and the she tells the crew to meet back there in thirty.

Aesha tells Hannah that she doesn’t know what she wants to do after the season. She’s been planning on going to New Zealand for three months. That’s another reason she doesn’t like meeting guys on charter. Now she has to see him once a month or something. She always said she doesn’t want a boyfriend in yachting; it’s too hard to maintain a relationship if you’re not on the same boat. Jack spray paints his message onto a sheet, along with some hearts, and Travis paints a question mark on Jack’s chest. It’s time for the tip meeting.

Everyone gathers and the champagne is poured. Captain Sandy tells João that she knows how tired they all are, and he’s forgiven. In João’s interview, he says he clearly wasn’t himself when spoke back to the captain. He’s glad she’s giving him a chance to move on. The captain tells Ben it’s a pleasure to see his passion in the galley. She asks how the white glove dinner went, and Hannah says, the guests loved it. Captain Sandy asks if they did the white glove service. Aesha looks at Hannah, and says they didn’t do it. The captain asks, why not? and Hannah tells her that she said no. She thought it was a bit yuk. Captain Sandy says, it’s not. The white glove service being squashed really irritates her. It’s not that hard. Talking about herself in the third person, she says, Sandy’s not happy with the interior, and it starts with Hannah. She tells Hannah, step up to the plate and do her job. In Hannah’s interview, she says if Aesha had told her it was something Sandy wanted, of course she would have done it. The captain says, everyone in the interior is all lovey-dovey, and that’s great, but they’re not delivering what she wants from service. She wants the interior to match the galley and what happens on deck. In her interview, Captain Sandy says Hannah needs to lead the team, not make friends. Be firm, but fair. She knows the interior is taking a hit, but it’s better than Ben taking one. Hannah asks if a stew should be taken off cabins. The captain says she wants service to be impeccable. It’s something people remember. She wants to knock the remaining charter out of the park, slipping in one more baseball reference before the end of the season. The tip is 16K, or $1260 each.

Aesha tells Hannah, sorry. Hannah says, sorry they’re lovey-dovey. Anastasia doesn’t care what anyone says. She thinks they’re doing a good job. Colin tells João, the girls got ripped, and João says the captain wasn’t wrong. In her interview, Anastasia says it’s hard to take criticism, but she doesn’t give a sh*t anymore. Time for the final preference sheet meeting.

The next primaries are Randy Madrid, a financial adviser, and his long-time girlfriend Nicole. They’re being joined by their beach buddies, and want a Great Gatsby themed dinner the first night, and a Moulin Rouge dinner the second night. The weather is supposed to be horrible, and Ben says, an interior based charter wants impeccable service. In Hannah’s interview, she says she has two choices. Pick herself up and work around the clock, or say, screw you. You won’t know what you’ll get until it hits the table. She’s responsible for table décor and service, and suggests the stews stay o the boat tonight, go through it, and pull out what they need. Aesha says it’s not fair that she has to stay there to work. Jack tells Hannah about Operation Aesha, and she asks if he’s proposing. Travis says, he’s asking Aesha to be his girlfriend. Hannah gives them an idea of how to present the sheet, and puts together some champagne and a cheese plate.

Colin wakes Aesha up, and asks her to get dressed. He needs to talk to her. In her interview, she wonders what’s wrong that Colin needs to take her outside in the cold to have a chat. The guys scramble to get the sheet ready, so the message shows out the window. In Jack’s interview, he tells us, if she says no, he’s going to feel like a d*ckhead, but God loves a trier. On deck, Colin raps to Aesha about a surprise for her. He says there’s something above deck that she wants to see, and to enjoy her surprise. She sees the sheet, and when the guys drop it, Jack is behind it. He hugs Aesha, and everyone applauds. She cries, and he says he didn’t want to upset her. Hannah fills the champagne glasses. Aesha tells Jack, it’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her. Hannah cries a little, and says she’s overwhelmed. In Aesha’s interview, she says it’s the cutest way anyone has asked her out before. Anastasia thinks it’s the cutest thing. Who can say no to a bedsheet proposal? Colin says João never did anything like that for him. Bastard. Hannah tells Aesha that she’s not angry with her, and tells her to go out. Ben sees the sheet, and says it looks like someone’s been murdered. Hannah says, they did pretty much the same thing.

Aesha and the guys leave. Hannah and Anastasi dig though everything. Anastasia suggests getting out anything red, black, or gold. Anastasia and Jack go for dinner on their own, while the rest of the guys go to another restaurant. Travis says he wants to hold his  sh*t together. João thinks the chicks have to pick up their A-game. He wants to end the season with a bang. Jack and Aesha have a romantic dinner, and Jack tells Aesha that he used to be a girl before he met her. Everyone heads back to the boat.

João tells Colin that he’s dead. In João’s interview, he says his immune system is shot. It couldn’t have hit him at a more vulnerable time. Aesha tells Jack that he made her romantic dreams come true. In her interview, Aesha says they can have sex now. They can have a lot of sex now. João wakes up with a fever. Colin tells the captain, João is shivering, but it’s a million degrees in their room. Captain Sandy checks on him, and says, he has a bad effing fever. In her interview, she says the charter begin tomorrow, and she has no idea what’s going on or what she’s going to do.

Next time, can-can dancers perform for Moulin Rouge night; Ben says when guests are stuck, there’s nothing else to do but eat; and Hannah has chemistry with a guest.

🚤 In Other Deck News…

Boo, hiss. No reunion.


This made me want to cry.


✌ Sounds Like a Plan…

Although I’m sure my Tuesday won’t be as outtasite, right on, and solid.

September 9, 2019 – Scotty Makes a Plan B, the Captain Confronts Travis, a Thought, New World & Tuesday Cheer


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny goes to Charlie’s, and asks Julian if there’s any problem with the sale. Julian says, there’s been a temporary delay. He has some details to deal with before he hands it over to Olivia. Sonny thinks it will pass inspection. Julian asks, in return for what?

Michael sees Willow at the hospital, and asks if everything is okay. She says, it’s never been better. She had an interview for a pediatric teacher at GH, and it went great. Good thing she’s not an English teacher. She says she’d love to work with kids again. Michael says he’s on the board, and they’d be lucky to have her. He’ll tell them that. She says she has a good feeling so far, and asks how Sasha is. He says, she’s out of danger, and headed toward a full recovery. She doesn’t know yet, but a room full of flowers is being delivered. Willow says, go big or go home. She’s glad to hear Sasha is better, and Michael says, between Sasha’s recovery and Willow’s new job, it sounds like they’re headed for a good spell. It’s way overdo. Brad comes by with Wiley, and Michael says, this day keeps getting better.

Jordan looks at a map, and tells Curtis, they confirmed Drew’s takeoff, and have the window of when the plane was in the air. Curtis asks her to tell him Drew’s plane was spotted, and he’s alive and well.

Andre opens his eyes to find Monica by his bed. She says she’s been reviewing his chart. His levels are good, and he’s maintaining. He says, that’s good to hear. When you see the Chief of Staff in your room, you think it’s dire circumstances. She says he sure knows how to make an entrance. He says her staff saved his life, and he’s grateful. He didn’t expect it, the way he left things. She says, maybe he can make up for his mistake. He tells her if this is karma, he’s hoping to improve his. She asks if that’s why he came back; to restore Franco’s memory? With his experience, she’s worried he’ll be successful. He doesn’t follow, and she says if he restores Franco’s memory, he’ll erase the memories of Drew’s life, and all the things she never had a chance to know. If he pulls it off, she never will. I can’t express how surprised and annoyed I am that Monica’s focus is solely on herself, when the only two people it involves are Franco and Drew. And in the grand scheme, how important could it possibly be? She does not need to know about his third grade teacher.

On the phone, Franco wants Scotty to push harder to get the charges dropped, and get the ankle monitor off. Scotty tells Franco to trust him. He has a plan to secure Franco’s freedom. Franco says, if Scotty can’t manage that, he’s getting a new lawyer. After Scotty is finished with the call, Elizabeth says he doesn’t have to tell her what Franco said. He wants his freedom so he can be with the woman he loves. A woman who’s not her.

At Kelly’s, Sam tells Jason the charter company refuses to give her any more information. Jason says, the cops and WSB are involved now. Sam says, Drew’s plane disappeared almost 24 hours ago.

Sonny tells Julian, the coffee is bad. It’s too bad he stopped serving Corinthos premium blend. Julian says, the price is too steep, and hopes Sonny gives Olivia a discount. Sonny says he’s going to do everything to help make the new and improved Charlie’s Pub a success. Julian asks if Sonny is there to tell him not to let the door hit him on the way out, but Sonny says, on the contrary. He came to give Julian a goodbye present. He gives Julian an envelope of cash, and Julian says, what gives? Sonny says Julian has something he wants, and he’s paying for it.

Michael holds Wiley, and asks if Wiley missed him. Willow asks why they’re at the hospital, and Brad says Wiley is supposed to be in daycare, but he was being fussy. He decided to bring Wiley home. Michael says, Wiley misses his godfather. He asks if Wiley is sick, but Brad says, no. He just has overly protective parents who love him. Willow says they’re awesome parents, and Michael tells Brad that’s what Obrecht said in the elevator. Brad asks what she said exactly.

Jordan points out the line of the approximate flight pattern, and Curtis says, there are escalating tensions there. He says, they were flying over international airways, right? Jordan says, the WSB has no reason to suspect there was hostile action in the air or on the ground. Curtis says, what about on the plane, like a skyjacking? She says, Drew was the only passenger.

In his hotel room, Franco does push-ups. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Monica. She asks if she can come in, calling him Drew.

Elizabeth tells Scotty, Cameron was in the park, and walked up on Franco and Kim kissing. She’s guessing it was passionate, since Cameron seemed pretty shocked. He overheard Franco ask if Kim would leave town with him. Thank God for the ankle monitor. Scotty asks what Kim said, and she says, Kim didn’t agree, but she didn’t refuse. Franco is determined to leave as soon as the monitor is off. Scotty says, that could be sooner than later. Chase didn’t identify himself as a cop. At best, it will be a misdemeanor. The moment the ankle monitor comes off, Franco is going, with or without Kim. Elizabeth asks if there’s nothing more he can do, and he says he’s still working on the plan to commit Franco to Shadybrook. Elizabeth asks if it’s possible, and he says, there’s a legal precedent. As Franco’s wife, she can have him committed and make medical decisions for him. He’ll file the paperwork, but wants her to know something. In their quest to win him back, they might run the risk of losing him altogether. I’m wondering why they’re not more on top of that plan already.

Jason tells Sam, they know Drew met up with Andre, and booked him a flight back to Port Charles. After Andre got back, he got in a car he’d thought Drew arranged, got stabbed, and Drew never arrived. Andre getting stabbed and Drew’s plane vanishing can’t be a coincidence.

Julian tells Sonny, one of the many perks of leaving Port Charles is not having to do business with him. Sonny hears him. He says his dad has a real affection for Charlie’s. Julian says, he has a fondness for the basement, and what’s buried there. Sonny says Mike loves the old photos. If Julian has more, he’d like to buy them. Julian says he has a full box in the back; why? Sonny says he wants them for his dad’s room at Turning Woods; a link to the past. Mike is getting old and fading. It will give him something to hold on to for as long as possible. Julian tells him to keep his money. The photos aren’t for sale.

Michael tells Brad, Obrecht was surprisingly human. She said Wiley was lucky to have two loving dads. Willow says, Wiley is lucky. Why is Brad upset? Michael says, Obrecht can be snarky, not to mention dangerous, but she seemed sincere. Brad says, she’s most dangerous when she’s being sincere. He forgot there’s something he has to do, and hopes Wiley isn’t upset to go back to daycare. Michael suggests Brad leave him, and Willow says they have the time. Brad says Bobbie was supposed to pick him up. He’ll tell her to come there instead. Michael says they got this. Brad says Wiley is his whole life, and tells Wiley to never forget that. He leaves, and Michael apologizes for volunteering Willow. She says she’s not complaining. Any time with Wiley is a gift. Michael says she must have mixed feelings, and she says, it’s indescribable. She loves Wiley completely. She knows he’ll never be hers, and his fathers are just being nice, but she also knows it has to be awkward. Michael says she did the hardest thing; giving Wiley a great life. She says, Wiley has two amazing dads, but his godfather is pretty terrific.

Franco thanks Monica. He appreciates her calling him Drew. She says that’s how he knows himself, and ow she gets a chance she never thought she’d have. He’s experienced Drew’s past when there was no way before now. He asks what she wants from him, and she says she wants to know all about his past; his youth, his upbringing. She wants to know about his first crush. All the little details she would have known if she’d had the chance to raise him.

Elizabeth asks Scotty, what alternative do they have? Should she ask Andre to wipe her memory as well, so she can forget that she loves Franco and what that love means? He’s her husband, and she wants him back. Scotty says, he does too, but what if it doesn’t work? Then what? He’s institutionalized, and living life in limbo? His spirit will be taken. He’ll be talking to a service dog named Coco, and he’ll hate and blame them. Is she wiling to run that risk?

Sam asks Jason, who else would be threatened by Drew’s memories? Jason calls Jordan, and asks if she has any updates. Jordan asks how soon he and Sam can get there? He says they’re on their way.

Elizabeth tells Scotty that she needs to see Andre, and ask if can do the procedure. They can decide after that. In the meantime, just try and stall. Jason and Sam walk by, and she asks if there’s any news. Sam says they’re on their way to see Jordan, and Jason says they’ll let her know. They move on, and Scotty says he has an idea where they don’t have to commit him, and he won’t hate them. Elizabeth asks, how? and he says, plan B. He tells her, go see Andre, and he’ll do what he does best. When she’s gone, he calls Sonny.

Sonny says he should have known Julian would leave like he came. Julian says Sonny’s money is no good. He’ll give him the box. Sonny asks, what’s the catch? but Julian says, there is none. He likes Mike; he’s a good guy, and Julian doesn’t need the photos. He hopes that one day Leo takes care of him as well as Sonny is taking care of Mike. He’ll drop the photos off at Turning Woods. Sonny says he takes back calling Julian classless, but it doesn’t change their relationship. Julian says, understood. Sonny gets a text saying Scotty needs to see him. Brad comes in, and Sonny says, Wiley is getting bigger every day. Brad says he just left Wiley with Michael, and Sonny says, he’s in good hands. He tells Julian, bon voyage, and leaves. Brad asks Julian what he means, and Julian says they were settling an account. From the desperate look in Brad’s eye, he can tell there’s a problem. Brad says, the problem’s name is Obrecht.

Willow says Michael as a way with little ones; it’s his positivity. She’s seen it over and over, with her class, and with his little sister. He’s not naïve, but not cold either. He sees the good, and the possibility of good. He says they have plenty to be positive about. Sasha is on the mend. Willow says she’s moving in with Chase, and he says, it’s a big step. Congrats. She says, Shiloh is behind bars and out of her life, and Wiley’s too. Michael raises Wiley’s sippy cup, and says, to happy endings.

Jordan tells Curtis, the plane never made it from point A to point B. Curtis says it’s five thousand miles of desert. They could be anywhere or nowhere. Jordan says she has no location, and no more information. They ran a check on the aircraft, and everything was in order. Jason and Sam arrive, and Jason asks, what’s wrong? Sam says she’d been talking to the charter company, but they shut her off. Jordan says they need a deeper dive. The pilot and co-pilot don’t exist. They’re just names, photos, and resumes. They’re ghosts. Curtis says, whoever the pilot is, is anonymous, and Jason adds, as anonymous as the guy who tried to kill Andre.

Elizabeth visits Andre, and he says she thought she’d seen the last of him, huh? She asks how he is. She’s sorry this happened. He asks how Jake is, and she says, good. He was good, until someone turned his stepfather in to a stranger. He says Einstein regretted his role in devising the atom bomb. Andre knows how he felt. If he could turn the clock back, and destroy his research, he would. He promised Drew that he’d try to undo it; that’s why he came back. Someone was willing kill him to stop him. Elizabeth is glad they failed, for his sake and Franco’s. She asks him to tell her if it’s possible to restore Franco’s true memories. Can he bring Franco back to her?

Sonny meets Scotty outside Charlie’s. He says, it had better be important. Scotty says, it’s important enough that he’s coming to Sonny with his hat in his hand. He needs help, and as much as he hates to admit it, Sonny might be his only hope.

Jason explains that Drew had gone to return money Shiloh stole. Shiloh and another guy were stealing fuel, and selling it on the black market, and Drew found out. Shiloh’s partner got killed, but not before he went back to the US and hid the money. Sam says Drew knew where it was, and Jason says he went back to Afghanistan to donate it to humanitarian efforts. Sam says he got a location on Andre, and went to Ethiopia to get him, Jason says, two missions, and two possible motives to prevent Andre from restoring Franco’s memory, and prevent Drew from his destination. Shiloh doesn’t need access to Drew’s memories anymore, and why risk a possible murder charge? Someone else must need to stop them both. Jordan says, someone with the resources to do that.   

Andre tells Elizabeth that he wouldn’t have left if he didn’t think there was a chance of success. Elizabeth asks, how much? and Andre says they both know there’s no certainty in medicine. His research suggests, since Franco never lost his memories the same way Drew did, he might have a chance at a reversal. But even if Andre recovers in record time, there’s another factor. It’s untried with a lot of risks. What if Franco doesn’t agree to be treated?

Monica asks how Franco likes his accommodations. He says, everything is temporary; the ankle monitor, his digs. Drew gave him money, but he’ll probably go through it pretty quickly. Monica says she can help him, but he says, no thanks. As soon as the monitor is off, he’ll be on his way. No offense. It’s just easier. Monica tells him, he knows what they say about the wheels of justice, and he asks if she’s telling him with the Quartermaine influence, it will take longer. She says she could, but won’t. The last thing she wants is for him to stay against his will. He asks how he can help her, and she says, tell her about his past; growing up. What’s his favorite movie, and his taste in music? He says, Lawrence of Arabia. Unless it’s around the holidays. Then, It’s a Wonderful Life. The story about a man who sees the world the way it would be if he never existed, and gets a second chance. She says it’s her favorite movie too.

Sonny asks what makes Scotty think he’d lift a finger to help Franco. Scotty says Franco became someone who could be admired. He traded places with Cameron, and did everything to bring Ryan in. Sonny says, that doesn’t excuse what he did. Like it or not, his son has a horrible history. Scotty says they all have histories, don’t they? Franco had his history stolen from him. He had his life with Elizabeth and her sons stolen. Sonny knows what like to lose a son, and Scotty knows what it’s like to lose a daughter. Sonny asks if Scotty is saying he owes him, but Scotty tells him that he’s saying, from one father to another, they’d lay their lives down for their kids. He’s just trying to save his. Sonny says he understands Scotty’s motive. What does he want?

Julian tells Brad, stop borrowing trouble, and leave it alone. Brad says, Obrecht was there when Wiley was born. Obrecht delivered Wiley. I’d actually forgotten that. Julian asks how she delivered Wiley, and Brad says, karma. He’s wondering if it’s one huge cosmic joke. Of all people, why the hell was it her? He knows her, and she could blow the whole thing. They could lose Wiley. Julian asks how Obrecht delivered a homeless woman’s baby? She was in police custody, and escaped. There was an accident on highway, and the prison van almost hit the car Michael was driving. He says, son of a bitch, Brad. Brad says, see how bad it is? Julian says, Nelle walked away, and gave birth to a stillborn son, but Brad says, she didn’t. Obrecht helped deliver her baby. Julian says, Sonny Corinthos’s grandson is Wiley. Brad stole Sonny’s grandson, and dragged him into it.

Willow says she’s excited, and Michael is confident she’ll get the job. He’ll put in a good word. She says, being around Wiley adds to her excitement. She tells him, she’s sorry. Here she is going on about being given a second chance to be with her little boy. She asks him to forgive her for being inconsiderate, but he says, it’s totally fine. He’s happy for her, and Wiley. He looks at Wiley, and says, he never noticed before…

Franco says, who doesn’t want to see an angel get wings? Monica says, it’s one thing she knows that she didn’t know yesterday. She’d like to know a lot more while there’s still time. He says he has nothing but time. That’s what he hears from his lawyer anyway. He says he’ll tell all of his stories; the orphanage, his time in the service, meeting Kim. Monica says, and in return? He tells her, Scotty is doing everything he can to keep the case open, and the monitor on his ankle. In turn, he could use the Quartermaine influence to turn that around get his freedom. She’s sure there’s a way to expedite the hearing, and he says, they have a deal. They shake hands.

Scotty tells Sonny, just between them, there’s a chance Franco could be Franco again, but he’s not sure Franco wants to go back be the guy he was. Sonny doesn’t blame him. Scotty says, Bobbie told him that Sonny was trying hard to help Dante, but Sonny says, the situation is different. Scotty says, here’s the deal. There may come a time when he needs to detain his son from leaving Port Charles. If that day comes, will Sonny help him?

Elizabeth tells Andre, let her worry about Franco’s consent. He needs to work on getting better. He says he doesn’t want to mislead her. It may not work way the way they want or at all. She asks if this could be permanent, and he says, that’s one possibility. She asks what the odds are that Franco will come back, and he says, one in four. She asks, what are the other three possible outcomes?

Sam says if Andre can describe his assailant, maybe they can be questioned. Jordan says, that’s definitely the way to go. Once they have a name, they can find a link to Drew. She’ll try to set something up with Monica. Jordan’s phone rings. She listens, then asks them to repeat it. She understands, and asks them to update her when they know more. She says, the WSB found wreckage in the Gulf of Aden. It’s Drew’s plane, and there’s no sign of survivors.

Michael tells Willow, Wiley doesn’t look like Shiloh. He guesses that’s a blessing. Willow says now that he mentions it, Wiley doesn’t look like her either. Michael tells her, his mom said blond, bald babies all look like Winston Churchill. Josslyn did. Willow asks if Josslyn knows he’s comparing her to Winston Churchill, and he says, she grew out of it. Him, Josslyn, and Wiley looked exactly the same. When they were Wiley’s age, they looked like triplets.

Brad tries to jet, but Julian says, no he doesn’t. Nelle is Wiley’s birth mother, and Michael is his birth father, right?

Scotty tells Sonny, there may be a way to reverse Franco’s memory , but he’s hell bent on leaving town. He punched s cop, and he’s wearing an ankle monitor, and Scotty can drag that out, but he may have to make alternate arrangements. Sonny says he’ll take it into consideration. Scotty says, legally, he can’t keep Franco in town. Can he count on Sonny and his goons to keep him there? Sonny says, from one father to another, he’ll do his best, but he can’t make promises.

Elizabeth says she needs to know all the possible outcomes, and Andre says, one, it works. Franco’s memory is restored. Two, there’s no effect. Franco retains Drew’s memories. Three, Drew’s memories intensify, and Franco has greater recall of Drew’s life. And four, the physical trauma is too much to bear, and Franco is left in a permanent vegetative state.

Jordan says she needs to touch base with Robert. She tells Curtis maybe Robert’s contacts at the WSB can help. She leaves, and Curtis tells Sam that he knows whatever he might say isn’t enough, so he’s just going to speak from his heart. This is Drew Cane they’re talking about. He’s going to be okay.

Monica asks if Franco wouldn’t be more comfortable in the family house. She clarifies that it’s her house. Her husband gave it to her as a wedding present, but in the decades since, the whole family has been living there. Drew has stayed there, and they have plenty of room. He says that’s not part of the deal, and she says she just thought it would save him money. There’s a knock at the door, and Franco says it’s probably Scotty. Monica opens  the door, and it’s Jason. He says he’s there see Franco, but he has something important to tell her too.

Tomorrow, Peter asks why Andre is still alive, Elizabeth says Kim is making things worse, Brad admits to Julian that he stole Sonny’s grandson, and Carly tells Sonny, the sooner he admits it, the better it will be for everyone.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Ben tosses Travis into the taxi, and tells him to effing lay down. In his interview, Ben says Travis is paralytic. He makes Travis sit in between Jack and Aesha, so he doesn’t fall out the door. Aesha says, he just has to sleep it off. Ben and João get him back on the boat, where he passes out.

In Hannah’s interview, she says Anastasia isn’t on her game. She wants to give Anastasia a simple task for a confidence boost. She needs to up her game. Hannah sends Anastasia to look for table décor, while Ben shops for supplies. When he gets up, Travis asks what happened, and finds out he came back and went to bed. In his interview, he says after a black out, there’s always a bit of dread. He’s been working two years with no time off. He’s sick of the lifestyle, and drinking is a bit of an escape. João asks, what’s happening? and Colin says, I’m dying; kill me. In her interview, Captain Sandy says Travis is a strong deckhand, but she smells alcohol on his breath. It’s not the first time, and it concerns her.

Ben and Anastasia go to Old Town Antibes. In Anastasia’s interview, she says she’d pick third stew over chef any day. Ben says the shop displays are incredible. He wants to use the French market culture to give him inspiration for the next level. He asks for silver plated domes, and the shopkeeper goes to look for them. In Ben’s interview, he says it wasn’t the greatest start, but he knows his strengths and weaknesses. He doesn’t want to set himself up for failure. If he fails, the whole boat fails. Anastasia isn’t finding anything, and he tells her, think outside the box . She says she’s trying, but she’d rather go back empty-handed than bring crap.

Aesha finds her stuffed toys sitting on the bunk, one with a beer, and the other with a cigarette in its mouth. In her interview, she says it’s every girl’s dream to have a thoughtful guy. When he’s hidden her teddies, she knows Jack has thought about her. The producer thinks she said titties, and Aesha dies laughing. Anastasia tells Hannah that she couldn’t find anything except classic bullsh*t from China. In Hannah’s interview, she says, as the chief stew, anything that’s wrong in the interior is her fault. Captain Sandy radios Hannah, João, and Ben for a preference sheet meeting.

The primaries are Jennifer and Patrick, and they’re bringing their close friends. The entire group wants to advantage of whatever the yacht and crew have to offer. One guest is allergic to a lot of stuff, and Ben says she got a rough hand, but they can cater. They also want an all white theme party, and Hannah tells the captain that Anastasia didn’t find anything in the way of decorations. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says when she gives an order, it’s not a suggestion. If Hannah sent Anastasia to get table settings, and she comes back with nothing but excuses, it’s on Hannah. The captain tells them, the Med is unpredictable, and hopes it goes well weather-wise.

Hannah tells Jack about how wasted Travis was. In her interview, she says it brings back the situation with her brother. She’s becoming less feeling sorry, and more pissed off. Now he’s just being selfish. Captain Sandy tells the crew to get in their whites.  João says Travis is quiet, and Travis says he hasn’t had any rest in forever. He was burnt out before they started the season. In João’s interview, he says he knows Travis is at the end of his rope, but he’s hoping Travis just pushes through the last few weeks. He tells Travis, just maintain. João tells Colin that Travis isn’t in a good place. He wants to try and keep him motivated.

The guests arrive. Patrick is wearing a shirt that says, Alcohol NOW, and I cringe. Sandy welcomes everyone, the guests are given champagne, and Hannah gives the tour. Jack asks how Travis is feeling, and Travis tells him, ask in two weeks. In Travis’s interview, he says, it’s unbalanced. He misses his friends and family. They’re more orientated about enjoying life rather than work. Captain Sandy says, it’s a little bumpy, and Ben says he forgot what it feels like. Bumpy is an understatement, as it gets pretty rough. Hannah asks if the guests are okay, and a couple of them want wristbands. Various things fly around. The captain says once they’re around the corner, it will get calmer. They’ll get through this, drop anchor, and all will be well.

Colin radios Anastasia, asking if she wants the iron on. She says she forgot to turn it off. In Hannah’s interview, she says in some ways, she feels bad for Anastasia; her head’s all over the place. But where is the annoying perfectionist who wanted to please her? Ben sends out lunch, once the anchor is down. Hannah is worried about asking Ben questions. In her interview, she says all she can do at this stage is support Ben. They need happy, makes-good-food Ben. Not the crazy, volatile walking-on-eggshells Ben. The deck crew gets out some of the water toys. Patrick thinks alcohol and motorized water sports isn’t a good match, but they go out on the jet skis anyway.

In the crew mess, Travis tells Anastasia, five months is enough of this sh*t. It’s depressing, so he drinks, then he’s not in a happy place. Ben chops onions for what he says is the best chicken in the world.  Travis says he’s tired as hell. A guest bounces on the trampoline. Patrick falls off the jet ski, making his prophesy true. João goes out on another jet ski, and Colin takes the tender, telling João to watch out for the ferry. Patrick is barely hanging on. Someone asks, what’s happening? and Jennifer says her husband doesn’t know how to get on a jet ski. Colin brings Patrick back in the tender.

Ben says he’s been relying on the broiler; cold food is inexcusable. In his interview, he says no one is harder on him than him, and his heart can’t take another disappointing charter. He cooks the oxymoron of jumbo shrimp, and some other shrimp that still have eyeballs on them, which is a little disconcerting to some of the guests. Colin tells João that he captains a ferry as a hobby. João says, in four years, he wants to be a captain of a yacht, and he’ll call Colin to come out and see how he likes it. In Ben’s interview, he says there aren’t enough words to express his hate for the galley. It’s incredibly small and incredibly cluttered. He spends more time looking for things than preparing them. Anastasia orders 200 eggs. In Hannah’s interview, she says Anastasia gives 110% when she’s helping Ben, but when she’s working the interior, they get a solid 70%. It’s not fair, since she’s the third stew.

Jack and Aesha fool around. João and Colin pick up the eggs. Travis looks bummed. Ben gets his cloches (the food covers). He says, a cold breeze is whipping through the boat, and the cloche is the answer. Hannah thinks the food won’t fit under it, but Ben says, it’s his galley, he can bend the rules and make it fit. In João’s interview, he says he drove the tender over the line, and the line got sucked in. It’s a major rookie mistake. He tells Captain Sandy what he did, and she laughs. In her interview, she says she loves when a crew member takes responsibility. You break it, you fix it. João goes under the boat to see if he can retrieve the line.

In her interview, Hannah says, at her worst, Anastasia is still better than a good June. In João’s interview, he says he knows Travis is over it, but he’s glad it hasn’t affected his work. He’s a good deckhand. Anastasia radios for one of the deckhands to take out the trash for the chef. Oddly enough, this time she’s the recipient of the excuses, and she finally says, deck crew, please, someone take out the effing garbage. Captain Sandy repeats it, and Travis gripes that he’ll prioritize the interior. The captain says, yes he will. Don’t piss her off with his effing attitude. In Travis’s interview, he says Ben is perfectly capable of doing it himself. This is bullsh*t.

The guests do shots. João is successful with the line. Captain Sandy calls Travis to the bridge. She asks if that was his comment she heard. He says it was, and he says they’re constantly running to do everything for the interior and galley. She knows he’s frustrated, and agrees they take advantage, but tells him to come her with any problems. In her interview, she thinks Travis is struggling, and it has to do with alcohol. She tells him to bring his concerns to her. He’s doing a phenomenal job. She says she’d appreciate it if he didn’t respond like that over the radio, and gives him a hug.

Ben says not only does he have to be amazingly on form, so does the galley, which is his partner. The table looks pretty, but it’s no Kate table. Ben makes a deconstructed Caesar salad, and Hannah brings one back, telling him that the guest is allergic to anchovies. I’m guessing she probably just doesn’t like them, but regardless, it was on the preference sheet. In her interview, Hannah says, Ben effed up. Make it right, and they can be on their way. He quickly makes another salad. Hannah says it’s hard to switch gears between service and the galley. Ben says, it’s frustrating. This place is so cluttered and dysfunctional; he’s losing his mind. In Colin’s interview, he says, Hannah had no problem bossing Mila and Anastasia around. He’s never seen her step back like she does with Ben.

Jack writes a poem for Anastasia. Your head is fat, you have a nice tw*t. Your box is furry like a cat. You are lovely. Love, Jack. Everyone laughs, and Jack leaves it on Aesha’s bunk. In his interview, Jack says he’d like to think he’s done a few romantic gestures in his day. He tattooed his ex-girlfriends face on his arm – after knowing her two weeks. He shows us, and it’s huge. Ben wants to find whoever designed the galley, and kick them in the effing face. He burns himself, and in Hannah’s interview, she says the crankier and more volatile Ben gets, the more she reacts, and the dynamic of the boat blows up. Ben says it’s enough to make him want to give up cooking for good. Hannah asks if he wants some icy water, but he snaps that he’s fine. In her interview, Hannah says, it’s obvious there’s an issue with the burners. If it was her, she’d work the menu around it, and use the oven.

The dinner plates are cleared, and Hannah tells Anastasia, the cabins are perfect. Aesha finds the poem along with a rose. She reads it to the others, and says she’s so lucky. Animal House aside, I’m not really into juvenile humor, but these two are cute. Jack goes on anchor watch. The food just keeps coming, and I wonder how much these people can eat. Captain Sandy comes up, and is pleased with the guests’ response. One guest calls the food picture worthy, which I guess is high praise in our InstaWorld. Ben asks if it was hot, and Hannah confirms it was. In Ben’s interview, he says, finally. What a breakthrough. The cloches work. Guest Deana looks like she’s falling out, but says she’s just resting her eyes. What my dad used to say before he started snoring in his recliner. She mumbles something unintelligible, and Ben asks if they’re hammered. Hannah says, not all of them. Captain Sandy tells Ben, there were accolades for the food. In her interview, she says, Ben has problems, and he solves them. He’s a pro.

Desert comes, and Ben follows it with a pitcher of hot chocolate ganache. Deana tries to stick her tongue in it as he pours it over her dessert. Hannah and Aesha clear the table, and Ben tells Hannah, sorry. In her interview, Hannah says, Ben might be a roller coaster to work with, but the guests love the food, and Sandy is happy. Keep the crazy coming if you have to. Captain Sandy calls Hannah to the bridge. The guests go to the lounge, and drink some more. The captain wants to find out if Travis is drinking. She smelled alcohol on his breath this morning. She asks if Hannah has seen anything, but Hannah says, not at work. There are issues when they go out though. Captain Sandy says she has to talk to him – not to reprimand, but an informal one-on-one. If there’s a problem, she wants to help. Hannah says she tried, but he doesn’t think he has a problem.

Travis goes to the bridge, and Captain Sandy says she wanted to spend time with him, since they never do. She tells him, she basically smelled alcohol on his breath, and he says he doesn’t drink on charter. She says she’s coming from a place of compassion because she’s been there; it’s an addiction. She can’t stop at one glass of wine. She has to have the whole bottle, then another one. It got her nowhere, and sometimes incarcerated. In her interview, she says alcoholism runs in her family. She couldn’t predict her behavior. As a result, she would drink and drive. She was always in the hospital, and one day, she wanted it to be different. Travis doesn’t think he needs it, but when he’s stressed, that makes it worse. To be honest, he was burnt before he came there. The captain says, it’s not normal. In her interview, she says she hasn’t had a drink in 29 years, because someone had a conversation with her like she’s having with Travis, and it changed her life. She tells him that she sees so much potential in him, and suggests he stop for thirty days; detox, and see what it feels like. It’s not an easy road, but it changed her life. In his interview, Travis says Captain Sandy opened up to him, and he respects her more for that. They hug. Captain Sandy is big on hugs. In Travis’s interview, he says he doesn’t see himself as having a problem, but if the captain is getting on him about it, he’d best reassess how much he’s drinking in his down time for the rest of the season. Then he can say he has it under control.

Captain Sandy asks Colin to drive the yacht out of the harbor. In Colin’s interview, he says the last part of the boat he hasn’t broken is the bridge. He’s nervous. The captain instructs him as he goes. The anchor is home, and Colin drives them out. Captain Sandy says, good job. They’re on their way to Antibes. The captain doesn’t think it seems so nice out there, and the boat rocks again. Ben says, oh sh*t. In the captain’s interview, she says, these kinds of swells can be dangerous. The most important thing is to move to calmer water. She calls João to the bridge. In Ben’s interview, he says he feels like he’s been spoiled on land. João is afraid they’re going to lose the tender. A guest literally crawls out of their cabin, and Anastasia says, man down. In her interview, she says, this ship is scary.

The captain wants to get out of this, and radios all crew that they have a situation.

Next time, Jack officially asks Aesha to be his girlfriend, a risotto fail, Ben complains about the service, and Captain Sandy tells Hannah to step up and do her job.

🚤 I was just thinking, even though they’re probably around the same age, these people are a world away from the cast members on Vanderpump Rules in maturity. It’s like we used to say at a church I once attended. I’m not judging, but I can’t help noticing.

👔 New show It’s a Man’s World, premieres on Tuesday, October 1st at 10 pm, on Bravo. The show follows four women who masquerade as men to see how it looks from a man’s viewpoint. If nothing else, it looks interesting, and the makeup is amazing.


📣 It Ain’t Monday…

So might as well be happy about it.









September 2, 2019 – Travis Gets Toasted, Sending Good Vibes, Camille Is Out, Kyle’s Other Show, Happy 90 Ending & Magic


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Below Deck Mediterranean

We backtrack a tiny bit. Captain Sandy asks the guests how dinner is, and if it’s hot. Since they’re too drunk to have even started eating, she tastes it herself, and says, it’s not hot. She tells Ben, and in his interview, he says, it’s a nightmare. It’s impossible, and he doesn’t use that word. Hannah asks the guests if dinner was good, and primary Laura says, amazing, baby. Colin comes up to help clear the plates, and the women get excited. Anastasia and Aesha clean the cabins. Anastasia is glad it’s not as much effort as being the chef. Travis is pissed off, because he lost his room, and says Jack is off having fun with Aesha. She took Jack away completely. Ben says lunch was more of a success because he was using the oven. Anastasia is happy it’s not her. I have no idea what the dessert is – a flourless chocolate something – but it looks really good. The guests think it’s horrible, which Hannah translates to not very good, and Aesha has to tell Ben the bad news. Ben says the guests are effing insane, and clearly mad. That makes him feel better.

One guest talks about sleeping with another’s ex-husband. Another goes out on deck, and starts doing handstands. Jack and Aesha watch her dance around. Jack says he’s seen her bare ass more times than Aesha’s. Hannah goes to bed. Natalie bugs Travis in the galley, and a bunch of them accost Jack on the bridge. He calls to Aesha for help. She tells him to keep his clothes on. In her interview, Aesha says she’s annoyed, and she’s not a jealous person. She must really care about him. Captain Sandy half-jokingly asks the guests not to harass her crew members; Jack really has to pay attention. Jack thanks her for saving him, and tells her, these women are a mess. A bunch of them act like five-year-olds in the lounge, and finally go to bed, one making up a song about Captain Sandy on the way. Jack loves on Aesha in the galley, and she tells him to stop enjoying himself so much. She cleans up, and gets in the bunk with him. She says now they can watch a movie in bed, and he says, lots of things. In Jack’s interview, he doesn’t know how he feels about living with someone he hasn’t had sex with. He has to be patient. This girl is worth it.

The captain can’t find a stew anywhere, and she pokes her head into Hannah and Anastasia’s cabin. Anastasia realizes she overslept, and Captain Sandy says, not acceptable. In Hannah’s interview, she says she wants back her annoyingly perfect third stew, that she had on the first charters. Jack tells the other deckhands that Aesha has given him rules, like getting dry in the shower, and not waking her up. His only rule for her is, just be naked. It’s give and take. Breakfast is started, and Ben is like the hairdresser who follows you out because they saw one last hair that needed clipping, as he follows Anastasia to put one more piece of garnish on a plate. Travis tells Jack, he’s fine, but he’s bored. Maybe he wants more, but there isn’t anything. He says he’s not getting drunk before going out this time. In his interview, he says Jack has Aesha, and he has vodka. It numbs the mind, so you don’t think about sh*t.

A couple of guests use the jet skis. Anastasia tells Aesha about getting up late. Ben curses the range. Aesha gives the guests on deck some drinks, and they ask for cheeseburgers. They want naughty food. Aesha tells Ben that he’s going to hate her, and relays the request. The captain asks for the slide to be put out. Ben says he can handle the cooking, but he can’t fix the burners. He’s relying on instinct and experience. Captain Sandy says she has to start the engine because they’re dragging anchor. She asks the deck crew to get the guests back on the boat, and the water toys out of the water. In her interview, the captain explains that they need to reset, and she doesn’t need the deckhands to be blasé about getting the toys back in. Ben gets jazzed about the cheeseburgers getting cold. In his interview, he says, it’s important to keep hot food hot, but doesn’t think Hannah grasps the concept. It’s been one disaster after another.

The water toys are brought in. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says dragging anchor is dangerous, and she needs to re-secure the vessel. Colin reaches for the anchor chain and thinks he broke… it. What? His finger? His nose? His man parts? João gives the signal, and they drop anchor. Colin is limping, so is it his foot? The burgers are approved by the guests. Colin tells the captain that he got his toe caught, and he injured his wrist, so I’m still not getting what happened. In her interview, the captain says the thought of losing Colin is causing a tightening in her chest. Colin tells Jack that he landed on his wrist. Jack says, first Colin tried to take June’s place, now he injured himself to get away from them. João takes Colin to shore. Colin is hoping it’s just a sprain. In João’s interview, he asks, how much almost losing Colin can he go through? He can’t afford to lose him. Colin is his best mate, and he needs him be around. He drops Colin off, and Colin gets in a taxi.

João asks the guests if they’re having a chill day. Laura says, more mellow than yesterday. João thinks it’s the calm before the storm. Ben says he’d be screwed without Anastasia. Captain Sandy tells Ben that she’ll be having dinner with the guests. In Ben’s interview, he says it’s nerve wracking when a captain eats with the guests. Any prior complaints can be blamed on the guests, but the captain can attest to what they say. It’s like they lawyered up. In Hannah’s interview, she says both she and Ben need Anastasia for dinner service. Travis whines to João that he sees his old bed with teddy bears on it. In João’s interview, he says, Jack is acting like he just got dumped by his teen sweetheart. They’re still on the same boat. It’s not like Jack moved to another country. The guests order shots, like they need them. João picks up Colin, who says his wrist is just inflamed, and he has to wear a brace for a few days. In his interview, he says, trust him. You don’t want to see the other guy.

The obnoxious guests get ready for dinner. Hannah is nervous because Ben decides to do a self-service family style dinner. He says, plates coming back are depressing. In Hannah’s interview, she says, Ben is sensitive, and not as cocky as he was in Greece. We flash back to that, and she says, he’s still volatile. Just not as cocky. Ben tells Sandy about his serving choice, and says it could be hangovers or their drinking, but the guests don’t seem to be eating. In the captain’s interview, she says, whatever gets Ben to perform best. She tells him that she trusts her chef. Ben says, thankfully, the burner is working. Guest Jules babbles to the captain about Aspen. Guest Stephanie interrupts, and Jules gets testy. In her interview, Captain Sandy says she doesn’t want people to fight for her attention. Guest Samantha asks why they’re serving themselves, and the captain says Ben wasn’t sure if they were going to eat. Samantha wants to see him now. He asks Hannah if that’s good or bad, and there are lots of bleeps. The guys hum Chopin’s Funeral March.

Samantha tells Ben, don’t be worried; it’s good, and everyone praises his food. He thanks them, and jets. Samantha says she likes when he’s nervous, and another jerkface says, he’s cute when he’s nervous. Idiots. I can’t even imagine an amount of money that would make me feel like I could humiliate any kind of workers, whether it’s by coming on to them or making them uncomfortable in another way. Unless I knew them. J/K. Kind of.

Ben uses a flamethrower on the crème brûlée dessert. It’s a success. Captain Sandy has to go back to the bridge. She stops by the galley, and tells Ben, it was amazing, but it got cold. Ben says the shrimp were sizzling when they came out of the galley. The captain says, it’s a  long way to go, and Ben suggests getting stones to put them on, which sounds like a really good idea. The captain says it’s the best meal she’s had since she’s been on the boat.

Colin calls his mom to tell her about his injury. She wants to know what medication they gave him, but he says he hasn’t taken anything yet. She suggests he get a desk job, and his dad says, hang in there, as parents will. Jules and Stephanie argue about what happened at the table, and Stephanie says Jules is causing a scene. The other guests get out of the way, wanting to avoid the drama. The crew members do their best to eavesdrop. In Hannah’s interview, she says they’re fighting about getting Sandy’s attention. It’s strangely ironic, since for the past year, she’d been trying to get Sandy’s attention off of her. Stephanie says, that’s not how she saw it, but Jules doesn’t care. Stephanie can’t believe how aggressive Jules is getting with her. She did nothing unacceptable. They finally go to their cabins. This better be a big freaking tip. These women are total jerks.

Aesha and Jack make fun of them in the galley. Natalie wants to play the golf game, and Travis sets it up for her. She comments on how big his hands are, pretending not to know what she’s inferring. He bluntly reminds her. In his interview, he says he’s feeling isolated. Flirting with a beautiful woman is a nice change. The argument continues in the cabins, until it’s finally agreed they’ll deal with it in the morning.

It’s a new day. The guests gather for breakfast, but no talk of the idiocy from the night before. Jack tells Colin not to lift anything. Make João do it. Hannah tells Colin if he needs a hand, let her know. João suggests Jack drive them out. In his interview, João says there are very few things he can do to show Jack his appreciation. It’s like rewarding a dog with a bone. In Jack’s interview, he says, it’s a lovely little surprise. João must be drinking. He wouldn’t trust himself. Travis composes a note to Natalie. In his interview, he says they’re not allowed to fraternize with the guests on the boat, so he decided to do it off the boat. The guests pack, and the crew gets into their whites, queuing up on dock.

Jack slips Natalie the note during the goodbyes. Laura thanks them, and says it was an amazing experience, and the food was amazing. Ben is glad it’s over. Jack jumps on Aesha when they get back to their bunk. Captain Sandy calls everyone to the lounge for the tip meeting. She says considering she had to let a crew member go, and how their roles changed, other than Anastasia oversleeping, it went well. She tells Anastasia not to let it happen again, and Anastasia says, it only happens once. The captain says, Ben flew across the Atlantic Ocean, and nailed it in a galley he’s never been in. He says he couldn’t have done it without the crew, especially Anastasia. The tip is 13,800 euros, or 1250 ($1367.56) each. Hannah says, it’s hush money. In his interview, Jack says, sexual harassment, but the tip made it worth it.

Captain Sandy shows Hannah pictures of table settings from a boat show she went to. She tells Hannah she wants the tables at this level. In the captain’s interview, she says if Hannah can’t do it, she needs to inspire her stews to do it. Travis announces that he’s getting toasted on Red Bull and vodka. Hannah is pumped for tonight, but she’s not babysitting. She tells Jack, who says Travis isn’t as bad as she thinks. He had a few bad days. In Hannah’s interview, she says she’s not spending her night off babysitting a wasted Travis. Been there, done that, got the postcard, and not interested in getting another one again..

Hannah asks if Travis is still planning on being a good boy. Travis says he’s scrapped that idea, and she tells him, don’t make her night sh*t. He doesn’t like the way she said it, but agrees. In Travis’s interview, he says, Hannah is super condescending. The crew gets ready to go out. In Hannah’s interview, she says, the last time she as on a crew’s night out with Ben, he went back to the boat, and banged her third stew. Here’s to history not repeating itself. In the taxi, Aesha tells Hannah that she looks effing sexy, and she could eat Hannah’s face off. Sometimes I think these people are just out at sea too long.

It’s a beautiful restaurant/club, but the seating at the table is really tight. Jack is ready for RBV’s. In her interview, Hannah says she asked him to chill. She doesn’t want to babysit. Travis tells Jack that he’d like to stick his lips on Hannah. I suggest he not tell Hannah that. Waiters come with sparklers, ice buckets, and bottles of liquor, particularly vodka. Outside, in the smoking section, Hannah asks Travis if he’s holding a grudge, and Travis says, it’s old. He’s tired of her conflicting messages. In Travis’s interview, he says he just needs to get through the next two weeks, and he doesn’t have to deal with sh*t again. Hannah tells him that he’s weird, and he goes back inside.

Aesha tells Travis that she loves him, and he says he knows. João tells Colin that Travis is bent on destruction. He can see it. Travis sticks a long straw into a HUGE vodka bottle, and sucks it down. The girls dance. Colin and João go outside. Travis falls on the floor, and breaks one of the bottles. Hannah dances on a table, ignoring all of this totally. Travis goes to sit down, and keels over. Ben calls him an effing wanker. In his interview, Ben says we all know he’s been drunk before, but there’s drunk, and then there’s Travis drunk. Anastasia says, it’s not okay to get drunk like this every single time. Ben helps Travis up and outside. In Ben’s interview, he says he was looking forward to blowing off some steam, and familiarizing himself with his new crew, not babysitting. But apparently, he’s the babysitter. He tosses Travis into the taxi.

Next time, a guest passes out at dinner, João says it has the potential for disaster, Captain Sandy tells Travis that she can smell alcohol on his breath, and Ben gets burned – literally.

🚤 Thoughts and Prayers…

As Colin’s dad would probably say, hang in there, Captain Sandy.


😕 It’s Just As Well…

Like Camille said, it’s Kyle’s show now.



🎃 Not Quite as Scary as RHOBH…

It looks like Kyle has another show coming up.



💍 A Success Story…

I was rooting for Olga and Steven, even though I thought they were a little young for the 90 days.


🎹 The Miracle of Google…

I wanted to get more specific about what the guys in Below Deck Med were humming. It’s a common melody, but I had no idea what it was called. I put dum dum death march in, and got this. Poof! Magic! And it kind of fits going back to work.

September 1, 2019 – Charlie Meets a Rabbi, Deck in Thailand, Cashew (Bless You), What’s On & Workin’


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

A rabbi celebrates Shabbat. He sings in Hebrew. Someone – or something – bangs at the door. He says if they were alive, he’d  let them in, but they have nothing to talk about. He’s sure they’re not so good at conversation. The banging continues. He extinguishes his candle, and says, you want to talk, let’s talk. He goes to the door, taking a gun with a bayonet down from the wall. He pushes the door open, and smashes a zombie in the head. He looks around outside. Everything is quiet, and he closes the gate of a metal fence around the property. He hears something and picks up the gun again. He sees some zombies messing around a car, and dispatches them with the bayonet, but one grabs him and pulls him down. The car door opens, knocking the zombie off of him, and he shoots it. Charlie peeks out, and he asks if she’s okay. She nods, and he asks her name. She says, Charlie, and they shake hands. He says he’s Rabbi Jacob Kessler, and welcomes her to his temple. She picks up his yarmulke, and says, sorry. She saw the light. He says, it’s not a light. It’s the flame of truth; the presence of God. God led her there, but God needs new batteries. He suggests getting her something to eat, and maybe a towel. She is pretty dirty.

I’m loving how the opening credits change every week. A tie-in object in the empty field.

The convoy flattens a zombie into roadkill. They get out of the trucks, and put up a fence, then make a circle of vehicles with the camp in the middle. John says this is the second time they’ve had to set up. Traveling by night, and watching by day is taking its toll. June says it might take Morgan, Alicia, and Victor a while. Sarah says they need gas, and June says they’ll do another run. John says, it’s not just about gas. They need to stop, and take a breath. June says, this isn’t the place to do it. Dwight approaches them, and says, the headcount is off. Someone is missing. June asks, who?

Charlie opens her eyes and looks out over the temple from the balcony. Jacob pikes a zombie at the fence. Charlie tells him, that she can help. He says she’s not the first person to fall asleep there. She says she’s mostly been sleeping in cars lately, and not getting much sleep. She stabs a zombie, and he asks why the dead are following her. She says she was looking for something, and got separated from her group. He says, she has a group? They have to get her back to them. She asks if he thinks God led her there, and he says, she doesn’t? She says, why would He? and Jacob says, why wouldn’t He? She asks if he always answers a question with a question, and he says, does he? Maybe she’s there because there’s something she needs, and she’s finally going to find it. He says, Yeshua calls, and goes back inside. Charlie follows.

Jacob puts on his prayer shawl, and Charlie asks what happened to his people. He says, what happened to most people. He used to talk to his congregation about souls rising to be reunited with their bodies at the end of the world. He got it half right. She asks why he still does it if no one if there. He says it works for him, and because it’s tradition. Tradition is important. More now than ever. The lights dim, and he says it’s his last battery. It can’t go dark; he has to find batteries. She  tells him, wait. She knows where they can get some.

Charlie radios the convoy. June asks if she’s all right. Sorry; she thought they were all accounted for. Charlie says it’s not her fault. They didn’t leave without her; she ran away. June asks, why? and Charlie says she can’t keep living the way they have. She wants to find a place where they can settle. She’s checked some places, and none seemed right, but she thinks she might have found a place to call home. She tells June, come see for herself. And bring car batteries.

Jacob kills another zombie, and Charlie asks where they’re coming from. He says, there must be a gap in the fence. He’ll find it. She says her friends are coming to help. He tells her, helping to keep the flame going is a mitzvah. He’ll take care of the fence. She can wait inside, and make herself at home. On his way back out, he looks at the zombie on the ground. From the look on his face, I think he knew them. He hears zombie noises coming from another building. The door is boarded up, but the bottom board is gone, and a zombie is stuck halfway through the opening. He pulls the zombie out, and uses the bayonet on it. Another is starting to wiggle out, and he shoves it back in, then puts the board back. The crowd inside bangs against a double glass door that’s chained and padlocked. Jacob tightens the chain. He puts his palms on the glass, and prays in Hebrew.

June tells Jacob she can’t tell him how much it meant. John says, it’s the least they can do; he kept Charlie safe. Jacob hooks up a new car battery. He asks how big the convoy is, and June says they’re up to 36. Jacob says, the mystics believe there are only 36 righteous people in the world at any given time. Maybe he’s met three tonight. June says they should go, but Charlie says she told Jacob that they’d help fix the fence. Jacob says they’ve done more than enough. Charlie says he helped her; let them help him. John gives Jacob a caramel candy, and Jacob gives John a yarmulke. John puts it on, and asks how he looks. Jacob says, goyish. Kind of like the Pope, but not bad. John puts his cowboy hat on over the yarmulke, which is both charming and funny.

June pikes a zombie near the fence, and Charlie tells her to pull Al’s tank in, but June is afraid it might bring whole thing down. She knows Charlie wants a place to settle, but it’s not big enough, and there’s no water source for miles. Charlie says, it’s not perfect, but it’s better than what they’re doing. Going on a run, and not know if home will be there when they get back. June asks if it’s about how it used to be, and Charlie asks if it’s really that different. June says, they’re different. They might have been in a caravan that went bad, but this won’t. Charlie tells her, she said the same thing then. June says the tanker is unprotected. This place isn’t what Charlie wants it to be. They need to get back to the convoy.

Dwight sips beer with Sarah, and says, not bad. He looks through the binoculars, and Sarah asks if there’s any sign. He says, not yet. They’ll be back. Sarah says, here’s to the road. Dwight says he can’t remember anything but. Sarah hears that. She and Wen have pounded the pavement since before the munchers started munching. Dwight says, at least they had each other. She asks how long he’s been hoofing it solo, and he says he lost track of time. She says, she’d go off the deep end, that long with no one to talk to. He says he almost did, and she asks if his gal kept him going. He says, walkers too. He’s been watching them, wandering around. Who knows how far they came from, or where they’re going. Life on the road forever. Sarah says, the hell with that. Dwight looks through the binoculars again, and says, sh*t. Logan’s guys. They found us.

Charlie asks if Jacob makes his own wine, and he says, Mogen David isn’t not easy to come by. He has a small vineyard out back, and a bit of a green. She says, he told her God led her there for a reason, and she thinks he may be right. Jacob says she looks better, and the eternal flame looks better; what the have is a win-win. Charlie wants to live there. They all can. John doesn’t think it’s a good idea, and she asks, why not? June says they need to get going, but Charlie says, they can go. She’s staying. Jacob says she should be with her people. He appreciates what they’ve done. Sarah radios June, who asks, what’s wrong? Sarah says, Logan tracked them down. June asks how he found them, and Sarah has no clue, but they’ve got to get the hell out. June says they’re on their way. The convoy abandons camp.

Inside the temple, the group hears zombie noises outside. Charlie wonders how they got in. Jacob tells Charlie, don’t worry. They’re not there because of her. They’re there because of him. She asks who they are, and he says, his congregation.

Jacob says, they put up fences, gathered food water, and managed for weeks. They ran low on supplies, so he left to find some. When he came back… June says, he found them like this. Sorry. Jacob says he’s sorry. They’re only there because they’re helping him. John says, they’re not done yet. Charlie says, if they stay quiet, the zombies will go away, but June says, that could take days. John says they’re on a tighter timetable than that. He has an idea.

John starts climb down a fire escape from the roof – the kind that’s like ladders hooked together – and June follows. It’s outside the reach of the zombies, but they’re still pretty close. John says, they can do this, and unhooks a ladder, dropping it onto the top of a truck. He hands June his gun. The zombies reach for him, as he jets across. One grabs his pant leg, but he kicks it good. June goes next. She’s a little slower, but makes it.

Sarah radios June, saying they’ll meet at the rendezvous. What these guys want, is what’s in the tanks. They’ll make sure they don’t get it. A voice on the radio says Dwight should have taken a shot while he had the chance. Sarah says, he knows this d*ck? and Dwight says, he had him, and let him go. He thought he was doing a good thing. Sarah says, no good deed, right? She radios June, and says they can use the assist. June says, working on it, as she and John struggle moving the ladder.

They move the ladder to the next truck. June goes first, with John following, but as he gets to the middle, he falls, still staying on the ladder. June shoots some of the closest zombies, and John scoots on his butt the rest of the way. Charlie and Jacob watch, and Charlie radios June, saying, they’re almost there. June starts across, but the ladder falls. She’s able to scramble back, but John and June are left stuck on top of a truck. Charlie says, what happened? and June says they’re not going to make it. She radios Sarah, and says it could take longer than they were thinking. John says they might be on their own.

John wonders how it happened. He guesses June was just in the right place. She says if she could explain it, she would. The zombies crowd around the car. Charlie says, okay. They’ll pick them off one by one. She asks Jacob how many bullets he has, but he says he can’t use bullets on them. John doesn’t think they have enough time. June says Charlie knows how to fix this; same as they used to. Charlie shakes her head, and says, no. She’s not giving this place up. Jacob says, it’s okay, but she says, it’s not, because she saw the light. He said God led her there. He says he shouldn’t have told her that. He doesn’t believe in God. He hasn’t for a long time. She says, because of what happened to them when he left? He says he didn’t go to get supplies. He started to lose faith. He  saw what was happening; what people were doing to each other. She asks why he left, and he asks how he could lead them if he didn’t believe? He looked for something to change his mind, but he didn’t find it. When he came back, they were already dead, and locked inside. It wasn’t pleasant. He’s alive because he left. He’s alive because he didn’t believe in God. If that isn’t a clear message, he doesn’t know what is. She says, what about the prayers? The lamp? He says it’s all he has left. Now he’s put her and her friends at great risk. He couldn’t let go. Don’t do the same. He tells her, don’t lose her people because she can’t let go of what thinks this place could be.

Charlie radios June, and says she’s right. They can fix this. She wipes tears from her face, and asks Jacob if he has anything that makes a lot of noise. As they shoot zombies, June tells John, maybe she missed it. He tells her not to get introspective at a  time like this. She says she’s one who kept them on the road. She thought it was the right thing. Every time they  settled… John says, it’s not the way she’d hoped, but maybe it would be the same on the road, or if they were stationery, given the current circumstances. Jacob blows the shofar, and the zombies all turn in his direction. They begin to stream into the temple, and Jacob tells Charlie, come on. She runs in, and they both run up to the balcony.

John and June pike the few zombies that are left, and run to the temple. They shut the doors and put a pole across, so the zombies can’t get out. Charlie and Jacob watch from the balcony. He says, sorry it didn’t end up being a place she could call home. The light sputters out, and all of us feel sad. Charlie says, it’s okay. Jacob says, Yeshua calls. He and Charlie leave out the back. I’m not Jewish, but this is breaking my heart a little.

Sarah says, turd in a toilet bowl, and tells Dwight that they’re running out of gas. He says they’re driving a tanker, but she says, it’s not bottomless mimosas. The tank isn’t connected. They come to a stop under a bridge. Sarah says, sh*t, and they get their guns ready. The cars following them pull up next to the truck. They just stare at each other, and Sarah tells Dwight they’re going down with the ship. She hopes they don’t end up crispy critters. He says it’s been fun riding with her, and she says, him too. Sarah stares at the driver in the car next to her again. He looks back for a moment, and the cars leave. Dwight wonders where they’re going, and Sarah says, something scared them off. She sees Al’s tank coming up the road, and breaths a sigh of relief.

June tells Charlie, it’s lucky she ran into a rabbi and not someone else. Charlie says, sorry. June says maybe she kept pushing everyone too hard. Saying they should find the right place. Maybe she’s holding onto an idea that’s not out there. Jacob asks what makes her think it is out there? and she says she doesn’t know. She just feels it. Jacob doesn’t know about them, but he’s going start looking again. Charlie asks, for what? and he says for what he needs to find. And he won’t stop until he finds it. John says they’ll have as much gas as they need after they make a run to the oilfields. June says, they’ll keep driving, and keep hoping they find the place they’re meant to be. Charlie says, they will.

Sarah puts gas in the truck. She introduces herself to Jacob, and says it’s good to have him with them. She asks if he knows how far it is to Yom Kippur. She has some things to atone for. He says she has some time yet. Dwight asks if she’s Jewish, and she says, Rabinowitz, card carrying member of the tribe. She asks Jacob if he’s every celebrated Shabbat with beer, and he says he makes his own wine. She says, her kind of rabbi.

John tells Dwight, at least Logan’s crew is off their back for the time being. Dwight tells John they’ve burned through a lot of gas. John bets he didn’t count on the cavalry showing up. He says from what he’s seen of Logan and his guys, they don’t do anything by accident.

Logan radios one of the men, who says, those a-holes are as far away as possible. All clear. That’s what Logan likes to hear. A woman in the car with him says they’re almost out of gas. He says, no, they’re not. We see a sign that says Lonesome Quarry, and the woman says they’re looking for oil, not rocks. Logan says, Doris, hang onto your hat. We’re about to buy ourselves a ticket to the Promised Land.

Next time, a roadblock, a showdown, and Doris calls Logan on his statement about the Promised Land.

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No new General Hospital on Monday, but there is a new Below Deck Mediterranean.

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August 26, 2019 – Michael Reweds Caroline, a Cougarish Charter & Long Already


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Kristina tells Sam, it’s a little weird. She knows Sonny and Carly love each other, but it’s a little over-the-top. Sam says, it’s a huge, romantic gesture, and they’re going with it. Kristina says they can take break from the non-stop drama, enjoy the flowers and cake, and each other. Sam says, bring It on. Kristina can think of another couple who should do something over-the-top romantic. Jason walks in.

Diane and Alexis stumble into the park wearing workout clothes. Diane wonders what was on Alexis’s mind. Bootcamp, outside, in August. Alexis says, it was a fundraiser. Diane says they’re dead. A woman, also in workout wear, comes by and tells them, good job. Alexis asks Diane if she heard that. She said good job. Diane says Alexis is buying, and she’s getting a burger, fries, and dessert. A cheeseburger would sit well.

Hayden asks Jax how his lunch with Obrecht went. He says they had a nice time. Obrecht is actually smart. Hayden says Obrecht despises her, but Jax is sure she can handle it. Obrecht is a helpful ally against Valentin. Hayden asks how Nina will feel about that.

Nina visits Sasha in quarantine. She asks how her girl is, and Sasha says, tired. Michael was there, and he was so sweet. He wanted to stay, but she told him to go be with his family. Nina knows she’s no substitute, but she can try. She asks if Sasha wants anything, but she just wants to know what’s wrong with her.

Finn tells Epiphany that he knew it was possible, but he was hoping that wasn’t the case. Epiphany asks if it can be treated.

Chase and Willow walk in the park. Chase asks if she’s okay, and she says it’s the fifth time he’s asked. She’s good; is he all right? He doesn’t know how do this, so he’s  just going to. He asks if she remembers when she called his apartment a lair. She does, and says, who eses that word? No one. Why is he bringing it up? He says he was curious, and asks how she feels about sharing said lair with him?

Sonny asks if Carly is down, but Kristina says, not yet. Sam asks if Sonny is nervous, and Kristina says he’s done it before. He says, once or twice, maybe more. Michael comes in and says he parked in Sonny’s spot. Sonny says his car’s not there? Carly comes down in her bathrobe and says they have a problem. She can’t find Josslyn. Dev is gone too. Sonny says, no Dev, no Josslyn, no car. What’s wrong with this picture?

At the MetroCourt, Alexis tells Diane that she should hydrate. Diane says she plans to, and drinks some wine. She wonders, why the torturous workout, worthy of the Marines? Alexis says she wants to broaden her horizons and create challenges. She joined a book club, and joined a group that works for prison reform. Diane asks if that was recommended by a certain therapist, but Alexis says he fired her. So she went to her old therapist, and he fired her too. Diane says she was fired by Neil again? So he can pursue a romantic relationship? Alexis says, no. To get her out of his life. Diane asks, what happened? and Alexis says they got stuck in an elevator, and Neil opened up about his daughter. The next morning, he came to her house, and said they’d gotten too personal. He said he may have felt a personal connection, and she mentioned she may have felt one. Diane says, suddenly, everything is falling into place.

Carly wants to call Josslyn, but Jason says he’s sure it’s fine if Josslyn and Dev are together. Josslyn and Dev walk in, and Sonny asks why they took the car without permission. Dev says, not to worry; he’s an excellent driver. Josslyn confirms that, but Sonny says, that’s not the point. Dev says, thanks to Sonny, he has a license, and Sonny says that doesn’t mean he can just take the car. Josslyn says it’s her fault. She was having trouble getting a ride, and Dev offered to drive her. Carly asks, where? and she says she knows it’s not formal, but they’re renewing their vows, and Carly needs a bouquet. Josslyn hands her a beautiful bouquet of roses.

Willow says, Chase is asking her to move in? He says, poorly, but yeah. Too much too soon? She says, it’s wonderful. He just needs to be honest. He says, always, and she says, is he asking because he wants to live with her all the time, with all her stuff, or asking because she’s out of a job, and has to find a cheaper place? He says, it’s not a pity offer. He wants live with her; all of her.

Nina sees Finn, and says, here’s the deal. If he can’t diagnose her daughter and heal her, she has no qualms… Finn says he knows what’s wrong. Sasha has the flu. Nina thought he already tested for that, but he says, not this one. That’s how rare it is. He had his suspicions but wasn’t sure he was right. It’s the Avian flu. Nina didn’t think the bird flu was a thing anymore, and Finn says, that’s how rare it is now. She says now that he knows what’s wrong, he can treat Sasha. Finn says yes, but possibly they’re too late

Jax tells Hayden, the pragmatic part of him wants Nina to be happy. It’s good for business and the magazine. Hayden says, and the personal part? He says he likes Nina. Not like that, but he wants her happy and adjusted. At the same time, loving someone like a Cassadine is just a disappointment in the end. She asks if he’s speaking from experience, and he says, his brother is like that. He loves his brother, but Jerry can’t grasp why Jax won’t stand by when he wreaks havoc. Valentin is smart and amoral. He clearly worships the ground Nina walks on, and she thinks she knows him, but she doesn’t. If Valentin loses, that means Nina does too.

Finn tells Nina, treatment is supposed to begin 48 hours after the symptoms begin. Nina says it’s been a lot longer than that, and he says he’s starting Sasha on medication. She’s right on the cusp, so time will tell. Nina says there must be something else he can do. He wishes there were. Nina ask,s what happens if the drugs don’t work?

Epiphany gives Sasha some pills, saying, hopefully, it’s something that will make her feel better. Finn will be in shortly to explain. Sasha takes the medication.

Michael arrives at Sonny’s, and Kristina asks how Sasha is. Michael says, not great, but she insisted he come. Kristina says, a nice, happy, normal family gathering. He says, them normal? and she says as close as they can get. Bobbie and Mike come in. Mike asks Sonny if he’s ready to tie the knot. Bobbie adds, again, and Sonny says, more ready than he’s ever been.

Josslyn comes down with Avery, who makes a very cute flower girl. Everyone says how beautiful she is, and Josslyn asks if she knows what really makes her beautiful. Avery says, her heart. Bobbie gets the kids together for a picture. Mike says Sonny did that, and Sonny says, incredible. Mike says he and Yvonne were looking at pictures from their wedding, and he saw Sonny was there. He realized he was a little bit out of it, but now he knows, so thank you. Sonny says, it was an honor to be there. He’s happy Mike is sharing this day with him. Mike says, you and me both, and they hug.

Sonny waits under an archway. Avery comes in, scattering rose petals. He picks her up, and Carly walks down the aisle. They smile at each other.

Diane says she and Max went on a romantic cruise. Alexis says, a booze cruise? and Diane says, potato, potahto. Neil was there with a woman. Alexis says, good for him, and Diane asks, why is it good? Alexis says, he was having a good time. Diane asks, who said he was having a good time? Alexis says, he wasn’t? Diane says, it wasn’t a disaster – no one got tossed overboard – but she managed to overhear a bit of their conversation. Okay, she eavesdropped. Both of them agreed there would be no second date. Alexis says, so it was a first date. Diane says, blind-ish. They met online. No reaction? Alexis says she knew he dabbled. Diane says she went online to look up his profile. He goes by BernBrain, in case Alexis is interested.

A woman looks online at headlines about Alexis. Lawyer Acquitted of Hit and Run. We see it’s the girl from the park.

Willow says living with Chase is going to be amazing. He agrees with her. About living with her. He knows what it’s like to live with himself. She asks if he’s lived with someone before, and he asks if his college roommate counts. She says, no, and he asks if she has, and she says no (unless you count the forty-seven people she lived with at DOD), and he says they’ll be newbies together.  She says, it’s scary, and he promises to leave the seat down. She says she’s serous. Everything is going great with them. What if this ruins everything?

Sasha says, bird flu? Finn says, it might sound strange, but has she had any contact with birds, either in Port Charles or Puerto Rico? She says, no more than anyone else. He asks if she was in the water, and had any contact. She says she was in the ocean, but nothing enclosed. He says it’s rare for it to be contracted human to human, but they’ll have to test anyone who had close physical contact with her before she showed symptoms. She says, Michael.

Sonny says Carly looks beautiful. He says, dearly beloved. He means it; he and Carly love them all. He thanks them for being there for the vow renewal. It means a lot. Carly says, let’s do it.

Hayden says, Nina is a spoiled little rich girl, but Jax says, it’s not like she had an easy life. Hayden says, who has? She had to crawl on broken glass to come back to Port Charles. Nina also has a comfortable money cushion. Poor Nina. Boo-hoo. She thought he would be immune, but she guesses not.

Finn lists some people who need to be tested. Nina asks, how long before the medication kicks in? Finn says he gave Sasha the highest dose, but it might be a couple days until they know if it’s been too long. It’s all they have. Nina asks if GH is equipped for this. If it was his child, would he think they’d get the best possible care there? He says, yes. There’s nowhere else in the world he would want them to be.

Willow asks Chase, what if they annoy each other? He says, not possible. She says, very possible she’ll screw up. He says, what if he does? He’s a clean freak. She says she figured that out already. He knows how to fold a fitted sheet. He promises to teach her. She says what if it’s too crowded for him? The worst thing would be to suck it up and go along with it, if it turns out to be a mistake. He tells her, stop looking for the worst case. They’ll tell each other if they’re getting on each other’s nerves. He asked her because he loves her. He loves being with her, and thinks they can turn this into something special. Instead of looking for ways it can go wrong, look at how it could go right. Willow says, when he puts it like that… He asks if that’s a yes, and she says, yes. She’d love to move in. They kiss.

Alexis says she’s not looking up Neil’s profile, and Diane asks if she’s not curious. Alexis says she isn’t, and Diane says, liar. Why doesn’t she admit, she’s got it bad for Neil, and he’s got it bad for her. It’s wildly evident. Alexis says Neil doesn’t want anything to do with her. Diane says she probably evokes feelings in him that he hasn’t felt in… maybe ever. Why is she making it hard? There are no boundaries. He’s not treating her. Why don’t they behave like consenting adults? Alexis says, too messy. Diane says, Alexis wants messy? She repped a client with an incredibly sexy and flexible bodyguard, and they just decided to go there. It was the best decision she ever made. She found her soulmate. Alexis says that’s wonderful for them, and Diane says it can be for her too. There has to be a happy medium, so she doesn’t end up with no one, or saying yes to a homicidal maniac like Julian. Alexis says, he’s moving to Manhattan with Kim. Diane says, change the subject much? Alexis asks if it worked, but Diane says, no.

Carly says she’ll always love Sonny, even though it’s not always easy. Sometimes she wants to stop loving him. God knows she’s tried, but she can’t. He’s been it for her from the beginning, and will be to the end. Got it? He does, and she says, she, Caroline, takes him, Michael… Avery asks, who are those people? Everyone laughs, and Carly says, she, Carly, takes Sonny to be her husband. To have and to hold, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish forever. Sonny says, his turn, right? He doesn’t know what to say that she hasn’t already. She’s it for him. During the worst of times, she’s the hand he reaches for, and in the best of times, like today, she’s the hand he reaches for. He repeats the vows, and Carly says she loves him. He says he loves her more than she’ll ever know. Sonny says, ready, and Avery says he may kiss the bride. They kiss, and everyone applauds.

Sasha tells Nina, she doesn’t have to stay. Go back to Windymere, and take Charlotte out. Lumiere should probably be exercised. Nina says Lumiere is fine. Unless she’s hovering. She admits she can be a lot. Sasha says Nina has no idea how grateful she is for her. Nina says she feels the same about Sasha.

Jax asks if Hayden would like Nina more if she had less money. She says Nina would be more likely to stay at Crimson. He asks if she has regrets, and she says she wouldn’t have embarked on this journey if she didn’t think it was worth it. He says they have to find the codicil in Mikkos’s will. If they can get their hands on that, the Cassadine fortune will be restored to its rightful heir.

At Sonny’s place, everyone hugs, and there’s a song part. The cake is cut. Sonny and Carly feed each other a piece, and feed a piece to Avery. Carly gets ready to toss the bouquet. Sonny tells Avery that she’s too young, but he’ll get her one when she’s old enough. Michael tells her not to give dad a heart attack. Kristina tells Carly, aim for Sam, and Carly says, don’t worry. She throws the bouquet, and all the girls move out of the way so Bobbie catches it. Sonny says, uh-oh, Scott.

On the phone, Chase says he’s on it. Willow says, duty calls? and he says, unfortunately. She says, it’s very fortunate. She has packing to do. He says he has to make space. Willow can’t wait to help with the cooking, and he asks if there’s something wrong with his. She says she’s looking forward to them learning together. He says he’s looking forward to learning all kinds of things. He’ll see her at home. She says she’ll see him at home.

Diane asks how Alexis feels about Julian moving, and Alexis says, fine. Diane says, just fine? Alexis says, Julian and Kim are working out; they didn’t. Diane reminds Alexis about her erotic dream, and says she can put the fun in dysfunctional. No boot camp, no book club – what’s next? Cats? The woman from the park stops by their table, and introduces herself as Kendra. She’s wondering if they’d be interested in a personal trainer. Diane says she told them good job. Why would they need one? Kendra says she has a  holistic approach. Healthy body, healthy mind. She has some testimonials… Diane says, no thanks, and Alexis says, sure. Alexis looks at her tablet, and says, impressive. Kendra gives Alexis her card. When she’s gone, Diane says she has to talk to Carly about keeping pushy salespeople out.

Bobbie needs to drive Mike home. Mike can’t wait to tell Yvonne about the wedding. Carly asks him to tell Yvonne that they missed her. But they’re happy he’s there on their special day. Mike says it’s special that he was there. They hug, and Bobbie and Mike leave. Sam and Jason kiss, and Sam says she’ll see him at home. Kristina says, it was perfect. Sam tells Sonny and Carly that she loves them so much. Carly says they love her too. Sam congratulates them, and leaves. Michael says, they’ve done it again. He’s glad he was part of it. Carly asks him to tell Sasha that they’re thinking about her. He says he will, and they hug. Sonny tells Carly, they did it, and they kiss.

Hayden asks if Jax has a plan. He says he does. He’s going to convince Obrecht to let him in the trophy room. She says, don’t tell her why. He doesn’t trust her, does he? He says, of course (🍷 ) not. He knows taxidermy is not her cup of tea, but she says, it’s not the animals. It’s the picture of Helena on the wall. Okay. Now they’re talking about the painting. Is the will behind it or something?

Epiphany asks if Finn still needs her; she has an A1C appointment. He tells her, go. She’s been a tremendous help. She doesn’t understand how it can be the Avian flu. If Sasha wasn’t in Asia, and didn’t have contact with birds, how did she get it? Finn says, there’s one other way; tainted food. She says, it’s not a food borne illness, but Finn says, someone purposely contaminated something Sasha ate. He can’t think of another alternative. He tells her to go, and good luck with her A1C.

Sasha tells Nina that she’s so tired. Nina says, sleep. The body does its best healing when sleeping. Sasha says, body, help her out. Nina’s phone dings. She sees Sasha is asleep, and slips out of the bed. She looks, and it’s a text from unknown. She says, oh my God, and sees a picture of Michael and Sasha with Cassandra.

Carly tells Sonny that she’s happy. She’s not sure when he suggested it, but now she’s glad they went through with it. He says, so he’s right. He’s always right. Carly says, and humble too. She thinks they should stop, take a breath, and appreciate where they are. She’s lucky. The doorbell rings. It’s Chase (why didn’t the house phone ring?), and Sonny asks what brings him by? Chase says he has a few questions about a missing person. He works in Sonny’s coffee warehouse. His name is Barry.

Tomorrow, Kim asks Julian to marry her, Obrecht slaps Franco telling him snap out of it, and Dev asks Sonny if he did something wrong.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Colin asks to speak with Captain Sandy. He says he heard abut June. She’s young and has a passion for yachting; he doesn’t. He doesn’t know if it would be better if she stayed on as a deckhand. The captain says he’s an amazing human being. To step aside to allow someone else to pursue their career, speaks volumes about his character. He’s an asset to her, and she needs him. If he left, it would be a disaster. In her interview, Captain Sandy says she needs a professional deck crew, and that’s not June. She tells Colin, June will make it. She’ll give June a reference. Please don’t leave. She needs him. He says he’ll stay, and she hugs him, telling him that he’s amazing.

Anastasia is happy she gets to finish the season with the Aesha and Hannah. Hannah suggests she keep her earpiece in. June asks Aesha if Colin is upset, and Aesha tells her about Colin going to the captain. June says, he’s such a good guy. In her interview, June says, he’s so sweet and selfless. She would never let him leave. Colin tells João that he’s staying. The captain said she needs him. João is relieved, but Colin feels terrible. In João’s interview, he says he’s trying to contain his happiness out of respect for June and Colin.

Hannah asks Travis if he’d mind rooming with Ben. In her interview, Hannah explains that yachting is one of the few professions where males and females room together.  We flash back to her talking to Jack and Aesha about rooming together. She tells us, either she’s speeding their relationship along or dooming it. June tells Colin that he’s sweet and selfless. He says, it made sense, and they hug. In June’s interview, she says she’ll miss Colin and Aesha, who’s a good person. Her biggest regret is not opening herself up. She was overwhelmed being the new girl and it took over her emotions. She hugs João. She tells us, it’s not end of her career. She’ll see many, many more boats.

Aesha tells Anastasia, this is why she avoids dating on boats. You go from dating to living together straight away. In her interview, she says she’s still holding out on Jack. Without an emotional connection, she might as well do it herself. The captain calls a crew meeting in the main salon. She tells them that June was let go, and a new chef is coming. They can still knock it out of the park. ⚾ Hannah says she has her dream team back. Everyone gets busy cleaning. Aesha and Travis switch rooms. In Travis’s interview, he says he built a friendship with Jack, and they laughed their asses off. Having that taken away, he’s a bit devastated.

Hannah looks out the window, and says, oh God. Ben walks to the boat. Captain Sandy says she’s heard amazing things about his cooking. Nothing like being flown right into it. In his interview, Ben says, hello lovelies. I am ba-a-ack. He’s introduced to everyone, and Hannah asks what he’s been up to. He says, a lot of catering. In Ben’s interview, he says he has a catering business out of Fort Lauderdale, but he’s been traveling, cooking all over the US. The captain says he can use Anastasia in the galley. Aesha asks when was the last time Hannah saw him. Hannah says, three years ago. We flash back to them clashing. In her interview, Hannah says he’s a great chef, and the guests love him, but she’s nervous about his extremes. He’ll have your back or stab you in it. We flash back to Ben talking to the captain (not Sandy) about problems with Hannah. Aesha asks if they didn’t get on, but Hannah says they did. We flash back to them flirting, and Aesha says, it’s going to be interesting.

Anastasia shows Ben which burner doesn’t work, and which one is temperamental. Travis says, hopefully the chef is cool, and Colin says, good thing about moving in with your girlfriend after only dating a month is, nothing goes wrong. Aesha tells Jack, so many changes this morning. In his interview, Jack says, at first, he sh*t himself. Good on her, making him wait, but he’s dying to have sex with her. It’s time for the preference sheet meeting. In her interview, Anastasia says, it’s all you, Ben.

The captain says, it looks like high maintenance guests. Laura, the primary, is a philanthropist and self-proclaimed wine snob. She’s coming with her best friend Samantha, and six of their closest friends. The want a welcome shot of tequila, and cocktails or wine in their hands 24/7. Hannah says, her kind of party. Captain Sandy says, they expect the best food ever; they’re used to top notch service. Ben says he’s only as good as his last service, or in this case, the first one. In Ben’s interview, he says he’s actually doubting himself. This is the toughest job in the world, and he had it easy on dry land. The provisions come in. In Hannah’s interview, she says she’ll give Ben as much help as she possibly can, but at the same time, if you give Ben an inch, he’ll take a mile. The crew changes into their whites.

Ben says, two hours isn’t enough time to assess anything. He’s cooking blind; going from experience and instinct. The crew goes out to greet the guests, and Ben says, here we go. The captain tells the guests, as soon as their luggage is unloaded, she’ll start their journey. Hannah gives them the tour. Ben looks over the preference sheets. Jack notes that there are two cars of luggage when there’s usually one. In Colin’s interview, he says, it means a lot to finish the season strong, and forget the craziness. Hannah asks how Ben is doing, and he says, it is what it is. He asks how the season is, and Hannah says, good. She asks if he’s seeing anyone, and he says he’s trying not to. In his interview, Ben says, Hannah is wonderfully blunt. He enjoys that quality. He has no time for mind games. Ultimately, he knows where he stands. He tells Hannah, it’s hitting him. He feels like he was smashed by a train.

In her interview, Captain Sandy says the deck crew has really stepped up. She trusts them, and knows they’ll do a good job. Anastasia tells Aesha that she feels rusty, and doesn’t know what to do with herself, she’s so happy. The boat pulls out. One guest says she’s drunk already, and another says it’s good for them. In Anastasia’s interview, she says, being third stew is so easy. She gets the same tip as Ben, and a miniscule amount of stress. Ben does stretches in the galley, saying, he lost his sea legs. The guests visit the bridge, impressed by a chick in command. In Hannah’s interview, she says she’s worked hard on her relationship with Captain Sandy and her relationships with the girls. She doesn’t want Ben screwing it all up. The guests ask about eye-candy João, and one of them stands at the bow looking at him, while the wind blows up her dress to reveal no underwear. I can’t unsee that. Anastasia helps Ben, and in her interview, she says everyone has forgotten she’s a third stew again. The galley is not fun, and she doesn’t want to do it again.

Hannah says Anastasia has literally been yanked from her every charter. She’ll give Ben a break for one charter, but she’s not allowing him to take away her ability to do a good job in the interior. The guests make rude comments about the deckhands, and flirt with Jack. In his interview, he says he’s not complaining. I can’t imagine making suggestive comments to a waitstaff or someone in a public service job. It’s appalling when the yacht guests feel they’ve spent so much money, they can treat the crew any way they like. Aesha sets the table. In his interview, João says Jack is finally working, Colin is staying, and Travis is doing his job. What more can he ask for right now? Jack sees jellyfish, and João says, they’re everywhere; it’s too many. In his interview, he says he’s never seen so many. If a guest gets stung, one of them will have to pee on them, and he doesn’t know how well that’s going to go. BTW, that’s an old wives tale, and I’m surprised he doesn’t know that. Hannah seats the guests.

The guests are enjoying the food. I missed Ben. In Ben’s interview, he says he has to kill it on the first meal. It sets the stage. Otherwise, the guests will be scrutinizing you throughout the whole charter. Hannah tells Ben they think the food is amazing, and would like a chat with him. He’s like, uh-oh, but she says, it’s good. Captain Sandy asks Anastasia what it’s like working with a trained chef, and Anastasia says, you learn a lot. Jack tells Aesha that he gets off at six. A guest wonders how Ben is going to top this meal. Ben visits the guests, who immediately ask if he’s single. When he says he is, one says, fresh meat. If they don’t like dinner, he’ll get a spanking. He says, a challenge. In his interview, he says, he just got on. He’s not ready to get off. In Travis’s interview, he says Ben seems like a nice chap, but he can’t laugh his tears off like he does with Jack. And he also sleeps naked.

João and Jack curse the jellyfish. Captain Sandy tells João to get the water toys ready, but he says he’s worried about the jellyfish. They compromise with the jet skis. Jack takes Laura for a ride, and Hannah makes espresso martinis. Anastasia puts Laura’s clothes into the washer instead of steaming them as requested. Natalie tells Travis that she’s Canadian, and the Canadians and Australians have a connection. He says his dad was born in Canada, so he’s a citizen. A golf game is set up in the water, and the guests hit balls off the deck. Lots of ball and hole jokes. In Colin’s interview, he says there’s nothing like a good cougar flirt to take his mind off of not being home. Jack and Aesha cuddle in their bunk. Anastasia asks how Ben is feeling, and he says, better. Aesha finds out that Anastasia mixed up the washing with the steaming, since she couldn’t remember what Aesha said. Aesha tells her, don’t wash it if she’s unsure. In Aesha’s interview, she says, the last thing you should do is wash it if you don’t remember.

Ben gives Anastasia the dinner menu. Colin thinks it feels like a bachelorette party, and Jack does a fabulous imitation of a bunch of girls getting ready for one. Laura looks for the dress she wanted steamed, and the captain says she’ll get it. Aesha explains what happened, and Laura says it’s only supposed to be dry cleaned. Aesha says Anastasia accidently washed it. In the captain’s interview, she says, Anastasia has no real concern. Hannah has to  make sure she gets back in the flow. Ben says he has big issues. The range basically works when it feels like it. In Ben’s interview, he says it’s a beautiful reminder of why he attempted to leave yachting. Unnecessary difficulties. He tells Anastasia that they need to be replaced, period. Send the bill to the owner. Done.

Ben tells Hannah try not rush the guests with dinner. The oven is slowing down. In Hannah’s interview, she says she forgot how different Ben’s energy is. He projects his own stress on the people around him. If he’s happy, they’re happy. if he’s pissed off, they’re pissed off. Samantha says they need food. Anastasia says two guests are still in their cabins. Samantha tells Hannah that they’re not waiting. Anastasia helps Ben with the plates. A guest announces that she’s pre-menopausal and horny. The captain promises to have dinner with them tomorrow. Hannah is glad Colin didn’t leave. He says it made more sense after he thought about it. Anastasia starts on the cabins. In her interview, she says she’s feeling very rusty, and trying to remember details. Travis clears the plates. Hannah tells Ben the guests are impressed. Ben wonders why some of the guests didn’t touch the first course, but Hannah doesn’t know. In his interview, Ben says, full plates coming back are heartbreaking. He’d rather the boat sink and the guests eat everything. He thinks the quail egg might have scared them, and Hannah agrees. Laura tells her friends it would be fun if they had their own ladies palace, and lived together because men are a-holes. Ben curses the stove, and in his interview, he says burners are important on yachts. It’s working one second, then it’s not. The only things that give him control over the service have stopped working. Hannah and Travis tells Ben about Mila being homophobic, and he asks if she knows Putin is gay.

Hannah announces the main course. Ben asks her if the guests are at least enjoying it. She says, it’s just that they’re drunk, and it’s hard to get anything out of them. The guests talk more about being horny. The captain drops by to ask how the dinner is, and tastes it. She says, it’s not hot. Um… that could be because they were too busy talking about their lady parts to eat it when it was put in front of them. Captain Sandy tells Ben, the food isn’t hot. He says, it’s ridiculous, but he has to move on. Travis tells the captain that their tender floated away. She goes on deck to find a guy returning it. In her interview, the captain says never before in her career, has she had a stranger return the tender. She asks Travis, who tied it up? He says he didn’t, but he should have put a stern line on it, so it’s his fault. They both say, unbelievable.

Next time tumbling without undies, a fight between the guests, Ben has never walked into situation this disastrous, Hannah oversleeps, Ben says Travis is either drunk or dead, and the boat drags anchor.

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August 12, 2019 – Franco Wakes Up, a Day At The Monte Carlo Bay, a Fact, a Tribute, Good For Her & Chartreuse Kitty


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At Turning Woods, Stella gives Mike a boutonniere for his lapel. He says she’s thought of everything. Carly says, all Mike has to do is remember to say I do. He addresses Sonny as Reverend, and asks if he has the passage Mike wanted.

Kim tells Julian he has talent for creating the perfect balance of milk and espresso. He says, luckily, it’s a skill that travels. Lucy asks if Julian is abandoning Port Charles, along with the purchase of the old DOD house. Julian says after what happened to Sam there, the house should be burned down. Lucy says, Sam is safe, and Shiloh is in custody. Julian prays he doesn’t get out. Lucy believes she can get full asking price for Charlie’s. Kristina overhears, and is surprised to find out that Julian is selling.

Alexis tells Doc that she’s glad he was reinstated, and he says he is too. She knows how hard it is, from when she lost her license. Doc says he knows she’s not there to talk about his professional status, so why don’t they talk about why she did come by? She says she has an issue she needs to address, but can’t talk to anyone else. He says, not even her therapist? She says her therapist is the issue, and he’s her former therapist. She’s no longer seeing Neil.

In Rice Plaza, Cameron throws his pick-up stick down, then picks it back up. Trina and Josslyn come by. Josslyn says Cameron blew them off, and Trina says he was supposed to meet them at the movies. He says, sorry. He was busy being kidnapped.

Laura sees Drew at the hospital, and asks how Franco is doing. He says Franco is still unconscious. Elizabeth was with him all night. She hopes he wakes up soon, so she can thank him in person. Drew says, if he wakes up. And if he’s still Franco.

Epiphany goes into Franco’s room, and asks Elizabeth how it’s going. Elizabeth says, same as last time, and Epiphany says she should have been more specific. How is she? Elizabeth says Franco is the one in the hospital, but Epiphany says she’s a nurse. She knows the drill. Loved ones need to take care of themselves too. Is there anything Epiphany can do for her? Elizabeth says, make him wake up.

Drew tells Laura, when he considered revisiting his lost memories, he never thought they’d come back to haunt someone else. She asks, why would he? What Shiloh and that doctor did was unconscionable. Drew says he should have destroyed the flashdrive the second he got it, but Laura says it’s not his fault. If it’s any consolation, Shiloh will pay dearly for this, but he says, it’s not going to bring back Franco. Laura says if his determination to live isn’t enough, she thinks Elizabeth’s love will be.

Epiphany tells Elizabeth that they’re all pulling for him. He’s a true hero. Epiphany leaves, and Elizabeth asks if Franco heard that. Epiphany called him a hero. She always knew he was, and he proved it again with what he did for Cameron. She tells him not to break his promise to come back. It’s hard, but he has to fight and wake up. Please wake up. She lays her head on his chest. Laura comes in, and hugs her.

Trina tells Cameron, very funny, but Josslyn says, he’s not kidding. She asks, what happened? and he says, it was insane. He was finishing his community service in the park, and saw a guy who looked pretty beat up. He asked if the guy was okay; he thought the guy was in trouble, but it turned out to be Shiloh. Josslyn says, the creepy cult guy? Cameron says Shiloh pulled a gun, and forced him to get inside his car. He’s probably way faster than Shiloh, and should have run. Shiloh was really roughed up. He made the worst mistake, and got in the car with a psycho.

Sonny tells Mike that he’s got it, and asks if he’s ready. Looking at Carly, Mike says, and she is… Carly says she really likes weddings. Mike says him too, and asks if she’s a friend of this guy, indicating Sonny. Sonny says, a good friend. Carly asks if she can help him get ready, and Mike asks how she is with a bow tie. She says she’s had a lot of practice. She leaves with Mike, and Stella asks Sonny if Sonny is all right. Sonny says, no.

Kristina asks if Julian was going to tell them that he was selling Charlie’s. He says he was planning on telling everyone this afternoon. Lucy says, whoopsie daisy, and Kristina says, why? He says he’s moving to New York City, but Charlies will remain a pub/restaurant. Lucy starts to say, it would be a great location for a flagship store, but sees Julian’s face, and says, sorry. Restaurant it is. Julian says everyone will keep their jobs if they want them; nothing changes. Lucy asks, what about all the stuff? Is it included in the sale? Julian says, yeah, and Kim asks if he’s sure. Julian says the new owner can decide what to keep and what to toss. Lucy says she’s on it, and Kim asks her for a minute. Lucy tells Kim, step into her office, and she and Kim sit down. Kristina says Julian is going to miss it, but he says not as much as she’s going to miss him. They had some decent times. She says he’s been fair, and he says, really? She says, more than fair, and she’s grateful. He’ll take it.

Alexis tells Doc that she finds Neil attractive, which is awkward since he was her therapist, but she didn’t let it interfere. He’s a good therapist, and her treatment is more important. But she found out, inadvertently, too many personal things about him, which made it awkward for him. Doc understands, but… She says, no need to say anything; she’ll come back another time. He says, there can’t be another time. He has too many conflicts. He wouldn’t be able to move forward ethically be comfortable. He’d be happy to find her another therapist. She says, my God, how many times can one person get dumped by their therapist? She thanks him, and he says he wishes he could have been more helpful. She says he has been. She now knows how many sessions she really needs. When he looks for another therapist for her, maybe he could find a woman. She hasn’t tried that. He says, done. She walks out to find Neil in the hallway.

Alexis says now it’s starting to make sense. She told Doc how she blurred the lines, and he fired her as a patient because Neil is his patient too. The boundary thing is kind of rough. Every time she thinks she’s respecting it, she’s not. Neil says they talked, and agreed to part ways. No harm; no foul. She tells him, have a nice session. He thanks her, and goes in. Doc says he hears they have a lot of work to do.

Kristina asks Julian if Alexis knows he’s moving.

Lucy tells Kim that she’ll set up a tie to stop by, and give her a ballpark asking price. Kim says, it’s that easy? and Lucy says, easy peasy. Kim says, it’s strange. She knows she hasn’t been there long, but so much has happened. Now, she’s shutting the door on everything. Lucy thinks it’s a choice thing, but it applies. When one door shuts, another possibly opens.

Sonny tells Stella that it seems ridiculous to be upset, but she says, no; it doesn’t. He says he’s seen it so many times, Mike not recognizing him, but he wants stand up for Mike, and share in his wedding. She says he still will, just not the way he envisioned. Sonny says he tells himself that, but all he’s been doing lately is letting go. Marcus walks in, and Stella says, if it helps, Sonny’s not the only one.

Cameron tells Josslyn and Trina that Shiloh took him to a warehouse. It was empty and run down, and he strapped Cameron to a chair. Then there was a doctor who stuck him with a syringe. Josslyn asks, why? and he says, it was an insane experiment. They wanted to give him someone else’s memories. Josslyn says, like with Drew and Jason? and he says, they were Drew’s memories. They were trying to imprint him with them, using an electroshock machine. He tried to run, but couldn’t. Trina says he must have escaped at some point. Cameron says he didn’t. Franco saved him.

Laura tells Elizabeth that she needs a break; she’s been there all night. She suggests they go for a little walk, but Elizabeth says, what if he wakes up? Drew comes in, and says he’ll stay with Franco. He’ll get to do all the talking, and Franco will have to shut up and listen for the first time in his life. He hugs Elizabeth, and tells her it will be okay. She thanks him for everything he did for Cameron. He wishes he’d gotten there sooner. He tells her, take a breather, and she goes with Laura. Drew tells Franco that he’d give anything to have gotten to the lab sooner. He knows he’s wasting his breath – there are no do-overs – but Franco didn’t hesitate. He did what he had to, and because of that, Cameron is alive. Elizabeth has her son, and Jake and Aiden have their brother. The only thing missing from their happy family is him. He needs to wake up. Drew takes out a medal, and asks if Franco remembers reading the citation. Apparently, Drew got it for some action he doesn’t remember from someone he doesn’t know who thought he was heroic. But in his opinion, what Franco did was far more heroic than whatever he did. He says, for conspicuous valor in the face of the enemy at great personal risk. It’s Franco’s when he wakes up. Drew puts it on the nightstand.

Neil tells Doc that Alexis is the first woman he’s clicked with in a long time. Doc says, define long time, and Neil says, since the divorce. Alexis walked in his office, and it was a non-starter. Doc says, it didn’t have to be, but Neil says, what if he wanted to be her therapist? Doc asks if Neil decided to keep treating her because he thought she needed help, or to keep her at arm’s length. Neil says he hasn’t thought of it that way, but maybe treating her was an acceptable way of interacting. She deserves more. Alexis is a remarkable woman. Doc says she’s also a woman who is no longer Neil’s patient. Next time, they’ll explore what that looks like going forward, with boundaries no longer an issue. Neil says, it looks terrifying, and Doc says, it’s as good a place to start as any.

Julian tells Kristina that he’s had no chance to fill Alexis in. Alexis joins them, and asks if she should be bracing herself. He says it depends on where she stands on the issue. Kristina jets for barista duty, and Alexis says she saw Lucy and Kim talking. Should she assume it’s real estate, and he’s expanding? He says it is real estate, but not what she’s thinking. He’s selling the place, and moving to Manhattan with Kim.

Lucy tells Kim there’s nothing wrong with looking back, or changing her mind if she wants to. Sometimes there’s such a pull from a place, along with the people in it.

Stella says she didn’t expect to see Marcus. He says he has Stella’s favorite dress. He thought she’d like to wear it. She asks if he wants to give to Yvonne. He says he knows he can’t stop the wedding from happening, but he won’t be a part of it. They can just tell her it’s from a friend. Carly says, it’s incredibly generous, and Marcus says, it’s a happy day for them. Sonny’s father gets to spend the time he has left with someone he cares about, but for him, it’s saying goodbye to the most important person in his life. He asks Carly to give Yvonne the dress. Stella says she’s owed Marcus a nice meal for a while. What say they make it happen? They leave, and Sonny says he doesn’t know if he could do that. He doesn’t know if he can do this; officiating at his father’s wedding. Mike doesn’t know who he is. Carly says he can do this, and she’ll be right next to him.

Laura tells Elizabeth, when she suggested a walk, she meant outside, but Elizabeth wants stay close. She asks how the boys are, and Laura says, fine. She took them to camp this morning, and they’re blissfully unaware. Elizabeth asks about Cameron, and Laura says, he’s having a hard time, and wants to be alone a lot. He was great with his brothers. They asked where she and Franco were, and he said she was on call at the hospital, and Franco was with her. Elizabeth says, he’s a master of technically blurring the line. He’s upset that Franco took his place. Laura says, survivor’s guilt. He’ll work through it, and he’ll be okay. Elizabeth says, what if Franco doesn’t make it? Doc comes by, and asks how Elisabeth is holding up. She asks if he’s heard anything, and he says he spoke to the neurologist, and the doctor asked him to look in on Franco.

Drew tells Franco not to worry about Elizabeth and the kids. They have an entire city standing by their sides until he comes back. And he is coming back. He might have married Elizabeth in a jail cell, but forever is forever; there’s no getting out of it. The machine Franco is hooked up to beeps. Doc runs in, and asks Drew to wait outside. Epiphany comes in, and Doc says Franco’s pulse is elevated. Franco jerks, and Doc asks if Franco can hear him. Franco opens his eyes.

Carly says the disease robbed Sonny and Mike of so much; this a gift, even though Sonny doesn’t see it. Mike is so happy. She understands that Sonny misses him, but he gets to share in Mike’s joy. It’s real joy, not troubled by Alzheimer’s or what he’s lost. He’s thrilled that he’s found the person he wants to be with; it’s a blessing. Sonny thanks her for reminding him. Mike comes back in his wedding clothes, and Sonny says he cleans up nice. Mike says thanks to Sonny’s friend. Carly says she’ll take the dress to Yvonne. Mike admits he’s nervous, but Sonny says, it’s pre-wedding jitters, and normal. Mike says, it’s strange not having his family there today. Sonny asks if he has family, and Mike says he did, a long time ago. He had a wife and a kid, but he blew it. Sonny asks what happened to his boy? and Mike asks how Sonny knows he had a boy. Sonny says, lucky guess. Mike tells Sonny that his boy grew up, and they grew apart. They don’t talk anymore. Not that Mike blames him. He failed, and can’t fix it now. Sonny says, it’s never too late.

Stella and Marcus go to Charlie’s. She tells him, what he did might not feel like it, but it’s such a gift. It was a selfless gesture. Marcus says, it’s just a dress, but she says, it’s way more than that, and he knows it.

Alexis says, Manhattan, and Julian says, it’s a fresh start, but not so far that he can’t visit Lucas and Wiley. Maybe someday, Danny and Scout as well. Alexis says, maybe distance will make Sam’s heart grow fonder. He says, a dad can dream. If not, he’s just glad they’re safe. Alexis says, her too. Kim joins them, asking if she’s interrupting. Alexis says, not at all. Julian was just telling her about their plans. Kim says, Lucy just left, and Julian says, she’s like the Roadrunner. He goes to relieve Kristina, and Alexis tells Kim, it’s wonderful for Julian. She wishes them the best. Kim says, that means a lot. Kristina comes out, and asks Alexis if she’s okay. Alexis wonders why she wouldn’t be. Kristina says, Dr. Bern, and Alexis says he didn’t hurt her feelings. Kristina says, no. She means, Dr. Bern. Alexis follows Kristina’s gaze, and sees that Neil just came in.

Cameron tells Josslyn and Trina that Franco won’t just have Drew’s memories; he’ll think he’s Drew. Trina says, not possible, and Cameron says he doesn’t know what will happen to Franco. He could stay in a coma and not wake up, and it will be Cameron’s fault. Franco offered himself to save him, but he wouldn’t have had to if Cameron had done the smart thing and run. He blew everything. Josslyn says, Shiloh is a cult leader. He pulled a gun on Cameron. How was he supposed to know what to do? He’s not trained for that. Trina says Cameron couldn’t have stopped it, and Josslyn says, the only person responsible is Shiloh. Cameron says Franco showing up at all, and then taking his place, is because of him.

Drew tells Elizabeth that Franco’s monitor went off. Epiphany and Doc are on it, and he’ll be okay.

Epiphany says Franco is stabilizing, and Doc tells him, welcome back. Franco says, water, and Epiphany gives him some. Doc checks Franco’s eyes, telling him to follow the light. He asks if Franco knows where he is, and Franco says, the hospital. Doc asks if Franco can tell him his name, and Franco asks, is that an actual question? Doc asks if he knows what happened to him, and he says, yes; he does. Doc asks what’s the last thing he remembers?

Laura’s phone digs, and Drew says, mayoral business. She looks at her phone, and says her place is with her family. Mayoral duties can wait. Elizabeth tells her to do what she needs to, and Laura says she’ll be back when she can, and she’ll get the kids at camp.

Mike wishes his son knew how sorry he is. He wishes things had gone different. Sonny thinks wherever Mike’s son is, he’s thinking of him, and Sonny believes he’s forgiven Mike. Mike asks if Sonny is a dad, and Sonny says, there’s nothing better in the whole world. Sometimes, you don’t get it right. Mike says, God knows he didn’t. He tells Sonny, if Sonny sees his boy – he goes by Sonny – tell him that he’s sorry. Sonny says, he knows.

Stella asks if Marcus plans on staying away from the facility. Marcus doesn’t know. Yvonne is still legally his wife. Stella adds, and in his heart, she always will be. He says he doesn’t want to confuse or upset Yvonne. It’s not good for her. Stella says it’s not good for him either. He says she’s happy with Mike, and being at Turning Woods with the patients. Stella says, it’s strange how you can gain a family when you’re not looking for one. Marcus asks why he senses a Stella Henry story coming on. She says, it’s a long one, and he says he’s got nothing but time.

Kristina goes to get Alexis and Neil some coffee on the house. Alexis tells Neil that she often finds it’s best to just do what Kristina says. He figured that. He says he has some notes to work on, and she says she has some legal briefs. She tells him that they’re bound to run into each other. Do they pass like ships in the night? Is waving okay? He says, waving is allowed, and she says, good to know.

Doc comes out of Franco’s room, and Elizabeth asks if Franco is okay. He says Franco is stable, but he’s off to find the neurologist to check on him. He says, before she goes in…. but Elizabeth pushes past him, and into the room. Franco is up, and she tells him that he’s not strong enough be out of bed. Franco picks up the medal, and looks at her. Well, if he’s not grabbing her immediately, I’m guessing he ain’t Franco.

Carly says Yvonne is ready when the groom is. Mike says he’s never been so ready. Padre? Sonny says he’s ready and honored. He wishes Mike and his bride to live an incredible life. Sonny kisses Carly’s hand.

Marcus says Stella’s relative wants nothing to do with her? Clearly, they haven’t heard how amazing she is. Stella’s phone dings, and she says, apparently, she spoke to soon. Her unknown relative has had a change of heart. They’re as anxious to meet as she is.

Alexis tells Neil, it seems Kim is doing, what they call in AA, a geographical. Neil says moving, and thinking the problem won’t follow. Alexis says, alas, it’s none of her business. He says that’s a different family reference from her, and she asks if he means in general or as pertaining to Julian. He says, pertaining to Julian. But alas, it’s none of his business. Kristina brings out their coffees, and they sit at separate tables. They take out their work, but keep stealing glances at each other.

Julian asks where in Manhattan Kim wants to live, and she says anyplace he is. He says that’s the place he was looking for too, and they hug.

Drew asks Doc if Franco is in there, or did Cabot’s experiment work?

Elizabeth tells Franco that she knew nothing and no one could keep him away. Franco continues to look at the medal. She asks if she can get him anything. He nods, and she says, tell her. He says he needs to speak to his superior officer.

Tomorrow, Julian tells Ava that he’s moving, Chelsea asks Laura who she’s trying to reach, Stella is flying out tonight, and Franco tells Elizabeth that he’s never seen her before.

I just had a mini brainwave, and thought another possibility is that Franco is faking it because he thinks Elizabeth is better off without him.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Port Camille Rayon. We return to Johnny and company’s expectations not being met.  Captain Sandy wants the truth. It’s the only way they’ll improve. On guest says they’ve never had a better acting crew. The service was five-star, and the food was good but not five-star. He was surprised at breakfast being so informal. Like this bunch is big on formalities. Another guest says their expectations were higher, and Michelle says, it wasn’t five-star like they were expecting. In Aesha’s interview, she says, Anastasia is going to be so upset. The captain tells the guests they can’t correct the problem unless they know about it. In her interview, the captain wishes they’d come to her sooner. She tells them she’ll be adjusting it.

It’s time to bid these idiots farewell. Johnny thanks the captain for keeping them safe. They would like to have been at sea more, but obviously the ocean had other plans. Michelle says they had to deal with Andy – he must have been the main idiot – and there’s extra in the tip envelope. Captain Sandy says, tip meeting in five minutes.

The captain says it’s been their most challenging charter, with the anchoring, the dockage, and the weather. She was surprised to find out it was João’s first time calling her into the slip. We flash back to that. She says, without all of them, running the yacht wouldn’t be possible. She brings up the radios, and says she’s seen June with her earplug pulled out. That’s one thing that sends her over the edge. She wants them on board tonight. They have the day off tomorrow, and the yacht owner has arranged for them to enjoy a hotel in Monaco. The tip is 17400 euros ($19,478.43) or 1480 euros each ($1656.79). Aesha says she’ll need a wax before they go out. The captain tells Anastasia, Hannah said the guests weren’t happy with food; it wasn’t five-star. Anastasia says, it’s shocking. She wasn’t aware they didn’t like it. Captain Sandy says Anastasia has to talk to the clients. She needs Travis on deck, and Anastasia has to own the galley. There’s no question in the captain’s mind that she can do this. In the captain’s interview, she says, if you have int someone behind you, supporting you, it’s easier not to perform. If you don’t have that, you have to focus solely on your task. With Travis back on deck, Anastasia has to step it up.

Aesha tries joking with Anastasia, who’s on the laptop, and basically ignores her. Aesha gets ready to vacuum, and Anastasia asks if she has any requests for crew meals. Aesha says, now Anastasia is listening to her, and Anastasia says her job requires brain power, unlike vacuuming. Ouch! In Aesha’s interview, she says, Anastasia needs to get over herself a little bit. She’s not curing cancer. Jack announces its beer o’ clock. Jack, Travis, and Aesha have drinks. Hannah asks João, when he said he was jealous about her kissing Travis, it was hypothetical, right? We flash back to him asking her what if he was jealous that she kissed Travis. She says, there was nothing behind it, and he says there wasn’t. She says it freaked her out. It made her think that he liked her, and he asks what difference that would have made. She says, there’s a big difference between hypothetical jealousy, and actually being jealous. He says, it was just hypothetical. In Hannah’s interview, she says part of her isn’t going there, so she puts it aside, but another part says, you never know. There’s a fine line between love and hate.

In his interview, João stumbles over his words. A producer asks if he’s into her or not, and he says he doesn’t know. June asks why Hannah is looking at her like she’s dumb. Hannah says she’s not trying to. In June’s interview, she doesn’t know the reason why Hannah doesn’t like her. She wants to get to know Hannah, but Hannah doesn’t do that. she tells Hannah they’ll work together, but that’s it. The crew goes to bed.

In the morning, a van comes and takes the crew to Monaco. In Hannah’s interview, she says this is where the richest people in the world come to play. It’s stunning that they’re at the Monte Carlo Bay hotel. They’ll be drowning themselves in rosé. June says it’s one of the prettiest places she’s been. In her interview, June says she’s connected the most with Aesha, but she wants to be more open. She’s going to be trying today. It’s going to be yachts of fun. In Anastasia’s interview, she says she was blindsided by the criticism. The day off couldn’t come at a better time. She needs to chill TF out. The crew eats, drinks, and plays in the pool. Hannah asks for ashtrays, and João says, romantic. In João’s interview, he says seeing Hannah with Travis turned him off. In Jack’s interview, he says people think he doesn’t take anything seriously because he goofs around, but he’s serious about Aesha. Travis tells Hannah that he’s going to be tame because he was pissed last night. Hannah thinks that’s sexier.

Aesha dances around. João says they have the day off in an amazing hotel where millionaires walk around 24/7, and some of the crew members are acting like trash. They get dressed for dinner. Jack says Aesha looks like a sexy Russian, and João says, one you pay for. Hannah sees Jack sleeping. In her interview, she says she’s protective of Travis. He reminds her of her older brother in a lot of ways. He’s sensitive, but closed off and damaged in some way. He’s a good person at the core, but has a drinking problem. The crew goes to dinner in a beautiful restaurant that has palm trees as part of the décor. Aesha tells Jack that she doesn’t think she looks like a call girl, and Jack says João hates fact that she looks attractive, but she’s not interested in him.

Within a minute or two, Travis has his head on the table, and Hannah tells him, have some respect. In her interview, Hannah says, passing out at a nightclub at 4 am is one thing, but passing out in the Monte Carlo hotel at 4 pm is another. She tells him to stay away from her when he’s this drunk; she’ll punch him in the face. The waitress shows them a bottle of wine, and Travis insists on opening it himself. The waitress reluctantly gives him the corkscrew. In Colin’s interview, he says, it’s disrespectful. They’re in the service industry, and they’d be upset if a guest did that to them. Colin tells Travis, calm down, and says the waitress wants to open the bottle. Travis finally hands over the corkscrew. Colin changes his seat because he’s afraid he’ll punch Travis. Hannah is genuinely embarrassed. Aesha says João is judging her, and it’s quite rude. He says he’s being honest. Maybe he should be one of the Housewives. They equate being rude with being honest too. He says someone scratching their vagina in front of him isn’t his style. Jack says, even if you need to scratch it? João says they see him as he is, and Aesha tells him, stop looking at her like she’s a POS. She’s not. Uh-oh. João is officially teetering back the other way with me. I couldn’t stand him, then he became tolerable, almost likeable, and now back to can’t stand. And anyone who has a literal alter-ego called Jezebub shouldn’t be judging anything except maybe a beer drinking contest.

He tells her, don’t judge. She asks if he’s telling her to stop judging her judging him, and says, it’s awkward. He says she reminds him of his mom. She’s been through hell, but is one of the most positive women he knows. In his interview, he talks about he and his mother going through an armed robbery. They stole everything they could, and beat his mother with an elephant bone. He tells Aesha that he sees something underlying that no one knows about. Outside, Hannah tells Jack he passed out, and he’s no company at all. Travis says at least she didn’t call him an idiot. She says he’s an idiot. She’s embarrassed to be with him. It’s called self-control. He says he gets it. João tells Aesha that he knows there’s more to her. She’s the most loyal person he’s met in his life. In his interview, João says he sees Aesha’s inner strength and positivity, and he’s thinking she’s gone through something. It’s not fair to call her out on what’s negative. He tells her that he’s never said a bad word about her (what? he basically called her a whore more than once), and she says she respects him for explaining himself. In her interview, Aesha says just because it came to a conclusion, doesn’t mean she forgives him. He’s a judgmental guy, and he’s never going to change. He did it to her before, and he’ll do it again. They leave the restaurant. In Hannah’s interview, she says this is not how she wanted to spend her night off; babysitting a drunk twenty-six year old. June says, tonight has been effing weird.

Back at the boat, Hannah wonders if it’s weird that she’s the one keeping people sane. Travis, Jack, and Aesha drink on the deck. Aesha says she stood up to the man. João said he’d never met someone as disgusting as her, and she told him to stop judging. In Travis’s interview, he says you get to be a family quickly on a yacht. He’s found one in Aesha and Jack. João is effing with people he cares about, and he’s not dealing with that sh*t.

The captain has a preference sheet meeting with João, Anastasia, and Hannah. She asks if they had a good day off, and tells them new primary Verne is the director of an accounting firm, who wants to cut loose with his friends. Hannah says they want the water toys, and a private picnic on the beach. Anastasia reads, for breakfast, champagne, lobster, and fresh fruit. In her interview, she says the last charter brought her down, but Chef Anastasia is not a quitter. Jack tells Colin that João was talking sh*t about Aesha. In Colin’s interview, he says Jack was blacked out and should be worried about how to treat service workers correctly. Jack says they’re being forced to work with someone who makes people feel like sh*t. João is the only thorn. Colin doesn’t feel that way, and Jack says, maybe he’s more forgiving.

Jack tells João that he made Aesha feel like sh*t because of how he’s judging her. Maybe he doesn’t mean it, so Jack is asking for his side before he just gets pissed off. João says he’s never been around a girl who speaks like that, but by the end of the conversation, she thanked him. Jack tells him, what Aesha said was very different. In João’s interview, he wonders why Jack is being the protective guy, when he was a right prick throughout the night. João doesn’t understand the issue. Jack says how he speaks is how he manages. If they can understand each other more, they’ll work better. In Jack’s interview, he says João is good at his job. He can’t judge him too quickly. He suggests they put their differences aside, and he and João shake hands. Captain Sandy calls the crew to a pre-charter meeting in uniform.

Captain Sandy tells them that they want to have fun, and knock it out of the park with the food. Travis is needed on deck. In her interview, the captain says, Travis has been working so hard, on both the deck and the galley. She needs her deckhand back on deck.

Hannah says, fake smiles, everyone. Verne and crew come up the dock. In her interview, Hannah says, they seem very loud and very fun. If she’s ever seen a party walking toward her, it’s right now. The usual happens, and the guests are impressed with the layout. Anastasia confers with the guests, and the guests take selfies. Lunch is served, but the lobster ravioli is cold. Anastasia tells the captain that she just took it out of boiling water, and put hot sauce on it. In her interview, the captain doesn’t understand why it’s not hot, and asks Anastasia what the problem is.

In Aesha’s interview, she says she can see herself dating Jack in the future. She really likes him, but she wants to create a friendship first. They goof around in the laundry room. Hannah radios, June, June Hannah – her mantra this season. Anastasia asks why she doesn’t just go get June, but Hannah wants her to answer the effing radio. She doesn’t want to have to chase her third stew around. She finds June, and says she has to turn her radio on. June says she was on break. Anchor is dropped. Aesha says the galley smells delicious. Verne says, here’s to the good life; they’re living their best life. In Anastasia’s interview, she says she needs to win the guests over with lunch. She has to get the temperature correct. Lunch is served, and the deckhands get the water toys ready. The captain visits the guests, who’ve gotten their lamb burgers, but start to chant, truffle fries. In her interview, Anastasia says, the fries are coming when they’re done cooking. Hannah says they’re coming, and the guests chant some more. In his interview, João says it’s a relief to a start charter with a full team. He holds no grudge against Travis, and hopes Travis holds none against him. Anastasia brings the fries upstairs, and Verne says they’re the best truffle fries he’s ever had. They were worth the wait. In Anastasia’s interview, she says, halle-effing-lujah.   

João explains to the guests that the jet skis have to stay 500 meters from shore. A fat guy gets excited, and says he’s king of the water slide. Two guys go off on jet skis. Captain Sandy sees the jet skis by a wave runner. They’re zipping around other boats, and a guy asks what the hell they’re doing? Captain Sandy tells João that they have to pull the captain card. If the guests ride where they’re not supposed to, the yacht gets fined. She tells João, bring them in. In her interview, she says, everything begins and ends with safety. João has to reign them in; it’s really dangerous. The police come around, and the captain tells João, go get them.

In his interview, João says, WTF is going on? They’re breaking the rules like they’re trying to screw them over. João tells them to pull back in. They pretend they don’t understand, but the captain says they almost hit someone. Jack explains that the white flag means there’s a diver underneath. Anastasia is nervous about tonight’s dinner. She knows the guests are picky, but at the same time, she doesn’t want to give up. She remembers her mom coming home crying because her co-workers said screw the immigrant, but she held her head up high. Which doesn’t really apply here, but okay. She says throw what you want at her. She belongs in the galley. Colin takes a sunset photo.

Dinner is Cajun snapper with rice and beans. I’m in. Key lime pie, not so much. A guest says Hannah outdid herself with the table, but I like Kate’s centerpieces better. One guest wants their fish reheated. What’s up with that? In Anastasia’s interview, she says when she plates the food, it’s hot. What happens in between the galley and the table, she has no control over. I understand, since I have an online store, and it’s the same with mail. Once I get it to the post office, it’s out of my hands. Another guest says their fish isn’t seasoned enough. Hannah says she’ll bring it back, and tells Anastasia, the rice is cold, and the fish has no flavor. Anastasia says she’ll plate another. The captain tells the guests to tell her the truth. The chef won’t take it personally; she’ll want to improve. They give her their complaints, and Captain Sandy tells Anastasia the food isn’t coming up hot. Anastasia doesn’t understand. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says, Anastasia doesn’t respond well to the criticism. She listens, but she has excuses. She tells Anastasia, the only way they’ll fine tune this machine is to listen to comments. Anastasia is feeling the exhaustion, pressure, and anxiety. She comes up with the dessert, which is a choice of cheesecake or the pie. She suggests they talk about dinner. Everyone says the rice was cold, and one dude says his fish missed the seasoning. Anastasia thinks maybe it’s too cold in the galley, and says she’s just one person. Captain Sandy suggests they put the plates in the oven, so that way the food will stay hot. Good idea from the not-chef. A guest finds a hair on the pie, and Anastasia says it’s not hers.

Next time, a special ninety-minute episode – a Mardi Gras table, a guest gets sick, Hannah says Anastasia’s mistakes are affecting the guests and her, and Colin talks to Captain Sandy (I think about Jack). IMO, if Anastasia doesn’t check herself, she’s going to end up like Chef Leon. And that’s not a compliment.

🏃 Hannah and João are starting to remind me of the camp counselors in Meatballs.

🍁 I Could Get Behind This Too…

According to Mental Floss, when Canada’s Northwest Territories considered renaming itself in the 1990s, one name that gained support was Bob.

☔ Moved On, But Not Forgotten…

I have no clue what their relationship was really all about, but it’s clear Bethenny loved Dennis in her own way.


👙 For the Ladies…

And the men who love them. God forbid we should be a normal size.


🐈 One Cool Cat…

Who’s down for deaux Chartreuse?