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August 5, 2019 – Kim Makes a Big Decision, a Baseball Player At Sea & Tuesday Bowling


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

In the park, Carly tells the baby about the next ultrasound, and says no matter what, she’s got them. Kim comes by, and tells Carly that she’s starting back to work, slowly, but surely. She asks how Carly is doing, and Carly says she’s in her third trimester. Kim says, as a friend and OB, what’s going on?

Brad beings Wiley to the hospital to see Lucas. Lucas asks if Brad got some sleep. Brad says he did, but skipped dinner. Lucas suggests they stop by Kelly’s before Wiley’s swimming lesson. They don’t want to be those parents who are asleep in the bleachers. Julian joins them, and Lucas gives Wiley to him, telling Wiley, say hi to his grandpa. Julian says he came to see Kim, but she’s not in her office yet. She’s easing back into it. He says maybe it’s not a bad thing that he missed her, and caught them instead. He has something important to discuss.

Neil goes to Alexis’s house. She says she was just on the way to his office, and he says he was hoping to catch her before she left. They need to talk about what happened in the elevator.

At the reception desk, Finn tells Epiphany that he was hoping she could help him with something. She asks, what kind of something? He says one of his patients just got prescription he didn’t prescribe, and he’s wondering if she can check the file. We can tell she already isn’t buying Finn’s story, but she asks what the patient’s name is. He says, Arthur Cabot, and she asks if he doesn’t mean Dr. Arthur Cabot. Why is Finn looking for information about the likes of a criminal like him?

Shiloh calls Jason, who asks what he wants, and how he got the number. Shiloh says Sam gave it to him – more or less. If Jason wants to see his girlfriend alive again, he’ll do exactly what he’s told. The clock is ticking. We see Sam on the floor of Shiloh’s room, her hands and feet bound with duct tape, and her mouth covered. Shiloh asks if Jason got the text, and Jason finds that Shiloh has sent a picture of Sam. Shiloh asks if he has Jason’s attention. Jason asks what he wants, and Shiloh tells Jason to meet him at the lovely Midwood Motor Lodge. Come alone. No weapons. He has one of his followers watching, and if Jason doesn’t do what he says, Sam won’t be so alive anymore. Jason makes possibly the most pissed off face ever.

Alexis asks if she can get Neil anything, but he says, no thanks. The way he opened up to her was inappropriate, unprofessional, and crossed the line. Alexis says they’re even. Usually she’s the line crosser. Whatever he said is already forgotten. He tells her, that’s not possible. He knows she’s trying to be nice, but she’s not forgetting. She says, maybe not, but that doesn’t mean they have to talk about it again. He says, whether they do or not, it doesn’t matter. When they talk about Kristina, Alexis will see similarities, and how he couldn’t save his daughter. His oversharing changed the way she thinks about him moving forward. She asks if she shouldn’t be the judge of that, but he says she shouldn’t hear raw, personal things about her therapist. She says maybe he’s right, but she’ll probably think about how badly they sang. It has nothing to do with their professional relationship. He says, it changed everything for him. He can’t see her anymore.

Epiphany tells Finn that when Cabot was there last, the WSB was involved. Finn says he was there earlier, and said he was picking up a prescription. If he knew what it was, he’d have a better idea what Cabot was up to. She asks if it’s a WSB investigation, but he says it’s just him – for now. She checks the computer, and tells him, she was never there. He says, he knows, and she steps away. Finn looks at the screen. Drew comes by, and Finn asks to speak to him. He thinks they have a potential situation going down.

Carly tells Kim they don’t have to talk about her pregnancy, and Kim asks if everything is okay. Even though she’s high risk, they didn’t expect any complications. Carly says there are some complications, but not because she’s high risk. The baby has spina bifida, but they won’t know how severe it is until the next ultrasound. Kim can only imagine how stressful it must be, but says Carly has an excellent physician who will make the right call about treatment, and she’s around if Carly wants to talk or has any questions. She’s delivered babies with spina bifida before. Carly says she might text Kim late at night when her thoughts go dark, and Kim says that’s all right.

Julian says he wants to show something to Lucas in person. Brad asks if he’s not invited, and Julian says he can come, but he wanted Lucas’s take on it before he made a purchase. He thinks it’s a good deal for the whole family. Brad tells Lucas to go ahead. He’ll take Wiley to swimming, and if Lucas gets home first, maybe he can catch a nap. Lucas says, that last part sealed the deal, and be sure to take plenty of pictures. Lucas leaves with Julian, and Brad asks Wiley if he’s ready for his swimming lesson, and is he ready to be the next Michael Phelps? Obrecht appears, and says, wonderful idea. When she was shoved overboard, only her ability to swim saved her life.

Alexis tells Neil, don’t do this. Don’t fire her as a patient again. He says, it’s not an option, but she doesn’t understand why. She respected his boundaries. He says she has, but it’s not just wrong and unethical. It’s dangerous.

Carly says she doesn’t want to put Kim in an uncomfortable position, but Kim says it’s actually good for her to focus on others. It makes her feel like she has a purpose, and she’s useful. She hasn’t been able to bring herself to conduct a delivery yet. Bringing life into the world with such potential is a lot for her. She thinks of Oscar, and when he born, and how much life he had ahead of him. Then she realizes how short that life turned out to be.

Finn tells Drew that Cabot was the original architect of memory mapping, which led to Andre’s breakthrough. He’d been in the custody of the WSB until recently, and now he’s in Port Charles. He asks if Cabot has reached out to Drew, but Drew says he wouldn’t know; he’s never met Cabot. But it’s not the first time something about his stolen memories came up this week. Finn asks, what else happened?

Brad asks why Obrecht is at the hospital, and she says she was following up with her physician, making sure there are no further complications from her near-drowning. He might remember that some wretched human being pushed her off The Haunted Star. Brad says, it’s horrible, and she says, criminal really. He hopes she got things sorted out; he and Wiley have to be on their way. She stops him, and says he must forgive her. Normally she’d love to play cat and mouse, but her patience has run thin. He says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but she thinks he does. She thought about who would want her dead, and take advantage of the circumstances on the boat. She was distracted by more obvious choices, but he’s the one who tried to kill her.

Brad asks if Obrecht’s doctor checked her for a concussion. She must have hit her head hard. She asks if they must continue this charade. If he doesn’t tell her the truth, she’s going to open the conversation to a wider audience. He asks why she hasn’t said anything to anyone else, and she says she doesn’t like to involve the police in her affairs, especially when she’s concerned about the subject. He must know she knows the truth about Wiley. Wiley is Nelle’s son.

Lucy meets Juliann and Lucas at the door of the old DOD house. There’s a small mountain of stuff outside, and she tells them, sorry. She’s having it hauled away. Michael had bought the house to open a shelter for battered women, but it’s not zoned for that, so he put it back on the market and he’s finding an alternative. The proceeds will go to the shelter endowment. We’ll just overlook that zoning thing, since it wouldn’t have been any different than DOD. Julian asks what Lucas thinks, but Lucas doesn’t know. Lucy tells him not to let the DOD thing interfere with what he thinks. It could be a great house. She says the price is non-negotiable, and Julian says, it’s pretty steep. Lucy doesn’t think so. It’s a great house in a great neighborhood, with a lot of square footage, and her expert opinion, it’s at a great price. Lucas asks since when does Julian want to buy a house? and Julian says he’s been living in the back of his bar. It’s time he put roots down, and have a room to call his own. Maybe Kim will move in.

Kim and Carly walk through the park. Carly says she’s sorry she hasn’t checked in, but Kim says Carly has been busy, and she hasn’t made herself available. Carly says, if taking the time to grieve is helping, that’s what she should do. Carly says she’s thought a lot about Kim; Josslyn has too. Josslyn wants to stop by. Kim says she’d love it; she misses seeing Josslyn. Carly says she’ll make sure Josslyn knows that. Kim says she’s grateful for Josslyn. She kept Oscar’s last days filled with hope, and kept him strong. It means the world to her. Carly says, Josslyn feels the same way. Kim says, it will be nice to see everyone, and Carly says, when she’s ready. Kim wonders how long she’s going to keep crying at the drop of a hat, and staring into space for hours. Oscar has been gone three months. Carly says, there’s no time frame. Kim apologizes, but Carly says, the pain of losing Morgan never goes away. She’ll wake up from a dream that he’s still alive, and she can barely get out of bed. Eventually, it gets easier, and the good days outweigh the bad. You focus on what you still have, and the love in your life. Kim says that’s wonderful for Carly. She has a strong family and support system there in Port Charles.

Alexis says at least Neil isn’t dumping her for crossing boundaries. Now she’s dangerous. It’s a new dynamic. Neil says it’s been there since he found out Kristina was involved in a cult. He considered telling her, thinking the similarities would make her feel like she wasn’t alone. He posed the question to his own therapist, who thought it was dangerous to both of them. Him losing his daughter isn’t some past trauma; it’s still a raw nerve. Helping patients gets him through the day, but the topic is still sensitive. She still doesn’t understand why he can’t see her, but he says if she starts withholding things she thinks might upset him, their roles won’t be clear. It’s unhealthy, and it’s his professional obligation to take care of her. He can’t do that if she’s concerned about taking care of him. She says, that is a problem. She does care about him.

Jason bangs on the motel room door. Shiloh asks if he came alone, and Jason asks, where is she? Shiloh says Jason can’t help her unless he follow the rules. He ask for Jason’s gun, and Jason hands it over, but then he slams the door open right into Shiloh’s face. He grabs Shiloh by the neck forcing him down, and asks, where the hell is Sam?

Sam is… I dunno where, but she’s still duct taped.

Carly says Kim has so many people who care about her. Kim says it’s nice of her to say, but Carly says, it’s the truth. Drew, herself, her whole family, the Quartermaines, Julian. Kim says, it’s been wonderful, but it’s just not the same. She was never really afraid of change, but she always had Oscar as a constant. She came there in the hopes of finding his family, so he could be part of something bigger. Now, he’s gone, and she sees reminders everywhere; the marker, Oscar’s Meadow, the school. She thought it would be helpful, but it’s turning out not to be; it’s suffocating. Carly takes her hand, and says maybe she does need a change of pace; a change of scenery.

Julian asks what Lucas thinks, and Lucas says, it’s something. Julian was hoping for more of an opinion than that. According to Brad, Lucas is on Zillow all the time. Lucas thinks the house has nice bones and a nice layout. Julian asks if he thinks Kim will like it. Lucas thinks she would, but Julian says he doesn’t sound very encouraging. Lucas says it’s great that Julian wants to move in with Kim, but is he sure it’s the right place? Julian asks, why not? and Lucas asks what he’s going to do with all this room? Julian says they can each have a home office, and there’s plenty of room. Leo can have his own room, and maybe he and Kim will want to have their own baby. He’d rather have more space for a family to grow, and there’s plenty of room for Wiley.

Brad tells Obrecht that she can’t say that in front of Wiley, but she says he’s in no position to tell her what to do. She knows his darkest secret, and he tried to silence her. She asks how he found out she knows about Nelle, and he says she was trashed, and poured her heart out to Franco. She didn’t give details, but was wondering if she should tell the truth about Wiley’s real mother. She says so he tried to bury his secret by killing her. Better luck next time. Brad asks where that leaves them. She asks if he expects her to turn the other cheek, and he says, exactly. Now they’re even. She asks, how? and remembers pushing him from the parapet. She says he barely had a scratch; he fell into the hay. He says she didn’t know that would happen. She was trying to protect her own secret. She asks if he wants a truce. He says as long as no one knows who pushed her, and they’re on the same page. The truth about Wiley will never come out. Obrecht says the problem is, they’re not on the same page.

Finn tells Drew the medication Cabot picked up is a key element in the memory transfer serum. He thinks Cabot is formulating a new batch. Drew asks if Finn is assuming Cabot is going to do the procedure on someone else, and Finn can’t think why else he’d risk it. Drew appreciates the heads up.

Jason asks Shiloh, where’s Sam? And pushes Shiloh’s face into the desk. Shiloh says, let him go, and he’ll tell where she is. Jason grabs him up, and pushes him across the room, asking, where is she? Shiloh says, she’s in a secret location, and it’s probably getting stuffy.

Oh – ha-ha! – she’s in a freezer in that pile of stuff outside the old DOD house. She yells, but it’s muffled because of the duct tape over her mouth, and I wonder why she doesn’t just pull that off, since her hands are in front of her and tied at the wrist. Jason asks what Shiloh wants, and Shiloh shows him the flashdrive, saying he planted a decoy. Sam took bait, but he this one is the real deal. Drew’s memories are there, ready to be transferred to the recipient. That’s where Jason comes in.

Neil tells Alexis that’s exactly what he’s talking about; her concern over his well-being interferes with her own. She doesn’t get it. How is she not supposed to care after what he’s done for her family? It’s not her first rodeo. Big surprise, she’s been to therapy before, and hated it. She likes it with him. He treats her like a real person, calls her on her issues, and makes her take responsibility for them. He also doesn’t let her take responsibility for anyone else’s issues. They work well together. He makes her feel like he cares about her as a real person. Neil says he does. That’s why need end this thing before it’s too late. Oh for goodness sake, one of you just ask the other out already.

Back at the hospital, Carly hopes she wasn’t crossing the line with Kim, but wants Kim to know she always has Carly’s family’s support. She’s never alone. Kim thanks her, and asks her to tell Josslyn to come visit whenever she wants. They tell each other, good luck, and Carly leaves. Drew comes over to Kim, and she says she’s glad to see him. There’s something she’d like to tell him. She’s just come to a decision about her future. She’s leaving Port Charles.

Obrecht tells Brad that she’d thought the truth about Wiley’s paternity might prove useful, but she’s grown uneasy. She thinks about Michael mourning his boy, who is very much alive. She almost feels guilty. Brad ask if she’s capable of that, and she asks why he thinks she was venting to Franco in the first place. She’s not used to the sensation. More than that, she must do right by Wiley. Brad says that means Wiley staying with him and Lucas. She says she sees how that works for them, but she’s less certain about Wiley. Brad tells her to think about what it would be like for Wiley in the Corinthos family. He’d be a Quartermaine, but Sonny would consider him a grandson, and he’d be a target for a mob rival. She says, Sonny is very effective in protecting his family, but Brad says, sometimes being loved by a dangerous person puts a target on your back. That’s what happened to her son. She says he has a point. He says, Britt knows everything. Her staying silent is a violation of her parole. She’ll be sent back to jail. Obrecht asks if he’s blackmailing her, and he says, call it what you will. He’s keeping Wiley safe. She says, not safe enough. She’ll keep quiet because Britt’s freedom is at stake. He has a deal.

Julian tells Lucas that Wiley would have his own room if he visits. Or if he and Brad want to get away, Julian can watch him. All of his grandchildren will have their own space. Even for Sam’s children if she allows it. Lucas thinks he should pump the brakes on that front. Julian says he can’t tell Lucas how grateful he is to spend time with his grandson. He wants a legacy to pass down to them. Lucy clears her throat. She asks what they think? Does Lucas approve? Lucas says he does, and she says, fantastic. She’ll get the ball rolling. Julian says, one step at a time. He wants to crunch the numbers, and see what Kim thinks. Lucy says it could be the start of something special for his family. Don’t wait too long. She has to show the house to several prospective buyers. Julian says he’ll let her know when he gets an answer from Kim. When they’re gone, Lucy tells the pile of junk that it’s not helping. It needs to be gone sooner rather than later (another phrase they use a lot on this show).

Sam heard me, and finally takes the tape off of her mouth, but not fast enough. Lucy is back inside. Well, now would be the time to chew the bonds off of her wrists. It’s not even done that well. Come on, Sam. I expect better of you.

Jason says if he goes through with the procedure, how does he know Shiloh will hold up his end of the bargain? Shiloh says Jason has his word, like this means something. He says once Jason is sedated, he’ll give his follower the word, Sam will be released, and Jason will get photo proof. He knows it’s a big sacrifice for Jason to give up his own memories, like a factory reset, but then Drew’s memories can be uploaded in him. Jason grabs Shiloh, and shoves him up against the wall.

Alexis says, so that’s it? No final session? No semblance of closure? Neil doesn’t think that’s wise. She doesn’t think it’s wise of him to abandon her. She’ll have to start from scratch with someone else. He says he’ll leave it to her to find her own therapist. He’s not the right guy. She says, funny. She thinks he is the right guy.

Finn calls Robert, and tells him to use his Bureau contacts and find out why Cabot is back in Port Charles. If his hunch is correct, Cabot plans to do serious damage.

Drew asks Kim, when? and she says, not like tomorrow. She’s been thinking of a plan for a while, and just talked to someone who made sense of what she’s feeling. Drew says he gets it. She could use a fresh start. She says she could, and he hugs her. He says she’d better tell him where she’s heading, and stay in touch. She says she will, and he tells her to take care of herself. She says she’s trying. She watches him walk away. Then she sees Julian.

Obrecht says she must admit, Brad has come a long way from the sniveling lab technician she first met. He says, thank you? She says he threatened his best friend with a lengthy prison sentence to keep Wiley’s mother a secret. Brad says he thinks Britt would understand. He has to look out for his own first. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do to keep Wiley. She says, fine; he has a deal. Carly sees them shake hands. Obrecht tells Brad, good luck. He’s going to need it. Carly is like, hmm…

Jason squeezes Shiloh’s throat. Shiloh says if Jason kills him, Sam dies. If he wants to give her a chance to live, he’ll do what Shiloh is asking.

Sam becomes weak, and passes out. I’m so disappointed in her.

Tomorrow, Alexis says she and Neil have crossed the point of no return, Jason has to make a choice, and Josslyn has a surprise for Cameron.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Travis and João go underwater to check out the anchor. They discover an old anchor in the seabed has latched on, and have to remove it before theirs can be pulled up. João explains they’ll have to tie a line on the old chain, lift it and get their anchor free, then raise their anchor into the pocket, and drop the old chain. Sounds easy, right?

The guests go to town. João explains what’s going on to the captain, and tells Travis what they have to do. In her interview, Captain Sandy says without an anchor, it’s illegal to enter port. She doesn’t want to kill the charter season by leaving it. They begin to lift the chain, and the captain says, please. I guess to God.

Aesha tells us that Monaco is as lush as it gets. You have to be the rich of the rich to live there. In Anastasia’s interview, she says last night, she had issues with the food temperature. It sucks, but she can’t control the distance from the galley to the table. Now the guests are saying she’s a sh*t cook because of it. Even though they’re a little obnoxious, I don’t recall them saying that. João continues to work on freeing the anchor, two hours later.

Anastasia and June get some dessert and coffee. June says she thinks she’s comfortable with the guys. Colin is sweet, but she wishes Hannah would understand she’s trying. Hannah looks at her like she’s an idiot. The anchor finally comes loose, and is brought up. Captain Sandy says, amazing. In his interview, Travis is glad he and João put their differences aside, but just because they worked together, doesn’t mean they’re best mates. The captain tells Hannah that they’re going to Monaco.

June tells Aesha about how her dad got sick suddenly, and passed away. She needed to be strong for her mom. In her interview, she says her dad always told her to stick up for herself, and never let anyone treat her with disrespect. They get some stuff to go.

Hannah talks to Travis, who’s getting tired of running between deck duty and the galley. Hannah says, sometimes you need to complain a bit. In Travis’s interview, he says they’re just friends, but if the opportunity arises, he’d be into shagging. The captain asks for the anchor team. When the anchor is down, she’s happy.

Aesha tells June that Jack is the first person she’s been on a date with who’s similar to her. They walk through the park. Back at the boat, Captain Sandy looks at the wind forecast, and says, holy crap. In her interview, she says, two hours ago, it said the weather was going to be okay. Now, it’s supposed to start blowing around midnight. Sounds like where I live. If she chooses to stay, and it’s sh*t weather, the guests will fear for their lives, and she’s a bad captain. She makes calls to see if she can get a slip. She calls the girls to get the guests, and come back immediately. The weather is coming in fast. Aesha tells June they have to go back. The captain says, the only slip available is in St. Tropez, three hours away.

Captain Sandy tells the deck crew that they need to be St. Tropez by seven, or they’ll lose their slip. The guests return, and the captain explains there’s bad weather coming, and they’re going to St. Tropez. Johnny says Monaco was fabulous. The deck crew gets the tender back on board. In the captain’s interview, she says she’s never missed a docking before, and doesn’t know if they’re going to make it. The guests go into the hot tub. Anastasia says if she can cook crossing the North Sea with a six meter swell, clipped to the galley – we see pictures – she thinks she can handle a swell on a motor yacht. Hannah tells June what kind of glasses they’re using for dinner, and as usual, June is confused.

Jack and Aesha play cards, joke, and kiss. Hannah sees them, and in her interview, she says, they need to realize they’re still in a professional environment. You don’t go into an office and see people making out in the corridors. Do it in your cabin. She tells them, stop smooching, and get back to work. João sees a whale, and everyone checks it out. Captain Sandy tells João he’s winning her over today. One of the guests tells Sandy they don’t care if the boat gets docked, but she says they will. They’ll be up all night going in circles.

The guests dress for dinner. It’s twenty minutes until the slip closes. João is nervous, and says the difference between meters could be a million dollar mistake. The captain asks Travis how close the starboard bow is. It’s close, and she asks for João. The guests don’t think they’ll make it, and a crowd watches from shore. I realize my mouth is hanging open. This is worse than parallel parking. They finally dock, and the captain says, well done. It was their first time docking like that together, and it was amazing. Johnny says, it was cool. Captain Sandy tells João that he did an amazing job. Every word was precise and calm. João thought it was awesome, and feels fantastic. The captain goes on shore for ice cream.

It’s dinner time. In Hanna’s interview, she says the food looks pretty, but pretty don’t fill up an American baseball player. She doesn’t want criticize Anastasia to the point she’s out of her comfort zone, or she might eff up the food. In Anastasia’s interview, she says she’s going for simple and familiar. Italian food is familiar, and reduces the margin of error a little. When the entrée is served, Johnny is hesitant. Hannah asks if he doesn’t like eggplant, and he says he’ll let them know. He tastes it, and he’s okay with it, but says the portion is small. It looks like it would small for me, and he’s a big dude. Hannah radios June. Captain Sandy suggests checking the connection, but Hannah says she has. A lot of times. The captain finds June in the laundry room, and wants to see her radio. João tests it, and June suggests maybe she can’t understand her own name. In June’s interview, she says she wishes Hannah knew that she was a nice girl. She can feel Hannah’s eyeroll. I’m perplexed as to why she thinks being nice is the only job requirement. Although I’m starting to think perhaps she needs a hearing test. Hannah tells João that she’s been dealing with this for days. The guests watch a dance performance on shore from the boat. The captain asks how their dinner was, and Johnny says not as good as way she docked. Jack and Aesha twirl glasses on each other’s private parts, and I literally lol. They’re like two twelve-year-olds.

June is sitting in a corner on deck, and João asks, what’s wrong? She says, it’s just vibe, and he suggests she go sleep, reset, and wake up in her happiest mood. She thanks him for his concern, but says she can handle herself. The conversation is done. Geez. I don’t think it was the best advice, but he didn’t deserve that. He leaves, and in her interview, she says, being the new girl, she doesn’t know who to trust, and thinks she gave João too much information.

An adjacent yacht owner asks to come on board, and one of the guests tells Hannah. In her interview, Hannah wonders if he’ll remember her. Her first charter season, she worked for him. She didn’t want to see him when she was working for him, and doesn’t want to see him now. He apparently doesn’t want us to see him either, since his face is blurred and they bleep his name. Hannah says he had a four-year-old son, and when she told him that he couldn’t wear shoes on deck, he said, they’re not shoes; they’re Toffs. Little pr*ck. No-Name gets on the boat, and gets quickly on a roll about how he’s from Norway, and they love and depend on America, but what the f**k is America doing? He knocks some food on floor, breaking the plate. I’m guessing he’s drunk. Hannah wakes up João, and asks him to come up. Colin tries telling him that they’re closing up, but it doesn’t matter. Hannah tells João that someone invited him on, and asks João to tell him to get the hell off the boat, in a nice way. João says he’s going to quickly make it professional, and changes into his uniform. No-Name asks if they want to come check out his boat. Michelle says she’s in charge, and she says no. He says she’s a lady, and he has respect for that. She tells him, don’t get confused; she’s not a lady, and Johnny isn’t effing going anywhere. Johnny says he’s not messing with her, and she says, it’s not happening. To emphasize her point, she wags her finger in No-Name’s face, and he grabs her arm.

João grabs No-Name from behind in a bear hug, and says he’s going to escort him to his boat. In his interview, João says, forget the job. When he sees a man get physical with a woman, he’s not having it. Anders says he’s sinking No-Name’s boat. Hannah tells him, stop it, and Michelle says she rules this boat, and she can make this sh*t happen. Don’t effing touch her. In Hannah’s interview, she says these people need to understand it’s not Disneyland. It’s St. Tropez, and they don’t act like that here. In Colin’s interview, he says, drunk billionaires, people fighting each other; it’s not something he signed up for. Finally, these jerks go to bed.

In Colin’s interview, he says he’s usually awkward around beautiful women, and he’s most awkward around June. Maybe it’s part of his charm. Breakfast is made. The captain says she heard the guests had an eventful night, but João took care of it. On the bridge, she sees the wind is going to kick up to sixty knots. In her interview, she says the deck crew needs to be ready for anything at a moment’s notice. She can’t miss the window she has to dock, or they’ll be stuck in St. Tropez. She’ll miss the turnaround and the pick-up for the next charter. She tells the guests that they have to leave. Aesha wonders when things changed, and Hannah says it’s not hers to question why. In João’s interview, he says, it’s been the charter from hell. They’re fighting the weather, fighting the anchor, and fighting the owner of the boat next door. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Anchor is up, and they pull out.

Captain Sandy tells Travis that they’re probably going straight to the slip. It’s going to get nasty tonight. Hannah tells Anastasia that they’re just doing one meal. Anastasia says, weird, but okay. She preps, and Travis curses his life. Hannah nearly falls bringing chips and other snacks upstairs. They dock at Port Camille Rayon, and the captain says, another amazing job. Hannah asks if one of the deck crew till pick up provisioning for her, and Colin brings on boxes on board. Anastasia looks inside, and says, they’re alive. She didn’t realize the lobsters would be alive, and doesn’t want to kill them. I very rarely cook anything complicated, but even I know lobster is cooked alive. Does she know clams are too, even though they’re not walking around?

João asks if Anastasia wants him to kill the lobsters for her. In her interview, she says it’s not hard to cook meat as a vegan, but she doesn’t want kill them. João kills and halves them. In his interview, he says in Zimbabwe, they’re primitive. They kill their food, eat their food, and respect where it comes from food. They guests are seated. Anastasia is disgusted by her entire dinner, and Hannah says, that’s encouraging. The first course is sea urchin. Johnny asks who put this on their preference sheet, and Anders says they didn’t come there to be normal. Hannah radios June, who doesn’t respond. In June’s interview, she honestly doesn’t know what’s going on, and doesn’t know why she can’t hear the radio. Anastasia tells Hannah that she can only cook two lobsters at a time. In Hannah’s interview, she says, that’s a no-no on a yacht. A superior chef would know how to work around it. It’s where Anastasia is lacking. Regardless, it looks really good.

Aesha and Jack sneak kisses. Johnny wants his lobster cooked more. He wants it perfect, and needs everything super warm. He can’t eat it. João eats gummy bears. I recognize the bag. Travis tells Anastasi to take a break, and she lies down on the dock. She says, horrible. Hannah sits with her, and says, killing animals is something you need to do as a chef, like you have to go out and shoot bear or something. The guests turn in before midnight.

Travis says he envies Anastasia. He feels she’s used her time well. She hugs him, and he says she’s an intelligent, strong woman; he respects that a lot. Not just with cooking. She’s done good things with her life. She appreciates that a lot. June tells Aesha that Hannah hurt her feelings. Aesha says she’s sorry, and hugs June. June says, Hannah’s attitude isn’t necessary. The captain sees all of the chairs pulled away from the table, and radios June. There’s no answer, and she finds June in the laundry room. June says her radio is charging, and the chairs are out because she just vacuumed. The captain says she needs to push them back in now. In her interview, Captain Sandy says, if a crew member doesn’t answer the radio, it’s her pet peeve. She gives June her radio, and says she must listen and answer Hannah or feel the wrath of the captain.

Antibes. June promises nothing was coming through, and the captain says they’ll trade radios for the rest of the season. And she’d better answer it. Jack and Aesha steal more kisses. In Aesha’s interview, she says she’s having fun with him, and wants to get to know him better, but they haven’t even banged yet. In Anastasia’s interview, she says she’s completely rattled. She wants the guests to have a good meal, and get off the boat. Anastasia brings up the eggs benedict, and asks if they want anything else. One guest ants potatoes, and she says it will be about ten minutes. The captain asks if he knows he can order what he wants, and he says he just found that out. Captain Sandy asks Hannah if the guests knew they could get what they want. Hannah says they’ve been told. In her interview, the captain says they don’t tell the guests; they ask. That’s a huge problem for her. She tells Anastasia to put on her jacket when dealing with the guests. In Anastasia’s interview, she says she’s over it, and needs them to go.

The crew gets into their whites. The captain asks the guests how it was, and one of the dudes asks if she wants to know the truth. She says the only way they can improve is if they’re told the truth. Anders says France has some of the best food in the world, and it wasn’t five-star. He was surprised. The captain asks if it was the quality, but Johnny says he has to eat hot food. Anders says their expectations were higher, and Johnny says they needed bigger portions. Michelle says they expected five-star, and it wasn’t. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says, promoting Anastasia may have been a been a mistake.

Next time, a resort day for the crew, João wonders where Aesha and Jack’s shame is, a hair is found in the food, and the captain asks João to reign in the guests in on the jet skis.

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The songs about Tuesday are endless, and I do love Bowling For Soup.




July 22, 2019 – Shiloh Remembers Afghanistan, João’s Picnic Nightmare, & a Kinky Tea


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Curtis tells Jordan that he’s getting dinner. Does she want anything else? She says they’re out of cereal, and he promises to get one with marshmallows. She tells him, don’t be long. They have mail to open, clothes to fold, and dusting to do. She kisses him in between listing each chore, and adds, lots and lots of dusting. They start to make out, and in the doorway, Stella clears her throat.

Olivia comes to Sonny’s house. She says they have to talk about their son Dante. Dante shot Lulu’s boss.

Lulu tells Laura that the divorce papers say desertion is Dante’s reason. Laura says, that’s ridiculous. Lulu hasn’t gone anywhere, and did nothing but wait. She says Dante isn’t saying she deserted him. He’s saying he deserted her.

Maxie tells Nina, they did it. Good Morning Port Charles is going to mention the Crimson special. Jax comes in with champagne. Maxie and Nina both say they don’t have time, but Jax says it’s an excellent vintage. Nina says, one glass, if he insists. He tells them The Garden of Good and Ava is going to blow their competition out of the water. While he loathes the subject, he never doubted it would sell. Maxie says, it shows the real Ava. What if she doesn’t like it? Jax says, too bad, and they all clink glasses.

Walking into the Crimson offices, Ava tells Valentin, next time, she’s taking the stairs. Valentin asks if the psychic she saw was the real deal. She asks if he’s looking for a message from the other side. She gives Sibley four out of five chakras. Valentin asks, why not five? and she says Sibley was out of line. She spoke about something Ava wanted to forget. She tells Valentin that he’s had his share of past wrongdoings. She watched him murder Nikolas.

Alexis asks Neil, what if the reason Kristina latched on to Shiloh was because she inherited Alexis’s streak of choosing poisonous partners? Maybe she passed on the gene. Neil says it’s not always about her.

Shiloh drinks alone at The Floating Rib bar. He remembers being in an infirmary tent in Afghanistan. Drew (looking like Jason) pounds on his chest, and tells him to wake up. Shiloh asks where he is, and drew says, A-section. Shiloh asks, what happened? and Drew says his boys were ambushed, and Shiloh’s jeep was hit. He’s lucky to be alive. Shiloh asks if Drew pulled him out, and Drew says, his mistake.

Stella tells Jordan and Curtis, don’t mind her. She noticed they needed some food shopping done. Curtis says he knows how to do that. Seeing the empty cereal box, Stella says, clearly nutrition is not a priority. He says he guesses she doesn’t want any part of the barbecue he’s picking up, and she tells him to get her a double order of cornbread. He leaves, and Stella tells Jordan that she tends to share her opinions freely. It’s best for Jordan to be careful not to overexert. Jordan says if Stella is referring to her sex life, don’t worry. They’re being careful. What about her? Stella says, excuse me? and Jordan says she’s just asking if there are any new developments in her life. Stella says her life is fine, and Jordan says she was curious if Stella had a change of heart about finding her mysterious relative.

Drew shoots pool, and stares daggers at Shiloh. Shiloh continues down Afghanistan Memory Lane. Drew says he pulled him out first, a civilian. By the time he got back to get Tex, it was too late. And if Shiloh thinks he’s in the clear, he couldn’t be more wrong. At the bar, Shiloh sees he only has two bucks in his wallet. Drew says, too bad, but Shiloh says he still has the ELQ shares Oscar left him.

Nina tells Jax, when she pitched the platform to Ava, she said Ava could talk about Kiki, but never promised they wouldn’t explore the rest of her life. Jax says if there are any problems, Ava can see him, but Nina says she can handle it. She’s a big girl, and she’ll be fine.

Laura tells Lulu, maybe Dante thought it would be easier on her if he took the blame. Lulu says it’s as good a guess as any, but they are guessing. They don’t know what Dante is thinking; they’re not there. He won’t even take her calls. Laura says she’ll call Frisco. The WSB owes Lulu. Lulu says, it’s not that simple. Dante shot Peter. He’s not just their patient; he’s their prisoner. Laura is sure Dante loves her, and can’t imagine he’d walk away without even so much as a goodbye. Lulu tells her, he did say goodbye, when he was leaving, but she didn’t really hear him. What is she going to tell the kids? She cries, and Laura holds her.

Olivia tells Sonny, it’s not making sense. They’re good, kind, beautiful boy tried to kill Peter. Sonny agrees, and asks how Peter found him. Olivia says Maxie was with him. Robert told her. She tells Sonny not to look at her like she’s hysterical. Dante stole an agent’s gun, and shot Peter. Sonny says, let’s go, and she asks, where? He says, to find some answers.

Alexis says she heard Neil the first ten times he told her that. She doesn’t think she’s at the root of all of Kristina’s issues, but maybe she could be. The Pledge hinged on the mother of all domineering acts. Neil says, some might say it was an act of love. He says it’s interesting how she turned a question about her social life into a conversation about Kristina’s ordeal. She says she doesn’t have a social life; there’s nothing to discuss. He asks if that isn’t worth discussion, and she says her sad singlehood? He asks if it makes her sad, and she says, it was a joke. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. He says she came in with valid concerns about the men in her life. Are those issues no longer a concern?

Alexis says she’s sorry. She didn’t know there were rules about what they discuss. He says, it’s her session, but he’d be a bad counselor if he didn’t bring up the subject that brought her here. She says her unhealthy leaning toward risky behavior in relationships?  Has she nipped that in the bud? He says if she’s asking the questions, maybe she should pay herself. She asks if he’s done with her, and he tells her, he didn’t say that, but maybe she’s done with him.

Valentin says Ava saw Nikolas attack him. He was defending himself, and she signed an affidavit to that effect. Maxie tells Nina that Valentin and Ava are there, but Jax has one more question. Why did she gloss over so much of Ava’s past?

Drew says he told Shiloh never to say his son’s name. Shiloh says technically, the shares aren’t his yet, He thought if they worked together, it could be fixed. Drew says, no deal, and Shiloh says he doesn’t want to dishonor Oscar. Drew grabs Shiloh, and throws him up against the bar. Curtis comes in, and breaks them up. He tells Drew that Oscar wouldn’t want this, and they sit.

Lulu tells Laura that she’ been walking a tightrope with the kids, assuring them that Dante’s absence is temporary. How can she tell them it might be forever? What will it do to them? Laura says, kids are resilient. The more pressing question isn’t how the kids will deal with it, but how Lulu will. Lulu doesn’t know what her options are. Scream? Fall apart? Bury her head in the sand? Laura says she has two options. Give Dante what he wants, or fight him. She doesn’t have to decide right now. The state gives twenty days to contest a divorce. After that, it goes through automatically. Lulu says, so Dante left her twenty days to decide whether to fight for their marriage or let it die.

Ava asks if the Crimson issue has gone to print, and Maxie says, it’s going to be huge. Ava wants an advance copy. In Nina’s office, Nina tells Jax that he’d said it was an honest portrayal of a difficult woman. She pulled no punches. Jax says she left out Ava’s involvement in various crimes. When Nikolas faked his own death, she was there, and during part of the trip, Nikolas was murdered. Nina says, he wasn’t murdered. Valentin only defended himself. Anyone who sees it otherwise is delusional, including Nikolas’s mother.

Lulu tells Laura that she doesn’t have to hang around, but Laura says she’s a mom. Hanging around is part of the job description. Lulu has to make a decision about the future. Lulu says, she has to make all the decisions. What they have for dinner, what clothes the kids wear, what movies they see, when to say no, and when to give them what they want. Whether they love or hate each other, whether they hang on or move on, they’re supposed to be in this together. Now he says it’s just her. She throws the papers down. Sonny and Olivia knock at the door, and Laura says it’s Lulu’s choice. Outside, Olivia says she has the key. Sonny says Lulu shouldn’t have to do this alone; they’re family. Lulu opens the door. Olivia says Robert told her the craziest thing. Sonny says, it’s true, isn’t it? and Lulu says, more than he knows.

Curtis asks Drew if he’s good, and Drew says he is. Curtis tells him, just think about his son. Drew says that’s all he does, but it’s hard not to come apart when that bastard gets in his face. He should have killed him. Curtis says, maybe he tried. Shiloh steals a tip sitting on the bar, and puts it in his wallet. I didn’t think I could look at him as any more of a lowlife than I already did, but I do. He asks for another beer. In Afghanistan, Drew tells Shiloh that Tex never regained consciousness after the ambush, but this morning, before they set out, he told Drew everything. Shiloh made over a million dollars on the black market. If Tex had lived, he’d be facing a court martial. Shiloh will be tried as a civilian as soon as Drew turns his ass in.

Stella tells Jordan that she doesn’t have time to be frivolous, like tracking down long lost relatives. She asks if they need help with the bills, but Jordan says they’ll be fine. Curtis has picked up some work, and she’s back to working part time. Stella thinks that was fast, but Jordan says it’s just enough that Mac doesn’t feel overwhelmed, and she feels useful. But she has the time and the inclination to help unmask Stella’s mysterious relation.

Alexis accuses Neil of trying to ditch her. He asks if it would make her feel abandoned if they severed ties. She asks if she’s cured, but he says, that word has no business in a therapeutic context. It suggests the client was sick in the first place. She asks if she’s good to go, and he says there are more depths to plumb, but by her own assertion, her question has been answered. He doesn’t want to risk them having an unhealthy therapeutic relationship. She says, spoken like someone who knows from experience.

Olivia asks how Maxie knew Dante meant to shoot, and Lulu says he had his gun in his hand. When he saw Peter, he fired. Olivia says it’s the PTSD. That’s why he needs to be home, or he can’t heal. Laura says, he might not be free to go. Sonny asks why Maxie and Peter were there, and Lulu says, they were just trying to help. It’s not their fault. Olivia says, it’s not Dante’s fault, but Lulu says, that’s why he left. He didn’t trust his own mind. Olivia suggests tearing up the papers. Sonny asks if Lulu is giving Dante a divorce.

Alexis asks if Neil has ever experienced an unhealthy therapeutic relationship. He thought they had an understanding about respecting his private life, but she says, it’s not about his private life, but his professional life. Past conduct is relevant. He says she has nothing to worry about, and she says, interesting that he thinks she’s worried. He says he thinks she has a talent for redirecting the conversation. It serves her well anywhere but there. She came to him because of her personal life. How does she feel about her progress. Does she think she needs more work, or can she handle it? She thinks it’s been productive. Maybe she has gotten all she needs from him. He says there’s a way of putting that to the test.

Stella asks Jordan, what part of not interested doesn’t she grasp. She says she grasps it; she just doesn’t buy it. Stella say she doesn’t need to know everything about her family. She already immersed herself in their history, and she’s made peace with it. If there’s another branch of the family she doesn’t know about, or someone got into something they shouldn’t have, there goes the peace. Jordan says there’s someone tied to her by blood out there in the world. Can she honestly make peace with that?

Curtis tells Drew, Shiloh is a swindler. He doesn’t do anything without a payoff, and he’s dropping Oscar’s name because he’s angling to get a reaction he can use. Don’t give him that. Do it for Oscar. Shiloh thinks again back to Afghanistan. He tells Drew he didn’t do anything. Drew has no proof. Drew says he sold fuel to the enemy. It’s treason, and good for at least twenty years. It’s not enough. Shiloh calls Drew a self-righteous bastard. At The Floating Rib, Shiloh looks at Drew.

Maxie tells Ava that she’ll get a copy as soon as the magazine is back from the printer. Valentin asks if Ava is eager to see herself. It’s brave of her. She says she wants the readers to see her daughter as she did; beautiful and full of life. Maxie says Ava’s interview was compelling, and Kiki was a huge part.

Jax tells Nina that he couldn’t care less about Valentin’s innocence. It’s Ava’s guilt he doesn’t want to protect. Nina says if they’d mentioned everything, it wouldn’t be a feature. It would be a seven volume encyclopedia. The whole idea was for Ava to tell her story in her own words, and put it out there for the world to judge. It shows her for who she is; vain, insecure, and selfish to the core. The internet is a savage place. (She’s got that right.) When the comments start to come through, Ava will get what she deserves and more, trust her. He says, that’s an interesting choice of words; trust her. Why does he get the feeling she’s not telling him something? She says maybe he’s projecting, and has a hidden agenda. He says he was transparent about his plans for Crimson. She says she was thinking about doing a new feature. High fashion’s representation of dangerous women – Helena Cassadine, Alex Marick, Cassandra Pierce. Has he ever heard of her? Valentin listens.

Jax says, Cassandra Pierce? Fugitive from justice, and key figure in an international drug cartel manufacturing synthetic opioids? Ava walks in, and asks why this matters.

Stella admits to Jordan that she already paid the subscription fee to connect to whoever it was, but they didn’t do the same. She can’t get more information. Maybe they don’t want to know her.

In Afghanistan, Drew says Shiloh just wanted to make a buck. Tex hated himself. Shiloh says it was his choice, but Drew says Shiloh talked him into it. He’s worse than the Taliban. Shiloh asks what good it will do to turn him in, and Drew says he can’t explain justice to Shiloh. He’s incapable of understanding. At the bar, Shiloh says he’ll get justice as soon as he gets his money back.

Olivia asks if Lulu has fallen out of love with Dante, but she says, never. Olivia says Dante hasn’t either. He’s just not himself right now. Sonny says Dante isn’t out of their lives. Maybe he believes Lulu and the kids are better off without him. Olivia says, he’s a self-sacrificing idiot. Lulu says, it hurts either way. Her husband is gone, and he dumped all the decisions on her. Olivia knows her boy, and knows he’ll come back. Laura says Lulu is the one who’s married to him. It’s her choice, and their job to support her.

Alexis hears a plan coming on, and Neil says it harkens back to their earlier discussion about her social life. Alexis says, she doesn’t have one, and he asks if that’s by choice or circumstances. She says she’s been busy rescuing her daughter from a cult. He says she’s always busy, and Kristina is free. Maybe it’s time that she discover if her progress has yielded any practical results. Go on a date. She says, because the Port Charles pool of desirable men is so deep? He says if she wants to know if she can avoid the Julians and Jaxes of the world, she has to get out there. Alexis says, getting out there is one way; avoiding men altogether is another. He asks if she’s ready to give up romantic relationships.

Alexis says she never mentioned renouncing romantic relationships altogether. Although it’s crossed her mind that it’s the easier option. He says, some people find fulfilment elsewhere. Does she think she’s one of those? She says, romantic relationships are emotionally exhausting, and always end up in tears. Why put herself through the disappointment? He says it sounds like they still have more to talk about, and she says, so she’s not firing him? He asks her to tell him. Her phone dings. She says she guarantees he’ll definitely see her next week. Shiloh made bail.

Ava tells Nina that Maxie informed her the magazine isn’t back from the printers yet. When can she expect her advance copy? Nina says as soon as its shipped, but right now, she’s in the middle of a meeting. She asks Maxie to walk Ava out. She says it’s been an honor, and she’s pleased to tell Ava’s story, but publishing never stops. She needs to work on the next issue. Maxie says she’ll call Ava as soon as it arrives. She’s sure their readers will be fascinated. Ava says, the only opinion that matters is Kiki’s. She just wants Kiki to get her message.

Jax leaves, and Nina tells Valentin, she’s calling the printer. The sooner the magazine ships, the sooner Ava gets her copy. Valentin says there was tension between Nina and Jax. What was it about? Nina says, him.

Stella tells Jordan that she preferred being prepared, in case a long lost relative showed up, but unless they change their mind, she’ll just have to wonder. Jordan says too bad she doesn’t have a detective in the family with time on their hands. Stella doesn’t know, but Jordan says she can make discreet inquiries, but leave Stella’s name out.

Lulu tells Laura that she doesn’t know how to make this decision. Does she listen to her heart or head> What’s the right thing to do? Laura says, be honest with herself. Ask herself, will her life or her children’s lives be better if she fights Dante on this, or should she accept it? Lulu says, either way, Dante may never come home.

Olivia and Sonny go back to Sonny’s place. Olivia can’t stand not being able to talk to Dante, when he’s obviously hurting. She could make him understand why he’s wrong. Sonny says, maybe; maybe not. She say she has to keep believing in Dante, and tells Sonny not to give up on their son. Sonny says he’s not doing that, but maybe Dante is cutting himself off from them too.

Drew tells Curtis, normally, he can let the stuff Shiloh says roll off his back, but it’s different when you have kids. Curtis says he’s got more than memories to his life. Oscar would want him to live. Shiloh is garbage. Forget his ass, and move on.

In Afghanistan, Shiloh says he’ll lawyer up. He’s not saying a word. Maybe he’ll be convicted, maybe not, but why not take a chance? They can do it together. Root the bastards out, and split the money. He’ll never have to see Shiloh again. Think of the life he can live back home with his girl Kim. Drew grabs Shiloh by the throat, and says, don’t ever say her name again. He can’t comprehend the meaning of justice, but he will. Back in Port Charles, Shiloh says Drew should have taken the deal. He looks at Drew and smiles.

Tomorrow, Curtis asks what Valentin and Cassandra have in common, Lulu meets Dustin again, and Finn says Hayden has kept her fair share of secrets from him.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Eze, France. At the picnic, Aesha asks where the cutlery is. Colin says, it’s not in the van, and she tells him that they’ll have to steal some from a restaurant. In João’s interview, he says, it’s a total clusterf**k, bringing all this stuff uphill. Surely Hannah understands they’re unmanned. He could call Captain Sandy, but it’s too late to send more people. There’s no point. Colin charms someone at a restaurant, and gets what they need, including napkins.

Back at the boat, Anastasia says she loves the water, and has forgotten all her hours in the galley.

June tells Aesha she was holding it, but didn’t pack it. We see a clip of her holding the bag with the cutlery in it. In her interview, Aesha says June can’t even own up to her own mistake in not packing the key thing for the picnic. In June’s interview, she says she feels like she’s been thrown in the fire for this. She remembers putting them in a Ziplock bag, but it’s not her fault; she just got here. The picnic is set up

The rest of the crew plays in the water.

Jackie wants to hold a butterfly. She says it came down and touched her, but thinks she scared it. I’d be afraid of her too. Lunch is served. Jackie says this is something only a billionaire can do, but they are billionaires. Jackie tells Aesha to give the chef two thumbs up. After lunch, Aesha asks if the guests want make their way down. Jackie wants to stop at a store. João radios Hannah, and tells her that they’re packing up.

Jack finds the cutlery on the galley table. On the hill, the supplies are all packed up. They pass the guests on the way down. João says, this is bullsh*t. There’s too little of them to do that much work.

Anastasia plans the dinner, and gives Hannah the menu. In her interview, she says, the guests are requesting some weird-ass sh*t. Sea urchin is something a vegan would never touch. Actually, a normal person wouldn’t touch it. João radios for the tender, and Travis heads out. Colin says, it was a sh*t show. Jackie’s daughter says her husband is trés sexy. Her husband says he’s trés bored.

Joao tells Hannah it was too much work for four people, and ill-planned. It took them an hour and a half to bring everything back down. Hannah sends June on an hour break. In June’s interview, she whines, only an hour? She’s been up since five. Travis says he had a chill day, and offers to help put the stuff away. João says they had extra hands to work. Why weren’t they working? In João’s interview, he says the last thing he needs to hear is that Travis had a chill day, while they were working their asses off. Hannah says, that’s picnics for you. There’s not a lot she can do. In her interview, she says she understands his frustration, but she sent two stews. He has four deckhands. Why didn’t he take them?

João tells Colin that they got the job done. If it had been Jack or Travis, it would have halted rather than been finished. In Colin’s interview, he says he and João have been carrying the deck crew. Having Jack and Travis test out the slide is frustrating. He tells João, sweet. Those a-holes got paid for a day off.

Jackie shows everyone a piece of jewelry she got for only $30K. She hates making a deal. In Aesha’s interview, she says when she was growing up, they couldn’t even afford cheese. Jackie asks for the tender to be there at 6:30. Hannah radios June, who’s sleeping. In Hannah’s interview, she says June just got there. Didn’t she nap on the plane? Hannah goes to June’s bunk at tells her it’s 6:30.

The guests return. Captain Sandy asks how it was, and Aesha says, they loved it. João snores in his bunk. Hannah gives the returning guests towels. Anastasia apologizes to the sea urchins as she carves them, singing, crazy rich people want to eat you. Aesha tells Hannah about June forgetting the cutlery, when she’d told her it was the main thing. She’s going to have to keep an eye on her. Hannah hopes it doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

João tells Jack to put the stuff away. In Jack’s interview, he says he thinks he and João get on well, but João keeps trying to tell him what to do all the time. Um… isn’t that what a boss does? Hannah asks what Jackie’s intentions for the memorial dinner are, and she says she wants tonight to have a spiritual feeling. In Hannah’s interview, she says her mother went through it with her brother. Her other brother moved away when her parents broke up, and it was strange going from five to two people in her family.  She tells Jackie they’ll make it special tonight.

Hannah apologizes to João. He says, it’s not anyone’s fault, but they’re not doing it like again. Hannah asks him how he thinks June is doing. He says, fine, and Hannah says, she has the personality of an effing glass of water. In Hannah’s interview, she says she and João have come so far. It’s best to let the past go. In João’s interview, he says she’s growing on him, but that’s all that’s growing. He promises.

Hannah tells June how dinner is going to work, and instructs her on silverware placement. In June’s interview, she says she’s smart, but…. Hannah tells her to do the middle of the table, and she’ll do the rest.

Jackie shows June a picture of her daughter. June starts to cry, and says her dad passed away ten years ago. He got very sick, out of nowhere. It was unexpected, and changed everything. She misses him every day. I’m not liking June that much, but I identify. Jackie tells her about seeing the butterfly, and says it was her daughter giving her a sign. June thinks it was definitely a sign. Jackie takes off her butterfly ring, and puts it on June. She tells June it’s gold-plated, but it’s unclear if this is part of, or is, the $30K purchase earlier. June asks if Jackie is sure, and Jackie says she’s getting goosebumps. She doesn’t know if it’s her daughter, June’s dad, or both. The guests sit. June did a beautiful job with the table. Purple (the daughter’s favorite color) netting with white star fish, shells, and stones placed on it, and a white candle in the middle.

Some of the guests are going out later, and ask to have the tender available. In her interview, Anastasia says she’s surprising herself with every meal. The starter is sea scallops, with cauliflower puree and caviar, which sounds amazing. In Hannah’s interview, she thinks Anastasia is spot on. The scallops look like boobs, and there are a lot of fake ones on board. Hannah asks June if the cabins are done. In June’s interview, she says it takes a while for her to finish, but she always ends up getting it done. it took her two years to finish bartending school. Hannah and Anastasia exchange looks.

Jackie asks if the chef went to a special chef school. The sea urchin is served. Jackie tells everyone, sea urchin tastes like a nursing baby’s poop. I don’t want to know any more than that. In her interview, June says when Hannah looks at her like she’s dumb – we see a clip of Hannah pointing out a list of duties – it makes her flustered. Hannah tells June that if she says she’s finished, and Hannah finds out she’s not, she’s going to get annoyed because she lied, not because she’s taking too long. June tells Aesha about the ring, and Aesha says, it’s so nice. In Aesha’s interview, she says it takes so long to recover from a death. She cries a little in her room, then comes out and asks Jack for a hug. She asks if someone can clean for her; she feels sick. The memorial reminded her of her brother. Jack pitches in with the cleaning, and Travis takes over on the hug. He tells her, let it out, and she cries. He tells her, it’s all right.

Jack clears the plates, and Jackie tells everyone not to say hi to Jack on a plane. It takes me a beat, and I literally lol, even though it’s stupid. In his interview, Jack says he doesn’t like seeing Aesha upset. If she can get through something so traumatic, what does he have to complain about? Captain Sandy tells Jack to find his shoes, and João asks him to make sure the tender is ready.

Some of the guests are ready to go. Jack is getting his outfit ready for his date with Aesha, when João radios. He changes back, and helps the guests onto the tender. João says he’s coming along, and they get in.

A few guests have stayed behind with Jackie, who says it’s been emotional for her. They write things on the paper lanterns. Aesha and June make lanterns as well, but Hannah passes. Good for her. I can’t stand those lanterns. One landed in my backyard once – still burning. This is no one’s best idea.  The other group gets to shore. On the dock, João comments on Jack’s bare feet, and Jack says he prefers it. João says Jack is like a child, and Jack says his feet can’t be caged. It’s not a big deal. João says, it is. At the boat, the lanterns are prepared for flight. Jack tells João, the world is still turning. João tells Jack, stop treating the job like it’s a joke. Jack tells him, calm down, and João says he can’t if Jack keeps effing up.  In João’s interview, he says, if Jack doesn’t do something, he’s going to see someone he doesn’t want to see.  

On land, the guests take a car to Monaco.

Jackie lets go of her lantern, which promptly falls straight into the water.

Going back in the tender, Jack tells João, if he wants something from him, don’t speak to him like a d*ckhead; he has no respect. Always ask nicely. Jack finds the lantern in the water, and radios the boat. He tells them to hold the lantern for sixty seconds first, until it starts to rise. They do it, and it works. I’m guessing that gives heat inside a chance to build. Jackie hugs June, and says her daughter and June’s dad are there.

Joao asks Colin if speaks disrespectfully to Jack, but Colin thinks he just sounds like a regular boss. He says, that’s Jack’s thing now. Aesha tells Jack, João is on his high horse, and she and Jack mimic riding a horse in the galley. João says, Jack is a little bug who can be squashed. Jackie thinks she’s discovered a new star, but Colin tells her that it’s a planet. Desperate for more signs, she says if they hadn’t done the lanterns, they wouldn’t have seen it. Hannah opens champagne for two of the guests. On deck, Jackie talks to another guest who seems hammered. They get in the hot tub. The guests on shore call for a ride back at almost 4 am. Hannah radios Jack to replace Colin on watch, so Colin can pick up the guests.

After the guests get back and have another drink, they finally go to bed. Jackie is still up, and wandering. She goes into the galley, and nearly scares the life out of Hannah, who’s in there making a list. Hannah is distracted momentarily when two other guests poke their heads in, and Jackie meanders to the laundry room. Hannah hotfoots it behind her. Jackie says she didn’t know this was there, and Hannah suggests they talk about it upstairs so they don’t wake the crew up. In Hannah’s interview, she says she’s been babysitting all night. Why is she there, and why does she do this job? Travis asks if Hannah just got up for a minute, and she says she hasn’t been to bed. He hugs her, and in her interview, she says she’s looking forward to their date. He’s a bit of a menace, but she loves a menace.

Aesha asks one of the guests when they got in, and she says she doesn’t know. It’s the last day of charter, and the anchor is up. The captain tells João they have schedule. Anastasia asks June if she has a boyfriend, and June says, it’s weird. Yeah, no, she isn’t sure. Hannah says June told her she traveled too much. June says, she didn’t, but we flash back to that. In June’s interview, she says they’re on a break. It’s hard to talk about it, since it’s complicated. Jack tells Travis about the shoe discussion. Anastasia asks Hannah where they’re going on the date. Hannah doesn’t know, and just wants to sleep.  Breakfast is served at almost 11 am. Jackie points out that there’s caviar, and says, the chef doesn’t miss a beat.

Everyone gets changed. The guests pack, and the crew lines up. This better be good tip after all that bragging about how rich she is. Jackie says the crew has been the most professional and nicest group she’s ever met, and gives Captain Sandy an envelope. She says she wishes she could take them home, and tells the butterfly story. She’s still talking past 1 pm. Captain Sandy, who’s been nodding like a bobblehead, says they’re glad, happy, and thrilled the guests enjoyed it, and that they were able to provide the experience. Jackie finally says goodbye.

João wants to talk to the captain. He says he’s struggling a bit with the deck team. He’s trying to drive people who don’t want to work there. Captain Sandy says he probably won’t find someone who works at his pace. Exceptional crew members are few and far between. She suggests he engage, and play up the team aspect. It’s part of being a leader. She tells him, good luck. Jack asks June how her first charter was, and she says, it couldn’t go any better. She tells Colin that she just saw West Side Story. In Colin’s interview, he says, if the conversation ends in a musical number, you know you had a good time.

Captain Sandy says they got a great tip. She’s in awe of Anastasia, and says she has talent. She asks how June feels, getting thrown in. June says she’s getting along, and it’s going to be good. The tip is 13,000 euros, or $1175 per person. In Aesha’s interview, she says Jackie gave away expensive jewelry, and they can’t even get a decent tip. I agree. She could have done a lot better. João calls a deck crew meeting, and tells them that things were slightly more disorganized this charter. Jack didn’t appreciate them arguing on the last day, and says it would be better if João talked to him with respect. It creates motivation. João says he’s not there to create motivation, but Jack says, as a team leader, he is. Agreeing with that too. Didn’t the captain just tell him to play up teamwork? João must know Jack is right, because he starts stammering. He tells Jack, just get on with what they need to do, and don’t say he’s not motivated. June struggles to put a sheet on Captain Sandy’s bed.

Aesha hugs Jack. She says she hasn’t been on a date in ages. Jack says his last date was a one night stand. She doesn’t think that’s considered a date, but he says they got food on the way home. João says he’ll be Colin’s wingman, and asks about his pick-up lines. Colin says they’re lame. You must be an atom because we have chemistry. João says he’ll get this right. June is nervous about her first time outside the boat with the crew. Everyone knows each other, and she hopes to make friends.

Jack tells Travis that he’s not trying for a kiss tonight. They all get out of the taxi at a beautiful restaurant. Jack asks if June is a vegetarian, and she says she doesn’t eat octopus. Jack asks if Aesha is twerking tonight, and João promises not to judge. Hannah thinks they make a cute couple. She asks again if June has a boyfriend, and June says she is seeing someone. She’s not looking. In his interview, Colin says, f**k me. June says, they’re not broken up; they’re just not talking. Jack says usually when he’s not talking to a girl, it means they’ve broken up. He adds that now they’re grilling her, but Hannah says she’s just curious. June doesn’t feel well, and tells Anastasia not to say anything. She leaves the table, and Anastasia says, she just needs a minute. Hannah asks if she’s crying, but Anastasia says, no.

June barely makes it into the restroom, and throws up in a garbage can.

Next time, the primary is MLB player Johnny Damon, Captain Sandy says Jack is going to be off the boat, some of the guests harass Anastasia in the galley, João has to scuba dive for the anchor, and June won’t answer the radio.

🍵 The Only Tea I Have Tonight…

July 15, 2019 – Maxie Makes a Mistake, the Queen Takes On the Med, the OC Returns, Prime Quote & Versailles


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the hospital, Finn checks his phone, but nothing from Anna. He runs into Alexis, who’s coming out of an AA meeting. He asks, how was it? and she says, needed. He says he’s looking to get in one, and she asks if he’s troubled. He says it’s more unsettled, and she asks if it has anything to do with Hayden. Does he want to talk? He doesn’t think she has the time, but she says for him, she does.

Ava sits at Charlie’s bar, and Julian says he’s proud of her. She’s doing the Crimson interview and cover as a survivor; not helpless. She tells him, don’t go overboard. Some days it’s too much effort to get out of bed. He says, regardless, she’s still doing it. Her phone rings. It’s Sibley, and Ava says she was hoping it was her.

Laura steps away from her table at the MetroCourt to take a call. Walking out of the elevator, Dev sees, and knocks her bag off the table. When he bends to pick it up, Jason grabs it first. Carly approaches, and asks how Jason and Dev are getting along.

Sonny asks if Lulu has heard from Dante. She says, no, and it’s getting to the point where his absence is more than she can take. Sonny is sorry, and asks if there’s anything he can do to help. She says he found Dante, and brought him home once before. She needs him to do it again. He asks, did something happen? and she says, Rocco’s little league game happened. Charlotte’s Dance recital happened. Olivia lost a family member in Oscar, and Sonny is on the verge of being a father. Dante is missing all of it. Their lives are going on, and Dante’s not there. She doesn’t feel like herself without him. She has no steady ground or stability; nothing. It’s wrong, and it’s time to make it right.

Maxie says she’s not accepting this. Peter tells her, wait, and follows as she barges into the WSB office.. She looks into the room, says, Dante, no! and Peter is shot. She rushes to him, and tells him, stay with her. She asks if he’s in pain, and he says, it’s not best feeling. Guards run in, and a medic runs to Peter. A woman comes out of the office, and says, everything is okay. The patient is secure. Maxie asks, what the hell happened? and the woman tells her, remain calm, and let them handle it. The medic says the bullet went clear through and didn’t hit any organs, but Peter needs to be transferred to a medical facility. Maxie says, no. He’s going to General Hospital in Port Charles, where the people she trusts can take care of him.

Carly tells Jason that Dev needs a summer job, so she’s setting him up at the MetroCourt. She tells Dev to see a guy in the kitchen. When Dev leaves, Jason asks what she thinks of him. She asks what he thinks, but he says, her first.

Hayden sits with Laura. Laura says she understands Hayden had a trip to the PCPD. Hayden says, it was a big misunderstanding, and it’s over now. Laura’s phone dings, and she says, it’s Spencer. Hayden says she wanted to talk to Laura about him, and asks how he’s doing. Laura says, well, and shows her a selfie he took at the Tivoli Gardens. He’s in boarding school in the French Alps, and they go to Paris often. Hayden says, he looks so much older, like a little man. Laura laughs, and says, he sounds older too. It’s hard to believe the precocious grade schooler… He’s still precocious, but he looks more and more like Nikolas every day.

Finn tells Alexis that he and Hayden almost had something. They were so close to making it work, then she was gone. You think you’re going to make it, then realize you’ll never see them again. Alexis says, life happens. Finn says, when she came back, he was forced to come face to face with his epic failure. Alexis says that happens when she runs into Ned… and Sonny, and Ric, and Julian. He asks if she want to talk, but she thinks he needs to talk about Hayden. He says he’s good at near death stuff – Hayden saved his life and he wouldn’t be there if it hadn’t been for her – but it was the day to day stuff. Neither of them trusts others easily, and the impulse is to protect themselves. Hayden said she moved on, and he so did he, but he moved on with someone who disappeared.

Ava tells Sibley that she has a personal item from Kiki. They’re all set. Kristina comes in, and hears the end of the conversation. When she’s done, Ava notices Kristina, and asks if she wanted to be conferenced in. Kristina says she didn’t mean to eavesdrop, and Ava says, yes, she did. Kristina says she heard the name Sibley. As in Sibley Gamble? She’s the most famous psychic ever. Julian asks if she said psychic. Kristina says she even solved a murder upstate. Ava tells Julian that plenty of people believe. She’s getting more in tune with her spiritual side. Kristina says she had a roommate like that, and Julian asks if he’s mentioned how glad he is to have her back. Maybe she should do something. Kristina says roger that, and leaves. Julian says he didn’t think in a million years this is something Ava would be interested in. She says it’s not like the material plane has been good to her. She’s investigating her spiritual side. Julian asks if it’s one spirit in particular – Kiki.

Carly tells Jason that Dev saved Sonny’s life, and Jason says, Sonny likes to pay his debts. She says Jason is the same way, so he gets it. Jason says, to a point. Carly says he’s a little too cocky and charming, but a good distraction for Josslyn. Sonny wants to mentor him, and it’s important. It’s the most involved she’s seen him in a long time. She wants to help, and thinks he should too. Dev put his life on the line for Sonny.

Laura tells Hayden about Spencer’s skiing accident, and says she had to relocate to France for a while. Hayden says, there are worse places. Laura says Spencer is fine now, and has had made strides forward emotionally and academically too. He’s really growing up. The only cloud still over his head is Valentin. Hayden says, because Valentin wound up with Spencer’s fortune? Laura says Valentin stole the home Spencer grew up in with his father, and he’ll never get over it.

Lulu tells Sonny, when Dante was gone first the time, it was torture. Nights were the worst of all. All she did was worry if he’d come home, and would she ever see him again? When he walked in, she had relief like she’d never experienced, which is saying something from the wife of a cop. Sonny says, but he didn’t come back all the way. Lulu says it wasn’t the physical scars, but the emotional toll. Part of it was being away from his family; missing his wife and children. Sonny says, she told him that Dante had scars. Lulu assumes Dante told him in Turkey, but Sonny says, not like he told her. She says, Dante’s back was like a web of ridges. She can only imagine it’s from being tortured. Sonny knew he was haunted, but he didn’t get specific. She says, he’s good at not sharing. He didn’t want to put it on her, but he said he saw and did unimaginable things when he was working for Raj. He told her that he was broken without her, and she’s broken. The only way she sees them as whole again is for them to be together.

Ava tells Julian, she’s not doing this. He says she’s paying a psychic, and she says, so what? It doesn’t have any effect on his life. He says he’s worried about the effect on hers. She says she needs this more than she’s needed anything. He says he understands, but she says he can’t possibly. His children are alive. They’re not his biggest fans, but they’re still breathing. He has a chance to make things better; she doesn’t. Her child was murdered, and at the time, believed Ava hated her. Julian says Kiki knew Ava loved her, but Ava says she doesn’t know that, and that’s why she needs to make contact. She needs to tell Kiki that she’s sorry; it was a terrible mistake, and she needs to resolve things. Julian says this woman can’t do that for her; she’s a fraud who wants money. Preying on grieving parents, and talking to their deceased kids is a good way to do it. Ava says she felt her; she felt Kiki. Her spirit was there. Ava knows it.

Alexis tells Finn to think about what he’s being presented. He says, that sounds like legal speak, and she says it is legal terminology. She tells him not to make up stories in his head about Hayden. It will drive him insane. He says he’s almost there, and she says, focus on what he’s presented. Don’t go digging into the other person’s background. If Hayden is emotionally withdrawn, it’s none of his business. And if you do it, you’ll get kicked out of therapy. He thanks her for talking. She thinks they both need to go to a lot of meetings.

Ava tells Julian, it was incredible. The lights went off and on. There was a chill in the room, and Kiki was there. He asks where Ava was, and she says, the stateroom on The Haunted Star. Julian says, where they found Kiki? Why did she do that? She says she’d endure anything for one more moment with Kiki. Kristina asks if she talked to Kiki, and Ava says she tried, but Kiki left. Sibley said Kiki didn’t want to linger. Julian says, convenient. Ava asks if it would be so hard to support her, but Julian says she’s being played. Kristina tells him, from what she’s heard, Sibley is the real deal. Julian says, she’s perfected her scam. Ava asks if she’s a fool now, and he says she’s a grieving mother. What Kim is going through is the same. Grief makes people do desperate things. Ava feels for Kim. Oscar was too young to be taken, but at least she got to say goodbye knows her child knew she loved him. She doesn’t have that. Julian says she wants Kiki to be at peace, and the only way is if she finds it in herself.

The hospital floor is deserted, when Peter is wheeled in on a gurney. Maxie wonders why no one was there to meet them. Peter insists it’s okay, but she says, no, it’s not. He says, there’s no damage; he’s fine. She doesn’t know how this happened. A doctor comes out, and says they have a room waiting. From the sound of things, he doesn’t think Peter will need surgery. Peter is wheeled in, and Maxie stands there, looking at his blood on her hands, no doubt remembering Nathan. Finn walks by, and asks what happened to Peter?

Jason tells Carly, all they know about Dev is that he was surviving on his own in Ankara. Carly says he’s resourceful, but Jason says he lacks respect for the law. Carly laughs, and he says, Dev is smart and quick, and understands the rules of the game, but not the game in Port Charles. She asks what his concern is, and Jason says, he’ll get arrested. Being undercover is a lot to ask a kid his age. He doesn’t think Dev can handle it. What’s the first thing you learn on the run? She says, don’t make waves. Jason says trouble has a way of finding Dev. Under normal circumstances, that wouldn’t be a problem, but these aren’t normal circumstances. If Dev thinks he’s as good as he is, he’s going to get caught doing something stupid. That means trouble for everybody. Carly says she has to talk to Sonny.

Julian tells Ava, don’t be mad. She says she’s just stunned. She needs this, and if he can’t get behind it, do her the courtesy of staying out of it. She starts to leave, and opens the door to find Alexis on the other side. Alexis says Jax told her about Ava’s Crimson cover, and congratulates her. Ava says she’d be lying if she didn’t say she was apprehensive. Alexis says, interviews are tricky, and Ava hopes her story is told with care. Alexis wishes her good luck, and Ava leaves.

Alexis comes up behind Kristina, and hugs her. Kristina asks what that was for, and Alexis says she felt like loving her daughter. Kristina says, thanks, but she has to get back to work. Julian asks if she wants coffee. She does, and he says he couldn’t help notice that she made a beeline to Kristina. She asks if she’s not allowed to hug her daughter while she’s working, and Julian tells her that he was just saying he knows how her mind works. Although it annoys the crap out of him. She feels the same abut him, and says she didn’t realize they were on speaking terms. He says he was hard on her about some things, and she says she was a tad judgmental, but what he did was not okay. They have to be on their best behavior. She says, truce? and they shake hands. He says when he sees how much grief Ava is in, it shows him how lucky they are. She says she’s grateful every day that she can see and hug her daughters. He says he feels the same way. What Ava is going through is tough, but he can’t do anything for her, or Kim. Alexis says at the reading of Oscar’s will, the pain that radiated off of Kim and Drew was a parent’s worst nightmare. Julian says, Kim is speaking to someone, which is a good thing. Alexis asks, what about Ava? and he says she’s talking, just not to the person he wants her to. She’s headed for serious trouble.

Laura asks Hayden what her plans are. Hayden says she’s staying in Port Charles. She’s working for Jax. She’s the CFO of his branch of Aurora. It was generous of him to give her the opportunity. Laura says since she was busted twice for embezzling, yeah.

Dev tells Jason that he can explain. Jason misunderstood. The purse was on the floor. Jason says he saw the whole thing. The purse was on the table, unattended, and he knocked it off. He looked around to see where the owner and waitress were. When he saw there were no eyes on him, he tried to grab the wallet. Did he miss anything? Dev doesn’t understand. If Jason saw that, why didn’t he tell Carly?

Finn says he and Maxie don’t know each other well, but Anna thinks of her as a daughter. If she needs to talk… Maxie says, it’s pretty simple. Peter was shot, and it’s her fault. He says, not unless she pulled the trigger. She says she insisted on tracking Dante, when they all told her that he was dealing with PTDS, and it wasn’t something to mess with. She wouldn’t listen. She convinced herself that she knew better. She asked her father for the ultimate favor, and got admitted, but Dante refused to see them. She ignored that, and decided to see him anyway. She barreled into the room where she wasn’t supposed to be. She never saw anyone move so fast, and Dante fired at Peter. Finn says Peter is going to be okay, and Maxie says Dante never would have shot Peter if he’d been in his right mind, but he wasn’t. Peter could have died, and Dante would be a murderer. What’s wrong with her? Why can’t she ever learn?

Maxie tells Finn that she forced her way in. Everyone told her to stay away, but she didn’t listen. He says she was probably wrong and should have listened, but her intentions were good. She broke a rule for a good cause, and shouldn’t take on more responsibility than she has to. She didn’t take away Peter’s choice. She says she was supposed go alone, and he says, Peter is a grown man. The doctor comes out, and says Finn is getting sutures to close the wound. He’ll need to take it easy for a few days, but he’ll make a full recovery. He’s asking for her. She heads to the room, and asks if Finn is coming.

Sonny tells Carly that she just missed Lulu. She wants him to find Dante. Carly says she must be going out of her mind. Sonny says he feels for her, but… She says she got Dev set up, and Sonny asks how he’s doing. She says he’s willing and charming, but she thinks he’s in way over his head. Which means, so are they. She says he knows what it’s like to be young and desperate, telling people you’re capable of what you’re not capable of. She would think, what’s one more lie? when she was at the tipping point. She would get scared, panic, and try to cover, just making things worse. He asks if she thinks that’s going to happen to Dev, and she says, doesn’t he?

Jason tells Dev that he didn’t tell because he needed time to consider. He thinks Dev saw the wallet, and went to grab it before he thought about the consequences. He says let him tell Dev about the family he landed with. The wallet belongs to the mayor of Port Charles, who happens to be one of Sonny’s close friends, and Dante’s mother-in-law. Dev doesn’t know the territory or the people. Impulse worked in his old life, but not in his new life. He has to think it through, study the room, figure out who the people are, and does he really need the money? He’s being taken care of, so the answer is no. It’s an unnecessary risk, and he can’t afford to take those anymore.

Laura apologizes to Hayden for bringing it up. She returned the money twelve hours later. Hayden says it bothers her that she did it at all. She felt pride working at GH. Laura says she’s learned you can make pretty spectacular mistakes, and still be forgiven and rebuild. Maybe not overnight, but if she wants a fresh start, she can have one. Hayden hopes she’s right. Laura says Nikolas dug a deep hole, but in his heart and core, she thinks he was a good person, and could have found his way back. Ava approaches their table, and says, if only he’d lived long enough to have that chance.

Alexis has news for Kristina. She wants Julian to hear too. Shiloh was taken into police custody, and charged with a host of things. His second in command – Kristina says, Harmonyagreed to testify against him. He’s going away for a long time. Kristina says, so it’s over, and hugs Alexis.

Maxie tells Peter that she’s so sorry. He asks, why? and she says it’s all her fault. He knew it was a bad idea, and kept trying to tell her. As usual she did what she wanted. Peter says he’s fine, and asks Finn to tell Maxie he’s fine. Finn tells him, sit back, relax, and enjoy this. He’s obviously in good hands. Finn leaves, and Maxie says she can’t apologize enough. He tells her, stop, and she says, it was a stupid idea. Peter says he was there because he wanted to be there. Being shot was no picnic, but he’s glad it was him and not her. She doesn’t know what to say, and he tells her, says she’s glad both of them are still alive. She does, and kisses him.

Sonny knows what Carly is saying; Dev leaps before he looks. He’s clearly a scammer, and conned his way into the US. He’s been in trouble with the authorities in Turkey. Sonny told him stay away from Raj’s place, but he didn’t listen. Now Sonny owes him, and wants to help, or at lest try. Carly says he’s trying because Dev reminds Sonny of himself. She kind of gets it. Dev reminds her of him too.

Jason says Sonny told him what happened, and some of what Dev has been through. It’s rough stuff, but he survived. He has a huge opportunity. Sonny is one of the best there is. He’s giving Dev an opportunity, but it’s up to Dev to take it, or throw it away. Dev says he wants it to work out, and Jason says so does he – for Dev and Sonny. Sonny is his best friend, a guy who wants to repay a debt. He wants to help, and if that means saving Dev from himself, what’s he going to do?

Laura is surprised Ava is spending any time thinking about Nikolas. Ava says she’s been thinking about him quite a bit. He made a lasting impression. Laura and Hayden start to leave, and Ava asks if Laura finds herself feeling like she can still speak to him. Laura says he’s always with her in her heart.

Lulu asks Maxie if Peter is okay. Maxie says he’s resting, and doesn’t need surgery. She has to believe he’ll be okay. Lulu is glad, but wonders, what happened? Why is Maxie looking at her like that? Maxie starts to cry, and says, Dante shot Peter.

Tomorrow, Kim tells Julian that she’s sorry, Sibley asks if Ava is ready to contact Kiki, Peter asks Finn not to tell Anna what happened, and Lulu ask Maxie what the hell was she thinking?

Below Deck Mediterranean

João says Anastasia isn’t a seven-star chef, and Anastasia leaves the table. Travis says, she’s stressed as sh*t. Aesha follows, and hugs her. Hannah thinks João is right, but doesn’t need to tell her. Anastasia comes back to the table. In his interview, João says, it’s annoying how the honest person is the bad person. The crew moves on to a club, heavy drinking commences, and everyone loosens up. Travis tells Jack that João wants to make everyone feel smaller. He’s just a mean d*ckhead. Travis and Jack get on the dance floor. Travis dances with Hannah, and tries to kiss her. She tells him to behave himself. João is a stick in the mud, and calls Aesha whorish for twerking. She tells Jack that João is judgmental. In his interview, Jack says João is being disrespectful to Aesha, and he wants to be João’s karma. It’s best not to mess with him. He tells João, stop being a d*ck, and just relax. The crew gets it together, and heads back to the boat.

In the car, Jack says João showed his true colors, and Aesha says something unintelligible. In the other car, João mumbles something about growing up. Back on the yacht, they get ready for bed. Travis and Aesha eat spaghetti in the galley, and João tells jack if he can’t get up by ten, he’s not going back to work. Everyone finally goes to sleep.

Hannah just wants nine more hours. I know the feeling. João asks Colin what the story is with last night. Colin says Aesha wasn’t charmed by him, and said he was judgmental.  João says he’s done with drinks. In João’s interview, he says he’s disappointed in himself. We flash back to Jezebub, and he says, it’s amazing how you can work on something you don’t like about yourself for a year, and all it takes is one moment to go back to square one. If he loses control on a night out, he loses control of his team.

Aesha says, it was a fine night. Travis says Jack wanted her bad. In Hannah’s interview, she says she’s not looking for a boyfriend, or anything or serious, but Travis is there, and he’s like a cute puppy to play with. João wakes up Jack at ten. In his interview, he says he wants to maintain his relationship with the crew, so he wants to be lenient. He wishes he could trust them as much as he trusts himself. He tells Colin that he’s frustrated.

It’s time for the preference sheet meeting. In her interview, Anastasia says she’s not just helping in the galley; she’s the chef now. The primary is Jackie Siegel of Queen of Versailles fame, Versailles being a 90,000 square foot mansion Jackie and her husband are building. She’s taking a trip with friends, her stepson, and his wife. For her stepson’s birthday, she’s requested blow-up dolls, and she also wants to go to the top of Eze for a picnic. Hannah explains in her interview, that Eze is beautiful, and you can see all of the Med from there. Jackie also wants a celebration of life dinner to honor her late daughter Victoria. Sandy says the family is very philanthropic. She also tells them a new crew member is coming. She tells Travis that he’s to be on deck, and only go to the galley if he’s requested. She asks if Anastasia is ready. Anastasia bites her nails.

Everything is made perfect. João apologizes to Aesha, and she thanks him. In Aesha’s interview, she says she doesn’t like judgmental people. Her mother suffered from an addiction, and she saw people judging her when they didn’t know her. She’s an amazing mother. She came out the other side, and is doing well. For now, she’ll play nice, but if he does it again, she’ll play something different.

Anastasia goes to town to do shopping. Hannah looks up Jackie, and tells Aesha she’s quite the socialite. João makes a list for Jack. He says, there’s no one way to mange everyone. He’s going to try a different approach. He gives Jack the list, and Jack says, it will take all day. Oh horrors. A full day’s work. The new stew is seen on the horizon.

June is both a deckhand and a stew. In her interview, she says she was a bartender and server, but loved to travel, so she got into yachting. She’s been working in the South of France for four months. She doesn’t think she’ll ever speak French. Captain Sandy tells her, good luck. In Hannah’s interview, she says it’s not ideal to get a new person two hours before charter. She’s hoping Aesha will step in, and show June how it’s done.

Anastasia goes to Old Town Antibes. She says the guests come from money, and they’re used to fine dining. The finest ingredients in the world are found in the south of France. Hannah shows June where everything is. In Jack’s interview, he says João gave him a list of the same things he tells Jack to do every day. Like it will make a difference. Anastasia comes back, and says she feels off, not organized. In June’s interview, she says it’s intimidating, and she wants to learn as much as she can. She’s going to be a sponge. Hannah asks if June has a boyfriend, and June says, um… Hannah says she knows that situation. June says she’s always traveling, and Hannah says, that makes it hard. Colin tells June to ask anyone but him. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. In Colin’s interview, he’s glad to have another American on board, and she’s the only person he can understand on the boat. Aesha tells June they have a cool crew.

Jackie and the rest of the guests arrive. Hannah predicts that they’re going to be a lot of work. The usual champagne and tour happens. I never mind seeing it again, even though no one hands me a glass of champagne beforehand. Anastasia asks Travis for a radio. Jackie asks if there’s an elevator (that’s a no). She says Steve is one of her favorite sons. She married into acquiring him. The boat heads out into the peaceful blue water.

Jackie goes to the bridge. She asks if she’s supposed to unpack herself (not in a rude way, just inquiring), and Captain Sandy calls Hannah. Hannah tells Jackie that one of the stews will unpack for her, and Aesha gets that job. Anastasia tells Jack that it feels weird. He tells her just do what she did the last time. Jack says the brake is stuck, and João can’t believe they’re starting like this. João says he should know to take the brake off before the anchor can drop. Anastasia is making a Mediterranean buffet for lunch, and is beyond nervous to serve the first meal. In Hannah’s interview, she’s hoping the promotion doesn’t go to Anastasia’s head. They’ll end up fighting like she has with every other chef. The jet skis go into the water, and the slide is prepared. Jackie says the calamari is fantastic. Not even finished with lunch, they ask what’s for dinner. Jack says, the new girl is a good looking bird.

When Jackie finds out they’re having lamb, she asks if they can have mint jelly with that. Hannah is sure they must have it, but Anastasia looks blank when Hannah ask her. In her interview, Anastasia says she doesn’t know how make that. She has no effing clue. I think that’s what recipes are for. June introduces herself to Anastasia. In June’s interview, she says her dad was a chef. They moved around a lot, and she was always the new girl. Captain Sandy tells Anastasia that the guests love the food. She believes they’d tell her if they didn’t. Anastasia asks Travis to help prepare dinner. In her interview, Anastasia says she just needs to figure out what the hell to do regarding the mint jelly. She’s used to figuring things out on her own, since she was an only child, and her parents worked.

João babbles at Travis. In Travis’s interview, he says he’d rather be inside than listening to João’s bullsh*t. In June’s interview, she says, Colin is the sweetest guy, genuine, and seems like a guy you could tell anything to. The crew opens the packages for two randy Russian love dolls with three horny love holes. Colin asks if they use a pump to blow them up, but João says they have to do it by mouth. I think he’s kidding until I see Aesha doing it. In Colin’s interview, he says, eight guests, two dolls. You do the math. Aesha wonders where the love holes are, and pretends to make the doll talk. After seeing the latest in Japanese robotics, these dolls are just sad. Not that they weren’t sad before, but even more now. Like a really old Macy’s parade balloon.

Travis tests the food, and pronounces it perfect. June and Aesha set the table. In Aesha’s interview, she says she’s showing June how things are done, or Hannah might come down hard on her. Jackie puts on a sash that says, Queen of Versailles, and the other guests put on crowns. I’m not sure what to make of this. Jack suggests to Travis that they double-date with Aesha and Hannah. June does the cabins. In her interview, she says each chief stew has their own way of doing things, but Hannah must be busy, since she’s not getting any instruction. Aesha asks how it’s going. In Anastasia’s interview, she says she’s more comfortable with being chef at this point, but still feels like she has to answer to Hannah. She doesn’t have the arrogance, but it’s working for them. She substitutes mint yogurt sauce for the mint jelly, and the guests are impressed. The birthday cake looks amazing. Hannah tells the crew to bring out the sex dolls and come get rid of their dignity. In her interview, Hannah says she’s never had a request for blow-up dolls. She can’t believe Jackie is presenting them to her stepson in front of his wife. Her stepmother usually gets her bottle of wine and chocolates. Happy Birthday is sung, the cake is served, and the dolls are brought out.

The guests check out the love holes. Then go to bed. Without the dolls. Jack calls for Hannah and Aesha to come to the bridge. Jack asks if Aesha would like to go on a date with him. They all laugh, and Aesha says, it’s so sweet; of course she will. She hugs Jack, and Hannah says he’d like to ask Hannah as well. Because he wants to, and also wants to apologize for being a total d*ick the other night. Hannah hugs him, and in her interview, says it’s nice and fun, and she likes it. It’s the way it should be on a boat. She doesn’t think Travis will catch feelings – a dirty word. In Aesha’s interview, she says they’re so cute and thoughtful. June shoves ice cream in her mouth. In her interview, she says no one is telling her anything. She understands they’re busy, but she’s starving.

It’s morning, and I think about how good their coffee must taste. Colin says he’s more cautious about lifting anchor. Better safe than sorry. He tells the captain, the anchor is at home. The guests come out for breakfast, and Jackie asks Anastasia for boiled quail eggs. For whatever reason, she claims she started the fanny pack trend. Surprisingly, no one smacks her. June and Aesha pack for the picnic. June asks when breaks are. Captain Sandy tells João it’s a long hike up the hill. João says, it’s challenging, but at least he can trust Colin. Jack tells Anastasia that Jackie is happy with the quail eggs. Aesha tells her they said breakfast was delicious. Aesha dries dishes, and Jack helps by putting his arms around her. June says the cabins are done. In Hannah’s interview, she’s hoping it’s new job jitters, but something is strange about June’s energy. I agree. She’s annoying me, and I don’t know why.

João tells Colin that he’ll be going on the picnic. The jet skis and tender are put in the water. Hannah tells Jackie the plan is to leave at one, but Jackie says they can go earlier. They might want to stop by the beach. In her interview, Hannah says she has to organize so many pieces to put this puzzle together, and now she’s down from an hour and a half to twenty minutes. Hannah asks Anastasia what’s the earliest she can have lunch together, and Anastasia says, 12:30? Her question mark. Hannah asks João to get ready, and calls the drivers on shore to be on stand-by. The guests get antsy. João tells Hannah that he’ll take the guests first, and Colin will come back for the food. The guests act like the crew just has to bring the car around, and knew what time they’d be leaving before two seconds ago. I’m hoping they watch this and see themselves, but, rich people. The captain tells Jack she wants all the toys in the water.

The taxi-limos are waiting on shore. Colin goes back to the boat to pick up the food. João tells the guests that they’ll meet at the top of hill, and they go off to shop or whatever. Jack wonders what he and Travis should do for their date. Colin returns to Eze with the supplies. While the guests wander around Aesha, João, and June start hauling everything up the hill.

Back at the yacht, Captain Sandy tells the remaining crew, it’s training day. It’s to show them how better to use the equipment for the guests. This is apparently code for, you can goof around on the water toys for a while. In her interview, the captain says when the crew gets a moment where they can get in the water together, she calls it training day. Everybody gets a turn. She always takes care of her crew. Captain Sandy is the kind of boss we all dream of. The crew plays on the water toys. Back in Eze, Colin is realizing it’s not an easy walk. It looks grueling actually. June says, it’s bullsh*t. We see the huge contrast between the crew on shore and at the yacht. In June’s interview, she says she takes pride in her work, and wants the picnic to be absolutely perfect for the guests. It’s what they do.

The trek up the mountain is done. Aesha asks where the cutlery is. We see it sitting in a plastic bag on a table in the galley. June says, they packed it. Colin goes back to the van, but radios that there’s nothing. Aesha says they’re stuck with no cutlery, and hungry charter guests.

Next time, João and Jack argue, Aesha cries, Anastasia says the guests are requesting weird sh*t, and June gets sick.

👓 The new season of The Real Housewives of Orange County begins Tuesday, August 6th, at 9 pm.

💸 Best Quote Today…

#PrimeDay is like when grandma says “help yourself to the candy jar!” but it has nothing but raisins and sugar-free salt water taffy.Dera Luce, Twitter

👑 Med Save the Queen…

I’ve seen this movie, and loved it. If you enjoy documentaries about rich people building big houses, but with slightly more substance, this one’s for you. It’s also a Sundance winner.


July 8, 2019 – The Reception Goes Dark, the Med’s Biggest Tip Ever, a Return, a Climb, a Baby & Yeter Tuesday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nina meets Valentin at the MetroCourt. He talks to her in French. She tells him, whatever he said, thank you. He kisses her neck.

Psychic Sibney Gamble tells Ava, disclosures up front. She doesn’t have a crystal ball, she’s not a palmist, and doesn’t predict the future. She has experiences in clairvoyance, but can’t predict or control the images. Ava says she’s not interested in the future. Sibney says she senses the emotional energy of those who have passed. Sometimes, it’s just a feeling, and sometimes they’re as present as Ava is. Ava says Sibney has been clear on what she can’t do, but vague on what she can. Ava wonders why she should pay such a substantial fee, and Sibney says she can afford it. And she’s Ava’s best hope of making peace with Kiki.

Nina tells Valentin that she’s going to check in with Jax. He says if she must, and she tells him not to sulk. He says he’s not sulking. He has phone calls to return.

Nina sits with Jax, and asks if he got her text. He says, it’s been handled. She says, that was quick, and he tells her, time is money. He asks if she knows the woman sitting with Ava. She says, the so-called psychic? Unfortunately, yes.

Valentin calls Curtis, who’s on the deck of The Haunted Star, and asks if he has anything. Curtis says he has two things. Jax has a file on Valentin, and also one on Cassandra.

Finn dances with Epiphany, and she asks if he wants to take a break. He says he wouldn’t want to show Milo up. Epiphany says Milo is out of town, defending his title. She says, speaking of significant others, where’s Anna? He says she’s out looking for her sister, and Epiphany says good thing Anna has her to keep an eye on him. Terry sees Drew, and says she’s glad he make it. He says, it felt like a happy distraction, and she asks, how was the trip to Africa? He says, beautiful. Painful, but beautiful. He’s surprised she hasn’t talked to Kim, but Terry says she hasn’t seen much of Kim. She hasn’t been at work for a while. Kim and Julian walk in, and Kim asks where the happy couple is.

Franco knocks on the door to a room on the boat, and asks if Elizabeth is ready. People are waiting. He goes in, and sees rose petals everywhere, and champagne in a bucket. Elizabeth comes out in a robe, and tells him, welcome to the honeymoon suite. He says, technically, it’s not a honeymoon until after the reception, but she says it’s a honeymoon when they say it is. She starts taking off his clothes, saying, it’s their party. How much trouble could they get into? He asks, what could possibly go wrong? Always a bad question to ask on this show.

Kim tells Terry that it’s great to see her. She’s contemplating her return to work. There is such a thing as too much time on your hands. Terry says they’d love to have her back, and Kim says, no hospital talk. She wants to toast to Franco and Elizabeth. She and Terry go to look for them. Drew tells Julian, it looks like Kim is doing better, but Julian says he should have a closer look.

Julian takes a champagne glass out of Brad’s hand, and asks who’s home with Wiley. Brad says Lucas is there. He insisted one of them come, since Shiloh is lurking around. Julian says Shiloh is no threat, but Brad says Shiloh thinks he’s Wiley’s father. Obrecht watches on the sidelines.

In Sonny’s kitchen, Michael and Sasha make snacks. Josslyn comes in, and says she thought it was Dev. He’s a bottomless pit. Michael says they’re babysitting Avery. Josslyn says she could have done that, but Michael says they thought she might have something better to do. She’s in the clear. She can go hang out with Cameron and Trina.

Cameron and Trina walk into the reception. He tells Trina, it’s not too late to back out, but she says she’s not going anywhere until she has some cake. He says he doesn’t really want her to. She knows he’s not looking forward to this, but said she’d have his back, so she will.

Laura tells Doc that Cameron showed up with a date. It’s a step up from him not wanting to be there. Doc knows how Cameron feels, but Laura says he wouldn’t have been invited if they didn’t want him there. He can’t hole up, and expect to get back to normal. He says he’s not sure he’s ready to reenter their social scene, and Laura suggests they stay for one toast. She tells him, besides, take a look around. No one is paying attention to them. He says she’s right. They’re probably wondering what to make of that. She looks, and sees Bobbie come in, accompanied by Scotty on his scooter.

Valentin says, so Jax has Intel on Cassandra, and asks Curtis if it’s recent or background. Stella asks if Curtis is coming, or does she have to make her own entrance? He says, one minute, and Valentin asks where he is. Curtis says, in the doghouse. He’s at Franco and Elizabeth’s reception. They’ll speak later. Curtis goes in with Stella.

Ava tells Sibney not to toy with her. She came for real answers, not superficial mumbo jumbo. Sibney says she doesn’t do mumbo jumbo. That’s why she doesn’t work for free. She’s been in contact with Connie Falconari. Ava says she came to talk about Kiki, and Sibney says, she’s not telling Sonny anything. You don’t have to shoot me. That was the last thing Connie said before Ava pulled the trigger. Ava asks how she knows, and she says, it’s simple. Connie told her. Ava says, that’s impossible, and Sibney says if she wants the impossible, she’ll give it to Ava, but her fee is non-negotiable.

Valentin approaches Jax’s table. He says he hopes he’s not interrupting, but they have an engagement. Jax asks if they’re going to the reception, and Valentin says Elizabeth is an old friend. Nina adds that Franco is her ex, and Jax is impressed that they’re cordial.

Ava tells Sibney that she paid the fee for the initial consultation. Could they focus on her daughter? SIbney says Kiki isn’t the only spirit in Ava’s orbit. As Nina and Valentin walk past, Nina stops and asks if Sibney is still in contact with the great beyond. She tells Ava that Nina’s mother was her best client. Nina says, she’s a fraud, and tells Ava, steer clear. Sibney says, Madeline was a demanding client. She still is. She has a message from her. Nina says, yeah, right, but Sibney says, it’s not for her. She tells Valentin, next time, use tweezers. Valentin flashes back to standing over Madeline’s coffin, saying, maybe in death, she can give Nina the greatest gift of all. Ava asks what the hell that means, and Nina says, exactly. They move on, and Ava says she doesn’t want to communicate with Madeline or Connie. She wants to reach her daughter.

Franco and Elizabeth are in bed, when there’s a knock on the door. Franco tells her, stay quiet, and they’ll go away. Cameron asks if they’re almost ready.

Finn asks Curtis how Jordan is, and Curtis says, improving by the day. Stella says she claims she’s stagnating, and Epiphany asks Stella if she’s going to find her long lost mystery relative. Stella says she went to a website that claimed she had a relative living nearby. Curtis asks if she doesn’t want to know more, but she says, you never know who you’re letting into your life. She doesn’t want some drunk. Curtis says they’d be related to him too; maybe he should get tested. Stella says, sure; spread his DNA along. Finn says, no offense to Chase, but he has enough problems with the family he knows.

Scotty says, so they invited Laura, and Bobbie says, of course (🍷). They join Laura and Doc, and Scotty says he thought Laura had split with Doc. Doc asks Bobbie if she’s met the real Scotty, and she says she’s known him for a long time. Laura says, let’s not do this, and Scotty tells them, enjoy the evening, before scooting off. Doc says, nice scooter Scotty. I’ll bet they drew straws for who got to say that.

Felix comes in, and an obviously drunk Obrecht hugs him. She asks if he’s there alone; where’s Donny? He says they broke up, and she asks if he’s still carrying a torch for Dr. Jones. He says, Lucas is married now, but she tells him, don’t give up. That marriage is not built to last.

Julian tells Brad, all Shiloh can do is speculate. He can’t prove anything. Brad says he can ask a judge for a DNA test, and they know what the results will say. Julian says, it doesn’t matter; he has no proof, and no one who knows will say anything. He tells Brad, relax, get his head on straight, and he’ll be fine. Bobbie sees them, and says Brad looks like he could use some air. She suggests he take a walk while she talks to Julian.

Drew asks Kim how she’s holding up, and she says she’s happy for Elizabeth and Franco. He is too, but he’s concerned about Kim. She doesn’t know what’s worse; not getting what you want, or being pitied for wanting it in the first place. She knows it was crazy, but Drew says it’s not. Kim says she wanted another family with him when they never had one in the first place. He says they are family; her, him, and Oscar. Oscar might be gone, but the bond is forever. Kim says if it’s not crazy, is wanting a family with him still possible?

Josslyn asks what movie Michael and Sasha are going to watch, and Sasha says they haven’t decided. Does she want to pick? Josslyn asks if they mind if she stays, and Michael suggests inviting Dev. Josslyn seems reluctant, and he says, or she could take him to hang out with Cameron and Trina. She says Cameron is busy at his mom and Franco’s reception. He wanted her to go with him to run interference. Sasha asks if he doesn’t like Franco, and Josslyn says, no; he’s just weird about it. Sasha says it sounds like she could help. Why didn’t she go? Josslyn says she didn’t want to make a hard night harder. People mean well, but when she’s around… Sasha says people are looking at her, wondering how she is, and Josslyn says, yeah. Sasha hates to break it to her, but they’re doing right now.

Stella tells Curtis that she’s not interested in seeing what relative is a match. She’s going to see what’s keeping the party from being started. Nina asks Curtis what she missed, and he says his auntie being stubborn. Nina sees Obrecht approach Finn, and thinks she should mount a rescue.

Curtis tells Valentin that he’s going to dig in and do more research before he gets into Jax’s office again. What does Valentin know about Cassandra? Valentin says he and Cassandra had a limited interaction before he fell in love with Nina. Curtis wonders if Finn can help. He and Anna got mixed up with her. Maybe he knows if she’s connected to Jax. Jax walks in, and he and Valentin nod politely at each other.

Obrecht says Finn’s fiancé vanished again? He says, someone hasn’t vanished if you know where they are. She says, it must be a strain on the relationship when one party refuses to settle down. Nina joins them, and says she’s been so busy, she feels like she’s been neglecting her aunt. She says she wants to catch up on Obrecht’s column, and leads her away.

Drew tells Kim that they can’t have another kid right now. She says she didn’t intend to put him on the spot again. He says, yearning for a child isn’t something you can rush, and thinks she should take some time. She wanders off.

Bobbie asks if she needs to remind Julian about the last time they talked. He asks if he should duck now or later, and she asks him if he’s inserting himself into Lucas and Brad’s lives again. He says he’ll always be a part of their lives, and if they need help, he’s going to give it to him. She wonders what good his help is, and suggests he not help anyone ever. Scotty calls her over.

Ava says she’d like to talk to her daughter now, and Sibney says, here? In the middle of the restaurant? It’s not exactly conducive to contacting the departed. Ava asks if there’s another place that’s more conducive, and if there’s an extra charge. Sibney says, energy leaves a mark, and a spirit’s energy leaves a huge discharge if there’s a violent death. Ava asks if she wants to visit where Kiki was killed, and Sibney asks if that’s possible. Ava says, the apartment has been sold, but then the police were never sure where exactly it was she died. Sibney asks if there’s an alternative location, and Ava says, one.

Terry thanks everyone for coming, and supporting her oldest and truest friend and her handsome groom. They’ve been waiting, and the wait is over. It’s her pleasure to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin; Franco and Elizabeth. The guests applaud. Franco tells Elizabeth, make ‘em laugh, make ‘em cry, make ‘em wait. The music plays, and he dips her on the dance floor.

Elizabeth thanks everyone for helping them celebrate. They’re not big on formalities or speeches, but they’re incredibly happy, and everyone’s presence made the moment even more perfect. Franco says it’s been a long, strange trip getting there, and he owes them a huge debt. He thanks everyone for coming, and publicly wants to thank his wife for loving him, and allowing him to love her, and changing everything. He loves her. He asks where the boys are, and thanks them. He’s happy to be around them, and thanks them for coming. Cameron says they’ll be right back. Elizabeth thanks her husband for completing her family, and for his patience, humor, and perseverance. Franco says he has a lot to be grateful for and to celebrate. Drew toasts to Elizabeth and Franco.

Cameron, Jake, and Aiden come back in. Cameron says they’ve been working on; a tribute to their mom and dad. He hopes they don’t mind, and Elizabeth says, of course (🍷) we don’t. Cameron plays the guitar and sings, while Aiden accompanies him on the tambourine, and Jake on the rhythm shaker. I think it’s an original song, since I can’t find anything via the lyrics. Trina films them, and Elizabeth wipes a tear from her cheek. Franco holds out his hand, and he and Elizabeth dance. We see everyone dance, as the song continues. Jax watches Nina and Valentin. The cake is cut. Elizabeth throws the bouquet, and Terry catches it. Family photos are taken.

Cameron congratulates Elizabeth and Franco, and shakes Franco’s hand. Franco compliments the boys. Laura says, two happy people, and Doc says he’s happy he and Laura are still together. She says, her too, and they kiss.

Michael gives Josslyn a bowl of loaded ice cream, but she’s not sure if she’s up to tackling it. She didn’t help Cameron, and he’s been there for her. Sasha is sure Cameron understands. What she’s going through is something real, but she’ll get back out there. Josslyn says she’ll have to sometime. She might as well help a friend. Michael asks if that means she’s not staying for the movie. Josslyn says they’re on their own, and pushes the bowl of ice cream toward him, telling them, good luck. Michael says, it has to be done, and asks Sasha if she wants some, but she says she’ll stick with popcorn.

Felix asks Brad how it going with the baby, and Brad says, good. Felix says when he didn’t see Lucas, he thought the baby was sick or something. Brad says, or something? Like what? He starts to tell Brad what Obrecht said, but then says she’s hitting the skids. It sounded like she had the inside track, but she’s drinking, and probably made it up. Forget he said anything.

Brad asks to talk to Julian, and Kim goes to get a drink.

Jax introduces himself to Finn, saying he’s a good friend of Robin’s, and she wanted him to tell Finn hi. He thinks she believes Finn is lonely because her mom is away. Nina introduces him to Obrecht, saying she insisted on meeting him. Obrecht says the pleasure is all hers, and asks if he’s heard from his brother. He says he hasn’t, and she says Jax has a reputation for honesty, so she feels like she should believe him. On the other hand, he also has a reputation of protecting his brother, which leads her to believe he’s lying. He asks how she knows Jerry, and she says they go way back. Everyone who’s worked for Helena Cassadine meets at some point.

Ava arrives, and introduces Sibney to Elizabeth. She tells Elizabeth, hold on to this one, and Elizabeth says she will. She tells Finn that he’s missing his fiancé, but soon, he’ll have more women than he can handle. Ava tells him, sorry; have a nice night, pushing Sibney along. She tells Sibney to stop giving away free readings on her retainer. Sibney says she can’t help the flashes. They come when they want to.

Valentin wonders if it’s wise, leaving Obrecht alone with Jax, and Nina says, he’s a big boy. He can handle himself. She can’t believe Ava brought that charlatan there. She exploits vulnerable people. She tells Valentin not to believe her comment. Valentin tells Nina not to listen to Obrecht. Nina knows how outrageous Obrecht is, and now she’s three sheets to the wind.

Franco drags Obrecht away, and says she’s really throwing them back. She says she’s lonely. She wants someone to come home to; someone to confide her secrets to. He says, she has secrets? She says she’s had secrets all her life, like the truth about Nathan. She hates the pain she visited on him. Perhaps he’d have been better off knowing the truth. Poor Brad, Lucas, and Wiley… and his real father. Someone watches them.

Ava and Sibney go to the room where Kiki’s body was found. Sibney says Kiki was still alive when she was brought there. She was mortally wounded, and this is where her soul left her body. Ava asks if she’s there. Can Sibney feel her daughter? Sibney tells her, be quiet. Kiki is there. The lights go out.

The lights are out everywhere, and Drew says, that’s crazy. He asks if Kim is okay, and she says, yeah. She was looking for Julian. She left him with Brad. She says she saw a fuse box, and he follows her. Nina asks Curtis if he noticed where Valentin went.

Obrecht goes out on deck, drink in one hand, shoes in the other. Someone watches her. She walks to the edge, and breathes in the air. Suddenly, someone pushes her over the side.

Drew finds the fuse box. He’s about to flip the switch, says, what the hell? and slumps to the ground. Kim turns on the lights. She checks Drew out, and looks at a syringe in her hand.

Elizabeth says, oh my God. Everyone looks as Rebecca Budig Hayden comes in.

Tomorrow, Maxie tells Peter that she’s not taking no for an answer, Ava tells * that they’re not going anywhere until her daughter is brought back, and Nina asks where Valentin was.

Below Deck Mediterranean

When we last left, there was quite a mess on deck, with the anchor chains in a tangle. Daniel Sheree

The captain says, holy sh*t. She points out the whole thing that the chain wraps around is bent. Captain Sandy radios João, and says they have a situation. Jack is glad he isn’t the one who caused it. In Hannah’s interview, she says they’ve lost Anastasia and Travis to the galley, and she’s in the cabins. It’s like opposite day for grown-ups. The captain says, it’s a huge problem. In her interview, she wonders what’s going through Colin’s brain. It his second season, and he should know it by now.

Ashley shoots more of her music video. Captain Sandy watches as João and Colin fix the anchor mess.  In his interview João says, it’s a 500kg anchor and 500kg chain. If it picks up too much speed, you could lose a leg. He ought to know after getting tangled up in the lines last season.

Anastasia asks if Aesha wants breakfast, and Aesha says Anastasia makes her fanny tingle. The anchor is in the pocket, and Colin heads out in the tender. In his interview, he says he’s off to a fantastic day. The engineer works on the anchor thing to straighten it out. In João’s interview, he says they drove four meters and moved so they could have a good background for a pop singer. It’s ridiculous. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says, it’s every captain’s nightmare, and exactly what she has. She won’t allow the anchors to beat her. She hates the effing anchors. She’s over it. The crew hears her saying all this on the radio.

The captain tells the deckhands, lock it down. Travis sits on the galley floor, trying to get Wi-Fi. Hannah asks if he wants to connect to her hotspot. In her interview, she thinks Travis is adorable, but she’s not dating someone in the crew. It was exhausting last year. We flash back to that, and she says she’s not doing it again. João tells the captain, these anchors are a nightmare; they’re too small. Captain Sandy says, that’s a fact.

Videographer Cassandra films Ashley on some kind of water bike. The slide is set up. Jack has a smoke while hiding from work. João notices the slide isn’t tied down properly. Jack says he tied it, but João says he only did one side. It won’t matter if it comes off. Anastasia makes one pound burgers. Jack takes a break in his bunk. João looks at his watch, probably calculating how long Jack has pretended to work, and takes the cover off the jacuzzi. Cassandra asks if someone can help her, and Colin volunteers. Hannah’s feet are killing her. In Colin’s interview, he says he feels like Ashley’s fluffer, using the reflecting mirror. The producer asks if he knows what that is, and he thinks it’s someone who preps an actor. They explain that it’s to prepare someone for porn, and he says he thought it was a general term in the movie business. He has to stop saying it. Jack does a backflip off the boat. He tells João, stop being moody. João asks when that happened, and Jack says when João criticized him about only tying one side of the slide. João says Jack is an engineer. He should know if he only ties one side, it’s not tied. In João’s interview, he says, if only Jack worked as much as he talks. His mouth works overtime, and he’s always bitching.

Colin wonders what the chances are of Jack taking work seriously. João tells him if there’s anything wrong, it will be on him, not Jack. In the captain’s interview, she says if possible, when she hires a chef, she has them prepare a meal for her, but when she doesn’t have that luxury, she has to trust what they say. Cassandra confers with Hannah about the crew doing a dance at Ashley’s wrap party. She has hats and T-shirts for them to go with it. Travis says he’s losing his sh*t; he’s so tired. It’s time for lunch, and Travis says he likes working in the galley, but it’s not his only job. He has to work on deck as well. Mmm… Some kind of giant burgers are plated. In her interview, Anastasia says her biggest fear is failing, and admits the one who puts the biggest pressure on her is herself. Ashley takes a billion photos for social media.

Hannah radios Jack, asking if he knows the food in the bosun’s locker, but Jack says he doesn’t remember what’s there. He tells the other guys, when he doesn’t want to help, he just says he doesn’t remember. In his interview, he says, you only have one life. You might as well push it, and see what you can get away with. Geez. Before I just thought he was lazy. Now I think he’s a total d-bag. Anastasia is making a unicorn cake. She says, it’s the type of cake people write songs about. Is it the one left out in the rain? The guests use the slide. Hannah tells the crew about the coordinated dance, saying João is the lead. Aesha thinks it’s cool.

Anastasia thinks her butter cream icing is not that good, not great, and finally, too sweet. It’s like Goldilocks icing. She calls her mom. In her interview, she says her mom was the head pastry chef for the President of Georgia, and works in five-star hotels. Her mom tells her to add butter. Making mental note about that. Cassandra discusses the dance with Hannah. Aesha thinks the cake looks amazing. Hannah calls for the crew to practice the dance.

On deck, Cassandra shows them choreography to one of Ashley’s songs. Aesha had fourteen years of dance; modern jazz, and ballet, which she found too slow and boring.  Colin makes some corrections as far as rhythm goes, and Cassandra has him come to the front and help. In his interview, he says he’s got to show off his skills. Anastasia chops onions, making me think of the no onion guy a few seasons ago. In Anastasia’s interview, she says, so far, the guests love the food. She wants to make sure their last meal leaves a good impression. The guests are seated. Aesha cleans the cabins.

Hannah radios for help running plates, but no one responds. The captain goes to the galley. She’s getting mad. They’re short staffed, and the crew has to step it up. She says, whoever’s on deck get in the galleynow – but she’s the one who ends up helping. Cauliflower bisque with garlic croutons sounds so good. Travis and Jack talk about the girls. Jack says Hannah’s boobs want out. You’re not supposed to cage a free bird. Colin clears the plates, and Daniel says it’s the best cauliflower he’s ever had, making me want it more. In Anastasia’s interview, she says she’s impressing the guests and herself. She doesn’t think she knew how good she was. Filet mignon, baby carrots, shallot sauce, salmon. I’m dying. Hannah tells Anastasia the guests are loving it, and asks the guys to change into the T-shirts.

She calls the crew into the main salon. She tells them that they’ll be snug while they’re performing; the space is kind of small. They go upstairs. Ashley freaks out. Anastasia brings up the cake, saying it’s their wrap party surprise. Even Captain Sandy joins in the dance. Colin has no idea what these dances are, but Ashley loves them. She hugs everybody. These are much nicer guests than they usually get. Ashley thinks everything is so cool, and the unicorn cake is the cutest thing ever. Anastasia is happy that they’re happy. In her interview, Anastasia says, it feels good that Ashley feels special. To be part of a crew who made it special, makes it worth it – and the money. Ashley says it’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for her. In the galley, Captain Sandy tells Anastasia, this is her calling. Anastasia says she needs better knife skills. In the captain’s interview, she says to witness a third stew perform like this, she’s blown away. She’s never seen anything like it in her career. Aesha pretends to be bummed, and asks what her parents gave her. Anastasia says, sex jokes?

The captain tells the guys, it’s all fun and games until it’s time to go back to work. Anastasia goes to bed. Jack shoves cake in his mouth. Most of the crew is done, but Hannah is still cleaning up at 1 am. It looks so tedious. In her interview, she says they’re a person down in interior, and they feel it. There’s no way they can survive the season. Anastasia is a Band-Aid to the problem, and they can’t go on like this.

Last day of charter. The captain tells João that they’re hauling anchor at nine. Travis says he’s so effing tired. He’s exhausted, and sick of doing this sh*t. He asks for an hour, and João is cool with that. Travis can’t wait until he’s not working at 140%. Anchor is hauled, using a couple of guys this time. A breakfast buffet is laid out. Sheree loves how they all help out (like they had a choice, but she doesn’t know that). She adds that Anastasia is amazing. On deck, Anastasia tells Jack that she doesn’t get to go outside as chef. He asks how she’s going to feel when someone else is running the show, and she says she’ll miss it. The captain radios the crew to prepare for docking. Jack and Travis call each other stud muffin. Hannah can’t find her epaulets. João tells her just go out the way she’s dressed, and she has a lightbulb moment. She asks Captain Sandy what she thinks about them wearing their Ashley T-Shirts to say goodbye to the guests. Captain Sandy loves the idea. They dock, and the captain says, well done.

Hannah finds her epaulet shirt, and jokingly says, okay, everyone, change back. The crew lines up. The guests loved their time on board, and Daniel says, the chef killed it. Daniel thanks everyone, saying they were sincere and honest, and gives the captain an envelope, saying it’s a nice chunk for them. Captain Sandy says they’ll turn the boat around, and then have the tip meeting. I think one thing the crew didn’t really grasp was that the chef was responsible for a big part of that tip. The crew meets in the main salon.

Captain Sandy tells Colin to move a fender next time he’s hauling anchor. She tells him that he’s not in trouble, but if he does it again, it’s his paycheck. She says she’s kidding, but in her interview, says, sort of. I like her more each season. She loves how the team came together, and says, Anastasia is definitely a chef, and did an amazing job. It’s the biggest tip they’ve ever gotten on the Med – $27K or $2330 each. She reminds them that they are one crew member down. Anastasia wants to make it rain on herself. Hannah says they worked hard. They don’t need a chef.

The captain calls Anastasia to the bridge. She says she asked Anastasia to be the chef, and she stepped in. When she saw what Anastasia was doing, she thought it was phenomenal. They got the biggest tip ever, and the food had something to do with it. There’s no question in her mind; Anastasia can do this. She soars as a chef. She asks if Anastasia wants to remain a chef, or go back to being third stew. I’m almost crying;, this is so cool and exciting.

Anastasia says she wants to continue, and Captain Sandy is glad she said that. It’s the right answer for her. In her interview, the captain says she’s going to stick with Anastasia. She trusts her. She’s witnessed what Anastasia can do, and she has the right attitude. Why would she not want to propel someone from third stew to galley, and see their potential? She tells Anastasia to own the galley. She’s not a third stew anymore; she’s a chef. In Anastasia’s interview, she says, when they needed someone who knew how to cook, it happened to be her, now she’s the effing chef. Hannah marvels over getting the best tip ever. The captain calls an agency, and says she’s looking for a third strew. Hannah tells the others that she’s never worked with a crew who came together like they did. Captain Sandy calls Hannah to the bridge.

The captain tells Hannah, good news. She thinks so anyway. Anastasia is going to be chef, but there’s a third stew ready who has experience. Travis is still going to help out in the galley, and they’ll be fine. In Hannah’s interview, she doesn’t think Anastasia should be chef. Not because she’s not good, but she’s not experienced. It’s not cadet camp, where you learn on the job. Captain Sandy announces that Anastasia is now chef, and Travis will still be working in the galley. Travis says, f**k me, and João wants his deckhand back. In his interview, he says he only has one left, along with one who hardly works. So there are two of them willing and able. Anastasia thought with her ego when she took the position. I’m not sure what’s wrong with her taking the opportunity she was given, but okay. Hannah says it’s the first time she’s had a strong team, and she wants to keep it, because at the end of the day, it’s all about her. She laughs, but I think she’s only half-joking. Captain Sandy says she’s going into town.

The girls get their bathing suits on, and lie on the sun deck. Hannah says she was just wired the provision list. In her interview, Anastasia says she knows she has a big responsibility. She’d be lying if she said she’s 100% confident, but she’s gotta fake it til she makes it. She’s got to pretend she has the biggest balls on the boat. Colin tells Jack that his services are needed on the bow. Jack sees the girls, and says he was sent up to help them clean. He gets a tray of drinks for them, leaving his radio on one of the chairs in the bar. João tries to get ahold of him, asking if he wants to get the work done, or stay until eight. João tells Colin that he bets Jack has no radio, and Colin suggests dangling a butt in front of him to get him moving. João says he could dangle anything but work. In João’s interview, he says they need to pick up more slack, not be given extra slack. He’s never dealt with someone who doesn’t want to work. Jack carries the tray out in his underwear, and Hannah says what he lacks in work ethic, he makes up for in humor.

Jack gets a beer, and João asks what he’s doing. They still have to work, and they’re going to have issues. Jack asks when they’re going to be done, and João tells him, just work until they’re finished. Top to bottom; accomplish what they can, but it’s not up to Jack to decide when they’re finished. Why is it difficult? In his interview, João says, Jack has a beer in his hand, and he’s putting the hose away. He doesn’t want to learn. He’s here for the money and good time, and it’s frustrating. João says he can be a good leader for people who want to be led. Jack tells Hannah that work gets in the way of his life. In Jack’s interview, he says he’s obviously crossed the line, so he’s not going to keep winding João up.

Travis and Jack have a beer and a smoke. Jack tells Travis that João should just say what needs to be done, and he’ll do it. Travis suggests writing a list. In Travis’s interview, he says he’ll back Jack until he dies. He can be lazy, but it’s mainly about how you speak to him. If you talk down to him, he’s like, screw you. Travis understands because he’s the same way. Jack says he’s not stupid just because he’s not passionate about washing a boat. He just wants to have a good time tonight.

Anastasia is excited. She needs to blow off steam. She’s an effing chef, and they effing drink. The crew goes into Cannes.

So, in France, is a French bulldog just a bulldog? The drinking commences. João toasts to one less crew member sharing the tip. Anastasia tells Colin that she thinks people don’t understand. They think she just cooks, but 50% of the charter is what she puts on the plate. It takes a lot of planning, and she’s in the galley all day long by herself; it’s tough. She felt like she couldn’t say no, but João says if she didn’t want to do it, she should have said so. She’s employed to be a third stew, and she’s great at it. She’s great as a chef too, but is she a seven-star chef? Is she a Michelin chef? No. In her interview, Anastasia says, read my face. Tell me I’m doing great. He says, she doesn’t have to accept what she doesn’t want to. Anastasia gets up, and walks away from the table, and João wonders how being honest screws him over. She has a say in what she’s doing.

Next time, the new stew arrives, João calls Aesha whorish, Jack flirts with Aesha, and Jackie Siegal from Queen of Versailles is the primary.

🙊 Not a Spoiler Anymore…

The psychic said Finn would have more women than he could handle. Two sounds about right.


🌄 Something For Oscar…

A successful trip by a cancer survivor to Mount Kilimanjaro. Which I can spell by heart now.


🍼 If Anyone Still Cares…

I guess Ashley from The Real Housewives of Potomac finally talked her husband into it. I tune in to a few minutes of the show now and then, but like I did with The Jersey Shore, I remember why I stopped watching, and tune back out.


🎧 While I Was Looking For Songs About Tuesday…

This came up. And I thought, why not? Especially since I just watched A Simple Favor, which was full of foreign pop. Which I love.

June 24, 2019 – A Wonderful Surprise Costs Willow, Prince Charming Does Lunch, Pillow Talking, Bethenny’s Nightmare, Forgotten Film & Vacation In My Head


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Maxie shows Ava dresses from the Crimson closet, but nothing is suitable. Ava is concerned they don’t share the same vision. Maxie says she’s trying to get a sense of Ava’s vision, so she can pick the perfect pieces to tantalize readers into wanting to read the riveting interview inside. She has to scream survivor, but whisper victim. Ava says, that’s the problem. She’s not a victim, and that includes the image she wants to project on the cover. She gets a phone alert for dinner with Kiki.

Curtis tells Jax to contact him after he’s checked out Curtis’s references. Don’t believe a word Drew tells him; he’s biased. Jax takes it they know each other. Curtis says they’ve dumpster dived together, dug up a crypt, and narrowly escaped suffocation in a locked room filled with smoke. Jax tells him, say no more. He’ll have HR send the paperwork. Curtis leaves, and Josslyn joins Jax. He asks if she wants something to eat, but she says she’s already had breakfast, with her surprise new family member. Jax says she must be referring to Sonny’s cousin. He tells her, don’t worry. He didn’t take the bait either. If it gets too crowded there, she can always move in with him.

Curtis calls the hospital, saying he wants to make arrangements for Jordan’s discharge. He says, say what?… She what?

Chase hears applause, and goes out into the squad room. Jordan says she’s back on feet, and well on her way to recovery. She thanks them for their support and well-wishes. It helped more than they know. Now back to work. Chase says, nicely done, and Jordan says she’ll have to relinquish her position to the acting commissioner, and tells Chase that Mac Scorpio will be taking over. He says he has no problem with that, but does she? Is that why she’s there?

Jason meets Michael, who says Willow trusts him, so he knows he can tell Jason. The man who OD’d in Beecher’s Corners was Willow’s father.

Carly startles Bobbie at the hospital reception desk. Bobbie asks if everything is okay, and Carly says she’s just picking up some prenatal vitamins. Bobbie is glad, since there’s only one family emergency allowed at a time. Carly asks, who’s sick? Bobbie opens the door to the examining room. Brad is there, and says, it’s getting worse.

The judge announces, David Henry Archer vs Willow Tait. He asks where Diane’s client is, and Diane says she’s been unavoidably detained, but will be there shortly. The judge hopes so, since he intends to move forward whether she’s there or not. Shiloh smiles.

Willow tells Nina to let Charlotte know she’ll cherish the photobook. She has to go. Lulu says she can’t go, but Willow says she’s already late. Elizabeth says they have one more thing for her, and Lulu promises it will be worth the wait. Principal Schultz walks in, and says, before she goes, he’d like a word with he about her future there at the school. Willow sees a call from Diane coming in.

Josslyn asks how she’d move in with Jax, since he doesn’t even have a place. He says he’s about to make an offer, but just needs her stamp of approval. She tells him not to buy something based on whether she likes it, and he says he wants them both to like it.. She says she’s not sure about moving. She’s comfortable with her mom and Sonny. Avery would miss her, and a new baby is coming. Jax says, no pressure. They’ll fix up a room for when she visits, and if things change in the future, they’ll deal with it. She says, it’s strange to think about the future. You assume things will happen, and people will be there, but sometimes they’re not. He says, never let your head hang down. Never give up and sit down and grieve. Find another way. She says, Satchel Paige. He used to tell her that after a rough volleyball game. Oscar was always quoting things too. He was a nerd that way, and she loved it. She supposes that’s because Jax does it too. He asks if she’s saying he’s a nerd? and she says, not even. She says it’s hard to think about anything right now, and he says he has something that might help. He grabs her hand, and says, let’s get out of here.

Ava looks at her phone. The message asks if she wants to confirm the reservation. Maxie asks if she’s okay, and Ava says everything is fine. It’s just one of those appointment reminders from a restaurant out of town. She and Kiki went last year after the article on Dr. Bensch came out. Kiki was worried about talking to Ava, and how she would take it, but when the truth came out, she was so proud. She thought they were moving forward to a new, stronger relationship. She wanted to go back to the restaurant, but Kiki was too busy with med school. So she made Kiki promise when she was done for the summer, they’d go back; a year from the date the article ran. She never dreamed she’d have to cancel because… of what happened.

Michael tells Jason that Willow blamed herself for her father’s death. She was supposed to meet him when Shiloh announced it was time for her initiation. Jason says, so she was being drugged and tattooed while her father was dying. Michael says she doesn’t think it was an accident. She thinks Shiloh murdered him. She’s sure of it, and so is he. Jason says him too. They just have to prove it.

Carly asks, what happened? and Bobbie says, Brad has been complaining of severe abdominal cramps. Lucas is on his way. Carly asks what the doctor said, but Brad says the doctor can’t help him. No one can. It’s too late. He’s dying.

Willow sees she missed the call from Diane. She says she wasn’t aware she had a future at the school, and Principal Schultz says he was misguided, and apologizes. He’s officially inviting her back to be a member of the teaching staff next year.

Chase asks if Jordan knows how long Mac will be filling in. She says her recovery is a work in progress. Mac is a consummate professional, and the PD is in good hands. Curtis walks in, and she asks what he’s doing there. He says he could ask her the same. What the hell is she doing?

Bobbie says maybe the ER doctor could look at Brad, but his abdomen isn’t rigid and he has no fever. His blood pressure is elevated, but there’s no indication of immediate danger or dying. Brad thinks he could have stomach cancer, but Bobbie says he should know it presents differently. He says he feels awful; maybe it’s an ulcer. Bobbie says she can arrange for a test, and Carly says it wouldn’t hurt to rule it out, but does he really think he has an ulcer? He doesn’t know, and asks what Bobbie thinks. She thinks he has a bad case of acid reflux or he’s having an anxiety attack.

Jordan asks Chase to give her and Curtis a moment. She asks Curtis where he gets off, chastising her in the middle of the squad room? He asks where she gets off, signing herself out without telling him? she wasn’t aware she needed his permission. He says he’s her husband and partner. He loves her; till death do them part. She could have at least allowed him to escort her out after major surgery. She says, sorry. She should have waited. He says she didn’t because she wanted to come there, and knew he’d be against it. He says Mac’s got this, and she needs to take it easy. She says she feels fine. She feels so good, maybe she doesn’t need to rest. Maybe she’s ready to resume her role as commissioner.

Principal Schultz tells Willow that a group of parents came to him with their concern about her termination; almost her whole class. Not only the parents, the faculty too, lobbied on her behalf. And the numbers don’t lie. Almost all of her students have improved their grades. In reevaluating the whole year, her assets outweigh her missteps. She’s a gifted educator. Willow thanks them for what they did on her behalf. She knows not everyone agrees. Nina says it’s true she didn’t speak on Willow’s behalf. but as it happens, she does agree, and thinks Willow should stay. The principal says, since Willow’s students are on a field day, maybe she wants to go over her contract with the union rep. Willow asks if they can schedule it for another day. Nina asks if she has somewhere better she needs to be.

Diane calls Chase, telling him that she’s calling from the courthouse. Willow is late and not answering her phone. The judge isn’t having it, and is going to start without her. She tells Chase, find her and get her there immediately. He says he’s got it, and jets. Diane runs back into the courtroom.

Jason tells Michael, according to Spinelli, Willow’s father had no history of substance abuse. Michael says Shiloh doesn’t typically attend the initiation ceremony until later, and Jason says giving him time to go to the hotel. Michael says Willow told him that Shiloh slept with her after he murdered her father. Jason says, someone else took the rap. Carol Lockhart. She served some time, and is now waiting tables in Beecher’s Corners. Michael says Jason is on the town’s radar, but Jason says he’ll find a way around it. Michael suggests he go in Jason’s place.

Maxie tells Ava that they can reschedule. Nina will understand. Well, probably not, but Maxie will convince her. Ava says she agreed to Midnight in the Garden of Good and Ava, so that’s what they’re going to get. She wonders about the other choices, and looks through the clothing rack. Jax comes in with Josslyn, who asks what Ava is doing there. Jax tells her, be nice. Ava chooses a dress, and leaves to try it on. Jax tells Josslyn that Ava is contracted to do the cover. He’s going to try and teach Josslyn a valuable lesson. You don’t have to like or approve of people you do business with, if it’s a mutual, beneficial agreement. Josslyn asks if the next one can not include Ava. He says it can be arranged. Maxie asks what she can help with, and Jax says he wanted to run something by Nina, but she can also weigh in. He’s thinking about a summer internship there for Josslyn. Maxie thinks it’s a great idea. She can teach Josslyn everything she knows, and Josslyn will probably be running the place by the end of the summer. She says, hold that thought, and runs off. Jax asks what Josslyn thinks. Josslyn says she thinks he should have asked her about it first.

Brad asks if Bobbie thinks he’s a hypochondriac. She says he mentioned that he was under stress. Is there something going on that would cause him extreme anxiety? She can order the tests, or Doc is back on staff. He says he’d rather take the endoscopy. Bobbie says another option is talking to his mother-in-law. Brad says he didn’t want to trouble her, and Carly says he hasn’t told Bobbie what’s going on?

Willow says she’s sorry. She’s honored and happy, but has somewhere she really needs to be. Nina says after the parents moved heaven and earth to have her reinstated, she can’t even stay to thank them? Willow says they have her sincere appreciation. Chase runs in, and says they have to go, and she flies out the door with him. Nina says they can see where her priorities are.

Diane requests a brief recess. The judge asks if Shiloh had any difficulty getting to court on time. Zara suggests perhaps Willow stalling, and Shiloh says she could be fleeing with his child as they speak. Diane says, first he has to establish that there was a birth. Zara says they’ve established that Miss Tait had a child, and Diane asks how they obtained privileged information. It’s protected under HIPPA, and Willow never signed a release.

Jax agrees he shouldn’t have assumed, and Josslyn asks why he did. Her mom does it all the time, but he never does. He says the last time he saw her excited was when she was there with Maxie. Josslyn says they weren’t talking about Crimson; it was something else entirely. She thinks it would be fun, but he can’t sign her up for things like she’s six and it’s volleyball. He says he’ll do better, but she has to admit volleyball turned out good; she’s crushing it. He’s proud of her, and he’s not apologizing, because he loves her. She says she loves him too, and they hug.

Curtis tells Jordan, let him get this straight. She’s ignoring the doctor’s advice, and jumping back in to a fast-paced, intense job. Go for it. She says he’s usually not sarcastic, and he says she’ll set her recovery back. Why risk it? Mac is more than capable of holding things down while she’s away. She says that’s what she’s worried about. He says she’s not that insecure, and Mac doesn’t want her job. She says she’s on medical leave, and disability only pays 50%. In the meantime, her medical expenses are soaring. He doesn’t want her worrying, and says he took a job that will more than make up the difference.

Lulu asks Franco and Elizabeth what they make of Willow’s leaving. Franco gets a call, and Elizabeth says she doesn’t know why Willow wouldn’t stick around to go over her contract. Lulu wonders if Willow wants to come back. She tells Elizabeth that she got the wedding invitation, and she’s looking forward to it. Elizabeth says, it’s just a reception. Franco and the boys insisted they have a party. Lulu says she knows Elizabeth said she was happy to exchange vows in a prison cell, but come on. Elizabeth says, okay; she’s happy. She tells Lulu about the venue. Done with his call, Franco asks what they’re talking about, and Elizabeth says, the reception; she kind of into it. He says, don’t be. He doesn’t think it’s even going to happen.

Carly meets Lucas in the hallway, and tells him, Brad is okay. Bobbie thinks it’s just stress. Brad told her everything. Lucas guesses he’d better face the music. He can’t let Brad to it alone. He goes in the examining room, and Brad says, Carly ratted them out. She says, for their own good. Lucas says he’s sorry, but Bobbie says they have a lot on their plate, and not to worry about it. She asks if they’ve spoken to Alexis, and asked what the chances are that the court will unseal the records. Lucas says, they can’t be unsealed, and Brad says, the records don’t exist. Bobbie says, the time for anything less than full disclosure is over. Spill. Lucas says he told Julian, and Bobbie says, he got rid of the records?

Willow comes running in. Diane tells her, calm down; she got there. There’s been a recess, but the judge is going to rule once they resume. Willow says, but she wasn’t there, and Diane says he’s allowed to rule without hearing her.

Nina comes back to Crimson with Valentin. Valentin tells Josslyn that he enjoyed her performance at the Nurses Ball. She’s a talented young woman. Maxie says she’s there about a possible internship, but Jax says he might have gotten ahead of himself. He has another matter to discuss with Nina though. He, Nina, and Valentin go into her office. Valentin closes the door, but Jax says it’s a business matter. Nina says, it’s fine. Whatever he has to say, he can say in front of Valentin.

Maxie says Josslyn isn’t feeling the internship? Josslyn says, it’s not that she doesn’t want it. She thinks it would be fun. It’s just that her dad got the wrong idea when he saw their conversation. Maxie asks if she didn’t tell him about reaching out to the other side. Josslyn says, no, but she did talk to Lucy, who gave her some good advice. She tried a séance with some friends. They tried reaching out, and she thinks it worked. Oscar was there with them. Ava overhears.

Jax tells Nina that he’s hired a new head of security. He believes she’s worked with Curtis before.

Jordan says, so Curtis is now head of Aurora security? He says he just needs to sign the paperwork. She asks if it’s something he truly wants, or is he doing it because of her and the bills piling up? He wanted to remain self-employed. Is he taking a corporate gig because of her. He says, it’s not your typical corporate gig. Hypothetically, he was hired by one party to run a long con on the other party.

Franco tells Elizabeth the venue has a mold issue, and they’ve canceled all reservations. She says she knew it was too good to be true. Franco says they wanted to do it nice, and Lulu says, maybe they still can, after what she put them through. Franco says, no one blames her. They’re just glad it’s over. She says she’d still love to make amends. She owns the perfect venue for a wedding reception, and says she’d be honored to have it on The Haunted Star – free of charge. Elizabeth doesn’t think it’s such a great idea.

Bobbie says, leave it to Julian to make it worse, but Lucas says, he only did what he was asked. Now there’s no record. She says, that they know of. Does he think there’s something else out there? He doesn’t know, but Carly says, Shiloh is a master manipulator. There’s a good chance he’ll realize Wiley is his son. Lucas says, there are no records to tie them together, and Bobbie hopes he’s right. It could easily go the other way. When the records are unsealed, the court will realize they were tampered with. Bead says, his stomach, and Lucas asks for a moment alone with him.

In the hallway, Carly tells Bobbie, sorry. She knows from experience cover-ups don’t always work out. Bobbie says she’ll be back soon. She has business to take care of.

The judge comes back, and says it’s nice of Willow to join them. She says she’s so sorry. If she could just explain… He says, it’s not necessary. He’s made his ruling, and the court is ruling in favor of the plaintiff, David Henry Archer aka Shiloh.

Nina tells Jax that she’s worked with Curtis, and he’s a good friend. He asks if she approves, and she says, in theory. Taking a corporate job doesn’t seem like him. Valentin says he does have financial pressure after Jordan’s transplant, but Nina wonders why he didn’t mention it to her. Jax says she’ll have to ask him.

Josslyn tells Maxie about how they thought, if Oscar could hear them, he’d be laughing his ass off. It’s true; he would be. They all relaxed and started to remember the good times and funny things. They were still holding hands, and Trina saw the water ripple. Maxie asks if they thought it was Oscar, and Josslyn says, that’s why the glass was there. If the spirit visits, they signal their presence by rippling the water. She swears Oscar was with them. She knows it sounds crazy. Maxie says, not to her. Josslyn says, feeling him there, and being together and happy felt good. Like he was okay, and it gave some sort of closure. It meant everything to her. Ava looks at her phone, and confirms the reservation.

Jordan says, Curtis is working with Valentin to spy on Jax, and the job is a cover? Curtis says, it’s a win-win, and he gets a corporate salary. Jordan says what he’s doing is a felony, and he says he’s not stealing secrets; he’s just gathering information and providing a useful service. Jordan says, he’ll be head of security? He says he’ll be tightening the ship, and making sure the company is safe. She asks how he thinks Drew will feel, and he says, if he turns up something, that’s good for Drew. She doesn’t like it. Jax has an excellent reputation. He’s a brilliant businessman. She’d choose him over Valentin. Curtis says he would too – if he was looking for a bestie. This is business. Jordan says, exactly. Why is he choosing to do business with the bad guy?

Elizabeth tells Lulu that The Haunted Star holds unpleasant memories for Franco. Lulu understands, but Franco says he thinks it’s the perfect place. Lulu says the last thing she wants is to stress them or trigger sadness on a day that should be their happiest. Franco says he’s been thinking a lot about this kind of stuff. The past is past, and a place is just a place. They get to choose the energy and memories. He chooses happiness with their friends and family, but it’s her call. Elizabeth tells him that he keeps saying he’s doing it for her, but it’s for the both of them. She says, if he’s sure, and he says he is. What could possibly go wrong?

Bobbie goes to Charlie’s, and Julian says, oh Lord. What brings her by? She says her grandson. Julian says she sees more of Wiley than he does. He seems great, and Lucas and Brad couldn’t be happier. She says, no thanks to him, and slaps him across the face.

Michael goes into diner. The waitress says they’re closed, but he says he only needs a few minutes. Is her name Carol Lockhart? Outside in the car, Jason listens in.

Shiloh thanks the court. Willow asks Diane, what happens now? Diane says, it’s a temporary setback. They’ll file an appeal to overturn the order. The judge says Willow is ordered to turn over all relevant information on the child she gave up for adoption to the plaintiff. Shiloh smirks, and I say, that’s not how any of this works.

Tomorrow, Bobbie tells Julian that he might have lost Wiley for all of them, Sonny thinks he’s found a way for Dev to stick around, and Jason won’t let anything happen to someone.

Below Deck Mediterranean

I’m just going to say it. I think Aesha and Anastasia are one person. It’s driving me nuts. Not only do their unconventional names start with the same letter, they look alike.

10:15. Captain Sandy says they failed today in the food department. Mila tells Anastasia at least nothing was sent back. The captain tells Hannah that they’ll give the guests a hardy breakfast. Jack asks if Mila requested Anastasia, and Mila says the captain told Anastasia to go to the galley. In his interview, Jack says he feels bad for her, but it’s her own doing. She’s completely incompetent. The size of her balls are huge. She has to be mental to take on this job.

In Aesha’s interview, she says she’s drawn to Jack. Their personalities click, but she’s not going out of her way to find a guy. The guests go to bed. Anastasia says she was sh*tting her pants during dinner service. She calls her mom, and tells her all about it. Mila comes in, and talks to Anastasia’s mom in Russian, and says Georgian girls are great. Everyone goes to bed. João gets a message from Brooke, telling him, good luck. Colin says he and João have gotten closer because of sympathy over Brooke.

Mila wants to show Captain Sandy that she doesn’t need help. The captain tells Jack to haul anchor. I hear wrong and think one of the guests ordered scrapple, but it was scrambled eggs. I’m relieved. I went through a scrapple phase many years ago, but no one should eat scrapple, especially on a luxury yacht.  The guests toddle in for breakfast. Captain Sandy calls João to the bridge. Anastasia does cabins. Mila attempts to make pancakes, but their misshapen and awful, reminding me of the one and only time I made pancakes, and they were better. She throws them out. The guests are hungry, and demanding the pancakes. Hannah wonders, how hard can they be? She sees that Mila is using boxed batter, and says, a chef who doesn’t know how to make batter is a problem. Mila suggests Hannah cook, and Hannah says Mila already has her third stew. She’s been serving sh*t to guests, so don’t come at her with anything. In Hannah’s interview, she says, a chef who can’t cook pancakes is not an effing chef. One of the guests (Jennifer’s husband?) complains about it taking an hour to make pancakes. He’s bailing. In the captain’s interview, she says she’s given Mila multiple chances. We flash back to the nachos… and the cake… and the crab. Captain Sandy says, she can’t make pancakes? Come on.

Hannah tells the guests sorry about breakfast, but the dude says it’s fine. Sandy suggests lunch ashore to Jennifer, saying she’ll join them. She tells Jack to do something with his hair. She tells João that she’s friendly and kind, but now she’s getting pissed. Anchor goes down in Villefranche-sur-Mer. The captain tells Hannah they need quality of food. In her interview, Hanna says had a look at what’s causing her anxiety. The best thing she took out of it was, if there’s anything she can’t control, there’s no point in stressing about it. Just do the best you can and hold on for the ride.

Hannah makes reservation for eight people at two. The captain calls Anastasia to the bridge. She wants Anastasia to run with dinner. It’s the guests’ last meal, and she wants it to be amazing. In Anastasia’s interview, she says it’s a lot of pressure to control the galley, but from what she’s seen, she’s the better chef. The water toys are out, and the guests play. Jack takes Jennifer out on a jet ski, and she flirts with him. In his interview, he says he knows where the line is, but he’d risk his life to bang Dr. Jen; never mind his job. He tells Travis that he hasn’t had sex in ten days, and they were up close.

Captain Sandy calls Mila to the bridge. She thinks Mila is overwhelmed. Being brutally honest, she’s having Anastasia do dinner. She’s sorry, but she needs Anastasia to cook. Mila asks if the guests were happy yesterday, and the captain says, no. The steaks had no flavor, and they weren’t seared. Mila stupidly says, they ate them, and Captain Sandy says, they were hungry. She needs Anastasia to take the lead. Mila says she’s happy to work together in the galley. In Mila’s interview, she says it does strike her ego, but she’s not a quitter. She cries in the bathroom.

Hannah asks Anastasia if they can do an Italian dinner, and they go over some things. Mila says if Hannah doesn’t want to discuss it with her, she can cook herself. Hannah says that’s not what she get paid for, and the food is being sent back by the guests. In her interview, Anastasia says she can’t listen to them. Mila says Hannah is doing a perfect job, and Hannah says the guests are happy with service, but not the food. Mila gripes that Hannah isn’t talking to her face, and Hannah tells Mila that she’s saying it to her face. Anastasia needs to cook because her food is sh*t.

The guests and Captain Sandy go to a restaurant on shore. In his interview, Jack says his hair has always been a mess, but it’s never been an issue. João tells him, it has to be proper, and Jack says, business in the front, party in the back, making a high pony. João laughs. In her interview, Anastasia says she’s used to being the third stew, and just asking what she should be doing today. Now, she needs to write a menu, and she has no idea where Mila is. In Mila’s interview, she says she’s being tolerant (ha-ha! interesting word choice), but it’s not limitless. There’s a piece of meat the size of a dinosaur leg on the counter, and Anastasia asks Mila what it’s for. Mila says it’s just something she wants to cook. Anastasia say she’s getting stressed. She needs space, and the meat keeps appearing.

The guests love the restaurant. Colin talks to his mom on the phone. In his interview, he says in the ferry world, you work eight to ten hours, and go home. In yachting, it’s random people. and he has to get used to them. Sandy loves the view in the restaurant. There’s no wind, and she can see the boat. She doesn’t know if Anastasia is the right solution. It’s a massive job, and she hopes Anastasia doesn’t crack.

João helps Hannah. Aesha feels like they’re all doing the time for someone else’s crime. In Anastasia’s interview, she says she’s using her mom’s meatball recipe. She guesses they must be Georgian balls. In Mila’s interview, she never expected Anastasia to be giving her instructions. She’s not feeling it. João tells Hannah that he messaged Brooke, and she says he’s not even drunk. In his interview, João says he’s been opening up to Hannah, which is surprising. In her interview, Anastasia says Mila is her sous chef tonight. She can make a simple salad, but that’s the extent of it. She can’t take a risk that the guests will return the food.

Hannah meets the guests with hand towels. In her interview, Anastasia says she’s vegan, but tries everything she makes. You have to make sure everything tastes good. After she tastes the meatball, she spits it out, and in her interview, Mila says, effing vegans. The guests give high praise to Aesha’s margaritas. The deckhands discuss their dating profiles. Colin asks if Travis’s is small d*ck, big heart. Travis reads it, and Colin asks how many matches he gets. Travis says, about seventeen a year. They talk about stranger danger, and Colin says his word was snuffleupagus. But then he told his mom that he’s twenty-nine; he’s a big boy now.

João moans about Brooke to Captain Sandy, who tells João that he’s a good person, and did nothing wrong. He says he never trusted anyone, and giving his trust was the hard part. The captain says he’s got to feel it. Have a cry; it’s healing. In his interview, João says as much as he tries to hide how he feels, he can’t bottle his emotions when it’s someone he trusts, and he’s opened up to Captain Sandy. The captain says they’re not going to sleep together, but he can trust her. In João’s interview, he says she reminds him of his mom. She hugs him, and tells him that he can come to her any time. She loves him. They hug again.

Hannah asks João to pop the towels in the laundry. She wants to keep Aesha on cabins, and asks if the deckhands can do service with her. Travis says he and Jack can do it. Captain Sandy is eating with the guests. Hannah tells Anastasia, whose reaction is, arrgghh! She’s already cooked, so she can’t take the captain’s preferences into consideration. It’s another person to judge her, who also happens to be her boss. The guests take pictures on deck. Aesha hates doing the cabins. She’s a people master, and she can’t talk to the bed. Hannah tells Anastasia that the guests aren’t sitting yet, and Anastasia is annoyed because the appetizers have been plated, and there’s horseradish foam involved. In her interview, Mila says she sees Anastasia’s panic. And I see that she seems to be enjoying it. Like it’s Anastasia’s fault the guests didn’t like Mila’s food.

The appetizer is served is served, but neither Jennifer nor Sandy eat raw meat, so Hannah brings theirs back.  Anastasia says carpaccio is an Italian staple, and there was nothing on the preference sheet. She shrugs, saying they can eat the salad. In Anastasia’s interview, she says, if they don’t like her food, that’s on them, imitating Mila, Colin eats the shunned appetizers, and the salad goes out. Aesha tells Jack that she’s proud of him for learning the washing machine. He tells Travis that he’s jacking he plates like he’s the best waiter in the world. They joke around, and Anastasia tells them to be quiet; she needs to concentrate. In Jack’s interview, he says he finds a girl who bosses him around quite attractive.

In Mila’s interview, she says if Anastasia wants to serve dry meatballs, go for it, again smirking. Spaghetti and meatballs are served. In her interview, Captain Sandy says, it’s not groundbreaking. Now she’s nervous about every meal that comes out of the galley. One of the guests announces they’re a meatball expert, and everyone eats in silence for a moment. The meatballs are pronounced well done – not as in tenderness, but as in done appropriately. The captain is thrilled that the guests are happy. Anastasia says the dessert is in three parts. In her interview, she says she wants to do something she knows tastes good, and she’s making affogato, but a lot of the dessert is smoke and mirrors because it’s interactive.  She explains the dessert to the guests, telling them it’s basically gelato with a shot of espresso, but she’s added a shot of Grand Marnier. Pancake dude asks if she’s sure she isn’t Italian, and she says, fuggedaboutit. The captain says, it’s the best part of the meal. Hannah and Anastasia high-five in the galley. In Hannah’s interview, she says she wouldn’t be happy if she was in Mila’s position, but she seems to be taking it in stride. That means either she’s really patient or used to it.

While they do the dishes, Hannah asks if Colin is homesick, and he says, a little. She says she doesn’t feel it anymore. A few of the guests sort of dance. Anastasia calls her mother. One of the guests (not pancake dude; other dude) says he’s going skinny-dipping. In Travis’s interview, he says there’s a universal love for skinny-dipping. One of the women decides to jump in with him, and Travis thinks she’s in shape for an old bird. Sexy.

It’s the last day of charter. In her interview, Mila says it’s not in her nature to give up. You have to adapt to different things, and not see them as a problem. Jack asks João what the plans are, and João says dinner and drinks. He doesn’t think Mila is going to stay. Travis hopes there isn’t a yelling fest at Mila tonight. In the galley, Anastasia tells Mila her pancake batter is too thin, but Mila says they’re Russian pancakes, which are more like crepes. If she says so. The guests believe it, and like them though. Captain Sandy calls João her protégé. In her interview, she says she’s interested to see where he goes in life. He’s hungry and grateful for all of his experiences. The guests pack.

The crew gets in their whites. Hannah says the saving grace was that the guests were Captain Sandy’s friends. João asks Hannah if she thinks Mila is going to get fired. She does, and he says chefs do about 50% of the work. They work alone, and it’s all about the food. Hannah tells him the tip is divided, no matter who does how much work. I’d always thought that was kind of unfair. The deckhands dock the boat, and Captain Sandy tells them, well done. The crew says goodbye to the guests. Jennifer says they were impressed how Captain Sandy managed the staff, along with their concerns. The deckhands were in the water, engaging, teaching, and helping them, and it didn’t go unnoticed that she made changes that made the experience better. She gives the captain an envelope, and it’s kiss-kiss, back to work.

João tells Jack not to bring back any loose strangers. Jack asks why they need loose strangers when they have loose crew members. Hannah asks Aesha how she feels about Jack. Aesha says she likes watching him, but she’s more attracted to him as a brother. Hannah says she’s not supposed to be attracted to her brother, even though we both know what she meant. Time for the tip meeting.

Sandy says they all know there were challenges in the galley. She thanks the deck team. and commends Hannah. She tells Anastasia that she loved the dessert. Well done (phrase of the night). The tip is $i8K, $1430 each, which the captain didn’t expect. Aesha says she thought it would be closer to $500 total. In his interview, João says it’s because the team pulled together. In Hannah’s interview, she wonders who would accept a tip when they almost single-handedly effed up the charter. Hannah has a smoke, while chatting with Anastasia. Aesha jokes around and blows a fart near Hannah’s head (I kid you not). Hannah says Aesha is the dirtiest bitch she’s ever met in her life.

Captain Sandy says no matter how many times she’s talked to Mila, it’s always, yes, captain; she has respect. She calls Mila to the bridge. Hannah tells Anastasia she worked hard to help Mila. The captain says Mila’s attitude is amazing, and she can see Mila has passion for what she does. I wonder if the captain and I are seeing the same person. Other than crying in the bathroom a couple of times, and gloating over Anastasia having it tough, she’s sleepwalked through the whole season. Captain Sandy says, it’s a pleasure coming into the galley. In Mila’s interview, she says during charters where the food was great, and there was a problem with the captain, she thought maybe it was her personality. Hearing that Captain Sandy thinks she has a great personality is pleasant [sic]. Not exactly what the captain said, but again, did I miss something? A whole lot of something? She tells the captain that she wants to show she can do it. She wants to prove it to her. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says, it’s hard to find a chef mid-season. If she has no chef, she has no charter. What does she do?

Dammit. I guess we have to wait until next week to find out.

Next time, a serious wind comes up fast, Anastasia is scared, the crew parties, Colin isn’t fitting in, and the anchor ends up on deck.

👻 At Least He’s Not a Ghost This Time…

But Stuart Damon has lunch with some ghosts from Alan’s past.


🙊 Another Other Way…

Pillow Talk’s Annie and David spill some tea.


🎪  Bethenny’s Circus Continues…

Suckerfish Hoppy sinks to a new low.


👠 I Forgot All About This…

And surprisingly, have never seen it. Now I want to. It’s campier than the Met Gala. Which most guests missed the mark on anyway.

June 20, 1980 – The Biggest Gay History Day Since Stonewall. “Can’t Stop The Music” Opens Starring Bruce Jenner and The Village People!

🌉 Just Like a Vacation…

Not really, but the pictures are pretty. Behold, Villefranche-sur-Mer.



June 17, 2019 – A Surprise for Peter, Mila’s Food Is the Worst, a Departure, a Retirement, GH Pride, a Return, Fake Apology & Myself


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Valentin sees Jax at the MetroCourt bar. He tells Jax that when he was at the launch, he notice a flashy new yacht. Is it his? Jax says it is, and Valentin says, it’s gorgeous. Jax hopes Valentin isn’t angling to buy it, but Valentin says he likes money too much to buy a yacht, but he does have a proposal for Jax.

At the hospital, nuNina asks Curtis how Jordan’s progress is going. He says, good. Her body hasn’t rejected the kidney, and there’s no sign of infection. Nina says, that’s a relief. What about him? She’s getting weird vibes. He seems distracted and stressed. He says Jordan’s surgery was a success, and he’s grateful for that, but now they have to figure out a way to pay for it.

Finn tells Jordan that she’s infection free, and officially no longer his patient. She thanks him, and he says, it’s all part of the job. She knows this case is outside of what he normally does, and he says Curtis is his friend, and Jordan is important to Anna. He understands, according to this relationship thing, that makes Jordan important to him. He wants to give Curtis the news, but she has a question first. How is Ryan doing? Finn says when he last saw Ryan, he was recuperating, and Jordan asks if he’s recuperating as well as she is.

At Kelly’s, Maxie asks if Mac is clear on the plan, and Mac says, yes. He knows what to do, and it’s going to work out great. She asks if they shouldn’t go over it, just in case. He says he knows what to do. Laura comes in, and says she’s sorry to interrupt, but does Mac have a minute? Mac says he’ll see Maxie later, and she tells him, don’t mess it up. She leaves, and Laura says she needs Mac’s help.

Maxie sits with Peter, and notices he ordered pie. He asks if that’s a problem. She says they came for desert, and she thought he’d get cake. Doesn’t he like cake? He says he does; he just prefers pie. She wishes he’d told her.

Lulu thanks Felicia for offering the restaurant for Peter’s party. Felicia says, Maxie is in full Maxie mode about it, and Lulu says, how great is that?

Kim and Drew come back to Kim’s apartment. Drew sees the refrigerator is empty, and suggests he get groceries. Kim says, no rush. All they have is time. Time to miss their son.

Josslyn puts a framed photo of Oscar on a table that has candles and a glass of water on it. Cameron and Trina arrive, and she thanks them for coming. Cameron asks if there’s a reason why they had to come through the back, and Josslyn says she doesn’t want her parents to know. Trina says, party time, and Cameron says, great idea to throw a rager at Sonny’s house. Josslyn says there’s no party, but if her parents knew what she was doing, they would worried, and they’ve worried enough.

Valentin says Jax has defied the business model. Jax says, some people flip houses; he flips companies. He finds it rewarding. Valentin can understand why Aurora was an attractive acquisition. Jax says, it still is, but it’s in need of some TLC. Valentin says Jax usually invests in things like pipelines and brokerage houses. He can’t imagine Jax is too attached to Aurora. He’d like to buy Jax’s half. Whatever his projected value is a year from now, that’s his offer. Jax will get all the money, and do none of the work. Jax says, it’s a generous offer, but he doesn’t need it. He isn’t sure Valentin would be doing this if it weren’t for Nina, and Valentin says he’s absolutely right.

Nina asks if the transplant wasn’t covered by insurance, and Curtis says, it was, but all the stuff around it, not so much, like the extended hospital stay. Nina says if she remembers correctly, she was the best person at their wedding, and she made a commitment to support their marriage. Let her take care of the medical bills; it’s not a problem for her. He thanks her, but says, no. They’ve got this. She tells him, if anything changes, let her know, and they hug.

Finn tells Jordan that he supervised the transplant, and Ryan is well on his way to a full recovery. Jordan says, good, but he says, not everyone agrees. She says not everyone has Ryan’s kidney keeping them alive.

Laura tells Mac, it’s hard to get Jordan to back off of work, and she needs to. She’s hoping to find someone to fill in. Someone with experience who she can trust, and who would be willing to walk away when it’s time for Jordan to return. Mac thinks it’s a smart plan, and she says, so he’ll do it?

Maxie asks, when Peter was little, did he want to be a baseball player or an astronaut? He says, ninja. Is she okay? She says, fine, and he says, what about her? She says, fashion designer, and if that didn’t work out, President. She tells him that she’s meeting Lulu, and she’ll see him later. He thought she was working later, and she says she meant they’ll talk later, or tomorrow, depending on how busy she is. She leaves, and he’s like, huh? This reminds me of when there was a surprise birthday party for a friend of mine, and I had lunch with her the same day. I came thisclose to saying, I’ll see you later, when we parted company.

Drew tells Kim that he put her bags in her room. She thanks him, and he says he needs to sleep about twelve hours. I think of how heavenly that would be, and he says he’ll check on her in the morning. There’s a knock at the door, and Drew answers. It’s Julian. He says he thought Kim might need some things, and he brought burgers from Charlie’s if Drew wants to stick around. Drew says, thanks, but he needs sleep. He leaves, and Julian puts his arm around Kim. She looks out the window, and says, while they were scattering Oscar’s ashes so close to the sky, it was like they were returning him to the heavens. Julian says, it sounds beautiful. Kim says, it was. Whenever she looks into the night’s sky, she sees Oscar in the stars.

Cameron asks, what is all this stuff? and Josslyn asks them to hear her out. She did research online and basically is trying to reach Oscar. Trina says, reach? and Josslyn says, communicate, summon, however they want to put it. She thinks this is how to do it. Trina says, a séance? and she says, yes. Cameron says no wonder she said she didn’t want to worry her parents. He’s worried. This isn’t her. It isn’t fair Oscar is gone, and Cameron believes his spirit is out there somewhere, but trying to talk to him in Sonny’s kitchen? Josslyn asks, what’s the alternative? What do they want her to do? Cameron suggests letting him go.

Cameron says there are other things they can do. If she wants to feel closer to Oscar, awesome. They can take a hike, or play guitar in Oscar’s Meadow. Josslyn says she tried that. She’s gone everywhere, and done everything. Trina asks if she’s never felt Oscar’s presence, but Josslyn says she only feels like he should be there and he’s not. She’s obviously doing something wrong. Cameron says, maybe she’s just missing him like they all do. Josslyn tells them that Oscar said he’d reach out. What if he is, and he’s just lost? Trina asks if that’s a thing, but Josslyn doesn’t know. She just wants to give him a chance. Trina thinks they should do it.

Laura needs to find someone she can trust to do the right thing, and she thinks it’s him. He asks how he can say no, and she says the city of Port Charles thanks him. Mostly she thanks him. She asks him to start tomorrow; she’ll alert the department. She says they’ll be able to see more of each other. He says, temporarily, and she says, of course (🍷). They hug, and Laura leaves. Peter comes over, and asks if Mac has a minute. Mac says that’s about all he has. There’s somewhere he needs to be. Peter thinks he knows where, and if he’s right, Mac needs to put a stop to it.

At The Floating Rib, Maxie says, everything looks great. Lulu says it’s perfect, but Maxie says, apparently not. Ninjas and pie are. She asks if Felicia has pie on the menu. Felicia says they have a beautiful cake in the back that Maxie ordered. Maxie says that’s before she knew pie was preferred. It’s a disaster. Felicia says, no; it’s not. Lulu asks, what’s going on? and Maxie says she wants Peter to like the party. Lulu says, he will, and Maxie asks how she knows. Felicia says because it’s from her.

Valentin says it’s just a business to Jax, but it means more to him. Nina is his fiancé and ex-wife. They went through a rocky phase, but he’s back in her good graces, and wants it to stay that way. Crimson is Nina’s baby, and she’s 100% invested in it. Jax asks if he’s concerned about Nina professionally. Valentin says, no, but the business means little to Jax and a lot to him. That’s why he’s willing to pay a premium. Jax appreciates Valentin’s honest, and wants to be honest in return. His reasons for buying Aurora have nothing to do with money. They’re entirely personal.

Jax explains that Josslyn is a lonely child right now, and tells Valentin that he’d like to live in the same place. Valentin says there are other businesses, and Jax says, true, but it was ideally suited to him. They needed a helping hand, and they’re located near Carly’s hotel. He can be around the people he wants to be around – with the exception of one or two. He respects what Valentin said, but no. Valentin tells him to name his price; everyone has one. Jax says Valentin sounds like his brother. He also believed that, but sooner or later you come across someone who doesn’t, and that’s him. Nina comes in, and asks, what’s going on? NuNina is going to take some getting used to. I keep thinking, who are you?

Maxie thinks the party is In good shape, and thanks Lulu and Felicia for helping. They’re happy to do it, and Maxie wants to check the kitchen. Felicia says everything is ready to go, but Maxie says she’ll be the judge of that. Lulu tells Felicia that she hasn’t seen Maxie like this in a while; nervous and excited wrapped in one. Felicia says she was skeptical of Peter at first, but slowly and surely, she sees he’s a good friend, and they’re good together. Lulu says, they help each other, and make each other better. Felicia thinks so too, but it’s nice to have it confirmed. Maxie comes back, and asks what they were talking about. Lulu says, nothing, and Maxie tells them not to pretend they weren’t talking about her.

The last thing Peter wants is to hurt Maxie’s feelings. Mac says, then don’t. Peter thinks a surprise party will be embarrassing. Mac says he’ll be in a room full of people who care about him, and want what’s good for him. After all these years, doesn’t he deserve it? Peter doesn’t know, but Mac says, Maxie thinks so. If he doesn’t want to show up for himself, show up for her.

Curtis tells Jordan that he just talked with the billing department. Jordan asks if the amount is a huge mistake. He wishes, but they can pay in installments over time. Drew stops by, and asks how Jordan is. She says, good; thanks to Ryan. He bets that’s a sentence she never thought she’d say. She asks how he’s doing. That was a long trip. He says they did what they needed to. Now it’s back to work. He tells her that he was responsible for the accident, and wants to know how can he help. Jordan says they don’t hold him responsible. Curtis says he went blind while he was driving; it’s not his fault. Drew says he can still cover the cost, but Curtis says, no dice. Drew asks Jordan to talk sense into Curtis. Jordan says, even if she wanted to, she can’t. Drew owns a major medical company, and accepting it could be construed as a bribe. She thanks him for his generosity, and he says maybe they’ll accept his counteroffer. Okay, at least that answers my question about Drew paying – even if the answer is pretty convoluted. Because technically, he did cause the accident, I doubt him paying her medical bills would be construed as a bribe.

Kim says she’s not hungry, but Julian says her body needs fuel. He tells her that she was a great mom. She says, was, and he says, sorry, but she says he’s right. She doesn’t know who she is now. She puts her head on his shoulder.

Finn comes into Kelly’s. He asks Peter how it’s going. Has he eaten? Peter says, no, and Finn says he thought maybe they could grab a bite. Anna thinks they should spend some time getting to know each other better. Peter suggests they get a table, and Finn says, there? Peter says, it is a restaurant, but Finn says he was thinking something more divey. Mac says, divey? and Finn says he meant more casual. Peter asks what he had in mind, and Finn says, The Floating Rib. Peter tells him, sounds good. Mac says he’s headed there himself, and Finn says, what a coincidence. Mac says, not really; he owns it. Peter says he knows about the party, and Finn asks why he didn’t say something sooner. Peter says he was enjoying this. Finn tells Peter not to say he spoiled the surprise. He’ll never hear the end of it from Maxie or Anna if they think he spilled the beans, and that’s its own special torture. Peter promises to act surprised.

Jax tells Nina that he and Valentin were just chatting about yachts, and this and that. How is their special project going? Nina says they’re already selling ads. Jax leaves, and Nina says, fantastic guy, isn’t he? Why doesn’t Valentin like him?

Drew asks Curtis to work for him at Aurora. Curtis asks if he’s for real. Doing what? Drew needs a security analyst, and Curtis says, him in an office? Drew thinks he’d be perfect for it. He honestly needs someone, someone he can trust, and there aren’t many people he trusts more. Curtis says he’ll think about it, and Drew asks him not to take too long.

Josslyn lights the candles. Trina asks what the glass of water is for. Josslyn says if they see a ripple, they’ll know Oscar heard them. She asks if they’re ready, and Trina says, let’s do it. They join hands. Josslyn says they’ve gathered tonight with open hearts, and wish to speak to their friend and loved one, Oscar Nero, who they miss so greatly. They’d like him to accept their loving invitation. Trina yowls, and says Cameron just squeezed the crap out of her hand. Cameron says, if Oscar is listening, he’s laughing his ass off. Josslyn and Trina agree, and they all laugh.

Everyone yells, surprise! and Peter does a good surprised act. He says he thought the place was closed, and Maxie says, it is to the public, but not to them. He says she did all this? and asks if Finn and Mac were in on it. Finn says, guilty. Peter says no one has ever thrown him a party before. Maxie says, yea or nay, and Peter says, definitely yea.

Laura sees Jax at the hospital, and says she heard he was back. He says he heard she was mayor; congratulations. He says he’s on the hospital board, and they’ll be working together now, but she says, when she became mayor, she had to step back. He asks if she can talk to him about Valentin.

Nina asks Valentin why he doesn’t like Jax, and he says he just doesn’t. Jax is coming between them and their wedding. Nina says he didn’t order her to postpone; it was her choice. She cares about Crimson. It’s her baby, and she wants it to succeed. He says he does to, and she asks, what’s the problem. He says there’s always an angle in dealing people, and there’s no angle with Jax. He can’t figure how to bargain with him. While there’s a legit reason for Jax swooping in, he hates it. He wants to marry Nina right now. She says so all they were doing was talking about wedding dates? Valentin says he tried to buy Jax’s half of Aurora, and Jax turned him down. Nina says, good for him. Her parents never let her fail; only because it made them look good. It gave her a distorted vision of the world. He says she turned out okay, but she says she’s not the person she was. If Valentin was her boss, all of her ideas would be brilliant. She can do no wrong in his eyes. She loves that trait in a husband, but it’s not necessarily the best trait in a boss. She kisses him, and says she loves him. He says he loves her, and would do anything for her. She says she needs him to stay out of this. He kisses her.

Curtis goes to get Jordan a smoothie, and she tells Drew that she’s drowning in kale. He says it’s good to see her looking well. She’s sorry she hasn’t been there for him recently, and asks how he is. He doesn’t know. Before, there was all this momentum; things to do, goals to meet. Now it’s done, and he doesn’t know what to do next.

Kim tells Julian, people talk about how your heart expands when you have a child, and it’s true. That kind of love is indescribable, immeasurable. He says he knows, and he’s so sorry. It’s going to take time. Kim asks if she’s healed when she no longer feels like a mother. The thought terrifies her. It would be like looking in a mirror and seeing a stranger.

Trina asks if they remember when Oscar laughed so hard, his milkshake came out of his nose. They talk about some funny times with Oscar, and Cameron says he never laughed so hard. Trina says, hey. There’s a ripple in the water, and they all look.

Mac toasts to Peter, whose steady hands brought their grandson into the world. Finn says he has a note from Anna, but he’s not doing the accent. He reads Anna’s happy birthday wishes, and Lulu says, to a kickass boss. Peter thanks them, especially Maxie for throwing together his first birthday party. Maxie says, it won’t be the last. He says it’s a wonderful feeling to look around, and see the people he cares about. He blows out the candle on his cake, and Finn says, not that hard.

Nina says Valentin misunderstands. The delay in getting married isn’t about her; it’s about Crimson. When she marries him, she wants to know everything is all right with her career, the girls, and them. When they say their vows, there will be no secrets, no ticking time bombs. When she marries him, she wants to know she’ll get the family she always wanted. It will be a beautiful September afternoon, and she wants it to be perfect and theirs. They kiss.

Laura thinks Jax knows how he feels after what Valentin did to Nikolas. Valentin is bad news, plain and simple. She’d say proceed with caution, but it’s best not to proceed at all. He says she’s a little late. He’s already involved. In that case, she hopes he doesn’t live to regret it. Jax has feeling he won’t be the one regretting anything.

Nina tells Valentin that she’s going to freshen up. When she leaves, he calls Curtis, saying he has a job that he can only trust Curtis to do. Curtis says he’s listening, and Valentin says he needs Curtis to find out everything he can on Jasper Jax.

Drew makes Jordan laugh, telling her how wiped out he was on his and Oscar’s first hike. Thank God there were a lot more. He thanks her, and she says, for what? He says, it’s nice to talk about how Oscar was. Remember the good things, and not focus on the fact Oscar is no longer there. She asks how Kim is holding up, and he says, not too good. She’s lost, and having a hard time finding her way back.

Kim tells Julian that she loves him. He says he loves her too, and they kiss. She asks him to make a baby with her.

Josslyn asks if it’s Oscar. They hear something outside, and go out on the terrace. Trina asks if Josslyn sees anything, but Josslyn shakes her head, and goes back in. They follow her, and Trina says she thinks it worked. She doesn’t know if Oscar was outside, but them hanging out being friends, and Josslyn laughing is what Oscar wants. He wants Josslyn happy and okay. Or maybe it was just a breeze. Who knows? Josslyn thanks them, and apologizes for wasting their night. Cameron says, it wasn’t a waste. She tells them to go out the front.

When they’re gone, Josslyn blows out the candles. Someone watches her from outside.

Tomorrow, Julian thinks it’s the best thing to ever happen, Margaux needs something from Drew, and Sonny says they have a problem.

Below Deck Mediterranean

The French Riviera. In the car, Travis says Mila’s opinion on gays is her opinion on humanity. Maybe he’s been with men, or gay men are his friends. He says she should just STFU. He tells her to sit on the opposite side of the table. and calls her an oxygen thief.

They stop at a restaurant. João thinks he might have a bottle of gin for dinner. Mila just wants to have a nice time, and doesn’t care what Travis thinks. They sit.

Drinks are ordered. In his interview, João says he can’t let Jezebub come out on the first night, and we flash back to some scenes starring his alter-ego last season. He says he’s a leader now, and needs to set an example or he’ll lose respect and be done. Anastasia tells João about her double-degree and how she’s passionate about the outdoors. In Mila’s interview, she wonders why expressing her opinion is bad. She has a gay friend who has done her hair since she was fourteen, and he doesn’t think her opinion is wrong about being open in public. (Or so he’s telling her. He’s probably afraid the place is bugged.) Anastasia asks, what happened? and Mala says she expressed an honest opinion, and Travis doesn’t want to sit at the same table with her. Maybe it was harsh but it is what it is. In Aesha’s interview, she says in the Republic of Georgia, no one is openly gay, but her mother is progressive in her views. To blame the culture is a load of sh*t.

Hannah goes for a smoke. Anastasia tells her about what Mila said, that being gay is wrong. Hannah says she doesn’t understand, and in her interview, says she’s in shock. Yachting is a multi-cultural industry, and the people working in it are usually open-minded. João passes a fish eye to Colin, telling him it’s a delicacy. Colin says he swallowed it like a pill. Aesha says she never takes pills. The body is designed to fix itself, and if you give it the right fuel, you won’t have to take pills. Hanna and Travis leave to have a cigarette. In his interview, João says, there’s a weird vibe; something is off. Hannah tells Travis that she doesn’t want to work with a homophobe who can’t even cook. Travis says, it’s a load of bollocks. She says she thought Mila was a sh*tty chef, but liked her as a person. It’s disgusting.

Hannah asks to switch seats with João, who can’t figure out what’s going on. In Mila’s interview, she says they’re not effing teenagers. Travis asks if she thinks gay people are animals, and why she thinks it’s disgusting. Mila says she doesn’t give a damn, and João asks, wtf is happening? Colin suggests a vacation on Fire Island. The crew moves on to a bar.

Hannah says she needs to stay away from Mila. Backhanding a bitch could get her fired. They go to a club called The Hop Store. João says it’s a yachty bar, and the beginning of all bad decisions. Mila is looking for Hanna. Travis makes himself scarce, and Hannah walks away. Everyone dances. In his interview, Colin says it’s a fun crew. They love to dance and drink, but maybe they’re a little too outgoing. Travis tells Mila not to touch him. In her interview, Mila says sometimes her opinion hurts people, but they’re there together, and can be friends. In that case, maybe she should have kept her opinion to herself. She tells Hannah that she’s going to have a long day tomorrow. Hannah ignores her and takes João outside for a smoke. He’s still clueless, and she tells him that Mila doesn’t think it’s right to be gay. João says some of his best friends are gay. Even though I have no doubt he means it, it always sounds so cliché when someone says something like that. In João’s interview, he says he grew up with his mother’s gay best friend, whom they called Auntie Shackle. He taught them how to put on cologne, and was the sunshine of their lives. Being gay is illegal in Zimbabwe, and he committed suicide. We both tear up. João says Mila is from a different culture, and they still have to work with her. Hannah tells him about the nachos she couldn’t take out; it was as bad as that. Her cake tasted baking powder. When you’re a chef on a super yacht, it’s reason to be fired. Mila says, sorry to interrupt. Hannah ignores her, and tells João that she’s gone above and beyond, but there’s nothing in her job description that says she has to show the chef how to do their job.

Hannah says, c’est la vie, and everyone goes back to the cars. The cheese Mila sits alone. Back at the boat, the crew gets ready for bed. Anastasia shoots whipped cream into her mouth from the can, and the can is passed around. Mila and Jack sit outside. Jack asks if Mila tried to sort it out with the others, and she says she did. He asks if she wants to go in the jacuzzi, but that’s a no. In Jack’s interview, he says, even if Mila’s opinions are sh*t, she’s sexy. Sexy Hitler. João cleans up

In the morning, Hannah tells the stews, let’s get this bitch ready for charter. João says Jack and Travis’s bunk smells like a brewery. He tells them it’s quarter after ten, and they look like d*ckheads. Everyone gets ready for the guests. Mila tells Travis that she’s sorry her opinion hurt him. He says, her opinion hurts humanity, and walks away. João says Travis looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo, and he’s right.

Time for the preference sheet meeting. The primary is a return guest, Captain Sandy’s friend Jennifer. She’s a world renowned neurologist and LA’s top vaginal rejuvenation expert. We flash back to the last trip, which wasn’t stellar. They want to lay in sun, and keep the drinks flowing. In Hannah’s interview, she says Sandy was on high alert last time. We see a clip from the toast debacle. Hannah’s main focus is on the girls, and keeping the guests’ glasses filled. There can’t be one mistake. In her interview, Mila says she has to prove herself, and feels huge pressure. She tells the captain, she’s got this. Captain Sandy tells her to make sure the presentation is top notch. Ask her if anything is needed. She doesn’t care, as long as it’s good quality.

Last minute touches are done around the yacht. Aesha thinks the stews are a good team. Anastasia says she likes busting ass, but no one thanks you for it. The deckhands finish up outside. Colin goes into the beach club to get something out of a box of lines, and he slips. If you don’t normally watch this, the beach club isn’t really a club, but a storage area for the jet skis and such, and is occasionally cleared out and used for parties because it opens up to the outside.

João asks if Colin is okay. Colin says he’s hurt, but good. In his interview, he says, it hurt a lot. He slipped on grease. Jack suggests sitting down, and João tells him to take an inflammatory. In Colin’s interview, he says the signs are already pointing to he shouldn’t be there. Anastasia tells a story about discovering how poo comes out at the table while she and a few others are eating. In Jack’s interview, he says she knows she’s embarrassing herself, but she doesn’t care. it’s such a good quality.

Captain Sandy radios João, saying the water bike she ordered is there. The deckhands bring it onto the boat. The stews have a meeting. Hannah says the primary is one of Captain Sandy’s friends, and used to high standards. She wants them to focus on service, and over-communicate. The guys try to put the bike together, but no one knows what it’s supposed to look like. In his interview, João wonders how Jack got to be an engineer. The captain announces the guests will arrive at noon.

Everyone gets in their whites. Captain Sandy is happy the sun is out. They greet Jennifer and her friends. The captain thanks Jennifer for giving them another chance. She says Hannah will give them the tour, the luggage will be loaded, and they’ll take off. Champagne is served. Jennifer asks if there’s a jacuzzi, and the captain says there is. We look at the fabulous boat that even has a walk in closet. João drops the ground lines. It’s all clear, and they go. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says João is doing a great job because he cares and he wants it.

The table is set with a centerpiece of succulents, and crystal stones and stars. Anchor is dropped in Cannes. The guests sit for lunch, and the toys go in the water. Mila says she’s been working with the crab meat. At least it looks better than the nachos. Hannah gives the guests nibbles to start with, but they think the crab is a little fishy; make that super fishy. The entrée is served, and Jennifer wonders if it’s supposed to taste like that. She tells Captain Sandy the crab is fishy, and the shrimp is slimy. Bleh. In the captain’s interview, she wonders if they got bad fish or it’s Mila. She tells Hannah to take the fish off the table. In her interview, she says she wanted to knock it out of the park for her friends, and they won’t sugar coat it like the last charter. She tells Mila that they have a problem.

The captain says the fish is being taken off the table. She doesn’t want anyone to get food poisoning. She personally tastes the fish, and tells Mila that she has to make something else; she doesn’t think it tastes good. Hannah clears the dishes away. In Mila’s interview, she gripes about getting frozen shrimp from Viet Nam. If the fish isn’t good quality, what can she do? Captain Sandy suggests grilled chicken. Hannah comes in, and says one of the guests asked for grilled cheese. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says she feels frustrated. Mila’s food isn’t matching her photos. Either you’re sinking or floating the boat, and right now Mila is sinking the boat. The captain calls Anastasia to help. One of the guests says, so she’ll lose a couple of pounds. The captain tells Hannah the food is awful.

João tells Jack to help with the dreaded slide. Mila says she’s never had food come back. She asks Anastasia to try her panna cotta; she’s scared now. Anastasia says it’s good. Hannah and Travis chat as they work. In Travis’s interview, he says usually the chief stew is off-limits to a deckhand, but he and Hannah had a good talk, and he’s seeing possibilities. Aesha tells Mila that the guests don’t want dessert. In Hannah’s interview, she says, dinner is an epic failure. The guests are unhappy, Sandy is unhappy, and not only is Mila a homophobe, she officially can’t cook.

Some of the guests go on the toys. Jennifer takes pictures. Hanna thinks Anastasia should stay to help out in the galley. In her interview, the captain says, Hannah is different this charter. She has drive and focus, and a different energy. Captain Sandy tells Hannah to put Anastasia in the galley for now, until she and Mila can have a conversation. Hannah relays the message to Anastasia, and tells her to help the interior when she can. In Anastasia’s interview, she says it feels good to step up for the team, but she’s thinking of a thousand things. Hannah tells her not to take any sh*t from Mila. She doesn’t work for Mila, she’s just helping, which shouldn’t be happening.

Travis talks to Colin about drugs. In Colin’s interview, he says he got along with everyone on the last charter. This time, they’re nice people, but he wouldn’t hang out with them. Travis says Colin is too pure for this work. Anastasia asks Mila, what about dinner? but Mila doesn’t know. Hannah tells Mila that she’s got Anastasia for the rest of the charter. Mila says she’s scared to cook for these people. Hanna is sorry, but she understands what the problem is. The quality just isn’t there.

The guests come back on board. Anastasia goes over the menu with Mila. Mila says, beef is the only option, and Anastasia gives some suggestions. Mila says she doesn’t know what to give them. In her interview, Anastasia is sympathetic on a personal level, but not a professional one. She gets that it’s hard, but come on. Hannah tells João that she’s giving Anastasia to the galley for this charter, and João says he’ll help however he can. In his interview, Jack says he’d be devastated if he was the chef. Anastasia calls home, and tells her mom about helping in the galley, and discusses the menu with her. In Anastasia’s interview, she says her mom is her rock. She grew up in the kitchen. She’s pretty much a direct reflection of her mom, who says, if you’re not doing your best, you’re not working hard enough.

Captain Sandy asks about the dinner menu. Mila feels bad, and the captain tells her, it’s not personal. It’s about quality. They need to have it. Hannah takes drink orders at the jacuzzi. Mila cries in the bathroom. Hannah tells Aesha to change into her whites. Anastasia tells Mila that she needs a jacket. A guest screams for a lighter and ashtray, the latter of which is right there. This one seems like a snippy drunk, and she complains about her husband having an orgy with husband in the jacuzzi, since she’s the only one not in it. Hannah wishes she’d shut up. In her interview, Anastasia tells us, no matter what position she’s in, you can always find her in the galley.

Hannah tells Aesha that they’re going to have to forego breaks. Jack asks Aesha how service is going, and she says there’s only two of them now. Jack thinks he should be on break, and João calls him a tool. In her interview, Hannah says Jack is one of those guys who will do the minimal amount of work to not get fired. Yep. Every crew has one.

Anastasia says she’ll do anything to help. She’s not there because she thinks she’s better – like put me in game, coach – but she doesn’t want to serve sh*tty food either. Jennifer gives Captain Sandy new vibrator. In Hannah’s interview, she says, last season, Jennifer kept vibrators behind closed doors; this season they’re right out on the table, but at least it’s something appetizing. Anastasia asks for help with service. She sees the captain with a vibrator, and asks if she can have one. The captain asks if she’s serious, but Anastasia says she already has one. Travis and João crack up.

Dinner is served. In Anastasia’s interview, she says when she makes something for someone – be it a friendship bracelet or a salad – she needs validation. She watches the monitor, and says, just one. One of the guests pronounces it, very good, to which the others agree. Captain Sandy tells Mila and Anastasia, it was a beautiful presentation, and the guests love it. The guests look at the lights of the city.

Hannah tells João that she has to get the cabins done at the same time she’s doing service. He asks if he can help. In her interview, Hannah didn’t think she’d say this in a million years, but she and João are getting along. He’s helping her, and she doesn’t want to punch him in the face. He helps Aesha make the beds, and she shows him how to get the pillow in the case properly. Anastasia thinks Mila shouldn’t leave the steaks on for so long, and in Mila’s interview, she gripes about a stew telling her what to do. She’s the chef. She cooks the food. Eff off. Anastasia asks a question about how the entrée is going to be plated, and Mila asks if Anastasia is telling her how to do it. Anastasia wonders if Mila is giving her attitude. The entrée is served. Jack says the guests are talking filth up there; talking absolute smut.

Captain Sandy checks on how the guests like the steak. They say it’s good, but in her interview, the captain says they were less than enthusiastic. Another guest thinks it’s dry, and one says it’s fine. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says, people don’t charter a superyacht for just fine. She tells Hannah, dinner was a fail, and wonders, why me?

Next time, Jack flirts with Jennifer, Hannah tells Mila that they need Anastasia to cook because her food is sh*t, Travis says he has more work because Mila is a d*ckhead, Captain Sandy tells João that he did nothing wrong, and the captain doesn’t know what to do.

🔎 Margaux, We Hardly Knew Ye…

I don’t know if I’ll miss the character that much, but just when she got a little bit interesting, she’s gone. And with not much fanfare.


🚤 Ah, the Good Life…

Luke’s Tony Geary’s life in Amsterdam looks amazing.


🌈 GH Shows Some Pride…

This is actually an ABC campaign, but GH was involved.



I like the idea of Nelle and Ryan plotting together. I never once thought about them both having giving up a kidney – unwillingly, yet – so they have that interesting bond as well.


👑 You Know Something, Jon Snow…

This is not only well put together, it’s pretty funny.


👓 Sometimes I’m Me All Week…

Back to the old grind.


June 10, 2019 – Part Two – A Chef Who Can’t Cook, Lotsa Lisa, Lisa’s Spinoffs, Who Antoinette Went Home With & a Winner


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Below Deck Mediterranean

Nice, France. Mila puts steaks in microwave to warm them up. I hear Gordon Ramsay screaming at her in my head. The steaks are served. Hannah gripes to the other stews about the microwave, but the guests like the food. Even the one who’s tough to please with a steak. Hannah is relieved. In her interview, Mila says she feels happy. It’s good that even though she was sick, she still managed. I’m cursing my life, since not only do Aesha and Anastasia have names that start with the same letter, they look similar. This is going to be a tough season.

Captain Sandy scarfs down a taco. She sees the infamous nacho chips, and asks Hannah how the guests are doing. Hannah says, okay. In Hannah’s interview, she says the last few seasons were rough. We flash back to that. She says communication with the captain is her main priority. She doesn’t want Captain Sandy seeing food, and wondering why Hannah didn’t say anything about it. The captain tells Hannah, the nachos look terrible, and Hannah says that’s why she didn’t take them out. The captain thanks her, and they high-five.

Travis says, they’re rolling towels and living the dream. Hannah asks João for a schedule. He says he’ll stay up until the guests go to bed. The nachos are tossed.

In the morning, Captain Sandy says they’re getting ready to leave, and checks on the guests’ dinner. In the captain’s interview, she thinks the guests are being nice, but she’s being cautious. She asks the crew to return radio one, and Jack brings it back. The last thing he wants is for Captain Sandy pulling his ear like a naughty schoolboy, and slapping his ass on the bridge. She tells them to start hauling anchor. The anchor is home, and they go into gear.

The beach picnic is today, and Hannah wants to go over the meal plan with Mila. Sandwiches and salads should be ready to go at 1:30. Mila says she’ll go and get inspiration, which I think means take a nap. Aesha serves breakfast, pointing out that every dot on a strawberry is an ovary. In her interview, she says, because she’s happy, people think she’s an airhead, but she’s smarter than she appears, and has a double science degree. One of the guests looks up the ovary thing online, and says she’s correct. It does sound like something somebody would make up.

João tells Travis about the schedule. Travis can’t believe he’s lead deckhand. He’s driving blind, and doesn’t know where he’s going with the tender. Captain Sandy says there’s only one beach there. In her interview, she explains they have to find private places for beach picnics, but if the guests want something, they get it. Hannah tells João to quit stalking Brooke’s Instagram. In his interview, he says, as much as he tries to hide his feelings about Brooke, they still linger. He says Hannah has brought an energy this season he never thought he’d see. Rut-roh.

Mila says if she was on a boat, she wouldn’t ask for club sandwiches, but you have to give the guests what they want. She’s making salads, and they’re nearly an hour behind schedule. Hannah doesn’t know how you can be late, making sandwiches for five people. Captain Sandy asks the sky not to rain. The food is on it’s way, and Hannah asks Mila if they don’t need a few things like a knife. In her interview, Hannah says things are happening that shouldn’t happen on a superyacht.

Pointe d’ le Something. At the beach, Aesha radios Hannah, asking for a ten minute warning, but Hannah says the guests are coming now. They arrive, and Aesha welcomes them to lunch. She makes drinks. Back at the yacht, everything is cleaned and tidied. Hannah double-checks everything. She thinks it’s a miracle that it’s all done. She’s happy with a strong third stew in Anastasia. It’s been testy for the past few years. We flash back to the duds. In her interview, Anastasia says she likes being the best at what she does, whether it’s cleaning toilets or cooking a five-course meal. Thank you. I’m with her on that.

In the galley, Mila tells João and Jack about pursuing her culinary school dream.

Aesha realizes they forgot the tequila. In her interview, Hannah says she has so many balls in the air, she’s not surprised she dropped one. She needs everyone to do their jobs. João brings two bottles. Colin says he’s like Aquaman. He’s got the goods, and he’s saving the day. Then Colin ruins it. João tosses the bottles to him, and he drops one.

Captain Sandy sees rain coming, and hopes it goes the other way. Jack says he’s going to make her the best tea on board. He doesn’t think she’s seen him at his best yet. Mila says the guests have requested Italian tonight, but she can’t give them prosciutto, since there’s no machine to slice it properly. Hanna says she has Mila’s back, but in her interview, Mila says she hates fake people, and thinks Hannah is fake. Well, she’s just a co-worker. Who cares?

A storm comes up, and the captain hears thunder. She tells João to get the guests back in the boat. Everything on deck is covered. On the beach, Jay says, it comes in fast. Hannah radios João, and tells him to help pack up and get the guests back. Aesha says, they’re coming. The captain greets them, saying she didn’t want them struck by lightning. João goes back again, and helps Colin pack up at super speed.

Jack wants quick cuppa tea, but João suggests he help with the work. Jack says he’s not standing in the rain, but João says he will if they need him too. In João’s interview, he says Jack should think like the engineer he is. If João is going to be a more efficient as a leader. he has to figure out what motivates Jack. This is a good question. Does anything? Hannah asks Captain Sandy how the weather is looking, and the captain thinks it might pass, but they should have dinner inside, since she still hears thunder. Hannah tells Mila that Carol wants a white cake with white frosting for her birthday. In Mila’s interview, she says she’s not a cake person. She didn’t do a patisserie course, and hopes they like it. Come on, man. How hard is it? Even I can bake a decent cake.

The table is set, balloons are blown up, and crepe paper is streamed. Captain Sandy decides she’ll try and slice the prosciutto. Her father was in the meat business. She tells Mila. you don’t give up. If the guests want ham, they get ham. Holy! She is really good at that, slicing it thin with a big knife. She says it’s like being back in the meat shop, which she never liked, but it made her night to contribute. I like Captain Sandy because you know she’d never ask you to do something she wouldn’t do. That’s a good boss.

The guests get ready. The stews try the cake, and at first it’s all yum, but then Anastasia says she bit into some baking powder. They realize it the baking powder taste is too strong. In her interview, Anastasia says, it’s baking soda in cake form; it’s disgusting. Hannah says she can’t serve it to the guests. Mila insists it’s not that strong, and says she’ll serve it. I always forget they don’t wear shoes on the yacht, and get startled when I see their feet. Hannah takes a piece of the cake to Captain Sandy, who says, wow. It’s so bad. She says they’re in trouble. She’ll handle it. In her interview, she says a lot of chefs are good at cooking, but not baking. However, a yacht chef has to do both. She can’t discuss all that now, because there’s no time. She has to get Mila to focus on the food and making a good meal. Anastasia suggests cupcakes. In her interview, she says she was a chef on the last boat she worked on, and thinks there’s no excuse. Baking is in her blood. Her mom was a pastry chef, and she’s got this. She tells everyone what she needs, and Hannah tells the captain that Anastasia is taking over with the cake.

Carol thinks the décor is really pretty. Anastasia rocks cake making. Captain Sandy tests the batter, and loves it. She says, teamwork. Jack hides while the other guys work. Hannah serves a caprese salad.  Anastasia says she was happy to bang out another cake. Jack sits in the galley, eating. In her interview, Anastasia says she has a dirty mind, but she’s not promiscuous. She’d rather watch the Gilmore Girls. Truffle pasta is served. Carol says, it’s beyond good. Mila ices the cake. Hannah calls the crew to sing, and tells Anastasia to carry the cake since she made it. In Mila’s interview, she says she feels bad already, and Hannah had to say Anastasia made the cake in front of everyone. Don’t give her a fake smile next time. Happy Birthday is sung, and Carol blows out the candles. She says she’s going to cry. In the galley, Captain Sandy says, good job, and she and Jack clink teacups. The cake is served, and Jay says it’s the best cake he’s ever had. He asks if Mila does the baking, and Aesha says Anastasia baked the cake. Mila is annoyed with Aesha, and says it was nice of her to let the guests know. Aesha says they asked, and she wasn’t going to lie. Besides, Anastasia deserved it. For whatever reason, Mila refuses to believe the guests asked about the cake. I’m starting to think Mila might not last through the season. She gripes to Anastasia, who doesn’t think Aesha meant anything by it, adding the day has been stressful. Mila says she knows what was being said. Colin and João talk about Hannah and Mila going after each other, and João compares them to cats.

Breakfast served. In Anastasia’s interview, she says, Aesha is crazy and inappropriate, and the guests love her. The guests continue to rave about the cake, saying Anastasia is so talented, which must be killing Mila. Anchor is hauled up. Jack says he’s not experienced in that, and has no clue what’s going on. He’s just out there to get some sun. I don’t know if he’s lasting either. João discusses the lines with the captain. In his interview, he says although he’s worked with her, it’s never been in this position. He needs to prove she can trust him under pressure. If she trusts him now, she’ll trust him all season. He asks Travis to do some nautical things. In Travis’s interview, he says people who work on yachts think they’re all that, even though they’re really an effing janitor on a floating toilet. But if his boss tells him to do something, he’ll do it.

The guests pack. The captain says there’s a bit of current, and docking is a little tricky. João and Travis help guide her in. Jack asks if he could be shown how to do it next time. Captain Sandy says, maybe, and tells João that he did nicely. He says, nailed it, and he and Travis high-five.

Aesha says she got a head start on going out. She’s soaked her tampon in vodka. Hey, I just report what I’m seeing and hearing. In her interview, she says she’d never do that, but it sounds interesting, and she’d like someone else to try it. Maybe she can get Jack to do it. The guests don’t want to leave. The crew is called to the dock. Jay gets weepy, and says they’re amazing. It was the greatest vacation of his life. He wishes them a great season. In her interview, Mila says Russian men don’t cry, even at their mother’s funerals. It makes her feel uncomfortable and weird. Geez, the dude is probably crying because he has to go back to work soon. And didn’t she spend a bunch of time in France? I bet they cry there.

Tip time! The captain says, in spite of Mila being sick, they came together. She thanks the interior for taking charge in the galley. She can trust them. She doesn’t know about Jack though. In Jack’s interview, he says it’s lucky he has his smile. He paid enough for it, so he’s using it to get himself out of trouble. The tip is 13K euros, which I had to look up, and it translates to $14,706.19 – 1175 euros each, or $1329.21. They have some champagne, and laugh a lot. The boat is cleaned up, and the crew cleans themselves up. Sitting outside, Mila asks if Jack prefers boys, and he tells her, piss off.

Captain Sandy calls Mila to the bridge. In her interview, the captain says just because the charter guests liked the food, doesn’t mean it’s up to standard, and she knows what standard is. She needs to see the standards of someone who was trained in Paris. She shows Mila photos of how she should be plating food. Ouch. But yeah, her plating is crummy. Those MasterChef Junior kids are a million times better. She tells Mila that she’s been doing this a long time, and worked with a lot of chefs. She has to know Mila can do this, and right now, she doesn’t know. She had a rough start because she was sick, but she’s not sick now. Captain Sandy says, let’s do this. She has it, right? Mila nods, and in her interview, says she’s grateful for the captain’s opinion. Captain Sandy’s words make her feel like she really wants to perform more. She worded it like that, not me.

Jack can’t believe Mila with her hair all blown out. He says she thought he was gay, and Travis says, it’s a compliment. Jack says he didn’t think he was giving that vibe. Mila comes by with beer, and asks if they’re stepping out tonight. Jack says he’ll step out with her.

Everyone heads out. In Jack’s interview, he explains that he was going out with girl when he left. He was honest, and told her that he wouldn’t be loyal. He’s going out for a few drinks, and a little wiggle. And maybe have a crack on with one of the girls. Who knows what will happen? In the car, Colin asks how dinner was. Mila is in the other car, and Hannah says, the experience or the food? She thinks if you’re working on a yacht this size, and serve that kind of food, you’re not a good chef. She’s not being a bitch. She thinks Mila is a nice person.

In the other car, Travis says, Russians are homophobes, and Mila agrees. She’s also happy to be one. She doesn’t care what people do at home, but she doesn’t want her son growing up seeing two men kissing, and think it’s normal. It’s not.

João says Mila is sweet, and Hanna says, she’s a lovely person. I laugh, thinking, just wait. Mila says she’s proud of Putin, and glad he doesn’t let them have gay parades in their country. Travis tells her, STFU. Get out of the van. Um… he’s not driving, so I don’t think he gets a say in that. Travis says he’s never going to speak with her again. Maybe he’s been with men, or maybe those are his friends. Mila tells him, all she said is that she doesn’t want to see it openly. He says her opinion of gay people is her opinion of humanity. She says, it’s not normal. Is being with an animal normal? There’s a millisecond of silence, where they all can’t believe what they just heard. In Travis’s interview, he says, her mindset is warped. He tells her to sit at the opposite end of the table, calling her an oxygen thief.

Next time, the primary is Captain Sandy’s friend the vibrator queen, Colin gets hurt, Hannah doesn’t want to work with a homophobic pr*ck who can’t cook, the guests don’t like the food, and Anastasia gets put in the galley.

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