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July 6, 2020 – Another Tragedy Brought To You By Sonny, Some Clues, 72 Plates On Deck, Why They Go Where, Teresa Makes It Over, Camp Virtual, With the Angels & Forever


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

GH pins the tail on the flashback, and we lift the blindfold to find April 4th, 2008.

Kate asked a young Michael if he understood that his father’s real job had nothing to do with coffee. Claudia (who confused the hell out of me at first, since she was played by Sarah Brown, who was also Carly at one point) was worried about Johnny, and Trevor (who worked for Sonny’s then rival Anthony Zacchara, and also Ric’s dad) told Johnny if he didn’t kill Sonny, Sonny would kill him. Claudia’s phone rang, and she told a hitman that Sonny would arrive at the warehouse in an hour, and to call her when it was done. Max said he didn’t like Sonny going to the warehouse without protection, but Sonny said it was legit business, and Michael and Kate would be there. He appreciated Max’s concern, but told him to take the night off. Alexis showed up, and told Sonny that a dead body had been found in the water after an explosion. She wondered what he knew about it. Sonny said he had important plans, and told her to ask him tomorrow. Spinelli told Jason that mob hostility was being kept at bay, giving Jason the potential to walk in the sunlight with Jake. Robin talked to Elizabeth about raising children by herself. She’d seen how well Elizabeth had done, and that it didn’t have to be a disaster. Elizabeth said, you just do the best you can, and pray a lot. She admitted that she sometimes wished she had a partner, and wanted to be with Jason. Robin said Jason had been her rock after Stone died. She knew he had a special heart, and his heart had been broken when he lost Michael because of her. (She’d told AJ that he was Michael’s father.) Elizabeth said Robin had wanted to keep her pregnancy a secret from Patrick, but Robin said she’d done it from a different perspective, and was glad he knew now. Elizabeth said the truth always came out eventually. Elizabeth said Jason had a great capacity to love a child, and they’d found common ground when he thought Lucky was dead, and he was grieving. She said Jason’s situation was harder, and he’d had to make sacrifices. Rabin said that’s why she was meddling; she hoped Jason would get the chance to be a father. Jax (still married to Carly) told Carly that he had to take a meeting for Kate (Sonny’s then girlfriend, and Jax’s then business partner) in Houston, and suggested she fly there with him, and they could have dinner. Carly asked him when Kate had become more important to him than she was. Jax said most women would find a private jet ride to dinner romantic, but she said she didn’t like being an afterthought, and wondered why Kate couldn’t take the meeting herself. He told her, just come with him, but she said she had the kids to think about. He said the kids had a nanny, but she said she didn’t want to be away from the children or him, and to tell Kate that he was having dinner with his wife. He said he loved her, but didn’t like ultimatums. She said it was a choice, and he said she had one too. She could try to manipulate him or have a great evening, but Carly chose not to go. Kate told Michael that sometimes he thought things were true that weren’t; like when he’d bought a gun. Michael admitted it was stupid, and Kate said it was admirable that he wanted to protect his family, but he’d gone about it in the wrong way. Like it or not, there were rules for kids that weren’t the same for adults, but the bright side was, they were past it. His father’s job had included violence, but Sonny was changing that, and Michael would get to be a part of it. Alexis told Sonny, the body had been ID’d as Randal Compton, who had a connection to Ric’s girlfriend Mariana, who’d left in a hurry. Sonny suggested she talk to Ric, but she said, typically, when a dead body was involved, Sonny was too. Randal had been killed by a blow to the head that could have happened in the explosion, but Kate had been shot by a nearby shooter who was never found (it was Michael), and maybe Sonny had gotten to them first.

Trevor said, unless Johnny went after Sonny, Sonny would take it as a sign of weakness. Trevor said Carly had her own agenda – self-preservation – and Johnny had better have a plan, because if he did nothing, he’d be dead. Claudia told Johnny not to worry; Sonny would be dead in an hour. Jason told Spinelli that Trevor taking over had upset the balance of power, and Spinelli said he knew Jason’s first concern was the safety of Sonny and his family, but he’d more than proved himself. Why didn’t he apply his skills to his own family? Robin told Elizabeth, if the right man came along, she’d get involved. Patrick didn’t know what he wanted, and she didn’t want to be a test case while he figured it out. Elizabeth said Jason’s job wouldn’t put his family in danger, since the violence had been  broken up. Robin said their lives were going in different directions, and there was Carly. Elizabeth said Carly wasn’t the problem, and if it was just her, she’d be fine with Jason, but she didn’t want the kids to be in danger. Robin said her mom and dad were always in danger when she was growing up, but what she remembered and was grateful for was the love. Johnny was concerned a hit on Sonny would be traced back to them, but Claudia assured him it would look like it was a third party hit. They would still need airtight alibis, something even Jason would buy. Johnny suggested he go to the Haunted Star, where Luke was busy working, but Claudia was concerned Luke might find out Johnny was using him. It was risky taking Sonny out, and they needed to keep their hands clean. Sonny said he had something to tell Alexis, but didn’t want her using the information. She promised not to, and Sonny said Michael thought he should protect Carly and Morgan after Emily and Laticia were murdered, and bought a gun. Alexis said Michael was only twelve, and Sonny said he knew that’s why Alexis had kept Kristina from him. He knew he’d hurt Michael, and she was worried he’d hurt Kristina, but he promised on his children’s lives that he was changing all that.

Lulu told Luke that Kate was launching Crimson. They were having their fiftieth meeting with a party planner, and somehow it all got dumped on her. Luke suggested she quit, but Lulu said if she did, Maxie would win. Luke said Maxie would only win if Lulu cared, so try not to care, then extricate herself. She inquired about Luke’s new investor, and Luke told her not to pretend she didn’t come there hoping Johnny would show up. Claudia told Johnny that Luke was smart, and knew the players, but Johnny insisted he wouldn’t be able to trace it back. She told Johnny, the less he knew, the better, and he needed to watch his back. Johnny said he wouldn’t be intimidated by Luke, and she said it was his call. She was off to find her own alibi. Alexis told Sonny, no more lies, and Sonny said he was concentrating on his legit holdings. He wasn’t covering up anything, and just wanted his kids to have lives that weren’t tainted. He wanted them to inherit something not soaked in blood. They were growing up, and he had to make changes. He didn’t want Kristina and Morgan to go through what Michael did, so he was making peace, and trying to show them a different way. It was only coffee coming in. Carly came home, and the nanny said she’d thought Carly was going out. Carly said Jax had abandoned her, so she was just going to make fishsticks and corn for the kids; don’t judge her. The nanny said Michael wasn’t there, but Morgan was upstairs. Carly said Michael wasn’t supposed to go anywhere without permission from her or Sonny, but the nanny said Sonny had picked him up. They were going to the warehouse to check out a new coffee shipment that was coming in; she’d thought it was okay. Carly told her to feed Morgan fishsticks and corn, and she’d be back. When she opened the door, Jason was there, but she told him that she was leaving.

Lulu told Luke that there was money coming out of the Haunted Star, but none coming in, which was bad business. He said she was changing the subject, and he wasn’t going to tell her what to do or who to do it with. Plenty of people lied to her, so why put herself on the list? She insisted she wasn’t lying to herself, but he said she was being defensive. She wasn’t the first Spencer to be ruled by hormones, but why didn’t she have more guts to face what she felt, and deal with it? At the MetroCourt, Jerry Jax introduced himself to Claudia, saying he was happy to meet her. Not sure what that was about. Claudia told the guy at the reception desk that she wanted the best suite they had, but he said they couldn’t accommodate her; the suite wasn’t available. She insisted on talking to the owner. Carly told Jason that that she was going to the warehouse; Sonny hadn’t even bothered asking her if he could take Michael there. Jason said a lot of things were going to change, and Carly told him that Jax had blown off dinner to take a meeting for Kate in Houston, then Sonny and Kate decided to take Michael on a field trip. Jason thought it wouldn’t hurt for Sonny to spend time with Michael, and Carly said when Michael went missing, Sonny wouldn’t even leave his girlfriend’s bedside. She wanted to limit Sonny’s visitation, but Jason thought that would make it worse for Michael. He suggested she and Sonny talk tomorrow, in a more neutral area. Michael had been through a lot, and Sonny was helping him through it. He thought she should cut Sonny some slack. Carly’s phone rang, and it was the MetroCourt reception guy telling her that Claudia was there being difficult. She said she was on her way.

At the warehouse, hitman Ian got himself in position while Sonny was talking to the customs agents. Michael ran to Sonny, so Ian didn’t shoot. Jason found Elizabeth waiting for him when he got home, and she said Spinelli had told her it was okay on the phone, but ran out when she got there. They kissed, and she told Jason that she’d realized she asked him to make the wrong sacrifice for Jake. Johnny went to the Haunted Star, and Lulu asked Luke to leave. She told Johnny what he was doing sucked. He said he’d accepted responsibility and decided to walk away from their relationship, but she said he still kept popping up in her life, and had bought into her dad’s business. If he wanted her back, he should have the guts to admit it; it wasn’t on her. He said it was. She wanted him, but she was too ashamed to admit it. Carly told Carly Claudia to get out of her hotel now. They had a certain class of clientele. Claudia said Carly was easily threatened, and asked if she wanted a lawsuit for discrimination. Carly said it was private property, and she could do what she wanted. Claudia taunted her about sleeping with Sonny, and Carly said Claudia sounded like a stalker, since she kept bringing it up. Jerry went to Carly’s, saying he wanted to see his brother, but the nanny explained that Jax was in Houston on business, Carly was at the hotel, and Michael was at the warehouse with Sonny and Kate. At the warehouse, one of the workers took Michael to look at the crane, while Sonny had Kate smell the coffee beans. Every time Ian tried to take aim, something blocked him. Sonny told Kate that she was right, suggesting he bring Michael there, and she said he needed his father – so did she. They kissed, and Michael came back, suggesting they get a room. Ian took aim again. Elizabeth told Jason that she knew she’d told him to keep his distance, but it was hurting Jake, and Jason deserved to raise him. He said it wouldn’t work if she was afraid, but she said the best thing to do was love the kids and not sneak around; it was wrong. She loved him and wanted to share her life with him if he still wanted to. He said, of course (🍷) he did. All he wanted was a life and family with her. Who is this Jason?

Maxie told Johnny that one minute, he was a sweet guy, and the next, he was gun-toting wackjob. He said she wanted him to chase her, and she said she wanted to forget about him, but he wouldn’t let her, and they kissed. Carly told Claudia she was a one-night stand Sonny might have had the bad taste to have, but he made it up by ditching her, and she was looking at a restraining order. Claudia said Kate couldn’t hold on to Sonny, but she could, and that scared Carly. She should be scared, because no matter how hard she tried, Sonny wouldn’t be able to stay away. While Jerry was on the phone in his car, he nearly hit Alexis. She came over to his car, and asked what the hell was wrong with him.

Ian set his sights on Sonny for the thousandth time, but the warehouse was really busy, and he couldn’t get a clear shot. Michael babbled at Sonny about how high the shelves were in the warehouse, and Sonny told him the coffee was going to be in restaurants all the way to Canada. Michael asked what was really in the bags, and Sonny laughed, but said it wasn’t really funny. Michael said Sonny wasn’t really an importer, but Sonny said he was. It was for his kids, and if they did it right, they wouldn’t need a gun. They hugged, and Ian took aim again. Sonny told Michael to go play, but then noticed Ian. He grabbed Kate, they both dropped to the floor, and Michael ended up getting hit. So for all his practice, that dude had some very bad aim.

👩🏼‍⚕️ Pick a Clue, Any Clue…

We’re back to one of those time periods where I wasn’t really watching, or don’t really remember. So if you feel lost too, here’s Claudia:


And Kate, who is also Connie:


And Trevor. This is one tangled web.


Below Deck Mediterranean

When we last left, Kiko was screwed, since the guests were bringing guests for dinner, and twelve guests times six dishes was seventy-two.

Bugs tells Kiko, they have strong team and everyone will help out. They’ll be fine. Hannah says, it’s a complete clusterf***. In his interview, Kiko says he’s done that many plates in restaurants, but there were six to ten chefs. How is he going to do this? Bugs sets the table, and Captain Sandy radios Malia to take what they can from the beach, and get back. The guests return, and Malia asks for all the hands she can get to unpack. She tells the captain, the guests got their beach picnic, water sports, and Justin got to visit with Scout. The dog nanny takes Scout back, and Hannah says, there’s been so much sh*t, but the guests are still having fun. Bugs tells Hannah that she’ll do the cutlery and glasses. In Hannah’s interview, she says she doesn’t particularly like Bugs, and if she didn’t like someone she wouldn’t come back, but Bugs is a strong second chief stew. She laughs at herself for creating a new title.

The guests ask Jessica for snacks, and Hannah tells Kiko that she’ll deal with it. She brings some cheese, and Justin says she’s a lifesaver, but she draws the line at feeding it to him. She tells Jessica that she’ll get the serviettes (napkins), and Jessica asks what soviets are. Hannah brings up more snacks, and oyster guy (I think his name is Leon) talks to his mom on the phone. In the galley, Kiko uses the word mother in a different context. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says she’s nervous, and tells Kiko to call if he needs her. Malia tells wants to talk to Pete about the line confusion, and he swears he was just emphasizing that he was putting on the right line, not being a smart ass. Malia suggests he just keep his responses to copy that. She tells him, good job, and they fist bump. In Pete’s interview, he says, allowing her to have control is challenging. He’s used to doing it all on his own. He’s a captain, and also takes care of his dad and son. It’s hard to have someone else being in charge. I think it’s more like, it’s hard to have a woman being in charge. Alex asks Jessica if she thinks Bugs likes him, and she says she’ll find out. Because we’re in middle school.

Kiko tells Hannah, it’s going to be an international menu, and dictates each dish while she writes it down. She says, it sounds like something of everything. He says he didn’t know the guests could ask more people to dinner, and has provisions for eight, not twelve. Hannah asks if he wants her to talk to the captain, but he says he has to do it, but if he wins, he’s effing good. Hannah says, but if he fails, it’s on him.

Port Adriano. Hannah says, 72 plates for 12 guests who’ve been drinking all day. Kiko realizes he doesn’t have enough of some ingredients. In his interview, he says he worked in an Asian restaurant, where they did as many as 2000 plates in one night. It was hard, but nothing like this, since he’s by himself. Jessica says she doesn’t understand Bugs because of her accent, and Bugs says she can speak American, sounding just like one. Bugs shows Jessica how to make a fancy fold with a napkin. In Bugs’s interview, she says she thinks Jessica is receptive to learning, and teaching is a part of her. She taught her little brother and sister, and her brother is now a yacht broker and her sister is working her way up to chief stew. Rob visits the laundry – i.e. Jessica. In her interview, Jessica says the more she talks to him, the more she likes him, but she’s leery about going into a relationship. She’s been betrayed too many times. She caught her last boyfriend cheating. He’d been thirsting over Instagram photos on his phone, so she dropped it in the shower. Hannah tells Bugs that she’s glad to have a strong second. Bugs’s table is gorgeous; all amber and gold and candles. The guests are seated, and think the first course looks amazing. Bugs tells everyone that they’re a good team. The guests watch Scout on Justin’s phone. Malia says her boyfriend is a chef, and she thinks Kiko is doing well, but 72 plates is way too much for one person. Captain Sandy says she’s in awe of the team. In the captain’s interview, she says Hannah and Bugs have put the past aside to work together, and she thinks they’re going to be fine. Guest Zach bitches that he doesn’t like shrimp. Hannah tells Kiko, awesome timing. Captain Sandy tastes Kiko’s bacon ice cream, and says, wow, that’s Michelin star. In her interview, she says, since day one, Kiko’s had the passion, flavor, and smile, but now he has the timing and creativity. She’s blown away. In Kiko’s interview, he says he did it. It’s like when a football player makes a goal, and the audience roars. Then he has to do it all over again. Malia tries to get Pete’s attention, and he says he’s in the zone with the silverware. In Malia’s interview, she says it’s great that he’s helping with service, but she thinks he’s testing her. He wants to see how far he can push her, and it’s frustrating.

Sandy tells the crew, amazing job. The guests’ guests go back to shore, and Justin thanks Kiko personally. Kiko says, it’s a pleasure, which he can’t possibly mean. He’s exhausted, and it’s almost 1 am. Hannah thanks him for his hard work. Justin drinks from a gigantic bottle. Hannah makes toasted cheese sandwiches and Ramen noodles. The guests use the hot tub, while Alex keeps watch. One of the guests says Alex must be tired, and they wonder why he’s still up. In his interview, he says, he can’t go to bed because they’re in the hot tub. If they die, it’s on him. The guests finally crash at around 3:30.

Justin is up by 8, and ready for breakfast. Rob says, it’s going down tonight, and Pete says he’s been working since 6. In Pete’s interview, he says he’s picked up that Bugs is a flirt. He’s going to play it differently than he did with Lara. She’s not going to fall in love overnight, and he has play it cool. News flash: She’s not going to fall in love with you at all, dude. In Bugs’s interview, she says, Pete is like another specimen. I think she means species. Pete sits on the counter, and stares at her, grinning weirdly. She says, what the hell? He’s undressing her with his eyes, and she feels violated. Pete says, let the energy take control. In her interview, Bugs says, Pete has a sense of entitlement to say whatever he wants, but no, it’s not happening. Pete tells Kiko that he came in too high, and Kiko says, go get ‘em, tiger.

Scout is deposited back at the dock. Alex tries to pet him, but Scout ducks, and I laugh. The crew says goodbye to the guests, and Justin gives Captain Sandy the tip envelope, saying if they’re ever in NYC, let him know, like that will ever happen. The crew gathers for the tip meeting, and the captain commends Kiko, saying, he never got any rest, but continued to smile. It’s a different dynamic now, and they’re seeing the main goal; amazing. She thanks Bugs for the table settings, and says, it doesn’t matter what the client thinks, but what she thinks. The tip is $17,000 USD, or $1277 each. I think that’s low, and a text box says the average tip is $20,000. Jessica shows Hannah and Bugs a picture of her and Rob kissing. Hannah asks about his girlfriend, and Jessica tells them that he says he’s not seeing his her, but Hannah says there was a picture of them in Rob’s Instagram story the other day. She shows Jessica, and it’s a similar picture, but with another girl. Rob comes in, and the girls get quiet. Hannah says they were just looking at his and Jessica’s photo shoot. In her interview, Jessica says she needs time to realize Ron isn’t like the other losers she dated. Hannah tells Jessica, the picture is before she and Rob hooked up. Jessica says she really likes him, and doesn’t need a broken heart. Hannah says, just ask him about it. Malia calls boyfriend Tom. In her interview, she says he completely supports her career path. Her goal is to be captain of a super yacht. Before this, they were working on the same boat, so it was a hard adjustment. She’s happy he’s coming to visit. It gives her something to look forward to.

Alex says, tonight we party, and the crew gets ready to go out. Bugs is excited to get loose. In her interview, she says relationships aren’t her strength; she’s married to her job, and the single life is the good life for now. They get in the taxis, and Malia talks about having her first date with Tom on her birthday. She got sh*fasced, and hit on the waiters. At the restaurant, Alex asks how Bugs is adjusting. She says she feels like she’s known them a long time, and they toast to being the three charters in. In his interview, Pete says he’s seen the way Bugs looks at Alex when he’s not looking. Maybe they like each other. He’s not jealous; he’s just missing Lara. He texts Lara, saying, hey, boo. You up? Again, because we’re in middle school. Hannah asks if Rob and his girlfriend have an open relationship, and Rob says he no longer has a girlfriend. In Jessica’s interview, she says, so we’re going there? Ron says, it’s over, and in his interview, he says he’d rather not be in something if he’s going to cheat, even though they have an open experience. He asks Jessica what puzzle she’s putting together. People come into your life for a reason, season, or lifetime, and everything in his life has been temporary. Pete asks Bugs, what’s going on? and she says he’s creepy. He doesn’t do it in the right way. He tells her, if it happens again, let him know, and she says he needs to be respectful. In Bugs’s interview, she says she thinks Alex is cute in a teddy bear way, and he made her comfortable coming back on board after the situation with Hannah. The crew moves on to a club. Rob tells Jessica that he’s happy, and she says she is too. Hannah asks if she can steal Bugs a minute, and they sit outside. Hannah asks if Bugs was worried about working with her, but Bugs says a lot of time had gone by, and she hoped for the best. Hannah says it’s gone better than what she thought it was going to, and Bugs says, it’s not a power struggle; she came to support Hannah. Hannah says she’s at a different stage of her life, and thinks that naturally makes Bugs respect the hierarchy. Bugs says she trusts Hannah, so it’s perfect. In her interview, Bugs says she hopes Hannah will stay cordial. She’ll get back to us on that one. Shots are done, and Bugs tells Alex, he smells like Jager bombs. Everyone dances, and Malia says Bugs came in with a bang. They head back, Alex and Bugs together. Rob and Jessica ride alone in another taxi, making out.

Hannah tells Malia that her boyfriend doesn’t get why she can’t always answer the phone. In her interview, she says her boyfriend has a corporate job, and doesn’t understand how she goes away months at a time and can’t communicate. She loves him, and wants it to work, but she’s also serious about her career. Well, we see how that worked out. Malia says her boyfriend asked if she was okay when she didn’t respond to his texts, but she literally hadn’t looked at her phone. Jessica and Rob get into bed together. Alex and Bugs get in the hot tub, and Malia decides to join them. She asks if they’re low key in love, and says, it’s fine. She says the water is ice cold, and checks the controls. She tells them that they’re sitting in a tub of cold water; the heater isn’t on. Bugs points to Pete’s privates, and says, we can tell. Everyone goes to bed. On the phone, Lara says she misses Pete. Bugs tells Alex to tuck her in, and kiss her head. He gives her a quick head kiss, says he doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable, and goes to his own bunk.

Turnover Day. Bugs wonders if she’s alive, and asks if she was drowning in the jacuzzi. Malia says Alex was there to save her, and Bugs asks if she kissed him. In Bugs’s interview, she says she’s with a new crew, it’s the first charter, and she’s making out with one of the deckies. Rob tells Jessica that he’s ten years sober from narcotics. She asks, which ones? and he says, all of them, but he’s happy, even if he’s feeling overwhelmed. In his interview, he says he and his mom went to rehab together. He got sober, and left, and everything turned to sh*t. He starts to cry, and says he wanted to protect and help her, but he couldn’t. He misses her a lot. Her dying gave him the strength to continue to be sober. He wants to give his future family what he never had. It gave him power, and gives him strength not to repeat the pattern. In the crew mess, Bugs asks if she offended Malia or Alex, and Alex tells her about how she pointed out his shrinkage. Malia says she’s glad she could be there for all this.

The boat is cleaned up, and Hannah makes a list for the next charter. Bugs says, now she knows who Pete is; he’s shameless. He says his name is Shameless Pete, and she asks if he had a connection with Lara, and did she feel the same way. He says he’s going to do things Lara has never had done before, and she’ll fall in love. Bugs says he’s making her hangover worse. She asks if he’s had a relationship on a boat before, and he says he’s banged stews. She says she doesn’t know if he said that for shock value, and he says, stews are just down for the good time. His nickname is Party Pete. He says something rude that’s too bleeped for me to decipher, and she says he’s batsh*t crazy. He says, 100%, and tells her that he’s going back to work. In the meantime, Jessica has accidentally slammed her finger in a door, and Bugs finds her crying in the galley. Jessica hopes it’s not broken, and Bugs asks if she felt snap. Jessica says, yeah.

Next time, Hannah says Bugs went out of her way to throw her under the bus, Hannah tells Kiko to work on portion sizes, Bugs talks to Captain Sandy about Pete, Malia talks to Pete about Pete, and the captain says she’s considering letting Pete go.

⛴ Location, Location, Location…

I do love looking at Below Deck’s scenery, especially that blue, blue water.


🛏 Bed Begone…

Removing all traces of Juicy Joe.


🏕 For the Parents Going Crazy…

If you get PBS’s channel thirteen, they have some day camp for you.


Summer camps for everyone.


🎭 He Fought the Good Fight…

I didn’t know Nick Cordero’s work, but I was rooting for him. There were so many moments when it looked like he would win too.



🔁 Groundhog Monday…

We’re back at the beginning of the week, or continuing with days, depending on where you’re at. For me, it’s called, one more day that I’m not any closer to getting my taxes done. Hoping Uncle Sam gives to you, rather than takes, and that you stay safe, stay thoughtful, and stay hanging onto hope for a better world.

June 5, 2020 – When Sam Found the Lighter, Looking Back, Soap Hop, Twice the Brothers, Your Vote, Deck Tea, Brandi Is the Worst, Cast Reading, Missed, BFFs, 9+2 Quotes & Chase Feels It


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Today’s GH Nurse’s Ball flashback moved ahead to May 17th, 2018. The nurses opened with Everyday People, a happy coincidence, since it’s what everyone needs to hear today. Olay got the plugs, and Carly was in jail for pushing Nelle down the stairs. Chase did one of my favorite Ball numbers ever with Feel It Still, channeling Dick Tracy. Even better, he’d been fooled into thinking it was a group number, and found himself to be a solo act. Curtis did a magic act, with Nina as his assistant. Old Jordan was his audience volunteer, and he turned a silver dollar into an engagement ring, proposing on stage, and asking her to believe in their magic. She said yes.

Maxie was still pregnant, and was concerned about the baby’s activity, but Kim said he or she probably just wanted to party. Valentin told Peter to calm down about Anna, and Anna got a message to come to Pier 55 at midnight, and come alone. Sam got caught sneaking around Peter’s office, but told the janitor (or whoever he was) that she was there doing work. Maxie told Peter the loss of Nathan was hitting her hard after the proposal, and Sonny thanked Robin for recognizing what was going on with Mike. Dante was still normal and there with Lulu, and said the joke was on him for telling Chase it was a group act. Lulu said it was karmic justice that Chase was super talented, but Dante didn’t want to go that far. Much to everyone’s relief, Mac and Mr. Marbles were stranded out of town, and Lucy moved up the presentation of the first annual Port Charles Pioneer Award. Molly took the mic, and said the first recipient was her hero, role model, and mom, but Alexis was too busy listening in on Finn and Anna backstage to realize it was her cue. Because he mistakenly thought Anna was dying, Finn told her that he still cared for her, and didn’t want anything to happen to her without knowing that. Valentin tried to get Nina out of town for the vacation of a lifetime, really an escape, and Sam found Faison’s lighter on Peter’s desk. I’m hoping they show the episode where Mike and Sonny sing Summer Wind. I could use a good cry.

🌌 Getting Into the Wayback Machine…

A look at the performances in the 2014 Nurse’s Ball, which had some of my favorites.


🏃🏽 At the Hop…

It always confuses me when an actor jumps soap. It takes a while to put them in a new context.


👬 Brothers Who Play Brothers…

I wish these guys had more storyline, especially since it would mean more storyline for Diane and Epiphany.


🏆 Cast Your Vote…

I ask again, where the blip is Max Gail? The only excuse is if he opted out.


🛥 Hannah Hannah Kate…

So, Hannah quit.


But maybe she got fired.


Kate is also leaving, definitely not fired, and will appear in an episode of Ghosted. I watched a couple episodes of it, but thought it was anticlimactic.


🐷 Oink, Oink…

Brandi is a pig. Not to insult pigs.



🔮 I See Having 15 Minutes Of Fame In Your Future…

Why bother with Jax? The cast has been reading him all season.


🏞 I Think He Did…

Dude has a lot to be filled in on.


🐕 A Boy and His Dog…

It doesn’t get much more precious than this little boy and his chihuahua.


🦉 Quotes of the Week 

Pursue what catches your heart, not what catches your eyes. – Roy T. Bennett

There’s a great power in words, if you don’t hitch too many of them together. – Josh Billings

I never argue. I explain. – The Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith), Downton Abbey

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe. – Albert Einstein

The past has no power over the present moment. – Eckhart Tolle

Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.Will Rogers

When people don’t express themselves, they die one piece at a time.Laurie Halse Anderson

May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house. – George Carlin

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. – Confucius

Let me say as I’ve always said, and I will always continue to say, that riots are socially destructive and self-defeating. But in the final analysis, a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it that America has failed to hear? It has failed to hear that the plight of the Negro poor has worsened over the last few years. It has failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met. And it has failed to hear that large segments of white society are more concerned about tranquility and the status quo than about justice, equality, and humanity. And so in a real sense, our nation’s summers of riots are caused by our nation’s winters of delay. And as long as America postpones justice, we stand in the position of having these recurrences of violence and riots over and over again. – Martin Luther King

I have decided to stick to love… Hate is too great a burden to bear.Martin Luther King

🌳 Moving Toward Green…

Here we are, at that point in the week which became muddled for many over the past few months. Along with summer bringing green to our lives again, here’s hoping your county/town/wherever-you-live is beginning to give a green light to more normalcy – i.e. being able to get a haircut. Let this time of weirdness and reflection have made you a better person. Don’t be an idiot. Stay safe, stay informed, and stay being a rebel just for kicks.

May 18, 2020 – Nelle Snags a Husband, a Possible Nose Problem, Return Listing, Lotsa Free Distractions & Sun Walkin’


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

The week is starting off well, since I missed the beginning. Right now, I have a very sick dog, and the care is endless. Not complaining, just making excuses. The high points are, Sam and Alexis are at the boxing gym when Alexis finds out she’s been disbarred; Jordan, Curtis, Molly, and TJ are having a meal at the MetroCourt; and Ava meets with a potential buyer for her penthouse, only to discover it’s Cyrus.

Nelle comes running into the courtroom, wearing a wedding dress and carrying a bouquet. She says she’s sorry she’s late, but the most incredible thing just happened. Addressing her as Miss Benson, Judge Lowe says, if she’s serious about the hearing, she wouldn’t be late. Nelle says the hearing is the most important thing to her, but she’s no longer Miss Benson. She and her new husband were unavoidably delayed.

Sam asks if Alexis can appeal. Maybe she should find an attorney to help her get out of it. Alexis says, it’s perjury, and a serious rule of law; there’s no coming back from it. Sam suggests she work on her second act. She had a great first one, with an amazing career, and she’s saved money. Why doesn’t she sit back, and figure out what she wants to do next? Alexis says she doesn’t want to do anything else, so she’s going home to binge watch TV. Sam says that’s not why she brought Alexis there. Sam’s phone rings, and she steps away. Alexis kicks at the bag, and Brando says she might want to tape her hands and put on gloves, but she says she’d rather kick it. He says it must be her first time boxing, and she says she was brought there against her will. He says, so it’s a hostage situation. Blink once if she needs to be rescued. She blinks, and Sam comes back. She asks why Brando is talking to her mother. He says, mother? and Alexis says, that would be her.

Sonny stops by, and asks if TJ and Molly are excited about their domestic partnership. Kristina told him about the domestic partner thing, and he guesses it’s more enlightened than marriage. He’ll take their word for it, but the main thing is, are they happy? TJ says, most definitely, and Sonny says he’s sorry about what happened. Is TJ okay? TJ says he and Molly are working to move forward. His only concern is not being able to give Mac more details about the kidnapping. It makes no sense. He was grabbed, and left alone. Not even a ransom request. Sonny asks what Mac turned up, and Curtis says he’s sure Mac is doing all he can. Sonny says he’s glad TJ is back, and TJ says he is too. Sonny congratulates them, and moves along. Molly says she never wants to go through that again. The weeks without TJ were awful. TJ says, it’s time wo work on their life together going forward.

Cyrus tells Ava, he was skeptical of Lucy. She has an excitable manner, but she understands real estate. Ava says he has her at a loss. Lucy said she had a cash buyer, but neglected to give her his name. He introduces himself, and she says she’s heard of him. She’s aware of his reputation. He says he’s aware of hers as well. She asks what he means, and he says she’s a gallery owner, and he’s a big art lover. He’s heard she’s going to be showing a new piece by Franco at Windymere. That should make for a memorable evening. Ava says, after what Cyrus has done, he won’t be on the guest list.

Josslyn, Dev, Cameron, and Trina go to the park. Trina says, Oscar’s meadow is green now. She loves when everything blooms. They sit at a picnic table, and Cameron asks how Josslyn is feeling. She says she guesses okay. It’s been a year, and she still misses him. She thinks she always will, but she doesn’t know. Now when she thinks about him, she smiles more than she cries. Trina says, that’s progress, and Josslyn says she owes them an apology. She knows she’s been absent lately. Dev thinks being kept on lockdown had something to do with it, and she says she hated house arrest, but she didn’t have to lean in as much as she did. She could have found ways to stay connected. From here on out, no more hiding with her journal instead of hanging with them. Cameron asks if she’s giving it up, and Trina says, admitting the problem is the first step. Josslyn is sure she’ll still write, but she doesn’t feel it’s as necessary. She’s glad Dustin suggested it, but she misses her friends.

Martin begs the court’s indulgence. A wedding is a blessed event, and his client is still elated at the happy news. Nelle says her new husband is here now, and Julian walks in. Diane says, just when she thought Julian couldn’t sink lower, and Michael says, Nelle just overplayed her hand. Nelle says they were married last night, and everything has been a happy blur. She’s sorry she lost track, and wasn’t on time. Judge Lowe tells Martin to get his client under control, and explain that she shouldn’t address the court unless and until she’s directed to. Martin tells Nelle, do herself a favor and don’t say anything unless she’s asked. The judge assumes there’s a valid license, and Nelle gives it to Martin, who passes it to the judge. Diane laughs, and Judge Lowe says it appears to be in order, but he’s calling a brief recess to check the validity. When he gets back, he expects to proceed with no more outbursts.

Willow asks what Michael meant by Nelle overplaying her hand. He says, Nelle couldn’t have picked a worse candidate. Julian is an ex-mobster. Diane says, whatever case Nelle thought she had, Julian just tanked it.

Sam introduces Alexis to Brando. Alexis says his name sounds familiar… She looks at Sam, and Sam nods. Alexis says she’s also Kristina’s mother, and they’re connected via Sonny. Brando has also met her third daughter, Molly. He laughs, and says Molly brought her car in, and he fixed her up. Alexis says she heard all about it, and Sam suggests they get back to their workout. He says, nice to meet her. Alexis tells Sam, no wonder Molly slept with him. Sam is like, mother! and Alexis says she doesn’t think Molly did anything wrong. He seems nice, has a sense of humor, and he’s cute; he looks like he works out. Sam says she doesn’t see it. Please. Even I see it.

Molly, TJ, Curtis, and Jordan clink glasses. Molly says it was nice of Sonny to send over champagne, and Jordan says she wants to thank him in person. She goes over to Sonny at the bar, and he says he hasn’t heard from her. She says, TJ is home safe now, and he asks if that means their collaboration is over. She says she doesn’t need his help, and he asks, what if Mac’s investigation leads to Cyrus? She tells him, stay out of her investigation. She’ll handle her own people.

Cyrus is surprised Ava isn’t more open to him, since she’s had struggles herself. She says, a few public incidents she’s put behind her. She’s not going back by getting involved with him. He’s responsible for a good friend losing her father. He’s says he’s sorry for her friend’s loss, but she was misinformed. He just got out of prison; his sentence was vacated. She says, how convenient, and he says he was exonerated from a wrongful conviction. Now he’s focused on building a new life, and looks forward to doing business with her. The penthouse suits him perfectly. He just needs the paperwork to close. Sonny listens in, and Cyrus’s phone rings. He excuses himself, and Sonny approaches Ava. He asks what the hell she’s doing.

Ava says she doesn’t care for Sonny’s tone. They were talking business. He says this always happens with her. She takes one step forward, and five back. Just when he thinks she has one ounce of humanity, bringing Avery to see his dad, she does business with a known drug trafficker. Does she know where Cyrus’s money is coming from? She asks why he’s so quick to think the worst of her. Trina interns for her, and Trina is devastated by her father’s death. He says, then why do business with the guy who’s responsible? and she says Lucy never told her who the potential buyer was.

Dev says, it’s the first time they’ve all been together, and they’re on their phones. Josslyn suggests they do something fun tomorrow after school, but Cameron says he and Trina are playing ultimate frisbee. Josslyn asks if it’s formal teams, or can anyone go? and Cameron says, it’s pretty casual. Dev says he’ll get to prove he’s better than Cameron at another sport, and Josslyn says it will be a nice change from volleyball. Cameron says he’s not sure how much playing time they’ll get, and Josslyn wonders if he and Trina don’t want them to go.

Jordan says, the MetroCourt ballroom is gorgeous, but TJ says they have the Nurses Ball coming up, and they don’t want something that fancy. Curtis says, there’s always outside, and it will be nice soon. Jordan says, Molly is quiet, and asks if they can have some girl talk. They both go to the bar.

Diane tells Michael and Willow, Nelle’s shotgun wedding might work in their favor, but she’s warning them not to get ahead of themselves. They’re going to stick to the strategy. Michael and Willow are loving, committed parents. She tells Willow, whatever Nelle and that sleazeball husband throw at her, don’t engage. Carly suggests Diane not call Julian a sleazeball, but Diane says she’ll have her game face when court starts. Poor Alexis. Just when she’s gotten herself together, now Julian marries Nelle. Michael says Nelle must have found something incriminating on Julian, and wonders what it is.

Martin asks what Nelle was thinking, showing up late married to Julian. She says they couldn’t wait, and Julian says they want the best for Wiley. Nelle says, and that’s for Wiley to live with them.

Michael says Julian must have run to Nelle and told her about him and Willow getting married, but Carly says she received a call telling her that Nelle already knew. Michael asks, who called? but she says, it doesn’t matter. He says it does to him; who called to warn her? She says, Sasha.

Curtis asks TJ to level with him. How’s he doing? TJ says, fine, and Curtis says he was kidnapped. He was just held hostage, and had to think he might be killed. It’s enough to freak anyone out, him included. TJ says he’s not sleeping well. He dreams he’s still a hostage, and wakes up in a panic. He tosses and turns, and then gets up because he doesn’t want to disturb Molly. Curtis says he’s sorry to hear that, and TJ says he checks the windows to make sure no one is lurking around. It’s lunacy. Curtis says, what TJ went through was traumatic, and he wants TJ to know he can reach out. Whatever TJ needs. TJ says, what he needs is to pull himself together before he drives Molly away.

Ava tells Sonny that Lucy didn’t tell her who the buyer was. He says, now she knows, and she says she can do business with whoever she wants. It’s not like Sonny is so picky with the associates he deals with. Yet he holds himself up like an excellent role model for Avery. What’s he going to do when Avery finds out who he is? He says he’s a coffee importer, and like her art gallery, his business is legit. It always cracks me up when anyone, especially Sonny, says he’s a coffee importer. Ava’s phone rings, and it’s Carly. She tells Ava that Nelle married Julian. Ava doesn’t believe it, and Carly tells her to ask her brother.

Molly asks Jordan if she said something wrong. Is Jordan upset they chose domestic partnership instead of traditional marriage? Jordan says, no. She’s upset with herself. She’s beyond mortified about the way she acted, and owes Molly a major apology. Molly thanks her, and Jordan says, her goal was never to hurt Molly. She thinks Molly and TJ are perfect together, and doesn’t want to see her son with anyone else.

Sam tells Alexis, this is probably better than hitting the bag, and hands her a jump rope. Alexis says, she’s good, but Sam says, it’ll work up a sweat. Alexis says, no; she thinks she’ll hit the steam room. Sam says she wants to work out, and Alexis tells her, suit herself. She leaves, and Sam approaches Brando. She asks if he has a minute.

Michael says, Sasha gave Carly a heads up? and Carly says Sasha was afraid Nelle would do something to stop the wedding. Michael says, that might be the Sasha he used to know, and asks Diane how Nelle showing up with a sudden husband will affect her case. Diane says, it’s not a good look. Julian’s shady past will bolster their case. Willow asks if pointing out that Nelle’s wedding was last minute, will magnify them doing the same thing, but Diane says, let the visuals tell the story. Nelle looks like a lunatic, and Julian looks like exactly what he is. And Michael and Willow look like what they are; a committed couple devoted to each other and Wiley’s well-being. Judge Lowe returns.

In her opening argument, Diane says, what’s at stake is the best for a young child, and the number one reason for sole custody to go to the biological father. Michael is the successful CEO of a multi-billion dollar family owned business, which gives him tremendous standing in the community. But he’s not an absentee parent. His first priority is his son. In an ironic twist, Wiley’s adoptive parents asked Michael to be Wiley’s godfather, a position he took seriously. He’s been in Wiley’s life since day one, as has his wife Willow. They live in a multi-generational home where Wiley will be surrounded by extended family who will make him feel loved and safe.

Diane tells Willow, Michael has perfected the art of the poker face; Willow, not so much. No matter what Martin says, she has to stay calm. It will be refuted in her testimony. Losing her cool does none of them any good. Willow says, understood. Nelle tells Martin that she’s counting on him. He says he knows. That’s why he’s charging so much. A heads up about her wedding would have been helpful though.

Brando says he knows what Sam is going to say; stay away from her mother. Could she do him a favor, and make a list of all her relatives? Then he can vet strangers to make sure they’re not related to her. Sam says, actually, she wanted to apologize. She’s sorry she gave him such a hard time at the garage. He says, in that case, he accepts. Should they start over, and be satisfied with a silent nod across the room? Sam says she’ll take that, and walks off.

Jordan and Molly come back to the table, and Curtis asks if Jordan is okay. She says, there’s a lot going on at work. TJ says, Cyrus? and Jordan asks what he knows about Cyrus. He says he read that he’d been put in prison ten years ago, Jordan figured out he was framed, and had him exonerated. Molly says she admires Jordan’s integrity; it couldn’t have been easy. Curtis says Jordan did what she needed to do to make things right.

Cyrus says he looked into Ava’s background, and knows she shares a daughter with Sonny. That can’t be easy. If she ever needs help to put Sonny in his place… She says she needs nothing from him, and he says, fair enough. Let’s talk about the penthouse. She says she’ll never sell it to him. She wouldn’t do that to Trina. And more important, don’t ever mention her daughter again – ever. She walks away, and Cyrus laughs.

Cameron tells Josslyn, don’t be silly. Of course (🍷) they want her and Dev to play. Trina says Josslyn is so competitive all the time, if she was ever on the sidelines, she might have a nervous breakdown. Josslyn says, her competitive? and Cameron says, a little bit. He looks forward to a worthy opponent. Trina says she thought he had one already. Dev says teams are supposed to build sportsmanship, and Cameron says they’re just having fun. Trina says she’ll text them the information tonight. Josslyn tells Dev that they have to head back; Tony is waiting. Cameron says he and Trina are headed the other way. Trina says she’ll see them tomorrow, and goes with Cameron. Josslyn and Dev sit back down, and Josslyn says, it’s not just her, right? She genuinely thought Cameron and Trina didn’t want them to go. Dev says he thinks Cameron has no idea how act around Josslyn, and Josslyn says Cameron has known her for her entire life. Dev says, but now he likes her.

Martin says what has already happened to Nelle is nothing short of a Greek tragedy. She was the victim of car accident, walking dazed and disoriented; left in the woods to give birth alone. When she came to, Brad had callously switched infants, and she had a dead baby in her arms. All those months, she grieved a baby she thought was dead. While in prison, she risked her own life to stop a vicious serial killer, and got early release for her heroism. Shortly afterward, she and Michael got the shock of their lives; their baby wasn’t dead, but alive and well. Lucas did the right thing, but instead of basking in the joy of their joint miracle, Michael only thought of himself, and petitioned the court to keep the child, when the child has been through enough. Then another miracle. Nelle fingers the half-heart necklace, and Martin says, Nelle found love. Nelle remembers telling Julian that she knows what he did. He caused an accident that almost killed his son. Lucas will never forgive him, but it doesn’t matter. If Sonny finds out, he’ll kill Julian. Martin says, it’s like Shakespeare. A love story of a brave young woman, just out of prison, starting a new life; and a man recovering his own life. Nelle thinks about Julian telling her, she was so desperate to keep Michael away from his son, she begged Brad to take him. Martin says, kindred souls married, and Nelle remembers telling Julian if he tries to persuade Sonny that Brad knew, Sonny will know he knew. Even if Sonny doesn’t kill Julian, there’s a sealed envelope to be opened in the event of her death or disappearance, and it will send the cops straight to Julian’s door. Martin says, plus there’s the concern that Wiley’s grandfather is a known mob kingpin. Nelle thinks of Julian telling her, there’s nothing left to say except, will she marry him? She says she doesn’t know. He didn’t get down on one knee. She’s kidding. Go get his suit on, and they’ll seal the deal. Martin says, what they did is blend two lives to make a family who will raise and give Wiley a loving home. It’s not as big as a mansion, but it will be filled with love. Nelle continues to play with the necklace.

Cameron tells Trina, he missed all four of them being together. She says she did too, but it wasn’t bad with just him. He says, likewise; it’s been great. She says, all the craziness, the kidnapping, her dad dying, and Cameron has been there. She doesn’t think she said thank you. He wants her to know he’ll always have her back; he promises. She says, pinky swear? and they do.

Dev says they should go, and Josslyn asks if he thinks Cameron likes likes her. He’s into her? Dev says, trust him. She’s the last to know. She says, it makes no sense. For the past year, she’s been a mess. Why would Cameron start crushing on her when she’s at her worst? Dev asks if she remembers when she and Cameron fake dated to make Oscar jealous. She says, that was a million years ago, and Dev says, maybe it was real for Cameron. She asks why Cameron wouldn’t have said something, and he says, she was in love with Oscar. Then she was grieving Oscar. The timing was wrong. She asks what she does now. How will it not be awkward when Cameron is around. Dev says he wouldn’t worry. He’s sure Cameron will understand that she doesn’t feel the same way. He’s a really good friend.

Cyrus asks for a word with Jordan, and Curtis tells him, keep moving. Cyrus says Jordan changed the ground rules and included her husband, and he can put Curtis’s skill set to use. Curtis tells him, don’t push it, and Cyrus says, who’s pushing? He’s offering Curtis some business. The health of the Police Commissioner and her loved ones remains his top concern.

Judge Lowe says, the opening remarks have been concluded, so they’re going to have an hour’s meal break. Willow says, Diane doesn’t think the judge believes Martin, does she? Diane says, more important was how they maintained a calm demeanor. Keep it up. It won’t make them look cold; it will make them look smart. Carly suggests they walk over to the MetroCourt, and Michael says, sounds good. Willow says keeping a calm demeanor is tougher then she thought. Diane leaves to make a call, and Nelle asks Martin how he thinks it’s going. He says he’s pleased, but they should go eat. And Julian should join them. Julian asks if Martin is going to put him on the witness stand.

On the phone, Diane tells Alexis, Nelle just showed up in court with her new husband. Alexis says she’s surprised, but not shocked. Nelle isn’t going down without a fight. Who did she lure into marriage? Diane says, Nelle’s new groom is Julian.

Martin tells Julian, he’d like to avoid it if possible. If they paint Sonny as a threat, given that Julian is also affiliated with organized crime, it’s best not to open that line of inquiry. Nelle says, in that case, shall they? Julian says he’s not interested, but she says he agreed to be a loving husband. He says he’s starting to think some things are worse than death, and she says, okay. All married couples need time apart. She’ll see him after the break. Alone in the courtroom, Julian tells himself, get it together. Sonny walks in, and Julian supposes Sonny isn’t there to offer his congratulations. Sonny says, congratulations on marrying one of the few people he hates more than he hates Julian.

Tomorrow, Scotty tells Franco that he wouldn’t trust Nikolas when it comes to Elizabeth; Carly tells Martin, if he uses Sonny against Michael, it will be his funeral; and Sonny tells Julian to do what needs to be done.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Glenn tells Jenna, a couple of things have been brought to his attention. Interior had two people down at the same time, and they need to have two people available. He spoke to Madison, and knows both Jenna and Georgia were down, while Madison was doing cabins and laundry. Jenna says she can’t recall the day, but it’s frustrating to get negative feedback. He says she sounds defensive, and she says she put so much thought and effort into planning things out to make the guests happy. She’s not just effing off. He says she and Adam took a break at the same time, so they could chill together, and it’s drawing attention. He’s seen things, and can only imagine what he hasn’t seen. It’s not cool. Jenna asks where they’re supposed to be affectionate, and he says (and rightly so), that’s not his problem. They need to be discreet. She asks if she should tell Adam not to touch her, and Glenn says he’ll be happy to speak to them both as a couple, but they need to tone it down. He wants all of them to finish on a high note, and kick it up a notch.

Georgia asks Madison what the meeting is about, and Madison says she has no idea. She’s just trying to flip the boat. Georgia says she just wants the full picture, but Madison says Georgia knows as much as she does. I’m starting not to like Madison. I think she’s two-faced and jealous. I understand she has issues, but get some therapy. Dr. Yannopapas arrives, and talks to Chris. Chris explains that he hurt himself lifting the Seabob. The outside of his foot is numb and tingling. The doctor tells Chris to close his eyes, and touches him with a pokey thing (technical term). Chris says he can barely feel it, and the doctor says, it’s a problem. Chris needs an MRI as soon as possible. Chris asks if he can work, but the doctor says no. In Chris’s interview, he says he doesn’t want to end up with a long term problem. He’s never had pain like this. The doctor says, seriously, he wouldn’t risk it.

Jenna tells Adam that she doesn’t feel like doing anything; she hates this. Adam asks when her break is. He doesn’t want to get in trouble if they’re both not working. He tells Jenna to brush it off. It’s all you can do. She says she’s having a hard time with this, since she works her ass off, then gets a comment about not having the service up to par. Adam says he’s sorry they came down on her, and she says, people can’t be happy and working at the same time. Adam says he won’t touch her, but one last hug before they sign off. He looks around, tells her to hurry, and grabs her butt.

The doctor talks to Glenn, and says Chris has a problem with his nerve something, and goes into a bunch of medical terms which boil down to Chris’s nerve getting squashed. He says Chris needs an MRI as soon as possible. Until he sees the report, Chris can’t work, and needs complete rest. In Glenn’s interview, he says Chris is one of the best deckhands he’s had. He’s concerned for Chris, but they have the last charter tomorrow. What options does he have? Chris tells Glenn, he’ll get the MRI immediately, and if he can work, he wants to. He tells Paget there’s a chance he won’t be able to work. Paget says, there’s a problem already, and this isn’t helping. Glenn says after Chris gets the MRI, they’ll see how it goes. In Paget’s interview, he says they just got rid of someone who couldn’t do their job. Now someone has injured themselves. He can’t catch a break . He tells Ciara about Chris being possibly laid up.

Jenna tells Madison that she’s getting super frustrated. She doesn’t like people prying into her personal life, and Madison has talked to everyone. Jenna is annoyed that Madison went to Glenn about her and Adam showing affection. That’s what the meeting was about. Madison says, Glenn came to her, and asked if she had an issue, and she said she didn’t. She’s not saying sh*t. She’s just trying to work, and make the guests happy. Whatever you want to do in your personal life, do it. Jenna says she’s tired of having to hold their hands, and she picks up after them constantly. Madison says she picks up after Jenna all the time when she’s sitting down with Adam. In Jenna’s interview, she says it’s not anyone’s place to comment on their superior’s personal life. Being with Adam didn’t affect their professional ability. She tells Madison that she’d just said it didn’t bother her, but apparently it does. I think what bothers Madison is what she’s also been griping about. Everyone else is coupled up, and now that Parker is gone, she has no dude to focus on. Jenna tells Madison, they have one last charter. She’s at the point where she doesn’t give a sh*t. She’s going to do her job, keep her head down, and tell them nothing.

Chris goes into town for the MRI. Madison whines to Glenn that she’d said she didn’t have an issue with Jenna, but she just got reamed out for being the source of this sh*t. Glenn says he told Jenna that it didn’t come from her department, but somehow it escalated. Madison says she’s sorry; she doesn’t like drama. Glenn tells Jenna, they’re going to have a three-way chat in the master. In Jenna’s interview, she says they have to be effing kidding her. Come on.

Chris goes to the doctor on shore. Glenn tells Jenna and Madison, he wants to make sure they’re on the same page. In his interview, he says he’s not there to get in the middle of their personal politics. His concern is that they call a truce, and get to the finish. Madison babbles that Glenn came to her, after he had a conversation with Ciara. Glenn says, to be fair, he thought Madison did have an issue, but didn’t voice it. Jenna says Madison claimed she didn’t have an issue, and then flipped it. Why? Madison says she can have an opinion. Glenn repeats that it didn’t come from Jenna’s department, and tells her, don’t take it out on Madison. Jenna says she doesn’t like any environment that puts the kibosh on affection, and Madison says it’s hard to talk to Jenna professionally when she’s lying on top of Adam. Glenn feels like Jenna is getting defensive, and Jenna asks if they’re screwing in the crew mess? They’re just holding hands, and Madison has an issue with it. She feels like it’s an environment she doesn’t want to be in. Glenn thinks she’s justifying her actions, and defending her actions when they’re indefensible.

Georgia asks how Paget is, and he says he’s not hurt as bad as Chris. Glenn asks Madison and Jenna if they think they can move forward. Jenna says, sure, but her personal life is affected, and it doesn’t make her happy. In Glenn’s interview, he says he’s never seen this side of Jenna, and this side isn’t acceptable, but he’s in a tough spot. They have one charter to go, and he’s not making a dramatic change now, but they have to get through this. Jenna asks if they’re done with this drama. The crew decides not to go out, so they can get the boat ready. Glenn suggests Chris do night watch. Chris comes back, and Glenn asks how it went. Chris says, it was a strange experience, and Glenn asks how he feels. Chris says he has he can feel the pain in his back, and Glenn tells him to lie down until he gets the news. Everyone goes to bed.

A preference sheet meeting is called. Glenn says it’s the last charter. The primary is Nicole, a high-end real estate broker, and CEO of a luxury real estate company. Jenna reads that Nicole has never sailed, and is hoping the service is even better on a sailing yacht. Jenna says, she’s in for a big surprise, which Glenn doesn’t find amusing. She reads that Nicole wants a pink party, with a seven-course pink tasting menu. Paget reads that guest Nicholas wants a race, and Glenn suggests an area of shallow water where they can set up a regatta.

The crew puts the finishing touches on the boat. In Adam’s interview, he says he’d hate for something positive, like his relationship with Jenna, to leave a bad taste in Glenn’s mouth. Despite a little PDA, there’s no question he and Jenna are capable of doing their jobs. Paget tells Ciara that she’s just stressed, and wants to give her a hug, but she says she just wants to work. In her interview, she says, the crew is in that phase where they want to just get off the boat. Jenna meets with Georgia and Madison, and says she’s been frustrated. Some things need improvement, and time management is lacking. Georgia is lackadaisical, and Madison needs to focus on what she’s doing, not the next thing she’ll be doing. In Georgia’s interview, she says, every time she thinks Jenna is going to admit she’s wrong, Jenna talks it down to the hierarchy and their inadequate feelings. She takes no accountability, and it’s bullsh*t.

Provisions come in. Ciara feels like sh*t. Glenn tells everyone to change for the guests’ arrival in ten minutes. The crew greets the guests, Glenn gives them a welcome, and Jenna gives the tour. Glenn tells Chris not to lift anything until he hears from the doctor. Snacks are served. Guest Jeanette says she wants a job where she doesn’t need to wear shoes, but then what would she do with her investment in shoes? Adam talks to them about the seven-course dinner. Paget tells Ciara that he’s feeling some knee pain, and she tells him, don’t leave her. The boat shoves off. Guest Noelle tells Jenna that she’s glad the boat is large, since she doesn’t do well on small sail boats. Adam says he’s getting all kinds of ideas for the pink dinner now. The doctor gets the MRI results back, and Chris has a disc prolapse, which explains the pain. The doctor says it would be extremely unwise lift any weight, and he should refrain from physical activity. He can walk around, but he has to see a specialist.

Jenna calls Paget for more chairs, and Adam feels sorry for him. Ciara says she has a headache. Byron tells Glenn that the wind has picked up; it’s time to go sailing. Glenn calls Chris to help with calling the sails. In Chris’s interview, he says he went straight from school to working on boats. It’s been his life since 2011, and if an injury means he can’t do what he loves, it’s scary. They begin to sail, and Ciara tells Paget that she feels like sh*t. Chris meets with Glenn, and tells him that he spoke to the doctor; there’s an issue with his spine. Glenn says, it sounds serious, and Chris tells Glenn that he’s not supposed to lift anything heavy. After the charter is over, he has to see a specialist. In Glenn’s interview, he says, it’s not feasible to get someone else and bring them up to speed in time. It’s a tough spot to be in. Ciara tells Paget that she’s feeling dizzy, and they’re already down one person. She starts to cry.

Paget tells Ciara to go have a cold shower. Glenn tells Chris, they’ll work around his injury, and make it work. Chris can take the 11 to 6 shift. Paget says, and then there was one. He tells Glenn that Ciara was suffering from a heat stroke; she’s in tears. Byron says they’ve lost the wind, and Glenn says, he goes downstairs for two seconds, and they sail straight into a hole. The sails are brought down, and Chris hobbles back downstairs. Adam notes that Nicole has no goat cheese on her preference sheet, so he decides he’ll replace it with pink cream cheese. Jenna tells him, some of the guests joined the nap train. Georgia finds Paget, and he tells her that Ciara spent twelve hours in the sun, and had a heat stroke. He asks if Georgia is coming back for winter work, but she says she wants to give the music thing a bigger shot. He says he’ll miss her; she’s one of the goodies. She says, that’s not saying much, but she’ll take it.

Adam pinks up the food, while Jenna decorates the table with everything pink. Ciara tells Paget that she just needed a nap and to cool down. Guest Billy is the only one up, and lurks around the buffet. Jenna tells Adam, it’s weird. Nicole wakes up on deck, and says she wants to take a shower before dinner. Byron tells Glenn that he read horse manure is self-igniting in Spain, it’s so hot. One of the guests whines that they’re starving, and Jenna tries to hurry Nicole along. Adam yawns, and we see it’s almost 10 pm. Guest Jeanette says Adam must be exhausted. In Adam’s interview, he says he’s not being a diva chef; he cares about the food. The problem is, it’s going to go bad, and he doesn’t get a second chance.

Adam says, seven courses, ten o’clock. Nicole is still getting dressed, and says, it’s like her prom tonight. The other guests want to eat, and one suggests bringing all the courses at once. Jenna tells Adam, the guests are getting riled up, and Nicole finally shows. I have to say, she doesn’t look anything like someone who took so much time getting ready. I vote meh. Jenna calls Madison to the galley, and tells Adam, they’re good to go. Georgia sings while she does cabins. Nicole says, imagine the world in pink all the time. What a pretty world it would be. She asks guest Billy if he’s all right, and another guest asks if he’s okay. Jenna clears the table, and tells Adam that she thinks they might be on drugs. It’s really weird up there.

Jenna serves beet salad, and one of the guests remarks on Billy’s eyes. Billy gets up, and goes to the bathroom. Nicholas says, Billy is good; he’ll be back in five. We hear a sniff coming from the bathroom, and Billy comes back to the table. Jenna serves trout, and Nicole says they should take Adam back to New York. Jenna tells Adam, it’s effing delicious. In their cabin, Glenn tells Byron that he’s listening a book about our inner fish, how we’re evolved from fish, and still have sh*t from them. It’s incredible. Billy says, it’s all about the pink party. Chris wanders around, and Jenna asks Madison how it’s going. In Madison’s interview, she says, it’s not worth it to deal with Jenna. Glenn wants them to work together, so she’s going to bust ass, and be professional. Jenna thinks Madison should be further along.

Lobster is served, and Nicole claps like a five year old. Billy pronounces it phenomenal, and Nicholas says, who gives a sh*t? Chris tells Jenna that he saw something strange under Billy’s nose earlier. We see a clip of Chris glancing over at Billy, who’s sniffing. Jenna says they’re all effing high. Guest Noelle asks Nicole, what’s going on? and Nicole says, shady stuff. In Jenna’s interview, she says, if a guest brings drugs on board, they’re all at risk being charged. If she and Chris suspect something illegal, but don’t say anything, it could be a big problem. Nicholas says he’s taking care of his friends; they’re good. In Jenna’s interview, she says she’s not waking up the captain. If she says anything herself, it could escalate the situation, and the correct thing to do is let Glenn deal with it himself in the morning.

Adam brings out the final pink dessert, and asks Nicole if everything was pink enough. He’s glad they enjoyed it, and Nicole says it’s the best meal she’s had. Billy says, it’s early, and asks what they’re doing, but everybody wants to go to bed. Billy goes down to his and Nicholas’s cabin, and Madison cleans up. Holed up in their cabin, Billy and Nicholas are still awake at 4 am, and we hear one of them say, I love you.

Byron says, it’s the last day of the season, and Adam says he’s stoked. Glenn calls Paget, asking him to get the paddleboards out. Inside the room, Billy announces that he’s king of the MF’ing world. Adam asks how much sleep he got, and Billy says he’s not sure he slept at all. Adam says he knows how those nights go.

Jenna tells Glenn that she doesn’t like to be accusatory, but Billy had some kind of powder under his nose. Glenn asks if she actually saw it around his nose. In Glenn’s interview, he asks why he’s hearing about it now. He tells Jenna, there’s no way it’s makeup, and if illegal substances are on board, it’s serious. In his interview, he says he can’t think of anything worse than the boat being confiscated, him losing his license, and possibly going to jail. He asks if Jenna feels confident in her assessment, and she says, based on his behavior, yes; although he did eat a seven-course meal.

Glenn wakes up Chris, and tells him that Jenna said he’d seen something. It would have been good to know in the moment; or if he’d seen it for himself, it would be different. If Chris had to bet money on it, what does he think? Chris says, if he had to bet money on it, cocaine. On deck, Billy asks how early they want him to black out.

Glenn comes up on deck, where Billy is spouting gems like, it’s only water if you fall in. Glenn unobtrusively observes. Jenna asks Georgia if she’s seen any paraphernalia lying around, and she says she hasn’t, but she wasn’t looking through things either. Some of the guests do paddle boarding, and Billy acts like an a-hole. Glenn tells Jenna, he’d be surprised if someone flew to Corfu with cocaine. If a guest has a prescription drug, it’s no problem. He’s sure people travel with Adderall all the time, and there’s a chance it’s that. I guess because all people with Adderall prescriptions snort it. In Jenna’s interview, she says she doesn’t go around accusing charter guests of having illicit drugs, but if they have them, it’s the worst thing that could happen. Glenn tells her if only one crew member saw it, that’s different, but he’s heard it from two crew members. He’ll speak to Nicole, and if he finds anything, it will be the end of the charter.

Billy gets on a paddle board, and giggles like a jerk. In Glenn’s interview, he says, if a guest goes ashore and comes back high, that’s not his problem, but if they brought drugs onto the boat, they’re in deep sh*t. He asks Nicole if they can have a chat.

Next time, the finale, Glenn does a search, Billy says his vacation is ruined, and Georgia tells Ciara that she has a thing for Paget.

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March 25, 2020 – Sonny Suggests Another Option, a Tough Time For Denise, Friends Again, Comparing Decks, Reality Rates & the Bright Side


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nina tells Nelle, welcome to Crimson. Carly walks in, and asks if she just heard that right. Nelle says, her girl got a job.

Monica formally welcomes Portia to General Hospital. She’s glad the board wooed her away from Mercy. Portia says she’s honored to be working there, and Monica says she won’t keep Portia, since she has a lot of paperwork to fill out. Michael and Sasha run in with Wiley, and Michael tells Monica, something’s wrong.

At Kelly’s, Delores says Sam seems to be staying on the straight and narrow, and Sam says, that’s because she is. Delores asks how Sam’s relationship with her ex Jason is going, and Sam says they exchange their son Danny, but they’ve been keeping their distance. (Refraining from a joke here.) She’s been taking Delores’s warnings seriously. They arrange pick-ups at the Quartermaines’. Delores asks if that’s been the full extent of their interaction, but her phone rings, and she tells Sam she has to take the call. She’ll be in touch. Delores goes outside.

Delores asks someone if they’re still on for this afternoon. She laughs, as Spinelli watches. When she leaves, he follows.

Ava makes notes for the auction catalog at the gallery. Trina comes in, and Ava asks what she’s doing there. Trina says she’s been thinking about the catalog, and has some ideas if Ava has time. Ava says, she meant, what is Trina doing at the gallery? She told Trina that she could take time off. Trina says she did, and she’s ready to go back to work. She asks Ava, please take a look. She’s dying for some feedback.

Jordan says, the only way to save TJ is to give Cyrus what he’s wanted all along – his freedom and a full exoneration. Sonny says, that’s exactly what she has to do, and Jordan tells him, don’t be in such a hurry to set Cyrus free. If he’s causing trouble behind bars, just wait until they see what he does on the outside. Sonny says, the guards at Pentenville are better than anyone Cyrus can hire. He’s safe behind bars; they can’t retaliate. Curtis says, once Cyrus is on the outside, Sonny can put an end to this?

Carly tells Nina, she’d love to think Nelle is lying about being hired, but it’s an easy contradiction, and Nina isn’t doing that. Nina says, Nelle will be working as her assistant, and Carly says she can’t believe Nina would make the same mistake twice. Nelle tells Carly, be careful. Carly can ban her from the MetroCourt, but it won’t look good in a custody hearing. She’d be preventing her grandson’s mother from working. Nina suggests Nelle come back tomorrow to fill out the paperwork. She and Carly have some things to discuss. Nelle thanks her for the opportunity, and says she won’t regret it. She can’t wait see Carly every single day. Have a blessed afternoon. She leaves, and Carly says Nina will absolutely regret hiring Nelle. Nina doesn’t think she will.

Michael tells Monica, it’s Wiley’s heart. Brad and Lucas hopes the condition would resolve on its own, but he has labored breathing, like he has a cold. Monica tells him it’s not good to worry until they know what’s going on. She asks Nurse Lynn for an assist; she’s sending Wiley for an EKG. Michael wants to go with him, but Monica doesn’t think that’s a good idea. If he’s nervous or upset, Wiley could pick up on it. She tells him to wait on the fourth floor. Michael hands Wiley off to Lynn, and Monica leaves with them. Sasha tells Michael, Wiley is in good hands. Now they have to do their part, and try to stay calm.

Portia gets a phone call from the school, and asks if they’re certain Trina isn’t there.

Ava says Trina’s research paid off. It’s excellent work. She tells Trina not to worry about finishing the catalog. She just lost her father; there’s no pressure to work. Trina says, thanks, but her parents divorced a long time ago. Her father was a long distance parent, and she had to visit him. In a way, it just feels like he’s gone home. Ava says, except he hasn’t. Trina says she’s fine. Can they just get back to work, and talk about art? Ava says Trina has already discovered something it took her a lot longer to learn; art can be a great solace. The work, but also the pieces themselves. Art is about emotion, and if you find your own emotions are too much to handle, you can step outside yourself, and focus on a piece that speaks to you.

On the phone, Sam tells Spinelli, be careful Delores doesn’t catch him following her. Tracking her is the best way to see what she’s up to. Let her know how it goes. Molly joins her, and Sam asks if she’s heard from TJ. Molly says, it’s been days now. She doesn’t know how Sam and Jason deal with not seeing each other. She’s about to rip her hair out. Sam figured TJ would have contacted Molly by now, and Molly asks, why? Has Sam heard from him? Does she know where he is?

Jordan tells Sonny, she can understand why he wants Cyrus free. He’s easier to eliminate. Sonny says, all he and his people want is for the violence Cyrus brought to Port Charles to end. Jordan says, based on her experience with turf wars, they don’t end; they just evolve. She hates Cyrus more than anyone, but she won’t trigger more violence. Sonny says, whatever happens to Cyrus, his hands are clean, and Jordan says, not because Sonny is innocent, but because he’s an expert in covering his own tracks. If she looks the other way, she’s complicit. Curtis says, whoever’s responsible, releasing Cyrus is effectively signing his death warrant, but by keeping him in jail, they’re signing TJ’s.

Carly says she’s going to give Nina some advice she wishes someone had given her. Nelle is a sociopath. Being near her will cripple Nina in ways she’ll carry the rest of her life. Nina says she gets it, but Carly says she doesn’t, or she wouldn’t have let Nelle in the front door, much less give her a job. She understands why Nina did it. Nina says she doesn’t think Carly does, and Carly says Nelle tugged on Nina’s heartstrings. She gave Nina a song and dance about how she was cruelly kept away from her child, and now Michael and his family want to make that permanent. Nina says, Nelle said that, and Carly says she needs to hear it in context, starting from the night her grandson was born. Nelle tried to kill Michael. Nina says she’s aware, and Carly asks if she’s aware Nelle trapped Michael in a car that was leaking gas. Nelle walked away, hoping the car would explode; hoping the father of her baby would burn to death. And it didn’t stop there. Brad was grieving his son, who’d died from SIDS. Nelle convinced Brad to switch babies with her. Nina says she knows, and Carly says, knowing it and feeling it are two different things. Can she imagine how Michael felt? He thought his baby was dead, and grieved for a year and a half. It’s what Nelle wanted him to do. She took Michael’s empathy, compassion, and generosity, and used them against him, and that’s what she’s going to do to Nina. Nina says, she tried. She said all that. She played on Nina as someone who wanted to be a mother, and said she needed a job on her resume for family court. Carly says Nina gave Nelle what she wanted, and Nina says, now she’s in a perfect position to turn the tables.

Sasha brings Michael some coffee. He wonders what’s taking so long. Sasha says, Wiley has a definite advantage. Michael is on the hospital board, and Wiley’s grandmother is chief-of-staff. He’s been bumped to the front of the line. Michael hates that Wiley is hooked up to machines, but she says the machines will help give an accurate diagnosis. They’ll give the doctors information they need to come up with a treatment plan. He says, Wiley doesn’t know that. He didn’t consider Wiley’s heart condition; it’s been so long since he had an incident. Now that he thinks about it, Wiley’s heart defect is genetic, and neither Shiloh or Willow had a record of it. It still didn’t occur to him that he and Wiley were related. She says, he was lied to and deceived. It’s Brad and Nelle’s fault, not his. He says, all he can think about is that he wants Wiley to be okay.

Sam tells Molly, she hasn’t spoken to TJ, but she and Spinelli tracked TJ through his cell phone. She wanted to go find him, but Jordan insisted on doing it. Molly doesn’t understand. If Jordan has been talking to TJ, why didn’t Jordan tell her?

Trina tells Ava, she wasn’t sure what to write about Franco. His early work still has a huge following. Ava says, his early work is still highly sought after. People have convinced themselves that his genius was a by-product of his brain tumor, and he’s no longer capable of significant work. Trina asks if she doesn’t think so, and Ava says, she thinks the collectors are short-sighted. She thinks Franco’s work has expanded. Portia runs in, saying she’s looking for Trina, and sees Trina is there. She asks why Trina isn’t in school where she belongs. Ava looks at Trina.

Spinelli follows Delores to a bar. He sits down and sees Delores sitting with a man, and says, it can’t be. He takes out his phone, and looks the man up. It’s Councilman Donald Raskin, working for a better Port Charles.

Jordan tells Sonny, okay. So she confesses that she tampered with evidence that sent Cyrus to prison. Cyrus is released, and vanishes in some way that leaves Sonny with his hands clean. Sonny says, Cyrus does business with dangerous people, and lost receipts. They don’t like losing money, and Cyrus has lost millions. What makes her think Cyrus won’t be a target when he gets out? She says, and she sits in prison for twenty years, or less for good behavior. Or more if she also confesses she abused the power of her office to clear the way for Cyrus’s shipment. Curtis says, this is insane. There’s no way he’s condoning her trading her freedom for Cyrus’s. They can forget it. There must be another way to find TJ.

Nina tells Carly, after Nelle filed for custody, Willow wanted her to do a true crime piece on Nelle in Crimson. Carly says she thought Nina and Willow didn’t get along, but Nina says, it’s ancient history. Willow wants to keep Nelle away from Wiley, and do does she. Carly asks, what about the Crimson piece? and Nina says, that’s not going to happen. Nelle isn’t a public figure, she doubts it will drive traffic, and she doesn’t want to open them up to a lawsuit. But that doesn’t mean she can’t help in other ways. She’s sure Carly has heard the old say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Carly says, and who better to testify than Nelle’s current employer. Nina says, exactly. She’s in the perfect position to monitor Nelle. Ideally, Nelle will break the law, but if she doesn’t, Nina can testify on her deceitful, manipulative behavior. She pathologically hates Carly’s family, and Carly especially. She just witnessed Nelle trying to goad Carly. She’s going to use Nelle’s tactics against her. She’s going to let Nelle believe she’s playing her, that she’s falling for it. Let her believe they’re friends, and she’s on Nelle’s side. Then, at the hearing… Carly says, Nina will tell the truth, and Nelle will lose Wiley for good. Nina smiles.

Monica tells Michael, unfortunately, the hole in Wiley’s heart hasn’t closed as they’d hoped. He asks what the next step is, and Monica says, surgery. He asks if she’s sure it’s necessary; Wiley is so young. She says, Michael was younger when he had the same surgery, and came through with flying colors. Once the defect was addressed, there was no more trouble. She’s hoping it’s the same for Wiley. Michael asks when it should be scheduled, and Monica says, it’s an elective surgery, but recommends scheduling it immediately.

Portia tells Trina, she had a meeting with the chief-of-staff at GH. Imagine her surprise when she got a call from the school, and found out Trina didn’t show up for chemistry. Trina says, she already got an A in the class. What’s the point of reviewing stuff she already knows, when she could be doing something meaningful? Portia says, Trina’s not an adult. She’s a student, and belongs in school. She was terrified; she thought something happened. Trina says she’s sorry for scaring Portia, but… Portia says, no buts. It’s unacceptable. Ava suggests they take a deep breath, and Portia asks if Ava didn’t find it odd that Trina showed up in the middle of a school day. Ava says she was surprised Trina was back so soon, and Portia says, maybe Ava should have reached out to the school, or Trina’s mother. Ava knows Trina’s father just died. Her judgement might be cloudy. Ava says, obviously Trina could have communicated better, but Trina is clearly safe. Portia says her daughter was already kidnapped once. Her father was murdered. Communicating better isn’t going to cut it. She looks at Trina, and says Trina knows better.

Sam tells Molly, she doesn’t know if Jordan spoke to TJ, but they’ve been texting. Molly says, Jordan told her, but that was two days ago. This is ridiculous. She admits she handled TJ’s proposal all wrong. She should have been sensitive, and done a better job explaining why it doesn’t feel right for her to get married, at least right now. She was defensive, and gave him a lecture. That’s on her, but he’s making it worse hiding out. She asks if Sam can use the tracker, and find out where he is, but Sam isn’t sure that’s a good idea. She’s sure he’ll get in touch. Molly says, she was sure too, but she was wrong. Nothing is going to be fixed until they’re face to face. Sam tells her, calm down, and messes with her phone. She says, TJ’s location is at 485 Paulson Street. Molly says, it doesn’t make any sense. That’s Jordan’s apartment complex.

Curtis asks if Jordan understands the kind of trouble she would face in Pentenville. She’ll be reunited with the criminals she helped put there. Jordan says, it kills her that she’ll be in prison and Cyrus will be free, but if it’s the only way to protect her son… Sonny says she’s doing what Cyrus wants. He wants her to let fear make her choices. She should step back and consider other options. Jason says, Sonny is right. She can exonerate Cyrus without taking the fall.

Sonny says Jason sees where he’s going, right? Jordan says she doesn’t. If it’s going to save her son, and keep her out of prison, tell her. Jason says, she was on a four-person team, and only the four of them knew the evidence against Cyrus was fabricated. Taggert and the other two are dead. She can claim they framed him without her knowledge or cooperation. She can claim she always believed the bust was legit. After Taggert was murdered, she went back over the evidence, and realized something didn’t add up. Sonny says, she can notify the DEA and the Justice Department of the discrepancy, and let them take over. Curtis likes this angle a whole lot better. It will only garner Jordan respect. She says, they’re asking her to throw her team under the bus?

Michael says, if Monica thinks Wiley should have surgery immediately, take the steps to make it happen. Monica is glad he’s on board, and Sasha says she’s there to help. Monica tells her to support her grandson. Once the paperwork is complete, they can prep Wiley for surgery. Monica pauses a moment, and says she just thought of something. Because it is elective and Michael’s custody agreement is agree still pending, both he and Nelle have to sign off on it.

Carly thanks Nina for putting herself out there. She’s sorry she jumped to conclusions. Nina says, it’s okay. She’s been snowed before. Carly just assumed she was being snowed again. Carly says Nelle snowed her. She prides herself on her instincts, and can usually spot someone like Nelle coming from a mile away, but she didn’t. Nina says, maybe Carly’s judgement was clouded because Nelle saved Josslyn. Carly says, but she didn’t. Carly knows Nina is seeing Jax, so this won’t come as a surprise. He’d do anything for his daughter, and he did. Josslyn needed a kidney, and Jax bought one from Nelle’s father. Jax has to live with that, and Carly pities Nelle for that, but Nelle didn’t choose to save Josslyn. She hasn’t chosen to save anyone in her entire life, and Carly can’t believe she didn’t see that. Nina says Carly didn’t want to see it. Like she didn’t want to see that Sasha wasn’t her daughter. She shows Carly the necklace, and says her daughter would have the other half, but Sasha didn’t; she didn’t even know what it was about. Nina was too busy believing her, and maybe Carly was too lost in her gratitude. Carly tells Nina, one thing she can say about herself is, she learns from her mistakes. She’ll never underestimate Nelle again. Nelle is working every angle all the time. She’d be even more dangerous if she wasn’t so crazy. Nina says she has a problem with that word, and Carly says they’ve both dealt with mental issues. They’ve put in the work, and come out the other side, but Nelle can’t. She lies when she doesn’t have to; she steals when she doesn’t need to. Nina gave her a job, and you’d think Nelle would be happy, but she won’t be. She’s going to do something shady. Nina says, and she’ll be there to catch her. Carly says Nina can’t do it alone. She’ll need help, and Carly is all in.

Ava says she’ll give Portia and Trina some space to talk it out, and goes in the back. Trina says she’s sorry she worried Portia, but she thought Portia trusted her to take mental health days when she needed to. Portia says Trina can’t run off like that. She needs to know where Trina is at all times. End of discussion. Trina says Portia used to trust her, but Portia says Trina never cut school before. Trina says, right; it was a dumb move. She couldn’t take the looks. It happened to Josslyn when Oscar died. Ava goes to her desk, and listens. Trina says, it’s like you’re under a microscope. She’s the girl who’s dad was just murdered. It’s like they’re waiting for her to have a meltdown. Portia asks why Trina didn’t tell her, and Trina says her parents got divorced years ago. Portia says, divorcing someone doesn’t mean you stop loving them. She’s always loved Trina’s father. Their marriage didn’t work out, but her father was a good man, an honorable man. He had a brave heart, and the best of intentions, always. Whenever Trina wants to talk about him, or anything else, she’s there. They hug.

Molly tells Sam, she doesn’t understand why TJ’s phone is at Jordan’s. Does Sam think he’s staying there? Sam says, it’s possible, and Molly wonders why Jordan wouldn’t tell her. Sam says, maybe TJ told her not to say anything. If the roles were reversed, their mom would do the same for her. Molly says she’s sick of guessing. She’s going to see what Jordan has to say. She grabs her coat, and jets. Sam’s phone rings, and Spinelli says he’s found something interesting. Sam says she’s listening, and Spinelli says he’s discovered the target of Delores’s phone calls. She’s at a bar, cozying up to city councilman Donald Raskin. Sam says, that is not a good look for a married woman, and Spinelli says, or a married man. He watches Delores and Donald laughing, and says his research indicates Donald has been married for two decades. Sam says, after all the cheating spouse cases they’ve worked on, they finally have something that works in their favor. He says his sentiments exactly. The game is afoot. Delores and Donald get up, and Spinelli says, their meeting at the bar is concluding. One can anticipate they’ll adjourn elsewhere. Sam tells Spinelli to follow them, and see what happens. He says if he can secure proof, it’s the kind of leverage they need to persuade Delores to give Sam more time with Jason, or maybe let him move back in. She thanks him, and tells him, please be careful. He reminds her that he’s a licensed professional in surveillance. She says, nice try. Cyber-surveillance. She’s the one who does the actual footwork. He says, never fear. He shall be stealth personified. Delores and Donald leave, and Spinelli follows.

Carly tells Nina to keep an eye on Nelle at Crimson, and she’ll take care of the rest. She can have security collect footage on Nelle. If she’s true to form, Nelle is already working a scam; she just has to prove it. Nelle will be back in Pentenville, and Michael will get full custody of his son. Nina says there’s only one part of the plan she’s worried about. Carly.

Nelle strides into the hospital, and asks Michael where her son is. He says, Wiley is being evaluated for surgery. Nelle asks what Michael did to him, and Michael says, nothing. Wiley had shortness of breath. Nelle says, because of his heart? How did Michael let it get this bad. Michael says, when Wiley was born, he was diagnosed with a heart condition. They’d hoped it would get better on its own, but it didn’t. He hands Nelle a clipboard, and she asks what it is. Sasha says, it’s a standard consent form, and Nelle says she didn’t ask Sasha. Michael says, as Wiley’s parents, they both have to sign it before he can have surgery.

Trina is glad she and her mother can remember her dad together, and Portia says, of course (🍷). They can talk about anything. Trina says she can’t call her dad, or send him stupid emojis. Porta says Trina is the reason Taggert could text at all, and Trina says he would send her a text out of nowhere, to let her know he was thinking of her. Portia says they had a special relationship. Trina says, now seems weird; normal, but different. It’s not like anything changed, but her dad will never send her a surprise text again. Now she knows how much his texts meant to her; how much it mattered that he was thinking of her. Trina says, she’s not making sense, is she? but Portia says she is. She understands exactly how Trina is feeling, and she misses him too.

Jordan tells Sonny, they were honorable men, who sacrificed everything for their work, including their lives. Their families are grieving, she’s not going to add to their suffering by tarnishing their memories. Curtis says if the tables were turned, what would Taggert do if they had his daughter, and it was a choice between honoring her memory and saving Trina’s life? She says if they go down, she does too. Sonny says, they already made the ultimate sacrifice. The most important thing now is to put a stop to Cyrus, and save her son. Curtis nods.

Sam’s phone rings, and she asks what did Spinelli find? Delores says, something very disappointing. Her friend is in a very compromising position. Two cops hold on to Spinelli at the bar.

Jordan says, okay, she’s committed, and Sonny says she made the right call. She hopes so, and Sonny says they’ll be in touch. He and Jason leave, and Jordan sits on the coffee table, even though she has a perfectly good couch. Curtis sits next to her, and says, TJ will be okay; he’ll be home in no time. She says it’s the only way to justify what she’s done, and he takes her hand.

In the hallway, Sonny asks if Jason thinks Jordan will see it through. Jason says, she’d do anything for her son. Sonny says, him too. That’s good news, because their friend will be on the outside where they can get to him. Molly comes out of another hallway, and has obviously heard them.

Portia tells Trina, it’s perfectly reasonable to want space. She needs time to process what she’s gone through. When the school called, her mind went to the worst place. She thought Trina had been kidnapped again. Ava continues to listen, and Trina says she’s sorry that she made Portia think that. She really means it. Portia says, Trina is so important to her; Trina is her whole world. Ava starts to tear up, and Portia says she’ll let Trina experience her life. At least until she’s eighteen, and Portia can’t tell her what to do. Trina says, then she’s on her own? Portia says, oh yeah. She’s kicking Trina to the curb. They leave, and Ava dabs at her eyes.

Nina tells Carly that she and Nelle have too much history for Carly to be effective. Just the opposite. Nelle is going to goad Carly as much as she can, and if Carly takes the bait, Nelle will use it against Michael at the trial. Carly says several people have already pointed that out, and Nina says the further away Carly stays, the better. Let Nelle think she’s working Nina. Nina will be friendly, sympathetic, a shoulder to cry on. Maybe she’ll let Nelle complain about Michael, and who knows what might let slip? Carly says she really can’t help? and Nina says, yeah. By staying away. No offense. Carly says, none taken. It’s Nina’s plan, and they’ll do it her way, but Nelle is going to lash out at Carly, and when she does, Carly will have to defend herself. Nina asks if Carly really thinks Nelle will do that, with everything she has at stake. Carly says Nelle can’t help herself. It’s a means to an end. Nelle came to Port Charles to destroy Carly, and she’s not going to stop until Carly stops her.

Nelle wants to know why she’s just finding this out now, and Sasha says, Michael just found out Wiley is his son. Nelle says she didn’t ask Sasha. Why should she consent to a dangerous procedure, when it might not be necessary? He says, Wiley needs this, but Nelle says she disagrees. There are too many risks. There are lifestyle changes that could resolve the issue. He says, surgery can resolve the issue. She says she wants something non-invasive that doesn’t involve cutting open her toddler son. He says, Monica recommended it, and she says, of course (🍷). Monica is a surgeon. He says, don’t do this, and she says, what? Exercise her parental right? She’s not signing off on this.

Tomorrow, Alexis asks if Delores will consider dropping the charges, Laura goes to see Neil, and Willow thinks this time it’s about her.

🌴 That Didn’t Take Long…

Denise is in the hot seat already.


Not her year.


🌪 I Can’t Keep Up…

So who hates each other now? The shame of it is, now that Shannon and Kelly want to be social, they have to distance.


🌗 Night and Day…

And really, as long as they’re getting paid, who cares?


📺 For the Ratings Geek…

90 Day Fiancé is going strong.


🎉 We Made It…

We’re past the first hump of a non-zombie not-quite apocalypse.

March 9, 2020 – Jason Can’t Convince Anna, a Neanderthal Charter, João Finds The One, Baby Named, Returning World, Another Adieu & Tubular Send Off


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason sees Sam at the Quartermaines, and asks if she just dropped off the kids. She says she did, but she was sticking around, hoping she’d run into him. She’s glad she did. He asks if she’s okay, and hugs her. He says he’s being careful, and they kiss. Michael and Diane walk in, and Michael says, he didn’t meant to interrupt, but Diane says she’s glad they did. They’re just in time to stop Sam from violating her parole. And she will be billing Sam for the consultation they’re about to have.

Willow and Chase go into The Floating Rib, and Willow says she’s so steamed. It’s bad enough Nelle got off scot free, but the first thing she did was sue Michael for custody. Can he believe that? Chase says, unfortunately, yes. Nelle is a cold-blooded person who could put Shiloh to shame. Willow says Nelle isn’t getting anywhere near her… Michael’s son.

Nina looks at the heart necklace. Sasha comes by her office.

New York City. At the hotel bar, Neil says, I love New York, and Alexis says, that’s a catchy phrase. He says, everyone has story. It took everything in him not to question the bartender. They all have stories; the tales woven together that make them who they are. The city amplifies it. She says she knows what he means, and he says she always does.

Finn asks Violet, Bach or Beethoven? She says, Mozart, and he says he likes her style. He gives her a pad and crayons, and asks what she’s going to draw. She says, it’s a surprise, and he says he loves surprises. She says, no he doesn’t, and he agrees, except when it comes to her. He tells her that he’s going to talk to Anna, and if she needs anything, wave her arms. He puts headphones on her, and goes over to the bar. Finn tells Anna that Violet has become a world class eavesdropper, and he doesn’t want her to overhear their conversation. Anna says, it would be confusing for her. She’s confused. She misses him so much. She was wondering if there’s some way they can get past their differences. Maxie comes in with Peter, and says she’s so sorry. It was right in front of her, and she refused to see it.

Diane asks Michael to give her and Sam a moment, and promises to address his situation. Right now, she needs to deal with Sam’s situation. Michael says he’ll go check on Wiley, and goes upstairs. Diane says she assumes Scout and Danny are upstairs, and one of them is dropping off, and the other is visiting; putting them in contact in a way they shouldn’t be. She’s told Sam, but she’s going to tell her again. Sam’s parole officer is within her rights to prohibit their contact. They’re not legally married, and Jason is a convicted felon. Sam says, Jason is Danny’s father, but Diane says, any privilege provided to a married couple, doesn’t apply here. Their deal with Robert went belly-up, and they have no leverage, and no way to mitigate the terms. One of them has to go.

Chase says, it’s one thing for Nelle to seduce and manipulate the men in her life – Willow interjects, and plot to kill thembut at least they’re adults. He, Zack, and Michael were old enough to make the call. They made the wrong one, but still. Wiley is just a baby. She says, Wiley has no idea what’s going on or who Nelle is, and has zero means to protect himself. It astonishes Chase how the legal system failed so deeply, and Willow says, the legal system might have failed Wiley, but the people in his life won’t.   

Nina tells Sasha that she forgot about their scheduled meeting, and asks if Sasha minds if they postpone it. It’s nothing personal. She thinks Sasha is a capable, savvy woman, and loves having her on board. She’s able to rein in Lucy’s impulses, which is a good thing. Sasha agrees, Lucy is full of impulses, and Nina says, right now, she’s not emotionally available for that. Sasha asks if everything is okay, and Nina says, nothing she can’t handle, but thanks her for asking.

Neil toasts, to pleasant surprises, and Alexis says, it was quite a surprise. Of all the places in all the towns in all the world, she sat next to him. Either God has a sense of humor, or it’s a huge random coincidence. Neil says, the theater was a random coincidence. This, not so much. It’s on them. She asks if he thinks it’s a little risky, doing this when in less than 24 hours, they’re going to swear they’re not having a personal relationship. He thinks it will be okay, and she says she knows she is. She’s not lying; she’s going to tell the truth. It was just a kiss, which you can’t categorize as dating. He says it was meaningful to him. She’s the only one he’s ever told about singing on the anniversary of his daughter’s death. She says it was meaningful to her too.

Maxie tells Anna that she’s furious with Obrecht, and doesn’t want Obrecht to be a part of her life anymore. Anna says she knew Maxie would be heartbroken. Maxie says she knows Obrecht loves her and James – she’s not faking that – so to jeopardize her relationships with them, she must not be able to help herself. It’s scary that she didn’t see a thing; not one sign. Obrecht wasn’t anxious or evasive like she usually is when she’s up to something. She was always there, being a doting grandma. Anna says Maxie has no reason to be sorry, and Maxie says Sam is her good friend. Obrecht is responsible for Drew’s death, and Scout not knowing her father. How is she going to look Sam in the eyes? Finn tells Maxie not to do this to herself, and Maxie asks him to give her one reason she shouldn’t be completely horrified with herself. He says, sometimes the truth is hard to face.

Neil says, he’s a therapist, and knows the benefit of getting your feelings out, but Alexis is the first person he felt he could talk to who actually… She says, gets it? and he says, maybe it was him witnessing her struggles with being a mother, and he took advantage of that. That’s why they have the rule. She says, as a lawyer, it pains her to say this, but there’s an exception to every rule, and she thinks they’re it.

Finn tells Maxie, Obrecht framed him for drug use. He can’t stand her, but even with all that, it never occurred to him that she could be involved in all that insanity. He thought it was someone else. Maxie says, he thought it was Peter, but Obrecht framed him. Obrecht framed her boyfriend, and Maxie had trusted her. She convinced Maxie that after an entire life of deception, people could change through love. She’s an idiot. Peter says she’s not, and Anna excuses herself, saying she has to do some follow-ups. Violet says hi to Maxie, and Maxie says she saw Violet, but didn’t want to disturb her artistic flow. Violet asks if Maxie wants to see her drawing, and Maxie says, lead the way, girlfriend. Peter looks at Finn, who says he guesses he owes Peter an apology.

Willow tells Chase, the situation is so… She doesn’t even know what to call it. He says, surreal? Confusing? Devastating? She says, all of the above. The one good thing to come out of it is that Michael is Wiley’s father, and not just because she lost Wiley. Chase says, Michael is a genuinely good person, and Willow says, one of the best, but when it matters, he can be ruthless. She needs him to be ruthless now. Whatever it takes to protect Wiley, and she’ll help any way she can. He says, they both will.

Sasha tells Nina, about the crossover, she has an idea for the best location. Nina says, Anguilla? and Sasha asks if they talked about it already. Nina says, no, but she had the exact same thought; it’s perfect. She tells Sasha that she has to get back to the projections, or she’ll never get out of there. Nina says, have a nice night, and Nina says, her too. She thinks they’re on the brink of something exiting… businesswise. Sasha says so does she, and leaves.

Sam says she hears what Diane is saying, but Diane says she feels like it’s falling on deaf ears. Sam asks her to just listen. What if they’re able to get something real against Peter; actual evidence. Diane gets it. It’s frustrating and terribly unfair, but the fact of the matter is, until and unless Anna sees the truth, her chances of anything changing are slim. Anna has blocked her, and made going after Peter a complete waste of her time. Jason gets a text from Anna asking him to meet her at the MetroCourt.

Alexis tells Neil, in principle, therapy is breaking emotional walls to reveal personal, vulnerable things. An unscrupulous therapist will take advantage of that, and should be punished, but he didn’t do that. That’s not what happened. He says, it’s a matter of perception, and she says, if anything, she used it to manipulate him.

Michael asks if Sam and Diane need more time, but Diane says they’re through. Sam apologizes for cutting into Michael’s time, and asks if everything is okay. Diane says, no, and not just because Nelle was allowed to walk. Nelle intends to sue for custody. Sam says, that’s insane, and Diane says, it is, but it’s also happening. Sam tells her, if they need someone, she was Nelle’s cellmate, and knows she’s a crazy bitch. Diane says she’ll keep that in mind, but as Sam’s lawyer, her primary objective is to keep Sam out of prison. Sam says she’ll try, and Diane says, don’t try; do. Sam says, okay, and tells Michael, good luck with Nelle. She leaves, and Michael says he thinks Sam has a point. They should line everybody up to say what a terrible person Nelle is. Diane says she’s always up for a good mud-slinging, but in his case, that’s the surest way to lose.

Sasha orders a white wine at The Floating Rib bar. Chase asks if she comes there often, and she says, actually she does; she’s always between here and the library. Lucy doesn’t have office space. Chase suggests they get on that, and she says, it’s first on the list once Deception is launched. She needed to kill some time, so she had an option to get some work done or grab a drink. She chose the drink. He asks why she’s killing time, and she says, Michael is meeting with his lawyer about the custody nightmare. She wanted to give them space. Chase says, actually, he’s an orphan too. Willow charged out; something to do with Wiley. She told him to wait, so he’s waiting.

Finn says it seems Obrecht framed Peter, and since Obrecht framed him, you’d think he would have seen that. Peter says he’s done plenty in his past to deserve suspicion. Obrecht realized that, and exploited it. All is forgiven. He’s sorry he caused tension between Finn and Anna. Maxie comes back, and says she inspected Violet’s masterpiece, but Violet would like a second opinion of the father variety. Finn says, he’s on it. Maxie tells Peter that she can’t believe this happened. That she let it happen. Peter says Maxie is the last person who should be blamed. Obrecht loving her and James is a good thing. Maxie says, now Obrecht has thrown it away. Peter holds her, and Spinelli watches. Jason arrives, and Spinelli motions him over. He says maybe Maxie will listen to him, but Jason says, she won’t. Spinelli says, Peter framed Obrecht for his crimes, and supposedly she’s behind all of it. Jason asks, why? and Spinelli says, why indeed. She’s supposedly covering her tracks, so she won’t be implicated in the original memory transfer. Jason says, Peter was there, but Obrecht had nothing to do with it. Spinelli says, precisely, but Maxie can’t see it. Jason says, she doesn’t want to believe it, but you can’t make someone believe what they don’t want to. Anna arrives, and wonders who they’re talking about.

Anna asks Spinelli to allow her and Jason to talk. Spinelli says he understands her blindness, and could forgive it, if it wasn’t putting Maxie and her children in jeopardy. He leaves, and Anna thanks Jason for coming. Apparently, Spinelli stole her thunder. Jason says he’s not sure what Spinelli got right, and Anna says she didn’t like hearing him be wrong about Peter.

Spinelli approaches Maxie and Peter, and says, greetings and salutations. He asks if he can steal Maxie away for a moment, but Maxie says anything he has to say to her, he can say in front of Peter.

Alexis tells Neil, she was attracted to him from the first moment she saw him. He says, she was? The feeling was mutual. She says she should have walked in, and when she realized that, she should have walked out. He says, she did, and she says, but she walked back in and stayed for treatment because he’s a good therapist. He really helped her, and besides, she knew once a week she’d get to spend 55 whole minutes with him. Now he knows he’s in this mess because of her, not him.

Michael tells Diane, Nelle killed her first fiancé, and tried to kill him. When that didn’t work, she left him for dead in a car that was going to explode. She knew what she was doing, like she knew when she messed with his mom, gave Brad the baby, and assaulted Willow. There’s no PTSD or blackouts. In what universe would a judge give her a kid? Diane says, the ways of the legal universe are strange. A child used to be property, and in many cases, they still are. Each biological parent has a 50% interest, and it’s not possible to strip either of that interest. It’s tough to take away a child. That’s the bad news. The good news is, it will be difficult to take Wiley away from him.

Willow knocks on Nina’s office door, and walks in. She says she knows she’s not Nina’s favorite person, but she’s hopes, considering the situation, they can rise above that. Nina asks what the situation is, and Willow says, not only has Nelle gone free, she’s now suing for custody of Michael’s son. Nina says she heard about the going free part, but not the custody part. Willow says she needs Nina’s help, but Nina isn’t sure what Willow thinks she can do. Willow says, she can expose Nelle in her magazine. Let the world see that murdering psycho for the unfit mother she is.

Alexis says, if she could do it over, she’d have walked out and kept walking. She would have called Neil from her house, and said, sorry; she needs to find another therapist, but she’d like to have the dinner he mentioned. She says, sorry, and he says, don’t be, but she says she blew it. If she’d done that, they wouldn’t be where they are now. He says, for all his talk of boundaries, he could have refused to treat her, but he didn’t. He’d like to say it was professional, but as much as she looked forward to their sessions, he probably looked forward to them more. So if anyone blew it, they blew it together.

Spinelli says Maxie isn’t resistant to smoke and mirrors, and Peter’s innocence is an illusion. Maxie says she loves Spinelli – they share a daughter and a lot of history – but she’s not going to let him do this. She gets that he doesn’t like Peter, but guess what? He’s wrong. Obrecht manipulated him, and everyone else. Accept it and move on.

Finn says Violet is an artist in the making. Violet says she wants to be a doctor, but he tells her, who said she can’t be both? The sky’s the limit for her. She asks if they can please go home to Anna’s house.

Anna tells Jason that Obrecht acquired a visa from one of Faison’s companies that she drew a salary from, and had contact with the assassin who was sent after Andre. Jason says she knows Peter was there at the same time, but she says Obrecht was Faison’s scientist, and could have been there during the initial memory transfer. She was scared Drew would remember the details, and was tying up her loose ends. Anna says he doesn’t believe a word of it, and Jason says, no; he doesn’t.

Nina tells Willow that Crimson has no reason to run a feature on Nelle, except to make her look bad. They could face libel, and it could backfire. A smart lawyer will accuse Michael of smearing Nelle in the press. Willow says she could make it a true crime exposé, but Nina says that’s not kind of thing Crimson does. More important, it’s not Willow’s job to line things up for Michael. As painful as it is – and Nina knows how painful it is – the custody suit has nothing do with her. Willow says, so Nina is saying Wiley isn’t her son, and she needs to detach.

Sasha tells Chase, it’s absolutely insane, after everything Nelle has done, to let her spend any time at all with Wiley, let alone get custody. Chase says, she’s a deranged murderer for real. She says she doesn’t want to put him on the spot or make him feel bad. He says, but he was taken in by said deranged murderer. It’s one thing when you can see it coming, but she blindsides men with her helpless waif act, and her sad story, and they want to be the hero. Sasha says Nelle targets good people, but Chase is scared it goes deeper. Something inside of Nelle actively wants to destroy what’s good, so she doesn’t have to be held up in comparison. She says, and what’s sweeter than a little kid? He hopes Michael finds a way to take Nelle down, and says Michael is lucky to have Sasha to stand by his side.

Michael tells Diane, shared custody isn’t good enough; Nelle is a sociopath. Diane says, she gave birth to Wiley, but he says, that doesn’t mean she should get custody. Diane tells him, in the eyes of the law, it means that precisely. He says, this isn’t a bad divorce. He saw that with his mom and Sonny. He hated it, but never once did either one of them assume the other would harm him. Wiley is in emotional danger; maybe physical danger. Who says Nelle won’t harm him; there’s no telling what she’ll do. Diane says he’s 100% justified in his views, but they have to look at this in terms of strategy and tactics; two things he understands. And the best strategy is not to prove what an awful person Nelle is, but what a wonderful person he is, and how he, and only he, can give Wiley the best home possible.

Spinelli asks Maxie to at least admit there are questions surrounding Obrecht’s motive, and until those questions are answered, keep an open mind. She says she’s done with this. If the proof is good enough for the WSB, it’s good enough for him. She loves Peter, and is going to spend the rest of her life loving him. Spinelli says she’s not suggesting… Is she going to marry this man? She says, what if she does? and he says he can see continued dialog will do no good, so he’s going to leave before they say things they can’t take back. He goes, and Peter puts his hand on Maxie’s shoulder.

Jason tells Anna, when she was lying by omission, she had the same look she does now. She says she’s not lying, and he says she was about Henrik; she was lying to herself. Obrecht has no motive. If anything, she has more reason than anyone to stay out of it. She hated Faison. He killed Nathan, and Obrecht’s whole life revolved around Maxie and James. Why would she risk those relationships? She’s not the person with the most to lose. That person kept him in prison and was involved in the memory transfer. The same person who Shiloh called, and who visited Shiloh. The one who was on the docks with a bag of money when Shiloh escaped, and showed up at exactly the right time in the OR to kill the assassin. That person is Peter. The fact that she refuses to see it, doesn’t make him any less guilty. Anna says she’d heard it from Robin, but never experienced it for herself. Once Jason hooks onto something, no one can change his mind. There’s no possibility he might be wrong. He says it’s not about him. It’s about her, Maxie, and Maxie’s kids. Anna says, Maxie knows Peter is innocent, and so does she. Soon, so will everyone else. Fair warning. If Jason does anything to harm Peter, she’ll come after him. He says like he just told Spinelli, you can’t make someone believe something they don’t want to. She says, no, you can’t, and walks away.

Anna asks how the artist is, and Finn says, he drew a puppy. She says, it’s very good, and he tells her that he and Violet were talking, and agreed they were of like mind. They’d like to come home. Anna says, really? and he says, really. Violet echoes, really, and Anna says there’s nothing she’d like more. Finn says, should they? and Violet says, let’s go. Anna says Violet’s room is ready for her. Anna and Finn each take one of Violet’s hands, and they walk out together. Jason watches.

Sasha tells Chase, she’ll do whatever Michael needs to be there and support him. Chase says, but… and she says but she feels like she’s on a log ride, headed down fast in one direction. She doesn’t know if she can step in as a maternal figure when she’s on the verge of something she didn’t know she wanted. Chase says, it’s okay to say it, and she says she loves Michael. The last thing she wants to do is lose him, but she’s not sure she’s ready to be a mother. Sam overhears.

Nina says, who is she to tell Willow to detach? Willow thought Wiley was her baby for a year and a half. She can’t just cut off the feelings. Willow asks if the smart thing isn’t to let go, but Nina says, it’s not just about Wiley. Motherhood is in your head, but more in your heart. That’s why you do crazy ill-advised things for your child. You’ll do anything to protect, love, and be with them. Anything.

Diane says Michael was a minor when he committed a crime, but he did commit one, and went to prison. He asks if she’s saying he’s on equal footing with Nelle, but she says not even close. Even though it’s a strike against him, since then he’s been more than a contributing member of the community. He also bears the Corinthos name, and Sonny is a convicted felon; they’re going to be all over that. And he has close relationship with Jason and Sam, but they’ll figure out how to mitigate those factors, and find out what’s working for him. They can establish he’s lived in the Quartermaine residence for many years, and Wiley will live there. It’s a well-defined multi-generational home. Normally, she’d tell him to take back the name, but at this point, it would be too transparent. The rest is like a glowing letter of recommendation. He’s a stellar citizen, giving time and money to charity, stable and good to the core. They’ll reinforce that he’ll give Wiley the best home possible, not to mention he’s had a relationship with the child from the beginning. It shifted, but he’s spent time with Wiley since he was born. Nelle can’t say that. Michael says she’s a stranger to Wiley, and Diane says she should include another strike against him. The court usually favors the mother. He might want to combat that by providing a mother preferable to Nelle, which pretty much includes everyone. He might consider getting married.

At her hotel room door, Alexis says she’ll see Neil tomorrow at the hearing, and he says, bright and early. She says, the evening was… wonderful, and I say, don’t do it. They don’t, and she says, goodnight, and goes into her room. She leans on the door, and says, okay. She sits on the bed, and takes a deep breath. She starts to call out to him, but gets up and grabs her bag. She opens the door, and he’s there. They kiss passionately, as someone watches. He shuts the door, and they get busy.

Brad goes to Scotty for counsel, Trina says Curtis is the reason her father is dead, and Sonny says things have a way of working out.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

When we last left, the boat was hitting the dock, and Ciara didn’t know where TF anybody was.

The boat keeps scraping the dock, and Ciara runs around looking for someone. She finds Byron, and gets Paget on the radio. He’s in the tender, and she tells him, the portside is touching the dock. She tells Byron to pick up the port anchor. Captain Glenn – who apparently can’t leave them alone for a moment – gets back to the boat, and asks when it happened. Ciara says she just saw it now. In the captain’s interview, he says, it’s a big deal, and an expensive fix, at around $40K. It’s also embarrassing if guests see damage on the back of a boat. Paget asks if they can get a professional in, but the captain says, it’s Sunday. He wonders why he can’t leave for ten minutes without something going wrong.

In Madison’s interview, she says she’s being talked down to from both ends, and it’s effing frustrating. She hopes communication improves, or she’ll end up looking like she’s incompetent. Paget says painting the scratch in the boat is tedious. He has to paint and wait, and paint and wait. He’s exhausted. Jenna hugs Adam. In her interview, she says, things with Adam are pretty effing awesome. Captain Glenn calls Jenna, Adam, and Paget for a preference sheet meeting.

The primary is Richie from Long Island. He’s an entrepreneur in the hospitality, nightlife, and music industry. He’s being joined by friends Lenny, Frank, Austin, Marshall, and Thomas, for their annual guys trip. In Jenna’s interview, she says she dreads all male charters. They’re filled with testosterone and unreleased sexual tension that’s repulsive. Adam says, there are no dietary restrictions, which is awesome. Most of the crew gets some sleep, while Georgia plays guitar and sings on deck. Paget watches, and bops his head. Both of them are annoying me at this point.

In the crew mess, Jenna lies with her head in Adam’s lap, and says, it’s a beautiful moment in life. In her interview, she says she’s happy, but her anxious side wonders where they’re going next. It’s hard on a boat, since it’s a different dynamic, and not like normal dating. Byron quizzes Madison about her family, as they eat cake in the crew mess. We find out her parents are retired, living in Michigan, and aren’t together anymore. She’s also the oldest of four. In her interview, Madison says she doesn’t like talking about her family; they’ve been through a lot. In the summer of 2014, her sister Paige texted her that she wanted to go to the movies, and was picking up some friends. They were stopped in Detroit, when a car pulled in front of them. One of the kids in the car’s brother owed some drug money, and the car was shot up by AK47s. Everyone survived except her sister. It makes her not want to go home. She realized she could die tomorrow, and wondered what she wanted out of life. She used her sister’s death to propel her to do what she wanted, and she doesn’t do things that don’t make her happy. Byron says he’s going to bed; tomorrow’s a school day.

Parker asks Paget fifty questions about drying things with a shammy. In Paget’s interview, he says Parker keeps questioning what he wants to do, and one question leads to another. It’s like a layer cake. Parker says he just wants to make things run smoother, and he’s asked Ciara to help him. Provisions come in, and Glenn tells Paget, good job on the scratches. Tons of champagne comes on board, at the guests’ request. Glenn tells the crew to change into their polos. Sailing’s version of crew whites, I guess.

Yikes! A bunch of gorillas head toward the boat. No, wait. It’s the guests. Madison opens some champagne, and Georgia says there’s going to be a lot of spray tan lining the hot tub. Guest Lenny says he’s hung over, so don’t talk to him, and another dude asks if the boat is named the Cialis. Jenna gives the tour, and there are a lot of cockpit jokes, none of them funny. I note these guys have an awful lot of luggage, and wonder if they brought their weights with them. Tequila shots happen, and Madison tells Jenna, they’re drinking a lot already. In Jenna’s interview, she says, the rate they’re going at is alarming. They haven’t even left the dock.

Anchor is pulled. Jenna tells Adam that she doesn’t like dudes like this. He asks what Madison’s type is, and she says she likes goofy guys. Adam says, like Parker, and teases her about blushing. Jenna says, it’s a legitimate question, and Madison says, all right, mom and dad. Richie asks Jenna for a knife to sabre the champagne, and the guests sit down for lunch. In Adam’s interview, he guarantees these dudes can eat. He’s just going to pull all of the food out of the refrigerator until it’s empty. The food is well-received, and Jenna asks if the guests want to go to the bar on the beach. Only Richie and another guy decide to go, and Lenny tells them to bring back girls or they don’t get back on. Richie says they’re going to burn the effing beach down. In his interview, Paget says he’d bet money that they’re not bringing anyone back. Effing nobheads. When they get near the bar, second dude yells, where are the girls? and Richie tells him, take it easy. It’s not their territory.

In Adam’s interview, he says, hooking up with anyone on a boat is risky. Getting to know someone more intimately is not something he wants to do with a co-worker. He has a hard time mixing work and play. The guys decide there’s nothing on shore for them, and head back. While getting in the boat, one of the dudes – they all look basically the same – falls in the water. Paget just shakes his head. When they get back, another guest hears about the mishap, and says, no more 1942 for dude.

Parker says wherever he’s walking, he’s shammying. The wind is with the boat, so Glenn puts the sails up. For a millisecond, the guests take the attention off of themselves, and marvel at the size of the sails. The boat goes sideways, unnerving one of the guests. In Georgia’s interview, she says she comes from nightlife, and has seen worse than this frat house bullsh*t. If anything, she’s more in her element. One guest demands hors d’oeuvres, while guest Marshall whines for a shrimp cocktail. In his interview, Adam says he served all the shrimp at lunch. If they’d put it on their preference sheets, they would have had all the shrimp they wanted. Shrimp cocktail guy Marshall starts yelling for one.

Adam tells Jenna, langoustines aren’t shrimp; they’re a type of lobster, but these idiots won’t know the difference. He’ll make them look like shrimp. Adam brings them the platter, and says, these are the most tender shrimp ever. Even though he was just yelling for shrimp, Marshall doesn’t even take one. In Jenna’s interview, she says, dude is such an a-hole. Marshall says he asked four hours ago. Jenna looks for nightclubs in the area, and finds a review from a woman who didn’t feel safe there, and said the guys were touchy-feely. She figures it’s the guests’ kind of vibe. In his interview, Paget says, it must be nice to be drunk all the time and living off your trust fund. Typical rich American guys. Jenna says, it’s open from midnight until five. Georgia and Paget flirt, using Russian accents. In Ciara’s interview, she says, Georgia is flirting with Paget, but she’s not affected by it. However, her face says she is. Dinner is served.

Madison bumps into the dinner plates, and Adam says she’s making a mess, even though nothing moved. In her interview, Madison thinks Adam needs to get laid. Jenna tells Paget that the guests are going to a club, and he says whoever’s on late has to pick them up. The guests eat, have more shots, and are ready to go. Parker hugs Madison, and in his interview, he says he doesn’t want her to be sad. He grew up in a loving, wholesome environment, and wants to spread that to the far corners of the earth. Paget and Ciara take the guests to shore, and Paget tells them to text when they’re ready to go back.

The guests check out Corfu Town. Adam asks Jenna if she wants him to tuck her in. In his interview, Paget says Adam and Jenna seem into each other, but it could be awkward . If they don’t get on at some point, it could be mayhem for everybody. One of the guests sabres a bottle of champagne in an alleyway. In Jenna’s interview, she says when she has sexual chemistry with someone, it’s hard not to act on it. Adam wants to take it slower, but It’s like, come on. Ciara gets a text from Parker, saying the guests are starving, and a lot of food would be great. Adam is sleeping, so Madison puts out junk food. Lenny is hoping for a meal, and when they see the table, Austin says they expected food. Madison says she could wake up Adam. In her interview, she says, besides d*ck, the one thing you want when you’re drunk is delicious food. Does anyone want a cheese board? Where’s the pizza?   

She says, waking up Adam is like waking up the three-headed dog in Harry Potter. She asks the guests if they want grilled cheese. They’re good with that, so she makes them the sandwiches, and apologizes. One dude says, she’s the breast. I say, ugh, out loud. There’s a guy with them named Frank who doesn’t look like he belongs in the group, and all he does is mess with his phone. Even when they were in the bar, he didn’t look up. In the crew mess, Parker tells Madison, it feels like charter forty, and she says she’s exhausted. In her interview, she says Parker makes her feel a human connection. She’s been through the wringer, and there’s her friend. She thanks him for being there.

They pick up anchor, breakfast is made, and champagne is sabred. Two guests chest bump, and Lenny says, it’s a good effing day. Jenna puts on a bunch of things like pastries and bacon, and Adam comes up to take orders. One of the guests taste tests the bacon, and says, the bacon is aight, then orders mass quantities of eggs. In Adam’s interview, he wonders who eats that many eggs. Georgia tells Madison, there’s no instruction from Jenna. Her chief stew is more absent than her father figure. We’re up to six bottles of champagne sabred, and glass flies every time. In Paget’s interview, he says, they have no respect for anything at all. He just fixed boat; this is not how you treat it. Lenny literally picks up Madison like he’s working out, and using her as a weight. She asks him to please put her down at least five times. In her interview, she says she’s never been manhandled by a charter guest like that. She has no words. Neither do I.

Lenny says, don’t tell no one, and another dude asks if he thinks she’s going to call the Greek cops. Lenny makes fun of Madison asking to be put down, and says he just curled her. Madison tells Parker that they’re not talking to him in the same way. She’s trying to smile, but it’s hard being a girl and doing this; it’s disrespectful. In her interview, she says, having a charter guest manhandle you puts you in an awkward position. If she tells the captain or Jenna, it could put their tip in jeopardy or insult the guests. She’d rather keep her mouth shut. Lenny drinks champagne straight from the bottle. Jenna asks if they want to go to the beach bar after dinner. A couple of the guys mess around in the water, and push each other in. In Adam’s interview, he says, these guys are a form of Neanderthal, so tonight he’s making tomahawk steaks. They can beat each other with the bones afterward. Jenna doesn’t know why she’s setting the table, since the guests aren’t going to care. Jenna says, the bar closes at eleven, and Lenny says they should leave now. Parker offers to switch nighttime watch with Ciara. In his interview, he says, duty calls him to protect his crew, his captain, the boat, and the guests. He’s like James Bond. The guests get ready to go out, and put on way too much jewelry. And probably Axe body spray. Jenna rubs Adams neck. In Georgia’s interview, she says what Jenna and Adam have going on is not productive or healthy in the workplace. Madison says, it’s not professional, and Georgia says, Jenna is whipped. The guests sit for dinner.

Guest Tommy says, when they get there, the club is going to be open until two. They’re impressed with the steaks, one of them saying, it’s bigger than Austin’s trust fund. Lenny says, they might have thirty minutes by the time they get there before it closes. Tommy says he’ll call, and he asks them what time they close. He says they’re on their way, and tells Jenna, the bar closes at 2 am. She says, her mistake, but he says he thinks they’re being played. The biggest thing he hates in life is lies. Don’t lie to him. Omg, I would not last on this charter, but I’d be damn sure to put tacks in their beds or something before I left. Why on earth would she even lie if she thought she could get away from them for a while?

In Jenna’s interview, she says, every interaction with them is soul sucking. Tommy says he doesn’t like to be lied to. The bar is open until two; the restaurant is open until eleven. Another dude says, miscommunications happen, and Jenna says she’s sorry for agitating him. They leave, and never stop drinking. I don’t think they’ve stopped since they got there, and I hope they have hangovers that last six months. Jenna tells Adam that she feels rushed and pissed off, and Tommy said she lied to him. Adam says he thought Tommy was the nice one, and Jenna says, he turned.

Tommy or Richie or whoever, asks some girls if they want to get effed up. He goes to the tender, and tells Paget that he may bring some people back, and asks if Paget can get a DJ. Paget doesn’t know how, but gets one. He radios that he’s bringing a DJ back before the guys and their guests come. Madison says, it’s going to be another long night. She introduces herself to the DJ, and he sets up. The guests do shots on the tender with the whole three girls who were stupid enough dared to come with them, and make Parker honk the horn when they get near the boat. Parker radios that the guests are coming on, and in her interview, Madison says, here comes the sh*t show.

On the boat, the guys dance around, while they make Madison hustle to bring them stuff. In her interview, she says, it’s absolute insanity on the boat. One of the girls throws up all over the seat cushions, and Parker has to clean it up. Another girl walks into the lounge with a lit cigarette, and Madison tells her that she can’t smoke inside. In Madison’s interview, she says, WTF, dude?

Next time, the guests wonder if drinking is considered a water sport; Jenna says, these guys still suck; Adam complains about Parker; Madison says Jenna is unprofessional, and it’s not okay; one of the guests steps on glass; and Georgia says she challenges boundaries.

🛥 J-Ow Meets His Match…

I guess she hasn’t seen the show.


🍼 The Newest Shah…

GG is naming names.


🐎 Now If I Can Just Remember Who’s Who…

It’s been ages, but Westworld is coming back. Eventually.


🙏🏼 Father Merrin Is Now At Rest…

He was one of the greats, but I’ll always remember him for compelling Linda Blair with the power of Christ.



🔔 A Bell By Any Other Name…

Wouldn’t have added as much atmosphere.

February 17, 2020 – Brando Gets the Low-Down, Adam Meets His Nemesis, Battle of the Deck Continues & School House President


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nina wakes up, checks her breath, then pretends she’s still sleeping. Jax brings in coffee, and she makes like she’s waking up. She thanks him, but thinks she needs something to eat; she’s a bit ravenous. He says he doesn’t keep anything in the house besides coffee, and she says, they’ll have to go out into the real world? He’s afraid so, but they need to come up for air sooner or later. She says, breathing is overrated, and they kiss.

Sonny asks Carly how Bobbie is, and Carly says, equal parts thrilled and heartbroken. Lucas is finally coming home, only to immediately move across the country. She doesn’t know whether to cry or celebrate, but Lucas and Brad deserve a fresh start away from Julian.

Willow visits Lucas at the hospital. She says she got the impression that Lucas wants to talk about more than just nannying. He says he thought he was doing a good job of hiding it, but yeah. It’s time they talked about Wiley’s future.

Julian finds Brad at the hospital, and says, Brad summoned him. He’s wondering what trouble he needs to dig Brad out of now. Brad says, none, but he’s wondering who will be around for Julian to bully when Brad moves to Portland. Julian asks if he’s finally leaving Lucas, and Brad says, Julian wishes. Sorry to disappoint him, but he and Lucas are taking Wiley, and moving to Portland next weekend.

Lulu and Dustin walk into the MetroCourt, where Brook is working as hostess. Lulu asks about a certain table, but Brook says it’s reserved. Lulu says she doesn’t see sign, and Brook suggests maybe Lulu would like to dine somewhere else. Lulu excuses herself, and goes over to where Valentin is sitting, wearing sunglasses. Valentin asks why she’s seeking him out, and Lulu says, the DNA results came in. He’s not a Cassadine. He says, apparently not, but he’s still Charlotte’s father.

On the phone, Ned says he understands, and thanks them. Olivia asks if he found out who’s trying to buy up all the stock, and he says his mom was right, someone is after the shares, but they’re good at remaining hidden.

At the Quartermaines’, Nelle gets coffee from the sideboard. She tells Michael there’s not much she’s going to miss about living there; certainly not his family. Michael asks if there’s any chance she’s leaving soon, and she says she’ll be out of the house and out of his life today. Just remember, she’s leaving him and his family in the dirt.

Nina says, no regrets? and Jax says, just the opposite. Her? She says, not yet. So they agree they should… Jax says, see where it’s going? Yes. She says, perfect, but it’s just that she’s not one for skulking around. It’s disrespectful. He says he has a teenage daughter. What message would he be sending? She says she’s had enough deceit already to last a lifetime, but even though she doesn’t want to hide, she’s tired of the world being all up in her private life. He says they don’t have to flaunt it. They’ll approach it like adults; honest, above board, and private. Nina says, how refreshing.

Lulu asks if Valentin is changing his name. She needs to know for the court filing. He says his name won’t change, nor will Charlotte’s last name. She says if it was up to her, he’d never see Charlotte again, and Charlotte would forget he never existed. He says, it’s not up to her, and they have equal parental rights. She can put Charlotte through this pointless exercise, or they can abide by their agreement. She says he can’t afford a lawyer anymore, but he says, he has more than enough to afford a lawyer; he has more than she does. They can fight, or compromise, which is better for Charlotte. She says the only time he cares about what’s best for Charlotte, is when Charlotte’s best interests match his.

Brook says, poor man, and Dustin asks if she feels sorry for Valentin. She says she pities anyone who’s on the receiving end of Lulu’s moral superiority. Wait until he gets it.

Ned says he’ll inform Olivia when he gets some actual information. She says, Michael might be CEO, but no one knows more than Ned does about ELQ. She’s heading to the MetroCourt. It’s Brook’s first day as hostess, and she’s hoping Brook isn’t scaring away the customers.

On the phone with Diane, Lulu says, Diane, no, then says, okay. Dustin says the last time he saw Brook, she was on the way to a meeting with the skeevy producer. How did it go? She asks how it looks like it went. Ned has sent the contract to his lawyers. Brando comes in, and asks where Lulu is; he was told he could find her there. Brook says he’s way too good for Lulu, and Dustin points Lulu out. Brook wonders what a guy like that could possibly want with Lulu. Brando introduces himself to Lulu, and says he got her message. She said she was writing a story about the waterfront shootings. She says she didn’t think she’d hear back from him, and he says he’s there to ask her to drop the story. She asks if he’ll talk about it, and he sits. She says, before they begin, full disclosure. Carly is her cousin, and she met Dev under awkward circumstances. He broke into her house, or rather, someone else broke into her house, and Dev saw them. He stopped them from robbing her. Brando says, that’s a good thing, isn’t it? and she says the police were called, and she actually met Dev at the station. He got arrested, but Sonny cleared everything up.

Dev asks if Sonny has a second. Carly asks if he’s going to tell them why he’s not in school. He says he needs to talk to Sonny in private, and Sonny asks what’s on his mind. Dev says he’s leaving Port Charles. Brando coming here changed everything. Sonny says, Brando is going to play along, and Dev asks, but for how long? Sonny says, for as long as he needs him to.

Lulu tells Brando, Sonny vouched Dev, so she knows he’s a good kid. Sonny and Carly wouldn’t have taken him in otherwise. He’s guessing he walked into more than a line fire when he arrived. She asks why he’s been avoiding her calls, and he says he doesn’t want to give an interview to any reporter; it’s nothing personal. She says she gets it, and he says he doesn’t want the attention. If she wants a quote, he can say he acted on instinct, but it would be in her best interest to leave him out entirely. She says, if she’s doing her job, she has to tell the whole story, and it’s impossible to leave him out. Like it or not, what he did was heroic and selfless. He saved Carly, and took a bullet in the process. He says he’d do it again… She says, but no good deed goes unpunished, and this is his punishment? He says, pretty much, and she says, people want heroes, and want to know everything about them. If there are ducks he needs to put in a row, or skeletons he needs to bury, this is his moment.

Julian asks if Brad expects him to believe Lucas thinks moving is a good idea. Brad says he doesn’t care what Julian believes. What he cares about is the man he loves and his son. Wasn’t it Julian’s idea for them to get out of town, and away from anything that would trigger Lucas? Now he’s finally doing exactly what Julian asked.

Lucas says Willow probably heard by now, he and Brad are moving across the country. She says, Portland right? and he says Brad was offered a great opportunity, and he told Brad to take it. Willow says, of course (🍷), and asks when they’re leaving. Lucas says, in a few days, and she says, wow. So soon? He says it’s tough for his family to wrap their heads around, and Willow says, Wiley has people who love him and are going to miss him. He says it wasn’t an easy decision, but they need to hit the reset button. He still has hope for his little family. That’s what she wanted, right? She says, when she picked them, she wanted the three of them to be a family.

Nelle tells Michael, she made it clear she was interested in selling her stock for a life-changing number. Michael let the opportunity pass, and now it’s too late. Michael asks who she’s selling the stock to, and she says, a buyer. He asks if they have a name, and she says, everyone has a name. Ned comes in, and she says as much as she’d love to chat, her car is waiting, and her new life awaits. She says goodbye to Michael, and says she never got the opportunity to thank Ned for the bait and switch. Disappearing ink on the marriage certificate was brilliant. He says he took it from her playbook; it was his pleasure. She says she’ll remember that one, and leaves. He wonders who Nelle sold her shares to, and Michael says whoever she sold them to was probably part of her plan all along. Their money is probably best spent in buying them back from whoever it is. Ned says he needs to know what kind repercussions there will be from the attack on Michael’s father, and Michael says, Sonny will decide how to respond. He’s just as in the dark as any law-abiding citizen. Ned says, but he’s not any law-abiding citizen. He’s the CEO or ELQ; the face of the brand, as it were. Michael says he’ll talk to his father, and tell Ned anything that will ease the shareholder’s minds. Ned says, while Michael does that, he’s going to find out what interloper bought into their family company.

Dustin asks Lulu if everything is okay, and she says Brando is press shy. He said he was just acting on instinct. Dustin says, humble, considering, and Lulu says she’ll have to interview someone more confident with the spotlight. He says he doesn’t know what she means, and she says, more room for him. He asks if he should start with his childhood, and she says she has enough of his acts of heroism. It’s his last opportunity to shine like the hero he is. He says, at least he hopes he is.

Olivia tells Brook, she’s supposed to greet people at the door, and show them to a table, not stand with her nose buried in her phone. Jax and Nina come in, and Olivia takes them to a table. Valentin watches.

Willow tells Lucas, she didn’t think she’d be invited into their family or Wiley’s life. It’s been a gift. The time she’s had with Wiley, and the days she’s spent with him, never felt like enough. Every time she handed Wiley back, she wondered how soon it would be before she could see him again. The whole idea of them raising Wiley and her being in Wiley’s life might not be possible. Lucas asks, so what is she saying? Does she want Wiley back?

Michael opens the door to Chase, and asks if it’s official business. Chase says, not yet, and Michael says, but it could be. Chase says, Port Charles is still reeling from the violence outbreak. Michael asks if Chase thinks he knows something, and Chase says he gets family loyalty, but there were three attempts in three different cities in broad daylight. If they can’t stop it from escalating, more innocent people will get hurt. He wonders if Michael is sitting on information about who’s concerned, and Michael says he’s not involved with his father’s alleged business, and Chase likes how Michael slipped alleged in like he’s been doing it his whole life.

Dev doesn’t want Sonny to get into trouble for protecting him, and Sonny asks why he’s jumping the gun. Carly asks where he’d go, and Dev says, maybe the private school they thought of sending him to. Carly says, even if they agreed, she can’t just pull him out mid-semester; he’ll never catch up. Dev says he checked online, and if he leaves next week, he’ll get there before the spring semester. Sonny says Dev has it all figured out, and Dev says he does. Carly tells Dev, when Sonny first brought him there, she thought it was too dangerous and risky. But he’s been there a while, and they’re all used to him. If he left, they’d miss him. Not just Sonny and Josslyn, but Avery, Donna, and Mike. Mike might not know where he is, but he’ll notice Dev’s absence. And she’ll miss him. The best thing for him, is to stay right there.

Jax asks if Nina noticed Valentin. She says she did, and he says they can go. They don’t have to stay to  prove a point. She tells him, Valentin no longer has a say in what she does or who she does it with. Not that he ever did. She plans to stay right there with Jax. Jax says, incoming, and Valentin approaches their table. He says, a word? and Nina says, no. She asks if there’s something else, and he says he’d like to talk in private. She says she has nothing to say, and he guesses he’ll say it there. She can’t push what they had out of her heart so easily. She says he did that for her, and he tells her, do what she has to. When she’s finished, he’ll be waiting. She says, he’ll be waiting a long time.

Sonny asks what he can do for Brando, and Brando says he just came from meeting with a reporter. Lulu said she was his cousin. Sonny asks, what about her? and Brando says, she’s been assigned to do a story on the shooting, including what he did. Sonny says, just tell the truth. He and Brando are cousins. Brando asks, what about his son who’s not really his son? He didn’t agree to a cover-up. Sonny says, his mother did when she told them Brando was dead. Now Brando knows and it’s too late to back out. Brando asks Sonny to tell him what he needs to know, so he doesn’t blow this sky high.

Willow tells Lucas, that’s not what she meant, and Lucas says, good. She says she’s so sorry. She’s nervous, and making a mess of this. What she’s trying say is, she let the boundaries get fuzzy, so she’s saying goodbye. It’s going to be hard, but she knows it has to be done. Maybe it’s for the best. She never doubted that he and Brad were absolutely the best parents for Wiley. She’s made peace with them leaving, and wishes them all the happiness in the world. She tears up, and says she might need help saying goodbye. Lucas says he didn’t invite her there to say goodbye; actually, it’s the opposite. He and Brad want to make her presence in Wiley’s life permanent, if she’ll let them.

Julian tells Brad, stay vigilant. Don’t make the same mistakes, and squander Lucas’s chance to be happy. Brad knows he has a lot of work to do, but he won’t be spending every second figuring out how to keep the lie from being exposed. Keeping all the plates spinning will be easier across the country. Lucas loves him, and he wants to be the person Lucas needs without the secret weighing him down. Julian says maybe Brad has a point. He knows they’ve been at odds. Brad says he doesn’t hate Julian. He appreciates what Julian has done for him. He knows Julian did it for Lucas and Wiley, but he still thanks him. Julian says one thing they agree on is Lucas’s happiness, but just because they’re across the country doesn’t mean they’re out of reach. He’ll be keeping an eye on Brad.

Michael tells Chase, it’s true. He’s been doing this his whole life. He knows how to keep himself from getting involved. It’s a fine line. Chase is a cop, and his brother is a doctor, but they don’t share cases. It’s separate. Can he tell Chase something? Not information, but as more of a favor. Chase wonders if Michael is asking him as a friend or a cop, and Michael says he’s just asking. Chase needs to remember his family didn’t start this. Port Charles is their home, and they don’t want anyone getting hurt.

Ned asks Olivia how it’s going, and she says she had to take Brook off of hostessing duties, since she was ignoring the customers. Lulu is also out with someone who’s not her son, and it’s possible she’ll never get used to it. What’s new with him? He says legal confirmed Diane’s assessment, and couldn’t find a single crack in Brook’s contract. She asks, what about the other thing? and he says, not good. Nelle announced she’d sold her shares. Olivia asks, did she say to whom? and he says, she did not. Olivia says they’ll have to go by the process of elimination. Who else is gunning for ELQ?

Nelle goes to Valentin’s hotel room, and asks if he’s ready to seal the deal. He invites her in.

Ned tells Brook, he’s sorry. There’s nothing more ELQ legal can do. Brook says, Link is a letch. He thinks he not only owns her voice and her music, but he owns her, and there’s no way out. He says, Link turned down a substantial offer. Brook may want to try harder at doing a good job there. She says she’s sorry it’s not working out, and wants to go home. He says he’s not letting her go home and feel sorry for herself. She needs a job.

Nina tells Jax, sorry about Valentin, but he tells her not to apologize for someone else’s bad behavior. She says she wishes she could go a week and not have to apologize for Obrecht’s behavior. He asks if she’s really okay, and she says she is. She asks if she mentioned that they’re pulling out all the stops for the Deception launch issue. She thinks they’ll get new revenue. She frowns, and he says he’s listening. She says she doesn’t know if this is okay. Is it a date breakfast or a work breakfast, or both? They need to be clear. She doesn’t want him agreeing just because they slept together. He says he’s not, and she says she believes him. He always tells her the truth. He asks if that’s a question, and she says, what it is, is the appearance of propriety. She doesn’t want to flaunt it.

Brando says, so Dev helped Sonny escape, and Sonny says, that sums it up. Carly says Dev fit in with the family. He made a connection with Mike that’s special. Keeping him in their home wasn’t a decision they made lightly. Dev comes downstairs, and Brando says they didn’t get a chance to speak when they met. Sonny has been filling him in on the details. Dev says, all the good stuff is true, and Brando says Dev seems like a remarkable guy, and he respects Sonny trying to repay his debt, but he has no idea how to pretend to be Dev’s father, and get on with his life.

Chase says he’s not asking Michael to dig, but if he knows something that can shut this down… Michael says they’ll cross that bridge when they come to it, but probably won’t have to. Chase hopes so. He says, it appears Nelle moved out. That should be a weight off of Michael’s shoulders. Did everybody get what they wanted? Michael says, no, but he didn’t expect it. Chase says he has more good news. Brad and Lucas are moving to Portland. Michael asks how Willow is taking it, and Chase says, she’s having a tough time. If he’s being honest, he thinks it’s for the best. The move will help Willow let go of Wiley, and help Wiley bond with his own family.   

Nelle looks at the check, and tells Valentin, it’s not as much as the Quartermaines were offering. He asks if they were offering new identities for a mother and child, and passports and birth certificates that guarantee a long, happy life elsewhere. She says they were not, but she’d rather give her shares away than sell them to Michael. He says good of her to tell him that after he handed her the check. She says, it’s none of her business, but out of curiosity, what is he doing with the shares? He says he never reveals his agenda, but she might find this amusing. Michael and his girlfriend cost Valentin quite a bit. They didn’t offer him the respect he deserves. Nelle says she knows the feeling. He says he saw a company ripe for a takeover, and he’s helping himself to a generous portion of ELQ, and giving Michael the payback he’s long deserved. She says as much as she’d like to stick around and see the carnage, she’ll have to read about it in the financial papers. It’s been a pleasure doing business with him. He says, likewise. Out in the hall, she looks at Wiley’s new passport, and says, hold on. Mom is coming.

Sonny says he’s sorry about the position Brando has been put in, but nothing is more important than Dev’s safety. Brando says he doesn’t want to compromise that; he just wants his life back. Carly says they can make that happen… and Brando says, but? Sonny says Brando needs to be Dev’s father; just on paper. Brando says, that’s it? No strings? Sonny says, no strings, and Brando says, okay, then. Dev deserves a chance, so consider it done. Dev and Carly thank Brando, and Sonny says, this is how it will work. Brando will go back to Chicago, and live his life. Dev is right about boarding school, and they’ll send him there. Dev thinks it’s the best thing for everyone, and Carly says she wants him home for vacations and holidays, bringing his laundry, like every other kid.

Brad shows up at Lucas’s room, and asks what Willow said. Lucas says he hasn’t gotten there. Willow was under the impression they wanted her out of Wiley’s life. Willow says she gave Lucas the impression she wanted Wiley back, but that’s not what she wanted. Brad thinks Lucas should tell her their idea now, and Lucas says the past year has shown them how random life can be. They want to make sure if anything happens to them, Wiley is loved and taken care of for the rest of his life. He asks if Willow will be Wiley’s designated guardian, and she says, of course (🍷) she would. She promises to give Wiley the best life possible. More than that, she hopes she’ll never have to.

Michael tells Chase, it’s the right move. It will give Lucas, Brad, and Wiley the space they need to bond as a family. He has to admit, he’s used to having Wiley around. Chase says Wiley has no idea how lucky he is, and how many people would have moved heaven and earth for him. Michael says, Wiley has a huge family, and they’d still do it. It’s kind of their thing.

Brook tells Ned, just forget it, and walks away. Dustin asks if Lulu minds, and she says, go be a friend. Not that Brook deserves it. Jax suggests he and Nina meet this afternoon, and she can lay everything out for him. She asks if they’re dating, and he says they can say that; there’s no conflict of interest. She says, honest, above board, and no skulking. Jax says, no secrets. They’re just enjoying each other’s company.

Brook tells Dustin, her father showed the contract to ELQ’s lawyers, and there’s nothing. No technicalities, which means she’s trapped at this job. Her father said she’s lucky to have it. Dustin says it’s not like she hasn’t waited tables before, but she says she’s terrible at it. She’s a terrible hostess, and is probably a terrible bartender. Dustin suggests she get an office job or teach music. She says if she teaches a child to sing the scales, she’ll probably get a cease and desist letter. She doesn’t know how she’s going to find her way out of this deal.

Julian asks Olivia if he can have Leo for a couple of days. He wants to bring Leo to Wiley’s welcome home party. It looks like they’ll also be seeing him off. Lucas and Brad are moving to Portland in a couple of days. Olivia says, it’s out of the blue, and Julian says he supposes it will be a fresh start for them.

Listening in, Nelle says, not if she has anything to say about it.

Tomorrow, Curtis says it’s time he and Taggert get to know one another, Anna asks Peter what he’s not telling her, and Sonny tells Jason that neither the cops or Cyrus can see this coming.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Jenna and Adam are both drunk and stumbling around. Byron wonders if they’re going to shag, and Georgia says, probably. Adam thinks it would be for the best if they just went to bed separately. In his interview, he says, it’s not the smartest idea to dive in on day one. Madison tells Georgia that she was in a hot tub with people practically doing the nasty, and Georgia says, the chief stew is spaced out. In her interview, Georgia says, if anything goes wrong, this could be bad. That’s why she stopped drinking.

Parker plays the ukulele, and tells Madison that she’s gorgeous. In Madison’s interview, she says she never gets crushes on crew members, but it’s fun to hang out with Parker. Jenna doesn’t remember how she got into bed, and says she’s in her bathing suit. Madison tells her that she was all over Adam, and trying to go back to his cabin with him. In Jenna’s interview, she says she’s going to be anxious all day. She’s mortified about last night. In Adam’s interview, he says, last night got real real, real fast. That girl was ready. A producer asks, ready for what? and he says, for Adam. Adam is eating in the crew mess, when Jenna comes in. He says he woke up drunk, and she says she woke up in her bathing suit. Adam asks if she was next to a dead seagull. In Ciara’s interview, she’s happy she and Paget have what they have, and she doesn’t have to deal with drunk hookup bullsh*t. She discovers the box of shortbread in the cupboard is empty, and Paget says she’ll turn into a monster with no shortbread.

It’s time for the preference sheet meeting. Captain Glenn says the primary is Whitney, who’s bringing along her tightknit group of girlfriends, BFF Jeremy, and cousin Hanna. And she’s a vegan. In Adam’s interview, he says, it’s going to be a difficult charter. His specialty is meat, and he’s least comfortable with a vegan menu. If you put in bacon, it tastes great. The captain says they have high expectations for the level of service, and Jenna says they want a lazy day on the water, doing some sailing. Captain Glenn says he’s not sure there’s going to be a breeze, but he’ll figure it out. Jenna says they want a toga party, and the captain says they have floating docks coming, so that will be a nice platform.

In his interview, Parker says he was overwhelmed during the first charter, trying not to screw things up. He wants to be a valuable asset this time. Adam makes notes. He says he’s not only hungover AF, he wants to make something everyone can enjoy, not just the vegans. The floating docks arrive, and Paget says, at least they don’t have a waterslide, which seems to be a struggle for every crew on every yacht. The provisions come. Adam looks at the preference sheets, saying, vegan, lactose intolerant, an allergy to shellfish. He tells Jenna, this is going to be a pain in the ass. In Jenna’s interview, she says, last night was super awkward, so she’s just going to play like it’s no big deal, but on the inside, she wants to vomit her insecurities onto everyone. Adam says he’s frightened; it’s going to be all on them. Jenna says they have to support each other, and jokes they can take out their anger on the other girls.

The crew gets ready to welcome the guests. In Ciara’s interview, she says she and Paget working together is more of an adjustment than she thought it would be. Micromanaging is not an effective way to deal with her. In Jenna’s interview, she says she’s had no time to assess the stews, but from what she’s seen, they can’t even hold a plate. We see a clip of Adam instructing them. Jenna says it worries her. Captain Glenn calls everyone to the aft deck, and the guests arrive.

Glenn tells the guests, they have activities planned, and sailing if they get the right wind. Jenna gives the tour. In her interview, she says, and here’s the hot tub, where you too can make an effing fool out of yourself. We flash back to her making an effing fool out of herself. Paget tells Ciara that she’s doing stuff wrong. Lunch is served on deck, and Jeremy declares, the food is dope. In Captain Glenn’s interview, he says he can control everything on the boat, but he can’t control the wind. They need a minimum of five knots, but he doesn’t know how the boat will react until the sails are up. The sails go up, but the wind is only at 3 knots, and nothing happens.

Jenna and Adam flirt. In Madison’s interview, she says Jenna was rejected, and it’s awkward. Honey, no. One of the guests makes suggestions to the captain on how to sail without wind. In his interview, Captain Glenn says the only thing worse than drunk guests are drunk guests who think they know how to sail. The crew tries to figure out whose underwear is whose. In Georgia’s interview, she says she never did crew laundry, and she’s fumbling through. You wouldn’t think it was so difficult. Some of the guests get in the hot tub. In the captain’s interview, he says, since they couldn’t sail, he wants the guests to have a beautiful view for dinner. Jenna takes the guests’ pictures. In the hot tub, Jeremy says, here’s to you, here’s to me. Should we ever disagree, eff you; here’s to me. In Parker’s interview, he says his work is at its best caliber when he’s under pressure, and has less time to think about it. He and Paget tie a chain from the boat to a huge rock near shore, so they don’t drift.

The guests think the view is gorgeous. Guest Robyn whines that there’s no flavor in beets. Another guest says they’re delicious, and Robyn says, that’s because she’s vegan. In Georgia’s interview, she says people think she’s a moron. She has an authority issue going back to Catholic school, and got kicked out of church. She’s good with everyone until they disrespect her. Respect existence or expect resistance. In Adam’s interview, he says he would get bummed out if he was a guest, and the primary was vegan. Two guests will be getting juicy, buttery steaks. Everyone else enjoy your fungus. Robyn complains to Jenna that the salad had no flavor. Jenna asks how everyone else felt, and they say they loved it.

Jenna tells Madison, when the guests go to bed, be done in 30 minutes. Adam says he didn’t study this much in college. The guests make disgusting suggestions about the berries in the dessert. In Jenna’s interview, she says she doesn’t want to hurt Adam’s ego. He’s a chef, and he’s delicate.

Ciara checks a list Paget left for her, and in her interview, says she and Paget don’t normally work well together. He gives her a list, and it works for them. Some of the crew goes to bed, while others are just getting up. Madison eats cereal in the crew mess, while talking to Parker. In her interview, she says, after a long day, it’s nice to be a person, and take her stew face off. Captain Glenn says he’s thinking of going north in the morning.

The boat is unchained, and they move out. In Georgia’s interview, she says what she calls a mistake, Adam thinks is incompetence, and they’re not the same thing. She tells Jenna, Adam is taking her lack of experience in a formal setting as incompetence. Jenna tells her not to take it personally. In Jenna’s interview, she says she was trained by old school stews. She cut the tip of her finger off, but instead of getting medical attention, she was told to go back to work, and suck it up. She tells Georgia to take one for the team.

The floating docks are put out. Ciara tells Paget to have patience. She’s not as strong as he is. In Paget’s interview, he says if he wasn’t her boyfriend, Ciara wouldn’t talk to him like that. Jenna tells Adam about her exchange with Georgia, and he says he tried pussyfooting around, but it didn’t help. In Adam’s interview, he says, it’s his galley, and his domain. He doesn’t need to be wasting time coddling a stew. He tells Jenna that you need to learn quick or get out of the business. When he sees Georgia, he tells her that he’s not trying to be hard on her; she’s on a learning curve, and he can tell she’s frustrated. She says she’s not being a wimp, and can carry two plates at a time. He says it’s his way or the highway; don’t complain. In Georgia’s interview, she says this is why she doesn’t have chick friends. The first time she tells one her problem, they relay it, and she gets a kick in the head. This is a little confusing, since Jenna is also her boss, and might have been addressing the situation as such. Adam could have been a little more gracious too. The guests are happy with breakfast, and Jenna suggests some water sports before their toga party. She radios Paget to put out the paddleboards.

Ciara says it’s a little choppy for paddleboards, and one of the guests falls on the floating dock before they ever get on one. Jenna asks Madison to keep an eye on Georgia, and she and Adam flirt some more. In his interview, Adam says he and Jenna have an amazing banter. They’ve got to go slow. In Parker’s interview, he says outdoor recreational activities is where he shines. His parents owned a camp, and he was a camp counselor most of his life. He gives one of the guests instructions, and gets them going. Adam plans the evening’s menu, and in his interview, he says, a few sh*tty comments will bruise any chef’s ego. He thinks vegan food sucks, but he wants to knock their socks off. (Or to use the usual vernacular, knock it out of the park). Jenna says she needs someone on toga duty. Georgia pins a toga on Paget. In Ciara’s interview, she says, Paget has a flirtatious personality, which some girls take as flirting, but it’s not. I’m not sure what the difference is there. Georgia tells Madison that she’s mad at Jenna. She mentioned what had happened with Adam, and Jenna told him. She went to an all-girls boarding school, and had enough of that back then. There aren’t enough togas to go around, so Georgia ends up togaless.

Glenn radios Paget, and asks him to open the swim platform. Paget radios Ciara to move the tender, and she comes, but tells him she’s not off her break. He tells her to put the tender on the side of the boat. In her interview, Ciara says, talk to her like a work colleague. She wonders if he’d talk to anther deckhand that way. He says, it’s not a big deal, and she says she still wants to finish her coffee. He says he’ll tell her when she can do stuff like that. She drives away in the tender, and says she’ll be on the side. In Paget’s interview, he says Ciara normally wins their arguments. She’s feisty, like a little rottweiler. He’s her boss, and she needs to respect that. Georgia radios Paget, and Ciara says she’s calling because he looks nice in a toga.

In Adam’s interview, he says everyone has a hard time accepting a challenge, and he has to rise to the challenge of dinner served in togas. Georgia dresses Ciara, and Paget wonders how she’s going to work on deck. Jenna asks Madison to oversee Georgia on the cabins. Ciara and Paget bicker. She asks if he wants a full-on discussion, and he says he does. They argue about which hose to use for something, and she says he’s bitching at her about things that have nothing to do with her. In Ciara’s interview, she says they never let work things turn into an argument. This is a different side of them. She tells him that he only looks at what hasn’t been done.

Next time, the boat goes sideways, a one month old is a guest, Jenna is enjoying her casual flirtation with Adam, and Jenna says the laundry is a sh*t show.

Below Deck – Reunion – Part Two

Captain Lee is magically back, and Andy starts off with one of the most upsetting moments of the season that took place on land in a van. We flash back to Ashton punching the van window, and Andy says they had a strong viewer reaction, and wants to make it clear that there was a producer in the van who made the call not to pull over, feeling it would be safer to return to the boat. Kate says she trusted their judgement, and Andy asks Ashton, when he saw the show, and knew Kate hadn’t been out of line, what was his reaction? Ashton says he immediately messaged her on Instagram. Kate asks if his hand hurt the next day, but Rhylee says, all he remembered was there was a comment about his mother. Andy asks if Kate was trying to provoke him, but she says she wasn’t trying to start a fight. Ashton says Kate had expressed she was unhappy about him trying to kiss her. They’d been making fun of Tanner’s mom, and Ashton assumed she was coming to his support by saying something about his mom. Andy says he told Captain Lee that all he remembered was something about his mother being brought up, and he got angry. We see that clip, and the captain says that’s the issue he had with all the guys during the season. They’d get blackout drunk and not recall anything. Then they’d get together in the morning, and try to piece it together. It was a sh*t storm. Kevin had to carried in and poured into his bunk five times that he knows of – out of nine charters. Andy says a lot of viewers felt Ashton should have been fired, and asks why no one went to the captain. Rhylee wonders why Ashton didn’t go to the captain and out himself. A viewer says Captain Lee had said he didn’t want to work with Ashton again, and asks if that’s still the case. The captain says, if Ashton is the same person, it is. Ashton says he’s not proud of what he did, and respects how the captain feels. Andy says Ashton claimed Kate was reciprocal when he kissed her the first time, but it looked like he’d grabbed face and went for it. She’d been drinking too, and didn’t have much time to react. Even after she told him not to do it again, he still tried. He asks if Ashton thought he had the right to do that, and Ashton says, it wasn’t aired, but he’d gone to Kate for advice earlier. She’d encouraged him, and he thought he felt a vibe. That’s why he went for the first kiss; the second was uncalled for and unprofessional. His drinking proved to be a massive issue that he’s taking seriously, so he quit drinking. He feels intensely regretful, and upset about how he behaved, from the kiss to losing his temper. It’s not something he’s proud of, and he apologizes again. His intention was never to force anything, and he takes responsibility by making serious changes in his life. What hurts the most is that he knows he’s not that person. He knows what he needs to change, and will be better for it.

Kate appreciates his apology, believes it, and thanks him. She doesn’t believe that’s who he is either, but she’s seen after-shows where he’s doubled down, and didn’t seem sorry. What makes him sorry, and when did it happen? Ashton says, it’s a valid point. It took time for him to realize the extent of the problem, and assess the situation. It’s natural to be defensive, and justify your behavior. (Yeah, if you’re twelve.) Andy says, it seemed predatory, and Kate says, from the outside, it looks like it, but it’s not when you’re in the midst of everything. She asks if Ashton just realized he’s sorry now. He was questioning her yachting experience an hour ago, and still justifying his behavior. A viewer asks if Captain Lee wishes Kate had told him about the unwanted advances, and the captain says, yes. He doesn’t tolerate that from anyone. If he’d known, Ashton would have been terminated on the spot. Another viewer says, Ashton said when his mom saw his behavior, she said she thought she’d raised him better. Ashton says he and his mother have always been open and honest. She expressed her concerns, and he’s listened. She’s not happy with his behavior, and wants him to be the best version of himself. That’s part of the reason why he’s changing his behavior, and quit drinking. Andy asks when he started, and he says, the beginning of January, but he was leaning toward it before. He’s been evaluating why he drinks, and it was an easy decision. Kate says, good for you, and Andy asks if any of the others had the same conversation with themselves. Kevin says, in retrospect, he needs to put down the sixth drink, and cut himself off.

Andy says, during the crew’s off-time, they were duking it out in a battle of the sexes. Then we do what he calls looking back at the complicated dynamic, and I call flashing back to stupid drunken behavior on quite a few crew member’s parts, ending with Kevin kicking sand at Kate. Kevin says he can’t remember what Kate said, and Rhylee tells him to just say he’s sorry and shut up. Kate says the sand in her eye was painful, but Kevin was always disrespectful. She accepts his apology. Andy says he’s curious if Abbi and Simone feel that it was guys against girls. Abbi says she felt respected, but she saw things later that she felt were disrespectful. Abbi says she felt they could laugh and joke, and got along. She didn’t feel that because she was a girl, there was anything different. Simone says, Tanner aside, Brian was like a brother to her, and had her back. She and Kevin had a rough start, but managed to have a great relationship. She thinks it really depends on the individual. Andy asks Courtney how she feels, and Courtney says there’s a disconnect with the word misogyny. They don’t have a deep-seated hostility toward women, but get hostile when women act in a way they don’t expect. Maybe Abbi isn’t as assertive. Abbi says she felt genuinely respected on deck, but she was low man on the totem pole and knew it. Rhylee is stronger, but Abbi knew she couldn’t do certain things, and worked around them, figuring out another way. She thinks she was respected for that. Kate thinks the guys were put in a stressful, strange situation, and encouraged each other the wrong way. She doesn’t think they’re bad people as individuals, but there was peer pressure. Brian says, that’s a good point; there’s no manual to tell you what to do. He says just because they were portrayed that way didn’t mean… Captain Lee interrupts, asking if he doesn’t think what he saw was true. Rhylee says there was no editing, and Brian says he didn’t mean that the way it came out. He feels sad, since he and Courtney had fun, and he really liked her. When he saw the episode, he realized he didn’t behave right, but when he was doing it, he didn’t feel he was coming across the way he did. Andy asks if there’s anything Captain Lee could have been told that would have changed the dynamic, but the captain says he wasn’t told anything. Rhylee says, that’s because they didn’t tattle. Kevin feels Brian wasn’t that bad, and Kate agrees, but Rhylee says, Brian wanted her fired. She says Brian was volatile when he was speaking about her, even though he didn’t know her. Brian says he doesn’t hide what he thinks, and Kevin says, Rhylee knows she’s a hothead. Rhylee says she’s reactionary. Does he think he overreacted in the way he treated her? Kevin says he’s not saying he didn’t react badly.

Andy says Abbi surprised everyone by quitting to answer an engagement text. We flash back to Ashton learning Abbi is green, the radio issue where Abbi kept pushing the mic button, and Abbi quitting. We move on to Captain Lee telling Ashton that Rhylee will be joining them, and Rhylee pushing some buttons. The captain thinks Ashton predisposed the other male members of the crew toward Rhylee before she got on board because of his previous experience. He gets that it wasn’t pleasant, but Ashton basically told them to brace themselves, and prepare for the worst. He doesn’t think Ashton gave Rhylee a fair second chance. Ashton insists their opinions weren’t formed by what he said. Why would he sabotage the rest of the season by pitting them against her, when he understood the challenge? It would have been counterproductive. We flash back to Ashton telling them what a pain Rhylee is. Ashton says he sees how it could be taken the wrong way, and how he created the first impression. He says he’s sorry, and Rhylee says, to who? Ashton says he takes full responsibility. He should have been more professional. Andy says, Captain Lee got upset about a situation that Kevin overheard, and told Brian. The captain says, it’s called gossip, and Andy says, but when Ashton brought the fishing excursion to his attention, and Kate told Rhylee, wasn’t that unprofessional? Captain Lee thinks Ashton has no remorse for anything that happened during the season. If he didn’t want to say it in front of Kate, he could have asked to talk privately. Ashton says, it had a spin-off effect, and upset Rhylee, who further aggravated the situation. Andy asks if there’s anything Kate has done that Captain Lee takes issue with, and the captain says, hell yeah. They’ve discussed a lot of things, going back to her lying about the penis blanket. Ashton asks if there’s been anything this season, and Andy asks what about her throwing the laundry on the floor? I could have sworn he did address that with her at the time, as well as when she stayed off the boat all night. Captain Lee says, it’s the classic he’s sober while everybody else is sh*t-faced, and he’s supposed to respond. Ashton says he called out Tanner, and Captain Lee says Tanner couldn’t stand up, and couldn’t respond. Ashton says what Kate did in regard to the penis cake was unprofessional, and the captain says, it could have been handled better. The problem he has is with the four guys. They seem to think their behavior all season has been totally beyond reproach. Ashton says he’s acknowledging it wasn’t, and Captain Lee says, they can apologize until hell freezes over, but do they mean it? He doesn’t think they’re sincere. Aston says, what about the behavior from the other side? The captain has been protecting Kate, and he doesn’t think it’s professional. Captain Lee tells him, take it how he likes, and Ashton says Captain Lee has said he’d always have Kate’s back. The captain asks if Ashton wouldn’t want to be in that same position, after six years of working under him, and working with insignificant bullsh*t. He can see it how he likes it. Andy says a viewer thought Ashton asking if Tanner slapped Kate with his d*ck was one of the most disturbing things she’d ever heard a man say about a women. Why did he think saying that was okay? Ashton says he doesn’t. He’s seen a therapist this week, and want to identify the root cause of his behavior. The captain says he needs a break. He’s done dealing with these d*ckheads. He walks off the stage.

Andy wonders if Captain Lee is coming back, and why he left. Rhylee thinks he’s over it, and Ashton thinks it’s the questions he’s asking. He honestly thinks what Kate did was unprofessional, and Kate says, let’s go through the list. Kevin feels like they’re apologizing, yet there’s nothing from their side. Kate says she’s sorry she threw the laundry on the floor. She’s sorry she doesn’t take mistreatment well. Courtney says  they’re not the troublemakers. The guys create the behavior that elicits a reaction, and it’s exhausting having to keep telling them why it’s a problem. Ashton says she’s saying they cause a reaction from the girls, then judge them for it. He gets that. Courtney says, don’t create a reaction, and it won’t happen. Andy says a viewer thought Kate was paying a compliment, by calling someone a yachtie. Brian thinks she said it in a bad way; he’d asked her not to call him that. Kate tells him, she said a yachtie is hard-working and well-traveled, but most yachties don’t like being called yachties. Simone thinks yachties are considered party animals, who work hard, but waste their money on illegal stuff. Kate says she was referring to packing a cooler.

A viewer says, how Ashton treated Rhylee personally and professionally, was disgusting, and he encouraged bullying. Ashton says he’s struggled with that, and should have done better. Andy tells him, Rhylee said she doesn’t fire the first shot. Does he see what she was reacting too? Ashton says, he was at a point where he didn’t know how to handle it. Rhylee asks if it wasn’t the first day when he said he was done with her. It’s not what she wanted the outcome to be. A viewer asks why Rhylee felt she had the right to feel righteous, when she defended herself aggressively, which just made matters worse. Rhylee says she didn’t come in combative; she was ready to work. She told Ashton that she thought he had amazing qualities to be a leader, but he had a grudge against her that leads into their working relationship. She didn’t think it was fair, and doesn’t condone the mistreatment of anyone.

Captain Lee returns, and Andy asks why he left. The captain apologizes, and says he felt overwhelmed. He didn’t think the conversation was going in a positive direction, and didn’t want to be part of a negative image. A viewer says they heard Captain Lee won’t work with Ashton again, but would he work with Rhylee. The captain says, it’s a good question. Unless some things have changed, probably not. Andy says there’s a question for the captain and Kate. Now that they see how Rhylee talked to Ashton, would they be okay with a crew member talking to them that way. Captain Lee says, no, and Kate says she wouldn’t love it, but thinks they were both wrong. A viewer asks why didn’t Ashton hold the other deckhands to the same standard as Rhylee, and Ashton says, in the beginning, he had a problem with Brian. We flash back to Ashton giving Brian a lecture. Ashton says, it’s interesting that never came up. He also had a discussion with Tanner about his attitude. Andy asks how Ashton’s buddy Ross managed Rhylee, and Ashton says Ross had as difficult a time as he did. Rhylee says she and Ross are friends, and that’s not the case. Ashton disagrees, and says, Ross felt frustrated. We flash back to Rhylee and Ross butting heads. Rhylee says Ashton wanted her fired, and Andy asks if Rhylee got along better with Ross. She says, 100%.

Andy says the men talked about the areas they need growth in, and asks if the women discovered anything about themselves. Kate says she’d like to be more patient. She understands it’s busy and stressful, but they’re members of a team, and she wants to be more helpful. Rhylee says she knows she’s reactionary, and already said she wants to change that. What she needs to do is think before she reacts, and understand her own point that she wants to get across, instead of being explosive. Andy says there aren’t a lot of women of color in Simone’s position, and asks what she’s learned. Simone says she made it her mission to get into the industry. It was difficult, because people were looking to see how she conducted herself in situations where she should speak up. She didn’t want to be labeled as the angry Black woman. She’s learned if she’s upset about something, to speak directly to her supervisor. Kate says she did amazing, and Simone thanks her. Andy asks if Captain Lee would have done anything different this season, and Ashton says, fire him? The captain says, firing isn’t always the answer. He wishes he’s been privy to, and maybe if someone had come to him, saying it was a toxic situation, he would have intervened. He was shocked and appalled at what he saw unfold this season. He thought nothing they could do, could shock him, and that wasn’t true. Andy asks if it changed how he’ll interact with his crew in the future, and the captain says, absolutely; things will change.

Andy says Kate has a new life in New York, and she says, it’s exciting. Andy tells us, it’s been a dramatic season, and a dramatic reunion. He asks if they’re all going out together tonight as an integrated group, and Courtney says, probably not. Andy says, she doesn’t think her and Brian… and she tells him, don’t be silly. Brian says, blah-blah-blah. I get the feeling he still isn’t taking it well that she’s over him. She says she already told him that she’s not going to tolerate the way he spoke to her.

Andy thanks the entire crew for a fantastic season, and that’s it. Wow. They didn’t even get a shot. Not even a shotski. Let me just point out again, they’ve done seven seasons, and had two spin-offs, and don’t even get a big set for the Reunion. They cram into the clubhouse. And now no parting shot. It’s just not right.

🤹🏽‍♀️ In Summary…

Hope you enjoyed a day off. And if you didn’t get one, welcome to the club.

February 10, 2020 – Carly Talks To Brando, Yachties Reunite, Sailing the Drunken Seas, a Captain’s Reaction, After Fashion & Morning Call


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Anna tells Emma, it’s good to be able to hug her first thing in the morning. She asks if Emma slept well, and Emma says Violet loaned her a stuffed bunny. Anna says, Violet is adorable, and Emma agrees. She’s glad they can be in the same house together; it’s great. Anna says, it means a lot. It’s perfect timing for Emma’s visit. Finn comes downstairs, and says he has to warn Emma. He thinks Violet has a crush on her. Emma says, the feeling is mutual, and goes upstairs to see Violet. Anna tells Finn that she needs to know everything about his conversation with Sam, and what she and Jason think they know about Peter.

At the MetroCourt, Maxie tells Peter that she knew the photo shoot went well, but looking at the proofs, it went better than she thought. And it was all her; no Nina or Jax. She wonders why he hasn’t told her to shut up yet, but Peter says he agrees, and he adores her enthusiasm. They’re about to kiss, when Spinelli appears, saying, top of the morning to them. He asks if there’s room for one more.

Alexis is at Kelly’s when Neil walks in. She asks if they’re allowed to say hello, and Neil says he doesn’t think the board would prevent him from saying hi to a former patient. It will also save him a phone call; he’s going to the hearing. Alexis says she’s not going to be the reason he’s not allowed to practice, and he tells her, they’re going to want her to testify. She says, no problem, and he says, under oath.

Josslyn finds Trina at the gallery, and asks if Trina is ready for their SAT prep class. Trina says it’s not for another hour, but Josslyn wants to stop by Kelly’s before they go. Trina says she just has to finish up for Ava, and Josslyn asks when two hours a week turned into a full-time job. Trina says Ava put her in charge of the catalog for the next auction. It’s a huge responsibility, and it’s all her. Ava is awesome. Josslyn says, yeah – until she’s not.

Brando stands up. Carly comes into his room, and says it’s nice to see him on his feet. He says, they still work, and she asks if he’s feeling okay. He says he’s a little slow, but nothing  he can’t handle. She has a question for him. When he saved her life, did he know who she was?

Jason goes into Sonny’s office, saying he thinks he has a way to fix this. Sonny tells him that they got their asses handed to them. They were hit in three places. His family was a target, including his sick, aging father. They were totally exposed. It’s not a matter of how to fix it, but a matter of why it happened in the first place.

Alexis tells Neil, if the board wants a statement, she’ll give them one. There’s not much tell. She stopped being his patient, they went out for a night of Drag Bingo, and there was a spontaneous kiss. He thinks there might be a bit more than that, and Alexis says, maybe, but it’s nothing to talk about. She can’t see why the board would do anything but reprimand him. He doesn’t either, but says it still means they can’t pursue anything for two years.

Jason says Cyrus has a clearing house in Russia. The drugs come from China and the middle east; everywhere really. From Canada, they’re moved to the US, where they’re distributed. Any people who got in Cyrus’s way, got taken care of. Three Russian nationals were found in a Seattle warehouse – decapitated. It got a lot of publicity, but nothing was proven. A year later, Cyrus was arrested for an unrelated crime, and sent to the Federal penitentiary. Sonny says, after being so careful, Cyrus made a pretty big mistake.

Carly asks if Brando knew he was saving Sonny’s wife, or just some woman pinned down in a hail of bullets. He says it was basically a PTSD episode for him. He knew the building was under attack, and it wasn’t the police firing. It was civilians, and he ran in, like he was trained in the service. He saw her, and ended up catching a bullet. She asks if she could have been anyone, and he says he’d love to say it was because she was a beautiful blonde, but that’s not what he was thinking at the time. Not that she isn’t a beautiful blonde. She says she gets it, and he says, good.

Trina says she knows Ava has been horrible to Josslyn’s family, but to her, Ava has been great. She’s learning how to spot the next great artist. Josslyn says that’s cool, and she’s super proud of Trina, but Trina needs to be careful. Ava started with being nice to Morgan too, but she ruined his life. Um… I doubt Ava is going to get romantically involved with Trina. Josslyn says she doesn’t want to talk about it, and Trina says she doesn’t either. She’s interested in what she’s learning about, and she’s getting class credit. Not everyone has a billionaire dad who can open doors for them. Josslyn says she’ll have her dad open every door, if it gets Trina away from Ava. Josslyn’s phone dings, and she says Cameron is at Williams. She shows Trina the phone, saying, he’s with the soccer team, and apparently having the time of his life.

Spinelli says he’s gotten the most incredible news; it will change all their lives. It’s amazing how the phone rings and can send you on a trajectory in the other direction. Maxie asks if there’s a point here, and he says he’s so excited for her, Georgie, James, and Ellie of course (🍷). Maxie says, she got the job, and Spinelli says, she did. They’re moving back to Port Charles. He and Maxie hug, and he says he’ll be seeing her all the time now.

Anna tells Finn that she sympathizes with Sam. Drew’s body was never recovered; she’d want answers too, but she feels like fixating on Peter isn’t the way to go. The doorbell rings, and Emma says she’ll get it. It’s Robert, who says, it’s good to see her; she’s a sight for sore eyes. They hug.

Alexis tells Neil, two years is just two years. If they still want to explore things… Neil says, he just likes her, and she says, she just likes him – a lot – but she doesn’t want to let it get in the way of his career. She doesn’t want that kind pressure. If things work out… Sam comes in, and Alexis says she was just leaving. Sam says she’s there to pick up donuts, and Alexis says she’d stay, but she’s in a hurry. She leaves, and Sam asks Neil, what was that all about?

Robert says it’s good to see Emma. Emma tells him that he said that already, and he says he does tend to repeat himself; however, it’s the truth. Finn says he’s going to get Violet ready for school, and drive her. Anna asks if he wants her to come with him, but he tells her, no; enjoy the visit. Emma asks what’s up with Robert and Anna, and Anna says, everything is fine. Emma says they always say that when they’re fighting.

Maxie says, it’s amazing, and asks Peter if it isn’t amazing. Peter says, absolutely, and Maxie says Georgie can do sleepovers, and holidays, and she can take Georgie to school. She asks how Georgie feels about moving, and Spinelli says she told him she’d miss Portland and the friends she’s made there, but she’s excited to be closer to Maxie, James, and her grandparents. Maxie says, Georgie’s grandparents are going to freak out. She starts to cry, and Spinelli tells her, no tears; it’s happy news, but she says she can’t help it. Georgie and James will be brother and sister for real, and Peter can spend time with her. She can’t wait. She hopes with the close proximity, Spinelli will truly get to know Peter.

Trina and Josslyn look at a picture of Cameron with the soccer coach, and Josslyn says, Williams is the quintessential college campus. Trina says their art department is killer, and the sports are all amazing. Josslyn is excited about them being on their own, living in a dorm, and picking majors. Trina says, it’s still a year and a half away. Josslyn says she’s just getting a handle on high school. Trina says, whoosh, it will be over. It’s going to go by faster than Josslyn thinks.

Jason says, Cyrus was sent to prison, and Sonny says, where he was supposed to rot. Jason says he kept his organization running from prison. Cyrus must have friends in the government or the FBI, since he arranged for a transfer. Sonny says he arranged to get relocated to Port Charles. Jason says the drug running has more potential, and is more lucrative. They have the Canadian border, international waters, and it’s under-patrolled by law enforcement.

Carly says Brando was released from prison, went to Chicago and worked at a motorcycle repair shop. He and Bobby met in the Marines. He says she’s done her research, and she says, more specifically, Sonny’s people did. She knows whatever there is to know about him; what he did, where he did it, and who he socialized with. He says, Sonny must have access to a lot, and she says, Sonny has access to anything he needs. He says, if that’s the case, why didn’t they know his mom was lying when she said he was dead?

Carly says, she’ll get to that, but tell her how he got from being in the Marines to the PTSD episode that saved her life. He says he saw a lot of ugly action in the military, and when he got home, he thought he was handling it. Carly says, but he wasn’t, and he says he started using. He got lucky, since he was busted before he ended up on the street or OD’ed. There are drugs in prison, but he had enough sense not use. He guesses it was his rock bottom. Carly asks, what about his relationship with his mom? and he says, it crashed and burned after he stole her last paycheck. He took it, and went to a dealer. She kicked him out, and he went to prison. He took a deal, and Carly says, smart man. He says, dumb man, trying get smart. She says he succeeded, and he says he took his time. He didn’t want to go home; he thought his mom wanted nothing to do with him. So he went to his buddy’s in Chicago to work on motorcycles.

Jason tells Sonny, Cyrus came in hot. He wonders if Cyrus assumed Michael was the heir apparent. ELQ looks like the perfect front. Sonny says Cyrus probably thought the warehouse was his base of operations. While it was brutal, Cyrus didn’t do his homework. Jason says, he went after Sonny in Brooklyn, Michael on the pier, and his business at the warehouse. Sonny says, when he went to see Cyrus, Cyrus tried to negotiate with him, saying he would give Sonny 10% of everything he moved through Port Charles. Jason asks what Sonny said, and Sonny says, hell no.

Josslyn tells Trina that she thought she’d go big, but a small school might better. Trina says, it depends on how far she wants to go. Volleyball isn’t going to be Trina’s career; art, on the other hand… Dev comes in, and says he needs advice. His fake father – the guy who’s supposed to be dead – turned out to be alive, and he’s in Port Charles. Should he go to the hospital and see him? Josslyn says, no. Sonny is handling it. If Sonny thinks they should meet, he’ll tell Dev. Dev asks if they don’t need to get their stories straight, and Trina says Sonny will tell him what he needs to be told. Josslyn says, it’s not Dev’s job. It’s his job not to mess up.

Maxie says it’s good Peter and Spinelli will get to know one another; the two most important men in her life. Peter says, it’s long overdue, and Spinelli says he has to confess. While he’s delighted in them developing a relationship, his impression of Peter is somewhat tainted. Maxie says, Peter is an amazing person, and has turned his life around. Spinelli asks when it was exactly; the big start over. He’s fascinated by time lines. Was it after Peter came to Port Charles and met Maxie? It had to be, of course (🍷). When did Peter turn life around?

Anna says Emma is right. She and Robert are having a small disagreement. Robert says, not so small, and Anna says, at times, Emma’s grandfather can be a controlling busybody, who sees the worst in people, but what’s bothering her is, after all these years, he can’t trust her judgement. Robert says it’s mind-boggling that Anna is such a student of life, but is still making the same rookie mistakes. And who’s there to clean up the mess? Him. Anna tells him not to worry his granddaughter, but Emma says she’s not worried. No matter how made they get, nothing keeps them from coming to each other’s rescue. Now if they’ll excuse her, she has other people to visit.

Sonny tells Jason, he said no for two reasons. He doesn’t deal in drugs, and he’s not giving Cyrus an opportunity to double-cross him. Jason says Cyrus has new trucking route from Seattle to Port Charles.

Brando tells Carly, he had a good gig; steady and predictable. She asks if he was still in contact with his mom, but he says he knew better than to reach out. He did look at her MyFace page though, and saw her post that said Dev was supposedly his son, and her grandson. He needed to find out what was going on, because he knew Dev wasn’t his. Carly asks if was sure, and Brando says, no way. He could go into details… Carly says, that’s okay. He says he came to Port Charles, and went to the warehouse. He knew it was Sonny’s place of business, and wanted to tell Sonny that Dev wasn’t his son. That’s when he walked into the firefight. He’s told her everything he’s got. Now it’s her turn. Who is Dev?

Dev leaves, and Josslyn asks Trina if she wants a bet Dev is going to the hospital. Trina says, he thinks he’s helping Sonny, but Josslyn says, that’s not how it’s going to play out. She’s going after him. Trina says, it’s Dev’s life, and Dev’s decision. Maybe she’ll be sending the wrong message. Josslyn says Dev couldn’t have been more clear on New Year’s Eve, but Trina thinks him not wanting to kiss her was less about the kiss than it was not wanting to offend Sonny. It’s a good thing, regardless. It clears the way. Josslyn says, for what?

Sam can’t believe Neil got remanded for dating Alexis, and thinks it’s ridiculous. Neil says, that makes two of them, and Sam says if they want to date, they should date. Neil says he’s afraid the board is right. Without meaning to, he probably crossed the line first.

Alexis and Finn straighten up the room after a meeting. Finn asks her, what’s up? and she says, a couple of things; be more specific. He says she wasn’t sharing, and she says, for one thing, she can’t talk about it, and she has to get her own stuff together before she can help anyone else. He asks what she’s talking about, and she says, Sam has something going on, and she and Jason aren’t handling it well.

Peter tells Maxie, it’s a fair question. Shortly after the memory transfer, he realized his father was so despicable, he could no longer be part of his life. He took Jason, and hid him away for medical treatment. Maxie says, he saved Jason’s life, but Spinelli says, it seems Jason could have been healed and sent home sooner. Peter says he fell for Klein’s act; he didn’t know Klein was untrustworthy. Spinelli asks when he decided to come to Port Charles, and Peter says, when Drew surfaced. He knew it would draw his father out, and he owed Jason and Drew. Spinelli says, then he had no contact with Faison, and Peter says, not for many years. He worked at several companies, many of them publishing houses, and that’s how he ended up there. Spinelli says, Sam had asked him to run a background check, and he found the minor detail that Peter was Faison’s offspring. Peter says, he’s not proud of it, and he was trying to turn his life around. His father showed up, things came to a head, and Nathan died. That’s when he knew everything had to change.

Robert says it worked out well for Anna. Emma didn’t want the particulars about their fight, and Anna is content to continue lying by omission rather than lying to Emma’s face. Anna can’t believe he said that, and he says he’s not telling her that to be cruel. The fact is, everything but documented proof says Peter is guilty, and she’s protecting him at Robin’s expense. Jason is Robin’s dear friend. She tells Robert, not to pretend; he’s never had a use for Jason. He says, true, but Robin loves him. Imagine what she’ll think when she finds out what’s going on around there.

Sam tells Neil that he’s overthinking, but he says that’s his job. She says what if her mom was some normal woman he was dating? Eventually, her secrets would have come out; they just came out in therapy. He says, unfortunately, they can’t date for the next two years.

Alexis tells Finn, one of Sam’s parole conditions is that she can’t see Jason. He’s a convicted felon, but they love each other. It’s torture, and ironic. How many times has she wished she could separate them to keep Sam and the kids safe? Sam isn’t going to follow that order, and she’s going to see him because she loves him and they’re family. She’s worried Sam is going to violate her parole, and get sent back to Pentenville.

Anna asks Robert not to define Peter by what he’s done in the past, but he says, it’s what Peter did last Monday. She says there’s no real proof. She says she’s not dragging Robin into it without facts. Peter and Robin have a good relationship, and she was looking forward to Emma visiting with him. That’s family, and what’s going to pull Peter to the good side. Robert says she reminds him of a woman he once knew, who talked herself into believing she was a double-agent. Understanding that, he thinks it goes a lot deeper in than he thought. She says, it’s not the same as last time, and he says she’s right. The collateral damage last time was a lot of spies; this time the collateral damage will be her family.

Maxie tells Spinelli that she’s not pretending Peter was suddenly a decent guy overnight. Peter says, it was knowing Maxie, having her love and believe in him, and her opening heart and home to him. She and James are the greatest incentive he’s ever known, and he tries every day to be worthy of them. Maxie says he doesn’t have to try; he is. Spinelli says, what’s more heroic or proof of Peter’s change than him happening on Andre, and saving him. He can’t get over the timing. Peter says, timing is everything, in life, and publishing. He has to go, and says he’ll see them later. When he’s gone, Maxie asks Spinelli, what’s with the not so subtle interrogation?

Trina says Josslyn lost Oscar. It was devastating, but she got through it to the other side, and is ready to start dating. Josslyn says she can’t think about it, but Trina says she can and did, with Dev. On some level, that means she’s ready to start. It will get better. Josslyn doesn’t know if she can love again. Even if she does, it won’t be like Oscar. Trina says, loving someone new doesn’t take away from what Josslyn had with Oscar. Josslyn says she’s not brave enough, but Trina says she’s looking at it from the wrong angle.

Sonny wonders if Cyrus would risk moving drugs through his territory, and Jason says, maybe he’s testing out the route. Maybe he thinks there’s a good chance no one will know it’s drugs on board. Sonny says he’s underestimated them. He’s about to find out how wrong he is. In the meantime, go to the hospital, and talk to Brando. Sonny needs to know what to do with him. Jason leaves.

Carly says the plan was to convince everyone that Dev was his son. He’s been truthful with her, so she’s going to be truthful with him. Dev is a kid Sonny wanted to help, and needed official documents. He’d been told Gladys’s son died, and they saw the obituary. Sonny’s research team found the same one that Gladys had sent. He says, so to his mother, it was better he be dead than in prison? Carly thinks there’s another part to it, and he says, lay it on him. She says, Gladys took out a life insurance policy, and cashed it in. He says, that sounds like his mom.

Spinelli says Peter’s trajectory recently has been shady best. As Georgie’s father, he needs the complete picture. Maxie says she gets it, but Peter has turned his life around. Spinelli says Peter’s story about the clinic has more holes than Swiss cheese, but Maxie says, Peter has done what he can to change. He’s good for her, and to her, and the same goes for James. Peter has been working hard, and earned the benefit of the doubt from her. She’d hoped at this point, she’d earned it from Spinelli. He needs to take a step back. He says, anything for her. Her phone rings, and she says, it’s Paris, and steps away. He says, anything. Including facing the truth she can’t see. Peter is lying, and he has to go.

Anna says the strain on the family is Robert. He’s like a dog with a big bone. He’s targeting Peter to prove something that he can’t. Why? Why can’t he look the other way? He’s done it before. Accept the official story, and put an end to it. He did it for agents, and her. Why can’t he do it for her son? Peter is about to knock on the door, and listens. Anna tells Robert to leave Peter alone, but he says he can’t. She says, there’s no present danger or imminent threat. There’s no reason he should be digging except for his almighty ego and need to be right. Robert tells her that she’s wrecking herself, and for what? That murdering SOB? When Sam and Jason find evidence of Peter’s guilt… She tells him, get out. She opens the door to find Peter standing there.

Alexis says, what’s frustrating is, nothing short of a miracle reversal of Sam’s parole will help, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. She thanks him for letting her talk. Getting it off her chest helped. Finn says he has the feeling everything will work out for Sam. She says, from his lips, and leaves. Finn says, exactly, and makes a call.

Sam answers, and Finn says he’s sorry he shut her down last night. He thinks he knows something about Peter that might help her and Jason.

Trina ask Josslyn, what’s the first thing they’re taught in sports. Josslyn says, making sure you have a water bottle? and Trina says, if you think you can or can’t, you’re right. Josslyn says, deep thoughts by Trina, and Trina says if she thinks she’s going to lose, she will. It’s the same thing. Josslyn says, so she has to have an open mind? Trina says, yeah. Look at the 500 guys who would kill to go out with her. Pay attention to the little things in front of her that she’s not seeing. Hiding is a form of cowardice, and Josslyn’s not a coward. Josslyn asks if, as a way to prove her courage, she has to go out with the next guy who asks. Is it just a speech, or does Trina mean it? Trina says she means it, even though she doesn’t have to act desperate. Josslyn’s phone alarm sounds, and she says they’re going to be late to class.

Brando tells Carly, the bright side is, they have leverage against his mom, and none against him. She asks what makes him think they need it? Dev walks in, and Brando says, there he is. His long lost son. Carly introduces them, and Dev asks if he should call Brando dad. Jason pops his head in, and asks to talk to Carly. In the hallway, he says, tell him what’s going on in there?

Sonny calls Turning Woods, saying he’s checking in on his dad. He says, he’s not? He wanted to go yesterday, but a situation came up. He’s on his way. He dashes out the door.

Tomorrow, Ava tells Trina that she knows what she’s doing, Valentin tells Lulu that his legal troubles are going to be over, Finn tells Sam that he has information on Peter, and Robert tells Peter, it should stay between the two of them.

Below Deck – Reunion – Part One

Seriously, this show has been on for seven seasons, has two spinoffs, and they can’t give these people a real set? They all have to cram into the clubhouse? Really? In general, I hate the reunions, where Andy shines as the antichrist, stirring the pot over things long forgotten, and everyone talks over each other to the point where I can’t understand any of them. There’s only one setting, and only two scenes. Either it’s a Q&A session, or everyone is yelling.

Andy introduces the cast, blah-blah-blah, and we go down guest Memory Lane. The first topic of discussion is the guest who was a little too forward with Simone. Andy says, it seems lawless out on the sea, and Captain Lee says he has to know about it before he can do something. Kate taking Simone off of service was the right thing. Simone says, in terms of yachting, if a guest is paying for something, what they say goes, and you have to get around it. Kate says she’s seen worse behavior, but Simone shouldn’t have to deal with it. Kate knew she could handle it. Andy brings up Justine hassling Kevin in the galley, and Captain Lee thinks Kevin could have handled it better, and could have been gracious. Kevin says he wasn’t going to just sit and take it, when he knows his job, and he’s confident with what he puts out. Kate points out that he’s not cool with someone telling him to step up his game when it’s not their place, yet all season, he was telling her the same thing. We see clips of that, and move on to Kate not putting Simone on service enough. Captain Lee says, it’s not a training school, and Simone sits there stewing (pun intended). She says in a lot of instances, they’ve trained green crew members during the season. Her CD explained that she was proficient in cooking, laundry, and housekeeping, and she thought she’d be guided in service. Kate says she put Simone on service as much as she could, but Courtney’s service skills were stronger. Courtney says Kate had to accommodate the guests before anyone else. The captain says, if you want to work on a yacht, you have to check your ego at the goddam dock. Kate says, somebody has to do laundry. Andy asks if Kate and Simone ended on a good note. Simone doesn’t know if Kate being nice at the end was real, and Kate says if she came off mean, it was just because she was stressed. It wasn’t personal, and she’s sorry Simone felt that way. Rhylee asks if Simone really thinks Kate is evil, and Simone says she said it in the heat of the moment, but she doesn’t feel she got the same opportunities that Courtney did. Kate suggests Simone try working on a private boat or take a course in service where they have time to teach her everything.

A viewer asks why Kate gets a pass to bully a crew member to tears every season, and Kate says, laundry is not bullying. Simone says Kate made her feel less than, and Kate says she feels Simone wasn’t engaging with the group. Kate asks what she said that makes Simone say she’s a bully. She understands Simone never worked in yachting, and it looked that way. She has to get the work done. Andy says Kate spoke outside of the group to Rhylee, and criticized Ashton, but Ashton got crap for how he spoke to Rhylee. Kate says, over the seasons, bosuns have said things to employees that she’d never say. She might have said Simone isn’t the greatest, but she never cursed at her. Work needs to be done. She might have said Simone wasn’t the greatest, but she never cursed Simone out.

Andy asks Abbi (remember her?) how Ashton was as a boss. She says she and Ashton talked it out to solve problems, but she wasn’t there when Rhylee was. Ashton says he never swore or threw demands at them, but Rhylee says she felt he was condescending. Ashton says he’d never blare speakers at someone’s door and force them off the boat. We flash back to Kate and Josiah trying to get Caroline moving last season. Ashton says, the way Kate treated him wasn’t professional, and Kate asks if he’s saying she didn’t treat him well. He says he thinks she could have handled things more professionally sometimes, and she tells him that she’ll take that into consideration. Captain Lee asks if Ashton – in his limited experience – thinks he’s in a position to judge, and Andy says he asked Ashton to do that. Kate says his answer was confusing. When he was still gyrating in a speedo for dollar bills, she’d already worked up to chief stew, and that was before Below Deck. Ashton asks some convoluted questions about how long Kate and Captain Lee have been in motor yaching, and Kate asks what boat Ashton is working on now. Rhylee says, it’s his girlfriend’s ex-best friend’s boyfriend’s boat. Kate says, it’s not a real industry job, and Andy says, he’s working on a yacht, and shrugs. Ashton says that’s untrue, and unless they can bring hard evidence, it’s lies.

Andy says, Kevin knocked it out of the park with his cooking, but his personality didn’t pass the basic taste test. We look back on Kevin’s many mistakes and d-bag moments, ending with the c*ck cake. Andy says they had the primary on Watch What Happens Live, and she said, had Kevin explained, it would have gone over well. Kevin says it was requested, and he didn’t think it needed an explanation. This is one of the only times I agree with Kevin. Rhylee says it was the best cake, and she was impressed at how Kevin can make a penis. Andy says, Kate made a penis blanket, and Kevin made a penis cake. Kate says the cake was better than her blanket. A viewer says that, instead of working with them, Kevin seemed to work against the interior, and asks if he thinks he’s above them. Kevin says, definitely not, but he sees how he comes off. Andy asks how Captain Lee would rate Kevin’s skill as a chef, and the captain says he can’t get into scales, but had Kevin been consistent with his performance level, he would have knocked it out of the park every time. He let emotions get in the way, and boil over. Kate thinks Kevin is a wonderful talented chef. He also made the best meals for the crew, which is a lot of extra effort. He’s the hardest working chef she’s ever worked with. Kevin doesn’t know what to say. Andy asks if Kevin can see any way he acted or spoke to Kate that set the mood, and Kevin admits he came in hot. Andy wonders what the core of the issue was, and Kate says Kevin came from a large, private vessel. They’re used to different programs. Where he came from was very organized and structured, versus how they just go with it. Zack from Pearl River asks, what pushed Kate to sabotage the penis cake so it reflected badly on the crew? Kate says in her experience, penis shaped items have gone well, but she swears she didn’t know the guests were talking about charity and children. In that moment, Kevin was showing off his glorious masterpiece. Andy says, in that moment, she was getting back at him, and Kate says Kevin was always pelting her with questions, and in that moment, she thought, serve it now; do it your way. He’d been pushy and she was annoyed, and she thought he should handle it himself. Andy says she knew the primary had gone to bed, and it was bad timing. She says all she knew was that the primary had gone to bed. Kevin had called her a d*ck earlier, and was rushing her, not respecting her role as important to the guests. Kevin says he’s over it, and laughed when he saw the episode. The next morning, he apologized to Jamele, and she apologized for not being there.

Andy stirs the devil pot by reminding Kevin that he said he’d never raise his daughter like Kate when he was on Watch What Happens Live. Kevin says, both Kate and Rhylee have good attributes. He guesses he had nothing better to say; it was off the cuff. Kevin says he and Kate didn’t have such a great relationship at the time, and Andy asks if he’s apologizing. He says he definitely is, and Andy asks him to say one good thing about Kate and Rhylee. Kevin says, Kate super funny and Rhylee is a hard worker.

Next, we relive the steamy boatmances of Ashton and Abbi, Tyler and Kate, Brian and Courtney, and Simone and Tyler, as well as Ashton’s misplaced flirtations with Courtney and Kate. By the look on Tyler’s face, he once again can’t believe he missed what could have been his moment with Kate. Andy asks if Brian and Courtney haven’t spoken since when? Courtney says she had to block Brian when he sent her aggressive messages. Brian says he was just finding out where they stand, and she says he was venomous. Andy asks what Brian what Courtney said, and Brian says he was upset about Courtney bringing him down on Twitter. She says she’s been general. They were fundamental issues about things that reflect what’s happening in the world, and society. She was creating conversation about things she doesn’t think are okay. She can’t cosign by being silent; it’s not acceptable the way he treated her on the boat, and they way he handled their arguments. Andy asks what he said, and she says, Brian said she was cold-hearted, and he didn’t know what he’d seen in her. Andy asks if she was into Brian, and she says they obviously liked each other. Andy says she seemed miserable on their date, and she says she was exhausted. It wasn’t about him. Andy asks what she liked about Brian, and she says they had an easy connection, but being on a boat gives you a false sense of intimacy. Then you realize you don’t know each other that well. A viewer asks how Brian could say Courtney took it the wrong way, when he said he was in it just for fun. Brian says he didn’t breakup over a message. He knew Courtney wasn’t comfortable in front of the camera, and wanted to make sure they were on the same level when they t talked. He said, they were having fun, right? question mark. Courtney says that’s what Tanner said to Simone, and she had a normal reaction. She was calm, and expressed it to him, but he was angry. All he did was blame her for her reaction.

Andy asks how Courtney felt when she heard on the show that Brian really liked her. Courtney says, all Brian did was place blame on her. Andy tells Brian, he kept saying Courtney was dramatic, and Courtney says she acted calm; he reacted dramatically. Brian says Courtney put walls up, and he didn’t know where he was with her. He wouldn’t break up over text. Rhylee says that’s not what anyone thinks; he said it was casual. He says he didn’t mean it like that, and Courtney says that’s not her issue. He decided to text her mid work day, when she couldn’t talk. He was angry when she had a normal reaction. He says she told Kate, and Courtney says that’s because she had to go back to work. They all talk at once, and Brian says he didn’t mean it that way. She says it doesn’t matter what he meant; it’s what he says. Andy says Brian’s tone wasn’t clear, then he was dismissive with her. Brian says it broke his heart to see her cry, and Courtney says he rolled his eyes when she cried, and looked at her with disdain when she disagreed with him. He says it was her opinion, and Rhylee says he’s telling Courtney that she shouldn’t feel that way. There was miscommunication, but he can’t tell her how to feel or that she’s wrong to talk to someone. Brian says, it was personal, and Rhylee says he talked to the guys. Kevin says he told Brian because he wanted Brian and Courtney to talk. Captain Lee says Kevin overheard a private conversation, and had no right to relay it to anyone else. It was none of his business. Kate was Courtney’s superior, and asked what was wrong, and Courtney told her in confidence. He had no right to betray that. Kevin disagrees, and says it’s a tiny boat with eight crew members. Brian says if he could go back, he wouldn’t have sent a text. A viewer asks if Brian was trying to control and manipulate Courtney when she tried talking to other people, or when she disagreed with his opinion. Courtney says, he was angry when she disagreed with him, and he says she took the wrong side in every argument. She says that was his opinion. Andy brings up Rhylee saying she’d steal Brian from Courtney, and asks if she ever got the chance. Rhylee says she didn’t know Courtney when she said that. Courtney had been aloof to her, and she thought Courtney better jump on that before she does. She would never steal a guy from a friend. Andy asks if she still would, and she says Brian could be a pissed off mean a-hole to her, and she’d still think he was hot. She doesn’t know if she’d still hit it though. Andy likes that it’s still in question.

Andy says Abbi married her captain, and asks what life is like. She says they’ve been married almost a year. Once she left, she realized she loved him. They live in Greece, and have a charter business. She doesn’t regret being on the show, or leaving, because it brought her to that point. Andy asks if Simone and Tanner keep in touch, and Tanner says they text here and there. Andy asks if Simone regrets hooking up, and she says she does, only because she asked if liked Kate, and Tanner said no. A viewer asks why Tanner treated Simone that way. Even if he wasn’t serious, he should at least treat her with respect. Tanner admits it was stupid and immature, and he’s sorry it happened. At least it ended before anyone was seriously hurt. Simone thinks he’d conveyed that he wanted to keep it casual, and she was fine with that, as long as he respected her. Had he been honest, she might have kept it platonic. He says he really liked her, but emotions were flaring, and he was wrong. Andy asks what Tanner’s mom thought, and he says, it was never discussed. Everyone thinks they’re so close… Rhylee says Tanner told them that they were close. He says he has nothing to say to her, and Rhylee says his mother was blaming Captain Lee on Facebook. Tanner says, it was a private group, and Rhylee says she was upset at how the captain attacked Tanner on his blog. Hmm… I’ll have to read those. Tanner asks why she has an issue with it, and Rhylee tells Tanner, he said she tried to screw everybody on the boat, when he’s epitome of that. His mother wasn’t there, and she was saying shame on Captain Lee for holding him accountable for his piss-poor treatment of Simone, and the other women on the boat. She told his mother to be a parent, and hold him accountable. He says it shows Rhylee’s character, the way she got involved, and she says, maybe it does. He still mistreated Simone. He says he just apologized, but Rhylee says he still treats people like that. It’s disgusting.

Andy says Tanner and Kate couldn’t make happen, but she said it could if they were in the same zip code. Did anything happen? Kate says, not yet, and crosses her fingers. She says Tanner has a girlfriend, who she thinks is amazing, and she’s happy for him. Andy asks if she regrets pursuing him after seeing how disrespectfully he spoke behind her back. She says, it’s fun to flirt, and she was bored. Cabin fever is a real thing. Andy asks why Kate doesn’t think she broke girl code, since she didn’t ask Simone first. Kate says she feels Simone broke girl code first; she bent it. Andy asks how, and Kate amends it to stew code. She asks if they’re just talking about sex, and says, on a boat, the lines are blurry; there’s not a lot of loyalty. Her trust and respect were broken with Simone. Rhylee says, it’s not girl code if you’re not friends. Simone says they were on and off; they started as friends. Rhylee says, it’s more like a respect factor, and Kate says all she did was flirt.

Next time – Part Two – the captain says a fireball is coming, Kate feels not that sorry, and Captain Lee walks off, saying he’s done with these d*ckheads.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Jenna gives a tour to the new guests. In her interview, she says, between the boat being a disaster and new guests blowing in like a drug hurricane, they’re off to a sh*tty start. Guy says, after this, he’s blaming the tequila. I can’t stand when people have names that are also nouns. Jenna feels like she’s drowning, and tells Georgia to set the table. In Georgia says she wants to ease herself into it. She won’t be used to this boat for a while.

In his interview, Paget says he worked on smaller vessels with Ciara, where he was captain, and she was first mate. They felt equal, and he was fine with that, but now he’s trying to balance being her boss and boyfriend. Parker strums a ukulele in his cabin. Guy jokes, Alessia is cool, but has bad taste in men. In Jenna’s interview, she says she’s a control freak, and likes to do everything all on her own. She’s orchestrating the stews to be her puppets behind the scenes. Georgia and Madison straighten the cabins. Madison explains to Georgia, if she’s on early, she’ll be by herself for about an hour. In Madison’s interview, she says, first stew is like chief stew, but they do the bitch work. She’s glad Georgia wants to learn. The first course comes out, and Adam accompanies it. The guests toast to daughter Emily and Peyton’s graduation.

Parker hangs out in the crew mess. He says everyone is there who he doesn’t get to hang out with. In his interview, he says he doesn’t want to miss anything. Sleep is for airplanes. Madison thinks he’s a sweetheart. Byron juices oranges, and in his interview, says when he doesn’t have engineering work, he helps out. He wants to be where the action is. Madison asks Ciara where the pitcher is, and Ciara says the top shelf. In Ciara’s interview, she says, it’s frustrating when a new crew comes in, moves everything around, then asks where things are. Adam ices a vanilla chiffon cake. The guests admire it, and it’s plated and served. It looks beautiful, but there’s no chocolate involved, so it’s not for me. I don’t waste calories on something not chocolate.

The guests go to bed, along with most of the crew. Guy says, effing cool, and asks if Alessia wants to get married on the boat. They kiss. Ciara asks Paget if they’re okay, and Byron tells them, keep it in the shower. By 2 am, it’s quiet.

Jenna tells the guests they’re doing water sports, and a Greek night today. Alan says they need to have a wedding at some point. In her interview, Jenna asks, is he effing kidding her? She asks him if he wants them to do it. Alan says, they can’t get around to it on their own. Jennifer says, when Guy and Alessia wake up, they’ll tell them. Captain Glenn doesn’t think the crew can pull of the wedding the guests will be expecting. He asks Jenna, what’s the plan? and she says she’s just trying to get through breakfast.

Paget shows Ciara how do organize the water toys, and they bicker. Breakfast is served, and the captain suggests using the paddle boards afterward. In Jenna’s interview, she says, if a chef is good at their job, they’re hot to her. Parker tells Ciara that she asks a lot of questions. Ciara says she’s waiting for the day Paget asks for her help in managing Parker. Jenna talks to Guy about the wedding, and he says he’s up for that. She’s like, wtf? and wonders what they’re thinking. Alessia wants to wear white shorts. Jenna asks the stews to stay on service. She suggests they source out some dresses, and bring a hairdresser on board; it will take less time than Alessia going to shore. She calls for dresses and entertainment for Greek night. Guy has already started drinking, and Georgia tells him, that’s the spirit. In her interview, she says she’d love to be married, but she hasn’t found a guy who thinks it’s a good idea.

Adam says Jenna and Hannah are like night and day. Hannah is a cold, long, dark night – we flash back to her altercations with Adam on Below Deck Mediterraneanand Jenna is a beautiful morning sun, with chirping birds and spring flowers. Byron and Captain Glenn discuss getting the sail properly arranged in the donkey d*ck. Emily does some paddle boarding and water skiing. In Byron’s interview, he says, Captain Glenn is an awesome captain. There are no jobs he won’t do. The captain goes up himself to fix the sail. He says, the rope is in the track, but not in the donkey. In Captain Glenn’s interview, he says he’ll go for any solution to keep the charter going. Guests want to sail, and if a sail problem is major, it could mean the end of the season if they can’t sail. It’s a big issue. He tells Byron, easy jobs are always more complicated than you think. Byron says that’s why they’re paid the medium bucks.

Captain Glenn tells Byron to get ready to get the sails up. They’ll see if what they did works. It does. Alessia asks the captain if she push buttons. In his interview, Captain Glenn says he likes to get the guests involved; it’s part of being on a sailing yacht. Paget tells Ciara  to stop assuming, and trust him. In his interview, he says when he and Ciara worked together in the past, he had a hard time controlling his temper. He’s making a concerted effort to keep it in check. The boat goes a little sideways, and everyone hangs onto stuff.

Parker tells Paget that his last relationship ended because he wanted to go into yachting; he’s impressed. In Parker’s interview, he says, Paget and Ciara are a power couple. They’re in love, and work well under pressure. That’s a good relationship. He asks Paget when he and Ciara are getting married, and says he’ll DJ at their wedding. It will be on a boat, and they’ll throw a banger. When they get to Issos Beach in Corfu, the makeup artist and stylist arrive. The guests are on their third tequila, along with drinking margaritas. Guy drinks out of the bottle. In Madison’s interview, she says, on a scale of one to blackout, Guy is already on the bathroom floor. Alessia tries on different outfits, and picks a cropped lace blouse with a train on the back, to go with her shorts.

Adam makes a Greek buffet. Jenna tells the stews to put their evening dress pm/ Alessia tells Guy, take a nap; he’s drunk and she’s done. Byron hears them yelling, and wonders if that’s a domestic. He asks if they aren’t newlyweds. Jenna says she needs to be a part of it, and goes to listen. Alessia says she told Guy to stop drinking, and he asks where she’s been for the last hour. Um… getting ready? Madison says, wtf? and Guy asks if Alessia wants to be with him or not. She says she’s not marrying him. He’s an effing psychopath. Hmm… maybe I spoke too soon about this show being boring. She says he’s just a drunk, and he asks when they’re going to spend time together. Captain Glenn comes down with Byron, and asks if they’re okay. He says Guy has had a couple too many, but Guy says he’s good. He tells Alessia to get TF out of his room, and the captain doesn’t want to leave them alone. In his interview, Captain Glenn says, as captain, it’s within his jurisdiction to deal with this how he sees fit. However, if it gets violent, he’ll physically restrain someone. He’s hoping it doesn’t come to that point. He asks Parker to stay there. On deck, Alan says they’re yelling at each other, and Jennifer says she tried calming them down, and doesn’t know what to do. The captain tells Jenna that Parker is outside the room listening and keeping an eye on things.

Madison tells Georgia what’s going on. Alessia comes out, and Captain Glenn asks if she needs anything. She says she’s getting her hair done. Jenna tells Adam, things are happening, and he says, it’s going to be a successful marriage that’s obviously going to last forever. He tells her that he’s doing a family style dinner. Jenna tells him, thirty minutes. In Adam’s interview, he says, whether they go through with the wedding or not, they’re getting an awesome Greek spread. Adam tries to make hummus, and curses the blender.

Alan asks Jenna if there still might be a wedding, but she says she hasn’t heard. Alan says they’ll just let it play out. Adam tries again to make hummus. The entertainment arrives, and before one of them can explain how they do weddings in Greece, Jenna tells them, a wedding might not happen, but they’re still having a party. The musicians start warming up. Georgia tells Parker, she thinks Guy and Alessia thrive on the roller coaster thing. Guy tells Alessia, let’s do this. Alessia tells Jenna that she’s pissed off, and Guy is an a-hole. In Jenna’s interview, she says she just took an entire day to plan a wedding. Wtf is going on?

The captain asks Jenna if they’re going forward with the wedding, but she tells him, Alessia said Guy is an a-hole, and has to apologize. In Captain Glenn’s interview, he says marriage gives him a rash. When he and his girlfriend walked past one, he covered her eyes so she didn’t get any ideas. Adam kind of flirts with Jenna. The entertainers dance. In his room, Guy says he has to get TF out of there. Jenna asks if the guests are ready to be seated. They are, and she relays that to Adam. Guy shows up, and Alessia plops an olive branch crown on his head before Jenna takes a photo. Adam says his game is strong, and tells the guests to enjoy. The musicians play, and everyone looks miserable, but they like the food. The entertainers leave, and Captain Glenn tells Jenna that he doesn’t think they’re getting married. Jenna is so happy they did all that work for literally no reason. It’s the most tired she’s ever been.

Adam tells Jenna, if he was gluten-free, he’d make up a new breakfast. She says she’s not an egg person. How is that possible? It’s God’s perfect food. Adam says he isn’t either (what?), and she says she’s not really a breakfast person. Okay, now that’s a reality I can identify with. Adam says he isn’t either, and she says they always agree on things, and her perfect type would be herself. This is the worst flirting I’ve ever seen. On deck, Alan wonders if Guy and Alessia will ever get married. Jennifer thinks they’ll always be engaged. Alan is glad they didn’t bring a gift. Breakfast is served, and Alan says they’re optimistic, having set a table for six. Everyone is loving the food. Georgia sings while she irons. She tells Paget they should form a rhythm boat band. In her interview, she says she got into yachting to foster her dream to be a musician. She does performance and recording work for half a year, and then the other half, does menial domestic work. She’s hoping the music half wins. She does have a beautiful voice.

Captain Glenn says they were a great team, and what he’d hoped for. The guests pack, and the boat docks. In Parker’s interview, he says it’s his first official docking, and he wants to impress Paget. In the captain’s interview, he says, it was his easiest experience in a while. There was no wind, and there were no obstacles. It’s not always so smooth.

They tell the guests goodbye. Madison says, normally, she doesn’t like to see men leave, but she loves watching Guy go. Alan says they’re the best crew they’ve ever had, and gives Captain Glenn the tip envelope. Jenna gives the stews a game plan, and the boat is flipped. The captain calls everyone for a charter debriefing in the main saloon. I guess that’s what he calls a tip meeting.

The captain says, they started off behind the eight ball, then they had to plan a wedding. They had an incident with a guest being too drunk, but they dealt with it. It was amazing, and he’s impressed. They guests were happy, and they left $20K or $2,200 each. Holy! How is it they’re getting so much more than the real Deck? In her interview, Georgia says, that’s a lot of money. She’s effing stoked. Captain Glenn invites the crew out for dinner, but tells them, it’s a school night. Parker thinks his mother would be proud. It was his first charter, and they knocked it out of the park. The crew drinks some champagne.

Adam tells Jenna, she looks good in his galley. In Adam’s interview, he says the common dynamic between chef and chief stew is that they’re on opposite sides of the mountain, and it’s not pretty. Jenna has her sh*t together, she’s funny, she does her job well, and he likes looking at her. His job just got hella easier.

The crew gets ready to go out. In Parker’s interview, he says this is his first time in Europe. He grew up barefoot, and he’s still adjusting to the decorum of the posh yachting world. They go to a restaurant. Georgia talks to Paget and tosses her head like a circus pony, while Ciara inwardly glares at them. In Georgia’s interview, she says she’s not a flirt; she’s vivacious. In Paget’s interview, he says he’s excited to have new people on the boat, and excited for the season. Jenna says if she drinks anymore, she’ll get out of control, and they go back to the boat. Adam goofs around with Jenna on the way back.

Captain Glenn goes to bed, and everyone else gets in the hot tub. Except for Parker, who serenades them with the ukulele. They each make up a verse to his tune, some of them better than others. Adam pours wine in Jenna’s mouth. Jenna pours wine in her own mouth, and misses with some of it, looking longingly at Adam. Madison sees her, and looks horrified. In her interview, Madison says does she want to see Jenna looking – she pantomimes being sloppy drunk – no. Adam and Jenna remain in the tub after the others leave, but they’re so drunk, all they can do is slosh around in the water, and they finally get out. Byron asks Madison if she thinks they’re shagging, and she says, probably.

In Byron’s interview, he says he’s worked on a lot of boats, and one thing he’s learned is, this could be a disaster. And he’s got a front row seat.

Next time, Jenna is mortified about last night, Ciara tells Paget argue while wearing togas, and in her interview, Ciara says this is a completely different side of them.

🛥 He’s Not Having It…

I wonder if Captain Lee is going to quit after watching this season.


👠 There’s Got To Be a Party After…

The fashion after the fashion.


👼🏻 My Name Is…

Angel is probably not what you’d call me in the morning. Unless it’s still the night before.

February 7, 2020 – Nelle Changes Her Game, Shah Catch-Up, Reunion Teases, Dead Conjecture, Five Plus Six Quotes & More Bad


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


🌬 Apparently ABC thinks they’re my mother. They break in to tell me I should dress warm if I go out tonight.

General Hospital

Ava finds Nikolas at the hospital. He asks what she’s doing there, and she asks how his mother is. He says, much better. His sister is in with her. Ava says, thank God, and hugs him. He says she’s put on her show; she can go now. Ava asks if he doesn’t want the world to know how much he means to her.

Nina sips a martini at the MetroCourt. Valentin comes along, and says, a fully stocked bar, and no Ava? His world no longer makes sense. Nina says she and Ava have buried their respective hatchets, and he says he noticed. He also noticed Ava is trying to drive a wedge between them. She says that’s all on him. He asks if they can talk, and she says, about what? He wants to know exactly what he’s done. He tried to give her what she wanted most in the world. He regrets his methods, and causing her pain of course (🍷), but does he regret doing whatever was in his power to make her happy? He doesn’t.

Lulu tells Laura, she’s only known Dustin a couple of months, and he’s risked his life to save both her mother and daughter. What if he hadn’t been there? Laura says she’s grateful, and Lulu should be too. Lulu says she’s 100% grateful, and Laura says, really? Then explain why Dustin saving her life is making her so tense.

Brook sits at Kelly’s, writing a song. She says, not bad, even if she says so herself. Dustin walks by, and she says, Captain America. Isn’t he supposed to be carrying a shield? He says, only if they’re under attack by dark forces. Otherwise, it gets in the way of him teaching Shakespeare. She says, that’s right. In reality, he’s a humble teacher. He says the thought that’s why she broke up with him; he had no superpowers. She says that makes her sound shallow, and he says she’s making him sound dull. She admits she might have been wrong. His turn. He admits she might have been wrong too.

Ned asks if Michael has seen The Invader. Hero mob target rises; Michael Corinthos impacts the Quartermaine dynasty. It doesn’t read like the end of a news cycle, but more like the start of a problem.

Lucas flashes back to a hazy memory of Brad telling him that Wiley is Michael’s son. Brad asks, what is it? and Lucas says, in the car before the accident. Brad was building up to a confession.

Nina asks if it ever occurred to Valentin that she’s no longer interested in the kind of love he has to offer. She needs  more than his misguided romantic gestures of love. They need to move on from each other. She walks away, and Martin joins Valentin. He says he believes that was Valentin’s ex-wife. What’s got her worked up? Valentin says she’s trying to pretend she doesn’t love him.

Nikolas tells Ava that if she gets any more adoring, people will suspect she’s insincere. She says she is sincere. She’s concerned about Laura. Laura has been good to her, and she respects Laura a great deal. She asks Nikolas to give Laura a list she’s made up of the best rehabs; she already made the calls. He thanks her, and she says just because she doesn’t have a heart for him, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have one. He wants her to leave, and says, take his kingdom; take his horse. She says she has those things. Now give the public a convincing kiss goodbye. He leans toward her, and whispers, go away. Go far, go fast, go for good. She kisses him, and he says he’ll see her at home. She walks to the elevator, pondering the kiss.

Brook tells Dustin, it’s a song she’ll never be allowed to sing. He looks at it, and says, her lyrics are better now than… She says, when she got to sing them? He says they’re too good to stay on the page, but she says, they might have to until she gets out of her contract. Anything she sings, writes, or produces belongs to that sleazeball producer. He asks if there’s no way out, and she says her dad is going to intervene; they’ll see. He hopes it happens, and she asks how he can wish her good after she ditched him. He says she’s a musician. Singing is part of her DNA. He stopped writing, but just because it’s not right for him doesn’t mean it’s not good for her. When he watched her sing, he realized it was just a hobby for him. He loved it, and it was fun, but it’s not his passion like it’s hers. Music is her life.

Lucas says he remembers he was angry at Brad. He’d asked Brad a question. He doesn’t remember what it was, but he feels like it was important. Brad has to remember. Brad says, before the accident, he was falling apart. He put his fears and anxiety in perspective when he thought Lucas was going to die. He’s sorry, but he doesn’t know what he said. Julian says it was the most terrifying night of his life. Reliving the fear and worry can’t be good. Lucas needs to focus on his recovery. Lucas says Julian is right. Being alive and awake and going home to Brad and Wiley is all that matters. Willow comes in, and says, Wiley would completely agree. Lucas says he was just thinking about her.

Ned tells Michael, the idea their profits could get caught in an underworld crossfire tends to spook their business partners. Michael says that’s why he’s always been transparent about himself, and how he runs ELQ. It’s completely above board. Ned says that’s what he’s been telling their insurers and prospective partners. Michael asks what else he’s telling them, and Ned says that Michael is the Quartermaine to lead them into the future, and he’s proud to stand at Michael’s side. Michael says he appreciates Ned’s vote of confidence, and Ned says, grandfather told them they’d rise together or fall together. He prized family loyalty. Michael says, even when he was pitting them against each other. Ned says, he was a complex man, with a complex ethical code. Michael says, about the work Ned has been doing… Ned says he’s been happy to help out, but now Michael wants him to step back? Michael says he was going to suggest the opposite. Stay and show the business world that there are two Quartermaines minding the shop. Nelle walks in, and says Michael brought her there so he could kill her.

Lulu tells Laura that she thinks it’s wonderful how Dustin rushes in to help with no thought about himself. Laura says, but it scares her. Lulu says, it does. After what she went through with Dante, she doesn’t think she has it in her to fall in love with another hero.

Brook tells Dustin, it’s a dirty trick, proving nice guys can be… He says, nice? She says she has to meet her dad and Linc. She wishes Dustin could  take out the villain for her, but he says his tights are in the wash. She thanks him for what he said, and he tells her, anytime. About her voice… She tells him, don’t ruin it now, but he says he always thought of that as her superpower. She hopes so, and tells him to give holier-than-thou her best.

Brad tells Willow, it’s not a good time. Lucas needs to rest. She promises she won’t stress him out, and Lucas says he thinks it’s harder on Brad than him. He was unconscious, but Brad had to deal with that, the hospital, and taking care of Wiley. Brad says, the whole family pitched in; Lucas’s mom and sister, and Julian. Willow says, and Michael has been amazing. Wiley adores him. Lucas says, Michael is so good with kids. He’ll make a fantastic father someday. Willow says, Michael loves Wiley as if Wiley was his own. Brad and Julian look at each other.

Ned says he doesn’t know if Michael is trying to kill Nelle, but turnabout is fair play. Michael wonders what his scheme must be, and Nelle says, the boathouse is cold and damp. He says, it has central heating, and she says she can hear the water, and she has men peeking in; there’s no privacy. He says she should be used to it after Pentenville, and Ned says, the groundskeepers are just doing their job. Nelle says she wants proper living arrangements, and Michael says she’s right. The boathouse isn’t suitable. He’ll send for her bags – and place them at the side of the road. She says she’ll go stay with Brad; it’s cozy, hanging out there with him and Wiley. Michael says, it might be crowded now that Lucas is awake.

Martin says until the issue with the codicil is resolved, he’s making sure Nikolas doesn’t get his hands on any of the Cassadine money. Valentin says at least they know where it is, and that Nikolas can’t move it around, and Martin says, for the moment. He can’t keep the DNA test at bey. Valentin wonders, why wait? If they do the test, the codicil will be rendered useless. Martin says, it might be counter-productive, no matter what the result. If Valentin gives them his DNA, he’s conceding the codicil is legitimate. Valentin says, it’s one of Helena’s games. Cassadine blood is in his veins, and if he has to spill some of it, so be it.

Nelle says, how wonderful for Brad, and Michael says he thinks so. Brad has a soft spot for Nelle, but there’s no way in hell Lucas is going to let her near Wiley. He says he can have her things sent to a motel of her choice, bur she thinks he’s being hasty. If he throws her out, how is he going to access her shares? He asks if she wants to negotiate, and she says, it depends on how much it’s worth to him and his family to be done with her once and for all.

Willow says she’s sending Lucas some photos. She took one every day so he wouldn’t miss anything. Julian says that was nice of her, and Lucas thanks her, saying he probably won’t remember anything after Thanksgiving. He knows it’s not uncommon to lose time, but can’t help thinking there’s something else he forgot. Brad tells him, the doctors said not to push it, and Lucas says, it’s fine. He has all the photos, so it’s like he never missed anything.

Lulu says, it’s wrong for her to resent Dustin being brave, and Laura says she’s a woman who feared for her husband’s life every day of her marriage, but this is different. Dante was a cop; Dustin is an English teacher who was in the right place at the right time. Lulu says, three times, and Laura says, even so. She doesn’t think he was looking to make it happen. Lulu says, she’s right. Laura is always right. Laura says, not always, and Lulu says she has to get Nikolas. He’s been hanging around, waiting to visit. Laura wonders what’s stopping him, and Lulu says she told him that Laura could just have one visitor at the time. Laura says, she lied? and Lulu says, of course (🍷). After what he put them through, it was the least she could do. Laura tells her, falling in love is always a risk, but only she can decide when she’s ready to take it.

Nina goes to the gallery, and says she’s glad Ava is at work. It would be awkward to try and see her at Windymere. Ava asks why Nina wants to see her at all, and Nina says Ava made it a point to show up at Crimson. She thought she’d return the favor. Ava says, it’s a little unexpected, and Nina says she’s not sure if they’ll ever be friends in the traditional sense, but non-traditionally, they’re comrades in arms; Sisters united against the Cassadine men. Ava says she loves where this is headed, and Nina says she disgraced one at the altar, and Ava dragooned one into marriage. They never saw it coming. Who says revenge isn’t sweet? Ava says, not her.

Nikolas asks how Laura is feeling, and she says she’s always up for a visit from her kids. He says, it’s nice to know someone in the family is speaking to him. She says, his sister just did, but he says she texted him, and then left without looking at him. She says he has to be patient with Lulu. Her daughter almost died trying to prove her secret bodyguard existed. He says he never saw that coming, but she says he never really thought about Charlotte. He only thought about one thing – revenge; the rest of them didn’t matter. He asks how she can say that, and she says she’s his mother. She can’t love him and indulge his fantasies at the same time. The obsessive need for revenge is a Cassadine trait. If he’s not careful, he’ll end up being as hateful and bitter as the Cassadines who came before him. He tells her Spencer said something like that before cutting him out of his life.

Brad says he’ll check with Michael about Wiley, and steps out of the room. Julian’s phone rings, and he says, it’s work; he has to take it. He sees Brad in the hallway, and asks, what the hell is going on? Brad asks if he doesn’t see it’s over. Lucas doesn’t remember the truth about Wiley. Julian says, not now, but that doesn’t mean he won’t. Brad tells him, the doctors said it’s highly unlikely. Julian says, Brad sees a man who doesn’t remember; he sees a ticking time bomb. Everything Willow says is a potential trigger, and the more she talks to Lucas, the more chances the bomb will go off and destroy the both of them.

Valentin asks Martin how the impending acquisition is going. Martin says, well. As far as he can tell, the next target will soon be in position.

Brook meets Ned at the MetroCourt, and he says she’s late. They needed time to go over their strategy. Brook says she thought the strategy was to just let him do the talking. Ned says Linc will do what he can to bush Brook’s buttons, but if she loses her temper, she’ll lose everything. Brook says she’s supposed to act like it means nothing, but Linc is literally holding her voice hostage. She gets it; she’ll follow Ned’s lead. Ned tells her not to let Linc get under her skin. Linc comes out of the elevator, and Ned says, show time. Ned thanks Linc for meeting him, and Linc says he can’t tell Ned how much he’s looking forward to working with Eddie Maine.

Laura tells Nikolas, Spencer is hurting. He also has a knack for grand gestures. She expects Spencer will shut Nikolas out for a while, but doesn’t believe he’ll hang on to his anger forever. Nikolas asks if Laura would speak to Spencer, but Laura says, to urge Spencer to take Nikolas back into his life before he’s ready would be disrespectful of his feelings. She stood by Spencer when he mourned Nikolas, and she’ll stand by him as he comes to terms with what Nikolas has done. Nikolas says he thought not being dead would be good news. He never thought his retuning would be more painful than him staying away.

Lulu thanks Dustin for waiting at Kelly’s. He says he thought they were meeting at the hospital, and she says they were. But if he ever wants everyone to know his business, just whisper it at GH in an empty hallway. By the time he gets to the end of the hallway, all the nurses will have formed an opinion. He gets it, and asks what they’re talking about. She says, us.

Dustin asks if it’s something he’s done or hasn’t done, and Lulu says, since they’ve been seeing each other, there have been an unusual number of… Dustin says, incidents? She asks what he means, and he says in addition to her mother and Curtis walking in on them… Lulu tells him to never bring that up again, and he says, Charlotte jumped int the harbor, and there was a bar fight. Does she always attract this sort off… She says, incident? He says he doesn’t think she caused them, but what’s a guy got to do to get a quiet night home?

Lucas says, it sounds like Willow did a lot, and she says she pitched in. Brad hired her as Wiley’s nanny, but it didn’t end well. He asks, why not? Wiley loves her, and Brad trusts her. She says, Brad has been fragile since the accident; emotionally unpredictable and moody. Lucas says, more than before the accident? and she says she thinks so. Honestly, she’s deeply concerned, but maybe now the worst is behind them, and Brad will find his footing now that he knows Lucas is okay. If they need anything, she’s there to help. Lucas thanks her.

Michael says, if Nelle agrees to the terms, he’ll arrange a money transfer immediately after she signs. Then she can live wherever she wants, provided that when her parole is complete, she never comes back to Port Charles. She asks how much he’s offering, and looks at the paperwork.

Linc says, Brook is under contract, and Ned says, it’s a sweet deal for Linc. He has her doing 99% of the work, while he takes 99% of the payout. Linc says he’s making 100% of it happen. If not for him, she wouldn’t have a deal at all. Ned suggests he test that, and release her. Let her find out for herself. Linc says he can’t do that in good conscience. When Brook’s feelings get hurt, she lashes out. Ned asks if that’s how he describes her reaction to his sexual assault. Linc says he didn’t assault her or anyone else. He’s an affectionate guy; ask anyone. He’s never had a problem with it being misconstrued; it was a friendly gesture. Brook is obviously having a hard time keeping quiet, and Ned tries to hold her back. Ned says, touching someone intimately without consent. It happens all the time these days, but as they say, time’s up. Do what’s best for everyone involved. Ned slides a check toward Linc, saying it’s the projected revenue of Brook’s next three albums, and the cost incurred. He’ll get all of the reward with doing none of the work. Linc says he’s not interested. Brook can cut an album for him, or stay quiet. If she sings a single note, it’s his.

Nikolas tells Laura, as soon as she’s well enough, he’s moving her and Doc into Windymere. She says, absolutely not, but Nikolas says, one mob shooting is more than enough. He wants to make sure she’s protected. She says she has a security detail, but he says, it’s not the same. She asks if he’s discussed it with the lady of the manor, and he tells her, Ava has no say in what happens at Windymere. She asks if he’d care to put that theory to the test. It’s hard to believe Ava handed over the codicil without laying claim to something. What is the arrangement costing him?

Ava tells Nina, a romance-free marriage is practical. She got what she wanted, Nikolas got what he wanted, and if they both follow the rules of the post-nup, everything will stay in place. Nina asks, what rules? and Ava says, like with any business arrangement, there are consequences if they don’t abide by the contract. Nina asks what she means, and Ava says, cheating. If one of them commits adultery, they forfeit what they’ve got. Nina says, no sex outside marriage is pretty standard. At least they have each other. Ava says, who said anything about sex inside the marriage?

Willow asks if Lucas is sure about this, and he says he thinks it’s the best decision for everyone involved. And it will be a huge favor. Brad comes back in. He feels better to see Lucas happy, awake, and talking. Lucas says, it’s going to be a while before he’s 100%, and Brad will be taking care of him, Wiley, and working. Julian says there are a lot of people who love Lucas. Brad won’t be alone, and they can help until Lucas is back on his feet. Lucas says he knows, but instead of a revolving door of concerned family and friends, he has a better solution. Until he’s back on his feet, he’s hired Willow to keep taking care of Wiley.

Lulu asks Dustin how a bottle of merlot, popcorn, and a mutually agreed upon movie sound? They’ll be no more than three feet from her sofa. He says, no gangsters, or creeps, or kids jumping into open water? Lulu says they can always hang out at he docks and pick a fight with a longshoreman. It’s up to him. He kisses her, and says he thinks a movie at her place is the right kind of quiet.

Brook says she either sings for Linc or stays quiet? Quiet isn’t her thing. She’ll go on record about the sexual harassment. Linc says he looks forward to winning the libel suit. The judge will order her to make even more albums for him. She says, next time he puts his hand on her ass, she’ll cut it off. Ha-ha! That reminds me of the time I told my boss, if he wanted to keep his hand, he’d be taking it out of my back pocket. Brook walks away, and Ned says he comes from a family that has an army of lawyers. One phone call, and they’ll eat Linc alive in ways he can’t imagine. Then he’ll sit back and watch with his daughter, or Linc can take the check. Choose wisely. Ned gets up, and tells Linc, it’s a one-time offer, and goes to join Brook.

Nina tells Ava, let her get this straight. There’s no sex outside the marriage, and no sex inside the marriage. Ava says she can hold out as long as Nikolas can. Nina doesn’t know about that. Ava and Nikolas are both attractive, healthy people with needs. Ava says, exactly. Nikolas is a passionate man, and this this game of chicken ends when he gives into his urges. One indiscretion, and she wins. Nina asks how long Ava thinks it will take, and Ava says she has the feeling it will be sooner rather than later. Much sooner.

Nikolas tells Laura, don’t worry; they have an agreement. Laura says, that’s what worries her. She can’t bear the thought of Nikolas spending his life trapped in a loveless marriage. He says, believe him. He has no intention of staying married to Ava for the rest of his life.

Nelle says, it’s the same offer she tore up earlier, but Michael says there are added incentives. She says she’s not a CEO, but she knows a goldmine when it’s in her hand, and this isn’t it. He says, no more games. What does she want? She says, apparently more than he’s willing to give her. She’ll find a buyer who’ll treat her with the respect she deserves. She walks out, and makes a call.

Martin’s phone rings, and Nelle asks if he remembers the item they were talking about selling. She’s ready to entertain offers. Does he know what she’s looking for? He says, a life changing number, and she asks if he can deliver. He believes so, and says he’ll be in touch. He goes over to Linc, and says Linc was saying Brook would do anything, give anything, to get out of her contract? He’ll be in touch.

Valentin’s phone rings, and Martin asks if he remembers the acquisition Valentin wanted him to expedite? They’re about to go shopping. Valentin says, wonderful. He’s looking forward to joining their family.

On Monday, Anna needs to know about Finn’s conversation with Sam, Spinelli is moving back to Port Charles, Neil tells Alexis that they want her to testify, Carly asks if Brando knew who she was when he saved her, and Sonny tells Jason they were totally exposed.

🌴 Drama On Sunset…

I can’t believe it’s been over a year.


Catching up. Tommy and Baby Shams’s matching PJs are too much.


🛥 Tastes Like Reunion…

A Reunion tease.


Captain Lee calls ‘em like he sees ‘em.


A precap of the Reunion, as well as a video of the Captain and Kate dishing about the season and yachting in general on Reality Check. Stay tuned for Adam and Jenna (Below Deck Sailing Yacht) afterward.


And the most important thing – what are they wearing?


⚰️ Walking Into a New Season…

According to the comics.


Nerd speculation and the trailer.




And Beyond.


🖨 Quotes of the Week

If you have a boy, you only have to worry about one penis. If you have a girl, you have to worry about them all. – Herb (Ryan Stiles), Two and a Half Men

Maybe you think you’ll be entitled to more happiness later by forgoing all of it now, but it doesn’t work that way. – Ann Brashares

In a surprise twist, I made more than I could eat. – Doug (Kevin James), King of Queens

Faith is realizing that you always get what you need.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

It’s not a scrapbook; it’s a freezer. – Paul (Paul Reiser), Mad About You

If I’m wrong, educate me, don’t belittle me. – unknown, from YourTango article on how public shaming can be harmful

Don’t wait for the right moment to start, start and make each moment right. – Roy T. Bennett

I’m an underachiever, not an idiot. – Jake, (Angus T. Jones), Two and a Half Men

I don’t want to hear the specials. If they’re so special, put ’em on the menu.Jerry Seinfeld

Life gives us choices. You either grab on with both hands and just go for it, or you sit on the sidelines. – Christine Feehan

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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See you Sunday on Sunset. And don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

February 6, 2020 – Lucas Has Visitors, Tuxedoed Runway, Afterward, a Bit O’ Live, Chefs Back, Parry’s Pup, Wife Ban, a Revelation, Over It & Bad


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Taggert comes by Jordan’s office, and says he’s glad he caught her. Her phone rings, but she doesn’t answer. Curtis leaves a message for her to call him.

Anna brings Emma home, and asks if she’s happy to see snow. People say there are no season in California, but the seasons there are just gentler. They get real winter in Port Charles. She asks if Emma remembers the ice rink, and thinks they should go. They can rent skates. Emma asks if everything is okay. I have to add, Emma has grown into a gorgeous young woman now.

Finn tells Sam, he supposes a person can get desensitized. They’re used to risks to themselves, and don’t perceive how they can bring a risk to others. How do you get someone to listen who doesn’t want to? Sam supposes the person making the big mistake is Anna, and the mistake she’s making is about Peter.

Brad wants to see Lucas, and Carly tells him, take a deep breath first. He goes into Lucas’s room, and sees Bobbie by the bed. Lucas’s eyes are closed, and Brad says, oh no.

Laura opens her eyes, and Doc says, there she is. She says, sorry. She was so worn out from the visits from her children, she needed a nap. He asks if she wants visit restricted, but she says, no. Her kids needed her. They needed her reassurance. She can’t say she blames them.

Jason tells Michael, the shootout came from a drug trafficker with a long reach and a bad reputation; Cyrus Renault.

Sonny picks up the prison phone, and Cyrus says, Mr. Corinthos, we meet at last. Sonny says, Mr. Renault, and Cyrus tells Sonny, please call him Cyrus. Sonny leans forward and says Cyrus made a big problem for himself, and he’s not sure Cyrus can solve it.

Doc asks Laura, who wore her out more; Lulu or Nikolas? She tells him, it’s hard to say. Lulu is falling in love with Dustin, and isn’t sure what she wants to do. Nikolas is up to his neck in dysfunction with Ava, and doesn’t want to admit it. She didn’t have the heart to tell them that their mother had been shot, and was too tired to listen. Doc says, so she listened anyway. Jason walks in, and says he hopes he’s not interrupting. Laura says, not at all, and invites him in. She asks what she can do for him, and he says he’s just checking in to see how she’s doing. She says she’s fine, and Doc says she shouldn’t have been in that situation to begin with. Jason says, Sonny had no idea there was going to be an attack, and deeply regrets her involvement. Doc says, not as much as Laura does, and Laura asks if Sonny knows who’s responsible. Jason says, he’s working to address the situation, and Laura says, tell Sonny that she appreciates his concern. As his friend, she’s happy he and his family weren’t hurt, but as mayor of the city, she’s not about to allow Port Charles to be ground zero for a mob war. Whatever Sonny is doing to address the situation better not include violence or retaliation. Jason says she’ll pass on his message. He leaves, and Doc says he guesses she told him.

Cyrus tells Sonny, his only problem is with the Feds. They sentenced him to life without parole for something he didn’t do. Sonny says the Feds must like him. Why was he transferred to Pentenville? Cyrus says, bureaucracy works in mysterious ways, and Sonny says, not for him. He keeps what’s his. Too bad Cyrus didn’t think about that before he tried something stupid.

Brad says he knew it was too good to be true, but Bobbie says, Lucas woke up about an hour ago. Carly says, he’s sleeping, and Bobbie says, it’s part of the recovery process. Brad hugs her, and says he was so scared he’d lost Lucas. Bobbie says, when he was in a coma, Lucas wasn’t sleeping. His body was actively fighting to get better, and he’s exhausted. He’ll be in and out for the next few days. Brad says he’s not leaving Lucas’s side. He’s going to be there until he wakes up. Julian asks how long it will be, and Bobbie hopes not much longer. She’s going to check with the neurologist on his tests. Carly says she’ll take Wiley, and give them time together. She looks at Julian, and coughs, then says, or not. Brad tells Lucas, wake up, and Julian asks what he thinks he’s doing. They need to get their story straight. He told Lucas the truth before the accident. What is Brad going to say when Lucas brings it up?

Anna thanks Emma for taking the guest room. Violet saw Emma’s room, and it was love at first sight. She’s generous. Emma says she’s so excited to meet Violet in real life, and Anna says she’s just like Emma was at that age. She’s precocious, and loves to read, draw, do crafts, and play make believe. This morning, they were playing Avengers, and Violet was Captain Marvel. She was Nick Fury, and Peter was the bad guy. Anna tears up.

Finn tells Sam, he’s just talking; don’t take what he says literally. Sam is aware they don’t know each other well, but assures him that she can be trusted. He’s not the only one who thinks Peter is bad news. Robert is on his side. Finn says, that would be a first, and Sam says she promises Robert is determined to put Peter away.

Emma asks Anna if everything is okay with Uncle Peter. Anna wonders why she’s asking, and Emma says Anna seems like she’s trying too hard to be happy. She seems sad underneath, and there are tears in her eyes when she talks about him. Anna says Emma is perceptive. She should know better than to try and fool her. Emma says she doesn’t need to; what’s wrong? Anna says, it’s convoluted, with a complicated history that really should stay in the past, and not be dredged up. Emma asks if she’s talking about Peter, and Anna says she is. When Peter was younger, he didn’t always make the best decisions, but he’s done everything possible to make amends, and turn himself into a better person and make better choices. He’d prefer his mistakes were left in the past, but some people won’t let him. Emma asks, who?

Sam tells Finn, Robert offered to broker a deal. A new parole officer who’s less strict, so she can spend more time with Jason, providing they give him something big, something incriminating. Finn says, on Peter? and she says, yeah. She wants her family back together, and thinks they can help each other. If he has any damning information, he has to tell her. At least before Peter hurts Anna.

Sonny says he understands Cyrus’s strategy – go big or go home – but this time, it was a very public attack on Sonny and his loved ones. There was an attack in Brooklyn, and two in Port Charles. If it had worked, Cyrus would have been able to take over, but guess what? It didn’t. Sonny is still standing and Cyrus is twisting in the wind.

On the phone, Laura asks someone to have Jordan call her back asap. Curtis comes in, and says he’d offer to pull some strings to get her call through, but shouldn’t she be recovering? Doc says he made that point, and Curtis says, no luck? Doc says, not even a little. Laura says she has responsibilities, and asks what she can do for Curtis. He says he was about to ask her the same thing. She says she doesn’t know who’s behind the shooting that landed her there, but she intends to find out. Curtis says he knows she has her own security detail, but he’s more than willing to provide backup. She says, as much as she appreciates it, it’s not necessary. She has information that she wasn’t the intended target; she was collateral damage. Curtis asks how she can be sure, and Doc says, it was confirmed by an inside source. Laura says that’s why she needs to speak to Jordan. She saw Jordan and Marcus Taggert conferring the other day, and bets it has something to do with the latest flare up of mob violence.

Jordan says it’s good to see Taggert, and he asks how she’s holding up. She says, if he stopped by to get Sonny’s statement, they’re going off of what they received from the NYPD. He says he’s not there to bring Sonny to justice, and she says, sorry, Captain Ahab. Has he abandoned his quest for the great white whale? Spill. Why is he there? He says he got information on their friend Bob.

Chase finds Willow outside of Kelly’s, and she asks, how’s work? He says, pointless and frantic. Everyone is rushing around, but there’s been no resolution. They know the target, but don’t know who’s responsible. So far, they have no leads. What about her? He’s not so stressed she can’t tell him about it. He asks if she’s heard from Brad, but she says, not since he told her that he doesn’t want her taking care of Wiley. Chase says Brad’s husband is in a coma, and it’s probably misdirected anger. Give him time to cool down, and he’s sure Brad will reconsider making Willow Wiley’s nanny. If that’s what she wants.

Brad asks Julian, what’s wrong with him? and closes the door. Julian says, his son woke up, and he’s worried about something Brad said. Brad should be as well. He told Lucas that Wiley is Michael’s son. There’s no way in hell Brad is bringing Julian down with him. Lucas says Brad’s name, and Brad jets to Lucas’s side. He says, you’re awake. Apparently, Julian isn’t so concerned that he’s not willing to talk about this right in front of Lucas, asleep or no. What a jerk. I sometimes wonder if the actors ever tell the director, no; I refuse to even say this. It’s too stupid.

Curtis asks who Taggert is, and Laura says she thought he knew. Taggert was a detective at the PCPD a long time ago. He was actually in the trenches during the last mob war. Doc says Taggert left more than fifteen years ago, and Curtis says that explains why he doesn’t know him. Does Laura think the shooting brought him back? She says, possibly. She doesn’t know what other connection he’d have to Port Charles. Maybe Jordan. Curtis says, what about her? and Laura says, they knew each other from work; she bumped into them at the PCPD  the other day. Curtis says he’s headed there now. He’ll tell Jordan that Laura is trying to reach her. He suggests Laura try to pencil in recuperation between work. Doc says he hears that, but she says, no promises. Curtis leaves, and ponders a while in the hallway.

Jordan asks how Taggert got his hands on Bob’s records. They had to have come from Bob’s personal physician. Taggert tells her, don’t ask questions if she doesn’t want the answers. She looks through the folder, and says, just like Bob. He had two check-ups a year, and was a total hypochondriac. There’s no shortage of bloodwork, but no traces of drugs on his last visit. It was less than a month before he died, so he got addicted in a couple of weeks? It’s a stretch. Taggert says, there’s definitely been foul play.

Cyrus looks at the guard, who makes himself scarce. He asks Sonny if he follows football. Sonny says he loves it, and Cyrus says, then Sonny will understand his perspective. A preemptive strike is like a hail Mary pass. If the team scores, the player is a hero. If the ball is intercepted, he’s benched or fired. Sonny says, it’s not a game, and Cyrus says, it’s a negotiation.

Jason tells Michael that they’re doing research on Cyrus; how he works and who he knows. All they know is he’s in Pentenville for a Federal drug crime. Michael says he was running his operation from prison, and Jason says, that’s for Sonny to worry about. Michael says he wants to know what they’re dealing with. His phone rings, and he says he has to take it; it’s his grandmother. He listens, and says, wow. Thanks. He tells Jason, Lucas woke up from his coma.

Brad says he didn’t know if Lucas would come back to him, but he did. He loves Lucas so much. Lucas starts to sit up, but Brad tells him, take it easy; he’s been through hell. Lucas asks if his mom is there, and Brad says she’s talking to the doctors. Lucas says, they were in an accident? and Brad says, they were driving on Thanksgiving when the brakes went out; they don’t know what happened. He asks if Lucas remembers anything about being in the car or the accident.

Sonny says, Cyrus wants to negotiate? Cyrus says Sonny gets 10% of everything he moves through Port Charles. He guarantees no merchandise will be sold in Sonny’s location; he can keep the market to himself. Sonny says he’s not interested, but Cyrus says he should be. Every day Sonny refuses to allow Cyrus’s produce to move, it costs him money. He doesn’t care about himself; he’s rich enough. But if you don’t change with the times, the times will destroy you. So do they have a deal?

Willow tells Chase, she’d love to be nanny again, but she doesn’t want to get her hopes up. She was almost embarrassed at how important the job was to her. Chase says she has no reason to be embarrassed. She says, being a part of Wiley’s life is a big deal, but seeing him every day, maybe it was too much. He says, how so? and she says, maybe she was so happy being close to Wiley, she blurred the lines she put up when she chose adoption. Her phone rings, and she says, it’s Michael. She takes the call, and tells Chase, good news. Lucas woke up. Chase says, Wiley’s got his dads back. Willow looks at him.

Lucas tells Brad, he doesn’t remember being in the car, and Brad asks, what does he remember? Lucas says, he came home from work. Elizabeth got Terry to cover for him, so he could see Brad; he wanted to hash things out between them. That’s all he remembers. Brad says, that’s okay. None of it matters now. Lucas sees Julian, and says, dad? Julian says Lucas knows how to scare someone. He understands Lucas is still pissed at him about Halloween. There was no excuse. Brad says Julian has been his rock the whole time. He doesn’t know how he would have gotten through this without Julian. Lucas asks about Wiley, and Brad says he’s there, and lets Carly in. Carly says Wiley thought he’d never ask. She brings Wiley over to Lucas, and puts him on the bed.

Finn tells Sam, there’s something he wants to say. Her phone rings, and he tells Sam, she should take that. Sam says nothing is as important as what he was about to say. Finn says he’s sorry about her parole situation, but he’s got nothing to give her on Peter. He gets up, and her phone rings again. It’s Jason, and she asks, what’s up? He says he just heard her brother is awake.

Anna asks if Emma is sure she’s all right on her own, and doesn’t want Anna to drive her to see Epiphany. Emma says she likes the walk to the hospital, and wants to see the park, the library, Rice Plaza, and her old school. Anna says she’s a little young for nostalgia, but Emma says she likes to see places that were important to her. She can stop by the MetroCourt and say hi to Uncle Peter. Anna says they’ve become good friends, and Emma says, even though he’s miles away, he’s been a good uncle to her and Noah. She tells Anna not to listen to anybody. They don’t know Peter like she and Anna do.

Jordan says she knew Bob’s death was suspicious. They need to get the investigation reopened. Taggert says, it’s circumstantial, but she says if they give them Bob’s background, they’ll see it too. Unless… What if this has to do with what they did? They said they’d take it to their graves. He says, it looks like Bob kept his end of the bargain, and Curtis walks in.

Anna thanks Emma, who says the people who are judging Peter don’t know him like they do. They have to keep believing in him; he deserves their faith. Finn comes in, and says it’s a nice surprise. He’s impressed how Emma got there on her own. She says, it’s no big deal, and he says she’s a seasoned traveler. Anna says, she’s independent now. She’s going to see Epiphany on her own. She tells Emma to be back by dark, and if it starts to get late, call, and she’ll pick Emma up. Emma says she’ll give them plenty of time to… talk.

Lucas says, let him get this straight. He was in a coma longer than Sam served time for manslaughter? Sam says, funny. She’s glad he still has his sense of humor. Lucas says, it’s fully intact. Michael says, they’re happy he’s back, but not more than Brad is. Sam asks when he can go home, but Bobbie says they don’t want to risk moving him yet. They’ll keep an eye on him for a few days before he’s discharged. Julian asks Brad to step outside with him. They need to take care of some administrative work. In the hallway, Brad asks Julian, what’s up? Julian says they need to get their story straight now. Brad asks if he didn’t hear Lucas say he doesn’t remember, but Julian says, what if he does? Then what? Brad says, that’s a big if, and Julian says, it’s a big possibility. Brad thinks Julian should calm down and chill. For once, Brad feels like everything will be okay.

Jordan hugs Curtis, saying she didn’t know he was stopping by. He says he was visiting Laura, who’s been trying to reach her. Jordan guesses she’s been busy, and Curtis says, this would be…? She introduces Taggert, and says they go way back. They were colleagues during her stint at the DEA. Curtis asks if Taggert is still in law enforcement, but Taggert says he’s retired. Curtis wonders what brings him back to Port Charles, and Taggert says, coincidence. He used to live there, and he’s visiting old friends. He didn’t know Jordan was Commissioner. They just ran into each other today. (D’oh!)

Cyrus tells Sonny, he’s offering an olive branch, but Sonny says he doesn’t want peace; he wants Cyrus gone. Cyrus says Sonny is going to be disappointed. He has personal reasons for moving to Port Charles, and he’s there to stay. Sonny says, you never know. Cyrus is far from his base of operations. Accidents happen.

Finn tells Anna, Emma is great. Anna says she should have been more patient; she’s sorry. Finn says he should be apologizing. He was wrong. Anna says, okay, she accepts. She thanks him, and says things are a little strained between them. He says he can’t pretend they’re not, but he doesn’t want to be the guy who runs out when things get tough. She says, that’s not like him, and they kiss. He says there’s something he needs to tell her. He ran into Sam at Kelly’s. Sam and Jason are determined to find a link between Peter and the attempt on Franco and Andre’s lives. Anna says, Jason is relentless, and Finn says, Robert knows, and he’s working with them.

Cyrus tells Sonny, it’s true; prison is dangerous. But he has supportive friends. Sonny says he has friends in Pentenville and Port Charles too. He doesn’t trade in Cyrus’s merchandise, but he knows people who do. Unfriendly people, who can be expected to go against Cyrus. It could cost Cyrus his life. Sonny hangs up, and Cyrus smiles.

Jordan tells Curtis, today is the first time she’s seen Taggert in ages. (Double D’oh!) She can’t believe it’s been so long. She wishes he’d come at a better time, but maybe they can catch up before he leaves. He says he bets TJ is bigger than he is now, and she says TJ could give him a run for his money. Taggert says the three of them should do dinner, and Curtis says, that sounds nice. How long is Taggert there for? Taggert says he’s there for the time being. It was nice meeting Curtis. They shake hands, and Taggert says he’ll see them around.

Sonny calls Jason at the hospital, and Jason asks how it went. Sonny says they’re in for a fight. The son of a bitch isn’t backing down.

Doc supposes he can’t hide Laura’s phone and pretend it’s lost. Laura asks what kind of mayor she would be if she dodged the phone during a mob war. He says, Sonny is an old friend. Is she going to reach out personally and ask him to keep the peace? She says she’s sure Sonny would avoid it if he could, but she’s afraid whoever is responsible is forcing his hand. That means there could be more collateral damage.

Chase says, amazing, and hugs Willow. She says she’s thrilled. Lucas’s family must be over the moon. He asks if she wants to see them, but she says she doesn’t think it’s a good idea. She doesn’t want to intrude. Chase doubts it would be an intrusion, but she says she doesn’t want to cross the line. Lucas is out of his coma, and God willing, will recover, and things will get back to normal. He says, doesn’t she want that? and she says, of course (🍷), but she won’t have a role in Wiley’s life anymore.

Carly asks if Lucas is okay, and Lucas says he’s fine. She says she’ll take Wiley, but Lucas repeats, he’s fine, just tired. Bobbie says his body is exhausted, and Carly suggests they leave, and give the two men some time. She’ll bring Wiley back in the morning. Michael says he can take Wiley for the night, as long as his dads sign off on it. Lucas thanks him, and Carly gives Wiley to Michael. They all leave, except for Julian, who stands there like the jerk he is, with his arms folded. Lucas flashes back to vague memory of Brad telling him Wiley is Lucas’s son. Brad asks, what is it?

Tomorrow, Nina tells Valentin that they have to move on from each other, Lucas says Brad was working up to a confession, and Nelle accuses Michael of bringing her there to kill her.

🎩  On Project Runway, Victoria decided she wanted and deserved to be there. I didn’t get a vote, so there she stayed. We found out the tuxedo was named in 1886 after Tuxedo Park, a place for the rich and elite. No surprise, Billy Porter’s tuxedo gown was talked about as modern, innovative, and a reinvention of the tux. The designers were challenged to show a modern take on an old classic. They were told that use of satin was what made the difference between a tux and a suit. That was news to me, so now I’m going to have to check that out. Christian said they weren’t monsters, so help had been brought it – the designers who’d already been eliminated. The eliminated contestants chose who they wanted to work with, in order of how their names were drawn. Jenn chose Brittany; Tyler picked Delvin; Melanie wanted Geoffrey; and Veronica went with Sergio, after saying in her interview that she’d never work Victoria. Chelsey selected Nancy; Alan had a mental blackout, and went with Victoria; and Shavi was left with Marquise. Since there was one extra eliminated designer, Asma was left to go get a cab home. (Not really. I don’t know where she went.) The designers had their choice of male, female, or non-binary models, since tuxedos are for everyone. Sorry, not me. I can’t imagine a tuxedo on my short self. I would look like I was playing dress-up. In his interview, Alan said Victoria was a solo designer, and didn’t work well with others. She barely works well with herself. For the two-day challenge, they were given a $600 budget, and 30 minutes at Mood. By the first commercial, Victoria was telling Alan to shut up. Delvin went for powder blue material until Christian was like, um… and he switched to an emerald green with a print for the lining. Geoffrey decided on a jumpsuit, saying the judges vibed on them. Victoria went with a gown, and Sergio, a backwards tux, saying he was thinking outside the box. This was a puzzling statement, since even I know that’s been done before.

Everyone got a night out at a rooftop bar, and the next morning Sebastian, winner of season 17, brought breakfast. He said the competition had changed his life, with the CFDA helping him launch his first collection, and finding him buyers. His advice for everyone was not to look at the other designers – in other words, don’t compare – and to go with their first idea. Geoffrey was very weepy during his interviews, and unsure of what his next move would be. Victoria said she only wanted Alan for moral support, and wouldn’t really let him help. He mostly did things like get water for her. Christian told Geoffrey to reassess the details, and he decided to streamline. After sleeping on it, Brittany decided she didn’t like the grey color scheme she’d chosen, and opted to change the design rather than make something she wasn’t proud of. For the outside of the jacket, she used the print she’d originally meant for the lining, and created black shorts to go with it. Nancy poached Tyler to use as a model, since he was the same size as hers, making Delvin extremely irritated. In Victoria’s interview, she groaned that Nancy kept doing the same silhouette, even though that’s exactly what Victoria does. Asymmetry mean anything to her? Marquis said he was getting his inspiration from the military – he’d been in the ROTC in high school – and wanted his design to be crisp and clean.

Delvin, Brittany, and Victoria were trashing Nancy, saying her tux looked like a glamorous garbage bag. Unbeknownst to them, she wasn’t far away, and heard every word. I laughed when Delvin realized; his face was priceless. Sergio told her that it was their problem, not hers. In Sergio’s interview, he thought all they saw was her age, but she would sneak up on them. While Nancy was on the buttonhole machine, it broke down, and Delvin said that was the second time Nancy had been in his way. That’s like the millionth time he’s been a jerk. Christian said they didn’t have buttonhole machines in his day, and he did okay. In her interview, Brittany pointed out that Sergio’s backward tux was a direct copy of Celine Dion’s iconic look.

The guest judge was Thom Browne, three time CFDA designer of the year. Brittany was a stand-out, but for all the wrong reasons. She should have stuck with the grey palette. The jacket wasn’t awful, but the lapels were weirdly thin, and the shorts were horrifying. At this point, I figured she was on her way out, even though I desperately wished it was Victoria. I don’t like her, and wouldn’t want to work with her, or even know her. Unfortunately, Victoria somehow whipped together a gorgeous jacket with a long, asymmetrical skirt that revealed a sparkly garter – the one thing she let Alan do. Karlie said the model looked like a sexy villain in a Bond film, and thought the whole show was amazing.

The judges felt Geoffrey’s jumpsuit was minimalist, and he stayed true to the challenge. On the other hand, Nina said she didn’t get tuxedo from Delvin’s look, and Brandon said it looked like a leprechaun in a corset. Personally, I didn’t think it was that bad, but I agreed with Sergio, when he leaned over and told Nancy, karma. Thom said the look was too safe. Victoria got high praise for combining feminine and masculine details, boosting confidence and power, while still embracing femininity. Everyone loved the open back that had a satin strip running down the middle. Nina thought Marquise’s tux made his male model look regal and powerful – I have to add here that his model was super-hot with a bangin’ bod – and Brandon said Marquise let his ideas fly; he just needed help anchoring and executing them. Thom said he loved male cleavage, by which he mean a show of the ankles. I actually thought, flood pants, when I saw it, but okay. His tux had a horizontally pleated jacket, with a pant/skirt combination, and Thom said he would have pleated the skirt. I agreed, nodding my head, like Thom cares. Brittany was mortified from the jump, and said she’d never done menswear. Karli’s face was like, WTF? and Elaine said, it was hard to look at; there was so much wrong. She was shocked it was Brittany’s design, and said, it was like a douchey Hamptons party look. (Ha-ha-ha! They probably would wear that on Summer House.) Brandon said, it was a mess, and I thought the whole thing was just sad. Thom said the proportion was the hardest thing for him to take, and if she was going that way, she should have gone even shorter, and pushed the limit. Sergio – who needs to either get it together with his causes or stop throwing them in there – said he went with the backward thing because of the state of the country. Everyone thought they knew where he was going, but he did a 180 by saying we should go back to the 1950s, when everything was better; a house was affordable, and a family could live on one income. Granted, he’s right there, but Elaine pointed out that the 50s wasn’t a great time for people of color. She told him that his messaging was frequently off, and he should stick to fashion. Because somebody had to, Nina brought up John Galliano’s backward tux that Celine Dion wore to the Academy Awards. Sergio claimed he’d never seen it, and absolutely no one bought that. Nancy got all excited about her sleeveless print tux, and babbled endlessly. Brandon said he wished he could do interviews that way. People asked what his inspiration was, and he’d say he didn’t know. Thom said it didn’t speak tuxedo to him, and thought she was playing it safe. Nobody seemed to like it very much, which surprised me. It wasn’t anything I would wear, but I thought it was something different, and looked terrific on the model. The judges were so negative, at this point, I worried about Nancy being out.

The judges deliberated, and Sergio, Marquise, Geoffrey, and Victoria were on top; while Delvin, Nancy, and Brittany were at the bottom. Brittany’s placing was obvious (they were all like, what the hell?), but the judges said Delvin had too many things going on, and Nancy’s tux wasn’t anything they hadn’t seen before. Karlie thought the brocade was overwhelming, and she was underwhelmed with the design.

Marquise was the big winner, the judges saying his garment was well-tailored, and that he’d reinvented the tux. He had the confidence and ability to extend and challenge himself. He said it was an honor to be able to come back and prove his worth. In his interview, he was especially honored by Thom’s approval, and was thrilled he got to show the judges why he shouldn’t have been eliminated. It is pretty cool that he got brought back, and then won a challenge.

The judges said the bottom three missed the mark for different reasons, but one look was a clear failure. I knew then, Brittany was out. She looked miserable. Delvin was crying, but I’m not so sure it was for her. I’d hoped it was because he was humbled after trashing Nancy, but it was probably because he just escaped by the skin of his teeth. Brandon told Brittany, it was painful to see her go, but sometimes a devastating thing brings you back to life. He suggested she use it to propel herself to other great things he knew she was capable of. Through her tears, she said it had been an honor to be there, and she looked up to all of them. It had been a crazy ride. She got a Karlie hug, and in her interview, said she disappointed the judges and herself. She had thought she’d be in the finale. I thought Sebastian was right in saying you should go with your first idea.

While backstage, Brittany bemoaned there being nothing to be happy about or proud of with her tux look, Christian made his usual appearance to gently tell the loser it was time to clean up their space. He told Brittany, he was so sorry. She’d have to endure this a little longer. It was the Siriano Save, used at last. He said he thought she’d lost her way, but she was talented and her work was amazing, so he wanted to save her. We saw a clip of Christian telling the judges about his decision to save Brittany, and the judges being all happy. In her non-exit interview, Brittany said she had to show she was worthy of Christian’s save, and not let him down.

Next time, a tie-dye challenge, and Leslie Jones is the guest judge. I love her!

👓  After the Runway…

See Christian interview Sergio, and a dog in a bowtie.


🕵🏻  Omg, I guessed the secret word on Watch What Happens Livefashion – before they showed it. True story. Christian was on, and inferred he didn’t buy Sergio’s political statements.

🍳  Top Chef All Stars will begin cooking on Thursday, March 19th.

🐕  Good Brad…

Another happy ending for a rescue pup.


🍊  Two Amigas Down…

So you think Vicki is going to get married now? Or will she just wait until the ban is over?


🛥  A Surprise For the Captain…

Methinks there might have been one or more terminations had Captain Lee really known what was going on.


🖤  He Felt Nothing…

I doubt she cares very much, but he is freaking rude. Good riddance, I say.


🧨  Valentine Flipside…

She knows the struggle is real.

February 3, 2020 – Brando Speaks, Oops, Chalk Up Another Deck, a New Deck, Unsure, Your Crew, More Sailing, He Belongs, Bowling Puppies & Here Already


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I missed the very beginning because that guy was still talking, but it’s an easy catch-up.

Sonny tells Carly that his dad was chatting up the waitress. It was like he was his old self, and called Sonny son, like he used to. Then everything went to hell. Carly says she’s so sorry, and Sonny asks why she’s still in the ER. She says, Gladys, and Sonny asks if she’s hurt. Carly says, no. She’s fine, but her son was shot. Brando.

Gladys tells Brando, she knows she said he was dead to her, but she wished she could take back the words a million times. She tried, but he didn’t return her calls. She sits, and says, suddenly, Brando showed up at Sonny’s warehouse. Has he forgiven her?

Carly tells Sonny, the shooting started, and she crawled for cover. The bullets were getting closer, and all of a sudden, a man was there, and shielded her. He got shot, but Carly thought he was one of Sonny’s guys. When the shooting stopped, Gladys came out, went to him, and said his name. She was surprised, and to be honest, Gladys was too. She was really trapped and couldn’t run. That man saved her life.

Brando asks why Gladys is there, and how she got mixed up with Sonny. Sonny comes in, and asks Gladys for some privacy. She starts to protest, but he says, out, please. She goes, and Sonny says, so he’s Gladys’s son. Brando says, and he’s Sonny. Sonny says his family was ambushed, and nearly killed. He wants Brando to tell him what he was doing in the warehouse when it happened.

Gladys tells Carly that Brando is doing well; they had the most wonderful reunion. Carly says Gladys told them that he was dead. She played the grieving mother act to the hilt, when she knew he was alive. Why? Gladys says she shouldn’t have done that; not with Carly and Sonny. She’s sorry. Carly says she should be, and Gladys says, when Brando came back from the war, he wasn’t himself. Carly says, that happens to a lot of guys, but their mothers don’t go around telling everyone that they’re dead. Gladys says Brando got mixed up with some bad people, and the truth was embarrassing. It was easier to say he was dead. She told everyone he’d been redeployed and killed in Iraq. Carly says Gladys lied about being a gold-star mother; that’s terrible. Gladys agrees, and says she didn’t know where he was or what he was doing with his life. Carly says Brando knew what Gladys was doing with hers, and holds up picture of Gladys and Dev.

Brando tells Sonny that he doesn’t know anything about the ambush. He came looking for his mother. Sonny asks if Gladys told him that she was there, and Brando says, not exactly. He saw her MyFace page, and she said she was staying with Mike’s family. Sonny asks what Brando knows about him and his family, and Brando says, not much. He doesn’t think Sonny knows much about him either. Sonny says Brando came to his place of business, and Brando says when he got to the warehouse, it was under attack. He could see through the door, and saw a woman who was pinned down, so he covered her while she could get to a secure position. Sonny says that was his wife. She said Brando saved her life. Brando says he just reacted, and Sonny says he knows Brando was in the service and was trained well. Brando’s mother told them he was dead. Does he know anything about that?

Michael says his family is under attack, and he has no idea who wants them dead. Jax says, it’s because of his father’s business. Josslyn wonders if Brando knows about Dev. If he doesn’t, he could blow everything. Dev asks if he’s getting sent back to Turkey.

Nelle shows up to move in at the Quartermaine mansion, but Brook says Nelle tried to kill Michael; he hates her. Nelle says Michael is confused, and to tell him that she’s there. Brook says, it’s late, and Michael is probably out with his girlfriend, but Nelle says Brook is just looking for an excuse to avoid the truth. Brook says, Michael would have told Monica – it’s her house. Nelle says when she was pregnant with Michael’s baby, she and Monica were close, and Monica was nice to her. Brook says she tried to kill Michael. Monica won’t forgive or forget; no more than the rest of them. Nelle can’t be so delusional that she can’t see how Michael despises her. Even if he forgave her – and that’s a huge if – why would she want to live there?

At the hospital, Willow asks Brad, please accept the help. He says she’s concerned about Nelle, but does she hear herself? Willow says, it’s not about her; it’s about Wiley. Brad has to be strong. Brad says, after everything he’s gone through since he and Lucas brought the baby home; he’s walked through fire for that kid.

Nikolas tells an unconscious Laura, he was planning revenge on Valentin, when he should have spent the years with her and Spencer. Instead, he turned from everyone he loves, and let darkness in. Now that he finally understands that, it may be too late.

Willow tells Brad, that’s what parents do; they’d do anything for their children. She knows how hard it’s been without Lucas. Wiley’s kidnapping was scary for all of them, but it’s over. Brad says, it’s not over. He still has nightmares. He and Lucas took turns sleeping in Wiley’s room; they didn’t let him out of their sight. She says she gets it, but Wiley is safe now, and healthy. Brad asks if she thinks that’s enough. Carly is always hovering, and so is Bobbie. She says, they’re Wiley’s family, and they love him. He says, Michael is obsessed. He’s Wiley’s godfather, but wants to be his parent. She says Brad should be grateful Michael cares, and he supposes she thinks he should be grateful to her too.

Nelle says, it’s just them. Brook doesn’t have to impress her family by making a show of hating her. Brook says she meant every word; Nelle is a gold-digging psycho. Nelle says she’s a grieving widow, whose husband left her 5% of ELQ. It makes sense for them to get along. Michael is. Brook says he’s not home, and Nelle can go back to where she came from, and wait there. She opens the door, and Nelle says, she was staying with Brad, but for some reason, Michael thinks it’s not the best place for her. Brook says, okay. Now she gets it. She slams the door shut, and says Michael doesn’t want Nelle spending time with Wiley. She can’t say she blames him.

Dev says this is going to be more trouble for Sonny, and it’s the last thing Sonny needs. Jax says, Sonny can take care of himself, and Michael says, there’s no point in speculating. Josslyn says, it will just made a bad situation worse, and Michael says his dad is handling it. They need to sit tight, and they’ll get through it. He goes out to the terrace where Sasha is waiting. She says she was checking the news about the shooting, but it’s just clips repeating what they already know. He says if there’s any news, his mom will call, and Sasha ask how Carly is. Michael says, considering she just got shot at, he guesses she’s okay. Sasha says, how about him, or was that dumb question? Michael says it’s not, and he isn’t. Sasha says, talk to her, and Michael says they need to stop seeing each other.

Gladys asks how Carly got the photo, and Carly says, from the bag of Brando’s belongings. Gladys gets excited, and asks if Carly knows what that means. Brando was looking for her on social media. He cares about her. Carly asks why Gladys was on social media, and Gladys says Carly and Sonny made her feel like part of a family, so she wanted to post updates about her, Mike, and Dev. She loves saying she’s Dev’s grandmother, and guesses she just wanted everyone to see how happy she was. Carly asks if she was secretly hoping Brando would see, and Gladys admits, the family made her feel so good, maybe she did want him to see. Carly says, he did, and Gladys says she hadn’t heard from him in so long, she figured it was too late. She was surprised to see him.

Brando tells Sonny that he and Gladys haven’t talked years. Sonny asks, why? and Brando says they had one helluva fight. He left Bridgeport, and never looked back. He checked Glady’s MyFace page once in a while, and saw she was staying with Sonny. She posted pictures of her and some kid she said was her grandson, but he never had children. Who is he?

Dev gets that it’s all his fault, but Josslyn says, it’s not his fault; it’s Gladys’s. She lied to them. Jax says he blames Sonny. On the terrace, Sasha asks if Michael is breaking up with her. He says his family is being targeted, and Dev’s father showing up makes it harder. They have no idea who the enemy is. She asks what it has to do with her, and he says he doesn’t want her in any more danger. They need to go their separate ways. Sasha says, no; they don’t.

Carly asks if Gladys didn’t expect Brando to show up, and Gladys says it’s been years since they were in contact. She said harsh things that he took at face value. He left a hole in her heart, and when Sonny showed up, she got to heal. Doing a good deed grew her heart. Carly says, Sonny is paying her, but Gladys says, that didn’t keep her heart from swelling. She never should have shut Brando out her life. Carly asks why she did.

Sonny says he and Brando will talk about his mother later. Where did he go after Bridgeport? Brando says, Chicago was his last stop before Port Charles. Sonny asks if he brought any luggage, and Brando says it’s at the motel where he’s staying. His turn. Who’s the kid? His mom says it’s her grandson. Sonny tells him not to worry about that right now. Brando saved his wife’s life. He’s going to get the best care possible. Just rest.

Gladys says she told Carly already, but Carly wants to know why she feels like there’s more to the story. Gladys says, what’s important is that Brando came back; she wants to concentrate on that. Sonny joins  them, and says she has other things to concentrate on. Like how her son is here and alive. She says she’s sorry she lied to him, and he says, more than once. He doesn’t tolerate people lying.

Brad says Willow is just another problem. Don’t think he doesn’t see what’s behind it every time she deals with Wiley. She’s fantasizing about raising him herself. She’s made it clear that she doesn’t think he’s a good father. She says, maybe not. He hasn’t spoken one word against Nelle.

Brook says just because Michael doesn’t want Nelle with Wiley, doesn’t mean she has to stay there. Carly owns the MetroCourt. Nelle says she’d rather go back to Brad than stay in Carly’s hotel. She would think Brooke sympathizes. Brook says she thinks wrong. Nelle says she heard Carly led Brook astray, encouraging her to get in between Lulu and Dante. When it went south, she let Brook take the blame. Brook says, so Nelle thought they’d team up to take Carly down? It was a long time ago, and they’ve all moved on. Nelle asks how she can be so unfeeling? Nelle lost her kidney and her baby, and went to prison. Now, the Quartermaines refuse to recognize that she has a stake in ELQ. Brook doesn’t know what it’s like for all the Quartermaines to be against her. Brook says, Nelle doesn’t know what it’s like, but she will.

Nikolas tells Laura, it took her being shot to shake him up, and Spencer and Lulu’s anger. He shouldn’t have let them slip away just so he could discover he’s a vengeful and greedy man. He missed her every day. He wants to do better, be better, but he needs her to tell him that she forgives him. Without that, without her… Laura opens her eyes and says, Nikolas.

Willow asks what is it with Brad and Nelle? Why does he keep protecting her? He says, they’re friends, and Willow says she gets it. The pressure is getting to him, and he’s having a breakdown. He needs help. He says he’s fine, but she says the only person who can help him is a real friend; her, Michael, or Julian. But who does he leave Wiley with? Nelle. He says he can take care of his son on his own. There’s nothing she can do.

Gladys tells Sonny that she didn’t want to lie. She was so used to telling people that Brando was dead, in a way, it was like he was dead. Sonny says, but he’s alive. He says Gladys is going to tell Brando that some lady showed up and claimed he was Dev’s father. Gladys says, Brando always had a lot of girlfriends. Sonny says, one more thing. If she even mentions to Brando that he’s protecting Dev, she’s going to regret it. Understand? She thanks him, and asks if she can see her boy now. Sonny nods, and Gladys goes back into Brando’s room. Carly asks if thinks it will work, and Brando will believe it. Sonny says he’s not saying anything until he finds out who Brando is, and why he’s there. She asks what Brando said, and he says, not much. She says, Gladys was vague on details too, and he says that’s why he doesn’t trust either of them. But he can’t concentrate on that now. He’s got to figure out who targeted his family. Carly says, and him. They were all almost killed. She hugs him.

Jax says he’s glad Josslyn is okay; he loves her. She says she loves him too, and he says he’s going to check in and see if Sonny is back. She tells him not to be too hard on Sonny, but he says he’s not making that promise. He says goodbye to Dev, and leaves. Dev says Josslyn’s dad cares about her. He asks if she’s really okay, and she says, thanks to Michael and Dustin. Dev says, it could have gone the other way, and she asks if he was scared for her. He says he was, and he feels bad about the whole thing… She says, when he kissed her? and he says he wishes he could take back the way he reacted.

Nelle takes Brook’s hands, and says she’s not like the other Quartermaines. She’s open-minded, and less constricted from family expectations, which opens her up to more judgement. They’re not bad people. Brook says, Nelle is, and Nelle says she’s never done anything bad to Brook. Brook says, the night is still young. Nelle wonders how Brook can believe the lies the family is feeding her. Why can’t Brook judge her for herself? Brook wonders if Nelle’s BS really works. She plays the victim card, and if that doesn’t work, she tries to bond. Brook might have screwed up her own future, but she’s not going to plot to kill her fiancé and leave him to drown. She won’t stalk a family, and drug a grieving father, then plot to kill a second fiancé. They’re not going to bond, and they’re not friends. Nelle had better call a ride share, and start walking. She’s not waiting for pick-up on Quartermaine property.

Sasha says she doesn’t think Michael really wants her out of his life. He says he’d be lying if he didn’t say his life was better with her in it. This is the start of something bad, and he doesn’t want to drag her in. She says she just went through something bad of her own making, and went through it with the best person she knows. He says he wants to keep her safe, and she says she wants to keep him safe too – from Nelle, or anyone who’s trying to harm him. He says he doesn’t want her near Nelle, but she says it’s her decision. He doesn’t get to choose for her. Does he think she’ll stop worrying about him, and just walk away and get on with her life? He says he’s trying to protect her because he loves her. She’s got news for him; she loves him too. and they’re going to deal with this together. Consequences be damned. They kiss.

Michael’s phone rings, and he asks what Nelle wants. Nelle says she’s at the Quartermaine’s, and Brook won’t let her stay there. She could go back to Brad and spend time with Wiley. Michael tells her to put Brook on, and Brook says, please tell her that he didn’t tell that crazy bitch she can live there, and he says he’ll explain later. Please give her a room. Brook hangs up, and Nelle asks if it’s too late to ask Cook to make cherries jubilee for dinner. Brook asks if Nelle knows who else loves cherries jubilee? Her granny. She’ll put Nelle in the room next to her. Nelle says, Tracy? and Brook says, the one and only. There’s a bathroom in between the rooms, and she’s sure Tracy will love sharing. Nelle says she wanted a room with a lake view, and Brook says, and disappoint granny? Not a chance. Brook leads Nelle upstairs.

Sasha says, that didn’t sound good, and Michael says she has no idea what she’s getting herself into. She says, as long as they’re together, they can handle anything, and they kiss.

Willow wishes Brad could see she’s on his side, and asks him to let her help. She can take care of Wiley tonight, and tomorrow, Brad can pull himself together, and figure out what he needs to do to get back on track. Brad asks how many times he has to tell her. She’s not coming home with him tonight or any other night. She’s fired.

Nikolas asks how Laura is feeling, and says he’ll get the doctor. She tells him, wait. The things he was saying… He says she heard him? and she says she loves him. She’s always going to love him.

Jax calls Carly, and asks if she knows any more about Brando. She says, not a lot. Sonny is still trying to get the truth. Jax says, put him on, but Carly says, it’s not a good time. Sonny has his hands full. Jax says he’ll wait at the house until they’re empty. Josslyn tells Dev not to let it bother him. It was a dumb mistake, and after what just happened, it’s unimportant. He asks if she’s sure, and she says she’s positive. Dustin told her to write about what happened, and she thinks she’s going to do that now.

Gladys fusses over Brando. He says Sonny treated him like a suspect, but she says, don’t be silly. His bark is worse than his bite. She gets him some water, and he asks who Dev is. She says, his son.

Carly tells Sonny, Jax wants answers about Brando. He says he’s going to wait at the house. Sonny says, he’ll be waiting a long time; Sonny isn’t going home. He has to find out who’s after his family and why. Carly takes his hand.

Tomorrow, Nelle says she’s not going anywhere, Peter tells Anna that no one can save her, Carly tells Jax that she won’t be separated from Josslyn indefinitely, and Sonny says something is a problem for him.

⛵️  So here’s what happened. Unbeknownst to me, Below Deck was on at 8, because the new Below Deck Sailing Yacht was premiering at 10. When I realized _ as I stared stupidly at the sailing yacht for a few moments – I cursed my life, and just did a QuickieCap of the new show, and watched the OG at 11:30. That’s my long way of saying, I messed up, so now I can’t go to bed as early as I would have liked, even though I wrote less. I’ve put them in the order they were aired.

Below Deck

The d*ck cake is presented, and Kevin finds out primary Jemele went to bed. Kate tells Kevin that she doesn’t know if Jemele is coming back, but the others might like to enjoy dessert. Captain Lee says he’s not taking a bite. In Kate’s interview, she says, it can’t be the first time someone was underwhelmed when Kevin showed them his penis. In the galley, She says Kevin that the primary was too drunk to stay, and just get the plates. He snaps, it was a waste of a day, and she says that’s not her fault. In Kevin’s interview, he says, it’s the last dessert, and it’s embarrassing. He put a lot of effort into the cake, and he looks like an idiot. Kate says it was ordered on the preference sheet, but in his interview, Kevin says he’s never been so embarrassed, and can see the evil look from Kate. She’s an evil bitch. The cake – which really does look very tasty – is served. Courtney thinks the whole thing is awkward, but Kevin is overreacting.

Jemele snores in her cabin. Kate says Kevin has been in a weird mood all night, and has been screaming at her. Kevin sits in the tender, grumbling about Kate. Kate admits maybe she should have told him before he brought the cake out. In Simone’s interview, she says the season was a sh*t show, but Kate is enjoying Kevin’s embarrassment. It’s defeating when you’ve been working so hard. She thinks Kate is vile. Captain Lee bids the guests goodnight.

Ashton calls the deck crew for a meeting. He tells Brian and Rhylee that they’re on the late shift. He wants to finish strong tomorrow, and says, keep focused. In his interview, he says, in the beginning, he tried to make Rhylee feel included, and give her the voice she felt she lost with Chandler and Ross. I must have missed him doing that. We flash back to Chandler and Ross, and Ashton says, even though Rhylee disrespected him, he doesn’t want to finish with them fighting. He just wants to squash the whole thing. Simone gets a hug from a guest who wishes her the best. In his interview, the captain says the timing of the cake couldn’t have been worse. It’s embarrassing for the last charter. The guests had been having a ball, and enjoying the evening.

Tanner calls his mom, who immediately asks if there are sharks are there. Tanner wonders how she thinks. In his interview, he says he loves his mom; she’s soft and gentle. If she was there, she would ask why everyone is so upset, and tell them, please stop it. Kevin goes back to the galley, and Kate says, it’s been a great season. He tells her, eff off. Kate says he’s being weird; the cake was gorgeous, and Courtney adds that the guests all ate it. Kevin says he feels like Kate was squishing him down by withholding information. Why would she do that? She asks, why have him stand in front of the guests with his d*ck on a silver platter? He called her a d*ck today, but guess what? Today she wasn’t the d*ck. He says, the cake was, and Kate says he presented it perfectly. He says Kate can’t train her staff to do a beach party by themselves, and she asks if he doesn’t think they can. He says he thinks they’re more than capable, but for some reason, she goes to the beach. Um… I think that’s her prerogative as chief stew. In Simone’s interview, she says she’s secretly enjoying Kevin standing his ground. Karma is a beautiful thing. Apparently, she doesn’t understand what karma is and how it works, since Kevin’s not exactly embarrassing Kate. Kate says Kevin is being defensive because he presented his penis poorly, and he says she’s unprofessional. He tells Brian that he just blew Kate off in the galley. She’s getting on his nerves. In Kevin’s interview, he says he wanted to finish on a high note. Frankly, I think Kevin would have done something like that to Kate in a heartbeat, and he’s just jealous that he didn’t think of anything that good. Or as appropriate.

Jemele emerges, and her friends tell her about how they were having a serious conversation with the captain at dinner, and in comes this huge d*ck. Jemele says, apparently, she missed out on something. They ask Kate for a side of balls.

Ashton radios Rhylee to meet him on deck. To herself, she says, on my way, pr*ck, but tells him, yes, sir. In Ashton’s interview, he says it’s their last night out, and he doesn’t want the same sh*t to happen. We flash back to their altercation in the market, and he says he wants to nip it in the bud. When Rhylee joins him, he hems and haws for a moment, and says it’s clear they have differences. He thinks it goes deeper than work. They’re two different people, and that’s okay. Who is he? Mr. Rogers? He tells her, it’s the end of the season, and he just wants to have a good night. She says she trusts in herself to hold herself accountable for her actions, and wants to end on an enjoyable night. He says they’re on the same page. In Rhylee’s interview, she says they have nothing to talk about. It’s their last night out, and she doesn’t give a f***.

The captain pulls anchor for the last time, and the boat heads out. Kate serves breakfast, which looks delicious. In Tanner’s interview, he says it’s their last night, and the odds are in his favor with Kate. It’s the fourth quarter, and they got it. Kevin has made custard buns, and wonders what to do with them, but Kate says, the last meal is over, and goes downstairs. Tanner says, someone has checked out, and Kevin says, someone checked out six weeks ago. In Kate’s interview, she says Kevin has made his fair share of large mistakes, and now he tried to embarrass her in front of the stews. He has two styles; a-hole and sleeping. The guests love the breakfast, and Kevin brings out the custard buns. Jemele says he looks like Tom Cruise. I’m not a fan, but I’d still say, maybe a poor man’s Tom Cruise. She says, about the cake… and apologizes for her absence. She heard he had an incredible d*ck, and he says he didn’t know she’d left. He thanks them, and says they’re his favorite charter this season. In his interview, he says, it’s such a relief to hear when you’re good at what you do. He made an amazing c*ck cake, and it was an amazing way to finish the charter.

Brain tells Courtney that she looks cute with her hair up. In her interview, she says, go away. Stop being cute. Honestly, maybe it’s me, but I don’t get the attraction that all the women seem to have for him. He has a bangin’ bod, but his face and personality is nothing to write home about. I’m not trying to be mean; I just don’t see it. The guests ask for a couple of bottles of champagne, and one of them says she’s living her best life. Kate gets the champagne, and they pop corks and shake the bottles out over the water. A+ for that. Sloppier guests would have just let it spray all over the deck. In Kate’s interview, she says Jemele was not her favorite at the beginning. She was the quintessential head mean cheerleader. But she realized she was wrong, and the grace to say it, and Kate respects that. It’s too bad the crew aren’t the same way. I think Kate’s personality is misunderstood because she’s not bubbly like a lot of the stews. Personally, I would find bubbly annoying, especially first thing in the morning.

The crew gets into their whites. Kate tells Tanner that he’s so cute. The guests pack, and Jemele says it’s going to take a month for her to recover. Anchor is dropped, and the captain scares Rhylee with the horn, which seems to be his things this season. Did the other boats not have one, or is he just getting bored? He calls everyone to the aft deck, and tells Kate that he’s savoring the last goodbye. Jemele says they thought everyone was amazing, and hopefully the tip reflects their value. They were all awesome. The guests leave, and Kate suggests they all jump off the boat right now.

Time for the tip meeting. Captain Lee says they made it. It’s the first time he didn’t need to terminate someone, and that says a lot. He tells them that they performed remarkably well. The tip is… $20K, or $1800 each. Yes! Finally. He says their total for the season was $154K; $7146 each. In Kate’s interview, she says, it’s a good amount of money; they made it through the gauntlet. It wasn’t an easy season, but the tips make working with Kevin almost worth it. The captain tells them, tonight, a full moon party on a private beach has been arranged for them. In her interview, Kate says she doesn’t know what a full moon party is, but it sounds like a rave on the beach with a full moon. She never paid attention to the moon when she was at a rave, and doesn’t know what to expect.

The boat is cleaned, and laundry folded. Kate calls Rhylee, asking her to come to the pantry. Kate pours champagne for the girls. She says, it’s like a friendship bracelet, but better. In her interview, she says she’s never had a season where it was guys versus girls. The girls became extra bonded because the guys were such a-holes. In Simone’s interview, she tells us that she has a lot of things to say to Kate, but she’s not doing it. She just wants to say goodbye. The guys jump off the boat, and have a beer on deck. Courtney doesn’t know if she has anything more to say to Brian. They’ve basically been avoiding each other, and she has nothing to say. They’re not getting back together, and will probably never see each other again. They’re friendly, but it’s just weird.

Everyone gets ready to go out. The guys have shots. Tanner says it’s his last night, and he knows he’s having fun. He’s ready to effing go. The crew gets on a tender, and heads for shore. Brain and Ashton talk bro stuff, and Courtney tells Kate  that she was in their way. The beach looks amazing; it’s all done up like some awesome, weird carnival. There are ladyboys and girls in practically nothing, fire dancers and fire eaters, a private cabana, lots of liquor, and giant letters of fire spelling out MY VALOR. In her interview, Kate says, it’s a reason to drink alcohol and make bad decisions in the dark. Simone gets on a tree swing. The fire eater/dancers put on a show, and a guy twirls sticks with fire on each end. Kevin jumps over some of the fire letters, and by some miracle, manages not to get hurt. On the boat, Captain Lee does some ironing.

Brian gazes at Courtney, and finally sits next to her. He says he doesn’t want to end things on a bad note. It’s a little awkward, but he had fun with her. The whole season was about her. He doesn’t know what to do, and asks what she wants to do. She says, about what? and he says, just leave it as it is? She says, okay, and he says he was asking a question. She tells him that he’s full of sh*t, and then kisses him. In her interview, she says she just wants to end the season nicely. Kate tells Rhylee, Brian unleashed his secret weapon; he took his shirt off. Tanner sits with them, and Kate says he’s a breath of fresh drunken air.

In Ashton’s interview, he says he wants no negative feelings or regrets. He’s going to be a good boy. Kate, Rhylee, Simone, and Kevin take a selfie. Kevin says they had a good run, and Kate says he was a pain in the ass sometimes. He says the big mess up was when she stopped caring. They could all feel it. She asks if he thinks she’s not a good chief stew, and he says he doesn’t. She says she thinks he’s not good yacht chef either. He’s just a baker. He says she doesn’t know all about food, and Tanner says Kevin did a great job. He tells Kate, sorry, and she asks what Kevin did that was phenomenal. Kevin says Kate has nothing to back it up, and Kate leaves. Tanner tells Kevin that he was trying to defend him. Rhylee tells Simone that she thinks Kate feels vulnerable, but Simone says she’ll think things are okay between them, and then Kate says something that’s a jab. Tanner, Kevin, and some unidentified guy have shots. On the boat, the captain picks up an empty Greygoose bottle and calls it a dead soldier.

Tanner stumbles around after Kate, who keeps changing location. Rhylee chants, get it, get it, get it. Tanner tells Kate that he’s wanted to kiss her all day. She says he’s an idiot. HA-HA-HA! She tells him that he said Kevin was right. It’s never going to happen; she’s a lesbian. She’s getting more lesbian by the second, the more he talks. She tells him, get over it, and leaves. In Simone’s interview, she says she doesn’t have to deal with this sh*t anymore; she’s happy. It’s amazing that she can now wash her hands clean, and get on with the rest of her life.

Kevin kicks sand at Kate as he goes by. She says he got sand in her eyes. Brian tells him to say he’s sorry, and Kevin says, eff off. It doesn’t matter what happens. Then the subtitles tell us that Kevin says, I walrahrahrah. Kate wakes up Ashton, and tells him they have to go. He rounds up everyone, and they get back in the tender. Brian says this was the best experience of his life, and Kate says, except for the sand in her face. He tells her not to worry, and she asks if he’s sh*tting her. In his interview, Brian says, even though Kate is who she is, you don’t kick sand in someone’s face. He still thinks Kate is overeating. It’s what she does best.

When they get to the dock, Kate gives them the finger, says, eff off, and jets back to the Valor. Kevin tries to run on the dock, and Ashton stops him. When they get inside, Ashton tells Kevin that he has to cook now, and he also has a whole beach on his ass. Kate gives the camera the finger before she closes her cabin door. We see Kevin’s naked butt, which I never want to see again. He wraps his nakey self in a towel, and Ashton tells him, go to bed. I’m not quite sure what Kevin does under that towel, but I think it has something to do with a sparkler, since Brian says he’s going out with a bang, and they all die laughing. Tanner says, Jiminy Cricket, and Courtney leads Brian to the guest room.

It’s the final day. Tanner says he’s staying drunk so he doesn’t get a hangover. He’s still wasted. Kevin smiles at Kate, and she asks, why? He says he’s happy they’re getting off the boat. She says he kicked sand in her eye, but he insists he didn’t. She says, he did, and in his interview, he says he doesn’t remember doing it, but if he did, it was for a reason. She called him a sh*tty yacht chef. Tanner tries to get information out of Brian, who won’t kiss and tell. In his interview, he tells us to use our imagination. Kate tells Rhylee that Kevin didn’t bother to apologize. In Simone’s interview, she says Tanner is a child, and that’s a problem, but she might call him in the future. Not like that, but possibly platonic. She thinks saying goodbye to Kate is disingenuous. She did learn a valuable lesson; to be self-reliant. She wants to continue in yachting, and get more experience. Tanner asks if Kate wants a quickie, but she says, no. In his interview, Tanner says it makes him stay humble. In Kate’s interview, she says she doesn’t regret that they didn’t hook up, but if they’re ever in the same zip code, it’s a sure thing. Tanner tells Captain Lee, it’s the best job he ever had, and the captain tells him, be safe. Tanner says he’ll see them on the flipside.

Ashton tells Brian, it worked out nicely. Brian says, the drama washed away. Courtney is a cool chick, and he’s going to miss her. Ashton says, well done, bru, which is now like nails on a blackboard to me. Brian thanks Courtney for being so amazing. In her interview, Courtney says, saying goodbye to Brian is bittersweet. They had an easy friendship. When she gets back home, she wants to go out to a nice dinner that’s not pad Thai. She stops to play with a dog on the dock. Kevin thanks Captain Lee, who says he did an outstanding job. In his interview, Kevin says he knows where he wants to be now. He’s ready to go home to his daughter, take her on holiday, and go back to cooking food. He says, there are only so many fake apologies he can give to Kate. He walks out without saying goodbye. Kate says, goodbye, Thailand. It’s over. It’s the final straw.

Kate calls out, bye, Kevin. See you never. She tells Rhylee, Kevin didn’t even say goodbye, and Rhylee says, he’s a pr*ck. These people are a-holes. In Brian’s interview, he says it’s been a roller coaster ride, but in the end, he pulled through. He’s staying in yachting, and eventually becoming a captain. When he sees his daughter, he can relax. Rhylee says, seeing Ashton is going to be awkward, and Kate tells her, be civil; it’s over. Rhylee says, one day you’ll be a great bosun? but Kate says, that’s not civil. She tells Rhylee, no matter what anyone says, she’s a great asset. In Rhylee’s interview, she says she doesn’t know if it’s the yachting world, or it’s her in the yachting world, but she’s thankful for Kate. Without Kate in her corner, she might not have stuck it through. She says goodbye to Captain Lee, and tells Ashton, it’s that time. In her interview, she says she’s not disappointed in her behavior. She showed reserve, and she’s proud of it. She tells Ashton that she appreciates him tolerating her, and he says, all the best. In Rhylee’s interview, she says she’s going to keep yachting in her back pocket, but right now she’s going back to Alaska and a fishing charter. She’s going to slay it, and not think twice about Ashton.

Kate guzzles a beer in the galley. In Ashton’s interview, he says he and Kate are leaving on good terms. They had two big fights, and he thinks she crossed department boundaries. She disrespected him, and he’s disappointed in the situation. He’s glad to say goodbye. In Kate’s interview, she says their goodbye was like their other interactions during the season; civil, but fake. Ashton tells Captain Lee, it’s been quite a year, and the captain compliments Ashton’s nice farmer tan, saying he has to even that sh*t out. Ashton thanks him for the bosun position, and guiding him through it. Captain Lee says Ashton had to grow, and he grew a lot. In his interview, Ashton says it was his first season as bosun, and he learned a lot. The captain tells him, no sailor ever learned anything in calm seas. In his interview, Ashton says there were things he could have handled better, but he learned he’s capable. He’s going to spend some time with Ross in Florida, then join a crew with no redheads.

Kate and Captain Lee hug. She tells him, chalk up another one. They made it again. She’s going to miss the boat. She says she’ll see him around Florida. He says, it’s been a slice, and she says, always is. In Kate’s interview, she says, it was a personally challenging season. She’s going to spend a week alone at a resort, then head back to Florida, pack up her life, and move to New York. She’s scared to move there, but she was scared to start yachting. She needs a new adventure.

Captain Lee says, he doesn’t know what it is about Thailand, but he still has best goddam job in the world.

Next time, the Reunion, and it looks like a doozie. Otherwise, I’d be completely bummed this season is over.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Captain Glenn of the Parsifal III, explained that he, deckhand Paget, and stew Ciara were a core family, and he’d brought Paget and Ciara in during the off-season. In her interview, Ciara said she and Paget had been friends, moved in together to save money, and then decided to date. Ciara never went to a conventional school, and grew up on a sailboat. While she’s technically a stew, Captain Glenn decided to put her on deck. Since she and Paget have never worked in the same department, this should prove interesting, as well as a test of their relationship. Chef Adam – a transfer from Below Deck Mediterranean – told us he’s spent a solid year driving around in a van with his dog, and cooking over an open flame. His jam is focusing on food and being single, and he assured us that he was still the same a-hole, d*ckhead (his words). Jenna, the chief stew from Canada, said she came up like a Navy SEAL, has high standards, and expects everything should be perfect. Second stew Madison told us that she was made for yachting, and is like the Energizer Bunny, living on candy and caffeine. She tries not to overwhelm people with her energy. She had been a competitive figure skater, and said she’d transferred her work ethic to sailing. Georgia is the third stew from South Africa, but said her British mother gave her and her siblings fake British accents. She gets more British when she drinks, and becomes the Queen of England by midnight. Chief engineer Byron (love that name!) is married with a young daughter, and finally, deckhand Parker said he grew up sailing, and was confident on smaller boats. This is his dream job.

In a first meeting, Jenna told the stews that she’s forward and direct, but not a bitch, which remains to be seen. She said she didn’t mind the stews having opinions, but didn’t want to be challenged, telling them, give it a few days. In her interview, she said she didn’t expect to be a mom, and her primary focus was on the guests, not whether the crew feels happy or loved. Adam remarked that the boat had been sitting on the dock too long, and looked like Ciara and Paget’s apartment. I don’t know what their apartment looks like, but if the boat is any indication, they’re both bad at housekeeping.

Captain Glenn told the crew that he’s laid back, and likes the crew to run their own departments. If anyone had a problem, they were to go to the department head first before going to him. In Adam’s interview, he said it was a welcome change, since he’d been under Captain Sandy’s thumb on Below Deck Med, and we flashed back to some of that. The captain added that he was also hands-on when it came to pitching in with work, but didn’t like fixing things in front of guests. Jenna made it clear that she was looking for attention to detail. If the a stew is paying attention, she knows she can trust them. In Georgia’s interview, she said she was never properly trained, but would love to have someone tell her if she’s doing it right.

During the preference sheet meeting, the captain told Paget, Jenna, and Adam that their first guests would be Alan and Jennifer. Alan had been a high level software engineer at Apple before retiring. Their daughter and friend Peyton would also be joining them, as well as friends Guy and Alessia, who were getting married just before the trip. They were looking to do some adventurous activities, and sailing. I guess they’re in the right place for the latter. Jenna said the boat looked like it had been boarded by pirates, and there were trash bags everywhere. In his interview, Paget said he didn’t want Ciara and himself to be that couple cuddling in the corner. Madison told Jenna about her five drunk tattoos, and in her interview, said she tries to be responsible when she’s drunk by keeping the tattoos to areas not normally seen. Then she pulled out her lower lip to show us MEOW inside, and said she didn’t like cats. I’m not even sure what to say about that. Everyone agreed the boat was a sh*t show, but somehow managed to get it cleaned up, and got on their green polos for greeting the guests.

Everyone counted only four people coming up the boardwalk, and Guy said their friends had been delayed, but were taking a plane in from Athens. It was the same routine as on a regular yacht, with the guests being greeted with warm towels and champagne, and the chief stew giving a tour. The boat is gorgeous, but of course, not as palatial as the motor yachts. Captain Glenn did enlighten us that sailboats have motors, without which it would be difficult to get in and out of port. The captain was impressed at how easily they got off the dock, but said the true test would be when they set the sails up. And unlike a motor yacht, everything loose has to be secured.

While Adam was anxious to cook Greek food, all of the preference sheets listed sushi, so he decided to go with that for the first meal. He wanted to get the job right. The dining area décor was really pretty, but for some reason, it reminded me of funeral home. The guests were happy with the sushi, as I would have been – it looked fabulous. Jenna told Adam that he wasn’t just a pretty face. He told us the galley was a fraction of the size of a motor yacht galley, and any nook or cranny was like gold. It’s like everything was cut in half. Right out of the gate, the hot tub was reading 75*, but the water was still cold. In his interview, Paget said if anything was wrong, it was on him, but he couldn’t figure it out. Byron came to the rescue, telling him, the heater switch has to be turned on. I would have laughed, but I’ve had those moments of stupidity myself. In Jenna’s interview, she said nothing was prepared, but she had to have her stew face on, hands behind her back, looking proper. After arriving at Miko Nisi in Corfu (Greece), there was some difficulty taking the sails back down, but Captain Glenn said they’d wait until the guests were off the boat to fix it. Apparently, it’s difficult to get the sails down, since they have to fold perfectly into something called a donkey d*ck – hey, I didn’t name it – which looked sort of like a gutter.

Jenna told Adam that she’d been engaged once, and he said he had been engaged once too. She asked what happened, and he said, yachting. In her interview, Jenna said her past ten relationships had been unhealthy ones. She always goes for the wrong people, and wanted to find her person. It didn’t take long before there was a major problem – no steak knives on board. Damn. Even I have steak knives. Adam said serving steak with improper cutlery in a fine dining scenario was the worst of the worst.

Alessia and Guy arrived by tender, and told everyone that they’d missed their own wedding because they never got to Vegas. In Jenna’s interview, she says she’s not the one getting married, but the person who is going to get screwed is her. Guy asked if the captain couldn’t marry them, and did he have an Elvis outfit.

This season, Madison says the sh*t is going to hit fan while they’re sailing, horrible guests, Adam and Jenna hook up (!), Jenna is told she has an attitude problem, someone (it looks like Parker) is on thin ice, and Parker asks if Paget thinks it’s funny that he’s still being breastfed. What? Please tell me that was the TV equivalent of clickbait.

⚖️ I don’t know if I’m going to love this show the way I do the others – the OG Below Deck being my forever favorite. This captain is a little too laid back for me, but the close quarters should make for some interesting drama, and the clip of those horrible guests was intriguing. In other words, the jury is still out.

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