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October 17, 2018 – Nina Bonds with Sasha, Charter Guests with Bad Luck, Carlotta Flashes Back, Dallas Mañana, & Salute the Queen


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny checks out Spencer, whose publicist working on his Instagram. She’s only eleven, but Parisian so she’s taken seriously. He tells Sonny it’s mid-term break, but he also came back to Port Charles to right a terrible wrong.

At the MetroCourt, Maxie asks if Nina is okay. Nina says nothing she won’t survive. She’s supposed to meet her daughter. Not only was she stood up, she probably will never see her again.

Valentin sees Sasha trying to jet from the MetroCourt. He asks if he can have a moment of her time regarding her biological mother, Nina Reeves.

Laura comes by Lulu’s office. She says not only does Lulu write for The Invader, she appears on Page Five. Laura shows Lulu her tablet where there’s picture of her and Peter at the film festival. She says it looks like they have some catching up to do.

Drew leaves message for Oscar, wishing him a happy birthday.

Oscar sits in the park. His phone dings, and he sees a missed call from Dad.

Peter goes to Drew’s office to find out what Drew needed help with. Drew says he needs to clear something up. If his memories were restored, would he forget the past five years?

Maxie tells Nina there are a million reasons why Sasha might be late, but ditching her isn’t on the list. Nina says when it comes to sisters-in-law, she won the lottery. Maxie thinks Sash will realize she won in the biological mother lottery. Maxie says, by the time she gets back, they’ll be so deep into bonding, Nina won’t notice she’s there.

Sonny wonders if Spencer’s visit has anything to do with his vendetta against Valentin. He says he promised his grandmother that he’s set aside fighting for his birth right to avenge his father. Sonny is proud of him, and Spencer says, new fans are always welcome. Sonny tells him about Mike living there, and Spencer says his grandmother told him that Mike has Alzheimer’s. He asks if Sonny thinks Mike will remember him. Sonny thinks so. Mike talks about Spencer’s mom, Courtney, a lot. He tells Spencer to let Mike lead. Let him tells stories, and they can get to know each other for as long as they can. Josslyn comes in. She’s excited to see Spencer, and asks how his legs are. Spencer says the healed bones are even stronger. He tells Josslyn that he heard about her and Oscar on social media, and knows she must be devastated. Sonny leaves them to talk. Spencer says when he saw her Instagram post, he had to return. How can he leave his dearest friend halfway around world with a broken heart?

Cameron meets Oscar in the park. He says Oscar is lucky he had nothing first period, but he wouldn’t know since he’s not in school. He asks what Oscar is doing, and Oscar says, stuff. Cameron says they’re reading Moby Dick in English class, and it’s boring; there’s a whole chapter on knots. He tells Oscar that his fake girlfriend plan caused Josslyn to be obsessed with finding  every detail about a girl who doesn’t exist. It’s twisted, and he’s out. Oscar says Cameron can’t quit. The sooner Josslyn is convinced the girl is real, the sooner she’ll get over him and move on. Cameron says he’s already over him. He kept Oscar’s secret, and showed Josslyn the fake girlfriend. He feels like he has an ulcer. Oscar says he doesn’t, but Cameron says that’s not the point. They had a deal. If it didn’t work, Oscar has to tell her. Oscar says, it is working. She believes it. All Cameron has to do is one last thing; make up a story. Cameron says, and lie point blank to his oldest friend. It’s not happening. Just because Oscar is sick doesn’t give him a free pass to be a jerk.

Sasha thinks Nina is Valentin’s boss, and he was sent to intercept her. She tells him to let Nina know she’s sorry. She already had a mother; a great mother, and she’s not in the market for another one. Valentin says he understands the people they love aren’t interchangeable. She misunderstands. He wasn’t sent there to intercept her, and he’s the last person she would send. Nina doesn’t trust him, for good reason. Sasha asks who he is, and why is he talking to her? He knows firsthand what it’s like to have Nina turn your world upside down. She means well. Sasha says it’s a lot; she’s a lot. Valentin agrees Nina can be overwhelming, especially where her daughter is involved. Sasha says she doesn’t know Nina, but Valentin says at one point, she was Nina’s whole world. The next moment, it was twenty years later and she was gone. She hasn’t had time to adjust to the joy of Sasha still being alive. It’s not much to ask. He knows what it’s like to be embraced and loved by Nina, and it’s something she doesn’t want to miss. He also knows what it’s like to be deprived of it, and she’ll regret it for the rest of her life.

Sasha says that may be the case for Valentin, and asks who he is. He introduces himself, saying he’s Nina’s ex-husband. Sasha says when they met yesterday, it was obvious that Nina wanted more than she can give. He says it might have seemed that way, but Nina is a giver. She’s utterly overwhelming, and it can be infuriating at first, but she’s generous. Sasha says she sounds lovely, but it’s too much. Valentin tells her the one thing Nina wanted more than anything was a child of her own. The closest she’s come is being stepmother to his child. Her loyalty and devotion is unmatched. Sasha says she wasn’t loyal enough to stay with him, but Valentin says it’s all on him. Sasha says it’s never only on one, but he tells her in this case, it is. She stood by him through it all. Sasha asks why they’re not still together, and he says he abused her trust. He broke her heart, and he’ll regret it and love her until the end of his days. All Nina wants is her time, and he guarantees it will be time well spent.

Lulu finds it hard to believe Laura came all the way to discuss a picture. Laura says she’s just checking in. She knows Lulu was upset about her marriage. Lulu says, and she happened to be reading Page Five? Laura says correct her if she’s wrong, but Peter isn’t her husband’s favorite guy. Lulu says Dante doesn’t have to like all of her friends. Laura says Peter is her boss. Lulu says, and her friend. If Dante doesn’t like it, he can come home and tell her to her face. Laura asks if Lulu is trying make Dante jealous, but she says she just accepted an invitation. She misses her husband. Laura asks if Peter knows that, and Lulu says he does. Laura says if the message Lulu wants to send is that she loves and misses him, the photo isn’t going to help her. Geez, it’s just a photo of them standing next to each other, smiling. It’s not like they’re groping each other.

Nina starts to leave, and Sasha runs in. She asks if she’s too late, and Nina says, never.

Peter thinks Drew should talk to Andre, but Drew says he’s doing classified research for the WSB. They won’t share his location, or even give him a message. Peter is his next best resource. Peter says he just delivered Drew and Jason. Drew asks if he was there for the procedure. Peter says he was, but didn’t understand the science. Drew asks if he can outline what happened. Break it down. When new memories are implanted, do the memories that are there disappear? Peter says, yes, and Drew says, then the last five years will be a blur. Peter says, to the best of his knowledge. Drew says, so he can forget Sam and Scout. He’ll be Drew again. He’ll remember being a SEAL, but forget Monica and Oscar. he apologizes for rambling, and thanks Peter. Peter asks if it’s still hypothetical, or does he have the flashdrive? Drew says he doesn’t have the flashdrive, just questions. Peter is sorry he’s no help. Drew deserves better. He doesn’t have the right to offer Drew advice, but from one man whose past was run by Faison to another, he’ll find no peace in looking backward.

Sasha and Nina sit down, and Nina apologizes for coming on like a tsunami. She also apologizes for what she said about Sasha’s mother. She didn’t mean any disrespect. She was angry and frustrated with herself, and a little jealous that Sasha’s adoptive mother got to raise her. She’s glad Sasha was raised by a woman who inspired love and loyalty. Sasha says they did love each other very much. Nina has an envelope, and says she also wanted to give Sasha this. She’s not Sasha’s only long lost relative. She has other family. They’re colorful, but incredible. Does she want to hear about them?

Spencer gives Josslyn a framed map of Paris, all the places he’d love to show her. All they have to do is just get on a plane. She’s happy he’s back; it feels like he’s been gone forever. She can’t remember the last time they hung out. She says he hasn’t changed, and he says she got taller. (I actually think it might be the other way around.) She tells him that her volleyball coach is appreciative. Spencer asks how she is, and she says, stressed. It’s Oscar’s birthday, and he’s celebrating with his new girlfriend. Spencer says he cursed them. Josslyn says, even though he’s with someone else, she can’t help wishing him a happy birthday, and takes out her phone. Spencer asks where her dignity is, and says it’s a giant mistake.

Oscar can’t believe Cameron just called him a jerk. He has a brain tumor. Cameron says that doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. Oscar asks if Cameron knows something the doctors don’t, and Cameron says he can still turn this thing around and not be a jerk. He asks if Oscar knows how much time he has, but Oscar isn’t sure. Cameron says he’d better hurry then. Oscar thinks this is better than heartfelt talk with his parents, and asks Cameron to say something mean again. Cameron says he’s not a trained seal. Didn’t the doctors tell Oscar how much time he had? Oscar says it’s not a question anyone wants to answer. Cameron says you’d think his parents would be more specific with the details. Oscar’s phone dings. He says he misses things not being important. Everything is significant now. His mom gets teary taking him for ice cream, thinking it will be the last time. He’d like to see a movie trailer without wondering if he’ll live to see the movie. He wants to hate Spanish class, and think random thoughts, and wishes not everything was so important. He looks at his phone, and sees Josslyn’s message wishing him a happy birthday.

I miss a little bit here because, dogs. Drew has told Sonny about Margaux’s offer of the flashdrive. Drew says he’ll tell Sonny the same thing he told Margaux. The memories aren’t his to share. Jason and Sonny also helped him. Sonny says Jason did it to protect the people he cares about, and Sonny cares too.

Valentin sees Peter, and says the photo is a helluva thing. What message is he trying to send? Peter says if two friends going to a movie is news, it must be a slow day. Is he insinuating that Peter is trying to undermine Lulu’s marriage, since that would help gain traction with Charlotte. Valentin says Peter’s mind goes to dark places. Peter has earned the trust of those who didn’t trust him before; Maxie and Lulu. Peter says, and Nina. Valentin says, good for him. He’s able to live openly among those he hurt. No hidden identity; no hidden agenda. Peter didn’t realize they’d be so quick to forgive. He wonders what’s bothering Valentin. Is it that he gets to go on with his life in Port Charles, while Valentin has fallen from grace?

Nina shows Sasha pictures as she talks. She wishes Sasha could have met her brother; everyone loved him. Maxie is more like a sister than a sister-in-law. She works at the magazine, and has the most incredible baby ever – James, the light of their lives. Sasha also has a half-sister, Kiki; they share the same father. Sasha asks about her father. Nina is certain he doesn’t know about her. Nina’s mom would have worked it out that way. His name was Silas Clay, and they were very much in love. Sasha was definitely conceived out of love. Sasha says that means a lot to her. She noticed Nina was using the past tense, and Nina says he died a couple years ago. Another long story. She puts the pictures in the envelope, and says these are the ones closely related to her. Feel free look at the photos at her leisure, or not; it’s up to her. As for seeing Nina again, she appreciates that Sasha came back. Sasha says it’s her pleasure. Nina says she doesn’t want to miss her flight, but Sasha says she can cancel it. She’d like to stick around for a few days, if it’s okay with Nina.

Lulu tells Laura that Dante should trust her, and know nothing is going on. If not, they’ll get past it like they always do. Laura thinks that’s a bad plan. You can’t live in the world as it should be, but as it is. He’s still mourning the death of his partner, for which Peter is partly to blame. The photo rubs his nose in all of it. She can’t take things for granted. Sometimes absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder. Lulu asks if things are still off with Doc, and Laura says he’s definitely avoiding her. Spencer also dropped out of the sky, and his presence isn’t putting the spark back. Lulu offers to take him for a few days, but Laura thinks Doc will feel the pressure and it will make it even worse. She’s never seen him like this; so distracted and distant. Lulu says as soon as the anniversary of his brother’s killing spree passes, he’ll be back to his old self. Laura says, in the meantime, she’s going to check on Spencer. Lulu thanks her for the tough love. She missed Laura. Laura tells her to take good care of the people she loves. Life doesn’t always go as planned.

Sonny tells Drew not to underestimate Margaux. She assumes she has the one thing that will get him to do what she wants. If Sonny goes down, so does Jason, and it will effect Sam, Elizabeth, and Jake. It will hurt a lot of people. Margaux is banking on Drew’s resentment of Jason getting him to flip. Drew says he’ll never let her get to him, and Sonny wonders why he’s so sure.

Nina tells Sasha, of course it’s all right; she’s thrilled. Why the change of heart? Sasha says she’s not finished yet. It came as shock, and it’s finally started to wear off. She replaced her anger at Nina for telling her, with anger at her mother for not telling her. Nina understands why she would want to walk away, but she brought the pictures so Sasha could see them. She’s not using them to make her stay. Sasha says, it’s not just the photos. She had an enlightening conversation with Nina’s ex-husband. When Nina said she was willing to let her go, she seemed sincere, and just proved what he said about her. Nina says, Valentin got her to stay?

Valentin tells Peter few people’s opinions mean anything to him. Nina, Charlotte, and him. He doesn’t believe wrongs can’t be righted. Peter asks if he should pass Valentin’s regrets along to Nina. Valentin doesn’t care. He doesn’t need Peter’s help to prove his love is worth saving. Peter says he’s heard the way Nina talks about Valentin. Valentin says she’s absolutely right. Peter wonders why Valentin thinks he has a chance in hell to win her back. Valentin says he believes it with every fiber in his being, and he’s going to make it happen.

Lulu goes to see Maxie at her office. She asks how Nina is, and Maxie tells her about Nina meeting with her daughter. Lulu says Maxie must have seen the photo, but Maxie says she hasn’t, so Lulu shows her. Her and Peter on Page Five. Her mom is worried it will look like it’s more than it is, especially to Dante. Maxie asks if they went to dinner beforehand, but Lulu says they went straight from work. Maxie asks if they went out afterward, and Lulu asks if Maxie is upset that she went with Peter. Maxie says, no; she’s just being protective. Maxie says she knows what to do. Go behind Lulu’s back, and tell Peter not to confuse her. She’s a married woman, isn’t she?

Josslyn can’t believe Oscar hasn’t replied; not even a polite thank you. Spencer tells Josslyn that she should be more strategic. Why should he reply? He knows she’ll always be there. She asks if she should go silent and hope he notices. Spencer asks what’s bothering her more; not hearing from him or imagining him with someone else. She says, both, but he asks, what’s worse? She says seeing the post of Oscar and the other girl made her sick. Spencer says Josslyn is smart and beautiful. Plenty of other guys would be thrilled to date her. Perhaps Oscar should see that for himself. Josslyn hugs Spencer, and he says this went better than he thought. She says he’s a genius, and he says he is. She knows what to do.

Cameron picks up a leaf, and tells Oscar it’s like a leaf of their friendship. It goes from green to brown. It reminds him of Oscar’s breath. He says he’s feeling a haiku coming on, and Oscar tells him, shut up.

Josslyn says she’s going to figure out exactly what to do to get Oscar back. She knows who can help – Cameron. She calls him, but when Cameron’s phone rings, Oscar tells him, don’t answer.

Lulu tells Maxie that Peter is her boss and friend. It’s all they’ve been or ever will be. Maxie says, not according to Page Five. Lulu says it’s just a picture; they didn’t say anything. Maxie says, they didn’t have to. A picture is worth a thousand words. Lulu says Maxie can’t possibly believe something is going on, and Maxie says Lulu jumped to the same conclusion about her. Lulu says, that’s different, and Maxie asks, why? Because she’s a lonely widow? She cleared up the misunderstanding. Lulu told Peter she wanted him to stay away, but she didn’t. Lulu thinks she should be more careful, but Maxie doesn’t think she needs to be more careful than Lulu does.

Cameron answers, and Josslyn says she needs him to be her boyfriend. Spencer facepalms.

Laura sees Peter. She doesn’t know if he remembers her, but she’s Lulu’s mom. He asks what he can do for her. She tells him that like many people in the town who were affected by his father, she’s sorry he had the misfortune of being his son. She’s sure it was awful. He says, it was. Valentin listens. Laura says Lulu told her how much he’d like a fresh start. Not just with The Invader, although it’s infinitely more readable now. She tells him, good luck with the paper, and everything. Valentin says she’s exhibiting unprecedented generosity today. She says Peter was the victim of one monster, and the pawn of another – namely him. He says she’s subtle, and she says she doesn’t owe him subtlety. He’s the criminal who murdered her son. She owes him nothing.

Sasha tells Nina that Valentin recognized her, and convinced her not to go. He said she’d regret it if she left, and Sasha sees he was right. Nina asks if he told her why they got a divorce. Sasha says, no, but she imagines it’s another – they finish together, long story. Sasha can’t begin guess what went down, but she has to say she’s never heard anyone talk about another person with so much love.

Sonny says that Drew could have gotten payback, but didn’t. Drew says, there was no incentive. Sonny says maybe Margaux does have it. If she wants to come at him, bring it on, but don’t let her do it through him.

Tomorrow, Olivia-Q has bad news, Kim thinks this could be the solution, and Carly is tempted to find out what’s going on.

Below Deck

When we last left, Rhylee was griping about Chandler in the crew mess. Ross says Chandler is her boss, but Rhylee says he wasn’t in the van when Chandler told her to speak freely. Kate asks what happened, and Rhylee said she asked Chandler if she could speak freely. He said she could, and she told him that if he made everyone get up at 6 am, he was going to piss off the whole deck crew. He told her to stop talking, and she asked if he was saying that as a boss or friend. He said, both. Kate says he was right. Rhylee tells Kate that she said she’d do whatever was required, and he stormed out of the van. In his interview, Ross knows why she’s frustrated, but she needs to stop talking now. She needs to know her place; she disrespected Chandler. Chandler comes out of his bunk, and says Rhylee straight up lost her sh*t. Apparently, he’s never seen someone lose their sh*t. Rhylee says she told him that she’d do what he asked. Sorry to speak while he’s effing interrupting. In his interview, Chandler says he’s never dealt with such disrespect. I guess he doesn’t know what that is either. He goes back into his bunk. Kate understands what happened, but the only person raising her voice is Rhylee. If she was Rhylee, she’d go to sleep now, since she has to be on deck at 6 am. Rhylee says she’ll do what she wants. In her interview, Kate says Rhylee has no experience in yachting. She needs to respect those above her, and everyone is above her. It’s 3 am, and Ashton and Ross go to bed, Rhylee says it’s bullsh*t, and Caroline has a cigarette on the dock.

In Rhylee’s interview, she says she can go on no sleep and still do her job. She does it all summer, and it won’t affect her. Ashton tells Chandler there’s a gap, and asks what he missed. He doesn’t know what’s going on. Chandler says they were waiting for him for an hour and a half, and Rhylee got out of hand. In his interview, Chandler says he’s glad Rhylee is working like a professional this morning, but she dug a hole last night, and still has to dig out of it. He tells Ashton that he has to have serious conversation with her.

Caroline gets an email from her mother, saying she has early onset dementia. Caroline says her mother has struggled with it, but has been in denial. Finally hearing it from her puts Caroline in a sad, dark place. It’s heartbreaking.

Chandler won’t even talk to Rhylee, and they work in silence. Josiah loves that Chandler made them start work at six, but Kate says she’d never punish the crew that way. Rhylee knows she has a temper, but not talking to her makes Chandler a pr*ck. Kate has breakfast with Captain Lee, who asks who effed up. Kate says Rhylee doesn’t have respect for Chandler, but the captain says she will and she should.

Captain Lee calls Adrian, Kate, and Chandler in for a preference sheet meeting. The co-primaries are Alan and Danyelle. They’re returning guests, who Kate says are the lovliest guests ever, but also have the worst luck. We flash back, and they were the guests aboard when Chef Leon quit. She says they deserve the perfect charter. It’s Alan’s 53rd birthday tomorrow, and they also just got engaged. They want massages, a midnight PJ party, a picnic on the beach, and an excursion to the natural caves. Kate wants to make sure the experience will be fun for them.

Adrian says he uses his third eye to plan the meals, and it always works out. Ashton says whatever he’s doing, keep it up. It’s working.

Caroline is obviously distressed. Josiah asks if she’s excited for the next charter, and she says she’s stoked, but starts to cry and runs out when Kate walks in. Kate is like, wth? and asks Josiah to help. He looks for Caroline, and finds her on the stairs, crying. She tells him that she’ll be okay in a second. In Caroline’s interview, she says she worries about her mom. It’s hard to see somebody lose their mind. She can’t control it, and feels helpless. Kate asks if she’s okay, and she says she’s just going through a rough patch; it’s nothing about the boat. She tells Kate about her mom, but says she’s not missing the charter; she’ll pull it together. Kate is sorry, and Caroline asks if she can take five. In his interview, Josiah says the yacht is like a weird marmalade. They have work to do, but if someone is going through something, you have to be there for them.

Adrian talks to his girlfriend on the phone. In his interview, he explains he’s not ready to commit, but Felicia has the same views as he does. She’s so calm and stress free. He needs it with how hectic the boat is. Like the aggression last night. The sun is setting, and the deck crew comes in. Chandler needs a conversation with Rhylee, but doesn’t have the capacity to deal with what comes out of her mouth. He tells her some things were said that they both probably regret, and he didn’t handle it as well as he should have. They’re good, but he wants to talk to the captain. She says when he asked her to shut up, she did, but he says after that, she carried on in the mess. He’s not here for petty stuff, and she can’t disrupt him. In her interview, Rhylee says she’s also a captain. She understands, but doesn’t demand respect. It has to be earned. Kate is thankful for Josiah. She couldn’t flip boat without him. The crew goes to bed.

In the morning, Kate confirms the ukulele player, and asks Captain Lee if they can host the PJ party in the beach club. Caroline is feeling better, and the provisions come in. Adrian says his food is made with love and a spark of craziness no one else can give. The guests have had a bad experience in the past, and he wants to rectify that. The ukulele player is confirmed, and the captain says, it’s showtime. They change into their whites. Chandler literally has them toe the line for greeting the guests.

The guests are impressed with the crew. Kate gives the tour. The luggage is brought on board. Captain Lee says, of course the effing wind picks up, and has the crew move the chairs back in. Rhylee keeps apologizing for everything. Ashton tells her, calm down. In his interview, Ross says she’s proved that she’s hard working, but needs a plan for her unacceptable attitude. The captain says they’re out of there, and the go off into the blue, blue water.

Adrian prepares a beautiful lunch of roasted chicken breast. Alan says it’s spectacular. The deckhands are moving around some railings, and Rhylee tries to explain something, but Ashton says it’s not her problem, and tells her again to calm down. Alan says lunch was legit. The captain says the weather is not looking great. Chandler wants a team meeting, but tells Ross that he doesn’t want to make it about one person – even though it is. He doesn’t want it to look like they’re ganging up on Rhylee. They can’t have the awkward tension. Ashton says every time she talks, it’s irritated feedback. He’s trying to help, but she’s shutting him down, telling him what’s going on in her mind. In Ashton’s interview, he says she’s a junior deckhand, and should never give a superior attitude like she does. Chandler says it’s unprofessional, and he can’t have that happening with the guests on board. Kate says there’s still luggage on the deck. At the meeting, Chandler tells them that he knows he said no pecking order, but that’s changing now. Kate drags the luggage to the main salon herself. Chandler says Ross is the lead deckhand, then Ashton, and then Rhylee. He’s basing it on experience. He says it’s not a democracy; he just wants professionalism. Kate radios, asking if he’s super busy, and Chandler says he’s having a team meeting. She says there’s guests’ luggage in the main salon, and he says he’ll get it when he’s done. In her interview, Kate says the guests can’t change because the deck crew is having a powwow. The captain gets on the radio, and tells Chandler he wants the luggage moved right now. Kate feels lucky that the majority of the drama is with the deck crew.

Captain Lee says it’s funny how it always looks calmer a hundred yards away from the boat. Kate gets the massages set up on deck. Alan and Danyelle sip drinks while the masseuses go to work. The captain says, it’s not looking good. They’re coming into a squall area that popped out of nowhere. The massages get interrupted by wind and rain. Both the crew and the guests scramble to get inside. In Kate’s interview, she says Alan and Danyelle can’t catch a break. It’s lucky they’re lovely and easy-going, or it would be a nightmare.

The captain asks for anchor to be dropped. Kate doesn’t like looking at the weather doppler. It makes her feel like she’s psychic. Everything needs to come out of the beach club for the PJ party. The beach club is like a separate room on the yacht, which opens out directly to the water. It’s also where the water toys are stored when they’re not being used, so this is a project. The captain wonders what’s up with creasing throw pillows at the top, and Josiah tells him it’s where they punch them when it rains. Alan wanted the chef to surprise them for dinner, so Adrian is making veal. Kate is impressed at how easy going he is; he just goes with the flow. The table is set, and the ukulele player is in place. He serenades the guests as they come in. I note that the napkin rings are giant cocktail rings. Like you would wear. That’s a cool idea.

Adrian makes ohm sounds over the appetizers, some kind of avocado thing that the guests say are phenomenal. When they find out the entrée is veal, it’s a whole different reaction. Alan says none of them are getting what they like. One of the guests says, dead baby lamb, and another says they don’t eat baby animals. I never quite understand this, unless you don’t eat meat altogether. What’s the difference between that and eating a full-grown cow who’s lived a whole life just to be slaughtered? It makes no sense. Kate says so far, Adrian has been a skilled chef. Who is she to question him? Caroline brings out the entrée, and everyone looks unhappy. Bacon is involved, and Alan asks how Adrian came up with that. Adrian says the preference sheet indicated that he loved bacon, and Alan says no one had veal on their sheet. Adrian reminds Alan that he said to surprise them, and thinks they’ll still be blown away. Alan takes a bite, and say it’s really good. Everyone is surprised. Kate says Adrian is amazing. Alan toast to friends and family. Adrian says his angels told him dinner would be good.

Ashton has had no break. He’s tired, and not happy about being on early call. Adrian presents the birthday cake. He tells us that food, like life, is about balance. He was risky with the main course, so he’s staying safe with dessert. Alan loves beaches, and it’s decorated with a beach theme. Adrian makes some peaches flambé to go with it, setting the pan on fire while the guests watch. Alan says he’s redeemed the other charter

It’s time for the PJ party. The beach club is done up with disco lights, and a trampoline. Music plays, and everyone dances. Kate asks Caroline to have the guys take out the trash when clean-up is over. When the guests go to bed, Chandler starts breaking everything down. Caroline asks if he can take out the trash, but he says he has another hour of work before bed, and needs to focus on the skis. Trash is the last thing on his mind. Caroline says, thanks, bye, and calls him a d*ck after she disconnects the call.

In the morning, Captain Lee suggests the caves. Chandler thinks getting the guests off the boat will be a nice change. He’s also getting a vacation from Rhylee’s nonsense, since she and Ross are going with them. At breakfast, Alan says the chef is killing it. Kate sees a lengthy note from Caroline, who was hoping Chandler would help out with the trash. Kate doesn’t want a dear diary note, just what needs to be done to get through the charter. Maybe she’ll have a meeting, so Caroline doesn’t feel singled out. She wants the guests back by 2:15.

My mouth falls open when see the caves. They’re breathtaking. One of the guests starts to feel seasick. Rhylee is from the school of ralph and rally. She doesn’t know what the problem is with Ross. She thinks he can’t take suggestions from a junior deckhand. The guests want swimming. Ross thinks they have time, and Rhylee reminds him they need to be back by 2:15. In his interview, He says she’s a junior deckhand; he’s in charge. Shut up. I don’t like any of the deck guys too much. I think they don’t like that she’s a female deckhand. They’ve had female deckhands on charter before, and it’s been cool, but this is a new crew.

All of a sudden, Ross wants them out of water, because it’s not safe. He tells Rhylee to call them out. She does what he asks, but he gets pissed because he thought she was going to say something. In her interview, Rhylee says he has no faith in her abilities, and questions her judgement. The waves are pushing the tender into the reef, but Rhylee helps get them back in. Ross says, this isn’t good. In Rhylee’s interview, she says Ross got flustered because of the weather picking up, but the guests should never feel like they’ve lost control. She’s capable of getting them back on board, as long as she and the captain are on the same page.

Adrian makes sushi. Caroline comes out looking like hell, and wanders around on the deck before she plops down in a corner. Captain Lee sees her, and calls Kate. Kate tells her that the captain would rather not have her walking around outside on deck not wearing her uniform. In her interview, Kate says if she had a more uniform-looking sweater, it would be okay. It’s a luxury yacht, and she looks like a Muppet who came out of a cave. It actually looks like one of my after-the-flood outfits. What I wore after Hurricane Sandy, when we had no electricity and it was freezing and damp.

The guests freshen up. Ross is sorry there’s a lack of communication, but doesn’t know if he can have confidence in Rhylee. In her interview, Rhylee says she knows what needs to be done, and the safest way. Next time she’ll keep her mouth shut, and let him get close to the rocks. She’s also a captain; it’s what she does for a living. Ross thinks there’s no reasoning with her. He respects that she’s strong minded, but won’t tolerate disrespect.

Adrian thinks he must have been Japanese in another life. Kate is feeling that. The sushi looks like something from Japanese heaven. Alan says it’s ridiculous. Ross tells Chandler that Rhylee isn’t cooperating, and not taking instruction. Chandler tells him just get through the charter. The, they can figure out what they need to do. In Ross’s interview, he says Chandler’s decision making process is frustrating. This behavior can’t be tolerated. He goes to the captain. Wow. I can’t believe this bunch of babies. Loving the interior this season though. Josiah is a lot of fun, and Adrian… I’m not sure what he is, but I like it.

Next time, Ross talks to Captain Lee about Rhylee, Caroline has issues with Chandler, Rhylee flirts with Ashton, and Kate thinks Caroline is a moron.

🏊 I’m really enjoying the late night reruns of previous Below Deck season. I forgot Leon was such a tool. The poor guests from this episode were the same ones who bore the final brunt of his anger. He was angry all the time, since he had limited talent, and wasn’t meant for yachting, where guests can demand such difficult things as sliders and cream cheese brownies at midnight. And also pay more than your house costs for a charter. He’d only worked on cruise ships. The worst of it was, he took his anger out on Kate. When Captain Lee finally had enough, he gave Leon the business, but instead of finishing the season, Leon stomped off. Get that man a pacifier. Chef Ben finally came to the rescue, and no one was sorry to see Leon go.


Carlotta told Take 3 that they needed to get their new track down before they could engage in solo efforts. Star found out that Maurice named himself producer on her latest song, and took half her money. Maurice bragged about his new label and the club, and his ex-wife Megan returned.

Cotton told Carlotta she needed a break, but when Carlotta tried to get good night’s rest, she dreamed of Jahil getting shot. Star confronted Maurice at the club, telling him that he was so untalented, he had to steal from other people. He claimed he was the one who pushed her to the top, and she told him that he’d better watch his back. She smashed up his bottle service table at the club, so he called security. She said she could kick herself out, and reminded him that he was also stealing from the baby now. Like anyone could forget she’s pregnant. Every outfit now has a crop top.

Derek thought Olivia was coming up way too strong with Alex, but Alex said she was still grieving her sister.

Noah wanted to put his club gig on hold club until he got a new record out, but Maurice told him it was once a week. Noah said Maurice had promised him creative freedom, and Maurice said he still needed him to headline the club. Noah told Maurice that he’d traded one plantation for another, and Maurice told him, freedom comes at a price.

Cassie’s thug beat up on Andy. Cassie told Andy he could sing like a songbird, but messed it up. He cost her Carlotta, her own blood. Now her sister wanted to destroy her because of him. She told him when he was gone, she was done with this life. It would be a whole new Cassie.

Carlotta wanted to have a multi-media event called Rhythm & Bells, to introduce them into Atlanta high society. She needed a perfect host, and wanted Ryan, but he was already scheduled for Orange Night, a gun violence benefit. She still thought he’d be perfect, and Mateo told her the window was closing fast. She insisted her event would be money in the bank, and he told her she’d better get it done.

Nina explained to Simone that she and Mateo had an open relationship, but have rules. She liked that a friend was looking out for her though. She wanted Simone to give a speech on Orange Night, telling her to be the same badass she was when she pitched herself for the movie. Carlotta approached Ryan about hosting her event, and he told her Orange Night was about keeping children from dying. Her event was shameless self-promotion. She said she wanted to create an impact on people’s lives. It was about rising from the ashes. Carlotta encouraged Alex to finish her song about the plane crash, and sing it for the Rhythm & Bells event. It would make a strong social impact.

Maurice wanted to make it up to Megan. He messed up when he got injured. Megan said he replaced his career with women, but Maurice said he never gave up until he played every play in the book, and he wanted her respect back.

Cotton tried to have the RV towed to get Carlotta out of the past, but Carlotta told them to get the hell off her property.

Olivia was all over Alex while she was song writing in the studio. Derek thought he was talking to Alex in private, but Olivia knew which button to push to listen in. Derek thought Alex should have a break from Olivia, but Alex said her solo on Orange Night was going to be about the pain of the crash. He told her to be careful.

Noah went to Megan for professional advice. He needed someone who knew Maurice’s weaknesses. He thought Maurice gave him the short end of the deal. Star told Jackson she had to find a way to get back into Karma.

Xander came to Cassie’s office, and tried to persuade her to launder money again. He asked why she was trying to go legit. Why was she trying be someone she’s not? She’s a cold blooded killer. She is who she is, and she’s not changing. She told him to get the hell out, and go back to his wife with his slimy ass.

Carlotta sang, which is always a treat. Miss Bruce told Carlotta that she needed to figure out how to release her pain. Carlotta said she was good or at least getting there. Jackson got Star into the club by her pretending she was a little drunk, and him helping her in the door.

Cassie cut Andy free. She told him to get away, and never show his ass in Atlanta again. It wasn’t about him; it was about her. There’s no such thing as one more kill before going legit. She told him to do her right, and he got the hell out of there. Derek got jumped, but the police came. Olivia told Alex she felt that Derek didn’t get why she and Alex were close

Carlotta introduced Mateo to Ryan. Mateo said Orange Night was a cause close to his heart, bur Ryan wondered if it was just PR. Mateo insisted he was part of the solution. Carlotta hoped Alex’s song would speak to him Ryan. Star snooped around Maurice’s office, telling Jackson that her daddy was a con. It was in her blood. Jackson asked her, please don’t teach their kid. Star found a locked box, and took a ring from it. Nina told Simone to forget the speech she memorized, and use the teleprompter. Simone said she couldn’t read that. She wasn’t illiterate, but not good at it, and was passed on in school to be the next person’s problem. She told Nina to keep her secret, since she was keeping Nina’s.

Orange Night began, and Ryan said you’re twice as likely to get shot in Georgia than New York, which surprised me. He read the names of those they’d lost, and Carlotta thought about Jahil again. Alex began to sing, and suddenly Olivia was with her on stage, making it a duet. Alex was not happy. Mateo told Carlotta to fix it. Alex said, what the hell? and Olivia claimed she thought she was helping. She messed up. She knew Alex was nervous, and she and Bianca used to do that. Alex told Olivia it was supposed to be her first solo performance, and not to pull a stunt like that again.

Ryan thought that instead of sharing a message, Carlotta had pulled a PR stunt. Carlotta promised that Rhythm & Bells would be different. He said that’s what she told him about the solo. She said life hadn’t been easy, and she’d lost the love of her life; he died in her arms. Now her purpose is work. It’s not who Mateo is, but who she is. Carlotta could see she got through to him, but Ryan said he wouldn’t make any promises, and told her stop smiling

Star thought they could get $50K for the ring, but Jackson said Maurice knew they’d jacked it; there were cameras all over. He didn’t want the mother of his child going to jail, and was giving it back. He told her, we’ll find another way, and she told him there was no we.

Andy limped out into the night, but Cassie’s thug saw him. He chased after Andy who was hit by a car. The thug ran off, the car drove off, and Andy was lying there, spitting out teeth. He managed to get to Carlotta. He managed to tell her that he’d done what she told him to, but Cassie found him. Carlotta told him he’d be okay; she had him, and wasn’t going to let him die. Once again, she flashed back to Jahil, and Andy died in Carlotta’s arms the same way. I said, oh no, and Carlotta said, not again.

Andy’s body was picked up, and Simone asked how it happened. Carlotta said he was in with bad people, and she failed him. The girls gathered around her, Miss Bruce said she was in no state be working. Carlotta said she’d be fine, and Cotton said, no, not fine, but Carlotta insisted she had work to do.

Xander went to Cassie, saying he hadn’t treated her right, and never had. She told him not to play her. He told her he was sorry, and she said he could take his sorry, but he kissed her instead.

Star told Jackson that Andy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and still couldn’t make life perfect. She got why Jackson gave ring back. Jackson said Star had lost a lot, and couldn’t afford to lose any more. He told her that he had a home studio.

Noah confronted Maurice at the club with his new lawyer – Megan. She suggested Maurice give her client what he wanted; she’d found clauses in the contract giving him leverage, but he was willing to compromise. As she walked away, Noah pointed out how fine she is.

Derek told Alex that he got arrested. It got him thinking that he couldn’t keep going like this; he couldn’t lose anyone else. He was done with it. They kissed, and the camera in the photo frame blinked.

At the end, Carlotta was alone, crying and drinking. Cotton saw her bed was empty, and looked for her, as she walked down the road, drunk, a bottle in hand, and looking so real.

Next time – in two weeks – Carlotta is on 72-hour hold in the hospital, and Olivia shows her deadly obsession.

💈 While Carlotta sported a nice not-too-messy top bun tonight, my favorite do was her loosely spiraled shoulder-length curls look. Star also had a beautiful, definitely messy, updo. Again looking very Bridget Bardot.

🐮 Tomorrow, The Real Housewives of Dallas. I don’t understand why Bravo waits to rerun that until 11:30, rather than at 10. We really don’t need to see the OC Wives five times a week.

👑 Because the Queen Rocks…



October 16, 2018 – Spencer Surprises Laura,Veronica Wants RK Dead, Decking Tomorrow & a Little Bit of Lee


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the film festival, Nina thanks Maxie for bringing her out. She needed a distraction. Maxie sees Peter and Lulu, and can’t believe they came together.

Laura answers the door. It’s Spencer with flowers. Her favorites.

At the MetroCourt bar, not-Doc toasts to real Doc. Ava sees him, and says, it’s a sign. She was just thinking about him, and there he is.

Griff tells Kiki they’re upstairs in a smaller screening room. He clicked on the wrong movie. She doesn’t care, since she’s excited to be spending time with him. They could watch a documentary about paint drying, and she wouldn’t mind. Besides, a smaller room is more intimate. She kisses him.

In her home office, Monica looks at Oscar’s folder. Jason comes by to see how she’s doing. She says she’s better now that he’s there.

Drew visits Sam. He knows he said he couldn’t lean on her, but there’s no one else he wants to talk to. She tells him that she’s there for whatever he needs – always.

Spencer suggests Laura put the flowers in water. She asks what he’s doing there. He thought she’d be happy to see him, and she says she always is, but can’t believe it. Maybe it’s time to talk about a different school. One that keeps track of its students. Spencer says he loves it there. He’s doing well, loves his classes, and loves his classmates. She thinks he loves getting around the school security. If he wants to keep going there, he has to stay there, and no matter what the circumstances, not use his cell phone to buy a first class ticket home. He says it was business class.

Not-Doc asks Ava to join him. She says she can’t stand facing an empty apartment either, and he tells her that Laura is back. Ava asks why he’s not with her, and he says he had a trying session. He wants to shake it off before he goes home. She says it helped to talk to him, and he’d mentioned the possibility of regular sessions. He thinks it would be beneficial, and believes she has a lot to explore.

Peter tells Lulu that he’s seen a lot of bad films, but she was right. Lulu says it was the worst. Peter says they left twenty minutes into it, and she says they stayed twenty minutes too long. Maxie watches, and tells Nina, so much trouble, but Nina says Lulu probably dragged Peter there because she has to write a review. Maxie says, it’s strictly professional. She sees them laughing, and says it doesn’t look professional to her.

Sam asks Drew what’s going on, and he says he’s wracking his brain, thinking of how to get through to Oscar. He wants to be there for him; he wants to be better. He wants Oscar to live his best life, but doesn’t know what that means. Sam doesn’t either, but says he doesn’t have to do it alone.

Maxie tells Nina this is bad because Dante has been gone forever. Nina says to give Lulu credit. She loves him. Maxie isn’t saying Lulu is looking to stray, but he left her with all the responsibility. The kids, and her career, which he doesn’t approve of. Nina says Peter has been a big supporter. Peter and Lulu approach them, and Peter says, fancy seeing them there.

Not-Doc says, avenge or not to avenge, and Ava says, most people would call it impulse control. He says he’s not most people. Call it by its name. When you hide from your feelings, they control you. Ava laughs, and says he just accused her of running, and she’s thinking of leaving town for a while. He tells her it’s the worst thing she can do.

Drew tells Sam that finding out was overwhelming. It’s mind blowing how many people are tied to them and Oscar. Take Monica. She loves Oscar like all the other grandchildren, but with Oscar, the bond happened overnight. Monica has lost so much. Sam says that’s an understatement. Drew says he can’t stand the thought of her losing anyone else. Sam repeats that he doesn’t have to do this alone. He says it’s impossible to make a decision for one without affecting the others, and he has to think of his son right now.

Monica tells Jason that when she had breast cancer, he was wonderful. Jason remembers talking to Robin, and when she said cancer, the information flooded into his head, and he realized he knew a lot about it. Monica says when she was sick, he read everything he could. Alan and AJ were scared, and she had to pretend to be stronger than she felt. She didn’t have to with him. She could be scared with him. He was so kind and reassuring. She’s not surprised he’s there tonight. It’s always been his first instinct to help the people he loves. He takes her hand, and asks how he can take care of her.

Ava understands not-Doc is the expert, and respects his opinion, but she thinks removing herself from her emotional triggers is what’s best. At least until she stops having dark thoughts of revenge when she sees her daughter with her ex. Not-Doc says the feelings will be with her whether she’s in Port Charles or not. They might recede with distance, but they’ll return when she does, and be even stronger. He advises another session, so they can explore her impulses. They’re healthy, and there’s no reason to shy away from them. She says he’s given her a lot to think about. She leaves to powder her nose, and he says she really is a remarkable woman. So different from the others.

Kiki and Griff decide to watch one of the classics back at her place. She says the dancing is her favorite part. It’s amazing what people can do with their bodies. He says especially with the waltz. She tells him that in her champagne haze, she doesn’t remember their waltz from that night. He asks her to dance. Oh, okay. He’s never seen a film, but can ballroom dance? They dance.

Laura tells Spencer this is why she had to stay in France. If she’s not there to keep an eye on him and crack the whip, chaos reigns. He tells her that he’s grateful, and she says he’s told her that every time they’ve had this conversation. He says, in his defense, it is fall break. She tells him that they need to have that conversation first before he flies across the Atlantic. He says he was feeling terrible for Josslyn. Her break-up is all over social media, and he wanted to lend his special brand of support. Laura thought Emma had his heart. He was never what she’d call close to Josslyn. She thinks he just wanted to come home, and tells him to admit it. He says he’s sincerely concerned about Josslyn, but also misses Laura. He knows it’s not fair; she should be free to her live life. She hugs him, and says she missed him too. Not-Doc walks in, and asks, who do we have here?

Sam tells Drew if they could give Oscar a cure, they would, but all they can really do is be there for the time he has left. Hopefully it’s decades, but if not, he has people to lean on. Drew wants to give Oscar what he needs, and Oscar needs him be present; focused, and not lost in the gloomy picture. He remembers Sam telling him to find grace in every day; in moments. Sam says, moments are everywhere. It’s all they have, and all that matters.

Monica tells Jason she can’t say this to anyone but him. She’s terrified. She’s a doctor, and knows how bad it is. She can’t believe he’s a young boy, just came into her life recently, and now he’ll be taken from her, just like that. Jason says Oscar is a great kid. Monica says, he is. He’s creative and persistent, but not so much about the cancer thing. He’s resigned himself, and given up. Jason says, that can change. Monica says he has two options; beat the odds or not. The only control he has, is his experience. They can just move from one day to the next. Jason hugs her.

Nina asks to borrow Lulu, and they sit down in the lobby. Nina tells her about a riding coat she saw for Charlotte. It’s expensive, but Charlotte won’t know that. She asks if she can order it, and Lulu tells her, go for it. Nina says she didn’t know Lulu and Peter were going to the screening together. Lulu says he got the tickets through The Invader. Nina says, it’s a work thing, and asks how it’s going. Lulu says, great. Peter is the most amazing boss. He has integrity and great instincts; she can learn a lot. He’s an all-around nice guy who cares about his employees. Nina says, it’s perfect, and Lulu says, it is.

Laura tells not-Doc that she’s Just as shocked by Spencer surprise visit as he is. Not-Doc says he thought that was Spencer from behind, but then thought that was impossible. Laura says nothing is impossible with her grandson. Spencer says he owes Doc an apology. Perhaps he was selfish, and didn’t do his best to assure Laura that she didn’t need be there 24/7. He’s responsible for their long separation. Not-Doc says he missed her every minute of every day, but he’s happy she’s there now. She loves Spencer very much. His apology was gracious, but is declined. It’s unnecessary. Spencer says Laura picked good one. She says she did. Not-Doc says that’s what family does for one another; be a warm caring presence in life. Laura asks how his patient is, and he says in dire straits. He stopped off for a drink at the MetroCourt. He ran into Ava, who has some issues to work through. Laura wasn’t aware he was treating her, and he says it’s research. Spencer says Milo is waiting for him, and Laura tells him not to be too long. He leaves, and not-Doc says he’s something else. Laura says he claims to be on fall break, but when it’s over, he’s going straight back. Not-Doc says, no rush, but she thinks there is. She wants her husband all to herself, like he is right now. Spencer will be out for a while, and she thinks they should take advantage of the moment.

Maxie asks Peter if the movie was really that bad, and he says he should have checked what she was going to see. She asks how work is going, and he says sales are up. She says he’s making a difference already, but he says he can’t take credit for it. She asks if he’s had the courage to ride alone in the elevator yet, and he says he did, but had to white-knuckle it. They talk about James, and Peter says he’d love to stop by. Maxie says James would like that. They both would.

Not-Doc says he likes where Laura’s head is going, and she says, he’s the psychiatrist. He tells her that he needs a shower to get rid of the institutional stench. She thinks he smells fine, but he says he’ll smell better in fifteen minutes. She tells him, make it ten, and he says she’s on.

Spencer goes to the MetroCourt, and finds Ava. She says it’s good to see him, and he asks if she remembers their last time together. She promised justice for his father, and betrayed him for a new face. She says she’s sorry, but asks him to try and put himself in her position. She had burns over most of her body; she’s lucky she survived. He says that’s more than he can say for his father. She says she thought she’d be scarred for the rest of her life. Valentin offered her a different path, and it wasn’t an easy decision. Without Valentin’s help, she would have remained disfigured. Spencer says she would never have been beautiful again, and that’s the only thing she cares about.

Kiki and Griff dance closely. She says, this is better, but dangerous. They kiss.

Jason is sorry Drew has to go through all this. Monica is too, and Oscar. Jason says while it’s a terrible situation, he’s also sorry for her; she’s already lost so much. He says there are so many people that she misses, he doesn’t want her to miss one more, She says, neither does she; it sucks. She couldn’t think of another word. it makes her feel better to know that if she misses them, it means she loved them. That’s important in life. She says he asked if he could help. Spend time with Oscar. Get to know him, because if Oscar loses the fight, the two of them can remember together. Well, that just broke my heart. She’s right. I sometimes seek out people who remember those who I miss.

Sam tells Drew to name three significant things about Oscar off the top of his head. Drew says, he’s starting to get into boxing. Sam says, like his dad. Drew tells her, he likes music. Sometime Oscar closes his eyes, and is transported to somewhere else. Sam repeats, like his dad. Drew says, sometimes Oscar crosses his arms like him, but he didn’t get from watching him. Sam says those are the moments that resonate; that make a connection between people. He says, there aren’t enough of them, and she says, no, there aren’t, but there will be more to come. Scout cries, and she asks if he wants to go up.

Peter asks if Lulu, Nina, and Maxie would like to go for a drink. Lulu and Maxie have to relieve their sitters, and Nina has to get up early. Peter offers to take Lulu home, and she calls him chivalrous. He says he can’t let his star reporter give him a bad review. They leave, and Nina thinks Lulu likes him more than she thinks. He’s with Lulu because he has limited opportunities. Maxie is his only friend, and he can only go so far. Obviously, they’ll never be close again.

Ava says Spencer is being unfair. He says she went back on her word, but she says it was an impossible situation. She couldn’t continue hiding in the shadows, too hideous to be seen. He tells her, the woman in the hospital bed who promised to honor his father’s memory was beautiful. She had a heart. This one doesn’t compare to her.

Griff and Kiki get busy, and there’s a song part. I do some online Halloween shopping.

Monica tells Jason it meant the world that he came over. He has no idea what he did for her. He says he loves her. She’s a good mom, and a good grandmother. Oscar is lucky. She’s strong, loving, and patient. Monica thinks he’s the only person who would call her patient. He says she’s the anchor of the family for a reason. She says she’s the oldest, and he says, no. It’s because she’ll fight to the death for every one of them. He tells her, she’s doing it right now, but she says, there’s a dead end at every turn. He says, but she’s not giving up. Even with all the losses, she’s never given up. She doesn’t think any of the Quartermaines would want them to be sitting in the dark mourning them. Maybe for a few minutes, now and then, but then go on and do. Lead purposeful lives like they did. She just wants Oscar to have a chance. They all do.

Drew brings Scout down. Sam tells her that she needs to go back to sleep. Drew says, when she’s older, she’ll cherish it, and I concur. Sam wishes someone would force her to take a nap. Drew tells Scout to listen to her mom. She gives great advice.

Not-Doc come downstairs, and Laura hands him a glass of wine. She toasts to them, and thanks him for what he said to Spencer. He says he meant every word. She knows that. She’s not the only one lucky to have him. He tells her, welcome home. She’s glad to be home. She missed him so much. She puts the wine glasses on the table, and takes his hand. She asks if he got a manicure. He says he did, and they laugh. He doesn’t know where the impulse came from. He felt sorry for himself with the cold, and thought it might make him feel better. She says, next time, take her. Now, where were they? She starts to kiss him, and he backs up. He’s so sorry, but he’s haunted by the thought of Spencer coming back. If he did, it would be traumatic for all of them. Does she mind if he puts off their reunion for just a little while longer? He’ll make it worth her while.

Tomorrow, Oscar asks Cameron for one last thing, Sasha asks Valentin who he is, and Spencer talks to Sonny.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Roderick apologizes to Kathryn. He’s been thinking about her ever since he saw her; she’s amazing. She tells him, cut the sh*t. What does he want? A promotion? He says it would be nice, and she asks if he had sex in order to get a raise. He says he had sex because he wanted to. She wanted it too. He’s seen the way she watches him at board meetings. She wanted him to make a move, since she wasn’t going to. He says Jim doesn’t deserve her. She wants to be straight with him. They wanted each other, but it needs to go at her own pace, and when she’s done, she’s done. He says, yes ma’am, but hopes she’s not done. She’ll let him know. She has to go, and he asks her not to wait too long until he sees her again. She says she won’t.

Roderick says she really is beautiful. He can’t wait to see her again. She has to leave, but can’t find her earring. It’s ten carats, and she needs to find it. They both look around, and when Kathryn looks behind the nightstand, she says, disgusting. She wonders what housekeeping is doing. She has a lot of money invested in the hotel. He finds her earring, but she says she’s not putting it back in until it’s been cleaned. He tells her that he’ll so it. It gives him a reason to see her again. They kiss, and she tells him to make sure the room is cleaned. He says it’s the hardest dilemma; keeping the staff. They’re hard workers, but leadership is lacking. She tells him there’s nothing better in a hotel than a clean room. He says he’ll clean it himself, and she leaves.

Hanna calls Kathryn to tells her that she’s running late. Kathryn says she’s not home anyway; she’s at the hotel. She’s a major shareholder in the Artesian. If Hanna ever needs a room, Kathryn is her girl. She tells Hanna there’s a problem. She’s annoyed at housekeeping. She asks if Hanna wants to work part time and give them tips – as a supervisor. Hanna likes it, and Kathryn says it will be more money. Hanna wouldn’t mind that. She’s waiting for Benny to get up, then they’re going to the bank. She’ll be there after that.

The elevator door opens, and Candace walks out. Kathryn says, it all makes sense. Hello, Nine. Candace says, hello, beast. Kathryn wonders what Candace is doing there, and Candace says none of her business. Kathryn thinks it is; she owns the hotel, bitch. Candace asks if it looks like she gives a damn, bitch. She’s doing what people do in hotels. Kathryn says prostitution would explain her presence. She’ll have Candace thrown out. Candace says she’ll sue for harassment and racism. Kathryn laughs, and Candace asks if it’s a headline she’d like for her hotel. Kathryn says nothing is beneath Candace, and Candace says, like her husband was. Kathryn says, one of many. A whore like her is a joke. Candace says she’s moved past whoring to blackmailing. Kathryn is married to her biggest scheme. It was easy, like taking candy from Wyatt. Kathryn tells her to play the game, and play it well. It’s just a matter of time. Candace says she’ll be waiting. They stare at each other until Candace finally walks away.

Jeffrey arrives to visit David at the hospital. Madison asks if Jeffrey wants to go for coffee after his visit, and Jeffrey says, sure. David is sitting up, and asks how bad it looks. Jeffrey says, not too bad… It’s pretty bad. David knows, but just wants to get out. Jeffrey says it will be awhile. David says don’t remind him. He needs a favor, and asks Jeffrey to go to his house and look through Erica’s things. See if there’s any contact info for her family, so he can let them know what’s happened. Jeffrey says he will, and he’s sorry. He knows David really liked her. David says he did. It’s not okay, he’ll deal with it; he already is.

David asks if Jeffrey has heard from his mother. Jeffrey says, no, and David says, good. He asks if Jeffrey told the FBI that she did it. Jeffrey says he did, and David says, she’s a very smart woman. They’ll never find evidence. Jeffrey says she needs to pay for this. David understands, but does Jeffrey want his mother to go to prison? Jeffrey says, doesn’t he? It’s what she deserves, and he’ll be free of her. David says, she can reach out of prison as easily as she reaches in. Jeffrey says, at least it’s a start, and maybe a start to her seeing the bad things she’s doing. David says, or not. He asks about Jeffrey’s situation, and Jeffrey asks if he means Justin. David asks if there’s another situation he doesn’t know about. Jeffrey says, it’s fine. David says Madison mentioned he went to school with Jeffrey, and likes him. Jeffrey says Madison asked him out for coffee, and David thinks he should go. Jeffrey asks if David encouraged it. David says he seemed nice. He knows Jeffrey is heartbroken with his mother, but it doesn’t hurt to have someone help him through it. He tells Jeffrey to go today. We’re not promised tomorrow.

Derrick asks Hanna if she wants him to wake up Benny. She asks if he wants to be thrown down the stairs. He leaves to put gas in her car, and Benny comes down. Hanna tells him to get ready; they’re going to the bank. He says, about that. It’s a lot of money. She says they’ve had that conversation, and it’s not their money. He says it belongs to Candace, but Hanna says, it’s not hers either. It’s money that she hustled and stole. Benny wonders if they have to give it all back, but Hanna doesn’t want to hear it. He says someone is going to kill Candace, and Hanna says, she’s lying. She probably sent the man there. Don’t play her for a fool. Derrick comes back, and says he’ll stay and wait for the police. He tells Hanna to come straight back. She gives him a kiss, and Benny says, enough of that.

Madison and Jeffrey go to the cafeteria and get lunch. They’re laughing as they sit down, and Madison says Jeffrey has a beautiful smile. Jeffrey asks if Madison is flirting with him, and Madison says, is that okay? Jeffrey says, yeah. Madison is sorry about what happened to his dad, but glad they got to see each other again. He’d always wanted to get to know Jeffrey and hang out, and here they are. He asks if Jeffrey would like to go to a movie some night, but Jeffrey hesitates. Madison asks if it’s the investigation. Justin told him that Jeffrey is being investigated. Jeffrey says, he’s not, and Madison asks if Jeffrey and Justin are together. Jeffrey says, kind of, and Madison says now it makes sense why Justin was asking questions about him.

Justin walks in, and I laugh. Madison says, speak of the devil, and Jeffrey says, damn. Justin sits next to Madison, and stares at him. He says he’s been calling Madison. Madison doesn’t think he’s missed any calls, and checks his phone. He tells Justin that he doesn’t answer unknown numbers. Justin asks what they’re chatting about, and Jeffrey says they’re just talking about his father. Justin asks how he is, and Jeffrey says, fine. He has to be getting back, and thanks Madison for lunch, even though neither one of them touched it. Justin. Madison says his break is over, and Justin watches them leave. Justin is the bummer of the universe. At least Eddie (If Loving You is Wrong) is amusing.

Veronica comes out says hello to her fake pool guy who planted the bomb. She tells him that the FBI was there, and he thinks they’re watching the house now. He’s not on anyone’s radar or database though; he’s just the pool guy. He asks for cash in old bills, but she says there’s something else she wants him to do. There’s a young man, a bartender at the Artesian, RK. He’s going to befriend her son, and she wants him dead. Pool Guy asks what the caveat is, and she says she wants it to look like her son did it. When they’re together, he’s to slip in and make it happen. He asks if she’d do this to her own son, and she says it isn’t about doing anything to her son. it’s about getting him to do what she needs him to do. What a man should do. Pool Guy thinks he can make it happen. She says it might take a while for Jeffrey to warm up to RK, so be patient. He asks for a picture, and she says he’ll get it. Now get back to the pool.

Veronica goes inside, and the doorbell rings. A woman introduces herself as Esmeralda London. She’s with an organization that helps young girls who have aged out of foster care. She thanks Veronica for her check; it will help a lot of girls. Veronica says the charity is near and dear to her. She asks if the girls are over eighteen. When Esmeralda says they are, Veronica says she was thinking maybe a girl could live with them, and she could pay for some college. Esmeralda is speechless, and suggests Veronica meet them. She says she would love that, and calls for Alice to bring some tea.

Wyatt complains to Jim that the guards follow him everywhere. Jim says, that’s the general idea. Wyatt suggests he hire guys bigger than him, and Jim says, next time. They follow Wyatt upstairs. He closes his bedroom door, and sees another guy on the balcony. Wyatt calls Jeffrey, and says he’s been locked in like a criminal. Jeffrey thinks it’s for the best, but Wyatt says traded one jail for another. Jeffrey says Justin said he saw him in the jail. Did Justin do anything? Wyatt asks what he means, and Jeffrey asks if Justin touched him sexually. Wyatt says, no, and asks what Justin said. Jeffrey tells him that Justin claimed Wyatt was going to have sex with him. Wyatt calls Justin a lying SOB, and asks why Jeffrey is hanging around with him. Jeffrey says it won’t be for long, and Wyatt says, he’s a complete tool; stay away from him. He asks where Jeffrey is, and Jeffrey says in the hospital. He’s visiting his dad. Wyatt asks what’s wrong, and Jeffrey says David’s car exploded, and he was in it. Well, not quite. That’s why he’s still alive. Wyatt says he wants to see David. Jeffrey asks, why? He thinks Wyatt is just saying that to get out of house. Wyatt insists he wants to see David, and says he’ll talk to his dad.

Jim tells Kathryn that he’s waiting for a call from the bank. She tells him, Hanna said she’d do it, so she’s sure it’s done. He says it’s almost two. She has a lot of faith in that woman. Wyatt walks in, and asks why Jim didn’t tell him David was in an explosion. Jim says it doesn’t concern Wyatt, but Wyatt says Jeffrey is his friend. He wants to see David. Jim laughs, and says, that’s not going to happen. Kathryn says, let him go, but Jim says the only reason he wants to go to the hospital is because that’s where they keep the drugs. He asks if she wants to see Wyatt killed, and she says send the guys with him. Jim says the Malones are after him. Wyatt says nobody is looking for him, and Jim says then tell him who the man was in the cell with him. He was the size of Cleveland. Jim knows it was a Malone, and says, they don’t play. That guy was sent to kill him; get his ass back upstairs. Wyatt leaves, and the guards follow. Kathryn says, it will only get worse. Jim says, but he’ll be alive. Kathryn says, but will they?

Hanna goes with Benny to see the bank officer. She needs to send a wire. She gives the officer the account number. The officer asks if she’s wiring the entire amount, and Hanna says, yes. Benny makes protest noises, but Hanna doesn’t want to hear it. The officer asks for their IDs, and Benny says he forgot his. Hanna tells him to hand it over – now – and he takes it out, saying, bullsh*t. The officer says she’ll be right back. Benny can’t believe Hanna, but she says he’d better believe it. He says the money could lasted their whole lives. Hanna says it wouldn’t last five years because it’s ill-gotten. Anything ill-gotten leaves quickly. Benny tells her, life isn’t a Bible verse, and she says, it helped raise him; don’t forget it. She tells him to watch his mouth. The officer comes back, and says Hanna’s daughter is there. Candace walks in.

Candace asks Benny if he’s really going to do this. They can’t do anything if he doesn’t sign it. Hanna says, he’s going to sign it. Candace says, it’s a lot of money. She’ll split it 50/50. Benny considers it, and Candace says, four million dollars. Hanna says, that someone wants to kill her over. She tells Benny to please not do this. Candace asks if Benny doesn’t want the tow yard; it can be his, and it won’t come back on him. Hanna says it will come back on Candace. Candace tells Benny not to sign it, and Hanna says, devil, get out of here. Candace says, she’s the devil? and Hanna says, she’s acting like it. Trying to charm Benny into taking money. It’s wrong; it’s not even hers, but she acts arrogant like she earned it. Candace tells Benny that 50% is something. Hanna asks what’s wrong with her? What’s wrong with Benny? Candace tells Benny to remember it’s not what’s wrong with him, but what’s wrong with Hanna, and leaves. Hanna tells Benny not to let that girl get in his head. When the officer comes back, he’s going to sign it. He says, at some point, he’s doing what’s right for him. He doesn’t want to sign it. Hanna says he will, but he doesn’t think so. She’s not telling him again. They’ll sit here wait until he does.

The bank officer returns, and gives back Hanna and Benny’s IDs. She says she just needs their signatures on the papers, and she can get the transfer taken care of. Hanna signs, and gives them to Benny. He just sits there, and Hanna says, Benjamin –

Candace goes into her room, and asks who’s in there. She sees Charles, who says, hello Candace.

Next time, Candace doesn’t want see Charles, Hanna says they’re giving the money back, and Benny finds out the Malones want interest.

🚤 Early to Bed, Tomorrow to Deck…

I’ll be posting a full recap tomorrow, but for now, I leave you with this…

October 10, 2018 – Margaux Pesters Drew, Steve’s Foam Party Part Deux, Noah Decides, Deck Rerun, Dallas Delay, Queen, a Fish & More Queen


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the library, Josslyn looks at a picture of her and Oscar at the Nurses’ Ball. Cameron asks if it’s a new study technique, associating Oscar’s face with historical figures.

Kim sees Oscar at the hospital, and asks if they can talk. He tells her one upside to quitting school is, his days are wide open. She might want to hurry though, because tick-tock. She knows he’s trying to cut off the people love him, but they’re not straying off course

Finn tells Gregory the test results are in. Finn knows what wrong with him.

Mike, Stella, and Carly eat at the MetroCourt. Mike is nervous, and Stella says it’s just a tour. They’ll explain the daily process. Drew walks in with Margaux, who stares at Carly. Carly stares back.

Sonny tells Jason that he’s waiting for an update. Mike went to the care center with Carly and Stella. He wanted to go, but Stella thought Mike might not be honest with him there. Jason says she’s probably right. Sonny fills Jason in on what happened at the cemetery. He and Carly were paying their respects to Morgan, and the DA showed up. She buried her father nearby, so when they visit their son, they’ll see the grave of the person he killed. Jason says they have to continue to be careful; it’s a personal grudge. Sonny says when it gets to personal, it’s always more dangerous.

Mike introduces Stella to Drew. He asks if Drew knows Carly, and Carly says they go way back. Mike tells Drew the lady he’s meeting with is the DA. Drew knows, but thanks him. Mike says, she has an agenda. Drew promises to keep his guard up; no worries. He goes back to his table, and Mike wonders what a nice guy is doing with a shark like that. Carly was wondering herself.

Cameron thinks Josslyn should do herself a favor and get rid of the photo. Move it somewhere else where it’s not causing her pain every time she opens her textbook. She says it’s not causing pain. Oscar is hurting, and what he’s going through is causing him to push her away. It doesn’t matter; she’s not giving up. Cameron thinks it’s unhealthy, but Josslyn says however rotten Oscar is being to her is nothing compared to what he’s going through. She can see it a mile away. He’s in pain and taking it out on her. She only wishes she knew what it was.

Finn says Gregory has PTLSD, a post Lyme disease issue. Gregory says his test came back negative, and Finn says the first test is often a false negative. That’s why antibiotics helped him feel better, but it returns again after treatment. Gregory is disappointed. He wanted something curable or sexy and glamorous, and it’s neither. Chase asks if Finn can fix it. Finn says he’s sent a course of treatment to Gregory’s Berkeley doctor. Any doctor can help; he doesn’t need to stay Port Charles. Gregory says both of his sons live there. It’s a compelling reason to stick around.

Kim tells Oscar that Josslyn is concerned. He asks if she told Josslyn, and she says she respected his wishes, but Josslyn knows him, and knows there’s more to the breakup than he’s saying. He says he’ll have to do something else then. Kim says she’s disappointed in him. He’s lashing out, and using his illness as an excuse to treat people badly. He says he’s dying, but Kim says he’s not; there are options. He says none of them are good. She tells him that he can’t treat people like this. Just tell Josslyn the truth, or better yet, be with her. He keeps saying he doesn’t have much time. Instead of pushing people away, he should make every moment count.

Mike is excited. Carly says it’s just a visit; a trial run. They don’t have to stay any longer than he wants. Stella says they’ll have a tour, and if he wants, he can take part in an activity. Carly says they’ll meet with the director, and then go home. They leave the MetroCourt.

Drew asks Margaux what her proposition is. She asks if he’s okay; he sounded rough on the phone. If he wants to talk… He says, maybe; when the time is right. She says right now, he’s not the only one who needs a friend.

Josslyn tells Cameron that she even went to Oscar’s mom. She said she couldn’t get involved, but also said Josslyn is good for her son, and kind of implied she shouldn’t give up. Cameron thinks she’s hearing what she wants to, but she says she’s trusting her instincts. Something is going on. She doesn’t understand, but whatever Oscar is going through, she want to be by his side.

Kim tells Oscar that he doesn’t have to agree with her decision, but it’s the right thing to do. It’s a medical fact that emotional support and connection helps patients respond to treatment. He doesn’t want to spend time watching Josslyn grieve. He wants her to be glad he’s dead. Kim says she wouldn’t be glad no matter how much he hurts her. He’s wasting precious time. He says it’s not fair, but she tells him to fight. Let the people who love him fight with him. He says he’s not a lab rat, and asks if she’d really make him undergo treatment he didn’t want. Kim says she’s loved him since she knew he existed. He’s her child, and she’ll do what it takes to make sure he has a future. He asks if she’d force him to go through a medical procedure he didn’t want, and she says she would if it was going to save his life. He storms off.

Drew asks Margaux how he can help. She was hoping he’d reconsider helping her put Jason and Sonny away. He says he can’t. She says he won’t; there’s a difference. He says he’s not going to be part of her vendetta. She understands, but she’s not asking as the DA now. She’s asking as a woman wondering why her father left and didn’t come back. He may have been killed by Sonny. Help her make Sonny pay for his crimes.

Sonny tells Jason, when it’s personal, people get sloppy. Their emotions get in the way, and they make mistakes. He can see what it’s doing already. Jason doesn’t think they should go on the defense with Margaux, but instead treat her as a threat. Sonny says it’s been two years since Morgan, Nelle took a chunk out of his life, and they lost Jonah. Jason says, exactly. That’s why they need to get Margaux to back off.

Margaux tells Drew that she can still make Sonny pay, even if it’s not for her father. Drew says even if he could, it won’t establish probable cause. She says one memory could open the door, and help her make a case.

Chase leaves to call his mom. Gregory says he Finn freeze up at the mention of his wife. Finn’s stepmom was grateful when she heard he was taking the case. When is he going to stop hating her? She didn’t know Finn’s mother, and wasn’t trying to replace her. The only thing she’s guilty of is loving him. The one regret Gregory has is that being with her caused so much pain for him – and her.

Julian sees Oscar in the park, and asks why he’s not in school. Oscar says he quit, and Julian says, right. Oscar says he’s serious, and Julian asks, why? He loves school. Oscar wonders if his mom didn’t tell Julian why he quit. Julian tells Oscar that she respected his privacy, and he promised not to press the issue. Oscar says, good. Julian says if getting Oscar is trying to get back at his mom for something, he might want to rethink it.

Elizabeth sees Kim with her head in her hands, and asks if she wants to talk. Kim says, not really. Mostly because she’s embarrassed. She told Oscar he was disappointment, and it was horrible. She knows he’s angry that she didn’t tell him, but he’s lashing out at Josslyn. Elizabeth says he’s pushing her away because he’s sick. Kim thinks maybe she shouldn’t have judged so quickly. He thinks he’s doing the right thing. Elizabeth says he’s upset she did same thing, but – let her guess – he said it’s different when he’s doing it. Kim says, it is his life. He had the right to know, and because she kept it from him, he’s lost any faith in her when he’s facing the fight of life.

Sonny tells Jason that Margaux is relentless. She blames him for her father’s death. How can they get her to back off? Jason says Spinelli is looking into Vincent Marino. Jason has also learned a lot from her personal avenging. Sonny asks how they spin it. Jason says, it was Carly’s idea and it’s a good one. If they can prove Margaux’s father wasn’t the hero she thinks he was, they might be able to stop her.

Drew tells Margaux that he’s going to say it one last time, and he wants her to never ask again. He has no desire to dig into another man’s memories to help her out. He’s not digging into Jason’s past. Does she understand? She says, just one memory. It doesn’t need to be something criminal. Just a clue, an event, or a situation; a direction to point her toward, and she’ll take from there. Drew says he has to go. She asks him to hear her out one last time. Somewhere along Sonny’s ride to power, he made mistake. Drew says he’s sure Sonny made a lot of them, and he covered them up a long time ago. Margaux says with an organization of that size that’s been around this long, there has to be a mistake. He tells her, good luck. He hopes it brings her peace. She says she’s given up on peace, and will settle for justice for her father. He says he can’t help her, and walks away. She follows him. She says, what if by helping her, he could get his memory back. Drew Cane’s memories. Would he help then?

Oscar tells Julian that his mom isn’t why he dropped out. Julian starts to ask why, then says, never mind. He promised not as questions. Oscar says it’s nice to know Julian is looking out for his mom. Julian says he likes her very much. Oscar apologizes for being a jerk. Julian won’t ask what’s going on, but if there’s anything he can do or help with, he’s there. Oscar asks if Julian cares about him by default. Julian says he does, but he’s also made plenty of mistakes. One daughter won’t talk to him or let him see her children; another barely acknowledges him; and he doesn’t know his son. The one person he’s hurt the most – Oscar says, Miss Davis? Julian says Alexis has moved on, but it was never truly okay. Oscar asks why Julian is telling him this. Julian doesn’t want him to have regrets. If he wants to quit school, fine. He’s smart and will figure it out. It’s not as easy with people. The space you put between you and them, you might never get back. Oscar thanks him, and says he has to meet someone.

Jason asks Sonny if he saw Margaux’s dad flash a lot of cash around. Sonny says he was constantly showing off his money clip. He was on good terms with Skully, and willingly took part in the business. He liked the cash, and was no innocent by a long shot. Jason wonders what they need to show Margaux, when Carly comes in.

Sonny says that was fast, and Carly says Mike had enough for today. Stella comes in with Mike, and says he’ll have a buddy to help show him around. Carly says Mike should tell Sonny about part he liked best. Mike says, they have cards. Carly says they barely got past the game room, when Mike had settled in to a Crazy 8s game. Sonny wonders if gambling is the best idea. Mike says it’s a place for people like him who have trouble remembering. The play for pennies and chips. There are no loan sharks. Carly says it’s well-organized, the staff is attentive, and the clients are super nice. Mike enjoyed himself. Mike says the cards are great; the food, not so much. Carly says he’ll be having dinner with them every night. Sonny asks, what’s the plan? and Mike thinks he can do this.

Elizabeth says if Oscar can’t hear Kim, maybe he’ll hear Drew. Kim says he seems to blame them both equally; it’s unfair. She made Drew wait. Now Drew is losing out on time with his son. Elizabeth says they’ll work together, and do everything they can to get Oscar better. She asks where Julian is in all this.  Kim says Oscar didn’t want to tell anyone, and she’d already broken his trust in a major way. He agreed to no questions as long as he can be there when she needs him. She can’t wait to tell him everything, and have a good cry in his arms. In the meantime, she and Drew have to regain Oscar’s trust. Elizabeth says with everything going on, she needs all the support she can get. Julian offering to help with no questions asked? She’s take him up on it.

At the park, Cameron tells Oscar that he can’t summon him every time he needs help breaking up with Josslyn. Oscar says Cameron is the only person he can ask. Cameron knows he’s sick. Cameron says he can come clean, since none of this is going to work. Josslyn is too smart and stubborn to fall for it. He’s a downer, and he’s throwing Josslyn away. Oscar wants to make sure she’s over him before he’s gone. Cameron says the only person who needs to get over him is himself. Oscar says Josslyn is the only girl he’s ever loved or will ever love. He wants her to remember him as her first love, not the boy she watched die.

Finn says he sent over everything Gregory’s doctor needs to know in an electronic file. He may want something to help him sleep, as lack of sleep exacerbates the symptoms. Gregory says he opened a vein and told Finn how he felt, and Finn doesn’t even ask how he’s doing. Finn says he’s doing his best. Gregory says that’s not good enough, and Finn says that’s the story of his life. Gregory might consider meditation. Gregory says his wife has been trying to convince him of the same thing. They have something in common. Finn says, exercise helps. Gregory says, that’s two. Finn says, Chinese herbs, and Gregory says, that’s three for three. They’d have a great time together. Finn tells him, good luck with his recovery. He’ll have the discharge papers drawn up. Gregory says he’s has a wonderful, rich life, but there’s only one thing missing – Finn.

Julian sees Kim at the hospital. He says he ran into Oscar, and given the shape he was in, the thought she might need support. She says, he talked to Oscar? Julian says he told Oscar that she didn’t tell him what’s wrong, and offered him the same deal. His help with no questions asked. He doesn’t need to know what’s wrong to help. Kim says he’s a good guy. Julian tells her no one has ever said that about him before. Kim says he snuck up on her. She thought it would be casual. They would see where it goes; no strings. Julian says they did that. Kim says they did, and here they are. She has no doubt she’s fallen for him. He supposes it’s only fair, since he fell for her a while ago. She says, funny. She recently told someone, when they find love, don’t turn away from it. He says, good advice, and she kisses him.

Cameron tells Oscar that he’ help one last time. Josslyn has been his friend – Oscar says, since they were in diapers. He gets it. Cameron says Oscar is hurting his friend. He shouldn’t help, but he will, on one condition. If it doesn’t work, that’s it. Oscar comes clean, and lets her decide if she wants to suffer with him or he suffers alone. It’s what he deserves. Oscar says he’s dying, but Cameron doesn’t let that stop him. Cameron asks if Oscar has a problem with that, and Oscar says, just the opposite; he appreciates it. Cameron says it doesn’t make sense, but those are the terms. If it doesn’t work, Oscar comes clean. Oscar says, deal. He promises it’s the last thing he’ll ask Cameron to do. He asks if Cameron can doctor a photo, and shows it to him on his phone. Cameron says he can do it, but after this, Oscar has to let him go.

Sonny says if Mike is in, he’s all for it. Mike says, let’s do this. Stella says she’ll notify the facility, and he can start late this week. He asks if she’ll take him on his first day, and she says she wouldn’t have it any other way. He walks her to the door. Carly tells Sonny it’s a really nice place, and Mike wants to go, Mike thanks Stella for helping him with Sonny. Stella has the feeling it’s the best thing for the both of them. Mike tells Sonny and Carly that he’s going to take a nap. They can go back to talking about hm. Sonny says they weren’t, and Mike asks, why? Is there something more interesting to talk about? He goes upstairs, and Carly asks Sonny, guess who was having a cozy breakfast at the MetroCourt?

Margaux says she can’t imagine what it’s like for Drew. He can change that. Drew says all the options are gone, and he’s made peace with that. She mentions the flash drive, and he says it’s long gone. She says, actually, it’s not.

Finn tells Gregory that he included his number should Gregory’s doctor want to reach him. Gregory says Finn is his doctor, but also his son. Finn says he knows. Chase returns, and thanks Finn again. Finn says he was just doing his job, and leaves. Chase follows him into the hallway. He tells Finn that his mother is grateful for the care Finn has shown for their father, despite everything that happened in the past.

Oscar looks at the doctored photo, and hits send.

At the library, Josslyn is studying with Cameron. Cameron’s phone dings. Cameron looks at it, and says, whoa. Josslyn says, nothing like being obvious, and wants to see it. He says, no, but she grabs his phone. It’s a picture of Oscar with his arm around another girl, smiling. She asks Cameron to leave. He goes, and she touches the photo of her and Oscar.

Oscar sinks to the ground. His phone says, message received. He says, goodbye, Joss. I love you.

At the library, Josslyn sits alone and sad.

Julian tells Kim he doesn’t want to overstate, but he thinks he had a breakthrough with Oscar. No one is more surprised than he is. He’d always hoped Oscar might grow to like him – in fifteen or twenty years. Kim says that’s a sight she’d love to see.

Sonny says Margaux had breakfast with Drew? Carly says she’s pulling out all the stops. He remembers every crime Jason committed. Jason says, if he does, it’s not admissible, and he’s always been careful. Carly says it’s still a threat. Sonny says, if Margaux isn’t successful this way, she’ll just come at him a different way. Even if they find proof her father was dirty, which he was. Even if they can convince her, it’s no guarantee she’ll back off.

Drew tells Margaux that Peter was holding the flash drive when Obrecht carted him off. Either he’s lying, or he dropped it, and it’s gone. He can’t get it back. She says, it’s not gone. She has it. He should smack her.

Tomorrow, Curtis asks Nina what she expects to get from the meeting, Maxie tells Felicia someone is her friend, and Laura thinks not-Doc is trying to avoid her.

Below Deck

When we left, primary return guest, Steve, was refusing to wear a lifejacket, and acting like a half-drunk Tasmanian devil on the jet ski. What that dude needs is a straitjacket. And possibly AA.

Ross says they have to be stern. Captain Lee isn’t happy that he has to chase Steve down. Steve sidles up to the boat, and the captain tells him to put a jacket on. Steve says no, and the captain says he’ll have to take away the jet ski, like Steve is a petulant child. In his interview, Captain Lee says it’s hard to tell a charter guest they can’t do something, but it’s especially hard if it’s a friend. He’s pissed at the deck crew, who should have known the hazards, saying, it’s hard to have good time when you’re dead. He wants them to lock the jet skis up. He’s going to keep Steve safe whether he likes it or not. Steve finally comes back in. Chandler says there was a lapse on the deck department’s side, and it’s a shame the captain had to get involved. It’s uncomfortable having him come down, and undermines Chandler’s position.

Steve wanders into the galley, wondering where breakfast is. Chandler tells Captain Lee that they have the beach picnic planned for today. In his interview, Chandler knows the captain is pissed, and wants to make sure the picnic goes without a hitch. The captain tells him the water will probably be knee deep. Get as close as they can, and see what they have to work with. Steve demands breakfast, saying, it’s like noon. Kate tells him it’s 9:30. Adrian makes one of my all-time favorites Eggs Benedict, and his version looks amazing. Steve thinks so too, telling one of the guests to take a picture of this sh*t. A real gentleman, that Steve.

Chandler looks for someone help set up. Ross volunteers. Kate is also sending Josiah, giving him a list to check off. Chandler starts loading the tender. Adrian isn’t sure about the guests, but Caroline thinks it’s just the primary they have to worry about. Adrian thinks Caroline is crazy, but has her feet on the ground. Josiah thinks she can snap easy. We flash back to her getting annoyed at being shushed. She says she’s hyper-sensitive about being dismissed. Adrian wonders if it goes back to a childhood issue. In her interview, Caroline says her father was on the narcissist spectrum, and she had sh*t parents. Adrian says a lot of reactions can be traced back to childhood. In his interview, he thinks Caroline seems fragile. You have to put your emotions aside on charter, and sometimes it’s hard for sensitive people.

Ross says the anchor comes loose on the tender, because of the reef situation. They need someone to stay on the boat. Ross, Josiah, Ashton, and Chandler go ahead to set up. Rhylee is annoyed they’re not using her, since she’s used to heavy lifting. Steve loves the captain, but gripes that he’s all about safety. Steve screeches beeeeeeach! while wearing a flower crown over his hat. The captain watches the beach with binoculars, and Kate asks what’s going on. Chandler radios back that the location won’t work; the anchor could drag. In his interview, Chandler says safety is number one; then the guests’ happiness.

Kate has to bring the bad news to the guests. Steve has a graphic tuxedo shirt for Captain Lee to wear to dinner. The captain explains that the beach is too steep, so they can’t set up there, but Steve won’t listen. Kate tells him that they can set up a Polynesian picnic on the deck, but he won’t have it. He says he spent a lot of money, and promised his guests a fun time on the beach. This is an embarrassment. I guess refusing to wear a lifejacket like a five-year-old and riding a jet ski drunk isn’t embarrassing. The captain says he’s not embarrassing Steve – leaving out that Steve does that just fine on his own – he’s just keeping him safe. Steve says he can do what he wants; they were promised a fun time on the beach. He wants to get off the boat, and demands they make the picnic happen. Kate says she can’t manufacture a beach, and Steve says he’s ready to dive off the side of the boat.

Adrian is told to proceed with lunch think, and Kate has to explain again to Steve that the beach is too dangerous. She’s setting up the picnic on deck. Captain Lee tells Steve again that they can’t do it, since everything has to be repeated several times for this guy. In his interview, the captain says Steve will push the line with anyone to have a good time, but his patience is wearing so thin, it’s transparent. Steve decides he’s jumping off the bow, and asks who has champagne. The captain calls Chandler to the wheelhouse.

Caroline tells Steve that she knows he’s not totally happy, but is he content? The captain tells Chandler to jump in with Steve, and make sure he gets back okay. The table setting for the picnic is fabulous, and IMO better than the beach. Who wants sand in their food? Or other places. Steve and Chandler jump, and Steve yowls the whole way down. Then he won’t come back. Kate says, have a nice trip, and live your best life. Adrian has made a moonfish (a local offering) for the entrée. Steve continues to float around on his back, and Jen says he told her he’d meet her in Bora Bora. Steve finally gets back on the boat, and greets Jen as though they’d never met.

Kate gives Caroline instructions. Ashton hoses Steve off. Kate is thrilled with Josiah. Rhylee asks Chandler what’s up, and he gives her the schedule. She’s in the middle. He likes being the early person, and trusts Ross to be the late guy and do what needs to be done.

Steve says the great thing about yachting is drinking champagne in the bath. I think you can do that without spending $100K. Josiah tells Kate about Caroline seeming panicky; she had tears in her eyes. Caroline tells Chandler that she learned she comes off as someone who could snap, and she doesn’t like that.

At dinner, everyone wears variations on the graphic tuxedo shirt. Captain Lee tells us that he’s already said no enough times to Steve. If Steve wants him at dinner, his ass will be there. Adrian makes an off-color joke in the galley. Kate likes Adrian. He’s young, which explains his humor. It’s like when you know have good dog, but it’s still humping everyone’s legs. Dinner is served, and pronounced fabulous.

Ross and Rhylee talk in the crew mess. Ross likes Rhylee’s enthusiasm. She says it’s her first yacht job, and everyone else knows what they’re doing. She can do nothing but learn and pitch in wherever she’s needed. She doesn’t want Chandler to forget she’s there. In Alaska, she’s a captain, and can learn fast by being shown once. Chandler pops out, wanting them to hold it down, since he’s a light sleeper. In his interview, Ross sees where Rhylee is coming from.

Adrian says his flavors are all about balance. He’s makes it up as he goes along, and it comes together in the presentation. Tonight, is New Zealand lamb. Steve says his low carb diet is out the window. He wants to get in the jacuzzi after dinner, and supposes the captain won’t be joining him. Captain Lee says, nope. In his interview, the captain says he expected a sh*t show at dinner, but the Steve he knows and loves is back. There’s foam something in the dessert in honor of the foam man. Steve hugs Captain Lee, who says it’s good to have him on board.

Steve is ready for jacuzziing. Jen doesn’t not want to go in, and neither does anyone else. They go back to their cabins. Steve insists Jen being them back out, but she refuses. Kate wonders what Uncle Steve would be without a surprise. Steve dumps a container of liquid soap into the jacuzzi, since the last time, he had a foam disappointment. We flash back to that. The bubbles start to churn. I know exactly what happens when you do this, since I tried it myself by putting bubble bath in a hotel room jacuzzi while on vacation. It was like a Lucy and Ethel moment where I thought I wasn’t going to be able to stop them, and had visions of bubbles filling the hallway. Josiah asks where the bubbles are coming from. Steve yells, I love foam! Josiah can’t allow this. Ross is on anchor watch, and gets out while he can. The stews hide downstairs, and the foam goes over the edge of the jacuzzi and everywhere. Steve is lost in the bubbles, and cries that he wants Kate in there. He tosses bubbles around, demanding Kate. He says if no one wants to join his foam party, screw them all.

Caroline says she’s letting sh*t go, even though she was disrespected. She and Josiah have a good thing going, and she doesn’t want to throw it away. Steve bugs the captain in the wheelhouse. Chandler tells the captain the anchor is leading under the bow, and to thrust to port. Captain Lee wonders how that’s possible, since the anchor seems to be going in the other direction. Chandler says is bad. The captain says the guys are screwing up, and Steve says even he knows that sh*t. The captain wants the bridge cleared, saying Ross gives better directions than Chandler on anchor. Ross thinks Chandler needs relax and keep it simple.

The captain tells Chandler that he prefers hand signals. There’s no chance to mentally screw up. Breakfast is a cavalcade of delicious seafood in a quiche, combined with poached egg. Chandler thinks docking is stressful, and Rhylee’s questions give him a headache. In her interview, she says if she asks during this charter, she doesn’t have to ask on the next one. Caroline tells Josiah that she’s happy to work with him, and doesn’t want him to think she’s ungrateful. In his interview, Josiah thinks she’s too sensitive, and just has to move on. As Yoda would say, with this one, I see problems ahead.

The crew gets on their whites. Steve says, another year has come and gone. Does he think he’s been on the boat for a year? Chandler says it’s a new boat with a new crew, and he’s nervous to dock. He hopes it goes well. The water is so blue, I get hypnotized. It’s time to tell Steve goodbye. His friends all seem normal. Steve says the food was fantastic, he had a foam party of one, and they made the jet ski happen. He gives the captain a cloth bag with the tip inside, because he didn’t want to use a ratty envelope. In his interview, Captain Lee says charter guests can be a pita when they’re d-bags, but Steve isn’t malicious. He hopes Steve never grows up. It kind of surprises me that they’re friends.

Tip time! I hope it’s a good one. What a hassle that guy is. Captain Lee says it was a difficult first charter, but they did a good job. He commends Adrian, says the interior team was flawless, and Ashton wore a diaper. We flash back to Steve screaming when he saw Ashton as Cupid.  The captain says some people on deck are trying too hard not to make a mistake, but Ross was outstanding. The tip is $15K – $1250 each – disappointing all of us. Josiah says they put a grown man in a diaper and that’s all they get? The captain tells them that they can leave the boat tonight, but remember the rules; don’t embarrass themselves or the boat. Chandler, the bummer of all time, tells them to remember they still have to work tomorrow.

Caroline pops the leftover balloons. Rhylee explains that she and her ex-fiancé got tattoos of each other’s Instagram names. With her in Alaska and him in Florida, it was too difficult on the relationship, but she doesn’t regret the tattoo. Caroline and Josiah talk, and Josiah thinks she should date Chandler. I hope he’s joking. She asks if Josiah likes boys, girls, or both. He says he likes guys, but he’s from an old school village, where everyone kept saying he doesn’t look gay. They wonder what gay is supposed to look like. In his interview, Josiah says every person is different. His family is very loving and kind, and he wasn’t scared to tell them, but he doesn’t think you should necessarily come out. Just live your best life and be who you are.

The crew gets ready to go out. Rhylee isn’t wearing a bra under her slip dress, and the deckhands act like fourteen-year-olds. Kate wonders why Rhylee is naked. She doesn’t know what look Rhylee is going for, but doesn’t think it’s legal. They head for shore to the Pink Coconut for dinner, and start with weird cocktails. Kate asks Ashton how he got started in his career, and he says he was a dancer and came across someone looking for a butler. He explains that his dancing was always tasteful. Adrian asks Rhylee if she’s ever had Vegemite, and she says she’s had Spam. In case you don’t know, those are two totally different things, the former being a sandwich spread and the other being fake meat.

In his interview, Ashton says it’s a boat full of single people, and no one is getting any. They’re definitely thirsty. They move on to a club, drink some more, and turn it up on the dance floor. Ashton flirts, and feels like child in a candy store. Someone asks if he’s gay. Chandler says they’re starting work at 8 am at the latest. He likes to have fun (I doubt it), but their choices reflect his leadership. Ashton and Rhylee dance with each other. Chandler wants to back, but the others want to stay and drink. He tells Ashton that everyone is going back, but Ashton says he’s staying. Caroline tries to get him to go, but he says they just started having good time. Chandler says they came as a team, and they’re leaving as a team. Caroline tells Kate it’s bullsh*t.

Ashton finally agrees to leave. Kate says just because he wants to show off his male stripper moves, doesn’t mean they all want stay up and watch. Chandler says he wanted to leave an hour ago, and decides they’ll start at 6 am, just to piss everyone off. Rhylee asks for what valid reason is he doing this? and he tells her for Ashton’s actions. The two limos head back to the boat.

Josiah and Adrian go to their happy place, while Adrian ohms. Rhylee tells Chandler that she’s talking to him as a person, and he’s going to piss everyone off. In her interview, she says he told her that he’s not her boss off the boat, and can’t treat her like a complete savage. He asks her to stop talking, and she asks if he’s speaking as a boss or a person, and he says both. He jets out of the limo. Ashton suggests they all go back. Rhylee tells Ross she’ll be to blame, and the whole team pays for it. Ross understands, but thinks Ashton was out of line. On the boat, Chandler says he heard Rhylee complaining in the van, but it’s one way; his way. She asks if he’s effing kidding her. Ross says he’ll sort it out, and asks her to leave.

Rhylee goes to the galley to get desert, saying she got kicked out of Chandler’s room. Chandler tells Ross, once is fine, two, you’ve effed up. Kate and Josiah listen from the stairs. Rhylee tells Adrian that Chandler is a d*ck. Ross asks Chandler to be lenient, and if he’s disrespected again, follow through. Chandler says, too bad, see you at six. Rhylee thanks Ross for trying, saying Chandler had told her to speak freely. In her interview, Kate says, a green yachtie being sassy to a bosun; she’s not sure how this is going to work out for Rhylee. Chandler sticks his big nose into the conversation, and Rhylee says he told her to speak freely, and stormed out of van because he got upset at how it went down. Chandler says she disrespected him, and straight up lost her sh*t. Rhylee says she did what he asked her to do. Sorry to speak while he’s interrupting. In his interview, Chandler says he’s never dealt with this kind of disrespect, and he’s not having it.

Next time, Caroline freaks out, seriously bad weather, and Ross goes to the captain about Rhylee.


Carlotta gave a TV interview, and said music was in her blood. She just signed a major deal with the Karma nightclub, and is going to have a weekly live stream. It will be a game changer. Mateo said it was all on her.

Simone saw Mateo getting busy with the same reporter who interviewed Carlotta. After backing away from the scene, Simone ran into Mateo’s wife, who said Simone had convinced them. She was going to star in the movie with Noah.

Bobby tried giving Noah advice, but Noah wasn’t too keen on taking it from someone sleeping on his couch. Noah finally threw money at him, saying he wasn’t good enough for Bobby when he had nothing. He told Bobby to get out.

Cassie swore no more street hustle or blood on her hands. She was all about the club. Carlotta was surprised to find out Cassie owned the club, and said she had no experience or track record. Cassie wanted Noah working for her, but Carlotta said Cassie wasn’t going to win this war.

Alex brought Bianca’s (the fan who died in the plane crash) sister, Olivia, to visit her. Olivia was thrilled to be in Alex’s presence and see the glamorous life. Alex told Olivia about her guilt, and being brought out of the plane before Bianca was. Olivia asked if bringing her there made Alex feel better. Her sister was dead because of Alex.

Carlotta gave Andy an envelope of money, and told him to stay gone. He told her that he was sorry, but she said that wasn’t going to change anything. Just stay safe. Jahil appeared – he’s growing a beard in the afterlife – and Carlotta told him that Andy feels guilty. She had to deal with the Cassie mess, and knew someone was bankrolling her. Jahil asked what she wanted in return. Noah wanted to pull out of their deal, and Mateo told Carlotta, just make sure the club event was a success.

Star’s baby started to kick, and Star told Simone that she was going to give her kid what they didn’t have. She was thinking of looking for Brody. He messed up, but they’re grown now. Simone said they needed to find his ass then.

Ruby was feeling the aftereffects of the rape. She told Derek, when she closed her eyes, all she could see was his face, and him holding the gun to her head. She said, he had a brand.

Mateo gave Noah a new, flashy sportscar, along with a new contract. Noah told Mateo that Carlotta promised him creative control over his third album. Mateo said they’d discuss later. Bobby asked if tap shoes came with the contract.

Carlotta met up with Cassie’s businessman bankroller, Xander. She told him that he couldn’t play her like her sister. If she found out his money was dirty, she’d call the cops so fast, he’d think she was a white woman.

There was a birthday party for Jaden at the salon, and Cassie showed up with a gift. Cotton told Carlotta that she wanted Cassie in her life. I love the scenes in the salon. It always seems so real. Carlotta told Cassie that Xander was going to want something in return. He was going to drag her ass from the sewer to the gutter. Carlotta wanted Cassie to drag her ass out of her life. Cassie accused Carlotta of fornicating with a pastor, and Carlotta called Cassie a bottom feeder.

Alex visited Olivia, and heard her singing hears her singing. She told Olivia she could write or produce a song for her.

Maurice told Noah that if he signed with him, he would be king. Noah said he was already king of Gravity Records. Maurice said he just wanted to make sure Noah’s voice is heard. He needed his own empire; to create his own sound. Carlotta suggested next time come with a proven track record. She thought Noah should stick with her.

Cassie thought about what Carlotta said, and broke into a song.

Mateo told Carlotta every investor would be watching. Carlotta says she didn’t write checks she couldn’t cash. Just before Take 3 was about to perform, Star got a phone call about Brody, and took off like a rocket, Simone along with her. Bobby came to Noah, and told him Black men had it hard enough; they couldn’t be perceived as weak. Being a gay Black man was even harder. He was was wrong to leave. He’d seen Noah’s Dance with My Father performance. He tells Noah that Paul died. He lost Paul, but had promised him that he’d find Noah, and make it right. It took his whole life to figure it out who he was. Noah came out of his momma marching to his own beat. Whatever he does in this world, it ain’t about the fame; it’s about the freedom.

Cassie introduced Noah in a silver jumpsuit that not many could pull off. Noah sang Papa Was a Rolling Stone, and it was superb. While Noah sang, Star’s investigator told her that he checked the jails and the John Doe’s. It looks like electrocution. Star identified Brody’s body, and received his personal effects. She took out his wedding ring.

Take 3 was late, and Miss Bruce said his blood pressure was up because of this Mexican harassing him, referring to Mateo. Alex wondered what was going on, and Simone returned, telling her Brody was dead. Star remembered her last conversation with him, where he told her not come after him, and that he loves her always. She had to leave the stage, and told Jackson to get her out. Simone told Mateo life was short, and his wife is her good friend. She saw him with the reporter. Mateo made some excuses, but I don’t think his wife cared a whole lot. Olivia brought Alex a framed picture of Bianca. Alex introduced Derek, and I thought Olivia’s hand lingered a little too long on his arm. Derek saw a guy with a brand, but then couldn’t find him in the crowd.

Noah told Carlotta he wanted independence, and he was going with Cassie. Cassie said she was winning, and there wasn’t a damn thing Carlotta could do about it, bitch. Carlotta thumped the hell out of Cassie right at the club bar, and there was hair wig and weave pulling, and rolling around on the floor. A wigless Carlotta threatened to kill Cassie.

Carlotta said it was the biggest night of her life, and she lost Noah. She told Cotton that Cassie had gone too far. She didn’t now who Cassie was or what she’s capable of. Cotton wanted to know what was going on, but Carlotta wouldn’t say.

Alex put the framed photo on a dresser, and we saw a light blinking on the back of it. I knew there was something up with that frame.

Star told Jackson that she felt stupid. She couldn’t put things back together. He said he knew what she needed, and danced for her.

Xander met with Cassie, and said he was proud of her. He wanted her to him a favor. Run some money through the club. Cassie protested, saying she was going legit, and he said she would. Just one favor. She said, that’s always how it starts. After Xander left, a guy with a brand dragged Andy in to Cassie. She asked if Andy missed her, and kissed duct tape on his mouth. Ruh-roh.

Next time, Derek is concerned about Olivia, Mateo tells Carlotta that she’d better get it done, and Carlotta walks a road alone.

💈 Tonight’s hair win went to Star for a Bridget Bardot bouffant, blonde, and updated with dark roots. Star got second place as well, with long, loose retro curls, half piled on her head, the rest cascading down. Alex gets a fashion mention with a white long-sleeved button-down shirt. Similar in style to a man’s button-down, but the sleeves had slits and no cuffs. Kind of like angel wings.

⚓ I’ve been watching the Below Deck reruns that Bravo has been airing in the wee hours, and caught the one where chief stew of the Honor, Adrienne, ended up being a guest for a day when she rode the coattails of some other guests. You could see Adrienne eyeballing Kate the whole time, and yes, Adrienne, Kate is so much cooler than you can ever hope to be. Adrienne was the worst, both as a chief stew and a guest.

🐎 Because of the pesky need for sleep, The Real Housewives of Dallas still needs editing, and will be in tomorrow’s post.

🎤 Bohemian Rhapsody, a biopic of Queen, opens November 2, and looks impressive. I saw Queen twice at Madison Square Garden back in the day. Freddy Mercury had such a big presence, I didn’t even mind the seats in mountain goat territory.

😨 Scary Below Deck Entrée… 

Behold, the moonfish…


🎶 Enjoy…


October 9, 2018 – A Meeting At the Cemetery, Candace Confronts Hanna, a Deck Tidbit & 21 Days



What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the cemetery, Carly can’t believe another year has come and gone without Morgan. Sonny says they’ll never forget him. Margaux appears and says neither will she. She says she’s not trying to interrupt, and Sonny suggests she keep walking. Carly says Margaux didn’t know their son, but Margaux says she’s not here for him. She’s here for her father.

Drew and Kim agree the clinical trial is the right thing to do for Oscar. Kim says it’s in December, and they need to get him to change his mind before it’s too late. If he doesn’t participate, he’s not getting another chance. Drew asks what if he refuses. She hates to say it, but they’ll have to force him. Oscar overhears.

Josslyn calls Oscar. She’s not surprised to get voicemail, since he’s not returning her texts or calls. She says today is a hard day for her, and there’s no one else she wants to spend it with. She’ll be waiting on their bench. Please meet her.

Terry looks at Oscar’s folder. Elizabeth comes to the desk, and Terry asks if everything is okay with Aiden. Elizabeth says he just has a case of school phobia. She doesn’t know how handle it if it continues. She sees Oscars file, and says she should be counting her blessings.

Laura sees Alexis at the MetroCourt. She tells Alexis she’s glad to see her; she needs her help with reentry.

Sam asks Jason to stay, and I get déjà vu. She thinks they should talk about this afternoon. She asks if he wants a drink, and he says, please.

Carly knows Margaux is still coming to grips with her father’s – Margaux says, murder? Carly finishes, remains – but this is inappropriate. She asks Margaux to leave now, and Margaux says, without visiting her father’s grave? His remains were interred today, but it’s still unmarked. It’s probably why they didn’t notice her father and their son are practically neighbors.

Terry tells Elizabeth experimental treatment comes with risks, but so does doing nothing. Elizabeth is glad Terry isn’t someone who’s all about drugs and protocol, and can relate to being a scared, confused teenager. Terry asks if Elizabeth and Kim are close. Kim is going to need her.

Drew asks Kim if it’s possible to enroll Oscar without his consent. She says he’s a minor until he’s eighteen, and they’re in full control of his medical decisions. She hates it. The last thing she wants is to fight, with time being precious. But he’s a kid, and not seeing clearly. If it comes to it, as parents, they need to intervene.

Laura tells Alexis that she’d like to assume her position on the hospital board again, and wants to be prepared. How does she fit in? Alexis is dialed into the community after running for mayor, and she was honored at the last Nurses’ Ball. She must have gotten a sense of what the public needs healthwise after the earthquake. Like Charles Street for example. Are their needs being met, or do they need more outreach? Alexis is glad Laura is joining the board again, and Laura asks if they need her that bad. Alexis says, not in terms of the earthquake. Lulu must have told her about Dr. Bensch. Laura says, had she been there, it would have been her first order of business. They clink glasses.

Sam digs out some wine. She knows Jason is more of a beer guy, but her palate has changed, and she thought it would be a good time to open a nice bottle of red. He opens it for her – way too easy. Jason says she can tell him anything. She hopes so, and says when they kissed, it meant something. It would have been easy keep going, and be together like they used to… He says, but? He asks if she can’t go there, and she says, not yet.

Carly doesn’t think there’s much difference between Margaux and Nelle. Nelle was all about vengeance; drugging Sonny, getting pregnant with Carly’s grandchild, making Carly think she was losing her mind. It was personal and vindictive. Margaux is burying her father near their son’s grave, so they’ll have to step over him to visit their son. The difference is that Nelle was an unhinged, murdering psychopath. Margaux is the DA trying to build a case. It’s messed up, and not professional. Margaux can’t believe Carly is talking to her about professionalism, given Sonny’s line of work. Sonny says if Margaux wants to come after him, fine, but no more using his family. She’s already used his wife and father, and now his son. Enough.

Drew tells Kim they don’t know if it will work, but Kim asks, what’s the alternative? She doesn’t even think there is one. Drew agrees that even if it prolongs Oscar’s life even a little bit, it’s worth it. He wishes they could take the trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro, sit under stars, make wish, and it would all go away. He wants to be Oscar’s dad. Kim says he is, but he says, dads make things better. He wants to be the dad who fixes things. She says she knows, but he can’t.

Oscar sees Josslyn in the park. She says he got her message, and thanks him for showing that he still cares.

Laura tells Alexis that she finally gets home, and her husband is at the hospital. Alexis asks if he’s busy, and Laura says, extremely. Alexis says he had to keep distracted while she was gone. Laura sees the watch, and asks if it’s an antique. Alexis says it’s a family heirloom from the Cassadines.

Sam thinks it’s weird. She and Jason were married, and made love how many times? He says, a lot. She wants to be together, and it shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is. Jason thinks he understands. She’s still rebuilding, and figuring out who she is now. They want each other, and she still loves him, but she’d forgotten about the physical attraction. When they kissed, all the feelings rushed back. He asks if it’s different than on New Year’s Eve. She says she’s in a much better headspace (favorite word of this show), and sees them in a different way, but she’s still not ready. He gets it, and he can wait. If it gets to the end, and something changes for her, that’s okay too. Sam tells him not to do that thing he does; keeping a respectful distance and taking a step back. She doesn’t want that.

Margaux holds the stack of letters, telling Sonny and Carly that they’re letters to her father, letting him know about her life; her successes, failures, and heartbreaks. She didn’t know where he was, and couldn’t mail them, but it made her feel closer to him, almost hopeful. All she can do is leave them at the grave. Carly says she has every right to mourn her father, but no right to violate the sanctity of the place and their son. Margaux says the son whose father murdered her father. Carly says she doesn’t know that. She’s emotionally damaged, and showing the world she’s powerless against Sonny, like every DA before her.

Kim tells Terry that Oscar is refusing to participate in the trial. Terry had the feeling he might be like that. He’s not the first patient to balk at experimental treatment. This one is her son. It’s hard enough being a teenager, when everything feels like life or death. Kim says, in Oscar’s case, it literally is.

Josslyn tells Oscar that her family had a remembrance for Morgan. They told stories, laughed, and sent off sky lanterns. Morgan would have loved it, but he’s not there to see it. Like he won’t be able to see the places he wanted to visit, or do the cool, crazy things he wanted to. Despite them trying to make it special, it sucked. Seeing Oscar means everything. She doesn’t know what’s going on, but they can fix it. She learned from Morgan how precious every second is. Oscar says, there is no we; no us. They’re over. She says he doesn’t mean that. He says he didn’t know she was going to be there. He’s on his way to meeting up with someone else. She asks him, what’s wrong?

Alexis explains to Laura that Mikkos gave the watch to her mother, and Valentin gave it to her having come from Mikkos, it’s probably ready to explode, but coming from her mom means something. Laura says that Alexis’s mom wore it is reason enough, no matter who gave it to her. She doesn’t envy Alexis, trying to decide how much of the Cassadine legacy she wants, or how much to reject. Her son struggled his entire life with it, and she’s seeing Spencer deal with it too. It’s not a comfortable place. Alexis says when Valentin gave it to her, it had stopped at 10:10. She had it fixed, and the jeweler assured it was fine, but it’s stopped again at 10:10.

Sam and Jason drink the wine. Jason tells her that he’s not going anywhere, and the wine’s not bad. Sam says so she knows it’s frustrating; she’s frustrated too. He says, whenever she’s ready. Here’s to cold showers. They’re not so bad. Like the wine. It’s something you get used to. Sam says she forgot to toast to something, and he says, bad luck? She thinks they’ve hit their quota, and toasts to beginnings. There’s a knock at the door, and Sam says it’s probably her mom. She knows better than to let herself in. It’s Drew, who says he tried calling. Sam asks him in. She’s glad to have them both together. She thinks they should be honest and upfront. She tells Drew the day Oscar took off, Jason found him at the pier, and convinced him to get in touch with his parents.

Josslyn says, whatever is going on, Oscar can tell her. He says, forget it, and she says she loves him. He asks her not to make it harder than it has to be. She says she knows him. She knows he wouldn’t be treating her like this if he didn’t care. Let her in. Let her be a part of what’s getting to him. He says he doesn’t love her. He never did, and never will. She doesn’t believe it, and he says that’s not his problem. She knows he’s lying, because she was lied to for the past year by Nelle. And every time, she knew something wasn’t right, but she kept swallowing it. Not anymore. Oscar says, whatever. He can’t win. He leaves, and she follows.

On the phone, Alexis asks how Oscar got her number. She tells him she’s not in the office, but can set up an appointment for tomorrow. She relents, and tells him to come to the MetroCourt if it’s that important to him.

Laura sees Elizabeth, and says she was looking for a friend, and the mother of her grandchild. Elizabeth asks when she got there, and why didn’t she tell anyone? Laura says she got in last night, and was going for a surprise. They hug.

Margaux asks Carly how she can be with this man. Enjoy being his wife, standing by his side, right or wrong, when she knows he’s a murderer. She’s grieving her son, meanwhile, how many people has Sonny put in the ground? They all have someone; a wife, a mother, a brother, a girlfriend, a child, but Carly doesn’t care, because she’s married to the man who gets away with it. Carly doesn’t know what’s wrong with that? Margaux walks away. I don’t like her, but she has a point. Sonny reads my thoughts, and says, she has a point.

Carly asks if Sonny thinks Margaux is right about her. He does have blood on his hands for some choices he made, but she knows nothing about him. Maybe Sonny does horrible things, but there are some he could have done, and didn’t. Sonny says, that’s a hell of an argument, but he’s not sure it would hold up in court. Carly says, persuasive though, right? and he says, very.

Laura tells Elizabeth that Doc has been fighting a cold, and is distracted. He doesn’t return her texts as quickly, and isn’t attentive on phone calls. Elizabeth wonders if he could be upset about the upcoming anniversary of the Ryan Chamberlain murders. Has she asked? Laura says he never wanted to talk about it. She hasn’t noticed anything in particular, but she wasn’t looking either. Elizabeth says, based on her experiences with Franco, if she feels like something is off, it is. Laura says, don’t ignore her instincts. She says she also might be making a bigger deal out of it because she feels guilty for staying away. Elizabeth says Spencer needed her; Doc understood that. Laura is anxious for things to be back to normal. Elizabeth encourages Laura to call him. Tell the doctor that she needs to make an appointment.

Kim hopes they don’t have to force the issue, but Terry says it’s not like the trial is tomorrow. Kim asks if it isn’t better if they sign up early. Josslyn rushes in to see Kim, and apologizes. Terry says she was just leaving, and thanks Kim for the consult, hiding the label on Oscar’s folder as she walks out. Josslyn says she’s sorry to barge in. Kim says Josslyn’s mom told her about the breakup; how is she? Josslyn says, terrible. She’s convinced herself that she did something wrong. Kim says, no, and Josslyn says Oscar is obviously in pain, and wants her to hurt too. That’s fine; she can take it, but tell her how to help him.

Oscar joins Alexis at the MetroCourt, and thanks her for meeting him. She says, it sounded urgent, and he asks if she charges by the hour. She thinks they should discuss that after he tells what it is he needs. He asks if it’s true that parents decide about medical issues for their children. She wonders why he’s asking, and he says he’s doing a report for school on a bill of rights for young people. Alexis says as long as the child is a minor, under eighteen, the parents call the shots. Oscar asks if there’s nothing he – nothing they can do, and she says as long as the decisions are in the best interests of the child, the law is clear. He says, what if they’re not? What then?

Drew asks if Oscar told Jason, and Jason says he’s sorry. Drew thanks him for convincing Oscar to call. Jason says he’s a good kid. Drew is sorry to interrupt, and says he’ll show himself out. After he’s gone, Jason asks if Sam is okay. Sam wishes she could help Drew, but she can’t.

In the hallway, Drew’s phone rings. It’s Margaux, and he asks what she wants. She says she was actually hoping they could help each other. Bleh. I get that she’s mourning her dad, but he worked for the mob, and she’s a creepy pest.

Laura calls not-Doc. She says she was on her way back, and looking forward to celebrating her homecoming. She says, really? He’s not any better? She tells him to finish his soup, and get some rest. She’ll see him in the morning. Elizabeth overhears.

Josslyn knows it looks pathetic. Getting dumped, and going to her boyfriend’s mom. But she knows something else is going on. He’s making up excuses to avoid reality between the two of them. Kim says she can’t get involved, but Josslyn is an amazing woman. She had concerns in the beginning, but the more she got to know Josslyn, she thinks she’s wonderful for Oscar. Josslyn asks if Kim is telling her not to give up. Kim says she can’t tell her anything. Josslyn thanks her, and leaves.

Oscar asks Alexis how would a kid prove they’re being forced to do something they shouldn’t? She asks if they’re still talking about his report. He says he needs to know kids’ rights. She says, in extraordinary cases, if the child’s vital interests are being abused or ignored, legal measures can be taken. Oscar asks, what kind?

Carly says Sonny was Morgan’s hero. He thinks that was more her title. Carly says Morgan loved her, and they had a great connection, but he idolized his father. When he was suffering from being bipolar, knowing that Sonny got through it and conquered it, gave him hope. The last thing he’d want to do on the anniversary of his death is let some bitch ride in there and tear down his hero. Sonny is a good man; a good father. If their son was still with them, he’d tell Sonny don’t give in to Margaux, and that he loves him very much. For the record, she does too. He tells her that he loves her too, and they kiss.

Margaux tells Drew that she’s sensing it’s a bad time; probably for both of them. She suggests they start fresh in the morning, and asks him to breakfast. He wants to know what it’s about, and she says she has a proposition, while flipping the flash drive around in her hand.

Sam tells Jason nothing hurts more than having feelings for someone you can’t be with. Jason says she doesn’t want to see Drew get hurt, and she says her first impulse is to make sure he’s okay, but he’s strong enough realize they’re best apart. The only thing you can do is say a prayer, and be there. Not push yourself on them. She laughs, thinking it’s such a Jason thing to say. Not to manage or try to fix it, and wait until you have to step in. Jason says, for better or worse, but he thinks it’s for the better. The bottle is empty, and Jason says, time for him to go. He tells her it will be okay, and the next bottle they open will be a beer. She tells him, it’s a deal. When he’s gone, she lovingly touches his glass.

Tomorrow, Gregory asks Finn when he’s going to stop hating him, Josslyn tells Cameron that she’s staying by Oscar’s side, Margaux asks Drew to help her make Sonny pay for his crimes.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Jim and Austin walk in on Justin standing over Wyatt, who’s on his knees. Jim asks what’s going on, and Justin says he was searching Wyatt. Jim calls bullsh*t, and Justin says he doesn’t don’t know procedure. Jim grabs Justin, and they fight, slamming each other against the walls. The captain walks in and breaks it up. Jim says the sick SOB assaulted his son. Justin says he was questioning Wyatt. Jim calls bullsh*t again. The captain yells at Justin to go. Jim tells him to bring charges up against him now, and the captain says he will.

Austin introduces herself, telling Wyatt that she’s his lawyer. She needs him to sign papers to get him out. Jim wants answers first; what was going on? Wyatt asks, what did it look like? and Jim says it looked like he was about to perform an indecent act under duress. If he’s into it, fine, but he got the impression it was under duress. He asks if Wyatt is into it, and Wyatt says, no. Jim asks, why? and Wyatt says he’s a drug addict. Jim says it breaks his heart. He wants to help Wyatt, but can’t if Wyatt won’t let him. He’s willing to perform oral sex for drugs? Wyatt says he was willing to do whatever it took; he still is. Jim shouldn’t have taken Wyatt’s money or washed his cocaine down the sink. Jim says he’s to blame for Wyatt’s problem? He took money so Wyatt would stop hurting himself. Wyatt asks if Jim can’t see all this started happening when he took it. If he hadn’t, Wyatt wouldn’t be in this position. Jim says they have a plan. Wyatt says next time, let him know what it is. Jim asks if Wyatt was about to trade sex for heroine, which I thought we’d already established. Wyatt says, yes. Jim calls him an idiot, and says it’ all he needed to know. He kisses Wyatt on the forehead, and leaves.

Jim goes to the captain’s office, and asks what kind of precinct he’s running. Justin is there, and Jim says this sick SOB tried to trade heroin for sex. It’s in his pocket; search him. Justin says Wyatt is a junkie and a liar. Jim tells the captain to search him, but the captain says, it’s against the law. It would be easier if Justin would cooperate. Justin asks if he believes Jim’s junkie son over him. The captain says if Justin doesn’t submit to a search, he’ll be forced to suspend him. Empty his pockets. Justin says this is based on lying junkie, and accuses the captain of being in Jim’s pocket. The captain says, just show him, and it will be easier. Otherwise, he has no choice but to suspend him until an investigation happens. He tells Justin to leave the premises. When Justin is gone, Jim suggests looking at the camera footage, but the captain says they were turned off. Jim asks if that’s not suspicious. He doesn’t care what the captain does, but it better be big. The punishment needs to fit the crime.

Jim and Wyatt. Wyatt wants to walk, but Jim tells him to get in the car, or he’ll fold Wyatt’s ass up and stick Wyatt in himself. Wyatt shakes Jim’s hand off his arm, and calls him an SOB. He says he’s going home, but Jim says he doesn’t have one. It’s on the market, and the doors are locked. Wyatt wonders how that happened, and Jim says he has all the power. Now get in the car. Wyatt gets in.

RK tells Candace that Veronica wants him to make Jeffrey fall in love with him, so she can expose the cop. Candace says, Jeffrey is a friend, and RK says, sorry. They laugh, and Candace tells him to do what he needs to; she doesn’t care anymore. She’s been looking through her contacts; some boys who left her for a guy named War. She needs gangsters and bangers. RK asks if she’s starting a gang. She says she’s going to beat Hanna until she gets her money. RK says that’s her mother. Candace came out of her, but Candace doesn’t give a damn. RK says his mom is a crackhead. She’s in and out of jail. She burned him with a crackpipe, and he still loves her ass. Candace says Hanna has $8 million of her money. He asks if she’s tried talking to Hanna; she can convince anybody to do almost anything. She does it to him all the time. She says she doesn’t want to; she can’t. She tells him to go now. He’s surprised, since they just had a moment. He starts to undo his pants, saying, it’s hot, but she says, go. She says she’ll think about what he said, and laughs.

David is sitting up. The nurse says that’s good, but don’t lie on his back. He might think he can because he’s on the pain medication. She tells him the FBI is there, and he says to send them in. FBI dude says he spoke to Jeffrey, who thinks David’s wife did this. His girlfriend was burned to death; she was alive when she was burning. They need his help to find out who did this. David says he thinks it was his wife. FBI dude asks, why? and David says she wasn’t happy about his new relationship. On several occasions, she’d threatened him, and there are two police reports. FBI dude says he knows it’s hard on David; he’s sorry. David says Veronica is thorough; they won’t find anything. She’s a shrewd lawyer. FBI dude says they’ve taken out people in Washington. If anything points to her, they’ll find it. He says David doesn’t seem happy about that, and David says, why would he be? Veronica is an amazing woman, the love of his life. Why would he be happy about any of it. He’s still coming to terms with it. He tells FBI dude that he’s tired, and FBI dude says he’ll call if he needs anything else.

Jim lets Wyatt into the house. He says Wyatt is staying there. Wyatt says he’s getting a fix, and Jim says, not from him. He wants Wyatt to meet a couple of his friends, Leo and Mac. Consider them guardians. Two thugs in suits stand with their arms folder. Wyatt says he’s going to die. Jim says Wyatt is breaking his heart Kathryn comes down, saying it’s good to have him home. His room is upstairs. She had it done. He says she makes him sick – all of them. Jim tells Leo and Mac that he wants one of them on the door, and the other on the balcony. If Wyatt tries to get away, stop him – even if they have to break something.

Kathryn says, this is the plan? Lock him in the house? Jim says, this is the plan. She’s holding a stack of photos, and tells him, take a look at the picture of this whore, that whore, this whore, while she hands them to him. He says, this one isn’t a whore. She’s a business associate, keeping Kathryn’s ass from being behind bars. Kathryn asks, how? and he says, the less she knows, the better. She tells him he’s being investigated for the prostitution ring in her hotel. He says that’s the least of worries. He’s not concerned about what people think of him and a bunch of whores. She should be more concerned about the matter at hand, and less about what’s in his pants. She says, they’re going to make a bust, and he thanks her for the warning.

Roderick (or whatever the hell his name is, the hotel manager) calls Kathryn. She thanks him for the pictures. She’s coming there later, so he can brief her further. He says he’s reserved a private room. She says she’ll call when she’s on the way. Jim asks if she’s heard from Hanna. Kathryn asks, why? and he says, the money. She tells him if Hanna says she’ll do it, she will, but he doesn’t trust Hanna as far as he could throw Kathryn. Kathryn says she does. He’ll just have to wait to hear from her himself.

Justin pulls into David’s driveway, and tells Jeffrey that Wyatt got him suspended. Jeffrey asks, how? and Justin says, it’s a long story. He needs a favor, but Jeffrey wants to know what happened. Justin says he needs Wyatt to say he didn’t do anything. Jeffrey insists on knowing, and Justin says he took Wyatt to the interrogation room. Jeffrey says, the same room Justin took him. Justin says Wyatt tried to seduce him. Wyatt wanted him to get heroine, and was grabbing at him. Must have been an interesting trick in handcuffs. Jeffrey says Justin is lying. He believes the part about the heroine, but he’s lying about Wyatt trying to seduce him. Justin says Wyatt was on his knees when his dad walked in. Jeffrey asks, doing what? and creepy Justin says the thing Jeffrey does so well. Jeffrey tells him, shut up, and Justin says he got weak, and things happened. Jeffrey says Justin is lying, and he can’t deal right now. Justin asks if Jeffrey is inviting him in, and Jeffrey says, goodbye. Jeffrey walks away, as Justin calls after him. Jeffrey goes inside to find his mother sitting on the couch.

I go, whaat? He asks what she’s doing in there. Veronica says, this is how he had her living. Jeffrey says she needs to get out. She says, except for this tacky furniture, it’s beautiful. She picked out the house. She brought him here, but he said, not now. Somebody bought it, and she was so mad, but let him lead the way. That’s where she was wrong. She let him lead when she was in her twenties, and in her thirties, but when she turned forty, she said no. She needed to take charge. He was intimidated. She asks, what is it about Black men?  She tells Jeffrey not to answer. How would he know about a man unless he was on top of him. She asks what is it about Black men that they get so intimidated by a strong Black woman. David was so intimidate, he ran to Maggie day, a blonde, and he became an errand boy to Jim Cryer. He didn’t want to listen to her. She gets it; she understands. Out in the world, they have to fight to be respected, and at home they don’t want to fight, but a woman can’t have an opinion? A woman today trying to be with Black man is hard. The good ones are taken or married. The others are in jail. Others… She says Jeffrey knows what others are. Has slavery been that devastating that Black men can’t respect a strong Black woman with an opinion? All she wanted was a voice. It’s a bitch. Jeffrey says, no; she’s the bitch. He watched it. She treated his father like hell, when all he was trying to do was love her. He bought the house for her when she burned down the other one. He was still trying to work things out with her. He never slept with Maggie until she pushed him into Maggie’s arms. In response to her Black man comment, there’s nothing wrong when he has a strong, stable, supportive Black woman. If she wants to know what’s wrong with his dad, it’s her. Veronica says if she didn’t love him, she’d have a bitch cut his throat – a stable one. Even love has limits; ask his father. He tells her not to come back again, and she says she hears him.

Hanna tells Derrick to leave the breakfast dishes. They decide to leave Benny sleep. She has to get to the bank, then work. He says it will be okay, and she wonders how he got so patient. He says, life. She knows it sounds crazy, but she’s been thinking about that man who broke in. She hopes he’s all right. Derrick is sure he went to the hospital, and is doing okay; it’s where they’ll catch him. Hanna says, the police are coming back, and Derrick says he can stay; he works for himself. She thanks him for everything; staying there last night, and staying. He doesn’t want anything to happen to her. She’s the best thing to happen to him in years. She tells him, stop lying, and he says he’s not. He’d never lie to her. He kisses her, and tells her not to fight it. She says she can’t do this; it leads to everything. He asks, what’s wrong with everything? and she says she can’t without being married. He says they’re just kissing, but she says it’s the thoughts going through her mind. He asks how long it’s been, and she says, too long. He understands. She says he’s not with a twenty-something; he’s with a grown-ass woman, who knows what she wants and how she wants it. She asks if he doesn’t think it’s too fast. He does, but he likes it. She’s said she’s a grown-ass woman, and he’s a grown-ass man. He knows what he wants when he sees it, like she does. She asks what he wants, and he says, her. She asks how he wants it, and he says every way she wants to give it to him. They kiss, and there’s a knock at the door. Hanna says they’ve been saved by somebody, and he says, probably the police.

It’s Candace. Derrick introduces himself. Candace and Hanna look at each other. He says he’ll let them talk. He’ll be outside. Candace sits, and Hanna asks what she can do for her. Candace asks how Benny is, and Hanna says he’s sleeping. Candace heard about what happened. Hanna says, so Candace came over to check on her? Candace says she did, and asks how Hanna is. She’s trying be nice. Hanna says she’d rather hear the truth. Candace say she’s glad Hanna is okay, but Hanna says she doesn’t give a damn about her mama. Candace tells her that she owed money to the guy who came there. Hanna asks, how much? and Candace says everything she had. Hanna says she doesn’t have anything. Candace says, everything in the bank. If she doesn’t give it to him, he’ll kill her. Hanna is sorry, and Candace asks if she doesn’t care. Hanna asks how Candace knew it was a man, and she says Benny told her. She knows she brought it on herself, but if she doesn’t get the money, she’s dead. She knows she has a lot of problems, but she also knows Hanna doesn’t want to see her dead.

Candace says she knows Hanna went to War to stop him. Benny told her. Hanna says she’d do anything for Candace, but lie, cheat, or steal. Candace says, please, calling her momma. Hanna tells her, stop with the momma. She’s Hanna, remember? Candace is lying through her teeth, and Hanna can’t help her. Candace says she needs the money, but Hanna says she’s not getting a dime. Did Candace think conning her was going to work? Candace says she knows Hanna is a good, Christian woman. Hanna says, please don’t do that. Candace asks what Hanna is going to do with the money, and she says she’s giving it to the Cryers, telling Candace not to act like she didn’t get it from them. She tells Candace, get out.

Candace glares at Hanna in a really scary way, and Hanna says, come on out, Satan. Candace says it’s her money and she wants it. Hanna tells her, get the hell out, but Candace says not until Benny and Hanna go with her to the bank, and wire the money. Hanna says it will never happen. She’s asked herself many times what it’s going to take. She thought when Candace’s baby died… Candace says when Hanna got her baby killed. Hanna continues, when the baby died, she thought something would change, but it never did. Candace just dug in deeper, and got more and more evil. Candace asks if Hanna wants to see how evil, and Hanna says she already has. She’s looking at it. Candace promises that if Hanna doesn’t give her the money, she’ll have a visitor every night. Hanna says, she did that. She sent the man there. Candace says, last chance. Hanna says, she sent him there, and Candace repeats, last chance. Hanna tells her she’ll never get a damn thing, and says, I see you, demon. What’s your name? How many are you? I call you out in the name of Jesus. Wow. Candace really does look evil. Candace says, okay, and leaves. Hanna and I both shudder.

At the hotel room, Kathryn says Roderick already gave her this info. He says he called her so he could talk to her. She asks, about what? He says he thinks she knows, and kisses her. She kisses back, and they get busy.

Next time, Kathryn asks Roderick what he wants, David lets Jeffrey know he told the FBI, Candace offers to split the money with Benny, and Benny tells Hanna they shouldn’t give it all back.

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October 3, 2018 – Nina Learns About Sasha, Yesterday’s New Deck, Star’s Pregnancy is Revealed, a Dallas Dog Painting Party & Puck


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Josslyn tells Carly that she’s not going to school. She can’t. Carly asks if it’s about Oscar; did they have a fight? Josslyn says, no fight, no nothing; he just dumped her. Carly hugs her.

Oscar approaches Cameron in the library, who’s working on his Catcher in the Rye report. The most he’s gotten so far is, Holden Caufield is a sort of tool, something we can probably all agree on, but not enough for a report. Oscar gives Cameron his paper, and tells him to take it. He doesn’t need it.

At the hospital, Kim tells Drew that Oscar isn’t talking much. He stayed in his room all night. Drew says his entire world has been turned upside down; he’s still in shock. Kim says he’s angry at her for not telling him, and left without saying goodbye. He’s never done that. Drew says Oscar is hurting. He’ll come around. He needs his family. They all do.

Maxie goes to Nina’s office to give her a non-Crimson relate update. Peter told her that the WSB has a lead on Obrecht. Nina says, uh-huh. Maxie says her crazy aunt might implicate her. What’s more important than that?

Laura tells not-Doc it will take a while for her to re-acclimate. She notices he has no fever, and hated that he slept in the guest room. He says he’d hate it more if she came down with a cold. He coughs for effect. She thinks the idea of being quarantined for a few days with him isn’t bad, but he doesn’t want to ruin her other reunions. She goes to the kitchen to make him some tea, saying she’ll have him feeling like a new man.

Nina tells Maxie, it’s not a good time; she’s meeting someone. Maxie picks up Sasha’s picture, and asks if Nina is thinking of her for the outerwear shoot, and says Nina should book her. Curtis comes in, and Maxie asks, what’s going on? assuming Nina hired a PI to find Obrecht before the WSB does. Maxie leaves, and Curtis asks Nina if she wants to find Obrecht. She says, no. She wants to talk about this picture, showing him Sasha. Why didn’t he tell her that he was searching for her daughter.

Josslyn tells Carly, it came out of nowhere. She thought things were great, and thinking about the past year, she doesn’t get it. Carly asks what Oscar said, and Josslyn says he told her that he needed space, and it wasn’t her fault. She asked for an actual reason; something she did or didn’t do, but he didn’t say anything. He just took off. Carly thinks he’s going through something that he’s not ready to share yet. Josslyn asks, why? They shared everything. What changed?

Cameron reads, the imagery of isolation in Catcher in the Rye, and tells Oscar that he’ll be called out for plagiarism. No thanks. Oscar wonders how the teacher would find out. Cameron says Oscar is her favorite student; she’ll recognize his writing. Oscar tells him to move stuff around and dumb it down. Just take it. Cameron says Oscar hated him for kissing Josslyn, remember? Why is Oscar doing him a favor? Oscar says he doesn’t need the paper, and Cameron asks if this is about what happened at the community center. Oscar tells Cameron that when he said Oscar had cancer, he was right. Plenty of people knew; his parents, Cameron’s mom, Franco, everybody except him.

Kim and Drew meet with Monica in her office. Monica says they wanted to talk about Oscar. Has he had another hypoglycemic episode? Kim says Oscar doesn’t have hypoglycemia. He has a brain tumor, and gives her the specific medical term. Drew says they’re not giving up. They’re going to fight.

Laura says not-Doc seems better already. It must have been a twenty-four hour bug. He tells her that he’ll get checked out at GH. She’s surprised he’s going to work. She was looking forward to spending the day with him. He says they’ll have lots of days. She asks if he can’t play hooky; he has a  good excuse. He says is patients need him. Laura gives him a gift bag, saying she got a present. He says her early return was present enough, and takes out a photo of them in Paris. She thought he could find a nice spot for it in his office. He says he’ll find a very special place. She asks him to wear the blue tie she got him for his birthday. She wants to see it on him.

Kim explains that Oscar’s tumor is inoperable, but Terry is putting him in a trail of amino therapy that’s minimally invasive. Monica says, it sounds promising, and Kim says, it’s a long shot. Drew tells Monica that they’re going to take it day by day. Monica would like to see Terry’s report and test results. She wants to be up to speed and on the same page. Kim promises to get them to her. Monica says even if it should turn out to be a disappointment, trials and treatments are being developed all the time. She apologizes for sounding clinical, but Kim says it’s easier. Monica tells her that Oscar’s family will get him through this. They have to.

Cameron doesn’t know what to say, and Oscar tells him, don’t say anything. He doesn’t care about school. Cameron asks, why? The Quartermaines will send him to a fancy treatment place, and he’ll be even more of a hero to Josslyn. Oscar says, Josslyn doesn’t know. Cameron says she deserves to hear it from him. He’s mad at his parents for keeping him in the dark. How is Josslyn going to feel when she finds out he did the same thing to her? She’s smart, and already suspicious. Oscar says she won’t find out; he made sure of it. Cameron asks, how? and Oscar says, it doesn’t matter. Consider the paper payment for keeping his mouth shut.

Josslyn says, when she asked Carly how you know you love someone, she said there was no magic test. She was wrong. When she said that, Josslyn wasn’t sure if she loved him, but now she knows. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t hurt so much. Carly says she’s so sorry. Josslyn doesn’t understand why he told her he loved her. He looked her in the eye, and said the words. Carly says, he’s going through something. She can’t force him to tell her, and needs to decide how to deal with it. She can’t turn the pain on herself. Carly tells her not to feel small and afraid. Cry, stand back up, and keep moving. She left out, eat ice cream. Josslyn doesn’t think she’s strong enough. Carly says she’s the epitome of strong. She’ll get through this. Whatever is going on, it has nothing to do with her, and it’s not her fault. Josslyn tells Carly that’s what Oscar said, but it doesn’t make her feel better. She knows she has to find a way to deal, but can’t see him. Carly says she’s going to see him eventually. Josslyn tells her not to worry, but Carly says, that’s the thing about being a parent; you never stop. They hug, and exchange I love yous. When Carly leaves, Josslyn picks up her phone.

Curtis tells Nina that he didn’t want to get her hopes up until he had more proof. He wasn’t convinced Valentin’s intentions were pure. Nina says, Valentin is a master of mixed motives. Curtis says Valentin wanted to find her daughter, but also change her mind about the divorce. That’s why he took the case; to protect her best interests. He was able to locate the lawyer Madeline brokered the adoption with, and he filled in the gaps. Spinelli tracked the money that changed hands, and it led to Sasha. He emailed her, they spoke on the phone, and she agreed to meet. It wasn’t easy, but he convinced her to take the DNA test. Valentin insisted on a backup, and he’s waiting on the results. Nina asks if Curtis thinks Sasha could be her daughter.

Maxie is standing outside Nina’s office, trying to listen. Felicia walks in, and says she was thinking about how Maxie has thrown herself back into Crimson. She’s been doing all the heavy lifting for Nina, and has a baby at home. She needs a break. Felicia hands Maxie a folder, and tells her she has some ideas for a mother/daughter trip. They have a lot of options, and can take James if she wants. What does she think? Maxie thinks Felicia needs it more than she does.

Laura is still in the kitchen, and not-Doc takes the price tag off the tie. He says he’ll think of her every time he wears it, and tightens it between his hands, like he’s about to strangle her with it. There’s a knock at the door. I laugh at him being forever foiled. It’s Lulu, who says she hopes it’s not too early. Laura comes out, and they hug. Lulu is happy Laura is home, and Laura says her too. Lulu has five hundred questions, and not-Doc says he’ll leave them to catch up. Lulu thinks Laura clearly has a restorative effect. Lulu suggests not-Doc SKYPE with his patients, but Laura says he’s old school; face to face. Not-Doc says he likes to be intimate, personal, and on time. He leaves, and Laura says her timing is rotten. She finally gets home, and he’s fighting a cold. He spent the night in the guest room, but knowing him, he probably has something wonderful planned tonight.

Felicia asks what makes Maxie think she wants to get away. Can’t she just plan a fun trip for them? Maxie says, under normal circumstances, but these aren’t normal circumstances. Felicia admits that a TV station is hounding her for an interview on Ryan. She turned them down of course. She spoke with Lulu, because she’s a responsible journalist, and promised to focus on the victims and not the sensationalism. She’s not like the others who want to profit from tragedy. Felicia is worried about Maxie though.

Curtis tells Nina the test is 99.9% accurate, but Nina doesn’t care about percentages. She cares about what Curtis thinks. He says nothing that was said convinced him that Sasha isn’t her daughter, but he needs more evidence. Nina says, something like this? and shows him the necklace.

Kim tells Monica that Oscar recently learned he’s sick, and is having a hard time dealing. He doesn’t want anyone to know. Drew says they’re telling her because she’s Oscar’s grandmother, and the chief-of-staff. Monica says she’s also a cancer survivor, and Oscar feels like he’s living under a microscope right now. They don’t want to make him feel any worse. Kim leaves to get the report. Monica asks Drew how he’s doing. He doesn’t know; he feels punch-drunk. He just found Oscar, and has been figuring out how to be a father. He wasn’t prepared for this. He doesn’t know what to do, and Monica tells him it’s the worst thing to face, but they’ll fight it. They’ll do it together.

Cameron arrives at Sonny’s, and tells Josslyn that he cut PE. He’s going to have to run extra laps; this better be worth it. She says, sorry, but it’s important. She needs him to be honest. Last night, Oscar came over and broke up with her. He asks if she’s sure. Maybe she’s overreacting to something Oscar said the wrong way. She tells Cameron that Oscar said he couldn’t be in a relationship right now, and needed space. The he left. Cameron says he’s sorry it happened. She says, don’t be; help her. Tell  her why he did it.

Carly sees not-Doc at the hospital, and says he saved her a call. He says, about what? and she says, therapy. She’s ready to talk about Ferncliff, and ready to process what happened there. He suggests they touch base next week. She tells him to let her know if he has a cancellation. She wants to work through it as soon as possible – even if they have to use Morse code. Not-Doc asks why must she always bring that up? She says the other night, he was tapping, and he says he’d thought she moved past that fixation. She says that’s why she wants to do therapy; to get Ferncliff out of her head completely. The anniversary of her son’s death is also coming up. She thought she’d prepare for the emotions it’s going to bring up, and make it easier. Not-Doc asks her to forgive him. He doesn’t mean to be terse. He has a bug, and he’s out of sorts. He’ll make time. He’ll have his assistant check his calendar, and work her in.

Carly sees Kim, and asks how it’s going. Kim says, not great, and Carly asks if they can talk about Oscar.

Monica tells Drew treatments and cures for diseases once thought terminal, have advances every day. She’s a cancer survivor, and she’s going to make sure Oscar is too. She gives him a word of advice. Let the people he loves in. Let them help him, so they can help Oscar.

Cameron tells Josslyn that he just saw Oscar, and he didn’t say anything about breaking up with her. She asks what he did say, and Cameron says, not much. He was just acting weird. Cameron was working on his Catcher in the Rye paper, and Oscar gave him his. Josslyn asks, why? but Cameron doesn’t know and wasn’t going to ask questions. Josslyn thinks Cameron knows something. This all started at the community center. Oscar was acting weird, he and Cameron had a conversation, then Oscar took off. What were they talking about? What’s really going on?

Laura tells Lulu that Spencer has fully recovered, and is precocious as ever. Lulu says the Snapchats he sends Rocco and Charlotte are hilarious. Laura asks how she’s doing with Dante being away. She says the kids ask about him, but school keeps them busy. She misses him, but he’s away doing important work that he loves. Laura asks how Dante feels about her work.

Maxie tells Felicia she’s been through enough to no comment them into oblivion. She was too young to remember anyway. Felicia says kids pick things up, even when they don’t grasp what’s going on. Maxie says if Felicia is planning a trip to take her mind off the media circus, Mac should be going with her. Mac was her hero when it came to Ryan; let him be her hero now. They can take a trip when it’s actually about them spending time together. Felicia tells her not to think she’s getting out of it. It must be nice. My last real vacation was in 1987.

Nina explains to Curtis about Madeline leaving some significant things from her childhood for her. The necklace was in a pouch, along with a note, saying, this could mend a broken heart. She says it’s not just a pendant. It was important to her as a child. She would steal it, and pretend it was the locket from Annie. She talked to a jeweler, who said it looked like it had been a whole piece that was divided. Curtis asks if she thinks her daughter has the other half. She thinks it was her mom’s way of saying her child is out there and has the other half. He tells her there was no mention of a necklace, and Nina says, it was a long shot. Curtis gets a call. It’s from the second lab, and the results are in.

Curtis tells Nina that the second test confirmed a genetic match; it’s a certainty. Nina is breathless. Curtis tells her that Sasha grew up thinking the woman who raised her is her mother. It’s a big change for her too. Maxie knocks at the door, and Curtis tells Nina to let him know what the next move is. When he’s gone, Maxie asks if he found Obrecht, but Nina says, he didn’t find Obrecht. He found someone else.  

Carly tells Kim that Oscar broke up with Josslyn. Kim says, that’s the last thing he should have done. Carly asks if Kim hadn’t said teen romances don’t last, but Kim tells her that she said before she knew Josslyn, and how happy she makes Oscar. Carly says she feels the same way. He brought out the best in Joslyn, and she’s taking it hard. She asks if Kim has anything to share for Josslyn to have closure.

Cameron tells Josslyn that Oscar never said anything. Half the time, Oscar can’t stand him; the other half, he’s giving him a paper. Josslyn thinks Cameron is holding back, and protecting Oscar. Cameron says he’s not, and Josslyn says Oscar must be interested in another girl. Cameron says Josslyn is smart, hilarious, and really beautiful; there’s no one better than her. Oscar would be crazy to want someone else. She says he still broke up with her.

Drew sees Oscar, who jets the second he sees Drew. Drew asks him to wait. Drew wonders what’s going on, and Oscar says he’s fine. Drew asks why he’s not in school. Oscar says, what’s the point of school? Or anything else?

Lulu tells Laura that she and Dante had bumps in the beginning, especially when she revealed Nathan was Faison’s son. She didn’t think it through or think of the consequences. She did a follow-up on Faison’s other son, who turned out to be Peter. Laura says, her new boss. Lulu admits she likes working at The Invader. Laura says her work is important too; the public needs objective journalism, more now than ever. Laura mentions the Ryan Chamberlain series. Doc brought it up when they were in Paris, and said he was dreading the anniversary. Lulu says she didn’t realize. He’s been supportive about it, and shared some fascinating stories. Laura says, that’s new. He’s never been forthcoming about it. Lulu says, he is now. He’s given her insight only someone close to Ryan could have. She thinks it’s what will set her story apart from the sensationalistic pieces. Laura says it’s just like to be so generous, even when it’s difficult. Her husband is a special man.

As not-Doc studies the hospital map, Felicia asks if he has time for her.

Drew tells Oscar that he needs an education so he can go to college, and further his education. Oscar says he doesn’t know what’s going to happen, and Drew say, no one knows how long they’re going to live. You make plans for the future, and fight for it. Oscar says he’s not spending the time he has left behind a desk looking at the clock. When he puts it that way, I don’t blame him. He tells Drew that he’s there to tell his mother that he’s dropping out.

Cameron tells Josslyn, Oscar made a huge mistake. He’ll realize, and come back. If he doesn’t, it’s his loss. She tells Cameron it’s on him if he’s holding back. He hates seeing her like this, and she says, it’s no picnic on feelings side either. She doesn’t care why. She knows Oscar is wrong. Instead of figuring out why, she’s going to undo it. She asks Cameron to help her get Oscar back.

Kim tells Carly this is the first she’s hearing about the break-up. Carly says they should let the kids figure it out for themselves, but Josslyn is hurting. Kim wishes she had something to tell her to make it easier. He’s going through something personal, but that’s all she can say. Carly says, they’ll fall in love a million times by the time they’re their age. She won’t pry.

Maxie asks Nina if Obrecht had an accomplice. Nina says, no, and Maxie asks who he found. Nina says, her daughter.

Lulu says they’ve covered her marriage and career, what about Laura. What’s next? Laura says she’s settling in, but it’s strange without Spencer. She’s looking forward to going back to the hospital board. She has some new ideas for GH that she’s excited about. She’s glad to be home, and reconnecting with family.

Felicia tells not-Doc that he seems off, and asks if he’s all right. He says he’s a little under the weather. She says they can catch up another time, but he says he always has time for her. He suggests they go to his office, where they can have privacy.

Gregory tells Chase the thing Finn hates more than him is failure, Felicia tells not-Doc that the know the gruesome truth about Ryan, and Carly tells Ava to get the hell out of her house.

Below Deck

This season – Tahiti. We meet the new crew, and get a mini preview of what’s to come. I’m going to miss Chef Ben, but glad Kate is still chief stew. Kate tells us it’s long hours and hard work. A recipe for disaster.

The waves are huge. We have a new boat as well, My Seanna. Kate arrives first, and says the boat looks different on the internet. Captain Lee explains that hurricanes took a devastating toll on the Caribbean, and it will take a while to recover. In the meantime, he’s always wanted to see Tahiti. This time, there’s a chief steward, Josiah, and Kate is excited. Chef Adrian tells us that he has a passion to heal through the creative art of cooking. We see some of his creations, and they look fabulous.

Stew Caroline is stoked to meet a steward, since she’s never met one before. Bosun Chandler goes over things with the captain. He’s already hoping for a good reference. Captain Lee says the seas are bigger in Tahiti, and it’s reef central. Where they’re at is so remote, there’s no one to pull your ass out. He tells Chandler that he doesn’t like to micromanage. Deckhand Ross is taking a step down from being a bosun, because, Tahiti.

Kate goes over things with Josiah and Caroline. Josiah trained at butler school in England, and is a qualified butler. Everyone introduces themselves to each other and gets situated in their cabins, while I desperately try to learn their names. Not my forte. Kate thinks Adrian looks young and malnourished. In her interview, she says malnourished and chef shouldn’t be in same sentence. Deckhand Rhylee was a co-captain on a fishing charter, but wanted a change of pace.

Chandler’s father and brother are both in the field, and he says, it’s not just a job; it’s a career. He expects the best out of everyone, and says they’re all learning the boat together. The new boat is 180 feet, and Kate is excited, but she finds out things below aren’t that big. She says, it’s like dating Shaquille O’Neal and finding out he has a really small penis. Caroline thinks yacht crews are high schoolish, and you have to establish who you are right off the bat.

The boat gets a once over. Captain Lee thinks it’s going well so far with everyone getting along. Well, it’s only the first day. He introduces the first officer and engineers, who we never, ever see. He tells the crew there are three rules. Work hard, don’t embarrass yourself, and don’t embarrass the boat. If they follow those rules, they’ll get along fine. If not, there will be something extra in their pay envelope – a plane ticket home. In his interview, the captain says the crew has the credentials, but if they don’t deliver, they can give their soul to Jesus, because their ass belongs to him.

We find out Adrian’s father recently passed away, and they were very close. The provisions come in. Rhylee gets the attention of Ashton, who she thinks is a fine piece of man candy. Adrian says he’s a free flow artist, and wants to blow people’s minds. Chandler thinks the crew is amazing. Captain Lee tells Chandler that he has good talent. Kate is happy, since she has only one stew who lacks experience. During the first preference sheet meeting, and we discover the first primary will be Steve, the foam guy. He’s become a friend of Captain Lee’s, and we flash back to the last time Steve chartered the yacht. Kate says the foam party was like a malfunctioning car wash. She’s glad he’s returning. She knows his preferences, and he’ll get blackout drunk, so if they mess up, he won’t remember. His fiancé, Jen, will also be celebrating her 32nd birthday, and he wants a romantic dinner, with the servers dressed as Cupid. Kate says she’s not wearing a diaper.

Ros has a four-year-old son, and he’s missed a lot, traveling to provide for him. Kate tells the crew that Steve is enthusiastic and likes alcohol, but has a lot of requests. He’s asking for a Polynesian picnic on a black sand beach. It’s not going to be tomorrow, since they’re stuck in the dock. The crew will have to entertain them. In her interview, Kate says Steve was a drunken handful last time, and with bad weather and being stuck, it’s a lot of extra work for her. Guests are always disappointed; it’s a lose-lose.

The next day, there’s a charter miracle – a blue sky. The crew puts the final touches on the boat. Kate says the guests aren’t the worst part. They leave, but she’s stuck with the crew. So far, so good though. Everyone puts on their whites.

Steve and the other guests arrive, and greetings and champagne commence. Kate gives the tour. Ooh, it is impressive. Steve remarks that his room has a desk in case he wants to work… nah. The stern is cut loose. Rhylee says being a female captain is kind of unheard of, and she has to prove herself in a male dominated industry all the time.

Steve discusses Jen’s birthday party. He’s brought 500 balloons that he wants the bedroom filled with. Kate tells him, no problem. The crew is full of hot air. The captain says leaving the dock is like a choreographed dance. Chandler says they’re sailing out of sh*tty weather, and into the horizon. Steve wants to be just on the bounds of sober, but not sober. I think that might require him to stop drinking periodically, so it’s probably not going to happen. Adrian says he likes to incorporate local dishes into his own cuisine. Steve wants to be dazzled. Adrian makes a beautiful tropical salad with tuna and swordfish. I’m in, and Steve pronounces it delicious; perfect freakin’ fish.

The boat has two feet on either side, and the captain says this is not where you want to screw up. In the Caribbean, there’s a hundred feet water before the shore, and it’s gradual. In Tahiti, you’re suddenly on a reef. Captain Lee says you couldn’t get a straight pin up his ass with a sledgehammer right now. Ha-ha! I missed his witticisms. He tells us in good light, you can see the reef through the water.

Steve gets excited over a door in the galley that you can open by pressing a button with your foot. He plays with this for a while. They drop anchor at a place Captain Lee can’t pronounce, so I won’t even try. In her interview, Kate says she likes Adrian’s naughty side. He grew up in St. Martin, which is the lawless Las Vegas of the Caribbean. It’s sex, drugs, and alcohol, and he’s into it.

Kate doesn’t want to put 500 balloons in the room, and would rather put one sleeping pill in Steve’s mouth. He’s also asking adults to wear diapers. The crew works on blowing up the balloons. Steve has a special gift for the captain, a shirt he wants him to wear at dinner. Steve doesn’t think Captain Lee is going to love it. Kate doesn’t either, and tells Steve that makes her love it a little more. Steve says, him too, and they laugh conspiratorially. We find out Ashton was a stripper, so he’s cool with not wearing much. Kate delivers the shirt.

Steve wears a crown like the one from the old Imperial Margarine commercials, and light-up glasses. Adrian is making deconstruct surf and turf. The shirt isn’t that bad. It’s like those graphic tuxedo T-shirts, except it’s a captain’s uniform. Steve says dinner is off the charts. Rhylee dresses Ashton in his Cupid outfit. He asked her to help, and she’s happy to do it. The next course is beef sashimi. The guests are thrilled. I salivate. Crab and lobster salad is next, but there’s mint wontons with that, and mint is not my jam, as Kelly Dodd would say. Captain Lee is loving life. Kate says she’s never seen him that happy with a new chef. In her interview, she says Adrian’s plates are beautiful and delicious, and he executes confidently and competently. She thinks he’s an alien.

Kate decides tinsel garlands should be added to Ashton’s costume. Adrian shushes Caroline, who interrupts his conversation with Kate, and in her interview, Caroline is like, you shush. And so it starts. Adrian brings the birthday cake upstairs, and Steve screams. Ashton looks like a cupid Christmas tree. A guest asks if there’s anything else in his diaper, like Twinkies. What? The captain thanks Steve for including him. Adrian does yoga, and Kate goes to bed.

On the second day, Steve got on a jet ski. And it was not good. He’s ready to roll. Caroline says he’s insane. He’s on vacay, and drunk from night before. She’s not getting a good feeling. Captain Lee instructs them to stay away from the reefs. Steve thinks the captain doesn’t trust his seadoing [sic] abilities. Steve won’t wear a life jacket, and takes off on the jet ski like a maniac. Kate says he’s like a wild man; he passed the boat twice in ten seconds. I’m not getting a good feeling. Chandler explains that it’s usually at the guest’s discretion whether or not they wear a jacket, and doesn’t think it’s a big deal. I dunno about that when they’re drunk. That sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen. Ross thinks it’s their job to keep the guests safe, and I’m with him. Ross tries to give Steve a jacket, but he’s not having it. Ross tells Captain Lee that Steve is refusing to wear it, and the captain tells Steve that he has to. Steve says, life is short, and he doesn’t wear life jackets. The captain tells the deckhands, when Steve comes in, pull the plug on the jet ski. In his interview, Captain Lee says hitting the water at 70 mph is like hitting a brick. You can break bones or your neck, and it’s not up for discussion. The deck crew dropped the ball, and it’s deadly serious.

This season, waterfalls, lots of drinking, Rhylee hooks up with Ashton (maybe), Chandler needs to micromanage, Rhylee and Chandler butt heads, Caroline refuses to eat sh*t, Chandler gets his ass chewed out by Captain Lee, Kate makes the captain choose between her and another crew member, a man goes overboard, the captain gets choked up, and someone has one hour to leave.

Fire dancing and flower crowns. We’re not in the Caribbean anymore.Kate Chastain, chief stew


Andy didn’t want to run anymore. Carlotta told him that Cassie was still gunning for him, and it’s not about the money, it’s about pride. She said he could stay with her until she figured out how to keep his stupid ass alive.

Mateo wanted Take 3 to do a hot song for a soundtrack. His real interest though, was producing a movie starring Noah and Star. Carlotta had to tell them Star is pregnant.

Maurice was looking for an artist for his streaming service, and Cassie wanted a strong black Mandingo. She wanted Noah. Maurice tried talking to Noah about the new business, but Noah wasn’t doing business with his shady ass. He was done giving grown men second chances.

Derek thought Alex should slow down, since she was taking every gig that came along since the plane crash. Miss Ruby was acting weird, and Derek knew something was up.

Carlotta told the girls about Mateo wanting the new son. Alex said it wasn’t a drive-thru, and he couldn’t just order up a track. She told them to read the script, and start writing. Simone didn’t think Star was ready to have a baby, and the baby would be messed up like their mom did to them. The Gravity Media gossip site outed Star, and she was sorely pissed at Mateo. Mateo told her, gossip drives traffic. He said she should use the attention to work for her; it’s what a real star does. In response, Star threw up on him.

An officer found evidence of rape on Miss Ruby’s clothing, but she refused to have a rape kit done. Derek asked Alex for to stay with her while he went looking. Miss Ruby and Alex shared a joint, and Alex told her about the fan next to her on the plane dying because Alex was taken off first. Miss Ruby said it wasn’t her fault, and Alex said neither was what happened to her. Miss Ruby said she’d lived there a long time, and earned the right, paid for the right, to have a safe home and he just took it. Alex told her he’s not taking a damn thing. Alex took Miss Ruby to the hospital.

Cotton wanted to know who Star’s baby daddy was, but Star wouldn’t say. Cotton said she’d find out, and Star said let her know who it is when she did. Cotton thought the baby should know who its father was; she never knew Jahil. But Star told her, fathers leave. She wanted to make sure not to pass her mess on to her baby.

Simone accused star of making it all about herself, and that the pregnancy was making her more of a bitch. Miss Lawrence aka Miss Bruce told the girls to get moving on the track per Carlotta’s orders.

Noah wanted to know if the child was his. He didn’t want to be like his pops, leaving his kid out in the cold. Star told him he was off the hook; it wasn’t his.

Jahil’s case was cold, and Cotton went to Cassie for help. Cassie promised she would, but we know that’s not going to happen. Cotton didn’t know what to tell her son. Carlotta said Jahil would want her to move on. Carlotta was honoring his memory by living his dream, and didn’t want Cotton to do anything crazy. Cotton said she’d already talked to Cassie about helping, since Carlotta wouldn’t.

Mateo had a press conference to reveal the movie project, Black Ivy starring Noah. It was also a chance for Star to answer questions, and she ended up calling the press reps nosy bitches. She said it was none of their damn business, and suggested they ask their mommas who their real daddies are. She stormed out, and Simone said she’s like a bulldozer. Star said she bulldozed them out of foster care and into their careers. She does it so Simone and Alex don’t have to.

Noah met with Andy, who said he owed people some money. Noah couldn’t help, but told Andy he knew Andy could make it to the other side and would be all right. The other side was probably a poor word choice.

Simone wanted to audition for Black Ivy, telling Mateo she didn’t just relate to character, she was the character. She also told him that if he came after her sister again, she’d check his ass so fast, he’d never forget it.

Cassie met with Noah, at her new venue. She explained she wanted him to be the artist in residence, and told him, be a king; let it be his castle. He said he wasn’t looking for change, but she said let change come to him. He envisioned the club as being active, with him as the reigning royalty, but told Cassie it had to go through Carlotta. He also suggested Andy, telling her that Andy just got back in town. Oops.

Carlotta told Cassie stay away from her child. Cassie insisted that she didn’t mean to hurt them, and called Carlotta high and mighty. Carlotta told Cassie to get her own life. Cassie said, tell Andy, what’s up. Carlotta was so busy being angry with her, she didn’t see the real reason Jahil is gone was right under her nose.

When it came time to record the new track, Star’s was having trouble with her voice and wanted to throw in the towel, but Simone told her to bulldoze, and Take 3 got it together. Carlotta told the girls it takes a village, and they have everything their mother wanted for them. The video for the track was superb; the set, the choreography, their look, everything. Carlotta told Mateo, manager or not, they were her artists, and they’d move how she saw fit. The new single was going to their Take 3 album.

Simone video chatted with Angel. She said she’d always love him, but needed to stand on her own. She wanted a divorce.

Alex told Derek that she knew he wanted to fix it, but it wasn’t in his hands. He said that’s what Miss Ruby told him. Let the police be the police, and let God be God. He cried on Alex’s shoulder.

At the studio, alone, Carlotta talked to Jahil again. This time, he appeared to her.

Star knocked on a door. Noah opened a door, but it was his father, not Star like they wanted us to think for a moment. Bobby told Noah that he was living in his car until it broke down. Noah asked what that had to do with him, and Bobby said, not a damn thing, son. Noah said nothing, but opened the door so Bobby could come in.

Jackson opened another door to find Star on the other side. He said he got it. She was lonely and he was there. He understood she didn’t want him. She showed him the sonogram.

Queen Latifah’s hair this week included an interesting very straight bob; brown, but with face framing black. My favorite though, was an auburn shag. It wasn’t anything that unique, but it looked gorgeous on her.

Next time, Brandy aka Cassie sings, and Cassie snatches Carlotta’s wig off.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Kameron and family are learning terms of cooking an Espanyol. In her interview, she says she wants her kids to be able to communicate outside of their own bubble. They’ve been taking Spanish since they were babies. If you don’t know how speak Spanish, you can’t talk to half the world. I’ve been picking it up from watching 90 Day Fiancé, and probably more quickly than some of the fiancés. She tells us that Cord is super critical of Sparkle Dog, but she’s going to keep proving that she’s a great mother, wife, and entrepreneur. Cord talks about the time Kameron almost set the house on fire cooking. They make cupcakes, and Cord challenges Kameron to eat a cupcake in one bite. She comes close.

D’Andra discusses college with stepson Koen, who’s on spring break. She says she’s his stepmother, but also his friend. After her failure with Ketan – we flash back to that – she has a chance to start over, and try again. She’s hoping the bonds with her stepsons fill the void in her life, left by not having her own kids. Dee arrives. It’s been a month since she and D’Andra have spoken, which D’Andra says is typical when they have a fight. D’Andra tells Koen that they’re having a business meeting. Dee suggests he put earplugs in.

D’Andra wants to talk about separating companies. She’s at a crossroads. They try to negotiate, but when they talk, they’re not on the same page, and it’s been stressful for her. D’Andra says she’s tired of being angry and stressed, and doesn’t want to feel this way toward her mother. Dee says she’s been bitter too. The more she’s thought about it, she’s seventy-seven, and does she still want to continue battling? I need to stop here, and say I’d love to know where this woman goes to get work done, and who does it. You would never guess she’s seventy-seven, and that includes her neck. I’m sure genetics is playing a part here, but she looks amazing. She says D’Andra is all she has, and tells her to keep building the company. She doesn’t need it; she’s giving D’Andra 100%. D’Andra wonders, why, after all this time? it’s a shock. Dee says she’s shocked too. In her interview, Dee says she gave D’Andra the keys before, but knew she wasn’t ready. She came to the decision that it wasn’t worth losing a relationship with her only child. She tells D’Andra that it felt like a thousand pounds was lifted. All the worry, anger, and stress is off her shoulders. In her interview, Dee says it can go one of two ways. It can go great, or fall flat on its face. D’Andra wants to continue Dee’s legacy. Dee believes they can have a great relationship. In D’Andra’s interview, she has hesitance. She wants to see the signature on the dotted line first. I don’t blame her. Haven’t we been here before? Dee says her lawyer will draw up the papers, and they hug.

Stephanie takes the boys to a private dance class. She’s had a hard time getting Cruz interested in anything, but if he wants to learn hip-hop, it’s cool with her. She learns a combination with them. In her interview, she says doing things with the kids clears her head, and helps with depression. She sees the excitement in the kids’ eyes. This excitement turns into a fight over a shirt. Stephanie says when the kids are naughty, they get in line for their daddy. We see a clip of Travis being the kid whisperer. She has a hard time with discipline. It’s her nightmare that when Travis goes to Harvard, the boys take over, and everything goes to hell. She tells them they’re supposed to be best friends.

LeeAnne talks to her dog, Carly, a beagle who is too funny. She’s staring straight ahead as LeeAnne talks, and you can just see her thinking, shut-up, shut-up.  Kameron calls, and LeeAnne says she’s looking at wedding stuff and feeling her eyes crossing. Kameron is organizing a dog party. They’re going to paint their dogs – on canvases, not their bodies. She’s also inviting the kids. LeeAnne thinks she scares children just by her presence.

LeeAnne asks Rich about getting a new tux for the wedding, but he swears he hasn’t gotten married in the one he owns. She asked if he comes down the aisle or is he there already? He says, usually when he gets married, he’s already there. In her interview, LeeAnne says Rich has no problem getting married, but he better stay married with her. She asks how many are on his list. He has thirty, and she thinks they should cap it at two hundred, because they’ll remember people as time goes on. She’s thinking a quarter million, and Rich says he just ruined the chair. I laugh. I’m sure it’s fun to spend that much, but we spent five grand, including the honeymoon, and people are still talking about that party.

LeeAnne wants D’Andra to help, but doesn’t know how much she wants to be involved. She tells Rich that she apologized, and we flash back to that. She didn’t make excuses, and said she did it, sorry, it won’t happen again. In her interview, she says she was D’Andra’s maid of honor, and it feels sad that she’s not being a part of it. When she doesn’t address it, she’s not done with it. Rich says, she’s down the road. LeeAnne says she’s texted twice, and gotten no response. Rich tells her to call. She does, and gets voicemail. LeeAnne leaves a message asking if they can grab lunch. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says she genuinely doesn’t understand why D’Andra isn’t returning her texts or calls. She tells Rich that she thought they were sisters. Now, she feels like she has no family. Rich says she’ll be fine; it’s stupid girl stuff. LeeAnne starts to cry, and Rich puts his arm around her. He tells her it will settle out.

Cary is going to check on the house. Mark thinks they can move into part of it soon. Cary is glad. Living there after her parents get home would be like living in a museum with the owners there, watching you. She says when she was growing up, if she put things in the wrong spot, she’d be disciplined for it. Cary brings out some photo albums, and we see some old pictures. In her interview, she says she felt like she couldn’t do anything right. She couldn’t please her father, and it’s always been a problem. Mark’s dad died from Alzheimer’s when he was young, and he regrets it. She’ searching for a way to forge a relationship and bond with her father. All of her cousins live in Denmark. They’re her father’s relatives, and connecting to family is important to him. Cary thinks if she reconnects with her relatives in Denmark, she can reconnect with him. It sounds like they never had a connection in the first place though.

Kameron puts her dog in a stroller, telling us, little dogs have little legs and don’t go very far. In her interview, she explains that there are a lot of painting parties, but she wanted to do something different. She found Adam, a painter on Bluprint, who teaches painting dogs specifically. This is pretty cool. She shows her dog the paintings. She organizes food for the humans and the dogs, and has also hired a string quartet to set the mood. She’s heard classical music is good for children and dogs. Except when they show up, the quartet is a trio.

D’Andra wonders if orchestral music inspires you to paint dogs better. Maybe LeeAnne rapping would be a better choice. Kameron tells D’Andra that she was an art major. This brings back her college experience, and painting was the most challenging art form she had. LeeAnne come in next. All the dogs are excited to meet each other. In D’Andra’s interview, she says she needed time to reflect, and strategy for today is to ignore LeeAnne. How mature. I suppose I should expect it though, considering how well her mother has taught her to deal with conflict.

Brandi decided to give someone a chance to help her. She wasn’t helping herself or her family, so she hired nanny Allison. She says, finding the right person is difficult, but once you know it’s right, you wonder where they’ve been forever. She says it’s scary, but she’s also excited. She’s picking up the girls, and going to the painting party. Bruin is sleeping, and staying home. She says Sugar doesn’t get along with other dogs. Kind of like LeeAnne.

Kameron thinks family time is important, and wanted to do something where they could bring their children. Stephanie doesn’t bring Biscuit, since she can’t handle kids and dogs at the same time. Cary’s Zuri flirts with Cruz. Those are kids, not dogs.

Brandi picks up the girls. Brooklyn wants to go home the second she gets in the car. She claims she’s overheated, but it looks like a full-blown tantrum. In her interview, Brandi says, thank God for the nanny. If she had to drive with these two tiny bitches and the baby, she’d drive off a cliff. Omg, me too. These girls are obnoxious. Brandi says she’s in the worst mood ever.

Adam tells them, just have fun, and starts the instruction. Brandi says art is not her thing, and she’s a horrible artist. Kameron likes her own art the best. LeeAnne says her dog already took a dump. I’m dying. It’s next to the quartet trio. I love this dog. LeeAnne eats a dog biscuit that looks like a human cookie. Stéphane tells Brandi that she’s going to lunch with Kameron and D’Andra. Brandi says if she wants to be friends with them, good luck with that.

LeeAnne asks to talk to Cary on the side. She says Cary claimed she’d be honest if the girls were talking behind each other’s backs, No one has said anything about her? Cary says, not exactly, and LeeAnne wonders why Cary hasn’t come to her. Cary says she’s not a gossip, but if someone asks, that’s different. No, that is not what she said. She said if anyone talked behind another’s back, she was going to let that person know. She tells LeeAnne that Brandi thought she might be in Kameron’s ear. We flash back to Brandi saying Kameron has no mind of her own, and LeeAnne is in her ear. LeeAnne loves how Brandi blames her for everything. It’s okay for her to feel the way she does, but Kameron is her own human. Cary gives LeeAnne credit, but thinks she deserves some herself. In her interview, LeeAnne says Cary just narc-ed on Brandi. They should add throwing under bus to the Olympics.

Some of the paintings are pretty good, especially the ones the kids are doing. Brandi checks in with the nanny, and gets ready to leave. Of course, now her girls want to stay. The mom group leaves, and LeeAnne says this is the level of noise at her house; it was like birth control on steroids. She says at fifty, nothing is popping out anyway. Kameron says, miracles happen, and LeeAnne tells her that would not be a miracle. In her interview, D’Andra says she and LeeAnne have become strangers, and she feels like she lost a friend. LeeAnne doesn’t get the distance. D’Andra is shutting her out, and it hurts. She needs a conversation to get to bottom of it.

D’Andra meets LeeAnne on a bench. In her interview, LeeAnne says D’Andra called her the day after the painting party for a one on one. LeeAnne says she texted D’Andra after her meeting with Dee. What happened. D’Andra says she didn’t tell anyone. She’ll believe it when the paperwork is signed. She’s been down that road, and she’s not holding her breath. It makes LeeAnne sad that she can’t help D’Andra; it’s frustrating. In her interview, LeeAnne says she apologized, but D’Andra didn’t want to hear it. She doesn’t care how LeeAnne feels.

LeeAnne tells D’Andra she doesn’t know what’s going on, and it’s shredding her. D’Andra says when LeeAnne talks about things, she only tells the good. LeeAnne tells her to ask the right questions. D’Andra asks if she’s getting married. In her interview, D’Andra says LeeAnne always deflects back to her, like with bringing up the $200. I roll my eyes. LeeAnne says she is, and D’Andra asks when. LeeAnne tells her it was going to be in November, but they might change it to spring. D’Andra knows LeeAnne must be worried because Rich has been married before, and won’t stay married. LeeAnne says the fear is there, but she thinks he will. D’Andra asks if LeeAnne thinks he’s faithful.

In her interview, D’Andra insists LeeAnne has been backpedaling about getting married from the beginning. I might be wrong, but it sounds like D’Andra is digging for something that’s not there, and trying to make LeeAnne afraid. LeeAnne says, as many nights as Rich is home, it would be highly unlikely. In her interview, D’Andra says her first husband cheated, but they led separate lives and she let it happen. Oh, that explains it. She’s projecting. LeeAnne says, no; they are not leading separate lives. In her interview, LeeAnne says, no other couple is more rock solid. What D’Andra is saying is accusatory and inflammatory, and she’s pissed. She tells D’Andra that she and Rich don’t make each other do anything. D’Andra asks if she should step back, and LeeAnne says just check in with her now and then. D’Andra thinks there’s something LeeAnne isn’t telling her; something happening. For the thousandth time, LeeAnne tells her, nothing is happening.

Next time, Stephanie gets vaginal rejuvenation (the topic I can’t get away from), LeeAnne confronts Brandi, an adult prom, and LeeAnne tells D’Andra that she doesn’t want to hear about separate lives again.

🌇 And…




























October 2, 2018 – Laura is Back for Forever, Wyatt Meets Sal, a New Deck, a Little Flip, a Sad Tale from Dallas & Enough


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason doesn’t think Carly should tell Sonny about the gun. Mike should do it himself. Carly asks if Jason thinks Mike is telling the truth, and the gun is in the Hudson. Jason asks if he seemed lucid, and she says, completely. He thought so too, It makes sense that if Mike was covering for Sonny, he wouldn’t have left the gun with the body. She asks if he thinks Sonny is in the clear, but Jason says, no.

Jordan tells Margaux that she might have to accept that her father’s murder will go unsolved. Margaux says, no, and Jordan asks if it’s because she doesn’t want to. Margaux says she doesn’t need to. There’s another way; clip Sonny’s right hand man.

Kim tells Oscar that in the conference with Terry, she said he’s a good candidate for the drug trial, and there have been promising results. He says if Kim had wanted to help, she would have told him two years ago. What’s the point now? No matter what, the outcome is still the same – he dies.

Lulu brings Chase’s watch to the station. He’d given it to Rocco to play with when he was over for dinner, and forgot it. He’s appreciative of dinner, and she tells him that he’s Dante’s partner, which makes him family. He says at least he feels like he’s useful, keeping an eye on his partner’s family. Not that they need it, but Lulu says she wouldn’t have it any other way. And it makes her feel more connected to Dante.

Nina says Valentin told her Charlotte was okay, but he says he’s not talking about Charlotte. He meant Nina’s biological child.

Not-Doc is expecting Lucy, but Laura knocks at the door. She’s home. Her flight took forever, and she’s exhausted, but never too tired for him. She kisses him, and he says she’s back already? She says that’s not the warm welcome she was expecting. He says she surprised him. She didn’t think he’d mind her coming home early. He says he doesn’t, and hugs her. She caught him at the end of a trying day, but he doesn’t want to talk about him. He brings her luggage inside, and she tells him that Spencer was well enough to tell her that she was cramping his style. She took the opportunity to surprise him, and was in such a rush, she didn’t even tell Lulu. He asks if he’s the only one who knows, and how long she’s going to be there, and she says, forever.

Oscar tells his parents, maybe it’s time to shop for coffins. The side effects go from mild to death. Drew says they should all take a breath. There’s no harm in meeting with Terry again. Better to have a spot in the trial than now. Oscar wonders if he’d be taking up a slot that someone who could be saved needs. Kim tells him not to punish himself because he’s angry with her. They should talk to Terry again. Kim knows Oscar doesn’t want to talk to them, but thinks he should talk to someone. Oscar doesn’t want to talk to a shrink, but Drew says they’re not talking about that. He’s made a lot of friends; he should talk to them. Oscar says his friends are not going to know.

Jason says Mike covered for Sonny, and Carly says there’s no evidence. Jason thinks they can stop the commissioner, but it’s personal for the DA. Carly says Diane can discredit her, but Jason says he doesn’t think it’s that simple.

Margaux says, Jason knows everything, but Jordan says Margaux threw everything she had at him, and he never said a word. They have no supporting evidence; nothing that ties Jason to the explosion or the murder. Margaux trying to subvert his right to counsel, tells Jordan that she’s too close to the investigation.

Valerie comes into the station looking for Jordan. Chase says she’s in the interrogation room. Valerie says Jordan called, saying she wanted a word with her. She wonders what it’s about, and Chase tells her to have a seat.

Nina tells Valentin that she miscarried when she was in a coma. Valentin says, the child survived. Nina’s child is alive, and he can prove it.

Jason tells Carly that Sonny doesn’t regret the killing, but regrets Mike’s involvement. Sonny will do anything to protect him, and Margaux will be investigating anything that might connect Mike. Carly says, that’s crazy; Mike has Alzheimer’s. Jason says that makes him vulnerable. She’ll use anything. If Mike is threatened, Sonny will want to even the score. He wants to protect Mike, but Margaux is going to break the rules, and if she hits him in the right place, Sonny could make a mistake. Carly asks how they stop her, and Jason says, they have to shut her down.

Jordan asks why Margaux thinks Jason is unbreakable. He had nothing to say except through his attorney; it’s going to be carved on his tombstone. She’s seen this before. A case is personal, and the investigation turns into obsession. The case will stay open. A clue could surface, but it’s not coming from Jason. She has to think of the next best thing. Margaux has to go, and jets.

Oscar tells Drew that he’s not telling anyone he’s sick. At least not yet. Kim says he doesn’t want to go through this alone, and he says, why? She did. She says, and he thought that was a mistake. He says if he tells anyone, it will be on his own terms, in his own time. He doesn’t want to be known as the sick kid. Drew says, that’s fair, and Oscar leaves. Julian overhears.

Laura finds the roll of wire cable, and asks what it is. Not-Doc says it was his misguided attempt at DIY. He wanted to hook up his computer, but will need a tech person very soon. He asks about Spencer, and she says she told him that both legs had healed; it was a real blessing. He starts to cover for not knowing, when there’s a knock at the door. It’s a surprised Lucy, who hands her the soup, and says, welcome home. Laura looks at not-Doc.

Valentin asks Nina to let him explain, and he’ll answer any questions she has. She asks why he thinks her biological child is alive, and he says he visited Nina’s mother before she died. He’s had questions about discrepancies that he found troublesome. She wasn’t in the same hospital for the first eight months. It seemed within the realm of possibilities mathematically that she carried to term. Only Madeline knew for sure, and when he offered her freedom, She told him. Nina says she died before he got her out, but he says he was never getting her out. Nina says he double crossed her, and he says, yeah. She tells him she loves him so much, but they’re still divorced. He explains that Madeline told him that she tried to cause a miscarriage, but was unsuccessful. She hired a private nurse until Nina delivered. She had a baby; a little girl.

Valentin says Madeline didn’t want the child to have claim on Nina’s inheritance, so she set up an adoption. Nina asks, what if she was lying and it was her last mind game before she died? Valentin says he found her; technically, Curtis did. She asks if this was the case Curtis was working on for him. Valentin says Curtis made a fortune, but he adores her, and would have done it for free anyway. He tracked her down, and has seen her. Nina says, she’s for real? and he says, Sasha Gilmore. She’s beautiful, and very strong willed, just like her mother. He shows Nina a picture.

Lucy didn’t realize Laura was back in town, and Laura says, clearly. Lucy tells her it’s chicken noodle soup, the most healthy soup in Port Charles. It’s for Doc. Not-Doc explains that he was having lunch with Felicia and Mac. Lucy says, and with her. She noticed he was under the weather. Lucy says he’s resistant to caring for himself. Laura says she knows. She hands not-Doc the soup, and says she’d like to have a word with Lucy.

Jordan sees Valerie, and says they’re going to talk right there. After everything Jordan has done for her; everything the department did for her. She has to embarrass them like this. Valerie doesn’t know what she did, but asks Jordan to let her make it right. Jordan asks where she gets off, showing up the rest of them on the detective exam? The results won’t be posted until later, but Jordan wanted to tell her personally that she passed with flying colors, calling her Detective Spencer.

Julian asks Kim if it’s a bad time again, but she says, no; it’s actually good. Drew leaves, and Julian says, obviously, something serious is going on with Oscar. It makes sense for her to lean on Drew, but he’s there if she still wants him. She says, it’s hard to know what to do, but Julian says if he doesn’t know what’s going on, he can’t help. Whatever it is, she can tell him. She says she can’t.

Oscar goes to Sonny’s, and asks for Josslyn. He wants to talk on the porch. Carly calls Josslyn down. She says she wasn’t sure Oscar was still coming over. Something is obviously going on. He can tell her. What is it?

Laura asks Lucy if they all reconnected, and Lucy says she thinks Doc needs good, quality time with his closest friends in Laura’s absence. Laura says she’s back now, and Lucy says she sees her, right there. She asks how long Laura will be there for, and Laura says, for good. She appreciates their long history, and that they remain friends. She respects it, but Lucy needs to be clear where the boundaries are. Lucy says she’s a realtor; she knows boundaries. Laura tells her, the next time she feels like dropping off soup, look up Scotty. Not-Doc asks if everything is okay.

Lulu congratulates Valerie, and suggests a celebration dinner. Jordan says she’ll get her badge in the morning. In the meantime, her new partner won’t mind showing her the ropes. Right, Chase?

Josslyn says Oscar ran out of the community center like he was on fire. Then, he cut class. Something is wrong; tell her. He says it’s nothing, but she says she can’t help unless she knows; let her in. He says there is something he needs to tell her. They need to break up.

Kim tells Julian there’s nothing she wants more than to tell him, but she can’t. What’s happening is Oscar’s business, and he made it clear she needs to respect his privacy. Julian understands her honoring Oscar’s wishes, and wants to do the same. Oscar already hates him. He doesn’t want to give him an actual reason. But he loves her. What can he do to make it easy for her? Kim says he can’t. Julian says, it must be serious. She says he deserves a relationship with someone who can be open and share everything. As much as she wants to be that person, she can’t right now, and thinks it’s best they stop seeing each other.

Carly tells Jason that it was Oscar. He wanted to talk to Josslyn outside, which is weird. She asks how they stop Margaux, and Jason says, leverage. They need something to hold over her. Carly wonders what could be big enough to get her to drop it. Jason says it’s bigger than just one case. Even if this doesn’t work out for her, she’ll keep digging until she charges Sonny with something else. It’s a numbers game. Sonny has to win every time, but she just has to win once. Carly says Margaux wants to avenge her father, but what if she figures out he’s not worth avenging?

Margaux sees Drew at the hospital, and thanks him for sticking around. He says it sounded important on the phone, and she says it is. It’s about Sonny. He tells her they’ve been over this, and he’s not getting involved. She says Sonny killed her father. The ID came back on the body, and they were her father’s remains. He was killed and buried in cement. Now that he knows, will he help her bring down Sonny?

Carly says Margaux strikes her as deeply self-righteous. She asks Jason what Margaux said about her father. He says Margaux’s father was Skully’s lawyer, knew too much, and wanted out. Carly says she thinks he’s an innocent victim; a virtuous man, but there’s no mob lawyer like that. Diane keeps her hands clean as much as possible, but she still knows who she’s working for. If they want Margaux to leave Sonny alone, they have to take a closer look at her father.

Drew is sorry for Margaux’s loss. She says it was thirty years ago. She doesn’t need sympathy; she needs his help. He has Jason’s memories. He says she doesn’t understand. If Jason knew anything about her father, he found out after the transfer. He can’t help her. She says it was worth a shot, and appreciates his time. She says she was so busy thinking about her own problem, she didn’t ask why Drew is at the hospital.

Josslyn tells Oscar that he’s not funny, and not to joke like that. He says he’s not joking. He can’t be in a relationship now. She asks if he’s still mad about the kiss, but he says she didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just what he needs to do right now. She says, that’s not good enough. He owes her an explanation. He says, there is none; he needs space. He tells her to leave him alone, and stomps off.

Kim tells Julian there’s so much going on, it’s not fair. She’d have to choose between what Julian wants and what Oscar needs. Julian says, when she puts it like that, it’s a no-brainer. She says she’ll always choose what’s best for her child. He says she can swear him to secrecy, but she says they need to step back for now. Julian says he’s not doing that.

Valentin tells Nina that Curtis tracked her daughter down in Chappaqua. Nina says it’s so close, and she’s been there all this time. How does he know it’s her? He says she was resistant to the idea of being adopted, but provided a DNA sample. They had a test done at GH. Nina says they’ve screwed up before, but Valentin says they ran a separate test at another facility. She asks, where? but he says, only Curtis knows. He didn’t want to tell her until then, but didn’t want to keep it from her. She deserves to know her daughter is out there. She likes horses too. He asks if Nina wants to reach out to her.

Lucy tells not-Doc that everything is fine. Laura is back; what could be wrong? Laura asks Lucy if there’s anything else, but she thinks everything is covered. Lucy hopes Doc feels better, and he thanks her for coming. She leaves with her usual, ta! Laura tells not-Doc that she usually likes Lucy, but now she wants to strangle her. Not-Doc tells her, get in line. Ha-ha! Not-Doc tells Laura, in the interest of full disclosure, Lucy has been asserting herself in his life in the last few weeks, but he shot her down. Laura trusts him, but she’s glad he told her. She wants to show him how much she’s missed him. When he doesn’t seem responsive, she asks, what’s going on?

Not-Doc says, there’s nothing going on. Lucy told the truth about one thing. He thinks he’s coming down with something. Laura asks if he didn’t get the flu shot, and he says, guilty. As much as he wants to make love to his wife, he doesn’t want her to get sick. She supposes that’s fair; she’s just glad be with him. They cuddle on the couch, and she says, it’s good to be home. He says, yes, it is.

Jordan tells Valerie to use Dante’s desk until they get one for her. Valerie leaves to get her things from her locker. Chase tells Lulu that it’s just temporary. Jordan probably didn’t want him flying solo. Dante is coming back. Lulu says she knows. She just thought the world would stop while he was away. She leaves, and Valerie comes back with her Phillies cup, telling Chase that Philadelphia is her home town. Chase says, anything is better than the Yankees, and Valerie adds, or the Mets.

Nina definitely wants to find out about her daughter. Valentin says she’s waited decades, and can wait until morning. She needs to be alone, and thanks him. When he’s gone, she looks at the picture and touches the necklace.

Julian wants to be there for Kim, but respects her and Oscar’s privacy. She can tell him whatever she wants when she’s ready. He’s not going anywhere. He cares way too much for that. Whenever she wants to talk or kick back, have avocado toast and a cortado, he’s just a phone call away. She says, perfect, and leans on him, crying a little.

Josslyn thinks back to Oscar saying he loves her.

Drew tells Margaux that he’s there for a family matter. She says, there’s a lot of that going around. She knows she talks a lot, but she’s a good listener too. He says maybe he’ll take her up on that, and she says it’s an open ended offer. He appreciates, and is sorry. He wishes he could help her find justice for her father. She asks him to wait. She might not be able to take Sonny down for the death of her father, but he and Jason have rap sheets miles long. Crimes they’ve never paid for, that Drew knows all about.

Carly tells Jason that they’ll have Spinelli investigate the bank accounts, tax returns, legal matters, and his personal life. If they find proof Margaux’s father is dirty, Jason will take it to her. She’ll see dear old daddy is not an angel. He’s corrupt and complicit. If she doesn’t back off, they’ll take it further. Jason says it has to be Sonny who goes to her. It’s his history; his problem. Carly wonders what if Margaux isn’t finished with Jason, and comes after him again.

Margaux tells Drew that he knows enough to put Sonny away for life. He says he can’t help her, and walks away. She flashes back to reading the flash-drive.

Tomorrow, Nina wants to know why Curtis didn’t tell her, Monica tells Drew that she’ll make sure Oscar survives, and Oscar tells Cameron that he was right.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Holding the stacks of money, Benny thanks Candace. She says it’s her money, but he says, no, it’s his. He says he wrapped it like that. She says, it’s not, but he asks why she’s lying, and why is there blood on it? He realizes it’s from the dude mommy stabbed. Candace says, no, but Benny says he was in the house, robbing her; this is the dude. How does she have it? She claims it’s money she’s been making, and he says she keeps lying. Please tell him she didn’t send the dude to the house. She says it’s her money, and he asks how much it is, but she can’t answer. He says she doesn’t even know, and she tells him that she hasn’t totaled it. He’s asking one more time; how much is there? She’s telling him one more time; she doesn’t know. He tells her sit down. He’s counting it, and if it’s forty-five thousand, she’d better have some answers. She sits, and he counts.

Benny says, it’s forty-five thousand. Candace wants to explain. He says she stole it from the house, but Candace says she just wanted to scare her. Benny says, so she sent him there, and she admits it. Candace says he didn’t hurt Hanna, but Benny says, he did. Their mother can’t even think straight. Candace says they both know that’s not hurting someone. He asks what the hell is wrong with her? Candace says he should have gotten Hanna to sign it over, and he says, it’s not right for her to send some dude in there like that. He’ll be damned; he’s not giving her sh*t – ever. He tells her to get the hell out of there, and stop putting herself in these damn situations. Candace keeps saying she needs the money, and he’s going to kill her. She won’t tell him who, and she refuses to let him handle it. Benny can’t believe her. She’s a hard case, and she’s alone. He says they’re giving the money to who it belongs to. He’s never had his heart broke the way she just did.

Benny opens the door, and Gia is there. She acts like she made a mistake, but he takes her hand, and leads her in. Benny says this is what Candace used to distract him while she does her dirty work. Just like Erica. She got one of her little ho’s to get him, and he fell for it; sleeping with her and everything. Gia says she’s sorry, and Benny walks out.

Candace asks Gia, what’s so important? Gia says the police are asking everybody about Oscar, and some people saw her talking to Oscar at the bar. They want to talk to her. Candace says they know it’s a suicide, but Gia says they’re trying to determine that. Gia says, sorry about her brother. Candace says she told Gia not to sleep with him. Gia says she had to hold him, and Candace smacks her hard, telling her, get out, bitch. Gia says she’s sorry, but her eyes are saying something else.

RK (I finally saw his name in the TV Guide blurb) sits in Veronica’s kitchen. He explains how Justin arrested him one night for a DUI. She says it’s not in his record; Justin didn’t just let him go. That’s not how it is. RK says Justin took him into room and felt him up. Veronica is like, what? did he do? RK says Justin got turned off because he didn’t get an erection. He walked him past Jeffrey to make him jealous. Then he saw Jeffrey at the hotel, but Jeffrey didn’t recognize him. Veronica asks if wanted sex, but he says that’s not his thing; he told her already. She thinks she’s beginning to like him, and he says everybody likes him. She can’t keep tabs on Jeffrey like she used to, and that’s where RK comes in. She says she knows where Jeffrey is every minute. RK says she’s like the CIA, and she says she’s the mother. I’ll bet a lot of people would agree with that. RK asks what’s in for him? She tells him, if he does what she asks, she can make everything in his folder disappear. He can have a fresh start. They shake on it.

Benny comes in to Derrick sleeping on the couch, and tells him that he has to go. Derrick tells Benny that his mom is still sleeping; it’s been a long night. Benny isn’t happy Derrick is there, but Derrick says they both want the same thing for his mother; to be happy and smile. It’s one reason he’s there. Benny asks if Derrick is trying to push up on Hanna, asking if he’s broke or something. Benny says Hanna doesn’t have any money. Derrick says he knows, and Benny asks what he wants. Derrick tells him that he’s not trying to do anything or take advantage of her. Where he’s from, and how he was raised, a beautiful woman is to be respected. He just wants to take her out. Benny says that woman is all he has; he won’t let anybody hurt her. Derrick knows, and asks if Benny is okay. Benny tells Derrick that Candace set it up, and Derrick says, his sister did this? Benny says Candace sent him to scare Hanna, and she ended up stabbing him. Benny says he can’t tell his mother; it will devastate her. Derrick says he knows some people. They can find him, and make sure doesn’t come around. Benny asks who he knows, and Derrick says he was young once. Benny asks if he’s going old school, and Derrick laughs, saying they’ll find him, and make sure he never does this again. Benny is with that, but says Candace didn’t tell him who it was. Derrick tells him to keep working on it, and suggests Benny get some sleep. Benny says Derrick can stay there if he wants.

There’s a knock at Kathryn’s door. The cleaning lady answers, and it’s the hotel manager looking for Kathryn. Kathryn comes down, and he tells her he needed to talk to the board members. She has control with the largest share, so he’s talking to her first. He’s sorry to bring bad news, but there’s been a suicide at the hotel. Kathryn says, that’s not news; it’s been on TV. He says there’s also an undercover investigation of a prostitution ring, with a lot of surveillance. The cops are saying Jim is involved. She asks how? and he says, with one of the young women. They’re making arrests, but trying to be careful, because they want the head, not just the girls. He tells her he’s sorry, and she thanks him for telling the board. He says he wanted to save her embarrassment, and she laughs, saying, he’s never been able to keep it in his pants; she’s not embarrassed. He says, it’s a shame. A beautiful woman like her deserves a man who’s faithful. She thanks him, and he says if she needs anything, she knows where to find him. Anything at all; he’s available.

At the station, Jim meets Austin Langley. Jim thought she was a guy, and she says she understands; it’s the name. It was her dad’s favorite city. He asks how the bastard is, and she says hating him. She’s helping to run her own practice, and getting out of his shadow. She says that Jim’s reputation precedes him, and he asks if that’s a good or bad thing. She says she had to call her uncle, but she thinks she can get bail. Jim says it’s a rush, and she knows Wyatt assaulted a Malone. She says the jail is better than prison, but Jim says if Wyatt’s mom has anything to do with it, that’s where he’ll go. She tells him that she’s waiting for the paperwork to be done, and they sit.

Big dude asks Wyatt, how long since he’s had something? He knows Wyatt is on heroin. Probably everyone knows, since Wyatt is covered in sweat, shaking, and breathing hard. He tells big dude that he doesn’t know him, and big dude says, wanna bet? He asks how long Wyatt has been in there, and Wyatt says, too long. Big dude wants to know how often the officers come by, and Wyatt says, all the time. He asks when shift change is, but Wyatt doesn’t know. Big dude says, it’s going to be hard, not being able to get what he needs. Wyatt calls him a genius. Big dude says he’s been called a butcher. He kills people. People who hurt people in his family think they can run, but they always find them and kill them. They run to jail or prison, but they’re there waiting, watching for the right opportunity. Wyatt asks what his last name is, and big dude says his first name is Salvador. His last name is Malone. He says Wyatt knows that name, but Wyatt insists he doesn’t. Sal thinks he does, and gets up, hulking over Wyatt. He says, it’s just me and you, and the right moment. Sal grabs Wyatt, and Wyatt yells for the guard. When the guard comes, Sal sits back down.

Jeffrey sits by David’s bedside. David asks where Jeffrey’s mother is, and Jeffrey says he was having a bad dream. He asks how long Jeffrey has been there, and Jeffrey says since he found out what happened. David tells him, go home and get some rest, but Jeffrey wants to be there. David says he has a guard; he’ll be fine, but Jeffrey doesn’t mind staying. David suggests Jeffrey go to his house, and avoid that boy who ransacked Jeffrey’s place. Jeffrey says he needs to be on his own. He wants to be independent, but David says it’s overrated. David says he’d like Jeffrey to stay with him. The two of them could be housemates. Jeffrey knows Davis is trying to get him away from Justin, and David asks if it’s working. Jeffrey says he’s moving away – slowly. David is sorry for the way Jeffrey’s mother treats him. He wasn’t there. Jeffrey says David has always been a good dad, and always will be. David wants to try and make it up to Jeffrey when he gets out. Jeffrey says he doesn’t have to, but David thinks he does. Jeffrey says he can start by buying him a new car, and David tells him not to press his luck. Jeffrey laughs, and David tells him, go home, rest, and take a shower. Not too hot though, or he’ll end up like him.

Derrick has breakfast waiting for Hanna. She tells him that they weren’t supposed to go in the kitchen, but he says he was careful. She asks if Benny is there, and Derrick tells her that Benny is upstairs. She thanks Derrick for staying. He asks if she slept good, and she says between the happy pill Kathryn gave her and him, she felt safe. He says that’s how he wanted her to feel. He tells her that he looked in on her while she was sleeping, and she snores. She tells him not to mess with her, and he says he’s kidding. She sleeps beautifully, and smiles beautifully. She insists it was the happy pill, and prays over the food.

Austin tells Jim that bail is set. The desk sergeant says they don’t have the paperwork yet, and she says it was just filed. He sees that, but can’t let Wyatt out until it’s in the system, which updates every half hour.

Sal glares at Wyatt. He gets up and approaches Wyatt, who calls for the guard. Justin comes, and tells Sal, sit down. Wyatt comes to the bars, and asks if Justin has what he needs. Justin asks if Wyatt has thought about what he needs. People make trades all the time. He tells Wyatt, it’s pure, and Wyatt says, get him out. Justin cuffs him, and takes him away. Sal glares some more.

RK snoozes on Veronica’s couch, and she wakes him up. She needs him to call her son; he’s in the car driving home. RK wonders how she knows that, and she says, just call him. Tell Jeffrey that he wants to see him. She needs photos of RK with him, but RK says he doesn’t do men. She says she’s been thinking about the officer who harassed him, and she’ll have his badge. RK asks where he fits in with her evil plan. She says she wants Justin to think they’re an item, and he’ll get pissed off. RK laughs, and calls her twisted. She asks if he’s judging her, but he says he’s just saying. She tells him, then just say and do what she’s telling him. He says he needs to sleep, and she asks if he’s kidding. He says wake him again and find out, and she says she loves when kids try to play big daddy. She needs a man, a real man.

Wyatt tells Justin to give it to him. Justin says, take it, but Wyatt says he can’t; he’s cuffed. Wyatt says to give it to him before someone comes. Justin says he’s the only one coming, and I go, eww! Justin is the worst. Well, maybe Veronica is, but he’s a close second. Justin says he turned off the cameras for a reason. He’s going first. Wyatt just looks at him, and Justin says he guesses Wyatt doesn’t want it. He tells Wyatt to get on his knees. Wyatt says he’s not going to do that, and Justin says he can take him back. Wyatt knows he can’t go without it, so just get on his knees. It will be over soon, and he’ll get his fix. Wyatt says, no, and Justin says, let’s go. Don’t make him drag his ass out. It will be over quickly. Justin shows Wyatt the bag of smack, and says, come on. Wyatt calls Justin an SOB, and kneels. Justin says, no more talking, and gets out his phone. He wants to see how low a junkie will go for a fix.

Jim and Austin walk in.

Next time, Jim asks what Wyatt was doing, Kathryn tells Jim he’s being investigated for the prostitution ring, and Candace tells Hanna she wants her money.

🏊 Deckus Interruptus…

Tonight’s season premiere of the original Below Deck was everything I wanted and more. Not only was I thrilled to see Captain Lee again, along with his trusty chief stew, Kate, the first primary guest was Steve. Steve of the 90s foam party from several seasons ago. Already he’s drunk and demanding. I’ll be posting about it tomorrow though, as it’s been a hellacious week, and we’re only halfway through. There’s also a new boat and crew. In the meantime, you can familiarize yourself with them here:


😵 On tonight’s Flipping Out, it was Jeff’s week to work with Lea Black, as well as deal with an aggravating, and loud, neighbor. If you don’t know Lea, here are some facts:


😨 While reading some news from People, I stumbled on this horrifying tale, with a connection to The Real Housewives of Dallas.


✋ Enough Said…


September 19, 2018 – Ava Gets Slapped, the Dallas Wives Smash Things, a MasterChef is Chosen, Kitchen’s Coming, a Book, a Lawsuit & Food


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Valentin meets Curtis. He assumes connected with the woman in question. Curtis says there was a superficial resemblance, but that doesn’t mean anything. Valentin asks if she’s willing to cooperate with their investigation, and Curtis says she already has.

At Charlie’s, Nina tells Maxie she’s not going anywhere until Maxie tells her what happened in the elevator with Peter.

At the MetroCourt, Lulu tells Peter, no sensationalism or gruesome details. She wants the article to read like a long feature piece. Peter says, not like something from The Invader. She says they have to respect the victims and their families. He tells her they’re racing against clock. They’re not the only game in town, and already other publications and podcasts are scouting the location. Lulu says the difference is, those people will leave town when the story cools off. They’ll still be there. What happened, happened in their community. Peter says, point taken. Respect must be paid. He thought as publisher he should reassure the subjects that the story will be approached thoughtfully, especially Felicia. Lulu says she also happens to be Maxie’s mother.

Kiki sees Griff at the hospital, and asks if he’s back. He says the meeting was postponed at the last minute. Now he’s back to waiting. He doesn’t know when, or if, he’ll be reinstated. He’s in no mood for it today. Somebody ripped away the last thing he had left in world.

Still at the hospital, Michael tells someone on the phone to set up an HR meeting, and make sure the Chicago office is up and running by the first of the year. Carly hears him, and asks if he’s moving to Chicago. She tells him that she knows things are hard, but take a trip, don’t move halfway across the country. He says he’s sending one of his VPs to the new office; she made quite a leap. She’s concerned about the letter from Nelle, trying to hurt him. He says nothing Nelle does affects him anymore, but Carly says he’s internalizing his grief. He’s staying busy, and she gets it, but she needs to make sure he’s okay. Michael says he’s not okay, and doesn’t know when he will be. The best way for her to help is to accept that, and let him deal with his grief in his own time and his own way.

Griff tells Kiki that he got a call from the archdiocese. He’s been barred from receiving sacraments. She asks if it’s like excommunication, and he says it’s similar. He can attend mass, but can’t receive communion. He can’t partake in the rituals that defined his life. She wonders why now, since he left a year ago. He says it has nothing do with him leaving. He’s not supposed to be offering spiritual guidance, and he’s guilty of that. She says he’s a kind person helping people, not saying black mass. He says he’s not even supposed to live in a community where he acted as a priest. Someone called the monsignor and reported him. Kiki says they know who that someone is.

Ava stops by Charlie’s. She says it looks like the investigation has concluded, and Julian is just glad they’re not in the basement anymore. She asks if he has any insights, and he says, their bones, their problem. He’s glad to be back to business, and he’s moving forward with the renovations. He’d like some design ideas, and Ava says she’d start with suggesting he do something about the clientele.

Nina tells Maxie, no more evasion. What was up with the shirtless encounter? Maxie says, there was no shirtless encounter. Peter had a full blown PTSD attack, thanks to her and Obrecht. He was acting like he was okay, and keeping it together, but then got all hyper, and complained about the heat, even though it wasn’t hot. It was all she could do to keep him calm and breathing. She’s glad she could be there for emotional support; he’s been there for her. When they were breathing, she flashed back to being on the roadside in labor, when he was helping her. It was like déjà vu with the roles reversed.

Lulu hopes Peter isn’t going to try getting closer to Maxie using the trauma her mom suffered. He says he’d never exploit her. He considers her a friend, even if she doesn’t feel the same way. James is his nephew, and the only family he has left. Lulu says Anna is his mother, and Robin is his sister; why not start connecting there? He tells her that he has no control over other media outlets, but can control what they receive. He wants the victims to know they’ll be approached with respect and be protected. Lulu says, don’t. It’s the last thing Maxie needs. Her feelings are confused as it is. He asks, how so?

Valentin didn’t expect the woman to agree so rapidly, and wonders if Curtis offered financial incentive. Curtis says she’s not about that. She’s not interested in proving she’s Nina’s daughter; she’s interesting in disproving it. She refuses to believe she’s adopted, and loves the mother who raised her. Valentin says, we buy the story we’re given, and tells Curtis, proceed with caution.

Nina gets that Peter is a walking, talking grey area. He’s not totally evil, but not innocent either. She wrestled over if she should care when he was being detained by Obrecht. Maxie asks if that’s what they’re calling it now, and Nina says ultimately, she couldn’t leave him in a burning building. She understands, but empathy is one thing, and feelings are another. She wants to be sure Maxie is being clear. Maxie says when Nathan died, she felt empty. If she hadn’t had James, she would have withered and blown away. Peter was there for her the first few months, with no expectations. He was kind and generous, and she began to rely on his friendship; on him. When the truth came out, she was devastated. She let herself be vulnerable. The anger is still there, but is it right to blame what happened to Nathan on Peter trying to escape his father. Nina gets it and understands.

Lulu tells Peter that she wasn’t implying anything. Peter wonders if Maxie is willing to give their friendship another chance. Lulu says she’s still hurting. She’s just climbing out of the hole he made. He doesn’t want to hurt her; he never did. Lulu tells him, if he cares, stay as far away from Maxie as possible.

Griff tells Kiki that the monsignor wouldn’t give him the name, just that they expressed concerned. She says it was her mom, and that’s his guess too. She says, who else would it be? Ava showed her how low she could go when she got him suspended from the hospital. She’s says she’s sorry, but he tells her not to put it on herself. She says Ava is punishing him because of her. She took his job, now she’s taking his faith. He says, no one can do that. Even if he’s barred, his faith is his own. Kiki admires that, but says he might be able to turn the other cheek, but she can’t let Ava ruin his life like this. Lucy runs in, saying Griff was supposed to meet her in the lobby ten minutes ago to look at apartments. She has something fabulous for him. He tells Kiki, fabulous sounds expensive, and follows Lucy.

Julian offers Ava some coffee, but she refuses on principle. He tells her, as of today, he’s no longer proudly serving Corinthos coffee. He’s severed ties, and thinking about creating his own blend – Jerome Java. She asks if Sonny didn’t object, and he says Sonny never expressed any concerns. Ava wonders why so understanding, and if it has anything to do with the skeleton in the basement. She’s got the feeling he’s not telling her everything. Alexis magically appears, and says she was wondering the same thing.

Carly says she’s not telling Michael how to feel, or putting a timetable on his grief. He understand she’s trying to help him heal, but it’s out of her control; accept it. Carly says Nelle wouldn’t have been able to bait her if she’d worked through her grief over Morgan. Instead she buried it. That’s what he’s doing, working day and night. Michael appreciates that, but tells her not to worry. He’s dealing in his own way. She asks if he’s seeing someone like Doc. He says he doesn’t need that. She says, okay, then he needs to lean on his family. They’re strong; he doesn’t have to go through this alone. He says he’s lucky to have family; speaking of which… They see Lucas with Wiley by the elevator. Michael asks him how it’s going.

Alexis asks for a private word with Julian, and Ava says, all hers. Julian doesn’t know if he should get coffee or a stack of bibles. He’s feeling a cross-examination coming on. Alexis says Kristina was working behind the bar when the gas explosion happened, and Julian says he wasn’t aware of any danger. She asks if he had anything to do with the body, and he says good thing they didn’t unearth his time machine in the closet. The body had been there for decades; he has nothing to do with it. Alexis still doesn’t like the idea of her daughter working there.

Maxie is surprised at Nina expressing sympathy for Peter. She’s not saying he’s blameless, but there were a lot of variables with Nathan’s death, and it’s not fair put it all on Peter. Nina is glad she feels that way, but more for Maxie than Peter.

Peter tells Lulu that he’s trying to be a good friend; Macie was a good friend to him as well. He wants to make sure she’s okay. Lulu says she won’t be if he keeps intruding on her life. She doesn’t think he’s like his father. She wouldn’t be working for him if she did. She tells him to prove he’s the decent guy he claims to be, and do the right thing – back off. Let Maxie get on with her life.

Lucy tells Griff it was a great apartment, and goes over the amenities. She says an eligible bachelor is going to snap it up. Griff says he can’t sign the lease in good conscience; not until he hears from the review board. Until then, he has to economize and live within his limited budget. Lucy is sorry, and not just because she lost a big fat commission. She’s heard he’s a wonderful doctor. He’s sure that’s not all she’s heard. His fall from grace was very public. She says she’s been on both sides of the equation, and cheating causes a lot of pain on both sides. But she learned, just because you did a bad thing doesn’t make you a bad person. Everyone has foibles. We learn from our mistakes, and do better next time. She has no doubt he can manage that. She has an apartment she wasn’t planning showing, because it’s a little cozy (in realtor speak, it’s small), but it’s within his price range, and the building has character (in realtor speak, it’s old). He can move in right away.

Maxie tells Nina that when you can put down the blame and anger, you start to heal. Nina says it’s easier for her; she and Peter were never friends. He and Maxie were. Can she let the friendship continue?

Alexis tells Julian she’s spent most of like life keeping Kristina away from Sonny’s business. Julian says he’s not involved in the mob in any way. He has no ties, and doesn’t intend to ever again. He thinks what Alexis doesn’t like is Kristina working with him.

Kiki storms into Charlie’s. Ava says she didn’t expect to see her. Kiki says Ava moves heaven and earth to fix her face, but her soul is still same. Ava says her soul is none of Kiki’s business, and asks if that’s something she got from Griff. Do they say their prayers together before hitting the sheets? Kiki smacks her. Ava says she’ll let Kiki get away with that one because Kiki is her daughter, but just one. Kiki asks if she’s going to report it to the archdiocese. Griff was stripped of his sacraments; score one for her. Ava says she didn’t do anything. Griff slept with her while he was still a priest. He did it to himself. Kiki says Ava destroyed his life, and Ava says, payback’s a bitch. Kiki asks if she should look over her shoulder for the rest of her life. Ava says the next time she takes a lover, Kiki should try keeping her legs crossed. Kiki tells Ava to stay out of her life, and Ava suggests she do the same.

Valentin gives Curtis two envelopes. One is Nina’s DNA, and the other a check. It’s double his salary and expenses, plus an extra bonus for saving Valentin time. Curtis says, the job’s not done yet. Sasha isn’t interested. She agreed to the test to disprove their theory. Valentin says they’ll burn bridges when they come to them. He wants the test done at both GH and an independent lab. Curtis asks when they’re telling Nina about all this. He’s not just her employee; he’s also her friend. This is messy, and keeping it from her isn’t cool. If she rejects the idea, she’ll go to Sasha, and get her heart broken. Valentin says they need irrefutable proof, and if Sasha is her daughter, they’ll tell Nina immediately.

Ava tells Alexis to wipe the superior smirk off her face. Alexis says it’s not a smirk. Ava slugs back a drink.

Maxie says, embarrassing, and Nina says, no one is more deserving. Nina tells Maxie she’ll meet her at the office. Ava makes a weird face at Nina.

Carly asks if Wiley is there for his check-up, and Lucas says, six weeks. Michael says he looks strong, and Lucas says he’s a champ. He didn’t even cry. A nurse comes out, asking if she could have a word with Lucas about a patient, even though it’s his day off. Lucas he passes Wiley off to Michael, and says he’ll be right back. Michael tells Wiley that he’s his cousin.

Alexis hopes Julian will look out for Kiki. He says he’ll do his best, but it’s not a good idea for her to slap her mother. Alexis says it’s not a good idea for Ava to sabotage her daughter. Call her crazy, but she’s not comfortable with her daughter working for her ex. Julian would rather  go with weird, awkward, or messy. He doesn’t want to make it uncomfortable between them. Alexis asks why he hired Kristina in the first place. He says she might be a Corinthos, but she’s a Davis through and through. She practically demanded the job, then had the audacity to make fantastic drinks, and he was short-staffed. Alexis knows how persuasive Kristina can be. Julian says it wasn’t just that. He saw hope in her eyes, and he couldn’t resist. It was the kind of hope you have when you’re no longer used to feeling hopeful.

Outside, Nina tells Ava, that was quite a scene.

Carly tells Michael that he’s a natural. He says he feels more paternal than a cousin; more like an uncle. Maybe it’s the age difference. He says it would have been nice if Jonah and Wiley had played together. Carly says if it’s too hard, she can watch him, but he says it’s fine. Nelle wrote to him to mess with his head, but she’s right about one thing. He does find peace being close to Wiley.

Maxie sees Peter and Lulu, and asks if she can sit. Peter looks at Lulu, and says he has to be going; take his chair. He jets, and Maxie says, what was that?

Ava asks if Nina wants to gloat, and she says, actually no. She couldn’t help hearing the conversation. Ava says, her and half the county. Nina says her mother is dead. She’s not sad. She was a hateful woman, as Ava knows. All she did was use Nina. She asks if Ava knows where she’s going, and Ava says, enlighten her. Nina says her mother is out of second chances. She thinks Ava could go down the same road, and push Kiki away for good. Ava says her relationship with her daughter is none of Nina’s business.

At home, Kiki talks to herself as she changes, saying it’s like living in a sauna. She bangs on the radiator with a wrench. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Griff. Kiki asks why he’s there, and he says he’s moving in. He asks if there’s something wrong with the heat. I’m wondering why the heat would even be on in September, and does no one have an air conditioner?

Alexis says Kristina doesn’t share as much of her life as she’d like, and Julian asks what she thinks is going on. She thinks Kristina is lost; directionless. Julian says that happens to people her age; she’ll get it together. Alexis thinks Kristina is worried that she doesn’t have a purpose. He says that takes time to figure out, but she says every time Kristina is aimless, she jumps into something with momentum and rides it to hell. She keeps making the same mistakes, and isn’t learning from them. She’s repeating the pattern. Julian says Kristina is an adult, and has to come to the realization on her own. Alexis says it’s hard to watch. Julian knows how hard it is to break a destructive cycle. She thanks him for listening, and he offers to keep an eye on Kristina.

Lulu tells Maxie that she didn’t notice anything. Maxie says Peter practically bolted out of there when she asked to join them. At least he could have managed a, hey, how’s it going? Lulu says he’s a workaholic, and probably thinking about a conference call. Maxie wonders why he wouldn’t say something, and Lulu says maybe he’s understanding it’s better if he’s out of her life.

Griff says he Just signed the lease on a studio apartment. Kiki says the radiator is permanently set to tropical; it happens once or twice a month. The landlord promises to fix it, but doesn’t. If it’s hit in the right place, the gauge opens, and it can be shut off. He asks how, and Kiki tells him, watch and learn. She bangs on it. He takes the wrench from her, and they soap gaze at each other.

Nina is sure Ava doesn’t want to hear this, and Ava says, not from her; the woman who literally tore her baby out of her womb. Nina suggests Ava apologize to Kiki; it’s not too late. She couldn’t have meant what she said; Kiki is her daughter. If she’s the mother she says she is, she won’t let one minute go to waste. Ava says Nina isn’t a mother and never will be, and walks away.

Curtis talks to a doctor at the hospital reception desk, saying he called about a DNA comparison test. He’s already filled out the forms online. The doctor tells him that they’re all set. She just has to take the samples to the lab. He asks if she can put a rush on it, and she smiles.

Michael asks Carly how Mike is doing, and she says, okay. They’d love for him to stop by if he’s up for it. Lucas comes back, and asks if Wiley was any trouble. Carly says he was an angel. Michael says he should probably get back to work, and gives Wiley back to Lucas. Lucas asks how Michael is holding up, and Carly wishes she knew the answer

A doctor comes out, and says she’s glad Lucas is still there. He introduces her to Carly as Wiley’s pediatric specialist. She tells him that something troubling turned up in one of the tests.

Tomorrow, Ava refuses to lose her daughter over the likes of Griff, Brad asks what’s wrong with their baby’s heart, and Jordan tells Sonny the walls are closing in.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Brandi instructs her daughters to tell the social workers how amazing a mom she is. They proceed to say how she doesn’t do anything for them, and is always on the stupid phone. In her interview, Brandi says bringing Bruin home doesn’t mean the adoption is final. It can take up to six months. Social workers check in once a month to make sure she’s not batsh*t crazy. One of the kids says, mom is amazing, blah-blah-blah, done.

The social workers arrive. In her interview, Brandi says the first time was quite the experience. We see a clip of one of the kids telling them mommy’s favorite drink is wine. Brandi thinks she’s an amazing mom, but right now she’s under a microscope. Everything is presented to the judge, and if anything is misinterpreted, it could reflect badly on her. She’s open and honest, and her kids are like their mom. The social workers ask about various topics, and the kids make contrary remarks. In her interview, Brandi says her kids are being sh*theads. Bryan travels a lot, and it’s a lot of pressure to represent the both of them. She has to be perfect, and the kids are being sh*ts.

Kameron is leaving for the global pet expo. She calls Cort to say goodbye, and he tells her to have confidence. In her interview, she says she has a booth at the expo. If she doesn’t find a distributor, it’s the end of Sparkle Dog. Cort is shutting it down. She’s not the best traveler by herself, and is flying commercial. Cort explains how renting a car and getting your luggage works.

LeeAnne and D’Andra go for coffee and dessert. D’Andra asks about LeeAnne’s invitation to the Smashing Room. LeeAnne says they’re going to have a smashing good time, literally smashing stuff. D’Andra asks what it is, and LeeAnne explains that it’s about letting go. They share what’s upsetting them, and be vulnerable to the group, then smash whatever it is.  In her interview, LeeAnne says they’re all getting along, but they’re surface skating. This will give them the opportunity to be real and open up. In her interview, D’Andra isn’t sure if she wants to see LeeAnne with a plate in her hand. LeeAnne asks D’Andra what her plan is. D’Andra says her mother basically owns everything. The buck stops with her, and Dee told her if she separates her company, she won’t be taking the money she made there; she’ll have to start over without anything. LeeAnne says, welcome to the world. D’Andra says she’s at a crossroads. Her mother controls everything in her life. It’s mostly financial, but that bleeds into everything else. She has to pay bills, and cut out major expenses. In her interview, D’Andra admits she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. It’s hard to give up the lifestyle she grew up in and change course completely. She gripes about letting her cleaning lady go, and LeeAnne tells her that she’s lazy; she likes the princess lifestyle and it’s her own damn fault. In her interview, LeeAnne says if D’Andra could give her tough love in Beaver Creek, she can give D’Andra the same now. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it. D’Andra says it’s going to be a big adjustment, but she wants her business to last. In her interview, she thinks LeeAnne is being condescending, and it’s pissing her off. Rich pays for her household expenses. Girlfriends should listen, not lecture. She has a mother for that. She tells LeeAnne, if she stays laser focused, she’ll do it.

LeeAnne – who should not be wearing those pants – meets wedding planner and best friend Steve for drinks. She says he’s a ray of sunshine, and the best planner in the country. He loves her, and will want the wedding to be perfect. To my amazement, Rich joins them. In her interview, LeeAnne is glad he’s taking the time to come. And she didn’t have to use a lasso or handcuffs. He’s there because he loves her. Steve asks about Rich’s vision, and Rich says he hasn’t thought about it. LeeAnne thought wanted a say, and he says he’s there. LeeAnne is thinking five hundred to a thousand people. We had somewhere around one hundred and twenty, which surprised me. I can’t fathom a thousand gusts. Steve says, the guest list dictates what you can do for what you can spend. You can have eleven or five hundred people, but you start there. Rich says he left his checkbook at home. In her interview, LeeAnne says this is her one and only wedding. Who cares what it costs? She says she’ll be happy if they can narrow down a month and year. She suggests November, and Rich is like, okay. Steve says he has to be firm, so Rich says it again, more assertively. In her interview, LeeAnne says, D’Andra take note. They have an actual wedding date. Guess what? She’s getting married. Steve wants to do the bachelor party, and Rich asks if Stormy Daniels is available. I’m sure. For a price.

D’Andra visits Cary, who is still at her parents’ house. Oooh. She has three tiny dogs! Cary asks what’s going on with D’Andra’s mom, and D’Andra says her life is falling apart. She didn’t think at almost fifty, she’d be changing the course of her life. She probably won’t have a paycheck for a while. In her interview, D’Andra explains that her mother is the executor (wouldn’t it be executrix?) of her father’s estate. She and her husband could live on it, but she can’t run the company on it and live. Does she even realize what this sounds like to the average or – dare I say it? – poor person? She hopes her friends stay her friends. She’s going to need support. She gets weepy, and Cary hugs her.

In her interview, D’Andra says it took her a while to see what goes on in the world of Dallas society. If she can write check, she’s a valuable member. One of her friends lost all her money, and she was alienated be almost everyone; everyone scattered. She wishes she’d made different decisions; she’s falling apart, but hasn’t told anyone. She tells Cary that LeeAnne was in her face about how much she spends. Cary tells D’Andra that LeeAnne said she spends a lot, and only has $200 in her account. D’Andra says she has more than that. She was referring to when they went shopping in Beaver Creek. She wasn’t prepared to shop like that, and she said it out of frustration. She has five different bank accounts. She was talking about her shopping account. It’s humiliating that LeeAnne told someone else without her permission. Wow. And I’m not saying that because I disagree about LeeAnne telling Cary something personal about D’Andra; she shouldn’t have done that. I’m wowing because, shopping account. In her interview, Cary says she’s the last person LeeAnne should have told. She felt uncomfortable, and she wasn’t waiting for it to bite her in the ass later. Instead, she decided to be honest, and just tell D’Andra. D’Andra says LeeAnne will be sorry she said it.

At a board meeting, Travis talks about the education program being started for employees. He says, free education brings people to the middle class. He can help his employees and their kids. In her interview, Stephanie says she started the company’s Charitable Giving Initiative. She asks about offering screening for dyslexia, and tears up. We see a clip of her with son Cruz. She tells us that Travis was also diagnosed with dyslexia as a child. From the ages of four to nine, he was also in a leg brace or wheelchair. Travis tells them that college starts in a couple of weeks. He can’t think of a better way to reward the employees than by offering them education, and also the opportunity for their families to become educated. Education is the key to success.

Travis is leaving soon for a six-month program at Harvard on leadership. Stephanie asks if he’ll want her to bring the kids to visit, and he suggests they play it by ear. She says she gets anxious when she’s by herself; it’s chaos. Travis keeps everyone in line. In her interview, Stephanie says she constantly lets herself down, and it triggers depression. Travis tells her, be a leader, but she says she’s never been one. He tells her to relax. In her interview, she says that Travis isn’t giving her lists anymore, but she still feels internal pressure not to make mistakes. She doesn’t know how to handle things when he’s not home. He tells her not to cook.

At the Smashing Room, Cary isn’t clear why LeeAnne is wearing a mustache. Actually, she looks like a male aerobics instructor from the 80s. Or maybe one of The Village People on their off time.

On the way there, Brandi tells D’Andra that she threw candle one time. She ruined the hardwood, and she was like, damn. Throwing things isn’t for her. D’Andra says she’s furious right now. She shopped on the company card, and was frustrated, saying she only had $200 in her account. LeeAnne told Cary, but it was her shopping account. LeeAnne said it like she had $200 to her name. Brandi reminds Cary of when she’d said LeeAnne waits for someone’s weakness, and uses it to her advantage. We flash back to when Brandi accused LeeAnne of that at dinner. She tells D’Andra, it’s one of those things. D’Andra thinks LeeAnne is insecure about her own finances.

Kameron wonders about the mustache, as we all do. She wonders if LeeAnne feels more manly smashing stuff. The ladies ask about the expo, and Kameron says she has a lot of opportunity. In her interview, Kameron says the expo was above and beyond. She’s proud of herself, and can’t wait tell Cord, I told you so. LeeAnne passes out aprons. D’Andra says she’s never been this angry with LeeAnne. LeeAnne puts pink eye patches on them to get them in the spirit of what it’s about.

Owner and founder Donna owner gets the ready by passing out body suits. Donna says the space is big enough for them not to whack each other. She says you don’t have to be angry to go in, but you will be the first time you break something. Whatever you’ve been holding inside will come out, even if it’s years old. LeeAnne thinks they live in a surface world, and don’t address real feelings. Cary asks if this is going to be bullsh*t like the tea. We flash back to that. LeeAnne says they go to a lot of parties, and it’s exhausting to be the people they’re not. LeeAnne explains she’s dressed like the person inside. So, inside she’s one of The Village People? She says they don’t let each other see their real selves. They’re good at being fake. D’Andra says she’s never fake, and LeeAnne says if that’s how D’Andra feels, she’ll let her have it. This pisses D’Andra off more, and she asks what that means. LeeAnne says she hasn’t said everything she feels. D’Andra says LeeAnne told someone about her bank account; wtf? They’ve been friends for over ten years, and LeeAnne told Cary that she had only $200 in her bank account. It’s not helpful on any level. She knows things about LeeAnne that she’d never say to anyone. In her interview, Kameron thinks D’Andra is overreacting. No one would believe that. Was this her Starbuck’s account? D’Andra says LeeAnne doesn’t get to do it to her; she doesn’t have D’Andra’s back. She trusts LeeAnne. Carly says LeeAnne put her in a weird position. In her interview, LeeAnne says Cary took the opportunity to throw her under the bus with D’Andra. That wasn’t how she meant it. D’Andra says everybody in Dallas will say she has only $200 to her name. It’s humiliating. She thinks this is humiliating? Wait until she sees herself whining on this show.

D’Andra feels betrayed. She’s kept LeeAnne’s secrets; that’s the kind of person she is. LeeAnne owes it to her. LeeAnne says she wasn’t being malicious. It was a situation where LeeAnne wasn’t there to protect her. D’Andra says no one should be talking about it. In her interview, D’Andra says the other women have successful husbands. Hers is retired from the military, and she’s the primary breadwinner. There’s no option for failure. Kameron says she was blindsided. LeeAnne says she was trying to solve a problem, but shouldn’t have shared. In her interview, LeeAnne says D’Andra is clearly upset. She and her mom are always fighting about the company card. LeeAnne thought she and Cary were forming a trust, and wanted to include her as an additional problem solver. I believe it if you believe it, although I wouldn’t call it malicious either. She says She’d thought it was private, but it clearly wasn’t. Stephanie tells D’Andra she should never feel humiliated or embarrassed with them. They love her. Brandi says she grew up in a trailer, and it wasn’t even a doublewide. She goes back and visits sometimes.

LeeAnne asks if everyone wants to smash stuff. In her interview, D’Andra thinks LeeAnne is enjoying her financial troubles. LeeAnne should be glad she’s not smashing her damn head. LeeAnne tells Cary that she’d believed what she said would stay in Beaver Creek. Cary says what if she didn’t say something, and it came back later? She’d want to know. In her interview, Cary says last year she didn’t tell anyone what the others were saying, and it didn’t serve her. If you don’t want people to know, don’t tell her.

They start smashing stuff. Mirrors, vases, glassware. LeeAnne gives them magic markers, so they can write on the plates. D’Andra writes something, and says she’s good enough the way she is. LeeAnne asks if D’Andra accepts her apology; she loves her. D’Andra accepts it, and they hug. She says she’s still pissed off. Each woman smashes a plate as she speaks. Cary says, no more fear. She’s going to speak her mind, even if it pisses people off. Stephanie says she’s not perfect. Kameron wants to live the simple life. Everyone gets quiet. In her interview, Kameron says it’s a mixed blessing. She doesn’t have a schedule, where she’s booked months in advance. She has the time to be a wife and mom, and run Sparkle Dog LeeAnne says, in honor of the famous glass throw – no more danger. Brandi says she’s going to accept help. In her interview, Stephanie says Brandi is drowning in life, but doesn’t want people to know. Brandi admits she has a hard time letting people help. Cary says she’s offered a bunch of times. In her interview, Brandi says she has a problem with people watching the kids. She wants to be the mom that’s always there. She has a sense of pride about that.

Brandi talks to LeeAnne about telling D’Andra that she’s not her friend. In her interview, Brandi says she and D’Andra patched things up, and she thinks LeeAnne doesn’t like that they’re in a good place. She tells LeeAnne that she heard LeeAnne has a hesitation about D’Andra being friends with her. D’Andra says LeeAnne said she was concerned. LeeAnne says she told D’Andra that she’d gotten hurt. She wanted to protect her, but told to make her own decisions. Kameron says she was worried. She thought Brandi was a bad influence on D’Andra. She didn’t think D’Andra was the kind of person to put a quarter in her butt. It sounded like Brandi’s influence. Brandi is sorry she brought it up. if they don’t want to be themselves, don’t blame her. In her interview, Brandi wonders how bad an influence she can be to a grown woman who makes her own decisions. She is who she is. If they want fake, look in the mirror.

D’Andra says she’s in charge of her own decisions. Brandi says she has integrity and morals. She’s a good example for her children. She also likes to have fun, but if Kameron thinks she’s a bad influence, they don’t have to be friends. In her interview, Brandi says, for once, she cares about what people think because she’s being scrutinized. LeeAnne tells Brandi that she’d thought they were close, and she was deeply hurt. She told D’Andra that she’d been down that road, and it didn’t work out well. Because she’s D’Andra’s friend, she told her to be careful. That doesn’t mean she hasn’t attempted to try again with Brandi. Brandi says if they’re starting fresh, why would she tell D’Andra that? Cary says no one has the power to change anyone else. D’Andra says she’s done with this, and walks out.

Next time, Brandi and Stephanie meet a baby kangaroo, cary says Brandi is one of her best friends, and Cary confronts Kameron.

Lots of sharing of physical and mental challenges this season. Except for D’Andra who has rich people problems.

💭 Re Watch What Happens Live. Did LeeAnne have work done, or was that just heavy duty contouring?


Since it was the finale, and we went down Memory Lane, with clips of Ashley, Gerron, and Cesar. The finalists went to their home towns to prepare, where they were surprised by their mentors.  Gordon went to Opa-locka, Florida, meeting Ashley’s family and touring an amazing farmer’s market. He advised her to focus on the food; forget everything else, and she was ready to kick butt. Joe went to Nashville, showing up at Gerron’s school. He talked to the students about the impact Gerron has had. He told Gerron to think about a luxurious restaurant, and bring his food to that level. Gerron’s eyes were on the prize. Aaron went to Houston, and met Cesar’s family. Cesar declared he was bringing everything he’s got to take the trophy home.

Their opponents returned to cheer them on, as well as their families – and a live audience. The final task was cook the best three-course masterpiece. For the last time, the cooks went to THE PANTRY, where all the food in the world is. For the appetizer course, Cesar was making a squid ink infladita, which from the look of it, translates into inflated tortilla. Lobster was also involved. Ashley worked on a pan seared red snapper, and Gerron made a Nashville-style hot quail with quail eggs and fingerling potatoes. There was a tense moment when Cesar’s tortillas didn’t puff, but like magic, they finally did. Joe felt Ashley’s red snapper was overcooked and the heat aggressive. She took a risk, but her dish reeked of too much ambition. Aaron thought Cesar’s infladita was impressive, although Gordon thought it looked like a spaceship. Joe said Gerron’s quail should be spicy, moist, and crispy. If all that happened on his palate, it would be what they were looking for. After taking a bite, he said he’d never tasted anything like it. Then they paused for an ad. After they were done leaving us hanging, Joe says it was perfection Lots of things were going on, and they were all well done. Gordon said he’d elevated fast food and gave respect to his upbringing. When the big multiple-sided screen changed to ENTRÉE, I realized the structure of the show reminded me of the Westminster Dog Show.

Ashley made a pan-seared guinea hen breast, but focused on using every part of hen in the dish, incorporating her Southern roots with a French cuisine flair. Gordon called it perfection, which was the word of the night. He said he could die happy after eating it, which is pretty high praise. Cesar made a pan-seared duck breast with a mole, which (the more you know) is a sauce that apparently takes more time to make than they had, and was the subject of much discussion, Gordon saying there are chefs in Mexico who take a year to make it. Geez. I hope their patrons aren’t hungry. The duck was overcooked, but the mole defied the odds and was a success, Aaron said it was a source of pride that Cesar was wearing his pin, and Joe said he was no mole expert, but he knows good food. Gerron made shrimp and grits, in honor of his mom; it was their last meal together. Grits are not a favorite of mine, but by the way they were raving, I was thinking maybe I just haven’t had them done right. Gordon said it was too bad Gerron’s mom wasn’t present to see the grits elevated. Aaron said Gerron’s knife skills were lacking, but the flavor there, and Joe said he took it to another level tonight. He moved ahead, but stayed true to his story.

Gordon said it was the closest race they’ve ever had – the dessert was going to be the deciding factor. Cesar chose a flourless chocolate cake, based on the childhood sweets he loved as a kid. Gerron made an amaretto chess pie, and Ashley made something with a long name ending in ganache that I think boiled down to a cherry tarte. Whatever it was, it looked good. Gordon just got done saying it was so close, all three would need the dessert, when Cesar cut himself, and started bleeding all over the place. Like the trooper he is, he got himself patched up, and went back to work.

Gerron thought his plating was a disaster. It has seemed to be his Achille’s heel throughout the season, although this one didn’t look bad. Personally, I liked the teeny-tiny popcorn used as an extra. Aaron said his dessert was well-balanced, but a little sloppy. At that point, I started getting nervous, since that could make a difference. Gordon thought it was delicious, and Joe got up and hugged Gerron. I couldn’t believe I started tearing up. I must be getting old or soft or something. Joe told Gerron that he was wrong, something he doesn’t say often. He achieved the creation of a great dessert, and he was an honor to mentor. Cesar’s plating was very cute, with his cake sitting on caramel in the shape of a star. Aaron said he looked like he’d been in a back alley brawl with all the blood on his jacket, but called his dish finesse on a plate. It was a big bomb of beautiful chocolate flavor. If it means anything to you, Gordon said tamarin should always be included in caramel. Last to go, Ashley said it was a bittersweet moment. Joe called it an almost flawless, spectacular dessert. Aaron said it hit all the notes, but stayed singular to the structure – it was magical. Gordon said, well bloody done.

I started getting worried, wondering why Gerron couldn’t have been an art teacher. The judges discussed the dishes. Cesar got high praise for his mole, with Aaron saying he embodied what MasterChef was about – technique. Ashley’s duck was overcooked, but her dishes sophisticated, and she pushed to the maximum. Gordon said they were pure quality. Gerron had finesse (another word of the night), and was masterful with the quail. Joe said he had the most delicious, satisfying entrée, and it was the perfect end to his journey. Mean Aaron had to bring up his inconsistent plating, and messy work, but Joe countered, saying Gerron brought everything needed to go beyond. He cooked with passion and love, and couldn’t have been prouder. Gerron was at the top of his game. The mentor hats came off, and the judging happened.

The chefs switched places with the judges, and – YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! It was my man Gerron! He wished his mom was there. Joe said he did his mom proud, and he was honored to be Gerron’s mentor and friend. Gerron thanked Joe for giving him a chance when no one else saw his potential. Ashley said it had been a pleasure and a blessing, and there were lots of hugs. Cesar said the competition had defined what he was doing with his life and what he was passionate for. Gerron said he’d finally have the opportunity to go back and start a culinary program at the school. His dream came true. Turn up!

🍴 If you would like to fill out an application for the next season of MasterChef, go to fox.com/masterchef.

🔪 The new season of Hell’s KitchenRookies vs Veterans – will begin on September 28th. Sounds like an interesting twist.

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Captain Lee has a book coming out.


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Jeff’s troubles know no end.


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A sampling from tonight’s MasterChef menu.