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December 6, 2019 – Brook Hides Something Big, Charming Holidays, a Change in Dorinda, Brian Scores, Alexis Slammed, Matt Is Charged, Marlo Blasts Bags, Old Ways, Joe Shoulda, a Dozen Minus One Quotes & Hollis Holiday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Yep, it’s been that kind of week. I missed the very beginning, but nothing you can’t figure out.

Maxie tells James they need to have a talk about Peter. He’s moving in. She wants to tell James a secret. She loves Peter with all her heart.

Ned sees Franco on the terrace, and asks if he’s starting the treehouse. Franco says, there’s not a lot of time left. This morning might be all he has.

On the phone, Brook leaves a message, asking someone to call back already. She tells them not to get offended. Monica comes in, and asks if there’s something Brook wants to say. Brook says, yeah. She’s thought about it, and she didn’t steal the dinner, but who else would be motivated to do it? The kids are too young; her dad didn’t do it; Lulu was too busy fighting with her; and Olivia wouldn’t have done it. The only person unaccounted for is Monica, and Brook wants to know why.

At the hospital, Carly thanks someone for coming. Her brother’s doctor is great, but her mom doesn’t trust anyone like she does him, and it means a lot. We see she’s talking to Griff.

At home, Willow tells Chase that she forgot the dry cleaning, and forgot to tell him the wine guy called. He says the dry cleaning is in the closet, and he spoke to the wine guy. She says, then what? He says he could tell something was weighing on her. If it’s over, great. He’s not trying to get in her business, but if there’s a problem, he needs to know. She says, it is over, but she doesn’t know if it would have been a problem. It’s something they need to figure out.

Elizabeth tells Finn, whatever trouble Hayden is in, it was bad enough to leave Violet. Finn says there was a time when Hayden swore Elizabeth to secrecy. He gets that they’re sisters, but this isn’t about him; it’s about Violet. She says, if she’d heard anything, she would tell him. If Hayden reaches out to her, he’ll be the first to know. He thanks her, and she asks if he’s okay. He says he doesn’t want to mess this up. She says she knows Hayden loves Violet, and loves being a mom. The only way she would have left Violet is if she had absolute faith in him as a dad. He’s got this.

Sonny tells Jason that he knows Jason wants Sam home. Jason says the kids miss her. Danny is being brave for his sister, but it’s not fair to either one of them. Sonny gets it, but tells Jason that he has to wait. This has to be done clean. Jason says he’s doing everything he can to keep himself in check. He made a crucial mistake with Shiloh; more than once. He hoped Sam’s plan would work, and things would land the right way, but he can’t do that anymore. He has to take action. Sonny tells him, be careful.

There’s a knock at Maxie’s door, and she suggests she and James see who it is. It’s Peter, and Maxie tells him now that he lives there, he doesn’t have to knock. He tells her, old habits die hard, taking James from her and cuddling him.

Sonny says he didn’t know Carly called Griff, and she says, it was a last minute decision. Sonny tells Griff it’s good to see him, and asks how life is going. Griff says, it’s going. He’s with a group that travels to rural communities that are lacking medical care. He’s doing something he’s passionate about, and it’s helping him find his way. Sonny appreciates him coming when Carly called, and he says, Lucas was more than a colleague; he was a friend. Sonny says it’s good to have someone they trust. Griff says he’d like see the scans they’ve taken of Lucas.

Ned tells Franco that he’s kind to do this. Franco says, Oscar wanted it, and asked him and Jason to finish it. It’s one of the last things he can do as Drew for Drew.

Monica tells Brook that she wanted Drew to experience his one and only Quartermaine Thanksgiving, and see what his family would have been like if things were different. Brook knows well that they never serve turkey or get along. She had to insure that there was pizza and conflict. Brook says, so Monica stole the dinner and framed her, as a gift to someone who probably won’t remember it in a couple hours? Monica says she did. Olivia comes in, and says she owes Brook an apology. She ran into Epiphany who thanked her for the delicious turkey dinner the staff got on Thanksgiving. It occurred to her it probably wasn’t Brook who donated the food to the hospital. Monica says she can explain, but Brook says, Olivia’s apology is cool and all, but she did it.

Brook says she’s been gone a long time; she missed the family. Olivia says, so she swiped everything from Thanksgiving dinner. Brook says, it’s a Quartermaine tradition to have pizza. The turkey had to go, and she thought the staff at the hospital could use some real food. It felt like a way to kill two birds with one stone, literally. Olivia says, and it caused a family fight, and Brook says, also a Quartermaine tradition. She admits she did it, and she won’t apologize. She has no regrets. Olivia appreciates the sentiment, but thinks there was a better way to handle it. She could have asked Olivia to donate some food, instead of blindsiding her. Brook says, then they wouldn’t have had the huge epic family free-for-all. Olivia enjoyed it as much as she did. Olivia says Brook hasn’t seen the half of it. She leaves, and Monica tells Brook, very noble. What’s it going to cost her?

Ned’s phone rings. It’s Lois, and he says he has to take it. Franco picks up some boards, and says, see you later. Ned thanks Lois for calling back. He was hoping she could tell him what’s going on with their daughter.

At the MetroCourt, Robert tells Anna, something is off about Peter. Anna says, aside from Peter being Faison’s son? and Robert says if she wants to deny what’s in front of her face about Finn, that’s up to her, but if she denies what’s in her heart, it might come back to bite her.

Peter goes to the hospital, and finds Elizabeth. He says he wanted to check in with her. He knows Franco’s procedure is today. Elizabeth asks if he’s looking for a story, but he says, no. He and Maxie saw Andre, and he told them about it. Andre didn’t give details, but said one personality will cease to exist, so he felt compelled apologize for his part in starting the whole thing. She says Drew had no memory of the original procedure; what part could he have possibly played in it? None of it is his fault. He says he was there when Andre created the memory map of Drew. If he’d made different choices, Elizabeth wouldn’t be in the position she is. She says she’s been thinking about that, and she has no one else she can say this to…

Willow tells Chase, first, everything is fine, and there’s nothing to worry about, but for a few days, she thought she might be pregnant. He says, oh wow, and she says, oh wow good or oh wow bad? He says, oh wow, why wouldn’t she tell him?

Sonny is surprised Carly reached out to Griff. She says if Griff hadn’t been available, she would have been begging Patrick. Lucas’s doctor is great, but they don’t know him. They have no history with him, and they don’t know if he’ll be honest with them, and she needs that. Sonny says, until you know the truth of what you’re facing, it’s impossible to know the next step you need to take. Griff comes out, and says he saw Lucas, and went over all the tests. Carly says, it’s bad, isn’t it? and Griff says her brother’s condition is extremely serious.

Griff says the accident severely injured Lucas’s brain function. He’s responding to pain stimuli, and Griff likes that there’s activity, but the damage is severe. They’re really at the wait and see stage. He says, if it’s any reassurance, he went through every step, and there’s nothing he would change. Lucas has the best possible care. Carly says, it is reassuring. She’ll give her mom the update. She leaves, and Sonny says he appreciates Griff coming back. Griff says he thinks about Sonny all the time, and Sonny’s father. He asks how Mike is, and Sonny says he’s doing all right, but recently he slipped again. Griff is sorry to hear that, and Sonny says he knows Griff has a lot on his plate, but is there any way he can look at Mike’s labs? Sonny would feel more comfortable to hear what’s going on from Griff. Geez, never mind the mule, just load the wagon.

Anna tells Robert, they had this conversation before she left. She’ll always love him; they share a bond that can’t be broken, but don’t run her life. He says that’s not what he’s doing, and she says, it’s exactly what he’s doing. If he doesn’t like Peter’s father, he can’t be objective. Robert says, it’s more than Faison, and she says, if you dig deep enough, you can find the flaws in anyone. He needs to look at the positive. Peter is building a wonderful life, and Maxie loves him. He says, Maxie’s taste in men is suspect. Remember Spinelli? Anna says they’ll have to agree to disagree. For the sake of all the things they share, don’t push her on this. He says he won’t have to. She’s too smart not see the truth, especially when it’s staring her in the face. Violet runs up to them, and Finn and Anna smile at each other.

Lulu says she’s brought a housewarming present, since Peter is moving in. Maxie says Peter isn’t there, so they’ll open it when he gets back. She almost sets it down, then says she promises to rewrap it. She tells Lulu that both she and Peter put James down for a nap together. It was sweet. Peter read James a story, and it was so domestic. Then Chase walked in with his boxers on fire, and they put it out with a juice box. Lulu says, that’s nice, and Maxie asks, what’s up? Lulu says, Brook Lynn Ashton is back in town.

Brook says it’s not going to cost Monica anything. She’s happy to be home. Monica asks if anyone has told Brook how much she reminds them of her grandmother. Tracy was never nicer than when she was trying to cover up a disaster of her own making. She can’t wait to find out what Brook is up to. Brook asks if Monica doesn’t trust her, and Monica says, she’s a Quartermaine through and through. Of course, she doesn’t trust her.

Willow says she and Chase haven’t talked about having kids, and they’re using birth control, which must be working. She was late, so she took a pregnancy test. It was negative, so it turned into a non-situation. She realizes they’re in a relationship… Chase says, a serious relationship. Willow says, maybe it’s time to figure out how they feel about kids. He says, okay, and asks if she wants him to go first. She does, and he says what he can tell her is, when she said she thought she was pregnant, and found out she wasn’t, he felt two things at the same time – relief and disappointment.

Ned finds Jason inside, and asks if he’s looking for Monica. Jason says he’s looking for Ned. He needs a favor. He shows Jason a paper, and asks if he recognizes any of the names. Ned says he recognizes all three, but he’s had the most contact with Chip Jones; he’s an associate. Jason says he was hoping Ned could help him out with them. Ned assumes they’re a parole board, and Jason says, Sam’s hearing is tomorrow. Does Ned think they’ll be fair? Ned knows Jason doesn’t have faith in the justice system, but for what it’s worth, they’re decent, discerning guys. If Sam deals fairly with them, they’ll deal fairly with her. But having said that, he makes no guarantees. Jason appreciates the information. Ned says, if Jason isn’t busy, Franco is out back, finishing the treehouse. Maybe he could help.

Violet says she’s there for a treat, Robert suggests they go to the bar, and see what trouble they can get into. Violet asks if she can go, and Finn says he guesses they can trust this guy. He tells her, have fun, but not too much fun. He sits with Anna, and she says Robert is being a huge pain about Peter, when Peter is just trying to live his life. It’s so frustrating, and the worst part is, she lets it get to her. He’s been like this since the beginning of time. Why is it so difficult? She asks if Finn is listening, and he says, sorry; what? She asks if he’s all right, and he says he’s just looking at Violet having the time of her life.

Chase says he’s seen Willow with Wiley and the kids in her class, and knows she’d make an amazing mother. He can’t imagine anything more incredible than being parents together someday. But they’re not in the place – at least he’s not – where he’s ready to start a family. In some ways though, they’d be lucky if it just happened, and the decision was taken out of their hands. All they could do is love the kid. She smiles, and says she was thinking the same thing. They hug.

Lulu says Maxie can’t imagine how bitchy Brook was. Brook tried to seduce her husband, then called her out for not being supportive of Dante, and moving on with Dustin. Lulu told Brook, Dante abandoned her, and guess who walked in? Maxie says, not Olivia? and Lulu says the last thing she wanted was open warfare with Rocco’s grandmother, but that’s what Brook is going to cause.

Carly tells Sonny, when the best neurosurgeon says everything is being done right, that’s something. Sonny says he asked if Griff would look at his dad’s labs. Does she think that’s bad? She says she thinks it’s great.

Chase says, Willow’s turn, and Willow says, when she realized she was late, she thought about being pregnant. She felt mostly like him, that it’s not exactly the right time. In this period of their lives, they’re young, in love, and free, but at the same time, if it happens, it happens. If it’s not a decision they made, then it’s a happy accident. They would love the baby. She’s both sad and relieved, but what it made her realize is how much she really does want to be a mom, and she might be more ready than she thought she was.

Jason finds Franco on the terrace, and says he was just talking to Ned. Franco says, Oscar didn’t like leaving anything unfished, and Jason says he can finish it. Franco has his word. Franco says, if everything goes according to plan, he wants to thank Jason for saying it should be up to him. Jason says what he’s doing is a big deal. Franco means a lot to Elizabeth and the boys. Franco says he thought Jason couldn’t stand Franco, and Jason says, but Jake is different. He loves his son, and if Franco important to him, that’s just how it is. They wish each other good luck.

Lulu tells Maxie, the next time Brook launches a verbal grenade, she’s going to brush it off. Maxie suggests Lulu find out why Brook is throwing it; figure out what she’s covering up. Then she’ll have all the ammunition she needs. Maxie gets a call from her mom, and says, oh my God, is he okay? She asks if she can bring James over, and says she’ll drop him off on her way. Lulu says on her way where? and Maxie says, Lucas was in a car accident.

Elizabeth tells Peter that her head is all over the place. She’s scared, nervous, and hopeful. It’s what she wanted and pushed for; to get Franco back. Peter says Franco is her husband. She says, from the beginning, she knew there were one in four chances of the outcome she wants. Out of the other three, one is unthinkable, and the other two, he stays Drew. The odds aren’t good, and she’s preparing herself in case Franco doesn’t come back. She’ll need to find the courage to let him go.

On the phone again, Brook tells someone to stop calling. She’s sick of their harassment. Ned asks who’s harassing her, and she says, it’s nothing. He says, it didn’t sound like it; let him help. She tells him to leave her alone. Olivia comes in, and says, apparently, Lucas was in a serious car accident. Brook asks if he’s okay, but Olivia doesn’t know. He’s in a medically induced coma. (I might hazard a guess that that’s definitely not okay.) Brook jets, and Ned tells Olivia, Lucas and Brook were good friends in high school. He hopes Lucas is all right. Olivia agrees, and says it looked like she walked in on something kind of big. Ned says, not kind of; she did.

Griff tells Sonny, he went over Mike’s tests. It’s impossible to predict what will happen, but Mike is experiencing significant deterioration in his cognitive function. His condition is extremely complicated, but he doesn’t think Mike will recognize them or his current situation much longer. Carly says they’re approaching the end. Griff wishes that wasn’t the case, and Sonny says he’d give anything for more time. Whatever it costs, he’ll do it.

Griff says there’s a study on enzymes in Sweden. He can write a recommendation, but he’s not sure it will do Mike any good. His condition is too far along. Sonny asks, what’s money for? All the sacrifices he’s made, the long shots he’s been paid for. If he has the means, he’ll spend the money. Get Mike in, and Sonny will find out how to get him there.

Chase says, things just got real, and Willow asks if it scared him. He says, no. He’s happy they’re being honest. Willow says, if she’s honest with herself. She can’t say how much of her wants a baby, and how much is longing for Wiley. Knowing he’s in a happy home with two dads who love him; she did the right thing giving him up. Chase says it doesn’t mean she loves Wiley any less, and Willow says she doesn’t want to make the mistake of filling the void Wiley left. Any future child is theirs, and she wants to get it clear in her head before she thinks of getting pregnant. He takes her hands in his, and says he loves her. She’s beautiful and kind, courageous, and her nose crinkles in a cute way when she tastes something she doesn’t like. He knows what a great person she is, and what a great mom she’ll be. He’d like to have kids with her. Someday, when they’re more settled in their lives. He kisses her, and says, not to mention, the stage they’re in is not a bad place to be. They should enjoy it. They kiss.

Brook is already at the hospital when Maxie and Lulu arrive. She says now they show up. They wasted a trip, since it’s just immediate family. Lulu says Brook isn’t family; they’re his cousins. Brook says, like some people, she doesn’t jump ship when her loved ones are in trouble.

Olivia tells Ned, there’s no denying Brook is more like her mother now. He says that’s what he called Lois to find out. Olivia asks, what’s going on? and Ned says, it turns out, Brook is hiding something big.

Monica comes out on the terrace, where Jason is looking at the treehouse. She says, looks great, and  Jason says he added the door; Franco did the rest. She wishes they could have spent more time together. When Drew finally grasped the fact that he was living at the expense of Franco and the people who love him, he knew he couldn’t do it. It just wasn’t in him. He reminds her of Jason. Jason says, he did the right thing, and she says she’s going to miss him. Jason says, he knows, and puts his arm around her.

Franco comes out of the elevator at the hospital. He looks at Elizabeth.

Anna says, for all Robert’s faults – and he has many – he’s wonderful with children. He thinks he is one. When Robin was a little girl, it was like magic; shocking given what a curmudgeon he is. Finn goes over to where Robert and Violet are at the bar, and asks, what’s that? Violet says, a milkshake, and Finn says, before lunch? Robert says, milk is great for the bones. Finn says Robert is good with her, and Robert says, having a daughter is the greatest experience in his life. Plus, he’s pretty good with the women.

Peter blows through the MetroCourt, phone to his ear. Anna sees him, but he doesn’t see her. He goes into an adjacent hallway, and says they know what needs to be done. Kill Andre, kill Franco, eliminate them both. As long as the procedure doesn’t happen. He turns around, and Anna is there.

On Monday, Anna thinks there’s something on Peter’s mind, Valentin asks if Ava gave Nina anything useful, and Ava says, oh my God.

🎄 Traditional Charm…

Kathryn is incredibly stylish. I’m sure she’ll come up with something great.


👩 Out Of Context…

Dorinda looks like a totally different person.


🚤 Unlike Ashton…

It looks like Brian doesn’t have to work so hard.


🚮 But Isn’t It Their Job…?

If you can now shame your boss for making you work, I should go back to 9 to 5.


👎 He’s Gone With the Wind…

And not so fabulous.


🍑 Is She Even a Cast Member…?

As far as I know, she doesn’t hold a peach.


🏂 Cold School…

I’ll just say it. Dolores is annoying as hell.


😠 Dad Has Her Back…

I don’t blame him. Juicy Joe should have known better.


🎐 Quotes of the Week

We are not permitted to choose the frame of our destiny. But what we put into it is ours. – Dag Hammarskjold

It’s amazing how a little tomorrow can make up for a whole lot of yesterday.John Guare

That was a nightmare. – son of a hoarder, Hoarding: Buried Alive

If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you. – A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh

My boy, one small breeze doesn’t make a wind storm. – John McGraw

Principals have principles. – Stewart (Taran Killiam), Night School

You know it’s bad when New Yorkers are looking at you like you’re weird. – Dean Hashim, 90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.Helen Keller

If you don’t want me to open my mouth, don’t give me those five shots of tequila. – Jennifer Aydin, Real Housewives of New Jersey

True beauty, the kind that doesn’t fade or wash off, takes time.Amy Harmon

My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice. – J.K. Rowling

🎁 It’s Seriously On…

Oh how I dread even thinking of Christmas shopping, but unless you want to be one of those (mostly men) people who look like deer in headlights on Christmas Eve, it’s time to start getting on it. Since the dead aren’t walking anywhere, except to the mall, to see you off on your weekend, is one of my favorite Christmas songs.

December 2, 2019 – Pizza At Last, a More Chill Charter & Working Hard


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Anna’s doorbell rings. It’s Robert, who says he was wondering when he’d see Violet again.

At the hospital, Franco asks Elizabeth if she thinks his outfit is appropriate. She tells him that he looks great, and asks what he’s doing. He tells her that Monica thought he should experience at least one Quartermaine Thanksgiving. She says, it’s an experience, all right. He says, that good? and she says, he’ll see.

Monica walks into the living room to find Brook Lynn folding up the turkey decorations. She asks who said Brook could do that? and Brook says it looks like the Macy’s parade parked itself there. Monica says she and Olivia have an agreement. Olivia can decorate however she wants, except for the fake tree at Christmas. Brook says it’s Monica’s house, and Monica says, it is. And if Olivia wants to gild it with paper turkeys, she can. Olivia comes in, and says, it’s all right if Brook takes them down. Maybe she went overboard with the turkeys. If it bothers Brook that much, she can get rid of them.

Lucas tells Brad, be honest. Whatever it is, they’ll get through it. Just promise to tell the truth. Brad says Lucas is right. He has been keeping something. Lucas says, let’s get started, and Brad says, it’s Obrecht. He should never have gotten involved with  her. Now Britt is adding pressure. Lucas tells him, just stop it. If Brad doesn’t want to tell the truth, don’t, but don’t lie to his face.

Michael, Josslyn, and Dev play cards. Carly tells Josslyn to take it easy on Dev, but Josslyn says, Dev wanted to play. Dev says he’s an expert card player, but Michael says, famous last words. So is Jax, and he taught Josslyn before she was in kindergarten. Josslyn tells Michael not to exaggerate. She was in second grade at least. Carly asks Sonny if the fire is ready, and he says, yeah. He gets a drink and goes out on the terrace. The doorbell rings, and Michael goes to get it. It’s Sasha, and he asks how she is at Texas Hold ‘Em.

Neil asks if Julian is sure, and Julian says he saw Kendra throwing away the exact same kind of container behind Charlie’s. Neil says, Alexis got sick that same night; that’s no coincidence. He’s going to call Alexis again. She needs to know Kendra is dangerous.

Kendra parks her car, and tells Alexis, here we are. Her final destination.

Franco tells Elizabeth, before goes to the Quartermaine’s, he’s going to stop by Oscar’s Meadow to say goodbye. Elizabeth says she needs him to know something. All this time, she’s been saying Franco is in there – and she believes he is – but she’s aware that she’s not talking to Franco right now. The sacrifice he’s making means everything to her and the boys, and all she can think to say is, thank you. She’s grateful, and won’t forget him. It probably doesn’t mean much… He says, it does. Happy Thanksgiving. She tells him, happy Thanksgiving, and he leaves. Epiphany says, there goes one brave man.

Ned hugs Brook, telling her, happy Thanksgiving. Monica asks what’s the matter with Olivia? What does she mean, it’s all right if Brook takes down the decorations? Olivia thanks Monica for having her back, but she’s decided it’s in everyone’s best interest if she tries to get along with Brook. Monica asks if she’s lost it. She knows Brook is like her grandmother, and if she doesn’t, it won’t take her long to figure it out. There is no getting along. If she wants to survive, she has to stand up for herself or get trampled. Leo comes downstairs, and asks where Gobble is. That’s his favorite turkey. Brook says he fell, and she has to put him back up. Lulu and Rocco come in through the terrace, and Brook asks if Lulu couldn’t find a family of her own to celebrate with. Lulu says, oh good. Brook is home.

Brad asks Lucas to listen, and Lucas asks, why? Brad says he swears on Wiley; on everything sacred. He’s not cheating. He loves Lucas, and everything he’s done is to preserve their marriage. Lucas tells him, just say it. He’s got to be brave enough to tell Lucas. If they have no communication, they have nothing. It would be fine if it was just the two of them. They could cut their losses and move on, but it’s not just the two of them. They have Wiley too.

Neil leaves a message for Alexis to call him asap, and that if Kendra stops by, don’t let her in. Julian says Kristina isn’t answering, and Molly says she hasn’t heard from Alexis since earlier today. That’s not good. Neil says he’s calling the police.

Kendra tells Alexis, time to wake up. She’s going to miss all the holiday fun. Alexis’s eye’s fly open, and Kendra says, there she is. Happy Thanksgiving. Testing; one, two, three. Can she wave or wiggle her toes? How about a smile? Kendra says, that was quick, but the paralysis doesn’t last long. Just long enough for her to explain how Alexis destroyed her family. This is usually where things for a killer often go wrong. As Tuco said in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: if you have to shoot, shoot, don’t talk.

Neil tells Julian the police can’t do anything until Alexis has been missing for 24 hours. Julian wonders what if they told the police the reason? Neil says, the best they can do is send some officers to Kendra’s house. They’ll need more of a motivation to search. Julian says, let’s start with motive. Why would Kendra target Alexis?    

Robert thanks Anna for her kind invitation. Finn says he was in on it; so they’re both kind. Violet shows Robert her new teddy bear from her daddy. Robert says her daddy is full of surprises. So is Anna. Anna suggests Violet teach Finn the hand clapping game. It’s complicated, and she has some things she needs to discuss with Robert right now. Robert says, right now?

Maxie tells Andre that she’s fascinated by his work. He does the procedure, then what? Andre says, ideally, Drew’s memories and personality will be stripped away, allowing Franco’s personality to resurface. Maxie says, because it’s always been there, and he says it’s like painting over something. Restoration is tricky. You can accidently fix the top layer more firmly in trying to remove it. She says, then Drew would become more Drew? and he says, he would possess more sharply tuned memories of Drew’s life. Maxie asks Peter if he can believe this, and he says, no; he can’t.

Elizabeth tells Epiphany that she’s been focused in getting Franco back, and she believes she’s 100% right that he’s in there, but in the process, she ignored the man he is now, and his integrity. He’s giving up his life so Franco gets his back. How can she pay back something like that? Thank you seems inadequate. Epiphany says, sacrifice doesn’t mean giving something up that’s not important. It means giving up something important in order to gain something more important. The family is more important, and it’s right. Elizabeth says, all she can say is thank you, and Epiphany says, isn’t today the day for it? Be thankful. Elizabeth says, she is.

Dev rakes in the chips. Carly says, Josslyn… and Josslyn says Dev beat her fair and square. Michael says she never showed her hand, but Dev says he had a great hand. Sasha says she folded. Dev wants to quit while he’s ahead, but Josslyn says, he can’t. Mike had to go back to Turning Woods, and Sonny is depressed. They need to make it okay for him. Sasha says, besides, it would be unfair for Dev to leave the table. She wants a chance to recoup. Michael thanks her for playing along, and she says she’s a pretty adaptable date.

Brook asks if Olivia is attempting a pizza-free Thanksgiving, and Ned says, she’s not just attempting it; she’s doing it. Leo asks if Danny and Scout are going to be there, but Monica says, not this year. Jason is taking them to see the Rockettes. Lulu is like, Jason? and Monica asks if she can picture it. Ned says, no, and Monica says, he wanted to make it a special day. She asks what Lulu and Leo did, and Lulu says they went to the Port Charles parade. Rocco says it was awesome. The marching band was cool, but he liked hanging out with Dustin. He sat on Dustin’s shoulders, and Dustin put his arm around mommy to keep her warm. Brook makes a face. Monica goes out on the terrace, and calls Epiphany. She says she needs Epiphany’s help. How fast can she get there?

Olivia tells Leo and Rocco that there’s a new board game in the playroom, and takes them upstairs. Brook says she needs some air, and goes out to the terrace. Lulu says she could use some too, and stomps after her. She asks when Brook got back, and Brook says, a couple of days ago. Lulu asks how long she’s staying, and Brook says she’s curious. Was the ink dry on the divorce papers before Lulu started dating? Lulu says Brook can’t possibly be judging her. Brook says she’s just pointing out that Dante is the most decent guy she knows. Lulu says, Dante asked for the divorce. She didn’t want it. Brook says, Dante has PTSD, and in typical Lulu fashion… Lulu says Brook has no idea what she’s talking about. She wasn’t there. Brook says she’s there now, and Lulu says, lucky them.

Monica tells Ned that Olivia thinks she’s trying to keep the peace, but she’s just creating more tension. Ned says Olivia is doing the best she can; they all are under the circumstances. Monica says they both know Brook has an agenda. She didn’t just fall out of the sky for no reason. Ned asks if she can’t be thankful, but Monica says, no. Find Brook’s ulterior motive, and get her under control. Monica can only allow so much when it comes to family. Olivia comes in, and asks where Lulu and Brook are. She realizes, and says, they’re out there alone? That’s not good.

Brook tells Lulu, it boggles her mind how Lulu can call herself a Spencer. She talks about how strong and resourceful and blah-blah-blah she is, but when her man has been traumatized, and she’s feeling hurt, she hooks up with the first guy who comes along. Lulu asks what she was supposed to do. Dante abandoned her. She sees Olivia, Ned, and Monica have come outside.

Carly goes out on the terrace, and tells Sonny they’re just waiting for him to work his magic. She asks if he’s okay, and he says he knows how lucky he is. He’s grateful for what he has. He doesn’t want to be that guy. The one who walks into a room and sees everybody who isn’t there. He’s not going to be that guy, but he needs a minute. He’ll be right in. Carly says, for the record, he’s allowed to be that guy. She kisses him.

Carly says, it’s almost turkey time, and Josslyn asks how Sonny is doing. Carly says, he could be worse, but Michael says, or he could be better. Carly says she has to make a phone call.

Lucas tells Brad, when they adopted Wiley, they were committed to stay together forever, and raise their son in a happy home. It’s exactly what happened to him. His sister died, and his parents blew apart. If he’d known they were going to do that to Wiley, he’d have never gone down that road in the first place. Lucas’s phone dings, and he takes an antacid. He says they should have said, thanks, but no  thanks, to Willow. It would have been better than decimating their son’s life. If Brad doesn’t want to tell the truth for him, do it for Wiley. Lucas’s phone rings, and he says he has to take it; it’s his sister. Carly asks if he’ll do her a huge favor. Can he please come for dinner? They had to send Mike back, and Sonny is taking it hard. She doesn’t want an empty seat. Will he do this for his sister? Lucas says, absolutely. They’ll be there. Brad asks, where? and he says, Thanksgiving dinner at Carly’s.

Neil and Julian look at their phones. Neil tells Julian that Kendra has a psych degree, and she’s a life coach whose clients give her five stars. Julian says he’s looking for news; an arrest or being the victim of a crime. Neil says, it’s almost like Kendra didn’t exist until nine years ago. Julian says she graduated from high school in Port Charles, 2004. Neil says, so she’s a local, and Julian says, it looks that way.

Kendra tells Alexis that Kiefer was their family’s everything. Their mom called him her star, and you’d think it would have made her jealous, but it didn’t. He really was a star. He was charming, sweet, and athletic until he had the misfortune of getting involved with Alexis’s daughter. She doesn’t pretend to know what went on at home; they had a sick, sad relationship, but Kiefer didn’t deserve to die. Her seventeen-year-old brother had a meltdown in a ditch because he was so upset about Kristina. He was in the middle of the road at night, and Alexis ran him down. She’s a murdering bitch.

Josslyn asks why Michael and Sasha changed their minds, and Michael says Sasha was looking for turkey, and he’s had enough of pizza. Sonny says he has some ziti he was going to send over, and Sasha asks if they’ll explain why the Quartermaines always have pizza for Thanksgiving.

Lulu says she’s sorry. She’ll grab Rocco, and go. Olivia says she made a huge meal, and she’d like them to be there for it. Lulu says, even though she said something she wishes she could take back. Olivia asks her to name one family who didn’t have a member blurt out something stupid today that they don’t wish they could take back. She hugs Lulu, who says she’s really sorry. Olivia says she’s going to check on dinner. Brook says, some things never change, and Lulu asks, what’s that supposed to mean? Brook says Lulu has everyone feeling sorry for her, while she’s snuggling with a new dude in front of her kids. Lulu says, this, coming from the tramp who seduced her husband. Ned says, it’s Thanksgiving, and they’re all family. Lulu and Brook both say, she is not my family. A blood-curdling scream is heard.

Andre tells Maxie and Peter, there’s no way we can remember everything. Think how crazy you’d go if you could recall every minute that you lived. She says, no thanks, and he says, we need our memories reinforced; sparked. His phone rings, and he steps away to take the call. Maxie tells Peter, sorry, and he says she has nothing to apologize for. She says the conversation made him uncomfortable, and she knows why.

Anna asks how Robert can judge Finn, when the same thing happened to him. Robert admits, it’s not Finn’s fault that he just found out about Violet, but it’s Finn’s fault that he didn’t tell Anna. Anna says she was out of town, and Robert says there’s an invention called the cell phone. He resents that Finn wants to have his cake and eat it too. Anna says, if Finn wants cake, he can have it. If she needs Robert to stick up for her, she’ll tell him, but don’t take it upon himself to do it. Anna’s phone rings, and she answers rather abruptly. It’s Robin, and Anna says, no; she’s not arguing with Robert. Robert takes the phone and says, yes; they’re fighting, but it’s not about her.

Brad says he can’t deal with Lucas’s family right now, but Lucas says, too bad. His family is part of them being married; at least for now. Brad tells Lucas to go without him. His family won’t care. Lucas says, it’s Thanksgiving and Wiley is there. Brad is going. If it’s the last holiday they have with Wiley as a family, they’re going to make it count for something. Does Brad want to drive or should he?

Julian tells Neil there’s still no answer. Neil says he asked for information about Kendra on the alumni page, saying he’s a classmate searching for her. Julian suggests getting information from social media.

Kendra tells Alexis, after Kiefer died, her dad went off the rails, but before Alexis judges him what would she have done if Kendra’s if father ran down Alexis’s daughter. Her brother died and her father died, leaving her and her mother. They had to move on with their lives. Not that Alexis would care, but they haven’t had a home-cooked Thanksgiving since Kiefer died. They always ate in restaurants. This year, she convinced her mother to go on a cruise because celebration is going to be different. And that includes Alexis. She drags Alexis out of the car.

Maxie says Peter still feels guilty about his part in the Jason/Drew memory thing, but he was just the delivery guy. He’s not his father. Peter says he knows, but she says, does he? He doesn’t destroy innocent lives when they’re inconvenient. He makes them better, in particular, hers and James’s. She’s lucky to have him. He says, he’s the lucky one, and holds her.

Robert tells Anna that Robin said the business with Finn and Violet is dredging up memories that Anna wants to blame herself for and shouldn’t. And he should cut her some slack. Anna says they have the smartest daughter, don’t they? A timer goes off, and Anna says, the wishbone is ready. Finn asks Violet what it will take for him to master the last step in the clapping game, and she says, practice. Anna asks if she’d like to make a wish with daddy.

Dev says, Thanksgiving isn’t about turkey and football? but Sonny says, it is there. Michael says, the Quartermaines are the exception. Sasha asks, why? and he says, no one knows. It’s been that way since he can remember.

Olivia comes into the living room, and Ned asks, what the hell happened? Olivia wails that it’s all gone. Brook Lynn took it. Franco walks in, and Olivia tells Ned that Brook said the day was young. She had to ruin it. She couldn’t give Olivia one Thanksgiving. Ned doesn’t believe Brook had anything to do with it, and Olivia says he’s siding with her. Brook says Olivia just accused her of stealing, and Lulu says, like Brook never stole before. Brooke tells Lulu to go be with her own people, and Ned suggests they need a bottle of holiday spirit. Olivia says, a perfect meal, gone. Monica gives Franco a drink. Olivia says, it didn’t walk off on its two little drumstick legs, along with the sides. Monica flashes back to meeting Epiphany on the terrace, and giving her a bunch of trays covered with tin foil. Epiphany asks if this isn’t Thanksgiving dinner, and Monica tells her to give it to the staff. The day has to be perfect. Franco says he doesn’t know why Monica is smiling. It looks like a disaster. Monica says, with the Quartermaines, disaster is a family tradition.

As Lucas drives, he asks Brad what he did, and Brad says, nothing. Lucas says Brad didn’t get insecure overnight. What was it? Looking back, it was around the time they got Wiley. He thought that’s what they both wanted, but maybe Brad didn’t, and didn’t know how to tell him. He was desperate to be a father, but that’s exactly when Brad changed. Was he feeling stuck or trapped? Brad says he wanted Wiley, but he wanted Wiley too much.

Neil gets a message from a former classmate of Kendra’s. He tells Julian, back then, Kendra’s last name was Bower. Julian is like, hmm…

Alexis lies in the middle of the road, in front of Kendra’s car. Kendra says she was out there living her half-life, and out of the clear blue sky the phone rings. It was a man named Shiloh, who told her that her dad was right all along. Alexis ran Kiefer down on purpose, and Kristina knew about it. So she’s going to do to Alexis what Alexis did to her brother, and who knows? Maybe she’ll get away with it. Maybe she can spin the story like Alexis did. She’s so sorry. She was in a hurry, and didn’t see Alexis until it was too late. When Alexis sees the headlights coming for her, she can tell herself now she knows how Kiefer felt. Kendra gets in the car and starts it.

Carly says, going back to 1994, the Quartermaine’s have a bizarre Thanksgiving curse. No one knows why. Sonny says, every year, something goes wrong with the turkey. Josslyn says, dogs, robbers… Sonny says, frozen pipes, and Carly says, and pizza saves the day. Sasha wonders why they keep trying, and Carly says, that’s part of the curse. Sonny says, thank God everything always goes right at his house. No curse here. He goes into the kitchen.

Ned brings in a bunch of take-out pizzas. Franco says, this happens every year? and Monica says, without fail. Leo asks if it’s time for pizza, and Ned says, almost. Brook says, first they sing; then eat. They sing We Gather Together, and the camera pans over photos of Edward, Lila, and Alan. You know, this always gets me all teary.

Elizabeth wonders where the food came from. She tells Epiphany that she knows it’s not hospital food. Epiphany, it’s one more thing to be grateful for.

Anna gives Finn and Violet the wishbone. Finn tells Violet, get a good grip. Close your eyes, and make a really good wish. Violet gets the big end and says, she hopes daddy gets his wish too. He says, she is his wish.

Brad says it all changed when they got Wiley, and Lucas says he knew it, but Brad says it’s not the way he thinks. There’s so much Brad hasn’t told him. Lucas asks what that means. Tell him. Brad says Wiley isn’t the baby they adopted. He’s Michael and Nelle’s son. Lucas suddenly can’t get the brakes to work.

Neil asks Julian if the name rings a bell, and Julian says, vaguely. From a long time ago. Neil says nine years ago, Alexis accidently hit Kiefer Bower with her car, and he died. Kendra must be family.

Kendra starts the car. You know what’s going to happen. She backs up, presumably to run over Alexis better.

At the same time, Lucas tells Brad, the car won’t stop. Something is wrong with the brakes.

Their car collides with Kendra’s car.

Tomorrow, Kristina asks where he mom is, Sonny tells Jax that he doesn’t have to pretend, and the aftermath of the crash.

Below Deck

Rhylee tells Ashton don’t walk away. He says she belongs on a fishing boat in Alaska, and she tells him, buy her a ticket and she’ll go back. She asks what his problem is, and he says, her. She says he still hasn’t explained it. He says she upset everyone around her, and she fails to see why her ordering something Paleo bothered Kevin so much. He says she has a problem with men in authority, and she asks why he thinks they’re the only men in authority. Ashton continues to walk away, and Tanner tells Rhylee that she’s lost and he feels sorry for her. She tells him F-U, and asks who he is to be getting involved when she and Ashton are talking? Ashton apologizes to Courtney. Tanner says all their dinners were fine until Rhylee got there, and Kate asks Tanner if he blames Rhylee. He says he does, but she disagrees, saying, Kevin is intense, loudmouthed, and overbearing. In her interview, Kate says it was a relief. Thanks. You handle him for a while. Kevin acts like he’s Gordon Ramsay, but he’s not Gordon Ramsay, and she has the feeling Gordon Ramsay is more pleasant to be around. Agreed.

They walk to another bar, because, why not? Kevin is loud, and acts like a moron. Rhylee tells Kate, they say she’s combative, and Kate says she has Rhylee’s back. Kevin has been obnoxious all night. In Rhylee’s interview, she says the last place she wants to be hanging out is with a-holes. She thought it was going to be a fresh start, but obviously she didn’t account for this. She wonders if it’s foreboding, if it’s going this way already.

Tanner gets pretty drunk, and we see double along with him. Kevin wonders where Tanner is, but Ashton doesn’t know. We do. He’s in a porta-potty getting sick, while the others dance. In his interview, Tanner says this is where he usually clocks out. He dances and acts like a moron. He takes Simone’s hand, and says he wants to hook up with her so bad. They kiss, and I think, blech. I hope he rinsed his mouth. In Simone’s interview, she says, damn, son. You took your time. The cheese Ashton dances alone. Kate asks Simone how the dance floor is, and Tanner jumps on her. In Courtney’s interview, she says, they’re clearly not afraid of PDA. Kevin acts stupid, and screws around with a street sign. Ashton tells him not to break things. They all go back to the boat, and everyone falls asleep in the taxis. Kate says she’s never taken an Uber this long in her life.

They still need to walk down the dock, and Kevin is totally passed out. Ashton and Tanner revive him, and he does the chicken. Back on the boat, Courtney visits Brian, and tells him that Kevin and Rhylee were fighting over appetizers. Tanner and Ashton put Kevin to bed, and Kevin says he loves them. He also says Rhylee in his sleep. In Simone’s interview, she says, it’s so confusing. She wonders what she’s getting into, but can’t fight the attraction. Tanner asks if she wants to go to bed, and she says, if it’s just to sleep, okay. If he’s thinking of something else, it’s not happening, and she’s stern.

In the morning, Simone says, o-m-g (which she says a lot), and Tanner says, Jiminy Cricket (which he says a lot). In his interview, Tanner says he doesn’t remember going to bed with Simone, but it was bound to happen. There was sexual tension there. She’s a hot chick with a phenomenal ass; he’s in. Captain Lee asks how Simone is, and she says, well rested. He laughs, saying, he detects a note of hesitation there. Brian is disappointed and frustrated. He thought his leg would be okay by now. The thought of losing his job is bad, but he’s at the point where he’s wondering if he’s going to lose his leg. Kate has coffee, Tanner mops, and Kevin says he’s sorry he argued about appetizers to no one in particular. In Rhylee’s interview, she says she’s not oblivious to the fact that fighting with Ashton and Kevin was not a good idea. She’s quick to anger, and gets her temper from her dad who met the Fed Ex man with a shotgun at Christmastime. (Not the tip they’re looking for.) She is who she is, but she’s going to try her best no to rock the boat. Ashton asks Tanner about his sleepover, and Tanner says the only real thing he remembers is Rhylee arguing with Kevin, then Ashton. Rhylee comes out, and asks what Ashton wants her to do. He stammers, and in her interview, she wonders if this could get less awkward, and laughs. He asks her to do some boat stuff, and she folds some huge thing up. Tanner tells Ashton something like this has never happened before, and Ashton says he doesn’t want to deal with the drama and issues. In Ashton’s interview, he says to be 100% honest, he doesn’t like Rhylee. Her bad attitude pisses him off. Ashton radios Rhylee to meet with him. In her interview, she says you know when you’re getting called after a night like they had last night, you’re going to get chewed out.

Ashton tells Rhylee, they had words, and unfortunately, it happened already. He doesn’t know what happened exactly, or why Kevin acted the way he did, but the way she reacted and came across was why he reacted. Holy! Why doesn’t he just come out and say he has a double standard. He tells her, moving forward, he wants to deal with things in an appropriate way. In Ashton’s interview, he says history is repeating itself, but they’re here to make money. He has to do his best for all of them. He tells Rhylee, no hard feelings, and they hug. Kate irons, and the captain calls her, Ashton, and Kevin for the preference sheet meeting.

Captain Lee says it’s going to be a shortened charter with a half-dozen ladies. The primary is Lynn, and the guests are all moms, who can’t wait for a much needed girls trip. Kate recognizes Wendy from last season, and the captain says, she was a guest of Steve’s – Mr. Foam Man. We flash back to Steve in a hot tub of foam, and Wendy wondering if she can hide in the galley. Kate says if she remembers right, Wendy is relax and chill, and that’s what she needs this charter. The captain says they’re foodies, and their favorites are Asian and Italian. They want a white-themed dinner party, and lunch on the beach.

The crew gets the boat ready, and Kevin radios Rhylee to meet with him. Kate tells Ashton that she thinks they’re both in the wrong, but blames Kevin more because of his rank. It’s not the way to welcome a new crew member. Kevin tells Rhylee that it got too heated, and he didn’t want to back down. He apologizes, and she says she appreciates that. In his interview, he says he’s a bad drinker sometimes, and you can’t have bad blood on the boat. Rhylee says they’re both spitfires, and he says he should have red hair too. In his interview, Kevin says he likes to see how quickly someone bounces back after an argument, and Rhylee is quick. Rhylee tells him that she doesn’t want to hold grudges. They hug.

Tanner asks Simone if she wants to do a sleepover, and they kiss. I’m happy for her, but puzzled, since he didn’t seem that interested before. They have their sleepover, and I don’t think I needed to see that. Nor did Simone’s grandparents. In her interview, Simone says she feels happy and warm inside, and I totally sit on several jokes.

Everyone does whatever they do to get the boat ready. Courtney says they have to make anti-wrinkle fabric. She can’t live this way. The captain goes to see Brian, who says the swelling is down, but his leg’s still not right. Captain Lee wants to send Brian to the hospital for some IV antibiotics. In the captain’s interview, he says it’s been three days, and he’s not seeing significant progress. The reality is, if Brian can’t do his job, he’ll have to get someone who can. He tells Brian that he’ll make the arrangements.

In the crew mess, Rhylee asks Simone how last night went, and Simone says, it was nice; they cuddled. Rhylee asks if Simone isn’t looking for more than canoodling, and Ashton says Rhylee is really asking why they haven’t banged yet. Simone says she likes to take her time. Provisions come in. In Brian’s interview, he says he’s going through a lot of emotions. He doesn’t want to lose his job, but this could be serious. He’s worried and scared, and he’s in Thailand. Who knows what could happen? Kate tells Brian that she hopes it’s nothing, and he leaves for shore.

Ashton has a quick deckhand meeting, giving them their schedules. Kate says Simone is on late, Courtney is in the middle, and she’ll be on early. Ashton tells the deckhands, they’re man down, but it’s been that way for the last four charters. The crew gets ready to greet the guests. Kate tells Captain Lee that she usually has a horrible feeling at this moment, but feels great right now, and it scares her a little. She gives all of the guests leis. The captain welcomes them, saying they have fun things planned. He’s going to hand them over to Kate for the tour, then get the party started. Rhylee is startled to see they bring their own flotation devices. Kate tells the guests that the beach picnic will be at 1:30. The yacht heads out.

Int Kate’s interview, she says, Simone doesn’t know how to cut citrus. It’s like Helen Keller cutting oranges. Tanner tells Ashton that he went Downton on Simone’s abbey, while all he got in return was hand stuff for a second. In Ashton’s interview, he says, maybe Kate is right, and Simone isn’t great at service. Rhylee joins them, and Tanner repeats his story. She says Simone claimed they just cuddled, and he says that’s his idea of cuddling. Anchor is dropped in Koh Hong, Krabi. Lynn asks the captain to join them for dinner, and the water toys are dropped. Kevin says he has no white food for the white party, and discusses Italian dishes with Courtney. In his interview, he says Kate isn’t a foodie, but at least Courtney has a palate. She went to good restaurants with her mom and dad, after the pony rides.

Brian calls the captain, and says the doctor was glad he came in. The infection was worse than he’d thought, and his knee had to be cut open. He lost some flesh because the infection was eating away at it, and he now has a hole in his knee. He can’t get it wet or pick up anything heavy, but he thinks it will be much better soon. In Captain Lee’s interview, he’s sure Brian doesn’t feel good about the situation either. If Brian can’t recover quickly, he’s no good to them. He tells Brian that he’d better ease into it. They don’t want a relapse.

Kate shows Courtney a beach cave she found. It’s her dream beach picnic cave. It’s like the VIP room in a club; secluded, dark, and away from the general public. She hates picnics. This is the new thing. Ashton says he sees a blonde with a gimpy leg approaching, and Captain Lee tells him to kick Brian in his good one, and tell him, welcome back. Brian boards the boat.

In Kevin’s interview, he says he’s making sushi for the picnic. It’s super fresh, and easy. Kate says it looks great, and he says, it looks like sh*t. The captain sees Brian, and says, the prodigal son returns. They’re glad to have him back. He tells Brian, get changed and get to work. In Kate’s interview, she says she tried service using Simone last charter, but Courtney is good at it; Simone is not. Kate looks into the water, and it’s loaded with jellyfish.

Tanner tells Kate that she picked a cool spot. Ashton remarks on their being bats, and Kate is like, well, it is a cave, and wonders if Ashton could hang a disco ball in it. The guests are brought over, and Kate tells them that she’s never thrown a picnic in a beach location like this. Lynn marvels at the disco ball, and says, nature is amazing. Back on the yacht, Simone is getting annoyed, and says she should be more adamant about Kate using her for service. Lunch is served, and one guest says her chakras are opening.

Kevin calls his daughter, saying, it’s important for them to connect, even if it’s just emojis. He sends her a bunch of frogs, and she responds with poop emojis. They discuss an upcoming holiday, and in his interview, Kevin says the reason he’s in yachting is to provide a better life for his daughter. His mom had three jobs, and was working all the time. He says, it’s hard to be away, but he’s concentrating on the job. Ashton says the tide has dropped, and with the coral and sea urchin in the water, the guests will need shoes to get back to the tender. Captain Lee has Rhylee water bike the shoes over. Despite all their efforts, on the way to the tender, a guest says she has something sticking on her, and it’s a sea urchin. In Ashton’s interview, he says, any guest injured in their care is a sh*t show. He calls the captain to let him know. Kate tells Tanner, she’s wearing weird shoes, sweating, and getting bitten by bat cave bugs. In the captain’s interview, he says the sea urchins are bastards. They have spikes, and if you step on one, they leave it in you. It’s barbed, so you can’t pull it out, and it has to dissolve. The best thing to use is vinegar. The guest soaks her foot in a bucket of vinegar, and I file away a note in my mental first aid kit. Rhylee totes Kate back to the boat, and Kate jokingly hassles her the whole way, asking if she can’t go faster.

Because of the heat, the guests want dinner indoors. Kate can’t believe they requested the dining area closest to the pantry. It makes everything difficult. In her interview, Kate says, it’s a white party, but considering the guests’ alcohol consumption all day, it will probably be more of a blackout party. Wow. These women are really loaded. A couple of them barge in on the captain while he’s changing, Lynn remarking that he’s in nice shape for working on a boat. Geez. Has she seen how hard the work is? Kate asks Simone to do turndowns, and in her interview, Simone thinks this is a joke. It’s ridiculous. She’s a mathematician, and speaks several languages. She calls home, and her grandmother (?) says if she feels something isn’t right, she has to stand up for herself. Simone suggests Kate is upset because she’s smarter than Kate, and her grandmother says Simone doesn’t have a PhD in folding towels, which I think is Kate’s whole point.

The captain arrives at dinner, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and white pants. The guests are all in white with tiaras. Kate says it’s nice and quiet in the galley, and it has a calmer vibe. Kevin turns on a blender, and she says, except for the appliances. She tells Courtney, dinner is going surprisingly well, probably because the guests are so hammered. The guests make lewd comments to the captain, which he just laughs off. I’m reading his book, Running Against the Tide, right now. He’s a tough dude. Lynn says they want everyone to party with them, and they don’t want everyone to have to work. I’ll volunteer for that.

Simone says she can’t be confident in service if she doesn’t get to do it. Lynn complains to the captain about having a hard time finding a man, and he says, it will happen when it happens. Wendy barges into the galley, and decides she wants to help serve. Kevin and Kate rescue the dishes of food she tries to pile onto her arm, and Kate gives her one, saying it’s for the captain, and it’s the most important one. Simone sees, and is miffed that Kate doesn’t want her on service, but she has a guest doing it. Like this was Kate’s idea.

Somehow, Wendy manages to get the plate in front of Captain Lee, who’s lucky he’s not wearing it. Kevin presents his take on tiramisu, and the captain tells Kevin that the meal was good. Simone whines to Tanner that she’s supposed to be second stew. In Simone’s interview, she says she has the experience, and that’s why Kate made her second stew. Kate needs to treat her like it. What Simone is failing to grasp is that she couldn’t even open a bottle of wine, or make basic drinks, and there’s no time for on the job training.

The guests agree that Captain Lee is a silver fox. Courtney notes that the captain ate fast. He asks how Lynn got from Chicago to California, and she says she followed the Grateful Dead. Kate and Courtney nearly die laughing in the pantry. She tells the captain that she lived in a VW bus, sold stir fry, and did piercings. Captain Lee says, it’s a revelation. Everyone miraculously goes to bed without incident. Kate eats something, while she tells Rhylee that she’d been expecting progress from Simone, but her patience is getting less. She asks Courtney where Simone is, but Courtney doesn’t know.

Simone is crying in her bunk bathroom. Kate radios, and Simone says she’s in the bathroom, but Kate can tell she’s upset. She suggests Courtney check on Simone, but Simone blows through, barely acknowledging anyone. Very passive/aggressive. Kate follows her, and says she doesn’t understand. In Kate’s interview she says she doesn’t love Simone’s sulking. She’s not good enough at her job to sulk. Her good attitude is her best quality. Don’t lose that. Simone tells Kate that she doesn’t know what’s going on, and why she isn’t a part of service. Kate says she assumed Simone knew the job well enough that Kate wouldn’t have to tell her everything. Simone says she assumed if she was on late, she’d be doing service. In her interview, Kate says Simone acts like she owes her, but Simone isn’t good at her job, and training is a gift.

Kate tells Simone that she’s not sure Simone is ready. Simone says she’s second stew, and Kate says she’s not sure Simone is a great second stew. It’s not personal, but when Simone hides in the bathroom for twenty-five minutes, then comes out very sullen… Simone says she knew she was going to talk to Kate about it, and people have been asking her what’s gong on. Kate asks if Simone has discussed this with other crew members. Kate should be the first person Simone discusses it with. Simone says she can appreciate why Kate feels it’s not okay, and Kate says she’s not saying she feels that way; she’s telling Simone it’s not okay, and Simone made the department look bad. Simone says she didn’t, but Kate says, she’s telling Simone that she did.

Next time, instead of washing the boat, the crew washes elephants (SPOILER ALERT: Baby elephants are very cute!); Rhylee outs Tanner to Simone; and the captain has a come to Jesus meeting with a crew member.

🐎 Back In the Saddle…

Hope everyone enjoyed the break. I’ve been stockpiling some tea as I go through my thousands of emails, three-quarters of which have the words Black Friday or Cyber Monday in them. Seriously, just send me one good one and I’ll get the message. Hope you enjoyed your time off, if you had it, and if not, at least you didn’t have to get back to routine. You were already there.










November 18, 2019 – Sam’s Hearing Concludes, Fraternity On Deck, WWHL Presents Bravocon, Blind Date Bore & More Pirates


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I missed the first few minutes, and hope this isn’t indicative of the week.

Kim asks if Franco is ready start their new life. He says he’s very sorry, but he can’t leave Port Charles with her after all. Yes-yes-yes-yes-yes!!!

Alexis asks if TJ is saying that she somehow ingested rat poison. There’s an antidote, right? Elizabeth comes in with Finn, and asks how Alexis is feeling. Finn says her blood pressure has dropped to its lowest point, and Alexis says it probably shot up after she heard TJ’s theory. TJ says her symptoms are consistent with thallium poisoning. Finn says, it’s been banned for decades, but TJ suggests they run tests to be on the safe side, and Finn agrees.

Kim tells Franco that she doesn’t understand, and asks if it’s about slowing down. He says, that’s not it, and she asks, why stay in Port Charles? She saw Monica, and Monica understands. He says, it has nothing to do with Monica, and she asks if it’s about Elizabeth and the boys. He says, it’s about Franco, and what Franco did for him when they were kids.

Julian flashes back to Kim saying he was never her Charlie. That man never existed. It was him pretending to be someone he’ll never be. A woman (let’s just say it, Brook Lynn) asks if he’s working today. She wants a black Russian. He says he’ll get someone to help, and she says, or he could pour it himself. Unless he has something better to do.

Brad says he didn’t know Lucas spoke to Julian, and Lucas says, yesterday. He was with Julian when Brad called. Once Brad said Charlotte had been abducted by Cassandra, it slipped his mind. Julian just made excuses about how he was protecting him and Wiley from Brad’s shady dealings. Brad says he was set up, and Lucas says, in reality, the only person they needed protection from Julian. Julian is nothing to him. If they see him when they’re out somewhere, they’re going to turn the other way. He’s sorry Brad got set up. It seemed like he and Julian were getting close, and he knows how that hurts. Brad says, it hurt Lucas too; he’ll miss his father. Lucas says he misses the father who raised him. He doesn’t miss Julian. Lucas’s phone dings, and he says he has to get back to work. Brad says he and Wiley will be waiting.

Diane tells Jason and Sam that they don’t need to debate the evidence. It’s already on record, and Judge Madrigal has a reputation for fairness. The judge comes in, and the bailiff says, court is now in session; the United States vs Sam McCall. The judge asks if they’re ready, and Diane introduces herself as council for the defense. She says they’re ready, but the US attorney seems to have something better to do. Judge Madrigal asks the bailiff if there’s been any word, but he says not that he knows of. Diane says, in light of the no show, she’s asking that all charges be dismissed immediately. Jason makes a face like one of my dogs makes when I have food in my hand.

Diane says, her honor is of course (🍷) familiar with the spurious charge of murder against Sam. She doesn’t use the term spurious lightly. At the time of Shiloh’s death, Jason was definitely unarmed and in imminent danger. The charges against her client were hyper-inflated, and are now outright lies. They say Sam arranged Shiloh’s escape for the sole purpose to kill him herself. Phone records show Sam answered a call from Dev Corbin, who was on the Haunted Star. She went unprepared and unarmed, which is illogical. If she arranged to kill Shiloh, why go unarmed? It makes no sense. Sam never should have been charged and taken from her home, where her two children need her, to spend even one hour to clear her name. It’s a clear-cut case of self-defense. She asks that the charges be dismissed. A man – who looks a lot like Anderson Cooper – runs in, and introduces himself as Gabriel Burke. He apologizes for being late, but he was interviewing the victim’s friends and supporters. They were once homeless and down on their luck, and they’re now thriving. They all tell the same story. If not for Shiloh, they’d be on the street. The man Sam shot in the back and erased from the world was a healer, helper, and hero. We all gag.

Obrecht asks Lucas how Wiley is, and he says she doesn’t even have a vague interest in his son. Brad is finished with her. She says she’s sorry to hear that. He’s been in contact with Britt, and she has an update. He tells her, give it a rest. She’s been blackmailing Brad. She took advantage of him being an anxious new father, and wrote a prescription for him. She took advantage of it, and used Brad to tamper with Sasha’s tests. Obrecht says she doesn’t know if he’s naïve or being deliberately ignorant, but in his eagerness to put the blame on her shoulders, he conveniently ignores what he knows about his own husband. Brad is a liar, and capable of lying to him.

On the phone, Julian tells Lucy that he has the right to keep Olivia’s deposit (he still hasn’t mentioned in what world), and to get her client under control. Brad asks if he’s having a bad day, and Julian tells him, get out. Brad says Julian might want to hear his deal first. Julian says Brad got the best of him this time, but he still has a story to tell, so don’t get cocky. He’s not done. Brad tells Julian, never mention how Wiley fell into his arms again, or Sonny will be over to visit so fast, it will make Julian’s head spin. But he has a more positive reason for visiting. Something that should make Julian happy.

Alexis says she’s sorry she doubted TJ, and TJ says he doubted himself too. Maybe he’s wrong, but her symptoms are specific. He wonders how she might have come in contact with the poison.

Franco tells Kim, Franco sacrificed himself, and his life was damaged irreparably. Despite monumental challenges, Franco rebuilt his life. Franco had a relationship, a family, and a home, until he showed up and took them away. Kim says, Shiloh and that crazy doctor did that. He had no choice. Franco says, Franco sacrificed himself for Cameron, and years before, did the same for him. Kim says if he feels obligated to visit Elizabeth’s family and be a friend to the boys, she’ll accept it. It won’t be easy, but they can stay. She just wants to be with him. He says he wants be with her too, but he can’t. He has nothing but love for her, but he’s going to have the procedure reversed. I say, thank God, and God laughs because these people aren’t real.

TJ says, maybe a local exterminator is using the poison, and Finn asks if Alexis has eaten any take-out. She says, only the usual; Kelly’s, Charlie’s, the Floating Rib, the MetroCourt. None of them would use something like that. Finn says it’s possible an employee had it on their hands. TJ says there would be other cases if that happened. Elizabeth brings back the test results, and Finn says, TJ is right. It’s thallium. Alexis says, now that they know what it is, tell her there’s a cure.

Franco says he’s not trying to hurt Kim, but he has to do right by Franco. He was never meant to be there. Kim says, but he is there. She can touch him and feel him. He says his memories are in another man’s body. A man who saved him when he was too little to save himself. Kim says he can’t. It’s too dangerous, and he could end up in a permanent coma. He says, the last thing Franco said to Cameron was, tell Elizabeth that he’d be back. Kim says, Elizabeth is handling this. Please. She can’t lose him. He says he has to try. He’s no good to her, himself, or anyone else if he doesn’t.

Brad tells Julian that he’s willing to let bygones be bygones. What Julian did was despicable, but not unforgiveable, especially since they were starting to be one big happy family. Julian asks what Brad wants now, and Brad says he’ll ask Lucas to give Julian another chance. Julian asks how he’ll mange that, and Brad says, he’ll have to take it slow; wear Lucas down over time. But Julian has to play his part. Keep his distance, and Brad will make sure he and Lucas are close again. As long as Julian doesn’t even think about exposing the secret about Wiley.

Lucas tells Obrecht to stop playing her twisted mind games. They don’t work; not with him or Brad. He doesn’t trust her, and if she ever tries to blackmail Brad again, he’ll go to the authorities. Obrecht says then she has no choice but to reveal the cold hard facts about Lucas’s husband, and why she was involved.

Judge Madrigal says Gabriel was late, and now he’s grandstanding. It’s a bench trial, not the theater. The only important thing she’ll pay adherence to is a productive argument and the charges. Prior to his death, Shiloh had been charged with sexual assault, attempted murder, murder, blackmail, and money laundering. He was a complex man who had a complex death, and it’s her job to judge whether there was malice aforethought or not. Diane calls Jason to the stand.

Jason says when he got the Haunted Star, Shiloh was standing over Sam, who was lying on the ground with broken glass all around her. Shiloh was attacking Sam, and he told Shiloh to stop.

Sam says, once she was alone on the boat, she knew she had to plan her escape, so she kept Shiloh talking. She went to the bar to pour a drink. That’s when he told her that he was responsible for his father’s death; that he tampered with the breaks on his father’s car. Gabriel objects, saying Shiloh isn’t on trial for his father’s death. Diane says it shows the state of her client’s mind; she was clearly in fear for her life, and it shows intent. Shiloh – the hero – admitted to murdering his own father. The judge says, continue, and Sam says Shiloh was closing in on her. She took the bottle to use as a weapon, but Shiloh got it out of her hand, and threw it on the ground. Then he threw her to the ground on top of the glass. He forced her legs open, and started to unbuckle his pants.

Jason says he shot Shiloh. He hit Shiloh in the chest, and thought he was dead. He didn’t check Shiloh’s pulse, and went directly to Sam. Diane asks how Shiloh survived, and Jason says, he had a bulletproof vest he took from a guard when he escaped. Jason didn’t realize, and was on deck when Shiloh came at him with a gaffing stick.

Sam says, Shiloh was going to kill Jason. She had no time, so she just reacted, shooting him in the back with a flare gun. He stumbled, and fell overboard. Gabriel says what she described sounds terrifying. Was she terrified? Sam says, of course (🍷). Gabriel says, then why did Sheri say in her sworn statement that Sam knew Jason didn’t need help, and could deal with Shiloh on his own? She shot Shiloh because of what he’d done to her sister and her. Diane says, hearsay, but Gabriel says Sam wanted Shiloh dead, didn’t she?

Finn tells Alexis the antidote is in paint, like the kind in Van Gogh’s Starry Night. It’s also used in blueprints. It binds to the metals in the body, and flushes them out safely. Alexis wonders how someone came up with it. They licked a paintbrush? (That sounds like something I’d ask. I know. Let’s try drinking paint!). Finn says she’s going to be okay. TJ comes back, and says there’s no report of anyone else being poisoned in or around Port Charles. Finn says the symptoms are unique to Alexis, which brings them back to why.

Sam says she won’t apologize for wanting Shiloh away from her sister or the other young women he preyed on. But no matter what, she took a shot to protect Jason. Gabriel says, so she was mistaken. She didn’t think he could handle it himself. Diane says, hearsay, which the prosecution should understand. He’s using backdoor maneuvers to get the statement on record. The judge says, sustained. Move along.

Gabriel suggests that Sam and Jason set up a sting operation, but Diane objects, saying that’s a speculative premise. The judge sustains her objection, and Gabriel asks if Jason ever physically assaulted Shiloh. Jason says they fought, and Gabriel asks, how many times? Did he ever throw Shiloh down the stairs?  Diane objects again. She says Gabriel had ample opportunity to present the evidence of Jason allegedly throwing Shiloh down the stairs, but none was presented. There’s no way to prove it happened. Her objection is sustained. Gabriel says there are numerous counts of assault, and Diane objects again. Judge Madrigal says, sustained. She warned Gabriel about grandstanding, and next time, she’s going to cite him. Gabriel asks if Jason was so inexplicably defenseless, that if Sam hadn’t shot Shiloh, he wouldn’t have been able to defend himself. Diane says, that calls for speculation, and Gabriel says, withdrawn. Diane brings out the gaffing stick, and asks Jason what it is, for the record. He says it looks like the gaffing stick Shiloh was going to hit him with, and Diane says, Shiloh’s fingerprints were all over it. Gabriel – who’s really reaching now – says Sam could have placed it in Shiloh’s hands after he died. Diane says, false narrative, but Gabriel says, Sam, Jason, and Shiloh were alone on the water, with no witnesses to give history. The only life in danger that night was Shiloh’s. I wonder why they’re not making more of Dev’s phone call.

Julian says Brad loves throwing Sonny’s name around. Maybe he should tell Sonny his grandson is still alive. He’ll be so grateful, he’ll shake Julian’s hand. Brad says he came to Julian in good faith with a peace offering, but Julian says, how about extortion? Brad says Julian can get his son back if he lets them keep theirs, but he’ll have to agree to the terms. Julian tells Brad that he’d better not screw up. Brad holds out his hand, but Julian doesn’t shake it. Brad leaves, and Julian announces there’s a problem in the kitchen, and they’re closing. Their charges are covered, but they have to get out. Brook Lynn continues to drink.

Kim says, so he’s giving up his life, but Franco says it’s not his life to have; it’s Franco’s. If he holds on to it, he’s no better than the men who did the procedure in the first place.

On the phone at Charlie’s, Brook Lynn says, they owe her. O-W-E, owe, not own. They can find someone else if they want someone to push around. Go to hell. She hangs up, and tells Julian, black Russian, take two. He says, the bar is closed; she has to leave. She says she’ll get where she’s going eventually. In the meantime, she’s comfortable. Is he going to pick her up and toss her out, or call the cops? It would be simpler to just get her the damn drink.

Franco asks what Kim will do now, but she says she doesn’t know. All she knows is, she can’t stay and watch, hoping it doesn’t work out. However it turns out, he’s no longer hers. Franco says she doesn’t need to leave because of him. She says she needs to leave because of her. Without him and Oscar, there’s nothing left for her in Port Charles. Franco says, she’s an amazing woman. He wishes he could love her the way she deserves. She says he did once; they both did. She guesses this is goodbye. She cries, and says, goodbye, Chief Andrew Cane. He holds her, and says he loves her. She says she loves him too. He walks to the door, and walks out without turning back. She cries, and says, she always will.

Alexis tells Finn that she’s careful with her diet, and she’s working out with Kendra. Finn asks if she’s gotten any herbs or teas from the internet. She says, the only other thing is the supplement she’s been taking, and she had her doctor check it out. Finn asks if she’d mind if he took a look at it, and TJ says he has a key to the house; he can pick it up. Alexis says, that’s not necessary. She can have Kendra drop some off. Why? Why did she say that? Elizabeth comes in with Alexis’s first dose, and Finn says she’ll feel better in a couple days. She drinks it, and says, tastes like paint, but if it saves her life, she won’t complain. TJ says they still need to uncover how Alexis got exposed. He thinks she probably got it from a restaurant. Finn says he has a hard question. Is there any chance someone poisoned her intentionally?

Lucas tells Obrecht that she has no right to blow up their life. She says that’s not what she wants. She’s never subscribed to the philosophy that the truth will set you free, but he seems like he was raised on that principle. He should thank her for full disclosure. Lucas says her manipulation no longer works. She has nothing to tell him that he doesn’t already know. She says, is that so? His husband has a colorful past. So many highs and lows. She has something to tell him. Brad blows in, and asks, what’s going on? Obrecht says Lucas was lauding Brad’s honesty and disparaging her in the same breath. If his manners don’t improve, he’ll live to regret it, and so will Brad. She walks off, and Lucas asks if that’s a threat. Brad tells him, forget it. She won’t say anything or she’ll be implicated too. It’s over. Lucas says he doesn’t think it is.

Gabriel says Sam paid Brice to arrange Shiloh’s escape, but Diane says the defense admitted an affidavit from Brice’s lawyer. He was in the process of cutting a deal and amending his statement, when he was brutally murdered. The judge says the court has read it, and the statements offset each other. Neither will be counted to weigh more than the other. Gabriel says they only have the testimonies of Sam and Jason. Shiloh can’t give one, and conveniently, there were no security cameras. Perhaps Sam arranged that so she could kill him, and fabricate a story of attempted assault. Diane says, seriously? Hearsay and speculation. Gabriel says they haven’t offered once ounce of tangible proof, and the judge says, point taken, but she’s warned him. Gabriel says Sam shot Shiloh in the back, not to save Jason, but to snuff out a man she despised. Shiloh deserves his day in court. She took his life, and should be held accountable. Jason’s arrest record proves he was anything but defenseless. Judge Madrigal says she’s heard what she needs to hear. There will be a short recess before she gives her ruling. Spinelli tells Sam and Jason, everyone is in good health, but he has an emergency, and has to leave. His heart is with Sam. Sam asks Jason what he thinks. Is it going to go in her favor?

Alexis says she can’t think of anyone who would want to poison her except Helena, and she’s dead. She supposes Helena could have left posthumous instructions. TJ wonders if it could be a disgruntled client, or the family member of someone Alexis had put away. Finn tells Alexis to rest and let the medicine do its job. They’ll deal with the rest later. He leaves, and TJ starts to go, but Alexis says, not so fast, you. He saved her life. She thanks him, and he says he’s glad she’s okay. He’ll call Molly and let her know. She tells him to make sure to tell Molly about his role in it, or she will. He says he’ll check on her later. When he’s gone, she gets a text from Kendra asking how she is. She texts back, great news. I’m going to recover.

Kim looks around the empty apartment.

Elizabeth is at the reception desk, when Franco walks in. She asks what he’s doing there, and he says he needs to talk to her.

Julian asks the woman, why stay in a place that’s closed? She asks, why did he close it? What’s up with that guy he was talking to? It seemed heated. He says it’s none of her business, but she says she’s a total stranger, and they can be the best listeners. What not take advantage of that?

Brad tells Lucas, back to normal, but Lucas says, every time he turns around, there’s another secret. Brad asks what he means, and Lucas says Obrecht told him she knows the cold, hard facts about Brad and Wiley’s father. What else is Brad hiding?

Sam asks Diane how she thinks it went, but Diane tells her, it’s difficult to say. Sam and Jason were both compelling and straightforward, which works in their favor, but it’s hard to imagine Jason being defenseless. That shouldn’t count, but it can cast doubt. She asks Jason, how many fights he had with Shiloh. Jason says, real fights? Four. Diane asks, what’s a real fight? and Jason says where one of them almost killed the other.

The judge comes back in. She says, after careful consideration of the evidence and testimonies, she’s prepared to make a ruling. Will the defense rise?

Tomorrow, Kim hopes Hayden is as happy there as she was, Lucas asks Brad why everyone is after him, Olivia suggests she and Sonny open something together, and the verdict is read.

Below Deck

27 hours before charter. Brian says he kissed Courtney last night, and Ashton says, sh*t went down. Kate tells Ashton, good morning, lover boy. He asks how they hooked up, but Kate says he put his tongue in her mouth. That’s all that happened, so stop saying that. She loves him, but not that way. In Ashton’s interview, he doesn’t know how that happened, but it wasn’t him; it was Smashton. That’s the way Smashton operates. Kate tells him, get out of here. In Kate’s interview, she says she looks at Ashton as a brother, and she’s not that kind of family. Tanner feels better, like a new person, and says sleep was what he needed. Kate tells Tanner about Ashton kissing her, and he asks how that was. She says, disgusting. Tanner asks Courtney about Brian kissing her, and she says, that never happened. It was a peck. Ashton says they were so cute together, and she says, never going to happen. In Courtney’s interview, she doesn’t know how she feels. She’s a bit picky. Did she cringe, or does she want to kiss him again? Those are the two options. Tasks are given out. Tanner swills water.

Tanner watches Cortney and Simone fold clothes, and jets before he’s asked to help. Simone tells Courtney that she has to stop breathing when Tanner is around. Kate tells Simone that she’ll be on late, so she’ll be helping more with service. She asks what part of service Simone wants to work on, and Simone asks what Kate thinks she needs to work on. Kate asks how she is at opening wine, and Simone goes, uhhh… In Kate’s interview, she says it’s like on a sports team when someone is saying, put me in coach, but she doesn’t want to rush Simone either. Kevin makes up songs in the galley. Kate hands Simone a bottle of wine, and tells her to show her skills. Simon fumbles around. Kate tells her to do it without using the counter. In her interview, Kate says, that Simone doesn’t know how to open a bottle is a little troubling. She said she worked for a year on yachts. No one drank on that boat? Kate shows her how to open the bottle, and they move on to pouring.

Time for the preference sheet meeting. In Simone’s interview, she says most of her experience has been on laundry and housekeeping. She wishes she could get full service instruction. Captain Lee says their new primary is Michael Blackton, who owns a helicopter charter business. He and his closest friends went to Florida State. Kate says she knows people who went there, and the only major is drinking beer. In her interview, she says, no employer goes, wow, when they see Florida State on a resumé. The captain tells them that Michael says the crew isn’t prepared for what’s going to transpire on board. Kate says all they’ll need is red Solo cups. The captain says they want a beach lunch, a college style party with garnet and gold decorations, a pirate day, and they want the crew to come up with another theme dinner of their own creation. It’s going to be full-on. He asks how Tanner is, and Ashton says, he’s 100%. Captain Lee says they need him back. In Ashton’s interview, he says he has a calm exterior, even though inside, he’s pretty nervous. Kate makes a call to get a bunch of pirate stuff. Brian slips on deck, and hurts his knee. Tanner asks Ashton if they’re going to have hats and eye patches and sh*t, and Ashton nods.

Captain Lee watches as Simone irons. She tells him the iron is malfunctioning, and he shows her how to use it. Kate says it’s an honor and a privilege to watch him iron. I actually think it’s sexy. Tanner tells Kate about Brian whacking his knee, and asks how her tongue is doing after the attack. She says it recoiled to the back of her throat.

Ashton wants the boat looking nice and sharp, and the deckhands take care of last minute details. In Brian’s interview, he says he’s not sure what’s happening with his knee; it’s swollen. He can still do his job, but he can’t focus 100%. He hopes the pain goes away soon; he doesn’t need this on deck. The provisions come in, and Courtney says, yay Florida. Brian says his knee is hurting, and everyone gets changed to their whites. Tanner says he’s dripping sweat, and the captain says, four minutes to show time.

Kate brings out gold and garnet leis. As the guests come up to the boat, one says they’re going to get ripped every night, and Michael says, they have no idea what’s coming for them. Captain Lee says he’s not ready for these guys. In his interview, Ashton thinks the girls are beautiful, and it’s going to be a distracting charter. I’m a good bosun. I am a good bosun. The captain tells the guests they have a fun few days planned. Kate will give them a tour of the boat, and they’ll get this party started. Kate does the tour, and anchor is pulled up. One of the female guests wonders when Ashton’s shirt is coming off. Kate describes Michael to Kevin as still being in the fraternity and having a Republican haircut. She puts Courtney on laundry duty. Michael wants to see pirates. I don’t think Captain Sandy would agree that’s a good idea. Kate tells Simone to check on the guests. In Kate’s interview, she says if Simone wants to improve in service, when she says, check on the guests, that doesn’t mean wander around. She didn’t speak to one of them. A guest comes to the galley, and asks for a vodka/Sprite. Kate tells Simone, look at every guest, and ask if she can get them anything. You never want them to have to ask.

Michael is already making all kinds of inappropriate remarks to Simone. Courtney suggests Brian get an actual bandage on his knee, and tells him to stop touching it with dirty fingers. Simone says she wants the guests to be super happy and drinking. Kevin makes ribs, and says, Michael is fantasized [sic] by an American type steakhouse. Tanner asks if Brian is going to text Courtney to marry him. Kevin sings, love is in the air. Kate says Courtney has a glow, and Courtney says that’s because she got some sun. Kate says, he’s the son of someone. Michael says, let’s get loose, and asks when Simone gets to drink. He tells her that he was going to bring his girlfriend, but they broke up before the trip when he found out she was a hooker. He thinks this is pretty funny, while the rest of us just look at him blankly. He grabs Simone’s hand, asking about her ring finger, and guessing her size, telling her, he’s good at that. They arrive in Koh Roi. Simone tells Kevin, the main guy is ugh. In her interview, she says she’s trying to be professional, and Michael is being creepy. Get her out of there.

Kevin tells Kate that he wants to go over to the beach with the food. Ashton explains that he’ll make the initial run with the crew, and while they set out the food, he’ll go back for the guests. In Kevin’s interview, he says he wishes he could trust Kate with the beach picnic, but she’s checked out. We flash back to Kevin looking for Kate the last time. He says she needs to manage better, and he doesn’t trust her with any of the aspects of a beach picnic. I dub Kevin officially insane. He tells Kate that he’s going along because he doesn’t want to make more work for her. Ashton has a meeting with the deckhands, and the tender is put in the water. Captain Lee asks Ashton what Brian did to his leg, and Ashton says, that’s how hard he fell for Courtney the other night. We all laugh. Tanner asks Brian how his knee is, and Brian says, effed up.

Kate gets ready for the picnic, and says, the gang’s all here; Tito, Jack, and Jim. Ashton thinks it’s the hottest day so far. They leave to set up, and one guest asks for a banana daquiri. Simone says she can do it, and then looks it up on her phone. Courtney says, it’s just a daiquiri with bananas in it. Kevin sets up, making Ashton and Tanner change things around from what Kate told them. Ashton says they’ll just do what Kevin wants to do, and Kate says, welcome to her life. In Kate’s interview, she says, usually, she’d like the chef to show up and participate, but Kevin is very OCD, and it makes everything more difficult. Simone conquers the daquiri, and the guest pronounces it delicious. Kevin starts talking about dinner, but Kate wants to deal with lunch first. The guests arrive, and Kate tells them, welcome to lunch. Kevin tells Kate not to forget the salt and pepper, and she says it’s on the table already. In her interview, Kate says, whenever Kevin jumps into the service realm, he’s doing it to overpower her. Kevin needs to stay in his lane, or take over the job fully, and she’ll take a vacation. She tells Simone, practice makes perfect, and to serve the guests so they don’t have to get up.

Courtney doesn’t understand ironing. It just rewrinkles. Tanner tells Courtney, it’s going to be a chill charter for her – until the laundry starts coming in. In Courtney’s interview, she says, it’s like a frat party, but they’re forty. It’s chill, but it’s pretty sad. I think it’s just pretty sad. The guests play in the water. Simone stays to pack up, and the guests return to the boat. Brian tells Simone that guest Kim is hot, and Simone says, Kim is a scorcher. He asks if she has any comments on the guys, and she says, Tanner makes her… and she fans herself. Brian says, he makes her flustered

Kate tells Courtney, tonight it’s garnet and gold forever. And beer pong. In Kate’s interview, she says the guests are having a college-themed party because the college years were the best years of their lives. Anyone still talking about college, peaked in college. It’s embarrassing. She makes Courtney the creative director of Jell-O shots. Ashton gets the slide ready by himself. The guests jump into the water from the side of the boat. Brian says his knee is worse; the pain is intense on the sides. Ashton says Brian’s knee isn’t looking good. In his interview, he says, there’s a massive difference between being one man and two men down. He hasn’t had a full-strength team all season. He’s exhausted. He asks to talk to the captain.

Ashton tells Captain Lee that Brian banged his knee, and it’s swelling. In his interview, the captain says he has to come up with a backup plan in case Brian can’t work. He feels like a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest. Kevin goes over dinner with Kate. Tanner tells Simone that he thinks he found the coolest spot on the yacht. Simone agrees, and they catch a breeze. One of the guests says she’s trying to get a buzz. She’s way too sober. Tanner tells Simone about Brian’s knee. Michael goes to the galley, and asks Kate where the group shots are. Tanner asks if Simone misses home. She says she misses her grandma, and talks about her all the time. Tanner says his grandpa is his best friend. They have to treat each experience like they don’t want it to be the last one. In Simone’s interview, she says, not only does Tanner have his symmetrical God-given face, he appreciates his grandparents. He asks how old her grandmother is, and she says, ninety-five. In Kate’s interview, she says, Simone is exhibiting all the telltale signs of being a yachty with no experience. If she can hear Simone, the guests can hear her. It’s not Simone’s cruise. She tells Kevin, Simone is having a conversation on the sundeck, and the guests are listening to her life story. Kevin says Simone talks too much. Kate says she’s like a puppy you want to train, but don’t want to break its spirit. Kevin says you need to give it house rules. Everyone looks at the sunset. Kate tells Simone to change into her blacks. The guests get dressed for dinner. Kevin prepares a New York cheesecake.

Kate tells Simone to get the glasses for dinner. Ashton tells Tanner that Simone likes him, and asks if Tanner likes her. Tanner says, that’s dangerous. Kate tells Simone that the guests could hear her talking to Tanner. She was busy making drinks, and didn’t hear what it was about. Should she ask the guests, or does Simone want to tell her? Simone says they were just talking. In Kate’s interview, she says she’s annoyed that Simone is playing that she wants to learn. If she wants to learn, a little less this – she makes a hand gesture for talking – and more of this – she gestures like she’s cleaning something. She tells Simone, if guests are around, be careful.

I just have to interject here. I’m always surprised at how brazen the guests are, like with asking a deckhand to take their shirt off or being forward with a stew. It’s never once crossed my mind to make a pass at any kind of waitstaff or server when they’re technically in my employ. It’s outrageously inappropriate. Does money make people stupid? I had money for five minutes once, but the only inappropriate thing I ever did was take a limo to a Spice Girls concert, and it wasn’t even my idea.

Ashton tells Kate that he’s another man down, and Kate asks, how down is he? Ashton says he needs to rest. As usual, Kate makes a gorgeous centerpiece, using green/gold netting and fairy lights. Kate tells Simone, during service, keep conversation to a minimum. The guests hear everything. A guest says there’s finally a breeze, and Michael says he hasn’t had a BJ this good in years, causing all of us to collectively roll our eyes, and push him off the boat. Okay, I made up that last part. In Kevin’s interview, he says he hasn’t really been around college students before. They’re toasted, and he thinks they’ll be impressed with dinner. Michael talks about playing the drinking game, Never Have I Ever, but never have I ever played that game, nor have I ever been interested in playing. In his bunk, Brian puts a towel over his face.

Tanner and Ashton continue working. Ashton wishes he could go to bed. The captain looks at Brian’s leg, and says it’s going to be a pain in his ass. He’ll probably have to get a doctor. He tells Brian to put ice on it. The guests ask for green tea shots with Red Bull (bleh), and they need them quickly. Simone tells Kate, and Courtney brings some cheesecake to Brian. He asks if she’ll get him some ice, and promises to take her for champagne when the crew goes out. Kate downs one of the shots, and declares it good.

Kevin delivers the cheesecake, singing, once, twice, three times a cheesecake, on the way. Michael toasts to waking up and not getting pissed on. A guest says it’s the best cheesecake they’ve ever had. Michael tells them, it’s college night tonight, and Kate says they have beer pong, and a two-story beer bong. The guests change, and then play beer pong. Simone watches and laughs. Kate tells Courtney the laundry is looking good. Courtney says, it’s a nice change, but it’s boring. Kate asks her to help Simone for a while. These people really are acting like they’re in college. I’m embarrassed. Michael messes with the kayak that’s hanging on the side of the boat.

Ashton tells Michael, no. Please don’t do that. In his interview, Ashton says, what the hell does Michael think he’s doing? He’s beyond drunk, and he’ll snap the kayak, and himself. Michael says Ashton is effing up his kayak experience, but commends Ashton on saying it properly. He puts his arm around Ashton, and Ashton says at least he got the message. Simone tells Courtney that she’ll finish up. Ashton puts the slide away by himself. Brian tosses and turns in pain.

Kate asks Kevin to practice his pirate talk. He says, arghhh! Kate says, yay! Pirate day! It’s not the most  gentile, elegant thing, but she can play along. Shiver me timbers. Arghhh! In Brian’s interview, he says his knee is worse. He couldn’t sleep, but he’s not the type of person who can do nothing, especially since he’s lead deckhand. He feels guilty. Ashton looks at Brian’s knee, and in his interview, he says he tried having a positive mindset, but he needs to deal with the fact that he might lose Brian. One of the guests is stoked that it’s pirate day. Kate tells Kevin that she can only use one hand. When he asks, why? she says she only has one, and shows him the hook prop on her other one. I actually have one of those because we did Peter Pan one year for Halloween.

Kate tells Kevin that she’s a leprechaun pirate. Captain Lee tells Ashton, be ready to rock and roll at 8:30. Kate gives the captain a gentle reminder that it’s pirate day. He says, them’s that dies be the lucky ones, and she says, totally. They pull anchor. Kate tells Courtney, she looks like she’s a lame not-team player. She’s working with a hook. She says it’s Courtney’s last chance to choose her own outfit or she will. The captain asks about Brian, and says if he sees his ass up and around, he’ll have his ass. He gives Ashton the helm, and says he has a new deckhand coming. Brian is so close to being down, he wants to get her on board. In his interview, Captain Lee says, when you’re shorthanded, you run the risk of injury. It’s dangerous, and they can’t continue down this road. Ashton asks if he can look at a copy of the deckhand’s CD, and the captain says he already knows her. It’s Ryleigh. In Ashton’s interview, he says, you have to be effing kidding. Captain Lee says they’ll see if she learned anything.

This season, elephants; Captain Lee tells the crew that some of them aren’t getting his two rule message – don’t embarrass themselves or the boat; Ryleigh says she’s back, bitches; Ashton isn’t ready for this; Ryleigh says she’ll make Brian forget Courtney; Kevin says it’s getting heated; Alexis Bellino is a guest; a guest calls Kate a bitch; a nasty child; Kate hopes the boat sinks, and a cat in a snuggly.

📺 Tonight, I also watched a rerun of Watch What Happens Live, the Bravocon edition, aka WWHL at Bravocon. While I still wish I could have gone, holy! it was crowded. During the show, Andy basically trotted out all the Bravolebrities, so there was a massive amount of people on stage as well, but I can’t imagine even standing in an autograph line with this many people. You would have needed some kind of VIP ticket just to survive, and I’ve been to crowded conventions. I loved seeing LVP, joining the Vanderpump Rules cast, along with Puffy. She looked like the princess she is. I’ll never give up wishing she’d adopt me. Even with all my dogs, her house is so huge, she’d never even know I was there if she didn’t want to. And I’d treat her so much better than Cedric, or whatever the hell his name was. That POS from the first season of RHOBH. The highlight was Andy introducing Kim Zolciak, and not knowing the words to Tardy for the Party, but singing along anyway. You know. Like you do in the car. They played Squash That Beef, and Ramona had to go up quite a few times. Shep, Jax, and Vicki won the drawing for the shotski. The whole thing must have been insane.

👓 I also checked out Blind Date, and was not impressed. The premise is exactly what you’d think, watching a blind date, but stupid pop-ups are scattered throughout. Dating: No Filter (on E!) is a thousand times better. I think the narrator for Blind Date might have been the same person who narrates the Olive Garden commercials, since for a moment, I thought the couple went to Olive Garden when I was looking at an ad. I give it a D-.

🚣 Because It’s Stuck In My Head Now…













November 14, 2019 – Already Posted, Tea For You, a Reason, a Kiss, an Ex, an Engagement, Not So Basic, a Jerk, a Joe, Playing Dress Up, the Family Plath & Him That Has


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

As I thought, today’s episode was a repeat of what I recapped yesterday. If you missed it, you can go here:


The information about Friday’s episode is vague, but I’m guessing it’s going to be preempted. We’ll see.


🍵 Bravo had repeats of Below Deck again, so I watched a documentary about Preppy Killer Robert Chambers, and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Edward Albee never gets old. In lieu of any new TV, here are some cups of tea I’ve collected.

🍸 At Least We Still Have VPR…

As much as I’ll miss her, I totally understand why she left.


😘 The Kiss Heard Round the Deck…

Kate stopped just short of going, ack! Pooey!


🏡 He’s Just Mad He’s Not a Housewife…

Who knew Frasier was going to be such a d-bag? And a full of it one at that. Camille barely even mentions him anymore.


💍 That Didn’t Take Long…

But it looks like Kelly traded up. Nice ring too.



👰 I Can’t Wait…

I’m sure the whole wedding will be next level.


Stassi is proving her beyond basicness.


💸 Another Reach For Relevance…

Frankly, I think Brooks owes us all some compensation.


Give the Guy a Break Already…

While I’ve never been a fan, I don’t think he’s being treated fairly. He should at least be able to come back to visit his family.


🎃 Yes. I’m Still Gawking…

What can I say? Like Shannon Beador, I love a costume. And yes, I looked at all of them. How many Halloween parties can the Kardashians possibly go to?


🐣 I’ve also been watching Welcome to Plathville – Tuesdays, 10 pm on TLC, my second favorite channel. It’s about a family that lives somewhat off the grid. While they’re not like the Amish – although the Amish aren’t even like the Amish anymore, so many have cell phones – Kim and Barry Plath have raised their children minus a lot of the media that most kids are joined at the hip to today. They don’t know who Justin Bieber is or have ever had soda; IMO not bad things. The Plaths aren’t tyrants, however, and it looks like we’ll be watching some new experiences for the kids in this limited run series. I can identify somewhat, at least in their surroundings, since I grew up on a pseudo farm, and being in the great outdoors is still a passion of mine. (I know, you wouldn’t think so, since I watch so much TV.) I wonder if the parents fear, as I do, that the exposure from the series will drastically affect the family, and not in a good way. Hopefully, these kids will never lose their core values.



🐕 It’s the Simple Things…

Forever to be missed, a man who knew what he got. And I get to go to bed early. Woohoo!












November 11, 2019 – Anna Makes Her Entrance, Abbi Bails On the Crew, Kate On Brandy, Cait’s Return, the People’s Vote, Silverware & Johnny’s Flag


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the PCPD, Jordan tells Jason that she can’t allow him near the Cassandra Pierce search. For one, he’s not a cop, and two, someone could say Sam helped Cassandra escape. He says Sam tried to stop her and helped the guard, but Jordan says, what transpired could be interpreted all kinds of ways. He needs to keep his distance.

Laura thanks Valentin for coming to the station. He says he didn’t have much choice. He was told he’d be arrested if he didn’t, but no one mentioned on what grounds. Laura says she asked the Commissioner to bring him in. He asks if it’s something specific, or is this just garden variety harassment? She says Cassandra escaped, and she thought he could help to find her.

Nikolas sneaks into Jax’s place via the terrace door. Jax turns on the lights, like what your dad would do if you were sneaking in after curfew. He says he left the door unlocked for Nikolas in case he was coming back. Nikolas says he tried calling Jax, but got voicemail. Jax says he got Nikolas’s message saying their situation was compromised. Nikolas asks where Jax was, and why he didn’t pick up his phone, but Jax says he’ll ask the questions. Where was Nikolas? Nikolas flashes back to picking up Cassandra at the park.

Finn sits on the couch, eating, reading, and using his laptop, as we all do. He starts to type, and the doorbell rings. It’s Hayden and Violet. Hayden asks if there’s any chance Finn is up for visitors.

At the cemetery, Julian says he hopes Lucas doesn’t mind him showing up. It’s fitting, since their first conversation as father and son happened there. Lucas says Julian rejected him for being gay. Julian says they’ve come a long way; he’s come a long way. Lucas doesn’t think so. His progress was an illusion. Julian hasn’t changed. He’s less homophobic, but he’s still a liar, and Lucas wants nothing to do with him.

Obrecht sits next to Brad at Kelly’s counter. She says he’s looking pitiful, and he says he didn’t ask her to join him. He’s not in the mood. Obrecht says his mood is irrelevant. They have a more pressing matter to discuss. Those tests he manipulated for her; what has he done to cover his tracks?

Lulu asks Maxie when Peter’s move-in date is, and Maxie says, in a couple of weeks. That gives her time to clear out a closet. She suggests planning a dinner for the four of them; her, Maxie, Peter, and hot Dustin. Peter needs more friends, and hot Dustin is great. Lulu says he is great, but she feels it’s too soon for a couples dinner. Speaking of dinner, she needs to get Charlotte home. She looks at the counter, but Charlotte isn’t there. She wonders where Charlotte went.

Valentin asks when Cassandra escaped, and Laura says, this evening. It’s very important that they find her. Like she needs to say this. That’s why Valentin was brought in for questioning. Cassandra’s first phone call was to him after she was apprehended. What did they talk about?

Jordon tells Jason that she’ll have to do a press conference. In the meantime, stay out of this. And they didn’t have this conversation. He says, got it.

Valentin says they dragged him there, and inconvenienced Nina. Nina says she wanted to come. They’re trying to make this Valentin’s fault. Laura says, no one is blaming Valentin. On his way out, Jason calls Spinelli, and tells him that Sam got a partial plate number from the van that picked up Cassandra. He thanks Spinelli, and says he’s on it. Jordan joins Laura, and Laura asks about Valentin’s meeting with Cassandra when she was in custody. Valentin says Cassandra wanted his help; she wanted to trade on their prior association. They knew each other briefly in Europe before he knew she was a criminal. When he found out, he broke it off. Jordan asks why he wouldn’t have ignored her call, unless she had leverage. Valentin flashes back to asking Cassandra if she’s threatening him with telling the police that his wife drugged her. Cassandra says, hardly. It’s not likely they’d take her word over Nina’s, but Nina doesn’t know that, does she?

Jax asks Nikolas where Cassandra is. Nikolas says he doesn’t know. He arranged for her escape, and she managed to escape from him. Jax asks, how? and Nikolas says she jumped out at a red light. He tried to reach Jax to call 911, but Jax didn’t pick up. He had to call 911 himself. Jax asks why Nikolas was helping her, and Nikolas says he thought Cassandra was cutting a deal. He couldn’t risk her telling anyone that he’s alive. He had to help her before she gave him up. Jax says, she’s a huge criminal; a drug dealer. Now he finds out, not only is Nikolas connected to her, he helped her escape prison. He didn’t sign up for this.

Violet asks if this is Finn’s house, and he says he lives there. Hayden says the hospital told her that he was gone for the day, so she thought they’d stop by. He says they saved him from a solo dinner of a turkey sandwich with a side of research. Violet says, what? and Hayden tells her, it’s Dr. Finn’s way of saying he was having a snack while working. Remember how he made her feel better? He has to study up, so he can make other people feel better. He helps lots of people. Violet is glad they’re friends, and Hayden says she’s glad too.

Julian asks Lucas, where is this coming from? Lucas says if he didn’t know better, he’d buy Julian’s innocent act. But he does know better. Brad told him everything. Brad never had an affair. Julian framed him, hoping to break them up, and didn’t care about breaking up Wiley’s happy home, or Lucas’s pain, or his love for his husband. Julian says, not true, and Lucas asks how he can say that. He deliberately set Lucas up to break his heart, thinking he’d shrug it off, and he could buy Wiley enough toys that he wouldn’t miss his other father. Julian says Lucas is wrong; it’s just the opposite. Lucas says Julian attempting to deny it, is how he knows Julian works. He denies everything until one day, the truth comes out. Is that how he wants to play this? Julian says he’ll tell Lucas the truth. He did stage the affair.

Brad tells Obrecht that he admitted to Lucas that he did extracurricular lab work for her. She asks why on earth he would do that, and he says Lucas was questioning his behavior. She laughs, and says, he’s just questioning it now? Brad has always been a furtive weasel. Brad says Lucas knew he was hiding something, and he needed a plausible explanation, so he confessed. She needs to keep her distance; no more special projects. She says Brad might repair his marriage, and perhaps that might work for him, but it doesn’t work for her at all. Brad’s marital problems will get worse when she tells Lucas that Wiley was stolen.

Lulu says she’s checked the whole building, and Maxie says there’s no sign of Charlotte outside. Lulu says, they know Charlotte is independent and impulsive, but she knows better than to wander off at night. When she calls Charlotte’s phone, it’s going straight to voicemail. Either Charlotte has the phone turned off, or she’s ignoring it.

Down by the docks – I’m not sure why anyone hides there, since it’s like Grand Central Station – Charlotte asks if Cassandra is sure Nina is okay. Cassandra says, Nina is fine, and she’ll stay that way as long as Charlotte cooperates. Charlotte says she is cooperating. She came with Cassandra, but all Cassandra has done is play with her phone. When is she going home? Cassandra tells her, be patient. If she tells the police what Nina did, Nina will go straight to prison. Charlotte says Cassandra promised not to; that’s the only reason she helped. Cassandra says, when Charlotte goes home, she’ll find Cassandra is a woman of her word, but she has to exercise patience. Charlotte’s parents put a tracking device on her phone, and Cassandra is a bit of a technical wizard. She knows how to turn it off. Charlotte says, papa needs to know where she is, and Cassandra says Valentin is lucky to have a daughter who’s so devoted. She’ll change her tune in the next year or two, but meanwhile, she suggests Charlotte try to be more pleasant. No one is finding out where Charlotte is until Cassandra wants them to.

Nikolas says he had no idea about Cassandra’s criminal past, and took the trouble to revive her solely to get information about Valentin. He thought they’d never intersect. Jax says, clearly, he thought wrong. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Jason who says he’s got to talk to Jax.

Violet skips around. She sees Anna’s ceramic bulldog with the Union Jack bandana. She asks if it’s Finn’s, and he says it belongs to a friend of his from England. Has she ever heard of England? Violet says, no, and Hayden says she’s never been there, but she’s a fan of one of their customs; the tea party. Violet asks if they can have one right now, and Hayden and Finn laugh.

Lucas says he’s impressed. He expected Julian to lie his way out. Not that it would have done any good. Brad recorded their last conversation, and he heard it himself. Julian says, all of it? and Lucas asks what he means. He knows enough to know Julian tried to frame Brad. Julian says he was trying to protect Lucas. Brad is into something shady, and he didn’t want it to blow up in Lucas’s face. Lucas asks, why not tell him? but Julian says Lucas would have confronted Brad, who would have denied it, which is what he does. Lucas would have been forced to choose between his husband and the father he just let back in his life. He would have chosen Brad, because that’s exactly what happened.

Valentin says Cassandra called him, and thought she’d blackmail him, suggesting she had incriminating information on him, and she was willing to give him up. He called her bluff. She knew nothing; he never committed a crime in his life. Jordan suggests he’s had ample time to cover anything up while Cassandra was with the WSB. He says she had nothing, and she knew that he knew that. That’s the last he heard from her. Nina says, when they thought Sasha was her daughter, Cassandra targeted Sasha, and almost killed her. Even though she’s severed ties with Sasha, she wants to see Cassandra punished. Valentin says Jordan had assured him that Cassandra had been extradited to the Hague to face trial. He’s answered her questions, now answer his. Why was Cassandra allowed to stay in Port Charles?

An officer calls Jordan over to the phone. It’s Lulu, who asks Jordan to send an officer over to Kelly’s. Charlotte wandered off, and she’s not picking up her phone. They can’t find her anywhere.

Jason continues to bang on the door. Nikolas hides. Jax answers, and says, sorry. He was out on the terrace. What’s the urgency? Jason says he’s there about Sam. She was on work detail, when Cassandra escaped. Cassandra hit the guard in the head, and Sam stayed to help. Whoever arranged her transportation could be charged as an accomplice. She met a guy driving a van, and Sam got a partial license plate number. He had it traced, and the van was rented using a credit card from Jax’s holding company, J. J. Jax Alaska.

Hayden asks Finn if he’s sure it’s okay to use the nice China. Finn says Violet seems skillful in pouring; she’ll make a good surgeon one day. Hayden says they’re using apple juice. The pour is the same, but there’s no chance of being scalded. When they have a tea party, they usually have more guests. Finn asks if Violet invites her friends, and Hayden says Bella and Otto join them; they’re stuffed toys. Bella has been around since Violet was three months old, and is very soft and well loved. Otto is an owl who came along when they were in a toy store in Italy. She told Violet that she could get whatever she wanted, and she wanted Otto. He’s wise-looking, and on the formal side; not the most approachable stuffed animal, until you get close enough to hold him. He’s soft and squishy. Finn says he’d like to meet Otto, and Hayden says she knows they’d get along great.

Julian says he was trying keep Lucas free of the hole Brad dug. Lucas asks how Julian justifies using cruelty and deception to help out? He’s not going to let Julian use family as an excuse. He’s done for good. Julian says, don’t do this, but Brad says, no; he’s done. No more lies and betrayal. It’s too exhausting. Even if he could take it, why should Wiley have to?

At Kelly’s, Lulu gives the officer a recent photo of Charlotte. He asks her to text it to him, and she does, while describing what Charlotte was wearing. She doesn’t know how it happened. Charlotte was sitting at the counter, doing her homework. Maybe she got impatient. She can be impetuous. Lulu suggests maybe she went to a pop-up T-shirt stand they passed, but Maxie says she checked there, and the stand is gone. Lulu says maybe Charlotte is out looking for it, and asks the officer, please, just find her.

Obrecht tells another officer that she didn’t see Charlotte. She’s sure she would have noticed; Charlotte is like a niece to her. Brad says he saw Charlotte earlier, but didn’t notice her leaving. He was talking with Willow, then Obrecht. The officer shows them a picture of Cassandra, and asks if they recall seeing her today around Kelly’s. Brad says there might have been a woman who looked like her, but he can’t be sure. The officer talking to Lulu shows her the photo. Lulu says her mother helped apprehend Cassandra, and he says, she’s believed to be in the general area. Lulu says her daughter is missing, and an escaped fugitive is on the loose.

At the station, Valentin is on the phone, and asks if they’ve seen or heard from Charlotte. Laura says her granddaughter is very headstrong and independent. She may have decided to head to Windymere on her own. Valentin says he just spoke to the launch captain, but he hasn’t seen her, and neither has the housekeeper. Jordan wonders if there’s anywhere else Charlotte could show up, and Nina suggests Crimson. She tells them to check the freight elevator and the sample closets. Laura asks Jordan to send a car to Lulu’s house. Maybe Charlotte went home on her own. Nina asks if Valentin is waiting for Charlotte to call, and he says, not Charlotte; Cassandra.

Charlotte tells Cassandra that her papa will give Cassandra what she wants. Cassandra can go away, and never tell about the bad thing Nina did. Cassandra says she’s going to wait, and give Valentin time to get good and scared. Charlotte says he’s never scared, and Cassandra says she has so much to learn. She’s the apple of Valentin’s eye, and he loves her without reservation. He’s terrified harm will come to Charlotte, and she’s going to take full advantage of that fear.

Jordan says there’s been no sign of criminal activity at Kelly’s, and no one remembers seeing Charlotte leave. Laura says there haven’t been any calls about Cassandra sightings since the call to 911. The PCPD is canvassing the area, but she’s concerned it was a diversion. While the authorities are concentrating on one area, Cassandra could have fled elsewhere.

Valentin tells Nina, Cassandra has Charlotte, but Nina says Charlotte was warned about her. Valentin says, Charlotte is a child, and no match for Cassandra. He doesn’t know how she did it, but Cassandra knows he’d do anything for his daughter. She’ll contact him soon enough. Nina asks if he’s going to tell the police.

Julian tells Lucas, life doesn’t go according to plan. He got to know his grandson, and Lucas. They bonded as a family, and it’s meant everything to him. When he saw Brad putting that in jeopardy, he tried to protect Lucas; it’s what parents do. He admits he overreacted, but Lucas says it’s more than making a bad choice. It was a calculated attack on his family. He’s not jeopardizing his family to give Julian another chance. He’s done. Julian asks, what if he says something to help Lucas understand? But he has to listen with an open mind. Lucas’s phone rings. It’s Brad, who says he’s at Kelly’s. Heads up. Charlotte disappeared, and they’re started to worry that she wandered into the path of an escaped prisoner.

Violet sleeps on the couch. Hayden says Violet was having so much fun, she didn’t want to break up the party. Finn hopes there will be more, but the first one will always be his favorite. She says, her too. She’ll give the dishes a quick wash, and they’ll be on their way. Finn suggests putting Violet in the guest room, and then doing the dishes together.

Jax tells Jason that he had nothing to do with Cassandra’s escape. Jason says he didn’t think Jax did, but thinks the card information was stolen. Jax says he charges most of his expenses to his Aurora credit card; the one from Alaska is only for international transactions. It could have been hacked. Jason asks if there’s any chance Jerry was involved, but Jax says, none whatsoever. Jason asks if Jax has any other ideas, and Jax asks if Jason has any leads. He takes it that he should expect a visit from the cops. Jason says Sam didn’t tell them about the license plate, but eventually they’ll trace it to Jax. Jax thanks Jason for letting him know. Jason looks around a little, and sees wet shoe prints near the fireplace. Outside on the terrace, Nikolas looks at his wet shoes.

Lulu tells Maxie that she doesn’t know how this happened; she was right there. Cassandra is at large. What if Charlotte ran into her? Maxie says, maybe Charlotte just snuck off to avoid punishment. She would have done the same thing at Charlotte’s age. Lulu hopes the worst thing is that Charlotte is avoiding a stern talking to and tough consequences.

Valentin tells Nina that the PCPD is incapable of handling Cassandra. He’s going to handle her himself, but he may need Nina’s help.

Obrecht tells Brad, she prays no harm comes to Charlotte. Brad says, she prays? She says, when the situation merits it. Brad might consider turning prayer. He could use divine intervention. Brad thinks everyone is overreacting. Charlotte is known to be a brat. She probably walked off. Obrecht says, typical. A girl who’s strong-willed and has spirit, is a brat. A boy would be considered assertive. Brad says Lucas is coming, and he and Obrecht can’t be seen together. She has to leave. Obrecht says she hasn’t had dinner. Brad is up to his neck in secrets, and expects her to keep them. Brad says, Lucas thinks it’s just one. They see Lucas about to come in, and Obrecht jets out the side door.

Jax tells Jason, the footprints could be from anybody. He has construction going on right now. People are coming and going. Jason says, none of it adds up, but Jax says Jason doesn’t think he’d help a drug dealer or jeopardize Sam’s freedom, does he? Jason says, Jax wouldn’t be withholding information, would he? but Jax says he’s told Jason everything. Jason says Carly and Josslyn are important to him, and he’d do anything for them. He and Jax aren’t always on the same side, but if Jax is in trouble and needs help, no questions asked. Nikolas watches and listens.

Nina asks Lulu what she did to upset Charlotte. Maxie says Lulu is upset about her daughter, and there’s no reason to start a fight. Nina says they all agree Charlotte probably took off. Does Lulu know the reason? Has she been repeating her allegations that Valentin is behind Sasha’s lies? Laura says, this isn’t the time or place. Nina says Charlotte wanted her and Valentin to be married, and Lulu disrupted that. Maybe Charlotte was talking about it, and Lulu scolded her. Lulu says they weren’t fighting. Charlotte was doing her homework at the counter. Nina says, so they were in perfect harmony with the family? Lulu says Charlotte asked to go to Windymere and check on Butterscotch, and she told Charlotte she’d think about it if she did her homework. Valentin gets a call from Charlotte’s phone, and asks, who is this? Cassandra says, who were you expecting, papa? and he asks where his daughter is.

Jason says maybe Jax would like to get closer to the edge, but now that he’s there, Carly and Josslyn can get hurt. Jax says he’d never put them in harm’s way, and Jason says, not intentionally, but if something went sideways… Jax says if he thought that was the case, he’d take Jason up on his offer. Jason hopes he means that. He says if Jax gets a lead on Cassandra, he wants to hear from him. Jason leaves, and Jax grabs something off the mantel and throws it, saying, son of a bitch. Nikolas comes in, and Jax says Nikolas took his credit card, and left a trail tying him to Cassandra’s escape. What was he thinking? He wasn’t thinking, was he? He’s an amateur. Give him one good reason not to hand his sorry ass over to Jason.

Obrecht listens while Brad tells Lucas that the initial theory was that Charlotte took off on her own, but Cassandra has escaped. She was spotted, and now he thinks they’re worried that she has Charlotte. Lucas says Cassandra targeted Sasha by weaponizing a virus. Does Brad think she was in there? Brad isn’t sure, but he was positive enough to ID her, so she might have been. It’s so creepy. Lucas says, it was dangerous. What if Brad had been in the middle of it? He doesn’t know what he’d do if something bad happened to Brad. Brad says he has no intention of leaving Lucas or Wiley. They hug, and Julian watches them through the door, all stalkerish, and totally creeping me out.

Hayden tells Finn that Violet is probably better off on a bed, and asks him to show her where the guest room is. He asks if it’s okay if he takes her, and Hayden says it is. He picks Violet up, still wrapped in her blanket, and takes her upstairs. Hayden follows.

Valentin tells Cassandra, he’ll meet her terms, but only if she follows his to the letter. Let Charlotte go, in public, in a safe place. Understand? He listens, and says, yes, he can do that. He’ll make arrangements.

Nina tells Lulu that her grudge has to stop. Charlotte loves her father, and she knows Lulu hates him. Laura says, that’s enough, and Maxie says it’s got to stop. Where’s Nina’s compassion? Laura calls Jordan over, and Valentin asks, what’s going on? Laura thinks it’s getting too crowded, and Valentin and Nina should wait at home. Valentin says his daughter is missing, and they’re being thrown out? Jordan says they’re being sidetracked when they’re in the middle of two active investigations. They should go. They leave, and Nina tells Valentin that she hopes it’s worth it. He says it might save Charlotte’s life.

Cassandra tells Charlotte, fate is good to bring Charlotte to her. She’s a great hostage. Charlotte wants to go, and Cassandra hates to disappoint her, but says she can’t give Charlotte back just yet. Charlotte says she heard Cassandra promise, but Cassandra says she needs to keep a close guard on Charlotte, so her papa is on good behavior. He’s a tricky one. Charlotte says Cassandra is a tricky one. She’s acting like Charlotte has a choice not to help. Charlotte starts to run, and Cassandra makes a grab for her. Charlotte kicks Cassandra in the shins, but Cassandra gets ahold of her, and says she’ll do as she’s told, or else. Charlotte says, or else what? and Cassandra says she knows how to hurt a little a little girl.

Anna appears, and says, unhand that child. Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?


Tomorrow, Hayden has dreamed of hearing Finn say that, Peter doesn’t buy it, Jason has questions about Cassandra, and Anna tells Cassandra if she unhands Charlotte, she’ll let her walk away.

Below Deck

Simone wants to give Abbi a hug. Abbi just wants to leave. The guests go wild on the slide. Brian asks Abbi, what’s wrong? and she says she needs to quit. In her interview, she says it’s not the right job for her. The perfectionism and level of professionalism isn’t for her. She’s used to knowing what she’s doing, and everyone wonders what wrong with her. She cries, and tells Brian that she’s always so happy all the time.

Kevin checks over his menu. Mccall asks Kate to give everyone fireball shots. Brian tells Ashton that Abbi is crying her eyes out. She’s not happy with her situation, and wants leave. Ashton asks where she is, and Brian says, in her cabin. He told her to relax and not worry for the moment. Ashton goes to see Abbi, and she says she doesn’t like the job, and wants to leave. Ashton says she doesn’t have to stress or feel bad. It is what it is. They hug. In Ashton’s interview, he says he does care about Abbi’s happiness, and doesn’t want her to be there if it’s not what she wants, but in reality, they’ll be a man down. He asks if she’s leaving now or finishing the charter, and she says she’ll finish. In his interview, Ashton says, it’s not good. They’re in a remote location, and it’s going to be a struggle to find someone qualified to replace Abbi. Captain Lee won’t be happy. In the laundry room, Simone says, it’s like it’s raining towels.

The captain stops by to see the guests, and tells them he has a water park scheduled for them. It’s basically a lot of different water toys on a floating platform. Kate says she might need Courtney for help with the Thailand party tonight. Brian and Ashton are going to be shirtless servers. She wants to simulate the feeling of being on a lot of drugs. Ashton says he needs to talk to the captain, and Captain Lee wonders why this isn’t giving him a warm, fuzzy feeling. Ashton says he’s noticed Abbi has been feeling depressed, and she’d like to leave the boat. She’ll ride out the rest of the charter, but Ashton thinks they should find a replacement asap. The captain asks if it’s the workload, but Ashton thinks it’s just different from where she worked before. In his interview, Captain Lee says, it’s a classic example of writing a check with your mouth your ass can’t cash. You’re on a beautiful boat in an exotic location, and getting paid for what most people would do for nothing, and you think life sucks. Are you kidding? He tells Ashton, they’ll probably have to do the next charter short-handed. It’s frustrating. Ashton says, he’ll get on it.

Tanner feels like sh*t. He tells Brian that he just needs water; his mouth dries out in a second. Ashton tells them, Abbi is going to stay until the end of the charter, but then she’s leaving. In Tanner’s interview, he wonders, wtf is going on? Abbi is a tornado of emotions. She just got engaged, and now she’s quitting the boat. Tanner hasn’t eaten in three days, and feels like absolute death. He has to push himself to get anything done.

Captain Lee is eating dinner with the guests, and Kevin is nervous. After the last charter, the captain isn’t his best friend, and has him by the balls. We flash back to Captain Lee reading Kevin the riot act. He has to think outside the box, and already has an ulcer in his mouth. It’s stressful. Kate tells Simone that she’s going to the beach with the guests. In Simone’s interview, she says she loves to see amazing places, and loves getting off the boat. No more laundry. Hallelujah.

The guests head out on the tender for Railey Beach. They play on the water toys. Ashton asks Simone, what’s happening? and she says she was basically a laundry machine. Kate is trying to get her out of the laundry room. Courtney isn’t helping. Simone doesn’t think Courtney has ever ironed. In her interview, Simone says she’s feeling more like the third stew than the second. She thinks she shot herself in the foot. Just because she’s good at something, doesn’t mean she wants to do it the whole season.

Kevin talks to Kate about dinner. He’s making beef tongue. In Kate’s interview, she makes a face that makes me literally lol. She says she’s not sure she’d be super-excited to have tongue in her mouth. She laughs at her own joke. She tells Kevin that he’s a maniac. It’s an interesting menu.

Ashton radios that the guests are on the way back. Kate ask how Abbi is, and Abbi says she’s leaving. This isn’t for her. Kate asks if she’s sure; they only have four and a half weeks to go. In Abbi’s interview, she says it’s hitting her all at once. She’s letting people down, and needs to come to terms with it. The guests struggle to get from the tender to the yacht, even with Ashton and Brian helping. I’m not sure if they’re drunk or just really uncoordinated. Kevin preps the tongue. In his interview, he says most people would think it’s blech, but he’s done it many times and it’s delicious. I’m an adventurous eater; I’d try it. Simone suggests Tanner drink some warm ginger beer. He heats it, and it bubbles over. He jokes, maybe next time she could make it for him, and be a real friend.

The centerpiece is a profusion of sea/Thai themed trinkets. Kate says, it’s like a children’s room .She feels like she’s fifteen again. Tanner continues to be sick. Brian says he doesn’t sound well at all. Sitting in the sky lounge, the captain asks if the guests had fun with the water park, and remarks that Mccall has great color. She gets all happy over the compliment. Brian tells Ashton that Tanner is still sick. In Ashton’s interview, he says he has the situation with Abbi, and now this. It’s a big boat, and it’s just him and Brian. Could this day get worse? Bring it on; he’ll take it all now. He tells Tanner to stay in bed.

Kate makes drinks in buckets that have several straws in them, and mushrooms floating on top. She says there’s so much vodka and other stuff in it, they’ll never taste the mushrooms. In the captain’s interview, he says, the presentation was good last night – as it should be every night. Over the top. It needs to be consistent. Go big or go home. If Kevin doesn’t do that, it’s time to pack his sh*t and leave. The first course is a dish using local scallops, and Captain Lee pronounces it outstanding. Kate tells Kevin, they’re loving it. In his interview, he says he’s taking a huge risk on the beef tongue dish. All he needs is one person to be a loudmouth, and say it’s disgusting. It could be his last meal. It looks good, not like what it is. He visits the table, and says he’d like them to try it. He doesn’t think it’s something they’d ever order on off a menu. One guest asks if it’s a brain, and he tells them, it’s beef tongue. Another guest wants to know who put that on their preference sheet. They’re good sports though, and everyone tries it, finding it delicious. Captain Lee says, a little tongue never hurt anyone, and someone says, that’s what she said. In Kevin’s interview, he says he’s killed two birds with one stone. He got the captain off his back, and the guests are super happy. He sings in the galley.

Mccall asks if the captain has heard of ping pong shows. He says he hasn’t, but imagines it doesn’t involve paddles. I don’t believe for a second he doesn’t know what they are. Even I know what they are. Kate asks Ashton if he and Brian can get painted. In Abbi’s interview, she says it’s been a hard day, and she never wants to work on a motor yacht again. She’s going to focus on her passion, sailing around Greece with Patrick. It’s what they both want, and it’s all that matters. Ashton asks Brian if he’s had his body painted before, and Brian says it’s his first rodeo. Kate says they’re wonderful canvases. In Brian’s interview, he says being painted for a full moon party isn’t his vibe, but he’ll take one for the team. He’s glad Courtney got involved. He’d rather her paint him than Ashton.

Brian and Ashton help serve some kind of flan dessert. Mccall fans herself, and says her mouth is watering. Kate asks if Courtney saw the penis ravine on Brian. I’ve never heard this term, but she’s referring to the abdominal muscle that makes a V toward the pelvis. (Does that sound clinical enough?) Kate says she usually doesn’t like that kind of body (I say, what?), but that muscle is pronounced. It’s aggressive – in a good way. The guests applaud Kevin. Kate thanks the guys, and says they did great. In her interview, she thinks all men should get penis ravine implants. They can even have a small penis if they have a big ravine. She laughs again at her own joke. Kate is feeling her bad self tonight.

The guests go to bed, and the crew cleans up. The captain goes to the galley, and says, about dinner… Kevin stepped his game up quite well. He can find no fault with anything, and he appreciates the effort. Kevin thanks him. In Captain Lee’s interview, he says, Kevin brought his A-game, but the fact remains that the food has to be at a consistently high level. He hopes the trend continues. They don’t do mediocre on his yacht.

Kate serves coffee, mimosas, and breakfast. Mccall says she had a great time. The captain knows how to take care of his ladies. Someone says, that’s what she said, which doesn’t really work here. Courtney is on laundry, and Simone does the cabins. Courtney brings the ironing board into the crew mess, and tells Brian that she hates ironing. Kate checks on Tanner, and asks if she can bring him anything, but he says, no worries. Ashton asks Abbi to pack before they dock. She asks if he’s serious, and he says, after the guests leave, they’ll have a meeting with the captain, and then she’s off the boat. In her interview, she says, it may be impulsive and stupid, but that’s who she is and how she deals with situations. Well, I guess that says it all then. Good luck, Patrick!

Kate asks if she and Captain Lee can have a chat. He says what he needs is green tea mouthwash. She thinks that’s the least of his worries. She tells him that Tanner is pretty sick. He’s been in his cabin all morning, in the dark, in bed, and didn’t sound well. In the captain’s interview, he says, Tanner is sick, Abbi is leaving; they’re dropping like flies. He can’t afford to lose anyone else. He tells Kate that he’ll get Tanner a doctor. Brian asks what Courtney’s parents do, and she says her dad is in finance and her mom didn’t work while she was growing up. He asks if they’re still together, and she says they are. He says, very cool. His parents divorced, then his dad died. They said it was a heart attack, but he OD’d on drugs. Courtney says, that’s sad. In Brian’s interview, he says he didn’t have a good relationship with his father. He wasn’t a good person, but it’s given him the motivation to be a good father. His family has seen a little chaos, and he wants to give his daughter the life he didn’t have, and be there when she needs him.

Anchor is pulled. Ashton says Abbi is upset that he told her to pack and go. What did she think was going to happen? Free vacation for you? Abbi tells Kate that she doesn’t know where to go. They just put her on the dock, and good luck? Kate says, that’s the thing about working in yachting; you’re not just unemployed, but homeless. She suggests Abbi go to the airport.

The guests don’t want to leave. Brian tells Ashton, Tanner is still feeling like sh*t. The captain announces the final approach, and they dock. Kevin helps tie the lines. The crew goes to the aft deck to say goodbye to the guests. Mccall says, the service was fantastic and the food was amazing, every minute of every day. She gives the captain the traditional envelope. After the guests are gone, Captain Lee wanders around the wheelhouse for a while, then radios Ashton and Abbi to come there.

He understands Abbi is leaving today, and he doesn’t have time for this. Abbi says she doesn’t want them to take it personally; she loves working with them. The captain says he doesn’t take it personally, but there’s protocol. He hands Abbi her passport and her share of the tip, and tells her that’s all he’s got to say. Ashton says he’ll help her with her luggage. In his interview, Captain Lee says, what’s he going to do? There will be a lot of things in life Abbi is going to bail on. She’s not cut out for yachting; yachting’s not for quitters. Brian says he feels bad about Abbi being in a situation she doesn’t want to be in, but work is work, and this makes it more difficult. In Abbi’s interview, she says, the hardest part is saying goodbye. She knows it’s the right decision, but she’s still having feelings of sadness. She tells everyone it was awesome working with them, and wishes them good luck. Ashton hugs and thanks her, telling her, get home safe. In her interview, Abbi says, working on motor yachts isn’t for her, but she’s happy she tried. At least she knows. She’s getting married at some point. She doesn’t know what she’s doing, but she’s excited to get back on the sailboat.

The captain calls the crew to the crew mess for the tip meeting. He says as they know, they’ve lost a member of the deck crew. He didn’t get or understand it, but it’s not for everybody. She’s been compensated and she’s gone; they’re moving on. He says, the girls were great. He can’t remember the last time he laughed so hard. He says, they left a nice tip – $19,000, $1700 apiece. He tells Kevin that he nailed it; he was impressed with everything. He has a doctor coming to see Tanner, and depending on what’s wrong, it’s possible they’ll be two down. They’ll wait and see how it plays out. They know what they have to do. Let’s go.

The doctor arrives. The captain gives Tanner his share of the tip. Tanner doesn’t think he can accept it, but the captain says he has no choice. It’s the way they do things. Captain Lee says the doctor is there for him. The doctor examines Tanner, and says he has a viral infection of the stomach, and gives him an injection. In Tanner’s interview, he says he had what’s called sweet belly. It’s a common bug, and nothing serious, but he’ll never eat a cheeseburger in Thailand again. The doctor tells the captain that Tanner should be better by tomorrow, and the captain tells Tanner to get some rest. He’s glad it’s nothing serious, and Tanner says, him too. He goes back to bed.

In Kate’s interview, she says she hopes Brian and Courtney hook up. Someone needs to be banging Brian. He’s so hot. Brian takes Courtney out on the tender to go swimming. In Courtney’s interview, she says she’d like to get to know Brian better. She’s usually attracted to a guy’s mind, and notices their body in retrospect. She doesn’t notice until she gets to know them. Well, that’s just weird. I can understand it not mattering, but not to notice? That’s weird. Brian asks what she’d be doing if she wasn’t in yachting, and she says being the lady of the house. Back at the boat, Simone tells Tanner she’s glad he’s alive. He says he should be back to eating soon. In her interview, Simone says she was hoping to spend some time with him. Her parts have been ignited.

Captain Lee makes a phone call. He says he knows they weren’t available at the start of the season, but he needs them in Thailand in less than two days. Pack a bag.

Courtney says she heard Brian had a daughter. He says he does, and asks if she has any kids, is she married, or does she have a serious boyfriend? She says, no to all of the above. He says, no serious boyfriend? Isn’t she thirty? She says she’s twenty-six, and Brian is embarrassed.

Tanner tells Brian that his FOMO is off the charts. Ashton asks Brian how it went with Courtney, and Brian says, good. Ashton asks Courtney if Brian got to her. Whatever that means. In Ashton’s interview, he says Brian and Courtney have a little flower garden growing nicely, but he doesn’t mind competition. I hate to break it to him, but I don’t think she’s interested. Everyone gets dressed, and they take a taxi to a club called The Library.

This place is lit. It’s humongous, and the décor is what you’d expect – lots of books – but they’re not all on conventional shelves, some are suspended from the ceiling. The bartenders would put those guys from Cocktail to shame, doing all kinds of crazy magic with shakers and shot glasses. Simone says, this club is the one. The music is amazing, and everyone is partying. Simone dances with Ashton, then the girls dance while the guys do shots. Brian tries to convince Ashton that Kate would go for him. In his interview, he says Ashton can be a c*ck block, and he wants to flirt with Courtney. He suggests Ashton have another tequila. In Courtney’s interview, she says, Ashton is trying way too hard. Ashton sees Brian kiss Courtney (nothing real passionate), so he kisses Kate. She asks him if it’s New Year’s. Why are they doing this? In Kate’s interview, she says, no. She doesn’t want to do this. Don’t use her mouth as a receptacle for your insecurity and jealousy. This is why she has trust issues. She tells Ashton, she loves him, but not in that way. She goes to sit with Simone and Courtney, and Simone says Kate kissed Ashton; she saw it. Kate says she did not. She pulled away. It was like he was her cousin, and she was scared.

Back in the taxi, Courtney says she just wants breakfast. She has her feet over the back of Brian’s seat, and he licks her foot. She says, that’s disgusting. Kate says she doesn’t want to be a spectator to their foreplay, and Brian jokes not to make it about him when it’s about the two of them. Kate jokes back, just leave her alone. On the way back to the boat, Ashton says they’re all walking zig-zaggy.

Everyone heads to bed. Ashton makes a plate of toasted cheese sandwiches. He asks if Courtney is into Brian, and says he knows she is. She says she said no such thing, and Ashton says he’s saying it. Brian comes by, and Ashton asks him to get some hot sauce. He brings tangy barbecue instead, and tells them, goodnight. In Brian’s interview, he says when Ashton drinks, he gets way too involved. He’s pretty sure Courtney will pick the better man. Ashton tells Courtney that Brian is into her, but he went to bed. Brain is his friend, but that’s not cool. He starts not making sense, and says, wait. He’ll start again. Courtney says she’s going to bed. In her interview, she says she finds it astonishing that Ashton is thinking he has any luck at this point. She can’t imagine anyone having less of a chance than Ashton.

Back at his bunk, Ashton says he wishes they had girls who wanted to have fun and bang. He’s tired of working so hard to get his d*ck sucked (a remark that has come back to haunt him). Kevin says, these girls have standards.

Next time, beer bong, Simone is hit on by a creepy guest, a beach picnic, and a new deckhand that Ashton already knows. I can find no information on that either.

🍹  Have a Little More Brandy…

And Kate thought it was going to be easy.


👠  She’s Still Cait…

I don’t know if this is the best choice for a comeback, but maybe the paycheck is good.


🏆  The People Have Spoken…

Not exactly my choice. The Kardashians over LVP in two categories? Please.


🍴  A subject line in an email I got today said, what your silver pattern says about you. I already know mine says, you got me as a wedding gift.

Flag: United States on Facebook 1.0 The Man In Black…

Salutes the red, white, and blue.










November 7, 2019 – Martin Gets New Information, Deck Extra, Headley Meditates & Strait Fall


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

In the park, Sam and Cassandra are told to dig. Curtis comes by, and calls to Officer Sommers, asking if she remembers him. She does, and he asks if she minds if he talks to Sam. She’s his co-worker, and he promises to keep a respectable distance and make it brief. Sam goes over to him, and he says, hey, and  tells her that she’s rocking county orange. He asks how she’s holding up. She says there’s been some annoyances – she glances at Cassandra – but she’s okay. He feels bad that she got the short end of work detail. She says, that’s not bad, but Cassandra is her cellmate. He says she’s kidding him. Cassandra complains to the guard that she’s doing all the manual labor while Sam chit-chats.

Nina visits Nathan’s grave. She wonders who takes the change that’s left there, and hopes it brightens their day. She’s sorry it’s been a while. So much has gone on. It turns out Sasha is a fraud. Remember how she told him how much she loved Sasha? She loved Sasha with all her heart. She should be too mad to care, but hurts so much lose her. And now everyone is blaming her; judging her for being back with Valentin. She wishes he was there. He never judged her; not once. She could confide in him, and be honest. She wishes he was there, so she could tell him what’s really going on. What’s in her heart. Valentin joins her, and asks, how about him?

Coming in from the terrace, Nikolas tells Jax that he forgot how brisk early November is there. He should be gone before the snow falls. Jax hopes so, and Nikolas says how long he stays is up to Jax. The sooner they locate the codicil, and Valentin falls, he can go back to his life. Jax tells him, keep a low profile, entertain himself, and stay out of the way. Nikolas says he has somewhere to be, and Jax says, in Port Charles? What if someone spots him? Nikolas says, he’s dead. It would be odd if anyone recognized him, since he’s non-existent. The doorbell rings, and Jax says, Nikolas was saying? Nikolas makes himself scarce, and Jax opens the door. Josslyn says she came to check out his new place.

At Kelly’s with Wiley, Carly asks, how lucky is she? She gets alone time with Wiley, and a Kelly’s muffin. Wiley – who gets cuter every time we see him – reaches for a piece, and she gives him some. She says she loves being a mom, but aunt is awesome. She gets the cuddles and fun, but when it’s time for discipline, she gives them back to their parents. Michael comes in, and says he thought Wiley was with Bobbie. She tells him that Brad and Lucas needed some alone time, and their mom had to go to work, so she’s subbing. She asks, what’s going on with his life? and Sasha walks in. Carly guesses Sasha is there to see Michael.

Nelle glad is glad to see Martin. She’s not up for another parole hearing for another 525 days. He asks if she’s counting the hours, and she says she’s good with numbers. He says he expected her parole to be denied, but she was so convinced it would go her way, he did some digging to see if he missed something. It turns out he did. Nelle says he found out she has a husband? and he says, yes.

Jax asks why Josslyn didn’t tell him that she was stopping by. She says she wanted to surprise him. She loves his new place, and asks, what’s out on the terrace? Before he can stop her, she goes out. She says, the view is amazing. She loves that he’s close to the water. Jax is glad she approves, but that’s not the only reason she’s here. How did she get there? She says Milo dropped her off, and she didn’t call because Jax and Carly confiscated her cell phone. He says she’s lucky she has a car and driver at her disposal. Most kids who got caught drinking at a school dance would have to take the bus. Josslyn agrees that she’s lucky; it could be worse. She says it’s chilly, and wants to go inside. Jax says he’ll make a fire, and while he’s working, she can tell him why she’s really there. She says she’s there because she wants to move in.

Carly asks if Michael and Sasha are there for dinner, but he says they’re meeting Curtis. He wants to follow-up with Sasha on how things went down with Nina. Carly thought Nina dropped the charges against Sasha, but Sasha says Curtis wants to find out what went wrong for his own sake, since he’s the one who found her. Carly says she’d love it if they’d join her until he gets there.

Nina asks Valentin what he’s doing there. He says she wasn’t in her office, and she’s not picking up the phone. He knows how much she’s had on her mind, and thought she might be there. She doesn’t know if it’s frightening or flattering how well he knows her. He says he does know her, and he loves her. Whether she wants to talk or be left alone with her brother, say the word.

Curtis tells Sam, Cassandra is dangerous. If she has any trouble, let him know. Cassandra tells the guard, this is inhumane. She’s touching all this dirt, and coming in contact with pesticides and toxins. I love how they made her a germophobe. It’s little details like that, that add dimension to the characters. Officer Sommers tells her, back to work. Curtis says, Cassandra has a lot of enemies, and it’s hard to watch your back on work detail. When word hits the streets that she’s out and vulnerable, Sam might just find herself alone in her cell tonight.

Curtis asks Sam if Cassandra said why she’s in Port Charles. Sam says Cassandra keeps to herself, but seemed interested in the fact Sam is related to the Cassadines. Officer Sommers tells the other guard to take some of the prisoners to clear out the undergrowth on the other side. Curtis tells Sam, Cassandra and Valentin were allies before they were enemies. They have a connection. Maybe it will shake out when Valentin comes crashing down. Sam asks if that’s possible, and he says, an interested party is working hard to bring Valentin to justice. Cassandra asks the officer why Sam is allowed a personal interlude, while she’s left to toil alone. Officer Sommers tells Curtis to move along, and he thanks her. When he’s gone, Cassandra tells Sam that he’s married to the police commissioner. She doubts Sam can take advantage of him. Sam says, he’s a friend, and Cassandra says, please. Friendship is fleeting. What’s important is to know how someone can best serve you. She wonders how long they’re going to work. It’s getting dark. Sam asks, what’s wrong? Is Cassandra afraid one of her enemies might come and get her?

Nikolas sits waiting in the car.

Valentin tells Nina, it’s been hard since they learned the truth about Sasha. She says she’s sorry she keeps seesawing between anger and sadness, but he says she can vent to him. She says he seems distracted lately, and wonders why he came by Crimson. Is there something on his mind? He says she’s all that matters, and she says he’s sweet, but it goes both ways. Whatever is bothering him, he can tell her. He says, it’s not a what, but a who. Jasper Jax.

Josslyn knows she and Jax already talked about her moving in, but she’d overreacted when she saw the boarding school brochures. She gets why he didn’t want her to move into the hotel, but now he has a place, so why not? She’s not talking about anything permanent, but maybe she could do alternate weeks. He says she caught him off-guard a little, and he wants to think about it. She says he wouldn’t have to be by himself. She asks if she has a room, and he says, of course (🍷). She tells him, she can’t wait to see it, but he wants to speak to her mom. Does she know Josslyn is there?

Carly says Sasha must be relieved that Nina forgave her. Sasha says, Nina didn’t forgive her. Not even a little bit. She just decided not to move forward and not press charges. Michael says they’re thankful Sasha is free, and Carly says she’s happy for them both. Michael has been Sasha’s biggest supporter, and she’s glad his faith in Sasha has been justified. Carly’s phone rings, and she says, it’s Jax. Jax tells her that he’s there with Josslyn at his new place, and she has something important to discuss with them. Carly says she has something to do, and then she’ll be right over. She tells Michael, Josslyn is going through stuff; she’ll tell him about it later. She asks him to help her get Wiley in the car, and Michael suggests she leave Wiley with them. Carly says she’ll give Lucas a heads up, and offers Michael an anchor for the car seat. He goes out to get it, and Sasha thanks Carly for being cool. Carly says she told Sasha when they talked about her making amends, it’s a big deal. Owning what she did goes a long way with Carly, as long as Michael is happy.

Nelle doesn’t see how her recent marriage would have had any bearing on her parole hearing. Martin says, it would have shown stability; that she has a home and family, someone to support her. The parole board takes note of such things. That’s why they encourage affidavits from friends and family, like the one from her friend Brad. Why wasn’t her husband at the hearing? She doubts it would have impacted anything; his biography might not work in her favor. Martin says he checked the file, but didn’t see a name, only that her status changed to married. Does she want to tell him who this man of dubious distinction is? I’m thinking… Shiloh?

Martin says, Nelle is a widow? His condolences. She says, sadly, yes. Her marriage was short-lived. She had nothing to do with his death. Martin says he didn’t ask, but given her history, it’s reassuring to hear. She says now that he knows, does it change anything? Can he get her a new hearing? He says, probably not, but she tells him to find some way to expedite her release. He says he’s not sure he wants to represent her, and she says, he’s dropping her as a client? He says technically, she’s not a client. He’s working pro bono, and hasn’t seen a dime. He’s not comfortable with her lack of forthrightness, and wonders what else she’s not telling him. She asks if she’s still protected by attorney/client privilege, and says as soon as she gets out, there will be a large payday waiting for her, and for whoever represents her. He says, is that so?

Sasha plays with Wiley. Michael comes back, and asks if Wiley is making moves on his girl. Sasha says, she’s a goner. Nice knowing him. He says she’s good with kids, and she says she did a lot of babysitting in high school, but she hasn’t been around kids since then. Until Charlotte. Michael says, Nelle was Charlotte’s nanny for five minutes, when she was pretending to be a beacon of kindness. He got to know Charlotte, and she’s a sweet, bright, funny kid. Sasha says, she’s Valentin’s saving grace. He loves her like nobody’s business.

Nina tells Valentin, if it has anything to do with Jax helping her after the wedding, don’t worry. He’s not a threat. Valentin didn’t mean it like that. Jax and Hayden were looking for something the night they were at Windymere, but he doesn’t think they found it. He thinks Laura is up to something, but doesn’t know if there’s a connection. She’s interested in the portrait of Helena, but her story makes no sense, claiming Spencer wants it. The artist supposedly hid messages in his paintings, and he wonders if there’s something to that. Nina asks if he has any idea what it might be, and he says Laura thinks it’s something detrimental to him. He’s glad it’s rotting in a landfill.

Carly tells Jax that she loves the house, and asks, what’s going on? Josslyn says she loves the house too, and not just because it’s super cool, and matches his personality. Jax suggests she’s buttering him up, and she says, it’s a place where Oscar never was. She can look on the stairs and not see him sitting there. She can go out on the terrace, and watch the sunrise without seeing them together. She thinks she needs a break from everything Oscar, and staying there with her dad could help.

Sam tells Cassandra, this is a two-person job, and Cassandra says, which she did mostly herself while Sam was chit-chatting. Sam says Cassandra made almost no progress; she just moved dirt around. Cassandra wonders where Sam’s tenacious can-do attitude is; her claim to fame. She tells Sam, go for it. Sam says, if they risk leaving it unfinished, it could disqualify them for work detail in the future. Or maybe Cassandra is just a bitch. Cassandra says Sam has no idea. She looks around. Nikolas waits impatiently in the car. Cassandra grabs a shovel, and looks at the guard.

Curtis comes into Kelly’s, and asks who Michael and Sasha’s friend is. Michael says it’s his godson; Brad and Lucas’s little boy, Wiley. Curtis and Wiley fist bump. This kid is killing me. Curtis knows Sasha has cause for celebration, since Nina let her off the hook, but he didn’t. Michael tells him to say his piece, but be respectful. Sasha tells him, whatever he has to say, she totally deserves it. Curtis says he’d like to hear the truth from her. He’s been turning it around in his head since Nina got back with Valentin. Sasha took full responsibility for everything, including, and he quotes, a well-placed friend, who manipulated three DNA tests. She’s one smart cookie. Michael says, it’s between Nina and Sasha, and it’s over, but Curtis says let him explain his investment. He’s the one Valentin convinced to protect Nina, and he became an unwitting accomplice to fraud; something he doesn’t take lightly. He says if she knows how to pull something like that off, sorry, but prove it. Who else was in on it? He doesn’t believe she did it alone, but she says she’s not getting Valentin into trouble over something she did. Curtis appreciates her integrity, but it’s misplaced. He’s the one who ordered the original test, and he just ordered another one using the original samples. Subject A is closely related to Subject B. They’re a match as mother and daughter.

Jax says he thought he and Carly agreed to table the idea for now, and Carly says, don’t look her. Josslyn says, they were already discussing it? Jax says they discussed the possibility. Carly understands that Josslyn wants a break, and how painful it was to lose the watch, but Josslyn didn’t lose it deliberately. She was focused on the volleyball game, which shows her perspective is shifting. She’s looking to the future. Josslyn says, then help her. Living there will take her away from the reminders of the past. Jax says, as long as she doesn’t think of it as a place to hide.

Valentin tells Nina that Laura sought him out at the Halloween gala. She was talking about the portrait again, and said his time at the Cassadine table is almost up. It could mean anything or nothing. Nina says the more he dwells on it, he gives Laura what she wants. Valentin says Laura blames him for Nikolas’s death, even though Nikolas was a fugitive, and it was self-defense. She buys that Nikolas was a defenseless innocent, and she’s his eternal avenger. Nina says she’s sorry, and he says he’ll handle Laura. She asks if he isn’t getting tired, putting out one fire after another, but he says he’s good at it. Cassandra is the WSB’s problem now, or the state of New York’s. She asks if he thinks it’s that simple. Someone went to a lot of trouble to break her out before. What if they decide to do it again?

Nikolas says, come on Cassandra. Cassandra wanders around, and Sam urges her to go back to work. Cassandra says, the aesthetics are all wrong. Is Sam sure she’s digging in the right place? Any competent landscape designer wouldn’t pick that spot for a tree. It will spoil the symmetry of the vista. Sam has cost them extra work, prepping the hole in the wrong place. Cassandra suddenly doubles over like she’s in pain, and when the guard comes to investigate, Cassandra smacks her with the shovel.

Cassandra stands over the guard, and Sam tells her, stay the hell away. Cassandra jets, and Sam yells for help.

Cassandra gets in the car with Nikolas. She says he could have warned her about where he was going to be. He tells her, you’re welcome, and tells her to change in the back. He doesn’t want anyone to see his passenger wearing orange. She asks what the plan is, and he says, same as it was. She asks how he can say that, when he’s already changed it?

Nina says Cassandra is a threat to their lives. She threatened Sasha’s life with a virus. As angry as Nina is, she knows Sasha’s suffering was real. When she was in isolation, Sasha was brave and strong, despite her fear and how bad she felt. She hopes Cassandra dies des in prison, but hates to think she might escape. Valentin thinks Cassandra is out of friends. He says, speaking of Sasha, there’s something he’d like Nina to consider. She tells him not to tells her to forgive Sasha or be reconciled with her. She said she won’t press charges, but that’s as far as she’ll go. He says he’s on a completely different track, and asks if she wants to continue the search for her real daughter. Maybe her mother was lying, and there’s nothing to find, but they’ll know they’ve done everything they can to find her. She says Valentin told her that he came up with nothing. He says he did, but they can do it together, and maybe find her. At the very least, Nina will have closure.

Curtis tells Sasha and Michael, the GH lab reran the tests. For Nina’s sample, Valentin got hair from her hairbrush. What did Sasha provide? Sasha flashes back to Valentin telling her to be reluctant to do another test at first, but then agree, and give them this. He hands her a container. Curtis says all this time, he thought the tests were tampered with. Now he believes the samples were compromised. If Sash provided a sample that matched Nina’s, the only person with the means and the motive is Valentin.

Nelle asks if Martin understands now why she didn’t say anything. He says he has to hand it to her. If she pulls this off, there will be a significant pot of gold at the end of her rainbow. She says she still has a fight on her hands, and can’t pull it off if she’s locked up. That’s where he comes in. He needs to do everything he can to expedite her release, and look after her interests. He says there’s one flaw to her plan. By her own admission, she’s guilty of capital felonies. As good as he is – and he’s very good – he can’t undo a situation she’s created. Early parole isn’t an option. She says, make it one. If she doesn’t move fast, the pot of gold will be gone.

Josslyn asks, what’s the difference between hiding and taking a break? Jax says, one is restorative, and one is paralyzing. They don’t want her to distance herself from her friends, family, and volleyball. Oscar wouldn’t want that. She told him that Oscar said she could do anything she wanted. He’d be glad her life is filling up with things to look forward to. Carly says that doesn’t mean she loves or misses Oscar any less; it means she’s healing. It would be nice if healing was pain free, but it doesn’t work that way. The only way out, is through. It’s normal and it’s progress. Josslyn tells them, Dustin said the first year is the hardest. She’s already six months in, so she guesses she is making progress. Jax says they’re proud of her, but Carly says, don’t think her punishment is lifted. Josslyn knows it’s been a lot, but she looks at what Cameron is going through, and it makes her realize how lucky she is to have so much love and support. Carly thinks it might be too disruptive, one week on and one week off. She thinks they should start small with weekends. Does that work for Jax?

Nelle tells Martin, if she’d had a decent attorney to begin with, she wouldn’t be there. She was without the means, but that will all change. Martin says, so her expectation is that she’ll come into money? Like she expected money from Zack and Michael? Both times, she was disappointed. Who’s to say she won’t be again? She says she has him on her side, and he’s the best. He’ll get his full price, as soon as she gets what she has coming. He has to get her out. She calls him Martin, but he says his friends call him, Marty, and they shake hands.

Sasha tells Curtis, it’s a misassumption, and he says he just needs her to tell him what went wrong. He’s not pursuing a personal agenda. Michael says he doesn’t like Valentin either, but that doesn’t give Curtis the right to pressure Sasha. Curtis says he’s just finding out the truth. He wants to know what Nina is up against with Valentin. He gets it. Sasha doesn’t want to involve Valentin to spare Nina the pain, but she’s not helping in the long run. Sasha knows Curtis has the best of intentions, but it’s not his call. Michael says they appreciate that he wants to sort it out personal for Nina, but it’s been tough enough. Curtis says, so Valentin is walking on sunshine. Sasha says, let Nina have her life, and let her have hers.

Valentin tells Nina, they’ll do it together. He’ll get a referral for a good security firm. Nina says she already knows the outcome. They’ll look, but they won’t find her daughter, because the baby was never born. The locket her mother gave her was a tease; another way for her mother to hurt her. A lie, like what her mother told him. She’s done. She can’t keep getting her hopes up, and have her heart broken again. He says he really wants to make things right. Nina thanks him, but says he’s already done more than enough. I swear, she keeps dropping these hints, like when she said she could tell Nathan what’s really going on. Valentin’s phone rings. Nina touches Nathan’s gravestone, and kisses Valentin. She leaves, and he answers his phone, saying, this better be important.

Martin says, good news is always important. The project he wanted to explore? A new avenue just opened up.

Jax says he needs to do some work on the house. He knows Josslyn can rough it, and if that was their only option, he’d make it work, but she’s still in school. He thinks it’s best they wait a little. Josslyn is fie with that. She’s not trying to run away. Donna is there, and she’s totally adorable, and Avery is her little shadow. She’s fine with waiting, but since she’s there, can she check out her room? Jax says she can. She can give him some input. They go upstairs.

Cassandra tells Nikolas, wait. This isn’t the way to the airport. Where is he taking her?

Sam tells the guard, it will be okay, and asks if she can hear her. There’s no response, and Sam reaches for the guard’s waistband, saying, she’s not going for the gun. She takes the radio, and says she needs paramedics. She’s in Rice Park. She’s a prisoner on work detail. A guard is down, and a prisoner escaped.

Cassandra says Nikolas told her that he was taking her to a private air strip, where a plane is waiting. Nikolas says he’s taking her back to where no one will ever find her.

Tomorrow, Willow tells Brad that Julian just wants what’s best for Wiley, Jax tells Ava what happened to her is his fault, and Nikolas tells Cassandra don’t worry – he’s taking care of everything.

🚤 Tonight, Bravo had reruns of Below Deck’s latest season, as well as Behind the Episode 701. It was basically a rerun of the first charter this season, but included behind-the-scenes content from the crew and producers. And by content, I mean little dialogue boxes with extra info. It was fun, but nothing earth-shattering was revealed.

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November 4, 2019 – Laura Makes An Appeal, Ashton Loses Patience, Nelle’s New Flick, Dorian Leaves DOOL, Drew Moves On, Tony Returns & Waking Late


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Still at the MetroCourt, Valentin asks how Nina is feeling. She says, mostly relived, and a touch frustrated because Sasha won’t pay for what she’s done. Valentin says, it’s time to celebrate. He suggests getting a bottle of their finest champagne, and seeing where the evening takes them. He goes to the bar, and Jordan and Curtis walk in. Nina asks why she hasn’t seen them, and Jordan says they were out on the terrace. Curtis says he hasn’t heard from Nina in a while, and Nina says, things have been busy. Curtis felt that maybe she needed space, and Jordan asks how she’s holding up without Valentin.

Sasha and Michael have changed out of their costumes, and go to Charlie’s. Michael wonders if Sasha thinks he went too far with Valentin, but she says if it wasn’t for him, she doesn’t think Nina would have dropped the charges. Michael says Sasha is the reason Valentin is walking away unscathed, and Sasha says she’s protective of Nina’s feelings. She tells Michael that he was impressive and hot, and she owes him one. He gave her life back to her. Now if she only knew what do with it. Peter and Maxie come in, and Peter says James is enjoying his time with Brad and Lucas. Maxie says, he gets treated like royalty there. Peter says, now for the adult part of her birthday, and asks if she wants a drink. She does, and kisses him. Obrecht comes out, and tells them to get a room. She tells Maxie that she hasn’t seen James in a while, but Peter says, it’s not the best time. Obrecht can understand why Maxie has been standoffish, since she was supposedly involved in Sasha’s lies. Maxie says, it was horrible, and Obrecht admits to knowing Sasha was a fraud, but she only found out shortly before the wedding. She wanted to protect Nina’s heart. Her actions were misguided, but her heart was pure.

Sonny tells Carly, it’s been a long night. Carly says Brad and Lucas are still there on the terrace. He suggests asking them to leave, but she says A, that would be rude, and B, she senses they’re in the middle of something. Outside, Lucas tells Brad to admit it. Who the hell are the nude pictures from? Is he saying it was an accident? Brad says, yes, and Lucas asks if he hears how ridiculous it sounds. Brad doesn’t know what to say or who the guy is. All he knows is that he’s not cheating.

Laura goes back to Julian’s office with him. She says she knows it’s not easy. Julian says he could use a drink, and Laura says, make it two. She asks if he’s sure he’s all right, and Julian says, no, but he’ll get there. He’s glad Ava is getting the help she needs, but wishes he’d gotten her to Shadybrook sooner before she imagined Nikolas in the gallery. He asks how Laura is holding up, and she says it’s not easy on her. It’s never easy for her to bring up Nikolas. He’s been gone for more than two years, but it’s just as painful as it ever was.

Nikolas asks Hayden if she’s happy to see him, and Hayden asks what he was thinking to show himself to Ava. He was supposed to stay in hiding until they found the codicil. Nikolas says their current tactic involves his mother; what genius thought of that? Jax says, she’s doing it for Spencer, but Nikolas says he was clear. He didn’t want to show himself to his mother or son before Valentin was neutralized.

Carly tells Sonny that her brother is probably reading Brad the riot act for being close to Nelle. She can’t believe Brad went to her parole hearing. Sonny says it’s none of their business. On the terrace, Brad asks Lucas not to do this there. Let’s go home. Lucas says he’s not looking other way when Brad gets nude pictures from some guy. Brad asks if Lucas wants him to text back to prove he doesn’t know them. They’re probably going to be mortified that they sent the pictures to the wrong person.

Julian wonders why Ava would be imagining Nikolas now, and Laura says she has a theory. Valentin got rid of a portrait of Helena recently, and she’s pretty sure it ended up at the gallery. Maybe seeing it reminded her of all things Cassadine, Nikolas included. Julian’s phone dings. He looks at it, and a text from Brad asks, who is this? Who sent these? Hello???

Michael toasts to whatever’s next. Whatever it is, he hopes it doesn’t take her away from Port Charles. Sasha says, it would be easier for Nina, but he says, not for him.

Obrecht tells Maxie, after the truth came out, she knew she’d be blamed for staying silent, or accused of being a co-conspirator. So she arranged an extended stay in Switzerland. Peter didn’t tell her? Maxie says, no, and Obrecht says he convinced her to stay. Peter says she’s important to Maxie, and part of James’s family. Obrecht asks Maxie to please say she’s still family. Maxie says she’s forgiven Obrecht for worse. She’s James’s oma, and a part of Nathan. She’ll always be family. They hug, and Obrecht says it means the world to her. Does Maxie think Nina could find it in her heart to forgive her too?

Jordan says her office advised her that Nina dropped the charges against Sasha, and Nina confirms she did. Curtis says, that was decent, since Sasha was just a pawn acting on orders. Valentin returns to the table, and says he sees they have company. Curtis says, you’ve got to be kidding, and Valentin says it’s good to see him after that debacle of a wedding they had.

Hayden tells Nikolas he needs to stay and wait, but he thinks he’s done more than enough waiting. He’s been waiting since he was rescued from the water. Jax says Nikolas is the one who reached out to him with an attractive offer. When it stops being attractive, he’s out.  Nikolas flashes back to meeting with Jax. Jax hears a voice asking if Rome isn’t spectacular, and he says he doesn’t take meetings with a disembodied voice. Show himself, or Jax is leaving. Nikolas comes out, and Jax says, not so dead after all. Nikolas says, not for lack of trying on Valentin’s part, and Jax says he heard how Valentin murdered Nikolas, and Nikolas says, clearly not. It’s taken years for him to position himself, and now he’s ready to reclaim what’s his. Jax wishes him good luck, but Nikolas says, it will take more than luck. He needs Jax’s help, and he’s willing to pay. In the present, Nikolas thinks they should all take a step back. Jax agrees. It’s time rethink things.

Jax says Nikolas agreed to stay in a place of his choice until he and Hayden found the codicil. Nikolas said if Valentin found out, he could do something desperate. Nikolas says he was careful to conceal himself, and Jax says, wearing a mask? Nikolas says it’s commonplace on Halloween. That’s why he went to the gallery to retrieve the portrait. Jax says Ava saw him briefly, but Nikolas says before she woke, he was long gone. Hayden says now they’ll have to wait for possible blowback. Jax says Ava told Nikolas’s mother, and Nikolas says that’s why he didn’t want his mother involved. Jax says Laura thinks Ava had a nervous breakdown, and so does Ava. She thinks she was hallucinating. Nikolas says, no one believes anything Ava has to say. He’s safe. Ava betrayed him. She was supposed to testify that Valentin murdered him, but she recanted her testimony. She deserves whatever she gets.

Curtis says Nina and Valentin are back together? and Jordan adds, after what he did? Nina says, Valentin had no idea; Sasha played the both of them. Curtis says, that’s what Valentin told her? and she says, Sasha told her. Curtis says Nina knew how he’d feel about her getting back with Valentin. Now he gets why Nina has been avoiding him.

Sasha tells Michael that she doesn’t want to be away from him. He suggests she make a life there, but she says, it’s not easy. Michael says he can be of help to her. Obrecht comes by and says she needs to speak to Sasha – privately. Sasha says, Michael knows everything; whatever Obrecht has to say, she can say in front of him. Obrecht says Sasha knows she kept her hands clean. What did Sasha tell Nina about  her involvement in Sasha’s subterfuge? Sasha says she took the blame; Obrecht had nothing to do with it. Nina just agreed to drop the charges. Obrecht wonders if Nina ever asked about the fake DNA test, and Sasha says as far as she knows, Obrecht wasn’t involved. Obrecht says, when Sasha had the flu, Finn – why is it always him? – ran a test that could have exposed Sasha. She may have arranged some influence over the result. Michael says Sasha can’t help Obrecht cover her tracks. She has to go to whoever she helped.

Julian thanks Laura for being kind to Ava, and Laura says she’s had her own bouts of mental illness over the years. Julian didn’t realize, and Laura says she missed a whole part of her life that she fought hard to recover. It made her a better person and mother, and she thinks it will do the same for Ava. Julian doubts Sonny agrees. It’s a perfect set-up for him to go for full custody.

Carly wonders if she should go outside, and Sonny says there’s not much she can do to help. Carly says he’s right, and she doesn’t want Brad to feel ganged up on. Sonny tells her to let them work it out. Carly hopes they do it fast. It’s been a long day.

Brad hands Lucas his phone, saying Lucas can look; full transparency. Lucas says, better late than never. He looks at the phone, and Brad asks if it’s him. Lucas says, yeah, and Brad asks what he said. Lucas reads, ha-ha! you know who it is. Brad says they’ve clearly confused him with someone else, and Brad tells him, give it up. He got caught. Brad says he didn’t do anything. He’d never jeopardize their marriage. He reaches to touch Lucas, who backs up. Brad swears on Wiley; he’d never cheat on Lucas. Doesn’t Lucas believe him?

Obrecht tells Maxie that she’s off. They’re free to commence canoodling. Maxie says that’s why she can’t quit Obrecht. Who says things like that? Obrecht thanks Maxie. She’s glad they’re in a good place. Maxie says, her too. James misses her, and she asks if Obrecht wants to come see him tomorrow. Obrecht says, absolutely. She’ll bring strudel. She leaves, and Maxie tells Peter that he’s deep in his phone zone again. Didn’t they just have a fight about that? Peter says, they did, and she says the Franco/Drew hearing is over. What’s captured his attention now?

Michael asks if there’s any chance Sasha might be interested in working at ELQ. Sasha says it would change their dynamic. Making it on her own is important for her. Michael says then it’s important to him too. They gaze into each other’s eyes.

Laura says, everything happened so fast, she didn’t consider Avery’s custody might be affected. Julian says, now is Sonny’s chance to take Avery away from Ava. Laura says she and Sonny are good friends. She can talk to him, but Julian says, now is not the time to kick up the hornet’s nest. He’ll think of something. Laura says, there’s no need. She can do this.

Obrecht sends Brad a text saying they have to make sure to cover their tracks.

Brad asks Lucas, why would he risk their whole life together for a random guy? It’s just a misunderstanding. He’ll prove it. Please, Lucas has to believe him. He loves Lucas so much. Brad’s phone dings, and Brad looks at it and frowns. Lucas asks, is it him? Brad sees Obrecht’s message saying they have to cover their tracks in the recent fixing of the Gilmore girl’s test. Lucas asks again, is it him? and Brad says, no. Lucas says, let him see, but Brad says, it’s confidential about a patient. Lucas says he’s a doctor, and has access to the same information, but Brad says, it’s a special case. Lucas laughs, and says, of course (🍷) it is. Is it more pictures? Brad says he can explain, but Lucas says he can’t do this anymore tonight. He can’t; just go. Lucas can’t deal with him anymore tonight. Brad says, don’t do this, but Lucas says, go! Brad walks through the room in tears, past Sonny and Carly. Sonny asks, what’s going on? and Brad says, nothing; sorry; goodnight, and jets.

Valentin says he senses hostility, but Nina tells Curtis, don’t worry. She knows what she’s doing. Curtis says they’ll always be friends, especially on the day Valentin gets his due. He’ll always be there. Jordan tells them, enjoy their evening. Curtis steers her out, and she asks where they’re going. He says they’re going to do what they do best. I have no clue if he means detective work or getting busy.

Jax says far be it from him to defend Ava, and Nikolas says, then don’t. Hayden says she’s been helping him, and he says she knew what she stood to gain. Nikolas flashes back again. He tells Jax that he wants to return the estate to its rightful heir. The codicil is hidden on Spoon Island. He can’t search for it, and Jax says, Nikolas wants him to? Nikolas says he’s well-respected, and has a daughter there. He has every reason to go back. Jax asks what’s in it for him? and Nikolas says, the shipping division in Cassadine Industries, but Jax says their family feuds are unpredictable and rarely profitable, but he’d like Spencer to have the fortune he’s entitled to. Nikolas says, conscientious of him, and Jax says he’d once claimed Spencer as his own. He’ll never forget the four months he had with Spencer. Nikolas is sure that Jax has Spencer’s best interests at heart, and asks if they have a deal. Jaz says, for Spencer’s sake. But he will take the shipping division. Nikolas wants to present the third member of their venture, and says, you can come out now. Hayden comes out, and Nikolas introduces her to Jax, saying, this is his new partner. In the present, Hayden says she promised to do everything in her power for Spencer. Have no fear, dear husband, we will.

Jax asks if they’ve figured out how to resolve their marital situation, but Hayden says, not yet. It’s tricky, divorcing a dead man. Nikolas says they had a less than healthy relationship, and Hayden says, understood, but here they are joining forces. Nikolas flashes back to Hayden telling Jax that Nikolas tried to have her killed, but they’re still married. Nikolas says, technically, she’s his wife and widow. Jax asks if Nikolas trusts Hayden 100%, and Nikolas says, she’s always had a soft spot for Spencer, and when they uncover the codicil, she’ll get a generous cut of the fortune. In the present, Hayden says she had reservations about working with Nikolas, and him showing up doesn’t inspire confidence. Nikolas says he’s going to take what’s his back, and leave Valentin with nothing.

Valentin and Nina toast to everything falling into place. Obrecht approaches their table, and says it’s good to see her lovely niece. She was told Nina has chosen not to pursue the charges against Sasha, and wants Nina to know she had nothing to do with Sasha’s plan. She only knew Sasha was a fraud for a short time before Lulu overheard them talking. Nina says she believes Obrecht, and Obrecht says she’s most grateful. Consider this a formal apology for not telling Nina immediately. She wants to get back to where they were before the whole saga erupted. It would mean so much her.

Peter tells Maxie that he put his phone on silent and away, so they can focus on her birthday. She says he didn’t answer her question. Why is he attached to his phone? He says he was hoping to have one more present for her. One that she wants. She asks if he’s talking about what she thinks.

Sasha tells Michael that she has a solid resume in tech. Michael says he could get her an interview at the MetroCourt, but she says she won’t let him pressure his mom. He says his mom likes her, and she says, to a point. Carly doesn’t trust her, and Sasha doesn’t blame her. The surest way to alienate Carly is to let Michael pull strings for her.

Laura apologizes to Sonny for dropping in so late, but he says she’s always welcome. She hopes he still feels that way after he finds out what she’s there to talk to him about. She knows Ava is supposed to pick up Avery tomorrow, but it’s not happening. He asks, how come? and Laura says, Ava was involved in an incident at the gallery, and voluntary checked herself into Shadybrook. Sonny says, it’s the best thing for her. She’s been heading for trouble for a long time, since Kiki was killed. Laura repeats that Ava went voluntarily, but Sonny says it makes him wonder if she should be allowed near Avery in her state of mind.

Carly asks Lucas if everything is okay. They saw Brad take off. Lucas says, good, and she asks, what’s going on? He says Brad is cheating on him.

Julian ponders, and Brad flies in, saying thank God Julian is there. He and Lucas got in a big fight, and Lucas kicked him out. He’s convinced Brad is having an affair. Julian says, he’s not? and Brad says, never. Julian says he thought Brad would, and Brad asks how Julian can say that. Julian says, it all adds up. He got caught yelling Michael’s name in his sleep; he’s seeing a shrink and getting meds; and a secret admirer sent him flowers. Then he changed his password. Brad says Julian convinced him to change it. Julian says, and someone is sending Brad nude photos. Brad asks how he knew, and Julian taps his phone. Brad says, it was him? Why? Why is Julian doing this to him?

Peter asks what Maxie thinks he’s talking about, and she says their dream apartment. He says he put a bid on it, and Lucy was supposed to call back shortly. He was hoping she’d call before dinner. Maxie wonders what’s taking so long, and he says the board is taking a closer look at his application. Maxie says, co-op boards are notoriously strict, but Peter says he can see why he’d be a hard sell. They want to keep the building trouble free and tranquil. She says, he is, but he says, not everyone thinks so. His phone rings, and he says, it’s Lucy.

Sasha tells Michael, there’s only one way to get back in his parents’ good graces on her own; to work hard and prove herself. She’s ready. Michael says he knows a woman who’s ready to hire her, and Sasha says, she knows. Lucy. But Sasha doesn’t like the idea of being the face of Deception. The idea of capitalizing on what she did to Nina feels wrong. He thinks she should tell Lucy; she’ll understand.

Laura tells Sonny that Julian is afraid he’s going to use Ava’s illness against her to try and get full custody. She was in the same situation once, and she’s glad she didn’t lose her children over that. Sonny is sympathetic to all that, but right now Ava isn’t equipped to take care of Avery. Laura says, right now. The situation is temporary. Tell her that he’s not going to use it as an excuse to take Ava’s daughter away.

Carly tells Lucas, a lot of Brad’s behavior sounds shady, but it doesn’t prove Brad is having an affair. Lucas says, he’s been acting weird for over a year. When he asked what Brad was doing, he caught Brad holding on to a big secret.

Brad asks why Julian is turning on him, and Julian says Brad is spiraling, and constantly putting their secret in jeopardy. He’s calling out Michael’s name in his sleep, so Julian is cleaning things up. He staged the affair to protect Lucas. It will hurt Lucas less than the truth coming out. He wants Brad to leave town with his imaginary lover, and get as far away from his son as possible.

At the hospital, Jordan tells Curtis when he said they were going to do what they do best, she thought he meant something more intimate, not checking lab results at GH. He says he has to find out how Valentin got away with doing it. She says he could do it tomorrow, but he says, it can’t wait. Jordan says, so it will prove Sasha’s not Nina’s daughter; then what? Curtis says they’ll keep digging. A technician comes out, and hands Curtis an envelope.

Obrecht tells Nina that Maxie has forgiven her for not speaking up sooner. She hopes Nina will do the same in time. They have a small family, and Nathan would want them stick together, if only for his son. Nina says she’d like to put the whole ugly mess behind her, and move on as a family again. For James’s sake. Obrecht says, yes, and they hug. Valentin stares at Obrecht.

Hayden says Nikolas can’t be serious. He’s considering staying? Nikolas says he’s decided, and Jax says he never agreed to hide Nikolas. Nikolas says Jax is free to walk away any time, but where does that leave Spencer and Nina?

Sonny tells Laura that he and Carly will take good care of Avery while Ava is recuperating. She says she doesn’t hear Sonny saying he won’t go for full custody, and he says he’s not sure. He asks when Laura joined team Ava, and she says she didn’t. That’s not what’s happening here. Ava has been though sheer hell, and Laura can’t help but feel for her. She’s suffered the worst kind of loss; she doesn’t have to tell Sonny that. He thanks her for stopping by, and she thanks him for listening. He says, always, and she leaves.

Carly says, if Brad is having an affair, Lucas has a lot to think about. She suggests he spend the night, but he doesn’t want to put them out. Carly says there’s a room upstairs with his name on it, across from where Wiley is sleeping. He asks if she’s sure it’s okay, and she says, of course (🍷). Whatever is going on with Brad, he’ll get through it. They hug.

Julian says the best thing Brad can do for Lucas and Wiley is to leave. Brad says, it will break up Wiley’s family, but Julian says, Wiley still has a father. Going against Julian won’t go well for Brad. The next time he sees Brad, he’d better be on his way out of town. Stop by first to tell him the marriage is over. Got that?

Peter thanks Lucy for letting him know. He tells Maxie that he didn’t get the property. She asks, why? and he says the co-op board thinks he’s too risky. His past is catching up again. Maxie says they’re better off. Who wants snobby neighbors? He says he’s sorry. He thought it would be a special birthday surprise, but she says she doesn’t need it. It’s still a beautiful night. He says she’s a good sport, and she says she’s an even better roommate. Let her show him. Move in to her place.

Michael says Lucy wants Sasha, and Sasha has the power to negotiate. She can stipulate that she won’t use her reputation or exploit Nina. Sasha wants a simpler life, like the one she had before. She wants him to know the woman she used to be. He hopes she’s not too different, and Sasha says, she’s way better. He asks how that’s possible, and she tells him, stay tuned and find out. They kiss.

Curtis and Jordan look at the test, and Curtis asks what Jordan thinks. She says she can’t believe it either.

Nina says now that Obrecht got her emotional, she has to check her makeup. Obrecht says, sorry not sorry, and Nina leaves for the bathroom. Obrecht says doesn’t Valentin look pleased, but he hasn’t quite reached his happily ever after. The DNA sample is still on file at GH. If the lab runs the test again, the results will show that Sasha is Nina’s daughter. Imagine the questions that will follow.

Curtis says, Sasha is definitely Nina’s daughter, and Jordan wonders why the test results say that. Curtis says, something is wrong, and they can bet Valentin is behind it.

Obrecht says there will be an inquiry as to how the sample was passed to Sasha. He says Obrecht isn’t in the clear; she’s just as involved. She says, perhaps, but she has far less to lose. Nina watches them talking. I think Nina might be playing Valentin.

Nikolas says if Hayden and Jax can pull it off, fine, but if not, wrap it up immediately. Hayden says they’re all on the same page. The sooner they get it done, the sooner they bring that bastard to his knees.

Tomorrow, Julian wants it to be like Brad never existed, Carly tells Josslyn there will be consequences, and Kim says she needs help.

Below Deck

27 hours before charter. Ashton tries to get Abbi on the radio. Tanner asks if he got Abbi’s text. She said she didn’t know if she’d be up by 9, and needs a toilet nearby. We see, yes, she does. Ashton wonders where the blip she gets off, and says she’s not on vacation. She gets to be a deckhand. It’s her primary job. I just have to say it. Because of his accent, every time Ashton says deckhand, I think he’s saying d*ckhead.

Kevin sings about winning as he works. Kate asks if Courtney is open to Brian, but she says, no. In Courtney’s interview, she says he’s hot, but she doesn’t get with people until she knows them better. She wants to know his personality, so she’s overlooking his body. Abbi continues to get sick. Ashton tells Tanner, sorry he’s alone, but Abbi is hugging the toilet. Abbi gets dressed, puts on some makeup, and comes out. She says she feels better, and apologizes. She says she threw up at 8:30, and needed some extra time. Ashton tells her that he’s been pretty lenient. You have to understand what your limits are. If you can’t drink and still keep up, you have to manage yourself. It’s not fair to the crew. Abbi admits she drank too much. In her interview, she says Ashton has a point, but rules are not her forte. Um… marry a rich guy then, and don’t work?

Time for the preference sheet meeting. Captain Lee says there will be eight guests. The primary’s name is Mccall, and she’s bringing girlfriends to join her. She’s a doctor, and addicted to charters. They want to enjoy all the water toys, and they’re big drinkers. Normally, they run out of alcohol on a boat. In Kate’s interview, she’s relieved it’s an all girl charter that loves to drink. It’s like an adult slumber party, and they’ll just pass out. The captain says they want a tasting menu, and Kevin says he’ll try not to disappoint them. The captain says presentation is everything, and Kevin asks what about presentation on the last meal? Captain Lee says he wasn’t impressed with it. Kevin should be blowing their socks off. In Kevin’s interview, he says, to be honest, he thinks he pissed the captain off in a way besides the food. None of the charter guests said there was anything wrong, but the only way to retaliate is to hit him where it hurts – his food. Kevin thanks the captain for his honest feedback, and Captain Lee says if Kevin doesn’t want an honest answer, he’s not the guy to come to.

The davit is fixed. Abbi tells Tanner that Ashton overreacted. In Tanner’s interview, he says his game plan is to plant seeds, and see if they grow. Kate’s garden died quickly.

Patrick and Abbi text. In her interview, Abbi say she’s been naïve and stupid, thinking Patrick is just a boyfriend. The reality is, they have something special. Being around a bunch of hot guys made her realize that she’s not attracted to anybody else. Abbie tells Simone and Courtney that she and Patrick just got engaged. He told her that he loved her in a text, she said her too, and he asked her to marry him. In Abbi’s interview, she says it may be abrupt, but she’s going with her gut feeling. In Courtney’s interview, she says Abbi and Patrick have been together two years, and suddenly say they love each other via text. Her eyes are rolling off the boat. Everyone goes to bed. Abbi tells Kate that her Greek captain is coming to Boston after the charter season, and they’re getting married. In Kate’s interview, she says, millennials are cute. Do you want to get dinner, and maybe spend the rest of your life with me?

Kevin calls his sister. He needs support, since he’s feeling emotional. He’s the only boy in the family, and has three sisters. He was the baby of the house, and thinks he still is. He tells her that the captain said he’s not good enough. No way you can say that to a chef and expect them to hang around.  Yep. He’s definitely still a baby. In his interview, he wonders if he should stay or hop off the boat. Then the captain can cook. I see he’s a  true professional as well. His sister tells him not to let the stress and bother get in the way of what he’s doing. In Kevin’s interview, he says he keeps playing it over in his head. He’s been hard at work, and Captain Lee is saying he’s not good enough. The captain is playing with his head. His sister says she doesn’t want to see him on her doorstep three days from now. Kevin is such an a-hole. Working hard and doing his best is not having no seafood for a seafood extravaganza, or eating the captain’s entrée. In his interview, Kevin says he’s giving the guests ten courses in the tasting menu. He wants it to be really impressive.

Tanner says, something is wrong. He’s feeling the worst he’s ever felt; he feels like sh*t. Abbi tells the other deckhands that she’s getting married. In his interview, Ashton thinks it’s bizarre. They spent time trying to hook up, and he can’t believe it. This changes things. The provisions arrive. Hopefully, there’s food. Kate says the guests want a beer in their hands all day. Brain knows the feeling. Tanner cracks his head on an overhang. In his interview, he says he’s not 100%. Ashton tells Tanner to let him know how he’s feeling at the end of the day. Kevin says he’s making gnocchi from scratch, and Kate says, that changes everything. She’ll need to have some. The crew changes into their whites, and drinks are made. Kate has an armful of leis ready.

The guests start squealing before they even get to the boat. Captain lee tells the crew, they can still get away if they hurry. Kate puts a lei on everyone, and a guest says she hasn’t been lei’d in a while. It must be some sort of requirement to make a joke like that. In her interview, Kate says she loves an all woman charter. They just come on to get loose, happy, and drink wine. There are lots of woo! Sounds, and Courtney makes faces. The guests marvel over the boat, and jump on the beds.

The table is set, and the women scream over Ashton, and tells him if he wants to take his shirt off, it’s okay with them. Ashton says they’re going to be trouble. Tanner gets a break, and Kevin fries up the gnocchi. He says he’s thinking that the captain doesn’t think he does a good job, and he’s sweating bullets. Lunch is served. Ashton asks how Tanner is doing, and Tanner says, better; he’s there. Ashton tells him they’re putting out the water toys. One of the guests says, it’s gonna happen, referring to Ashton, and when she’s out of hearing range, Kate says, so gross.

Anchor is locked. Abbi chats with the guests, telling them she’s from Boston. They scream, which seems to  be their natural reaction to everything. Ashton calls her again. Brian thinks Ashton is jealous after hearing about the engagement thing. Abbi tells Ashton that the clients want to jump off the bow, so that’s where they’re headed. He tells Abbi to get the swim platform set up. In Ashton’s interview, he says, since the engagement, Abbi has been distracted. Her work ethic wasn’t the best to begin with, and she needs to get more focused. Simone is back in the laundry room, and Kate asks if she want out of the laundry hole for a while. Simone says, hallelujah, and Kate says she can tell. Simone can help Courtney. In Kate’s interview, she says, Simone is good at laundry, and likes it, but if you stay there too long, you can lose the upbeat attitude real quick. She’s done it.

Ashton goes to the bow, and the guests says he should probably take his shirt off. He jumps into the water with them. Tanner manages to get out of bed. Kevin studies his menu, and goes over it with Kate. Simone and Abbi are talking nearby, and he asks them to take it somewhere else. In Kevin’s interview, he says, this dinner is important. He can do it; he just has to focus. He goes through all ten courses with Kate, and she makes notes. She thinks ten courses is strong. In her interview, she says she’s quickly learning that every meal is a roller coaster of Kevin’s ego. It’s Kevin’s boat; they’re just on it. She asks Courtney to do laundry.

In Courtney’s interview, she says she’s in service, and constantly doing laundry is boring, mind-numbing, dirty, and she’s bad at it. Her ex did all her laundry. The slide is put away, and Abbi whines that she’s had no break and got up at 6 am. In her interview, Abbi says she’s not used to this sh*t. On a sailboat, they have one paddle board, and it’s never deflated. Here, they have a trampoline and slide. Is it a jungle gym or a boat? Tanner feels lightheaded, and Ashton tells him, go to bed.

The guests get ready for dinner. Captain Lee checks out the menu, and Kevin explains about some kind of Bloody Mary dressing he’s making. In the captain’s interview, he says he’s expecting Kevin to deliver better food. A ten course menu is a big bite of the apple; so many things can go south. If Kevin doesn’t step up to the plate, he’ll fire him. Kevin wonders since when they captain has been so interested in the food, and Kate says, when Kevin decided to make ten amazing courses.

Kevin says he’s getting nervous. Kate says if he’s nervous, she’s nervous. In Kevin’s interview, he says a lot of people probably want him to sink tonight, but it’s not going to happen. Kate tells the guests, the first course – a cucumber salad with the Bloody Mary dressing – is to awaken the palate. The captain checks to see how Kevin is doing. Everything looks fabulous, and Captain Lee says he loves it. One of the guests says she needs to marry this man. Kate tells Kevin that they’re loving it. Abbi talks to her new fiancé on the phone. He’s happy and looking forward to getting married forever and ever. And if they get a divorce, these will still have been the best years. In her interview, Abbi says, since the engagement, she’s always thinking about Patrick now. In Courtney’s interview, she says when she thinks about her last meal on earth – and she thinks about it often – it has ten courses, but normally, that would be too much. It’s not like they’re huge dishes though. They’re actually quite small. Like a couple of bites. The guests tell Kate that they wouldn’t be disappointed if he did a striptease, and she says she’ll be happy to tell him. Kate tells Ashton that the guests have a big request. They want him to strip. He says he’s hung up his G-string, and does some gyrations. Kate tells him, his mouth is saying no, but his pelvis is saying yes. In Ashton’s interview, he says, when he was younger, he did a male review. It comes naturally. The captain watches Kevin work. In his interview, Captain Lee says, it’s a step in the right direction. They’ll see if he can keep it up. He tells Kevin that he’s having dinner with the guests tomorrow.

Kate tells Ashton to bring out the eleventh course. He comes out, and says he heard he had a request. He tells them he usually asks for a volunteer, and one of the guests gets in a chair up front. He says he’s going to show them the fundamentals you have to remember when doing a lap dance. First, you learn how to touch yourself. He does some moves, and they scream. He bumps and grinds, and in Kate’s interview, she says, you can take the boy out of the strip club dance group, but you can never take the strip club group out of the boy. Ashton says, last, but not least, you say thank you, and he kisses her hand. In his interview, Ashton says, memorable moments can mean the difference between a $15K and $20K tip. Kate tells him, good job.

Kevin wishes it was the final night. In his interview, he says he proved himself. Good on him. Now he’s thinking about dinner for the captain tomorrow night. He’s walking into the lion’s den. Ashton wonders why the deck hasn’t been mopped. Brian is the guy he counts on, and Ashton has been busting his ass on deck, while Brian is flirting with Courtney, and munching on Kevin’s leftovers. He’s employed as a deckhand, not a sous chef. Ashton kind of jumps down Brian’s throat, and Brian thinks Ashton is being unfair. In Ashton’s interview, he says, Tanner isn’t well, Abbi is mucking around, and it feels like the wheels are falling off the bus. Brian says they’re supposed to be a team, and Ashton says that’s his point. Brian says he works hard. He’s sorry he missed something, but he’s not perfect. Ashton says, it’s simple stuff, and Brian is saying he’s wrong for bringing it up. In Ashton’s interview, he says he has to put his foot down. He can’t have Brian help inside; it’s not his job. He’s trying be fair, but Brian needs to stop focusing on the interior. It pains him to speak to Brian this way, but as bosun, he has to speak to him about it. Then Brian has audacity to say he’s unfair, and it gets Ashton’s back up. In Brian’s interview, he wonders what this bullsh*t is about. He doesn’t know where it’s coming from, since he pushes himself to the limit every day. Dude, relax. Wtf?

Kevin tells Kate he made granola with his sweat and blood. She says she’ll use her tears as a garnish. Breakfast – my favorite meal – is served. The women start eating, and it gets very quiet. One of them says, food clearly shuts them up. Ashton thinks maybe he came across wrong to Brian, and tells Brian that he appreciates his hard work. If he came across otherwise, he apologizes. He just wants Brian to channel his efforts on the exterior. In Ashton’s interview, he says, bosuning is hard. You have to manage your own emotions and everyone else’s. He’s still trying to figure it out.

Tanner is still not well. He says he feels like absolute dog sh*t. He just wants to relax and watch cartoons. The guests don’t give a f**k if you’re sick, so you’ve got to suck it up and get through it. He goes into the bathroom and throws up.

Kate calls Simone to the galley, and tells her tonight isn’t a ten-course meal, so she can be the alternate, and next charter be on service more. In Simone’s interview, she says she’s looking forward to doing service with Kate and furthering her career. She’s mostly been doing housekeeping for the last two years, and she’s ready for service. She helps Kate serve drinks. Tanner comes out to the crew mess, and says, it’s nice being able to eat; he had nothing yesterday. Ashton tells the deckhands that they need to be more detail oriented. He feels some of them have their heads in the clouds instead of paying attention to details. Tanner says, sounds good, and Ashton says he doesn’t want anyone doing things they’re not enjoying. In Abbi’s interview, she says she loves how he basically singled her out. He can’t expect everyone else to be like him. Tanner tells her that he doesn’t think it was directed toward her. In her interview, Abbi says she wants to be positive, but it’s really hard.

Kevin preps some fish, Tanner says he’s dehydrated, and Abbi can’t stop eating. Brian asks if something is up, and she says she thinks she’s depressed. Tanner asks if it’s the work itself, but Abbi says she doesn’t like the vibe. She wants to get past it and move on. Brian says it happens a lot on charters, and Tanner says it’s always like a roller coaster. In Abbi’s interview, she says she eats when she’s stressed, and she hates this job.

Courtney tells Kate that Abbi doesn’t like the job. Kate says Abbi isn’t depressed; she’s just a brat. Courtney agrees. Ashton tells the deckhands to bring the toys in, and asks Abbi to help with the slide. Simone passes out beer, while Ashton and Tanner take a couple of guests out on the jet skis. Brain tells Abbi that she has to focus, but she doesn’t know what he’s asking for. She gets weepy, and tells Simone that Brian is being a d*ck, and she wants to leave. She starts to cry, and says she’s always so happy. She’s sick of this sh*t, and thinks she needs to quit. Well, she’s not the first one who didn’t like it when they realized it was actual work.

Next time, Captain Lee didn’t see this coming, Abbi doesn’t like the job, Tanner is still sick, the captain expects Kevin to go big or he will be going home, and beef tongue doesn’t go over well with the guests.

🏢 Meanwhile, Outside Pentenville…

Nelle has another project going on.


No More DOOL for Dorian…

But she’s okay with that.


OG Drew…

So that’s where he went after the plane crash.


🏥 It Looks Like He Might Be Ghosting Us

Tony returns to Port Charles.


⏰ Better Wake Up Now…

I hit the snooze. For the impatient, the bulk of the song starts at around 4:00.