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December 12, 2017 – Nelle Holds Court & a Below Deck Farewell


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Carly thanks Bobbie for coming. Bobbie says from the way Carly sounded, she didn’t know whether she needed to be stopped from killing someone or needed help burying a body. Carly says it’s Nelle. Bobbie thought Michael was done with her, but Carly says Nelle isn’t done with them. At least not for the next nine months.

At the MetroCourt, Nelle says good morning to Sonny. He suggests she eat somewhere else, but she says she’s having cravings lately. He asks if she’s expecting someone, and she says she is. He says someone will have to pay for her breakfast; he’s just glad it’s not his son.

Dante sees Michael at the station, and Michael says his car was towed. Like the week wasn’t bad enough. Dante offers to make some calls, but Michael says he already paid the fee. Dante asks if he got any sleep, and Michael says no, but he guesses that will be good for some training. Dante asks what he’s saying, and Michael says Nelle is pregnant.

At Kelly’s, Lulu tells Laura about busting Nelle. Laura asks if Michael is done with her now, and Lulu says once and for all. It felt good to expose her, but it wasn’t exactly what she needed to impress Peter August enough to hire her. Laura says if anyone can do it, she can. Lulu says she’s her mother’s daughter. Laura says she’s ready to take on a new challenge of her own.

Finn knocks on Cassandra’s door, and she welcomes him in. There’s a table laden with a huge breakfast and champagne. She says now that she has a clean bill of health, her appetite and joie de vivre have returned with a vengeance. I really like Jessica Tuck in this role.

Anna meets Sonny for coffee. She asks if it’s about Faison. Sonny says he was there in Port Charles less than 24-hours ago; he and Jason just missed him. He slides the envelope over to her and she pulls out the manuscript, The Severed Branch by P.K. Sinclair. She says it’s Faison’s pen name. It’s starting again. Omg, I hope so.

Carly tells Bobbie that she had to be fair. In the beginning, she thought Nelle was misguided, and did nothing while she got her hooks in Michael. Bobbie says Nelle wouldn’t be the first to fake a pregnancy, but Carly says it was confirmed. She’s pregnant. Bobbie says they have to get a paternity test, and Carly says the appointment has already been made, but she’s not overly optimistic. Nelle is willing to take the test, and she doesn’t think Nelle would risk it if it wasn’t Michael’s. Bobbie asks how Michael feels, and Carly tells her he refuses to walk away. Bobbie says she raised a stand-up guy. Carly says Nelle counted on that, but what she didn’t count on was her. She wants Bobbie to access the test when it comes back. Bobbie asks what she’s suggesting.

Nina and Charlotte go to the MetroCourt. Charlotte sees Nelle and runs to her. She tells Nelle that they’re going to see Santa. Nelle says it’s one of those fun mother/daughter moments, and then corrects that to stepmother. Nina tells Charlotte to go get hot chocolate and cookies. After she leaves, Nina says Nelle couldn’t pay her rent a week ago, now she’s dining at the most expensive restaurant. Nelle says it has nothing to do with her, but Nina says it does. She’s paying with the money she made by selling out Nina’s brother. Carly wasn’t right about Nelle. Nelle is even worse than she said.

Michael tells Dante that Nelle is really pregnant, and he’s probably the father. Dante says he has a lot to think about. Michael says just when he thought they were done, there’s a child. Nathan pops in, asking where Britt is, and goes into the interrogation room to see her. They hug.

Anna asks how Sonny got the manuscript, and he tells her about tracing Obrecht’s burner phone. Spinelli tracked a call to a suite at the Cosmopolitan. They missed Faison, but Britt was there. She said she was tired of running, and stayed behind. She told them the last thing Faison did was burn the manuscript. Anna takes it out of the plastic folder.

Cassandra says Finn hasn’t touched his champagne, and asks if he’s on call. He says they have nothing to celebrate yet. She says what a shame the bean counters at GH care more about the bottom line than human suffering. Finn says he knows all the rules and regulations are for a reason, and Cassandra tells him sometimes you can’t use red tape to bind a wound. He says a doctor’s job is to push boundaries in order to move forward, but they’re sitting on life changing treatments, keeping them from those who need them the most. Cassandra says it’s unconscionable the way the administration treated him after he gave them his profits. He says you’d think they’d cut him some slack, but instead put up roadblocks, and patients are suffering. She says it’s cruel and unnecessary, but the hospital’s loss is their gain. If the breakthrough is what he says it is, she can find a way to develop it, and fast track the distribution. He asks if that’s code for bending the law or breaking it.

Laura tells Lulu about the possible redevelopment of the Charles Street area. Lulu asks why it’s a bad idea, and Laura says she’s not against it, but there are a lot of memories, rich history, diversity, and culture there. Why spoil it with high-rise condos and expensive stores selling nothing anybody needs? I’m with Laura on this, since it happened with a neighborhood near me, when eminent domain was abused. Lulu wonders if she shouldn’t be focused on the wedding, and asks if they have a date.

Nelle tells Nina she told the truth. Nina says she wasn’t being noble. She wanted to make a quick buck and get back at her. Nelle says after Chet (calling him “Chad”) told his story, the book sales got a boost. Technically, she should get a cut. She asks Nina what she has going in terms of good childcare. She and Michael will be looking for a nanny soon. Nina says, poor Michael. Poor Michael nothing. I haven’t heard him say anything about birth control once, and I think he’s old enough to know you need to use it if you don’t want a baby.

Carly tells Bobbie that Nelle plays dirty; they have to play dirtier. Bobbie says she would walk on broken glass for her family, but if the baby is his, the truth will come out. If Michael suspects she kept him from his child, it won’t be good. Carly asks what she’s supposed to do, and Bobbie says it isn’t up to her. Sorry, but the decision is Michael’s, and what he says, goes. Carly says he wants what’s best for the baby, but Nelle is going to use it to worm her way back into his life. Bobbie says probably, but Carly doesn’t have to embrace her. Carly tells Bobbie that Michael won’t let her exclude Nelle, and Nelle will use the baby as leverage to get what she wants.

Dante tells Michael that Nelle isn’t his favorite person, but no matter what, all that matters is the baby. He asks if Michael told Carly and Sonny. Michael says Carly knows, but he hasn’t said anything to Sonny yet. Dante says that Sonny will understand. He despises Ava, but loves Avery. No matter how he feels about Nelle, he will love the child.

Britt tells Nathan that she got tired of running, and tagging along with her father. He wasn’t as bad as she expected, and at times was somewhat kind, but she couldn’t live in limbo. She’s decided to deal with the charges against her, and what comes next. Nathan is sorry for the circumstances, but grateful for the timing. He could use some sisterly advice. He’s going to be a dad. She hugs him.

Cassandra tells Finn that she wouldn’t dream of breaking or bending the law. Regulations maybe, but not the law. He tells her it’s a fine distinction, but she says regulations can prevent progress, while the law facilitates it. She thinks it’s possible for her to fund his research, and circumvent the regulations. He can contribute to society, and be properly rewarded. She wants to shake on it, but he says he’d better not.

Anna looks through the manuscript, and asks if Sonny read it, but he wanted her to look at it first. She says as far as she knows, Faison hasn’t written anything in years. Sonny tells her that Britt said it just showed up, and Faison was shook. Anna thinks he would be too vain to burn his own work, but the true mystery is in the ending. There isn’t one.

Carly tells Bobbie from the moment Nelle slithered her way into town, she had an agenda. Nothing is ever her fault, and she’s always the victim. Michael practically has a neon sign that says, damsel in distress, how can I help? He finally sees her for who she is, and tells her to get lost, and now there’s a baby. Carly knows she did something similar, and wonders if it’s payback or karma biting her in the ass? Bobbie says she forgave Carly long ago, but Nelle isn’t her; she’s a conniving snake. Carly says, and now she’s pregnant. Bobbie tells her every child is a gift. Carly needs to focus on the baby.

Nelle tells Nina that she and Michael are both thrilled. Too bad Nina and Valentin can’t share that feeling, since she can’t have children. Wow. That was mean. Nina says there’s more to motherhood than getting pregnant, and for the baby’s sake, hopes Nelle realizes that. Charlotte comes back, and asks if Nelle can come, but Nina says she has to finish her food; she worked really hard for it. Nelle says she’s waiting for someone, and tells them merry Christmas.

Laura says she can’t wait to marry Doc, and Lulu asks why she is. The sooner she picks a date, the sooner she can make arrangements. Laura says they’ve both been there and done that, and they want something cozy and intimate. Lulu asks if she can help, but Laura says no. She’ll be the first to know when they pick a date; just keep working on her big scoop. Lulu says it will have to wait. She’s meeting Charlotte in the park to see Santa.

Britt tells Nathan to congratulate Maxie, who probably hasn’t forgiven her. She says Obrecht must be over the moon. Nathan is surprised Britt didn’t reach out to her, but Britt says she’ll be there soon enough with lots of helpful criticism. He wishes the circumstances were different, but he’s glad to see her, and is going to do his best to get her out. He’s going to need some advice, and she says she is an OB/GYB; what does he want to know? He says they can start with the family history. Obrecht is dragging her feet.

Anna tells Sonny most authors put a couple of meanings in the title. Sonny says that Britt didn’t think her father wrote it, but if that’s the case, who did? Anna says he has to start with the publisher. She apologizes that she can’t do the legwork, but he tells her he has Spinelli to work on it. Anna says to tell him to be careful. If this is tied to Faison, they can’t take any chances.

Cassandra asks Finn if he’s turning her down. He says no, he appreciates the offer. She says he hides it well, but he tells her he needs time to think. She respects that, although she finds it frustrating. She says she’s going to talk to other researchers in the field while she’s waiting. Finn says he’ll make a decision very soon, as long as there are no other deals in the meantime. Cassandra says she’ll wait, but don’t take too long. He leaves, and they both smile on opposite sides of the closed door.

At the MetroCourt, Anna sees Finn, and asks how the meeting went. He tells her that Cassandra seems to be interested in pain management, and was ready to write a check to fund his research, since the hospital already turned him down. Anna asks if he signed up for that, and when he says no, she says, oh, he played hard to get; good. Finn asks if this is this point where she tells him to get out before it’s too late. She says she cares about his welfare, but since he’s determined, she has no choice but to let him do what he wants. It wouldn’t help anything to have him arrested, so have at it. He tells her that he’s not doing this for an adrenaline rush or to be a hero, but to put a small dent in the epidemic. Anna wants that too, among other things. He says they’re on the same page then. He leaves to get coffee, but keeps turning around to look at her, since he can’t believe it was that easy.

Michael tells Dante that he can’t put it off any longer. He promised meet with Nelle. Dante knows it’s not how Michael wanted it to go, but however it shakes out, the family will be there.

At the park, Nina asks if Charlotte has a list for Santa, and Charlotte asks if they can go shopping for papa afterward. Lulu arrives, and tells Charlotte that the first time she saw her, she was on Santa’s lap. She didn’t know she was Charlotte’s mom, but felt an instant connection. She asks if Charlotte is excited about their first Christmas together, but Charlotte looks sad. She asks Nina if she and papa will be lonely. Nina says they’ll miss her, but will have their own Christmas after. Charlotte gets excited about having two Christmases, and Nina says it’s a bonus.

On the phone, Sonny tells Spinelli that he’s sending a package to him that he needs to work on asap. Nelle tells the waitress to put her bill on Mr. Corrinthos’s tab. Sonny says he won’t be joining her or buying her breakfast, and Nelle says she meant Michael. The waitress says she’ll have to get his approval first, and leaves. Sonny says Nelle wanted him to hear, but she says she’d rather he not notice her at all. She’s waiting for Michael. He tells her not to hold her breath. She asks if he has Monica’s number. She thinks it would be a good idea to get together and discuss their future as a family. They need to get past the animosity and suspicion, and get along, now that she’s having a baby. Carly walks in and makes a disgusted face.

Finn tries to get into his room, but his keycard won’t work.

Dante sees Laura, and she says he just missed Lulu, but since here, she’s wondering if Michael mentioned any details about the Charles Street development. He asks if she wants him to reveal a confidential conversation, and she takes that as a yes.

Lulu thanks Nina, who says it was important to Charlotte that they all be there. She gives Lulu some coffee, and says she would have gone to Kelly’s if she’d known she was going to run into Nelle. She said she was eating for two, and Lulu will never guess who the father is. Lulu says, Michael. She can’t believe it. She was just saying how glad he must be to be rid of her. Charlotte has a piece of paper with her list on it, and Lulu looks at the other side. It’s a ballot, and she asks Charlotte where she got it.

Sonny asks Carly to tell him it’s a lie. She wishes she could, but Nelle is definitely pregnant, and it could be Michael’s. Finn interrupts, telling Carly his keycard isn’t working. Carly says that’s because he checked out; she had the locks reset. He freaks about his stuff and Roxie, but she says she had housekeeping pack up everything, and made sure they were gentle with Roxie. She liked having him there, but right now she’s in middle of something. She tells him good luck. He wonders what’s going on, and turns around to see Anna dangling a key from her hand.

Nelle says she, Carly, and Sonny should discuss their grandchild. Carly says she’s going to milk this, isn’t she? Nelle says she’s not apologizing for wanting the best for her kid.

Dante tells Laura he knows where Lulu got her devious streak. Laura says he can’t blame a girl for trying. Dante tells her that there’s going to be a public hearing, but it’s probably just a formality.

Charlotte asks if she did something wrong. Lulu says she was just wondering where Charlotte found it. Charlotte says at Windemere, and Lulu tells Nina it’s a ballot.

Britt says it was a mixed blessing, having Obrecht as her mom her whole life. Just when she thought she could predict her or figure her out, she would discover Obrecht was playing a completely different game, so she gave up. Nathan wonders if he shouldn’t bother, and Britt tells him to keep pressing. Just focus on the facts, and don’t try to figure out her motives. He needs to do his best. The more complete the family history, the better to anticipate issues in the future. He turned out fine, and she’s sure his child will too. The guard comes in, saying it’s time for lock-up. Nathan tells her not to lose hope. After she’s gone, he calls Obrecht. He says he has news, and questions that still need answering.

Michael is surprised to see Sonny and Carly with Nelle, and asks if she invited his parents. She says no, it was just good luck. Sonny says he can call it a lot of other things. Nelle suggests they discuss the wonderful new addition, and says it’s a blessing.

On the phone, Cassandra says she has good news. The new product might be ready sooner than expected. She found the man and means to speed up the process.

Finn asks Anna what the keys are for. She says what they’re usually for, unlocking a door. He says, like his was supposed to do? She says they live in a house, not a hotel, and if he insists on doing business with Cassandra, she’s responsible for keeping him alive. He tells her he can take care of himself. She says his life is her legal responsibility. She has to keep him as close as possible to insure his safety. He asks if he can’t just sign a waiver. She tells him if he wants to play, these are the rules. She’ll see him at home. He rolls his eyes.

Tomorrow, Ava tells Julian that family sticks together, Nelle tells Michael that he’ll regret it if he refuses to make her life easy, and Jason goes to see Drew.

Below Deck – Reunion

Or what I like to call, the cheap reunion, since it’s always in the clubhouse, instead of some amazing palace. Everyone looks fab, especially Kate and Baker.

In a quick catch up, we find out that Baker’s step-uncle is Thomas Ravenel (Southern Charm). Nico recently spread his brother’s ashes, and his family is working on promoting organ tissue donation. He says it was a tough decision to make to come back this season.

We flash back on how green the crew was. Captain Lee laughs, Nico looks mortified, and Jen has nothing at all in her head. A viewer asks who the captain would or would not work with again. He wants to plead the fifth, but Chris (who was fired mid-season and isn’t there) is a definite no. Kate says it was extra work this season, and she had to split tips with people who didn’t work as hard, and were unappreciative of the work that was done. A viewer asks if EJ thinks someone else should have been fired. He says he was on the fence, although Chris seemed to be pulling his weight. Captain Lee has no regrets. Baker says Chris was the weakest link, but it was sink or swim. Nico says he wasn’t a bad guy, but his work ethic was just so enough to get by. Kyle says it didn’t feel like his Valor.

We go back to EJ coming on board, Nico’s feelings about it, and the struggle being real between them. Andy asks if Nico would have had issues with anyone, and he says it was painful to watch. He thinks he was mentally stressed, and it was like the last straw. He felt hurt. Andy asks if Captain Lee thought Nico deserved bosun, and he says, hell no. Andy points out Nico threatening to quit if he didn’t become bosun, and Nico is like, geez, pick on me, why don’t you? EJ says his apology was half-hearted, but he knew it wasn’t going to change. The captain says he didn’t see the childish behavior during the season, and didn’t appreciate it when he saw it on TV. Nico hadn’t gone through the maturation process he should have. Nico agrees he shouldn’t have acted that way, but thinks he did earn his promotion. Captain Lee says the time to get it right is in the moment, not apologize when it’s over, and make excuses. They have a job to do. Either do it, or accept the help. Nico didn’t have the common sense to accept and appreciate the help he was given. Nico admits his comments are fair.

Hook-ups and near hook-ups are reviewed, including Bruno’s turn as a sushi platter. Almost everyone is single. EJ is asked why he didn’t seal the deal with Baker, but he says it seemed wrong to kiss her and leave. He adds that it wasn’t what he was there to do. Andy asks if Baker would have been receptive. She says nothing wrong with that, and he suggests the night is young. Andy asks if Matt hadn’t been so drunk, would Bri have been more receptive? She says it was a bummer for sure. Matt thinks it worked out for the best, since they did work closely together. We find out Bri’s guy just left NYC, and Bri says they’re not dating yet, but thinks she’s in love.

Andy asks about the charter guest that grabbed Jen’s butt, and if they really suggested a threesome. Jen says it was more like a broad suggestion. Kate is asked why she didn’t address it with the captain. She says Jen had told her they were drunk and out of control, which happens a lot with charter guests. It’s not right, but out in international waters, they think they paid to do whatever they want, plus there’s alcohol. Kate says knowing what she knew, she handled it appropriately. She made sure Jen wasn’t alone with them, and gave her a whistle. Captain Lee agrees. Andy asks if he knew what was going on, but he says he saw it on TV. He says separating Jen was the best thing, because there’s no reasoning with a drunk. If he’d needed to get involved, they’d have walked home.

Next up is Nico and Bri. BTW, Nico is looking cute with a bit of a Miami Vice scruffy look. We see clips of them, and Nico ending up going back to his girlfriend. He says they got together for a short amount of time, but it didn’t work out. Andy asks how pissed she was. Nico says he told her beforehand. She wasn’t happy, but he doesn’t really regret it. He thanks Bri for being supportive during a bad time. Going back to his girlfriend, he says hearing something, and seeing it physically unravel, are two different things. Bri thinks he wasn’t totally honest, because she didn’t know it was a committed relationship. She says if she’d had more feelings invested, she would have been hurt, but it was more like being there for each other. Andy calls it a boatmance.

A viewer asks what happened in Barcelona between Bri and Nico? Bri says it was Nico’s birthday, and she was drunk when she met him. They shared a cab back, but nothing happened. Again, the lying about his girlfriend question comes up. I thought we covered that already. Andy asks about regrets. Nico thinks he was clear, and Bri said she liked being free. Bri concurs that she’s not heartbroken either way.

Jen is next, and we review what an a-hole she is. Kate is not amused, and Jen looks embarrassed. A viewer asks what she thought she was signing up for? She says she knew, but admits to complaining. Kate is asked if it was the worst crew ever, and if she could have been nicer. She says until you work on a charter, you can’t comprehend how much work there is. The worst season for her was on the Eros with Rocky (yeah, she was certifiable). Kate says it was not good. Jen says they had a banter that was sarcastic, witty, and jovial, but there’s a fine line between joking and insulting. Jen apologizes, and Kate concedes that she was being a bitch sometimes.

Captain Lee says on the boat, he wasn’t privy to what was going on. Kate never came to him with anything about Jen. After he saw it, had he known about a couple of instances, he would have read Jen the riot act. Kyle says he didn’t think things were so jovial, and he defended Kate when Jen “slagged her off.” Kate says let Jen vent, and she can defend herself. Bri says they were hard on each other, and Matt says thy actually had fun, because he can’t stand being left out.

A viewer brings up them using the word “whore,” and both Kate and Jen apologize. Another viewer asks why it’s okay with Jen to call Baker a whore, and Jen says she apologized to Baker. She was drunk, and had no place doing that. Baker says end-of-the-night stuff isn’t to be taken seriously. Good attitude! Jen’s drinking is brought up, and Jen says it was hard to watch; it’s not who she is. Oh, how I hate when people say that. Jen says she barely drinks, only champagne, and only on the weekends, every other weekend. Okay…

We move to Jen taking a bite of Kyle’s food, and he says she has no manners. Kyle lectures about asking first. Nico thinks he’s being dramatic, but it’s his thing. Andy asks if something could have happened between Kyle and Jen prior to the food incident. Kyle says he’s with a lot of guys on the boats most of the time, so when he sees an attractive woman, he wants to go for it, even if it’s just to have a good time out. She effed it up with the food. I’m with Jen on this one. It was a clean fork, and he over-reacted. He’s over-reacting right now.

Jen thinks a lot of the crew forgot about their own green time, and says she’s aware of being a lot to handle. Kyle says she played the victim, and was a liar. Kate says she was similar on her first yacht. Andy asks if Bri was working toward being second stew. Bri says she felt like she was from the beginning (yep), and thinks she deserved it. Jen agrees. EJ says Kate knows what she’s doing; the rest aren’t as well versed in different yachts; they’re coming in with little experience. Kate worked with what she had, and got them through the season. Andy asks if Kate would work with Jen again. Kate says no one makes her laugh more. It’s an important quality, and they’re friends. She’s a pleasure to be around, but Kate isn’t sure yachting is for her. She’d work with Jen again, but would like to see her more in her element, and thinks her strengths are suited to other industries.

Bruno joins the group via Skype. He’s been working out, and he’s quite jacked. He’s also gotten engaged to his partner, Joseph. Andy asks if he’s officially gay, and Bruno says if you want to label him, sure. He’s engaged to a beautiful heart and a beautiful person. Bruno is way too altruistic for me. He’s asked if he’s team Nico or team EJ, and he says, Nico for sure. Andy asks why, and he says it’s simple. Nico was there in the beginning, teaching him and being supportive, regardless of his personal issues.

Andy says, Matt started good, but guests didn’t always think his food was well done (BA-DUM-CHH!). We see clips of some complaints. Andy tells us that between Matt’s food gaffs and girlfriend troubles, Bruno helped him. Andy tells Matt it was a rough season. Matt says he brought personal things to the workplace, and wishes he hadn’t. Andy asks Kate if she missed Ben. Kate says good banter makes her laugh, but it’s nice to have break from his intensity. A viewer asks why there’s no sous chef, and Matt says he had Bruno. Andy says no labels; he’s whatever he is. Andy asks Bruno why he helped Matt, and Bruno says he loves cooking. He saw Matt needed help, so why not? He says Matt’s a great listener, and wonders why someone wasn’t helping him out, like Kate did at the end. She didn’t help him all season, but their last powwow showed him how much Kate was a team player. Bruno feels that she only criticized all season. He didn’t see her sitting with Matt like she did during the last charter. I’m wondering when it became the chief stew’s job to help out the chef. Andy asks Kate if Bruno is helpful or a know-it-all. She says he was a little out of line and entitled. They appreciated the team work, but would appreciate it more if he didn’t boast so much. Bruno says he tried to be helpful and turn things around with her, but she wasn’t receptive. Andy asks Bri if Bruno or Jen would make a better stew, and she says Bruno. Captain Lee says, it was too little too late with Matt. He’d thought Matt had it inside, and didn’t need anyone other than what he possessed in his own talents. Kate thinks Bruno would make a wonderful stew, but wouldn’t want to work with him, since he has no respect for her. Bruno says he respects everyone, but respect is mutual, and there were a lot of unpleasant movements. On that note, we bid Bruno goodbye.

Andy asks who Captain Lee’s all-star crew team would be. He decides on Kate, Nico, Eddie, Ben, and Kelley, in that order. Andy says that Nico told Baker he was going to be a plumbing apprentice, and asks how that panned out. Nico says he’s working for the family company, and studying for his captain’s license. He and his brother are buying a boat, and going to be chartering it. Andy asks about any regrets, and EJ says, not kissing Baker. Everyone wants him to do it now, and he says it’s too much pressure. Jen suggests he take her out tonight. Kate thinks she’s friends with everyone, but she and Jen really clicked. Kyle jokes that he’s lonely. Andy thanks them all for a great season, and we’re out. I’ll miss them. And that blue, blue water.

Postscript: The reunion was even cheaper than I thought, since it was also used for tonight’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.






December 5, 2017 – Tradition vs a Bensonhurst Tree & Timothy Redeems Himself


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Olivia-Q whistles Jingle Bells, as she decorates a big, white tree. Monica walks in, saying, omg what’s that? Olivia says it’s a Christmas tree. Monica says typically, they have natural tree, and they have an attic of traditional ornaments. Olivia says she was told she could do the tree, and did it like they do in Bensonhurst. Monica says that explains it. Olivia tells her if she has something to say, say it to her face. I kind of understand this. Way back in the 70s, my father thought he’d be cool, and brought home an artificial, silver tree. My sister and I were both mortified. It never happened again.

Alexis tells Michael she’s on retainer with ELQ, and has to discuss some issues. Andrew being added to the family triggers the redistribution of stock, since he’s entitled along with other grandchildren. Michael says he’s okay with that, but she says it means they can vote for a new CEO. He tells her that he’ll cross that bridge when he comes to it. Jason will back him, and Drew can argue for change if wants. Ned suggests buying them both out.

Kim leaves a phone message for Oscar, apologizing and telling him that she loves him, and can do better. Amy comes by, asking if she’s okay, and she says she got turned around, and doesn’t want to be late for her first appointment. Amy says she’s going the same way. She loves OB shifts, and says it must be rewarding, bringing new lives into the world. Kim says there’s more to it than that, but that part is thrilling. She tells the patient she’ll be right with them, and Maxie says they’re ready when she is

Lulu meets with Peter at the MetroCourt. He asks how he can help her, and she says he can change her life.

Drew tells someone on the phone to send over the contracts. Sam asks what’s going on, and he tells her today is the first day of the rest of his life. This should have been everyone’s first clue. Jason would have never said things like that, and this dude always does. Sam says, their lives. He says he might as well start living like it, and throws his desk nameplate into the wastebasket. He tells her last night he went to the footbridge to think in his spot, and realized it’s not his spot; it’s his. He gave money to the city to buy the land. Drew remembers doing it, but it’s not his memory. He has a lot of memories about the bridge, but the last three years aren’t his. Sam says those years still happened; they have Scout and their family. He tells her that she’s his anchor. Most of his memories aren’t his, but the last three years are all his – her, him, and the kids.

Kim introduces herself, and tells Maxie and Nathan she’ll be taking Dr. Lee’s place while she’s on leave. Maxie introduces Nathan, and Amy asks if she’s pregnant. Nathan tells Kim that they go way back. Amy babbles at them, and Kim says Maxie can fill her in after the appointment. Maxie says she just told a few people. They want to keep it quiet during first trimester. Amy tells her not to worry. She knows how to keep a secret, unlike some people. Maxie asks what that’s supposed to mean?

Monica tells Olivia that she should have checked in on the Quartermaine traditions, but Olivia says she thought she’d expand on them; that’s how family works, everyone bringing in their own contributions. She tells Monica that she treats her like staff rather than family. No, she actually treats the staff better. Monica tells her not to take it personally; the tree doesn’t fit the room. Olivia says she takes a dig at her every chance she gets. Monica says she tried to take over. Does she have to remind Olivia that it’s her house? Olivia says she knows; Alan gave it to her. Monica says no one is forcing her to live there. Olivia asks if Monica doesn’t think she longs to have a house where she cook and decorate it the way she sees fit? The thought of creating a home for her family means a lot to her, but Ned wants to preserve the legacy. There aren’t a lot of Quartermaines left. That’s why she’s there, for the sake of his family. She wishes Monica could see her as a member of the family too.

Peter asks how he can change Lulu’s life. She says she loves her life and the people in it. She’s the mother of two children, and owns the Haunted Star. He says it sound like a full life, but she says the kids are getting older, and the club runs itself. Now she wants to pursue her first love – journalism. She used to work for a magazine, and has had a few articles published lately. She starts to pull them out, and Peter tells her to stop right there.

Maxie says Amy is still blaming her, but she had nothing to do with the exposé. Kim kicks Amy and Nathan out, and tells Nathan she’ll need his medical history.

Peter tells Lulu that she’ll essentially be starting over. She says she’s worked in publishing before, but is willing to start at the bottom. He says she’ll be competing with others who are coming in with a presold brand, and a million Twitter followers. She says she’s not interested in covering pop culture, and wants to do investigative reporting. He says he won’t be doing her a favor in giving her false expectations, and an article about school food isn’t hard journalism. She says until the children come down with salmonella or funding is cut for the ones who get their only square meal there. She thanks him for his time, and he tells her to wait. He says that they do buy freelance pieces, and if she brings him a compelling story, he’ll consider finding her a position. She says it’s a deal.

Alexis can’t advise them, since she has a conflict of interest with both Sam and Jason. Ned says the wording of the will has plagued them for years. The company is finally stable, making money, and has growth potential. The board is happy, the stockholders are happier; why rock the boat? Drew is a wildcard, and Jason doesn’t care. Michael thinks it’s not in the spirit of the will, but Ned asks how they know. It’s time to step up and act in the best interest of the family.

Amy tells Nathan she knows she’s being petty, and he says Maxie is innocent – of this. Amy says she’ll take her at her word. He knows they have a history, and Maxie’s first reaction is – Amy says, hysterical, histrionic, and paranoid. Maxie thinks she’s superior. Nathan says she only acts like she does. She has no nursing degree, no successful book, and hasn’t helped any siblings. She admires Amy. He doesn’t want them snarking at each other. He wants Amy to be an honorary aunt, so give the mom some slack. Amy says she didn’t mean to put him in the middle. Ask Man Landers wouldn’t have gotten as far as it did without Maxie. Nathan asks about Chet, and Amy tells him that he checked into a VA program. He’s determined to get the  help he needs, and everything is working out. She asks what’s going on with Nathan, and he says not to tell Maxie, but the doctor asking for his family medical history got him thinking. Growing up, he believed that the people who raised him were his parents, and he only saw his biological father a few times. Amy has no doubt he’ll make excellent father. She hugs him, and Kim comes out, asking if he wants to hear the baby’s heartbeat.

Maxie tells Nathan that she’ll be expecting back rubs. Kim finds the heartbeat. Nathan says, that’s a baby. Maxie says, it is. He kisses her.

Michael doesn’t think Jason signing over his shares will benefit ELQ, and it would break their grandfather’s heart. He loved all of them, but Jason was the apple of his eye. Ned says Jason is a career criminal, unless he’s given up working for Sonny. Michael says in all those years, he’s never interfered, and he doesn’t see it happening now. Ned says focus on Drew then. Michael says he’s also part of the family. Ned says so is Jimmy Lee. It has more to do with loyalty than biological inheritance. He says Drew is an outsider, and if he hadn’t been mistaken for Jason, he wouldn’t have anything to do with it. Monica asks if they’ve found proof as to who is who yet (wouldn’t it have been all over town, if not in the paper, already?). Michael tells her the twin who jumped through skylight is Jason. Alexis says she found out last night, and came to talk about the repercussions for ELQ. Ned suggesting paying Drew a ton of money means more to them than him. Ned thinks it’s what their grandfather would have wanted, but Monica asks what would Alan have wanted? He’s Drew’s father.

Kim asks how Maxie’s daughter feels about a sibling? Maxie says she’s confused; it’s hard to explain on FaceTime, and she lives in Portland with her father. He agrees she should spend more time with Maxie, and he’s a great friend and father. She asks if Kim has kids, and she says she has a son. She leaves, and Maxie tells Nathan she needs to text Spinelli. At the elevator, Maxie and Nathan discuss the person who thought he was Jason being Andrew Kane, and Kim overhears. Maxie says Sam thought she was married to Jason, but surprise! She must be totally freaking out.

Drew says Sam brought him back from the brink. It’s not easy on her, finding out the man she’s married to wasn’t not exactly who she thought he was. Sam says she married the man she’s in love with, the man she thinks about all day, the one who gave her a beautiful daughter, and took a bullet for her. They both brought each other back so they could be reborn. They can start brand new. She tells him she loves him so much, calling him Drew. He loves her too. They kiss. He says it’s the first time she’s said she loved him, calling him by his real name. She tells him to get used to it, for rest of lives. Kim drops by, and says she’s sorry she’s there unannounced, but she’s heard he’s Andrew Kane. Drew says he needs time to get used to it, but yeah. He asks what brings her by, and she says she wanted to talk about her son.

Alexis says the will stipulates the company is divided between all heirs who were alive at the time of Edward’s death. Drew is entitled to his share. Monica says there was some argument when Jason was born that he was illegitimate, and has less of a right, but Alan would hear nothing of it. He would want Drew treated the same way. Ned tells her that he was just looking out for what’s best for the family. Drew has bought his own company; he doesn’t care about ELQ. Monica reminds him that at one point, Drew bought ELQ, and restored it to the Quartermaines. It sound like caring to her. Olivia and Michael agree.

Lulu congratulates Maxie, and Maxie asks how the meeting went. Obrecht is having coffee at the bar, and Nathan joins her. She tells him she’s doing a research project that could lead to opportunities. He asks if she means legal ones, and she says she’s determined to avoid legal troubles. She’d rather talk about her grandchild, and he tells her about the appointment. He says he has a project involving the baby that requires her help. He needs his medical history, and information on his father.

Lulu tells Maxie how Peter wants a story so compelling, he can’t resist publishing it. Maxie is glad she stood up for herself; she should have stood up for herself with Amy. She tells Lulu about Amy making a comment about not being able to keep a secret. If she was going to out Man Landers, she wouldn’t give it to a sleazefest like The Invader. If she found out who did it, she would scratch their eyes out. Lulu says she’s a genius.

Drew says Kim probably realized Oscar snuck out, and they ran into each other on the footbridge. He tells her Oscar is a good kid, and don’t punish him too hard. Sam hates to put her on the spot, but says that when Carly came over, she’d said Kim knew Drew back in the day. She asks if that’s true.

Sam says Drew knows basic facts from his service record. Most of his assignments were classified, and they know he went missing in 2012, but Kim knew him from before that. Kim says they were both in San Diego in the early 2000s, but she can’t help. Drew was deployed not long after they met, and they lost touch. She hadn’t thought about him in years. Sam appreciates her honesty.

Max is glad someone thinks she’s a genius. Lulu gets on the phone to text Bobbie. She says she has the perfect story for Mr. Smug. Crimson’s reputation was damaged when the Man Landers scandal broke. Maxie says her reputation too. Fans understand why they did it, but still think they’re complicit in the fraud. Lulu wants to get to the bottom of it, and do an investigation on who leaked it to The Invader. The rat will be exposed, the CEO will be indebted to her, and hire her on the spot. Maxie thinks it’s impossible, but Lulu says she has a plan. Maxie asks what it is; the story affects her. They decide to go in on it together.

Ned says, et tu, Olivia? She says she’s  standing with Monica on this. Drew is a Quartermaine like the rest of them. Ned says when Tracy lectured, she must have listened. Olivia says they have a lot in common with the Falconari’s; loyalty to family. They might bicker and fight, but when the chips are down, they stick together. He’s a Quartermaine, the same as all of them. There’s room in the family for all of them. Ned says she makes an excellent point. His first impulse was to protect ELQ, but he may have gone too far. Monica says he’s Tracy’s son; it’s in his DNA. They need to get in touch with both of them, welcome Jason back, and let Andrew know he’s welcome.

Nathan tells Obrecht that genetic counseling is standard procedure. Obrecht thinks Victor’s WSB records are probably classified. He says he can talk to Alexis. Obrecht says there was a full medical work-up when he was born. She’ll get it out of storage and send it. He thanks her, and returns to Maxie. Obrecht gets on the phone, and says she needs help with something urgent. Nathan wonders where Maxie went. I’m wondering if Faison is really his father.

She and Lulu are in hazmat suits at The Invader offices. She says the plan is going to work. Trust her.

Monica says she left a message for both brothers. She hopes they know they have family there. Michael says they do, and asks if Olivia wants to take Leo to see Santa when he takes Avery. They make plans to meet later, and he leaves. Olivia tells Monica that she’s right; the tree is tacky. She was trying to hard to create a false Christmas, and got carried away. Monica says it came from Olivia’s heart, and she should have been more open. When she stood up for Drew being part of the family, she became aces in Monica’s book. Olivia says it’s not easy for him; they’re tough. Monica says so is she, and it wouldn’t be a home without her being there. Monica wants her to think of it as her house. Olivia says Monica is making her emotional. Me too. She says Christmas is about family traditions, and if Monica wants a pine-smelling needle-dropping tree, she has it. They can pick it out together, and she’ll give this one to the women’s shelter. But she gets Easter. Monica says she has it, and they hug.

Ned apologizes to Alexis for being so callous about her son-in-law trying to adjust. She says everyone needs time to process it.

Kim says she’s sorry she can’t help Drew figure out who he is. She wishes him luck, and leaves. A soldier in a camo uniform comes to the door. He says he needs Andrew to come with him. He’s under arrest for desertion.

Tomorrow, Julian wants to see his son, Carly tells Sonny nothing is settled, and Nelle plays an elf.

Below Deck

Kate says when Kyle is done talking about his feelings, then he can tell her what she’s doing wrong. He admits he shouldn’t have been sleeping on the crew mess couch. She’s like, great, now help me with this carnival theme party. She wants him to get in the clown costume, and being super cheerful and happy. Nico is ready to go home and clear his head.

Timothy babbles about WiFi. Kate tells him the schedule, and asks if it’s okay to get the table set. In her interview, she says he’s all excited about the seafood tower, the champagne tower, and the fireworks. It’s like his bar mitzvah all over again. Kate asks Nico to take the guests on a lengthy tour, while they prepare.

Baker makes decorations, and Kyle makes balloon animals. Jen is trying to keep it together, but says she’s talking to Kate when it’s over. Bri works on the champagne tower. Kate says she’s not worried about the crew, just the third stew. She tells the crew to change into their costumes while she’s doing dinner service. She tells Nico to give an overview of the very expensive toilet to stall for more time. The toilet is creepy. I don’t want my toilet doing all kinds of electronic things.

Omg, the seafood looks fabulous. Dinner is served, and pronounced amazing. Kyle feels like Kate is taking things too personal, but Nico says welcome to Kate’s world; it’s all business. He wouldn’t lose sleep over it. Baker says Jen is a day late and a dollar short. She’s googling what a mime looks like two minutes before they’re starting. Timothy does not want kale. He’s pleased with the cauliflower mash though. Kyle thinks Jen needs to sort her sh*t out. Timothy gives a lecture on protein.

Kate tells everyone five minutes. The fireworks are about to happen. Matt is nailing the last meal, and wants the plates cleared. Timothy says in past lives every successful person was named Tim. Okay… Matt goes up to clear the plates himself. Jen passes out the dessert, and the guests laugh because she can’t talk. Matt says he struggled the season, but is leaving a better chef. Kate says the fireworks are about to begin, and get the goggles out for the champagne spraying.

She tells the guests that they have a surprise, and to grab their cocktails. The table has cream pies lined up. Kyle’s gun that shoots out a bang! flag doesn’t work properly, but the fireworks go off without a hitch. Kate says all the hard work is behind her, and it’s downhill from here. She’s wearing a plush monkey, and tells the guests there’s another surprise.

Kyle begins the champagne spray. In his interview, Captain Lee says Timothy has a better chance of seeing God twice in the next thirty seconds, than spraying him with champagne. This all looks incredibly stupid. They’re throwing pies at one another, and wasting bottles of Dom Perignon. Afterward, Kate passes out towels, and everyone goes off to shower or whatever. There’s a group hug in the galley. Kate says the guests are happy, they’re happy, but the boat is a disaster. They clean up the mess, and wash down the deck. About 80% of this job is cleaning up after people who are often slobs. The captain asks Kate how Timothy is, and she says she thinks he’s happy.

Nico ponders. Nico looks at old photos. Nico hopes Melissa takes him back. He’s going to have to tell Bri that she’s going on by herself.

Timothy says they went out with a bang. Jen snoozes. Kate thinks everyone should be a part of the last meal. In her interview, Kate she says the feeling when the last guest leaves the boat, is a better feeling than sex, Christmas, or Christmas sex. Matt concocts breakfast, and it looks so good. Bruno says he’s going to be sad. Baker is excited. Matt sings an ode to scrambled eggs. Kate says of course Jen is late. She does a Night Before Christmas riff on the crew not working, and her having to do it by herself.

Anchor is pulled up. A guest asks for a chocolate milkshake. Bri tells Nico she’s getting in the groove. In his interview, Nico says he’s the coolest of the cool dudes, but chicken sh*t when it comes to breaking up with girls. I’d say try complete and utter a-hole. It’s the last docking, and he took it emotionally that he wasn’t bosun, but at the end, he just wants to be team player and get the job done. Bri talks about her new stripes, and Jen takes her marbles and goes home. In her interview, Jen says that Bri is being insensitive. Maybe if she’d actually worked, she’d have stripes too.

It’s goodbye to the guests. Matt is like yes! Timothy says it was an Incredible trip; he didn’t expect it to be this good after the last one with the WiFi issue. I’m so glad he’s leaving, so I don’t have to hear that word again. He says they got him what he needed on shore, and they made some good trades. His guests loved it, and Captain Lee is like fine wine; he gets better with age. He gives the captain the tip, and tells Kate to smile more. In her interview, she asks if anyone would like to mention the circus extravaganza, or if they just want to insult her facial expressions, that’s good too. Even with all his jabbering about WiFi, I have to admit that Timothy has mellowed. He’s not nearly as obnoxious this time. Maybe he saw himself. At least I don’t have to resort to tweeting.

Kate meets with the stews for champagne, and tells them that they did an amazing job. Jen says it was frustrating at times, because she felt like she had two bosses. Bri says she told her to always defer to what Kate says. Kate tells Bri that she must have frustrations too, and they agree Jen takes too long to get ready. Jen says they pretend to be doing laundry when they’re really getting ready, and gets all defensive. She says Kate never let’s her speak, just like “this one,” referring to Bri. Bri says they’ve worked together for six weeks; she has a name. Kate tries to talk, but Jen won’t let either of them talk. Kate tells her to go back to living in her glass house on land, because she’s clearly not a yachty. Kate tells Bri, good work. Jen stomps off.  I don’t think yachting is for Jen. Unless she’s a guest. Jen isn’t letting it affect her future plans. She wants to get home to her baby girl, who wants her home.

It’s tip time. Captain Lee says it went pretty well, and gives Kate kudos for the fireworks, saying they were cool. He says it was their best charter. He wishes they had done it earlier, but they nailed it. He singles Matt out for excellence in brainstorming. He tells them it was a learning experience for them. Some learned a lot. He says Nico’s work was admirable. He stayed on top; well done. He gives Nico an envelope, saying it’s for him. He opens it, and there are bosun stripes in it. Even I smile. In his interview, he says he looks at the captain like a father figure, and the promotion means a lot. Captain Lee jokes that he doesn’t get any money now. He tells Nico that he appreciates his good qualities.

This deserved a new paragraph because the tip is $30K. Wow-wow-wow. Timothy definitely made up for being the biggest d-bag on the planet last time. Captain Lee says it’s a new record. $2720 each. Text appears at the bottom of the screen, telling us they’ve made a total of $168K this season. The captain says they know what they have to do; get it done. Then they can have one last hurrah tonight. Everyone is happy. Matt has an idea. They should watch the sunset at the top of the fort. They can bring champagne.

They hike to the top of a huge hill, where the fort is, and toast to a spectacular season. Nico talks to Bruno about missing his brother. Bruno says his brother is proud of him. They go back to change.

Bri says she and Nico had planned something fun for after the season, but since the hotel, he’s been cold, so she doesn’t know what’s going on. Everyone gets ready to go out. Baker gets seriously glam. They go to shore to a restaurant in St. Martin. Kyle talks about smashing the primary in the face with a pie. Kate toasts to a great job. Nico knows what he needs to do, and the anticipation is killing him. He takes her aside to talk to her. Baker thinks they’re not talking about the weather.

Nico says he obviously likes hanging out with her, but thinks he needs to go home. He doesn’t want to talk about what’s going on with his family, but it affects him a lot. He tells her it’s nothing personal, but the right thing to do. In her interview, Bri says she’d be lying to say she’s not disappointed; she’s bummed, but family comes first.

Matt’s not drinking as much, and he’s proud of himself. He’s leaving the season not tired and drunk; it’s a good feeling. Bri tells Kate about Nico going home instead of on vacation with her. She thought he was acting weird, but didn’t think he’d ditch her the day before they were leaving. There’s a bonfire, and Bri, Kyle, and Baker dance.

Jen says she’d regret if she didn’t approach Kate. She wants closure, and to know what she did to deserve being treated like this. Um… not work? She tells Kate she needs to speak her mind. Kate says she loves hearing Jen talk, but doesn’t have time. It’s not personal. Jen thinks Kate feels better cutting others down. In her interview, Kate says the season ended. Why now? Not only is the season over, she doesn’t care. She tells Jen that she wishes Jen spent less time concerned about her. Jen cuts her off, and says thank you. In her interview, Jen says maybe down the road, Kate will hear the voice of reason, and realize she’s been hard on her. Ha-ha-ha! Is she kidding? Jen wanders off.

Everyone goes back to boat. It looks beautiful at night, with all the lights reflecting off the water. The next morning, Nico tells Bruno he won’t forget working with him. He helped Nico grow, and was emotionally supportive. They bro hug.

Kyle thanks Captain Lee for calling. It was the way he likes his relationships, short and sweet. The captain says he’s half right. Kyle is sad he’s leaving on bad terms with Kate, but he thinks he’s the better person. He’s looking forward to a nice, crisp pint of cider and nap. Bruno says goodbye. Kate says he has a great career ahead, as a deckhand or stew. He asks Captain Lee if he can have a recommendation letter, and the captain says sure. He thinks Bruno has a great future. Bruno is happy he moved from cruise ships. He’s going to be the best yachty ever in the industry.

Nico tells Matt that he’s going to Chicago. He’s going to tell Melissa that he effed-up. Kate says it was a pleasure to work with Matt. It was too bad they got into the groove so late. She thinks he’s too nice for yachting. Captain Lee says he thought Matt would go through the whole season without a groove, but he found it.

Baker tells Jen no hard feelings about calling her a whore. Ha-ha! She thinks she’s a  better deckhand now. She ended up having to step it up, and she’s proud of herself. She’s off to stimulate the economy, and who knows what after that. Kate asks Jen if she had fun, and Jen says she did. Kate believes some of the things Jen said were just frustration, and hopes she knows Kate did work. Jen says she never doubted it. In her interview, Jen says she learned a lot, some of it not expected. As difficult as it was, she likes big boats, and she cannot lie. She tells Bri that different people see things differently. She’s hoping to be an example to her daughter, by her seeing a mother who lives her dreams, and doesn’t fear failure. It’s a valuable lesson.

Nico calls Melissa, telling her sorry for everything. She says it’s not easy. He says he’s excited to see her, and she feels the same. He tells us he’s not giving up until he wins her heart back. He loves her. Kate tells Bri it was fun working with her. Bri tells Nico that she’s glad he was on the boat. He says it was nice connecting and spending time. In his interview, Nico says he wants to prove he’s not an a-hole or a bad guy; just human. Bri says no regrets. Everything happens for reasons, and it could have been great. Nico has healing to do, and she hopes he takes time to do that.

Captain Lee says Nico did well, and he hopes they work together again. In his interview, Nico says they went through a lot, and it’s how you accept it, or not, and how you come out the other side. Just being away from home made him realize how important it is. He’s ready to face his problems.

The captain asks Kate how the season was, and she says it got better, although it was not good at first. She says she’ll see him in Florida, and next time she’s going to be guest. In her interview, she says it wasn’t easy. They had ups and downs, training, fights, and crying, but at the end of the day, she’s lucky to have the opportunity. She didn’t want a boring life, and yachting made sure of that.

Captain Lee says it started bad, with a green crew, boat damage, damage to people. They did a good job in spite of themselves. They managed to get through the season, and he still has the best damn job in the world. Aw, I’ll miss him. I really like this show.

In the last few moments, Captain Lee tells us that three months after filming, Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on St. Barts, St. Martin, and Anguilla, where they do most of their work and filming. To have it disappear overnight was devastating. Their hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to everyone affected.

That was a bit of a sad note to end one. I have to admit, I don’t know if I wasn’t paying attention for a moment, or there was no preview. I would assume there’s a reunion next time.



November 28, 2017 – Oscar’s Possible Father, Timothy is Back On Board & a Warner Brothers Staple


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At the bar, Julian tells Alexis her eyes aren’t deceiving her. He’s real.

Ava looks at the contract which leaves the doctor with no responsibility.

Josslyn meets Oscar at the footbridge. She tells him Sonny and her mom are holed up in their room, probably talking about his mom mistaking Jason for Drew. Oscar says his mom was freaked too. She wouldn’t answer any questions and went to her room. Josslyn asks if he’s thinking what she is; that Drew is his dad.

Andrew and Sam cuddle on the couch. She says he’s definitely still him, her husband, to have and to hold. He tells her that all they need is proof, and once again it will be official.

Jordan and Curtis go to her place to make a frozen pie. He says as amazing as the Quartermaine pizza extravaganza was, he’s old school, and like turkey with Stella’s stuffing and cranberry sauce. Jordan says she never thought of him as Mr. Traditional. He might be enlightened, but he’s really just as stuffy as the Quartermaines. He asks why, because he wants all the trimmings? He gets a text, and she asks if it’s about Andre.

Julian tells Alexis that he’s out on bond. Alexis says she saw his sister’s statement, and thought maybe he’d get an appeal, but not a conditional release. He says there might be enough grounds for a new trial, but the judge thought he might have some family who wanted to spend the holidays with him. Alexis says Scotty must be thrilled, and he  tells her it was mostly the judge’s call. He asks about Thanksgiving and the family, and the Jasons. Alexis tells him that there was a DNA test, and they’re identical twins, both a match for Jason Morgan. He can’t imagine how confusing that must be for Sam. Alexis says it’s mind-boggling, but she decided to stay with her husband and keep the family intact. Julian says it makes for tricky legalities for sure. He says he might never have a relationship with his children, but it’s not because he doesn’t want to. Alexis is glad he realizes that. Julian says he doesn’t expect anything from her – except one thing.

Griff call Ava and leaves a message. He says he’s getting a familiar feeling. He’s going to check her apartment, and if she’s not there, he’s assuming she’s seeking treatment for her scars. He tells her that he cares about her.

Ava tells Dr. Zajac that she understands he needs to protect himself, but it seems extreme. He asks if she didn’t sign the same kind of form at Dr. Klein’s clinic, and she admits to not paying attention. The doctor says his lawyers insist on it, and it’s not different than the pamphlet that comes with medication. No matter how obscure side effects, they have to be listed. It seems extreme, but they rarely occur. It’s her decision if the benefits outweigh the risks.

Andrew suggests tequila and dominoes, so he and Sam can relive a favorite memory. She tells him that he doesn’t have to do that.

Oscar says, so Jason’s  twin got hit by a car, and had his face removed? Josslyn says he looks nothing like did before. He asks why they thought he was Jason, and she says the DNA matched. Oscar wonders why he didn’t say it was a mistake, but she says that’s the weird part. He remembers being Jason. Her mom and Sonny are trying to prove who the real Jason is, but the other guy thinks he’s Jason. He’s living in Jason’s apartment with Jason’s wife. Her mom says he’s in denial, probably because they have a baby daughter. His wife has two kids; one with Jason, and one with Andrew. He asks if she can tell him more about his father, but she says more than that, and tells him to prepare to be blown away.

Dr. Zajac tells Ava that she’s an excellent candidate. He can see why Dr. Klein was so keen to take her on. He says they can start as soon as his nurse finishes prepping her. Ava says she was taken off-guard about him wanting to start so quickly. She says Dr. Klein took photos, and gave her something to relax. Dr. Zajac tells him that photos will be taken once she’s under. His nurse enters with a syringe, and he tells Ava to lie back. He says soon it will be like twilight, and once she’s under the anesthesia, she won’t be aware of any pain. I notice how much makeup Ava is wearing. That alone would make me run, since you’d think any doctor who was going to work on her face would want that removed. He asks if she’s ready, and she says definitely not.

Julian wonders why his sister made a spontaneous statement exonerating him, and Alexis suggests maybe therapy was the motivation. Julian tells her they both know that short of a full-frontal lobotomy, that wouldn’t happen. She has no sense of decency or goodness of heart, and no therapy is that strong. He thinks someone coerced or threatened her.

Curtis says the text had nothing to do with Andre, and they probably won’t hear anything until after the holidays. Jordan says she feels like he’s not telling her something, and they’d promised to share information. He tries to turn her attention back to the pie, but she’s not having it. She says it’s probably his side babe at the MetroCourt. He says he’s helping her find her ex, and not stressing over it. She congratulates him on being enlightened, and tells him to show her the damn text.

Sam says Andrew-who-thinks-he’s-Jason doesn’t have to prove anything. He says he’s not trying to. He asks if she remembers the night during the storm. He was upset, and she made him realize he still possesses empathy, sorrow, and love. She made him whole, new, and complete again, just like tonight. I desperately want the planter on their coffee table. I’ve never seen anything like it, and it’s totally distracting me. Sam says, the past is past, now is now, to the future and learning how. Or something like that. They drink a shot, and she says it’s definitely better than wine. She suggests they go upstairs, make love, and sleep in each other’s arms. He tells her that she doesn’t have to ask twice. No surprise, there’s a knock at the door. It’s Josslyn and Oscar.

Alexis doesn’t think she has the wherewithal to coerce Julian’s crazy sister, nor does she lack the sense to petition on his behalf. Julian says maybe the beating got to her. She says he should give his lawyer credit, but he says Scotty was as shocked as he was. It had to be her. She asks the bartender for a drink.

Ava says everything is happening too quickly. She had a bunch of paperwork sprung on her, now Dr. Zajac wants to start the procedure. She asks if the check cleared. Dr. Zajac says the timing was perfect, and he thinks his skills are on par with Klein’s. He says he doesn’t normally do this, and shows her some testimonials on his tablet. Ava says she can relate, but what’s the rush? The doctor says he was under the impression she wanted to move forward quickly, but if she wants to prolong the treatment, he’ll return her check and see what he has open after the holidays. He looks at his schedule, and tells her he’s booked solid until February. Ava says let’s go ahead. She doesn’t want to wait that long. Dr. Zajac says she won’t be sorry, and it will be over before she knows it. She should see the full effects by Christmas or shortly after, and in the new year, she’ll be as beautiful as she was before the accident. No she won’t. Griff busts in and stops him.

Josslyn introduces Oscar, apologizing for dropping in so late. She didn’t think they were the types to turn in early. Sam asks if Carly knows she’s there. Josslyn says she can call or text, but she didn’t want to bother them, since they’re all wound up with the double-Jason thing. She says it’s not an issue for them. They’re neutral territory. They’re Switzerland. Andrew says they’re in short supply. Sam asks what brings them by, and Josslyn says they’re doing research on a lost person.

Dr. Zajac tells Griff that he’s in the middle of a treatment. He can’t bust in and violate the patient’s privacy. Griff says he’s a physician too, and what he’s doing is unethical and dangerous. Ava says she knows what she’s doing, but Griff says, no, she doesn’t.

Alexis gets her drink, which is club soda or something like that. She tells Julian that she won’t let this encounter, or any other, drive her to drink. He asks why they’re meeting in bar, She reminds him how she ran him over with the car the year before, and he says he’s recovered. She tells him about the turkey landing on the floor with the rest of the dinner, and everyone leaving hungry. Julian laughs, and says, sorry. Alexis says she takes pride in her sobriety, so don’t think he’s preventing slip up. He asks why here, and she tells him maybe to remind herself that she’s stronger than a year ago; maybe to get out of the house for a while. She tells him they’re not going to have casual conversation where she confides to him about her day. He says that won’t stop him from caring. Alexis asks where he’s going.

Jordan accuses Curtis of playing her with text from Stella, and he says he got her going. He says the Andre trail is cold, and Jason is a friend. It’s way important and personal. They’ll find the answers they need. Jordan says they’ve always been a great team. Curtis tells her stressing isn’t doing them any good. Maybe they can start by heating things up tonight, and he doesn’t mean the pie.

Josslyn tells Sam that since she’s a PI, she thought Sam could give Oscar pointers on how to track a lost person. Sam says she doesn’t work in the field any more, but she can help with research. Andrew asks if it’s really for school, and what class. Oscar says it’s a seminar on forensics, but Andrew isn’t buying it. He tells Oscar to start over, and give them the real reason. There’s a knock at the door. Andrew says it’s like Grand Central, and Oscar got a reprieve. It’s Kim.

Dr. Zajac tells Ava that he realizes her friend thinks he’s helping, but the sooner he treats her, the sooner she can return to confidence and beauty. Ava tells Griff she’s sorry, but she knows the risk for vanity, but it’s within her grasp. Griff tells Dr. Zajac that he can leave now, or he’s contacting the police and they’ll see if his facility is licensed. Dr. Zajac walks out, telling Griff to leave premises immediately. Ava asks how he knew where she was. He tells her he saw the research on her laptop, and took a chance she’d be there. She thanks him, saying he stopped her from something incredibly stupid. He says doctors like this prey on a patient’s vulnerabilities, but Ava says she’s the one who sought him out. It was after what Carly said about how Griff would become interested in someone younger and more beautiful. He doesn’t want her to worry about that, but she says she does. She tells him that Carly said out loud what she was thinking. She doesn’t want to be needy and insecure. Griff tells her that she’s one of bravest, strongest, and most stubborn people he knows. He says that if she needs reassurance, he’ll never get tired of giving it to her, and kisses her.

Julian tells Alexis that he’s not sure where he’s going. Ava hasn’t returned his calls, and he thought he’d lie low until she gets back. Alexis asks if there’s a date for the retrial, but he says not yet. He wants to try and connect with his family, and supposes he’ll have to find a job now that he’s sold the media company. He doesn’t know who would hire someone wearing an ankle monitor though. He says you know what they say about hitting bottom, and Alexis finishes, there’s no place to go, but up, adding that it’s one of those pithy AA slogans. Julian thanks her.

I guess Curtis finally put the pie in the oven, because Jordan’s place is full of smoke. Curtis says the pie isn’t the only thing on fire; good thing he already had dessert. They banter with each other, and Jordan tells him that he’s really a softy, and a traditional guy. He says not to tell anyone; it will ruin his street cred. He looks at his phone, and says his contact got a hit. They have an address for Andre.

Kim asks if Oscar is there, and introduces herself. Oscar wonders how she knew, and she reminds him there’s an app on his phone. Josslyn begs her not to tell Carly about it. Kim says she’s Oscar’s only parent, and she needs to know where is at all times. She asks why he’s bothering people he doesn’t know. He tells her it’s research. Sam used to be a PI , and was helping with his homework on how to find lost person.

Griff takes the flash drive. Ava says she’s ready to go. He wonders if he should call the cops, but she says no; pretend the place never existed. She says even though she was being foolish, he came through for her again. They leave the clinic.

Alexis isn’t sure what Julian is thanking her for, and he says for whatever she did to get him out. She insists she didn’t do anything. He says he’ll put it another way, and thanks her for caring. She watches him leave.

Jordan is all excited, saying she has to pack, and what is she going to do about her hair? Curtis wonders what the what about her hair, and she says it’s humid in Cuba. Curtis says they’re going to find him. She says he’s the only person who can tell them why two men have the same memories, and who is really Jason.

Kim apologizes for the disturbance, and says she’ll take Josslyn home. Josslyn says she can Uber, but Kim says she doesn’t think so. She thanks Sam and Andrew for being understanding. In the hallway, Oscar says that’s the other Jason, the one they were talking about who might be Drew with another face. Kim says she feels sorry for him; he’s in a difficult situation. Kim tells Josslyn that she’s taking her home first. Josslyn says her mom knows where she went, and Kim says then she won’t be surprised when she tells her where she found Josslyn. She tells Oscar they’ll talk later, and she leaves to bring the car around. Oscar asks if Josslyn will be in trouble, and she says most definitely, but she’s sorry she got him in trouble. He tells her it’s worth it. This guy could be his father.

Andrew asks Sam what just happened? And you know what happens on my TV? GEORGE STEPHANOPOLIS. Two minutes – I kid you not – before the end of the show. But I catch the last freaking sentences on YouTube.

Andrew asks Sam what just happened? She says Josslyn is probably like her mother. She’s up to something, and dragging Oscar along. She’ll be grounded for a week. Andrew says it strange; he thinks he might have met Kim before.

Tomorrow, Jordan and Curtis find Andre, Maxie announces she’s pregnant, and Nina calls Sam out.

Below Deck

Drunk off her ass Jen screeches at Bruno, and flails her arms at him. Bruno tells her if she doesn’t stop screaming, he’s locking her in the bathroom. Kyle gets in between them, and closes the door on Jen. Bruno says he’s bleeding; she attacked him. In his interview, Nico says it’s out of control, and Captain Lee is going to hear about it. Kate says that if they fire Jen, the two who will suffer are Jen and herself. I’ll bet Jen is suffering in the morning.

The boat is readied for the guests. Jen is realizing the harsh reality of her situation. She was out of line calling Baker a whore, and feels remorseful. Come on, man, you just shouldn’t drink.

Nico says the guests are coming on board from an alternative watercraft, with two of them arriving later. Kate says Timothy likes to grandstand. Ugh! I couldn’t stand that guy. She tells Matt she wants fish with eyeballs looking at them, saying their charter has begun.

The deckhands discuss the previous night, Kyle saying he got the worst of it. Jen tries to down some coffee, and Kate asks for a meeting. She says there are only two rules: don’t embarrass yourself, and don’t embarrass yourself. Jen broke both. Jen tries to defend herself – she has what my MIL calls excuse-itis – but Kate says it’s not a conversation; it’s a lecture. She’s to keep the boat clean, and only ask what she’s to do next.  If Captain Lee hears about it, he won’t have a problem letting her go. In her interview, Kate says if she hires someone new at this point, it will just be more work for her. Kate asks if Jen wants to stay, and Jen says of course. Kate tells her to start ironing linens.

Nico asks Bri how it’s going, and she tells him about the meeting. She’s just going to keep on keeping on. Baker hugs Jen, and tells her it’s all good. In her interview, Baker says it’s how Jen rolls. She gets drunk and crazy, and they’re used to it. Kyle asks if Kate needs anything. She says it’s his time to shine, and asks if he can make balloon animals. In her interview, Kate says Bri has shown tremendous progress, and she also wants Jen’s to pride suffer. She tells Bri to get her epaulet jacket, and gives her another stripe. Kate won’t listen to anything Jen has to say, except how can I help? Jen asks Kate to open a door for her, and Kate tells her to figure it out. I know it seems mean, but I don’t blame Kate. She’s had enough of this insolent drunk.

Kate says Timothy doesn’t want to take five minutes to walk down the dock, and he’s already annoying. The Valor docks. Nico says it’s been a long season, but this is it, and the deck crew actually has their act together. Kate says Timothy wants his life to be like Puff Daddy’s, and is surprised didn’t ask for Cristal champagne. The guests come in on jet skis, and Captain Lee calls them effing morons. I like how the captain never minces words.

Timothy tells them the helicopter wasn’t available, and remarks on the boat upgrade. He tells Captain Lee that he’s done well for himself. In his interview, the captain calls him a condescending pr*ck. Kate does the tour. Timothy says the other yacht was like the Holiday Inn in comparison. We flash back to how rude he and his guests were. The luggage arrives. Kate is grossed out by the fish eyeballs. The captain tells Timothy they can proceed, and arrange transport for the other two guests, but it will be uncomfortable and wet for them. Timothy says that’s what they get for arriving late. In her interview, Kate says Timothy wants to prove to people who thought he was a nerd in high school, that he’s actually cool. I’d say that hits the nail on the head. Too bad he’s not successful at that.

Nico calls his ex-girlfriend, Melissa. He says there’s been no communication, so hearing her makes him realize he screwed up big time. He says it’s not you, it’s me. <gag> In his interview, he tells us that Bri was like Tom and Jerry chasing each other, and an exciting new thing, but now that season is ending, he doesn’t know what to do. More like he doesn’t know how to dump her. Another disappointment.

Kyle gets that Kate isn’t happy about his criticism, but if you can’t take criticism, it’s not the job for you. I think it’s more like who the criticism was coming from. He’s a deckhand Bri grabs a snack, and Jen says must be nice to eat, and proceeds to use her fingers, taking pieces of fruit from trays for the guests. If it wasn’t for this jerk being the primary, I’d complain.

Timothy goes to galley, and Matt gives him the rundown. In his interview, Matt says it’s sink or swim, and he’d might as well go out with bang. Kate tells us garbanzo hummus is so twenty-sixteen. Timothy is working three phones. Nico says he’s never seen anybody so obsessed with Wi-Fi. Bruno feels like a real deckhand, and people can count on him.

Nico tells Kate about the quest for Wi-Fi. She says this particular beach has Wi-Fi, cocktails, and a sunset. The last two guests arrive. Matt grills vegetables and snapper fish, informing us that fish tastes best cooked whole. Other than the eyeballs, it looks phenomenal. Kate says there have been so many salads this season, even eyeball snapper is a welcome change. The guests enjoy the lunch. Kate explains about the cocktails and Wi-Fi sunset.

The water toys are released. Bruno gets his leg caught in a bungee cord when the slide is being put over the side of the boat. Nico helps get him out. He says for a second, he thought he’d lose his leg. He’s trying to forget the pain, and just work, but Nico tells him ice it now.

Timothy goes down the slide, and I hope he gets eaten by a shark. Jen says last night was out of control. She drank too much, and was obnoxious, but she’s over everybody thinking they’re better than her. She calls them pieces of sh*t for how they’re treating her. This chick is truly delusional. With the exception of Kate being pissed off, it all looks normal to me. The guests get ready to go to shore. Timothy says he can almost taste the Wi-Fi.

Captain Lee isn’t surprised Bruno hurt himself, and doesn’t feel sorry for him either. He says it was a stupid mistake, but he learned. The guests go to a cute place called Smokey’s on the beach. Kyle asks how Kate is. In her interview, she says she has to plan a circus party, deal with Jen and Matt, and can’t deal with Kyle, or at least she has good excuses not to.

Tonight is the tasting menu, with a lot of really cool dishes including something served in a half-coconut. Baker talks to Nico about Bri. In his interview, he says he doesn’t know what’s going to happen. She’s a great chick, but they live on opposite sides of the country. He tells Baker that he doesn’t know. The guests return.

Matt is proud that he’s pinpointed all of their palates. There’s ceviche, a beet salad, salmon over edamame, lobster bisque, and beef tartar, with another option for the vegetarian. The guests are loving it, but Timothy claims they’re still hungry. Kate thinks he’s joking, but says if he’s making the comment, why not make something else? Matt whips up a beef tenderloin course with couscous. Timothy says the chef got game. The dessert is coconut lychee sorbet, served in the half-coconut. Matt is proud of himself. Um… it’s not over yet. Take it from me; don’t relax. In her interview, Kate says that last night, she held Matt’s hand, and walked him through every food item he should serve.

Kate finds Kyle sleeping in the same place where he was saying the interior was lazy – the crew mess couch. She says he’s been there less than a week, and he’s already sleeping on job. Kate tells him go to bed, if he’s going to nap. In his interview, Kyle says Kate can be a bitch, even though he gets it. Everyone turns in.

Bruno says his leg is better, and he’s not feeling the pain. He’s going to learn from it, and move forward. Nico tells him he needs to focus. Matt asks Bri what she’s doing after the season is over, and she still thinks she’s hanging with Nico. Nico says Bruno is showing initiative. He likes how Bruno keeps on going. The breakfast is a lobster omelet. Timothy says he wants to go somewhere there’s Wi-Fi. Enough already. Don’t go on vacation in the middle of the water if that’s what you want 24/7. Kyle asks Kate if he can get an hour, and she tells him stand by and wait for direction. He says he missed her.

Jen’s daughter calls, upset that her mom isn’t there. Jen says she tries to shelf the negative, but it’s hard to pretend everything is okay. They make plans for when Jen gets back. She agrees it sucks that she can’t be there. Anchor is dropped. Captain Lee thinks Nico has made great strides in the right direction; better late than never. Timothy tells Matt to make it ridiculous, as much seafood as possible. He asks Kate if she’s going to be a clown, and she says no, but they’re having one. She also has to set up the fireworks, and create a champagne tower. They also want bottles of Dom Perignon for spraying each other. Timothy wants the crew involved. Kate is like, it figures Captain Lee gave them a lecture about the big money tip, and the guest is miserly.

Kate orders seventy-two bottles, and protective eyewear. She says so many things have been requested, it’s only a matter of time before the boat sinks. Nico offers to take the guests in for Wi-Fi. I’m going to cry if they keep saying that. Kate tries to build the tower, and talks to Nico about Kyle being obnoxious. She tells him that when someone says, “because we’re friends,” they’re being an a-hole. I never thought about it before, but she’s right. The morons go to shore for their stupid Wi-Fi. In his interview, Kyle says the last season they worked together, he and Kate were fine. He wants to know if they’re mates or not, and just wants to know where he stands.

Kyle is going to be the clown, and Kate says there’s a character for each crew member. Jen is going to be the mime. In her interview, Bri calls Kate clever, saying she knew Kate would find a way to keep Jen from talking. Baker tells Nico she’s going to spend some time in Bali after the season is over. Nico says he’s going home, and checking in. Bri says his brother passing away was a huge loss. He says it was almost unbearable. In his interview, he says he’s been running from his problems, and has to fix what he messed up and make it right again. Baker says time is a gift. They hug. A double rainbow happens.

Timothy asks if anyone wants pancakes, since they can if they want. Nico texts Melissa. He tells us that he realizes what had before, and wants to fully commit to Melissa now. Kyle complains that Kate has been highfalutin. Kate doesn’t want him coming to her with feelings. She thought he’d be a breath of fresh air, and instead he gave criticism when they don’t need more. Then he takes a nap on the mess couch. It doesn’t match with the guy who was critical. Kyle says no one would say anything. She says it’s not about him, it’s about the charter guests. In her interview, Kate says this is why they’re not as good of friends as Kyle thinks. She tells him not to focus on his feelings, but focus on work. They have no time for feelings.

Next time, the finale, the circus party happens, Timothy says it wasn’t perfect, and Nico has to end things with Bri.

😴 It’s Been a Long Day, So…



November 21, 2017 – Robin Makes the Rounds, Wrong Loving Finale, a Disco Party Drunk & a New Inn


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Franco gives the boys hats that are exact replicas of pilgrim hats. Elizabeth asks if there’s a bonnet for her, but he says the costume shop supports gender fluidity, and gives her a hat. Franco is thankful for them, and the welcome to their family. He vows to protect them and the beautiful life they share, no matter what.

Robin stops by Sonny’s. She tells Carly about seeing Jason, and Carly asks if there’s any doubt in her mind. She says none whatsoever. Carly tells her they made a terrible mistake.

Michael, Jason, and Sonny have a beer on the patio. Jason is thankful to be home.

Alexis stops by Sam and Andrew’s place. Sam tells her there’s a work emergency. There was a break in the programming for a broadcast. Andrew says it has something to do with Olivia-J.

Ava emails Dr. Zajack. She’s heard he’s had wonderful results with cutting-edge methods, and thinks he can help her. She asks to discuss it with him. Griff arrives. He asks what has her so intent.

Sonny thinks Klein’s boss cut his losses. Jason thinks he’s waiting for the right time to strike. Sonny says they have to find him.

Sam wonders why they’re promoting Olivia’s case, and Andrew says it’s newsworthy. She tells him to go on to dinner, and she’ll catch up. Alexis says the good news is he’s leaning into his role as a media mogul, and Sam tells her that he wants something lasting for their family; something no one can take away.

Robin asks what they were supposed to think when the DNA test came back a match? Carly says when she looked into Real Jason’s eyes, she knew. Robin tried to be logical, saying he could be the twin, but then she just knew it was him. Carly says they don’t have to miss him anymore. The guys come in.

Griff says Ava’s not returning his phone calls. Is she swamped or avoiding him? He says things were uncomfortable at the MetroCourt, and Ava says Carly couldn’t wait to blame her for Morgan’s death. It’s Carly venom; don’t pay attention. Griff says Carly doesn’t know him or what he wants, and he’s not going anywhere. He asks why no Thanksgiving with Kiki, and Ava says Kiki is working, so she followed her example. Griff is on call, but has no plans. Ava is surprised he’s not volunteering, and he tells her he just came from there. She says once a do-gooder always a do-gooder, and he says that now that the doing good is done, he can’t think of better person to spend this day with.

Griff brought Thanksgiving subs from Kelly’s, and mulled apple cider. Ava says he’s thoughtful, and he tells her that he has no intention of letting her be alone. She says she has plenty to keep her occupied with reconstructing her life. He says Carly was brutal, but if Ava hangs on to anything from her old life, refuse to be ruled by how others see her; focus on how she sees herself.

Elizabeth is thankful they have each other, and that Franco joined their family. Aiden is thankful for his grandma helping him with his homework, Cameron is thankful he met Aunt Hayden, and Jake is thankful that his mom and dad are getting along better. There’s a knock at the door. it’s Andrew. Jake hugs him.

Robin thanks Sonny for his help. She tells Carly that she contacted Sonny because she knew Jason would be with him. When Sonny said he wasn’t, she went to the footbridge. She tells Jason that she thought it was a dream and had to double-check. Jason asks if she can stay, but she tells him Anna is waiting; she’s doing her best to put on a big dinner. Sonny tells her to bring Noah over asap. They leave Robin and Jason to talk. Robin asks how he’s feeling, and he says he can’t complain. She guesses even though he’s found his way back home, he’s still far away from Sam and Danny. He says five years long time, and can’t blame her for moving on. Robin says she didn’t really; she thought she married him. Jason says Sam’s husband thinks he’s him, and he doesn’t want to put Sam in the middle. Robin says it’s easier for Sonny and Carly; they saw him and knew. Sam has a baby with her husband, and she can’t recognize him without breaking his heart, but that doesn’t change her love for him. If anyone gets it, she does.

Sam brings out pies she picked up for dinner. Alexis thanks her, saying Molly is so invested in impressing TJ, her fridge is full. She asks Sam if there’s been any word on Patient 6, but she says they haven’t heard anything since the confirmation of them being twins. Alexis asks what she thinks, and Sam says she loves her husband more than anything, but if turns out that Patient 6 is Jason, what does she do? What does it mean for them and their family if she believes it? She tells Alexis that she feels guilty, and Alexis says no one can blame him for fighting for his family. Sam says she doesn’t blame anyone, except whoever put it in motion. She says her husband wants to focus on Aurora, so that’s what she’s going to do. They sit down to watch the broadcast.

Nora is having a press conference. She explains that she’s the attorney on record for Olivia Jerome. She’s there to read a statement about the events that led up to the conviction of Olivia’s brother, Julian.

Ava gets a text from Kiki. It’s a link to a live feed of the broadcast, Nora reads Olivia’s words, saying how she experienced a break from reality. Her healing is slow and difficult, but she’s once again of sound mind. Now that she’s recovered, she couldn’t wait to clear her conscience. Julian was not acting of his own free will. He had no choice but to do her bidding, and should not be held responsible for any of her crimes.

Robin tells Jason that she watched Patrick struggle with same thing. Jerry Jax and Helena had kept her captive. She got away, and found her way back to Port Charles, but Patrick was about to marry another woman when she showed up. It was heartbreaking for everyone, especially Patrick. He’d moved on and fell in love. He couldn’t just pick up their life. He needed time and space to figure it out. Maybe Sam needs that too.

The boys go to watch football. Andrew says he’s going to Sam’s mom’s house for dinner. Jake asks if he’s talked to the guy pretending to be him, but he says he hasn’t found out anything. Franco goes to check on dinner. Andrew tells Elizabeth at least his son believes who he is, and her. Sonny and Carly believe the other guy, when he’s always been their friend. Elizabeth can’t imagine how he feels. He says they’re willing to trust his twin, when they don’t know where he came from or what he wants. Elizabeth tells him not to stress out over it; it will do more harm than good. He says that’s easier said than done. She tells him that it’s out of his control, but answers are on the way. He wishes he was as sure she is, and she says she has faith he’ll find answers he’s looking for.

Robin visits Elizabeth. She sees Andrew, and says, hi. He tells her it’s not much of greeting. She says she’s sorry, and he asks why she’s apologizing. She tells him that she thought he was Jason, but now that she’s seen his brother… Andrew finishes that she thinks he’s Jason.

Jason looks at Morgan’s photo. Michael comes in, and Jason asks what Morgan was like. Michael says reckless, charming, and funny. Morgan could make him mad, and then make him laugh so hard, he could barely stand. I’m telling you, he only became a laugh riot after death. I do not remember him being that way at all. Michael tells Jason there were a lot of ups and downs, and it wasn’t always nice when he got in trouble. Michael sometimes resented his job to clean things up, and wonders why he has to take care of everybody. For the first time ever, I identify with Michael. Jason says because they need him. He wishes he’d been there to help Morgan too.

Carly peeks in on Michael and Jason talking, and Sonny tells her not to hover. He told her that Michael would see the truth. She says a year ago, she didn’t think she’d be thankful for anything again, but  instead of being lost and in pain, she’s grateful for what she lost and got back. They go inside. Sonny sees the broadcast. Nora is saying that Julian was never a willing accomplice. Olivia forced him to cooperate.

Sam asks Alexis if Olivia is trying to exonerate Julian. Nora continues, saying Duke was murdered by one of Julian’s associates, and Olivia blamed Julian. She wanted him to suffer, and told him that his loved ones would pay the price if he didn’t help her. He had no choice but to commit any crime she told him to.

Elizabeth goes upstairs. Andrew asks how could Robin, of all people, not know the truth? He was with her at the clinic. It was her dream and research that saved him. When the clinic blew up, he carried her out and saved her life, but she says he’s not Jason. He tells her that Faison shot him, and he was pulled out of the river by Helena’s men, and kept on the island. She says while all that was happening, Helena messed with his mind, and convinced him that he’s Jason. He says that’s not possible. He remembers her, and their relationship. It’s not just memories; he feels it. None of that is real?

Michael tells Jason about Nelle being Josslyn’s kidney donor. She wasn’t a volunteer, but her father sold it without her permission. Jason says he sounds like a great guy. Michael says he was Carly’s stepfather. He lied, and Nelle wanted revenge. She lied and did bad things to his family. When she found out he truth, she was sorry, and he forgave her, but Carly, not so much. She kept on lying and keeping secrets though. He gets that she had a hard life, but she couldn’t stop. He told her they needed to take a break and give each other space. She kept pushing, but if she’d given him space, they might have made it work. Although I’m not too fond of Nelle at this point, I’m annoyed that Michael makes it sound like she chased him down. She kept offering to exit his life.

Nora continues to read Olivia’s statement, saying Julian has done things he should pay for, but she can’t in good conscience, allow him to pay for her crimes. Nora tells the press that the document has been forwarded to the proper authorities, and she’s not taking any questions.

Sam wonders what it means.

Griff asks what the point is. Ava says she wasn’t even thinking about what Olivia did to him. Her family is a nightmare, and he should run for the hills. He says he’s not going anywhere, and asks if she’s sure he can’t tempt her into spending Thanksgiving with him. His phone rings, and he’s needed in the ER. He asks for a raincheck. Ava says sure, but she’s going to be working on a project for the next couple of days. He calls it her big, secret project, and says he’s glad she’s diving in head first. Before long, she’ll feel like her old self again. She says she’s counting on it.

Carly asks who would give Julian a get out of jail free card. Sonny thinks someone is working on it, and she wonders if it’s Alexis.

Sam asks Alexis if this will exonerate Julian, but she says it might be enough for another trial. Sam says she doesn’t even view him as a father because of the horrible things he’s done to Alexis. Even if he’s not an accessory to Olivia’s crimes, he’s committed plenty of his own that he hasn’t paid for. She wonders why a statement came out of nowhere. Alexis tells her it’s Thanksgiving, and let’s just spend the day with family. Sam says they can talk tomorrow about how blindsided they both are. At least she is. She gets the feeling the news isn’t a complete shock to Alexis.

Andrew wonders how the life he remembers with Sonny and Carly and his wife wasn’t real. How is it possible that it was programmed into him? This, coming from the same guy who wondered how she programmed him not to remember.  Robin says what she knows for sure is that they’re biological twins, Susan is their mother, and Alan their father. He’s a Quartermaine, and Scout’s father. All the people who care about him, still do. That’s what matters. He says he needs them to believe him into him, and he’s looking at someone who cares that doesn’t. Robin says she has to go, and she’ll call Elizabeth later.

Franco comes out, and says it sounded rough. Andrew tells him not to start. Franco says he gets that “Jason” doesn’t like him. He feels the same way, but here they are. He’s trying to be a friend, and tells him what he needs to hear. He knows what it’s like for someone to tell who you are. They know, or think they know, about your past, and get to tell you who you are and what you want. He says screw anybody and everybody who tells him that he’s not Jason. He knows who he is, and what mattered. Don’t give up without a fight. Elizabeth listens from the hallway.

Dr. Zajack calls Ava. She says she’s heard amazing things about his work, and would like a consultation. I’m wondering if he’s Klein’s boss.

Sam thought Alexis would have had a bigger reaction. What if Julian is released? He held her at knifepoint. Alexis says she’s a Cassadine. She grew up in a world where violence and deception were the activities of the day. No matter what she does, it doesn’t change where she came from. Sam asks if she thinks deserves Julian, and Alexis says she thinks we’re drawn to the familiar and what we’re accustomed to. Both of their worlds were toxic, and they understand more than anyone else can. Nothing can change that. The ties they have are deeper than what logic can define. If Julian gets out, it will be better for him than where he is now, but she promises to move on to the next chapter. Sam hopes she means that. Alexis says she does, and leaves with the pies.

Franco tells “Jason” that he was once Jake Doe, but when his memories returned, he didn’t fall back in line as Sonny’s sidekick and Carly’s enabler. He built a life that works for him. Don’t let anyone take it away. Andrew says Franco’s is the only opinion he doesn’t give a damn about, because he’s turning into the biggest a-hole on the planet. He leaves, and Elizabeth tells Franco, nice try. He says he has his moments. She says, yes, just not with Jason. She asks why he reached out. Franco says it’s important to her and Jake, and they’re important to him. She says he always surprises her, and she loves him. He says despite circumstances and logic, she does, and just so she knows, he loves her too. They kiss.

Carly asks Michael where Jason is, and Michael says he thought Jason was with them.

Sam calls up to Danny to get a move on. She hopes Alexis isn’t visiting Julian by now. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Real Jason. They stare at each other.

Tomorrow, David does some Thanksgiving cooking, Andrew asks Monica if they’re still good, and Jason asks Sam what she wants him to do.

If Loving You is Wrong

Larry acts ignorant about saying Marcie was pregnant. He changes it, telling Randal that he was talking about Alex. Randal asks if Marcie is pregnant with that bastard’s baby. Larry says Randal is getting worked up over something he didn’t say. Randal says he doesn’t like Larry playing, and tells him get out. He doesn’t want to drive drunk, and Randal says he just did. Larry keeps insisting he didn’t say it. Randal says he ran into Marcie at the hospital, and kicks Larry out. Call Uber, Larry.

Marcie’s phone rings. It’s Randal, and she lets it go to voicemail. Her car won’t start, so she calls a tow place (Benny’s?) and they say it’s a two-hour wait. They have to send someone from Cincinnati. She says she’ll take a cab, but they need her to stay with the vehicle. Huh? If she’s taking a cab, why not wait until morning for the tow? She agrees, and I think, no good will come of this.

Brad’s phone rings while he’s sleeping. Alex answers. Marcie says, oh, all disappointed. Alex says she told Marcie not to call. Marcie says she needs Brad, and Alex repeats herself. Marcie tells Alex that she has car trouble, but she doesn’t care. She says call a cab. Marcie says if she does, she’ll come to the front door and take Brad out of bed; she’s not waiting two hours for a tow. Alex says her husband doesn’t belong to Marcie, and Marcie says it felt like it when he was in her bed. She promises she’s coming over there, but Alex hangs up. Marcie calls a cab.

Randal tells Larry to get off his porch. Larry says he’s waiting for his car. Randal pulls him up. He says he’s going to Marcie’s, and Larry grabs his keys. Randal jumps him, and they start fighting on the lawn. Alex hears something, and looks out the window. I’d laugh and go back to bed. Larry gets Randal in a choke hold. Randal says he’s not playing with him, and Larry asks if he’s calming down. He says he is, so Larry lets him go. Then – no surprise – he jumps Larry. Randal sees Alex, and says he knows what she wants to see, unzipping his pants. She closes the curtains, and Larry calls him a fool. Brad asks if he’s hearing shouting, and Alex tells him Randal is fighting with some guy. Brad hopes he gets his ass kicked.

Randal throws Larry up against his car, and tells him to go home. Larry says he’s not going anywhere. We see some whips and chains on the passenger seat, and Randal says Larry brought his toys. Larry says, wishful thinking, and he calls Larry a freak. Larry says Randal has tried it, but Randal says that was in college. He asks, as a friend, if Marcie is pregnant. Larry starts laughing. He forgot what a fool Randal is when he’s drinking. He heads toward Randal’s house, saying he’s going to sleep it off. Randal follows.

Natalie’s phone rings. It’s Kelly. She heard something in the backyard, and asks if Lushion is there. Natalie says he isn’t, but she’ll come over. She brings her gun. Kelly comes out, but Natalie tells her to stay on the porch, while she goes around to the back. The yard is empty, but Eddie pops up from behind the fence, asking what she’s doing with that toy gun. She tells him people are trying to sleep, and he tells her to get her ass back inside.

Natalie tells Kelly it was Eddie in Brad’s backyard. Kelly wonders why, but Natalie doesn’t know. She wants to give Kelly the gun, but Kelly doesn’t want to take it. Natalie says it’s hers and it has a nice balance. Kelly asks what if he comes to her house, and Natalie says she wishes he would. She’d cut him up in little pieces. Kelly goes back inside with the gun.

Now Brad hears something. He says that bastard, and goes downstairs; Alex following him. He sees Eddie sleeping in a lounge chair, and tells him to go home. He says he doesn’t have one, and Brad says he’s not sleeping there. Eddie tells Alex he has no place to go. By the time he got to the hotel, Brad’s credit card reached its limit. He says he’s not bothering anyone, and asks for a blanket. Brad goes inside. He tosses Eddie a blanket and pillow, and Eddie sarcastically says he’s a real friend, and he likes his eggs scrambled.

Alex asks Brad if he’s really sleeping there, and Brad says he’ll be gone in the morning. Brad says he’s her cousin, but Alex says she’s disowned him. There’s a knock at the door. Busy night in Maxine. They both go back downstairs. It’s Marcie. She says she called Brad, but Alex wouldn’t put him on the phone. She tells him sugar is in the tank of her car, and ruined the engine. She’s sure it’s Randal, and asks to borrow his car. Alex asks if she can’t rent one, but she says she’s not going into the city at this time of night. Brad says he doesn’t need his car for a couple of days. Marcie tells him she needs to get some boxes out of her car, and he offers to help. When he goes upstairs to get some shoes, Marcie tells Alex that he’s always going to rescue her. This isn’t going away any time soon. Alex says as soon as they walk out, she’s telling Marcie’s husband that she’s pregnant. Marcie says that will be around the time she’ll be screwing Alex’s husband. He loves her, and when she screwed him, she made sure he’d remember. Brad comes back, and Marcie tells Alex they’ll be a while, so she should go back to sleep – she looks tired.

Lushion knocks on Kelly’s door. She asks what happened, and he says they let Travis go; they couldn’t keep him. He says they’ll get him. She says he’s ruined her life, and they can’t even hold him. She tells Lushion to find something to hold him, but he says it will take time. She asks how much, but he has no answer. She asks if Travis has to kill her before something is done. He won’t let that happen, but she wonders how they can stop it. She has a son to think about. It’s too much, and she can’t keep doing this. She wants her life back. She wants her freedom back. Lushion says they’ll get him, and he’s right next door. He tells her to put the alarm on and lock the door. He leaves, and she sets the alarm.

Lushion goes home. Natalie says Kelly thought she heard something in the backyard. He asks if it was Travis, and tells Natalie that he’s out. She says it was Eddie. His dumb ass was in Alex’s backyard. Lushion says they did toss his place pretty good. She asks how Travis got out, and he says they couldn’t hold him. She tells him good thing she gave Kelly her gun. He’s not on board with that, but she says it calmed her down; it gives her some comfort. He’s getting it first thing in the morning, and asks if she hasn’t learned her lesson. Natalie says her gun is legit. He says it doesn’t matter, and Natalie tells him that she’s going to bed.

Larry goes out on Randal’s back porch to see the infamous shed. He says it’s a good spot, and explains how his BDS&M stuff can be set up. Eddie hears them. Larry and Randal have another drink. They laugh about Brad’s house being so close. Larry says he’s thinking of something else he’d like to do. Eddie pops up, and asks if he wants to do Randal. He asks who Larry is, calling him ma’am. Larry invites him over for a drink, but he says it looks like ladies’ night. Randal tells Larry that Eddie doesn’t have their history, and Eddie says no new history with him. Larry asks if he’s coming, and Eddie says he thinks he will. Randal asks what he’s doing, and Larry says what they did to Michael, and they do some weird secret handshake thing.

Eddie asks what the ladies are drinking. He tells them Alex is his cousin, and she’s the one Randal did in the shed, where he wants to tie up his chains, Larry says he wants to do Randal, but Randal’s not into it. He thinks Eddie might be though. Randal says Eddie took him to the woods and tried to kill him. Larry asks if this is the guy Randal came to see him about. He tells Eddie that he’s a lawyer. Eddie says he looked him up, and knows he has a wife and kids. He says Larry was a smart guy, dropping the charges. Larry says that was Randal. Eddie asks if his wife knows he’s there trying to get in the shed. Larry says he and his wife share everything, including Randal. He tells Eddie that she’s a dominatrix, and he has some stuff in the car. Eddie says as tempting as it is, he’ll pass. Larry says, let’s do this. Eddie asks for higher quality booze, and Larry goes inside to get something else.

Eddie asks if Randal is still trying to get Alex, but Randal says she’s old news. He has his eye on Esperanza; she’s his kind of ass. Eddie says she doesn’t like his kind, and Randal calls him a sorry, racist SOB. Suddenly, Larry comes up behind Eddie, and puts a plastic bag over his head. He struggles, and Randal helps subdue him. Well, I wasn’t expecting that.

Brad takes Marcie to her car, and moves the boxes to his car. He says the boxes are practically empty, so what’s going on? She says he offered, and she wanted to see him. He tells her she can’t do this. She wants to know why he can’t help her get over him. He asks if she flattened her own tire the other night, and she says she wouldn’t do that. She’s not crazy, which is debatable. He says she needs to call the police, but she says she has no proof. He tells her that she can’t keep calling him this late; he wants to make it work with Alex. She says Randal won’t let him. Brad admits Randal is trying everything, and Marcie says he’s relentless. She asks what she’s supposed to do when she misses Brad, and he says it will pass. She tells him she was at dinner with a really attractive guy, and she could only think of him. She’s having a hard time with this. He says he loves his wife, and Marcie is the one who begged him to save Randal. She asks if he’s saying she should go back to him, and Brad says she loves him and she knows it. Alex calls, and he says he’s on his way back. Pouting isn’t a good look for Marcie.

Travis jumps Kelly’s fence. He opens the electrical box and cuts the wires to the alarm. He tries to open the window, but it only opens an inch or two. She hears him, and silently approaches. He says, hi, and notices she’s not scared. She says, no. He asks to come in, and she tells him okay. She deactivates the alarm, so I have no idea what wires he cut. She opens the door, and steps away from it. He comes in, and closes the door, locking it. She asks what he wants, and he says her. She tells him to take his clothes off, but he suggests going in the bedroom. She says that’s too close to Justice, and tells him she missed him. He says he knew she wanted him back. All he had to do was wear her down. She says he has. He tells her to take her clothes off, but she says she wants to see him. She thinks about it all the time. Then she shoots him four times. Yes! He slumps down by the door, struggling to breathe.

This was the finale, so no preview.

❗I didn’t catch the dates, but next time, If Loving You is Wrong will be moving to Wednesday, while The Haves and the Have Nots will remain on Tuesday.

Below Deck

Captain Lee calls Kate to the bridge. He says he had a conversation with Matt about his less than stellar performance. Kate tells the captain they’re on the same page. Bruno doesn’t know why he’s been kicked out of the galley, and tells Matt that he needs to prove himself.

Kyle says he can tap into Jen’s craziness. Kate thinks a lot of people would have expected her to fire Jen by now, but hiring a new stew this late in the game would only be more work for her. In her interview, Jen says she’s there, working, and not giving Kate any reason to fire her, and she’s not quitting. Kate tells her to focus on the charter guests.

Matt’s making something in a muffin pan, and I want one. Jen bitches to Bri, and Kate walks in. In her interview, Kate says she’s thankful for every day she works with Jen, because she’s one step closer to not working with her. The Valor drops anchor. Captain Lee watches Matt, who can’t figure out why the captain isn’t loving his cooking. Those are quiches in the muffin pan. I still want one.

Nico says he did respect EJ, and learned a lot. He wants to channel into being a focused leader, but not a d*ck, and wants to end the season strong. The guests love he quiches, and I want one even more. The water toys are set up. The captain will be joining the guests for dinner, and Kate irons his white uniform. Some of the guests go off on jet skis. Matt thinks maybe he should pack his bags now. Kate tells Bri there’s a disco party tonight.

Nico is called to the wheelhouse. Captain Lee is checking on how things are going. He thinks Nico has more confidence now. The deckhands will step up and get it done, or Nico will drop a hammer on their asses. He tells Nico that if he needs him, don’t call. Kate and Kyle hang out on their break. She’s glad to see a familiar face, and he’s a welcome distraction. They play shag, marry, kill, and eat Doritos. The guests drink mass quantities of white wine.

Baker asks Bri how it’s going. She says riding the roller coaster of Jen. Baker thinks Nico seems calmer, and that Bri has a good effect on him. Bri talks about them going to decompress in St. Martin.

Cutest. Table Setting. Ever. Lot of glow sticks, but it looks better than it sounds.

The captain bugs Matt some more. In his interview, Matt says his goal is not to mess it up. He needs to prove he can do this, and says the meal needs to go perfectly.

Captain Lee says let’s go bust a move. The guests are bummed that it’s their last night. Everyone is dressed in white, and he tells them how lovely they look. In his interview, the captain says having dinner with the guests is awkward, and they sometimes get carried away, but it comes with the territory and you have to roll with it. They take pictures, and sit down to dinner. Jen is picking up what Kyle is putting down, and says he’s an intriguing individual. He’s not a basic bitch. Matt creates salads. He says cooking for the captain is more intimidating than cooking for guests. He hopes they like it, but hopes he likes it more.

Kate serves a scallop salad. One guests complains that the scallops are gummy, and picks them out. In her interview, Kate says charter guests need, want, and expect rich and crazy every night, but Matt isn’t all that. Shelly asks if the captain is coming to their pajama jam, but he says he has paperwork to do. I would too.

Next is salmon, and one of the guests doesn’t eat fish. It wasn’t on the preference sheet, and Matt says he can’t win. All the captain will see is the guests not liking fish, and it looks bad. He makes linguine for the non-fish eaters, and it looks great. A lot better than when I make it with jarred sauce. In his interview, Captain Lee says it was exactly what he doesn’t want to see, and mediocrity is not acceptable. Shelly tells the captain she can do the splits. He looks so bored, I laugh. Jen tells Kyle that Kate’s not happy with her. In her interview, she says it’s refreshing to have someone to talk to who gets her. She has a thing for accents, but doesn’t understand half the sh*t that comes out of his mouth. Too bad he can’t carry around subtitles.

The disco party begins. Shelly says it’s like Studio 51, and another guest has to correct her. In his interview, the captain says there’s always one group of ladies that are batsh*t nuts, but they’re fun. It’s like a lounge atmosphere, but everyone seems drunk and half falling asleep. Shelly sings to Captain Lee, and the other girls wander off. She tells the captain that he’s intelligent, and she loves who he is as a person. Kate doesn’t know what it is with Captain Lee and a certain demographic, but it’s strong. He says there’s a fine line between a lot of fun and sloppy. Shelly does the splits and falls over. The captain makes his excuses, and gets the hell out of Dodge. On the way back to their rooms, one of Shelly’s friends says she’s being mean. Shelly says she’s the primary, and you don’t eff with the primary

A commercial comes on for A Very Kardashian Holiday, and I already know I’ll be skipping that.

Two of the guests realize there probably isn’t going to be much of a pajama party. Matt says fun and exciting isn’t the easiest thing to do. Shelly tells Kate the others are jealous. They think the captain liked her, but she’s the primary and doesn’t care. Kate says she’s sure they’ll regret it in the morning. In her interview, Kate gives the stages of being hammered: this is fun, I love everyone, I really love everyone, I hate you all, I hate my life, and goodnight. Shelly says she needs new friends.

Jen is sleeping when the guests ask for coffee. Kyle offers to make it, and she says her alarm didn’t go off. Yeah, right. She’s lazy. I’m not saying I could do this job, but she’s a lot younger and it’s what she signed up for. Baker swabs the deck. The captain asks Kate how she thinks dinner went. She says the scallops weren’t a hit, but she liked the color. She thinks it was just okay. In her interview, she says Matt just isn’t good enough. Captain Lee says he thought it was better than usual. Kate agrees that Matt made more of an effort, but if the guests had more discerning taste, and less wine, they might not have thought it was as good as they did.

Shelly makes it out of bed. Matt makes omelets. Bloody Marys and Mimosas are ordered. Kate tells Jen there was big time drama with yelling and screaming the night before. In her interview, Kate says she’s had to train plenty of stews, but with Jen it’s different. She started at an older age, and is more set in her ways. She’s no longer at a learning stage in her life. Kate points out that she obviously hasn’t changed her hair style in ten years. Nico asks Bri if she’s happy about the season. She is, but also kind of sad because it went by quickly. In his interview, Nico says Bri has been a great thing for him, and a good escape, but he doesn’t know what he’s doing next. He needs time to assess what he wants to do after the season is over. Yep. She was fine for the boat, but he’s ditching her now.

It’s time to head back to shore. The captain tells Nico, good job. One of Shelly’s friends says it wasn’t funny, and she doesn’t need it in her world. I assume she’s talking about Shelly’s drunken tirade. The guests pack. The docking is frenetic as usual, but the captain pronounces it outstanding. Nico says he may not be bosun, but he takes his job seriously.

The guests say goodbye, and there are lots of hugs. Shelly says it was amazing, five-star, and perfect. She says Matt is so talented, and his salad dressing was off the charts. In his interview, Matt basks in the praise, saying, in in your face. Jen is excited, and hoping for $2K each.

Tip time. Captain Lee thought it was a good charter, and a good job, but they only got $15K. The captain tells Bruno that’s the same look he had. They seem to be stuck at $15K, and he’s not impressed. He says if there’s one mediocre (the word of the day) player, the whole team is mediocre. He wants to see the $25K tip. He tells them to hash it out constructively, and figure out what they’re doing wrong. In his interview, the captain says he’s at his wit’s end. One situation gets solved – the deck crew has turned around – but now Matt is playing it safe. He’s hoping to finish strong, but thinks it’s a distant hope. In her interview, Kate says people think Captain Lee doesn’t know what’s going on, but he does, and his tip meeting speech proves it. The galley is suffering.

Kate asks what everyone wants to see differently from the interior. Kyle says service sets the tone for the beginning of the day, and there was no service when the guests woke up. In her interview, Kate says he can’t be a close friend and have opinions on the boat. Jen can’t believe she trusted Kyle, and he ran his mouth to the person she least wants to hear it. Bri tells Matt to take as much risk as possible. Kate says it’s important that they deliver the best charter food ever. The crew cleans the boat.

Nico calls his mother. He says it hasn’t been easy. His family situation is rocky, since losing his best friend and little brother. It changed his perspective. The BS doesn’t matter; family does.

Kate asks Jen what Kyle was talking about, and she mumbles something about silverware still being in the dishwasher. In her interview, Kate says she knows Jen slept in and is lying to her, because she’s getting defensive. Nico texts his ex-girlfriend.

The captain has a preference sheet meeting with Kate, Matt, and Nico. The primary is Timothy Sykes. Kate calls him a character, and I remember this guy. We flash back to him making a big production about taking money out of the tip in front of everyone because of some stupid infraction. Nico says he sounds like d-bag. He’s celebrating the ten-year anniversary of his teaching company, and bringing his top three employees to reward them for their dedication. Captain Lee tells them the more extravagant, the better. They want fireworks on the beach, and a chef’s choice tasting menu. Kate says he’s particular, but let’s you know what he wants, or what I call an a-hole. She says if you deliver what he asks for, he’s happy. In her interview, she doesn’t want to tell Matt how particular he is, because it will freak him out even more. Although he probably won’t nail it either way. The captain says whatever it takes, get it done.

Kate wants to get off the boat, but doesn’t want to waste time. She’s going to take the wheels, and ride this charter home to good food town. She and Matt decide to discuss it over dinner. She wants to be prepared, but needs to get out.

The crew heads out to a restaurant, with Matt and Kate going somewhere quieter. Kate tells him that this guy must have grown up watching Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, because he wants champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

Bri is curious about what everyone going to do after the season, inferring that she and Nico know what they’re doing. Bruno is getting his visa and seeing some of the US, and Baker is going home, and then on to Bali. Kate continues to give Matt information as he takes notes. The crew has dinner, and Jen puts her fork into Kyle’s gravy to taste it. He says he doesn’t want to eat now, and leaves the table for a smoke. The rest of them explain to Jen that he’s big on table manners. Bruno says he doesn’t like people touching his food. In his interview, Kyle says anyone who effs with his food is dead to him. Wow. Nico tells Jen that he’s food germy. He’s not uptight at all, but strange about his food; it’s his thing. Jen says all she did was put her fork in it; she hadn’t licked it. In her interview, Jen says she was a fool to think she was going to have a great night. She’s the bad guy again. Baker tells Kyle to just say he’s not hungry, and not to blame her; she’s cray. In her interview, she says she’s just trying to keep the peace. Kate finishes going over things with Matt, and thinks it was a great meeting of the minds.

Jen says it doesn’t hurt to get rejected, but Kyle was the one person who distracted her from the bullies. Kate tells Matt it was the most productive meeting of the charter season. They go back to the boat, while the others go on to a bar and have shots, with Kyle being double-fisted. Bri and Nico go back to the boat. Jen is sick of everyone, and says they all hate her, so why be nice? She’s not going to pretend. On their way back to the boat, she wants to stop at a bathroom, but Baker encourages her to keep moving. She gets stupid, like she always does when she drinks, and Baker says she’s being an idiot. Jen calls Baker a whore, and wanders off. Kyle says she’s a moron.

Back on the boat, Jen barges into Nico and Bri’s room, rambling about what happened. Nico says he hears words, but they don’t make sense. Even the subtitles are nonsense. Kyle tells Baker to stick up for herself, and wants to know where Jen gets off calling someone a whore. Jen tells him to butt out; it’s between her and Baker. Baker thinks it’s funny, but Bruno tries to intervene. Jen gets about an inch from his face, and screams at him. He tells her that he’ll lock her in the bathroom if she doesn’t stop it. They’re at the top of some stairs, and he holds her back, but she starts kicking at him. This girl should not drink.

Next time, Kate doesn’t want to hear Jen’s voice, the guests want an alternative watercraft, Bruno gets hurt, and Kate gives Kyle a lecture.

🏡 I watched the premiere of Checked Inn, following If Loving You is Wrong, and it’s delightful. It’s a reality show about a bed and breakfast – The Mansion at Noble Lane in the Poconos – run by Monique Greenwood and her family. She’s looking to create generational wealth with the business, and wants to give guests a very personalized experience. In the first episode, one of the guests was Peabo Bryson and his wife, looking for some quiet, private time. I’ve loved Peabo ever since he sang the theme song for One Life to Live. Although he said he’d be cool, before they left, Monique’s husband just had to ask Peabo to sign one of his albums. It was very enjoyable, and totally positive. A rarity in the world of reality TV.

🍷 Next Monday, Bravo will be airing a Vanderpump Rules How They Got Here special at 9 pm.

🍗 Getting Close…



November 14, 2017 – Might As Well Call Him Andrew, Travis Stalks Kelly Some More & Maryann Visits the Captain


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Valentin wants to explain to Nina why he’s involved with Cassandra.

Monica tells Anna and Jordan that Andre abandoned his job without so much as a resignation letter. Jordan tells Anna there’s an APB out for him in connection with the Jason Morgan case.

Diane tells Carly that she can’t do anything until Jason tells her to. Carly is disappointed. She leaves, and Diane thinks she doesn’t have the pull she used to with him. Alexis sits down and asks her how Nora came to defend Olivia-J. Diane asks why and Alexis says it’s complicated. Diane is like, seriously?

Real Jason watches Sam from the balcony. He almost walks in, but Other Jason comes home. He talks sweet talk to Sam, and Real Jason comes busting in, telling him get away, and shoots him. Sam asks what had he done, and says she loves Other Jason. Real Jason wakes up yelling her name, and wonders what he’s supposed to do.

Sam asks where Other Jason was last night.

Nina says infidelity is a deal breaker. Valentin says he isn’t being unfaithful, but Nina says his lips were on his hers. He says hers were on his; there’s a difference. When she told him she was in town, he knew he had to meet her, and tell her his life has changed. They’d barely exchanged pleasantries when she kissed him, and Nelle must have been there with her camera. Nina says he could have pushed her off, but he says she’s a complicated part of his past. She’s accepted he’s not available, but she’s not going anywhere. He has to work with her.

Diane asks for one reason Alexis would want that information. She thinks Scotty tried to manipulate Alexis, begging her to visit Julian, where he’d tug at her heartstrings, and she’d get involved in the appeal, looking for details that chowderhead (meaning Scotty) missed. Alexis says she did visit Julian. He’d been attacked, and was bruised with broken bones. He’s going to get himself killed if someone doesn’t do something. Diane says that man nearly destroyed her.

Anna asks if Jordan thinks Andre knew something, and Jordan says according to Franco. He was going to therapy, and Andre provided a death certificate for Andrew. Anna says it was obviously forged, and wonders what Andre is covering up. Jordan tells her that’s why she has an APB out. Anna feels sorry for the Jasons. She knows what it’s like to be confronted with a twin. She wonders if Andre knows who is who.

Other Jason – okay, lets’ start calling him Andrew, because I will totally flip out if he’s not – tells Sam he had a lot to think about. Sam asks if he came to any conclusions. He says he may have twin, but he’s not taking his life. He asks if Sam is with him, and she says of course. He tells her it’s going to be a fight. Sonny and Carly are backing his brother. Sam asks what if he doesn’t pursue it, and Andrew thinks he wouldn’t be there otherwise. It doesn’t matter if he’s crazy or lying. He’s coming after everything Andrew loves, and rest assured he’s not letting him do it. He says, that face. People look at him and think he’s Jason. He can’t prove it because he’s Jason Morgan, her husband.

Carly knocks at Jason’s door. When he answers, she hugs him.

Nina asks if Valentin is going to rob jewelry stores, and split the profits with Cassandra between kisses. He says no kissing and no robbing, and explains that Cassandra is dealing in synthetic opioids. Nina says he’d never be a drug trafficker, no matter how much money is involved. He says it’s not the money; it’s the only way to stop her – take her down from the inside.

Alexis says Julian didn’t ask to see her, and was upset that Scotty told her about him being roughed up. Julian wouldn’t even talk about the attack. Diane says he wants Alexis to forget and move on, and Alexis says, more or less. Diane thinks he’s either pushing her away, so she does the opposite, or he’s sincere. If Julian is a good man, she should honor his sacrifice, and if he’s bad, she should refuse to fall into the trap. Take him at his word, forget, and move on. Alexis says if dies, and she could have done something, she’ll never forgive herself.

Sam says Jason has no documents to prove who he is. How can he lay claim to Aurora? Andrew doesn’t think he’s after the company, but Sonny will advise him to. He wants the guy to be him, the way he used to be. He couldn’t give Sonny more, but Sonny thinks this guy will. Before they end up in court, he needs to get the company up and going, so it will be harder to challenge. Sam says even if his brother doesn’t exist from a legal standpoint, they share DNA, and share the same family.

Carly tells Jason it will be a while before stops hugging him. He tells her it’s okay; he likes that she’s glad to see him. He’s glad to see her. She says without him helping her navigate life, and catching her when she falls, she missed him all the time. He tells her that he’s sorry he wasn’t there. Carly tells him now she has to clean up the messes she made. She handed his life to someone else. Jason says he has a twin brother; now everything makes sense. She says no matter how much she wanted it to be true, not once did she look in his eyes and see Jason’s eyes looking back. If she’d had the courage to face it, he wouldn’t be in this situation, watching Sam go home with Andrew. Jason says Sam loves him, and he can’t move against him without hurting her. He won’t do that.

Nina says, so Valentin is just pretending he’s working with Cassandra while he’s servicing his own agenda. Valentin says he’s no expert on ethics and morals, but Cassandra has money; this is only greed on her part. Nina says she deserves what she gets, but there’s a flaw in his plan. He’s going undercover with no credentials. Valentin tells her that he’s serving in an unofficial capacity to the agent in charge – Anna.

Carly tells Jason that Diane is waiting at the MetroCourt. She’s waiting on fingerprint records, but there’s some question about the federal one. The good news is, he’s been arrested more than fifty times. Ha-ha! Jason doesn’t care; he’s just happy to be home. He tells Carly to just think of another name for him, but not Andrew. She says he should be fighting for his own name, and fighting for Sam. Jason tells her that he had a nightmare. He dreamt that he saw Sam and Andrew together, and shot him. He was dying, and Sam was next to him, saying she loved him. Carly says it sounds awful, but it was just a dream. He doesn’t want Sam caught in middle. Carly says she is, and the only way out is to make a real choice. His brother has to accept who he is, and Sam has to decide if she wants to be with him or him, the real and only Jason Morgan.

There’s a knock at door, and Carly answers, even though it’s Jason’s room. It’s Monica, who asks if it’s the wrong time. Carly says she was just leaving. She asks Jason to please talk to Diane. Monica doesn’t want to intrude; she just wants to look at him. She’s so happy to see him.

Andrew says he hopes when Sam says sharing a family, she means the Quartermaines. He’s not sharing his wife and kids. He babbles unreasonably, and Sam says it’s Sonny they’re really fighting. Even if Sonny wants his brother to be him, he won’t put the kids in the mix. When Sonny sees something he wants, he goes for it. Andrew thinks they should adopt his tactics, starting with Aurora. He’s interviewing for a CEO today. Sam looks at the resume, and tells Andrew to be tough on him. He promises they’ll keep everything that’s theirs. He leaves, and Sam flashes back to her and Jason when we were all practically children.

Carly knocks on the door. She asks if he’s here, and Sam says no. She says good. She needs to talk to her about Jason.

Andrew meets with the potential CEO, Peter. He asks how Peter became available just when they were looking for someone with his background.

Alexis tells Diane that she went to Llanview, hoping for access to Olivia-J, but Nora stonewalled her, saying it wasn’t in her client’s best interest. Diane says any competent attorney would have done the same. She hates to admit it, but Nora is extremely competent. Alexis wonders who she’s billing it to. He siblings wouldn’t be paying, and it can’t be pro bono, since Nora is in a different state. Who would pay a heavy-hitter like Nora to defend Olivia, and why?

Peter tells Andrew that things were unhappy at the company, and he was offered a golden parachute. He was ready for a change, found out the media company had a new owner, and thought it was the perfect opportunity. Andrew asks what he knows about the company, and Peter says it was brutally mismanaged. The only consistent performer is Crimson, but he thinks with work and a coherent business plan, it can turn around. He says it was a good idea to change the name. He asks if Andrew is actually Jason Morgan. Oddly, Andrew doesn’t knock over any tables.

Monica is surprised to see Jason is there. She thought he’d be at Sonny’s. He says he wanted to be on his own, and she says he’s always been independent. Susan is dead, and Heather is evil, and it’s he fault he and his brother grew up apart. They’re lives would have been different if they’d known. Jason says he doesn’t know about Andrew, but likes his life. The only thing he wishes went differently was his unfairness to the family, especially her. She says he was confused, and they didn’t handle it right. They were all wrong. She tells him that she doesn’t know how to act or what to say. He says she doesn’t have to know. He knows she loves him, and he loves her too. They hug.

Nina thinks Valentin has more of a desire to work closely with Anna than stopping the drug trade. He tells her that he’d turned Anna down when she asked. Nina wonders what changed his mind, and he says her and Charlotte. Cassandra orchestrated their meeting, and it was a warning shot. She can take away what he loves. It was an implied threat, and he has to act. He can’t eliminate her; it would only create more problems than it would solve. He has to bring her down. As far as Cassandra knows, he’s under her thumb. Nina says to be clear, she hates the idea of him working with Anna with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns, but it’s necessary. Valentin says maybe it’s fair that the past bit him, but he’s sorry she has to be dragged in to the mess. She says apology accepted on one condition – he let her help. She thinks she’s in the perfect position to manipulate Cassandra. Valentin says he can’t forbid her to do anything, but he’d rather kill Cassandra than let her go near Nina. She and Charlotte are his life. He can handle anything if they’re safe. Nina tells him okay; be careful, and no unnecessary contact with Anna. He promises there won’t be, and she leaves for work.

Jason tells Monica not to worry, but she says she does, and worries about Andrew too. He’s been wonderful; open and accepting, and they kind of have a bond. Jason says Andrew is easier than him. Monica says, no, they’re different, but she loves them both very much. She knows it will take time to sort things out, and could be a painful journey. She hopes at the end they can be brothers. He’s not sure that’s possible, but she says he kind of has a gift for making the impossible possible. She leaves, and he heaves a sigh, as the returned Jason is wont to do.

Peter says that Andrew bought the company under the name of Jason Morgan. Andrew says there’s no question about his legal identity, but he did have a twin that surfaced. There are rumblings that he might go after what’s his, but the company belongs to him and his wife, and he has every intention of keeping it. They shake hands.

Diane mentions to Alexis that Charlotte’s custody hearing was the same day as Olivia’s hearings. Alexis thinks it’s no coincidence. If Valentin’s lawyer defended Olivia, it’s because he wanted her to. She leaves, and Andrew approaches. He says he’s sure Diane has heard about his twin. He needs to cut him off at the pass before he comes after the company. Diane says she called him because she’s resigning as his attorney. It’s a conflict of interest. She can’t defend his claim that he’s Jason Morgan, because she doesn’t believe he is.

Sam tells Carly to skip it; she already knows what Carly is going to say. Carly tells her she can’t stand by and watch Sam make a mistake. She owes her an apology. She wanted Andrew to be Jason so bad, she pressured him to be someone else, and pressured Sam to accept it. Andrew is a good man, but not Jason. Deep down, Sam knows it. Carly rationalized and made excuses, but that stopped working when she saw him again. She’d thought Sonny had lost his mind, until she saw him and knew. She’d know him anywhere, and so does Sam. She says when Sam looked in eyes, she knew in her heart and soul. The only reason she’s not saying it is out of loyalty to the man she slept with last night. Sam says she didn’t sleep with anyone last night.

Anna tells Jordan that Andre was working on a way to copy a person’s memory and place it in someone else. Jordan thinks that’s disturbing, but Anna says it’s a useful application, even though the ethics are indefensible. The WSB wouldn’t follow through with it, so Andre left. Jordan asks if Anna thinks he pursued it, and Anna says that would explain things.

We see Andre’s passport.

Alexis visits Valentin. She tells him that she needs information. He asks if they’re on speaking terms, and she asks what his association with Olivia-J is.

Nina calls Cassandra. She tells her that she had a cancellation, and asks if she wants to meet at the MetroCourt.

Andrew tells Diane it didn’t take long. If she turns over any of his records to his twin, he’ll have her disbarred. She says his records are sealed, and she’s sending them over to him. He tells her to warn her client to stay away from his family. She says her client is Jason Morgan, and she looks forward to proving it. He tells her to go to hell. Andrew runs into Jason coming out of the elevator, and tells him that his lawyer is waiting.

Diane tells Jason that she just informed his brother that she intends to prove he’s Jason Morgan, and he’s not happy. Jason says it’s just a name. He doesn’t want anyone hurt over this. She says speaking as a lawyer, from what she remembers, he’s a rare client who actually listens, and takes advice. She wants to work in his best interest, but he says he’s worried about Sam’s best interest. She tells him that his name and assets are under a cloud right now, and when he has the legal rights, he can do what he wants, and can sign them over to Sam. He asks what he needs to do, and she tells him to think back to the first time he was arrested in 1996. She needs to subpoena the files

Sam tells Carly that Andrew never came to bed last night. He was strategizing on how to fight her and Sonny. He’s afraid his best friends will take everything away, including her, and hand it over to someone else. Carly says it’s not up to her. She knows Sam’s the one who has to make choice, and she’s sorry for that. Andrew is going to fight, but Jason won’t; it’s not in his nature, and she knows it. He’s just going to step back and wait; be there when she needs him, and back off when she doesn’t. He thinks that’s what will make her happy, and that’s all that matters to him, but it won’t make her happy in her heart. Andrew is a good man and loves her, but Jason owns her heart and soul, and she owns his. It will be the hardest thing she’s ever done, but the best thing for everyone, especially Andrew. Carly leaves, and Sam remembers old stuff again. She’s drunk, and wants to dance with Jason. They fall on floor, and she kisses him.

Tomorrow, Nathan tells Amy to take her own advice, Lulu has great news, Scotty tells Julian they need a miracle to get him out, and Nina knows Cassandra lied.

If Loving You is Wrong

Lushion tells Natalie that the gun was stolen. She says it doesn’t make any sense. He wants her to find out where the gun came from – now. Natalie thought she was legit, but he tells her not to give the number out again. She calls, but the number is out of service. Lushion asks if she knows how this looks for Kelly; like she stole Ramsey’s gun to kill him. The DA will be all over it. He says they’re going over there right now. They go outside, and see Travis lurking around Kelly’s house.

Lushion ask where he’s coming from and what he’s doing there. He stammers that he was stopping by, and Lushion tells him to come over there. He tells Natalie to get in the house. He asks what Travis was doing and he says knocking on the door. Lushion says the door is right there. Travis says she prefers him to go to the back. Lushion tells him not to move. He knocks on Kelly’s door. He asks if Travis was knocking, but she didn’t even know he was there. Travis tells her not to act like that, and she says she told him to stay away. Lushion asks if he doesn’t have a restraining order against her, and Travis says he does. Lushion asks why he’s hanging around then, and he says he’d heard she had trouble. Lushion tells him he’s under arrest. Travis asks if Lushion has any idea who his parents are. Lushion tells him to quit whining like a little bitch, cuffs him, and puts him in the car.

Lushion goes around back to check it out. Travis sits in the car laughing, because he’s batsh*t crazy. Kelly asks if he thinks it’s funny. He says she’s funny; all this is funny. He tells her that she’s going to jail for life. She messed with the wrong guy, leading him on and ignoring him. Kelly asks if that’s why he killed Ramsey, and called Justice. He pretends not to know what she’s talking about, and tells her she’ll wish she never met him. She already does, and he says she ain’t seen nothin’ yet. She tells him to give it his best shot. He says he did, but she couldn’t take it. Lushion tells her to go inside. He’s taking Travis in, and sending over a detective to look around.

Steven sits in his car outside of Esperanza’s house. She pulls up, and asks why he’s there. He tells her that he’s checking on her, and she says she already has one crazy ass showing up. Steven says he wanted to make sure she was okay, and he’s sorry. He knows how Eddie can get. Esperanza says he’d never touch her, so Steven can go. He asks if he can come in. He can help her clean up. She tells him that he created the mess, and he says it wasn’t his fault. She thinks it’s a ploy to get in the house, but he says no. He tells her she’s amazing, and they can finish what they started. She asks if it’s a marathon. She doesn’t know how they got here, but they don’t know each other. He tells her to ask him a question. She asks when her birthday is, and he knows. She asks what her favorite color is, and he says she doesn’t have one. She’s surprised, and he tells her that he knows by watching her. She says that’s creepy, and he says she wanted it just as bad as he did. She tells him they just work together. He asks again to come in, and she says, purple. He asks if that’s a yes, and when she got a favorite color. She tells him today, when she saw his underwear. He asks if he can please come in, and she closes the door.

Natalie – who never walks, but strides – goes over to Kelly’s house. She asks if Kelly is all right. Kelly wonders what she’s supposed to do. She can’t keep taking this anymore. Natalie says Lushion wants to tell her something about the gun, and Kelly asks her what it is. She says the gun was stolen, but she’d thought it was legit. Kelly says she’ll call, and Natalie tells her the number is disconnected. She says the bad part – Kelly is like, that’s not the bad part? – is that it was stolen from Ramsey. Kelly asks if Travis knew where it was stolen from, and how Natalie does. She says Natalie set her girl up, and Natalie promises to go by the gun seller’s house. Kelly quietly freaks.

Ian and Marcie go to dinner. She doesn’t believe he wanted to celebrate, and he says he likes her. He finds her very attractive. She thanks him, but says she’s not interested. He says it’s just a client/realtor dinner then. He jokingly asks what’s wrong with him? She says she just had enough with her ex relationship. He tells her okay, but he’s buying. She tells him that she doesn’t have much of an appetite. He asks if it’s the company, but she says it’s the ex company. He asks if he’s still bothering her, and says they can sue him. He’s sued people into submission using the law as a tool. She probably won’t win, but he’ll leave her alone. Marcie says he doesn’t know him. Ian’s phone rings. He says he’s at dinner, he doesn’t know the client, and to call Larry. They don’t know where he is, so Ian says call the client’s parents, and he’s on his way. After he hangs up, he tells Marcie it can wait. The client is a spoiled rich kid in trouble, and his parents pay them well. He wants to toast, and she says just water for her. He asks if she doesn’t drink, and she says not lately.

Lushion tells Travis quit playing with him. He plops Travis in a chair. Eddie gets in Lushion’s face. He’s angry because Lushion interfered with him walloping Steven. He says his tattoo is all over that broad. Lushion points out Travis, and asks if Eddie sees this fool. That’s what a stalker looks like, and he’ll be their next one. Eddie threatens Lushion and Steven, and Lushion tells him if he thinks he’s pulling anther Andrew, think again. Eddie says people disappear all the time, and to tell that punk if he touches Esperanza again, it’s his ass. Steven comes in, and Lushion says Eddie has something to tell him. Eddie tells Steven to watch his back, and Steven says he’d rather watch Esperanza’s. BA-DUM-CHH! Eddie says keep coming at her, and he’ll be sorry. He tells Steven that says they can wrap it up real quick mano a mano. Steven says he’ll meet him after the shift. Lushion tells them to go somewhere. Eddie leaves, and Steven asks if everything is okay here. Lushion says it is.

Lushion asks what Travis was doing in Kelly’s backyard. Travis says he already told him, but Lushion says he told him nothing. Travis asks why he should say anything without his lawyer. He asks if it isn’t the detectives who ask the questions? Lushion asks why he’s stalking Kelly, but Travis insists he’s not stalking anybody; she’s lying. He tells Lushion that Officer Dion knows the whole story. He asks if Lushion is on her side, and Lushion says maybe. Travis maintains he didn’t do anything. Lushion asks if he’s sure about that; she’s just lying about all of this? He tells Travis that he’s going to nail his ass to the wall. Travis asks for what, and Lushion says for what he’s been doing. Lushion wants to talk about Ramsey. Travis pretends not to know who that is, and Lushion says Travis murdered him. Travis says he’s a lover not a fighter. He’s a youth pastor, and thou shalt not kill. Lushion asks how he did it; how’d he take Ramsey down? Travis says he doesn’t know what Lushion is talking about. Lushion says Ramsey was a big guy with skills and moves, and Travis asks if he’s talking about the busted ass dude next door to Kelly. Lushion says the memories come flooding back, and asks again how he did it with no skills, not knowing how to fight, and looking bitchy. Travis says he can fight if the situation presents itself. Lushion asks how he took Ramsey down, and tells him that Justice had some interesting stories about how Ramsey died. Travis suggests maybe he did it. Lushion says maybe Travis called him and gave him the details. Travis wishes he could help.

Steve brings in Ian. Lushion says don’t tell him Ian is this kid’s lawyer. Ian calls Travis “Donovan Cain,” Lushion says his name is Travis, and Ian says he didn’t put it together, asking if this is the kid harassing Kelly. He’s not going to be able to rep her. His partner reps Travis’s family and church; he has no choice. They pay a lot to the firm. Lushion says it’s crazy. Ian tells him that he’s sorry, and takes Travis out. Steven says that’s messed up. Lushion says what’s messed up is what he’s doing to Kelly, and he’s not going to stop. He wants Steven to look up Donovan.

Alex and Brad watch TV. Someone bangs on the door. It’s Eddie, who walks right in. Brad says it’s late, get out, and pushes him out the door. Eddie tells him that Esperanza has lost her mind; she’s banging Steven, Brad says, sorry, and Eddie says he doesn’t look it. Brad admits he’s not; she’s single. Eddie says she’s the mother of his kid, and his ass gets whatever he wants. Brad tells him to go home, and he says he doesn’t have one. Brad says he can’t stay there, and he asks Brad to make a call. Brad tells him to go. Eddie offers to do him a favor in return, and Brad says, just go. Eddie repeats that he doesn’t have a home to go to, and Brad says, go somewhere. Eddie says he’ll handle it himself. Brad tells him that he doesn’t understand love, and Eddie says he understands T&A, and when he puts his mark on them, they’re his. He drives off.

Alex doesn’t want to know, and Brad agrees that she doesn’t. She tells him to throw Randal’s equipment away. He picks it up, and asks if the light has been on the whole time; that isn’t good. Alex says it’s disconnected, and Brad says it must have back up battery. He tells her to be quiet. It has a motion sensor, and records video and audio. Brad disables it. Alex is concerned that Randal heard everything they said about the doctor, but Brad thinks if he would have been over there already. Maybe it was out of range. Alex wants him to destroy it. He’s sorry he brought it in. Alex looks like she has a headache.

Randal and Larry go back to Randal’s house. They’re laughing, and saying what a great time it was. Larry wants more to drink, and Randal says he can’t hold his liquor. Larry says Randal likes when he’s out of control. Randal pours some hefty shots of tequila (bleh), and they down them. They laugh some more. Larry asks if Randal remembers when they snuck in the girls’ dorm. He tried to film them, but had a loud ass VHS camera. They have another shot. Randal says Larry got them kicked out of school, and Larry says, but they had a lot of fun. He asks if Randal remembers the girls they did together. Larry says he learned the hard way. Randal says Larry took longer, and teases him. Larry tells him to go to hell, and Randal says he’s been there and back next door. Larry wonders why Randal doesn’t let it go. Randal says no way; she humiliated him. Larry says he humiliated her and Marcie. Randal says they were talking about Alex; he doesn’t care about Marcie because she screwed neighbor in his shed. Larry asks if it’s the same guy whose wife Randal screwed, Randal doesn’t want to do this right now. Larry just wants him to move on; there are lots of women out there for him. Randal doesn’t want lots of women, and Larry says that’s a switch. Randal wants the two women in his life to suffer, and Larry asks for how long? He says until he’s satisfied. Larry says that’s him, and Randal concurs. Larry tells Randal that Marcie really loved him loved him. Randal says she loved him so much, she did the neighbor in his shed, Larry says she was hurt, and Randal asks if that’s why she moved in with him. Larry asks when it ends, and Randal says when she’s on her knees. Larry tells him she’s been through so much, and she’s pregnant. Randal is like, what? Larry realizes he made a mistake, and pretends like he doesn’t know what he said.

Next time, Randal and Larry fight, Alex tells Marcie that her husband doesn’t belong to her, and Travis confronts Kelly. It’s also the finale.

Below Deck

Jen wants to strangle Kate, but she’s a good person, and trying to suppress the feeling. Bri and Nico cuddle. Bri says it’s difficult working with someone who thinks they’re working hard, when they’re not. She thinks Jen is so tired, she’s delirious, and not helping. She tells Jen to go to bed, and finishes cleaning up by herself.

EJ says he’ll miss Baker. He’ll miss 90% of the crew, but there are some he could do without. He and Baker lie on cushions on the deck. He can’t believe he’s leaving tomorrow. She says they can make the most of it. He does a couple of push-ups, and they go to bed separately. I’m confused.

Captain Lee says it’s safe to take guests out for morning cruise. Nico is feeling a little better. He’s put things in perspective, and is going to be team player and do good job. Kate tells him not to be too cool for a sling. Jen stumbles out of her bunk. In the galley, Kate says the longer she’s late, the more she’ll pay for it. Jen doesn’t feel good, and Kate says none of them do. Kate tells her she can handle it. In her interview, Kate says Jen has problems and she gives her solutions, but she finds more problems in the solutions that then become new problems. The Valor moves out, and everyone gets excited. The captain says once around the park, and he’s only doing it for the money. Nico realizes he’s been a d*ck to EJ. He hasn’t been in the right frame of mind since his brother died. He has to respect EJ, and admit the deck team has come a long way.

The breakfast special is Eggs Benedict – my favorite! Matt loves a challenge, and he’s being challenged to every extent. He’s tired of seeing their faces though. They begin to head back to the marina, and the guests complain. In his interview, EJ says the deck team is in a better place than when he came; they’re much more proficient. The guests start packing.

Everyone says goodbye. Eden says it was great, but there was disappointment. It was a big deal to birthday boy Jason and Michaela, but she thinks it was a downer for them too. She doesn’t even know where they are, and thinks they left. What was the crew supposed to do about the weather? Change it?  These people are worse than eBay buyers, who want the moon for nothing.

Eden says the crew was great, but if it was her restaurant, a lot of things would have been sent back. In his interview, Matt says nice of her to wait until the last minute to destroy his food in front of the crew and captain. He bets her restaurant stinks. She says the food could have been taken to another level. Kate has never worked a cruise where the primaries just left the boat. I wonder what this means for the tip.

Captain Lee thought it went well for not having gotten off the dock. He’s surprised with the assessment, and doesn’t see what they could have done differently. There is a tip, and it’s $15K or $1363 each. The captain tells them that EJ is leaving to get back to his other boat, and thanks him for helping out. EJ did everything he asked him to, and well. In his interview, Captain Lee says Nico is going to have to step up. They all bid farewell to EJ. The captain says his wife, Maryann is coming. In his interview, he says it’s very rare for her to join him, and he’s excited, but has enough to worry about. Jen wonders why everybody is getting lovin’ except her.

In her interview, Baker is sorry things didn’t get to take off with her and EJ, but plans on seeing him after the season is over. Nico is glad he’s leaving, and boot him back to Canada. He’s ready to take charge. I wonder what happened to his better attitude of five minutes ago. EJ says his goodbyes, telling everyone to finish hard. He kisses baker’s hand. In his interview, he says he’s leaving them in a much better place. The deck team has graduated, and Nico will make an excellent bosun, if he drops the ego, and stops being a child. He still has a long way to go.

The next charter is a group of eight women, the primary being Shelly, who’s an attorney. The captain says they’re not requesting anything crazy, but want gourmet meals. In his interview, Captain Lee says it’s embarrassing to have a guest shred his chef a second time. We flash back to the first time and the Bananas Foster ice cream debacle. They want a Caribbean Carnival theme night with a surf and turf dinner, entertainment, and games. The captain also tells them that they’re getting a new deckhand. Nico hopes whoever it is, isn’t green.

Here comes Maryann. In his interview, the captain says the season has been trying with a green interior and deckhands, and crappy weather. Seeing Maryann will be a pleasure.

In her interview, Jen says Kate failed her as a boss and mentor. She looked up to her, but Kate was abusive. She has no respect for her. Kate talks about how much she loves the captain and Maryann (♫ Here on Gilligan’s Isle! ♫). She tells us they were high school sweethearts. Maryann is quite cute

Nico is excited to get off the boat and spend time with Bri. It’s been high stress all season. The crew heads out to dinner, with Captain Lee and Maryann joining them. Bri asks how they met, and Maryann says her girlfriends knew him, and he doesn’t remember meeting her. He asks how she can hold him responsible for something he doesn’t remember, and she says they met again a month later, and that was it. We see some old photos of them as a couple, and the crew toasts to them. In his interview, Captain Lee says that they’ve been married forty-two years, and Maryann has the patience of a saint to put up with him and five kids. He was lucky enough to marry his best friend. He tells the crew that relationships take work. He cares more about making his wife happy than making himself happy. If he sees a smile on her face, he’s good. He says he’s very fortunate, and I’m impressed. It’s nice to see the other side of him. Nico and Bri leave. Nico says it’s nice to see a functional relationship in yachting. You don’t see it often, especially with captains.

They talk about losing EJ, and make a toast. Bri and Nico arrive at the hotel, and the rest go back to the boat. In her interview, Kate says Bruno was quiet, Matt didn’t get obnoxious drunk, and Nico is getting lucky. The dinner was a success.

Kate calls someone about their website for acrobats who do yachts. I swear, there’s something for everyone out there. She can’t believe she’s never done a carnival theme party before. In his interview, Captain Lee says he and Maryann don’t communicate all that much when he’s at sea, and it was a treat to see her. He tells us the finish line is in sight. Maryann leaves.

The captain says Nico is back in charge, and he wants to finish strong. The weather should be good. The new deckhand arrives, and Kate says, look who it is, and they go to commercial. I’m wracking my brain for previous deckhands, and can only remember Danny.

It’s Kyle in flamingo shorts. They flash back to when he was on before, and now I remember him somewhat. Captain Lee says he knows the boat and he’s competent. He’s a character, but he can count on Kyle to fulfill their need for next two charters. He’s British, and one of the guys they need subtitles for because his accent is so thick. He was bunkmates with Kate, and she wishes she could give him a warm welcome, but she’s too busy. Nico interduces him around. He tells Kyle they’ve had green deckhands, and a Boy Scout bosun who pissed him off. Kyle has been on cargo ships, and tells us he’s become more of a provider, and it’s made him grow up.

In his interview, the captain says he was embarrassed as hell last charter. The crew had better be on their toes, or give their soul to Jesus, because their asses belong to him. He’s quite the quipster, our Captain Lee. The ladies arrive, and Kate does the tour. The deckhands remark how heavy their suitcases are, and it reminds me of my father asking me if I carried bricks in my purse. Kate says girls’ trips are one of two ways, either super fun or super high maintenance. Shelly tells them to keep the champagne flowing. Nico says the pressure is back on. Drinks happen. Kyle tells Jen he likes her. He could win and argument with her easily. They should get married. I also remember Kyle being a bit of a weirdo.

Nico tells the guests that he’s getting toys out. Shelly asks what kind of toys, and another guest says they like toys. Shelly thinks Nico should take of his shirt. In his interview, Nico says he loves cougars, something I will never be. I liked them older when I was younger. Matt says he has a lot to prove after the last charter. He has a clean slate, and he’s ready to cook. The ladies are served a beautiful salad, and say Matt is amazing.

Kyle says his type of girl doesn’t necessarily need a vagina, and I remember he had a trans girlfriend. Bruno says he doesn’t look at gender, but how he feels. He’s had both girlfriends and boyfriends, and looks at sexuality as fluid. His heart falls in love with a beautiful heart. This is all too poetic for me

The dreaded slide is set up. Nico is taking what he’s learned, and apply it to now. In the galley, Jen says she hasn’t been whoring around as long as Kate, and Kate asks how old her daughter is. Jen says Kate is taking too far, which I think is overly sensitive, since she started it and that was a funny remark in context.

Kate makes stuff with feathers, and they get ready for Caribbean party. Jen tells Kate it was a low blow, and Kate says Jen said she whored around. Jen wants her not to be miserable, and Kate says Jen doesn’t know enough to determine that; she’s highly out of line. Jen says it’s friend to friend, and Kate says Jen isn’t her friend. In her interview, Kate says she was blindsided. She thought they were having fun banter, and Jen brought in her personal life when she knows nothing about her. She’s just being mean.

The table is colorful and glorious. Jen thinks Kate crossed the line, but doesn’t think an apology will happen. The captain hangs around the kitchen, asking if the food is under control. Matt says they’re writing the for tomorrow. Bruno is helping, and Captain Lee says he has every confidence that Matt can come up with the menu on his own. He wonders why Matt is depending on a deckhand for ideas. The guests love the surf and turf. Shelly says it would be a great last meal. When the mostly clean plates come back, Matt says the ladies did a good job. He and Bruno agree they’re tigers

After dinner, Kate leads them upstairs, where an acrobat does amazing things, hanging from a giant ring. Kate tells us it’s nice to have someone else bending over backwards for the guests. The ladies want Nico to twirl on the ring.

Kyle watches Jen, and asks how the dating scene is. She tells him nothing exciting, and he says he’ll take her out. He guarantees two things – it will be an effing blast, and she’ll feel a lot better about herself. Jen isn’t too interested, but thinks it’s a welcome change to have someone talking nice to her. Captain Lee calls Kate to the wheelhouse. He’s concerned with what saw in the galley. He wants to pull Bruno out of there. In her interview, Kate agrees he spends too much time there, but thinks it might make the situation worse. The captain calls Nico next, and says he thinks Bruno is hindering Matt, and wants him doing deckhand things. In his interview, the captain thinks Matt has an unknown fear of putting himself out there. He’s hoping he’ll piss Matt off so much, he’ll want to show that SOB. He says the next charter is important.

Bri suggests she and Nico travel after the season is over. The Valor heads to St. Martin. Kate tells Jen that she’s still grumpy about what Jen said. Jen tells Kate if her boss implies she’s a whore, she’s going to stand up for herself. She thinks they’re just going in circles, and when she’s pushed to the boiling point, it’s best to walk away. Nico tells Bruno they need him on the deck, so no more helping Matt. Bruno has no comment, but thinks it’s unfair.

The captain calls Matt to the bridge, and asks if he’s running out of gas. Matt says he’s good. Captain Lee wants him to pull out all the stops. He thought last night’s dinner was okay, but he wasn’t blown away. Matt should get out of his comfort zone, and Bruno needs to get out of the galley. In his interview, Matt says the guests claimed it was the best meal they ever ate, but he’ll surpass it. In his interview, he says he’s burnt out. The girlfriend thing didn’t work out, and the guests have been critical. He can’t wait for the season to be done.

Next time, Shelley sings to the captain, Jen argues with Bruno, and Bri is called a whore.

🍻 New show RelationShep, starring Shep from Southern Charm, begins Monday, December 4th at 10 pm.

🍚 I hate when a fortune cookie has some saying like home is where the heart is. They’re supposed to tell me who I’m going to meet or where I’m going to travel or something like that. They’re not proverb cookies.

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November 7, 2017 – Amy Finds Her Brother, Larry Has a Shady Past & a Charter at the Dock


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Nathan and Maxie are doing a home photo shoot. Maxie reminds the photographer that the article is about her. He wonders who the person is who hasn’t smiled since he got there. Maxie tells him it’s her assistant and she’s thrilled to be there. Amy says, she’s thrilled.

Monica asks Finn if he can stay later. A John Doe was brought in with an opioid overdose and also has a serious infection.

Valentin tells Anna that he’s past needing to prove himself to her. Anna says even though he’s clean, it obviously struck a nerve. He says he looks at the world through the eyes of a father now, and doesn’t want the drugs in his community. Anna says he should tell Cassandra that he’s taking her up on her offer, and he can be a spy for her. He says, no way in hell.

Nina and Charlotte have ice cream at the MetroCourt after seeing Disney on Ice. Charlotte asks if she could be figure skater, and Nina says she can be anything she wants. She had thought Charlotte wanted to be a vet, but she wants to be both. Nina tells her she wanted to be a ballerina and on an equestrian tea when she was younger. Charlotte asks if she did, and Nina says definitely not, but her life turned out better than she imagined, now that she has someone like Charlotte in it. She tells Charlotte that she loves her, and Charlotte says she loves Nina too. Charlotte thanks her, and says she’s wonderful. Nina says she wasn’t trying to be; she just wanted Charlotte to have fun. Charlotte says that’s what makes her wonderful.

Cassandra and her companion enter the restaurant. Cassandra wants something exotic, like a strawberry daiquiri. Her companion says she’s allergic, but she tells him Finn told her that she’s not, so she’s going for it. She sees Nina and Charlotte. She calls them the apples of Valentin’s eye, and thinks she needs to take it up a notch.

Alexis goes to Pentenville to visit Julian, who doesn’t look very beat up, but is sporting a fresh haircut. He asks why she’s there, and she asks why this happened to him.

Finn looks at John Doe’s chart and says he’s close to respiratory failure, and must have been ignoring his condition. Monica tells him to find the right protocol.

Cassandra pretends to trip over a shoe-box with skates near Charlotte’s chair. She asks if Charlotte is taking skating lessons, but Charlotte says she’s not supposed to talk to strangers. Cassandra says she’s obviously been raised right, and is sorry for interrupting. Charlotte tells her that she took skating last winter, but she’s taking ballet now. Cassandra suggests she take skating as well; it will improve her ballet skills and vice versa. She tells Charlotte that she did, sometimes having both lessons in the same day. She says she even competed, but it was nothing professional; she wasn’t very good. Nina asks her to join them, and Cassandra says she’d like to, since her dinner companion hasn’t arrived. Her real companion takes photos with his phone from across the room.

Julian tells Alexis it was nothing and he’s fine. She says he’s obviously not fine, and asks if he was targeted. He surprised to see her, and thinks Scotty must have told her about it. He says they both agreed he belonged in there. She asks if he started it, or was provoked or ambushed, and he tells her to let it go. He didn’t start a fight, not the way she means, but they both know enough about the criminal justice system to know bad things happen. She asks if he can’t buy protection, and he says sometimes that works, but it doesn’t mean he won’t be a target. She asks if another crime family is after him, and doesn’t think he’s telling the whole story.

The photographer finishes the shoot, saying Nina will love it and he’ll send the proofs tonight. When he’s gone, Amy says she didn’t need to be there. She’s supposed to write the article, not watch Maxie pose. She has to get to work, and could have used more notice. Maxie asks if she means like the notice Maxie was given when they decided to go behind her back. Amy tells her not much subterfuge was needed, since she was living on the other side of the country. She says they can still be exposed. Maxie tells her that Nina demanded an exclusive, and this is as exclusive as it gets. When the readers see how blissfully happy she and Nathan are, they’ll stop trolling her on Twitter. Amy says she’s sorry Maxie is having a hard time, and that she thought Nathan was cheating, but she can’t reach her brother. She could have been making calls instead of watching Maxie put on stupid sexy outfit after stupid sexy outfit. Maxie says she can write it, and Amy can leave. Nathan tells Maxie to take this with love, but Amy isn’t going anywhere.

Cassandra talks about her first double-axel. She says it was in a local competition, but she felt like she was in the Olympics. Alas, a knee injury ended her career. She encourages Charlotte again to take both skating and ballet, saying both skills will improve. She tells Charlotte that if she masters the basics, she can do anything. Charlotte says that’s what her papa tells her. Cassandra says a man after her own heart, and asks where he is tonight.

Valentin tells Anna that she doesn’t know what Cassandra is capable of. Anna says the WSB has extensive intel on her. Valentin says she’s become a recluse, and also a hypochondriac, but has mostly eliminated those who have gone against her. Anna says she hasn’t eliminated him, whether it’s because he’s too formidable or she wants him for something, and he’s in a perfect position to gain access to her. Valentin says if she becomes motivated to act, she also becomes very dangerous.

Julian tells Alexis that he’s stopped trying to get her to trust or love him. In the past, he badly betrayed her trust, and he wants to make it right, but he doesn’t want her here. He thinks it’s probably part of Scotty’s stupid plan. He doesn’t concern her anymore, but wonders if there’s another reason she’s there. Alexis tells him there’s been a development that he has a right to know, and she might as well be the one to tell him.

Maxie types, and Amy laughs at what she’s writing. She says Maxie is giving too much background; that’s why she’s here. Nathan says that too many details could trip them up later. Amy says it might prompt too many fan questions, and Mac is one of Man Landers’s biggest fans. Maxie says Amy barely said anything, and she’s just writing answers to the questions fans want to know, like what to give when flowers aren’t enough? Amy says they don’t really ask things like that, and comes up with something else, conferring with Nathan. Maxie says enough; stop right now. She asks whose article is this anyway?

Alexis asks if Julian has had access to newspapers or the internet in the past week, but he says he’s been in the infirmary. She says that Jason bought Derek Wells Media. Julian thought it would be a good way to cut ties, but realizes it looks like a mobster transfer of power. Jason assured him he has nothing to do with the mob, and he’s just setting something up for Sam and his children. Alexis says Sam’s husband might not be Jason after all.

Finn says doctor stuff, and tells Monica they should see the results soon. He wants to monitor the patient. She says a nurse can call him if there are any changes. He says that she knows about his own struggle, and he didn’t even connect the dots between himself and the opioid epidemic. He says there’s an artificial wall between doctors and patients, and he was reminded why he went to medical school in the first place. It’s all related.

Nina tells Cassandra that her husband has lot meetings, sarcastically adding that she’s sure he’s heartbroken about missing the ice show. Cassandra says he missed the opportunity to spend time with Charlotte, but Nina says don’t worry they’ll tell him all about Disney on Ice. Cassandra thinks he’ll remember the remember conversation for a long time.

Anna says Valentin is a lot of things, some of which she despises, but she never took him for a coward. He says never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. He believes in letting sleeping dogs lie when family is involved. I never took him for a dude who spouts clichés. Anna says his family can be safeguarded. He tells her she’s not hearing him. He’s not going to help, and if she doesn’t back off, he’ll blow her investigation.

Nathan tells Maxie it’s not her article, but she says the fans want to know about Man Landers and his wife. He says Nina will love it, and shows her some pictures the photographer sent. Amy says that’s it; ten questions, and she has time to call Chet on the way to her real job. Maxie says he’s the reason they’re keeping the secret, so if it’s about anyone, it’s her brother. Nathan thanks her, and Amy leaves. He says it’s done, and Maxie will look so gorgeous, he’ll have to fight the guys off. He goes to take a shower, and Maxie looks at what Amy wrote. She’s like, no, this won’t do, and says she needs to punch it up a little.

Julian asks Alexis how that’s possible. She says that’s what they’re trying to figure out, and she has no idea. He asks if Sam is okay, and she says, physically, yes. Real Jason saved her from drowning. Julian asks how Sam is able to wrap her head around any of it, and how is she coping after finding out the man who’s her husband could be someone else? Alexis doesn’t want to talk about Sam, thinking she wouldn’t appreciate it. She says if Sam’s husband isn’t Jason, he’ll have to sort out the legality regarding the company. She tells him be careful in there.

Cassandra says she’s taken up enough time; maybe they could all go skating this winter. She suggests they take a selfie before she leaves. She takes the photo, and they exchange numbers. She says they should have lunch some time. Charlotte tells her that she liked her stories, and Cassandra thanks her for the conversation. She’s glad they crossed paths, and thinks they’re going to be good friends.

Valentin tells Anna the conversation is over She says this has to be stopped, and he says it won’t be if Cassandra covers her tracks. She’ll be gone like the wind, and go underground. If he tells her about the investigation, they’ll have nothing, and never see her again. Anna says the drugs have killed more people than HIV at the height of the epidemic. Valentin wants Anna to bring Cassandra down, but not implicate him. If she does, she’ll have nothing.

Nathan asks Maxie why she didn’t join him, and she says she was busy. He asks if she’s still mad, and she says no, everything is perfect – now. She used her professional judgement to tweak what Amy wrote. He looks at it, and says she basically put back her made-up story about how she discovered Man Landers. Maxie says it was dry, and needed a personal aspect. He says it’s supposed to be a puff piece, and she says it is – a look inside the life of Man Landers. Nathan says it would be if he was Man Landers. The fewer details, the better. Maxie wants to know why he keeps defending Amy. He says he’s not; that’s how he feels. She tells him it’s duly noted, but what she wrote is what’s going to press.

Monica asks Finn if there’s any news, but he says they need to know who he is, and his medical history. Monica says he’s obviously had several surgeries, and she thinks he’s a veteran. Finn says the guy has been through hell, and Monica says so has Finn, but he still functions even with his battle. She doesn’t think John Doe would have lived If Finn hadn’t stayed. He says that’s his job, but she says he needs relaxation too. Finn says he just had time off, but she says it didn’t sound like much of a vacation. He says it wasn’t really.

Cassandra says she’ll be in touch. Nina and Charlotte leave, and Cassandra asks her companion if he got what she wanted. He tells her that he got lots of photos, and thinks the selfie was genius. She tells him she thought about the value of Valentin discovering them together, but given his territorial behavior and temper, it’s a good thing they just left. She says she just texted him, and voila! here he is.

Valentin tells her that he’s not staying, and asks why she wanted to meet. She says she has a lovely surprise to share. He asks why would he care? She tells him that she met his wife and daughter, and shows him the pictures. She says they’re both delights, and they hit it off, but she wonders about Charlotte. Nina is a terrific stepmother, and Charlotte adores both her and her papa. Valentin asks what the point is, and Cassandra says she was wondering how Charlotte would feel about her papa if she discovered what he did with and to Claudette.

Julian hangs up the phone. On his way out, a big dude pushes him out of the way. Julian and Alexis look at each other.

Nathan tells Maxie to use Amy’s draft; it’s what Nina wanted. Maxie accuses him of stopping her from putting herself in, and he says it’s not for the reason she thinks. There’s still a chance this could blow up in their faces. They committed fraud, and she’d be committing it too. She loves that he’s trying to protect her, but says no one reads articles in Crimson; they just look at the fashion. She just sent it to the publishing team. Their fate is sealed.

At the hospital, Deanna tells Amy that Finn wants to know if there are any changes at any time with John Doe. Amy takes his chart, and goes into the room. She says, omg, Chet. It’s her brother. Why I didn’t put two and two together right away with this one, I’ll never know. I’m slipping.

Monica says it’s been a long night; she’s heading out. Finn wants to see if John Doe’s numbers improve. Monica says the synthetic opioids snuck up on them. They’re cheap and deadly, and they have to find a way to cut off the supply. Finn would like to see it happen too.

On the phone, Anna says the case isn’t working out, and she has to rethink the priorities for the WSB, and her too. She doesn’t give up. One way or other, she’ll get Cassandra.

Cassandra tell Valentin that his wife is delightful, and his child is scrumptious. She understands why he loves them, and thinks they’re a good influence on him. She can’t imagine what would happen were he to lose them – for whatever reason. She says, so, about her operation… Valentin says he’s in’

Alexis bangs on the window. The guard takes Julian, and the thug looks at Alexis.

Tomorrow, Valentin tells Anna that he’ll help her, Michael says it’s over with Nelle, and Sonny asks Klein who gave him the order.

If Loving You is Wrong

When we last left, Eddie busted in while Esperanza and Steven were getting busy.

Eddie attacks Steven, and they fight. Esperanza yells for them to stop. Lushion comes in, and breaks it up. He tells Eddie to calm down and asks what’s going on. Can’t he tell? He tells Eddie to get out. Eddie says, me and you, to Steven, and leaves. Lushion asks what’s going on, and where are Steven’s clothes?

Steven says, sorry, and Esperanza tells him to get out; the both of them, out now. Steven and Lushion leave, with Steven half-dressed. Lushion asks if he’s crazy. Steven says he was fixing the wall, spilled paint on himself, and Esperanza offered to wash his clothes. It just happened. Lushion tells him to get in the car.

Ian calls Marcie at work; he wants to talk about the house. He asks a question about the vents, and she says she’ll call the realtor. He wants to see the house again, and asks if they can meet later; he has to meet a client across the street. She asks who, but he’s not at liberty to say. She tries to get information, but he tells her not to do this to him. She asks if it’s Randal, and he says, who? She tells him that Randal is her ex. He asks if Randal knows Larry, and she says they were college roommates. Ian says he wouldn’t represent that guy for anything. He hopes the divorce is over with soon.

Brad pours some wine for him and Alex. The baby is having a nap, so it must be wine o’clock. Brad asks what the doctor said, and Alex says the baby is doing well, but he meant the DNA test. Alex tells him the doctor switched it. He says she rewound their lives. He can’t believe it, and Alex says she was shocked. Brad tells her that they won’t have to deal with Randal until the baby gets older. Alex tells him they’ll cross that bridge when they come to it, but for now, they’re good. Alex is glad Brad is back, and he’s glad to be home. Could we please name this baby? Please? We see that the camera light is blinking. Uh-oh. Even though Brad tore it down, wouldn’t there still be a companion piece inside Randal’s house?

Here’s what I’m thinking. Obviously, the doctor didn’t switch the tests, but obviously the baby is Black. If Alex isn’t lying about being with anyone else, that means somewhere along the line there are Black relatives. It would make sense if they were on her side, since her parents were so radically racist. Maybe Rusty wasn’t her real father?

Natalie tells Kelly the house looks good; Kelly says it looks better. She thanks Natalie for everything, even helping her with the gun. Natalie says they need to talk about that. Kelly says she’s getting rid of it, but the police have it right now. She can’t believe Justice touched it. She wants to punish him, but he’s going through so much. Travis is messing with her child, and she can’t let him do that. Natalie says it’s getting out of hand, and Kelly says she just wants to go on with her life, but he won’t let her. She’s tried everything, and can’t keep dealing with this.

There’s a knock at the door. It’s Ian. Kelly asks if the police took the gun, and he says they did. Natalie and Kelly are relieved. Natalie asks if it had a serial number. Out of Ian’s earshot, Kelly asks Natalie if that girl sold her an illegal gun, but Natalie says no, she was just asking.

Outside, Natalie calls Lushion. She tells him the police took Kelly’s gun. She asks if it having a serial number means it’s legit. He says it could have been stolen, and she asks him to find out. He chastises Natalie for steering Kelly that way in the first place. She asks him to just find out about the number.

Natalie visits Alex and Brad. She wants to talk to Alex, but Brad needs to hear this too. She asks if it’s Lushion’s baby, and if Alex is sure. Alex says she’s never had anything going on with Lushion. Natalie wonders where it’s coming from then. Alex says she’s sorry, but she was in a bind. All she said was that Randal wasn’t the father, and Natalie asks why Lushion is involved. Alex says it was Randal’s idea. Natalie wonders why the test didn’t match Randal’s, and Brad says a doctor friend helped them out. Natalie seems to accept that, and he says he believes Alex. Natalie thanks them.

When she’s gone, Alex asks if Brad thought that was a good idea. What if she tells someone? He says it’s not good either way. He says she hates Randal as much as they do. Alex says if she flies off the handle, she might open her mouth. Brad doesn’t think so, and Alex hopes he’s right.

Ian tells Kelly they’ve been watching Travis, and all he ever does is go to church and back home, and spends time with his fiancé. She says he has time to harass her with hang-up calls. Ian suggests they get the phone records and texts. He asks if she’s positive Justice had nothing to do with it, and she’s surprised he’s even asking. He says he can talk to the DA and see if Travis will come in. Kelly is shocked they have to play nice with him, and Ian tells her to be patient. They’ll get him. She asks when she can get her gun back, but he says it’s in evidence. She tells him she needs protection. He says he’ll see what he can do, but tells her to start learning how to use it and get a safe.

Marcie pulls up just as Ian is getting to the house. The vents are acceptable. She says the owners will cover the closing costs if he moves up the date. He says as long as the inspections are good, he’s fine with that. She knows the company, and says she’ll have them put a rush on it. She goes back outside while he looks around again. Randal pulls up. Marcie starts laughing, and he says they’ll see who’s laughing soon. She thinks she’s slick, and thinks Larry will be on her side. She tells Randal to sign the papers. He tells her no, and she says she gave him everything, just let her out. He says no, and she calls him an ass. Ian comes out, and asks if she’s okay. Randal asks if Ian is screwing his wife. Ian wants Marcie to look at the kitchen, and Randal suggests she show him the bedroom too.

Marcie apologizes, and Ian asks if she’s sure she’s okay. She says she’s used to it. He asks if Larry is repping her, and what he’s doing to get it over with. She says he’s working on it, but Ian doesn’t like it. She doesn’t want to talk about it, and asks if he saw what he wanted to with the house. He’s good, and says no second thoughts. He tells her to take him to dinner to celebrate. She says as long as he’s paying. He tells her she’s making the commission, but she says he’s a gentleman. He says so he’s been told, and agrees.

Randal arrives at the bar, and sees Larry talking to a couple. Randal tells them not to believe anything he says, and he and Larry move to another table. Larry didn’t think he was coming, and Randal says he almost didn’t. Larry asks why he decided to come, and Randal says because Larry is buying; he owes him from last time. Randal orders the most expensive cognac. He asks if Larry is representing Marcie. Larry says he’s friends with both of them. Randal says Larry knows him better, and Marcie doesn’t know much about Larry. He thinks Larry wants to determine how angry he is, but Larry says he invited him out because they’re friends. Randal tells Larry that he can see right through him, and Larry’s secret is safe with him. He asks why Larry agreed to rep Marcie when Randal has this on him. Larry says he was looking out for the both of them. Randal says she knows nothing about their past, and Larry asks if he’s sure.

Larry wants to be sure Marcie isn’t playing him. He thought it was strange that she came to him. Randal says she’s broke; she had to come to him. He asks if he can go now, but Larry wants to catch up. He says his wife and kids are out of town, and it’s hard being alone. Randal is like, what? and he says, sorry. Randal mentions the bitch next door, and Larry says Marcie told him he had an affair with a neighbor and there’s a baby. Randal asks if Marcie told him about her sleeping with the neighbor’s husband, and them moving in together. He says the best part is the kid isn’t even his. Larry’s mind is blown. Randal says every time he sees a Black man in the neighborhood, he asks if they know her. Larry says a married woman who lied to her husband, then lied to him, and he’s upset? It doesn’t make sense. Randal says he didn’t know she’d been with another Black man. Larry says he can’t go around asking all of them if they know her. Randal starts laughing, and says he set up a camera, and every time someone comes to her door, he gets an alert. Larry says it’s unhealthy, and Randal says he knows. He thinks Randal should reevaluate the situation. Randal says Larry is judging him, but Larry says he’s just worried. He tells Larry to shut his ass up, and orders another drink. Larry says he’s driving, and Randal says he is too. He says he wants to sue Brad’s ass after he knocked him off the ladder. Larry says that’s easy stuff. He suggests they buy drinks for the couple he was talking with. They sit with them, and Larry introduces Randal. Weird.

Esperanza goes to Natalie’s house. Natalie asks what’s wrong. Esperanza doesn’t know what she’s going to do with Eddie. He just tore her house apart while he was fighting with Steven. She says Steven was helping her fix some bullet holes. Natalie is like, what? Esperanza explains how she shot at Eddie to get him out of the house. Of course he came back, and saw her and Steven having amazing sex. She doesn’t know how it happened. Natalie only focuses on the word amazing. Esperanza says Steven’s body is insane, he was there, and it’s been a long time. Natalie pours some wine. She keeps laughing, and Esperanza says it’s not that funny. Natalie asks if she likes him. Esperanza says she was angry with Eddie and he was there at the right time. He’s been flirting with her for months, and she’s been ignoring him. Natalie says she created a monster with Eddie. She asks what Steven says, and Esperanza tells her that she has to call him; she took advantage of him. Natalie says she doubts Steven feels that way. She asks if he was better than Eddie, and Esperanza says, much.

Lushion comes home, and Esperanza jets. Natalie wonders why Esperanza left when she saw Lushion. She says she knows about Esperanza and Steven, but Lushion says that’s not important right now. He needs to talk to Kelly. The gun was reported stolen two months ago, and this is going to be bad for her. It was reported stolen from Ramsay.

Next time, Lushion says the DA will be all over this, Steven checks on Esperanza, and Brad tells Eddie that he doesn’t understand love. One more episode before the season finale.

Below Deck

EJ says he doesn’t want the deck getting dirty from feet. He tells us one drunk Nico is bad, and now he has two – Nico and his brother. He says he needs to be the bigger person. In his interview, Nico calls him a d*ck, saying he’s holding back because EJ is his boss, but he still thinks he should be bosun. Brother Josh jets. EJ is at his wits end.

Kate goes over the supplies. EJ meets with the captain, who’s concerned about the weather. The worst thing you can have happen is not being able to get off the dock. EJ says he’s enjoyed working for him, and is appreciative to be here. He thinks there’s been an improvement, but his boat is arriving soon. He can only stay through the next charter. Captain Lee isn’t too sure Nico is up for the job, but he has to work with the cards he’s been dealt.

Time for the preference sheet meeting. Jason, the primary, is the CEO of a media company that works with outdoor advertising. His wife and some good friends are coming along. One of the friends is Eden Alpert, daughter of jazz musician Herb Alpert, and also a restaurant owner. They’re open to anything, and not picky, but want to be impressed. Jason is having a birthday, so a dinner is required, and they also want an 80s theme party. Kate asks about the weather, but the captain doesn’t know yet. They need a definite plan B.

Kate tells Jen the crew notices, and resents it, if she sneaks breaks. In her interview, Jen says the cleaning and laundry never ends; it’s a vicious cycle. Wait until she owns a house. The crew readies the boat. The captain confirms they’re not leaving the dock, and won’t be leaving anytime soon. Because of the wind and waves, they can’t use the water toys or tender either.

Nico calls for help out on the tender. He needs to go to the hospital now. Baker tells the captain that Nico hurt his arm. Nico says he hit his elbow, and now can’t move his fingers. The captain thinks it’s nerve damage. He tells us just when think it couldn’t get worse. He’s down a man, is losing a bosun, and the weather is a sh*t sandwich. Kate asks what’s going on, and Captain Lee says he sent Nico to the hospital to get checked out. EJ gives Baker some tasks, feeling awkward because he likes her and he’s her boss.

Nico comes back wearing a sling; he pinched a nerve. He tells the captain, and Captain Lee says he’s as useful as a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest. This reminds me of the time my sister worked as an insurance adjuster. They were swamped at the office, and a co-worker asked how she was doing. She said she was “as busy as a one-armed paperhanger,” and turned around to see it was a co-worker who only had one arm. He told her he was as busy as a one-armed insurance agent. BA-DUM-CHH! Captain Lee tells Nico to start his meds and get better.

The guests arrive. EJ wonders if Nico will make it through the charter. The captain does his welcome spiel, and says the wind is a problem, and due to safety issues, they can’t leave yet. He points out Nico’s sling, and says that was a direct result. In her interview, Kate says this means the interior will be doing all the work, while the deckhands relax. The guests immediately start complaining that it sucks, and one asks if they’ll be stuck tomorrow too. Captain Lee doesn’t know, and Kate gives the tour. Jason says it’s not the worst place to be stuck. It would be fine with me. I’d eat, drink, and be merry. Rinse and repeat.

Guest Charlie, who started the bitchfest, says they could have gotten hotel rooms and saved a load of money. Eden wants to see kitchen, and tells Matt to watch out, reminding him that she’s a restaurant owner. Grumpy Charlie asks if they can go out on deck, but mellows when he runs into Bruno. He tells Bruno that he has beautiful eyes and makes small talk. Kate says it’s a challenge, and Bruno tells her they’re complaining already. If they need anything, just communicate. In her interview, Kate thinks Bruno is confused, but if he wants to be a stew, he can start cleaning toilets.

Matt says it’s massive amount of pressure on the crew when they can’t get off the dock. They have to make the guests forget about being there. Kate says it’s hard to tell if the guests are nice or fake nice, since they’re from Los Angeles. EJ tells them that they can use the jet skis and hoverboards, and there are beaches around if they want to go. Bruno thinks the stews don’t have pride in what they’re doing, and he’ll show them how to do their job. Kate says he should think about going to the interior side.

The guests use the jet skis, and a picnic is prepared on the beach. Honestly, this would be a great vacation for me. Although I’d be happy with the hotel on the boardwalk here too. Kate wonders what’s taking so long, because no one said anything about a beach picnic; the deckhands just did it. Jen welcomes the guests back with drinks. Kate says guests always want the crew involved with theme parties, and if you have to wear a mustache or an afro, that’s what you do.

Jen tells Kate that Bruno is being bitchy, but Kate tells her to let him shine. The guests all dress up, but this looks more 60s to me. Pop Rocks are passed out, and an alternative use is suggested. I’m sure you can google it. It’s fish for dinner, and Eden whines about having fish more than once in one day. Kate says if she’d like something else, they can accommodate her, but she pouts and says she’s done with food anyway. Kate tells Matt enough fish. In his interview, he says unless it’s specific on the preference sheet, they should relax. He asks if he should make something else, and Kate says they’re happy with themselves and life, and don’t need more food right now.

Bri periodically checks on Nico. The guests eat something off of sticks, and do shots. They don’t fall out that late though, about 1:30. Geez, I stay up later on karaoke night. The captain visits Nico, and tells him nerves regenerate quickly. He sees Bri bringing Nico a dinner tray, and says he’ll smack his elbow to get treated like this.

Captain Lee asks if any guests want to tag along on a weather check. In his interview, he says he’s never spent an entire charter on deck. The charter guests always think they’re lying, so he wants to give them the ride of life. Two guys join him, and it’s pretty rough. The captain asks if they’ve seen enough, and they tell him yes; the jokes on them. In his interview, Captain Lee says a small apart of him was enjoying the hell out of it. Grumpy Charlie says he had a dream that he and Bruno got married, and lived in Portugal.

One of the guests who went with the captain tells them that the swells were nine feet felt, and they agree it’s unsafe. One of the women is waiting on a chai latte with soy milk. Jen is lollygagging in the kitchen, and Kate tells her to go now. She tells the guests she has some suggestions for the day. There’s a great place to go shopping on shore, and they’re close to a man-made reef where they can go exploring. It has fish and a sunken helicopter. Jen says Kate is stressing her out. In her interview, Kate says Jen was making the latte the way she does her hair. It took forever, an still looked like sh*t.

The captain calls Kate, EJ, and Matt to the bridge, and tells them to do whatever they can. Kate says they’re having a luau, and she’s ordered hula dancers. Captain Lee says how well they distract the guests can make a difference in the tip. Nico is pissed off and grumpy. He has no control over anything; it’s EJ’s deck. Kate tells the stews that when she gets back, they’ll discuss breaks. She leaves with the guests, one of them noting it’s Kate plus eight.

Matt has never done a luau, and isn’t himself right now. He feels like the world’s largest punching bag. The guests go to the reef, and do stuff underwater, while Kate serves drinks to the one woman who’s a party pooper. The reef is beyond cool. Kate texts the captain, asking if he’s ready for tonight, and he wonders what that means.

EJ explains to Baker that he’s going to be leaving, but asks her not to tell the others yet. She says it’s a bummer. Jen is having lunch in the crew mess. Bri radios her, but she keeps talking and eating. Bri finally goes to the mess, and asks if she can eat more and talk less. Jen whines that she’s entitled to eat the rest of her food, and Bri needs to shut up. Bri says she’s following Kates rules, and Jen accuses Bri of attacking her, when she did nothing of the kind. When they cross paths afterward, Jen says she has nothing to say to Bri.

Bruno helps Matt, making him a happy guy. They make a birthday cake. EJ wishes he had more time with Baker. He feels there are still chapters to be written. Please. The guests get back. Kate wonders what the stews were doing, since the laundry isn’t done and there are dishes in the sink. Bruno says there was some kind of tiff because one took a longer lunch than the other. Kate says apparently, they both took six hour lunches. She tells Bri about the laundry, and Bri says she’s mad at the wrong stew.

EJ thinks the deck crew has graduated to a higher level, and will be successful the rest of the season. Jen relays the dinner menu to the guests. Kate talks to her, and she acts like Bri was some kind of dictator who wouldn’t let her eat. Kate wants to know what happened the whole five hours. In her interview, she says Jen loves extra break time, and is competitive with Bri. She’s lying. Kate asks what time the captain is putting on his royal Hawaiian outfit. He says he’s not changing, and she says, yes he is. She got him an outfit. Bruno does some decorating. He wonders how the boat could be empty all day, and nothing done. Nico suggests he and Bri go to the hotel in town during their off-time. Kate asks Bri about what happened, and Bri says she felt she had to say something to Jen, but doesn’t think Jen ever came back from lunch.

Everyone gets dressed up for the luau in grass skirts and such. Jen rolls her eyes at whatever Bri says. Bri thinks her behavior in front of guests is unprofessional, and she plays the victim. Bruno says Charlie seems to have crush on him, and it’s fun to play along. He tells Matt that nothing has been set up outside. Kate asks Bruno how he feels, and he says the buffet looks terrible. She says he should tell the captain what he would do differently. He wants to know.

Bruno gets to the bridge and Captain Lee is in a whole get-up, with a floral headpiece, grass skirt, and a pineapple on the end of a staff. I guess he’s a Hawaiian chieftain. Bruno says he nailed it. In her interview, Kate remembers when she was green and knew everything. She was an idiot. Bri leads the guests upstairs, and Captain Lee tells them to be seated. He introduces himself as Don Ho’s brother, Ass. He does an entire riff, and says by the power invested in him by some nonsense, it’s officially Jason Swing Day, let the games begin. The hula dancers come out and do their thing. The captain says he’s outside his comfort zone, but contributing. If crew does it, he has to step up to the plate and sacrifice some dignity. Bruno admits Kate knows a lot, and he should be more humble. Captain Lee wants a raise.

Jen asks if she can have dinner, and Kate asks if she had lunch. Kate didn’t. Kate says she’s going to be the early girl, so Bri and Jen are going to do the clean-up work. She leaves written instructions so there’s no confusion. In her interview, she says she’s done all kinds of managing, and it’s time for good, old-fashioned shut-up and work. Jen complains that Kate has issues, and she hates life right now. She calls Kate a miserable, old bitch.

As Captain Lee would say, suck it up, buttercup.

Next time, Eden complains about the food, the captain is concerned about Bruno in the galley, the charter is a girlfriends’ trip, a new deckhand arrives, and Captain Lee’s wife, Maryann, visits.



October 31, 2017 – Is Real Jason Other Jason, Most Annoying Guests So Far & a Halloween Mix


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

🙀 It’s only Tuesday, but already it’s been a bad week for this show. Yesterday, the news about Russia couldn’t wait, and today, a guy plowed into a load of people in Manhattan because the world has officially gone crazy. While yesterday’s interruption was only ten minutes, they never went back to the show today. I’d intended to catch it later on YouTube, but omg, I’m exhausted. Not only did I have to put my makeup and costume on for the second time within a week, I almost ran out of candy for the trick-or-treaters. There was a moment when I seriously considered giving the kids packets of instant oatmeal, and did have my Trader Joe’s dark chocolate and nut bars ready just in case. Anyway, the Halloween prep was all too much this year, and due to job responsibilities beyond his control, my husband was not here to help. Although I often have to beg him to hand out candy while I make a bathroom run, he was also not available to make the yearly Taco Bell run for nachos belle grande. That being said, here are the takeaway points I’ve gathered from other sources.

Doc proposed to Laura, luring her in with an old Hollywood themed party. The party was him asking her to marry him. Finn found out nothing is wrong with Cassandra, and told Anna it’s over. He wasn’t treating her for something she doesn’t have. I assume it’s not over for them as a couple though. Otherwise, all that smiley stuff after their kiss was for nothing.

This wasn’t what Andre signed up for (join the club), and he parted ways with Klein. Devlin, the henchman who grabbed Sam, was discovered by Valentin at the docks, where he was walking with Nina. It must get crowded there. Mobsters, kids, thugs, lovers; never a policeman in sight though. Devlin had been shot, so Nina called 911, and Valentin translated his French, but not really, telling Dante something different. He wondered how Devlin knew Klein, and I’m wondering why Devlin only speaks French all of a sudden. Valentin got a text from Klein saying he needs help, but he ignored it. Good. Klein is a whining pita. He’s been doing nothing but complaining from the first time we saw him.

Real Jason didn’t stand in Other Jason’s way after he brought Sam to Sonny’s. Other Jason went with her to the hospital, while Real Jason went to the station with Jordan. Sonny called Real Jason “Jason,” which bothered Other Jason, who insisted to Sam that he’s the Real Jason. At the station, Real Jason wouldn’t talk without a lawyer, and Carly appeared, saying Diane was on her way. Jordan said she’d have to arrest Real Jason, and they’d be running his prints, and Carly said they were going to show he’s the Real Jason.

Oh, and Sam is going to make a full recovery.

A friend of mine, who sees the show an hour earlier, so saw it in its entirety, pointed out something interesting. She said Andre told Klein that Patient 6 was on his way to the people he thinks are his family. Does this mean Real Jason is really Other Jason, and therefore Andrew?

Below Deck

Sara, girlfriend of primary guest Robbie, wants her luggage in the room yesterday. Kate’s getting the feeling she hates these people. Jen is trying to let everything roll off her shoulders. Sara finally gets in her bikini, making all the male guests and crew members very happy. Anchor is dropped at Rendezvous Bay. Kate thinks they’re all nuts.

Matt is making a sirloin for lunch, and fish for dinner. He’s in a good head space right now, and is sure the guests will love the meals. Nico thinks the chick in the bikini is effing amazing. Sara requires music. They need the jam. Another beautiful table is set. Sara makes another demand for music. Kate tells Bruno where to look, and he says they’re pushing his buttons already. Sara toasts to the wonderful life they have, and makes mmm noises about lunch. Kate says she’s definitely in it for love, and Jen nearly dies laughing. After lunch, the guests play on the water toys. Kate feels like she’s at summer camp for drunk third graders. I always wonder about that drinking/swimming stuff though. I know they let the guests do pretty much whatever they want, but isn’t that an insurance liability?

It’s nearly six o’clock. Time for shots. A cucumber gimlet is also demanded requested. Nico tells Bri that his brother is arriving in two days, and he’s excited. The guests dance badly on deck. Matt’s sesame seared tuna looks amazing. He says cooking for intoxicated guests isn’t pleasant, but makes the job easier. Kate says if she could have this Matt’s food all the time, it would be great. She tells the guests that after dinner, the pajama party is happening. She asks the deckhands to make a pillow port. EJ and Baker work on it. He suggests making a sort of igloo. He thinks her aggression is intriguing, but makes him nervous. As Jen is helping a guest with something in her room, the guest says her husband likes Jen, closes the door, and shows Jen things she doesn’t want to see. She tells Kate she’s not going downstairs for the rest of the charter. She’s never been propositioned by a married couple before. Me neither.

EJ welcomes the guests to the ultimate pajama party. They want the best scotch possible. Kate tells Matt it’s not a drive-through for alcohol. Baker thinks she’d drink every drop of liquor if she was on a charter, so she can’t fault them. Here’s a hint. Just because it’s there, doesn’t mean you have to consume it.

Bruno helps the stews with kitchen duties. He seems like a nice guy. Nico says he can handle putting up the beach party. He wants to prove to Captain Lee that he can be responsible. In his interview, EJ says he’s fine with it; Nico needs to put his money where his mouth is. Kate wonders how many chefs are too many, when Bruno gets in her way. I’m surprised the guests are alive for breakfast. Kate gives Jen a whistle in case she doesn’t feel safe on the beach. Matt says there are things like jellybeans and tacos on the preference sheets, but Kate has other ideas for lunch. She likes working with him, since she suggests the obvious, and he thinks she’s a genius. That’s why I love babysitting three and four-year-olds. Put a paper plate on your head, and you’re Einstein.

Bruno thinks the interior crew is dysfunctional when no one can tell him where the limes are. The captain is annoyed that no one is answering their radio. Nico, Bruno, and Kate set up for the picnic. The guests whine that everyone is moving slow AF. Captain Lee thinks it’s not rocket science, and Nico should be more on top of it. The cabana starts flying away, and one of the posts ends up getting broken, making it unusable. A guest bitches that she’s missing sun time. Kate thinks Nico is stressed, and in over his head. No one is answering the radio. The same bitchy guest wonders if they should start complaining; it’s taking forever. Like no one noticed she’s been complaining. Robbie says it better be one helluva set up. The captain thinks it’s going nowhere fast, and calls it a clusterf*ck.

Kate thinks the guests are lucky Jen turned them down, since she never finishes any job she starts. Sara uses a bubble wand, and complains that the bubbles are cheap AF. Bitchy says she’s asked for water three times now. Sarah wants to go back, and says her swimsuit is giving her life. I don’t believe for one second she’s with this guy for his sparkling personality or good looks, but he is getting no prize whatsoever.

The captain asks Nico and EJ to meet him at the bridge. Bitchy asks for more food, talking with food in her mouth. Captain Lee says the crew isn’t paying attention to details. He’s disappointed in Nico not living up to potential. In his interview, he says that everyone knows that if he has a pet peeve, it’s not answering the radio. EJ is upset because he wants Nico to succeed, and be at the level he needs to be, or he’ll be out.

Robbie seats a teddy bear at the dinner table. Jen is serving, and gets creepy compliments. EJ tells Baker that he’s lost hope getting on Nico’s ass in gear; it doesn’t make a difference. Nico doesn’t want to be better. The husband of the aggressive couple asks Jen to pick something up, and when she does, Mrs. Aggressive touches Jen’s butt. Kate says if they pay enough, they think they can sexually harass you. She tells us that experience teaches you how to deal with it, but Jen isn’t a yachty. The wife is drunk off her ass, and asks Jen to bring some water to her room for before she goes to bed. Kate tells Jen to be careful not to give mixed signals.

Nico wanted to show the captain that he could run the team and take responsibility, but he failed. Yes, he did. Nico and Bri get busy. EJ likes Baker’s style; her accent turns him on. Jen and Kate put water in aggressive couple’s room, and run like hell. Jen says she’s scared. I don’t blame her. These people are weird and boring at the same time.

Bruno and Nico agree it went horrible, but the guests say the trip flew by. The dock isn’t clear because someone took their parking spot, and the boat has to wait two hours. Captain Lee decides to take the guests to the shore by tender. Everyone gets ready for the guests’ departure. Robbie says he knows they can be a handful, and Sara says the hot mess express is out. Bri compliments Jen on going above and beyond. Kate is happy, and agrees. Wow. That’s an accomplishment. Jen says if she had to label these guests, it would be GTFON. Google it. I had to.

The captain tells the crew that some have made strides forward, but some are only treading water. He isn’t happy being mediocre. The tip is $18K ($1620 each), which he says is okay, but he’d like to see it in the $23-24K range. He tells them to take to heart what he said. Nico says he’ll be grabbing a beer with his brother. Josh comes on board the boat, and EJ tells him to take his shoes off on the deck. In his interview, Nico says after his other brother died, Josh reset his brain, and helped him emotionally. Nico introduces Josh to everyone. Jen thinks he has the potential to be an ex lover of hers.

The crew goes to the beach on their off time. Baker discovers Nico has a third nipple. She does too, and tells him welcome to the triple nipple club. Nico and Josh walk on the beach. Nico tells Josh that it was hard starting over with a new crew, and they have an unneeded new bosun who’s a d-bag. Kate teases Bri about meeting Nico’s family now. Bri says they’re just having fun, but doesn’t think about it in the long term. Nico tells Josh he’s been misbehaving. Melissa was putting stress on him, and Bri is a cool chick who’s also beautiful. Nico says he’s slept with her, but not with her. Josh tells him don’t always look to run when things get tough, but it’s okay to be a little loose.

Jen wants to build a fire. The sun sets. EJ is nervous about Baker. He doesn’t know if he should hug her, or kiss her, or what. The group ends up going to a bar. Nico says Freako is coming out. Jen twerks, and then dances with Josh. She feels his vibes. She says he’s young, but her type.

They go back to the boat. Several of them are barefoot, and EJ realizes his feet are filthy. He tells everyone if their feet look like his, to wash them, and calls out Josh. Josh says get the hell out, but EJ says they don’t want that sh*t all over the boat; he’s cleaning his. In his interview, EJ says they’re both d*cks; like brother, like brother. Nico starts talking smack about EJ again.

Next time, EJ doesn’t want a dirty deck, two drunk Nicos, the next primary is a restaurant owner who looks like another idiot, and Nico needs to go to the hospital.

🎃 Hope you had a Happy Halloween. Despite my near candy catastrophe, I found it entertaining. Because I knew I’d have no break, I modified my Harley Quinn costume to make it easier to jet around in, and ditched the wig, putting my own hair in pigtails. Hopefully, no one thought I was Margaret from the New Jersey Housewives. I usually have at least one toddler who walks boldly into my house, but this year I had one who walked into my door. Literally. He was dressed as Batman. My own Batman, my dog Casey, punked out on me, sleeping through the whole evening. Some hero.

👻 Let Bette Midler Put a Spell on You…


👄 Feel Free to Dance Along…


👹 Get Dead…