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August 4, 2019 – The New 90, Heartbreak At Sea & Goodbye Sunday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


90 Day Fiancé

The new season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days premiered. I’m so obsessed with this franchise, I couldn’t be more thrilled. Like Paul in The Other Way, the series has a repeat customer, Darcey. This time, loving a dude from England. Considering her experience last time with Jesse from Amsterdam – the poor man’s Alexander Skarsgård, who would have made a wonderful Nazi – I’m surprised she’s throwing her hat in the ring again. From the previews, it looks like another accident waiting to happen,.

I’m also in the thick 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way (Mondays at 9 pm, although I watch the later rerun encore performance), where one half of the couple is an American moving to another country for the love of their lives. While I don’t recap any of the franchise – since these train wrecks need my full attenton – since the dead aren’t walking tonight, I thought I’d bring you up to speed on the couples from The Other Way, and maybe you’ll watch with me. To make it simple, the first half of the couple is the one moving to the country listed with them.

Paul and Karine – Brazil

We’ve met these two before, on Before the 90 Days. Paul is an absolute mess, a germophobe with a sketchy past. His ex has a restraining order out on him, and he’s been arrested for stalking, as well as arson. Apparently, he set fire to his own property. Since he’s terrified of any and all ailments, from malaria to a piranha biting his junk, the Amazon is not the best place for him, although it’s pretty funny for us. Karine is now pregnant, and Paul is trying to get Brazilian citizenship. At present, that’s been hung up, since the Brazilian government considers his crimes akin to terrorism. Paul already threw a huge tantrum after finding out his visa was denied, so good luck with that.

Tiffany and Ronald – South Africa

These two met when she was on vacation, so IMO, that’s slightly better than a dating app. Still not a good enough reason to pack up your life and head to another country, especially when the guy has an arrest record as long as my arm. And she has an eight-year-old son. Did I mention Ronald is also a gambling addict fresh out of rehab? It would be hard to pick a worst factor, but Tiffany didn’t even know the details of Ronald’s criminal history before she was getting on a plane with her kid. While Ronald actually seems like an okay guy – which doesn’t necessarily make him a catch – one of the first things he said to the son was, do you know what human trafficking is, my boy? Of course he didn’t, so Ronald explained to his future stepson that he had to be careful because traffickers were looking for a child just like him. This isn’t just starting off on the wrong foot, It’s just plain wrong.

Cory and Evelin – Ecuador

I’m very confused by this couple. Not only soes her name sound suspiciously like Evil-Lyn from Masters of the Universe, she doesn’t really seem to like him a lot, even though she says I love you on occasion. The show started with her having spent several months in America with him, but definitely missing home. After pumping quite a bit of money into the relationship – for real estate and funding a bar as a business, nothing in his name – he sold his everything and followed her. She’s created a bizarre catch-22 for him. She’s made it clear she doesn’t want to get married, yet she’s also made it clear she wants him to take care of her. If she doesn’t marry him, he won’t be able to get a visa and work, so I’m not sure how she expects him to do that. She didn’t even bother meeting him at the airport, her excuse being she wanted him to learn things on his own, and not be dependent on her. She also complains about his complaining, because he prefers having things like hot water and mosquito netting. Oddly enough, there are rumors that these two were married before the show started. So who knows?

Deavan and Jihoon – South Korea

Another couple who met face-to-face first when Deavan was on vacation, but in a twist they never saw coming, she became pregnant. She already has a four year old that seemed out of control on a trip to Las Vegas, where Jihoon’s parents met them for a visit. Hoping to ask their blessing for the marriage, it wasn’t looking good – and Deavan was looking mighty weepy and tired. No surprise, since daughter Drucilla was climbing on the counters, and sticking her hands in everyone’s food. Why nothing she did nothing was beyond me, but maybe she just didn’t have the energy after chasing Drucilla around the airport. She also practices attachment parenting, which may or may not be related to this misbehavior, but was a real surprise to Jihoon, when she told him that her daughter sleeps with her every night. Deavan’s mother swooped in, taking Drucilla off of everyone’s hands, and Jihoon’s parents gave their blessing. Deavan smiled for the first time, and finally seemed to relax. Her groom-to-be also got her an engagement ring, even though he’d said that’s not a common practice in his culture. Despite the hurdles they’re going to have to overcome, they seem like the golden couple in this mess of six. They also seem like sweet people, and his parents were very cute, so I’m rooting for them. I just hope that kid learns some manners.

Jenny and Sumit – India

This one is kind of sad, and I’m also rooting for them. Their thirty year age difference – Jenny being the older of the two – genuinely doesn’t seem to matter. They clicked online, then clicked in real life, and Jenny left everything behind to follow her heart. They stand out in a crowd, but Sumit also stands up for his lady. Except where his parents are concerned. While it seems bizarre for a thirty-year-old to require his parents approval, per Sumit’s culture, that’s the case. Apparently, his parents can interfere with the wedding plans too, should they so desire, even though he’s in his thirties. Telling them that he took a job in a city with too long of a commute (yes, he lives with them), Sumit and Jenny are living together, but their funds are going to run out quickly, as Sumit has no job, and Jenny can’t work without a visa. It remains to be seen if they’ll make it to the altar, but it’s not for lack of wanting to. And they too, seem like lovely people.

Laura and Adadin – Qatar

The age gap is smaller, although it’s still the dude who’s younger, I think the cultural gap is the widest here. To put it in Laura’s words, they have chemistry, but he’s not rocking her world in the bedroom. It sounds like he’s pretty straight-laced, but when she made her big move, she brought along some (contraband!) sex toys to spice things up. He was not happy. What separates them from the other couples is that they’re already married. In Qatar, unmarried couples can’t stay in the same hotel room, so they got hitched. She’s now moved in, and it’s a big change from playing Bingo in Florida. While I’m all for saying age is just a number, I’m skeptical of Aladin, who, if I’m being honest, is way higher on the good looks scale. I’m not saying it can’t happen, but I wasn’t loving the way he was treating her prior to her trip there. He was periodically blocking her both personally and on his social media when they had a disagreement, exerting his control and (no surprise) triggering her insecurity. If this isn’t a huge red flag, I don’t know what is. This just seems like a bad, bad idea.

You can meet the couples here:


😞 An Equal Opportunity Disease…

I was saddened to read that Captain Lee’s (Below Deck) son passed away from an accidental overdose. I have no doubt that he and his wife are wonderful parents, but addiction doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, what color you are, or how well you were raised. My heart goes out to The Captain and Mary Anne, as well as all who knew and loved Joshua.



🚴 Moving On…

Another one come and gone.

June 13, 2019 – Willow Is Served, Runway Winner, Changes, an Interview, Custody Question, Wives From New York, Bad Caroline & Icy Friday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I did it again. Several of my dogs need special (i.e. expensive from the vet) food, and you wouldn’t believe what lunchtime entails. But I digress. I missed the beginning, but it wasn’t much.

Shiloh went to visit Harmony in the clink.

Julian, Sonny, and Brad met outside Kelly’s.

Ryan and Nelle introduced themselves, both of them saying they thought they had recognized the other.

Nelle tells Ryan, welcome to Pentonville. It’s not as bad as they say – it’s worse.

Lulu meets a guy at Kelly’s, who introduces himself as Mark. She says she’s new to this, and he looks exactly like his picture. He says, so does she, which doesn’t always happen. He says his sister twisted his arm, and said if he didn’t make a dating profile, she’d do for him. He must sound like a hopeless nerd. Lulu says no, but she’s guessing academics. He says he’s an associate professor of physics at PCU. No tender yet, but that’s the goal. Lulu says she wasn’t big with school, which is ironic, considering she makes her living as a writer.

Julian tells Sonny and Brad that Lucas was desperate to protect Wiley. He’s the last person Lucas would ask for help, but he did anyway. He guarantees he won’t fail. Sonny says he feels the same way. Julian says if Sonny wants to eliminate Shiloh, he wants in.

Harmony asks Shiloh if he’s sure Willow’s baby is still alive. Shiloh says Mercy hospital confirmed that Willow had a healthy baby boy last July; seven months after the prodigal vanished. Harmony asks where the baby is now, and he says he’s taking steps to find out.

Ryan asks what Nelle is in for. She says, attempted murder, but she was framed. He says, what a coincidence. So was he. She says they have something else in common; more specifically someone – Carly Corinthos. He says, now there’s a difficult woman, and Nelle says, tell her about it.

Carly can’t believe Jax is thinking about publicizing Ava. He says it wasn’t his idea. Nina has editorial control, and she insisted. Carly says he can override her, and he says he thought of that, but Nina has a clause in her contract where she can walk, and she doesn’t need the money. He’d heard she could be impulsive. Carly says, the worst case scenario, Nina walks, but she’s not irreplaceable. He says she’s creative, thinks outside the box, and he thinks with the right guidance, Crimson could be a goldmine. Carly says he’s better off with Maxie. She runs the magazine anyway. He says, it was Maxie’s idea to start with. He hated it, but she’s right; crime and scandal sell, and Ava’s story has both.

Sonny tells Julian not to jump to conclusions, and Julian asks if he’s going for a peaceful resolution. Sonny says he doesn’t discuss his plans. Julian asks what part of Wiley is Sonny’s grandson? and Sonny says he thought Julian wasn’t supposed to have contact. Brad says it was in the original agreement, but… Sonny asks if Brad thinks Julian can fix it. He can’t. Julian says, and Sonny can? Sonny says he’s going to try.

Lulu tells Mark a story about jumping onto the ferry, and he says he’s impressed. She tells him, don’t be. When she was catching her breath, she’d realized she left her laptop on the bench. The ferry wouldn’t turn around, and she had to take an Uber back. The laptop was still there though; what are the odds? Mark thinks for a moment, and says, 750 to 1; depending on the time of day and foot traffic. He tells Lulu, sorry, and she asks why he’s apologizing. It’s amazing. He says, impromptu mathematics is a hobby, or an annoying tic, depending on your point of view. She asks if he compulsively blurts out odds in the movie theater. He says never, but come to a movie with him, and he’ll prove it.

Michael tells Willow that she doesn’t want to make it worse with guessing. Start with what she knows, not, not what she thinks or is afraid of. Focus on the facts. Wiley is her son, and Shiloh is his biological father. Is Shiloh’s name on any certificates? She tells Michael that it says the father is unknown. Michael says she signed away her legal rights, and Brad and Lucas are legally Wiley’s parents. She says she never told Shiloh about the baby, so he still has parental rights. Michael says, only if he can prove a relationship, and there’s no legal way Shiloh can do that.

Nelle tells Ryan that she was pregnant with Carly’s grandchild, and Carly pushed her down the stairs. But she didn’t go to prison. Instead, she went to Ferncliff. Ryan says, of course (🍷). He was in the room next to Carly, and eavesdropped on her sessions with his brother. They were tedious, but ultimately useful. He learned a lot about impersonating a psychiatrist. Carly had a lot to say about Nelle; none of it complementary. Nelle says, all she did was love Carly’s son, and he loved her too, but Carly poisoned him against her. He entrapped her, and she was falsely accused of trying to kill him. Ryan says, poor thing. What became of the baby?

Jax tells Carly to let him pitch her, but she doesn’t want to be pitched. He wants to talk true crime? It’s true Connie was unarmed when Ava shot her at point blank range. Carly heard the recording of Ava’s confession; the recording that conveniently disappeared before Ava could be tried. That doesn’t make it any no less true. Jax says he was originally opposed to profiling Ava, and Carly says, even if he ignores Connie, what about Morgan? Jax says when he was there for the memorial, Carly didn’t know Ava was involved. Carly says, she wasn’t involved, it was Ava’s fault. He says he never actually heard the story from Carly. She asks if it would change his mind, and he says just tell him. She says Morgan did everything to get his life back on track. He was taking his medication like clockwork, he was working, and got back together with Kiki. Ava couldn’t stand it. She said Morgan was too unstable for her daughter, but the truth was, she was jealous and insecure. She made up an excuse to visit Avery, and switched Morgan’s lithium with a placebo. The last weeks of his life, he was unmedicated. He was in a full-blown manic episode when he stole Julian’s car and it exploded. Ave put it all in motion. She whined that she didn’t mean for it to happen, but that bitch is still walking around, and her son is dead. Jax takes her hands, and says he can’t guarantee Ava will be brought to justice, but he can hold her up for the world to judge. Is Carly willing to help him?

Michael asks what Willow said to Shiloh. She says she lied, saying she miscarried. Michael asks if there’s a record of Wiley’s birth, and she says there is. He tells her, under the HIPPA laws, Shiloh has no way to access it. He’d have to prove she had a baby, and that he’s the biological father. For that, he’d need a DNA test, which would have to be court ordered. On top of it, the adoption records are sealed. He’d have to go through a long, convoluted legal trail, and she also has the best lawyers to help her every step of the way. She asks if she has nothing to worry about. He says she has reason to worry, but so does Shiloh.

Harmony tells Shiloh that they need to find her grandson. He says he’s working on it. She says she can help, but he has to get her out first. He says she already confessed, and she says to cover for him. She warned him that Sam was playing him. He agrees he should have listened, but what’s done is done. She says she’s not going to prison for him. He needs to get her a better lawyer than a public defender. He says, in time, and she asks how much time? He says he has to prioritize. The most important thing is to find his son – her grandson. Once they have him, everything else will fall into place.

Brad says, it’s not that he doesn’t appreciate it, but it’s not about Julian or Sonny. It’s about Wiley. Sonny says they’re not letting anything happen to him.

Lulu tells Mark that she’d love see a movie, but… Mark says she’s turning him down. She says she hasn’t been honest. He has no reason to believe her, but under ordinary circumstances, she’d never make a fake profile. This is a one-time thing, and she promises it’s for a good reason. He asks if she’s not a writer, and she says, that part is true. He says, the story about the ferry? and she says, also true. The part that’s not true is her wanting a date. She’s so sorry. He says, him too. It was nice meeting her. She says Lulu is her real name, and don’t let this discourage him. He’s a great guy, and there’s someone perfect for him out there. He says, fingers crossed she’s as perfect as Lulu. He leaves, and Sonny walks over. Lulu is sure he’s wondering about that guy. Sonny asks if he works at the paper, and she says, no. She was having a date.

Nelle tells Ryan, looking back, she never stood a chance. The whole family was against her. They would have taken her baby the moment he was born. Even Ava turned on her. Ryan says, Ava Jerome? and Nelle says she worked for Ava’s gallery. They were close for a while. Ava is smart, beautiful, and has amazing taste. That made it more hurtful when Ava betrayed her. Ryan says she betrayed him too. Ava is like a falcon living among pigeons; a hunter denying her nature. If she would embrace it, she would take flight, free and fearless. He tried to show her, but in the end, she turned on him. Nelle says he must hate her, but he says he could never hate Ava.

Jax tells Carly that he loved Morgan too. He was a great kid, and the only one who drank the smoothies he made, that she and Michael put in the planter; he knows about that. He says Ava was rattling off a list of petty demands, and he blew the deal. He called her out, she got upset, and walked away. Carly says, good riddance. He asks what would hurt Ava more, a few nasty words from him, or her own words for the entire world to pick apart? Carly says she’ll spin everything to make it sound like she’s the victim. Jax asks how she’ll explain being estranged from her daughter in the first place, and how two of her exes were involved with Kiki? Ava is going to expose herself in all her vanity and jealousy, and he can give her an international platform to do it. Carly likes it, but Jax says Ava won’t trust the deal. She needs incentive. What are the chances Carly can piss her off? Ava comes in, and Jax tells Carly, play along. He thanks Ava for meeting him, and giving him the opportunity to make amends. She doesn’t think that’s likely, and Carly asks why Jax would want to make amends with her.

Jax tells Carly that he and Ava have business to discuss. Carly asks, what kind? and Ava says, Crimson. They’re putting her on the cover. Carly asks if Jax has lost his mind. He says he did, but he’s not letting history get in the way of opportunity. Nina helped him to see reason. Carly says Nina can’t stand Ava either, but Jax says, Nina is being non-judgmental. Carly says Ava has no morals, scruples, or class, and Ava asks what Carly would know about that. How many husbands has she had? Carly tells Jax if he wants to put that trash on the magazine cover, don’t say she didn’t warn him. She walks away, and Jax says he’s sure this didn’t help his cause. Can he at least buy Ava a drink before they part ways? He assumes she still doesn’t want to be on the cover. She says she does, and thanks to Carly, more than ever.

Nelle tells Ryan, it’s a horrible feeling. Being trapped in there, while those outside look down on them, telling themselves they won. He says they literally took a piece of him. She says, the hand? and he says, worse. They drugged him, forced him to sign a consent form, and stole an organ from him; a kidney. She shows him her scar, and says hers was stolen too. That’s a pretty good twist. I hadn’t even made that connection between them.

Michael tells Willow, in the unlikely event there’s a custody fight, Wiley is in a happy, stable home. It wouldn’t be in his best intentions to give him to a total stranger. Shiloh is up on fraud and sexual assault charges. Willow says the charges were dropped, but Michael says, he’s a sexual predator. He’s going to keep repeating the pattern until he gets caught. Willow says he makes it sound reasonable, but Shiloh isn’t reasonable. He turns things around, and gets people to do things for him. Like her mother. She’s his right hand. Michael tells her not to assume everyone is like her mother, and Willow says, don’t assume everyone is like him. They’re lost; feeling inadequate and looking for something, someone, to validate them. Shiloh finds them, and uses them. She has no right to judge. She let him do the exact same thing to her, but not anymore.

Shiloh tells Harmony that he has an excellent custody attorney, but it’s expensive. He needs to take money from the offshore account, and she has to countersign. He takes out his iPad. Harmony says the funds are for future generations at DOD. He’s the one who teaches one great gift deserves another. He asks what she wants, and she says she wants them to raise her grandson together. Even if Willow doesn’t come back, she wants to know she can trust him, and they’re united in this. He says, of course (🍷). Now, more than ever, they’re bound together. He takes her hand, and says that’s why she needs him to find the baby, the greatest gift. She signs, and he thanks her. She’s looking skeptical, but tells him to tell her when he finds the baby. He says she’ll be the first to know.

Lulu tells Sonny, it’s for a story she’s writing. She’s trying to catch a burglar. He’s been preying on women looking for love. He sets up a date, and while they’re waiting, robs their home. Sonny asks if she’s setting herself up to be robbed, but she says she’s setting herself up to be stood up. She has no intention of dating. It’s just a ruse to draw out the burglar. He asks if there isn’t anyone else who can write it. Somebody not married.

Ava says, vodka martini, shaken, not stirred. How did she know that was Jax’s drink? It’s hers too. He’s sorry about the unpleasantness, but she says Carly is responsible for her own behavior. She’s like a dog with a bone. Jax says they’re there to talk about Ava. He asks her to give him a chance to salvage the deal. She wants the parameters clear. She doesn’t want to be pigeonholed as a femme fatale. Try suffering the way she has; being judged by hypocrites, saying she deserves to lose Kiki. She hates the word karma. He says here’s her chance. Ava says she’s made her own mistakes, and paid with interest. Take her as she is, or the hell with him.

At the hospital, Carly’s OB tells her that the test results are in. Without getting technical, they came back positive. Her protein is elevated. Carly says, okay… She thought she was already in the clear. The doctor says that this test addressed some areas the CVS test didn’t, and there’s a risk of possible birth defects. Carly asks, how serious?

Willow tells Michael that she changed more than her name. She stopped being passive. She made a choice to fight, and she’s going to protect the baby with everything she has. Michael says Chase is too, and him, and Diane, and Alexis. They’ll use every legal means at their disposal, and if the law fails, there’s always his father. She says she knows the stories, but come on. What does Sonny really do. He says it’s better not to ask, but he’s had his fair share of enemies, more powerful than Shiloh. They’re gone, and his father is still there, and he owes her a debt. She doesn’t want to sound ungrateful. It’s comforting, but also alarming. He tells her only focus on the things she can affect, and leave the rest to God. She asks if he follows his own advice. He says he tries, but that doesn’t mean he always succeeds. Ice cream helps. A walk in the park, watching the sunset. Ideally, all three. They missed the support group, but he knows an awesome stand. Is he moving in on Chase? She knows it, and says she loves the soft serve. He says he’ll put a message in with his grandmother, and they can go. He starts walking away, and a woman approaches Willow with an envelope. Before Michael can intervene, Willow takes it, and the woman says she’s been served. Michael tells the woman to leave before he has her escorted out. Willow asks, what just happened?

Brad asks Julian if there’s no chance Shiloh will find Wiley. Julian says he’d have to prove Brad and Lucas are the adoptive parents, and the proof doesn’t exist. Brad says, so they’re safe, and Julian says, to a point. If Shiloh discovers Willow isn’t Wiley’s birth mother, all bets are off.

Lulu tells Sonny that she misses Dante. She gets lonely, but has no desire to date anyone. She should have let Mark know right away. He was sweet and nice, and she has to admit it was nice having someone pay attention to her. She guesses she didn’t realize how much she missed Dante.

Jax tells Ava that she gets final approval on the stylists and wardrobe. She asks about content, and he says Crimson picks the questions, but the answers are hers. Their readers will get the full picture of Ava, before and after Ryan. They’ll have to address Kiki’s death, and her quest for revenge, but nothing will be out of context. It’s her chance to tell her story. Finally, the world is going to know the real Ava Jerome. She signs

Nelle tells Ryan, Carly only cares about her own daughter being healthy and strong. Never mind that Nelle’s kidney is keeping her that way. She has no gratitude or loyalty. It’s the worst kind of use. They hide behind respectability, and use people like them for spare parts. Ryan says, something feels like it’s not a coincidence. Them both being there, robbed of their freedom and kidneys. Fate brought them together. They’re supposed to help each other. She says, maybe he’s right. He says he has a sense for these things, and he senses they’re going to be very important to each other.

The doctor tells Carly, the test is just a screening tool. They need to fine tune the results to find out what they’re dealing with. She suggests a next level ultrasound, and Carly tells her to schedule one as soon as possible. The doctor says she’ll set it up. The best thing Carly can do for herself and her child is not to panic, and focus on living her life. There’s a very good chance the baby is healthy. Carly says she’ll try.

Sonny tells Lulu that Dante would be there if he could. She knows, but he didn’t ask her to wait or promise to come back. What is she supposed to do? How long can she live like this, married to a man she might never see again? Sonny says only she can answer that, but whatever she decides, they’ll always be family. He promises.

Julian asks Brad if he’s absolutely sure the birth mother is out of the picture, and won’t show up to stake a claim. Brad says, there’s no chance in the world. Julian says he’d better be right. Unlike Shiloh or Willow, the birth mother has legal grounds for custody, and nothing in the world will outweigh a DNA test.

Willow tells Michael, it says she has to appear. Michael looks at the document, and says she’s been subpoenaed; the plaintiff is Shiloh. Shiloh appears, and stands there looking at them. Michael moves toward him, but he smiles and walks away.

Tomorrow, Josslyn needs Lucy’s help, Brad visits Nelle, Jason says Shiloh is panicking, Margaux tells Shiloh that he’s setting himself up for a colossal fall, and Shiloh says he’s just getting warmed up.

👗 On the Catwalk…

It was the Project Runway finale tonight, and Hester said winning would validate that she has a place in the fashion world. I think she’s going to have a place regardless. Garo had seventeen looks because he likes to have options. First, the designers picked ten models. They would also get three dressers, and had the option to go to Mood (the fabric store) with $300, but the time would be taken out of their work time. Christian said they had to decide between time or resources.

Hester ended up including her red, Nina inspired eleventh outfit in her final pick. She thought it wasn’t about how many garments, but how great the garments were that you had. She thought Garo had too many options, and it wasn’t project how-many-garments-you-can-make way. Marni Senoforte came back to give the contestants inspiration. She thought Garo was punk rock meets elegance. I concur. She told Sebastian there were too many details on his outfits. I didn’t think that was possible, but I understood what she meant when she explained you didn’t know where to look. Diane von Furstenberg, who was also a guest judge, demanded requested an audience with the designers before the big show. I always get her mixed up with Gloria Vanderbilt, and then think of Anderson Cooper. Tonight was no exception. She told the group that the most important thing was to be true to yourself, and true to what you believe in. That way, if you make a mistake, at least it was for what you believed in. She said, moments of failure become your best souvenir. I’m not quite sure what she meant by that. Maybe a souvenir of how hard you tried, and what a pita it was to get there? She said their real shelter and strength was inside themselves.

Garo removed the judges’ favorite – a silver beaded dress with leather detail – from his collection, and Christian almost had a coronary, but Garo thought there was too much sparkle going on. Hester told us that she’d spent her life fitting into boxes that other people gave her, and came in with a vision. Garo wasn’t sure if one of his models lost weight, or he screwed up remembering her measurements, but he was sewing at the last minute, and having to redo a zipper, which ended up not looking smooth. He also had to air cut something that had gotten torn. Christian couldn’t look, and I couldn’t either. I am the worst with scissors, especially if it’s fabric. Something, maybe coffee, got on one of Sebastian’s dresses. In this case, it was good that the dress was white, since they were able to use a bleach pen to get it out. You can’t do that with red. Hester had her three dressers dressing her instead of the models, since it was showtime all too fast.

Sebastian’s collection was first. I have no clue if they did a coin toss or what. His collection was called Reminiscence, and was inspired by his life in Columbia. I noticed Elaine shaking her head at an outfit after I’d’ just thought, ooh, I like that. Oh well. He had some great pantsuits, but the models walked with one hand in a pocket, which I thought looked strange even for a runway. He had a lot of silky stuff with open weave leather. Sebastian said he had trouble telling a story, but did with his collection; a story about his culture. DVF said he had a definite style. Afterwards, his models group hugged him when he started to cry. Garo took us on A Detour Through My Cosmic Mind. I love his stuff to begin with, and this was the best of his best. I would totally wear his hoodie sweater dress. His clothes are out there, but the average person could still wear them. He’s kind of Betsey Johnson meets someone, but I don’t know who. Oscar de la Renta? David Bowie? Karli and Brandon caught the zipper mess right away

Hester called her collection Cyber Rococo or Y2Kcoco. DVF said it was wild. I love Hester’s stuff too, and would definitely wear it. She said she wanted to create things that don’t exist already, and I think she accomplished that. She wanted her pieces to be, funny, naughty, and wearable. DVF said Hester was talented, which I assume is high praise from such an icon. Hester felt like she created a fashion revolution. Marni said she didn’t have a favorite collection, but favorite pieces from each. Yep, me too. Although some outfits were more wearable than others, everything was brilliant.

After the show, the judges deliberated the same way they always do, talking to the designers first, than among themselves. It was agreed that Sebastian was about refined streetwear that every woman could wear. Hester led with her most astounding piece – what Brandon said was Marie Antoinette Clueless – and Nina said that she didn’t follow through on the same power level. In other words, if she’s going to lead with something that fabulous, whatever follows had better equal that or more. It was unanimous that Garo be the first one out. Brandon said they longed for the beaded dress like a cousin you love, but only see once in a while. Nina said Garo got caught in the weeds of fabric and shine, and missed the big picture. She said there was a tightrope between art and commerce that Sebastian walks splendidly. They loved how Hester wears her own designs, and Elaine thought the generation coming up likes know the persona behind the fashion. Nina said she could sell Hester in a minute. Honestly, if I didn’t know already that her clothing will be out of my league pricewise, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Sebastian was the winner, although the judges said all three designers would be going places. Nina was proud of the story Sebastian told, and said he was the personification of the American dream. They celebrated, with Sebastian drinking champagne straight from the bottle. His first interview words were, f**k! I win this! and indeed he did. He said he would always have a story to tell. At the end of the show, Christian told us that new designers were on the way.

📅 While I’ll miss Project Runway, there’s been a time shift with some of the Bravo shows. Southern Charm will be moving to Wednesdays at 9 pm, and The Real Housewives of New York City will be taking the Runway slot, Thursdays at 9 pm, starting next week.

👠 The After Runway Party…

How Elaine got her groove in the first place.


👒 Charming Mom…

It’s time Thomas let Kathryn have full custody.


🗽 In the New York Groove…

LuAnn needs to get her act together. And I don’t mean her cabaret act.


I like Tinsley, and think she should stick around. She’s genuinely ditsy and good-hearted, and I think brings a bit of a balance to the show. I also like the mama drama with Dale.


And I definitely don’t want to see her replaced with this woman. I also like Barbara. As she said herself, she’s different. It’s good to mix it up with the personalities.


Oh no she didn’t. Ramona has no business commenting on my adoptive mother my BFF LVP.


🎁 The Gift That Keeps On Giving…

Caroline left a big impression for her brief time on Deck.


💫 There’s No End…

I suppose it should be no surprise that there’s an endless amount of songs about Friday. Who wants to sing about Tuesday? Warning: bad words ahead.







May 30, 2019 – Jax Makes a Wonderful Boss, Four Remain On the Runway, Detailed Runway, Old News, the Med is Coming & Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam tells Alexis, whatever Kristina’s Pledge was, it’s gone. Alexis has the feeling Shiloh isn’t done yet. Maybe it’s the Cassadine sixth sense. Sam suggests it’s Cassadine paranoia, but Alexis says, with Shiloh, that’s not possible.

Julian tells Lucas that Shiloh doesn’t know Wiley is his child, but Lucas says Shiloh is determined to find his child. What if he finds out? Julian says the records are sealed. Lucas says Shiloh didn’t know about the adoption. If he finds out, he can challenge it, and Lucas could lose his son. How can they make sure that doesn’t happen? Julian says he’ll do everything in his power make sure they hold on to Wiley.

At the hospital, Franco can’t decide on a tie, and Elizabeth tells him to go with no tie. He says this is why he married her. Lulu joins them, apologizing for being late, but Elizabeth says they haven’t started. Lulu didn’t know this was going to happen today. She thought it would be on hold on until Jordan recovered. Franco says, if she recovers.

Curtis tells Jordan that she should put this off; she can barely sit up. She says she’s still commissioner. She can do this – as long as he has her back. He says he does, and he’s getting her that kidney. She knows he will.

We see Ryan handcuffed to his hospital bed.

Nina asks if Jax is a champagne salesman on the side. He says he’s a big believer in celebrating important moments. She says it’s her favorite drink ever, and this is good stuff. Something great must have happened. He says that’s why he needs to raise a toast to the office that’s now part of his company. He tells her, say hello to the new owner of Crimson. She says, no more of this until he explains that. Jax says he made a deal with Drew, and has acquired 50% of Aurora Media. He’ll be controlling the print division, including the magazine. Nina says, amazing. Jax thinks they can use a change. His goal is to expand, not just online, but magazine and book sales. He expects it will be a good opportunity for Crimson. Nina says he’s an international finance expert. Why is he there? He says, his daughter.

Sam hears something as she’s about to go into her apartment. It’s Julian, who says he’s there about her brother. He needs her help. She lets him in, rolling her eyes.

Alexis meets Lucas at the MetroCourt. She says he told her it was urgent; will Brad be joining them? He says Brad is home with Wiley to make sure no one gets to him. Alexis asks if they’re worried about anyone in particular. Lucas says, Wiley’s birth parent.

Willow is on the phone with Diane. She says she was just worried, and thanks Diane for talking her down. Chase comes in with flowers for her, and she says she was arranging a meeting with her lawyer. She asks what the flowers are for, and he says he’s so sorry for leaving her hanging at the Nurses Ball. She says, to catch a killer; that’s his job. He still promises make it up, but in the meantime, talk to him. What happened after he left the Nurses Ball?

Franco and Elizabeth go into Jordan’s room. Outside in the hallway, Lulu writes. She dove into this story about a notorious criminal on the anniversary of his crimes, but the focus of the story changed. It transformed from the account of a killer to that of his survivors, and those who brought him to justice. Heroes, likely or not. Jordan tells Franco that for his bravery and sacrifice, the PCPD recognizes him. She asks him to accept the award from a grateful city. Lulu writes, the story does not have a tidy or happy ending. Not for its heroes or villains. There’s still one chapter left to write. We see Ryan lying in bed, probably calculating his next move.

Nina tells Jax that she’s an idiot, but he finds that hard to believe. She says, Josslyn is his daughter; she’s lovely. He says, it’s been hard being away so long. He and Carly were married. The divorce was rather acrimonious. He and Carly are great; it’s Sonny who he can’t stand. After their latest altercation, Sonny had him deported. It’s a long story, but when the restrictions were lifted, he looked for business opportunities there. ELQ and Aurora were at the top of his list, but Michael is running ELQ now, and doing a great job. Aurora was a better fit. That’s why he’s there.

Curtis tells Jordan, enough for one day. She says she can do the rest of her work lying down. He asks if she can’t take it easy. She needs her strength for transplant time. She asks him to hand her the phone, and he says, for what? She wants to make a quick call to the station. He thinks she should conserve her energy, and she says she’ll let him dial. He says, unbelievable.

Franco tells Elizabeth this time he’s getting something from the police with his name on it because he did something good. Elizabeth says, heroic. Lulu says, a mayoral commendation isn’t out of the question. Her mother is grateful to him; her too. If he hadn’t put his life on the line and taken the risk, Ryan might never have been discovered. She thanks him. He says he’ll catch up with them. He has something to take care of.

Chase asks Willow to clarify. Shiloh suspects Wiley is his child? She says he’s convinced the baby is out there, but has no idea it’s Wiley. Not yet, but he’s going to put it together because Nina can’t mind her own business. He suggests they focus on solutions. She says, if Shiloh gets near that boy… but Chase says she’s got room to breathe. There’s not much Shiloh can do from a hospital bed.

Alexis asks Lucas if the birth mother is pressing for a relationship with Wiley. He says, she intends to follow through on the terms, and Alexis says, legally, she has to. He says he’s worried about the father. Alexis says she thought he was out of the picture, and the birth mother couldn’t even contact him. Lucas says, that’s not the whole truth. The birth mother didn’t tell him. Alexis says, so she never afforded the birth father the opportunity to exercise his parental rights. Lucas asks, how bad is it? She asks how much the birth father knows, and Lucas says he knows the child might exist, but not who or where he is. However, he’s determined to find out.

Sam asks Julian why Lucas didn’t come to her directly. Julian says Lucas doesn’t know he’s there. Wiley is in danger of being taken away. Sam thought Lucas and Brad were the legal parents. He says, for now, but there’s an issue that could throw the adoption into question. She asks if the birth mother changed her mind, and he says, the problem is the birth father. She thought that was a non-issue, and he says, the less she knows, the better. She tells him, that’s not how she operates, but he suggests she make an exception. If something goes wrong, she has plausible deniability. It’s that serious. She asks what he has in mind.

Nina says, so Jax is in the same city as a man he despises; a man who kept him from his daughter. To give Sonny credit, Jax says Josslyn was allowed visit, but he does hate Sonny. There were a lot of problems, and playing games, but he realized he had to focus on himself and his daughter. With respect to Carly, he has to say that Sonny has been a decent stepfather. Nina says, he doesn’t like Sonny, but they love him. He says, exactly right. That’s why he needed a workaround, and Aurora was it. He thinks he can make money running it, and he’ll be close to Josslyn. He hopes Sonny doesn’t drive him crazy. Nina thinks it’s mature, sucking up for the greater good, him included. He says, Josslyn is worth it. Nina says she feels the same way. She has two daughters, and there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for them. He says they’re lucky to have her; as is Crimson. She says it seems like he doesn’t know the first thing running a magazine. Let her run it autonomously. No muss; no fuss. He says, no deal.

Nina tells Jax that she’s a creative person. He says he can see that, and she says she needs to trust her instincts and vision, but sometimes – not often – she does a shoot, spends money on it, and it doesn’t work out, so they don’t publish it. She learns from that, and figures out what works and what doesn’t. She doesn’t want to be told that since she dropped cash on a shoot, and have to use it. Because, no. She doesn’t need to be told not to spend money on fresh flowers. They help her to be creative and productive. Jax says, the vase can stay. She says she doesn’t work on Friday, except before a deadline, and then, only until noon. He hears her, and Friday will never be an issue. He says she knows the emotional reason he bought into the company, but there are also financial ones. The assets haven’t even been maximized, especially in the print department. I’m guessing because Drew has been kind of busy with other things since he bought Aurora. He says he’s done his research, and the magazine used to make 100% profit. Now they make 40%, which is still good, but if they adjust expectation, it will be better. Nina likes his outlook. He says he’s looking for the best long term bet, and thinks it’s Crimson. In a world where magazines are dropping like flies, they’ve expanded, thanks to her. But as good as she is – and she’s very good – she can always be better.

Willow wonders what happens when Shiloh gets suspicious, and calls the police, but Chase says Shiloh’s not talking. She doesn’t think it would be shocking that someone went after him, and that’s Chase’s guess too. She says, too bad they didn’t finish the job. Chase says Shiloh doesn’t want his image tarnished, and it’s easier to help her bend the law if he’s not worried she’ll break it. She says she’d do anything to keep her son from that monster, but Chase promises he won’t let it come to that. He has to follow up on something, but says he’ll see her soon. I’m surprised Nina isn’t in the hallway, having discovered a way to clone herself for just this purpose.

Finn goes to Jordan’s room. She says, the groom-to-be. Curtis says he heard Finn and Anna made it official, and congratulates him. Jordan says she heard it was on stage at the Nurses Ball. She knows how that feels from experience; nothing can top it. He says being engaged isn’t the only news he has. Curtis says, please say Ryan is awake and they can have his kidney.

Ryan sees Franco looming over him.

Nina asks Jax how she can be better with the budget she’s allocated. He says they can work smarter. Make the product more attractive. He’s thinking exotic locations; big parties with A-list guests. Make it a prestige magazine. Nina says, sounds good. He says they live in a world that’s inundated with content. He knows they’re chic and cutting edge, but not pretentious, and won’t take a chance on ruining that. He’s not going to sacrifice quality to save a few bucks. He wants to make the brand more recognizable, but to do it, he has to cut production costs by a third. They can take that money, and put it into promotion. Nina doesn’t think that’s possible, and he says, what if he helped? She says this is probably a bad thing to say to her boss, but she doesn’t know how to read a balance sheet. He asks if she went to business school, and she says, no. He asks if she wants to learn, and she says she does. He says, let’s get started now.    

Julian tells Sam that he wants to eliminate the paper trail. If the birth father can identify his son, he can’t get to him. They need to destroy the records. Sam says, it’s not that simple. One problem is that, although the documents are closed on their end, Diane must have a copy. Julian says he’ll handle Diane.  Sam says maybe he should use one of his old associates, but he doesn’t want to contact them anymore. She’s Wiley’s aunt and godmother, and she knows what it’s like to have a child ripped away. She doesn’t want that to happen to her brother.

Alexis tells Lucas, if the birth father goes down that avenue, and files for custody, he’ll have to clear a score of legal hurdles to trace the baby to them. Julian says he’s the leader of a cult; DOD. She asks if he’s talking about Shiloh, and he says he is. What do they do? Alexis says, fight like hell. Keep the records sealed, and have a contingency plan in case they lose. She tells Lucas, go home to his son and husband. There’s nothing he can do right now. She’ll take care of it. She’s got this. He leaves.

A guy brings fancy water in a champagne bucket to Alexis’s table. She says she didn’t order it, but he says a gentleman has requested she wait. He wants to see her, and wanted it to be a surprise.

Lulu and Elizabeth go to Willow’s classroom. She says they just missed the kids, who went to the library (or something), but Elizabeth says they’re not there to sit in on the class. Lulu says they want to make sure Willow has a class there next year. Lulu adds, and for years to come.

Finn tells Curtis and Jordan that the operation was a success. Ryan will live to see his day in court, and with full kidney functions. There’s nothing to preclude him from donating. Curtis says, he’s viable match. When can they do the surgery?  Finn says they can’t do it without Ryan’s consent.

Ryan says he could have sworn he slipped the blade in for a fatal wound, and Franco says he has to give it up for the GH staff. They know what they’re doing. He asks if Ryan would like some art therapy. It could be fun. Ryan laughs, then has a coughing fit.  Franco tells him not to die until he gets to mark the occasion. Today would have been Kiki’s birthday. Ryan can’t understand the fascination with her. He found her boring, insipid, and dull; nothing like her mother. Franco suggests the talk about Ava. She exposed him for the idiot that he is. How does that feel? He walked into her trap; that must have hurt. How does he feel being exposed as predictable? She knew how to make him come running, and that’s exactly what he did. Now what? He’s got the rest of life in prison. No Ava, no girl, nothing. Just him and the sad path he’s laid for himself. That’s his reality now. Franco loves that.

Jax pulls up the Aurora balance sheet to show Nina. He explains which color is how much was spent, and how much is spent per month. He shows her the profits, and she says, they’re good. He says, imagine if they move this $250K there. He can do it without her ever running a shoot she doesn’t believe in. Think ahead. Know what they have to shoot before they invest. He thinks it’s doable. Nina does too, but has one problem. She’s getting married, and this is going to be a lot of work. He asks when it’s supposed to happen, and she says, soon. He tells her to do what she can, and he’ll pick up the slack, immediately becoming everyone’s dream boss. Valentin hopes he’s not interrupting. Nina asks if his ears were burning; they were talking about him. Jax says he heard they were getting married. He looks forward to working with Nina. It’ll be fun. Valentin asks what he missed, and Nina says, a lot. Jasper Jax is her new boss.

Elizabeth tells Willow, it’s a petition demanding that the school keep their best teacher. Lulu says, every parent and student signed it, with the exception of Nina and Valentin. Everyone else leapt at the chance to show their support. Elizabeth says she made a positive impact on her students’ lives, and the principal needs to know she fits the school to a T. Willow wonders if it’s possible.

Sam asks Julian how she’s supposed to make an informed decision without information. How does she know he’s not just jumping the gun? He asks if she thinks he’d be there if he had a choice? She’s not saying no. Not yet. Alexis can see if Brad and Lucas have a chance in court. Maybe it isn’t as bad as Julian thinks. Julian says, God forbid the birth father should get custody, and Wiley becomes a cult follower.

Finn tells Curtis that they all want it to be a slam dunk, and Curtis wants make sure it is. In the hallway, Chase asks Finn if Jordan is up for a visit, but Finn thinks they should let her rest. Chase wants to throw a party for Finn and Anna. Finn asks who Chase wants to invite, and Chase says their dad and his mom. He asks if Finn doesn’t want him to do it, and Finn tells Chase he doesn’t want to put anything on the calendar just yet. Anna will want to be included.

Ryan says Franco is putting on a happily married act with his vapid wife and kids. Please. Franco envies him. The most fun Franco has had in years is when he took credit for Ryan’s work. He wouldn’t have been so convincing if he didn’t love it. Franco says, you know what he loves? Ryan lost at his own game. He loves that. That’s what’s true. Enjoy prison. He says, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, and leaves.

Jax approaches Alexis’s table. She says she knew it, and asks what they’re drinking to. He says his acquisition of half of Aurora Media; the print division. It needs a lot of work, but he’s excited about Crimson. She says, Crimson means Nina. Nina means Valentin. And Valentin means trouble with a capital T. They clink glasses.

Elizabeth asks Willow if they can take the petition to the principal. Willow says, yes, but she doesn’t think it will do any good. She’ll treasure it forever, though. Elizabeth says they’re not giving up. There are also other jobs, and she’ll have great references. Willow says she’ll take any job; lawyers are expensive. Lulu asks if she’s suing the school, or Nina. Willow says she’s not suing anyone. She’s preparing to be sued.

Sam asks Julian if he’s talking about DOD, and he asks if she’s heard of it. She says, Wiley’s father is Shiloh? She’s in. However bad Julian thinks he is, he’s worse. She’ll do whatever it takes to keep Wiley away from him.

Alexis tells Jax, all she’s saying is, watch out for Valentin. He says he’d never buy something without doing his homework. Valentin has a good job running Cassadine Industries. Alexis says, he’s not a good human. Look at what happened to Nikolas. Jax says that’s not a good subject. Alexis says, point taken, and he says, so is hers. She says Valentin is in an entirely different league. He’s as dangerous as Jax’s brother. She wants him to promise to only deal with Valentin when required, and he says he can handle it. He instructs her on squeezing lemons into her water, and she asks if it’s a sober version of cutting loose. He tells her, just put the lemon in. She says she missed him, and he says she doesn’t have to anymore. He’s there to stay.

Nina tells Valentin that she’s energized; she has so many ideas. She knows what a deficit column is. Jax showed her. Valentin says if she has business questions, she can come to him. She says Jax is a team player. He’s so invested in the magazine, which is good for Crimson, and good for her. Valentin says what’s good for her is good for him. He’s glad to see her happy. She says she’s so excited. You’d think someone new would be a bad thing, but it’s not. It’s fantastic. She thinks it’s going to be incredible. No; she knows it.

Curtis tells Finn that he wants to put Ryan behind bars, but he has a kidney to donate first.

Curtis goes into Ryan’s room. Ryan says he’s a popular man today. He asks how the wife is, and Curtis says, still kicking. He saved Ryan’s life, now Ryan is going to do the same for Jordan. He’s going to consent to donate a kidney. Ryan says that’s major surgery. He’ll have to mull it over. Curtis says, the answer is yes.

Robert tells Anna that she’s the love of his life, Scotty tells Margaux that he’s doing her a favor, and Ryan asks Curtis what his kidney is worth.

👗 And Then There Were Four…

It was time for the final four to be chosen on Project Runway. The challenge was for the designers to create their biggest and best look, as well as designing an experimental art installation. Cardi B and Bergdorf Goodman’s Linda Fargo were the guest judges. Garo told Tessa, a word to the wise, don’t put anything raw on the runway. Tessa’s heart was still pounding from last week, but she knew there was a way to finish a hem while still making it look unfinished. Which already sounded like too much work to me. Christian reminded them that this was the last challenge before the finale. As well as getting a spread in Elle magazine and a mentorship with a guy whose name I don’t remember, but seemed really cool, the winner would get $250K, plus $50K to put up a studio. My first thought was where were they going to put up a studio, even with combining those two figures? NYC and LA are a little expensive. The designers were instructed to create their version of an experiential fashion show, and bring forth who they are as designers. They were to go bigger and bolder. There would be over 100 industry insiders at the show to determine the final four. Those four would go on to create an entire collection, and present it to the fashion industry. When the models were chosen, last week’s winner Sebastian chose first, and chose who would go next, and so on. Tessa was picked last. She said it was like getting picked last for kickball, and I told her she was getting picked last because she’s an a-hole.

With set designers/builders to assist them, the contestants worked out their rooms. Hester was going for a rococo forest idea; Bishme stayed with his roots, and Baltimore blooming; and Garo wanted a futuristic theme, with robotic hands dressing the model, and the guests having the ability to interact with the space. Tessa was also sticking with her roots, choosing a ceramics/art studio scene, since she was best inspired by her upbringing, and the judges thought she needed passion. Sebastian wanted a palace in Greece. He said he wasn’t a good storyteller, and was running out of ideas and energy. I thought, hmm… you might not belong here. The designers got a $500 budget, and I wondered if that included the sets, but they never said.

Christian questioned the designers as they got busy shopping for supplies. Hester told him that she was going with a rococo bondage picnic theme, and we all wondered what that was. I think Hester did too. Tessa was focusing on the philosophy of wabi-sabi (I know, too close to wasabi, right?) which translates loosely to beauty in imperfection. This explained her love of unfinished hems. The designers had a meeting with the mentor guy, who said his company did a diagnostic of what works for their brand and doesn’t, and said, the glamour of fashion isn’t glamorous. Good to know. Christian added that basically, nothing lasts forever. He told them that they could invent anything they wanted. There was no client and no criteria, and they could create their own fantasy room. I found it interesting that Christian’s comments and questions to the designers as they were working, reminded me of acting class critiques. Sebastian didn’t like his dress, saying it wasn’t what he had in mind, even though it was absolutely amazing, abundant with that sculpture-like ribbon candy pleating. Bishme wanted a more abstract Baltimore for his room, and made the woman helping him do it over.

In a dramatic moment, Sebastian decided he wanted to go home. He didn’t want to do nothing [sic]. He was giving up. Garo wanted to smack him, Hester wanted to join him, and he went and sat on an orange couch to chill. After a bottled water, he decided to keep fighting for his dreams and goals. He was probably just dehydrated. Christian got more nervous than anyone, except for Sebastian.

Hester’s room had her model serving tea from inside of a picture frame in a forest. It was pretty cool. No one seemed that keen on her outfit, which was all kinds of red/black/white plaids, with chains and such, but I loved the skirt and would definitely wear it. Not so much Cardi B when asked about the top, which had too many O-rings. Tessa’s model sat at a potter’s wheel, surrounded by ceramics. Her color palette of earth tones was lovely, and although the judges weren’t thrilled with the dress, they seemed to finally get where she was coming from. Garo’s intergalactic changing station got raves, especially with the real arms helping the model. His dress had layers that could be stripped, and featured his signature corset. It was definitely impressive. Sebastian’s dress was well received, but not his room. The Grecian palace idea fell flat, and nearly everyone said it felt oppositional to the gown. Cardi B – who I have to mention had the most beautiful gold, silver, and black hair – said the dress was her favorite, and she could forgive the room because of the dress. Bishme’s redesign of his room paid off, and his rose gold blossom of a gown bloomed in the middle. The judges did find some technical flaws in their close-up examination of the dress though.

The judges took a look at the entire season of each designer’s clothes, and there was a little trip down Memory Lane. Garo won the challenge, and promised they wouldn’t be disappointed. I’ve liked his stuff, and I’m all for the corset look. Makes you look thinner. Sebastian was the next to stay in, and he cried. Tessa always looks like she wants to cry, so it’s hard to figure out what she’s feeling. Bishme was in, and was paralyzed. Literally. He was having a hard time moving. Tessa was finally out, after I gave up rooting for that. Brandon told her not to look at it as a loss, and said she would do vital and important work. Um… we’re not talking about curing cancer. She said she was disappointed, but felt like she’d grown, and thanked them for the opportunity. She whined a little backstage, while she sulked on the orange couch while waiting for the others. The final four were told that they would be creating ten looks to be presented to the fashion world in NYC, using a $10K budget. Christian told them to keep working hard, and gave them two bottles of champagne. There was a group hug. Next time, Bishme either gets bad news or has a breakdown. I can’t tell.

⭐ Best quote this season: I have bags under my eyes and they’re not Chanel or Gucci. – Bishme

🔎 The Details…

And my favorite PR recap.

‘Project Runway’ recap: ‘The Art of Fashion’ and the science of deciding the final four [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

📠 Not New News…

Pretty old as a matter-of-fact, but I was interested in how Project Runway had changed, since it didn’t really capture my attention during previous attempts to watch it.


🚤 Also on Bravo tonight was Captain Sandy’s Yachtrageous Moments, a retrospective of Below Deck Mediterranean, and a reminder it’s coming back. It’s new season starts Monday, June 3rd, at 9 pm. This season, the captain and her crew will be going to France. I like the show because this is the closest I’ll ever get to that blue water – hell, it’s the closest I’ll get to any real vacation – but my heart still belongs to the original Below Deck and the Stud of the Sea. I just like the cast better on that one. And Kate’s my girl.

💭 Friday Thoughts…









March 26, 2019 – Jason Slams Shiloh, Denise Gets Married, Sorry Adan, Caroline Again & Peaceful Ending


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Lulu meets Dante outside of the house, saying, she was just going to call. She asks how Sonny is, and he asks why she’s outside. She says Rocco is waiting with his baseball cards, and she wanted to warn him… He brushes past her and goes inside. There’s a surprise party waiting, and Olivia hugs him.

Anna sits on the steps outside, reading a letter. Peter approaches, and asks if everything is okay, but she says, no.

Chase sees Finn in Charlie’s. Finn thought he was going away for a long weekend, but Chase says, change of plans. Finn asks if something happened between him and Willow. Chase says, in a way. Her ex is in town. Finn says, the timing stinks. It was going good; does he want her back? Chase says, in a way (phrase of the day), and Finn asks if it’s a problem. Chase doesn’t think so, but Willow doesn’t want to get involved yet. She’s worried about being around her ex, given their history. Finn asks if he was abusive, and Chase says it’s not his story to tell, but she’s scared of him. Finn asks if it’s not enough to involve the police. Chase says, he’s influential, and Willow is afraid they’ll believe him over her. Willow said she needed more time to think about it. Chase wants to be there for her, but he’s not sure she’ll let him. She needs someone in her corner, but he’s not sure if she thinks he’s the right guy. Does Finn have any idea what that feels like? Finn says he’s sure he does.

Alexis asks Sonny how he’s handling DOD, but he says she doesn’t need to know. That’s what she thought. She dials her phone, saying she knows how he handles situations. Sonny tells her, slow it down. She asks to speak with Jordan. Sonny says, hang up, and she says, it’s urgent.

Outside Kelly’s, Shiloh tells Jason that his anger is a manifestation of his fear. Sam is breaking new boundaries and she’s opening herself up to him. The more she does, the more intimate and intense the process grows, and the better it gets for her. Let him do for Jason what he’s doing for her. He touches Jason’s shoulder, and Jason grabs him by the throat and slams him up against the wall. Shiloh slides down. Sam sees, and shouts, Jason!

Sonny tells Alexis, hang up. She says to have Jordan call her. She has information about a possible crime. Sonny wishes she hadn’t done that. He needs to protect their daughter. Alexis says, from what? and he says he’s worried she’s involved in a cult. She’s turning her back on her family to please the leader. Alexis says the answer isn’t murder, and he asks, who said anything about murder? She says she’s all ears. What does he have planned for Shiloh?

Sam runs over to Shiloh, who says, it was so fast. A waitress from Kelly’s has come out, and says she’s calling 911. Jason could have killed him. Jason says, but he didn’t.

Chase asks Finn if an old flame of Anna’s is getting in the way. Finn says Anna’s ex is cool; likes him, but Anna’s sister said something. Chase is surprised to hear Anna has a sister. Finn says, an identical twin, but they’re not close. She said she thinks their relationship is temporary because Finn won’t be able to keep up with Anna. Chase asks if he believes that. Finn says he doesn’t think about the future too much, but they are different, and took different paths. Chase says maybe they balance each other out. Finn says, maybe. Or maybe he’s a nice diversion from her real life. Chase’s phone dings, and he says dispatch needs him at Kelly’s. To be continued. They wish each other good luck with their respective ladies.

Peter asks if Anna wants to talk, but she says, no. She doesn’t want to trouble him. He says he asked, and sits. She says she was on her way to see Finn, and the letter was in her doorway. It’s from Griff. He’s gone. He left town. He didn’t say where he was going, but that he needs to get out of Port Charles. Peter says he’s sorry. He knows they were close. Anna says it’s been hard for Griff since Kiki. She should have been there more for him, but took him for granted, thinking he’d always be in her life. She’s only known Griff for a few years, but he feels like… Peter says, the son she never had.

Olivia tells Dante, welcome home, baby boy. Rocco says he’s still there, and Olivia says, he’s home for good. Dante tells Rocco, don’t worry. Lulu says she wasn’t sure if he was up for a big gathering. Olivia says her son is a hero. Him being home safe is cause for celebration. Ned says he knows how much Olivia likes to throw a party, and welcomes him home. Michael and Maxie hug him. Dante says, this is great. If he’d known, he would have gone away more often. Olivia tells him, don’t joke. She was worried sick. They’ll have to make up the guest room, since she’s keeping an eye on him. Michael tells Ned, the house is going to seem empty, and Ned says he’s pretty sure she’s joking. Maxie asks where he was, and Lulu says, that’s still classified. Maxie says, no exclusive? Dante flashes back to saying he will complete the mission.

Sam tells Shiloh, the bleeding has stopped. The waitress says, he could have a concussion. Shiloh says he was more surprised than anything. He just tried to assure Jason that DOD is a safe harbor. He thought they were just talking, and can’t imagine what he did to offend Jason that he’d lash out with such violence. He asks if Jason does this to everybody, or is he a special case? The waitress tells them to wait for the police to sort it out

Curtis tells Dante that his mother-in-law is doing a fantastic job. Jordan asks how long before Dante comes back; Chase need a partner. Dante asks, where is that ingrate? Jordan says his desk is waiting for him, and Dante says he thought Chase was partnered with Valerie. Jordan says it was just so she could shadow a senior officer. Curtis tells her that Dante just got home. Chill on the work talk. She says she’ll do that after she checks her messages. Lulu is looking at Dante, and he says, what? She tells him that he’ll probably catch her staring at him for at least a week. He wants check on Rocco.

Anna tells Peter that he’s really unfair. She’d never use Griff as a replacement. He says when she looks in Griff’s eyes, she sees Duke, the love of her life. When she looks in his eyes, she sees Faison, who terrorized her for decades. Anna says she’s tried to keep on building a relationship with him, but it’s hard when he doesn’t answer her texts or phone messages. He says he’s busy, but she says he’s avoiding her. He insists his excuse is legitimate. He’s sorry Griff took off, but thinks Anna is pursuing a relationship with him because it’s her obligation. She cries, and says he’s wrong. She’s pursuing a relationship with him because she’s his mother.

Shiloh tells Sam, sorry. He had no idea what she meant about Jason being controlling, and the violence he’s capable of. That she broke free is incredible. He gives her credit. Sam says she sees clearly why she needs DOD. She needs peace, enlightenment, and she needs him. Chase arrives, saying he heard there was a disturbance. The waitress says she works there, and Jason attacked Shiloh for no reason. He asks if she witnessed the attack. She says she turned around and saw Shiloh reach out, and Jason shoved him into the wall. Jason could have killed him.

Sonny tells Alexis, the less she knows, the better, in case something goes south. She says he’s confusing her with Carly. Carly would look the other way while he wreaks havoc on whoever didn’t do what he wanted. She’s an officer of the court. Jordan calls, and Sonny says, don’t involve the cops for Kristina’s sake. It could just make it worse. Jordan says she got a message that Alexis has information about a possible crime. What’s going on?

Anna tells Peter, perhaps they wouldn’t have a relationship if they weren’t related, but they are. He’s her son. Peter says she gave him up. She doesn’t understand. He can forgive Obrecht, who tortured him for weeks, and Valentin, who gave him over to Faison. Even if he believes she made a mistake in giving him over to a loving family, it’s what she thought she was doing. She was really young, and overwhelmed. He says that’s where she loses him every time. She wasn’t an adolescent who got pregnant by accident. She was a WSB agent, with nerves of steel. Anna Devane, cold, calculating, and a success. She could have provided for him, but a baby didn’t fit into her plans. He’s not accepting her excuse. She knows it didn’t work out the way it was supposed to, but she gave him up to save him from Faison. Even if he sees it as a mistake, she doesn’t understand why he can forgive everyone else, but not her.

Maxie shows Dante pictures of James. Lulu says how cute he is, and Maxie says, he’s a showboat. He fusses all the time when no one is around, but then smiles when he sees Peter. Dante says she’s been spending time with Faison’s son, and she says he’s James’s uncle. She knows she asked him to be James’s godfather before, but when she had James, she and Lulu weren’t on the best terms. Then, when they were, he was gone. Now that he’s back, she’d like to make it official. She asks Dante and Lulu to be James’s godparents. She knows they’ll both be there for her son.

Ned tells Laura that he’s glad to see her back, safe and sound. Laura says she was thinking about how Ryan endorsed her. If he swayed even one voter, it makes her feel sick. Ned says she won, fair and square, but that’s beside the point. He’s glad she’s okay. She says he’s a good guy, and asks if anyone has ever told him that he’s an awful lot like his grandfather. He says he could never determine if it was a cut or a compliment. She says, compliment.

Alexis tells Jordan that she may have exaggerated, but has it on good authority that someone might be targeting Shiloh. Jordan asks, how? Alexis tells her, all she can say is, keep an eye on things. They’ll talk later. Sonny wishes she hadn’t done that. She says he keeps saying that, but if she’s saved one person’s life, even if it’s creepy Shiloh, she’ll rest easy. He says there’s no threat from him or Jason. Not this week. He just wants their daughter out of the cult.

Chase reiterates that the waitress wasn’t watching. She says they were conversing, just talking. He asks if it seemed like a fight. She says Shiloh was talking, and Chase asks if she can describe the conversation. Did Jason say anything? She says Jason was just standing there, and bam! he had Shiloh be the throat, and slammed him into the wall. He ask if any customers witnessed what happened. She says it was so fast, when she turned around, Shiloh was down. Chase says, so no one else saw, and asks Sam if she’d say the account is accurate.

Curtis asks if Jordan is sure someone else can’t handle it. She says, it’s just a feeling she got from Alexis’s call. She’s putting her ear to the ground, and seeing if she can’t find out more. She leaves.

Maxie texts, and Lulu looks over her shoulder. Lulu says, she’s texting Peter. Maxie asks why Lulu is sneaking up on her. Lulu says she was so focused on texting, she didn’t notice. Interesting how she keeps downplaying spending all that time with Peter. What’s going on? Maxie wonders if Lulu is asking for her sake or Peter’s, and Lulu says, both. She doesn’t want Maxie stringing him along when he wants more. Unless she does. Maxie says Lulu’s husband is home. They should celebrate.

Anna asks if Peter will ever be able to forgive her. He gets Maxie’s text, asking him to meet her at Charlie’s. He says he has to go. Anna says, please, but he says it has nothing to do with forgiveness. She keeps saying she wants him in her life, but every time she looks at him, she sees something she wants to forget. The memory of his father will always be a defining point in their relationship, no matter what. Anna says, the child of her enemy. He sees a mother who abandoned him, and that’s all they’ll ever be to each other. Unless they get to know one another, and make new memories to overcome the past ones; open their lives to each other. She’ll never give up hope. She tells him that she has to go to Charlies, and he says that’s where he’s headed too. Does she want him to give her a ride? She nods, and says she’d like that.

Michael says it’s good to have Dante back. Dante is sorry about Nelle and the baby. Michael says, not a day goes by that he doesn’t think about Jonah, but keeping busy helps. Being Wiley’s godfather is amazing. Dante says, so all is good, but Michael says, it’s not all good. Kristina is in a cult. Molly thinks she’s been brainwashed. He doesn’t know how much is true, but Kristina is the type who can be manipulated like that. She’s not like Dante and him. Dante flashes back to saying, will complete the mission. Olivia brings out the food.

At the station, Shiloh tells Chase that he was leaving the restaurant, when Jason approached him, and told him to stay away from Danny, saying Danny was off limits. He shouldn’t talk to him or even look at him. The next thing he knew, Jason had him by the throat. Chase says the waitress said they’d been talking for several minutes. Can he recall what was said between Jason’s warning and the attack? Shiloh says he tried to tell Jason that his group, DOD, was about spiritual growth and peaceful resolution. Sam has been on a journey of discovery, and Danny joined her. He told Jason the DOD door was open if he wanted to join them both. Chase says, no hostile gesture? and Shiloh says, none whatsoever. Jason glares at him.

People start leaving Dante’s party. Dante thanks Curtis for looking after Lulu. Curtis is glad Dante’s back, and Dante tells him to let his wife know that Chase never showed to his welcome home party. Olivia starts clearing the buffet table, and Lulu asks what she’s doing. Olivia doesn’t want to leave the mess for Lulu, but Lulu says Olivia fed all of them, and she and Dante could use some time to reconnect. She takes Rocco to get cleaned up, and Dante tells Olivia, don’t cry. She says she’s so happy. She was sick with worry the whole time. For so long it was just him and her, and she knew she couldn’t give him everything he deserved. He says she did great, and she says she did her best. Every decision she made was to keep him safe. She watched him grow, and realized her job was just going to get harder. He’s not the kind of man who will ever be content to be safe. He’s a hero, in every sense of the word, and she couldn’t be prouder. Dante says he’s the man he is today because of her, and her sacrifices. She’s his hero. She cries and hugs him. He says he couldn’t have asked for a better mom. As she’s on her way out, he says he loves her, and she says she loves him more.

Shiloh says if Chase knew anything about him, he’d know Shiloh is committed to non-violence. Chase asks if Shiloh made physical contact at any time. Shiloh says he may have put a hand out to reassure Jason. Chase says, might or did? and Shiloh says he touched Jason’s arm. Chase asks if Jason disputes anything, but he has nothing to say without his attorney. Jordan comes in, and takes Chase to the side. She says there was an altercation between Jason and Shiloh, and two witnesses saw Jason attack Shiloh unprovoked? Chase is pretty sure it’s not that simple. Between them, he thinks there’s more than meets the eye. He wants to cut both of them loose. Jordan thinks about the call from Alexis, and sees Sam come in. She says she doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

Sonny tells Alexis that he’s not planning on killing Shiloh. If anything happened, and Kristina thinks it’s his fault, she’ll blame herself. Better to keep Shiloh breathing than cause Kristina more pain. She asks, why not say that in the first place?

Dante looks at the welcome home sign. Rocco startles him with a hug from behind. He wants to say goodnight. Rocco goes upstairs, and Lulu asks if Dante is okay. He says, it’s just that… and she says, it’s overwhelming being bombarded by his nearest and dearest all at the same time? He says she could say that. She asks if he wants to meet upstairs and keep celebrating. They kiss, and he says, sounds great. She goes to put Rocco to bed. Dante flashes back to his dream of loading the gun, saying he will complete the mission, and shooting Lulu. He says, I will complete the mission. He flips the table over, and everything goes flying.

Anna sees Finn at Charlie’s, and Peter says he’ll leave them to it, Anna thanks him. She looks pretty happy, and Finn asks if there’s anything she wants to share, but she says, no. At least not yet. He’s sorry about Griff. Anna says, he left town. Finn knows Griff is like a son to her. She looks at Peter, and says Griff never was.

Maxie comes in, and hugs Peter. He asks, how was the homecoming party? and she says, interesting. Dante was exhausted, but he’s not fully there yet. Peter says he was in deep cover; it’s to be expected. She’s sorry she didn’t bring him, but she didn’t want it to be awkward. Peter says Dante was not his biggest fan when he came to town. It would have been an uncomfortable plus one.

Lulu finds Dante asleep. She gets in bed. She sees the scars on his back, and says, oh my gosh! Dante dreams of saying he understands. The mission will be completed.

Sonny tells Alexis they have to arrange to bring Kristina home. Alexis says she’s an adult, ready to write her family off, and call DOD home. Are they going to lock her in a room until she agrees? That’s kidnapping. Sonny asks what’s her plan? but she doesn’t have one. He says, exactly, and tells her, listen to him. Kristina and Morgan were the kids most like him. They don’t ask for help, and just spiral until they hit rock bottom or someone catches them. God forbid it’s someone who doesn’t have their best interest at heart. When Morgan died, he promised he’d never miss a cry for help. The more he hears about DOD, the louder the cry. They have to get her out of there. If they don’t think it through carefully, it could backfire in an unexpected way.

Jordan places Jason under arrest, and reads him his rights. Shiloh smirks. Sam looks at Jason.

Tomorrow, Willow doesn’t trust Shiloh, Dante is afraid of what was done to him, Jordan tells Jason it’s in everyone’s best interest if he cooperates, and Shiloh tells Sam that Jason tried to kill him.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Erika meets with her creative team. Creative director, Mikey says they’re going on tour. They’re doing many costume changes in fifteen cities. In her interview, Erika says it’s an hour-long show in three acts: new material, vintage Erika Jayne, and new material. Mikey shows them sketches of the costumes. In her interview, Erika says they’re coming from changing clothes in the hallway. We flash back to Erika having to go through a kitchen to get to the stage. Erika gets all excited about the costumes, but IMO it’s no Lady Gaga attire. She opens some champagne, and they toast to selling out.

Kyle meets Dorit for shopping. They need to find Denise a wedding gift. Dorit knows she’ll be carrying Kyle’s bags. Babydoll Teddi joins them (bleh). All she knows is Denise likes tequila. Kyle tells them about the dinner where Denise went on and on about Aaron’s penis size. Dorit (which tried to autocorrect to dirt – ha-ha!) can’t believe the wedding is in two days. Kyle says she can’t go because of the company anniversary party. She’s curious about what kind of wedding can be pulled off in two days, and wants pictures. She’s thinking, disaster.

Denise and Aaron check out Cypress Sea Cove, bringing along Denise’s assistant, Mikey. What’s with these grown men named Mikey? It’s gorgeous, and looks like a little village. Denise thinks it looks like it’s out of a storybook. It’s so much what you don’t get in Malibu. They still need to get pretty much everything. Owner Matthew explains how they set up for weddings. In Denise’s interview, she says she had the big Hollywood wedding to Charlie. The wedding was much better than the marriage. Aaron tells the manager the wedding is in two days, and Denise says they’re setting themselves up for a challenge. In her interview, she says Aaron wants to get married on a date with the number eight in it. His divorce was finalized two weeks before September 8th. Denise thinks the venue is beautiful and magical. They’ll take it.

Kyle says if Denise pulls it off, it will be a miracle. Teddi says she didn’t have a big wedding, and it still took six months. Dorit tells them that her wedding planner was in London. We see pictures of her wedding, and she says it was a Gatsby/Roaring 20s theme at the Rainbow Room. The best moment of her life, and one of the most beautiful memories. Kyle tells Teddi that she’s going to see LVP. Teddi says she said her piece, and has nothing else to say. Dorit thinks LVP might make jabs. In Kyle’s interview, she says it’s not fun being stuck in the middle. She tried getting Teddi and LVP together. We see clips of her calling LVP, who says she has no interest in it, and calling Teddi, who tells Kyle that she has nothing else to say. Kyle says, maybe it’s selfish, but it would make her life easier if everyone was okay. They see a glassware set that they love, and Dorit says she’ll get the tequila; they can get the stuff that goes with it. We see the glassware comes to over five hundred bucks. Teddi is sure there will be no issue at the wedding. Kyle says nobody is going to do that, and they all laugh.

LisaR tells us that she’s busy. She goes to QVC once a month, and her hustle is still strong. She needs to support the family – #WhatDoesHarryDo – and the business is huge; more than anyone realizes. She FaceTimes with Denise, saying she’s making it back for Denise’s wedding. In her interview, LisaR doesn’t think Denise is rushing into it. She’s seen Denise struggle, and she would have married Harry that quick, but he didn’t want to. Denise says if things aren’t perfect, she’s okay with that. LisaR likes her attitude. We see a picture of LisaR’s wedding to Harry, and in her interview, she says that they were married at the house. Everyone around them was holding candles, and the entire wedding was lit by candlelight. She’s sending Denise good wedding vibes, prayers, blessings, and love.

Fluffy! Ken and LVP go kitchen shopping. Ken doesn’t think they need a new kitchen, but LVP hates their kitchen, and says it’s dark. She wants it bright, and loves the kitchen model they’re in. Ken says she was all sad when they came there, and asks if she’ll be all happy if they buy the new kitchen. She says she wants and deserves it. She’s had a horrible time. In her interview, LVP says if she’s learned anything, it’s do what makes you happy. Surround yourself with people and things that make you happy. She says it’s depressing in the kitchen, and she has no room in her life for any negativity. We flash back to Teddi saying if LVP can live with herself doing this, fine. LVP tells Ken, in the unlikely event that they sell the house, buyers won’t mind paying an extra $300,000. Ken says, it’s a big step, but if he says yes, she’ll be happy, and he’ll have a great night ahead. LVP thinks it will be good for the soul, but maybe not the bank account. Ken tells the salesman, don’t let him down.

The night before the wedding, Denise and Aaron meet with the officiant. We see a clip of Denise ordering the food, cake, and music. Aaron asks if they can get dunk tank, but Denise reminds him that it’s not a carnival. She’s praying when her dress shows up tomorrow, it fits. No matter what has gone on with Charlie, she’s invited him. Even if he brings a prostitute as a date, it is what it is. She wants to have a candle lit for her mom at the ceremony. In her interview, Denise says she was so close to her mom. Her mom had her at seventeen, and passed away thirteen years ago, but it’s still hard. She would have loved Aaron, but it’s part of life. Denise wipes some tears away, and I relate, still missing my father after 30+ years. The officiant asks if they want anything special for the girls. Aaron feels that it’s a bit of a disservice, telling girls so late. In Denise’s interview, she says she was afraid of her daughters judging her, so she waited until two days before. In hindsight, she should have told them a while ago, and regrets that part. It’s the norm in Hollywood to be married more than once, so it’s not so abnormal in their family. Aaron gives the girls necklaces. Denise gives Aaron credit. He has no children, but fits in. Not a lot phased him, which makes her love him more.

Everything is being set up for the wedding. Denise is glad the location is close to home, so she can get ready there. She wonders where the sunshine is. She has no idea what anything looks like, what flowers are there, or if there’s music, and they had no rehearsal. She’s nervous no one will show up, since it was so last minute. She takes a picture of the girls getting ready, and her oldest daughter says, mom, stop it.

Erika picks up LisaR. She’s wearing one of LisaR’s jumpsuits, and LisaR says she looks sexy. In her interview, LisaR says Erika has the most fabulous clothes of anyone. We flash back to some of Erika’s fashion moments. LisaR is flattered that she made the effort to put on her polyspan jumpsuit. I’ll bet those sell out now.

Teddi can’t believe Denise pulled everything together this quickly. There’s an artist on the grounds, painting the scene. Very cool! In Camille’s interview, she says she’s excited for her own wedding, but Denise beat her to the altar. It’s okay though. Denise deserves happiness. Teddi says it’s the first time she’ll be seeing LVP. She’s going to do her best to be cordial, and pull it together. She can ruin a 50th birthday, but not a wedding.

Denise tells her dad that if he walks her down the aisle, she’ll feel like the oldest bride in LA. So she’s going with the girls. Dad Irv says, it’s fine, and she asks him to light a candle for her mom. In her interview, she says her dad stayed with them after her mom passed away. She was going through a lot with Charlie, and he ended up staying five years. I remember she was constantly looking for a date for him on It’s Complicated, but I guess he’s still single? It’s two o’clock, and Denise is still not dressed. Irv says she’s late for her own wedding, and reminds her that they can’t start without her. She loves her dad.

In the limo, LisaR tells Erika that she doesn’t know what to expect. Erika says Teddi is coming briefly. She has to leave four, and Erika does too. She asks LisaR if she thinks LVP is coming, and Erika relays the information about the penis dinner. She says they didn’t talk about the dog drama. In LisaR’s interview, she says, the dog is fine. Move on. Erika thinks everyone should be on their best behavior. LisaR tells Erika that she’d be happy to never talk about the dog again, but knows that’s a pipedream.

What? LVP and Ken didn’t bring a dog? What’s the world coming to? In her interview, LVP says she’s not thrilled to see the other women after Camille’s birthday. She hopes there’s no repeat of the intense animosity that transpired there.

Big baby Teddi sees LVP, and says, perfect. They give each other a Hollywood kiss. LVP asks if Camille is taking notes. In Dorit’s interview, she doesn’t see an apology from LVP in the near future. If she wants to pretend all is well, Dorit is perfectly fine with her. LVP loves an apology, but she ain’t dishing them out.

Denise is now thirty minutes late. She puts her dress on. She didn’t want a big, traditional ballgown. She wanted something beachy and who she is. I love this dress! It’s a white lace romper, with a sheer white overskirt, slit up the front. Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell arrive. Jerry introduces himself to Dorit, who already knows who he is. He says a lot of people think he’s Jason Bateman, so he likes to get it out there. LVP grabs LisaR’s ass, and everyone does Hollywood kisses. In her interview, LisaR says she has no beef with LVP, and LVP can’t help but want a piece of her. She’s slightly obsessed. In Dorit’s interview, she says Denise is late to her own wedding, and on Teddi’s radar. We flash back to the conflict when Dorit was late to meet Teddi. Dorit says, the punctuality police will ticket her.

Denise gets touch ups on her makeup. The girls aren’t liking their heels. One of them wants to wear sneakers. Denise says, wear sneakers; she doesn’t give a sh*t. In her interview, LVP can’t blame Denise for being late. If what she says about Aaron is true, it’s a wonder she ever gets out of bed. Everyone starts getting antsy. Erika is hot and mad. In Erika’s interview, she says she’s sweating, and the jumper she’s wearing is going to combust. It doesn’t breathe. She says she has to keep drinking. Denise says, let’s blow this popsicle stand. They have to hurry before everyone leaves. They get in the limo. At this point, they’re an hour and ten minutes late. LisaR heaves a sigh.

The limo arrives – one hour and twenty-one minutes late. Denise says it looks like a real wedding. She can’t believe they pulled it together. LisaR alerts everyone that there’s wedding stuff happening. In Denise’s interview, she says she doesn’t like being the center of attention, so she’s relieved it’s a group effort. It’s more about the marriage less about the hoopla of a wedding. Her two older girls go first to Pachelbel’s Canon in D, otherwise known as the theme from Ordinary People. Aaron, Denise, and her youngest, follow to some heavy metal, which Camille recognizes, but I don’t. Camille says, awesome.

The officiant says at this joyous occasion, they want to remember their loved ones. Irv lights the candle for his late wife, and they take a moment. Or try anyway. Paparazzi fly over in a helicopter. LisaR says it’s a normal situation for an outdoor wedding in Malibu. Sometimes, it’s a normal situation for the Jersey Shore too. When Heather Locklear married Richie Sambora, the reception was not far from where I live, and we all cursed them and the traffic. But I digress. A guy takes pictures on a hill, and LisaR waves to him. In her interview, she says if the paparazzi are at your wedding, you know you’re still doing well. If there’s nothing, uh oh, time for a job. The couple exchange rings. Ken snoozes. They seal their vows with a kiss, and are pronounced husband and wife. In Dorit’s interview, she says the wedding fits Denise’s personality. She’s exuding excitement, happiness, and peace. It’s a nice moment to witness.

Infant Teddi has to jet, but feels weird saying goodbye. She decides to send a text. Maybe it’s me, but it seems like that would be adding more rudeness to the already rude leaving early. Erika goes with her. The artist continues to paint various scenes. A group Housewives photo is taken. LisaR says Denise is a legend. Denise introduces Patrick Muldoon. Dorit tells him the first story she heard when Denise joined the cast, was how Denise and LisaR were shagging him at the same time, and didn’t know. LVP asks who was better. LisaR suggests not answering, and he says it was so long ago. In her interview, Denise feels good that the ladies showed up. She knows everyone has a life and commitments, and it was last minute.

In Dorit’s interview, she says she had a nice time with LVP. Everything is behind them, and she feels like the dog situation is over. LVP will never admit her part, but Dorit is okay with it. She wants to move on, and someday get back to trusting LVP. In LVP’s interview, she says she has no choice but to get on with it. She’s not a victim, and wants to be there to congratulate Denise. She thinks she should have gotten apologies, but if they don’t want to, that’s fine.

The cake is cut. Denise thanks girls for accepting Aaron. She’s blown away at how fast they put it together. She hopes their future holds a lifetime of happiness, and they’ll be together forever. She’s told Aaron, even if it goes south, she’s not divorcing him.

Back home, Dorit tells PK that she needs an hour to go over payables; a solid hour of his full attention. She looks at her phone, and says, oh my God. An article just came out, and she’s been stabbed in the back. She reads from Radar Online that LVP is extra hurt that her long-time friend abandoned one of her rescue dogs, dropping it off at an animal shelter. It says she apologized to LVP, saying she was too ashamed to bring it back. Dorit tells PK, that’s so untrue. It can be damaging to their reputation and children if people think she mistreats animals. PK thinks she should just blow it off, but she says, people’s perception is what they read and believe. She continues reading that LVP is still upset because she’s known her friend a long time, but she’s not the type of woman who holds grudges. In her interview, Dorit says everybody in the world believes otherwise.

The article says LVP was told the dog nipped at one of the children. Dorit says only a few people knew it was a chihuahua mix; LVP and her team. She asks PK if he thinks the article came from LVP, and he says, who else. Dorit says she had called the next day, and LVP used those exact words; the dog nipped at the kids, which can happen. It’s not a word she’s ever used. PK says, it’s an English word. Dorit knows LVP has a relationship with Radar Online, and this has LVP all over it. At the wedding, she thought the dog business was behind her. (Don’t step in it – ha-ha!) Maybe in her mind, LVP dealt with it, but she doesn’t know. She takes two steps forward and ten back in this friendship. PK says the article is below the belt. He suggests maybe LVP has an over-zealous staff, who thinks they’re acting in her best interest, but Dorit doesn’t believe it. LVP has full control. She wonders why LVP did this, and says, it’s a whole other layer of betrayal. In her interview, she says she doesn’t know where begin with the friendship after this. She tells PK that she’ll see if LVP gives her a call. PK says LVP must know the truth will come out.

Next time, Harry sets up a tent, Kyle is grilled about LVP leaking stuff to the press, LVP tells Kyle that she’s not saying she did something when she didn’t, and she’s done with this.

💃 On Mexican Dynasties, Adan’s mother said Adan’s voice was like Freddy Mercury and Whitney Houston had a love child. If there was a camera here, I would have looked at it like this – 😐 That would be no. Just no.

🚤 And the Beat (Down) Goes On…

The circus that is Caroline never ends.


🎵 To Leave You On a Literally Peaceful Note…

And in case you’ve never heard it.

March 22, 2019 – Shiloh Confronts Willow, Sad Sonny, Housewife Hilton, Not So Sweet Caroline, 90 Preview, Karma Shade, 8-Legged Quotes & That Moon


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the hospital. Jason asks Sam how it went, and she says, it worked like a charm. Shiloh is going to be her personal mentor, and show her the ways of DOD. All she has to do is, whatever he tells her to do.

Willow says, Shiloh. He says she does remember him, and closes the door. He says he was scared when she vanished. What could possibly have taken her from him? She asks if he really wants to know, but he says, it doesn’t matter. He’s glad she’s safe and well. He knew he’d run into her again. He didn’t know when or how, but knew he would destined to see her. Now he’s here, and once again she can stand by his side.

Laura goes to the station, and sees Jordan and Margaux. She’s surprised Jordan is at work, but Jordan promises she can handle it. Laura tells her to make sure duty doesn’t get in the way of her health. Jordan says, there’s been no progress. They haven’t recovered Ryan’s body. Laura wonders if there’s any possibility he survived, and made it back to Port Charles.

Griff punches the crap out of Doc on the pier.

In her office, Lulu is on the phone with Peter. She can’t believe being late to a meeting caused him to reassign a story she’s working on. The door handle rattles.

Carly finds Sonny in an examining room. Lucas says he’s fine, and Sonny says, it’s not that bad. She says, fine isn’t the same as not that bad, and asks, what the hell happened? Sonny says, hey, good lookin’.

Lulu tells Peter to call 911. She’s going out the back. The door opens, and she grabs something as a weapon. It’s Dante, who says he surrenders. He says she changed locks, so he had to pick it. He would have called, but thought she was working. She gets Peter back on the phone, and tells him, call off the police. It’s just Dante. Dante says, that’s all he rates? She jumps into his arms, and kisses him.

Carly asks Sonny how it happened, and how many stitches. She reminds him the doctor told her to avoid stress, but he says she’s still glowing. She wants to know everything, like how he got shot. He says Dante is the one who shot him.

Sam tells Jason that Shiloh was more than happy to welcome her. She has to allow his choices to become hers; no questions asked. He asks if she’s having second thoughts. She tells him that Shiloh said to learn commitment, she has to give up self-control. Jason says it’s crazy that people fall for it. Sam says she has to convince Shiloh that she is.

Julian sees Brad at Kelly’s. Brad asks what Julian is doing there. Julian says, don’t tell his customers, but he loves a Kelly’s BLT as much as everyyone else. Brad says he’s having a family downfall. Doesn’t Julian read The Invader? It’s there in black and white.

Shiloh tells Willow that she can’t dodge fate, even if she changed her name. He erases Miss Tait from the blackboard. She wants him to leave, but he says that’s not what he wants. She made him a promise not to leave, and she broke it.  She says, it was made under duress; it was meaningless. He says he never coerced her, but she says he had others do his dirty work. He asks what she’s talking about. She says she means it – go. He says he’s glad she became a teacher. He bets she’s good at it; better than him. His lessons didn’t stick, but there’s still time for her to be her best self. She says she warned him. She’s calling the police.

Laura says they searched from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, and nothing? Jordan says, the police believe he was carried to the lake and froze. Margaux adds, or died on impact. Laura asks what Jordan believes. Jordan says the body will turn up in time, and Laura says like when they assumed he died in the fire. Margaux tells her the FBI is closing the case. Laura asks, is the PCPD?

Griff kicks Doc. Doc says, please, and Griff says, please what? Doc asks Griff to let him go; don’t hurt him. Grigg wonders if Kiki said those words to his brother. He wakes up wondering – when he actually sleeps. He asks himself if she had enough time to wonder if he’d come back to save her. Now Doc knows how she felt. Nobody came to save her, like no one is coming to save him. He picks up a pallet, and is about to slam Doc with it, when Ava appears. She yells at him to stop.

Carly asks Sonny if he’s sure he’s okay. Lucas says he’ll be fine with exercise and antibiotics. She can’t believe Dante shot Sonny. He says it was enough to satisfy Raj, and she asks if she should complement Dante on his marksmanship. She’s mad, but understands. He found Dante, and brought him home safe. She hugs Sonny.

Lulu tells Dante she was so scared. Some days she wasn’t sure he’d ever come home. Is he back for good? He kisses her, and says, Raj is dead. He says he shouldn’t have left, but she says he did what he needed to do to protect their family. He says he didn’t. He knows what happened while he was gone. He’s sorry he didn’t keep her safe.

Jason asks, when is Sam’s next lesson? Sam says Shiloh’s final instructions were for her to be available 24/7. Jason says, for what? but she doesn’t know. She’s just supposed to go, no questions asked. Jason says, Sonny is back. He has to tell him. Sam asks if it can’t wait, but he says, if it was their kid, wouldn’t she want know? If Sonny says it’s time to make a move, that’s it. She says it could destroy Kristina. She needs some time before Jason tells him.

Willow asks if Shiloh doesn’t believe she’ll call the cops. He asks, why the cops? He says she cares about the school; she’s a good fit. She says he doesn’t have kids, and he asks how she knows. Has she been keeping tabs on him? She says any woman would be crazy to leave a child under his influence. He says she left him, after what they went through together; what he did for her. She says he’s a loser, a liar, and a manipulator. His words are weapons, and if she has to, she’ll turn him in. He wonders what she has against him. He’s the injured party.

Jordan tells Laura that they’re going to keep looking, but have no federal Canadian resources. Laura says she’ll assist any way she can. She asks if they’ve spoken to people who knew Ryan. Jordan says they’ve spoken to Mac and Felicia. Laura says they can consult Doc too, if necessary, but Margaux says, at this point in time, Doc is a liability, and they’re going to treat him as such.

Ava says, what the hell? Griff can’t do this. He’s not Ryan; he’s Doc. He didn’t kill Kiki. Griff says, not with his own hand, but he might as well have. He knew his psycho freak brother was alive, and didn’t tell anyone. She asks if Griff is any better, beating Doc to death. Griff says she’s called him a hypocrite so many times. How does it feel to be right? She tells him, go home, and he asks why she’s protecting Doc. She says she’s protecting him. Kiki wouldn’t want not want Doc’s blood on his hands. That’s not the man she loved. Griff says Doc is all hers. Doc thanks her.

Dante says he left Lulu unprotected. She says, it already happened. She doesn’t want to waste breath on it. He’s home. That’s all that matters. Dante’s phone rings. He says, Director Jones, and Lulu says, Frisco Jones, director of the WSB? He should take the call. He answers, and thanks Frisco. He says he did what had to be done. Raj is no longer a problem. They’ll all sleep better now. He’ll have a full debriefing.

Jason asks Sonny and Carly if he’s interrupting. Sonny tells him to come in, and he asks, how’s the arm? Carly says, it’s a minor injury, but that’s not the same as fine. Sonny asks, how’s Dante? Jason says he drove him over to see Lulu, and he took it hard when he found out what happened. Sonny asks Carly if everything is okay, and she says there was trouble while he was gone.

Lucas sees Griff, and asks, what happened? Griff says he’s fine, but Lucas says he’s not. He wants to look at Griff’s hands, and says, let’s go.

Margaux tells Laura that Doc knew his brother was alive, and didn’t tell a soul. He’s not going anywhere near the investigation. Besides, he’ll be too busy defending himself. She’s charging him as an accomplice.

Doc says Ava doesn’t have to do this. Ava asks if he thinks he deserves a beating. He says, there’s not much worth saving. Ava asks if Griff is right; if he knew his brother was alive. Doc says he was treating Ryan in secret at Ferncliff, before Ryan got the jump on him, and took his place. He’s sorrier than he can say. Ava is sure he is. She’s sure he never intended for anyone to get stabbed. She tosses him a pack of tissues. She says he told himself he was doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. She knows about that lie. She’s told it to herself many times. Now here she is. The one whose kid is dead, and someone is telling her they didn’t mean for it to happen. He says she has every right to despise him. She says she didn’t ask for approval. She asks if he’s filing a police report, but he doesn’t want to make trouble for Griff. Enough people Have been hurt on his account. She says he can’t stumble off like that. Her brother will know somebody to send. He asks why she’s helping him after what happened.

Brad reads a letter from Obrecht’s Invader column to Julian. It’s about a mother who’s adoptive baby’s mother was insane. She’s worried that her baby inherited the mom’s illness. Obrecht writes, maybe. Studies have shown that the offspring of people with mental illness have a predisposition. Now Brad is worried about Wiley’s birth mom being unstable. Not only that, Wiley’s mother had to be crazy to give him up. Julian says, what about the father? Maybe he’s the one Brad needs to worry about.

Shiloh says he won’t have Willow slander his good name. She backs away from him, and says she won’t let him push her around anymore. He says her regression is staggering, but he has plenty of time to get her back. She says she’s seen how he repatriates people. He ask if she’s worried about discipline, and says they’ll welcome her back with open arms. Doesn’t she miss her family? She says, of course, but she doesn’t belong there. She has a new life. He asks if she has a new family. She doesn’t seem happy. They have everything she wants and needs. Come on. He holds out his hands. Chase walks in.

Julian asks Brad why he’s making himself crazy. A few people know that Wiley isn’t Willow’s son, and unless she starts making noises, he has nothing to fear. Julian’s phone rings, and he says it’s his sister. He notices Brad popping antacids, and suggests he see a doctor. Brad says he did, and they thought it was the stress of being a first time parent. Julian says, keep it that way, and leaves

Carly tells Sonny that she and the baby are fine. Jason says Ryan jumped off the footbridge into the Niagara River. Besides it being a long drop, it was freezing, so the cops think he’s dead. Sonny asks if that’s what Jason thinks, but Jason doesn’t know. Sonny tells him, call in every favor, and if Ryan is alive, make sure he’s not. Jason says, right now, Ryan isn’t their only problem.

Chase asks Willow if he’s Interrupting. Shiloh says, yes, but Willow says, no. He’s on time for his parent/teacher conference. Chase says he’ll let the station know where he is. Shiloh ask what’s worse, being a single parent or a detective. Chase says not much phases him. Shiloh introduces himself, and Willow says, he was just leaving. Shiloh says it’s good seeing her again. His door is always open. She just needs to walk in.

Laura says there’s no way Doc was an accomplice. Margaux says, three people were killed because he shielded his brother. Laura says she knows her husband, and Margaux asks, her point? Jordan acknowledges that it’s a politically sensitive moment, but no matter how she spins it, Doc was complicit in Ryan’s crimes. Laura asks if they think she’d try to sweep it under the rug because of political fallout. Margaux says she’s a good mayor, and Port Charles is better off with her being in office. They’re telling her so she can get in front of it. Laura says there’s nothing to get in front of or spin. She intends to be transparent. Margaux asks if, when the time comes, they have her support.

Ava tells Doc that his brother did do a lot of damage. If they added it up, she thinks she lost the most. A cop comes out, and asks if everything is okay. He sees Doc, and draws his gun. Ava says, he’s not Ryan, and the cop says he can prove that down at the station. Ava says, it’s not right. She fumbles for her phone, and drops it, asking what his badge number is. The cop asks if she wants to be booked for public intoxication. Doc says, it’s not necessary; he’s surrendering voluntarily. Ava says she’s not intimidated, but Doc says she’s saved enough people today. Call a cab, and go home. The cop leads him away.

Lucas says in med school, they all wondered who this warm, generous, gorgeous guy was. Everyone was either jealous of him or in love with him; some of them both. What happened to that guy? Griff says, he’s lost, and Ryan suggests they find him, take him home, and get him fixed up. Griff says he can’t do that there. All he sees are ghosts, and all he feels is rage. He asks Lucas to write something for him, and Lucas gets a pad. Griff says, Dr. Quartermaine, consider this my letter of resignation effective immediately.

Jason tells Sonny, Kristina is in deep. Molly got into it with her, and said straight out that Kristina was in a cult. Kristina said she didn’t need Molly or her negativity, and took off. She’s isolating herself, and cutting people from her life. He thinks this guy is controlling her. Sonny says, it has to stop. Jason says if Shiloh happens to have an accident or disappears, Sam is concerned that Kristina will know it came from Sonny, and blame herself. Carly agrees. The guilt could break her. Sonny is more concerned about what Shiloh is doing to his daughter.

Sam goes to Kelly’s with Danny. She and Brad talk about Wiley, and she tells him, the first year is the hardest. She holds Wiley, who promptly spits up on her. Brad asks Danny to get some napkins. Shiloh shows up, and says it looks like they need help.

Chase asks Willow what he just walked in on. She says, nothing, but he says she’s shaking. She can tell him or he’ll get answers from Shiloh. She says, stay away from Shiloh. Don’t get involved. He says he already is; he got a personal invitation. He saw what happened when Michael brought up Shiloh and DOD. Whatever she couldn’t say then, tell him now. She says the only thing she has to tell him is she’s canceling the weekend. He says, there will be other weekends, but she says, no, there won’t. She can’t stay in Port Charles.

At the station, the cop from the pier says he might have brought in Ryan. Laura sees Doc, and says, it’s not Ryan. It’s her husband. She asks, what happened? and he says nothing he didn’t have coming. She tells Jordan that she’s sure it’s Doc. Jordan nods, and the cop uncuffs him. Jordan says, sorry for the mistake, but since he’s there, would he answer some questions. Laura tells him, not without a lawyer, but he says he’ll answer their questions, with or without a lawyer.

Dante and Lulu get busy. There’s a song part. I finish my sandwich.

Lulu knows Dante is still thinking about what happened. She knows he won’t be at ease until Ryan is gone, but wants him to promise not to leave her alone again. He promises, and she says they can face anything together. They kiss, and we see whip marks on Dante’s back.

Lucas suggests he hang on to Griff’s resignation until he’s sure. Griff says the letter is the only thing he’s sure about. Sonny sees them, and Griff’s bandaged hands. He asks, what happened? and tells Griff, take it easy on the heavy bag. Griff says Dr. Hoffman is an excellent neurologist, and will take care of them. Carly asks, what about him? Griff says, it was an honor to take care of Mike and to know the family. He wishes them the best. He leaves, and Carly asks if he just said goodbye. Lucas says, for now.

Griff looks back before he goes out the door. Then keeps moving.

Ava takes off her ring and hurls it into the water.  Julian arrives, and she says he’s late. He says, and she’s three sheets to the wind. She says, well stocked is well armed, or something like that. He suggests they get her home. Her phone rings. She answers, and tells Julian, there’s no one there, but then says she can hear them breathing. Ryan? Julian takes the phone, and says, come near his sister again… He tells Ava, whoever it was hung up, and holds her.

Jordan puts a recorder on the table, and says, for the record, is it true Doc knew his brother was alive, and secretly placed him in Ferncliff in order to treat him without the authorities being aware? He says he found that his brother was alive, and in deep psychosis. He admitted Ryan under the alias Todd Wilson, with the intention of treating him, while concealing his existence from the authorities. Margaux says he’s under arrest for aiding and abetting Ryan. Jordan cuffs him, and reads him his rights.

Chase asks if Willow thinks Shiloh won’t find her again. She’s not thinking straight. She says, don’t tell her that. He gets that she’s scared, but he can help. Let him. She says he doesn’t understand; he can’t help. He says she got caught up in the group, somehow got out, and changed her name. She says she can’t talk about it, and he asks why she cares so much. Just say it. Shiloh is the father of her child, isn’t he? That’s what I was thinking.

Sam introduces Brad to Shiloh. Danny informs her, it’s baby spit, and she asks him to come with her to clean up. He says he’s too big for that, and Shiloh says he’ll stay with Danny. Doesn’t she trust him? Brad says he’s there too, and Sam says of course she trusts him. Danny sits, and Shiloh introduces himself as a friend of his mom. He says they can be friends too, and they fist bump. Jason sees through the window.

On Monday, Chase tells Willow the more she tells him, the more he can her and the baby; Kristina tells Alexis the only family she can count on is her family at DOD; and Jason tells Shiloh to stay away from his son.

😪 For Me It Was At the Nurses’ Ball…

Although anytime Max Gail is on the screen, I’m prone to cry.


🗼 She’s No Lisa Vanderpump…

And if anyone deserves a million, it’s Giggy.


🚤 The Best Worst Third Stew…

Next, she’ll be saying it’s a conspiracy. While Kate and Josiah were pretty juvenile when Caroline was on her way out the door – or rather, wouldn’t go out the door – she’d been very taxing, and they had enough. There’s no shame in having a problem, but if you’re an adult, there is shame in not getting help for it.





💍 From Bad…

Can you say mismatched? Colt and Larissa were doomed from the start. Why anyone would think otherwise, I’ll never know. Included, a sneak peek of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?


👎 To the Worst…

Methinks NeNe should worry about her own karma.


🙊 Quotes of the Week

I love an inauthentic apology. Then you’re really swallowing your pride.Kate Chastain, Below Deck

Promise me you’ll always remember; you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne

A good walk in the fresh air sorts everything out. – Queen Elizabeth (Helen Mirren), The Queen

The first thing I ever remember was my mother changing me at a bus stop. I was so embarrassed. Of course, I was 14 at the time. I jest. I was probably about two years old. – Alice Cooper

Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties. – Helen Keller

Recently asked how she’s managed to live such a long and fulfilling life with minimal health issues, the 95-year-old said it boils down to always indulging in vodka and hot dogs: “Probably in that order.” – interview with Betty White

Putting a guy who’s in the closet in the closet? That’s like gay nesting dolls. – Max (Kat Dennings), 2 Broke Girls

It ain’t what you do it’s how you do it. – Leon Spinks

🌝 Calling It a Night…

Hope you’ve enjoyed your own personal Supermoon this week.




February 6, 2019 – Franco is Framed, Jennifer’s Apology Tour, Sweet Advice, Channel Your Inner Franco, After the Deck, All About Terry & Too Many


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

🎱 My apologies for attributing Maxie and Peter’s conversation to the wrong characters yesterday. Luckily, and to my embarrassment, they repeated it today. That’s what I get for trying to decipher my shorthand in the wee hours. Moving on…

At the park, Nina can’t wait to see Charlotte’s face when she sees Sasha. She asks Sasha why she reacted the way she did when Nina told her Valentin proposed, but before she can answer, Charlotte runs up to Sasha and hugs her. Valentin follows behind Charlotte, and Nina says she has her family all together.

Maxie tells Peter that Nina is crazy about Sasha, but Valentin being involved makes her nervous. Nothing is what it seems with him. Peter says, and heartbreak follows. She asks if he’s talking about in general, or something specific. Peter says, with Valentin, the ends justify the means. Maxie says, in other words, he’ll do anything to get what he wants. Peter flashes back to asking Valentin how bad it is, and if it’s so bad he’s going to lose Nina. Maxie says, the problem is, what Valentin wants most is Nina.

Obrecht works at a table in the MetroCourt. Anna, Robert, and Finn come in and sit down. Finn says after he found Cabot in the book about identifying twins, he found out he was specifically studying them. Robert says, twins raised apart. He left the university after the study, and never resurfaced. Finn says he knows exactly where Cabot is.

Elizabeth finds Franco in the art therapy room and asks if he’s okay. She wants to see his drawings. He says don’t say he didn’t warn her. She looks at them, and says, someone was in a mood. He says he can’t figure out what bothers him more. That he’s the go-to guy when something bad happens, or that he feels like he could be. Elizabeth tells him to leave that part of his past behind him.

Not-Doc asks if Lulu can see his face. The man with the knife. She can see his face now. It’s Franco. He’s the killer. Not-Doc says, good. She’s remembering. She says, Franco is the one who attacked her, right? He says, yes, it was Franco. We can tell he’s tickled with himself. He’s going to count to three, and she’s going to wake up. When she does, everything she told him will be true.

Lulu wakes up. Not-Doc asks her to tell him what she remembered. She says she saw him. She saw everything. He asks who she saw, and she says, it was Franco. She saw Franco. He says she’s safe now. Just breathe. He’s having her mother and the commissioner come in. He brings them in the room, and Laura asks if Lulu is all right. Jordan asks if she remembered, and Lulu says she did. She remembered everything. His gloves, the knife, feeling trapped. She’s seeing his face over and over. Jordan says, who’s face? and she says Franco. Franco tried to kill her.

Nina tells Valentin that she was just bragging to Sasha about how happy the three of them are. Valentin says, like family should be. Charlotte asks if Sasha likes ice skating. Nina brought skates, so they can ice skate together. Charlotte asks if poppa is skating too, but he has to meet with Willow, and pick up her schoolwork. He can’t today. Nina says that gives her more time with her beautiful girls. They leave for the skating rink.

Robert asks Finn why he didn’t say something before, but Finn says he just confirmed it. Cabot was on staff at the university in Sweden, and retired, but ARCP journals are still being sent to his last known address. He’s at home. The waitress comes to their table with champagne, compliments of… her. Obrecht turns around, and says, guten tag, freunde. Robert says they’re not her freunde. She wants to celebrate her new job. Finn says a real doctor needs a medical license. Obrecht says, Henrik… she means Peter, hired her to work at The Invader. She raises her glass.

Peter tells Maxie, Valentin is a man of many secrets; Nina is right not trust him. Maxie says, on one hand, it’s wrong to condemn him with no evidence. On the other, it’s right because he’s a liar. The only honest thing about him is how much he cares for Nina and Charlotte. If he loves her, why lie? Of course she lies sometimes too. Peter admits he does too, sometimes; everybody does. Maxie says Valentin’s lies have caused damage, but so have others. Peter says they’re both doing their best, but Valentin lies when it’s expedient. Maxie says, sooner or later, the lies might come to light. Peter says, it could be nothing, but Maxie says, it could be everything to Nina.

Maxie tells Peter that she can’t stop thinking about the horrible things Valentin might be hiding from Nina. She’s talked to Nina, but common sense and logic take a back seat when the heart has other ideas. Peter asks what choice Maxie made, and she says she chose to follow her heart.

Valentin tells Willow he’ll take Charlotte’s schoolwork and be on his way. Willow asks him to wait. Charlotte’s situation has been on her mind. Valentin says she’s doing better, and her mother is in full recovery. Willow says she brought Charlotte’s workbook, and her classmates wrote her letters. They miss her in school. Valentin says, all of them? and Willow says no one is missed by everyone. He wonders if it’s a bit of a relief not having her around.

Franco tells Elizabeth that Aiden was so happy skating; not a care in the world. Elizabeth says he was free from everything he’s going through. He had a good time with Uncle Lucas and Brad. Franco says their elaborate and flawlessly executed plan worked perfectly. She says she wanted Aiden to enjoy himself as long as possible. They kiss.

Obrecht says Anna isn’t as close to her son as she’d hoped. Anna tells her congratulations, but Obrecht says only if she means it. Anna asks if Obrecht wants her say what she means. She doesn’t understand why her son gave a job to someone who tormented and tried to kill him, or why he didn’t send her to prison. She understands Obrecht’s cruelty is caused by her grief, and they both understand about keeping their child away from the clutches of a monstrous father. Obrecht says that’s the only way they’re alike. Anna says should harm come to her son, whether or not Obrecht caused it, she’ll see Obrecht dead. Finn tells Robert to remind him not piss off Anna. Robert asks if he still needs to be reminded. Obrecht says she’s processed her grief, and has been given a second chance to be a grandmother to Nathan’s son. She’s not wasting it. Anna says she’ll be back. She wants to find out why her son has lost his mind. Robert pours the champagne.

Jordan asks Lulu to tell them what happened. Laura says she’s still shaky, but Lulu wants to purge the experience. Jordan asks if she’s ready to tell the truth exactly as she told not-Doc. She says she’s ready.

Jordan sets up a recorder. Lulu says she was working at her desk, and heard someone at the door. She went to let them in. She wasn’t alarmed, and walked back to her desk. He followed her into her office, and closed the door. They must have talked, but she can’t recall what they said. She knows he scared her. She stood up, and tried to edge past him, but he blocked her. That’s when she saw he had a knife. Jordan says she keeps referring to the killer as he. Did she recognize him or does she know who he is? Lulu says, Franco. Jordan asks if she’s sure, and she says she can see his face as if he were standing there. Franco is the man who attacked her.

Sasha and Nina watch Charlotte skate. Nina asks, where were they? and Sasha says, Valentin’s proposal. Nina thought Sasha’s reaction would be all amazing and she’d want to be maid of honor, but it seemed tepid at best. Sasha says, sorry, but Nina says, no apology needed. Sasha says when she met Valentin, he was a stranger, wanting to get his ex back, but then Nina told her about the things he’d done. Nina says she’s gotten over it; why can’t Sasha? Sasha says it’s hard for her. Nina put her heart on the line, and risked it, all on a guy who… Nina says, who what? Found Sasha and brought them together, and convinced Sasha to give her a second chance? In the past year, that guy gave Nina her child back, and when she thought she’d lose Sasha, gave her a second chance. How could she not love him?

Peter asks Maxie to clarify what she meant when she said she was opening her heart. She says she meant to him. Clear enough? He says, it’s not at all murky. She wonders, how could he miss the hint? She’s never been subtle. He says he didn’t want assume after what she’s been through. She says after what he’s done for her, he has the right to assume. He says, good to know (which has replaced for what it’s worth as the phrase of the day). They almost kiss, but Anna blows in, asking, what the hell is going on? Has Peter lost his mind?

Lulu says she was at her desk, and he was scaring her. She tried to leave, but he’s right there. She saw the knife in his hand. She’s sorry, but that’s the last thing she remembers. Jordan knows it’s hard, and she’s doing a great job. Lulu wishes she felt great. Jordan says, anything else? Does she remember how she got from her office to the MetroCourt? Lulu says she can see Franco’s face, and the knife coming at her. We flash back to that, but it’s not-Doc saying, time’s up. Lulu says she should remember him stabbing her, but that’s it. Laura asks if Jordan has enough. Jordan asks if she remembered anything else. Lulu says she’s afraid not. Not-Doc says given the nature of her reaction, he’s not sure if she’ll recall any memories beyond the initial attack. Laura thinks it’s time to do what needs to be done.

Laura asks not-Doc to stay with Lulu, while she talks to Jordan. She tells Lulu to rest; she did a great job. In the hallway, Laura asks if Jordan knows where Franco is. Jordan says he’s not scheduled to come in today. Laura says he lives with Elizabeth and her grandsons. She doesn’t want them in the crossfire. Laura calls Elizabeth. Elizabeth asks if Lulu is okay, and Laura says, she’ll be fine. She needs to talk to Elizabeth, and asks if she’s at work. Elizabeth says she’s in the art therapy room with Franco. Does Laura want to meet In Lulu’s room? Laura agrees, and tells Jordan where Franco is. Jordan is on her way.

Lulu hates this; being so fragile, but not-Doc says that’s the last word anyone would use to describe her. He wouldn’t. She says that’s kind of him. She was shaking in terror. He says she was nothing short of magnificent. He says, don’t worry. It will soon be behind her. Laura comes back, and says Jordan is on her way to arrest Franco. Lulu hopes he’s put away forever. Not-Doc says try not to let it upset her. She’s entitled to her feelings, but it’s too much like allowing Franco to victimize her all over again. Laura helps her up. Not-Doc says Franco is his patient, and he might need to talk him down. He tells Lulu, good job. Laura seconds that.

Not-Doc closes the door to his office, and takes out his locked box. He goes through the driver’s licenses, and wipes his prints from them.

Peter says Anna must have run into Obrecht. Anna says Obrecht couldn’t wait gloat, and tell her that she was working for him. It’s like Stockholm Syndrome. She wonders what possessed him, and Maxie says he did it for her. She convinced him to hire Obrecht, and as long as they’re talking openly, she talked him into dropping the charges. Anna asks, why? Didn’t Peter help deliver her baby. Peter says it’s not her fault. It was his decision. He made the decision to hire Obrecht, and knows what he’s doing. Anna says, explain it to her then.

Willow says her description of Charlotte was both objective and accurate. She was bullying Aiden. Valentin says she showed genuine remorse, and Willow saying she was cheating was upsetting. He wonders if Charlotte hadn’t been bullying Aiden, would Willow have been so quick to jump to conclusions. She made a mistake. They all do that from time to time. Willow says her job isn’t just as an instructor. She wants to help the children interact with the world, giving them the best tools possible for when they when grow up. Charlotte is strong willed and intelligent. Valentin says, wise beyond her years. Willow says, clearly, she’s had a non-traditional upbringing. She thinks Charlotte needs room to be a kid, and learn kid lessons. She needs to learn how to get along with people, even when you don’t like them.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he just texted the boys. He wants them to be part of a family baking project. He feels it’s really important to show interest in what interests Aiden. Plus there’s dessert. Elizabeth loves him. They kiss. Jordan busts in, telling Elizabeth, step away from Franco. Elizabeth asks, what’s going on? and Jordan tells Franco to keep his hands where she can see them. Elizabeth says, what’s happening? Not-Doc shows up, and tells her to do what she’s told, and no one else will get hurt. Franco tells not-Doc to let them know, whatever they think he’s done, he couldn’t possibly have done it. Not-Doc says he’s getting agitated, and Elizabeth says they’re making him that way. Jordan says, Lulu remembered, and named Franco as her attacker. Franco swears he didn’t do it. Elizabeth tells him, don’t move; she’ll call his dad. He says, fine; move aside. He doesn’t want her in danger. She says she’s not in danger from him, but he says she’s in danger from Jordan. She’s got a gun. He tells her, it will be okay. Jordan reads Franco his rights.

Obrecht says she’ll tell Finn and Robert about her new position. Finn still doesn’t care. She says it’s a medical advice column. Maybe she can interview Finn, and on the dos and don’ts of self-medication. Finn says she knows where to find him. He asks if her first article is going to be on how to be a better kidnapper. She says it’s a pity she’s not a psychologist. Robert says she’s a piece of work, and Finn can’t wait to read her column.

Sasha says Nina told her more than once that she couldn’t go back to Valentin. Nina tells Sasha, she said love didn’t make a difference, but it makes all the difference. Married or not, they can’t love each other any less. Charlotte asks if Sasha saw her axel. Sasha says she did, and Charlotte offers to teach her. Sasha says she’ll be right there, and tells Nina, if they love each other, why say no. Nina says she has a bad track record with marriage. It’s always the beginning of the end of her relationships. She was happy for the most part, but Valentin couldn’t stop keeping secrets. She doesn’t want to worry about the future. She wants to live in the moment. She wants to start believing in the two of them.

Peter tells Anna that he has no love for Obrecht, but she’s part of Maxie’s family; James’s grandmother. She’s Nathan’s mother, and he’s not taking her away from the family he has left. Anna says he’s giving Obrecht more mercy than Obrecht will ever show him. She makes him promise to be careful, and says if Obrecht tries anything, come to her. He says he doesn’t need her fighting his fights. She tells him, humor her. She needs to know he’s safe. He can’t stop her. She leaves, and Maxie says she’s sorry. She didn’t consider what it would do to him and Anna. If he wants to back out, she’ll understand. Peter says, he and Anna have things to work through. One more struggle won’t make a difference. Who knows? Maybe Obrecht will be a good medical columnist. He’s sure she’ll have interesting ideas. Maxie laughs.

Finn asks Anna how it went with Peter, but she doesn’t know. She understands, but it makes no sense. She asks where they were with Cabot. Finn says, in Sweden. Robert says someone has to infiltrate, and Finn says he can speak to the researcher. Robert says they don’t know the last time Alex saw Cabot. It’s no reflection on Anna’s capabilities, but he has practical concerns. She says she understands. They have a better chance if she’s not there. She wants them to keep her posted. Robert says he’ll go put the ball into play, and steps away. Finn says he knows Anna is staying to keep Peter safe after what Obrecht did to him. She tells Finn, be careful. He’s had his share of mad scientists and crazy people. He asks, what could possibly go wrong? She says he has Robert to watch his back. He’s looking forward to that. Anna wishes he’d stay out of danger, but at this point… He says, she has only herself to blame. She tells him, stay safe, and he kisses her.

Charlotte thinks it’s cool that they all know how to skate. She wonders if it’s inherited. Sasha says maybe there’s a skating gene. They need to celebrate themselves. They go to the MetroCourt, and Nina says she has to make a phone call. She tells them to get a table; she’ll just be a minute.

Valentin thanks Willow for looking out for Charlotte’s best interest. He’ll have her back in school very soon. Willow looks forward to it – honestly. Valentin says, in the meantime, if she needs to, she can contact him or Nina. She says, legally, the school is prevented from contacting anyone who isn’t a parent. Nina appears, and says, no problem. They’re getting married again. She’ll be Charlotte’s stepmother.

Maxie thank Peter for being open. He says, Obrecht might have useful information. She knows he’s doing it for James, so he can know his grandmother. He says that’s all the incentive he needs; James’s family. Maxie says that makes her Peter’s family too. If they find out Valentin is messing with Nina, or using her in any way, all bets are off. Peter asks if she just said, we. Maxie says it’s up to them to find out what Valentin is hiding, and to find out before Nina does.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she’ll talk to his dad. Franco tells her to say he didn’t do it, but she says Scotty already knows, like she does. She kisses him, but a cop pulls him into the elevator. Elizabeth calls Scotty, leaving a message. She tells him to get down to the PCPD as soon as he gets it. Franco is in trouble. As she’s walking, she comes face to face with Lulu and Laura. She asks if this is why Laura needed to talk to her. Laura says, Franco attacked Lulu. He could have killed her. Elizabeth says they know he didn’t. He’s not the same person. Lulu says, it was him. She’s sorry.

Not-Doc looks at more licenses. He says, oh well. His friends are gone to serve the greater good. At least he still has them. A testament to a job well done.

Tomorrow, Terry has Oscar’s latest test results, Franco says when he’s done suing the PCPD he’ll own Port Charles, and Sonny tells Margaux he doesn’t want someone getting away with it again. I forgot Margaux was on this show.

😠 I can’t even say how irritating this storyline is. I don’t know much about hypnotism, but I don’t think that’s how it works. And to have Franco be the suspected bad guy? Again? Every single one of them should know better.

💋 On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, I’m confused as to why Teresa has taken Jennifer’s side so quickly – especially since Jennifer obviously goes insane on tequila  and also why Danielle is pissed at The Marge. Teresa claimed Jennifer reminded her of her old self, so we did get to see the gift that keeps on giving – the clip of Teresa calling Danielle a prostitution whore, and flipping the table. Marge found that someone else had the same idea about the children’s hospital gowns, called Brave Gowns, and they decided to pool their resources and have a giant fashion show, the Hospital Hero Gala. BTW, Marge Sr. looks amazing after her face lift. Both Marges have been blessed with smooth necks, so it works. Nothing worse than a tight face on a wrinkly pedestal. Jennifer was embarrassed about her behavior in Cabo, and was reluctant to tell her husband. He wasn’t mad, but told her she was wrong. I say don’t go around breaking glasses unless you’re really going to use them. Not that I advocate cutting a bitch, but it just ends up looking stupid. Joe #2 told Melissa, Danielle corrupts anyone and anything she’s around. He said, Marty was a stand-up guy until she got her claws in him. She’s like the black widow of New Jersey.

Frank asked Delores if he was holding her back, and said he wouldn’t hesitate to move out if it would make her happy. She said he was her safe place, and she didn’t really know what she wanted because she was so used to doing for everyone else. Of course Frank is holding her back. Who’d want to date her with Frank hanging around? Besides the elusive David. I’m also guessing Frank still pays the bulk of the bills. They’re co-owners of the gym, but I doubt people are coming to train with her, rather than a former Mr. New Jersey.

Marge and Teresa had lunch. Teresa didn’t understand why Marge dropped Danielle as a friend, but had to admit she didn’t know everything. In her interview, Teresa said she thought they were both wrong, but said Marge gave her a lot to think about. I hope her head doesn’t explode. Marge hoped Jennifer wouldn’t cocktail it up at her charity event.

After Marge told Jackie how hard she was trying to get back together with her children, Jackie decided to call her estranged sister. Wow. Something good actually coming out of this hot mess of a show is a true miracle. The call went well, and they made plans to get together with the kids. Jackie went to Melissa’s store and told her all about it. Melissa told her about how Joe #2 belittles her business. Maybe she should ask him how the restaurant business is going. Hint: it isn’t.

Marge’s ex, Jan, brought a date to Marge’s event, who was Joe #3’s ex-wife’s best friend. Jennifer and Marge seemed to squash their beef, with Jennifer sort of apologizing to several people. She was afraid to approach Melissa, since she’d broke a glass and put it in Melissa’s face. I think the time to have been afraid was immediately after she did that. Melissa would have had every right to thump her. It was a black and white affair, and Marge looked gorgeous, as well as the décor. They used a lot of white branches, which I love. The women also had the most fantastic HUGE earrings. When Jennifer showed up in a green jumpsuit, I thought maybe the color combo was just a coincidence, although she seems like the type who wouldn’t bother with the memo. The gala was a success, and everyone cried during the kids’ speeches.

Next time, the season finale, belly dancing, Delores is moving out, Marge thinks Danielle is dangerous, and Marge pushes Marty into the pool. That dude seems like a d-bag. Or at the very least, misguided.

🏡 On Sweet Home Jennifer designed for someone who apparently has two young children, but no possessions. I’ve never seen such an empty house. Jennifer had done the interior of the house ten years prior, so it was interesting to see how her taste had changed. A good takeaway point was to keep kids’ rooms neutral to give them longevity. Like if you buy a crazy bed, the kid isn’t going to want that for long. They can personalize with things like posters and unicorn pillows. Although I’d prefer llama pillows. I also have personal experience with this issue. When I was a kid, my father worked for Ethan Allen, and I was getting wallpaper from there for my room. I was probably about twelve or thirteen, and thought this psychedelic paisley wallpaper would be great. He talked me out of it, saying I thought so when I was looking at a swatch, but a whole room of it would be busy, and I’d get tired of it. A few years later, I knew he was right. I also had a canopy bed for a hot minute before I thought it was more trouble than it was worth. I won’t even get into the white rug…

🎨 Get to Know Franco Better…

Understand art therapy.


🏊 No Surprise…

Caroline is still overwhelmed


🎸 Surprise… 

Terry Dubrow’s (Botched) brother Kevin was the lead singer for Quiet Riot.


☁ Is It Possible…

I’ll float into dreamland early? Nah.



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February 5, 2019 – Lulu Remembers What Not-Doc Wants, Jim Tells Sarah She’s Dead, the Yachties Reunite & Time to Close


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

My streak was too long and too good to be true. I missed the beginning, but nothing major ever happens in the first few minutes. So without further ado…

Not-Doc says no one else can be in the room when he hypnotizes Lulu. The patient may recover personal or private information that they don’t want to share. Jordan says everything will be confidential, but he says it’s non-negotiable. If they want to be present, he can’t perform the procedure. They can get someone else, but neither will any other therapist worth their salt.

Nina says she told Valentin that she needed a dose of her daughter, and here Sasha is. She asks how long Sasha is staying, and Sasha says a few days. She’s not complaining, but wonders if Nina is still staying at Windymere because the killer hasn’t been caught. Nina says they haven’t caught the killer, but she moved back in with Valentin and Charlotte.

At the office, Peter tells Maxie that he had the cleaning crew in, since the police signed off on it. It was grim and sad that they have a special cleaning team for crime scenes. Maxie says, it’s not easy to butter him up, and she needs another favor. She thinks a medical advice column might boost circulation. He asks who would write it, and she says that’s the out-of-the-box part. He’s going to think it’s the most outrageous idea. He says the best ones often are, and asks, who? Obrecht walks in, and says, me.

Carly tells Jason that Sam took all that time to find herself, and she’s breaking up with him? She was just torturing him – and herself. She’s calling Sam. Jason tells her Sam is just pretending so she can investigate the leader of the group Kristina is involved with, Dawn of Day. Carly asks who it is, and why do they need investigating? He says the guy’s name is Shiloh. They know he’s a con artist, but he may be worse.

Nina says Charlotte will be happy to see Sasha. They need to have another girls’ night. She thanks Valentin, and says she’s going to march Sasha in front of Obrecht, saying this is her daughter. Then she’s going to ask how Sasha is going to leave her brokenhearted and empty like Obrecht. Sasha asks who she’s talking about, and Nina says her Aunt Liesl, who’s mad because Nina won’t give her a job. She has no idea who would hire her.

Obrecht asks if Peter is opposed to hiring one of the best medical minds in the world. She gathered some questions from the internet to give him some sample responses. She’s used everyday language, and humor where it’s applicable. He can try her out, and if she boosts circulation, which she inevitably will, they can renegotiate. Maxie says medical issues are a booming topic on the internet. He says she wants him to pay a woman he hates, who tortured him? Obrecht say she was crazed with grief. Maxie says he already exonerated Obrecht, and she’d thought his attitude had softened toward her. He says he did it because she wanted Obrecht free. He doesn’t think it’s a good fit. Obrecht tells him to just read the samples. She thinks he’ll like them. She hands him the paper, and he reads.

Not-Doc says hypnosis requires complete focus, and deep relaxation. Having other people present only hinders the process. He understands Laura might not want him, and she can get another doctor, but if they allow observation, he’d question their professionalism and ethics. I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think that’s how it works. Lulu says it’s not their choice; it’s hers. She’s unhappy with how he treated her mother, but professionally, she trusts him. Jordan has another idea. She wants it recorded. Not-Doc says that’s not possible. It’s a violation of privileged information. Lulu asks if she won’t remember when she comes out. They won’t need to record it. She’ll just tell them. She wants to get started.

At the skating rink, Aiden has wiped out, but Franco says he’s fantastic. He has some smooth moves going backwards. He goes back to the rink, and Franco tells Elizabeth that he’s so happy. Almost as happy as he is. Brad and Lucas arrive with Wiley. Lucas says it looks like they all had the same idea, and Elizabeth says it’s a good day for ice skating. Lucas asks where their skates are. Franco says they’re the cheering section. Lucas says Aiden is really good. He asks if they’d mind watching Wiley. Franco says the three of them suck at subterfuge. He tells them, stop. It’s painful.

Laura tells Lulu she’ll be right outside, but Lulu says Laura is making her more nervous. She hates not being able remember. Not just who attacked her, but what she was working on. It must have something to do with the killer. We flash back to her calling not-Doc and asking about the list, and that she wants to go over the names. Lulu tells not-Doc to make sure to ask her about that. He says he wants to help her find all the answers she’s looking for.

Nina leaves to get Sasha’s room ready. Sasha says she’s so happy, and Valentin says he loves seeing her happy. Sasha says she’s incredibly endearing, and full of love. Nina makes her mother’s absence less painful. Valentin says it would destroy her to find out Sasha was only playing a part. Sasha say she always will, but he’s not in charge anymore.

In the hallway at the hospital, Jordan tells Laura, hopefully, they’ll get answers. Laura says, if Lulu remembers, what’s next? Jordan says they’ll collect the forensic details. She might send them in a direction they’re not considering. Laura asks if Lulu’s memories will be admissible in court, but Jordan says it’s a grey area. Laura asks if Jordan thinks Lulu will remember it’s Franco.

Franco asks if they think he believes it’s a coincidence. Elizabeth says she had a talk with Brad and Lucas about Aiden. Brad says it’s nice that he has a gay couple in his extended family. Franco says, and he thought Brad was the sneakiest technician at the hospital. Lucas says, a lot has changed.

Carly goes over what Jason has told her. She says, Shiloh also has a history with Drew, and now he’s dragging Kristina in, so they’re breaking up to get Sam closer? Jason says he doesn’t like it, but what it’s what she has to do. Carly asks if he thinks she’s in danger. He doesn’t think so, but wants to make sure nothing happens.

Peter says Obrecht explain things simply without sounding condescending. Maxie asks if he likes Obrecht’s writing. He does, and says with the glut of information out there, it might be nice for someone to sort through it. Maxie says, so she’s hired? and he says, on a trial basis. Maxie thanks him, and he says he can’t say no to her. The lightbulb comes on, and Obrecht says Maxie removed her ring, and is moving on. Don’t tell her that she’s moving on with Henrik? Maxie says she and Peter are friends; good friends. Obrecht says she’s having a romance with Nathan’s half-brother, who brought Nathan’s killer to Port Charles.

Not-Doc explains to Lulu that hypnosis is really self-hypnosis. The subject has to be willing. They’re neither asleep nor unconscious, and don’t do what they don’t want to. He asks if she’s comfortable, and tells her to relax. She’s in a safe, calm, and peaceful place. She can go anywhere she needs to if she wants. He tells her to close her eyes. She controls the entire experience. Listen to his voice, and let the words wash over her. He asks how she feels, and Lulu says, good. He tells her to go to the night of the attack. All she has to do is let him guide her to what really happened. Is she ready? Lulu says, yes.

Obrecht asks how Maxie can consider a possible romance with Henrik. Maxie says she’s worked out her personal issues with him, and she didn’t say it was romantic. She’s trusted him, and he’s proved himself repeatedly. He’s also James’s uncle, and James has few blood relatives on his father’s side. She’s not keeping Peter out of her life, and if she disapproves, she can find employment elsewhere. Obrecht says she wants to selflessly steer strangers back to good health, and accepts Peter’s offer. She was uncharacteristically nervous about the meeting, and needs to fortify herself. When she returns, he can show her to her office. She leaves, and Maxie says Peter will get used to her. She hugs him.

Sasha tells Valentin that they both want the same thing; to make sure Nina doesn’t get hurt. Maybe he should take a step back, so she can have a real relationship with Nina. Valentin suggests Sasha stay away from Obrecht; make excuses if she has to. Nina says Sasha’s room is ready. They have a lot of catching up to do. She asks if Valentin doesn’t have a conference call, and he says she wants to get rid of him. He gets it. She tells him that he’s the absolute best.

Brad says Aiden is looking good out there. Aiden says Wiley is bigger than he was at Christmas. Lucas says baby’s grow fast, and Brad asks if Aiden knows any kids with two mothers or two fathers. Aiden isn’t sure, but wishes he had a baby brother or sister. Franco asks if he wants to skate some more. He does, and goes back out with Brad and Lucas.

Jordan asks how Laura knew about Franco. Laura says Elizabeth is like a daughter to her, and told her about Franco being questioned. She guesses he’s the suspect. Jordan says one victim tried to reach him, and his alibis range from flawed to non-existent, but everything they have is circumstantial.

Not-Doc asks if Lulu can picture her office. Tell him everything she remembers. She says she was working. Her mom came to get her to go to the party. She was frustrated. Peter wouldn’t publish her article. It was about a potential link between Ryan Chamberlain and the serial killer. Her mom agreed with Peter, and they talked about something that troubled her about a list. A list he made. A list of Ryan’s victims. Not-Doc asks, what troubled her? She says her mom said there were nine names on his list, but the police report said Ryan killed seven, not nine. She gets agitated, and he tells her not to let her emotions cloud the truth. Her mother never mentioned nine victims. They talked about the list, but never talked about number. Lulu says, she didn’t? He says he called her, and they discussed seven victims. She says, she did? He says she remembers clearly now.

Carly thinks Jason and Sam are a great help. It’s one less worry for Sonny. Too bad he and Sam can’t be together. He tells her that he never said that. Carly says they can meet in private, and he says, that’s the plan. She tells him, enjoy sneaking around. It can be fun. Obrecht comes in, and says she’s celebrating. She wonders if she can have complementary waffles.

Peter is surprised at how well Obrecht writes. Maxie knows she’ll be on her best behavior, or she won’t be allowed to see James. He says, James is quite the motivator. He’ll keep his eyes open all the same. Maxie thinks that’s a good idea, and he thanks her for what she said about them. Nina calls, and Maxie leaves to talk to her. Peter sighs. He calls Valentin and tells him that he hired Obrecht. He can thank Maxie.

Laura tells Jordan that Elizabeth has three boys she loves dearly, and might be living with a serial killer. Jordan says Laura knows him better than her. Laura thinks he couldn’t have done it, but she’s old enough, and seen enough of the world to know nothing is impossible.

Franco wonders if maybe he and Elizabeth will have a baby. Lucas limps to the bench. He was trying to bust a move, but instead busted his butt. He says Aiden is loving it, and chatting up the crowd. He doesn’t think Aiden caught on to the gay sting operation. Elizabeth agrees, but says he’s observing them though. Franco thanks Lucas. He knows he’s not Lucas’s favorite person. Lucas says he remembers what Franco did to his sister, but he also remembers how Brad was. It’s where any of them can be. You have to look past people’s mistakes, and have faith in them changing. Brad listens in. Aiden comes back.

Not-Doc says Lulu is doing really well. Who else did she call other than him? She says she spoke with Peter. She asked him again to please run the story, but he said no. Shortly afterward, someone came to the door. She jumped when the handle rattled. Her mom insisted she lock the door. Someone was trying to get in. He asks if she was frightened, but she says, no. She went to open it, but wasn’t afraid. She went to her desk, and he followed her. He was wearing gloves, and she thought it was odd. She can see his gloves… his coat… She’s looking at him, but can’t see his face. He tells her, stop there. He promised her mother not to upset her. She asks why she can see him, but not remember his face? He tells her, calm down. They’ll get there. He’ll help her remember. He tells her, listen to his voice, and what he’s telling her. He smiles.

Nina tells Maxie that Valentin arranged a surprise visit from her daughter. Maxie says Valentin being involved makes her nervous. Nothing is ever quite what it seems with him, and heartbreak follows.  Nina asks if the heartbreak is general or specific, and if so, how?

Nina tells Sasha she’s happy to be back together with Valentin, and she has Sasha to thank. Once Nina had Sasha in her life, everything fell into place. They’re as in love as ever. In fact, he’s asked her to marry him again. Sasha says she didn’t say yes, did she?

Carly wonders why she’d give Obrecht complimentary anything. Obrecht says, common courtesy, good business sense. She’s working in the building, and can send customers Carly’s way. Carly would prefer Obrecht not mention her business. Obrecht says, her loss. Carly tells her, congratulations on her new job. She can afford to pay for her own meal. Obrecht apologizes for her lack of manners, and gives Carly her deepest condolences on the tragic loss of her grandson. She met the child’s mother briefly, poor creature. She leaves, and Carly says, that was random. Jason asks how well Carly knows her. Carly says she has very little to do with her if she can help it. She wonders how Obrecht met Nelle.

Jordan tells Laura that they have no way of knowing how long the session will take. Laura wants to be close by if Lulu remembers it’s Franco. Jordan says they could be wrong. Laura hopes so. She hopes Lulu isn’t suffering too much, reliving that night. Jordan does too. Lulu has already been through enough. Hypnotherapy is a tool that will bring them closer to safety, especially Lulu. Laura says she can’t let the killer come back to silence Lulu. Jordan says Lulu will lead them right to prison.

Aiden loves ice skating, and Franco says he’s a natural. Aiden wants Franco to skate with him, but he had fun with Brad and Lucas. He wants a snack, and Elizabeth takes out a sandwich. Aiden runs off with it, and Franco thanks her for giving him perspective. It was the perfect antidote to being questioned at the PCPD. This is what’s important – her and the boys. Everything is going to be okay.

Not-Doc asks if Lulu heard everything he said, and she says, yes. He says, it’s easier to remember when you’re calm. Is she ready to remember the face of her attacker? She’s in the office, working. There’s a rattle at the door. She opens the door. The visitor follows her in. She goes behind her desk. She’s behind her desk, but something isn’t right. He’s scaring her, and she tries to leave. Lulu says, oh my God, he has a knife! She can see him. Not-Doc asks, who is it? Franco? In her flashback, everything is the same, but it’s Franco’s face. She says, it’s Franco. Not-Doc smiles more broadly.

Tomorrow, Anna will see Obrecht dead first, Peter says Valentin will lie, Lulu says Franco tried to kill her, and Jordan arrests Franco.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Madison pushes Jeffrey to the floor, and tells him there’s a laser pointed at him, like the kind from a gun. Jeffrey sees it on the wall, and says, its fine. Madison tells him not to go to the window, and asks who’s out there? Jeffrey says, it’s just Justin, and it’s just a laser pointer. He’s looking right at him. Madison asks if he’s sure. He is, and Madison says, this kid is nuts. He tells Jeffrey not to go out there, but Jeffrey tells Madison to let him handle it. He knows ow it goes. Madison says, it’s not fine; he’s nuts. Jeffrey asks him to go upstairs and check on his dad. He goes outside.

Jeffrey asks what Justin is doing. Justin says, watching him. Jeffrey says he’s tired of this. Justin is sorry. Jeffrey knows, and tells him, go home. Justin says he misses Jeffrey. Jeffrey says his dad is there. Justin says, and that boy? Jeffrey says Justin shouldn’t have hit him. He didn’t do anything. He says, this has to stop, and Justin says, okay; he’ll stop – if Jeffrey comes home. He knows Jeffrey wants him. Jeffrey says he wants him to leave. Justin tries to kiss Jeffrey, but Jeffrey pushes him away, saying, get off of him. Justin says, I love you, and Jeffrey says, stop it. Justin says is Jeffrey isn’t in his life, he has nothing to live for. Jeffrey says he keeps saying the same thing, and he needs to leave. Justin wonders what he’d do without Jeffrey. He’s not letting Madison have him. Jeffrey says, good to know, and goes back inside.

Madison asks if Jeffrey is okay with all this; with Justin coming over. He needs a restraining order. Madison is going first thing in the morning, and thinks Jeffrey should come. Jeffrey says, okay, and asks if he can go to bed. Madison says, he’s still out there, but Jeffrey says he doesn’t care. Madison says he should. He’s calling the police. Jeffrey says, be my guest. and Madison says Jeffrey really doesn’t care about this. Jeffrey says, nope.

Candace goes to the Iron Bone. Mitch says she’s looking for him, and sits with her. She asks if they don’t like Black people there, and Mitch says, you know how these guys are. He asks what she needs, and she says she needs a lot of money. He says he has a little bit, but she’s not asking for it from him. She has it, but can’t get to it. It’s in her mother’s bank account. She sent it to Benny, and they have a joint account. Mitch asks if she’s talking about the eight million. She asks if Benny told him, but he says he just heard. He asks what she needs from him. She says her mother took Benny to the bank, and wanted to give it back to Jim Cryer, but Benny wouldn’t sign. They need two signatures, and Benny is on the fence. She thinks Mitch can convince him not to sign. Mitch says Benny is thisclose to being taken out be two different families. He needs to do the right thing: give the money back. He asks if she has any idea how dangerous Jim is. She says, he’s not, but Mitch says, he is. She says she can handle it. He tells her Benny got stabbed by Cryer. He put someone on Benny as a warning. He needs to give the money back. She says, he can handle Benny. She’ll handle Jim. She says the money will get her out of there. She’ll give him a couple hundred if she gets it. He says he’ll believe it when he sees it. She says, good. He needs a new car. He says he drives it by choice, and she says, just help her. He asks if she wants a drink, but she says not in a place where people look at her – like that, referring to a guy wearing a weird beard who’s half-glaring, half-ogling her. Candace leaves, and another guy says, what the hell? to Mitch. Uncle Vinnie doesn’t want people like her hanging out there. Mitch says, that’s Candace Young. Grandma Rose said it’s okay. The guy says, she’s hot. He wants to hit that. Mitch calls him an idiot. She would wear his ass out. The guy brags that he’s a stallion, and says Mitch does need a new car. Mitch suggests the guy buy him one.

The grits are ready. Veronica puts on oven mitts, and takes them into the bedroom. I don’t think to eat. She walks to the bed, and sets them on the nightstand. She pulls back the covers, and says, she asked him to leave. RK jumps up, and asks what the hell is she doing? She asks if he’s hungry. She made grits. He says, grits his ass. She was about to grits his ass. She’s crazy. She says, yes, and she will still grits his ass if he doesn’t leave. He says she’s lost her mind, and grabs his clothes. She tells him, don’t worry about it. She knows he stole her jewelry. He tells her, go check her maid. She wants her jewelry back by noon tomorrow. He says he has nothing of hers. She says, man, boy, they’re all the same. He tells her, he could say the same about women. She asks if he’s still there, and he says he’s a hologram. She tells him to holo his ass out of her house, and don’t come back. He leaves in a hurry, and she gets in the bed. She says, baby boy, can’t do nothin’ for her. She needs a man.

There’s a knock at Roderick’s door. It’s Kathryn, and he tells her that her car sticks out like a sore thumb. She says she won’t be there long. He he says that’s disappointing, and she tells him, cut the bull. He’s glad she called. She says he thinks she’s a fool. He wants her money. He says that’s not all he wants. He enjoys making love to her. She says his place is underwhelming, but he says, it’s cozy. She asks if he’s making money at the hotel, and he says he is. She asks if he has a drug problem, but he says, no. He has a family back home, and sends them money. She thinks that’s sweet. She asks if the prostitution ring is shut down, and he says it is. He asks if she wants a drink, and she says, sure. She watches him pour liquor into Solo cups, and says, on second thought, she’s not that thirsty. He says it’s all he has, and she says that’s sad. He says, it’s okay, but she says, it’s not. Play his cards right, she might keep him. Set him up in a nice place. Maybe a new car. She’ll take care of him. He asks what he has to do, and she says, her. He says, let’s get on with it, and kisses her, pushing her toward the bed. She doesn’t think this is going to work. He says he knows it’s not much, and she says, it’s not anything. He asks if she wants to go back to the hotel, but she says it’s getting late. She’ll call tomorrow. He’s sorry she came all this way, and there’s nothing he can do to make her happy. She says, there is, just not in this place. She asks him to walk her to her car, and asks if he’s ever seen the backseat of a $270K car. He says, only from the outside, and she tells him, he’s in for a treat. It’s probably nicer than my house.

Wyatt tells Sarah that he needs money. She tells him to calm down, and he says he needs a fix. She says she has some pain pills. She gets them, and he practically rips them out of her hand. She tells him not to take all of them, but he already did. He wants a drink. He tells her that he knows his tolerance. She doesn’t want him to die, but he says he won’t. She tells him, calm down, and he says he’s trying. There’s a knock at the door, and he goes in the bathroom. it’s George with some gigantic cops. One comes in with him. He asks if she has the bullet, and she says she has Wyatt. She knocks on the bathroom door, and Wyatt comes out. He tells George that he wants money, and get the hell out. Sarah says, arrest him. Make him testify. George asks if she thinks this will help her. She failed with the wire, and didn’t give him anything. George tells the big cop, arrest her. She tells him to take Wyatt. George say he can’t hold Wyatt. The Malones want him dead. She says, he has cocaine in his pocket. Wyatt says he doesn’t, but pulls out a small bag. He says he could have been getting high this entire time. I die laughing. He starts putting a line on the counter, and George reminds Wyatt that he’s the DA. He says, take them both, and take the drugs. Wyatt calls Sarah a bitch on his way out. She tells George, all she needs is a day. She can get him to talk. She gets close to him, and says she’ll do anything. He pushes her back, and says she has one day. One. She thanks him. I’d get the hell out of town.

Another nameless woman tells Charles that the hospital visit was good press. She gives him some briefing sheets. The President wants a meeting moved up. Charles says, okay, and she asks if there’s a female, but he says, there isn’t. She says the new First Lady usually meets with former First Lady. He says she’ll have to get his wife out of the grave, and asks if there’s an inclusion for that. She apologizes, and he tells her not to ask again. He wants a moment. Everyone leaves, but he says, not you, Landon. It’s like being called out by the teacher, and Landon looks like a naughty child. Charles punches him, knocking him down. Charles doesn’t know what that was, but wants to get one thing clear. Don’t ever try anything like that again. Not only will he have to fire Landon, he’ll eff him up, He holds out his hand, saying, olive branch, and helps Landon up. Landon is really sorry, and Charles says, about what? He’s glad he got it off his chest. He feels better. Doesn’t Landon? Landon says he does. Charles says, that will be all, and tells Landon to straighten his tie.

Veronica’s doorbell rings. She calls for Alice, who wanders out. She asks if Alice heard the door, and Alice says she did. Veronica asks if she’s going to get it, and Alice says, no. She just came to give Veronica this. She hands Veronica an envelope, and Veronica asks if she’s resigning. Alice says, no. She’s suing Veronica for a hostile work environment. Veronica asks who she’s been talking to; it’s not hostile. Alice says she has it documented. Veronica tears the papers up, and says that’s what she thinks of Alice’s lawsuit. She tells Alice, the new maid will clean it up. Alice says, the maid always knows a lot of secrets. Veronica doesn’t give a damn. Alice says it’s the ones they think don’t have the power, who are the ones who bring them down. Veronica tells her, take her power and go to unemployment. Her blind ass can’t see how to clean anything anyway. What’s really funny is how this is coming from left field. We’ve never even seen Alice until very recently, and they’d actually made it seem like she was lazy and not doing her job.

Alice leaves, and two women walk in. One is a woman from a foster care program that Veronica wanted to help, but no surprise, she doesn’t have a name. However, she introduces the other woman as Karen. Veronica asks what brings them by, and nameless lady says Karen would be perfect for Veronica’s offer. She wanted to help a girl coming out of foster care, and she thought Karen would be a good fit. She aced high school, and is studying to be a pharmacist. Karen says Veronica has a lovely home. Veronica thanks her, and says, sorry she won’t be seeing it again. The other woman wonders if she got it wrong. She thought Veronica wanted to help. Veronica says she did want to help – a Black girl, not a white girl. She wants someone who looks like her. The woman says she didn’t say that, but Veronica thinks she should have caught the hint. The woman says they don’t see race, but Veronica says, bullsh*t. Everyone does. The woman says, sorry, and Veronica says, don’t be. Just bring back a Black girl. Someone darker than her. Now take Becky, and go. Not getting the reference, Becky Karen says her name is Karen. The woman says this will disqualify Veronica for the program, and Veronica says, then it will disqualify them from her check. Not Karen says they can use the money. Veronica says, then bring her an African American girl. Goodbye, Becky Karen Becky. They leave, and Veronica wonders, what’s wrong with people? She has things to do.

Madison looks in on David, who says he’s much better. David asks where Jeffrey is. Madison thinks still sleeping. David asks how they’re getting along, and Madison says fine. David says, just fine? What is it? Madison asks if he’s met Justin. David says he has; why? Madison thinks Jeffrey is in over his head. Justin has been very threatening, David knows, and Madison asks if he knows Justin had a laser pointed at Jeffrey’s head. David says, as in a laser-sited gun? He tells Madison to get Jeffrey. Madison is concerned he’s going to let Jeffrey know what he said, but David insists he get Jeffrey. Madison leaves, and David calls Jim. He tells Jim that he needs to get a message to Benji. Jim asks if it’s for their lady friend, but David says, no. He’ll handle her himself. It’s for the punk harassing his son.

There’s a knock on Sarah’s door. They says, delivery, but it’s Jim. He says she took Wyatt from the house. She says she didn’t know he was in the car. Jim asks, where is he? but she says she doesn’t know. Jim tells her, don’t lie. She repeats she doesn’t know. He asks if the DA has him, and she says she doesn’t know. He grabs her by the throat and backs her against the wall. He asks if the DA is holding Wyatt. She says she can’t breathe, and he says he’ll ask one more time. She says, yes, and he lets her go. He asks if she knew Wyatt was in the car. He thinks she did, but she insists she didn’t. He pushes his arm against her throat, and asks how they got to Wyatt. She says she called once he got there. Jim says, it’s a shame. She’s dead. He kisses her, and says, it’s a no win situation for her; she’s dead. He leaves, and she puts her head in her hands, and cries. Seriously. Leave. Now.

Hanna wakes Benny. She has breakfast going; his favorites. He says he had to get stabbed for her to cook something for him. He asks if she really likes this dude, and she says she does. He doesn’t. Benny says he needs to leave her alone, and Hanna says Benny needs to hush. The doorbell rings, and Benny says, if it’s him, tell him go home.

Hanna goes to the door. It’s Mitch. He asks if Benny is up. Hanna asks if Mitch’s family is still after Benny. Mitch says, no. He talked to them, and they took the money. He goes upstairs.

Mitch asks how Benny is doing. Benny says, like hell, and Mitch says he looks like hell. Benny says, screw you, and asks if Mitch’s family took the money. Mitch says, yeah, and Benny asks why they came after him like that. Mitch told him it wasn’t them. Benny asks, who was it? and Mitch says he did some poking around. Can he ask Benny about something? Does he have a little money from Cryer? Benny asks what Mitch knows about it, and Mitch says, he heard about eight million through his family ties. They heard he had it. That’s what happened. Cryer put somebody on him. It wasn’t Mitch’s family. Jim Cryer had someone stab him as a warning. He wants the money back. Hanna appears, and asks what Mitch just said. Mitch looks seriously panicked.

Next time, Hanna says she’ll take care of Jim, Jim is sick of George, Charles asks if Landon is attracted to him, and David wants Justin to understand the cost of harassing his son.

Below Deck – Reunion

This is still in cheap reunion territory – at the Clubhouse, and only one part. Andy says hello to everyone. Chandler and Caroline are absent. He asks who kept in touch. Ashton and Ross are still having a bromance. Ross’s arrest is brought up. He says it was a big misunderstanding, and Andy says, it always is. He asks if Krystal was the worst charter guest of the season. Kate says, of her life. We find out that Ross went out with Krystal, and it’s benefits without friends. He claims she’s not married.

Kate’s stew situation is discussed, and we flash back to her being thrilled with Josiah, things going south with Caroline, and the conflict with Laura. Everyone is laughing. Except Captain Lee. A viewer asks what the deck crew’s thoughts were about Caroline. Rhylee says she was distraught all day, every day. Ashton says she wasn’t coping. Andy says he spoke to her, and she said there was a pattern of stews not getting along with Kate. A viewer asks if Captain Lee thinks the complaints about Kate have merit, but he says the only ones who complain are the ones who don’t want to do their job. He has no sympathy. Laura says she felt bad for Caroline. She wasn’t there, so she doesn’t know how it went down, but doesn’t think she was treated fairly. Kate says they were nice to her at first, but they got frustrated. In a tweet, Caroline says, when Kate and Josiah blasted music outside her door, what was shown wasn’t remotely close to what happened. Kate says, Caroline has a flair for the dramatic. She’s intelligent, and is good at playing the victim. Andy plays an extended clip with unseen footage, where Kate and Josiah are talking about Caroline, loudly, outside of her room. Andy says, it’s kind of mean. Kate agrees, but says Caroline lied, and she was the bully. Kate doesn’t think she started it. Captain Lee says he was uncomfortable when he saw the show, but realized it was an ongoing thing that Caroline didn’t pull her weight. Andy asks if Kate and Josiah regret anything. Josiah says, it was in the moment, and they were angry. Kate felt like a hostage. Caroline was doing what she wanted. Ashton thinks they had to be pushed to be that nasty. Andy says they didn’t want to be mean girls, but ended up being mean girls. Josiah says Caroline lied about how horrible everyone was. A viewer points out Josiah said he was bullied when he was younger. Josiah says it made him stronger, and they liked Caroline, but she wasn’t doing her job. Another viewer asks if Captain Lee felt validated in questioning Kate. He says he could have handled it better, but he didn’t have all the information. Kate says she didn’t like at the time, but feels glad about it now, because it shows he’s fair. She wishes all three of them had all been in the wheelhouse, so there was no confusion.

A viewer asks why Laura came in hot with a superior attitude. Laura say she didn’t think she had an attitude, but recognized it after seeing the show. It wasn’t her intention, which is why she’s sad about it. She says everyone has their breaking point, but Captain Lee says he would have fired her on the spot. Kate says she was bewildered. Laura said she was a chief stew on a vessel the same size, and Laura was doing the one thing she shouldn’t be, screaming at Kate in front of the guests. It was almost amusing. Almost. Captain Lee says the worst thing was Laura asking how dare Kate go back and check her work. Laura says she was angry and in hysterics. She was backed into a corner. Kate says Laura cornered her. Laura tells her, don’t act innocent. There were things leading up to it; she had a reason she felt pushed. They weren’t nice from the beginning. Andy asks what advice Laura would give Kate. Laura says, kindness goes a long way. She thinks Kate has been doing this for so long, she doesn’t put up with stupid mistakes. She needs to try and look at it from the other person’s point-of-view. Kate says she’s as kind as she can be with the time she’s given. They both say they would work together again.

Andy says, Adrian’s behavior left a bad taste in other crew member’s mouths. We see clips of Adrian’s a-hole moments. A viewer says, since Adrian is an undercover jerk, why didn’t anyone say anything? Kate says, he’s from St. Martin, and it’s very different. Whatever that means. Are kids raised by wolves there? Josiah says Laura was telling him just be wary, and Adrian appreciates that. He feels apologetic, and says he misread the situation. He’s sorry they didn’t show other parts of his and Laura’s relationship. Ross thinks Laura should have said something earlier, but it’s close quarters on the boat. Andy says the chef is technically her boss, but it’s a unique workplace. A viewer asks why Laura didn’t deal with Adrian by going to Kate. Kate says if she’d been aware of it, she would have told him, Laura is freaked out, and to knock it off.

Next, we see the screw up that was Chandler, who didn’t even know port from starboard. I don’t either, but I don’t have to for my job. Andy asks what was the problem. Captain Lee says, he was overwhelmed. He had a lot going on, plus the cameras. He isn’t sure why, since Chandler seemed like he had the necessary tools. Ross thinks he had the skills, but lacked managing skills. Andy wonders how much filming had to do with it, and Ross says it was a big part. Rhylee says she was relieved when he was gone. He treated her poorly. She didn’t jump for joy that he was gone. She thought he’d just be demoted. Ashton says, somebody was needed, and he wasn’t surprised. Andy asks Ross if Chandler deserved to be fired. Ross says he wasn’t performing as required; there were too many mistakes. They agree he was a good guy, and Josiah thinks he just wasn’t used to it. A viewer asks what was it about Chandler that Rhylee hated. She says she didn’t hate him, but hated how he treated her from the get-go. It set her tone of behavior. She was being dismissed by the deck crew; Chandler most of all. He didn’t want to manage her. Andy asks if she thinks it’s because she’s a woman, and she says she never cried woman. She doesn’t know, but he was very quick to blame her for everything. She’s not soft spoken – they all laugh – sometimes to her detriment, but she won’t let anyone walk on her. She thinks she didn’t handle it, but Chandler couldn’t be bothered with anything with her. She didn’t care if he was her boss or not. Josiah thinks it was her strong personality. It’s rare to see a female deckhand, and there are preconceptions. Chandler wasn’t used to having a strong woman around.

Andy says, Rhylee wanted her voice heard all season. We see clips of her, mostly being loud. Andy asks if she has regrets. She says she’s reactionary, and when she’s upset, you know it. A viewer asks if Captain Lee regrets not firing Rhylee, but he says, no. He doesn’t regret keeping her, and he’s glad she made it to the end. Chandler’s method of handling the situation was being a condescending pr*ck. He says, for the most part, Ross could have been firmer and more up front. Engaging when someone is volatile isn’t wise. Rhylee says her issues with them were different. Ross was an amazing bosun and person. They were able to fix their issues. She felt it was more miscommunication, and was apologetic about being reactionary. Ross thought he couldn’t win at times. Andy gets a viewer’s text, asking how much sexual tension was there between Chandler and Rhylee. None. Were they watching? Rhylee asks if they’re effing kidding her. None at all. She was never attracted to Chandler. Andy says everyone had a problem with her, and she says every one of them, except Chandler, had a problem with her, but came to her for lovin’. She chalked it up to them drinking, and being man and woman, and wanting to hash it out sexually. Andy says hook-ups are common on boats, and it doesn’t matter if they’re your superior. Rhylee knew Ross didn’t want to be with her, and she didn’t want to just hook up.

Andy tells us, more than waves had the crew’s bunks rockin’. We take a look at the romances on board this season. Andy asks everyone’s status. Ashton and Laura are dear friends; Tyler and Rhylee, ditto, but I’m thinking, not so much. Andy says there were conflicting reports about the crow’s nest, bur Ashton says there was no sex for him this season. However, he did get together at the end. Laura seems embarrassed about it. We find out Ross tried kiss Kate, but Kate doesn’t think he knew it was her. Ross also hooked up with Hannah (Below Deck Mediterranean). He believes so anyway. WTF? How drunk was he? We see a clip of Tyler griping that it’s a turn-off for someone to worm their way into his life. Andy asks how Rhylee felt when she saw what Tyler said. She says she thought he was a d*ck when he said that. She wasn’t writing his name on her notebook. He says he felt it was his idea. Rhylee says they also feel the pressure of crew, who run them through the gauntlet of truth, asking if they liked each other. Kate says she didn’t think Tyler handled it gentlemanly. A viewer asks if Ashton thought Adrian was competition in pursuing Laura. Ashton says he and Adrian had a good relationship, and were honest with one another. Andy asks if Adrian is still in an open relationship, and he says, no, but I don’t catch if they’re no longer together or really together.

Andy asks for their biggest regret this season and what they’re doing now. Adrian regrets that he wasn’t as mindful of other’s feelings as he should have been, and is working as a private chef for a couple in New York. Tyler has no regrets. Of course not. Because he has the sensitivity of a potato. Who cares what he’s doing? Rhylee regrets how she spoke to her superiors, and has been working on several boats. Josiah regrets the way he handled Caroline’s exit, and has been traveling. Kate dittos that regret, and says she opened up a non-profit store in her hometown. Nice of Andy to speed that along, and she doesn’t even get to give us the name. Kate says she regrets how she handled her situation with Kate, and is living in Toronto, instructing yoga. Ashton regrets his accident, but he’s grateful to be alive. He’s working for a family in Atlanta, doing security, being a trainer, and managing the estate. Ross regrets trying to kiss Rhylee. He’s in Florida, probably getting black-out drunk, and Captain Lee regrets the way he handled the situation with Kate and Caroline. He’s still running boats.

Andy says the scariest moment in Below Deck history was Ashton’s accident. Andy has a surprise. It’s Brent, the camera man who saved Ashton. They hug and everybody gets teary. Brent sits. It’s the first time they’ve seen each other since the show wrapped. Ashton calls Brent his real life hero, and hopes he does Brant proud. He wants Brent to say, thank God he saved Ashton’s life. Look at what he’s doing with himself. Wow. That’s a beautiful goal. Brent says it wasn’t just him. Rhylee made the first call, and Captain Lee got the boat out of gear. Ross untied the lines. Andy says Brent was just there to shoot the show, and at some point he made the call to put his camera down. Brent says he noticed where everyone was, and saw Ashton go in the water. He joined the others to access the situation, and they went through several possibilities. He realized the solution, got Aston off the lines, and started shooting again. Ashton was under water, struggling for about twenty-five seconds. Ashton says he mentally prepare for his foot being ripped off. That was the force around his ankle. Two seconds longer, and he would have lost his foot. Brent says every time he tells the story, he gets anxious. Captain Lee says if Rhylee hadn’t said man overboard, it would have been over. He’s been in yachting for thirty-five years, and this ranks at the top of accidents. It’s never happened before, and hopefully never again. Captain Lee shakes Brent’s hand, and they bro hug. Ashton says the do a dangerous job, but get complacent. It’s a massive wake-up call. Andy says Brent prefers being behind the scenes. It wasn’t his first choice to be there, but they begged him.

He thanks everyone for the season and we’re out. Geez, not even a farewell shot. I think we can do better than this. <sniff> I’ll miss Kate and the captain.

🌇 It’s Late…

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