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June 27, 2020 – A Rewedding For JaSam, Here’s Johnny, Double the Franco, Soap Starts, Sad News, Brittany’s Mom, TV Wedding, Gus Hosts, Looking Back, Musical Stream, Six Hardy Quotes & Educated


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Survey says, today’s GH Flashback is from September 22nd, 2011.

Dante (who practically looked like an infant) proposed to old Lulu. At first, I didn’t realize it was Lulu, and for a moment, wondered who else Dante proposed to. James Franco playing Franco (which is endlessly amusing to me) spied on Maxie and Spinelli in the park, as they planned Sam and Jason’s wedding. Maxie said everything could be fixed with a few clicks on the Jackal’s computer board. Jason showed up at Sam’s while she was trying on her dress, and said he’d broken the rule by seeing her in it. She said there were so many rules, she didn’t think she could go through with it. At the hospital, Robin told Patrick they had a mandatory engagement tomorrow – Sam and Jason’s wedding – but Patrick said they weren’t going.

Sam said it wasn’t that she didn’t want to marry Jason, but he’d just gotten out of the hospital. She wanted to dance right then and there with him, even though he hated dancing, but there was a knock at the door. Dante told Lulu that he was a work in progress (ugh), but he was still a good investment, and he wanted them to invest in each other and share a future. Being with her made him feel like being a better man. Lulu said he’d gone from it being over to shut up and marry me without a break, and she needed to breathe and think. Johnny (Zacchara) asked his father Anthony (Bruce Weitz) what he had on Tracy, but Anthony said, a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell. After Anthony left, Johnny got on the phone with henchman Cole, and said he had a job for him.

Robin told Patrick that they’d gotten married partly because of Jason, and she was still Jason’s friend. Patrick didn’t want her risking her life being around Sonny, but she said she’d go alone. A courier picked up Sam’s dress because Maxie didn’t trust her with it, and Sam told Jason, the wedding was out of control. Jason suggested she just say no to Maxie, but Sam didn’t want to hurt Maxie’s feelings. She told him, besides Maxie, everyone had their own ideas for the wedding, including Spinelli, her mom, and her sisters. She didn’t even know what kind of flowers or reception they were going to have, but guaranteed it would be over-the-top. She said she didn’t need flowers, a ceremony, or the complications that came with it. Jason told her to forget what everybody else wanted, and focus on what they wanted. All that mattered was that they loved each other. Sam said she had a rock Molly had given her to keep her grounded, and a love nut; what else did she need? Jason took her hand, and said, come on.

Jason and Sam got on his bike, and ended up at a closed Chinese restaurant. The owner Mr. Li and his grandson Robert let them in anyway, and they confessed they were running from their wedding. Lulu went to see a too skinny Maxie at Crimson for advice, while Dante went to see Lucky (the Jonathan Jackson version). He told Lucky about proposing to Lulu, and how she was hesitant. Lucky asked if Dante was sure he wanted be part of this family. Sam explained to Robert that her head was spinning; she didn’t even know if she wanted roses or lilies. Robert’s grandmother Mrs. Yi (who only spoke Chinese, so Robert had to translate) said lilies should be her flower, since they represented unity in spirit and 100 years of love.  She and her husband were halfway there, having been married 50 years. Sam said their problem wasn’t commitment, but the ceremony, and Jason said if it was up to him, he’d marry Sam right there. Robert said they could do that, since he was ordained. Jason pulled out the marriage license that he just happened to have with him. Mrs. Yi said fate had brought them there, and Sam agreed.

Dante pumped Lucky for insight into Lulu, but Lucky said the Spencers were an unpredictable bunch. He told Dante not to play it safe and run from his feelings. They should love the people they were given in life while they had the chance. Anthony went to the hospital where Lisa was in a coma. (Lisa had injected herself with drain cleaner during a struggle with Patrick in June 2011.) Anthony told the doctor that he had power of attorney, and gave the hospital a lot of money. He hoped his generosity counted for something. He gave the doctor a check, and even though the doctor said the protocol was still in the early stages, and thought Anthony should get a second opinion, Anthony said he trusted the doctor, and to shoot her up. Patrick told Robin that she should respect his feelings toward Sonny, the same way he respected hers for Jason. Robin suggested they go to the wedding and get a hotel room for the night, making it a second honeymoon. Patrick said she was playing dirty, but agreed, and told her that they couldn’t let anyone come between them. Johnny got together with Cole, and told Cole to offload a boat containing drugs at the harbor. He was going to put them in Sonny’s coffee warehouse, and then give an anonymous tip to the cops. Cole worried that Sonny would figure out it was Johnny, but Johnny said there would be no proof; just make sure the drugs were unloaded. When Sonny was toasting the happy couple, Johnny would be taking him down.

At the restaurant, Robert took Sam and Jason to the back terrace, where it was romantic and lit by Chinese lanterns. Mrs. Li said something to Sam, and Robert said, loosely translated, it was that Sam’s shoes rocked. (Maxie had meant to send Sam a pair of blue shoes, but a pair of leopard boots had come instead, which Sam insisted on wearing.) Robert said Jason stood under the symbol of the dragon, and Sam stood under the symbol of the phoenix, and the union of the dragon and phoenix symbolized the union of the bride and groom. The dragon stood for strength; he scared away evil spirits, protected the innocent, and blessed the house with safety. The phoenix was the goddess of winged creatures, and brought luck, success, and prosperity, turning bad luck to good. Together, they were the ultimate sides of yin and yang, male and female, strength and beauty. Alone, they brought happiness, but together brought double happiness. Jason had his grandmother’s ring that she had worn for over 50 years. His grandfather had given it to him to give to Sam. Sam had a ring that had belonged to Jason’s father, who wanted him to have it. His parents had a love that lasted a lifetime, and so would theirs. They exchanged rings, and said their vows. Mrs. Li gave them glasses of red wine, and they drank it, doing that twisty thing with their arms. Robert said red was the color of happiness, and tonight, they were joined in happiness. Drinking the wine and honey would make life sweet and rich. From that moment forward, they were one world; earth, water, air, and fire together for all eternity. He pronounced them husband and wife. I’m not big with the romance stuff, but this was actually kind of cool.

Spinelli managed to find some wedding music for Maxie. Dante told Lucky that the moment he met Lulu, he was hooked; there was no one else like her. Lucky suggested he be patient, and let her get used to the idea. Johnny told Cole that his father knew nothing about what was going on, and while Sonny was distracted, it was perfect time to make a move. Unbeknownst to Johnny, Anthony was listening in. Sam gave Mrs. Li her leopard boots, which Mrs. Li said were too cool to refuse, and wondered what they were going to tell Maxie.

Johnny said everything was going down tomorrow night. Jason told Sam they would tell Maxie tomorrow night, and they kissed. Franco set up some Tinker Toys on the statues at the church, and said, see you tomorrow. Okay, they were really cameras, but they looked like Tinker Toys.

💣 Johnny Got His Gun…

I barely remember him, so here’s a refresh.


🎨 He Was a Busy Guy…

All about Franco, going back to when he was James Franco.


🧼 Someday My Soaps Will Come…

According to Soap Opera Digest, Young & Restless will resume taping on July 6th, and Bold & Beautiful has already begun production. No word on GH yet.


😥 She Can’t Catch a Break…

Poor Scheana. 2020 hasn’t treated a lot of people well.


🏥 I Just Know It’s Jax’s Fault…

Because he’s the worst human being on earth, and all of the world’s ills lead to him.


💒 Andy Officiates…

Because we’re starved for entertainment.


📺 Better Call Gus…

Along with some fun TV programming, AMC is releasing a new digital docuseries.



🧛‍♂️ He’s Ba-a-ack…

You can’t keep a good vampire down.


🎧 Early Aughts Interviews…

A trip down Memory Lane with entertainers from the early 00’s.


🎸 Just Sayin’…

Isn’t it funny how The Dixie Chicks are suddenly switching their name to The Chicks to disassociate themselves from racism, but it’s five seconds before they release their first album in a zillion years? Must just be a coincidence.

💖 I Heart Tyler…

But you knew that.


🎶 You Can’t Stop the Beat…

Some live streams coming up. The 13th Annual Roots Picnic Virtual Experience (today – June 27th) looks good.


🦜 Quotes of the Week

That’s the trouble with your whole MTV, microwave dinner generation. You want it all now. You think you deserve it just because you want it? It doesn’t work like that. You have to earn it, you have to take it, you have to make it yours. but before you do that, Guy, you need to decide what it is you really want. – Buddy (Kevin Spacey), Swimming with Sharks

Life is painful and messed up. It gets complicated at the worst of times, and sometimes you have no idea where to go or what to do. Lots of times people just let themselves get lost, dropping into a wide open, huge abyss. But that’s why we have to keep trying. We have to push through all that hurts us, work past all our memories that are haunting us. Sometimes the things that hurt us are the things that make us strongest. A life without experience, in my opinion, is no life at all. And that’s why I tell everyone that, even when it hurts, never stop yourself from living. – Alysha Speer

The most fundamental aggression to ourselves, the most fundamental harm we can do to ourselves, is to remain ignorant by not having the courage and the respect to look at ourselves honestly and gently.Pema Chödrön

Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground. Let their spirit ignite a fire within you to leave this world better than when you found it. – Wilferd Peterson

Take wrong turns. Talk to strangers. Open unmarked doors. And if you see a group of people in a field, go find out what they are doing. Do things without always knowing how they’ll turn out. You’re curious and smart and bored, and all you see is the choice between working hard and slacking off. There are so many adventures that you miss because you’re waiting to think of a plan. To find them, look for tiny interesting choices. And remember that you are always making up the future as you go!Randall Munroe

The four hardest tasks on earth are neither physical nor intellectual feats, but spiritual ones: To return love for hate; to include the excluded; to forgive without apology, and to be able to say, I was wrong.Author Unknown

📰 Searching and Researching…

Sometimes when you’re writing about something, it turns into something else. Like what happened with that journalist in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. In working on a piece about what’s going on in the entertainment world, i.e. apologies and cancelations, I’ve learned a great deal. Not about myself – I have that one pretty much down – but about other perspectives. Woken long ago, my horizons are broadening. Coming soon, but for today, stay safe, stay engaged, and stay open to changing direction.

March 1, 2020 – Beta Gets Inside, Time Change, Reza’s Gig In Vegas, Dead Days, Leap Facts, Domestic Gus & Over Already


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Beta enters an RV. Two Whisperers remove a chair, and open a secret door in the floor. Beta drops down. He lights a lantern, and goes through a tunnel.

Baby Coco stirs, and Rosita gets up. She goes to get the baby’s blanket, and I gasp out loud. When she turns back, Beta is standing over the crib. Beta raises a knife, and plunges it downward. Rosita wakes up.

The gate at Alexandria parts. Gamma is standing there, surrounded by armed guards. She removes her mask, and says she’s the one who knows Aaron. Gabriel says they know who she is. She says, they’re in trouble. They’re trapped in a cave where Alpha placed the horde. They might have gotten out; she doesn’t know. Gabriel says she told them it was in a field, and she says, Alpha moved it. He says, the whole thing? Right before their group got there? Gamma says she’s just telling them what happened. She’s trying to help. Rosita asks, why? and Gamma says, the baby that the Whisperers left at Hilltop is her nephew. Gabriel asks where the baby’s mother is, and Gamma flashes back to pushing her sister into the zombies. She says, dead. Gabriel looks at Rosita, and asks Gamma, if they give her a map, can she show them where the cave is? She says she can, and the guards lower their pokey sticks. Gamma moves toward the gate, and Rosita punches her in the face, saying, she’s a liar.

Daryl hides in a crevasse, and sees Alpha. She takes an arrow out of the head of a zombie, and moves on. Daryl follows behind. Holding a knife. Another Whisperer comes out of a cave. They lead a group of zombies out.

Gamma wakes in the cell. Rosita says she’s not the first one, and Gamma asks if Rosita killed the last one. Gabriel says, he did. Rosita says they were sent to spy on them, and killed her baby’s father two days ago. Gamma says she doesn’t know anything about that, and Gabriel says it’s amazing how much she says she doesn’t know. He’ll lay it out for her. She’s working hard to convince them that she’s different from the ones who lie, walk with the dead, and eat worms. She says, what if she can’t? and Rosita says, then she’ll die. No second chance. Gabriel says, by the way, she’s the third one. Gamma says she’s telling the truth, and Gabriel says, this isn’t for show. He’s a servant of God. He’s heard many confessions, and he can tell she’s holding back. Outside the gate, her story was that she’s the baby’s aunt. Gamma says, it’s not a story, and he says it tugs at the heartstrings, but she’s hiding something. That makes the whole thing a lie. She says, ask God if she’s lying, and he says God told him to hang her. Gamma says she killed her sister. She killed her sister for Alpha. Alpha didn’t even have to ask; she just did it. Does he believe her now? Gabriel says, get her a map.

Alpha and two other Whisperers continue with a small zombie group. A zombie gets shot with an arrow, and the Whisperers split from the group. Daryl fights with Alpha, but gets cut, and there’s blood in his eyes. He can barely see, but gets her back down anyway. He asks where they are, as the zombies come closer. He slaughters a few, but Alpha grabs her knife from where it fell, and stabs Daryl in the leg. Daryl still can see a little, but everything is red, and he struggles.

Gabriel says, fourteen miles inland. He asks if there are any other ways in or out, and Gamma isn’t sure, but says they’ll be guarded. Rosita says, what about the border? It’s guarded all the way, but Gamma says, it’s too long for Alpha to defend. Most of the patrols are near the cave. Gabriel tells someone to take Gamma back to her cell.  When she’s gone, Gabriel tells the others that they’ll get two rescue parties together. Rosita says they don’t know if the information is real. Scott asks Gabriel if he’s sure Gamma’s not lying. Gabriel says he is and he does know. They’re hesitating because they’re afraid, and they shouldn’t be. Scott asks, why? and Gabriel says he brought her in so they could see the Whisperers are cowards. They broke her completely, and they can break others. Keep them alive. Pull their teeth, and take their fingers; get more information. The more pain and fury they pour on the Whisperers, the sooner they’ll drop their act. Which is what it is.

Alpha follows Daryl to a gas station, carrying a shotgun, and is obviously hurt. A knife sticks out of Daryl’s leg, as he grabs for things on the table above him. He gets a metal bar. Alpha comes closer, but then sits down. She bangs on a pipe with the gun. Zombies start to come.

Gabriel arms himself, and Rosita does the same. He asks if she’s okay, saying, she seemed off in the meeting. He suggests she stay and work defense at the gate. The smart thing would be for her to sit this one out. She tells him, don’t worry; she won’t freeze. She’s good. He should worry about his sh*t. It’s erratic. It seems like he’s itching for a fight. He says, so what if he is? and Rosita says, she doesn’t want… He says he knows, and she says she’ll see him out there.

Judith talks to Gamma through the cell window, asking what her name is. Gamma says, no one has asked since she got there. It’s Mary. Judith asks where she was before the Whisperers, and Mary says she’s from Santa Monica; it’s in California. Her parents’ names were John and Alice. She went to school… She doesn’t remember. She tells Judith, Alpha has a way of making you forget. Judith says, she really doesn’t remember anything? and Mary says, echoes of left feelings. Her life was ordinary; that much she knows. When it all went down, she and her sister kept making bad decisions. They needed someone to make decisions for them. Then they met Alpha. Judith says they met the wrong person first. If they’d met her mom and dad, she wouldn’t be in the cell. Mary doesn’t look like a monster to her. Rosita calls to Judith, who says, bye. Rosita looks at Mary.

Alpha continues to bang on the pipe, and zombies continue to move toward the sound. They walk past her, except for one, who makes close-up and personal zombie noises in her face. Daryl kicks a fire extinguisher down from the wall, and whacks a couple of heads with it. He tussles with a zombie, and ends up pulling the knife out of his leg. He stabs the zombie in the head, but now he’s bleeding like a stuck pig.

The groups get ready to go out. Gabriel hears over the radio that a herd is headed for Alexandria, and makes the decision for Laura and Rosita to stay back. He and Scott will each take a squad, and break up the herd. He tells Rosita that he’s not speaking for her, but she admits it could get them both killed, and says, it’s better this way. He kisses her goodbye, and says he’ll see her soon.

A zombie rises out of the earth from a grave inside Alexandria. Oh wait, it’s Beta, that crazy kid. He brandishes a knife in both hands.

Inside a house, two guys talk about the Whisperers being a joke, and get ready to go out. Beta gets inside, and screams come from the house. Beta kneels on the floor, as a guy crawls away from him.

On the radio, Gabriel asks, what the hell happened? They saw nothing coming? Rosita says, nothing. Scott wonders, what the hell is going on? Beta kneels in the middle of carnage, bodies surrounding him. Gabriel says most of them are out there. There’s hardly anyone back home.    

The dead start to come to life around Beta. Outside, Rosita leads a group through the street, and sees zombies coming. She radios Gabriel, saying, they’re here, and runs toward the zombies with the group. Beta goes to the cell, and unlocks it. Mary says, it isn’t what she said. She lied. Beta says, these are not her people, and Mary repeats, she lied. He says, she is your Alpha, and opens the door. He says she was dead the moment she came to them. Step toward him. He holds out his hand, and she says, why? He says, she wants you. She said death would be painless, but if you fight, it will not be. Step toward him. She stays where she is, and says all Alpha wants is her in pain. He’s lying for her. Again he says, step toward him. Mary moves forward, and says she’s not afraid of him. He says, yes, she is. Beta feels a blade at his back, and Laura stands behind him holding some kind of battle ax. She tells Mary, get help, and Mary runs out. Beta grabs the ax, and they struggle, but Laura jumps on him. Outside, Mary yells for help, and hears a voice says, up here. Laura and Beta fight, but he knocks her out. He stomps out to the street.

He goes inside house, and quietly walks upstairs. He looks around, slipping into a bedroom and out again. He sees a closed door, opens it, and a shot in the chest blows him back. It’s our girl Judith. She and Mary run, but Mary lingers, and Beta grabs her ankle, tripping her. Beta gets up, and we see his wearing some kind of chest plate. Rosita says, hey, and he turns. He has a huge chef’s knife, and rushes her, but Rosita slugs him in the gut with a bat. They struggle, and he gets Rosita down. Mary tells him, stop. Alpha wants her alive. She holds a knife to her own throat, and tells Beta, step toward her. Nice move.

Beta and Mary walk down the road. Beta says, you will fall. You will rise. You will walk with your sister again. Gabriel and his squad are suddenly in front of them. Mary hits the ground, shots are fired, and Beta jets. The group points their guns at Mary, and she says she didn’t betray them. He was going to… please. She’s telling the truth. Gabriel looks at her, and puts his gun up on his shoulder.

Alpha takes off her mask. She asks Daryl if he can see beyond the darkness to the light, but he says no. She says she’s teeming with joy. She sees the ones who brought her around them. She says, thank you for making me strong. They made her, and her daughter. Daryl says she lost her daughter. Alpha drove her away because she didn’t love her. She asks what he said, and moves toward him, saying, she’s all ears. She stumbles and falls, and crawls along the floor. She lies there a moment, and sees a blurry Lydia. Lydia takes her hand, and Alpha asks if she’s really there. Lydia says, yes, mama, and Alpha says, don’t call her that; Lydia knows better. She came home. Alpha says, I am you, and you are me, Lydia. She starts to sing, Lydia, the Tattooed Lady. She puts a knife in Lydia’s hand, and covers it with her own. She says she wants to make sure Lydia is ready, but Lydia says she can’t. She didn’t come for Alpha, but the others. They’re not perfect; just human. It’s all she ever wanted, and what Alpha never gave her. She touches Alpha’s face, and Alpha says she wants Lydia to stay.

Alpha opens her eyes. Lydia is gone. Alpha gets up, obviously in pain. She limps toward where Daryl was, but Daryl is gone. The knife is stuck in the table, with the words, your way is not the only way, carved next to it. Alpha laughs.

Gabriel walks with Scott and points to where Beta gained entry, saying, this was Dante.  Scott says, the Whisperers sealed whole sections. Aaron returns, and Gabriel and Scott hug him. He says he’s all right, and Gabriel asks, what happened? Where are the others? Aaron says, they got separated, but most of them got out. Scott says, most of them? and Aaron says, not everyone.

Rosita sits in a wagon, and Gabriel asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want to take Coco. It’s a short trip. She says she wants Coco safe, and she’s safe with him. A little caravan gets ready, and Aaron lifts Judith into one of the wagons. Mary sits with Rosita, and Rosita formally introduces herself. They shake hands, and the caravan heads out.

Daryl comes to, leaning against a tree in the woods. Lydia tells him, easy. He asks how long he was asleep, and she says, most of the day. He says, she was just out there watching him? She says, and watching them. Deciding. He says, deciding what? Did she kill Alpha? Lydia says, if it was Daryl’s father, could he?

Alpha lies on her back, holding the knife. She says she’s no longer weak. She’s stronger than ever. The horde will consume them. Their screams will be songs to her. A couple of Whisperers help her up, and she says, bathed in blood; we are free. We love no one; we are free. We hear nothing; we are free. We are the end of the world.

Next time, Lydia says her mother coming, and everyone gets ready for a fight.

💥 News Flash: Starting this Friday – March 6th – the Shahs will be moving to Fridays at 9 pm.

Shahs of Sunset

Reza says he needs a new shoe closet, and Adam says he wants to convert the garage to a big closet. Reza is like, thanks but no thanks. He has a promotional gig in Las Vegas coming up, and says he has to kill it at Sally Beauty Supply with his haircare products. If he doesn’t, it’s $500K down the tubes. He tells Adam, the product isn’t generating the income they need to live. GG texts that she has to cancel coming along. Reza relays the news to Adam, and says Destiney will be coming. He says he’s forgiven her, and Adam says he’d rather move on than hold a grudge.

MJ and Tommy fawn over Baby Shams. Vida comes by, and says she thinks Shams should be on the cover of People. In MJ’s interview, she says she thinks she and Tommy are naturals.

GG’s mom Fati cuts up several pineapples. In GG’s interview, she says, in trying to get pregnant, she’s been googling everything, and pineapple is supposed to be helpful in thickening the uterine lining. She’s going the embryo transfer today. She started with IVF treatments in October of 2018, and says her ass is black and blue from the injections.

Mike visits Nema, bringing along his French bulldogs. Nema says he’s finally found the super ultra-modern home he’s always wanted. Mike explains microfiber to pup Lexi. Pet massage therapist Gene comes by to give Nema’s dog Jack a massage, since Jack broke his back a couple of years ago. In Nema’s interview, he says he rescued Jack, and got Jack in the divorce. Erica then became Jack’s stepmom, and got involved in Jack’s life, so now they’re co-parenting. Mike says he thinks Nema is leading Erica on, and Nema tells Mike that he never says Mike is leading Paulina on. They bicker, and then apologize to Gene. Gene says his focus is on the dog. Mike says Erica and Nema work together, and Nema keeps saying he’s going to marry her one day. We flash back to Nema telling Erica that they can’t not end up together, and her saying, not if he’s like he is now. Nema says, Paulina is dating a guy who cheated on his wife, and she has two kids. Mike tells Nema not to judge him on his past. In Mike’s interview, he says he’s grown, and deserves to be treated right. Nema says he doesn’t want advice from Mike. Since Mike is a dishonest guy, the advice it tainted. Ouch. He doesn’t think Mike is ready to be a stepdad. In his interview, Mike says Nema has never even seen him around Paulina’s children. They’re like his own. Mike gathers up his dogs, and leaves.

Destiney and Sara get ready to go to Las Vegas. In Sara’s interview, she says, Destiney is a lot. Destiney lives in Destiney’s own world, but Sara is glad to be getting to know her.

Reza and Adam check in at the Waldorf Astoria in Las Vegas. They meet with Dan and Sheree Funsch, Reza’s business partners. Reza says he’s so nervous, he had a nightmare that no one showed up. They sit near the pool, and a waiter brings over an incredible mini spread and Bloody Marys with lots of garnishes. In his interview, Reza says the products are selling on the website, but to make real money, they have to be in a national chain store. He asks what’s expected of him, and Sheree says he has to be the ultimate politician. In Reza’s interview, he says they have a one year exclusive, and he wants to convince them the products are going to fly off the shelves. Sheree says it’s his first big test, and in his interview, he says if he doesn’t kill it, he’ll be back to slinging real estate. He tells Dan and Sheree, let’s go do it.

GG frets about having to quit smoking weed. For the last three years, she’s only gone a couple of hours without it.

Sara and Destiney check into the hotel. Destiney tells Sara about the time she was mistaken for a prostitute in Vegas, and in her interview, Sara says she wouldn’t want to share that information with anybody.

MJ and Tommy talk about having another baby, and Vida says they’re crazy. In MJ’s interview, she says the night before the baby came, Reza checked in. After she’d delivered Shams, Tommy texted Reza about how she’d had complications, and was in the ICU. Reza’s response was, prayers for a speedy recovery. We see a clip of Reza reading his response to Adam, and that’s the last sentence in a rather long paragraph filled with care and concern. So wtf? Tommy tells MJ, Reza knew how bad it was, and starts getting loud and animated. In her interview, MJ says instead of racing to see her, he confronted her on the phone. Everyone knows that Adam has a sexually deviant sense of humor. Tommy calls Adam the hillbilly whore of WeHo.

In the Presidential Suite, Reza puts on his gold leopard belt buckle. In his interview, he says, it’s sad, being in Vegas without MJ. They’ve been going there together since they were kids. He’s doing this without the help of his best friend. Destiney and Sara come to the suite, and they make dinner plans. Reza says he has to hustle, but a car will be waiting for them to pick them up for the event.

GG is being a back seat driver from the passenger seat. In her interview, she says it was the worst decision of her life to ask her mom to drive. An Uber motorcycle would have been better. GG’s dad Mahmoud meets them. GG says it’s a scary, but fulfilling moment.

Adam tells Reza, the launch is going to be amazing. Adam wears the same shirt he wore the night Reza proposed, and tells Reza it’s his lucky shirt. In Reza’s interview, he says having Adam there means the world to him. He’d invested in the product behind Adam’s back, but they got over it. Ali tried to take them down, but he couldn’t. At Sally’s Beauty Supply, Reza talks with the buyer, and says it’s an honor to be there. He sets up a display table. It’s kind of like a book signing. In his interview, he says he is honored. He’s a little Persian kid whose dreams are all coming true. He explains, the secret to good salesmanship is, one, understanding who you’re dealing with; two, knowing how to interact; and three, knowing when to close the deal. If you master those, you can sell anything.

Destiney and Sara arrive, and buy one of everything in Reza’s line. The manager announces that they made 120% of their sales plan. In Reza’s interview, he says, it’s a big deal for a middle-American company to have confidence in a gay middle eastern man.

Vida fusses over Shams. I don’t think she’s going to give him back.

On the way back, GG tells Fati that she can’t believe it. She asks if Fati cares how her driving affects others. In her interview, GG says her parents are rock stars. Not many Persian parents would be okay with their daughter being single and getting herself knocked up. She shows her dad a video of the procedure, done using an ultrasound. In GG’s interview, she says, and no foreplay. Mahmoud tells her that she has to watch funny movies, and Fati suggests Mel Brooks. GG says, Mel Brooks is ancient. She starts a video baby diary, and explains to the baby that she’s got to lay low for the next 48 hours. Mahmoud tells her, everything is good; she’ll be fine. She says she can’t be the baby anymore. He says she’s almost 40, and she threatens to punch him in his bad knee.

Destiney makes plans on the phone to meet her mom for high tea the next day. In her interview, she says her mom loves Vegas, and is literally her best friend.

Mike tells Paulina that Nema said something was off about her since she was allowing a guy as dishonest as him around her and kids. Not quite what Nema said, although I do think it was none of his business. In Mike’s interview, he says, when people tear others down, they’re deflecting from their own shortcomings. Nema should get therapy, rather than talk sh*t about him. Paulina says she’ll confront anyone who talks sh*t about Mike.

In the car, Nema tells a friend he’s going on a blind date, and she suggests his teeth might be intimidating. Ha-ha! In Nema’s interview, he says Mike doesn’t get why he’s not sleeping with half of Los Angeles like him. He meets his date Aimee at a restaurant. He tells her it’s his first blind date, and she says she’s been on dating apps. In his interview, he says he was married in his 20s, when he was supposed to be out and fun. After his divorce, he dated Erica, so this is a new frontier. He asks about her last relationship, and she says, he cheated. He tells her that he was cheated on, as well as his father having been cheated on. His father always had a chip on his shoulder, and Nema didn’t want to turn into that person who’s pissed for the next thirty years because of a cheater. He says, it’s a great blind date, and in his interview, says this is proving he’s over Erica, and can enjoy someone else’s company. He says, let’s get out of here, but Aimee has already called an Uber.

Sara’s brother Sam joins them for dinner. In Sara’s interview, she says Sam lives in Vegas. He’s the brother of four older sisters, and the only boy. They’re very protective. She worries about his decision making. They’re shown to a private room for a four-course menu with a wine pairing. Sam says his goal is to make money between poker and sports betting. In her interview, Sara says, it’s a stereotype in the Persian community, if you’re not a doctor or a lawyer, you’re a failure. Sam and Destiney flirt. He says he’s never dated a Persian girl. In Destiney’s interview, she says he’s mysterious and edgy, and she likes his muscles. Reza says, the meal was off the charts. They have a shot of tequila, and make faces like I do when I taste that nasty stuff. Reza says he took care of the bill, and Sara says she loves having rich friends.

The group busts out on the party bus. In Reza’s interview, he says there’s a point in the evening where your buzz is in the perfect spot, and he’s in that zone. They go to a rooftop bar that also has golf. Destiney orders tequila. Reza says, Destiney is feeling Sam. In his interview, Reza says, Destiney is always talking about the man she wants. She doesn’t need to be a good picker in Las Vegas. He’s thinking it’s wham bam thank you Destiney ma’am. He tells Sam get behind her, and show her how to swing. In Sara’s interview, she says Sam hooked up with her makeup artist at her sister’s wedding. She’s not Sara’s makeup artist anymore. Reza says, she didn’t get ball in, but she’s going to have a baby in nine months. Sara asks Sam not to sleep with Destiney, but he says, Destiney’s got game. Destiney sits next to Sam, and he says Sara was telling him not to flirt with her. She says, is he flirting? She thought they were having a conversation. In Reza’s interview, he says he doesn’t know what’s bothering Sara, but he’d rather his brother hook up with an acquaintance than a skank from Vegas. Sam says he’s going to have Destiney, and Reza tells Sara, this is happening. Destiney sits on Sam’s lap, and they kiss. Reza says the car is there, and Sam and Destiney hold hands on the way. Back at the hotel, Reza drags Sara into his and Adam’s suite, and Destiney and Sam get busy.

In Reza’s interview, he says it’s hard to think about the milestone moments in his life without his best friend by his side to celebrate. It makes him sad, and he wonders if this is a new chapter.

Next time, a cooking class turns sour. This season, MJ and Reza have it out, Destiney says enough is enough, GG doesn’t believe either one of them, Tommy gets out of hand, and GG gets knocked up.

⚰️ Bring Out Your Dead…

Too bad George Romero won’t be around to see this.


📇 Meanwhile, In the Interesting Facts Department…

Everything you wanted to know about Leap Year, but were afraid to ask.


🧺 And He’s Practical Too…

If I squint, I can kind of see Gus as a home-ec teacher.


🤦🏻‍♀️ How Does It Happen…?

Friday, always so full of promise. Monday, hopes dashed again.

November 24, 2019 – The Horde Is Discovered, Talk Tidbits, It’s Real, Saul Returns, Some 90 Updates & James Sings Ray


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Dante flashes back to being with Alpha. She says she doesn’t care about his past; they all have a past. None of it matters now. He did well, but she needs something more; eyes inside the walls. He’s the kind of man she trusts. Practical, loyal, and smart. The kind of man her daughter should get to know. He asks where he should start, and she says, find some strangers and join them. We see him walking in the woods with the Whisperers. He moves ahead, takes off his mask, and for help. He acts like he’s fighting them off, and a group of people runs to his aid. We hear Alpha say, go to the gate. They won’t turn you away. We see him arrive at Alexandria with the people he’s hooked up with, and Siddiq examining him. Alpha’s voiceover tells him to make them think he’s one of them. We see him leave a message in a small box and hide it in a tree. Alpha says, exploit their weaknesses until they crumble. We see him messing with the water filtration system, and killing Cheryl. Alpha says, do all this, and they’ll welcome him home when they fall. He has a special place in her heart. She puts her palm on his chest.

In the present, Dante checks for Siddiq’s pulse, and closes Siddiq’s eyes. Rosita comes by, and asks if Siddiq is awake. She saw the light on. They make small talk in Spanish, and she asks, what’s happening? Dante jokes that he and Siddiq have a hot romance going on. Really, they were just hanging, and Siddiq got called out. Something about Andy and Donna’s kid throwing up. She just missed him. He asks if he can help with anything, and Siddiq opens his eyes. Coco cries, and Rosita sees that Dante has a knife. She puts Coco in the tub without taking her eyes off of him. She tries to go past Dante, into the room where Siddiq is, and  they struggle. Dante gets her down, and Siddiq comes out and walks toward the crying baby. Dante tries to strangle Rosita, but she stabs him in the leg. She jumps up, pikes Siddiq in the head, then beats the crap out of Dante. She picks up Coco, and tries to process Siddiq turning into a zombie.

Gamma meets Aaron, and he asks if she’s all right. She asks if the baby is still alive. He asks if she means the baby they rescued from Hilltop, and she says, yes; he’s her nephew. Did they name him? Her sister couldn’t do it. He says, the family who adopted him named him Adam. She asks if she can see him, and Aaron says, they left him to die. Why should he agree to that? She says they can trade. She has information for him. He asks, what information? If he sees it’s true, then they’ll talk, but he’s not promising anything. She says she’s not talking unless she can see him. He’s the only family she has left. He tells her to take off her mask. She does, and says, before all this, her name was Mary. He asks what she wants to tell him.

Daryl slugs Dante, and says he hopes it hurts. Dante says, it doesn’t matter. None of it matters. Seeing humans devour each other showed him it was ridiculous to attach yourself to anyone. The truth will set you free. Gabriel asks if that’s what he’s doing to Rosita. Setting her free. Why did he put Siddiq through all that torture just to kill him? Dante says he liked Siddiq. He wasn’t part of the plan, but he found out who Dante was. Carol asks what the plan is, and he says to increase their paranoia so they make bad decisions. People in places like this grumble, and he’ll enjoy seeing them rip each other apart making a decision about him, like they did with Negan. Gabriel asks if he wants his public reckoning, and Dante says that’s what they’re good at. Gabriel says Rosita helped him, but Dante says they got something from him too. They needed a doctor. Places like Alexandria are a cruel promise. People aren’t really kind, but he didn’t put Siddiq’s head on a spike. The Whisperers are selfish and brutal, but they’ve taught him what people are. Gabriel punches him in the face. Aaron walks in, and says Dante has been there for four months. How did they not know? Daryl says, none of them did, and Aaron says, they ate together, they talked about militia, he treated Gracie. Carol tells him not to do this to himself, and Daryl seconds that. Aaron says, the Whisperer he’s talking to, Mary, told him where Alpha is keeping the herd. Carol says they’ll leave after the funeral, and Daryl asks if they’re trusting a Whisperer now. Lydia is still gone, and it’s probably an ambush. Aaron says the baby the Whisperers left to die was apparently Mary’s nephew. He doesn’t think she’s lying. Daryl says they already sent a group to Hilltop, who’s ready to meet them there. On the side, he tells Carol that she should have said something to him about seeing Lydia. Her disappearing again is on Carol. She says they can push on the Whisperers’ wounds too. She doesn’t think Lydia wants to be found. Daryl asks if she’s talking about Lydia or herself.

Michonne, Judith, and Luke ride in a literally horse-powered car, while Scott checks the path ahead. He tells them he’s found fresh tracks, but it could just be a scout. Michonne says if there’s just one set, she likes their chances, but they have to be as quiet as possible. Luke says he knows that was meant for him. He tells Judith that he likes to whistle his favorite music by Rachmaninoff. The only time he gets to hear it is in his head these days. He asks Judith what she’s writing, and she tells him that she’s compiling a history of their people. He says if she’s writing personal histories, she should read more. There’s a library close by in Waterford, and she can pick up some inspiration. Michonne says they don’t have the time, but they stop there anyway.

Michonne picks up a Russian/English dictionary for Eugene, and Luke says, since they’re there, he’s going to check out the music section. Scott says he’ll look around, and see what’s worth taking. Michonne picks up a book, saying she’s always wanted to read it. Judith asks if they could read it together. Rosita calls Michonne on the radio, and Michonne asks, what’s happening?

Luke whistles as he looks through the books, and gets all happy when he sees some music by Rachmaninoff. He flips through it, and laughs, but a zombie is on the other side of the shelf, and grabs him. Another comes out from behind him, and he yells for help. A guy comes out of nowhere, and pikes the zombie. Luke asks what his name is, but he jets. Luke says, thank you, and stabs the other zombie in the head.

Michonne asks, what happened? and Luke says a guy came out of nowhere and saved his life. Then he ran off. Maybe they can still catch him. Scott goes back out, and Michonne loads her bag with books. Luke is like, what the hell? He tells Michonne he’s sorry, and asks if everything is all right. She says, Siddiq is dead, so everything is not all right.

Uh-oh. They announced a surprise cast member on Talking Dead. This usually means a dead character on Walking Dead.

Gabriel officiates at Siddiq’s funeral. He says a scholar who understood the importance of it, wrote, let me live if life is better, or take my life if that is better. He knew the world defied logic and justice, which is why he posed the sentiment. Gabriel tosses dirt on the grave, and says, you were taken from it, and are now brought back to it, and from it, will be raised a second time. Everyone is bummed. Rosita sits on the ground near Siddiq’s newly dug grave. Ezekiel has come to pay his respects, and Carol goes over to him. She says it’s good to see him, and he says, her too. He can’t believe Siddiq is gone. He was one of those people Ezekiel thought would live forever. There are too many things changing. She asks how long he’s staying, and he says, a day or two. She wishes they more time, and Ezekiel says he heard about them looking for the zombie hoard, and asks if they need help. She says, no, and asks if everything is okay. He tells her, good luck.

Outside the gate, Rosita sees some zombies, and takes out brass knuckles with spikes on them. She thinks of Siddiq and Coco, and stabs them, but the last one gets the better of her. Eugene runs over, and knocks it down. She tells him, thanks, but he says, no expression of gratitude is required. It was lucky he was crossing through. He gives her his deepest condolences about Siddiq’s passing. It was a tragedy, and he wishes there was more he could offer. He tells her, travel safe, and then realizes he’s the one who’s going to be traveling.

Gabriel watches the initial interview he did with Dante. He asks what Dante was before, and Dante says, a father just trying to get by. Gabriel asks how long he knew the people he came in with, and he says he lost track of time. They saved his life. Gabriel asks the standard, how many people has he killed? and he says, only one; the man who tried to hurt is son, but the walkers got Jimmy in the end anyway. Gabriel snaps the video camera shut. Rosita comes in. He sees she’s a mess, and asks, what happened?  She says she was helping Eugene with the walkers at the gate. She asks if Coco is sleeping, and Gabriel says she fell fast asleep. She tells him, the truth is that she wasn’t helping Eugene; he was helping her, but she should be able to handle the walkers. Gabriel says, it’s been a rough day. She says, it’s not that. She could die She used to think, if it happened, it happened, but now it would make Coco an orphan. She can’t die. She’s afraid, and the feeling isn’t going away. Gabriel says, feelings are not the future, and she says that sounds like a quote. She could freeze again, and won’t have Eugene to save her. Gabriel says he has to meet with the council. They need to figure out how this happened. They need to find Lydia, and find out why she didn’t know Dante. She says he’s not hearing her, and he tells her that he’s saying the feeling will pass. She says, maybe Dante was right about them. They’re not as strong as they think they are.

Aaron quizzes Gracie on state capitals, and she asks him about his travels. He says he once went hiking with a man he loved in California, and they went to Oakland. While they were hiking, the found some ruins that they explored. They listened to the sound of the waves crashing, and imagined what the people were like who were now lost to time. They had their own laws, beliefs, and hopes for the future. He was one of the first ones there when Alexandria started. When they thought they knew what it was going to be. He’s been thinking more and more about that village. Gracie asks, what happened to those people? but he says he doesn’t know.

Michonne and her group arrive at Oceanside. She tells them that Dante showed up before the fire, and whatever process they’ve been using to vet their newest people, they have to do it again. A few of the women drag a guy in, and Rachel asks how he got in there. Michonne asks who he is, and Jules says they caught him trying to steal a sail, and he was probably going to steal a boat. He struggles to get away, and Michonne takes out her sword. She says she’s not asking him again, and he says just trying to get home; to get back to his family. Luke says this is the guy who saved his life. Jules says he was also sneaking around, messing with their security, and Rachel says, they’ve hung men for less. Michonne says, he might be a Whisperer. Luke says he was taking books, and had pictures of his family. Does he look like a Whisperer? Michonne says she doesn’t know what they look like anymore. He tells them to let him go, and Michonne says, answer her question. Who are his people? They hear some zombies coming, and Michonne tells them to hold him, and slices the top off of a zombie’s head. She pikes a couple of them, but then looks panicked at seeing how many are appearing.

Gabriel goes to the cell where Dante is being kept. He asks if Dante even had a son, and Dante asks why it matters. Gabriel guesses it doesn’t, but it’s one of the things he liked about Dante. Dante says, that his son was killed? and Gabriel says, that he had a family. He supposes Dante would like it if he didn’t trust anyone again. Dante says, that was the idea. Gabriel opens the cell and goes in, leaving the door open. He asks if that’s why he was there. He says he was there to show them to look around look. Look at what people did to the world. Gabriel thinks people can be good, and deserve a second chance. Gabriel says he loved Siddiq like a brother. His family will never be the same. His daughter won’t know him. Maybe Rosita will blame Gabriel, and maybe she’s right. He didn’t protect them enough. He hasn’t always been brave. Dante asks if Gabriel thinks people deserve a second chance. Gabriel says he doesn’t know, but sometimes they get one anyway. He stabs Dante, and Dante pushes Gabriel up against the wall. Gabriel just keeps stabbing him, and yelling with every stab. I say, better stab his effing head, and Gabriel does, then stands there and cries. Apparently, no public reckoning for Dante.

At Oceanside, while they’re fighting the zombies, the guy tries to get away. A zombie comes after him, and knocks him down. Judith tells him, don’t move, and kills it. She calls to Michonne, and Michonne says, good girl.

Rosita walks around the house with Coco, saying reassuring words, probably more for herself than the baby. She looks outside, and sees Gabriel coming toward the house.

On his bike, Daryl leads Aaron and Carol, who are on horses. He parks, and they meet Jerry, Connie, Kelly, and Magna. Jerry asks how Rosita is, and Carol says, as you’d expect. Daryl thanks Connie for helping, and she writes, anything for us.

It’s starting to get dark out when they cross the border where the head stakes are. Daryl crosses last, and follows Carol. Carol takes out a sword, and snaps an animal trap. She says if they’re laying traps, it means they’re closer. Daryl tells her, stop this sh*t. She wants Alpha dead so bad, she doesn’t care  what happens to her. Carol says, not true, and he says she never came off the boat. It’s like talking to a goddam ghost. He’s the one she should talk to. Carol says she doesn’t know how, and Daryl says, try. He hugs her, and says, she’s not worth it. She’s a dead woman anyway. They have a future. Don’t let her take that too. He asks if she’s good, and she says yeah. He tells her that he’ll lead, and snaps another trap. A zombie comes along, and Carol kills it, barely breaking her stride.

Gabriel watches Dante’s body burn. Rosita joins him, and puts her head on his shoulder.

Unnamed guy wakes up with his wrists bound. Judith is sitting near him, reading, and he tells her, don’t go through his stuff. The book belongs to his daughter. Judith says it fell out, and she picked it up. It clearly belongs to the library. He says it’s for his daughter; put it back. She continues to read, and he tries lunging for the book. She changes position to be more out of reach, and tells him, be careful. He’s going to rip his stitches. Michonne joins them, and asks if he’s comfortable? He inches back to his original spot, and Michonne asks Judith to give them a minute. When she’s gone, Michonne ask what he’s really doing there. He says her daughter is a demon with a sword, and she says, like mother, like daughter. Only her swords won’t leave anything to heal. Answer her damn question. He says he didn’t mean it in a bad way. No way could they make it this long without being comfortable with violence. She asks how long he’s been watching Oceanside, but he says he wasn’t watching. He doesn’t want to hurt anybody. He left home for supplies, and now he’s trying to get back. She asks if him helping her friend was part of the play, but he says, there’s no play. He just did it. What if he needed help? The same thing might happen to him. He’s glad he did it. Mercy’s in short supply these days. He doesn’t expect it, and maybe he doesn’t deserve it. He asks if something is wrong, and Michonne says he reminded her of something a friend of hers used to say; my mercy prevails over my wrath. She looks off into the distance, and brushes a tear away. She asks him to just tell her where home is, but he says he can’t tell her where he lives. His family is there. She asks if that’s how he’s getting back to them or keeping them safe. They don’t know where he is, or even if he’s coming back. She tells him, don’t put them through that. He says he lives on Bloodsworth Island, south of Tangiers. It’s hard to find. He didn’t mean to break in and cause chaos, but he needed a boat. She says good intentions or not, he owes Oceanside for the damage. He’s not going anywhere until she figures it out. He says they have enemies to fight. Maybe they can help each other. She asks what he means.

Michonne goes to Judith, and Judith asks what he told her. Michonne says he lives on an island two days from there. It’s an old Naval base, and there could be enough weapons for them to destroy the horde. He’s going to let her have them, but she has to find a way to bring them back. Judith asks, what’s wrong? and Michonne says it has to be just her taking that risk. If anything happens, they shouldn’t be  together. She has to find out if he’s telling the truth. Is that okay? She holds Judith close.

Daryl’s group walks deeper into the woods. They see an empty clearing from the top of a cliff, and Daryl says, dammit, and Aaron says, that doesn’t mean she lied. They put traps around. The herd could have been there. They had an obligation to check it out. Daryl says they have time to find Lydia; let’s go. Aaron tells Carol that he knows it looks bad, but he wasn’t wrong about this. Carol looks out to the clearing.

Michonne tells nameless-so-far guy that whatever weapons are on his island will pay his debt. She’ll take him home, and bring them back. He says, it can’t be that simple, and she says, or thank you, you’re welcome. It’s up to him. He asks if he can have his stuff back, and she gives him his backpack. He holds out his hand, and says, he’s Virgil.

Michonne tells Luke, tell everyone back home that she’s only a couple days behind, and to radio if they need help. Keep her posted. Luke says, don’t worry. Judith will be looking after them. Michonne tells him, keep her safe, and tells Judith, it doesn’t have to be emergency to check in. Do it every day. She gives Judith a radio, and hugs her. She says she’ll see Judith soon. Be good for Uncle Daryl.

Michonne and Virgil sail out to sea.

Daryl’s group walks through the woods. Daryl suggests taking the river downstream. Carol loiters off to the side, and says she’ll meet them in a few minutes, but Daryl says they all stay together. Carol looks at the clearing, and sees Alpha staring at her. She takes off after Alpha, who runs, and the group all run after Carol. Alpha goes deeper into the woods, and the group continues to follow. Alpha runs into a cave, and some zombies appear. Daryl tells the group to get Carol’s ass out of there. He pikes the zombies, and walks toward the cave. It’s pitch black inside, and he walk holding knives out ahead of him. He quietly calls to Carol, then tumbles down into a hole. The others are there. It’s a ledge, and zombies reach up from beneath them. They’ve found the horde.

On February 23rd, 2020 – Gamma tells whoever’s left at Alexandria that their friends are in trouble, trapped in the cave where Alpha placed the horde; Alpha sets the cave on fire; Gamma is brought into Alexandria, and tries to see Coco;  Negan tells Alpha the spy she’s looking for is in her camp; Daryl can’t turn his back on Carol; and Daryl tells Carol they’re not fighting for revenge; they’re fighting for their future.

Good cliffhanger.

👹 On Talking Dead, my prediction was correct, and Dante (Juan Javier Cardenas) was the surprise guest. Chris Hardwick mentioned that the book Judith was reading was The World Before, which was also the title of the episode. We also found out that the cave set had once been used for the Sanctuary, and that a spin-off show, The World Beyond, is slated for 2020. You can read about it here:


The Real Island…

Another thing we learned on Taking Dead was that Bloodsworth Island, and its old Naval base, is a real place in Chesapeake Bay.

Bloodsworth Island

Better Call Saul will be back on February 23rd, 2020.

💍 In 90 News…

The Good.


The Bad.


And the awkward.


🍗 Coming This Week…

A bounty of delicious foods. This song is originally by Ray Charles, but this was the only version they had where you don’t have to stare at an album cover through the whole thing.













September 23, 2019 – Shiloh On the Loose, Last Day Of the Last Charter, B-ing Strong, Another Season, a Sudden Goodbye, Some Fluff & Portable Party


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

So sorry – I missed the very beginning. Sometimes dog duty calls. You’ll figure it out.

Confined to a hospital bed, Franco says, now is when Elizabeth tells him it’s a huge misunderstanding and he’s being released. He guesses not. Clearly, Elizabeth is a very determined woman. She tells him that he gave her no choice, since he won’t accept what the surgeons have told him. He was leaving town, never to return. He says she’s keeping  him from the woman he loves; the woman who had his child. He has no interest in hurting Elizabeth, but she needs to accept the truth. He loves Kim. Elizabeth has no claim on him, and no right to keep him. Scotty comes in, and says, not true.

Kim tells Julian that she tried to call him. He says he got her message, but he was stuck at Charlie’s with some last minute repairs. By the time he was done, he figured she was in bed, and he crashed in the back room, like old times. Kim says, it seems like a million years ago. He says her message sounded sad; what’s happening? She says she wanted to tell him how grateful she is for him. He says he’s the one who’s grateful. She changed his life. She made him a better man. He knows that now. The other day, he came close to making a choice he would have regretted, and would have put their future in jeopardy, but he had a moment of truth. He saw her beautiful face and knew he couldn’t betray her faith in him. She hugs him, and he says, from now on, it’s the Manhattan skyline and Sundays in Central Park. How about if he helps her take her luggage down. They’ll throw what they need in the car, and go tonight. Kim notices the envelope she was going to leave for him.

Epiphany tells Carly, Dr. Navarro is ready. Carly tells Sonny that he doesn’t have to wait, but he says his place is there. Epiphany says, sometimes he gets it right, and he says, if he doesn’t, she’ll tell him. Epiphany says, right again, and wheels Carly off to her appointment.

On the phone at the Haunted Star, Dev asks when the ferry is leaving. He says, tomorrow morning. His destination? Canada. All the way to Port Stanley.

Josslyn gives Jax the boarding school brochure, and says she found this. Her mom and Sonny are thinking about it for her.

Finn tells Peter that he’s misinformed. Franco isn’t his patient. Peter says Finn knows about Franco having the option of his memory being restored.   ** peter som ptions correct restor mem** Finn asks if he’s doing a story on Franco, or is he asking because of his own interest. Peter says, selling newspapers and driving internet traffic is a priority, but his interest is also personal. Finn says, that’s right. Peter was there for the initial transfer. Maybe Peter can answer some questions for him.

Chase tells Jason and Sam, the van was found abandoned, and the guards were gone. There’s no trace of them; nothing. The only thing they found is a pair of handcuffs. Sam says, Shiloh is a menace, not a superhero. Chase wonders if DoD helped Shiloh escape, but how would they know the route? Jason says, maybe it was an inside job.

Shiloh is sorry Bobbie recognized him, but she says, Just keep going, and she won’t tell anyone. He says then she won’t mind if he borrows her car. He opens the door and sees Wiley in the car seat. She tells him, just go. She’ll give him all the money in her purse. He tells her that she has something far more precious. She can give him his son.

Franco says Scotty and Elizabeth were in this together. Scotty was never going to defend him; he was going to drag out the trial as long as possible. Who’s his real client? Him or Elizabeth? Scotty says, his son. He just doesn’t know it yet. Franco says Scotty’s son is gone. Scotty can’t help him. Scotty says he’s done his research, and the law is clear. A spouse can file for guardianship when the husband or wife is incapacitated, and make medical decision. Franco says he’s not Scotty’s son. Scotty says Franco doesn’t believe his own driver’s license, and doubts who he is. The whole world is wrong, and he’s right. They’ll see how that plays out in court. Franco says it’s his life, and he gets to decide how he lives it and who he spends it with. Elizabeth says he told her at their wedding reception that he wanted to be by her side for the rest of his life. He told Cameron that he’d be back. So yes, she’s fighting for him to have that chance. He says, strapped to a bed in a mental ward? She says she’s not doing this to punish him. She’s doing this because she loves him.

Julian tells Kim, it felt good realizing he’d turned a corner with his character. The first step in being a man she can be proud of, and who will make her happy for the rest of her life. He sees the envelope, and asks, what’s this? Their first love letter? Does he have to write one? He knows he’ll get choked up when he reads it. Kim says it’s not what he thinks.

Sonny asks if Carly is okay, and Epiphany says, she’s doing well. How is he? He says he’s good, and she tells him have seat with her. She says, there are a lot of nervous daddies out there, even the experienced ones. Sonny knows how that is. She says he thinks he does, but because they’re friends, she’s going to be straight with him. Because she’s the head nurse, she reads the repots and confers with the doctors. Sonny asks if she knows the diagnosis. Epiphany says, every parent leaving with a newborn is facing something. Sometimes it’s right away, sometimes later, but all babies are perfect in God’s eyes. Does he get what she’s saying? He does.

Jax tells Josslyn that he can’t imagine her mom would want to send her away. Josslyn suggests it’s because she cut classes the first day, but Jax says, of course (🍷) not. They’re just worried about her. They know it’s been difficult for her without Oscar. Did she mention transferring schools? Josslyn says, no. She mentioned something about being homeschooled, but she wasn’t serious. Jax says maybe she misunderstood, but Josslyn says, how? There’s only one reason she found that. They want to send her away.

Peter tells Finn that his father was adamant about wanting Jason killed as soon as the transfer happened, but he hid Jason in the hospital. jason was severely injured, and it took years of rehab and care. Finn says it would have been nice if he’d let the family know, but Peter says he couldn’t take the risk. Finn says, fair enough. He saved Jason’s life. Peter says Dr. Cabot had it out for him. He wishes he could have done more. Franco has Drew’s memories, and Andre hopes to reverse the procedure? Finn says Andre thinks he can, but he was clear on the possible risks; there’s a one in four chance Franco will be in a permanently vegetative state. Peter says, tragic, and Finn says, the other outcomes are, he could restore Franco’s memories – Peter says, the best outcomeor there could be no effect. Franco will just continue with Drew’s memories. Peter says, disappointing, and Finn says, or they could intensify. He’ll have a clearer recall of Drew’s past; his capture and what happened when he was in Faison’s hands.

Jason asks Chase if there was any sign of a struggle. Chase says, nothing obvious; no blood trail. Someone had to be in on it. Chase’s phone rings, and he says he’ll meet them there. He tells Jason and Sam, one guard was found unconscious; a blow to the head. They’re bringing him to GH. He’s going to question the guard, assuming he regains consciousness. Jason asks where he was found, and Chase says, not far from the prison. Is Jason thinking of driving out there? Jason says he might take a look, and Chase says keep him informed. He leaves, and Sam asks what Jason is looking for. Jason says, the best option of escape is by boat. He thinks Shiloh is going to head for the closest port, lay low, and wait for the next boat. She asks what he wants her to do, and he tells her, go to GH. See if she can listen in when Chase questions the guard. His phone battery is low, so Sam trades phones with him. She tells him, be careful, and he says, her too. This is what the two of them always say instead of goodbye or see you later.

Bobbie yells for help. She shouts that her grandson was kidnapped. She tells herself, think. She decides she’ll have to walk to get help, but she gets dizzy. She falls to the ground, unconscious.

Franco says, he gets it. As misguided as it is, Scotty loves his son, and Elizabeth obviously loves her husband, but that’s not him. Franco is gone and he’s not coming back. Scotty says he doesn’t know about that. There could be a chance. Franco says, it’s a risky procedure. Elizabeth says he’s hung up on his fantasy past with Kim because he can’t hack the reality they share. He forgot, but she didn’t. There’s something else he doesn’t realize. She knows the real Drew Cane. The one who won medals, and took the flight to bring Franco back to himself, and them.

Kim tells Julian, the past came crashing back and took hold of her. She realized her mistake, and how it could affect her future; the future with him. He says, this is about Franco, He brings back memories of Drew. It’s like having the time back, and she remembers how Oscar came to be. He helped keep Oscar alive. Julian understands. Kim suggests they just go to New York like they planned. She’s ready to go tonight. Julian knows Kim and Franco kissed, and he accepted that, but was there more? What exactly happened last night?

Epiphany wheels Carly back out, and Carly says she and the baby are fine. Epiphany says she looks forward to meeting the baby. In the meantime, go home and enjoy their last few weeks of sleeping through the night. Sonny tells her that he appreciates her words. She leaves, and Carly asks what that was about. Sonny says, friendship. He asks what the doctor said, and she says, the ultrasound showed the baby is right on schedule and getting bigger. The position hasn’t changed. Sonny says they should take Epiphany’s advice and rest. The 2 am feedings are going to happen sooner than later. Carly says Avery has a school bake sale tomorrow. Sonny has to bake brownies. He says he’s not doing it, and she says then he needs to stop by the MetroCourt and get some pastries. Lucky she owns it.

Jax tells Josslyn that he could see floating it past Sonny, but he can’t imagine her mom considering boarding school. She says she knows she’s been stressing Carly out. Maybe she thinks they’d be happier with some distance. Jax says, it’s the last thing she wants. They’ll figure something out. Josslyn says she has. She’s moving in with him.

Peter says, so there’s still a chance to restore Franco to himself? and Finn says, that’s the best outcome for him and Drew. Anna blames herself for giving Drew Andre’s location, but there’s no way she could have known. Finn’s phone dings, and he says he has to get back. Peter says he looks forward to doing this again. He’ll pay the tab, and Finn can get the next one.

Shiloh brings Wiley to the Haunted Star. That boat has been more active lately than it is when it’s open. Dev watches Shiloh from his hiding place.

Chase asks how the guard is doing, and the doctor says, he’s lucky. There’s no apparent injury, and his vitals are good. There’s no sign of head trauma, but they’re doing a CT scan to make sure. The guard opens his eyes, and Chase says he’s in the hospital. The guard says, they’ve got to catch him. Chase says they’ve got that covered, but he says, not just Shiloh. The other guard jumped him, and set the prisoner free.

Sam answers Jason’s phone, and says, Dev? Dev says he needs Jason. Tell Jason that he’s on the Haunted Star. Tell him… The phone goes silent. Dev has been knocked out.

A car pulls up near Bobbie. Jason runs over to her, and asks if she can hear him.

Scotty says Franco made a choice, and now he’s making one for him. Franco gave his life for someone he doesn’t recognize. He wishes it didn’t have to be this way, but it is. He has to get going, and tells Franco this is what’s right. He hopes one day, Franco thanks his father for what he did. Sometimes loving someone means making a difficult choice for someone else. Franco says they want him to undergo a procedure that could leave him in a vegetative state. If they loved him, they’d forget he existed. Just like they said; he’s nothing but delusion. Elizabeth says, forget about him. How can he do this to Franco?

Julian says, what happened last night was more than a kiss, and Kim says, wow. He guesses he should have taken her call, but he was too busy getting ready, while she was too busy getting busy. She says she never meant for it to happen. She says she was leaving. Her mind was made up, and in an instant, everything changed. It would be so easy to put it on Franco, but she’s to blame. It’s so familiar. It was like reconnecting with Oscar’s father. Julian says, and that’s what she wants. Why would she want a guy who sold his restaurant to follow her? Who changed his life, and became better for her? For them? Kim says she’s sorry. She doesn’t know how to grieve Oscar, or how to deny Franco when he remembers everything about her and Drew. She can’t pretend it’s orderly. It’s messy, and complicated, and she doesn’t know what to do. Julian says she’s in pain and wanted comfort, but instead of turning to him, what did she do? Was she going to run away… He says, that’s what the letter is about. She says she was going to explain, and he asks, how? She’s leaving him for another man; thank you, have a nice life. That about sums it up.

Jax says he’d love nothing more than to have Josslyn move in with him, but he wants her to have her own room that she can decorate herself. She can’t until he buys something. They’ll get to the bottom of what’s going on; he promises. He didn’t come halfway around the world for her to go to boarding school. She tells him that she’ll spend the night in his suite tonight.

Peter’s phone rings, and he says, is it done? Shiloh asks if Peter means is he dead? No, sorry. It didn’t happen. Peter probably expected to hear from the guy he planted to kill Shiloh, but he’s not there. Peter asks what Shiloh wants, and Shiloh says, an apology for starters. He’s all about redemption, even for people who don’t feel the same. He has two phones. The burner phone he’s talking on, and another one he came across. It has names like Jason and Sonny in it. Peter asks again what he wants, and Shiloh says, cash. He wants all the cash Peter can get his greedy hands on. He’s on the Haunted Star, and if he sees any backup, he’ll sing like a bird about Peter’s involvement with Helena. He can kiss the sweet life he’s created goodbye.

The doctor asks in what condition Jason found Bobbie, and he says, she was unconscious. The doctor asks if she regained consciousness at any point, but Jason says, no. He asks if Bobbie has any preexisting conditions, and Jason says he thinks she was just diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Sam gets to the Haunted Star and sees Dev on the floor. She runs over to him. Shiloh pops out, and says it’s nice of her to join them. Can he make her some tea? It’s going to get pretty crowded on that boat in about fifteen minutes.

Elizabeth tells Franco, in nursing school, they were taught to be objective. She called on her skills, and weighed the risks. She searched her heart, and knows what she stands to lose. It shouldn’t be new to him. In Afghanistan, he put his life on the line every day. He got awarded for distinguishing combat action and extraordinary heroism. She wants him to be Drew. Be that hero again.

Julian says maybe he was wrong, thinking he was the only one who could help; that love was that powerful. He guesses it’s not. He’s not perfect. He never has been. He can spend the rest of his life not breaking any rules, and never catch up. She says he’s the only reason she’s functioning at all right now. He says he could forgive her. How can he blame her for wanting to ease the pain of losing her son, but then he finally has to admit that it’s always been Drew. Not the phantom, the feeling in love exalted memory. Not just the guy, the war hero she fell in love with seventeen years ago. She says she loves him too, but Julian says, just not the same way. She’ll never go over to him. It’s always been Drew.

The guard tells Chase that he’d never worked with the other guy. Chase asks what his name was, and the guard says, it was pure vanilla, Dave Smith. Chase says he’ll run it anyway. He asks if the guard can give a description; a general description is fine. The guard says he’ll do his best, and Chase says that’s good enough for him.

The doctor tells Jason that Bobbie is in a hypoglycemic state. Her blood sugar spiked, but they started treatment, so she should be fine. Jason says he needs to speak to her; it’s important. The doctor says, she’s in and out; make it quick. Jason goes in, and Bobbie wakes up. He asks if she can tell him what happened. She says, Shiloh.

Sam says, he’s breathing, and Shiloh says, of course (🍷) he is. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. His call did bring Sam to him, so maybe it’s fate. Here they are, together again, but this time there’s no Jason to get between them. Well, not right this minute.

Elizabeth tells Franco, if he’s really Drew, be Drew. Do the right thing, and make the sacrifice. He says, easy for her to say. It’s an experimental procedure, and he has a one in four chance of being a vegetable. She says she’s not taking it lightly, but she knows if there’s a chance for Franco to come back, he’d take it. She knows Franco is in there. The man she’ll love forever. The man who was willing to die for her son. She’ll never stop fighting for him. She’ll never stop fighting for them.

Julian puts the envelope down. Kim asks if he’s not even going to read it, and he says, no. He doesn’t need to. Besides, it’s addressed to someone else. His name is Julian. He walks, and I say, good job, Kim.

At the MetroCourt, Jax approaches Carly and Sonny’s table. Carly asks, what’s up? and Jax says, a miscommunication. At least, Josslyn hopes it is. Sonny asks if something is going on. Josslyn was fine earlier. Jax says, not now. She’s pretty upset. She wants to move in with him, and she’s staying at the hotel tonight. Carly asks, why? and Jax shows her the brochure, saying, because of this. Josslyn thinks it’s for her.

Jason asks if Shiloh took Bobbie’s car. Bobbie says he pulled her over, and told her to get out. He was wearing a uniform, and she thought he was a police officer. She didn’t recognize him until it was too late. Lucas comes in, and asks, what happened? Jason says he found Bobbie passed out, and Lucas asks, where’s Wiley? His mom picked Wiley up. Jason asks if Wiley was still in the car when Shiloh pulled her over, and Bobbie says, Shiloh has Wiley.

Sam thinks they should get Dev to a hospital, but Shiloh says, he’ll be fine. She says he knows nothing about kids, and he’s out of options. He’ll never make it. His best hope is to give himself up. If he helps Dev, it will work in his favor; she’ll speak up for him. Shiloh says, that’s really nice, but no way. There’s no way she’s conning him. She’s right. He doesn’t have experience with kids, but he’s willing to learn. He brings Wiley out, and says, luckily, he has Wiley to teach him.

Tomorrow, Jax says if it gets worse he’s coming to Sonny for answers, Brad tells Lucas this wouldn’t have happened if not for him, and Shiloh says he has too many hostages. Just wait five minutes, he’s going to have a lot more.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Antibes, France. In her interview, Anastasia says, hallelujah. She and Jack finally had sex, and she’s pleased with the merchandise. She tells Hannah that she only had an hour of sleep. Hannah feels like she’s under a microscope. Her whole season was based on her relationship with Captain Sandy, and she’s not messing it up now. João says he has a virus and a fever, but he’s fine to work. In the captain’s interview, she says she can’t allow João to infect the crew. He needs rest, and she needs to quarantine him. She tells Travis to be the bosun. He has to pick up the guests in Monaco. In Travis’s interview, he says he actually knows more than João. Provisions come in, and Anastasia asks Ben to help, which totally offends him. He tells Hannah to tell her stews not to tell him what to do. The inside dining table is totally covered with all kinds of decorating supplies that Hannah has pulled out. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says the weather is unreliable, especially now that winter is coming. She has to depart early to pick the  guests up. The pressure’s on.

Travis jokes that one must have a deep-rooted passion to do yachting. The sea is seriously rough, but he thinks it will be an easy charter. João’s temperature is still 102. In Colin’s interview, he says Travis has had a million years’ experience, and he’s great, but off the boat, they have problems. The only prescription for João is more yachting. The captain calls for the interior to be on deck. In Ben’s interview, he says he’s been in yachting for fifteen years. He started as a first officer on his first job, but the captain found out he could cook, and the rest is history. In João’s interview, he says he’s hearing Travis on the radio. He thinks Travis is doing a doing great job, but wants to be doing his job. They dock.

The boat is readied for the last charter. The captain calls all crew to the main salon. She tells them that they’ve been challenged by the weather, but hopefully, they can do water sports on the last day. João is looking forward to seeing what they pull together for the last charter. In Hannah’s interview, she says, when they have to stay in, the interior goes up a notch. Ben says, less love, more work. In his interview, he says, the last charter has to be perfect. It would be a shame for him to fly in all the way from Florida to do three half-assed charters. The guests arrive.

Captain Sandy welcomes the guests, saying, the weather is obviously not the greatest of conditions, but they’re happy the guests are here. Champagne is served, and Hannah does the tour. In her interview, Hannah says guest Dan is looking fine, but – she slaps her own hand – that’s not happening. Anastasia says it’s the first time she’s ever seen guests pack light. João tells Colin that he’s tired, and Colin says he’s got this. Ben makes up a cheese plate. He follows the plate to the guests, and says they’re not agreeing with each other on their preference sheets. In his interview, he says it puts a strain on cooking when the guests have nothing else to do but eat. He tells them he’s making a five-course dinner, and no one said they don’t like snails. One guest is leery, and he asks what if he hides it? and she tells him that would be okay.

Hannah tries to eat, and wonders why the girls aren’t answering the radio. The captain wonders why Colin is ordering drinks, and tells Hannah to have one person keep an eye on the guests. In the captain’s interview, she thinks because the stews are friends with Hannah, they think they don’t have to do their jobs. Jack and Aesha flirt. Ben tells them to get out of the galley and make themselves useful. In Hannah’s interview, she says they have two massive theme parties. She’s been spending her break and sleep time making sure this goes off without a hitch, to impress the guests and the captain.

João says he’s freezing, and Colin says João looks like death. He’s going to sleep in the crew mess just to be safe. Colin tells the captain that it’s a million degrees, but  João is freezing. The guests talk about their college days, and a Willie Nelson concert. In Aesha’s interview, she says, it’s so boring. It’s the most boring thing in the world. There’s nothing more boring than that. Anastasia wants to wow the pants off the guests. She doesn’t want Captain Sandy coming down on Hannah about table décor. The captain checks out the Great Gatsby themed table, and says, it looks great. In her interview, she says, finally. It’s what she’s been wanting, and she’s loving this. Colin tells Aesha about sleeping in the crew mess, and she invites him to share her and Jack’s cabin.

The guests dress up for the Great Gatsby dinner. Ben tries to open something, but can’t. Colin does that desperate thing many of us do, trying to open it with his teeth. Ben is having trouble finding a serving spoon. He says the guests requested a French themed menu, and he’s throwing the book at them. Shouldn’t that be le livre? He jokes about hiding the snails. A couple of crew members gather in the galley, but Ben says he wants silence when he’s plating, and it’s like a circus in there. Possibly the biggest exaggeration ever. Now he can’t find his plating tweezers. In his interview, Ben says he usually doesn’t want to eat his own food, but he feels like he’s missing out on this dinner. Big risks yield big rewards, and it was bloody good.

Aesha and Jack hug. He wonders, since they’re boyfriend and girlfriend, is it all downhill from here now? She’s not sure, but he hasn’t seen her in her granny panties yet. In Jack’s interview, he says maybe he should have put it off for a little longer. A few guests get in the hot tub. Dan flirts with Hannah, and in her interview, she says she can look, but can’t touch.

Travis is glad this is the last charter. Captain Sandy says they’re going to leave the dock, and show the guests what they can do with the yacht crew. I’m not sure what that means, since it’s not like they make the food or entertainment. Do they have hidden talents? Will they be the cancan dancers??? Anastasia has set the indoor table, and the captain asks why, since the weather is beautiful. Anastasia says Captain Sandy is right; she made a poor judgement call. It was a mistake. The captain tells her, take everything out, and Anastasia curses her life as soon as Captain Sandy is out of earshot. They prepare for departure, and pull out. They anchor down, and the guests have breakfast. João feels great, and whistles while he gets dressed. He can’t wait to go back. Captain Sandy tells them to put out the water toys. It will be amazing. João says he’s 100% better, but the captain doesn’t want him to be around the guests. Hannah calls for Anastasia, who is busy taking pictures. In Hannah’s interview, she says, here we go again, and we flash back to June, June, Hannah. She says, you can do your job for two more days.

Hannah doesn’t want to come down on Anastasia with an iron fist. Anastasia works well with praise, but crumbles under criticism. The water toys go out. Colin thinks it’s a baller move for primary Randy to bring his girlfriend on a trip like this. He takes his dates to McDonald’s to eat off the dollar menu. Hannah confirms the cancan dancers. Ben thinks he hit the wall again. João is surprised the boat hasn’t sunk. In Ben’s interview, he says Hannah is pressured to have the stews like her. Friendship overrides hierarchy, and when there’s no hierarchy, there’s no accountability. He tells Hannah, the girls nap longer than he sleeps. Captain Sandy tells Ben, it’s like the last supper. She’s noticed that the chefs she’s worked with count meals, not days.

João says he’s good for anchor watch. He feels guilty, and thinks it’s the least he can do. Everyone can get a full breakfast. Cancan dancer Mandy calls Hannah, saying she and the dancers at on the dock. Travis goes to pick them up. Anastasia says she’s never been so committed to table décor. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says when Hannah applies herself, and applies it to her team, it’s mind blowing. She doesn’t want to come down on Hannah to get this result. The guests are seated for dinner, and are properly impressed with the table.

The captain asks João how he’s feeling, and he says he’s a little bit under the weather. The dancers warm up. Insecure Ben asks if there have been any comments, but Aesha says, no. He wonders why something wasn’t eaten, and Aesha suggests he check with Hannah, since she’s been at the table more. In his interview, Ben wonders why Hannah is rushing things. He can’t be rushed, and she knows this. Ben tells Captain Sandy that he’s losing it. He’s forgetting what he just did. João and Jack snap towels at each other. Hannah tells the guests that she’s taking them upstairs for a little surprise.

The cancan girls dance. In her interview, the captain says she’s proud of Hannah. She tells Hannah, it’s mind blowing (her phrase of the week). Everyone loves it, and she wishes they’d seen more of it. In Aesha’s interview, she says the interior stepped up, and she’s proud of them. We did a great job. Jack takes to Hannah about Dan, asking if she can suggest they meet when the charter is over. The guests are ready to go to bed, and Dan asks if he can have a whiskey nightcap. He meets Hannah in the longue bar. In Hannah’s interview, she says it’s the last night of charter, and she deserves a break. She asks if Dan has had a good trip, and says it’s a pity he’s not staying longer. They flirt without flirting, and Hannah finds out that he’s seeing someone at home. He says, it’s very new, but her balloon has already deflated. João walks by, and in his interview, wonders what he interrupted. In the galley, he jokingly tells Hannah to maintain her professionalism, and she says she is.

Anastasia complains to Ben that she has nowhere to poop after her morning coffee. She doesn’t want to wake up Hannah. Thanks for the visual. Travis tells the deckhands to put all the water toys out, so when the guests wake up, they’ll be happy. Anastasia makes parchment paper for the decorations. Captain Sandy comes out, and tells Anastasia the table isn’t set. The deckhands have the toys out, and she didn’t even have to ask. That’s real yachting. Why can’t she get interior to work that way. Anastasia says they’re not having brunch until 10:30, but the captain says, a set table is a priority. It’s number one. She tells Anastasia to wake everyone up. She’s pissed. Hannah tells the captain the same thing Anastasia did about brunch being at 10:30, and says she has no idea why a table wasn’t set.

In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says she’s getting excuse after excuse. It’s the last day of the last charter, and she’s sick and tired of having this conversation. Aesha tells Anastasia that it’s a Captain Sandy typhoon; she’s pissed. The captain tells Hannah, if someone wakes up, there’s nowhere to sit and have coffee. What’s inviting? Hannah says, the view is inviting, but the captain says there’s nothing on the table. Hannah says she’s never done that, since the glassware might get salty. Captain Sandy says, then put the décor out. If she chartered the boat, she’d want the table set when she wakes up. She wants Hannah to make sure everyone is up. The deck crew is up. They were on anchor watch, and washed her effing dishes last night. She tells Hannah not to exacerbate her already upsetness [sic]. Wisely, Hannah says, sorry. In Hannah’s interview, she says her main priority has been to build a relationship with Sandy. She’s shut her mouth, had no breaks, and barely slept. She’s effing done. Find yourself another chief stew. The captain gripes some more, saying Anastasia said they’re too busy, when the deck crew has set up, and there’s nothing going on with interior. Where’s the OJ? Anastasia says brunch is at 10:30, but Captain Sandy wants it now, and she wants everybody up.

Next time – the Finale – Jack wonders how João puts up with him, a fire on a nearby boat, Captain Sandy wants to cry, Hannah says she can’t do it anymore, and the captain says yachting is not Hannah’s passion.

📖 Turning a Page…

Bethenny keeps on keepin’ on.


☎ Best Lawyer Ever…

I only saw the first season and a half, but I would definitely call Saul.


🌇 Farewell To the Captain…

The Devil’s Rejects is high on my list of favorite horror films, but he had quite an illustrious career. There’s also an early roll call of the celebrity dead on the page.


👠 The Important Stuff…

The clothes and parties.


🎉 My Kind Of Party…

You can take it with you anywhere, and it’s a lot cheaper to throw.


August 13, 2018 – Griff Answers the Question, Emily Has a Poker Party, Wives, Tyler, Saul Featuring Gus, Bethenny Tweets & Pup Wisdom


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Robert and Jason look through the room Anna had been held in. Robert says it’s the last spot he tracked Finn to before the signal blacked out. They’re not finding any traces of Anna, and Robert says they don’t know if they were there together. They could have been shifted. He’d like Jason as back-up, and Jason says, anything he can do to help Anna.

Anna and Finn brought into a medical office. The dude who kidnapped Finn tells them to settle in, and leaves. Finn says, but they were just getting to know each other.

Cameron tells Elizabeth not to freak out. Franco tells them the shop owner isn’t pressing charges. Cameron says, see? No big deal. Elizabeth says. it’s a giant deal. She raised him better than this. What was going through his head when he decided it was okay to shoplift?

Oscar can’t believe Cameron got arrested; he looked surprised. Josslyn says he was probably scared. Oscar says he thought he got away with it. How entitled to thin you can just steal something if you can’t afford it.  Josslyn says people make mistakes. Oscar says he could lose his job, but she wonders why his workplace has to know. Oscar asks what kind of message this will send the kids. She says Cameron isn’t the bad influence; she is.

Scotty says Griff told the court that he and Kiki are just friends. He asks, what kind of friends? Good friends? Best friends? Special friends? Griff looks like a fish gasping for air, and says he doesn’t know. Alexis says the question has already been asked answered. Scotty is making insinuations. Scotty says he’ll be more clear. Did Griff have sex with Kiki? He reminds Griff that he’s under oath. A simple yes or no. We all wait. Griff finally says, yes, he has. I say, oh ho ho.

Robert knows he and Jason have their differences. He didn’t know how Jason might react if he reached out. Jason says it’s not often law enforcement asks for his help. Robert knows Finn was definitely there. He picks up Finn’s tracker from the floor, and wonders how the hell they found it.

Anna cuts Finn’s restraints off, which are basically plastic ties. He says it’s nicer than the last prison they were in; it smelled like blue cheese. He says, if only they knew where they were. Anna says they’re about five miles outside of Toronto. She explains how she figured it out, which I couldn’t even follow. She says when they stopped for a while, she thinks that’s when they crossed the border. Finn says she’s kind of magic. She says, he is. He knows what all this is. It’s her job to get them out.

Oscar says Cameron stole something, not Josslyn. She says he probably didn’t think of it until he saw her. It might be shocking, but she’s not a nun. She’s shoplifted a couple of times. Oscar says she’s super wealthy, and can buy anything she wants. She says she stole anyway. Before he gets judgmental about Cameron, he’ll have to come at her first.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he paid for the earbuds, so that part is taken care of. The shop owner wants a personal apology; then they’re square. Cameron is like, see? and Elizabeth says he missed the point. He has earbuds all over the place. He says they’re old and the wires get tangled; it’s like living in the Stone Age. She didn’t think he cared, but maybe he should have saved up for a new pair. This isn’t how things work in their family. Cameron says, because they’re poor? Franco tells him not to talk to his mother like that. Cameron says he doesn’t have to listen to Franco. Franco isn’t his father.

Alexis objects to Scotty’s intrusive question. Scotty says it shows their behavior in the workplace, and the character of the witness. The judge overrules it, but warns Scotty. David tells Scotty that he turned the case around: don’t stop now. Scott asks if Griff and Kiki were on staff when this happened. Griff says, yes, they were.

Scotty says Griff is Kiki’s superior. Did she see it as harassment? Alexis says that’s hearsay, and objects. Scotty asks if Kiki ever formally accused him as sexually harassing her. He says, no, and Scotty asks if he’s had any other harassment claims at GH. Griff says no, and Scotty has no further questions. David tells Scotty to show that Kiki is that girl, but Scotty says slut shaming her will do them no good – even though David is enjoying it. Alexis redirects. She ask if Griff is Kiki’s supervisor, and he says, technically. She asks if he’s her direct supervisor, and Griff says, no. She asks if Kiki worked with him in the Shadow program, and he says, no. She asks if they ever had any encounters at the hospital, and he says, no. She says, and most important, was his relationship with her client a consensual encounter? He says, it was consensual, but they never had a relationship. It was a single encounter. A mistake they both regret.

Elizabeth tells Cameron not to speak to Franco that way. Franco says emotions are high, and Elizabeth says, if Cameron had an arrest record, he’d have to tell every college he’s applying to. When he wants something, he needs to work for it, and he’s going to work the rest of the summer pay Franco back. Franco says, it’s not necessary. He sees Elizabeth’s face, and adds, apparently it is. They were $165. Cameron says he’s not the only kid who shoplifts. Elizabeth asks if he has a partner in crime.

Oscar tells Josslyn that he sounds like a judgmental jerk. She agrees, and he says he doesn’t like the idea of her doing something that could get her into serious trouble. He understands. Her mom has been away, and there’s melodrama in her life. Josslyn asks if this is another round of psychoanalysis. He says under normal circumstances, she’s not the type of person who ends up in situations like that. She tells him to stop blaming what he doesn’t like about her on her family drama. He’s making excuses for her, and doesn’t even see her anymore. He asks if Cameron does.

Jason offers Spinelli’s services to Robert, and Robert says, if he needs him. Jason suggests maybe the security cameras picked something up, but Robert says they don’t know if Anna was even there. They only know for certain that Finn was. Jason asks how he’s sure Anna is the target? What if she was bait to lure Finn? Ha-ha! Bait. Lure. Finn.

Anna asks if Finn has any idea who the patient is. He tells her that he was trying to think of who he’s treated over the years, but it’s no one who would resort to this. Anna says, so it’s not a former patient, but someone who would benefit from his expertise. She wonders if it’s someone with Blackwood, but he says the cure is in most hospitals now. Anna says it’s no one from the DVX. He asks how she can be sure, and she says they kept her alive.

Alexis asks Griff to clarify what he’s said. He’s categorized it as one encounter which was a mutual mistake. She asks if Griff has pursued Kiki since then, or reprimanded her professionally. He says they rarely cross paths. She says, so there was a definite delineation between their professional and personal lives. He says yes, and Alexis says, so unlike David, he didn’t pressure, manipulate, or harass her client, and kept their status professional. Scotty objects, and she has no further questions. Griff steps down, and jets into a sh*t storm.

Lulu asks Julian if he knew, but he says he had no idea, but looking back, maybe there were signs. Kiki looks sick. In the hallway, Griff tells Ava that he can explain. She cracks him one across the face.

Robert asks if Jason thinks Anna was bait. She went missing when she left to visit Robin. She’d sent Finn a text message, and he figured she needed space to be with Robin, until she asked him to join her. Robert hadn’t heard from her in over a month, but it wasn’t unusual, and they’d been at odds about Peter. He figured she was icing him out. He called Robin, who told him Anna wasn’t there. Finn showed him the text. Does Jason think they want Finn as leverage? Anna has access to sensitive intel, and wouldn’t talk to save herself; but if they put a gun to Finn’s head, it would be a different story. He wonders why they waited so long. Jason suggests they waited to make sure no one suspected, then used her to bring in Finn when they were ready. Robert says, ready for him to do what?

Anna says if it was anyone after her, she wouldn’t be alive. She was bait, and now that they have him, they don’t need her. He says maybe they do. As long as she’s alive, the can dangle her safety in front of him. She doesn’t think they would risk leaving them together, and he asks if he learned this in abduction class. She says they would have isolated the, and the intelligence agency would break them down. She thinks their captors are mercenaries hired to obtain the objective. Finn says, the mystery patient, and they wonder who it is.

Kiki apologizes to Alexis for not telling her. Alexis says they’ll talk later. In the meantime, this has no bearing on the case. It doesn’t change anything. Kiki says it shouldn’t have, but that doesn’t mean it won’t. She asks if Alexis still thinks they’ll win.

David tells Scotty the ball is back in their court. Scotty says, yippee. David says he’s obligated to provide the best possible defense – get on it. Scotty calls David to the stand.

Griff knocks on Ava’s door, saying he knows she’s in there. She opens the door, martini in hand, and tells him to get out. He says it’s not what she thinks. He’s not going anywhere until they talk. When he explains, it will make sense. It was after the Nurses’ Ball; he’d thought they’d broken up. Ava says she understands perfectly well. He took the first chance he got to sleep with Kiki.

David is sworn in. Kiki tells Alexis that she’d said Scotty wasn’t calling him. Alexis says Scotty is full of surprises today. Scotty asks if David believed his attention was unwanted, and David says, no. Alexis asks what difference this makes; what if he read the signals wrong. David says he didn’t, and the judge tells him not to speak unless he’s addressed directly. Scotty asks him to elaborate. David says early in their professional relationship, he and Kiki bonded. Scotty asks for an example, and David says he found her crying at the coffee kiosk. It was the anniversary of the death of her old boyfriend, Morgan. She’d just come from the memorial service. She shared her feelings; the feelings she couldn’t share with her then boyfriend, Dillon. She told him that when she began seeing Dillon, she was cheating on Morgan. Alexis says that’s irrelevant, and the judge says to disregard it. Scotty asks why he would think that was an invitation? David says Kiki laid her head on his shoulder, and it was obvious to any passerby that she had feelings for him. When Dillon saw them, he threw a fit. It was reasonable to think she was attracted to him. That’s what she wanted him to think.

Josslyn tells Oscar that Cameron understands family drama; he has his own. It’s nice venting, but they’re just friends. Oscar thinks he must sound like a jealous jerk. She says he has nothing to be jealous about. He should consider himself lucky that he can’t relate to her family’s dysfunction. He says he cares about her, and she says she cares about him too. He asks what they were fighting about, and she says, literally nothing. She thanks him for being patient, and he says he wants to be there for her. She brings up the riddle he texted to her, and says it was cool. It’s just what she needed to distract her.

Elizabeth asks if someone pressured Cameron into doing this. He says it’s not like someone he hangs out with, and she says he won’t have to worry about that; he’s grounded. Franco says he didn’t see that coming. Cameron is to go to work and home only until Elizabeth feels she can trust him. She has to fill out release forms on his behalf, and tell him to sit and wait. He says she’s ruining his life.

Anna wonders what Robert was thinking. Finn says he did install a nifty tracking device. She says taking it out bought them some time. Robert should never have sent him into the field. Finn says, at least it was his choice; Anna blackmailed him. She says there’s no comparison. She gave him time to prepare. Robert threw him to the wolves. Finn says he’s doing fine, but Anna doesn’t like him risking his life. He asks if she would expect him say no to finding her. If the roles were reversed, she’d be the first to come after him.

Jason wonders about Anna’s enemies. Robert says she had an issue with Obrecht, but Obrecht has been too busy holding Peter captive. Jason says, anyone still in Port Charles? Robert asks what they’d want from Finn? That’s where his theory breaks down. If Finn is the target, why go to so much trouble to capture Anna? It’s a dead. He doesn’t think there’s anything to find. Jason picks a pill up off the floor,and Robert asks, what do we have here?

Alexis thanks David for his testimony, but counsel left out an important question. Did Kiki ever express interest verbally. He says not in so many words. Alexis says, yes or no, and he says, no. She asks if he reprimanded Kiki because she rebuffed his advances, but he says any negative criticism was warranted. Alexis says Kiki got an amazing, glowing review, but he’d revised it from the original, which could have tanked her career. He’d offered to alter it if she showed up in his hotel room. David says that’s not true. She asks if he had any reason to think his behavior might lead to a lawsuit, and he says, why would it? She’d like to revisit the photograph. He took the picture after he’d berated her when she was shadowing him. Had he thought he went too far, and took the photo as insurance to cover his ass? Scotty objects, saying it’s a tad bit argumentative. Alexis has no further questions, and the judge calls for a recess before the closing arguments.

Ava says during their twelve-hour breakup, Griff had to jump into bed with her daughter. He says it just happened, and she says she knew there was something between them. Month after month, she saw them with their heads together, and he tried to convince her that she was paranoid. He says they’re just friends; it was an accident. She says, you don’t just fall into bed with your girlfriend’s daughter. That’s why he told her he loved her. He knew the secret was going to come out. Griff says he does love her. He made a mistake he’d give anything to take back. She should know the feeling. She tells him not to compare the two of them. She’s done plenty that she regrets to get what she wanted. He has a fetish for women in trouble. Nothing turns him on like a helpless woman clinging to him in need. Kiki was too weak for him to resist.

Robert tells Jason it’s a medication that Anna takes. He assumes her captors want to keep her healthy. Now Jason’s theory makes sense. Anna is the bait; Finn is the target. Why all this trouble to get a doctor? Jason says Finn is a specialist; someone is sick. Robert wonders why wait so long, but Jason doesn’t know. Maybe there’s a medical angle they can’t see.

Anna says she can do fine on her own. Finn says, note to self: don’t rescue. She says she’s had training. She knows the risks. He says she thinks he can’t handle it, but she says he shouldn’t have to. Finn says from what he’s been exposed to in the past year, he knew what he was signing up for when he said he wanted to be with her. It doesn’t scare him. They kiss, because now is totally the time. Kidnap dude and dude who isn’t Klein come in. Anna asks who they’re working for, and what do they want from them?

Scotty tells Alexis that he’s sorry. He never meant for it to go that far. She says, but it did. Kiki asks Julian how bad her mother looked. Julian asks if she knows that expression, hell hath no fury. That doesn’t begin to cover it. Lulu asks how Kiki is holding up; this was a lot just now. Kiki leaves to get some air. David appears, and says she looks upset. She says just because she slept with Griff doesn’t change the fact that he harassed her. He’s not sure the judge will agree.

Griff tells Ava that he and Kiki were both in a bad place, and they wound up together. She can ask Kiki herself. Ava says she’ll add it to the ever-growing list of things she has to discuss with Kiki. She’s talking to him right now. He’d said she deserved love that wasn’t toxic, but decent and pure. He made her believe she could find joy, hope, and stability in her life, but she was just his escape; his vacation from morality. He says he’s not losing her like this. He loves her. She says for months he couldn’t say it; now, he can’t shut up. He’s a hypocrite. He can’t admit it was just sex, after he dressed it up, and she was desperate enough to buy into his words. His words mean nothing. He means nothing. She tells him to get out. He makes the most worried face ever made, and says he’s sorry. She says he doesn’t know what it means to be sorry, but he will. She promises. She closes the door.

Elizabeth says she’s mortified that Cameron spoke that way to Franco. When he cools off, she’ll tell him to apologize. Franco says he has a point; he’s not Cameron’s father. Is it really his place? Elizabeth says they’re about to be married. He’s going to be part of the family. She’s sorry this is happening; it came out of nowhere. When she was growing up, Elizabeth got many you’re-ruining-your-life speeches from her parents. She caused hell wherever she was. But she didn’t see Cameron going down that path. Franco says, in his experience, kids shoplift when they don’t get enough attention at home. She asks if he’s saying it’s her fault, but he says it’s just a phase. It will pass, and he’ll be fine. He has a great mom. She hopes he’s right. He knows he is. Cameron text Josslyn that the good news is, he’s not arrested; the bad news is, he’s grounded. He probably won’t see people IRL for a while, except for work.

Josslyn texts back that IRL is lame anyway. She’s glad he’s in no real trouble though. Oscar says he hates fighting, but Josslyn says she’s heard it’s healthy now and then. He still hates it. He promises to try to listen and not rush to judgement. Josslyn thanks him, and they agree they’re good.

Not Klein tells Finn and Anna that the patient will be transferred once she’s brought out of her coma. Finn asks who she is. Come on. They don’t know?

Robert says reinforcements have arrived. He needs to sync with the Bureau. He tells Jason to look for anything from Finn’s past that might apply. Jason says he knows he’s the last person Robert wanted to call, but he’d like to know when Anna is safe. Robert promises he’ll know. Robert gets a call, and finds out a transport was intercepted. He asks, who was taken?

Not Klein says they both know the patient fairly well. It’s Cassandra Pierce. Finn and Anna look at each other.

Tomorrow, Robert asks Valentin what he did with Anna, Franco tells Ava it’s just a fraction of what she deserves, Carly tells Michael they have to plan the baby’s funeral, and a verdict is reached.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Kelly makes reservations for herself and Shannon for dinner.

Emily tells Tamra she’s having a dinner party, and maybe some poker.

Gia’s son counts one, two, five. She says maybe math won’t be his thing.

Vicki tells office manager Linda there’s been a bird tapping on her window. Linda says maybe he just wants food, and complains about finding dead birds after they flew into the windows of the building. Vicki says when her mother was alive, she always thought it was Vicki’s father. Son Michael says it’s mating season, but she’d rather believe it’s a ghost. Vicki says she gives him food, and he won’t go away. Well, he probably won’t go away because she’s giving him food. Vicki and Michael have gotten close. He’s vice president of the company now, and her legacy plan. He and girlfriend Dani moved in together a while ago, and Vicki suggests she go with them on their European vacation. He’s not keen on that idea, and suggests meet up for dinner. Vicki is feeling the empty nest, even though her kids are all in their thirties.  She suggest meting for dinner empty nest and they’re in their thirties. Brianna and Ryan moved to North Carolina, and she feels abandoned. Her family is all gone, poof! She did what she could to keep them there, but Michael helps fill the void, but can’t do it 100%. She asks if he and Dani are getting married. She wants to plan a wedding.

Kelly and Shannon arrive at the restaurant and order drinks. Shannon asks Kelly, what if she goes on a date and kisses him, and another guy asks her out? Doesn’t she feel guilty? In her interview, Shannon says, there are enough skeletons in the closet when someone is in their twenties; a sixty-year-old has a whole graveyard. Kelly thinks she’s going through a funk.  Shannon can’t imagine dating. She’s still not comfortable in her own body. She doesn’t want to see it, never mind showing it to someone else. Kelly says she needs confidence in herself. Shannon was told for many years she was selfish and worthless. Kelly says she’s none of those things, and Shannon says she knows, but when you hear it for so long… Kelly has heard them too. There are days she cries, and feels depressed and lonely. They agree in wanting partners. Kelly wants someone who’s there for her. In her interview, Kelly says it looks like she’s having a good time, but she just came out of a thirteen-year marriage; she’s not used to being alone. Shannon says the best and right thing is happening to both of them. In her interview, Shannon says she and Kelly have been through hell and back. Who knew? It shows how you can evolve. She’s glad she and Kelly have reached a point in their relationship where they understand each other. She says Kelly has a big heart, and Kelly says, who knew? They start doing the who? you! thing from a million seasons ago. By that I mean two or three. It just feels like that long ago.

Gina and friend Tatiana go to an antique store. Gina says she’s never been there, and it’s freaking her out. Gina wants to find a housewarming gift for her nanny Lupe. She picks out a hutch. She tells Tatiana that she’s been palling around with Tamra’s friends. In her interview, Gina says Tatiana knows Tamra. Tatiana is one of her closest friends in the OC. She’s from New York, and Gina thinks that gives them a stronger connection. Gina understands that being super-opinionated wasn’t the best way to start a friendship. We flash back to last week’s dinner. Where she comes from it’s okay to lay your opinion on the table and not be judged. They try on fur coats and hats, and Gina feels what’s been missing in the OC is being silly. In her interview, Gina says she and Tatiana had an instant bond. Back home, everyone made fun of each other all the time. She can imagine how it would go over here. She tells Tatiana she needs to focus on Lupe.

Shannon goes to a fitness equipment store. She tells the clerk that she just started exercising. When he asks what she likes to do, she says she hates all of it. She’s looking for a machine. In her interview, she says there are lots of people at the gym, and she wants to just walk into the room next door to her bedroom. Tamra joins her. In her interview, Tamra says she asked what Shannon’s fitness goals are, and Shannon just looked at her. Tamra says at least she showed up. In her interview, Shannon says David had gotten a bike for her, and took it when he left. We see clips of her trying to deal with it. She didn’t like it because it hurt to ride. She’s right about that, but you can change the seat. Tamra does a demonstration on one of the machines. She says she’s there to support Shannon in her fitness goals. She’s buying equipment she’s not going to use, that she can use for free at the gum. Tamra mentions Shannon going out with Kelly, and Shannon thinks they connected. They talked about what they’re going through, and bonded. In her interview, Tamra says maybe she’s feeling jealous. She feels left out. She has a broken foot, and Eddie is not getting better. She was there through it all with Shannon, and now she’s partying with Kelly. Tamra says she never hears from Shannon, and Shannon says, sorry; she felt they bonded. She has so many amazing things going on, she wants to pinch herself. In her interview, Tamra says Shannon has a habit of focusing on herself. She’s picked up the phone at midnight when Shannon is crying, and she can’t even call to see how Eddie is doing because he and David are friends. She thinks Shannon going out with Kelly and getting drunk, then posting about it on social media is a bad choice. In her interview, Shannon says Tamra jumped into a hot tub naked and broke her foot. Don’t talk to her about a cray night with Kelly. She’s not doing it every night.

Emily gets ready for her party. She’s also a party planner, but isn’t the one who cooks. Her oven is broken, and she didn’t even know. That’s how often she makes dinner. It’s an opportunity to showcase her home, party skills, and family. She thinks putting women with poker, alcohol, and food should be fun. Husband Shane escapes with the kids.

Kelly picks up Shannon, who is wearing a green suit with playing card graphics all over it. She calls it her poker suit, and says she got it online. I can’t decide how I feel about it. In her interview, Shannon says poker is about going big or going home, and she’s going big. I don’t think I ever played poker with my friends, but there was a long stretch of Friday night Yahtzee when I was in my twenties. Pary arrives, and Emily tells us that at seventy-three she can still rock leather pants and stilettos like nobody’s business. She certainly can, and she is so tiny! Tamra comes on her scooter. Everyone sits down for dinner, sans Vicki. Tamra looks at the empty chair, and says they’re on Vicki time. Emily talks blackjack with Shannon. Vicki rolls in. Kelly talks about a date with rocket guy from Houston. They met through one of her friends who lives there. Pary asks if she has a boyfriend, and Kelly says, a bunch. Pary says, a bunch means nobody. Kelly says Pary got it right. Kelly talks about what’s out there, and how she bought a dude a seven-hundred-dollar dinner, and he couldn’t pick up the tab for her sunglasses when he bought himself a pair afterwards. In her interview, she says she doesn’t do cheap. Emily thinks everyone wants a dirty story. Tamra asks Kelly if there’s zero chance of her getting back together with Michael. Maybe he isn’t so bad. In her interview, Kelly says she’ll always love and care about him, but she’s not in love with him. Pary asks why they got divorced, and even though it doesn’t answer the question, Kelly says Vicki hooked him up with one of her friends. Vicki asks if they’re going there again. Kelly needs to drop it. Kelly asks if Vicki is threatening her.

Vicki says to keep her out of it. Emily wants popcorn. In her interview, Gina wonders if this is how friendships and relationships play out in the OC. Vicki wonders why Kelly is acting crazy, and says it’s ridiculous. Shannon says it makes her blood boil. If she found out a friend had set her husband up, she’d be livid. In her interview, Shannon says Vicki doesn’t get it. Kelly feels betrayed. She hasn’t had enough time to process it. Kelly asks why Vicki would want to hurt her. Gina thinks she has a hard time getting out of her own way. She made a choice that hurt her friend’s feelings. Kelly starts to cry, and Gina says sometimes friends eff up. Vicki says she’s always had Kelly’s back, but Kelly says she’s been a constant let own for her. Vicki insists she’s been there for Kelly. We flash back to Vicki befriending Kelly when she first joined the cast. Kelly says she’s been there for Vicki, but Vicki has never been there for her. In her interview, Kelly says she poured her trust, love, and feelings into the relationship, and Vicki betrayed her. It hurts. Vicki asks how to fix it, and Kelly says just don’t talk about it. I have to say, I’m on Team Kelly with this one. I can’t imagine fixing up a friend’s ex-husband, unless I knew they were fine with it. And a double date is a hard no.

Dinner is served. Shannon tells everyone that she got a call from QVC, and they’re going to start promoting her product. Gina thinks it’s good business, and Kelly is proud of her. In her interview, Tamra says she’s never seen Career Shannon. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Gina thinks it’s time for poker. Emily’s motto is, if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying. She has visors for all of the girls, with their names bedazzled on them. The dealer explains the game. In her interview, Emily says Gina is loud and opinionated in. Add alcohol and she’s really loud and opinionated. Everyone has a shot. Gina asks who wants another, and calls them pusses [sic].

Vicki thinks they should talk in library voices. At a poker game? A happy medium maybe. Tamra asks Vicki to step outside with her. Kelly isn’t winning, and says this is not her jam. Shannon goes outside too. Tamra has to explain that Vicki is saying the wrong things to Kelly. Can’t she just say she’s sorry? In her interview, Shannon says an apology Vicki’s way is not an apology. Say something to stop the talking about it, then move on. They call Kelly outside. Pretty soon, the whole party will be out there. Vicki says she’s sorry. She loves Kelly, and wants her friend back. She doesn’t know how to fix it. Kelly says she’s a simple girl. She’s hurt, and she wants to have her friend back too. Vicki promises to call more. Kelly says Vicki invited Michael to her house on Thanksgiving, but not her. Vicki says Michael had called Steve, saying he was alone. If she’d known, she would have wanted Kelly there. In her interview, Tamra says it was the hardest when the kids went to her ex’s. It felt lonely. Pary – who has magically appeared because she’s really a tiny fairy – offers Kelly her phone number.

Ryan is driving Tamra and Eddie to the hospital. Tamra talks about a black cat looking at her and Eddie as it crossed in front of them. In her interview, Tamra says when she first found out Eddie had AFib, she thought they’d just get it fixed, but he’s one of the cases that isn’t reacting to treatment the way he’s supposed to. Tamra talks about how Eddie has gone from one thing to the next, and Eddie says that’s why they call it practicing. Tamra feels helpless that she can’t make it better. It’s very serious, and so frustrating. She says Eddie is quiet, and he says he can’t take his mind off it if she keeps talking. In her interview, Tamra says she never had to pray much for Eddie. Now, every night, it’s, please, God, make Eddie better. She tells Eddie that she thinks it will work this time. In her interview, she says her faith is being tested. She doesn’t understand why all this is happening.

Shane spaces out, while the kids get rowdy. In her interview, Emily says her parenting style is, whatever she needs to do to survive. She has three toddlers, who are rambunctious with a lot of energy. She makes sure they’re happy and safe, and no one is bleeding. She says Gina was loud last night, and Shane says annoyingly loud. In her interview, Emily says Gina was the last person left after the party. We see a clip of her saying she’s never leaving. Emily says Annabelle was still awake, and Shane yelled down to get her out. She tells Shane that Gina is from New York. Shane says he doesn’t care. He wonders if he goes to New York, he’ll see a lot of loud, annoying women. Probably. Emily suggests he stay on the West Coast. Emily says Gina did apologize. She got a text. Gina says she has small kids too. Shane asks what that has to do with it, and Emily says one of his complaints was that the kids were there. Shane says Gina used foul language and was loud. Emily says Gina agreed with what he said, and wants to apologize to him. He’s down with her apologizing, and says groups of loud women aren’t his cup of tea, especially loud, cackling, older women. Emily tells him to be careful. Geez. Shane needs to lighten up. He’s cranky from staying at home with the kids. And not that it matters, but how old does he think is old?

Eddie and Tamra come back to the car. Ryan asks what happened, and Eddie says, it didn’t work. He’s back in AFib. Ryan asks if the doctor shocked him again, and Eddie says, no; it’s not going back in rhythm. Tamra says the doctor wants to put him on a drug. He’ll feel normal, but he has to be in the hospital for four days. A percentage of the cases go into cardiac arrest, then need a shock to the heart. The doctor thinks it’s the best choice, and Tamra asks if Eddie wants a second opinion. He guesses so. He has a doctor in San Francisco he wants to call. In her interview, Tamra think Eddie is breaking a little. It’s easier when you have faith, and give it to God. He’s dealing with it at his own pace, with no one but her to lean on.

Back at home, Eddie tells Tamra that he’s setting up an appointment with the doctor in San Francisco. Tamra says the one they have is a top cardiologist. He says a divorce lawyer can’t help with a criminal case, and this doctor is a specialist. Unless he’s a specialist with the specialty, I’m not sure what Eddie’s point is. Does he know what a cardiologist is? Tamra knows he’s frustrated. She tells him that she would be too, but don’t take it out on her.

Next time, Vicki does a radio show, Gina thinks Shane owes her an apology, and Shannon says David went off on her.

🗽 🐮 The season finale of The Real Housewives of New York City will be on at a different time – 8 pm – Wednesday, August 15th. It will rerun at 10 pm, but the new season of The Real Housewives of Dallas will premiere at 9 pm.

🌃 Temptation Tuesday will also be back on August 14th at 9 pm with The Haves and the Have Nots.

🚑 I’d Definitely Call Saul…

I’m hoping to catch this season, especially if there’s some Gus going on.


🙇 The Saddest Thing…

The picture Bethenny posted of Dennis and Cookie.


🐶 Out of the Mouths of Pups…


August 6, 2018 – Carly on the Loose, Gina Has Opinions, Ashley Appears, Tyler’s Too Close, Saul Returns & a Little Grumpy


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam meets Jason at the docks. She tells him for a wanted man, he’s taking a lot of chances. He says he needs another favor.

At the hospital, Monica tells Drew that she got a call that someone made a generous donation to the hospital in Michael’s son Jonah’s name. They wanted to remain anonymous, but it was him, wasn’t it? BTW, real Monica, Leslie Charleson, is back, and she looks terrific. More like she was relaxing on an island somewhere, than she’d had an accident.

At Kelly’s, Julian asks Ava what’s in her bag. She says it’s what she wanted to talk to him about. He says the way she’s clutching it, it’s either valuable or incriminating.

Brad and Lucas see Michael at the station. He asks if Brad is there to see Nelle. She snuck past guards, and they thought she might reach out to him. Brad says he hasn’t heard from her, but Michael says, even if he had, she’s back in custody thanks to Josslyn. Lucas asks if she made a citizen’s arrest, and Michael says he’ll put it this way – she’s her mother’s daughter. Lucas says he almost feels bad for Nelle.

Nelle tells Jordan that her baby’s death was caused by Jordan’s department. She has blood on her hands; Chase and Michael too. Jordan is truly sorry for her loss, but it doesn’t change the fact that she escaped police custody and fled. Nelle says she’ll never be able to get justice in Port Charles. Michael’s two families run this place – the Quartermaines and the Corinthoses. Jordan says Sonny didn’t make her confess to Zack’s murder or the attempted murder of Michael. They have everything they need to put her away. Nelle says if they did, she wouldn’t be sitting here. There’s something they still want from her, and it has everything to do with Carly.

On the phone, Sonny asks if Josslyn is okay, and thanks Max. Carly asks what happened, and he says, nothing. She doesn’t think it sounded like nothing. Sonny tells her that Nelle escaped from the hospital. If Josslyn hadn’t stopped her, she would have gotten away. She has superficial bruises, but she’s fine, and Nelle is back in custody. Carly says she should have been there, and now she’s taking off with Jason to Canada. She shouldn’t leave when everyone needs her.

Jason tells Sam that he’s going to try something. If it doesn’t work, he might have to go on the run. If he does, he can’t help Michael. Sam heard the baby was stillborn, and asks if he’s seen Michael. Jason says he’s at the safe house. He’s toughing it out, or trying to. He knows Sam knows what it’s like to lose a baby. Sam says, so does he. He tells her that he can’t be with Michael, and neither can Carly or Sonny. She says he doesn’t have to ask. She loves Michael, and will do everything she can.

Drew tells Monica that he’s sure plenty of people might have made an anonymous contribution. She says if he’s thinking of Sonny, there are plaques all over with his name one them; he’s hardly anonymous. Drew admits it was him, and she says it was beautiful gesture. It means a lot to Michael. They can’t bring Jonah back, but it will help other newborns. His life was brief, but he’ll have a lasting effect. If he’d like her advice, even though he didn’t ask for it, he shouldn’t be anonymous. He’s Drew Cain. Own it.

Ava tells Julian that it’s nothing incriminating. Not directly to her anyway. He asks why she’s nervous, and she says she’s just reacting to something someone else did; a problem someone else caused. He says, so she wants him to undo the problem, and asks if the sudden urge to do the right thing was influenced by Griff. She says it’s as much Julian’s fault as Griff’s. He says he wanted to do and be a better man for Kim, and he inspired her to be better. He ask if she’s relieved that Nelle was caught, but she says Nelle’s baby was stillborn. No matter what she did, no mother deserves to lose a baby. Julian says Michael lost a baby too. He doesn’t have much use for Michael, but as a father, Michael has his sympathy. He asks why Ava needed to see him. She says it will be easier if she shows him. She pulls a corner of the blanket out of the bag, and he asks if it’s what he thinks it is. Carly and Nelle argued over a blanket that mysteriously disappeared, and now he knows why. Ava says she needed leverage to keep Nelle quiet over something Nelle was holding over her head. He asks if it’s also something someone else did, and she says it’s not important. The blanket can somehow reappear. It will prove Carly is telling the truth, and free her. He says she’s doing this for Carly? Don’t kid a kidder. She’s afraid Nelle will give her up. She say she wants to put distance and closure in all aspects of the situation. He asks how she’s going to do that without getting caught, and she says, he is.

Jordan tells Nelle that she’s entitled to a lawyer, but she says she’ll stick with remaining silent. Jordan says she just lost a baby, not to mention a husband and her chance to inherit his money if he died like she’d planned. What does she have to gain by keeping silent about what she did to Carly. Nelle asks who says she did anything? Jordan plays the part of the tape where Michael asks her about gaslighting Carly. Nelle tells Michael that she’ll tell him everything if he pulls over, but he tries to get her to say Carly didn’t push her. Jordan says she was about to admit Carly never pushed her. She tells Nelle to finish her story, and for once, so the right thing. Nelle asks what’s in it for her?

Carly tells Sonny she won’t be there to help Michael with his grief. She won’t be there for Josslyn, who’s fourteen, and it couldn’t be a worse time for her to without her mom. Sonny says it’s only a matter of time before she’s cleared. In the meantime, Michael and Josslyn are with people who care. Not her, but they’re not alone. Carly asks, what about him? Jason will be gone and Michael is grieving. Who’s going to help him with his dad? He says sooner or later, Nelle will be on trial and go to prison where she belongs. Carly says it’s going to take a lot of time, and it’s the one thing she doesn’t have. She just wants it over.

Lucas tells Michael that he’s sorry; they both are. Michael says everyone has been very kind. He tells them congratulations; it’s amazing. Brad doesn’t think Michael wants to hear about it, but Michael says he does. They waited for months; they must have been surprised when a miracle showed up. Lucas says the baby wasn’t expected for another week. He was in surgery, and came out to a thousand messages from Brad. Brad says it’s time for the baby to eat. Lucas says he’ll just check at the desk, and make sure they still don’t need to talk to Brad. Brad tells Michael that the baby’s name is Wiley. Michael likes it, and asks to hold him. Brad gives Wiley to Michael, and looks worried.

Sam tells Jason that he should do anything he can to stay in Port Charles, not just for Carly, but for himself too. It took her a lot of years to accept that he’d do anything for Carly, and she realized it’s mutual. Carly isn’t afraid to take care of herself, but she depends on him, and he would go to prison for her in a heartbeat. She suggests he find another way. The list of people who need him is long, and includes Danny – and her. She doesn’t know how to define their relationship, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

Michael tells Wiley that he’s lucky, and his dads know how lucky they are. Lucas agrees, and asks if Brad is okay. Brad tells them he has to say something; something he should have said a long time ago. Michael says Wiley is the one good thing that’s happening. He’s going to be raised in love. He was planned for, wanted, and hoped for, and their lives are better because he’s in them. When he’s done with his Blue Fairy speech, Michael says he didn’t mean to cut Brad off. Brad tells Michael that he said it all. Michael gives Wiley back to Brad, and leaves the station. Lucas says Michael is right. They are so lucky.

Julian asks Ava is he’s supposed to drop the blanket on Sonny’s doorstep, ring the bell, and run. She suggests he plant it in the Quartermaine nursery. If anyone notices, he can says he’s there to see Leo. Julian says if he gets caught, he’ll never see Leo again. She tells him to just plant it there, and voila! He says a lot could go wrong, and it’s a bad time for him to get arrested. Wiley just arrived. Ava begs him to do this as a favor. If he puts it back, this can all be over. He tells her that he’s way nicer to her than she deserves. She asks if that’s a yes, and he says, hand it over. He leaves, and sees Margaux sitting outside. She asks if she can have a word, but he keeps moving. She says, I guess not.

Drew comes by, and Margaux asks if he saw Julian. Drew says Julian used to be his father-in-law once or twice. She asks what that’s about, and he says the short answer is, not anymore. She asks if he’d like to join her, and he asks for a raincheck. He thinks Curtis gave her the wrong impression, and wants to set the record straight.

Jordan tells Nelle cutting a deal might be tricky, since she’s implicated for murder. Nelle says what Chase and Michael did is called entrapment. She was cornered into saying what she didn’t want to. Jordan says she confessed in the car, and Nelle says it won’t hold up in court; she was coerced. She would have said anything to get Michael to stop the car before it crashed. Jordan asks how she knew it would crash, unless she was counting on it and arranged it? D-oh!

Jason comes back to the safe house, and Carly asks if Josslyn and Michael are okay. He says Michael is okay, but why Josslyn. Sonny explains that she stopped Nelle from escaping, and punches were thrown. He says she’s proud of herself. Carly is proud of her too, but Josslyn needs her. She might be strong on the outside, but on the inside, she’s a vulnerable teenager. Sonny asks if she’s having second thoughts about going to Canada, and Jason says they might not have to.

Jason shows them the consent form, saying he got it from Sam. Carly says the signature isn’t even close. She looks at the date, July 16th, and says it was before Michael’s wedding and before she was drugged. There’s no way she signed it. Jason says there might be another way, but it’s risky.

Drew tells Margaux that Curtis thought there was something going on between them. Margaux says he did seem wingman-y. Drew says he just got divorced. Margaux was already aware of it, and he asks how she knows stuff. She says Curtis is his buddy, and works with Sam. He bought Aurora Media with her, and when they had their launch, Jason came through the skylight. It’s a matter of public record, and she’s just trying to follow the sequence. Drew was a Navy SEAL, and had his memories replaced with Jason’s. He was hit by a car and forgot, but eventually Jason’s memories came back. Drew says she’s accurate so far. She says all of his memories were stored on a flash drive. Margaux flashes back to looking at the information. Drew says at this point, the flash drive seems to be lost. He says it was nice of Curtis to be his wingman, but he’s not looking. She understands and appreciates that, but thinks it’s only appropriate to tell him to get over himself.

Lucas tells Brad they only wanted to talk about Nelle. Now that she’s back in custody, they’re good to go. He asks Brad what’s wrong, and Brad says he keeps thinking about the germs circulating in there. Lucas wonders when he last ate, and Brad asks what say it is. Lucas suggests they get take-out from Kelly’s, and go home with their son.

At the Quartermaine’s, Julian mumbles that Ava had better appreciate the things he does for her. He leaves the blanket in a dresser in the nursery.

Nelle tells Jordan it’s Chase’s word against hers. Jordan says funny she said that, since it’s her words that they’ll use to convict her. She plays the part of the tape where Nelle says the only way she can survive is if Michael dies, and asks Chase to find a way. Jordan asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want a lawyer.

Carly tells Jason it sounds great, assuming it will work. Sonny says, playing devil’s advocate, Canada is safer, easier, and the best idea. Carly just wants to get back to her life. Sonny says they both know she can get fixated on something, and make more trouble for herself. She says it’s riskier for Jason than for her. Jason says it’s her call.

Michael picks up a toy from the crib. Monica sees him, and asks if he’s okay. He says, no. He doesn’t think he will be for a very long time. Monica says he’s right, but he will get through this. She did. He says she’s one of a kind, and she tells him, thank God. Even she couldn’t put up with another one of her. He’s going to grieve, but he’ll endure. He asks how long it will take. She says from her experience, it will seem like forever until it doesn’t. Michael says, something to look forward to, and she hugs him.

Julian tells Ava, mission accomplished. The housekeeper let him in. He didn’t see anyone, so he’s in the clear, but it’s her last favor of the non-legal variety, now that Wiley has arrived. Here they are now. Lucas and Brad walk in with the baby, and Ava gushes over Wiley, calling him a born heartbreaker. Lucas tells Wiley, watch out; here comes trouble. Julian takes a picture. Brad goes to get the food, and Ava asks if he’s heard from Nelle. Jordan called to see if she’d contacted Ava. Brad says Jordan called him too, but Nelle is back in custody. Ava says, it’s a shame. She did all she could for Nelle. He says he knows the feeling, and she says, no one should lose a child.

Margaux tells Drew he’s not the only one not looking, and if she was, she wouldn’t need a matchmaker like Curtis. Drew says, good thing, since he’s not good at it. She wonders if when they do start looking, they need to use dating apps. Her phone dings, and Drew asks if she’s swiped right already. She has to go, but if he decides to put a toe back in the water… She leaves her card on the table.

Lucas tells Brad that his father likes to control things. Brad says he’s gone forty-eight hours without sleep, but can’t blame Julian for wanting to be included. Family means everything. Ava looks at Brad, Lucas, and Wiley, and remarks what a beautiful family they are.

Jordan tells Nelle that they everything they need to prosecute her for conspiracy to commit murder. In New York state, she can get life. Jordan says she’ll let Florida and Maine wrestle over the charges for Zack’s murder. She only hopes Nelle admits what she did to Carly. Nelle says Carly admitted she was crazy, and Jordan says Nelle gambled and lost. Don’t make it worse, perjuring herself over a crime they both know she committed. She asks what happened, and Nelle says she doesn’t feel well. She wants to go back to the hospital. Jordan says, the hospital she broke out of? She doesn’t think so. Jordan says to tell her what she needs to know. If Nelle is really sick, she’ll bring in a doctor. Nelle says she would like a lawyer now.

Michael looks through the baby clothes. Sam comes in, saying she thought she’d find him there. He calls her a good detective. He thought he’d pack everything up for the shelter. Sam asks if he’s sure it’s not too soon. She tells him they can go somewhere he can scream his lungs out. He says she just keeps thinking about how the kids can use these things, and it would be selfish to hold on to them. She offers to help, and he accepts. He says his marriage was a lie, but the baby was real. He remembers the first sonogram, and the first time he felt the baby move. He realized how his life changed forever, and now… She says he still has Jonah. He may not have been in the world long, but he will always be a part of Michael’s heart. The love he feels is reason to keep living for him. Michael says he doesn’t know how to do this. Sam tells him every day is a victory; every hour he doesn’t give in to despair. She wants him to be proud. He knows and is proud. He starts to put things in a box.

Julian takes more pictures. Ava says he looks like a normal, doting grandfather, He says he is, more or less.

Sonny asks Jordan what to expect. She says if his wife turns herself in voluntarily, she has questions. He says what about? The set-up by an admitted murderer she has in custody already? Why not set up a case for that instead of searching for his wife?

Margaux sees Jason at the docks. She got his text and was intrigued. He thanks her for coming, but she tells him to save it. Give her one good reason why she shouldn’t turn him in.

Sam tells Michael it’s okay. He says he’s just remembering how he ordered everything. Nelle picked out some things, but it was mostly him. He says Brad and Lucas have everything picked out already. Sam says they have everything in the nursery decorated within an inch of its life, but not so much the clothes. Does he want to give some to them from Wiley’s cousin Jonah? He hands her some clothes, and opens another drawer. He sees the baby blanket, and says he can’t believe it. He asks Sam if it looks familiar.

Sonny tells Jordan that Carly was drugged and tortured at Ferncliff. She was in fear for her life. If Jordan won’t talk about it now, then he’ll talk about it with someone else; the government, press, whoever will listen. She tells him there’s no need to involve the press, but he thinks there is. Ferncliff forged Carly’s signature on a consent form.

Carly walks into the interrogation room. She tells Nelle, long time no see, and smiles.

Tomorrow, Griff tells Ava that he loves her, Scotty is going to do everything in his power to win, and Carly tells Nelle that she messed with the wrong family.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Vicki takes Tamra for a follow-up on her foot. Vicki asks the doctor when Tamra can whoop it up again. Vicki embarrasses Tamra and the doctor by talking about Tamra being naked in the hot tub when she broke her foot. Tamra would rather see a hot doctor in the OC than a late night ER doctor in Mexico. It’s a slow-healing fracture, but the doctor says if it doesn’t heal, she’ll need surgery. Tamra says having a broken foot sucks. How is she going to work out? She asks if Vicki she’s talked to Kelly. Vicki says no, but she told Kelly that she and Steve are friends with Michael and the woman he’s dating. In her interview, Tamra is Team Kelly, and says this was a bad move on Vicki’s part.

Emily goes to the gym, and her husband’s family tags along. She feels like she married them as well as her husband, but they all get along great. Mother-in-law Pary (angel in Persian) asks about Shane taking the bar exam. He hasn’t passed yet, and she wants to know how to help him. Emily knows what it takes, and says she can’t push him. In her interview, Emily says Pary thinks because she’s Shane’s wife, she can motivate him. Pary says if he doesn’t take it, Shane should shut up about taking it.

Kelly meets Vicki for coffee. In her interview, Kelly says seeing Vicki’s name on her phone made her feel like she had a pit in her stomach. We see a clip of Vicki calling her. Kelly says she thought could trust Vicki, but she’s on Michael’s side; that’s not a friend. She says she gets it, but she was upset because she heard it from someone else. When you’re friends, you share things. Vicki says she was going to tell Kelly when they went to dinner with Jolie, but didn’t want to involve Jolie, and she didn’t feel comfortable telling her on the phone. Kelly says she doesn’t roll like that. In her interview, Kelly says she’s a ride or die friend, and Vicki is fair weather. Kelly says she was livid. Vicki says Kelly screamed at her and she doesn’t want to be screamed at. She deserves respect. Kelly says respect is earned, and Vicki insists she’s going to have it.

Kelly tells Vicki that if she and Steve break up, she’ll make sure Vicki knows how it feels. She’ll hook Steve up and go one a double-date with him. Vicki knows it doesn’t feel good, and wants to fix it. She wants it to be us again. In her interview, Kelly doesn’t think Vicki is really sorry. She can forgive her, but still not trust her. She accepts Vicki’s apology. In her interview, Vicki says she did nothing wrong, and Kelly needs to look in the mirror, and figure out why she’s so temperamental.

Shannon is experimenting with some recipes. In her interview, she tells us about her yo-yo of weight loss and gain. She realizes it needs to be a lifestyle change, not a diet. Every time she goes off one, she thinks, now she can eat. Her friend, Marcy, has a connection with QVC, and thought Shannon should do a recipe book. She’s making healthy meals with a lot of flavor. Her daughters are helping do the taste test. She tells them if QVC doesn’t like the food, there’s no deal. Golden Retriever Archie prays that one of them drops something. The girls like the food, but think it’s a little too spicy. In her interview, Shannon knows she’s not the only one struggling, but you don’t have to eat like Tamra, having a piece of chicken that tastes like cardboard. Despite the criticism, the girls think she’s got a winner. One of them doesn’t like cheese though, which boggles my mind.

Gina and her mom, Susan, bring the kids to the zoo. Gina says having her mom there from Long Island is a help, and she doesn’t have to pay her. Gina asks how Susan likes California, and Susan asks if Gina is ever coming back to New York. In her interview, Gina says she originally didn’t know they would end up living apart. Him getting home earlier was one of the reasons why they moved in the first place. She thought it was the beginning of an amazing life, but it’s hard. She sends her husband a picture, and checks in.

Tamra and Shannon are meeting Emily and Gina for dinner. In her interview, Tamra says Shannon hates everybody who’s new. We flash back to her being nasty to everyone who has joined the cast since she did. She doesn’t expect it to go well, and can’t wait. Tamra has a little scooter thing to get around in. Kelly and Vicki also join them. We find out Shannon went to law school, but dropped out after her second year. She was engaged, and stayed because her fiancé didn’t like her being there. When they broke up, she left. I kind of understand this, although my experience was the opposite. When I was in high school, my boyfriend wanted to take tap dance lessons (we were both in theatre), and it was cheaper if I took them with him. I hated it, he graduated early and moved to NYC, and I switched to jazz. Shannon says she didn’t want anyone telling her what to do.

Gina orders an Old Fashioned, and Tamra thinks it’s some kind of shot. Shannon talks about spanx. Gina is anti-Spanx, and Shannon says she’s wearing three sets, but when she was thirty-three, she rocked her natural stuff too. In her interview, Gina doesn’t understand why people think she’s from New Jersey. She’s not offended, but it’s a totally different state. In her interview, Shannon says she’s been making healthy choices, and thinks it’s not that hard. We see her ask for the pizza to be passed her way, and she adds, then it spirals. Since she had a pastry, she might as well have a doughnut. She tells the girls about the QVC gig, and says there’s a 20% chance they’ll like it. Kelly says Shannon that she looks great, and Shannon says she’s single now. She mentions David dating someone twenty years younger. Vicki says it’s bizarre.

Kelly says what’s bizarre, is that Vicki hooked her ex up with a friend. In her interview, Vicki says Kelly accepted her apology. She wasn’t going to bring it up again. Vicki says her friend wanted to meet Michael. Kelly says Vicki didn’t tell her, and Vicki says she thought they already discussed it. She doesn’t know why it’s being brought up now. In her interview, Kelly claims she just wanted to get some other opinions. Emily says you should stick with the girl. Gina calls girl code, and basically says Vicki is a loser. She says she would have told the friend, eff you, I’m not hooking you up. In her interview, Kelly hopes Vicki learned her lesson, since she was schooled in being wrong. Vicki says that’s not how it happened. In her interview, stubbornly missing the point, Vicki says Kelly divorced Michael, and he’s available to date who he wants. Emily says they should make a pact that no one hooks up anyone’s ex with a friend.

Kelly’s new boyfriend walks in, and there’s immediate PDA. In her interview, Vicki says Kelly thinks it’s okay to flaunt her new boyfriend in the midst of a girls’ night. Kelly introduces him around. In her interview, Shannon doesn’t know if she’s ready to date. Part of her thinks it would be fun, but part of her thinks she’d be sick to her stomach. The PDA continues, and everyone is creeped out. In her interview, Emily is glad she’s married and not dating. The grass is not always greener. Sometimes it’s a sh*tty condo sitting on a vacant lot. The girls jet one by one, and Emily says, we’ll just leave you two alone.

Shannon tells Tamra a few things were awkward. Tamra says it was weirdest dinner ending ever, even for them. We flash back to the endings of a few of those dinners. Vicki tells Tamra that she and Kelly had closed the chapter, and then she brought it up. In her interview, Vicki says Gina is stepping into a cesspool of chaos, and should stay out of it. In the bathroom, Gina tells Emily this is what they have to look forward to with any second opportunities.

Tamra lights sage to get the negative energy out of the house. Is she not a Christian anymore? Eddie tells her not to burn the house down, and she says she’s just staging it. She asks the spirits to stop sh*t from happening to her and Eddie. In her interview, she tells us about Eddie drilling into the fire sprinkler while doing renovation. A smell is coming from the drain, her foot is broken, and Eddie’s heart is broken. Eddie says the doctor is going to prescribe stronger meds to restrict his heart rate. He has a friend who was in the exact same boat, and it took another procedure to fix. Tamra says they’ll never have sex again. Eddie tells her not to worry about that.

Gina visits Tamra. Tamra doesn’t want to beat around the bush, and says Vicki sent her a message. Gina says Vicki hates her. Tamra says Vicki didn’t say hate, but she doesn’t like Gina. Gina knew she was on Vicki’s sh*t list, but that’s Vicki’s issue. Tamra says Vicki wants everyone to agree with her; it’s her personality. Gina says she’s totally not that person. Even if she’s friends with someone, she doesn’t blow smoke up their ass. Thank you. She says if she’s asked her opinion, she’ll give it. In her interview, she says in New York, you know who likes you; in the OC, four out of seven hate your guts, but smile at you anyway.

In her interview, Emily says Shane’s mom bringing up the bar exam gives her anxiety. It’s a touchy subject, and she doesn’t want to be in the middle, or have Shane think she’s pressuring him, or that she’s not on his side. She’s always respectful to her mother-in-law, but doesn’t want Shane to think she’s talking behind his back. She tells Shane what his mom asked, and he says he’s taking the exam for himself, not for anyone else. Emily says that’s the only thing she wanted. Shane says the last time he took it, it was a rush. They were moving, and everyone was adjusting. He needs certain things in order, like the children’s schedules being taken care of. Emily says she can do that, and he tells her that he’ll also need to take a break from work, so he put in a notice. She assumes it’s not the next one in two months, and he says the one after that, ten months. In her interview, Emily says it’s a lesson in perseverance. She asks Shane to tell his mother.

Vicki meets Gina for a walk. In her interview, Gina says Vicki has the right to say she’s offended, but she has the right to her opinion. We see a clip of Vicki talking on the phone with Gina, who invites her on the walk. Gina says she wants to get to know Vicki, but also felt that stuff came up at the dinner, which was between Vicki and Kelly, but since it was brought up at the table, she was vocal about it. Vicki says everyone has an opinion, but unless it pertains to her, Vicki’s advice is to be cool with everyone. I translate that to mean, if you don’t agree, butt out. Gina says girls should stick together, and Vicki asks if that means she agrees that Vicki shouldn’t have said anything because her friend asked her not to. Nicely spun! In her interview, Gina says it’s a Jedi mind trick. Someone does something awful that you’re opposed to, and they twist it so you’re the bad person. She says it’s impressive, and she’s going to master it. Then she’s going to Jedi mind trick all the California bitches. She tells Vicki that she’s not a sh*t talker. Vicki says Gina is from New York; she might be. Gina amends that to, she might be, but to the person’s face. In her interview, Vicki says Gina can’t school her. Then she says a whole lot of words that amount to, it’s her sandbox, and she gets to choose who plays in it. Gina says Kelly was upset, and Vicki tells her that Kelly was fine when they’d met earlier. Gina says she clearly wasn’t, since she was bringing it up. Vicki says Kelly wanted to cause problems. Gina says it’s cool Vicki is standing by her decision, but it’s okay to disagree. She’s out of it now, and she’s not running to Kelly to discuss it. Vicki asks how she’s adjusting to California. Gina says she’s getting there. Vicki says when she first moved there, she kept thinking her mom would follow, but eventually realized it was about her and her kids. Now, it’s her daughter and her family. She asks how old Gina is, and finds out she’s thirty-three, the same age as Briana. She says Gina could be her daughter.

Next time, Tamra coaches Shannon at the gym, the girls play poker, Kelly won’t let it go, and Tamra feels helpless about Eddie.

🍸 Well, bless her heart. Ashley made an appearance on Southern Charm Savannah, so I halfway paid attention. Not that Ashley; the one from Savannah last season, who’s not in the cast this season. She met with Daniel, who said he’d always had a soft spot in his heart for her, even though she wasn’t very transparent about herself. She was transparent in the clip they showed from last time, playing golf in lingerie after suggesting she and the guys play strip golf. She told Daniel that she didn’t want to hurt anyone, which he felt was an intense cop-out, and was pretty much what she said to all of the guys’ girlfriends after the golf game. Hannah had a Chrismukkah party, designed by Bruce the party planner. It was impressive, but nothing like Patricia’s Winter Wonderland Ball in Charleston.

👠 TLC is rerunning the first season of Too Close to Home in the wee hours of the morning. Another Tyler Perry effort, I love this one too. Trailer park trash, Annie, shuns her roots and works herself up to a job in Washington DC, after which she proceeds to have an affair with the President. He has a heart attack while they’re having sex, and all hell breaks loose. All hell being mostly in the form of the First Lady (Heather Locklear). Annie ends up a fugitive and goes back home, where she reconnects with the very masculine, yet gentle of soul, Brody. A good reason alone for the ladies (and some gentlemen) to watch. It’s a great story. Unfortunately, there are only 16 episodes, as it was canceled after the second season, but it’s just delicious.

💼 Better Call Saul is back for a fourth season. I really like this show, but my dance card is filled. If yours isn’t, give it a try.

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April 10, 2017 – Jake Adds to the Timeline, Landon Follows Through, the SUR Reunion Continues & Some Random TV Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Alexis comes home asking if anybody’s there, and then wonders why she said that, since she’s the only one living there. There’s a knock at the door. It’s the PCPD, particularly Nathan. Alexis invites him in. She asks if it’s about Julian.

Sam is trying to find out who used Julian’s credit card. The doorbell rings, waking Scout. It’s Elizabeth. Because in Port Charles, no one ever calls first. She wants to talk to Jason about Jake.

Franco asks Jake why he’s not at home. He tells Franco that nobody knows he’s gone; the babysitter was busy texting, and the other kids were asleep. Franco says that Jake’s mother is going to flip out. Jake wants to know why Franco doesn’t want to be his friend anymore.

Kristina runs into Michael at Perks. She can’t believe it’s been a year since she lived in PC. Neither can I – it’s like she never left. She asks what’s up, and he says while she was studying, their family imploded – again.

Sonny says Nelle made him think that Jax slept with Carly, then he was drinking and blacked out. Nelle tells him that she drugged him.

Jax asks Carly what they’re doing, and she says trying to feel better. He said they made this mistake last time, but she says it’s not a mistake and she doesn’t want to stop. She leads him to the bedroom.

Alexis asks Nathan if Julian washed up on shore. He says it’s nothing definitive, but someone used Julian’s credit card to buy a bus ticket to LA. Alexis says she doesn’t know anything about his credit cards, since they always kept those things separate. Nathan asks if she has any reason to believe he’s alive.

Elizabeth tells Jason that Jake is fine. She just wanted to tell him about a follow-up session that she scheduled. She says she’s been thinking about how Andre said they need to be on the same page for Jake to open up. Sam asks if there’s anything she can do to help, since Jake is her stepson. Elizabeth says her involvement might be confusing to Jake. He adores Franco, but Franco isn’t allowed to be part of the equation. Why is Sam?

Franco tells Jake that he’ll always be his friend. Jake asks why he stopped coming by, and if he’s mad at Elizabeth. Franco says he doesn’t want Jake to get in trouble for sneaking out, and has to take him home before Elizabeth finds out and has a meltdown. Jake says the studio is cool and he never wants to leave.

Michael tells Kristina that someone came between Carly and Sonny. Kristina thinks it’s Jax, but Michael says no. He tells her that Carly isn’t the one who cheated. He explains how Sonny got drunk on Thanksgiving and slept with Nelle. Kristina is shocked. Michael says there were extenuating circumstances, but Kristina is having a hard time believing it. Michael says it was terrible, but Nelle was hurting too. Kristina asks why he’s defending her.

Sonny is stunned. Nelle says he assumed the worst, and she didn’t disagree. When she made his drink, she slipped a sleeping pill in. He passed out cold upstairs, and she got in the bed with him. She says she pretended to be upset afterward. He says he underestimated her. He thought she was only making something bad even worse by taking advantage of him, but she went beyond that, making him feel guilty for what he didn’t do. She tore everything apart over a lie. He says there’s something wrong with her. Well, yeah, I thought all that was explained already.

Jax and Carly kiss their way into the bedroom. There’s a song part and they get busy. I get busy too, doing some quick chores.

Alexis thinks someone must have stolen Julian’s wallet. He wouldn’t travel by bus or even fly coach. Nathan asks if he would temporarily lower his standards. Alexis says she thinks he had money stashed away, and wouldn’t use a credit card if he was on the run. She tells Nathan that she’s tired, and they agree to let each other know if there’s anything new. Nice earrings, Alexis! As soon as Nathan is gone, Alexis grabs her coat and leaves.

Jason tells Elizabeth that there’s a massive difference between Sam and Franco. Elizabeth agrees, saying that Franco did a lot of art therapy with Jake, and if he’s going to open up to anyone, it’s Franco. Franco calls and tells them about Jake showing up. Jason says he’ll be right there. Elizabeth wonders how Jake got there. She says she doesn’t want Jason getting into it with Franco, and says she’ll drive. Jason promises Sam that he’ll control himself.

Michael tells Kristina that he’s not making excuses for Nelle. He says she took advantage of them at their most vulnerable. He tells Kristina about Nelle’s new job with Valentin, but says what matters is their parents. Kristina doesn’t think Carly should be so judgey, but Michael says that Sonny is just as bad. He thinks Sonny can fix it if he’ll wait. Kristina says the only way that’s going to happen is if he talks Sonny into it. Michael doesn’t want to play referee, but she says as the big brother, he has to step in.

Um…too late. Carly and Jax bask in the afterglow. Jax asks if it was wrong or very right, and Carly kisses him.

Nelle tells Sonny that there’s nothing left to say except that she was so wrong. She can’t change things. Sonny says she kept building on the lie and milking it, while he and Carly grieved and tried to hang on to what was left with their marriage. He goes over everything that Nelle did. He asks why the confession now; she’s in the wrong place for absolution. She asks why it matters then. He asks what’s in it for her, and she says that she doesn’t want it weighing on her. He says that after everything she did, she wants him to believe it was just guilty conscience? He doesn’t buy it. Michael walks in and asks what he doesn’t buy.

Carly tells Jax why complicate things? He thinks some context might be appropriate. She says they needed it. He says she always has a purpose, and she says it felt good to laugh again. He says they have nothing to do for a few hours, so…

Alexis goes to Sam’s place. She tells Sam about Nathan’s visit, and asks if that’s why Sam wanted her to stay at the spa. Sam says she didn’t want to worry Alexis, but Alexis says Sam can’t protect her from the world. Sam tells her that Curtis is working on it, but so far came up empty handed. Alexis asks what Sam isn’t telling her.

Jake is doing some painting, and Franco instructs him to attack the canvas. Jake says, go big or go home. Franco says they’re buddies, but he can talk to Andre – he’s one of the good guys. Jake says, but Franco gets it. He tells Franco about the action figures, and how he picked the scarecrow. He says it’s just a game though, and not as good as the stories with Franco. Elizabeth and Jason show up. Jake says he thought he could trust Franco, but he’s just like the rest of them.

Elizabeth says Franco is right, and the babysitter is very upset because she feels like she did something wrong. Jason says he’s too young to be out alone. Franco tells Jake that Jason is right and his parents call the shots. Jason wants to speak with Franco alone. Franco tells him to take his best shot. Jason says that’s what Franco wants.

Sam tells Alexis about the screen grab. Alexis thinks she knows who made the call. Sam shows her the picture.

Jax wonders what they should call it, and Carly says a rewind. He asks for some wine, and she leaves to get it. He says no guilt, no regret, and she says none.

Michael says he was waiting for Nelle like she had asked him to. She says she shouldn’t have come to Sonny’s house and shouldn’t have come to Port Charles. Sonny says she doesn’t want to be there when he tells Michael what she told him. He tells Michael about Nelle drugging him, and explains what happened, saying that it was all a twisted lie. He wants to tell Carly immediately. He tells Michael to tell Nelle to go, and get out of their lives forever. He leaves.

Michael tells Nelle that Sonny believes her because it absolves him, but she could just be telling him what he wants to hear. He asks if she really slept with Sonny, or drugged him and lied about it. Nelle explains that she didn’t want to sleep with Sonny, and thought it would be more decent. Michael wonders how that word could come out of her mouth. What she did is not only illegal, but she knows who Sonny is and what he does to his enemies. He asks why she didn’t tell him the truth. She says she was going to, but owed it to Sonny first; hurting Michael and Josslyn wasn’t in her plan. He snarks that being collateral damage makes him feel special. Nelle says she was going to tell him everything. He says that she threw away her last chance. She says they can still be friends, but he tells her to leave now.

Sonny bangs on Carly’s door. She tells him it’s not a good time, but he walks in anyway. He says that he has to tell her something that will change everything

Jason says that Franco acted like a responsible adult just to score points with Elizabeth. Jason doesn’t want Jake there again, and Franco repeats that he didn’t invite Jake over. Because Jason is so dense, he says that Franco convinced Jake that he understands him. He says don’t come near his kid again. Franco says that he does understand Jake better than Jason, and its pissing Jason off. Elizabeth comes in and asks what’s going on.

Alexis tells Sam that if Julian is alive, why is he torturing her? Sam says that she shouldn’t have told her. Curtis calls. After speaking with him, Sam tells Alexis that they know who used Julian’s card.

Jason tells Elizabeth that they were just discussing Jake’s well-being, and that the studio is off limits. Elizabeth says if Jake wants to paint, they’ll do it at home. Franco wonders why Jake came and feels more comfortable with him, and Jason says he’s a good manipulator. Franco tells Elizabeth that Jake is a great kid and takes after his mom.  They leave, and Franco cleans up. He finds a roll of paper and unrolls it. It’s the timeline. He looks at the scarecrow. Now there’s a boy hiding behind a tree next to it. Franco says Jake left this for him.

Nathan and Kristina have coffee. He says he wants to talk about Julian. Kristina says he’s dead. Nathan says Julian’s body was never recovered, and stranger things have been known to happen. That’s for sure. You can be in the middle of an explosion in Port Charles and still be alive. You could be the guy holding the bomb. Nathan thinks Alexis is keeping something from him, and might be placing herself in danger.

Sam says that Curtis traced the charge to a kid who found the card, and he said he purchased a bus ticket with it. The story checks out, since he was a runaway who had the card on him. Alexis says that doesn’t prove if Julian is dead or alive. Sam asks what answer she was hoping for, but Alexis doesn’t know.

The hooded figure lurks outside of Alexis’s house and opens the door. He goes inside.

Nelle begs Michael to believe her. He made her think she could move forward, not live in the past, and stop the plan, but it was too late. She doesn’t expect forgiveness now, but hopes someday he can. She couldn’t take it if he hated her. He says he can’t fix her; it’s not his job. He closes the door, leaving her on the porch crying.

Carly tells Sonny that it has to wait, but Sonny says it means a whole new beginning, and to just listen. He never slept with Nelle.

Tomorrow, Curtis meets with Hayden, Kristina asks what Alexis is hiding, and Sonny says he and Carly can be together.

Southern Charm

Whitney drops in on Thomas. We flash back to the pool party, and Whitney calls Thomas the Hugh Hefner of Charleston. He thinks being away from Kathryn has mellowed Thomas. Whitney says he’s single and ready to mingle, as his long-distance relationship became too long of a distance.

Kathryn tells us that the past year has been the worst. We flash back to the reunion where it was revealed she didn’t pass a drug test. She’s disappointed in herself, and totally humiliated. Geez, it’s not like it was heroin, for God’s sake. She visits a friend whose name I missed, but she’s been on the show before, and tells her about going to rehab. She says Thomas has temporary full custody, and she and Thomas aren’t on speaking terms right now. She’s hoping for eventual joint custody, having passed another drug test. They talk about Jennifer. Kathryn is skeptical of her friendship, since she’s been friendly with Thomas.

On her way to visit Jennifer, Cameran talks to her mother on the phone. They discuss Jennifer’s new baby having surgery. In her interview, Cameran tells us how not interested she is in having her own baby. She says she’s living her truth and it’s an empty one. I believe she’s referring to an empty nest, but I wish she’d worded that differently. A childless life isn’t necessarily an empty one. And there are always dogs. She arrives at Jennifer’s, bearing a baby gift. They look at baby Ascher, who is with the nanny. The poor thing needed brain surgery the day he was born because of brain matter protruding from his skull, but he’s doing well. Jennifer has an entire closet full of baby clothes for the rest of the Ascher’s baby life. Cameran says he’s cute and cuddly, but she still can’t find any maternal instincts.

Jennifer talks about Thomas reaching out, and Cameran tells her how well he’s taking care of the kids. She asks if Jennifer has talked to Kathryn, but she says no. This is kind of a shame, since Jennifer had been very supportive of Kathryn last season. Jennifer claims she “loves to love people,” but I get the feeling that it’s more like she loves to be loved. That kind of person doesn’t always make for a loyal friend.

Shep meets with Craig at some batting cages. Craig says baseball was his life growing up, and he wanted to play in the major leagues. After he gets up to bat, I see why that idea fizzled. Shep tells him about talking to Naomie. He asks how long Craig has known he didn’t graduate from law school, but Craig says it’s been no secret. Shep wonders if Craig has a secret family somewhere, since he never seems to tell the truth, and they discuss him mailing the last test out. Craig wonders why Shep is obsessed with this, and Shep says he doesn’t think Craig wants to be a lawyer. Craig calls Shep a loser. In his interview, he says Shep is 36, and still going out every night. He wonders why he has to prove himself to his friends. Craig suggests they drop it. I’m with Craig on this. He’s 27, and if he wants to try different things, and as long as he’s not sitting around on his ass, who cares? He’s also a very nice and diplomatic guy. And it’s not like he’s asking to borrow money either.

Landon (ew!) works with her interns on her website. She says it’s finally starting to come together. She was humiliated after last year’s meeting with the internet dude. We flash back to him telling her all she had was a handful of papers. She needed to figure out how to take her idea to the technology world “which is so new to her.” I’m not even sure what to say about that. She wants to prove herself to her family. We flash back to her father telling her that she can’t live off of her dreams. She gets all teary, and says she’s putting herself out there. She doesn’t think she’ll get another chance, and if this doesn’t work, she’ll have to work for her dad in real estate. This woman is so ridiculous.

Cameran meets with Chelsea, and asks if she’s attending “Landon’s thing.” By the rest of the conversation, I assume Landon is having some kind of launch party. Cameran thinks Chelsea might be the one to change Shep into a one-woman man. She says that Chelsea is the female version of Shep, except she’s not a whore. Alrighty then.

Austen, Whitney and Shep go out for some food. Whitney welcomes Austen to the group. They talk about the pool party, and Shep shows interest in Chelsea. He says he, Chelsea and Cameran are going out in a couple of days, and he’s going to see if they really click. Whitney talks about Landon having a showing for her website, and that they’re supposed to critique it. They probably already know that anything less than a compliment will make her cry. Shep tells them about how Landon met with a group of internet developers, and she acted like a jerk. They were angry and appalled. In his interview, Shep says Landon wants to be the hipster queen of Charleston.

Naomie gets home, and Craig tells her about Landon’s test launch. Naomie is working on her masters, and says they’re on totally different schedules. She wonders what Craig actually does, and we see him giving cat Gizmo a ride in the wheelbarrow. Craig tells her about Shep’s ambush, saying it’s not like Shep has any kind of career path. Naomie says that their circumstances are different. In her interview, she says in her perfect world, Craig would pass the bar, they’d both get great jobs, make loads of money, and travel the world, but it takes work, and she’s not his babysitter. Uh-oh. It’s never good to look at a boyfriend like a fixer-upper. Craig says that Shep brought some of the others into it, and he doesn’t want to have to prove himself to anyone. He thinks it’s just going to be group settings for a while.

Landon is proud of herself. She wants to show her friends that she has a real job. Omg, she can’t even talk on the phone without saying “um” a thousand times. Everyone gets ready for the party. Thomas compliments his reflection in French. He thinks Landon is misread, and that she can really follow through. Enjoy being alone in that opinion.

The party is at a bar. Good move getting them drunk before they look at the website. Landon greets her friends. Drew is wearing a tuxedo, and shows off his cufflinks. Cameran arrives, and looks like she didn’t comb her hair for the occasion, so I’m confused about the dress code. Whitney brings a girl named Daisy, who looks like she’s dressed from a 1920s fashion catalog. Whoa. She’s very animated too.

Cameran tells Craig that she’s mad at him for telling Shep that they’re not real friends. He tells her what Shep said about them keeping him out of the loop. Craig says that Shep claimed that everyone is mad at him for not taking the bar, and that’s why he’s not in the group chat anymore. Shep told him that they make fun of him, and Cameran says they do make fun of his Instagram, showing us some examples in her interview. Craig says if they don’t want to be friends, fine.

Shep thinks he looks like a Creamsicle. Chelsea says they go well together. Everyone looks at the site. Apparently, Landon doesn’t write the content, so I’m not sure what it is she does do. Shep flirts with Naomie, annoying Craig. Thomas talks about pixilation like he knows what he’s talking about. Chelsea flirts with the other guys, and Cameran tells Shep he needs to lay claim. He’s like, free love, and makes a peace sign. Everyone congratulates Landon. They’re just happy that anything she’s attempted exists at all. Landon says she has a purpose now. Shep face palms in his interview. He takes Landon to the side, and asks her impressions of the developers who she talked to. He tells her that critiquing their software was a bad idea, and how she came off entitled. He tells her that first impressions last a long time. She complains that they talked down to her, and Shep tells her that entrepreneurs have to eat a lot of sh*t when they start out. She says when she’s not bitchy, she gets taken advantage of, and when she is, she’s a bitch. Shep tells her just say she’ll take it under advisement, and kill them with kindness. In her interview, she says that Shep has never had a job and rained on her parade. She tells one of her friends that Shep called her a bitch. Now she wants to go home. Don’t forget to take your dolls and jacks with you.

Chelsea meets Craig at his bar. In his interview, he says her being friends with Cameran changes the stakes of the game, but anything can happen. Cameran joins them, feeling like a third wheel. She points out the sparkle in Shep’s eye and he says it’s because he’s not hung over. The liquor comes, and he tells them that there are kids who aren’t drunk in China, so drink up.

They discuss Landon’s website. Shep talks about an app he’s investing in, but it’s not Landon’s. He tells them what the web guys had to say about Landon, and how she didn’t take it well when he told her. Cameran thinks she should give Shep and Chelsea some privacy, and Shep says what happens with Chelsea, stays with Chelsea.

Next time, Kathryn tries to get a modeling job, Chelsea and Shep spend the night together, and Naomie suggests Craig not be so last minute with everything.

Vanderpump Rules – The Reunion Part Two

Andy asks Lisa why she had such mixed emotions about firing James, when it didn’t take much to fire Kristen. Lisa says she did Kristen a favor when she fired her, but James had problems. She says he didn’t seem in control, but when she saw the footage, realized how provocative he’d been. Jax says he’s like a wind-up doll – give him alcohol and he goes. We flash back to some of that. James says he’s got triggers, man, he’s got triggers. It’s bizarre how these kids talk like beatniks and hippies from another time. Ariana says he and Jax are a lot alike. Andy asks Lisa why she told James to stay away from alcohol, like that’s not obvious. She says that when he drinks, he turns into a monster, and he’s young enough to get a grip.

Time to talk about Montauk. Andy is amused that the group had to google what a clambake was. Kristen informs us that the urban dictionary has a different definition involving weed. Andy asks about Scheana’s restrictive diet, and all the girls talk at once. Scheana feels that she gets picked on for being stringent with herself. Andy finally has to tell them to shut up.

Ariana’s birthday is discussed. Andy brings up how Jax was just out of surgery, and asks if he followed doctor’s orders during the NASCAR weekend. That would be a no regarding alcohol. They talk about how nasty it was, living in the RV together. Andy asks about Lala seeming to accept the groups’ olive branch, and then ghosting them at the last minute. Lala claims she was in panic attack mode, especially since Jax made her feel like she wasn’t wanted beforehand. She didn’t want to be cooped up in an RV with that. Tom says he made it clear that wouldn’t happen, and that it’s more like she didn’t feel like going. She says she wishes it was that simple, but he doesn’t believe her. He asks if her boyfriend was in town, and she says he lives in LA. Tom says that a friend outed her about being at the Beverly Hills Hotel that weekend.

Andy basically asks where Lala’s money comes from. She says her family has money, and her mother pays most of her bills. The Range Rover is brought up, because we can never, ever forget about that, and there’s a bunch of nonsense about the car. Andy asks if she was dating a married man.

Lala says no, and that no one will ever get the answer they’re looking for. He asks if she’s still dating the same person, and she won’t answer. Lisa says she deliberately creates intrigue. Stassi says if she wants respect, she has to give the same. Tom says that Stassi did the same thing in season three, but Stassi says that was Patrick’s choice. She says they put their lives out there, and Lala doesn’t have the right to lie. Lala says that Stassi knows nothing about her situation, and it’s nobody’s business. She tells Stassi to stop being a mean girl and gets nasty. Tom says he would love not to have his personal life on the show, or how about Tom and Katie? He tells Lala that it’s not fair. Stassi’s situation isn’t really comparable here. We knew about Patrick, he just didn’t want to be on the show. There are plenty of SOs we don’t see on reality shows.

Andy asks why Kristen thought James was the key to taking Lala down, and it’s universally agreed that James is easily manipulated. Andy asks why he agreed to meet with them, and he says they sucked him in with their lies. The girls are insistent that they weren’t lying; that this is what they heard. Andy asks about the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) from Lala. Lala explains why she would do something like that. Brittany calls it an NBA, and says she doesn’t even know what it is, so Andy has to explain. Lala says she had a bad experience, and wants to control what people post online about her. Tom suggests she not be around people she can’t trust.

They get off track, and Andy tries to corral the group. He asks Lala if the real reason was that her boyfriend didn’t want the relationship disclosed. She says she has NDAs to protect her life off of the show. Andy is like no offense, but why are you so special? He talks about her withdrawing, and she says she was becoming an unhealthy individual. She was liquored up 24/7 and not in a good head space. He asks why Lisa tried to convince her to stay. Lisa says running back to mommy is no way to grow up, and Lala is stronger than she thinks.

Andy asks if it’s really good-by for Lala with the group, and everyone goes, nah. Lala apologizes to everybody for being mean. Schwartz says she’s awesome, considering. Lala says when someone comes into a situation where everyone has their dukes up already, defensiveness is to be expected. We say good-by to Lala – for now.

Next up are Tom and Ariana. Tom’s animosity about Ariana’s cocktail book is discussed. Ariana felt he shouldn’t just jump in after she put in the initial footwork, but the end result was they’re both doing the book. Andy asks why Ariana doesn’t want Tom to put a ring on it. She says she just doesn’t see the point, and everyone pushing it is getting irritating. Andy mentions that Brittany has been planning her wedding for her entire life, and Jax suggests Denny’s as a venue. Stassi says that her family marries and divorces for sport.

We cover the comedy night where Jax’s d*ck pic was revealed, and thankfully, which Brittany’s mother did not attend. I could swear this was the prior season. Jax says he only cared because of Brittany, who says they promised nothing like that would happen again. Lisa thought it was tacky, thoughtless, and mean. Andy asks why Brittany brought her mother to the roast, and Lisa says she was horrified. We flash back to Lisa cautioning Brittany’s mother about Jax. Lisa says if Brittany was her daughter, she wouldn’t be too happy. Andy brings up Brittany’s mother being most upset by the thought of Jax kissing a guy, which I think is weird too. Jax says he probably would have been more concerned about the cheating and the drugs. Tom thought it was inappropriate, but Jax says that it’s to be expected from a mom. Brittany talks about her mother getting a huge amount of flack on social media, and says she isn’t homophobic in any way. Andy says as a gay guy, he totally understood. Jax says she lives in a different, very conservative world.

We go back in time to Jax’s visit to Kentucky. A lot of it involves animals and four-wheelers. And Jax being grilled about marrying Brittany. I don’t remember this at all. Did they even show any of this?

Stassi’s younger brother Nicolai is introduced. The voice of reason. Stassi calls him brave for being on the show, and I agree. Andy asks what he thought about Stassi and Jax as a couple. He says it was good at first, but went wrong. We flash back to a conversation between him and Jax. Patrick is discussed. Tom asks Stassi if he knocked the show and Andy asks if that’s part of the reason she left. She says he wasn’t too happy about it, and she did partly leave for that reason, but he seemed supportive once she left. Andy asks if Nicolai is sad about the Patrick break-up, and Nicolai drops pearls of wisdom. Stassi says she doesn’t take him seriously until she sees it on TV. We flash back to him telling her that life is tough, especially in your 20s. Andy asks how he’s so wise, and he says that he just absorbs it. We also learn that Sex in the City is one of his favorite shows. Andy asks what the weirdest thing about Stassi is. Nicolai tells us about her reaction during a cringeworthy moment. He says he’s proud about her sticking up for herself and that she really does care about other people. I think she does. For goodness’ sake, she cried when she heard Schwartz had cheated on Katie.

Andy asks for advice for everyone. Schwartz is first. Nicolai thinks Schwartz shouldn’t call girls bitches. Schwartz says he’s working on that, and Nicolai tells him to work harder. He suggests Katie lower it down on the drinking, and she’ll get more friends. He tells Jax that he’s going to die alone and drunk if he doesn’t change his ways. Out of the mouths of babes. He tells Ariana to think about other people more. Scheana is told that there’s no picking a side. She says she doesn’t, but actually, in not picking a side, you’re picking a side. Think about it. Nicolai says there’s no problem with Brittany, and tells Lisa to keep up the great business work. She thinks maybe she should hire him as her personal advisor. He also says nothing is wrong on Andy’s end.

The events up to Katie’s wedding are discussed. Scheana talks about feeling excluded. Kristen accuses her of not contributing, but she insists she did. We move on to Lisa’s shower gift of a blow-up doll named Katie, and Katie gushes over Pandora’s spa day gift. Andy brings up the altercation between Katie and Scheana, and we flash back to the disastrous bridesmaids’ lunch. Katie thinks Scheana deflects, but Scheana says that Katie is mean when she drinks. She says there’s a difference between a drinking problem and being an alcoholic. She tells Katie that everyone has had a problem with Katie’s drinking at one time or another. We flash back to all that. She insists that she’s never called Katie an alcoholic. Katie says she doesn’t have a problem either. <sigh>

Andy asks Stassi how it felt to have Ariana tell her that she didn’t give a flying. Stassi says Ariana has consistently hurt her feelings. Ariana says that Stassi is manipulating, and she didn’t believe that her feelings were really hurt. The girls all protest, and Ariana says whenever she answers a question honestly, she’s the a-hole. Katie says she’s holding Stassi accountable for things she did in the past and she doesn’t know who Stassi is today. Schwartz says that was the 2012 Stassi. Ariana says there’s no difference, and brings up Stassi saying that she’s wanted to crack her. Stassi says it wasn’t meant to be mean, and the girls all say she was just joking. Ariana says maybe she doesn’t want to be friends with people who joke like that. She thought it was another opportunity for Stassi to be the victim. She always wants people to be apologizing. Stassi says no matter what, they won’t like her.

Next time, The Reunion Part Three, Shay joins the group, the Vegas trip is discussed, and so is Katie’s drinking.

🚑 Better Call Saul returned tonight. I watched most of the first season, and it was much better (and funnier) than I expected it to be. So much good TV, so little time.

🐮 On Sweet Home Oklahoma, Lee’s new neighbor cut down a tree on her property immediately upon moving in, claiming that he “knocked on her door.” I’m in awe of her self-control in not totally going off on the neighbor. Angie aka Pumps suggested that she throw some baseballs through the neighbor’s window, and then say she knocked on the door. Instead, Lee plants some shrubs in the shape of a middle finger. I like it. Jennifer also planned a party for her French bulldog, Tubbers. She and her 9-year-old son then conspired to tell Pumps that it’s a costume party – when it’s not – because she’s given Jennifer so much grief over calling Tubbers a service dog. They were both dying laughing while setting it up, and it almost made me wish I had a kid. Almost. I love these people. They’re definitely a group I could hang out with.

👂 I gotta mention this. I was raised by a sailor, so I’m fine with cursing, but it’s not something I think should be taught to kids. Why am I saying this? I’ve been watching TV a long time – it was my babysitter growing up – and I have never heard so much cursing. I lost count of how many times I heard sh*t, especially during The Walking Dead, but now the f-word is getting pretty close to being openly said. It’s still bleeped, but just barely, and all you need to hear are the first and last letter to have your mental ear fill in the rest. And I’m not talking a cable station like HBO. Bravo, I’m talkin’ to you.