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January 16, 2019 – Oscar Begins His Future, New Show, Fun Couple, Bye Trev, Recommending John, Birthday Betty & Milania Can’t Wait


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the hospital, Alexis thanks a staff member for the use of the space. She says they can’t be disturbed unless the hospital is on fire. The woman says they all know how important the meeting is. Alexis looks at an envelope that says, to remain sealed until all parties are gathered.

Finn sees Anna in the hallway, and asks what she’s doing up. She wants to watch the sunset in the solarium, and he says it sounds lovely, but shouldn’t she be resting? She tells him that she’s going stir crazy. He says she was somewhat blind this morning. Would it kill her to rest? She says she’s not resting until she figures out how she caught the virus.

Nina fixes the book table, telling Valentin nothing is beneath her if she wants it done properly. He says she’s doing a lot for Lucy, but she says the book is about Port Charles. It’s good publicity for the city. It’s crazy how quickly they got on their feet after the earthquake. Valentin loves her civic mindedness, and she says she’s going to see if she can join the school board. She’s not running for an office; she just wants to contribute. Valentin asks for what reason, and she says, Charlotte of course, but she wants every child to get the best education possible. She’d also like some authority when dealing with Charlotte’s teacher. Valentin thinks Willow means well, but Nina tells him not to let Willow’s sweet face fool him. She’s threatened by strong women, and taking it out on Charlotte. Valentin says, speak of the devil.

Cameron uses a stick to pick up litter, the likes of which we’ve never seen before in Port Charles. Laura and Lulu come by. Laura asks how it’s going, and he says he loves it more than juvenile hall. Laura hopes it’s taught him to think his actions through before he gets in trouble, but if he does, taking responsibility is the only way to go. He asks if they ever got in trouble when they were younger, and Lulu says, no way; they were angels. Laura says, downright saintly. He says he’ll try to learn from them, and continues on his way. Lulu wonders if that will be Rocco ten years from now, and Laura says he’ll make it through like they did.

Josslyn and Oscar see Cameron, and Josslyn asks how the inauguration went. Cameron says it went well, but you’d think out of respect for the new mayor, people would throw their trash away. He asks what they’re doing, and Oscar says, planning their future.

Sam tells Jason that Kristina is dying for someone to go a seminar. As much as she doesn’t want to, it will get her closer to Shiloh. Jason thinks that’s exactly what Shiloh wants.

Cameron says he doesn’t need to plan his future; it’s been mapped out for him. He’s picking up trash, then has to write an essay to his drug counselor on why he doesn’t need pot to deal with his problems. Josslyn asks if the counselor realizes Cameron has never smoked. Cameron says he doesn’t by it, even though, in his case it’s true. Oscar says he’s sorry, but Cameron takes full credit for his stupid idea. He’s lucky it didn’t work out. He thinks it’s too cold out there for planning the future, but Josslyn says they’re going to the library, It’s warm, free, and has a lot of information. Oscar says they want to do as muchas they can in the time he has, reminding me of the Ghost of Christmas Present.

Lulu asks Laura how her first day was. Laura says it was good, but intimidating. Lulu is proud Laura took her ring off, and was sworn in using her maiden name. She knows it’s still a loss, and it hurts. Laura says if she lets herself go there, she’ll cry, and it’s not a good look for the mayor. She asks if Lulu will be home later, but Lulu says she’s attending the book launch. Laura says she’ll see Lulu there. The book promotes Port Charles, so the mayor should put in an appearance. She’s surprised Lulu is covering it, but Lulu says her story got nixed, so book launch, here she comes. Laura suggests taking bets on how many wardrobe changes Lucy will have. Lulu thinks the people there are bound to be at each other’s throats.

Nina is surprised to see Willow, who says Chase invited her to the launch party. She knows she’s too early, so she’s going to wait for him outside. Valentin says she’s welcome to stay, and Nina tells her to make herself at home, but she wants to see how far behind Chase is. When she leaves, Valentin thanks Nina for taking the high road. He tells her to be cordial with her enemies; they’ll never see her coming. Nina says Willow isn’t her enemy, but Valentin says, if she becomes one, it’s better to be on good terms. She tells him he has a devious mind, and he says he’s never hidden that from her.

Josslyn refers to the journal, and tells Cameron it’s a work in progress. They’ll have to revise some of it. Cameron asks if it’s anything embarrassing. She hands him the journal, and says, proceed with caution. He says, the dog show is crossed out, and Oscar says, see? She says they can watch Best in Show or spend more time with Annabelle. Cameron says, it’s not the same, but Josslyn promises it will be fun. Oscar says he doesn’t know much about Port Charles, and Josslyn says there are a lot of places Oscar hasn’t seen and done. They’re going to hit the high points.

Sam tells Jason that they already talked about this. He says it doesn’t feel right. He thinks Kristina is the on ramp, but Sam is Shiloh’s target. Sam say she used to be a con, and knows what she’s looking for. She’ll see it a mile away. Jason says they know his M.O. He gets people to trust them, finds out their vulnerabilities, and uses those against them. Sam says she’s not vulnerable, but Jason says, yes, she is.

Jason says Shiloh knows what she did, but Sam says she did it to take care of her brother. He says Shiloh will use it against her, and he hates that Shiloh can bring back that pain. She says she’s been through worse. He thinks maybe there’s another way. Why shouldn’t he go? Sam says Shiloh will take one look at him, and know he’s not interested. Everyone in the house will be on edge, and no one will open up to her about what’s going on in there. He tells her, be careful. He doesn’t trust this guy. She says, her neither, but Kristina does, and she has to figure out why.

Cameron says, Oscar has never been on the ferry? It’s cool. He suggest they take the north ferry; it goes to Sawyer. Josslyn asks why they’d want to go there, and Cameron says his mom likes it; they have a bunch of antique stores. Josslyn says they also have a high school full of cheating cheaters who cheat. Cameron calls her a sore loser. Their football team lost, and she’s not over it. Josslyn says the referee called a fumble when there wasn’t one. Cameron and Oscar laugh. She says it’s not funny, but Oscar says they’re in awe of her passion and school spirit. He’s glad he’s not from Sawyer, which they won’t be visiting.

Nina tells Valentin if she fusses long enough with the books, she won’t have to deal with Willow. She doesn’t like the way Willow treats Charlotte or her. She couldn’t love Charlotte any more than if Charlotte was her own, and Willow treats her like an inconsequential person in Charlotte’s life, with no real roll. Valentin knows how to fix that.

Finn tells Anna to rest, and she says he’s taking the guardian angel thing too far. He prefers saint, and doesn’t think she should push this. Anna tells him, if she lies down, she’ll get drowsy. Then she’ll close her eyes. Finn says she’s afraid when she opens them, she won’t see. She knows it sounds silly, but he says, it sounds reasonable. She says it would make her feel better if she knew how she got it. She asks if he’s found out anything with his research.

Monica congratulates Laura, who says Monica’s nephew ran an admirable campaign. Monica admits she supported him, but has every faith that Laura will do the city proud. Laura takes it Monica got a call from Alexis, and Monica assumes she did too. Scotty joins them, and tells them they’re gabbing when they have a lot to do, and hustles them in. Alexis tells them, have a seat, and thanks them for coming. She’s the executor, and there to read Gail’s last will and testament. She was instructed not to open the seal until they were all present. Lucy and Serena agreed they could represent them, as well as Leslie, who’s out of the country. She breaks the seal, and opens the envelope.

Sam arrives at Dawn of Day. Kristina is excited she came, and can’t wait to show Sam around. Daisy says it’s good to see her again; she’ll love the seminar. It’s called Unburdening Your Past. Shiloh welcomes everyone; visitors, friends, and wandering souls. It’s good to have them.

At Charlie’s, Drew appreciates Jason meeting him. He asks if Jason heard about Oscar. Jason says he knows the medical trial didn’t work; he’s sorry. Drew says the thing is, he and Oscar’s mother are trying to find a way to help him face the end of his life. Josslyn is a big part of it, and that’s why he needs Jason’s help.

Alexis reads the majority of Gail’s assets are in a trust, managed be a neutral third party. Scotty asks, what about the house, Gail’s book royalties, and personal stuff like his father’s watch? Those things are sentimental to him. Alexis says there will be a codicil to address personal items. There’s an education fund for any children Serena might have, with the hopes someone in the family carries on the tradition of medicine. The trust will be used to further endow mental health services at GH. Monica says, leave it to Gail to think of others. Laura suggests putting her picture on the memorial wall, but Alexis says, not so fast. There’s a catch.

Willow tells Lulu that Chase is stuck, and Lulu says she’ll buy Willow a drink. She can tell Willow all about what it’s like being involved with a detective. She wants to apologize again for Charlotte’s behavior. Willow says she doesn’t have to. As much as they don’t like it, bullying happens. Lulu trusts Charlotte has been an angel since the stern talking to. Willow is silent, and Lulu says, or not. Willow says she thinks another conference is in order, but Lulu says they’re there now.

Valentin tells Nina the last few weeks with her and Charlotte under the same roof is all he wants. He’s never been happier. Nina says, her too. He knows they said they’d take it slowly, and he agrees with that, but they are a family. He sees no reason for an arbitrary waiting period to postpone the inevitable. He asks her to marry him again.

Anna asks what Finn has found out. He says according to his research, the virus has been eradicated. Anna asks why she got it, and Finn says he’s determined who patient zero is. Arthur Cabot, an East German doctor. Anna says, wow, and Finn asks if she knows him. She says she knows of him. He did medical research for the DVX.

Nina asks Valentin if that’s a proposal. He says it’s a proposal for permission to propose. He wants to know they’re on the same page, but he’s afraid if he rushes things he’ll push her away. She tells him to continue. He says he loves her; he always has. He wants to marry her again, and rebuild their family with Charlotte; get on with living their lives as soon as possible. Is she interested? Lulu asks if she can have a moment, and Valentin says they’re busy. She says, it can’t wait. Willow shared troubling news about Charlotte. Willow was hoping to discuss it privately after school, but Valentin says whatever she has to say, she can say to Nina as well. Willow says she’s aware that Charlotte has been struggling with her grade in history; the subject matter doesn’t interest her. She’d been getting C’s, but last week, they had two quizzes, and she got an A on both. Nina asks what the trouble is, and Willow says she’d updated the seating chart. Charlotte is now sitting by her friend, Kendra, and she and Kendra’s quizzes had identical answers. Even the wrong ones. Nina says Kendra must be cheating off of Charlotte, but Lulu says, no. Charlotte is doing the cheating.

Josslyn and Cameron tell Oscar about how amazing the sugar cookies from Eckert’s are. They remember finding a hidden box. They snuck out, ate them all, and fell asleep. Cameron says they must have been in a sugar coma. By the time they got home, everyone was panicked, and they were in so much trouble. Josslyn says you’d think she’d have psychological scars, and hate sugar cookies. Oscar asks why they’ve never been to Eckert’s. Is it a long way out of town. Or in Sawyer? Josslyn says, no. She always wanted to take him there, but figured there was no hurry. Cameron says, okay. They’re going on the south ferry, and go to Eckert’s. What else? Oscar says he’s always wanted to check out the catacombs.

Shiloh thanks them, and tells everyone, the first step in self-actualization is to realize you’re not alone. People are in a constant state of past memories, and responsible for their own lives; no one else’s. He asks Daisy to assist him, and asks, who would like to share a painful memory, unburden themselves, and move on?

Drew tells says Josslyn is a lot like her mother, and Jason agrees. Drew says Oscar doesn’t have a lot of time, and he’s worried Josslyn is costing Oscar time he doesn’t have. Jason asks, how? and Drew says, by encouraging him to look for cure; a miracle that doesn’t exist. Jason isn’t sure what Drew wants him to do. Drew says Carly listens to him. Maybe he can talk to her, and she can explain to Josslyn. Okay I’m not getting this at all, since Josslyn made it clear that wasn’t happening. They were moving on to do fun stuff. Drew needs to get out more, or listen better, or something. I’m also wondering if this is a selfish move because he wants to spend time with Oscar.

At Dawn of Day, the group applauds a guy who shared, and Shiloh asks if anyone else cares to have a session. Kristina says she’ll go. He tells her to close her eyes, and think back to a memory that’s holding her back. One she keeps reliving over and over again. Daisy asks where she is, and Kristina says, her mother’s old house. How old is she? Seventeen. Is she alone? Kristina says, no. Daisy asks, who’s there? Her boyfriend, Kiefer. What’s he doing? He’s angry with her. Why? She blew him off to be with another guy. Daisy asks what he did, and Kristina says, called her a bitch for doing it in a dress he bought for her. What else? He slapped her so hard, she fell to the floor. Daisy asks if she ran away, and Kristina shakes her head. Why? She thought it was her fault. Did she break up with him? No. Did she tell someone? No. Daisy asks, why? Kristina says, she didn’t… and stops. Daisy says she didn’t want to lose him, did she? She was glad he was jealous. Even when he scared her and hurt her, him paying attention to her is what mattered. Sam says, that’s enough, and goes to Kristina.

Scotty asks Alexis, what kind of catch? She says, the hospital will only receive the endowment if the provisions are met. Monica asks if the provisions are listed, but Alexis says, it’s unclear. It says the parties will be summoned back for further instructions. Was Gail channeling Helena?

Nina says, first, Willow accuses Charlotte of bullying, and now she’s saying Charlotte is a cheater. Willow says, Kendra’s test scores have been consistent. If Charlotte is still struggling, she’ll be glad to tutor her. Nina says she definitely wants her stepdaughter tutored by the teacher who thinks she’s a bully and a cheat, and storms off. Valentin tells Willow that he and Charlotte have been studying together. Willow is right, Charlotte is very intelligent. And she’s capable of lifting her scores without cheating.

Sam asks what the hell is wrong with Daisy. Kristina says she was just trying to help, and Sam says, by saying Kristina felt like she mattered when she was being hit? She had no idea the relationship was like that. Sam says she thought Daisy was Kristina’s friend. What’s wrong with her? Kristina says, there’s nothing wrong. She’s carried the shame she’s been living through, and their support is helping her heal. Okay, this makes two people who’s lack of understanding is flummoxing me today. I would think Sam is savvier than this.

Finn tells Anna that he double-checked, and didn’t find any connection between the doctor and the DVX. Anna says, his name came up repeatedly. The DVX was interested in biological weapons; the kind that make the subject sick, or more susceptible to mind control – Faison’s area of expertise. Finn  says, not so random that she contracted the virus, and she says, not at all.

Lulu tells Willow that she and Valentin have differences, but for the most part agree on Charlotte. She believes Valentin has been working with her, and wonders if that’s possibly why she improved her score. It’s also possible Kendra was cheating. Willow says, maybe. She doesn’t know anything for certain, but she doesn’t think Charlotte is being malicious. Lulu asks what Willow thinks would drive her to cheat. Willow says she’s found when young students cheat, they’re motivated by fear of disappointing the adults in their life. Lulu says Charlotte’s family has been through a lot of changes lately. She’s sorry about Nina. She’s hotheaded, but means well. Willow says, clearly, she cares about Charlotte.

Nina tells Valentin that Willow thinks Charlotte is a bad seed. Valentin says he told her that Charlotte has been studying, and lifted her grade without cheating. Nina asks if Willow apologized, but he says he didn’t ask her to. He waned to tell Nina that he’s grateful for her defending Charlotte. Calling Charlotte her stepdaughter means, somewhere in her heart, he’s still her husband.

Scotty wants a closer look, and Alexis gives him the document, saying there’s nothing she hasn’t already shared. He says, so it basically says, to be continued. She’ll let them know when she learns about anything else. Alexis leaves, and Laura says, Gail left them with a mystery to solve. And now that I’ve mentioned it, what ever happened to the mysteries Helena left when she died? If she’s dead, which I’ll never believe. What about that tea pot in the painting?

Kristina tells Sam she brought discord from outside the process. Sam says it’s unfair. She’s dealing with her own trauma. Kristina says they’ll be happy to help her confront it and move on, but she says she’s just taking it in right now. Shiloh says they’ve all been there. He tells everyone it’s a good time to wrap it up. He thanks them for coming, sharing, and opening their hearts. Sam is sorry she embarrassed Kristina. Kristina says she knows it seems strange, but the group is helping her. She and Sam say goodbye. Shiloh thanks Sam for coming. She has one question. How is he qualified to run a self-help group? He says they all have darkness in their past. She should understand that more than most. He hopes she comes back. She says she will.

Drew tells Jason that he’s afraid Josslyn might make things harder. Jason says he’ll talk to Carly, but doesn’t think Drew needs to worry. Josslyn is like her mother, but he thinks she has the courage to face reality, no matter how much it hurts. She might be fighting, but she’ll fight to make sure whatever time Oscar has left is good.

Oscar tells Cameron and Josslyn that there are passageways that date back to the Civil War. Cameron says, cool! They should explore them. Josslyn thinks the entrances were closed off, but Cameron says, not all. At least that’s what he heard. Josslyn says, from who? and he says, some juniors and seniors found a way in. Oscar asks if he knows how, and Cameron smiles.  Yeah. We already know what’s going to happen here.

Tomorrow, Ava says she’s not going anywhere, Nina wants Maxie to be completely honest, and Lulu wonders why Doc has a list of Ryan’s victims.

🌺 I checked out Backyard Envy – another new home design show on Bravo – and I’m liking it. It’s nothing I’d miss Below Deck for, but a beach-inspired rooftop meadow? I’m in. The cast members are likeable as well. A discussion on how many plants sound like STDs made me laugh. One in four men will get eucalyptus this year.

😆 Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were a riot on Watch What Happens Live. They’re naturally funny people, but it was extra amusing seeing two relatively big stars discuss reality shows with such seriousness – and accuracy. I bet they’d be fun to watch TV with. I could see them doing People’s Couch.

🍴 I didn’t see Top Chef tonight, because Dr. Phil had a cyber-stalker on. How could I resist that? I did, however, enjoy the hell out of Hell’s Kitchen last Friday. You know it’s bad when Gordon stops everything in the restaurant kitchen, and says, come over here, to everyone on the team. Choclatier Valerie Gordon was a guest, and Trev was out the door, because of what Gordon called his downward spiral. And it was his third time being nominated for apron removal. Gordon told him he just wasn’t ready. He griped on his way out the door, proving Gordon’s point. Piss off seems to be the phrase of the season. Next time, three rookies and three vets will vie for black jackets, and an untimely injury happens.

😲 All I have to say about the end of Dirty John is, wow. It was well worth watching, and if you didn’t, it’s On Demand, and no doubt Bravo will rerun it. The acting is superb, the tension high throughout, and the ending a real shock. Having seen the real life subjects on other shows, I already knew what was going to happen, but it didn’t diminish any of the punch. I made noises out loud. Enjoy the marathon and the ride.

🎂 Happy Birthday, Betty!

Keep enjoying those hot dogs and vodka.


🎶 A Thousand Times Better Than At the Listening Party…

Either Milania woke up, or someone directed the hell out of her. This is actually pretty cute.




January 11, 2019 – Griff’s Faith is Broken, Some Betty, Vicki’s Holiday, a Baby, OctoQuotes, a Birthday & a Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Yep, missed it. Why break a streak?

Anna can’t see anything. Peter helps her up, and out of the bistro.

At the hospital, Obrecht says good evening to Finn. He says they used to have security; who let her in? She says, all the charges have been dropped. She’s free to go where she chooses, and she chooses to be there. He asks what she wants, and she says she’s there to speak to HR. He asks if her license wasn’t revoked, and she says she didn’t realize he had control over who was hired. He says there’s no place for someone like her there.

Valentin gives Nina a gorgeous bouquet. She says the flowers are beautiful, but unnecessary. He wants to thank her for giving him a second chance. She says, seriously? It’s more like the ninth. He’s grateful, and says he’d be happy if she indulges him while he showers her with gifts. She says he already gave her the greatest gift. He brought her daughter back into her life.

In the chapel, Sonny tells Griff it’s been a tough few weeks. It was a senseless tragedy. Kiki was part of the family. Griff wants to stop him now. He’s heard so many different versions of the same conversation. He knows they’re well-intended, but it doesn’t help. He tells Sonny, please save his sorrow and remorse. The stories only make him mad. Mad that somebody took Kiki’s life, and took her from them. Maybe he doesn’t have the right to anger and grief, but those are his only two options. Sonny says Griff can only feel how he feels; empty and pointless. He gets it. When Morgan died, Sonny went to dark places, and Griff helped him with his faith. Griff is glad his words brought Sonny comfort, but for him, there is none. His words were a lie. Faith is an illusion.

Franco asks Ava what she’s doing out there alone at night. It’s a bad idea. Ava says she can take care of herself. He’s sure she can, but he’s hanging out, just in case. She says, that’s sweet, but unnecessary. She asks what he’s doing there, and he says he’s on his way to the studio. What about her? She says it’s none of his business; carry on. He says now he’s really not going. Not until she tells him what’s going on. She says he’s going to ruin everything, and he tells her, talk fast. She says, Kiki’s killer is still out there. She’s making herself a target he can’t resist, and when he finds her, he’ll wish the cops got to him first.

Not-Doc takes out a locked box. He looks inside, and smiles, seeing the driver’s licenses of his victims. He says, sleep tight, and puts the box back. If he had a moustache, he’d be twirling it.

Nina tells Valentin that she didn’t think it was possible. If not for him, Madeline would have carried the secret to her grave. Because of him, she found out her daughter was alive, and came to know this incredible, smart, beautiful woman. He filled the hole in her heart. She loves him so much. He showed her it’s safe to love him, and made her trust him again.

Obrecht says Finn is quick to judge, but her moral actions don’t concern him. He says, they concern Monica. When Monica sees her, she’ll remember the things Obrecht did to the people in the hospital. What goes around, comes around. Obrecht says, upon further consideration, she’s too good for GH. She’s going to Mercy, where they can use her help and appreciate her talents.

Drew brings Kim coffee, and I wonder if they’ll ever actually put something in those cups or at least pretend better. Kim says she’s being ridiculous and selfish, but Drew tells her to give herself a break. She tells him, bringing life into the world is the best part of her job, and one of the reasons she became an OB. When she hands a precious new life to parents, and sees the wonder, the hopes and dreams they have for their babies, their joy fills her with joy. But today, all she felt was resentment toward the new mother and all her hope for her son’s future. She has none left for hers. Drew says it’s understandable, but remember, they still have time. Kim says she’s clung to hope for so long; false hope, and she’s running out of it. The first thing they learn in med school is that they will lose patients, even with new treatments and skills, there are limitations, and they all fail at some point. That’s where Oscar is. Medicine failed him.

Sonny tells Griff that he questioned God. Why did it happen to someone so young and full of promise? His faith was shaken. Griff says his faith isn’t shaken; it’s broken. He devoted his entire life to the church. He looks at a medal he’s wearing, and says, St. Aloysius. He experienced a profound spiritual awakening at age seven, and died at twenty-three from the Plague. Griff wanted be like him since he was a boy. He laughs, says, a saint, and rips the medal off. He says, it’s just jewelry. There’s no magic. Bad things happen to good people. Kiki was stabbed. What sense can he make of that? Why is he here? He doesn’t know. Maybe he’s hoping to feel something that proves he’s wrong; that what he believed isn’t a lie. Sonny says there’s no denying he’s sinned more than most, but he thinks there’s something bigger out there. Something listening to them; working through them. He’s there praying for a sixteen-year-old boy who’s been terminally diagnosed. It might not help, but has to do the best he can. He believes in his heart that Kiki would understand. Griff says people tell him what Kiki would want or do. He doesn’t even know, so how do they? I hate to put a damper on his supposition, but they probably knew her a lot better than he did. He’d just started dating her. He says he dedicated his entire life to healing. If Oscar gets a miracle, it’s because of science, not faith. He’s finally clear on that. He says there’s someone he can still help, and leaves. Sonny looks at the medal on the floor.

Franco says Ava is using herself as bait, and ambushing the killer? She says, it’s better than waiting around for them to claim another victim. Franco says it’s not going to work, but she says he’s just trying to get her to change her mind. He says he can think like Kiki’s killer because he used to think like a killer. She’s not a desirable target. Ava is like, thanks, but he says she’s known to be lethal. At best, she’s not worth the risk, and at worst, she’s a kindred spirit. Not-Doc walks onto the scene.

Peter brings Anna in to the hospital. She tells Finn that she can’t see.

Sonny sees Drew and Kim. He’s sorry to interrupt. Drew asks, what’s up? Sonny says he was there getting medicine for his father, and Carly told him Oscar’s treatment didn’t go as well as it should. Drew says, it didn’t, and Sonny tells Drew that his resources are at Drew’s disposal. He has a jet, and connections. Anything they need.

Not-Doc asks what Ava and Franco are doing. Franco tells him Ava is using herself as bait to catch Kiki’s killer. Not-Doc says, I see. Franco is like, what? and not-Doc says he’s not saying it’s not incredibly risky, but however Ava deals with her grief is her own business. Franco says, she’s wandering around on the docks late at night with a gun. And why is not-Doc ghosting him? Franco has been calling for an appointment, and his calls aren’t being returned. Not-Doc says, the time has come for them to stop working together.

Griff comes into the examining room, and asks Anna, what’s going on? Finn says, she can’t see, and Anna asks if it has something to do with her illness. Griff says that’s doubtful, and asks, what happened? Peter says they were having coffee when Anna got a headache. He was going to take her to the doctor, and she collapsed. When she regained consciousness, she couldn’t see. Griff asks her to describe the headache. She says, it was horrible. It came out of nowhere; a searing pain in her temple. She knew she had to see a doctor. She fainted, and when she stood up and opened her eyes, she couldn’t see anything. Griff says the fainting could be a result of her phlebotomy treatment. She asks, what about the loss of vision? He tells her that he can’t say, but he’ll figure it out. They’ll run some tests, and find out what’s going on. Anna asks why would this happen? and Griff says, hang in there. Finn says he’ll be right back, and Anna asks if Peter is still there. He is, and she thanks him. He says he did what anyone would have done, but she says he’s not anyone to her. She’s not a random stranger; it’s a complicated relationship. He says, that’s one way to put it. She says he could have left, but he didn’t. She thanks him, but says she’s not reading into it. Peter suggests she focus on herself right now. He takes her hand, and she says she’s grateful he’s there. He’s glad he could help.

Valentin kisses Nina’s hand. He wants to prove himself worthy of her love, but he’s not her knight in shining armor. Obrecht walks in, saying, on that, they can agree. She hopes she’s not interrupting. Valentin says she is. She’d like to speak to Nina alone, but Valentin says whatever she has to say, she can say in his presence. She knows he’d prefer that, and Nina asks, what’s going on? She saw them with their heads together the other day. Since they have no secrets, tell her what’s going on. Obrecht says, no secrets? In that case, does he want to tell Nina what they’ve been keeping from her, or should she?

Sonny says he has access to medicine that’s restricted in this country, and his jet is ready. Drew appreciates it, but knows there’s no miracle drug. Kim says she checked everything from here to Singapore, and checked every trial. Drew says there’s nothing they wouldn’t do to save Oscar, but there’s nothing they can do.

Franco asks if not-Doc is dumping him as a client. Not-Doc says their work has plateaued. Maybe Franco has become too comfortable. In any event, they’re not progressing. He’d be better served by another therapist. Franco doesn’t think they’ve dealt with the trauma they uncovered, and now he’s being tossed aside like a bothersome one-night stand. Not-Doc thinks it’s best, and will give him a referral. Franco says the hell with him and his referral, and stomps off. Ava asks not-Doc if he’s sure he wants to do that. It seems like Franco needs him. Not-Doc says, trust him. It’s for the best.

Nina tells Obrecht to cough it up, and Obrecht asks if Valentin told Nina that he offered her a job at Cassadine industries. Valentin says he’s making inquiries; don’t rush him. Obrecht says the medical department isn’t hiring, but she appreciates him keeping her in mind. Nina doesn’t want her put in difficult position, but the sooner she finds work, the better for everyone. Obrecht asks for a private moment with her niece. When Valentin leaves the room, Nina asks what Obrecht can’t tell her in front of him.

A nurse comes with wheelchair to take Anna for her tests. Peter helps her into the chair. He asks if he should stick around, but she says she knows he’s busy, and tells him to go. The nurse wheels her out.

Griff looks at Anna’s chart. Finn needs to talk to him. Griff asks what’s on his mind. Finn says, Griff’s mind. Is he okay? Is his head in the game? He just lost someone close to him, and no disrespect, Finn wonders if he should get another specialist. Griff says, none taken, and Finn is right. Kiki’s murder messed him up, but Anna is the closest thing to family he has, and he can help her. He needs to help her. Finn asks what he thinks is going on, and Griff says, it could be anything. They don’t know if it’s treatable or the blindness is permanent.

Sonny tells Drew he’s sorry. He hopes he’s not making it worse. Kim says they’re touched, and Sonny says, Oscar is one of the greats in his book. They’re both in his prayers. Drew thanks him for coming by. Sonny says he can’t imagine what they’re going through, but Drew says, clearly, he knows. Drew was there when he lost Morgan. He appreciates Sonny being there for them. Sonny says, anything he needs, just ask.

Finn tells Griff that Anna will want to know the odds. Griff says, until he knows what it is, he only has speculation. Finn asks if there’s a strong possibility she’ll see again, and Griff says, yes. There are many causes for sudden blindness. He says Finn is acting like he has no medical degree; he’s not acting like a doctor. Finn says someone he loves is the patient, and Griff’s bedside manner sucks. What happened to holding on to hope? Griff says, get someone else If that’s what he wants. Griff’s faith lies in data. He’ll have it shortly.

Peter meets with Valentin, and says he took Anna to the hospital. Valentin asks, what happened? but Peter doesn’t know. They were talking, Anna got a splitting headache, and fainted. When she regained consciousness, she couldn’t see. Valentin asks, who’s treating her? and Peter says, Griff, but he doesn’t know what caused it or if it’s permanent.

Nina thinks Obrecht wants to pitch her medical column for Crimson. She says it’s a great idea, but not the best approach for their readers. She knows Obrecht needs a job. Obrecht says her records have been expunged, but she has no medical license. And she has more pressing matters. Nina asks if she can vague that up more. Obrecht says Valentin has two sides. He can be witty and charming, but he can also be ruthless and amoral. The ends will always justify the means with him. Nina says no one is completely wrong or right. Valentin is capable of love and loyalty. He showed that with Nina’s daughter. She tried to end it for a long time, but he wouldn’t give up. She’s proceeding with caution. There’s been no long term, permanent commitment. She tells Obrecht she’s moved back into Windymere. Obrecht says she’s sleeping in his bed? Nina wants Obrecht to be happy for her. Valentin found her daughter; her family. She wants Obrecht to meet her. She looks exactly like Britt, and Nathan. Obrecht says that woman is nothing like her son.

Sonny tries to get Griff’s attention, but Griff says he’s sorry. He has a patient. Sonny holds the medal.

Finn asks Anna how the tests went, and she supposes all right. He tells her it’s okay to be scared; he won’t tell. Griff comes in with the test results, and takes her hand. He says she experienced some kind of hemorrhage, but she’s okay and stable. She asks about the blindness, and Griff says, there’s a laser treatment that often yields positive results. She asks what that means. He says he doesn’t know the cause, so he can’t be certain it will restore her vision.

Valentin thanks Peter, who tells him, don’t reach out. He doubts Anna wants to hear from him. Valentin says, she doesn’t like appear weak, and Peter says, because she thinks Valentin will double-cross her. He knows the feeling. Valentin says he’s not the enemy, but Peter says he’ll use anyone to get what he wants. He used Peter, pressuring him to drop the charges on Obrecht. Valentin says it worked out well for everyone, and Peter is in good with Maxie. Peter says Valentin was just covering his own ass. Enjoy it while it lasts. Obrecht will use whatever she has against him, sooner rather than later.

Nina asks what Obrecht has against Sasha. Obrecht says forget she said anything. Nina says she understands. She thinks Obrecht still has a lot of guilt, leaving Nathan with Madeline, and her relationship with Britt is non-existent. It’s different between Nina and her daughter. Obrecht says she’s mistaken. There’s something she needs to know about her daughter.

Franco argues with not-Doc’s assistant outside of his office. She says he can’t have access to the doctor’s records. He asks where Janet is, and the woman says Janet was fired, and the doctor hired her. She leaves, and Franco says, the hell with this. He uses his credit card to slip the lock on the door.

At the docks, Ava asks if not-Doc thinks she’s crazy, going after her daughter’s killer. He says, not at all, but he thinks it’s counterproductive. The killer feeds off the fear and dread of the community. He loves attention and notoriety. Her grief and frustration give him power. If she refuses to live her life, she plays into his hands. She says her daughter was killed. How is she supposed to focus on anything else? He thinks her staying there, surrounded by memories, knowing the killer is out there, wears on her. The two of them should leave town. She says she’s not in the mood for a vacation, but he says, not a vacation. Forever. He thinks they should leave Port Charles for good.

Franco spreads out Doc’s patient files, and flips through them. We see the locked box.

On Monday, Alexis asks Sam what’s going on in that house she should know about, Jason asks if Kristina has ever mentioned Shiloh, and Carly catches Franco in Doc’s office.

💘 Because We All Love Her…

Presenting Betty White.


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Rich people problems.


👶 What Will Juan Do Now?

Pao and Russ finally had a baby. Bye, Felicia Juan.


👂 Quotes of the Week

Silence is the mother of truth. – Benjamin Disraeli

Best friends live forever in the memories we keep. – Unknown

Life, a good life, a great life is about “Why not?” May we never forget it.Danielle Steel, Happy Birthday

You have a wheelhouse and we’ve been living in this dump? – Max (Kat Dennings), 2 Broke Girls

Everything born has to die, in order to make room for the future.Joan D. Vinge

If I were to put a picture in the dictionary next to boy toy, you would be the antonym.Judge Judy, who then had to explain what an antonym is.

I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.Will Rogers

Tequila is not even a drink; it’s a way for having the cops around without using a phone. – Dylan Moran

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Twelve years ago, in the wee hours of the morning – 2:30 am to be exact – Juliet produced her life’s work – six glorious babies! True to form, she did it her own way, without skipping a meal or even going into labor. She did not read the schedule. She popped them out, cleaned them up, and then asked for a piece of cheese.

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