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March 24, 2017 – Sonny is Done, More Quotes for You & a Little Exercise


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Franco asks Elizabeth if she’s sure she wants him to move in. He says it won’t be her place anymore; it will be theirs. She thinks the boys will be thrilled, and he jokes that she wants a resident babysitter and art therapist. Elizabeth thinks it’s huge that Franco found the gap in Jake’s memory, and says she knows he’ll find more. In the meantime, Jake is happy and well-adjusted. She suddenly sees a picture has been drawn where the paper was blank.

Finn calls for Hayden. She says she was just resting her eyes. Ha-ha! My father used to say that when he didn’t want to admit he was asleep. Finn says he made it through withdrawal, and Hayden wonders when all this happened. He says when she was asleep and she’s like, yeah, right. He says she can let him go now. I think not.

Molly and Kristina visit Alexis. Molly says they’re worried about her. Alexis asks how Kristina is handling things with Morgan. Kristina says she hates Olivia-J, and Alexis points out that so does the rest of the world. They talk about Scout. Molly sees Julian’s letter and asks what the what?

Carly runs into Sonny at Perks. He was hoping to see Kristina, but she’s not on the schedule.

Finn tells Hayden that he could use a shower and some fresh air. If Hayden cuts him loose, they can go for a walk. She says it must be terrible to be taped to a chair like a hostage. He says there are scissors on the table, and she says she knows where they are, but he told her to keep him there until she’s sure the cravings are gone. She asks how long he’s been feeling better. He tells her it’s been a while, and she says that she wasn’t asleep two hours. Finn says who cares how long; it’s time to cut him loose. Hayden thinks they should wait, and he says he needs sleep in a real bed. He starts getting loud, and says that he doesn’t want to do this anymore. I have to mention this again. For someone who’s wet with sweat everywhere else, and supposedly going through withdrawal from a highly potent drug, his hair looks amazing.

Jason talks to Scout by the window, telling her what a great view they have, and how you can see the stars at night. He says when she’s older he’ll explain how starlight helped him find her mother. Sam is about to take over when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Curtis with a baby gift. He fawns over the baby and Sam lets him hold her.

Sonny asks Carly to stay and talk. She says they talked yesterday and didn’t get anywhere. He says under the anger he saw that they still love each other and there’s hope. He believes deep down she wants things to be better in the future, and he wants the same.

Elizabeth tells Franco that the paper was blank, and now it’s not. There’s a picture of a scarecrow. She says at least Jake is starting to remember, and Franco thinks it might be a breakthrough. Jake comes downstairs, and says he thinks he can go to school today. Elizabeth feels his forehead, and concurs. Franco tells him that he did a great job on the drawing, but Jake says he didn’t do it. Elizabeth tells him to go get dressed. When he’s gone, she says that she doesn’t think the other kids did this, and Franco says that Jake definitely drew it. She asks if Franco thinks he’s lying. Franco says he might have done it in his sleep, but it’s a repressed memory for sure.

Curtis tells Jason that he has a meeting with Jordan, and might get on the PCPD. Jason says if he carries a badge they can’t work together, but the bright side is, no more dumpster diving. Curtis says in a way, he’ll miss it; not the dumpsters, but working with Jason. He says they started off shaky, but they made a good team. He tells Jason to take care. Jason says if he gets in trouble, he can always call.  Curtis leaves, and Sam, who had gone to clean up Scout, asks if everything is okay. Jason says it’s strange, but he’s going to miss Curtis.

Kristina says she doesn’t believe a word of Julian’s letter. She says Julian pretends he was trying to protect Alexis, but Olivia-J was in town for a while and he could have warned her. Even if he knew he was being watched, he could have figured about a way. She says he’s a murderer and a liar, and the letter proves that they’re better off without him. Alexis says she just wants to know if it’s true, and asks Molly what she thinks. Molly says when he wrote it, it was meant to be read after he died, so it’s possible he’s being truthful. Kristina says that Alexis wants to believe a different concept. Alexis says if he’s dead, she’ll have regret that he died before she told him that she still loved him. We all heave huge sighs and throw our collective hands in the air.

Finn freaks out, and Hayden tells him to calm down. She says she’s not letting him go until he can act like a normal person. She sends a text and he gets paranoid. He says she doesn’t love him; she just wants to use him and throw him away, but he won’t let her.

Sonny tells Carly that they have to try. Carly says of course she thinks they should move past this. She knows nothing happens in a vacuum, and they’ve both made mistakes. He lied, and she knows he had his reasons, but she needs more time. He asks how much, and she asks how much time before he’s honest. She says if other circumstances hadn’t exposed Nelle, he would never have told her the truth, and he says he’s had enough.

Jason asks if Sam is okay with Olivia-J going to Darkham. Sam tells him that Olivia isn’t getting out any time soon, and now that Julian is dead, her mother will have time to heal. Jason asks how she’s feeling about Julian’s death, and she says she won’t miss any of it. She’s happy that Scout has a father who will protect and cherish her

Kristina says Julian was a narcissist, so he never doubted that Alexis loved him, but after everything he’s done, how can she? Alexis says she saw another side of him. Molly asks if she’s sure everything adds up, and she isn’t idealizing him. Alexis says she knows they’re thinking she wants revisionist history, but she just wanted to know if he loved her. Kristina says she’s justifying things, like Kristina did with Parker. Alexis says it doesn’t matter anyway, and Molly tells her again that they’re worried about her

Finn says he knows that Hayden was texting the pharmaceutical guy, and she can’t steal the money meant for the hospital. He says she’s a liar and a thief, and why didn’t he see it? She tells him to stop, but he keeps going on. Then says he’s sorry. He doesn’t even know what he’s saying. He tells her it’s the drugs talking, and asks her to forgive him. He seems to pass out for second, and when Hayden comes to his chair, he grabs her arm, startling the both of us.

Hayden tells him to let her go, and Curtis busts in. Curtis says he didn’t know what to expect, but it wasn’t this. The phone rings, and Curtis says that will be security. Hayden tells then that it was just a mishap, and everything’s fine. Curtis guesses this is DIY detox. Hayden makes him swear to secrecy. She says she’s helping Finn detox from a powerful drug, and he asks if she’s lost her mind.

Sonny wonders if Carly should ask his forgiveness for leaving when Morgan died. She says that she thought he was responsible, and toally misses the point. Sonny asks if she can imagine the burden. He brings up Jax, and she says that Sonny had Nelle in their bed. He says the bed she wasn’t in. He thought she’d left him and…

Thanks, ABC! You broke in with news that could have waited twenty minutes. We are not at war. It’s not even snowing. I suppose I should be grateful they came back to GH at all, and didn’t take up more time, showing us the line for the White House tour bathroom break, but when they returned, it was to a commercial.

Sam tells Jason that Alexis is trying to rationalize what Julian has done. Sam had told her she was lying to herself, and Julian would never be the man she wanted him to be. She thinks Alexis is afraid to confide in her now. Jason says to try telling her the truth about how she really feels. Sam says that Julian had potential to be a good man, but none of it matters anymore. She’s glad he can’t disappoint her again. Jason tells her to focus on how lucky they are, and then maybe on getting some sleep. He’s taking Danny to play at the Quartermaine’s, so she can have some peace and quiet.

Franco and Elizabeth recall the Jake in the story coming to a clearing and seeing a scarecrow. Franco thinks it was innocuous, and Elizabeth says that even though Jake hasn’t seen the book, maybe Helena planted the story in his subconscious. They decide to read the book again.

Sonny tells Carly if after all this time, she can’t understand that something like that could happen at the lowest point of his life, he doesn’t know what to say. Carly says he should have known better than to lie to her afterward. They were working their way back to each other, and she’d never felt closer to him. She asks if he thinks all this pain is her fault, and he says she made a choice to push him away. If there’s nothing he can do, she can stop running, because he’s not running after her anymore.

Hayden explains to Curtis why Finn didn’t go to rehab. He still thinks she’s crazy doing this alone. She says she can’t involve anyone from the hospital. Curtis gets that she loves him, but if he does detox, it doesn’t mean they’re home free. It’s not the end of his battle with addiction; it’s only the beginning.

Carly asks if Sonny is done. He says she should be relieved. When he tries to make amends, it only pisses her off. She asks if their marriage is over.

Elizabeth and Franco get out the book and the doorbell rings. Franco says would be creepy if it was Helena. Yes, it would. It’s not though. It’s Jason with a baseball glove for Jake. Elizabeth says they want to show him something. Jason asks what the book is doing out, and she says that’s what she wants to talk about. Jason asks what’s going on.

Molly and Kristina visit Sam, and gush over Scout. They ask if she read the letter, and she says no. Molly says she should, and Kristina says it’s the usual crap. Sam wonders why Alexis isn’t with them, and Molly says she’s at an AA meeting. The girls are glad that Alexis is taking care of herself, and Scout acts cute.

Alexis comes home. I question her décor, or lack thereof. Her place is awfully bare. She pulls a bottle out of her bag. Rolo’s wine. I’m sure it’s very pricey.

On Monday. Sonny talks to Laura, Jason wants Jake out of Elizabeth’s house, and Lucy is back.

Quotes of the Week

Offense is always an opportunity to identify what is lacking in our own heart. – Unknown

If you set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing. – Margaret Thatcher

There’s not much we can do, you know. We can only do what we can do. – Becky discussing politics on The Real World: NYC (the first season)

🏋 That last one led me to remember my favorite strength training instructor, Margaret Richard, who’s had a PBS show called Body Electric for many years. I have some old tapes where two gems from her were: The stationery leg is stationery, and, If you’re working in front of a mirror, the mirror will be in front of you. These quotes by no means diminish Ms. Richards talent as an instructor, but are merely the kind of thing we’d all come up with, trying to chat while doing a painful challenging exercise routine. Taking it a step further, I checked out what Margaret is doing these days, and it turns out she has a kickstarter page to fund her latest project. She changed my life, so if you want to check it out, go to:


Some psychedelic love to send you off on your weekend…