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July 9, 2020 – When Sonny Hired Theo, GH Bios, Berkshires Redux, Returning, Robin Goes Blonde, Too Many Goodbyes, Pandemically Effected, 21 Years, Latest Bat & You


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

The Flashback hand we were dealt today was January 6th, 2011. I was on a phone call for the first half, but I’ll piece that together as best I can.

A bit of the backstory. Because of a mix-up, Maya and Ethan were married, but they didn’t live together, and Edward had offered them a million dollars on their first anniversary. Steven Webber had organized a ski trip, and the bus had an accident. Olivia and Morgan were badly hurt; Kristina was hurt; Michael had been slightly injured; and Kristina’s friend Ali and the driver had been killed. Brenda had killed Anton/Aleksander an international crime lord’s son, and Dante helped cover it up. The crime lord Theo was also a lawyer, and had weaseled his way into working for Diane. Not coincidentally, Sonny ended up hiring him for Dante and Brenda. D’oh! Which brings us to today’s Flashback.

Diane thought it should be a slam-dunk that Brenda shot Anton, but Theo said her ties to Sonny cast doubt on her. Spinelli came into the office and sneezed, freaking Theo out. Spinelli said his hygiene was above reproach, and Theo said that kind of thinking led to pandemics. (Did they search through every episode to find this reference?) Diane hustled him out, saying she’d check in with him later at his office. (He was working with Sam at the time.)

OG Edward talked to Maya and Ethan about their future, and Maya thought Edward was planning on roping Ethan into the family business, which Ethan wasn’t keen on. He told them they’d have to live together though, and they planned to move into the Quartermaine mansion. Edward said Tracy and Luke were on their honeymoon, so they’d have the run of the place. That was not to be, as Tracy came back, saying, Luke decided to skip the honeymoon and go straight to grand larceny.

Terrell Jackson saw Robin at the hospital, and said he had an appointment with Steven Webber. Robin said they’d been swamped because of the bus accident, but Steven came by with Patrick, introducing Patrick to Terrell. It turned out Terrell was a pediatric doctor who had helped with the bus crash. Terrell said he was there to interview for a position at the hospital. When Steven left with Terrell to do the interview, Terrell and Lisa gave each other the soap eye from across the room. Patrick told Robin that he was frustrated because he wasn’t able to save Ali. Robin told him that he wasn’t God, and Patrick said he respected what she had to say. She wondered why he was being so nice (they were separated at the time). Patrick asked Robin out on a date, but she took a raincheck because she wanted to be cautious.

Kristina was still in the hospital, and Sonny came by her room. She told him that she felt responsible for Ali’s death, since she’d pressured Ali to go on the trip. Sonny said he knew what it was like to lose a friend, and told her about Stone. Kristina admitted that she’d wanted Ali to come because she wanted Michael to see that Ali was better for him than the girl he was seeing, who was too old for him. Michael visited Morgan, who had a broken leg, and Morgan wanted Michael to help him get Carly to stop worrying. Carly overheard him and said that wasn’t going to happen. Morgan thanked Michael for saving him, and Michael was all humble. Carly said they should let Morgan get some rest. In the hallway, Carly said she sensed there was more to Michael and Abby’s relationship than being friends. Michael accused her of being judgmental, and said she didn’t get to choose who he hung around with.

Theo went to Morgan’s hospital room, introducing himself as the lawyer who was going to protect Dante and Brenda. He intimated that Sonny was ignoring Morgan’s present situation of a broken tibia. He told Morgan that his son had been killed, and it opened his eyes to the temporary nature of life. He said, no one has as much time as they think they do, and no one’s loved ones are safe. Morgan said his father spent a lot of time and money keeping his kids safe, and Theo said it was fortunate Morgan didn’t get hurt worse in the bus accident. He was sure Morgan’s father would be devastated if he lost Morgan.

Edward said Luke was up to his old tricks, and Maya said, Luke and Tracy’s marriage barely lasted a week. Tracy said she wasn’t divorcing Luke, she just wasn’t saving him. She thought Prague was a perfect place for a honeymoon, but he’d thought it was the perfect place for a diamond heist. He tried to steal a fortune without warning her, and she hoped he got caught. Edward said you could steal scotch and diamonds, or pursue a lucrative legal way get what you want. He suggested he teach Ethan, who said he’d think about it. Dante was at an unconscious Olivia’s bedside, when Theo showed up. He told Dante that he was the lawyer who was hired to defend him and Brenda. They would have to answer for killing a man. Sonny arrived and told Theo, not now, and to leave Dante alone.

At the hospital, Steven Webber hired new doctor Terrell on a trial basis. He could see if he liked the position, and it would give him time to think. Robin introduced herself, and welcomed him. He asked for a lay of the land, and who to avoid, but Robin said she couldn’t be objective. He said, no matter where you went, somebody was bad news, and Lisa walked in. Theo told Sonny that Dante and Brenda would be charged for wrongful death, but Sonny said Dante’s mother might die, and Theo’s timing wasn’t good. Theo said they didn’t have the luxury of time. Things would proceed regardless. Sonny said he paid Theo to do what he needed him to, and he said he was the man who could save Sonny’s son and fiancé. Gratitude might be in order. It smelled of collusion and a cover-up; like Dante had used his badge to help Brenda get away with murder. That was the case the other side would make, and Dante needed to cooperate. Sonny said Dante was wondering if his mother would live or die. He paid Theo a fortune to do what he needed done, and unless they were dragging Brenda off in chains, leave his son alone. Theo understood, and said they had more in common than Sonny realized.

Patrick congratulated Terrell, and Terrell said he was going to be in pediatrics. Maybe Patrick could give him a rundown of the staff. Patrick suggested he not mess with head nurse Epiphany. He told Terrell that Robin was a researcher extraordinaire, and don’t mess with her family. Robin said Patrick never met a patient didn’t want to cut, but his skills surpassed his ego. Terrell thought it was cool that they were married and on staff together, but Robin said they were separated. Terrell apologized, but she said he had no way of knowing.

Michael came into Kelly’s and saw his more-than-a-friend Abby. She said she’d heard about he bus crash, and that it had people from GH on it. She felt bad because she’d convinced him to go. She said she ran to the hospital, since she couldn’t rest until she knew he was okay. He told her Ali didn’t make it. When Abby showed up at the hospital, he’d just been thinking about her, and there she was. She said she needed to know he was alive. She hadn’t realized it, but she sat next to Michael’s father. She hoped it was okay that she told Sonny they were friends.

Carly said she and Sonny needed to talk about Michael. He asked if she was worried about how Michael had handled the crash, but she said it was his new friend Abby. Abby was ten years older than Michael, and he was tutoring her in math. She saw them hug in the ER, and it was a hug hug. She was older, and she was serious about him. Johnny came by, and wondered why Olivia had been going on a ski trip, and Carly said she’d been asked to go at the last minute.

Lisa told Terrell to follow her, and when they were alone, he said she wasn’t winning at being Miss Popularity. She said she’d made mistakes, but there was plenty of blame to go around. He asked why he was there, and Lisa said she wanted him to seduce Robin. Not that she’s not lovely, but the words seduce and Robin just don’t fit in the same sentence for me. Diane went to Spinelli’s office, and asked why she was there. He said he was haunted by her prose; she was a dynamic wordsmith. He couldn’t imagine she was content doing legal briefs. She said she’d shelved her creative writing since college, and he said he had an offer where she could fully express herself. She could chronical The Jackal, PI. She laughed, and asked if he was serious. Johnny came by Olivia’s room, and Dante asked if he wanted to spend time with her. Johnny told Dante that Olivia had broken up with him because of the life he’d chosen to lead. When she woke up, she’d be happy to see Dante. They shouldn’t take their mothers for granted. Dante told Olivia that her ex didn’t appreciate her, and he hoped she didn’t think her son was like that. He cried, and Olivia patted his head. She asked him what was the matter, and he said, nothing.

Abby told Michael that his father was a nice man. She was worried and nervous, and he’d asked who she was waiting for, and she told him, Michael. Small world. Michael said he was glad she got to meet Sonny. She said he figured out that she was a dancer quickly; he told her that he’d run a strip club. Michael said Sonny understood, and wanted Michael to do what made him happy. Abby asked what that was, and he said, right now, it was sitting with her. Having breakfast would be even better.

Carly told Sonny that Michael and Abby were more than friends, and Abby was the last person Michael should be friends with. She must be after his money. Sonny said she wasn’t; she had a job. He met her at the hospital when they were both waiting, and she seemed nice. Carly couldn’t believe Sonny was okay with it, and he said what he wasn’t okay with was Michael hanging out at Bond’s. Carly asked if Abby was a stripper, and Sonny said she was a dancer. Carly said, this is not happening.

🔎 Giving You a Clue…

Some of these characters haven’t been around in ages, and made their appearances at times I wasn’t watching the show. If you’re like me or need a refresher course, here’s Theo:




And Abby:


The Real Housewives of New York City

Dorinda is at her house in the Berkshires. She calls Sonja, and gets voicemail. She tells Sonja she’s at Bluestone Manor; it’s all done. It’s cozy, and Sonja can have her own room. In Dorinda’s interview, she says, it’s the start of a new life. In the Berkshires, she has the opportunity to exhale. She’s excited to show the girls. It’s her house, and she made it through. She tries Leah next, and the mailbox is full. She calls LuAnn, gets voicemail; ditto Ramona, and she says she’s feeling like a loser, She calls Elyse and again gets voicemail. She says, loser. It’s official. Elyse visits Sonja, and says she needed to regroup after the Halloween party. She’s surprised Sonja remembered it. In her interview, Elyse says, it’s a small town, and Sonja was one of the wild girls running around the East Side. She was a wild girl running around on the periphery, and that’s how they met. Sonja shows Elyse some old pictures, and her Blue Book. We flash back to the night of 1985 is over, and in her interview, Sonja explains that there’s a Blue Book for every major city, and no one can take that away from her. I actually had one of those once. My sister and I snuck into an abandoned house, looking for treasures – well, she was actually looking for old doorknobs – and that’s what I came away with. Elyse asks what Sonja remembers best about the Halloween party. Sonja says she was home with her glam team, it had been a busy week, they had a kiki, and she came in hot and on fire. Elyse wonders what was going on with Ramona, and Sonja says, Dorinda blocked her. Elyse says someone told her Ramona was crying, but Ramona wouldn’t let Elyse sit next to her, and she had to leave; Elyse wasn’t her friend. In Elyse’s interview, she says she feels horrible, but she doesn’t understand it, so she’s angry now. Ramona is not her friend. Sonja says she knows what Ramona has been through and she’s reactive, but Ramona has to understand not to treat people like that. Elyse tells her about Ramona coming over, and making a show of taking her swim cover-up off in front of Elyse’s husband, and then giving him a shoulder massage. Elyse says if she did that to Ramona, Ramona would punch her out. Sonja says she’s getting creepy curly sensations.

Leah meets LuAnn for shopping, and in her interview, she says she’s hungover AF, and LuAnn looks like a fresh flower. Ramona joins them, and LuAnn asks, what happened last night? We flash back to Dorinda calling out Ramona. Ramona says she loves Dorinda, and loves having Dorinda in her life, but Dorinda is mourning her husband’s death for the first time. She went straight to John, and she’s mad at Richard for dying. LuAnn thinks Ramona rubbed her the wrong way, and Leah thinks it was the Larry Scott thing. LuAnn says, Dorinda thought Ramona wanted them there for pictures, so she could get a party for free. Leah says, it looked like Ramona was using them, and ignoring that possibility, Ramona says maybe Dorinda was mad because it wasn’t her birthday party, and she didn’t have friends to invite to one. In Ramona’s interview, she says she has a whole world without them, and they resent it. The women try on jackets, and Leah says Rob is under the weather, so she’s keeping Kier at her house. In Leah’s interview, she says, it’s hard to keep up with these women. LuAnn says she wants to have a good time in the Berkshires, and suggests they make the trip about having a good time. It was a disaster last night; they were at each other’s throats. Ramona says, not her, and LuAnn says she was pushing Dorinda’s buttons. Ramona says, Dorinda is a loose cannon, and she doesn’t know what sets Dorinda off. It’s scary. LuAnn tells her that Dorinda says the same thing about her, and Ramona brought Missy to the party, which hurt LuAnn’s feelings. She needs to work it out with old friends.

Dorinda tells housekeeper Len not to wait on the women. She makes Len practice, using roleplaying. In Dorinda’s interview, she says, Ramona always has an agenda. She figures out how to look her best while making everyone else look worse. The end point is me, me, me. She tells Len not to smile. She’s the soldier in charge. Sonja and Leah arrive, but the door isn’t open and there’s no answer. Dorinda is busy inside, telling Len she found an oyster plate, and there’s so much stuff she could open up her own store in the house. She says when she goes, it will probably all get thrown away. Sonja and Leah go through the back door, and surprise Dorinda, who’s in the kitchen, and happy that they’re early. In Leah’s interview, she says, the Upper East Side way of country living is not the way outsiders rough it. Dorinda said she’d moved all of Rich’s stuff downstairs when he died, and it was all filled with water when she was flooded. It feels like a different energy now. She used to be afraid to be there by herself at night, but now she’s more alive and awake. Leah tells her, everything is beautiful, and Dorinda says she loves the kitchen; it’s her retreat. We flash back to her making it nice. When she shows them the dining room, we return to Sonja screaming, don’t touch the Morgan letters! Dorinda says she got a new rug, and we revisit Coco pooping on the old one. She says Leah is in the Moroccan room, and in her interview, Dorinda says she doesn’t even go in there. She might as well keep it locked. Must be nice to have a house that big. As long as you have a Len.

In the car, Ramona tells LuAnn that she doesn’t know why Dorinda is angry. She loses it for no reason. In Ramona’s interview, she says, Dorinda gets angry, blows up, feels bad about it, and then pretends nothing is wrong. She’ll give Dorinda some beautiful flowers, and move on. She tells LuAnn that she’s really hurt, even though Dorinda didn’t mean it. LuAnn says she should have a separate birthday party for Dorinda, and Ramona says she and LuAnn think alike. Hardly. Even LuAnn isn’t that self-centered and man hungry. LuAnn says Ramona is getting sharper in her old age. Her vocabulary needs work, but what would they do without Ramonaisms? As they come toward the house, LuAnn remarks on what a gorgeous day it is. Ramona calls the foliage, foilage. When they get inside, LuAnn says she loves the carpeting, and Ramona says, it’s so rich looking. Ramona gives Dorinda the flowers, and says she wants to make peace. In her interview, Ramona says she’s willing to let it go. Dorinda is going through something, and she’s mad at life. She feels like life has cheated her. Ramona gets very excited at having thought of this theory. Dorinda says she’ll give them a quick tour, then they’ll have a great lunch. LuAnn is once again put in the fish room. It’s been totally redecorated, but Dorinda has put the shark in the bed. LuAnn says she gets to sleep with sharks, then makes out with it. In LuAnn’s interview, she says Dorinda has done a lot of work to make it look new and improved. It’s Bluestone Manor on steroids. Dorinda says she has a friend for Ramona too, and the swordfish has been placed in Ramona’s bed. In Ramona’s interview, she says she believes in positive energy. If she’s positive, Dorinda will be positive back. Yeah. Until the alcohol is brought out.

In the kitchen, Leah shows LuAnn a social media post from Elyse. She’s posted her picture, writing, it’s all fun and games until someone pisses me off. Leah wonders what she means, and LuAnn says, Ramona. Dorinda says, Ramona blocked Elyse, then corrects herself, saying Ramona unfollowed her. LuAnn says, those are two different things. In her interview, LuAnn says, Dorinda knows Elyse has an issue with Ramona, and she’s one more pawn in Dorinda’s game of chess. Leah says, with friends like Ramona, who needs enemies? Dorinda gets ready to serve Asian chicken for lunch, and the women sit at the table. Elyse arrives, and in Dorinda’s interview, she says, Ramona has a rule book Elyse has to follow, and she’s not following it, so she’s out. Leah announces that she slept with a guy who had one ball. It was a one and done. In her interview, Dorinda says, it feels like a release. The women have heard about what she’s been doing with the house, and now they can see she actually did it. She asks Elyse if she’s talked to Ramona, and Elyse says she will at some point. Ramona wants to pretend it didn’t happen, but it did. She felt betrayed. Dorinda says she would have been heartbroken. In her interview, LuAnn says, Dorinda won’t miss an opportunity to watch Ramona squirm. Elyse says she wasn’t invited to Omar’s (the party Ramona left LuAnn’s party for).

Ramona says she was going out with other girls she hasn’t seen in twelve years. Elyse says, it’s a club. What difference would it have made if she’d joined them? In Elyse’s interview, she says, Ramona has a reputation of blowing up friendships, and making people feel insignificant. That was accomplished. Ramona tells Elyse to lower her voice, claiming it triggers her about her father, even though Elyse isn’t talking that loudly. She suggests she and Elyse have a conversation in the other room. In Leah’s interview, she says Ramona played the victim in Rhode Island. We flash back to Ramona accusing Leah of triggering her. Ramona tells Elyse that she should be on her own, and develop friendships organically. In her interview, Leah says she doesn’t like gaslighting, and she’s not letting Elyse be another victim. She sits with Elyse and Ramona, and the other women follow. So much for privacy. Ramona says if she has a conflict, she prefers dealing with it one on one. She doesn’t get involved, or take sides. Elyse says they talk all the time, and now Ramona has a problem with her friendship. In Dorinda’s interview, as LuAnn predicted, she says she’s enjoying watching Ramona squirm. She has nowhere to go. Ramona says she’s sorry Elyse feels this way, and Elyse says she isn’t sorry. Ramona says it’s not her job to make Elyse comfortable. Nice. Elyse says it’s Ramona’s job to treat her with respect. She couldn’t even answer when Elyse asked if she was a good friend. Ramona says she’d had a major altercation with Dorinda, who’s narcistic. Dorinda corrects her, saying, narcissistic, for which I’m grateful. Elyse says Ramona compartmentalizes, and Ramona says she’s not talking in front of everyone. She starts to leave the room, and Elyse says she’s running away, but Ramona says she doesn’t want to have a conflict in front of everyone. In LuAnn’s interview, she says, Ramona is the queen of scene, and we flash back to several of those. Ramona and Elyse end up in the kitchen, and Ramona says they don’t need an audience. She was disappointed at the Halloween party. Dorinda is going through sh*t, and went off. She wanted to cry, so she left the room.

Dorinda tells LuAnn and Leah about Ramona saying she was drunk. In LuAnn’s interview, she says it’s weird for her to back up Ramona, but she’s been on the other side, and Dorinda needs to understand that she went too far. LuAnn says she wants to be honest, because she loves Dorinda, and Dorinda tells her, be careful. In Leah’s interview, she says she loves Dorinda, but she’s not speaking the truth to her. She’ll get her head chopped off, like in a communist regime. LuAnn says she’s far from perfect, but it felt dark. We revisit Dorinda’s diatribe at the table, telling Ramona that she’s not nice. Dorinda tells LuAnn, don’t go there, and LuAnn says she’s not defending Ramona. Dorinda says Ramona was yelling in front of the group, you’re drunk! In the kitchen, Elyse says she’d thought they were close, and Ramona says she has fifty close friends. Elyse says, maybe Ramona is naïve. She has a lot of social friends. Yeah, it’s more like Ramona has friends who are over fifty. Ramona says she appreciates what Elyse has done for her, and jets out of the kitchen. Elyse says she’s running away again.

LuAnn says, Ramona is in the hot seat. Elyse and Ramona come back, and Leah asks what Ramona said to Dorinda. Ramona acts like she didn’t say anything. Dorinda says Ramona doesn’t seem to feel happy with them anymore. She didn’t even care that they were with her at Larry Scott’s warehouse. Ramona says she was on a sugar high. In Sonja’s interview, she says, that’s a lame-ass excuse. Ramona wanted a group photo to get LuAnn and Sonja’s Instagram followers for Larry Scott. Dorinda says the group loves Ramona, and Ramona tells them that she has nothing to say. Somehow, things are suddenly okay, and she and Dorinda hug. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she’ll give Ramona a break, but maybe Ramona will think twice before calling her drunk or trying to pull the wool over her eyes. Doubtful. In Ramona’s interview, she says she was aggressive with Dorinda, but didn’t regret it. Told you. Elyse hugs Ramona, and Ramona says she’s sorry she made Elyse feel that way.

LuAnna says Dorinda gave in quick, and Dorinda says she doesn’t want to fight. She wants a fun girls weekend. In her interview, she says they keep having the same fight over and over, with no resolution. Dorinda tells Ramona, be peaceful. In Dorinda’s interview, she says, Ramona has a different personality for each occasion, and she’s all Mrs. Posh now. Ramona says she’d been spending weekends alone in the Hamptons, and she’s good with it. Dorinda says Ramona needs someone to love her for her. They’re financially independent, and a strong man says, you do you. She tells Ramona, there are very few strong men, and Ramona says she’s come to terms with it, and choses herself. Dorinda says, all you need is one. In Ramona’s interview, she says she doesn’t know how not to need a man. She met two men at the party who sort of meet her criteria, and they called to ask her out. Sonja suggests ordering pizza and going to bed early. LuAnn says, what about Chinese? and Dorinda gets out Twister. Leah says she won’t throw anything tonight. In Leah’s interview, she says they’re confined to a house with a lot of glass and breakables. She knows herself. If she turns it up, sh*t will get broken, and she doesn’t want to do that. Everyone comments on how great Sonja’s ass is. Sonja says, with an ass like this, why should she have to work? In Sonja’s interview, she says her ass is better than the townhouse. Nobody can take this away.

LuAnn tells the women that she and Sonja are doing a show. Sonja whines that LuAnn never pays her. In her interview, Sonja says, it’s not that she doesn’t have a good time doing the show, but she has a family to support. People depend on her. Besides LuAnn. LuAnn says she wants Sonja to be part of the show because she loves her, and Sonja says LuAnn wants to exploit her. LuAnn is taken aback, and says she doesn’t need Sonja. She can go screw herself. She says Sonja gets $225, and Sonja gripes that the other people in the show get more. LuAnn says she loves Sonja, but she’s not a Broadway actor. In LuAnn’s interview, she says she has Broadway actors and comics. She’s not paying Sonja more to take off her dress. Sonja says LuAnn is being mean, and LuAnn says she loves Sonja. Sonja says she doesn’t, and LuAnn wants her for free. LuAnn says if Sonja loves being in the show, great, but she doesn’t need her. Sonja whines that LuAnn made her feel unappreciated, and LuAnn has enough, saying she doesn’t want Sonja in the show. LuAnn walks out of the room, mumbling that she has her own cabaret show, it’s huge, and Sonja is not going to be a part of it. She tried to include her, and Sonja made her feel bad about it. She’s done. Ramona follows her, and LuAnn adds, bitch. In Dorinda’s interview, she wonders where the good time went. In Leah’s interview, she says that’s the diva she’s heard about, but hasn’t seen. Sonja cries, while Elyse, Dorinda, and Leah comfort her.  LuAnn tells Ramona that Sonja doesn’t understand. She loves Sonja. Ramona says LuAnn is missing the point, and LuAnn says she doesn’t need Sonja in the show. She does a great job on her own, and she’s successful. Does Sonja think LuAnn needs her? Ramona says she’s seen the show, and LuAnn almost seems drunk. She says she’s giving Sonja a chance because she loves her. She wanted to make it fun, but if Sonja thinks she’ll be the star, she’s sadly mistaken.

Dorinda tells Sonja that LuAnn doesn’t love her right now, and Sonja continues to cry. Dorinda says she’ll stand up for Sonja. She’s a warrior, and Sonja is weak. Sonja says she’s not, and Dorinda strides off. In Leah’s interview, she says she knew Dorinda was a white witch, but she needs to sage the sh*t out of Bluestone Manor. LuAnn says Sonja is being horrible right now, and Dorinda finds her. She says Sonja is crying. Shame on her. LuAnn asks, why? and Dorinda says Sonja is her friend. She stood by LuAnn on her journey to sobriety. We flash back to Sonja being supportive, and LuAnn asks if Dorinda is saying she owes Sonja, and Dorinda says she’s saying to stand by her. Be nice. LuAnn suggests Dorinda not get involved. Sonja wails that she was just asking for money. Elyse asks why Sonja is so upset, and in her interview, she says, it’s officially what you call off the effing rails. LuAnn says she never wants to see Sonja even at the show. She’s worthless. She’s not coming to the show ever. Now there’s a real threat.

Next time, Dorinda calls LuAnn a drunken fool, Ramona deals with a clogged toilet, Heather Thompson makes an appearance, and Leah announces she’s the only one with a period.

🥂  The Real Housewives of Potomac begin their new season on August 2nd, and it’s confirmed that the Shah’s of Sunset will be reuniting on July 19th. I’m thrilled. Obviously, I have no life.

👩🏼  Fun fact. Even though I’ve seen it a dozen times – it was a favorite of kids I used to take care of – I never noticed that Kimberly McCullough (Robin, GH) was in Legally Blonde.

☄️ Fallen Stars…

This is weirding me out. Over 90 already. The Roll Call of the Celebrity Dead is going to be long this year.


📺 Anything But the TV…

Although this opens the door to a whole new reality franchise.


💋 Posh As Hell…

I love Victoria Beckham. She has a wicked sense of humor. And face it, if she could snag David, she’s got something going on.


🦇 The Latest In Bat News…

A new Batwoman is in town.


🎁 That’s a Wrap…

More tea tomorrow, taxes took time today. How’s that for alliteration? Hopefully, yours were done pandemic ages ago. Stay safe, stay rolling with the punches, and stay gathering no moss.

July 8, 2020 – When Michael Got Sentenced, About Claire, a Bit of Shirley, A Night In Capri Turns Stormy, Pressured, Ramona’s Test, New Digs For Vicki, Caroline Speaks, Concert Redo, Tavern Survival, Phaedra Directs, a Puppy, a Career & Odd


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

As Ferris Bueller said, GH moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and flash back once in a while, you could miss it. Today, what we didn’t miss was May 7th, 2010.

Prosecutor Claire said Jax knew Michael was innocent, and if she went down, she was dragging him with her. She didn’t have much sympathy for the man who almost torpedoed her career. He asked if she didn’t think the judge would go easy on Michael, and she said she didn’t see why not. Judge Carroll was a lot angrier with them than with Michael. She thought it was realistic to expect a suspended sentence, but it was a felony conviction, and Michael would have it hanging over him for the rest of his life. Her phone rang, and she told Jax that the judge was ready to sentence Michael.

At Crimson, Maxie told Lulu that she didn’t know what it was like to be a pariah. Maxie did, and she didn’t recommend it. Lulu stuck by her boyfriend, and now Michael was in lock-up. Lulu thought he judge was just trying to scare Michael, and Maxie said she was sorry she hadn’t called Jason before Dante talked to Michael. Lulu said Dante was only doing the right thing; the secret had been killing Michael. Maxie said he could end up in Pentenville, but Lulu insisted that he would get a suspended sentence. Dante had said Michael would be able to start a new life away from the mob and Sonny. Maxie said the opposite of what Dante wanted could happen, but Lulu said Dante was saving Michael, and one day everyone would understand why she took his side, and be grateful to him. At the courthouse, Carly told Jason that Morgan wanted to have a party for Michael’s homecoming, but she’d told him that they’d have to wait and see. Morgan thought Michael was coming home right away, thanks to Dante. Jason said Dante shouldn’t have promised that Michael would come home. Dante arrived, and asked Carly to hear him out about Michael.

Outside of Kelly’s, Morgan, Kristina, and Molly were conferring about Michael, and Molly asked if they thought he was getting out. Kristina thought it was unrealistic to think he would right away, but Morgan said, Dante promised. Olivia and Johnny came into Kelly’s, but Johnny’s phone rang as soon as they sat down. He said he’d be right there, and told Olivia that he would be allowed to speak before Michael was sentenced. Maxie told Lulu that she was being too optimistic. Maxie had ended up in Shadybrook because she went along with a cover-up, and let someone she loved take the fall. She had to own up to it, and Michael will have to also. Olivia phoned Lulu, and told her Dante could use her support. Dante told Carly, he hoped when this was over, they’d understand he was right. Carly said he gave snitch a whole new meaning, and had turned it into an art. He lied to her kids when he was working against their father. He lied when he said Sonny didn’t shoot him, and if he’d told the truth, they wouldn’t be there. Dante said the guilt had been tearing Michael apart, and Carly asked why Dante didn’t give him time to come forward himself. Dante said it was his job as a police officer to tell the truth, and Carly said, he told the truth when it was convenient or it made him look good. She said Michael would have turned himself in when he came back, but Dante couldn’t wait to grandstand. Dante said she could have saved Michael all this trouble, but he thought the judge would see Michael as a victim, and give him a chance to build his life again. It was the best thing that could have happened to him. Sonny told Dante, stop talking now. He asked Dante why he was lecturing Carly about what Michael needed; he didn’t know Michael, and had been too busy proving Sonny wrong to protect him. Maybe Sonny didn’t deserve a better son than Dante, but Michael deserved a better brother. Morgan, Molly, and Kristina snuck into the courthouse. Morgan wondered if they could get take-out pizza tonight, and Molly said she thought they were overlooking that everyone hated Dante. Morgan said they wouldn’t after today. Lulu joined Dante, and said she believed in what he was doing. He told her, when the judge gave Michael a suspended sentence, they’d see, and she said it was the right thing for her to be there to take his side, especially with Carly there. She wasn’t going to apologize for loving him. Everyone went into the courtroom, and Carly said it was so wrong. Sonny said, no matter what, they wanted Michael to know they were there to support him.

Elizabeth went to Shirley’s (Michael Learned) hospital room, and Shirley said Elizabeth was looking good. She thought it was the ex-husband. Elizabeth said she was glad Lucky came by and stopped Helena from harassing her; it was like old times. Shirley said, from what Elizabeth had told her, Lucky was a rescuer, and they all dream of someone swooping in to make it right. Elizabeth said sometimes it happened. Lucky had saved her when they were teenagers. They’d caused each other pain, but there had been good times, and she was glad he was still out there. She thought he still cared. Shirley said she always believed the bright side, but sometimes there was a case to be made for reality. Elizabeth said it was the first time she’d seen a glimpse of hope for her and Lucky, and it came from Helena of all people. At the MetroCourt bar, Helena told Tracy she felt sorry for Spencer. He was the son of a stripper, and the nephew of a professional criminal; hardly Cassadine material. Tracy said he was good enough for Helena to kidnap, and Helena said she didn’t expect Tracy to understand the traditions like honor and respect. She wanted to raise her grandchildren to be proper Cassadines. Morgan said he felt like a spy, as the kids snuck around, and listened in from a hallway near the courtroom. Sonny asked Diane how Michael was, and she said Michael wanted to make him proud. Sonny asked if she had any idea what sentence the judge would give Michael, and she said, none, but Judge Carroll had the reputation of being fair and thorough. She told him that Johnny was probably there to make a statement for Claudia, and Carly couldn’t believe Jax was there with Claire, and he was sitting on that side of the courtroom. Judge Carroll came to the bench, and reminded everyone that he was not going to tolerate any interruptions or outbursts. Michael was brought in, and the judge asked if the victim’s family cared to speak. Johnny said he would, and got on the stand.

Johnny said that he and Claudia were very close. She was the one person he could come to if he needed anything. Sonny had tried to have killed, and she sought retribution, but she hadn’t intended on hurting Michael. She’d had guilt and remorse over being responsible for Michael getting shot. That, and losing her baby were the worst things that ever happened to her. Sonny deliberately and relentlessly whittled away at Claudia’s sanity, and by the birthday party, she had gone over the edge. She could have killed Carly and the baby, and Michael had no choice but to stop her. The judge asked if he was aware that Michael killed his sister; he’d sworn Sonny had. Johnny said he’d testified that Sonny was responsible for her death, and he was. Sonny built her up, then humiliated her. If not for Sonny’s actions toward her, she never would have ended up at the cabin, and never would have kidnapped Carly. Michael should be considered a hero for saving his mother and baby sister’s life. Claudia wouldn’t want to see him punished. If she could, she would forgive Michael. He wasn’t responsible; Sonny was.

Helena told Tracy that her role as matriarch was to provide guidance and continuity to the next generation. She was looking out for her own, and Tracy might want to do the same – meaning our Luke. Tracy said he was her Luke, and Helena said she and Luke went to dark places Tracy wouldn’t understand. Luke was thrilling when properly stimulated. Tracy told Helena, stay away from her husband. She left, and Helena said Tracy was too smart. She couldn’t have Tracy figuring out that Elizabeth was really carrying Lucky’s child. Shirley said she was dying, so she might have memory lapses, but hadn’t Elizabeth said there was no hope for her and Lucky? Elizabeth said she didn’t see how Lucky could forgive her for sleeping with his brother. He was hurt and angry, and couldn’t see his way back. He’d looked at her differently, but what brought them together was still there. It was funny that Helena had spent so much time pulling them apart, and now might bring them back together. She wasn’t jumping to a happy ending, but if there was a chance, that was enough. Shirley asked, what about the baby’s father, Nikolas? Lucky showed up at Crimson with some flowers from a guy in the lobby, and Maxie said they were from a photographer who’d had to cancel at the last minute. Maybe she’d invite him back if a free portrait was in it; fashion publishing was her calling. She told him Lulu was at the courthouse, standing by her man.  On the stand, Johnny said Claudia wasn’t evil, and wouldn’t want Michael to suffer for what she or Sonny had done. He understood the judge was upset with all of them, but hoped he didn’t take it out on the kid, and was lenient. Michael was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and never meant to kill Claudia. He was acting on instinct, and saved two lives. Judge Carroll said Johnny was bright and articulate, and hoped Johnny turned his life around before they met there under different circumstances. He told Michael to stand.

The judge said Michael had pleaded guilty, and waived his right to trial. He had admitted killing Claudia, but there was no malice or premeditation, so was charged with involuntary manslaughter, which carried a sentence of five to twenty years. He’d also had brain damage, but the judge wanted him to understand the seriousness of his action without completely sacrificing his future. He gave Michael five years, with the opportunity for parole in two years. Everyone went nuts, and the judge banged his gavel, telling them to take their seats. There was still an uproar, with Dante and Carly yelling the loudest. Dante said Michael didn’t belong in prison, and Judge Carroll told him it was past the point of argument. Dante said he brought Michael there to save him, and get him away from the violence and corruption, but the judge said it was too late to negotiate a deal. Michael’s sentence would give him time to turn his life around. Dante argued that Sonny had a lot of enemies in prison, and Michael could be pulled further into it. He asked the judge to please reconsider, give Michael the help he needed, and give his brother a chance to build a better future. Maxie put Lucky to work, toting boxes for her. She said his sister was crazy in love with Dante, and asked what he thought. He said he never figured his sister for the law and order type. He didn’t agree with turning Michael in, and hoped it had nothing to do with him. Maxie said Dante thought the judge would be lenient, but she thought Dante should have given Michael the opportunity to turn himself in. She was afraid he’d end up with a harsher sentence because he hadn’t. Lulu had gone to be with Dante, since she was in the first stages of love, when you have no thought of hooking up anyone else.

Tracy sat in an examining room, waiting for Epiphany. She told Epiphany that she wanted to see the lab tech who did Elizabeth’s paternity test, but Epiphany said, not a chance. Tracy said her family’s money kept the hospital afloat, and Epiphany said it was Lawrence Bailey. Tracy wanted his number, but Epiphany told her that he used to swim laps before work, had slipped, hit his head, and drowned. In court, Judge Carroll said he didn’t tolerate an outburst, but Dante respected the law and his brother, so he’d allowed it. There was no worse crime anyone could commit than taking a human life. Michael had been part of the cover-up, although he’d had terrible guidance from the people who claimed to love him, and extreme emotional pressure. However, he hadn’t been restrained or threatened, and could have come forward. Michael said Mac hadn’t believed his confession, and the judge said it had been off the record. He asked if Michael had shown Mac the bloody shirt or if he’d made any other attempt at a confession. Diane said Michael had been following legal advice, and the judge said they’d go down that road later. Michael was surrounded by a group who flaunted the law the rest of them had to obey. He’d been systematically exposed to violence and mayhem. He’d awoke after being in a coma for a year, and the judge had reservations about how he was living the life he’d miraculously been given back. Dante said, prison wasn’t the goal; Michael should get counseling sessions and guidance. Judge Carroll said Michael was of legal age, and they were all treating him like a child, when in the eyes of the court, he was an adult. He hoped to teach Michael to respect the law, and that his actions had consequences, and he’d be getting Michael away from the adults in his life. He’d keep them away if he could. He said it was an extremely light sentence. He hoped Michael used the time to plan a better life, and that it left him with an aversion to being locked up, so he never broke the law again. Carly cried, and Dante looked like he had a headache.

Maxie said she wasn’t talking about Lucky, and he said he’d been in love with Elizabeth, but once he moved on, he was done rescuing her. Maxie asked how that was working for him, and he said he’d been known to backslide, especially when Helena was involved, but he wasn’t going to keep trying to make the fantasy work. Maxie was glad he’d outgrown Elizabeth. Those who’d had their hearts trampled, would live to love another day. Epiphany admitted that she’d seen Larry talking to Helena, and Tracy suggested Helena had paid Larry to change the test, then killed him. Epiphany said, or she just wanted to see the result early, and Larry slipped. Tracy wondered why Helena would want a Spencer baby appear to be a Cassadine. Michael was remanded to the PCPD to await transfer, and Sonny said it wasn’t justice. The cover-up was his idea. The judge said, it having a less than satisfying outcome wasn’t his problem. Sonny said he told Michael that he was proud he’d saved his mother and sister, and because of him, Michael had lost a year of his life. Because of him, Michael had been in the cabin. Michael had made a bad choice, but he didn’t mean kill Claudia. He was devastated, and had practically been in shock. The judge asked if they’d sought medical attention, but Sonny said he’d brought Michael home, the only place he thought was safe and they could take care of him. He didn’t want Michael punished anymore for saving Carly and Josslyn. Judge Carroll said Sonny had destroyed evidence that would have proved Michael didn’t want Claudia harmed. Sonny said Claudia wasn’t a tragic misguided soul, like Johnny had said. She was 100% evil, and poisoned everything she touched. The judge said, yet Sonny married her. Sonny said the fact was, he’d brought Claudia into Michael’s life, and he was responsible for her death. He begged the judge not to punish Michael, but to punish him. While the judge agreed that Sonny was indirectly responsible, he said Michael was of legal age. While he’d suffered emotional violence, it wasn’t against the law. Sonny was a selfish irresponsible father, and he was getting Michael out from under Sonny’s influence for two to five years.  Sonny was not a person to admire or emulate, and Michael could take this opportunity to turn his life around. The rest of them broke so many laws, he didn’t know where to start; including perjury, wasting his time, and the time and money of the taxpayers. He had a backup of real cases, so it would have to be punishment enough, knowing they’d helped put Michael in a jail cell. He hoped Michael would think about it tonight, and every night, until he was released. He said he was going to personally pray that Michael never came home. Carly hugged Michael. In the hallway, Molly said they were taking Michael to prison. Morgan said, but Dante promised, and she said, Dante was wrong. They watched as Michael was taken away. Court was adjourned, and Carly hugged Jason. Everyone was bummed.

👩🏻‍💼 She’ll Drag Jax Down With Her…

Meet DA Claire.


🏥 You Can Call Her Shirley…

The Waltons mom guest starred for a hot minute.


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

When picked up where we left off, with Denise and Aaron jetting from Kyle’s barbecue, and Denise telling him not to say anything with the cameras on them. Kyle said Denise didn’t want to be honest, and LisaR said whenever there was an issue, Denise ran. Not allowing such a thing, LisaR flew after her, but Denise said they’d talk in private. In Denise’s interview, she said if all these women were coming for LisaR, she’d defend her because she’s her friend, but LisaR wasn’t going to bat for her. Kyle told the others that she didn’t like Aaron getting involved, and in Garcelle’s interview, she said, either Aaron was being chivalrous, defending his wife, or it was a bitch move, getting involved in a woman’s conversation. Or women business, and NeNe would say. In Erika’s interviewDenise told LisaR it was time to move on to something else. LisaR had hurt her feelings in Santa Barbara, and she didn’t want the others’ opinions. While walking back, LisaR said it was the effing Twilight Zone. LisaR joined Garcelle, Kyle, Erika, and Sutton in a large tent, and told them that Denise and Aaron were going to have a steak and go to a strip joint. I didn’t catch that part, so I don’t even know if they were being sarcastic or that was their real plan. Erika said that it was hypocritical because Denise was judgmental about the threesome business. Holy! When will these morons get that she just didn’t want to talk about it in front of the kids? In her interview, Garcelle said Denise wasn’t being hypocritical. If the kids weren’t there, they could be as free as they wanted. In Dorit’s interview, she said Denise should have stayed and worked through the situation, so they could move on. In the limo, Denise told Aaron that she wasn’t trying to make them look bad, they made themselves look bad. LisaR said she found it ironic, and Kyle swung around a pole in the middle of the tent, turned upside down, and said, namaste, MF’ers. They all acted like idiots, and honestly, I almost turned it off right there.

Teddi brought her kids along for her sonogram, so they could see their little sister.  LisaR went to Sutton’s store, which was called Sutton. So original. I wondered if her dog was named Spot. In Sutton’s interview, she said she was having a trunk show – A Night in Capri – and sent proper invitations, not some weenie text message. Dorit met with a closet specialist, and we found out she has 229 pairs shoes. At least she did when it was filmed. Who knows now? People have had a lot of time on their hands, and shopping on the internet never closed. Dorit said she needed something to fit all her clothes, but it sounded like she was still going to infringe on PK’s closet space. Kyle almost had a heart attack when she thought she was going to get pulled over while in the car with Kim. In Kyle’s interview, she said, when she and Kim were bad, they were really bad. We flashed back to several of those times, including the limo/alcoholic scene. She added, but when they were good, no one made her laugh harder. They went to see a plastic surgeon about Kim’s implants, since she’d noticed a change in one. Dr. Handel said they were like tires, and it had gone  flat. In her interview, Kyle said Kim already had a lumpectomy. The tumor was benign, but they’d lost their mom to cancer, and she was freaked. The doctor thought it would be enough to remove the implants and give her a lift.

While Aaron was driving, Sami asked if what he was doing wasn’t illegal, and he told her, don’t do what I do – ever. He took for a driving lesson, along with Denise, who said she was a nervous effing nelly. We learned that because of their shape, the break was the hamburger, and the hotdog meant go. Denise said Aaron had the patience she didn’t, and when she watched him, she was reminded of why she fell in love with him. She felt safe and protected with him, and had never been with a man who took care of her.

LisaR and Erika went to a place called EMsculpt, where they stick electric paddles on you to tighten you up. LisaR said she’d done everything, and this was great. In Erika’s interview, she said it wasn’t a replacement for exercise, but it was important. In her business, there was a line out the door to judge you. Erika said Dr. Kinney was her next husband. She was going for a plastic surgeon. In her interview, LisaR said he was Erika’s type; rich and bald. Erika had her stomach zapped, while LisaR did her butt. Erika asked LisaR about Chicago, since she’d also been in it. LisaR said her hardest moment was Roxie’s monologue about fame; it’s who she is. In her interview, she said, it was all about her. She told Erika that they all come from a place of need, and can relate. They’re tough bitches.

Kim checked in to the hospital, and Dr. Handel said the plan was to remove her implants, and remove any abnormal tissue for a biopsy. In Kyle’s interview, she said she hated doctors and hospitals – they made her whole body go numb. It terrified her, thinking something might be wrong, and all she could think about was her mom. Kim was worried that she hadn’t talked to her kids that morning, but the doctor said she’d be fine. In her interview, Kyle said she went back to hearing that her mom had breast cancer, and she was scared to die. She would tell Kyle that she was terrified, and still had so much to teach her. I’m not so sure that’s something you should tell your child, especially if they have anxiety. When the surgery was over, Dr. Handel told Kyle that Kim had done extremely well.

Garcelle was moving into her new home. In her interview, she said she’d been planning and building for close to a year. It was two stories, with a grand entrance; 3200 square feet, with five bedrooms and five baths. She said she didn’t realize she had so much sh*t. I know the feeling, and hate moving. After the divorce, building the house was huge for her. She had a date on Friday night, and said she didn’t introduce the kids to many guys. She didn’t want the kids to go through too many changes, and didn’t want them think mom was a ho. Some women have daddy issues, and she picked men who weren’t emotionally available. She never really had a relationship with her father. She thought he must have known he was dying, and wrote her a letter. He sent it to mom who never gave it to her, then it had been misplaced, so she never knew how he felt or what he thought of her; if he was proud of her. The boys walk on the outside of the banister on the grand staircase, giving Garcelle agita.

The women went to Sutton’s trunk show, where she had some dynamite jewelry. In Dorit’s interview, she said when she’d been offered a job in Italy, she stayed ten years. After a broken engagement, she returned to Manhattan, and met PK. Teddi rolled in, looking unkempt as usual. In Sutton’s interview, she said maybe she could help Teddi. Probably not. Kyle talked about how she and Mauricio were having a black and white party. In her interview, she said they threw a lot of parties, and thought it looked prettier in pictures than a white party. Sutton had a fabulous buffet spread that spanned a few tables. Kyle was uncomfortable when she heard Denise was coming with Aaron. Dorit said she’d learned from that experience, and we flashed back to PK butting into one of the arguments. In Dorit’s interview, she said she knew how Denise felt; thank God for my husband, but it backfires. In Denise’s interview, she said she kept hoping the ladies would put it to bed, and say, let’s have a great night. HA-HA-HA! Good luck with that. Dorit met Denise and Aaron in the reception area. Erika said it wasn’t that deep, but now it was a thing and uncomfortable. My sentiments exactly, but they’re the ones making it a thing and uncomfortable. Teddi said, awkward energy. Denise and Aaron approached their table, and Aaron asked if he was the only husband. Denise said they had a dinner, so he had to come, but in Kyle’s interview, she said she didn’t buy it. Denise dragged Aaron there because she didn’t want to get into anything. He’s her watchdog. Actually, I think if that was the case, he’d be the last one she’d bring. Kyle said she was sorry about what happened that they’d left. In Denise’s interview, she said it was okay for Kyle to leave, but she can’t, and we flashed back to Kyle leaving her own chem trail at a party. Denise said she had to use the bathroom, leaving Aaron to deal with the women. Kyle said she felt weird about how they left, and felt weird not acknowledging it. Aaron thought they should wait until Denise was back, but Erika couldn’t do that, telling Aaron that he’d said they were bad people, they should look in the mirror, and were they happy with themselves. He did tell them to look in the mirror, but he never said they were bad. Aaron said he never called people bad, and Erika said he’d talked down to them. He said if they can live with themselves, okay, and Erika said she could. He said, great. Then she solved that problem. Here’s where I realized I’m Aaron. He’s just not having their phoniness under the guise of honesty, or owning it, if you will. I have the feeling, were I around them for any great length of time, I’d be telling them to look in the mirror too. No. Scratch that. I’d be telling them that if I’d just met them. Denise doesn’t want to talk about some things, and I don’t see what the big deal is. I find it hard to believe all of them are open about everything, and despite what they say, no one has to on a reality show. It’s not a social experiment. They’re Housewives, not the Loud family.

Teddi said Aaron had been belittling, and he said, okay; if that’s how she felt. She said he knew what he was doing, and he asked her to spell it out. Erika said he’d been mansplaining and got heated. He told her that he speaks directly, and she said, so did they. He asked why they were nitpicking people then, and Teddi accused him of being the moral high ground. He asked if she wanted to go there, and Erika said she did; did he? Aaron said he’d go anywhere; he’d go up, down, and all around. Denise came back, and in her interview, she said she’d stupidly left him there with those women. Aaron said if they wanted to talk negatively, they could. He was done with the conversation, but they kept poking the bear. Kyle said he was the one who made it negative. Denise told them she’d said all she had to say about it. Teddi said Denise had called her a sh*t effing stirrer while daughter Phoenix was there. Denise said she hadn’t known Phoenix was there, and this was the dumbest thing ever. Find something else to fight about. She and Aaron walked away, but Dorit couldn’t let that happen. She walked alongside them, yammering. Denise said it was toxic. Dorit told Denise not to say she wasn’t upset when they were storming out. Denise said they weren’t storming out; they were walking away. Back at the table, Kyle suggested Denise just say how she felt. She did. She said she was done. That’s pretty direct. Dorit said Denise was obviously upset, and Denise said it was Sutton’s event, and she didn’t want to cause a scene. In Dorit’s interview, she said Denise was clearly upset and storming out, and that was causing a scene. These people are insane. Storming off is creating a scene, as they’ve all done many times, but Denise and Aaron just said goodnight to Sutton, and walked toward the exit. With Dorit bouncing alongside them, babbling. Causing the scene. Dorit asked why Denise shut it down, and Denise said she had nothing else to say. Erika told the other women that she didn’t give a f***. Dorit said Aaron was being protective, but it wasn’t helpful. In her interview, Dorit said she felt bad for Denise. Now she’d have to blindly defend her husband. Dorit did, and it had sucked for her. Sutton’s boyfriend had the right idea, standing at the buffet and chowing down.

Denise told Dorit that she was past it, but they weren’t. There were paparazzi and people taking pictures; it wasn’t her thing. In Dorit’s interview, she said she didn’t see anyone. Obviously, Denise and Aaron weren’t listening; they were just looking for an excuse to leave. Kyle said she’d felt bad when they left her house, and wanted to talk about it, but they didn’t. They didn’t want to talk about anything when it involved them. She wondered if they’d have to pretend, and Teddi said that wasn’t healthy. Erika said maybe they shouldn’t have any conversations with Denise.

Next time, Garcelle sells a script, Kyle throws the black and white party, Denise and LisaR go to lunch, and Camille, Brandi, and Adrienne show up.

👠 Under Pressure…

Garcelle might have felt the pressure, but she’s kept her cool, and IMO, outshines the veterans.


💉 Queen of Corona…

We will never hear the end of this, since Ramona loves talking about herself.


🧉 Adios, Uno Amiga…

I love how pensive Vicki looks in the photo. Like I think that’s a candid snap.


🎤 A Sister Speaks

Although she really didn’t say a whole lot.


🎼 Thinking Ahead…

Rescheduling is the new optimism.


🥂 Looks Like They Made It…

Even before the pandemic, it was sad how so many landmarks had closed their doors in NYC. Not only is Neirs Tavern a Black-owned business, it’s one of the oldest bars in the United States. And it’s survived.


😥  A Wife Does the Honors…

I’d forgotten Phaedra was also a funeral director.


🐶 Something Sweet…

Who doesn’t love a puppy?


🧹 A Brush With Celebrity…

Years ago, I did a reality show about fantasy camps, and met Ilene Kristen at a soap opera workshop. She was the best! She was very honest about getting into soap operas, how difficult the work was, and how you could get taken advantage of. Her basic advice was: Don’t. I have a picture of us somewhere…


🛸 Phasing On…

Don’t worry. We’ll be at Phase 475 before you know it. Meanwhile, stay safe, stay keeping it together, and stay ready for anything.

July 6, 2020 – Another Tragedy Brought To You By Sonny, Some Clues, 72 Plates On Deck, Why They Go Where, Teresa Makes It Over, Camp Virtual, With the Angels & Forever


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

GH pins the tail on the flashback, and we lift the blindfold to find April 4th, 2008.

Kate asked a young Michael if he understood that his father’s real job had nothing to do with coffee. Claudia (who confused the hell out of me at first, since she was played by Sarah Brown, who was also Carly at one point) was worried about Johnny, and Trevor (who worked for Sonny’s then rival Anthony Zacchara, and also Ric’s dad) told Johnny if he didn’t kill Sonny, Sonny would kill him. Claudia’s phone rang, and she told a hitman that Sonny would arrive at the warehouse in an hour, and to call her when it was done. Max said he didn’t like Sonny going to the warehouse without protection, but Sonny said it was legit business, and Michael and Kate would be there. He appreciated Max’s concern, but told him to take the night off. Alexis showed up, and told Sonny that a dead body had been found in the water after an explosion. She wondered what he knew about it. Sonny said he had important plans, and told her to ask him tomorrow. Spinelli told Jason that mob hostility was being kept at bay, giving Jason the potential to walk in the sunlight with Jake. Robin talked to Elizabeth about raising children by herself. She’d seen how well Elizabeth had done, and that it didn’t have to be a disaster. Elizabeth said, you just do the best you can, and pray a lot. She admitted that she sometimes wished she had a partner, and wanted to be with Jason. Robin said Jason had been her rock after Stone died. She knew he had a special heart, and his heart had been broken when he lost Michael because of her. (She’d told AJ that he was Michael’s father.) Elizabeth said Robin had wanted to keep her pregnancy a secret from Patrick, but Robin said she’d done it from a different perspective, and was glad he knew now. Elizabeth said the truth always came out eventually. Elizabeth said Jason had a great capacity to love a child, and they’d found common ground when he thought Lucky was dead, and he was grieving. She said Jason’s situation was harder, and he’d had to make sacrifices. Rabin said that’s why she was meddling; she hoped Jason would get the chance to be a father. Jax (still married to Carly) told Carly that he had to take a meeting for Kate (Sonny’s then girlfriend, and Jax’s then business partner) in Houston, and suggested she fly there with him, and they could have dinner. Carly asked him when Kate had become more important to him than she was. Jax said most women would find a private jet ride to dinner romantic, but she said she didn’t like being an afterthought, and wondered why Kate couldn’t take the meeting herself. He told her, just come with him, but she said she had the kids to think about. He said the kids had a nanny, but she said she didn’t want to be away from the children or him, and to tell Kate that he was having dinner with his wife. He said he loved her, but didn’t like ultimatums. She said it was a choice, and he said she had one too. She could try to manipulate him or have a great evening, but Carly chose not to go. Kate told Michael that sometimes he thought things were true that weren’t; like when he’d bought a gun. Michael admitted it was stupid, and Kate said it was admirable that he wanted to protect his family, but he’d gone about it in the wrong way. Like it or not, there were rules for kids that weren’t the same for adults, but the bright side was, they were past it. His father’s job had included violence, but Sonny was changing that, and Michael would get to be a part of it. Alexis told Sonny, the body had been ID’d as Randal Compton, who had a connection to Ric’s girlfriend Mariana, who’d left in a hurry. Sonny suggested she talk to Ric, but she said, typically, when a dead body was involved, Sonny was too. Randal had been killed by a blow to the head that could have happened in the explosion, but Kate had been shot by a nearby shooter who was never found (it was Michael), and maybe Sonny had gotten to them first.

Trevor said, unless Johnny went after Sonny, Sonny would take it as a sign of weakness. Trevor said Carly had her own agenda – self-preservation – and Johnny had better have a plan, because if he did nothing, he’d be dead. Claudia told Johnny not to worry; Sonny would be dead in an hour. Jason told Spinelli that Trevor taking over had upset the balance of power, and Spinelli said he knew Jason’s first concern was the safety of Sonny and his family, but he’d more than proved himself. Why didn’t he apply his skills to his own family? Robin told Elizabeth, if the right man came along, she’d get involved. Patrick didn’t know what he wanted, and she didn’t want to be a test case while he figured it out. Elizabeth said Jason’s job wouldn’t put his family in danger, since the violence had been  broken up. Robin said their lives were going in different directions, and there was Carly. Elizabeth said Carly wasn’t the problem, and if it was just her, she’d be fine with Jason, but she didn’t want the kids to be in danger. Robin said her mom and dad were always in danger when she was growing up, but what she remembered and was grateful for was the love. Johnny was concerned a hit on Sonny would be traced back to them, but Claudia assured him it would look like it was a third party hit. They would still need airtight alibis, something even Jason would buy. Johnny suggested he go to the Haunted Star, where Luke was busy working, but Claudia was concerned Luke might find out Johnny was using him. It was risky taking Sonny out, and they needed to keep their hands clean. Sonny said he had something to tell Alexis, but didn’t want her using the information. She promised not to, and Sonny said Michael thought he should protect Carly and Morgan after Emily and Laticia were murdered, and bought a gun. Alexis said Michael was only twelve, and Sonny said he knew that’s why Alexis had kept Kristina from him. He knew he’d hurt Michael, and she was worried he’d hurt Kristina, but he promised on his children’s lives that he was changing all that.

Lulu told Luke that Kate was launching Crimson. They were having their fiftieth meeting with a party planner, and somehow it all got dumped on her. Luke suggested she quit, but Lulu said if she did, Maxie would win. Luke said Maxie would only win if Lulu cared, so try not to care, then extricate herself. She inquired about Luke’s new investor, and Luke told her not to pretend she didn’t come there hoping Johnny would show up. Claudia told Johnny that Luke was smart, and knew the players, but Johnny insisted he wouldn’t be able to trace it back. She told Johnny, the less he knew, the better, and he needed to watch his back. Johnny said he wouldn’t be intimidated by Luke, and she said it was his call. She was off to find her own alibi. Alexis told Sonny, no more lies, and Sonny said he was concentrating on his legit holdings. He wasn’t covering up anything, and just wanted his kids to have lives that weren’t tainted. He wanted them to inherit something not soaked in blood. They were growing up, and he had to make changes. He didn’t want Kristina and Morgan to go through what Michael did, so he was making peace, and trying to show them a different way. It was only coffee coming in. Carly came home, and the nanny said she’d thought Carly was going out. Carly said Jax had abandoned her, so she was just going to make fishsticks and corn for the kids; don’t judge her. The nanny said Michael wasn’t there, but Morgan was upstairs. Carly said Michael wasn’t supposed to go anywhere without permission from her or Sonny, but the nanny said Sonny had picked him up. They were going to the warehouse to check out a new coffee shipment that was coming in; she’d thought it was okay. Carly told her to feed Morgan fishsticks and corn, and she’d be back. When she opened the door, Jason was there, but she told him that she was leaving.

Lulu told Luke that there was money coming out of the Haunted Star, but none coming in, which was bad business. He said she was changing the subject, and he wasn’t going to tell her what to do or who to do it with. Plenty of people lied to her, so why put herself on the list? She insisted she wasn’t lying to herself, but he said she was being defensive. She wasn’t the first Spencer to be ruled by hormones, but why didn’t she have more guts to face what she felt, and deal with it? At the MetroCourt, Jerry Jax introduced himself to Claudia, saying he was happy to meet her. Not sure what that was about. Claudia told the guy at the reception desk that she wanted the best suite they had, but he said they couldn’t accommodate her; the suite wasn’t available. She insisted on talking to the owner. Carly told Jason that that she was going to the warehouse; Sonny hadn’t even bothered asking her if he could take Michael there. Jason said a lot of things were going to change, and Carly told him that Jax had blown off dinner to take a meeting for Kate in Houston, then Sonny and Kate decided to take Michael on a field trip. Jason thought it wouldn’t hurt for Sonny to spend time with Michael, and Carly said when Michael went missing, Sonny wouldn’t even leave his girlfriend’s bedside. She wanted to limit Sonny’s visitation, but Jason thought that would make it worse for Michael. He suggested she and Sonny talk tomorrow, in a more neutral area. Michael had been through a lot, and Sonny was helping him through it. He thought she should cut Sonny some slack. Carly’s phone rang, and it was the MetroCourt reception guy telling her that Claudia was there being difficult. She said she was on her way.

At the warehouse, hitman Ian got himself in position while Sonny was talking to the customs agents. Michael ran to Sonny, so Ian didn’t shoot. Jason found Elizabeth waiting for him when he got home, and she said Spinelli had told her it was okay on the phone, but ran out when she got there. They kissed, and she told Jason that she’d realized she asked him to make the wrong sacrifice for Jake. Johnny went to the Haunted Star, and Lulu asked Luke to leave. She told Johnny what he was doing sucked. He said he’d accepted responsibility and decided to walk away from their relationship, but she said he still kept popping up in her life, and had bought into her dad’s business. If he wanted her back, he should have the guts to admit it; it wasn’t on her. He said it was. She wanted him, but she was too ashamed to admit it. Carly told Carly Claudia to get out of her hotel now. They had a certain class of clientele. Claudia said Carly was easily threatened, and asked if she wanted a lawsuit for discrimination. Carly said it was private property, and she could do what she wanted. Claudia taunted her about sleeping with Sonny, and Carly said Claudia sounded like a stalker, since she kept bringing it up. Jerry went to Carly’s, saying he wanted to see his brother, but the nanny explained that Jax was in Houston on business, Carly was at the hotel, and Michael was at the warehouse with Sonny and Kate. At the warehouse, one of the workers took Michael to look at the crane, while Sonny had Kate smell the coffee beans. Every time Ian tried to take aim, something blocked him. Sonny told Kate that she was right, suggesting he bring Michael there, and she said he needed his father – so did she. They kissed, and Michael came back, suggesting they get a room. Ian took aim again. Elizabeth told Jason that she knew she’d told him to keep his distance, but it was hurting Jake, and Jason deserved to raise him. He said it wouldn’t work if she was afraid, but she said the best thing to do was love the kids and not sneak around; it was wrong. She loved him and wanted to share her life with him if he still wanted to. He said, of course (🍷) he did. All he wanted was a life and family with her. Who is this Jason?

Maxie told Johnny that one minute, he was a sweet guy, and the next, he was gun-toting wackjob. He said she wanted him to chase her, and she said she wanted to forget about him, but he wouldn’t let her, and they kissed. Carly told Claudia she was a one-night stand Sonny might have had the bad taste to have, but he made it up by ditching her, and she was looking at a restraining order. Claudia said Kate couldn’t hold on to Sonny, but she could, and that scared Carly. She should be scared, because no matter how hard she tried, Sonny wouldn’t be able to stay away. While Jerry was on the phone in his car, he nearly hit Alexis. She came over to his car, and asked what the hell was wrong with him.

Ian set his sights on Sonny for the thousandth time, but the warehouse was really busy, and he couldn’t get a clear shot. Michael babbled at Sonny about how high the shelves were in the warehouse, and Sonny told him the coffee was going to be in restaurants all the way to Canada. Michael asked what was really in the bags, and Sonny laughed, but said it wasn’t really funny. Michael said Sonny wasn’t really an importer, but Sonny said he was. It was for his kids, and if they did it right, they wouldn’t need a gun. They hugged, and Ian took aim again. Sonny told Michael to go play, but then noticed Ian. He grabbed Kate, they both dropped to the floor, and Michael ended up getting hit. So for all his practice, that dude had some very bad aim.

👩🏼‍⚕️ Pick a Clue, Any Clue…

We’re back to one of those time periods where I wasn’t really watching, or don’t really remember. So if you feel lost too, here’s Claudia:


And Kate, who is also Connie:


And Trevor. This is one tangled web.


Below Deck Mediterranean

When we last left, Kiko was screwed, since the guests were bringing guests for dinner, and twelve guests times six dishes was seventy-two.

Bugs tells Kiko, they have strong team and everyone will help out. They’ll be fine. Hannah says, it’s a complete clusterf***. In his interview, Kiko says he’s done that many plates in restaurants, but there were six to ten chefs. How is he going to do this? Bugs sets the table, and Captain Sandy radios Malia to take what they can from the beach, and get back. The guests return, and Malia asks for all the hands she can get to unpack. She tells the captain, the guests got their beach picnic, water sports, and Justin got to visit with Scout. The dog nanny takes Scout back, and Hannah says, there’s been so much sh*t, but the guests are still having fun. Bugs tells Hannah that she’ll do the cutlery and glasses. In Hannah’s interview, she says she doesn’t particularly like Bugs, and if she didn’t like someone she wouldn’t come back, but Bugs is a strong second chief stew. She laughs at herself for creating a new title.

The guests ask Jessica for snacks, and Hannah tells Kiko that she’ll deal with it. She brings some cheese, and Justin says she’s a lifesaver, but she draws the line at feeding it to him. She tells Jessica that she’ll get the serviettes (napkins), and Jessica asks what soviets are. Hannah brings up more snacks, and oyster guy (I think his name is Leon) talks to his mom on the phone. In the galley, Kiko uses the word mother in a different context. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says she’s nervous, and tells Kiko to call if he needs her. Malia tells wants to talk to Pete about the line confusion, and he swears he was just emphasizing that he was putting on the right line, not being a smart ass. Malia suggests he just keep his responses to copy that. She tells him, good job, and they fist bump. In Pete’s interview, he says, allowing her to have control is challenging. He’s used to doing it all on his own. He’s a captain, and also takes care of his dad and son. It’s hard to have someone else being in charge. I think it’s more like, it’s hard to have a woman being in charge. Alex asks Jessica if she thinks Bugs likes him, and she says she’ll find out. Because we’re in middle school.

Kiko tells Hannah, it’s going to be an international menu, and dictates each dish while she writes it down. She says, it sounds like something of everything. He says he didn’t know the guests could ask more people to dinner, and has provisions for eight, not twelve. Hannah asks if he wants her to talk to the captain, but he says he has to do it, but if he wins, he’s effing good. Hannah says, but if he fails, it’s on him.

Port Adriano. Hannah says, 72 plates for 12 guests who’ve been drinking all day. Kiko realizes he doesn’t have enough of some ingredients. In his interview, he says he worked in an Asian restaurant, where they did as many as 2000 plates in one night. It was hard, but nothing like this, since he’s by himself. Jessica says she doesn’t understand Bugs because of her accent, and Bugs says she can speak American, sounding just like one. Bugs shows Jessica how to make a fancy fold with a napkin. In Bugs’s interview, she says she thinks Jessica is receptive to learning, and teaching is a part of her. She taught her little brother and sister, and her brother is now a yacht broker and her sister is working her way up to chief stew. Rob visits the laundry – i.e. Jessica. In her interview, Jessica says the more she talks to him, the more she likes him, but she’s leery about going into a relationship. She’s been betrayed too many times. She caught her last boyfriend cheating. He’d been thirsting over Instagram photos on his phone, so she dropped it in the shower. Hannah tells Bugs that she’s glad to have a strong second. Bugs’s table is gorgeous; all amber and gold and candles. The guests are seated, and think the first course looks amazing. Bugs tells everyone that they’re a good team. The guests watch Scout on Justin’s phone. Malia says her boyfriend is a chef, and she thinks Kiko is doing well, but 72 plates is way too much for one person. Captain Sandy says she’s in awe of the team. In the captain’s interview, she says Hannah and Bugs have put the past aside to work together, and she thinks they’re going to be fine. Guest Zach bitches that he doesn’t like shrimp. Hannah tells Kiko, awesome timing. Captain Sandy tastes Kiko’s bacon ice cream, and says, wow, that’s Michelin star. In her interview, she says, since day one, Kiko’s had the passion, flavor, and smile, but now he has the timing and creativity. She’s blown away. In Kiko’s interview, he says he did it. It’s like when a football player makes a goal, and the audience roars. Then he has to do it all over again. Malia tries to get Pete’s attention, and he says he’s in the zone with the silverware. In Malia’s interview, she says it’s great that he’s helping with service, but she thinks he’s testing her. He wants to see how far he can push her, and it’s frustrating.

Sandy tells the crew, amazing job. The guests’ guests go back to shore, and Justin thanks Kiko personally. Kiko says, it’s a pleasure, which he can’t possibly mean. He’s exhausted, and it’s almost 1 am. Hannah thanks him for his hard work. Justin drinks from a gigantic bottle. Hannah makes toasted cheese sandwiches and Ramen noodles. The guests use the hot tub, while Alex keeps watch. One of the guests says Alex must be tired, and they wonder why he’s still up. In his interview, he says, he can’t go to bed because they’re in the hot tub. If they die, it’s on him. The guests finally crash at around 3:30.

Justin is up by 8, and ready for breakfast. Rob says, it’s going down tonight, and Pete says he’s been working since 6. In Pete’s interview, he says he’s picked up that Bugs is a flirt. He’s going to play it differently than he did with Lara. She’s not going to fall in love overnight, and he has play it cool. News flash: She’s not going to fall in love with you at all, dude. In Bugs’s interview, she says, Pete is like another specimen. I think she means species. Pete sits on the counter, and stares at her, grinning weirdly. She says, what the hell? He’s undressing her with his eyes, and she feels violated. Pete says, let the energy take control. In her interview, Bugs says, Pete has a sense of entitlement to say whatever he wants, but no, it’s not happening. Pete tells Kiko that he came in too high, and Kiko says, go get ‘em, tiger.

Scout is deposited back at the dock. Alex tries to pet him, but Scout ducks, and I laugh. The crew says goodbye to the guests, and Justin gives Captain Sandy the tip envelope, saying if they’re ever in NYC, let him know, like that will ever happen. The crew gathers for the tip meeting, and the captain commends Kiko, saying, he never got any rest, but continued to smile. It’s a different dynamic now, and they’re seeing the main goal; amazing. She thanks Bugs for the table settings, and says, it doesn’t matter what the client thinks, but what she thinks. The tip is $17,000 USD, or $1277 each. I think that’s low, and a text box says the average tip is $20,000. Jessica shows Hannah and Bugs a picture of her and Rob kissing. Hannah asks about his girlfriend, and Jessica tells them that he says he’s not seeing his her, but Hannah says there was a picture of them in Rob’s Instagram story the other day. She shows Jessica, and it’s a similar picture, but with another girl. Rob comes in, and the girls get quiet. Hannah says they were just looking at his and Jessica’s photo shoot. In her interview, Jessica says she needs time to realize Ron isn’t like the other losers she dated. Hannah tells Jessica, the picture is before she and Rob hooked up. Jessica says she really likes him, and doesn’t need a broken heart. Hannah says, just ask him about it. Malia calls boyfriend Tom. In her interview, she says he completely supports her career path. Her goal is to be captain of a super yacht. Before this, they were working on the same boat, so it was a hard adjustment. She’s happy he’s coming to visit. It gives her something to look forward to.

Alex says, tonight we party, and the crew gets ready to go out. Bugs is excited to get loose. In her interview, she says relationships aren’t her strength; she’s married to her job, and the single life is the good life for now. They get in the taxis, and Malia talks about having her first date with Tom on her birthday. She got sh*fasced, and hit on the waiters. At the restaurant, Alex asks how Bugs is adjusting. She says she feels like she’s known them a long time, and they toast to being the three charters in. In his interview, Pete says he’s seen the way Bugs looks at Alex when he’s not looking. Maybe they like each other. He’s not jealous; he’s just missing Lara. He texts Lara, saying, hey, boo. You up? Again, because we’re in middle school. Hannah asks if Rob and his girlfriend have an open relationship, and Rob says he no longer has a girlfriend. In Jessica’s interview, she says, so we’re going there? Ron says, it’s over, and in his interview, he says he’d rather not be in something if he’s going to cheat, even though they have an open experience. He asks Jessica what puzzle she’s putting together. People come into your life for a reason, season, or lifetime, and everything in his life has been temporary. Pete asks Bugs, what’s going on? and she says he’s creepy. He doesn’t do it in the right way. He tells her, if it happens again, let him know, and she says he needs to be respectful. In Bugs’s interview, she says she thinks Alex is cute in a teddy bear way, and he made her comfortable coming back on board after the situation with Hannah. The crew moves on to a club. Rob tells Jessica that he’s happy, and she says she is too. Hannah asks if she can steal Bugs a minute, and they sit outside. Hannah asks if Bugs was worried about working with her, but Bugs says a lot of time had gone by, and she hoped for the best. Hannah says it’s gone better than what she thought it was going to, and Bugs says, it’s not a power struggle; she came to support Hannah. Hannah says she’s at a different stage of her life, and thinks that naturally makes Bugs respect the hierarchy. Bugs says she trusts Hannah, so it’s perfect. In her interview, Bugs says she hopes Hannah will stay cordial. She’ll get back to us on that one. Shots are done, and Bugs tells Alex, he smells like Jager bombs. Everyone dances, and Malia says Bugs came in with a bang. They head back, Alex and Bugs together. Rob and Jessica ride alone in another taxi, making out.

Hannah tells Malia that her boyfriend doesn’t get why she can’t always answer the phone. In her interview, she says her boyfriend has a corporate job, and doesn’t understand how she goes away months at a time and can’t communicate. She loves him, and wants it to work, but she’s also serious about her career. Well, we see how that worked out. Malia says her boyfriend asked if she was okay when she didn’t respond to his texts, but she literally hadn’t looked at her phone. Jessica and Rob get into bed together. Alex and Bugs get in the hot tub, and Malia decides to join them. She asks if they’re low key in love, and says, it’s fine. She says the water is ice cold, and checks the controls. She tells them that they’re sitting in a tub of cold water; the heater isn’t on. Bugs points to Pete’s privates, and says, we can tell. Everyone goes to bed. On the phone, Lara says she misses Pete. Bugs tells Alex to tuck her in, and kiss her head. He gives her a quick head kiss, says he doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable, and goes to his own bunk.

Turnover Day. Bugs wonders if she’s alive, and asks if she was drowning in the jacuzzi. Malia says Alex was there to save her, and Bugs asks if she kissed him. In Bugs’s interview, she says she’s with a new crew, it’s the first charter, and she’s making out with one of the deckies. Rob tells Jessica that he’s ten years sober from narcotics. She asks, which ones? and he says, all of them, but he’s happy, even if he’s feeling overwhelmed. In his interview, he says he and his mom went to rehab together. He got sober, and left, and everything turned to sh*t. He starts to cry, and says he wanted to protect and help her, but he couldn’t. He misses her a lot. Her dying gave him the strength to continue to be sober. He wants to give his future family what he never had. It gave him power, and gives him strength not to repeat the pattern. In the crew mess, Bugs asks if she offended Malia or Alex, and Alex tells her about how she pointed out his shrinkage. Malia says she’s glad she could be there for all this.

The boat is cleaned up, and Hannah makes a list for the next charter. Bugs says, now she knows who Pete is; he’s shameless. He says his name is Shameless Pete, and she asks if he had a connection with Lara, and did she feel the same way. He says he’s going to do things Lara has never had done before, and she’ll fall in love. Bugs says he’s making her hangover worse. She asks if he’s had a relationship on a boat before, and he says he’s banged stews. She says she doesn’t know if he said that for shock value, and he says, stews are just down for the good time. His nickname is Party Pete. He says something rude that’s too bleeped for me to decipher, and she says he’s batsh*t crazy. He says, 100%, and tells her that he’s going back to work. In the meantime, Jessica has accidentally slammed her finger in a door, and Bugs finds her crying in the galley. Jessica hopes it’s not broken, and Bugs asks if she felt snap. Jessica says, yeah.

Next time, Hannah says Bugs went out of her way to throw her under the bus, Hannah tells Kiko to work on portion sizes, Bugs talks to Captain Sandy about Pete, Malia talks to Pete about Pete, and the captain says she’s considering letting Pete go.

⛴ Location, Location, Location…

I do love looking at Below Deck’s scenery, especially that blue, blue water.


🛏 Bed Begone…

Removing all traces of Juicy Joe.


🏕 For the Parents Going Crazy…

If you get PBS’s channel thirteen, they have some day camp for you.


Summer camps for everyone.


🎭 He Fought the Good Fight…

I didn’t know Nick Cordero’s work, but I was rooting for him. There were so many moments when it looked like he would win too.



🔁 Groundhog Monday…

We’re back at the beginning of the week, or continuing with days, depending on where you’re at. For me, it’s called, one more day that I’m not any closer to getting my taxes done. Hoping Uncle Sam gives to you, rather than takes, and that you stay safe, stay thoughtful, and stay hanging onto hope for a better world.

June 23, 2020 – A Loss Revisited, Character Review, Upcoming Emmys, Soap Dads, Black Tie Brokers, Oscar News, Padma’s New Gig & Stars


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I shot an arrow into the air, and where it landed was on a GH Flashback from November 10th, 2004.

Sam was hooked up to machines in the hospital while Jason kept watch. Literal toddler Kristina was in the same position, awaiting surgery, while Alexis kept watch. Ric showed up with a restraining order to keep Sonny from seeing Kristina. Luke was still in the opening credits, but walked away in the group shot, but I don’t know if that was some kind of statement – about the show, Tony Geary, or both – or actually prophetic.

At first, I thought Nikolas had a twin, but it turned out to be lookalike Connor, who I remember zero about. Old Mike was working at Kelly’s. Courtney told Lois (I remember her!) that Sonny was really Kristina’s father, and Mike said Carly knew, but had kept it to herself. Sam was unconscious, and had lost a baby girl, and Elizabeth looked like she was twelve. Sonny tore up the restraining order, and told Ric that he’d wreck anyone who came between him and his daughter. He’d already lost one daughter, and wasn’t losing Kristina. Little Michael said he knew Sonny was sad about losing the baby, and Sonny reassured Michael that he and Morgan were safe. Michael asked if he was mad at God, but Sonny said he didn’t blame anybody, and told Michael, no matter how hard times get, family has to love each other. Michael asked how they could help, and Sonny said, be kind to each other. He told Michael, a way to respect losing someone precious was letting go, no matter how hard it was. He said, eventually they’d have to get on with their lives, but not today.

Alexis told Ric he was all kinds of wrong, and to focus on Kristina. Elizabeth told Jason that Sam’s feelings would be complicated, and not to let her deal with having planned for the baby’s homecoming alone. Jason said they already had a nursery set up, and Elizabeth said they’d prepared together, so they should mourn together. She said Sam was going to look for someone to blame, and hold herself responsible. Emily nursed Connor’s wound, and told him being a doctor was a dream of hers. He said he gave himself reasons for walking out of the military, but wondered if he really was just a deserter and his reasons were baloney. Courtney told Jason, when they’d lost their baby, he held her together and she wanted to help him now. Lois told Alcazar that Kristina was Sonny’s daughter, and Carly knew, but hadn’t told Sonny. She didn’t think Sonny was going to forgive Carly, and they’d be getting divorced, but Alcazar didn’t think Sonny was in a position to criticize. Kim was still old Carly, and Sonny told her that he was grateful Sam’s baby was going to give Kristina the stem cell infusion she needed. Carly said they were family, and she’d always want to help and support him, whether they’re married or not. Courtney told Jason that Elizabeth was right. He needed to help Sam, and they had to give themselves time to grieve. Potential parenthood had changed him, and Sam loved him. She said if he needed anything, she was there, and Jason said he’d be okay.

Lois told Alcazar that Sonny would go to the ends of the earth to protect his family, but she didn’t think he’d take Carly back. She’d broken a cardinal rule, and lied about family. She wondered if Alcazar would go back to Carly. Carly’s dad John, aka Corbin Bernsen, brought Carly and little Michael to a house, and tried to entice Michael with a skateboarding ramp in the backyard. Michael wasn’t having it, and said he’d wait in the car. Carly said she knew John wanted her to move away from Sonny. Jason told Sonny that Dr. Webber said Sam should have come out of it by now, but Sonny thought maybe it was a blessing in disguise. Jason said he wanted to be the one to tell Sam the baby was gone.

John told Carly that he bought the house for her. She said she wanted to take care of herself, but took the keys anyway, and John left. Sonny told Jason that he thought he’d had an understanding with Sam. She trusted him, even though he’d disappointed her. Jason said Sam always respected Sonny’s choice to stay with his family, and wasn’t angry about it.

Connor had a bad dream, and Courtney told him that he was safe. He said he was dreaming about his buddy Casey, who’d died because of him. He’d watched Casey die. Michael told Carly that he wanted to go home, and live with dad. Carly explained if she and Sonny couldn’t work it out, they would need to move out, and she thought this was a nice place. That was, until Alcazar called to her from the porch. Kristina made it through her surgery, and Sam woke up. Jason told her about the baby, as we watched (but couldn’t hear) through the window. Sam screamed, no! as Jason tried to comfort her.

🤷🏽‍♀️ If You’re As Clueless As I Am…

I don’t know if I wasn’t watching during these time periods, or I just wasn’t paying attention, but a lot of the characters are a mystery to me. So meet, or refresh your memory about, Connor and Courtney.



📺 PandEmmyic…

So far, this is what this year’s Daytime Emmys look like. They’ll be televised on June 26th, 2020.


🧼 Soap Is For Dads Too…

How some of the soap stars celebrated Father’s Day.


💰 On Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, we got another tour of the mountainside mansion known as the Razor House, that the Joshes described as not just architecture, but a piece of art. Some of the amenities included a smart home system – or as JoshF called it, an expensive light switch – an open floor plan, floor to ceiling glass (all of the windows had shields that could be brought down to cover them), a glass elevator, a subterranean garage, a rooftop terrace, and an infinity pool and hot tub. Going for a mere $25 million. They met with architect Wallace Cunningham, and we found out the house was the inspiration for Tony Stark’s house in Ironman.

James and David took on a listing for a house from 1914 that the owner had totally revamped, having to contend with the Historical Preservation Society, and being restricted as to what overlays could be used. The owner wanted $3 million because of the sweat and cash he’d sunk into it, but that brought the cost to $1250 a square foot, when most of the neighborhood was going for $800. It was one of those houses that doesn’t look like much from the outside, but is fabulous inside. David and James talked owner Joey into a price reduction, telling him that potential buyers didn’t care about the hoops he’d had to jump through to renovate. Joey was stubborn, but agreed to $2.495 million.

Tracy was ready for a new chapter in her life, and decided to sell her own house. Her divorce had been finalized, and they were sharing custody, so she’d only have her daughters 50% of the time. She explained she’d fallen in love with the house while showing it, and had thought it would be her forever home. They’d paid $13 million, but she wanted $24, and was tweaking it to perfection before putting it on the market. Thinking she’d be too emotionally attached, she told her team they would be taking the listing. In wanting to keep her family life private, she informed them that the kids were not going to be on the show. She did want them to be part of the process of looking for a new place though.

In their dual interview, JoshA asked JoshF what superhero he’d be, and JoshF said, Barbie. I’m not sure if Barbie applies, but he also said his superpower would be Ken. The Joshes got ready to hold a black tie broker’s open. In the meantime, David and James were offered $2.1 million, and talked Joey into countering with $2.3. It always amazes me when they dicker over $100-200K, when they’re ultimately talking millions. The buyer’s broker pointed out there was no garage, and gave a best and final offer of $2.25. A deal was made, and the guys made a commission of $56,250. While that could be a yearly salary for a normal human, they do put in a lot of work.

JoshA said they were pulling out all the stops for the brokers open, where both he and JoshF hosted. He said JoshF was an acquired taste, and just when you think he’s normal, something gets blurted out, and you’re like, what planet are you from? The Joshes chest bumped over their success. In his interview, JoshF enlightened us that few brokers showed trophy listings, so they had to bus them in like cattle, renting two party buses. When one broker told JoshF the house was amazing, he said, thank you; I built it, and I had to laugh, since that sounded like something I would say. David cornered Tracy at the open house, asking JoshA to give them a moment, and accused her of talking smack about him when they’d both been up for a listing. Tracy said she’d merely pointed out that she’d made an effort to show up to talk to the seller personally, rather than sending one of her team as he had. JoshA wondered what was going on, but James pleaded ignorance. In JoshA’s interview, he said, you can’t mess with Tracy; she’s a bad-ass bitch. He was sure David was going to tuck his tail and run back to England. Tracy told David, if he’d really wanted it, he should have gone himself. He said she’d also inferred that he wasn’t interested in properties that were less than $10 million, and she said it wasn’t smack; she’d just told the truth. The Joshes and James joined them, everyone talking at once, until JoshA put an end to it, by saying they talked sh*t about each other all the time; just never put it in writing. The Joshes high-fived each other.

Next time, a rockin’ house party in a house that used to belong Howard Hughes.

🎭 In Case It’s Still Important…

I haven’t watched the Oscars since… I don’t remember, but no judgement on those who still enjoy them. You’ll have to wait until next year though.


And hopefully, next time we’ll be seeing #OscarsSoDiverse.


🥗 Padma Does the HULU…

The hardest working woman in the cooking business.


📑 Handing It In Early…

TV looks very not promising this week, but I’ll gather some tea leaves, opinions, information, and fun stuff, and see what sticks. But for now, stay safe, stay receptive, and stay reaching for the stars.

June 18, 2020 – A Best Of Flashback, Top Chef Crowned, Fan Fave, Juneteenth Ideas, Is She Or Not, Thirsty, Watching Stars, Coming Up, a Mansion, Gordon’s Back, Say It Three Times & Dad


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

And the GH Flashback roulette wheel says… October 15th, 2015. I heard on an ad that this week is the best of Sonny and Carly, which brings cohesion to the randomness. Sonny surprised Carly with a wedding in the hospital chapel, that Maxie jumped through hoops to put together in record time. Josslyn and Kristina looked like babies, Sabrina attended with Michael, and Josslyn played the Wedding March on the flute. I assumed it was actually her playing, and was impressed, since the flute is very difficult to master.

Paul showed up at the gallery, while trying to set up Anna via text using the name Sloane. Paul told Ava to be prepared for the dismantling of the Corinthos organization. His plan was about to come to fruition. He told Ava that Carrrlos’s fate and Anna’s were going to dovetail (who uses that word, except in reference to carpentry?). Ava asked if it was a coincidence, but Paul said it was careful planning. He wanted Ava to launder some money via art collectors he was going to send, but Ava wasn’t keen on the idea. Paul asked if she wanted to go to prison for Connie’s murder, since he had her confession on tape. Ava said she was afraid of losing Avery, and Paul relented, saying he wasn’t heartless, and Ava would be of no use to him if her mind was elsewhere. He told her to deal with the custody case first.

Old Jordan wanted to talk to Anna about Carrrlos’s disappearance, since Anna was the last one to see him. Jordan said her leads had gone cold, and Mayor Lomax was breathing down her neck.

While talking to Dillon at the pier, Maxie saw a body in the water, and Dillon called the police. Jordan determined it was Carrrlos, which wasn’t hard since he’d had his wallet on him. When Paul showed up, she said Carrrlos had been shot at close range. That explained why he avoided detection for so long – he was dead. Yep. That will do it. Paul suggested Sonny had gotten his revenge.

Sonny and Carly said their vows. Sonny told Carly that she saved his life every day, and he was blessed that she chose him. Carly said she’d had a taste of life without him, and promised that neither one of them was going anywhere without the other. Dante’s phone rang during the vows, and he stepped aside to take it. Bobbie suggested Sonny make a change, so no one else would get hurt. Dante told them that Carrrlos had been pulled from the harbor, and he was dead. Sabrina freaked, and Dante went to the station. Morgan told Sonny and Carly that Carrrlos had gotten what he deserved, and Sonny said he didn’t ask for retaliation. Morgan said they were looking at him like they thought he did it, and told them they could think what they wanted to; it was his wedding gift to them, and enjoy it while it lasted. When he left, Sonny told Carly that he thought Morgan wished he had shot Carrrlos, but he would have heard about it if Morgan had done it. He explained that Ava had let the Five Families (not a restaurant) that Carrrlos had shot Sonny and acted alone. The only one who could dispute it was Carrrlos, and he wasn’t talking. Carly said that was convenient for Ava, and Sonny said she was up to her lying neck in it. Sabrina told Michael that she’d known Carrrlos most of his life, and Carrrlos had done awful things, but didn’t deserve to get shot.

Anna went to the gallery, and told Ava that she knew it wasn’t Carrrlos who shot Sonny, since he was on the run for killing Duke. Why would he escape Port Charles, then come back to shoot Sonny? She said Ava claiming that’s what happened implied she had something to hide, and asked who Ava was covering for. Paul called Anna, and told her to meet him at Pier 54.

Nathan assumed that Valerie was pregnant after Maxie found a positive pregnancy test in the trash, and Valerie gave him the business about jumping to conclusions. Valerie saw Maxie in the interrogation room after she gave her statement, and Maxie told her it was like a scene from a scary movie, and kept playing in her head. She told Valerie that she knew Valerie and Dillon were having sex, and Valerie said Dillon was a great guy, but that was a no, and had never happened.  Maxie asked whose baby Valerie was worried about carrying. Valerie said she didn’t know what Maxie was  talking about, and didn’t think Maxie did either. Maxie said Valerie had thrown a positive pregnancy test in the trash, and Valerie said Maxie had assumed because she was near the trash can, it must be hers. She suggested the next time Maxie decided to go snooping, get her facts straight. In the meantime, Dante told Dillon to stay the hell away from his wife.

Sonny joked that he and Carly were going to Iowa for their honeymoon, and Lulu told Bobbie that she and Dante were in discussion about expanding their family.

Ava told Paul that Sonny knew she’d lied about Carrrlos, and was asking inconvenient questions, but Paul said he had everything under control.

Carly cuddled with Sonny in his hospital room, and Sonny said it wasn’t the way he’d pictured their honeymoon, but it did feel like Des Moines. She thought it was more like Cedar Rapids.

Top Chef – Finale

The chefs were challenged with cooking the meal of their lives. The final three were Bryan, who the crown had eluded for more than a decade; Melissa, who had more wins than anyone; and Stephanie, the private chef underdog, who had proven she had skills to be feared. The prize was a feature in Food and Wine magazine, an appearance at the Food and Wine festival in Aspen, and $250K. Not bad. I love that magazine, and that’s a nice chunk of change. Bryan said he’d slap them in the face with heart and soul, and we flashed back to the Italian chefs saying there was no soul in his food. Padma tasked them with making the best progressive four-course meal of their lives – no twists. They would be serving it to the best chefs from all over world. Kevin, Lee Anne, and Brian full of Malarkey came out to give their support as sous chefs. Gregory would have been there instead of Brian, but he was still battling back issues. The chefs drew knives for picking order, and Stephanie was first, choosing Brian full of Malarkey, for his enthusiasm and skills. Stephanie also admitted that during Restaurant Wars she fell in love with him. Not literally. Brian chose Kevin, who said, let’s get the band back together, which left Melissa with Lee Anne. Melissa said they’d never worked together, but Lee Ann knew Asian flavors, and was a beast in the kitchen. She thought they’d do well. Padma told them they’d be shopping in the food hub of Florence, and would have five hours to prep and cook back at the Renaissance Tuscany. They were to make the meal as cohesive as possible, and Tom said the judges expected nothing but the best.

Melissa said her mission was to marry Asian flavor with what she’d learned in Italy, bringing Italy to her heritage, so it would portray her adventure. While this isn’t Project Runway, I have to mention that Lee Anne was wearing the coolest fried-egg-and-bacon crocheted scarf. If I was crafty that way, I’d be making one starting tonight. Bryan said he and Stephanie were yin and yang; their minds were one. In the evening, the judges turned the tables, and Tom, Padma, and Gail did the cooking. The chefs were met outside by Tom, who was doing some rustic farmhouse cooking on the grill, which gave Melissa an idea for her main course. They all sat down to eat together, and Padma wished them luck, telling them to cook their hearts out. After dinner, Stephanie called best friend Kristen, who was also the Season 10 winner. Stephanie said she thought her chances of winning were one in three. Melissa called her mom, and Bryan called his brother Michael.

After three hours in the kitchen, the judges were served the first two courses. You knew it was good by the way they were shoveling it in, especially one guy who reminded me of the drive-in guy Joe Bob Briggs and was wearing a shirt with steer on it. Later, I found out he was an Italian butcher named Dario. Gail said Bryan was a great technician, but this time showed soul and love in his food as well. Drive-in Bob Dario said, mama mia! and the main course came out. Melissa made grilled squab; Bryan went with blackened monkfish; and Stephanie made a veal dish. Padma said the food was universally wonderful, and food editor Nilou Motamed said she didn’t like squab, but was now a convert. At this point, I was pretty sure Melissa was going to win. Then, OMG THE DESSERTS CAME OUT. They were all to die for, and I’m not sure which one I wanted more; Bryan’s dark chocolate and ice cream thing, to which Dario responded, mmm… cardamom; Stephanie’s sticky toffee pudding (I don’t know what the hell that is, but give me two servings); or Melissa’s tea-infused tiramisu with a crunchy topping. When the dinner was done, the chefs applauded themselves, and then the judges applauded them when they were called back out. During the final discussion, Dario teared up over how Melissa respected the Italian traditions with her dessert. He said, a butcher who cries, how embarrassing, prompting one of the other guest judges to come over and give him a hug.

When the chefs were brought out to meet with the usual judges, plus Nilou, for the final time, Tom said he thought they all cooked the best meal of their lives, and Padma said she saw the story of their lives on the plates. She relayed that Hunter Lewis from Food and Wine found Bryan’s beets beguiling. Say that three times real fast. Tom said Bryan had erased the impression that he couldn’t cook with soul and heart. Gail said that Melissa had joined the Asian and Italian cultures, and told her about Dario getting emo over her tiramisu. Melissa said they were all artists who loved hearing that their journeys were understood. Stephanie joked that she was going for fan favorite. She had done damage to people who loved her by being sad, and this showed them that she was okay. Tom said, sometimes the voyage is more important than the destination, because you find out what you’re made of. You have to go deeper, and what comes out is who you are. They all made that journey, but there could only be one Top Chef. Arriving for the announcement were Melissa’s mom, Bryan’s brother, and Stephanie’s husband.

With that, Padma told Melissa, she was Top Chef. In Melissa’s interview, she said it had been a wild adventure, but this time she’d done it for herself, and wasn’t trying to earn her father’s approval. She wanted to prove to herself that she could achieve a goal that she’d set. In Stephanie’s interview, she said she accomplished what she’d wanted to do. She hadn’t felt good about the mental space she was in since her brother died. This would give everyone something else to talk about for a while. In Bryan’s interview, he said he’d learned a lot about himself. There were sixteen Top Chefs, but he was the only one who’d done what he did. He’d been runner-up three times, but was never doing this again. Melissa said, once you believe in yourself, nothing can stop you. She knew it sounded cliché, but the world was her oyster. She could do anything now.

👓 On Watch What Happens Live (@home in the Hamptons – @must be nice), Padma and Tom were guests, and Melissa made an appearance. Padma announced Melissa was also the fan favorite, netting her another $10K. Melissa donated that win to Black Visions Collective, the Trevor Project, and Asian Americans for Equality. And for that, Andy gave the night’s mazel.

🥧 Baking For the Teenth…

An idea to celebrate Juneteenth.


📺 Watchlist…

Some Juneteenth suggestions for your viewing pleasure.


📚 For the Bookworm In You…

A Juneteenth reading list.


🍑 Pour the Nene Tea…

A Twitter user suggested her ego has become bigger than her entertainment value. I think they might be right.



🥃 Give That Lady a Drink…

Like not every single one of them is thirsty. It’s not like they’re on the show to educate people about… anything.


🛸 Where No Man Has Gone…

But you can go for free.


📑 Head Start…

A list of what’s coming to the small screen, and not.


👠 Sometimes She’s All Of Us…

While probably none of us will ever have her closet, or will even be able to afford one of her shoes, Sutton sometimes reminds me of how the audience feels. Kind of horrified.


🛶 Unchart This…

You can catch Gordon in Uncharted on the National Geographic (NatGeo) channel on Sundays at 10 pm. It’s also free on YouTube.


📽 Who Can Take a Sunrise…

Candyman returns in a spiritual sequel. Tony Todd and Vanessa Williams will be making return appearances, and Jordan Peele wrote the screenplay, so that’s enough for me.


🤸‍♀️ Is It Friday Again Yet…?

Father’s Day is coming up this weekend, and here’s hoping you have/had a good relationship with yours. My dad was the best. He had a wonderful sense of humor, was ahead of his time, and the fairest person I’ve ever known. Stay safe, stay celebratory, and stay in touch with your family, be they blood relatives or chosen.

June 17, 2020 – Charges Announced, Would-Be Flashback, Reliving S7, New Listing, NYC Update, the Girls Now, Tyler Talks, a Director’s Influence, Bye-Bye Wacha, Posha Reborn & Fight


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Today’s GH Flashback would have been from September 14th, 2015 (see below), but was preempted early on to inform us about charges being brought against the officers in the killing of Rayshard Brooks.

What happened:


The charges:


📜  Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.Martin Luther King, Jr.


General Hospital

What happened on September 14th, 2015 was… Sonny and Carly were about to get married (again), when one of Sonny’s enemies kidnapped TJ, who at the time was working for Sonny, and lured Sonny into an ambush. Jake Doe saved the day, but Sonny ended up with a bullet lodged near his spine, and Patrick was waiting for him to improve before doing surgery. Everything pointed to Julian having set Sonny up, and even though he was in county, Morgan vowed to kill him.

Elizabeth came close to telling Jake Doe that he was really Jason, even though he eventually ended up being Drew. She was interrupted by son Jake having a bad dream, but did tell Jake/Jason/Drew that she’d done something terrible to Sam. Ric had conspired with Madeline to get Nina’s money, and tricked old Nina into marrying him. She and Franco tricked Ric back, threatening to expose him, and made him sign annulment papers, giving up the rights to Nina’s money. Nina also ditched Madeline, which probably wasn’t hard, since she was in prison.

Sonny was unconscious, hooked up to machines, and a pre-PTSD Dante paid him a visit. Dante wondered if Sonny’s lifestyle was worth it, and suggested he try living and being a dad. The machines went kooky, and Dante ran out, interrupting an argument between Morgan and Michael in the hallway. Michael ran to get Carly, who was in the chapel, reminiscing about her life with Sonny, and reading Sonny’s wedding vows.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Seeing that tonight’s episode was going to be Dorit and Garcelle commentating on the Season 7 finale (Season 7 was also Dorit’s first season), I was immediately disappointed, but willing to give them another chance. We revisited Lisa’s Diamonds and Rosé party, where Dorit wore liquid gold on her head. Or as LisaR said, it looked like a big golden goose took a big golden sh*t on her head. Erika showed up with pink hair, and Garcelle wondered (as did LVP in the episode) if the carpet matched the drapes. PK showed up with Jagger in Dorit’s square, although why anyone would allow a child to watch this show is beyond me. Garcelle said, swans, ponies, no underwear, and champagne; that’s a perfect party. I wasn’t sure if she should get out more, or just reassess the parties she’s going to. I’d forgotten Eden Sassoon was on Season 7, so I refreshed my memory with this:


As Eden, got more wound up during the party, I was like, oh yeah… Kim Richards was also still on the fringes of the show, and seemed to be okay with everyone except LisaR.

Garcelle noted that PK loves being in the mix, and yes he does. He should be granted honorary Wife status, along with Peter from RHOA. There was some bad blood between Dorit and LisaR because of Dorit inferring to Eden that LisaR had a substance problem. Dorit and Eden had been discussing LisaR, when Dorit wondered if LisaR’s personality issues were induced. This led Eden to tell LisaR that Dorit had questioned whether she had a Xanax problem. LisaR got all in Dorit’s face, but my advice to her is, don’t make jokes about all the pills you carry around with you. There. Problem solved. PK told Erika that she was inherently cold, to which she coldly told him, she was not. Eileen Davidson was still on the show, and defended Erika. From her square, Dorit wondered why she subjected herself to this. Um… the publicity? Garcelle felt like she was on the playground, or middle school, which is what I say every week

This was before Puppygate, but the group was still feeling the aftereffects of Pantygate. In case you weren’t there for Pantygate, Erika went to a group dinner sans underwear, and PK caught a glimpse. Dorit said something to Erika, who couldn’t see what the big deal was. I might not either, unless it makes someone uncomfortable, which it obviously did. I’ve said it before. I’m no prude by any stretch of the imagination. I’m pretty broad-minded, but I still don’t say the f-word in front of my in-laws or in front of children. This is one of the things I don’t like about Erika. I’m all for expressing yourself and being who you are, but it’s common courtesy not to deliberately make people uncomfortable, and she just does not care. And if she finds out, she’ll do it on purpose. Talk about middle school. Okay, rant over. As a joke, sort of, Dorit had gotten Erika a pair of underwear. Erika was all kinds of offended for ages about this, which I found very hard to believe. From her square, Dorit said, in looking for a silver lining, she and LisaR had come a long way. Back at the party, LisaR told Eden that when she’d talked to LVP – I have no clue about what, and assume it’s the induced personality issue, but it really doesn’t matter – she shut herself off to Eden. Eden had it with LisaR, calling her a bitch, and saying she was sick of LisaR walking all over her and using her as a scapegoat. I barely remember the deal with those two, but I’ve grown to dislike LisaR with a passion, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that was true. It’s a shame too, because I’d always liked her, but by her second season, I could tell she’d say and do just about anything for attention and camera time. But she owns it.

After Eden’s outburst, LisaR said she didn’t give two f***s what people thought about her, and when she said she wished Eden well, Garcelle commented that those words are the death knell. Dorit said it felt like a lifetime ago, but it was just four years. Garcelle said it was more fun than she thought it would be, and I’m sure had 100% more fun than I did. While the Eden thing was interesting, it’s hard jumping into an old season without prefacing it with some backstory. On top of it, Dorit and Garcelle either aren’t being compelling enough, or it’s being edited badly, because the commentary is boring as hell. Bravo can do better than this.

🌴 Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles began its new season this week. Joshes Altman and Flagg are back, along with Tracy Tutor, James Harris, and David Parnes. While my preference is for the New York branch of the franchise, I still love seeing the West Coast houses, which are always massive. The premiere episode focused on mountainside properties, and while I’m not so sure I could live in a place where vertigo is king, they were breathtaking. The Joshes joined forces again to co-list, even though they vowed never again the last time. My favorite house was the one Tracy looked at, with the most amazing vertical landscaping, but the house the Joshes checked out was also fabulous. As Josh Altman put it, hidden doors, the fake books, and underground lairs; I’m trying not to geek out right now. There was a lot of cracking up (dare I say joshing around?) during their dual interviews, leading me to believe what I’ve thought before. Much of the feuding between the brokers is for the camera.

🗽 New York Tease…

Tomorrow, Bravo has scrapped The Real Housewives of New York altogether to run a marathon of Top Chef, capping it with their finale. So in the meantime, here’s a mid-season teaser.


🐇 Not Next Door Anymore…

I actually watched this show. I think I was more fascinated with the house and clothes than anything else. They made Hef look like a benevolent, hapless father with a harem from who he required little but their company. But then I read Holly Madison’s book, Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny. Um… ew.


💔 Tyler’s Heart…

The hardest working man in Hollywood preaches it.


🎥 Influencers…

I’m proud to say The Rocky Horror Picture Show made this list. Hey, it might be my only fifteen minutes.


🐶 Learning From Dorit’s Mistakes…

It looked like Andy talked to most of the world before deciding to rehome his dog. While he doesn’t give particulars, it sounds like it was the best decision. And I’m sure a hard one.


👊🏽 She’s Come a Long Way Baby…

From thinking the Underground Railroad was a real train to leading the call. My headband is off to Porsha. (I don’t wear hats.)


🏜 Before Sunrise…

In the past few months, we’ve certainly been given a lot to think about and the time to think it. We’re sliding into the world opening back up, and with it, hopefully, our hearts and minds. So stay safe, stay centered, and stay doing the right thing.

June 16, 2020 – Post Wedding Trauma, VanderEnd, a Final Finale, Goodbye Loving, Sandy Correct, Tyler Does Good & Farewell


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Since GH is apparently using a Flashback dartboard, today’s episode was from September 24th, 2013. Morgan and Kiki (who had switched over from being Starr) had just gotten married. Starr Kiki really loved Michael, but Morgan had lied, telling her that she and Michael were cousins, when Kiki’s father was really Silas, but she didn’t know it. Sonny, who was off his meds, spilled the beans at the reception, even though Morgan had begged him to keep the secret. Sonny claimed he was doing it for Connie, who’d wanted him to tell the truth, and who he hadn’t protected. He told everyone that Morgan had tricked Kiki into marriage, and they all went in different directions.

Morgan told Ava that his family was a bunch of hypocrites, especially his father, and his father was dead to him. Ava told him that family stays together, and not to write Sonny off, but Morgan said he’d never forgive Sonny, who had never once backed him. Sonny had, however, stepped up to double-cross him, costing him his wife, who was off with Michael doing who-knows-what. Ava said she knew what it was like to be refused by the person you love, and told Morgan about how the man she loved went off with someone else. Morgan said Ava got him, and had always been on his side, prompting them to get busy.

What Kiki and Michael were doing was talking at the MetroCourt bar. Michael wanted Kiki to give him a chance, and they kissed.

In the meantime, Maxie had been a surrogate for Lulu and Dante, who named the baby Connie, but it wasn’t really their baby; it was Maxie’s baby with Spinelli. Maxie whacked Spinelli over the head, thinking he was a prowler, when he was picking up his gym bag from the apartment. Ellie had told Spinelli the truth, but Maxie thought she’d been given a second chance to make things right, since she’d lost the first baby she’d carried for Dante and Lulu. She figured Spinelli and Ellie would have their own family, and told Spinelli choosing Lulu was the least bad of two terrible options. She said there was no turning back, and she’d be sorry for the rest of her life. Spinelli said he hated what Maxie had done, but didn’t hate her.

Carly had gotten Sonny the hell out of the reception, and told him that his behavior was the result of him not taking his pills. The last time he’d done that, he’d been dangerous to everyone around him, even the people who love him. Sonny said he’d thrown the pills away, because he wanted to feel the pain; he owed that to Connie. Carly asked if he thought Connie would want him to hurt and want him to hurt others. Luckily, the pills were safely balanced on the top of the wastebasket, where no garbage had actually touched them. Carly gave them to Sonny, telling him that his kids needed their dad.

Silas (who would later become Finn) was dating Sam, and brought dinner to her while she was at the hospital with Danny.

Carly told Sonny that taking the pills was the right thing to do. He said he missed Connie so much, but Carly said, then he shouldn’t hurt himself and his family in Connie’s name. This convinced him to take his lithium.

Michael told Kiki, they didn’t have to figure it out tonight, that tonight was for them, and Morgan and Ava got busier.

Vanderpump Rules – The Endless Reunion – Part Three (@home)

I never noticed before that in the opening group pic, it’s a still shot except for Lisa’s hair blowing. I knew she was magical.

We wait for Tom, who had to pee. Ariana asks why Tom didn’t go during the break, and announces that she pooped. Thanks for sharing.

Andy say,s Stassi’s push to be engaged almost sent Beau to an early grave. We flash back to all that, including Stassi catching Katie’s bouquet. Stassi says she’s embarrassed. (FYI, I’m totally refraining from any and all jokes, and working on something about the whole Bravo brouhaha.) Stassi does a mini PSA, saying, if you know you’re asking your SO to marry you, don’t torture them, just tell them. Andy says Beau went to great lengths to make Stassi think he wasn’t proposing, and we flash back to him avoiding the subject, and telling her not to rush him. Beau says the dinner where she thought he was going to propose was the worst night all year. Stassi says Beau put on a mic pad that looked like the shape of a ring box. It convinced her they were getting engaged, and she lost her sh*t. Schwartz asks, what’s sexier, a penis bulge or a ring bulge? Andy brings up Carter texting them not to forget that Kristen introduced them, and asks if Kristen agrees. She says she doesn’t, and if Carter had wanted to say that, he should have waited. Stassi says Kristen defended him in every interview, but Kristen says she doesn’t respect what did, and Lala tells her, leave it there.

Andy says, Lisa has dealt with unruly bartenders and defiant waitresses, but this season, she had to manage the managers. We flash back to Danica getting suspended for putting her hands on the other Brett. Andy asks what makes Max a good manager, and Lisa says he puts in a lot of hours, he’s a great bartender and can step in when he’s needed, and the staff loves him. He fits in perfectly. She wishes he wouldn’t bang her staff though. She thinks Danica needs to grow up and soften up. She sees things in black and white, and gets it wrong sometimes. Raquel says Danica is the best manager. She gets the job done. Lisa says Danica has been rude on many occasions, and she has a personal issue with her. That Danica claimed she was having an affair with Brett, pisses her off. In all the years she’s been in the business, she’s never put a finger on anyone. Danica asks when she said that, and we see a clip of the after-show where she says she can’t see a mother/son dynamic with Brett and Lisa. They’re both hot, so you know they fantasize about each other. Lisa says she has children and a husband. Kristen says Danica is lucky she has a job. She should be thankful, grateful, and bow down. Danica says she’s sorry; it came out the wrong way. Lisa thanks her, and says she’s been married 37 years, and has two children. She doesn’t need to hear stuff like that. Andy asks Max if banning someone for talking sh*t is the manager’s job, referring to him wanting to ban Danica from TomTom. Max says he thinks he handled it incorrectly, and he already apologized. Lisa says Danica felt backstabbed, since she thought they were friends. Danica says whenever she introduced Max to her friends, he’d screw them, and she has to work with him. Max says she’s the one who hooked them up. Kristen thinks there’s a problem because Danica wants to sleep with Max, but Danica says, no way. Andy leaves it there and takes a break.

Brittany’s dog barks, and she gets criticized, which is ridiculous. She says, since there’s a pandemic, she couldn’t get a sitter. I say, bring the dog into the discussion. He’ll give just as coherent a contribution as the cast. Andy asks James what he thought about Scheana and Brett’s video, and he says he thought it was racy. Andy asks if that’s why Brett felt uncomfortable and violated. Brett admits he was being dramatic in saying he felt violated, but he was uncomfortable. Scheana says he should have explained that to her at the time, instead of being a p*ssy. Saying she’d give him a BJ was a joke. Lisa says Scheana did like him when they first met, and thought there was a possibility. Scheana says they clicked right away, and we flash back to her telling Lisa that she admits there’s a crush, but she doesn’t want to date him, then gets all teary. Scheana says she’s flirty by nature. Andy says Charli was completely over him before the first date. What turned her off so quickly? Charli says there was a lot going on prior to the date, and she felt awkward about Scheana. We flash back to Brett saying he can’t have friends that are girls. Andy asks how Scheana and Brett are now, and Scheana says, they’d been fine up until the last few episodes aired. Then Brett said he was going to be so far up her ass apologizing at the reunion, but she’s still waiting. Brett says he felt bad about some things, and Kristen suggests he just apologize for being an a-hole. Brett says he’s sorry he misled Scheana, but he tried to make it clear that he didn’t want anything. Scheana says she didn’t want anything either, and Ariana says, how about apologizing for saying one thing to his friend’s face, and something else behind their back? Brett says he doesn’t think he did that.

Andy says Ariana was forthcoming about her battle with depression, and asks how she’s doing. Ariana says she’s been seeing a therapist for the last few months, and she’s been working hard on herself. She’d be lying if she said it was all positive all the time, but she thinks she’s doing okay. Andy says Lisa had shared with Ariana that she’d also felt that way, and Lisa says she was more prepared for her mother passing away, but her brother’s death was a shock. That it was a suicide made it worse, and that’s why she understood, and didn’t think it should be minimized. Ariana says she’s grateful to Lisa, and thanks her. Lisa says Ariana can call her, any time of the day or night.

Andy says, Brittany and Jax had a fairytale wedding, but once they got home, Jax had left all traces of his Prince Charming persona in Versailles (pronouncing it Ver-sales). We see clips of Jax taking out his sh*t on Brittany, and anyone else in his path. We flash back to Ariana’s interview, where she says, unfortunately, Brittany is married to the problem, and we flash back to Stassi telling Jax, it looks like he’s losing his mind. We see one of Lisa’s interviews, where she says, it’s not just Jax now; that’s the difference. Andy says Jax seems to spiral at the end of every summer. Jax says it’s his downfall, and he’s still working on himself. Ariana says she doesn’t want to spend 45 minutes on the same sh*t. Every reunion, Jax says he’s a work in progress. I hate when people like Jax use that phrase as an excuse for bad behavior. We flash back to Jax saying the same things at every reunion. Jax says he’ll be working on himself for the rest of his life. Tom says, like his tweeting lies. Everyone talks at once, so you can’t understand anyone, and there’s a lot of bleeping on top of it. Jax says he knows they’re perfect and awesome, and he applauds. Ariana says she’s a garbage person. That’s why she’s here. Lisa tells her, calm down, and Jax says it’s not about her.

Andy reminds us, if we lost track, it’s Tuesday. He moves on to the beach clean-up, and Jax’s rage texts. Jax says it was nothing against Max. He just didn’t want to drive for hours to pick up one piece of paper, when there are three parks near him that are full of trash. Which might be a valid argument if he’d been at those parks picking up said trash. Stassi is like, come on. He just didn’t want to do it, and Kristen says, so it had nothing to do with the environment. He didn’t want to go. Jax says he apologized five hours later, and we flash back to more rage texting hours later. Schwartz says, it was personal and pointed, and Jax says he’s good at apologizing. I’m not so sure that’s something to be bragging about. Andy doesn’t think Jax is that great at it, since you can apologize a million times and not mean it. Jax asks if Andy hasn’t ever done that, and Andy says, not really. He asks Brittany if it’s daunting to have to apologize for Jax all the time, and Jax says, no one is perfect. Andy recalls that Jax said that at every one of eight reunions. Ariana makes fun of Jax, which is unbecoming, even if Jax is a total d-bag. Jax says he thought he was doing better, and still has bad days. Stassi says he instills fear in his friends. They have to be scared of pissing him off, and of hurting Brittany’s feelings. They need to be able to be honest, and can’t be in a situation they’re scared to have an opinion of. Jax told them about how depressed he was, and that he couldn’t control himself, so now they want to talk about it. Jax says, it’s fine coming from certain people. Andy asks for Ariana’s reaction to Jax admitting he had a mental problem, and Brittany says, he obviously does. Ariana says her best advice is to find a therapist he connects with, and work through his sh*t. He can’t let it fall by the wayside. It has to be a priority. Andy says, Rand recommended a therapist, and Lala says, he didn’t just recommend one. He paid for a session, and Jax didn’t show up. Tom says, Jax doesn’t want to get better or change, and he doesn’t want to hear that Jax is a work in progress. I totally get this. I know people who cry about needing help, but won’t take it because they’d rather keep using their illness to be a manipulative a-hole. They’re the worst. Brittany says the group obviously doesn’t love them, and Lala says she’d die for them. Brittany won’t look at anyone, and Ariana says she’s fully convinced nothing she said came from an ill place. Brittany says she’s turning her head because she’s trying not to cry. Tom says, after the end of the season, day after day, Brittany always takes up for Jax. Brittany says, everyone does stuff, and Ariana says it’s happening every week. Katie asks Schwartz, what’s happening? and I’m wondering too. Brittany says of course she wants Jax to be better, and Jax says he’s working on it all the time, but it seems like they’re just yelling at him. Schwartz says, it’s a productive thing. Jax alluded to having issues several times, and they’re being corrective. They want him to be proactive, and not do the same thing every time and expect a different result. Ariana says they love Brittany so much, and Tom says he’s wracked his brain for years, trying to help. Ariana says, and Jax acts like they don’t give a f***, and they’re full of it. There’s lots of bleeping, and I wonder what the hell is with Schwartz’s hair, and if he meant for it to look like that. Schwartz tells Jax, please effing do something.

Andy asks where everyone is going, but they’re just stretching their legs. Jax says Andy is always against him, but everyone tells Jax that Andy is on his side. Jax says he feels like Andy goes at him the hardest. He has thick skin, but it’s being worn away as the years go by. Andy says he actually likes Jax a lot, and Jax says he has a weird way of showing it. Andy says it’s his job to call them out. Jax insists he’s the best he’s been, except for three episodes spread apart. We see clips of Jax that would embarrass a normal person. Andy says Jax doesn’t watch the show, and he should if he wants to respond to sh*t. Jax says if he slips up, it’s all they talk about, and Andy says, watch the show; that’s what he’s working off of. Jax says, it’s the worst reunion ever.

Andy says Scheana’s surprise birthday present of a psychic reading for Dayna didn’t go well, and Scheana had first said she didn’t bring the psychic. We flash back to Scheana having the psychic wait outside. He asks, what really happened? and Scheana says she was going to text the psychic after talking to Dayna, and let her know if it was still happening. The experience for her was incredible, and she assumed it would be the same for Dayna. Andy asks why Dayna was bothered, and Dayna starts to cry. She says she knows Scheana meant it in a good way, but she felt put on spot. It’s been seven years since her mom passed away, and it’s still hard. She doesn’t know if she’ll ever be ready. It’s frustrating for her. She wanted to do it, but had to back out. She was scared of a response either way. She says, people think she’s a bitch, but it’s been her only option most of her life. Lisa asks, why? and Dayna says her dad’s not in her life. After her mom died, it was just her and her sister, and she was only twenty-two. She’s never felt at home for one minute since her mother stopped breathing, and she’s been looking for that. I totally get this, since I always say, I want to go home, but there’s no home to go to anymore. Kristen says she wishes they could hug Dayna. If it was a normal reunion, they would be in a giant circle. Jax says he lost both of his parents; he doesn’t speak to his mom. Unless someone has gone through that, they can’t understand the pain. Andy asks if Jax has considered the time he’s losing in not speaking to his mom, and Jax says, it’s been tough with the virus going on. Ariana knows they hate each other, but tells him to try and give his mom a call. Dayna says, people are quick to judge, and say life is short, but every situation is different. She tried hard to have her dad in her life, but it didn’t work, and she has to live with that.

Andy wants to switch topics to the girls. He asks how Ariana felt, finding out it was Lala who had been talking smack about her house, and not Stassi. We flash back to Scheana relaying the wrong shade to Kristen, and Stassi says she knows Scheana is a sh*t stirrer, but how could she be so messy? Ariana can say Stassi is Regina George or a snob, because that’s definitely true, but what she said came so easy, like she was waiting to get it out. She doesn’t know how many years it will take Ariana to understand that she likes her. Ariana says she felt like they’d worked hard on the friendship, and she lost it. She didn’t even know what she’d said until she watched the show. Lala asks on what planet Stassi would say she’s a grown-ass woman. It didn’t sound like her. Ariana says she’s pivoting everything she said about Stassi to Lala.

We see everyone texting in a group chat, and paying no attention whatsoever. Andy says, bromances over romances are easier said than done, and we see clips from the messy triangle that is Max, Dayna, and Brett. Andy says if Max decided he didn’t want to be with Dayna, why did he think he had a say in who she was with. Max says he didn’t. He and Brett were inseparable – he was the Sandoval to Brett’s Schwartz. Brett says Dayna knew he was skeptical to begin with since he was considering Max. Andy thinks Brett and Max should date, and Lisa says, cheers to that. Schwartz says it’s obvious Max’s feelings were hurt, and Stassi asks, why? Dayna went to him first, and he turned her down. Brett says he realized they were moving too fast. Dayna says they were hanging out a few times a week, and sleeping together (these people are so weird, I don’t know if she means having sex or just sleeping), then Brett said they were moving too fast, and she was over it. She has no more room in her life for one more person who’s not sure or not invested in a relationship. She’s learned about herself. She’s beautiful and she deserves it. Andy says he’s leaving it there.

Andy asks Danica what about the Scheana clone bothered her at the party? Danica says Scheana 2.0 was inserting herself in a conversation where she wasn’t welcome. She told her to bounce, and she didn’t want to. We flash back to their altercation, and Stassi says she wasn’t mad about it. Lisa says Danica is in hospitality, and has to check herself. She can’t have a loose cannon representing the business. Danica says she was completely wrong, and Lisa says she can’t afford someone on the floor who’s so explosive. They’re going to have to talk. Danica says Max’s plan worked out; congratulations. Andy asks how intense it was for James to see Rand, and asks how the relationship has been. James says, amazing, and we flash back to his apology and their bro hug. James says he’s come a long way, and he’s glad Rand pushed Lala back into his life. He’s a stand-up guy, and James hopes their friendship grows. Lala says, it’s been amazing to see James’s growth, and Rand is the most incredible human she’s ever met. She thanks James for his kind words.

Andy says before they have their final thoughts, he wonders if Kristen misses her friendships. Kristen says she doesn’t miss the sh*t, but she misses the friendships. She wishes she could have shared her relationship with new boyfriend Alex, her house, and the monumental moments she’s had. Andy asks, what about Jax and Tom? and Jax says he’s happy with the current status of how things are going. Andy says, the current status is on hold. Lisa says, all of their current status is on hold, and she hopes what the world has been going through in the past few months has given them perspective, and caused them to be reflective. She wants them to come back with the same cohesion they went into this with. Brittany thinks if they could have hung out, they could get through it, but she hasn’t seen any effort; it’s only been hearsay. Lisa says when they get back, she expects they’ll have made a concentrated effort to put it together. Andy says, that’s a good transition.

He thanks everyone for accepting the technology needed for the reunion into their homes. He welcomes Ken, Rand, and Scheana’s new squeeze Brock to the reunion. Lisa says it’s the first time she’s seen Ken in a shirt in two months. Everyone waves. Andy asks Ken how it is being trapped at Villa Rosa with Lisa for two months, and Ken says, it’s fantastic. He’s getting three amazing meals a day. Lisa says he’s missing going to work. Andy says Rand was reluctant to be on the show, and Lala didn’t even use his name in the beginning, calling him her man. He asks how the experience was, and Rand says he was petrified, but at the end of the day, this is Lala’s family, and it was time to jump in and support her. Everyone made it easy. Andy asks what Brock has learned about Scheana, and Brock says, Scheana is a good person. He digs her more all the time. He thinks they all really love each other; it’s somewhere in there. Lisa says she’s grateful for all of them. James’s sobriety is extraordinary. She wants to see them on the other side. Bless them.

Andy says what sounds like, to the Banana Republic, and everyone takes a drink of their cocktail or mocktail. Andy says he can’t wait to see them in person, and tells everyone, stay healthy.

If Loving You Is Wrong

It doesn’t say finale in the guide, which rubs me the wrong way, since it’s the final finale. I hope they wrap some things up, and we’re not just left hanging all over the place.

Marcie can’t stop whacking Randal in the head with the fireplace poker. If he’s not dead, he’s a host from Westworld. She bashes him a couple more times for good measure. She pulls a bookcase down, then hits him again, saying she hates him. She kicks him, and says, get up. If he wants to fight, then fight. Did he think it was going to be easy? It dawns on her that Randal is not getting up. Covered in blood, she grabs her bag, and jets.

Bennett comes home, but he doesn’t go home. Instead, he goes to Randal’s house. He sees Randal lying there, and says, no, goddammit. He kicks Randal, and says someone beat him to it.

Marcie goes to Brad’s house, where Alex is still passed out on the couch. Brad asks her what happened? and she says, Randal. He asks if they argued, and she says he attacked her while she was walking to the car. She was going to her car, and he grabbed her, and they fought. Brad asks if she’s okay, and says he warned Randal. He’s going to kill him. He tells Marcie, he’s going over there, but she says she killed him. He’s dead. Alrighty then.

Rick walks into Randal’s house, and draws his gun. He says, police; don’t move, and tells Bennett to put his hands on his head and get down on his knees. Bennett does, and Rick tells him to put his hands behind his back. Bennett says he didn’t do anything. He didn’t do this. He found Randal. Rick says he doesn’t want to hear it. Rick takes him to the squad car. Um… Rick, there’s no blood on him. I think there would be some. Rick calls for an ambulance, and CSI. Bennett repeats that he didn’t do it. He walked in, and Randal was dead. Rick tells him, be quiet, and goes back in the house. He radios that Randal has been beaten to a pulp. He has no pulse, and there’s brain matter. He needs the coroner.

Brad tells Marcie, calm down. We hear sirens, and she says, the police are here. He says, maybe Randal called the police, and she asks if he thinks Randal is okay. He says, why else would they be there? and tells her that he’ll go and check. He asks her again, what happened? and she says she told him. She grabbed a fireplace poker, and stabbed Randal over and over. Brad says he’ll go see; stay there. She tells him, just go, and he leaves.

Brad approaches Rick, who tells him, stay back. Brad asks, what happened? and Rick points to the coroner’s van, and says, that happened. Brad asks if someone is dead, and Rick says, yeah. Brad asks if he’s sure, and Rick says, there’s no way not to be. Brad asks, who is it? and Rick says, Randal. Brad asks, what happened? but RIck says he can’t tell Brad. From the car, Bennett says, he didn’t do it, Brad says, he did it? and I gasp. I can’t believe Brad is going to let this be pinned on Bennett. Rick tells Brad, go back in his house, and Bennett says he’s telling Rick, he didn’t do it. Rick goes back to the car, and asks what Bennett’s name is. Bennett says, Rick knows his name, and he didn’t do it. He drove up, and a bloody woman in a blue dress was leaving. Rick asks what kind of car she was driving, and Bennett says take him to the station and he’ll tell Rick. He needs to get back to his wife. Kelly runs out, with Tyrell behind her, and Brad makes a return appearance. Kelly asks Rick, what happened? and Rick says, Randal; he’s dead. Someone killed him. Kelly asks, who? and Rick says he doesn’t know, but he has a man in the car. Kelly sees Bennett, and says, no way. What did Randal do to him? Brad says, whatever he did, Bennett got him back. Tyrell says, this neighborhood is crazy, and Kelly says, he’s right about that.

Lushion, Steven, and Natalie are at Esperanza’s house, along with a couple of uniformed officers. Lushion tells Esperanza, the FBI is all over it, and she says they better find her. Steven says, it’s all right, but she says, it’s not all right. Where the hell is Eddie? Lushion says he doesn’t know, and she says, it’s all Eddie’s fault. Natalie tells her, calm down, but Esperanza says she’s not calming down. If she doesn’t have her daughter back unharmed, she’s going to… Natalie pulls her back, and Steven and Lushion step aside to talk. Steven asks if Lushion heard the radio, and Lushion says, a homicide. Steven says, on his street, and Lushion says, that’s Randal’s address. Steven asks if Randal is dead, and Lushion says, that’s what he’s hearing. Steven says, no way it’s connected, but Lushion doesn’t know. Esperanza asks why they’re whispering, and Steven says, it’s nothing. She asks if it has to do with Mica, and he says, no. She wants to talk to the FBI, and tells Natalie, if something happens to Mica, she’s dead.

Rick tells an officer that Bennett says he didn’t do it, but he walked in and Bennet had a fireplace poker in his hand. Book him Danno. Kelly asks if Randal is really dead, and Rick says, yeah. She says, wow, and Rick says they really wanted him dead. There was a lot of overkill. He’s got to take Bennett in, but it’s good to see her out. He suggests they go out to celebrate, and she says, a guy just died. Rick says she didn’t like him anyway, but she says, he’s still a human being. Rick asks who the buff guy is who’s standing there, and she says, Justice’s father. Rick says she didn’t tell him. He thought they had… forget it. Kelly thanks him for everything he did, and he says he’s glad she’s out. Rick leaves, and Tyrell asks Kelly, who was that? She says, a police officer, and he says he can see that. She asks if he’s jealous, and tells him, go on in the house. Tyrell says, the way Rick was looking at her, and touching her shoulder; he obviously likes her. She tells him, go in the house, and he asks, how many men she has now. She says, a man just died, and he wants to talk about this? Show some respect. He asks if Randal was a friend of hers too. He’s a little concerned. She says, no; she hated Randal. He asks why she isn’t happy. Why is she acting all broken up? She says she can’t. She’s going to babysit. The same thing he’s supposed to be doing with their son. She tells him, go in the house.

Larry’s wife cries over him at the hospital. Ian comes in, and she leans on his shoulder. Ian asks how Larry is, and she says, he’s sedated. Ian asks what the doctors are saying, and she says, they have to remove his legs, and he has severe hematoma. Ian says he’s so sorry, and she says she wants them dead. He says he’s sure that’s been taken care of, and she says, Casey will do it; he’ll wipe them all out – and his daughter. She wants them to drain the swamp, and tells Ian to create a hashtag that its going. Larry calls to her, and tells Ian, you don’t want to mess with his wife. He asks if Ian is with them, and Ian says he is. Larry says, no more messing around, and Ian says, none. He’s sorry. Larry says, don’t be. Eddie’s not going to make it through the night. Ian asks where the kid is, and Larry says, get him out. Larry’s wife says, Ian played him; he played them. Get out. Larry calls Ian a traitor; after everything Larry did for him. He tells his wife, if he doesn’t make it, burn Ian. She says he’s going to make it, and Larry says, make sure it gets all the way done. He can’t feel his legs, and he’s going to get them.

On the phone, Lushion asks what Ian’s got, but Ian says he tried to get Larry to tell him where the kid is, but now he won’t let Ian near him. Lushion is going to have to find her. Send someone down to get the phone. Lushion says he’s doing it now, and Ian says, hurry up; he’s in bad shape. Lushion tells Steven to go get Larry’s phone. Steven says Esperanza needs him, but Lushion insists. Steven tells Esperanza, it’s a small lead; that’s all he can say. He’ll be back. Lushion tells her that they’re checking all the possibilities, and Esperanza says, they’re lucky it’s not happening to them. They can keep calm and collected. Lushion says, it’s all right, and tells Steven to go.

Brad – who I hate at this moment – runs downstairs with new clothes for Marcie. Marcie says they’re not hers, but Brad says they have to clean her up. She says she did it; she killed him. She really killed him. They’re going to come for her. Brad says, as far as they’re concerned, she did nothing. They already have a suspect. She says, no. She can’t let him take the rap for something she did. Brad says, it’s done. She did nothing. She looks at him, and he says she has to wash her hands and clean under her nails. Marcie keeps repeating, she killed him, and Brad says they have to clean her up. They can’t see her like this. She did nothing. She wonders what if they come over, and he says, it will be okay. She’s going to be fine. He asks if she’s okay, and she says, no. He tells her that Randal got what he deserved, and she says he made her so mad. Brad says, the bastard deserved it, and she says, he did, but Bennett doesn’t. Brad holds her, and says, everything is okay. She says she can’t let someone go down for a crime she committed, and Brad says she doesn’t know him, like this makes it okay. She asks who it is, and he says, the neighbor from across the street. She says, he’s a nice guy; she has to tell them. Brad says, she’ll tell them nothing. Let him do this. They’re going to swap her clothes for Alex’s. Alex won’t know, and they’ll ride off into the sunset with the kids. Marcie says, he’s that angry with Alex? A lawyer brought her there; this isn’t going to work. Brad says, she’s out of it. They’ll say they went to bed, got up, and found out she did it. Marcie says, he’s a lawyer, and Brad says, then he can get Alex off. He tells her to grab her makeup, and give him the dress. Make sure she covers the bruise on her face. Brad takes off Alex’s shoes.

Steven and Rick go to Larry’s hospital room. Steven tells Larry’s wife that he’s there for Larry’s phone, but she says he doesn’t have one. Larry opens his eyes, and Rick asks where his belongings are.  The nurse said they’re in there. Larry says they can’t take his phone, but Steven says they can and will. Larry says they need a warrant, and Steven says he has it right there. Does Larry want to read it? Give him the phone. Steven tells Rick to find it, and Rick starts searching. Larry’s wife tells them, get out, and Steven asks if she wants to be hit with a thorough investigation. Rick finds Larry’s phone in the locker, and Steven asks what the passcode is. Larry says he can’t remember, and Steven grabs Larry’s hand, putting it on the phone. Steven says, got it, and Larry says he’ll sue their asses. They leave, and in the hallway, Rick suggests Steven hurry before it locks again. Steven asks if Rick doesn’t have something to do. Rick says he was just trying to help. He’s out, and hopes Steven finds what he’s looking for.

Natalie gives Esperanza some water, and Esperanza says she needs to move around. She wonders where the FBI is, and Lushion says, they’re on it. She asks why they haven’t called, and Natalie says, they will. Esperanza says she shouldn’t have hit Mica. They never tell you the person you love most in life, you’ll hate with a passion. Eddie poisoned Mica; his flesh and blood. Who does that to a child? Natalie says, Eddie, and Esperanza asks why he had to bring Mica into their problems. She tells Natalie, Eddie hit her too, today, and Natalie asks if that was the first time. Esperanza says, it was, and Natalie asks if she’s sure. Esperanza says, the only thing that matters right now is her daughter. She admits Eddie pushed her and got in her face, and Natalie says, that’s abuse. Esperanza says she knows. Why does Natalie think she left him? Their daughter is the only thing on earth she has. If Mica doesn’t come back, she swears she’ll kill him. Natalie says Mica will be back.

Eddie waits for Ian in the parking garage, and tases him for like, 30 seconds. He tells Ian, he has nothing to lose. Where is his daughter? Ian says he doesn’t know, and Eddie tases him again, asking, where is she? Ian had better think quick. Eddie tases Ian again, and Ian screams. Eddie asks where his daughter is. Larry wouldn’t tell him, so Ian had better think of answers real quick, damn him. Ian tries to get up, but Eddie gets some duct tape (he probably keeps a handy roll in his pocket), and tapes the taser to Ian’s back, so that it just keeps going. He asks if Ian likes it, and tells Ian to think about his daughter. Ian just lies there, and Eddie says he should have talked.

Unless the whole town and everyone in it blows up, there’s no way this story is ending neatly. They’ve only got twenty more minutes.

Eddie walks into Larry’s room, and Larry’s wife tells him, get out. He punches her in the face, and she drops to the floor. He asks if Larry thinks he’s done with him. He grabs Larry by the collar of his hospital gown, and says, tell him. Larry says he doesn’t know, and Eddie grabs a pillow. Larry insists he doesn’t know, and Eddie puts the pillow over Larry’s face, and pushes down. He says he can’t hear Larry. He lifts the pillow, and Larry gives him an address, saying she’s in a container or something; it’s hard to understand him. Eddie asks if she can breathe, and puts the pillow back on Larry’s face. He lifts it again, and Larry cries out. He says he doesn’t know, and Eddie resumes smothering him, and pressing harder. Eddie says, Larry can’t breathe. I’m not sure, but I think Larry is dead. Yep; he’s flatlining. Remind me not to go to this hospital. Ever. Their security is worse than at GH.

A security guard finds Ian, and asks if he’s all right. He removes the taser, and calls for a stretcher. He tells Ian, hang in with him. He sees Eddie coming, and says they need help. Eddie grabs his taser, and the guard says, someone did this to Ian. Eddie says he doesn’t give a sh*t. This wore his battery down. He kicks Ian, and walks off. The guard is like, WTF?

Rick knocks on Brad’s door, and asks for Marcie. I hate Brad and Marcie. Rick says he needs the body ID’d, and Brad asks if it has to happen right now. Rick says, sorry, and Brad says he’ll go with her, and Rick asks if he doesn’t have kids. Brad asks if Randal isn’t next door, but Rick says he’s at the morgue. Rick also has a couple of questions. Marcie asks, about what? and he says, an eyewitness saw a female leaving the house; bloody, and wearing a blue dress. He sees Alex, and asks, who’s that? Brad says, his ex-wife. He invites Rick in, and Rick asks if Brad minds if he asks Alex a few questions. This is probably because Alex is now wearing Marcie’s blue dress, with blood stains on it. Mind you, the dress looks like it has uniform splatters on it, and the rest of Alex is totally pristine. Which is actually hard to believe after the night she had. Brad says Alex is out of it, and Rick asks, for how long? Brad says, she came home drunk, and she’s been doing drugs. She blacks out, and does things she doesn’t remember. Rick rouses Alex, and she swats at him, saying, don’t touch her. Where is she? Rick asks, where was she today? and she says she doesn’t know. How did she get here? Rick tells her, come with him, and she asks, why? She says she doesn’t know what’s going on, and asks what happened to her? He says she doesn’t know? and helps her up. He steers her to the door, and she asks why they’re leaving. She calls to Brad, who doesn’t even react, and Rick tells Brad and Marcie to meet him at the station. He takes Alex out.

After they leave, Marcie freaks, but Brad says, be cool.

Esperanza paces, which has been her natural state lately. She hears over the radio, 187 on a female (187 is dead, for those who aren’t familiar with the lingo), and Lushion tells the officers to go outside. Esperanza asks if it was Mica, and Lushion says they don’t know. She says she wants to hear, but he says he’ll ask outside. She tells him to hurry, and as the officers leave, Eddie walks in, and I gasp. I’ve done that a lot during this episode. Esperanza pushes everyone back. Eddie is crying, and she says, son of a bitch. Did he see her? He nods, and cries some more, and she asks, what happened? He says, that son of a bitch; he did it. She says, that’s right. Eddie never does anything wrong. Eddie says, Larry did this, but she says, no. Eddie did this. He says he didn’t come there for this craziness, and she says, he’s crazy. And he’s going to take responsibility for what he did. She’s going to make him do it. He says it’s her fault. She made their daughter crazy. Esperanza calmly takes a gun out of a drawer in the coffee table, and shoots the sh*t out of Eddie. He slumps against the front door. I’m like, whoa. At least that’s done. Lushion tells Esperanza, put the gun down. Eddie looks at her one more time, and breathes his last. Esperanza cries.

🙋🏽‍♀️ A Note Of Farewell…

This sucks in the most humongous way. I love Tyler Perry, and I loved this show. Some of the plots may have seemed silly, but it’s soap in its truest form. The bad guys were the worst, and the good guys had blinding halos (I’m especially talking to you, Lushion), except for Brad, who’s halo got decidedly tarnished at the end. I’m not sure what happened to him, but I wasn’t thrilled with how he nearly pinned Randal’s killing on Bennett, and then pinned it on Alex. Although we won’t speak of how neither of them had a speck of blood on them.

I’ll never forget the moment I fell in love with ILYIW. Alex had just had the baby – who never even got a name, poor thing – and all the women were looking into the nursery. The baby was obviously Black, and Natalie said, so who’s going to tell Brad? In perfect soap timing, Brad had come in, and said, tell me what? For those who love soap, we’ve seen variations on that scene play out a million times. It gave the show the official soap stamp of approval.

While often called nighttime drama, I like to call a soap a soap, and Tyler evoked the vibe of the nighttime soap’s heyday, the 80s days of Dynasty and Dallas. I don’t know if it’s the type of film he uses, the way it’s written and directed, or a combination of things, but I was hooked on The Haves and the Have Nots right away, as well as If Loving You Is Wrong when it followed. I’m not even sure why I started watching them, although I probably saw an ad while watching OWN. It’s been time well spent. Only half-joking. The writing is awesome, and many scenes make me feel like I’m watching a play, they’re so tight. And I get the feeling the actors are allowed a little freedom. The casts are top-notch too.

Why this show isn’t making a return appearance, I have no idea, but my feelings tonight are conflicted. While I was thrilled to see both Randal and Eddie get what was coming to them – and by exactly the right people – too much was left unsaid. Like WTF Brad? How is Alex being arrested going to play out? Will Ian make it? Now what happens to Esperanza? It wasn’t like Eddie was being aggressive. And who will Kelly end up with? Tyrell, Rick, someone completely different, or will she take a breather and enjoy being single? What about Tanya? Did Brad and Marcie ride off into the sunset? Who the blip is Casey? Way too many unanswered questions. They should have at least given this a two-hour finale.

I’m going to miss this show… sniff

 Heard in passing. Yesterday in Below Deck Mediterranean‘s recap, I wasn’t sure if it was Captain Sandy’s father or brother who was a cop and hunter, but when I had a rerun on in the background, I heard her say it was her stepdad. Okay. I was close.

🥇 Tyler Steps Up…

The hardest working man in show business puts his money where his mouth is.


🛌 And So To Bed…

It’s been a long TV night, so stay safe, stay flexible, and stay making a difference.

June 11, 2020 – Finn Proposes Again, Tinsley Gets Her Wish, the Chefs Go To Parma, a Michelin Star, Funkey Pasta, Gone Not Forgotten, Conning Online & All Yours


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Today’s GH Flashback, from May 21st, 2019, continued with the 2019 Nurse’s Ball. After Finn’s ring went rolling out from the wings to Anna’s feet, Robert told Finn, don’t just stand there; go pick it up. Finn got the ring, then got down on one knee. He told Anna it wasn’t how he wanted to do this, and asked her to marry him. She said yes, and the crowd cheered. Cameron told Josslyn that Oscar had him record a message for her that he wanted her see tonight. He left the recording there, saying it had been Oscar’s last chance to talk to Josslyn. Since he’d recorded it, he already knew what it said, and thought Oscar would want her to hear it alone. My bad, Doc was Doc, and they were on to Ryan by this time, who had blown up a house in Canada, sending Laura and Curtis flying. (It’s all coming back now. Ava and Doc got together to try and draw Ryan out of hiding after he was discovered to be alive and well and killing again.) Doc agreed with Ava to stick to the plan. Kristina told Sam not to get too close to Shiloh, telling Sam that he was a cult leader, and more than a liar.

Josslyn watched Oscar’s recording, and he said he knew if she was watching this, he was gone. He wanted her to live life to the fullest, starting with tonight, and wanted her to sing their song for both of them. Obrecht sang Guilty, and Franco joined her on stage. Every time I hear this song, it makes me want to work out. It’s used in the background on one of my workout videos, and I’m like a trained pony. Josslyn got dressed, and went to the Ball, saying she was doing it for Oscar. Shiloh tried to smooth talk Kristina, and told her to come home, holding out his hand. In perfect timing, Sonny showed up at just that moment, and told Shiloh to stay away from his daughter. Shiloh told Kristina that she couldn’t let her father control her forever, and his door was always open. Sonny said Shiloh’s door was going to be permanently closed. He’d messed with the wrong family, and it was going to cost him everything. Alexis took Kristina away, and Kristina wondered why no one was doing anything about Sam falling under Shiloh’s spell. Without missing a beat, Shiloh moved on to Lucas, and tried to talk him into taking classes at Dawn of Day like Brad was.

Willow literally ran into Nina, spilling her drink, and Nina got pissed off. Willow said the one good thing about losing her job was that she didn’t have to take Nina’s crap anymore. Shiloh kept an eye on Willow, while Cameron practiced backstage, and thought about all the people not there tonight. Josslyn arrived, and told Jax and Carly about the message she’d gotten from Oscar. She said she didn’t know if she was there yet, but one step at a time. Cameron sang a song that may or may not have been called You’re My Star. Afterwards, Josslyn thanked him for bringing her Oscar’s message and being someone Oscar could trust. Kristina wouldn’t leave without talking to Sam, but Neil said that wouldn’t be wise. Since Kristina was still vulnerable, she couldn’t help Sam. She said she’d leave on the condition that Sonny stay and keep an eye on Shiloh, but Sonny said she didn’t even have to ask.

Lucy told Doc that two dozen roses had arrived, and he needed to sign for them. He said he’d gotten them as a tribute for Ava, but Lucy thought the only tribute Ava deserved was poison ivy. In Canada, Laura requested a helicopter, and told the Canadian cops to alert the New York state police about Ryan. Curtis called Chase, and let him know Ryan was on his way back to Port Charles. Finn and Anna celebrated with sparkling cider, and Finn told Anna the ring was a rare Monaco blue sapphire, He’d chosen it because Monaco was where Anna first blackmailed him, and changed his life. He said it wasn’t his perfect moment, but she didn’t care, and they got busy.

Nina eavesdropped on Willow’s conversation about the child she gave up for adoption. Willow said Nina had been making her life miserable since the day they met, and no wonder Charlotte was the way she is. Nina didn’t appreciate Willow’s judgement of her parenting, and said Willow couldn’t even take care of her own child. Nina left, and Willow discovered Shiloh had eavesdropped on her and Nina. Chase alerted the PCPD and the Canadian authorities about Ryan, and Laura tried to alert Doc, but he was already knocked out in the dressing room, as Ryan took a single rose from the bouquet. The episode ended with Ava singing You’re Just Too Good To Be True.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Dorinda visits a Halloween store, and tells the clerk that her Halloween theme is voodoo. The clerk helps her get into a corset. Ben and assistant Roger meet with meet with LuAnn. In her interview, LuAnn says they’re looking for comedians. Her act is a variety show, and variety shows need comedy. They’re waiting for Sonja, and LuAnn says, she probably lost her dress on the way over. Sonja comes in wearing jumpsuit, so she probably had to go to the bathroom. In her interview, Sonja says, LuAnn is so high on life, everything is funny. She wonders if she’s getting paid, and LuAnn says she was paid the last time. In Sonja’s interview, she says LuAnn paid for half of her hair and makeup, so she did her hair herself. The comics audition, and in LuAnn’s interview, she says they’re all good, but for Marry-Eff-Kill, they have to be specific about sex and relationships. Sonja says she’s glad LuAnn included her, and in her interview, she says she’s proud of what LuAnn has built, and excited to be involved, even if she’s not getting paid. Sonja and LuAnn go over their material for the show.

Tinsley calls Leah, who asks, what the hell is going on with her and Scott? Tinsley says, it was so good. In Tinsley’s interview, she says, even though everyone was saying, just get on a plane, she wanted to be cool. But when Scott said, get on a plane with Strawberry and Shortcake, she was all in. It sounds cheesy, but felt like home; like it was real. Leah says Dorinda is putting together an evening of going to a haunted house – Blood Manor – and then out to dinner. She said Tinsley can come if she wants, and Leah wants her to come. Tinsley says she wants to go. She loves stuff like that.

Tinsley and Leah arrive at Blood Manor first, where they’re accosted outside by a zombie and a clown. In Tinsley’s interview, she says she was expecting to be attacked by Dorinda at dinner, not by a zombie on the sidewalk. Elyse shows up next, followed by Dorinda. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she’s been trying to get the group to go to Blood Manor for two years. It’s an institution. It’s scary, and she doesn’t scare easy. She’s the scarer [sic]. She puts her arm around the zombie, and says she’s finally found the man of her dreams. Elyse says, the blondes always die in the horror films. If you’re blonde, and show your boobs, you’re dead. Speaking of which, when met by the zombie and clown, Ramona freaks out, and drops her shopping bag. In her interview, she says, if that’s what it’s like outside, what is it like inside? LuAnn joins them, dressed as a cougar. In her interview, Leah says she’s aspiring to be a cougar. Sonja gets there last. No surprise. In her interview, she says this isn’t for her. She’s already high anxiety, and they’ve had nothing to drink. They go inside, and Leah doesn’t think the clown is an actor. She thinks that’s really how he is.

They inch down a darkened hallway, and the clown opens a door. It’s a typical, albeit well done, haunted house – horror film type sets, lightening flashing, loud noises, and various horror characters jumping out at them. In Tinsley’s interview, she thinks the cackling twins are Sonja and Ramona. We flash back to the two of them at the banya massage, and Tinsley might be right. In Dorinda’s interview, she says, they drop from the ceiling, and come through the walls. They’re everywhere. Outside, Ramona says she’s exhausted and almost peed her pants. They head to dinner. In Sonja’s interview, she says she could use some tequila. Something she’s familiar with; not a haunted house.

The women sit down to dinner, and Ramona says Tinsley posted on Instagram about Scott. In Sonja’s interview, she says Tinsley posted to the world, then they find out. Leah suggests they toast to Tinsley and Scott, and Tinsley says they’re back together; wooo! Leah said Tinsley told her that she and Scott were getting married. We see a clip of Tinsley and Leah in the limo, and Tinsley saying, there’s no ring yet, but she just knows it. For whatever reason, Dorinda decides they should all ignore Tinsley, and in Tinsley’s interview, she says she expected Dorinda not to ask questions, but she’s disappointed that Sonja, Ramona, and LuAnn fell under Dorinda’s spell. Elyse thinks they’ve been hard on Tinsley, and it’s unwarranted. LuAnn asks Dorinda if the conversation is registering, but Dorinda says Tinsley is running game. She’s making asses of them. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she’s not judgmental (I choke on my coffee), but don’t pull the wool over their eyes. She tells LuAnn, don’t bring life to it. In Ramona’s interview, she says Dorinda is telling her not to listen to Tinsley, and she’s in a good place with Dorinda, so she’s sticking with her. What a tool. LuAnn asks where the ring is, and Dorinda says Tinsley will love Chicago. Since she’s living in a hotel, she can pack up and go tomorrow. Tinsley says she’s happy for herself and her dogs, and Dorinda says she’s got a turkey baster. Maybe Tinsley can have a baby. Honest to God, I don’t know how this woman hasn’t been punched in the face by now. Tinsley says Dorinda is mean, and in LuAnn’s interview, she justifies Dorinda’s remarks by saying it’s been overkill about Tinsley and Scott. Wait a second. Tinsley is the one who didn’t want to talk about it, and Dorinda kept hammering at her. W… T… F…?  Elyse says she believes this is it for Tinsley, and she’s going to live happily ever after. In Leah’s interview, she says, the behavior is de classé. They should give Tinsley this one moment, but they can’t. I can tell Tinsley has had it.

Sonja goes with intern Lulu to meet with Michael and Heather from Century 21. In Sonja’s interview, she says, it’s only been phone calls up until now, but the last show blew them away. Now they want to sell her collection. She sent the pieces ahead, and Heather tells her, the quality is incredible. I’ve looked at her site, and the clothes are not only beautiful, they’re reasonably priced. In her interview, Sonja says she wants to pinch herself. Century 21 is known for luxury for less, and designers at a discount, which is what she’s all about. She says she’s so excited, and Michael says their flagship store downtown is going to make a space front and center for her collection. They also want to sell it at their Herald Square store. (For those unfamiliar with NYC, that’s where the big Macy’s is you see on the Thanksgiving parade.) In Sonja’s interview, she says she’s trying to be serious, but inside, she’s dying. This struck a chord with her, and has made her feel confident. Michael says, in the long term, they want to roll her collection out all their stores. It’s a huge opportunity for both of them. In her interview, Sonja says she needs to stay calm. Michael says they’re moving fast, and their buying team has been in touch with her people. They’ll be placing an order in the next couple of weeks. Sonja says she’s ready to start the next chapter.

Dorinda, Sonja, and Ramona share a limo. Ramona tells them that they’re looking at a warehouse, and meeting event planner Larry Scott. In her interview, Ramona says she’s having a birthday party to celebrate herself, and inviting all her girlfriends. Dorinda and Sonja realize they’re going to Long Island, when they thought they were staying in Manhattan. They go to the warehouse of Lawrence Scott Events, and in Ramona’s interview, she says he’s the premier party planner in NYC, Long Island, and the Hamptons. She tells Larry, last year, a friend made the invite list and excluded some of her girlfriends. We flash back to Ramona telling the list maker not to include Sonja. She tells him that she has 60 girlfriends to invite, and he’s shocked she has that many at her age. I’m surprised when she doesn’t react. In Sonja’s interview, she says, if Ramona mentions that she has 60 girlfriends one more time, she’s going to vomit. Larry asks what Ramona’s vision is, and she says, sophisticated jungle, or tropical. It’s her coming out party; she’s single. I guess three people in the world don’t already know that. Sonja says it’s her birthday, as well as Dorinda’s, and suggests they have a joint party, but Ramona immediately shoots that down. In Dorinda’s interview, she wonders why not a joint party? Sonja is Ramona’s real friend, and Sonja needs this. It’s an opportunity to be kind. (I choke on my coffee a second time, since that’s rich coming from Dorinda.) Ramona says she loves them, but it’s her party. In Sonja’s interview, she says, for the last couple of years, Ramona has  wanted the whole spotlight to herself. How hard is it to share a party? Ramona says she’s giving back to the girlfriends she’s known for thirty years, and it’s costing a lot of money, but Larry is giving her a good price. In her interview, Dorinda says, Ramona likes to do let’s make a deal. Dorinda doesn’t do that. She just gives them a credit card. Dorinda says, it’s Ramona’s coming out party? The next thing she’ll be having is an I-got-my-first-period party. In Ramona’s interview, she says she’s chalking it up to jealousy, because they don’t have as many girlfriends as she does. Yeah. That must be it. They sit and go over ideas while stuffing their faces with cookies, and Dorinda suggests a woman covered in sushi. Both Ramona and Larry are like, eww! Ramona says there’s no formal theme, and she wants everyone to sit where they want, and mingle. Larry says people can sometimes get cliquey, and they want to make sure the attention is on Ramona. Like this would ever be a problem. He draws a diagram, and shows her where she’ll hold court. Ramona will be the chandelier. In Dorinda’s interview, she says, it’s always the Ramona show. Dorinda barely celebrates Jesus that much. She feels like she’s been kidnapped. How did this happen? They’re in a warehouse in Long Island, being ignored, and overdosing on sugar. Larry asks them to pose for a social media picture, and in her interview, Dorinda says, and now, they have to do a promo piece for Larry’s business. This has taken up a full day, and now they have to do a promo piece. Save the bullsh*t for your Hamptons friends. You’ve got the wrong audience here.

Rob brings Kier to Leah’s apartment. Leah says she’s testing recipes, and Kier makes a face. In Leah’s interview, she says, being the mom of a teen means you’re reminded every day of how you’re not cool. That’s basically what it’s like. She makes a green juice, and tries it. She says, it’s really healthy, and Rob takes a sip. He says it’s the first time he’s ever had one, and it’s not bad. In her interview, Leah says, it’s hard for a lot of people to understand their relationship. They’re like an amazing married couple, but they don’t live at the same address, and they don’t have sex. Leah asks Rob to throw out a giant plant that’s on its last legs, and Kier says she’s a waster. In Leah’s interview, she says Rob is good to have around to co-parent, but also do the man thing she doesn’t want to do. Except that one man thing. She has batteries for that. He leaves with the plant.

Ramona meets Tinsley for drinks, and says she wants Tinsley to be happy. In Ramona’s interview, she says she felt badly ignoring Tinsley at the restaurant. She suggested they meet for drinks at T Bar, and toast to her being back with Scott. Tinsley says, a lot happened really fast. She’s loved Scott for a long time, and they’ve been on this road before. LuAnn joins them, and in her interview, Tinsley says, it means a lot that Ramona and LuAnn reached out to her after their mean girls episode. If they want to talk about her happiness, she’s more than willing. Ramona’s friend Ron shows up, and in Tinsley’s interview, she says, typical Ramona, but at least she cares this much. Ramona says she’s happy for Tinsley, but it happened fast. Now she’s leaving New York. LuAnn asks if Tinsley is coming to her Halloween party, but Tinsley thinks she’ll be in Chicago; she’s moving tomorrow. In her interview, LuAnn says, it feels like it’s moving fast. She’s happy for Tinsley, but wishes she’d stay for a few days. The Halloween party she’s planning is over the top, and they could include celebrating Tinsley and Scott. Ha-ha-ha! Like that would happen. Nice of LuAnn to make it about her. Tinsley says Scott is building her a closet, and also a glam room, and Ramona says, that’s commitment. They clink glasses, and in Ramona’s interview, she says, when a man builds you a closet, that says a lot. She knows a woman who’s been dating a guy for seven years, and she still doesn’t have closet space in his house. This is real now. She hugs Tinsley, and LuAnn says she couldn’t be happier. They all want the best for Tinsley, and will miss her. They have a three-way hug, and LuAnn says they’ll want to see the ring. They toast, and Ramona says, to Tinsley’s happiness. May all your wishes and rainbows come true.

Tinsley packs, and Dale helps. She tells Dale that some things are going to Palm Beach, some to Newport storage, and some are going to Chicago. Dale looks at Tinsley’s baby cup, and starts to cry. She says Tinsley has always been on the east coast, and Tinsley says, it’s happy. She loves Chicago, and she loves Scott. Dale says, everything is changing. In Tinsley’s interview, she says, so much happened so fast. We flash back to her meeting Scott (and immediately making out with him), Scott bringing her a giant heart of flowers, break-ups, and make-ups. Tinsley says she knows if she doesn’t take this moment, she’ll regret it for the rest of her life. She’s going to listen to herself and what she wants, and nobody else. Leah come by, and says, oh my God, when she sees the dogs in tiny ruffled dresses. She opens some champagne. In Leah’s interview, she says, as sad as she is, she’s happy for Tinsley. She thought Tinsley was crazy for wanting to be the fairytale, and not the legend, but now she wishes she had ten percent of Tinsley’s optimism and belief in love. Sonja arrives, and Dale says, her favorite girl in the world. She hugs Sonja, who almost knocks over a lamp. In her interview, Sonja says she’s had her doubts in the past, but Tinsley is happy, and she only wants the best for her. Get ready, Chi-town. The Tins is on her way. Dale says Sonja took in her girl. She didn’t want Tinsley being by herself when she moved back to NYC, and Sonja said come and stay. We flash back to Tinsley living with Sonja, and Dale says she’s thankful. Sonja is generous and kind, and Dale loves her. Sonja says she loves Dale too. She only wanted Tinsley to be safe, get her own dog, and develop her brand again. Now she’s doing her charities and been in fashion shows, and a man has been thrown in the mix. In Tinsley’s interview, she says she’s glad for the pat on the back. Sonja says she loves that Tinsley’s fairytale is coming true. Leah toasts to Tinsley. In her interview, Tinsley says she’s changed so much since moving back to New York. She thought moving there would trigger her back to the old Tinsley from when she lived there before. It took time, but she feels like herself again, and she’s confident. We flash back to Tinsley performing in the Big Apple Circus, Tinsley dancing on a table, and the fashion show. She says she doesn’t think it would have happened without all the bumps in the way. Thank you, mug shot; thank you, Sonja’s townhouse; thank you, everyone she’s met along the way. It’s been a great ride, and she’s happy where she is. We read that Tinsley got her dream ring when Scott romantically proposed in front of Christmas carolers – with Dale’s approval. She’s in the process of planning her closet.

Coming up this season, Ramona terrorizes Sonja with a lobster, a tropical vacation, Ramona plunges a toilet, LuAnn gets back on a camel, LuAnn and Dorinda have it out, Ramona tells Dorinda to look in the mirror, Sonja tells Ramona STFU, Sonja tells Leah that she cheapens the group of friends, and Ramona tells the cameraman, we’re done.

🍽 We’re down to four on Top Chef, and tonight, Padma said they had one last journey. They were going to Parma, home of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and Prosciutto di Parma ham. Tom – who should be on Jeopardy, he’s so full of facts – said that the town is protected by the Italian government, who make sure those products are legit and only come from Parma. Their tour guide was going to be Lorenzo Cogo, the youngest Michelin star chef in Italy. The challenge was to create two dishes – a primi and secondi course – featuring the two ingredients, and they would be serving them to sixteen of the most esteemed chefs in Italy.

The chefs went to the home of a billion cheese wheels, where we learned that with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, age is the most important factor, and only salt is added by immersion. The cheese is tapped with a hammer to see if it’s good. In her interview, Melissa said she grew up with that nasty grated parmesan cheese. Yep. You know the one. It tastes like childhood. Moving on to where prosciutto is born, we learned to never cook it. Lorenzo seemed like a super cool guy, and the grocery store was phenomenal, with an abundance of fresh produce. Stephanie said Parma was very meat forward, but she wanted her dish to be vegetable forward, so the judges would have nothing else to compare it to. Their last stop was a cured ham place that was like something out of Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Afterwards, the chefs reminisced about the season. In Melissa’s interview, she talked about mending her relationship with her father, and said she thought it affected her cooking; her confidence is better. He’d finally said he was proud of her. They stayed overnight at a farm, where Stephanie said she never felt more happy, and when you’re happy, your food tastes better. She was ready to crush it.

Raft: a combination of ingredients that are added to clarify broth by trapping the impurities and then rising to the surface in a floating mass (from RecipeTips.com). I looked this up because Melissa said she broke her raft, and would have to go through the process again. At first, I thought she was talking about a piece of kitchen equipment, but then when I read that, it made sense. She said it was a total rookie move, and she didn’t have time for that.

Padma told introduced guest judge, author and chef Evan Funke. Apparently, he has a huge hand in how pasta is made in the US. Evan thought the challenge was incredibly difficult, because both ingredients have strong flavors and are salty. Tom said he thought the chefs all did well, and Padma told them that Melissa and Stephanie stood out. Stephanie seemed totally shocked, and said earning her place there was humbling and a proud moment. Evan said they were all extraordinary chefs, but the shining star was Melissa. Padma pointed out it was Melissa’s third win in a row. In her interview, Melissa said she couldn’t explain what it felt like, but she had one more big challenge to conquer. Kevin and Bryan looked pretty sad.

Evan said Bryan’s pasta was cooked the best, but he screwed up with the cheese (my words – Evan was much more eloquent). Padma said there was no heart soul in the dish, which seemed to offend Bryan, who said he tried to push the envelope and try something new. Gail said Kevin was too heavy-handed with the cheese, it was agreed the pork in his pork and apple dish was too tough. (During the tasting, one chef had said the pork didn’t welcome you.) Kevin said it was the most soulful of all the food he’d made, and that’s all he cared about at this point in his life. Gail said both of them didn’t execute the challenge when it came to the ingredients.

Tom said he had a lot of empathy for them. Coming back showed what they were made of – as chefs, but more important, as people. Kevin had to pack his knives, which sounded like it was painful for Padma to say. In his interview, said he’d learned to be a fighter, and fight for what he wanted in life. He told Bryan to have a good time, and everyone applauded as he bid farewell. In his exit interview, he said he’d had a lot of hard times, but fought back and won. He wanted people who were struggling to have hope that there were great things on the other side. Bravo, Kevin!

Next time – the finale – the chefs are challenged to make the best four-course meal of their lives, get help from former contestants, and the judges take a turn at cooking.

👨🏽‍🍳 The Young One…

Read more about Chef Lorenzo. He’s quite impressive.


🍜 Bring In Da Funke…

Learn what rules Evan goes by.


💃🏽 Beyond the Franchise…

What happens when a Housewife is put out to pasture.


🧙🏽 An Unconventional Convention…

At least you don’t have to stand in line for autographs.


🚶🏽‍♀️ Limping Along…

It’s been another one of them there long weeks. My dog Trinket (somewhat misnamed, since she’s kind of tank shaped) came through surgery fine, but is still out of it. I’ll have what she’s having. I don’t think she’s thrilled with the fashionable leopard neck pillow she now has to wear either. I got 99 problems, and at least that one is crossed off the list. Go forth and stay safe, stay moving forward, and stay curiouser and curiouser.

June 4, 2020 – Memorial Preempt, GH Gets Involved, Jake’s History, Newport Cougars, Chefs In Tuscany, BH Special, Heather’s Wise Words, Secret Wives, a Dad’s Review & Roar


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Today’s GH flashback would have been from May 25th, 2017, a continuation of the 2017 Nurse’s Ball. However, GH was preempted for the George Floyd’s Memorial Service, which even I have to admit, is important for everyone to see. You can easily find it on YouTube, but here are some highlights:


🙌🏽 Soap Rep…

How some GH cast members got involved.


🚴🏾‍♂️ Catching You Up…

If you missed it, or like me, just plain forgot, find out how Jake got involved with Helena in the first place.


The Real Housewives of New York City

Leah asks if anyone is freaking out over her behavior, and LuAnn says they didn’t like the Tasmanian Devil. In LuAnn’s interview, she says, they’re not perfect. They all do crazy things, but this is a new crazy. They need to get used to it. Elyse says she wasn’t freaking out, but to be honest, she’s never seen someone so off the rails. Leah says she needed to get it out. She’s been with her kid, holding it together. Tinsley hugs Leah, who adds, it was totally cathartic. In Leah’s interview, she says she’s not in the best place mentally. She had a huge falling out with the guy she was dating. She drank to forget, and drank too much. Elyse says she’s never been with a woman, but if she did, it would be Leah. We flash back to Elyse saying she wanted to sleep with Ramona, after Ramona bragged about a three-condom night. Elyse says after seeing Leah so crazy, she wants that experience in bed. Sarah arrives, and Leah introduces her around. In Ramona’s interview, she says she’s glad Leah’s sister is there to keep her company. They’ll see how it goes. Sarah says it’s her first 24-hours away from the baby. Sarah misses her, but she doesn’t have to wake up suddenly, and do something for someone. Dorinda says she and Leah look like each other (they do), and asks where Sarah lives. Sarah says, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and Dorinda tells her about seeing a special about Williamsburg, and how they have the best macaroons. She was ready to pack her bags and go there.

They go back to where they’re staying, and Tinsley, Leah, and Sarah take a selfie on the terrace. The women get ready for dinner. Sonja tells Ramona that she’s not doing her hair and makeup; she’s just changing her clothes and underwear. Dorinda goes to LuAnn’s room, and says she started without them. In LuAnn’s interview, she says she loves Dorinda, but when she says she’s been drinking all day, and they’re going out to dinner, it’s all kinds of red flags. Dorinda says she talked to John, and LuAnn asks if she’s okay. Dorinda tears up, and LuAnn says, talk to her. Dorinda says she just wants to be left alone for a little while, and LuAnn says just tell John that she needs time. He’ll  understand. She feels like Dorinda is feeling bad for John, and that’s not the way to make a decision. Dorinda says she doesn’t want to be a downer, but she’s sad. LuAnn says, of course; they were together a long time. In Dorinda’s interview, she says when she’s not talking to John, she can get through it, but when she talks to him, she realizes they’ve broken up, and he’s not part of her life anymore. She’s sad and emotional. She’s alone again. LuAnn says, let him go, and see what happens. Dorinda says, let the birdcage free, which doesn’t seem quite right, but okay. LuAnn tells her not to worry. She always lands on her feet. In LuAnn’s interview, she says she’s been there, and it’s not easy. Dorinda and John have been together a long time. If you don’t deal with your emotions, it creates negative energy. Dorinda thinks she’s not in a good place, and they drink some wine. LuAnn says now they have to go out with these crazy chicks.

The women meet at restaurant. I wonder what the hell Sonja is wearing; sparkly silver leggings with sneakers or some kind of flats. It’s not a good look. For anyone. Ramona, Sonja, and LuAnn immediately gravitate to the bar, even though their table is ready. In Tinsley’s interview, when the table isn’t ready, you go to the bar, but if it’s ready, you sit at the table. Ramona flirts with some guys, while Elyse sits alone, waiting. In her interview, Tinsley says Ramona is always getting up to talk to men to show she can get attention. She acts like she’s a goddess, but she’s not. She blows off one on one personal time with friends just to prove she’s still got it. It’s not right. In Elyse’s interview, she says, hi, I’m Ramona. Can I feel your muscles? Ramona finds out that the guy she’s been chatting up is engaged, and in Tinsley’s interview, she says, he’s spoken for. Can we now get to the table? She sits, and says, she’s embarrassed. Ramona, Sonja, and LuAnn are still at the bar, when waiter Sean comes by, and Dorinda tells him to come back. In Ramona’s interview, she says, Leah is out of sight, out of mind. The seat at the bar is better than the seat at the table. Tinsley says, they’re cougaring out, and it’s rude. Leah suggests she tell them that their behavior is embarrassing. In her interview, she says she loves Tinsley, but doesn’t think her delivery and communication skills with these women is productive. They need to be communicated with in a special way. She says this like she’s been a real winner in that department. Tinsley goes to the bar, and tells Sonja there’s a nice spot at the table, but Sonja ignores her and talks to another guy. Tinsley tries to get the women to sit, and engaged guy looks annoyed, although I’m not sure who he’s annoyed with, Tinsley, the others, or both. In Sonja’s interview, she says she can’t believe Tinsley is trying to drag them back to the table. She thinks checking the hot guys out is a great alternative. I might think so too, if there were any hot guys there. Tinsley tells the engaged guy to quit talking to them, then decides she’d rather have dinner without them. Sonja and LuAnn eat something Lady and the Tramp spaghetti style. Bleh. Tinsley tells Ramona that she’s rude; Ramona isn’t even looking at her. She asks them to please come to the table. LuAnn goes to the table, and tells Dorinda that Ramona isn’t a good wingwoman. Tinsley sits down, and says they’re rude; they look like cougars. Dorinda babbles to Elyse, and in Leah’s interview, she says she’s thinking the guy will take one look at her and her sister and forget the others. She and Sarah go to the bar, and she tells the guy that they’re trying to get their friends over to the table. He says they’re talking, and Sarah says she doesn’t think his fiancé would like it. Not-so-hot guy says the situation is their effing problem, and walks away. In her interview, Leah says, this is the prize. That tells her everything she needs to know, but mission accomplished. He’s gone. In Ramona’s interview, she says the last thing Tinsley should do is take her away from the man she’s talking to. Man, is this woman some kind of insecure.

Dorinda babbles about having a Black Card to Elyse. In Elyse’s interview, she says Dorinda is over-the-top drunk. Tinsley is escalating, and the ones at the bar are a geriatric version of Girls Gone Wild. Ramona and Sonja join them, and LuAnn suggests bringing it down a notch. Tinsley tells Ramona that if she’d set up the dinner, she’d want them to be respectful. Dorinda wonders what’s going on, and LuAnn says they need to find kindness. Sonja starts yelling, and in Leah’s interview, she says she’s flabbergasted. She knows she was acting like a maniac yesterday, but at least she’s a fun maniac. LuAnn thinks it’s nasty, and Ramona says talk to Leah’s sister, who’s guilty by association. Dorinda gets up, and Leah says Ramona should take a note from her sister, and learn how to behave. Dorinda says she’s going home, and in her interview, she says she should have stayed home. She had Ghost Hunters geared up, and room service, and was going to sleep at 6:30. Sonja burps, Ramona acts like she’s being choked by the decorative flint corn on the table, and Sonja trumps that with using some squash from the same centerpiece to block her ears. LuAnn asks if anybody would like a shrimp, and Leah says she can’t. Ramona and Sonja trash Leah’s sister; Ramona calling her a demon, and Sonja saying she’s a weirdo. LuAnn says she’s made an executive decision; they’re going back to the hotel. In Leah’s interview, she says, go ahead and f*** with her, but not with her family. She sits across from Ramona, throws a ravioli at Ramona’s face, and leaves. In Elyse’s interview, she says Ramona didn’t even flinch. She tells Ramona that it’s all over her face. Outside, Leah tells Tinsley what she did, and Tinsley says, sometimes you just have to throw a ravioli. Truth! Ramona says she doesn’t need people like this in her life. They’re not invited to her birthday party. In Ramona’s interview, she says she’s disappointed in Leah. Disappointment is worse than anger because… it just is. LuAnn comes back in, and says this was upsetting. Tinsley, Sarah, and Leah head back, and Leah says she’s done. She’s over it. LuAnn sets the stalk end of the corn on fire, for the energy. In her interview, Leah says she feels bad, but not bad enough to change who she is. She kisses Tinsley, and they both fall on the ground.

What’s sad is, I’m wondering if I’ll end up hating this show as much as Beverly Hills just because of Ramona. NYC was always my jam, but she’s become an embarrassing snake, who will toss aside her friends for any man or friends higher on the social ladder. She’s always been an embarrassment of some sort, and occasionally the voice of reason, but she’s so worried about dying alone, she’s become the worst kind of friend ever. Some of the others, like Leah, exhibit bad behavior, but Ramona is beyond self-centered.

Dorinda goes to LuAnn’s room, and LuAnn asks if she had breakfast. Dorinda says she had a hamburger from room service; she likes lunch for breakfast. Sarah tells Leah that she’s annoyed. She came so far to have a relaxing 24-hours, but it’s not relaxing; it’s upsetting. Leah says the women treating Sarah like that because of her. It’s not okay, and she feels bad that she invited Sarah and this sh*t happened. In Leah’s interview, she says she doesn’t feel happy. She’s not proud losing her temper to the point where she threw food. She’s also feeling bad that her sister had a sh*tty time. She’s not sure how to move forward with this group, and doesn’t even know if that can happen.

Dorinda tells LuAnn that she likes Leah. She thinks Leah is young and lost. LuAnn says, it’s sad, but it’s one thing to upset someone, and another to be all out aggressive. She threw ravioli at Ramona. (It’s not about the pasta.) Dorinda wishes she’d stayed for that one. LuAnn says, when you push that far, it’s hard to go back. In Ramona’s interview, she says it’s not that Leah can’t be who she is, but if that’s who she is, it’s unacceptable. She needs to act nutty around her other girlfriends. Elyse says, not that it’s justified, but she’s known Ramona a long time, and when they’re in a group, even she finds it hard to break in sometimes. Leah takes things to heart, like what Sonja said about people with tattoos being dirty and diseased. Sonja says Leah is a loose cannon (which is rich, coming from the biggest cannon there). She was arrested, and thrown out of school. Sonja adds that she’s trying to be sensitive.

Sarah tells Leah, all of these women have had a night where they threw ravioli in someone’s face. They’re passive, and it’s hard to get an apology from someone who’s passive/aggressive. They’ll just say they didn’t mean it. Leah says her problem isn’t being passive/aggressive; she’s just in your face. It makes her crazy when she’s told to act in a different way. Sarah says Leah doesn’t understand the game of dealing with people. LuAnn asks Dorinda how they’re going to fix this. Dorinda says they can’t, and LuAnn says, no, the girls have to fix it, but how can they help facilitate it? They can’t let this continue; it’s a nightmare. She thinks, if it can swing that far to the right, it can swing back that far to the left. Elyse asks Ramona and Sonja how can they move forward from this. She promises if they give Leah a chance… Sonja says they don’t know when she’s going to go off; she’s like a timebomb. Ramona says there’s a certain demeanor and caliber; a way of acting with the group. Would that be selfishly? Egotistically? She’s not being specific. In Ramona’s interview, she says, it puts a damper in their dynamic. If Leah can’t act properly, no way Jose. Sarah tells Leah, it’s a pit in the ocean. Dorinda tells LuAnn, they’ll hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.

Back in the city, LuAnn meets with cabaret producer Ben for lunch. He thinks it would be a good idea for her to open with Life is a Cabaret, by which I assume he means Cabaret. He tells her that she put cabaret on the map, and made it popular. I nearly choke on my coffee. Ben is a real ass kisser, and the Countess is just lapping it up. In her interview, LuAnn says, it’s an all new Lu. She wants to do an expansion on Marry-Eff-Kill. Who doesn’t love sex, and who doesn’t want to see her being naughty? Ben says she should include the audience, build on the theme, but include traditional songs. Barbara Streisand always has to sing People. I have no words. LuAnn says they need to include Sonja. In LuAnn’s interview, she says, Sonja loves to be on stage, and was in her original shows. We flash back to when Sonja had a wardrobe malfunction, and her dress pretty much came off of her. LuAnn says Sonja needs to get on stage with her – now. She suggests Sonja sing Jovani with her. Ben wonders if they could get a breakaway outfit for Sonja, and LuAnn says, Sonja loves to lose her skirt. They could reveal one fabulous dress after another.

Leah’s meets her parents, Bryan and Bunny, for lunch. These two could pass for Billy Crystal and Carol Kane in The Princess Bride, albeit better looking. I kid you not. In Leah’s interview, she says things are not resolved with her mother since she’s been trying moderate drinking. Wow. If that’s moderate, I’d hate to see her on a real bender. She wants to get to the point where her mom accepts things, and wants Leah to be happy with the decisions she makes, but she’ll never get that. Bryan orders an old fashioned, and tells Leah that he needs to stay away from anything acidic. The lining between his esophagus and stomach is wearing out. In her interview, Leah says she has the qualities of both of her parents, but she’s more her father’s daughter. Leah asks if Sarah said anything about Newport, and Bully says Leah spills her guts, but Sarah is quieter. Leah says she thought she could blow off some steam with the women. She didn’t do anything different from them – they’re not the ladies who lunch; they’re wild – but then they turned it around, saying they were scared of her. Bunny asks if she got nasty, and Leah says not until the next day, when she was pushed. Bunny thinks alcohol is a slippery slope. In her interview, Leah says she can agree, but she thinks when her mom hears about her drinking, it’s a trigger. It’s like she has PTSD from Leah’s early years. Leah tells Bunny, she likes an escape once in a while, but Bunny says if she has the addiction genes, it’s a slippery slope. Bryan makes a joke about genes/jeans, and Bunny says Leah shouldn’t trade her health and sobriety for stupid reasons.

In the swank space on the rooftop of Dorinda’s building, she wonders where her co-host LuAnn is. We see a clip of LuAnn asking what they’re going to do about the situation. Dorinda suggests a tea party where they can relax and relate, and says the rooftop of her building is perfect. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she came out of the Newport weekend feeling exhausted. They’re gathering, but not connecting. They can have tea, but no alcohol will be involved, which is always a good thing with this group. Dorinda tells Leah to think before she speaks, and Leah says she’ll feel it out. In Leah’s interview, she says she knows if she doesn’t take the high road, there will be no reconciliation, and she was wrong to throw ravioli at Ramona. Everyone is dressed up, with hats or fascinators. In Dorinda’s interview, she says, she doesn’t know what co-host means to LuAnn. Dorinda seats everyone, and in Ramona’s interview, she says, it’s ironic that Dorinda and LuAnn are throwing a tea party with crumpets and scones. Maybe they’re trying to teach Leah a few things. Maybe someone should teach Ramona the meaning of the word ironic. Sonja and Tinsley are (no surprise) late, and LuAnn asks if they should start without them. Ramona says, if you have three or more, it’s allowed. I immediately make a mental note of this, just in case I need to know. Leah says she owes Ramona an apology. She didn’t want it to get to that point. Ramona says Leah disrupted the weekend, but she’s sorry, so it’s okay. She walked away from the weekend emotionally upset, but if Leah is willing, they can put it behind them and reset. Leah says she’s not apologizing for who she is, but for what she did. Ramona says if that’s Leah’s normal behavior, it scares her. Leah asks if Ramona has ever seen her act like that before, and LuAnn says, at Ramona’s house in the Hamptons. Leah says she won’t turn up any more. Ramona says she was exhausted, and Dorinda tells her, don’t get carried away. They’ve all had moments. We flash back to Dorinda in loud drunk mode, Sonja falling on the floor after saying she’d knock Bethenny out, LuAnn in custody, and Ramona throwing a glass at Kristen’s face. I met Kristen once. She was a very nice person, which explains why she’s no longer on the show. Ramona and Leah hug, and Leah says she feels bad, and Ramona says she’s a good girl. They’ve had some great moments, and they can have more. In Ramona’s interview, she says the apology isn’t what she wanted, but has a soft spot for Leah. She doesn’t know why. They both get weepy, and Leah says she’s a cry baby. Dorinda says Ramona is a big softie. In her interview, Leah says she doesn’t know why she’s so emotional. She’s projecting her mommy issues onto this relationship. It’s really weird. Ramona says they’ll get through this; it will be okay. Sonja comes in, with Tinsley not far behind. Dorinda wishes they had clotted cream, and Ramona says they don’t need potted cream. Leah says Tinsley literally looks like Barbie. In Tinsley’s interview, she says, going to a tea party, dressed up, in puffy sleeves. It’s the most exciting thing ever. She loves it. Dorinda has everyone change seats, and Ramona hugs Leah again. She says Leah touches a special place in her. I sit on any and all jokes. Dorinda says she wants to talk to Tinsley privately.

Dorinda tells Tinsley that she doesn’t want to be aggressive in her approach. She knows for a fact that Tinsley was in Niagara Falls with Scott, and Tinsley needs to tell them that she’s seeing him. I just don’t get why this is such a huge issue for Dorinda, especially since no one else seems to care. Tinsley says she’s not seeing him. She ran into him in Toronto, and they flew to Niagara Falls. It was a two day thing. Dorinda says she doesn’t care; it’s deceptive. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she knows someone who knows someone who sent her a picture, and said Tinsley and Scott were spending the weekend together. Why is Tinsley lying about it? Tinsley asks if Dorinda wants every detail of her life, and Dorinda says she’s not after details, but Tinsley claims they’re not together. Tinsley says, they’re not, but she’s hopeful it will turn into something. Dorinda says Tinsley needs to tell them. She tells Tinsley, she’ll leave it to her, and goes back to the table. In Tinsley’s interview, she says she’s a person, and has a life. She doesn’t share every detail; neither does Dorinda. Don’t put her on blast for not being open. She’s very open and honest. She doesn’t think she needs to say it.

Tinsley goes back to the table, and says she didn’t think she needed to tell anybody if she happened to see her ex on the weekend. Ramona asks if she’s back with Scott. It’s a huge move, and Tinsley needs to share it. Elyse says she understands why Tinsley didn’t want to say anything. She doesn’t need their comments. In Ramona’s interview, she says, she understands it’s Tinsley’s private business. She saw Scott for the first time in a long time, and she didn’t want to share it. She doesn’t want to hear their opinions, especially Dorinda. Dorinda acts like she’s a detective, finding out things about Tinsley. Is she really so concerned about what Tinsley does? LuAnn asks if they can know how it went, and Tinsley says, it went well. Dorinda asks why she’s crying then, and Tinsley says she thinks it won’t end up well. Like always. In her interview, Tinsley says she and Scott always break up, but you need to do what you need to do to get what you want. And she wants to be with Scott. She tells the women that she loves him. She tried being away from him, but she can’t. Leah says, just be with him, and Sonja – who wakes up for a second – agrees. LuAnn says Tinsley needs to call the shots, and Leah says, tell him, put a ring on it, impregnate me right TF now, or it’s a wrap. Ramona says Dorinda and LuAnn know how to throw a tea party.

Next time, Ramona whines about her birthday, Dale tells Tinsley that everything is changing, a Haunted House, Dorinda finds the man of her dreams, and Leah makes a toast.

🍜 Top Chef began with Tom talking about Italy, and how Covid-19 had affected things since they’d been there. He sent his good wishes, and hoped things would be back to normal soon, and they could return.

The Quickfire challenge had the chefs making an aperitivo for 30 locals from the town of Lucca; something that paired with Peroni beer. The station they picked would determine the region their ingredients came from, and the winner would receive $10K courtesy of Peroni.

The chefs flew business class to Italy, and it looked beyond fabulous. I would love to be able to fly first class before I die. It just looks like the epitome of luxury. Business class would be okay too. In his interview, Kevin said learned to fight every day like it’s his last, and he was ready. Bryan said he’d studied the Russian language, which was not going to help him here. Padma introduced guest chef Filippo Saporito, who tasted the dishes along with the locals. He told Padma that Melissa’s mussel offering opened your heart and your stomach, which I assume is fairly high praise. Melissa was close, but Kevin won with his polenta.

For the elimination challenge, the chefs would be hunting white truffles for use in a dish for a Tuscan food festival. In Stephanie’s interview, she said it was a chef’s dream to go truffle hunting in Tuscany. They would be guided by employees of the Savini family, who are apparently top-of-the-line procurers of truffles. The only requirement of the dish was that it showcase the truffle. The chefs would have three hours to prep and cook, and be serving 100 diners, including million Michelin star chef Cristiano Tomei. The chefs got together with two guys and two dogs, and the hunt was on. They were surprised to find tons of truffles, and it reminded me of the day it seemed like a truckload of beach glass was dumped on our nearby beach. One of food’s most precious treasures, the white truffle goes for nearly $3K per pound, so I won’t be cooking with that any time soon. The chefs had 45 minutes and 400 euros to shop in Italy’s version of Whole Foods. Gregory was having back problems, and it was seriously interfering with his concentration. I felt badly for him, and totally identified.

Stephanie, whose first anniversary fell on the day of the challenge, was surprised to find Italian radicchio had a stronger flavor than that in the U.S., and thought it was too much for her dish. Rather than take it off the menu, which she’d already established, she did her best to tone it down. When it came time for the judging, Tom said, for the most part, the dishes were good, but not every dish was good with truffles. Melissa had wanted to do some Asian/Italian fusion, and her congee was a unanimous hit. Gail said she might start a congee revolution, and Chef Tomei said she had the courage to do the necessary thing. Whatever that meant. She was the winner, with her dish being declared intelligent, fresh, and harmonious. Bryan was in as well, Gail saying his veal and potato dish was a beautiful way to use a truffle. It was simple and let the truffle do its job.

On the downside, Gregory’s wild boar hid the truffle flavor. Tom said Gregory made a great stew, but it wasn’t good for truffles. Chef Tomei said black truffles would have made a difference, but the white truffles had too delicate a flavor. Kevin also had too much going on with his meatball effort, and the truffles were overwhelmed. Padma said it was courageous of Stephanie to make pasta, but the radicchio obliterated the taste of the truffle filling. Stephanie admitted she had been afraid to take it off the menu when she’d already chosen to include it. Padma said they might have thought the radicchio should have been included, but would have respected her decision.

In the end, Padma said they bottom three had good dishes, but didn’t use the truffle properly, and Gail said they all essentially made the same mistake. Tom said that chefs understand traditions so they can break them, but one dish went to far. Gregory had to pack his knives and go. In his exit interview, he said he’d really wanted to win, but the life lesson he learned was that he can’t always control what happens. It was the wrong dish to serve with truffles. He gave the competition 110%, and had a few regrets, but knew he’d done everything physically and mentally that he could. It was a great start for his next chapter.

Next time, the chefs go to Parma, the home of Parmesan cheese. The chefs will be making their own interpretation of traditional dishes for sixteen Michelin star chefs.

⏰ On Wednesday, June 10th, at 9 pm, Bravo will be airing a special episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills where Garcelle and Dorit will be giving commentary on one of the recent episodes. While I might have picked someone other than Dorit, count me in. The only thing better than watching TV, is watching other people watch TV.

🐱 Lord Tubbington’s Mom Speaks Out…

Fondue For Two was my favorite thing on Glee, and it sounds like Heather Morris has the same good heart that her character did.


👠 Real Housewives Of What…?

Apparently, like the cat of the same name, they’re invisible.


👩🏾‍🍳 Sweet Review…

We could all use some positive news, and it doesn’t get much better than this.


🪂 Sliding Into the Weekend Like…

You made it to another Friday, which hopefully is gaining more meaning again. See you for tea and words of wisdom tomorrow. Until then, stay safe, stay current, and stay open to learning something new, while respecting the old.

June 3, 2020 – Chimera At the Ball, Denise Leaves the Barbecue, Wedding Bells, Denise Speaks, Jim Pays, Vicki’s New Home, New Business, House For Sale, Leah Records, Hannah Quits, a Thought & Stopping the World


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Today’s GH flashback continued with the 2017 Nurses Ball – May 24th, 2017 to be exact. Sonny had found out that the 700 mg of lithium Morgan was supposed to be taking was only 300 mg, but Andre told him everything checked out on the pharmacy’s end. Sonny said he was going to find out one way or the other, and Andre had another test run. There was a fabulous rendition of Brave, and more plugs for Burt’s Bees. Kristina and Valerie did pretty much a full-blown commercial for their lip products. Nina said Valentin couldn’t leave Anna alone, and Valentin told Anna that she’d turned him into a stuttering fool again. Drew (thinking he’s Jason) told Elizabeth about the necklace, but she couldn’t figure out where Jake had gotten it, since he didn’t have money to go out and buy jewelry. Curtis suggested Nina walk away from Valentin, but she wasn’t sure she could. Lucy said Obrecht couldn’t perform, but she had someone just as good, and Valentin sang to Nina, accompanying himself on the piano. Jake told Elizabeth that he didn’t want to do the magic act, but was afraid something bad would happen if he didn’t. Carly wondered why Sonny was there, and what he wanted with Ava; and Andre told Sonny that he thought Morgan might have gotten a placebo, which would explain his erratic behavior and loss of control. Sonny deduced that someone tampered with Morgan’s meds because they wanted him to have a breakdown. Scotty told Ava that he’d covered her tracks, and Sonny would never find out, and Ava insisted she hadn’t wanted anything bad to happen. Morgan had been volatile and erratic, and she’d needed to protect Kiki. He told her none of it mattered, since Morgan was dead and it was over.

Michael was by Nelle’s bedside in the hospital (they were still together), and he spoke to Josslyn on the phone, encouraging her to sing. She did, and he listened in. Nelle woke up, and Michael said, surprise. Jake decided against doing the act, and Franco said Jake could do a command performance at home. Backstage, Emma and Charlotte decided they could do the act themselves, while Anna accused Valentin of wanting his past buried. He said she did it; why couldn’t he? She pumped him for information about the Chimera (boy, did I get the name of that wrong yesterday – it was a DVX bioweapon), and he said the only other person who knew about it was dead. She wouldn’t let it go, until he finally told her that he’d sold it to Helena. Thinking the Chimera had something to do with Jake’s magic act, Charlotte tried opening it, and pressed either the right or wrong button, depending on whose side your on. Carly asked Sonny why he showed up, and he said he was finally getting some answers.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Oh why not? They can’t make the week any worse.

Garcelle was being honored with a Legacy Vision Award for her work with the L.A. Mission. Growing up impoverished in Haiti, she said it’s a cause she identifies with, and she wasn’t passive/aggressive, like Teddi, in asking the women to come. She picked LisaR up, who informed her that Denise said she didn’t want her kids hearing grown-up sex talk. Garcelle told LisaR that she understood how Denise felt. They discussed Kyle’s many inadequacies, and Garcelle said Kyle is always all about Kyle, which I certainly don’t disagree with. At the event, Kyle seemed annoyed that Denise showed up like nothing was wrong when their last meeting hadn’t been a good one. I guess she should have blown into a public event on a broomstick, hurling fireballs (and not the good kind) at everyone. Garcelle thanked her kids, and said her calling was to reach people, and let them know she cared. In her interview, she talked about her oldest son Oliver, who fell in with a bad crowd as a young man, but was doing well now. She also thanked her new best friends, some not so much, indicating the table of Wives and friends. LisaR insisted that Garcelle had locked eyes with Kyle when she said that last part. Erika missed the whole speech, since she was in the bathroom, but Garcelle was gracious about it, telling Erika that she’d better not miss it when she gets her Oscar. In Garcelle’s interview, she said she was glad Kyle showed up, but showing up for charities are what they do in L.A., so was it nice or what Kyle does? In Denise’s interview, she said she didn’t have the energy to deal with bullsh*t tonight, since she had tons of dialogue to learn, and had to be at work at 6 am. Since it’s all about Kyle, Kyle claimed Denise wanted to run away. 6 am? Are you kidding? I wouldn’t have gone at all. In LisaR’s interview, she said there was an issue that needed a resolution, but Denise was avoiding it. LisaR thought part of Denise was regretful about her own openly sexual talk (again, not understanding the difference in audience), and Denise was compensating by being overly protective of her kids – stupid, even for LisaR. As soon as Denise left, they talked about her. Garcelle said she felt uneasy when leaving Erika’s, and felt everything was surface with the group. She also believed Kyle wasn’t present with her, and that she was more interested in what Kyle had to say than vice versa. In her interview, Garcelle said when Kyle is interested in someone, she’s a great friend. Ask Teddi, not Dorit.

Denise and Aaron went out to eat, and Denise told him what happened in Santa Barbara, and how Teddi was saying she’s making them look bad. Aaron suggested Teddi STFU, and in her interview, Denise said her kids already have baggage from being the children of Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen. They didn’t need her friends adding to it. She told Aaron, LisaR calling her a hypocrite hurt the most. In Denise’s interview, she said LisaR never voiced any of her concerns before; why now? We flashed back to LisaR asking if Denise talked to the girls about Charlie’s hookers. Denise wondered why it took LisaR all these years to say it, and why she said all of it in front of the group.

Kyle had a barbecue, where we met Sutton’s boyfriend Michael. On the way there, Denise and Aaron talked in the limo about deciding not to bring the kids, and thought about blowing off Kyle’s altogether and just going to a restaurant. When they got there, Denise said the older kids had sleepovers, and Eloise had a playdate, but she joked to Garcelle that she didn’t want them within earshot. This miffed Kyle, who said in her interview, it was like a slap in the face. Denise said she and Aaron needed to have time away from the kids too, and the last time she was with the group, she was bombarded with questions. Garcelle, who seems to be the only one without a gang mentality, said Denise wasn’t a hypocrite; she was compartmentalizing when the kids were around. Teddi said Denise was making them look bad, like they need any help in that area. Aaron said it was ridiculous, and asked what the issue was, but the conclusion seemed to be, there wasn’t any. In Dorit’s interview, she whined about PK wanting to defend her in the past, and thought Aaron should know his audience. Dorit is too stupid to understand how funny her choice of words is, since the argument is about knowing your audience when it comes to adult conversation. Erika wondered if Denise was more concerned about the kids’ friends being there, and LisaR pumped Denise about Sami’s reaction, which Denise said was between her and Sami. We flashed back to Sami saying she and her friends laughed about it, but that’s not the point. It still might have been embarrassing, and who wants to think about their mother and her friends having threesomes, and my God now my friends know too. Aaron said, so there’s no issue, right? and Kyle said, women handle things differently. Aaron wanted to know why they continue to harp on something, and I wish him luck finding that out. It’s been my question for years, and why I hate reunions. An ongoing stupidity is finally put to bed, and then it gets rehashed and the animosity rekindled. Garcelle said it was Denise’s right to not bring the kids, but Kyle said it felt passive/aggressive. She ought to know since she’s buddies with the queen of it. Aaron asked Kyle to define passive/aggressive, and she said Denise was mom shaming. Aaron said the issue was becoming something it shouldn’t be – again something I’ve said for years – and LisaR decided to go down the blow-up kiddie slide, since she wasn’t dealing with this bullsh*t. Aaron asked what any of this does for them. How does it make them feel? and Kyle said, it’s not comfortable. In Kyle’s interview, she told us Denise was saying she’s above them as a mom, and it’s the thing Kyle is best at, so she’s offended. No. Denise said she doesn’t want her kids listening to adult conversations. She didn’t tell anybody else what to do with their kids, and she had to say something, since the women are involved. Denise told Teddi that she wasn’t upset, and Teddi pointed out that Denise was dropping F-bombs. Aaron said they engage to win, and might as well high-five each other. Denise said Teddi is a sh*t-effing-stirrer, and when they got a facial together in Santa Barbara, she was sh*tting on Dorit. Teddi said, in Santa Barara, when Denise told them she was done talking, that meant she was pissed. We flashed back to Denise saying she was done with the conversation at dinner. Denise told Teddi, that was after two hours of talking about it. She was done. Denise said they’d crossed line, and she and Aaron were leaving. As they walked out, Aaron said the women were off his Christmas card list, and Denise told him not to say anything while they were on camera. Kyle and Sutton trotted after them, and Kyle said she didn’t want them leave like that. Teddi was still complaining that the implication makes them look bad. Denise told Kyle, thanks for having them, as she and Aaron fast walked to the car, and Kyle said she felt bad. Give it a minute, Kyle. It will pass.

Later this season, dancing, falling, falling while dancing; Camille is back, and calls someone an a-hole; a trip to Rome; Garcelle says, they’re going to drop everything negative (hahahahaha!); Brandi makes her presence known by being the disgusting person that she is; Denise disappears; Garcelle calls LisaR the bad guy in this movie; and Denise and LisaR have an ominous looking lunch.

💒 Proud Mama…

I like Garcelle. She has a great attitude, and while she’s already made a difference in this world, I hope she shakes it up good on RHOBH.


📣 Clarification Or Plug…?

It looks like Denise might be getting her own gig. I’m in. I loved It’s Complicated, and it was much kinder than the Wives.


🔥 It’s Getting Hot In Here…

Jim should really pay Vicki too. She did call it.


🍹 New Digs…

If a vacation home in Mexico is wrong, she don’t wanna be right.


🏋️‍♂️ Someone’s Been Productive…

With yet another business in the works, maybe Tamra will have less time for screeching at her co-stars. (And I use the term star very loosely.)


🏰 Putting In My Offer…

It’s too bad I’m about $4,999,999 short.


🗽 Leah Looks Around…

The streets of NYC at the beginning of the protests. I would have expected Leah to be less reactive, especially since not much is going on at this point.


🛥 Hannah Hannah Quitting…

Hannah moves on to her dream job of being a wife and making babies. Be sure to take a look at the Reality Check video on Captain Sandy’s heart attack. She called an Uber to take her to the hospital. I understand this, since my father drove himself to the hospital.



I believe
the most important
single thing,
beyond discipline
and creativity,
is daring
to dare.

Dr. Maya Angelou, 1928-2014



🚣‍♀️ Getting There…

It’s amazing how many problems can be crammed into one week. If what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, I’ll be living forever. Hope all is well in your corner of the world, and you stay safe, stay mindful, and stay keeping your eyes on the prize – whatever that may be for you.