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February 14, 2018 – Drew Confronts Jason, Eddie Doesn’t Know When to Quit, Imposters Marathon & a Valentine


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Today’s GH is brought to you by whatta pita. I’d missed the beginning because my computer decided to update suddenly (never again am I getting an HP; it will be Dell and only Dell, or custom nerd made), and then there was the school shooting in Florida, after which the show never came back on. But thanks to my trusty online sources, I saw it anyway.

Curtis brings Jordan flowers at the station.

Sonny and Carly start to get busy. They think Mike is upstairs sleeping, but he walks past, saying just pretend he’s not there.

Amy tells Griff he looks amazing. She hopes it’s for anyone except Ava.

Ava finds Nelle still at work in the gallery. She says she might as well, rather than hang out in the apartment Michael is selling so he doesn’t have to deal with her. They did have happy memories there though. Ava asks if she’s giving up already.

Kiki joins Molly and TJ at The Floating Rib. She’s afraid she’ll be a third wheel, but TJ says every day is Valentine’s Day for them. They love each other more and more every day. I’m sure this makes Kiki feel a lot better. Molly thinks she and TJ are the only uncomplicated couple in Port Charles. She might be right.

Sam gives Drew a Valentine card from Danny to his “other dad.” Drew asks what she got, and she shows him a humongous heart necklace Danny made. She was wearing it under her shirt, and I wonder how uncomfortable that was, since it’s so big.

Jason also gets a Valentine card from Danny. He asks if Danny has any Valentines, and Danny says three, maybe four. Wow. He’s a ladies’ man already.

Mike has decided to run to the local flower place and have flowers sent to Rita. Carly is on his side about not forgetting, but says it wouldn’t be the end of the world. He says he stopped listening once she agreed with him. Sonny and Carly explain about this thing called ordering online, but he says he’s an in-person cash kind of guy, and doesn’t do online.

Ava asks if Nelle is having second thoughts, but Nelle says she has to defend herself. Ava tells her that’s the spirit, and don’t take her eyes off the prize. She says anything is possible. If they work hard enough, all their dreams can come true.

Griff tells Amy he understands she’s grieving, so he’ll chalk her unkindness up to that. She tells him not really, but go with it. He says he feels awful too; Nathan was under his care. Amy says there’s a huge difference between him and that woman. He calls Ava human, and says anyone can change in surprising ways. He suggests she open up her heart. When he’s out of earshot, she says he’s in for a rude awakening.

Spinelli sees Kiki at the bar, and they introduce themselves. He tells her about being blissfully committed, but his significant other is on the west coast. He’s staying to offer Maxie support. It’s her first Valentine’s Day as a widow. So why is he at the bar? He orders an orange soda.

Molly asks Sam where the kids are, and after a couple more questions, Sam realizes that she’s trying to find out if there’s somewhere she and TJ can be alone. Sam tells her to go ahead to Alexis’s place, and don’t do anything she wouldn’t do. Sam shows Drew her passport with her new name – Samantha McCall Cain – and he says it doesn’t get more official. She says that’s her name for better or worse. He says hopefully, when they find out who he really is, it will be better.

Danny tells Jason about how much candy he had at school, and finally confesses he’s not feeling well. He wants his mommy.

Sonny tells Mike that he’s driving. Mike says he’s a New Yorker; he’s used to walking. Sonny won’t take no for an answer. Mike says that Sonny thinks he’s going to gamble, but Sonny says that isn’t it. Mike tells him one misunderstanding, and now he’s going to be watched. Sonny says there was no money missing, and he believes Mike. He tells Mike to go ahead and go. Carly bundles him up like he’s three. He tells her not to treat him like a child, and she says don’t act like one. He calls her a pita, and she says he is too. When he’s gone, Sonny asks what Carly thinks. She thinks he wants to buy flowers, and that Sonny should believe him.

Jordan wishes Curtis a happy Valentine’s Day. He thinks it will take more than a bouquet to make today happy. He says she’s throwing herself into work as a way of grieving for Nathan. She says the double-edge is that everything there reminds her of him. Curtis tells her to take a break. The only way to truly honor him, is if they truly love each other.

Jason tells Danny they should try to solve it themselves. Danny says Sam gives him ginger ale, but Jason doesn’t have any. He says club soda is almost the same and they can try that. No. It isn’t. Club soda doesn’t have ginger in it.

Molly tells TJ they can have Alexis’s place to themselves. He asks what they’re waiting for.

Kiki asks Spinelli if he doesn’t want a shot. She wanted to get the party started, but TJ ad Molly don’t do much of that. He’s good with soda, and she says more for her. Spinelli wonders why she’s drinking alone on Valentine’s Day, and she says it would have been her and Dillon’s one-year anniversary. Clearly, they didn’t make it. She downs another shot.

Sam asks if Drew remembered something. He says, not exactly. He and Kim had a disagreement because he taught Oscar to defend himself. They worked it out, but she told him about getting in fight in San Diego, and it almost felt like a memory. Sam asks if he’s afraid that if he remembers his old life, he’ll feel differently about his new one, but he says he doesn’t want her to feel differently about him. Sam says that won’t happen. She wouldn’t change anything. She loves their life. Her phone rings. It’s Danny calling while Jason is in the kitchen. He tells her that he doesn’t feel so good, and asks if she can come.

Kiki left her badge at the hospital, and tells Spinelli she’ll catch hell if her supervisor finds out. Spinelli says it’s noisy in there, so he’ll step outside and call for her. At the bar, she makes a call to Dillon. She asks if he can talk.

Nelle checks the recorder. Griff comes to pick up Ava. Ava says it’s his first Valentine’s Day as a civilian. He tells her that he wasn’t exactly locked away in a monastery in the Himalayas. He even went to the movies and watched TV from time to time. On Valentine’s Day, he held a service in honor of St. Valentine and his legend. Ava and Nelle ask about the legend, and he says Valentine was a priest in the third century, who became the patron saint of love. He secretly performed weddings between Christians when the emperor had banned them. He was imprisoned, and ultimately killed. Ava is like, geesh, and Nelle says, so romantic, but Griff says he sees it that way.

While Griff talks, we see Carly and Sonny, Curtis and Jordan, and Danny and Jason.

Griff tells them that Valentine was fearless. He had the courage to do what was right, and put everything on the line. He put manmade laws away, and refused to listen to anything but his heart. The emperor gave him a choice; renounce his faith and live, or refuse and die. He stood up for his beliefs.

Danny is feeling better. Jason asks what wants to do, but there’s a knock at the door. It’s Sam.

Griff concludes his story, saying Valentine’s faith and love made him immortal. Love never dies.

Sam says Danny called. Danny asks if he’s in trouble. They tell him no, and Jason says at least he knows Danny can use the phone in an emergency. Jason tells Sam that he thinks Danny ate too much chocolate at the school party. She brought ginger ale, but Danny says he likes club soda now. She calls him fancy, and says let’s go, but he wants to stay. He asks if they’ll both put him to bed.

Jordan asks how Curtis got lake trout in Port Charles. He says he wanted to get her out of her funk, and thought about Baltimore when they were waiting for Buzz. He remembered their bad history, and how somewhere a spark lit up between them there. So, he asked Stella for an assist, and she cooked it up for him. Jordan is having a hard time believing Curtis asked Stella to help woo her, and she actually did it. He says a brother has to do what he has to do, even if it means asking his auntie to play Cupid. He did it to make her happy.

Kiki asks Dillon if someone is there. She asks if it’s the same woman as before, and then says never mind. She doesn’t want to know. She’s amazed at how quickly he’s moving on. She knows they’re not together anymore, but thought they had something special. She tells him to go to hell. TJ tells her there’s been a change of plans. Molly says her mom has an empty house. Kiki gets it. She says Spinelli is around, and he’s a trip to talk to, so go have fun. They leave, and Spinelli comes back. He tells her that Amy located her badge, and put it in her wallet. He asks if she’s okay, and Kiki tells him everything is great, especially now that he’s there. She puts her arm around him.

Griff says he’s going all in with Ava; she’s his first Valentine. He says their table is waiting. She asks if Nelle is going to be all right, and Nelle says she’s just going to finish up. Griff gets a call. He hopes it’s a reservation confirm, but no such luck. A patient is insisting on seeing him, but he doesn’t think he’ll be long. He apologizes, and Ava says she’ll call the restaurant. Griff leaves, and Nelle hopes their night isn’t ruined. Ava says, not yet anyway. Griff’s story got her thinking. Nelle says, her too. Michael might have broken up with her, but maybe he didn’t stop loving her. She doesn’t think you can completely turn it off if you’re really in love. Ava says she’s had doubts about love. Nelle asks if she and Griff have declared their feelings. Ava says not yet, but tonight might be the perfect night to do it.

Danny asks for a story. Sam thought he was tired, but he says he’ll be “tireder” after a story. He wants them to take turns. She and Jason get on either side of him, and Jason starts to read. Danny falls asleep. Sam says she’ll stay and make sure he’s out.  Jason leaves the room.

Curtis tells Jordan that they need to grab every moment they have together, and live life to fullest. He tells her she’s coming home with him.

Amy tells Griff that she’s sorry she disturbed his night, even if it was with Ava. She says she’s trying, and he appreciates the effort. She shows him a card a little boy gave her. Griff tells her that when he grows up, the boy won’t forget the kind nurse who took care of him.

Ava tells Nelle that she needs to do what St. Valentine would. Nelle says, be a martyr? but she says, no; tell Griff how she feels. She sees Nelle’s outlook has improved, and asks if she’s ready to move forward. Nelle says, absolutely. Ava asks what she has planned, and Nelle says the same thing Ava does. Ava asks if she’s giving Michael a Valentine he’ll never forget. Nelle says, not Michael, and leaves.

Drew goes to Jason’s, and asks if everything is okay. Jason tells him that Sam is making sure Danny is asleep, but it was nothing serious. Drew says Danny called Sam from Jason’s cell phone. Drew has to hand it to him. He has one hell of an act going on, and thinks he’s above it all.

Sonny realizes Mike left his cell phone at the house, and thinks maybe he should look for him. Carly tells him go, and he can make it up to her later.

Jordan wants to know she did something that made today count. Curtis says they need to make tonight count too. She calls him every girl’s dream, but he says she’s the only one that matters. He says, may tonight be the best night of all, and the worst of nights to come. She promises she’s not going anywhere, except home with him. They kiss.

Kiki knows Spinelli has a commitment on the west coast. So did she; look how that turned out. He thinks it’s time to call it a night, and wants to get her a car. She takes the phone out of his hand, saying she’s not calling it a night. She touches his face.

Amy tells Griff about Kiki leaving her badge, and that she seems to be drowning her sorrows. She’s with a reliable friend though. She can’t be in safer hands than with Spinelli. Griff gets a text from Ava saying forget about the restaurant. His story about St. Valentine inspired her, and she has something to tell him. Griff texts back that it sounds good, and he’s almost finished.

Sam starts to leave. Danny tells her that he loves her, and that it was fun with them reading to him.

Drew says that Jason pretends to be a martyr (word of the day), but he’s passive aggressive. He hasn’t given up anything, especially not Sam. Why doesn’t he admit he’s like everyone else, and out for what he wants? Jason says he’s just living his life. How Drew deals is up to him. Sam comes out, and they leave. Drew gives Jason the eyeball.

Nelle goes to a pay phone. She takes out the recorder. After seeing unknown caller, Carly picks up the phone, asking if it’s Mike. She hears a weird voice say, I’m here.

Tomorrow, Anna tells something she’s never told. Ava tells Griff she loves him, and Sonny tells Michael something is going on with Mike.

If Loving You is Wrong

Walking through the jail, Lushion tells the prisoners just because they’re locked up, doesn’t mean they get to make a lot of noise. Ha-ha! He sees Stephen bringing in Randal and Brad. Stephen says they got in a bar fight. Randal wants his lawyer. Lushion tells him to relax, and asks if Stephen was there. Stephen says they were at Pickles, and he was outside warming up his bike. He tells Lushion, they’re all yours; he’s out of there. Lushion asks Brad what happened, and Randal wonders why Lushion is asking him. Lushion tells him to calm down and sit down. Brad says Randal followed him to the restaurant. Somehow, he knows when Brad leaves the house like he has a tracker on Brad’s car. Randal tries to interrupt, but Lushion tells him be quiet. Brad says Randal came over to the table, started a fight, now they’re here. Lushion asks who threw first punch, and Brad says Randal did. Randal says Brad hit him with a bottle. Lushion has Brad uncuffed, and tells him that he’s going home. Randal calls Lushion a low-down SOB, and an Uncle Tom with a badge. He’s letting Brad go, like he let Eddie come after him. Lushion says he was going to let both of them go, but since Randal doesn’t know how to shut up, he can stay there. He keeps calling Lushion Uncle Tom while he’s being taken away.

Marcie’s phone rings. It’s Ian. He asks if she’s all right. He’s sorry, but she says it’s not his fault. He didn’t realize Randal was that bad. She wonders how Randal knew where she was, and Ian asks if he’s stalking her, but she doesn’t think so. He says they have to do something; he wants to help her. She just wants the papers signed. He says he’ll call Larry, and she hopes he has better luck than she did. He asks why she didn’t tell him she was pregnant, and she says it’s not his business. He thought they were bonding (how metrosexual of him!), and she says she didn’t mean to snap. He says Randal is a piece of work who would make anyone snap. He has some ideas. He thinks if he sees Larry face to face, they can figure something out. She just wants it to be done. He says they’ll talk tomorrow, and promises it will be okay. When she hangs up, Marcie feels pain in her stomach.

Esperanza gets home, and sends the sitter on her way. She checks herself out, and goes to her bedroom window. She lets Stephen in. Assuming she doesn’t want the neighbors to see, what’s wrong with the back door? Aren’t they a little old for this? She pushes him onto the bed, tells him don’t say anything and don’t move. She starts to undress him, and tells him not to touch her. He does, and she smacks him. He finally grabs her, and they go at it.

Alex sees Brad pull into the driveway. Brad checks his car, and finds Randal’s tracking device. He goes into the house. Alex finds him sitting on the couch. She asks what happened, and he says, nothing. She’s concerned about him nursing his hand, but he says he’s fine, and he told her not to talk to him. She says Randal was out of line. He says he’s asking one more time. Did she talk to Randal earlier? She says she didn’t. He asks if there’s anything she’s lied about, but she says no. He says one more lie, and he’s walking out. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small; he wants her to be honest. It’s her get-out-of-jail-free card. Just tell him. She says tell him what, and he says anything he doesn’t know. She says she’s telling him the truth about everything. He says just tell him now, but she says she hasn’t lied about anything. He says, okay, and tells her to go to bed. He’s sleeping downstairs.

Natalie rattles around the bedroom, waking Lushion. I didn’t think that poor man ever slept. He tells her it’s 5 am, and she did it on purpose. She insists she didn’t, but he says she wants to know about Kelly. She repeats that she didn’t, but since he’s up… He says she’s okay. Natalie asks about the lawyer, and he says she’s got a public defender. He looked him up, and Natalie says she saw his file. He says the one that said private, and she says he left it on the kitchen counter. She wants to get Kelly anther lawyer. Lushion asks if she has money for that, and she says he does. Her son doesn’t know what’s going on, and needs to see her. He says Kelly was talking about them taking him in if she loses the case. Natalie asks if he said yes, adding that she has three kids already. She wonders where Kelly’s family is, and Lushion wonders why she doesn’t know. He says Kelly won’t be convicted, but Natalie doesn’t like it. He says Kelly being in jail or taking in Justice? She says both, and that Justice needs help. They have to help Kelly get another lawyer. Lushion tells her to stop stressing, and she says he needs to start. He’s not there with the kids all day.

Esperanza tells Stephen he’s snoring and needs to go home. He says he’s leaving, and she thanks him for not arguing with her. She tells him that he can use the front door. She asks if she’s just sex to him, and he thought that’s what she wanted. He calls her confusing, and doesn’t think they should do this anymore. She says that makes two of them. She has her reasons, but what are his? He doesn’t like the feeling of her doing him a favor. He comes over, they have sex, and she puts him out. There’s no real time together. She says it’s too much. He says he’s trying to get to know her. All he knows is the shell she shows the world. She asks him to stop. He asks if she’s been hurt that much, and she tells him to just go. He says it’s the last time, and leaves.

Eddie is waiting outside on Stephen’s bike. He tells Stephen, three hours and fifty-three minutes, and Stephen says she likes it slow. Eddie says his daughter is in there. The only reason Stephen is still alive is because he’s FBI. Stephen asks if Eddie doesn’t think shooting random people isn’t coming back to haunt him? Eddie thinks Stephen’s ass deserves shooting. Stephen his ass deserves it. Stephen tells him to get off the bike; he’s out of there. Eddie says he calls the shots. Stephen says shoot him; show how much of a badass he is. Eddie says he’ll take his time, and Stephen says he’ll be waiting. Now get off his damn bike. Eddie gets up, and says he pays the mortgage there. Stephen tells him that he’s not leaving until Eddie does. Eddie goes to his truck, smiling. Stephen drives off, and Eddie follows.

Randal is being let out on his own recognizance. An officer cuffs him to a bench, conveniently across from Kelly’s cell. He asks how she is, and she tells him to leave her alone. He says she shot him, and she says someone’s going to shoot him if he doesn’t leave her alone. Randal asks what he did? Love a woman, and she turned on him, like Kelly and Travis. She bought the house to try and keep him. It will all come out in court. He’s testified in many cases like this; a scorned woman who can’t give up a man, and would rather see him dead than be with someone else. Randal reminds her that he’s a shrink, and says if the DA doesn’t call on him for the case, he’ll give him a call. He was there, and saw the whole thing. Poor Travis didn’t stand a chance with her being a cougar, running after young men. Kelly calls for the guard, and tells him Randal is harassing her. He tells Randal to be quiet. Randal says he will – until he calls the DA and tells him that he wants to testify. He should call Reverend Cain, and see what he has to say. Kelly has her eyes closed, and he says he knows she can hear him. She’s going to jail for a very, very long time. First Ramsey, then Travis. Two murders on her doorstep, and her poor son. Kelly tells to shut the hell up. Randal says her son is all alone because his mama had a gun and killed a man. Kelly tells him again to shut up, but he keeps goading her, calling her mother of the year. He says she doesn’t love her son, just her gun. Kelly says she wishes she had it, and could blow his brains out like she did Travis. Randal laughs, and tells her to look up. She sees the camera, and he says she just made it easier to prosecute her. She’s so dumb, he just walked her in to it. He laughs, and says that was fun; he’s good. Omg, he’s the worst. Actually, I don’t know who’s worse, him or Eddie.

Eddie goes to the container where he’s holding Larry. Larry is in bad shape. He tells Eddie it’s enough; he wants to go home. Eddie says that’s not happening. He checked, and no one has called, not even Larry’s wife. Everyone must hate him as much as Eddie does. Larry says he’s had his fun; enough is enough. Eddie picks up the plastic bag, and Larry begs him not to, saying he’s sorry. Eddie calls him arrogant, and grabs him by the collar. Larry says he can’t breathe, and asks for a safe word, but Eddie asks why. Larry says so he doesn’t kill him, but Eddie says that’s what he’s trying to do. It’s real life; he doesn’t play games. He is a killer. Larry says they’re a lot alike. He’s a man who likes stimulation, and likes to be punished, but there’s a point where it’s enough. Eddie says Larry doesn’t know anything. Larry tells him that he’ll give him whatever he wants; he has tons of connections. Eddie doesn’t want anything from Larry. He puts the bag on Larry’s head. Larry falls to the floor, and Eddie tells him that he’ll be back.

At the hospital, Marcie asks Dr. Ross if she’s okay. The doctor says they’ll find out. Marcie’s stomach is in knots, and she says this happened during her first pregnancy. She can’t lose this baby. Dr. Ross tells her calm down, and focus on good things. They have to run some tests. The doctor has Marcie control her breathing. Marcie asks for her phone, and tells the doctor to call Brad. Dr. Ross asks if she means Alex’s husband. Marcie says he’s a friend, and his number is saved under My Future (oh please). The doctor makes the call.

The phone rings, and Alex picks up. Dr. Ross asks to speak to Brad. Alex asks why, and the doctor says Marcie is in the ER, and wanted her to call. She can’t say why. Alex says he’s asleep. Dr. Ross knows it’s uncomfortable, but asks Alex to wake him. She says she can’t – and won’t. The doctor knows it’s awkward, and Alex tells her to call Randal; it’s his baby. Dr. Ross says Marcie specifically asked for Brad, and asks if she can leave a message to call. Alex says sure, like we think that she’ll pass it along. Brad comes in and asks who it was on the phone.

Next time, Kelly doesn’t want to make a deal, Brad finds Marcie, and Lushion asks Eddie where Larry is.

⛳ Bonus point – Larry wanted the safe word to be golfer.

🎭 Bravo is having an Imposters marathon, starting on Monday at 8 am. Even the ad said to set your DVR, because who is sitting around watching TV at 8 am on a Monday? Okay, it’s possible that I could be, but still, what happened to using the weekend for those kinds of things? It’s not like there are a whole lot of episodes. Regardless, I hope you give this show a look. It’s worth it. It’s a little different, has fun plot twists, and strikes a nice balance between amusing and dramatic.


💖 Albeit Late, But Because I Care…




February 13, 2017 – Nelle is on Track, Candace Goes to Jail, the BH Wives Beat Another Dead Horse & LVP’s Gown


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Jason runs into Robin at Kelly’s. Robin thanks him for killing Faison. He gets it. She says never mind what he did to her, Jason, or even Nathan. He terrorized Anna most of her life. Jason set her free.

Sonny is finally home. Carly asks how their guest is, and voila! Mike appears bearing chocolates. He tells her he’s checking into a hotel, but Sonny says it’s already decided that he stay there.

Ava shows Elizabeth and Franco the studio, giving them a few ideas for the reception. She knows it’s not a traditional venue, but it’s fitting, since Franco is an artist; it’s her gift to them. Franco wants to think about it, but Elizabeth is on board. Ava says he’s the luckiest man alive, and asks how it feels to leave the past behind.

Drew goes to Kim’s place. She shows him a picture of Oscar with a black eye. He asks what happened, and she says, he did.

Sonny says they have plenty of room. Mike says he can make his own decisions. Carly asks if it was like this the whole way there. She says Mike is right. He should stay where wants to, including at the MetroCourt, but she would be offended if he doesn’t stay with them. Mike agrees, even if he is under surveillance. He goes upstairs, and Carly asks Sonny what’s going on. Sonny tells her that Mike is in some kind of trouble. He’s not letting him go back home until finds out what it is.

Drew says he’s seen his share of black eyes. Kim tells him if he teaches his son to fight, he’ll fight, and think best way to solve problems. Drew says he taught him to defend himself; it’s what Oscar asked him to do. Kim says they were doing fine before he came along to teach them lessons. They start to argue, and Oscar tells them to stop. He tells Kim that she couldn’t be more wrong.

Ava tells Franco and Elizabeth that she knows a DJ, and they can make space for dancing. Elizabeth says they’ll think about it, and Ava tells them to let her know. They leave, and Nelle comes in with roses for Ava. They’re from Griff, and the card says, yours today, tonight, and tomorrow.

Robin tells Jason that Nathan’s funeral was heartbreaking. She thinks Maxie is still in shock, but has a lot of people there for her, including Sam and Drew. She says she was surprised to hear they’re getting married. She’d hoped Sam would take a step back and evaluate Jason’s feelings. Jason says she wants a life with Drew, but Robin says that’s what she thinks she wants. If she abandoned Drew because Jason came back, she would feel disloyal, and that every I love you was a lie. She watched Patrick go through it with Sabrrrina. He loved her, but loved Robin more. She would bet everything that Sam loves him more. Jason says she sounds like Carly. Robin thinks that should tell him something; they actually agree. She reminds him that it’s Valentine’s Day, and gives him one of Emma’s candy hearts. It reads, Real Love. Worst. Tasting. Candy. Ever. Like flavored chalk.

Michael meets Jason, and they talk about Robin. Michael says that Carly made things hard for her and Jason. Jason says it was a long time ago, and it’s forgotten now. Michael asks if Carly used him to get closer to Jason. He thinks that’s what Nelle is doing with the baby.

Ava tells Nelle that a year ago, she never would have dreamed she’d be getting a beautiful bouquet from a wonderful man. A lot can change in a year. Nelle says a year ago, she never expected to be having a baby with Michael; they were just falling in love. He made her feel like she wanted to be a better person, and she was going to try, but it blew up in her face. Ava is right; what a difference a year makes. Ava says your life can turn around if someone believes in you enough. You should believe in yourself, but it helps a lot for someone to look at you like you matter. Nelle is happy for her. Ava tells her that a year from now, she’ll have her baby, and if everything goes according to her to plan, she’ll have her man too, and a bouquet of her own. Nelle says, from her lips to Michael’s ears.

Sonny tells Carly that Mike is a runner, and there was a problem with the money. She wonders if Mike is gambling again, but Sonny says he claims he isn’t, and Rita backs him up. He explains that Rita is Mike’s lady friend, and the best thing that ever happened to him. She’s good people. Carly thinks that’s great for Mike, but what about the money? Sonny tells her that Caruso called him about $10K that Mike lost, but he found it in Mike’s cigar box. Mike said he didn’t know anything about it. Carly says that doesn’t make sense, and Sonny says that’s why Mike is there. He’s going to figure out what’s going on. Mike comes back downstairs, and tells them that they don’t have to talk in hushed voices. He knows Sonny has his eye on him, and they don’t have to count the silverware. The doorbell rings. It’s Robin. She comes in and hugs Mike.

Kim tells Oscar that he might have the day off school, but he has a social studies project due. He goes into his room to work on it, and Drew apologizes to her. He says he should have thought of another way to solve the problem. He promises to do better, and Kim says she could have handled it better herself. Drew says they’re learning as they go. He asks about the bully, and Kim says that Oscar can tell him what’s going on.

Michael tells Jason that Nelle seems clear on them not being together, but never misses a chance to lean on him, hold his hand, or talk about the future. He thinks she’s using the baby. He doesn’t love her, and doesn’t really know her. She has something broken inside, and lies compulsively. He has no faith in her as a good mother, but doesn’t want a custody fight. He wonders what the best solution is, and Jason tells him that he wouldn’t try to make a family with someone he doesn’t trust; it will end up hurting the child. Michael had chaos around him, but also people who loved him. He tells Michael to be there day in and day out, regardless of what Nelle does, and the baby will be okay. Michael thanks him and jets. While Jason is paying the tab, Jake comes in with Elizabeth and Franco.

Ava asks Nelle if she wants to go shopping with her. Michael comes into the gallery. Ava tells him to wish Avery a happy Valentine’s Day from her mama, and leaves them to talk. Nelle tells Michael that Ava misses her daughter, and she’s starting to understand how some bonds can’t be broken. She tells him that she get an email confirmation about the mommy class, but Michael wants to talk about the apartment. Nelle hands him an envelope, saying she’s giving him the rent early, but he tells her to hold on to it. For both of their sakes, he’s decided to stick to the original plan. He’s putting the building up for sale.

Drew says Oscar told him that his friend was different, but not that different. Oscar asks if it matters, and Drew says yes, he admires him more for it. Oscar asks if Drew thinks having the alternative dance is asking for more trouble. He says, probably, but some things are worth it. Oscar asks if Kim is on board, and she’d rather he concentrate on his report before focusing on the party. Oscar tells them that they need to work on their co-parenting skills; he’s getting mixed messages. After he’s gone, Drew says he has a point. It’s nobody’s fault, but they did do something incredible together – making Oscar.

Mike looks at pictures of Robin’s kids, and tells her about his system for remembering all of the kids’ names. He associates family members with his favorite horses. He starts to get up, and sits back down, telling them he gets wobbly when he stands up too fast. He thinks maybe it’s low blood sugar, and Robin asks if he has the same issue when he sits down. Mike says he doesn’t have any issues. Robin says, sorry, it’s an occupational hazard, and she has to ask when his last checkup was. He says this is Sonny’s doing and that everyone is taking his temperature now. Sonny says he didn’t say anything, and Carly tells Mike that Sonny is just worried. Mike says, don’t. He had everything under control until Sonny showed up. Sonny says they’re family, but Mike thinks some family is better off staying apart. He’s going back to Brooklyn. Sonny tells him that he’s not going anywhere.

Jake tells Jason that he won first prize in the art contest. Jason congratulates him, and Jake says he did it with Franco’s help. Franco says it was all him. Jason tells him to enjoy his celebration, and Jake asks if Jason is coming to the wedding.

Mike asks if Sonny is flexing his muscles, or is he going to have his guys do it for him? Robin apologizes, saying that he looks great, and sometimes she can be overprotective. Mike says there’s nothing wrong with him, except the aches and pains that go with collecting a social security check. Rita calls, and he tells her everything is fine. He’s going to stay for a few days, but he’ll be back on Saturday, and maybe they can go dancing.

Nelle says Michael never told her that he’d bought the building. He says it seemed like a good investment, and she says, now it’s not? He thinks it’s better for the child if they set clear boundaries. She says, message received, and hopes he doesn’t take a loss. He doesn’t mean to make things hard for her, especially when she’s having a baby. She says she appreciates his past help. It’s all good; no worries. He promises not to sell it to anyone who wants to turn it into condos or hike the rent. She says she’s sure he’ll do the right thing, and asks if he’s sure he wants to do the classes with her. He says he does, and leaves. Ava tells her, nicely handled. Nelle still has a place to live, while Michael and his family get to be with Avery. She guesses they’re supposed to be happy with crumbs, but Nelle says she grew up with crumbs, and she’s done with it. It’s a momentary setback. It’s not over. Her goals are still on track.

Kim tells Drew that she’d like to take credit for how Oscar turned out, but he’s just a great kid. Drew says he’s clearly got her brains and heart, and he appreciates being his father. She says it’s going to take some getting used to sharing him, and letting have own relationship with Drew. It’s been just the two of them for years, but it’s good for Oscar that he’s there now. Drew says he’ll do his best. Kim knows he will. She still sometimes looks at Oscar like her baby boy. He tells her that she should be proud; he’s growing up to be a fine young man. It takes guts to stand up for someone else. She says his willingness to jump in and confront is from Drew. It reminds her of a time when they were together.

Jason tells Jake that he can’t make it to the wedding. Jake wonders if he said something wrong, and Elizabeth tells him no. Jason says that he found a new place to live, and maybe he can visit. Elizabeth and Jake go to the counter for cupcakes. Franco tells Jason that he’s going to be Jake’s stepfather, and Jason can hate him all he likes, but don’t put Jake in the middle. Jason says Jake doesn’t understand what Franco is. Franco says Jake doesn’t understand he had a brain tumor that made him do bad things. He wonders if it’s something like how Jason’s brain damage made him a stone-cold killer, and if there might be surprises coming from his time in the Russian clinic. Sam should be more afraid of Jason than him. Jason says Franco did what he did, and never paid, but he will. Sometimes I like Jason, but not right now.

Nelle doesn’t put it past Carly to take her baby away the way she took Avery from Ava. Ava says she’s probably already working on it. Nelle says she has to protect herself, and think of the long game. Ava tells her that pregnancy can make you vulnerable. Nelle says if Michael wants distance, that’s fine. Let him think they’re going their separate ways. Carly will be thrilled. Ava asks what’s next. Nelle says she’ll let Michael come to her. He’s going to need a friend soon; someone to lean on. Nelle will offer her shoulder. Her shoulder is sympathetic, and attached to the mother of his child.

Michael brings Avery home. He’s glad to see Robin and Mike, saying he didn’t know Sonny was bringing Mike back. Sonny says it was a surprise to him too. Mike asks who Avery is, and Carly says his granddaughter. Mike makes like he knew that, but Sonny looks like he’s thinking it over.

Elizabeth tells Franco to give her a minute, and he goes outside with Jake. She asks what just happened, but Jason says it’s between them. She says they’re getting married and it concerns her. Jake is excited, and wanted to include him. He says that means a lot, but he can’t. It’s her life and choice, but if he went, it would be the same as lying to Jake. Saying that it’s okay when it’s not. Elizabeth says Jake loves Franco, and Franco inspired him; he’s teaching Jake to be an artist. Franco has been there for him time and again. Jason says that might be true, but Jake doesn’t know Franco like he does. Hopefully, he never will.

Kim tells Drew they’d made plans to meet at a bar near the base. She got there first, and a guy hitting on her wouldn’t take no for an answer. He grabbed her shoulder, and tore the strap on her dress when she pulled away. Drew asks, what happened?

Ava hopes Nelle’s confidence is backed up by one helluva plan. She tried kicking Carly to the curb a few times. Nelle says she’ll never see it coming, and Ava has a stake in this too. She got Carly a special Valentine today; one she won’t forget. Griff calls. While Ava steps away, Nelle digs around in her purse and takes out a small tape recorder.

Robin tells Sonny that she has experience with strong-willed parents, but Mike should have a checkup to be on the safe side. She asks Sonny when the last time was he had one, and he says the last time he got shot. She suggests next time he’s due to omit the first part, and says goodbye. Avery gives Sonny a Valentine that she made. Mike watches them, all misty.

Kim feels strange telling Drew the story. He asks if he killed someone, and she says nothing like that. The guy tore her strap, and boom! he was there. He gently pushed her aside, and turned on him like an avenging angel. He says, they squared off in the bar? Did he win? She says he always won. Oscar listens from the hallway.

Elizabeth tells Jason that Franco has changed; everyone knows it. They don’t have to like him, but they’ve learned to coexist, including Michael and Sam. They’ve moved on, and he should do the same. Jake pops his head in to rush them along. Elizabeth says her family is waiting; her future. Maybe he should think about starting a future of his own. Things change, people change. She’s saying this with love, let it go. She wishes him a happy Valentine’s Day, and leaves. He sighs. If there was an Olympic event for sighing, Jason would win the gold.

Tomorrow, Kiki is glad Spinelli is there, Sam asks if Drew remembers something, and Danny wants his mom.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Justin beats on Wyatt. Jim comes running in, and pulls him off. He asks what the hell is going on, and tells Justin to get out. Justin tells Wyatt to call one more time and see what happens. Jim asks what Justin’s name is, and Justin says his name is go to hell. Jim says he has his badge number, and Justin tells Wyatt not to call Jeffrey again; he means it. Jim is like wth? He asks what Justin was talking about, and if there’s something he needs to know. Wyatt says Jim doesn’t need to know anything about his life. Jim doesn’t care if he’s attracted to Jeffrey, but is puzzled that he came in to find Wyatt and another guy fighting over him.

Wyatt tells Jim to get out. Jim says not until he has a conversation with his loving son. Wyatt has nothing to say, and Jim tells him to listen then. He asks if Wyatt thinks he’s scared of him. Wyatt says jail should scare him. He and Kathryn are both going. Jim ask if he remembers their conversation about the DA. Wyatt says they’re all going down. Jim asks what his life will be like after that, and Wyatt says, so much better. Jim says going from rehab to rehab, and waking up in his own vomit sounds like fun. How long is he going to stay clean? He wants that for him, and loves him. Wyatt says he has a helluva way of showing it. Jim says it’s not going to go well. He’s going to end up broke in a gutter, selling pencils for spare change. He’s already been duped with the overpriced apartment, and knows nothing about money; no one taught him. Wyatt says, yeah, they did a good job. Jim says what’s done is done. He doesn’t want Wyatt talking to this DA. Wyatt asks if he’s heard of witness intimidation. He’s going all the way to the Supreme Court if he has to. Jim says he’ll come crawling back, but Wyatt says never. He says it’s done. Jim wonders how he raised such a stupid son. Wyatt asks if he’s going to kill him too. Jim says he loves him, and Wyatt says love is scary. Jim isn’t trying to scare him, but tell him the truth. He wants him to remember this conversation when he crawls back. Wyatt says there’s no home to crawl back to, since his mom is divorcing Jim. Jim says he’s grossly underestimated the power of his father, but Wyatt says Jim has grossly underestimated the power of his son. Jim hopes so, for his sake. He asks if Jim is done, and says he and Kathryn have to stop coming around there. Jim leaves. When was Kathryn there? Like, three seasons ago?

The doctor goes in to see Veronica. She asks if anything is wrong, and if she has any internal injuries. He says all the tests were negative, and she wonders why she feels so bad. He says she was in a car that flipped over. They can discharge her; there’s no need to stay. He asks if she feels up to talking to the officer who’s been checking on her. She wants to ask some questions about the accident. Veronica agrees, and the officer comes in. Veronica asks where she was when a car tried to run her off the road, and the officer asks if she got a good look at them. Veronica tells her they were in her rear view. It was a truck, an older model, black. The officer asks if she thinks it was deliberate. She does. She says they just came out of nowhere and rammed her car. She asks if Veronica has any enemies. Veronica says she’s an attorney who’s represented a lot of bad people. She has quite a few ideas, but will let her know when she gets to the bottom of it. The officer says that’s their job, and Veronica says, do it. She’ll call her boss, since she doesn’t seem that bright. The officer leaves, and Veronica calls Benny. She leaves a message that she’s being discharged. She’ll get a car home, and asks him to call her back.

David paces at the station again. He must have worn a path in front of the reception desk by now. He says, that’s it, and calls Veronica. She asks what he wants, and he asks why she had Jeffrey arrested. She says he wants to be with the boys, so prison is the best place. He calls her a crazy, maniacal person, and she asks if he’s just finding that out. He tells her to call the DA and have the charges dropped. He’s their son, and she can’t control him. She says she can, and David calls her impossible. He says she’s a simple bitch, and she tells him to say it again and see what happens. He says they have to get Jeffrey out; he’s not doing well. She doesn’t care. David hangs up, and when his phone rings, he answers with saying she’s being a bitch. Erica asks if he’s okay, and wonders what’s going on. He tells her, nothing. He’s just trying to deal with a situation. She asks if it’s another woman, and he tells her that his ex did something terrible. He doesn’t know when he’ll be back. He’s got to deal with his son, and says he’ll see her later. He asks if she’s okay. She says she is, but she doesn’t seem like it.

David approaches Justin at his station desk. Justin has nothing to say. David thinks he does. He needs to know what’s going on with Justin and his son. He knows his son is gay. Justin says there’s nothing going on, and he’s not gay. David tells him there’s a video that says otherwise. He says he just read the report about Quincy’s body being found, and Justin was there. He tells Justin to leave his son alone. Justin says he’s not doing anything. David accuses him of planting evidence to incriminate Jeffrey because he’s a psychotic jealous lover (and David should know about those). He repeats, leave his son alone.

Sarah parks Candace on a bench outside of Jeffrey’s cell. He asks if they had her arrested too. She tells him, no, but don’t say too much. She tells him that his dad is there, trying to get him out, and he will. Jeffrey says he can’t go to jail. This is insane. Candace tells him to be cool. He babbles about the disgusting and dangerous people, and she says to play it right, and everything will be fine. He says he didn’t do this alone, and she tells him be quiet right now. She says not to panic; they have nothing on them, and his father can argue for him. He says he can’t be in here another hour, and she tells him to calm down. Sarah comes back. She tells Candace no talking to the inmates, and leads her away.

Mitch hears Melissa moaning, and opens the bedroom door. He sees her and Benny going at it, and Benny tells him to get out. He does, telling Benny to hurry up. Uh-oh. Veronica walks in. Mitch says he brought Benny to get her things, and she asks where he is. Mitch says upstairs getting her things, and she says he’s not answering his phone. Mitch says he might have left it in car, and offers to go get him. He sits Veronica on the couch, and runs upstairs. He tells Benny that Veronica is home, downstairs right now. Melissa asks what Mitch is doing, and he says trying to get his boy. Benny is throwing on his clothes. She says they didn’t finish, and asks if he wants to start. He asks if this is a joke, and she asks if it sounds like she’s joking. They get out while the getting is good.

Veronica tells Benny that she was discharged, so she didn’t need her clothes. He says she’s still beautiful, but he has to go. Melissa comes down in tiny robe, and Veronica tells her to put some clothes on. Melissa says Veronica always wants her to wear it, and Veronica says, for her son. Melissa says he doesn’t appreciate it, and Veronica tells her to go upstairs. Benny says he’s leaving, and Melissa asks him if he doesn’t want to finish. He says he doesn’t want anything. Veronica asks him to help her upstairs, saying she’ll deal with Melissa later. Melissa makes a snide remark about Veronica having to deal with the edges on her foundation. Benny helps Veronica up the stairs, and Melissa asks Mitch if Benny and Veronica are involved. He feigns ignorance, and she asks if it’s true what they say about tall men. She asks if he thinks she’s sexy, and jumps into his arms. He’s like, no way, and Melissa says she wouldn’t tell. He says, bye-bye, and she says, next time.

Benny sits Veronica down, and takes her shoes off. She asks if he’s going to tuck her in, and asks for a kiss. Benny is getting a lot of action today. She says he saved her life, She wishes she wasn’t in so much pain, or she’d take him right now. She asks him to come back to see her, and he says tomorrow. She calls him, her hero, and he tells her to get some rest.

In the hallway, Melissa blocks Benny, and asks him to come to her room; she knows he enjoyed it. He says he has to go. As he’s walking to the car, he zips up his pants, and Mitch and I both laugh. Mitch says that’s some crazy sh*t, and Benny tells him not to say anything. Mitch says homegirl won’t either. He says she’s touched, but sexy. Mitch still thinks Benny should work Veronica. Benny says she’s watching through the window; dude, drive.

Hanna arrives at Kathryn’s place – a gigantic old mansion. Kathryn shows Hanna around, and says it’s a new day. She’s embracing her femininity, and no more dark brown. She got married there, and shows Hanna the grand staircase she walked down. She still has good memories. Distant, but good  Hanna says it’s beautiful, and Kathryn says it should be, it cost enough.

She takes Hanna to the kitchen, and introduces her to Joanne. Kathryn tells Joanne that Hanna knos everything about her and her family. She practically is family. Hanna is going to show her the rope. Hanna says she knows how hard it is to learn a new family. Derek walks in and Kathryn says Hanna remembers him, right? Derek says he was working there, and Hanna is like, sure you were. Kathryn wants to take Joanne upstairs to show her something. She tells Derek that Hanna makes the best tea ever, and to stay for some. Hanna tells Derek that Kathryn thinks she’s slick, trying to get them to go out. He says he told her that Hanna turned him down, but didn’t tell her why, because Hanna didn’t tell him why. She says she has a lot going on, but he thinks that’s no excuse. He just asked her to have coffee. She says they’re going to have tea. She’ll make it, and if can be their coffee date. It’s not what he had in mind, but okay. Derek tells Hanna that he’s a widower, and has three kids; boys in college who play sports. He was married for thirty years until she died from cancer. She was a funny woman, who told him not to sweat the small stuff. He says, His eyes are on the sparrow, and Hanna asks if he goes to church. He’s a deacon, but she goes to a different church. He tells her to stop by. She tells him that she’s sorry for brushing him off. She prejudged him, thinking he was a dog. They laugh, and she says he seemed like he was on the prowl. He asks if he looked that desperate, and says he needs to work on that. He tells Hanna that he’s lonely; he misses his wife. Hanna says he’s a good-looking man. There must be plenty of prospects at church. She says Kathryn meant well, and asks if he was really fixing anything, or was it a setup? Derek says he did fix something yesterday, and Kathryn said she was coming over, so he came back. How about if they have tea, and see how they feel?

I just love watching these people work. This is real acting, and I’ll bet I never see one of them carrying a coffee cup that’s supposed to be full like it’s empty.

Candace is put in cell with Quita look, who says, who locked up now? Candace tells her to shut her mouth. Quita says they finally got her for what she did to Quincy. Candace says she doesn’t know what Quita is talking about. Quita says Candace killed her brother, and her ass is gonna fry. Candace says the only thing that’s frying is Quita’s brain from all that crack. Quita tells Candace that she better be scared of the electric chair. She says Quincy was good to Candace. Candace says he was an abusive psycho. Quita says he loved her, that’s why he hit her. He told her that he loved Candace every day. Candace applauds, saying she’s so glad. Quita says she stabbed him, but Candace says she doesn’t know what Quita is talking about. Quita says Quincy didn’t even get a proper funeral. She buried him in the backyard like he’s a nobody. She tells Candace, what goes around come on back around. She says it came back fast. Candace killed her brother, and now look her son. Candace tells her shut up. Quita says it happened because of what Candace did to her brother. Her son was shot dead in a bathroom. Candace attacks her, and the prisoners go nuts.

Next time, the DA talks to Candace, Oscar bails out Quita, and Veronica and Benny get busy.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I have to mention that the dress LVP wears in the opening credits is absolutely stunning, and probably one of the best I’ve seen on any of the Wives shows. It’s a glittery copper-colored gown, with straps on top and a full skirt. Simple in design, and it looks amazing on her.

The ladies gather in the kitchen at Teddi’s beach house. Dorit thanks Teddi, saying what a fun night it was, and we see a clip of everyone acting goofy. Erika ended up leaving. LVP doesn’t know why she needed to check into the hotel for stomach cramps, except those weren’t the kind of cramps she said she had. Kyle took Erika’s room, and Dorit says she had first dibs. Erica returns, and Kyle tells her she missed the fun; they were all ridiculous. In her interview, Dorit thought the first topic would be Erika leaving, since they’d talked about it the night before.

Teddi’s trainer Alex arrives, and gets the girls joggling in place, sans Erika and Dorit. In her interview, Dorit says she talked about Erika to the others last year without talking directly to her, and doesn’t want to get caught in that trap again. She tells Erika that she’d rather wait until the others are done, but she wants to be super honest. She tells Erika a couple of the girls were mad that she left. Erika wants to know who it was, and Dorit dances around it, but finally tells Erika that it was Kyle and Teddi. We see a clip of Teddi being annoyed that it was last minute. Erika isn’t too pleased about it. She had intentions of staying, but wasn’t feeling well, and doesn’t know what the big deal was.

Erika ambushes Kyle as soon as she comes in, asking if she was mad about her leaving, and saying that Dorit told her they’d had a discussion. Kyle wonders what sh*t Dorit was stirring up while the rest of them were working out. Teddi says it was weird that Erika said she was staying, and then didn’t. Erika thinks it’s weird she should care. (In all fairness, Teddi did have to prepare the rooms.) Teddi said she’s not mad, but she was just confused. Camille tells Dorit being a tattletale isn’t cool, and everyone should have been involved. In her interview, Camille wonders what Dorit is trying to do. Erika sys didn’t want to bleed all over the sheets. Teddi says it’s becoming a bigger deal than it should be. Camille says it’s because someone tattletaled (my spellcheck – which is pretty liberal – does not recognize that as a word).

Dorit tells Camille that it’s silly, but Camille doesn’t agree with some of the things she says or does. She says things to get attention, and it’s not cool. She can’t keep her mouth shut. She doesn’t think Dorit should have said anything. Teddi says everyone thought it was weird, and now she has to defend herself. In her interview, Teddi says If you’re not okay with it, don’t do weird sh*t. Erika is weepy, and Teddi says the only thing bothering her is that Erika feels badly. Erika brushes her off, saying she doesn’t need any more petting, when Teddi tries to touch her. I’m thinking she’s just emotional because she has her period. Geez.

It’s quiet in the kitchen. Dorit doesn’t think either of them should be upset, and Erika says it’s not personal. Teddi says she didn’t take it personally, but she extended an olive branch, and Erika blew it off, making her feel like sh*t. Erika says it’s her being hurt and embarrassed. Teddi says she’s been confronted like she did something wrong, when all she did was say it was weird. LVP feels badly for Teddi. She’s uncomfortable with entertaining in the first place, and the high-maintenance women are validating her fears. Teddi suggests calling it a day. In her interview, Kyle says no one was mad or said Erika was a bitch. There was nothing Dorit needed to repeat. Teddi thanks them for coming.

LisaR is on the set of The Middle. I’m not a sitcom person, but that show makes me laugh. She says yesterday was a long one, and over 100 degrees. She hasn’t done a sitcom in a while, and her comedy is rusty. She says I’s hard to do the whole day in the heat, and then your closeup is the last one. She’s been through it all on the soaps. She says you learn from your mistakes, and she’s learned a lot.

Everyone packs up. Teddi says she might need Kyle to talk her through Fashion Week. Erika says she’s sorry Teddi’s feelings were hurt, and it was embarrassing for her. Teddi says she had the same feelings when she tried to reach out to Erika.

In the car, LVP says Teddi is trying to hold it together; they’ve all been there. Kyle asks Dorit why, and Dorit says Erika asked her who said it. Kyle says everybody said it, and Erika didn’t single Kyle out, Dorit did. We flash back to Dorit even saying Erika’s abrupt departure was weird. Kyle says everyone thought it was odd. In her interview, Kyle says we all have moments of saying someone did something strange, but you don’t approach them about it the next day. Dorit says it wasn’t a big deal, but can become one. LVP says it just did.

Erika is back home with Tom. Tom has been doing well since the accident, but he’s still working from home. Erika says, in some ways, it’s kind of nice. She tells him about writing her book and writing some new music, and that it’s great, but overwhelming. She doesn’t know how he manages so much; what he does is massive. He says they appreciate each other. She says learned a lot from him. He’s impressed that Simon and Schuster sought her out. He says it means a lot. She’s excited, yet intimidated. She knows no one in the literary world, and is a fish out of water.

LisaR is accompanying Amelia and Delilah to Fashion Week in NYC. LisaR says there’s so much going on, her head is spinning. How this is different from any other time, I don’t know. Amelia wants to spend time with mom, and LisaR says her mom packed her off with a hug and smile. She wants to be able to do the same, no matter how hard it is for her.

PK’s parents are staying a while. Dorit says the kids love their grandparents, but don’t get to see them as often as they’d like. To have both sets to look after PK while she’s gone is a bonus, because he’s five.

Teddi comes to Kyle’s store. She needs what to wear help for Fashion Week. Kyle is having a party at her store in NYC.

PK asks Dorit how she got on with Teddi. Dorit says Erika wasn’t feeling well, and wanted to go to hotel, and it became a big deal. She’s having anxiety over the NYC trip. PK’s mother says time heals, and people won’t remember. Obviously, she doesn’t know this group at all.

Teddi says she couldn’t care less, and wasn’t like Dorit didn’t say something too. Kyle thinks it’s a crafty way of outing them, and stepping away from the fire. Kyle gives Teddi some things to try on. In her interview, Teddi explains that her babysitter is a stylist, and matches her outfits. Kyle puts on a very cute black lace minidress. She’s having fun unleashing Teddi’s inner fashionista. Teddi calls Edwin, and Kyle yells that all the money is gone. Teddi tells him any purchases are Kyle’s fault. She says he couldn’t care less, but it’s her own issue.

Giggy! Harrison! The ladies get ready for the trip to NYC. I wonder if anyone from the NYC cast will cross over. Omg, Lisa’s closet. Erika’s closet. Words can’t even describe them.

Dorit is hosting Bella magazine’s party because she’s on the cover. PK can’t come because he’s closing the deals on her swimwear line. He can’t believe she’s leaving him with all the parents and the kids. Just number him in the latter category.

LisaR shows us Delilah’s apartment. Which has no furniture unless you count clothes all over the floor. They go shopping, and LisaR finds some giant acrylic decorative capsules. We flash back to her pulling out her bag of pills. In her interview, she says she got hand me downs for her first apartment. I got the furniture that was already there. Delilah talks about having a clogged toilet, and not knowing what to do without her dad. LisaR tells us about the cockroaches in her first place, and how this is a whole other level. Yep. I had those too. God bless whoever invented Combat.

Kyle and LVP are going to store, and meeting the others at the hotel later. Erika talks about being eighteen in NYC and not going out until midnight or one a.m., and not getting home until six. She doesn’t think she’ll live there again; LA is easy. Funny, I think just the opposite.

Kyle greets store partner Lizzy when they get to the store. We see the space pre-store, and it was a shamble. Kyle says when she first saw it, she didn’t think they could create such a beautiful store. She tells LVP about the designers she carries. In her interview, she says she and LVP are supportive of each other. They have a history, and friendship isn’t something to be tossed away when something goes wrong.

The ladies meet for dinner. Camille shows us a picture of when she was on MTV as a youngster. LisaR says the girls are going to casting calls with big directors, and it’s humbling to know it’s not just you. They order deviled eggs, and I suddenly want one. Not so much the tuna tartare tacos. I like tuna tartare, but why mess it up with a crunchy shell around it?

Kyle buys some earrings from herself.

Erika asks if they filled LisaR in on the latest. She tells Dorit to go on and tell what happened. Dorit tells LisaR about the dinner with Kyle that LVP walked out of. Erika says very Alexis Carrington. Camille is diplomatic, but Erika says they’re competitive. In her interview, Erika thinks LVP loves them competing for her affection. Dorit talks about LVP and Kyle “getting into it” somewhat at the beach house, and Teddi says there wasn’t going to be a resolution. Then it comes. Dorit tells them about Kyle being outspoken regarding Erika leaving. In her interview, Camille says, here we go again. She can’t help herself. Teddi says she can only speak for herself, but she thought it was weird for Erika to go through the motions as though she was staying, and then leave. LisaR thinks the way they’re dealing with it is weird. Erika says Erika is going to do what Erika wants until the day Erika dies. Camille says there was a lot going on before she got there. Erika tells them that she drove down with LVP, who said she’d felt brushed aside. Camille asks if she might have felt ignored, and Dorit says she does. LVP told her privately that she feels when they’re in a group that Dorit doesn’t include her, and also talks over her. In her interview, Teddi says kindly SYFU. Dorit says she might have said she felt jealous. LisaR asks if she’s saying anything that she wouldn’t say to LVP’s face, and Dorit says she’d say it all to her. In her interview, LisaR worries for Dorit, bcause LVP isn’t going to be happy with what she said.

Next time, Erika wears sunglasses to die for when she meets with her publishers, Kyle talks to LVP about what Dorit said, Dorit confronts LVP, and Kyle confronts Dorit.

💮 I noticed reruns from the first season of Too Close to Home on TLC. Could this mean it’s coming back?

🌹 The Gown


February 5, 2018 – Peter Gets Grilled, I Hate Jax Even More & the Colonel


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Carly tells Jason that he wants to do the noble thing, and is concerned about Sam’s happiness. She tells him that he should fight for her, unless he believes she’ll be happier with Drew. Jason says he doesn’t get to decide what makes Sam happy, so please drop it.

Sam believes who Drew is inside is still there. He doesn’t need the flash drive; he can remember on his own. He says aside from a flicker of déjà vu when he met Kim, it’s a blank. The flash drive might be his best chance. Sam tells him if they find it, she wants him to be careful how he uses it.

Franco gives Doc the rabbit foot to put alongside the brain in a jar. Doc says it’s party central now; all they need is a disco ball. Doc asks if it’s connected to Franco’s claim that he hurt people as a child. He was only a little boy. Franco says he sent the boy who was his best friend at the time, falling down a flight of stairs.

Elizabeth asks Griff how he’s holding up. Griff says he’s lost patients before, but this one hit hard. Elizabeth says they had a history, and Griff adds, not a good one. He wonders if there’s something more he could have done, and didn’t.

At the MetroCourt bar, Ava tells Nelle not to underestimate Carly. Once she paints a target on your back, she won’t rest until she takes you out. Nelle says she’ll have to take Carly out first. Ava says she needs to plan and have s strategy. Nelle needs to be careful that Carly doesn’t suspect anything. Nelle says she won’t, just like the last time. Ava tells her that Carly knows how she operates now, and Nelle says she came close to pulling it off. Ava says until she fell in love with Carly’s son. Nelle tells Ava the biggest obstacle between her and Michael is his family.

Sonny knocks on Mike’s door. A woman opens it, and checks him out, leaving the chain attached. Sonny starts to introduce himself, but she says she recognizes him, and opens the door. She says Mike must be in more trouble than she thought.

Franco tells Doc that he thought the other boy was his brother, since his mom raised them together. Doc asks where his parents were, and Franco says Betsy was hiding the boy from Alan; it was Drew. Betsy thought Franco might hurt him again, so she sent him to live in an orphanage. He wonders if Faison did Drew a favor.

At the Aurora office, Peter looks at the latest article about Faison. A police officer comes in, and tells Peter they’re almost finished. They’re doing a final sweep to look for the bullet Faison shot at him.

Sam tells Drew they have no leads on the flash drive. She wonders what he’s thinking, since they can’t exactly plug it into him, and access his memories and past. What if it’s worse than they know? Why chase after something so dangerous to use?

Carly needs Jason to be okay. She’s not sure she can get through the next six months. Oh, that’s nice. She needs him to be okay for her. She can’t believe that psychopath is carrying her grandchild. He didn’t see how Nelle took advantage of Morgan’s death. Carly did her part, beginning the involvement with taking Nelle’s kidney, but she attacked them at their most vulnerable, and Carly thinks she doesn’t have a heart or soul. Jason asks if Nelle scares her, and she says she’s terrified that Nelle is carrying Michael’s child. He puts up with more than he should, and she doesn’t want that for him. Jason isn’t saying there’s no reason to worry, but tells her that Michael is an incredible man, and will be an incredible father. He might give Nelle too much leeway, but will put the baby first, and they’ll be there to help. Carly says it won’t be the last time he’ll need to calm her down; he’s going to have to stop her from kicking Nelle’s ass. Michael walks in and asks if she’s pissed at Nelle again, or is there a family crisis he doesn’t know about?

The woman invites Sonny in, telling him that she and Mike have been together five years. She says Mike talks about Sonny all the time, and tells him what beautiful kids he has. She introduces herself as Rita. She tells Sonny that they met at Gamblers Anonymous, and it’s good to have a boyfriend who’s also in recovery; they understand each other. At least she thought they did. Recently, two goons showed up, saying Mike owed them ten large. Sonny asks where Mike is, and she says that’s the problem. She has no idea.

Rita says Mike went out to get the paper. Nothing seemed strange; he was his usual cheerful self. Sonny suggests calling him, but Rita says he left his phone. She tells Sonny that he clams to get caught up talking to people, but he’s been vague and wandering. It’s the first sign of shady behavior since they’ve been together. Sonny asks who he borrowed $10K from, and she says not borrowed. It was his boss’s money that he was supposed to deliver.

Carly tells Michael that she’s pissed, and has every reason to be. He asks if this a brand new reason, and Carly claims not to be looking for conflict, but Nelle makes it inevitable. Jason tries to ditch this conversation, but she asks him to stay. He sighs. Michael tries to talk, but Carly barrels over him, and Jason tells her to let him talk. Michael says that Nelle is connected to their family now. They’re having a kid, and it’s going to be okay. She asks how, and he says he doesn’t know yet; they’ll work on it. He knows she hates it, but she won’t self-destruct. When she feels it coming on, call Jason, and he’ll talk her down. Jason says he loves them both, but he’ll see them later. When he’s gone, Michael tells Carly to lay it on him. What did Nelle do?

Ava says Michael must have felt the same way about Nelle at some point. Nelle says it was wonderful for a while. Ava asks what happened, and answers her own question; Carly. Nelle says no matter how many times she apologized, Carly wouldn’t let it go. It wasn’t enough for her and Sonny to hate her; she wanted Michael to hate her too. She chipped away at him, and whispered in his ear, until he finally took her word over Nelle’s. Ava says she’s sorry, but Nelle says, she’s not. That won’t be how it is forever. They’ll have a beautiful baby, and give the baby what she always wanted and never had; two loving parents, a family, and a home full of love.

Doc asks Franco how it felt, pushing his friend down the stairs. Franco is ambivalent, since he doesn’t know what happened; Betsy told him about it. Doc says she’s lied before, but Franco says she lied to protect him, not hurt him. It took months to pry it out of her, and even then she was reluctant. Doc wonders if she just wanted him to think so. Franco says she knew the truth, and he pushed Drew to hurt him.

Elizabeth says Griff is a great doctor; one of GH’s best. He would have never let the animosity between him and Nathan get in the way. The only person responsible is Faison.

Jason visits Peter at the Aurora office. He heard Peter paid Faison a visit, and asks why. Peter says Faison took a shot at him, and he wanted him to know it didn’t take. Jason asks if there was anything else, and Peter says, not really, no. Jason asks which it is; not really or no? He asks if there was any chance the guard outside overheard their conversation, but Peter says the door was closed. Jason tells him he was the last person to see Faison alive, aside from the staff. Peter asks, what is this about exactly?

Sonny asks Rita if Mike is a bag man. She says he picks up the money and brings it to his boss. Sonny says, Caruso, and she says he’s a fair man and pays well. Mike doesn’t want to ask Sonny for money; being a burden is his worst nightmare. It’s the first time he didn’t deliver, and has been trustworthy up until now. She thinks he’s gambling again, and swiped the money to pay back the debt because he can’t come up with anything else. Mike (being played by Max Gail – they’re dragging in all the old sitcom guys) walks in. Mike asks Rita to make some coffee. His son has come for a visit.

Doc asks if Franco can recall any feelings surrounding the incident or hostility toward Drew for any reason? Franco says he wasn’t even in kindergarten yet. Doc asks what about afterward; did he miss Drew? Franco tells him that he asked about it so often, Betsy thought it was in his best interest to convince him that Drew never existed; he was a figment of Franco’s imagination. Drew didn’t fall by himself, but it still leaves the big question as to why.

Ava tells Nelle that she wants her little girl back even more now. Nelle says she’s not even a mom yet, but can’t imagine being separated from her baby. Ava says it’s a torture like no other, but she doesn’t see much choice. Nelle says, for now, but if she gets her way, Carly won’t be an issue for either of them. She’s going to fight fire with fire. Ava asks if she’s going to prove Carly is an unfit mother. Nelle says there’s some truth to that. Ava says she’s deranged when she perceives a threat to her family. She becomes 100% unhinged.

Michael asks if Carly confronted Nelle about her lost year. Carly says sort of, and Nelle turned violent and tried to hit her. I vote for someone clocking Carly really good.

Sam and Drew go over how Andre put the flash drive in a Christmas ornament, gave it to Anna, and and she unknowingly put it in a box of ornaments for the community tree. Sam says it disappeared afterward, and Drew asks what about the other ornaments? She says they were all still there, and he says it wasn’t random then. Someone was looking for it. Sam says it wasn’t Faison; he had no idea it existed, but maybe Henrik has it.

Peter tells Jason it’s starting to feel like an interrogation. Jason asks if Faison mentioned Henrik. Peter says no, but thanks him for the bullet that took Faison out. Jason wonders why Faison would have come to the Crimson office. Peter says he was there dropping off a report, but maybe Faison wanted to get to Maxie. Jason can’t figure out why he wouldn’t have gone to her apartment, and instead went to the office where there could be witnesses like Peter?

Rita is glad Mike is okay, and Mike asks why he wouldn’t be? Sonny asks for moment, and Rita says she has to open the bar anyway. She tells Sonny not to be a stranger, and leaves. Mike says it’s good to see him and they make small talk. He’s sorry about Morgan, and says no parent should have to bury a child. He tells Sonny that he had a week of masses said, and Sonny thanks him. He’s sorry he couldn’t have been there, and wishes he’d been the kind of father Sonny could turn to for support. He’s sorry about all of it. Sonny asks what trouble he’s gotten himself into?

Doc suggests maybe Franco never pushed Drew, or it was an accident. He was just a small child, and children are impulsive. Franco says it wasn’t an accident, but Doc thinks maybe he’s begging to be branded a lost cause to protect himself. Franco says he’s trying to protect Elizabeth and the kids. Doc asks if he’s ever had the impulse to hurt any of them, and Franco says, no. Doc asks if that doesn’t speak volumes. Franco says it doesn’t prove he’s cured, and Doc says it doesn’t prove he’s not. If there’s even the whisper of a chance he could hurt them, he’d need to get away, even if breaks his heart.

Elizabeth tells Griff that she and Franco finally set a date. She says it’s a struggle for him to be happy, and he tends to self-sabotage. Griff says it’s a process, and he needs to trust it. Elizabeth says process should be his middle name. He needs to learn to get out of his own way. Griff thinks that’s a lesson for all of them. Elizabeth asks does he ever wonder if Ava will revert to her old ways, and how that would change everything? He says he thinks about there always being that chance, but he has faith. They toast to faith with their water bottles.

Nelle tells Ava that she’s going to hit Carly where it hurts, and knows exactly how to do it.

Carly tells Michael that Nelle tried to slap her, but she has excellent reflexes. He asks how it went down, because Michael talks like a combination hippie/gangster from the 70s. He knows it didn’t happen out of the blue. Carly says she knows how to push Nelle to the breaking point, and Michael asks if she said Nelle would be an unfit mother. She says it could have happened that way, but it was more like she intimated he would think so. Michael tells her that’s not fair. She says she had no idea how Nelle would react, and she knows he wouldn’t allow a child to be in danger. He tells her to trust him. He gets it, and everything will work out. Carly tells him, if he says so.

Sam says maybe Henrik had Anna followed, but Drew asks how he would know that the flash drive was in the ornament? She says maybe he had audio surveillance, and beat her to the park. Drew says the problem is that they don’t know who Henrik is or how to find him. Even though neither one of them are comfortable with the procedure, if she wants an adventure, they should go looking for the flash drive. They can call Anna, and find out what she knows. Sam thinks they should call Jason too, but Drew says to leave him out for now. Anna can tell them what they need to know. They still have a company to run, and he has a meeting with Peter. Sam says she’ll meet Drew later at home.

Jason tells Peter that Faison wouldn’t make a move unless it was calculated. Peter says he could have had Maxie followed. Jason says she got there after he did, and Peter says maybe his car was faster. Or maybe he used the Star Trek transporter. Peter says he’s sorry Jason can’t get answers from Faison, but he’s not sure how he can help. Jason asks if he knows anything about the flash drive. Peter days that Drew grilled Faison, and nothing came from it. The officer comes back, saying the office is almost cleared for reentry. They never found the bullet, so if the staff comes across it… Peter says they’ll be the first call.

Nelle goes to Sonny’s house. She tells Michael she’s glad he’s there for this. She tells Carly she wants to apologize. She lost her temper. Carly admits she was out of line too. Nelle says all is forgiven. She knows she caused everyone pain, and wants to make it up. Carly says it’s not necessary, and Nelle says she thought of the perfect way.

Sonny tells Mike that Caruso called with some concerns, and asks if Mike is a bag man; it’s what Rita told him. He says it’s a bad idea, but Mike asks how he’s supposed to get job at his age, and with his history? Caruso called with an offer, and he took it. Sonny asks what kind of trouble he’s in, and Mike asks if Sonny is checking up on him. Sonny says guys came by looking for ten grand that wasn’t delivered. What happened to the money?

Peter tells the officer that maybe the gun misfired; he doesn’t know much about firearms. He wonders if he should add that to his statement, and the officer says he’ll be in touch. When he’s gone, Jason says he didn’t know about the missing bullet. Peter says that man had a badge, and Jason doesn’t. If he has any further questions, he needs to call for an appointment. Jason says he’ll have Sam set it up.

Doc tells Franco that any root causes, besides the tumor have to be differentiated. Franco says he’s getting married this month, and Doc says he can’t rush the process. Franco asks if Doc told that to Ryan. Doc says his brother was the victim of sex abuse at the hands of their mother, and it caused his psychosis. He died before he could be healed. He thinks Franco can be healed too, if he isn’t already. He’s already proven he can be helped by coming there. There’s hope for him to be happy yet, and Doc wants to prove it.

Sam sees Jason at Aurora, and they soap gaze at each other before the commercial. Sam tells Jason that Drew wants to look for the flash drive. She’d suggested they work with him, but Drew disagreed. Jason says she can ask him anything anytime. Sam says Drew wants them to do it alone, and she’s not going behind his back. He thinks they could go farther if they shared information. She says he likes working with Sonny and Spinelli, and Drew likes working with her. She wishes they would treat each other like the brothers they are, but doesn’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon. They’re Danny’s parents. That’s never going to change, but outside of that, she doesn’t think they’ll be seeing much of each other. She tells him to take care. He gives her a puzzled look, and tells her she knows where to find him if she needs him. He walks away, and she sighs. It’s catching.

Peter tells Drew there’s something he should know. Drew’s brother came see him. He wanted answers about Faison. He has no idea why Jason came to him. He never laid eyes on Faison before that night.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he took her advice and saw Doc; they just had a session. Doc thinks he can help, and there might be hope for him after all. She says she knows there is.

Ava asks how Griff is; she knows last night was rough. He says he’s hanging in there. She asks if there’s anything she can do, and he says she’s doing it. She’s exactly what he needs. They kiss.

Mike can’t believe Sonny thinks he stole money. He says he takes his job seriously. Sonny asks where the $10K is, and tells Mike to admit. He’ll take care of it. Sonny thinks it’s just the tip of the iceberg, and the last thing he wants to hear is that Mike is dead on the street. He asks how much Mike owes, and Mike says he’s nothing but an obligation to Sonny. Sonny asks what happened, but Mike says he doesn’t know.

Michael tells Nelle that she doesn’t have to do anything. She says she came up with an idea everyone will love. She’s decided whether it’s a boy or girl, she’ll name the baby Morgan.

No preview, but at least George Stephanopoulos waited until the actual show was over to tell us about the DOW plunge. He claims Wall Street veterans saw this coming. Please, so did I. And so did anyone who pays attention. That’s how it works.

Vanderpump Rules

Stassi and James meet with Lisa. She asks if they’re ready for tomorrow. It’s her inauguration for being the new editor and chief at Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine. She wants it to be a beautiful night, and go without a hitch. Stassi assures her it will go perfectly. Lisa says it had better, or she’ll be the one looking like an idiot. James tells her that he can handle both parties, since his weekly DJ gig is the same night. After Lisa leaves. Stassi tells James he can bring his boyfriend if he wants. He tells her to shut up, and says that Raquel is pissed.

Schwartz and Tom meet with MJ, the dude who did their suits for the wedding. The triplets are thirty, and live at home with mom in Florida. Tom wants to do a more extensive makeover than he did for the wedding. Schwartz says Katie has gone from tequila Katie to chamomile tea Katie, and she’s being cool about them staying at their place. In her interview, Katie says she’s trying to be a supportive wife.

Billie Lee meets Stassi at SUR. Her podcast, Straight Up with Stassi, is still a priority, and she thinks Billie would be an incredible guest. Billie just had her nails done, and says the girls had some words about Stassi, and told her to be careful. We see Ariana saying Stassi takes pride in being ignorant, and basically calling her a racist. Stassi tells Billie to listen to the podcast in question – about the Academy Awards speeches being political in talking about race, but as though only African Americans were affected. We hear a clip, and she wonders why there are no mentions of Asians, Latinos, or Native Americans? Apparently, she got a lot of flak for the episode, and was called all kinds of names. I dunno. Sounds like a legitimate question to me. She says ignorant she can accept, but she’s not anti-anyone, unless you’re an a-hole. She gets teary, saying it’s serious to say about someone. Billie says it’s not her perception of Stassi. Stassi removes her eyelashes, and Billie lights some sage. True story. A million years ago, when I was going home from work and taking the subway at 42nd Street, this African American dude dressed in Muslim garb asked me for a dollar. I was polite, but told him no, and he said, “I hate white people.” I told him that I didn’t hate anyone – except a-holes, implying he was one. That’s still my stance.

Katie blows up the air mattress, and talks to the dogs about the triplets coming, saying she’s outnumbered. Tom wants to teach the triplets about building a good foundation with fashion. Good luck with that. Katie tells Jax and Tom there was an electrical fire at SUR. Tom says Jeremy kept the fire from spreading until the fire department came. He asks Jax if he’d be sad if SUR burned down, and Jax says, no. Nice.

The triplets arrive. Tom lays some underwear, shoes, and basic clothing on them. He talks about how he made over Schwartz, and Schwartz says it’s the not-so-extreme makeover – triplet edition. Katie doesn’t mind a houseguest for a few nights, but Schwartz better make sure the place isn’t smelling like socks and farts. Jax is ready to get his house back after being blindsided with Brittany’s mom and sister. He says Kristen’s intention was to get at him, not help Brittany out.

Lisa looks things over at SUR. The electrical cupboard shorted out. The flames didn’t reach the restaurant, but the smoke did. She doesn’t think they can open tonight. Stassi says she has people who are willing to work the party, but some won’t. Ariana has to think about it, since Stassi isn’t her boss. Lisa asks what happened, and Stassi starts crying. She tells Lisa about the girls saying she’s closed- minded, and doesn’t care about social issues. In her interview, Lisa says she thinks a lot of things about Stassi, but racism and homophobia aren’t any of them, and she would never tolerate it. She tells Stassi to pull herself together and do her job.

The crew arrives for work. Lisa doesn’t know how, but they’re going to manage James’s party. Part of the restaurant will be closed. She talks about the magazine party, and suddenly Ariana is okay with working. In her interview, Lisa says Ariana and Stassi are always fighting for queen bee position, but if they’d join together, they’d be unstoppable. She tells them that Stassi is speaking for her, and jokes they should call Stassi Miss Schroeder.

The crew prepares for the party. Pandora wonders where Jax and Ariana are. Ariana finally shows. She’s pissed because she thought she was just pouring wine, and actually has to do some work. She complains to Billie and Lala. Stassi is mad at herself for not learning that Jax can’t be counted on, and now she has to bartend.

Giggy! Stassi tells Lisa that Jax isn’t answering his phone. Lisacan’t believe he has the nerve to let her down after the passes she’s given him. Brittany arrives, and says he’s still at home. Lisa calls him an unreliable ass, and Max takes over. Lisa asks Brittany to help Ariana. Brittany says Jax is dragging her down with him.

Billie tells Lala about the podcast. Lala doesn’t think Stassi is ignorant, but she doesn’t think before she speaks. Stassi is proud of herself for not putting her feelings ahead of work. Jax finally rolls in. Lisa says he’s an hour late, and calls him a selfish a-hole. He apologizes, saying it’s okay, and she says it’s not okay. I hate that too, when people say it’s okay when it’s not. In his interview, Jax says it’s just rich people having free drinks, and doesn’t think it’s a big deal. Have I mentioned how much I hate Jax? Lisa tells us that she tries not to lose her temper, but if no one is calling him out for being an a-hole, she’s going to do it. She tells Jax to get lost, and Stassi says he’s the same old unreliable Jax.

Jax whines to the guys that he should be working the party, but showed up thirty minutes late, and got kicked out. (Has he met Dorit?) Schwartz says Jax is always in trouble with something. In his interview, Jax asks what he’s done differently than his friends? They’ve all lied, cheated, and been late to work. Well, for one thing, he’s lived about ten years longer, and should know better. He takes a swig of his beer, and hits his tooth with the bottle. I laugh. Schwartz suggests Jager bombs (ugh! ptooey!), and Jax complains that he’s trying to tell them his feelings.

Mark, the president of the magazine, introduces Lisa as the new editor and chief. She says it’s bittersweet, since Mark’s father passed away two weeks ago. She promises to hold the standard as high as her heels, and will endeavor to take over the reins.

Katie tells Lisa that while she was pouring champagne, Kevin Lee asked her what happened that she gained so much weight, said she needs to work on it, and wouldn’t drop it. Lisa is furious, and wonders if he’s lost his mind. She says it’s never okay for a man to comment in a derogatory way about a woman’s appearance. She tells Katie that she’s gorgeous, and don’t tell her otherwise. Katie starts to cry, and Lisa reminds Katie that she fell through a skylight. We see an old video of Katie, with her jaw wired, talking about falling twenty-five feet and down a flight of stairs. She explains that everything comes into perspective when you cheat death. You can’t help but look at things differently. In her interview, Katie says they could have removed the scar, but it would have erased a monumental moment in her life. Lisa tells her that she went through something crazy, but she’s still her. Katie thanks her, and they hug.

James moves on to the next party, yelling about it to the people he passes on the way. A lot of the group is already there, and the girls who were working the magazine party join them. Jax keeps insisting he was only thirty minutes late. Kristen, Stassi, and Katie sit outside. Katie tells them about Kevin commenting on her weight. In her interview, Stassi wonders who he thinks he is, and if the only attractive body is supposed to be really skinny. Katie says he told her he was shocked at how big she was. BTW, she’s not big by any stretch of the imagination. She tells them if he’d said that last year, with the place she was in, she wouldn’t have been able to take it. In her interview, she says she’s been trying to work on a positive body image, getting in shape, and feeling good. It was a bit of a slap in the face. Kristen says only people who hate themselves say sh*t like that. Kristen is like the voice of reason this time around. Who would have known? Stassi tells them about what Billie said before the podcast, and how she was told she should be scared of Stassi. Like she was only there to trick her. In her interview, Stassi says one good thing about being busy and stressed is that she got to forget, and take a break from feeling sh*tty about herself. She feels mortified, and needs to take her lashes off again.

Jax wishes he could trade places with the triplets. I wish he could too. In her interview, Kristen says Jax only cares about Jax. He tells the table that Kristen is trying to poison his relationship, she’s the fakest bitch ever, and the most annoying person he’s ever met. In her interview, Kristen says she’s a lightning rod for Jax’s hatred. Jax asks Scheana if he got involved in her divorce, and she’s like as a matter-of-fact, he made a few comments. We flash back to him sticking his nose totally into her business. He says his relationship is nobody’s business. At the other table, Brittany tells him to look at her, but he’s on a roll. She goes over, and tells him to calm down. He’s talking about one of her best friends, and she can hear every word he’s saying. He needs to be careful. This isn’t them moving forward and making things better; he’s making things worse. She can hear him screaming, and acting like a lunatic. She thought Kristen bringing her family to her was a great thing to do. He needs to watch his tone, watch what he’s saying, and be respectful toward women. Go, Brittany! Although it’s doubtful he’ll listen. Scheana says that he’s almost forty. He needs to watch his blood pressure. Ha-ha! I’ll bet that hurt worse than anything Brittany had to say.

Tom asks how the magazine party was, and Katie tells the group about what Kevin said. Schwartz says he’s just bitchy. Tom says he’d tell him eff-you. In her interview, Katie says a man should never comment on a woman’s body. She thinks as long as a woman feels good in her own skin and is happy with her body, it shows, and nothing more beautiful. She tells them to have fun, and leaves. She’s replaced by the man glam squad, who comes to give the triplets haircuts. Schwartz thinks it’s a major success, and wants to savor the moment. They get dressed in their new clothes. Schwartz says he’s biased, but you won’t meet sweeter guys. The looks on their faces make him smile. They go out on the town.

Idiot Jax goes to the Kelsey the Reiki master. She asks why he’s so angry? In his interview, he tells us that he’s going to two therapists. We see his talk therapist giving him a startled look when he says something incredibly selfish. He says Kelsey sees the good in him, and it means a lot. She makes him repeat a bunch of stupid stuff about owning his anger, and has him take deep breaths. She asks what was the first thing on his path to destruction, and he says getting into acting. It’s a disgusting life, full of rejection, and when you are picked, you’re just being used. Pretty much like any job, but it can pay a lot more. He says he chose to go down that path, and he owns it. He’s work in progress. Argh! Another buzz-phrase I hate. To her credit, Kelsey says, we all are, and can learn. He can be a better Jax. Jax tells her to call him Jason, which is his real name. In his interview, he says that when he was nineteen or twenty, he started living in a fictitious world. He had to tell stories for people to like him. He wants to know Jason again. He tears up, and Kelsey asks if he feels authentic. He does, and they hug.

Next time, both Ariana and Stassi have a birthday, Lisa talks to Brittany about Jax, Stassi has a murder-themed birthday, and leaves her own party.

🌃 Bethenny and Frederik premieres tomorrow, Tuesday, at 10 pm.

🍗 Weirdness…

What’s the thing with celebrities wanting to dress like Colonel Sanders? Rob Lowe, Ray Liotta, now Reba McEntire joins the club. Is this some kind of fetish? Can it possibly pay that much?

🐓 Retro Colonel




January 31, 2018 – I Blame Lulu, Karma Hits Larry & a Little New Jersey


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General Hospital

Nathan flatlines.

Lulu writes… Detective Nathan West is fighting for his life, his wife Maxie by his side… according to sources, Detective West went face to face with his father, notorious criminal Cesar Faison… She continues on, telling the story about Maxie being held hostage, and that they’re expecting their first child. Faison fled, but because of Nathan, Maxie and the baby are safe.

Jordan looks at a picture of Faison, and crumples it

At the hospital, Peter looks at the real Faison.

Amy gets Maxie out of the room. Felicia and Mac have arrived, and comfort her in the waiting area.

Amy charges the defibrillator. Griff works on Nathan. In the hallway, Maxie says, come on, Nathan.

Lulu writes… Wheeled out by paramedics, Detective West gave a thumbs up to his wife, a silent gesture that he would be okay, this would not be their ending. It’s the kind of man he is, strong, positive, reassuring others in the face of his own pain… The true definition of a hero.

Griff says, he’s gone. What the what? I swear, after reading the latest Soaps in Depth, I was sure it would be otherwise. Maxie cries, no! but Griff says he’s so sorry; Nathan is gone. Everyone is in tears, and I curse the TV.

Peter sees Sam and Jason outside of Faison’s room at the hospital. Peter tells Drew to take a crack at him, but be warned, he can’t trust a word that bastard says.

Drew and Sam go into Faison’s room. Faison says he sees Drew got the girl – Jason’s wife. He asks if Drew is there to thank him.

Curtis sits with Lulu at Kelly’s. He asks if she’s heard anything about Nathan, and she’s hoping no news is good news. Dante is with him, but hasn’t called. Curtis says he’s there to pick up an order for Jordan, and it’s going to be a long night. He asks what she’s working on, and she tells him an article about Nathan. He hopes it has a happy ending, and she says, it will; it’s got to.

Stella comes by Jordan’s office. She says her landlord is at it again; there’s no heat. Jordan says that’s awful, but Stella doesn’t want her pity; she wants something done about it. Jordan needs evidence of criminal activity, and Stella suggests she come over and take the temperature of the apartment, then find that greedy snake and arrest him.

Griff says he did everything he could, but the damage was too extensive. Maxie wants to see him, and I get distracted by Felicia’s terrific haircut. Amy tells Maxie to take as much time as she needs. Maxie tells Felicia that she doesn’t know how to do this. How does she say goodbye? She tells lifeless Nathan that he helped her recognize she had the strength to save herself, and asks if he remembers that from their wedding vows. She’s trying to find strength now, but it doesn’t work without him; nothing will. She talks about how annoyed they were to be chained together, but would give anything to go back to it. She couldn’t admit it at the time, but she’s standing next to the greatest man she’s ever known. She loves him and always will. She touches her stomach, and says they both will. She kisses Nathan’s hand, and I’m seriously confused. A secret well-kept, I guess, but I feel swindled.

Nina asks Amy if they have to take him soon, and Amy says there’s a procedure they’re supposed to follow, but no rush. Felicia tells Maxie that they have to go now, but Maxie doesn’t think she can leave. Felicia leads her to the door, and she takes a last look. Amy places his hand back under the sheet, thanks him, and says she’ll never forget. She starts to put the sheet over him, but Dante says he’ll take over. He tells Nathan he’s not going to make a big thing, since Nathan would just tell him to shut up. He was the best partner and best friend Dante ever had. He tells Nathan not to worry about Maxie and the baby. He has them. He puts the sheet over Nathan. Oh, I see. He gets to go in, but Nina doesn’t?

Nina can’t believe this is happening; it’s surreal. Valentin tells her how sorry he is. If he could make it so it never happened, he would. She asks him to check on Charlotte. She asks him to tell her that she won’t be there to tuck her in, but she’ll be there in the morning. She needs him to tell her that she loves her. He says he will, and leaves. Nina goes to Maxie, and they cry. She thanks Maxie for loving her brother. She was his world; she loved him like he deserved to be loved. Nina walks into the hallway.

Jordan gets a call from Dante saying Nathan is gone. She asks if he was taken to the morgue, and he says any minute. She hangs up, and tells Stella that one of her detectives was just killed in the line of duty.

Dante sees a message from Lulu, and calls her. He tells her to get over to the hospital. She asks if Nathan is awake, and he tells her to just get to the hospital. She wants him to tell her what’s going on, and he says Nathan didn’t make it. She’s like, no! and he says it happened fast. She asks about Maxie, but says never mind; she’s on her way. Curtis says he’ll take her.

Obrecht tells Dante that Nathan is dead thanks to Lulu. Dante says Lulu didn’t want this, but Obrecht says she made it happen because she’s a vain, shallow excuse for a human being, who had no idea what she was toying with. He did though, and should have stopped her. He asks if he should have stopped Nathan too. He wanted to take the risk. Obrecht says don’t blame him. He was naïve, and his courage led him to make a foolish choice, but Lulu put it in motion because of ambition, after being a reporter for five minutes. Dante says everyone is grieving, and she says, funny, she doesn’t hear him arguing with her.

Sam asks if it amuses Faison to play games with people’s lives. Faison asks her if she’s sure she wants to stay with the replacement, and tells her to go back to the man she loves. She says she’s not letting him play with her head, and Drew asks where the flash drive is. Andre put his old memories on a flash drive, and gave it to Anna. What did he do with it? Faison says he didn’t know it existed. Drew asks what his plan is. What’s his end game, and why keep Jason around? Faison says he wanted to kill Jason. He didn’t keep him alive. He’s too dangerous to have running around. Sam asks, then who? His son, who apparently Drew knows? Faison says, that’s correct. Drew asks where to find Henrik. Faison says let him out, and he’ll tell him, and he’ll answer all his questions. Drew says he’ll go the rest of his life not knowing a damn thing before he helps Faison. He’s going to spend his remaining days in prison; in a cage. Faison says let him make something clear, they still need Henrik. Drew hopes he enjoys hell, and Sam says they’ll find him on their own.

Peter asks Nina what happened. She says her brother is dead, and that SOB killed him. She asks Drew if that’s his room, and runs toward it. Valentin grabs her. She tries to get away, but he holds on to her, and she yells, murderer!

Jordan tells the people at the station that Nathan didn’t make it. It’s rough when they lose one of their own, and she knows they’ll join her in extending their deepest sympathies to the family.

Lulu gets to the hospital, and hugs Dante. He thanks Curtis. Curtis asks if Jordan is there, but he says not yet. Lulu asks how did it happen; how is he gone?

Felicia tells Maxie that she needs to eat, take a shower, and get some rest. Maxie goes back into Nathan’s empty room, and she thinks back to them feeling the baby kick.

Dante thinks Lulu should give Maxie some space. She doesn’t know what to say, and Dante says there’s nothing to say. She’s trying to put herself in Maxie’s position, but her mind shuts down. She can’t even handle the thought, and Maxie is living it. She feels terrible for them both. Nathan was Dante’s brother. She asks what she can do, and Dante says her being there is enough.

Jordan arrives at the hospital. Curtis asks how she’s doing, and she asks how Maxie is. He says beat up, as expected. She says it happened on her watch, but Curtis says she’s not responsible. She tells him Nathan is a good man, a good cop, and about to have a baby; it’s not fair. Curtis says it’s not, and holds her.

Felicia tells Maxie it’s time to go home.

Dante suggest he and Lulu grab coffee, and get some air.

Val brings Nina an empty coffee cup. I swear, they will never learn how to carry a cup so that it looks like it’s full on this show. He wishes he could do more. She asks about Charlotte, and he says she’s fine, and he followed her instructions. Nina says she used to tell Nathan that she wasn’t going to be there when he closed his eyes, but would be when he opened them. She says he’s never going to open his eyes, and cries.

Peter asks Drew if he got any information from Faison. Drew says he wanted to cut a deal. He’d help Drew find his son if Drew helped him escape. Peter says he’s sure Drew laughed in his face, and Drew says, something like that. Peter says Faison is a piece of work. Sam is thinking about Maxie, and how lonely she must feel. A couple of hours ago, everything was fine. Now, just like that, it’s not. It went from light to dark, and everything is different.

Amy brings out Nathan’s bag of belongings, but no one is left in the waiting room. She hugs the bag.

Peter goes into Faison’s room. He tells Faison that he looks positively cadaverous. They might wheel him to the morgue before he’s ready. Faison says Peter would love that, and Peter asks if he can he blame him. He asks Faison how he’s feeling, and Faison says like he was shot. Peter says he has to admit Jason does good work. He couldn’t have found a better spot. Faison says, enough; what does he know about a flash drive? Peter says he doesn’t owe Faison any explanation; he doesn’t owe him anything. He says their days together are over, and calls him dad. This revelation is about as astounding as when George Michael came out.

Mac and Felicia take Maxie home. Maxie thinks about Christmas, and the stockings hanging on the mantel, including a tiny one for the baby. In her flashback, Nathan says, it’s perfect, and the prospect of being a father will turn him to mush. Mac suggests going to their place. There’s a knock at the door, and Amy gives him the bag of Nathan’s belongings. He thanks her. Mac starts to put them aside, and Maxie asks what he’s doing. He says there’s plenty of time to go through them, but she wants to do it now.

Peter asks Faison if he has any idea how exhausting it was, year after year, seeking his approval, and constantly being rebuffed. A light bulb finally came on, and he wondered why he was trying to be like him; he’s his own man. Faison says he’s a boy; scared, weak, and worthless. Tell him about the flash drive. Peter says that’s so him – slapping him with one hand, and asking for something with the other. Faison wonders why he wasn’t killed, and Peter says he had a bulletproof vest. Faison calls him a coward, saying he’s always been one. Peter says Faison always taught him to plan ahead. Faison says he’s so pathetic, he couldn’t even kill Jason. Peter asks, why kill a perfect assassin, when he can turn him loose on Faison? All he had to do was keep him contained until he was ready to see Faison die, get out of the way, and let Jason take his revenge. Faison says his perfect assassin didn’t take him out. Peter says he’s grateful. Now he gets to watch as Faison basks in the harsh reality of what he’s done. Faison asks if Peter means him, but he doesn’t. Nathan’s dead. He killed the wrong son.

Maxie takes out Nathan’s watch, saying he was always on time. Felicia says, unlike her. Maxie says he always told her that she was worth waiting for.

Nina tells Valentin that Nathan didn’t like him. He kept reminding her that Valentin broke her heart. Valentin says it’s his deepest regret. Nina says she told Nathan it didn’t matter, and he gave his blessing. He’d rather see her happy than be right. Valentin says he respected Nathan. Nina says he was the only good thing in that horrible family. The penthouse in New York was hell; like a hall of statues. Nothing was real; everything was fake, except Nathan. He was real, warm, and love. Everything about her hurts right now. She cries, and Valentin holds her, saying he’s not going anywhere.

Faison asks Peter if Nathan is really gone. Peter says, thanks to him. Faison says he didn’t get to know him. Peter says that’s the best part. He’s so old and frail, he didn’t recognize his own son before he pulled the trigger. Faison tells him to get out. Peter says, no; he’s waited a long time. All those years, Faison felt so superior, and treated him like dirt, kicking him around, when all the time he was playing him. He asks how it feels to be out maneuvered by the son he despised? Peter feels amazing. He has the ultimate leverage; he has the memories on the flash drive. Even better, he’s working for Sam and Drew, and they don’t realize. He thanks Faison for a beautiful set-up. Faison tells him again to get out, and struggles to sit up. The machines he’s hooked up to start beeping. Peter says, living well is the best revenge, and he’s living great; high in the catbird seat, spending Faison’s money. It should be enough, but it can’t be. The real revenge is knowing Faison killed the son he loved and wanted, while the one he rejected is alive and well. He wins, and Faison loses at his own twisted game. Faison reaches out, and Peter slaps his hand away. The machinery goes nuts.

Valentin suggests he and Nina go home, and cherish what they have. Nina says she loves him, and he says he loves her too.

Obrecht goes to Nathan’s empty room, and smiles. She remembers him calling her mother on Christmas, and thanks him.

Peter asks if Faison’s not feeling so hot. Faison tries to ring for help, but Peter grabs the buzzer away from him, saying he taught him better than that. He leaves as Faison reaches out.

Maxie looks through Nathan’s wallet. She finds a picture of the two of them. She takes out his badge next, and there’s a song part. She puts his wedding ring on her index finger. She takes out his jacket, and remembers giving him the sonogram picture, and him putting it in his pocket. She pulls it out, and it’s covered in blood. She cries, and Felicia and Mac hold her.

Geez, this was rough on several fronts.

Tomorrow, Carly tells Michael she found out something about Nelle, Jason says Faison is dead, and Doc gets what he came for.

If Loving You is Wrong

Eddie tells Larry to drive. Larry says way to avoid a crime is not going to next location. (Or, never go to crime scene number two, as Bo Dietl says) Eddie asks if Larry wants him to shoot him right here. Larry says, yeah, and Eddie makes like he’s going to do it. Larry tells him to get out of the car, and Eddie tazes him. He does it twice more, but Larry still won’t drive. Eddie knocks him out and into the passenger seat, and drives away.

There’s a crowd at Larry’s office regarding Travis, and he’s obviously not there. Ian tells the assistant the he’ll try to call him.

Eddie chains Larry up in a storage container, the same way he was trussed up at Randal’s house. He asks if this is the game Larry likes, and tells him to wake up.

The assistant says Larry asked for a press conference. Ian can’t find him. Lushion calls. He says he’s not doing good, and Ian says join the party. Lushion says the attorney isn’t calling him back. Ian tells Lushion that he did the best he could. Lushion says one minute he’s ready to help her, and the next, he’s not. Ian says Travis’s family is there, and wants a press conference now. Lushion asks Ian to call the lawyer. Ian agrees, and goes out to the mob scene.

Alex is folding laundry when Brad comes in. He says he’s going to the office for a while. She asks if he’s coming back for lunch, but he’s not sure. She asks if he’s coming back at all, and he says he is. She tells him she loves him, and she’s sorry. He says, okay. She says she’s really, really sorry. She didn’t go over to Randal’s house, and knows he doesn’t believe her. He says he’s done with it. Alex wonders if he means her, but he says he said it. She asks what she can do; she’ll do anything. He tells her not to talk to Randal anymore, and walk away if he tries to talk to her. She promises not to say anything to him. She tells Brad again that she loves him, and he says he loves her too.

Eddie smacks Larry awake. Larry laughs, and says Eddie’s had his fun; let him go. Eddie says he’s just getting started, but Larry says he has to get to the office. He asks what Eddie hit him with. Eddie says his gun, but Larry’s kinky ass has probably been hit with worse. Larry says he didn’t do anything to him. Eddie says he was chained and humiliated, but Larry claims to have passed out. Eddie asks what he did, and Larry says dress him up; it was just for kicks. Eddie punches him. Larry tells Eddie to let him go, and they’ll call it even. Eddie says his girlfriend took pictures, and the whole department knows. He knocks Larry around. Larry yells for help, but they’re in the middle of the woods.

Esperanza visits Kelly in her cell. She’s sure it has to be tough, and Kelly says she has no idea. She’s trying to positive, and Esperanza tells her to fight for it and maintain her composure. Kelly says all she can think about is Justice, but Esperanza says they’re all taking care of him; he’s fine. Kelly thanks her. She still hasn’t heard from Lushion or the lawyer. Esperanza says she’ll check. Kelly says she needs to get out of there. She tells Esperanza that these people have done horrible things, and Esperanza promises they’ll figure it out. Kelly thinks Esperanza is looking at her weird. She knows what she did was wrong. Esperanza warns her not to talk in there, and says she’s on Kelly’s side. Kelly tells her to see how Justice is acting; he acts out when he’s stressed, and please go easy on him. Esperanza asks if she needs anything, and Kelly says, out of here. Esperanza says it’s coming.

Brad is leaving for work, and Randal asks if he’s been served; the lawsuit is coming. Brad says good, and to get the ladder, so he can kick him off of it again. Randal says he’s going to own Brad’s house and him. He already owned his wife. Brad says he’s owning Randal’s wife right now, and their baby is going to be a star. He’s a strong kicker, like how Brad kicked Randal off the ladder. Randal walks away. Brad says he can’t handle it when the tables are turned. Randal says he’s turned a few with Brad’s wife. He repeats the lawsuit is coming, and Brad says he’s looking forward to it. Randal goes back home, and Brad gets in the car.

Esperanza goes to see Lushion. She says she just saw Kelly. She’s concerned about the lawyer, and she asks what’s happening. Lushion is still trying to get him. Esperanza says it’s serious, and Lushion says he’s supposed to call. She says Travis’s family knows everybody. He asks what she’s suggesting, and she wonders if it’s a legit referral. They represent Travis’s family. Lushion doesn’t think Ian is like that; he’s known him for years. Esperanza says he seems confident, but she isn’t. They don’t have that much time. Lushion says the lawyer has been in court. Esperanza asks which one, and he asks if she’s playing investigator. She says he has his hands full, and she wants to help. He says not that full, but she’s worried about her… their friend. She could get life in prison. She says the mother is talking about how Kelly wouldn’t leave Travis alone. They’re all crying on TV, and very convincing. Lushion says she’s lying. Esperanza says perception is reality, and she doesn’t look like she’s lying. They know Kelly, but she’s being made to look like a different person. Lushion says he’ll make some more calls. He also thinks Esperanza should stop fraternizing at work. Things with Eddie went bad, and she still has to see him. She asks what he’s saying, that Stephen isn’t a good guy? Lushion says he’s a great guy. In the beginning it’s all great, but then things change. She should know the rules before she starts. Esperanza says Stephen told him, but Lushion says she did. She says nothing is going on. He tells her that her face is priceless, and she should tell it to someone else.

Alex walks the baby. Randal pops out. She says, touch the stroller, and he’ll regret it. She tells him to get away from her house. He wants to see the baby, and she says he’s not hearing her. He won’t move, and she says, fine, and reverses direction. He touches her arm, and she tells him not to touch her. He says she used to like it, and she slaps him. He laughs, and tells her do it again. He follows her, and she tells him to leave her alone. Natalie comes out, and Randal tells her to get her ghetto ass out of the conversation. She says she cut him once, and asks if he’d like a piece of hot lead to go with it. He touches her arm, and she falls on the ground, and starts flailing around and yelling. He says he didn’t touch her, but then runs away. Natalie asks where he’s going. I love Natalie.

She tells Alex that she has to do something about him. Alex doesn’t know what. Natalie says to get rid of someone crazy, act crazier, and suggests Alex set him up. Alex says she and Brad are trying to do something, but Natalie says she started it, so it’s up to her. Alex says Brad is back, but Randal isn’t making it easy. Alex apologizes, saying she shouldn’t have let Randal think the baby was Lushion’s. Natalie says she’s not mad. If she was, she wouldn’t be standing there now. Alex thanks her. Natalie says if she hears nothing else, hear this – she needs to do something about Randal. Alex doesn’t know what to do, and Natalie tells her to think about it. Alex asks about Kelly, and Natalie says she’s not good. Alex tells her if she can do anything, let her know. She’s glad Natalie is in the neighborhood. Natalie walks her back home, and invites herself in for a drink.

Marcie is on the phone with Esperanza as she meets Ian for dinner. She tells him she was talking about Kelly, and asks why he’s not representing her? He says Larry is representing Travis’s family. Marcie says, it’s so wrong, and he says, we’re lawyers what do you expect? He knows Kelly is a decent person, and she’s innocent; he spoke to her. Marcie says she’s good at reading people, and there’s something he’s not saying. She thinks he has a heart, and that makes it hard for some lawyers. He asks what she reads. She says he’s complicated and tries to act tough, but he’s a softie. She wonders how he knows Kelly is innocent, but he says she was his client and he can’t talk about her. Marcie says it doesn’t feel right sitting there, while Kelly is in a cell. She sees Stephen, and realizes Esperanza is with him. She tells Ian she’ll be right back.

Marcie says Esperanza told her that she was at work. Esperanza says her mind is all over the place, and introduces Stephen. Marcie explains she’s having dinner with a client who just bought a house. Stephen says they’ve met, and she says he looks different out of his work clothes. Esperanza says they’re just having an after-work drink. Marcie points out that she’s not dressed for work, and Esperanza says she had a change of clothes in her car. Marcie goes back to Ian.

Esperanza tells Stephen the town is so small. Now, all the girls will know. He asks if he embarrasses her, and she says no; she just doesn’t want them in her business. He says they’re adults, and allowed to have business, so let it go. She says they talk to Eddie, but he says no one talks to Eddie. He tells her to let him worry about it, but he gets it; she likes being in control. They talk about ordering, and Esperanza says she doesn’t drink much. Stephen says the last time they were together, she took the bottle like a champ. She says sometimes she needs liquid courage, and he wonders why with him? She says it came out of nowhere and happened fast. He asks if she’s enjoying it, and she says, let’s jut order. He tells her to relax. She orders tequila shots, and he says, so much for not drinking.

Alex rocks the nameless baby, and puts him in the crib. She hears Randal cackling and playing music outside. She jets out, and tells him to turn it down. He laughs, and she says she’s tired of him, spraying his car with the hose. He tells her to get her ass back in the house, but instead, she gets in the car. He pulls her out, and she tells him that he’s awful. Why did he tell Brad that she came over? He says because she did, but she says, no, she didn’t. Why is he doing this? Doesn’t he have any conscience? He’s surprised she didn’t know that already. He tells her that Brad and Marcie are having a baby, but Alex says they aren’t. Randal asks if she didn’t know Marcie was pregnant. She did, but says it’s not his. Randal asks who’s is it? She tells him to stop this. He asks again, and she says it’s his. I shake my head. She tells him to check the calendar, harass Marcie, and leave them alone. He asks if it’s his kid, and she asks if he didn’t hear her. Randal thinks she’s messing with him, but Alex says she doesn’t want to mess with him again.

Brad comes by, sees them, and speeds off. Randal laughs, and says, he gone.

Next time, Lushion asks Ian what happened, Larry says Eddie could kill him, and Justice asks Valerie if his mother killed Travis.

🍷 I also watched The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Reunion Secrets Revealed, and it was a lot of fun. These Secrets Revealed shows often have the best clips, or at least the ones where the women are having the most fun with each other. God forbid we should see that on the actual show. Two of the best scenes were a Latin dancing lesson, and Marty asking Danielle to marry him. I guess this makes number twenty? As Teresa said, sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs. We also saw Siggy getting along with the Marge. Too bad she couldn’t sustain that, and ended up being batsh*t crazy.


RIP Assman Landers Nathan

January 29, 2018 – MetroCourt Aftermath, Jax is Cornered, Still Summering & a Bit of Film


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Dante and Sonny go to Spoon Island. Sonny smells gas. Dante breaks down the door at the stables, but no Lulu or Obrecht. They see the gas can, and Sonny says it has to be Faison. Dante thinks a gas can in an empty room is odd, and wonders where he took Lulu.

Carly asks Jason, what if Faison dies? Jason says, at least he’ll be dead. He won’t get answers, but he saw how terrified Anna was, and says Faison has wreaked havoc in so many lives, it has to stop. Carly says she would want answers, but Jason says it wouldn’t change anything. It won’t return the time he lost. She asks if he doesn’t care, but he says if Faison dies before telling him, there’s someone else who knows.

Anna waits in the park for Henrik, saying she can help him. Peter arrives. She draws her gun. She asks who’s there, and if it’s Henrik.

Finn works on Faison. Griff tells Maxie the bullet is lodged against Nathan’s spinal column. She asks when they’re operating, and Griff says when he’s stabilized. Maxie freaks, and Bobbie tells her to let them do their work, and pray – it really does make a difference.

Amy says the blood bank is running low, and tells Nathan to stay with her. Both Nathan and Faison flatline. Griff does CPR on Nathan.

Valentin and Nina are back at Windemere. Valentin makes a fire. Just as they start to get cozy (or hygge, as we say now), there’s a knock at the door. Dante says, it’s the police. Nina says they’ve only been back ten minutes, and already they’re being harassed. Dante asks if Lulu is there. Nina says they just got back, and Valentin asks what’s going on? Dante says Lulu disappeared, and they think she was there looking for Faison.

Griff uses the defibrillator on Nathan. Both patients are revived. Griff tells Maxie they got him back, and they’ll operate as soon as he’s stable. Finn goes by, wheeling Faison on a gurney. Maxie wonders what’s up with that, and Finn says he needs surgery. Maxie wants to know why he’s going in first. Bobbie says there’s an OR room prepped and waiting for Nathan as soon as he’s stable. Griff tells her that if they want the best chance of Nathan’s survival and full mobility, they have to wait. Maxie insists he’ll be fine.

Anna says she doesn’t mean Henrik any harm. They share a common enemy – Faison. He’s hurt both of them, and she thinks she can help him. Jason shows up, and Peter jets without revealing himself. Anna tells Jason that someone was there, but they’re gone. She asks what happened at the MetroCourt, and Jason brings her up to speed. She asks if he killed Faison, but Jason says he’s still alive. He was taken to GH. She asks if he’s going to live, and Jason tells her that’s up to the doctors. I would say it’s up to God, or at the very least, the skill of the doctors, but I’ll let it pass.

At the hospital, Jordan asks if there’s any word. Maxie says whoever shot Faison did less damage than was done to Nathan. Jordan tells her that Jason shot him when he tried to hold Carly hostage. Maxie wants to know why Jason didn’t kill him. She has no compassion for Faison, the same way he had none for those he’s hurt. Nathan is wheeled past, and Maxie tells Griff to wait a second. She tells Nathan that she and the baby will be waiting when he pulls through, and to hang in for them. Griff says, gotta go, and she tells him she knows he and Nathan have their own history. I had to think about that for a minute. It was with Claudette, in case you forgot, and Nathan once shot Griff. She asks him to promise not to let it affect things, and to save Nathan. Griff promises he’ll do everything he can. I’m laughing because for someone who wanted Nathan in surgery so quickly, Maxie is the one holding it up.

Dante tells Nina and Valentin that Faison is in Port Charles, and they think he was hiding there. Valentin says they were on vacation. He could have moved in, and they would have had no idea. Sonny says they think Lulu was in the stables. They found an empty cannister, but no sign of her. Dante tells them that she was following a lead. Nina says Lulu has been a journalist all of two weeks, and now took it upon herself to search for the world’s most wanted criminal. Like what she did with Nathan, pulling him in to the interview. Sonny asks if any tunnels lead to the stables. Valentin opens a secret door (I love a secret door!), and Lulu runs to Dante. Obrecht walks past her, saying hello to Nina like nothing weird is happening. I love Obrecht.

Jordan asks Maxie what happened. Maxie says it’s blurry, and everything happened fast. There was a problem at Crimson, so she went to the office, taking Shane with her. They went to Nina’s office, and Peter was sitting there with a strange look on his face. She heard a thud, and turned around to find that Faison had knocked the officer out. When he asked Peter to move the body, Peter got Shane’s gun, but Faison shot him. Jordan is surprised Peter got shot. Maxie says she saw it, and thought he’d been hit, but he wasn’t. After Faison shot Nathan, Peter went after him. Jordan asks if Peter shot at Faison, but Maxie was focused on Nathan. Peter called 911, and helped her. Bobbie suggests they take a break.

Peter goes back to the MetroCourt. Carly tells him that the public areas and the offices are still sealed until the police get things figured out. Peter wants to get his iPad, and Carly is mystified that he wants to work. Maybe he wants to play Neopets. How does she know? She thinks he’s probably still in shock. Carly thanks him for the tip about Lulu, and he says he hopes they find her. Carly asks where he went, and his phone rings. It’s Jordan. She asks if he’s okay, and tells him she needs him to come to the station.

Anna asks Jason what happened with the cops, and he says they let him go, but he has to make a statement later. The security footage will back him up though. Anna wishes he’d killed Faison, and tells him not to tell Robin she said that. She’s tried to be honorable and principled for her, but hasn’t always been that way. It’s how Faison got to her in the first place. If she’d really wanted to be the good person she should be for Robin, she can’t put a bullet in his head the way she’s dreamt of doing. So she’s undertaken half-measures, like putting him in the pit, and he always comes back. Jason says, not this time. One way or the other, he has to die. Anna says she’ll pretend she didn’t hear that. The same way she’ll pretend to be surprised if he follows through. She’s going to the hospital in the hopes that maybe Faison is drugged up enough to tell the truth. Jason says there’s something she should know. Before he took Carly hostage, he shot Nathan. That was the disturbance at the MetroCourt. Anna says, his son?  

Dante asks Lulu how she got out. She tells him about finding the passageway, but by the time they made it to the tunnels, it was pitch black. Obrecht woke up enough to remember where the opening was. She tells Dante he was late, and she couldn’t just wait around. Sonny says the cannister seemed pretty old, and Lulu says Obrecht didn’t think the gas would be as potent after all this time. Faison left to go after Nathan, and Dante explains that Nathan was badly wounded. She asks if Carly is okay, and Sonny says she was just shaken up. Sonny leaves for the hotel, and Dante goes back to work. Nina says good thing they got home early. She wonders who’s watching Charlotte, and Lulu says she’s with Dante’s mother. Valentin says next time she decides to go on a tear, to let them know. Lulu thinks it was a good thing Charlotte was with Olivia with Faison lurking around. She says it’s interesting timing that they leave just as Faison needs a place to hide. Oh Lulu, drop it.

At the hospital, Anna finds out about Nathan and Faison. Jason leaves to talk to Maxie. Finn thought Anna might have been the one who shot Faison, but she says she was pursuing another angle. He tells her that she doesn’t have to act like it’s not difficult. She says it’s her job to deal with him, the same way his job is to treat him. Finn says, like it or not, and leaves to check on something.

Anna looks at Faison through the window of his room.

At the station, Peter isn’t sure what he can tell Jordan. He was dropping something off at Crimson, when Faison showed up. He didn’t seem interested in Peter, and told him to stay where he was. Then Maxie and her guard arrived. Jordan gets a call from Dante, who tells her that Obrecht and Lulu are safe. She tells him there’s something he needs to know about Nathan. Lulu sees Dante’s face, and asks, what is it?

Maxie wishes Jason had gotten to Faison before he got to Nathan. She tells Jason that Faison is out of surgery. He went in first, but she doesn’t think he was hurt as badly, and it’s not fair. He should be the one hurting, not Nathan. Jason says he’s sorry it happened this way, but at least he’s been stopped. Maxie asks if he’s sure, and Jason tells her that he’s going to make sure.

Anna stands over Faison. He opens his eyes. She says, oh good, he’s awake. She tells him they need to talk.

Sonny tells Carly about what happened on Spoon Island. He says it’s lucky Faison didn’t shoot her, like he did Nathan. She says if Lucas hadn’t been there, Nathan wouldn’t have made it; he’s in surgery now. Sonny asks about Maxie, and Carly says she’s trying to stay positive. Sonny wonders why Faison went to Crimson.

Maxie asks how many times Jason has been shot, and he says, a few. She wonders if it helps to have people who love you there. Can it be felt, or is that just something people in the waiting room tell themselves? He says he could feel it, and thinks Nathan can too. Maxie knows he wouldn’t say it out of politeness, so she’s sure he means it. He has Something to take care of, but tells her if there’s anything he can do, let him know. She asks him to make sure Faison never hurts anyone the way he hurt Nathan again.

Obrecht comes in to the hospital, and wants to assist in surgery. Bobbie says she can’t; she’s Nathan’s mother. Obrecht says no one cares more about him, but Nina tells her to let them do their jobs. Bobbie takes Obrecht to find out what’s going on, and Nina asks Maxie how she and the baby are doing. Maxie says, Nathan saved us; he’ll be fine.

Peter tells Jordan that Faison knocked Shane out, and told him to get Shane out of the way. He grabbed Shane’s gun, but before he could fire, Faison took a shot at him. He dove to the ground, and thinks he must have hit his head. He doesn’t remember anything until hearing Maxie screaming. He took the gun and aimed, but Faison ran. Jordan asks if he fired, but he doesn’t remember; it happened so fast, he’s not sure. Jordan says they can check the gun, and asks what made him think to pick it up? which is about the stupidest question ever. Peter says Faison was talking about taking Maxie, since she was carrying his grandchild. Jordan thinks it was a miracle Peter wasn’t shot. Dante and Lulu walk in, and Dante tells Peter that if Nathan dies, his blood is on Peter’s hands. Huh?

Faison asks Anna how Nathan is, and she says, fighting for his life. Faison says, the wrong one, and Anna asks if he’s talking about Henrik. He asks what she knows about Henrik, and she says, nothing. She just found out about him, which is surprising, considering the number of years Faison has tormented her. She asks if he tortured Henrik too, and if Henrik turned on him. It’s what he does to everyone. He says it wasn’t like that. It was never his fault. She asks whose fault it was, and he says, the Cassadines.

Orderly Neil tells Maxie he’s sorry her husband was injured. She says he wasn’t injured; he was shot. He knows it’s a difficult time, but decisions have to be made. They don’t know if Nathan is an organ donor. Maxie says, yes, but it doesn’t matter; he’s going to be fine. Does Neil know something she doesn’t? He says they just need to be prepared, but Maxie says, no; he’ll get through it. He’ll be there when the baby is born, and they’ll live long and happy lives. Bobbie tells Neil she’ll take over from here. Neil hopes Nathan pulls through. Maxie says Nathan has been shot twice and pulled through. Nothing will be different this time. Bobbie asks if Maxie wants her to call her parents, and Maxie says that would be nice. Tell them it’s serious, but he’ll be fine.

Carly tells Sonny there will be a lot of comped hotel bills, and he says Faison is the gift that keeps on giving. Ha-ha! She says Lulu practically dared him to come after Nathan; he must have been after Maxie. They can’t think of anyone else at Crimson who would matter to him.

Dante says Peter put this in motion, and for what? Money? Peter doesn’t get how Dante is blaming him, but Dante says he wanted the interview. Lulu could have been killed because of him. Lulu says she knows he’s worried, but Peter didn’t make her do anything. If anyone is to blame, it’s her. Jordan says, it’s been a long night, and asks Peter to make himself available in case there are more questions. Peter tells Dante for what it’s worth, he hopes Nathan pulls through (the phrase of the day).

Anna asks what Faison is talking about; what Cassadine? How are they connected? Finn comes in, and asks Anna what she’s doing. She says Faison has answers, but Finn says he won’t be much use if he’s dead. Anna tells him that she was told he was stable. Finn says that doesn’t mean she can wrestle with him. As soon as he’s in a regular room, she can question him, but bring someone with her. She says she can handle him, but Finn says she’s not hearing him. The maximum damage was done without killing him, and she needs to bring a witness. If he dies while she’s questioning him, no one will say she did it.

Jason looks through the window at Faison, and goes into his room. Don’t you dare, Jason. Although no one ever really dies on this show. Helena has been dead for years, and she’s still on recurring status.

Sonny says if Faison was going after Maxie, why not go to her apartment? Why go to where it’s complicated to get out, there are cameras, and potential witnesses? Carly says he’s arrogant. Sonny says he might be arrogant, but he’s also a professional. Why take the risk when there’s an easier alternative? What else would he want? That’s what worries him. Neither one of them has any idea.

Dante asks what Nathan’s chances are, and Jordan says it’s too soon to tell. Maxie and the baby were unharmed, but Nathan was shot in front of her. She’s holding it together, and they got a pretty coherent account. She tells him there’s a stray bullet at the office that needs to be bagged. It missed Peter.

Peter goes to the park, and looks in a garbage can. He finds a bulletproof vest, with a bullet lodged in it. He takes out the bullet, puts the vest back in the can, and sets it on fire.

Finn asks Anna what Faison said. She tells him the missing son is connected to the Cassadines. Finn asks if she didn’t tell him that Faison worked with Helena.

Jason stands over Faison. They look at each other.

Maxie wonders what’s taking so long. Nina says it’s complex surgery, and will take a while. Obrecht says it’s all her fault. She shouldn’t have claimed him as her son. Maxie says, don’t. She’s his mother, and he loves her. He’ll want to see her when he wakes up. She takes Obrecht’s hand, and Obrecht says, thank you, daughter. Maxie takes Nina’s hand with her other one. Valentin looks at them sadly. Griff comes out. Maxie asks if Nathan is okay.

Tomorrow, Finn says let’s see where this goes, Peter tells Drew and Sam to own the story, and Jason questions Faison.

Vanderpump Rules

Jax tells Brittany’s mother it’s good to see her, but I doubt he really feels that way. In her interview, Kristen says Brittany is way too good for Jax, and wants to break them up. Jax ditches the room. Brittany tells her mom she’s doing okay, but she’s still heartbroken, and it’s not going to go away. Sherri isn’t sure he’s the right one for her. Brittany says she knows that. GO…NOW!

Katie meets Lala for lunch. In her interview, Katie says they don’t have the best track record, but they’ve squashed their beef, and are spending one-on-one time together. She tells Lala it’s 100% good on her end. Lala says she forgives and forgets, and she’s trying to find her place in the group. She tells Katie that Scheana is upset with her, and it’s sad seeing them in a bad place. Katie says she has no issues with Scheana, and she’s the one who keeps bringing up the Rob rumor. Lala is all about female empowerment, and wants them all to get along. Lala has certainly redeemed herself from the last season she was on. Lisa Vanderpump does another miracle. Only one more to go before sainthood.

Lisa arrives at SUR. She asks Peter for a shot of something I’ve never heard of. In his interview, he says in the nine years he’s worked for her, it’s been either rosé or pinot noir, and he’s stunned. He invites her to his birthday party, and gives her the shot. She hands it back to him, tells him happy birthday, and asks for a cup of tea.

Scheana asks Lala how lunch was. Lala says Katie was cool, didn’t say a bad word about Scheana, and swears she hasn’t been talking about Rob at all. In her interview, Lala says the feud started with her, but she feels like it’s their job as women to get past it and forgive. Scheana says she’s practically having panic attacks over it. Please.

It’s time for Peter’s birthday party. Ariana tells us that in the past, Peter has only had dudes at his birthday parties. This is a first for the chicks. Kristen says she has another surprise coming for Jax. I can’t wait. Jax tells James that Kristen is behind Brittany’s mother visiting. Her sister, Tiffany, walks in. I guess that’s Kristen’s other surprise. Jax wonders if her grandmother and father are showing up next. Brittany tells her sister what’s been happening. Tiffany says she likes Jax, but if he’s going to cheat on Brittany, he should go. We flash back to Tiffany and Jax not getting along very well in Kentucky. Brittany says it should be interesting.

Lisa graces everyone with her presence. Jax tries to be friendly. Everyone drinks continuous shots. Stassi says Patrick is in Amsterdam. He decided to take a trip without her because he’s an enormous jerk. Peter is the only ex she doesn’t fantasize about murdering, so she doesn’t mind doting on him tonight. He takes a bite of his cake directly from the cake.

Lisa sits with Brittany’s mom, who says she’s devastated. She doesn’t want Brittany with Jax anymore unless there’s a big change.

Brittany tells Jax it’s an amazing day. He needs to make it up to her mother and sister. If she matters at all, he’ll put in the effort to make them okay with her family. Their opinion means everything to her. If he can’t do that, he can’t be with her.

Lala is concerned about being the main source of what happened between Katie and Scheana. She tells Scheana how much she loves her, and James butts in. Scheana snarks at Kristen, and Lala screeches, enough! She’s over it. She tells Scheana that she’s done with everyone blaming each other. They need to have a united f-ing front as women. Stassi thinks it’s terrifying, but oddly beautiful, to watch Lala lose her sh*t. In her interview, Scheana says Katie has always been a bitch. Last year, she used her wedding as an excuse, and now she’s cozying up to Lala, and she won’t have it. She calls them fake, and Schwartz says she’s the fakest of the fake. Scheana says at least he’s being a man for once, and he calls her a bougie Kardashian, who’s fake from head to toe. All she cares about are selfies. She says all he cares about is making out with chicks in bars. Lisa tells Sherri that she feels like they’re in the cheap seats, making Sherri laugh. Scheana says that she wants to spare Lala her fate, and the girls “got in her head” last year. In her interview, Ariana thinks Scheana is being genuine, and that Katie is trying to redeem herself. If she gives Katie the benefit of the doubt. Which she doesn’t. Lala says Scheana may have PTSD – after finally getting the letters straight – but she’s stuck with her. I have no idea what these drunk people are even talking about at this point. What happened to just drinking and dancing?

James and Lala play tennis. She says her man likes to play tennis, and he’s good, so she’s taking lessons. James asks if she talked to Katie. Lala feels like a lot was going on. She asks if James thinks Scheana is being antagonized. She tried, and if they want to go to war, she’s washing her hands. She calls the whole thing a circus.

Jax comes bearing food for the women in his life. Brittany is making him work. Sherri says the butler needs to get them some better food. She wants to talk to Jax, but he stalls. In his interview, he’s thinking of going to Canada, but then realizes he has a felony.

Lala asks about Logan. She thinks he wishes James was gay; he has mad love for him. James slips, calling Logan his girlfriend. He thinks Logan needs to find a boyfriend, although he does admit, what’s not to love about himself? How long does he have?

Tiffany tells them that Logan told her that he’s sleeping with James, and called Raquel stupid. Jax thinks maybe it’s true. Brittany says James is going to freak when he finds out.

During downtime at SUR, Schwartz tells Lisa he was out of line and disrespectful to Scheana at Peter’s party. Lisa wonders why he’s telling her, and he thought she’d like that he stood up for Katie. He says Katie has changed and matured so much. Katie joins them, saying he’s being a good husband. Scheana doesn’t understand how she and Lala can be friends, and is giving her grief. In his interview, Schwarz says the hypocrisy was too much, with Scheana calling Katie fake. In her interview, Lisa says she’s not as much of a pushover as Sherri, but Jax will do anything to get over.

The guys join Guillermo at the gym. Tom says people sometimes challenge him to a jump rope off. He doesn’t know what that’s about, but he’s never lost. Jax punches the bag. They sit outside afterward. James says he heard about Kristen flying Brittany’s mother out. In his interview, James thinks Kristen is the same crazy bitch she always was. Jax tells him about Logan crying to Tiffany, saying he and James are hooking up. James doesn’t believe it, but Jax wonders why she’d say that if it wasn’t true. In his interview, Schwartz says there’s a 77% chance. James asks if he thinks there’s any truth to it, and Jax says it’s none of his business.

Stassi and Kristen go to SUR for dinner. Kristen feels like she’s on a date. Brittany thanks Kristen. She tells Lala about what Logan told her sister. Lala thanks Logan wants more, and James wants people to find him hot. Kristen doesn’t think he wants to date guys, but has definitely taken a dip in the penis pond. This isn’t of concern, but James cheating on his girlfriend is.

James and Raquel go to a wine making/tasting. James says he feels weird, and Raquel is uncomfortable. James says he lets a lot slide, but Logan can’t disrespect his girlfriend. He says it’s not true, but Raquel says that’s not the problem; it’s the girls she worries about. He says the whole world wants to have sex with him. Must be the whole world minus one, because I don’t.

Jax takes Tiffany and Sherri out to dinner. He hopes they’re enjoying their time. He was blindsided, but he’s happy Kristen brought them. In his interview, He says Kristen wants to burn his relationship to the ground, and has a weird obsession. Sherri asks if it was just a one-time thing, and he claims it was just the act; he doesn’t really care about anyone else. He tells her that he’s had a lot of issues, and gone down bad roads. He was frustrated with Brittany’s lack of motivation. Sherri thinks Brittany does a lot for him, and wonders what he does with his time. He’s like, details, details, skipping right over that question, and says he doesn’t do things to hurt people. He’s not happy with himself. He’s a selfish, terrible person. Well, he got that right. Sherri says she’s seen good things in him, like what he did for her son. We flash back to when he donated money toward the making-a-baby cause in Kentucky. Sherri says she’ll give him a second chance, and she loves him. She’s believing in him. In his interview, he tells Kristen to suck it. I’m so disappointed.

James is coming by Jax and Brittany’s place. Jax doesn’t want to get any more involved in James’s sex scandal with Logan, so he jets. Brittany asks her mother how dinner went. Sherri thinks Jax is dissatisfied with himself, and told them he’s a terrible person. She’s willing to give him a second chance, but they agree to support Brittany, whatever her decision. James arrives. Tiffany tells him about what Logan told her, and that he said Raquel is an idiot. James tells them not to say anything, and calls Logan. Logan tells James that he said it, but it’s a lie. It was just him being a bitch and in love with him. James wonders how they can be friends, calls him a piece of sh*t, and hangs up. James says he wasn’t a true friend, and starts crying. He leaves, and Tiffany says she feels badly for Logan, since he’s obviously in love with James.

Jax returns. In his interview, he says it sounds like James put on quite a performance. Although I’m no fan of James, I don’t think he’s insincere, just highly emotional. It’s time for Sherri and Tiffany to leave. Brittany is glad they came. It made her feel better about her decision to stay with Jax. All three of them are crazy. Jax packs Sherri and Tiffany into a car, and the two of them head to the airport. In his interview, he says everything is perfect. He has his girl and a cold case of beer in the fridge; the end. Brittany says she’s exhausted.

Next time, a fire at SUR, Schwartz’s triplet brothers visit, Katie cries to Lisa, and Jax meets with the Reiki instructor. That didn’t take long.

🌞 Re Summer House. This group’s idea of fun just boggles my mind. These are grown people with decent jobs who, no doubt, spent a bundle to rent a fabulous house in the Hamptons for the summer. They drink to the point of blacking out and making out with people they don’t even like, tear stuff up, have food fights, and immature, dramatic arguments over they don’t even know what. News flash: letting your freak flag fly doesn’t mean doing Jell=O shots and smushing a cake into someone’s face. After I started watching Vanderpump Rules, the difference in the behavior of my friends and I at that age was so vast, I thought maybe it was an East Coast/West Coast thing, but this is the East Coast (despite one of the girls sounding exactly like a Kardashian). So what the blip? It’s like Jersey Shore (which, I assure you, is nothing like the Jersey Shore) got plopped into Long Island. And why am I still watching it? That’s a good question. Horrible fascination? Speaking of East Coast/West Coast…

🎧 I watched All Eyez on Me over the weekend, and it wasn’t bad. I’ve been interested in rap and hip-hop since its inception (except don’t get me started about how Gilbert and Sullivan – two older gay white guys – were the ones who really invented rap with the patter song in the 1800s), so I love the music of that time period. The story was really nothing we didn’t know already, although I understand a few people weren’t too happy with it – namely, Jada Pinkett Smith – but I wasn’t there, so who knows? Danai Gurira (Michonne, The Walking Dead) did a nice turn as Tupac’s mother, even though she looked young enough to be his date. The main thing for me was the music, and it was on point. Also impressive was the casting. It was amazing how much these actors looked and sounded like the people they were portraying. I wonder if Demetrius Shipp Jr. is the reason the rumor of Tupac still being alive, is still alive.

🎥 I also watched A Cure for Wellness, which I’d like to rename What the Hell was That? and Rough Night, which is like Weekend at Bernie’s with chicks, and not as funny.

💭 Just Because…



January 22, 2017 – A Disagreement Between Sonny and Anna, Pride Day at SUR, Summer House Returns & It’s Suppertime


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Jason ponders on the footbridge, and flashes back to New Year’s Eve with Sam.

Sam looks out on her balcony, and flashes back to talking to Jason on the docks, and telling him that she loves Drew. Molly and Alexis arrive. Alexis asks if she’s ready to get married.

Curtis and Jordan join Drew. Curtis says the justice of the peace should be there soon, and to enjoy his last single moments. He’s getting ready to be married for real this time.

Carly tells Bobbie that she should have given Josslyn more credit. Bobbie says sometimes it feels good to be wrong. Carly is relieved about Josslyn, but says too bad she can’t say the same for Michael.

Michael meets Nelle at the hospital, but missed the prenatal appointment, but Nelle shows him the sonogram; the first picture of their baby.

Sonny tells Anna that Faison knows Heinrich is gunning for him. They have to use Heinrich as bait. Anna says they can’t exploit him like that. if Sonny orchestrates a meeting, he’ll start a war, and they don’t know who will get caught in the crossfire.

Faison caresses an unconscious Obrecht’s face.

At the MetroCourt, Laura wants to talk to Lulu. Lulu thinks Laura wants her to take a step back from reporting, and reevaluate things, but Laura knows better than to try talking her out of something she wants to do. Saving the world is genetic. Ned approaches their table, and apologizes to Laura about how quickly the race got nasty; it wasn’t his intention. He says his problem is with Julian, not her or Alexis. He guarantees a clean, fair fight, and a race they can be proud of.  Laura tells him that he didn’t have to apologize. She appreciates the gesture, but it’s wasted on her. She’s dropping out of the race.

Anna says Faison wouldn’t hesitate to kill his own son, and Sonny tells her that she says that like it’s a problem. Anna says they don’t know him; he could be an innocent, which would explain why he allowed Jason to live. Sonny says he paid several thugs to bring him back to Russia, and along the way, they shot up the MetroCourt and took Sam hostage. He asks if that sounds innocent. Anna says if he died, any chance of Jason’s questions being answered or Drew getting his memory back will be over.

Drew tells Curtis he doesn’t think they can squeeze in a bachelor party. Curtis says it’s tradition for the groomsmen and groom to share a drink before the ceremony, and pulls out a bottle. Monica arrives.

Spinelli finds Jason. He says there’s still time. Sam is marrying Drew, and he has to stop it.

Jordan gets a work call, and it’s something she has to check on personally. She tells Drew sorry, congratulations, and give Sam her best. Drew tells Monica that he appreciates her being there; it means a lot that’s she’s stood by him. She says she wouldn’t miss it. He’s Alan’s son, and she wishes she’d known him and raised him like she did Jason, but since that didn’t happen, she’d like to adopt him. He laughs, and says they missed that boat. She says it’s just a formality, but makes him and Scout legally part of the family. They may not know the next chapter, but he’ll always be part of the Quartermaines. Monica is looking really good. For a while, she had too many fillers in her face going on, but whatever she’s doing now, keep doing it.

Nelle tells Michael that they have a beautiful, healthy baby. Michael asks if she knows if it’s a boy or girl, but she says she wanted them to find out together. He says it’s her body, but she tells him it’s their baby, and she wants him to be involved in every step of process. She says the baby’s heartbeat was loud and strong. He can hear it at the next appointment. Carly and Bobbie join them.

Anna tells Sonny that she doesn’t think there’s a reason to involve Heinrich. She knows how to bring Faison out in the open. He’s obsessed with her, and it clouds his judgement and allows her to control things. It would also help if she had no surprises. With that in mind, has Sonny made contact? Sonny says he has the email address for PK Sinclair. If that’s Heinrich, then yes. He shows her the email exchange, and she tells him if PK emails again, don’t respond. Call her and they’ll figure out a plan. He says he doesn’t think he can do that.

Spinelli says Jason might still make it, but Jason says he’s not interrupting the wedding. Sam wants this, and loves Drew. Spinelli asks if he’s told her that he loves her, but he says that would make it hard on her. Spinelli says it would take an act of tremendous courage, but even if he doesn’t do it for himself, he needs to save Sam from making a mistake that will only bring her grief.

Curtis brings in the justice of the peace. The wedding begins. Molly walks in first, followed by Sam, wearing a white, cocktail length, lacy confection. Danny is the ringbearer. They stand before the officiant.

Anna tells Sonny it’s not a suggestion. Sonny doesn’t want trouble with her. She might be cop, but she’s Robin’s mother. She’s brave and honorable, and doesn’t deserve the hell Faison put her through. If he could back away, he would, but if Heinrich is his best shot, he’s taking it. If he calls, Sonny is using him, with or without her permission. She says she’ll see herself out. Outside, she calls Robert, telling him that she needs him to intercept some email messages, and divert them to her account. She tells him to make sure there’s no trace of the original address.

Carly asks why Michael and Nelle are at the hospital, since she’s too stupid to guess. Nelle says it was her first ultrasound, and gives her the picture. Michael says there’s no question he’s the father. Carly says she’s happy for him. Bobbie wants to look at the paternity test results, and Nelle tells her to get them from Michael, since she had them sent directly to his office. She adds that the baby is healthy, thanks for asking. She leaves, and Michael thanks them for being mostly civil. Bobbie thought they did pretty well. Carly says this is real and happening, and she supports him and the baby. They hug, and Michael goes to work or whatever he does.

Ned is surprised Laura is dropping out. Lulu says she had it in the bag, no offense to Ned. Laura says her family has to take precedence. Spencer had bad skiing accident in France, breaking both legs, and she has to go. She has the time and means right now, and hopes Lulu understands. She does, but she’s disappointed; she knows the campaign was important. Laura says it still is. Ned tells her that he’s sorry to see her go; she was a formidable candidate. He didn’t expect to win on a technicality, but she says he didn’t win anything yet. She wants to discuss terms; what he’s going to promise her in exchange for her endorsement.

Spinelli says Jason would take any risk or suffer any injury to save Sam. Jason says she doesn’t need saving. Spinelli says he watched her at the police station when their identities were sorted out. She knew all along, but pretended to believe Drew was Jason because he believed it. She lied for his benefit, and Spinelli thinks that’s why she’s marrying him. She’s sacrificing her happiness because of misguided loyalty. The same thing he’s doing now.

The couple has prepared their own vows. Drew tells Sam that people say their lives didn’t start until they met the person they’re going to live their life with, but with him, it’s literal. So much wasn’t true, but she gave him what was – love. He might have no past, but he’s thankful for his future with her. He takes the ring from Danny, and promises to love, honor, and cherish her until death and beyond, if that’s possible. Sam says when she was thinking about the vows, she kept thinking how much has changed in past couple of months. She realized the important things that last and matter stayed the same. She still loves and adores him. They share an incredible bond, and had the chance to make an amazing family. She has a life with him, but never expected it to be richer and fuller than she could imagine. It’s a life she wants to continue to share with him, always. She takes the ring, and promises to love, honor, and cherish him to death and beyond. They do the I dos. Do-be-do-be-do. The officiant pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss, and everyone applauds.

Anna goes home, and finds her door open. She draws her gun. She calls for Obrecht, but finds Jordan, her gun also drawn.

Obrecht is lying on some straw, and I wonder where there’s a barn in Port Charles.

Laura tells Ned that he’s going to need more than the backing of his supporters; he needs her support, but it will cost him. Ned says, hypothetically speaking, what would be the cost? She tells him that she wants tight limits on the redevelopment, but he says it’s up to the voters to decide. She wants him to designate the pre-war buildings to be left alone, and she’ll give her endorsement. He says he can give suggestions, but can’t make it happen. If he made that promise now, it would be in bad faith. Laura appreciates his candor. He says she was a worthy opponent. And would have made a fine mayor. They shake hands. When Ned leaves, Lulu says they lost.

Spinelli tells Jason that he was the first person, maybe the only person, who treated Sam with respect as a person in her own right. Because of that, she learned to respect and know herself. That’s not the case with Drew. They don’t know who he would have been if he’d been left in his own life. He doesn’t know himself, and can’t give of himself or give her that support. Jason says he’s making assumptions, but Spinelli says he saw him at the station, seemingly expecting Sam to fill his needs, giving little thought to what she needed. Jason says he doesn’t break the law or put lives at risk. Jason is true to himself, and out of that truth, can give Sam the love she needs. She made a wrong choice for the wrong reasons. Jason tells him to stop. He’s heard him, and it’s appreciated, but he has to leave Sam alone. Spinelli says that Sam told him in the early says, she had an unfamiliar feeling with him; one she liked, but couldn’t place. Then she realized he made her feel safe.

Curtis toasts to the bride and groom, saying may their joy outweigh their sorrow, and their good days outweigh the bad. May they rest easy in each other’s arms tonight, and all the days to come. Danny also makes a toast, saying, mommy and daddy, happy wedding! Sam smears Drew’s face with cake, and says gotcha.

Michael drops by Sonny’s. He tells Sonny about the paternity test, and that he’s definitely the father. Sonny asks how he feels, and Michael says he’s trying to wrap his head around the fact that he and Nelle will be connected by the baby. Sonny tells him to remember the baby comes first. Michael is concerned about it being a wedge. Nelle started out plotting against the family, and now she’s carrying their grandchild; he doesn’t want a rift. Sonny tells him to always trust that he’ll never lose Sonny’s love. He’s Michael’s father, and loves him unconditionally, and knows he’ll love the baby the same way.

At the MetroCourt, Bobbie asks how Carly is holding up, and Carly says, just dandy. She doesn’t know how she feels about Michael being a father, and her a grandmother. How is she supposed to be happy with Nelle in their lives? They see Nelle, and Carly tells her that was quite a performance at the hospital; now they get the encore at the MetroCourt. Nelle says she has no idea what Carly is talking about. Carly says Nell and her son are connected by the baby, but that’s where it begins and ends. If she’s thinking of going further, don’t. Nelle says how Michael feels is up to him. Monica arrives, and Nelle says she’s meeting her for dinner. Carly makes faces, and Monica asks if she has a problem with that. Nelle hopes she didn’t pull Monica away, but Monica says it was a small wedding, and Drew and Sam would rather get going. Carly is surprised that they’re married. Nelle says she’ll get a table. Bobbie tells Monica to be careful. Monica says regardless of the past, Nelle is carrying their great-grandchild, and they should try to get along. Bobbie says she’s doing so at her own risk. Carly tells her that Nelle will soon show her true colors.

Jordan says a neighbor called, thinking something was going on at Anna’s place. It’s been fully swept, and everything is fine. Anna tells her about Obrecht showing up drunk, and thinks that’s probably what the neighbor heard or saw. She tells Jordan that she looks great, and Jordan explains that she was Curtis’s plus one for the wedding. Anna can make it up to her by explaining why Obrecht was drunk, and asks if it’s about Faison. Anna says it’s nothing, and Jordan tells her to promise to call if she needs help. Anna thanks Jordan for checking on her, even though she didn’t have to. Jordan says surely Anna knows her by now.

Obrecht’s phone rings. Faison picks it up. We’re still not actually seeing him; just his hands or the back of his head.

Anna leaves a message on Obrecht’s phone, saying she shouldn’t have left. Anna needs to know if she’s okay, and asks her to call back. Anna gets a text, saying, I’m fine. Anna texts back that they aren’t finished, and the return text says, don’t worry, Anna. I’ll be seeing you soon.

We see the phone in Faison’s hand. Obrecht starts to wake up. She wonders what happened. She looks up, and gasps.

Michael is surprised at how well Sonny is handing it. Sonny says he has no use for Nelle, but has faith in Michael. Michael asks, even after he got involved with Nelle? Sonny says she took advantage of his good nature, but the baby is innocent. No matter what happens, Sonny is behind him, and will support whatever decision he makes.

Bobbie tells Carly to let it go. Monica is Michael’s grandmother, and gets to decide how to deal with Nelle. She thinks it’s a mistake, but it’s her mistake to make. Bobbie goes to get a table. Carly says Michael can do whatever wants, but that doesn’t mean she can’t talk him out of it. She makes a call, telling someone she needs to talk about Nelle Benson.

Laura asks to talk to Alexis. Alexis is sorry she dropped out of the race, but understands that family comes first. She’s bummed about Ned running unopposed. Laura doesn’t think it will be that smooth for him, and Alexis says it sounds like she has a replacement. Laura says she does, and she’s perfect. Alexis asks who the lucky candidate is, and Laura says, you.

Drew and Sam bask in the afterglow. He says he’s excited, and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Still on the footbridge, Jason remembers when we were all children. Sam says he’s a good friend, and she wishes she was a better friend to him. She’s figured out why she sleeps better when she with him. He makes her feel safe.

Tomorrow, Jordan says she’s going to come down like a ton of bricks, Lulu make a pitch to Peter, and HE’S BACK!!!

Vanderpump Rules

Lisa arrives at SUR where the Pride Day party is being organized. Stassi is in charge of dressing the staff. She jokes that she shouldn’t have a problem getting the staff’s respect, considering she was the drunk girl stealing goat cheese balls off passing trays not long ago.

The guys go to a Reiki session. Peter is a regular; he has all his chakras together. Jax thought they were going to push pebbles around with a rake, but instead is subject to some meditation. It’s probably not hard for him to empty his mind. After the meditation, instructor Kelsey asks where everyone is at. Schwartz says he’s been drinking too much, Peter feels like he’s doing too much, and Tom thinks he’s stagnant. Jax tears up, and tells everyone about screwing up his relationship with Brittany. In his interview, he says no one has asked how he’s doing in all this, and I break out my violin. Kelsey gives him some attention and a hug, and Tom gives a voice to my thoughts when he says it wouldn’t be surprising if Jax ended up trying to sleep with her. I just don’t get what any woman sees in him. And he’s not that good looking. He’s no Brad Pitt. He’s not even Charles Bronson – two ends of the handsome spectrum.

The girls go to a spa or plastic surgeon or wherever you get Botox, and talk while they fill out paperwork. Lala says she’s having lunch with Katie. She likes Katie, and wonders if Scheana’s relationship is really talked about as much as she claims it is. Ariana thinks Scheana’s insecurities are getting the best of her, and everyone should mind their own business. Scheana brings up the Rob rumor. She says he laughed about it, but feels him pulling away.

In her interview, Stassi says it’s fun to have a girls’ night where everyone dresses up. The girls, minus Scheana, go to an outdoor bar. They discuss Scheana’s reaction to Rob making out with someone else. Brittany says she tried to explain that Katie just didn’t just make it up. The waiter knows the area where Brittany is from, and flirts with her. Kristen is glad she’s getting her mojo back. Katie asks how she’s doing. Brittany says she’s decided to work it out with Jax. I can’t take it. Stassi tells her that Jax will say he’s going to get help, and then be the same. He’s doing the bare minimum to keep her. She tells Brittany that he’s never once broken up with a girl in his entire life.

Lala, James, and Logan go out for drinks. James orders a double shot of bourbon, and toasts to getting drunk. My stomach turns when he chases the bourbon with maple syrup. In his interview, he explains that he’s curbing his drinking, but occasionally something comes over him. However, he can stop any time. Raquel is moving in, and we see a clip of James clearing out a whole drawer for her. Things start to get dicey when Lala tells them about asking for a bite of Raquel’s pasta at James’s event, then eating all of it. James calls her bitch, surprising all of us. James gets crazy, and tells her not to eff with his bitch. He follows that gem with saying Lala’s boyfriend will get bored soon, and be done with her, going on to next pretty blonde. In her interview, Lala says he turns into a werewolf when he drinks. Lala tells him to learn his place, and know how to talk to someone when they’re a friend. She stomps out, and Logan tells James to go after her. Outside, she asks wtf is wrong with him? It was a joke, and he should know who has his back. He says it’s not about the pasta, and repeats that several times. In his interview, he says it’s about respect for his girlfriend. Lala tells him to get out of her face. He wants to talk later, but she tells him to get lost.

Scheana asks the girls if they were talking about her last night. A friend of her mom’s was at the same restaurant, and heard her name. What are the odds of that? Brittany says Katie believes Scheana thinks she started the rumor. Scheana says Rob doesn’t need this. He’s too busy to deal with their BS. Brittany says Katie didn’t make it up, but Scheana insists she added to it. Brittany wonders why she’s getting so mad if it isn’t true.

Tom and Schwartz go to the restaurant site. It’s still a huge mess. Tom says they’re holding up their end of the bargain with sweat equity, and getting down and dirty. In his interview, Schwartz says Katie made him promise not to drink, do shots or have guys’ night. He did all three at once, but he came home to a loving reception, and it caught him off guard. He thinks he was subconsciously testing her to see how she’d react. Tom has to show him how use a protective mask. Schwartz says he’s not an engineer.

Katie shows the girls a picture that Tom sent of Schwartz sleeping on his couch. In her interview, she says a year ago, she would have rage texted and insulted his penis, but today, they’re talking it out. Marriage is good for them. She told him that she doesn’t like waking up alone. She tells them that Schwartz said he was falling in love with her all over again. Everyone goes, aww!

Lisa and Ken show up at the site. Schwartz is happy to be doing something, not just talking about it. Lisa asks if he and Katie are okay. Tom says Schwartz slept at his house, but that happens sometimes. Lisa tells Schwartz they’re going to sit down and go over his marriage vows. He says they’re right here, pointing to his heart. He tells Lisa that he wants to hug her, and she tells him to get away. In her interview, she tells us that he’s too old for puppy dog antics. Schwartz is married now, and needs to handle his responsibilities.

Kristen talked to Brittany’s mom, and wants to surprise her with a visit. Brittany has been crying that she wants her mother, so Kristen is flying Sherri out to LA. If she can’t talk sense into Brittany about breaking up with Jax, no one can.

It’s Pride Day, which can’t exist without Lisa, who is wearing pink from head to toe, including a humongous pink hat with big flowers. Rob comes by SUR. Scheana tells him she’s lost her smile. He says that life is hard enough, and she needs good people in it. In her interview, Scheana says if loses him because of what they said, there’s going to be a problem. She tells Rob that she loves him, but we don’t hear him say it back. I don’t know if that’s because he doesn’t, or it’s edited that way. I’m on to Bravo about that.

Stassi dresses Brittany in a flower child outfit. She looks really cute. Lisa sees Lala on the street in a sort of Wonder Woman getup. She tells Lisa about her fight with James. In her interview, Lala says if James doesn’t kiss her ass and apologize a million times, she’ll have no choice but to move on. Lisa says he’s lucky she wasn’t there or she would have boxed his ears, and he has ears to box. Ha-ha-ha-ha! He does have big ears.

Stassi dresses the other girls. She tells Jax if he doesn’t paint his face, she’ll put him in a flower crown, but he’s not into dressing up. Stassi thinks hitting her stride; everyone looks hot. Scheana tells Lala about Rob coming by SUR, and that he was sweet, acting like it doesn’t bother him, but it’s affecting her. Lala tells her to ignore it. In her interview, Lala says Scheana strives for perfection. She’s lost weight because she’s not eating; it’s obvious she’s stressed. Lala tells her to let the girls talk.

Pride is in full swing, and SUR is crowded already. Lisa thanks Tom for being festive. Jax insists he’s festive enough in a black T-shirt. Lisa introduces Billie, SUR’s trans hostess, to the crowd. Lisa supports her and applauds her journey. Billie talks about how supportive Lisa has been in giving her a job and accepting her. In his interview, Jax tells us that he had no idea Billie was trans when he met her. Whatever she had done, she got money’s worth. Billie tells him that she likes his vibe, and thinks he has his own sh*t to go through. I highly doubt their stories are the same, but I’m guessing everyone is drunk at this point. Lisa tells Stassi, good job. Schwartz motorboats Katie. In her interview, Katie says that she’s working on being more easy-going, and Schwartz Is working on not blacking out. It’s progress.

James hugs Logan and Jax. Jax doesn’t know what going on, and says it’s weird. In his interview, James says Logan and Raquel fill different voids in his life. Raquel is his emotional connection, and Logan is his party side. They drink doing that hooking arms thing. Scheana joins them. James says he’s never losing Logan as a friend. They love each other as best friends. Logan says more. It’s a deep relationship, and he looks out for James. Raquel says something is going on.

Brittany says she’s the opposite of Scheana, and eats when she’s stressed. Lisa sits down with Scheana. In her interview, Lisa says she knows Scheana well, and is seeing a fragility about her. She asks what’s going on. Scheana says she feels physically ill. She’s let Katie, Kristen, and Stassi affect her relationship, and she’s better when she’s not around them. She tells Lisa that they said something that wasn’t true, and starts to cry. She says it’s the happiest she’s ever been, and wonders why they want to bring her down. She wails that they’ve been perfect. Lisa reminds her about how she said things were fine with Shay. We flash back to Scheana telling Lisa that her relationship with Shay is amazing. Lisa tells her even if it doesn’t work out, it’s not the end of the world. Scheana says they’re meant to be together. Lisa tells her to eat something and pull herself together. Lisa goes to the kitchen, and grabs a plate of food, like the mom she is. She plops it in front of Scheana, telling her she looks like a nervous kitten, and she won’t have it. In her interview, Scheana says it’s refreshing to have a boss like Lisa, who is also a friend. I’d never say Lisa isn’t the best boss ever, but it’s not like Scheana has had a lot of jobs. Katie is wondering who took the plate of food she ordered for a customer. That would be the one in front of Scheana.

Rob arrives at SUR. Scheana says she can’t let them affect her life and relationship. It’s all good now, and she just wants to eat a sandwich. She has her smile back.

Brittany counts her tips. She made $576, which she informs Jax was hard work. Good for her. I can’t imagine doing her job. Jax tells her how pretty she looks and that he got compliments on her behalf. In her interview, she says he thinks he’s a charmer. She loves him, even though he’s a dummy.

Meanwhile, at PUMP, James asks if Lala a still mad at him. She says he’s one of her dearest friends, but his behavior is unacceptable. She tells him not to mention her name unless it’s something positive. She trusted him, and needs to feel safe. He apologizes, saying sometimes he’s an idiot and effed up. In his interview, he says he has a lot of acquaintances, but few friends. When things get complicated, he needs to straighten it out right away.

Kristen and Katie come by Brittany and Jax’s apartment. In her interview, Kristen says Brittany is the best thing to happen to the group, and she refuses to watch Jax bring her down. Brittany’s mom walks in. Jax looks like he’s going to have a heart attack. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Next time, Sherri talks to Lisa, Sherri talks to Jax, Lala talks to Katie about Scheana, and Schwartz calls Scheana the fakest faker ever.

🏊 Summer House is back, and still just as stupid. Like a slightly older version of The Real World, a bunch of boring friends rent a house in the Hamptons that I would kill for, and proceed to spend the summer in a blackout. It didn’t take long before the arguments started, although there was a nice diversion when a couple of cast members decided to head back to NYC for the Gay Pride Parade. I assume this was filmed around the same time as Vanderpump Rules, but too bad Lisa wasn’t attending this one. Maybe she could whip these kids into interesting. If I had a fabulous house in the Hamptons, it’s not likely I would rent it to a bunch of drunken morons. I’ve also never had the desire to spend an entire summer with a bunch of other people in one house, but if I did, I guarantee they would be more intriguing and dimensional than this group

🍆 I discovered a cooking show that premiered in November, but is new to me, and it looks like a lot of fun. It’s Suppertime with Matty Matheson airs Tuesdays at 6, 6:30, and 7 pm on Viceland. You can read more about Matty, “the John Belushi of the Toronto food scene,” here:



Matty Matheson


January 17, 2018 – All About Ava, the NJ Reunion Begins, Larry Has a Bad Day & Some Tabatha


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Ava looks at herself in the mirror and thinks about Carly insulting her. Julian stops by to wish her luck. She says she’ll take it. She’s out of options if the treatment doesn’t work. Julian says she’s still a knockout, and asks if it’s worth it. She says she’s been through hell, and it clarified things. He says he’s blamed a lot of people for his bad deeds, and the only way he found true peace was to take responsibility for his own actions. Maybe she should try it. She tells him that she has to make a stop before going to GH – she has some unfinished business.

Ava thanks Sonny for seeing her. She’s having a medical procedure, and you never know. She wants to see her daughter. He says Avery is with her mother, and Ava says Carly isn’t her mother. Sonny says Carly does what she doesn’t. Ava says that’s only because he won’t let her, but he says Kiki practically raised herself. Carly comes in with Avery, but Sonny directs them to the kitchen. He says his son is dead because of Ava. She tells him he has no right to punish her for what Olivia-J did. He says if he’d killed her after she murdered Connie, his son would still be alive. Carly comes back in, and Ava says they can’t keep her away forever, but Carly tells her when Avery finds out what she did, she won’t want anything to do with her. Ava says their house was built with blood money, and promises Avery will know her.

At the hospital, Kiki tells Griff that she tried to get some sleep, but had to be there for her mom. She’s concerned that Ava thinks it’s going to fix more than her face, but thanks Griff for pulling her back from the brink. They hug, and Ava walks in. Kiki tells her there’s still time to back out. She’s going through with the surgery and whatever the outcome is, she’ll accept it.

Ava lies on the table. The surgeon asks if she’s ready. He says when she wakes up she’ll be a new woman. He puts the mask on her, and tells her to count backward from ten.

Ava opens her eyes to Griff and Kiki. Kiki says it was successful. Ava wants to see, but she’s still woozy. She hears Griff say, here’s some lithium for the pain, but what he really said was ibuprofen. He says the bandages have to stay on overnight. He thinks she’ll be happy with the result, and says he can take her home when she’s ready. She’s ready now and asks if Kiki wants to come but she thinks they need alone time.

Time moves fast in Port Charles. The next morning, Ava looks at herself in the mirror. Griff asks if she’s ready. She wonders if it was for nothing, and doesn’t know if she can do this. He says they’ll do it together, and kisses her. He helps her remove the bandages and asks what she thinks. I think she looks pretty much the same minus that small blemish almost where you couldn’t see it. She says it worked, and Griff asks how she wants to celebrate the first day of the rest of her life.

At the MetroCourt of course. Sonny and Carly are also dining there. Ava says it’s been months since she was shamed away from the restaurant, and she’s done hiding. He tells her to get the drinks, and he’ll grab a table. She crosses paths with Laura, who says her face seems to have miraculously recovered. She hopes Ava’s appearance was worth selling her soul. Ava sees a woman go past, and follows her to the ladies’ room. Wow. The stalls are huge. There’s no one else there, and she wonders where the woman went. Carly comes in, and asks how dare she show her face there? Ava asks if she’s going to congratulate her on her recovery, but Carly says her son will never recover. Ava says she’s not going to continue to hide because Sonny can’t let it go. Carly says she’s not going to rest until the world sees Ava for the ugly soul she is. She leaves, and Ava gets a text from “Unknown,” saying they know who she is.

At Kelly’s, Ava complains about the portrait Franco painted. There are too many shadows, and she wants it to be about emerging from the darkness. The woman from the MetroCourt comes in, and picks up a to-go order. Ava follows her out, but she disappears again. Ava literally runs into Nina, and asks where the woman went. She keeps seeing her and getting texts. She asks if they’re from Nina, and asks why she’s sending them. Nina has no idea what Ava is talking about. Ava says sorry she doesn’t have a baby for Nina to snatch form her womb. Nina says she had a psychotic break, but she’s moved on, and doesn’t even think about Ava anymore.

Back home, Ava says someone is messing with her, but who? There’s a knock at the door. She opens it without looking through the peephole, which makes no sense whatsoever. It’s Morgan. He says he needs help. Is this whole thing a dream? Is Bobby in the shower? I’m guessing it is a dream, since the episode is focusing on one person, and every once in a while, the close-ups are a little odd.

Ava says this isn’t real; he’s dead. He says it’s real and it’s him. She takes him to the couch, and tends to a wound on his forehead. He tells her that he has a prosthetic hand to replace the one he lost in the explosion. She asks where he’s been, but he doesn’t know. He remembers taking a car, and got out to talk to Jason. Next thing he knew, fire was everywhere. He woke up in the hospital. His hand was gone, but he was alive. Ava says that means she didn’t lose him. She loves him so much. She says his injuries are new, and Morgan tells her that he couldn’t stay at the hospital. Someone is trying to kill him. He thought maybe it was the doctors, so he came there. Ava says the person who planted the bomb is in prison, and the doctors were trying to help him. They wouldn’t have known his diagnosis, and he needs his medication. He says he was a prisoner, and wonders if he’s making it up. She says sometimes it’s difficult to think clearly without his meds. He says he can’t trust himself. He was spiraling out of control before the explosion. She says it doesn’t matter. He’s alive, and they need to tell everyone. He says he screwed up. He tells her it wasn’t an accident, and someone is trying to kill him. He asks to stay there, and she says of course.

Ava wakes up, and sees Morgan on the couch sleeping. She says he’s really there. Kiki knocks on the door. She asks if Ava slept in her clothes, and Ava asks what she’s doing there. Kiki asks if everything is okay. Ava says she’s working hard on the show, and will see her later. When she’s gone, Morgan comes out, and Ava asks why he was hiding. He doesn’t know what he’d say to Kiki, and asks if she’s still with Dillon. Ava says he really loves Kiki, and he says with all his heart. Ava gets a series of texts from Unknown, saying they’re coming. They know who she is, and what she did. She tells Morgan she’s been getting weird texts. He needs to tell the family he’s alive. He asks what if they’re not at the house? She tells him not to worry. She knows how to tell everyone he’s back.

She brings Morgan to the gallery. She says half the town will be there tonight. Franco drops by. Ava stashes Morgan in the back, and Franco gives her the final portrait. She thanks him, and hustles him out. Morgan asks what’s going on? She wants to show everyone he’s alive, and that she’s changed. People will stop blaming her for what happened. She says he’ll hear things about her, but if he ever loved her at all, trust her.

Ava visits Carly. She says she has something important to tell her and Sonny. They need to show up at the gallery tonight; it will change everything. She tells Carly that she helped Jason escape. She’s done terrible things, but she’s becoming a different person. She needs them to be there tonight, and she’ll show them.

At the gallery, Scotty congratulates Ava, and makes a toast to her being back where she belongs. She sees the mystery woman serving drinks. She asks if Griff knows her, but there’s no one there. She tells him that she must be tired. Griff feels like she’s keeping him at arm’s length. She asks him to trust her and says everything will make sense soon.

Carly and Sonny come in. Sonny says it better be good, and Ava tells him to trust her. He says that will never happen after what she did to Morgan. She says Morgan is alive, and she can prove it. She calls to Morgan, and tells him to show them he’s all right. She insists he’s there. A woman comes out in a bloody dress and says, Hello, Ava. It’s Connie Falconari.

Ava doesn’t understand. She says Morgan was here, and Connie is dead. Connie says Ava would know. Ava shot her in cold blood, left her there to die on a cold floor, and she bled out slowly and painfully. Ava says Morgan was here, and Connie can’t be here. Connie says she dreamed him up to absolve herself, but she can’t. Just like Ava can’t absolve herself of killing her. Ava says she was protecting Julian, and Connie asks if that’s true, or was it because she told the world Kiki wasn’t a Quartermaine? She ruined Ava’s plans, so Ava murdered her. Ava refuses to be judged for the rest of her life. She says Julian abused his wife; Nina stole her baby daughter; and Valentin killed Nikolas right in front of her. She tells Sonny that bodies lie in his wake for the sake of his business. What makes him better than her? He says he knows who he is. He’s made bad choices, but she lied to everyone about what she is and what she’s done, and the worst part is she lied to herself. Connie says her lies are over. It’s time to face the truth.

Ava is alone with a light shining on her. Nina says Ava stole her husband. Laura says she betrayed Nikolas and Spencer by refusing to tell the truth. Connie says Ava shot her in cold blood, without conscience or remorse. Griff is there, and Ava says to tell them she’s changed; not just her face. Tell them there’s good in her. He says he thought there was, but after seeing this, maybe some souls can’t be saved. She asks if Kiki knows better. She’s Kiki’s mama, and loves her. Kiki says she’s jealous, and switched Morgan’s pills because she wanted him for herself. Ava yells, stop it!

She opens her eyes to see the mystery woman, who asks if she’s been getting the messages. She’s the one texting. Ava doesn’t understand; she doesn’t know her at all. The woman asks if she doesn’t recognize her own daughter. It’s Avery. Ava comes closer. She says it is her. How could she not see it? She hugs Avery, and says she loves her. She doesn’t understand how Avery is all grown up, and asks if she’s dead. Avery says no, but Morgan is, because of her. She took away the medicine he needed to be sane, and he died. She lies to everyone, but most of all to herself. Ava says that Avery’s father hates her, and kept her away. Avery says he was protecting her. Ava says Carly is wrong. Her soul isn’t ugly; she’s been cleansed by fire. Her new face will show everyone what Griff sees. Avery says Griff sees what he wants to see, to justify leaving the priesthood. Ava refuses to be defined by her past, and is going to move forward, like nothing ever happened. Avery says Ava claims to be terrified that Avery will never know her, but she thinks Ava is scared that she’ll see her for what she is. Franco’s portrait appears, with Ava’s face covered in scars, and suddenly, Ava’s face looks like it did right after the accident. Avery says, time to wake up. Griff tells Ava, welcome back.

At the apartment, Ava looks at herself. Griff thought she’d be thrilled. She says she is. She says he doesn’t judge by her past; he sees the real her. She tells him that she had a dream when she was under, and he says a lot of patients dream crazy things when they are. He wonders what it was about, but she says it’s not important. The only thing that matters is she’s been given a new lease on life, and she doesn’t want to waste it. She knows where he’s taking her.

Back to the MetroCourt. Carly sees them come in, and is like, no way. Sonny says he’ll handle it. He tells Ava that she’s not welcome there, and that she can eat somewhere else. She tells him that she chooses to eat there. They both have to live their lives, for better or worse. She goes to the bar, and the bartender puts a martini in front of her. She asks how they knew. It’s grown Avery, who says she knows who Ava is.

Tomorrow, Molly says she can take care of herself, Laura says all Jim cares about is the almighty dollar, and Alexis tells Ned she can’t support his campaign or platform.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey – The Reunion, Part One

Jewel tones is the wardrobe theme. No pigtails for Margaret tonight though. Teresa wants to make out with Andy, who says he’s a great kisser. I sometimes think he’s a closet heterosexual.

We flash back to the ladies’ business ventures. The restaurant, envy, Margaret’s shoe line. Melissa says she didn’t want Joe #2 taking on another job, but when he talks about the family, she gets soft. Melissa says nothing will ever come between her and Teresa again, and everyone agrees they’re solid this time. Andy asks Margaret about how Melissa is running the boutique, and Margaret says she’s on point. We also find out Margaret sometimes wears pigtail extensions. Andy points out that Betsey Johnson tweeted while watching the show, that she still rocks pigtails at 75, and I almost pass out that she’s that old. She’s one of my favorite designers. Siggy pisses me off early on, rolling her eyes and making faces when Margaret talks about hearing from Betsey personally. Excuse me for missing it, but what is wrong with her talking about this? Andy brought it up and um… this is a reality show where people’s real lives are watched and discussed.

Margaret is up, and we go down Memory Lane with clips of her life from this season. Andy asks if the kids have reached out. She says they watch the show, but no. She says she’d be there at the drop of a hat and would take crumbs. Andy brings up that there are three husbands named Joe who are also contractors. A viewer asks if Margaret sees that she should have kept quiet. Margaret thinks she can be offensive, but it’s her humor. She says she apologized to Siggy a million times, and the only thing Siggy said truthfully was that she wanted to destroy Margaret. Siggy says she’s an Israeli, and Margaret tells her to bring it on. Dolores says this isn’t going to go well. Not unless everyone suddenly decides to act their age. And by everyone, I mean Siggy. I’ve decided she’s the most annoyingly stupid woman on earth. Or at least on Bravo, and that’s saying a lot.

We see clips of everyone’s kids, so I take a nap. Then there’s some who-ha talk. Melissa’s phone rings. It’s Ramona Singer (!). Andy answers, and tells her they’re in the middle of the effing reunion. She says goodbye, and Andy tells Melissa to put it on airplane mode. A question is asked about discipline of Teresa’s girls. She says they’ve lost a lot, and nobody is walking in her shoes. Preach it! Andy outs Teresa about banning Melissa from visiting her in prison. She says she wanted to deal with the friendship when she got back. We see clips of how the family was affected when Teresa lost her mother. Andy says seeing her dad crying struck his heart. Mine too. Teresa says he goes to the cemetery every day. Andy wonders if she’s still going to blame Joe #1 for the year she lost when he gets back. She says he has a lot of making up to do, and it was therapeutic for her to get it out in her book. Andy asks if the others would stick around, should their husbands “go away.” Melissa says she’d give Joe #2 more hell. Teresa says there wasn’t a time she seriously thought of leaving. Andy asks if Joe #1 seems different, and she says he watches the show, and realizes he’s an a-hole. Andy brings up the possibility of him getting deported. Teresa says whatever God’s plan is, is what’s going to happen, and she’ll embrace it as best she can.

Ugh! Next is Siggy and Margaret. It started with the memorial thing, and how she and Dolores felt left out. Siggy says she brought Margaret in; where’s the respect? Siggy comes off looking like an airhead Mafia wife from a comedy starring Joe Pesci. Margaret’s best line: It’s draining; you’re fifty. Andy brings up Siggy selling the Soggy T-shirts, and she says she likes to take a negative and turn it into a positive. Teresa thinks both Siggy and Margaret went below the belt. Siggy claims she never starts it. Maybe not, but she’ll sure keep it going. Margaret says she didn’t realize they weren’t coming to the memorial, and it turned into a debacle like she had a nefarious plan to leave them out. Siggy thinks when she ordered the flowers, she should have called. A viewer says Siggy and Dolores are about as mean girls as you can get, but Siggy insists it’s just fighting back. Margaret says she can dish it and take it, but she did apologize. Siggy is on a roll, and won’t shut up, even though Margaret is trying to answer her questions. Margaret thinks Siggy blaming her behavior on menopause and having a hysterectomy is victimizing women. She says Siggy is abrasive on social media. Apparently, Siggy wanted to report Margaret to PETA, because she has a taxidermized bear in her foyer. Margaret points out that veal is a baby cow who is force fed. Siggy says if Margaret makes fun of her foyer, she’s going to do the same. Margaret says Siggy always takes things to the next level. This is unbelievably stupid.

Andy tells us because of unlikely friendship, Danielle came back to the Garden State. Danielle comes out, and even Dolores thinks she looks amazing. She does. Andy says this season must have been different for her, as compared to season two. He says he never thought they’d go from flipping tables to having each other’s back. We flash back to moments of their friendship, starting with the table and ending with Teresa’s apology to Danielle’s daughters. Andy reminds them about Teresa pushing him during the last reunion Danielle attended. Melissa takes accountability for stirring the pot, saying she genuinely liked Danielle when no one else did. She never saw anything that Danielle did wrong. Teresa says there was never any real ill intent. Danielle talks about her children having been affected by the things Teresa said, and at one point, they moved because of it. We find out Danielle had sex in the bathroom at the Gorgas restaurant, but she says she got permission. Alrighty then. Siggy says it was inappropriate and disgusting. Dolores says Teresa is a big girl, and if she wants a friendship with Danielle, it’s up to her, but if that changes, she promises not to hold it over Teresa’s head that she warned her. Yeah, right. She and Siggy are like, fourteen mentally, at most.

Here comes Cakegate. Andy says it led to tears, a never-ending feud, and a memorable therapy session. We see clips of the cake fight, and Siggy’s subsequent embarrassment of Melissa at her purse party. Siggy is insane. Siggy says a lot of thought, time, and effort went into the cake. Melissa says she understood why Siggy was upset. Melissa had no idea the cake was going to end up on her face, but when it did, she had fun with it. Teresa says she was upset that the bottom was plastic. Melissa says the name-calling was upsetting. Siggy acts like she had too much to drink, and doesn’t remember, and says she owns it. Margaret says that doesn’t make it right. Siggy says they hold her to a higher ground, but I think she means standard, and says it must be the kosher thing. What? A viewer asks about her calling out Melissa, and Siggy makes it sound like we missed something, didn’t see both sides, and she was just being funny. Melissa says Siggy tried to shame her, and she was embarrassed. Siggy says she was just trying to make a point and wanted her feelings acknowledged. Margaret says if someone did that to her, she’d be all sensitive about it. Siggy thinks Melissa should have had her back more. Melissa says it was a different Siggy than last year. Siggy apologizes if Melissa was embarrassed. Margaret points out the if – something I hate too – and Siggy says Margaret inserts herself where she doesn’t belong. Siggy says they shouldn’t overanalyze it, but Andy says it’s a reunion; they overanalyze everything.

Teresa says Melissa handled it well, and doesn’t think she would have. Melissa says she doesn’t like to be talked down to, and doesn’t think she deserved it. They talk about Siggy saying her IQ is 167. Siggy says she just made the number up, and Margaret says like she made up her career with no degree. Ouch! Siggy says she tried her hardest to bring friendships together, but she’s accepted it, and moved on. Andy asks Melissa if she understands why Dolores and Siggy insist on staying friends with Kim D. Melissa is baffled, saying Kim D tries to ruin businesses and families, and it’s not like they’re related to her. Dolores says if it hadn’t been a fundraiser, she wouldn’t have done it. Siggy says she knew Kim D five years before Melissa, and Melissa says, who cares? Margaret tells them that Kim D hurts the entire family, and it’s complicit to associate with her and defend her.

Andy says, guess what? She’s here! Teresa goes, blech, and the witch comes out. Teresa says she thought it was Real Housewives of New Jersey, not Tales from the Crypt. Kim D is like, ha-ha-ha, so funny. Teresa says if Kim D takes jabs at her family, Teresa will take jabs at her. Kim D says if Teresa messes with her, she’ll go back to jail – clink-clink! Teresa gets up.

Next time, Dolores and Danielle go at it, Kim D accuses Teresa of stealing, Siggy screams at Margaret, Teresa says Kim D is a madam (or magnum, as she puts it), and Danielle walks out. Now that Teresa has brought it up, Kim D does look like an old, washed-up madam. Like Sylvia Miles in that horror movie about the carnival. Oddly enough, she’s dressed like a nun next to the others.

If Loving You is Wrong

Eddie is shooting like a wild man, and Lushion punches him out. He asks if Eddie is crazy, and Eddie says Lushion knows he is. Larry says he’s a wild one, and he loves it. Eddie says he’s going to kill them, and Larry says he’s taking notes. Eddie tells them they have no idea what they’ve started. Larry says he’s going to break Eddie like a stallion, and that Eddie is really only a Shetland pony. Eddie says Larry is going to be in a box by the end of the week. He leaves, and Natalie asks what happened. Lushion tells her not to ask.

Stephen arrives on his motorcycle, and asks Lushion if everything is all right. Lushion says everything is under control, and thanks for showing up an hour late. Stephen tells Esperanza he’s not there because of Travis. He asks if she saw Eddie in his new get-up. She has a picture, and he wants to see it. She shows him her phone. He asks if Eddie is into this kind of stuff, but she says if he is, she never knew. He says it’s all over the station, and she says he’s going to have a rough day tomorrow. Stephen asks if he can meet Esperanza at her place, but she tells him to go home. He begs, and she tells him to stop. He says if he sees the porch lights on, he’ll come by. She says they’re always on, and it’s not the old West. She gets in her car, and calls him. She tells him not to flirt in front of the others again. She doesn’t want them in her business. He says, so now they have business? She says no, but her porch light will be on.

Ian tells Lushion Kelly isn’t good. He says representing her is a conflict, and Lushion has to find her a new lawyer. He can recommend someone, but it’s competition, and he has to run it by Larry. Lushion asks if Larry is into the S&M thing. Ian says he’s heard some things, but tries to stay away from that. He’s heard Larry and his wife throw wild parties though. Lushion says Larry had a run-in with a bad officer. Ian asks what he did. Lushion says he had him in a crazy position, and Eddie isn’t going to let it go. Ian says Larry is formidable and ruthless. That’s why he doesn’t know if he can do anything for Kelly.

Natalie says she’ll make something to help Kelly sleep. Kelly thanks her for everything. She doesn’t know if she’ll get through this, but Natalie says she will. She thanks Lushion, and he tells her to get some rest.

Stephen knocks on Esperanza’s door. She tells him to come in. She lounges provocatively in a lingerie ensemble. She asks if this is what he wants, and he says, yes ma’am. He says she knows he likes her. All the coffee he brings her at the station, and the flirting. He tells her he’s being respectful because of her, not Eddie. She says Eddie has run off every boyfriend she’s tried having. He asks if he’s her boyfriend, but she tells him she didn’t say that. They’re just two people who clicked. She loved that he didn’t run away, and he asks if that turned her on. She says he turns her on, and tells him to take his clothes off. She’s going to sleep with him when she wants to, see him when she wants to, and when she says it’s over, it’s over. He says he’ll take whatever she wants to give. She tells him to get on his knees.

Alex asks why Brad didn’t wake her up, but he says there was no need to. She wonders if he didn’t want to talk to her, and he says it’s nothing like that. She asks for a hug and kiss. He barely hugs and kisses her, and she thinks it felt forced. He asks what she wants. She says she didn’t go over there, and would like him to believe her. He says, okay. He tells her he’s going to wait outside for Marcie to bring the car back. He tells her he’s trying to get past it, but it’s not easy.

Esperanza says it’s time for Stephen to go. She tells him not to look at her strangely at work, and he feigns ignorance. He asks if she thinks she’s that good, and she says she knows. She says he’s okay; she’s had better. He doesn’t believe her, and says she smiles when she’s lying. He has a trained eye. She tells him not to leave his socks or little Stephen trinkets behind. She tries to keep her daughter out of the madness, but it’s getting harder. She tells him her daughter comes first, and she’s coming back today. She says when you deal with a sociopath like Eddie, you understand the need to be in control. He tells her to let him know when they can meet again. She tells him not to even acknowledge her at work today. He leaves, and she smiles as she makes the bed.

Ian calls Marcie. He says if everything goes well, he’d like to close this week. She says she’ll call the inspector. She asks what he knows about Larry. She asked him to rep her in the divorce, but she was at the house when the shooting happened, and he was there. He was drunk and strange. Ian says he’s an incredible attorney, but he can be out there. Marcie wonders if he’d break privilege. She told him something she hasn’t told Randal. Ian thinks she should talk to Larry about it.

Marcie calls Larry. Larry is sleeping, and Randal picks up. She idiotically starts the conversation with, I know you didn’t tell Randal I’m pregnant. Randal says, so you are, and she asks what he’s doing with Larry’s phone. He asks what she’s doing pregnant? She hangs up, and he calls back. He asks if she’s having the bastard’s baby, and she says she is. He asks if she’s taking it that far, and she asks if it upsets him. He hopes she has it, and she asks if he’s threatening her. He says she hasn’t been able to carry one before. She calls him a sick bleeped-out-word, and hangs up. She’s like, great.

Randal dumps a bucket of water on Larry, who jumps up like a cartoon character. Randal says, so she is pregnant; she just told him. He tells Larry to get out of his house. In the car, Larry calls Marcie. She’s like, wth? and asks if Larry told him. Larry says he was talking about Alex. She asks what kind of sick friends they are, and he says he’s sorry. She says he’s also fired. Bad day for Larry.

Randal sees Brad on the porch. He says Brad did it. Brad says what? and Randal says Marcie is pregnant with his baby. Brad says she is, and Randal says, good. Brad asks if Marcie told him, and Randal says don’t worry about it. Brad asks if it was Alex, and Randal says, it was. He asks when, and Randal says last night. Brad asks what time, but he doesn’t know. He claims she wants him back. Brad says he’s lying. Randal tells him to ask her, but Brad isn’t giving him the satisfaction. He says as a man, he’s telling Brad the truth. Brad says to get off his property. Randal says he’s on the sidewalk. He has a really funny look on his face, like he’s bummed. Brad says he’s tired of Randal. If he thinks the ladder was something, wait until what’s next. Brad says Marcie is coming to pick him up, and accuses Randal of putting sugar in her gas tank, calling him immature. He asks if it doesn’t get old, and Randal says he’s not done with this. He goes back home.

Lushion comes home and asks Natalie what time she went to bed. She says around four, but Kelly’s been up all night. He says that’s not good; she has to give her statement to the police today. She asks if anybody talked to Justice. Lushion says he doesn’t know if anything happened. Natalie wonders if Kelly can get off. He says if Ian was handling it, she would, but he has a conflict. His partner represents Travis and his church. He tells Natalie that Kelly has no money, and they’ll have to figure it out.

Kelly is sitting on the couch, and tells Lushion it’s a beautiful day; almost like nothing happened. She asks how Travis is, but they haven’t heard anything. He tells her he’ll call, but they have to go to the station. Natalie comes out and asks how she is, but Kelly doesn’t know. Natalie tells her it will be okay. Kelly starts to cry. Lushion insists that they have to go. Kelly says she hasn’t heard from Ian, and Lushion says they’ll call on the way.

Larry has a headache, and rightly so. Ian asks what he did last night, but he says Ian doesn’t want to know. Ian says they have a problem. Larry says shoot, but Ian says wrong word. Travis was shot last night. His parents want a press conference at noon. He asks if Larry realizes he’s not nineteen. Larry asks who shot him, and Ian says his ex-girlfriend. He was representing her before this, and they found strange evidence he was stalking her. Larry says it was the other way around, but Ian says Travis drove by her house 46 times in one day, and it gets worse. He hacked into her accounts, pretended to be her husband, and misrepresented her on several loans. He’s worse than his brother. Larry asks if the DA has it, and Ian says, not yet. Larry says then they bury it. Ian says she’s innocent, and Larry asks when they gave a sh*t about that? Ian tells Larry that he was representing her. Larry says now he’s not. Ian doesn’t want to let it get buried, and Larry says he’s too naïve. Travis’s parents and church pay them millions. It’s getting buried. He doesn’t want to hear about it, and Kelly needs another lawyer. He reminds Ian who owns this place. He’s owner and senior partner. If it falls in their lap, he’ll be upset. Ian says he’ll take care of it.

At the station, Kelly freaks about going into the interrogation room. She tells Lushion that she can’t do this again. He tells her to just breathe. She asks if he’ll wait with her, and he says he will. She says her lawyer’s not calling her back. He tells her not to say a word until she gets a lawyer. A man comes in, introducing himself as Tony Isaacs. Kelly says she’s not talking without a lawyer. He tells her that she’s under arrest for the murder of Travis Caine.

Next time, Alex insists she didn’t go over there, Larry tells Randal that he’ll sue, and Brad thinks about leaving.

🔎  Relative Success with Tabatha shows a lot of promise. Tabatha is tackling family businesses this time around. I love how much Tabatha looks like a pixie, and how she hasn’t really changed her style. I’m all for changing it up, but I also think if you find something that looks good on you, keep it. Tonight’s episode was about a large family of pizzeria owners. The father, and main owner, had to decide whether to go with an investor or hand the business over to the kids. Their need was consistent brand identity, and the kids were always at odds about how to run things. Tabatha’s recommendation was to go with the investor, who seemed to want to preserve the family legacy. In the end, the kids came together, and the father amicably parted ways with the investor. Tabatha told us that although she felt the investor was the way to go, the family changed her mind. That’s another thing I like about her, she’s someone who really does own it. She’ll stick to her guns and tell you what’s on her mind, but she admits it when she’s wrong and also keeps an open mind.