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October 19, 2017 – Sonny Reads the Note, Baby Monroe is Baptized & Some Pups


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Lulu and Dante have dinner at the MetroCourt. Laura walks in and tells them to get a room. She says she may be joining the ranks of the married soon. She’s all dressed up in case someone proposes.

Deanna tells Griff that Mr. Kimbal needs a priest, and the chaplain isn’t available. Griff says he can speak to him as a doctor, but he’s not a priest anymore. Deanna says he’ll wait. Doc overhears.

Ava tells Sonny if he sends her away, he’ll miss something important. He says he doesn’t want anything from her, and never will. He asks who the note is from.

Patient 6 sees Elizabeth in the park with Jake. He says Jake’s name, and apparently Jake has supersonic ears, because he hears it.

Betsy tells Franco that it’s a miracle Andrew survived. Franco asks what caused the fall, and Betsy says he did. He asks if she saw him push Andrew, but she says there was no one else there, and no other explanation. He wants to know if she thinks he pushed Andrew on purpose.

Jason meets Elizabeth and Jake. Jake tells him about their trip to the farm, and that he won the pumpkin carving contest.

Laura tells Lulu that Ava recanting her testimony had a huge ripple effect. She was down, and Doc blurted out a proposal. Lulu thinks they’re well-suited to one another. Laura thinks so too, but says she turned him down. She wants it to be a happy moment, with no associations to Ava or Valentin. She loves Doc, but doesn’t want a pity proposal. He accepted her challenge, and is going to do it again, but on his terms. She thinks maybe he’ll drop a ring into her drink tonight.

Doc apologizes to Griff if he’s overstepping – it’s an occupational hazard – but he eavesdropped overheard Griff. Griff says he’s leaving the priesthood. Doc says it must have been a difficult decision, and that it’s natural to be conflicted. Griff says that’s been his state for longer than he cares to admit, but thinks it’s the right thing to do. Doc says he sounds heartfelt and logical, but doesn’t seem like a man at peace.

Sonny tells Ava to show him the note or get out. She asks if she can see Avery in exchange. He says he heard she crashed the memorial, and if she doesn’t get it by now, she’s not welcome around his family. She tells him that she’s still Avery’s mother, even if she doesn’t get time with her. She asks Sonny to please not turn Avery against her. He says he won’t have to. Once she’s old enough to understand, she’ll know who Ava is and what she’s done. Ava tells him that she’s capable of doing the right thing, and gives him the note. He asks who gave it to her.

Jason says Jake seems distracted, and Jake tells him that someone said his name. Elizabeth says she didn’t hear anything. Jason says he’ll take a look. Patient 6 remembers asking Elizabeth about donating Jake’s kidney to Josslyn, and her slapping him. She says he walked away and never looked back, and they’re the ones with the hole in their lives. In the present, Jake leaves to get hot chocolate.

Betsy wants to let the past stay where it belongs, but Franco needs to know. She says she found Andrew at the bottom of the steps, and Franco staring down from the top. Neither one of them wanted to talk about it; they were both traumatized. Franco says something about him made her think he did it. She says she didn’t think it was intentional; they were just playing. Franco says there was something wrong with him that she thought he could do something like that. Why send Andrew away? Betsy tells him she thought Andrew would be okay, and Franco needed her more. She wanted to protect him. He asks where she sent Andrew.

Laura tells Lulu it’s just speculation. Lulu accuses her of playing games, but she says she’s just being romantic. Dante says it takes a lot of courage to propose – he’s just sayin’. Lulu thinks she should just say yes, and get on with her happily ever after. Dante adds that Spencer could use some good news. Laura says maybe they’re right, and the game will end tonight.

Doc tells Griff that it’s tough juggling matters of both heaven and earth. He has enough problems just dealing with terra firma. Griff says he enjoys helping people, and the time came to make a decision, but the future isn’t looking so clear. Doc says Griff’s future will be whatever he makes it, and thinks he’ll succeed with whatever he chooses. He tells Griff that his door is always open. He can’t give Griff spiritual advice, but he’s a good listener. Griff thanks him, but says he has to figure some things out for himself.

Ava tells Sonny that she met the man who wrote the note in Russia. They were in the same clinic, and she helped him escape. Sonny balks at some stranger showing up in Port Charles and giving her a note for him. She says for what it’s worth, he doesn’t seem to mean any harm. Sonny asks what he looks like, but Ava says she’s out of good deeds for the day.

Betsy hated giving Andrew up, but there was something about him, as if he could survive anything. Franco says, except him, and asks where she took him. She says it was a foundling hospital outside of Port Charles. She rang the bell and told him to stay put, someone would come out and take good care of him. He didn’t cry or try to follow her. He nodded like he understood what she was saying. (Ha-ha! I have a mental picture of a toddler with Steve Burton‘s face.) She watched from a distance as someone took him inside. She never went back, thinking it was better that way. Franco says, yeah, this is so much better. He’s so screwed up. His whole life he thought there was another person out there who was his brother, and he was capable of killing him. Now she’s telling him it’s real. Jason’s twin is alive, but Jason and Andrew don’t know one another exist.

Patient 6 watches Elizabeth and Jason. Jason says the pumpkin is impressive. Elizabeth says that Jake is artistically gifted, and he’s luck to be surrounded by successful men – a world-renowned artist and a media mogul. She asks when he was going to tell her; it’s all over social media. He asks if Franco knows, and she says probably, if he looked at the news. Jason wonders what it was they were going to tell him the other day. Nice deflection.

Ava comes home, saying she delivered the message. Sonny was an ass, but what did she expect? She realizes Patient 6 is gone.

Doc arrives at the MetroCourt. Laura says she crashed Lulu and Dante’s date. Dante invites Doc to join them, and he says just for one drink. He and Dante go to the bar, and Laura tells Lulu to be ready with her camera just in case.

Doc tells Dante that he just wants a quiet dinner. Dante suggests he and Lulu have a drink and the bar. Doc tells Laura he thinks they want to be alone, and they find a table. He says he doesn’t need a menu. He knows exactly what he wants. He’s never been more sure.

Ava finds a note from Patient 6, thanking her and saying he won’t forget it. She says, you’re welcome, wherever you are. There’s a knock at her door. It’s Griff.

Elizabeth tells Jason she can’t think of anything, and he says it sounded like it was more important than a permission slip. It seemed like she was waiting for Franco to tell him something. Like maybe why he visited Jason when he was in a coma. Elizabeth says Franco is unpredictable, but Jason says she isn’t. She’s not telling him the truth about something he needs to know. Jake comes back, insisting he saw someone. Jason goes to take a look.

Sonny reads the note. It asks him to meet where Stone’s ashes were scattered, and to come alone, like when he lent him forty dollars for a cab at Luke’s. He says this isn’t just anybody; only he and Jason know where that is.

Jason tells Jake that he didn’t see anyone, but Jake insists there was a man there when he was coming back with the hot chocolate. He says the man wasn’t scary; he made Jake feel safe. Jason asks how, but he doesn’t know. Jason’s phone rings. Sonny wants to see him, and asks if he can come by the house.

Griff asks if he can come in, and Ava says she can’t decide. He says he deserves that. She invites him in and asks if he wants a martini. He doesn’t, and she says he must not want to repeat his last mistake. He insists it wasn’t a mistake for him. She says they were just two lonely people looking for comfort; the irredeemable sinner and the would-be saint, crippled with Catholic guilt. She tells him that she accepts the vow he ardently clings to, and he says not anymore.

Jason tells Elizabeth that Sonny needs to see him. Franco arrives, and Jason leaves. Jake goes to play with some friends, and Elizabeth hands Franco an empty cup. She tells him about Jake winning the contest. He says Jake is a good kid, and she says he learned from Franco. She says that she and Jason are working on not creating tension in front of Jake, but Jason was asking about what they wanted to tell him. He didn’t buy the permission slip story. She doesn’t think he’s going to drop it. Franco says they can’t tell him what isn’t true.

Sonny flashes back to a time when we were all babies, and giving Patient 6/Jason the forty dollars. Patient 6 flashes back to the same thing as he waits on the footbridge.

Dante wants to leave, but Lulu says she has to be ready with her camera. Laura says that Doc isn’t eating, and asks if there’s something on his mind. He tells her that he has a colleague with personal issues, and she asks if they involve another person. He tells her it involves life-changing ramifications, and she asks what he thinks the colleague should do. Doc gets up. Lulu gets ready. Doc reties his shoe. He looks around, seeing Lulu, and asks if something’s wrong. Laura says, how could he?

Ava asks Griff what happened? When they last saw each other, he didn’t know what he was going to do. He says he honestly didn’t. He went to where he’s found solace and clarity – church. He prayed, knowing that when he left, he’d have an answer. He prayed with love and gratitude, wanting to serve God no matter what his decision. By the time he spoke with Father Cory, he was clear in his choice. He’s leaving the priesthood. Ava asks what this means.

Jason goes to Sonny’s place, and Sonny shows him the note. They talk about the footbridge and Sonny lending him the forty bucks. Sonny says Ava claims someone gave her the note, a stranger she met at a clinic in Russia. He’d also gotten a call on private line, and it was traced to the clinic. Jason thinks it’s a trap, a set up. Sonny says that’s what he thought, but he’s got to meet him for himself.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something he wasn’t being told. He couldn’t find Andrew’s death certificate, and it made things worse. She asks why he didn’t tell her, and he says he wanted to, but his mind is the last place he wants her to be near. He saw his father, but all roads lead to his mom. She said she didn’t want to tell him, but now he knows the whole unvarnished truth. Elizabeth says, again? He says Betsy lied to cover what happened.

Doc wishes Lulu had snapped a picture while he was tying his shoe; the look on Laura’s face was priceless. She said she deserves it; she asked to be surprised. He says she asked to be swept off her feet, and he said he’d keep her in suspense. She says she didn’t ask to be made a fool of, and he says she did that herself. No one else knew about it. She wanted him to be spontaneous and unpredictable. She wanted a grand gesture. Did she think the best he could come up with was a restaurant? She laughs. She wants to be mad, but can’t. He says she’ll never see it coming, but it will be worth it.

Griff tells Ava that he asked to be relieved of his duties and responsibilities. She says it sounds like he’s divorcing the church. He says that he still wants to serve God; he just can’t perform holy sacraments, and he won’t be Father anymore, just Doctor. She asks if he’s okay with that. He says it’s who he is. He fought it, but can’t deny the truth. The priesthood wasn’t the right choice. She’s happy for him, if he’s at peace, but she wasn’t just asking what it means to leave the priesthood. She was asking what it means for them.

Franco tells Elizabeth he’s sorry. He knows it’s frustrating. Betsy keeps changing the story, and he doesn’t think they’ll ever really know the truth. It’s better to drop the whole thing. She asks what about Jason, and he asks why they care what he thinks. He wants to leave it dead and buried. She asks what he’s afraid of, and he says that he’s sick of everyone jerking him around. He’s going to believe that Jason never had a twin, and there’s no relation with the photo. Good thing they didn’t tell him.

Jason insists Ava is setting Sonny up. Sonny says even if she knew about the footbridge, there’s no way she could have known about Luke’s. He and Jason are the only ones. Jason says if the information didn’t come from Ava or him, who did it come from?

Patient 6 waits at the footbridge.

Tomorrow, Nathan thinks the blog should be shut down, Griff wants to kiss Ava, and Maxie wants a favor from Sam.

😵 It was the Flipping Out finale, and the baptism of Baby Monroe was a big focus. Jeff told us that Monroe screaming is what life is now. Lea wants to go in on a property with Jeff, and he has more investors than clients. Jeff and Jenni visited Father Davies (a delightful man!) to plan Monroe’s baptism details. He obviously loves dogs, and I noticed a Pekingese figurine on his mantel. Jeff explained that Monroe was “spirited,” which Father Davies took to be a euphemism for makes a great deal of noise. Jeff told him that if they go on too long, he might have to perform an exorcism. The priest said there was a belief that the louder the baby, the more devout they’ll be, because it’s the wickedness coming out. He doesn’t really believe that, but Jeff said he did. She’s the loudest baby he’s ever heard. Jeff asked Chaz Dean (the Wen guy) and Jenni to be godparents. Jenni, because he knows she’ll be serious about the job, and Chaz, because he’s the richest guy Jeff knows. Somehow, the baptism went off without incident, and Monroe got a round of applause. Jeff became wistful, sad already for what’s to come eighteen years from now.

It was Cat’s turn to leave, and Gage said they’re dropping like flies. Soon, Jenni will be leaving to have her baby, and Jeff said he felt like the last man standing. He was excited about the future though. His Valley Vista remodel is moving along, and is located where they want Monroe to go to school. Jeff told us that at some point, they’re going to land there, they just don’t know when. It was a nice note to end on, and I don’t think Monroe could have a pair of more doting fathers.

🏃 Because It’s Been a Long Week…





October 17, 2017 – Patient 6 Meets Ava Again, Undercover Eddie, Blind Side Guests & Yacht Mascots


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Scotty visits Ava. He thought she’d be celebrating how good she looks. She says it’s an improvement, but he insists she’s as good as new. She agrees to it being a lot better. He gives her the proceeds from Franco’s art exhibit, and she whistles. She knew it was a success, but didn’t know how much. Scotty says they cleaned up. Speaking of which, she could use a maid. He sees two martini glasses, and asks if she had company.

Father Cory says Griff was the last person he expected to hear from. Griff says he’s made a decision about his future and the priesthood.

Franco doesn’t find a match for Andrew Frank, and gets annoyed with the computer. Elizabeth says maybe he should ask nicely, and what does he want to know?

Patient 6 sniff’s Sam’s jacket, which is actually a little creepy, and wanders around a little. He picks up a toy motorcycle. He goes out to the balcony, hyperventilating. Sam comes into the apartment, and he sees her through the window. Jason comes in behind her. They kiss. Patient 6 looks worried in a Griff kind of way.

Griff tells Father Cory that he wrestled with his vocation and how to live his life, but got no definitive answer. Last night, it became more clear; he’s not meant for the priesthood. Father Cory says he doesn’t believe it. Griff took his vows seriously. Griff says he’s come to deeper understanding now, and has no doubt. Father Cory tells him faith and doubt go hand in hand. Griff says he realizes he can’t resume his role in the priesthood, and doesn’t want to. The priest asks what could have happened in one night? He can’t make a decision on a moment’s whim. Griff says he broke his vows, and if he had to do it again, he wouldn’t change it.

Ava tells Scotty that he can go now. He wants to know about her evening, and says she has attorney/client privilege. She tells him if she kills someone, she’ll let him know. He thought they were comfortable enough that she could confide in him. She says she had a drink with a friend. He says she’s half-dressed in the middle of the afternoon; is he still here? Ava asks if that would get him to leave, and says he’s not here, but yes, there was a man. He asks if she’s dating, and she wonders if she has to be dating someone to enjoy spending time with them. She asks if Scotty was thinking of asking her out. Scotty asks if she picked him up in a bar, and she asks what difference that makes. He says it makes a big difference. Not everyone is as reputable as he is. Someone might think their ship came in. Ava wonders if Scotty thinks the only reason a man would spend time with her is the lure of a bank account, since they can’t possibly be attracted to her the way she is. Scotty tells her that’s not what he meant.

Franco makes something up about wanting to take Elizabeth’s boys somewhere, and says he was checking on the weather. He says he’s trying to get used to the pseudo stepdad thing. Elizabeth is looking forward to when he accepts himself like she accepts him, but he says it’s only a matter of time before he screws it up. She asks if he means because of Jason.

Sam asks Jason if he wants to go through some bills, while Patient 6 listens from the balcony. Jason grabs Sam and says they have celebrating to do. She thinks they did enough in NYC, and can’t remember the last time she was this happy. He tells her he can. It was a year ago, on September 6th. He repeats the vows they made to one another, and says he wants to spend the rest of his life living up to it. Sam says she wasn’t used to trusting a partner, but he didn’t take away from her independence. He made her more, not less.  She says she meant every word, and the greatest risk is letting another person into your heart. He says she made him take that risk, and he promises to love her unconditionally until death do us part and beyond. Okay, Buzz Lightyear. Sam says she meant it too, and will always be there. Patient 6 looks like he has a headache. Sam remembers their wedding day, when they were surrounded by family and friends, and says they have to treasure each other; anything can happen. Jason tells her not to worry about that.

Griff says his feelings for Ava are real. He tried to ignore and repress them, but he can’t anymore. Father Cory says he owes it to himself to make some emotional distance. Griff says he knows the priest means well, but he has no doubt this is best for him, and the church. The parishioners deserve someone who can focus on their spiritual guidance, and practices what they preach. He can’t do that anymore. Father Cory says he’s disappointed, but won’t stand in Griff’s way. Griff says it wasn’t easy, but it’s the right decision. Father Cory wishes all of his students were as honest with themselves. He tells Griff to continue holding himself under careful scrutiny, and practice his faith and principles, even in his new life. He asks if Griff envisions making a life with Ava.

Scotty tells Ava he put his foot in his mouth, and she says he’s had a lot of practice and is good at it. He says what he meant is that she’s vulnerable right now, around the time of Morgan’s death, and a sleazy guy could take advantage of her. She says nobody takes advantage of her, and thinks about Griff. She tells Scotty that he’s right. She hired an escort. She’d had a horrendous day with no one to grieve with. She’d stumbled on Morgan’s memorial, and they wouldn’t let her anywhere near Avery. On top of it, Michael tore into her, not believing she didn’t want to harm Morgan, and Kiki still blames her too. She was feeling down and lonesome, so she found some fleeting companionship. She tells him to go ahead and judge, but Scotty says he’d never judge her. He just hopes that next time she feels like that, she’ll call him. He’s always there to lean on, and he cares about her. Ava thanks him, and says she cares about him too. Now if he’s done asking about her private life, she’d like some alone time. She gives him the bum’s rush out.

Franco tells Elizabeth that she’s not giving him enough credit. There are plenty of ways for him to screw up that don’t involve Jason. He’s just waiting for the perfect moment to say, surprise! You have a dead twin brother. Elizabeth hopes he’ll be more tactful than that, and he says no matter how he words it, it will be negative coming from him. Elizabeth tells him keeping the secret is taking its toll. It’s eating him up inside, but the nightmares will go away if he tells Jason the truth. He asks her to promise she’ll never leave him, and she says nothing could change the way she feels. Franco gets a call from Scotty, saying it’s urgent they meet. Elizabeth says she’ll tell his clients that he had a family emergency. He thanks her for tolerating him, and says he’ll figure it out.

Sam leads Jason upstairs. Patient 6 quietly opens the door. He wanders around some more, sighs, picks up Sam’s jacket, and moves it. He takes a last look, and leaves. Why did he move the jacket?

Griff appreciates Father Cory’s guidance. The priest says he’s a fine man, and knows he’ll continue to serve the Lord even without the collar. He leaves, and Griff sees Elizabeth. She asks how Russia was, and he tells her he found Ava and brought her home, but it wasn’t easy. She asks if he’s still in the business of saving her soul, and he says he’s not in that business at all any more. He’s leaving the priesthood. She’s sure it wasn’t an easy decision, but she’s not surprised. He asks if they were taking bets, and she says it was obvious he was struggling. She thought there was more in his heart for Ava than friendship. He says there is, but he doesn’t know how to define his feelings, or what they mean for either of them.

Jason asks Sam about the MetroCourt for their launch party. She looks at her phone, and says her mom is stopping by. Jason wants her to tell Alexis that she needs time to decompress, but she can’t. She knows Alexis wants to talk about Kristina. Jason suggests maybe it’s Molly’s turn to keep the peace. Sam tells him that she has a weird déjà vu feeling. Like she left something in one spot, and then it moved to another.  Jason says becoming media moguls overnight takes some getting used to; can she handle it? She reminds him that it’s “we.” No way is she doing this without him.

Patient 6 goes to Morgan’s grave. He gives his now signature sigh, and says he was hoping he heard wrong. He heard Sam and the guy she’s marred to talking about him leaving, and thought maybe he took off like Patient 6 did. He’d always talked about being lost, and now he knows what lost really means. He lost five years, and doesn’t know what happened to him or anybody. He touches the gravestone. He tells Morgan that he went to his dad’s place and saw pictures, and saw him. He got so tall. and now he’s gone. How did this even happen? how did his parents and Michael get through it? Everybody loved him so much. Morgan was named after him, and he should have been there to help. He hears someone, and draws his gun. Its’ Ava.

Griff tells Elizabeth that his affair with Claudette was a lapse on both sides, and something he deeply regrets. He’s never been in a real relationship. Elizabeth asks if he doesn’t want to commit, and he says that when he tells Ava that he left the priesthood, she’ll wonder what’s next for them, but he doesn’t know. Elizabeth tells him to be honest, and hope she is in return.

Patient 6 tells Ava sorry. She says he could have killed her. He asks when she got back from Russia, and she realizes who he is, saying she didn’t recognize him without the mask. He thanks her again for her help. She says it was her pleasure, although it turned out to be more of a sacrifice than she’d first thought. They refused to finish her treatments. And they tried to kill her. She says a friend showed up when she needed them. He’s glad she’s safe, and she says she even flew home first class. She asks how he managed. The last time she saw him, he was barefoot with no money or ID. He tells her that he had help. She asks if Morgan is his connection to Port Charles, and he asks if she knew him. She says he was a dear friend of her daughters, and Patient 6 asks what happened; how did he die?

Alexis arrives at Jason and Sam’s place. She asks how NYC was, and Sam says eventful, and asks what she missed. Alexis asks if she’s talked with Kristina, and Sam says she’s with Parker and very happy. Alexis says she must have left out the part where she quit school. She tells Sam that Kristina is infatuated with Parker, and Parker encouraged her to the point where she quit PCU and went to Oregon. Kristina also blames her for getting Parker fired. Parker decided to move to Oregon, and her sister announced she was going too, refusing to talk to Alexis. Sam tells her that Molly says she’s blissfully happy. Alexis insists she’s making a mistake, but Sam says maybe, but she’s in love. Sam did the same thing.

Sam thinks that Parker has genuine feelings for Kristina, or wouldn’t have destroyed her own career. Alexis says if she did, she wouldn’t have let Kristina quit school, and would have refused to let her come along. Sam says if she’s right, at least Kristina will have the satisfaction of knowing she gave it all she had. Regrets only come when you’re too scared to go after what you want. Alexis says it’s easy for Sam to say. Sam tells her they’ve made a big decision. Jason joins them and says they went shopping in NYC. Alexis is worried they’re moving, and he says no, but they did make a major purchase. Sam tells her that they bought Derek Wells Media.

Patient 6 says Morgan was so young, and had a whole life ahead of him; what happened? Ava says there was an accident, the kind that never should have happened, but it was quick, and there was no pain. At least not then. He was troubled; life didn’t come easy to him. She can’t talk about it, and Patient 6 thanks her again. She asks where he’ll go, and he tells her that he has to find a place to lay low and figure out his next move. She suggests her place, but he says she already helped him once. She tells him to pay her back by letting her help again. Give her a chance to prove she can do the right thing. He asks to whom, and she says herself for starters.

Sam tells Alexis that it’s not just an investment, but a new start for their future. Jason says they’re starting a completely different life, and the kids will now sleep safely. Alexis says happy doesn’t describe how she feels. It’s the one good thing Sam’s father did. Maybe there’s hope for him yet.

Ava brings Patient 6 home. She tells him that she’s glad to have company. Her brother lived with her, but relocated, and her daughter visits, but she doesn’t think she’ll be seeing her for a while. Besides the occasional delivery man, no one really comes calling.

Elizabeth tells Griff that he made a brave choice. He says to break his vows, and she says no, to face his feelings. It’s impossible to keep every promise, but sometimes it’s more principled not to.

Ava tells Patient 6 that her brother’s clothes are still there, and something should fit him. He thanks her again, and she says she’ll put it on his tab. Her phone rings. She answers and says, wth? Something is wrong with her brother. He owns a media company, or did. It’s just been sold.

Alexis asks Sam and Jason when they’re announcing their acquisition? Jason says they just signed the papers, but they’re having a launch party. Diane was concerned about scrutiny from the Feds. Both he and Julian had ties to organized crime, and Jason wants to make sure the press doesn’t slant the story. Good luck with that. He says it’s imperative that the press tells the story the way they want it told. Alexis says they need to make it about who they’re becoming, not who they’ve been.

On the phone, Ava doesn’t understand why no one contacted her. She finds out Diane handled the transaction, and wonders if Sonny bought the company. She says, oh, that makes sense. Her brother dismantles his life, and sells his only real asset to Jason Morgan.

Tomorrow, Felicia asks if Finn and Anna are dating, Nina tells Jason he’d be a fool to fire her, and Ava asks Patient 6 why he’s so interested in Jason.

If Loving You is Wrong

Randal asks what Alex has to tell him, and what the hell Marcie is doing there. Marcie tells him none of his damn business. Alex asks if he’s following her, and he says yes. She asks why, and he says why not? He wants to find out who else she was sleeping with. He tells Marcie it’s not his kid, and she says he can’t imagine how much she doesn’t care. He says he cares so much, he’s going to jack up Alex’s life. Marcie calls him certifiable. She tells him to leave her alone, and he asks again what she’s doing there. Alex says she can tell him. She thinks he should know. Marcie asks if Alex is sure she wants to do this. Alex says Marcie is trying to get pregnant for Brad, and tells Marcie that he’s back home with her, so leave him alone. Randal says if he couldn’t give her a baby, neither can Brad. Marcie says Randal couldn’t give Alex one either. Alex says she thinks the problem is him, and he asks if they’re ganging up on him. Alex tells Randal that she’s going to her appointment, then the supermarket, and the baby store. He says wherever she goes, is where he’s going, and she tells him to knock himself out. She decides to take the stairs, and Randal gets in the elevator with Marcie.

Randal asks if she wants Brad’s baby, and Marcie says anybody’s but his. She tells him that Brad is an amazing man and a wonderful lover. Randal says he knows Brad is terrible in bed, although how he’d know that, I have no clue. Marcie says she’ll have more than one baby for Brad, if he’ll let her. Randal says there’s a problem with Brad’s wife, but Marcie says she can handle it. She says Randal isn’t a problem, just an a-hole. He says Brad had a vasectomy, but she says those are reversible. He calls her desperate, and she says he’s still not a daddy – so sad. Randal says all this time, all this hell, and the kid wasn’t even his. They could have kept it a secret and gone on with their lives. Marcie says she’s not interested. There’s no one on the planet she despises more than him. He tells her that her heart says something else. She says her heart wishes his would stop beating. She leaves and he says women can be so cold.

Marcie calls Larry. She says she needs him to talk to Randal. He needs to know she’s serious. He followed Alex to the hospital, and saw her. She wants him to know Larry is representing her, and maybe he’ll stop this. He says he’ll call her back. Funny, when she met with him, he said that was a conflict of interest. When did this change?

Lots of people and police gathered at and around Kelly’s house. Ian tells Kelly to check on her so,n and he’ll keep an eye on her house. She tells Natalie that she already knows, and will get to the bottom of it. Justice hugs her, and he asks why they took her. Was it because of Ramsay? She asks what he knows, and he says he confessed that he did it. Are they coming for him? She says no. She wants to talk to him about his confession. She sits down with him.

She asks what he confessed to, and Justice says he stabbed him. Kelly tells him not to say that, but he insists he did. She asks why he’s saying this, and he says to help her; it got her out. She asks where he’s getting this, and he says he stabbed him fifty-two times. She tells him to stop it. She knows when he’s lying. He’s not helping her. It’s not what got her out, and it’s hurting her to hear this. She wants the truth, and he says no, he didn’t do it. She asks again why he’s saying it, and he says he wanted them to let her go. She tells him not to lie, but he says he had to do something; he shot the gun. Kelly says that was her fault, but whatever happens, don’t lie. He tells her that he’s sorry. Natalie asks how he knew so much, and Justice says Travis called him. She asks if Travis told him to say it, and Justice says yes, along with the details. Kelly tells him to never talks to Travis again. He’s not their friend, and he’s a very dangerous person. She’s going to try to get clothes for him, so he can go to school. Geez, give the kid a break. Do your really think he can concentrate today?

Outside, Kelly tells Natalie that SOB is messing with her son. Natalie hugs her. Why would Travis tell him that? Now he’s going to need therapy. Travis is ruining her life. She had to put her house up to get out of jail. He caused problems with her job, and now, her son. Natalie tells her to look at the good side. Travis confessed to Justice. She’s going to call Lushion. Kelly says she’ll talk to her attorney; he’s right there.

Steve and Lushion go to the interrogation room. Eddie is there with a couple of FBI guys. Lushion asks what’s going on, Eddie says he knew Lushion was FBI. One of the men says they were apparently running an active investigation at the same time; the DEA is outside. Eddie is DEA. He was brought in before, when they planned o taking out the cartel. Eddie says, surprise, bitches! Lushion says he’s shot people and taken cocaine. He asks where Andrew is. Eddie says it’s time to get out, and tells them to have a good day.

Steve asks Lushion if this just happened. Lushion says Eddie is as crooked as they come. The FBI guy says his cover was almost blown, and the boss is gonna be pissed. Lushion is totally freaked, and wonders how they can go back like nothing happened. FBI guy says that they’re both after the bad guys, and sometimes you have to play with a demon to trap the devil. Keep building Eddie’s file, but they have to play along. Lushion and Steve agree. The FBI guys leave, and Lushion tells Steve this is BS. Steve asks what they do now, and Lushion says, play along.

Kelly tells Ian that they need to talk. Travis told Justice to say what he did. Natalie says she saw him on the phone, but didn’t know who he was talking to. Kelly says Travis told him all the details, and to say he did it. Natalie says they know Travis did it. Ian tells them that the DA could put Justice on the stand. Kelly says it’s crazy how one man can ruin her life. Ian wants to talk to his partner, but says have Justice stop telling the story. Kelly asks if Ian can get her stuff, and he goes to the house. Natalie tells her that it will be all right.

Esperanza hears the shower running. She quietly goes to the closet, and gets her gun. Because people who break in always take a shower. She realizes it’s Eddie, and asks what he’s doing in her house. He says taking a shower, and she tells him get out. She asks why he’s there, and how he got out. He says he’s the Teflon Don; they can’t touch him. She flushes the toilet to make the shower cold, and he asks what’s wrong with her. She asks again how he got out, and he says magic. She asks if he escaped, and he says he walked out like a free man. He wants to work on their relationship. Esperanza calls Lushion, and Eddie smiles. She asks if he’s looking for Eddie, and says he’s there. Lushion says he’s out; he worked out a deal. She tells Eddie she’s beyond understanding this. He says his clothes are off, he’s already there, so let’s go upstairs. She tells him she’ll shoot it off. He has zero respect for himself, their daughter, and her. He’s so delusional it’s crazy. He says his apartment was tossed, and they’re roommates for now. He reminds her who holds the deed to the house. He moves toward Esperanza, and she starts shooting all around him like a maniac. He crawls to the door, and runs out naked. She says she’s changing the locks, and slams the door. Eddie says it’s a turn on.

Marcie shows Ian the house. She tells him the couple who lived there divorced, and he says that’s going around, He’s divorced too. Marcie says, welcome to club, but it’s not one he wants to be part of. He knows she’s having a hard time, and she says she was the only adult in the marriage. She asks what happened with him, and he says they just didn’t fit anymore. Marcie asks if they have kids, and Ian says, three boys. He has them a lot, which is why he needs a house. He and Marcie haggle on the offer a little.

Larry calls Randal, confirming drinks for tonight. He also has something to tell him; something to think about. Marcie wants him to represent her, and he told her that he would. When did this happen? Randal says they’re friends, and Larry says he can help smooth it out. Randal doesn’t want it smoothed, and tells Larry to go to hell and not call him again. That went well.

Marcie and Ian leave the house. Marcie goes to her car, and calls Josh with an offer. She sees Randal on a ladder, and says she’ll call him back. Really? What kind of broker is she?

Brad sees the same thing from inside his house, and says wth? He goes outside, and asks what Randal is doing. Randal says none of his business. He’s installing a floodlight, and Brad says it’s turned toward his house. Randal insists it’s pointed to the alley. Brad says Alex told him about the music, and if Randal keeps it up, he’ll beat his ass again. Randal says he’ll serve him this time, Brad tells him to turn the light away, and Randal refuses. Brad sees a camera trained on his porch. Randal asks why he’s back, and Brad says to kick his ass. Randal says he heard Brad and Marcie are trying to have a baby, and Brad says there’s something really wrong with him. Randal says funny, Brad has one woman with baby who doesn’t know who the father is, and he’s trying to get another one pregnant, but moves back in. As he’s talking, Brad strides over and knocks the ladder out from under him. Marcie and I laugh. On the ground, Randal wails that he’s hurt and going to sue. Brad takes down the light and the camera. Marcie says Randal better leave that man alone. He’s not going to take Randal’s sh*t. He’s a real man. Randal calls for an ambulance, saying Brad pushed him off a ladder, so he needs the police too.

Dr. Raston tells Alex that everything is good. Alex thanks her for what she did, and the doctor isn’t sure what she’s talking about. Alex tells her the DNA test came back saying Randal wasn’t a match. She must have helped out. Alex doesn’t know what she did or how, but appreciates it. The doctor asks if Alex is suggesting she tainted the results, but Alex is suggesting the doctor did her a favor. The doctor assures her that she didn’t do anything, and Alex says it’s not possible. She wonders if there could have been a mix-up. Dr. Raston says anything is possible, but she wouldn’t put her career on the line. Alex is confused, and the doctor leaves to see another patient

Next time, Lushion catches Eddie running around the neighborhood naked, Marcie doesn’t have months to hide, and Eddie says be prepared to pull the trigger next time

Below Deck

Nico insists EJ is drunk and tells him to go to bed, and get his shoes off his deck. EJ says it’s his deck now, buddy boy, surprising me that anyone says buddy boy anymore. Nico asks if he wants to fight, but EJ says he’s cool. Nico says that if he’s not bosun tomorrow, he quits. Baker thinks there’s going to be a fistfight.

Nico tells EJ to put his strips on his bunk, or Nico will put his stripes up EJ’s ass. In his interview, EJ says Nico is way out of line, since he’s Nico’s boss. EJ tells him to apologize. In her interview, Kate says Nico’s ego is bruised because the captain had to call in backup, and the backup is like Ned Flanders. Bri asks Nico if they can’t work together, and tells him to be the bigger man.

As she’s getting into her bunk, Jen says if you eff up, you apologize, an eff everyone. Alrighty then.

Baker says EJ was the least intoxicated of all of them. Jen feels sad. She’s not digging life right now, and got upset with Bri; she’d thought they were good. Baker tells Jen that when she drinks, she stinks. Bri is over it. EJ asks Nico if they’re talking. In his interview, Nico is surprised EJ didn’t run to the captain. EJ insists he wasn’t drunk, and says some people can bounce back, and some can’t. Captain Lee tells them that once the boat is flipped, they an go to St. Bart’s for lunch. Jen is excited. She’s among a-holes, but it’ St. Bart’s, and maybe it will lighten the mood. Kate doesn’t know why Bri is picking on Jen.

The town is beautiful and colorful. Nico tells Bri that it was awkward this morning. Kate and Jen shop, Kate asks if she and Bri made up, but Jen says Bri pretended like nothing happened. Kate suggests just apologizing for overreacting. Nico says the entire season has been stressful. EJ hope they can make it. Nico is cool, but his attitude isn’t acceptable. Bri and Nico go swimming.

Jen gives Bri a friendship bracelet as an olive branch. They both apologize, and Bri suggests they observe themselves when they drink. Nico tells EJ the stress wasn’t his fault, and they need to work together. He’s sorry for being a d*ck about it. In his interview, Nico says EJ isn’t going anywhere, so they might as well squash it and move on.  In his interview, EJ says he’s worked with Nico’s type before. He’ll give him another chance, but he’s not going to – they bleep it, and I have no idea what the bleep he said.

Captain Lee explains that it’s harder docking at night; distances become distorted. He says it’s bad enough during day with a proper deck crew, but at night with people who never did it before isn’t something he wants a steady diet of. They manage to dock without incident, and the captain tells them it was an outstanding job. He thinks maybe he should blindfold them, so they do it all the time.

The primary guests are Leigh Anne and Sean. The Blind Side was based on Leigh Anne’s life. They just want to unplug from their busy lives, and aren’t asking for anything out of the ordinary. She’s a vegetarian, and Matt says it sounds like they’re unpretentious. They’ve requested an award theme dinner, and a tailgating theme beach picnic. Kate says she has no experience at tailgating.

EJ tells the deck crew that he wants the boat looking great for the next charter. Him being bosun, he wants good communication with Nico. They need to work together, and help each other out. He wants to see more team work. Baker says team work makes the dream work. Bleh. In his interview, Nico says even though he went too far, he still can’t stand EJ.

It’s time to greet the guests. Kate gives the tour. She says the guests have Southern roots, are spiritual without being preachy, and sassy.

Anchor is dropped. EJ says Baker has the attitude and charisma to make a great deckhand. The guests bother Matt in the galley, and he tells them what he’s planning for dinner. The table is gorgeous as usual, strewn with flowers, and silver filigree placemats. Kate thinks the guests will say grace, and they do, while she follows along in the back. Matt has been texting his ex, but she hasn’t responded. Nico tells Bri about apologizing to EJ. He listened to her advice, and it made sense. The guests use the water toys, and I laugh when a guy jumps on the trampoline, and ends up sliding into the water. Not the spectacular dive he wanted.

The guests dress for dinner. At the table, they each have a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. Matt is running late, since he’s busy with his phone, but he finally gets a text back. Bri ends up putting the bread in the over, and Kate hurries Matt up, telling him the guests are seated. She says it shouldn’t be her job to make sure he’s doing his. They’re on a yacht; the guests would like food. The entrée is grouper with asparagus and quinoa. I’m in. They’ requested bananas Foster, but once again, Matt has no vanilla ice cream. He uses chocolate instead, which would be fine with me, but two of the guests want it traditional. In her interview, Kate says if Matt were an a-hole, she’d yell at him, but you can’t yell at a puppy. Matt tries to make a substitute with fresh cream, but doesn’t fool the guests. This will probably cost the crew. Kate looks at the plates in the galley, and doesn’t know if it’s bananas Foster or a seagull took a big sh*t.

Matt calls his ex. He tells her thinking about her makes him miss her more. Zzzzz…

An awesome sunrise starts the day. Kate tells us that most of the time, yachting is champagne wishes and caviar dreams, but this one is try to survive mediocrity. The guests head for the beach, and what Kate dubs tailgate glam. There are wings and burgers, and Jen shows up in a pseudo cheerleader outfit. Bri thinks she’s going to get in trouble for not being in uniform, and not having Kate approve her attire. Baker helps her do some cheering with her step team moves. The guests are apparently drunk enough to enjoy it.

Matt is vague about dinner. Kate asks if he needs help. She wonders what’s happened, and if she’s been enabling. He’s slipping downward, and she suggests he cook outside the box. In his interview, he says she’s right, and he’s going to pull out all the stops to make up for yesterday.

The guests say it was the best tailgater ever. Kate doesn’t know what’s going on when she sees what Jen is wearing. The guests do some diving off the boat. Bri tells Kate that the beach went well. Kate wants to know when Jen changed, since she came back wearing something different than she left in. In her interview, Kate said she doesn’t mind, but doesn’t like that she wasn’t consulted. She wouldn’t have cared as much if Jen actually looked like a cheerleader.

Captain Lee asks EJ if he has any issues. In his interview, EJ says at the end of the day, he’s not a tattletale, and prefers to deal with the situation like a man. Kate is bummed that Jen decided to wear a bizarre weird outfit in front of the guests, but decides to teach her a lesson. If she wants to dress up in non-uniform things, she’ll be that person. She’s going to be the yacht mascot.

Matt makes ice cream truffles (don’t mind if I do), and Bruno helps. Matt likes having a sous chef. Kate asks the captain to have dinner with the guests. It’s another floral theme, in yellows. The guests get very excited about their surprise guest, and applaud when Captain Lee arrives. EJ calls Bruno Chef Gaston.

Kate tells Jen that she has exciting surprise; she’s going to be the Valor mascot, and gives her a bunch of strange things to wear, like a crazy visor and light-up sneakers. Jen thinks it’s humiliating, and feels like she can’t win. Captain Lee asks the guests about how the book became a movie, and Sean tells him that he went to school with the writer. Matt tells us that he makes steak like a boss, and the entrée is beef tenderloin, with some kind of cauliflower and butternut squash thing. Kate says the ice cream truffle are amazing, and yes, they are. Bruno talks about making desserts with his mother, and Matt is proud of him.

Jen feels like a dressed-up dog in a ridiculous outfit who can’t speak up for itself. Kate says surprise! You’re the Valor team mascot! Jen thinks it doesn’t make sense and isn’t fair, but she comes in and dances around while Kate blows a whistle. The guests wave their napkins in the air.

Matt can’t wait to go home. He tells Nico that he’s getting his ex. In his interview, Nico says he’s trying to distance himself from the problems at home, and Matt is pulling into them. EJ tells Jen that she did a good job, and Kate says the guests had a great time. Jen feels in dark and wonders what she’s not being told. She says when she hears Kate talk, it’s like the TV; she only hears certain things. Jen says that Kate is out to make her life a living hell, but she doesn’t know why. She doesn’t know if she can work with these people anymore.

Next time, the crew has a day off, Kate hates the guests, Nico doesn’t care if it’s wrong, and Jen has a meltdown.

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UW Huskies Boat Tailgating







October 16, 2017 – Patient 6 Arrives Home, Lydia Plans a Trip & Brandi has a White Party


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Franco dreams about Andrew.

Michael sees Nelle at her office. She was getting worried, since he seemed distant the last time they saw each other. He wants to talk about something to her personally. She asks if Curtis found when was needed to clear her name, but Michael says that he found something else.

At Kelly’s, Jordan accuses Curtis of being egotistical, and talking to himself in the mirror. She shows him the recording on her phone, and he says she needs to delete that. Stella walks in, and Jordan wonders if she should prepare for WWIII. Trish runs up to Stella, thanking her for the help, and saying she’s one of a kind.

Sam is glad to be home. Jason says that the kids are being dropped off later. She wants to absorb what happened, and wonders what the kids will think. Jason says, probably not much. Agreed.

Carly talks to Sonny about moving back in together, and says Josslyn has reservations, but is coming around. Brick comes by to discuss something with Sonny that couldn’t wait. Carly says she’ll leave them alone, but Brick will fill her in later. They flirt, and Sonny is like, all right, all right. Brick tells Sonny that he’s under surveillance.

The guys from the church stop Patient 6. He’s made it a long way, but he’s not going any farther.

Nelle asks what Curtis found. Michael asks if she remembers what she told the police after Zack died. She says she told them a lot of things, and he says this would stand out. It’s the part about her not being a strong swimmer. She asks why they’re talking about this, and Michael shows her the article. He says she was the star of her high school swim team. Why lie?

Franco talks to Elizabeth about weird dreams, and how they can be so vivid, yet disappear when you wake up. He says he was dreaming about Andrew and the way he died.

Sam asks Jason if he knew Julian wanted to sell, and that’s why he decided on the publishing business. He says once he looked into it, he realized it would be a great opportunity. He has a lot to learn, but has a mind for finances and can run a company. She asks if it’s what he wants to do, and he says what he wants is a legitimate business for them to run together. Before, he kept her in the dark about his business for her protection, but now he can tell the truth. Sam says she’s on board with one condition. If he starts to feel trapped, she wants him to talk away and not look back. They can have whatever life they want. He says running a company and riding motorcycles aren’t mutually exclusive.

Brick tells Sonny the place is clean, but the phones are tapped. It’s sophisticated stuff, and the software is something he’s never seen before. He says it could be the Feds, or they sold it to someone else. Sonny says he’s been looked at by the Feds before, and they’ve come up empty.

Patient 6 fights with the men, and gets one in a headlock. He tells the other to drop his gun and slide it over. The guy asks what he wants. He knocks the first guy out, and throws him the phone. Patient 6 says he wants the guy to make a call for him.

Trish tells Stella that she handled her first day like a pro, and sees her other angel. She says without the two of them, her father wouldn’t be alive. She thanks Jordan. Jordan explains to Curtis that Trish’s father has dementia. There was a disturbance call, and he was trying to get into an apartment that wasn’t his. She and Martinez talked him down, and took him to GH. His daughter took it from there. Stella says she didn’t see Jordan’s name on the police report, and Jordan says it must have been an oversight. Curtis thinks she should call it what it is. She wanted to help a rookie. He asks how long before Stella is running things at GH, and Stella tells him two weeks. She says that duty calls, and leaves. Curtis wonders what are the odds of Stella and Jordan helping the same person on the same day, and thinks they’re not as far apart as they think.

Brick leaves, and Sonny tells Carly about being under surveillance. She says Brick just did a sweep, and he tells her it’s probably the Feds. She asks if she should be worried. He tells her no, thanks to Brick.

Patient 6 tells the man to get on his knees and call whoever he’s answering to at the clinic. He’s to tell them that they have the patient, and are headed back to Russia. He holds the gun on the man while he makes the call. The man asks now what, and Patient 6 knocks him out. He goes through the men’s pockets, taking their cash and guns.

Sam is concerned about getting to the bottom of what Franco is hiding. Jason says Elizabeth is obviously aware of it, so it can’t be that bad. Sam says Elizabeth thinks the best of Franco and he exploits that, and Jason thinks the best of Elizabeth. Jason says they’ll figure it out and not to let it spoil the day.

Elizabeth tells Franco that when a child dies, everyone is looking for answers because it seems unfair. He had his imaginary friend for years, so this change must be affecting his thinking. Franco says she missed her calling as a shrink. Elizabeth feels partly to blame for putting pressure on him to tell Jason. She still thinks he deserves to know, and Franco should be the one to tell him. Franco thinks Jason will just despise him more, but Elizabeth says he had nothing to do with it. These two have sheets almost as loud as Ava’s. He says he loves his mother, and the Quartermaines are rick and powerful, and have connections. He doesn’t want to put her through it. Elizabeth doesn’t think Jason is going to let Betsy be picked on after being bullied by Heather, but Franco doesn’t see him ever letting it go. Elizabeth says let him dig; he’ll just find out the same thing. His twin died from natural causes. No one could have done anything different to change that, including him. Well, yeah, he was three.

Sonny tells Carly that he’s been through this before; he just won’t discuss business on the phone. He thinks maybe he should contact his partners in South America. Carly tells him if he’s going to the island, there’s some things they need to do. They kiss.

Nelle tells Michael that it seems like a lifetime ago, and Curtis did his homework. She asks why he’s digging up dirt on her, and Michael says he hired him to get the truth, so she could be cleared. She says she was on the swim team, but it doesn’t mean she could save Zack. A swimming pool is very different. Zack was a big guy, and she knew she couldn’t get him into her kayak. He asks why she didn’t tell the police, and she says that she was terrified. Zack was from a rich, old family who are influential. They’d do anything to make her look guilty (except apparently reading the local paper), and the best lawyers would have pounced on her. She says maybe it was a mistake, but she was trying to protect herself. Michael asks if that’s the only lie, or is there something else?

Elizabeth tells Franco that she’s glad he has the art program up and running again. He tells her money works wonders, but she says he works wonders. Stella comes in and hugs Elizabeth who introduces Franco. Stella says so he’s the one who puts a smile on her face. Elizabeth explains that he’s a colleague. Stella says, and she’s the queen of England. She tells Franco that Elizabeth was her nurse, and gave her excellent care. Elizabeth asks about the job, and Stella says she loves it, but forgot how hard this line of work is. She says some parents are requiring a copy of their son’s death certificate, and overdose is a word they’ll see forever. She almost wishes the didn’t list the cause of death. Elizabeth has to get to work. Stella tells Franco, colleague her you-know-what. He asks how one goes about getting a death certificate.

Patient 6 goes to Sonny’s place, and walks in from the back. He looks at family photos and shakes his head. He hears the guards talking about checking the perimeter, and jets out the way he came.

Sonny and Carly meet Sam and Jason at the MetroCourt. Carly asks what’s up, and Jason wants champagne. She says it must be a big deal. He tells them that his life is going in a different direction. He wasn’t sure where it was going to go, but they figured it out. Carly begs them not to say they’re moving, but Jason tells her they’re staying in Port Charles. Their new business is there. Carly asks if they’ve decided to get serious about being P.I.s, but Sam says it’s more of a departure. She and Jason are the new owner of Derek Wells Media.

Stella tells Franco it’s pretty simple; death certificates are a matter of public record. All he has to do is search the name. He tells her he thought it might involve the police, and they don’t like him. She asks if he’s referring to the Port Charles police, and he says in general, but definitely the Port Charles police. She says he must know her nephew’s girlfriend, Jordan Ashford. He says they’re acquainted.

Curtis tells Jordan that she and Stella have something in common. She says yeah, you, but he says that they’re forever part of that woman’s story, and it could be a game changer. Jordan wonders in what universe, and Curtis says Stella is going to realize what an amazing woman she is. Jordan says he’s dreaming. Stella despises her. He says it won’t happen overnight, but Stella is a phenomenal woman, a good woman with a big heart, although she holds a mean grudge. Jordan says she didn’t notice. Curtis tells her in time, Stella will find out what Jordan means to him, and when he’s right, he’ll be the first to say I told you so.

Nelle tells Michael that she’s always on the defensive, assuming everyone will think the worst; it’s a reflex. He asks if it has something to do with her father lying to her throughout her entire life. She says partly, but partly it’s just her. Michael says she could have gotten away with it years ago, but we’re living in a world of total transparency now. All lies come out, because someone, somewhere has a camera phone, and eventually you get caught. He knows she’s not stupid, and gets it, but something has to change.

Nelle says Michael must think she’s pathetic, but he says just the opposite. She’s a grown woman and makes mistakes. She messes up, lies to get out of it, and just digs herself in deeper. He saw Morgan do it a million times. It doesn’t make her a bad person or pathetic, but flawed like the rest of them. She says not him, but he says he’s far from perfect. She asks what now, and he says he hired Curtis to make things better, but it only made it worse. It’s not his fault, but Michael’s. He’s calling it off. She deserves a clean slate. Morgan got one, but was never able to use it. He doesn’t want the same thing happening to her. She hugs him.

Stella asks Franco if he’s been in trouble with the law, and he says Jordan is arrest happy. Stella says no one is perfect (the phrase of the day), least of all Jordan. He asks if he detects friction, and she says he detects she has to get to work. She tells him to be good to Elizabeth or he’ll answer to her. When she’s gone, Franco gets on the unattended hospital computer.

Patient 6 goes to Jason’s place.

Sonny is shocked that Jason bought Julian’s company. Sam says he looks as surprised as she was. Sonny says he knew Jason wanted to go legit, and Carly asks if they know anything about publishing. Sam says not really. They have a lot to learn. Jason says that’s why he got the company. They can work together, and it will be predictable. He’ll always be grateful to Sonny. Sonny says he gets it, and Carly says it’s different, but wonderful. Sonny is happy for them, and Carly asks if they can get a deal on cable. Same suddenly remembers that she has to sign a permission slip, and says she’ll be right back. Really? When the other day they did that online?

Patient 6 knocks on the door a few times. When there’s no answer, he slips the lock. He calls out for Sam, and asks if anybody is home. He sees Sam’s motorcycle jacket and smells it, remembering when he gave it to her. In his flashback, Sam says she won’t be alone. She’ll be thinking of him, and she’ll be writing and visiting. So he’s Jason? Are we sure now? Can I stop calling him Patient 6?

Nelle thanks Michael for understanding and trying to help. She doesn’t always get that, and it’s a chance to start over. She tells him she wants to splash some water on her face and reboot. He calls Curtis, an tells him to drop the investigation on Nelle. Curtis says, just like that, after evidence that was uncovered that’s suspicious? Michael says he’s off the case. Nelle listens and smiles. Kind of.

Stella tells Elizabeth that Franco is a strange bird. She asks what they talked about, and Stella tells her the intimate details of their relationship. She’s just playing, but says one thing for sure is that he’s head over heels for her.

Franco looks for a record of Andrew Frank, but there’s no match. Um… did he think Betsy would use a real name? That’s if she didn’t bury him in the backyard.

Patient 6 looks around. He heaves a sigh. He sees some toy cars, and picks up a motorcycle. He walks out on the balcony, and tears up. He hears something, and turns around. Sam is coming into the apartment.

Tomorrow, Griff makes a decision, Scotty asks if Ava had company, and Patient 6 walks back into the apartment. Maybe.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Welcome back to the OC, otherwise known as land of the nosiest people in the world.

Lydia tells Doug that she talked to the godfather of Iceland, who’s impressed with the magazine. She’s planning a trip there, and Doug suggests bringing her friends along, but reminds her they’re representing the magazine. Other than Lydia, I wouldn’t have anyone from this cast, except maybe Peggy, represent anything.

Tamra talks to Shannon, who claims David was just confused, and didn’t grill Diko. Tamra says Shannon has a hard time letting things go. Really? I wouldn’t have guessed. She tells us that Shannon is still fragile, and she’s walking on eggshells. Shannon gets all annoyed, and tells Tamra to stop talking about it. She says Tamra keeps telling her not give it life, but keeps asking about it. Um… she brought it up. Almost before Tamra said hello.

Vicki goes for a heart check-up. We flash back to various stressful situations in Vicki’s life, where she’s screaming and yelling at [insert name of any present or former cast member here]. She’s adamant about fixing the problems with Tamra and Shannon. She doesn’t want to keel over from stress because they didn’t want to be friends. Someone needs to tell Vicki that you actually don’t have to be friends with everyone. Although God knows, I’d be friends with Vicki before the other two. Vicki tells the doctor that her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at fifty-nine, and she’s fifty-five. He doesn’t like the results of her tests. Her EKG is abnormal. He thinks there’s a block, and they have to find out what’s causing it. One of her heart chambers is also enlarged. She wants to stay healthy for her kids, and he tells her that it’s nothing dangerous. She asks if you hit fifty-five and you just fall apart. I can answer that. Yes.

Mystic Michaela is Meghan’s psychic. I’ll refrain from any jokes or smart remarks. Meghan is having a get-together, and wants everything to be positive. She thinks psychics frighten people because they’re afraid what they’re hiding will be revealed, or they’re scared of the truth. Peggy arrives first, but isn’t interested in having her aura read. In her interview, she says her psychic is God. Michaela says she’s intuitive, and Peggy says she knows. Great start. I think the psychic is afraid of Peggy. This psychic stuff never goes well.

Tamra arrives next, followed by Shannon. Peggy is still upset about her cancer being questioned, but says this isn’t the time or place. In her interview, Shannon says it’s stupid, and she’s not defending herself, insisting that David didn’t grill Diko. Oh yes he did. Meghan invited Vicki, who had other plans, but Meghan thinks she’s scared. No doubt, but not of the psychic.

Vicki visits Kelly. She tells Kelly that she has a heart murmur that she didn’t know about, and she’s feeling weak. She’s going to surround herself with positive people, and not work so much.

Michaela reads auras. She says Shannon’s is positive, so we can assume she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She tells Shannon that yellow people are attracted to spiritual things.

Kelly used to think psychics were fun, but now believes she should stay away from it. Vicki thinks it’s bullsh*t. Kelly asks Vicki about having hepatitis B, but Vicki says it was influenza B. Kelly knew there was a letter involved.

Chef David creates a catered dinner for Meghan. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Lydia. If Michaela is going to be Mystic, she wants to be Lovely Lydia. She doesn’t want to be around a psychic, but knows the evening is important to Meghan and wants to be supportive. She asks if they’d like to come on a little getaway. She thinks it would be fun to go to Iceland. They’re doing a review on Iceland for the magazine. Everyone is in. I would be too. I’d love to visit there, but I’d lose this bunch real quick once I got there. Peggy has never been on a girls’ trip before. Lydia wants to invite Vicki and Kelly. She has high hopes everyone can actually have a fun time. She calls Vicki, and invites her and Kelly along. She tells Vicki to put on her party pants. In her interview, Tamra says the last time she saw Vicki, it didn’t go well. We flash back to Tamra’s nasty self. It didn’t go well because Tamra is a bitch.

Kelly tells Vicki Iceland will be the jam. She won’t leave Vicki the way she was left alone in Ireland. She’s like a marine and never leaves a man behind. She promises that Vicki will like it.

Peggy is bothered by something. She says she texted Shannon, but Shannon ignored her. She asks if everything is okay. Shannon tells Peggy that she’s perplexed about what happened at the anniversary party. She talked to David, and he was just engaging in the conversation and was confused. She says he asked questions out of kindness, because he was trying to understand. For Diko to pull her aside when she had no knowledge of what went on is upsetting, and she doesn’t understand why she was brought into it. She asks what pot Peggy is trying to stir. Peggy should ask her to talk to Diko. Shannon says she didn’t hear what David said. Peggy asks if she trusts him, and if he’s ever lied to her before. D’oh! While Shannon is always all kinds of wrong, the first thing I’ll point out is that 1) she brought it up to David that she was confused, and 2) she’s doing the exact same thing she griped that Diko did.

Shannon tells Peggy don’t go there. Peggy says she just asked her a question; does she trust her husband. Shannon says she does. In her interview, Peggy says she obviously struck a nerve. Obviously, he doesn’t tell her everything, and she needs to take it down a few notches. Peggy asks if she’s done. Lydia tells Shannon not to mad dog Peggy, and to let her speak. Shannon wails that she’s being accused of something she didn’t do (I’m not sure what that is), and it’s her hot button issue. In her interview, Lydia says Shannon likes to fight, and it’s upsetting to be around. Lydia tells Shannon not to yell, and Shannon says she has the right to be upset. Meghan says they should just talk. She says maybe it’s rude, and none of her business, but why did Diko bring it up. Peggy says David inserted himself in the conversation. Meghan thinks it’s taking too long to explain. In other words, her attention span for this is done. Peggy wants to make sure she tells the whole story, and Shannon says she wasn’t there. Peggy say she was there when Diko was talking to Shannon, and she was shaking. Peggy says that she’s lucky she doesn’t need chemo right now.

Shannon jumps up, and runs to the bathroom. Tamra follows, because we’re fourteen. Shannon insists that if David involved himself it was only to help by offering doctor recommendations. Tamra asks if he did, and Shannon says probably, which means she has no idea.  Lydia knocks on the door, and says she and Peggy are going. Tamra pretends to be confused, and says that she still doesn’t understand what David said. Shannon now insists that he recommended doctors to Diko. Tamra says she and Peggy should talk one-on-one.

Shannon swears she’s calm, and Tamra suggests to Peggy that they talk. The two of them go to another room, and Lydia pretends to bang her head on the table. Tamra asks for a knife to slit her wrists.

Shannon tells Peggy that she has a good husband. He didn’t grill or interrogate Diko. He wasn’t happy with Diko pulling her aside. Peggy asks if she’s play. Shannon says she has no intention to hurt her, and has shown nothing but care. She tells Shannon that she doesn’t want to get into it. In her interview, Peggy says it was like Shannon slapped her in the face with her yelling. She tells Shannon that it’s emotional, and Shannon says she understand, and has been nothing but there for her. Peggy tells us that she was lost, and needed support, but didn’t get it from this bunch. She says goodnight, and she and Lydia leave. Shannon is such an a-hole. She tells the others that she says didn’t do anything wrong.

Tamra looks for Shannon, who doesn’t want to talk to anyone – she’s done. Meghan says this is off the rails, and not in a good way. Shannon tells Tamra that she’s tired of being made to look like an a-hole, and Tamra tells her to quit acting like one. <snort!> Shannon whines that no one stuck up for her; it was her versus Peggy. Tamra says not true; she stuck up for her.

Peggy cries in the car. Lydia feels protective of her, since she invited her into this group of women, and she doesn’t like to see anyone hurting. Peggy wonders why Shannon is always yelling, and if she thinks it makes her point more right.

Shannon is tired of being painted as crazy, just because she wears her heart on her sleeve. In her interview, Tamra says Shannon is emotional about everything, and her life has spiraled. Even though she says she is, Tamra doesn’t think Shannon is over the affair. She thinks Shannon should talk to David. Shannon says she was accused of doing something evil and nasty. To her credit, Tamra says no one accused her of anything. She doesn’t need to get wound up. Meghan tells them if the baby wakes up, this will look like nothing.

Peggy tells Lydia that she can’t have a conversation with Shannon; she spins everything. Lydia says she always does, and she can’t handle that. Inside, Mystic Michaela says, omg. She tells Meghan that her friends are great. She seems like another idiot. Aura this.

Shannon visits Tamra. She sits down, and makes a remark about her weight breaking in the spot on the couch, and I say omg out loud. Tamra tells her about getting an invite to Sidney’s graduation. We flash back to Lydia praying for her. She tells Shannon that she was afraid she wouldn’t be invited, but gave it up to God, and he did it in His time. She says sometimes you have to go through sh*t to come out the other side. It breaks her heart to see Shannon this way. Shannon tells Tamra that she was absolutely humiliated last night. They remember that four years ago, they had a similar conversation in the same spot, and we flash back to Shannon crying about David. Shannon says she’s having issues with David, but isn’t looking for pity or playing the victim. She’s been thinking about the affair more. She thought she was over it because they were in a good place, but now wonders if she could ever say it was worth it because things are better. In her interview, Tamra says that Shannon being angry with David is coming out in other ways. Let’s just say it. Yeah, her weight, for one, even though she blames Vicki. We flash back to Shannon being an idiot. Tamra says she’s worried about Shannon, and in her interview, remembers how she lashed out when she had problems with Simon. She was miserable, and wanted everyone to know. Shannon says she can’t have the relationship be the focus of her happiness. She lost track of herself. In her interview, she says she’s devastated by the thought they’re in a place she believed they couldn’t go back to. Tamra says she’s crying all the time, and maybe she should take time away from David. Shannon thinks when she goes away, he realizes she holds the family together.

Everyone packs for the trip. Vicki asks Briana if there’s a place to whoop it up, and what the drink of choice is. Briana tells her she doesn’t know, and it’s vodka. Kelly asks her mom if it’s okay for her to bring a fur, and her mom says she can say it’s fake. Kelly jokes that she’s a member of PETA – People Eating Tasty Animals. Shannon gripes to David that she barely fits in anything, as he munches on chips. He asks if they have stores in Iceland, and she says they trade hides at the flea market. Lydia asks Dog if she should bring her party tiara, but he says she’s there to write a magazine article, not party. Peggy doesn’t know what to pack, and asks if Diko can fit in her suitcase. He gets in, telling her not to mess up his hair. She thinks it sounds like a great experience, but without Diko, she has a problem. Who will carry her luggage? She’s excited for the trip, but not to be with Shannon. She knows Shannon has an issue with her – she does with everyone – but she’s going to have fun.

Everyone meets at the airport. Meghan brings Baby Aspen and Bridget. On the plane, they toast to the trip.

Next time, Iceland! A trek up a mountain, Viking helmets, a waterfall, Shannon sees Vicki and Tamra being silly together, and fermented shark doesn’t go over too big.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Mark asks Cary if he wants to hear about Mexico. She says she had fun, but Brandi and Stephanie weren’t supportive. He says enough is enough, and she tells him she skipped a part. LeeAnne said that he goes to bars and guys hit on him. Not exactly what she said, but kinda close. Mark doesn’t need these people to ruin them; he’s tired of it.

Brandi’s sister-in-law, Megan, shows her the space for the upcoming holiday party. This year, Brandi is having a white party. She wants them to feel like they’re in a winter wonderland. She says Kameron might have boundaries, but in Brandi Land, you just have a good time. D’Andra is the only one not coming, because she’ll be out of the country. Brandi doesn’t appreciate being called a liar. She and Cary fighting is awkward, but she didn’t want to exclude her. Stephanie feels like she’s in the middle of something she doesn’t want to be in the middle of.

D’Andra’s assistant thinks the new product will give the company a boost. They have a meeting with her mother about the product. In her interview, D’Andra says she has to convince her mother about the product, and reassure her that turning over the reigns of the company isn’t a mistake. She tells her mother about “snow algae,” an anti-aging product. Her mother tries a sample, and likes it. In her interview, D’Andra says her mother is all about anti-aging. You can bounce a Ping-Pong ball off of her face. The clinical trials saw results of 100%, and D’Andra gives her mother the research that’s been done. She expects it to cost around $100K, and to sell the product at $100. Her mother gives the okay, and tells her to make it a home run. D’Andra tells us that her mother rarely says yes, and she has to prove she’s right.

A nurse practitioner visits LeeAnne to give her a hangover cocktail so she can make Brandi’s party. Rich people problems. On the phone, she tells Brandi about Cary saying she couldn’t be friends with her or Stephanie because of their behavior on the boat. Brandi says Kameron called them trash, Cary called her a liar, and now doesn’t want to be friends with them. She wonders why Cary couldn’t say it to their faces. She deserves the truth, and Cary needs to stop hanging out with them if that’s how she feels. She wonders why Cary is coming to the party. LeeAnne says there needs to be a moment when they hold Cary’s feet to the fire. Since it’s LeeAnne, I’m not sure if she means literally or figuratively.

Kameron, traveling with her dog Louis Vuitton Wescott, says she’s a blonde alien visiting another planet – a dog food factory. Since Louis entered her life, she’s had an extreme love for anything dog. I can relate. She started BabyLou apparel, but didn’t make all that much. Now, it’s a big industry, and if she can get her sliver of the pie, Court could be working for her. She discussed her idea with a couple of guys to see if they can work together. She explains that she and Louis are tired of the typical brown dog food, and want to make everyone happy with beautiful color. No one else has done it, and the guys are in. I think this is a smart move. Even if people just buy it for a novelty, they’ll make millions. Kameron says they’ll disrupt dog food industry. One of the men suggests adding a diamond shape.

LeeAnne’s body is telling her peace out. She’s not feeling well, and tells the doctor her energy level is sinking. The doctor got her culture back, and explains that she has a flesh-eating bacterium that has caused necrosis, but once it’s stopped, it will all go away and the tissue will heal and close. He tells her it will take several weeks and it’s outpatient treatment. She wants to know why her, and he says sometimes bad things happen to good people. What a philosopher.

D’Andra’s connection with her husband is all about travel. He talks about the first camping trip they took, and they discuss this year’s trip to Croatia. I’m seriously jealous. Keatin calls, and D’Andra tells us since he left, he’s talked to Jeremy, but not her. On reflection, she thinks she might have been too hard on him. He’s working for Verizon and doing well. D’Andra apologizes for trying to drive him down her lane when he needs to be in his own. In her interview, she says she’s her desires for him might not be the right ones. Keatin knows she did it out of love. She says she’s going to stop judging, and let Keatin do Keatin, not make Keatin do D’Andra. Then she says, wait, that sounds wrong.

It’s the day of the Brandi Land party. Cary gets ready. Mark is going to a surgical dinner (which sounds creepy), and letting her do her thing. He doesn’t want to be around the viciousness, and wonders why she’s going. She says it’s the way the girls are, and she RSVP’d. She’s a woman of her word. She’s going with Kameron, and Mark points out that Kameron is taller then he is.

The party commences. A big sign says the Brandi Land White Party. Hey, not everyone is dressed in white. Throw them out! Brandi tells Stephanie what Cary said about not being friends with them. Stephanie feels like they had a good relationship, but Brandi thinks LeeAnne has no reason to lie. Stephanie suggests looking at it with “smart glasses.” Brandi tells her sometimes LeeAnne can be wrong, but she’s honest. Cary has been talking behind their backs. In her interview, Stephanie thinks that LeeAnne may be putting a wedge between Brandi and Cary.

Stephanie doesn’t want to pick sides, but wants to talk to Cary. She knows Brandi is capable of cutting someone out of her life. Brandi doesn’t want to be lied about, and says she’s been protecting Cary. She was Mark’s nurse and nanny when Mark was married, and Cary is all about looking out for herself. In her interview, she says that if something like that went on in her family, the bitch would have problems.

LeeAnne and friend Tiffany arrive. LeeAnne says she looks good in white. People don’t see her horns as much. D’Andra is on a computer screen, and it rolls around the party, like what Sheldon did in that episode of The Big Bang Theory. She can control the movement from where she is, and she chases LeeAnne. LeeAnne tells her to take her robot ass to bed.

When Cary arrives, she doesn’t even say hello, but goes straight to the bar. She tells Kameron she knows what she said in Mexico is going to come back to haunt her. Kameron looks at her plastic glass, and wonders why they can’t have real ones. She says she feels like she’s at a frat party. Cary tells her to drink more, and she’ll really feel like that. Kameron doesn’t think Cary is being treated fairly, and has her back.

LeeAnne tells the girls about being on antibiotics because of her diagnosis. Kameron brings Brandi a gift, explaining to us that Southern ladies who are invited to a beautiful even always bring something. It’s a pack of batteries. Hahahaha! Okay, maybe she does have a sense of humor. Brandi appreciates the thought, but says it’s for the wrong kind of sex toy. LeeAnne says now she knows what to get her for Christmas. Brandi tells LeeAnne not to let Cary know what’s wrong with her or she’ll make fun.  Cary knows they’re talking about her, and says she’s bored. Brandi tells her what LeeAnne said, and LeeAnne actually has notecards. That’s a great idea to bring notes to an argument. I wish I’d thought of that. Brandi suggests they go downstairs. In her interview, Kameron says it’s a faux pas to leave your own party to fight with a friend. Cary asks where her Chanel coat is, and I wonder why she had to specify the designer. Not too ostentatious.

Brandi asks what exactly made Cary say what she did. Cary says she’s been a good friend, and they were antagonizing Kameron. Kameron tells them that there was a discussion about crossing boundaries, and they crossed hers. When she got off the boat, she wanted nothing to do with them. Cary says she knows LeeAnne isn’t her biggest fan, but LeeAnne says that has nothing to do with it. Cary needs to own her sh*t. Cary now insists not only did she not say Brandi’s doctor killed people, she’d told her that he was perfect. LeeAnne mentions Cary saying her stepson would be embarrassed about the sex toy, when she’s always naked. Cary says her body is a temple, and Brandi thinks she’s mesmerized by her own bullsh*t. Stephanie brings up Kameron calling them trash, and tells Cary that she would never have let anyone call her that. Cary says she’s sorry Stephanie feels that way, but she cares and loves them, even if they don’t love her. It’s cool. She could never be friends with LeeAnne though. LeeAnne tells her she’s fake AF. Cary won’t listen to her, so LeeAnne smashes a glass, in true LeeAnne fashion, and tells her that she’d better be careful. Kameron says that’s why Brandi has plastic glasses.

In her interview, Stephanie says LeeAnne will do anything for attention. Brandi says she’s done nothing but protect Cary, and she knows she was Mark’s nanny. LeeAnne makes a soap opera face. Brandi says if Cary is going to assassinate her character, she’s doing the same. In her interview, LeeAnne says Cary has been chipping away at Brandi’s character; why shouldn’t she unleash the truth?  Cary says she was Mark’s nurse and she watched the kids; she loved them like her own. We flash back to Cary weeping about LeeAnne accusing her of being a homewrecker at the reunion, and saying she would never go out with a married man. In her interview, LeeAnne says the truth shall set her free, and her shackles just fell off. LeeAnne doesn’t know how to move forward from this, and Cary is outta there. She feels like she tried. Kameron says they came together, so she’s leaving too. Stephanie thinks this isn’t the Brandi they know and love. She’s more like LeeAnne.

Next time, D’Andra needs to launch a product in two weeks that won’t be ready for a month, Stephanie confronts Cary, there’s a SparkleDog party, and Mark confronts LeeAnne.

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October 15, 2017 – The Sun Sets on the Shahs & Fear the Super Long Finale


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Two finales tonight.

Shahs of Sunset

Reza is meeting with event planner Kevin Lee, but GG gets there first. She shows Kevin her ring. In her interview, she explains how things happened fast with Shalom, even though they’d lived in the sane building for years. She says it’s not a normal relationship, but she’s not normal. Reza walks in saying Kevin’s signature phrase, chi, chi, chi! He shows Reza the décor for the Persian Winter Ball. I love this stuff – white branches and tiny white lights, candles, subtle sparkles of snow, and beautiful flowers in whites and greens. GG tells him that she talked to Jessica, who said she reached out to his mom, but Sue totally shut it down. Reza says her intentions are to protect her son, but Mike needs to say it’s his road and he’s the one traveling it. GG asks who’s going to let her know. Reza says she is. She says she’s Mike’s momma, but Reza says there’s a mitzva in her path, and she has to embrace it. Talk to her as one Persian woman to another.

Vida whines in the back seat of the car as Tommy drives. MJ is bringing Christmas to her father in matching PJs with Tommy. She calls Vida an effing bitch. She hasn’t seen Shams in over a month. Tommy is like goddammit! It’s Christmas; shut up!

Tommy sets up a tree in Shams’s room. MJ even brought dogs Ziggy and Toya in little Santa suits. Vida acts like a different person – a nice, normal person, giving Shams accolades for talking and eating. MJ says after her parents got married, he wasn’t the romantic guy Vida thought he was, and she didn’t stick around to make it work. They take a family photo. MJ tells us that Vida thinks since it didn’t work for her, it’s not going to work for MJ either.

Eez Not Right is Reza’s play, and he’s excited to see it on the theater marquee. He and MJ have been practicing for a few weeks. MJ arrives, and says she’s going to knock his socks off. She tells us that she took acting in high school. Monica Lewinsky and Eric Menendez were in her class. A guy in one of my acting classes, who was also a scene partner of mine, made headlines too, but sadly, it was because he was murdered by Jack Henry Abbott. MJ says that Eric was good at tennis. She suggests they rehearse, and stumbles over her lines. Reza says he should have gotten GG, but they laugh their asses off.

Tonight is just for friends and family, but if Reza gets the reaction he’s hoping for, he’s taking it on the road. Asa is on bedrest, and he’s disappointed she can’t be there. His method to not laugh on stage is thinking of nasty things, that no one needs to see here. Reza starts laughing the second he sees MJ on stage, so it didn’t work anyway. The play is basically about two grandmothers discussing the upcoming marriage of their grandsons, one of them feeling that it’s an outrage. We come to find out that the grandmother isn’t upset because it’s a gay marriage, but that one is a Muslim and one is a Jew. In his interview, Mike says that in the melting pot we call America, Iranians are now intermixing, and parents don’t understand. They want their children to “stick to their own kind,” and he’s a perfect example. We flash back to Sue discouraging him marrying Jessica. The play is well received. Reza says that he’s spent his journey wondering where fits in religiously, but now feels like it’s a closed chapter. He’s hoping the play might do some good, and people will learn. I’d totally pay to see it.

At Reza’s condo, the cats go nuts. Adam says they need a house. Reza says they’re getting one. He says that it’s obvious Adam doesn’t want to foster or adopt, and it looks like they’re going the surrogacy route, which requires a lot of coin. Reza is cashing out on his vacation house for a new house and beginning the baby process. Adam talks about having a chicken coop, but Reza makes fun of it, saying chicken are stupid. When he compares Adam to a chicken, Adam has enough. He says Reza talks down to him, and shuts him down. In his interview, Reza doesn’t like being dismissed when he’s been doing a lot of compromising. He thinks they need the Torah right now.

Reza visits Asa. Her place is filled with all kinds of cool baby stuff. She tells him that she can’t eat much. She’s been trying to do some work, but has no energy. She feels like she’s neglecting everything else that needs her. Reza asks if she feels a disconnect from everyone, but she says it’s more of a connect with herself. She was hurt for a while. She felt attacked and ganged up on, and who needs it when they’re pregnant? They’ve been in the same mindset for six years, and Asa has grown out of it. She needs to do her, and if she sees them, she sees him. She wants love and support right now, and after that, she’ll see.

The set up for the winter ball beings. Kevin calls it magic and fabulous, and it is. In addition to the aforementioned decorations, there are also big illuminated snowflakes everywhere. Reza goes to a kiki at MJ’s, whose condo looks amazing now. My mouth fell open. It’s like Martha Stewart was there. After the blow out with Tommy, MJ got a dose of reality that she needed to deal with. Once they put the pieces back together, she felt strong, and needed to execute the things she let fall by the wayside.

Reza asks Adam what’s wrong. He says Reza has been disrespectful and dismissive, and it makes him question the relationship. He says Reza goes for divorce card immediately in an argument. For him to throw that out makes Adam feel disposable. We flash back to before they were married, when Reza was hesitant. In his interview, Adam says he never wants to feel that way again; the way he felt when Reza called off the wedding. Reza says he doesn’t speak up a lot in the relationship, and the first time he does, Adam is dismissive.

Mike walks in, and tells Adam he can cry later. Everyone is astounded at the way the place looks. MJ wants Adam and Reza to finish the conversation. Adam says it’s stupid, and didn’t want to have it in the first place. He just wants to move on.

Mike says it’s not just a ball; it’s a Persian ball. Everyone is in tuxes and furs (most of them fake), and there’s a buffet like no other. Tommy says the food is ridiculous. I love to hear these guys talk about the food. I’ve never had Persian food, but I’m dying to, especially when I watch this show. GG shows off her ring. Reza says don’t run around the party, flashing or stabbing people with ring. At a Persian party, they’ll come to you.

Fake snow falls MJ inhales some. Mike’s mom arrives, and he gives her a wrist corsage. Like it’s the prom. Reza tells GG she’s the conduit. GG says it’s hard enough to talk to someone’s mom, but talking to a Persian mom? You don’t do that. She wants Mike to be happy, and goes for the tequila.

MJ suggests the moms go out together, so they can talk about how the kids never listen. GG takes Mike’s mom aside, and tells her that he still loves Jessica. She knows he’s hurt, and feels for him. GG brings up the email Jessica sent Sue. She thought it was sweet of her to apologize. Mike interrupts, and asks what they’re talking about. GG says she was telling his mom something, and he says it better not be what he thinks. GG says she’s not saying anything wrong. Mike steps away, and GG says maybe Sue could give Jessica another chance. We all make mistakes. Sue agrees, but says she was like a mother to Jessica, and if you leave, nothing can be fixed. She says sometimes you make a mistake that can’t be reversed.  They go to the buffet.

Mike asks GG what she was talking to his mother about. She says they’ve known each other forever, and he her not to get involved in something that’s not her business. She’s already caused enough problems in his life. We flash back to GG accusing him of hitting on her in Turkey. GG tells him that she only told Sue that his heart seemed to be with Jessica. Mike says his mother is there for a good time, not to talk about things that have nothing to do with her. GG is upsetting her. GG says talk to Reza. He’s the one who said she had to speak up, because Mike is scared to. Mike says it’s not her effing business. It’s his effing life and he’ll handle it.

Reza tells Mike that Jessica sent his mom and email. She was super apologetic, and super loving, wanting to get back together. He says if Mike doesn’t try one more time, thirty years from now, he’ll wonder what might have happened if he had. In his interview, Reza says he can’t believe how an almost 40-year-old, muscly Persian has his mom pulling the strings. You can’t live to make others happy; the outcome is always a disaster. Mike tells Sue that if she sees something he doesn’t, she should say something; he values her opinion. But at the end of the day, his decisions are his, and he’s a grown man. It’s his choice if he and Jessica get back together.

MJ asks Adam what’s going on. Adam says he and Reza had an argument, and Reza’s initial reaction was to leave. It reminds him of Thailand. It’s hurtful, and makes him want to reevaluate being married. MJ tells him that he doesn’t want to start the new year without a clean slate. Reza joins them. MJ says Adam told her about Reza using divorce as a threat. Adam says it makes him wonder if he married the wrong person, and his emotional mindset goes back to when Reza backed out at the last minute. Then he pulls back. Reza apologizes, saying it wasn’t his intention. He said it in the heat of the moment. He loves Adam, and he’s sorry.

In his interview, Reza tells us this stage of adulthood is hard. Growing up doesn’t mean he can’t have fun. He’s not the same, but better. Not just him, everyone is in the same spot. Asa got off the path to have a kid, but the rest keep growing, keep loving, and keep laughing. It’s who they are, regardless of how old they get. Reza announces that GG prepared something.

GG thanks everyone. She says it’s been an amazing year, and being selfish, her year was revolutionary. She went to Israel, realized how much she loves Shalom, and he put ring on it.

A month later. They get married, just the two of them, by a justice of the peace.

Two months later, they split.

Reza tells us, who says they saw that annulment coming? He did. I did too, but I think they’re back together again.

I’m going to miss these guys. I’m always sad when the season is over.

Fear the Walking Dead

Part One

We see a shopping cart filled with zombie heads, snapping at each other. Nick pushes the cart down the street, lopping off heads, and tossing them in. Okay, wth now? He takes them to the bartender at the Bizarre, who chops off their faces, and digs around for the brain stems. He says the longer the wait, the greater the risk of infection, but some people say it’s a high worth dying for. The Proctors will pay for as many fresh ones as he can bring. It helps them to fight longer, harder, and without sleep. Nick asks who they’re fighting, and the bartender doesn’t know, but thinks they’re gearing up for something big. Nick says he’ll keep harvesting as long as he keeps getting paid.

Troy watches people doing busywork.  Everyone looks like they’re having a decent time. Nick has a drink, and Troy leads him away. He says he’s been talking to the Proctors, and thinks they’re in trouble.

Madison looks out over the dam, and Victor asks what she sees. She tells him a murky mud pit, and he tells her to see past that to corn, melons, beans, irrigation, agriculture, and cattle. Isn’t the country what she wanted? She says she wanted a future for her kids, and maybe grandkids to spoil. Christmas surrounded by babies, and roasting a turkey. He figured she was more the sandwich type, but she says she used to make iced angel cookies with the kids. She’d thought they could have that life at the ranch. Victor says she can have that there. He says they can build paradise, and her kids can come home to it. He tells her to picture it, but she doesn’t know about that. He tells her that she needs some liquid imagination. What you call scotch.

Diana tries to talk Alicia into selling her hair again, telling her that she’s sitting on a goldmine. They good-naturedly banter back and forth, and suddenly, the car is T-boned by another car. Diana tells Alicia to get out, and a bunch of guys jump out of the other car. Diana fights with them, an Alicia slashes at them with her knife. One guy tries to take their gun out of the car, but Alicia grabs him. While she’s dealing with that, Diana clocks another with her pickax, but gets hurt. Alicia gets the gun and starts shooting into the air. She tells them to get out now, and they run. She should kill one just to send a message. Alicia tells Diana not to look, and makes a tourniquet for her wound.

Walker visits Daniel, and gives him Ofelia’s rosary. Daniel says the questions keep turning; why her? Walker says he wonders if he had been there, if he could have stopped it. He doesn’t know the answers though, because he wasn’t there.

Madison bogarts the scotch bottle. Victor says he can’t blame the kids for striking out on their own. Madison says they’re her kids, so she can. She wonders how long until The Odyssey, The Iliad, and The Bible are forgotten. Victor says they’ll write new stories. She tells him out with it; the scotch wasn’t just for her. He asks if she’s killed anyone. Has he met her? She says she’s had to, and he says he hasn’t. She says he’s lucky, but his day will come. He suspects she’s right, and she tells him it drives some people mad, and never gets you what you want, but it gets easier. Daniel approaches, and says her son is here.

Troy tells then that he found weapons and boats. The Proctors have no regard for human life, and will turn the water off, holding it hostage. Daniel says there are three entryways. They’ll post guards at each, and pick them off at the bridge. Efrain thinks they should blow up the dam. Release the river to the people. Daniel says whoever wants to leave, should go, but whoever stays has to help defend them. Victor thinks Madison and Nick should go. Troy says he’ll help, but Daniel questions his loyalty. Troy says he’s the one who gave them the information, and Madison vouches for him.

Outside, Madison tells Nick she hopes he’s using clean works. He says he’s not using; it’s something else. She says they need to get out before the Proctors show up. They’re worse than anything else they’ve seen. Madison says she’ll decide after he eats.

Walker is packing up his stuff. He tells Daniel that he’s going to look for some people who went north. He thinks Daniel is honorable, but he’s not willing to die for his cause. He says he and Crazy Dog will scout the road on their way out. Daniel tells him good walking, and they shake hands. Oh man, I hope they don’t kill Walker off.

Alicia brings Diana to a medic. He asks if she can assist, and she says she has no formal training, but was a hospital volunteer. The guy says degrees are worthless anyway. He lost his license in the 90s over a misunderstanding with a lady patient. Alicia advises him not to have a misunderstanding with Diana, who’s good with a pickax. He tells her he has another surgery to do, and could use an extra pair of hands. She seems like a quick study, and he just needs her to hand instruments to him and keep the patient occupied.

Nick looks in the refrigerator, and it looks like mine when it’s not a pay week. Victor tells him that he and Madison have to get out of there. He knows something that makes the narcos look like church ladies. He’s dealt with the Proctors before, and they intend to take all the land between there and the Gulf Coast. He’s supposed to help them get in, and part of the deal was to protect his family. He wants to cut a deal to protect his friends, as well as get himself set up. Nick asks if Madison knows, and Victor says she’ll tell Daniel. If Daniel finds out, He’ll kill him. He tells Nick to get Madison out.

Nick sees Daniel. Daniel tells him that Madison is wiring the dam with a friend, and he wants to ask him something. Was he with Ofelia when she got bitten. Nick explains that he wasn’t trapped in the bunker; he was outside. Daniel asks if he saw it coming, and Nick says not until it was too late. It came out of the wilderness. Troy saw it, and warned him. They thought they could redirect it, but it was already too close and too big. Nick says Ofelia was in the bunker with Alicia. Daniel gets up and padlocks the door. Wtf? He says Nick is lying.

Daniel says Nick knows his background. Nick says he interrogated people in the military. He asks if Daniel is going to torture him, and tells him it’s not what Ofelia would want. Daniel says she’s dead, Nick says she’d thought Daniel had changed, and Daniel says she thought wrong. His mother is wrong too. People don’t change; they walk in circles. He tells Nick to sit. I call Daniel a sh*tball.

Troy tells Madison that life is funny. They walk in circles, and here they all are together in Mexico. They plant explosives as they talk. He tells Madison that the trading post isn’t good for him – or Nick. He knows she’s worried, and had a right to be; they had quite a night, He never felt scared before, but he felt fear. Nick is his only friend; they’re like brothers. Madison thanks him for looking after Nick, and says keep doing that. Troy makes a derogatory comment about Mexicans, and she says not to talk like that; they’re guests. Troy says they were guests at his ranch. Now they’re a blended family. He says he got right with everything that happened, and asks if they’re good. She says they are.

Daniel asks why Nick is lying about Troy. Nick says he didn’t kill Ofelia, but Daniel believes that. What he doesn’t believe is that the horde materialized out of thin air. It needs a shepherd, someone to lead it. Daniel asks Nick to tell him; he doesn’t want to force him.

Doctor Eddie introduces Alicia to Proctor John as his new assistant. She wonders what happened to the old on. John asks who she is, and she says Alicia from Los Angeles. She asks if he’s the leader of this place, and he tells her, good guess. He explains that he’s a humble MC from SoCal, but has plans for expansion. The only thing stopping him is a growth on his spine; he’s becoming paralyzed. Eddie has been doing the best he can, but the pills are dulling his mind, and it’s time for surgery. Her only job is to assist, and if it’s successful, she has an amazing opportunity to come to Texas and beyond. She asks what if it isn’t, and he says if it fails, everyone in the room will be executed, starting with Eddie. This should give them incentive to do their best.

Daniel tells Nick that only three people could have done it – him, Jake or Troy. Nick takes a deep breath, and says Jake. Daniel says Troy, but Nick says no. He’s an SOB, a bigot, and a killer, but he loved the ranch, and wouldn’t have put it in jeopardy. Jake did it when he found out Nick killed his father. He couldn’t take it, and destroyed the ranch to save. It. Eventually, the horde he led killed him. Daniel tells Nick that his mother will be happy to see him, and gives him the key to the lock.

Alicia doesn’t think it’s safe, not putting John under, but Eddie says it’s her job to keep him still. She distracts John by asking him about the safest place he can remember. He talks to her about his aunt and uncle. Eddie cuts into his back, and Alicia asks questions. Eddie says he can see the tumor, and they talk about Santa Barbara. Even though he’s the one wide awake during surgery with barely a whimper, John call Alicia a tough kid. She says he has no idea. He finally screams.

Daniel looks at water coming out of a pipe, and says it should be pumping west, not dumping there. Victor is sure Lila has it under control.

Troy explains the detonator to Madison, and says they have to get out. Nick shows up, and tells them about Victor selling them out. He says if Daniel sees Troy, he’ll want to kill him. Madison asks why, and Troy says he led the horde to the ranch. She tells him it wasn’t right, but he says the Indians had it. She says they all had it, but he says not all, she exiled him. Madison says she let him live. After all they did to keep the peace, he took everything from her. Troy says what about what she took from him? He lost his father and his brother. She says he got them killed and had no right. He says he had every right; it was his home. He’d do it all again, and she would too. He says she understands, and suddenly, she whacks him with a hammer. He sinks to his knees, and she hits him again. He rolls down an incline, dead. Nick looks sick, and I gasp out loud. Nick is like, whoa. Madison takes the detonator and leaves.

After John recovers for a whole five minutes, Madison asks him if he can wiggle his toes. After a few tries, he sits up. He calls Eddie a bastard, but says he had faith in him the whole time. Eddie is a freakin’ miracle worker. He asks if Alicia is ready to hit the road. She asks if she has a choice, and he says not really, and holds out his hand.

At the dam, Lola says the water is running the wrong way. Victor tells her to step away, and holds a gun on her. Daniel says he knows who Victor is. He’s not his friend, but he’s a con man, not a killer. He tries to get Victor to give him the gun, but that’s a no, and they struggle. The gun goes off, and Daniel ends up getting shot in the chin. It’s not a fatal shot, but he’s down, and Lola runs to him. Victor keeps the gun on them.

The Proctors go through the tunnels. Nick and Madison see them coming, and run. The Proctors are all over the place in a couple of seconds. There’s a gunfight between them and the guards, with walk-on characters dropping like flies. Efrain gets shot through the window of the office. Victor tells Madison and Nick that they have to hide. He unlocks a door, and they go inside. He asks for the detonator, and says he’ll do everything in his power to prevent harm from coming to them. Madison gives him the device. He locks the door from the outside.

Part Two

Winter Wonderland plays while Madison rinses the potatoes in a pretty cabin. She sees a car coming, and goes out on the porch. She walks out to meet the car, and passes the graves of everyone on the ranch who has passed. She sees Nick with Luci and a baby. She looks down to Alicia’s grave. She wants to see the baby, but Luci won’t let her. She follows them back to their car. They get in and drive away.

Alicia and John take a boat to the dam. Alicia sees dead people floating in the water. They’re met by the rest of John’s men – and Victor. He tells John that someone knew they were coming, and it was beyond his control, but all is well. John doesn’t think so, since there are corpses in the drinking water. They were told to secure the dam. Victor says that’s what they’re doing. John says he’ll get a full accounting later. He wants the grand tour, and plan to be persuasive. Alicia quietly asks Victor about her mother, and he says she’s hidden. Nick came to warn them. She asks, now what? and he says to trust him; he can get them out.

Nick asks Madison if she’d kill him too. She tells him that’s insane, but he asks if she didn’t wish for that call when he was using. She says she never wished him dead; what kind of a mother would she be. He says honest maybe. She tells him that Troy needed to be put down; it’s the world they live in. Nick says they always lived in that world; it’s just that now it’s okay. She says one day he’ll have no choice, and Nick says not with her. Madison says she’s never hurt him. He asks hat if it was necessary, and she tells him to stop it. They hear shots being fired outside.

Lola tends to Daniel. He says the two of them will escape. He waits while she goes up the ladder to the dam.

Alicia admires John’s high pain threshold, and he asks how she knows Victor. She says he helped her family get out of LA. Her mother and Victor were friends, and she thought her mother might be there. John asks her mother’s name, and says she is there. She was one of Victor’s deal points; they were to spare her. He hopes she hasn’t been killed yet. Alicia asks if he’ll spare Madison if she’s alive. He says she was part of a larger negotiation that collapsed, but Alicia has served him well in a short time. Can she continue to do so, and can he trust her? She asks again if he’ll spare her mother, and he says he will if she’ll come on board his ship and sail for what’s left of Houston.

Nick and Madison hear someone coming in, and wait on either side of the door. Victor says he told them to leave, but they had to be stubborn. Alicia is there with Proctor John. Maybe he likes her enough to let them go, but don’t bet on it. He gives them uniforms, saying he’s going to walk them out right under the Proctors noses. Madison says his time has come, hasn’t it? He says just please put on the uniforms. Madison says he killed someone, and asks who it was. Victor says Daniel. He did it for her. He didn’t kill him though; he was alive when Victor left, but it was the worst thing that ever happened. He let Lola go. Even though she’d said it gets easier, he couldn’t do it. Nick says there’s hope for him yet.

Lola sneaks into the office, and sees Efrain dead. No time to grieve though. She cocks her gun.

Victor holds a gun on Madison and Nick, who are in uniform. There are people being shot, and tossed off the bridge up ahead, but he tells them to just keep walking. A guard stops them, and Victor tells him that Proctor John wants him to dispose of these traitors personally. They go past, but Lola runs toward John, shooting, and John kills her. He asks what fresh hell is this? Well, there’s the pot calling the kettle black.

Daniel opens his eyes.

John is mystified. He thought “water queen” Lola was dead, and she turned back up like a whack-a-mole trying to assassinate him. Victor says he can explain, but John doesn’t want to hear it. He tells Alicia to go to her joyful family reunion. She and Madison hug. He asks what role Nick plays in the family drama. He asks Nick where Troy is, and Nick says his mom killed him. John tells “Alicia from Los Angeles” that she has a perverse family. He says he’ll have to kill them, but he’ll kill her first so she doesn’t have to watch.

John tells them to say they’re goodbyes. Nick hugs Victor, and tells him, safe travels. I’m assuming the detonator switched hands. Victor tells John that there’s something in the end game that he didn’t plan on. They didn’t have enough guns to defend the dam, so they wired it with explosives. John orders Victors tongue taken out. Victor fumbles around in his pockets, looking for he detonator, but Nick takes it out. He says it’s armed, and Victor tells him don’t touch the other button. Nick asks if he means the one that says detonate.

Madison takes the turkey out of the oven, and brings it to a table of guests. Daniel, Jeremiah, Troy, some other dead guy whose name I don’t remember, and Walker are there. There’s an empty chair at the head of the table. Walker gets ready to carve. Victor comes to the door, with a pile of gifts and flowers. Madison shows him in. She lifts the cover on the turkey, and it’s Jeremiah’s head on the platter.  Walker has cut off his head, and the blood gushes from his body, still in the seat, flooding the table. Victor leaves, and Madison follows him, but sees nothing except gravestones outside. A plane flies overhead.

Nick holds up the detonator. John says his play, and makes the guards lower their guns. Nick tells him that his mom and sister get to take the Zodiac across the lake. Alicia wants him to come, but John say the detonator will be out of range, and he’ll lose his leverage. Madison and Alicia leave. Nick tells Victor to take care of them. John insists they won’t survive, but Nick tells him not to be so sure. John is interested to see how it plays out, but it won’t be well for Nick either way. Nick isn’t afraid to die, and John calls it junkie bravado. He asks if the detonator is real.

Daniel stumbles out, and kicks some guard ass. Quite well for a man who’s just been shot in the face.

John calls the lake a modern Euphrates. It needs managing. They can’t just give it away. He says Nick can help, but Nick says it’s just one more thing to control. Alicia has trouble getting the boat going, but the engine finally turns over. John says Nick was born for violence, and Nick says he killed the last man who said that. John tells him, like mother, like son; he needs to harness the fury or get stampeded. A war is waiting. The boat stalls.

Daniel sees Lola lying dead on the bridge. He puts Ofelia’s rosary beads in her hand. They’re giving me a heart attack with this boat, which is still giving them a hard time. John wants the detonator, but shots from a sniper interrupt him. From a hillside, Walker tells Crazy dog, nice shot. John says this is a new wrinkle, but not a game changer, since apparently, he’s a real optimist. He thinks Nick is bluffing, and his family isn’t far enough away. More shots are fired, and somehow all the bullets go around Nick. Daniel gets closer, and starts to shoot. Nick sees the boat speed away. He hits the button.

The dam blows to smithereens, and the bridge cracks don the middle. John is led away by one of his men, and everything starts crumbling. Walker and Crazy Dog watch the boat. Crazy Dog says they’ll be drawn into the flood if they don’t step on it. He and Walker decide to head north. We see the water flood the inside of the dam, covering Efrain and Troy’s bodies. Daniel grabs Nick, and the boat gets sucked under the bridge.

Madison walks among the gravestones. She kneels at Jeremiah’s grave, and his hand pops out of the ground Carrie White style. He grabs Madison and drags her into the ground. In the real world, she’s under the water, and starts to sink among the debris, Her hand reaches out of the earth, and Travis pulls her out. She slips back, alternately into the water again. She opens her eyes, swims to the top, and breaches the surface. She gasps for air and swims to shore. People are running around with buckets, and getting water. A little girl sees her, and says, hola. The camera pans out on the newly freed water.

Next week, The Walking Dead 100th episode, preceded by a marathon.



October 12, 2017 – Griff Loses His Shirt, Jeff Loses Zoila & Gopher was a Hit


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Doc asks Laura to marry him. He says there’s nothing he wants more than to spend the rest of his life with her.

Zack’s sister, Sharon, is selling a boat her family hasn’t used since her brother died. I hope it’s not that dud kayak. Curtis is the faux buyer.

Dillon is killing time on a park bench, when Nelle comes by. She asks why he didn’t go to the memorial. He asks if she’s ever had that invited, but not actually welcome feeling. I’m pretty sure she can identify.

David sees Kiki crying, and asks what’s wrong. He says it can’t be that bad, can it? She says it can.

Michael and Sonny discuss the foundation. They talk about taking loss and turning into something positive.

Ava books the next flight to Paris. She sees a text from Spencer thanking her for her help, and says she’s sorry. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Griff. He needs to see her. She invites him in. He looks worried, like always.

Michael shows his parents how many donations have come in. Someone just donated $50K. Sonny says maybe someone needs a tax write-off, but it’s anonymous. Carly thinks might be Tracy or an associate of Sonny’s, but he says they would do it legit. Carly wonders who doesn’t hate them and has that kind of money. Michael says that it could be someone who has also lost a loved one, and they’re goal to raise awareness is a success. He says he’s glad to know there are still good people in the world. He has to meet Nelle, and jets. Carly wants to find out who made the donation, totally defeating the purpose of anonymity.

David and Kiki have coffee at Perks. He tells her if she wants to talk, he’s happy to listen. He asks if she wants him to call her boyfriend. When she tells him no, he asks if they had a fight. She tells him it’s the one year anniversary of her ex-boyfriend’s death. David says that Dillon might be a hothead, but he doesn’t seem like the type who wouldn’t be receptive to her feelings. She tells David that Morgan was bi-polar, and at the end, he struggled. She distanced herself, and Dillon was there to comfort her. David says it complicates matters. He tells her that something he learned as a doctor also applies to other things in life. Things could have turned out another way, but didn’t, and you have to deal with circumstances as they are. Kiki doesn’t know how she can open up when she feels guilty. If it weren’t for her, he’d still be alive. David says if he was as sick as she says, there was nothing she could do. No matter what happened, she’s not responsible. Kiki says she’s the reason he died. Her mother killed him for her.

Griff has a lot on his mind, and needs to talk to Ava. She has a way of cutting through the BS, and he appreciates her friendship. Ava asks what’s on his mind. He tells her that he had an intense conversation with one of his superiors. He was told he’s been on leave long enough. It’s time for him to make a decision to either resign from the priesthood or leave his life in Port Charles behind.

Laura is shocked that Doc is serious. He tells her that he’s been thinking about it for months. In France, he kept thinking he should just ask her. She says, so instead of Paris, he chose Kelly’s? He says he can’t sit idly by while she thinks things won’t get better. Happy moments are waiting to be created, and he wants to spend his life creating them with her – if she lets him. He asks if she’ll make him the happiest man alive, and she says no.

Ava asks Griff what he’s going to do about the ultimatum, and he says his old life feels like it belongs to another man; it’s barely recognizable. She asks why go back, and he tells her that the thought of leaving the church seems empty and hollow. The priesthood was his calling, his vocation. She says it sounds like he’s made up his mind, and she isn’t sure why he came to her.

Dillon tells Nelle that no one is begrudging him being with Kiki. Nelle says, but she was Morgan’s girlfriend. He says he wants to give her space and respect, but at the same time move forward. Nelle thinks that sounds reasonable. Dillon says in theory, but the day to day is complicated, and it feels like lately Kiki has been shutting him out. Not entirely and maybe not intentionally, but since she started the pre-med program, she’s been distant. Nelle says that it hurts to give your heart, when they don’t do the same, and find out you’ve invested everything you had, and they didn’t.

Curtis asks Sharon if her brother died in the water. She says he did, but not on this boat. That answers that question. He was kayaking with his fiancé. Foul play was suspected, but there was no proof. He asks if anyone suspected her when she first came into Zack’s life, but Sharon says that Zack didn’t bring her in. She was their mother’s personal assistant.

Carly tells Sonny that the routing company has records. Sonny asks if she’s sure she should be doing this. She says if the donation is from Ava, she’ll make a matching one, and return the money to her. He asks what if it’s just some anonymous person, and she says she’ll want to thank them. She’s going to find out if it’s someone she needs to thank to their face or punch in the face. She gets the information, and tells Sonny that it’s even stranger. It came from Nelle.

Ava tells Griff that she knows why he’s there, and he can go to hell. He asks what just happened, and she says it’s been happening for months. What he’s doing to her is cruel. He told her that he couldn’t have feelings for her because of the church. What kind of game is he playing? He says he never meant to hurt her, and she says he never means to do anything. She knows why he came. He’s hoping she’ll throw herself at him again. He doesn’t need her to be a friend, but an archetype, a temptress to make the pious man question his faith. He says he wouldn’t do that, but she says she’s not an obstacle for him to overcome. And she’s the one who’s leaving.

David tells Kiki to back up a second. Her mother killed Morgan? She says not directly, but she might as well have. She thought his illness was going to ruin both of their lives, and knew Kiki wouldn’t leave him. She engineered a breakdown by switching his lithium with placebos to show her who he really was. His family wanted to prosecute, but there wasn’t enough proof. David says it makes sense that she chose to be a healer. The drive she feels to save people is common for a lot of them. They’re making up for another loss. Kiki says Morgan became erratic and started making irrational decisions which led to him being killed. David says she’s not responsible for that, but she says letting her mother back in her life is like condoning her behavior. She tells David how Ava barged in on the memorial. She’d been badly burned in an accident, and because Kiki helped her through the recovery, she thinks she’s forgiven. She’s tried to get past it, but it’s a tall order. Kiki doesn’t want to lose her, but how can she be a good person if she lets her mother back in? She knows David isn’t a fan of being emotional, but he says just not at the hospital, and tells her about his own waterworks at a sad movie. Dillon shows up, and sees David put his hand on Kiki’s.

Sharon tells Curtis that Nelle had a glowing recommendation, and her mom believed in giving a leg up to those less fortunate. When she passed away, Zack took it hardest. Nelle started hovering around him, giving him someone to talk to in his time of grief. The next thing they knew, the two of them were engaged, and Zack amended his will. Curtis says she saw her chance. Sharon says she’s an opportunist, and would have found another way, but in retrospect, thinks Nelle targeted Zack from the beginning.

Michael meets Nelle, and she asks how the memorial went. He says it was good, and tells her about taking Avery to the zoo. She thinks Morgan would approve. Michael says the donations for the foundation are also pouring in. He tells her that the last time they talked, she was upset, but Nelle says forget about it. She’s okay now, and doesn’t want to think things will never get better with his family. He says he has a plan to fix that, and she says she does too.

Sonny is shocked that Nelle is the donor. Carly says this is the same woman who almost lost her apartment, and has no money. Sonny wonders why she’d donate anonymously, and Carly calls her a sneaky bitch who has an agenda. Sonny asks where Carly is going, and she says the least she can do is thank her. Sonny tries to stop her, but no.

Doc says this is what he gets for being spontaneous. Laura says no, and he’s like, another no? Laura tells him that she wants what he does. She wants spend rest of her life with him too. She didn’t say she wouldn’t marry him. Doc says she didn’t say she would. She tells him it might come as a shock, but she doesn’t want a proposal just as a distraction from Valentin. Doc tells her that’s not why he proposed, but it’s a nice bonus. She doesn’t want to associate it in any way with Valentin. She wants the fairytale. A dinner, a hike, or something special, where he gets on one knee and holds out a pretty ring. She wants a real proposal, and then she’ll say yes.

Ava tells Griff how she blundered into Morgan’s memorial by mistake and was shunned – by everybody, including her own daughter – and it was right after Laura laced into her. It wasn’t a good day, even before he showed up. She was reminded once more that she’s a horrible person. Griff tells her that she’s not a horrible person. He meant it when he said he believes in her and has faith in her. She tells him to stop it; just stop it.

Kiki jumps up and kisses Dillon. He asks if she’s been crying, and David says he’ll let them catch up, and leaves. Dillon asks how the memorial was. Kiki says it was tough, and he wishes he could have been there, but apparently David was. She says he wasn’t there; she just needed someone to talk to. He says about Morgan? How can she talk to someone else about it and not him?

Alexis goes to Sonny’s house. She tells him she needs help to keep their daughter from throwing her life away.

Nelle wants to hear Michael’s plan first. He starts to talk about Zack, but Carly interrupts. She says she’s glad she found them. She couldn’t not thank Nelle for the donation. $50K is beyond generous, and she doesn’t have the words. Nelle says it was her pleasure. Carly starts asking how she got the money, but Michael stops her. Carly tells Nelle it was very noble to keep her grand gesture a secret, and leaves. Nelle tells Michael that was a helluva way for him to find out. He says he’s no expert on jewelry, but figures the engagement ring was work about that much. Is that where she got it?

Curtis tells Sharon that he doesn’t mean to pry, but did Nelle get the money? She says the investigation is still open, and she can’t profit from her misadventure. She says the police are clearly on their side. Curtis says playing devil’s advocate, if they can’t find proof, is it possible it was an accident? Sharon says that there was a faulty plug in the kayak, and Nelle watched him drown. She claimed she wasn’t a strong enough swimmer to save him. He points out that if she grew up near there, she was basically raised on the water. Sharon says, funny, huh? She told herself she wasn’t going to get into it again, and apologizes. Curtis says he’s honored she chose to share it with him. She tells him that she has another engagement, but he’s free to stay there and kick the tires, so to speak. When she’s gone, he uses Spyder Finder to look up Nelle’s school.

Alexis tells Sonny they need to do something to stop Kristina. She thinks that Alexis got Parker fired. He asks if she did, since she’s gone behind Kristina’s back more than once. She asks if Sonny is taking her side. He says he doesn’t like it, but she’s not throwing her life away. It’s not like she killed someone or is going to prison. Alexis says she knew he’d bring up Julian. Sonny says he wasn’t thinking about him. He knows Kristina is impulsive, and will probably get her heart broken, but nothing is happening that she can’t learn and gain maturity from. Alexis asks what about Morgan, but Sonny says Morgan was bi-polar; Kristina is just in love. Alexis says they disagree. She’s right, he’s wrong, and he’s no help.

Kiki tells Dillon that David is more than her supervisor. He reminds her of her father; a gruff doctor with a squishy heart. It’s nice to talk to somebody older and wiser for a change, since her father is gone, and her mother is no help. It wasn’t fair to burden him. Dillon tells her there’s nothing she can say that he can’t handle.

Ava tells Griff that she’s grateful he saved her life, but he didn’t do it for her. He was feeding his savior complex and being a hero. She says he chases after women who need saving and likes the danger, the thrill of coming close to breaking his vows, but she has desires and feelings. He doesn’t know her, and wouldn’t know what to do with her if he had her. Griff says maybe he does know what he wants. She asks what’s that, and he grabs her and kisses her. Woo-woo.

Doc tells Laura that if she knows in advance, it will defeat the purpose. She deserves a grand romantic gesture, but it will cost her. She’ll get it, but she won’t know when or where. It could be three hours or years from now, and she’ll be on pins and needles until it goes down. She calls him a cruel man, and he says he prefers evil genius, who happens to be completely and absolutely in love with her. They kiss.

So do Ava and Griff.

Dillon tells Kiki that he’s in this for the long haul. Nothing she can say will drive him away or shake his faith in her. She tells him that he makes her so incredibly happy and she’s grateful she has him. They kiss. A lot of that going around today.

David sees Alexis in Kelly’s. He asks if everything is all right, and  she says not really. Her middle child is moving to Oregon with her lover/professor, who abused her position of power when she seduced her daughter. She went to Kristina’s father to ask him to talk some sense into her, and he’s okay with it. He thinks it will help her mature. Alexis says it’s all her fault for being too controlling, and David says nobody thinks that. She says her daughter does. David asks if he can buy her a drink, and she says that’s not a good idea since she’s a recovering alcoholic. He says sorry, he forgot. What about a walk along the water? It’s better than staring at her phone. She says good point; let’s do it. They might as well get it over with and kiss.

Carly says Max told her that Alexis just tore out of Sonny’s place like a bat out of hell. Sonny says he’s the voice of reason today, but she didn’t want to listen. He asks how it went with Nelle. Carly says she graciously thanked her. Sonny asks if that’s is that all. She says that she can’t put her feelings aside; she wants answers, and if Michael heard, that’s even better.

Michael asks Nelle if she sold the ring. She says keeping it was just holding on to the pain, and this way, it’s going to a good cause. He ask why she didn’t tell him,  and she says she was about to, but let him go first. He asks why she made the donation anonymous, and she tells him that his parents would think she had a hidden agenda. She didn’t think he would.

Sonny tells Carly not to push it; it could backfire. She says no accusations, no attacks. She’ll just let Nelle reveal her true self.

Michael says he doesn’t think Nelle has an agenda, but he has a question. Can they ask questions? Nelle excuses herself to use the restroom. Possibly the only time I’ve ever heard someone say that on a soap. They never say good-by at the end of a phone call either. Michael’s phone rings. It’s Curtis. Michael hopes he found something. Curtis says he found something all right, but wants to tell Michael in person.

Gaff and Ava kiss their way into the bedroom. And here it comes. Yep. A song part.

Tomorrow, Ava says it was a mistake, Finn wants it over with, and Valentin is buying Julian’s media company.

😵 On Flipping Out, Jeff confronted Zoila about the (now ex) nanny’s text. He took a poll as to whether Zoila was guilty of Gema’s accusations. The verdict was a unanimous “guilty,” much to everyone’s (except Zoila’s) amusement. Jenni called the care of Monroe Lewis a real telenovela. Co-housekeeper Laura let Jeff know that Zoila had said some unpleasant things to her as well, which puzzled all of us, since they’re friends. He told Zoila that she’d hurt Laura’s feelings, but she refused to apologize, and quit for the umpteenth time.

In Calabasas, Jeff met with clients Liat and Trevor, as well as architect George. Jeff explained that he was working to create a 1930s Spanish style house; which George thought was dated. Jeff said, yeah, it dates back to 1937, which is the idea. The design is amazingly beautiful. I love that era of Hollywood homes. Jenni seemed to think that George was used to whipping through something and being in charge, and Jeff is the police. He also uses higher end products, and refuses to put cheap faucets in a house worth millions. They were up to the shopping stage, when they got dumped by the clients. In a text. There wasn’t much explanation, only that it wasn’t going to work out. It was like something a bad boyfriend would do. It’s not you, it’s me. Jeff said they went above and beyond, and he never wanted to speak with them again. Ever. I don’t blame him. That was a lot of work, in anticipation of a very decent payoff over an eighteen-month period. And in a text. That’s just gutless, heartless, and rude. In his interview, Jeff said he wished they were a-holes, because it would be easier, but he likes them. Everyone was blindsided, but agreed that George was working against them.

On the lighter side, things went well with Lea Black. She and Jeff were able to compromise on the materials for her bar, the showpiece of her home. She told Jeff everything went so well, he could skip therapy now. Jenni’s daughter got a princess bed with a ladder and slide, and it was awesome. And very pink. I would have given anything for one of those when I was a kid. Maybe even now. Jeff teased Laura mercilessly throughout the episode, asking if Zoila knew where she lived, and telling her to watch her back. After things cooled off, Jeff met with Zoila, and realized that he’d been holding her hostage. She really did want to retire, but he wasn’t taking her seriously. Jeff and Jenni helped her put her stuff in the car, and everyone shed some tears. Jeff insisted that she stay in their lives, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing her again, but it was still sad. Next week is the finale, and Baby Monroe is baptized. Jeff tells the pastor that she’s a wee bit on the cranky side, and he may have to perform an exorcism before it’s over.

👴 I got my answer as to who was the superb actor playing Father Cory on GH yesterday. It was none other than Fred Grandy, Gopher from The Love Boat.

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Griff & Grandy




October 9, 2017 – Michael Hires Curtis, Peggy’s Anniversary, Worst Boat Ride Ever & a State Fair


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Jason leaves a message for Julian to call him back. I’m so sure you can do that at a prison. Not really.

Sam waits for take-out at Kelly’s. Michael comes in, and she tells him Jason is home. She asks if Michael is okay, but when he says that he’s fine, she’s not buying it. He tells her that he could use her advice.

Nelle admires Nina’s flowers, and asks if it’s something Valentin did wrong or something she did right. Nina says neither, and Nelle tells her to hang on to him. Nina asks if running into Bobbie and Carly was as terrible as she thought it would be. Nelle says that she faked it, but doesn’t think she’s going to make it.

At the hospital, Carly and Sonny talk about the foundation they’ve created in Morgan’s name. Carly says that if it helps one kid, it will be worth it. They go into the chapel. She can’t believe it’s been almost a year tomorrow. Sonny says that time flies, but at the same time, seems like it just stands still. Carly thanks him for being there. Griff walks in and says that he’s sorry to intrude. Sonny tells him that it’s a chapel, not a motel, and asks what’s going on.

Elizabeth sees Franco schlepping boxes through the hall, and accuses him of sneaking out of the house. She asks if she can help him set up, and drops everything all over the place, which isn’t much help. She sees a sketch of the twin painting, and looks through the pad, where there’s an entire series. She asks why.

Huxley asks Patient 6 if the date on the newspaper is a misprint or not. It could be worth a pretty penny if it is. Patient 6 says, October 1st, 2017, and Huxley is disappointed. He thought for once he blundered into something lucrative. Patient 6 confirms the date on Huxley’s phone, and says, five years.

Nina tells Nelle that it couldn’t have been that bad. Nelle says that Michael was happy to see her, but Bobbie couldn’t help herself, making her feel like the town pariah. Nina asks if Michael defended her, but she didn’t wait. Nelle asks why she would want him to be miserable; he loves his family, even if she doesn’t care about them. He says the right things, trusts her, and believes in her. Nina thinks that Nelle isn’t sure if she believes him.

Michael tells Sam that normally he’d go to Jason, but he’s not the same. He doesn’t love Jason any lees, but he isn’t the same. Sam tells him to find a way to find a new normal. He’ll get there, just like she and Jason did.

Curtis goes to Jason’s place, and welcomes him home. Jason is like, no flowers or teddy bear? Curtis asks how about a six-pack and a stakeout? Jason isn’t down with that, and Curtis asks if he’s not ready to get back in the saddle. Jason tells Curtis that he’s changing saddles. Curtis says sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do for the ones you love.

Sonny asks if Griff found what he was looking for in Russia, surprising Carly, who didn’t know he was there. Griff says that Ava was in danger and being held against her will, but he brought her back. Carly wonders if Griff thinks the experienced changed her, and she’s now whole in body and spirit. Griff says she’s not whole, and Carly says that tomorrow it will be one year that Morgan is gone. Griff expresses his sympathy, and he’s sure Ava feels the same way. He knows how they feel, and respects it, but says they’ll have to agree to disagree. She was someone willing to abandon her own healing to save a stranger.

Patient 6 asks Huxley if he can work the phone, but Huxley says he’ll have to be untied first. Patient 6 tells him not to try anything. Huxley says he wouldn’t dream of it. Patient 6 says that he’s lost, and could kill Huxley without meaning to. Huxley says he’s no fool, and has a healthy instinct for self-preservation. Patient 6 has attacked him already, and he’s not going for a second time. Patient 6 unties him, and Huxley makes a weird, kind of mean face.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he thought the person who bought the painting would like to see the process; sketches to line drawings to the final product. Elizabeth points out that they were done in the last couple of weeks; they weren’t part of the process. She asks why he’s obsessed. If there were no twins, why are they haunting him? He says he hasn’t been completely honest.

Franco was going to tell her, but he gave his word to Betsy. He tells Elizabeth not to take it personally; she didn’t want anyone to know. He tells her that Jason summoned him to the long-term care facility, and asked to see the photo, but he said he didn’t know where it was. Elizabeth asks why, if it was just a picture of him and a childhood friend? Franco says that according to Betsy, Jason had a twin, but it wasn’t him. The other boy is Jason’s twin brother.

Jason tells Curtis that he had a strange visit from Franco when he was in a coma. It sounds crazy, but he remembers Franco being there, and can quote what he said. He gave Jason an excuse as to why he was there, but Jason doesn’t believe it. Julian calls, and Curtis jets. Jason says that he thought he might be hearing from him.

Nelle says that Nina didn’t hire her to talk about her problems. She tells Nina that they got something from the Morgan Corrinthos Foundation, and that tomorrow is the anniversary of his death. Nina says no wonder Michael has been more emotional, and it’s probably why he’s been more defensive than usual. Nelle says that being honest, it’s not as if they don’t have reason to think the worst of her. Carly found out about something in her past, and they think she’s after Michael’s money, and that she’d even be willing to kill for it.

Sam asks if Michael believe that Nelle killed Zack. He says no way, but just because he doesn’t believe she’s a murderer, doesn’t mean she’s not lying about something. He’s not sure if she’s not telling him the whole truth because she’s scared or insecure. Sam says maybe both. She tells Michael about being a con woman when she first came to Port Charles, and that she lied for no reason because it was a way of life. He asks how she turned it around, and she says, Jason.

Carly wishes Griff well, but says that Ava is toxic. He should call Olivia-Q and Dante, and ask about Connie. Ava murdered her in cold blood, but maybe she’s an angel now. Griff says that he’ll pray for Morgan tomorrow. He leaves, and Carly tells Sonny that she didn’t want to do that. Today should be about hope and loving and putting a light into the world. She misses Morgan, and says it’s never going to get better. Sonny asks if she wants it to. She shakes her head, and leans on his shoulder.

Sam tells Michael that Jason was the first person who accepted her and her past. He had no reason to, and it changed her life. Michael says that’s what he wants to be for Nelle, but doesn’t know the way that Jason did. Sam tells him that he needs to investigate Nelle. He can’t help unless he has all the facts. Curtis comes in, and tells Sam that he just left Jason, and he’s looking good. She introduces Michael, and says that he needs a P.I. Michael tells her everything’s cool, and to go see Jason.

Michael tells Curtis that he needs an investigation into an accidental death. Curtis wonders how accidental, and Michael says that there is a person of interest – his girlfriend.

Nina wonders why Carly would think Nelle killed someone. She tells Nelle that her own past isn’t squeaky clean, but then again, it’s none of her business. She says that Nelle will just get defensive talking about her past. She should focus on the future. Nelle asks if Nina has a lot of baggage, and Nina tells her that she has an 18-wheeler full. Carly has a mother’s instinct to be protective, and Nelle needs to show, not talk about her past innocence. She should put her attention on her life, work, and her man, and show that she doesn’t care. Nina went from a sketchy past to running a magazine. She’s respected, focused, and honest, and actions are all that matter in the end.

Franco tells Elizabeth that the twin’s name is Andrew. She wonders how the Quartermaines didn’t know about him, and he says Andrew was given to Betsy to raise. She asks where he is now, and Franco tells her that he had a bad heart, and died shortly after the photo was taken. In Betsy’s misguided attempt to protect him, she’d said that he didn’t exist; that’s where the imaginary friend came from. He wasn’t so imaginary. It’s a wonder he’s not more screwed up. He apologizes to Elizabeth, saying that he was just trying to protect Betsy – and himself. He doesn’t want anything to change between them, and thought if she knew Jason had twin, it would tug on her heart. He hopes she can somehow forgive him

On the phone, Jason says that Julian won’t regret it. Sam comes in, and asks what’s going on. Jason says that it’s a surprise he’s planning, and starts checking out the food. He asks if they’re expecting more people or if she’s pregnant again. Sam wants to know what secret he’s keeping, and he says he’ll tell her as soon as he gets back from New York. He won’t be there long. Sam says he’s not going.

Patient 6 looks for photos with a date stamp on Huxley’s phone. Huxley yammers about pictures of pieces of art, and how the coffers were depleted in hi family home. He asks what’s so important about a date? Patient 6 says that he ran into some trouble, and lost track of time.

Carly thought this would be the answer, and they could turn their loss into something positive. Sonny says the loss will never change, but at least they’re not doing it alone. She thinks Morgan would be happy that they’re doing it together. It’s crazy that he can’t see it for himself, and they have to imagine who he would have become. Sonny suggests he would have turned Perks into a symbol on the stock exchange, but Carly thinks he’d want more freedom, and be a snowboarder or join the Peace Corps. Sonny says he can see it, and Morgan would have had a good life. Carly says the best.

Patient 6 gives the phone back, saying it’s not staged; there’s no fake data. Huxley realizes that Patient 6 thought he was running a con. He says he’s been known to dabble in grey areas, but what would be the point in setting him up. Patient 6 says that it’s all real.

Jason tells Sam that his trip is about them and they’re new life. She asks why the mystery? She tells him that just because he was released, that doesn’t mean he’s fully recovered, and he shouldn’t be galivanting around NYC. She says he can go on two non-negotiable conditions – she’s coming with him, and he needs the green light from his doctor. Jason says they can galivant together.

Franco wishes he had been more honest. Elizabeth tells him that her heart breaks for Andrew, him, and Jason. She thinks Jason deserves to know, but Franco asks what difference it makes? Does she really want to turn his life upside down? Betsy is also terrified that she can get into trouble if the truth comes out. Elizabeth says there’s a statute of limitations, and Franco says from the law, but not the Quartermaines, which is why he was hesitant to say anything. He says she’s in a hurry to protect Jason, but Elizabeth says she’s protecting him.

Carly says now the dreams they had for Morgan will be dreams for other kids through the foundation. Sonny says they’re going to make it, and she says that she knows.

Curtis asks Michael if this is the same woman who tried to break up his parents’ marriage. Michael says that she made herself indispensable, and could have done anything; they wouldn’t have seen it coming. Curtis says it’s a lot to wrap his brain around. Aside from the dead fiancé, is there anything else? Michael tells him about Nelle lying about losing the engagement ring. Curtis tells him the case looks pricey with travel expenses, and Michael says that money is no object. Curtis says it shouldn’t be have to prove that she’s guilty, but Michael says that he misunderstood. He wants Curtis to prove her innocence.

Nina tells Nelle that she’s doing a great job, considering she knew nothing about fashion when she started. She says that she likes to be proven right, and Nelle says actions speak louder than words. Nina says just do you, and the rest will fall into place. Nina leaves, and Nelle gets on the computer. She makes a call, and says even though they don’t know her, she could use their help.

Elizabeth doesn’t want Franco harboring another big secret, especially about Jason. It will just fester and eat away at him, and he already has a lot to process. Franco says that he needs time for things to settle. She tells him that keeping the truth to himself will just tie him up in knots. The harder he tries to hide it, the more power it gives to it. It won’t end well, especially for him.

Griff sees Sam and Jason at the hospital. Sam says they’ve come for a follow-up appointment before Jason takes her to NYC. Griff tells them to have fun, and Sam asks if he had fun in Russia. Jason wonders why he called Sam, and Griff says that he doesn’t even have her number in his contacts. Sam says the call came from his phone; she called it back and got his voicemail. It was just before Jason was released. Griff says it definitely wasn’t him. They wonder who was it?

Michael tells Curtis that Nelle is probably guilty of something else, and used to covering up; it’s her default setting. Curtis says it sounds like he’s setting himself up. Is he sure he wants to open that can of worms? He’ll find out what it is, but Michael might not like it. Michael just wants the truth. He tells Curtis to bring him the facts, and he’ll handle the rest.

Nelle makes plans to meet someone. She understands what’s involved, and is sure she’s doing the right thing.

Carly tells Sonny that she misses Morgan, and sees him everywhere, like in Avery’s smile. Sonny says he’s still with them every day everywhere. He hopes they can make him proud. Carly says that no one is prouder than they were of Morgan. Sonny lights a candle.

Sam tells Griff the wires must have gotten crossed since he was out of the country. Jason is called in. Griff tells them to enjoy NYC. When they’re gone, Griff asks Nurse Tara to look in the file for Sam’s cell phone number.

Patient 6 peeks out the door, but Huxley pushes it shut. He asks where Patient 6 might be going, reminding him that he’s a stowaway, and the authorities will be called if he’s caught. He says inside this room, there’s a vow of silence, but don’t put them both at risk. He’s had a nasty shock, and might not be in his right mind. Patient 6 says, no, he’s not, and walks out.

Franco and Elizabeth see Jason leaving his follow-up. Elizabeth says to wait. There’s something they need to tell him.

Tomorrow, Nathan says it will be over soon, Kristina’s parents wonder why she didn’t tell them that she quit school, and Huxley asks if someone is waiting for Patient 6.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Vicki is waiting at a restaurant for Tamra. She says that she and Tamra used to be like Thelma and Louise. We flash back to some of their antics. She says they’ve been through ups and downs, and were always there for each other. She misses that. Tamra thinks Vicki has seen what she’s done, and wants to apologize and make things better. Vicki expects Tamra to give her a hug and say that she’s done fighting. Let’s put the hatchet down and be kind to each other.

Tamra comes in, and asks what’s up. Vicki wants them to be kind and stop the madness. Tamra insists she is kind, and asks how she’s hurt Vicki. Vicki says that Tamra went after her character, and Tamra tells her to calm down; it’s not a good look. I hate when people say calm down to someone who’s already calm. It’s a control thing. Vicki wants the bullying to stop. Tamra insists that she hasn’t tried to team people against Vicki, and asks what Eddie has ever done to Vicki. Why would he be with her if he was gay? Vicki says to possibly use her. Tamra says for what? She talked him into the gym, and he walked away from a $400K job. Vicki says she just wants Tamra to be kind. Tamra says it just dawned on her – Vicki doesn’t deserve her. She walks out. In her interview, Vicki feels like she failed, and doesn’t know what she could have done differently. Her intent was to move forward, but it didn’t work.

She calls Steve and tells him it didn’t go well. Tamra walked out, and there was no resolution. He says either she wants to move forward or doesn’t, and since she doesn’t, Vicki needs to let it go. Vicki is sad, and Steve says that Tamra is trying to win something, but at the end, nobody wins.

Tamra tells Eddie that she walked out. He tells her that Vicki is full of it. Tamra says she did what she could (not really), and expected an apology that she didn’t get (when was there time?).

Peggy and Diko go out for an anniversary dinner. He says twenty-two years ago, they were still trying to get where they’re at now, and there wasn’t an opportunity to go out to dinner. Peggy says she’s enjoyed their life wherever they’ve been at. Diko talks about his first luxury car being more expensive than their house. In her interview, Peggy says anyone who tells you that marriage isn’t a struggle is lying, and you don’t throw in the towel. Staying faithful, respect, honesty, and making fun of each other makes a marriage work. Diko asks if she’s finalized the guest list, and she tells him that all the girls are coming. She thinks that Kelly and Tamra might be uncomfortable if Vicki comes. He hopes they don’t embarrass him and Peggy. In her interview, Peggy says she won’t have a problem showing them the door if they do.

Peggy asks how Diko feels about the situation with David. We flash back to David getting all up in Peggy’s business. Peggy says it’s hurtful to question whether she had cancer or not, and David should focus on his own family. Diko says that David doesn’t know what it’s like to think you’re going to lose your wife of twenty plus years. In her interview, Peggy says because of experiences, your love grows deeper, and she doesn’t know what she would have done without him.

Kelly and her father, Frank, are doing some cooking. She says he was a super involved dad who came to all her events when she was growing up. He tells her about his volunteer work, and she wishes her mom would do that. Bobbi arrives, and Peggy says that Frank wants to go to the senior center with her. Bobbi says she’ll go by herself. Kelly tells Frank not to talk about Bobbi’s family to Michael. Bobbi says that Frank is a gossiper. In her interview, Kelly says they were married thirty years, but should have split earlier. She says growing up she watched them fight so much, she wished they’d get divorced. She tells us that she and Michael fight a lot in front of their daughter. She thought keeping it together for her was the right thing, but it might be more important for her to see happy parents. My note: As Dr. Phil says, the only thing worse than coming from a broken home is living in one.

Lydia and Judy go shopping. Lydia’s grandfather recently passed away, and her parents inherited a bunch of money. She says they’ve always been well-off, but now it’s like Paris Hilton level wealth. Her mom didn’t grow up wealthy. Her dad came from Italy to start over, and Lydia thinks that’s why Judy gets a rush out of spoiling her. Her mom is turning sixty-nine, and makes obvious jokes. In her interview, Lydia says that her mom is loud and silly, but her dad is super quiet and reserved. They go crazy and rack up an $18K tab. Lydia says when it’s her own money she feels responsible, but with her mom, it’s like Monopoly money. On their way out, Judy suggests the do more damage elsewhere.

Kelly tells us that she and her dad are very close. He reminds her of the time he used the restroom at her high school. When he came out, he said that he just lost five pounds, and she said that she didn’t know they had scales in there. They go down Memory Lane about her high school and college days. Kelly says that her dad always went above and beyond. She thinks it was better with her mom this time, and he says they’re all family. Just because they’re divorced, it doesn’t make them enemies. Kelly wishes her mom could get along for the sake of getting along, but she holds animosities. Kelly is afraid that her daughter will be the same way, since she’s an introvert. She sees similarities in her marriage, and it scares her that things are repeating themselves.

Everyone heads to Peggy’s party. Lydia realizes she didn’t bring a present. Doug says that their presence is their present. No, just no. Peggy wants them to get to know the Armenian culture, so they’re having it at an Armenian restaurant where there will be hookahs and belly dancing. In her interview, she says no one has been able to get Tamra and Vicki together, but they can’t say no to Koko, and tries to bribe him to intervene. I swear they spelled that kid’s name with two C’s when he was introduced. The guests trickle in. Peggy has a backless dress with one of those necklaces that cascades down her back, and it’s gorgeous. Not that anyone looks like a slouch. Vicki comes in and the whispering begins. Vicki thinks they’re adults, and should be able to get along.

Peggy distracts Tamra, Shannon, and Kelly by leading them outside to the hookah. Tamra takes a drag, but nothing happens. She says they need the mari-ja-uana. Shannon tells her you have to light it first. They talk about 420, a term that I never even heard until a few years ago, and I came up during the 70s and 80s. Diko comes out with something to put in it. Yep. Putting something in the bowl and lighting it is usually a requirement of any pipe.

One of the guests jokes that all Armenians are named Raffi or Ari. Diko tells Koko to stay with Vicki. She jokes with him. Peggy makes announcement – she’s hungry; sit down. Michael is the only husband at the mean girls table. Vicki think the power struggle is immature and childish. The food comes out, and Tamra says it’s her jam. In her interview, Vicki thinks celebrating 22 years is incredible. She’s hoping for that with Steve, but she’ll be old. Kelly can’t believe it, and isn’t too sure she and Michael will last that long. The dancer comes out, and everyone claps to the beat. Diko puts money in the waistband of her skirt. Koko is mesmerized. Shannon gets up, and puts money in her bra, and sort of dances with her. Tamra throws money in the air. Peggy dances. Tamra says that Peggy is in her element, and left her resting bitch face at home

Peggy clinks a spoon on a glass, then she drops it. Diko is like, no more for you. She says it’s their twenty-second anniversary. It’s been a difficult year, but she’s grateful and thankful for her family. Tamra says all three of her marriages didn’t add up to that long. In her interview, Peggy says that she doesn’t remember life before Diko. He says that he feels lucky, and wishes everyone the same. He tells them that every year he buys a duplicate gift for himself and Peggy. This year it’s rose gold Piguet watches. He also gives her a twenty-two-carat necklace. Meghan is totally jealous, and wants one too.   Shannon says it depends on the year, but she gets things like a bread maker. Kelly says Michael used to spoil her, but when the nookie stopped, so did the presents.

Diko wants to talk to Shannon outside. He tells her that David is awesome, and he’s only had good things to say about him, and he doesn’t want to give the wrong impression. He says that when he and Doug were talking about Peggy’s health, he started asking questions about her having cancer, to the point where it felt like an interrogation. In her interview, Shannon thinks that if Diko has a problem with her husband, he should talk to him. I dunno. Maybe since you tell everyone who will listen about how Vicki was in on a cancer scam, he felt the need to discuss it with you. Diko tells her that he told Peggy about it, and she’s sensitive about what she went through. He thinks David was being rude. Tamra inserts herself into the conversation, and wonders what now? with Shannon. Diko wonders if he didn’t make himself clear, and wanted to talk to Shannon, in case she got wind of it. He doesn’t want to make it a big deal, but feels that it’s being made into one. Kelly and Peggy join them. In her interview, Peggy says she doesn’t mind the audience, since it will prevent Shannon from twisting things around. Don’t be so sure, Peggy. All of these women think we have short term memory loss. Tamra says that Peggy made it confusing. In her interview, Peggy wonders what part of I had breast cancer they don’t understand. Diko apologizes if he’s misreading things, and says it’s all good. Shannon says that she’s sorry if Peggy was offended. Peggy says she was hurt, and that’s why Diko talked to her, but everything is okay.

Shannon gets in the car, and Tamra asks her what’s wrong. She says she’s in shock. In her interview, Tamra tells us that Shannon is overreacting, like we don’t notice. Shannon insists that her husband would never interrogate someone, and if Diko had an issue with David, he should have talked to him. She’s already been through one cancer ordeal. Really? Is this what we’re calling Brooks lying to Vicki now? Shannon’s cancer ordeal? She hopes that Peggy is healthy, but she’s not getting involved. Don’t make her responsible for her husband. But it’s okay that Vicki is responsible for her weight. This woman is seriously irritating me now.

Next time, the ladies get an aura reading, Shannon won’t shut up, and Peggy asks if Shannon trusts her husband.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Cary claims that Brandi made it up what she’s accusing Cary of saying. Stephanie says that Brandi called her afterward. Cary expected to hold LeeAnne accountable, and instead alleged that Cary trashed her doctor. She repeats that Brandi is making it up. In her interview, LeeAnne says that the issue has always been Cary. Stephanie wants to move on, but Cary says there’s no way she’s hanging out. She can’t even look at Brandi. She and Kameron are going back. In her interview, Kameron says that true friends don’t put you in these positions, and she has Cary’s back.

The others wander around the town. D’Andra wants to be on the fun train, not the bitchy train. They go to another bar, where there’s more drinking, and dancing on the bar. LeeAnne takes pictures. Stephanie tells us that tequila and D’Andra go hand in hand. The more D’Andra drinks, the more she likes her. Back at the hotel, Cary and Kameron do sheet masks.

It’s day three. Kameron asks Cary how she is. Kameron feels confused. Kameron says that Brandi and Stephanie weren’t being friends, but acted like it when they were all hanging at the hot tub. She doesn’t like shady, and the way they pretend to like LeeAnne and Cary looks truthful. She says they’re pulling back because they prefer sugar-coating things, but she and Cary don’t act like they’re in high school. We flash back to the wiener burial.

Stephanie and Brandi talk about dancing on the bar. Stephanie says they’re going to save the wiener’s ass. They go to LeeAnne and D’Andra’s room, where they’re having breakfast. Brandi is filming on her phone, and LeeAnne films back. Brandi says she wants the wiener (which she’s named Sexual Chocolate) back. LeeAnne says he’s totally gone, and it’s not going to happen.

Everyone gathers for breakfast. Cary says they’re going to do fun stuff on the beach. Brandi says that she didn’t think addressing the situation between LeeAnne and Cary would turn into issue between her and Cary. D’Andra says they’re going to do a team challenge; two on each team. They’ll have to work together despite their conflicts. She tells us it causes a bond to form when they have to rely on the other person.

An obstacle course has been set up. The object is to get a ball into a bucket at the end. They spin around a pole a bunch of times, roll under a net, dig the ball out of the sand, and put it in the bucket. Kameron says she has proof of athletic genes, and Brandi says she’s more like Big Bird. The whole thing is actually pretty funny. LeeAnne complains about her boobs hurting from her surgery, but refuses to give up. A volleyball game is next. D’Andra is pumped. She says that Kameron is like a baby giraffe finding its legs; she can find the ball, but just swats at it. LeeAnne claims that she single-handedly won the game.

A picnic has been set up under a gazebo on the beach. D’Andra says it was worth a few moments of peace. Brandi calls the picnic sophisticated. Cary asks about Stephanie’s new house, and Stephanie explains about how it’s closer to her son’s new school. Cary tells her that it’s hard to do two different drop-offs, and not to feel guilty about doing the right thing. She wants to go back to the hotel, so she can wash the sand out of her vagina, and Brandi thinks Kameron has a double-standard. If Brandi had said that, she’d be appalled. I have to say that I love the beach, but hate the sand, which gets into places you wouldn’t even think it could.

Brandi and Stephanie go on a mission to find Sexual Chocolate. Brandi needs to harass Kameron one more time. They pose as LeeAnne and D’Andra, and get the key from the hotel desk. Brandi makes a big deal out of saying things like she’s been in a lot of movies, and knows Jennifer Lopez because they were in an elevator together. She tells the clerk that she needs to get into her room to take her pills. Surprisingly, they get the key. I think mostly because the clerk doesn’t understand half of what they’re saying, and probably just wants them to go away. When they get into the room, Stephanie starts eating LeeAnne’s leftover pancakes, and Brandi looks around. Stephanie finds SC under LeeAnne’s pillow. She accuses LeeAnne of using it, and says bad girl.

The ladies board a gorgeous yacht. D’Andra tells us that she’s no stranger to yachts, and if anyone misbehaves, she’ll throw them overboard. They do shots of tequila, and take selfies. Cary complains about the wind. The captain points out Enoch Reef, where there are sea turtles, various rays, and colorful fish. Kameron has questions about how Brandi, Stephanie, and Cary can sit there. She knows how they feel about LeeAnne, but they haven’t once expressed it to her. Brandi says that Kameron is full of it.

D’Andra admits that they said something so bad about LeeAnne’s fiancé, she couldn’t repeat it. We flash back to Brandi saying he has a little ding-a-ling. In her interview, D’Andra says it’s a huge secret about something small. LeeAnne doesn’t have an issue with it, and Cary admits she shouldn’t have said it, but she was joking around. Brandi doesn’t want to be in the middle. She tells them that LeeAnne had thinks to say about Cary’s husband, and she thinks everyone should own their own sh*t. Cary says that her husband is amazing, and she wants the rumors to stop; they’re not funny. In her interview, LeeAnne says they would be the first bi couple in the Housewives franchise, and they should go for it.

The water starts to get rough. Cary has vertigo, and says boats are her worst nightmare. D’Andra says that the only thing that would get her sick is another fight. Stephanie is on the floor. Cary points out that she had five shots of tequila. Stephanie gets sick over the side of the boat, and says there go LeeAnne’s pancakes. Brandi says if Stephanie throws up on her, she’ll be sad, and has another shot. She tells Cary that she loves to hate LeeAnne, and hates to love her, because it always goes bad. LeeAnne tells them that they don’t have to say whatever they think is funny. She says that Cary acts like she’s a good person, saying mean sh*t, but then apologizing. Cary says that she hears things that are damaging and hurtful, and lashes back. She doesn’t think it’s okay, but she panics. Cary gets all weepy, and wonders why it’s happening again. LeeAnne says that she owns what she says; she doesn’t joke about it or take it back five seconds later. Cary apologizes again for the joke, and says if they hear rumors, they shouldn’t repeat them. Stephanie says that something has been bothering her, and she wants to be honest. She wants to see LeeAnne’s boobs.

LeeAnne says that she sucks, and she’s going to find SC and chase her with it. Brandi says that she’ll show LeeAnne SC if LeeAnne will show her boobs. LeeAnne says that she might be the type to threaten a person, but she’s also physically beyond conservative. (I’m not sure what that means. Am I supposed to translate that to sexually conservative?) She can’t believe she hid it, and now Brandi ended up getting it back. Brandi pulls SC out of her bag, and goofs around with it. She tries to poke Kameron’s bare feet, and LeeAnne says it hurts Kameron’s feelings, and to cut it out. Kameron doesn’t understand why it’s funny. In her interview, Brandi says that she feels sorry for Kameron. She did cross boundaries, but did she do it intentionally? Absolutely.

Kameron sits with D’Andra and Cary on shore, and they have another drink. Kameron says that they have no respect, and are just trashy. D’Andra tells her that reacting only adds more fuel to the fire. Kameron whines that they never stop. They’d just talked about respect, but they have no boundaries. Cary tells her to ignore them. In her interview, Kameron says she doesn’t like them. She tried to like them, but now she won’t even try to get to know them.

LeeAnne says that no one is in the position to have a real conversation.

Kameron says that unless they apologize, she’s not going back. They can suck it. D’Andra and Cary laugh, and ask her exactly what she means by that.

Next time, Cary tells Mark about what LeeAnne said, Stephanie doesn’t know what happened with Kameron, and LeeAnne goes crazy on Cary.

LeeAnne’s Engagement Backdrop…




October 8, 2017 – The Show Goes On, the Apocalypse Makes Strange Bedfellows & Two Sides of Jesse


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset

MJ wants to go skating. In the car, Reza calls Asa and tells her they want to plan a Winter Wonderland Snowflake Ball to celebrate friends and family. She’s not up for it, but in his interview, Reza thinks it’s because she doesn’t want to answer questions. The group goes to Wollman Rink. Tommy never ice skated, and feels like he’s drunk. Well, he should be good at it then. They get on the ice, where even the toddlers skate better than I do. MJ gives Reza instructions.

MJ thinks something went over GG’s head at dinner about Mike and Jessica. Mike was basically saying that if he didn’t need to worry about what his parents would say, he’d try to get her back. GG totally agrees. MJ thinks they should encourage the possibility. Adam promises that the next time Mike brings that bitch up, he’ll be polite about it.

Asa and her mother go for Asa’s sonogram. Asa is on antibiotics and miserable. Her mom, who has awesome magenta tips on her hair, agrees with the doctor that Asa should rest more. In her interview, Asa says the pregnancy has opened her eyes to the toxicity in her friends. The baby is fine and moving, and we see his tiny dool. She says her son will have much genetic input, and an incredible set-up.

In NYC, Reza says that they have a ninja concierge, who has gotten them mass quantities of take-out. They talk about GG getting engaged. She’s upstairs with Shalom, calling Shervin with the news. She talks about how effing cold it is, and how her hands are freezing, showing him the ring. He’s excited for them. He’s working, but she wishes he was there to see it in person.

GG asks where Mike was last night. MJ wants them to turn it up, but Reza says she hasn’t turned it down yet. In his interview, he says they all went back to the townhouse and to sleep last night, except for Mike. Reza says he’s been swervin’ like Shervin, but he’s on board with it. Mike says he spent the night at the Holiday Inn, and tells them that he had seven women, but GG asks if Jessica was there. He just smiles, and they know he was with her. GG tells us about seeing Jessica in the background of one of Mike’s Instagram posts. They’re going to Queens, but Reza says that all the queens are in Manhattan. This is amusing for me, because one of the titles I’ve considered for my memoirs is, There are no Queens in Queens. They’re meeting Tommy’s family, and Tommy tells MJ to leave her crocheting behind. She tells us that she’s more “in” with the relationship now, and feels like she’s coming home.

Reza takes MJ aside. He says they haven’t discussed Mike still being in love with Jessica. GG joins them, and says that she talks to Jessica from time to time. They agree that his mother is the problem. Reza says Persians live a tribal life, and she’s the tribal chieftain. Jessica has work to do to get back into her good graces.

Tommy says they’ll be meeting guys that he calls his brothers, but they’re not blood relatives. Reza tries to do a Queens accent, and fails miserably. The only New Yorkers who have exaggerated accents are on sitcoms.

GG has to stay behind for rehearsal. Shalom is leaving without seeing the play, and she wishes he could realize it’s just an acting job, and be supportive.

They get to the bar, and Reza yells, What’s up Queens? We’re here! MJ tells us that Tommy was raised by a single mom until she was diagnosed with emphysema, after which she passed quickly. He emancipated himself, and lived with the McGuire family. Reza asks what the Queens drink is and MJ tells him it’s a screwdriver and a shot of I-don’t-care. I think it might be Coors Light. Lots of food is ordered, and Tommy mingles, while Reza, Adam, and Mike eat and talk to passersby. Tommy says everyone has MJ’s back; she’s family now.

MJ and Tommy stand on the bar. MJ says nothing matters more to her than family. When she met everyone at Howard Beach, she got a connection. She says they’re her family. There’s no drama, just unconditional love. In her interview, she says it’s been a hard year for her family with Shams being ill. Tommy announces that he’s the luckiest guy in the world. MJ says that Tommy has made her appreciate the moments that make life worth living. Tommy makes a toast about friends feeling like home. Everyone chants fam-i-ly! Reza is glad that he doesn’t need to worry about MJ anymore. The guys are moving on to see the play, but MJ and Tommy decide to stay.

Back in Los Angeles, Destiney has invested in a juice bar, and Shervin goes to an event there. She spikes his juice drink with tequila. She tells us that you can take the girl out of the nightclub, but you can’t take the nightclub out of the girl. Destiney’s family is there, and she introduces Shervin around.

Destiney and Shervin go outside. She tells him that she’d wanted to rip him a new one after he confessed to his cheating on Annalise. In his interview, he says he’s been running from a serious relationship for a while. He lost faith in them after his parents’ divorce, and cheated to run away. He tells Destiney that he made a mistake, but can’t do anything other than apologize. It’s not like he can turn back the clock.

Asa shops for designer baby things in L.A. Latoya Jackson meets her at the store. She asks what Asa is looking for. The doctor told her that the baby is big, and to forget about newborn stuff. She tells us that the Jacksons are the most famous family in the world, and she’s a part of it. They look at ridiculously expensive baby clothes that the kids will grow out of in five minutes. A Versace onsie? Really? She tells Latoya that People contacted her, but Jermaine wasn’t interested. Latoya asks if she’s going to break him of his shyness and privacy, but Asa says that’s his personality. She talks about having met him when she was younger, and then meeting him again about ten years after high school. She says something about a waterfall and seeing a white fox, and how everything was an omen. The rest is history.

Shervin says that he wasn’t ready for a relationship when he met Annalise, but feelings got involved. Talking to Destiney made him think about Annalise’s feelings, and how he’s being unfair. He says it’s not right to waste anybody’s time. He drives out to the middle of nowhere, leans on his car, and video chats with her. He tells her that his friends are holding him accountable. He doesn’t know how to tell her, but he doesn’t think he’s ready. She says that she can’t hate him for being honest, but it’s completely upsetting. He says he didn’t expect to be with her; it came fast, and he wasn’t ready. He tells her that she deserves 100%, but he doesn’t want to fake it. She tells him that she would have ended it, and that it makes no sense. He even introduced her to his mom, and it’s not like she forced him. She tells him that he needs to figure himself out. In his interview, he says his experience has taught him to understand his own feelings, and he doesn’t want to be in a position like this again. Idiot.

GG arrives at the theater. The director asks if she’s ready, and she says no. He tells her that she’ll be amazing. Reza calls and says they’re on their way, and they’re excited. He tells her that MJ isn’t coming, and she tells him that Shalom left. Reza says they’ll hold it down for her, and cheer her on.

Shalom shows up anyway. In his interview, Mike wonders if it’s his idea of being romantic, but says it’s really stupid, and borderline bi-polar. He sees GG before her entrance. She says he showed up and put a ring on it, so she’ll let him get away with this. In her program bio, it says that GG trained for the Olympics. Reza wonders if she was on the space shuttle too, but we see photos of her in gymnastics training when she was younger. Funny how she never told them.

Reza says that this is the refurbished GG. She used to be effed up, but she could pop off again. If one of her co-stars touches her the wrong way, she could smack a ho. The play begins, and she’s really very good. Mike starts to fall asleep. Not because he doesn’t like it, but Reza says he’s been on a diet of no sleep, whores, and vodka sodas, and it wipes you out. Reza thinks that GG is hilarious, and he’s proud of her. Me too. In his interview, he says that she’s not curing cancer, but she started something, and finished it. It only took 35 years. He applauds.

We get to the kiss, and Reza closes his eyes. It’s really more comical than anything else. Reza doesn’t know if Shalom is bi-polar (word of the night) or what, but no one lost and arm or leg. Reza says that maybe he fine-tuned his meds. Afterward, they get champagne. GG says that she told Shalom that it wasn’t a big deal. She thanks everyone for their support. In her interview, GG says that her life was a roller coaster, going downwards, but in the past year, she’s come a long way. We flash back to her accomplishments, and she says this might be a new path for her. She never thought she’d be this happy Things are working well in her relationships with her friends and her boyfriend, and  She can hear everything better. She thanks everyone for coming, even though she saw Mike passing out.

Next time, the season finale – MJ gets angry with Vida who hasn’t seen Shams in a month, Reza tells Asa that she’s disconnected, Adam wants to pull back, and Mike says that Jessica is no one else’s concern. I love these guys, but they do get all up in each other’s business.

Fear the Walking Dead

Victor realizes that it’s the last thing Madison wants to hear, but they’re about to walk into – she knows what they’re about to walk into. She says that what happened wasn’t their fault. They’ll hand over what they have, and hope the invitation stands. Victor asks what if Daniel refuses, and she says they have Ofelia.

Ofelia passes out, and falls off the back of the truck. Crazy Dog yells for them to stop. She says she’s fine; she just lost her grip. Madison wants to talk to her for a second. Did she get bit? Yep, that looks like a bite mark near her shoulder, and she’s not looking too good. Ofelia wants to go to her father, and asks Madison for her word. Madison says she will.

Alicia has set up a little camp inside a house. She hears something outside. She looks around, and sees a guy getting out of his car. She tells him get back in or she’ll kill him. It’s Nick and Troy. Nick tells her this is; she has no idea what it’s like. He tells her there’s safety in numbers, and she says that she almost died surrounded by people. She asks if it’s him or mom talking. He says that their mom will lose her sh*t if he comes back without her. She says that she forgives him, but he doesn’t owe her – or their mom.

At the Bizarre, Victor tells Madison that if they so much think Ofelia is sick, they’ll kill her. Madison tells Ofelia to smile; her life depends on it. A guard searches Ofelia. Victor is miffed that the exchange rates aren’t as good now. Some things never change. Ofelia is burning up, and Madison asks Walker to stay with her while she gets something for the pain. She tells Walker to stay awake, and gives him a knife. Victor says that she gave away half of their rifles for what? To give Ofelia a good by? She tells him there’s no plan B. She gave her word that she’d bring Ofelia to Daniel. He says her word isn’t worth a damn; only resources are worth anything, and she’s squandered what they have. They’ll see what Daniel has to say when she shows up to pay for water they don’t need with a dead daughter and empty hands.

Nick tells Alicia, last chance. Alicia says she knows where they’ll be, and she can find them. Nick prefers that she didn’t die, and she promises she won’t. They hug good-by. Nick and Troy leave. Alicia smiles.

Troy says that Nick must have been a real treat back in the day. Nick tells him it’s old news, and none of his business. Troy asks why he stayed. Nick says that Travis was dead, and Luci was sick; his mom was falling apart, and he had to keep it together. Troy calls bullsh*t, and says that he stayed because he loves them. They’re more alike than he thinks. They’re children of violence, but Nick wishes that he wasn’t.

Ofelia is looking worse. Madison brings her something for the pain and fever, and electrolytes for dehydration. She says that Ofelia doesn’t deserve this, and neither does Daniel. Maybe he will kill them all. Walker says that yesterday, he lost everything he ever knew – home, friends, the bones of his forefathers. He was raised on loss, and thought he was good at it, but there’s such a thing as too much. Ofelia has to see her father one last time, and Madison is honoring that wish. She’s returning his daughter for him to bury, and put an end to this, even if it gets them killed. Madison thanks him.

Alicia drives around, and stops at a fast food place, and goes inside. Oh look, fries. I wonder how old those are? She leaves her gun on the counter – which is never a good move – overturns a bucket, and climbs up to see what’s above a cabinet. We see a zombie outside. She grabs a bucket of instant potatoes. The zombie is now inside, and Alicia stabs him in the head. We hear more zombies coming. No potatoes for you! Alicia looks around the inside playground, and hops into the ball pit, positioning herself to pop them off as they come in. The balls start moving behind her, and I say, no! out loud. Alicia disappears, and then pops up again, along with a little girl zombie. They struggle, and Alicia stabs it in the throat. Here come the rest. Alicia hides underneath the balls. I hope that was the only kid who was in there. A woman with a pickax comes through, dispatching the zombies. When she’s done, she steals their gold, cutting off fingers, and pulling out teeth. She takes the potatoes and leaves. Alicia is like, wow.

Nick and Troy return to the Bizarre. Walker tells him about Ofelia. Madison asks about Alicia. Nick says that they found her, and she’s okay. She’s actually happy, and he couldn’t get her to come back. She knows where to find them. She asks where Troy is, and Nick says that he’s at the bar. She says the more people they have, the safer they’ll be, and starts to cry. Nick that it’s okay. She thanks him for being there, and doesn’t know what she’d do without him. He tells her go get some fresh air, and he’ll look after Ofelia.

Nick watches Ofelia. He sees the bag of pills, thinks about it for a millisecond, takes one out, looks at it, and puts it in his mouth. I don’t blame him.

Alicia wanders around town. She finds a car, and sees the potatoes in it. She reaches in to get them, and the woman from the fast food place comes out.( I find out later on Talking Dead that her name is Diana, although I don’t think they actually said it during the episode.) Diana says that she’ll crack Alicia open like a coconut if she touches the potatoes. Alicia says that they’re her potatoes, and Diana asks why they’re in her car. Alicia tells her that she took them from the restaurant Just give them back, and she’ll be on her way. Diana says that would be a conflict of interest. She walks toward Alicia, and Alicia levels the gun at the gas tank. Diana asks what she’s going to do after it blows up, and Alicia asks why make trouble where there isn’t any. They can share them. She’s tired and hungry, and she’d prefer not to kill her.

At the Bizarre, Nick orders tequila, and asks where he can get uppers. The waitress says that he’ll have to ask the Butcher. Troy tries to discourage this idea, but Nick says that Troy owes him. He tosses back a shot, and gives Troy a pill.

Victor strolls through the back hallways, where it looks like the hookers and gambling dens are. He starts to jimmie a lock, when a man says that this is the time he should realize how deep in sh*t he is. Victor turns to face a group of guys, and says he wants to talk to the Proctor. The leader says don’t they all, and it’s better if he stays away. Victor says he has something the Proctor wants.

Madison tells Ofelia it’s time.  Walker says that Daniel is coming, and Madison says it will be worse seeing him there. Ofelia says it’s okay. Victor holds her for a moment, and Madison takes her outside. She finds a spot. I’m not crazy about Ofelia, but this is a little sad. Ofelia doesn’t want anyone to see her, and Madison says he’ll be here soon. Ofelia says to tell him that she was looking forward to getting to know him. Madison tells her that you think you can protect your kids, but somehow they know who you are and what you did. They know you; it’s in their blood. She says that Ofelia knew her father; don’t think she didn’t. Ofelia leans on Madison. Daniel’s truck pulls up, but Ofelia is dead. Madison is like, nooo. She walks out to Daniel, and tells him to wait and listen for a minute, but he walks over to where Ofelia is. He says her name, and holds her. Madison freaks a little, and we’re both waiting for Ofelia to turn. Daniel asks what kind of sick joke this is, and what happened? Madison says that the ranch was overrun. Ofelia saved them, but got bit. Daniel says, this is the price. He tells Madion to get away before he kills her, She walks past him. Behind her we see Daniel raise his gun, and we hear the shot. (Another thing I learned from Talking Dead. There were several Ofelia endings bandied about, including having her turn. Not only did the actress have a serious problem with the contacts, it was agreed that it would break the mood. Wise choice.)

Nick and Troy are high, and things are blurry and weird. This doesn’t look like much fun. Nick asks somebody something in Spanish. They go inside to a bar. The bartender asks how he can be of assistance. Nick says he’s looking for things, and the guy shows him a tray of weird stuff. Nick wants up, and the guy goes to a shelf where there’s more weird stuff in jars. Troy wants to leave. The bartender shows Nick something, and explains that it’s the nucleus of a brainstem, and pure adrenaline, enough to wake the dead. He gives them each one at no charge, putting them in glasses. Troy asks whose glands these are, and dude says we’ll call them Pete’s. Nick downs his. Everyone stares at them, and it’s freaking weird. Troy swallows his.

Alicia asks what Diana does with the teeth. Diana says that the Mexicans buy gold in bulk at the post, and some will sell the teeth and fingers for charms as protection from biters. She gives Alicia a ring with a tooth mounted on it, saying that she looks like she could use protection. Alicia says no offense, but it’s disgusting. Diana asks where she’s headed, calling her too good for good luck. She tells Alicia that she’ll just pass ghost town after ghost town, all picked clean. The potatoes were a gift. Alicia says she’ll find a way. She had to find way to do it alone or die. Diana says that’s why she doesn’t keep company with anyone, and no offense, she’s taking her things and going. She says that this is the life, and Alicia ain’t finding a way out. Not north, south, or anywhere. If she can grow accustomed to killing, she’ll get by. Alicia wonders who could get used to this, and Diana says that if a woman sets her mind to it, she can get used to anything.

Nick and Troy climb the fence, and drop down into the outside. Nick tells Troy not to fight it; he’ll never feel freer or more himself. They act all strange and goofy. A zombie is in the cab of a truck, and Nick repeatedly slams the truck door on it as it climbs out. Nick takes some of the zombie’s blood, putting it all over both his and Troy’s faces. They walk down the street into a group of zombies. Nick hesitates for a moment, and then plows in. Troy is scared, and so am I. Troy follows Nick, and the zombies keep on going past them. Nick says he can’t go back. Troy hugs him. This new bromance is way too weird.

Madison picks up the bag of pills, realizing some are missing. Daniel finds her, and says he was walking all night. He carried Ofelia to a tree, and buried her with his aunts. Madison says that she saved Alicia’s life. Daniel asks where Alicia is, and Madison tells him that Alicia left; she’s on her own now. She can’t blame her for having enough. Daniel asks about Madison being with Ofelia when she died, and if she said anything. Madison says Ofelia told her that she loved him, but I get the feeling Daniel doesn’t buy that. Madison must think so too, because she adds that Ofelia said she was looking forward to getting to know him. She told Ofelia that she already did, but she never knew man who brought her to them. Daniel says that she saw him once for a moment, and it frightened her. He tells Madison to get her things ready; this is no place for her. She tells him that she would like to bring the others, if that’s all right. He nods.

Alicia wakes up. Diana is outside, messing with the car engine. Alicia asks where she’s headed, and Diana says to more killing – teeth won’t pull themselves out. Alicia asks if she needs help. Diana says no friends, just killing. She asks if Alicia ever thought about selling her hair, but Alicia tells her don’t even think about it. They go off together. I like it. This new sisterhood is definitely not weird.

Madison sees Nick and Troy. She says that they’re heading back to the dam. Nick tells her that they’re thinking of staying behind for a couple of days. She tells him to do what he needs to. He knows where to find them. Nick and Troy walk off.

Victor asks if Madison is ready. She says she is, and asks what about him? He says, always

Next time, the two-hour season finale. Before which, there will be a marathon. I notice that Efrain is played by Jesse Borrego, who was Jesse in the 1982 TV drama Fame.

Jesse & Efrain, Yet Both Jesse…

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