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October 25, 2018 – Spinelli Brings Information, MJ Has an Intimate Gathering, Goodbye to Waverly, a SyFy Day to Remember & Dogs


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Finn tells feeds Roxie, saying she must be starving. He’s glad she’s okay. He had a helluva night. He might sleep until Anna comes home – whenever that is. He sees the unmade bed, and says housekeeping is slacking, and gets in. Anna comes out of the bathroom in a negligee. He asks if she’s there or is he dreaming. She says, you tell me, and kisses him.

Nina gives Sasha a box. It’s something she’s passed in the shop window that always made her think of her baby. It’s an amethyst, February’s birthstone. She knows Sasha has to leave, and it could be a memento of their time together. Sasha says it’s beautiful, and Nina says it represents inner strength, energy, and healing. Sasha knows, and says it was St. Valentine’s favorite gem. It’s also called the couples stone; it engenders a deeper union between lovers. Valentin walks in, and Sasha tells Nina that her ex is in the house.

Maxie approaches their table. She’s sorry to interrupt, but Nina forgot there was an editorial board meeting. Nina starts to get up, but Maxie says she took care of it. Nina says she’s a lifesaver, and asks her to join them. She’s like Maxie to get to know her daughter. Nina says she loves saying that, and introduces them.

Oscar goes to Alexis’s office, and says he finished up one. He got a job as a busboy. It’s a little more than minimum wage plus tips. Alexis tells him he needs a place to live, and he says he’s signed up for roommate services. Alexis hopes they work fast. He has to prove he can take care of himself without parental assistance. He says he’s holding up his end of the deal. He needs to be able to decide what’s right for him in whatever time he has left. He opens the office door, and Julian is there.

Sonny walks into Charlie’s, and sees Margaux talking to Kristina, who’s behind the bar. She asks what Kristina’s favorite dish is. She needs comfort food; she had a late night. Kristina did too, and Margaux hopes it was more fun than hers. What was she doing? Kristina asks if she knows Margaux, and Sonny says she’s the new DA. She’s the one who sent Carly to Ferncliff. Now she’s gunning for Kristina’s father.

Jason visits Sam, and is surprised to find Spinelli there. It’s his great pleasure to be back amongst friends. Sam says, we’re glad see you, and Spinelli notices her choice of pronoun. Dare he wonder if they’re a collective now, working toward their long awaited, much desired reunion?

Sasha tells Maxie that she’s heard a lot about Maxie. Nina says she’s more like a sister than sister-in-law. Maxie says she feels the same way; they’ve been through a lot. Sasha is sorry about her husband, and wishes she’d known him. Maxie says he would have been thrilled she survived. Sasha can’t wait to meet James, and Maxie says James is her first cousin; he doesn’t have many blood relatives. Sasha says Nina has been telling her about her colorful family. Maxie says, there’s Britt Nathan has a sister who’s a criminal, like her mother. She points out Peter and says Britt’s mother held him prisoner.

Finn asks Anna when she got back; she didn’t mention the possibility. He says he was in surgery all night, and asks if she found Obrecht. Is she staying a while? She wonders if he wants to ask questions, or just dot-dot-dot. He would prefer dot-dot-dot. She says he’s probably exhausted, and asks if everybody lived. He asks if they can stop talking, and they get busy

Jason asks what he told Spinelli about matchmaking, and Spinelli says, to cease and desist, but they misconstrued his innocent remark. Sam says it was hard to misconstrue his reunion remark. He says their reunion is looked forward too. Including, but not limited to… He lists all the people who agree with them getting back together. Sam days they get it, but he has to understand it’s their life, and their relationship. What happens between them is their business. Spinelli gives his most humble apology, and promises to restrain himself in the future. Sam is glad to see him, but wonders what happened to the trip. Georgie came down with something and they had to cancel. She’ll be fine, but since she wouldn’t be able to fully experience the joys of Wacky Water World, they’re rescheduling. In the meantime, he comes armed with some intriguing information about Margaux.

Sonny says Margaux doesn’t know when to quit. Margaux tells Sonny that she came in for brunch; that’s all. Sonny says she knows Kristina is his daughter. Margaux says she also works there. Kristina asks her to get a table, saying the seats at the bar are reserved. Margaux says, for weekday brunch? and Kristina tells her their Bloody Mary was on Upstate Magazine’s top ten list. Margaux moves to a table, and Sonny thanks Kristina for getting rid of her; it shows her loyalty. She says even though she’s working for Julian? He says it’s her call; he understands. She says her mom never will.

Oscar asks Julian if his mom send him to talk Alexis into not taking his case. Julian says she asked him to speak to Alexis, but he can’t talk her into doing anything. He’s here as a friend. It’s not easy for his mom, or anyone. Oscar asks if Julian isn’t on his mom’s side. Does he still have a job? Julian says the job is still his. All he has to do is fill out the paperwork. Oscar thanks the both of them, and leaves. Alexis is surprised that Julian gave Oscar a job. He says, much to his mother’s chagrin. He thought Oscar just wanted to earn some extra money, and didn’t know it was about his legal right to his healthcare decisions. She says he knows she can’t discuss it. He says he knows Oscar is sick, and that his parents enrolled him in a medical trial to save his life. He knows what’s at stake. She asks, did he come to change her mind, or is what he said true, that he’s here as a friend?

Sasha tells Maxie that she knows she was born into colorful family. She wonders if mental instability is hereditary. Nina says she had problems and was institutionalized. Maxie says it was after she woke from a twenty year coma and was grieving the baby she lost. She’s fine now. Nina says she is; she overcame it. It was before she knew Sasha was alive. And here she is. Maxie says the nature versus nurture debate is interesting, and asks how Sasha’s mental health is.

Peter tells Valentin he assumes that’s Nina’s daughter. Valentin says that’s Sasha. Peter says Nina asking him about the discovery of his own mother makes sense now. Valentin asks if Peter discouraged Nina, but Peter says, quite the contrary. He encouraged Nina to reach out. Valentin commends him, and asks if that means he’s had a chance of heart toward Anna.

Anna apologizes for being gone so long; she would rather have been there. Finn says he was almost worried she was kidnapped again. She says they FaceTimed; he knew she was fine. He asks what happened. Did she find Obrecht?

Alexis wonders what makes Kim think Julian could change her mind. Julian says it wasn’t Kim’s idea. She went to Sam, and from what Sam said, she thought maybe he’d have some influence. Alexis asks if Sam still believes he has any sway. He doesn’t think that’s what Sam meant, but it’s what Kim heard. She’s desperate, and will do anything to prolong Oscar’s life. That’s why wants him in the trial. Alexis says, even if it denies Oscar the last vestige of control over his own life?

On the phone, Oscar says, the rent is how much? He just wants a room, not a whole apartment. There’s nothing cheaper? He’ll take an air mattress, a futon, anything. Welcome to the real world, Oscar.

Sonny knows better than to get between Kristina and her mother. Kristina says there’s nothing to get between. As far as her mother is concerned, she’s wasting her life and potential. Sonny says as long as she’s supporting herself, she can make her own choices. She tells him, she’s not defending Julian, but so far, Julian is treating her fairly, and Sonny says he’s there for her. With the DA hovering, he’s had family on his mind. He doesn’t feel good about not seeing her much, and misses her. She says she’s doing fine, or would be, if her mom would leave her alone. Sonny says that’s not happening. She worries like all parents. Kristina says, all parents whose kids are screw ups. Sonny says she’s not a screw up. She went through breakup; it’s a hard thing to go through. Margaux watches them. Kristina says, it was.

Spinelli says the murder of Margaux’s father may have been a crime of passion or simple greed. He had substantial life insurance, but his wife never tried to collect. Jason says she wasn’t convinced he was dead. Sam says, because they never found the body. Spinelli says they lived on a modest income. Sam suggests Skully was supporting them, but Spinelli wonders why there was no claim filed. Sam says, maybe she was hoping he was still alive, but Jason says, why would she want him alive? She was cheating on him. Sam says, maybe she was in love with two men. She had an affair, and felt guilty. Maybe declaring him dead was too much.

Anna tells Finn, what happened was a long arduous search. She had to do it for Peter. Finn says she had to protect her son, and ask long as Obrecht is lurking out there, he needs protection. Anna says she probably stopped lurking; she was getting nowhere. She missed him, so she came home.

Peter finds it ironic that Valentin is concerned about his feelings for Anna, since he thwarted her good intentions, delivering him to the hands of his father. Valentin says it was the worst decision at the darkest point of his life. He doesn’t expect Peter to forgive him, but hopes he forgives Anna one day. Peter says, slowly but surely, he’s rising from the evils of his father – with some help. He looks at Nina’s table. Valentin is doing the same. He hopes that the woman who makes him a better man forgives him someday. Peter says that’s a long road, and Valentin says, it’s worth every mile.

Nina tells Maxie that was a rude question. Sasha doesn’t think so. She says she’s not crazy. Everyone is out there in some way, but in terms of murder and mayhem, she’s normal. Maxie says she didn’t mean to be rude, but Sasha admires her for looking out for Nina. Maxie goes back to the office. Sasha thinks Nina is lucky to have such caring people in her life. Nina sees Valentin and smiles at him.

Peter sees Maxie at the elevator. He didn’t want interrupt, but wondered how James was. She’s sorry for dragging him to the hospital. He tells her not to apologize. He was just at GH and thinking they were lucky James was okay. She asks why he was at the hospital.

Valentin thanks Nina for inviting him to join them. She says it’s the least she can do. He was instrumental in getting Sasha to say. All he wants is her happiness. She says maybe he can talk to Sasha, and get her to stay a few more days.

Alexis tells Julian that Oscar just found out how sick he is, and he’s spinning and confused. The situation is untenable, and he has no control over any of it. Julian can see how he’d feel helpless. The last thing Alexis wants to do is add to Kim and Drew’s pain. She can’t fathom what they’re going through. They’re good people, but what they want and what Oscar wants aren’t the same. But maybe in time, they will be. Julian asks if she’s thinking she can make it right for both.

Sonny is glad Kristina is home, and glad she’s working. She faced that her relationship didn’t work out, and came home. Those are big steps. Kristina feels like a loser most of the time. Sonny says when she beats herself up, there’s family to pick her up. Family is his life support, and they’re just a phone call away. He also didn’t forget her birthday is coming up. He asks if she’ll allow them to show her how much they love her. She says, deal, and they exchange I love yous.

Daisy asks Kristina if that was her dad. Kristina asks, why? Daisy says she didn’t mean anything by it. He didn’t look like a customer, and Kristina isn’t the sugar daddy type. Kristina says, sorry, it’s her dad. She just had an encounter with that woman over there. She looks at Margaux, who waves. Kristina says she’s on the defensive. Daisy thinks she has something to take Kristina’s mind off of what’s bothering her.

Spinelli begs Sam for a thousand pardons. He didn’t mean to bring up bad memories. Jason asks, what bad memories? Sam says, a couple years after Jason disappeared, she was backed into a corner about declaring him dead. There was craziness between ELQ and the Quartermaines, and Danny’s legacy. She was forced to face the fact he might never come home. It was a horrible time. Everyone told her to move on and get closure, and they were wrong. She understands why Margaux’s mom would be reluctant to face the facts. Spinelli thinks she might be projecting. Margaux’s mother’s feelings can’t possibly compare to Sam’s feelings for Jason.

😣 There was a twenty minute interruption here with news we already knew that couldn’t wait until 4 pm, but I On Demanded it later.

Peter says he was just having a check-up after the Obrecht incident. He has nerve damage in his hand, but otherwise, he’s fine. She asks if he ended up getting anti-anxiety medication, but he doesn’t think he needs it anymore. He’s coming through it – because of her.

Sasha says she has a job to get back to, and Nina says she never asked what Sasha does. She fills in at offices; she’s good at computer software. Valentin asks if she’s currently working. She says she put off any jobs because of her trip, but with temping, if she doesn’t work, she doesn’t get paid. Nina says she could set her up with Crimson’s support staff. Sasha says her mother raised her to go her own way, but Nina says it’s not like she’d be putting her on the payroll; she’d be working. There’s also Peter, who might be able to use her. Nina says, just think about it. Think about making Port Charles her home.

Spinelli says Sam did what she had to do for Danny; why wouldn’t Margaux’s mother do the same thing? Sam says it might have stirred up questions about her and Skully, and Jason says there could have been an investigation, leading to Vincent’s death being a hit. Spinelli says, interesting theory, but there’s more. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Sonny, who got their text. Spinelli says he has information about Margaux that should be of interest to Sonny. Sonny says he found her cozying up to Kristina in Charlie’s Pub. She wants to use Kristina the way she used Mike. Margaux has crossed the line. Jason says they’re going to stop her. They’re close to getting what it takes.

Daisy asks if Kristina went to the concert. She didn’t get there, but Daisy says there will be others. She’s the organizer. They’re having a bonfire at the beach. Does she want to go? Oscar approaches them, and Kristina introduces Daisy. Oscar tells Kristina that he’s working there now, and Julian said she could set him up with the paperwork. He needs to be good at this job. He’s emancipating himself from his parents, like in court. Kristina’s mom is his lawyer.

Alexis tells Julian, a sixteen-year-old boy comes to her, terrified, desperate for her help. He wants a say in what happens over his own body. Julian says he’s choosing not to fight his illness. How can she be okay with that? She says if a sixteen-year-old pregnant girl wanted to keep her baby, but her parents were forcing her to give it up, she would fight, and not many would] question that.  Julian wouldn’t. He says no one in her corner when Sam was taken away. He understands her point, but also understands that nothing good will come from this. Oscar is estranged from his parents when he needs them the most. Alexis says, not necessarily.

Anna tells Finn that she tracked Obrecht until the trail ran cold. The WSB is running a check on all her contacts. She’s probably owed a lot of favors, and there are tons of hiding places she has access to. Finn says, a rat has to come out of his hole some time. Anna says when Obrecht does, she’ll be waiting. She owes it to Peter to bring her to justice. Until then, she thinks Finn can find something keep her occupied.

Maxie doesn’t think she did that much for Peter. She listened; just what he needed. She hopes he’s healing. Halloween is a fun holiday. She hopes he can relax and enjoy it. He says it will be his first one. Partly because he lived in the country, but he never had he desire to mingle with ghouls and monsters. They remind him too much of his father. So he and James will be celebrating their first Halloweens together. Has he decide on a costume? Maxie says she’s entrusted with the task. Would he like to come shopping with her? He would.

Nina is just grateful for Sasha’s visit; no pressure. She doesn’t want to get carried away again. Sasha says she’s getting used to it. Valentin says if she stays, Sasha can meet his daughter. He and Nina raised her. Nina says she’s lovely and so smart. Valentin thinks they’ll get along great, and she’ll see another side of Nina; the one that cares for a daughter. Sasha says she’ll call her temp agency, and steps away from the table. Nina thanks him, and he says Sasha obviously wants to get to know her better. Who wouldn’t?

Alexis tells Julian she’s merely advocating for Oscar to have control. She’s not arguing that he shouldn’t be involved in the trial. Julian asks if that means she agrees he should. She says she wants him to have every chance to beat his illness, and thinks deep down he does too. But he has to get there himself. Maybe if he thought his parents weren’t controlling him, he might make the right decision.

Kristina thought Oscar and his mom were super tight, and Drew seems cool. He says he just wants the right to make his own decisions. Kristina can relate to that, but never thought of hiring a lawyer. He needs a way to support himself and a place to live, which isn’t going well. He had no idea how expensive everything was. Maybe he’s naïve. Kristina goes to get the paperwork, and Daisy says she thinks she can help him.

Sonny thinks it’s odd Margaux’s mother never collected on the insurance. Spinelli says, after venturing further, he saw that hours after the remains were found, she filed a claim. Sam asks if she’s gotten the money yet, but Spinelli says no, since no premiums were paid all those years, and it was a murder. The insurance company is launching their own investigation.

Valentin doesn’t want to push his luck, but wonders if there’s any chance Nina and Sasha could come to dinner at Windemere. It’s not a romantic ambush, just dinner. Regardless of how she feels about him, it’s a delight to know her daughter better. She’s so much like Nina, and Nina radiates in her presence. There’s nothing better than seeing Nina’s joy. It’s a family dinner, nothing more. Nina accepts.

Peter asks if James is joining in on the costume quest, and Maxie says she’ll call and see if he’s napping. She asks if he wants to take the stairs, but he says he’s fine with the elevator. They get in, and smile.

Anna tells Finn the WSB is still looking for Obrecht. If she gets a location, she’ll have to go, but she needs backup. He asks if she means Robert, but she says him – if he’s willing. He says they’ll see. The last time they teamed up, they were imprisoned under threat of death, and unleashed Cassandra. And the food was terrible. She asks if that’s a no, but he says, no. They kiss and get busy again.

Oscar asks if Daisy knows of someone who needs a roommate. She says she shares a place with a lot of people. Nothing fancy, but it’s a bed. They pay what they can in exchange for helping out. It’s a fun place. She says he’ll love it, and Oscar says he already does. She tells him that she’ll text the address, and he can stop by. He tells her that he’s pretty handy, and she says he seems like a good addition. What is she involved with? A cult? Oscar says that proves he’s doing everything right. Kristina comes back with the paperwork. Daisy asks if Kristina wants the info about the bonfire, and Kristina says, why not?

Alexis tells Julian she got a text, and Oscar is a step closer to qualifying for the right to choose his own medical decisions. He’s found a place to live. Julian shudders to think at Oscar’s price range. He dreads telling Kim that she’s not backing off. He wishes Kim knew her like he did. He’s not sure what she has in mind, but he trusts her judgement. If anyone can find the King Solomon solution, it’s her. But whatever her strategy is, she needs to make it happen fast. As far as he can tell, Oscar doesn’t have much time.

Sonny thinks the insurance stuff isn’t making sense. Jason says Margaux’s mother was never straight with her on what went down between her father and Skully. Sonny says now she’s trying for the money. Sam thinks the only one with answers is Margaux’s mother. Sonny needs to know what she’s hiding to back Margaux off. He can’t have her doing any more damage to his family.

Tomorrow, Kiki thinks she and Sasha should take getting to know owe another up a notch, Lulu asks not-Doc if some people are just born evil, and Laura tells Carly no one will blame her if she wants to back out.

Shahs of Sunset

Mike picks up Reza, Reza is excited to see the property Mike bought. It’s a duplex he acquire 10+ years ago, and he picked up the house next door when it went into foreclosure. He thinks he has a good deal with the contractor, but Reza says he doesn’t have such a good track record. Reza says he’s concerned about the construction process. In his interview, Reza says Mike has great ideas, and usually Reza is the one who plans and executes them, and it turns out well. He tells Mike a two year project means two years’ worth of problems.

The place looks like a dump. The small amount of grass is dry and dead, and Reza says he can tell Mike isn’t doing a lot of landscaping. Mike says he bought it down-market, and it’s one of the fastest growing areas in LA. It’s something that’s going to live on forever – Mike Manor. Reza thinks he should reinvest. Why give up years? Mike says it will be years of creating something that can feed his family for years to come. In Reza’s interview, he says it scares him that his friend will be managing a $4-6 million project. Mike’s nerves are frayed already. He tells Mike to put it on the market, and if he doesn’t see the numbers he wants, move forward. Reza likes that it’s a collective family thing. He’s happy for Mike. He might end up surprising all of them, and dedicating himself to the project, transforming himself in the process. Reza has the feeling he’s going to end up on the job site, but he’ll do it with smile a and not be resentful.

MJ and Tommy go to the lawyer’s office. MJ says she’s the Susan B. Anthony of prenups. She’s rewriting the laws to favor women, and won’t get hoodwinked today. Tommy’s lawyer arrives, and Tommy is glad to see a friendly face. The lawyers leave the room, so they can have a last minute discussion. MJ says she’s ready, because it benefits her. Tommy says he barely walks out with a shirt, but if it doesn’t work out, that’s all he wants. He wants MJ to have peace of mind. He says, till death do us part, but they’ll probably kill each other before they walk away. She appreciates him being amenable, but if he leaves her for his secretary, she’ll kill them both, and he’ll walk the world without a penis. I guess she believes in ghosts? He says, let’s rock and roll. In her interview, MJ says she’s asking for whatever is fair, and whatever she wants is fair. They sign.

Destiney goes to an ice cream shop. In her interview, she says Persians like exotic flavor. It has to be rosewater-pistachio-saffron. Mom Tammy (Titi) meets her. Destiney says she spoke with Monique. She’s found someone who might be her father. We see a clip of Monique telling Destiney that she found an 86-year-old man who’s a good possibility, and to cross her fingers. Destiney tells Tammy that he might be in OC. Tammy says he’s supposed to be in Iran. He has another wife and children. Destiney says, what if moved there? In Destiney’s interview, she says this has been going on for months, and she has to keep being persistent. She wants Tammy to come with her. She doesn’t want Tammy to have any pressure, but she needs this. If she gets married, she can have a parent on each arm. She tells Tammy that if Monique calls and says it’s 100%, she’s coming. Tammy says, okay. They pinkie promise, and hug.

Nema’s mom visits. She lives on the east coast, but stops by when she’s traveling for work, and hangs out with him and Mona. In his interview, he says the details of their divorce are obscure. They married young, and it was arranged in Iran. He doesn’t know as they were ever madly in love. He thinks when someone in that position moves to the US, they feel more empowered, and can choose their own happiness. They don’t talk about it. Nema tells her that he and Erica aren’t together anymore. He tried to kiss another girl. His mother says that was stupid of him, and he knows. He says she moved out, and they’re not communicating outside of work. I’ll bet that’s awkward. He says he has a lot of baggage from not growing up with his parents. In his interview, he explains that the kids were to choose which parent they would live with. Their mom said they needed to pick right now. Mona was only two, and ran to their mom. Everyone took it as she was choosing her mom. Nema was four, and seeing his dad’s disappointment, ran to him. He still has PTSD to this day. The most important women in his life weren’t there for his whole life. It created a problem he never thought would happen. His mom starts to cry, and he tells her not to be upset; he’s working through it. Mona says, it’s no one’s fault. Nema experienced it, and he’s dealing with it. He says he’s feeling the chip on his shoulder going away. His mother and sister worked through it. Now it’s his turn.

Reza cleans up at the new house. Adam meets him there, and asks, how much longer? Reza tells him, ten weeks. Adam asks how they are with the budget. In his interview, Reza is finding it hard to grasp the what’s yours is mine concept. Adam is really asking how much money of his do they have left. He says, yesterday, he wrote a $50K check. They’re in for around $310K. When they started, Reza had a cool million in the bank. Seeing it fly out makes him feel anxious and unstable. Adam makes noises about having a baby again, and Reza says let him make it clear. As soon as the construction is done, and he doesn’t have to write any more checks, they’ll put the condo on the market and start the baby process. Adam asks if Reza has any fears or worries about having kids, and Reza says, obviously. What if there’s no more sexy time, and they grow apart and get divorced? Adam has his own fears and reservations, but Reza says none of them are around money. It’s a huge part for him. In his interview, Reza says he comes from a place where all marriages end in divorce. He’s predisposed to divorce. Adam says they’ll figure out the money thing, and Reza says he’s the one that has to do it. Adam tells him that they’re a team now, and Reza says, then Adam can figure it out. Adam suddenly has to go to work.

Adam goes to Asa’s boutique, and looks at sunglasses. Asa comes out from the back. In her interview, she says that her life is crazy, but she still keeps in touch. Mostly texting. Mike faded out, and she doesn’t want MJ near her or her family ever. She shows Adam her new swim line. He asks how mommy duty is, and she says, some things are easier now, but it’s a different type of life. It’s her greatest joy, and a whole new world. In Asa’s interview, she says having a child is the pinnacle of life’s meaning, purpose, and love. You’re like a slave, but you love it. She asks how the baby thing is going, and Adam says Reza was asking about budgeting, and he had to leave before Reza got anxious. Asa suggests maybe Reza doesn’t want kids. It’s important to make the person you love happy, both they both have valid feelings. You have to be ready for that commitment. Adam says he is. Asa says, a child challenges every aspect of your life, and tells him that they both have to speak their truth. He check’s out the blankets, but their $700. She gives him one as a housewarming gift, and something else for Reza for peace or namaste or whatever.

MJ sees the fertility doctor. She says they’ve been working toward this for four years. Last year, she and Tommy made an affirmation wall. It was a farfetched affirmation that came to fruition. The doctor tells her they did well. They have a beautiful embryo that’s normal and healthy. The goal is to implant it at the right time. In MJ’s interview, she says she was the one who was never getting married or having children. Me too, but I stuck to half the plan. She says Tommy changed that. He’s the man who showed her a special kind of love, and everything is worth it. She and the doctor FaceTime with him. The doctor says he’s happy to move forward, but thinks they should just transfer one egg because of MJ’s age category. Tommy says, let’s rock and roll, which is apparently his catch phrase. In her interview, MJ says she’s ready to get married, and take the next step. She beat the odds, and she’s not wasting the opportunity. She’ll be the most incredible mom ever.

MJ and Tommy invite everyone to an intimate gathering. Adam brings home the presents, and tells Reza that he saw his therapist, meaning Asa. He asks Reza, yes or no, do you want a kid? Reza says, when? and Adam says what about in five years? Reza says, yes, he’d love to have a baby, but Adam shouldn’t feel he’s owed a baby because Asa has one. Adam does want to raise their baby with hers, but Reza says he doesn’t want to keep up. They have a plan already, and it has a lot to do with finances. In Reza’s interview, he says they can’t make a vision for their lives based on what Asa and Jermaine are doing. He and Adam are a team. The had a plan, and he’s doing his part. He asks Adam what the plan is, and Adam says, move in, then have a conversation about having a baby. He promises they won’t have it again while they’re living in the condo.

MJ gets ready for the party. The wedding is a few days away, but she wanted an intimate gathering. It’s not just about the bride (I can’t believe she’s saying that). It’s about family, rejoicing, and having the best of times. Shervin brings GG on the back of his bike, and he says she’s the worst passenger in the world. She complains so much, he’d hoped his helmet would mute her voice, but it didn’t. Reza says GG is like kryptonite to Nema. He’s all about her. Nema, Mona, and Destiney arrive. Reza says he heard Nema tried to nibble on GG’s neck at her event. He says he has something of hers. She says she took her wedding band off, and Nema went home with it. She wonders if she should throw it away, and Vida says no. Shervin tells Reza they need his advice, but GG throws it into the pool, and he says, never mind. She wants everyone to leave her alone about it.

Everyone wonders where Mike is. MJ says she knows what happened – Morgan. We see a clip of Morgan telling MJ that Mike is forty-years-old, and he’s not changing. MJ says, this is a pattern. When he’s in a healthy relationship, he panics. He doesn’t want to hang up his bachelor, playboy life. Mike shows up with bouquets, and Adam says the last time anyone brought roses, someone got attacked. We see a clip of GG going after Adam when Reza set up the fake apology. Mike hands out flowers and energy bars. He appreciates their support; it means the world to him. He has one more gift for Reza. In Mike’s interview, he says if he’s learned anything, it’s that even if you love each other, relationships are fragile. You have to bring out the best to build stronger friendships. Know what you did that hurt someone, and not do it in the future. Mike brings out the cutest kitten ever, and says he loves Reza. If he ever lost his dog, he’d be a mess. Woody is a purebred Persian. In his interview, Reza says his cat Buzzy passed away, and was his most special thing ever. In Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear had a sidekick, Woody, so it’s sweet. He says Mike is an amazing guy. He doesn’t always get to water on his own. They sometimes have to lead him, but the beauty of it is, he gets it.

Reza says if MJ gets the ring, it won’t be GG’s anymore. Nema says he’s insanely attracted to GG, and she asks if they should just do it, and get it over with. He asks if that’s what she wants, and she says she likes him. He says her texts have made that clear – I want to be in your head and other places. In GG’s interview, she says, every woman wants to be wanted. She admits to it, so why not have fun? She tells Nema, she wants what she wants in the moment, and if she wants him, she’ll make it happen. Reza says she’s turning Nema on just saying that. In his interview, Reza says GG isn’t the best judge of character. Shalom was a disaster. We flash back to Shalom’s meltdown. Reza says Nema is the Persian Poindexter, and they’re attracted to one another. It’s not easy to find. Nema says he’d like the opportunity to give her more than attention. GG tells him, having sex is normal; all species do it. Talk is cheap, and so far, he’s done a lot of it. She walks away, and he shakes his head.

Vida and MJ go to the floral warehouse. MJ’s vision for wedding is an ethereal, white, beautiful room with super high centerpieces; lots of white and natural green leaves, and a flower wall. We see a clip of MJ telling Tommy her idea of a flower wall with holes in it. A hand reaches out, and offers the guests their table numbers. Tommy asks how the hand knows who it is; telepathy? MJ says it sounds over-the-top, but you only get married once. She says she’ll be letting the floral designer decide. Vida says this is usually done six months in advance. In her interview, Vida says her mom was opinionated. She was the boss, and ran the family, and she’s like her mom. Wedding planner Lenora and florist Carly join them. The flowers are stressing MJ out. She’s hoping to execute a vision of classic and elegant. They discuss some color combinations, and Vida hates it. Lenora says she’ll love it, and Vida says they can’t force her. In MJ’s interview, she says since her father’s passing, her mother has been supportive and nurturing, but she’s seeing more of the old Vida coming back. She has a lot to get done in one week, and doesn’t want old Vida screwing up her wedding. They leave the task to Carly.

Shervin drives GG to the town hall. She asks him if she’s doing the right thing. She finally woke up, and realized she has to get a divorce now. She tells Shervin, don’t ever get married, and Shervin says he’s single and happy. He mentions that she’s still wearing the engagement ring, and she doesn’t understand why everyone is complaining. She still wears other jewelry Shalom gave her. Shervin explains that it represents marriage, but she says it represents engagement. Yeah, I know. In his interview, Shervin says GG liked saying she was married more than she liked being married. She puts the ring on another finger, and Shervin says he’s happy. As he drops her off, he asks her to seriously thinks about the ring and what it means. He tells her, good luck.

In her interview, GG says she’s worked hard on the important things in life, and not allowing Shalom to take that away. She’s worked hard to be a better person; to be happier, nicer, friendlier, and healthier, and that little shrimp isn’t taking it away. Bye, bitch.

Next time, Reza is hoping his haircare line pays for the baby, Monique says Destiney’s father isn’t in the US, Destiney thinks she’s setting herself up for failure, and a party the night before the wedding.

🏡 The end of Welcome to Waverly, which has been on all week, brought a tear to my eye. The participants didn’t want to leave, realizing that people are the same everywhere, no matter what their beliefs, and our differences are what makes America the amazing place that it is. I missed a lot of the show, but was glad they came to this conclusion, and it ended on an upbeat note. I’m a firm believer that if people would stop being babies, concentrate on what makes them the same, understand or at least tolerate the differences, and work together, we could all have much better lives. I don’t even like people, but I’m smart enough to know that being angry isn’t working. I’m sure this will be on rotation for a while, so catch it if you can.

😈Don’t forget, Channel Zero: The Dream Door premieres tomorrow (Friday, October 26) at 11 pm on the SyFy channel. Z Nation is also on all morning, as well as a new episode at 9 pm. And if that wasn’t enough, in between  not 3 pm, but at 2:59 they’re also airing The Cabin in the Woods. I could pass out from all the pre-Halloween excitement.

🐶🐶 At the End of My Double-Dog-Duty & Garbage Detail…

Dogs, I love you, but you’ve been a real handful this week.


October 7, 2018 – The Original Walkers Return, Talking Tidbit, RIP Herschel, 90 News, He’s Back, a Scammer Scammed & Cabin Fun


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Alexandria is being rebuilt, and looking pretty good. Michonne teaches Judith to paint. She and Rick take Judith for a walk. Why does Judith look more like Michonne than Lori or Shane?

Two Alexandrians hang up a zombie scarecrow, but Daryl shoots it in the head with an arrow. Jesus kicks zombie ass outside. Aaron wants to learn, and Jesus says he teaches a class. Zombie Ass Kicking 101? Rick gets a group together to go to DC.

Outside, it’s quiet. A group of zombies meanders up the street, begins to gather. Rick and Michonne gallop by on horses and whack them in the head. King Ezekiel follows, along with some others on horses and a horse pulled cart. Daryl brings up the rear with his motorcycle dudes.

The group does a sweep of a museum. A lone zombie pops up from behind the desk. Oh, it must be government run. Rick says they have their lists. Circle back when they’re done, and be safe. They split into smaller groups. Maggie says it’s going to work. Michonne sees zombies roaming underneath them through a glass floor, and carefully walks across. A zombie plummets over the bannister of an upper floor. Although he’s impaled on something, Daryl finishes him off.

Downstairs, Rick’s group looks around in the dark. Siddiq gets caught under a tarp with a zombie crawling with spiders. He doesn’t like spiders. Apparently even less than he likes zombies.

A zombie ambles toward the chain of human evolution, and becomes the final frame in the display. Daryl helps Cyndie with a canoe, and asks if she’s all right. She was thinking about her brother. They were fighting in a canoe at the county fair. She asks if he has random memories like that. Daryl says most of his memories of his brother involve fighting. He had friends who fought with him, but they didn’t make it.

Rick’s group finds a crate where seeds are being stores. Anne remembered where they were from the days when she was teaching; she brought her class there. Rick tells them to take the lot. Gee, seeds aren’t that heavy; take them all. He wants to get back, and see if the others need help.

Michonne is surprised that Gregory called for an election. Maggie says he had one great idea, but he’s sore about the results. Michonne says, the rebirth of democracy – by that guy. Who’d have thought. Carol says she lives with a king. Maggie says, it works, but there’s something about a vote. She tells them that they have to help the Sanctuary, and Michonne says she’s glad Maggie won.

Rick, Carol, and some others try to get a covered wagon down the stairs, and over the glass floor, which is at the bottom of the staircase. They wheel it slowly off the bottom steps and across the glass. The glass begins to crack, but the zombies don’t notice them. Maggie helps bring down a vintage plow. As the carry it across the glass, it isn’t looking good. Rick says, no sudden moves; nice and slow. Rick, Ezekiel, and Carol take another piece of equipment across. The glass cracks some more, and Ezekiel falls through. The zombies come at him, and latch onto him. He’s tied to a column with a rope that’s rubbing back and forth against the jagged glass. Dangling, Ezekiel kicks at the zombies, who are pulling at him every which way. The others try to pull him back. I’m freaking out, and hopping around in my chair. Daryl tries to use the crossbow, but can’t get a clear hit. Somehow, they get him back up. Carol hugs him, and then kisses him. Whoa. Nothing like romance in the apocalypse. That was rough. I don’t like many characters on this show, but he’s one of them.

The caravan heads back out.

Daryl pikes a random zombie in the head as he drives past it. He circles back to get his pokey stick. A few guys discuss how Daryl never smiles. Ezekiel tells Carol that he was scared back there. Carol was too, but she’s glad he’s okay. He says it made him remember something he’s been taking for granted. You can’t wait on life. He asks her to marry him, and shows her a ring. She tells him, put that thing away; it will snag on everything. She told him not to ask, especially after something like this. He laughs, and says he’ll always love her. He’ll keep it until she’s ready.

They get to a bridge, but a herd has taken it out. Maggie needs to get back to baby Herschel. Rick says, keep an eye on the road. He tells Gabriel to take his group back to Alexandria. The rest will go to Sanctuary and Hilltop, stay overnight, then head out from there. Enid writes bridge out on the sign.  Michonne tells Rick the horses can’t pull the wagon in the mud. Ken thinks they need a break. Maggie thinks they should come back, but Michonne isn’t so sure. Rick says they should swap out the horses, while they see what they can do about the trailers. Rick, Michonne, Daryl, and Ezekiel pull the wagon, but zombies toddle out of the woods. They get the wagon past the mud, and Rick tells Daryl and Michonne to take care of business. They load the wagon up with the farm equipment. The horses get nervous and rear up. The plow falls out and breaks apart. Rick tells them leave the wagon. Ken runs back to free the horses, and gets bit. Making sad face.

Siddiq tells him be all right, but no, he’s not. They start to make a tourniquet, but it’s too late. He’s gone. I hate this stupid show. Maggie cries, and I get annoyed that she’s suddenly being a baby.

Back in Alexandria, Maggie visits Ken’s parents, Earl and Tammy. Tammy says she took their boy out there, and now their son is dead. And what do they have to show for it? A broken plow. Maggie tells her they got more than that, but Tammy says the Sanctuary will get it all. Earl tells her to calm down. She says she hates Maggie but asks what kind of man would let this go? Um… a realistic one? Maggie would like to arrange a funeral, but Tammy says they’ll do it, and Maggie is not welcome. Tammy voted for her, but they’re not friends. Gregory was the one who said he put Hilltop first. He’s a scoundrel, but he’s no fool. Their son is dead, and Maggie’s boy has no father. The Saviors eat their food, and take everything Hilltop has bled for. It ain’t right.

Maggie watches as the funeral happens. A guy sings, and says he’s going to miss Ken. The world was a better place for having him in it. They drink to Ken.

Rick and his group arrive at the Sanctuary. Eugene says they all have a well-compiled list that needs attention. Someone asks Daryl if he’s giving a speech, but he says it’s a bad time; they just lost someone. Michonne sees, Saviors save us! We are still Negan, written on the wall. Michonne asks who did this? and Daryl tells a guy to clean it up or paint over it. The guy says they’re running out of paint; they’re finding it all over the place. He doesn’t seem too eager to get rid of it.

At the funeral, Gregory eulogizes Ken, saying, Ken had a good heart; he wasn’t a fighter. He tended to the animals. Regular guys like Ken keep the place going. He’s remembered as a son, a friend, a shining example of Hilltop. The straight face of fundamental decency, even in tragedy. Rest in peace. Jesus says, that was beautiful. Gregory says, it makes think about what you have, and what you’ve lost. He’s grateful for what he has.

Rick shakes hands. Eugene says they need a boost until help comes. Rick says he came with farming equipment, and heirloom seeds. They’re going to look to the past to help them with the present. A dude thanks Rick, and everyone applauds.

Rick asks Daryl, what’s up. Daryl doesn’t want to be there; it doesn’t feel right. He’s always better out there. He always has been. Rick says Daryl put this place together. He kept the people in line. He can’t let the Sanctuary fail. Daryl says it will anyway. It’s a factory; nothing grows. They still need other people to provide. Nothing changed. Rick says they give willingly, but Daryl says, nothing lasts. The bridge is out, and pretty soon, it will take days to ride from one place to another. Everyone is everywhere. When they were a small group at the beginning, they could do anything. That was right, and what he knows. Rick asks if Daryl wants to come to Alexandria, but he wants to go to Hilltop to check on Maggie and the baby. Daryl says they’ll need someone to take his place if he leaves. Eugene is going to Oceanside. The Kingdom has their own problems, and they need help back home. They’re not together because things have changed. Daryl says, he changed them. He gets it. Carol watches. I can’t figure out why, for all his smarts, Eugene couldn’t come up with some kind of hydroponic farming or something.

Gregory offers Ken’s parents a drink. Earl tells Tammy to go ahead; he’s fine. She takes a slug of whiskey. I guess she has a few more slugs, because now he’s putting her to bed. He asks what he’s supposed to do. She wants to be by herself and sleep. He asks if he should leave, but she says, no. He covers her with a blanket, and kisses her. Gregory appears, and offers to sit with her.

Daryl passes a smoke to Carol, who puts it out, saying it will kill him. She says they don’t sleep. Ezekiel sleeps like a baby. Daryl thinks Ezekiel is all right, but he’s corny. Carol is glad she has his approval. Corny is nice, after what she went through with Ed. Daryl is happy for her. He says if anyone deserves happiness, it’s her. He doesn’t like not seeing her. She wants to take over the Sanctuary for a while for him. She says Ezekiel asked her to marry him. Part of her wanted to say yes. Daryl asks, why not? She doesn’t know. She wants to take her time with him. He asks if Ezekiel is coming with her, but she says, no.

Earl tells Gregory his son didn’t need to be out there. He didn’t need to die. Gregory says, no, he didn’t. Earl wants to know, where’s the justice. Gregory says Maggie thinks she’s above the law. The election was a joke. He asks who Earl thinks counted the ballots – her buddy Jesus. A lot of people aren’t happy; they’re just afraid to speak up. She does whatever Rick says, even if it’s not good. Earl doesn’t see what they can do about it. She decides. Gregory says Maggie’s priorities are set, and the decisions she made put his boy in the ground. He’s speaking plainly because he’s angry. He see their lives being treated as the price of doing someone else’s business. Earl says, she’s the leader, and Gregory says, she doesn’t have to be.

Rick washes up, and gets in bed. Michonne calls him the famous Rick Grimes. He tells her not to start. She says don’t let it get to his head. Not today for sure. She wouldn’t want to be Maggie right now. Rick says, no, and she asks if he saw the name on the wall, Did they do the right thing? Sometimes she thinks they should have killed him. Rick thinks about it a lot, but it wouldn’t have changed anything. They don’t want Negan; they want food. Michonne has been thinking maybe they need an agreement between the communities. This is what they believe; this is how they treat each other; this is what happens when they don’t. Rick feels like it’s the right time. She says they couldn’t before; they were always running and fighting. Rick thinks it could pull people closer together; it’s smart. He tells her that Daryl isn’t happy. He’s worried about things breaking down. Michonne says he wouldn’t say anything if it wasn’t important. He cares. Rick says, too much sometimes. Michonne says, if he’s worried, there’s a reason. She wonders what they do, and Rick says they need to fix the bridge. She adds, and get the people to agree to a charter. He says, not constitution? and she says, charter. He says, okay; tomorrow. He feels lucky that he found her, and Michonne says they both lost enough. It’s time they won a little. They get busy, and she calls him the famous Rick Grimes again.

Maggie pushes Herschel’s stroller. Gregory sees her, and says, tough night. He’s been there, and he’s sorry. He knows it hasn’t been easy. She won fair and square, and was a worthy adversary. The election forced him to do some soul searching. Maggie says, it’s hard, not knowing where your place is. He can have one if he wants. He tells her when they were burying Ken, he didn’t want to say anything, but it looked like someone defaced Glenn’s grave. It was probably an accident, or kids who didn’t know any better. He hopes it wasn’t someone angry about the election, but it’s probably no big deal. She can check it tomorrow. Maggie jets.

A hooded figure ambushes her. She struggles with him, and Enid comes running to help, but gets knocked out. A bunch of people grab him, and pull his hood back. It’s Earl. Gregory asks what happened, like he doesn’t know. Maggie says he tried to have her killed because he’s too chicken sh*t to do it himself. He says she wants to ruin it. He built this place. It wouldn’t exist without him. She’s just Rick’s lackey. Maggie says Rick is her friend and mentor. He says she can’t go back because you-know-who is still there. She can’t believe after all the chances she gave him. He tries to stab her, but she gets the better of him.

Carol says goodbye to Ezekiel. She tells him that she’s not running away. He feels like she is, and wonders if he pushed too hard. She say her friends need her help. She has a home to come back to, and that’s enough for her for now. Ezekiel says he’ll be content to move at her speed, calling her Lady Carol. They kiss, and he says it’s such sweet sorrow. Carol tells Jerry to take care of him for her, just for a little bit. Ezekiel and Jerry gallop off.

Rick, Michonne, and Daryl drive in to Hilltop. Rick holds baby Herschel. Maggie calls Herschel a little stinker, and Rick says he’s perfect.  She thinks she’ll keep him. She puts the baby in the playpen. Rick says they’re going on runs again. She should visit Alexandria sometime. Judith talks about her a lot. He’s surprised she still remembers, but she does. He tells her that he needs her help in fixing the bridge. Hilltop is thriving; they’re better than anywhere else. She’s been generous, and given so much already, but he’s asking for more. The Sanctuary is still short, and the project will take a lot of people and supplies. He’s hoping she can be generous again. Maggie says, no more supplies without getting something back. If the Sanctuary needs food, she’ll give it to them, but in return, they provide the labor and fuel from their dead corn. Rick says, they’re barely holding on. Maggie wonders why he feels obliged to help. They surrendered, and weren’t killed. They can’t solve all their problems when there things here to deal. He’s sorry about what happened with her and Enid. She says she’s survived worse, but it has to stop. It changes now. She says it will be dark soon; it’s time to put the kids to bed.

It’s nighttime, and Gregory stands on a gallows, a horse underneath him, and a noose around his neck. Maggie says she doesn’t want to do this, but people need to understand, at Hilltop, the punishment fits the crime. She asks if he has any final words. Gregory begs for somebody to stop this. Killing him in the dead of night. She should be ashamed. It’s wrong. Maggie says she’s not ashamed. She nods and Daryl moves toward the gallows. Gregory starts wailing, stop! Suddenly, a couple of little kids are there. Michonne starts to run to the front, but Rick grabs her. Daryl slaps the horse, and Gregory hangs, swinging from the rope. Maggie tells them to get the children back in bed. She made this decision, but it’s not the beginning of something. She doesn’t want to go through it again. Rick looks at Ken’s parents. He tells Daryl to cut Gregory down. Daryl cuts the rope, and Gregory’s body drops to the ground.

Next time, rebuilding the bridge, Daryl wonders if they’re on the same side. Michonne wants rules, and Negan says they’re not saving the world, just getting it ready for him. Glad he’s still feisty.

👄 On Talking Dead, director Greg Nicotero said this season would have more of a Western movie feel, which was the original idea, with Rick being a sort of cowboy. They also talked about the new opening, and I watched that a second time. It definitely gives the vibe of a modern Western.

😞 Sad TWD News…

One of the characters I actually liked.


💍 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days – or as I like to call it, you all deserve each other – concludes its season next week. I have a lot to say about it, and am working on my dissertation as we speak. And luckily, just around the corner, are all new couples on 90 Day Fiancé, the original. This show has so many spin-offs, it could have its own channel. Which would be okay with me.

🎃 Because It’s That Time Again…

And because he never really dies.


🃏 Something Funny…

To make Monday less painful, enjoy this dude having fun with a scammer on CraigsList.


⛺ And Because I Can’t Leave It Alone…

The Cabin in the Woods. Never. Gets. Old.