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January 11, 2017 – So that GH isn’t Lonely, a Coupla Quotes & Several Random Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Maxie and Nathan get to the cabin they’ve rented in Canada, and Maxie is disconcerted by the moose head on the wall. They’ve struck out with the local precinct, but Nathan thinks Claudette’s mom is their best bet. Maxie suggests that going through Claudette’s stuff to see if there’s anything significant. Nathan tells Maxie she can keep Claudette’s mother busy while he goes through everything.

Nina and Charlotte wait for Valentin at the MetroCourt. Nina compliments Charlotte on her skating. Valentin arrives. He tells Charlotte that he and Nina have something very important to tell her.

Franco goes home, surprised to find Kiki there. Kiki tells him that she hopes he had a happy new year, and says there are leftovers from her takeout feast. He keeps looking at his phone, and she asks what’s going on.

Alexis tells Julian he’s not calming her, and he’s the reason she’s in this mess in the first place. He thinks she’s really upset because she wants a drink.

Sam thinks the fire was a closer call than Jason is saying. Jason wishes that they’d come up with more, but  the place was tossed before they got there. He shows Sam the picture he found of a young, blonde boy, and she says there’s something familiar about the face.

Nell asks Sonny what he means by “a new understanding.” He says they agreed not to say anything about what happened between them. He asks if she changed her mind, and why she told Carly she was dating a married man. Nell says she didn’t; she just said he was unavailable, and Carly made the assumption. She says she was trying to stop Carly from matchmaking and meant nothing by it, but Sonny tells her that she made Carly curious. Nell says if he wants her to say something else, she will, and asks what he wants her to do.

Valentin tells Charlotte that Nina has been spending a lot of time with them, and Charlotte says she likes Nina a lot. Valentin says they’ll be able to spend even more time together now, because he and Nina got married.

Has Maxie been watching a Kardashian marathon? She needs to tone the contour down. Nathan tells her that if it was up to him, they would go to Niagara Falls right now and get married. He’s thinking they should move into a house when they get back.

Kiki asks why Franco is jumpy, and he says he wasn’t expecting her to be there. She says he obviously didn’t see her note that says she’s moving to LA. He wonders why she wouldn’t say good-by in person, but she says it doesn’t matter, she turned around in Detroit. When Franco asks why, she says Dillon, confusing him. He thought that’s why she left, and Kiki says he’s also the reason she came back. She explains that Dillon was on the bus to get away from her, but now they’re together. She’s decided to stop fighting her feelings for him. Franco says he’s happy for her, and she should do everything to keep herself happy.

Julian suggests that Alexis is going through withdrawal. She says if he wants to talk, let’s do it. He asks if there’s anyone else who can place her at the bar, but she doesn’t remember. He asks if she talked to anyone. She says Gene, the owner, who I assume is also the bartender.

Jason tells Sam that he thinks the picture looks familiar too. Sam says it’s possible it could be Julian. Jason assumes the boss lady has a relationship with him, but adds that the picture is decades old. Sam tells him that she doesn’t think Ava has anything to do with it.

Charlotte asks if Nina is going to live with them, and Valentin tells her that now they can play whenever they want. Nina says Charlotte can come to her about anything. She’s still going to be Nina, but she’ll just be there all the time. Charlotte looks sad at first, but then says it sounds wonderful.

Nathan tells Maxie that they should get a three-bedroom house. Maxie says he’s really been thinking about it. He tells her that he’s wanted to build a life with her forever, and she asks when they can move in. He has one condition though.

Franco chows down on Chinese leftovers. He says Kiki seems happy. She says she is, and he says then Dillon is okay in his book. She says she’ll never stop missing Morgan, but has to move on with her life. She thinks Morgan would approve, and she’s learned to hold on tight to those she loves, because everything can change in an instant. She asks what’s up with Franco, and he asks if she remembers Tom, and tells her that Tom was murdered.

Alexis tells Julian that Gene remembered the night for her. Julian says obviously he didn’t go to the police with anything. Alexis doesn’t think he cared, but covered for her as a customer. He saw Tom follow her out, and she assumes he caught up with her. Julian says she’s not thinking like a lawyer, and asks if anyone else saw. Alexis sees Tom standing behind Julian. I wonder if he’s buddies with Carrrlos now, although Carrrlos has more honor than this dude.

Sonny asks Nell if she understands what it’s like to feel happy for just a moment, and says that she’s not to say anything else. She says that she was just trying to protect him and shut the conversation down. She didn’t expect Carly to deduce her boyfriend was married. She tells Sonny that none of it is her fault, and Sonny says it never is. Sam and Jason come in, and Sam says she hopes they’re not interrupting.

Nell tells them Carly asked her to check in on Sonny while she’s gone, and Sonny explains that Carly is in Australia. Nell says her work is done and jets. After asking how Sam is, Sonny asks Jason if he’s found out anything else. Jason tells him about the pawn shop burning down, and says they don’t think Julian is involved, but they’re close to finding out who is. Sonny asks if there’s a man behind it, but Jason says no.

Tom talks to Alexis, saying she’s the one who killed him. He tells her she should have a drink.

Franco tells Kiki he had nothing to do with it, but the police think he did. Kiki asks if he has an alibi, but he says his alibi would make things even worse. He tells her that he knows who killed Tom, but can’t go to the police.

Charlotte says she wishes she could have been at the wedding, but Nina says it was past her bedtime. Valentin tells her that it was at the stroke of midnight. Charlotte wonders if it was like Cinderella, and Nina says it was magical, but no one turned into a pumpkin. She says the only thing missing was Charlotte, but Valentin says there was one more thing.

Nathan tells Maxie he wants a moose head in their house, and explains how he always wanted to be one with nature. She tells him if they take the moose head, they’ll also need throw pillows and throws some pillows at him. They get silly, and there’s a knock at the door. It’s a police officer who has information about Claudette.

Kiki asks why Franco is hesitating, and he says it’s complicated. He says he might be innocent of this, but he’s committed other crimes. He says that he’s hurt members of the person’s family who killed Tom. Kiki tells him that knowing what Tom has done, it was probably self-defense. Franco says all he knows is he can’t turn her in, even if it means losing Elizabeth.

Alexis says she’s not going to drink, and Julian says he’ll help her through this. Tom says he’s never going to leave her alone. Alexis says she didn’t kill him; she couldn’t have. Julian tells her that she’s hallucinating. She asks if he doesn’t see Tom. Alexis sees a bloody knife in her own hand, but looks again to find it empty.

Sonny asks Jason if he really thinks a woman planted the bomb. Jason says yes, but any evidence has been burned up. Sonny says he’s glad they got out, and asks if there are any theories. Jason says not yet, but she must have a personal tie to Julian.

Valentin tells Charlotte about how they improvised with ribbon wedding rings. Valentin says when they were skating, he went to the jewelers. He asks Charlotte to help them exchange rings. She opens the box and Valentin tells her to give each of them the other’s ring. Valentin and Nina exchange rings, saying a few things, and then kiss. Charlotte is like, Yay!

The officer tells Nathan sorry it’s late. They found the body of a woman in the river who was an apparent suicide, and reran the prints after speaking with him. They were a match for Claudette’s.

Kiki asks if Elizabeth believes that Franco didn’t kill Tom. He says he thinks she does, but he’s done so many other things, it’s hard for her to trust him. He wanted them to start with a clean slate, and was going to find the real killer, but it looks like he’s remaining the prime suspect. He tells Kiki not to tell anyone, and says maybe they won’t have enough evidence to charge him. She says fine, his secret is safe. She tells him that Elizabeth stopped by.

After the officer leaves, Nathan tells Maxie that he doesn’t believe Claudette would kill herself, even though the prints were a match. Maxie says Claudette is gone, and the important thing is that they know what happened. He says she was a horrible person, and Maxie adds, but he loved her. He says for a few years, he really did.

Valentin gets a call and excuses himself. The officer from Canada says he did what Valentin told him. Valentin thanks him for his assistance.

Sonny thinks the woman is a cover hired by Julian as a smokescreen, and judging by the picture, they have long standing ties. Sam has to excuse herself, and when she goes upstairs, Jason tells Sonny things looked tense between him and Nell. He asks if everything is okay.

Alexis says she didn’t mean to kill him, and Julian tells her to calm down. Alexis tells Julian that if it hadn’t been for him, she would have never been in that bar and killed Tom. She still thinks she’s holding a knife, but there’s nothing in her hand.

Nathan wants to tell Claudette’s mom in person. He also has to call Griff, and someone has to let Charlotte know. Maxie suggests they get some sleep for now.

Valentin, Nina and Charlotte leave the MetroCourt. Carly calls Nell from the plane, and Nell says she’ll take care of everything. She says she’ll make sure to take care of Sonny. I’ll bet.

Sonny tells Jason that everything is fine, but Jason says it didn’t look that way. He says if Sonny is in trouble, he can tell him. Sonny says he’s pretty sure Nell isn’t as innocent as she appears to be.

Kiki tells Franco that Elizabeth told her not to say she came by, but she thought better of it after what he said. Kiki says whatever doubts Elizabeth has, they obviously don’t outweigh her feelings for him. She asks if he’s still going to keep his mouth shut. He says all he knows for sure is that he can’t go to prison.

Alexis stares at the non-knife in her hand,and finally realizes it’s not there. She tells Julian that he’s going to send her to prison and he doesn’t love her. He promises her that he does. He says he knows she’s in pain, and she starts to cry, begging for a drink. He says they’ll get through this. She cries in his arms, saying she needs help.

Tomorrow, Jordan questions Franco, Alexis wants to turn herself in, and Anna talks to Valentin.

Hump Day Quotes

I love cauliflower and I would agree that it’s incredibly versatile, but I’m starting to think that maybe everyone wouldn’t have felt quite as tragically disappointed and jaded by how 2016 shaped up as a year if we hadn’t put so much of our faith in cauliflower to be everything we needed.Darcy Lenz, 11 Food Trends That Need to Die in 2017

If you die when you’re fat, are you a fat ghost?Carrie Fisher, while working out on the treadmill.

💫 Speaking of which, if you haven’t seen Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, you’re missing out. I love documentaries, and this immediately became one of my favorites. I’ve already watched it twice. I’d intended on watching it even before they both passed away, but that definitely added another dimension. Part Grey Gardens, part [fill in the name of your favorite Broadway musical here], with the comedic slant of The Office, this was the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. The mother and daughter team are brilliant and witty, and have given us a totally honest portrayal of themselves. This is what the reality genre ought to be. It’s my understanding that when they first saw the completed film, both Carrie and Debbie were not happy with so intimate of a portrait, but finally allowing its release. I’m sure there are no regrets here. It’s one of the most wonderful legacies ever left.

🌟 Geez, Star took a chance tonight. One of the girls had an accidental overdose, and they did a fantasy video sequence in the psyche ward, using staff and patient characters. I wouldn’t be surprised if some special snowflakes protest that. Maybe by burning some scrubs or kneeling during the opening music of an NPR program.

I have to add that Queen Latifah‘s aqua hair was everything. If I could pull that off, I would wear mine like that every day. I tried to find a picture, but stuff from The Wiz just kept popping up.

🍻 Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce is also back. I forget how much I like it until there’s a new season again. (That’s when the network throws a dart at a two-year calendar to decide when a show is returning.) The characters in this show are much more realistic than the ones on Sex and the City. I also hadn’t known that Lisa Edelstein (Abby) was a Club Kid back in the day, until I saw her on Watch What Happens Live. As soon as they mentioned it, I was like, that’s where I know you from.

Bravo has done well so far with their scripted shows. I also love Odd Mom Out, which I assume will come around again after Girlfriends’ Guide is done. That one surprised me. Not being a mom (at least not to two-legged kids), I didn’t think I’d relate, but as someone who lived a lot of their life in NYC, I can totally relate. And it’s funny as hell. As if that wasn’t enough, both programs have fashion to die for. The soundtracks ain’t bad neither.

🗣 I heard the word “shenanigans” twice on TV tonight, from two completely unrelated and surprising sources. Let’s see if shenanigans ends up happening, or goes the route of “fetch.”

December 29, 2016 – The Wedding that Wasn’t, a Replacement & Quotes from Those We’ve Lost


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Curtis sees Jordan at the MetroCourt New Year’s Eve party. He asks if he should just keep moving, but she says new year, new us. She’s’ letting go of the past.

Valentin tells Nina that she’s going to outshine the bride. She says be careful; they’re treading on thin ice already. She tells him that Lulu isn’t going to stop until she has Charlotte all to herself.

Kiki freaks a little, thinking there are going to be no bathroom breaks on the bus, but I think that kind of bus usually has a bathroom on it. Dillon tells her to just ignore him. She says if she could do that, she wouldn’t have been on the bus in the first place. He asks if that’s why she’s leaving Port Charles, and she says him, and Valerie. She couldn’t stand the thought of seeing them together.

Nathan tells Dante that he’s still married to Claudette. It might have been a good idea to have double-checked on that before.

Lulu tries to wake Maxie, but has no luck. Robin comes in, and tells Lulu to start a cold shower, and she’ll get coffee. Come hell or high water, Maxie is getting married.

Jason and Sam go to the chapel where Lucy is practicing officiating. It’s really pretty – all white branches and crystal, white roses and balls of holly.

Bobbie asks if Nell recognizes the pill in her hand. Nell says yes, she takes them every day. Bobbie says she found it in Sonny’s bedroom, and asks how hit got there. Nell says she dropped it. Well, that was easy.

Sonny tells Carly that the holidays aren’t the same without her, and asks her to stay. He says it’s going to be hard enough without Morgan, and being together might make it easier. He holds out his hand and asks if they can at least try.

Nathan is understandably bummed. He tells Dante that it was Claudette’s mother who called him. She found the divorce papers, unsigned and never filed. He says Maxie is waiting a floor away for him to marry her, and he can’t.

Maxie squeals and comes running out of the shower. She lies on the bed, but Robin tells her, no you don’t. Lulu brings the hairdryer, and Robin gives her the coffee. Maxie sneezes and spills it all over her wedding dress, which Lulu had put in her lap to get her to focus.

Jason and Sam go into the chapel. Lucy tells them that she hasn’t officiated in a long time, and she’s going to go polish her opening remarks. Jason lights a candle for Morgan. Sam wonders why Winston showed up at Alexis’s house. Jason asks if Alexis is coming, but Sam isn’t sure. She says Alexis has been distant, and wonders if she could have anything to do with Morgan’s death. Boy, is she not connecting the dots.

Jordan tells Curtis that she’s being pressured to wrap up the case, but all she has is a questionable confession and sketchy evidence. The good news is, she got approved to hire him as an outside investigator.

Valentin tells Nina that she was right; Lulu is suing him for full custody. He says as much as he loves Charlotte, he could be deemed unsuitable because he’s a single father who travels a lot.

Nell explains to Bobbie that she was picking something up for Carly, struggled with the childproof cap, and when the bottle popped open, her pills spilled everywhere. Bobbie questions it being dropped months ago, when Sonny has a full-time housekeeper. Nell asks why Bobbie always acts like she’s done something wrong.

Carly tells Sonny that she doesn’t know how they’re going to survive the years without Morgan. She goes down Memory Lane about last New Year’s Eve when Sonny was in the wheelchair. She says they had so much hope. Sonny says hope didn’t die with Morgan, and asks if she isn’t feeling it a little bit. She says she wants to, but there’s a fine line between hope and denial. She realized she has to be realistic about the life they lead and how dangerous it is. As far as she can see, that hasn’t changed.

Maxie says her dress is ruined, but she’s so cold, she doesn’t care. Lulu says she’ll get club soda, but Robin tells her that Maxie is burning up. After finding out that Maxie didn’t get a flu shot, Robin puts her back into bed. Robin suggests postponing the wedding. Maxie gets a text that Spinelli, Georgie and Ellie are stuck in Chicago because of the weather. Lulu says Maxie will have the wedding of her dreams, just not tonight. Nathan comes in.

Maxie asks if Nathan knew she was sick. He says he has bad news.

Kiki tells Dillon about the conversation she overheard between him and Valerie, when they were talking about how the night they spent together was the best. She says she couldn’t stay in Port Charles knowing she would see them together. He says they’re just friends, and on the night they spent together, all they did is talk about how relationships suck.

Valentin tells Nina that he’s not going down without a fight. Nina says contrary to popular belief, he has a support system, and she’ll help him.

Sonny asks if Carly can’t open up. She tells him that she wants that. She misses him and wants it all back, but he can’t promise her that there won’t be another bomb or bullet. She has to walk away.

Robin, Sam and Jason make small talk, and Lucy joins them. Robin tells them that Maxie has the flu and there isn’t going to be a wedding tonight. Lucy asks what she can do, and Robin asks her to make a sign for the door. Lucy leaves, and Sam suggests Robin join them at the MetroCourt. Robin likes the idea, but says there’s someone she has to see first.

Sonny tells Carly that he didn’t put the hit on Morgan. Carly says she believes that, and knows he believes it too. He says by the grace of God they’re still standing, so why can’t they stand together? She says she hates being without him, but hates the thought of someone she loves being harmed more. She tells him she has to go.

Bobbie asks what’s going on between Nell and Michael. Nell says they’re just friends. He even invited her out tonight, and she turned him down. Bobbie says that’s a step in the right direction. She says she knows she comes on strong, but people take advantage. She tells Nell that she’s a Spencer, and that means she won’t let anything or anyone hurt her family. She tells Nell happy New Year and leaves. Nell texts someone.

Michael gets a text from Nell, who’s changed her mind about going out. I’m officially looking forward to a Bobbie/Nell feud.

Curtis tells Jordan it’s not a slam dunk that Sonny is behind this. Jordan says that’s why she wants to hire him. He’s not taking the bait, and she’s surprised that he wants to continue working with Jason. She says what happens when he finds enough to clear Sonny’s name, and Sonny walks again. He says she wants to bury Sonny, and they’re done talking. He turns around to see Andre, who says they’re not.

Maxie tells Nathan what happened and how she ruined her dress. She adds that Spinelli is grounded in Chicago too. Nathan tells her that he’s still married to Claudette. That definitely tops Spinelli being stuck in Chicago.

Lulu tells Dante about what Laura said to her. She says that Laura suggested they aim for shared custody, but she’s going for sole custody.

Kiki tells Dillon that he was the only reason she left Port Charles. He says that she was the only reason that he left.

Nina and Valentin go to the chapel. Valentin says it’s lovely, but kind of empty. Lucy pops out, telling them that the bride is ill and the wedding is postponed. She says that the chapel is going to be closed soon, and leaves to post the sign. Nina asks Valentin if he meant what he said about fighting for Charlotte, and he says he does. She tells him to marry her, and they can fight for Charlotte together.

Maxie wonders if they were set up by Claudette. She tells Nathan that if Valentin wasn’t such a bad guy, she’d feel sorry for him.

A priest comes to close the chapel. Nina asks if he can marry them right now. He tells them that they need a license, and there’s no way he can get one that fast on New Year’s Eve. Valentin says if he’s willing to marry them, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Dante tells Lulu he’s in. Lulu says she should have talked to him first, but she was afraid he’d say she was being unreasonable. He says she’s being very reasonable.

Valentin calls a judge and says the license will be there within an hour. The priest leaves them to prepare. Valentin gives Nina one of the floral decorations for her bouquet.

Nell shows up at the MetroCourt to meet Michael. Carly says she’s happy to see them together. Michael asks why Carly is there, and she says she’s working. Nell tells her that there’s an old saying, if you spend New Year’s alone, you’ll be alone all year, and asks if she wants to tempt Fate. Carly says it’s almost midnight, and leaves to attend to business. Michael tells Nell now he knows why she took him up on his offer.

Dante tells Lulu to trust that they’re a team and she’s not doing this alone. She says she does. He asks how Valentin could ever prove he has a good home life for Charlotte? They kiss.

Nina and Valentin’s wedding ceremony begins. With no witnesses.

Kiki explains to Dillon that when she said it was hard to be with him, it didn’t mean that she didn’t want to be with him. He asks what now. She says they toast, and pulls out a bottle of champagne. She obviously comes prepared. Kiki tells Dillon that it’s Fate, and sometimes it isn’t cruel.

Nathan tells Maxie that nothing is going to prevent him from spending the rest of his life with her, and he loves her. She says that she loves him too. He asks if she’s going to make it to midnight, and she says she wouldn’t miss kissing him.

Andre apologizes to Curtis, especially about answering Jordan’s phone and not telling her that he called. He tells Curtis that it won’t happen again, and they wish each other happy New Year. Andre moves on to Jordan, who doesn’t want to talk about Curtis. He tells her how beautiful she looks in the necklace that he gave her. She’s happy with the gift, and I would be too – he has great taste in chokers.

Nell tells Michael that they obviously didn’t get through to his mom. He says it might take years, but she and Sonny will find their way back to each other – it’s inevitable.

Jason and Sam join the party, and Sam asks Carly about Sonny. Carly says she just can’t. Sam says anything can happen at any time. She never knows if Jason will be taken away from her, so she stays in the present and grabs the moment. She asks if Carly can do that. Even just for tonight.

Robin goes to Sonny’s place. He’s glad to see her. He tells her about how Morgan didn’t die because of him, and she says what a heavy burden must have been lifted. She asks about Carly. He says she doesn’t trust him, but he doesn’t blame her. Robin tells him that any man who’s capable of facing his darkest thoughts in the depths of despair can do anything. She has to leave, but tells him he’ll be okay.

Michael and Nell wonder where Carly went.

Nina and Valentin say their vows. They might be crazy, but these two are pretty cool. He takes ribbons from the ornaments and they use them for rings. Cool overload.

Carly goes back to Sonny’s house. They wish each other happy New year and kiss.

On the bus, Dillon and Kiki swig from the champagne bottle. He says it’s been a rough year, but they made it. They kiss.

No surprise, Maxie has fallen asleep. Nathan gets into bed beside her.

Robin calls Patrick, wishing him happy New Year.

Sam and Jason look forward to the year to come, and baby Scout.

Michael and Nell dance. Michael makes a sort of toast, saying to better days for all of us, as he twirls her around.

Andre tells Jordan that he loves her. She says she loves him too. They kiss.

Dante and Lulu toast to the year of their daughter.

Nina and Valentin are pronounced man and wife.

Tomorrow is rerun, but next week, Sam confronts Alexis, Franco insists that he didn’t kill Tom, and Lulu wonders how a fight with Nina could affect the custody case.

Quotes of the Week

Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. Carrie Fisher – funny, Caroline #1’s husband said almost the same thing to her on Ladies of London this week. It’s probably an old one, but we’ll give it to Carrie. RIP.

Stay afraid, but do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually the confidence will follow.Carrie Fisher, April 2013, in an interview with the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

Really thin is not attractive. I was always little, but my mother was not a skinny lady. She had big boobs and a divine, voluptuous figure. I think everyone should get over the whole thin thing.Debbie Reynolds, The Telegraph, 2014.

The only way you learn is by failure.Debbie Reynolds

So farewell to the way-too-many we lost in 2016, looking forward to 2017, and wishing you all good things always. Stay safe on New Year’s Eve. See you next year!