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October 10, 2019 – The Wedding Aftermath, Fredrik Considers Being Bi (Coastal), Questions On the Move & Will Dance For a Sale


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jax sees Nina sleeping on the couch.

Holding a take-out container, Finn sees Hayden outside of Kelly’s. She says she keeps running into him, and he tells her, she said with disappointment. She says, no; she’s not complaining. He says he has to get to the hospital, and starts to leave. She tells him, have a grand day. He says, grand? and she tells him that she couldn’t decide between good and great, and grand came out instead. He says maybe she can make someone else’s day grand. He barely finished his lunch. She says she’s not really into eating other people’s leftovers, but he says, no. She can take it home to Honeybun. Her dog?

Jason comes into the station, and asks Sam how she is. She says, grateful for Spinelli. It’s finally over. Jordan says, not quite, and Jason wonders, what now? She says, paperwork. She needs everything in order for when Robert officially drops the charges. Just sit tight. Jason tells Sam that he had a talk with Peter and Maxie.

Maxie and Peter arrive at the Crimson office. Maxie says hopefully Shiloh’s accomplice can tell them who broke Shiloh out of jail, and this whole thing can be over with. He says, hopefully. She goes into Nina’s office, and says, Nina’s not here. Peter says, at work? and she says Nina tends to throw herself into work when there’s a problem. She’s getting worried since she hasn’t heard from Nina.

At Kelly’s, Charlotte sits with Lulu and Laura, and picks at her food. Lulu says she’s barely touched her lunch, and Laura suggests Charlotte get one of the cranberry scones, since they’re her favorite. Charlotte says, no thank you, and Lulu says she knows Charlotte is upset that Nina and her papa didn’t get married, but she promises everything will be all right. Charlotte asks how Lulu can be sure? Lulu hasn’t even told her why she ruined the wedding.

At a random coffee shop, Sasha says she’s getting a refill, and Michael asks if she really needs a third cup of coffee. She says she’ll switch to decaf, and he says he thinks she’s stalling to avoid going back. She asks if it’s that obvious, and he tells her to take as much time as she needs. She thanks him for bringing her there. She wasn’t ready to face anyone. She’s still not.

Back at Windymere, Valentin is on the phone. He asks if Nina will just please call him back. Just let him know where she is. He throws the phone as Obrecht is walking in, and she says, hey! He nearly hit her with that thing. He asks how he’d ever forgive himself. She looks at a table full of food, and says she guesses someone forgot to call the caterer. He says he was a little preoccupied. She says, apparently. He hasn’t slept, has he? He asks how he’s supposed to. Nina left the church before they were married, and he has no idea where she is.

Nina wakes up, and Jax is there with coffee. He tells her, good morning. Someone please tell me where I get one of those alarm clocks.

Jason tells Sam that Maxie confirmed Peter was carrying cash in the gym bag. He claims he was going to make an offer on an apartment. Sam says, you’d think he’d use a check or a bank transfer. Jason says, you’d think. She asks if he believes what Peter told him, and he says, Maxie does. Whatever lie Peter told him, he told Maxie first.

Maxie and Peter find Nina’s office empty. Peter asks if Maxie expected Nina to be there, but Maxie guesses she didn’t. He says it will take Nina some time to process all this, and Maxie says she still doesn’t know if Lulu did the right thing. Just because she overheard something, did she really have to out Sasha in the middle of the wedding, when Nina was so happy? On the other hand, a lie is a lie, and maybe it was better not to let Nina marry Valentin. Peter says, there is a silver lining; they were right about Sasha, but Maxie finds no comfort in that.

At Kelly’s, Lulu knows Charlotte feels confused, but Nina and her papa love her. That will never change, no matter what happens between them. Laura tells Charlotte that her mom is right. Right now, all of the adults are involved in a complicated situation, but none of it is her fault. Charlotte asks if Nina and her papa are never getting married, and Lulu says, well… Charlotte says she wants to see Nina now, but Lulu doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Charlotte thinks it will help her feel better. Laura thinks maybe it would, but Lulu doesn’t know where Nina slept. They can try her office. Curtis comes in, and Laura tells them to go ahead; she’ll settle up and catch them later. Laura says she loves them. She goes over to Curtis, and he smiles. Sort of.

Jax says he’s got coffee, and Nina asks what time it is. He says, a little after twelve, and Nina says he let her sleep past twelve? He says she obviously needed it, and she says she has to get going. He tells her, no rush. She thanks him for letting her stay. He wishes he could have given her more comfortable sleeping arrangements, but she says, anything is better than Windymere.

Obrecht is busy at the breakfast buffet, and Valentin asks if she knows where Nina might have gone. She says she loves capers, and Valentin is like, hey. She says she’s afraid she has no idea where Nina ran off to, but it’s safe to assume she got as far away from him as possible. She doesn’t blame Nina. She says she’s not one to say I told you so… Who is she kidding? She told him the truth would blow up in his face. He says she blurted out a closely guarded secret in a public restroom, and she asks how she was supposed to know Lulu was lurking in a stall? Valentin thinks it was part of her plan all along. She wanted Lulu to know. She tells him heartbreak has rendered him paranoid. She stands to lose as much as he does. Her relationships with Nina, Maxie, and James would be in jeopardy, but fear not. All hope not lost. Not yet at least.

Finn tells Hayden, it’s a turkey sandwich. She says, obviously, he’s never had a dog. Dogs don’t eat sandwiches unless it’s by accident. Honeybun is on a restricted diet. He says who thought she would be a good dog mom? She says someone is watching Honeybun while she gets settled, and he says he’s sure Honeybun will be joining her once she does. Maybe they can get Honeybun together with Roxie to frolic; a playdate. Hayden thinks it would be amusing, but she has to go. She goes into Kelly’s, and Chase walks up. He asks what that was about, and Finn says he thinks Hayden is lying. Chase asks, about what?

Nina tells Jax, that’s what she gets for insisting he come to the wedding. She wanted to show off  her great love. She tells him, just say it, and he says, say what? She says that she should have listened. He tried to warn her that Valentin was not a good guy. She doesn’t care if it was intentional. That he went along with Sasha’s lies, or it was his idea, she doesn’t know what to believe. Jax says all he knows is what she told him, that Sasha confessed to not being her daughter. Did she say Valentin was involved? Nina says, no, but that doesn’t mean he’s innocent. Jax says, it doesn’t mean he’s guilty either. He’s the last person who wants to defend Valentin, but she was about to marry him, and he thinks she deserves an explanation about who knew what about Sasha. Nina says her heart is broken. She can’t imagine being in the same room with Valentin, let alone hearing him make his case. Nina says, her phone, and he says she left it in the car. He charged it. Nina says he was in the hospitality business, wasn’t he? She thanks him, and looks at all the messages. She says her phone has had a busy night.

Peter tells Maxie that he feels horrible for Nina, but at least they know the truth about Sasha now. Maxie says the worst thing is, she sees traces of Obrecht in this. She denies it, but that doesn’t mean anything. She loves Obrecht, but she’ll lie to anyone, and it would explain the DNA tests. She wonders why Michael didn’t say anything when he found out. Charlotte and Lulu are at the door, and Charlotte says, what?! Lulu tells her, stay calm, but Charlotte wants to know what Maxie said about Sasha.

Michael tells Sasha the secret is gone; it’s got to feel freeing on some level. Sasha says, it’s been replaced by even more guilt. He says she can’t change what happened, but she can start healing and moving on. She asks, what about the case against Cassandra Pierce? Michael warned her that her testimony could be compromised if she was exposed as a liar. What if that demented woman goes free because of her? He says there’s still a laundry list of crimes Cassandra has committed, and she’ll still go to prison. She says, what about Nina? Her heart is broken. Charlotte loves Nina, and was so excited for the wedding. Now it’s trashed because of her. He says this isn’t solving anything. The only way out is through. The sooner she faces it, she can put it behind her. She doesn’t see the point in going back to Port Charles. She doesn’t have a life there anymore.

Valentin tells Obrecht, maybe it’s the lack of sleep, but he’s following her. She says, think about it. Sasha confessed to her lies and her role in the ruse. She never mentioned his involvement. Let her shoulder the blame, and they can escape culpability, if they play their cards right. Valentin says, Sasha has no loyalty and could give them up at any time. Obrecht says then they must make sure she never has the chance.

Chase asks if Finn doesn’t think lying about a finger painting is a little tame for Hayden. Finn says he overheard Hayden telling someone she loved them. Chase says, like a boyfriend? Finn says, she said it was her lab, Honeybun. A dog. From what he knows about Hayden, it sounds made up. Chase asks if Finn wants him to open an investigation. Dog ownership fraud is a serious crime. Does he think Honeybun made the painting? Finn says, forget he said anything. Chase says if Finn if thinks Hayden is lying about a dog to cover-up a new relationship, it has nothing to do with him. Hayden is his ex, and in the past. His present and future is with Anna. Finn says he and Anna are in a great place, but Chase says he doesn’t sound convincing. Everything is going well, right?

Hayden gets some coffee, and sits with Curtis and Laura. She apologizes for being late, and asks what she missed. Curtis says Laura was bringing him up to speed about what she found on Spoon Island. Laura says she saw a portrait of Helena. Hayden asks if she’s talking about the one Helena left Nikolas in her will? and Laura says, that’s the one. It used to hang in the trophy room, but Valentin took it down. Curtis asks, what’s special about this object of art? and Laura says all the things Helena left to people in her will, were really clues to something else. It was Helena’s way of getting them to jump through hoops from the grave. Curtis says, she sounds charming. Hayden says Nikolas was never able to figure it out. Does she think it has something to do with the codicil? Laura says Doc thinks so. He saw a pattern in the jewel work on Helena’s jacket that seems to confirm the location of the codicil being on Spoon Island.

Valentin asks Obrecht how they’re going to prevent Sasha from giving them up to Nina. Obrecht says, Sasha is the last person Nina wants to see, aside from him. She’s not going to listen to any excuses Sasha tries to offer. Valentin says she’ll want answers. Sasha has already thrown herself under the bus. What’s to prevent her from taking them with her? Obrecht says, they need to send Sasha packing for good. She must ever return to Port Charles.

Sasha thinks she should head for Chappaqua, and Michael asks if he’s not enough reason to stick around. She says, of course (🍷) he is, but if he was smart, he’d run for the hills. He says he knows what he’s getting into, and she asks if he’s a masochist. He says, no, but Sasha agreed to work with Valentin because her grandmother needed money for surgery. That’s why he’s standing by her. Once everyone hears the full story, he knows they will too. She says he wins. She’ll head back and face the music.

Maxie says she’s so sorry. She didn’t know Charlotte and Lulu were there. Lulu says they were looking for Nina, and Peter says she’s not there, and probably won’t be today. Charlotte wants to know what’s going on. Why did Maxie say Sasha isn’t Nina’s daughter? Maxie asks Peter to give them a second, and he says, of course (🍷). He leaves, and Charlotte asks, what’s going on? Lulu says, something bad happened at the wedding. She told Nina something that upset her. Charlotte asks, why? and Lulu says she wanted to tell Nina the truth, and let her decide how she wanted to deal with it. Charlotte asks Lulu to tell her what happened, and Lulu says, there’s been a mistake. Sasha isn’t really Nina’s daughter.

Jax sees the couch empty except for Nina’s veil. He finds her by the window, and asks if everything is okay. She says, given the circumstances. She thanks him, and says she should go. He says she doesn’t have to, but she says she can’t stay there. He asks, why not? He knows it’s light on furniture, but if she wants to lie low, no one will come looking for her there.

Henderson (new information) is brought out, and Jordan asks how he managed to interfere with Shiloh’s transfer. He says he wants his phone call. She asks if he thinks his lawyer can help him after the stunt he pulled. He repeats that he wants his phone call, and she says, fine. Set him up in the interrogation room, and make sure he gets his call. Sam hopes he reveals who helped Shiloh to escape.

Not a big shock, Peter’s phone rings. Henderson says, hey boss, and Peter asks what the hell he’s doing. Henderson says he needs to see Peter, but Peter says, absolutely not. Henderson tells him that he’d better hurry to the PCPD before they start questioning him. Peter says he’s not coming, and Henderson asks if he’s sure. He’s getting impatient, and if he were Peter, he wouldn’t keep him waiting.

Peter says Henderson doesn’t need him; he needs a lawyer. Henderson asks what Peter thinks a lawyer is going to advise him to do when he tells them who paid him to bust Shiloh loose. Let’s talk strategy. Peter says, if he comes there, he’ll expose their relationship. Henderson says Peter had better come up with something fast. He wasted his call on Peter, and the Commissioner is itching to question him. He doesn’t know how long he’ll be able to stall, and he’s getting tired. Peter says, here’s what they’re going to do. Listen carefully.

Jason asks if there will be a delay with the paperwork, but Jordan says, no. Chase will take Sam’s final statement later, but she’s free to go. Sam says she can’t wait. A dude strides in, and says, not so fast. He introduces himself as Edward Caldwell from the FBI, and asks if this is the woman who killed Shiloh. Jordan says they’ve confirmed it was self-defense. Edward says he appreciates the legwork, but it happened in international waters. It’s under their jurisdiction. It’s a federal matter.

Peter asks if Henderson understands what he needs to tell them. Henderson says he’ll take care of it, and Peter says see that he does. Peter jets out of the Crimson office.

Sasha and Michael go to Crimson. He tells her that he’ll be right there, and she thanks him. Charlotte tells Lulu, Sasha is Nina’s daughter. She said so over and over. Lulu says, it’s very complicated, and Charlotte says, everyone keeps telling her that. Even if Nina’s not Sasha’s mom, why didn’t Nina and her papa get married? Sasha comes in, and says Nina was too upset after she found out she lied.

Nina tells Jax it’s a very generous offer, but one night is enough. She can’t stay indefinitely. Jax says it’s not a problem, but she says she needs to face everyone. She has nothing to be ashamed of. She didn’t do anything wrong. She asks who she’s kidding; she’s mortified. He tells her to take her time to process it, but she says, no amount of time is going to fix this. She wanted a child so bad, she fell for Sasha’s lie hook, line, and sinker. Jax tells her not to blame herself. Sasha lied, and took advantage of her open heart. Nina wonders if she’s a victim, a fool, or both. He says, neither. She tells him  that he’s being supportive and generous again, but it’s her mess. She’ll have to learn how to deal with it. She needs to go back to Windymere, and find something else to wear. He says, even if Valentin is there? and she says, who cares if he is?

Finn says he and Anna are doing great. Chase is glad to hear it, but says Finn doesn’t seem glad. Chase doesn’t understand why Finn is so hung up on Hayden. Finn says he’s not. Chase says he gets it. Anna has been away for months (yeah, where is Finola Hughes already?). Meanwhile, his ex blows back into town. He tells Finn, be careful not to fill the void Anna left by bringing Hayden back in his life. Finn says, that’s not what’s happening, and Chase says he hopes not. Chases phone goes off, and he says he needs to get back. He tells Finn to keep his head on straight. Finn says Chase is giving him advice now? Chase says, maybe. Don’t lose track of his priorities. Anna will be back sooner or later.

Curtis hopes Laura has good luck following up on the portrait, and Hayden says they could use some luck. Curtis says, agreed. He tells her, Valentin needs to pay hard and fast for what he did to Nina. Hayden says, sounds like it’s not just a job to him anymore, and Curtis says, damn right. Valentin used him to manipulate Nina into believing a stranger was her daughter. He’s glad Nina kicked Valentin’s ass to the curb.

Valentin says Obrecht makes an interesting point. If Sasha avoids contact with Nina, they should be in the clear. Obrecht says then she’ll have to encourage Sasha’s departure immediately. The doorbell rings, and Obrecht says that wouldn’t be Nina. Perhaps it’s Sasha. Valentin opens the door to Laura, who hopes she’s not intruding. Valentin asks when that’s stopped her. Obrecht says she’ll give them some space, and tells Valentin they’ll continue this later.

Laura sees the food and says, no one called the caterers to tell them the wedding brunch was canceled? Valentin asks if she’s come to gloat… and she says, no, but she’s not going to pretend she’s not happy Nina left. It’s the least he deserved. He asks why she’s there, and she says she wants to inquire about the portrait of Helena that used to hang in the trophy room. He says, the one Charlotte can’t stand? She says she’d like to take it off his hands, but he says, sorry to tell her, he had it thrown it out this morning.

Laura asks what Valentin means, and he says, waste disposal. Is it a new concept? She says the painting wasn’t trash, and he knows it. He tells her, Charlotte was complaining that the animals in the trophy room thought it brought the mood down, so he got rid of it. She asks where it is, and he says, a landfill? She says he had no right, and he asks why she cares. She hated Helena. She says Helena left the painting to Nikolas, and now it belongs to Spencer, who should have had a say. He says Spencer had ample time for that, every time he broke in to kick Valentin’s shins. He doesn’t think she cares about the painting at all, and is just there to kick him when he’s down. She can do that on the other side of the water. He has no patience for this now. She promises he’ll regret this, and slams out.

Curtis says he’s so pissed at Valentin, he could flip the table, and Hayden thinks he’s getting ahead of himself. He doesn’t know for sure that Valentin was involved. Curtis says he orchestrated the DNA test to pretend Sasha was Nina’s daughter. Hayden is sure he’ll get his when the estate is returned to its rightful heirs. Curtis says, not to mention, she’ll get her cut. She says she has her reasons, and he tells her, share. She says Spencer is a great kid. They owe it to him to play it smart. They can’t let Valentin know they’re on to him, or he might find and destroy the codicil. Let him think he’s in the clear. It’s their best shot. Curtis thinks it makes sense, but he’s not satisfied. Hayden tells him, the hard part is, if the cops bring a case against Sasha for fraud, he has to convince Nina not to cooperate.

Charlotte says, Sasha lied to Nina? and Sasha says, it was a big mistake. She told a lie, and it hurt a lot of people. Charlotte says she’s not really Nina’s daughter? Sasha says, no, and Charlotte asks why she lied. Sasha says she heard Nina was searching for her daughter, and thought it would be nice to be part of their family. Charlotte says Nina is rich, but Sasha says she didn’t want Nina’s money. She liked Nina, and she liked Charlotte. She thought she wouldn’t be hurting anyone, but she was wrong. Her lie hurt a lot of people, especially Nina, and she hurt Charlotte too. She’s so sorry. Charlotte is still incredibly important to her. Charlotte turns her back to Sasha, saying she doesn’t believe her. How can she? Sasha is probably lying again.

Jordan says the charges have been dropped, and Sam was cleared, but Edward says, not by the FBI. He wants to review the evidence Jordan has, and she says she has no intention of stepping on their toes. She assumes they’ll come to the same conclusion, and sees no reason Sam should be there. Edward says, she can leavefor now. He tells Sam, don’t leave town until they’ve had a little chat. Chase comes out of the interrogation room, and says, the suspect in Shiloh’s escape case is ready to talk.

Charlotte says Sasha spoiled everything. Why did she lie? Sasha says she made a terrible mistake, but she’s not lying now. She loves Charlotte. Charlotte asks how she can believe Sasha when Sasha lied to her, Nina, and papa. She tells Lulu that she want to go. She doesn’t want to see Sasha now. They leave, and Michael holds Sasha.

Valentin picks up his phone. Nina walks in, with Jax behind her.

Curtis tells Hayden that he doesn’t want to involve Nina. Valentin has put her through too much already. Hayden says, all the more reason to keep her clear of a potential fraud case. The real justice for Valentin will be in losing the Cassadine estate. Curtis says he’ll think about, and she says that’s all she asks. He has to get going. Is there anything else she needs? She says she needs him to find her a dog.

Finn calls Anna, saying he just wants to hear her voice. Give him a call when she gets the chance. He loves her. He looks through Kelly’s window, and sees Hayden. She looks back, and half-smiles.

Sam tells Jason that she didn’t think she was coming home. Jason thinks it’s just a formality. The FBI will review the case, and that will be the end of it. Sam hopes so.

Jordan asks if Henderson is ready to talk. He nods, and she says, without a lawyer present? He says he doesn’t need one. He wants to tell them the truth about why he broke Shiloh out of custody.

Peter goes to the café. He looks at his phone. We see a headline in The Invader that says Media Mogul Murders, with Sam’s picture underneath.

Henderson says the guy was supposed to be a guru and a cult leader, but he’s not a follower or true believer. Helping Shiloh escape was just a job. Jordan asks who hired him, and he says, Samantha McCall.

Tomorrow, Julian tells Brad that he doesn’t take kindly to threats, Lucy tells Sasha that they’re going to make bajillions, Sonny hopes Nina cleans Valentin out, and Nina tells Valentin that she can’t believe anything he says.

🗽 Tonight, on Million Dollar Listing: New York, Ryan’s wife Emilia had a baby girl named Zena., who has tons of hair. Ryan described it as being all perfect, so I guess he can buy gifts now without fear of superstition. Ryan said the love for his family – which they were now – knew no bounds. Zena gave him a new meaning for his life, and everything he’d do going forward would be for her. He had taken a break, but now it was time to get back to work. He hosted a broker viewing party for his video promoting the ground floor Tribeca loft, and encouraged everyone to drink, saying the video would look better if they drank before they watched it. He explained that he did a lot of weird stuff to sell apartments because in a buyer’s market, you have to. He was still nervous, worried that instead of laughing with him, his audience would laugh at him. He didn’t need to worry, since the video was adorable and fun. You can check it out yourself below. Everyone loved it, and the owners – who had shown up, adding to Ryan’s stress – thought it was amazing. He said he’d put it up on YouTube where people are just mean to be mean, so if you watch it, don’t be mean.

Tyler didn’t have as good of a day. First was a listing meeting for an apartment at Columbus Circle, where, along with Central Park, the views never change. He said he researched his ass off, not just what sold, but what condition it was in. He’d promised his bosses to get a listing in the $5-10 million range. The sellers’ daughter, Sarah, showed him the apartment, but things quickly went downhill when she insisted they would want above market price. They’d sunk a million into the renovation, and she also thought the time and effort put into it should reflect in the price. <insert sound of incorrect answer in a game show here> Wrong. I’m not even a broker, and I know no buyer is going to care about that. She wouldn’t let Tyler talk directly to them, but said she’d float his pricing suggestion by her parents. Tyler said in today’s market, a seller needed someone who could be honest, but apparently Sarah and her parents didn’t give a rip about honesty, and went with one of the liars who claimed they could get more than it was worth. On the upside, Tyler met with Tommy, who was selling a two-bedroom in Chelsea near Chelsea Market. The place was covered in art, and Tommy said that’s why he and his partner had gotten it in the first place – wall space. Tyler thought there was a lot going on – he could hardly see the walls, and the furniture was outdated – but believed he could market it. He asked Tommy why he wanted to sell, and Tommy told Tyler that he had a house in New Jersey, but his partner had also passed away four years ago, and there was too much of him there. It was heartbreaking to hear about the restrictions in the 80s when they’d gotten together, and a little surprising. Apparently, Fire Island (now synonymous with gay summering) wasn’t very gay friendly at that time. Tommy said gay men always had a woman with them, because two men together on the dance floor was not allowed. That was also why line dancing was popular. New information! Tyler asked if Tommy was emotionally ready to sell, and Tommy recognized there would be reluctance on his part, but it was something he wanted and needed to do. Tyler was reminded of why he was in the business. It wasn’t just about the money, but helping people through this. I guess Tommy also recognized that Tyler was one of the good guys, agreed with him on a price point, and they shook hands on the deal.

Still in L.A., Fredrik met with his L.A. team, who he loves. He checked out his new corner office, in the same building where Josh Altman and Tracy Tutor-Maltas from MDLNY’s sister show, have offices. The broker said it seemed that Fredrik and Josh needed to do some fence mending, and told Fredrik that Josh thought L.A. was his turf. Fredrik also looked at a rental house with Derek. He wasn’t entirely sold on the idea of Derek and the kids moving west, and him being bi-coastal. He pointed out how quiet it was there, and wondered if it wasn’t boring without the background that NYC has, reminding me of Neil Diamond’s Beautiful Noise. He said NYC was in his blood, and wondered how you can turn your heartbeat off. The rent on the house was $40K a month, which he thought was a crazy number to throw away, but he wasn’t dropping $10 million on a house when a decision hadn’t been made yet. Derek thought the kids would have a better quality of life, but was amicable to waiting. Fredrik had an open house for the property he was relaunching, and although he’d invited Josh Altman, Josh seemed to be ghosting him. He was puzzled once again, since he and Derek often went out with Josh and wife Heather. The other white Josh, Josh Flagg, did show up, and told Fredrik not to take it personally, saying Altman had a big ego and was insecure. Fredrik offered the $160K sportscar sitting in the driveway to anyone who signed at the open house. While Altman didn’t show, Heather did, four weeks away from giving birth. He asked what was up with her husband, and she told him there was a friendship there, and Josh felt Fredrik holding onto information had been shady and slimy. What the info was, I have no clue, but I’m guessing we’ll hear more on that next week.

Steve told us that the first thing he does in the morning, besides get his coffee, is look new listings, because he needs to know the comps and the competition. It wasn’t Steve’s best morning, since he saw Corcoran Sunshine listed the penthouse below the one he was given to list – at a lower price per foot. In addition to messing up his comps, it meant he had to compete with the lower price. He said he couldn’t collaborate if they were going to compete with him behind his back. He met with developer Joel, who seemed to think Steve’s penthouse being on the top floor should be enough to justify the price difference. In Steve’s interview, he said the apartment would seem overpriced, and he’d look like a greedy broker. And I still didn’t understand how a penthouse wouldn’t be on the top floor. He told Joel that a buyer’s market is value driven, and apartments are almost never listed together, but released separately. They want to build momentum, and let a buyer feel that the property is exclusive. Joel wouldn’t budge, and in his interview, Steve said he felt used by Joel just to get publicity for the building. To top it off, when he went to the penthouse, Corcoran Sunshine had obviously been showing it. He said since they had the building, it was their prerogative, but it was unprofessional, messy, and there was garbage all over. They certainly didn’t leave it as they found it. He also wasn’t sure if they were putting his listing down behind his back, and making it seem inferior in order to sell their own. When some potential buyers showed up, he realized his show sheets were missing as well. It sounded to me like he was definitely being undermined. Now all of the potential buyers were asking about the other penthouse’s pricing. He ended up talking to Pam, head of Corcoran, and she agreed he had a right to be sensitive. His name is attached and he had no say, even though whatever happened would affect his brand. Although the whole thing was a huge surprise, Steve rallied well, and Pam promised to help him out.

Next time, psychological warfare, more on Josh’s animosity toward Fredrik, and Steve thinks about walking away from the penthouse listing.

🚕 While I’m not big on game shows, Bravo seems to have acquired Cash Cab, and so far, it’s fun. Kind of like Trivial Pursuit on wheels. In case you’re not familiar with the game, driver Ben Bailey picks up riders and asks them various questions until they get to their destination. If they get the answer right, they get cash, but if they get it wrong, it’s a strike, and they’re only allowed three. If they get three strikes, they’re dumped out wherever they are and get no winnings. I haven’t seen this happen yet, but it sounds like it has the potential for a brawl. If they reach their destination, they’re also allowed a double or nothing video question. There are other components involved, like the contestants being allowed help, but you get the idea. Since it’s Bravo, the occasional Bravolebrity is an added passenger. Tonight, it was Fredrik, who led his team to a double or nothing victory of over two grand.

📹 Ryan’s Masterpiece…

It speaks for itself.