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October 30, 2019 – The MetroCourt Hosts a Halloween Party, My Excuse, LeeAnne’s Wedding Begins, Back Channel, Baby/Cat Convo, It’s Everywhere & Going With the Flow


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

The Halloween party has started at the MetroCourt. Dressed as Cruella de Vil checks her purse for her gun. Laura startles her. I’m not sure what Laura is, either a queen of some kind or the Virgin Mary. Sasha – some kind of version of Wonder Woman? – and Michael – a combination of Jon Snow and Aquaman – come in, and Sasha wonders if it’s a good idea. She’s the town pariah. Michael says she’s his pariah. She made a mistake. She says it was a big one, but he says she owned up to it and apologized repeatedly. Give him one good reason why she shouldn’t enjoy herself. She sees Valentin and Nina walk in as Cleopatra and Marc Antony.

Captain America TJ joins Jordan and Curtis, who’s dressed as Sherlock Holmes. Jordan – I have no idea who she’s supposed to be, but she looks hot – is glad TJ put the books down. She asks where Molly is, and Molly says she had to stop by the apartment first.

Elizabeth straightens up the living room. She looks at a family photo with Franco in it. Cameron comes down, and she says she was just cleaning up the Halloween tornado his brothers left. Cameron asks how she does that; act like everything is okay. He gets her doing it with Jake and Aiden, but not him. He gets how much it hurts. They hug.

Finn tells Violet about Roxie. He says, she likes to eat orchids, and they both go, eww! He says maybe they shouldn’t knock it until they’ve tried it. She asks if she can meet Roxie, and he says nothing would make him happier.

Jason tells Carly that Avery couldn’t wait to go trick-or-treating. She says, thank God for Brad and Lucas, and he says her cousin Rocco couldn’t wait to show her the ropes. Carly is sure he’ll be helping her eat the candy, and Jason says, that too. She tells him, Donna is asleep, and they have an hour before she’s screaming for food. He asks how she’s doing, and she says, tired, but happy her little girl is thriving. How about him? How’s Sam? He says, she’s not doing that great. She opted for a bench trial. Diane gave her the options, but she chose it because it has a quicker turnaround. Carly says, and no jury, and he says, no Dawn of Day members can be selected. Which I think would recuse them anyway, but okay. Carly says she knows how hard it is, and he says, it will be okay, but Alexis is having a hard time.

Molly, dressed as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, stops by Alexis’s place. She knocks, but there’s no answer. She sees the lights are on, and knocks again. We see Alexis passed out on the couch, and she knocks louder.

Carly says, let her guess. Alexis wanted to defend Sam, but she went with Diane. Alexis doesn’t want to make it more stressful, so she’s hanging back, but privately prepping the case in her living room. Jason says, yes to all of it. He agrees Diane is the better choice, and thinks Alexis sees where Sam is coming from. Carly says, but it’s hard to relinquish control when it’s your own kid. She thinks Jason should go to the party in a superhero costume, but he says she knows how he doesn’t like to dress for Halloween. She begs him to do it for her. Josslyn comes running downstairs, and says she can’t find the watch Oscar gave her. She thinks she lost it.

Trina shows up at Elizabeth’s house, carrying a garment bag. She sees Cameron isn’t dressed up, and says she had a feeling that he’d bag the dance. She figured her and Josslyn could throw something together at Josslyn’s place. Cameron says he’s in, unless Elizabeth would rather he stay home. It’s not a big deal. Elizabeth tells him to go. She has to work anyway, and tells him to go have fun with his friends. Trina tells him, let’s go. She’s glad he’s coming. She wasn’t sure if he was up for it.

Finn tells Violet that people think he’s weird because he had a bearded dragon for a friend. She’s really cool when you get to know her; she’s the best listener. Hayden comes in, and notices a bar of chocolate on the bed. Violet says Finn brought it, and he thanks her for selling him out. He tells Hayden that he just gave Violet one piece. Okay, two. Violet is stuck there on Halloween. Hayden thanks him, and asks Violet if she said thank you. Just because we’re sick doesn’t mean we forget our manners. Finn says she thanked with her killer smile. He says he’ll come back and see her soon, Hayden gives Violet her phone, and says, just one show. If her eyes get heavy, let herself sleep.

Out in the hallway, Hayden asks if Finn has heard from Dr. Mulvari. Is Violet going to be okay? He says he did hear back.

Ava asks if Laura makes a habit of startling people. Laura tells her, she just wanted to say hello. She wasn’t sure Ava was going to come. Ava says it’s for a good cause; she wanted to contribute. Laura says last year was horrific, but Ava would rather not talk about Ryan. Is there an open bar? Laura tells her to knock herself out.

Valentin says, who needs a costume party? and wants to go, but Nina says, like hell. She’s not leaving a party for a worthy cause. Just stay close. Valentin says, always.

Molly knocks more fervently, but still no answer. She opens the door with her key, and sees Alexis. She says, oh my God, and shakes her. She tells Alexis to wake up, but gets no reaction.

Josslyn tells Carly that she asked everyone. She even checked Avery’s room, but it’s nowhere. She lost it. Carly says Josslyn doesn’t know that. it could have slipped behind the dresser, or be in a pocket. Josslyn says, no. She lost it. She took it off at the exhibition match. She was worried it might get broken, so she put it in her backpack, but didn’t zip it up. She was so caught up in the game, she completely forgot. Carly says they’ll drive to Mayfair tomorrow, and check the lost and found. Or it could be in the gym. Josslyn says, the match was on Monday, three days ago. She lost the watch Oscar gave her, and didn’t even miss it.

TJ says it’s an awkward moment, and Curtis says he knows that. He’s in the same family. TJ asks if Jordan still has the engagement ring his dad gave her. She says she still has it; why? Curtis says, TJ is thinking of asking Molly to marry him.   

Alexis finally wakes up, and Molly says, thank God. Alexis asks what she’s doing there, and why does Molly look like Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Molly says she’s been trying to get ahold of Alexis all day, but she didn’t answer her phone or Molly’s texts. Her office said she wasn’t in, so Molly got worried. Alexis sits up, obviously still groggy. She says, it hurts, and asks, what time is it? Molly says she’s really sorry, but she has to ask. Has Alexis been drinking? Alexis says, no. No alcohol has touched her lips. Molly asks, what happened? but Alexis doesn’t know. She didn’t feel well. Neil brought food over, and she was obviously not feeling well, since she sent him home. She says she’ll be fine, but needs coffee. Molly says what she needs is to go to the hospital, and that’s where Molly is taking her.

Finn tells Hayden that Violet will make a full recovery. She’ll be fine. He’d still like to keep her for observation, and Hayden says, whatever he thinks is best. She tells him, she’s so grateful, but he says he didn’t do anything. She says he’s been amzing with Violet. She didn’t know… He says, how he’d be with his own daughter? He imagined it, but seeing her in person is a different story. He takes Hayden aside, and says he’s still having a hard time understanding why she kept Violet from him for so long. He asks if she would do it the same again, but she’s not so sure. If she could go back and tell him… She doesn’t know. Finn says, the only thing that matters is, Violet will recover. They’ll talk when she’s out of the hospital. Hayden asks what that’s going to look like, now that he knows about Violet. He says he’ll be in it for life .

Carly explains to Jason that when Oscar was still well enough to go anywhere, he took Josslyn to the footbridge, and gave her the watch. He’d heard a legend that when the time was at 11:11, he could reach out after death and she would feel it. Jason says he can go to Mayfair and take a look around, but Carly says, they’re closed now, and the gym is locked. It’s not worth it. Even if the watch was there, what really has Josslyn upset is that it was three days before she noticed it was gone. Jason says, she doesn’t know how to act in the situation, which is a good thing. Carly says, Josslyn is getting on with life. It’s what Carly wanted, but not this way. She wanted Josslyn to take off the watch when she was ready. In losing it, she feels guilty and like she’s betraying Oscar.

Laura tells Jax, dressed as Mr. Incredible, happy Halloween. He says, it’s better than last year, and she says, anything would be better than last year. Doc is sitting this one out, and she can’t blame him. She knows they’re off the clock, but she wants to fill him in on the brainstorm she and Curtis had. When Helena said she kept the codicil close, maybe it wasn’t physically close. Maybe she meant close to her likeness. Jax asks if she means it might be part of the portrait itself.

Hayden tells Finn she knows she messed up. That’s not the right word. He says, that’s two words, and she says, it’s unconscionable. She was hoping… Elizabeth sees her, and says she was trying to reach Hayden last night. Where has she been? Hayden says, something crazy came up, and Finn says they have a lot to talk about. He and Hayden will finish their conversation later. Elizabeth wonders what that’s about.

Nina wants more champagne, and takes Valentin to the bar. Sasha and Michael are there, and Nina says she thought Michael would be interested that she received a call from the DA. He’s reviewing her testimony. The case against Cassandra has to be airtight, since their star witness is now unreliable. Sasha says she’s so sorry, but Nina says, there’s no apology necessary. She just wants Sasha to know, if that bitch goes free, Nina is holding her personally responsible. She drags Valentin away.

Cameron and Trina get to Sonny’s, and Cameron asks Josslyn, her too? Did she think he’d bail. Josslyn admits it crossed her mind, but she’s glad he’s there. She sees he has no costume, and Trina says he’s a typical guy, and expects them to dress him up. Trina goes upstairs to check on Dev’s costume. Cameron says he’s fine, but Josslyn says she knows he’s hurting, and the last thing he feels like doing is getting dressed up. Cameron says, actually, he’s fired up. For real. If he didn’t go, he’d be sitting at home by himself, with his life in a dumpster fire. He thinks he can find a way to make it fun. He goes into the living room, where Carly is on the couch. She says she’s been thinking about him and his family. How’s he doing? He says, it helps having great friends, but obviously, it’s hard. Josslyn and Trina come down, and Josslyn asks if he’s ready, and Cameron says, just one second. He goes out on the terrace, where he sees Jason. He asks if Jason has a second, and Jason asks, what’s up? Cameron says he owes Jason an apology.

Cameron says he jumped down Jason’s throat, and he shouldn’t have. He’s sorry. Jason says she doesn’t need to apologize. Cameron says he wanted this for his mom, and he thought his testimony would do that; make the judge see the real Franco wants to come back. Jason say the judge understood, and Cameron says, not enough. What he said should have been more clear, or better. Jason says she knows the truth, but it doesn’t matter what anyone said. What mattered is what Doc said. it’s great that she heard them, but in the end, it didn’t tip the scales. It couldn’t. He’s sorry. Cameron asks what he does now. How does he cut himself off from this crappy feeling? Just say, this is it what the judge decided? Jason says he can tell himself that when all was said and done, the judge gave the choice to Franco. Cameron says, he’s not Franco, and Jason says, whoever that man is, can make the choice. They don’t have to like it – they can hate it – but they can’t change it. Cameron has two choices. He can walk around angry all the time, or learn to live with it, and help the people he loves pick up the pieces. Jason goes back inside.

Elizabeth can’t believe Hayden had a daughter. They look through the window at Violet. Hayden says, Elizabeth’s niece. Elizabeth asks why Hayden didn’t tell her, but Hayden says she doesn’t know. She lied so much, it felt like she couldn’t tell the truth. She’s sorry. Elizabeth says, she’s beautiful, and helluva surprise. Hayden says, that’s what the consensus seems to be. She has a lot of regrets about the choices she’s made, but the truth is out now. Violet is here, and she’s the most fun Hayden has ever had.

Molly brings Alexis to the hospital. Alexis says she’s sure it’s just the flu. Molly says, maybe, but she still wants Alexis checked out. Finn comes out, and asks if everything is okay. Molly says, no, and Alexis says, yeah. He says, cleared that up. Alexis thought Finn went out of his way not to be there on Halloween, but he says he has a special case. He asks, what’s going on? and Alexis says she feels out of it. Molly says she’s been sick for 24-hours, and passed out. She had to shake Alexis awake. She’s worried. Alexis says she’s been prepping Sam’s case, and Finn asks if Alexis is her lawyer. Molly says, no, and Alexis says she’s been working out a lot, and feels run down. Finn says they’ll find out for sure, and they go to an examining room.

Curtis asks if he’s right. Is TJ going to pop the question. TJ  tells him, relax. He’s thinking about it. Curtis says it must be serious if he’s asking about a ring, and laying the groundwork. TJ says, Molly will want something with sentimental value, and a family heirloom is perfect. Curtis asks, when? and TJ says he’s just thinking about it. He just knows that Molly is the person he wants to be with forever. Curtis tells him, congratulations. He’s making grown man moves. Why is he getting the vibe Jordan isn’t into it? Jordan says, because she’s not.

Laura tells Jax that they could be wrong, but Helena left Nikolas the painting knowing Valentin was out there. She thinks Helena armed Nikolas with something that would neutralize Valentin. Jax says, so she thinks it’s part of the painting itself, and she says, in the frame, or underneath. The real problem is that Valentin disposed of it, and they have no idea where it is. Valentin comes by, and asks if she’s still talking about that. Why is she obsessed with the portrait of Helena?

Valentin say, after everything Helena has done to Laura and her family, he thought she’d be thrilled he got rid of the painting. Laura says, Helena left Nikolas the portrait, and it belongs to Spencer – the rightful heir. Nina says Spencer had told her about everything he claimed Valentin stole, but never once said anything about the portrait. If he cared, he would have said something. Laura says Spencer had a fondness for his late grandmother, but that wouldn’t matter to Valentin, would it? She walks away.

At Sonny’s, Cameron pours liquor into a soda bottle when no one is looking.

Elizabeth tells Hayden, you love your kids so much, you want to make it right, but you know you can’t. Hayden says Elizabeth is the best mom. Elizabeth assumes Finn knows. What does it mean for the two of them? Hayden says, it’s not about them; it’s about Finn and Violet. It’s not fair that she dumped a new reality in his lap, and Elizabeth asks if Finn has had any contact with Violet. Hayden says, Violet only knows him as a doctor, but they’ve talked a little, and Finn snuck her in some chocolate. It’s insane. From the minute she found out she was pregnant, she dreamed about Finn and their child. Now she’s finally seen it. Elizabeth says, and? Hayden says, he was perfect.

Alexis tells Finn that she thought she was tired from her workout, but it moved to her stomach. Finn says, nausea, but she says, pain. Molly says she got sick on the way over. He says he’ll get her set up with an IV. She wonders if it’s the flu, and he asks if she’s gotten a shot. She says it’s October, and he tells her it’s the time of year they suggest getting vaccinated. Molly says she’s running late, and starts to leave. Finn tells her to set up a flu shot appointment before she goes, and she says she already got one. Okay, okay. We get it. They want us to get our flu shots. Alexis says, of course (🍷). She wants to be Molly when she grows up. Finn notices a rash on her palms, and asks how long she’s had it, but she doesn’t know.

TJ says he thought Jordan liked Molly. She says she does. Molly is everything she’d want for him in a partner, and she’s practically family. He asks, what’s the problem? and she says they’ve been together since high school. He’s never dated anyone else. He says he didn’t want to, and they’ve proven it will last. She says they come from the same town, and both go to a local college. Has he considered that he’s limiting his options? He asks if Jordan wants him to date other people, and she says she thinks they should both explore more of life before making a lifetime commitment. Molly calls, and TJ steps away. Curtis looks at Jordan, who says, oh look. The comptroller. She needs to say hello. I guess that was like a how about them Mets? subject changer.

Sasha tells Michael, if Cassandra walks, it’s her fault. No one takes what she says seriously anymore. Michael says, he does, and she can’t believe he still trusts her after what happened. He says he trusts her more. She says she doesn’t deserve it. He asks if she wants to go, and she says she’d like another club soda. Michael heads for the bar, and literally runs into Ava. She drops her purse, and he sees the gun in her bag.

Curtis asks Jordan if the comptroller is keeping Port Charles afloat, and she says, so far, so good. She asks where TJ went, and Curtis says Alexis is at the hospital. Molly thinks she has the flu, but she wanted to be sure. So does she want to talk about it? The bomb TJ just dropped, and how she treated it like she’s in denial. She says when they transitioned form high school sweethearts to college roommates, it was easy. She never considered where it was heading. Curtis says it never occurred to her that TJ might want to marry Molly?

Alexis says she’s being embarrassed further by a med student observing? Molly says he’s there as a supportive boyfriend. Alexis asks if she really asked TJ to leave the party, and Molly says he decided to. TJ says, family shows up for each other. Alexis says, isn’t that the sweetest? and Finn says, pretty sweet, yes. Alexis asks how much longer until she’s not feeling crappy? and Finn says, soon. By the time she goes home tomorrow. He wants her to stay overnight; that’s his professional opinion. She asks, why? What does he think is wrong?

Hayden apologizes, telling Elizabeth she forgot to ask about the trial. What happened? Elizabeth says, Franco won, and Hayden is so sorry. Elizabeth says, it’s really rough on the boys. Hayden ask if they know, and Elizbeth says, Cameron does; he was there. Hayden ask how he is, and Elizabeth says, pretending he’s fine, but she knows he’s beating himself up. She hates all of it, and hates that it’s out of her control. Only one thing makes sense in all of this. Why Hayden came back, and why she’s so good with the boys. She’s part of the club now. Elizabeth hugs her, and Hayden says she guesses she is.

Jason brings Carly some tea. She says she’s worried about Josslyn is covering. She had the alternative to stay home. Some people would gut it out to prove they can be strong. Jason says, she is strong, and she says she hates seeing Josslyn hurt. She wants to jump in, but she can’t. Jason knows, and says she has to let Josslyn find her way. She says she’ll remind of that years down the road with his kids. He says he’ll need help, and she says like he’s there to help her. They hug.

Josslyn says for someone who claims not to care about Halloween, Dev is obsessing about his costume. Trina thinks they did a good job; she’s proud of them. She knows Josslyn and Cameron are going through a hard time, and Josslyn says they’ll just go to the stupid dance, and try to have fun. Cameron doesn’t think they have to try. He looks at the bottle in his coat pocket.

Michael says, what the hell? and Ava says she has a permit. He says that doesn’t mean she should bring a gun to his mom’s hotel. She can’t believe he’s saying that with a straight face. Sonny and Jason have never been there without carrying a gun. He says they have special privileges, and she says after what she’s been through, she’s learned you can never be too careful.

Laura tells Jax, that was close. They need to stay off the clock in public. Jax says, agreed. If Valentin still thinks the painting is worthless, he won’t look to reclaim it.

At the bar, Nina asks what Valentin thought about Jax’s conversation with Laura. He says it’s probably nothing, but he’s beginning to think the portrait is more valuable than he realized. Ava overhears.

Tomorrow, Finn asks Hayden what part he plays in Violet’s life, Doc has a confession to make, and Sam gets her cellmate back.

🎃 I am still behind with Halloween, and suddenly, it’s tomorrow. I’m also in desperate need for some sleep tonight, so this is a quicker RHOD than usual. The worst thing? It all might get rained out. But you know as well as I do, if I don’t make up a billion candy bags, that’s when I’ll get six busloads of kids at once. One year, I thought I started rifling through my cupboards, but I didn’t think instant oatmeal would be the treat anyone was looking for. Luckily, I ended up with three goody bags left.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Kary, Brandi D’Andra meet for lunch. D’Andra acts like she’s shocked about Kameron’s lack of manners, and they talk about how awful it is to bring someone uninvited to a bar. Kary once again compares it to a wedding. I guess she thinks her girls nights are that special.

LeeAnne goes for her final fitting with designer Nardos. Tiffany, Stephanie, and Kameron are along for the ride, along with some friends we don’t pay attention to. Kameron says when the quartet trio played at the shower, it became real. Stephanie is annoyed that Kameron is holding on to a petty thing. In her interview, she says she doesn’t need a third six-foot tall child.

Brandi says she’s not going to the wedding. A typed invitation ten days before the wedding is tacky. Says the woman who wore a hat decorated with plastic turds to a society party. She says she’s not dropping already made plans, and if she doesn’t have any, she’ll make some. I added that last part. D’Andra says her invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.

LeeAnne models her dress. I’m loving the lace sleeves and back, but not so much the skirt part, which has a giant extra ruffle that makes it look weirdly unfinished. Nardos says it brings the child inside LeeAnne to life. LeeAnne wants to be worthy. She didn’t get that as a child, and struggles as an adult. Kameron loves being a part of her fairy tale, and Stephanie hopes the feeling makes LeeAnne a softer person.

Kary flashes back to LeeAnne being a downer. D’Andra doesn’t understand why Kary is going. Kary says she and LeeAnne are figuring out their friendship. In Kary’s interview, she says it’s a nice way to extend an olive branch, and she doesn’t want to give LeeAnne a reason to be negative. She tells D’Andra and Brandi that her next girls night is going to be in an undisclosed location.

Kary tells us that daughter Olivia’s prom is in two days. Olivia is working on her dress. Olivia is interning with designer Mackenzie Brittingham. In her interview, Kary says growing up, Olivia always wore interesting things. She thought she’d miss Olivia when she went to college, but Olivia has been such a pill, she’s looking forward to it. Olivia wants to go to fashion design camp in London, but can’t afford it. Eduardo is loaded, but shot it down. In Kary’s interview, she says Eduardo has been a good step-father to her kids, but as they get older, their financial needs are bigger, and she doesn’t get support from her ex anymore. She hates that Eduardo has the financial power. Geez, how stingy is Eduardo? It’s not like Olivia is asking for a party on a yacht. Kary tells Olivia about her plans for getting her own money. Olivia wishes Kary still had her prom dress and she could mess with it. She sounds like Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink.

Brandi is pissed that Brooklyn is riding her scooter in the street. Brooklyn insists the sidewalks are more dangerous. Probably, but just for the people walking on them when she comes along. In Brandi’s interview, she says she’s been making the effort to give Brooklyn more time, but when she’s not getting attention, it backfires, and feels like Brooklyn is purposely pissing her off. Brooklyn argues over wearing a helmet. This kid is beyond obnoxious, but that’s not surprising. Brandi is afraid Brooklyn is going to resent it if she disciplines her, and push her away. Um… that’s called part of parenting. She says sometimes it feels like she’s failed.

Jeremy and D’Andra pick out clothes for a family dinner. In her interview, D’Andra says her family is small, and they don’t see each other often, so it’s important when they do. Jeremy asks how it went with Mama Dee, and D’Andra says her mom says mean things. D’Andra has taken a pay cut, moved the office to the house, and Jeremy’s been an employee. In her interview, she says now Jeremy understands how the business works. Her mother has made no effort to help, and just makes her feel bad. She tells Jeremy that she wants to show Mama Dee a united front. In D’Andra’s interview, she says her mother left the company in bad shape, and needs to take responsibility for the fact that she caused this. She tells Jeremy that they’ll both ask questions.

LeeAnne and Rich go out for sushi. LeeAnne tells Rich that everyone keeps telling her it’s x amount of days until the wedding. She told them, no math. He says, it’s not regular math; it’s a countdown. She says the wedding is in 72 hours, and he says, don’t threaten him. She says her mom is staying in a hotel. In her interview, LeeAnne says they haven’t spoken in two years. When they went to therapy, her mother said what she needed to look good, and lied. If they can’t find a place of truth in their conversations, LeeAnne doesn’t need to have them. She had a tough time deciding if she should include her mother. Rich says she only gets one. LeeAnne suggests letting her participate in lighting the unity candle. In LeeAnne’s interview, she tells us, in the South, you honor your mother, but in reality she wasn’t. LeeAnne’s mother didn’t raise her. Her grandmother did. She tells Rich that her mother tends to make things about her, and cause drama. She wants a mostly drama free wedding, and really wants to see her grandmother. Rich says, she’ll be there, so happy up. He says he hates when women cry, and will do a lot to prevent it. She says that’s why she’s with him. They toast to their future as husband and wife.

Jeremy and D’Andra meet Mama Dee, her brother James, and some of Dee’s friends for dinner. That’s the family? Dee toasts to their wonderful family and friends. In D’Andra’s interview, she says Dee and James have always had a tumultuous relationship. James was born when Dee was fifteen, and she sometimes treats him like a son. They argue a lot. Dee applauds Jeremy working with D’Andra, and Jeremy tells her about the new website, saying it’s going to spell out what the company means to D’Andra. Dee says, a mission statement, and D’Andra says she couldn’t find one on the old site. Dee doesn’t think she ever had one, but they were on TV. We see an old clip of D’Andra and Dee doing an infomercial. Jeremy says that’s where they were nailing it, but the market’s not there anymore. Dee says she built it for herself, and now D’Andra has the opportunity to go her own way, and start at ground level. D’Andra says she’s never been in that position. In Dee’s interview, she says she’d never put money into the company because she has no faith that it will come back and boom. Jeremy says, nothing has been invested in it for a long time. D’Andra says everything should have been in place. If she’d known, she would have been happy to cut her salary, but Dee wouldn’t let her see anything. Dee says D’Andra doesn’t understand the financial side. Only the owners and CPA see the numbers. Who made up that rule? I was in accounting for a long time, and never heard that before. D’Andra says she came in not knowing anything. James says her father was the expert. Oh ho. I think I see what happened. The father didn’t let Mama Dee see the books, and when he died, everything went south. Jeremy asks if Mama Dee has any regrets, but she says, no. She’s glad D’Andra has the company. D’Andra says if the switch had been made three years ago, she wouldn’t be in this position. Mama Dee says she has no regrets. In her interview, Dee says she never felt that she did anything wrong, and has no guilt. It’s not her responsibility. Dee rambles for a while, and says they can’t keep going back to this. She says if D’Andra thinks she did it deliberately, she needs to see a doctor. I guess I do too. D’Andra says nothing upsets Dee and she has no regrets. Why did Dee put her in this position? Dee says she thought D’Andra would be there 9 to 5, but she’d show up at 4:30 when everyone was leaving at 5. She  thought D’Andra would be more attentive to the company. It doesn’t sound like Dee encouraged that much. She says she refuses to talk about it anymore.

Brandi and Stephanie get ready for their podcast, A Weekly Dose of B.S. In case we didn’t get it, Stephanie explains in her interview, it stands for their names, not bullsh*t. She says it’s the most fun she’s had in her life. In Brandi’s interview, she says it’s really an hour of them catching up. Brandi decides to call Kary, pretending to be the gardener from next door, and telling her a spilly spider has gotten loose, and went into her house. They want to come and get it out. It’s dangerous, and can eat her pets. A friend of Kary’s gets on the phone, and asks what address they’re calling about. When Brandi hesitates, the friend says, eff off. Brandi and Stephanie die laughing, and Stephanie tells Kary it’s a prank call. She’s on their podcast. Afterward, Brandi tells Stephanie that Bruin’s biological mother is pregnant again, and already planning to give it to the state. She and Brian would be the first people asked to adopt the baby. Stephanie says it’s insane. She knows a couple with six children because the biological mother wouldn’t stop having them. Brandi doesn’t know if she can handle another baby. In Stephanie’s interview, she says Brandi would need full-time help if she took on another baby. She worries that Brandi needs help as it is.

LeeAnne and Rich arrive at the church. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says she knows it’s tradition for the groom not to see the bride before the wedding, but he’s been married a few times. it’s her first, and her MF’ing rules. She says no more normal life, and he asks when it was normal. LeeAnne tells Steve the final count is 350, but might be more.

Stephanie and Cary note that there’s a window of five hours in between the wedding and the reception. Stephanie thinks it’s brilliant that LeeAnne has a whole day celebrating her, and they have five hours to figure out what to do with their kids.

Kary and Kameron get their makeup done together. Kameron calls LeeAnne, and asks if she’s excited. LeeAnne says she was at the Round Up late. Court brings the ladies some food. In Kary’s interview, she says Eduardo would be expecting her to make him a sandwich while she got her makeup done. He sounds more and more like a real gem. Kameron shows Kary her photo book of mommy porn. It’s pictures of Court doing various chores around the house, including taken a dish out of the dishwasher that has his face on it. It’s very cute, and I have to say, has more imagination than I would have given him credit for. Kameron says, the sexiest thing is a man with a vacuum cleaner. In Kary’s interview, she thinks Kameron must have a golden vagina because of the things Court does for her. Kameron says, helping a mom out is a turn-on.

Cousin Katy tells LeeAnne that her mom is late. Tiffany goes through some positive affirmations with LeeAnne. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says her mom being late triggers he little girl who feels abandoned. Once the church door is shut, nobody is walking in, and ruining or distracting from her moment.

Next time, there’s no food at the wedding, Brian tells Brandi that two babies is a handful, and Eduardo says Kary only wants to talk about what she wants to talk about.

🌌 FYI, the Sy – we can’t spell – Fy channel has been rerunning Channel Zero. Since it’s been canceled <sob!>, catch it while you can.

🐈 They Don’t All Look Grey In the Dark…

I just thought this was cute, and appropriate for the season. He’s sort of black.


👠 It Will Last Through the Apocalypse…

Along with cockroaches and Twinkies, the Rocky Horror Picture Show will be with us forever.


💧 So I’ll Remove the Cause…

But not the symptom. Yes, I threw the first confetti. See Sal Piro‘s book, Creatures of the Night. Believe me, it’s not something I would make up. You’re welcome, or I’m sorry, depending on where you stand on that.

March 14, 2019 – Another Tattoo is Revealed, Dynasty Birthday, a Top Chef is Chosen, Junior Not Happening, Joe Can’t Go Home, SyFy Sux, Tinsley Moves On & Finally


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Ava sees Doc. She says, Kevin? She slaps him, calling him an SOB, and saying he killed her daughter.

Andre sees Anna at the bar, and says, long time no see. Anna hugs him.

At the hospital, Drew tells Kim that Oscar is doing well. Terry said it will take another few hours for the tests to be done, so does she want to grab dinner? She says, no thanks, and he asks how she’s holding up. She tells him that she was thinking about how many times they moved. Each time, she tried to cozy it up and reflect what Oscar was into at the time. She was thinking, barring a miracle, this may be the last room he’ll be in. Shiloh appears, and says he doesn’t know about that. Miracles are more common than they think.

Sam is on the phone at Charlie’s. She says Daisy is the one who recruited Kristina. The way she was acting, Sam thinks the tattoo is tied to DOD. She says, a palindrome? Go ahead and explore. Kristina and Molly come in

Finn asks if Alexis would care to join him for a bite. She’d love to, but she’s meeting her girls at Charlie’s. He says she just had a dream about Julian that nearly drove her to drink. Does she think that’s wise?

Willow knocks on Chase’s door, surprising him. He thought he was picking her up at home. She was ready early, and figured she’d come to him. He says, and what? She says, and this, and kisses him.

Lulu can’t believe what Laura has been through. Laura says, what all of them have been through. The most important thing is that they’re all okay now know. Lulu says no wonder Doc was acting strangely, but now Laura’s real husband is back. They can pick up where they left off.

Chase says Willow is full of surprises. She’s just as surprised. They’ve both been busy since Valentine’s Day, and they’ve texted, but it’s not the same as seeing each other. She doesn’t want him to think she’s losing interest. He says he’s not either. He enjoys spending time with her. Since she’s early, why don’t they ditch the car and walk through the park. She likes the idea. They leave, and it starts to thunder.

Alexis tells Finn that her daughter works at Charlie’s, and the girls want to meet there. He says she’s forgetting he knows her. She asks if he’s questioning her wisdom, and he says, isn’t she? She says, always, but she’ll be fine. He says he’s not above telling her I told you so. She’s not surprised.

Andre asks how Jordan is doing, and Anna says she’s stable. She’s recovering, but will need a transplant eventually. Andre says he got tested, but he’s not a match. He’d hoped to have good news when he saw her. Jordan is so strong and active, he can’t imagine how hard it is on her. Anna says she’s determined to triumph, and will be happy to see him. He says she wanted to talk about something else that she didn’t want to discuss on the phone. He asks if it has anything to do with his memory transfer work. She says it appears she was an unwilling participant In the study that laid the groundwork for his.

Drew asks what Shiloh is doing there. He says he heard Oscar took a turn for the worse. He reached out to his DOD family, asking about alternative types of healing. Kim remembers when Daisy was there, and placed her hands on Oscar’s head. She asks if it was Reiki, and Shiloh says they don’t label it. It’s specific to their seminars, and has to do more with the power of positive thinking. He asks if there’s anything he can do. He’d like to help, given his and Drew’s history.

Molly asks about the phone call, and Sam says it’s just a case she’s working on. It’s not important. Kristina tells her not to dismiss her work so lightly, and Molly says Kristina is really getting into those self-help classes. Sam says she has no idea. Molly is glad they’re getting together, and says she’ll grab a table. Valerie comes in, and says she’s glad Kristina is still there. She was hoping to talk. Kristina says she can’t; she’s having dinner with her family. Valerie doesn’t like how it ended. It escalated quickly, and she’s sorry. They’re friends. They don’t have to agree on everything Kristina is into, and she doesn’t get DOD, if that’s okay. Kristina says, actually, it’s not.

Alexis asks how Laura is. She says they’re all fine, but wants Alexis to know that Ryan switched places with Doc on Labor Day weekend. So whatever dealings she’s had with him since then, were with Ryan.

Ava wants Doc to burn in hell. Scotty grabs her, and she says she wants him dead. He tells her, that’s Doc. Ryan is gone.

Valerie asks Kristina why they can’t make it right. Kristina isn’t sure if they can, or if she wants to invite that kind of energy into her life. She needs to be mindful about who and what she lets in. Valerie says she’s known Kristina longer than her self-help guru Shiloh. What is she talking about? Kristina says, her. She has no room in her life for people who aren’t completely supportive about what she wants in life. It’s easy to dismiss what you don’t understand. Kristina says her guru is honest above all else, and Valerie isn’t even honest with herself. Valerie says she doesn’t know what Kristina means, and Kristina says she thinks Valerie does.

Shiloh knows it’s not their cup of tea, but wants to do what he can to help. Drew saved his life, and he hasn’t repaid the debt. Kim thanks him, and says she’s seen firsthand the benefits of spiritual medicine, but they’re past that point now. Shiloh understands, and asks them to tell Oscar that he stopped by. Drew says, sure. Shiloh says he knows it must be painful for Drew not to remember his past, but the man he’s become is a man Drew should be proud of.

Andre tells Anna, when he took the project, the DVX gave him the records from the previous project. There wasn’t much. Some data, and a good serum that proved useful. All of the subjects were referred to by number. He had no idea she was one of them. Anna believes him. He wonders why she never told him before, and she says she didn’t remember; she was drugged. He asks what he can do to help. She says Cabot said some of Alex’s memories may have been transferred to her. She wants to know if that was indicated in the bios given. He says it’s been a long time. He can’t recall any details, but might have something better.

Alexis tells Laura, she only had one session. She thought he was acting weird because she was representing Laura in the divorce, then he dropped her. Laura thinks the divorce is the only reason she’s alive. Lulu says he could have killed her. Laura says, poor Ava. She has so much to sort through. Alexis says they need to discuss the divorce, and Lulu says, it can’t be valid. Alexis says it’s probably already in progress, but she’ll handle it. They’re as married as ever.

Molly tells Sam that she recognizes Kristina’s body language. She’s anxious about something. Valerie tells Kristina that she’s throwing their friendship away for a bunch of people she just met. Maybe she should reexamine her priorities. Kristina says maybe Valerie should figure it out. Valerie asks why Kristina is so insecure, but Kristina says Valerie is. She can’t have this negative energy in her life. Valerie says maybe she’s right. The friendship has been one-sided for a while. She’ll see Kristina around. Or maybe not. She walks out.

Sam asks Kristina, what happened? Kristina says, nothing. She’s just wedding out the toxic relationships in her life. If people can’t respect the choices she’s made in life, they can’t be in it. Molly says, zero tolerance If anyone annoys her? She’s glad Kristina and mom had a meeting of the minds.

Alexis suggests Laura get her lawyers and public relations people in the forefront, before the story gets out. She’ll need Laura and Doc to sign something. Laura says she has a lot going on right now. They haven’t even recovered the body yet. Alexis says to let her know, and leaves. Lulu says, now that it’s just them, why is Laura in no rush to invalidate the divorce?

Chase and Willow come back to his apartment, drenched. Chase says there’s no way he’s sitting in a restaurant soaked. She says he has his wardrobe at his disposal. He says he’ll throw her clothes in the dryer. She can help herself to whatever she finds.

Doc tells Ava to look at him. He’s Dr. Kevin Collins; not Ryan. Ava asks how she knows it’s not another game? Scotty says he talked to Kevin when she was Niagara Falls. He checked into the hospital, when Ryan went over the Falls without a barrel. Doc shows Ava his wristband. She says she’s sorry. Scotty sits her down, and Doc says he realizes it’s hard to unpack. He asks for a moment to talk. Scotty asks if he’s out of his mind, but he says, just a moment alone. Scotty says, okay, and Ava glares at him.

Lulu asks if Laura thinks Ryan survived. Laura says he didn’t die, and managed to get out of the explosion. He left the country, and worked for the DVX until his mental health deteriorated. The DVX reached out to Doc, telling him to pick him up, or they’d kill him. Lulu says, so he went to get him. Laura says he put Ryan in Ferncliff under an alias. He treated Ryan secretly for months, and Ryan eventually overpowered him and took hsi place. Lulu says, if he had notified the authorities, they would have known when he started acting so bizarre. Someone would have realized it. Laura says, none of it had to happen. She understands Doc wanting to help his brother. but the secret went horribly wrong. There was always the possibility he would escape. Because they believed he was dead, no one questioned that Doc wasn’t Doc. The worst part is that he kept it from her; for months. She doesn’t know how to deal with it. Lulu thinks they’ll work it out.

Chase builds a fire. Willow comes out in an athletic jacket worn as a mini dress. Very mini. She hands him her dress. He tells her there’s an open bottle of wine, and to help herself.

Ava hopes she didn’t hurt doc. He says he’s endured worse in the past few months. He’s sorry for what Ryan did. Laura told him how Ryan deceived her, and got her to fall in love with him. She’s hurt, and he understands. Ava says he can’t understand how she feels; what she’s been through. Doc says they’ve both been violated. Ryan came into her life under false pretenses. He stole Doc’s life; corrupted and perverted it. She’s not interested in hearing his pain or bonding over it. Amy comes by, and tells Doc that she can’t find his wife, but can help discharge him if he’s ready. He says, in a minute, please. He tells Ava to talk to someone. Not him obviously, but he can help her find someone she can trust. Ava thanks him for his concern, but opening her heart up is how she got in this mess. She has no intention of making that mistake again.

Kristina says Valerie was undermining her goals, and she had to detach. Sam says she doesn’t have to be so quick to cut someone out of her life. They’ve been friends for a while, and DOD is new to her. She has to respect that Valerie has reservations. She can’t tell Valerie how to think or feel. Kristina says she doesn’t have to respect Valerie’s reservations. Molly says she would hate if Kristina did the same thing to them if they have questions. Kristina says, they’re family; that’s different. Sam has been supportive. She looks at Sam and says she knows Sam is into self-help. Shiloh was so impressed with her, he showed her something he only shares with his prize students. The place where he had his first awaking. She’s jealous. She pretends to be joking, but we know she really is. Molly thought DOD was just volunteering and self-help. Alexis arrives, but Sam gets a text, and says it’s from a client. She has to leave. Kristina guesses the case is more than not interesting. Sam admits it’s important, and jets.

Kim punches the pillow, and Drew says he thinks it’s been fluffed within an inch of its life. He asks if it has anything to do with Shiloh. Kim says she’s a believer in alternative medicine, but she can spot a charlatan a mile away. She knows they were close at one point. Drew says he only has Shiloh’s word on that. Shiloh says he’s not the man he used to be, but clearly, neither is he.

Finn joins Anna and Andre. Anna tells Finn that Andre thinks he has something useful. Finn thought the only copy of his notes was on a flashdrive that was destroyed. Andre says he got rid of everything else regarding his project, but not Cabot’s data. He shows Finn his laptop, saying he accessed the files on his private server. Anna asks what she’s looking at. Finn says, if he’s reading correctly, the notes suggest that memories were transferred from Patient Two to Patient One. Ann says Alex and her.

Sam walks into DOD. It seems empty, and she looks around. She asks if anyone is there. Her phone dings. It’s a text, along with a picture of the tattoo sketch, saying, haven’t found anything. Are you sure your sketch is accurate? Shiloh comes out, shirtless.

Kristina says Sam has been on edge since she and Jason called it quits. Molly asks why Alexis was at the hospital: is everyone okay? Alexis says she’s fine. Molly asks if anyone is suing for malpractice, and Alexis says, no, but she supposes it could happen. Kristina says she’s talking in riddles. Alexis knows they’ve read about Ryan, but it turns out there are a few more details. He switched places with Doc last Labor Day. She went to see a serial killer for therapy, but only one session. Kristina says that’s why talk therapy isn’t the answer. Alexis should come to more group classes. Molly asks if Kristina is for real. Their mom just said she was alone with a serial killer, and Kristina turns it into a pitch for self-help. Kristina says Shiloh taught her it’s dangerous to rely on someone else for your breakthrough. People are fallible. You have to go through it on your own. Molly asks if Shiloh is infallible. Alexis – in a how about them Mets? moment – says she has a new therapist. He’s good. Kristina says she’s welcome to her own choices.

Chase tells Willow that his culinary efforts begin and end with a meal prep service. He hasn’t graduated to shopping himself, other than cereal and frozen food. She’s in the same boat. She says she can make three things. After that, it’s salad or take-out. He asks for a literal rain check, if she wants. He’d like to spend more time with her. She was worried she’d scare him off with all her baggage; how she gave up her son. Chase says she has a life. They all do. He thinks she’s brave to open up , and appreciates her confiding in him. She says she never feels like he has an agenda. He hates to disappoint her, but he does. He likes her, and wants to spend more time together as a couple, and see where things go. It’s something she wants very much. They kiss. The dryer timer goes off, and he says he’ll get her clothes.

Andre tells Finn and Anna that he sent the files to them. Anna asks how she’s going to decipher them. Finn says he can try, but like Cabot said, it’s hard to quantify memories. Obviously, the data must be somewhere. Anna wonders which memories are Alex’s and which are hers. Andre says anything that was noted in any way should be in the records, but he thinks Cabot focused on relevant data. He wouldn’t have recorded what the memory was. He would have focused on it physically affected them. Anna says it’s not just data; it defines her. Some of her memories could be lies, and she has no way of finding out which ones they are. Finn says Anna might not know, but there’s someone who does. Anna says, her sister, and he nods.

Chase says Willow’s dress is a little wrinkled. He can iron it. She says, he has an iron? He tells her the department frowns on rumpled, unkempt detectives. She thinks she can stand the shame of wrinkled clothes long enough to get home, but thanks him for offering. I’m wondering why on earth they can’t still go out to eat. Or order in. Maybe they should be going to meetings with Alexis. All they ever end up doing is drinking.

At the hospital, Amy tells Doc, there’s his wife. She’ll grab a wheelchair. She’s sure he’s anxious to get home. Doc tells Laura that they’re letting him go home. That is, if she wants him to come home. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea right now. He understands. She says she’s glad he’s feeling better, and can’t walk away fast enough.

Ava a poster on the wall with Doc’s picture on it. She rips it down and tears it up. Scotty grabs her. She says, all those months; all those lies. Her Kiki. She sinks to the floor, as Scotty holds her.

Kim tells Drew that Oscar talked to Shiloh. He knows what that means. Drew says, Oscar is looking for a miracle. He’s afraid of what happens next. Kim says, so is she. He says, him too, and holds her.

Kristina says she has to get behind the bar. Next time, her treat. When she’s gone, Alexis asks what’s on Molly’s mind. Molly says she’s been busy with school, and spending every spare minute with TJ. She hasn’t been spending time with Kristina, and had no idea she was so into DOD. Alexis says Kristina always dives in head first, at the moment when passion seizes her. She thinks it’s good for Kristina’s self-esteem. She’s cautious, but not worried, as long as Kristina isn’t hurting herself or anyone else. Molly says, let’s hope not.

Valerie sits at the bar. She flashes back to Kristina kissing her. She orders a lemon drop, and asks the bartender to be generous with the vodka.

Molly asks if she can talk to Kristina about something. She knows Kristina was distracted before dinner, and she thought their mom and Sam were dancing around the topic. What’s really going on with her and DOD? It’s way past volunteering. Kristina lives there, and it’s all she talks about. Kristina says it transformed her life. Molly says, more like took over. When has she last had an original thought or said something that didn’t originate with Shiloh. Kristina says Shiloh is a great teacher, and spiritually evolved. Molly says she’s been indoctrinated. DOD Is a cult.

Shiloh asks Sam how he can help her. She says she came to talk about Kristina. He says he’s all ears, and she asks if he can put on a shirt. He asks if it makes her uncomfortable. We see the phone behind her back, with the tattoo sketch on the screen. Are you kidding? Wouldn’t Sam have made that disappear the second he came in?

Willow gets dressed. As she pulls her dress over her head, we see she has the same tramp stamp as Daisy and Harmony.

That was a good ending. I actually made a noise when I saw Willow’s tattoo.

Tomorrow, Valentin thinks Anna is desperate, Shiloh asks Sam if she’s worried about his safety, and Sonny asks where his son is.

💃 I almost forgot. I’m still hanging with Mexican Dynasties, where this week Paulina said her brother Oscar was her soulmate. Another cast member said it was like Game of Thrones around there, and I don’t want to know. It was also Oscar’s birthday, and he decided on an S&M themed party, which he had to explain to his eighty-plus-year-old mother. He was awakened on his birthday with a mariachi band playing the Mexican version of Happy Birthday, which he took a lot better than I would have. He and sis Paulina also had their own variation of the song, called Fatale Birthday, about less than cordial birthday wishes, and it was actually pretty funny. Adan was still having angst over his decision to pass on La Voz. He seems like a big spoiled baby who is easily manipulated.

🔪 Finishing up in Macau, tonight was Top Chef’s season finale. Eric, Kelsey, and Sara started off at the MGM Theater, where they saw montages of clips from throughout the season. Then Padma came out and told them they’d be cooking the four-course meal of their lives. The other contestants returned, and the three finalists each chose two sous chefs from the group, drawing numbered knives to see what the picking order would be. They were given thirty minutes for menu planning, and three hours to shop, being allowed to place special orders. They had six hours to cook, two hours being for the first course – wherein came the twist. After the first course, only two cooks would be picked to finish the next day, and one would be packing their knives. Kelsey went with a summers in the South theme, Eric wanted to smack them in the face with flavor, and Sara combined Asian and Portuguese, and gave it a Southern touch. Unfortunately, Eric smacked himself out of the competition by burning the lotus chips, as well as the judges not being able to taste the beef. It was down to Kelsey and Sara, who decided to have dinner at a five-star Japanese restaurant in the hotel. They had an unbelievable meal, filled with sushi beyond your wildest dreams.

For the last competition, Kelsey chose softshell crab as one of her dishes. Since there is no fresh crab in Macau, I thought it might cost her. Fresh is always best. Sara had a ribeye to die for, and a slice of duck that was perfection. And I don’t like duck. One of her courses was too salty, which didn’t go over big. I totally understood, not being crazy about salt, and being that person who can eat only one potato chip. Padma congratulated the finalists, and Tom said they competed with confidence and intention, and from the heart. Graham said Kelsey’s mushrooms were out of control. I have no idea what he meant by that, but they did look good. It must have been nearly impossible to choose, but Kelsey became the new Top Chef. Sara said second place was not too bad. On Watch What Happens Live, it was also announced that Kelsey was the fan favorite. You go, Southern Girl!

🍔 MasterChef Junior started again, but you can’t watch ‘em all, so I’m not. Maybe later in the season.

🚔 Juice on Ice…

My fantasy Thanksgiving table will be a little emptier this year.


👺 SyFy Strikes Again…

Adding insult to injury after mercying Z Nation, looks like a fifth season of Channel Zero isn’t going to happen.


👠 Tinsley Is Over Men…

I’m sad that things with Scott didn’t work out. Even though I have no reason whatsoever to care.


🎯 Finally…

My first weekend feeling well in years. Okay, weeks, but it felt like years.




FridayMona (2)












October 30, 2018 – Britt Gets an Offer, the FBI Talks to Veronica, Some Love, the New Guy, No Zero, Decked But Unsure & Sublime


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


A mini version of the usual blow-by-blow commentary. I’ll be back to being long-winded after Halloween. Hopefully, it’s not too convoluted and I didn’t change tense. Too often anyway.

General Hospital

Sonny got what he needed to go up against Margaux, but needed to figure out the best way to use it. Sam wondered what Margaux really knew, and Sonny said parents go to their graves with their kids believing illusions.

Britt asked if she would get sprung if she betrayed her mother; the one who bore and raised her, and turned her into the woman she is today. Finn said what Britt was, was incarcerated. Britt said it was a tall order, but tell her more.

Chase saw Willow in the hospital parking lot, and asked her to step out of her car.

Lulu saw Michael at The Floating Rib and joined him. She said he was obviously not fine.

Laura and Carly went to the hospital, but Laura couldn’t find her husband. She told Carly that she was impressed at how she handled Ferncliff. Carly said it was good to go back with power. Carly said she’s glad she didn’t miss Mary Pat getting fired. Even though Laura had never met Mary Pat, she still found it gratifying. Carly was somewhat distressed about being close to seeing her Ferncliff neighbor, but Laura told her if they wanted to have an impact, they’d have to follow procedure. Carly said, procedure can hide a multitude of sins, and she was sure she wasn’t the only person who’s suffered.

Not-Doc saw Mary Pat at The Floating Rib. She said she knew they hadn’t seen the last of each other yet, but he said that day was fast approaching.

Sonny told Jason and Sam the letter suggested plenty, but didn’t prove anything. Jason said it would still blindside Margaux, and Sonny said, or liberate her. He told Jason, the most dangerous enemy is one with nothing to lose.

Laura told Carly that they could pressure Ned into doing a full investigation. They would see how far Ferncliff fell from being a rehabilitation center. Carly said there were no horror movies as scary as Ferncliff was. She couldn’t forget her neighbor’s screaming, crying, and endless pounding on the wall. She wanted concrete answers.

Mary Pat asked if not-Doc thought she was a tool he could use and forget about. I laughed, and said, no, she’s just a tool. Not-Doc said he had nothing but respect for her, but Mary Pat wasn’t feeling it. Not-Doc wanted to discuss things more privately, so they could come to terms as quickly and quietly as possible. He suggested they meet at the pier. When she complained there were no drinks at the pier, he swiped a bottle of tequila at the bar, telling her that he knew the owners. They let him get away with murder.

Michael told Lulu that he had things buried deep, and she wondered if that was to keep them from others or himself. Peter came to meet Lulu, and Michael said he had a thing to go to. Peter told Lulu that he couldn’t imagine losing a son. He showed her a spreadsheet, showing The Invader’s numbers being on the rise. He said it was in no small part due to her. The public couldn’t get enough of her take on the gruesome business of Ryan’s murder spree. Then he said he was spiking her latest installment, confusing Lulu and myself.

Chase showed Willow his ID, and she verified it with the PCPD.

Anna said she wanted Britt to lure Obrecht to Port Charles, where the WSB would take her into custody. Her release was contingent on her cooperation; or she could stay there. Britt said she had a sweet gig in the laundry room and wanted a better offer. She wanted a magic trick.

Britt said she wanted Emma to disappear. She’d poisoned Patrick against her. She told Finn not to be fooled by Emma. Anna said nothing, and Brit said she’d make a helluva poker player. She was just kidding, but they’d have to fatten the purse. She wanted her medical license reinstated, but Anna said no way was she allowing an embryo stealing quack to practice medicine. Britt said Rocco was a stupid name, and Ben was better. Finn admitted he liked the name Ben. Anna was over it, and said she made the offer. Britt could either stay or sleep in a comfortable bed. Britt agreed, but had one more condition that wasn’t negotiable.

Britt chowed down at The Floating Rib.

Sonny said Jeanette’s letters could be as damaging to him. Jason said he was never mentioned, but Sonny said there could be others. Jason had to agree that there could be more. Maybe Jeanette saved the details and hid them away somewhere. Sam thought maybe Sonny shouldn’t do anything; Margaux didn’t have anything on him. Sonny said she’d lock him up for jaywalking, and use his family to do it.

Lulu wondered why Peter didn’t want to publish the next installment. He said it was the subject he was wrestling with. He wasn’t sure the readers would be interested in a philosophical debate on the nature of evil. Lulu said she thought he’d like it.

Laura told Carly she’s doing what she needs to in order to come to terms with the trauma. Carly wanted her time there to mean something. Laura supported that, but Carly wasn’t sure she could trust her own memory because of the drugs they pumped into her. At one point thought saw her neighbor, and thought he was… She flashed back to seeing Ryan in the hallway.

At the pier, not-Doc insisted he cared what happened to Mary Pat. Mary Pat thought she deserved a merit award, saying she was a good soldier. She was loyal, and didn’t question him. She kept his secret. Now, she was the one out on her behind, and he was sitting pretty. It wasn’t fair. He pointed out that he wasn’t the one who tortured patients, but she thought torture was an overused word. He said it still meant something to him. She wondered if his reputation would survive if the world learned he was hiding a maniac. If she called The Invader, life as he knew it would be over. He said, not just his.

Chase told Willow that she was parked in a spot designated for authorized vehicles. She told him she was preoccupied, and he said she was asleep. She asked if that was illegal, and he said it was when you’re drunk. She told him that she was taking a moment, and wasn’t drunk. He made her walk a straight line anyway, then told her to move her car, but it wouldn’t start.

Laura asked Carly who she thought it was, but Carly says it couldn’t have been him. Michael joined them, and Laura said she was going to check Doc’s office again. She promised Carly that they’d fix the problem with Ferncliff.

Not-Doc told Mary Pat that they both had in an interest in being discreet about his brother’s presence. She didn’t know what she had to lose. He was housing his long lost serial killer brother under false pretenses. He said Ryan’s urges could be sparked, but she said he was locked up. It wasn’t like he could hurt anyone.

Sonny said Margaux pushed Carly into Ferncliff, hassled Mike, and buried her father next to Morgan. She was already after Kristina and Michael; who was next? Avery? Sam said Margaux could either send her mom to prison or back off. Jason said if she chose to cover it up, they had her.

Peter asked Lulu why she thought he’d have a specific interest in the topic. Because there wasn’t a worse test case than him being Faison’s son? She says he’s proof evil doesn’t necessarily beget evil. A good person can come from a bad upbringing. It doesn’t excuse what he did to Jason, but he has a good heart and a conscience. He asked if her hypothesis was that a moral compass came from upbringing or was biological, but she said she needs more data. She saw Britt, and said, hell no.

Finn brought a margarita pitcher to Britt’s table, telling her there didn’t have strawberry. She said the deal was off. Britt was just full of fun today. Lulu came over, and poured the entire pitcher on her head. There was nearly a melee, but Peter and Finn broke it up. Lulu was pissed that she wasn’t notified. Peter wondered what on earth was going on, and Lulu introduced him to his sister.

Not-Doc told Mary Pat that his brother was her patient too. He’s tried to rehabilitate him to stand trial. Mary Pat said she’d been at his side, making sure his needs were met. Laura calls, but not-Doc ignored it, telling Mary Pat that she was more important. Laura left a message that she had a lot to tell him.

Carly told Michael that she was holding Ferncliff accountable, and he was proud of her. He said he should take a page from her book. She asked if he meant diving into an impossible situation without a plan or thinking about the consequences, but he said more like facing things head-on. Margaux was chatting him up, and reminded him that Sonny killed AJ, asking how he could live with that.

Sonny said Margaux built her world around her father, and he wouldn’t want to be Jeanette. Sam though it seemed like he almost admired Margaux, but he said he gets it. He took a little girl’s father away. Skully gave the order, and Jeanette started the ball rolling, but he pulled the trigger. Jason said Margaux was coming after Sonny’s family, and Sonny says that’s why she had to be stopped. He thanked them for helping get the truth. Jason asked what the plan was, but Sonny said he’d take it from there.

Britt asked Peter if it was true that he held Jason captive for five years, then turned him loose to eliminate their father. He told her it was true, and she called him a genius. He asked if she was really Obrecht’s daughter, and she said when it was convenient. He told her about Obrecht tying him to a bed in a cabin and leaving him to almost burn to death. She asked him to imagine being raised by that. He suggested they get together to compare notes, and she thought lunch would be good. He noticed her angle monitor, and asked Anna why a WSB agent was chaperoning a convicted criminal. He assumed the search for Obrecht came up empty. Anna asked him to put a muzzle on Lulu. She was bringing Obrecht in.

Despite Chase’s help, Willow’s car still wouldn’t start. Lulu came along and told Chase that Willow was Charlotte’s teacher. She wondered what was happening, and Willow explained she was parked inappropriately, and was the perp. Lulu asked why she was at the hospital, and she said she was visiting a friend. Lulu messed around with the engine, and told Chase to have her try it again. It started, and Lulu told him that she was her father’s daughter. He could start a car without a battery. She also mentioned that Willow was single.

Mary Pat told not-Doc that he could swing a job for her at GH. Something with a desk. She could use some income in the meantime though, inferring that he was a wealthy psychiatrist who had money to burn. And even if he didn’t, he could find it. She was sure he’d do anything to make sure his brother got the care he needed. Not-Doc needed her to understand something. She earned something to tide her over, but once he got her a job, they were done. She said, maybe; maybe not. Who knew what the future would bring.

Sam thought Sonny couldn’t just show up, and Jason said once Jeanette found out what happened, she could cause problems. Sonny said Margaux was going to find out her father wasn’t as innocent as she thought, and her parents’ marriage wasn’t a happy one. He believed when she found out her whole past was a lie, she’d lose her motive to come after him.

Michael told Carly that he shot Margaux down. She crossed the line, and he threatened a full investigation. Carly was pretty pissed that Margaux brought up AJ after everything Michael’s been dealing with. He asked if he was really dealing with it. He’s going through the motions of grieving, throwing himself into his work, and saying it’s under control. She tells him there’s no wrong way to grieve, but he thinks he found one. He told her that he’s not fine; just the opposite, and thinks of Jonah all the time. He had to stop pretending he’s okay.

Anna told Peter that she wanted it kept out of the paper, and explained the deal with Britt to him. She thought she could trust Britt, since the deal was beneficial to her. If she could get Obrecht behind bars, it would ensure Peter a measure of safety. She told him that when she got Obrecht, she’d give The Invader an exclusive deal.

Britt asked Finn what was up with him and Anna, but he said it was none of her business. She asked if he knew about Anna and her father, and he said he knew how conception worked. She said it was a tough image to get out of your head. When Anna came back, Britt said she wanted a long, hot shower, and Anna informed Britt that she’d be staying with her.

Jason thought maybe he should confront Margaux. Sonny said Jason was detached, and it made sense, but he was the one going. He’s the one she wanted; they were just collateral damage. He had to face her and confront her with the truth. Out in the hall, Sonny called Margaux, and said it was time they had it out – just the two of them.

Carly told Michael it was hard to confront feelings, but he had his family by his side. He said if he was being honest, he’d feel like she wanted him to be okay so badly, he’d pretend to be okay so she wasn’t disappointed. Carly wished it didn’t make sense, but it did. She asked where he was going to get help from, and he showed her the pamphlet about the bereavement group, and said, from people going through the same thing.

Chase sees the same pamphlet in Willow’s car. She didn’t want to discuss it, and he told her it was nothing to be ashamed of. But if she didn’t want her business out there, keep it out of sight. She covered it up.

Willow went into the meeting of the bereavement group. Michael followed.

Laura told Lulu that they left Ferncliff with more questions than answers. Lulu said she’d had a long talk with Doc, and Laura asked if he seemed okay. Lulu told her that she didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

Not-Doc wanted to make himself clear to Mary Pat. Once she was on her feet, their association was over. Mary Pat thought that was short-sighted, and said there was no expiration date on partnerships. She said he didn’t know what the future might hold. She might call on him for his assistance. Her keeping his secret was worth that much. She tossed the tequila in the river, and walked away. Not-Doc spied a metal, pointed tool for opening crates. He pulled it out, looked at the pointed end, and said, hello.

Next time, Ava tells someone they messed with the wrong woman, Peter asks Maxie to a fundraiser, and not-Doc sees Felicia, saying it must be his lucky day.

The Haves and The Have Nots

David had gone into cardiac arrest. Justin was there, bugging Jeffrey, who finally told him, sit down and shut up. I applauded. David was taken to surgery.

The FBI arrested Veronica’s bomb dude for attempted murder. I guess Erica didn’t count?

Justin tried being his version of nice to Jeffrey, but Jeffrey wasn’t having it. He slapped the drink Justin offered him out of Justin’s hand. Justin said Jeffrey just wanted to be with that bitch nurse, referring to Madison, and Jeffrey said they were done. Jeffrey said it was because of Justin’s own choices, but Justin whined that Jeffrey did this. Jeffrey told him to get his ass out. Justin said Jeffrey didn’t know him, and Jeffrey said the problem was that he did know Justin, and they were through. Justin said he’d wait at their apartment, and acted delusional – i.e. normal for him.

Benny went to see Candace at the hotel, and told her that he was mad as hell. She told him, get in line. She was packing, but said she didn’t have enough money to get very far. She knew he didn’t sign the account transfer papers, but wouldn’t tell him how she knew. Benny told her that she had to stop lying, and she said once she got the money thing taken care of, she was getting out of the business. She suggested they apply for a loan, using the money in the account as collateral. She swore she wouldn’t send anyone else after Hanna.

After Benny left, Landon arrived with a dress for Candace to wear on her date with Charles. He told her she wasn’t leaving. There would be a car coming to take her to a restaurant where she was going to meet him. There would be reporters, and some questions were dicey, but they had them covered. She told him that he couldn’t force her to go, but he said she was chosen. Period. It didn’t matter what she wanted. He told her a hypothetical story about a woman The Committee wanted – the ones called the Kingmakers. Charles is a package, put together by people who want to see him in the Whitehouse. He tells her that they called in favors, and the woman was cleaned up, but still said no. Candace asked what happened. He told her to guess, since he was there with her. He told her to get dressed, be there, and don’t make Charles wait.

Bomb dude called Veronica, and told her that he’d gotten arrested. She suggested he call someone else. She couldn’t help him. He told the FBI guys that she paid him to plant the bomb, but hadn’t given him the money yet. They asked if he did it out of the kindness of his heart. He insisted that she was going to pay him, but they weren’t buying it. Still, they decided to pick her up for domestic terrorism. One guy thought it was risky, but the head guy said they could at least see how good she is. This was confusing, since it didn’t seem like they believed bomb dude.

Hanna told Derrick that he made her feel better, and he said she deserved happiness after all she’d been through. He told her he was taking her for two weeks in the Bahamas – on him. She noted that there was only one room with one king-sized bed, and told him that she was strong, not dead. They made out on the couch.

The doctor explained to Jeffrey that David got an infection from the stress on his heart, but he’d recover. Madison was concerned about the domestic violence in Jeffrey’s life, meaning Justin. He wanted Jeffrey to do something before it was too late, but Jeffrey insisted everything was okay.

Hotel manager Roderick called Kathryn. Jim wondered who was calling, since no one calls her because she has no social life. She told him to stay away from her phone. Roderick wanted to see her, and she pretended to schedule a business meeting. When Jim asked who it was, Kathryn told him it was no one, since no one calls her.

Wyatt wanted to get out of the house, saying he was fine now, but Jim wasn’t fooled, and told him, deal with it. Wyatt insisted Jim couldn’t keep him there, but Jim said he had a court order. Wyatt called George, pretending he had more information for his statement. George told him to come down to the office, but Wyatt said he couldn’t because of Jim’s court order. George said he’d get back to Wyatt. Wyatt told Jim to keep him there and see what happens. Jim told Kathryn that he had it under control, but she was like, yeah, right.

Wyatt wasn’t the only one who wanted out. So did David. Jeffrey told him that he couldn’t leave the hospital yet, and David asked if Jeffrey had gone through Erica’s things. Jeffrey said he hadn’t had a chance, since he’d been with David the whole time. He told David that he didn’t want to lose him, and not to scare him like that again. David said, she’s not going to win, and begged Jeffrey to find the information regarding Erica. Jeffrey asked Madison if he wanted to come along to David’s house.

Two FBI guys were waiting for Veronica when she got home; the housekeeper let them in. She told them that she had nothing to say, but head FBI guy said he begged to differ. He wanted her to come to the station, but she said she didn’t have to unless she was being arrested. He told her it was in regard to domestic terrorism, but she said she wasn’t going. Someone should have prepped him on who he was going to talk to. He said, someone did. She told him if he wasn’t arresting her, get out. They left, and she yelled at mysterious housekeeper Alice, who we never see.

Candace ended up meeting Charles. I was kind of meh on the dress, but it had a fabulous neckline. Charles thought she looked stunning. She told him that she was forced to be there. He said he lets his team do what they do, but maybe it was a bad idea, and they should go their separate ways after they enjoy the meal. She asked what would happen if she just left, and he told her that she was free to go. She asked if there wouldn’t be consequences, and says she was told about the other girl who said no. He asks, what happened? and she said she didn’t know, but it wasn’t good. He told her if she wasn’t afraid, go ahead and go.

Madison was impressed with David’s house. Jeffrey asked if Madison wanted to go upstairs; he had to look for something. Jeffrey thanked Madison for helping his dad, and also helping keep him calm. He found Erica’s address book, looked inside, and said, what the hell? Damn. Madison asked if he was okay, and Jeffrey said he had something to confess. He had a crush on Madison when they were in school together. Madison was surprised, since Jeffrey never said anything, and Jeffrey said, no one did. No one was out. Jeffrey told Madison he had problems with Bobby Safer. He harassed them both. Jeffrey wondered what happened to Bobby, and Madison said he was probably in prison. They stared at each other for a while, and Madison asked if Jeffrey found what he was looking for. Jeffrey kissed him.

You know it couldn’t just end there. Behind them, Veronica looked into the room, and said, who the hell is this?

Next time, Benny asks if Hanna is going to put him out, Candace asks Charles if he still wants her, and Kathryn gets busy with Roderick.

🏆 Honorable Mention…

Last week, I decided to forego Flipping Out to take a look at Ready To Love, which follows The Haves and The Have Nots. It’s a new matchmaking show that’s both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. I liked it, and especially enjoyed the lament of a contestant who was a pastor. The ladies were concerned they’d have to live up to some kind of holy expectations, when really, he was just a regular guy. You can read about it here:


👓 Who Is He?

How am I not recognizing him? This is what I get for typing instead of watching.


🙏 Why, Lord, Why?

I’m going to have to watch Channel Zero: The Dream Door on the weekend On Demand. While I’m seriously pressed for time, I keep forgetting it’s on, since previous seasons have aired weekly. It’s on at 11 pm, which avoids conflict for most viewers, but I can’t imagine their ratings are as good this time around. I did catch Saturday night’s episode, and it looked really creepy.

❓ Who Knows?

You’ll definitely get a full Deck – the only show I was able to give full attention to – tomorrow, but other than that, I’m not sure what All Hallows’ Eve will bring. Besides extra calories.

🔮 Not Scary, But…

It has a bit of a witchy title. I also love this band. They have an interesting catalog of music. Although, sadly, their lead singer, Bradley Nowell passed away before they peaked. I don’t think he would have cared though.





October 25, 2018 – Spinelli Brings Information, MJ Has an Intimate Gathering, Goodbye to Waverly, a SyFy Day to Remember & Dogs


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Finn tells feeds Roxie, saying she must be starving. He’s glad she’s okay. He had a helluva night. He might sleep until Anna comes home – whenever that is. He sees the unmade bed, and says housekeeping is slacking, and gets in. Anna comes out of the bathroom in a negligee. He asks if she’s there or is he dreaming. She says, you tell me, and kisses him.

Nina gives Sasha a box. It’s something she’s passed in the shop window that always made her think of her baby. It’s an amethyst, February’s birthstone. She knows Sasha has to leave, and it could be a memento of their time together. Sasha says it’s beautiful, and Nina says it represents inner strength, energy, and healing. Sasha knows, and says it was St. Valentine’s favorite gem. It’s also called the couples stone; it engenders a deeper union between lovers. Valentin walks in, and Sasha tells Nina that her ex is in the house.

Maxie approaches their table. She’s sorry to interrupt, but Nina forgot there was an editorial board meeting. Nina starts to get up, but Maxie says she took care of it. Nina says she’s a lifesaver, and asks her to join them. She’s like Maxie to get to know her daughter. Nina says she loves saying that, and introduces them.

Oscar goes to Alexis’s office, and says he finished up one. He got a job as a busboy. It’s a little more than minimum wage plus tips. Alexis tells him he needs a place to live, and he says he’s signed up for roommate services. Alexis hopes they work fast. He has to prove he can take care of himself without parental assistance. He says he’s holding up his end of the deal. He needs to be able to decide what’s right for him in whatever time he has left. He opens the office door, and Julian is there.

Sonny walks into Charlie’s, and sees Margaux talking to Kristina, who’s behind the bar. She asks what Kristina’s favorite dish is. She needs comfort food; she had a late night. Kristina did too, and Margaux hopes it was more fun than hers. What was she doing? Kristina asks if she knows Margaux, and Sonny says she’s the new DA. She’s the one who sent Carly to Ferncliff. Now she’s gunning for Kristina’s father.

Jason visits Sam, and is surprised to find Spinelli there. It’s his great pleasure to be back amongst friends. Sam says, we’re glad see you, and Spinelli notices her choice of pronoun. Dare he wonder if they’re a collective now, working toward their long awaited, much desired reunion?

Sasha tells Maxie that she’s heard a lot about Maxie. Nina says she’s more like a sister than sister-in-law. Maxie says she feels the same way; they’ve been through a lot. Sasha is sorry about her husband, and wishes she’d known him. Maxie says he would have been thrilled she survived. Sasha can’t wait to meet James, and Maxie says James is her first cousin; he doesn’t have many blood relatives. Sasha says Nina has been telling her about her colorful family. Maxie says, there’s Britt Nathan has a sister who’s a criminal, like her mother. She points out Peter and says Britt’s mother held him prisoner.

Finn asks Anna when she got back; she didn’t mention the possibility. He says he was in surgery all night, and asks if she found Obrecht. Is she staying a while? She wonders if he wants to ask questions, or just dot-dot-dot. He would prefer dot-dot-dot. She says he’s probably exhausted, and asks if everybody lived. He asks if they can stop talking, and they get busy

Jason asks what he told Spinelli about matchmaking, and Spinelli says, to cease and desist, but they misconstrued his innocent remark. Sam says it was hard to misconstrue his reunion remark. He says their reunion is looked forward too. Including, but not limited to… He lists all the people who agree with them getting back together. Sam days they get it, but he has to understand it’s their life, and their relationship. What happens between them is their business. Spinelli gives his most humble apology, and promises to restrain himself in the future. Sam is glad to see him, but wonders what happened to the trip. Georgie came down with something and they had to cancel. She’ll be fine, but since she wouldn’t be able to fully experience the joys of Wacky Water World, they’re rescheduling. In the meantime, he comes armed with some intriguing information about Margaux.

Sonny says Margaux doesn’t know when to quit. Margaux tells Sonny that she came in for brunch; that’s all. Sonny says she knows Kristina is his daughter. Margaux says she also works there. Kristina asks her to get a table, saying the seats at the bar are reserved. Margaux says, for weekday brunch? and Kristina tells her their Bloody Mary was on Upstate Magazine’s top ten list. Margaux moves to a table, and Sonny thanks Kristina for getting rid of her; it shows her loyalty. She says even though she’s working for Julian? He says it’s her call; he understands. She says her mom never will.

Oscar asks Julian if his mom send him to talk Alexis into not taking his case. Julian says she asked him to speak to Alexis, but he can’t talk her into doing anything. He’s here as a friend. It’s not easy for his mom, or anyone. Oscar asks if Julian isn’t on his mom’s side. Does he still have a job? Julian says the job is still his. All he has to do is fill out the paperwork. Oscar thanks the both of them, and leaves. Alexis is surprised that Julian gave Oscar a job. He says, much to his mother’s chagrin. He thought Oscar just wanted to earn some extra money, and didn’t know it was about his legal right to his healthcare decisions. She says he knows she can’t discuss it. He says he knows Oscar is sick, and that his parents enrolled him in a medical trial to save his life. He knows what’s at stake. She asks, did he come to change her mind, or is what he said true, that he’s here as a friend?

Sasha tells Maxie that she knows she was born into colorful family. She wonders if mental instability is hereditary. Nina says she had problems and was institutionalized. Maxie says it was after she woke from a twenty year coma and was grieving the baby she lost. She’s fine now. Nina says she is; she overcame it. It was before she knew Sasha was alive. And here she is. Maxie says the nature versus nurture debate is interesting, and asks how Sasha’s mental health is.

Peter tells Valentin he assumes that’s Nina’s daughter. Valentin says that’s Sasha. Peter says Nina asking him about the discovery of his own mother makes sense now. Valentin asks if Peter discouraged Nina, but Peter says, quite the contrary. He encouraged Nina to reach out. Valentin commends him, and asks if that means he’s had a chance of heart toward Anna.

Anna apologizes for being gone so long; she would rather have been there. Finn says he was almost worried she was kidnapped again. She says they FaceTimed; he knew she was fine. He asks what happened. Did she find Obrecht?

Alexis wonders what makes Kim think Julian could change her mind. Julian says it wasn’t Kim’s idea. She went to Sam, and from what Sam said, she thought maybe he’d have some influence. Alexis asks if Sam still believes he has any sway. He doesn’t think that’s what Sam meant, but it’s what Kim heard. She’s desperate, and will do anything to prolong Oscar’s life. That’s why wants him in the trial. Alexis says, even if it denies Oscar the last vestige of control over his own life?

On the phone, Oscar says, the rent is how much? He just wants a room, not a whole apartment. There’s nothing cheaper? He’ll take an air mattress, a futon, anything. Welcome to the real world, Oscar.

Sonny knows better than to get between Kristina and her mother. Kristina says there’s nothing to get between. As far as her mother is concerned, she’s wasting her life and potential. Sonny says as long as she’s supporting herself, she can make her own choices. She tells him, she’s not defending Julian, but so far, Julian is treating her fairly, and Sonny says he’s there for her. With the DA hovering, he’s had family on his mind. He doesn’t feel good about not seeing her much, and misses her. She says she’s doing fine, or would be, if her mom would leave her alone. Sonny says that’s not happening. She worries like all parents. Kristina says, all parents whose kids are screw ups. Sonny says she’s not a screw up. She went through breakup; it’s a hard thing to go through. Margaux watches them. Kristina says, it was.

Spinelli says the murder of Margaux’s father may have been a crime of passion or simple greed. He had substantial life insurance, but his wife never tried to collect. Jason says she wasn’t convinced he was dead. Sam says, because they never found the body. Spinelli says they lived on a modest income. Sam suggests Skully was supporting them, but Spinelli wonders why there was no claim filed. Sam says, maybe she was hoping he was still alive, but Jason says, why would she want him alive? She was cheating on him. Sam says, maybe she was in love with two men. She had an affair, and felt guilty. Maybe declaring him dead was too much.

Anna tells Finn, what happened was a long arduous search. She had to do it for Peter. Finn says she had to protect her son, and ask long as Obrecht is lurking out there, he needs protection. Anna says she probably stopped lurking; she was getting nowhere. She missed him, so she came home.

Peter finds it ironic that Valentin is concerned about his feelings for Anna, since he thwarted her good intentions, delivering him to the hands of his father. Valentin says it was the worst decision at the darkest point of his life. He doesn’t expect Peter to forgive him, but hopes he forgives Anna one day. Peter says, slowly but surely, he’s rising from the evils of his father – with some help. He looks at Nina’s table. Valentin is doing the same. He hopes that the woman who makes him a better man forgives him someday. Peter says that’s a long road, and Valentin says, it’s worth every mile.

Nina tells Maxie that was a rude question. Sasha doesn’t think so. She says she’s not crazy. Everyone is out there in some way, but in terms of murder and mayhem, she’s normal. Maxie says she didn’t mean to be rude, but Sasha admires her for looking out for Nina. Maxie goes back to the office. Sasha thinks Nina is lucky to have such caring people in her life. Nina sees Valentin and smiles at him.

Peter sees Maxie at the elevator. He didn’t want interrupt, but wondered how James was. She’s sorry for dragging him to the hospital. He tells her not to apologize. He was just at GH and thinking they were lucky James was okay. She asks why he was at the hospital.

Valentin thanks Nina for inviting him to join them. She says it’s the least she can do. He was instrumental in getting Sasha to say. All he wants is her happiness. She says maybe he can talk to Sasha, and get her to stay a few more days.

Alexis tells Julian that Oscar just found out how sick he is, and he’s spinning and confused. The situation is untenable, and he has no control over any of it. Julian can see how he’d feel helpless. The last thing Alexis wants to do is add to Kim and Drew’s pain. She can’t fathom what they’re going through. They’re good people, but what they want and what Oscar wants aren’t the same. But maybe in time, they will be. Julian asks if she’s thinking she can make it right for both.

Sonny is glad Kristina is home, and glad she’s working. She faced that her relationship didn’t work out, and came home. Those are big steps. Kristina feels like a loser most of the time. Sonny says when she beats herself up, there’s family to pick her up. Family is his life support, and they’re just a phone call away. He also didn’t forget her birthday is coming up. He asks if she’ll allow them to show her how much they love her. She says, deal, and they exchange I love yous.

Daisy asks Kristina if that was her dad. Kristina asks, why? Daisy says she didn’t mean anything by it. He didn’t look like a customer, and Kristina isn’t the sugar daddy type. Kristina says, sorry, it’s her dad. She just had an encounter with that woman over there. She looks at Margaux, who waves. Kristina says she’s on the defensive. Daisy thinks she has something to take Kristina’s mind off of what’s bothering her.

Spinelli begs Sam for a thousand pardons. He didn’t mean to bring up bad memories. Jason asks, what bad memories? Sam says, a couple years after Jason disappeared, she was backed into a corner about declaring him dead. There was craziness between ELQ and the Quartermaines, and Danny’s legacy. She was forced to face the fact he might never come home. It was a horrible time. Everyone told her to move on and get closure, and they were wrong. She understands why Margaux’s mom would be reluctant to face the facts. Spinelli thinks she might be projecting. Margaux’s mother’s feelings can’t possibly compare to Sam’s feelings for Jason.

😣 There was a twenty minute interruption here with news we already knew that couldn’t wait until 4 pm, but I On Demanded it later.

Peter says he was just having a check-up after the Obrecht incident. He has nerve damage in his hand, but otherwise, he’s fine. She asks if he ended up getting anti-anxiety medication, but he doesn’t think he needs it anymore. He’s coming through it – because of her.

Sasha says she has a job to get back to, and Nina says she never asked what Sasha does. She fills in at offices; she’s good at computer software. Valentin asks if she’s currently working. She says she put off any jobs because of her trip, but with temping, if she doesn’t work, she doesn’t get paid. Nina says she could set her up with Crimson’s support staff. Sasha says her mother raised her to go her own way, but Nina says it’s not like she’d be putting her on the payroll; she’d be working. There’s also Peter, who might be able to use her. Nina says, just think about it. Think about making Port Charles her home.

Spinelli says Sam did what she had to do for Danny; why wouldn’t Margaux’s mother do the same thing? Sam says it might have stirred up questions about her and Skully, and Jason says there could have been an investigation, leading to Vincent’s death being a hit. Spinelli says, interesting theory, but there’s more. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Sonny, who got their text. Spinelli says he has information about Margaux that should be of interest to Sonny. Sonny says he found her cozying up to Kristina in Charlie’s Pub. She wants to use Kristina the way she used Mike. Margaux has crossed the line. Jason says they’re going to stop her. They’re close to getting what it takes.

Daisy asks if Kristina went to the concert. She didn’t get there, but Daisy says there will be others. She’s the organizer. They’re having a bonfire at the beach. Does she want to go? Oscar approaches them, and Kristina introduces Daisy. Oscar tells Kristina that he’s working there now, and Julian said she could set him up with the paperwork. He needs to be good at this job. He’s emancipating himself from his parents, like in court. Kristina’s mom is his lawyer.

Alexis tells Julian, a sixteen-year-old boy comes to her, terrified, desperate for her help. He wants a say in what happens over his own body. Julian says he’s choosing not to fight his illness. How can she be okay with that? She says if a sixteen-year-old pregnant girl wanted to keep her baby, but her parents were forcing her to give it up, she would fight, and not many would] question that.  Julian wouldn’t. He says no one in her corner when Sam was taken away. He understands her point, but also understands that nothing good will come from this. Oscar is estranged from his parents when he needs them the most. Alexis says, not necessarily.

Anna tells Finn that she tracked Obrecht until the trail ran cold. The WSB is running a check on all her contacts. She’s probably owed a lot of favors, and there are tons of hiding places she has access to. Finn says, a rat has to come out of his hole some time. Anna says when Obrecht does, she’ll be waiting. She owes it to Peter to bring her to justice. Until then, she thinks Finn can find something keep her occupied.

Maxie doesn’t think she did that much for Peter. She listened; just what he needed. She hopes he’s healing. Halloween is a fun holiday. She hopes he can relax and enjoy it. He says it will be his first one. Partly because he lived in the country, but he never had he desire to mingle with ghouls and monsters. They remind him too much of his father. So he and James will be celebrating their first Halloweens together. Has he decide on a costume? Maxie says she’s entrusted with the task. Would he like to come shopping with her? He would.

Nina is just grateful for Sasha’s visit; no pressure. She doesn’t want to get carried away again. Sasha says she’s getting used to it. Valentin says if she stays, Sasha can meet his daughter. He and Nina raised her. Nina says she’s lovely and so smart. Valentin thinks they’ll get along great, and she’ll see another side of Nina; the one that cares for a daughter. Sasha says she’ll call her temp agency, and steps away from the table. Nina thanks him, and he says Sasha obviously wants to get to know her better. Who wouldn’t?

Alexis tells Julian she’s merely advocating for Oscar to have control. She’s not arguing that he shouldn’t be involved in the trial. Julian asks if that means she agrees he should. She says she wants him to have every chance to beat his illness, and thinks deep down he does too. But he has to get there himself. Maybe if he thought his parents weren’t controlling him, he might make the right decision.

Kristina thought Oscar and his mom were super tight, and Drew seems cool. He says he just wants the right to make his own decisions. Kristina can relate to that, but never thought of hiring a lawyer. He needs a way to support himself and a place to live, which isn’t going well. He had no idea how expensive everything was. Maybe he’s naïve. Kristina goes to get the paperwork, and Daisy says she thinks she can help him.

Sonny thinks it’s odd Margaux’s mother never collected on the insurance. Spinelli says, after venturing further, he saw that hours after the remains were found, she filed a claim. Sam asks if she’s gotten the money yet, but Spinelli says no, since no premiums were paid all those years, and it was a murder. The insurance company is launching their own investigation.

Valentin doesn’t want to push his luck, but wonders if there’s any chance Nina and Sasha could come to dinner at Windemere. It’s not a romantic ambush, just dinner. Regardless of how she feels about him, it’s a delight to know her daughter better. She’s so much like Nina, and Nina radiates in her presence. There’s nothing better than seeing Nina’s joy. It’s a family dinner, nothing more. Nina accepts.

Peter asks if James is joining in on the costume quest, and Maxie says she’ll call and see if he’s napping. She asks if he wants to take the stairs, but he says he’s fine with the elevator. They get in, and smile.

Anna tells Finn the WSB is still looking for Obrecht. If she gets a location, she’ll have to go, but she needs backup. He asks if she means Robert, but she says him – if he’s willing. He says they’ll see. The last time they teamed up, they were imprisoned under threat of death, and unleashed Cassandra. And the food was terrible. She asks if that’s a no, but he says, no. They kiss and get busy again.

Oscar asks if Daisy knows of someone who needs a roommate. She says she shares a place with a lot of people. Nothing fancy, but it’s a bed. They pay what they can in exchange for helping out. It’s a fun place. She says he’ll love it, and Oscar says he already does. She tells him that she’ll text the address, and he can stop by. He tells her that he’s pretty handy, and she says he seems like a good addition. What is she involved with? A cult? Oscar says that proves he’s doing everything right. Kristina comes back with the paperwork. Daisy asks if Kristina wants the info about the bonfire, and Kristina says, why not?

Alexis tells Julian she got a text, and Oscar is a step closer to qualifying for the right to choose his own medical decisions. He’s found a place to live. Julian shudders to think at Oscar’s price range. He dreads telling Kim that she’s not backing off. He wishes Kim knew her like he did. He’s not sure what she has in mind, but he trusts her judgement. If anyone can find the King Solomon solution, it’s her. But whatever her strategy is, she needs to make it happen fast. As far as he can tell, Oscar doesn’t have much time.

Sonny thinks the insurance stuff isn’t making sense. Jason says Margaux’s mother was never straight with her on what went down between her father and Skully. Sonny says now she’s trying for the money. Sam thinks the only one with answers is Margaux’s mother. Sonny needs to know what she’s hiding to back Margaux off. He can’t have her doing any more damage to his family.

Tomorrow, Kiki thinks she and Sasha should take getting to know owe another up a notch, Lulu asks not-Doc if some people are just born evil, and Laura tells Carly no one will blame her if she wants to back out.

Shahs of Sunset

Mike picks up Reza, Reza is excited to see the property Mike bought. It’s a duplex he acquire 10+ years ago, and he picked up the house next door when it went into foreclosure. He thinks he has a good deal with the contractor, but Reza says he doesn’t have such a good track record. Reza says he’s concerned about the construction process. In his interview, Reza says Mike has great ideas, and usually Reza is the one who plans and executes them, and it turns out well. He tells Mike a two year project means two years’ worth of problems.

The place looks like a dump. The small amount of grass is dry and dead, and Reza says he can tell Mike isn’t doing a lot of landscaping. Mike says he bought it down-market, and it’s one of the fastest growing areas in LA. It’s something that’s going to live on forever – Mike Manor. Reza thinks he should reinvest. Why give up years? Mike says it will be years of creating something that can feed his family for years to come. In Reza’s interview, he says it scares him that his friend will be managing a $4-6 million project. Mike’s nerves are frayed already. He tells Mike to put it on the market, and if he doesn’t see the numbers he wants, move forward. Reza likes that it’s a collective family thing. He’s happy for Mike. He might end up surprising all of them, and dedicating himself to the project, transforming himself in the process. Reza has the feeling he’s going to end up on the job site, but he’ll do it with smile a and not be resentful.

MJ and Tommy go to the lawyer’s office. MJ says she’s the Susan B. Anthony of prenups. She’s rewriting the laws to favor women, and won’t get hoodwinked today. Tommy’s lawyer arrives, and Tommy is glad to see a friendly face. The lawyers leave the room, so they can have a last minute discussion. MJ says she’s ready, because it benefits her. Tommy says he barely walks out with a shirt, but if it doesn’t work out, that’s all he wants. He wants MJ to have peace of mind. He says, till death do us part, but they’ll probably kill each other before they walk away. She appreciates him being amenable, but if he leaves her for his secretary, she’ll kill them both, and he’ll walk the world without a penis. I guess she believes in ghosts? He says, let’s rock and roll. In her interview, MJ says she’s asking for whatever is fair, and whatever she wants is fair. They sign.

Destiney goes to an ice cream shop. In her interview, she says Persians like exotic flavor. It has to be rosewater-pistachio-saffron. Mom Tammy (Titi) meets her. Destiney says she spoke with Monique. She’s found someone who might be her father. We see a clip of Monique telling Destiney that she found an 86-year-old man who’s a good possibility, and to cross her fingers. Destiney tells Tammy that he might be in OC. Tammy says he’s supposed to be in Iran. He has another wife and children. Destiney says, what if moved there? In Destiney’s interview, she says this has been going on for months, and she has to keep being persistent. She wants Tammy to come with her. She doesn’t want Tammy to have any pressure, but she needs this. If she gets married, she can have a parent on each arm. She tells Tammy that if Monique calls and says it’s 100%, she’s coming. Tammy says, okay. They pinkie promise, and hug.

Nema’s mom visits. She lives on the east coast, but stops by when she’s traveling for work, and hangs out with him and Mona. In his interview, he says the details of their divorce are obscure. They married young, and it was arranged in Iran. He doesn’t know as they were ever madly in love. He thinks when someone in that position moves to the US, they feel more empowered, and can choose their own happiness. They don’t talk about it. Nema tells her that he and Erica aren’t together anymore. He tried to kiss another girl. His mother says that was stupid of him, and he knows. He says she moved out, and they’re not communicating outside of work. I’ll bet that’s awkward. He says he has a lot of baggage from not growing up with his parents. In his interview, he explains that the kids were to choose which parent they would live with. Their mom said they needed to pick right now. Mona was only two, and ran to their mom. Everyone took it as she was choosing her mom. Nema was four, and seeing his dad’s disappointment, ran to him. He still has PTSD to this day. The most important women in his life weren’t there for his whole life. It created a problem he never thought would happen. His mom starts to cry, and he tells her not to be upset; he’s working through it. Mona says, it’s no one’s fault. Nema experienced it, and he’s dealing with it. He says he’s feeling the chip on his shoulder going away. His mother and sister worked through it. Now it’s his turn.

Reza cleans up at the new house. Adam meets him there, and asks, how much longer? Reza tells him, ten weeks. Adam asks how they are with the budget. In his interview, Reza is finding it hard to grasp the what’s yours is mine concept. Adam is really asking how much money of his do they have left. He says, yesterday, he wrote a $50K check. They’re in for around $310K. When they started, Reza had a cool million in the bank. Seeing it fly out makes him feel anxious and unstable. Adam makes noises about having a baby again, and Reza says let him make it clear. As soon as the construction is done, and he doesn’t have to write any more checks, they’ll put the condo on the market and start the baby process. Adam asks if Reza has any fears or worries about having kids, and Reza says, obviously. What if there’s no more sexy time, and they grow apart and get divorced? Adam has his own fears and reservations, but Reza says none of them are around money. It’s a huge part for him. In his interview, Reza says he comes from a place where all marriages end in divorce. He’s predisposed to divorce. Adam says they’ll figure out the money thing, and Reza says he’s the one that has to do it. Adam tells him that they’re a team now, and Reza says, then Adam can figure it out. Adam suddenly has to go to work.

Adam goes to Asa’s boutique, and looks at sunglasses. Asa comes out from the back. In her interview, she says that her life is crazy, but she still keeps in touch. Mostly texting. Mike faded out, and she doesn’t want MJ near her or her family ever. She shows Adam her new swim line. He asks how mommy duty is, and she says, some things are easier now, but it’s a different type of life. It’s her greatest joy, and a whole new world. In Asa’s interview, she says having a child is the pinnacle of life’s meaning, purpose, and love. You’re like a slave, but you love it. She asks how the baby thing is going, and Adam says Reza was asking about budgeting, and he had to leave before Reza got anxious. Asa suggests maybe Reza doesn’t want kids. It’s important to make the person you love happy, both they both have valid feelings. You have to be ready for that commitment. Adam says he is. Asa says, a child challenges every aspect of your life, and tells him that they both have to speak their truth. He check’s out the blankets, but their $700. She gives him one as a housewarming gift, and something else for Reza for peace or namaste or whatever.

MJ sees the fertility doctor. She says they’ve been working toward this for four years. Last year, she and Tommy made an affirmation wall. It was a farfetched affirmation that came to fruition. The doctor tells her they did well. They have a beautiful embryo that’s normal and healthy. The goal is to implant it at the right time. In MJ’s interview, she says she was the one who was never getting married or having children. Me too, but I stuck to half the plan. She says Tommy changed that. He’s the man who showed her a special kind of love, and everything is worth it. She and the doctor FaceTime with him. The doctor says he’s happy to move forward, but thinks they should just transfer one egg because of MJ’s age category. Tommy says, let’s rock and roll, which is apparently his catch phrase. In her interview, MJ says she’s ready to get married, and take the next step. She beat the odds, and she’s not wasting the opportunity. She’ll be the most incredible mom ever.

MJ and Tommy invite everyone to an intimate gathering. Adam brings home the presents, and tells Reza that he saw his therapist, meaning Asa. He asks Reza, yes or no, do you want a kid? Reza says, when? and Adam says what about in five years? Reza says, yes, he’d love to have a baby, but Adam shouldn’t feel he’s owed a baby because Asa has one. Adam does want to raise their baby with hers, but Reza says he doesn’t want to keep up. They have a plan already, and it has a lot to do with finances. In Reza’s interview, he says they can’t make a vision for their lives based on what Asa and Jermaine are doing. He and Adam are a team. The had a plan, and he’s doing his part. He asks Adam what the plan is, and Adam says, move in, then have a conversation about having a baby. He promises they won’t have it again while they’re living in the condo.

MJ gets ready for the party. The wedding is a few days away, but she wanted an intimate gathering. It’s not just about the bride (I can’t believe she’s saying that). It’s about family, rejoicing, and having the best of times. Shervin brings GG on the back of his bike, and he says she’s the worst passenger in the world. She complains so much, he’d hoped his helmet would mute her voice, but it didn’t. Reza says GG is like kryptonite to Nema. He’s all about her. Nema, Mona, and Destiney arrive. Reza says he heard Nema tried to nibble on GG’s neck at her event. He says he has something of hers. She says she took her wedding band off, and Nema went home with it. She wonders if she should throw it away, and Vida says no. Shervin tells Reza they need his advice, but GG throws it into the pool, and he says, never mind. She wants everyone to leave her alone about it.

Everyone wonders where Mike is. MJ says she knows what happened – Morgan. We see a clip of Morgan telling MJ that Mike is forty-years-old, and he’s not changing. MJ says, this is a pattern. When he’s in a healthy relationship, he panics. He doesn’t want to hang up his bachelor, playboy life. Mike shows up with bouquets, and Adam says the last time anyone brought roses, someone got attacked. We see a clip of GG going after Adam when Reza set up the fake apology. Mike hands out flowers and energy bars. He appreciates their support; it means the world to him. He has one more gift for Reza. In Mike’s interview, he says if he’s learned anything, it’s that even if you love each other, relationships are fragile. You have to bring out the best to build stronger friendships. Know what you did that hurt someone, and not do it in the future. Mike brings out the cutest kitten ever, and says he loves Reza. If he ever lost his dog, he’d be a mess. Woody is a purebred Persian. In his interview, Reza says his cat Buzzy passed away, and was his most special thing ever. In Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear had a sidekick, Woody, so it’s sweet. He says Mike is an amazing guy. He doesn’t always get to water on his own. They sometimes have to lead him, but the beauty of it is, he gets it.

Reza says if MJ gets the ring, it won’t be GG’s anymore. Nema says he’s insanely attracted to GG, and she asks if they should just do it, and get it over with. He asks if that’s what she wants, and she says she likes him. He says her texts have made that clear – I want to be in your head and other places. In GG’s interview, she says, every woman wants to be wanted. She admits to it, so why not have fun? She tells Nema, she wants what she wants in the moment, and if she wants him, she’ll make it happen. Reza says she’s turning Nema on just saying that. In his interview, Reza says GG isn’t the best judge of character. Shalom was a disaster. We flash back to Shalom’s meltdown. Reza says Nema is the Persian Poindexter, and they’re attracted to one another. It’s not easy to find. Nema says he’d like the opportunity to give her more than attention. GG tells him, having sex is normal; all species do it. Talk is cheap, and so far, he’s done a lot of it. She walks away, and he shakes his head.

Vida and MJ go to the floral warehouse. MJ’s vision for wedding is an ethereal, white, beautiful room with super high centerpieces; lots of white and natural green leaves, and a flower wall. We see a clip of MJ telling Tommy her idea of a flower wall with holes in it. A hand reaches out, and offers the guests their table numbers. Tommy asks how the hand knows who it is; telepathy? MJ says it sounds over-the-top, but you only get married once. She says she’ll be letting the floral designer decide. Vida says this is usually done six months in advance. In her interview, Vida says her mom was opinionated. She was the boss, and ran the family, and she’s like her mom. Wedding planner Lenora and florist Carly join them. The flowers are stressing MJ out. She’s hoping to execute a vision of classic and elegant. They discuss some color combinations, and Vida hates it. Lenora says she’ll love it, and Vida says they can’t force her. In MJ’s interview, she says since her father’s passing, her mother has been supportive and nurturing, but she’s seeing more of the old Vida coming back. She has a lot to get done in one week, and doesn’t want old Vida screwing up her wedding. They leave the task to Carly.

Shervin drives GG to the town hall. She asks him if she’s doing the right thing. She finally woke up, and realized she has to get a divorce now. She tells Shervin, don’t ever get married, and Shervin says he’s single and happy. He mentions that she’s still wearing the engagement ring, and she doesn’t understand why everyone is complaining. She still wears other jewelry Shalom gave her. Shervin explains that it represents marriage, but she says it represents engagement. Yeah, I know. In his interview, Shervin says GG liked saying she was married more than she liked being married. She puts the ring on another finger, and Shervin says he’s happy. As he drops her off, he asks her to seriously thinks about the ring and what it means. He tells her, good luck.

In her interview, GG says she’s worked hard on the important things in life, and not allowing Shalom to take that away. She’s worked hard to be a better person; to be happier, nicer, friendlier, and healthier, and that little shrimp isn’t taking it away. Bye, bitch.

Next time, Reza is hoping his haircare line pays for the baby, Monique says Destiney’s father isn’t in the US, Destiney thinks she’s setting herself up for failure, and a party the night before the wedding.

🏡 The end of Welcome to Waverly, which has been on all week, brought a tear to my eye. The participants didn’t want to leave, realizing that people are the same everywhere, no matter what their beliefs, and our differences are what makes America the amazing place that it is. I missed a lot of the show, but was glad they came to this conclusion, and it ended on an upbeat note. I’m a firm believer that if people would stop being babies, concentrate on what makes them the same, understand or at least tolerate the differences, and work together, we could all have much better lives. I don’t even like people, but I’m smart enough to know that being angry isn’t working. I’m sure this will be on rotation for a while, so catch it if you can.

😈Don’t forget, Channel Zero: The Dream Door premieres tomorrow (Friday, October 26) at 11 pm on the SyFy channel. Z Nation is also on all morning, as well as a new episode at 9 pm. And if that wasn’t enough, in between  not 3 pm, but at 2:59 they’re also airing The Cabin in the Woods. I could pass out from all the pre-Halloween excitement.

🐶🐶 At the End of My Double-Dog-Duty & Garbage Detail…

Dogs, I love you, but you’ve been a real handful this week.


September 25, 2018 – Stella Won’t Budge, a Shirt, a Worthy Cause, Channel Zero Returns, Thomas Gets Locked Up & Tuesday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly tells Jason it’s been a crazy day. He asks if Josslyn is okay, and she says it’s her first real relationship. Girls agonize over everything, while guys are oblivious. Jason wants to fill her in; Sonny was questioned by the commissioner and the DA. The situation about the body is getting worse.

Brad needs to talk to Julian – now. Julian asks if Brad is okay, but Brad says he’s beyond not okay. Julian tells him, calm down. Brad says after everything they did, Lucas still wants to find Wiley’s birth mother.

Jordan meets Stella at the MetroCourt. Stella ordered a glass of wine for her, but Jordan suggests a bottle. Stella says she could do that; she’s had some real tearjerker cases today. Jordan appreciates Stella making time for her. Stella is curious about what she has to say.

Valentin meets Curtis on the docks. Curtis cheeked both labs, but there are no DNA results yet. He paid for them to be expedited, as Valentin wanted, so it shouldn’t be long before they know if Sasha is Nina’s daughter.

Nina and Charlotte breeze into Charlie’s with a bunch of shopping bags. Charlotte says she has too many new clothes, and Nina says there’s no such thing. She’s a different size now, and it’s the time of year when she has to be prepared for the change of seasons. Charlotte is glad Nina took her shopping. Nina says Charlotte is her favorite person, and she had a fun time doing it. She asks Charlotte if something is wrong, and Charlotte is concerned this is the last time they’ll get to do this.

Kim tells Oscar that his symptoms are going to get exponentially worse. He asks, how much worse? Drew says that’s why they were meeting Terry. She might have a treatment option. Oscar wants to know how much worse; what’s going to happen to him? Is he dying? Kim says she didn’t want him to find out like this. He says she’s scaring him. Answer, yes or no. Is he dying from this? Kim says his cancer could be fatal, and she holds him.

Carly asks Jason if he thinks they’ll find something to tie Mike to the explosion. He says they suspect him, and think he has a motive. He tells her that they identified the body. It’s Vincent Marino, who was Joe Skully’s lawyer. Carly says, and Sonny is connected to Skully. She asks if they have any physical evidence, and he says the bullet that was used was the same as the one used in a hit on one of Skully’s men. They were both from same gun. She asks where the gun is, but he says they don’t know.

Brad tells Julian that Wiley has a heart defect. It might heal on its own, but it’s inherited, and it’s not indicated on the birth mother’s medical history.

Nina asks why Charlotte thinks that. She says they’re getting a divorce; Nina doesn’t love them anymore. Nina says of course she loves Charlotte. It’s a grown up thing between her and Charlotte’s papa. She’s sorry it’s going to affect Charlotte, since she won’t be living there. Charlotte asks why Nina stopped loving her papa.

Valentin tells Curtis to let him know if he finds out anything else. Curtis doesn’t feel good about it. They’re going down deeper and digging more. Nina should know she has a daughter. Valentin says they’ll let her know as soon as they find out. Curtis agrees to wait around until they know if the DNA is a match. If it’s not, he’s out. This is wrong.

Stella asks Jordan if this is phase two of the campaign to win her over. Jordan says phase one went wrong, and Stella says, so she admits there’s a campaign. Jordan says she admits to a sincere desire to make peace. The counseling was Curtis’s idea. It was well intended, but didn’t work out well. Stella says it was a hot mess. Jordan says that’s why she didn’t pursue a follow-up. They both got critical of each other’s lives. Stella says she does have one of her own. Jordan says she knows that, and they both said brutal things. That’s why she asked Stella to meet her; to apologize for her part, and clear the slate of bad feelings and past accusations. They can forge a new relationship starting today. Stella says, in other words, she should forget Jordan is the reason Thomas is dead.

Kim asks Oscar to sit; they need to talk. He shakes his head, and says talking won’t change anything. It won’t make his tumor disappear. Kim knows, and she’s sorry. That’s why she should have been the one to tell him. He asks why she didn’t. She asks who did, and Drew asks how he found out. Oscar says, what does it matter? They’re worried about how he found out, and he’s worried about how long he has to live. Kim says his condition is serious, and they’re exploring treatment. That’s why they met with Terry. She told them about a medical trial. He’s a good candidate, and it’s coming up before the end of the year. She’s going to submit him. Drew says, it’s not fair, but they’re taking it one step at time. They’re here for him, and they’ll figure it out. Oscar guesses it’s good they caught it sooner than later. He asks if it was discovered when Jason brought him in. It’s quiet, and he says his mom said he had hypoglycemia; how long has she known? Kim says, it’s not that simple, and he says, sure it is. Just tell him how long.

Jordan knows that Stella holds her accountable for Thomas’s death, but she wants to lay the past to rest. The only way is to move forward. She wants to do it for Curtis and TJ. One thing she and Stella can agree on is they own their hearts. Stella has to admit Curtis loves Jordan. Jordan asks if Stella can’t set her anger aside, and work to be the family they need. Stella says she just can’t.

Brad tells Julian that Lucas wants Alexis to reach out, and inform the birth mother, asking why they weren’t aware of the possibility. Julian asks if Lucas has contacted Alexis yet, and Brad says he had to wait until Lucas fell asleep to come over. He’s calling first thing in the morning, and it will be over. Julian asks what if Wiley inherited it from the birth father?

Jason explains to Carly how Mike moved the body into the trunk of his car, saw the gun, and got it. Carly says she can’t imagine it. Mike digging up the body of someone his son killed, and his mistake could land Sonny in prison. Jason says that’s exactly why Sonny thinks Mike is having difficulty remembering. It’s not just the Alzheimer’s. When Sonny killed someone, he crossed the line. He chose the business and everything that comes with it. It’s not what Mike wanted, and he blames himself. He’s stuck remembering, but not remembering. Carly tells Jason that Sonny was always the way he is, and not because of Mike. Once he went down that path, he was never going to stop. Jason says that’s the same thing Sonny told Mike. Now a mistake he made at eighteen has come back to destroy him. Mike remembers taking the gun, but not what he did with it. Carly says Mike was smart enough to move it. He must have known better than to put it with the body. Jason says they can’t be certain. Unless Mike remembers. Carly says there’s becoming less of a chance with the Alzheimer’s. She asks if there’s anything else to worry about, and Jason says, yes. Margaux is Vincent Marino’s daughter.

Brad tells Julian that Lucas understands that Wiley will probably grow out of his condition, but he wants more information. It would be a biological miracle for the birth mother to have the same condition. The truth is coming out, and they’re running out of time.

Carly asks if Jason means the DA; her father is the guy in the basement? She hates Sonny already; this will be an all-out war. She asks what they can do, and Jason says, nothing. No speeding, no jaywalking, no fighting in public. Carly says she doesn’t do that – much. Jason says Margaux will use anyone close to Sonny as leverage. Carly thanks him for the heads up. He says she told him it was a crazy day; what happened? She tells him that Brad and Lucas found out Wiley has the same heart condition Michael had when he was a baby. In soap timing, Michael walks in and asks, what about him as a baby?

Valentin asks if Curtis is just stopping the investigation. Curtis thinks Nina should know she has a daughter, and know she’s alive. Valentin asks if he’s just going to quit if the first lead doesn’t pan out. Curtis says he already voiced his concern, but Valentin isn’t listening; he’s out. Valentin says they’ll tell her when they get more information. Curtis says it’s not about that. Valentin wants his marriage back; Curtis gets that. But instead of telling Nina, he wants to orchestrate a reunion, betting Nina will be so grateful, she’ll come running back. He needs to tell her now. Valentin says he’s telling her nothing until they get the DNA results back. Curtis says he’ll go that far, but regardless of the results, Valentin still needs to tell Nina that she had a child who survived. Valentin says she’ll just agonize while they search. It’s crueler than saying nothing. Curtis disagrees. Valentin hears him, and says they’ll reassess their agreement when the DNA test comes back. He values Curtis’s work. Curtis says he’s doing it for Nina, and no other reason. Valentin says, the same goes for him.

Nina explains to Charlotte that she and Charlotte’s papa just can’t agree on some things. So instead of fighting, and being mad and sad, they decided not be married. Charlotte asks if Nina doesn’t miss him, and Nina says she misses Charlotte. She changes the subject, telling Charlotte that she has a knack of putting the right outfit together. Charlotte says she likes trying things on when they’re at home; when it’s quiet with just them. She wises Nina and her papa had a baby. She’d love to have a little brother or sister. Nina wishes she had some apple pie, and goes to order it. She hears Brad telling Julian that they can stop this before he and Lucas lose their son.

Kim tells Oscar that she’s known for two years. He says she knew before they moved, and didn’t tell him he was sick. She covered it up, and never said one word. Kim asks him to let her explain, but he tells her nothing she can say will change that he has cancer. She never told him. He starts moving to the door, and Kim asks him not to leave. Drew says he has every right to be upset, but calm down, and let his mother explain. She says she wanted to protect him, and let him live a happy, normal life. He says maybe she was trying to protect herself. She couldn’t face the truth, and kept it from him. Drew says, she did what she thought was right. Oscar says he hates what she’s done. He hates her. Of course Drew is going to take her side. How long has he known? Drew says he learned about it after Oscar was admitted to the hospital. His mom said they’d tell him after his birthday. Oscar says, happy birthday to me. Kim says she convinced Drew to wait. Oscar says tell him everything. He wants to know now.

Michael brings in some cookies for Mike, and asks Carly, what about him as a baby? She says, it’s the strangest thing. Wiley has the same heart condition that he did. He doesn’t need an operation, but what are the odds? Michael says there are two hundred thousand cases a year.

Brad suggests Julian convince the birth mother to say she had a heart condition as a child. It corrected itself, and she forgot until they brought it up. They have to plan now, so when the lawyers ask questions, their secret will be safe.

Stella tells Jordan that she’s prayed about it. She tried to meet Jordan halfway, but when she looks at Jordan, she thinks of Thomas smiling on their wedding day, trusting her, and the gaping hole it left in their lives. On her deathbed, Stella’s sister was grieving. Jordan asked her to put it in the past, and start fresh. She has to be honest; she can’t do it. Jordan says, then she’s a hypocrite. She’s a social worker. She helps people who are struggling, people who are broken, and she won’t even try to fix her own family. Stella says she keeps her professional and personal life separate. That’s why she doesn’t burst into tears every time she has a case that’s heartbreaking. She’ll make sure to schedule work the day of the wedding. She thinks they both agree it’s best she doesn’t attend. It will hurt Curtis if she doesn’t show, but they don’t want her there. Jordan says not if she sits there disapproving. Stella says Jordan can tell herself whatever she wants, but she set the events in motion. She’s the cause of why Thomas and his mother are no longer in this world. She gets up and heads for the elevator, but Curtis has arrived. He asks, what’s going on? Stella says she can’t keep lying to him, or herself. She doesn’t think it’s appropriate for her to attend their wedding. He wants to talk about it, but she says there’s nothing left to talk about. She’s sorry, but she has to leave before she causes a scene. She jets, and he asks Jordan, what happened?

Oscar asks Kim if that’s why they moved, to be close to a good hospital?  She says they came because she did an ancestry search, and saw he had family in the area. She wanted him to get to know them, and for them to know him. She never thought they’d find his father. Drew says getting to know Oscar has been one of the greatest gifts of his life. Oscar says, the gift is about to expire. He should buy a ticket to Mt. Kilimanjaro before it’s too late.

Charlotte likes Nina’s necklace, and asks where other half is. Nina doesn’t know; she’s trying to find out. They split their desserts, and Valentin comes in.

Curtis asks what went down; they both seem steamed. Jordan says her relationship with Stella was barely on life support, and it’s the same song, second verse. They started off okay, but she brought up the wedding, and Stella said she can’t come. She just laid it out there, saying Thomas and his mom are dead because Jordan set it in motion. Stella can’t get past it. She’s sorry she asked him to join them. She thought it would be a reconciliation, not a train wreck. He’s proud of her effort. It means the world to him, even if it didn’t pan out. Jordan says Stella made it clear she wouldn’t change her mind, but will he? Stella won’t be at the wedding, but what about holidays and family celebrations. Can he live with Stella shunning them for the rest of her life?

Julian tells Brad, it will only make things worse. He should push his luck, lying about the medical history. It’s bad enough that Wiley’s health has been called into question, but the birth mother’s baby died, and she has no idea. Brad says he’ just desperate; trying to keep his family together. Clearly, Julian is not going to help. He has to try and talk Lucas out of calling the lawyers. Julian says, like hell he will.

Michael says Kim was clear that Jonah didn’t die from a heart condition. He’s glad they caught Wiley’s. Carly says, Brad and Lucas are relieved. She can’t imagine an infant having heart surgery, Michael is like, um… and she says she was unconscious. Jason made the decision. The first of many. Jason says it was difficult, but he took the option with the best odds of saving Michael’s life. That was the easy part. The hard part was the actual thought of surgery on a tiny baby. It scared him worse than anything he’d ever faced. He made it, and Jason thanked God he didn’t need to second guess himself. Carly says when she woke up, he told her, and she was overwhelmed. She knew she had to get out of Port Charles, and took off. She knew Michael would be safe with Jason, and Jason would take care of him. Jason flashes back to when Michael was a baby, telling him that he gives his word, and nothing will break it. Jason says he promised God he’d look after Michael, and always protect him. Michael says he’s lucky to have Jason, but Jason says he’s the lucky one.

Kim tells Oscar she’s a doctor. She knows the quality of life is harsh for patients in treatment, and she didn’t want to start that. Oscar says it must be bad if she’s that worried. She says she had a plan, but he doesn’t care. Her good intentions failed; she betrayed him. Drew did too whether it was weeks or years, he was being kept in the dark. It was cruel for them to make him think he had a future, when he’s on borrowed time. College is a joke. I guess he has a point here. Instead of filling out applications and touring campuses, he could have been climbing mountains. Kim tells him, don’t give up hope. Oscar says he’ll hang onto that. He can’t trust either of them. He starts to leave, Kim tries to keep him there, and they struggle.

Valentin sits with Nina and Charlotte, and asks if they’re having late night sweets. Charlotte says she’ll be right back, and Valentin thanks Nina for taking her. Nina thanks him for letting her, and Valentin says she’s a central part of Charlotte’s life. He hopes it stays that way; no matter what. He says he understands, and Nina wishes he did. Charlotte comes back, and thanks Nina. Nina thanks her for the incredible time. Nina leaves, and Valentin tells Charlotte, what a coincidence. He didn’t have dessert.  Nina watches them through the window.

Curtis says he loves Jordan. That’s never going to change. It’s awful that Stella won’t be at the wedding, but she can still change her mind. A lot can happen between now and then. Jordan says he still believes in miracles, and Curtis says Jordan said she would marry him. They kiss. I miss original Jordan, but I’m warming up to this one. Hey, Curtis likes her, and I’m no Stella.

Carly says Jason and Michael are going to make her cry. Michael is surprised there was no indication that Wiley was a risk. Jason says maybe the birth mother didn’t know. Maybe the condition came from the birth father.

Brad can’t believe Julian won’t help. Julian says he is. Brad hasn’t heard a Plan B, and Julian says, there is; do nothing. How is he going to explain fighting Lucas? Under normal circumstances, wouldn’t he want the full history. Brad says, these are not normal circumstances. Julian tells him, go home, and do nothing. Meddling will only raise suspicion.

Oscar pushes Kim away. He says he can’t look at her right now. He leaves, and Drew tells her, let him go. He has to process everything, and needs time. She asks what do they do? and he holds her while she cries.

Oscar gets in the elevator. The doors close, and he bangs on the wall. He yells, no, no, no! sinks to the floor, and cries. He says, I’m dying.

Tomorrow, Anna says Finn is more interested in his father than he’s letting on, Josslyn asks Cameron what he’s trying to say, and Oscar talks to Jason.

Kudos to Garren Stitt (Oscar) for some fine acting!

☁ I didn’t want to break the mood, but now I have to add that Oscar was wearing the coolest shirt. A sky blue short-sleeve button down with clouds on it. I just can’t help noticing the fashions. True story. One time I bought a sweater from the unfortunately named Nasty Gal. I say unfortunately, because my mailman must wonder wth I’m buying, since the name is all over the box. Anyway, I hadn’t even worn it yet, and saw Britt wearing it on GH. I thought, great. Now if I wear it, someone will think I bought it because I saw it on the show.

💟 To balance my unimportant comments, September is Pediatric Cancer Month. Read about Josephine’s Garden here:


👻 An October Treat…

I am so thrilled that Channel Zero is back. This time subtitled The Dream Door. It looks good too. A hidden door in a basement? Can’t beat that for scary. Until you see what’s behind it. As usual, there’s a relationship subplot. This show is so underrated, I’m glad it’s finally getting some press. One sucky change though; it will be on every night for a week, instead of airing like a normal weekly series, as in the past. Thank God for On Demand. Here are three sites showing the trailer:




👎 T-Ravolting…

Well, T-Rav finally landed in jail. I’m not sure if this is a disappointment or a coup for Bravo, but it looks like Kathryn will have a clear path to full custody.




😬 So Far This Week…






March 15, 2018 – Franco & Drew Are Trapped, Butcher’s Block Concludes & Friday Fun


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Kim tells Elizabeth that Oscar wants to thank Franco personally for helping save his father. She’s sorry the earth swallowed up Elizabeth’s wedding day, and asks if there’s a new date.

Sam calls Drew, but gets voicemail. She’s getting worried. Alexis comes into the office with an update on Molly, but wonders what Sam is doing in Drew’s office. Sam says she hasn’t heard from him since yesterday.

Drew opens his eyes. He and Franco are lying on a concrete floor in a basement. He tells Franco to get up, but Franco is out cold.

Curtis says Ned is the mayor, a man of action; he digs it. Ned says Jim burned them; how can they burn him back? Curtis says he messed with the quality of life on Charles Street, and Ned says he was drilling for gas with no permit. Jordan says she’ll jump on the smallest mistake he makes. Ned tells them that Jim played on his political ambitions. It’s time to turn the tables, and use his biggest weakness against him – his greed.

Jim tells someone on the phone that it doesn’t make sense, but he’s in the middle of another crisis, so they’ll talk later. One of his thugs knocks on the door, and says Franco and Drew are safe and sound in a quiet place. Jim says this isn’t good. He’s not a thug; he’s a businessman. Geez, you could have fooled me. He’s pretty much been all thug since he came to town. He asks why “Bobby and Andy” couldn’t leave past where it belongs.

Elizabeth says the wedding is on hold for the moment. Kim asks if she wants to talk, and Elizabeth says Franco kept something important from her. He’s done it before, and she’s forgiven him, but he promised to be honest. Kim says she’s the last person to be giving relationship advice, but people have secrets. We keep things from each other to protect them or protect ourselves. She kept Oscar from his father. Elizabeth says it was something significant about Franco’s past, and it had everything to do with Drew. She asks if Drew ever talked about his childhood. Kim says Drew asked same thing, but she didn’t know much. They talked about almost anything except that.

Sam tells Alexis that when she and Drew were on their way out of the hospital, Jim found them. Alexis asks what that Neanderthal wanted. Sam says he claims to have known Franco and Drew when they were small, calling them Bobby and Andy. He told them Betsy sent Drew to an orphanage because Franco tried to kill him. Alexis says children of that age don’t have the sensoria to be legally culpable. Sam tells her that Franco pushed Drew down the stairs and the last she heard from him, Drew was going to confront Franco, but she doesn’t know where he was headed.

Drew touches Franco, and Franco jumps up. He tells Drew his head hurts, and asks where they are. Something tells him they’re not in Jim’s hotel room. Drew says after the thugs showed up, it’s a blur. Franco says this is what it feels like to be knocked out, and Drew says this is what it feels like to be tased. Franco says them together, where he’s guessing there’s no way out. Maybe they’re dead and it’s hell.

At the MetroCourt, Lulu tells Dante that she and Maxie were best friends. If the damage is ever going to be repaired, she’ll have to take the first step. Dante thinks it’s a bad idea, and the first step is to wait. Since she’s really stupid and pushy, Lulu says she can’t; the friendship means too much. Apparently, her feelings alone define the relationship.

At one of the tables, Maxie tells Peter all she can think about are the test results. Lulu comes to the table, and says they need to talk. Peter doesn’t think it’s the time or place, and Dante says, let’s go, but Maxie says, no. Lulu is right. They need to talk.

Jim’s thug reassures him that Franco and Drew can’t get out, and asks what he’s going to do. Jim isn’t sure, and says he’ll figure it out. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Ned, and Jim tells his thug, good work, and to keep him apprised. The thug leaves, and Ned thanks Jim for the donation; the city owes him. Jim says Port Charles has been good to him, but this can’t be a social visit. Ned says it isn’t. Jim has done so much for Port Charles; he’s there to discuss what he can do for Jim.

Elizabeth doesn’t want to give Kim the specifics of what Franco’s secret was, and feels badly dumping on her, and then not sharing. Kim says she’ll always care about Drew, but he can take care of himself. Epiphany comes by, and asks where Franco is. He blew off his clients, with no heads up or explanation. He can’t leave patients hanging because he’s in a mood. Elizabeth says that’s not like him; there must be a good reason. Epiphany says to tell him that Dr. Quartermaine is going to hear about it. Elizabeth tells Kim that she told him not to come home, after he’d said she makes him better and he’s lost without her. She has to find him.

Sam says the last time Drew checked in, he was dealing with Franco and hung up. Alexis asks how worried she is, and Sam says, how worried do you think? Her calls are going to voicemail, and he’s not getting her texts. She’s probably overreacting, but if it was Jason she wouldn’t worry. It’s normal for him. She’s been thinking a lot about Jason and Drew. She hasn’t been honest with either them or herself.

Franco yells for help, and then says of all people, he should know better that they’re in a soundproof room. It’s in Kidnapping for Dummies. Drew’s guess is that it’s a building that’s going to be demolished for reconstruction. Franco thinks that’s a good bet. He says it’s so weird that the first time they agree, it’s something like this. Drew says any workers they find, work for the man who put them there. They might try to finish them off.

Peter asks if Maxie is sure, and she says she is. He tells her, good luck, and gets up. Dante tells Peter that they should have a chat as well. Peter asks if it’s a police matter, and he says, yes. They step away. Lulu wants Maxie to know she’s done a lot of soul searching since the funeral, about her choice to lay a trap for that monster. Maxie says, it worked, and Lulu says, at a terrible cost. Maxie says Lulu was just doing her job, writing sensational stories, no matter who gets hurt. Lulu says she told Peter that she was ready to walk away, but he talked her out of it. Maxie says she never intended to walk away; it was a gesture to ease her conscience. She’s immune to rules and consequences, and nothing is ever her fault. Lulu wants to make it right. She misses Maxie. Maxie says she misses Nathan. He’s not there to help her, or tell her what to do about the baby. Lulu asks if something is wrong, and Maxie says the baby might have inherited a fatal disease from Faison.

Jordan looks at a map, telling Curtis that each pin represents the loss of a home or business, all because of that SOB Jim. It will take years to rebuild and recover. Curtis knows it’s frustrating, but she’s the police commissioner, who brings bad guys to justice, like the man who caused this devastation. She asks if Curtis is actually trusting the legal system, and he says he trusts her. This isn’t just another case. TJ could have been killed, Molly almost was, and his auntie was put in harm’s way. Someone needs to pay. Jordan says, someone will.

Ned tells Jim that he wouldn’t be mayor if not for his support, but Jim says the people voted him in. Anything he did to help was his pleasure. Ned says he’s in a position to return the favor. Jim had plans to keep the city’s original character, while building new housing and boosting the economy. Now it’s all lost in the rubble. Jim says it’s not his first rodeo. When you dream big, you have to take big risks, and sometimes they don’t pay off. Ned says he’s awfully cool about it, and Jim says, never let them see you sweat. Ned tells him that he can’t leave Jim holding a title to worthless property, but he can buy back all of the Niagara properties at a price that’s more than fair. He writes a figure on a paper, hands it to Jim, and asks if they have a deal. Jim says, sorry, and Ned laughs, saying it’s more than generous. Why not take it? Jim says he knows why.

Sam tells Alexis that she and Jason were at the Quartermaines when the earthquake hit. They took Jason’s bike to find Drew, and ended up at a construction site trailer. Alexis asks if she slept with him, and Sam says, no; they almost died. Alexis reminds her that she’s the mother of two children, and this only happens when she’s with Jason. Sam says they managed to get out before the explosion, and Alexis says, of course. Sam says she had to tell Jason the truth. She loves him and always will.

Drew tells Franco they didn’t take everything, and hands him a candy bar. Franco says Jim is lying about what happened when they were kids. Drew says they can put that on their tombstones, and Franco admires his relentless optimism. Drew says they wouldn’t be in this mess if he’d stuck to the plan. Why didn’t he leave? Franco says Jim kept talking to him. Drew knows; he was listening. The guy is a jerk, but didn’t say anything to make him freeze. When he got there, Franco was curled in a ball. What happened?

Dante tells Peter that he gave him a pass at Nathan’s funeral. He didn’t want to add to the pain. He says Peter pressured Lulu because he saw dollar signs. He didn’t care who he put in harm’s way. Peter says he almost got shot. Dante says Nathan did, and Peter got a headline. Peter says it was Nathan’s decision, and asks if Dante doesn’t think his wife is capable of making up her own mind. Well…

Maxie tells Lulu that Faison had Huntington’s disease. It explains a lot. At worst, it affects the motor control and brain function, and is inevitably fatal. It might have been passed on, and she’s waiting for the test results. Lulu asks what the chances are, and Maxie says there was a 50% chance of Nathan having it. If he did, there’s a 50% chance of the baby having it. Lulu says that’s not going to happen, and Maxie asks, why? Because she doesn’t want it and she said so? Either it happens or not, and if it does, there’s nothing she can do, except wait for the symptoms to show up. She asks, what are years to parents? You blink, and they go from diapers to the prom. There’s nothing she can do. Lulu says she can love the baby and teach it about Nathan. Maxie tells her, don’t you dare. She doesn’t get to bury Maxie’s husband, walk over his grave, and pretend like they’re besties again. Lulu starts to say she thought – and Maxie says, thought what? She had to bury her husband, and Nathan’s not here. The baby might be sick, and he’s not there to help her through it because of Lulu.

Jim tells Ned he’s a man of his word; when he starts something, he finishes it. Ned says no one is going to build a high-rise on a fault, but Jim points out San Francisco is on the San Andreas. Ned says they know what they’re dealing with. This came out of nowhere; it went from stable to unpredictable, and cost Jim millions. Jim says, you know what they say; one man’s disaster is another’s blessing. Ned asks if that’s really what they say, and Jim tells him, there’s another saying, cut the crap. Jim says Ned knows there’s a huge deposit of natural gas under the city. What kind of businessman would he be if he sold the land back? Ned says it wasn’t just discovered. Jim used him because he needed the Quartermaine stamp of approval. Jim says, and he got elected. Ned says Jim leaked the article, and Jim tells him that they both win. Ned got what he wanted, and Jim is sitting on a fortune. He tells Ned that he’s the mayor. Stop crying foul, and have a cigar; he earned it.

Elizabeth tells Kim that she keeps getting Franco’s voicemail. Kim asks if she knows where he’s staying, and she says she called Kiki, but she hasn’t seen him. His studio is on Charles Street, but she doesn’t know what condition it’s in. She’s getting worried. Kim says maybe he’s not missing, and just keeping his distance like she asked. Elizabeth says that’s not like Franco.

Alexis asks Sam what happened to not acting on her feelings? Sam say she doesn’t want to live life not telling the truth. She’s in love with both of them. She tried to shut her feelings off with Jason, but couldn’t do it, and can’t think of cutting off Drew. She has to be honest. She’s already told Jason, and now Alexis, and needs to tell Drew. Alexis wonders how he’ll react, but Sam doesn’t know. She says it’s up to him to decide. She doesn’t get to decide how he reacts, and has no idea. All she knows is that she has to be honest. Alexis thinks she should take more time, but Sam says she has to go. Alexis asks where, and she says to get answers.

Franco starts to shut down, and Drew says he’s doing it again. He thinks he knows PTSD when he sees it, and tells Franco he’s in the safest place. Tell him what Jim did. Franco flashes back to Jim calling him a liar and saying no one will believe him. He tells Drew he can’t talk about it.

Lulu tells Maxie that they’ll face it together. Maxie asks if she’s serious, and wants to use the baby to ease her conscience. Maxie tells her that for every tear she’s shed, she prays Lulu sheds an ocean full. For every sleepless night, she hopes Lulu never gets another night’s rest. She tells Lulu to stay away from her and her child. Peter and Dante return, and Peter tells Maxie not to stress for the baby’s sake. Alexis wanders over, and Maxie says her timing is perfect. She wants to file a restraining order on Lulu.

Curtis tells Jordan if Ned thinks he’s going to take down the man who played him like a harmonica, he’s dreaming. Jordan says she’s not counting on Ned. She’s counting on someone willing to take a risk, and willing to bend the law just enough not to break it. Curtis says someone with a vested interest in the evictions and harassment, who knows that the earthquake was used as a get-rich-quick scheme? She says, something like that. He thinks he knows the man.

Kim has to go back to work, and tells Elizabeth if she needs a friend, she’s there. Sam comes barreling in, and asks Elizabeth, where the hell is Franco?

Franco bangs on the door. Drew says it’s reinforced steel, and tells him to get a grip. He puts his hand on Franco’s arm, and Franco says if Drew touches him again… Drew asks what he’s going to do, calling him Bobby. He asks if Franco is going to try to kill him again.

Dante tells Alexis there’s no need; it’s a personal matter. Maxie suggests they keep it that way. Alexis is sorry about what’s going on, and hopes it works out. Lulu says she’s going back to work, or this is all for nothing. Peter asks if Maxie wants the day off, but she thinks diving into work is good for her. Her phone rings. It’s Kim, who just got word. The amnio results are in.

Curtis tells Jordan that he’s going to bring down Jim. She asks him to wait, and he wonders if she’s going to deputize him. She kisses him, and says now he’s deputized. Go be brilliant.

Ned cracks the cigar in half. He tells Jim that he’s going to the commissioner and blowing him out of the water. Jim says, be his guest. He’ll tells them that Ned always knew. They’ll never believe a savvy businessman got into bed with Niagara and didn’t know. Ned says he’ll take his chances. Jim says, do that, or do his job. The city stands to make a fortune in tax revenue. Show his responsibility to Port Charles. Ned reminds him about Charles Street, and Jim says they’ll find somewhere else to live. Ned says that most of them can’t afford it. Jim suggests he start a foundation to help them make the transition or they can move out of the city. Ned stomps out the door. Jim says how it turns out now, is up to him. He’s gone to far to stop now, and no one is getting in his way.

Elizabeth asks Sam why she’s so anxious. Sam says Drew is missing, and she thinks Franco knows something.

Franco says Drew trusted him at some point. He gave him the rabbit’s foot for Christmas, saying Franco was the best friend he ever had. He says it didn’t happen the way Jim is laying it out. He put them there to cover up what happened, and they’re stuck. He hands Drew the rabbit’s foot, and Drew asks why give it to him? Franco says he needs all the luck he can get.

Tomorrow, Peter’s test results are back, Sam threatens to take Franco out herself, and Mike asks Sonny if he’s supposed to sign his life away.

😱 Zero Time

There seems to be a bit of a lull in TV viewing this week. I haven’t seen any of this season of Once Upon a Time yet, but I did catch up with Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block, which had its finale this week. I hate that the seasons are so short with this show, even if I barely grasp what’s going on in it. Although anything is less opaque than the monster made of teeth on the first season, Channel Zero: Candle Cove. What was that thing about? Fear of dentistry?

This time around, the story centered around two sisters, a town full of disappearances, and the Peach family. The Peaches once owned much of the town, including Peach’s Meats, a meat processing plant that still looms over the center of the city. Like in Motel Hell where it takes all kinds of critters make Farmer Vincent’s fritters, there’s more to the meat than meets (ha-ha) the eye. Sisters Alice and Zoe (Olivia Luccardi and Holland Roden), move to the town for a fresh start. Zoe is schizophrenic and on medication, Alice is on the verge, or at least afraid of it, since their mother was also mentally ill. Landlady Louise (Krisha Fairchild), whose hobby is taxidermy, is trying to uncover the mystery of the missing Peach family and disappearances of locals over the years, one of whom is her brother. The Peaches vanished after their two daughters were murdered and something – probably a human sacrifice – was found in their basement. Afterwards, locals started to disappear. The sisters and Louise discover that the Peaches aren’t gone, but have merely changed energy and are still among us. Meanwhile, the sheriff’s son, Luke (Brandon Scott), has his hands full with an escaping Peach who is wreaking havoc on the town by eating some of its residents. Along with that, there is door to nowhere, a weird baby man called Smart Mouth, people in weird baby masks (which is even worse), and dinners consisting of kidney parfait with an ear wafer garnish. There is also a red door, but not the spa kind. Among it all is Rutger Hauer as Joseph Peach, patriarch and head cannibal/sacrifice leader. Rutger is a catch for any production, having played the best of the good guys (Ladyhawke) and the worst of the bad guys (The Hitcher). No surprise, he did not disappoint as the somewhat in-between Joseph, and in a way, got the last word. A lot of it was a strange foray into the human psyche, and all of it was a wild, gory ride. The three existing seasons of Channel Zero can be found On Demand.

🚂 You’re Almost There…




February 19, 2018 – An Election Wrench, a Weekend at Big Bear, a Little Bit of Butcher’s Block & Freyja


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Curtis tells Julian that Charles Street is lit. The polls are jumping. He says it’s more than choosing a new mayor. The future of the neighborhood rests in the balance.

Alexis and Ned vote.

Molly asks for “Julian’s girlfriend’s coffee.” Julian tells Curtis that he doesn’t know what she likes better – the drink or that he has a new friend.

Griff asks Mike to repeat the three words he’d said earlier. Mike’s brain stalls. Griff tells Mike that he’s going to show him drawings, and to tell him what he sees. Mike says inkblots all look like butterflies, but these aren’t inkblots. Griff shows him a lion and Mike says, cat. Griff shows him a rhino, and Mike says, cow. Sonny tells him to take his time, but he says he knows a cow when he sees one. Griff says he’s doing great, and wants to move on.

Peter brings flowers to Nathan’s grave. He says he can’t make them fill the hole left in Maxie’s or the baby’s life. He didn’t mean for Nathan to get hurt, and didn’t imagine it would end up like this, but here they are. He gets choked up, and says they were the only two who could stop their father’s twisted legacy, but even that won’t bring Nathan back. He wishes more could do more. Maxie appears, and says he’s done enough. I have to admit, although I wasn’t thrilled with him at first, Peter is growing on me.

At the will reading, Sam says it’s another one of Faison’s mind games. Anna adds that it was designed to create maximum destruction. Even from the grave, he’s pitting them against each other. Sam thinks it’s a crock, and Faison just wants them to destroy each other. Anna says if anyone could get satisfaction in hell, he’d be the one to do it.

Griff wants Mike to repeat some numbers in reverse. He stumbles on it, and asks for water. Sonny says he’ll go get some.

Jordan meets Curtis at Charlie’s. She says the polls are running like a machine. She’s excited about TJ and the kids canvasing. She wonders where Alexis is, but Curtis hasn’t seen her.

Alexis looks at Post-It notes in the alleyway behind Charlie’s. Bringing out the trash, Julian asks if it’s now the hangout for future mayors. She tells him it’s a madhouse, and she may very well lose the race. She’s working on both victory and concession speeches, and he tells her that she always did want to win both sides of an argument. She says he can’t fault her for being prepared.

Olivia-Q tells Ned to take a minute and relax. He says he and Alexis are still in a dead heat. Olivia is relieved that the special interest attack ad didn’t have an impact, but he says not to be so sure. Alexis is the underdog and getting the sympathy vote. He could still lose.

Maxie brushes snow from Nathan’s headstone. She wishes she’d said something sooner, but thanks Peter. He saved her and her baby that day. Nathan would thank him too. Peter says there’s no need; he’s so sorry. She knows that, and says she should feel honored about all the flowers, but it’s just annoying. She wonders if it’s selfish not to want strangers near him. She comes here to be closer to him, but it doesn’t help. It just makes her want to go home, but he’s not there either. She can’t shake the feeling that if she finds the one right place to go, he’ll be there. She knows it’s not rational, and that he’s dead, but then she doesn’t. Peter says grief is tough for the mind to accept sometimes. She thanks him. He says he didn’t do anything, and she says, exactly. He didn’t give her a bunch of platitudes, and is the first person not trying to make her feel better. He knows he can’t, and she says neither can anyone else. Only Nathan coming back can do that. How is she going to do this without him? She says coming there was a mistake, and Peter asks if he can take her home.

Jason wants the provisions of the will read again. Diane reads that Faison leaves Drew the one thing he wants more than anything else. There’s a detailed account of Andre’s work, including the reversal procedures, locked in a safe to be released when the provisions are met. He leaves to Jason the alias and last known whereabouts of his son, the man who let him live. Only his executor knows the information, and will only release it to the other if one of them dies. Sam says Andre only made one copy and it’s lost. Anna tells them Faison would like them chasing around the world as much as he would like them killing each other. He relished the ability to make people search for answers.

Molly tells Alexis the polls are off the charts. Alexis is proud that Molly is her daughter, but Molly tells her not to take anything away from her own accomplishment. Alexis doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal, but Julian does. He knows it’s not his place, but he’s proud of her too. He calls her Madam Mayor, but she says not yet. He tells her it’s only a matter of time.

Sonny asks Mike how it’s going, and Mike tells him they’re playing Simon Says next. Griff has to leave for a moment, and Mike tells Sonny the tests are pointless. Who cares if he misses a few things? It’s expected at his age. Sonny says Griff is the best, and can tell them what they need to know. Mike says he’s only doing this because Robin asked him too. She’s a sweetheart, and he couldn’t turn her down. He says Sonny must have things to do, and can go, but Sonny wants to be there. He set aside the day to spend time with Mike. Griff comes back, and Mike says they should be done by now, right?

Maxie invites Peter in. He doesn’t want to intrude, but she doesn’t mind; she’d like someone to talk to. Peter looks around, and she says it’s not just her; Peter can feel him here too. Peter says he can tell they had a happy life, and Maxie says, the best.

Jason tells Diane there must be an address for the executor. Diane says the solicitor of record died, and the papers were delivered by messenger from a Swiss bank. They claim they have no information. Someone must have been left in place, but there’s no indication of who. Drew thinks it’s a waste of time, but Sam suggests they hear the rest. Diane brings out a small display case, saying it was left to Anna. I was hoping it was the Wellington Dog, but it’s a figurine of a goddess.

Molly says it’s too close to call. There are a lot of people still at the polls, but she knows Alexis is going to win. Jordan says soon it will be official that Alexis is the next mayor of Port Charles.

Ned practices his speech. Jim comes by, and Ned tells him not to get too excited; it’s still too close to call. Jim says while Alexis has gained substantial ground in the game, a few key votes in key districts can make the difference. He suggests they have a drink and keep an eye on the race together.

Griff tells Mike the tests are done. He can’t give a diagnosis yet, but a CT scan can rule out some things. Mike says he and Sonny are overdue for a meal, but Sonny says they might as well wrap it up now. Griff goes to set up the test, and Sonny thanks Mike for humoring him. He says he’ll be right back, but I’m not so sure I’d leave this dude alone.

Sonny asks Griff what’s wrong with his dad, but Griff says he can’t discuss it without Mike’s permission. Sonny tells him not to give any details, just a general idea. Griff says the CT scan should tell them a lot, and he thinks Sonny is correct to be concerned about Mike’s cognitive abilities.

Maxie tells Peter that he has a unique connection to Nathan. He was there when Nathan was shot. Peter says he was on the floor, but Maxie says he was there. He tried to stop the bleeding like she did. She thinks she knew then that Nathan was dying. She wonders why Peter was there that day.

The figurine is of the Norse Goddess, Freyja, who represents prayer, fertility, love, sex, beauty, war and death. Anna says it’s part of Faison’s sick obsession, and wants no part of it. Diane thinks she should have it appraised. Even if it’s a reproduction, it might bring in some decent money; she could donate it to charity. Anna says Faison has put them in an untenable position, and left her a token she wants no part of. Diane tells them the remainder of the estate has been left to his son.

Curtis tells Julian that he did some additional digging into Roger Calvin, the guy who mugged Stella. Two sizable amounts were deposited into his account; one the day before Stella was mugged, and one the day after. Julian says he was a hired gun. Jordan has joined them, and wonders why pay someone to mug Stella? Curtis has a theory.

Sonny asks Griff, hypothetically, what would a CT scan tell them? Griff says it can rule out certain possibilities, like mini-strokes. He says Mike’s medical history is also important, but Sonny can’t help with that. Mike wasn’t around when he was a kid, and they only had sporadic contact after he moved to Brooklyn. Griff asks if he knows of any recent falls, and Sonny says Mike hasn’t said anything, and Rita didn’t mention it. Griff asks if there’s been any head trauma; did Mike box or play football? Sonny says Mike had a rough life, and was in plenty of fights. A few Russians beat him up pretty badly. Mike comes out in a hospital gown and robe, and gives Sonny his watch. He says Sonny’s mother gave it to him, and there was never any pay off big enough for him to pawn it. She deserved better than him, and so does Sonny. Griff walks Mike to the scan room. I’m already wondering if that watch is really the one Jason gave to Rita.

Peter tells Maxie that he was dropping off some budget changes; Nina had been fighting him on cuts. Then, Faison showed up. Maxie says if he hadn’t needed to drop off the paperwork, Faison would have kidnapped her. Peter says a glad coincidence put him there, but he wishes he could have done more for Nathan. Maxie says she remembers Nathan bleeding, and Faison was going to drag her away, but Peter showed up with Shane’s gun, and Faison took off because of him. Peter says she’s making him sound like a hero, but he didn’t know what he was doing. She says he did it anyway, and that’s what a hero is. When nothing makes sense or you’re scared, you find a way to do the right thing. Nathan was a hero too, but training only gets you so far. He was willing to put himself on the line for others, and did it every day. Peter did it for him on his last day. She thanks him.

Diane tells the group there’s no indication of which son it is, but the will was made on January 13th, 2018. Sam says it was after they wrote the article, and Anna says since he detested Henrik, Faison must have intended for Nathan to be his heir. Sam says the estate should go to Maxie then. Diane says because the son isn’t named, Henrik could make a claim. Anna was planning on visiting Maxie, and asks if she can tell her about the will. Diane says it’s Faison’s last word, but Drew says it’s just his next move in the game. He’s still taunting them.

Curtis says the dude is paid to mug Stella, and then leaves town. Big guns are going after his little aunt? Jordan asks when Curtis last saw Stella, and he says she was manning the poles. Jordan says the day she was mugged, she was out canvasing; she’s not the main target. Alexis and Molly come in. Alexis says it’s still too close to call, but Molly thinks there will be a big surge in her favor. Julian thinks someone is playing huge stakes to throw the election.

Ned says it’s still too close to call, and there could be a last minute surge for Alexis. There are still people in line to vote. Olivia says there are plenty of undecided voters out there, and Jim says it’s not over until the finish line is crossed. Wow. What a philosopher. Ned tells them he has to find a way to be gracious in victory or defeat. He thanks Jim for his support. Jim tells Ned that he’s got this.

Outside, Jim calls someone, and says, right.

Jason shows up at the hospital and asks Sonny how Mike is. Sonny says they don’t have the whole picture yet, but it’s pretty clear something is off. Once they do the CT scan, they’ll know more. Jason asks what Sonny is going to do, but he doesn’t know. He spent years despising Mike, and said he would never be like him, weak and running from things. When Mike came back into his life, he tried hard, but Sonny wouldn’t let him in. Finally, they came to terms as adults. Not father and son, but more like man to man. He doesn’t know if he can be the son Mike needs him to be right now.

Maxie thanks Peter, saying she hasn’t been able to talk to anyone else. He’s a good man, like Nathan was. Maybe when the baby is old enough, he can help her explain how brave Nathan was that day. Peter says he’d be honored. There’s a knock at the  door, and Anna gives Maxie a baby gift from Robin. Peter says he has to go. Maxie hopes they get a chance to talk again; it meant a lot.

Drew tells Sam that he’s tired of being thisclose to nothing; feeling like he has a memory, and then back in no man’s land. Sam tells him that he’s not killing his brother; that’s not an option. Drew says he’s just venting. She says it’s exactly what Faison wants; them at each other’s throats, frustrated and angry. But they’re too smart to play Faison’s game.

Molly reads some online comments, telling Alexis that people realize the attack was because of her opposition to the redevelopment project. Alexis says comments don’t prove anything, but Molly tells her that she can’t ignore the evidence. Alexis knows she’s hoping for a last minute surge (word of the day), but she’s not calling herself mayor until the polls close and the results are tallied.

Ned tells Olivia that no matter what, he couldn’t have done it without her. She thinks he can still win. He’s been honest from the start about who he is and what he wants to do for Port Charles. A city is a living thing, and generates taxes, which are used to pay for things the city needs. Ned thinks she’s the one who should have run. No one else could make road maintenance sound patriotic. She says nothing could be more patriotic than making the city and it’s people’s lives better. She believes he’ll have the chance to do that. She looks at her phone, and makes a shocked face. Ned takes a look, and says, omg.

Molly looks at her phone, and says, no. She shows Alexis. It’s an article with the headline Con Job, talking about Alexis visiting Nora on behalf of Julian.

Sam tells Drew the ornament is still out there, and he says it’s still a needle in a haystack. She says they own a media company. They can use their resources and do everything in their power to find it.

Sonny asks Jason about Faison’s will. Jason tells him that Faison claimed there was information on Henrik and the memory reversal procedure locked in a safe. The catch is, the only way one of them can get the information is if the other is dead, but he’s not playing Faison’s game. To the best of their knowledge, Henrik is still in Port Charles. Faison left his estate to his son, but didn’t specify which one. If he surfaces, Jason will be waiting.

Anna tells Maxie that Patrick and Robin donated money in Nathan’s name to the PCPD, but she also has some unpleasant news. Faison left his estate to his son. Maxie says, to Nathan? Nothing tainted by that murderer comes into her house. Anna understands, but tells Maxie that he was very wealthy. Maxie doesn’t want his blood money; she doesn’t need it. She and the baby will be fine. Anna tells her that with Nathan’s passing, the missing son could try to claim it. Maxie says he can have it – all of it. She wants nothing connected to the man who murdered her husband.

Peter finds Sam and Drew. He tells them he’s been doing some soul searching. He’s not ready to leave Port Charles after all. There are people there he doesn’t want to leave.

Tomorrow, Monica tells Nelle that her timing is perfect, Ned’s odds are improving, and Doc asks what Franco remembered.

Vanderpump Rules

Tom, Scheana, and Ariana are working some shifts at Villa Blanca while SUR is recovering from fire damage. Lisa tells us there’s a litany of things they have to accomplish. It would normally take three weeks, but they’re doing it in three days. Scheana’s boyfriend, Rob, has a house in Big Bear, so she’s taking some of the friends for a weekend. She reads a text from Jax, saying he doesn’t want to come because everyone is being mean.

Brittany, Katie, and Kristen decorate their scooters, which Brittany tells us are a necessity with LA traffic. Katie says Stassi didn’t just run off from her party, but stuck her with the bill. She’s not backtracking to the days where they enabled and coddled her. Stassi arrives, and immediately apologizes and starts crying. She seem to be the most upset over binging, rather than getting skinny, over her neurosis. Patrick called her out on causing drama for her friends and not just him. She knows she’s wrong about everything, and claims it’s stress. She and Patrick aren’t in the best place, it was eating at her, and she lost it. Patrick is a condescending twit with a man bun. Are women really this desperate? Stassi wants them to know, other than that, it was one of the best birthdays ever. Kristen tells her to just let it go, and Stassi writes a check. Kristen wonders what you do with one of those.

The girls go scootering. Stassi compares the scooters to broomsticks. I could see that.

Jax and Brittany pack for the trip. He thinks he’ll have to channel a lot of his meditation skills to get through the next few days. Lala joins them. She’s excited, but it’s early in the day for her. She tells Brittany about the driving arrangement. Brittany tells her that Jax is having problems with James. Lala says whenever James has a drink too many, a switch flips. Brittany thinks James might still have a thing for Lala, since he attacks her when he’s on a drunken, belligerent roll. Gee, ya think? Lala says others have told her the same thing, but that ship sailed long ago, and has sunk since then. She says he’d better get in the friend zone if he’s not there already.

And they’re off! Rob’s cabin is three bedroom waterfront property, hot tub included. Scheana calls Rob, whose trying to fix the boat. It’s more the life she’s envisioned for herself than the one she had with Shay. When the others arrive, Scheana goes over the sleeping arrangements, telling them that Jax said he needed a bed because of his back. In her interview, she says if she had a dollar for every time old man Jax referenced his age, she wouldn’t have to work at SUR. Ariana hopes he isn’t a bummer, and Tom says he wants to talk to Jax tonight. On the way to the cabin, Tom bought a survival knife, and has already cut himself with it. Scheana asks the group to be respectful of the property. Good luck with that. The guys make a liquor store run.

Lisa says they have to nearly rebuild the restaurant, and are limping along. She talks to a guy about painting the floor olive green. The place looks like a huge mess.

The guys buy every liquor known to man, along with some ice cream and spinners. James has cut down on drinking, but says something comes over him on group trips. The bill is nearly three hundred bucks. When the clerk asks how long they’re going to be there, they tell him two nights.

Scheana tells the girls about how Rob is the handiest person she knows, and how hot that makes him. Oddly enough I understand this. A guy building stuff or cleaning the house is the biggest turn on in the world. Lala wonders if he can rescue kittens and save babies. Raquel thanks her for inviting James so she could come along. Lala tells her that James was talking smack about her man. Raquel asks what he said, but Lala doesn’t want to repeat it. She tells Raquel that she’s about to snap, and Raquel needs to keep him in check.

Rob arrives, the boat having been fixed. Jax says the way Scheana talks about him, you’d think he invented air. He thinks there must be a lot of pressure not to fall off the pedestal.

Katie visits Stassi. Stassi gives her a drink, telling her that she has a request. Katie is handier than any boyfriend she’s had, and Stassi asks her to fix a padded bench. My husband told me that he was impressed when he found out I had my own toolbox, so I guess this works both ways. I’m not sure how else I was supposed to fix stuff though. Wait six weeks for the super to get around to it? Stassi says Patrick wasn’t happy with her meltdown. Katie thinks she’s more docile around Patrick, like she’s afraid to say something wrong. Stassi says she does walk on eggshells, and Katie says she’s better than this. Stassi tells her the same patterns are happening; the same ones she said weren’t going to this time around. It’s time to go to the tarot card reader. In her interview, Stassi says she used to pretend to be one in high school, but had no idea what she was doing. She just made it up as she went along.

Raquel tells James about what Lala said to her. James says Raquel is going by what she sees, but he’s going by what he knows. He wants Lala to be happy, but doesn’t think she will be with this guy. How can he respect a man he never sees? Raquel thinks he should be more respectful of Lala, and be supportive of her relationship. He says you can’t support something that’s rotten. That James, he’s a real raconteur.

Peter is surprised that SUR is back open so quickly. He tells Lisa everything looks brilliant. She says SUR is like her baby, and thinks they should celebrate. She orders a spicy margarita. Well, that’s a first.

At the cabin, the girls prepare dinner, and James kibbutzim. I looked this up, and it’s the only accepted plural form of kibbutz. The more you know… Lala says she’s an easy target for him when he starts drinking, and that he’s a hurt human being. Rob approves the food, and dinner is served. Brittany gives Rob a group thank you. In his interview, Jax says Scheana wants everyone to believe Rob is perfect, but she did the same thing with Shay. Rob toasts to Tom opening a restaurant. James remarks that Jax is left behind working at SUR, and Scheana says, technically, Jax could be James’s dad. Ha-ha! Jax must be feeling pretty small right about now. Ariana thinks James should reel it in with Lala.

After dinner, the group plays a card game where couples are asked a question sexual in nature. If they don’t want to answer, they have to drink. In his interview, Tom says he and Ariana are doing better, but it’s a work in progress. The game is actually pretty boring.

Stassi and Katie go to see Angie, the tarot reader. Stassi thinks after four years, she and Patrick need to figure things out. Angie has her pull out some cards, and flips things around. She tells Stassi she’s meant to have babies, and thinks she’ll be pregnant in 2019. Stassi starts crying. She’s been worried she couldn’t have children, because she has a medical condition where she only dates a-holes. Angie says she sees a guy with a lot going on, and the end of a difficult situation. Stassi says she and Patrick have been going back and forth. Katie says they haven’t been solid, and Angie is picking up on the issues. Angie says she doesn’t think it’s worth it to keep going. I think tarot cards are bullsh*t, but I agree with her. For all I know, she’s been watching the show as long as I have.

James is getting sloshed, and babbles about the country being made by people like him. Drunken idiots? Jax tells Tom they have a good time, but know when to shut it down. He thinks it’s a lot. Kelsey told him to separate himself from people who cause him anxiety and anger. He says he’s mentally burnt, and his hat’s off to Schwartz and Tom, who can still party hardy. In his interview, Tom is worried that Jax thinks just because the other guys have things going on, he’ll get left behind. He wants to help Jax, but Jax is concerned about the time frame. He says Tom is doing it, while he’s thinking about his future as a bartender forever.

Scheana and Rob go to bed, and the others decide to play truth or dare. Lala thinks there should be rules. James tells her to shut up, and Lala says one more time, and she’s going to pop him one. He starts to leave, not even realizing she’s talking to him. Lala tells Raquel he’s a bitch. James tells her to change her attitude, and she tells him to stop coming for her. He tries to hug it out, but she’s not having it. Brittany says he should apologize, and he asks what Lala wants. Brittany says he’s mean to Lala, and the girls decide to give them a moment. In her interview, Lala says they go from zero to one hundred in an instant. James says he needs respect, and starts to leave again. Lala asks if they’re friends or not, and he says not. She asks why they can’t have a conversation like friends do? He says she thinks she’s better than everyone else, but without her boyfriend, she wouldn’t have the Range Rover, the Chanel, or the private jet. Lala tells him that Raquel doesn’t like it when James insults her, and he should apologize. She talks about him goofing around with her physically, and how Raquel doesn’t seem cool with that either. She tells him that he wouldn’t like it if the roles were reversed.

Scheana comes out, and tells the group that Rob is trying to sleep. Tom suggests going to bed. Jax asks Brittany what’s up with the yelling. Lala takes James outside, and asks why he feels the need to come for her. He calls her an idiot for about the fourth time now, since he can’t come up with another word. She tells him to STFU, and the next time he talks about her man, she’ll draw blood. I believe her. Inside, Jax tells Brittany that he has super high anxiety around James, and he’s in a fragile state. Maybe he should be more concerned about Lala. Lala says she tells James things that she doesn’t tell anybody, and asks him to stop using it against her. He insists he doesn’t do it… that much. She doesn’t want him to do it at all. Jax tells Brittany that he didn’t want to come here; it’s not fair. Lala tells James to stop coming for her man. Jax wants to talk about his problems, but Brittany tells him to relax, and that she’s going to sleep. Lala says she and James were intimate at one point, and to stop coming for her and her man. He says Lala’s man has put the one he loves in jeopardy, which makes no sense whatsoever. She’s been talking about future things that he wants. He loved her, and he’s not used to it yet. Lala says he has Raquel now. He wonders why their friendship has changed, and she tells him they owe respect to Raquel and her dude. In her interview, Lala thinks James believes he’s losing her to her relationship. It doesn’t mean he’s losing her as a friend, but he doesn’t know how to make the transition. Lala tells him that they need boundaries, and asks if he’d like to apologize. He says, yes, but that might change in two seconds. Obviously annoyed, she goes back inside, telling him that they’re good, but not really meaning it.

Next time, Lisa is a guest on Stassi’s podcast, Jax almost drowns, and Scheana tells Kristen that she and Rob are in love. After which, we all roll our eyes.

🍖 I just got done watching the second episode of Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block, and it did not disappoint. Zoey came back a changed woman, apparently having been up the stairs to nowhere. We got a little more history of the Peach family, finding out that Joseph’s daughters had been murdered. Louise joined Alice in her quest to find out just what the hell is going on in Butcher’s Block, and they got a midnight supper invite from the Peach family for their trouble. It was really creepy cool when the candlelit table in the woods turned into a candlelit table in the Peach’s house, which the townspeople had burned to the ground decades earlier after finding “something” in the basement. Joseph explained that the vanished family had changed to a different type of energy. He literally got into Alice’s head, and the candlelit table turned into a table of cannibalistic delights. This show is intense, gruesome, and certainly unique.

💃 Freyja