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September 30, 2019 – Nelle Has a Great Day, Last Charter Of the Season, Restaurant Extraordinaire, Goodbye Shiloh, Hello Martin, an Interview, a Move & Tuesday For Chairmen


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Yep. I missed it. I was listening though. The main takeaways are, Willow went to visit Harmony, and Nelle is in the park doing clean-up detail, where she ran into Josslyn. Nelle tells the guard that Josslyn was the child she donated a kidney to, and is given leeway to talk to her.

Michael goes in to see Carly, who tells him, the newest Corinthos is arriving ahead of schedule. He’s glad he got there in time, and she tells him to wish her luck. She needs all she can get. She’s nervous about the C-section. Michael wonders why she’s having one, and she says, it’s mandatory for the baby. He asks, why? and Sonny says he’ll let Jason tell Michael. Michael says he knows Carly can handle it, and Jason says, they’ve got this. They go out in the hallway, and the nurse says it’s time to get prepped. Carly says, whether they’re ready or not.

At the park for a run, Kristina tells Alexis that she brought up Shiloh in group therapy. She talked about how much she liked him at first, to the point she was ready to follow him anywhere. Until they helped her. Alexis says, a lot of people love her, and will do anything to help her, and Kristina says she’s lucky to have them – and Willow. When Willow shared her story, it made Kristina see Shiloh for the predator he is. It made her wake up. Alexis says she’s glad, and Kristina says she’s trying to do the same in group, sharing her truths to help someone who’s going down the same road. She’s glad Shiloh is dead, but glad he lived long enough for her to face him down in court, and prove he doesn’t control her. Alexis says Kristina is making good progress. She’s glad it’s over for her, and Kristina says, it is and isn’t. She’s still working though her regrets, especially the Pledge. She’d said she saw Alexis deliberately run down Kiefer, when she was so out of it, she didn’t even remember being there, and his death was completely an accident. Kendra – remember her? – sees them, and Alexis introduces her. Kristina says Kendra looks familiar. Have they met before?

Jordan thanks Sam for coming, and Sam says Jordan didn’t give her a choice. Jordan says new information has come to light on Sam’s involvement with Shiloh’s death. Sam says Shiloh attacked Jason with a gaffing stick, and she grabbed whatever she could find; the signal flare. She said it all in her statement, and doesn’t know why she’s there. Shiloh kidnapped Wiley, assaulted Dev, and attempted to assault her. He also confessed to the murder of his father. Jordan says there’s nothing to corroborate him murdering his father; the rest can be verified. Sam ask if Jordan is going to continue with questioning, and Jordan says, yes. Sam says, then she’s not saying anything else without her lawyer. Jordan tells her, call Diane then. They sooner they’re done, the better for everyone involved, especially Sam.

Josslyn says it doesn’t appear Nelle has progressed, but Nelle tells Josslyn that she’s a model inmate, and is on work detail. Josslyn says, reach for the stars, and Nelle says she made a lot of memories with Michael in the park. Josslyn asks if the stale prison air isn’t cutting it. Nelle says, it’s temporary. Soon, them running into each other will feel normal. Josslyn asks if Nelle is expecting her to be simpatico. Nelle tried t to murder her brother. She can stay in Pentenville for the rest of her miserable life. Nelle says prison has actually given her time to reflect. There’s one thing she’s wanted to tell Josslyn for a long time – she forgives her.

In a mask and scrubs, Sonny asks if Carly is ready. She says she doesn’t have a choice. The baby is on its own time table. Sonny can’t wait to meet the baby. He tells Carly that she looks beautiful, and Carly says they’ll see how long that lasts. He asks how she’s feeling, and she says she can’t feel anything. Sonny says, good; she’s not in pain. They’ll get through this, okay? Carly says, okay. Dr. Johannsson is introduced to her, and he says he’s going to assist with the delivery. He’ll keep the area of the spine sterile, and put dressing on it before surgery is done. Carly tells Sonny, let’s do this. Let’s meet our baby.

Kendra tells Kristina, people say that all the time. She guesses she has one of those faces. Alexis says Kristina works at Charlie’s, and Kendra says that’s probably it. She was hooked on the place from the first time she met Alexis. Alexis explains that Kendra is the trainer making her do this, and Kristina says she’s having a good effect. Is Alexis learning a lot? Alexis says. Kendra is helping her focus on this, and her new therapist – did she mention that she has a new one? – is helping her work on that. She’s focused on good relationships. Kristina asks if Alexis’s relationship with Neil falls on the healthy side of the spectrum. Alexis asks Kendra to give them a minute, and Kendra goes to the car to get her backpack. Alexis says her relationship with Kristina takes precedence over her relationship with Neil. If Kristina has a problem with it, say so, and she’ll put an end to it.

Josslyn tells Nelle to save her forgiveness. She doesn’t want it. She’ll never forgive Nelle for what Nelle did to her family. Nelle apologizes for being insensitive. Josslyn is still grieving Oscar. Josslyn says Nelle is such a bitch. She hopes Nelle chokes on her fake sympathy. Nelle says she didn’t mean to anger Josslyn. Josslyn says the only reason she’s not slapping Nelle’s lying face is because the guard is there, and she doesn’t want to risk Nelle being mistaken for being a victim. Josslyn tells the guard that Nelle is making her uncomfortable. Nelle says she hopes Josslyn finds more compassion the next time they meet.

Jason tells Michael that the baby has spina bifida, but it’s not the worst case, and treatable with surgery. Michael asks how it’s going to effect the baby, but Jason says they won’t know until after the surgery. Michael wonders why his parents didn’t say anything, and Jason tells him there was no point in worrying them, since there’s nothing they can do. He tells Michael not to worry. They’ll closely monitor the baby’s delivery, and his little brother or sister will have the best possible care. Sam calls, and Jason asks if she’s still at GH. She says, no. Jordan summoned her to the PCPD, saying they have new information about her role in Shiloh’s death. He tells her, sit tight. He’ll call Diane to meet her there. He tells Michael that he has to run. Apparently, there are more questions about Shiloh’s death. Let him know when the baby is born, and he’ll be back as soon as he can. Michael says he’ll be there for them.

Dr. Navarro tells Carly that she Just made the incision in Carly’s abdomen. How is she doing? Carly says, fine. She’s not feeling anything. How is it going on the doctor’s end? Dr. Navarro laughs, and says Carly is doing an incredible job. So is the baby. They’re going to see the baby’s face in a few minutes.

Kristina says she told Alexis that she needed time to process. Neil has helped so much, and if it makes Alexis happy, Kristina is happy for her. They exchange I love yous, and hug. Kendra comes back, and Kristina says she’ll let them get to work. She tells Kendra that it was nice to meet her, and not to go easy on Alexis. Kendra says she won’t. Kristina leaves, and Kendra say she caught the nice mother/daughter hug. Alexis says Kendra has no idea how far she’s clawed to get there. Kendra says, there’s nowhere to go but up, right? And she’s here to help Alexis do it.

Sam says she was assured the case was closed, but Jordan says they have new evidence. A nurse came forward who overheard a conversation between Sam and Jason. She reads from Sheri’s statement that Sam kept thinking about the horror Shiloh put her sister through, and Willow, Wiley, and herself. She wanted to make sure he never hurt anyone again. Did she shoot Shiloh to defend Jason, or to make sure he’d never hurt anyone again?

Harmon tells Willow, it sounds like a violent ending. Shiloh holding Sam and Wiley hostage, and threatening Jason. She’s glad no one else was hurt. It’s for the best. Shiloh got what he deserved. Willow says it helps that there must have been some sliver of conscience, since Shiloh let Dev and Wiley go. Harmony says at one time, she believed in that man, with her whole heart and soul. He was everything to her, but she let Shiloh and his vision consume her to the point that she betrayed Willow and Willow’s father. Willow says Shiloh manipulated her, and so many others. There’s one person he never hurt, Harmony’s grandson. Wiley is safe now.

Nelle walks into a visiting room, and says, it’s good to finally meet face to face. Has he decided to take her case? It’s Tad the Cad, now Martin Gray, and looking like Colonel Sanders. He says, assume nothing, and you’ll never be disappointed.

Josslyn runs into the hospital, and asks Michael where their mom is. He says, she’s having a C-section. Josslyn says, sorry she’s flustered. He’ll never guess who she saw in the park. She doesn’t give him a chance to guess, and says, Nelle. She was on work detail, and made a big deal about how she saved Josslyn’s life. Michael says he’s so sorry, and Josslyn says, please. She’s so over feeling obligated or grateful. Nelle can’t manipulate her anymore, even though she tries every chance she gets. She mentioned Michael, and Josslyn told her that he’d moved on to an amazing, beautiful new girlfriend. Nelle tried to hide it, but Josslyn could tell she was pissed. Nelle tried get back at her, offering fake sympathy about Oscar. Just hearing Oscar’s name come out of Nelle’s mouth, it took everything Josslyn had not to slap her. The guard was there, so she didn’t want to take the risk, but she turned Nelle’s limitations to her advantage. Michael asks how she turned a confrontation with his lunatic ex into a business strategy, and Josslyn says she told the guard that the prisoner was making her uncomfortable, so Nelle was moved along. Michael says, genius move. She says that’s why it took her so long to get there. She hopes the baby is born soon. She can’t wait to meet them. Michael says him too.

Sonny tells Carly that she’s doing great. She says she’s trying, and the doctor says the baby is almost there. We hear crying, and see the biggest newborn ever. Dr. Navarro says, it’s a baby girl. Sonny says, she looks precious, but I’m not even sure that’s a real baby.

Kendra tells Alexis that she looks fantastic. How does she feel? Alexis says, everything hurts, and she’s having trouble sleeping. Kendra says, exercise should have the opposite effect, and Alexis says she spends the night worrying, mostly about her children, but she feels better and has more energy. Kendra says it’s nice hearing when her clients notice a change in their body and mind. Alexis thanks Kendra, but Kendra says she’s doing all the hard work. Alexis says she’s trying to do what’s good for her, and give her children space. Kendra asks how that’s working, and Alexis says she’s not going to lie. She has trouble staying in her own life. She has the urge to hover, but she’s resisting it. Kendra wants to introduce Alexis to a new component toward a better life, and Alexis says, no more squats, but Kendra takes a big jar out of her backpack.

Diane tells Jordan that she’s more surprised than concerned that her client was called back in for questioning for the second time in less than twelve hours because of hearsay. Jordan says, the nurse heard Sam say that she stopped to consider her actions. She knew what she was doing when she shot Shiloh in the back. It wasn’t self-defense, but payback. Diane asks if she presented this to the DA. Jordan doesn’t say anything, and Diane says, of course not. Robert isn’t going to listen to an unsupported allegation. A nurse who thinks she heard a conversation in a crowded hospital after a long day. It’s nothing that will stand up in court. They’re done there.

Carly holds the baby, and says, so beautiful. This is definitely a real baby, and actually looks like Sonny. Dr. Johannsson says there’s little or no damage to the surgery pathways, and the spine should be fine. Sonny says he loves the baby so much already. He’s going to take care of her. He’s going to give her the world and all the love in it. Carly says she can’t wait to tell everyone the baby’s name. It’s been hard keeping it a secret. Sonny is glad they had a secret together, and says, welcome to the world, Donna.

Kristina joins the others at the hospital, saying she was on a run, and her phone was off. She asks how the baby is, and Michael says Carly had a C-section a while ago. She was in good spirits when he talked to her. Josslyn feels like they should have heard something by now, but Michael says, they’re taking extra precautions. Josslyn asks, why? Is something wrong? Kristina asks, what is it? and Jason says, tell them. Michael says, the baby has spina bifida. It’s serious, but they’ll get through it together.

Martin tells Nelle that he hasn’t decided to take the case yet. He wanted to meet her first. She says now that they’ve met, is there something she can do to help or convince him to take the case? He suggests she pump the breaks a little. He doesn’t like rushing. She says her parole hearing is coming up fast. Did he look over her records? He laughs, and says, it’s pretty damning stuff. She tried to murder her baby’s father with her ex-boyfriend, who’s a cop. And they have the whole thing on tape. Nelle says she was under enormous pressure. She was pregnant, alone, and felt ganged up on. Her hormones were making the decisions for her; she wasn’t in control. Now she is. She knows he can help her. He represented someone in a similar situation, and got an acquittal for a case more difficult than hers. Her childhood was abusive, and she’s struggled her whole life. She got pregnant, and thought she was happy. She thought the baby’s father loved her. Then the baby died, and she went to a prison she’ll never escape. Hasn’t she paid her debt for life?

Kendra tells Alexis, this is a brand new product, and Alexis says, yay! Protein powder. Kendra says it’s a supplement that gives the nutrients we don’t get in food. It’s made in small batches with only the purest ingredients. Alexis looks at the container, and says it’s in Italian. She wants to translate it, and make sure it’s something she wants to take. Kendra wants her to take it in confidence, and wishes all her clients were so meticulous about what they put in their bodies. Kendra’s phone dings, and she says she has to make a quick call to a client. She steps away, and we see she’s gotten a photo captioned Kiefer in the summer of nineteen-whatever.

Sonny is glad he and Carly had time with the baby. She’s so perfect, it’s hard to imagine there’s anything wrong. She’s so tiny. Carly says, tiny, but fierce. She can handle it, and so can they. They tell Donna that they love her, and the nurse takes her. She’s wheeled out on a tiny gurney for babies.

Martin tells Nelle, sorry she lost her child, but truthfully, he doesn’t know if it will have any bearing on her parole hearing. She says she’s not looking for sympathy. She’s been a model prisoner from the moment she came in. She has special privileges. Martin says he knows. The warden sang her praises. She says, he’s a kind man. She’s had time to reflect on the decisions that led her there, and she’d never sink to those lows again. It makes her sick to think about how much pain she caused. She wants to make it up to them, but she can’t do that in there, can she?

Sonny tells the kids he has good news. Carly had the baby. Kristina asks if it’s a boy or girl, but he says he’ll let Carly tell them all at the same time. Josslyn asks how Carly is, and he says, tired, but happy. Kristina asks how the baby is, and Sonny says, everything is going according to plan. The baby is in surgery. He got to hold his baby, who’s a heartbreaker even now. He can’t wait for them to see for themselves.

Kendra comes back, and Alexis says, everything checks out. Kendra believes it will help with Alexis’s workout, and help her sleep. It has double the electrolytes to help her well-being. She’ll be hydrated, and ready to go. Kendra suggests Alexis try it; she’ll join her. She puts a scoop in Alexis’s water, and Alexis shakes it up. Kendra puts a scoop in her own water, and Alexis says, bottoms up. Kendra barely touches it with her lips, but Alexis takes a couple of swigs. I’m wondering what the blip it is, and what Kendra has to do with Kiefer. As no doubt, we all are.

The guard tells Harmony, time’s up. Harmony thanks Willow for telling her in person. Willow says, it’s going to be okay. Wiley is safe, and that’s all that matters. Harmony says it’s nice seeing Willow without that weight on her shoulders. She looks at peace. Willow says they’re all free now, and Harmony says, speak for herself. Willow says, free from Shiloh. Harmony says at least Willow and Wiley are. He can’t hurt them anymore. She takes a lot of satisfaction in that. Willow is happy that Harmony stood up to Shiloh. She’s proud of her. Harmony says she just followed Willow’s example. They touch hands against the glass between them.

Nelle asks what Martin is thinking, and he says he’ll represent her at her hearing. He thinks she’ll make a compelling impression on the parole board. She says, that’s fantastic news, and thanks him. She asks, what’s next? and he says his office will be in touch.

While Nelle is being led back to her cell, she passes Harmony, who’s wiping tears from he face. Nelle asks, what’s wrong? and Harmony says she just got difficult news. Nelle says, not about her grandson? and Harmony says, Wiley is fine. It’s about his father. Shiloh is dead. Nelle says she’s so sorry. Harmony is led away, and Nelle says, this day keeps getting better and better.

The kids go in to see Carly. Josslyn says they heard she did a great job with the delivery. How is she feeling? Carly says she feels fine, and can’t wait to see the baby again. Sonny says the know the baby has spina bifida, and Josslyn says, it will be okay, whatever happens. Carly says she knows. What else do they know about the baby? Sonny says they don’t know whether it’s a boy or girl. He thought she’d want to tell them. Carly says they have a new baby sister. Josslyn says Avery will be so excited, and Michael asks what her name is. Sonny says, Donna, and Josslyn asks how they came up with the name, and Kristina says, Donna from the old neighborhood. Sonny is surprised she remembers, and says, Donna was a great lady in the old neighborhood. People loved and hated her, sometimes both. Josslyn asks, why? and he says, because she was kind and loyal, and could keep a secret. You could talk about your problems, who you loved, your fears, and she’d just listen, not judge. She wouldn’t tell a soul. She was tough as nail, and had no patience for fools. If you were annoying, she’d get in your face. She hated bullies, young or old, and she was fearless about that. Most of all, she was kind, loyal, and generous. One of the greatest things about her was that she could always make you smile, no matter how you felt. It’s just the way she was. Carly says, it’s how their Donna is going to be, and they group hug.

Sam tells Jason that she should have been more careful, but Jason says, the nurse was out of the room. How would Sam know she was eavesdropping? Sam says when she saw Sheri last night, she was nice, but then a few hours ago, she seemed unfriendly. Diane says she’d do research on Sheri, but it’s hearsay, and inadmissible in court. Sam says, Jordan doesn’t seem to think so, but Diane says, Jordan is doing her job. They should be prepared for more questions. Fortunately, they have her on retainer. Json says, Michael just texted, and Carly had the baby. He didn’t say whether it was a boy or girl. Sam says they have to go and find out. Diane says she has to text Max. He’s been on pins and needles.

As Jason and Sam are about to leave, Jordan comes back. She tells Sam that she’s under arrest for the murder of David Henry Archer, aka Shiloh.

Tomorrow, Franco says what he and Kim have is real, Kim tells Terry that Drew is real, Laura says she has one night to search Windymere, and Sam says Shiloh found a way to hurt them even from his grave.

Below Deck Mediterranean – The Finale

Villafranche. We slide back a little, with the captain telling Hannah about the importance of having the table set before the guests get up. Hannah says that she had two people up while the guests were up the night before, and Captain Sandy says the deckhands were up, and washed Hannah’s effing dishes. Anastasia told the captain she was too busy to set the table. Not one thing is set up. There’s no fresh orange juice. Hannah says the plan was to set up for brunch at 10:30, but the captain says she wants it now. She wants all of the interior on deck. Hannah tells Ben, two hours until service. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says she was making a point that it’s a nice touch to wake up to a set breakfast table.

Captain Sandy compliments João on his management, and having it together when the guests wake up. She says, this is why they charter a yacht, and not a cruise ship. She thinks the table should be set at 5:30-6:00. She talks to João about finding him a boat. In her interview, she says, it’s all about helping people ascend in the industry who want to. It’s her passion, and she’s investing in him. Ben makes muffins. Jack asks Aesha if she had a nice sleep. Hannah tells the stews it’s time to set up for brunch. She tells Anastasia that Captain Sandy told her that they have different views about service. She thought it was important that two people were up when the guests were awake. The deck crew puts out the slide.

The table looks fabulous. It’s a nautical theme, with a life preserver as the centerpiece, and messages in bottles for the guests using the parchment paper Anastasia made. Captain Sandy thinks it’s cool. In her interview, she says it’s amazing, but she doesn’t want to come down on Hannah to get that result. She tells Hannah the table is amazing, and thanks the deck crew. Colin thinks they did well. Anastasia tells Ben that she’s on edge, and he says, four more hours. Hannah pours coffee. Jack asks how João has put up with him all season. João says he asks himself that every day.

The guests wake up, and start coming to the table. Hannah gets coffee, and they haul anchor. In the captain’s interview, she says the anchor was her Achille’s heel. We flash back to all the anchor problems over the season. She says, the Sirocco became her bitch. Hannah tells Captain Sandy the guests love the table. Anastasia asks if they’ve read the messages in the bottles, but Hannah says they’re waiting until they’re done eating. Captain Sandy says, the port is closed. She saw smoke, and apparently, a boat caught fire. She tells João about the change in plans. In her interview, the captain says it’s the final day, they have beautiful weather, and there’s a freaking fire that closed the port. She’s not sure where they’re going to go.

The captain tells Hannah they’re going to do a drive-by in Antibes. In her interview, she says thankfully, the weather is good because they’re going to have to find another port. The guests sit down for brunch. The dude that Hannah was talking to the night before, barely says good morning, and in her interview, she thinks someone has guilt over chatting with her. The guests admire the table, and in her interview, Anastasia says, of course they love it. It’s beautiful. Ben asks Hannah for some help, and the food is served. More eggs benedict. I’m dying here. In Ben’s interview, he says he has a lot of respect for Hannah as a friend. Professionally, not so much. He’s driven by the challenge of the job, and she’s not. For that, he feels sorry for her. Colin tells João, they made it. He thought the captain had been sh*tting on them the whole time, and now they’re ballers. Hannah tells the guests there was an explosion on a yacht, so they can’t use the port, but she’ll let them know what’s going on when they know. I’m sure talk of an explosion on a yacht is a comforting thought to guests on a yacht. Ben checks on the guests, and asks what Randy’s favorite bite was on the entire trip. Randy says dinner the first night was very detailed. In Ben’s interview, he says his catering business isn’t as grueling. He was afraid to get on the boat, wondering if he still had it in him. We flash back to the guests sending food back, and Ben saying it’s enough to get him to give up cooking. He thinks he overcame it. A guest calls Ben an artist. They look at their messages, which are corny/funny. One guest is impressed with the paper.

The captain wonders where their berth will be, and tells the deck crew to prepare to stand by. Jack jokes that he’s kicking Aesha out of their cabin; he’s had enough. Captain Sandy call João to get the deck crew. They’re docking in Antibes. The guests take pictures. Anastasia pretends to interview Jack, and asks if he’s excited to be docking the boat, and he tells her to get away from him, calling her a feminist. In her interview, the captain says fortunately, they got a dock in Antibes. Unfortunately she has to back all the way in, but she’s had experience at this. We flash back to some tight squeezes. The guests watch, and declare her a parking genius. Captain tells them, well done. She tells Anastasia it’s been an absolute pleasure working with her; she’s amazing. They hug. Hannah hears them, and looks bummed. Anastasia says she needs to be off the boat. She has anxiety.

It’s the last line up, and everyone says goodbye to the guests. Randy compliments everyone, and tells Ben that he’s an artist. he thanks Captain Sandy for making the yacht home for a couple of days. He says, this is for her, and gives her an envelope. The captain asks if the crew heard; it’s for her. Everyone laughs, and they go back inside. Aesha says she feels energetic and suggests they do another one. Anastasia says, eff you. Hannah tells Anastasia that she had so much to prove to Captain Sandy this season, she’s disappointed. She said they expect different levels of service, when she was just saying how happy she was. It was like a backhand. She would have preferred a backhand. She says she can’t do it any more than this. She tried to be perfect all season, and feels like a failure, when she’s been doing her best. Anastasia says Hannah has to tell the captain, and hugs her.

Aesha doesn’t want to pack João asks how Jack feels, and Jack says, sad. He wants to keep going. João appreciates that Jack respected his position. This is his career; his passion. He might even call Jack for a job. Jack says he’s pushing it now. In Jack’s interview, he says they went from hates to mates. He’d definitely work with João in the future, but only if he was the boss. João says Jack met his challenge, and Jack says he can’t wait for that phone call. It’s time for the final tip meeting.

Captain Sandy says they actually made it. From charter one to seven, they never had a full crew. With charter eight, it was the first full crew, then Ben came. That he could produce a lunch like he did that day, was amazing. She feels like he brought something to the crew that was lacking, and would love to work with him again. Ben thanks her for having him. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says she’s at the level where she wants an A team that has that passion. She says on charter nine, João got sick, but overall, they did an amazing job. Her expectations of service are, however you worked on the last boat stays on the last boat. In Aesha’s interview, she wonders what the bloody hell the captain wants. They were doing their job, and doing it well. The tip is $15,000 USD, or $1185 a person. She tells them their season total was $155K, or $14,420 a person. She says, that’s pretty freaking good. In her interview, Aesha says it makes trips to London seem more feasible. The captain asks to see Hannah on the bridge. Ben tells Hannah that she’s a fantastic girl. He can’t drink enough in her name.

The captain tells Hannah that she’s amazing with the guests. She doesn’t want to take away from what they have, but wants to share this. She loves being a captain. When Ben came on, she could see Ben loves being a chef. The guests are Hannah’s passion, and she killed it with them, but that wasn’t what was behind her concerns. The table setting took a while, and it irritated her. She knows Hannah tries, but doesn’t think yachting is her passion, and Hannah should follow her dreams. This industry needs a passionate chief stew. Hannah gets teary. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says, you want to finish better than you started. That’s called passion. She tells Hannah not to be sad. Everyone watches as Hannah walks past, and sits on the dock.

João says, what a trip. They have one more night out. Aesha tells Hannah, well done. She’s proud of them. Anastasia tells the deckhands, the captain was ripping Hannah for no reason. The criticism isn’t fair. João decides to have a beer. Aesha says, cheers to Hannah. Anastasia joins them, and Hannah says, sorry she’s been ugh. Whatever that means. Hannah tends to use sound effects to express her thoughts. Anastasia says Hannah is holding it together better than she would. They clink glasses. Anastasia says they know what they did.

João calls a friend of Sandy’s named Skip, and asks about an interview. Skip says Sandy talked to him about the potential of them working together. In João’s interview, he says he’s sitting at the same port he started at. He came with three things; a backpack, some gold coins, and hope. Now he’s having a conversation about a possible captain position. He worked hard to get to this point, and it’s somewhat emotional. João tears up. Skip asks what João envisions next, and  João says, in one to three years, he wants to be a captain, and manage his own team. Skip says he’ll have to talk to Sandy about it.

Jack and Aesha goof around. Everyone gets ready to go out. In her interview, Aesha thinks tonight everyone is going to get loose, and go out with a bang. She gets an extra one. Even Captain Sandy dresses up. They go to Le Plongeoir, which is on the water (see below for a pic). Aesha says she loves this place. Going there is a big treat. They order, and in his interview, Travis says he doesn’t want to end on a low. He’s going to curb his drinking tonight. He also doesn’t want to get super drunk in front of his sober captain. Captain Sandy thanks them for being amazing. They went through a lot, and came out the other side. Every one of them added to the guest’s experience. She’s proud of them. In her interview, she says the dinner is a celebration of them completing the charter season together. She wanted to show them that they’re a team. Ben toasts to Sandy, and Anastasia toasts to their fabulous chief stew, who looks absolutely stunning tonight. Aesha says, cheers to herself, and Anastasia seconds that, saying, cheers for getting a man. Captain Sandy wants to know what their greatest moment was, versus their hardest moment. She says it’s a learning curve for her, and she can take her knowledge to the next boat. João says, on a professional level, it was amazing when Travis stepped up to the plate when he was sick. He can’t think of a lowest moment. Travis says the greatest thing was his friendship with Jack, and the hardest, having it taken away by Aesha. Hannah says her girls were the highlight of her season. She loves them. Her lowest point was probably her horrible tables. Ben says his lowest point was getting in the galley and seeing it, and his highest point was leaving the galley. Aesha says her high point was the extra romantic gestures from Jack, and we flash back to those. She says her low point was the interior not getting as much praise as they should have.

I’m honestly starting to feel sad about the season ending, even though I’m so looking forward to the original Deck. That will be premiering next Monday, October 7th, at 9 pm. So at least no withdrawal.

In her interview, the captain says, Aesha is a good forgetter. We flash back to Captain Sandy encouraging Aesha, and giving her some praise. The captain says, it’s because the team took it personally, and that’s not the case. Aesha says she knows Hannah works hard and does a good job. She hates that Hannah isn’t getting the praise she deserves. Captain Sandy says she’s going to go and let them have some fun. They have one last cheers. Hannah high-fives Aesha. João sarcastically says, Aesha is an effing hero. What a legend. Aesha says she was being honest, and João says, so was Sandy. Aesha tells him, eff off.  Hannah asks Aesha to step away from the table with her. Hannah says it looked like Aesha needed space. Aesha wonders what’s João’s effing problem? Everyone goes back to the boat.

The captain knocks on Hannah’s door. She tells Hannah that she’s thrilled with what their has become. She hopes Hannah knows that. Hannah tears up, and says she understands where Captain Sandy is coming from with her belief about passion. She is passionate about the guest’s experience, She’s not as passionate about cleaning toilets, but the captain says, it’s not about that. Hannah is great at interacting with the guests, but what’s not all it is. It’s also about when the guests sit around the table. Yesterday, Hannah did an amazing table, but she wants amazing constantly. It’s what she asked for, but she didn’t want to ask. Hannah says she felt like she tried her best, and her best wasn’t good enough. Captain Sandy says that’s not the case. She’s grateful. Hannah did an amazing job. She doesn’t want Hannah to think she’s disappointed; she’s not. She’s not easy, but she’s fair. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says she’d work with Hannah again, but Hannah would need to perform at the level she needs. Hannah tells the captain that she understands, and they hug.

Jack and Travis decide to snooze on the sundeck. Travis thinks Jack owes him some quality time. Jack says, they’re going to be friends for the rest of their lives, but he’s in a relationship with Aesha, so he’s stuck with her. Aesha joins them, and asks why Jack isn’t in bed, and Jack tells her that he’s sleeping under the stars. She wants to sleep inside, and kisses him goodnight. In Travis’s interview, he says they wanted to do this little kid campout, and it’s nice Jack didn’t ditch him for Aesha.

Everyone starts getting up by 8:30. Colin bangs on a pan, so they’re all awake now. In Colin’s interview, he says he’s more excited than sad. He couldn’t be happier going home to his parents, and sleeping in his own bed. Everyone packs. Ben tells Anastasia that he literally couldn’t have done it without her. In Anastasia’s interview, she says she’s capable of more than she thought. Looking back, she accomplished a lot. Even if she couldn’t carry it for the whole season, she rocked it. Ben gifts her with a chef’s knife, and they say goodbye. Anastasia tells Hannah that she’s been there for her more than anyone else. Captain Sandy says Anastasia is an amazing human being. Anastasia leaves the boat.

In his interview, Colin says, a couple of falls, a broken anchor, almost leaving the boat mid-season; the boat is trying to kick him off, but he persevered. The captain says she’s grateful. He thanks her for believing in him; it meant a lot. João says he’s grateful for Colin’s friendship. He makes you feel like you want to be a better person. Colin waves goodbye, saying, smell you guys later.

Skip calls, and says João has a job if he wants it. João says, it’s a dream come true. In his interview, Travis says, it’s been a long season. He’s been working for two years straight, with no holiday or time off to relax. He wants to see his loved ones in Australia, and just try and chill TF out. Aesha thanks Hannah for being amazing. In his interview, Jack says, it’s been fun pushing boundaries. He and Aesha go to the bridge to see Captain Sandy. The captain says they met on the boat, and their leaving together. She tells Jack that he’s special. He laughs, and she says he knows what she’s talking about. In the captain’s interview, she says she’d work with Jack again… maybe. She says, Aesha told her that she didn’t get enough praise. She did a fabulous job. She has a certain energy that makes people feel comfortable. She’s incredible. In Aesha’s interview, she says she did her job well, met lifelong friends, and she’s leaving with a dude who has a big d*ck. She asks Jack if babysitting him is her life now.

In Hannah’s interview, she says she and Ben have the relationship of an old married couple. They bicker, but have each other’s backs 95% of the time. She’s glad she didn’t do the whole charter season with him. Ben thanks the captain. In Ben’s interview, he says he overcame every obstacle he was in control of, and he’s walking off a stronger person. He enjoyed the challenge. It was a joy, but he’s glad to be walking off the boat, and back to a normal life.

In João’s interview, he says he and Hannah have come a long way in regard to respecting each other’s opinions. They can work with each other. He goes to the bridge to say goodbye, and Captain Sandy says she’s going to cry. They hug, and he says he learned so much. He tells her that he got the job, and thanks her. She says he has a bright future. In João’s interview, he says he came in thinking he wanted to be a captain. He wouldn’t be where is in his career except for Captain Sandy. She says she can say it and mean it. He’s the captain now.

Captain Sandy tells Hannah, it’s been amazing. In her interview, Hannah says she’s not letting one charter ruin what she and the captain have built. She tells the captain that she is passionate about giving the guests a great experience, but she has to do research on table décor. Captain Sandy says Hannah is a phenomenal human being. In Hannah’s interview, she says, next season, she’ll do dinner service in a mermaid outfit, and bring all the passion she can muster.

Captain Sandy stands on deck, and says, finité.

Coming up on Below Deck – Thailand, which Captain Lee says is like sensory overload, there’s so much to take in; elephants; a deckhand stripper; Kate says boat romances don’t end, you have to ship out; a stuck tender; Kate gives the finger; and Captain Lee says don’t think he won’t fire someone mid-charter. Well, it’s happened before.

🌁 It’s Like Day & Night…

Translation: The Diving Board

LeP2 LeP

Le Plongeoir

👋 Bye-Bye, Blackmailer…

And predator, and murderer, and con man, and…


🌀 A Little Twist…

Apparently, Michael Knight’s new GH character gives a nod to the past.


📣 Old Nina Speaks…

And this time, she’s on the other end of the interview.


💣 Carrrlos…

Looks like he’ll be joining Nina. It’s almost enough to get me to watch Y&R. Almost.


😵 What Happens When You’re Up Too Late…

Or on Tuesday according to these guys.












August 9. 2019 – Memory Download Complete, General Spoilers, Billy’s Exit, More On the OC, Jill Moves In, Fear Comeback, OctogenariQuotes & Coastal Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Peter goes to the Crimson office. Maxie says it’s been crazy. Valentin and Nina have decided to prioritize their wedding, happening next month, and Sasha collapsed. No one knows what’s wrong, but the hospital is keeping her until they do. In the meantime, she’s stuck doing Nina’s job, which she’s always wanted, but Nina has minions and Maxie is minionless. James has forgotten what she looks like. She rambles on for a while, then asks Peter why he didn’t stop her. He says he didn’t think it was possible, and it was a lovely symphony. She asks if it even made sense, and he repeats what she said, but more concisely, and asks how he can help. She says he can start with this, and kisses him.

Lulu meets Robert at Charlie’s. He thanks her for coming, and she says it must have something to do with Dante. He says, savvy as ever. He’s afraid he does.

At a nearby table, Willow gets a text from Chase. He’s sorry. It’s a work thing. He’ll be there soon.

Chase asks Elizabeth if there’s been any word. She says she tracked Cameron’s phone to 721 Dewitt. Chase says that’s the warehouse district. It’s a dicey neighborhood. She says she’s going to go looking for him, and Chase says he’ll take her there.

Meanwhile, at 721, Franco tells Cameron it will be okay. He’s enjoyed getting to know Cameron. He’s a good kid. Cameron says Franco is a good man. Franco says he needs Cameron to do him a favor. Tell his mother that Franco loves her. Tell her that he’ll be back. Cabot injects him. Cameron cries, and tells Cabot to stop. Shiloh pats Cameron’s head, which is really weird. He tells Cameron, if it works out, it won’t matter what he tells Franco. He asks Cabot how long it’s going to take, and Cabot says he’s starting the process now. There’s some kind of device on Franco’s head that looks like it was made by Fisher Price.

Robert tells Lulu that Dante suffered a major setback after the shooting. The facility wasn’t equipped with what he needs to be helped, so the Bureau moved him. Lulu says it’s bad news, but hardly a surprise. She asks what the new facility can do for him, and if the WSB is still going to help. Robert says the primary concern is Dante hurting himself or other people. The deprogramming has been postponed. Lulu asks for how long, and he says, indefinitely.

Maxie is thinking velvet tablecloths, and asks what Peter thinks. He thinks whatever she chooses will be perfect. He kisses her neck, and she says she’s supposed to be working. He says she was supposed to be working last time, but she insists she needs to work. He says, fine, and kisses her again. Work it is.

Shiloh asks Cabot if it worked, and Cabot says it’s in progress; look at the status bar. Shiloh wants the information he needs, but Cabot says he’ll have to wait until the subject wakes up. Shiloh asks when that is, and Cabot says, when he opens his eyes and asks, where am I, and how did I get here? Cameron tells Cabot that Shiloh isn’t letting them live. When he gets the information he wants, he’ll kill all of them. Shiloh tells Cameron that he’s had enough, threatening him with the duct tape.. He says if Cameron isn’t a good boy, he’ll tape his nose shut too. Drew and Curtis bust in, and Drew knocks Shiloh down and out. He runs to Cameron, and Curtis drags Shiloh back up. Cameron tells Drew to help Franco. Drew tells Cabot, stop it now, or he’ll put a hole in him. Cabot says, the procedure cannot be stopped or reversed. Unless it failed… Drew says he better hope it failed. Cabot says, the procedure can only function in the way it’s deigned. Forgive the metaphor, but it’s a one-way street. Ideally, when the patient regains consciousness, his consciousness will be that of Drew; the man Drew was in 2012. The screen says memory download complete. Franco’s eyelids flutter.

On the phone, Drew gives the address to the police. Curtis ties Cabot’s hands behind his back. Cabot asks if they must do this. It’s undignified. Curtis tells him not to talk dignity or fairness. Drew says, Franco had better live. Cabot says physically, he’ll be fine. Drew says, mentally…? Shiloh says Franco won’t be his friend anymore. He’ll be a Navy SEAL, or whatever the hell he was in 2012. Drew tells Franco that if he can her him, they’re getting him out of there. Hang on. He tells Cameron it will be okay. Elizabeth and Chase run in, and Chase says they were already on their way when he got the 911. Cameron says what happened is his fault; he’s so sorry. Drew says, no, it’s not his fault.

Robert tells Lulu that he doesn’t feel Dante is coming home. She says, ever? and he says, for the foreseeable future. He still has a lot of friends at the bureau. If anything happens, and Dante’s status is changed, he’ll be all over it. She says knowing Robert is looking out for him helps. He kisses the top of her head, and tells her, good luck. They’ll get through this. She says, she has to. He leaves, and Willow approaches the table, asking if Lulu is all right. Lulu says she’s the opposite of all right. Willow asks if she needs company, and Lulu nods. Willow sits, saying Chase was held up at work. God only knows when he’ll show up. She guesses it’s the downside of dating a cop. Lulu says they seem pretty serious, and Willow says, it looks that way, Lulu says, before Willow gets in deeper, she needs to know what it’s really like trying to build a life with a man drawn to danger.

Cameron tells Elizabeth that he’s sorry, but Elizabeth says, the only ones responsible are these evil men. Cameron says he should have run when he had the chance. Drew says he had nothing do with any of it. Shiloh whines that the cuffs are hurting him. It’s serious police brutality. Chase tells him he’s being arrested for kidnapping, assault, false imprisonment, and more charges that are pending. He gives Shiloh his rights as he pushes him out the door. Drew starts to release Franco, but Cabot says he can’t do that. Drew says the procedure is over, but Cabot says the equipment is sensitive. Only someone properly trained can safely disconnect him. The brain has to recover at its own pace, like a computer. If it’s shut down abruptly, everything will be lost. Drew asks if Elizabeth believes him, and Elizabeth asks if she has a choice.

At the hospital, Lucas brings Cameron out, and says he’s in good shape. He’s running every test on Franco, and will let her know as soon as he gets the results. Drew thanks him, and Lucas says they have a good neurology department. Elizabeth says she knows Franco is in good hands. Chase joins them, and asks how Franco is doing. Drew says they’re doing tests now, and Chase asks if Cameron is up for giving a statement. Cameron says he wants to be there for Franco, but Elizabeth says it’s going to take some time, and he should go while it’s fresh in his mind. Drew promises he isn’t going anywhere, and Chase says they’ll only be a few steps away. Cameron leaves with Chase, and Elizabeth says Cabot’s not a doctor. Doctors take an oath to do no harm. They don’t take a hostage for forced medical experiments. She says, what if Franco doesn’t wake up? Drew says, he will. Elizabeth tells him that he doesn’t know that. Drew says he knows Franco. He’s such a big pain in the ass, he won’t be snuffed out so easy.

Chase asks Lucas, does he think it’s necessary for Cabot to be at GH? They want to take him into custody. Lucas says throw him in jail, where he can’t hurt anyone. Epiphany tells Lucas, a patient is waiting in cubicle two. It’s Shiloh, and I make a loud sound. I also think Epiphany might have warned him. Shiloh says he was hoping it would be Lucas.

Maxie tells Peter that she doesn’t mind picking out the wedding décor; she has excellent taste and doesn’t mind helping. But she wonders if she’s crossed the line between being supportive and being enabling. Peter says, enabling the wedding? and Maxie says, enabling Nina to marry Valentin. He deeply loves her, but loving someone doesn’t make you a good person. It can make a bad person worse if they deceive someone they love into believing they’re good. Peter says, or she could just respect Nina’s choice, and throw a spectacular wedding. Maxie says, on one month’s notice, they’ll have to settle for tasteful. Peter says, everything Maxie does is spectacular. They kiss, and Robert walks in. He says, isn’t this cozy? He just came from seeing Lulu, and telling her that her husband has taken a turn for the worse. And here Maxie is wrapped around the guy responsible. Funny, how things always come back to Henrik.

Lulu bets the things Willow loves about Chase also make him a good cop. Honest, protective, loyal, brave. Willow says, he’s also funny, kind, and incredibly sexy. Lulu says, here’s the thing about cops who are also great guys. They feel an obligation to do the right thing. They want to protect society at large, especially their loved ones. The obligation is so strong, they no longer care about their personal safety. Willow says, that’s not just bravery, and Lulu says, it’s a weird mix of bravery and righteousness – and sheer male stupidity. Every time they walk out the door, you take a snapshot of the person you love, thinking it might be the last time you see them, but you think, don’t let it be the last time. You want to tackle them, and beg, please don’t go, but instead you say, bye, have great day, and watch for a few seconds after the door closes. Every. Damn. Time. Willow asks if Lulu regrets marrying Dante. Lulu says, not even for a moment. If she had it to do again, she would, in a heartbeat.

Shiloh asks how Lucas’s son is. He bets Wiley is walking. It’s amazing how he resembles his mother around the eyes. The strong chin is from his side of the family. His daddy had a strong chin. Ask Sam. Lucas says Shiloh doesn’t he has a concussion. He’ll be sore for a few days, and Lucas ordered antibiotics, just in case. He’ll have plenty of time to rest up in prison. Shiloh says, if he goes to prison.

Cabot tells Drew that his attorney will be in touch, so Drew can speak on his behalf if there’s a trial. Drew says he’ll be happy to testify, but Cabot isn’t going to be happy about what he says. Cabot says when his friend wakes up and tells him about the life he doesn’t remember, Drew will thank him. Drew tells an officer, get his ass out of here.

Elizabeth tells Cameron they’re bringing Franco in any moment. Cameron says he has to tell her something about when Franco found him. He asked Cameron to give her a message. Dr Cabot had knocked him out, and by the time Franco showed up, he was out of it. Franco yelled, and woke him up. Elizabeth says he must been terrified. Cameron said he thought if Franco found him, someone else could. Shiloh was worried about the same thing, and kept pressuring Cabot. She says he doesn’t need to talk right now; he’s safe. All that matters is that he’s safe. Cameron says, because of Franco. Franco convinced Shiloh to use him instead. He said people would be mad if he hurt Cameron, but because of Franco’s past, Shiloh would get a medal for using him. Cameron tried to tell Franco that she and the boys would miss him; so would he. She’s sure that helped Franco, but Cameron doesn’t know. Franco seemed scared. Franco was telling him it was okay, but he saw it. Then Franco asked him to tell her that he loves her, and he’ll be back.

Drew asks Epiphany if he can stay with Franco, and she says, of course (🍷). He asks her to tell Elizabeth that Franco is back, and she leaves. He tells Franco, he just wants him to know that his past, all those years, mean nothing to him in comparison to their friendship. He hopes that crazy experiment doesn’t work, and Franco wakes up the same person, and his past stays buried exactly where it belongs.

Elizabeth tells Cameron, Franco said he’d be back? Cameron says after that, Cabot gave Franco a shot, and he couldn’t answer anymore. She thanks Cameron for reminding Franco how much they love him, and for giving her the message. If Franco said he’d be back, She trusts he will be.

Maxie says how dare Robert? Robert says Peter is Faison’s son. He always has another agenda. Maxie says, Peter is not his father. He’s a good person. He made mistakes because of the lies his father told him. He’s not the reason they finagled their way in to see Dante. It was her idea. Peter came along to protect her. Robert says, and that brought them closer together. No one ever said Henrik was stupid. Maxie says her mom and Mac have both accepted him. Robert says, that’s their mistake. This guy is going to drag her down as low as she can possibly go. His advice is to run. Otherwise, she’ll be sorry she ever crossed paths with this dirtbag. Geez, did I get a different impression in the preview. What’s with Robert?

Willow doesn’t know where Lulu finds the strength. Lulu says Willow escaped a cult. She got away from a very dangerous man. Willow says, not far enough. Lulu knows Shiloh did a number on her. Sometimes she feels weak and fragile because he told her that she was. What she did was beyond bravery. She’s the hero of her own story. Given all the press Shiloh and what’s left of DOD have gotten, maybe she should get some press of her own. Willow asks what she means, and Lulu says she’d like to write Willow’s story for the Invader. What compelled her to leave DOD? Willow asks if Lulu is interviewing her, and Lulu says, off the record – for now. Willow says her parents were always searching for someone to guide them. Truthfully, to make decisions for them. When it was her turn to give up control of her life, it was easy, but when she got pregnant, she had to think for the baby and herself. She needed her life to belong to her. Lulu says she makes it sound easy. Willow says, when she realized she had control all along, it was hard to let go. Lulu thinks the story is a good idea. Not just for Willow, but those who read it. She tells Willow to let her know if she changes her mind. She leaves, and Willow’s phone dings. Chase texts he’s sorry he missed her. It’s police business, and he’s at the hospital. She jets.

Elizabeth goes into where Franco is, and asks Drew if there’s anything, but no. Cameron asks Drew if they can talk outside, and they leave together. In the waiting area, Cameron says he didn’t tell the police about this because he doesn’t know the situation; it’s so bizarre. Shiloh and the crazy doctor kept talking about wanting information only Drew knows, or at least used to know.

Elizabeth asks Franco to open his eyes. Say something silly so she knows it’s him. She knows he’ll come back because Cameron told her that he said he would. She trusts he’ll keep his word, and trusts how much he loves her. She says, please come back, and touches his face.

Drew asks Cameron if Shiloh said anything else? The smallest detail. Cameron says it was something that would allow Shiloh to disappear. Drew doesn’t know what that means, but whatever it was, it was important enough for Shiloh to risk everything, including Cameron and Franco’s lives. Cameron says, he had no right to do that. Drew says, no, he didn’t. Nobody does.

Elizabeth thanks the unconscious Franco for protecting Cameron. He’s a hero to Cameron now, like he’s always been to her. She has to admit, she’s sick of seeing him in a hospital bed. Give it a rest for a while. She was thinking about what he said to Cameron. She’s so in love with him, the world would be infinitely less wonderful without him in it. Cameron asks if he can join her, and she tells him, come in. He wanted to say how sorry he is, but she says, stop. He didn’t do anything wrong. He says, none of this would have happened if he’d done the smart thing and run when he had the chance. She says someone asked him for help, and it was the wrong person. She’s proud of his compassion, and of Franco, risking everything to save him.

Maxie tells Peter, she’s so sorry. Robert had no right to talk to him like that. Peter says his father tormented Robert and his family for decades. He can understand why Robert would want to protect her. Maxie says, that’s crap. Anyone who spends five minutes with Peter knows he’s transcended his father’s influence. If he hadn’t, she’d still blame him for Nathan’s death. Which she doesn’t. She’s accepted him, and so have Anna and Robin. And Mac doesn’t dislike him. It’s time for Robert, along with the rest of the world, to let him live outside of his father’s shadow. He doesn’t know if that’s possible. Lulu comes in, and Peter says he’ll let them talk. He’s going to get take-out. Maxie says Robert was just there, and Lulu says so she knows about Dante. Maxie says he was too busy raking Peter over the coals to tell her anything useful. Lulu says there’s not much to report, but she’s made her decision about Dante.

Willow runs into the hospital, looking for Chase. Lucas asks if she’s heard. Shiloh is shuttled past the reception desk, and sees Willow. He says, how touching his baby mama, and her pretend daddy. She asks what he did. Did he do something to Wiley? Lucas says he was just telling Shiloh that Wiley is at home with his father, who loves him very much. Willow says Shiloh isn’t Wiley’s father, and never will be. The officer takes Shiloh away, and Willow asks what he’s doing there. Please tell her that he’s dying. Lucas says, no, but she happen to notice his traveling companion? He’s wracked up more felony charges. He’s going to prison. Chase arrives, and Lucas says he’ll let Chase fill her in. She grabs him, and he asks what she’s doing there. She says looking for him. Thank God he’s okay.

Robert asks Curtis if Shiloh and Cabot actually tried the memory map process on Franco. Curtis says, they did more than that. Robert asks if it worked, but Curtis says they’ll have to wait for Franco to regain consciousness. If it failed, everything’s fine. If it didn’t… Robert says they’ll have to deal with the fallout.

Drew stops Shiloh, and says he claimed Drew had some information that could make him disappear. Shiloh says, the key to our future lies in our past. Zzzz… Drew tells him, knock it off. Cameron sees Shiloh, and runs toward him, but Drew grabs Cameron before he reaches Shiloh, who’s laughing his head off. He says, come and get me, kid. Cameron says he’s going to pay for this. He thinks he can just erase his stepfather. Shiloh is the one who should be erased. Shiloh says his stepfather wanted to do it. Cameron is his witness.  Drew tells the officer to get Shiloh out of there. Shiloh laughs like a hyena, as he’s led away. Drew tells Cameron, breathe. Cameron says he’s going to make Shiloh pay.

Lulu tells Maxie that she never wanted Dante to go after Raj. They never discussed it; it was a done deal, just like the divorce. Too bad. She loves him, and doesn’t want a divorce. She’s choosing to honor her vows. For better or worse; for sickness and in health. She won’t fight Dante in court, but if he wants to end the marriage, it’s entirely on him.

Chase asks if Willow wants water or bad coffee, but she just wants him to stay there. He asks what happened, and she says he texted her, saying he was going to be late because of work, then he landed in the hospital. He says he told her that he was at the hospital, not in the hospital. His job requires it sometimes. She says, all she saw was his name and hospital, and her imagination ran away. She thought something happened. She tells him, stop smiling; it’s making her feel better, which makes her feel stupid. He says he can’t turn it off when he’s around her. She tells him to promise never to scare her again like that. He says he’ll do his best, and they kiss.

Cameron asks why Drew stopped him. Drew says because assaulting a dirtbag is still a crime. Cameron and his mom have enough to worry about. Cameron says he never felt that helpless. Drew says he feels helpless too. He wasn’t there in time to save Franco, the way Franco saved him. Cameron says he saw Shiloh, and all he could think about was that Shiloh was walking around, after he took Cameron’s stepfather from him as he watched. Drew knows it hurts. He wants to get back at Shiloh for all the people Shiloh has hurt too. Hate isn’t a word they’re supposed to use or feel, but the predators and users… Cameron says, they deserve to be hated, and to pay. Drew says he’s right, but they have to go about it in the right way. The world needs less Shiloh and more Cameron. If he can take that hate and focus doing the right thing, he can get great things done. That’s why Franco put it all on the line for him. He knows the world needs more Cameron. Cameron thanks him. He can’t believe he’s saying this, but the world needs more Franco too.

Lucas tells Elizabeth, the good news is all Franco’s brain functions are operating as they should. Elizabeth says, so he’s physically fine. Lucas says, the bad news is, they don’t know how the drastically procedure impacted him. Elizabeth says, so until he wakes up, they won’t know how much Franco is still inside of him. Lucas says, yeah.

On Monday, Lucy tells Kim that one door shuts and another opens, Elizabeth asks Franco to fight and wake up, and Carly tells Sonny that he can do this.

🏥 Half-Spoiled…

Some of these we already know, but others are still a question mark.


🚑 Will Billy Be a Hero…

They’ve been wrong before though.


🍊 OC Tea…

And more on the OG’s demotion. Ouch.


🗽 But the Rent Is Too Damn High…

Jill Zarin has a new squeeze.


💀 See You When the Dead Walk…

Fear the Walking Dead returns Sunday, August 11th, at 9 pm.


📍 Quotes of the Week

The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values. – William S. Burroughs

I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions. – Stephen Covey

It is downright aggressive to open a bag of salmon jerky in a contained area, and especially one where everyone is basically tied down to a seat (aka plane).Fodors.com (sorry, the author’s name obliterated by an ad. 😕

We don’t need to settle on a medieval solution for a 21st century problem. — South Carolina democratic representative Joe Cunningham on increasing border security by building a wall.

Make up your mind before time makes it up for you. – Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin), General Hospital

We’re not just behind the eight ball, we’re behind the whole pool table at this point. – contestant on MasterChef

Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen. – Orhan Pamuk (author, My Name Is Red)

Guilt: the gift that keeps on giving. – Erma Bombeck

✈ Whatever Coast You’re On…

Or even if you’re just coasting along, enjoy your weekend.