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January 15, 2020 – Nelle Reveals Herself, Mother’s Day In Jersey, Joe Obvious, Officially Uncoupled, Surprise Losses, Drama In the Hills, VanderMoments & Atmospheric January


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly tells Sonny that Avery and Donna are down for the count. She wonders when Ava will tell Avery about her new stepfather. She can’t believe Ava and Nikolas are married. Sonny says he doesn’t know who’s blackmailing who, but it’s not going to end well.

On the phone at the MetroCourt, Nikolas says he’s very much alive. He’s taking the Cassadine Industries jet, so file the flight plan. Ava joins him, saying she’s sure Laura is tied up at city hall. Is it so wrong to keep her handsome new husband company? She kisses his cheek, and he says. people are watching. She says, you bet they are. They’re the new hot couple. It’s a story of redemption – her – and resurrection – obviously him. Since she’s not going anywhere, get used to it. He says they’re married until he gets the codicil, and she says, even after, it’s not over. Until then, they have no reason not to spend time together. He says, yes they do.

Lulu tells Dustin, as much as she’d like to blame Brook for everything that’s ever gone wrong… Dustin says they obviously have a history, and she says they do, but even Brook doesn’t deserve to be grabbed by some slimeball. She says watching Dustin was hot, and he says chivalry is his thing. She says she likes it, and speaking of history, they seem to have some of their own, Dusty.

Brook says they have to let her go, and Chase says she assaulted a police officer. She says it was an accident; she was trying to hit a civilian. He asks if she’s aware that it’s a crime, and she says the forced grabbing of an intimate part of her body without her consent is a crime. Chase says, it won’t be without consequences, and looks at some paperwork. He tells her it says her last name is Ashton, and she says she changed it. Ned comes in and says she’s telling the truth. Brook is a Quartermaine through and through. Brook asks if she can go now, but Chase says, no. She asks Ned what he’s waiting for, and tells him to do something. Ned says Chase heard his daughter; lock her up.

Olivia puts out coffee, and Tracy says it looks like Olivia has been setting up board meetings her entire life. Olivia says, a compliment from Tracy? Tracy asks her not to tell anyone. She has a reputation to uphold. Olivia says she knows Tracy wouldn’t be acting nice unless there’s something in it for her. Let’s have it. What does she want?

At Shiloh’s memorial, the veiled woman says she didn’t know Shiloh long, but they shared a special bond. After all – she removes her veil, and we see it’s Nelle – he was her husband. Michael says he’ll start. What’s she doing out of prison? Harmony asks what does she mean, her husband? Nelle says she’ll answer their questions in order. She tells Michael, good news; she’s a free woman. And to her dear old cellmate, she’s Mrs. David Henry Archer. She removes a glove and shows off her ring, saying, they’re all her guests.

Carly tells Sonny, two people gaslighting each other isn’t a basis for a marriage. She wonders what Ava could have… The lightbulb comes on, and she realizes Ava must have the codicil, and is using it as leverage against Nikolas. The house phone rings, and Sonny says, of course (🍷). He tells Carly, she’s not going to believe this. They go to the door, and Stella is there. Sonny asks, what happened? Did the weather get so bad she got homesick? Stella says, something like that. Sonny wonders why he’s the only on not surprised, and Carly says she reached out to Stella to come and talk about his dad.

Ava says she needs to give Nikolas a gentle reminder. He hasn’t signed the post-nup yet. He doesn’t see why they need it. She has the codicil, and while she’s holding on to it, he’ll have to go on with this sham of a marriage. Ava says, just because it’s out of revenge doesn’t make it a sham. Their marriage is very real. A good spouse provides for their mate in case the worst happens. He says he’s not signing, He’s waiting for his mother. Ava says she can be the witness. Nothing says official like a signature from the mayor. He starts to read it, and says, she wants an island of her own? She says the Cassadines own a chain of them. What’s one tiny island? He says the water is shark infested, and she says she’s been swimming with sharks her whole life. She tells him not to be stingy.

Brook tells Chase, her father is obviously joking. The pervert should be charged for sexual assault. He told her to stop singing, she told him to shove it, and he put his paws on her.

In the interrogation room, Lulu says, then he put his hands down Brook’s pants. Laura asks what Brook did.

Brook says, so she slapped him, and tried to push him off, but he grabbed her. That’s when Lulu told him…

Lulu says she told him to keep his hands off Brook, and he said, back off, sweetie, and shoved her. That’s when Dustin stepped in, and grabbed him by the collar, and told him to keep his hands to himself. Dustin says, words were exchanged, there was shoving… and Lulu says before they knew it, somebody called the cops.

Chase says Brook hit him with a beer bottle, and she says she was trying to hit the guy who touched her. Ned asks if he’s in custody, and Chase says, he’s in a holding cell. Ned asks if Brook is all right, and she says, it happened so fast; she just wants to go home. She asks why Ned is against her, and he tells her he’s not saying the guy shouldn’t be punished. He’ll talk to Robert. She says Linc started it. Just drop the family name, and take her home. He says she spent years running from the family, and all it stands for. Now she wants to use the name to get out of trouble.

Tracy tells Olivia, she does have an ulterior motive, and it should appeal to her. Michael is a lovely young man, decent and polite. Olivia says, coming from Tracy, it doesn’t sound complimentary, and Tracy says it will take more than boyish charm to fill the Quartermaine shoes. Olivia says that’s the real reason Tracy is back. She wants to force Michael out. Tracy says she has no shares, vote, or say. On the other hand, Olivia’s husband has all three.

Michael asks how the hell Nelle got out. She tells him, like Shiloh said, keep believing and good things happen. It’s no wonder she wanted to honor his memory. Pentenville’s not the most romantic place, but it was good enough for them; her, Shiloh, the chaplain, and a witness. Daisy says she was honored to be included. The ceremony was beautiful, and deeply spiritual. Nelle says she’s sorry she didn’t tell Harmony; she didn’t want to break Harmony’s heart. She tells Willow, it’s a shame she feels she has to deny everyone’s feelings for Shiloh, especially since she took something precious from the time she was with him. Willow says she took her son, and Nelle says, Shiloh spoke about Wiley all the time. He spoke about reclaiming him, so they could be a family. Now he’s gone, and the responsibility falls on yours truly.

Sonny says he doesn’t know what’s left to discuss, and Carly says, hear her out. Stella says she didn’t come to preach. Carly says she asked Stella to come talk to Sonny; not as some expert in the field, but someone who cares deeply about his father. Sonny hopes Carly paid Stella’s airfare, and Stella says, first class, with a room at the MetroCourt, but she would have rowed there if she thought it would help his dad. Sonny says they all love him, and want to do the right thing. Did Carly tell her about the new trial? Stella says she’d heard about it, and did some research. It does sound promising; however, Mike’s condition is more advanced than the patients in the study. Sonny says that’s why they can’t afford to wait until all of his father is lost. Stella understands, and her heart goes out to him, but while he’s holding on to Mike, what is Mike holding on to?

Nikolas tells Ava, let’s get something straight. She says she lives for clarity, and he says she lives in his home. They don’t share a bed or a future. Once he has the codicil, they’re going their separate ways. She tells him to listen to himself. Codicil is all he ever says. What’s the point of marriage if it’s not forever? He says, till death do us part, and she says he won’t kill her. He asks why she’s so sure, and she says she could be wrong, but she doesn’t think she is. As for their marriage, he’s not going to get what he wants until she gets what she wants. So sign. She lifts her martini glass, and says, to true love…

Brook asks why it’s okay for Ned to change his name, and he says she did it to get out of a contract. He did it to embrace the family. She doesn’t seem to be interested in that. Brook says he wanted the power, influence, and privilege that the name affords. He says they could use it at the shareholder’s meeting, and she says what better place to take her rightful place in the clan. Laura, Lulu, and Dustin come out, and Brook thanks Dustin for the rescue. She tells Lulu, always a pleasure. They leave, and she says if they can go, so can she. She’s the victim. Chase says he spoke to Felicia and Mac, and they’re willing to let it go, as long as they’re reimbursed. Ned says he’ll cover the damages, and Brook says she’ll pay him back. He says, she will, and Chase uncuffs her, telling her that she’s free to go. Don’t let him see her back there. She promises he’s seen the last of her, and leaves with Ned.

Michael says Nelle isn’t getting involved with his godson, but she says it’s not up to him. He says he’s going to check her story, and she tells him, do that. He steps out, and Nelle says, out of curiosity, Willow chose Brad to be the baby’s father? Willow says, Brad and Lucas are Wiley’s legal parents. Not Shiloh, even if he was alive. Nelle says, harsh. She’s not trying to take Wiley from them. Not yet. Harmony asks if she’s planning to in the future, and Nelle says she didn’t say that. Jason says he wouldn’t worry about it, and she says, it speaks. She forgot he was there. He asks how she made parole, and she says, Harmony was set free, so was she. Harmony says she had remorse for her crime, and got early release. Nelle says, unlike Sam, who shot Shiloh in the back. She owes her release to Ryan Chamberlain. If he hadn’t tried to escape, she wouldn’t have risked her life to protect society at large. They’re welcome.

Jason sees Michael in the hallway, and tells him, Nelle just wants attention. Don’t give it to her. Michael goes back in, and says, now that Nelle has made her big entrance, what does she want? Nelle says she’s not greedy. All she wants is what belongs to her.

Sonny tells Sonny, they’re family, and Stella says, as much as he loves his family, is he willing to take Mike from his surroundings and routine, take him away from the one place he knows and trusts? Sonny says the doctors told him what might happen when they had the evaluation at the clinic. It’s better than doing nothing. Carly says they’re not doing nothing. Stella says Mike has people he trusts, a place he knows, his family nearby, and Yvonne. Sonny says, Yvonne is on a feeding tube, and Mike keeps asking where she is. Carly says he thinks if Mike is away, he’ll forget about her, and Stella says, he might know she’s missing, and it will be worse. Sonny says, it might give Mike more time. Even if it doesn’t work, he’ll know they tried everything. Stella says, that’s easy to say, but how is he going to feel if they try, and it still doesn’t work?

Nikolas tells Ava that he wants a lawyer to look at the post-nup before he signs. Laura arrives, apologizing for keeping Nikolas waiting. She says she didn’t know Ava was joining them, and Nikolas says, Ava was just leaving, but Laura tells Ava to stay if she wants. She’s not thrilled about the marriage, but they’re adults. What they do is on them. Spencer is another story. Ava says, Spencer doesn’t know? and Nikolas says it doesn’t concern her. Ava says she cares about Spencer, and now she’s his stepmother. It does concern her. Nikolas says Spencer doesn’t know he’s alive. Laura was right. It’s not something he can tell Spencer over the phone. Hello, it’s me, your father. I’m not dead. That’s why he’s flying to France to see Spencer tonight.

Dustin goes back with Lulu to her place, and she asks him to come in. He says, it’s late, and she says, nice try, Dusty. How does he know Brook? He says, it’s not that fascinating, but she says she’ll be the judge of that. Start at the beginning, and don’t leave anything out.

Walking into the mansion, Brook tells Ned, she had no choice. Should she have let Linc put his hands all over her? He says, of course (🍷) not. If she wants to be a Quartermaine, she has to think like one. Be smarter, and less impulsive. Olivia and Tracy join them, and Brook asks what they’d do if a man asserted his power by grabbing their butt. Tracy says, break his hands, and Olivia says, kick his ass. Brook says, that’s what she did, but Ned says, she went on the defensive and it escalated into a barroom brawl. Brook says it looks like everyone is at a meeting, and Tracy says, they are, but it’s no surprise their CEO is MIA.

Chase goes back to the memorial, and Nelle says sorry he got dragged in. She’s sure she can clear things up. Chase asks if Willow is okay, and Willow says, fine so far. Nelle says she just realized. Harmony said her daughter had a new man in her life, but she had no idea it was him. Good for her. She’s glad someone has filled the void Shiloh left. Not that anyone can. Chase says, for once in Nelle’s life, she’s telling the truth, and Michael says, she is. She’s Shiloh’s widow; the wedding was legit. Nelle says, it was true love of course (🍷).

Sonny tells Stella that he’s done his share of gambling, and knows the odds aren’t good. Carly asks, why risk it just to postpone the inevitable? and he says if it gives Mike more time, it’s worth it. Jason comes in, and asks if it’s a bad time. Stella says she has to get settled at the MetroCourt, and thanks Carly for the room. Carly says she deserves a night of luxury. Stella says she’ll be around if they want to talk, and Sonny says he’ll walk her out. Jason sighs, and Carly asks how the memorial was; how’s Michael? He says Michael is fine, but she needs to count to ten. She asks, why? and he says, Nelle showed up at the memorial. She made parole.

Nelle tells Willow and Harmony, the three of them should grab lunch sometime. They share a special bond. First Shiloh, now Chase, with Willow. Harmony wonders how they could share a cell, and she didn’t realize Nelle was delusional. I dunno. For years she didn’t realize Shiloh was delusional. Chase asks Nelle if she said what she had to say. Willow says, she said plenty, and Harmony says, yet she said nothing at all. Nelle says she has another appointment; she’ll see them later. She asks if they could do her the biggest favor. Hold on to Shiloh’s portrait, while she finds a place to hang it. She leaves, and I wonder what happened to the other people who were there, and disappeared.

Dustin tells Lulu, it was open mic night at a bar in lower Manhattan. He was nursing a beer, and working on writing some music, and he heard Brook’s voice. He looked up, and she was in the spotlight. Lulu says, Brook can sing; she’ll give her that. Dustin says Brook came down after her song, and started taking drink orders. Lulu says, she was literally working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, and he says, that much is true. I die laughing. Lulu asks if they sang outside of a convenience store. She’s seen that movie. He says, it ended as soon as it started. She dumped him for a piano player. She says, a guy as amazing as him, dated someone as dreadful as Brook, and she dumped him?

Michael arrives at the meeting, and Brook says she hopes he has his body armor on; knives are out. Tracy thanks him for joining them. It’s nice that he found the time. Ned asks Pascal where they’re at, and Pascal says, the roll call. Should he go over it again? Michael says, no. Pick up where they left off. Pascal says Tracy is there for Dillon in absentia, and Tracy says she has his proxy vote. Pascal says, Michael is present, so that concludes it. Ned says, there are several items on the agenda, the first being the question of selling Oscar’s shares.

Sonny thanks Stella for coming, and Stella says, but she should mind her own business. Sonny says she’s family as far as his father is concerned. What happens is her business. She says Sonny is still taking Mike to New York, isn’t he?

Carly tells Jason that Pentenville threw Nelle a jailhouse wedding before they cut her loose? Why bother? The only reason Nelle bothers with anything is money, revenge, or both. What did Shiloh have that Nelle can use?

Laura says Nikolas is flying out tonight? He says Spencer deserves to hear it from him, and he wants to see his boy. Laura says, after all Nikolas has done, he’s not going to pull a vanishing act. Ava tells Laura, don’t worry. She’ll make sure Nikolas stays in touch. Nikolas asks how she’s going to manage that, and Ava says, because she’s going with him.

Harmony asks what the hell that was about, and Chase says, it’s classic Jenelle. He says he can take Harmony back on his way home, and Willow says there’s something he needs to know. It’s about Wiley, not about her. Brad is overwhelmed, and Michael was concerned Brad doesn’t have enough support. It escalated until Brad turned to her and practically begged her to be Wiley’s nanny, so she’s going to help take care of him. Harmony thinks it’s a good idea, and Willow says, it’s a temporary situation. At some point, Brad won’t need her, Chase asks if she really thinks she’ll just be able to walk away.

Pascal says, Oscar has fifteen bequests, but Michael says, something came up that’s a major impact. Tracy suggests they stick to the agenda, and Brook says, Michael is allowed to talk. Michael says Oscar left his shares to Shiloh, but Ned says that’s in probate. Now that Shiloh is dead, they revert to the family regardless. Tracy says, the shares couldn’t find a better home in the hands of Olivia and her precious son… Olivia says, Leo, and Tracy says she knew that. Brook says they should put the shares where they’ll do the most good. Ned says, Olivia and Leo are family, and more than deserving. Michael agrees with Ned, and Brook calls Michael an idiot. She asks how he can be CEO of a major company, and not see a power play is being set up. Don’t let them do it.

Nikolas says he’s flying solo, but Ava says he’ll face the pain of a difficult reunion with her by his side. He says it’s not her place, but she says, it definitely is. She owes it to Spencer. She wants him know she’s trying to atone, and make sure what’s rightfully his is acknowledged. Laura reminds them, this is about Spencer, not redemption. Nikolas owes it to his son to be honest with him. Nikolas says, of course (🍷), and Laura says she wishes she could trust him. She misses being able to. All she’s asking is for him to think of Spencer, not himself – if that’s possible. Laura leaves, and Ava says she likes that woman. The more she knows Laura, the more she likes her, and the more glad she is that Laura is her mother-in-law. Nikolas says, a technicality. Ava says she hasn’t been to Europe in years. She’s going home to pack. Is he coming? She tells him, think of it as a honeymoon. Separate rooms of course (🍷).

Dustin tells Lulu, believe it or not, that’s how the story ends. Good guy, bad girl, bad girl breaks good guy’s heart. Lulu is glad Brook has terrible taste. He says Brook had a way of pushing his buttons. Lulu says, not just his. Brook is the absolute worst, and had everyone walking away from her. He says Brook did him a favor. Writing music wasn’t for him. He discovered teaching, and never looked back. Lulu says, not even after he came to Brook’s rescue? He says he didn’t know it was her, and would have done it regardless. The guy was a creep, but he has to admit, if it was anyone else, it wouldn’t have escalated into a low grade riot. Lulu says, no nostalgia? and he says, the last thing he needs in his life is a wrecking ball named Brook Lynn. Lulu is glad hear that. They cuddle.

Willow tells Chase that she hopes one day that Wiley will know who she is, and she’ll help him understand why she chose Brad and Lucas to raise him. Everything is up in the air right now, and all that matters is Wiley being loved and cared for. Harmony says let her know if she can do anything, although she knows she has no right to ask. The first thing she did was use her grandson to lead Willow back to Shiloh. She’s ashamed of that, and more than anything wants a chance to make it up to the two of them. She owes it to Willow. Willow says she’ll see what Brad says, but she’d like that very much. Harmony goes out to wait for Chase and Willow, and Willow says they’re alone now. Let her have it. All the reasons he thinks it’s a bad idea for her to take care of Wiley. He asks if she thinks she can handle it, and she says she does. He hugs her, and says, so does he.

Stella tells Sonny, every day is precious. Is it worth risking Mike’s fragile quality of life to roll the dice? Sonny says he knows it’s a long shot, but even if it’s one million in one that it could work, he’s taking the shot.

Carly tells Jason, Shiloh was out of money when he died. One of his followers had to post bail. They know Nelle isn’t a follower, and has no spiritual motive, so why?

Olivia asks if Tracy thinks she doesn’t know she has an angle. Tracy says, fill her in on the angle Olivia thinks she has. Olivia says she’s her own person, and not just voting the way Ned wants. Ned says he trusts her judgement. Brook says, Michael is either in a naïve state or doing a masterful job of sucking up. Pascal says, yay or nay, and Brook calls him Fish and Chips. He says, she’s delightful. Nelle walks in, and says, there must be some mistake. There’s no way they started without her, right?

Tomorrow, Lulu wants Nikolas to tell her that he’s sorry, Sam tells Alexis that Nelle is Shiloh’s widow, Olivia says they’re going to make Nelle’s life a living hell, and Sonny says he needs Jason’s help.

👠 Highlights Of New Jersey…

On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa told Joe #2 that she got a lot of calls inquiring about the men’s line after the fashion show, and because Teresa is defending Danielle, Margaret is going crazy. The fertility doctor called with their test results, and Melissa was more than okay, but Joe #2 had only 3 swimmers out of what should have been 15 million. Everyone found this hysterically funny, and the doctor said quitting a supplement he’d been taking should fix things. Marge had success with a drag queen brunch, and decided to have another one, as well as a Mother’s Day brunch. Because Teresa had been incommunicado, Marge decided not to invite her. Jackie agreed they weren’t in a good place, and Marge had to do what she felt was right. Jackie decided to invite the women to her Hamptons house, hoping they’d bond. While they were having a pedicure, Teresa told Dolores that she wanted to matchmake Gia and Frankie Jr., and Dolores let it slip about Marge’s brunch. She suggested Teresa talk to Marge, but Teresa wasn’t having it if Marge didn’t want to invite her.

Mother’s Day happened, and Teresa’s girls made breakfast. She said she was lucky to have them, and that Mother’s Day was difficult for her since she’d lost her mom. She griped that Marge knew it was difficult, and should have invited her. The girls gave Teresa a card, and counted down to Teresa crying over it. Joe #1 called, and Teresa told him that the girls had gotten her a necklace with her name on it. Since everything has to be about him, Joe claimed he’d gotten a name necklace for Teresa a while back, and criticized her for not remembering. Their daughters said he must be right, and in Teresa’s interview, she said it started out being a beautiful day, but Joe always gets the girls to go against her. She said she was no longer tolerating his disrespect.

At Marge’s Mother’s Day brunch, the drag queens greeted the guest moms, and flower crowns were passed out. We also learned, champagne for breakfast is totally appropriate. The drag queens put on a show, and Jennifer’s mother said she’d never been to anything like it. Up until then, the wildest thing she’d seen was the ugly naked guy in Times Square. We saw a photo of the Naked Cowboy, who wears briefs and is hardly ugly. Melissa was shocked that Marge didn’t invite Teresa, but Marge said they hadn’t talked at the fashion show, and Teresa was pissed because Marge said she was an embarrassment. Marge admitted to being embarrassed about her own behavior as well. In Melissa’s interview, she said Marge had only seen the namaste Teresa. It was her first rodeo with the going from zero to ten Teresa. At the brunch, the moms and daughters told stories from when they were growing up. They showed a picture of Marge Sr. as a young mother, and wowza! She was gorgeous. Everyone ended up crying. Jennifer noted that when the drag queens were performing, there was a lot of arm crossing and squinting from her mother.

Dolores said David didn’t think it was important when she asked him to show up for things, and he took advantage of her kindness. Maybe he doesn’t want to be seen on TV with this water-throwing, ponytail-pulling group. At least we’re actually seeing him this season. Jennifer asked her mom what she thought about the drag queens. Her mom said Dolores told her they were men, and she said, you’ve got to be kidding? which I guess is a compliment. Jennifer thought her mom had come a long way, and said she was raising her own children to be accepting of people  She brought up her brother being gay, but her mom wasn’t very comfortable talking about that, saying she was old-fashioned, and it was his life. If he’s happy, God be with him. Jennifer wanted her mother to be happy that he wasn’t living a lie.

Marge helped Marge Sr. do some organizing. In Marge’s interview, she said Marge Sr. claimed she wanted to be more of a mother, but they’re keeping their roles as they are. Marge is the mother, and is going to fix Marge Sr.’s life for her. Teresa didn’t want to go to the Hamptons because It was pouring out, and she was in a bad mood. She told Dolores that she was busting ass, but the kids take Joe’s side all the time. Dolores told her to put her foot down. No surprise, Jackie’s house in the Hamptons was fabulous. Marge told Melissa, at some point, you have to decide what’s right and wrong, and you can’t be friends with a certain type of person, by which I assume she meant Danielle. Melissa agreed, but said you can’t tell someone who to be friends with either.

When Teresa got there, she thanked Jackie for inviting her – and thanked Marge for not inviting her. So we started that way. Marge wanted to talk later, but Teresa said they were in the same friend group, and everyone else was talking about it. Marge said she had intended to invite Teresa, and even brought her a goody bag, which I thought was really tacky. I would never give someone a goody bag from a party I didn’t invite them to. Teresa didn’t want it, and I didn’t blame her.

Next time, more of the Hamptons, and Jennifer directs some loud and stupid at Melissa in public.

🎩 Like We Hadn’t Guessed…

Juicy Joe is old-fashioned? Really?


💔 It’s Official…

What we already knew.


😥 Unexpected Roll Call…

Reality stars lost before their time.


🔥 It Didn’t Take Long…

Again, not liking the mob mentality, no matter who the target is. Denise skated through her first season. I guess now she has to pay the price.


No surprise Brandi would be involved.


But definitely surprised this might be the reason.


🍸 SUR, the Gift That Keeps On Giving…

Obviously, Ariana was not an English major.


January Reaches Its Half Life…

Wherever your January is, I hope it’s going well. And if it’s not, it’s halfway over.

December 20, 2019 – Franco Learns About Drew, Close Call, Re-engagement, Wayne Revealed, Dog Tantrums, Ten Holiday Quotes Plus a Long One & Eight Crazy Nights


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I miss the first millisecond. Nothing important, except Lucas is now breathing on his own. Elizabeth tells Julian that they’re all pulling for Lucas. Franco says he’s ready to go home. Elizabeth says she missed Franco, and he says if he’d known he was away, he would have missed her too. She gives him back his wedding ring, he puts it on, and they kiss.

Michael opens the door to Willow, who asks if everything is okay. His text was vague. He says he has some fun things planned for today, and thought she might want to join in.

Anna looks over some folders at her desk. Finn tells her that he just put Violet down for a nap, and he wants one too. Anna says it will take time, and he says he’s never second guessed himself so much. He wants to do things right. Are cartoons good or bad? Anna says the answers will change with his mood. Wait until the first time he hears himself say, because I said so. He says he’s looking forward to that. He asks what all that is on her desk, and she says, research. He says, on? and she says, her son.

Sporting an elf hat, Maxie tells Peter it breaks her heart to see so many kids in the hospital at Christmas. Peter says GH does its best to make it special, and she made them smile. Maxie wishes Lucas was awake to make fun of her hat. Peter says they should have a progress report soon, and it is the time of year for miracles. She asks if he’s ready for their next stop, and he asks if she’s sure they’re not intruding. Maxie says, she’ll love it. She sees the guard outside Nelle’s door, and says, someone’s been naughty.

Martin tells Nelle that she’s looking well. She says hospital gowns have always suited her. He asks if this was her big plan, to get stabbed? and she says, of course (🍷) not. He asks, what happened? and she says, a serial killer happened.

Brad tells Lucas that he doesn’t know what to do. That’s a lie. He at least knows what Lucas would want him to do. Send Wiley back to his true father, but what if he can’t? If he hadn’t come across Nelle that awful night, and taken a baby that wasn’t his, Lucas wouldn’t be there. He wants to make it right, but doesn’t know what to do. Julian comes in, and tells Brad, the test results are in. Brad kisses Lucas’s forehead, and follows Julian.

Michael says he’s taking a personal day, and knows how Willow loves spending time with Wiley, but it’s awkward with Wiley’s dads around. He asks if it’s still hard on her, and she says, no. She was just thinking of Lucas, and how horrible it all is. Michael says, hopefully, Lucas will get better. In the meantime, they can keep Wiley laughing. Willow says Michael has been great taking care of Wiley, and Michael says, of course (🍷). He’s family.

Martin says, Nelle wanted to be released, and this is how she engineered it? If she’d gotten killed, he would have gotten bupkis for his hard work. She’s unreliable. He has one question; why is she doing this?

Anna tells Finn that she can’t get the conversation with Jason out of her head. The list of crimes he believes Peter orchestrated is unbelievable. At the same time, considering Peter’s recent behavior, she can’t dismiss it out of hand. She’s pulled everything she can find, and is trying to make a connection to Brice and the gunman’s deaths. The gunman spent a lot of time in Pentenville, but up until about a week ago, he was in Europe, where he has no arrest record. He worked security for two companies, Eurotech and another one I don’t catch, before and after his stint in prison. Finn thinks the company names should mean something to him, and Anna says they’re known by the WSB to be DVX companies. Finn says, shell companies. Peter lived in Germany, so that would be the connection. Anna says Andre also has connections in Europe, and Brice spent time there. Finn asks if there’s nothing to single Peter out, and she says, no.

Amy tells Elizabeth the paperwork will be ready shortly. Jordan asks Franco to look at a photo of his assailant, but when he does, he says he’s got nothing. But they weren’t really after him. They were after Drew. He’s not telling her how to do her job, but maybe she should be speaking to Drew. Elizabeth asks if Jordan needs anything else, but Jordan says, that’s it. Amy tells Franco that his walking papers are in. Enjoy his homecoming. Elizabeth says, they will, and Franco asks her, what’s going on with Drew? She says they have a lot to talk about, but they’ll do it at home.

Anna says, neither Brice, nor the assassin were in Afghanistan, and Finn says, that implicates Shiloh. She says, exactly, but Shiloh has no known connection to Faison. Finn says, that implicates Peter, but she says, there’s no implication anywhere. Finn says she wants to exonerate him, and she says she wants to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s not guilty. Finn says, that’s impossible. It comes down to what she feels. She says, nothing contradicts Jason’s version of the events, but Finn says, Jason has his own bias. In the absence of real evidence, it comes down to who or what she believes. The doorbell rings, and Finn goes to get it. He brings back Maxie and Peter.

Michael and Willow roll a ball back and forth with Wiley, and discuss a ball rolling Olympics event. Willow asks how Michael got to be so great with kids. Being a big brother? He says, that’s part of it. There was actually a time where he had custody of his sister Avery. It’s a long story, and not complementary of him. Willow doesn’t believe it, but he says, believe it. It was a very complicated, messy, human situation, where everyone acted badly. Willow says she’ll reserve judgment on that. Michael says his biological father was AJ Quartermaine. AJ and his mom didn’t get along, and she left him for Sonny when Michael was two years old. Sonny was the only father he knew. AJ wanted him back, so there was an ugly custody fight. Flash forward to five years ago. AJ and Sonny hated each other, and Ava got thrown in the mix. AJ attacked Ava, and Sonny shot him. He died, but Michael didn’t know it was Sonny who shot him until a month later, and he went a little crazy. It was pretty bad, and he trumped up a legal excuse to get custody of Avery. He wanted to hurt his father, and knew nothing would hurt him more than taking Avery away.

Nelle says maybe she doesn’t need Martin. She got herself out; she can find a way to stay out. Martin says he’s her only prayer to get out before her 60th birthday. If she does exactly what he tells her, and sticks with the program; be a model prisoner. She asks why she should trust him, and he says it’s his only chance of getting paid. Jordan comes in, and asks how the prisoner is. Nelle gives her two thumbs up.

The doctor asks Julian and Brad if they’re waiting for Lucas’s mother, but Julian says they convinced her to get some rest, so go ahead. The doctor says Lucas’s brain swelling is down, but he slipped into a coma. Julian says he’s been in a coma since he got there, but the doctor says it was medically induced to help his body heal. Even after they reduced the sedatives, he’s not waking up. Brad asks, what happens now? and the doctor says Lucas can’t stay there indefinitely. He’ll have to be relocated. They think Turning Woods is the best option; they have long term care. They’ll transfer him as soon as Brad signs off. Julian asks, what’s the rush? and Brad says, they need the bed. Lucas isn’t healing fast enough, so they’re kicking him out. He walks off, leans against the wall, and slides down.

Elizabeth brings Franco in, and says, ta-da! Franco says, check it out, and looks at the huge Welcome Home sign. He asks if Aiden did that, and she says, of course (🍷). Look at what else he did. Franco sees  a cake on the table, and says, chocolate ganache; his favorite. He asks where Aiden is, and Elizabeth says he was invited to spend Christmas in Ireland. He was torn; He wanted to go, but wanted to be there to welcome Franco home. Cameron convinced him that Franco would want him to experience new places, and they took him to the airport this morning. He’s come a long way from the uncertain withdrawn little boy, and it has a lot to do with Franco. Franco says he just followed her lead. She says they can still have a celebration. Cameron and Jake will be home soon. He has no idea how much the boys missed him. And how scared they were, although they tried not show it. He says he can imagine, and he’s sorry he put them through it. She says they’re sorry he went through it. He says he didn’t. It’s a matter of perspective. To him, no time passed. She got the raw end of the deal. She says she’s glad he’s home; that’s all that matters. She asks how it feels, and he says, safe and warm, and familiar and new at the same time. It’s weird that he hasn’t seen Drew. He must be busy. Elizbeth says, it’s worse than that. There’s a lot they need to deal with, and in time he’ll adjust. Drew handled it wonderfully, and was determined to get him back. Franco asks where Drew is, and she says, he’s missing, and presumed dead.

Julian tells Lucas, take more time to rest. Don’t worry about Wiley. He’ll fix this thing. By the time Lucas wakes up, everything will be back on track. He’s going to wake up. He has to.

Amy finds Brad, and sits next to him on the floor. She says, it’s not the end. Lucas probably just needs more time. Brad says it’s his fault, and she tells him, don’t say that. He says, it’s true. Between the two of them, everyone knows Brad is the bad one. Lucas doesn’t lie, cheat, or break the law. He’s perfect. Amy says Brad is no angel, but what everyone knows is how much Brad loves Lucas, and how much Lucas loves him. She asks if some gossip would cheer him up. Guess who traded their cellblock for a hospital bed? Nelle. That wacko is back in Port Charles. Brad says he has to do something, and jets. Amy wonders if it’s something she said.

Nelle tells Jordan, they can’t make her go back. Jordan says they can, and Nelle asks how heartless can they be? Ryan nearly carved out her one kidney. Jordan says she’s exaggerating, but Martin says her release is premature, given her medical history. She’ll need more extensive tests. Jordan says, if the doctor says she needs them, she’ll get them. Otherwise, it’s back to prison. Martin says, let’s find out. As he follows Jordan out the door, he turns back to look at Nelle, and she mouths, do something.

Anna quickly clears her desk, and Maxie says they brought gifts. Anna says they shouldn’t have, and Maxie says they’re not for her. She’s been going through Georgie’s old clothes, and thought Violet could use some of them. They’re out in the car. Anna asks Finn to help Peter get them. Anna tells Maxie that she’s glowing. Peter has an effect on her. Maxie says he’s made her happy. She didn’t think it was possible. After Nathan died, she thought that was it. How many chances does one person get? But in walks Peter, now they’re building a life together, and a family. Anna says she’s thrilled for Maxie, and they hug.

Willow asks how long Michael kept Avery, and he says, three or four months. He realized his revenge was tearing his family apart and hurting the people he loved, especially Avery. The only solution was to give Avery back, and forgive his father. Avery was the easy part; forgiving his father, not so much. Eventually, he got there. Willow says, remarkable, but he says, not really. It was a shift in perspective. Avery wasn’t a trophy; she was just a little girl. After he focused on that, everything else fell into place. The point he’s making is, he played dad for a minute. He laughs, remembering when he brought Avery to work, and a big investor came in. He found Michael on the floor, playing blocks with Avery. He already looked young, and  needless to say, Michael didn’t close the deal. Willow says, that investor was short-sighted. Anyone playing blocks is engaging, thoughtful, and committed. If it had been her, she would have totally invested with him. Michael’s phone rings. It’s Amy, who says she was just with Brad. Lucas is still in a coma, and being transferred to long term care at Turning Woods. Brad is taking it hard, so she was wondering if Michael could bring Wiley to the hospital. Brad needs to see his son.

Brad walks into Nelle’s room, and she says, nice work, talking his way in there, especially considering what he’s going through. He says his husband being in a coma, and his son without his fathers? All of it is her fault.

Franco asks Elizabeth if there was no body, and she says the plane was found in the water. When it was determined there were no possible survivors, the search was called off. Franco says, it was because of him, but Elizabeth says, Drew was on the plane because he felt it was the right thing to do. Franco says, it’s not fair.

Brad tells Nelle, none of this would have happened if he hadn’t gotten involved with her. All of it happened because he didn’t have the guts to stand up and do what he should have done all along. What Lucas would want him to do – what’s best for Wiley.

Michael and Willow come into the hospital through the loudest sliding door ever. Michael gives Wiley to Willow, and says he wants to give Brad a heads up. Willow tells Wiley that someone is going to be happy to see him.

Anna tells Maxie, she’s happy to hear she and Peter are moving in together. She was a bit surprised though. She thought Peter was getting his own place. Maxie says, he was, but the deal fell through. That’s why he was on the pier the night he helped Dev and Wiley. Anna says, everything happens for a reason, and Maxie says she thinks so. Peter is great for her and James. They’ve finally moved past the baggage. Finn and Peter come back in, and Finn thanks Peter for the stuff. Peter says he didn’t have much to do with it. Finn asks how it’s going since the excitement at the hospital. Peter says he feels horrible that a man lost his life, but Franco is back to himself. It must be liberating, not being bogged down with Drew’s memories. Finn says, it must be.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she’s sorry. Franco wishes he could have tried to save Drew, and she says he did. He got Drew out of the house, and away from that horrible man. Franco says Drew died as a direct result of what was going on with him. Elizabeth says what Franco did changed everything. He, as Drew, chose to give Franco back his life because of what he did all those years ago.

She says she dreaded this moment, telling him about Drew. She knew how hard to would be. He holds her, and says Drew is the closest thing he’ll ever have to a brother. She says he can’t bring Drew back. The only way to honor him is to learn from his own life. Be happy and make the people he loves around him happy. He says he’s an expert at being whiny and bitchy. She says, he is not. Maybe a little. He says he’s so grateful for her. From now on, he’s grateful for everything. She says he has no idea how unbearable it was to see him, and it not really be him. Not just the lack of recognition – that was painful enough – but everything. The way he carried himself, the way he spoke, the way he said her name. He wouldn’t make inappropriate comments, or make her laugh with his terrible jokes. He says, they’re funny because they’re terrible. She says she would look in his eyes and search, but she wouldn’t see it. She sees it now, and she’s so happy. he says, if he makes her happy, that’s the single greatest achievement of his life. She says she loves him so much, and they kiss.

Jordan sees Julian, and says she heard Lucas was being moved. He says he just got off the phone with Lucas’s mother, and told her about Turning Woods. She says they’ve received the final report about Brad’s car.

Michael looks at his phone; Brad called. Martin comes by, and introduces himself, saying he has the honor and privilege of being Nelle’s attorney. Michael isn’t sure that’s an honor, and Martin says, Nelle is a remarkable young woman whose gone out of her way to turn her life around. Michael says, Nelle destroys anyone who crosses her path. Stay away. He walks, and Martin says, tough crowd.

Michael sees Amy, and tells her that Wiley is waiting with Willow. Where can he find Brad?

Anna asks if Maxie and Peter can’t stay longer, but Maxie says, it’s Christmaspalooza. They have the coat drive at Rice Plaza next. Anna asks if they’re going to  be there for Christmas, and Finn says, that’s the day that’s merry not happy. Anna looks at him, and he says she lives in America now. Maxie and Peter leave, and Finn says, they seem good. Anna says, better than good, and he asks what she’s thinking. She says she’s thinking of taking his advice. She’s going to give Peter the benefit of the doubt. He says she’s taking his advice? and he tells her, enjoy it while it lasts. He goes upstairs to check on Violet, and she straightens her desk. She flips through a folder on Peter, and says, no.

Franco and Elizabeth kiss. She pulls away, and he asks, what going on? She says, you know how it is when your head and your body are feeling two different things? That’s how she’s feeling. She knows she shouldn’t be upset… He asks, what’s going on? Just tell him; they’ll get through it. She says, when Drew was in his body, he had sex with Kim.

Jordan tells Julian, they were unable to determine the cause of the crash. There was too much damage to the undercarriage, and they can’t pinpoint how the brakes failed. He asks if they’re closing the investigation, and she says they have nothing further to learn. She tells him, good luck with Lucas’s transfer. She hopes he comes out of it.

Anna says, Eurotech, and looks in the gunman’s folder. She says, ugh; no. Peter was there at the same company at the same time the gunman worked there. She looks through pictures of Peter, obviously taken without his knowledge.

Michael looks in on Lucas. He tells Brad, sorry. He knows it wasn’t the news Brad wanted to hear. None of them did. Brad says, it was a lot to take in, and Michael says he brought someone to cheer Brad up, if he’s up to it. Wiley is here.

In the hallway, Willow holds Wiley, and Nelle rolls up in her wheelchair. She says, what a beautiful baby boy.

On Monday, Monica reads A Christmas Carol to the kids at the hospital, Robert calls Finn a Scrooge, Obrecht says Christmas is the time put aside their differences and spread good will, and Finn becomes Scrooge. I’m really looking forward to that.

🏥 Her Choice of Friends Scares Me…

I love Denise, but her being good friends with Brandi is scarier than any medical emergency.


💍 Congratulations, I Guess…

Since they were divorced, but never really apart, it’s hard to get excited.


🎭 Whose Mask Is It Anyway…

I’ve loved Wayne Brady forever. I was blessed to see him in Chicago on Broadway, and hung out afterward, to ask him to sign my program. There were quite a few of us waiting, and every time the stage door opened, you could feel everyone get ready. Then, when it wasn’t him, there was a collective feeling of disappointment. Now we call every letdown after anticipatory feels, a Wayne Brady moment. He did eventually come out and sign programs just in case you were wondering.


🐕 God’s Best Invention…

Dogs are the best! If you keep watching, there’s a whole sequence of videos of dogs throwing tantrums for various reasons. This first one is annoyed by a cat in her bed. It reminds me of when our cat used to deliberately sit in the middle of the doorway because the dogs were too afraid to go past him. The cartoons have it backward.


🔔 Quotes of the Week

Probably the reason we all go so haywire at Christmas time with the endless unrestrained and often silly buying of gifts is that we don’t quite know how to put our love into words. – Harlan Miller

A good conscience is a continual Christmas. – Benjamin Franklin

Hanukkah is about the spark of the divine in all of us made in God’s image. – Suzanne Fields

We’re not doing anything that hasn’t been done better by Burl Ives, God rest his soul. Possibly. I don’t know whether he’s dead or alive. – Arthur Spooner (Jerry Stiller), King of Queens

Nothing ever seems too bad, too hard, or too sad when you’ve got a Christmas tree in the living room. – Nora Roberts

Just as Hanukkah candles are lighted one by one from a single flame, so the tale of the miracle is passed from one man to another, from one house to another, and to the whole House of Israel throughout the generations.Judah L. Magnes

And that, of course, is the message of Christmas. We are never alone. Not when the night is darkest, the wind coldest, the world seemingly most indifferent… –  Taylor Caldwell

Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see. – The Polar Express

Christmas may be a day of feasting, or of prayer, but always it will be a day of remembrance—a day in which we think of everything we have ever loved. – Augusta E. Handel

Ho-ho-ho!Santa Claus

🎁 And One More…

Scrooge was better than his word.  He did it all, and infinitely more; and to Tiny Tim, who did NOT die, he was a second father.

He became as good a friend, as good a master, and as good a man, as the good old city knew, or any other good old city, town, or borough, in the good old world.  Some people laughed to see the alteration in him, but his own heart laughed: and that was quite enough for him.

He had no further intercourse with Spirits; and it was always said of him, that he knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge.

May that be truly said of us, and all of us! And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God bless Us, Every One!Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol


🎇 It’s a Mitzvah…

Have a happy, happy, happy, happy Hanukkah!

December 27, 2018 – A Stranger from Drew’s Past, Wars Begin, Some RealiNews & Beautiful Bites


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny meets Jason at the MetroCourt. He’s going to surprise Carly, and take her to the city. He says he’s been dealing with a lot with his father, and wants Carly to know she comes first. Jason tells Sonny that his problem is with the DA.

Griff doesn’t want wear out his welcome, but Anna says he’s family. He doesn’t think she and Finn need a house guest. Finn comes in, bringing Emma with him, who’s a young lady now (same actress though – brava!).

Kim says Oscar is sleeping and smiling. You’d never know what he’s fighting. Drew suggests she get a meal and massage, and she asks why he’s trying to get rid of her. He says, it’s New Year’s Eve. Oscar wants her to have fun. He feels bad, keeping her hostage at the hospital. She says she’s not a hostage, she’s his mother. Drew tells her Oscar said she would say that, and wants her to prove she cares by going out. Julian isn’t Drew’s favorite person, but he thinks Julian is what she needs right now. Kim asks how he knows what she needs. They didn’t even know each other until last year. He says he’s learned a lot in one year.

Laura goes to The Floating Rib, and asks Felicia if she can talk for a few minutes. She asks if Felicia is willing answer a few questions about when Doc had a breakdown, and started stalking her.

Not-Doc sees the back of someone sitting in not his desk chair. He asks if he can help them. A man turns around, and says, he guesses by the look on not-Doc’s face, he never expected to see him again. Not-Doc says he guessed right.

Emma tells Anna that her mom said she’s fine with the visit, as long as they don’t engage in international espionage. She asks Griff for a hug, telling him that she heard about Kiki, and she’s sorry. Griff appreciates that. She tells him that he shouldn’t be alone on New Year’s Eve. He says he’s happiest at the hospital helping people, so he’ll probably be there. She asks him to join them tomorrow for New Year’s Day. She wonders what Finn is holding behind his back; is it for her? He hands her a beautiful hatbox – the kind you only see on a soap opera – and tells her, open it and find out. It’s a fascinator. Anna puts it on Emma’s head, and Finn takes a picture of the two of them.

Laura tells Felicia that she’s trying to understand what’s going on with Doc. Felicia says she and Mac are trying to figure it out too. Laura says, it makes no sense. She thinks he’s headed for another breakdown. Felicia says, normally, she’d tell Laura to talk to a shrink, but Doc is the best one she knows.

Not-Doc assumes Peyton is there about the documentary on his brother, and asks how it’s going. Peyton says, great, thanks to him. Not-Doc asks if he wants a follow-up interview. He can even narrate to make it more authentic. Peyton says he has that wrapped it up with his own authentication. He’s here to shoot exteriors, but would love for him look at a rough cut. Think of it as a private screening. Not-Doc has a few things to clear up first, but will catch up with him. He asks if Peyton is still working out of the rental space at the pier. He is, and not-Doc says he’ll see him later. Peyton leaves, and not-Doc looks at his tablet. He sees an Invader article about the murders.

Jason tells Sonny that Margaux wants to take him down. Sonny says she stopped Marcus from having his dad arrested. She has a long game, but if her short game works for his dad, it will work for all of them. Margaux approaches their table, asking if it’s too soon to wish them a happy New Year. Jason says they were just talking about her. He was about to tell Sonny that she gave Drew the flashdrive with his memories. He’s not sure what she thought she’d get out of it, and she says, maybe she was just doing the right thing. Jason says, maybe. He has to go, and jets. Margaux apologizes to Sonny, saying she didn’t mean to drive his friend away. Sonny says she couldn’t if she tried. She has no leverage with Jason like she does with Drew.

Kim tells Drew that he and Oscar are trying to get her to go out with Julian, and Julian insisted she spend the evening with Oscar. Drew says, that’s generous; almost selfless. He doesn’t know if he could do that. If it was him, he’d want to celebrate with the woman he loves.

Anna says she’s going to get Emma settled. Emma tells Griff that she’s available to dance, if wants to follow in his father’s footsteps. They go upstairs, and Griff says, it’s amazing. All it takes is a funny hat and a memory of his father in a tutu, and all is right in Emma’s world. Finn says, it’s a good place to be. He tells Griff, what he’s feeling, he’s been there. Griff appreciates everything they’re doing, but nothing seems to help. Finn agrees, saying, people care when you don’t want them to, and inflict caring when you want to curl up in a ball alone. You don’t realize it until later. Griff wants to believe that – more than anything. He leaves, and Finn says, happy New Year.

Laura thanks Felicia. She knows none of these are good memories. Felicia says that’s why she and Mac went on the cruise, to get some distance from the anniversary of the murders. But she realized that if she was running from the coverage, she’d still be running from Ryan. A quarter-century later, he would still be affecting her. So she decided to do an interview with a television producer who’s doing a documentary. Laura asks, why? and Felicia says it would be done with or without her. She wanted them to know that Ryan wasn’t intriguing or glamorous. He was just a monster.

When not-Doc comes into Peyton’s work room, the film is running. Felicia is saying she survived Ryan, and his attempt to exorcise his own demons. Peyton says he’d appreciate not-Doc’s thoughts, but it’s a work in progress. He thinks Felicia is beautiful, and it’s easy to see why Ryan was obsessed. Felicia says, they first met in Texas. He was calling himself Todd Wilson. She should have sensed something was deeply wrong. Not-Doc breaks a pencil, and Peyton asks if he’s okay. Not-Doc apologizes, saying he’s fine. Felicia is dear old friend, and Ryan was his brother; his twin. It’s a bond even death can’t break up. Peyton says twins always talk about a special connection. Felicia touches on it; it’s a compelling interview. Felicia says Ryan made her life a living hell. It’s fitting that he died in a hell of his own making; an inferno.

Felicia feels just as in the dark about Doc as Laura. Laura says they both know he’s a good man. If he’s not acting like himself, something is wrong. Laura checks her phone, and sees the Invader headline: Two Gruesome Killings – One Killer?

At the hospital, Griff looks at the same article.

Margaux says Jason doesn’t approve of her. Sonny asks if she can blame him. Everyone knows she doesn’t approve of Sonny. She says he has his moments. He made a very compelling argument that she was losing herself in her vendetta against him. She decided to turn things around. He asks if that’s why she gave Drew the flashdrive. She says she was wrong to hold something as sacred as someone’s life and memories as leverage to get something on Sonny. She’s glad it didn’t work out. Sonny says he almost believes that.

Jason shoots pool at The Floating Rib. A strange man approaches him, and asks if he’s Drew. He can’t believe it; it’s really him. Jason says he’s Jason Morgan; Drew is his twin. The guy says he didn’t know Drew had one. He’d said he was brought up in a state home. Jason says they didn’t know until year ago, and the guy says, it’s such a trip. He knew Drew in Afghanistan. He was an independent contractor, and there was a lot of overlap with the SEALs. He introduces himself as Hank, and asks, how about a game? Jason racks, and Hank asks if Drew is still a SEAL. Jason can’t say, and Hank tells him that he didn’t mean to pry. Jason suggests he ask Drew himself; he’s living in Port Charles. The guy says, what are the odds of that? Jason almost clears the table in one shot.

Drew tells Kim that he can take her home, and there’s plenty of time to get ready. She says she’s not going anywhere, and reminds him about being stuck in New Year’s traffic last year. She asks if he remembers finding the CD, and says, Oscar is such a romantic. He was convinced she kept it in hopes of finding him. Drew says, it makes sense. He’s heard about himself, and he was fantastic. She says he was all right. She tells Drew, that kid never gives up, and Drew says, just like his mom. She adds, and his dad.

Margaux tells Sonny that Drew didn’t want the flashdrive. He said the past is past, and was more concerned about what’s best for his son right now. Sonny says, the kid’s got guts. It’s a shame he’s so young. Margaux says, it’s a shame for anyone; a kid or a jazz lover like Sonny’s dad. Sonny is grateful, and Margaux says he’s welcome, but wants it to be clear. He says, she’s the DA, and he’s an alleged criminal. Margaux says, alleged, and Sonny says, nothing has changed.

Emma gives Anna a bulldog keychain, and a bearded dragon keychain to Finn. She says the keys are to Anna’s house; it’s symbolic. Anna says, it’s very thoughtful, and Finn thanks her. She says she’ll leave them to discuss things. When she’s gone, Finn says he didn’t have the heart to tell her that he already has a key. Anna says, it’s not so much the gesture as the symbolism. Emma is saying that Finn should move in with her – again.

Griff is waiting at Doc’s office, and Laura asks if there’s a line. Griff says he’s not there. A shrink is like a cop or priest. There’s never one around when you need them. She’s glad she ran into him, and asks if he read Lulu’s article. He says that’s why he’s there; he needs answers. He thought someone who has looked into the darkest corner of the soul, and made a study, maybe… Laura says, maybe he can understand why Kiki had to die?

Doc is being interviewed in the film. Peyton asks what Doc can tell him about his brother. Doc says, he was misunderstood, like any artist, and he was an artist in his own way. He was too sensitive for this world. His pain was so intense, he needed others to feel it too. Like Goya and Van Gogh needed to experience it themselves to be appreciated. Not-Doc says, quite powerful, but he would cut all the stuff about Todd Wilson, and just focus on Ryan in Port Charles. Peyton says that would mean leaving out Gloria Wilson’s murder. Not-Doc suggests he just say Ryan killed his wife. Why mention Todd Wilson when there’s no such person? Peyton says, or is there? The funhouse is now a coffee franchise, and you’d never know it was there, which is fitting. Not one speck of Ryan’s DNA was found. That’s what inspired his ending. He asks if not-Doc would like a sneak peek. Not-Doc says, more than he could possibly know.

Hank tells Jason, good thing he didn’t bet money. He doesn’t remember Drew being this good. Jason says they’ve never played. Hank asks if Jason has Drew’s information. He wants to get in touch. Jason suggests he get Hank’s information, and he’ll pass it along. Hank grabs a napkin and pen, and writes it down. He says, tell Drew his buddy Hank is looking for him. He’ll remember. Jason says, memory is a funny thing, and takes a shot, finishing the game. Hank says remind him never to shoot pool with Jason again, and asks if he wants a rematch. Jason has somewhere to be, and Hank says, next time. When Jason is out of earshot, he calls Sam, saying there’s a quick change in plans. He needs to make a stop before coming over.

Margaux tells Sonny, don’t make problems for her, and she won’t for him. She has bigger fish to fry. He asks if she means a possible serial killer. She says two isolated homicides don’t make a serial killer, but he says, not according to the article. She says all it is, are theories. The police have yet make a connection between Kiki and Mary Pat’s murders. Sonny says, that doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

Finn wonders if 2018 went uphill or downhill since his and Anna’s last New Year’s Eve. She says Cassandra tried to kill him, and he says Cassandra’s henchman tried to kill her. She says they lost Nathan. He remembers her pain, and he’s sorry he couldn’t take it away. Anna says he did. He says, not a lot, and she says, enough. She tells him that she found her son, and he says, pointing a gun at her. Anna asks, who hasn’t at some point? Finn tells her, on one hand, her fearlessness is attractive; on the other hand, it makes him realize how much he’d hate to lose her. She says she’s not going anywhere. Emma comes back downstairs, and asks if they’ve reached any important life decisions, like asking Finn to move in. Anna says she’s oddly old-fashioned, and thinks it should be up to him. Finn says, it’s 2018. He’s not sure that it’s necessary for the man to propose, and Anna quickly tells Emma, he means moving in. Finn says, there are no rules anymore for cohabitation; someone just asks. He begins to stumble over his words, says, yeah, and walks out. Anna says, did he just leave?

Griff doesn’t think they should just walk into Doc’s office, and Laura asks what Griff thinks he’ll do; get moodier? She just has one quick question, then Griff can talk to him. Doc took an oath to help people in pain. Griff is thinking of going to the gym; he just wants to smash something. To think it might be the same person, and the start of a pattern with more victims. He wants justice, but at the same time, it seems pointless. Any justice that comes will be too late for Kiki.

Not-Doc tells Peyton not to keep him in suspense; show him the ending. Peyton says it’s not taped yet. It just occurred to him last night. He hasn’t told another soul. He puts the film back on. Peyton is talking to the camera.What if Ryan didn’t die in the funhouse? No way out? What if there was a trap door, or the blast itself propelled him to safety? What if he walks among them? What does he look like? Perhaps anyone. Even me. Even you.

Sonny tells Margaux that he’s taking Carly to the city tonight, but just so she knows, Kiki was family. So if she needs help with whoever did this, all she has to do is ask. Margaux asks if he’ll reach out to his contacts in the legitimate coffee import business. He says he’s just trying help. He means what he said about paying back debts. Margaux says he owes her nothing, and she’s not sure they can ever be even. Some debts can’t be repaid. Some things can’t be taken back. He’s sorry she feels that way, and she says, it is what it is. He starts to leave, and she tells him, have a happy New Year. He says, same to her.

Kim tells Drew that she’s going to check on Oscar. He says he’ll go next; they can be a tag team. Oscar can spend double the time with his parents; he’ll love it. She says they’re getting good at it, but wishes they didn’t have to be. She leaves for Oscar’s room, and Jason comes in. He asks how Oscar is, and Drew says he’s sleeping, but all things considered, he’s pretty good. Jason doesn’t want to give him anything else to deal with, but a guy approached him at The Floating Rib, claiming he thought Jason was Drew. Drew says Jason doesn’t believe him, and Jason says he was too anxious to tell his story. He hands Drew the napkin, saying the guy said he used to call him Hank. Drew looks at the napkin.

Hank shoots pool badly by himself. He ponders while drinking a beer.

Emma tells Anna that she wanted the keychain to convince Finn to move back in. Anna says she wants that, and Emma asks if she doesn’t want it too. Anna says, he’s very tidy. Emma hopes she didn’t hurt his feelings, but Anna says he understands she meant well. It’s just that men like to think they make their own decisions. Emma says, then they should make them faster. Anna tells her, they’re not all the same. Some are more anxious and tightly wound souls, like Finn. It’s best not to push them. Finn let’s himself in, carrying a suitcase and Roxie’s cage. He says he used his keychain. So do they want him to move in or not? Anna and Emma say, yes! and Finn and Anna hug.

Laura tells Griff that she was never one to believe evil wins out. That’s why she chose to run for mayor. He says, to fight evil? and she says, to do some good. She’s sure she sounds naïve, and Griff says not to him, but he probably sounds naïve to a lot of people. She says they have that in common. She wants to make the world a better place. She’s sure he wanted that when he chose be a priest and doctor. He says he took an oath to do no harm, but if he could get his hands on the person who killed Kiki, and take a life for a life, part of him thinks he’d be doing the Lord’s work.

Not-Doc says, it’s a heck of an ending. Has he screened it for anyone else? Peyton says, not yet. When it’s put together, it’s going to be a real eye opener. Not-Doc says, that it might. Peyton asks what he thinks, and not-Doc says he has a few notes, and closes the door.

Tomorrow, Kim tells Drew that Oscar was conceived on New Year’s Eve, not-Doc says he’ll see if anyone is looking for Peyton tonight, and Laura tells Scotty that Doc is sleeping with Ava.

🍗 On Top Chef, the remaining twelve were surprised to hear they were going into restaurant wars in Lexington. On previous seasons, the wars didn’t happen until they were down to eight contestants, but this time, there would be three restaurants instead of two, with the teams already decided. First, a Quickfire challenge was in order. It was an amuse bouche-based challenge, and the chefs had to come up with the quick, perfect bite, that begins a meal to get you wanting more. Michelle won immunity with what Padma deemed, one beautiful bite. When the teams were divided, training the staff seemed to be harder than the cooking, with few having prior experience, and not many of them retaining what they had just learned. The show ended just as the chefs were about to open their restaurants, and Tom threw them a curveball, telling them it would be a double elimination.

🍵 A Little RealiTea…

Bad below deckhand.


I’m looking forward to Denise joining the pack, but I’m still just in it for the LVP.


I’m more shocked that Anfisa is waiting for Jorge while he’s in the slammer.


Stassi (Vanderpump Rules) got a cameo of them for Christmas from her beau Beau. I knew Beau was the right one for her. Colt and Larissa are possibly the most interesting 90 Day Fiancé couple this season. I think she’s really interested in him, which boggles my mind. And there’s already a cheating scandal. With him being the culprit. Mind more than boggled.



And the sweetest 90 Day couple. Come on, let him come to this country. So he punched out a few dudes. It’s not like they were strangers or his SO. The football players we have here already have done much worse.


🍤 Amuse Bouche…




August 8, 2018 – Peter is the Luckiest Man Alive, NYC After Cartagena, Lots of Gordon, a New Wife, & It Starts the Same


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I miss the very beginning, because, dogs.

Dr. Klein (is it the same actor?) tells Finn that he’s in no position to make demands. Finn knows Klein thinks he’s way out of his depth right, but they need him or he wouldn’t be here. He wants proof Anna is alive before he looks at the chart. Klein leaves the chart and walks out. Finn says sorry if he hurt Klein’s feelings. In my head, I fill in that Klein is working for the captor(s) and someone important has an infectious disease.

Klein tells Anna, time to wake up. Anna asks what for, and he says, proof, and takes her picture.

Peter tells Robert that he thought he knew everything about his father, but he only scratched the surface. Robert’s colleagues are more educated than he is. Robert says Peter claims to have information they want; show him. Peter wants his freedom guaranteed first.

Maxie tells Nina that the advertising department was swept away with Valentin’s ad block. Nina says to tell them anyone can sell a fantasy with pretty copy; a lie is still a lie. Valentin appears, and says nothing about his love for her is a lie.

Drew tells Kim it will be a feeding frenzy to meet him at the reunion. She says she’ll handle it for him. Margaux comes by, and says, funny running into him. Drew introduces her to Kim. He says they met because of their mutual love for baseball. Margaux says she’s actually there on DA business, and leaves. Kim says, baseball, huh?

At the courthouse, Alexis asks what Julian is doing there. He says he’s there to support his niece. She says he should be proud of her. It took a lot of courage to bring the case to court. Julian wants Kiki to know she’s not alone. Ava told him about the meeting. He had no idea they’d put up with that kind of harassment. Alexis says so many men don’t realize what they’ve had to get over, put up with, and deal with forever. They’re angry, and if one of them isn’t, there’s a problem.

Kiki tells Ava that she has to sit across from David, and knows how he’ll look at her. Ava says, don’t look at him. Give him nothing. Griff says he’ll use the same tactics he did at the hospital, and try to intimidate her. He agrees she should give him nothing. Ava tells her to think about how many of them support her; they’re the ones who are important. They see her as the beautiful, honest woman she is. Griff says, absolutely.

Scotty tells Franco that people are unpredictable, especially under oath. It kind of gets to them. They have secrets that should go to the grave, or at least a shrink, but feel the need to unburden themselves, leaving nothing but shrapnel.

When Klein Is gone, Anna sits up. She takes out a small scalpel.

Robert tells Peter that he won’t go to Steinmaur if he provides information regarding the patients in the Russian facility. Peter says he’ll need it in writing, but Robert says that could take weeks or months. Peter asks if he’s supposed to take Robert’s word for it. Peter says just before Jason, Dr. Klein had a record of varying signs of success with the other patients. They were taken to Liechtenstein for further study. Robert asks, why not Jason? and Peter says he’d have to ask Klein. Robert thinks it’s just a stall to keep him out of Steinmaur. If this is a test, he flunked it. Peter asks if Robert is sending him to supermax, but Robert says Anna would never let him hear the end of it. He’s going to offer a compromise.

Finn tells Klein a photo could have been taken weeks ago. He wants to see Anna in the flesh, speaking coherent sentences. Klein says, or what? Finn says his patient is in bad shape, and there’s a mutation he doesn’t recognize. Unless he kidnapped a panel of experts on infectious diseases… Klein gets what he’s saying. Klein leaves, and Finn says, that went well.

Robert tells Peter that they’ll shelve the charges. Peter asks what that means, and Robert says he’s not exonerated, and the charges can be refiled. He’s free for as long as Robert says so. Peter says, so he’s under Robert’s thumb. Robert tells him, should he want to use Peter for a WSB op, he’s to offer his full cooperation. If he causes his mother or anyone else grief, Steinmaur will be waiting. Robert opens the door, and Margaux is there. He says, perfect timing. Peter is no longer a WSB problem. She asks Peter if he’s ready for her.

Griff tells Ava he’ll meet them at the courthouse. She says it means a lot for him to be there by Kiki’s and her side. He’s family to them. He leaves, and Kiki asks what Ava thinks of her outfit. Ava says she thinks she knows what Kiki is trying to accomplish, and it’s not going to work.

Franco asks if Scotty is sitting on information that could hurt Kiki’s case. Scotty says it has nothing to do with the case. Franco asks what he’s talking about; maybe he can help. Scotty says, hypothetically, how do you tell your friend that her daughter had relations with her doctor, ex-priest boyfriend? Franco says that hypocritical bastard. Scotty couldn’t agree more, but now that Franco knows the truth, what is he going to do about it?

Alexis tells Julian, sorry; this issue gets her worked up. He understands. She says between the dock thing, photoshop (I guess she’s become a meme?), and phone calls, she’s on edge. Julian says he’s angry, thanks to her. The therapy session she dragged him to made him pissed off. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got with the double standard he grew up with. It was screwed up. Finding a good woman to save, and at the same time, keeping the same woman under his control. He doesn’t know as he’s met anyone who wants to be controlled. Alexis wonders if it’s an argument or an apology. He says he’s done a lot of both. He wants to thank her for Kiki being able to conquer the world he grew up in. Kiki is fortunate to have her. So are Sam, Molly, and Kristina. She teaches them by example not to accept the world he grew up in.

Elizabeth tells Kim that she’s testifying on Kiki’s behalf. She was thinking of having Franco bring Cameron to the trial.

Ava tells Kiki that’s not what Alexis told her to wear. Dressed in a dark blazer, blouse, and slacks, Kiki doesn’t think it sends the right message. Ava asks if she thinks the conservative look makes her seem serious and believable. Kiki says she wants to be seen as professional. Ava says if she wears this, she’s saying one thing to David – you win. He’s taken her confidence and power. Don’t let him get away with it. Didn’t she hear what they said the other day? They haven’t battled so hard for her to surrender. Get in there and fight.

Peter asks if Margaux is there to discuss fraud charges. She says she’s not chasing him for a fake resume or a phony name. She can’t get traction on attempted murder without Anna either. It’s beyond her how he’s not going to prison, but his crimes aren’t her jurisdiction. Peter says if it’s not her jurisdiction, then it’s not her business. She doesn’t like the idea of releasing him back out into public. She asks if he knew that ID theft is a federal offense, and he says he didn’t steal anyone’s identity. She says he aided and abetted changing Drew’s identity. He says she’s reaching, but she says if she can prove it, he’ll go to prison.

Valentin says James is looking well. Maxie says James is none of his business. Nina says she and Maxie are working. He just wanted to tell her that he had the stables rebuilt, and Lumiere is coming home tomorrow. He also bought a mare, so she and Charlotte can ride anytime. Maxie tells him to stop using what’s important to Nina to get to her. He says what’s important to Nina, is important to him. Maxie tells him all children’s well-being is important to her, and he took Peter as a child, giving him to Faison. He says he also protected Peter most of his life. Maxie says Nathan protected Nina most of her life, and because of him, Peter, and Faison, he’s gone.

Klein brings Anna in, holding her up. He tells Finn that if his patient dies, so does she.

Maxie tells Nina the Interruptions are making work impossible. She’s going to tell them to bring the food to the office. She realizes she forgot James has a doctor’s appointment. Nina says she’ll go with her, and Maxie says she’ll cancel the order. When she’s gone, Nina says, Maxie is right. He’ll do anything to try to get to her. He’ll use anything; the magazine, her horse, Charlotte. He already took out major ads. She gets it. He professed his feelings. He thinks it’s love, but it’s not respect. He says he respects her, but she says not enough to tell the truth. She’ll be glad to give Charlotte riding lessons, but not when he’s there.

Peter is tired of explaining that he had nothing to do with the memory transfer. She says he was an accessory, but he says, not according to Robert. She tells him he wasn’t given an everlasting get-out-of-jail-free card. It’s on record that he had the flash drive with Drew’s memories. He says he’s not the one who stole them, and a digital download of memory transfer isn’t include in the definition of ID theft. She says he was trafficking stolen information, using it to bargain for his freedom. It’s extortion and blackmail, and he’d be deemed a flight risk. He wonders why she’s so invested. She says she’s the DA, and it’s her job, but he thinks there’s more to it.  She wants to use his freedom as leverage for something else. She says he made a mess, and it’s on her to clean up. He asks how they’re supposed to do that, and she tells him to give back Drew’s identity, and all the charges will be dropped.

Kiki comes out in a navy-blue dress with bell sleeves. Ava asks if she feel like more herself. She does, and she feels more like Ava. She never realized the battles Ava had to face. Ava says she’s had her share of challenges, but the first time, there was no social media; it didn’t exist. Harassment is harassment. She survived, and so will Kiki. Kiki says it’s her favorite thing about Ava; she’s a survivor. She hopes Ava knows how much she loves her; she’s sorry. Ava says she has nothing to apologize for, and hugs her. She says nothing in this world would tarnish her love for Kiki – nothing.

Franco tells Scotty instead of them saying anything, has he considered not putting Griff on the stand? Cross him off the list. Scotty says, it’s not that easy. David thinks the picture is his ticket to ride, and wants Griff to testify. Franco suggests they go directly to Alexis. Scotty hopes by we, Franco means himself. Franco says, fine. He’ll warn her so she won’t be blindsided in case Griff wants to unburden himself. Scotty says better Franco than him. Scotty says the wrong question can blow the case, and ruin her client’s life.

Klein leaves Anna with Finn. He asks if she’s okay, and she kisses him, saying not to worry; she’s fine. He asks about the wobbly thing. She says she doesn’t want them to know she’s fine. They’ve been giving her phlebotomy treatments like clockwork. He says she has health conscious captors. She asks if he was kidnapped outright, or was it a botched rescue attempt. He says his kidnapping is part of the rescue; he’s working with Robert. He was brought in to cure a patient he’s never met from a disease he doesn’t recognize. Finn says he missed her, and she says she missed him too. They kiss, and she feels the tracking device that Robert implanted in his arm. She asks what it is, and he says, the cavalry is on the way. She says they can’t have that.

Peter says Drew is a good man who deserves his life back, and Margaux asks if he’ll do it. He says he left the flash drive when he was taken by Obrecht. If anyone knows where it is, it’s her. Drew walks in and says he doesn’t think Peter ever had it. Margaux asks if he wants to press charges, but he says the flash drive is gone. He wants to focus on his life as it is. If she wants to continue, have at it, but if she’s doing it for him, thanks for nothing. Peter asks if he’s free to go. Griff comes in, and says he needs to see his patient.

In the hallway, Margaux asks Drew if he’s sure he doesn’t want to press charges. He asks what’s the point? Even if Peter was convicted, it won’t change anything. Peter is as much his father’s victim as he is.

Peter tells Griff they’ve kept each other’s secret; let’s leave it. He says he’s there for Anna. Peter has reasons for hatred, anger, and sadness, with nowhere for it to go. He doesn’t want Peter to direct it at her. Peter says, wouldn’t it be great if he wasn’t there at all? and Griff says he’s free to go. Margaux comes back, and says an officer will come by with his release, and to get out before she changes her mind and charges him.

Franco tells Elizabeth they need to get to the courthouse. She says she was just suggesting maybe Cameron should come, but Franco thinks the subject requires some delicate conversations. They’ll talk later. Griff asks if Elizabeth is still working. She says for just another few minutes, and he says he’s consulting on a case. He tells them how Ava stepped up for Kiki, and Franco says he’s a lucky guy, and makes a mean face. Griff guesses he is. He leaves, and Elizabeth wonders what’s up with Franco. She thought he liked Griff. Franco says, so did he.

Peter gets dressed. Robert says it’s his lucky day. Peter says he’s an object of mercy for the first time. Robert says it might look like he’s free, but Peter’s ass belongs to him. He tells Peter here’s a gift from the WSB, and tosses Faison’s lighter on the bed. Peter says it gave him satisfaction to take it when Faison died, but now he doesn’t need it. Robert suggests it might get decent price; Faison’s estate was seized. Peter says he doesn’t want his father’s money. Robert says he should try selling the lighter. Until further notice, he’s penniless.

Julian thanks Alexis for hearing him. She’s glad the therapy had the effect it did. He says his son also became a father. He thinks Lucas and Brad will be great parents. Alexis says, Julian too. He’s improving as a grandfather. He tells her to get the SOB.

Peter sees Nina and Maxie at the hospital. He says he has no right to ask, but can he see the baby? He tell James he hasn’t seen him since his big debut; he’s gotten so big. Nina asks if he’ll be leaving Port Charles. Maxie asks where he’s going to go now. Peter looks more like Tim Allen every day. He needs to ditch that beard pronto. Peter says he can understand why Maxie would want him to leave and never come back. Maxie says she doesn’t hate him, but it would be for the best. He says he’s lived in different places, running from his father his entire life, and this is the closest he’s come to having a real home. He’s decided to stay and give things another chance.

Away from Nina, Valentin gets on the phone, and makes arrangements with the warden to visit a prisoner. Donna Mills? I read she’s coming back.

Drew asks if Margaux is disappointed that he’s not pressing charges. She says she’s actually happy it’s freed her schedule. He appreciates the effort, and says there’s a hotdog stand near by. He asks if she’d like one. He imagines they have mustard. They leave together.

Anna takes out the scalpel to remove the tracking device from Finn. He wonders why they can’t be rescued, and she says personally, she’s not all for it. Whoever these people are working for is powerful and dangerous. Finn adds, and sick. She says they can’t find out who they are, and they will if Robert comes charging to the rescue. She removes the device, and says, now they’re on their own.

On the phone, Robert says he lost Finn’s signal. Do they have it? He says, dammit!

Anna and Finn almost kiss, when Klein comes back. Anna pretends she can’t stand, and Finn pretends to hold her up. Klein says it’s time to roll. Finn asks, where? and Klein says he’ll know when they get there.

Julian asks how the team is, and Ava says his niece is quite a warrior. He supports her one million percent. She appreciates it, and Ava asks if she’s ready. She says, damn right. Franco and Elizabeth come in, and Franco says, she’s got this. Elizabeth tells her that nurses are coming to support her. Kiki bets no doctors will be, but Elizabeth thinks he might be surprised. Franco tells Alexis that he has to talk to her before her case falls apart.

Tomorrow, Ava asks to talk to Elizabeth, Alexis asks Franco what’s so important, and David asks Scotty if he’s trying to throw the case.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Dorinda visits Ramona in the Hamptons. It’s Ramona’s first major renovation, and it’s uplifting for her. Dorinda says it looks like a whole new place. Ramona tells her it’s the best feeling next to having her daughter. LuAnn and Sonja arrive. Ramona says she did everything online. In her interview, LuAnn says Ramona now thinks she’s the queen of design, but there are no flowers; not even a chia pet. Everyone is still recovering from the trip to Cartagena.

Tinsley comes by Carole’s place. Carole says, not to overshare, but it’s the first day she’s normal in the bathroom. Tinsley says, not to overshare, but she got worse later.

Sonja suggests wearing diapers. We see a picture of her reaching into an overhead rack, and her diaper is sticking up over her pants. In her interview, she says she doesn’t like to use the lavatory on a bus, and with a diaper, you don’t know what’s going on down there. Really? Does that diaper come with a handful of Xanax? They relive the boat trip from hell.

Tinsley didn’t think it was that crazy. Carole says it could have ended totally different. In her interview, Carole thinks Tinsley is nuts. It’s like she was on a different boat. Tinsley says, true, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Carole says she’s been in abusive relationships, and it sounds like her her go-to reaction – everything is okay. It’s the same reaction with their near-death experience. Tinsley gets weepy, saying she can’t help the way she is.

Everyone is all TMI about their diarrhea at Ramona’s house. She tells them she’s having a showcase for her anti-aging cream.

Sonja is worried about renting the townhouse. She’s only seen three or four people, but they’re coming into the prime month for real estate. Realtor Kristi comes over. Sonja explains that when the snow melted in the yard, the poop underneath was revealed. She has to be all over the poop situation; she’s inundated. Kristi says the client is pulling up, so Sonja needs to go. Kristi says she’ll text when they’re done and meet with Sonja.

Dorinda visits Bethenny at her new place. She says you know you’re moving up in world when you enter right into the apartment from the elevator. Bethenny says she was excited to come home, but dreading it. Normally she’s very involved in her own move, but everyone worked hard while she was gone to get the apartment ready. Calling it home after a trip like that is sweet. She gives Dorinda the tour. In her interview, Dorinda says it’s everything you’d want an apartment to look like. It has everything that makes living in NYC easy. I have to note that the closet is bigger than my first apartment. Dorinda is still under the weather. Bethenny says she was the only one not sick.

Bethenny says Dorinda had a real moment with LuAnn. Dorinda doesn’t want to talk about it, but she’s still pissed off. LuAnn needs to look at the bigger picture, and how Dorinda has stuck by her. In her interview, Dorinda says after she tried to speak to LuAnn, she still doesn’t get it. Every statement was loaded. LuAnn depended on her for three years, so don’t school her now. A handshake is only good if there are two hands. She tells Bethenny that she feels like she’s in a good place with John. In her interview, Dorinda says they didn’t break up, but she wants to be in a growing space. Bethenny says she’s glad he’s not going anywhere. Just because you love someone, that doesn’t mean they’re the right person. In her head, she gave Dennis ninety days. She says he might end up alone, but Dorinda doubts it. Bethenny says she’s not sharing the closet.

Kristi tells Sonja that her client likes it, but what’s coming up in every showing is the construction nearby. She thinks the price should be reduced. She’s even been doing vetting to make sure they can afford it. Sonja says, if you can’t afford it, don’t look. In her interview, Sonja doesn’t care who likes her. She wants her price.

LuAnn meets Bethenny at a place where you make your own lipstick. Bethenny suggests LuAnn make Countess Cabaret. Oddly, LuAnn’s bag matches Bethenny’s jacket. In her interview, LuAnn says, now that Carole is out of the way, she and Bethenny have been reconnecting. Bethenny says she saw Dorinda, and she’s going to therapy. She says Dorinda doesn’t think she did anything bad. In her interview, LuAnn says she and Dorinda have had no relationship after Cartagena. She was horrified to know what her friend thought of her, and hopes she looks at herself. She tells Bethenny that she doesn’t hold grudges, but it’s like a knot in her stomach that’s not going away. She does forgive Dorinda though. Bethenny says Dorinda doesn’t think she needs forgiving. In her interview, LuAnn says it’s hard to ignore. She’s heard you hurt the ones you love most, and unfortunately, Dorinda loves her in the wrong way. Bethenny tells her that Carole has been hanging out with Tinsley. She’d said she wanted lighter friends. Light and young, with no responsibilities. In her interview, Bethenny says her relationship with Carole is like burnt marinara; you can’t fix it. If it’s burned at the bottom, you can taste it at the top. LuAnn tells her about Ramona’s house. She’d said it was a total renovation, and everything is white. The top on the kitchen island looks like a headstone, and where she keeps the bodies. In her interview, Bethenny says rehab was freeing for LuAnn. She now doesn’t care if what she’s saying is inappropriate. LuAnn tells her the house was freezing. There was no warmth and no character. She says Ramona was the inspiration for Money Can’t Buy You Class.

Carole meets Dorinda for dinner. She just came from a meeting with her agent. The Widow’s Guide to Sex and Dating is being optioned for TV. It’s been a transforming year. She also has a party coming up for her article in Cosmopolitan. Dorinda asks if she’s dating, and if she’s gone out with Brian, the scarf guy from speed dating. Carole says Bethenny texted him, and Dorinda says Bethenny claimed it was a mistake text. Carole tells her that Bethenny says not nice things about him. She thinks it wasn’t a mistake, and Bethenny is two-faced. Dorinda says Bethenny told her they’d hit a wall in Cartagena. Carole says she heard that too, but Bethenny hasn’t said any more. Dorinda says she saw the new apartment, and Carole says she was never asked to, which speaks volumes. In her interview, Carole says when they were friends, she was the first person to see Bethenny’s old apartment, and the new one pre-construction. It’s indicative of where they are. Well, I doubt Carole would call Bethenny for any firsts either. Carole says she’s seeing Bethenny for the first time, or maybe just clearly. She needed to reframe the friendship, and create boundaries. She thinks Bethenny creates her own story, or perspective, where Carole isn’t there for her. Dorinda says she starts the story where she chooses, and Carole says, where she looks good.

Michele from Cosmopolitan is hosting the party with Carole. The attire is athletic chic, since they’ve been to too many cocktail parties that are all the same. Heather Thomas shows up. In her interview, Carole says Heather supports her. She misses Heather, and it’s nice to feel a connection again. Tinsley and Scott arrive, with Tinsley sporting a Columbia sweatshirt. In her interview, she says she played tennis for them when she went to college there. Adam shows up with a trophy for Carole. In her interview, Carole says they still love each other. He was a good boyfriend. She doesn’t crash and burn relationships, the way some people do. She talks to him about work. In her interview, Tinsley says Carole and Adam’s break-up was harder on her than them. They used to take trips together with her and Scott. She’s glad he’s there supporting Carole, and hopes they remain friends. Heather asks Carole what her having a voice means, citing some talk from last season. She thought Carole already had a voice. Maybe it needs to be about her occasionally. Carole says Bethenny isn’t a bad person, but it needs balancing out. Heather says Bethenny is self-absorbed, and doesn’t realize it. In her interview, Carole says Heather knows Bethenny, and gets it. She doesn’t have to overexplain. A group picture is taken, and Dorinda runs in at the last minute. She looks sleek, and Tinsley says no one talks about the upside of the Columbia cleanse. Dorinda looks good. Adam congratulates Carole, and says they should grab coffee sometime. She says she doesn’t drink coffee anymore.

Bethenny picks up Sonja. They’re going where SkinnyGirl jeans are made. In her interview, Bethenny says if she can help keep Sonja’s ass covered, she’s done her part. Sonja tells Bethenny that Mr. Watch TV was over. In her interview, Sonja says she likes monikers, since she doesn’t want to put the names out there. He’s her Netflix and chill kind of guy.

Bethenny is involved in all aspects of the jeans line, and is obsessed. They’re slap-your-ass good jeans. Bethenny explains that Sonja also has a clothing line, and is along for the ride. Manager Bill says, this is where the magic happens, and he’s going to take her behind the curtain. Bethenny wants to be inspired and be involved. They go past some gigantic washers, and Sonja jokes about hiding bodies. In her interview, Bethenny says the difference between Sonja and Carole is that Sonja doesn’t take herself seriously, and they laugh a lot. Sonja says it brings back memories of FIT. She’s back in her element. I used to live a few streets down from FIT, and I miss my element. Bill shows them some jeans that enhance a guy’s male parts. They’re called BPD – Big Package Denim. Bethenny and Sonja laugh their asses off. Someone wearing those might scare me. Remember, it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean.

NYC is experiencing some nasty, rainy weather, and Dorinda’s umbrella turns inside out. She comes by the dry-cleaning place to see John. The manager tells John that his wife came to see him. In her interview, Dorinda says they call her his wife because she’s always storming around the castle like she’s the queen. John has a nice lunch set up in his office, with flowers and everything. He tells Dorinda that he’s going to be on Rachel Ray’s show. In her interview, Dorinda says she’s never seen someone grow so much in six years. He wants to be the best man he can for her. She brings out the best in men. I have to admit, I’m impressed. We haven’t seen John much lately, and I wasn’t crazy about him, but it definitely looks like he’s improved. John says it’s been an amazing six years; it was effortless. Dorinda says she realizes that she has to communicate better. He’s working hard, but it’s important to take time out. In her interview, she says he makes her happy. Not everything he does makes her happy, but that’s life. She tells him about LuAnn’s cabaret, and says there will probably be an after-party.

Ramona arrives for her Ageless pre-celebration. She wants people to test it, and tell her what they think. The venue is restaurant Megu, and Carole tells Dorinda that the last time they were there, there was a huge fight. We flash back to Carole telling Bethenny get off her jock. They go inside, followed by LuAnn in a cute, feathery, lavender jacket. Tinsley has a new idea; Tinsley Travels – a vacation so amazing, you’ll literally sh*t your pants. I literally LOL. They toast to Ramona. Sonja brings in a huge shopping bag with shoeboxes in it. She’s brought shoes for everyone. She shows off the pair she’s wearing, and they are cute. In her interview, Sonja says the people who buy Ramona’s skincare are the same demographic as her shoes. LuAnn puts her pair on, and those are cute too. In her interview, LuAnn says Sonja took a little away from Ramona’s party, but she loves the shade. Ramona tells Sonja it’s about her skincare, not Sonja’s shoes. In her interview, Ramon says she’ll give Sonja ten minutes. I’m flabbergasted that she’s even giving Sonja any time. I figured she’d pitch a fit. Sonja says he didn’t bring shoes for Carole and Dorinda. They don’t support her, and she doesn’t think they’d wear them anyway. We flash back to Dorinda being obnoxious about Sonja’s family crest slippers. Ramona tells Tinsley that she’s worried about Bethenny. In her interview, Ramona says Bethenny claims to support women, but if she did, she would have come or at least wished her luck. She got nothing.

Carole is looking forward to LuAnn’s cabaret. LuAnn tells her that the beatboxer worked on Hamilton. We see a clip of LuAnn rehearsing with Sonja. Dorinda says LuAnn should be proud of herself. She’s sorry about their mishap. Is that what we’re calling drunken fits now? She says she’s always supported LuAnn, and she’s sorry. In her interview, LuAnn knows Dorinda feels the need to apologize, but she’s not interested in fake apologies. Show her by doing something about her problem. She feels bad when people can’t cop to their own bad behavior. She laughs, and says she didn’t mean to use word cop. In her interview, Dorinda says she’s looking for her own I’m sorry. She feels like LuAnn lacks self-awareness. Or maybe their friendship isn’t as important as she thought.

Ramona makes a little speech. As the drinking commences, Carole tells LuAnn that her skin never looked better.

Next time – the finale – LuAnn’s cabaret; John’s not invited, but Scott is; Sonja has a wardrobe malfunction; Ramona calls out Bethenny for being unsupportive; and Dorinda and LuAnn go at it.

🍋 On MasterChef, the mystery box contained oil, and the challenge was to make a deep-fried dish. The contestants had access to the full pantry, and Viking stoves got a plug. The pantry never ceases to impress me, since it contains everything you could think of. I also like to kid myself that I’d be a great cook if I only had one like it. The judges cooked along with the contestants. Aaron made crispy oyster tacos; Joe recreated a dish from his childhood in Italy – Fritto Misto – that featured calamari; and I missed what Gordon’s endeavor was called, but it included crab and caviar, and looked stupendous. The home cooks got to taste the judges’ three entrées, and I was jealous. Shanika, hopefully humbled from past episodes, was the winner here, with a pancetta apple risotto. She also got a spot in the top three. Safe from the next challenge, involving citrus fruit, she chose which contestants would have to cook something savory and which got the sweet side. Gerron was a smarty pants, begging for sweet, so of course she gave him savory, which was what he really wanted. I don’t know how she didn’t figure that out, since I was only half paying attention and guessed that was his tactic right away. I’m not crazy about fruit, but Ashely made a scrumptious layer cake that I would not have minded eating. Gordon pronounced it bloody delicious, and said she took a massive risk that paid off. On the opposite end of the spectrum, SJ made something that you couldn’t even tell what it was except a mess on a plate. He claimed it was a torte. Gerron and Ashley were the winners, but it was the end of the road for Ralph, who Gordon said did not have the technical skills to execute the challenge. He was sad to leave, but said he’d accomplished a lot, learned so much, and wasn’t giving up his dream of opening a Filipino restaurant. He felt like he was leaving as a better person and a better cook. Next time, Gordon gives a master class in filleting a halibut, and only the sharpest cooks make the cut.

😱 24 Hours to Hell and Back featured Patrick Molloy’s, a family owned restaurant and bar in Hermosa Beach, California. The original owners were a husband and wife, and the husband’s good friend. The husband passed away, and son Patrick inherited his share of the place. Mom thought he got too much too soon. Friend Fred also became Patrick’s stepdad. There was friction between Patrick and Fred, and the staff used it to their advantage, goofing off while Patrick and Fred were busy arguing. The staff complained that they didn’t know who to go to for anything, and Mom (whose name I never caught) was caught in the middle. To add to the pressure, she had developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. When Gordon asked Patrick why he thought business was bad, he said it was because they didn’t get a lot of customers. Instead of just staring at him blankly, as I would have, Gordon told him that the only reason they had any customers was that there were so few local places to eat. They were a last resort. Hell on Wheels showed the staff acting like idiots, arguing bosses, and an unsanitary, filthy as hell kitchen. Gordon called the kitchen a war zone, and said business was hemorrhaging starting with that. Screwing his shrink hat on extra tight, Gordon found out that Fred really wanted out, and there had been animosity between Fred and Patrick’s dad that was being carried forward. Gordon wanted to see freshness and vibrancy, and the owners on the same page. He did the usual, renovation, cleaning, counseling, and teaching them to cook, and at last Patrick stepped up. Disappearing into the night, Gordon’s mission was accomplished. Next time, a combative owner in Santa Barbara, and a gas container next to a furnace.

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