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June 5, 2020 – When Sam Found the Lighter, Looking Back, Soap Hop, Twice the Brothers, Your Vote, Deck Tea, Brandi Is the Worst, Cast Reading, Missed, BFFs, 9+2 Quotes & Chase Feels It


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Today’s GH Nurse’s Ball flashback moved ahead to May 17th, 2018. The nurses opened with Everyday People, a happy coincidence, since it’s what everyone needs to hear today. Olay got the plugs, and Carly was in jail for pushing Nelle down the stairs. Chase did one of my favorite Ball numbers ever with Feel It Still, channeling Dick Tracy. Even better, he’d been fooled into thinking it was a group number, and found himself to be a solo act. Curtis did a magic act, with Nina as his assistant. Old Jordan was his audience volunteer, and he turned a silver dollar into an engagement ring, proposing on stage, and asking her to believe in their magic. She said yes.

Maxie was still pregnant, and was concerned about the baby’s activity, but Kim said he or she probably just wanted to party. Valentin told Peter to calm down about Anna, and Anna got a message to come to Pier 55 at midnight, and come alone. Sam got caught sneaking around Peter’s office, but told the janitor (or whoever he was) that she was there doing work. Maxie told Peter the loss of Nathan was hitting her hard after the proposal, and Sonny thanked Robin for recognizing what was going on with Mike. Dante was still normal and there with Lulu, and said the joke was on him for telling Chase it was a group act. Lulu said it was karmic justice that Chase was super talented, but Dante didn’t want to go that far. Much to everyone’s relief, Mac and Mr. Marbles were stranded out of town, and Lucy moved up the presentation of the first annual Port Charles Pioneer Award. Molly took the mic, and said the first recipient was her hero, role model, and mom, but Alexis was too busy listening in on Finn and Anna backstage to realize it was her cue. Because he mistakenly thought Anna was dying, Finn told her that he still cared for her, and didn’t want anything to happen to her without knowing that. Valentin tried to get Nina out of town for the vacation of a lifetime, really an escape, and Sam found Faison’s lighter on Peter’s desk. I’m hoping they show the episode where Mike and Sonny sing Summer Wind. I could use a good cry.

🌌 Getting Into the Wayback Machine…

A look at the performances in the 2014 Nurse’s Ball, which had some of my favorites.


🏃🏽 At the Hop…

It always confuses me when an actor jumps soap. It takes a while to put them in a new context.


👬 Brothers Who Play Brothers…

I wish these guys had more storyline, especially since it would mean more storyline for Diane and Epiphany.


🏆 Cast Your Vote…

I ask again, where the blip is Max Gail? The only excuse is if he opted out.


🛥 Hannah Hannah Kate…

So, Hannah quit.


But maybe she got fired.


Kate is also leaving, definitely not fired, and will appear in an episode of Ghosted. I watched a couple episodes of it, but thought it was anticlimactic.


🐷 Oink, Oink…

Brandi is a pig. Not to insult pigs.



🔮 I See Having 15 Minutes Of Fame In Your Future…

Why bother with Jax? The cast has been reading him all season.


🏞 I Think He Did…

Dude has a lot to be filled in on.


🐕 A Boy and His Dog…

It doesn’t get much more precious than this little boy and his chihuahua.


🦉 Quotes of the Week 

Pursue what catches your heart, not what catches your eyes. – Roy T. Bennett

There’s a great power in words, if you don’t hitch too many of them together. – Josh Billings

I never argue. I explain. – The Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith), Downton Abbey

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe. – Albert Einstein

The past has no power over the present moment. – Eckhart Tolle

Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.Will Rogers

When people don’t express themselves, they die one piece at a time.Laurie Halse Anderson

May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house. – George Carlin

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. – Confucius

Let me say as I’ve always said, and I will always continue to say, that riots are socially destructive and self-defeating. But in the final analysis, a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it that America has failed to hear? It has failed to hear that the plight of the Negro poor has worsened over the last few years. It has failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met. And it has failed to hear that large segments of white society are more concerned about tranquility and the status quo than about justice, equality, and humanity. And so in a real sense, our nation’s summers of riots are caused by our nation’s winters of delay. And as long as America postpones justice, we stand in the position of having these recurrences of violence and riots over and over again. – Martin Luther King

I have decided to stick to love… Hate is too great a burden to bear.Martin Luther King

🌳 Moving Toward Green…

Here we are, at that point in the week which became muddled for many over the past few months. Along with summer bringing green to our lives again, here’s hoping your county/town/wherever-you-live is beginning to give a green light to more normalcy – i.e. being able to get a haircut. Let this time of weirdness and reflection have made you a better person. Don’t be an idiot. Stay safe, stay informed, and stay being a rebel just for kicks.

June 3, 2020 – Chimera At the Ball, Denise Leaves the Barbecue, Wedding Bells, Denise Speaks, Jim Pays, Vicki’s New Home, New Business, House For Sale, Leah Records, Hannah Quits, a Thought & Stopping the World


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Today’s GH flashback continued with the 2017 Nurses Ball – May 24th, 2017 to be exact. Sonny had found out that the 700 mg of lithium Morgan was supposed to be taking was only 300 mg, but Andre told him everything checked out on the pharmacy’s end. Sonny said he was going to find out one way or the other, and Andre had another test run. There was a fabulous rendition of Brave, and more plugs for Burt’s Bees. Kristina and Valerie did pretty much a full-blown commercial for their lip products. Nina said Valentin couldn’t leave Anna alone, and Valentin told Anna that she’d turned him into a stuttering fool again. Drew (thinking he’s Jason) told Elizabeth about the necklace, but she couldn’t figure out where Jake had gotten it, since he didn’t have money to go out and buy jewelry. Curtis suggested Nina walk away from Valentin, but she wasn’t sure she could. Lucy said Obrecht couldn’t perform, but she had someone just as good, and Valentin sang to Nina, accompanying himself on the piano. Jake told Elizabeth that he didn’t want to do the magic act, but was afraid something bad would happen if he didn’t. Carly wondered why Sonny was there, and what he wanted with Ava; and Andre told Sonny that he thought Morgan might have gotten a placebo, which would explain his erratic behavior and loss of control. Sonny deduced that someone tampered with Morgan’s meds because they wanted him to have a breakdown. Scotty told Ava that he’d covered her tracks, and Sonny would never find out, and Ava insisted she hadn’t wanted anything bad to happen. Morgan had been volatile and erratic, and she’d needed to protect Kiki. He told her none of it mattered, since Morgan was dead and it was over.

Michael was by Nelle’s bedside in the hospital (they were still together), and he spoke to Josslyn on the phone, encouraging her to sing. She did, and he listened in. Nelle woke up, and Michael said, surprise. Jake decided against doing the act, and Franco said Jake could do a command performance at home. Backstage, Emma and Charlotte decided they could do the act themselves, while Anna accused Valentin of wanting his past buried. He said she did it; why couldn’t he? She pumped him for information about the Chimera (boy, did I get the name of that wrong yesterday – it was a DVX bioweapon), and he said the only other person who knew about it was dead. She wouldn’t let it go, until he finally told her that he’d sold it to Helena. Thinking the Chimera had something to do with Jake’s magic act, Charlotte tried opening it, and pressed either the right or wrong button, depending on whose side your on. Carly asked Sonny why he showed up, and he said he was finally getting some answers.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Oh why not? They can’t make the week any worse.

Garcelle was being honored with a Legacy Vision Award for her work with the L.A. Mission. Growing up impoverished in Haiti, she said it’s a cause she identifies with, and she wasn’t passive/aggressive, like Teddi, in asking the women to come. She picked LisaR up, who informed her that Denise said she didn’t want her kids hearing grown-up sex talk. Garcelle told LisaR that she understood how Denise felt. They discussed Kyle’s many inadequacies, and Garcelle said Kyle is always all about Kyle, which I certainly don’t disagree with. At the event, Kyle seemed annoyed that Denise showed up like nothing was wrong when their last meeting hadn’t been a good one. I guess she should have blown into a public event on a broomstick, hurling fireballs (and not the good kind) at everyone. Garcelle thanked her kids, and said her calling was to reach people, and let them know she cared. In her interview, she talked about her oldest son Oliver, who fell in with a bad crowd as a young man, but was doing well now. She also thanked her new best friends, some not so much, indicating the table of Wives and friends. LisaR insisted that Garcelle had locked eyes with Kyle when she said that last part. Erika missed the whole speech, since she was in the bathroom, but Garcelle was gracious about it, telling Erika that she’d better not miss it when she gets her Oscar. In Garcelle’s interview, she said she was glad Kyle showed up, but showing up for charities are what they do in L.A., so was it nice or what Kyle does? In Denise’s interview, she said she didn’t have the energy to deal with bullsh*t tonight, since she had tons of dialogue to learn, and had to be at work at 6 am. Since it’s all about Kyle, Kyle claimed Denise wanted to run away. 6 am? Are you kidding? I wouldn’t have gone at all. In LisaR’s interview, she said there was an issue that needed a resolution, but Denise was avoiding it. LisaR thought part of Denise was regretful about her own openly sexual talk (again, not understanding the difference in audience), and Denise was compensating by being overly protective of her kids – stupid, even for LisaR. As soon as Denise left, they talked about her. Garcelle said she felt uneasy when leaving Erika’s, and felt everything was surface with the group. She also believed Kyle wasn’t present with her, and that she was more interested in what Kyle had to say than vice versa. In her interview, Garcelle said when Kyle is interested in someone, she’s a great friend. Ask Teddi, not Dorit.

Denise and Aaron went out to eat, and Denise told him what happened in Santa Barbara, and how Teddi was saying she’s making them look bad. Aaron suggested Teddi STFU, and in her interview, Denise said her kids already have baggage from being the children of Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen. They didn’t need her friends adding to it. She told Aaron, LisaR calling her a hypocrite hurt the most. In Denise’s interview, she said LisaR never voiced any of her concerns before; why now? We flashed back to LisaR asking if Denise talked to the girls about Charlie’s hookers. Denise wondered why it took LisaR all these years to say it, and why she said all of it in front of the group.

Kyle had a barbecue, where we met Sutton’s boyfriend Michael. On the way there, Denise and Aaron talked in the limo about deciding not to bring the kids, and thought about blowing off Kyle’s altogether and just going to a restaurant. When they got there, Denise said the older kids had sleepovers, and Eloise had a playdate, but she joked to Garcelle that she didn’t want them within earshot. This miffed Kyle, who said in her interview, it was like a slap in the face. Denise said she and Aaron needed to have time away from the kids too, and the last time she was with the group, she was bombarded with questions. Garcelle, who seems to be the only one without a gang mentality, said Denise wasn’t a hypocrite; she was compartmentalizing when the kids were around. Teddi said Denise was making them look bad, like they need any help in that area. Aaron said it was ridiculous, and asked what the issue was, but the conclusion seemed to be, there wasn’t any. In Dorit’s interview, she whined about PK wanting to defend her in the past, and thought Aaron should know his audience. Dorit is too stupid to understand how funny her choice of words is, since the argument is about knowing your audience when it comes to adult conversation. Erika wondered if Denise was more concerned about the kids’ friends being there, and LisaR pumped Denise about Sami’s reaction, which Denise said was between her and Sami. We flashed back to Sami saying she and her friends laughed about it, but that’s not the point. It still might have been embarrassing, and who wants to think about their mother and her friends having threesomes, and my God now my friends know too. Aaron said, so there’s no issue, right? and Kyle said, women handle things differently. Aaron wanted to know why they continue to harp on something, and I wish him luck finding that out. It’s been my question for years, and why I hate reunions. An ongoing stupidity is finally put to bed, and then it gets rehashed and the animosity rekindled. Garcelle said it was Denise’s right to not bring the kids, but Kyle said it felt passive/aggressive. She ought to know since she’s buddies with the queen of it. Aaron asked Kyle to define passive/aggressive, and she said Denise was mom shaming. Aaron said the issue was becoming something it shouldn’t be – again something I’ve said for years – and LisaR decided to go down the blow-up kiddie slide, since she wasn’t dealing with this bullsh*t. Aaron asked what any of this does for them. How does it make them feel? and Kyle said, it’s not comfortable. In Kyle’s interview, she told us Denise was saying she’s above them as a mom, and it’s the thing Kyle is best at, so she’s offended. No. Denise said she doesn’t want her kids listening to adult conversations. She didn’t tell anybody else what to do with their kids, and she had to say something, since the women are involved. Denise told Teddi that she wasn’t upset, and Teddi pointed out that Denise was dropping F-bombs. Aaron said they engage to win, and might as well high-five each other. Denise said Teddi is a sh*t-effing-stirrer, and when they got a facial together in Santa Barbara, she was sh*tting on Dorit. Teddi said, in Santa Barara, when Denise told them she was done talking, that meant she was pissed. We flashed back to Denise saying she was done with the conversation at dinner. Denise told Teddi, that was after two hours of talking about it. She was done. Denise said they’d crossed line, and she and Aaron were leaving. As they walked out, Aaron said the women were off his Christmas card list, and Denise told him not to say anything while they were on camera. Kyle and Sutton trotted after them, and Kyle said she didn’t want them leave like that. Teddi was still complaining that the implication makes them look bad. Denise told Kyle, thanks for having them, as she and Aaron fast walked to the car, and Kyle said she felt bad. Give it a minute, Kyle. It will pass.

Later this season, dancing, falling, falling while dancing; Camille is back, and calls someone an a-hole; a trip to Rome; Garcelle says, they’re going to drop everything negative (hahahahaha!); Brandi makes her presence known by being the disgusting person that she is; Denise disappears; Garcelle calls LisaR the bad guy in this movie; and Denise and LisaR have an ominous looking lunch.

💒 Proud Mama…

I like Garcelle. She has a great attitude, and while she’s already made a difference in this world, I hope she shakes it up good on RHOBH.


📣 Clarification Or Plug…?

It looks like Denise might be getting her own gig. I’m in. I loved It’s Complicated, and it was much kinder than the Wives.


🔥 It’s Getting Hot In Here…

Jim should really pay Vicki too. She did call it.


🍹 New Digs…

If a vacation home in Mexico is wrong, she don’t wanna be right.


🏋️‍♂️ Someone’s Been Productive…

With yet another business in the works, maybe Tamra will have less time for screeching at her co-stars. (And I use the term star very loosely.)


🏰 Putting In My Offer…

It’s too bad I’m about $4,999,999 short.


🗽 Leah Looks Around…

The streets of NYC at the beginning of the protests. I would have expected Leah to be less reactive, especially since not much is going on at this point.


🛥 Hannah Hannah Quitting…

Hannah moves on to her dream job of being a wife and making babies. Be sure to take a look at the Reality Check video on Captain Sandy’s heart attack. She called an Uber to take her to the hospital. I understand this, since my father drove himself to the hospital.



I believe
the most important
single thing,
beyond discipline
and creativity,
is daring
to dare.

Dr. Maya Angelou, 1928-2014



🚣‍♀️ Getting There…

It’s amazing how many problems can be crammed into one week. If what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, I’ll be living forever. Hope all is well in your corner of the world, and you stay safe, stay mindful, and stay keeping your eyes on the prize – whatever that may be for you.

May 27, 2020 – Third Day At the Ball, Gang Up in Santa Barbara, Denise’s Dilemma, Photo Reveal, OC Sorrow, New Med Ride, an Apology, Some Laughs, a Short, Virtual Exhibitions, Two Reunions, Winning & Rolling


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Today’s flashback GH brought another day of the 2014 Nurse’s Ball, from May 14th, 2014. Blackie Parrish (aka John Stamos) didn’t show, so Brad took his place. Maxie was dating that Australian dude who was a cast member for a hot minute, but starting to fall for Nathan. Yoplait was mentioned a thousand times as a sponsor, and old Nikolas was there with young Spencer, who was in love with even younger Emma. Mac brought out Mr. Marbles, who Epiphany stomped into oblivion, much to the delight of the audience, and fake Luke was thwarted from stealing Tracy’s ELQ shares by Ned. Emma and Cameron did the tango, as everyone remembered Duke and Anna the year before. Spencer interrupted their performance by introducing Player, who sang Baby, Come Back, his plea to Emma.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle invited the women to a house she’d rented in Santa Barbara. Garcelle had other plans, and Denise was late, due to filming The Bold and the Beautiful, where she was playing a bitch and loving it. In delicate flower Dorit’s interview, she was upset because Kyle had told her to STFU, and she thought that kind of stuff in a friendship made it uneasy. Really? Kyle was annoyed with the couples therapy remark, since what she and Teddi did was more akin to a Yoga class. For some reason, it bothers everyone that Kyle is closer to Teddi than she is to the rest of them. I have no clue why anyone cares, much less why Dorit keeps demanding Kyle admit it. While I never hung out in a large core friends group, I can’t imagine everyone is equally close. Why is this some deceptive affront? When Teddi arrived, she said she had to go potty real quick, and I thought, that’s a woman with children. It’s really hard to take care of kids all the time, and not consistently phrase things like you’re talking to them. In Erika’s interview, she said Kyle had hurt her feelings – we flashed back to Kyle questioning whether Erika had any good friends – but she wasn’t throwing away their friendship over a bad night. However, there were only so many bad nights she was going to tolerate.

Kyle said she had great memories of her dad, who lived in Santa Barbara after her parents divorced, and thought it was one of the reasons she loved the city so much. Manager Kate welcomed them to the house, and they cruised around in some kind of vehicles that looked like golf carts, but were really double bicycles, with pedals on both the driver’s and passenger’s sides. Dorit wondered why she had to get [stuck with] the pregnant one (i.e. Teddi). When it turned into a race, Erika asked why everything had to be a contest in this group. Although I’m not a fan, it was a good point.

Before Denise’s arrival, the women dickered over confronting her, saying her objection to their adult conversation in front of the kids was hypocritical. I actually made a blech noise when I saw LisaR’s face as Denise sat down. It was that duck suck-it face Max made when they opened the cupcake shop on 2 Broke Girls, but without being intentionally funny. When they got back to their crib, Kyle wondered why no one wanted to look at the gorgeous view with her. Probably because they were too busy prepping to be mean old girls. Moron A-hole Ridiculous bitch LisaR broached the threesome subject to Denise by asking her about filming Wild Things. In her interview, Erika sarcastically said, thank God there were no children around; tender ears. God help me. If I ever see any of these cretinous wretches on the street, I’ll be going to jail. I’m not a prude by any stretch of the imagination, but it doesn’t take one to understand there’s a difference between being in an adult atmosphere and a home party where there are children present and within earshot. I had to sit on my Twitter impulse through the whole show. Denise said she didn’t think her daughters had seen the film, but in her interview, LisaR was certain they must have. Once again, she couldn’t fathom anything outside of her own experience, saying that her daughters had seen everything of hers, and read the sex manual she’d authored. She didn’t mention that her daughters, especially Amelia, don’t seem nearly as well-adjusted as Denise’s kids. Yes. I went there, since LisaR clearly has a double-standard. God forbid anyone criticizes her parenting, yet she’s very free with advice for Denise. Denise couldn’t figure out why they didn’t get it either. Sutton suggested not inviting the kids if there might be adult conversation. If I had been Denise, I’d have suggested not inviting Sutton, but Denise stayed gracious. She told Sutton, it was her home, and she’d do what she damn well pleased, but in a nicer way.

The not-close friends Kyle and Teddi rehashed everything after the others went to bed. Teddi said, even though Denise claimed she didn’t care and it was no big deal, she’d brought it up multiple times, so she did care. She told Kyle that Denise must be bringing it up to make them feel bad. Since actual facts don’t matter, neither one of them bothered noticing that while Denise did mention it privately to two people, after that, someone else brought it up every time. What is wrong with these women?

At breakfast, LisaR wanted everyone to quit pussy-footing around, and get whatever was bubbling under the surface, out in the open. Dorit brought up something from forever ago, Erika jumped on the Memory Lane bandwagon, and I fully expected the return of Puppygate. Teddi accused Dorit of dragging her into it every time Dorit had an issue with Kyle, and shading her.

Since LisaR’s real goal was to continue haranguing Denise, she told Denise that she was uncomfortable about the conversation that went down, and didn’t like how Denise shut down the threesome dialogue. LisaR said Denise was using the kids to make them feel bad. The one who says kids are off limits. Erika thought Denise was being judgy, and LisaR said she was being contradictory. Erika said Denise inferred they were bad moms, even though she was very free with her own sex talk. LisaR squeaked that Denise had to own it, and asked if Denise talked to her daughters about the hookers in Charlie’s life. In Denise’s interview, she wondered what LisaR’s agenda was, since they’d been friends for twenty years. LisaR knew how fiercely she protected the kids, and it was hurtful. LisaR told the women, there were hurt feelings, and it was good to address it. to which the response was a roomful of crickets. What really creeps me out is, they all act like it’s about honesty and making things right, but their faces tell a different story. After revealing what they deem as truth, but is really an opinion, there’s always this look of triumph, like they’ve won something. So far, the only appropriate prize would be a kick in their Spanxed rear ends.

Next time, Garcelle is honored at the Mission Gala, Denise tells Aaron about the women confronting her, Denise calls Teddi a sh*t-effing-stirrer, and Denise and Aaron leave a party early.

💋 Did She Or Didn’t She…?

I wouldn’t blame Denise if she walked and never looked back. Although I can’t say she wasn’t given fair warning last season, this gang mentality is not a good look.



👨🏼‍✈️ Erika’s Other Man…

He is pretty cute.


🍊 Aftershock…

Jeana speaks about Matt.


The OG’s react.


⛴ They Got a Bigger Boat…

Looks like Captain Sandy got a new ride.


⛵️ Jenna Jenna Sorry…

I thought love meant never having to say you’re sorry.


😆 We Could Use a Laugh…

Bodega Cat rules!


📱 Das Fone Hell…

Actors get creative in quarantine.


🎨 Feed Your Inner Artistry…

Take a tour outside the virtual box.


⚔️ The Reunion for Below Deck Sailing Yacht will air on Monday, June 1st at 8 pm, and the Vanderpump Rules Reunion will begin with Part One on Tuesday, June 2nd at 9 pm. The Shahs Reunion? Who knows? (Yes, I’m still harping on that.)

🎱 So We’re Doomed…?

Referring to the coronavirus, according to Ben Carson, people coming together – this is the way that we will win.

🕸 Clearing the Cobwebs…

After a little over a lifetime two months in quarantine, bans are being lifted and things are starting to open up. Whether you’ll be starting over or just starting to roll again, stay safe, stay considerate, and stay believing it will all work out in the end.

May 25, 2020 – Ball Rewind, Final Sail Of the Season, a New Soap, a Little Too Close, Charming Reactions, Aaron’s Job, Say Goodbye Already, See the World & Tears


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Today’s GH was the start of the Nurse’s Ball 2014. We were treated to an Obrecht takeover, treating us with Kathleen Gati singing WIlkommen from Cabaret. It looks like the entire week will be dedicated to episodes from the 2014 and 2015 yearly event.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Avlaki, Corfu. Glenn asks to talk to Nicole, and explains that two crew members saw a guest with white powder under their nose. He wanted to speak to Nicole first, but says he’s obligated to get to get to the bottom of it. If there are drugs on board, it will be the end of the charter. He hopes that’s not the case, but says it was confirmed that the crew members definitely saw something. His next step is to talk to Billy; maybe he has a logical explanation. In Glenn’s interview, he says he could easily lose his license, or go to jail. Glenn tells Billy that a couple of crew members saw evidence of white powder under his nose. Billy says his hand to God, on his mother’s grave, he didn’t bring drugs onto the boat. Madison and Jenna listen in, while Georgia sings in the laundry room. Glenn asks if he can see Billy’s cabin, and if Madison will be a witness. In his interview, Glenn says he found a guest smoking a joint once, plucked it out of their mouth, and tossed it into the sea. If the authorities find drugs on board, it’s a big deal.

Glenn looks through Billy’s bags, and asks if there’s anything Billy doesn’t want him to find. Billy says he has nothing to hide. Glenn comes across some Gold Bond powder, and Billy says he’s not snorting that. Nicole tells another guest, this is so uncomfortable. Glenn says he didn’t find anything, and apologizes. In his interview, Glenn says he’s disappointed, but it sent a message. If there’s anything left, hopefully Billy has the sense to get rid of it. It’s not like he tossed the room. He just checked through some semi-packed bags.

Billy tells roommate Nicholas about the search, and wonders who the crew members were. What’s of interest here is, Nicolas immediately asks if Billy had anything. Billy says, no, but why would Nicholas ask if it wasn’t a possibility? Nicole says, it was intense. Jenna tells the other stews to keep them drinking. In Jenna’s interview, she says she made an observation, and was under obligation to tell Glenn. She didn’t relish ruining the guests’ vacation. Nicole says she just wants not to be stressed. In her interview, Jenna says she wanted to go out on a high note, but it’s going to be an awkward note at best. Glenn tells her there’s not much he can do, and she says it puts a damper on the last charter. Glenn tells Chris that he didn’t find anything, so he’s going to leave it there.

Jenna tells Madison there’s a bad vibe after the investigation. Madison brings Nicole a drink, and  tells her to just breathe in, breathe out, and enjoy lunch. In Adam’s interview, he says, the guests are pissed, crew morale is in the dumps, and it sucks when the last charter goes sour. He has to kill it. Ooh, ceviche. I’ve never had it, but I’ve been dying to try it since I saw it on Shahs of Sunset (and where is that reunion anyway?) Adam serves the guests. Billy says he’s not hungry, and pouts. Jenna tells the guests, the sailing will be from 3 to 6, and afterwards, they’ll have the Greek party.

In Madison’s interview, she says, it’s an utter disaster. Get them drunk, get them fed, get them off the boat, and get the tip. Glenn asks her how the guests are doing, and she says they’re happy. Not so Billy, who decides to stomp up to the bridge and confront the captain. He says he gets that Glenn is doing his job, and it’s a serious thing, but he’s offended. Glenn apologizes, but says they have a blanket zero-tolerance policy. Just because he didn’t find anything, doesn’t mean it’s not on board. Billy says he was pretty effing drunk last night, but that was it, and his effing luxury vacation is now ruined. Please. First of all, boo-hoo that ten minutes was taken out of his luxury vacation because at best, he was acting stupid. And I don’t believe this guy wasn’t/isn’t on something. I’ve pretty much seen it all, and I’ve never seen anyone act like he does when they’re drunk. That dude was high. Billy says, there’s nothing there, and nothing was. He doesn’t know how to deal with this. In Glenn’s interview, he says he would hate for the season to implode when they’re this close to the finish line. A charter is always remembered by the ending. Billy stomps back to the deck.

Glenn calls Ciara, Paget, and Byron to the wheelhouse to talk about the regatta. He says if they want the charter to be a success, put on a big smile and happy faces. They have to sell it, and have the opportunity to finish on a high note. Glenn shows them the game plan, and they get ready to start. The course is set up, and Byron drives one boat, taking Billy (lucky him); and Paget drives the other boat with Nicholas. In Chris’s interview, he says he spent his childhood racing, and it’s heartbreaking. He wants to be out there. In Byron’s interview, he says, of course he’s stuck with the guy who was searched. He hopes Billy doesn’t get pissed off more. A third watch boat goes out, with a few guests, including Nicole. Paget gets a slow start, and the boats race around markers. Byron’s boat goes totally sideways, and into the water. He manages to right the boat, but team Paget wins. In his interview, Byron says he wants to punch Paget. Glenn says, good race, and Billy says, awesome, apparently forgetting his luxury vacation was ruined.

In Adam’s interview, he says, after the awkwardness, the guests’ vibe is getting better. It’s all about the food, and he has no room for mistakes. The guests put on togas and Greek themselves up. Ciara takes what my dad used to call a Navy bath, basically just splashing water on her armpits. Paget tells Byron that he hasn’t gotten Ciara anything for her birthday yet. In the crew mess, Paget tells Ciara, happy birthday, and Georgia looks at them like she hates them. In her interview, Georgia says she has feelings for Paget (don’t we have feelings about everything? that sounds so stupid to me), and the closer they get to the end of the season, she realizes she has to say something. In Ciara’s interview, she says, the season is almost over, and she’s looking for much needed time away from the crew. Madison and Georgia do a happy dance over their last turndown.

A Greek buffet is served. Adam sings, last meal of the season. Billy deigns to eat. Jenna tells Adam that the guests are happy. Nicole says the only thing that could make it better, would be someone rubbing her feet. I’m surprised a crew member doesn’t pop out and do it. In Jenna’s interview, she says she’s trying to do everything she can to make it better, but under the circumstances, she doesn’t know if it’s enough. It’s not a good way to go out.

Glenn tells Ciara, happy birthday. In Glenn’s interview, he says he sees the finish line. They need to keep it going; keep doing their best. The guests toddle out, and Adam makes breakfast. Nicole says she’d definitely charter the boat again, so evidently she couldn’t care less that Billy’s luxury vacation is ruined. Georgia says she’s going to be getting on an airplane so fast, and Madison says she wants to cry. Georgia tells Madison, if Jenna cries, it’s because she threw a rock at her. Paget says they’re all like old men, limping around the boat. The boat is carrying more dead weight than Byron’s jokes.

It’s finally time to say goodbye. Nicole floats off on a cloud of alcohol after giving Glenn the tip envelope. Glenn honks the horn, per tradition. In Paget’s interview, he says, they did it. And if they can do what they just did, the sky’s the limit. Jenna tells the stews that they need to get the boat fresh and ready for whatever she does next. Adam and Jenna talk about going to Venice. Georgia and Madison eat like madwomen in the crew mess. In Madison’s interview, she says she can’t be happier. Jenna joins them, and Georgia says she’s never worked with this big a crew before. Jenna thinks it went well. There were some things that pushed her over the edge more than usual. She says they joked around, but she doesn’t personally mind. Georgia asks if that’s because Jenna is the one doing the bullying. Jenna asks if Georgia thinks she doesn’t get bullied. In her interview, Georgia gives a surreptitious middle finger. Georgia says Jenna makes jokes at other people’s expense, and was having personal jokes with Adam in the galley. Jenna says, to be honest, it was her frustration coming out. She did think there were a lot of stupid questions, so she’d vent to Adam. Georgia says if there were questions, it was because she wasn’t familiar with the field. There wasn’t one day when she didn’t work her ass off. Jenna says she doesn’t disagree, and Madison says, we made it; it’s over. Let’s have one more good night.

Jenna tells Adam that the girls think she can be mean, and they’re afraid of her. Madison and Georgia eavesdrop, and roll their eyes. In Madison’s interview, she says, it’s how you treat people, how you talk to people, and how you manage a team. She’d never want anyone to feel like she was made to feel. She thinks she knows how it should be run, and could handle the job

Jenna tells Byron, when they started in the industry, it was more cutthroat. In Byron’s interview, he says there’s a level of respect that the younger ones need to learn. Georgia tells Madison, if there was a separation, it was because Jenna made it that way. Paget  gives Ciara a gift bag in the crew mess, and she takes out a Leatherman. In her interview, Madison says, how romantic, but in Ciara’s interview, she says she loves practical birthday gifts. Paget says she’s park of the deck team now, and they hug. The crew sings Happy Birthday.

Glenn radios the crew for the debriefing. He says, they got through the final charter, and it was definitely challenging. But even though they had a situation, they still finished on a high note. The tip was $15,000, or $1660 each. Jenna is shocked, along with having a sense of relief. Glenn says they got more than $16K each in tips, and made a total of $143K. It’s a testament to how well they work as a team. He tells them he’s set up dinner at a beach bar; their final night out together. He’s coming along, and tells them to do as much as they can before they head out.

In his interview, Adam says he’s serious about the road trip. Even though it was a terribly emotional time, at this point, Jenna is the closest he’s ever gotten to saying I love you. He doesn’t give his heart easily, and it’s hard to believe sometimes. In Georgia’s interview, she says she can’t ignore her feelings for Paget anymore. It’s been weighing on her for a while, and she has to tell Ciara before Ciara finds out. She has to admit it’s a disloyal feeling, and it’s terrifying. She goes up on deck, where Ciara is coiling a gigantic rope, and asks if Ciara wants help. Ciara says, sure, and Georgia says she kind of has to tell Ciara something before they go. She’s having a bit of a thing for Paget. I honestly don’t get why she feels the need to do this. It’s not like she and Paget did anything but joke around. It seems like she’s just making an idiot of herself. I also don’t get how Ciara would find out otherwise. Does Georgia post her diary online?

Ciara says she already knew that, and it was no surprise. In Ciara’s interview, she says, this is super awkward. Georgia says she hasn’t ever wanted to cross the line, and wanted Ciara to know that. In her interview, Ciara says, let her silence speak for itself. She tells Georgia, you’re fine. In her interview, Georgia says to open up, and have Ciara say she knew, and never thought of Georgia as a threat, is twisting the knife; she wants to jump in [the water]. Again, I’m not getting this. On top of this need to tell Ciara, she wanted a jealous reaction? It’s like some weird mean girl backfire. I thought more highly of Georgia than this. Ciara tells Paget that she was washing the bow, and she and Georgia had a conversation about him. Georgia apologized and admitted she had a thing for him. He laughs, and Byron eavesdrops. Paget says, has or had, and Byron laughs. Paget tells Ciara, if it’s any consolation, he fancies Ciara. She says she hopes so, and they hug. Everyone gets ready for dinner.

The crew gets in the van, and they drive to the beach club. There’s a long, candlelit table near a firepit outside, where they sit. Jenna asks Ciara if they ever initiated the threesome, and Ciara says she wishes everyone would stop bringing it up. Paget says, it’s not happening. Glenn asks what everyone’s high point of the season was. Chris says it was sailing; the feeling of the sea, and the power of the wind. For Paget, it was the regatta, and for Adam, meeting Jenna. Everyone aww-groans. Glenn says the crew blew him away. The people knew, as well as those he just met. He congratulates them on a great season, and they clink glasses. In Glenn’s interview, he says, at the beginning of the season, he was with his core family, but the new crew coming in became like family. They don’t always get along, like you don’t always get along with your siblings, but overall, it was a fantastic family. He goes back to the boat, leaving the crew to their own devices.

Georgia says she’s not going to miss an opportunity to play guitar, taking it out of its case. Paget says he has a request from her number one fan. It’s in his head, but he can’t think of the name of it. He tells her, just play. She plays and sings, and he says, that’s it. I’m pretty sure it’s one of her own songs. In Jenna’s interview, she says, nice of Paget to call himself her number one fan. I think Paget feels a little sorry for her. Paget plays air guitar and sings along. In Ciara’s interview, she says if she never had to hear that song again, it would be way too soon. She cuddles with Paget. The song concludes, and everyone applauds. Georgia asks if they want another one, and there’s a moment of crickets before Madison says she wants to dance. They go to the main part of the restaurant; it’s somewhat enclosed, but has no walls. Byron, Jenna, and Adam stay behind, lounging on a long couch. Chris asks Paget if he thinks they’re falling asleep, and Paget says, they are 30 plus. Paget sees Georgia, and says he wants to tell her something. Oh please.

Georgia tells him, make her night. There’s a brief exchange I can’t really hear, and Paget says, forget about it, and walks away. When he gets back to Ciara, she asks if he loves her. He says, of course, and she asks if he’s happy with her birthday. He says, if she’s happy, he’s happy. Paget rounds everyone up. Chris wants to wait one more song, but Paget suggests they get in the effing van. Back on the boat, Chris writes, it’s over, on the whiteboard.

In the morning, Paget says his head is killing him. Chris complains that he had so many clothes he didn’t get to wear. In his interview, he says it’s scary for him. He started well, but now he’s going to head back to the UK and see a specialist to get his back sorted out. Hopefully he’ll come back better and stronger. In Byron’s interview, he says the crew has been mostly capable, but he’d never pass up an opportunity to work with Glenn. They made great tips, but he can’t wait to see his wife and daughter. He leaves, and wife Hayley meets him on the boardwalk, along with baby Saphira.

In Madison’s interview, she says she learned a lot, and is more sensitive than she thought she was. She takes things too personally, and shouldn’t. She’s going to miss Georgia the most, since she felt like she found a sister. She and Jenna high-five. She tells Georgia, you’re coming with me, and walks out on the dock. Georgia follows, saying she’s been waiting to hear that all season. Georgia and Madison say goodbye, and in her interview, Madison says she knows she’ll be friends with Georgia for the rest of her life.

Georgia asks to talk to Paget. She tells him it was great that she formed a strange, crazy connection, even at the expense of her dignity. She’s glad she met him; no one has gotten her like he has for a while. She gets teary, and says, it’s nice to know someone gets her. It means more than he realizes. Paget says Ciara told him at some point that she thought Georgia had feelings for him, but he couldn’t act on that. In his interview, he says Georgia is a good person underneath all the jokes, and she’s just looking for someone to treat her right. She’s talented, funny, good-looking, and available! Please treat her well. Paget reminds me of the nice college guy who’s gently brushing off the middle school girl who has a crush on him. Jenna tosses her clothes on the bed, wondering how she’s going to fit them in her suitcase.

Paget looks around the boat, and says, it’s a lot of work. Jenna tells Georgia, she knows it was complicated, and Georgia says, that’s the nature of the beast. Jenna says she thought she handled it well, but in Georgia’s interview, she says she thought she’d have team members to rely on. Instead, it was three times more complicated. Just saying. Ciara tells Georgia, it was nice, finding a hardcore bitch like herself.

In Jenna’s interview, she says, she fell in love in this hopeless place. How could she not love this season? Adam tells Glenn that he’s a great captain. He’s had his fair share, and Glenn is one of the few he’d work for again. I notice that Glenn is like, thanks, but doesn’t return that sentiment. In Adam’s interview, he says he’s learned a lot, and being vulnerable may not actually kill him. He asks if Jenna is ready for a road trip.

Glenn, Paget, and Ciara sit in the crew mess. Ciara says, it’s just us again. Glenn says it was a great season, and he’s glad they were there. He’s glad it worked out with Ciara being a deckhand. Ciara says she’s glad Glenn pushed her. In her interview, she says, she realized she’s more capable than she gives herself credit for. Being outside her comfort zone was good for her. She thanks Paget for making it happen.

Meanwhile, on the road… Jenna and Adam, living in a van down by the river. Or at least near the beach. Adam cooks over and open flame, and asks what time the primary wants to eat.

🧼 Leave It To LOGO…

A new soap is born. It’s always a roll of the dice, but if Morgan Fairchild is in, so am I.


👯‍♂️ Joined At the Hip…

While it disturbed my comfort level its first season, this time sMothered actually made me feel a little ill. Returning cast members Dawn and Cher, and Kathy and Cristina, who were not in the first episode, seem relatively normal in comparison to the newbies. And even then, mostly Dawn and Cher.


🍹 Because I’m Obsessed…

And so disappointed. If it weren’t for Naomie’s boyfriend Metul, I would never have had butter chicken.




🕶 I Get It, But I Don’t…

You’re not paranoid if someone really is following you.


🐎 Glad I’m Not Alone…

When the man in black became the man in white, I started feeling lost. By the time Jessie Aaron Paul came on the scene, I was more lost than I was when I was watching Lost. Another disappointment. When will it end?


✈️ Travel the World For Free…

Well, free virtually. Enjoy the Summer Solstice.


Visit Alaska.


Oh the places you’ll go.


🎈 Memorial Times Two…

Sadly, my buddy dog Casey lost his battle with the infection that attacked his kidneys. Run free, little man, run free. And as for you, stay safe, stay sound , and stay passing the open windows.

Casey-August26-2016 (3)

May 8, 2020 – Which Way Did They Go, Today’s GH, Get Well Soon, Tyler’s Royals, Happy 10th, Hello Elijah, Golden Girl, Chef Spat, BH Dish, Nosy Husband, No Charm, Virtual Andy, Quotes of Eight & Could Be Worse


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Shahs of Sunset

Your guess is as good as mine as to what happened here. Part one of the Reunion was supposed to air at 9 pm, but somehow it turned into The Notebook. I checked everywhere – Bravo’s site, Twitter, Facebook, Google – nothing. I saw the question being posed on the Shahs Facebook page, but no one answered. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I even checked through the entire next week of the digital guide, and nada. Is there a lawsuit pending? As soon as I find out what the blip is going on, I’ll let you know.

It was probably just as well, since I have a sick child dog who had to stay at the hospital tonight, and I’m just a wee bit distracted. I poured an entire pot of tea though, for your entertainment pleasure.

Casey-December14-2013 (3)

My Little Man

🏥 Today, General Hospital’s Flashback Friday was the episode where Jordan and Curtis got married on The Haunted Star. Then found Kiki’s body in their wedding night stateroom. And they still haven’t gone on their honeymoon.

🤕 At Least He Didn’t Lose His Head This Time…

I love Joey Pants! Wishing him a smooth recovery.


👑 Two Degrees Of Royalty…

Along with Josh Altman giving his two cents.


👒 I Can See the Resemblance…

But does she still have that nutcracker?


🏝 Hawaiian (Re)Hash…

No earth shattering revelations.


👶🏽 A Distant Meeting…

GG’s baby Elijah makes his quarantine debut with the cast.


And takes a stroll(er).


💃🏽 Looking Good As Gold…

TBH, I kind of forgot about her.


🍽 Dinnerware Debate…

If you’re back is to the rack, you’re under attack.


💋 Joanna Explains It Not At All…

I never heard someone use so many words to say they weren’t talking about something. Note to Joanna: I can’t comment on that is sufficient.


👉 Stay Out Of Women’s Business…

But if it’s a reality show, and the reality is, Denise’s husband wants to get involved with her issues, what’s the problem?



🍹 Methinks He’s Thirsty…

I barely remember this dude, and if he hadn’t brought it up, I wouldn’t have remembered this incident at all.


🖥 Virtual Reality…

Andy dishes on the VPR reunion.


🦥 Pandemics Make Strange Bedfellows…

It’s bigger than the Teddy Bear’s Picnic.


🗿 Quotes of the Week

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.Theodore Roosevelt

Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it. – Groucho Marx

The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow. – Robert Tew

It’s a baby, not a weedwhacker. – Danny (Gary Valentine), King of Queens, when Doug wants to borrow his baby.

Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else. – Margaret Mead

It is easier to change a man’s religion than to change his diet.Margaret Mead

We are continually faced with great opportunities which are brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems. – Margaret Mead

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.Maya Angelou

🍾 Everybody’s Not Working For the Weekend…

I hope you’re making the most of any new free time you have, and changing it up on the weekend. Remember…


April 24, 2020 – Paulina’s Birthday Luau, Sonny Looks Back, Flashback Padding, Soap Story, Back With Vengeance, AMC Scares, a Goodbye, Open Secrets, Quarentinial Quotes & Sail


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Shahs of Sunset

Reza tells us, when Persians are on vacation, and shelling out cash, they don’t like wasting a moment of time. Except Destiney. Everyone is in the kitchen early for breakfast, but Destiney is still sleeping. Mike asks who’s doing surfing and who’s doing the bees. He puts tattoos on everyone. In Mike’s interview, he says he thought Paulina might have a hard time, bringing the group along on her birthday trip, but they’ve been awesome. He’s helped by acting like a camp counselor. In MJ’s interview, she says she loves Mike, but he can be controlling, and the girls he’s with become subservient. We see a clip from the reunion where Mike didn’t want Jessica to come out, even though she wanted to speak her piece. MJ says, Mike is happy, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the same tendencies to be the guy he’s been for the last 35 years. GG asks where Destiney is.

MJ video chats with Tommy, and looks at baby Shams. She tells him, yesterday was hard. She felt homesick. She asks if Shams has changed, and Tommy jokes that he’s smoking cigarettes now. MJ shows him a lizard on a nearby rock. She says she and Reza had a nice, long conversation. He said his intention was to drop everything. She asks if Reza’s attorney has communicated with Tommy’s, but he says, no. In MJ’s interview, she says she’s going to be there for the man she married, and has a family with. She wants Reza to realize he’s wrong, and drop the charges. She says she’s going to try and have one nice day.

GG wants to do rosé all day, and wonders how MJ is going to surf in her thong bathing suit. Paulina says she’s going surfing, rather than joining Mike on what I find out later is a trip to a bee farm. MJ says Paulina is finally thinking clearly. In GG’s interview, she says, it’s been a while, and she’s having floating thoughts. In the car on the way to the farm, she asks the guys – Nema, Reza, and Mike – questions about sex. In Nema’s interview, he says he and GG haven’t had anything physical, although they’ve had moments that were close. We flash back to the almost-kiss on the ski trip. GG allows him to kiss her, although it’s nothing passionate. In her interview, GG says, less teeth and more lips would have been helpful. Nema says, it was a preview.

Destiney explains that her sister was stung by a bee while doing a handstand in the pool, so she’d rather go surfing. Shervin, MJ, Paulina, and Sara are also in the surfing group. An instructor shows MJ how to stay on a surfboard. She says she has an aggressive thong, which sounds painful, but she masters the stance. Although since the surfboard is on land, it’s kind of meaningless, since the ground isn’t rolling around beneath her. Destiney and Paulina just hang out on their surfboards in the sun. In Destiney’s interview, she says it’s like how Persians go to a pool party, but they don’t go in the pool. It’s same with the beach. It might ruin your hair.

At the bee farm, bee guy Joe gives the other group lots of bee information. GG tells him about seeing a shaman who said her spirit animal was a bee. She used to sting people, but now she wants to stay alive, Reza gets the complete protection suit, but the rest wear variations of gear, and GG just wears the hat and gloves. Reza says, a bitch lost 50 pounds, but the suit is still snug. GG says she knows her homies won’t sting her. Want some honey, honey? True story. The only time I was ever stung by a bee was when I was around four, and I tried to pet it. I love bees. Bee guy Joe takes out the shelves from the hive that are covered with bees. Nema thinks he and GG are two bees who need to pollinate, and Mike says he’s sweating like a whore in church.

The surfing group gets back first, and MJ wants a shot of Patron, even though she doesn’t like Patron. I don’t like it either, but that’s why I don’t drink it. MJ tells Paulina, she knows how it feels to be under a strict regime. It takes her back to her Persian boyfriend. She’s glad she married a white boy. Shervin shakes his head.

Bee guy Joe demonstrates how to make a candle, and the group gets sheets of beeswax to make one. Reza says, they’re expensive; make three or four. Paulina texts Mike, MJ is effing foul. In Mike’s interview, he says, MJ thrives off antagonizing people. It’s like a drug for her to poke at people. It gets her high. Mike says he has to go. He has to see WTF is happening.

Mike stomps in, asking, what happened? and Paulina says, MJ told her that she and Mike remind her of when she used to date Persian men. He says, WTF? and Shervin says, it doesn’t end there. Reza tells MJ that Paulina is upset. Something MJ said hurt, offended, or disrespected Paulina. In her interview, MJ says she’s shellshocked. She thought they were bullsh*tting, having fun, and bonding over men. Paulina tells Mike that MJ said she was glad she married a white guy, and Mike was so controlling. He tells her that he’s sorry she had to go through this. In his interview, he says he vowed never to be like that again, and his prayers were answered with Paulina. He says, MJ needs to know not to f*ck with him and his girl. He tells MJ that there’s been a lot of sh*t talk behind people’s backs, and he doesn’t like his girlfriend being upset. MJ says she loves Paulina; why is she upset? He says MJ told her that she was sorry Paulina was dating a Persian guy. She says she didn’t say that, and Mike says Paulina heard it that way. MJ says the Persian relationship situation reminded her that she married an American, and it’s very different. She didn’t say anything insulting, but she’s sorry Paulina heard it that way. In GG’s interview, she says, MJ is being her authentic self, someone who damages people. GG wants no more to do with it. Mike asks MJ what she’s thinking. Does she not like Paulina? MJ says Paulina is like a breath of fresh air. In Reza’s interview, he wonders why MJ would say what she did when she’s in a huge group, mostly of Persian men. MJ says, it’s a fact that American men are different, and Mike said she was pointing out that things are better. Trying to flip it, MJ asks why it has to be a comparison, and Mike says, she’s effed up. She tells him, she didn’t say he was controlling, which is exactly what she said. GG doesn’t understand how anyone can insert themselves in someone else’s life. Mike says, stop engaging. GG leaves, while suggesting MJ get her own life. Mike admits he’s opinionated, but says he’s not controlling. MJ says if they don’t want her there, don’t invite her, and Mike says he wants her to act right. She asks what she’s doing wrong, and when he wants to apologize, hopefully she’ll be open to it. Destiney says Persian men are controlling, but she loves them. Shervin tells Reza, Adam called and asked if he could fart.

GG goes outside and sits with Paulina. She says she’s sorry she wasn’t there earlier. They thought Paulina was having a great time, then all of a sudden, Mike was raging, In GG’s interview, she says, it’s confusing, having a friend like MJ. They’ve had some amazing times – we flash back to some of those – but on the other side, MJ preyed on her vulnerability – we flash back to MJ and Reza blindsiding GG with Shalom’s ex-wife. GG says they’re talking about the woman who single-handedly sh*t on everyone.

MJ tells Reza, she said Mike was strict, and he still continues to pop off. Let her cool off. Reza says, it’s Paulina’s birthday; talk to her. MJ goes out, joining Paulina and GG. GG is telling Paulina, it doesn’t make sense, and it’s not right. What credibility does MJ have? MJ says she’s sorry if she upset Paulina when she said Mike was strict. They haven’t hung out that much, and Paulina seems easy-going, so MJ let her guard down and was talking sh*t. GG slips away, and MJ sits down. She tells Paulina, she says things that sound harsh, but her intention isn’t from a bad place. Paulina says, hearing that, she wondered what going on. She felt the drama between MJ and Reza, and wondered if she was next. In MJ’s interview, she says she’s realizing, before Paulina has a chance to get to know her, she’s been told bullsh*t. Paulina says it means a lot to her for MJ to explain herself.

Nema says Paulina is adjusting to the group, and how everyone is in everyone’s sh*t. He doesn’t consider it malicious, but just thoughtless. In Destiney’s interview, she says MJ is sh*tty with her comments sometimes, and always comes back with she didn’t mean it, and how much she cares. It makes you think you’re crazy. She’s not sorry; it’s a pattern. Mike says, it’s time for the luau dinner.

A conch is blown. It reminds me of Lord of the Flies, which isn’t far off. A pig has been roasted, and there are hula dancers with a three-piece accompaniment. They toast to a beautiful evening together. MJ hugs Paulina. In Mike’s interview, he says, even though he appreciates MJ’s apology – it’s big of her – it’s more of a concern what a persona says behind his back than in front of his face. In Reza’s interview, he wonders, WTF were they thinking? Who’s eating the pig? He’s half Muslim and half Jewish. He doesn’t screw with swine. I didn’t even think of that. GG says, the pig is scary. I was at an event that included a pig roast once, and they’re gross, but the smell is incredible. It tasted good too, but by the time I got there, almost nothing but the head was left, so all I got was a taste.

Paulina thanks everyone for coming on the trip her love planned for her. Nema says, in 2018, Mike was a pain in the ass, but the 2019 Mike is amazing. Reza says Paulina made someone they loved better, and they toast to her. A beautiful cake comes out, almost like a small wedding cake, decorated with real flowers. The group sings Happy Birthday in Persian. Mike hopes all her wishes come true. Fire dancers come out, and GG ducks behind the table. In her interview, she says she has Puff the Magic Dragon with her, and she doesn’t want to die. They drink some more.

Nema compliments GG, and Mike says they want to see a kiss. Nema says they saw that once today, and the guys all make fun of him. Mike asks GG to show them again, and she says she’s definitely drunk enough. Nema tells her, come on, and she says that’s probably why he’s still single; he has no swag. Mike asks if he ever smashed Erica, and Nema says, he has a major emotional attachment to her. He had no sense of family growing up, and has a hard time letting go. In Nema’s interview, he says, not having a key maternal figure, he doesn’t process relationships the same way, and that’s why it’s hard to let go of Erica. Nema says Erica saved him after his divorce, at his lowest point. He doesn’t like their disrespectful comments. He goes inside.

GG says, Nema needed a break from the conversation. It didn’t work out, and it’s sensitive for him. Why is it fair grounds [sic] to talk about it? She goes inside and sits with Nema, but sees a roach walking across the floor, and freaks out. MJ is on her way in, and GG tries to stop her, telling her about the bug. In his interview, Nema says he knows GG likes to get high, but she’s a little crazy. Who knows what she sees? He swipes the bug outside with his foot, and she sees another one on the ceiling. She’s worried his friend is going to come for her now.

Nema tells GG, any criticism of Erica is difficult for him. GG says he should marry Erica, and he says she wants and deserves tradition, but he can’t give her what she wants. GG asks, why? and he says, it’s awkward to say that he loves her, but he’s attracted to other women. GG says he needs someone who understands that he wants to have fun. If her brain could be put into Erica, it would be perfect. Nema says he would marry her, and GG says then he’d have his cake and eat it too. He asks which she is, the cake or what he’s eating? She says she’s always an option. Paulina interrupts, and says she has a ritual she wants them to do. Nema says, saved by the bell, and GG says, he was saved by the bell. She asks what flavor cake she’d be, and Nema says, red velvet. GG thinks she’d be devil’s food.

Back at the table, Paulina says, for her birthday, she wishes they could have deep friendships, but they’re afraid to be honest. She wants them to write down, anonymously, how they feel. In his interview, Reza says, bad idea, and Paulina tells them, write down what you’re scared to say. In Reza’s interview, he says, give them a slice of coconut cake, and be done with it. Where’s the hula dancer? Where’s Don Ho when you need him? This is a bad, bad idea. Paulina says they’re going to burn them afterward. They move to the fire, and Paulina reads, Nema is passive/aggressive. The next one says, Shervin is too buff. He needs to eat a salad some time. Shervin says, it’s in crayon. It’s Mike. Mike starts to laugh. Paulina reads another one that says, if I hadn’t been vulnerable, I wouldn’t have hurt the people I love. They all seem to know it’s Reza, and she reads, I don’t like to see people who thrive on people in pain. She picks up another, and says, Sara needs to clear out the skeletons in her closet. Sara says, wow, and Mike says, that’s been the chatter amongst the group behind her back. We flash back to Sara talking to Reza about her time with R. Kelly. Sara says, none of them would know what to expect; what it’s like seeing your ex on the news. It’s a ridiculous statement. Destiney says she didn’t write it, but she’s glad someone did. GG insists on switching seats, so Destiney and Sara can talk it out. In Destiney’s interview, she says, even though she and Sam are no longer dating, there’s been some tough sh*t with the R. Kelly situation. She’d never want to make another woman feel less than. They clasp hands. Sara says she feels like everyone is on the hunt. It’s the worst thing, exploiting the situation. MJ says the people they’re closest to, are the people they pick on. Something they need to flip the script on, and learn to be better. MJ says the person she wants to be isn’t hurtful, and she wishes she’d never hurt anyone or ever gotten hurt. She wishes it was different. Reza says the situation between him and MJ was hard for him. He needed to have conversations, and make apologies and promises. Mike says, it has to stop, for everyone’s piece of mind. He wants to move forward. No more sh*t talking or back stabbing. He needs Paulina to be okay. Reza says they need to act nicely, and let this sh*t stay in Hawaii. Burn the letters. Mike throws them in the fire, and says he doesn’t want to hear one more negative thing.

The next morning, GG asks if Nema has any memories of last night. He was pretty wasted. Nema says she was too, and she says she was beyond wasted. We see her clips of GG dancing around, and saying she’s so drunk. She says, mission aborted, and Nema says, between them. In Nema’s interview, he says, GG made it clear that she was open and willing to have sex. We see GG saying, Nema, now! He says, five minutes, and she says, okey dokey, artichokey. GG says, obviously, he was comfortable enough to have sex, or at least take it where it was. Nema says, there may have been a hot tub moment. They both use paper dolls to illustrate their narrative. They got in the hot tub, and Nema put his back against the jets. GG told Nema that he looked good, and he said she did too. GG was drinking and smoking weed, and pulled Nema closer. Nema says, she bit his lip; it hurt. Her hands were feeling around, wondering, what’s going on down there? GG suddenly tosses the paper dolls in the air. In his interview, Nema says, here’s a beautiful woman, who’s been drinking a lot. He doesn’t know if she’d feel the same way if she was sober. One  time GG told him that she could get any guy she wants. It’s nice to be the one. He smiles, blinding us with his teeth.

Reza and MJ sit outside on the lawn. Reza says, it took coming there to give them perspective in their lives. They have it so good, and have one another’s backs. He puts his head in MJ’s lap. He says he wants to tell her what’s been going on, and how rough sh*t has been. He can’t go through this again. MJ says they’re on the right track, but her worst fear is that he and Tommy aren’t on the right track. They’ve yet to hear what the status is on the restraining order. Reza had said he was lifting it, and not pressing charges. We flash back to MJ and Tommy talking with their lawyer. Reza says, when he gets home, he’s going to have a conversation with his attorney, and let him know that he doesn’t have an interest in pursuing it any more. MJ says when he finally follows through, it will be a big message to Tommy. In MJ’s interview, she says the judge will most likely dismiss the vandalism, and her husband won’t be a felon. Maybe there’s a chance in hell of healing this catastrophe in their relationship. MJ tells Reza, fingers crossed, they’re in the pool in 2020.

In Reza’s interview, he says, clearly, MJ wants him to drop the charges. He’s figuring out if their relationship will get better after he does. It feels like it will, but…

Next time, a Sip and See for Shams, and Mike isn’t going; Reza talks to Adam about Tommy, but Adam wants to stick by the order; and MJ tells Reza if there’s going to be future between them, please don’t do this.

🏥 On General Hospital’s Flashback Friday today – a flashback in a flashback – Sonny remembered his early days, and changed the past in his head – Dante was married to Sam, and working for the Jeromes, along with Jason; and Anna was police commissioner, but had given up on life after Robin died from AIDS. Sonny realized that whatever we choose, there’s a price to pay.


🎞 And There’s Also the Moss…

While tedious, they do their job.


🧼 You Know You Love Them…

My husband always gets mad when I say The Sopranos is a soap, but it is. And so is Game of Thrones.

noun: soap opera; plural noun: soap operas

  1. a television or radio drama series dealing typically with daily events in the lives of the same group of characters.

I rest my case. This show, detailing a look into daytime’s history, is very promising. The Story of Soaps airs Tuesday, May 19 at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.



😱 I Can’t Look Away…

Seriously. It’s like a horrible accident.


⚰️ And If You Like It Scary…

Some new stuff coming to AMC.


🎭 A Great Actor Gone…

I had the privilege of seeing Brian Dennehy in Inherit the Wind on Broadway (co-starring Christopher Plummer, no less). He was an amazing actor, who put the same amount of energy playing a neighborhood bully in a TV movie as he did in playing Matthew Harrison Brady.


🍪 In Case You’ve Had Too Many Quarantine Cookies…

Katie shares her secrets, which aren’t really very secret.


🥁 Quotes of the Week

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. – William Shakespeare (Who just got a birthday shout out on April 23rd. )

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not. – Andre Gide

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. – Marilyn Monroe

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect).Mark Twain

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. – Thomas A. Edison

A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water. – Eleanor Roosevelt

We are the forgers, the survivors, and our dance is fierce. – Patti Smith

If my answers frighten you, Vincent, then you should cease asking scary questions. – Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson), Pulp Fiction

🛫 Even If Just In Your Mind…

Do something different to make the weekend separate from the week. Take in an online Broadway show or concert, tour a museum, a zoo, or Venice. Just think, it’s not often you can just hit pause and go to the bathroom or get a sandwich in the middle of a gondola ride. Do a workout. The online or DVD choices are endless, and you can still go outside. Or read a book. Remember those? Stay safe, stay moving, and stay creative.

April 15, 2020 – Sonny Calls Nikolas a Coward, Beverly Hills Goes To Fashion Week & Surviving


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I missed the beginning, so here are the highlights. Sonny tells Jason, someone else needs to be warned about Cyrus, and Jason jets. Nikolas and Ava stop by Sonny’s place, via the kitchen entrance, and Charlotte has brought a sack containing her pet snake, Nagini, to Violet’s party. She tells him that they’re going to have so much fun, and hides the sack in the alcove under the stairs.

Lulu suggests Charlotte help by giving the kids some pointers. Charlotte looks at the sack, and goes with Lulu.

Sonny says the newlyweds, and Nikolas says, good to see him. Sonny asks why it took Nikolas so long to climb out from under his rock to say hello, and  Ava says they’re here to pick up Avery for Violet’s party; they’re not looking for a fight. Sonny says bodyguard Cy is taking them; he’s the best, and discreet. They won’t even know he’s there. Nikolas says he can protect his wife and her daughter, but Sonny says Nikolas is going to stay. They have a lot of catching up to do.

When they’re alone, Nikolas tells Sonny, he has an apology to make before Sonny says anything. Several apologies. He’s sorry about leaving Spencer, and sorry for getting Carly involved. Asking her to keep him a secret from Sonny was a bad call. Sonny says Nikolas has made a lot of them, but Nikolas says it was the only way to keep Spencer safe. Sonny says, it wasn’t the only way. Nikolas says he did what was best for his family, Sonny says, he didn’t. He doesn’t care about Nikolas, but he does care about Nikolas’s mother and his son, and the choices Nikolas made that affected them. He knows all he needs to know about Nikolas. Nikolas asks, what’s that? and Sonny says, there’s only one kind of man who would betray his children like Nikolas did, and he has no use for him. We flash back to Nikolas telling Spencer that he needed to be strategic, and Spencer saying he needed his father.

Maxie tells Peter, when she spoke to Lulu, she said Valentin wasn’t worth fighting over, and Lulu agreed. Anna approaches them, and says, Georgie is about to ride the pony. She wants them to watch her. Maxie wonders if she should film it in regular or slo-mo. Anna goes inside, and sees Robert with a wrapped gift that looks like a really long stick. She says, absolutely not. Not in her house. Not now; not ever. Robert says, it’s practically a tradition. Violet comes in with Finn, and asks where Robert went. Robert says he went to pick up something special. Finn asks Anna if he should be worried, and Anna tells him that he should be afraid. Violet asks Anna to help unwrap it. Elizabeth tells Finn, it’s a good party, and he says it’s just something he threw together. She says, Violet is having a wonderful birthday, and he says she doesn’t think he went overboard? She says, not at all, and he says it’s the first birthday party he’s throwing for her, and he needs to prove he can deliver. Elizabeth says, and he did, but he doesn’t need prove anything. The one thing Violet already knows is that he’s a good dad. The gift is unwrapped, and it’s a didgeridoo. Robert plays it, and says, it’s a classic happy birthday.

Franco sees Ava and Avery, and Ava asks if Avery remembers her friend Franco. Franco says he remembers her, and asks if she’d like some popcorn. Ava says, popcorn is gross, and Avery doesn’t like it. Avery says she loves popcorn, and Franco suggests she get her own box. He can be her guide through the party; there’s a juggler and petting zoo.

Catching Olivia on her way in from screaming at Rocco, Robert tells her, he’s sorry, but Dante’s condition hasn’t improved. We flash back to Olivia telling Dante, for so long, it was just the two of them. She knew she could never give him everything he deserves. Dante says she did great, and she says she did her best. Every decision she made was to keep him safe, but she realized, as he grew, her job was going to get harder, because he’s not a man who will ever be content to be safe. He’s a hero in every sense of the word. Olivia tells Robert, it’s been over a year; there must be an improvement. He says he’s sorry to bring her bad news, but she says, unlike the doctors at the WSB, she’s not giving up. As long as Dante is alive, there’s still hope.

Dante asks if Sonny talks to Spencer, and Sonny says they’re very close. Spencer wants to know why he’s been abandoned by his father. I stare at the bowl of moss. Sonny says, Spencer checks in every night with a text or voicemail, but when Spencer calls, he picks up and they talk. Nikolas asks, what about? He’s sure Spencer tells Sonny what a terrible father he is. Sonny says he doesn’t mention Nikolas much; he doesn’t have to. It’s in everything he says, and not in a good way. Spencer tells him about school, what he does, his discoveries in France. He doesn’t say he’s lonely; he doesn’t have to. Nikolas is sorry his son is in pain, but Spencer is a child. In time, he’ll understand the choices Nikolas made were to protect him. Sonny says, Nikolas did it for himself, and Spencer doesn’t understand why Nikolas chose to abandon him. We flash back to Spencer telling Nikolas that he could have come home any time; Spencer never had to leave home, but Nikolas cared more about hating Valentin than loving him. Ava tells Spencer, Nikolas always loved him, but Spencer says he hated Valentin for killing Nikolas. Now he hates Nikolas for not staying dead. Nikolas tells Sonny, of all people, he thought Sonny would understand the lengths he went to in order to protect his family. Sonny says, only cowards do what Nikolas did, and he isn’t a coward. Nikolas would be smart to remember that.

Nikolas says, if Sonny is calling him a coward, he’s conveniently forgotten that Valentin tried to kill him. He had to protect Spencer, and find a way to take back what was his. Sonny says, it’s like one snake taking the head off another. Stay away from the people he loves, including his wife. Nikolas says he regrets dragging Carly into it, and Sonny says, and Spencer. We flash back to Ava asking Spencer not to shut Nikolas out. She knows how profoundly Spencer was affected by losing Nikolas, and how deeply Nikolas loves him. It’s time they both stopped hurting, and put anger aside. Let his father love him again. Spencer tells Nikolas, he could have come back with nothing. Instead, he let Spencer believe he was dead. Spencer has lived every day for the past three years alone, because of Nikolas. He built Nikolas up as a noble prince in his memory, but he’s as heartless as Valentin. The Cassadine legacy is more important than he is. Stay the hell away from him.

Willow and Chase come bearing a unicorn piñata, and Willow explains how a piñata works by pulling strings on it. Chase asks, what happened to beating the thing until it breaks? Finn asks if he has no compassion for paper mache, and Willow says, some kids don’t like hitting things that look like something that’s alive. Rocco runs in, and says Peter Pan is there. Willow goes back out with him, and Chase follows. Finn puts the piñata aside.

Finn tells Chase, he’s glad Willow could make it. Chase thinks she’s having a good time; she loves being around kids. Finn says, it makes sense, since she’s a teacher. He asks if Chase is all right, and Chase says, he’s fine, but Willow’s not. The whole custody battle is getting to her. Wiley isn’t her son, but they bonded fully and deeply. She can’t just switch it off. Michael is fighting for full custody, but if he loses, and Nelle gets Wiley, he’s not sure Willow can take it.

Charlotte comes back in, as Anna heads out the front door. Jason is on the porch, and she says she’s sorry she couldn’t meet at the MetroCourt, but she has this party going on. He says he just wanted to give her a heads up, and she says, if it’s about Peter, she can’t. He says, it’s about Cyrus, and she says she saw he was released. He says, Cyrus is trying to get leverage on key members of law enforcement. He doesn’t know if she’s a target, but Sonny wanted her to be aware. She tells him to thank Sonny, and he asks if the WSB has ever gone after Cyrus? She says she can’t share that information, and he says if she feels something is wrong, it can’t hurt to have back up. Sam comes out with Danny, and Danny says, dad?

Willow asks if Chase knows what the nicest thing about the party is, and he says, the bounce house? The petting zoo? She says seeing his grumpy brother doting on Violet. Does he know any other circumstance that would get Dr. Finn on a pony ride? It’s amazing how kids change your life. Chase flashes back to Sasha telling him, the only reason Michael isn’t asking Willow to marry him, is out of respect for Chase and Willow’s relationship. Chase says Willow would never leave him. She’d feel terrible, and it’s not the kind of person she is. But how could she be happy for the rest of her life, if Nelle got custody of Wiley, and she knew she could have stopped it, and didn’t? Chase tells Willow, he could use a walk. How about her? She takes his hand, and they leave.

Anna asks Jason to excuse her; she has to get back. Danny asks if Jason is there for the party, but he says he had to talk to Anna, and he can’t stay.

Ava sees Charlotte, and asks how she is. Charlotte says she’d like to go home. Ava says she’s sure Charlotte’s mother would be happy to take her, but Charlotte says she’s referring to her real home. Ava is sorry it’s difficult, but says, Charlotte knows Windymere belongs to her and Nikolas. Charlotte says, it’s not about her. Butterscotch misses his stall. Ava asks if Butterscotch is her pony, and she says, Butterscotch is a horse; there’s a big difference. A pony is fourteen hands, and Butterscotch is fifteen hands. Ava says she’s more than welcome to visit any time, but she doesn’t think Butterscotch would enjoy the launch. Charlotte doesn’t think so either. Lulu comes in, and tells Ava, she hopes Charlotte wasn’t rude. Ava says, Charlotte is just upset about her horse not being at Windymere. Lulu says, it’s definitely been an adjustment, and Ava tells her, blame Valentin for giving Charlotte false expectations. Lulu starts to respond, and Ava tells says, she knows what Lulu wants to say. They kind of want the same thing. Lulu asks what Ava thinks that is, and Ava says, for them to be better acquainted as sisters-in-law. Lulu says that’s not what she was going to say, and Ava says, come on. At least play along. It gives them something else to do other than bask in the glow of childhood mirth. Lulu says, it’s no secret she hates Valentin, and Ava says, wait until he pushes her from a parapet. Lulu says, the last thing she wants is her daughter caught in the middle of their feud. Ava says, no problem, and Lulu says, so she’ll help steer Charlotte clear of that? Ava says, she really means, no problem. Nikolas versus Valentin is over; they won. Lulu says, okay, great, and thanks her.

Peter sees Lulu, and Lulu says, look at them, talking socially. Peter asks if she’s warning him not to talk shop, and she says there’s nothing she’d love more, but kids, sugar, animals; it’s not the right frame of mind. He suggests they talk about Maxie instead. Her new job at Deception means a lot to her. Lulu says, it means a lot to her too. If working near, and having her paycheck covered by Valentin is a mistake, it’s Maxie’s to make. Peter says his eyes are open, and he’s watching. She tells him, be ready to catch Maxie when Valentin knocks her down.

Nikolas says Spencer is his son, but Sonny says, according to Spencer, he’s an orphan. Nikolas wasn’t there, so Sonny had to be. Nikolas says he’s sorry, but he cleared the road for Spencer to be the man he’ll never be. Sonny says, spare him the false humility. Nikolas is proud he climbed out of the sea, into bed with Ava, and back to Windymere. Congratulations. Nikolas can do what he wants, but if it touches Spencer – Sonny gets closer to him – he will intervene. Understand him? Nikolas says, yeah, and Sonny says, good. Then they’re done. Nikolas leaves.

Jason tells Danny, there’s something important they need to talk about. He wants Danny to keep being a great big brother. Look out for Scout and his mom, because Jason can’t be around for a while. Danny asks, why not?

Charlotte opens the sack, and asks Nagini if he’s okay in there, and promises he’ll be out soon. Ava and Franco come in, and Charlotte skootches into the alcove. Ava says she left it out there, but Franco says they don’t need to do this now. Ava picks up her purse, and says she’ll check her calendar. How’s tomorrow for their next sitting? He wants to get back to the party; he kind of likes the piñata. She laughs, and says, look at them. At a birthday party, at Anna’s house no less. He says, they’ve come a long way, and she says, yet she’s nowhere near satisfied. He says Nikolas has a bottomless bank account, and she’s a princess. She says, her tiara is tarnished, and he says he’s happy for her. It’s her vision of a dream come true. She says, not yet, but it will be. She puts her purse back, and they go back outside. Charlotte peeks out, and looks at the piñata.

Finn goes inside, and sits on the couch. Anna sees him, and says, just when she thought everything was going well. He says he has a kit in his medical bag, but she says, the party is going famously. She wondered what’s troubling him. He asks if he looks troubled, and she says he does. He says he was thinking maybe he should write Violet a letter, but she says, just tell Violet what he wants to tell her. He says he would be writing from a person who should be there, and Anna realizes he means Hayden. He says, on one hand, it would be a way to tell Violet that her mom is thinking of her, but on the other, it may imply Hayden is coming back. Anna says they don’t know what the case is, and asks if Violet has questioned him recently. He says, it’s been a while, and she says, from what she sees, Violet is a wise little person (aw!), sorting through what she thinks might have happened. When she’s ready, she’ll ask. He hopes he knows what to say when she does. We flash back, going down Hayden Memory Lane. Finn sitting with her at the MetroCourt, and telling her that he had a breakthrough in his research; Finn asking her to leave a toothbrush at his place, and kissing her; Griff telling them, the test results say she’s pregnant; Finn telling her that he wants to be family with her and the baby, and proposing; Finn finding out she’s Rachel Berlin, and asking why she didn’t tell him that she was in trouble. He loves her, and she got him through addiction. Why didn’t she let him help her through this? We move to Elizabeth telling Finn that Hayden is gone; Hayden writing the letter, telling Finn that the baby didn’t survive; Finn seeing her again, when she returned to Port Charles; Curtis asking if Finn thinks the child is alive; Hayden bringing Violet to the hospital, and telling Finn that she’s his daughter; Finn confronting Hayden, and saying he wants to be a part of Violet’s life; Finn telling Hayden that he’s her daddy, and explaining that he and her mommy were so in love, they made a baby; Finn introducing Violet to Anna, and thanking her for accepting Violet. We see Finn reading Hayden’s letter, telling him that she’s leaving Violet with him, and not to come after her, but to make sure Violet knows her mother loves her. We move to Finn and Violet pulling on the Thanksgiving wishbone, and Finn telling Violet that she’s his wish.

Anna tells Finn, of course (🍷) he’ll know. It’s a beautiful party. Just enjoy it, and let everything else go for now. Charlotte comes out with the piñata, and Finn asks where she’s going with it. She says she’s keeping it safe, and asks if it’s time yet. He says, almost, and Anna says she’ll gather the children. He takes the piñata from Charlotte, and she says, be careful. He doesn’t want any candy to fall out.

Um… wouldn’t it feel different? Like a different weight, and moving around?

Tomorrow, Chase says it’s Willow’s decision, Maxie asks Robert if Peter hasn’t suffered enough, and Charlotte tells Danny, there’s going to be a good surprise.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I wasn’t going to even watch this season, after these horrible women drove my beloved Lisa from the show (and Giggy with her), but my curiosity over Denise’s friendship with Brandi coming back to bite her in the ass – both figuratively and possibly literally – was piqued. So I decided to do a minicap on this one.

I was eating dinner as I watched this, and even before the opening credits I wanted to stab a couple of them with my fork. I could feel my hand tightening around it. I have to say though, new girl – actress, mom of twin eleven-year-old boys, and friend of Denise – Garcelle Beauvais might just give them a run for their money. I have the feeling she’s not going to take their bullsh*t. After moving to NYC from Haiti at age seven, she said she could handle anything, even those damn Housewives. Useless trivia: she learned to speak English from watching Sesame Street.

The women went to New York Fashion Week (hey, you, get out of my city) for Kyle’s first show as a designer. Needless to say, our jeans and T-shirt girl, Denise, was less than enthusiastic. Speaking of Kyle, at the last reunion, she was lauded as queen, since LVP wisely left, and it showed in her narcissism attitude. After checking into their swank NYC hotel, they took a side trip to New Jersey (get out! get out!), and went to Shakers, a strip club where Erika used to work, although they were really more go-go girls than strippers, and the dancing was a real snooze. Erika wasn’t sure if the group was going to be accepting or judgmental. I guess she’s never seen this show before, because they’re usual response is to pretend to be the former, while being the latter for real. At lunch, we found out that Charlie Sheen was once again being a d-bag, taking Denise to court because he no longer wanted to pay child support. Erika immediately called Tom, who volunteered to go with her, but Denise didn’t want to deal with it. In her interview, she said she knew Charlie best, and would deal with her own family in her own way.

Kyle met with friend Domenico Dolce (from the Dolce side of Dolce & Gabbana), who has more money than God, and LisaR met with friend Sutton Stracke, also as loaded as the Lord, but apparently with no taste in clothing. Wanting to show LisaR the latest Dolce & Gabbana bra, she wore a sheer pink blouse over it, along with rainbow sequined shorts. Possibly something I would have worn to RHPS in the days when I went to the midnight movie, but anywhere else? <shakes head vehemently> While the cat was away, Mauricio had an agency party in L.A. When Kyle tried to call, he didn’t pick up, and she said he was probably drunk or stoned. It’s probably the only way he can deal with an association to any of these people.

Sutton joined the group for dinner, and while I wasn’t impressed with her day outfit, in a simple black dress, she outshone Kyle wearing a baggy sequined jumpsuit, and Erika, who looked like she was wearing a man’s black shirt, her dress barely covering her cheeks. Really it didn’t, since they were peeking out like she was wearing booty shorts. She informed Sutton that it was from Rhianna’s Fenty line, and in her interview, Sutton said that if God had collaborated with Tom Ford on the dress, it would still have been just as meaningless to her. A breath of fresh honesty. Dorit also carried the Jacquemus mini bag, which I find both adorable, and horrifying, since I can’t believe someone would pay almost 500 bucks for it, when there are people who can’t afford to eat.

Kyle was definitely clueless when it came to a runway show, not even recognizing her own samples, and Dorit stepped in to help her out. In her words, saving Kyle’s fashion show from Kyle. There was no one to save us from the clothes though, some of which were okay, but mostly reminded me of something a matronly woman would wear on a cruise. Sorry Kyle. All of the women were in the show, but no one can ever rival Ramona on the runway with her robotic look. Dorit complained that she got rewarded with clown shoes after bailing Kyle out. Teddi, who we found out was pregnant, had running commentary in her head, reminding herself not to walk in the way Kyle had imitated last season. Kyle also shouted directions from the wings, which didn’t seem very professional. Paris and Nicky Hilton also stopped by for a photo op, which Kyle hoped would boost the brand.

At the end of the show, Kyle said, everyone was so happy that day, it’s hard to imagine how terrible everything would become. Then the text said, Denise stopped filming in December, and a headline about a passionate affair between Denise and Brandi was shown. We saw Denise sit down, and a producer asked if she’s ready to talk.

FYI, after the fire and an extended period of living in hotels, Denise and Aaron are still not settled, but they are still having sex every day.

Best quote of the night, Garcelle in saying, it’s always time for a shot.

🦘 Calling It a Night While It’s Still Night…

Yesterday, it was late to bed, early to rise, and I’d like to even that out just a little. So leaving you with this oddly appropriate scene from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, which features a didgeridoo. It’s possibly my favorite scene from the film. I love the mesh of cultures. Stay safe. You know the drill.

March 25, 2020 – Sonny Suggests Another Option, a Tough Time For Denise, Friends Again, Comparing Decks, Reality Rates & the Bright Side


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nina tells Nelle, welcome to Crimson. Carly walks in, and asks if she just heard that right. Nelle says, her girl got a job.

Monica formally welcomes Portia to General Hospital. She’s glad the board wooed her away from Mercy. Portia says she’s honored to be working there, and Monica says she won’t keep Portia, since she has a lot of paperwork to fill out. Michael and Sasha run in with Wiley, and Michael tells Monica, something’s wrong.

At Kelly’s, Delores says Sam seems to be staying on the straight and narrow, and Sam says, that’s because she is. Delores asks how Sam’s relationship with her ex Jason is going, and Sam says they exchange their son Danny, but they’ve been keeping their distance. (Refraining from a joke here.) She’s been taking Delores’s warnings seriously. They arrange pick-ups at the Quartermaines’. Delores asks if that’s been the full extent of their interaction, but her phone rings, and she tells Sam she has to take the call. She’ll be in touch. Delores goes outside.

Delores asks someone if they’re still on for this afternoon. She laughs, as Spinelli watches. When she leaves, he follows.

Ava makes notes for the auction catalog at the gallery. Trina comes in, and Ava asks what she’s doing there. Trina says she’s been thinking about the catalog, and has some ideas if Ava has time. Ava says, she meant, what is Trina doing at the gallery? She told Trina that she could take time off. Trina says she did, and she’s ready to go back to work. She asks Ava, please take a look. She’s dying for some feedback.

Jordan says, the only way to save TJ is to give Cyrus what he’s wanted all along – his freedom and a full exoneration. Sonny says, that’s exactly what she has to do, and Jordan tells him, don’t be in such a hurry to set Cyrus free. If he’s causing trouble behind bars, just wait until they see what he does on the outside. Sonny says, the guards at Pentenville are better than anyone Cyrus can hire. He’s safe behind bars; they can’t retaliate. Curtis says, once Cyrus is on the outside, Sonny can put an end to this?

Carly tells Nina, she’d love to think Nelle is lying about being hired, but it’s an easy contradiction, and Nina isn’t doing that. Nina says, Nelle will be working as her assistant, and Carly says she can’t believe Nina would make the same mistake twice. Nelle tells Carly, be careful. Carly can ban her from the MetroCourt, but it won’t look good in a custody hearing. She’d be preventing her grandson’s mother from working. Nina suggests Nelle come back tomorrow to fill out the paperwork. She and Carly have some things to discuss. Nelle thanks her for the opportunity, and says she won’t regret it. She can’t wait see Carly every single day. Have a blessed afternoon. She leaves, and Carly says Nina will absolutely regret hiring Nelle. Nina doesn’t think she will.

Michael tells Monica, it’s Wiley’s heart. Brad and Lucas hopes the condition would resolve on its own, but he has labored breathing, like he has a cold. Monica tells him it’s not good to worry until they know what’s going on. She asks Nurse Lynn for an assist; she’s sending Wiley for an EKG. Michael wants to go with him, but Monica doesn’t think that’s a good idea. If he’s nervous or upset, Wiley could pick up on it. She tells him to wait on the fourth floor. Michael hands Wiley off to Lynn, and Monica leaves with them. Sasha tells Michael, Wiley is in good hands. Now they have to do their part, and try to stay calm.

Portia gets a phone call from the school, and asks if they’re certain Trina isn’t there.

Ava says Trina’s research paid off. It’s excellent work. She tells Trina not to worry about finishing the catalog. She just lost her father; there’s no pressure to work. Trina says, thanks, but her parents divorced a long time ago. Her father was a long distance parent, and she had to visit him. In a way, it just feels like he’s gone home. Ava says, except he hasn’t. Trina says she’s fine. Can they just get back to work, and talk about art? Ava says Trina has already discovered something it took her a lot longer to learn; art can be a great solace. The work, but also the pieces themselves. Art is about emotion, and if you find your own emotions are too much to handle, you can step outside yourself, and focus on a piece that speaks to you.

On the phone, Sam tells Spinelli, be careful Delores doesn’t catch him following her. Tracking her is the best way to see what she’s up to. Let her know how it goes. Molly joins her, and Sam asks if she’s heard from TJ. Molly says, it’s been days now. She doesn’t know how Sam and Jason deal with not seeing each other. She’s about to rip her hair out. Sam figured TJ would have contacted Molly by now, and Molly asks, why? Has Sam heard from him? Does she know where he is?

Jordan tells Sonny, she can understand why he wants Cyrus free. He’s easier to eliminate. Sonny says, all he and his people want is for the violence Cyrus brought to Port Charles to end. Jordan says, based on her experience with turf wars, they don’t end; they just evolve. She hates Cyrus more than anyone, but she won’t trigger more violence. Sonny says, whatever happens to Cyrus, his hands are clean, and Jordan says, not because Sonny is innocent, but because he’s an expert in covering his own tracks. If she looks the other way, she’s complicit. Curtis says, whoever’s responsible, releasing Cyrus is effectively signing his death warrant, but by keeping him in jail, they’re signing TJ’s.

Carly says she’s going to give Nina some advice she wishes someone had given her. Nelle is a sociopath. Being near her will cripple Nina in ways she’ll carry the rest of her life. Nina says she gets it, but Carly says she doesn’t, or she wouldn’t have let Nelle in the front door, much less give her a job. She understands why Nina did it. Nina says she doesn’t think Carly does, and Carly says Nelle tugged on Nina’s heartstrings. She gave Nina a song and dance about how she was cruelly kept away from her child, and now Michael and his family want to make that permanent. Nina says, Nelle said that, and Carly says she needs to hear it in context, starting from the night her grandson was born. Nelle tried to kill Michael. Nina says she’s aware, and Carly asks if she’s aware Nelle trapped Michael in a car that was leaking gas. Nelle walked away, hoping the car would explode; hoping the father of her baby would burn to death. And it didn’t stop there. Brad was grieving his son, who’d died from SIDS. Nelle convinced Brad to switch babies with her. Nina says she knows, and Carly says, knowing it and feeling it are two different things. Can she imagine how Michael felt? He thought his baby was dead, and grieved for a year and a half. It’s what Nelle wanted him to do. She took Michael’s empathy, compassion, and generosity, and used them against him, and that’s what she’s going to do to Nina. Nina says, she tried. She said all that. She played on Nina as someone who wanted to be a mother, and said she needed a job on her resume for family court. Carly says Nina gave Nelle what she wanted, and Nina says, now she’s in a perfect position to turn the tables.

Sasha brings Michael some coffee. He wonders what’s taking so long. Sasha says, Wiley has a definite advantage. Michael is on the hospital board, and Wiley’s grandmother is chief-of-staff. He’s been bumped to the front of the line. Michael hates that Wiley is hooked up to machines, but she says the machines will help give an accurate diagnosis. They’ll give the doctors information they need to come up with a treatment plan. He says, Wiley doesn’t know that. He didn’t consider Wiley’s heart condition; it’s been so long since he had an incident. Now that he thinks about it, Wiley’s heart defect is genetic, and neither Shiloh or Willow had a record of it. It still didn’t occur to him that he and Wiley were related. She says, he was lied to and deceived. It’s Brad and Nelle’s fault, not his. He says, all he can think about is that he wants Wiley to be okay.

Sam tells Molly, she hasn’t spoken to TJ, but she and Spinelli tracked TJ through his cell phone. She wanted to go find him, but Jordan insisted on doing it. Molly doesn’t understand. If Jordan has been talking to TJ, why didn’t Jordan tell her?

Trina tells Ava, she wasn’t sure what to write about Franco. His early work still has a huge following. Ava says, his early work is still highly sought after. People have convinced themselves that his genius was a by-product of his brain tumor, and he’s no longer capable of significant work. Trina asks if she doesn’t think so, and Ava says, she thinks the collectors are short-sighted. She thinks Franco’s work has expanded. Portia runs in, saying she’s looking for Trina, and sees Trina is there. She asks why Trina isn’t in school where she belongs. Ava looks at Trina.

Spinelli follows Delores to a bar. He sits down and sees Delores sitting with a man, and says, it can’t be. He takes out his phone, and looks the man up. It’s Councilman Donald Raskin, working for a better Port Charles.

Jordan tells Sonny, okay. So she confesses that she tampered with evidence that sent Cyrus to prison. Cyrus is released, and vanishes in some way that leaves Sonny with his hands clean. Sonny says, Cyrus does business with dangerous people, and lost receipts. They don’t like losing money, and Cyrus has lost millions. What makes her think Cyrus won’t be a target when he gets out? She says, and she sits in prison for twenty years, or less for good behavior. Or more if she also confesses she abused the power of her office to clear the way for Cyrus’s shipment. Curtis says, this is insane. There’s no way he’s condoning her trading her freedom for Cyrus’s. They can forget it. There must be another way to find TJ.

Nina tells Carly, after Nelle filed for custody, Willow wanted her to do a true crime piece on Nelle in Crimson. Carly says she thought Nina and Willow didn’t get along, but Nina says, it’s ancient history. Willow wants to keep Nelle away from Wiley, and do does she. Carly asks, what about the Crimson piece? and Nina says, that’s not going to happen. Nelle isn’t a public figure, she doubts it will drive traffic, and she doesn’t want to open them up to a lawsuit. But that doesn’t mean she can’t help in other ways. She’s sure Carly has heard the old say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Carly says, and who better to testify than Nelle’s current employer. Nina says, exactly. She’s in the perfect position to monitor Nelle. Ideally, Nelle will break the law, but if she doesn’t, Nina can testify on her deceitful, manipulative behavior. She pathologically hates Carly’s family, and Carly especially. She just witnessed Nelle trying to goad Carly. She’s going to use Nelle’s tactics against her. She’s going to let Nelle believe she’s playing her, that she’s falling for it. Let her believe they’re friends, and she’s on Nelle’s side. Then, at the hearing… Carly says, Nina will tell the truth, and Nelle will lose Wiley for good. Nina smiles.

Monica tells Michael, unfortunately, the hole in Wiley’s heart hasn’t closed as they’d hoped. He asks what the next step is, and Monica says, surgery. He asks if she’s sure it’s necessary; Wiley is so young. She says, Michael was younger when he had the same surgery, and came through with flying colors. Once the defect was addressed, there was no more trouble. She’s hoping it’s the same for Wiley. Michael asks when it should be scheduled, and Monica says, it’s an elective surgery, but recommends scheduling it immediately.

Portia tells Trina, she had a meeting with the chief-of-staff at GH. Imagine her surprise when she got a call from the school, and found out Trina didn’t show up for chemistry. Trina says, she already got an A in the class. What’s the point of reviewing stuff she already knows, when she could be doing something meaningful? Portia says, Trina’s not an adult. She’s a student, and belongs in school. She was terrified; she thought something happened. Trina says she’s sorry for scaring Portia, but… Portia says, no buts. It’s unacceptable. Ava suggests they take a deep breath, and Portia asks if Ava didn’t find it odd that Trina showed up in the middle of a school day. Ava says she was surprised Trina was back so soon, and Portia says, maybe Ava should have reached out to the school, or Trina’s mother. Ava knows Trina’s father just died. Her judgement might be cloudy. Ava says, obviously Trina could have communicated better, but Trina is clearly safe. Portia says her daughter was already kidnapped once. Her father was murdered. Communicating better isn’t going to cut it. She looks at Trina, and says Trina knows better.

Sam tells Molly, she doesn’t know if Jordan spoke to TJ, but they’ve been texting. Molly says, Jordan told her, but that was two days ago. This is ridiculous. She admits she handled TJ’s proposal all wrong. She should have been sensitive, and done a better job explaining why it doesn’t feel right for her to get married, at least right now. She was defensive, and gave him a lecture. That’s on her, but he’s making it worse hiding out. She asks if Sam can use the tracker, and find out where he is, but Sam isn’t sure that’s a good idea. She’s sure he’ll get in touch. Molly says, she was sure too, but she was wrong. Nothing is going to be fixed until they’re face to face. Sam tells her, calm down, and messes with her phone. She says, TJ’s location is at 485 Paulson Street. Molly says, it doesn’t make any sense. That’s Jordan’s apartment complex.

Curtis asks if Jordan understands the kind of trouble she would face in Pentenville. She’ll be reunited with the criminals she helped put there. Jordan says, it kills her that she’ll be in prison and Cyrus will be free, but if it’s the only way to protect her son… Sonny says she’s doing what Cyrus wants. He wants her to let fear make her choices. She should step back and consider other options. Jason says, Sonny is right. She can exonerate Cyrus without taking the fall.

Sonny says Jason sees where he’s going, right? Jordan says she doesn’t. If it’s going to save her son, and keep her out of prison, tell her. Jason says, she was on a four-person team, and only the four of them knew the evidence against Cyrus was fabricated. Taggert and the other two are dead. She can claim they framed him without her knowledge or cooperation. She can claim she always believed the bust was legit. After Taggert was murdered, she went back over the evidence, and realized something didn’t add up. Sonny says, she can notify the DEA and the Justice Department of the discrepancy, and let them take over. Curtis likes this angle a whole lot better. It will only garner Jordan respect. She says, they’re asking her to throw her team under the bus?

Michael says, if Monica thinks Wiley should have surgery immediately, take the steps to make it happen. Monica is glad he’s on board, and Sasha says she’s there to help. Monica tells her to support her grandson. Once the paperwork is complete, they can prep Wiley for surgery. Monica pauses a moment, and says she just thought of something. Because it is elective and Michael’s custody agreement is agree still pending, both he and Nelle have to sign off on it.

Carly thanks Nina for putting herself out there. She’s sorry she jumped to conclusions. Nina says, it’s okay. She’s been snowed before. Carly just assumed she was being snowed again. Carly says Nelle snowed her. She prides herself on her instincts, and can usually spot someone like Nelle coming from a mile away, but she didn’t. Nina says, maybe Carly’s judgement was clouded because Nelle saved Josslyn. Carly says, but she didn’t. Carly knows Nina is seeing Jax, so this won’t come as a surprise. He’d do anything for his daughter, and he did. Josslyn needed a kidney, and Jax bought one from Nelle’s father. Jax has to live with that, and Carly pities Nelle for that, but Nelle didn’t choose to save Josslyn. She hasn’t chosen to save anyone in her entire life, and Carly can’t believe she didn’t see that. Nina says Carly didn’t want to see it. Like she didn’t want to see that Sasha wasn’t her daughter. She shows Carly the necklace, and says her daughter would have the other half, but Sasha didn’t; she didn’t even know what it was about. Nina was too busy believing her, and maybe Carly was too lost in her gratitude. Carly tells Nina, one thing she can say about herself is, she learns from her mistakes. She’ll never underestimate Nelle again. Nelle is working every angle all the time. She’d be even more dangerous if she wasn’t so crazy. Nina says she has a problem with that word, and Carly says they’ve both dealt with mental issues. They’ve put in the work, and come out the other side, but Nelle can’t. She lies when she doesn’t have to; she steals when she doesn’t need to. Nina gave her a job, and you’d think Nelle would be happy, but she won’t be. She’s going to do something shady. Nina says, and she’ll be there to catch her. Carly says Nina can’t do it alone. She’ll need help, and Carly is all in.

Ava says she’ll give Portia and Trina some space to talk it out, and goes in the back. Trina says she’s sorry she worried Portia, but she thought Portia trusted her to take mental health days when she needed to. Portia says Trina can’t run off like that. She needs to know where Trina is at all times. End of discussion. Trina says Portia used to trust her, but Portia says Trina never cut school before. Trina says, right; it was a dumb move. She couldn’t take the looks. It happened to Josslyn when Oscar died. Ava goes to her desk, and listens. Trina says, it’s like you’re under a microscope. She’s the girl who’s dad was just murdered. It’s like they’re waiting for her to have a meltdown. Portia asks why Trina didn’t tell her, and Trina says her parents got divorced years ago. Portia says, divorcing someone doesn’t mean you stop loving them. She’s always loved Trina’s father. Their marriage didn’t work out, but her father was a good man, an honorable man. He had a brave heart, and the best of intentions, always. Whenever Trina wants to talk about him, or anything else, she’s there. They hug.

Molly tells Sam, she doesn’t understand why TJ’s phone is at Jordan’s. Does Sam think he’s staying there? Sam says, it’s possible, and Molly wonders why Jordan wouldn’t tell her. Sam says, maybe TJ told her not to say anything. If the roles were reversed, their mom would do the same for her. Molly says she’s sick of guessing. She’s going to see what Jordan has to say. She grabs her coat, and jets. Sam’s phone rings, and Spinelli says he’s found something interesting. Sam says she’s listening, and Spinelli says he’s discovered the target of Delores’s phone calls. She’s at a bar, cozying up to city councilman Donald Raskin. Sam says, that is not a good look for a married woman, and Spinelli says, or a married man. He watches Delores and Donald laughing, and says his research indicates Donald has been married for two decades. Sam says, after all the cheating spouse cases they’ve worked on, they finally have something that works in their favor. He says his sentiments exactly. The game is afoot. Delores and Donald get up, and Spinelli says, their meeting at the bar is concluding. One can anticipate they’ll adjourn elsewhere. Sam tells Spinelli to follow them, and see what happens. He says if he can secure proof, it’s the kind of leverage they need to persuade Delores to give Sam more time with Jason, or maybe let him move back in. She thanks him, and tells him, please be careful. He reminds her that he’s a licensed professional in surveillance. She says, nice try. Cyber-surveillance. She’s the one who does the actual footwork. He says, never fear. He shall be stealth personified. Delores and Donald leave, and Spinelli follows.

Carly tells Nina to keep an eye on Nelle at Crimson, and she’ll take care of the rest. She can have security collect footage on Nelle. If she’s true to form, Nelle is already working a scam; she just has to prove it. Nelle will be back in Pentenville, and Michael will get full custody of his son. Nina says there’s only one part of the plan she’s worried about. Carly.

Nelle strides into the hospital, and asks Michael where her son is. He says, Wiley is being evaluated for surgery. Nelle asks what Michael did to him, and Michael says, nothing. Wiley had shortness of breath. Nelle says, because of his heart? How did Michael let it get this bad. Michael says, when Wiley was born, he was diagnosed with a heart condition. They’d hoped it would get better on its own, but it didn’t. He hands Nelle a clipboard, and she asks what it is. Sasha says, it’s a standard consent form, and Nelle says she didn’t ask Sasha. Michael says, as Wiley’s parents, they both have to sign it before he can have surgery.

Trina is glad she and her mother can remember her dad together, and Portia says, of course (🍷). They can talk about anything. Trina says she can’t call her dad, or send him stupid emojis. Porta says Trina is the reason Taggert could text at all, and Trina says he would send her a text out of nowhere, to let her know he was thinking of her. Portia says they had a special relationship. Trina says, now seems weird; normal, but different. It’s not like anything changed, but her dad will never send her a surprise text again. Now she knows how much his texts meant to her; how much it mattered that he was thinking of her. Trina says, she’s not making sense, is she? but Portia says she is. She understands exactly how Trina is feeling, and she misses him too.

Jordan tells Sonny, they were honorable men, who sacrificed everything for their work, including their lives. Their families are grieving, she’s not going to add to their suffering by tarnishing their memories. Curtis says if the tables were turned, what would Taggert do if they had his daughter, and it was a choice between honoring her memory and saving Trina’s life? She says if they go down, she does too. Sonny says, they already made the ultimate sacrifice. The most important thing now is to put a stop to Cyrus, and save her son. Curtis nods.

Sam’s phone rings, and she asks what did Spinelli find? Delores says, something very disappointing. Her friend is in a very compromising position. Two cops hold on to Spinelli at the bar.

Jordan says, okay, she’s committed, and Sonny says she made the right call. She hopes so, and Sonny says they’ll be in touch. He and Jason leave, and Jordan sits on the coffee table, even though she has a perfectly good couch. Curtis sits next to her, and says, TJ will be okay; he’ll be home in no time. She says it’s the only way to justify what she’s done, and he takes her hand.

In the hallway, Sonny asks if Jason thinks Jordan will see it through. Jason says, she’d do anything for her son. Sonny says, him too. That’s good news, because their friend will be on the outside where they can get to him. Molly comes out of another hallway, and has obviously heard them.

Portia tells Trina, it’s perfectly reasonable to want space. She needs time to process what she’s gone through. When the school called, her mind went to the worst place. She thought Trina had been kidnapped again. Ava continues to listen, and Trina says she’s sorry that she made Portia think that. She really means it. Portia says, Trina is so important to her; Trina is her whole world. Ava starts to tear up, and Portia says she’ll let Trina experience her life. At least until she’s eighteen, and Portia can’t tell her what to do. Trina says, then she’s on her own? Portia says, oh yeah. She’s kicking Trina to the curb. They leave, and Ava dabs at her eyes.

Nina tells Carly that she and Nelle have too much history for Carly to be effective. Just the opposite. Nelle is going to goad Carly as much as she can, and if Carly takes the bait, Nelle will use it against Michael at the trial. Carly says several people have already pointed that out, and Nina says the further away Carly stays, the better. Let Nelle think she’s working Nina. Nina will be friendly, sympathetic, a shoulder to cry on. Maybe she’ll let Nelle complain about Michael, and who knows what might let slip? Carly says she really can’t help? and Nina says, yeah. By staying away. No offense. Carly says, none taken. It’s Nina’s plan, and they’ll do it her way, but Nelle is going to lash out at Carly, and when she does, Carly will have to defend herself. Nina asks if Carly really thinks Nelle will do that, with everything she has at stake. Carly says Nelle can’t help herself. It’s a means to an end. Nelle came to Port Charles to destroy Carly, and she’s not going to stop until Carly stops her.

Nelle wants to know why she’s just finding this out now, and Sasha says, Michael just found out Wiley is his son. Nelle says she didn’t ask Sasha. Why should she consent to a dangerous procedure, when it might not be necessary? He says, Wiley needs this, but Nelle says she disagrees. There are too many risks. There are lifestyle changes that could resolve the issue. He says, surgery can resolve the issue. She says she wants something non-invasive that doesn’t involve cutting open her toddler son. He says, Monica recommended it, and she says, of course (🍷). Monica is a surgeon. He says, don’t do this, and she says, what? Exercise her parental right? She’s not signing off on this.

Tomorrow, Alexis asks if Delores will consider dropping the charges, Laura goes to see Neil, and Willow thinks this time it’s about her.

🌴 That Didn’t Take Long…

Denise is in the hot seat already.


Not her year.


🌪 I Can’t Keep Up…

So who hates each other now? The shame of it is, now that Shannon and Kelly want to be social, they have to distance.


🌗 Night and Day…

And really, as long as they’re getting paid, who cares?


📺 For the Ratings Geek…

90 Day Fiancé is going strong.


🎉 We Made It…

We’re past the first hump of a non-zombie not-quite apocalypse.

March 22, 2020 – Michonne Returns Only To Leave, a Quote Extracted, an Exit, Talking Contained, Westworld Reviewed, Soap News, Denise Shares & Not Once


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Michonne walks through the woods with two chained, armless, mouthless zombie buddies. She whacks a non-buddy and picks up some bullets from the ground. She sees Andrea running through the woods, with some zombies following her. Andrea hits one in the head with a rock, and stabs another, but she falls. She tries to scramble away from a third, as Michonne watches and does nothing, then turns away.

Michonne unlocks the chains binding Virgil to the boat. He says she could have done that five hours ago, but she asks why would she? They walk through the trees to a field, and she says she needs to get back. Virgil picks some flower blossoms, and says he can’t show up empty handed. His wife wouldn’t like it. He explains that he’s picking herbs. They’re good for everything; pain, nerves, and sleep. Michonne asks where the munition depot is, and he says, the old lab has structural damage. It’s best to stay away. They walk to a building where a sign says restricted area. Virgil tells her that his little boy seems to think a sailor left buried treasure in one of the grain silos. It’s hard to keep him from going inside. He’s just like his mom; when he decides to do something, there’s nothing you can do to stop him. Michonne whips around with her katana, and tells him, stop the bullsh*t. Where the hell is his family? He says he told her that he was coming home to his family, and he meant it.

Virgil stops in front of three open graves. He says he promised his wife when they got married, he’d bring her flowers every day. Michonne says he waited until now to tell her? and he says, the words don’t come easy, and neither does trust. He promised to help her, and he will. The island isn’t clear. It was until the others came and brought violence. The sickness came with it, and killed his family. He never got good at doing what she does. She’s good with a sword. She wonders what he’s asking, and he says his family is still in there; his wife and his babies. That’s why he asked her to come. He needed her to come.

They approach a building, where a zombie waits just inside the door. Michonne busts in, kills the zombie, and walks forward. Virgil closes the door behind them. A zombie is stuck inside a hallway that’s been partially blocked by a refrigerator. Michonne pierces it’s head, and kills it. Virgil drags it out of the way, as Michonne opens the next door. On his way back, Virgil knocks over some stacked furniture, and blocks the passage. He says, sorry, which hardly seems adequate. A small crowd of zombies is gathered in a room further on. The door is locked, and Michonne tells Virgil, stay close, and thunders in, rushing the zombies, holding a cot in front of her. There are about ten to fifteen of them, and she gives Virgil the cot, telling him to get behind it. She stabs and slashes, slicing off the tops of two zombies’ heads. Virgil is pushed back, and blocks himself in. Wow. Michonne is fast. The zombies all down, Virgil thanks her.

She opens the door to yet one more room. Zombies hang from ceiling, still moving. Virgil looks around, and sees a woman’s shoe. He picks it up, and gently puts it back on a zombie’s foot. This is depressing, and I wonder where Negan is when I need him.

As they walk past some chairs and stacks of books, Virgil says he wanted give them something his daughter loved to take with them, and she loved that book. Michonne says she knows how hard it is, but she’s sorry. She’s got to get back. He says he had a hard time, and his wife talked him through it. Without her, he doesn’t know who he is. She says, it’s not too late to find out. He thanks her again, and she tells him to show her what she came for, so she can go. He says, it’s late. The tide is low, and he’s not sure the boat will go through the channel. He suggests she stay night, and not risk it. They’ll need to hole up. She says she kept her end of the bargain; he needs to keep his. He says, it’s getting dark. Some of the buildings aren’t safe. They can do it in the morning. She says, first thing.

Michonne tries her radio, but gets nothing. She walks to another building, and shines her flashlight around. She sees wooden crates, and looks inside them, but none of them have guns. She sees a group of cages with dead rats in them, some just skeletons. She quietly walks through into another room, and hears a voice say, everyone be quiet. Virgil shuts her inside, and tells her, wait until morning; it’s not safe. He trusted her, and now she ruined it. She tells him, open the damn door, but he walks away.

Michonne bangs on the door to no avail. She sits, sword at the ready. A faucet drips, and she says, sh*t. She sees a food tray, and bangs on the door again. She hears someone say, calm down. They’ve been trying to talk to her. She asks how long she’s been in there, and a man’s voice says, a day maybe. We see two men and a woman in the next room. She asks why they didn’t answer when she was calling out, and the man says, Virgil blows up. He gets in a mood. The woman says, when he’s angry, it’s best to be quiet. The man says, don’t bother to try to escape; it’s boobytrapped. Virgil comes there as little as possible; he doesn’t like to see them. They were researchers together. They wrote papers, and had a life there. Michonne says, they knew each other? and he says, they were friends. She asks, what went wrong? and the woman says, stragglers came by boat, and they took them all in. One night, the food supply ran low, and a fight broke out over rations when Virgil was late. A stranger pulled a knife, and was killed. When Virgil came back, he panicked, and locked all the doors. But he didn’t know… Michonne says, what? and the woman says, his wife and kids were inside. He snapped. The man says, he was never the same, and the woman says they’ve been there ever since. The man asks if Michonne is okay, and she says she will be. She’s not staying there long. The man says she can’t kill if she doesn’t have the strength, and suggests she eat. He asks her name. Michonne bites into an apple, and says, Michonne. Virgil looks in, and says he’s glad she ate. She tells him, open the damn door, but he says he can’t do that. She says, why the hell not? and he says she’ll kill him. She says, we reap what we sow, a-hole, and he says he doesn’t want to fight. Michonne feels weird, and starts to hallucinate. Virgil says, Violet has a gift. It can help Michonne the way it helped him. She sees a woman, but then the woman disappears. She asks what Virgil did.

The room spins, and she asks, what did he do? He says, it makes a nice tea. He wants her to see. She’s in pain, like he is. She needs peace, like he does. She realizes he’s drugged her, and Michonne says she doesn’t drug people and toss them in a cell. He needs to hear her. Think about his daughter and son. He tells her that he said that too; no one listened. Everything he did was to protect his family. She laughs, and says she’s sure they’re proud of him now. He says, she’s no angel. She falls onto her side, and he says, picture the sun. She sees Siddiq, and he says she was supposed to protect them. She says she did her best, and he says she let him die. This is how it feels to be her family. She touches him, and sees blood on her hands. When she looks at him again, he’s a zombie. She yells, make it stop! The faucet continues to drip, and she gets up. Virgil tells her, stop fighting it. Suddenly, there are chains around her wrists, and she’s pulled forward.

In the woods, Michonne relives seeing Andrea crawling away from the zombie, and turns away. She goes back to Andrea’s body, and takes Andrea’s knife, wiping the blood off it. She also takes Andrea’s canteen. She goes to the road, where a car is going past. She tries to flag it down, but they keep going. The car slows, and stops. Daryl gets out, gets something from the trunk. Although Michonne yells for help, Daryl ignores her, and says, come on; let’s go. The car takes off, and Michonne runs after it. She goes back into the woods, and kills a zombie. Negan comes toward her, along with a few other people, and says, look what we have here. She takes a swing at him with her sword, but misses, and he knocks her down with Lucille. He says, this chick has cajones. She says she doesn’t want trouble, and he says she shouldn’t take a swing at him then. He picks up her sword, and says he’s not much on saving people on the road, especially those who try to take his head off, but he likes her and her massive lady nuts. Besides, it would be a waste for her to have a nice sword without the strength to use it. A woman tosses her an apple, and he says, the name’s Negan.   

Glenn comes into the room where Michonne is, and suddenly, she’s back at the Sanctuary with Rick and the Alexandrians (good name for a group!), who are shooting the place up. She shoots Glenn and Heath. Negan whistles, and we’re back to when Negan had them all on their knees in the woods, and he’s choosing who he’s going to kill. He points Lucille at each one, saying, eenie, meenie, miney, mo. He stops in front of Daryl, then says, just kidding, a-hole. He was going to do the next part himself, but his right hand gal Michonne is on a wicked-ass tear these days. Who the hell is he to stand in her way? He takes her sword, and holds it in one hand and the Lucille in the other. She chooses Lucille. She says, the Alexandrians didn’t know who they were or where they were from. They didn’t know sh*t about them, but they came in the dead of night and slaughtered them anyway. She faces Rick, and says, like a coward. Remember. They  did this. What happens next – she points the bat – is their fault. Welcome to the new world. She swings. Well, I hate to say it, but point well made.

Michonne is running through the woods, and is shot with an arrow. She drops to her knees, and Daryl walks over and kicks her down. She grabs for her sword, but he steps on her hand. Rick cocks his gun, and shoots.

Michonne throws up into a bucket. Virgil asks if she feels better. He says she will, and gives her some water. She stabs him with a fork. They struggle, but he takes off, and she follows. The woman in the next room calls to Michonne not to leave them. Michonne runs out of the building, and the people run out behind her. They run to the shore, but the boat is on fire. Well, that sucks.

They run through woods, and Michonne knocks Virgil down. Virgil says he wanted help. He wanted to let them go, but he wanted her to be there, so they wouldn’t kill him. Then he knew she’d kill him too. He’s sorry. One of the men says, sorry doesn’t cut it. Virgil says his wife always did the right thing. When she was gone, he didn’t know what to do. The guy tells Michonne that she has as much reason to kill the a-hole as they do. She says, she does, and he says, do it, or move. She says, look at him. He owes them more than can ever make right. In taking his life, they loose more of themselves. Their mercy gives them something; they get something. The woman asks, what? and she says, peace. They mull this over, and one of the guys slugs Virgil.

Now Virgil is in a locked a room. He sits up, and Michonne says, there’s nothing there. She checked every building, even the ones he said had structural damage. There’s not a goddam thing. He says he never lied about the weapons. He never saw them, but told her that he could show her the spots. She says he’s got to do better, but he says, sorry; he can’t. Sometimes he finds a stray shell; nothing more. She says she’s not going back empty handed. He tells her to take what she wants, and clear his debt with Oceanside. She took the risk. She says she had no choice. She had to find out. There’s no tea, so don’t even ask. She asks what he sees when he’s tripping anyway. He says, Violet with her damn camera pointed at everyone. His babies, and daughter sitting by the fire with that damn book, asking questions about a world she’d never know. Him and his son looking at stars; at heaven. He wanted, hoped, that she would see that too. She says he took her family from her, and she saw hell. He says he’s sorry. The only world he ever wanted, was the one they were in. He doesn’t know how to do without them. She says, he tries, like the rest of them. Now how about if he tries to find her stuff?

They look around, Michonne carrying the flashlight. She sees a pair of boots. She looks them over, and cries. She grabs Virgil, and asks where the hell did he get these?

There’s a large ship right off the shore. Inside, Michonne pushes Virgil into the captain’s quarters, and he says the boots washed up. He doesn’t know where they came from. She looks through the captain’s log, and whatever papers are there. She sees a dead cell phone, and realizes there’s a picture of herself and Judith etched into the glass, along with Rick and some figures. Virgil says, holy sh*t; it’s her and the kid? She says he knew. He came to find them at Oceanside. He asks why he’d do that, and she says, because of this. He says he’s never seen it, and she asks what it’s doing there. He says how would he know? and she says he knew the boat was there. He says, the world ended, boats wash up. She grabs him, and says he knew there were no munitions. He was setting a trap, and laid a trap for him. What did Virgil do to him? Virgil asks who she’s talking about, and she presses her sword lengthwise against his throat. She slowly releases him, and looks at the phone. He says he doesn’t know what she thinks he has, or who she’s looking for, but maybe it wasn’t an accident that they met. If the others help, he thinks he can get the engine working again. If the person was on this boat, maybe she can find him again.

Next to the road, Michonne caresses Rick’s boots. Virgil pulls a wagon, and the three people take their stuff from it. She says, it’s going to take some time, and Virgil says they’re out of time. She says they’re willing to let him come. There’s only one boat left. Either he leaves now, or doesn’t leave. He says, after everything, he can’t believe they’d want him to come, and she says, sometimes the most injured are the most forgiving. They’re good people. They’re giving him a chance; a way off the island. He says he promised her flowers every day.

The boat moves off. Michonne looks at Virgil, standing on shore.

Michonne cries as she looks at the phone. She takes out her radio, and says, Jojo, are you there? It’s Danto. Anyone? There’s dead air for a moment, and then crackling. Judith says she’s there. She’s been trying to get Michonne. Michonne says she’s sorry; she’s here now. Judith asks if she’s still with Virgil, and Michonne says, no, but she found three people she’s bringing back. She missed Judith and her brother so much. RJ says, mama? and she says, hey baby, and tells him to talk in code for safety. She asks how he is, and says she loves her little brave man. She asks Judith how she’s doing, and Judith guesses okay; better now. Michonne asks, how’s home? Anything with the Whisperers? Judith says they got them. Alpha can’t hurt them anymore. Michonne cries, and says she found something. It’s something really important to all of them. Judith asks, what does she mean? and Michonne says she found something that belonged to the brave man. It points to where he might have been recently. She doesn’t know what it means, or if means anything at all. Judith asks if he’s alive, but Michonne doesn’t know. Judith says if Michonne thinks he’s alive, she’s got to find him. Michonne says, not now. Judith and her brother need her with everything that’s going on in Alexandria. Judith says Michonne has to go. She has to. They’re okay. What if he needs her more? What if he’s trying come home and no one will help? Michonne says, if she goes, and Judith interrupts, saying, when she goes. Michonne says when she goes and finds the brave man… One of the men says, they’re at the coast, and Michonne says she has to go. Judith says, she knows. Listen to Uncle Daryl. Michonne says she’s going to try. She’s heading north. She’ll call every morning for as long as she can. Judith says she’ll take the walkie with her everywhere. Michonne says she loves Judith and her brother so much. Judith says they love her too. Go get him. Over and out. Michonne heaves a huge sigh.

Michonne cuts the arms and mouths off two zombies, and ties them to her. She walks through the woods, and sees a man and woman, stumbling through an overgrown field. They ask if she can help; they’ll leave without them. She asks, who? and looks out over the cliff, seeing a crowd of people forming a square. The woman says, please. They won’t wait.

Michonne remembers how Rick let her into the prison. The man asks who she is, and she swipes her sword across the necks of her zombie buddies, slicing their heads off. The couple is afraid as she comes toward them, but she holds out her hand, saying, come on, and helps them up.

The camera pans out to show several blocks of people in formation in the distance.

Next time, Alpha’s head on a pike, Negan tells Carol to hold up her end of the bargain, carol says she’s not coming back, Eugene is willing to be the fool, and Beta gathers the Whisperers.

⭐️ Best quote of the night: Sometimes the most injured are the most forgiving.

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🥱 I Don’t Know How It Happened…

Once again, I find it’s so late, it’s early, so I leave you with this.


March 19, 2020 – Lulu Is a Jerk, Top Chef Returns, GH Spoiler, New Beverly Hills, Surreal For Denise, Breaking Lala & Skeeter’s End


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Michael goes to the ELQ office, and asks to see Ned. Brook says, sorry. She doesn’t see him on the calendar, but she’ll see if she can find some time for him. Michael says she’s really good at this. She says if she’s going to spend the next five years waiting out her hella contract, she’s going to be the best assistant ELQ has had.

Carly tells Sonny, Nelle is so predictable. She did exactly what Carly said she was going to. She had her court appointed visit with Wiley, took a selfie to prove it, and came straight to the MetroCourt to wave it in Carly’s face. Sonny says, and…? and Carly says, nothing. She didn’t hit Nelle, or pull her hair out by the roots, although God knows she wanted to. Jason comes in, and Carly tells him, congratulate her. He asks, why? and Sonny says, Nelle tried to provoke her, but Carly didn’t take the bait. Jason says, good work; keep that up. Carly says, she’ll try, and asks if he’s there on business. She says she’ll leave them to it, but first, how’s it going with Brando?

At the gym, Brando hits the bag, and Spinelli asks if he minds if he cuts in.

Nina tells Jax, that’s it? Just no? He says, there are several reasons, and she says she’s not asking him to buy the Empire State Building. When she was otherwise occupied, Maxie stepped up. She went above and beyond for Crimson, and deserves a raise and recognition. Why can’t he give her the money she deserves?

Anna comes up behind Finn at the hospital, puts her arms around him, and says, hi, fiancé. He says he hopes that’s her, and she laughs. He asks how her appointment was, and she says her bloodwork is perfect. She thought she’d celebrate by going to the gym. He says, sounds terrible, and she says she wanted to talk to him about Violet’s birthday party. Has he done any preparations? He says he keeps making lists and gets stuck. How can he make sure his little girl’s birthday is perfect, when her mom’s not there to celebrate? Anna says just concentrate on her, her favorite things, her favorite color. She asks what that is, and he says, purple, obviously. Anna puts it in her phone and says she’ll order purple party decorations; nothing understated, the full swag.

Lulu says Maxie isn’t going to believe what Brook just posted on Facebook. Skootch. They sit closer together, and Lulu says, Brook just posted a video of her desk at ELQ. Maxie says they do that at Crimson for promotional stuff. It’s kind of cute Brook is excited. Lulu says, forget the cuteness. Look. Maxie gasps.

Peter comes in, and Robert says, working late? Peter says he is, and Robert says he figures Peter’s always got time for him. Sit a spell. He insists.

Carly asks Sonny how Brando likes the garage. Sonny says, he likes it okay. He wants to go back to Chicago, but understands he has to stay. She says, maybe once he settles in, and makes the garage his own, he’ll see Port Charles isn’t so bad. She’s taking a snack upstairs, where Josslyn and Avery are showing Donna The Little Mermaid; apparently, you’re never too young to start watching. Sonny asks Jason if he was right about Brando accepting that he has to stay there.

Brando instructs Spinelli, telling him, try to target his punches. Spinelli apologies, saying, despite his glove and attire, his skills are better served behind a computer. Brando says he can’t let his aggression out on a computer. (God knows I’ve wanted to.) Spinelli says, too true, and confesses he knows Brando, even though there’s no way Brando could know him. He introduces himself  to Brando, saying, Damien Spinelli at his service. He says he’s good friends with the Corinthos family and Jason, and he’s aware Brando saved Carly’s life. He’s deeply grateful. It must feel empowering to charge in to the rescue, guns blazing. Brando asks if Spinelli knows someone who needs rescuing, and Spinelli says, as a matter-of-fact, he does, but they refuse to be rescued. Hitting something makes him feel less helpless. He punches the bag again, sort of.

Maxie asks Lulu if that’s a confidential deal memo under the paperweight. Lulu says, you can actually read the fine print. It’s a merger between an ELQ owned company and Mertin Med Tech. One of the deal points is closing a local facility in Port Charles. According to Brook’s story, she’s the only one who has viewed this so far. Maxie tells her, a good person would call Brook before anyone else sees it, and Lulu says, what about a good reporter?  

Ned gives Brook some things to file, and sees Michael. He says it’s a nice surprise, and asks if Michael misses work that badly. Michael says he was running errands, and thought he’d bring Wiley by and give him a tour. Brook tells Wiley, if he takes over the company in the future, pay more attention to the aesthetics, and update the hold music. Ned tells Michael, Brook isn’t a fan of the music, and she asks if Michael has ever been on hold. The music is great for insomniacs. Michael says he never noticed, but maybe he can take care of it when he comes back from leave. She says maybe she’ll get to first. She tells Michael, better watch out. He’s not going to recognize the place when he gets back. Ned says it’s nice to have the whole family back in business at ELQ.

Robert approaches Peter at the MetroCourt bar, but Peter says he doesn’t have much time to talk; he has a deadline. Robert says, it must be nice to be able to work anywhere, like in an upscale restaurant. Peter says, it has its perks. Robert wonders what Peter is going to order, and says, there’s nothing like the taste of freedom. Peter asks Robert what his point is, and Robert says he just came from a meeting with Obrecht. Peter asks if she’s still claiming she’s innocent, and Robert tells him, she says Peter is the one who’s responsible for killing Drew, and sending the assassin after Andre and Franco. Peter says, it’s so sad, the lengths Obrecht will go to destroy him. Robert says he thought they had a truce, and Peter says, so did he. That’s why he hired her to write a column for The Invader. She had him fooled. She must have been trying to get him to lower his guard. Robert says, imagine if she’d framed Peter for her crimes. That means Obrecht would be sitting there tonight.

Anna goes over things for Violet’s birthday party with Finn; the guest list, balloons, games, party favors. Finn says he thought showering Violet with gifts would be enough. Anna says if he thinks this is too much, wait until they plan their wedding. He says, right, the wedding. She says it’s been almost a year since he gave her the ring, and they don’t have a date. It’s fine, but she feels like they’re dancing around the subject. She knows she’s been gone a while, and that didn’t make it any easier, but she’s here now. She’s happy he and Violet have moved back in. Finn says they’re happy too, and she says she was wondering if the three of them will be moving forward together. He says he thought that’s what they were doing, and she says, it is, but are they moving forward like they are now, or as a married couple?

Peter tells Robert, it looks like justice prevailed, and Robert says, it depends on your definition of justice. Olivia asks if Robert is harassing her customers again. He says only because it encourages her to come by and stop him. Peter says he has to get to work, and gets up to move to a table. Robert tells him, enjoy his meal. Olivia asks what she interrupted, and Robert says, it’s nothing to worry about. She asks if he has time for her, and he says, absolutely. What’s on her mind? She says, it’s been a month since she’s heard from the WSB. Does he have any news about Dante?

Nina tells Jax, Aurora has millions. How hard can it be to pad the budget to keep her best employee happy? Jax says he thought the reason of Crimson’s autonomy was to keep him away it the first place. She says, okay, Mr. CEO. Give her the money she wants, and she’ll leave him alone. He asks if that’s what it boils down to, and she asks what he means. He says, the reason he can’t give her the money is her.

Maxie tells Lulu, she’s not a fan of Brook’s, but reporting this could mess things up. Lulu asks why she should feel bad about that, and Maxie says, she wouldn’t just be messing things up for Brook, but for ELQ and the Quartermaines, some of whom are Lulu’s former in-laws. Lulu says, technically, she’s not doing anything wrong by reporting a data breach. Brook took the video, and if she didn’t want it to go viral, she shouldn’t have hit post. Maxie says, a lot of people they love work for and with ELQ, but Lulu says, none of them are Brook. Maxie says, it’s Lulu’s call. Lulu looks over at Peter’s table, and says, actually, it’s Peter’s. She’ll be right back.

Brook answers the phone, and says, Mr. Quartermaine is in a meeting. Can she take a message? She says she’ll totally squeeze them in asap. She plays with Wiley, who’s sitting in his stroller.

Michael asks if Ned has heard anything, and Ned says the contract was prepared, and sent out for Llewellyn’s signature. They’re keeping the merger quiet until it’s finalized. Michael says he doesn’t envy Ned when it goes public. Nobody is going to like the anticipated layoffs. Ned says he’ll spin it. It will be great news for the shareholders. Michael thanks Ned for picking up the slack. He obviously left the company in good hands.

Spinelli tells Brando, a woman near and dear to his heart has moved in with a dangerous man. Brando asks, how dangerous? and Spinelli says, he’s done despicable things, both in the past and the present. While the lady involved believes his criminal past is behind him, Spinelli knows he’s in as deep as ever. Brando asks if Spinelli has proof, but Spinelli says, he’s a master of deceit. Spinelli doesn’t know if he should respect her wishes, and leave them alone, or fight to protect her from harm and heartbreak.

Jason tells Sonny, Brando’s not happy, but he knows he’s not going anywhere. He had his first customer while Jason was there. Willow’s mom Harmony said she needed work on her car; a 2019 model, fresh off the lot. Sonny asks if he’s concerned, and Jason says he checked with Willow. Harmony is living in a halfway house, and working as an aid at Turning Woods. Sonny says, no way she could afford a new car. Jason says, at first Harmony was friendly, but then she got nervous. She said she was going to take the car back to the dealer, but he suggested she let Brando take a look. Brando said there was nothing wrong with car.

Lulu tells Peter, she knows finance isn’t her usual beat, but a deal between ELQ and Med Tech? It’s important to the local economy. Not to mention The Invader would be first with the scoop. He tell her, go for it. His phone rings, and he says, yes, of course (🍷). He’ll be right there. He tells Lulu, nice job.

Robert wishes he could help Olivia, but he doesn’t know Dante’s status or location. She says it breaks her heart that her son feels he has to lock himself away from people he loves to keep them safe. They never got a chance to hug him. Does Robert still want to help? Some people have forgotten him already.

Finn tells Anna, he’d like get to married, if she still wants to. She says, of course (🍷), with all her heart. He asks how she wants to do it? A big church wedding, or something simple? Paris? A county clerk? She says, mmm, Paris. Although with a county clerk, she can wear a suit and carry a spray of flowers; no fuss or anxiety is appealing, but she doesn’t think it would work for Violet. He supposes Violet would like something big and sparkly, and Anna says she might like that too. He says, then that’s what they’ll do. They kiss, and Anna asks if Finn has any idea how happy he’s made her. He says, if it’s anything like how happy she’s made him, he has a good guess. They kiss again.

Robert tells Olivia, he can try reaching out to a couple of friends; strictly off the record. She thanks him, saying she’d be so grateful. He says, don’t thank him yet. It could come to nothing. She looks at her phone, and says, Mary, mother of God. He says, bad news? and she says, you might say that. She has to take care of something.

Lulu goes back to her table, and suggests they talk about Maxie’s big news; her well-deserved promotion. It took Nina long enough. Maxie says she’s gone above and beyond for Crimson, and it’s nice to finally be compensated for it. Lulu says she deserves all this and more, and Maxie thanks Lulu for encouraging her to do it. She can’t stop thinking about all the projects, and the photo shoots she’ll get to arrange. Lulu says it calls for a celebration, but Maxie asks if it can wait. She has an idea to run by Nina. Lulu says, now? and Maxie says, no time like the present. Order the champagne, and she’ll be right back to drink it.

Sonny asks if Jason thinks Harmony brought the car to Brando because Brando is connected to him. Jason thinks it’s possible. Sonny owned the property for years. Sonny asks if she asked about him, and Jason says, she mentioned them, but it made sense, since Jason was there when she showed up. But there’s something he doesn’t like about it, so he went to talk to Willow, who said Harmony was distancing herself. His guess is, Harmony is into something shady. Maybe doesn’t want Willow to know, but whatever it is it’s connected to Sonny. Or he could be overthinking it, and Harmony got a loan for a car she couldn’t afford, and is hiding it from her daughter. Sonny tells him, keep looking. He needs to know one way or the other.

Brando says, it’s obvious Spinelli cares for his friend, and Spinelli says, more than words can express. Brando says, if Spinelli thinks this guy can hurt his friend, he should follow his gut. Spinelli says it could create conflict which might be a negative in his domestic harmony. Brando says, not as negative as someone dying, and Spinelli says, this individual thinks nothing of eliminating anyone who stands in his way. Brando tells Spinelli, he’s got to step up. Better she no longer talks to him, than no longer talks period. Brando’s phone rings, and he says he has to take it.

Nina says, it’s her fault? but Jax says he’s not saying it’s her fault. He’s saying if he gives money to Crimson, how will it look to the other departments? She says, because they’re sleeping together? He says, it would look like favoritism, and he doesn’t want anyone to thinking it’s a quid pro quo. She says, Maxie is a deserving employee, and he says if he could help, he would, but they have to keep their boundaries straight. Work is work, and fun is fun. She says, in that case, he needs to go. He asks if they’re fighting, and she says, oh yes, no, I don’t know. He needs to go, so she can figure out how to tell Maxie she’s not getting the raise she deserves.

Brook and Wiley are eating cookies when Ned and Michael come out. Brook tells Wiley they’re busted; she found them in the diaper bag. Ned asks, who’s answering the phone? and Brook says she can snack and answer the phone at the same time. She gives him a list of phone calls he needs to return, in order of importance. Michael tells Ned to keep him posted on the deal, and Brook tells Michael that Wiley is a wonderful assistant. Ned says, speak of the devil. Llewellyn is on the phone. He asks if Llewellyn got the contract, then says they didn’t post anything online… The Invader? He doesn’t know what Llewellyn is talking about. Michael’s phone dings, and Ned says he can’t hear Llewellyn. Olivia barges in, and asks Brook what she’s done.

Lulu calls ELQ, saying she’s from The Invader, and working on a follow-up to her post about the ELQ merger. She’d love to get Ned’s comments – or his daughter’s.

Ned asks how Brook could be so careless. That document represented millions to ELQ. Now that deal and the profits are gone. She says she was trying to give the company a little social media buzz, and he says, by posting confidential documents on the web? She says it was on her personal Facebook page. She never thought it would go viral. Michael says, it was an honest mistake; there was nothing malicious. Olivia says, that honest mistake cost ELQ millions of dollars. Brook says, tell her how to fix it, but Ned says, she’s done enough. They have to talk damage control – in private. Ned and Olivia go into Ned’s office, and Michael tells Brook that he’s blown his fair share of deals. She tells him not to try and make it better, but he says, Ned will take care of it. Tell Ned that he had to take Wiley home. Brook says she’ll watch Wiley. She’d consider it a personal favor if he cleaned up this mess for her. He hands her Wiley, and goes into Ned’s office.

Sonny gives Brando some coffee, and Brando thanks him for the garage set-up. It’s a nice shop. Sonny says Jason told him that Brando had his first customer. What did he think? Brando says if Jason filled Sonny in, he has nothing more to tell him. Sonny says he got Jason’s point-of-view, but he’d like Brando’s. Brando says, it was a new car, and there was nothing wrong with it. Sonny asks if Brando thinks she came to ask about him, and Brando says, it’s possible. He didn’t tell her anything. Sonny says he didn’t think Brando would, and Brando says he has nothing to tell. He knows Sonny set him up to keep him in Port Charles, and it wasn’t supposed to have anything to do with Sonny’s business. Yet Sonny’s business found him anyway.

Carly says she got Jax’s text that he needed to talk to her. What’s up? He asks if Josslyn mentioned their recent conversation, and she says, no; why? He says he offered Josslyn an extended vacation in Australia, and Carly says she suggested the same thing, but Josslyn doesn’t want to go. Jax says maybe they should reconsider. It might be a good idea for Josslyn to be on the other side of the planet for a while. Far away from the dangerous situation in Port Charles. She says he means far away from Sonny, and he says, yes.

Maxie goes to Nina’s office, and Nina says, perfect timing. She was just thinking about texting Maxie. Maxie says she has a great idea, and Nina says, that’s fantastic, but please sit down. Maxie sits, and Nina congratulates her, saying, as of tomorrow, her new title is Crimson’s senior vice president of creative marketing. She’s going to fly all over the world, meet fashion figures, oversee fashion shoots, and approve articles. Maxie says, and finally get the salary she deserves. Jax approved everything, right? Nina says, not in so many words.

Anna sees Spinelli at the gym, and asks about Ellie and Georgie. She asks how Ellie’s new job is, and he says she loves it, and Georgie loves her school. She’s made more friends already than he has in a lifetime. Anna suggests them getting together with Violet, and Spinelli says, if she’s suggesting a playdate, that’s a resounding yes. She says she’s planning a family get-together, and Maxie and Peter will be there. Jason comes in, and Anna says, perfect. She’d like to talk to both of them about Peter

Robert sees Finn at the hospital, and says, just the man he’s looking for. Finn asks to what he owes the pleasure, and Robert congratulates him on moving back in with Anna. Finn says, news travels fast, and Robert says he’s more concerned about Peter. Finn says he’ll always be concerned when it comes to protecting his daughter, but this was important to Anna, and evidence suggests Obrecht was behind Drew’s death and the attempts on Andre and Franco’s lives. Robert says, nice and neat, and wrapped up. He’d like Finn to do him a favor. Stay on guard when he sees Peter around Anna. Finn asks if Robert is asking him to spy on Anna.

Anna tells Spinelli and Jason, Peter and Maxie are living together, and Georgie is going to be spending time there. Children are susceptible to an undercurrent of emotion, so for Georgie’s sake, she wishes they would accept the fact that Peter has been exonerated. Dislike him if they want, but don’t treat him like a criminal. He’s not. Spinelli says he already had a conversation with Maxie on this topic, and he told her he’s doing his best to live and let live. Spinelli’s phone rings, and he excuses himself. He sees two unanswered voicemails from Maxie.

Nina tells Maxie that Jax can’t find money in the budget, and there’s no room to pay her what she deserves. It might be available next year, but in the meantime, she can give Maxie more vacation days, days to work at home, so she can spend more time with James and Georgie…  Maxie says, but no money for a raise. Nina says she’s sorry, and Maxie says she doesn’t understand. She’s done so much for Nina and Crimson. She’s covered for Nina so many times, and missed out on time with James. Nina says she understands, and understands Maxie deserves a raise. Maxie says, understanding it and making it happen are two different things, and walks out, Nina calling after her.

Lulu reads, Brook Lynn must be the most incompetent secretary in the history of secretaries – Clint Buchanan. She says, you got that right, Mr. B.

Coming out of the office, Michael says, Olivia will handle the press contacts, and Olivia says ELQ regrets the accidental publication of confidential documents, and is investigating the matter. Ned says he’ll get in touch with Llewellyn and smooth things over. Michael says they know where to find him. He thanks Brook for looking after Wiley, and she says, Wiley is a lot less judgy than some other family members. Ned tells Brook to get his PR team on the line. Never mind; he’ll do it. Hold his calls and order dinner. It’s going to be a long night. On second thought, he’ll order dinner. Go home and hunker down. She says she knows how to order dinner. She wonders what The Invader is doing on her Facebook page, and says, of course (🍷). Lulu Spencer. Why is she not surprised?

Brando tells Sonny, his mother lied, but he’s been transparent. He did prison time, but he’s cleaned up his act and made a good life. Anyone coming after Sonny, stands between him and that life. Sonny says if this is Brando’s way of asking how long he has to stay in Port Charles, he can’t answer that. It could be a day or a year, or somewhere in between. Brando says Sonny knows his history. If there’s anything he can do to help sort things out so they can move on with their lives, say the word.

Carly tells Jax, Josslyn agreed to be home schooled. She hired Josslyn’s favorite teacher as a tutor, and Josslyn can still be on the volleyball team. Jax says, with bodyguards, and Carly says, unfortunately yes. He says, she wouldn’t need a bodyguard in Australia, but Carly says, she doesn’t want to go. Jax asks if they can get real, and actually parent, and agree their daughter isn’t safe there. Carly says, it’s not perfect, but it works, and he tells her, stop putting a spin on it. This is no way for their daughter to grow up. She needs a normal life somewhere. Carly says, this is normal for Josslyn, but Jax asks if Carly hears herself. She already lost Morgan to mob violence. He’s not losing Josslyn to it.

Sonny says he thought Brando didn’t want to be involved in his business, and Brando says he doesn’t, but he seems to be involved one way or the other. If Sonny’s enemies come back looking for information, wouldn’t it be helpful if Brando tells them what Sonny wants? Sonny appreciates the offer, but thinks it’s best for all of them if Brando stays away from his business. Brando says he guesses that’s it then, and Sonny says, he’s afraid so. Brando says he’s going back to work. He’s got to earn his keep somehow.

Carly says how dare Jax use Morgan’s death to manipulate her; they’re done here. He apologizes, saying he was insensitive. He just wants to keep Josslyn safe. She asks if he thinks she doesn’t, and he says he knows it’s hard for her too. He doesn’t want to take Josslyn from Port Charles; he has plenty of reason to stay himself. But no reason is more important than their daughter’s safety. Can they talk as parents about how to keep their daughter safe? Carly says she wants things to stay the way they are, with them both monitoring the situation. They can figure out any changes they need to make together. If that means going to Australia, great. If it means staying here, great. But they need to make decisions for Josslyn together.

On the phone, Nina says, it could have gone better. Maxie didn’t take it well, and she could really use a friend.

Lulu asks Maxie how it went, and Maxie says, horrible. Lulu says she thought the promotion and raise was a done deal. She ordered champagne. Maxie says Lulu will have to drink it without her. She just got denied, and she’s going to get even.

Spinelli says, over his dead body, and jets. Anna says she knows Jason and Spinelli are good friends, and Jason has a tremendous influence over Spinelli; he admires Jason. She was wondering if Jason could soften Spinelli’s attitude toward Peter, but Jason says, he’s sorry. He can’t lie. He can’t pretend to believe something he doesn’t.

Robert says he wants Finn to stay on guard; nothing more. Finn says he wants to talk about Violet’s upcoming birthday party, and Robert says, he’s invited of course (🍷). Finn says, yeah, okay, but Anna also invited Peter. He wonders if Robert thinks he can be cordial for a couple of hours. Robert says he’ll try, but can’t promise anything. He tells Finn, eyes open.

Brook storms into the MetroCourt, and finds Lulu. She says, you bitch, and Lulu says she was just enjoying Brook’s Facebook post. Brook asks, how could she? and Lulu says she just reports news; Brook makes it. Publicly posting ELQ’s most top secret business plan? For a has-been, Brook sure knows how to stay relevant.

Tomorrow, Peter says he and Maxie are getting married, Nina asks if Maxie is entertaining other offers, and Anna asks Jason what it will take to convince him that he’s wrong.

👨🏻‍🍳 Top Chef returned tonight, and the chefs were in Hawaii for redemption. This season, previous contestants are returning to see how they’ve progressed since their last competition. The quickfire challenge was in three parts. First, the chefs had to break down an artichoke, and the fastest chef who did it correctly, moved on. The rest had to peel and separate and orange, with the fastest again moving on, and the last group had to shell twenty almonds perfectly – without a nutcracker. They then proceeded to split into three teams, with the three fastest chefs being captains, and were required to make two different dishes with the prepped ingredients. The one thing I learned, was that PFTS stands for, I got people for that sh*t, which one of the chefs said as he tried to break down an artichoke. I don’t, which is why I don’t make artichokes. Moving on to the elimination challenge, the chefs had to make a seafood feast on the beach, with no electricity or appliances – just their knives and their talent. They were to make three cohesive dishes, family style. Restauranteur Jeremiah Tower was guest judge, and pronounced Chef Gregory technically perfect as he got the winning spot. But poor handlebar mustache Joe (who I actually remember from a previous season) was out. As usual, all the food looked impressive to me, and I was craving blackened swordfish by the end. At this point in the game, there are too many people for me to even keep track of their names, but once they’re weeded out, I’ll be more detailed. It looks like a fun season, with the chefs going to Europe for the finale.

😭 Because Life Isn’t Sad Enough…

GH SPOILER ALERT. If you don’t want to know, don’t even look at this link.


🍸 Coming April 15th

But with LVP gone, what’s the point?


✈️ First Class Wasn’t Crowded…

And I’m already tired of celebrities giving updates on how they’re social distancing. In their mansions with their millions.


👰 Team Lala…

It broke my heart when Lala watched Brittany dance with her dad at the wedding.


🌻 The Friday I’ve Been Waiting For…

Finally, an end to this week. Shah you tomorrow.