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January 30, 2019 – Not-Doc Visits Doc, Gordon Blesses Stone’s Throw, NJ Continues Their Embarrassment Tour, RIP Lou & Living Forever


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

The news breaks in to tell me it’s cold. Thanks. I wouldn’t have known.

Drew sees Kim at the MetroCourt bar, and asks if she wants company. She says that would be nice, and he says she’ll have what she’s having. She says, a sparkling water with lime. He says, sounds fun, and orders a real drink. She asks if he’s losing himself in work. She does it too. It keeps her from hovering. She knows they agreed to let Oscar live life the way he wants, but it’s hard.

Bobbie sees Lucas and Brad at the hospital. They’re dressed up, and she asks, what’s the occasion? Brad says, date night, and she says good for them. She wonders how they pried themselves away from adorable Wiley, but Lucas says he’s in good hands with his godfather. Michael loves Wiley as much as they do. Brad says, right.

Willow goes to Charlie’s, and orders coffee. Julian asks if there’s anything else, like proof he’s not seeing his grandson on the sly. She says she’s there because her yoga class is close by. Would he rather she go elsewhere, so he can violate their agreement? He says she signed off on the agreement that Wiley is Brad and Lucas’s child now. She says he signed off on staying out of Wiley’s life. He says he didn’t break their deal. How about her? Michael comes in with Wiley. This is starting to irritate me. All these people don’t want Julian around Wiley, yet they keep showing up with him at Charlie’s. And Julian is the bad guy.

Robert says Anna’s place is downright homey. Finn says, it’s quaint, but they make do. Anna serves tea. Robert suggests the put their domestic bliss to rest, and discuss Cabot. Anna says she finds Robert’s subtlety charming. He says she claims she’s never spoken to Cabot, but the bureau says otherwise. Who should he believe?

Not-Doc/Ryan arrives at Ferncliff. He says, it better be important. They should be able to provide whatever attention a patient needs, especially a sedated one. Head nurse Kay says they’ve done all they can. She had no choice but to get him there before it’s too late. They go into Doc’s room, and he’s lying unconscious on the bed. Ryan asks if he’s died.

Michael explains to Willow that Wiley’s daddies are on a date night. Julian says he might have to see Wiley’s ID. Michael says Wiley isn’t drinking, and he’s just there for takeout. Julian goes to the kitchen to check on Michael’s order, and Willow asks how Lulu is. Michael says she’s still shaken, but she’s going to pull through. They’re fortunate. Willow says Charlotte wasn’t in school. She feels terrible for Charlotte and her little brother. Michael says Rocco is staying with his grandmother. Lulu is doing well, considering. She has a lot of support. Julian tells Michael that the kitchen is backed up, so his order is delayed. Michael asks Willow to join them while he and Wiley wait, but Julian thinks that’s a bad idea.

Josslyn and Oscar stop by Charlie’s. Oscar says he didn’t realize how far it was from the library. Once he gets his license, they won’t have to trek there. Josslyn is glad he came back to school, and Oscar says, to be honest, he missed it. He missed this too. After all that time in the hospital, it’s nice feeling like a normal kid. Josslyn says she doesn’t mind spending more time with him. He asks if she’s bored yet. She says, no, and she could never be bored with him.

Kim tells Drew the news about Oscar traveled fast. She can see it on people’s faces. They don’t know how to act. Drew says he doesn’t want every interaction with Oscar being about making the most of the time he has left, but it’s always there. Kim says, it’s good to pretend to have a normal life, and an ordinary routine. Oscar went back school, and he and Josslyn are studying at the library. Just ordinary kids in high school. Drew says maybe they should follow suit, and be ordinary parents. He asks what she’s doing for dinner, and she says she has a freezer full of delicious microwave meals. Drew says, that’s very sad, and asks her to let him buy her dinner.

Finn says Robert can’t be calling Anna a liar, and Robert says, she’s a spy. It comes with the territory. Anna admits she’s stretched the truth once or twice, but he’s done the same. Anna says she lies when the circumstances dictate, but she’s never met Cabot. Robert says there’s proof otherwise, and shows her a picture of Anna with Cabot (whose back is to the camera).

Ryan tells Kay this is disappointing. How did they let this happen? Kay apologizes, and Ryan checks Doc’s pulse. Doc grabs him by the tie, and says, got you! Ryan breaks free, and says, not anymore. We realize Doc can’t see.

Kim says dinner is nice, and Drew says better than microwaved food. It’s a nice break in the new old routine. Kim says she’s forgotten how to live. Drew thinks maybe they should make a pact, and remember how to live now and then with the small stuff. She says she’s in; what’s next? He says there’s a long weekend coming up; President’s Day. They could take Oscar to the mountains. He can rent a cabin. Oscar will probably want Josslyn to come too. Lucas and Brad approach their table. Kim says they clean up well. Brad says they were in dire need of a date night, and Lucas says it’s a challenge not to think of their son. Kim says, you never stop thinking about your kids.

Josslyn asks if Oscar misses bussing tables, and he says, parts; not the floor mopping. He’ll always be grateful to Julian. He helped Oscar establish his independence. Josslyn is sure his mom appreciates it, but he says he never sees them together, and she doesn’t talk about him anymore. She’s been spending more time with his dad. Josslyn says, that’s nice (WOTD) for everyone involved.

Julian tells Michael that he likes spending time with Wiley, but Michael shouldn’t bring him there. He has a responsibility to honor his word not to be involved in Wiley’s life. Michael says as soon as the order is ready, they’ll be on their way. Julian thinks the solution is to keep his distance. Michael says they probably should have gotten takeout somewhere else, but then he wouldn’t have run into Willow.

Robert asks Anna if the picture rings any bells, but she says, no. She thinks it looks doctored; she can’t see Cabot’s face. Robert says her excuses are understandable, but not helpful. Anna says that’s not her. She’ll take a lie detector test. She’s never met the man, but she knows who did though.

Ryan asks when Doc went blind. Kay says, last night. They left messages, but didn’t hear back. He says, it must have happened at the same time. Doc asks what’s happening to him, and Kay says, the patient should be transferred to GH. Ryan says that’s the last thing he needs, but she says they have a world-renowned eye clinic, with expertise and resources Ferncliff can’t match. The patient went blind for no apparent reason, and standard protocol says he should see a specialist. He tells her, that will be all, and he’ll call if he needs her. He closes the door. He tells Doc, his identity was stolen, he’s locked up in a loony bin, and now he’s blind. It hasn’t been his year. Doc says if Ryan has an ounce of humanity, he won’t leave him like this. Ryan says, humanity is boring. Let’s talk business. Doc’s condition is treatable. Doc asks how he knows, and Ryan says he also went blind last evening. He had a terrible headache, and passed out. When he regained consciousness, he only saw darkness. He feels Doc’s pain, his panic, helplessness, and frustration. He was there a few short hours ago. Doc says, please, if there’s a way to restore his vision, get him treatment. Ryan says he’ll think about it. Meanwhile, he needs something from Doc.

Drew looks at Brad and Lucas, and tells Kim, clearly, those two are enjoying their night. She remembers when Oscar was Wiley’s age. Those are moments to cherish.

Brad says they owe Lucas’s sister. He thinks the wine she comped them is as expensive as their mortgage. He asks Lucas, what’s wrong? Lucas says, nothing. He’s wondering if he told Michael about Wiley’s diaper rash. Brad says, he did; twice. Lucas questions whether they should call and explain Wiley can still have formula, even though he’s transitioning to solid food.

Michael tells Willow it’s family drama that Wiley is mercifully too young to understand. He tells Wiley, ignorance is bliss. Willow asks if he speaks from experience. He says he, too, was surrounded by family drama he was too young to understand. He thinks that’s how he ended up being the responsible one. He says it’s more than she needed to hear, but she says she’s interested. He says his point is that kids pick up on more than adults realize, but she probably knows that, being a teacher. Willow says he should have been one; he’s good with kids. She apologizes for being insensitive. He says he was the second oldest in a large, complex group of siblings, and has experience with kids. She thinks it helps being around other children, especially one as perfect as Wiley.

Kim says she and Drew are starting out as parents, and Drew takes solace that he’s skipping not getting more than two hours sleep, tops. Kim doesn’t envy that, but would take Oscar at that stage in a heartbeat. She wouldn’t change a thing. Drew would. He should have been there. She says he’s been there when she’s needed him most.

Brad and Lucas make a deal to enjoy the evening out, and not talk about Wiley. Lucas asks what Brad’s thinking, and Brad says about how his life turned around. He was used to everything being about what he wanted, and now it’s about he-who-shall-not-be-named. Life feels bigger, more grounded. Lucas says he’s even learning to tolerate his father, in small doses. They’re growing up, and there’s only one person to blame. They both say, Wiley, and clink glasses.

Josslyn asks Michael how Lulu is. He says, much better, and introduces Willow to Josslyn and Oscar. He asks what they’re up to, and don’t say finding a way to access the catacombs. Oscar says, they did. They didn’t make it, but they got close. Josslyn decides to get hot chocolate, and leaves Oscar to tell the story. Julian tells Josslyn that he’s glad to see Oscar. He misses Oscar’s expertise in bussing. Josslyn says Oscar is better. He’s doing good, partly because of Julian. She thanks him.

Anna tells Robert, Alex. Find out where she was when the photo was taken. Finn says Anna’s twin had the meeting? Anna says Alex has an inconvenient habit of showing up in places she’d never go, and implicating her in things she’d never do. Robert says she was in Eastern Europe when the photo was taken, but that doesn’t explain how Anna contracted the virus. Anna says, it’s obvious.

Doc asks what Ryan wants, and Ryan says, information. Has he ever met a doctor named Arthur Cabot? Doc says he’s met a lot of doctors; be more specific. Ryan says Cabot had dealings with the WSB. Doc starts to say, why would he… Cabot? Ryan says, yes. Doc says they met years ago, at Cabot’s request. He wanted to discuss a mutual interest. Ryan says, which was? and Doc says, him. Cabot’s research focused on identical twins.

Kim tells Drew that Oscar was always her whole world; he has Scout too. She says, sorry. it just came out. He says it’s a valid question. He loves both of his kids equally. The relationships are different, but they’re still both his kids. She says she heard Scout is a miracle baby. Drew gives Scout credit. She had a helluva entrance into the world. Kim asks him to tell her.

Lucas asks if Brad wants anything else, but he’s good. Brad says, who are they kidding? They miss Wiley. Lucas says the good news is he’s just a phone call away. Lucas calls Michael.

Julian asks Josslyn what he’s done for a thank you. She says he took a step back. Now Kim can focus on being there for Oscar. When she first asked, she thought it was a long shot, and expected him to be selfish. He surprised her. She thanks him again, and says it means a lot to Oscar, who means a lot to her. Julian tells her to take care of Oscar. Busboys who don’t break dishes are a rarity.

Willow says she’d share Oscar’s story with her students, but doesn’t want them getting any ideas. Michael gets a call. Lucas says he can tease them all he wants. They’re being those parents. Michael says they’re pretty cliché. Wiley is getting a lot of attention and love at Charlie’s. Lucas says they’re wrapping it up, so he’ll swing by to get Wiley. Brad suggests Lucas go to the hospital to check on Lulu. He’ll get Wiley and bring him there.

Finn mumbles to Robert that Anna acts like she knows it all. Robert says he hates when she does what she does, and Anna says she can hear them. She has the advantage, being an identical twin. So is Doc. Finn wonders if it’s possible Doc’s twin contracted the virus, but Robert says, Ryan has been dead for twenty-five years.

Ryan asks Doc what the inquiry was, but Doc says he wasn’t interested in working with Cabot, and never found out. Ryan says he’d better not be holding out. Doc says he held up his end of the bargain. If there’s a treatment that can restore his sight, he wants it. Ryan thinks he’s better off in the dark. There’s been so much change since his absence. Doc says, Laura, but Ryan says she’s the least of his worries. She’s been elected mayor, and chose to be sworn in as Laura Webber. She finally gave up on their marriage. The divorce will be finalized soon. Doc says, good. Anything to keep her far away from him. Ryan says, ever the optimist. He might change his mind when he finds out what happened to Lulu. Someone tried to kill her.

Drew tells Kim it was cold, and Sam was abducted by her crazy aunt, Olivia Jerome. Kim says Julian told her stories, and Olivia sounds deeply disturbed. He says Sam escaped, but fell down an embankment in the snow. Kim says, she was all alone? and Drew says, she was. He’s never been that scared. He’ll never forget looking over the bridge, and seeing her. He got there just in time for the delivery. Scout was perfectly fine, but Sam passed out, and he carried them up the road. Kim says he was very lucky to be able to save his daughter.

Josslyn tells Oscar, once they’ve finished their homework, they can work on the planner. Oscar has some ideas, but the most important thing is to live every moment to the fullest. It will be easier when he gets his license. She reminds him it comes with restrictions in New York, but he says they can check out neighboring states without restrictions. Brad comes in, and thanks Michael for taking care of Wiley. Michael says he and Wiley had a bet going on how long Brad and Lucas would stay out. He won. Brad remembers that Willow is a teacher. He’d love to get thoughts on when Wiley should join a playgroup. Julian says he can help get Wiley in the car, but Brad says he was just getting know Willow.

Anna says they need to speak to Doc. Finn says he already denied knowing Cabot, but Robert says a lot of people lie during the first questioning, and the truth comes out in the follow-up. Finn says he’s a psychiatrist with strong ties to the community. Anna says in less than a year, he’s gone from having married Laura to hanging around with Ava. Maybe he’s not such an upstanding citizen. Maybe he’s covering up something. Assuming he’s a liar, how do they get him to tell the truth. Finn says this is no place for enhanced interrogation, but Robert doesn’t think it will come to that.

Doc asks what Lulu ever did to Ryan. Ryan says, it was strategic intervention. She was getting too close to the truth. He was concerned when she survived, but the trauma caused a memory block. She can’t remember a thing. His phone dings. It’s a text from Anna, saying she needs to talk. Come over immediately.  He tells Doc that he has to run. Doc says, get used to it. He’s going to be doing a lot of it when they realize he tried to kill Lulu. Ryan says he’s become an expert at avoiding law enforcement’s efforts, but Doc says, when Sonny finds out Ryan attacked his daughter-in-law, he’ll exact his own justice. Ryan says he and Ava are starting a new life away from Port Charles. Soon enough, the divorce will be finalized, and they’ll be leaving. Doc asks if Ryan is taking Laura’s money, but Ryan says they’re leaving with what they brought to the marriage. Doc says, except for the prenup. He tried talk her out of it, but Laura insisted. He figured they’d never need it. Now, Ryan is going to take off with the money intended for him. Ryan says Laura is nothing if not generous, and devoted to Doc. He thanks Doc for pointing it out. Doc says he’s done enough; leave Laura’s money alone. Ryan tells him not to work himself into a tizzy. Close his eyes, and have sweet dreams. Oh, forgive him. Doc doesn’t have to close his eyes anymore. He leaves, and Doc says, you’re the blind one, brother, and calls Ryan a fool. I’m guessing there is no prenup. I certainly don’t remember anything like that.

Anna thanks Ryan/not-Doc for coming so quickly. Finn says, with his help, they can prevent others from getting the virus. Not-Doc says he’ll try to help if he can. Robert says tell them about Cabot. Not-Doc asks them to forgive him. He completely forgot, but wracked his brain, and remembered meeting him. Robert asks if he recalls what they discussed. Not-Doc says, identical twins. Robert asks what Cabot was after, and not-Doc presumes information on his experience with his brother, but he had no interest, so he never got the details. Robert says Cabot was working with the WSB, but not-Doc says he reached out independently. It was years ago. It’s not possible it has anything to do with what’s going on now.

Kay tells Doc to relax, calling him Wilson. He says his name isn’t Wilson. It’s Dr. Kevin Collins. The man who just left was admitted as Wilson Ritter. Kay says he knows what happens when he gets too excited. She doesn’t want to see him in a straitjacket, especially now. He says there’s only one person who matters now – Laura.

Anna wonders if Doc told them everything. Robert isn’t sure. He seemed defensive, and too eager to leave.  Anna says they’ll have to look elsewhere. They know the virus was initiated by Cabot, but have more questions than answers. Why identical twins? Was the blindness intentional or an accident? Robert says, maybe the experiment went wrong. Finn says, even worse, what if it went right?

Drew tells Kim that he’s sorry he brought up the story, but she says she asked. It’s quite inspiring. It’s inspiring what a parent’s love and determination can do. Because of him and Sam, their daughter was kept warm, and because of that, their daughter is in their life. Drew says, now he’s in hers.

Josslyn tells Oscar that they might as well walk. They can still make it an adventure. It’s how you look at it. He says she’s right. It will be an adventure as long as he’s with her. They kiss.

Lucas comes to hospital. Bobbie asks, what happened? He says, date night ended earlier than expected. They missed Wiley. She tells him, better luck next time. He says, at the rate they’re going, it will be another ten years. She says, try again next week, and if they can’t stick it out, keep trying. It’s important that they spend time together; Wiley will have a happier life. Happy parents, happy baby. Lucas says he and Brad have been through so much, nothing can come between them.

Julian needs a word with Brad. Michael tells Willow that he’s starting to feel guilty, keeping her from yoga class. She says she’s in no rush.

Brad tell Julian that he can’t blame him for Wiley being there. Julian says Wiley isn’t the problem; it’s her. Brad says, the schoolteacher? Julian says, she thinks she’s Wiley’s birth mother.

Tomorrow, Kristina wants Alexis’s respect, Valentin will be in Peter’s debt, and Franco says whatever it is, he didn’t do it.

🔥 On 24 Hours to Hell and Back, this time Gordon dressed up like Mrs. Doubtfire to eat at Stone’s Throw, a family-owned, fine dining restaurant in Seymour, CT. Right off the bat, there was a bad smell. Literally. Gordon said the restaurant was so dated, if it wasn’t for the river view, no one would be there. Dry salmon, rancid lobster, and old, dry duck were served. At least no one spit in anything, but one of the biggest reveals was improperly stored and moldy food. Gordon thought the owner was in denial, and had checked out. Apparently, the whole staff was nose-blind as well. Opened clams were found disgusting, and no doubt contributing to the odor and some marinated chicken nearly choked Gordon when he took a whiff. He yelled a lot, made everybody smell stuff, and taught them how to cook. In changing up the décor, he discovered a beautiful slate floor under the crappy carpeting. When Gordon’s time was done, he said it was worth every brutal, painful moment. The owner felt alive again, and a million miles away from where he was. He found his voice, and fell back in love with cooking. Stone’s Throw was back. Three months later, the owner said standards were back, the staff was positive, and the operation was running smoothly. He and his wife were even able to get away. He said they were taking baby steps, but headed in the right direction. Next time, Gordon visits a family-run restaurant in Kansas City, with daughters so off-key, it will take more than 24 hours to get them to face the music.

🐪 The Real Housewives of New Jersey were still in Cabo. Jennifer admitted when tequila is in her, she’s not nicey-nicey. I don’t think she’s nicey-nicey without tequila. She went shopping with Teresa, Melissa, and Danielle, while the others stayed poolside. Melissa wondered why Teresa was feeding Jennifer shots, after six-months of abstaining herself. Why wake the beast? Jennifer insisted that the tequila had only given her courage to say how she really felt. I’m starting to think she’s just not likeable, drunk or sober. Melissa was pissed that Teresa kept giving Danielle and Jennifer passes for their bad behavior. At the pool, Marge found a picture of a monkey’s ass to confirm her point about Jennifer’s lip liner. At lunch, Melissa tried to prevent Jennifer from another tequila episode, but Jennifer took that as an opportunity to justify her previous attack on Marge. When Marge said that Jennifer’s husband slept in the pool house, Jennifer said she didn’t care where he slept. This left Marge wide open to intimate that Jennifer’s husband had a girlfriend. Afterward, Marge apologized – saying she’d only said it to hurt Jennifer – and Jennifer told Delores they didn’t make peace, but made nice. WOTD here too.

The ladies went on a camel ride, after feeding the camels some kind of fruit. It was so cool! Teresa wanted the smallest camel, and no surprise, was terrified. At lunch, Jennifer told everyone she was having a red party for her anniversary. In a clip, her husband figured that meant his bank account would be in the red. Because of her brother’s impending marriage, Jennifer was going to be spending a lot of the summer in Turkey, so the party was in a week. I’ve started wondering if you stop planning ahead when you’re rich, since they continually announce party invites five minutes before the event. During dinner, just when things were going well, Danielle brought up the monkey’s ass again. Then Teresa fueled the fire by focusing on what Marge had said about Jennifer’s husband. Marge said Danielle was irrelevant, and Danielle said she never saw Marge’s kids around. Marge wondered why Teresa couldn’t see through Danielle’s lies, saying, she’s an old dog with no new tricks. Danielle wouldn’t shut up about Marge’s kids and grandkids, and Marge finally threw a drink at her. Danielle then went off to the point where a producer, or security, or some outsider, had to get involved and intervene. In her interview, Delores said family was off-limits by unwritten law, and if Danielle had talked about her kids, she’d have no teeth left. Marge thought Danielle poisoned Teresa against her, and Melissa accused Teresa of drinking the Kool-Aid. She said Danielle had Teresa running in circles. The show ended with Melissa getting in Jennifer’s face. Since it was the later airing, there was no preview. Sometimes, I don’t know why I torture myself watching some of these shows. They go to the most spectacular places, and act like trash.

👽 I’ll Always Remember Him As Lou and Dan…

In Fame (1982) and V:The Final Battle (1984), respectively.


🎶 Memories…

Lee Curreri used to make my heart beat faster. Useless trivia: Lori Singer is Marc Singer‘s sister. Marc still makes my heart beat faster.