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March 27, 2018 – Drew Fights Jason, Beverly Hills Goes to Berlin & Celebrity Spokesdiets


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the MetroCourt, Nina tells Valentin that she’s not sure she’s the one to sell Port Charles to the rest of the world. She has a skeleton in every closet at Windemere, and Windemere has a lot of closets. She tells Valentin to finish his drink while she goes to see Peter.

Peter writes about time taking revenge. He writes that his father was all but helpless, and that he had no pity, but had triumph and savage joy. Maxie startles him. She says she was knocking, and he didn’t even look up. She asks what he’s working on that’s so riveting, and don’t tell her it’s budget projections. He says he gets into his work. He’s glad she stopped by. He has something for her.

Franco paces the station. He wonders why they won’t let him see his mom.

In the interrogation room, Betsy asks why she’s there; she wants to talk to “Bobby.” Dante says he’s waiting for her, but he was hoping that she could help them locate Jim. He asks if Jim mentioned any plans or trips. She starts to freak out, asking, what if he comes back? She needs to see her son.

Franco thinks once Betsy sees him, she’ll start talking. Jim isn’t around to pressure her or make her afraid. Franco tells Elizabeth he wants to know what happened when they were kids.

Sam remembers telling Drew about loving both him and Jason, and Drew asking why they got married. She thinks about Jason telling her trust herself to do what’s right, to take care of herself and the kids, and call if she needs him. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Curtis. He tells her that he was just with Drew. Sam asks if he’s okay, and Curtis says, no, not at all.

Drew tells Jason that he can’t get away from him. Jason says he’s there because of a shipment for Sonny, but he’ll have it moved. Drew tells him to go ahead and run; it’s what he’s good at. His game is to run and make Sam chase him. He guesses it worked. It looks like he’s got her back.

Peter gives Maxie the envelope from the baby’s college fund that she left in his office. She asks him for help with financial information. He tells her Nina has a fleet of advisors, but Maxie says it’s complicated dealing with Nina. When she sees Nina, she sees Nathan, and thinks Nina feels the same way. Peter says he comes with complications too; everyone does. He also thinks Nina might believe he’s overstepping, but Maxie says finance is his area of expertise; plus, he’s someone who’s detached from the situation.

Franco tells Elizabeth that Jim tried to kill him, then held him and Drew captive. Why shouldn’t he help bring him in? Outside the interrogation room, Jordan tells Dante the more they push, the more Betsy shuts down. Dante says Franco might have a better shot. She’s not under arrest; why not let her see her son? Jordan says she wants to try one more thing first.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he wants to get closure, so he can get back to the most important thing in his life – her. Right now, he has a hard time trusting anyone with the truth. He doesn’t want to face the secrets, and the secrets become lies until he can’t differentiate between memories and what’s been put in his head. He can face the truth. At least he’ll know there are no more secrets. It’s time for him to face something that’s been haunting him his whole life. He’ll be free. Elizabeth wonders, what if leads to more questions?

Sam guesses Drew told Curtis what happened. Curtis says Drew told him that they’re over, and she’s in love with his brother. He knows how freaky and complicated love triangles can be. He doesn’t mean to make her feel guilty. Sam says she does, but not for loving both of them; for the choices she made when Jason came back, and everyone thought he was an imposter. Curtis says he did, and so did she. Sam says, no. When he came to her hospital room, she knew, but she was so in love with Drew, she didn’t want to lose everything they’d built together. She couldn’t face it, and lied to protect their life. It was lie on top of lie, until she couldn’t live like that. She was no example for her children, and had to be honest with herself, even if it meant she could lose both of them. Yeah, like she’d lose Jason, who I’m slowing starting to dislike.

Drew asks if it doesn’t bother Jason to come to the place where Sam almost died. Sam carried the guilt, but he left her alone; Sonny came first, like he always did, and always will. Who knows that better than he does?

Nina tells Valentin that she wants to update Peter on the media push for Port Charles. It’s bound to affect Aurora. She thinks her warning him away from Maxie registered loud and clear. Valentin says he’s probably savvy enough to understand professional boundaries. Nina says she’ll be right back, and jets.

Maxie tells Peter that Nathan was a great cop, but no finance wiz. She’d like him to take a look; he knows he’ll keep the best interest of the baby in mind. Peter says he has people he can refer her to, but she says they won’t know how important it is. It’s more than money; it’s honoring Nathan. She wouldn’t put him on the spot if she didn’t need his help. He tells her that he’ll see what he can do. She says it’s one less thing on her mind while Georgie is visiting. She’s less than thrilled to be going back to the apartment, but doesn’t think Georgie should stay at the hotel. He’s glad she found a reason to go home. She thanks him, and when she leaves, he makes a call.

Elizabeth says Franco is looking for a miracle answer to explain everything. What if he doesn’t find it? Is he back to keeping secrets? He doesn’t want to keep anything from her. He just wanted to know the truth, and was protecting her. She says he wasn’t protecting her; he was pushing her away. Doc comes into the station looking for Dante and Jordan. Franco tells him to take a number. He says he’s there to consult on a case. Franco tells Doc that he’s not doing so good, but Doc doesn’t have time for that right now. Jordan tells Doc that they’re ready for him. Franco starts to follow, but Doc tells him to wait outside. Franco says it’s his mom, and Doc says he’s been asked to assess her. Doc goes into the interrogation room. Franco knows it’s in his best interest, but his life, both the past and future, depends on what happens in there.

Curtis tells Sam that Drew is going to stay at his crib, so he’ll need some stuff. Sam says Drew is lucky to have a friend like him. There are so many things she and Drew still need to talk about. Curtis says they’ll figure it out. She goes upstairs.

Drew knows all the times Jason chose Sonny over Sam. It haunts her. He tells Jason when Sam was sick, she tried to kill Sonny. She shot him, and left him to die, thinking it would break his hold over Drew, when they thought he was Jason. It worked. He walked away, choosing Sam and his family over Sonny. They were happy, then he came back, dragging her to back into everything she fears. Jason says he’s not dragging her anywhere.

On the phone, Peter says he wants to make a large deposit. He wants the funds redirected, and unable to be traced back to him. He hears something, and says he’ll call back. He asks if someone is there. Nina says she’ll come back in the morning; sorry for interrupting. She says it sounded important, but he says not unless bean counting is important to her. She apologizes for going off on him about Maxie. She’d just come from a doctor’s appointment, and was out of sorts. He hopes everything is fine, and she says it is. She wanted to talk to him about the Aurora advertising donations for the earthquake recovery. She tells him the mayor assembled a group to talk about rebuilding the city, and not just physically. He wants the media to promote a vibrant city where people want to live, and Aurora should be part of it.

Dante Introduces Doc to Betsy. She wonders why she has to see a doctor when she was just released from the hospital, but Jordan says he’s a different kind. She wants to know when she can see her son. Doc asks for privacy, and she asks what kind of doctor he is. He tells her, the kind who listens. He says that while she was away, he listened to Franco a lot. She wonders if he’s all right after all the years of lies and pain. She loves him very much and never intended to hurt him. She says it’s her fault. She was so wrong, and now she wants to make amends. She has to tell him somehow. Doc says she can help Franco heal, but first she has to heal herself. She says she doesn’t desire forgiveness, and Doc asks what she did.

Sam brings down a couple of bags for Drew, and gives it to Curtis. She says, aside from Scout, she doesn’t think there’s anything else he’d want to take with him. Curtis says it’s too soon to make life decisions. It’s only been all of two hours. Drew’s pride is hurt. No guy likes to lose his lady, and it’s worse losing to a brother, especially one he can’t stand.

Jason tells Drew that if they’re done, it’s the best thing to happen to Sam. He treats her like she’s something he owns, and makes her feel small and scared. Drew doesn’t know what Jason is telling himself, but he remembers every single way Jason hurt Sam. Jason says he can deal with never seeing her again, as long as she’s done with Drew. Drew takes a swing at him, and they fight.

Nina tells Peter the Crimson lifestyle doesn’t exactly scream disaster relief, but it’s about rebranding the town. From a P.R. perspective, it’s irresistible. She adds that their budget should be tripled, getting Peter’s attention. He apologizes, saying his mind is on other things. He asks her to meet with him tomorrow, where he promises his undivided, caffeinated attention. She says she knows Maxie sees him as a friend, and Valentin said he has her best interest at heart. She still thinks it’s a good idea for him to step back, and let her lean on family.

Doc comes out, and tells Franco that he knows it’s not his strong suit, but be patient. Betsy is in shock, and he wants to put her in the hospital for observation and treatment. It would be a good idea of Franco wasn’t there when she’s transported. Franco tells Elizabeth that if he has to be at the hospital all night, he will. She says she’ll drive, and takes his hand.

Curtis asks if Sam has tried to contact Drew. She says not yet, and he tells her that’s probably a good call. He knows she didn’t ask, but his advice is to chill. When Drew is ready, he’ll reach out. She asks if he has any other words of wisdom. He says the anger phase is painful and a bitch, but it becomes manageable. He tells her to look past the loss to the good times. They might look different, but they’re still of value. The person she loves is still there – more flawed than she thought, but still real. Maybe they’ll get to the point of wishing each other well. She says it sounds like he’s been through it. He says both of their situations are unique. He had a broken heart, but eventually saw himself through it, just like she will. Her phone rings. It’s desk sergeant Murray, who tells her that Drew is in custody at the courthouse. She asks what he’s been arrested for, and he tells her assault and battery, and disturbing the peace.

Valentin asks Nina if it went well, and she thinks she piqued Peter’s interest; they’re talking tomorrow. She tells Valentin that before he knew she was there, he was making a money transfer. Valentin doesn’t think there’s anything unusual about that, but she says he hung up quickly when she walked in. He tried to cover, but it seemed forced. Valentin is sure it’s nothing, but she thinks he’s hiding something important.

Maxie returns to Peter’s office. He says it must be his night for interruptions; Nina was just there. Maxie hopes she wasn’t telling him to keep his distance. He asks why she’s back, and she says she needs to know if she’s doing the right thing moving back home. He says she’s the only one who can make that decision. She thought she had, but just canceled two Ubers, then created a chain of rationalization about Georgie living in the hotel like Eloise. He says it’s a valid point, if she’s having a great time. She says she’s hiding. She doesn’t want to go home. It was her home with Nathan, and never will be again. Peter says there’s all kinds of courage, and he thinks she’s capable of doing anything for the sake of her daughter. If the best thing is for her to visit at home, then go home. She thinks he’s right, but needs some help.

At the hospital, Franco appreciates Elizabeth waiting with him. He asks about the boys, and she says Aiden misses his video game buddy. Jake had a landscape assignment, and could have used his help. She describes the painting Jake created, and how he can’t wait to show him. The boys miss him. Franco asks, what about her? Doc comes out, and tells them Betsy is sedated, but fighting it. It’s time to go in.

Franco goes in to see Betsy. He tells her that some people will do anything to get a room. He says it’s been a long time.

At the station, Sam tells Murray that she paid the fine, and was told Drew could be released. Murray says he’ll check to see if Drew is in the system. She asks what happened, and he tells her that they broke up a fight on the pier, and both men were taken into custody. She tells him that she can pay the other guy’s fine, but he suggests getting Drew released first. Curtis walks in, and tells Sam that her sister is at her house watching the kids. He asks what the status is, but she doesn’t know. He wonders if it’s a good idea to see him, but she says, too late. Drew walks out.

Murray tells Drew that his wife paid the fine, but the incident is still open. If there’s a second occurrence, it will be considered a criminal charge. Jordan asks Curtis, what happened? He says he’s there picking up a friend, and tells her that Drew is staying with him. Drew says it’s not necessary, but Curtis tells him that he’s sorry he left him on the pier; they saw how that turned out. Jordan says he’s free, and don’t let it happen again. Drew blows past Sam, who is all weepy. Cry me a river.

Maxie asks Peter why they’re at the MetroCourt restaurant, and he says her fridge is probably empty. She says she has ketchup, and he picks up an order. Nina sees them leaving, and asks if that just happened. Valentin says, yeah, they ordered takeaway. She says she was so sweet to him, it made her teeth hurt. She asked him to allow Maxie to lean on her family, and they’re stuck like glue. Valentin says, hypothetically, when someone tells her not to do something, what does she do? Maxie likes Peter, and if someone, however well-meaning, tells her to avoid someone, how would she react? Nina says she’d be mad, and probably spend more time with them. She gets it. She can’t confront Maxie on this, but she’s not backing off. There’s more going on with Peter than he’s admitting.

Elizabeth asks Doc if it’s true that the truth can set you free. He says it depends on the truth. In Franco’s case, it depends on what Betsy tells him.

Betsy is upset, and Franco says she can tell him anything. She says she’s sorry, and starts to cry.

Sam wants to get the name of the other man, but Murray tells her his lawyer was already there, threatening to sue the department for bias, among other things. She says, Diane Miller, and Murray says, that’s the one. Jason walks out, and asks how she’s doing. She says, okay, and they stare at each other, unrequited love hearts popping out of their eyes.

Tomorrow, Maxie knows what Peter is trying to do, Kim asks what going on with Elizabeth, and Sam needs some distance.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle packs boxes. Storm steals the packing tape. Kyle is excited that they finally closed, but the old house is her comfort zone. It’s hard to leave the happy memories. Mauricio told her to hire people to pack, but that’s a no. She wants to control the situation. I don’t blame her. She’s also purging, and says Portia is the worst; every single thing is her favorite thing. She does sound like a small hoarder.

LVP is worried about Lollipop, who looks sad. They lost Pikachu a few days after Pink Dog, so she’s a little paranoid. In her interview, LVP says they both had good lives, but she doesn’t want to talk about it; her eyelashes will fall off. That’s rough. I lost two dogs within two months, and it was devastating. They’re premiering The Road to Yulan and Beyond, but she’s not looking forward to it. It’s been emotionally draining, and the result of years of hard work. Ken thinks the dogs would be proud. Giggy!

Erika sets up some fancy cookies for a visit from Dorit and LisaR. LisaR asks what the surprise is, but Erika says Dorit is late (which is no surprise), and she’ll see when Dorit gets there. Erika asks what LisaR thought about the psychic, and LisaR says she’s impressed with Erika’s psychic abilities. Erika thinks they all have them. LisaR talks about how she had the perfect storm happen, meeting some people who wanted to hook up with her clothing business just when her store was about to close. Dorit arrives, and Erika brings out the cardboard stand-up of her avatar. Dorit wants to have an avatar. Erika says being fearless is what it’s all about. It was either pivot or quit, and she’s in a place of yes. LisaR relates. Erika says, once the energy starts rolling, every door opens. Dorit says she’s been pouring her heart and soul into design, and her mind is going everywhere. That’s probably nothing new. She’s launching her first collection in five years. LisaR says there aren’t many jobs for women over forty, and brings up how men even look for younger women in relationships. Erika says that’s her story, and LisaR is like, oops.

Teddi is feeling hesitant about the Berlin trip. She doesn’t want to leave Edwin and the kids. He says he can handle it. She wants to go over the calendar with him. Being a helicopter mom, when she goes away, she leaves an extensive list, but he cares so much, he might as well wipe with it. He suggests being a full-time dad, but then retracts that before he gets in trouble. Teddi is apprehensive about the trip because of Erika’s repeated snapping at her. She tells Edwin that Erica apologized, and she thinks they’ll have fun. He asks about Dorit, but she doesn’t know. We flash back to the altercation about LisaR, and she says she doesn’t know if Dorit accepted her apology or not. She thinks a one-on-one might be in order. She hopes the past issues don’t rear their ugly heads.

LVP gets ready for the premier. She says it’s important for her to pull herself together to give the message. Dorit calls, and LVP tells her Pikachu died in her arms. She doesn’t want to talk about it now though, but Dorit ignores that, and prattles on. Giggy! LVP tries to get it together to fight the fight.

Ryan, Dorit’s business partner, wants to go over color combinations. She’s going to celebrate the launch of Beverly Beach with a fashion show. Ryan says everything is sample size extra small, because the girls are tiny. Dorit thinks a swimsuit should show a cheeky derriere, and says her swimsuits all give a lift. She tells Ryan about going to Berlin, and promises to work 24/7 this week. In her interview, she says she feels the creativity burning inside of her.

Giggy! The ladies get reserved seats for the premier. Dorit is late, but manages to get there before it starts. The Awareness Film Festival director tells them to prepare for tears. I won’t be watching any of this; just keeping my eyes on this page. It’s enough I have to hear it. Kyle says it’s impossible not to think of her own dogs, and even though I’m not looking, I start to tear up. The majority are stolen pets. Ken says they’ve seen videos of them being stolen, and I hate China. LisaR says she can’t talk about it. I can’t even listen to this. Teddi says you can’t imagine this is happening in our world. I can. Our world sucks. LVP says every dog saved is a victory, even if it’s one at a time.

They go to the after-party. Teddi says LVP has done great things for dogs, and LVP hopes it makes a difference. She’s glad her friends came – even LisaR. In her interview, Teddi says regardless of their ups and downs, she and Dorit have fun together. Dorit is ready to move on and have a great time. Erika’s meeting was moved to LA, but she wants to go to Berlin anyway, and these bitches are coming along for the ride. She tells Teddi about a horseback riding trail in Berlin, and says she wants an old nag to ride. In her interview, LVP says clearly, she has a type. BA-DUM-CHH!

Erika goes over her wardrobe with Mikey. She says there’s an edge to Berlin that requires costumes. She explains you need lube and baby powder to get into latex. It takes a lot of trunks full of glamour for Berlin.

Dorit is feeling like she’s coming down with the flu. Apparently, that wasn’t creativity she was burning with. She’s been working through the night to get the collection done. She has no time to sleep or be sick.

Giggy! LVP has never been to Berlin, but heard stories about WWII from her grandmother, Nanny Kay, who was a nurse during the war. She feels that it’s going to be more significant for her than the others.

The most anyone knows in German is Dorit, who can ask for another beer. They all do imitations of speaking in German, but it sounds Swedish. Dorit bugs the crap out of LVP on the flight. They’re only going to be gone for four days, and everyone has brought at least four bags. And I don’t mean small ones.

On the way to the hotel, they marvel at the architecture. Dorit was violently ill on the plane, and Kyle suggests calling a doctor when they get there. LisaR has brought her infamous bag o’ pills, and says Dorit must be happy she has it this time around, since she gave her something for nausea.

They’re greeted by the Waldorf Astoria manager. It’s the presidential suite for Erika, who says it’s been nice knowing the others. The other suites are nothing to sneeze at though. One of Erika’s views includes the zoo. Baby elephant! Erika is shown the panic room, and thinks she should lock these ho’s up.

Dorit says she might be sick, but still wants to look her best. The doctor comes to her suite, and she tells him about getting sick on the plane, and the different medications she’s taken. He tells her she shouldn’t have taken two of them together, and doesn’t think she’ll get nauseated again if she doesn’t. Doesn’t she know how to google?

Teddi video chats with Edwin, who’s driving. She tells him to pull over, and shows him the view from her room. In her interview, she says there are highs and lows in traveling without the kids. Of course he’s not following the list, but luckily he loves them and she has her back-up spy babysitter. LVP calls Dorit, and says she looks like sh*t. Dorit tells her about how she shouldn’t have mixed the medications – plus a bloody Mary. She’s going to skip tonight, and has FOMO. LVP thinks that sounds like a sexual maneuver. Dorit doesn’t want to miss out, but a healthy Dorit is more fun than a sick one.

The ladies go to a bar. Still in her suite, Erika tells Mikey they’re going shopping in the morning, and then horseback riding. Afterwards, she wants to have a dinner in the suite. She calls the desk, and asks if it’s possible. They tell her they’ll create a special menu, and she says it was the easiest reservation ever.

LisaR hopes they’re not going on a boat. LisaR mentions Brandi slapping LVP in Amsterdam, and Teddi is shocked. LisaR says she’s never even wanted to slap her, but LVP can’t say the same. LVP says LisaR seems less engaged with the group lately. LisaR says she’s changed, and in her interview, says she’s less engaged in the bullsh*t. Kyle suggests a hybrid of the old and new LisaR. LisaR says she has daughters who look up to her, and wants to show them that you don’t have to get involved in a situation you can’t fix.

Erika arrives, and tells them that she was planning the day for tomorrow. A question about who sleeps naked is asked. LVP says she did until the earthquake in ’94. Nanny Kay was staying with her then, and thought it was a blitz. Kyle asks who that is, and LVP says her grandmother who lived with her for twenty-five years. She’s perturbed that Kyle didn’t remember who Nanny Kay is, and we flash back to the million times LVP has mentioned her. LVP appreciates that Erika remembered, and in her interview, Erika says she actually does listen when someone talks. Real friendship. Try it.

Next time, dancing, beer, shopping, horseback riding, and Dorit confronts Kyle.

🍱 I keep seeing that commercial for Nutrisystem with Genie Francis talking about losing weight “the healthy way.” I don’t think you need Nutrisystem to do that, and you can probably do it yourself at half the cost. As much as I love Genie, I find it annoying when celebrities promote weight loss systems that are only common sense. Yes, I’m talking to you too, freestyling Oprah. Here’s the secret. Don’t eat processed food. Watch your portions. Move around more. You might want to tweak that to your personal taste, but those are the basics. Not that I always follow those rules, but when I do, it never fails. Fad or restrictive diets don’t work, because as soon as you’re off of them and start eating like a human again, you blow up like a balloon. And while it would be nice if someone just delivered my healthy meals with their portion-controlled sizes every day for the rest of my life, that isn’t realistic for most of us. That’s the other secret. It has to be a lifelong lifestyle, not something you do for several months, and go back to your wicked food ways. Not to say you can’t have special food occasions – using the word “cheat” gives you a subliminal guilt trip – but not even every weekend can be a holiday. Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, carry on.