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March 8, 2018 – Anna Gets Surprising News, a Winning Chef, Tardiness & a Little Spice


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At the hotel, Maxie runs into Peter putting his room tray out. She tells him she locked herself out of her room, and is going to have to go to the lobby in her PJs for a new card. He insists she use his phone.

At a restaurant in Belgium, Andre tells Anna it doesn’t look like Port Charles will be rebuilding for a while. At least her loved ones are all right. Anna says Felicia and Griff texted. He asks about Finn, and she says she didn’t hear from him, but Griff said he was working in the ER all night. Andre says she must be glad he’s safe. She changes the subject, saying she’s grateful for Andre’s help in tracking down the midwife. He says being a medical professional has its perks. A woman approaches the table, and says she’s Michaela, the midwife. How old was she when she delivered Anna’s baby? Ten?

Sonny tells Carly that everyone is accounted for. Carly can’t believe Josslyn is okay, and Michael is supposed to be released this morning.

Nell looks at Michael’s picture on her phone. Monica asks how she’s feeling, and Nelle says shaken up, but all right. Luckily, Carly was with her, and she’s not being facetious. Carly did a good job calming her down. Monica says Michael has been released, and should be there any minute.

Jason asks how Michael’s head is, and Michael says he’s gotten the all clear. He asks what happened to Jason, and Jason says, a lot. He just dropped Sam off to check on Drew.

Sam asks how Drew is feeling, and he says fine, now that she’s here. He’s fine and the kids are fine; what about her? She says she made it through without a scratch, but she did go to look for him. He can’t believe she went alone. She says she wasn’t. She was with Jason.

Anna says it must be a mistake. The midwife who delivered her baby would be seventy at least. Thank you. Michaela says she must be looking for her mother; they’re both midwives. Anna asks if they can contact her, but Michaela says she died last year. Anna and Andrew give their condolences. Andre asks if she kept any records. Anna says she wasn’t in the position to take care of a child, and Michaela’s mother arranged an anonymous adoption. Michaela says that’s often how it works now. Anna says it’s vital she find the family. It’s possible her child inherited a genetic illness that manifests between the ages of thirty and fifty. Can Michaela help?

Maxie looks around Peter’s room, and says she thought there was no damage from the earthquake. He tells her that his clothes just blew out of the drawers; obviously, he’s not a neat freak. Maxie says neither was Nathan. Peter says maybe it’s a guy thing, but Maxie thinks maybe it’s a slob thing. He asks when she checked in, and she tells him a few nights ago. She can’t stay in the apartment without Nathan.

Carly tells Sonny that she gets why Michael is checking on Nelle, but doesn’t want him to send the wrong message. Sonny says she seemed nice to Nelle when he found them, but she says Nelle was scared when she thought the baby was in trouble. It’s nice to know she’s concerned about her child, but it doesn’t change anything; she’s seen Nelle’s true colors. She tells Sonny that Mike got lost again, making it twice in a matter of days. They have to deal with his father’s Alzheimer’s. They have to make a plan.

Jason tells Michael about the trailer collapsing. Michael asks what they did, and Jason says they found a way out. Michael wonders if it was as simple as that, and Jason remembers Sam telling him that she still loves him.

Sam tells Drew that Jason was at the Quartermaines. The roads were closed, and she asked for a ride on his bike. When she saw The Floating Rib was destroyed, she was scared when she couldn’t find him. He tells her he was trapped under a freezer door. She asks how that’s possible. He explains that they couldn’t find Oscar and Josslyn, and discovered they’d wandered off to be alone. By the time he and Kim found them, the earthquake had jammed the door, and they both had hypothermia. Josslyn recovered quickly, but not Oscar. When the aftershock hit, he was knocked unconscious and pinned under the freezer door. She asks how he got out, and he says, Franco and Dante. She didn’t think there was such a thing as karma, but Franco wouldn’t have been there if she and Jason hadn’t saved him.

Maxie knows should be handling it better. She’s a grown woman and a mother. Peter thinks she’s doing great. He saw what it was like going back to the apartment, and it’s beyond him how she even spent the night there. She says she slept on couch, and when that didn’t help, she cleared out Nathan’s stuff. She thought that would make it easier, but just made the rooms look emptier. She tells Peter it’s like the baby has a sixth sense. Whenever she’s in a downward spiral about Nathan, it gives her a kick. She was thinking about how unfair it is. The baby is carrying Faison’s genes, and Nathan would help her decide what to do. Does she really want to know if the baby is predestined to be sick when it’s older? All of the life-changing impossible decisions have to be made alone, and she doesn’t know what to do.

Michaela says her mother was known for extending her services, and Anna says she was kind. She didn’t push her when she didn’t want to hold the baby, and promised to find a good home. Andre asks if she knows any way to find out anything. Michaela tells him that because of the nature of her practice, she was afraid of discovery. It would have been indiscreet to keep records. She’s sorry, but she can’t help

Sonny asks Carly to wait a second, but she says it can’t wait. Mike was arrested. Sonny says it worked out. She says he was alone in middle of a natural disaster; this can’t go on. Sonny says it’s not his turf or home. He needs to get back to Brooklyn. Carly says he should stay there with them.

Nelle tells Monica that maybe Michael was delayed. Monica says he told her that he was stopping by to take Nelle home.

Michael tells Jason that he’s glad they made it, and Nelle and the baby are fine. He can’t change that Nelle is carrying his child, and doesn’t know if he can trust her again, but the thought of something happening to her scared hell out of him. He asks Jason what his take on Nelle is, and Jason says he barely knows her. Michael wants to know his opinion from what he’s seen and heard. He trusts Jason more than anyone.

Sam tells Drew that Franco had barely left the trailer when the aftershock happened. They were literally hanging off a cliff, and had to jump before the trailer exploded. Drew thinks she should be checked out, but she says she’s fine. She asks about him, and he says as long as she’s there, he’s good. It’s the first time he’s ever been grateful to Franco.

Maxie can’t fathom Nathan having anything wrong with him, and Peter says maybe he didn’t have it. She says there’s a 50% chance he didn’t, and could have been totally healthy. Maybe the other son is one who drew the short straw. Wouldn’t it be justice?

Anna says that she and Michaela’s mother formed a friendship. She was sweet and understood things. Maybe she mentioned Anna? She’d called her Tess, as in Tess of the d’Ubervilles. Maybe she knows that name.

Drew tells Sam he could only watch while Kim and Dante did CPR on Oscar. He felt guilty. He missed so much of his son’s life; he wants to make up for lost time. Sam hopes he gets his wish. He says all of his wishes are granted right now. He just needs one more thing – to get out of here. Monica walks in, and says that can be arranged.

Michael tells Jason that Nelle went beyond messed up. It didn’t have to be this way. If she hadn’t made the decisions she did, it would have made all the difference. Jason asks if she could go back, would she change what she did. Michael thinks so. She didn’t have an easy life. He knows his mom has issues with her, but she’s made enough mistakes to understand that people deserve second chances. Jason wonders why she can’t get there with Nelle, but says she has good instincts. If he were Michael, he’d trust them.

Carly tells Sonny that Mike can stay with them. They have plenty of room and can hire professional caregivers, and despite his relationship choices, Griff is a great doctor. Sonny says he’s not moving in. He’s from Brooklyn, and Sonny can put him in his own neighborhood; he’ll do whatever it takes. Carly says Mike is the only family he’s got. Sonny says he’s handling it, but Carly says he’s not. Sonny says the last time he checked, Mike wanted him back with Brenda, and she resented him for that. She says she’s not doing it for Mike; she’s doing it for him.

Nelle’s phone rings. She answers, then says, it’s not possible; it can’t be.

Monica says if Drew promises to take easy, he can go home. He says, in that case, he promises. Monica is thankful he’s okay, and proud of how he looked after Oscar, getting him and Josslyn out of danger. She tells Sam to take care of him, and he says they’re doing a good job taking care of each other.

Jason tells Michael about Hanna Scott, a girlfriend of Sonny’s who turned out to be a Fed. Everyone thought things were fine, but Carly zeroed in on it immediately. Sonny didn’t listen, so Carly trailed her. She ended up getting mugged, and her wedding rings were stolen. She was married to AJ at the time, but Jason replaced them for her. Michael says it makes sense now why she still has them. They remind her of Jason. Jason says she was relentless, and eventually was proven right. Michael asks if Jason thinks he should trust Carly’s instincts, but Jason says, no; he should trust his own, and like Carly, don’t let anyone talk him out of them.

Carly understands that Sonny doesn’t want to watch Mike deteriorate, and become a shell of himself. Sonny doesn’t know if he can do it, but Carly says he can, and she’ll be next to him. He can change his mind in six months, but there will be less of Mike to spend time with. She suggests he do it now, while he still can. Sonny say he’s scared. Carly says she knows, but not to let fear trick him into pushing Mike away. It’s going to hurt no matter what, but he has the opportunity to come away with something positive. He can make peace while Mike is still himself. She wants that for both of them, and knows he wants it too.

Mike comes downstairs, and asks if the phones are working. He called Rita, but she said she’d moved back in with her sister. He must have heard wrong. Sonny looks at Carly.

Peter tells Maxie that he did some research, and she can have the test between the 16h and 18th week of pregnancy.

Here’s where my dear friend George Stephanopoulos interrupts, so I can be told about the steel and aluminum tariffs. Because it can’t wait twenty minutes. I hunt down the rest of the show online.

Peter says he knows Maxie was worried, and wanted to help. Maxie isn’t sure she wants to know. He asks when she’s due, and she tells him June 17th. He says the timing is perfect. She says the baby is going to be a Gemini. Peter says he is too – his birthday is on June 13th.

Michaela asks Anna what the baby’s date of birth was, and she says June 13th. What a coincidence! Michaela tells Anna that her mother lit a candle every year on that date, and said a prayer for the baby. Anna asks why. Michaela says years later, her mother ran into the family, and they’d had to let the baby go. She questioned them about it, but they deflected, and ran off. She never saw them again. She suffered greatly over it because she felt responsible. Andre says it wasn’t her fault, and it isn’t Anna’s either. Anna is a survivor, and so is her daughter. Michaela says Anna didn’t have a daughter. Her mother had said she had a perfect little son.

Peter asks Maxie if it Isn’t better to know everything and be prepared. She wonders how it’s his business, and he apologizes for overstepping. She says, no, she’s sorry. She lost her edit button when Nathan died, and wasn’t tactful to begin with. He says she’s entitled to her feelings, and she says he’s entitled to his opinion. Peter says they’re colleagues, and she has the right to keep things to herself. Maxie says he was with her when Nathan died, and they’re past being acquaintances. Nathan would want her to get tested. He was concerned to point of being obsessive about the baby’s health, and she told him the baby would be fine. Look how wrong she was. Peter tells her somehow, someday, everything will be fine.

Anna tells Michaela that she was led to believe she had a girl. Maybe someone else gave birth on the same date. Andrew says without documentation, they don’t know anything, and asks Michaela if there’s anything else she can tell them. Anna says there’s a 50% chance of her daughter getting the disease, and she should know. Michaela tells them to wait. She has something that might help. She leaves, and Andrew asks if Anna is sure she had a daughter. Anna says she didn’t ask; she didn’t want to know. Valentin is the one who told her, but what could he possibly gain by lying? Andre says for some reason, he doesn’t want her to find her son.

Carly tells Mike she’s sorry, but he heard right. Rita left him. Mike says they were together five years, and had a great thing going; why leave? Carly says she came there looking for him, and she had to tell her about him being sick. Mike says she had no right, but Sonny says Rita backed her into a corner; she had no choice. Carly says when Rita found out, she made it clear she hadn’t signed on for that. Mike says, for him? Carly says, to see him through an illness like that. Sonny says he’s sorry, and Mike starts to cry. This dude is tearing my heart out every other day. Mike asks what he’s supposed to do now, and Sonny says this is what they’re going to do, and it’s going to be okay.

Nelle dries her tears. Monica comes in, and asks what’s wrong. Nelle tells her the earthquake destroyed her apartment building. She’s homeless.

Michael tells Jason that he’s going to see Nelle; he’s the only person she has. He thinks Jason is right about his mom’s perspective. She’s usually right about people in general, but especially about the two of them. She thinks Jason and Sam belong together. Maybe she’s on to something. Michael moves along, and Jason takes the dog tag out of his pocket and looks at it.

Sam asks if Drew is ready to go home. He says he’s always ready.

Jason wants to leave the dog tag at the nurses’ station for Sam. He says her husband was admitted to the hospital. Drew is suddenly there, and says Jason got lucky. He can give it to her himself. He asks what it is.

Anna tells Andre that she thought she and Valentin had reached truce of some sort. What possible reason would he have to lie? Andre says maybe it’s as simple as him knowing something she doesn’t. Anna hopes Michaela is wrong. She needs to believe her daughter is in good hands; a happy and well-adjusted adult, who didn’t inherit anything from Faison. Andre prays she’s right. Michaela wasn’t exactly forthcoming, and he’s not entirely sure they can trust her.

Michaela returns, saying she wasn’t sure she could trust Anna at first, but her mother did keep records. Perhaps this will help Anna find what she’s looking for. She gives Anna an envelope. She takes Anna’s hand and wishes her good luck. Anna thanks her, and she leaves. Anna opens the envelope. She says it’s her baby. It doesn’t just have the date he was born, but the year and the time. She has a son.

Maxie tells Peter that she’s going to do it. She’s going to have the baby tested. Peter says from the information he got, she should have someone go with her. She asks if that’s to peel her off floor, and he says or help celebrate. He suggests Nina, but Maxie hasn’t told her. Peter asks what about her mom? Maxie says her mom is amazing, but she’ll only make her more nervous. Peter asks her to tell him if he’s overstepping, but he’d be more than happy to go; someone to be there when she takes it in. She says she’d like that.

Anna looks at the baby’s footprints on the paper.

Sonny tells Mike he doesn’t have to go back. He should stay with them, and spend some time with his grandchildren. Carly says soon there will be a great-grandchild. He can share memories and laughs; let them take care of him.

Michael asks Nelle if she’s okay, and she tells him it was a false alarm; he’s the one who was actually hurt. He says he’s fine; his head is still attached. She thanks him for picking her up  and getting her home. He says he can help her clean up, but she says that won’t be necessary. She has no home to go to. She’s surprised he wasn’t notified that the building was destroyed. He says he’s sorry, but she says the story has a happy ending. She’s moving in with the Quartermaines. His grandmother wouldn’t take no for an answer. Monica says she’s invited Nelle to live with them. Nelle hugs Michael.

Sam tells Drew it’s Danny’s dog tag that he ordered for Annabelle II. Jason says in all the craziness, it ended up in his pocket. He’s glad Drew is okay, and Drew says, same to him. Jason leaves, and Drew asks Sam if everything is okay. Sam says when they get home, they need to talk.

Tomorrow, Jason wants to draw out Henrik. Sonny tells Mike he’s not himself, and Franco confronts Scotty.

🔪 Since I had to do some work for my paying job, I missed most of the finale for Top Chef. However, I managed to catch the end, and Last Chance Kitchen Joe won the honors. It just goes to show you, never give up.

⏰ I did catch a late-night mini marathon of Don’t Be Tardy, which I haven’t seen in a while. While I’m not crazy about Kim Zolciak, and her daughters seem dumb as rocks, I do like this show. I love her chef, Tracey, who is a total looney-tune, and the tone isn’t mean-spirited. Not nearly as good as Sweet Home Oklahoma (when’s that show coming back?), but a nice break from housewives, summer houses, and real estate.

SmileyConfusedMA36106495-0001 Elizabeth Hurley was a guest on tonight’s Watch What Happens Live, and seemed to have spilled some spicy tea. Apparently, she’s close friends with Victoria Beckham (who I love), and said that another Spice Girls reunion was a go. Maybe I’m behind, but last I read, it was a no. I have mad love for The Spices, and have seen them twice. Yeah, I know, but I love all genres of music (well, maybe not that experimental John Cage type stuff), and I think they arrived at a time when they were needed. They were the bubblegum of the 90s, and a sigh of relief after the angst of Kurt Cobain’s death. I saw them both times in 2008, during their last reunion tour. Back in the day, I went to a lot of concerts, but like Broadway, ticket prices have skyrocketed. Hell, movies are borderline unaffordable. Thank God there’s a dollar store in the mall, because I’m not taking out a second mortgage to buy a box of M&Ms. But as usual, I digress. I try to choose wisely who picks my entertainment budget pocket, and they didn’t disappoint. I felt like I got my money’s worth. Lots of costume changes, big sets, special f/x, and all the songs. And the girls really are good singers too, despite so many people poking fun at them. I’m sure they cry all the way to the bank. I’ve also enjoyed many of their solo efforts. Geri Halliwell is especially impressive. And dare I say it? IMO, Mel C does a better rendition of Like a Prayer than Madonna.

😩 I’m seriously growing weary of moments, movements, and international anything days.

🎶 Memory Spice Lane…



June 15, 2017 – Jason Faces Costa, a Cyrus Musing & Two Shows I’m Surprised I Like


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Olivia-F flips through a bridal magazine. Julian approaches, saying he doesn’t suppose he’s getting an invite. Olivia asks how he got out of jail, and he tells her that he’s out on bail. She asks about Ava. He says she’s fighting and winning, but her life isn’t going to be the same. Olivia says she’s cheated death before and it must run in the family. Julian says he wants to see his son.

On the phone, Amy says they’ll have a visit later, and she’ll come up with a new plan to keep them afloat. When she hangs up, Nathan asks if there’s something he can help with.

Griff sees Sam at the hospital. He asks if she feels sick, and she tells him that she’s tired, stressed and can’t sleep.

Jason tells Spinelli that Costa works for Helena. He asks what if he’s still in Port Charles?

Costa eavesdrops on Elizabeth and Jake. She says it’s late, so they have to skip Lila’s Kids camp. She asks if something bothering him, and he says the magic set he got for his birthday.

Amy says now Nathan wants to help her, after snooping on her phone call. She says she already asked for help. He says the advice column is something he can’t do being a cop. Dillon comes along, asking about the reunion. Amy says who cares about high school? Some people’s live went downhill after graduation, and she can’t do this right now. She stomps off, and Dillon is like, what’s that about? Nathan doesn’t know, but says something is definitely up.

Olivia tells Julian that Leo is used to him not being around, and it’s just going to confuse him. She talks about Leo’s second birthday and how great it was. Julian wishes he could have been there. She says, but he wasn’t, and to remember what she said – the best thing for Leo is to let Ned adopt him. Julian says he’s Leo’s father, and she says be a good one then. Do the selfless thing and stay out of his life.

Griff asks Sam some questions. She says she’s achy like with the flu, but she had a shot. He says there are other viruses out there. He checks her temperature, and says it’s fine. He asks if there are any other symptoms. She thinks about how she envisioned Elizabeth having a gun, and says there is something else.

Spinelli asks if Jason thinks Costa is still there. He returned the rental car, and there’s no record of another lease. He says they got lucky because of the license plate, and Jason says has to be another way. Spinelli says there is.

Jake asks where the magic kit is, and Elizabeth asks why. He says doesn’t want to be a magician anymore. It turned into something weird and scary, and he doesn’t want it back. Elizabeth tells him that he doesn’t have to think about it again. Jake asks if he can get something from the vending machine, and she gives him change. Costa is at the machine, pretending to be a normal person.

Dillon wonders what’s going on between Nathan and Amy, and asks how Maxie is. Nathan says determined, like her mom, then apologizes, and asks about Ava. Dillon says Kiki hasn’t left the burn unit at all. He’s getting some food for her, hoping she’ll eat. He’s glad Maxie is getting quality time with Georgie, and asks if she’s coming home soon. Nathan says the person she was filling in for left, and she feels obligated to stay until a replacement is found. They both like their jobs, so for the time being, they’re bi-coastal. Dillon questions what was wrong with Amy, and Nathan says he tried to help, but it backfired. He tells Dillon about the Nurses Ball, and how they became friends. Dillon says that they went to high school together. Nathan tells him that something is going on.

Costa eyeballs Elizabeth while Jake is at the machine. Jake looks at him.

Spinelli looks up the credit card number, calling it a trail of breadcrumbs. He says they’re going to find this guy.

Sam tells Griff that she’s on edge, and it’s not like her. Griff says illness brings anxiety. She asks if there’s a magic pill for that, and if she’s overreacting. Griff suspects mono, and wants to give her a blood test, but she says she thinks she’s wasting his time, when she’s just stressed with the kids. He says he thinks he might know what’s wrong with her.

Olivia tells Julian that what Leo needs, she and Ned can give him. Julian says that Leo is the only child he has who doesn’t hate him, and Olivia says that’s because he doesn’t know Julian is the monster under the bed yet. Julian says she has no cause to be righteous, and they agreed to raise him together. She says that was after he promised to be out of the mob – a lie like everything else. She wants to know when they can look forward to him being out of their lives, and he says he might be able to walk and get his life back. She says that’s impossible. He tells her that he’s free now, and wants to see his son. Olivia says that Leo is hers and Ned’s son; he’s never even sent a birthday card. He has no rights anymore. Popping into the conversation, Alexis say he has every legal right to see his son.

Griff tells Sam that it could be PTSD, but Sam says that’s not her. He wants to do full check-up. She practically runs out the door, but he asks her to promise to make appointment with Dr. Lee. She says she will. Griff wants to come with her, but she says she won’t make break for it. He tells her that he’ll back off.

Jake stares at Costa with narrowed eyes. Costa jets before Elizabeth gets near him. The machine doesn’t have what Jake wants, and she says they’ll find another one. They get in the elevator as Costa watches.

Jason says it’s taking too long, and Spinelli asks if he doubts The Jackal. He tells Jason that Costa retuned to Greece after the delivery, but he’s back. He charged a hotel room, and bought clothing at a medical supply place – a set of scrubs. Apparently, he’s not a very good spy.

Jake thinks maybe Andre is right, and he could be a doctor. Elizabeth says that would carry on the family tradition, but they’ll love him no matter what he decides. She says that he doesn’t need to figure it out right now, but he tells her that career day is coming up, and they’re supposed to do a demonstration, so he wants to learn more. Elizabeth says it sounds like plan. Jason calls and asks where they are. Elizabeth tells him they’re at the hospital in search of a snack. He asks if Jake is with her, and tells her not to say anything, just go somewhere safe. She asks what about home, but he says not to go there because the delivery man is still in Port Charles. He tells her to find a room and lock herself in. He’s calling security, and on his way right behind them. He says to do it right now, and she says, see you soon, not wanting to alarm Jake. She tells Jake that Jason is meeting them there. She thinks they should find someone to help with his presentation. In the meantime, Costa continues to slither sneak around.

Costa watches. Elizabeth sees Griff, who’s on his way to meeting. She says Jake wants to talk to him, but Jake says they don’t have to do it now. Elizabeth says, yes, they do, and shoves Jake into an examining room. She tells Griff that they could be in danger and asks him to stay and not let anyone get in the room. Costa looks grim.

I missed a little bit here, as I was busy cursing out my computer. The little spinny thing was happening, and it wouldn’t let me do anything.

Jason arrives at the hospital. He talks to a security guy about Costa, and he says they’re patrolling the floors. Jason says he’s dangerous, and they have to find him now. Elizabeth sends text to Jason, who replies that he’s on his way with security. Griff locks the door, and when Jake asks why, Griff tells him that he’s hiding from a mean administrator who wants to take him to a meeting. Jake talks about being a psychiatrist, saying he wants to make people feel better, but not do gross stuff, just talking. Elizabeth tells Griff that she thought Jake could ask him some questions to be better prepared for career day. Griff says the first thing is figuring out what’s wrong. Elizabeth peeks out between the blind slats, while Griff talks to Jake. They decide to role play with Jake being the doctor. When we had career day in junior high, I went to the talk by the local TV weatherman. I didn’t give a flying about being a meteorologist, but I thought he was hot stuff, and wanted to meet him.

Jason and the security guy do a sweep of one of the floors. Costa gets in the elevator. Jason sees him, and runs to get in, but the door closes before he can.

Dillon tells Nathan about going to high school with Amy, and says there was more drama than Pretty Little Liars. Nathan assumes that Maxie wasn’t the nicest, and Dillon says she was the queen of everything, and could have been characterized as a mean girl. He tells Nathan about Amy always being there to help, while her brother was the star running back and his jersey is still hanging in the gym. He was also a nice guy, even to drama dweebs like him. Amy lived in his shadow, but worshipped him. Nathan asks where he is now, and Dillon says he played for Wisconsin, but threw out his shoulder, and hasn’t been heard about since.

Olivia asks Alexis if she’s going to welcome Julian with open arms if he walks. Alexis says he has a legal right to see his child, and Julian says just give him that. Olivia says when he found out that he was Leo’s father, he went on and on about being a father from beginning this time, and how he was going to be father of the year. Instead, he got himself involved in his lunatic sister’s crime spree. He didn’t warn anyone or do a damn thing, except sink back into his lying, criminal ways. She asks what father does that, and he says one whose children were threatened. He did it for Leo. Olivia says she read his masterpiece of self-justification, and warned Alexis not to fall for it, but she did. It’s obvious why he loves her. She turns a blind eye to his criminal ways, and is putting Leo in danger to prove that she still loves him.

Alexis says she’s not using Leo to prove anything; she’s fighting for Julian’s legal rights, like any lawyer. Sam joins them, and asks what’s going on. Olivia says Alexis is championing her father. Alexis says she might think he’s a bad man, but he has the legal right to see his son. Sam says she doesn’t want him near any of her kids, and he’s never going to see Scout. He put their lives in danger, and Sam wonders how Alexis can defend him. Olivia thanks her for being the voice of reason, and says she’ll see the star-crossed lovers in court. Sam tells Alexis that if she insists on defending him, she has nothing to say, and tells her to get back to her client, or whatever he is to her.

Nathan googles Amy’s brother. Dillon asks if Nathan thinks he’s criminal. Nathan says Amy is stressed out, but shut down when he tried to help. When Dillon brought up high school, she said some people’s lives went downhill. He has a hunch that she was talking to her brother, and he’s learned his hunches are usually right. Dillon says he’s untraceable on the web and social media, but Nathan says he has access to other avenues. As they’re talking, Nathan finds something

Jake tells Griff that they’ll have to keep an eye on his tonsils. Elizabeth acts as Jake’s nurse, and he asks for the reflex mallet. Griff fools around, overreacting, and Jake says this is better than career day, and better than his act at the Nurses Ball.

Jason traps Costa on the roof. He wants answers.

Nathan tells Amy they need to talk. He thinks he knows what’s going on, and understands.

Alexis tells Julian not to start. He thanks her for being on his side about Leo, and she says she’s on Leo’s side. He says she always does the right thing, making me gag, and probably Alexis too. She says, hardly. He tells her if there’s a custody fight, he won’t ask her to represent him. Wow. He must be a narcissist. Who would grant him custody of anything? He says he’s grateful for Olivia recognizing that he loves her. He still does. She blows him off, saying she wants to talk to Sam. I laugh, because that’s such a guy thing, to pick out that she loves him from all the trash talk.

Sam says she’s waiting for Jason. Alexis asks what’s going on, and Sam asks how she can defend Julian – he has her where he wants her. Alexis says that’s not true, and Sam tells her to leave. Alexis thinks there’s more to it than Sam’s father, and Sam says maybe she was thinking about getting shoved off a bridge and wondering if she was going to lose her baby all night in the cold – because that great guy couldn’t be bothered to warn her. She says she’s fine, but can’t deal with them right now. Alexis tells her to call when she wants to talk.

Jake listens to his own heart on the stethoscope. Elizabeth says he has big heart, and he tells her that Andre said that too. He says she looked scared at the Nurses Ball, and asks if it was him. She says he didn’t do anything wrong, and promises it will be okay. They hug.

Jason asks Costa why. Costa says all he did was deliver a package. It wasn’t his job to ask questions, and it’s not Jason’s either. He says it can go two ways – they kill one another or walk away. They start to fight, and Costa slams Jason up against the door, holding him there.

Tomorrow, Spencer asks if Laura has forgotten about Nicholas, Amy tells Nathan it’s none of his business, and Jason asks who Costa is working for.

🏠 I find Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design and Conquer downright creepy. It’s like watching two older-than-Miley women with her head on them. I also wonder if any of them had the same frustration I did as a teenager. While other kids could pretend they were adopted, and their real family was rich and fabulous, and would one day come to find them, I couldn’t. We all look way too much alike.

👶 Odd Mom Out begins again on Monday, July 10th, at 10 pm. This show was a surprise for me. Not having kids, I didn’t think I’d relate, but main character Jill (Jill Kargman, who also was a Club Kid in the 90s) is very relatable. She’s awkward, often unfiltered, and a consummate New Yorker, calling Hamilton akin to Frozen for adults. Like Seinfeld before it, people familiar with NYC will find a real gem in this show, but you don’t have to be a mom or from the city to laugh your ass off.

🏃 Bravo has also been rerunning Don’t Be Tardy, which was another one I was shocked that I liked so much. I wasn’t a huge Kim Zolciak fan when she was on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and agreed with NeNe that she should close her legs to married men. But it seemed like once she took that advice, and took up with Kroy Biermann, she was a decent person waiting to happen. I had always liked her daughters, so I figured there must be something there somewhere. While she can still be brassy and grating, the family as a whole is fun and sweet. They’re also probably more real than most, Kim calling them the Beverly Hillbillies of Los Angeles. It’s a nice break from the usual harshness of reality TV.


September 27, 2015 — Fairy Tales, Zombies & Kim, Oh My!


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)


Once Upon A Time

This show seems like it’s written by a bunch of ex-Disney employees on cocaine. Or as Mr. Hand would say, “on dope.” And I mean that in a good way. You never know who is going to show up – Cinderella, King Arthur, the Wicked Witch of whatever direction is in vogue. I’m waiting for the Peanuts gang to stop by any second.

I’d watched some of the show before the season premiere, where the cast and writers answered fan’s questions. Apparently, this show has achieved mini cultlike status. I didn’t think I was the only one watching it, because it keeps getting renewed, but I hadn’t realized how attached many people are to it. They continually said that it’s a “story about hope.” I can’t say I read a lot into it myself, although I do have shows and movies I feel that way about, so I’m impressed. My reasons for watching are much more shallow. The fabulous sets and costumes, and Captain Hook. He ain’t Walt Disney’s Captain Hook. It is also a lot of fun, characters from every favorite childhood story, living normal lives in a parallel world, while they wield their magic in whatever world they came from, be it Neverland or an enchanted forest. Bet you never knew Snow White and Prince Charming had a daughter. Frankly, I never thought about it much either, but that was the crux of the story and it blossomed from there.

Note to whoever does blonde hair on television shows – stop giving the women those silver highlights. They look like they have grey hair. Unless that’s the look you’re going for. That being said, I want to know who designed Emma’s coat in tonight’s episode. It is beyond.

Commercial break. Shouldn’t the “Little People Big Animal Zoo” be called the “Little People Big Animal Habitat?” Just sayin’.

This season, they’re adding Camelot to the mix and I’m wondering if Monty Python’s Flying Circus will come along? The special effects are also a lot of fun, and tonight Sneezy got turned into stone and crumbled into dust. He never did get any respect.

And whatever happened to Pongo?

Fear the Walking Dead

I got confused for a second with it starting off with some guy talking about being a closer, saying he can sell anything but insurance, like he’s a leftover from an Allstate commercial. We’re in some kind of holding tank, which I assume is the quarantine area. Nick is also there.

All right! The Walking Dead is coming back October  11 – Daryl & zombies!

Daniel’s daughter, Ofelia, is hopping up and down and creating a scene at the fence. She wants to see her mother. She tries to get others to go along with her complaining, but no one wants to get involved. Andrew, a soldier she befriended earlier, intervenes. Some guy in the background has had enough and is quitting the soldier business.

In the infirmary, Liza has been recruited to help with the sick. Dr. Exner says they’re short staffed and doesn’t explain where some of the staff went. I’ll bet I can guess.

Meanwhile, back at Madison’s place Chris basically tells Travis he’s a pacifist tool and storms off. Madison finds that Daniel has captured Andrew, who I assume he’s going to pump for information. Andrew gives him a bunch of rhetoric, telling them everything is cool. We all know everything is not cool, except for Travis who lives in Dream Valley with the My Little Ponies. He’s gone off to reason with his buddy, Lt. Moyers, and more rhetoric is given. Travis tells him that if the people who were taken don’t come back soon, the town is not going to be happy. This was really a stupid move, since he gets taken to “see the doctor,” which I think is a euphemism for “you’re not coming back.”

Lieutenant Dickweed will be lucky if his own men don’t end up killing him.

Oh look! It’s a zombie! I’d almost forgotten that’s what this show is about. Moyers wants Travis to kill it – I guess to make some kind of point. IMO this is akin to the Mafia guys in movies who always want to recruit civilians to be hit men. Probably not a good idea if you really want to get the job done. Travis can’t do it, so Moyers does, proving that Travis is willing to let someone else do the dirty work.

Commercial break. Into the Badlands looks amazing. It’s some kind of samurai drama. I don’t need another show to watch though. TV has got to stop being so good. Love those beer ads about “the most interesting man in the world.” IRL, he’s an animal activist. I read this in an article titled, The Most Interesting Man in the World Just Got More Interesting.

Back at the infirmary, a soldier has come in with bite marks and everyone gets real busy real quickly. Travis and the soldiers drive through an evacuated area that’s not so evacuated, since it’s crawling with zombies. When the soldiers are done doing whatever, Travis is told they’re taking him a few blocks away from home and he has to walk the rest of the way. What?!  Thanks a lot!

Apparently, Daniel knows a thing or two about torture and is skinning one of Andrew’s arms. Whoa.  Chris and Alicia have broken into a rich person’s house, play with their expensive toys and try on their expensive clothes. (An homage to the original Dawn of the Dead perhaps?) In the quarantine area, the soldiers are taking everyone’s temperature with a device that they can use from a distance. Cool! Nick’s temp is high (probably from withdrawal), but the Allstate guy keeps him from getting hauled away.

Ofelia is not too happy about Daniel’s means of getting information and walks out of the house. Lots of storming off tonight, even though there’s nowhere to storm off to. Daniel explains to Madison that he had told his daughter about the war he’s been through, but not what part he played in it. He says that sometimes it’s necessary to be evil in order to eradicate evil. He didn’t use those exact words, but I paraphrased. Not bad, eh?

Liza is combing the place for Griselda. She finds her among other “patients” in a locked area where all the people are wrapped up in what look like cocoons. Dr. Exner comes up behind her, and tells her that they have “septic shock” and there isn’t anything anyone can do. I’m guessing these are the people closest to death and they’re being kept far away and confined.

Chris and Alicia trash the rich people’s house just like normal teenagers. Travis makes it home and sees Ofelia practically catatonic.  He is totally appalled at Daniel’s behavior, but hey, it worked. Andrew is spilling everything. It turns out the soldiers are all going to book and the civilians are going to be “humanely terminated.”

The Allstate guy is amused that the people who have everything are now being looked at as lunch. He knows what’s happening with the evacuation, and wants Nick’s help. I’m pretty sure that this guy doesn’t do anything without wanting a favor in return.

Griselda is babbling in Spanish about the past which means I have to read subtitles. Afterward, she promptly dies. Why they have un-cocooned her, I have no clue. That seems kind of dangerous, and the doctor has just said they all come back and to shoot her in the head with some kind of gun used for livestock, which Liza does.

Why the blip is Daniel roaming about alone at night? He wanders all the way to the Los Angeles Arena, where the soldiers have chained a whole load of zombies inside. He watches as the doors begin to shake, reminiscent of when Rick finds the chained doors in the first episode of The Walking Dead. The only thing missing is the warning DO NOT OPEN – DEAD INSIDE.

It looks like next week, we will get full on zombies.

Best quote by Lt. D-bag: I can do anything I want. I got guns.

Don’t Be Tardy

This is one of those shows that I can take or leave, but really enjoy it when I take it. Despite her recent airport tantrum (who hasn’t at least thrown one in their head?), Kim and the rest of the Biermanns seem like lovely, normal (albeit rich) people.

Tonight, Kim made a speech and she got my vote for best real quote of the night. Maybe the year. While addressing a group of women, she said, “Can you imagine if [women] truly shared what they know with each other, how successful they would be?” She said this after talking about how some women will resent others doing well. Brava, Kim! I’ve thought that for a long time.

Don’t Be Tardy also got the award of the millennium for being a true glimpse of reality. Their dog took a poop and promptly ate it, causing Troy to convulse in laughter, and the girls to screech at the top of their lungs. It doesn’t get more real than that.

September 10/11, 2015 — GH Times 2, Tardy, Manzos & Zombies


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)


General Hospital (Thursday)

Someone please either give Morgan some medication or make him go away.

I always forget how much I like Tracy until I see her again. I’m wondering what happened to the old Paul though. Is he on another soap? Are there any other soaps? J/K. I have actually had brief affairs with soaps other than the ABC ones. I watched The Young & The Restless for a while when Marc Singer was guest starring, but when he left, so did I. I know a lot of people love it and they seem to win a ton of Emmys (although it’s been up for speculation as to why, since their cast is the biggest, ergo has more voting power), but I just couldn’t get into it. I loved Passions, which was a huge conflict, being on the same time as One Life To Live, but I recorded one and watched the other live. When Passions briefly moved to Direct TV, I was thisclose to signing up just so I could watch it, even though I live in an area of extreme weather and my neighbors advised against it. I was glad I didn’t, since that was a pretty dirty trick they played by only airing it for like 2 months. I wonder how many new subscribers were duped.

Ha-ha! I just saw one of the extras being hypnotized by the action between Julian and Dante, and then quickly pick up a phone that didn’t ring when they realized they were staring. For somebody who knew no one and didn’t even know themselves, Jake sure has gotten involved in pretty much every storyline.

The news of Sonny getting shot is slowly traveling around Port Charles. That’s because there is no local news program or any other kind of media there. Ironically, if these characters were watching the same show they’re on; they would have gotten this “breaking news” at least 12 times by now. Rick the weasel is now looking like Rick the fish gasping for air. Close your mouth, dude. I have to admit, TJ is right about Sonny saving him, but then again, he wouldn’t have been there in the first place if it hadn’t been for Sonny. Can’t Lulu use a phone to let Dante know about Julian? I hear it’s a lot faster than going there in person. Port Charles is looking a lot like Brigadoon today.

GH Part 2 (Friday)

Hospital free-for-all!

This makes no sense whatsoever, even for a soap. Sloane (who apparently has a Star Trek transporter) shows up at Wyndemere, wanting an “audience with the prince” (i.e. Nicholas), but wants Hayden to stay for the convo because she’ll “keep him honest,” (huh?), and then proceeds to blackmail Nicholas.


I do like nuSloane in some ways. The original was incredibly handsome, but a little too intense – whether because of the actor or the direction, I don’t know. NuSloane has it going on as far as temperament goes and I appreciate his acting skills, but he still reminds me of Beau Bridges, and I don’t see Anna with Beau. I’m guessing it was one of those things where they wanted to “take the character in a new direction.” That, or old Sloane got another job while Anna was away. Or maybe he didn’t like that buzzcut they gave him. I didn’t.

The job didn’t cost you Anna, Sloane. You did. He also says he was “distracted” by Nicholas’s money. He evidently wants some more distraction.  It’s probably not a good idea to meet with him “tomorrow” regarding this.  Most likely Nicholas will be waiting with a crossbow.

Everyone is having longer, more complicated conversations with Sonny today than they do when he’s conscious. He’s going to wake up just so he can tell them to shut up already.  Sonny be all like, can I open my eyes now?  I see you blinking, Maurice Benard!

Ugh! Julian. No. Just no. What a wimp.

Finally! Thank you, Elizabeth! I still don’t like you, but thanks for helping this way-too-long storyline to come to an end. Jake, I’m hoping you will officially be dubbed Jason after the weekend cliffhanger is over.

Don’t Be Tardy & Manzo’d With Children & a Couple of Random Thoughts

Just a quickie. I like these shows because they add some balance to Bravo’s somewhat b*tchy line up. I like how they’re doing a People’s Couch thing, by having the cast of the two shows watch the other. Very clever!

The Manzo brothers seem perplexed that cleaning up a woman’s house can say “I’m sorry.” You’re darn tootin’ it can! It can also say “I love you,” and whatever else you would like it to say. Kim Zolciak and her daughter agree.

Best quote – from Kim:  “Why are they meeting? It must not be his ex ex.”

I know I shouldn’t watch those First Look shows, but I did anyway. I actually don’t mind spoilers so much, but I should stop myself from peeking for a different reason. When the actual show rolls around, about 10 minutes in, I’ll think I’ve seen it before. Then I’ll wonder how I could have seen it before, when it’s a new episode. Then I’ll double-check the guide. Then the light bulb will flicker on.

How stoned was Andy on Thursday’s Watch What Happens Live? He thought the quote of “I’ll never go hungry again” came from Steel Magnolias.  I was going to make a joke here about how everyone knows it really comes from Fried Green Tomatoes, but then I remembered how many people will think a Facebook repost from The Onion is true.

Z Nation

I am so happy to see that this show was renewed! I love The Walking Dead, but there are many reasons that I actually like this one better. (Fear the Walking Dead hasn’t been on the radar long enough for it to register on the zombie show hierarchy scale yet.) While I adore Daryl and the gang, the characters in Z Nation have better senses of humor and for some reason, are more sympathetic to me. And they came up with the premise for Murphy, sort of the rock star of the zombie world. He’s been bitten by zombies several times, yet hasn’t succumbed to turning into one. Although he seems to be turning into some kind of hybrid. And then there’s Citizen Z.

A nerd extraordinaire, he lives in a compound in the North Pole and has set up a means of communication with the rest of the world. Periodically, he’s been able to get in touch with the merry band that we’re traveling with. He also has a beautiful Husky dog. I don’t care who dies in a movie, as long as the dog lives. Whoever decided to put that on a T-short had my number. One of my favorite episodes involved Citizen Z finding a Russian cosmonaut on his lawn and the two trading stories and cautiously becoming friends. In the last minutes of the episode, we realize – at the same time Citizen Z does – that this new buddy is not real at all. There has been a carbon monoxide leak at the compound. He is unconscious, and this is his brain’s way of getting him to wake up. “Remember what you know,” the cosmonaut tells him. What he knows is that he forgot to deal with the alarm that had gone off earlier.

When I watch this show, I spend a lot of time with my mouth hanging open. It’s relentless with non-stop action, and well done. I’m serious about watching it too. As you can probably tell, I’m usually doing 50 things at once. Rare is the occasion when I’m paying 100% attention, but this is good enough to suck me in for the entire hour.

When we last left the group, Murphy was estranged from them, and several nuclear missiles were headed for various places in the United States. It wasn’t looking too good for anybody. It was a slick way to leave us too, since if they hadn’t been renewed, we could assume Armageddon had happened.

Murphy: “The Apocalypse means never having to say you’re sorry.”


Quote of the week: “I’m one nose job away from my dream.” – dude getting a rhinoplasty on Atlanta Plastic.

August 24, 2015 — GH, the OC & Some Biermanns


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)

General Hospital

Nah. It’s not Nina who killed Silas. And it’s not “Breaking News” either – wtf with this interruption? The news comes on at 4, is this really necessary? If our shores are being attacked, please let me know, but don’t tell me about a bus crash/fire/shooting that you don’t even have the details on, that it’s still raining/snowing/sunny out, or give me a traffic report. I can guarantee you, that if I’m watching General Hospital, I’m not on the road.

A bit of Obrecht today. She’s become one of my favorite characters. Kathleen Gati is a wonderful actress, and I’ve especially loved her contributions to the Nurses Ball. My favorites have always been the villains – without whom we’d have no story – especially the ones who have what I call “the twinkle.” It’s that twinkle in the eye that tells you they’re having a great time playing this character, and they want you to come along for the ride. Faison also has the twinkle. A fan favorite, he refuses to die no matter how many times they kill him off. I was lucky enough to meet Anders Hove, once dubbed “the sexiest man in Denmark” (I concur), and he not only twinkles, he oozes old world charm. Having done a straight-to-video vampire series called Subspecies, I met him at a horror convention in NYC years ago. He was a guest along with Denice Duff, also a soap actress and his co-star in one of the films. Of course I brought a Soap Opera Weekly with me for him to autograph, but I wasn’t sure I was going to get it back, as he & Denice were having such a great time looking at the magazine. At the time, we were promised a prequel Subspecies film, the story involving the history of his character, Radu, prior to becoming a vampire. I was all for this, as I wanted to see him in a film where he wasn’t salivating blood throughout the whole thing. Alas, it never happened, but I still hold out hope. After all, Bruce Campbell finally seems to be accepting the fact that he is Ash, so anything can happen.

OMG – Franco just “confessed” to save Nina. And he didn’t do it either.

The Real Housewives of the OC

Let’s just get right to it. I can’t stand Meghan. It’s surprising that she doesn’t trip all the time, since her nose is so far up in the air. She married into money and it’s a good thing because she’s so brainless, I can’t imagine her functioning in the real world. Although she’s his 4th wife and he seems like a real cretin, so I’m guessing it won’t last. Good luck when your time runs out. What I hate the most is, like Brandi who was recently shown the door from the NY Wives, she seems to be obsessed with knocking the other women because they’re older than she is. Does she think she’s going to remain 30 forever? (Not to mention that all of these women are gorgeous. We should all be so lucky to look like them when we’re “old,” which apparently in Meghan’s mind is 40 to 50.)

Wait, who are those extra women at the end of the table? Oh good, Meghan is crying. Boo…hoo…hoo.

Meghan is one of those women who likes to stir the pot and step back to watch the fireworks. Then, when they’re called on it, they pretend they don’t know what on earth anyone is talking about. (Otherwise known as Tamra Jr.) In a nutshell, Vicki’s (the OG of the OC) boyfriend, Brooks, has cancer. Chemotherapy does not seem to be working for him, so he’s decided to go a different  route. A few of the ladies (sans Vicki) had lunch with a psychic who claimed he “couldn’t see” Brook’s cancer. He back pedaled somewhat afterward, but it was too late. Because Meghan is so freaking narrow-minded and stupid, she can’t comprehend that there might be an alternative treatment other than chemo. (If she says “I can’t wrap my head around it” one more time, I’m going to scream.) She decided to pass this info along to a couple of the other Wives who weren’t at the lunch and this greatly disturbed Shannon, who is also a big believer in alternative medicine. At a subsequent dinner with Vicki and Brooks to celebrate Brook’s birthday, Shannon didn’t exactly let the cat out of the bag, but close enough, and Vicki got pretty upset. When she (Vicki) found out what was actually said, she was none too happy with Meghan.  After receiving a text from Vicki, Meghan insists that it was the psychic who said it, not her, and she is completely innocent. (Excuse me while I choke on my lemon seltzer.) When the ladies all get together for a dinner later, sparks fly, and the episode ends with Meghan calling Vicki “a bitter old woman who’s mad at the world.” What is wrong with this girl? When I was 30, hell, when I was 20, I had the ability to understand that there were things outside the realm of my own experiences, and knew that I would one day age, gleaning from my elders rather than insulting them because they dared to get old. And for someone who claims they “own” everything they say or do, she’s better than Taylor Swift at shaking it off. I can’t wait until that tool of a husband dumps her and she has to get a real job. I’m going to laugh my ass off.

What is really despicable – and there are several Wives who do this – is when nasty comments are made under the guise of being “honest,” or even worse, “caring.”

Shannon’s birthday dinner doesn’t go much better. She and her husband are in counseling, trying to keep their marriage together after his affair. Not only is her birthday reminding her 50th the year before, where David went off to see another woman after “seeing” her, David takes her and their daughters to a sports bar for dinner. Not exactly Shannon’s cup of tea. I’ve heard these two are doing well now, and I’m very glad to hear it. While David is not a favorite of mine, I like Shannon. There are times when she can act batsh*t crazy, but she has reason to be emotional, and this is not the easiest bunch to deal with. I like her sense of humor and I honestly think she’s one of the most real of all the Wives.

Heather sure is having a big house built. The first thing I thought was, more house, more incentive to save junk you don’t need. I’m assuming they have household help, but I just don’t see having a house a mile wide. I’m not that good of a roller skater.

Don’t Be Tardy

Just a quickie here. I have a weird relationship with this show. Since Kim Zolciak (now) Biermann has spun off from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, I remain ambivalent on one hand and hypnotized on the other. I constantly say I’m going to skip the show because my television plate is already too full, but I end up seeing one of the late night reruns (excuse me, encore performances) because I’m still up. And enjoying it.

I wasn’t that crazy about Kim when we first met her on the Wives. I was in agreement with Nene Leakes when she said the infamous words, “Close your legs to married men.” But Kim’s daughters seemed so well-adjusted, I knew she couldn’t be all bad. Adding husband Kroy to the mix confirmed that. Highly doubtful that he would have married her, had she been the gold-digging shrew The Wives portrayed her to be.

My hat’s off to the Biermanns. They seem like a lovely, loving family, captivating in the crazy way they function. I especially applaud Kim and Kroy’s parenting skills, and how they ride the fine line between spoiling the kids (because, face it, they have the bucks, so why not?) and keeping them disciplined and grounded.

Maybe that’s why I always end up watching them. Every family is dysfunctional, but they have a knack for making it function for them.