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May 11, 2020 – Michael Pops the Partnership, a Charter With Meaning, Date For Deck, Some New Crew, Tour the Boat, Reading Harry, a Legend Leaves Us, MIA, a Queen’s Visit & Shake On


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

On the phone, Brook says, disturbing the peace… Yes, it was Chase again… No; I’m not making a habit of it… Hello? Dad? Chase says, tough love, and she says her father is a busy man. She asks if she can make one more phone call, but he says she only gets one; like last time, and the time before that. She says, too bad there’s no loyalty program. He tells her, go ahead, and she asks, what’s the catch? He says, none. He’s just curious. If her father won’t help her, he wants to see who will.

Nelle goes into Charlie’s, and tells Julian that he’s just the man she wanted to see. He says they’re closed, but she says, the door is open. He says they’re just closed to her. She says, of all people, she thought he would understand her struggle to put the past behind her, while the Corinthoses hold it over her head. He says he doesn’t even sell Sonny’s coffee anymore, and asks what she wants. She says she wants to make him a generous offer. From the heart.

Diane tells Michael to repeat what she said. He tells her, I will not let Nelle bait me in court. She says, now, Willow, and Willow says she won’t let Nelle bait her either. Diane says, let Nelle roll out her manipulation and histrionics, while they remain calm and stay the course, and Michael will be the same loving, committed, stalwart presence that he’s always been. Michael asks if she thinks he can manage that, and she says, of course (🍷). But she’s seen Willow give way to anger in the courtroom against Shiloh. Nelle is just as bad, if not worse. Willow says she understands, and she’s ready for Nelle. Diane says the two of them make an excellent team. They both know Wiley’s favorites, how to put him down for a nap, and his first words. Nelle is practically a stranger. Michael asks if that doesn’t support Nelle’s argument that she deserves more time with him. Diane says, let Nelle argue what’s best for Nelle, and they’ll argue what’s best for Wiley. After all the trauma Wiley has been through, it’s crucial that he stay with people he loves and trusts. They’ve already proven they’ll do what it takes for him.

Julian tells Nelle, she has five seconds. She asks why he’s in such a rush. There’s a light crowd, and it’s not like he has any family to get back to. Is anyone even speaking to him, besides Lucas and Wiley? He says, time’s up, and she tells him, don’t be a baby. They have one horrible thing in common. They’re both victims of Brad. He left Nelle unconscious by the side of the road after she gave birth to Wiley. It’s too bad she didn’t remember until after it came out. Julian says, bad timing. What he finds tragic is that she expects him to believe Brad pulled a number on her. She asks if that’s a compliment, but he says, no. What does she want? She says she wants to offer him a spot in her son’s life. On one condition.

Brook says, Dusty, pick up, but gets voicemail. She hangs up, and Chase says, don’t tell him that she’s run out of people to turn her down. She says, cut to the chase, Chase, and he says, according to the report… She asks if says anything about abuse of power or false arrest. He didn’t like her calling him out for betraying his girlfriend, and if he had any decency, he’d admit she’s not the only guilty party, and let her go. She might have a big mouth, but she’s not a lying jerk like him. He flashes back to lying to Willow about having his pretend affair with Sasha, and he says Brook is right. She says, what? and he says, about him; about everything. Goodbye. She says he can’t just leave her there, and he says she still broke the law. She tore up the citation, and disturbed the peace. Being right doesn’t change that.  She asks if she’s supposed to sit there until tomorrow, and he says she has a phone. Either find someone to get her out, or spend the night in custody. Either way, he doesn’t give a damn.

Diane says, Nelle’s lawyer might try to discredit Willow, as a woman unwilling to relinquish a child that’s not hers, but no one, aside from Michael has shown more backbone and been willing to sacrifice more than she has. And they have the legal documents to prove she’s put Wiley’s needs first. It’s gold. Willow and Michael thank her, and Diane leaves. Michael says, Willow heard her; she’s gold. Willow says he’s not so bad himself, and he says the only way she’d be a better advocate is if she married him.

Julian tells Nelle to run it by him one more time. She says, what’s complicated? Wiley’s custody suit is tomorrow. She wants him to testify on her behalf, as Wiley’s former grandfather and character witness, and tell them what a wonderful mother she is. He says he’d be lying under oath, but she says he knows the truth is that Wiley would be better off with his mother than with Michael, who’s not Julian’s favorite person. He laughs, and he says, the child in question, who he used to believe was his grandson, is better off with the same woman who left his father to die in a burning car? She says she was under stress because Michael was trying to take the child from her, and her hormones were raging. He says he’s not going help her, and she says he will if he wants to stay in Wiley’s life. When she has sole custody, Wiley can call him grandpa again if he wants. Again, it’s a very generous offer. Once she has sole custody… He says she likes saying that, like it’s a possibility. She says, it’s a lock. Once she has Wiley, he’ll never see a Corinthos or Quartermaine again – not even Willow – but he’ll have access. Julian says he can’t imagine Sonny being too happy, and she says, Sonny and Carly will suffer even more; they’re on the same page. He says, they’re not even in the same book. He loves Wiley, and cares about what happens to him. If anybody asks, he’ll say Wiley is better off with his father, and his mother is a heartless monster who only uses him as a weapon. So by all means, invite him to court to testify on her behalf. His phone rings, and he asks what the hell they want. Absolutely not. On second thought, he’ll be right there. Nelle asks if everything is okay, and he tells the waitress that he needs her to watch the bar. And don’t serve Nelle. She’s done here.

Chase goes into Charlie’s, where Nelle sits without a drink at the bar. He flashes back to Willow coming home, and telling her that he has wine and takeout, whatever she wants. She asks him to just hold her. Nelle says he looks like he could use a drink and some company. He says, no thank you, and she asks if he’s that afraid of her. He says that’s not the word he’d use to describe how he feels about her. She says, so he does have feelings for her. Now they’re getting somewhere.

Michael tells Willow, when they talked about getting married to protect Wiley before, it wasn’t an option for her. She says, it turns out, her situation has changed. She flashes back to seeing Sasha and Chase making out on the couch, and telling Chase that, never in a million years did she think he’d do this. When he said he loved her, she thought he meant forever, but she didn’t know him at all. She tells Michael, drastically, and Michael says, he knows it’s not how they imagined their marriages or futures, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make a partnership that works. She says, if they do this, she needs to be upfront, and he says he expects nothing less. She tells him, despite what he did, she’s still in love with Chase. He’s the first man she loved, and until they broke up, she didn’t plan on loving anyone else. She’s not sure she’s even capable of it. Can he marry a woman who will probably never be in love with him? He says if they commit themselves to loving Wiley, and raising him together in a family that respects and supports each other, that’s all he can ask for. She says, okay then, and he says she needs to know she’ll be marrying a Corinthos and Quartermaine. Two powerful families, unique in their traditions and customs, with a lot of secrets. It’s like joining a club you can’t resign from, and life will be very different if they do this.

Julian says he paid Brook’s bail; let’s go. She promises to pay him back, and he says, damn straight. She thanks him, and he says, don’t mention it. He might have left her there, but she stopped him from throttling someone.

Michael tells Willow, they may not love each other romantically, but she knows how much he profoundly values her friendship. He flashes back talking to her about the grief group and her introducing herself; him saying he was nervous about speaking in the group, but then saw her face, and talked about Jonah; her telling him that she’s wiling help Kristina by telling her about Shiloh; Willow telling Michael about the adoption, and him saying he’s glad Wiley has her. He remembers Willow in jail, and then playing with Wiley. She tells him that she feels the same way. He’s helped her so much, from the support group to everything since. He’s been her rock. He says she’s been there for Wiley, which means she’s been there for him, so she’s been his rock too. He relies on her honesty. She says she relies on his too. She wishes there was a better way to say it, but she’s in awe of his integrity. He says, some people call it self-righteousness, and she says, there’s that in there too.

Chase tells Nelle that he can pay for his own drink, and no one should accept a beverage from her without a toxicologist checking it first. Nelle asks if he wants to sit down, but he says, no. Life is short; he doesn’t have time for her games. She says, one would think he wasn’t single, and had a hot teacher warming his bed. They’re both single, so who knows? Maybe she’ll give him a second chance. We flash back to Nelle going to his hotel room in Florida, and seducing him. He wonders how it is she’s become more delusional. He would have thought she’d reached a threshold by now. She says she gets what she wants. She’ll get Wiley, and if she wants Chase, she’ll get him. Anyone who underestimates her, including his friend Michael, is delusional. Chase stomps out, and Nelle heads the other way. To the bathroom?

Finn calls Chase, and asks where he is. Chase says, Pier 55; why? Finn says he talked to Willow, and Chase clearly didn’t take his advice. Chase says he’s not in the mood for a lecture, and Finn says, what about a beer? Does he want to meet at The Rib in fifteen? Chase tells him, some other time. He hangs up, and looks at the water.

Julian hears Brook come into Charlie’s, and says they’re closed. She says she doesn’t want a drink, and he says he figured she’d be on her way home. Why did she decide to call him to spring her? Isn’t there a houseful of Quartermaines who will send a butler? She says they used to have a butler, but he left in the 90s; it’s just housekeepers now. He says, bailing her out isn’t in the job description? She says he wasn’t her first call. Or her second or third. She got tired of reaching out, and hearing, I told you so. He suggests she should have called her father, and she says he was her first phone call, and her first, I told you so. Julian asks what made her think he’d get her out? and she says she has leverage. He proved that when he showed up, but he says, it was a good excuse get out of a bad conversation.

As Chase looks at the water, he remembers meeting Willow when she was crying in her car, and seeing the pamphlet for the grief group. He flashes back on bringing her home for the first time, and her saying she has no interest in being in his lair; her apologizing for overreacting, and him telling her that he likes her, and wants to spend more time together as a couple; her saying she wants that too. He remembers her throwing away her letter of resignation, and saying she’s staying; her saying he’s her first relationship, and thanking him for standing by her through the Shiloh trauma; and him saying she’s the hero, and he was just the backup, and kissing her.

Finn finds Chase at the pier, and says he can see why Chase didn’t want to meet at The Rib. It’s much better ambiance there. Chase says, it’s perfect, and Finn says, the smell of fish… and whatever that is. Chase appreciates Finn coming and wanting to help, but he can’t. Willow is gone because he wanted her to go, but knowing it was right doesn’t make it hurt any less. Finn says, believe him, he knows.

Willow tells Michael, it’s just her way of saying she knows he’ll always be straight with her, and treat her with the respect she never had until she met him. Michael says, and Wiley. He loves everything about Wiley, of course (🍷), but he especially loves the way Wiley smiles at her. We flash back to Michael introducing Wiley to her as his godson, and her saying she’s not able to stay away. They smile.

Chase says he appreciates Finn tracking him down. He’s sorry he acted like a jerk. Finn says, if it’s any consolation, Willow probably thinks it’s a family trait. Chase asks what he said, and Finn says he mistakenly believed Chase took his advice, and told Willow the truth. They talked for a while at cross purposes, and she probably thinks he’s okay with what Chase did. Why didn’t Chase tell her it was staged? Chase says, that would have been selfish. It’s not about how bad he feels, but what’s right for Wiley. He knows what Nelle is capable of, and whatever it takes is worth it. Finn asks what he can do, and Chase says, not a damn thing. It’s already done. Finn gives him a beer, and Chase toasts to Willow, a beautiful and kind woman, who he will always love. He could have been happy spending the rest of his life with her, but she wouldn’t have been happy if Wiley was suffering or hurting. So this is what he had to do; this is how he shows his love. He drinks.

Brook tells Julian, if he’d turned her down, she would have called his bluff and gone to Sonny with her suspicions. He says thanks for reminding him how she holds his life in her hands. She says, fortunately, she doesn’t have to use her leverage. It’s best for everyone, especially Lucas. It would break his heart, and he’s been through enough. They toast to Lucas, and Brook says, accommodate the occasional favor, and she doesn’t have to tell anyone that he tampered with Brad’s car. They clink glasses, as Nelle listens in.

Chase tells Finn, the first time he and Willow met, she was sitting in her car crying. She didn’t seem helpless or fragile. She’s beautiful, even in tears, and he could tell there was something rare and strong about her. Then he got to know her. People must have thought he was trying to rescue her, but she didn’t need rescuing. She’s so determined, and so fierce in her quiet way. He laughs, and says, it took a long time for Willow to love him, but he was a goner in the first ten seconds. Finn says he hears that. Chase says he got used to thinking they had a lifetime, and part of him still can’t stop thinking they won’t. He tells Finn, thanks, and Finn says, for the beer? Chase says for respecting his decision, even though he doesn’t agree with it. Finn says he thinks Chase is a well-intentioned idiot. Love has a way of making fools out of all of them. Chase says, he appreciates Finn coming, but… Finn says, he’d rather be on his own? and Chase says, yeah. Finn tells Chase, call him, even if he just wants Finn to sit with him. Chase thanks him, they hug, and Finn leaves.

Michael tells Willow, his son loves her, and he knows she loves him. So if she agrees, they’ll still have a marriage based on love; for each other as friends, and love for Wiley. She gets up, and he asks what she’s thinking. She flashes back to Chase asking if she still considers his apartment his lair. She says she considers it the place where he is; the place she feels happy and safe because she’s with him. She remembers them telling each other, I love you, for the first time, and him saying he knows what a good person she is, what a good mom she’ll be, and how he definitely wants kids with her. She tells Michael, it’s not the marriage she imagined, and he says, him neither. She says, but she has faith they can make it work. He says, if that’s what she wants. If not, no harm, no foul. She says, Wiley deserves a safe, happy future. One with parents who love and care for him, and care about each other, and she would like to be part of it. So her answer is yes. She’ll marry him.

Tomorrow, Cyrus is sure he and Jordan will cross paths again; Lucy tells Sasha that she knows what it’s like to be labeled the town tramp; Nelle tells Martin they need a counter move now; and Michael asks if everyone is ready for a wedding.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Adam tells Jenna, he’s used to flying solo, and it scares him to change it. Jenna says, this isn’t what it should be like. It either needs to be fixed or he pissed all over something she believed was there. She’s put him first in a lot of things, and it hasn’t always been reciprocal. Adam says he can be closed off, and she says he’s not used to supporting a partner. He says she’s probably right. He shuts down. She asks if there’s a reason why, and he says, maybe it’s because he traveled so much as a kid. She says he readily showed her affection, so it’s there, but he needs to trust her, and she needs to trust him. He says he has hard time with that, and she says she does too. She’s scared. He says he’s sorry for what he said, and they hug. In his interview, Adam says emotional attachment is hard for him. His parents worked internationally, and he was moved all the time. He’d go in and out of schools, make friends, and then goodbye. He wants a great relationship, but didn’t think he was capable of it. A producer asks if he thinks he’s the problem, and he says he knows he’s the problem. He tells Jenna that he’s going to make a valiant effort not to clam up. He’s sorry for that.

Guest Dina tells Kerry, tomorrow is going to be her day, and Kerry says she’s going to bed. Jenna sits on Adam’s lap in the crew mess. Georgia comes by to ask Jenna a question, but says, sorry, as you were, and keeps going. In Ciara’s interview, she says, they’re so wrapped up in each other, they’re not paying attention to anyone else. It gives couples in yachting a bad rep. Georgia comes back, and says, trying this again. She asks when they’re starting in the morning. Everyone goes to bed.

Byron drains the oil that had leaked. Guests Jennifer and Mark meet with Glenn and Jenna. Jennifer says this is probably never going to happen again, and they want to make sure to get the most out of every moment, and do activities. In Glenn’s interview, he says, it’s heart wrenching. The guests could ask for anything. He wants to make it the charter of a lifetime. Jenna tells Georgia, sorry about last night. Georgia says she’s not changing her vote, but Jenna says, it’s complicated. They need to work out some things, and there’s more to it than Georgia knows. In Georgia’s interview, she says, since they’ve gotten on the boat, Jenna’s half the person she thought she was, and Adam is showing his true colors. This guy is going to screw Jenna up later.

Breakfast is served, and Jenna tells the guests they’re going to do water skiing, tubing, and waterboarding, then have cocktails on the beach. Georgia and Madison straighten up the cabins. Madison says, someone has to do the work, instead of sitting in the galley. Jenna pops in, and Madison isn’t sure if she heard. Jenna tells them she’s going to clear everything from breakfast. When she’s gone, Madison says Jenna makes her uncomfortable. Paget and Chris work on deck, and in Paget’s interview, he says, Chris has brought a new lease on life to the boat; he’s very spongy. Little does he know he has very small shoes to fill. The guests jump off the boat into the water, and Jenna asks Madison to relieve Georgia in the laundry room, so Georgia can go on break.

A guest asks Byron for some vodka, and he tells Jenna. She asks why they told him, and he says, because she’s not up there. Jenna tells Adam that she’s going to lie down, and he asks if she wants him to come; he’s got some free time. He asks if her minions are lying down, and she says, Georgia is on break and Madison is on laundry. She asks Madison if she wants be on service. In Madison’s interview, she says, whew! We’re good. Adam tells Jenna, it’s his first break all season. In Madison’s interview, she says, Jenna isn’t in her bed, and Adam isn’t in the galley. We’re supposed to be working, not sleeping on someone’s d*ck. Madison gripes to Ciara, and in Ciara’s interview, she says, if someone isn’t doing their job properly, someone else has to do it, and it’s not fair. Madison says she knows there’s just one more charter, but still… Chris watches the guests in the water, and in his interview, he says, it’s astonishing that Kerry has cancer. She’s such a positive, vibrant person. He’s always been positive, but it’s a reminder that, no matter how sh*tty your life can be, there’s always something to be positive about. In Jenna’s interview, she says, given that she’s given the majority of her life in yachting, at some point, she needs to be selfish. She deserves this feeling, and she’s enjoying every minute of it.

Glenn asks who’s on service, as he helps Madison. In Madison’s interview, she says, thanks for being a third stew. In Adam’s bunk, Adam tells Jenna, he wishes they could do this every day. Ciara tells Glenn, Madison is on service and laundry, so Jenna can take a nap with Adam. She left the guests. Glenn asks if the guests are okay, and she says, they are, but they can’t have no one on service. In Ciara’s interview, she says, it’s none of her business, but she can give her opinion if the captain is asking for it. She’s been working in yachting a long time. She tells Glenn that Jenna spends more time in Adam’s lap than working. She adds that the guests want the inflatable hotdog. Madison asks Georgia to check the cabins while the guests are in the water. Several of the guests try to get on the hotdog at once, and fall off. Glenn asks Madison if there’s a problem. She says she thinks as adults, they should be able to handle it, but it happened a lot this weekend. Although they just have one charter left. Jenna and Adam hug. The guests finally manage to get on the hotdog, and it takes off, pulled by the tender with Chris driving.

Jenna asks about the evening’s weather, and Glenn says, it’s not supposed to be windy. She tells him the guests are having a PJ party. Chris helps Paget lift a water vehicle called a seabob, and in his interview, he says, as he was lifting, he felt his back go out. He’s spent his life playing rugby and working on yachts; two of the worst things for your back. He’s used to just getting on with it. Guest Dino tells Kerry that she’s a role model for him; so positive and living in the now. Kerry says it’s a shame she had to go through this to wake up. Jenna tells the stews that at 6:30, the guests are going to the beach. Then they’re having a PJ party tonight. She tells Madison to get the PJs for the crew. Adam and Jenna go out on the tender, and Mark passes out the PJs they’ve gotten for everyone. In Chris’s interview, he says he has a high threshold for pain, and when he’s got a job to do, he just gets on with it.

Jenna comes back, and tells Madison, the guests are ready to go. She’ll clean up, and Madison and Georgia can go with them. In Madison’s interview, she says Jenna’s tone is demoralizing. I dunno. She sounds like a normal boss to me. Chris, Paget, and Ciara also go with the guests. Glenn looks over his glasses at Adam and Jenna goofing around. In his interview, Glenn says the last thing he wants to do is upset people who are face to face with the guests on charter, but he doesn’t want lovey-dovey stuff in the crew mess. It’s unprofessional, and needs to stop.

Georgia welcomes the guests to their private beach. Chris tells Paget, Georgia’s shorts are particularly short. Paget says Chris noticed, and Chris says, every day. Back at the boat, Adam cooks, and Jenna cleans up. On the beach, Georgia brings out her guitar. Kerry suggests Paget sing and take his clothes off. Georgia says they’ll do one of Paget’s songs. In Chris’s interview, he says he’s picking up flirtatious energy from Paget and Georgia. The tender starts to float away, and Chris runs to grab it. It’s time for the guests to go back to the boat, and Paget tells them that they’re the most fun guests yet. As Paget dismantles the umbrella, Georgia says something suggestive about getting it in the hole, and Paget says her mind is in the gutter. He asks, what’s going on with Chris? and she asks, why? Is he curious? He says he begs her pardon. In Georgia’s interview, she says, it’s difficult, because she finds him endearing. She has moments where she wonders how it’s possible someone is so like herself. She hasn’t found anyone she’s had a weakness for. Knowing the season is ending is torture for her.

Kerry tells the guests to put on their jammies. Glenn and Byron set up the dining table on deck. The stews put their PJs on, and they’re cute. Button down short sleeve tops and matching shorts, maroon with pinkish piping, and various sleep masks to go with them. Chris blows up helium balloons, and inhales some, giving a weather report in a helium voice. Ooh, the table has fairy lights; my favorite. Byron says Madison has been in a grumpy mood, and she says just because she isn’t perky doesn’t mean she’s in a bad mood, which definitely makes her sound like she’s in a bad mood. Byron tells Glenn that he looks like Aladdin in his PJs. Everyone comes up, and stands in a line in front of the guests. Jennifer tells them to take their walk, and they’ll judge them. The winner gets a prize. Everyone does a crazy dance or model walk, and the guests take pictures. Chris says if he’s going to do it, he’s doing it properly. He does a bump and grind, slides into the hot tub, and ends with taking his shirt off. In his interview, he says, did it hurt? Yeah, but it was worth it? 100%. Chris gets the prize of a fancy robe and $200. In his interview, he says, it’s fantastic. It will probably go into a massage for his back. The guests are served risotto to start, which always makes me think of Gordon Ramsay yelling at chefs.

Georgia tells Madison that she’s taking a break, and Jenna calls Madison to the galley to help serve the main course; surf and turf, with chateaubriand and lobster. One of the guests says, if food shuts the table up, it’s good. Kerry says she’s going to cry when they have to leave. Guest Jacque says, it’s a special gathering, and Jenna says, it has a lot of meaning. It’s nice to be part of it. Kerry says she’s never eaten so much good food in her entire life.

Chris takes some meds in the morning. Guest Mark dives off the boat. Paget drops his radio while lifting the seabob (which is now officially a pain in the ass), and slips. In his interview, Paget says he felt his hamstring go. In Chris’s interview, he says he swears their crew has been cursed. They have to just push through the pain or they’re screwed.

It’s the last day of charter, and some of the guests jump off the side of the boat into the water. Jenna tells Georgia that someone is leaving clothes piled in a ball in the laundry room. Adam says, it’s because clothes keep being left in the washing machine. In Madison’s interview, she says, Jenna and Adam are the Kim and Kanye of yachting. They’re pretty to look at, but you don’t want to be in a room with them for more than three seconds. Ciara asks if Paget is okay, and he says, it really hurts. Glenn wants to look over everything. In his interview, he says, after the oil accident, he wants to make sure all the i’s are dotted, and t’s are crossed. He doesn’t want anything else to bite them in the ass. He tells Byron that he wants to send Chris up the rig. In Chris’s interview, he says, it’s dangerous, going up 60 meters on the mast. He’s putting his life in the hands of someone else. There’s a lot of potential for things to go wrong, but it’s what he lives for. Should he be doing this? Absolutely not. Does he want to? Hell yeah. He gets into a harness, and goes up, Byron holding the rope below. In Glenn’s interview, he says, the mast is 62 meters from the water, or 190+ feet. In his interview, Chris says he feels most alive doing scary, fun, adrenaline filled stuff like that. It’s the way life should be lived. He finds that a light isn’t working, changes the bulb, and comes back down.

Glenn asks the deckhands to put away the swim platform. Adam makes breakfast, and Kerry calls it, the last supper. Jennifer says her favorite part of the trip was seeing them in the hotdog, and Kerry says she doesn’t think she’s laughed that hard in a long time. Glenn docks the boat. Madison complains about helping with the luggage, and Georgia says, it’s part of the job. In his interview, Paget says, life’s not fair. As rich as you are, you might not be here. You need to live every moment like it’s your last breath. There’s no excuse not be grateful. Jenna says their favorite part was making Kerry happy, and Kerry says, laughter is the best medicine. Dino says they’ll never know how much the trip meant. They leave, and Glenn blasts the horn.

Chris tells Glenn about hurting himself when he was lifting the seabob. He says he can still do the job, just slower. Glenn suggests seeing a doctor, and tells Chris about getting an injection when he was injured. In Chris’s interview, he says, it sucks. There’s no mercy when it comes to an injury. If you hurt yourself, you’re off the boat. Glenn tells him, keep an eye on it, and let him know how he’s progressing. Jenna tells Madison to start making beds. Glenn radios everyone for a charter debrief.

Glenn says, it was charter number eight, and the ultimate charter. It was the most challenging, having the hydraulic oil spill on the deck. He tells Chris a doctor will be coming, and they’re going to retire the seabob. He thinks service has dropped a little compared to earlier, and wants to talk with them about that. He wants to make sure they iron out any issues moving forward, and finish on a high note. In Jenna’s interview, she says, it’s complete bullsh*t. The guests are always happy, and that’s a result of her guidance. Glenn says, they have another charter tomorrow, and need to flip the boat quickly. Their tip was $12,700, or $1400 each. Georgia says, it was the sweetest charter. They made such an effort to help each other enjoy themselves. In her interview, she says, she’d love to have a friend group like these people. They’re her kind of people. Glenn tells them to eat lunch, and get back into it. They have a quick glass of champagne, and some food. Chris tells Madison to have a seat, but she says she has a lot to do. In her interview, Madison says she doesn’t think Jenna wants to accept responsibility for what transpired this season. She should have been called out long ago. Jenna tells Adam that she’s pissed. They should have come to her. Tell her what the guests said. She’s trying to control her rage.

Glenn requests a doctor for Chris. Chris finds Georgia in the laundry, and asks if she’s back in her hole already. She says it’s safer in there. Paget lies down. Georgia suggests to Madison that she shouldn’t have spoken to Ciara about her issue with Jenna, since Ciara will go directly to Glenn. Madison says, don’t flip on this; she needs someone in her corner. In Georgia’s interview, she doesn’t know if Madison likes to play the victim, or thinks she actually is the victim. We flash back to Madison bitching, and she says, they’ve all been effected. Madison isn’t the only one who has to deal with this sh*t. Madison says she’s not saying anything against Jenna. Georgia says, it’s a combination of things. Jenna’s lack of performance has gotten progressively worse, and Paget and Chris have been hurt. They’ll have to pick up the slack on the last charter. Jenna is on the defensive, so let her be angry, and when she calms down, they’ll see how she acts.

Glenn asks if Jenna has a minute. In his interview, he says Jenna made a choice to get involved with Adam, and now her work life and personal life have run together. He tells her, a couple of things have come to his attention, and they’ve got a big problem.

Next time, Chris needs an MRI scan, the last charter of the season, Glenn is concerned about illegal substances on board, and says a guest will be in deep sh*t if he finds drugs in one of the cabins. Captain Lee kicked someone’s ass off the boat for that once.

🛥 FYI, Below Deck Mediterranean will return on Hannah, Hannah, June 1st.

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And be sure to catch the trailer.


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Check out the new boat on Below Deck Med.


🔮 Keeping You Busy…

Harry Potter reads Harry Potter.


🎤 Good Golly…

My best memory of him is when he officiated at Bo and Nora’s wedding on One Life To Live.


🏰 I watched the Downton Abbey movie over the weekend. Twice. It was great to see the Crawley’s back again, and all the servant politics. It’s the usual suspects, with the plot revolving around a visit from the queen. If you loved the show, you’ll love the movie.

🔎 Still Missing…

The Shahs of Sunset reunion. And absolutely no info. Zilch. Zero. Nada. What is it? A lawsuit? A restraining order? Everyone’s computers crashed on the same day? What?

🕯 Oh Say Do I See…

There seems to be the glimmer of hope on the horizon that we’re going to have a soft quarantine opening soon. Someday, you will know what day it is again. Until then, stay safe, stay following the guidelines, and stay remembering that giving yourself a haircut is a bad idea.

March 13, 2020 – Cyrus Sends a Message, a Pool Party Goes Bad, Another One, VanderShade, World’s Fashion, a Rescue, a Promise, Ten Little Quotians & Perfect Ending


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Franco brings Elizabeth to The Floating Rib. Sam and Spinelli walk in, and Spinelli tells Sam, it pains him to admit it, but Peter did a masterful job framing Obrecht. Sam says, one might say she had it coming, but Spinelli says, in this time and in this moment, she shouldn’t be in jail. Franco doesn’t mean to interrupt, but asks if they just said Obrecht was in jail. Sam says, Anna arrested Obrecht yesterday, and Franco asks, why? Spinelli says, a plethora of charges, including trying to kill Franco.

In her cell, Obrecht shouts that she’s a victim of Nelle’s maternal guilt, and that woman needs a psychiatrist. Nina comes in, and Obrecht says, it’s so good to see a friendly face. Nina doesn’t look happy, and Obrecht asks, what’s the matter?

Chase and Willow walk into Charlie’s, and Willow says she swears Nelle was goading her on purpose. Chase says, of course (🍷) she was. Nelle is always scheming. If she can get you to blow up, she can play the victim. Willow says, so she should ignore her? He says, if possible. Try not to give her anything she can use in family court. The goal is to weaken her case, and strengthen Michael’s. She tells him that Sasha told her about Diane suggesting they get married, and she’s considering it. He says, Michael is too. Harmony walks in, and Willow asks if she wants to join them.

Julian says, Britt works with his son Lucas at GH, and she says she did. Although she’s closer to his son-in-law. Brad’s her best friend. He says she might want to find a new one. He’s facing serious time. She says she just saw him at the courthouse before they transferred him to Pentenville. Julian asks how he’s doing, and she says, at rock bottom. She can’t believe he kept Wiley’s paternity secret all by himself. It’s crazy. She’d almost say it’s unbelievable.

Michael tells Sasha, hypothetically, if they did get married… Sasha says, hypothetically, it could tip things in his favor with Wiley’s custody. He says he doesn’t want to pressure her into something she’s not ready for, and she says she didn’t think she was at a place where motherhood works for her, but then she ran into Willow. The thought of Wiley growing up with Nelle gave her a sinking feeling, and she’ll do anything she can to stop Nelle. And she can. If marrying him will help protect his son from that awful woman, she’s in.

Curtis asks Jordan, what’s going on? and she says maybe it wasn’t the best idea for her to see Cyrus tonight. She was more emotional than she realized. Her phone dings, and she looks at a text. Tell no one about TJ. Don’t want to ruin Aunt Stella’s visit. You’ll have a visitor soon. Be alone. She tells Curtis, ballistics traced every shell casing, but there’s nothing that tie it back to Cyrus. He asks if that’s all, and she says she told him, she shouldn’t have gone to Pentenville. Cyrus was gloating about killing Taggert without actually incriminating himself. Curtis says, of course (🍷), and she says, every time he said Taggert, she saw Trina’s face, and she lost it in front of him. She got emotional, and showed him that she was in pain, and she hates giving him that satisfaction. He tells her not to let it poison her. She doesn’t have to go back. It’s over. She says they both know it’s not, and asks him to take Stella out to dinner so she can decompress. Tell Stella his neurotic wife needs time alone. He says his beautiful wife isn’t neurotic. He’ll book Stella a room at the MetroCourt. She thanks him, and he says he’ll let her know where they end up getting dinner. If she changes her mind, they’d love for her to meet them.

Franco tells Spinelli, when Andre was performing the memory map procedure, they were interrupted by a gunman. Anna thinks Obrecht hired the gunman? Spinelli says, Anna was led to believe Obrecht hired the gunman, and Elizabeth says, by whom? Sam says, evidence. That’s what they heard. Sam says sorry to interrupt their night, and Spinelli says, apologies. They move on, and Elizabeth tells Franco, sorry. She knows Obrecht has done her fair share of terrible things, but she and Franco are friends. Franco says, there’s no way Obrecht hired the gunman, and asks if Elizabeth disagrees. She says, Anna isn’t one to act rashly. If she arrested Obrecht, it was for a good reason.

Obrecht says Nina doesn’t actually believe the heinous lies that are being told about her. Nina says she’s lost track of how many times she’s forgive Obrecht. Each time, she’s convinced herself she did the right thing, but Obrecht is making it harder and harder to defend her. Obrecht says she was framed by Anna’s devious son. Peter arranged Drew’s plane crash, and sent the assassin after Andre and Franco. And that conniving weasel set her up to take the fall.

Britt tells Julian, Brad adores Lucas. He’d never intentionally hurt his husband. She admires that about Brad. She doesn’t know if she would have done the same in his shoes. Julian asks, what? and she says, take the fall by himself. Julian tells her to just come out and say what she’s after, but she says, where’s the fun in that? She knows he was helping Brad. What made him throw Brad to the wolves?

Harmony apologizes to Willow for not being more available, and asks how she’s holding up. Willow says, some days are better than others, and Harmony says she’s grateful Willow has Chase. Chase say he’s doing the best he can, and Willow says, he’s been amazing. Harmony says Willow has her as well. Willow thanks her, and says she knows it’s been a lot for Harmony too. Harmony says as long as Willow’s okay, she’ll be fine.

Michael asks if Sasha is really okay with this, and she says, better than okay. He takes her hands, and says he’s lucky to have her. She says she’s the lucky one. He’s always had faith in her, even when she didn’t deserve it. His support restored her faith in herself. He’s a good person, and she’s stronger with him. He says they’re stronger together, and Sasha agrees. He says he’s not just saying this because it’s what you’re supposed to say to someone you’re marrying, but he loves her. She says she loves him too, and he asks if she could love Wiley. She says she already does.

Franco tells Elizabeth, Obrecht’s track record is troubling, but she’s always been there for him. She’s never judged him, even for his past, and she’s been such a rock of a friend; it makes no sense. She says the only one who can answer that question is Obrecht. Franco wants to go to the PCPD, but it’s their night out. She says they’ll have plenty of nights out, and he deserves answers. She tells him to go; she’ll wait there.

Spinelli asks why Sam cut him off, and she says he was about to tell Elizabeth and Franco everything they know about Peter. He says, the more people that know he’s deceptive, the better, but she says, no. Peter will feel cornered and desperate, and who knows what he’ll do. He could come after them or their families. Spinelli says he’d like to think Peter wouldn’t actually hurt Maxie or her children – not physically – but the toll it’s going to take on Maxie, knowing she trusted the wrong guy… Sam says she’s sorry, but there’s no way they can help or warn Maxie. If Maxie is pushed, she’ll feel forced to choose, and they both know what her choice is going to be.

Stella asks if they aren’t waiting for Jordan, but Curtis says they’re going without her; she needs alone time. Stella didn’t know her presence was such an inconvenience, and Curtis says, it’s not her. Jordan’s not up for company right now. She says, family doesn’t skip out when someone is struggling, like Jordan is. She wants to be there to support her. Curtis says supporting Jordan means giving her the space she asked for. Stella says, for the record, she’s still worried about Jordan, and Curtis says, noted, and they can talk all about it after dinner from the lovely room he booked her at the MetroCourt. She says he’s sweet.

Jordan sends a text. I’m alone. Now what?

Nina tells Obrecht, Peter changed. He and Maxie are building a life together. Obrecht says, one destined to be ruined, but Nina says, he’s not the same man. He’s actively trying to be a better person – unlike some of us. Obrecht says she’s committed many transgressions in the past. But while Peter only pretended to change, she really did. She didn’t kill Drew, and didn’t order the attack on Franco and Andre. Please believe her and help her. Nina asks why should she? and Obrecht says, because Nathan would want her to.

Julian says Britt doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but Britt says she and Brad have a very open friendship. He tells her everything. Julian agreed to work with him, then bailed, and worked against him. What gives? Julian supposes Brad failed to tell her that he was blackmailing him; threatening to tell Sonny that Julian was keeping his grandson from him. Britt admits Brad did fail to mention that. He doubts Brad told her that he repeatedly refused to listen to him, and sabotaged their plan at every turn. It’s Brad’s fault everything fell apart. She says she hasn’t seen Brad in a while. He’s completely lost his nerve, and is still concerned what people think. Julian says, that’s not a bad thing, but Britt says, people should live however they want. Why care about the choices you make? She sure as hell doesn’t.

Harmony’s phone dings. She looks at it, and frowns. Willow asks if everything is okay, and Harmony says, it’s work; she has to go. Willow suggests a hike on Saturday, and Harmony says, maybe. She tells Willow that she really appreciates the second chance, and she’s taking it seriously. She leaves, and Willow says, that was interesting. Chase says he didn’t realize Willow and her mother were getting close.

Michael tells Sasha, they’ll talk about any problems that come up, and they will because that’s life. Sasha promises to be honest and communicate, and he says he’ll do the same. She says, so does that mean… He gets down on one knee, and says, Sasha Gilmore, will you marry me? She says, yes, and they kiss.

Obrecht says, Nathan made them a family. If he was there, he’d want Nina to help her. Nina says he sure as hell wouldn’t want Obrecht to use his memory to manipulate her. Obrecht says, that’s not what she’s doing, but Nina says she’s done being dragged into this; it’s gone too far. Obrecht is on her own. Obrecht says, please, wait. She can explain how Peter did it, but Nina tells her, save it. Accept the consequences of her actions just once. She’s in a cell because of herself. If she genuinely cared what Nathan would have wanted, think about how important Peter is to Maxie and James. He’d want them to be happy. Consider that the next time she wants to tear their world apart. Nina calls for the guard, and leaves.

Diane asks Michael why she’s there. More Nelle shenanigans? He says he and Sasha have given some thought to the best way to fight Nelle. Diane suggested he get married, and Sasha agreed to be his wife. Diane says, that’s an absolutely awful idea.

Britt says, bottoms up, and she and Julian drink a shot. He says it’s probably a bad idea, but she says, who cares? Life is too short. No one hands you happiness. You have to reach out and grab it for yourself. Julian says, that’s awfully philosophical. Maybe when he was in his 20s, but he has a family now. She says that’s not what she heard.

Willow tells Chase, her mom is busy, and they mostly email or text. Chase says, letting her mom back in her life is a big deal, even if it’s in a small way. Willow says Shiloh messed with her mom’s life as much, if not more, than he messed with hers. It took courage to face it and break free. Her mom stood up to Shiloh, and she’s proud of her. She doesn’t want to waste a chance at a relationship with her. Chase says, if that’s what Willow wants, he supports her. He hopes Harmony lives up to her expectations.

😷 Here’s where there was a special report, but you know the drill.

Jordan looks at the picture she was sent of TJ. There’s a knock at the door. Jordan opens it, and asks what they’re doing here. Harmony says, Cyrus sent her, and walks in. Okay. Didn’t see that coming.

Franco visits Obrecht, who says he doesn’t believe this nonsense. He says, is it though? Is it nonsense? Did she hire someone to murder him? She says she’d never do anything to harm him. He’s her best friend. He says best friends don’t do things like hit you over the head at the pier, and she says, or put you in a position to get caught by the police. He says that’s what he’s talking about. Maybe they’re not so close after all. She says she never wanted him dead, and he says, except that one time she did. She says, not ever. He says, so when Andre was performing the procedure to restore his memory, she wasn’t concerned Drew might remember something that would incriminate her? She says she wasn’t involved in Faison’s demented scheme, but he says, maybe she was. Maybe her cover was blown, and she had to improvise. That meant destroying everyone who was in her way. Even her best friend.

Julian says Britt doesn’t know anything about his family, and she says Brad told her about his bumpy relationship with Lucas and his daughter doesn’t speak to him either. He says she really doesn’t care if she hurts someone else’s feelings, does she? but she says, she’s just saying what’s the point in acting like life’s a fairytale? You should take life as it comes; good, bad, and everything in between. He says she has a point, and she says she’ll drink to that. He says if she insists.

Diane says, the whole point of the marriage is to show that Michael can provide a more stable environment than Nelle, and can give Wiley a stable mother figure. He says, Sasha is a lot more stable than Nelle, but Diane says based on Sasha’s previous conduct, Nelle’s attorneys could argue otherwise. He asks who she thought he was going to get married to? and she says she may have been a little hasty in the suggestion department, especially now that she’s been briefed on Sasha’s past. He says, she did a background check? and she says, yeah. She wants to beat Nelle’s lawyers to the punch, and needs the full picture before the custody hearing. She was unaware of how untruthful Sasha had been while she’s been in Port Charles. Sasha asks if she would hurt Michael’s chances if she married him, and Diane says, unfortunately, she would.

Spinelli looks at his iPad, and says, there is no perfect frame. He’s going to find something to expose Peter. At the bar, Sam asks Elizabeth how Cameron is doing. Elizabeth says, he’s staying strong, but still has nightmares about that guy chasing him down and trying to kill him. She’s glad Jason was there. Sam says she thought the kids were in a warehouse, but Elizabeth says, they were. Then Taggert told Cameron to run, and he did, but a gunman followed him, Jason shot him before he could hurt Cameron.

Stella tells Curtis how much she enjoyed the meal, and he asks, what’s next? She says he doesn’t have to humor her anymore. She knows he’s worried about Jordan. She doesn’t blame him. The last time Jordan pushed them away, she was dying of kidney failure. Curtis says they learned a lot from that, and she’ll never keep anything important from him again.

Jordan says Harmony is working for Cyrus? How the hell did that even happen? That’s what I’d like to know too. Harmony asks if it even matters, and Jordan says, that she’s working for the head of a drug cartel? She’d say it matters a little bit. Harmony says she does what she can to get by, and Jordan says, why her? Harmony says she’s easily overlooked and dismissed. The crazy cult lady with the weird name. No one would suspect she’s working for Cyrus. They won’t suspect Jordan either. Jordan asks what that’s supposed to mean, and Harmony tells her, she’s going to be Cyrus’s person inside the PCPD. When shipments come in, she’ll assure the police attention is elsewhere. Cyrus will communicate through Harmony, and if she has a message for Cyrus, Harmony will make sure he gets it. Jordan says Cyrus thought this one up. Does Harmony know he has her son TJ, and he’s threatening to kill TJ if she doesn’t cooperate? Harmony says Jordan had better do what Cyrus says, and Jordan asks how long she’s supposed to break the law before TJ is freed? What guarantee does she have that TJ will be let go if she follows his orders? Harmony says, none. The only guarantee she has is what Cyrus will do to him if she doesn’t. She knows what Jordan is thinking. That she won’t compromise her morals, and turn the tables on Cyrus somehow. She thought the same thing. She has some advice. Jordan shouldn’t waste her time thinking. Cyrus is too powerful and his reach is too long. Until he says otherwise, Harmony works for Jordan, and so does she. Cyrus doesn’t want a trail leading back to him, so if she wants to reach Cyrus, she goes through Harmony. Jordan asks what Cyrus has on her, and Harmony says he offered to pull some strings so she could go with the early release program. She jumped at the chance to be near her daughter, but didn’t know the favor she’d have to do would be this big. If she messes up, it won’t be just her that pays. Jordan says Harmony is an accomplice to kidnapping and extortion, all while she’s on parole. Does she have any idea how big of a risk she’s taking? Harmony says, going against Cyrus is an even bigger risk. She has to go, and Cyrus will be in touch – through her. Jordan says, before Harmony leaves, she has a message for Cyrus. She needs proof TJ is alive. She wants photos of her son with the date and time, every single day. Harmony nods, and says she’ll do that. She leaves, and Jordan leans against the door.

Nina goes to The Floating Rib, and runs over to Stella, hugging her, and saying she’s glad Stella is okay. Curtis slides over so Nina can sit. Nina says the jetset lifestyle suits Stella, but Curtis is always happier when she’s in town. He says, he is? Nina says, he is, and she wishes she could say the same about herself and Obrecht. Stella says she heard about Obrecht’s arrest, and Nina says, unfortunately, she thinks Obrecht is guilty.

Obrecht says she won’t let Franco throw away their friendship, and he says then she has to give him something to work with; evidence, an alibi. She has to give him a reason to believe her. She says she can do one better. She’ll give him the person who actually did this – Peter August. He needed a fall guy, and chose her, and it worked. Everyone is willing to rush to judgement against her. She just never thought Franco would too. He knows better than anyone what it’s like to be wrongfully accused. She’s done things she’s not proud of. She wasted years of her life on Faison, but that ended when he killed Nathan. She’s a changed person, and didn’t do what she’s accused of. He has to believe her.

Diane says Sasha committing fraud is a problem, and Sasha says, even though she was never charged? Diane says she’s sure Nelle’s lawyers can find people who are willing to testify as to how she deceived Nina. That could badly undermine Michael’s case. Michael says, there has to be a way around it, and Sasha tells him, don’t. Diane is the only lawyer in the room right now, and knows what the courts will be looking for. Diane is right. She can’t marry him. Diane says that’s her recommendation. Unless Michael can marry a paragon – someone with good character, potentially Snow White and Mary Poppins all in one, don’t get married at all. She leaves, and Michael says, sorry about that. Sasha says, don’t be, but he says he wishes it was different. She laugh/cries and says they were engaged for all of fifteen minutes. Why is she so disappointed that they’re not getting married?

Julian comps Willow and Chase’s meal, saying he enjoyed seeing Willow take Nelle down a peg. Willow tells Chase, she may have thrown a drink in Nelle’s face. She knows it’s not very mature, but she couldn’t stand hearing Nelle talk about Wiley. It’s obvious she doesn’t care about him, and is just using him to hurt Michael. Chase asks how it happened, and Willow says, Nelle said something, then she said something back, then Nelle said something, and then she was wearing a drink. It’s everything he warned her not to do, but she can’t say she regrets it. He wishes he was there to see it.

Julian asks if Britt wants another round. She says she shouldn’t, but he pours it anyway, and she laughs. She says she has to visit her mom in the morning in jail. She definitely doesn’t want to be hung over for that. She told herself she was never setting foot in a jail again. At least she’ll be on the other side of the bars this time. But tomorrow is still some time away. She feels like letting loose tonight. She drains her drink.

Spinelli and Sam clink beer bottle and glass, respectively.

Obrecht asks Franco to tell her what he’s thinking, and he says he honestly doesn’t know. She asks him to chose to believe her, but he doesn’t think he can. She’s been a good friend, but she’s a survivor and it frightens him how far she’d go to protect herself. He leaves, and Obrecht looks really sad.

Jordan asks Curtis how dinner was, and he says it was nice. He thought she was going to bed. She says she can’t sleep anyway, and he says she didn’t even change her clothes. She says she got distracted, and asks if Stella is upset about not staying there. Curtis says, a little, because she wanted to help Jordan. Jordan looks like she might cry, and Curtis says he’s there for her; they’re in this together. She says she’s just upset about Cyrus. He doesn’t seem to have any weak spots. Curtis says, of course (🍷) he does. Everybody does. They just need to find his.

Michael tells Sasha he’s sorry, and she says, don’t be. He says, even though she’s not Wiley’s stepmother, Wiley is lucky to have her in his life. So is he. She thanks him, and he says he trusts her with Wiley completely. She says she trusts him, and they kiss. She asks what they do now, and he says, go back to the drawing board. There are plenty of ways to beat Nelle, and they’re going to find one that works for them. She says, sounds like a plan.

Willow asks Chase if he thinks Nelle will press charges for having a drink thrown on her. He says, anything’s possible, and she says that’s why she shouldn’t engage, but she’ll always stand up for Wiley whatever the cost. He says he loves that about her, and they kiss. He suggests they get out of there before Julian changes his mind. She says she feels weird leaving without thanking him again. Did Chase see where he went?

Julian is in the back room, crazy kissing with Britt. They get busy while there’s a song part. Didn’t see that coming either. Well, not until they started drinking anyway.

Sonny gets bad news, Jordan gives Sam false information, and Cyrus is surprised.

Shahs of Sunset

At Mj’s house, she says that life is baby laundry, nursing, pumping, feeding, and golden showers. The best gift she got is a peepee teepee, to keep Baby Shams from taking a shot at her during a diaper change. She’s focused on her incredible, beautiful, innocent angel. He is pretty cute. Nema video chats with her, and asks how Shams is. She says, he’s very well-tempered. Nema can’t believe he hasn’t seen her, Tommy, and Shams since the baby was born. He tells her to soak up much Shams as she can, but they should hang out. We flash back to Shams’s birth a month ago, and in her interview, MJ says if her uterus wasn’t removed, she was going to die. No one saw her or came to visit. It was like she and her baby weren’t important. Nema says he can’t wait to see her. In MJ’s interview, she says Reza’s favorite thing about pup Marti is how he clasps his paws, and Shams clasps his hands the same way. It reminds her of Reza, and it’s like a tsunami of pain. Her friends were anywhere but there.

Adam visits GG, and she asks where her cake is. He says he kind of ate it. She asks what happened after she left the cooking class, and Adam says, everyone was worried. In GG’s interview, she says the pain sharp, and we flash back to her leaving the class. We see a clip of GG calling the IVF nurse. The nurse tells her if she’s not having spotting, she’ll be okay. Spotting would mean she’s having a miscarriage. GG, Anita, and Yasmin go back to GG’s condo, and she goes into the bathroom. She comes out, and says, no blood. So should they party? She says she’s just kidding. Adam says the wondered if she could be pregnant, and in GG’s interview, she says that’s not the way she wanted anyone to know, and she’s not ready to tell them. She tells Adam that she’s already upset with Destiney. It’s like she has a new personality. She slept with Sara’s brother, and d*ck seems to be more important than friendship. She wants to talk to Destiney, but if Destiney comes at her hard, she’ll snatch Destiney’s wig off. Adam tells her about Reza wearing a piece of Destiney’s weave on the party bus going back.

Reza meets Sara at Aerial class, and says, it smells like excitement and regret. In his interview, Reza says somehow he lost his way, and gained some weight. If using the silks can help him lose some, he’s all for it. The instructor shows them how to hang upside down, which I’m sure is harder than it looks. Reza slides to the floor. He wraps himself up in a silk, and says he’s sure there’s a market in Iran. After class, he and Sara sit on the floor and talk. Sara tells him about two special agents knocking on her door, and serving her with a subpoena about her ex; his life is playing out in the media. In Sara’s interview, she says there’s a lot of media attention about her ex-boyfriend. Reza asks who the hell her ex-boyfriend is, and she says, Robert Kelly. They met in 2013, and were together three years. In her interview, she says he was charming and kind, and definitely not what she expected. Reza asks if he was anything like the person being described in the documentary (Surviving R, Kelly), and she says, no. It was an adult relationship, and there was never anything that was a red flag. Reza says, all she can do is speak the truth. She says she broke up with him when she found out he was sleeping with other women. In her interview, Sara says that he was having a party in Chicago, and told her, if she can’t be cool, don’t come, It was literally a full-on club; a happening. When a couple of women showed up, it hit her that he was screwing everyone. She watched the documentary, and the person she loved was a monster. Reza says she can’t blame herself, and she says she doesn’t understand how it’s possible. In her interview, she says that it wasn’t a perfect relationship. He was controlling, but she thinks her experience was different because of the boundaries she set. In hindsight, every small boundary and decision altered the dynamic, saving her life. Reza is glad she confided in him, and promises he won’t say a word to anyone.

Destiney goes wig shopping. In her interview, she says wigs are her thing. Hers was not a normal childhood, so maybe she’s living her childhood life as an adult. She chooses a wig that she thinks looks like a cross between Marie Antoinette and Elvira. She says, her first alter-ego was Rosie, who had a bowl haircut. She asks can she hide things in the wig, and the clerk is like, um… GG joins her, and says she didn’t recognize Destiney, who’s now a blonde. GG says she’s never worn a wig, and Destiney thinks she should try some on. She does, and says it feels like she’s wearing a helmet. She broaches the subject of the cooking competition, and Destiney says, it was intense. GG says she was irritated, and has been seeing a different Destiney than the one she met. Destiney was all about woman power and loyalty. Destiney says if she’d slept with GG’s brother, she would have talked to her first. GG says, maybe that’s why Sara is hurt, and they should have a conversation. In Destiney’s interview, she can’t understand why she’s pissed everyone off. Frankly, me neither.

Reza goes to a fancy jewelry store, and picks up a $95K Rolex. Nema joins him, and Reza says it brings a tear to his eye that Nema is getting his first Rolex. In Nema’s interview, he says, if you’re in the market for gold, a Rolex, or rubies, get a Reza. Nema’s life goal is to connect with his Persian culture. The next step in the evolution of his Persianity, is a gold Rolex. It goes gold, Rolex, Bentley, He says Reza is bougie when it comes to his Rolexes, and he and Nema’s tastes don’t line up. Nema picks out a simple $6500 watch, and the clerk congratulates him.

Mike puts together a wagon for Paulina’s kids. In his interview, he says he never thought he’d be with a woman who had children, and he wants to be with Paulina for the rest of his life. He wonders what he’s doing sometimes, and if he’s ready to be a stepdad. What Nema said, affected his thoughts, and it runs in his head non-stop. We flash back to Nema telling Mike that he doesn’t think Mike is ready to be a stepdad. Nema doesn’t get that Paulina knows Mikes strengths and weaknesses. He shares his insecurities with her, and he’s sure she knows he’s not perfect, but because she loves him, she sees he’s attempting to do it, and gives him a pass.

Nema meets MJ for lunch. He says she looks amazing, and she compliments his white teeth. He says it’s hard to see what happened to her and Reza. She says Reza claims she meddled in his marriage, and Nema says, instead of going to Reza directly about Adam, she went to Destiney; then Ali got involved. MJ says she had nothing to do with it. Nema says that’s huge difference from what Destiney is saying, that she was at the start of this. It makes her look like a homewrecker. Like she was bored in her hospital room, wondering how to eff up Reza’s life. She says she’s sure she wasn’t bored. Nema doesn’t want the perception of her to be like that, and she says that’s not her problem. It’s coming from people who are riddled with fear, jealousy, and lies. In Nema’s interview, he says both MJ and Reza like to meddle in other people’s drama constantly. We flash back to MJ and Reza springing Shalom on GG in the middle of a public event, and telling Jessica about Mike cheating. Nema tells MJ about Sara’s pool party that’s coming up. In his interview, he says, at the end of the day, Reza and MJ are better together. He tells MJ that she can come as his plus one. Thirty years of friendship is worth a conversation. She says she’ll think about it.

Destiney aka Veronica, who has shoulder length kind of blue hair, meets Sara at a restaurant. Destiney tells Sara that she wanted to go over some things. She did get Sara’s text about the party, and Sara says she hopes Destiney comes. Destiney thinks it would be super weird if she goes before they have a conversation. Sara says she’s not concerned that Destiney hooked up with her brother; it’s just awkward, since it’s not like a real love connection. Sam and Destiney are at different places in their lives. She wonders why Destiney is even talking to Sam. In Destiney’s interview, she says Sara can tell her this all day, but aren’t they all adults? Destiney says they’re planning on seeing each other again, and Sara doesn’t understand what she wants. Destiney says nobody is going to tell her how to navigate anything in her life. In Sara’s interview, she says when she and Destiney met, it was awkward. Now Destiney is hooking up with her brother. Sara says Destiney wanted to meet up to talk more sh*t, and it takes the soul and energy out of her. (I’ll have to remember that one.) Destiney doesn’t understand why Sara feels that way. Sara says she wants Destiney to come tomorrow, but doesn’t have the energy to care more. As she’s leaving, Sara says her brother won’t be there.

Adam tells Reza that he doesn’t know how to play Monopoly. Reza says, the game was made for Persians, and helps make you more successful in life. In Reza’s interview, he says he and Adam are doing better. We flash back to Reza confronting Adam about strip Jenga, and the inappropriate texts. Because Sara is having a pool party, he called a tanning guy to come and spray him and Destiney. He asks Adam if he wants one, and Adam says he’s in. Destiney joins them, and Reza asks what happened when she met with Sara. He knows she feels hurt. Destiney says she doesn’t hook up randomly, but doesn’t regret it. She and Sara had a powwow, and she tried to tell herself to understand, since she doesn’t have a brother. Reza says he wants details. WTF did she say? She says Sara wasn’t okay with it, and didn’t realize they were going to continue seeing each other. Reza says, she thought he was just going to hit it. Destiney doesn’t want it to be uncomfortable at the party. Spray tan specialist Robby arrives, asking, are they excited for tans or what? reminding me of a substitute dance teacher I had once. Reza wants to get alarmingly tan. Robby drops pearls of wisdom like, once you go Persian, there’s no other version, and the key to a good tan is drying as you go. In Reza’s interview, he says the spray tanning makes him sad because it reminds him of MJ. We flash back to when they got tans together. Robby says, the tanning has come to an end, and Reza says, he feels like he had a three-way. In his interview, he says he never imagined that on the day MJ give birth, she’d be thinking of coming at his marriage. It makes him feel sad.

Sara gets the house ready for the party, while friend Benny helps out. The DJ sets up, the food comes, and floaties are put in the pool. I’m ready.

Nema gets ready. In his interview, he says he’s the product of divorced parents. He’s had two separate Christmases his entire life. Awkward or not, he’s bringing MJ. All he’s asking is that she and Reza talk. If they talk, and still can’t move forward, at least he’ll know he tried.

MJ meets Nema at his place. Tommy brings in Shams, and Nema says they must be on cloud nine. In MJ’s interview, she says, what really mattered was her best friend of thirty years should have been there.

GG says she hired muscle, in case someone decides they want to step up to her. She’s more familiar with getting into a fight, and might forget what she’s going through, since it’s brand new. Destiney is a blonde, and GG’s bodyguard introduces himself as C. Destiney tells GG that she’s Cynthia today, and in GG’s interview, she says, fashion is expression, so let it be.

Sara loves the set-up, and thinks the bartenders might need to take a drink, since her friends are a lot. Destiney makes GG go in first, and Destiney walks in on C’s arm. In Sara’s interview, she says, Destiney is always like, look at me. Reza and Adam arrive, and GG attacks the food. Mike and Paulina come in, and Mike thinks Destiney looks like a character from Mod Squad. Destiney keeps getting her heels stuck in the deck, and GG says, maybe Cynthia isn’t feeling it today.

In the car, Nema tells MJ to absolve Reza, since he’s coming from place of hurt. He helps MJ put on her necklace, and says she has too much hair. She tells him, she has too much weave.

Adam jumps in the pool, trying to land on a floatie. Nema says he brought a friend, and Reza says he’s leaving. GG says she’s going too, and Reza says he’s not at a place where he’s ready to talk. The betrayal is in his heart, and he needs time to process sh*t. Nema tells him, don’t leave, and follows him, saying, a thirty-year friendship. Reza says Nema could have texted him. Nema says MJ has a different perspective; hear her out. GG asks how Nema could do that, and not tell anyone, and he says he wants to be peacemaker. She says ambushing people isn’t peaceful. At the party, MJ says Reza ran like a bitch. In MJ’s interview, she says, how dare he? Where does he think he’s going? And after she’s been loyal for thirty years.

Mike tells MJ that she should engage with Reza. Ali is the problem. MJ says she almost died, but she should go away? This had nothing to do with her. Out by the cars, GG says, MJ isn’t a good person. She’s screwed everyone who’s good to her. What did Adam ever do in all this? Nema asks Mike to convince MJ to come down. In Mike’s interview, he says he sees the issue from both sides. They need a therapist or a mediator. MJ tells Destiney, she can’t blame other people who aren’t there to defend themselves. Destiney told them that MJ told her to bring up Adam’s cheating. Destiney tells MJ, she never said that. She had lunch with Reza and Ali, and Ali brought it up. What motive would she have to say MJ told her to do that? MJ says she chooses not to believe Destiney, and Mike says, it’s too many years of friendship to waste on a possible rumor. In Mike’s interview, he says a sliver of him thinks maybe Reza is in such a dark place, because he didn’t have his friend of thirty years to confide in. He hopes they connect, and make sense of this craziness.

Reza goes back to the party, and MJ tells him to get away from her. Destiney says, it’s a thirty year friendship (should have done a drinking game with that one). MJ tells her, STFU, and Reza asks if MJ isn’t embarrassed. MJ tells him to go back to his stupid husband. They can cheat on each other, and go to the bathhouse. I’m not even sure if there are still any of those around. I think the last one in NYC closed recently. If you haven’t guessed, I’m a font of useless information.

It gets kind of chaotic, and by now, everyone has noticed, and is like, WTF? Destiney says she never lied, and MJ throws a drink in Reza’s face. He asks if she isn’t embarrassed, and now Sara says, WTF is going on? Reza says MJ has no shame, and she tells him, STFU, which is obviously her go-to phrase. Adam gets into the mix, and Reza tells MJ to screw herself. Go home and watch her baby. Why is she even there? Mike says it’s all he can do not to slap the sh*t out of Reza; WTF is he thinking? He’s talking to a woman.

MJ says Adam’s cheating has nothing to do with her. Reza says no wonder MJ’s uterus exploded, since she’s had ten abortions. I literally gasp, and say, nooo. I can’t believe he said something like that, and in the middle of a crowded party. Destiney says, enough is enough. Stop. Mike asks WTF Reza thinks he’s doing, and Reza says, f*** you people. He takes a binder out of a car (MJ’s?) and throws the contents up in the air, and the papers rain down. MJ says he’s an effing liar, and Mike goes after Reza.

Next time. Mike says it’s going to get messy, Tommy trashes Reza’s patio, Tommy says he broke a plant when he wanted to break Reza’s legs, GG says it’s the most agonizing twelve days of her life, and Reza tells Nema to butt out.

🎩 Pinkies Up For Round Two…

You can’t keep a good dowager down.


📸 Replacing Alcohol With Shade…

It’s hard to pick a side when everyone is behaving badly.


👗 Worldly Beauties…

Westworld’s red carpet.


💍 In All That’s 90…

Alexei to the rescue. I’m sure Loren must be very proud.


🤒 Going Viral…

Just so you know, the only Corona you’ll find here, is beer.

🎙 Quotes of the Week

Sometimes it’s easy to lose faith in people. And sometimes one act of kindness is all it takes to give you hope again. – Randa Abdel-Fattah

It is our wounds that create in us a desire to reach for miracles. – Jocelyn Soriano

When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful. – Malala Yousafzai

Until you step into the unknown, you don’t know what you’re made of. – Roy T. Bennett

When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed. – Maya Angelou

Anger, it’s a paralyzing emotion, you can’t get anything done. – Toni Morrison

The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him. – Niccolò Machiavelli

We are healthy only to the extent that our ideas are humane.Kurt Vonnegut

Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. – Lao Tzu

The great Western disease is, ‘I’ll be happy when… When I get the money. When I get a BMW. When I get this job.’ Well, the reality is, you never get to when. The only way to find happiness is to understand that happiness is not out there. It’s in here. And happiness is not next week. It’s now. – Marshall Goldsmith, American Author

🎪 No Surprise…

Of course this week would end with Friday the 13th.  See you in the Dead zone.

March 28, 2019 – Anna Advises Dante, Tracy Takes Dubai, Andy On Vacay, Project Nasty, a New Show, an Old Abbey, It Never Ends, No Paris & Friday Reality


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Anna tells Finn, it’s official. Alex is in Steinmaur. Finn asks if she’s having second thoughts. She is a little, but Alex wasn’t surprised, which leads her to believe Alex double-crossed her. Finn says she seemed genuinely affected. She’s also an expert at manipulation. Anna asks if Alex tried to seduce him. He says, no, but Alex did try to convince him that he’s not good enough for her.

Chase sees Willow, and says he saw her throw something away, and noticed she tore it up first. Tell him it was her letter of resignation. She says she never turned it in. She’s staying. They hug, and he kisses her. He says, sorry, but she tells him, don’t apologize; she liked it. He says he did too, and asks what made her change her mind.

Elizabeth is sitting in Kelly’s, when Nina comes in. Nina says she’s happy to hear Franco was exonerated. She knew he was innocent. Elizabeth says she’s not sure he realized that. She didn’t. Nina knows things are tense between them because of Charlotte and Aiden, but hopefully, that’s behind them, and they can create a new start. Especially now that Miss Tait is leaving.

Valentin brings Charlotte to Lulu’s house. He says they were power shopping, and Charlotte bought something for Dante. Is he there?

In the MetroCourt bar, Dante’s hand shakes as he brings a drink to his mouth. Carly tells him it’s on the house. He jumps, and she says she didn’t mean to startle him. He says it’s good to see her. She says it’s good to see him too. He’s been gone too long. He says, it feels that way.

At the hospital, Josslyn asks if, besides wanting out, Oscar wants to check things off their list. There’s Eckert’s and the ballroom at the MetroCourt. He says she put that in, but she shows him. He says they’re supposed to perform at the Nurses’ Ball, but it’s weeks away. She says the ballroom is free today. They can plan out their act, unless he’s not feeling up to it. He says he’s actually feeling pretty good. Josslyn makes him put on his alert bracelet. He thinks it looks stupid. She says it looks like a watch, but it doesn’t tell time. Oscar says, it doesn’t have to.

Kim and Drew meet with Monica. Monica says she’s read the lab results, and the tumor is becoming more aggressive. Drew says, he probably has a couple of weeks. Monica was hoping for more time, but at this point, they have to prepare Oscar for the end.

Willow tells Chase that she thought it over, and he was right. If she runs now, she’ll be running for the rest of her life. The only way to deal with Shiloh is to face him down; prove to him and herself that he has no power over her. He says he’ll do whatever he can to help her. She knows he means that in the best and most generous way, but she can’t rely on anyone else. She has to protect herself. He respects that, and her. He tells her do what she thinks is right, but know he has her back. She says, lucky her, and they kiss.

Lulu tells Valentin she’s sorry, but Dante’s not home. Charlotte says she’ll tell Lulu what it is, if she promises not to tell Dante. Their Monopoly game is missing pieces, so she got a new one. They can all play. Valentin says, she misses family game night since Dante’s been gone. Lulu says they all do. Charlotte can’t wait until Dante is there, and they can play together. She says she has a birthday party to get to, and goes to get her pink sweater. Lulu thanks Valentin, but he says, it was Charlotte’s idea. She cares about Dante, and she’s glad he’s home. She said, maybe mommy will smile a bit more now.

Carly is sorry she and Sonny couldn’t make Dante’s party. He knows they’re busy, and tells her, congratulations. She says the baby is an unexpected, amazing surprise. Dante says, a fresh start. They’re lucky to have that chance. Jason comes in, and tells Carly, everything is okay and there’s nothing to worry about. He tells Dante, welcome home. Carly says Sonny is proud that he rescued Dante, when the WSB couldn’t. Dante says, it was a complex operation. Carly says Sonny told her that he had to dress up like a guard, and as they were sneaking out, some kid showed up. He’d met the kid while he was picking someone’s pocket at the café. A server drops a tray, and Dante picks up a knife, and Jason grabs his arm.

Jason tells Dante, let go of the knife. Just let it go. Carly says, it’s okay. It’s just a service tray; it’s fine. Dante drops the knife, and says he’s sorry. He heard a crash. Jason asks if he’s okay, and he says he’s fine. Carly tells him not to worry. He’s been undercover for months. He’s allowed to be shaky. Dante says he hasn’t acclimated yet. He has to get out. Carly tells him, stay and eat something, but he says he has to call somebody. He’s sorry. He leaves, and Carly looks at Jason.

In the hallway, Dante makes a call. He leaves a message to call him back. He has a problem.

Valentin asks Lulu if she got the information he sent about the high achiever program. She says she did, but needs to go over it in depth. He says, it’s pretty straightforward, and Charlotte is more than qualified. Lulu agrees that Charlotte is intelligent, but thinks it’s too soon to be pushing her into the high achiever program. Valentin thinks she’s bored in school, and that’s why she’s getting into mischief. She says it’s the parent’s responsibility to make sure that doesn’t happen, and he says that means all four of them. She tells him she doesn’t trust him, but believes he puts Charlotte first. He says that’s why he’s there. Charlotte comes back, and asks Lulu to tell Dante that she can’t wait to welcome him home in person.

Anna tells Finn, it’s completely unrelated, but she has to meet someone. Robert comes out of the elevator, and Anna says she needs to ask a favor. He tells her, Alex has a lovely room with a view. She knows that, but needs him to do research on an old case. He’ll have to go to London and dig through the files to unearth information about an operative involved, Boris Makala. He was a scientist who was defecting and got ambushed. Robert says she was the courier, but Anna says Alex claims she was, and the memory was transplanted. Robert thinks it’s unimportant, but she says, it matters. He died in front of her – or Alex – and she needs to know which of them it was. She wants to know the truth about her own life. She leaves, and Finn tells Robert that he’s right. This thing with Alex’s memories is real, and it’s getting to her.

Nina sits with Elizabeth. She knows Willow had her supporters, but believes it’s a blessing in disguise. Elizabeth asks, how? and Nina says whatever happened with Charlotte and Aiden is over, but a more experienced teacher would have nipped it in the bud on the first day. Elizabeth asks if Willow is leaving at the end of the school year, but Nina says she was handing in her resignation yesterday. Elizabeth says, it makes no sense. Willow is meeting with her there. Why would she do that if she was planning on leaving?

Willow has to get going, and Chase says this is him not infringing on her independence. She’s glad to know he means it. He says he never wants her to feel pressured. She can tell it’s not his style. He says, she knows his style? She says she’s learning it little by little. He’s glad she’s staying. She is too.

Cameron comes by Oscar’s room, and asks if they’re interested in a magazine. Oscar is surprised he’s pushing the library cart, and Cameron says, community service takes many forms. This might be the last time they see him as a free man. Oscar asks if he wants them to come to court with him, and explain what happened. Cameron says he’s learned Judge Carson isn’t interested in excuses. He’s going to tell her that he’s making up the hours, and throw himself on her mercy. Josslyn is sorry, but Cameron says he was the one who wanted to get out of Port Charles. Before he takes off, Oscar needs to tell him something.

Monica asks if they’ve discussed anything, and Kim says Terry brought it up a few months ago, but it was too soon. Drew says when he hears the term, palliative care, he thinks of an old person who needs help because they’ve used their life up. He doesn’t think of a kid. Monica says, it’s really unfair. She’s seen the tests. The tumor is already beginning to affect his cognitive awareness and emotional responses. Kim’s phone dings. She has a patient to attend to, and Drew tells her, it’s okay. She leaves, and Monica says she knows he’s being strong for Oscar and his mom, but how’s he doing? Drew says, okay, but she says, no, he’s not. He wouldn’t be human if he was okay.

Elizabeth tells Nina that Willow helped Aiden. it’s hard to believe she resigned with no notice. Nina says she and Valentin stopped by the classroom, and Willow told them herself. Willow comes in, apologizing for being late. Nina is sure they have a lot to talk about, and sits with Valentin. Willow tells Elizabeth that she’s just been handling some stuff. Elizabeth asks if it’s true she’s leaving Port Charles Elementary, but Willow says, no. She’s not going anywhere.

Chase visits Lulu, and she thanks him. He asks what he did, and she says, saved her from reading Valentin’s email about the high achiever program. Valentin wants to enroll Charlotte, and Lulu agrees she’s ready. She wanted Charlotte to be a normal child in a normal classroom, but doesn’t want to deprive her of a shot at an Ivy League school. Chase thinks she has a few years to worry about that. She doesn’t want another fight with Valentin, but Chase says she has backup, now that Dante is home.

Anna meets Dante. She’s glad to see him. They hug, and she asks, what’s going on? He tells her that he took his grandfather to breakfast at the MetroCourt. They talked, and he sees an interesting man slipping away, but felt that Mike could really hear him. Maybe his guard was down with him. He took Mike back to Turning Woods, and should have gone straight home, but stopped for a drink at the MetroCourt. He was talking to Carly and Jason, and heard a loud noise. The next thing he knew, he and Jason were wrestling over a knife. He doesn’t remember what he did, but Jason stopped him. Anna asks if he has PTSD, and he says PTSD is the least of his worries. He thinks he’s been brainwashed.

Jason tells Carly that he doesn’t think Dante realized what was going on. Sonny knew he was struggling. Maybe she should tell him to back off, and give Dante a chance to solve his own problem. Carly asks what Jason was thinking, taking a swing at Shiloh? He says he didn’t take a swing; he tried to strangle him. He wanted Shiloh to know how easy it would be for Jason to make him disappear.

Anna says, can you hear the waters whispering? and tells Dante it was her trigger phrase when she was brainwashed early in her career. It’s such a violation of who are as a person. You can’t rebel because you don’t remember. Dante says he remembers bits and pieces of Raj’s interrogation techniques. Raj wanted to break him down, and prove he was trustworthy. He has tasks he doesn’t know about. When they feed him the trigger phrase or image, he’s given the mission, and it’s over. He doesn’t remember a thing. He thinks he’s supposed to kill someone. She asks if he knows who, and he says, no, but he had a dream that he was loading a gun, and saying, he will complete the mission. Then Lulu walked in. She wasn’t supposed to see, so he shot her point blank. Then he was awake. He told himself it was just a dream, and to get himself under control, but he can’t. He’s not in control, and it’s getting worse.

Chase says he should have texted Lulu first, but she says he’s always welcome. He saved her from Valentin’s insight on their daughter’s future. He was wondering about Dante, and when he’s coming back to work. She says, he hasn’t had a chance to think about it, and Chase says, that doesn’t sound like Dante. The only thing he loves more than being a detective, is her and the kids. He tells her good luck planning her daughter’s academic career, and leaves.

Elizabeth tells Willow that Nina said she was leaving. Was it wishful thinking? Willow says she did tell them that she was dealing with a personal situation. Elizabeth asks if there’s anything she can do, but Willow says she’s handling it. She realized quitting a job she loves won’t solve anything.

Nina tells Valentin that Willow and Elizabeth look like two porcelain dolls. Women who act helpless and frail, are really passive/aggressive and manipulative. When someone like her calls them out, she’s being a mean and insensitive bully. She teases him, asking how he can be with her, and he says, some men have taste, and kisses her.

Elizabeth tells Willow about the party, saying, it’s not as overt, but every kid was invited except Aiden. Willow says, Bianca is his best friend. Elizabeth says, according to Bianca’s narrow-minded mom, ex best friend. It’s about what people perceive as his gender identity. If that’s not bullying, she doesn’t know what it is.

Carly says Sam left Danny alone with a cult leader who could have manipulated him, and Jason says that’s why he wanted to make sure Shiloh didn’t approach Danny again. He stopped Shiloh in front of Kelly’s, and told him to stay away from Danny. Shiloh got in his face, talking his cult crap, and baiting him. He let Shiloh get closer, and told Shiloh not to touch him. When he did, he took Shiloh down. Shiloh decided to forgive him – Sam was there watching, of course – but now Shiloh knows Jason can take him out any time. He’s far from beaten, but he knows to be afraid. It’s a good place to start.

Cameron says, assuming he’s not shipped off to juvie, does Oscar want him to get his car? They took the bus back, so it’s still in Niagara Falls. They can do a road trip; legit this time. They can take the bus, and really go see the Falls. Josslyn says, it would be great but… Cameron says Oscar doesn’t trust him behind the wheel. Oscar says he trusts Cameron, but it’s just that he can’t take any more road trips. Argh! I hate that they’re manipulating me into feeling terrible about this, and tearing up over something other than Mike.

Monica gives Drew her award for years of meritorious service. She wants him to throw it against the wall, or out window, but don’t hit anyone. He needs to break something before the pain bottled up inside him breaks him. He thanks her, but it won’t give Oscar more days or help him say goodbye. Monica wishes she had some advice, but she doesn’t. He just has to see it through when the time comes. Drew says, the time is here. Oscar is dying, and there’s nothing he can do about it. Monica says he can still talk to Oscar, and touch him. Treasure every moment, no matter how brief. Kim comes back, saying, false alarm. Monica would like to suggest something. She knows they want to have better care for Oscar when he can’t care for himself. Drew says Oscar made it clear that he didn’t want to spend his last days in a hospital bed. Monica says she wouldn’t want that either. He should be surrounded by the people who love and care about him, and will see him through every step. She’d like Oscar to stay at the Quartermaine house.

Robert wants to speak to Finn about Anna. She’s an incredible woman, but emotionally damaged. She can’t fall in love. She’ll never ask for a commitment. She won’t ask you to make promises. Finn appreciates the information, but none of it is Robert’s business. Robert says, it is, because of the family. The family wants her happy. Robert does too. Finn has the ability to make her happy, but just as it’s starting to happen, her past comes back to bite her, and she pushes him away. Beat her to the punch. Finn asks if Robert wants him to break up with Anna. Robert says, he is an idiot, isn’t he?

Anna says the good part is that Dante recognizes something was done to him. Dante says, the first step is admitting you have a problem. Anna says, the next step is more painful. You have to address it. Dante asks, how? He doesn’t know what he was programmed to do or what the triggers are. What happens if an innocent person gets hurt, or someone he loves is caught up in it? She says he needs to be treated by experts in a secure environment. There’s an estate in Wales; it’s nice, remote, and restricted. You’re not locked in a cell, but have to stay on the grounds. He says it sounds like she’s had personal experience, and she says she was there. It’s like rehab, but with an open-ended stay, and they practice Gestalt therapy. Dante is concerned that he’ll be reprogrammed for their objectives, but Anna says they’ll give him the tools to help set him free of Raj’s influences. He has to confront who he is, as opposed to who he thought he was. He thinks he should leave as soon as possible, and Anna says she’ll make the arrangements.

Elizabeth has to get going. Willow is glad Elizabeth told her about the party, and says she’ll monitor the situation in the classroom; Aiden has her support. Elizabeth says, it means everything to him. Willow says, it’s not enough. She wants to get more involved in the community, and if certain people don’t like it, too bad. Elizabeth is glad she’s Aiden’s teacher, and thinks she’s a good example for him.

Nina tells Valentin that she can see a judgmental smirk a mile away. Willow approaches their table. She wants them both to know she’s staying on. Nina asks, what happened to the emergency? and Willow says, it’s been addressed. She hopes everyone will consider this a restart. Nina says, everyone? Valentin says Willow has expressed a clear bias against his fiancé and daughter. Willow says things got heated, and she overstated. Nina says Willow told her Charlotte didn’t stan a chance with Nina in her life. She’s messed with the wrong stepmother. She’ll see to it that Willow’s days at the school are numbered.

Kim knows that the Quartermaines would offer care and comfort, but… Monica says they have plenty of room, and she wouldn’t dream of separating them. Kim and Drew are invited as well. Kim says it’s a lovely gesture, but she can’t be the one to accept. It has to be Oscar’s choice. Monica says she’s right. It’s Oscar’s journey, and he gets to decide what path to take.

Oscar explains to Cameron that he’s in the end stage. He’s going to die in a month; maybe sooner. Cameron asks if the doctors are sure, and Cameron says they were told last night, but honestly, he can feel it. He tires easily, and his coordination is shot. He got dizzy when Josslyn was tying his shoes. Cameron asks if they’re doing something or just going home. Oscar says they’re going to Eckert’s; does he want to come with? Josslyn says he has court, but Cameron says it’s in a half hour, and Eckert’s is near the courthouse. This might be his last sugar cookie for a long time. He asks if they’re walking or Ubering. Oscar says they’ll start walking, and Uber if they need to.

Finn tells Robert that he said Anna would push him away unless he beat her to the punch. Robert says he meant putting his heart on the line. Tell her that you love her, and her background doesn’t matter. Whatever goofy thing pops in his head. She’s not groveling; he has to do it. Anna returns, and Robert tells her that their granddaughter won some prize, and wants to tell her in person. He leaves, and Anna tells Finn that he’s a strange and lovely man. She adds, never tell him that she said that, and Finn says her secret is safe. He kisses her, and she asks, what was that for? He asks if there has to be a reason, and she says, no.

Dante comes home. He looks at the folded up welcome home sign. Lulu asks if something is wrong, and he says, it’s hard to explain. Lulu tells him to take his time. He says he’s out of time. He has to leave.

Tomorrow, Obrecht tells Valentin that he should have heeded her warning, Laura doesn’t want a divorce, and Ava is getting phone calls from beyond the grave.

💰 Tonight was the season finale of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, and I’m happy to say, Tracy was given the job as US Ambassador for Royal Atlantis in Dubai. She had an open house for brokers, who were impressed, thereby impressing the owner. I can’t imagine a more amazing, and lucrative, real estate opportunity. Josh Altman sold a one-bedroom house with a twenty-five car garage, for $7.3 million, making it the most expensive garage in LA. Josh Flagg had to learn the meaning of compromise when, after wanting a house based only on his own taste, husband Bobby wondered when he got to be happy. In his interview, JoshF admitted to knowing he was selfish because he feels entitled, but is dealing with it in therapy. Like Dante said above, admitting you have a problem is the first step, so my hat’s off to him for that. Next time and season, the Josh’s co-list a property to hedge their bets, and guarantee themselves a listing. That should be interesting.

👄 Watch What Happens Live is going on one of its many hiatuses, and will be back on Sunday, April 7th.

👗 I’ve kind of been watching Project Runway. While I love fashion, I’ve never been that interested in this show, but it’s on when I’m waiting for the next program, and nothing else is competing. It’s made me glad I’m not in the business, since designers can be more temperamental than Housewives. Or at least give them a run for their money. Tonight, Nadine was asked to pack her sewing kit and go, and I said, good riddance. The only reason I’m even posting about this show is that, while emotions can run high, it’s mostly crying or pitching a hissy fit about a bolt of tulle. This woman was nasty. She tried to blame her bad design on the model – IMO the top of her pantsuit was great, but the pants part was a mess – saying the model disrupted the flow somehow because she was curvy. In case you didn’t know, that’s fashionspeak for fat and/or big. This wasn’t the first time a designer has been thrown off by their model’s stature, so you’d think they’d keep that in mind in the planning. She was mean to her model from the jump, getting impatient with how she walked. Even the judges were horrified at how she spoke regarding this unfortunate woman who had to work with her. As soon as she realized she was on the bottom, the attitude really came out. By the time she went to the back, to await her fate, Nadine got even worse. She said, and I quote, them bitches can send me home. After being told she was out, she didn’t even wait for Karlie Kloss to say her piece, and marched off the stage. To her credit, she did admit that it was a bit much for her, and she just wasn’t cut out for it. She got that one right.

🐮 New Bravo show, Texicanas, premieres Tuesday, May 7th. You can read about it here:


🗽 I Love It Too…

Downton Abbey’s creator talks about my favorite city. On a side note, I didn’t know Cindy Adams was still alive.


🎤 This also gave me my favorite quote this week, right from the streets: April holidays are coming. You recognize old age when your wife gives up sex for Lent — and you don’t even notice it until Labor Day. – muttered by a senior

🎠 Someone Stop the Merry-Go-Round…

Suckerfish Hoppy needs to make like Elsa and let it go. I’m honestly surprised he hasn’t been court ordered to seek help.

The suckerfish FaceTimes…


The suckerfish makes girls cry…


But sometimes they put him back in the water, where he belongs.


🚫 Andy Nixes the Rumor…

I’d rather see reruns of The Simple Life anyway. Or a video of her dogs in their two-story house.


😀 Friday Is Here…

What I anticipate…


Friday night’s reality…


September 7, 2018 – Nina Inherits a Half-Necklace, Purging, New from Bravo, Goodbye Jack, QuaterQuotes & Last Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

On the phone, Sonny tells someone to let him know what they find out. Mike approaches Sonny, and says he needs to know how much trouble he made, referring to the body in the basement at Charlie’s.

Kristina tells Julian it’s a shame she can’t hang out at Charlie’s. He asks, why not? and she says, the owner. She thinks it’s a clever mob front, and he says he’s out of that. She tells him that he’s said that before. He says it’s a legit business. Like it or not, he’s here stay. If not, there’s the door.

Jordan tells someone on the phone she appreciates their assistance. Let her know if the PCPD can help in the future. She tells Curtis that Carter is being remanded to his adult children, but he’s being brought to Port Charles as they speak. In the interim, he needs a place to stay, and she arranged for it to be there. Curtis thanks her, saying it means a lot, and more to Nina if it leads to the daughter she didn’t know she has.

Maxie wonders what the homeless lady was doing at the church, and tells Nina that she felt bad. The woman really smelled, and she wanted to take her for a spa day. There’s a delivery for Nina. Nina says it’s from her mother’s lawyers.

Sam tells Jason sorry she didn’t give him notice she was going to Oregon; her sister needed her support. Jason says Sonny told him that Kristina is moving back, and Sam says Kristina is staying with her. Their mother offered, but she doesn’t want friction. Jason asks if she’s playing peacemaker, and Sam says she’s giving Kristina space. It’s hard getting over a relationship, after giving up time and emotions. She needs to take a step back to rebuild her life, and figure out what she wants and needs without pressure. She was lucky to have support, so she’s giving Kristina the same. Jason says she’s a good sister. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Drew. He wants to see Scout, but thinks it might be a bad time. Jason says he was just leaving, and asks how Oscar is.

Josslyn tells Oscar to keep his eyes closed, and they approach her decorated bench. She says she’s shocked his mom let him come out after being released from the hospital. She notices the balloons are deflated and the crepe paper isn’t looking so great. She tells him it looked less depressing yesterday. He loves that she did it; it’s not her fault. He’ll try his best not pass out next anniversary. Josslyn says waking up in the ER must be scary, even though it turned out to not be serious.

Carter Buckley is brought to Curtis’s room. Curtis and Jordan introduce themselves. Carter says he’d shake hands, but… and shows them the cuffs. Curtis says before they start, condolences on his recent prognosis. Carter appreciates it, and wonders what the meeting is about. Curtis knows he was arrested for brokering illegal adoptions, and has a question about one of his clients. Carter was advised not to discuss that, and Curtis says he doesn’t want to make trouble. He just has a question about one client. What can Carter tell him about Madeline Reeves?

Maxie asks if Nina wants her to get rid of the box, but Nina rips it open. She looks inside, and says it’s a box of stuff from her childhood. She takes out some scarves, her first running gloves, and a framed picture of her and Nathan when he was a baby. Maxie looks at it.

Kristina tells Julian that she needs a job, and asks if he’s hiring. He says he needs a bartender, and she tells him she’s an expert, but not in an obnoxious mixologist way. He wonders how much it would piss her father off if he hired her, and says he’s not interested in making waves, especially with Sonny. Kristina says Julian sells Sonny’s coffee, so he obviously has a stake in the business; he should be on board.

Mike is concerned about what happens if Julian get the go-ahead for renovation. Sonny says they don’t know the extent of what he’s doing, and so far, he’s been able to block him getting a permit; it’s a non-issue. Mike says what if the next one isn’t rejected? What is he going to do? Mike says he thought he was watching Sonny’s back when he moved the body, but he created more problems. Sonny says he’ll take care of it. Mike says he created the mess; he’s cleaning it up for good this time.

Sam asks if something happened to Oscar, and Jason says he collapsed and ended up in the ER, but he seemed okay. He leaves, and Sam asks Drew, what’s going on? He says he just wanted to see his favorite girl.

Josslyn says she and Oscar still have a lot to learn about each other. He asks if she means the low blood sugar thing, and says it’s nothing to worry about. She says it sounds silly, and bringing it up is trivial in the grand scheme of things, but something is bothering her. She found out the riddle he texted to her wasn’t from him.

Sonny tells Mike there’s nothing to fix, and Mike says don’t treat him like that. Sonny understands Mike was trying to protect him, but he was eighteen, and he’s not that kid anymore; he has resources. Julian, he can handle. He tells Mike the less he knows, the better. If he really wants to help, then let it go. it’s not good for him to be stressed.

Julian tells Kristina, if Sonny has a problem, he’s the one who will hear about it. Why doesn’t she try somewhere else? He has some business to take care of, and Kristina says she’ll help with the garnishes, and gets behind the bar. Valerie comes in, and tells Julian that she has a message from the city council. They’ve reached a decision about his permit.

Sonny says it’s time to take Mike for his checkup. Jason comes in, and Sonny suggests he come along so they can talk. Mike says it’s ridiculous. Sonny has better things to do than babysit him. He has a nurse, and one of Sonny’s guys can drive. He tells Sonny to focus on his business, and he’ll feel like less of a burden. Sonny agrees.

Valerie tells Julian that his renovation plans were approved. Kristina tells him that he’s low on vermouth. Valerie is excited to see her, and Kristina apologizes for not texting. She tells Valerie that she’s moving back, and Valerie says she missed hanging out with her. Kristina says she just started working at Charlie’s, and Julian says he hasn’t offered her a job. Valerie says she can vouch for Kristina’s classic cocktails. Kristina starts rattling off cocktail recipes. Julian says he has to make some calls; they’ll talk later. Valerie says if she keeps reciting recipes, he’ll hire her just to shut her up. She wonders why Kristina is back when she’s living with Parker.

Drew holds Scout, and Sam says he has the magic touch. Usually when she needs a nap, she’s all kinds of fussy. He says, it’s crazy. Kids grow so quickly, and change so fast. It’s like a lifetime in a few months. He wishes he could slow it down. Sam suggest she put Scout down for her nap, so they can talk. Drew says he could use it.

Oscar says he should have told Josslyn that Cameron helped. He’s not best the at romantic gestures. She says, he is; he put the video together. He put a lot of thought into it. He says, the point is, there is a lot they don’t know, even after a year. She says the good news is, they’re young and have plenty of time to figure each other out. Geez. Not trying to tug at the audience’s heartstrings too hard or anything.

Carter says he never heard of Madeline. Curtis shows him her picture. He says Carter looks pale. Carter says he’s fine. He’s sorry, but he has an obligation to protect the identity of his clients. Jordan says, here’s the deal. They’re sorry he has a terminal illness, but compassionate release can be revoked as soon as he aids and abets another crime. Carter says, fine; he’ll talk.

Nina takes out a note from the executor. It’s what Madeline left her. She lifts a jewelry box out. Inside is a note from her mom. In the envelope is a necklace, and a note that says, this will mend a broken heart. Nina says, this means something.

Sonny tells Jason that Mike is on his way to the hospital. Mike feels good and focused today. Jason wonders what happens if Julian gets the permit to renovate; if they find the body and gun. Sonny says they can find a contractor they can control, and put a person on the crew. Jason says he can inspect after hours. If anything turns up, he’ll make sure they’re the only ones who know.

Julian calls Kim, and leaves a message asking about Oscar, and telling her that he’s there if she needs him. Kristina tells Valerie that she and Parker broke up. They’re lives were going in opposite directions, and if she stayed, she’d be fading further into the background. She needed to find her own path. Valerie is all for it, especially if it keeps her there. She’s missed Kristina. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Sam asks Drew, what’s going on with Oscar? Drew says Oscar stayed the night at the hospital, and Drew stayed there until he was discharged. Sam asks if something serious is going on, and Drew tells her. Oscar has a brain tumor. It’s malignant and inoperable. She’s so sorry; Drew is too. She says Oscar must be so scared, and Drew says, that’s the thing, Oscar has no clue. He was already so sick when Kim found out, she chose to keep it from him. She doesn’t want him worrying about dying, and wants him to enjoy living, and being a regular teenager. Sam asks if he agrees.

Josslyn tells Oscar it will be their goal for this year. He says they’re setting goals now. He says they don’t know a lot about each other, and should start finding out. What is something Josslyn has wanted to do, but hasn’t? She says make out with her boyfriend in the woods. He thinks he can help her with that, and takes her hand.

Nina can’t believe her mom remembered. She holds up the necklace, a jade half-heart. Nina says Annie was her first Broadway show when she was little. She loved it. Maxie did too, and gets all excited. Nina says she was obsessed. She used to run around singing every song, then go to her mom’s bedroom and take out the necklace, pretending it was a locket like Annie’s. Maxie asks, where’s the other half?

Carter tells Curtis that he’d recognize Madeline anywhere. She was one of his clients. He was hired to find parents for a baby. It was unusual. Her daughter was in a coma, and gave birth to a baby girl. Madeline thought her son-in-law had something to do with her daughter’s condition. She kept the pregnancy under wraps, so he wouldn’t find out. When the time came, he arranged for the baby to be sent somewhere he couldn’t find her. Curtis asks who he ended up giving baby to.

Maxie tells Nina, way of making peace. Nina says, it’s kind of late, but Maxie says maybe she found it hard to ask forgiveness. Nina wonders what the significance is of the missing half.

Carter couldn’t tell Curtis who it was. Curtis says he must have records. Carter says if he did, they’re long gone. Keeping records in his business is a giant liability. He’s sorry he’s not more help. Jordan thanks him, and say they’re done there. Carter says, for what it’s worth (the phrase of the week), he wishes he could do more. The officers take him away. Jordan tells Curtis that she’s sorry it didn’t pan out the way he wanted it to. At least they know the child survived. Curtis says they know more than that.

Kristina asks Valerie what’s new, and Valerie says she’s taking a detective exam. Kristina says they have to celebrate, but Valerie says not until she passes. Kristina says she’ll miss seeing Valerie in her uniform. She rocks it.

Sonny tells Jason if they could control how the body is found, it would be a weight off his shoulders, and his dad’s. Jason asks if Mike has said any more, but Sonny doesn’t want to ask. Mike gets agitated and confused, and needs to stay calm. On a day like today, he seems like his old self, and it’s tempting to ask, but he doesn’t want to take the risk.

Mike looks in the window at Charlie’s. Inside, Kristina makes Valerie promise they’ll hang out after she slays the exam. Valerie says, deal, and tells Kristina, welcome home. She leaves, and Mike hides around a corner.

Drew tells Sam that he thinks Oscar has the right to know what he’s facing, but up until a year ago, Kim was raising him alone. Who is he to contradict, if she thinks letting him live his best life in the time he’s got is the best thing? Sam sees the point. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss. Once you know the truth, it’s hard to unknow. Drew says they’re just starting to get to know and understand each other. Oscar is starting to trust him as a father, and now he’s keeping a secret. Unless a miracle happens, he’s going to lose his son. Sam says, miracles happen every day. She’s seen them for herself, and hopes for a miracle for Oscar. She tells Drew to love him as best he can, and spend as much time as possible with him now.

As the come out of the woods, Josslyn tells Oscar, it was a worthwhile experience. They almost kiss, and Oscar’s phone dings. He says his mom is picking him up, and asks if she wants a ride. She says she needs to clean up, and he says he’ll help. His phone dings again, and he figures he’d better go before she freaks. He has an idea. Between now and their next anniversary, they should keep this up. She says, making out? and he says, that too, but doing stuff they’ve always wanted to do, but together. She says, like a bucket list for people with lots of time. She likes it.

Nina tells Maxie, hypothetically, maybe her mother felt something other than greed; maybe affection or guilt. She knew Nina loved the necklace, but dividing it in half might have meaning. In the musical, Annie thinks finding her parents will mend her broken heart. Maybe her mom meant it literally. Maybe she’s sending a message from the grave that Nina didn’t miscarry; that her child is alive somewhere.

Jordan asks Curtis, how is this not a dead end? Curtis says, she heard him. Madeline hired a private nurse, not to mention a doctor. Where there’s money, there’s a trail.

Sonny tells Jason that his dad overheard when he was talking to Carly. He was upset, but not disoriented. He knew what happened, and that if the body was uncovered, Sonny could be implicated. Jason says Mike seemed okay when he got there. Sonny says he told Mike that he has resources to handle it. Jason says, that’s true, but Sonny says, a lot could still go wrong.

Kristina congratulates Julian. She bets the renovation is going to keep him busy. He might need help. He says he’ll be busy managing the contractor, and won’t have time to do interviews. She can have a job on one condition – that she start now.

Mike sneaks downstairs in Charlie’s, and looks around with a flashlight. He sees some pipes, and takes out a wrench.

On Monday, Valentin says Madeline was telling the truth, Michael gets a letter from Nelle, And Mike tells Kristina that she’s not supposed to be there.

💀 I saw the first episode of The Purge (USA), and thought it was pretty good. Part of it focused on a group that was working on purge night, and I thought, that would be my luck. Stuck at the office. I liked the second and third movie (haven’t seen the fourth), but I wasn’t crazy about the first one. I think it’s a very scary concept, but that blond guy talked so much, I thought I could have killed him ten times while he was going on and on. This is a good choice for a series, since there’s a wealth of stories that can be pried out of it.

🏈 On September 24th, Bravo will premiere it’s new show, Bravo Play by Play hosted by Jerry O’Connell. Originally, it was supposed to be called Real Men Watch Bravo, which I thought was brilliant, but since we’re living in a super-sensitive society now, it was changed. Enough already. They showed a snippet on Wednesday’s Watch What Happens Live, and it looked great. It’s not The People’s Couch (what happened to that?), but I’ll take it. Jerry was a guest that night, along with LuAnn (The Real Housewives of NYC), who wore the outfit she would have worn had she attended the reunion. It was fabulous and sparkly. Andy took a poll on the best NYC reunion outfit, and I was pleased that everyone agreed with me that it was Bethenny. I wouldn’t mind a dress-up box with all of the reunion outfits in it.

😥 Sad News…

I only saw this guy smile once, when Dr. Phil made a funny, but he was still awesome.


🏁 Quotes of the Week

Do you have a horseshoe up your ass? You’re the luckiest bastard alive. – Ben (Charlie O’Connell), Obsessed

We see things not as they are, but as we are.H. M. Tomlinson

For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.Virginia Woolf

The nicest thing I can say about her is all her tattoos are spelled correctly. – Truvy (Dolly Parton), Steel Magnolias.

🏇 And We’re Off…

While I wish you an entertaining weekend, I thought I’d also share my entertainment from last weekend.



September 2, 2018 – Morgan Has a Reunion, Jenna Talks, Lala Gets a Ring On It, Going Downton & Long Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

June watches a video of John talking about finding her. She gets out of the tank and surveys the damage the storm has wrought. She tries to get a radio signal. She says she never should have left John at the bus, and talks about seeing the video. She says he knew; he believed. But if Al had asked June that question today, she doesn’t think she could answer like he did. He knows her. When the going gets tough, she runs – or worse. She says things are pretty tough right now. She wants to know how he believed. Al comes back and asks if she’s trying to raise John. She can’t find diesel and tells June to conserve the battery. They can’t recharge.

The next day, Al whittles, while June pikes a zombie in the head. They sit and watch nothing. June says they can’t keep going out just far enough to make it back before sundown. They have to keep going. They’re almost out of water. The radio crackles. June asks if it’s John, but the voice isn’t clear.

A half zombie is attached to the front of Sarah’s truck. She stops, telling Wen it’s a clean hit. She takes a look, and pikes it in the head. She asks if Wen remembers when dad hit the seagull; it was a one in a million shot. She tells him that she still gets the point. He says, half. Morgan tries the radio, and gives their location. He says they’re headed west. He’s got help.

June thinks they should go to higher ground and find the signal. Al asks if she killed the camera. June says she killed the battery watching the tape. Al isn’t looking well, and says it’s low blood sugar. June tells her to stay. She feels Al’s forehead and says she’s warm. She wonders if whoever was on the radio has food. They should find them, then come back and fix the van.

Morgan says he’s leaving the channel open, and will be listening. Sarah asks if he really thinks he’ll find his people. He says he has to try. Someone did that for him for as long as they could. She asks if it worked. Morgan is silent, and she says it didn’t. He says, it will work, and repeats the location.

June hears static. Al walks behind her. June asks if Al’s vision is okay. Al says she’s fine; it’s just been a while since she’s eaten. We hear zombie noises. June says they might be done walking. Are they going to ride a zombie? They see a car, kill the zombie inside, and drive. June keeps trying the radio, but gets nothing. She says they need to find higher ground, and apologizes for using up the battery. Al understands. It’s the next best thing to talking to him. June asks if Al has ever found someone, but Al says, when you’re collecting other people’s stories, you stop having your own.

June asks if anyone can hear her. Crazy Lady is listening in, and tells her zombie, Purvis, that he made them weak.

Sarah calls Morgan Momo. He asks her to stop, but she says she can’t’ She likes it. Morgan hears June for a moment and responds. He tells Wen that he’s taking stroll. He’s going to try and get a stronger signal. Wen asks what they do, and he says, wait. Sarah says it looks like they’re tailgating. Morgan walks, and says he hears them; hold on.

June tells Al to keep driving, but Al throws up. She says maybe it’s not her blood sugar. June says it’s a bug. The van suddenly drives past, and Al takes off after it, saying she’s stopping that SOB. June tells her to slow down, but that’s a no. They speed along behind the van, crash into something, and go into a spin. June says Al is sick; screw the van. She needs antibiotics. Al says she has them – in the van. They have to get it back.

Morgan sees Crazy Lady at one of the boxes. He tells her, what’s written is the truth; you can take what you need. Things are tough out here. What’s in the box helped him, and could help her. She says she doesn’t need any help; she’s not weak. Morgan tells her that he didn’t say she was. He tells her again to take what she needs, and he keeps walking. She watches him. She says, he’s right. Things are tough out there. He should be careful.

Crazy lady fills a bottle with puddle water.

A zombie toddles toward the car. June tells al to stay with her; keep talking. She asks where Al got the van, but Al doesn’t want to get into it right now. June says she hasn’t seen many reporters with hardware like that, and Al asks how many did she know? They hear gunfire, and Al says those are hers; it’s close. She says June can go; she can do this. It’s the only way to get the meds she needs. June doesn’t want to leave, but gives Al the radio. She says if she doesn’t’ come back, to get in touch with the people they heard.

June sees an overturned bus, and hears zombie noises coming from it. She sneaks around the bus, and sees the van with the door open, and a pile of zombie bodies nearby. She slides around the other side, and peaks in the bus, where a trapped zombie is flailing around. A man tells her, drop the gun, while he has one pointed at her head. She does what he asks, and says she just needs some medicine. He tells her, hands behind her head; move.

On her knees in the road, June tells him that he doesn’t have to do this. He continues to hold the gun on her, and asks where her friend is; she must need medicine for someone. She says she doesn’t need the van, just the medicine, and he says, this isn’t a conversation. June says, what he’s doing, she’s been there, but someone showed her that she didn’t have to live like that. Neither does he. They can work together; help each other. He says, no, they can’t. We’re all the same, doing what they can to protect who they care about, know, and love. That’s where it stops. June says she can’t let her friend die. He says if he comes, he’ll be the first to go when things go south. June jumps up and knocks him down.

Al hears a gunshot. She gets out of the truck, and tries to remove the tire that’s blown.

June struggles with the man. She gets the better of him, and gets the gun. She makes him lie on the ground, and tries to start the van. He says, it’s out of gas. He thought there was diesel in the bus, but there wasn’t. She tells him, get up. Inside the van, she asks him where the cipro is. What did he do with it? He says he pulled over, and killed the dead who broke out of the bus. It’s not his fault if it’s not there. He says, you can’t help people, and June tells him to go. He says she knows what it’s like out there, and she says he didn’t believe her. He admits he didn’t. He jumps down, and she locks the van.

June goes through everything. She finds a radio, and calls Al. She asks where the medicine is. Al can’t even stand, and falls when she tries. A zombie struggles up from the mud, and its leg breaks at the ankle. It still manages to grab Al, who holds it back just barely. She has a knife strapped to her leg, and works to get it. On the radio, June says she can’t find it. Al finally get the knife, but she’s not strong enough to stab the zombie in the head. She kicks it under the car, and kick’s the jack down, crushing the zombie’s head. June asks if she copies. Al grabs the radio, and June asks, where’s the medicine? Al says, there isn’t any. She needed to get the van back. June sits in the middle of a mess, and throws the radio into it.

Al thanks June. June says she was lucky there were meds on the bus. She could have died. Al says June could have died too, but they didn’t. The van will keep them breathing; they just have to get diesel. June says she almost killed to get medicine that wasn’t there. Al says, someone who stole the van; June doesn’t get it. June says she does, but it almost got them killed. Al says, almost did. June says she’s trying not to be that person. She’s been running from who she was and what she did, and almost became that person again. Why is the van so important? Al says it will keep them alive. June tells Al that she says the truth matters; is she telling the whole truth? Al says the tapes are all that’s left of dreamers. June says, people she barely knew, and Al says, not all of them. June saw one of them. June says, you can’t help people if you’re dead. Al says it’s not just other people’s stories on the tapes; it’s her story. The people she knew; the people she loves, and she’s not leaving them behind. June ponders this, and nods. She sits down on the ground next to Al.

Morgan climbs a water tower. Ha-ha! That sounds like a children’s book. He radios, asking if she still hears him. He doesn’t think he can stick around. Al hears him talking.

June grabs the radio. Morgan says they’re packing up to leave, but wanted to give their location once more. June says, it’s her; she’s with Al, but the only reply is dead air. Al says, the battery is dead. June looks at a map, and says, he’s fifty miles away, and they have enough gas. Al says they need the van, but June says they’ll miss him if they don’t leave now. Al says they’ll catch up.

Al gets out of the car, and tells June to go. June says, Morgan is out there. That means John and the others might be too. They’re alive. It doesn’t have to be this way for her. Al closes the door, and starts heading to the van. That medicine worked fast. June starts the car. Al stops, and shoots in the air. She turns toward the car, as June backs up toward her. Al gets in, and they drive off.

Wen doesn’t think they’re coming. Morgan says, it don’t look that way. Wen suggests the keep on truckin’. Morgan gets in, and Jim hands him a beer, saying he looks like someone who needs a drink. Sarah sees a car in her rearview mirror. It’s June and Al. June says sorry they’re late, and Morgan says they’re here now; that’s what matters. She asks about John and everyone else. Morgan says he’s still looking, and introduces the others. He asks Sarah to get them some food, and she brings out one of the boxes. June asks if they’re the ones putting the boxes out, and Morgan says it’s the person who owns the truck. They’re returning it, and making drops along the way. June says they’re helping people, and Morgan says, that’s the idea. She asks to borrow his radio.

June gets on the radio and says, she doesn’t know their name or if they’re listening, but the last time she did this, they were. If they can hear her, she’s sorry about what she did, making him walk away. She wants to show him that he’s wrong about something. That we don’t just watch out for the people we know. She says they’re at the mile 27 marker. They have food, water, and supplies; whatever they need to get back on their feet. A man’s voice replies, is that you, cipro? June says, yes. He says he managed to find diesel. Her friend shouldn’t leave her ride sitting around. She says if he wants to come, he won’t be who he was; the guy who held a gun on her. He says, my name is Quinn. She says, June.

Morgan asks if Al is okay. And she says something hit her hard. She says it looks like he found new ride to Alexandria. He says she’s still welcome to join them. She says, just so he knows, she doesn’t plan on staying. She wonders what he knows about the guy who the truck belongs to, and he says, not much. She wishes she had her camera.

Quinn radios June. He says he’s at the mile 27 marker, but she’s not there. She tells him, check again. He says he’s looking right at it. He takes a closer look, and realizes it’s been changed. The Crazy Lady’s zombie-on-a-stick pops out, and attacks Quinn. June asks if he’s there.

Crazy Lady turns off the radio. She says she has to let Purvis go now. He did what he was supposed to. She’s going to set him free to keep on truckin’. She pokes him with a stick, and when he backs up, she closes the cab door. She writes on Quinn’s face – people you know. She tells him that he isn’t going to be weak anymore. He opens his eyes, and she smiles maternally at him.

Next time, Quinn returns; John, Victor, and Luci are still alive; and an alligator eats a zombie.

👂 On Talking Dead, Jenna Elfman gave a colorful account about June and Quinn’s tussle for the gun. She repeatedly, albeit accidentally, kneed him in the goods. And then there was the long ride home…

🙈 Sorry This URL is So Long…

But worth sharing that Lala Kent (Vanderpump Rules) is engaged to her man.


📑 My Excuse…

I’m running late tonight because I had the pleasure of seeing the Downton Abbey exhibit, as well as catching up with an old friend, in NYC today. Tomorrow (9/3) is the last day, but it’s going to other cities. If you’re a Downton fan, it’s a must-see. Holograms, costumes, props, entire rooms from the show are on display. It’s a multi-media extravaganza. There’s even a virtual quiz to see which staff position you’d be suited for. If you must know, I would not have been hired at all. I think it was the question where I answered that I’d give a malicious laugh that took me out of the running.


🛀 And If Your Weekend is a Long One…









January 27, 2017 – Franco is Found, You Can Always Go Downton, Slenderman Hits the Big Time, Thoughts & Quotes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I want Hayden’s necklace! I have a ring that almost matches it. Occasionally they sell replicas of the jewelry from the show on the ABC website – I vote for this one.

Finn and Hayden see Brad at the hospital. He says he needs to speak to them.

After dumping the wine outside, because the drain isn’t good enough, Alexis says she can do this, and starts to go back in the house. Dante pops out of nowhere, saying he needs to asks her questions about Tom Baker. She tells him that it’s not a good time, and he says they can do it here and now or at the station.

Nathan asks Elizabeth why she thinks Franco is innocent. She says despite his past, she believes that he’s changed, and the truth always comes out. Seth comes storming in, saying that Franco killed his brother.

Franco wakes up. Roger Howarth has the best hair, even under duress. He wonders where he’s seen one of the trophies before, and who did this to him.

Going back to the bar to find her phone, Sam finds Franco’s note on the floor – the yellow piece of paper on a dark clean and bare floor –  as well. She says this isn’t happening. Au contraire, it is. She calls Kiki, and says she needs to see her right away.

At the reception desk, Amy 2.0 wonders what’s going on with “those three,” referring to Brad, Finn, and Hayden. She says it’s definitely not a love triangle.

Brad tells Finn that the serum has a lot of potential applications. Hayden says they’ve recovered, but nothing else has happened, and maybe he’s getting ahead of himself. He thinks his name should be on the patent. Finn says the only thing he cares about is that the cure is available to people who need it, but Hayden thinks it might be good PR for the hospital. Griff interrupts, and Finn suggests he and Brad talk later.

Hayden has to get to work, but Griff replaces her, asking Finn if everything is okay, and telling him that his discovery is the talk of the hospital. He thinks science owes Finn a debt. Finn just happens to need a  favor.

Alexis tells Dante that she’s pressed for time, since she needs to prepare for the bar hearing. He asks if she knows Tom Baker. She asks why he’s asking. He says her name has come up during the course of the investigation, and she wants to know in what context. He asks her where she was on December 21st.

Nathan tells Seth there’s a warrant out for Franco’s arrest, but he’s missing. Seth suggests checking Elizabeth’s place. Nathan says there’s an APB out, but they need more evidence. Seth brings up Franco’s past character defects, but Nathan says they can’t go by his past. He storms out and Elizabeth follows. She tells him she wants to help.

Franco doesn’t know how long he’s been in the storage unit. He talks to himself, saying his abductor probably isn’t coming back. He pounds on the door but there’s a padlock on the outside. He says no one can hear him scream. Everything hurts, and he’s cold. He starts to draw with the nub of a pencil.

Kiki joins Sam. Sam shows her the paper and asks where she found it, asking for the address. Kiki gives it to her and asks why. Sam opens it, and Kiki sees the note. I’m hoping she’s feeling really stupid right about now. Kiki wants to go with her, but Sam says no.

Amy II approaches Hayden. She says she couldn’t help but overhear that Hayden almost died. Hayden says both she and Finn were almost dead, explaining that they both had the same fatal disease, but Finn was able to come up with a cure. Amy thinks it’s all incredibly romantic, but Hayden thinks it’s none of her business. Amy tells her that she and Finn are now a hot item.

Finn tells Griff about an old hockey injury that’s flaring up. He says the sports medicine doctor is at a conference, and wonders if Griff can help until he can get together a pain management plan. Griff knows from Finn’s X-rays that he has issues, and gives him a prescription for 10 pills. I assume painkillers.

Alexis says she doesn’t remember; it was over a month ago. She says if he was questioning a client, she would advise them to have counsel present. He says that she’s a lawyer, but she says she knows better than to represent herself. She tells him that Diane will be there soon if he wants to wait. He says that she’s not being accused of anything, but she refuses to answer any questions.

Sam says that there are things going on that Kiki doesn’t know about, and she has to talk to Franco alone. Kiki says that Sam hates Franco and besides, she’s pregnant. Sam says she’ll call Jason to come along, and promises that she won’t let anything happen to Franco. Kiki gives her fifteen minutes, after which she’s going to the police.

Franco sketches Elizabeth. He says he doesn’t know if he’ll make it out of there. He tried to be better for her and the boys, but doesn’t know if they’ll be together again. He flashes back to when they talked about collaborating, and says he loves her. He lies down again and falls asleep.

Seth says Elizabeth seems confused, but nice, and he’s sorry for what Tom did to her – there’s no excuse – but it doesn’t give her boyfriend the right to murder him. Elizabeth suggests they work together (my bad or I need glasses – I’d thought she was talking to Jason in the preview), but he says Franco is capable of anything. He locked Tom in a cage like a dog, and he’s guilty as sin.

Hayden tells revamped Amy that they’re only co-workers. Amy says she’s not a very good liar, despite her having been a con-woman. Hayden tells her to buzz off, and Amy apologizes, saying there’s not much going on in her own life. When she sees someone else happy, she can’t help being a cheerleader. She suggests Hayden share with Tracy, and Hayden scares her by saying Tracy is behind her. Amy says she wants to be Hayden’s friend and wonders if it’s love between her and Finn.

Finn wonders why so few pills, but Griff says he doesn’t want to overprescribe. Finn says the doctor is going to be gone for week, and Griff doubles the prescription. I don’t have an opinion here, since we have no clue what they are. I have this vision of Griff just writing “10 pills” on the script.

Alexis says she knows Dante isn’t trying to insult her, but he is. She tells him for the sake of their friendship and mutual family, they’re done. He says she knows where to find him if she changes her mind, but she says she won’t. He leaves and she slides down to the floor.

Elizabeth goes to Seth’s house and tells him that they need to talk. He says what for, since Franco killed his brother, but lets her in anyway. She says if she thought for a second that Franco did it, she wouldn’t defend him, but she needs to find the truth. She says there’s something confusing her. Something he said.

Sam goes (sans Jason) to the storage place. She calls out Franco’s name. She hears him say, “In here.”

Hayden tells Amy that there is a little something going on. Amy gets all excited, and Hayden asks her to tone it down. Amy says she’ll be the soul of discretion. Ha-ha! I guess Hayden hasn’t been around her much.

Griff has to leave, and Brad comes back to replace him. He tells Finn that he’s playing a dangerous game with his heath and his career.

Dante gets back to the station, and Nathan tells him about Elizabeth and Seth. Dante wants a search warrant for Alexis’s house. He tells Nathan what happened, and says somehow Alexis is involved.

Diane arrives at Alexis’s house. She says she has news about the hearing, but then asks if Alexis is okay. Alexis says something just happened, and doesn’t think she handled it properly. Diane has news, but Alexis says she doesn’t think she can go through with the hearing.

Elizabeth tells Seth that she heard him talk about Franco locking Tom in the cage. She knows it was confidential information, and wonders how he knew.

Kiki tries to call Sam, but her phone is dead.

Sam tells Franco that she’ll get him out. She calls Jason to bring her kit, but the call goes to voicemail. She starts to bang on the lock with a fire extinguisher.

Amy Part Two says she has the feeling that she and Hayden will be great friends. Griff tells Hayden that she must have had some great gossip, since it looks like she made Amy’s day. He says he’s glad she and Finn are feeling better, and it’s good to have them back.

Brad tells Finn he saw Griff writing the script. He says they both know about the addictive drug he’s been taking. Brad says if he’s trying to kick it, it might be harder than he realizes. He’s seen this kind of behavior before, and feels it’s his duty to disclose his suspicions. Finn asks what he wants, and Brad says now they’re getting somewhere. Wow. I thought Brad had cleaned up his act before he married Lucas.

Seth says that Tom told him about the dog cage. Elizabeth asks if Seth saw him. He says no, but he talked to him on the phone after he escaped. Tom was freaking out, and it was the last time he heard his brother’s voice. Elizabeth asks if Tom said how he escaped, but Seth said he was afraid Franco was coming after him. Elizabeth asks if he said anything about putting Franco in the cage. Seth wonders if that’s what Franco told her. She asks if Tom ever mentioned Gene’s or anyone he met there. She thinks someone else is responsible for Tom’s murder.

Diane asks if Alexis can explain, but Alexis says it won’t do any good. Oh, please, Diane is the person most on her side and a brilliant lawyer – why? Diane thinks her guilt, doubts and fear are stopping Alexis from wanting to be a lawyer again. She says Alexis just needs to relax, and fake it until she makes it. She says the judge who was supposed to chair the ethics hearing has the flu. She takes no pleasure in his distress, but he’s been replaced by someone who takes extenuating circumstances – which she suggests be the title of Alexis’s memoirs – into consideration, and thinks what’s being done to Alexis is a travesty. If she wants to reschedule, by that time, the other guy will be over the flu. Diane says Alexis is a good attorney and an upright moral person, and the law needs her. She asks aside from the jitters, if there’s any other reason why Alexis can’t make it.

Sam gets the door open. She finds Franco on the floor.

Brad says Finn is addicted to a designer drug that he no longer needs for medical purposes. He says for all he knows Finn’s plan might work, but he wants his share when the serum is patented. If he doesn’t agree, Brad will tell his superiors what’s going on.

Rebooted Amy asks if Griff has ever kept a secret, and tells him that Finn and Hayden are a couple. She adds to remember doctor/priest/patient confidentiality, but he says that’s not a thing. Amy says just don’t tell.

Finn tells Hayden that everything is cool.

Alexis is glad to have Diane in her corner. She tells Diane to go ahead without her. There’s something she needs to do first.

Dante thinks Alexis knows something. Kiki runs in. She says she thinks they’ve found Franco and Sam went after him.

Franco wakes up thinking Sam is a vison. She says she has to save his worthless ass, and he agrees. Sam asks who did this to him, and he says someone who was once good at basketball. She asks who he thinks it was, and if it’s Julian.

Seth says the sooner Elizabeth accepts that Franco killed Tom, the better. She asks him to consider that he might be wrong, and asks if he doesn’t want the murderer brought to justice. The camera pans over to a shelf full of trophies. DUN-DUN-DUNNN!

On Monday, Seth tells Elizabeth that she’s never going to see Franco again, Nina wants to do what’s best for Charlotte, and Alexis wants to cooperate.

Downton Musings

Since even with 500+ channels, there is nothing to watch on the weekend – until everything is on at the same time Sunday night – I’ve been indulging in Downton Abbey. I’m no stranger to being late to the party. I didn’t “discover” Barry Manilow until 1979 (quit laughing and listen to his songs that weren’t top 40 hits), started watching Game of Thrones in season three, and got my first microwave in 1997. I was so excited, one of my neighbors asked if I realized they’d been around for a while. (Doomed eternally to a small kitchen, I hadn’t had the space before then.) While I’d caught an episode of Downton here and there, and had a general idea of what the show was about, I’d never actually followed the series.

Last New Year’s Day, not being much good for anything except goofing around on the computer, I parked the remote on channel 13 (PBS) and watched the final day of their Downton Abbey marathon. As it neared the end, my hungover self got FOMO every time they showed the over-priced gift set, containing 52 hours of the entire series plus bonus material. The clincher was the decorative bell plaque which you cannot get in their online store; they knew what they were doing. My husband was no help, encouraging me by saying it was really for charity. Hey, it came with a set of coasters too.

If, like myself, you’re unfamiliar with the show, it’s reminiscent of The Thornbirds, but there are more characters who are wealthy, instead of just Barbara Stanwyck, and it’s a million times longer. It’s got that same roller coaster feel though, and when things are going well, you just know the rug is going to get pulled out from under the whole thing any minute. There are all the standard requirements of a soap opera: a core family, bitches, villains, super couples, and the longsuffering. It’s soap of the utmost magnitude, Masterpiece Theatre soap. It has more ups and downs than your favorite roller coaster – a character getting left at the altar one minute and the family estate being saved from foreclosure the next. And it has Maggie Smith, with Shirley MacLaine guest starring. It has Elizabeth McGovern too, but I’m not sure how she ended up in the mix. We need an American immediately! I know, we’ll get that girl whose last memorable film was in 1980! And we’ll throw in a microwave while we’re at it. Not that she isn’t lovely and a wonderful actress; it just surprised me.

Sometimes things are worth the hype and this is one of those things. The story is gripping, the characters are intriguing; the casting and acting are on point. The costumes are to die for, and that house, that phenomenal house. One of the bonus features includes some behind-the-scenes footage of the cast on location there, with Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary) talking about how in awe they were of the place.

Since God forbid I should miss an episode of The Real Housewives of Anywhere, I’ve been watching it on the weekends, casting aside all Lifetime and Chiller movies, as well as my email. I’m in the middle of season three now, and I’m sure I’ll get the shakes when it starts getting close to the end. After that, I’ll watch the DVDs with the bonus material, and then maybe cry a little and eat some ice cream. At least the weekdays break things up. Before Mad Men’s final episode, AMC had a nearly week-long marathon of the entire series, and I saw most of it, getting very little sleep. Afterward, I felt lost, and longing for the 60s again, even though I barely remember them and was too young for any real fun. Since my obsessions often cost me money, I have a couple of props, bought at auction after the show ended.

The upside was a satisfying ending to the series, which Downton Abbey also has, although I think Six Feet Under wins Best. Ending. Ever. And even though I already do know the ending to this one, I won’t enjoy Downton any less.

Proof positive that I do watch more than trash on Bravo. Although no matter how you lather it, it’s still soap.


Married to Medicine is now on Friday night? And Grimm is now on at 8 pm, opposite it? Thanks a lot.

So sad to hear about Mary Tyler Moore’s passing. Even with all the celebrities dropping like flies – no doubt to get away from the Internet and all its angry people – that was a real surprise. I’ll bet Dick Van Dyke never thought he was going to outlive her. He still seems to be in pretty good shape, but geez, I’d watch out if I were him.

If you haven’t seen HBO’s Beware the Slenderman, give it a look. In 2009, Eric Knudson created the online boogeyman for a forum called Something Awful. A tall, faceless ghoul in a suit who terrorizes children (as adults, we call him the mortgage holder), Slenderman subsequently took on a life of his own, most notably on the website Creepypasta, becoming an urban legend, with many contributors adding to his infamy. In 2014, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, both 12-year-olds at the time, stabbed their classmate, Payton Leutnor, and left her for dead. Their idea was to sacrifice her, so that Slenderman would spare them and their families, and they would go live in his mansion in a forest 300 miles away. Fortunately, Payton survived, and after much deliberation, her two attackers will be tried as adults. Since the part of the brain that understands consequences for actions isn’t fully developed until age 25, and both girls have been diagnosed with mental disorders, I find this a little disconcerting. The film is fascinating though, giving us Slenderman’s history, as well as interviews with the two girls’ parents (Payton’s family chose not to participate) and videos of their questioning. I’ve always loved true crime, and truth being stranger than fiction, this one is about as strange as it gets.

Quotes of the Week

At my age, one must ration one’s excitement. – Dowager Countess of Grantham (Maggie Smith), Downton Abbey

It would be wrong to think that you’re always right and correct and perfect and brilliant. Self-doubt is the thing that drives you to try to improve yourself.Helen Mirren, Esquire, August 2011

I’m woke, but I gotta live my life too. – Carlotta Brown (Queen Latifah), Star