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February 21, 2019 – Ava Gets a Proposal, a Bit of Phil, MJ’s Plight & Friday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly calls Olivia and leaves a message. She says her schedule is booked. She needs a huge favor, and asks Olivia to take over some of her meetings. Things are busy there. Sonny asks how much she’s handing off. Kim told her to reduce her stress. He doesn’t know how much she told Olivia, but Carly says they agreed not to tell anything yet. He asks about her diet, and she promises to eat only organic potato chips. He says she’s supposed to reduce her stress. He’s not taking any chances on her health. Josslyn comes in, and asks if she’s sick.

Sam meets Jason on the pier. She tells him that he should stop by and see the kids, but he says he’s going to be busy tailing her and Shiloh.

Harmony approaches Shiloh at the café, or whatever that new place is. He asks if she shouldn’t be in Beechers Corners, like they agreed. She says she needed to see him. She came to give him a warning.

Ava asks Franco, how he could do it? He told he that he loved Kiki, and would never hurt her. Jordan walks over, and Ava says she’s going. Ava wonders why Ryan is smiling, but he says he didn’t realize he was doing it. She asks if he’d mind telling her why, and he says, justice was done without the anguish of a trial. The nightmare is finished; it’s over for her. She says, it doesn’t make any sense. She wonders if Franco doesn’t understand the difference between innocence and guilt. Why would he plead guilty to a crime he didn’t commit, especially this one? Ryan says perhaps her faith in Franco is misplaced.

Curtis tells Lulu that he’s making one last check-in before his service is no longer required. It’s all over the media. Lulu says she expected closure, but…

Jordan asks how Franco is. He says, before today, there was one person in the world who believed in him. Now, because of her and her stupid plan, he’s lost Elizabeth.

Elizabeth goes home. She takes a photo of her and Franco down off the mantel, and looks at it. She’s about to smash it, when the doorbell rings. It’s Drew. He holds her.

Finn tells Cabot the surgery seems to be successful. Anna says, it’s time for quid pro quo. Tell her how she contracted the virus. Cabot says she seems more anxious to talk to him than he was to see again. She says they had a deal. He says it was more like extortion. Exchanging his eyesight for information isn’t the act of a moral person. Finn asks if he’s going back on the deal, and Cabot asks if Finn is going to repossess his eyes if he doesn’t talk. Finn says he’ll need continued treatment. If he refuses to tell them what they want to know, treatment ain’t coming, and the blindness will reoccur. Cabot gives his word (like this means something); he won’t back out. Anna says, it’s the ethical thing to do. Cabot says he stipulated he’d give them the information in return for his eyesight. Until the bandages are removed, he has no way of knowing if they held up their end of the bargain. Robert says, it should be a half hour. Cabot says they might be in a hurry, but he has all the time in the world.

Ava tells Ryan that Julian was concerned she’s become dependent on him. Ryan says Julian is in no position to comment on their relationship. Did Julian get to her? Ava says when Ryan didn’t show up, her imagination got the better of her. Nice as it was to hear the words, she figures she’s not meant for love, and it’s the beginning of the end. He can’t believe she’s getting insecure about their relationship now. He’s in it for the long haul. She can’t start doubting when they’re so close. She says, close to what?

Jordan tells Franco that he can and will be exonerated. He asks what if the murderer doesn’t kill again? He’ll be stuck up the river. Jordan says, that’s not an option. He says the DA needs a win, and the people he loves are the most vulnerable. She knows it isn’t easy, but he’ll prove his innocence to the world. Isn’t that what he wants? He says, more than anything, he wants be with Elizabeth. She says, then make it happen. She’s going to get him to Ferncliff for his evaluation.

Still in the courtroom, Lulu thinks about going to the door in her office. She flashes back to thanking someone for taking the time to stop by. She almost falls over, but Curtis catches her.

Elizabeth asks Drew what she’s supposed to tell the boys. How can she look in their eyes? Drew asks if she thinks he did it, but she says, it makes no sense. Why would Franco say he murdered all those people? Cameron comes downstairs, and says, Franco did what?

Carly tells Josslyn that she just had her annual checkup. She’s okay, but just wants to take it easy with work. Josslyn was hoping to ask her something.

In the hallway, Finn asks Anna if she’s okay. She says, no, and he says he figured. She says the man in there somehow blinded her. How is that possible? He tells her, look on the bright side. Cabot was blinded too. Anna tells him that he always knows what to say.

Shiloh says Harmony could have called, texted, or emailed, but she drove out there. She says she made sure Jason had just enough information to satisfy him. Shiloh says, then Jason has been taken care of, and she says, except he hasn’t been. A man showed up asking questions, and she thinks it was a PI sent by Jason. She doesn’t think Shiloh knows what he’s up against. Jason is determined to bring him down, and she’s not letting the rest of them go down too.

Jason tells Sam there was an Incident in Beechers Corners. Shiloh has a heated argument with one of his followers. The follower quit, and turned up dead in a motel outside the compound. It was a drug overdose, and an investigation as to where the drugs came from. Shiloh was the prime suspect, and they were about to bring him in, when one of his followers confessed. Sound familiar?

Josslyn tells Carly that Oscar didn’t get his junior license. She gets why, but they were bummed. They went to see Cameron, since he has a license. Carly asks where they want to go, and Josslyn says, Niagara Falls. Oscar has never been there, and the weekend is coming up. Cameron could drive them. Carly asks if it would be like a double date, but Josslyn says Cameron and Trina are just friends. Carly isn’t comfortable with it. Josslyn says they’re not spending the night, since with a junior license, Cameron has to be back by midnight.

Cameron says, Franco admitted he did it? but Drew says, all he did was plead guilty. Elizabeth says she doesn’t know why; he didn’t tell her, but she knows in her heart Franco is innocent. Cameron says if she believes that, she’s completely lost her mind.

Ryan tells Ava that they’re so close to living the life they want, where they can put the pain behind them. He needs her to believe that. She says the pain of losing her daughter will never be behind her. He knows she’s been disappointed by people, but he’s not one of them, and will prove it. He takes her hand, and asks her to marry him.

Curtis takes Lulu to the hospital. Sonny sees them, and asks if she’s okay. She says she was just lightheaded; it was nothing. Curtis says, it was something. She passed out at the courthouse. Lulu says she wasn’t unconscious, but Curtis says she had no balance and no clear sense of where she was. She says Franco pled guilty, and she wasn’t expecting it. Sonny says, that sick SOB killed Kiki? Curtis says Lulu’s vitals are fine, and no one blames her if it was too much. She says, it wasn’t about what happened. She was prepared, but when they took Franco away, she had the overwhelming feeling something was very wrong.

Ava says Ryan isn’t serious, and he says, as a heart attack. She says, for starters, he’s already married. He says, technically. He’s not saying right this second. They have to get a permit. Um… I think it’s called a license. She says, it’s too soon after Kiki’s death. He tells her, the moment they connected, he knew what he’d been missing his entire life. He wants them to spend their lives together, here or on the other side of the world. He belongs to her, and hopes she feels the same way. He wants to be her husband. He feels more like a god when he treats her like the goddess she is. She says he’s already married to Laura, but he says, not for long.

Jordan takes Franco to Ferncliff. He changes into the regulation garb, is searched, and has his picture taken. He’s led to a cell, and the door closes loudly behind him.

Sam tells Jason, it’s starting to make sense. Daisy took the fall for sending her the emails, but there’s a big difference between harassment and murder. Jason says Shiloh is more of a threat than they originally thought. Sam says, then it’s more important than ever that she go with him.

Harmony tells Shiloh that his arrogance will be the downfall of them all. He’s not the only one who stands to lose if Jason keeps digging. He needs to leave Port Charles, lay low, and stay out of Jason’s way. Shiloh says she needs to go back to Beechers Corners like they agreed. As long as she keeps sending him updates, everything will be fine.

Jason tells Sam that they need to know what they’re dealing with. Sam says Shiloh has a history of manipulating women. He’s manipulated Kristina, and now he’s working on her. The sooner they get something criminal on him, the sooner they get Kristina out of there. Jason says he’ll be tailing her every step, and tells her to keep the cell phone GPS monitor on. They just found their way back to each other. He can’t risk losing her.

Harmony asks Shiloh what’s up with him and Sam? He says he finds her fascinating. Harmony asks what’s the real reason, and he says she has an Interest in the program. He thinks it’s time he takes her to the tower. She asks, why tempt fate? He says if he keeps Sam close, the more distant she’ll become with Jason. Harmony is concerned that once Jason is done with Shiloh, he’ll come after the rest of them. He says the students have to trust that their teacher knows what he’s doing. She hopes he does.

Carly tells Josslyn that Cameron isn’t an experienced driver. Josslyn says it will be during the day. Carly asks, what if there’s a storm or Oscar has a seizure? Josslyn says they’ll take him to the hospital or home. Carly asks if she ran it past Kim. Since there’s no answer on that, Carly says they weren’t planning on letting her know, were they?

Cameron says, now Franco confessed? but Elizabeth says, he didn’t do it. He asks if she’s listening to herself. Franco is saying he’s guilty, and she refuses to listen. She’s in a toxic relationship with a murderer, and she can’t see what it’s doing to them, taking him back over and over. She’s sick. Drew tells him not to talk to his mother that way. Cameron says Drew can’t talk to him that way. If she doesn’t care enough to tell his brothers the truth, he will. He storms out.

In Franco’s cell, Jordan asks how he’s holding up. He’s not sure, and tells her to check in a few days and see if he’s been drugged. She says he’ll be fine. He’s only there for a two-week evaluation. He tells her to ask Carly. A lot can happen in a short time. She says if anything does, she’ll make sure he gets an audience with the mayor. He says if they realize he’s not the one who attacked Lulu, it might put Elizabeth in the crosshairs.

Lulu asks if it’s weird that she only remembers part of the attack, and Curtis says, the mind protects you by choosing what you remember, and when. She wishes her brain would trust her more. She remembers Franco coming at her with the knife, but not how she got away. Curtis says, by Franco pleading guilty, there isn’t a trial. She won’t get to tell her story for the record. Lulu says that doesn’t mean she’s given up her voice. Robert joins them, and thanks Sonny for coming. Sonny thanks him for reaching out. He says he has sensitive information, but Sonny says he can talk in front of Lulu. Lulu asks if it’s about Dante. Did the Bureau find him?

Anna tells Cabot to open is eyes. He says, thank God, and Finn, for giving him back the gift of sight. Anna asks Cabot to tell her now how she contracted the virus that blinded them, how it’s connected to the DVX, and why her sister was involved? He says the last question is the easiest. Her sister was one of their subjects, and an ideal one. Anna asks, why? and he says, isn’t it obvious? Because she was Anna’s twin.

Anna asks if they were using Alex as a conduit to get to her. He says it wasn’t because Alex was her twin, but a twin. An identical twin. The initial study linked the physical and emotional reactions, and in some sets, they felt what the other was feeling, sharing both pain and joy. Finn says the studies aren’t legit, and Cabot says, not yet, but if the link exists, imagine the possibilities? Especially for those trained in diplomatic secrets. Finn says his first thought is always how a covert op can benefit from his work. Cabot says it’s worked for the enemy, and Anna was perfect for the study. Finn asks if this means he worked for the DVX. Anna thinks he’s lying.

Lulu knows Sonny asked Robert to find Dante. Robert says they tracked him to Turkey. There was a rumor Rog was working in the area, and Dante followed him.

Josslyn asks Carly, please be reasonable, then says, forget it. Carly says, hold on. How about if she and Sonny take off work for the weekend. They’ll drive to Niagara Falls, and stay there, the four of them. It will be a whole lot of fun. Josslyn thinks, that depends on your definition of fun. Carly says it’s her best offer. Cameron comes in, and Josslyn says they were just talking about him, but they’re definitely done. She takes Cameron out on the terrace, and says his timing couldn’t be more perfect. Her mom is being impossible. He asks if she wants to trade. His mom married a serial killer. Franco pled guilty, and admitted to the murders, but she’s too blind to realize she married a monster.

Elizabeth asks Drew, what if Cameron is right, and she’s lying to herself? Drew asks what her gut tells her. She says, the same thing as her heart. Franco didn’t kill anyone, and there’s a reason why he pled guilty. She hates that he didn’t trust her enough to tell her what’s going on. If they don’t have trust, what do they have? Drew asks, what’s next?

Franco tells Jordan that he wants 24-hour surveillance on Elizabeth and the boys. Jordan wonders whose pet she ran over in a former life to get this job. She would have to explain the real reason. Franco says, and if it leaks out, all this will be for nothing. She says as long as the killer is focused on him, he won’t focus on Elizabeth. When Franco takes credit for the killer’s work, he won’t be able resist.

Ryan tells Ava that Laura understands why the marriage has to end. She won’t stand in their way. The only people who can stand in their way are Ava and him, and it won’t be him. Ava says she’s never been married, and he tells her that she was just waiting for the right man. He knows he’s not on one knee, and can’t promise there will be no adversity, but whatever they face, he can promise they’ll face it together. What does she say?

Anna says if they believe Cabot, his study would require a set of twins. She never did a study. Cabot says, not willingly, but she did. She just doesn’t remember.

Lulu asks how they’re going to bring Dante home, and Robert says he’s working on it. That’s as much as he can tell her; sorry. She says, her too, and leaves. Sonny asks what Robert is saying, and Robert says, Dante has gone rogue. He’s acting as a private citizen, and the Bureau is hesitant to help. They don’t want to create an international incident. Sonny asks if Robert is planning to leave his son out in the cold.

On the phone with Olivia, Carly says nothing is wrong. She has a lot going on at home, and was hoping to go over the calendar.

Cameron tells Josslyn that Franco confessed to everything, and his mom is in complete denial. He couldn’t be a part of her standing by that psycho no matter how his brothers get hurt. He had to get out. Josslyn says she does too. She suggests they leave for their trip tomorrow. What does he say?

Elizabeth tells Drew that she has no idea what this means for their marriage. They agreed no more secrets – ever. Drew doesn’t know how realistic that is. Everyone keeps secrets, even with the best intentions. He’s sure Franco has a good reason. She says, he’d better. Drew says it sounds like she’s not giving up. She knows with everything in her that he’s innocent, and she’s going to continue to fight for him. He says, it has to be rough, but she says she’s ready. He thought maybe she might want the rings that she left behind. He puts them on the table. She says, maybe. Not right now, but hopefully soon she’ll be ready to put them back on. He puts on his coat, and asks fi she’s okay. She nods.

Franco asks Jordan, how is she so sure the killer won’t be thrilled, and get on with his life? She says, he needs the spotlight. Pleading guilty is one thing, but taking credit for his genius and ingenuity, and stepping into the spotlight he’s created? He won’t like it. Franco asks how he’s going to steal the spotlight.

Ava says Ryan is insane. He says he’s been called worse. She says, what the hell? Let’s do it. They kiss.

Jason tells Sam that he’ll know where she is at all times. If anything goes wrong, he’ll be there. Sam’s phone rings. She says, it’s him. Shiloh asks where she is, and she says she’s just getting home. He’s figuring they should meet at the MetroCourt, and go from there. She says it’s going to be dark out by the time they get there. Is he sure he wants to go tonight? He says, absolutely sure. Is she having second thoughts? She says she’s excited to see it; whatever it is. He says it’s going to change her life.

Tomorrow, Franco says he’s telling Elizabeth the truth, Laura yells for help, and Jason says they have to make sure Shiloh isn’t playing Sam.

🎥 Sorry. No Top Chef tonight. I’m still sick, and I’m hoping to be in dreamland by the time the rerun is on. At 8 pm, Dr. Phil won out with Instagram personalities (debatable) whose lives were being ruined by social media. Actual Instagram personality Amanda Cerny joined them via SKYPE, and hit the nail on the head by pointing out the problem was they had no lives outside of social media. One guy was very sweet and seemed to already understand his issues, but another guest was a horrifying girl who put the narcissist in narcissist, and claimed she would be dead without social media. She also said, no offense, but old people are ugly. Dr. Phil asked how he wasn’t supposed to take offense to that, and she said – because I said no offense. Clearly, she overestimates the power of her words, and I can’t wait for her to get old.

👶 Say It Ain’t So…

Poor MJ. Rooting for her to get through the pregnancy with no further problems.


🎈 Once More, On To Friday…

Happy Friday ? Today s the Dayfriday meme

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February 7, 2019 – Evidence is Found, Half Phil Half Chef, Told You & More Blue


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Margaux runs into Sonny coming out of the elevator. He asks if she’s on her way to prosecute Franco. She says she’s not bound tell him anything about the investigation, but he says he already knows Franco was ID’d.

Alexis asks Scotty if he had a rough night. He says, wouldn’t she like to know, but she says, actually, no. He asks what he can do for her. She has an update on Gail’s will. His phone buzzes. It’s Elizabeth, who’s been calling all night. He says he’s having a problem with modern technology. She tells him Franco has been arrested.

Jordan comes into the interrogation room, and asks if she should call Franco Mr. Baldwin or Franco. He says call him a lawyer. She says she’s just there to apprise him about the situation. He’s going to be remanded to Pentonville; no bail. They’re compiling evidence, and searching the house and the art therapy room. He says, search away. He’s going to sue them for false imprisonment and harassment. And when he’s done suing them, he’s going to own Port Charles.

Elizabeth sees the police tossing the art therapy room, and asks, what’s going on? Chase says they have a warrant. She asks why they’re making a mess. They’ve ripped the patients’ artwork apart, after they invaded her house. She asks if they don’t respect anything or anyone. Griff comes by, and suggests she take a second outside with him.

Not-Doc talks to himself, saying, Franco had such talent. It’s logical that he’d revisit it. He did. Ava comes in, and asks if he knew. He says she’ll have to be more specific. She says he knew Lulu ID’d her attacker, and someone was arrested, but she hasn’t found out their name. He says it’s standard protocol, since no formal charges have been filed. She asks, what about the right of the victim? Someone should have told her. The sick bastard who killed her daughter was caught, and he knew. He says she knows how it works, and there are two other reasons for not revealing the name. To help facilitate the investigation, and to protect the suspect from someone seeking retribution. She says, like her? and he says, no. Like him.

Oscar, Drew, and Kim wait in Terry’s office. Terry arrives, and says she has Oscar’s latest test results. Drew tells her to give them some good news. She shows them pictures of the scans, and says the progression shows the scan at the onset, where there’s considerable growth into the brain tissue. Compared to the end result, the tumor is slightly larger. They took a third scan this morning, and there are no discernible differences. Oscar says, the tumor has stopped growing? Terry says they’ve gotten a mild reprieve.

At Charlie’s, Julian asks Josslyn what he can get for her. She says she’s meeting Oscar, but he has an appointment, so she isn’t sure when he’ll get there. Julian is surprised they’re not going to Kelly’s, but she says Oscar likes the food at Charlie’s. Julian regrets letting Josslyn mess with his head. He’s not letting a teenager rule his life again. She says Oscar’s parents can now focus on him, and Julian is free to be with someone more his type. He’s welcome.

Griff asks Elizabeth why the police are there. Elizabeth tells Chase that everything had better be put back before Franco sees it. Chase says he’s in custody, and they don’t anticipate his release anytime soon. Griff asks, what happened? and Elizabeth says, they think Franco attacked Lulu.

On the phone, Scotty asks for case histories on hypnotism. He also wants dossiers on Doc and Lulu. He tells Alexis he has to go. She asks where the fire is, and he says, the PCPD. He asks what the bottom line is. Did a cousin come out of the woodwork? Alexis says the delay is by design, and the details aren’t going to be revealed until April 1st. Does the date mean anything to him? Surprisingly, he doesn’t make a joke about April Fool’s Day, but says he’ll have to cancel his trip to the Bahamas. He thanks her for illuminating the situation. She leaves, and she opens her copy of Shiloh’s book, Every Day is a New Dawn.

Sonny tells Margaux it wouldn’t be the first time Franco nearly killed Lulu. Margaux is aware of the history. Before his brain tumor was removed, Franco created art installations based on the murders he committed. He was fixated on Jason, and terrorized everyone associated with him; Sam, Michael, Dante, and Lulu. Sonny says, then he used the brain tumor defense, and walked away free. He doesn’t want Franco getting away with it again.

Ava tells not-Doc it’s sweet of him to be her avenging angel, but it’s not his style. The retribution part doesn’t quite fit. He says she’s spent too long a time fighting for her place in the world alone. That’s over now. He’s by her side. She says he’s too good for her, and he tells her that’s the first time anyone has said that. She says surely Lucy or Laura would have said something, but he says, don’t bring up their names. They didn’t know him like she does, or inspire him like she does. She’s everything to him. If someone hurts her, they hurt him, and he will exact payment. He’d do anything for her. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Chase, who asks if has the file. Not-Doc asks if he has the warrant, and Chase gives it to him. Not-Doc wants to put it on the record that this goes against what he believes as a psychiatrist. Chase says, even if it prevents another murder? Ava asks if this is about Kiki’s killer, and if it’s one of not-Doc’s patients. Not-Doc tells Chase she’s going to find out soon enough, and tells Ava they believe Franco is the killer.

Elizabeth tells Griff that they took Aiden ice skating, and everything was fine until Jordan showed up. Lulu ID’d Franco as her attacker. Griff asks if Elizabeth thinks she’s lying, and Elizabeth says she thinks Lulu is confused. She believes Franco. She knows him, and knows didn’t attack anyone. They have a beautiful life. He would never throw that away. She has faith in him. Griff says he’s realized, faith isn’t something you just have; you choose it. If you don’t examine your beliefs, you’re just blind.

Scotty blows into the police station, and asks, where is he? Jordan says if he’s referring to Franco, he’s in the interrogation room. He asks, how bad is it? and she says, Lulu identified Franco as her attacker. Scotty says, sorry, but Lulu isn’t exactly a reliable source. Jordan says, Doc performed hypnotherapy, and Lulu was clear. If they get confirmation of her account, Franco is in a lot of trouble.

Ava says, Franco loved Kiki like she was his own. There’s no way he’d hurt her. Chase says he hasn’t been charged yet, but they know he’s connected. She asks what evidence they have, and what plans are there to file charges? Chase is sorry, and hopes her questions are answered soon. He leaves, and she asks not-Doc how long Franco has been suspected. He seemed at the ready with the file. He knew this was coming. He says, only since last night. He was there when Franco was arrested. She says it didn’t occur to him to tell her? He says, there was nothing definite. He thought they’d wake up to the news Franco was released. Apparently, Lulu’s statement was enough cause to hold him. The last Ava knew, Lulu couldn’t remember. He says, with help, she was able get past her memory block. Ava asks, what help? and not-Doc says, not what, whose. His.

Alexis watches Sonny talking to Margaux. Margaux says she doesn’t want the case tainted, and Sonny says it never crossed his mind. She tells him, don’t kid a kidder. She doesn’t need him ignoring or circumventing the law. He feels like she’s still after him or his family, but she says she doesn’t have it out for him. She has it out for lawbreakers. He’s just a humble coffee importer. She tells him, just keep roasting his beans, and keep his hands clean, and there will be no trouble. He wonders where he’s heard that before. She says he’s hearing it from her now. She decided to let it go and move on. She’s living in the present, and not ruled by her past – or his. She gets into the elevator, and Alexis and Sonny smile at each other.

Oscar says this means he can get going and meet Josslyn. They can finish up themselves. He wants to give her good news for a change. He dashes out, and Terry says it’s nice to see him in high spirits. Kim asks if she has anything else, and Terry says they’ll continue to monitor him. She tells them, keep in mind that, although the tumor didn’t grow, it didn’t shrink. Drew says, it’s not a miracle. Terry says, it’s a reprieve.  A temporary one. The prognosis remains same.

Sonny sits with Alexis. He notices she’s reading the book, and says Jason isn’t thrilled with Kristina’s new friends. She knows he doesn’t approve, and Sonny asks if she does. She says she’s not weighing in on her adult daughter’s choices – anymore. Sonny says she’s met Shiloh. Doesn’t she think he’s a little off? She says, the whole thing is weird. He says Kristina doesn’t think so. Alexis says she’d like Kristina to have a conventional life, but that’s what she wants, not Kristina. Neither of them have had conventional lives. She wonders what Sonny’s mother would think of his choices.

Terry says everything depends on how long this lasts, but eventually the disease will progress. The symptoms will become more pronounced, and his condition will deteriorate. His life will become more difficult. It’s in his, and their, best interest to have a plan, but there’s no need to get into it now. It’s a respite for them too. Take a breath, and treat themselves. Take Oscar on a trip. Enjoy each other’s company. Create memories they can keep forever. I like Terry, and hope she gets a real storyline someday.

Elizabeth doesn’t think Griff should be giving her advice on faith, having it or keeping it. He says he doesn’t want her to get hurt, but she says, too late. The man she loves has been wrongfully accused and locked up. When you love someone, you leave yourself wide open for heartache. Hasn’t he learned that? She asks Chase, how much longer? and he says they’re almost finished. He asks if an officer found something useful, and the officer tells him, have a look. Chase says, damn. Bag it. The commissioner will want to see it asap.

Margaux arrives at the station, and asks Jordan what’s the status on the suspect. She says he’s on hold, and conferring with counsel. Scotty just got there.

Scotty asks Franco how it’s going, and what did he tell them? Franco says he didn’t do it, and asks how Elizabeth is. Scotty says, she’s okay. They did a search of the house. Franco assumes the boys were home, and says, damn (WOTD). Aiden has been having a hard time, and Jake is just getting over his PTSD. It can’t be easy to see the cops going through their stuff. Scotty tells him, don’t worry. He’ll straighten it out when he gets out. Franco says, if Scotty gets him released.

Jordan tells Margaux, Lulu’s statement is compelling, but there’s not much physical evidence. Franco’s alibi is thin, but there’s no DNA evidence. It makes the case harder to build. Margaux reads through the file, and likes how the case is going, but Jordan says, it’s not a slam dunk. She gets a text message, and says, the case is getting stronger by the minute.

Not-Doc tells Ava that he’s licensed to practice hypnotherapy, and he’s good at it. He was tasked to help Lulu regain her memory, and he did. She says it couldn’t have been Franco, but he says Lulu was more than certain; she was viscerally terrified. Ava asks if it’s possible she saw someone who resembled Franco, or is mixing two memories. Not-Doc says, she clearly recalled Franco showing up at her office with a knife. In all likelihood, he’s responsible for the other murders. She says, something doesn’t feel right. He says she was so determined to find justice. Why isn’t she relieved? She says she witnessed Franco’s transformation first hand. The man he is now isn’t capable of harming someone he loved as much as Kiki. Not-Doc tells her, don’t try unraveling a serial killer’s mind. It will make you crazy. He tried with his brother. Ava says he was treating Franco. If Franco was unraveling, he would have noticed. Or did he?

Alexis tells Sonny that she’s not blind to the drawbacks, but Kristina is happier. She came back from Oregon with a broken spirit, and full of self-doubt. Now she’s happier. She’s working, maintaining herself, and they’re getting along. Sonny asks if she thinks it has to do with Shiloh, but she says it doesn’t matter who influenced her. She tells Sonny that she went to one of the seminars. He asks if it changed her life, and she says, oh yeah; she’s meditating now. She says it wasn’t horrible, and she had a moment. Sonny asks what the seminar was about, and she says, maintaining relationships while keeping your independence. He asks if her moment had anything to do with Julian.

Julian brings Josslyn the oatmeal she ordered, and she says she asked for strawberries. She asks why he’s being rude, but he says he’s keeping a healthy distance. Isn’t that what she wanted? She tells him what she said about Oscar and his family is the truth. Just because he doesn’t want to hear it, doesn’t mean it will go away. He says she sounds like her mother; a champion meddler. Carly needs to keep her nose out of other people’s business, and so should she. She says, Oscar is her business, but he says Kim isn’t. She says, it’s working; they’re a family. Julian says they’ll always be a family, no matter what. Josslyn asks what he means, and he says he and Kim are back together. Her little plot has come to an end. Oscar comes in, and says, what little plot?

Griff helps Elizabeth put the art therapy room back together. He rubs his shoulder, and she asks if he’s okay. He says he just overdid it at the gym. I’m assuming this exchange was for a reason that we’ll find out some other time. She thanks him, and looks at a drawing. He asks if she found something, and she says, a sketch. We see a cartoon of them in a car that says, just married. She says it’s an invitation to the wedding that keeps getting pushed back. There’s always something in the way. Griff supposes they’ll have to put it off longer. Elizabeth jets with the sketch, and when Griff turns around, she’s gone.

Franco tells Scotty that they’re saying he’s a serial killer who’s killed three people, including Kiki. Scotty says, they’re biased. It will work in his favor when they go to trial. Franco says, trial? They haven’t got enough to hold him, let alone connect him to the murders. Jordan and Margaux walk in. Jordan says she has some questions for Scotty’s client. Scotty says, he didn’t do it. Margaux would like to know about hi relationship with Doc. How would he characterize their sessions? Scotty says, don’t answer, but Franco says he’d characterize them as therapy. Why is she asking? Jordan asks what they discuss, and Scotty says, that’s privileged. Franco says, they discuss a lot; his childhood. Margaux asks if they discuss his bloodlust, and Franco says, what is he? A werewolf? He doesn’t have bloodlust. Jordan says, Dr. Collins disagrees.

Ava says not-Doc told Franco that he’d plateaued, and stopped seeing him. Not-Doc says he changed his mind. He thought maybe he’d been hasty, and they had more work to do. He asks why she’s grilling him, and she says there’s something he’s not telling her. Something captured his attention; what was it? He says he can’t discuss it, but she says she’s bound to find out. Tell her the truth. Was he concerned that Franco was capable of violence again, and a danger to others? Not-Doc says, yes.

Alexis tells Sonny that she no longer has a relationship with Julian. It’s not like Sonny is the guru of relationships. She suggests they stay out of each other’s personal lives. He wants to talk about Kristina, but Alexis thinks he should talk to Kristina. She gives him the book, and says maybe he should go to a seminar. He could stand to evolve a few million years. Sonny laughs, and she leaves.

Josslyn asks Oscar how the doctor’s appointment when, and he says he has decent news. The tumor has stopped growing. She says, amazing, and hugs him. She asks if this means the treatment worked, and the tumor is shrinking. He says he didn’t say that. It’s a reprieve. She says that’s good enough for her. They should celebrate. Oscar says, after she tells him what Julian was talking about. She says, literally nothing; it’s stupid. He says, just tell him, and she says, fine. She asked Julian to take himself out of the equation. Oscar asks, what equation? Josslyn tells him that she wanted Julian to give up Oscar’s mom so she could get closer to his dad, and he could have them both. It lasted five minutes. Julian just told her they’re back together. Oscar takes her hand, and says he appreciates what she’s trying to do, but he thinks they should let his parents do what they’re going to do without their help. She asks if he’s mad at her for meddling. He says, no, but if he gets to live way he wants, his parents should too.

Drew tells Kim, it’s not remission, but it’s something. Kim says, any reprieve is welcome. Drew asks where she’s at, and she says, crashing down to earth. Every day they get a little closer. The news slows things down, but Terry is right. They have to make plans for the end. Drew tells her that Terry also said they don’t have to do it today. They got a break. Kim says, normally, she’d be figuring out some strategy to help Oscar, but she hasn’t. Drew promises they’ll figure out what do, and figure it out together.

Ava says not-Doc knew Franco was going off the rails, and might kill again? He says his assessment was incomplete, and he didn’t feel it necessary to alert the authorities. She asks what he’s going to tell the court, and he says, his professional opinion. Franco was beginning lose control, and was susceptible to sustained bouts of rage. She asks, why not make an anonymous tip? He says he was bound by duty. She asks if he knew before or after Kiki was killed. He says he would have done anything to save Kiki. Does’t she know that? She’s not sure she knows anything. She starts to leave, and he grabs her arm, saying, don’t you walk away from me.

Jordan reads from Franco’s file; feelings of aggression and grandiosity, a failure to accept responsibility for his actions, superficial charm. Franco says Doc wouldn’t say those things, and Scotty says he can’t offer his opinion without consent. Jordan says they have a warrant. Franco says Doc’s been weird lately, but would never write those things about him. Margaux says, the assessment is that of a textbook serial killer. Scotty says Doc is a pompous jerk. They have no evidence because Franco didn’t commit the murders. Jordan says, these were just recovered from the art therapy room, and tosses a plastic bag full of driver’s licenses on the table.

Ava tells not-Doc, let go, and he does. He tells her, forgive him. They never fought before. He doesn’t know what came over him. He can’t say he likes it. Right now, she can’t say she likes him much at all. She leaves, and he wipes everything off his desk, and looks mighty pissed off.

Drew goes to the art therapy room, and sees Griff. He asks if Griff has seen Franco. Griff says he’s at the police station. He’s been arrested for the attempted murder of Lulu.

Kim goes to Charlie’s, and Julian says she just missed the kids. She’s sure Oscar told Josslyn, and asks if Julian heard. He says he wouldn’t mind hearing it again from her, and they kiss. Alexis walks in, and walks back out.

Sonny reads, says, it’s a piece of garbage, and tosses the book onto the bar. The bartender notices the book, and Sonny asks if he knows it. The bartender says it changed his life. Sonny picks up the book again.

Chase says he has to admit, she bought into Franco’s act. She thought he was just trying to help with his insight, but he was taunting them. Elizabeth arrives as Franco is being taken away. He says they’ll sort it out. Scotty tells her there are additional charges for the murders of Mary Pat, Peyton, and Kiki. Elizabeth lets the sketch fall to the floor.

Ava literally runs into Griff. She says she can’t deal with him. Not after everything that’s happened. They’re saying Franco killed Kiki. He was supposed to love her. How could he possibly…? Griff holds her, saying he doesn’t know. Not-Doc sees them together.

Tomorrow, Scotty says they’re not railroading his client after all, not-Doc talks to Griff, and Spinelli tells Jason the story checks out.

🍴 I missed the first half of Top Chef. Dr. Phil once again tempted me with a dude who thought he was Batman. Really. It wasn’t nearly as interesting as it sounds, and he lost all his fights. He was a Marine or something, so I’d hoped he at least kicked some bad guy ass. His fiancé was getting a little skeptical about marrying him, which is understandable. The worst thing was, not only did he not have a full costume, his mask was lame. He also agreed to come on without the mask, but painted black around his eyes, like he was from a bad KISS cover band. Anyway, halfway through, I changed the channel.

When I tuned in, the chefs were already at the Rupp Arena, where the Kentucky Wildcats were hosting a concession stand cook-off. Hunter Lewis, Food and Wine editor-in-chief, was the guest judge. The contestants had split into two teams – blue and white. To keep in the spirit of the game, there was trash talk from the white team that the blue team used boxed waffle mix for their chicken and waffles. Sarah was called out by Adrienne, who had to admit out they did, and got heckled for it. The white team won with their juicy Lucies, a stuffed slider I’ve heard about on Vanderpump Rules. Sarah squeaked by because her chicken was spot on, but not so much Michelle’s ribs, and it was her turn to pack her knives and hit the road. She talked about how much confidence she had, and her hopes for Last Chance Kitchen. Maybe it’s me, but I sense a disconnect with her. Her backstory is sad – her father committed suicide when she was a teenager – and it possibly affects her personality. Whatever it is, I always want to tell her to speak up and look at who she’s talking to. My money is on Eric at this point. Next time a fried chicken challenge and a Muhammad Ali inspired dish.

✈ What I Said About RHOA…

They should not be allowed to have passports.


🐋 It’s Almost Therapeutic…

And I could use some zen. More Deep Blue. And more crazy people.


July 13th, 2018 – No Way to Start a Wedding, Improv Fun, a Hoarder Speaks, PentaQuotal & Pass the Windows


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nelle and Michael stand at the altar. When Ned says Michael may kiss the bride, Nelle stabs Michael in the stomach, and says that’s what she calls the kiss of death. Carly wakes up, and says, not my son.

Olivia helps Michael with his cufflinks. She tells him it’s okay to be nervous; it’s normal. He says there’s nothing normal about this wedding.

Mike says, will wonders never cease. Jason is wearing a suit and tie. He asks what’s happening, and Sonny says they’re going to a wedding. Mike thinks it’s Jason getting married, but Sonny says it’s not him; it’s Michael. Mike says Michael is finally settling down. It’s a cause for celebration, isn’t it?

Nelle tells the baby, we did it, baby; we’re in. She looks at the prenup, and remembers saying, as long as she and Michael are together, the papers are meaningless. Ava comes in, and takes the papers out of her hand, saying the door was open. Nelle says she was thinking about something. Ava says, like the prenup? She sees Nelle has signed it, and says it’s strategic, but that’s her thing, isn’t it? Nelle says, prenups can be dissolved, but Ava says, a Quartermaine and his money aren’t soon parted. Ask Tracy, whose father took his money to his grave. But of course this is a true love match; she and Michael together forever. Nelle says, till death do us part.

Sam sees Drew at the MetroCourt. He says they must be the first ones there.

Mike wonders why they’re not happy for Michael. Sonny says Michael has had share of bad luck with women and relationships. Mike asks if he knows what he’s doing with the woman he’s marrying. Sonny tells him, he says he does, and they have to take him at his word. Jason says, he’s a grown man, and it’s his decision.

At the hospital, Brad tells Lucas that they have to get going, but Lucas wants to take a detour to the beach. They haven’t been there in a year, and the sand and warm water would be perfect. Brad says they have to be there in less than an hour. Lucas says Michael won’t miss them, but Brad says, Nelle will. She’s his friend. He thinks Lucas’s mom got to him. Lucas says he’s not the only one who realized Carly’s life tanked when Nelle came along. He tells Brad that he’ll go, but don’t expect him to throw rice.

Carly flashes back to Nelle’s visit, and Nelle asking if she can call Carly mom.

Josslyn is getting ice for Nelle, but sees Oscar, who tells her that she looks beautiful. He says Julian was trying to give him fashion advice, and she says he doesn’t need any help; he looks great and smells great. She asks if he likes the cologne, and he says he loves it, but mostly because she gave it to him. Josslyn needs to get back.

Ava asks if anyone is helping Nelle, and Nelle says Josslyn is her maid of honor. Ava starts to leave, and says, with all sincerity, she wishes Nelle the best. Nelle hopes she means that. A lot of people in her life are fake. Ava says it’s no secret that his family loathes her, but Nelle says they’ll come around when the baby is born – if they want a relationship with her child. Ava tells her not to overestimate the power of marriage, and don’t let her guard down. Sonny and Jason won’t rest until Carly is free, and when she is, she’ll try to break them up for good. Nelle says she got rid of everything that would point to her, and Ava says, not quite. Nelle asks if that’s a threat on her wedding day, but Ava says it’s just a reminder. Nelle says, better a reminder than a revelation. Imagine if Griff found out about the test results Ava kept on her phone. She adds there’s no point in them threatening each other. You do you, and I’ll do me.

Olivia hopes Michael doesn’t mind her filling in for his mom. She would be there to help if she could; she loves him. Michael knows that, but says she wouldn’t help with this wedding if someone was holding her at gunpoint. Ned comes in and says he sees Michael is ready. He has his notes, and asks how Michael is feeling. Michael says he’s been thinking about this day for a long time. Ned asks if he’s ready, and Michael says, that’s one way to put it. He says he’ll see them at the hotel. Ned and Olivia leave, and Michael’s phone rings. The number says unavailable, but he answers. It’s Carly. She’s glad she caught him.

Sonny says there’s no point in putting it off, and Mike hopes it works out. Jason is worried how Carly is going to take it. Michael thinks it’s his responsibility because he let Nelle in, and now thinks the problem is solved. Sonny says he told Carly that it’s Michael’s game. Even if she wanted to fight, she can’t do anything.

Michael says he didn’t think they let patients make calls, and Carly says they don’t. He asks how she’s calling then, but she says it doesn’t matter. He can’t marry Nelle. She knows he has a plan to neutralize her, but it’s dangerous for him and the baby. He says it will get better, and she says it will when he and the baby are safe. He says keeping the baby safe is all that matters. Carly says she doesn’t have much time. She didn’t push Nelle. Nelle is lying, like she did about everything else. She tells him that he can’t marry her; it’s not worth risk. He says everything will be okay; he promises. She tells him that she loves him, and ends the call. He says he loves her too, to an empty line. Carly sees the phone battery is low.

Drew tells Sam there seems to be a lack of empathy for the sacred union. She says Michael is marrying Nelle because of the baby; she’s not feeling the love. Oscar comes in, and takes a picture of them. Sam asks how his summer is going, and he says he’s interning at Aurora. She likes it. Drew says he could be working on his tan, but he’s in boring strategy sessions. Oscar says they’re planning a world take over,

Ava doesn’t want every encounter with Nelle to be so contentious; she just wants to know where they stand. Nelle says, shoulder to shoulder against Carly. They’re in it together. Josslyn returns, and asks why Ava is there. She says she was just leaving, and Josslyn tells her that she’s sorry Morgan couldn’t be there. Ava leaves, and Josslyn says she knows Ava is Nelle’s friend, but when she sees her, she wants to punch her. She asks what she can do to help, and Nelle asks about the ice. Josslyn says she forgot. Geez, she had one job. Josslyn gives Nelle a gift box. Inside, is a hair ornament that was her grandmother’s. Her mom gave it to her, and she’s loaning it to Nelle, so Nelle can have something old, borrowed, and blue. She thought they could have something to tie the families together. Nelle says, other than Michael and the baby. Nelle takes a photo of herself and Josslyn, saying she can send it to Josslyn’s mom. So she can have a tie to the wedding, even if she can’t be there.

Oscar take photos. Lulu says Dante is away, but he probably wouldn’t be thrilled. Olivia tells her, the fewer harsh words we say, the fewer we have to take back. Lulu says most of the guests are here under duress, and Ned says he has too much in his own past to pass judgments. It’s Michael’s life, and it’s what he wants. Lulu says, this can’t be it. Who gets married on Friday the 13th? Olivia says, when in doubt, smile, and Lulu says, no comment. Oscar takes the picture, and Lulu’s face is priceless.

Brad tells Lucas that he turned his life around; maybe Nelle did too. Lucas says the only thing Nelle did was get pregnant. Brad thinks she should be given half a chance, and if he’s wrong, he’ll eat his words. Lucas can hold it over him for the rest of his life. Lucas supposes that’s a no on the beach. Once they have the baby, there will be zero time for spontaneity. Brad says if Lucas plays his cards right, there might be spontaneity tomorrow tonight. Right now, they’re going to welcome Nelle into the family. Bobbie joins them, and says, let’s do this. We don’t see her, but Lucas and Brad look surprised.

Mike asks where Carly is, and Sonny says she’s not going to be there. Mike says, no Dante, no Morgan, and where are the grandmothers? Ned tells him Monica has the flu, but Bobbie will be there. She walks in with Brad and Lucas. She’s dressed entirely in black. Olivia says, that’s how to make a statement.

Carly throws a chair at the door, and yells she wants out of there. She’s sick of this place. She pounds on the window. Mary Pat is outside the door showing Doc a video of Carly with her phone. She says she’s never seen anything like this in her life. Really? In a hospital for the criminally insane? She tells Doc that Carly needs restraints and heavy sedation. Leaving the wedding, Doc tells her not to do that. Mary Pat says Carly is liable to hurt herself. He says he’ll make that assessment when he gets there. Mary Pat tells him that she’ll take any action that Carly’s behavior warrants. She tells Carly to behave, and tells Doc to hurry, before her patience wears thin.

Brad asks for minute with the bride, and Josslyn promises to get ice for real. Brad gives Nelle a present, saying, it’s a little something for luck. It’s a beautiful pendant necklace. Brad puts it on her. It’s funny how when bride’s get surprise jewelry in movies and TV shows, they’re never wearing any already. Nelle says in a few minutes, she’ll be walking down the aisle with a man no one thinks she deserves. What luck does she need? Brad tells her to let it be a reminder she has a friend in her corner. She hugs him, and says she’ll treasure it forever.

Jason sees Michael at the Quartermaine’s, and says he could put an end to it. Stay there, and he’ll make the apologies. He says, do not marry Nelle.

There’s a knock on Nelle’s door. Its Chase.

Griff introduces Oscar to Ava, who says Julian mentioned he was an impressive young man. She notices his cologne, and he says Josslyn gave it to him. Ava tells Griff the cologne Josslyn gave Oscar is the same one Morgan wore. Griff says Carly imagined the cologne at Morgan’s grave; it was brought up in the trial. He says personally, he wouldn’t know one from another.

Carly screams to let her out. Mary Pat says she needs a strong sedative; a good twelve hours. Doc arrives and wants to see her alone. Carly tells Doc that Nelle is going to hurt Michael, or worse, she’s going to kill him, like she killed Zack. She has to stop the wedding. Doc asks how she expects to do that, and she says Michael’s life is at stake. She can’t lose another son.

Michael tells Jason that he’s sticking to the plan. He gets that he’s taking a risk. Jason says he has a lot on the line. He has people who care about him, and Nelle is dangerous. Michael thinks it’s worth the risk, but Jason asks if he’s sure he’s not punishing himself, making it his fault. Michael says he ignored what was in front of him. He thought he could fix Nelle, and brought her into their lives. Now she’s bringing an innocent life into the world that she can use as leverage. It’s his responsibility as a father.

Chase tells Nelle to get her stuff and come with him. She says, why, and Chase says she doesn’t love Michael. Michael loves his child. He’s a stand-up guy, but thinks it’s his obligation; there’s no real connection or basic understanding. He says she deserves real love, not the imitation she’s settling for. Nelle says when she marries Michael, she’ll never have to settle again. He says money can’t make her happy; he can. She says she never saw the charm in being poor and in love. He asks if she’s admitting she loves him, but she says she didn’t admit to anything. He tells her to look him in the eye and say she doesn’t think about him. She says, what she thinks about, is getting everything she’s ever wanted with Michael. Chase says she deserves a guy who loves her for being herself. She’s empty inside, and thinks wealth and a big house will fill the void. If anything, she’ll feel more lonely than before. Michael will come to resent the marriage of convenience, and the glow will fizzle out. He’ll cut her loose, and claim his child. She’ll be alone again. Then what? He cares about her. He always has and always will. When it falls apart, and it will, what is she going to do. She starts to say, it depends on… but he grabs her and kisses her. Josslyn walks in, and gives the second-best face of the day.

Josslyn gasps, and Nelle says, get off me. Josslyn tells Chase to get away from her. He apologizes, and Nelle says she’s getting married. She loves Michael; leave her alone. Josslyn pushes him out. He says he was wrong, and hopes Nelle gets everything she deserves. Josslyn asks why he was there. Nelle says he pushed his way in, and tried to convince her to run away with him. Josslyn thinks she should tell Michael, and Nelle says she can later. Right now, she just wants to get married and be with Michael. They’ve been through enough. Josslyn says, whatever she wants, and Nelle thanks her. She says Josslyn is the best sister-in-law in the world. She’s lucky to have her.

Carly tells Doc that she used to complain she didn’t know where Morgan was going, and didn’t know what he did. When he left, she’d wonder if she said goodbye or I love you. Doc says Morgan knew how much she loved him. She says she found pieces of her beautiful baby boy. The night he died, he was confused and in pain, and she wasn’t there. She couldn’t protect Morgan. Michael is in danger, and she can’t protect him. He’s going to die. Doc says she’s just overwhelmed. He promises it will be okay. She says she has to help him, but doesn’t know what to do. Doc says he can give her something to help her anxiety, and tells her to breathe.

Doc comes out of Carly’s room, and tells Mary Pat that she’s suffering an acute panic attack, probably triggered by the wedding. Mary Pat thought as much, and Doc agrees a stronger dosage might be applicable.

Sam asks Brad what he thinks of Bobbie’s dress. Brad gives credit for well-thrown shade, but wonders if it’s dawned on anyone that Michael might want support. Jason asks to talk to Drew. Lucas wonders what that’s all about, and Brad says if there’s a fight, he bets Drew throws the first punch. Sam says there’s not going to be a fight. She hopes.

Jason tells Drew about Nelle’s last fiancé dying under questionable circumstances. He doesn’t want Michael to be next. Drew says they’re all living under the same roof. Jason says Nelle is good at staging accidents, and Drew promises to keep eye on things. He knows Jason cares about Michael, but he does too.

Mike wonders if Bobbie thinks it’s a wedding or funeral. He hopes Michael knows what he’s doing. Mike asks Sonny why Bobbie is mad, and Sonny says she doesn’t approve, but don’t worry about it. Michael asks for a moment with Sonny to get some marriage advice. Sonny tells him, don’t go through with the marriage, but he ants to talk about his mom. She called him. Sonny says Jason gave her a burner phone, and she took a chance. Michael says she begged him not marry Nelle, but he has to do this. Sonny explains that parents don’t always see their kids; they listen with their heart. His mom is afraid for him, and so is Sonny. Michael asks Sonny to visit Carly tomorrow, and reassure her that he knows what he’s doing, because he does.

Mary Pat says what a pity Carly is making a spectacle of herself on her son’s wedding day. She couldn’t hold it together and be happy. Instead, she had to make it about her. Self-absorption shows no evidence of recovery. She told Doc that his optimism was premature, but what does she know? She gets a syringe ready, and says Carly won’t be getting out anytime soon, but Carly grabs her arm and says, guess again.

Everyone takes their seats. Josslyn comes down the aisle, followed by Nelle. Nelle is wearing a sweet empire waist number, with bling at the waistline, a bow in back, and the cutest little lace cap sleeves.

Doc looks in on Carly, and sees someone sleeping under the blanket. What he doesn’t see, is the syringe on the floor.

Ned starts the ceremony. Chase scowls. Ned says if anyone can show just cause that they shouldn’t be joined together, speak now. Carly appears, and says, hell no. Her son is not getting married today. Bobbie smiles.

On Monday. Brad has news for Lucas about the baby. Griff thinks Ava is avoiding him, and Carly says Nelle is dangerous and deadly, and Michael can’t marry her.

😂 Bravo has been running mini marathons of Whose Line Is It Anyway? If you’ve never seen this show, you’re in for a treat. Featuring Aisha Tyler and Wayne Brady (one of my favorites), among others, it’s all improv, and one of the funniest shows ever. Not being talented in that area, it amazes me how clever this group can be off the tops of their heads. Using props, suggestions from the audience, and music, it will have you rofling in no time.

💥 I saw a hoarder on Dr. Phil this week. Two of my favorite things – I thought my head might explode. She also gave me a quote for my Hall of Fame: You just never know when you might need a wheel.

🎤 Quotes of the Week

You’ve heard of Doctors Without Borders? We were nurses without credentials. – Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge), 2 Broke Girls

There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food.Ron Swanson

When did heat get so hot? – Caroline (Beth Behrs), 2 Broke Girls

What the eye can’t see, the heart won’t grieve over. – Mrs. Patmore (Lesley Nicol), before deciding to serve chicken that fell on the floor, Downton Abbey

Death is a passage from this brutal world. You don’t deserve the exit. – Ake (Zahn McClarnon), Ghost Nation warrior, to the Man in Black (Ed Harris), Westworld

🏡 Keep Passing the Open Windows…

As I quoted from John Irving to a friend this week.