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September 25, 2020 – On the Pennsylvania Side Of the River, MLB Preempt, Missing Link, Stars Dance, 9 Years Ago, Stolen and Found, a Return, More Emmy, NYC Explains Or Not, Possible Wife, Real Deal, One More Than a Dozen Quotes & Another Part of PA


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Alexis and Valentin arrive at Neil’s memorial, and Alexis says she appreciates Valentin bringing her, but she’ll get a car back. He says he drove her there himself, and he’ll drive her home. She wonders when he got so chivalrous, and he says he’s leveling the playing field. She was good to him when he needed it. They go inside, and she sees a photo of Neil.

On her phone at the hospital, Sasha says she needs to make a purchase. The usual. She asks them to meet her at GH, and text when they’re outside. Chase startles her.

Brook gets that it’s a shock to find out Olivia is in Monte Carlo, and Ned says, in the honeymoon suit at a glamorous hotel, with ex-spy Robert Scorpio. She says he sounds insecure and jealous. She thought he and Olivia were solid. Did something happen? He says, ELQ happened. Olivia hasn’t been happy since he took over the company, then Robert was able to get her in to see Dante. She might have had a hard time leaving him. It’s not her fault; they’ll work it out. He just wants her home safe and sound. The same goes for Brook. Can he convince her to come home? She says she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for either of them right now, but she’ll do what she said. She’ll let him know where she lands. He thanks her for trying to make him feel better about Olivia. Brook says, don’t tell Olivia that she said so, but Olivia is smart. She wouldn’t blow things up like that. He tells her, call him if she needs anything at all. She says, okay, and he says, maybe there’s hope for them yet. She says, maybe.

On a private plane with Robert and Ethan, Olivia says, well, it’s official. Her phone is nowhere to be found. She left it in Monte Carlo. Ethan says there’s no Wi-Fi anyway; it’s intentional. Robert says, the Bureau likes to get a head start on spinning the story. The casino bust is a way for them to control the narrative. Ethan says his mother is dead, buried in a shallow grave. How are they going to control the narrative for that? Olivia says she’s so sorry. Holly probably would have been saved if not for her.

Josslyn and Cameron are at the Bistro. Which, by the way, suddenly has an identifying name. I’ve been calling it the café for years now. Cameron says they just saw each other. Why did she text him to meet her? She says she’s fine. She didn’t feel like being at home. Cameron asks, why not? and she says, Mike just died and her mom is acting upbeat about homecoming. Josslyn knows it’s for her sake, but figured if she wasn’t around, they could be honest about how they’re feeling. Cameron totally gets it. It’s strange at his house too. There’s tension, and his parents are pretending there isn’t.

Scotty tells Franco and Elizabeth that he met with Ava and Nikolas. Elizabeth asks, what happened? and Scotty takes out the phone, pointing to the pictures. He says he showed them boom… boom. Franco says the photos have remarkable composition, but he doesn’t like to look at a picture of Elizabeth with that other dude. Elizabeth says she doesn’t like to see him and Ava either. Scotty says, the make-out sessions were their idea. He thought it was hairbrained at first. However, the two of them are masterminds, and it worked out great. They’ve got Ava and Nikolas right where they want them – scared, and ready to pay. They all smile at each other.

Robert asks what Olivia is talking about, and she says Holly would be alive, but they didn’t get there in time. Robert took her to Geneva first, and it was a waste of time to try and see Dante. Ethan asks if the call didn’t come after Holly’s memorial, and Robert says he didn’t want to go to the memorial. He only went because Olivia badgered him into it. If she hadn’t, he would have been in Port Charles when Holly called. He would have had no time to get to Monte Carlo. Ethan says, and Winston would have covered his track. They wouldn’t have gotten answers, but because of Olivia, they did. Robert says, he can only speak for himself, but he’s sure Ethan feels the same. He’s more than grateful.

Chase apologizes, saying he didn’t realize Sasha was on the phone. She says, no problem; what’s up? He asks if she’s heard about Nelle. She asks if Nelle was captured, but Chase says her body was recovered. She’s dead. Sasha asks, how? and he says, her body was found on the Pennsylvania side of the river (🍷 – a new drinking game phrase for today). She asks if he’s sure, and he says the body was positively ID’d, but he’s there to get more details. She asks if Michael knows, and how he’s taking it. She guesses he must be relieved, for himself and Wiley. She’s sorry she feels this way, but she’s thankful they’re free from Nelle’s constant torment. Wiley is truly safe. She clutches her stomach a little, and he asks if she’s okay. She says she’s fine. It’s the finality of everything. It’s finally over, and it’s too late.

Scotty says they should have seen the look on Nikolas’s face when Nikolas saw it was him; like he’d seen a ghost. To be honest, Ava felt like he’d betrayed her. Franco says, if anything, she betrayed Scotty, since he’s Scotty’s son. Where’s Ava’s loyalty to Franco, and respect for his marriage? Elizabeth says Ava and Nikolas are both just as bad, using them as pawns in their chess game. All Nikolas cares about is the infidelity clause and post-nuptial agreement.

Cameron tells Josslyn, he walked in on a conversation where his parents were discussing the bills, and they froze up. They always change the subject. How interested in his soccer practice can they be? Josslyn says she knows what he means; it’s awful the way they find a way to cover, and make like everything is all right. He says he knows his parents took out a loan when the pipe burst. Britt Westbourne is Chief of Staff, and she hates his mom, so Britt cut her hours back. Franco thinks he’s going to be fired. For no reason. She says, like Monica and Bobbie were fired. Michael thinks they should sue. He doesn’t think that’s an option for his mom or Franco. He’s looking for after school jobs. He has to help out with the expenses.

Valentin asks if Neil had any immediate family, and Alexis says, he had a brother in New Jersey. She sees a man sitting down, and says, that must be him. Valentin says, why doesn’t she pay her respects? She goes over to the man, and asks if he’s Neil’s brother. He says he’s proud to say he is. She says she’s terribly sorry for his loss, and he thanks her. He asks if she worked with his brother. Valentin introduces himself, and Alexis does the same. She says, she and Neil… and Brendan (we find out his name in the course of conversation) says he knows who she is.

Alexis says, of course (🍷). He was probably told about the circumstances of Neil’s death. He says he was, and Neil used to talk about her. That surprised him, since Neil never mentioned his personal life. He didn’t have much of one. He dated, but never seriously. He kept saying he had finally met his match. Alexis says they had a special connection. He says, Neil was a wonderful, caring person, who spent his entire life helping others. She says she was extraordinarily lucky to know him. He says, she was, and he wishes to God Neil had never met her.

Olivia tells Robert, it’s ironic. She always loved spy movies. They were so glamourous and exciting. But when you really see what goes on, it’s not that glamorous anymore, is it? She starts to cry, and says, sorry. She gets up and goes (presumably) to the bathroom. Ethan asks what the story is between them, and Robert stammers a little. He says, him and Olivia? Ethan says, no, the other bombshell on the plane. Robert says, a couple of years back, he was a fugitive, and he… well, she… she’s married. Ethan says it never stopped Robert before, and Robert calls him Mr. Leap Before You Look. Ethan says, life is short. You’ve got to cut loose. Why wait in line? You should take all the chances you can, and a few more. Play the cards your dealt, and bluff if you have to. At least you know you lived. Robert says, for a moment, Ethan reminded him of Holly.

Chase tells Sasha, it’s not too late. They got exactly what they wanted. Not for Nelle to die necessarily, but be out of Wiley’s life. Michael and Willow don’t have to be married anymore. She asks, what if they don’t want to divorce? and he asks if she’s talking about the kiss. It’s natural that it would happen. They both love Wiley, but that doesn’t mean they have feelings for one another. One kiss doesn’t make a romance. She says neither one of them would take a kiss casually; that’s not who they are. As much as they’re hurt, she and Chase have to accept the truth. The kiss was a turning point.   

Josslyn asks what kind of job Cameron is going to get that doesn’t interfere with school, homework, and soccer. He says all he knows is, he has to do something. They might be able to fool Jake and Aiden, but they can’t fool him. He sees how stressed they are about being able to afford college for him. She asks, what about a scholarship? and he says, soccer scholarships are mostly partial – if he gets one at all. Josslyn thinks he should get tons of offers, since he’s all-around amazing.

Elizabeth says, no party over what Ava and Nikolas did, especially Nikolas. She got her friend back, and watched him sinking lower and lower. Scotty says, he’s a Cassadine, but she says, he’s better than this. Now look at them, stooping to blackmail. Scotty says, they asked for it. Franco says, think about it. It could be the thing that keeps them afloat. Scotty says, it was a drop in the bucket. Nikolas and Ava were lowballing them. The reality is, they could probably get enough to pay off their mortgage, put Cameron through college, and have a cushion. Elizabeth asks Scotty what he’s done.

Cameron says Josslyn always knows how to make him feel better. She says, same. They’ve been through a lot together. He says, true that, and she says she hated house arrest. She was so lost without him and Trina; she felt left out. He says he missed her too. She says she knows he and Trina got closer during that time, with the whole kiss that happened. The important thing is, they got through it. It’s cool how they’re going to homecoming as a group. None of that date pressure. Everything’s back to normal, which is great, right? He says, yeah, totally.

Chase asks Sasha if she doesn’t see it. Everything has changed. Nelle is dead, and they’re free to tell the truth. She says, then what? Michael and Willow will realize she and Chase lied because they love them, and thank them for manipulating them for their own good? Now it’s over, and they can just pick up where they left off? He says he knows it sounds crazy, and she says, because it is. Stop living in a fantasy world. He says she’s acting like she wants Michael and Willow to hate them, and she says she didn’t mean to come at him. She’s not sleeping well. Launching Deception is a 24/7 job. He says, no doubt. He doesn’t think that’s all that’s going on.

Scotty says, when he saw the desperation on their faces, he knew Nikolas and Ava would pay, so he asked for $125K. Franco says, they agreed on $50K, and Scotty says, that’s not what he meant. He asked for $125K from each of them. Franco says, $250,000? What’s wrong with him? Elizabeth says, it’s a quarter of a million dollars; that’s extortion. Scotty says, what’s done is done. You don’t go back after a shakedown, and say, oops, I changed my mind. Even if they negotiate, they’ll come out ahead. Franco says there’s so much they could do. He and Scotty shake hands, and Franco says he’s got to hand it to Scotty. Bummer Elizabeth says she can’t believe what she’s hearing. It’s got to stop right now.

Robert says, Holly didn’t raise Ethan, but he’s just like her. Ethan says, coming from Robert, that’s a high compliment. Robert says he appreciated Ethan’s help at the casino. He doesn’t think he could have taken Winston down without him. Ethan says, actually, Olivia took him down, clobbering him with the Uzi. They laugh, and Robert says Ethan played a big part. Ethan says he wanted answers, and owed Robert one. Robert dropped everything to help them, leaving Port Charles and Anna behind to get them out of a jam. Robert says he got something out of it too; he reconnected to Holly. Too bad they couldn’t make it last, but they had a great time. Ethan says he didn’t hang around much after that because of his guilt. Robert says, about what? and Ethan says, about letting Robert think he was Robert’s son.

Valentin says he realizes the difficult circumstances, but Brendan’s words are uncalled for. Brendan doesn’t think so, and Alexis says, let him speak. He obviously has something say. Brendan says he wasn’t sure he’d get the opportunity to talk to her. He didn’t know if she’d dare show up. From what he can see, she caused more sorrow than joy. Neil took it hard when they broke up, and he couldn’t pursue her. He was moving on, then he bumped into her at the opera – the one night that ended his career, the one thing that kept him going after his daughter died. His practice helped others, and it drove Neil to despair. She dismantled his life and Neil took what was left, and threw it away on a drug overdose.

Josslyn tells Cameron, she’s seen the Crimson wardrobe vault – it’s the 8th wonder of the world. Cameron must be anointed to be allowed access, Cameron says it was complicated. Nina is all about the fit and the cut, and all the accessories; a shirt, the collar, a tie, cufflinks. She asks if he found anything he liked. She thinks it will pay off. He says he plans on looking smoking hot, and she says she bets he will.

Scotty says Elizabeth wants to torpedo their plan. Ava and Nikolas are the ones acting like bad guys, and messing with his family. He takes family seriously, and thought she would too. Franco says he thought what her friend did was unacceptable. He wants them to feel what’s it’s like to be used and tricked. Scotty says, if not, they can feel it in their wallets. Elizabeth says, blackmail is a crime, and she wants no part of it. Franco shouldn’t either. Scotty asks if she thinks they’re going to the cops. Franco says, come on. Technically, it’s not blackmail until money exchanges hands. They don’t know if Ava and Nikolas are going to pay at all, so maybe wait see what happens. She says, okay. When are they meeting with Scotty? Scotty says he gave them 24 hours. They’ll never know Franco and Elizabeth had anything to do with this; it’s all on him. Franco says he appreciates everything Scotty had done for them, and says, Elizabeth? She says she knows Scotty’s heart is in the right place, and she appreciates that he’s overprotective of his family, even if they don’t agree on his methods. He says, no one messes with his family. Not on his watch.

Robert says, all the same, what are the odds he and Ethan would be stuck on the same plane? Get it over with. Ethan says Robert thought Robin was dead, and Holly told him Ethan was his son, so Robert would feel obligated to save him. Robert says Ethan’s real father had a big hand it; it’s a convoluted Spencer special. Holly lied to give him hope, but without Holly and hope, he doesn’t know if he would have survived. She was almost always right. Ethan says, and she never let them forget it. Robert says, that’s for damn sure. They drink.

Chase says Sasha is trying to hide her feelings, but he can tell she’s struggling. She’s trying to convince him, but giving up Michael is too painful to admit. She says she wishes she could, and he says, she buried herself in her work, so she doesn’t have to face what’s going on. She says she never expected life to turn into this, and he says the two of them are in it together. He’s here for her anytime she wants to call, and she knows he’ll understand. She thanks him for being a good friend. Brook appears, and says, hey, roomie. Sasha says she’s on her way out, but Brook tells her, don’t jump to conclusions. She’s just crashing at Chase’s place. He’s being a sweetheart, but nothing is going on. Sasha says, nothing is going on with her and Chase either. Chase says there’s something Brook should know; Nelle is dead. Her body was recovered on the Pennsylvania side of the river (🍷). He’s going to the morgue to follow up. Brook says she should be sorry for the loss of any human life, but all she feels is relief. Chase says, him too, and he moves along. Brook says, wow. Nelle is dead. (I expect her to say, and her body was recovered on the Pennsylvania side of the river, but she doesn’t.) Sasha asks if she’s okay, and Brook says she’s just processing. Sasha doesn’t blame her, and says Brook has been through a lot. Brook says she’s on the mend, and stronger every day. Sasha says she’s glad to hear it. They need her voice for Deception. When is she recording a new song?

Valentin says, Neil was a grown man; he made his own decisions. What happened was tragic, but don’t put it on Alexis. Alexis says Brendan has a right to feel the way he does, and Brendan says, the memorial is a celebration of Neil’s life. She stripped him of everything worth living for. He doesn’t want the memorial tainted with her presence, and tells her that she’s not welcome. Alexis runs out crying. Well, he’s not making a very good first impression.

Chase orders some food to go at The Floating Rib. Valentin and Alexis walk in, and Valentin suggests she get something to eat. She says she doesn’t have much of an appetite, and he says, Neil’s brother was out of line. He’s grieving, and needs someone to take it out on. He chose her. She says Branden used words that she can’t unhear, and watches as a drink is poured.

On the phone, Josslyn says she’s glad Carly called, instead of waiting until she got home. She’s with Cameron, but she’ll see Carly soon. She loves her. Cameron says he heard her say Nelle was dead. Is she really gone? Josslyn says her mom told her they found the body on the Pennsylvania side of the river. (🍷) He asks, what happened? and she says, it’s too early to say exactly how Nelle died. He says, after everything that happened, it’s really over. Nelle is gone.  

Alexis tells Valentin, she can’t be angry with Neil’s brother. He didn’t know how their relationship was. Ned comes in, and orders a double scotch, neat, at the bar. Chase asks if he’s okay, and he says, just great, throwing back his drink. He doesn’t know whether to be annoyed with Chase or grateful that he’s letting Brook stay. If he hadn’t, it might be easier to convince her to come home.  Chase says he tried to give her options. At their table, Valentin says, Brendan is furious that Neil threw his life away, and is looking for someone to blame. She’s an easy target. Ned tells Chase, women like to have options, loud enough for Valentin to hear, and looks pointedly at Valentin.

Ethan says, all the stories he heard of their adventures together; Holly loved Robert, in her way. Robert says he loved Holly. That’s all he wants to say about it. He’s sorry she wasn’t a conventional mother. Ethan says conventions are overrated. They were perfect partners in crime. They could go a month not seeing each other, then she’d then send up a flare, and he’d come on the run. The cons were just an excuse. She really wanted to spend time together. Robert said she knew she could trust him, and Ethan says he doesn’t know how to get over it, but it helps knowing there’s someone else out there who remembers her too. Olivia comes back, and says, sorry for making a scene. How did the two of them manage without her? Robert says they buried a few hatchets, and Olivia asks when they’re landing. Robert tells her, he’ll check with the pilot, and goes up front. Olivia tells Ethan, when they get there, she’s putting him up at the MetroCourt; no argument. He says he appreciates it, but as soon as they touch down, he has a date in Antigua. She asks, what it would hurt to stick around Port Charles?

Sasha says she has to go, but she wants to see Brook in the recording studio asap. Geez, Brook practically just got off the operating table for an injury to her vocal chords. I know Sasha is high, but come on. Brook says she’s going to have to extend that timeline, and Sasha says Deception gained momentum from the Nurses Ball telethon. Brook says, her doctors haven’t cleared her for singing, and Sasha says, sorry. She’s just excited. She’s a partner, and brand ambassador. The projections are through the roof. It’s going to be a huge success, and she wants Brook to be a part of that. Brook says she does too. She’d love to be involved in the business aspect. Sasha says she didn’t think Brook was interested in that, but Brook says, sure she would. She’s always wanted to be part of a winning team. Sasha says Brook doesn’t have to prove her worth. They just want her voice; it’s more than enough.

Franco tells Elizabeth, it’s just a threat. They’ll destroy the picture, whether or not they pay. She says, okay, but he says she’s still angry. She thinks they deserved a scare. Marriage means nothing to them, and everything to her. She doesn’t take what they tried to do lightly. Franco says, they were just trying; no real damage was done. She says, right, and he says, checking in. Around the time of the party, things were rocky. Elizabeth says, she’s glad she overheard Ava and Nina talking about Ava’s post-nup and wanting Nikolas to cheat. She finally understood what was going on. Franco says they feel solid. Does she think they’re better than ever? Elizabeth says, yeah. They never lost faith in each other. It doesn’t matter what happens with Ava and Nikolas. Clearly, they’re the winners. They hug.

Cameron asks if Josslyn is okay. How does she feel about things, honestly? She says, conflicted. She can’t tell him how much she’d wished Nelle would disappear and not come back. Nelle deliberately set out to ruin her mom’s life, and manipulated her to go against her mom, and she let Nelle do it. She should hate Nelle, but despite all she did, she’s the reason Wiley exists, and she can’t regret Wiley. So being glad Nelle is dead is harsh, but she’s relieved that Nelle will never hurt them again. Does that make her a horrible person? He says, no, but it does add another thing to deal with. Josslyn says she should get going. She needs to start getting ready for homecoming if she’s going to keep up with him. Cameron says she always looks beautiful, and Josslyn says she should probably go.

Brook tells Sasha, she has a follow-up appointment with her surgeon, and Sasha says, her too. She means an appointment. She tells Brook, hurry up and get well. She can’t wait work with Brook. Sasha leaves, and Brook says she has to figure out how to be the voice of Deception without a voice.

Chase tells Ned that he doesn’t think Brook would be this angry if she didn’t love him. At the table, Valentin tells Alexis, she wants to blame herself, but she’s not the reason Neil did drugs. Chase tells Ned, Brook couldn’t be indifferent if she wanted to, and Ned thanks him for trying. He walks over to the table, and asks if he can have a word with Valentin. Valentin says he’s a little busy, and Alexis says she’d consider it a favor. Valentin says, okay, as a favor. He and Ned go outside, and Alexis joneses after the alcoholic drinks.

Ethan says, Port Charles hasn’t been his home in years, but Olivia says, Robert is there, and they’re both grieving Holly. They can help each other. Robert says they don’t have to be in the same city. If Ethan is in a tight spot, he’ll be there, like his mother would have. Ethan says, it goes both ways, and Olivia asks if he’s absolutely sure. Ethan says he has a score to settle, and Olivia hopes when he’s ready to settle down, Port Charles is the first place he thinks of. He says he’ll keep it in mind.

Valentin tells Ned, if he wants to talk about ELQ, call his office. Ned calls him a smug bastard, saying Valentin preyed on his daughter when she was vulnerable. He’s not letting Valentin do the same to Alexis. Valentin says Ned is drunk, and starts to walk away, but Ned grabs him and punches him.

Alexis orders a double vodka.

On… whatever day it’s on next (see below), Portia tells Curtis that he shouldn’t be asking questions, Robert asks Peter if he was missed, and Olivia tells Lulu about seeing Dante.

⚾️ What the What…?

For baseball? Really?


📺 In Case You Missed It…

I have no idea what this is about, but apparently some people missed the September 23rd episode of GH. If this is you, here you go.


🧼 Better Than a Foam Party…

Former soap stars cut the rug.


🌠 Rubbing It In…

We come together to mourn the passing of a soap kids once scheduled their college classes around.


💍 I See a Ring In Someone’s Future…

This was one of the few parts in RHOBH Secrets Revealed that I thought was worth watching. And Sutton’s birthday party. I could watch that all day.



👨🏼‍🌾 The Simple Life…

I liked this show, and liked the idea of a family living off the media grid, social and otherwise. It looks like the kids will be branching out some this season. You can take a trip to Plathville on November 10th.


📝 Because I Like a List…

Another take on Emmy’s best and worst moments.


🗽 Reunion Rehash…

Tinsley and Dorinda explained.


Dorinda makes excuses explains.


Dorinda makes excuses admits a wrong move.


Tinsley makes excuses for being really weird explains.


Tinsley really does explain.


🧩 Another Puzzle Piece…

So Kathy wants on the show. Another reason Kyle might have to claim Brandi never lies. I’m telling you, that was a set-up.


🥋 Just In Case You Were Wondering…

Wax off this.


🏌️‍♀️ Quotes of the Week

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe. – Albert Einstein  (I question as to whether he really said that, but it’s a good one.)

Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself. – Roy T. Bennett

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. – Theodore Roosevelt

Aggressive is protecting your rights, but hurting others. Assertive is protecting your rights and not hurting others. – Dr. Phil  (Fat blipping chance a huge percentage of the world will ever get that.)

Everything’s funny eventually. Sometimes it takes a while but the day will come when you’re able to laugh about anything. – David Sedaris

Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. – David Ogden Stiers  (Ha-ha! Good thing we have friends.)

People dress up for funerals. Why not dress up to celebrate that you’re alive?Gay Talese

I don’t focus on what I’m up against. I focus on my goals and I try to forget the rest. – Venus Williams

Live your vision and demand your success. – Steve Maraboli

Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. – Joshua J. Marine  (Seriously though, I’d like a break from both.)

This one matches our curtains. – Eric helping Larissa choose lingerie, 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success. – Dale Carnegie

And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about. – Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

👷🏽‍♀️ You Know the Drill…

It’s that time again. Those two days that may or may not have taken on a whole new meaning for you. As the Dowager Countess said, what’s a weekend? I say it too, but it’s because I never get one. I’ve questioned the validity of the word vacation for quite a while too. Regardless of how you view them, make the next two days different. Listen to music you’ve never heard before, gather some fall leaves to press or the last bloom of the summer. Get outside, and get outside your head. And while you’re at it, stay safe, stay appreciative, and stay away from the Pennsylvania side of the river. I hear they find bodies there.

September 23, 2020 – A Demand To Meet At the Pier, Beverly Hills Reveals Nothing, More Than You Need To Know About Emmy, a Baby, Bye Fenicia, Silent Spin, a Feud, Good Riddance To Bad Stirrer, We Loved Him Too & Some Cake


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Chase comes home, and Brook says, back so soon from solving crimes? He says he’s taking a shower, then going back out. Brook is painting her toenails, and asks if he could get her some fresh coffee.

Ned sees Julian at the MetroCourt, and Julian asks what he can do for him. Ned says, not for him; for Julian’s son Leo. Leo is wondering when Julian’s next visit will be. Julian says, tell Leo, soon, and Ned says, that sounds vague. Doesn’t he normally schedule it with Olivia? Julian says he does; he’ll give her a call. Ned asks when was the last time Julian heard from Olivia? and Julian asks if she’s missing. Ned says, no, she’s in Geneva to visit Dante. Julian asks Ned to wish her luck, and tell her that he hopes it goes well. Ned says he can do that, or Julian could call. Julian says he’s not sure what’s going on, and doesn’t care, but if Ned wants to know how Olivia is, he should speak to her. Ned says, if only it was that simple, and Julian asks what he means. Ned tells him, never mind, and Julian says he’s as helpful as ever.

Sitting outside Kelly’s, TJ tells Molly, he forgot about Neil’s death. It was so sudden, it knocked everyone for a loop. She says, especially her mom; he died in her bed, and she didn’t even know he had a drug problem. She’s not going to be able to host their commitment ceremony. They’ll need a new venue. He says they might have to postpone it, and she says, it seems inevitable. Stella approaches and says, the problem with their generation is they give in too easy. If they want a ceremony, she’ll get the job done.

Lulu tells Nikolas, she could be wrong, but it sounds like he’s falling for his wife. His phone dings, and he sees the photo of him kissing Elizabeth. Underneath, it says, I know what you did, and he says, what the hell? She asks if it’s bad news, and he reads, Meet me at the docks ASAP. It’s going to cost you big.

Nina says, Ava is falling for Nikolas. Ava’s phone dings, and she sees the photo of her and Franco kissing. Underneath, it says, I know what you did. Nina asks if she’s okay. What did the message say? Ava reads, Meet me at the docks in an hour. It’s going to cost you big.

At a booth in The Floating Rib, Bobbie and Scotty sit with martinis, while Scotty concentrates on shelling nuts. Bobbie tells him, the hardest part is physically being away from the building. She knows details will be missed, or not taken care of as good as they could be. It’s not like the nurses won’t do their jobs without her, but they won’t do it as well. You’d think she’d enjoy her time off. She has ten different household projects she’s been dreaming about, but it doesn’t give her the same sense of fulfillment she had at GH. She sees he’s not paying attention, and says maybe she’ll go back to her old job of giving the girlfriend experience (i.e. – being a hooker). At least she’ll get companionship out of it. She says he hasn’t been listening to a word she said. He says she just told him she’s going back to her former profession, and she tells him that she was pushed to desperate measures. Tell her why he’s so preoccupied.

Sonny asks if Avery is okay, and she says she’s hungry. Sonny suggests they go get a snack. He sees the half-heart necklace on the ground, and picks it up. He says she dropped this, and she says it’s hers. He asks if mommy gave it to her, and she says she thought she’d keep it for good luck. He says, now what? It’s not good?

Carly tells Jax, she hopes anything incriminating stays gone, along with Nelle. Jason comes in, and she says she’s glad he’s there. Sonny is on the back patio talking to Avery about Mike, and Jax came to check on Josslyn. Jason asks how she’s doing, and Jax says she’s sad about Mike, but she’s doing okay. Carly says Josslyn is shopping for a homecoming dress as they speak. Jax says he and Carly will talk later. Just keep in mind what he said before. He says goodbye to Jason, and leaves. Carly tells Jason, she did something he’s not going to like.

Chase asks if Brook has given any more thought as to what she might do. She says, about what? and he says he has a one-bedroom, one bathroom apartment. She can’t be comfortable. She says she can see moving some furniture around to make more space, and he says, maybe there’s someone else she could stay with. She says he’s kicking her out, but he tells her that he didn’t say that. She says he strongly hinted, and in case he forgot, he invited her. Sorry for the inconvenience; she’ll go. He says he didn’t ask her to leave, but she says she doesn’t stay where she’s not wanted. That’s how she ended up there in the first place. He says he’s not kicking her out, but it was supposed to be temporary. They barely know one another. She says, aside from three arrests. He asks if there isn’t a close friend or family member she’d rather live with, and she says she’d rather live under a rock than crawl back to her family.

Julian asks how Brook is, and Ned says, her spirit is unbroken. Julian asks, how about her vocal chords? and Ned says she’s not using them to speak to him. Julian understands, and says he hopes it works out. For what it’s worth, he’s sorry Brook crossed paths with Nelle. Ned says they’re all sorry for the chaos Nelle left in her wake. Julian says, for sure; now she’s a fugitive on the run. Ned thinks it would be a good time to sever ties, and Julian says he plans on it.

Lulu asks Nikolas if it’s something about Spencer, but he says it’s just a business situation he needs to handle. She ask if he’s sure it’s not more about Ava than business. The way he’s acting, it seems like it. He says, a little bit of both, and tells her that they’ll talk later.

Ava says, you know that kiss she told Nina about? and shows Nina the picture. Somebody saw her, and she wonders how it happened. Nina says someone has been following her, but Ava says she was at the gallery. It’s not like she and Franco were making spectacles of themselves. No one was there. At least that’s what she thought. Nina says she was preoccupied with Franco, but Ava says, just for a moment. It wasn’t like her and Nikolas at the cabin.

TJ wonders how Stella manages to show up when she’s needed most. She’s like one of the Avengers; the psychic social worker. Stella says, too much flying. He says with Mike passing, he knows the family was grateful to her. She says she was glad to be there; Mike was a good man. She heard about their commitment ceremony, and Molly says she’ll let TJ fill Stella in, while she grabs a half ice tea, half lemonade. She knows it’s Stella’s favorite. Stella tells TJ to hang onto Molly.

Sonny tells Avery, he thinks the necklace is still good luck. Like how her grandpa is with her always in her heart. She says, but it’s only half, and he says, maybe the other half is out there somewhere. Even if it isn’t, it’s still pretty. He tells her, let’s get a snack, and they go inside.

Scotty tells Bobbie, for cryin’ out loud, he’s not preoccupied; calm down. He’s just thinking about the payoff she’ll get from the hospital for wrongful termination. Bobbie says she doesn’t want a payoff; she wants her job back. But it’s not going to happen as long as Cyrus is Chairman of the Board. Scotty says, okay then, find another job. Bobbie says she had some interest from Mercy, but he laughs and says, that rusty old hospital? The future is in telemedicine. A start-up company would love an experienced nurse. She can get in on the bottom floor, get equity, and when it becomes an IPO, the sky’s the limit. She says, it’s something to explore, and Scotty’s phone dings. He says, ugh. He has to work.

Jason asks Carly if what she needs to tell him is time sensitive. Does he need to do something? She says, no; it already happened. She’s doing potential damage control. He asks if it involves Jax, and she says it does. He says, and Jax doesn’t want him to know? She says Jax doesn’t want him or Sonny to know.

Brook tells Chase to go ahead and call her dramatic, and he says, isn’t she? She asks if it isn’t the ultimate betrayal, being abandoned by her family. They threw her into the street. He says he saw her dad’s face outside her hospital room, and Monica and Michael’s. No family is perfect, but it’s clear her family loves her and wants to help. She says she knows they love her. Staying there isn’t about what they did to her, but what she did to them.

TJ sees Stella looking at him, and says, what? and Stella says she’s just checking his beautiful face. When Curtis said he’d been beaten, it nearly killed her. How is he doing, really? He says, a few more PT sessions, and he’ll be good as new. She says she was sure he was off licking his wounds after Molly turned down his proposal, but that wasn’t the case. No one expected him to be abducted, least of all him. A person doesn’t go through hell and not carry some of it back with them. How is he really? The truth.

Carly says she knows what Jason is thinking. She didn’t sleep with Jax. He says he didn’t think so, but what’s going on? The doorbell rings, and she tells him, wait. He says he’s not going anywhere. It’s Lulu, and Carly invites her in. Carly says she’s sorry. She’s been meaning to call and thank Lulu and her mother for the donation to Alzheimer’s research. It was generous of them. Lulu says she was thinking about how Mike lent a sympathetic ear when she was a teen. Sonny joins them, and Lulu says she wanted to tell him how sorry she was, and see how he’s doing. He says Mike’s passing was peaceful, but he couldn’t have done it without the support of the family. She says she’s sorry Dante wasn’t there. She knows he’d love the chance to be supportive as well.

Nina wonders if Nikolas took the picture, but Ava says he went to the cabin to catch her cheating. There would have been no point if he’d taken it. And there was nothing going on with her and Franco, contrary to the proof. She asks how she could be so sloppy, and Nina asks what she’s going to do. Ava says they want big money, but she doesn’t have that yet. It could put her fidelity in question, and it’s the ammunition Nikolas needs to divorce her without her getting a dime.

Nikolas goes to the pier, and says, whatever Ava paid to get them to take the picture, he’ll pay much more. He looks up the stairs and says, you’ve got to be kidding.

Brook tells Chase, believe it or not, she gets why her dad threw her out. From his perspective, she betrayed the family when she sold her stock; never mind the other Quartermaines who did. She should have known better, and should have said something. That’s on her. Chase says, none of that mattered when she was fighting for her life and almost died. She asks if he thinks bygones should be bygones. If she didn’t have the power now, her dad wouldn’t be begging her to come home. He traded anger for pity. He’s not sorry; he feels sorry for her. It’s the one thing she can’t bear to live with. She tells Chase, it’s his space, and he wants her gone, and she will be, but she’s not going home. Chase’s phone rings, and he asks if they’re sure. He’s on his way. Brook asks if it’s a killing spree, a bank robbery, or another one of Lulu’s epic pouts. He says he understands where she’s coming from, but he thinks she’s underestimating her family. She can stay there as long as she needs to. He opens the door, and Ned is there. He says he understands his daughter is there, and Chase says, she’s all his. He leaves, and Ned comes in. He says, Brook, sweetheart, we need to talk. She says, we absolutely do not.

TJ asks if Stella can’t just enjoy the visit, and not have to use her social worker superpowers on him. She tells him, start talking, and he says, yes. The abduction was terrifying and painful; all of it. He doesn’t know who they were or what they wanted. The police have no leads, and all he can do is focus on his career and his life with Molly. She says she wants what’s best for him, and wants him to grab what he can from life, but there are no shortcuts to healing. He says he wakes up from the nightmares, and feels like he’s still tied up. He doesn’t know if he’s going to live or die. The thing that got him through it was thinking of Molly, and knowing she was waiting. Molly listens from the doorway.

Nina asks if Ava has any idea who would blackmail her like that. Ava says, in general, she can think of plenty of people, but this? No one who would care. It’s not like Nikolas has a lot of people rooting for him. Nina says, maybe Nikolas hired a P.I., and Ava says, maybe a P.I. wants to shake her down. Even if she’s right, that doesn’t solve the problem of the picture. Whoever took it has proof of her indiscretion with Franco, and she has to decide what to do about it.

Nikolas tells the mystery person that he’s not handing over that kind of money. He needs 24 hours. If they do anything with the photo before then, they’re done.

On the patio, Lulu and Sonny look at pictures. Lulu says, Mike with Ruby, were they a thing? Sonny says his dad only wished. She was immune to Mike’s flirting. Lulu says, she must have had an iron will. She doesn’t know how Ruby resisted his charms. Sonny says, Mike was everyone confidant and friend. Everyone adored Mike, except him.

Carly says she’ll tell Jason what happened, and he can tell her what he thinks. Something serious happened. Jason says, and Jax knows, and doesn’t want her to tell Sonny. She says she couldn’t, and she doesn’t feel she can tell him now. I tell her, well, for God’s sake, tell Jason before he has apoplexy. He looks like his head is going to explode.

Molly tells Stella, you’d think a dining room table is the last thing they’d need, but you’d be wrong. They’re students, and spend half their lives there. TJ’s phone rings, and he steps away to take the call. Stella says she’s glad she and Molly can spend some time alone. So much has happened. How is Molly holding up? Molly says, okay. TJ was the worst of it. Stella says, Lord knows it must have gone through her mind that TJ walked out on their commitment, especially after she refused his proposal. Molly says, he wasn’t taking her calls, and Jordan told her that he didn’t want to talk to her; that she should be responsible for her own actions. She got more and more desperate, until she finally… Stella says, what? but Molly says she doesn’t want to say. Stella says she thinks she understands. She’ll say it for Molly. She finally lost faith in TJ.

Ava says she’ll tell Nina one thing, she’s not losing her claim for one picture of her and Franco. She gets up, and Nina says she’s not thinking of going by herself? Why don’t she and Jax go with her? Ava says she can handle it, and jets. Jax comes over, and asks, what’s going on with Ava? Does he want to know? Nina says, no. It’s just a reminder of how glad she is to have a relationship with him. No games and no secrets.

Carly tells Jason, Sonny just lost Mike. Like he doesn’t know. She says, he needs time to grieve. She can’t put it on him unless Jason thinks she should. He says, obviously she’s trying to protect Sonny, and she says, that’s all she’s doing. She just wants to protect Sonny.

Sonny tells Lulu, he held on to so much anger, and couldn’t let it go. She says, he had a right to his anger. However wonderful Mike was to the rest of them, he left Sonny when he was a little boy. She wouldn’t want that for Rocco, hating Dante. It’s not the same struggle, but Sonny made peace with Mike’s gambling being a disease. Once he understood that, is when he started to forgive. It happened the way it was supposed to.

Bobbie signs the receipt, and Scotty returns to the table. He says his clients think his time has no value. Where were they? She says, nowhere, and he asks if she’s mad. She says she’s mad and disappointed. Scotty says she’s right, and he’ll make it up to her, but she says she’s not mad and disappointed at him. He suggests they enjoy their cocktails then. She says he’s being who he is – himself, a self-absorbed schemer. He has good intentions, but a terrible follow-through. He says, that’s harsh, and she says she adores him. He’s the sweetest guy when he gets out of his own way, which is never. He’s a good friend, but a lousy boyfriend. The person she’s mad and disappointed at is herself, for going down the same road again, knowing how it ends again. What scares her is one day she’ll lose his friendship, and it will break her heart. For both their sakes, she’s calling it quits. Aww.

Ava waits for the elevator, and Nikolas comes out of it. She says he’s not following her or having her followed, is he? He says he didn’t know where she was. She says she hopes not. They both saw how his jealousy ended last night. He says he thinks they need to talk – about us.

Brook asks Ned if something is the matter, and he says, it’s a nice apartment… She says, but… and he says this can’t be how she wants to live, sleeping on a couch in someone else’s living room. She says, you don’t know until you’ve tried it, and he says doesn’t she want to go home? They can work through their issues. She says, why do that? and he says she’s been through a trauma. Not just the attack, but how he treated her, his daughter. She’ll always be his daughter, and he wants to take care of her. She says, that never works out. No matter how good the intentions, they inevitably disappear. They get angry, and end up hurting each other, like they always do. He says, it doesn’t have to be that way. They can be better. She says, even if that’s true, it’s not a good time to try it. Doesn’t he have a big enough mess to clean up?

Scotty says, don’t do this, but Bobbie says, it’s already done. He says they can undo it. They can talk about anything she wants. She thanks him for teaching her a valuable lesson. The next time she has a setback, she’ll face it, and not fall back on a sort of romance to feel safe. It’s good – he makes her laugh a lot – until she finds out he’s cheating. He says he doesn’t always, and she says he can’t if they’re not together. Good luck with his client. He thanks her for the drink, and she says she put it on his tab. He looks at the tab, and does a spit-take, and Bobbie says, the next time they meet for drinks as friends, he’ll know not to keep her hanging.

Stella says, how would Molly know? It’s not like she’s had experience. She never had a serious relationship other than TJ, and no history with other men. She’s not trying to embarrass Molly; she’s putting herself in Molly’s shoes. She might have questioned the relationship, if she’d thought he walked out after their first disagreement. Molly says, Stella doesn’t blame her? and Stella says, for doubting? If Molly had said she never wavered, Stella would have known Molly was lying to her and herself. She’s glad she’s come to know and love Molly. It’s no sin to doubt. Better to doubt than to deceive.

Ava tells Nikolas, they should stick to the plan. They’ll rendezvous at Windymere, and see what happens. She gets in the elevator.

Nina asks Jax how Josslyn is, and he says, okay. She’s sad about Mike, of course (🍷), but she’s carrying on. He felt it had less to do with that, than a lesson of the heart. Sometimes he just has to listen. Nina says, do her a favor, and share some of his parental wisdom. She wants to be that kind of a parent if she finds her child one day.

Lulu says, when Mike was diagnosed, Sonny brought Mike home to live with him. Think of what’s happened in the two and a half years Mike has been there. Sonny recreated Luke’s Club; it was a gift. Even though Mike’s memory was fading he could feel it in his heart. Sonny never failed be present. All Mike wanted was to find his way back to Sonny, and Sonny gave that to him. He gave Mike the one thing that made him happy – a family.

Carly says she wants to tell Sonny, and Jason says, do what she needs, but it’s not fair. She should give Sonny a chance to be there for her. She’d hate if Sonny did that to her. She says he’s right. She needs to tell him. She needs to tell them both.

Ned says Brook can’t expect him to walk away, and leave things the way they are. She says, why not? She’s still the same daughter, and it’s not enough for him. He could give her all the I’m sorries in the world right now. He says it’s not too late, and she tells him not to hold his breath. He says there’s unfinished business between them. Fighting with his daughter, another Quartermain trait they’d be better off without. She says, it’s a shame that’s who they are.

Lulu and Sonny come in, and Lulu says Jason should have seen the pictures her mom sent. There’s one of Jason and Mike, when Jason was a valet at the club. Carly says she’d like to see that. Sonny says he’ll walk Lulu out. At the door, he says her mom did a world of good, sending the pictures. She thanks him for sharing them with her. She’s keeping him in her prayers, and Mike too. I don’t think Mike looked like he needed prayers when he went off with Courtney, but okay; it’s nice of Lulu. Sonny thanks her, and goes back to join Carly and Jason. He says, what? and Carly says, something happened and she needs to tell them both. Jason’s phone rings, and he says, it could be important.

TJ comes back, and Stella says Molly was giving her pearls of wisdom on their not-married commitment ceremony. TJ says, all that matters is he’s sharing his life with Molly. He hopes Stella isn’t disappointed. She says, two of her favorite people, vowing to cherish and love each other; it’s icing on the cake. There will be cake, right?

Ava goes to the pier, and says, all right she’s there. Where are they? She feels someone behind her, and turns around, pointing a gun at them.

Nikolas looks at the picture of him and Elizabeth. He deletes it.

Jax says he doesn’t know how big Mike’s funeral might be. He’ll ask Carly if he should go. Nina asks if he thinks Nelle might show up. Forget she said that. Nelle is probably halfway across the country by now. Has Carly heard anything from the police; do they have any leads? He says, no more than he does, and he doesn’t know any more

Jason thanks the caller. He tells Sonny, it’s an update from their guy at the PCPD. They can confirm Nelle is dead. They’ve found the body.

Tomorrow, Chase tells Jason that he’s come on police business, Willow asks Sasha if she’s still in love with Michael, Ava asks if she’s being blackmailed, and Carly says she didn’t lie; she just didn’t tell them everything.

💎 Shortest RHOBH Recap Yet…

Even though Kyle said, the Secrets Revealed show was, the sh*t you thought you got away with, there were neither any secrets nor any revelations. Except for one. I finally found out that Dorit’s Gucci ice cubes were ice cubes shaped like the Gucci logo. As I’ve said, it’s either nice, peaceful stuff that didn’t make the cut since it was too low-key, or stuff that was a real snooze.

There were some nice moments between Garcelle and Denise, where they talked about acting and family life. We saw a little more of their NYC trip, and Erika told us, New York City in the 80s is where it was at. We agree on this. However, when getting a hot dog, not one of them knew what sauerkraut was. Since Teddi is supposed to know about nutrition (see more on that in links below), I’m surprised she doesn’t know it’s fermented cabbage. And WTF? A Nathan’s hot dog without sauerkraut from the hot dog cart? Go back to Beverly Hills, the lot of you. There was also ax throwing and drinking canned wine at a dive bar. In her interview, Denise remarked that the women were a little out of place. Okay, Denise can stay.

Kyle told us that she wants Farrah engaged to boyfriend Alex asap, because she wants to be a young grandmother. Her mom had five grandchildren by her age. In one of the things I would have liked to see during the season, Kyle had discovered a picture online of a women wearing one of the rings she’d had stolen. (Some time back, there was a break-in at Kyle’s house, where all her bags and jewelry were taken.) She and Teddi played amateur detective, and went on a hunt to find the woman, who was a psychic with very distinctive nails.

Garcelle’s new house just missed the fires, and she managed to move in before quarantine.

The secret behind Bravo, Bravo, Bravo – which is no secret if you’ve watched Bravo, Bravo, Bravo for any length of time, time, time – was that if the phrase was said, the footage wouldn’t be aired. Apparently, this information came from Kyle, who said, it was a misunderstanding of an old joke. LisaR, who couldn’t stand being left out, said the information probably came from her.

In another scene I would have liked to have seen, we attended Sutton’s 48th birthday party, where the cake was displayed inside a giant birdcage adorned with flowers. It was also on a swing, which Sutton sat on after the cake was removed. I think. She was a bit tipsy. Jennifer Tilly was a guest, and we found out that instead of a tiara that year, Dolce and Gabbana sent Sutton a toaster. TBH, it was a pretty cool toaster.

They ended the show with a clip from the reunion, where Sutton said, quarantine was so bad, she’d go to Rome with them again tomorrow.

🏆 Better Late Than Never…

A rundown on the Emmys. Schitt’s Creek gets a paddle.


Who wore it best.


And not.


The ups. The downs. The WTFs.


Mrs. Maisel and her dog.


More celebs with their dogs.


The night’s biggest mistake. Maybe.


👶🏻 They Didn’t Start the Fire…

Lala and Randall make an announcement.


✌🏽 It’s Double Official…

NeNe is bye-bye.


🏍 The Spin On Carol and Daryl…

The scripts must be mighty thin, since neither one of them talks very much.


🤼 Rivalry At the WWE…

I loved Roddy Piper.


🙋🏽‍♀️ Best News All Week…

Teddi is out at RHOBH, but not for being a full-fledged mean girl after being merely a follower last season. She’s finally had to take accountability for her lousy fitness program.


🏈 He Was Third…

And he wanted us to love Brian Piccolo. Show of hands who didn’t cry at the end of Brian’s Song? Yeah. I didn’t think so.


🌃 Bonsoir…

Can it be? Can I truly get to bed before almost sunrise? I’m going to do my best, and you do yours by making it your business to stay safe, stay progressing, and stay being the icing on the cake.

⚠️ Warning: Bleeped Bad Words Ahead

September 16, 2020 – Mike Begins His Transition, Butterflies, So Far, Good Riddance Season 10, a Little More, Jimmy Speaks & Gonna Swing


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason asks Carly how Mike is. She says, his breathing is rough, and they’re giving him morphine. He asks if Sonny is with Mike, and she says, he won’t leave Mike’s side.

Michael sits outside at Turning Woods, and Willow comes by. She says she was on her way inside, and saw him sitting. She thought he could use some company, but if he’d rather be alone… He says that’s the last thing wants, and asks her to sit. She says, before he asks, Wiley is at home. She gave him his dinner and bath, and when she left, he was playing toy cars with the nanny. He didn’t even notice her leaving. He says she’s amazing, and she says so is he. He tells her, his mom and dad are looking after Mike, and she says she knows it’s not easy waiting. He says his dad is usually so strong, and now he’s losing his father. He honestly wishes… She says, what? but he says, nothing. She says, tell her. Nothing he could say would ever make her think less of him. He says he wishes this was over.

Sonny tells Mike that he wishes he knew how to make it easier. He knows Mike is ready. One of the last things he said to Sonny was that he’s ready. Stella comes to the door, and asks, how’s Mike? Sonny says, the same, and she says she just talked to Mike’s caregiver Dr. Knox. It’s good they’re giving Mike morphine; it’s the right thing to do. Sonny asks if she doesn’t think it’s extreme, but she says it’s standard. It will prevent Mike from gasping for air or feeling pain as his body shuts down. He asks if  that’s what’s causing Mike’s low blood pressure, and she says, it’s part of the process. She also saw that he was getting anti-anxiety medication. It will keep him from panicking. Believe her, his father is very comfortable right now. He thanks her, and says Mike seems to be holding on, waiting for something. Stella says, knowing Mike, she’s not surprised. She thinks the thing he’s waiting for is permission to let go. I’m not so sure, since Sonny already gave him that.

Michael tells Willow, he knows it’s terrible to want his grandfather gone, and for it to be over. She says he wants Mike to stop hurting; there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. He says his dad hasn’t left Mike’s side, saying it’s all the time he’s going to get. Waiting and watching every breath. He wants his dad’s pain to be over too.

Jason hopes it’s helping Mike for Sonny to be with him, and Carly says she knows it’s helping Sonny to be there. Some people say it’s magical thinking, believing a loved one at the end of life can feel the presence and take comfort in those around them, but she thinks it’s think true. Josslyn arrives, and says, so does she. Carly asks why Josslyn didn’t tell her that she was coming back. Josslyn says she made Tony drive her. She feels like she should be close. She thinks her grandpa knows more than they realize. He heard everything she said this afternoon, and even gave her a thumbs up. Jason says, sounds like Mike, and Josslyn says, she feels even now some part of him is still the person they love. She and Carly hug.

Stella tells Sonny, at the end of life, patients often straddle this world and the next. Telling Mike how much they’ll miss him and the outpouring of love is a good thing. In his mind’s eye, he’s transitioning to what’s waiting for him after he takes his last breath. He’s torn between staying there with his loved ones and going to that magical place where he’ll see all the people he loved and lost, and where he’ll be whole again, and where something bigger than any of us could ever know waits. Sonny says she sounds convinced it’s true, and she says she’s heard too many stories and testimonies, and believes it’s God’s honest truth. Sonny wonders what the doctors think, and she says, it depends on the doctor. Some call it sensory changes and illusions, but that’s the practical side talking. Sonny says, science, and Stella says she likes to think from the spiritual perspective, which is that Mike is ready to take his journey to the other side. He needs Sonny to let him go, and make his peace. Has he done that yet?

Sonny says he appreciates everything Stella has done, and Stella says, but he needs time with his dad. He says he knew she’d understand. Before she leaves, she’ll give him some tips on how to make Mike more comfortable. She tells Mike that she’s there. She was there this morning, and talked about his sharp hat. They’re going to make him more comfortable. She lowers the lights, saying, he doesn’t need that bright light in his face. She tells him that Felix will be by to take the gear off him, and asks Sonny to put on some nice music, which he does. She says, this will help him feel better too, and picks up a cup. She tells Sonny when his lips get dry, dab some water on them. Sonny does that, and she says that should make Mike feel better. She asks Mike if he’s doing okay; is he cold? Sonny says Mike’s hands are freezing, and she says, that’s expected. Mike’s body is shutting down. The blood is all going to his heart to keep it beating, so his extremities get cold. She gives Sonny a blanket, saying, it will make Mike feel better. Sonny puts the blanket over Mike.

Willow tells Michael that she thinks his dad is lucky, or maybe the word is blessed. He has a chance to say goodbye, knowing Mike has all this love to take with him when he passes on to the other side. He asks if she really believes that, and she says, absolutely. She also believes those Mike loved who have passed on will be waiting. She can’t think of anything better. He says, that’s a good way to look at it, and thanks her. She says, for what? and he says, for being there and letting him vent. He knows it’s not what she signed up for. They got married for Wiley, not so she could take care of him. She says, if that’s what he thinks, forget it. That’s not how marriage works.

Stella tells Mike, Sonny is there, and going to stay with him. If he needs anything, let Sonny know. It’s been an honor knowing him, and calling him her friend. Do what he needs to do. It’s going to be one of those times that will stay in both their hearts forever. God bless him. She hugs Sonny, and he thanks her, going back to sit next to Mike’s bed. Sonny tells Mike, Stella is something else. She’s the most practical down to earth woman he’s known. She has  a woo-woo vibe about the afterlife, but who knows?

Josslyn asks how Mike is, and Carly says, he was peaceful when she was there. Jason asks if he should check on Sonny, and Carly says, he would love that, and it might help him. Josslyn asks what about Carly? and Carly says she’s okay. She’s sad – she’s going to miss Mike – but it’s hard watching Sonny go through this. It’s going to be hard on him, but she’s glad he and Mike are going through it together. There was a lot of anger between them a long time ago. If Mike had died while they were still estranged, it would have broken Sonny’s heart. Now he gets to be by Mike’s side, and tell Mike how much he loves him, and that’s a gift. Truly a gift.

Sonny tells Mike, Stella said he needs to know that Sonny has made peace with his passing, but they both know that’s not it. Mike needs to hear and know they’ve made peace with what went wrong when he was a kid. Mike couldn’t help himself, but Sonny’s mom and him couldn’t understand. Gambling is an addiction. Now he knows how much Mike struggled. He’s a good man, who fell victim to something he couldn’t help. There’s no need for regret anymore. He forgave Mike a long time ago. He just wants Mike to go in peace. He’ll also go with love.

Willow tells Michael, she needs to be clear. When they got married, taking care of each other was part of the deal. When one is hurting, the other tries to help. He’s already done that for her, so of course (🍷), she wants to do that for him. They got married for Wiley’s sake, but he was her friend before that. They agreed when they took their vows, to share their lives with Wiley, which means sharing a life together. Got it? He says he does. He tells her that he should get back and be with his family. Willow is part of that family now, and she’s coming with him.

Jason watches Sonny with Mike, but doesn’t go in the room. In the hallway, Carly asks if he went in, and he says, no. Sonny is with Mike, and he didn’t want to intrude. She feels the same way. She wants to help, but Sonny has to do it on his own, and find a way to let go of Mike. Jason says Sonny has the courage to face reality and accept it, no matter how bad it hurts. When the time comes, he’ll do the right thing. He always does.

Josslyn works at a jigsaw puzzle, when Michael comes in with Willow. She and Michael hug, and he asks when she got there. She says, a little while ago. Jason is there too. He says, they’re all together; good. She asks how he’s holding up, and he says, better, thanks to Willow. He was starting to brood, and she gave him a talking to. Josslyn says, good for her, and Willow says, he’s exaggerating. Michael says he’s not, and Josslyn asks what Willow said. Willow tells her, the people Mike loves are waiting and happy to be with him. That was her experience with her own father. She never said goodbye, but she knows he’s in a better place, watching over her. Josslyn asks how she can be sure.

Sonny says, it’s not like he wants Mike to die. He did drag Mike to New York City for a drug trial, which probably wouldn’t have worked anyway. That’s how desperate he wanted Mike back. When Mike stopped eating, he wanted to shove a feeding tube down Mike’s throat, and would have kept him on machines, but that wasn’t right. He tells Mike, Stella says there’s somewhere much better out there for him, and he believes Mike feels the same way. Mike clears his throat, and Sonny says, hey, dad. When he was a kid, mom forced him to confess, so he went to church, and Mike was coming out of the confessional. He sat down, and they saw him pray. Mike didn’t know they were in the back, and they saw the guilt and pain on his face, even though he’d just confessed and wiped his soul clean. Sonny suddenly says, why didn’t he think of that before?

Carly tells Jason, she had the best dream. She was talking to Mike, and he was kind and loving, like a father. She’s never going to know that man again because of this damn disease. Sonny comes out, and Jason asks if there’s something he can do. Sonny says he needs both their help to do something for his dad.

Willow says she never told anyone before, but when she was giving birth to her baby, she felt her father’s presence so strongly. She knew he was there with her, and he told her she’d be all right, to stay strong; she was strong. She felt it so strongly. It was real. Josslyn says she gets that. She felt that with Oscar. In the past year, she’s thought about it a lot, and now with her grandpa. They knew the end was coming. Willow says, Oscar had her and her love; it made it easier for him. Josslyn says, one time, she and Oscar were looking at the stars, and Oscar said he’d be a part of them; part of the universe. It’s how he’d live on. Willow says, amazing, and Josslyn says, she thinks about it when she sees the sky on a clear night. She waves, and says hi, and tells him how much she misses him. Michael takes Josslyn’s hand, but she says, she’s fine. She really wishes there was some more immediate way to know Oscar was around. Brando walks in, and asks if she sees butterflies. It’s a sign a loved one is near, and watching over you. He heard about Mike, and came to pay his respects. He hopes it’s okay. Michael says, he’s their cousin, which means he’s family. He asks Brando to join them.

Michael asks if Brando is okay, and Brando says he’s getting back to normal. Josslyn asks, what happened? He looks like he got hit by a bus. Brando says, working in a garage and not being careful, let’s just say bad things can happen. Josslyn asks if Dev knows, but Brando says he hasn’t told him. Mike is more important. Sonny sent him a text. He asks if it’s true Mike doesn’t have much longer. Michael says, yeah, and Brando says he’s sorry. In Bridgeport, Mike was always around and would stop by. One time he came by when Brando and his mom had been fighting about something stupid. She’d sent him to his room, which he’d thought was totally unfair at the time. Mike saw him stuffing clothes into a bag; he was determined to run away. Mike said he could take off from his mom, but he’d take his anger with him, and whatever problems he had. He’d never get rid of them until he tackled them head on. Mike had a sad smile on his face, and said he’d run away himself, and was still dealing with his problems. Brando says he thinks about Mike’s words all the time. That’s why he’s still there. He’s getting to know his family, and putting down roots. Josslyn asks if Mike is the one who told him about the butterflies, and what they mean. What does it have to do with the afterlife? Carly comes in, and Josslyn asks how her grandpa is. Carly says, the same, and thanks Brando for being there. He says he doesn’t want to intrude, but she says, it means a lot to Sonny and Mike. She tells Michael and Josslyn that their father has come up with the idea to hopefully make Mike more comfortable and peaceful, and she’d like them to be a part of it.

Sonny tells Mike, they’re bringing someone there to help him. There’s a knock at the door, and Father Reyes joins them. He tells Sonny that he conducts mass there on Saturdays, and Mike usually showed up, although sometimes Mike called him Father Quinn. Sonny says that was the name of their parish priest in Brooklyn, and Father Reyes says he figured it was something like that. Sonny says it’s near the end, and he’d love to get a blessing for Mike. Father Reyes says he’d be honored. He puts a crucifix on Mike’s chest, and anoints parts of Mike’s body with oil. He asks that Mike be pardoned for the sins he’d committed by sight… by hearing… by smelling… by tasting… by touching… and by walking. He puts his hand on the Bible, and asks that Mike be forgiven all sins, and that God set Mike above all, choosing to see him face to face, with no division between him and God forever. He puts Mike’s hand on the Bible, and asks that he may be wrapped up in God’s love, and found deep in his everlasting wings, carried and kept safe and cherished. May the healing power of Christ breathe across his being now. He prays the Lord’s Prayer, and Carly, Sonny, Josslyn, and Michael pray with him. He blesses Mike, and they all make the sign of the cross.

In the waiting area, Michael wonders if this is the last time he’ll see his grandfather alive. Josslyn asks if what Mike has done is really gone, and how they know the afterlife is true? Stella says they just have to seek faith, because if there was nothing after death… Willow says, the alternative is too grim to think about. Brando says he was messed up after he came back from Iraq. Seeing his buddies gone. It seemed pointless, and he became self-destructive. Josslyn asks, what changed? and he says, he realized he wanted to live.

Carly thanks Father Reyes. The priest tells her that Mike had said how proud he was of them. He’s sure it’s a comfort that they’re with him.

Sonny says he’s been thinking about Morgan, and Jason says, him too. Sonny says, too bad Mike never got a chance to know Morgan before he died. Maybe Morgan is waiting for him. Sonny laughs, and Jason says he thinks Morgan is. Sonny says he wants to believe it. It makes it a lot easier, but at least Mike had the chance to see Dante, and have a good time. Dante is gone too; another loss. He asks if Jason thinks that’s why Mike doesn’t want to leave. He doesn’t want Sonny to have another loss. Jason says, maybe. Or maybe it’s something else. Sonny says, like what? and Jason says, if Sonny wants to take a break, he can stay there, but Sonny wants to stay. Mike might need him. He wonders what Jason isn’t telling him, but Jason says, it’s nothing. Sonny will figure it out. Jason goes over to Mike, and tells him, just do what he needs to do, okay? He’s there for Sonny. He leaves, and Sonny sits down. He says, all right, dad. He doesn’t have to feel bad or be afraid. There are people who want to see him, and he needs to see them. He doesn’t have to worry about Sonny; he’s not a little boy anymore. He believes Mike knows what’s going on, and says, listen, dad. Remember when he was a little boy, and Mike and his mom were fighting? They thought he was asleep, but he wasn’t. He heard them fighting the night Mike left. Mike was walking out, and his mom said he couldn’t walk out unless he said goodbye to Sonny, and he didn’t. Sonny starts to cry, and says Mike left, and his mom didn’t give Mike another chance. She divorced him, but it’s okay. Sonny understands now. He knows Mike loved him. He thinks maybe too much.

Tomorrow, Olivia says Winston won’t know what hit his casino, Alexis asks if Diane thinks she’s going to relapse, and Mike says, I know you.

Oscar’s exit was good, but this is phenomenal. I have no idea how these actors got through this without bawling their eyes out every second. Anyone who thinks soaps don’t deserve the same respect any other programming does, is out of their damn mind.

🦋 About Those Butterflies…

I wish they’d finished that conversation.


✨ IRL…

Soap roll call of the dead for the year so far.


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

We jump right in. Andy asks, what’s the worst thing Denise has said about Teddi? and Denise says she told Teddi to her face; she’s a sh*t stirrer. Teddi says Denise told Brandi that she said worse things. Denise says, according to who? Brandi? and Erika says, according to Denise. We flash back to Denise’s interview, where she did say that. D’oh! Although I’m sure whatever it was, it was warranted. Teddi is a poser, follower, and sh*t stirrer. Denise says Teddi is the daughter of a famous father, and the fact that she’d bring up gossip at a group dinner is really sh*tty. We flash back to Teddi saying she won’t torture Denise anymore, when really, she was just getting started. LisaR says, Brandi brought it up on camera, and Denise tells her to be quiet. Like this has ever been an option for LisaR. LisaR says she won’t be quiet, and she won’t be sorry. Denise says, stop. Brandi wasn’t at the dinner, but Teddi was. LisaR says it was already out the in the world, which is like the 50th time she’s used that expression. Denise says Brandi talked about a lot of them, and Teddi says, if Denise had no relationship with Brandi, how does she know what Brandi said? Denise says when she and Brandi met through their mutual agent, Brandi had diarrhea of the mouth, but she never repeated any of it. There’s more babbling about this, and Denise says Brandi called and asked out of the blue if she could come with her and Aaron to Kyle’s event. Aaron said, no effing way, as we all would, and Denise says, Aaron doesn’t like Brandi. She’s a train wreck, and not stable; she drinks a lot. This actually does sound like Brandi, since she’s continually tried to worm her way into places she’s not wanted. I would feel bad for her if she wasn’t so detestable. Andy asks when was the last time Denise saw Brandi, and Denise says when Brandi asked her to do the podcast. Aaron was there, and met her. Andy says Brandi was so specific, even about the hotel room, and we flash back to Brandi saying, blah-blah-blah poor me. Denise says Brandi knocked on the door, and she let Brandi in while she was getting her stuff. Aaron was there the whole time, and they don’t have an open marriage. If they did, she would say so. Kyle says it would be easier and better if she said it was between her and Brandi, and she didn’t want to talk about it. She hasn’t been honest. That was a pattern, and then she stopped showing up. Denise says, it was between them based on what Brandi claimed. Everyone starts babbling at once, and Andy says, one at a time.

Making a new paragraph, and inserting my opinion. For argument’s sake, even if Denise had said what Kyle just suggested, there’s no way they would have left her alone. They would have said nothing is private since she’s on a reality show, and LisaR would have screeched about owning it. Denise says she had a fever and she was sick, when she FaceTimed with Dorit and Garcelle. Kyle says Denise said she was coming to her housewarming, but turned her phone off. Be honest. Like any one of them knows what that is. Denise says she owned up with Garcelle. What’s it to Kyle? <snort> Sutton says she didn’t know Denise at all 2018, heard a rumor one person removed from Brandi. Either Brandi is lying (hello? has she been paying attention?) or Denise is. LisaR talks, but all I hear is, wah-wah-wah, like Charlie Brown’s teacher. Dorit suggests she let Sutton finish, but apparently Sutton thinks better of it, and says she is finished. Andy asks if Denise didn’t say the texts were made up or engineered, and Denise says her text thread is very different. LisaR pulls out this humongous stack of papers, and says she has a print out. Garcelle says, wow, and LisaR asks if Denise wants to go through it. Denise tells her to be careful, although no one else seems to care a whole lot. They’re probably bored with this sh*t, and want to move on to talking about Fendi or Fenty or whatever. LisaR asks if Denise is threatening her, and Denise says she’s telling the truth. If LisaR wants to play this game, she’ll do it. LisaR asks again if Denise is threatening her, and Kyle says she thinks it’s a promise. Huh? I have no idea what that means, but I want to see these texts. Denise says she’s willing to show they don’t match up, but is LisaR willing to let her show texts between the two of them? At least she’s asking. LisaR suddenly refuses to own it, saying, those are private. Denise says it’s about her, and all of them. I WANT TO SEE!!! LisaR says she’s being muzzled. Something else I’d love to see. She says Denise sent a cease and desist letter. Her lawyer threatened Bravo, telling them to cease production. Denise says she sent one to Brandi, hoping to make her tell the truth. LisaR asks if a cease and desist (which I’m already tired of typing) is to make someone tell the truth or to silence them. Erika says it means, quit it. Kyle says she’s been there, and it was hurtful to her family. She says something about LVP that I don’t catch, and I’m sure was just bullsh*t anyway. Andy asks if LisaR doesn’t feel there are things that are off limits, and LisaR says she dealt with it. She certainly did, and we flash back to her going ballistic, smashing a wine glass on the table and screaming, don’t touch the husband, when Kim asked, what about the husband? in Amsterdam. (#WhatDidHarryDo) LisaR says she faced Kim then, and faced her at the reunion. Of course she did, it’s screen time. She’d never walk away with the camera rolling. Although she did get her bunny thrown back at her for her trouble. She says she didn’t run, and Garcelle says, not everyone deals with things the same way. Why does she care? LisaR says they’va been having to deal with it for the last six months. Um… Only because they insisted on dealing with it. Andy tells her, let’s say something did happen, and maybe Denise would be trying to protect her family and marriage. What would LisaR say? LisaR thinks if a good friend came to her and said they needed help, she’d do it. Garcelle says, all she did was attack Denise, when they’d been friends for 20 years. LisaR insists she wasn’t attacking, and Kyle says, moving forward means having honest relationships. She doesn’t care what someone did. Andy says, Kyle is saying the way to move forward is to be honest, but Denise is saying the truth is that she didn’t sleep with Brandi. Denise says they’re not accepting that, so she doesn’t know where they go from here. Kyle says she doesn’t want to see anyone feel bad, and I choke on the vanilla wafers I just shoved in my mouth. She says they’ve all gone through difficult times in their lives, but things like this have repercussions. Andy asks what it looks like for Denise moving forward, and she says, sometimes the women don’t accept honesty. They think she’s lying, and that’s what’s hurtful. Andy wants to take a break, and I want to knock LisaR’s chair out from under her.

Sutton says Garcelle’s boobs make hers look sad, and Garcelle says she like to keep it real. She uses tape. Andy welcomes us back, even though, once again, we’re not the ones who went anywhere. He says, from go-go cage to the Broadway stage, Erika pulled back the curtain to new layers in her life that we’ve never seen before. We flash back to her nostalgic trip to Shakers, and her getting Roxie in Chicago. Viewer Tabatha from Arkansas says it was great that Erika did what she needed to survive, and asks if she was ever propositioned. Erika says she was, but never took them up on it. Another viewer points out that LisaR said her daughters would never work in a strip club, but they pose half-nude. What’s the difference? LisaR guesses there is no difference, and Erika says, more money. Andy says he saw her in Chicago, and was amazed at how packed the house was, and they were there for her. Erika says it was a surreal moment she’ll take to her grave. Andy says Janet Jackson and Marc Jacobs were there, and asks what Tom thought. She says he wasn’t able to come. He was going to be there the last week, but Covid happened. I try like hell not to think, karma is a bitch. Andy says Garcelle called LisaR out for stealing Erika’s thunder, and Garcelle says, she felt it was Erika’s time to shine, and she it was repetitive (as is everything with Lisa Own It Rinna), and LisaR says she went to see Erika, but Garcelle didn’t. Garcelle says it had nothing to do with not supporting Erika; don’t even try it. Erika knows Garcelle was there for her. Just because she didn’t go to New York, doesn’t mean she wasn’t supportive.  Erika says she didn’t feel that LisaR was stealing her shine or butting in. She relied on LisaR, and asked questions. It was a big project for her, and she was glad to have someone at her fingertips who had done it. She thanks LisaR, and thanks everyone who showed up. They’d finished shooting, and left their lives and families, and traveled to NYC. Whoa. Wait. Why did we see it on camera if they weren’t shooting? Was that a mirage? She says the left their lives and families, and traveled. It made her cry. She thanks Sutton for chartering the plane. It might sound corny, but she thanks them for being on the journey (ugh) with her. Teddi says Garcelle and Denise kept saying they should lift each other up and not be petty, but they weren’t there when no cameras were rolling. Garcelle asks if Denise wants to go first, and Denise says she wasn’t invited until the night before when Sutton realized she wasn’t on the list for the plane. She didn’t even know they were going. Andy asks if at the time she was suing them, and she says she wasn’t suing anybody. She sent a cease and desist (gritting my teeth) to Brandi, and a letter to Bravo asking if they would remove the footage. She sent nothing to any cast member, and that’s the extent of it. Garcelle says she constantly texted Erika about how proud she was of her, and asking how rehearsals were going. She’s deathly afraid of small planes. When she was a model, a lot of scary things happened. LisaR says Teddi and Dorit flew commercial, and Garcelle says just because she couldn’t make it doesn’t mean she’s not supportive. Sutton says, good point, and LisaR demands to know why Garcelle wasn’t there, since the plane wasn’t small. Garcelle says she had to work, and she had the kids. Her husband wouldn’t change the schedule, and she had prior commitments to fulfill. Erika says so it wasn’t the plane, and Garcelle says, that’s the truth, and she’s sticking to it. I stuff another cookie in my mouth because I hate LisaR’s stupid effing face-making so much. She’s a disgusting human being – if I’d even call her human. She’s like a mean blow-up doll.

Speaking of which, Jane from Mississippi asks if it’s true that The Bold and the Beautiful is using blow-up dolls and spouses for love scenes. Denise says, if anything is closer than eight feet, they use a mannequin to step in, and the other actor is off-camera. We see a clip of her talking to a mannequin, and she says she’s doing her first love scene with her husband tomorrow. Andy bets the rehearsal process is intense, and she says, well, you know. He asks if Aaron was defending Denise or mansplaining at Kyle’s barbecue, and we revisit him telling Teddi there’s no issue and they’re being ridiculous. We flash back to Teddi’s interview where she asked if he thought it was sexy when he put women down, and called him an a-hole. We see clips from the shoe party where Denise made the mistake of leaving him alone with the women, and Erika accused him of talking down to them. We also see Denise apologizing for him, and also saying in her interview that, after what they did to her in Rome, fat chance they’d get an apology from him. Andy says they invited Aaron to the reunion, but he didn’t want to come, and Denise says no one else’s husband is there, and it would have been a no win situation. Andy says, when PK came, he and Erika talked through what happened, and their relationship is good now. Erika says they squashed their beef, and we flash back to that. Dorit says it didn’t happen overnight, but they were able to start from scratch. Andy asks how Denise feels about how Aaron spoke to the women, but she doesn’t think it was offensive. He liked the women, she thinks he was trying to diffuse the situation. She should have brought him to the bathroom with her. Erika says when Denise left, she thought, at least Denise wouldn’t whisk him away, and Denise says don’t ask her husband questions if they don’t want him involved. Erika says they did want him involved. I’m just confused. They’ve gone on and on about how he basically shouldn’t talk to women like he would a man, so they want everyone to behave honestly except him? And I could swear in Rome, they said he shouldn’t have gotten involved. These idiots need to make up their minds. Andy asks what their reaction is to Denise not wanting Aaron around them, and Erika says, he’s a grown man, which Kyle parrots. Erika says, they’re six women, not six Mike Tysons. Give her a break. Andy asks why Aaron hasn’t apologized, and she says he hasn’t even seen them. Teddi says he had the opportunity, but doubled down. She was uncomfortable with the way he spoke to them and to Denise. Viewer Rachel from Santa Monica says she rewound and watched Aaron and Denise leaving the barbecue four times to catch what Aaron said to Denise. We watch the clip with subtitles, and he says he’s going to crush her hand. At the time, I’d actually thought he said she was crushing his hand. Denise says he didn’t even know what he’d said either until she played it for him, and then he told her that he didn’t know why he said that since he’s afraid of her. Andy asks why he’s afraid of her, and she has to explain that he was joking. Sutton says she has zero tolerance for that, and Garcelle says she saw it on social media and was worried. Omg. I honestly don’t think it was a real threat. It’s like none of them has ever said something like, I’m going to kill you.

Andy says, with these women, glam isn’t a fashion statement, it’s a competition. Black rompers and ragamuffins need not apply. We flash back, and normally I enjoy the fashion stuff, but msot of them are disgusting me tonight, and I just want this to be over. Garcelle asks if Sutton knows who Fenty is now, and she says, hell yes. A new collection just came out. Andy asks if Sutton got a lot of crap for that, and Sutton says she didn’t want to leave the house. Dorit shows off the back of her head, which is a conglomeration of braids. Andy outs Kyle spending $10K in Rome when she was on probation, and she tells him, thanks for putting that on blast. She admits to being just as excited to shop at Home Goods as Fendi in Rome. Switching gears, Andy says LisaR and Denise have been friends for years, and this was the ultimate test. If they were giving grades, their friendship would get an FU. We flash back to Denise talking to LisaR about having been friends for 28-30 years, and in her interview saying she’s starting to feel betrayed; maybe they’re not as good of friends as she thought. We see LisaR saying, own it, own it, own it, and this fake bitch crying about how she should have warned Denise, and that Denise would have done that for her. Denise looks sad, and LisaR makes stupid-ass faces. Andy says they both claimed the other had changed, and asks Denise how LisaR has changed. She says she needs to eat something before she answers, and I completely identify, since I need to eat something before I hear it. Like my feelings. LisaR says she’d like to know the answer, but Denise disappears. LisaR makes a stupid face, and everyone babbles about Denise walking off, when she probably just went to get her bag of vanilla wafers.

Denise comes back, and says she has to go to work in the morning, and has 48 pages. LisaR says if she’s unhappy, don’t do the show. Just do B&B. Denise says she’s not unhappy. She enjoyed doing the show, and getting know the women. Andy says Denise had told them LisaR was someone she trusted to go to for advice, and asks how she feels now. Denise says, very different. LisaR turned on her while on the show. LisaR lies, saying she doesn’t turn on people, but Denise hasn’t been open and honest. Denise says she’s an open book, and of all people, LisaR should know that. LisaR gripes about all the times Denise has run, and Denise says, not cool. We see her leaving several events, but I don’t see any reason why anyone should stick around if they’re being abused. Viewer Maya from Spokane wonders why LisaR didn’t just pull Denise aside, instead of calling her a hypocrite about the kids. LisaR says Denise talked about hookers so many times, and Denise says, one time she talked about inviting one in for Thanksgiving. She was wearing sweats, and it’s not like she was dressed for the street. Her mother would have done the same thing. Shame on LisaR, when she was just telling the woman to come in for a square meal. Kyle says they were on a group trip together, so it was an open conversation in the group. They keep saying this is a reality show, but in reality, no one says everything to everybody in a group.

Andy wants to finish, and so do I. He says the turning point was not being honest, and LisaR says, when she sees a year and a half worth of text messages, and Denise says she’s only seen Brandi three times, she can’t reconcile it. Denise says, moving forward, she should remember those words, and LisaR asks if Denise is threatening her again, because she’s gone completely insane. Denise says, no, but LisaR has told her a lot of stuff about Brandi. LisaR says she doesn’t like Brandi, and Denise asks if Brandi knows that. LisaR says she’s been nice to Brandi lately because Brandi is just trying to get back on the show tell her side. Denise says so much has been said about her family, and her kids are at an age when they hear stuff. How would LisaR feel? LisaR says she would get on the phone and say, stop it, f***er. Denise says, Brandi isn’t a friend, or even a cast member. If it was one of them, she would have, but she barely knows her. Andy says if LisaR was allowed to do it over, would she have given Denise a heads up? LisaR says she wouldn’t have had Denise come on the show, like she does the hiring. Denise rolls her eyes, and Garcelle says, damn. Andy says they’d agreed to try and work on it, but has the stress of the show airing and social media come between them? LisaR says they haven’t spoken or texted in six months. He wonders if they can go back to being friends, and LisaR says, like Denise was friends with Heather Locklear. Denise says Heather wasn’t her friend; she was friends with Denise’s ex-husband. LisaR is grasping at straws. LisaR says, maybe, and Andy says he doesn’t understand the reference. LisaR says Denise is insinuating she’s a bad friend. Denise says she isn’t, and Andy what’s to know what’s up with the Heather Locklear thing. He’s kind of interested. Denise says LisaR is being low. Not owning it in the least, LisaR says, google it. So I do. See below. Andy says Dorit defended Denise, and Dorit says, everything that’s happening hurts her. She’s grown to have a friendship with LisaR and Denise. She respects Denise and doesn’t like to see them go at it. She doesn’t like to see a 20 year friendship gone like that. She cares about them, and it’s hard. She wonders if, with time, they can find their way past it. She cares about both of them. Andy talks about how LisaR was so excited about Denise coming on the show, and said everybody would love her. Denise asks, what changed? No one says anything, and Andy asks where they go from here. LisaR says she doesn’t know, and Denise shrugs. Andy says they’ll leave it there, and Denise dabs at her eyes.

It’s time for Sutton to say goodbye, and she thanks them for having her. Andy says, it’s an unforgettable way to end a momentous season, and asks what went through Denise’s mind. She laughs, saying she came there to resolve things, but feels like that some of them didn’t want to do that. He asks if she’s going to move forward, and be friends again. She says, with some of them, and he asks Garcelle what surprised her the most. She says that the show wasn’t scripted. She came in open-hearted; ready to play and make new friends. She’s optimistic about the future. He asks how it was for Teddi being pregnant, and she says it was like being the narrator, being really present. It was harder, but good things happened. He asks for Erika’s takeaway, and she says, it was a great year. She had a lifetime achievement in Chicago, and feels good. She hates discord and conflict, but sh*t happens. If you’re willing, you can have a friendship. Andy says there have been years that ended in a bad way, but amazing friendships developed. He asks LisaR what she’d change about the season, and she says, nothing. She’s a truth teller. If she needs to say it, she’s going to say it, whether she’s known someone two or twenty years. He asks about her friendship with Denise, and she says it’s not where she’d like it to be. She’s sad about that, and it’s too bad they’re where they are. In the six years she’s been on the show, she’s been through it. She and Dorit moved forward. Dorit gave her a chance, and she’s grateful. Andy says, Kyle has been on the show ten years; how does she think they can move forward? She says, being honest and open, maybe one on one conversations. You have to be honest and open (omg, is that tattooed on her?) enough to give it a chance. She doesn’t think anything is irreparable. If I were Denise, I would never be friends with LisaR again for sure. It’s one thing siding with what you know to be true, but this showing up with a stack of texts from someone who’s a known liar (sorry, dumbass Kyle, but Brandi is) is ridiculous. Kyle says she’s glad she and Garcelle got to know each other. Andy says Dorit has been in the middle of drama, and she says she’s had issues with some of the women, but they’re good friends now. As bad as it gets, she thinks you can truly move on from something if both parties want to.

Andy tells them to raise a glass to season 10. It’s the first time Teddi has been able to drink. Dorit tells us that she has Gucci ice cubes in a Gucci glass. Um… maybe she used a Gucci ice cube tray, but I think the actual ice is courtesy of the city of Beverly Hills or wherever her sink is. She toasts, may the only pain in your life be champagne, and Kyle says, to moving forward and healing, even though nobody asked her. Andy says he can’t wait to see them in person, but at least there will be no L.A. traffic waiting.

Next time, RHOBH Secrets Revealed. This is code for crap they either couldn’t squeeze into the show, or that wasn’t worth airing.

💎 Extra Diamond Drama…

What happened with Heather.


Teddi’s All In program sounds deeply disturbing.


📺 The New Emmy…

Jimmy Kimmel gives you the skinny.


🍸 One Two Three…

Another late night. Pretty soon, I won’t need to drink to swing from a chandelier. Hopefully, you’re soundly sleeping as I type this, but when you wake, stay safe, stay original, and stay looking for butterflies.

August 18, 2020 – Changing Up the Ball, Selling a Castle, Josh’s Loss, Quoting Ali, Winning & Highway


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

On the Nurses Ball red carpet, Carly tells us that they have a spectacular show, and they’ve planned on doing something different this year. Nina says, in addition to the usual donation for HIV/AIDS research, the money they usually use for food, drink, and promotional materials is going to the protection and safety of our frontline workers. Carly says, this year, viewers can call in or go online, and give to those who selflessly and heroically give to us. The usual attendees will be manning the phones. Lucy arrives, and Carly introduces her as queen of the Nurses Ball, the incomparable, unstoppable, Lucy Coe. Carly asks Lucy to explain how the Ball is different tonight, and Lucy says they’re changing things up. The Nurses Ball will still be the spectacular, fabulous, amazing, and wonderful event, but this year, it’s also a telethon.

At the hospital, Sam twirls around, showing Jason her volunteer shirt. He says he thinks she looks beautiful, and she tells him that he always says that. He says, because it’s true. It’s not her usual look for the Ball, but she’s still beautiful. She says she’s glad to be helping out, but wanted to check in, and make sure he’s still there. He wonders where else he’d be, and she says he might make a great escape, and the Nurses Ball is a good distraction for him to do it. She asks him to promise he won’t.

Michael is cleaning up Wiley’s toys, when Willow comes downstairs. She says she was going to do that, and he says, it’s the least he could do. Willow says, by the time Wiley closes his eyes, she’s more worn out than he is. He asks if she thinks she can rally for the Nurses Ball, and she says she lost track of time. Give her five minutes. He says she can go, or she can stay there.

On the pier, Nelle looks at the tracking device on her phone. She says, this will be a night Michael and his family will never forget.  

Nina says, as mistress of the Nurses Ball, Lucy is tireless in working to organize it. She asks Lucy, why a telethon this year? Lucy says, the Nurses Ball has always been about celebrating the hard-working and amazing nurses, but this year, they wanted to help out the essential frontline workers by raising money for equipment to keep them safe. Carly came to them with the idea, and they loved it, got behind it, and here they are. Nina asks if Carly has anything to add, and Carly says, it’s a small way to say thank you to the frontline workers and their families for their courage and compassion, and being there during the hardest times. Tonight is about giving something back.

Nina says they’re going to meet some of the generous people who have donated their time and talent to support the frontline workers. Valentin comes in first (everyone is wearing the same T-shirt that said Volunteer), and Nina says he’s the newly appointed CEO of ELQ. He tells Nina and Carly, they both look spectacular, and Carly says, him too. Nina says, the T-shirt is a must have wardrobe piece for tonight. Carly asks him to talk about Deception. Word on the street is that he’s sponsoring the relaunch of the company. He says Deception is going to match donations, and Nina says, it’s generous of him to rise to the occasion. He says, everyone wants to do their part.

Michael tells Willow, it was his mom’s idea to turn the Ball into a telethon. He definitely has to be there. He knows Willow was there last year, and Chase pulled her on stage. It’s understandable if she wants to skip this year. There will be plenty of volunteers. She asks if he’s kidding, and says, it’s doubly important. She’s excited to make her debut as Mrs. Michael Corinthos, and thinks it will be pretty fun. He asks if she’s just saying that, and she asks if she strikes him as a person who just says things. He says, not really, and she says she’ll get changed. He says Wiley is lucky to have her as a mom. He hit the jackpot.

Nina introduces Sonny, mob boss CEO of Corinthos Coffee, and Carly’s handsome husband. Carly says, welcome, Mr. Corinthos, and he says, thanks, Mrs. Corinthos. Nina says they know the charity is near and dear to his heart, and he says it’s in memory of his Stone Cates, and his friend Robin. They’ve made progress in the area of HIV and Aids, but there’s more work to be done. Nina says, because of him, they have a chance to do it, and tells him, have a wonderful time.

Sam tells Jason not to look at her like she’s crazy. It would be like him to make a break for it. He promises he won’t go anywhere… unless it’s a big emergency. She asks what a big emergency is, and he says, if the people he loves are in trouble. Jason and Sam’s theme music plays, and he tells her, good luck. He’s sorry he’s missing it. She hugs him.

Nina introduces Franco, saying, he just had a major unveiling. He says, it didn’t go exactly as planned, and she says, what Franco painting is without controversy? Carly says she has a point, and Nina says there’s been a resurgence in his old work. He says he hopes his new work sells as well, but they’re not there to talk about his work. She says, what’s the telethon without one of GH’s star nurses? and asks where his wife is. He flashes back to telling Elizabeth that he gets to be the guy married to her, and that’s all that matters; and Elizabeth saying, tonight is about everything except the man she loves. Nikolas comes in with Ava, and asks, where’s Elizabeth?

Nina thanks Nikolas for coming, and he says, it supports two worthy causes. Carly asks Ava how being Franco’s patron is working out. Was the portrait worth what she paid? She says, absolutely. Being Franco’s subject was an honor, and it came out beautifully, if she says so herself. Nina asks what Nikolas thinks, and he says, if his wife is happy, he’s happy. Nikolas goes on ahead, and Franco says, it was an honor to have Ava sit for him. She knows more about the art world than anyone. She’s beautiful, witty, and charming, and there’s no stopping her. He dares anyone to try. Nina says, this night is getting more and more interesting.

Maxie sits backstage, and Lucy runs in, saying, hand me the scissors. Maxie says, they’re called fabric shears, but okay, and gives them to Lucy. Lucy says she thinks she should show more leg, and is about to attack her dress, when Maxie says she’s not letting Lucy destroy couture. Not on her watch. Hand them over. Lucy gives the shears back, and Maxie says if she wants to show more leg, check out her other twenty dresses. Lucy asks what Maxie is doing in there, and Maxie says, getting ready for the Deception launch. Lucy says she should be out there, making an entrance, and getting people excited with anticipation. Maxie says, what if she’s not in the mood? She’s not feeling bright and bubbly. Lucy says she still has to make an entrance. They’re thanking those who go above and beyond by going above and beyond. Think bubbles. She pushes Maxie out the door, and goes through her dresses, saying, leg… leg… leg… She grabs one, but says, too leggy.

Brook enters, and Nina asks her to tell the audience about her performance. Brook says she’s debuting a song for the Deception promo campaign tonight, and to support the telethon. Carly asks how she likes being back in Port Charles, and Brook says, the city hasn’t always been home, but has a special place in her heart. Nina tells her, break a leg, and Brook blows a kiss to the camera.

Curtis tells Jordan, let’s go, and she comes out in a robe, her hair still wrapped in a towel. He says, the show is starting soon, and she’s not dressed. She says she will be. Her phone rings, and he says, unknown caller. She tells him not to answer; it’s probably a telemarketer. He answers anyway, but there’s no response. She asks who it was, and he says he has no clue. They hung up.

Michael asks Monica if she’s sure she doesn’t want to come; the nanny will be there. She says she gave the nanny the night off. She’s responsible for Nelle’s malpractice suit, and the best way for her to serve the hospital’s interests is to keep her distance. Michael says, it’s not fair, but she says she has no regrets. She’d do it again in a heartbeat. Willow comes down, and says she’s ready. She asks Monica to look in on Wiley, and Monica says she will. Michael says, a perk of staying home, and she tells them to go and have fun. It’s not often parents get a night out.

Olivia tells Ned, when he sees Brook, remember she’s his daughter and he loves her very much. He says, of course (🍷) he’ll be nice, and he does love her. The Quartermaines don’t air their dirty laundry in public. She says, that’s not the answer she was looking for. Carly says she was wondering where the rest of the Quartermaines were, and Ned says they have to be fashionably late. Carly welcomes the former first couple, and Ned says it’s an honor and a privilege to be there. Carly thanks Olivia, saying, as co-owner of the MetroCourt, Olivia was he first to get behind the idea of the telethon, and worked like crazy to make it happen. Olivia says she knew it was a spectacular (WOTD) idea, and what’s more important than supporting the frontline workers? Robert joins them, and says he couldn’t agree more. Carly introduces Robert, and Ned says he looks radiant. Robert says, Ned too, and Nina says, no date? Robert says he’s keeping his options open. Carly says, hear that, ladies? He’ll be answering the phones tonight. She asks what the Ball means to him, and he says, the medical community went a long way in helping his daughter lead a productive life. So much so, she’s become a part of the community. Nina says, she’s a doctor; he must be proud. He says, they spoke not ten minutes ago, and Robin thinks it’s a great idea to help the first responders and their families. After everything they’ve done, it’s time to give back to them.

Sam and Spinelli come in, and Carly welcomes them to the Nurses Ball. She says Spinelli has given them invaluable technical support for their phone bank. Nina says, it’s nice to have him back in the Port Charles area. He says it’s wonderful to be there, and she asks if he misses Oregon. He says the landscape is beautiful, but nothing compares to being around friends and family. She asks if he’s solved any mysteries lately, and he says he’s hot on the trail of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. In fact… Sam stomps on his foot, and says, sorry. Did she get him? He says, just a tad, obviously in pain, and she says, she’s nervous. She can’t wait to get inside. Nina tells him, good luck with his wolf, and they go in.

Franco calls Elizabeth, saying he was just checking in. He misses her. She says, according to some people who saw him on the red carpet, he has plenty of admirers to keep him company. He says, oh come on, and she says she’s on duty. She has to go. Elizabeth is working my last nerve.

Nina introduces Lulu as a journalist, and says Dustin is a teacher. She says, Dustin must be excited, and Lulu says Dustin co-wrote the song for Deception. Nina says Brook was just talking about it, and Lulu says, I’ll bet.

Elizabeth babbles to Jason about Franco and Ava, and says, Franco can’t be reminded of his genius, and not be reminded of his past. Jason asks if she’s saying Franco is going back to who he was.

Carly welcomes Michael and his lovely bride. Willow says they wouldn’t miss it, and Nina asks what it’s like to be married into the Corinthos/Quartermaine clan. Carly tells her, be kind, and Willow says, everyone has been kind and welcoming; she’s lucky. Michael says, they’re the lucky ones.

Nina says they’re in for a treat. It’s her favorite Port Charles couple, the Police Commissioner and her P.I. husband. Nina thanks them for volunteering, and Jordan says she loves the opportunity to support the frontline workers who do so much. Carly asks if it’s also a nice night out, and Curtis says he’s with a beautiful woman. You know it is. Backstage, Sam tells Sonny that she’s been thinking about Sasha, and asks how Michael is doing. She didn’t think Chase was the cheater type, and Sonny says he thinks they’re faking it. He doesn’t know the details, but doesn’t think they should take it at face value.

Willow tells Michael that she made a crucial mistake. She started with Goodnight Moon. Michael says, that’s just the warm up, and she says, tonight felt like the War and Peace of children’s books.

Backstage, Nelle looks at the tracking device, and Spinelli asks if he’s interrupting. She says, yes. She was texting her husband with instructions to go over for tonight. He asks, for what? and she says, her number. She’s performing. He says, what a treat, and she asks what he’s doing back there. He says, setting up something, and she asks if that’s code for sniffing out Maxie. It must make his skin crawl that she’s with Peter. She doesn’t blame him. He says, why, pray tell? and she says Shiloh told her some sketchy stuff about that guy.

Maxie makes an entrance with Peter, and Nina introduces Maxie as a newly-minted partner in Deception, and Peter as the owner of The Invader. She thanks them for volunteering, and Peter says he’s working the phones, while Maxie will be on stage introducing the songs. Maxie says, they need to keep the frontline workers safe, and need to donate, giving back to those who gave to them. Nina says she’s amazing. Who could resist her?

Jason tells Elizabeth, that’s a lot coming from her. Elizabeth says she wants Franco to feel good about who he is now. No, he’s not regressing, but he’s nostalgic for the fame he had when he was, and Ava is using it. She has to go, and Jason asks if she’s going to the telethon. She says she wasn’t going, but she needs to for Franco, and in solidarity with the frontline workers, to support their families.

Michael tells Sonny, he and Willow made their big deal debut as Mr. and Mrs. Sonny asks how Willow feels, and she says, good, actually. He asks how Wiley is and Willow says, asleep. Michael says they can thank their expert story reader. Willow says she doesn’t want to brag, but she’s got it down.

Lulu tells Nikolas they have to talk about this game he’s playing with Spencer. Nikolas says, it’s over, and she says, thank God he came to his senses. He says he didn’t. Ava overheard them talking about his plan, and busted him.

Jordan asks if Curtis is ready to turn on the charm and work the phones to get generous donations. He says he’s a fan of frontline workers; he’s married to the Commissioner. Jordan’s phone dings, and she says she’s got to go; work emergency. He says he’ll drive her, but she tells him, stay and work the phones; get donations. They’ll meet up tonight.

Franco and Ava go into the phone room, and he wonders where everyone is. Ava is sure they’ll be there soon. She sees Julian in the hallway, and says she didn’t know he was coming. He says he’d give anything not to be there, but Nelle gave him no choice. She asks, where is his poisonous bride? and he says, lurking around planning something. God knows what.

Nelle tells Spinelli that she was married to Shiloh, and he says, who could forget her true love? She says, Peter orchestrated Drew’s kidnapping, and Shiloh used it as leverage. Spinelli says, to break him out of prison? and she says, no, summer camp. He would have given up anyone to get out. Spinelli asks why he should believe her, and she says she doesn’t care; there’s nothing in it for her. Shiloh was overseas with Peter, and she learned an awful lot about Peter during that time. Spinelli runs upstairs.

Sam sees Brando come into the phone room, and asks if she can help him with something. He says she’s pissed because of something that happened with him and her sister, but it’s their business not hers. He can’t make her like him, but he can try to stay out of her way. Sam says, that would be great. She closes her laptop, and walks out. Franco says he appreciates Ava’s support. He doesn’t know what’s going on with her and Nikolas, but after watching Nikolas go after her using Kiki’s memory, she should give him hell. Ava flashes back to telling Nikolas that she considered letting it go, but he doesn’t deserve the money; not a single penny. Even though she hates him, she’s not going anywhere. Nikolas asks how long she’s going to torture him. Ava tells Franco, she intends to, and Elizabeth overhears.

Michael asks Willow if she’s okay, and she says she’s great. He asks if she’s sure, and she says, they’re here together, and at the end of the night, they’ll go home to Wiley. What could be better?

Monica sees Mr. Hopsicle on the floor, and says he shouldn’t be down there. What if Wiley wakes up and misses him? She takes the stuffed kangaroo upstairs. At the Nurses Ball, Nelle looks at the tracking device.

Julian asks Nelle why she made him come back there. Why the hell are they there? Nelle says he’s there to support her. Robert tells Olivia that Robin gave her seal of approval, when Spinelli runs up to him, and says, excuse the interruption, but he needs to talk to Robert, post haste. Robert says he’s in mid-conversation, and Spinelli apologizes, but says it can’t wait. Robert excuses himself, and asks if the phone lines are working. Spinelli says they’re in perfect working order, and Robert asks, what’s going on? Spinelli says they’ve got him – Peter. Nelle spilled the tea and connected Shiloh to Peter. Robert says, with what? and Spinelli tells him, according to Nelle, Peter was behind Drew’s original abduction. Peter helped Shiloh escape. That’s why he was on the docks with the money. They can finally take him down.

Maxie tells Lulu, it’s embarrassing for a fashionista, but she’s loving the casual look. Lulu says, Maxie is glowing. Has she told Peter? Maxie says, told him what? That she’s pregnant and having his child, when they haven’t even discussed having children? Lulu says she might want to figure that out. Dustin walks up with Peter, and asks why he has the feeling he’s always walking in on something with the two of them. What’s the big secret?

Carly says they’re wrapping up the red carpet. They hope the audience has had as much fun as they’ve had. Don’t go anywhere. The General Hospital Nurses Ball is about to begin.   

At the pier, Jordan says, she knows she’s not supposed to call, but she wouldn’t if it wasn’t important. Of course (🍷) she’s on the burner phone. She needs to do something. She’s not sure if she can go through with it. A man approaches, and she says he’s looking pretty good for a dead man. (Drew, perhaps?)

The director says, quiet on the set; they’re live. Nina introduces Curtis to Brook, and everyone sits down to man the phones. Valentin walks in, and puts his headset on, and everyone gets ready. Spinelli sits across from Robert, and gives a sidelong glance to Peter. Peter and Maxie smile at each other. (I thought Maxie was introducing songs.) Franco smiles at Elizabeth, but she gives no smile back. Carly and Sonny join the group.

The director says, in 5… 4… 3… 2… Lucy says, good evening, and welcome to the 2020 General Hospital Nurses Ball telethon. Some of them may have heard they’re changing things up just a little bit. In addition to donations given to HIV/AIDS, they’re raising money for new tools for frontline workers. They’ll take any amount. They’re thanking those workers and their much appreciated families, who sacrifice so much – all of them – each and every day. While volunteers will be taking donations, it’s their job to entertain. There will be a lot of surprises, so stay where you are, and get ready to donate. They’re just getting started. The phones start ringing.

To be continued…

Tomorrow, Trina and Cameron join the volunteers, Jordan tells someone to trust her to take care of it, Dustin says there’s not going to be a next time, and Maxie tells Peter that she’s not sure what to make of all of this.

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

Josh Altman was glad the Altman Brothers office was finally finished. He and brother Matt drove to Beverly Ridge, a gated community that has the most coveted properties in Beverly Hills. There are only eleven mansions within it, and Josh said it had the feel of luxury. They met with the sellers, another pair of brothers, David and Rich Gebbia. David had been married to Carlton, who had spent a season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where she freaked Kyle out because she’s Wiccan, and we flashed back to her showing off her burlesque room. She called it, mommy and daddy’s playroom, and said it was still a work in progress. In her interview, she’d said, when she was little, she imagined she would live in a castle, and brought it to life. Purchased at $1.8 million, David had put $8 million of construction into it. My mouth literally fell open during the tour. The five bedroom, six bathroom house castle was 15,200 square feet, with 36 foot cathedral ceilings in some rooms, and gilded ceilings in others. Along with gothic mosaic work, there were a lot of custom wood carved extras, like a bar, and a 200 year old fireplace that had cost $10,000. The master bedroom was so big, they’d had two king beds put together in it, plus it had his and hers bathrooms. Josh said it was gothic/medieval cool, but still technologically advanced. David also showed him the bonus room, which had been Carlton’s burlesque room. Sitting on a 74,523 square foot lot, the property also had a cross pool with a Baja shelf. In his interview, Josh said he knew it would be a tough sell, but thought when clients saw the acreage, it would put itself in escrow. It had already been on the market, the last price being $19.995 million. David didn’t want to give it away, but wanted it to sell. Matt thought it should be staged, but the Gebbia brothers weren’t keen on that. Josh also said he thought there should be a significant price drop to $16.5 million, and believed it would move within two months.

James and David were still trying to find a buyer for Sunset View, which was developer Zach’s personal home. Priced at $15.495 million, their showings had gone well, but there was still no offer. They discussed Fredrik showing up, and David James said he’d had an effing attitude. In James’s interview, he said Fredrik had done his share of selling on the east coast, which gave them more pressure to get Sunset View sold, since Zach would offer it to Fredrik if they didn’t get an offer soon. Broker Justin had a buyer who offered $13.5 million. David and James balked, but Justin said the buyer had a business manager who was an influence. He told them that he’d try to do his magic and make it happen.

Josh Flagg was working to sell the Thrush house for Lana, who had known his grandmother Edith. The drawback was the 1990 décor, and to make things worse, there had been a power outage before the broker’s open house. James had tipped him off that Fredrik had a buyer on the east coast interested in an L. A. property. Josh thought Fredrik could bring fresh, new eyes to the situation. Fredrik met him at the property, and said he was getting emotionally and spiritually acclimated to Los Angeles, even speaking and walking slower. He saw the price of the house had been reduced to $3.995 million, and Josh explained the seller had another property already, and wanted to downsize. He still thought it was a lot of bang for the buck. He told Fredrik, the nearby construction would raise the comps over time. In Josh’s interview, he said Fredrik was like the love child of a Labrador Retriever and a peacock. He was excitable, and had a lot of flair. Fredrik was downplaying the house, which was counter to his personality, and Josh said he saw through it. It might be good sign.

JoshA cut the ribbon, and the brothers had their grand opening celebration. While they’d already been open for a few weeks, they were rolling out the red carpet to let the neighborhood know they were here to stay. Tracy showed up; I’d been wondering what happened to her. Josh told the guests about the huge brokers open he was having in Beverly Ridge. Tracy said he never stopped working, and he said even though it was a party, he was going to pitch his latest and greatest property. In his interview, Josh said, since the house had a medieval vibe, it lent itself to them dressing medieval. He couldn’t throw a middle-of-the-road brokers open with a charcuterie board. A giant cake with sparklers on it was brought out for the celebration, and there was much applause.

David and James met with Justin about Sunset View, even though he’d given them what they deemed a sh*t offer, $13.9 million, including furniture. In his interview, James said, $14.5 million was Zach’s bottom line. If they couldn’t get that price, Zach was going to put Fredrik on it. Justin said the business manager had done the comps in depth, but James and David gave a counter of $15.2, James saying the business manager had no emotional investment or understanding. In James’s interview, he said, while Zach wasn’t willing to give it away, at least he came down to show he was serious. James pointed out that it was the only house in that location with a view. He told Justin $14.9, and said they were willing to risk the buyer pulling the plug. In His interview, he said if they couldn’t get the deal done, the bottom line was that they would not only lose this deal, but ran the risk of future business with Zach. It was a fight they couldn’t lose. They had a deal at $14.750 million, and I got excited along with them. I’m not sure why, since I won’t be seeing a dime of their $361,250 commission. In his interview, James said, it was effing fantastic. Sorry, Fredrik. They were still the kings of L.A.

Since the Gebbias didn’t want to stage the Beverly Ridge property, JoshA said he was embracing the vibe, and having a medieval castle themed brokers open, fit for a king and queen. In his interview, he says he went all out, and hired professionally trained sword fighters (I love sword fighting!), went to a Hollywood prop shop for decorations, and got an awesome costume Heather said he’d better never wear again, unless it was his birthday. The spread was amazing, and included a roasted pig with an apple in its mouth, which is kind of disgusting, yet appropriate. He was bringing the medieval castle into this century, blasting the event everywhere. Heather dressed up as well, and he introduced them as Sir Josh and Lady Heather. In his interview, he said the goal was getting buyers to see potential. If he got a buyer, it would be like getting his Holy Grail.

JoshF met Fredrik at a coffee shop/juice bar to talk about the Thrush house. In his interview, he said Fredrik was loud, boisterous, and emotional, the kiss of death in negotiations. He wanted to get into Fredrik’s head, since Fredrik didn’t understand Josh’s subdued approach. It went against everything in his body. Fredrik brought Josh an offer of $3.3 million, due to the house being tired and the surrounding construction, but Josh wasn’t having it, repeating that the construction would only increase the value of the comps. In his interview, Josh said the more negative Fredrik was, the better he realized how much Fredrik’s buyer wanted the house. He countered at $3.8 million, even though Lana’s best and final offer was at $3.5 million. Fredrik countered at $3.6 million, and Josh asked Fredrik to meet him in the middle at $3.7 million. In Josh’s interview, he said he knew Lana was willing to take less, but Fredrik didn’t need to know. They had a deal at $3.65 million.

JoshA met with agent Sam, whose client saw the castle on social media. He loved dragons, and was a legit buyer. Sam started at $13.1 million, and Josh countered with $14.5 million. In Josh’s interview, he said he was training Sam the Altman way, which meant he’d become one of the best agents in the city. Sam went to $13.5 million, emphasizing that not many people were looking for a castle. He asked if Josh could get it under $14 million, and see if the seller would take $13.8 million. In his interview, Josh said he’d explain that the only other offer the Gebbias might get would be less, and come from a developer who would bulldoze the property, when it was a piece art that could be preserved. After discussing it with the sellers, Josh told Sam they’d go down to $14.1 million. When Sam came back with $13.9 million, Josh told him that if he could get it up to $14 million, he’d close on the biggest deal of his career. They had a deal, and although Josh’s commission came out to $347,500, he told Sam to pay for the coffee.

Next time, a glass elevator that goes to the rooftop, wildfires hit California, and James and David’s client’s home burns down.

👵🏻 His Other Grandmother…

While Edith died in 2014, sadly, Josh Flagg’s other grandmother passed away recently of the coronavirus.


💓 I Saw Him Once…

My first job in NYC was on the office floor of the Statler Hilton. Mohammad Ali was staying there, and I saw him getting in the elevator. Our eyes locked, and he smiled at me. A small moment in time, but I’ll never forget it.

Muhammad Ali: I’m defeating America’s so-called threats and enemies. And the flag is going dun-dun-dun-dun. I’m standing so proud. And I’d have whooped the world for America. I took my gold medal, thought I’d invented something. I said, “Man, I know I’m going to get my people freedom. I’m the champion of the whole world. Olympic champion. I know I can eat downtown now.” And I went downtown that day, had my big gold medal on, and went in a restaurant. And at that time, things weren’t integrated. Black folks couldn’t eat downtown. And I went downtown, I sat down, and I said, “A cup of coffee, a hotdog.” The lady said, “We don’t serve Negroes.” I was so mad, I said, “I don’t eat them either, just give me a cup of coffee and a hamburger.”

🏆 How To Win An Emmy…

Everything you wanted to know.


🕷 Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite…

Although you’re probably safely tucked in by now, don’t forget to stay safe, stay charitable, and stay focused on getting the best price on the castle you were born to live in.

July 28, 2020 – When Julian Married Nelle, GH Promo, the Murder Room, Gang O’ Ladies, NeNe Unsure, Sydney’s World, Dragon Cast, Con Trailers, Emmy Noms & Busy


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Today’s GH Flashback brings us up to May 18th, 2020. You can catch the drift here, or jump into the whole snowbank at:


Curtis and Jordan met with TJ and Molly at the MetroCourt. TJ told them that he and Molly realized they wanted to commit themselves to each other. Curtis thought they should celebrate, and Jordan wondered if they should have included Alexis. Sonny came along, and said he heard the exciting news. He congratulated them, and told TJ, welcome to the family. TJ said he was honored that Molly chose to spend her life with him. She was the best person he knew.

On the phone, Lucy told Ava that she had an all cash offer for the penthouse, but the call broke up, and Ava couldn’t hear who the buyer was. Cyrus walked up to her, saying her name, and she asked who he was. At the gym, Sam tried to get Alexis to exercise, but Alexis wanted to mope. Sam said last night, they’d eaten junk food and watched British rom-coms that only Alexis liked. I guess moping is only a one-day thing for Sam. Alexis said she liked being an attorney, and had been one her whole life. Couldn’t she take one week to mourn her career? She was disbarred, and wondered if she wasn’t an attorney, who was she? Judge Lowe said they’d waited long enough for Nelle, but Nelle ran in, wearing a wedding dress and carrying a bouquet. She said, the most incredible thing just happened. She was no longer Miss Benson, and she and her new husband had been unavoidably detained.

Sam suggested Alexis appeal. She told Alexis that she was an amazing attorney; she could get herself out of this. Alexis said it was perjury. It was a violation of her fundamental duties, and there was no coming back from it. Sam said she’d have to work on her second act then. She could sit back and figure out what she wanted to do. What Alexis wanted was to stay home and binge watch TV. Sam’s phone rang, and when she stepped away to take the call, Alexis kicked the boxing bag. Brando asked if it was her first time at the gym, and she said she was brought there against her will. He told her to blink once if she needed to be rescued, and she did. Sam came back, and asked why Brando was talking to her mother. Sonny said Kristina was excited about Molly and TJ’s upcoming domestic partnership, and gave him a lecture on how it was more enlightened. He told them if they were happy, so was he. He was sorry about what happened to TJ, but TJ said things were back to normal, except he was bummed that he had no details for Mac. It didn’t make sense; the kidnappers didn’t even ask for a ransom. Sonny asked what Mac had turned up, and Curtis said he was sure the PCPD was doing everything they could. Sonny said he was too, and moved on. Molly told TJ, the time without him was awful, but TJ said it was behind them; they were going forward now. Cyrus told Ava that he was new to Port Charles. He’d been skeptical of Lucy, since she was excitable, but she understood real estate, and the penthouse suited his needs. Ava said Lucy didn’t tell her his name, and he introduced himself, holding out his hand. Ava didn’t take it, and said she’d heard of him. He said he was aware of her reputation as well. She asked what he meant, and he said, as a gallery owner. He heard she was unveiling a new piece by Franco at Windymere, and said it would be a memorable evening. She said he wasn’t on the guest list. Cameron, Trina, Josslyn, and Dev sat down in the park after visiting Oscar’s Meadow. Josslyn said it had been a year since Oscar died. She still missed him, and thought she always would, but now she smiled more than cried when she thought of him. Trina said it was progress, and Josslyn apologized for being absent. She didn’t keep connected while she and Dev were on house arrest, but no more hiding with her journal. Trina said the first step was admitting she had a problem, and Josslyn said she’d still write in it, but it wasn’t as necessary. She missed her friends. Martin begged the court’s indulgence. His client was still elated about her happy news. Nelle said her husband was here now, and Julian walked in. Diane said just when she thought he couldn’t sink any lower, and Michael told Willow, Nelle just overplayed her hand.

Nelle apologized, saying she lost track of time. She hadn’t even had the time to change. Judge Lowe told Martin to get his client under control, and tell her not to address the court unless she was addressed directly. He asked for the marriage license, and Julian produced it. The judge said they’d have a brief recess while he checked its validity, and when he returned, they would proceed. No more outbursts. Carly told Willow that Nelle couldn’t have picked a worse candidate; Julian was an ex-mobster, and just tanked Nelle’s case. Sam introduced Brando to Alexis, who told him that she was also Kristina’s mother, and he’d met her other daughter, Molly. He said Molly came into his garage when she’d had a fender bender, and Alexis said she’d heard about it. He said it was nice to meet her, and went back to his workout. Alexis told Sam, no wonder Molly slept with him. He seemed nice, had a sense of humor, and he was cute. Sam said she didn’t see it. Sonny sent champagne over to TJ and Molly’s table, and Jordan said she wanted to thank him personally. She went over to where he was sitting, and said TJ was back safe. Their collaboration was over. He asked what if Mac’s investigation lead to Cyrus? and she said she could handle it on her own. Cyrus told Ava that he was surprised she wasn’t more open, since she’d had struggles herself. She said that was behind her now, and she wasn’t going backward. He was responsible for a good friend losing her father. He said she’d been misinformed. He just came out of prison, where his sentence had been vacated. She said, how convenient, and he said he was focused on building a new life. The penthouse was perfect for him. His phone rang, and he went elsewhere to take the call. Sonny was in the vicinity, and told Ava, what the hell?

Sonny told Ava, just when he thought she had an ounce of humanity, she was doing business with a drug trafficker. She asked why he was so quick to think the worst of her, and he said she never disappointed him. She told him, Trina was her intern, and was devastated by her father’s death. Sonny asked why she was doing business with Cyrus, since he was responsible, and she said Lucy hadn’t told her who the potential buyer was. Dev suggested they all get off their phones, and Josslyn thought they should do something fun after school tomorrow. Cameron said he and Trina had plans; they’d been playing ultimate frisbee. They’d been doing it a while, and he didn’t know how much playing time Josslyn and Dev would get if they joined in. Josslyn asked if they didn’t want her and Dev to go. At the MetroCourt, the venue for TJ and Molly’s ceremony was discussed, and Jordan said she’d like to have some girl talk with Molly. Diane told Michael and Willow, stick to their strategy. Don’t over-exaggerate, be themselves, and don’t engage. She said just when Alexis put Julian in the past, he did something else to inflict pain. Michael wondered what Nelle had on him. Martin asked what Nelle was thinking, showing up late, and married to… him. Julian said he wanted what was best for Wiley, and Nelle said what was best was Wiley living with them. Carly told Michael that someone had called last night, warning her that Nelle knew about his wedding. He asked, who? and she told him, Sasha. Curtis asked how TJ was really doing, and TJ said he was fine, but Curtis said the kidnapping would have freaked out anyone, including him. TJ must have believed he would be killed. TJ admitted he had nightmares, and would wake up panicked and paranoid. Curtis told him to reach out with whatever he needed, and TJ said he needed to pull himself together before he drove Molly away.

Ava said Sonny held himself up like an excellent role model, and wondered what he’d do when Avery found out what his business was. He said his business was as legit as hers. Sonny got a text from Carly, saying Nelle had married Julian, and Ava asked if it was important news. He told her to ask her brother. Molly asked Jordan if she was upset because they weren’t having a conventional wedding, but Jordan said she was mortified about how she’d acted, and owed Molly a major apology. It was never her goal to hurt Molly, and she thought Molly and TJ were perfect together. Sam brought a jump rope over to Alexis, who said she’d decided to use the steam room. Sam said she was staying to work out, and when Alexis was gone, she asked if Brando had a minute. Carly said Sasha was afraid Nelle might interfere with the wedding, and Michael said she might be the Sasha he used to know. He asked Diane how Nelle being married would affect their case, and she said Julian’s shady past would bolster it. Nelle looked like a lunatic, and Julian looked like he was going to this execution. Michael and Willow looked like what they were; a committed couple, devoted to each other and Wiley’s well-being. Judge Lowe returned, and Diane made her  opening argument. She said Wiley’s well-being was at stake, and that was the number one reason sole custody should go to the biological father. She said Michael was the CEO of a multi-million dollar company, but wasn’t an absentee parent. Brad and Lucas had asked him to be Wiley’s godfather, and he’d been in Wiley’s life since day one, as had Willow. At the Quartermaine’s, Wiley would be surrounded by extended family, and feel loved. It was Martin’s turn, and he told Nelle, no matter what, stay calm.

Brando assumed Sam was going to tell him not to talk to her mother, and suggested she give him a list of every relative she had in Port Charles. Sam said she wanted to apologize, and he said he accepted. Should they start over, and be satisfied with a silent nod across the room? She said she’d take that. Molly and Jordan came back to the table, and Curtis asked if Jordan was okay. She said she had a lot going on with work, and TJ asked if it was about Cyrus. She asked what he knew about Cyrus, and he said just what he’d read in the paper. Jordan had figured out Cyrus was framed, and he’d been exonerated. Molly said she admired Jordan’s integrity. Curtis said she’d done what was needed. Cyrus told Ava that he knew she and Sonny shared a daughter. If she needed help putting Sonny in his place, he’d do it. She said she needed nothing from him, and he suggested they talk about the penthouse. She said she’d never sell it to him, and don’t ever mention her daughter again. Trina said Josslyn was competitive, and if she was on the sidelines, she’d have a nervous breakdown. Dev said it was about team building and sportsmanship. Josslyn wondered again if Trina and Cameron didn’t want her there, and Trina told her not to be silly; she’d text Josslyn the details. Josslyn told Dev that they had to head back, and Trina and Cameron said they were going the other way. When they left, Josslyn said she genuinely thought they didn’t want her to go, but Dev thought Trina was being a friend. Cameron had no idea how to act around Josslyn. Josslyn said Cameron had known her his entire life, but Dev said, but now he liked her. Martin told the court, what already happened was a Greek tragedy. Nelle had been in a car accident, and was left in the woods to give birth alone. Nelle fingered the half-heart necklace in her hand, and Martin said she’d passed out, and when she came to, had a dead infant in arms. Brad had switched babies, and Nelle grieved a baby she thought was dead. When incarcerated, she’d also risked her life stopping serial killer Ryan Chamberlain, which got her an early release for heroism. Then came the shock of her life – the baby hadn’t died. Lucas did the right thing, but Michael only thought of himself, and Nelle had to petition the court to see Wiley. Then another miracle happened – his client found love. Nelle flashed back to telling Julian that she knew he’d caused the accident that nearly killed his son. Lucas would never forgive him, but when Sonny found out he’s known who Wiley was, Sonny would kill him. Martin said, it was like Shakespeare; a love story of a brave young woman, just out of prison, starting a new life; and a man recovering his own life. They were kindred souls. Julian remembered telling Nelle that she was so desperate to keep Michael away from their son, she begged Brad to take him. Nelle told him that if he persuaded Sonny to believe Brad, it would prove he knew about it, and Sonny would kill him. Julian asked what if he dealt with her himself, and she said there was a sealed envelope to be opened in the event of her death or disappearance. It would lead the cops straight to his door. Martin said he knew there was concern about Julian being a known mob kingpin, and Nelle recalled Julian telling her there was nothing left to say except, will you marry me? She told him, get a suit, and they’d seal the deal. Martin said they blended their lives together to raise Wiley. Their house might not be as big, but it would be filled with love. Nelle continued to play with the necklace.

Cameron said he missed the four of them being together, and Trina said, it wasn’t so bad, just him being there. He said he’d always have her back, and they pinky swore. Josslyn asked if Dev really thought Cameron was into her, and he said she was the last to know. She said it made no sense. She’d been a mess. Why crush on her when she was at her worst? Dev guessed the fake dating Josslyn and Cameron had done to make Oscar jealous wasn’t so fake on Cameron’s part. Josslyn asked why Cameron never said something, and Dev said, Josslyn was in love with Oscar, then grieving him; the timing was wrong. Josslyn wondered how it wouldn’t be awkward now, but Dev said he was sure Cameron understood that she didn’t feel the same way; that they were just friends. Cyrus asked for a word with Jordan, and Curtis told him, keep moving. Cyrus said since Jordan had revealed everything to Curtis, he could put Curtis’s skill set to use. Curtis told him, don’t push it, but Cyrus said he was just offering Curtis some business. The health of the Police Commissioner and her loved ones remained his top concern.

Judge Lowe gave the court a one-hour meal break. Willow asked Diane if she thought the judge believed Martin, but Diane said it was more important for them to keep up their calm demeanor. Carly suggested they all go to the MetroCourt, and Diane said she’d meet them; she had to make a phone call. Nelle asked how Martin thought it was going, and he said he was pleased. He told Julian that he should come eat with them. Diane called Alexis, and told her Nelle got married. Alexis said she was surprised but not shocked; Nelle wasn’t going down without a fight. She asked who Nelle lured into marriage, and Diane said, Julian. Martin said he wanted to avoid putting Julian on the stand. He wanted to paint Sonny as a threat, but since Julian was also affiliated with organized crime, it was best not to open that line of inquiry. Julian wasn’t interested in going to lunch, and Nelle said he’d agreed to be a loving husband. He said he was beginning to think there were some things worse than death, and Nelle said couples needed time apart. She left, and alone in the courtroom, Julian told himself to get it together. He was about to leave, when Sonny walked in. Sonny said, congratulations on marrying one of the few people he hated more than Julian.

📏 Inching Closer…

New GH episodes are almost here.


Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

In Santa Monica, David and James met with Serene and Ray, sellers they’d worked with before, but who decided they weren’t ready give up home. Now they’d been called in again. The house, named Margherita, was in a suburban oasis; quintessential California living at its finest. The  interior had been repainted since they were last there – to the tune of $7K – and it had made a huge difference. In the before pictures, the rooms were dark and brooding, but the afters showed a much brighter, welcoming home. It had six bedrooms and nine baths, and since Serene and Ray only had one child left living at home, they were only using three of the bedrooms. Serene introduced them to a pet lizard they’d gotten for son Connor. It was only supposed to live three to five years, but Connor was now 26, and the lizard was still going strong. She took the lizard out, and only David was game enough to hold it, which I found amusing, since it fit in the palm of a hand. David was still a little weird about it, and in his interview, said he’d had maybe 50 pets growing up, so you wouldn’t think he would be squeamish, but it was a long time ago. The house had a children’s loft that I mentally moved in to, and was on a 21,000 square foot lot, with a private artist’s studio, greenhouse, and pool house. The sellers had found a tear-down in the wall of a canyon, and were psyched that they could build what they wanted. James David asked if there was a chance they’d change their minds again, but Ray said they were all in. David James said they had to come up with a price that made sense for both them and the sellers, since the last time it was high. Serene said they hadn’t really wanted to move, unless someone came up with that price, but they were ready now. In his interview, James said they’d been disappointed. They’d invested $10K in marketing and photography, and couldn’t afford to lose that much again. A price of $17.995 was agreed upon, and David said he knew it was less than they’d expected, but he didn’t want to make them happy now, and unhappy later. The couple needed to trust that the brokers had their best interest at heart, and Serene said they did.

JoshF went to the LadyGang podcast studio, where he was meeting with one of the hosts, Becca Tobin. He said she’d had to twist his arm to be on the podcast, but he was happy to sell her a house. Becca said she needed to get approval from her work wives, Keltie Knight and Jac Vanek; they wanted to see if Josh could hang with gang. They played a game called Flagg or Bag, where they either threw out or kept a trend. In his interview, Josh thought Keltie didn’t like him, which was a recurring theme in his life. He asked what Becca was looking for, and she said she and husband Zach Martin were moving because they needed more space. She liked the L.A. Hills, and wanted privacy, a view, and a pool. She also wanted the new house to have space for the podcast studio. She said she needed the house to have character; modern white boxes weren’t her jam. Mine neither. Her budget was $2-3 million. Josh said he specialized in older homes, and he was officially welcomed to LadyGang.

The Altman brothers checked out a house in Beverly Hills. JoshA said he wanted to make sure the figure the seller was looking for was realistic, since people didn’t understand times had changed. The house was off the beaten path, and Josh said, buyers were looking for prestige, exclusivity, and privacy. Being stuck behind a garbage truck in your Bentley wasn’t so prestigious. The owner’s representative, Rick, met them, and showed them around the 12,530 square foot house. It had floor to ceiling windows, pocket doors, a private theater, a humongous kitchen island, a butler’s kitchen, an infinity pool, and a gym that had never been used. Matt said his had never been used either, and Josh demonstrated his prowess, nearly hurting himself. Rick showed them the 180 degree unobstructed views, and said the asking price was $26.995 million. Josh said it needed to be priced better than other houses people were seeing, and thought $21.995  was more realistic. Rick said he appreciated Josh’s honesty, and agreed to the price. In Josh’s interview, he said the seller had spent over a million on the sound system, and didn’t even live there.

At the Margherita house, agent Jane demonstrated a cornhole game. David and James wanted people spend time outside at the open house. James David thought lawn games would take up space, and demonstrate the expanse. They wanted to bring an East Coast barbecue vibe to Santa Monica. Whatever that is. I live on the East Coast, and I’ve never heard of a barbecue vibe. David James suggested a cotton candy machine, and in his interview, said they wanted to showcase the backyard, so that it would be the first thing an agent mentioned to their client.

JoshF took Becca and Zach to see a home in Outpost Estates, where the homes had been built in the 1920s and showcased Spanish architecture. On the way there, the topic of Broadway was brought up, and Josh graced them with his rendition of Yankee Doodle Dandy. (Hint: He’s no James Cagney.) Becca appreciated the older homes, and Josh said if he saw one more modern white box, he was going to throw up. He told them that the houses there were large, but unassuming from the front, and it was a close community, but not gated. For this one, he was representing both sides, so it would be a double-dip. The seller was asking $2 million for 3500 square feet, three bedrooms and four baths. It had 20 foot ceilings, amazing ironwork, exposed ceiling beams, unobstructed views, and wasn’t on the market yet. He told them there wasn’t a ton of land, but it was like a villa, with terraces everywhere. He showed them the master bedroom downstairs, where the magic happens, but Becca said there was no magic; they were married. The bedrooms and baths were all en suite, and one bathroom had a telephone in it – next to the toilet, where I always love to have conversations. He said it had old world charm, but needed an update. At the price, they could do the changes, and in the meantime, be living in a great neighborhood at a great price. Becca loved the old fixtures, which she found charming. Josh said he had an idea, and took her to a separate room which he said had podcast studio potential. It was entirely red – the walls, the floor, the ceiling, and the furniture – and Becca said it felt like murder, and was a hard no for a studio. Josh said maybe a body was buried there, and Becca said, I can’t. Zach wasn’t keen on spending $2 million when it still needed work, but Becca loved the privacy, and how it was close to everything, yet far away. Still, she wanted to check out something more expensive that didn’t need work.

Josh showed Becca a house that had a Mediterranean vibe. In his interview, he said the people who lived in the area were mostly writers and directors of reality TV, and a producer told him, f*** off. He said, sorry, but I wasn’t quite sure what that was about. The house had been built in 1920, had authentic 15 foot ceilings, and was one of the first houses built there, with both views of the city and a view of the Hollywood Hills. The most impressive thing IMO was the 235 square foot closet, which was about as big as my first apartment. It had three bedrooms, and the price was $2.304 million. I missed how many bathrooms, but another notable feature was a king’s bathroom, designed in Tudor style. The house on my corner has a bathroom like that, which I love, but I never knew there was a name for it. The backyard was nearly 5000 square feet, and included a guest house. Becca said it had a lot of character, but the bedrooms were small, and she didn’t love that it was on the street and too close to the neighbors. Josh said maybe the next one would be the house.

David and James set up their barbecue at the Margherita house, to the tune of $7K, inviting agents who had clients with families, looking for something on the West Side. James got his cotton candy machine, and there were all kinds of lawn games, like a giant Jenga. They wanted buyers to picture their kids there. One broker brought an intuitive astrologer to preview it for her celebrity client by checking out the energy. Astrologer Victoria said the house felt stable, and suddenly went to the window, pendulum swinging, saying she felt something. She claimed she could feel a woman who had waited for someone during WWII, and said the energy was good. In his interview, James David said, whatever it took to get the offer, he was down with it. Nothing else on the market could compete.

JoshF took Becca and Zach to a house in reminiscent of old Hollywood, off the strip, that was amazingly colorful. He said it had been built in 1926, and had vintage charm. It was 3000 square feet, and included a movie theater. The seller’s broker passed out bags of Cracker Jack, and Josh said the room had podcast potential. Becca wanted to move on to the rest of the house, but Josh insisted on digging for his prize. She told him that his prize was the commission on the house. There were three bedrooms, a private guest suite, a pool, and spa. Josh said it was fun and quirky, but at $2.749 million, they could get more bang for their buck with the Outpost Estates house. Becca thought that was the one, and Josh suggested they make an offer of $1.8, which wasn’t offensive. Becca said it was a yes.

JoshA got the bad news from Rick that an offer of $15 million had been made on the Beverly Hills house, and the owners wanted to take it because they wanted to be done. Josh said it was $7 million under the asking price, and the potential buyer had seen it before it was listed. Not only would they be stealing the house, he’d get no commission. He told Rick, it was highway robbery, and Rick said he had 24 hours to get a better offer. Josh said he’d show the house all day.

Wearing a kimono, JoshF met Becca and Zach at the Outpost Estates house, giving them the key and a bottle of Dom Perignon. They’d gotten the seller down to $1.87 million, Josh telling Becca if the house went to the open market, they’d have competition. Becca had told him, let’s do it, and he said now it was time to celebrate. He told her that he wanted to explain the kimono, and Zach said he was nervous. Josh said he should be, and led them to the murder room, where Keltie and Jac waited with bundles of smoking sage. Josh said they were cleansing the room of evil, so Becca would feel comfortable in her new home, but she joked that it made her more scared. They christened the room, and shooed the porn screen murder out the door. Becca said they’d turned a nightmare room into a dream, and they popped the champagne.

Next time, the biggest bathroom I’ve ever seen, the owners of the Margherita house sound like they’re backing out again, and Josh tries to sell a house in one day.

👠 The Girls In the Gang…

Meet the LadyGang.


🍑 Is She Or Isn’t She…?

Still nothing definitive on if NeNe will be returning to RHOA.


🎭 He Understudied Aaron Burr, Sir…

He actually sounds more like he was a well-rounded kid than a weird kid.


🐉 Casting Dragons…

I didn’t think it got more badass than it already was.


📽 Trailers, We Got Trailers…

It’s just like you’re at Comic-Con. Not really, but still fun to watch.


🌠 Early Roll Call…

The stars we loved and lost this year… so far.


🏆 Emmy Angst…

For the record, I was overlooked as well.


⌚️ Overdue…

I owe you one Shahs reunion, which I’ve yet to watch. It’s been a long, busy week, and it’s only Tuesday. That’s okay, I’ll sleep in the next life. Until my next post, stay safe, stay equitable, and stay practical 98% of the time, with the occasional free-for-all.

September 23, 2019 – Shiloh On the Loose, Last Day Of the Last Charter, B-ing Strong, Another Season, a Sudden Goodbye, Some Fluff & Portable Party


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

So sorry – I missed the very beginning. Sometimes dog duty calls. You’ll figure it out.

Confined to a hospital bed, Franco says, now is when Elizabeth tells him it’s a huge misunderstanding and he’s being released. He guesses not. Clearly, Elizabeth is a very determined woman. She tells him that he gave her no choice, since he won’t accept what the surgeons have told him. He was leaving town, never to return. He says she’s keeping  him from the woman he loves; the woman who had his child. He has no interest in hurting Elizabeth, but she needs to accept the truth. He loves Kim. Elizabeth has no claim on him, and no right to keep him. Scotty comes in, and says, not true.

Kim tells Julian that she tried to call him. He says he got her message, but he was stuck at Charlie’s with some last minute repairs. By the time he was done, he figured she was in bed, and he crashed in the back room, like old times. Kim says, it seems like a million years ago. He says her message sounded sad; what’s happening? She says she wanted to tell him how grateful she is for him. He says he’s the one who’s grateful. She changed his life. She made him a better man. He knows that now. The other day, he came close to making a choice he would have regretted, and would have put their future in jeopardy, but he had a moment of truth. He saw her beautiful face and knew he couldn’t betray her faith in him. She hugs him, and he says, from now on, it’s the Manhattan skyline and Sundays in Central Park. How about if he helps her take her luggage down. They’ll throw what they need in the car, and go tonight. Kim notices the envelope she was going to leave for him.

Epiphany tells Carly, Dr. Navarro is ready. Carly tells Sonny that he doesn’t have to wait, but he says his place is there. Epiphany says, sometimes he gets it right, and he says, if he doesn’t, she’ll tell him. Epiphany says, right again, and wheels Carly off to her appointment.

On the phone at the Haunted Star, Dev asks when the ferry is leaving. He says, tomorrow morning. His destination? Canada. All the way to Port Stanley.

Josslyn gives Jax the boarding school brochure, and says she found this. Her mom and Sonny are thinking about it for her.

Finn tells Peter that he’s misinformed. Franco isn’t his patient. Peter says Finn knows about Franco having the option of his memory being restored.   ** peter som ptions correct restor mem** Finn asks if he’s doing a story on Franco, or is he asking because of his own interest. Peter says, selling newspapers and driving internet traffic is a priority, but his interest is also personal. Finn says, that’s right. Peter was there for the initial transfer. Maybe Peter can answer some questions for him.

Chase tells Jason and Sam, the van was found abandoned, and the guards were gone. There’s no trace of them; nothing. The only thing they found is a pair of handcuffs. Sam says, Shiloh is a menace, not a superhero. Chase wonders if DoD helped Shiloh escape, but how would they know the route? Jason says, maybe it was an inside job.

Shiloh is sorry Bobbie recognized him, but she says, Just keep going, and she won’t tell anyone. He says then she won’t mind if he borrows her car. He opens the door and sees Wiley in the car seat. She tells him, just go. She’ll give him all the money in her purse. He tells her that she has something far more precious. She can give him his son.

Franco says Scotty and Elizabeth were in this together. Scotty was never going to defend him; he was going to drag out the trial as long as possible. Who’s his real client? Him or Elizabeth? Scotty says, his son. He just doesn’t know it yet. Franco says Scotty’s son is gone. Scotty can’t help him. Scotty says he’s done his research, and the law is clear. A spouse can file for guardianship when the husband or wife is incapacitated, and make medical decision. Franco says he’s not Scotty’s son. Scotty says Franco doesn’t believe his own driver’s license, and doubts who he is. The whole world is wrong, and he’s right. They’ll see how that plays out in court. Franco says it’s his life, and he gets to decide how he lives it and who he spends it with. Elizabeth says he told her at their wedding reception that he wanted to be by her side for the rest of his life. He told Cameron that he’d be back. So yes, she’s fighting for him to have that chance. He says, strapped to a bed in a mental ward? She says she’s not doing this to punish him. She’s doing this because she loves him.

Julian tells Kim, it felt good realizing he’d turned a corner with his character. The first step in being a man she can be proud of, and who will make her happy for the rest of her life. He sees the envelope, and asks, what’s this? Their first love letter? Does he have to write one? He knows he’ll get choked up when he reads it. Kim says it’s not what he thinks.

Sonny asks if Carly is okay, and Epiphany says, she’s doing well. How is he? He says he’s good, and she tells him have seat with her. She says, there are a lot of nervous daddies out there, even the experienced ones. Sonny knows how that is. She says he thinks he does, but because they’re friends, she’s going to be straight with him. Because she’s the head nurse, she reads the repots and confers with the doctors. Sonny asks if she knows the diagnosis. Epiphany says, every parent leaving with a newborn is facing something. Sometimes it’s right away, sometimes later, but all babies are perfect in God’s eyes. Does he get what she’s saying? He does.

Jax tells Josslyn that he can’t imagine her mom would want to send her away. Josslyn suggests it’s because she cut classes the first day, but Jax says, of course (🍷) not. They’re just worried about her. They know it’s been difficult for her without Oscar. Did she mention transferring schools? Josslyn says, no. She mentioned something about being homeschooled, but she wasn’t serious. Jax says maybe she misunderstood, but Josslyn says, how? There’s only one reason she found that. They want to send her away.

Peter tells Finn that his father was adamant about wanting Jason killed as soon as the transfer happened, but he hid Jason in the hospital. jason was severely injured, and it took years of rehab and care. Finn says it would have been nice if he’d let the family know, but Peter says he couldn’t take the risk. Finn says, fair enough. He saved Jason’s life. Peter says Dr. Cabot had it out for him. He wishes he could have done more. Franco has Drew’s memories, and Andre hopes to reverse the procedure? Finn says Andre thinks he can, but he was clear on the possible risks; there’s a one in four chance Franco will be in a permanently vegetative state. Peter says, tragic, and Finn says, the other outcomes are, he could restore Franco’s memories – Peter says, the best outcomeor there could be no effect. Franco will just continue with Drew’s memories. Peter says, disappointing, and Finn says, or they could intensify. He’ll have a clearer recall of Drew’s past; his capture and what happened when he was in Faison’s hands.

Jason asks Chase if there was any sign of a struggle. Chase says, nothing obvious; no blood trail. Someone had to be in on it. Chase’s phone rings, and he says he’ll meet them there. He tells Jason and Sam, one guard was found unconscious; a blow to the head. They’re bringing him to GH. He’s going to question the guard, assuming he regains consciousness. Jason asks where he was found, and Chase says, not far from the prison. Is Jason thinking of driving out there? Jason says he might take a look, and Chase says keep him informed. He leaves, and Sam asks what Jason is looking for. Jason says, the best option of escape is by boat. He thinks Shiloh is going to head for the closest port, lay low, and wait for the next boat. She asks what he wants her to do, and he tells her, go to GH. See if she can listen in when Chase questions the guard. His phone battery is low, so Sam trades phones with him. She tells him, be careful, and he says, her too. This is what the two of them always say instead of goodbye or see you later.

Bobbie yells for help. She shouts that her grandson was kidnapped. She tells herself, think. She decides she’ll have to walk to get help, but she gets dizzy. She falls to the ground, unconscious.

Franco says, he gets it. As misguided as it is, Scotty loves his son, and Elizabeth obviously loves her husband, but that’s not him. Franco is gone and he’s not coming back. Scotty says he doesn’t know about that. There could be a chance. Franco says, it’s a risky procedure. Elizabeth says he’s hung up on his fantasy past with Kim because he can’t hack the reality they share. He forgot, but she didn’t. There’s something else he doesn’t realize. She knows the real Drew Cane. The one who won medals, and took the flight to bring Franco back to himself, and them.

Kim tells Julian, the past came crashing back and took hold of her. She realized her mistake, and how it could affect her future; the future with him. He says, this is about Franco, He brings back memories of Drew. It’s like having the time back, and she remembers how Oscar came to be. He helped keep Oscar alive. Julian understands. Kim suggests they just go to New York like they planned. She’s ready to go tonight. Julian knows Kim and Franco kissed, and he accepted that, but was there more? What exactly happened last night?

Epiphany wheels Carly back out, and Carly says she and the baby are fine. Epiphany says she looks forward to meeting the baby. In the meantime, go home and enjoy their last few weeks of sleeping through the night. Sonny tells her that he appreciates her words. She leaves, and Carly asks what that was about. Sonny says, friendship. He asks what the doctor said, and she says, the ultrasound showed the baby is right on schedule and getting bigger. The position hasn’t changed. Sonny says they should take Epiphany’s advice and rest. The 2 am feedings are going to happen sooner than later. Carly says Avery has a school bake sale tomorrow. Sonny has to bake brownies. He says he’s not doing it, and she says then he needs to stop by the MetroCourt and get some pastries. Lucky she owns it.

Jax tells Josslyn that he could see floating it past Sonny, but he can’t imagine her mom considering boarding school. She says she knows she’s been stressing Carly out. Maybe she thinks they’d be happier with some distance. Jax says, it’s the last thing she wants. They’ll figure something out. Josslyn says she has. She’s moving in with him.

Peter says, so there’s still a chance to restore Franco to himself? and Finn says, that’s the best outcome for him and Drew. Anna blames herself for giving Drew Andre’s location, but there’s no way she could have known. Finn’s phone dings, and he says he has to get back. Peter says he looks forward to doing this again. He’ll pay the tab, and Finn can get the next one.

Shiloh brings Wiley to the Haunted Star. That boat has been more active lately than it is when it’s open. Dev watches Shiloh from his hiding place.

Chase asks how the guard is doing, and the doctor says, he’s lucky. There’s no apparent injury, and his vitals are good. There’s no sign of head trauma, but they’re doing a CT scan to make sure. The guard opens his eyes, and Chase says he’s in the hospital. The guard says, they’ve got to catch him. Chase says they’ve got that covered, but he says, not just Shiloh. The other guard jumped him, and set the prisoner free.

Sam answers Jason’s phone, and says, Dev? Dev says he needs Jason. Tell Jason that he’s on the Haunted Star. Tell him… The phone goes silent. Dev has been knocked out.

A car pulls up near Bobbie. Jason runs over to her, and asks if she can hear him.

Scotty says Franco made a choice, and now he’s making one for him. Franco gave his life for someone he doesn’t recognize. He wishes it didn’t have to be this way, but it is. He has to get going, and tells Franco this is what’s right. He hopes one day, Franco thanks his father for what he did. Sometimes loving someone means making a difficult choice for someone else. Franco says they want him to undergo a procedure that could leave him in a vegetative state. If they loved him, they’d forget he existed. Just like they said; he’s nothing but delusion. Elizabeth says, forget about him. How can he do this to Franco?

Julian says, what happened last night was more than a kiss, and Kim says, wow. He guesses he should have taken her call, but he was too busy getting ready, while she was too busy getting busy. She says she never meant for it to happen. She says she was leaving. Her mind was made up, and in an instant, everything changed. It would be so easy to put it on Franco, but she’s to blame. It’s so familiar. It was like reconnecting with Oscar’s father. Julian says, and that’s what she wants. Why would she want a guy who sold his restaurant to follow her? Who changed his life, and became better for her? For them? Kim says she’s sorry. She doesn’t know how to grieve Oscar, or how to deny Franco when he remembers everything about her and Drew. She can’t pretend it’s orderly. It’s messy, and complicated, and she doesn’t know what to do. Julian says she’s in pain and wanted comfort, but instead of turning to him, what did she do? Was she going to run away… He says, that’s what the letter is about. She says she was going to explain, and he asks, how? She’s leaving him for another man; thank you, have a nice life. That about sums it up.

Jax says he’d love nothing more than to have Josslyn move in with him, but he wants her to have her own room that she can decorate herself. She can’t until he buys something. They’ll get to the bottom of what’s going on; he promises. He didn’t come halfway around the world for her to go to boarding school. She tells him that she’ll spend the night in his suite tonight.

Peter’s phone rings, and he says, is it done? Shiloh asks if Peter means is he dead? No, sorry. It didn’t happen. Peter probably expected to hear from the guy he planted to kill Shiloh, but he’s not there. Peter asks what Shiloh wants, and Shiloh says, an apology for starters. He’s all about redemption, even for people who don’t feel the same. He has two phones. The burner phone he’s talking on, and another one he came across. It has names like Jason and Sonny in it. Peter asks again what he wants, and Shiloh says, cash. He wants all the cash Peter can get his greedy hands on. He’s on the Haunted Star, and if he sees any backup, he’ll sing like a bird about Peter’s involvement with Helena. He can kiss the sweet life he’s created goodbye.

The doctor asks in what condition Jason found Bobbie, and he says, she was unconscious. The doctor asks if she regained consciousness at any point, but Jason says, no. He asks if Bobbie has any preexisting conditions, and Jason says he thinks she was just diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Sam gets to the Haunted Star and sees Dev on the floor. She runs over to him. Shiloh pops out, and says it’s nice of her to join them. Can he make her some tea? It’s going to get pretty crowded on that boat in about fifteen minutes.

Elizabeth tells Franco, in nursing school, they were taught to be objective. She called on her skills, and weighed the risks. She searched her heart, and knows what she stands to lose. It shouldn’t be new to him. In Afghanistan, he put his life on the line every day. He got awarded for distinguishing combat action and extraordinary heroism. She wants him to be Drew. Be that hero again.

Julian says maybe he was wrong, thinking he was the only one who could help; that love was that powerful. He guesses it’s not. He’s not perfect. He never has been. He can spend the rest of his life not breaking any rules, and never catch up. She says he’s the only reason she’s functioning at all right now. He says he could forgive her. How can he blame her for wanting to ease the pain of losing her son, but then he finally has to admit that it’s always been Drew. Not the phantom, the feeling in love exalted memory. Not just the guy, the war hero she fell in love with seventeen years ago. She says she loves him too, but Julian says, just not the same way. She’ll never go over to him. It’s always been Drew.

The guard tells Chase that he’d never worked with the other guy. Chase asks what his name was, and the guard says, it was pure vanilla, Dave Smith. Chase says he’ll run it anyway. He asks if the guard can give a description; a general description is fine. The guard says he’ll do his best, and Chase says that’s good enough for him.

The doctor tells Jason that Bobbie is in a hypoglycemic state. Her blood sugar spiked, but they started treatment, so she should be fine. Jason says he needs to speak to her; it’s important. The doctor says, she’s in and out; make it quick. Jason goes in, and Bobbie wakes up. He asks if she can tell him what happened. She says, Shiloh.

Sam says, he’s breathing, and Shiloh says, of course (🍷) he is. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. His call did bring Sam to him, so maybe it’s fate. Here they are, together again, but this time there’s no Jason to get between them. Well, not right this minute.

Elizabeth tells Franco, if he’s really Drew, be Drew. Do the right thing, and make the sacrifice. He says, easy for her to say. It’s an experimental procedure, and he has a one in four chance of being a vegetable. She says she’s not taking it lightly, but she knows if there’s a chance for Franco to come back, he’d take it. She knows Franco is in there. The man she’ll love forever. The man who was willing to die for her son. She’ll never stop fighting for him. She’ll never stop fighting for them.

Julian puts the envelope down. Kim asks if he’s not even going to read it, and he says, no. He doesn’t need to. Besides, it’s addressed to someone else. His name is Julian. He walks, and I say, good job, Kim.

At the MetroCourt, Jax approaches Carly and Sonny’s table. Carly asks, what’s up? and Jax says, a miscommunication. At least, Josslyn hopes it is. Sonny asks if something is going on. Josslyn was fine earlier. Jax says, not now. She’s pretty upset. She wants to move in with him, and she’s staying at the hotel tonight. Carly asks, why? and Jax shows her the brochure, saying, because of this. Josslyn thinks it’s for her.

Jason asks if Shiloh took Bobbie’s car. Bobbie says he pulled her over, and told her to get out. He was wearing a uniform, and she thought he was a police officer. She didn’t recognize him until it was too late. Lucas comes in, and asks, what happened? Jason says he found Bobbie passed out, and Lucas asks, where’s Wiley? His mom picked Wiley up. Jason asks if Wiley was still in the car when Shiloh pulled her over, and Bobbie says, Shiloh has Wiley.

Sam thinks they should get Dev to a hospital, but Shiloh says, he’ll be fine. She says he knows nothing about kids, and he’s out of options. He’ll never make it. His best hope is to give himself up. If he helps Dev, it will work in his favor; she’ll speak up for him. Shiloh says, that’s really nice, but no way. There’s no way she’s conning him. She’s right. He doesn’t have experience with kids, but he’s willing to learn. He brings Wiley out, and says, luckily, he has Wiley to teach him.

Tomorrow, Jax says if it gets worse he’s coming to Sonny for answers, Brad tells Lucas this wouldn’t have happened if not for him, and Shiloh says he has too many hostages. Just wait five minutes, he’s going to have a lot more.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Antibes, France. In her interview, Anastasia says, hallelujah. She and Jack finally had sex, and she’s pleased with the merchandise. She tells Hannah that she only had an hour of sleep. Hannah feels like she’s under a microscope. Her whole season was based on her relationship with Captain Sandy, and she’s not messing it up now. João says he has a virus and a fever, but he’s fine to work. In the captain’s interview, she says she can’t allow João to infect the crew. He needs rest, and she needs to quarantine him. She tells Travis to be the bosun. He has to pick up the guests in Monaco. In Travis’s interview, he says he actually knows more than João. Provisions come in, and Anastasia asks Ben to help, which totally offends him. He tells Hannah to tell her stews not to tell him what to do. The inside dining table is totally covered with all kinds of decorating supplies that Hannah has pulled out. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says the weather is unreliable, especially now that winter is coming. She has to depart early to pick the  guests up. The pressure’s on.

Travis jokes that one must have a deep-rooted passion to do yachting. The sea is seriously rough, but he thinks it will be an easy charter. João’s temperature is still 102. In Colin’s interview, he says Travis has had a million years’ experience, and he’s great, but off the boat, they have problems. The only prescription for João is more yachting. The captain calls for the interior to be on deck. In Ben’s interview, he says he’s been in yachting for fifteen years. He started as a first officer on his first job, but the captain found out he could cook, and the rest is history. In João’s interview, he says he’s hearing Travis on the radio. He thinks Travis is doing a doing great job, but wants to be doing his job. They dock.

The boat is readied for the last charter. The captain calls all crew to the main salon. She tells them that they’ve been challenged by the weather, but hopefully, they can do water sports on the last day. João is looking forward to seeing what they pull together for the last charter. In Hannah’s interview, she says, when they have to stay in, the interior goes up a notch. Ben says, less love, more work. In his interview, he says, the last charter has to be perfect. It would be a shame for him to fly in all the way from Florida to do three half-assed charters. The guests arrive.

Captain Sandy welcomes the guests, saying, the weather is obviously not the greatest of conditions, but they’re happy the guests are here. Champagne is served, and Hannah does the tour. In her interview, Hannah says guest Dan is looking fine, but – she slaps her own hand – that’s not happening. Anastasia says it’s the first time she’s ever seen guests pack light. João tells Colin that he’s tired, and Colin says he’s got this. Ben makes up a cheese plate. He follows the plate to the guests, and says they’re not agreeing with each other on their preference sheets. In his interview, he says it puts a strain on cooking when the guests have nothing else to do but eat. He tells them he’s making a five-course dinner, and no one said they don’t like snails. One guest is leery, and he asks what if he hides it? and she tells him that would be okay.

Hannah tries to eat, and wonders why the girls aren’t answering the radio. The captain wonders why Colin is ordering drinks, and tells Hannah to have one person keep an eye on the guests. In the captain’s interview, she thinks because the stews are friends with Hannah, they think they don’t have to do their jobs. Jack and Aesha flirt. Ben tells them to get out of the galley and make themselves useful. In Hannah’s interview, she says they have two massive theme parties. She’s been spending her break and sleep time making sure this goes off without a hitch, to impress the guests and the captain.

João says he’s freezing, and Colin says João looks like death. He’s going to sleep in the crew mess just to be safe. Colin tells the captain that it’s a million degrees, but  João is freezing. The guests talk about their college days, and a Willie Nelson concert. In Aesha’s interview, she says, it’s so boring. It’s the most boring thing in the world. There’s nothing more boring than that. Anastasia wants to wow the pants off the guests. She doesn’t want Captain Sandy coming down on Hannah about table décor. The captain checks out the Great Gatsby themed table, and says, it looks great. In her interview, she says, finally. It’s what she’s been wanting, and she’s loving this. Colin tells Aesha about sleeping in the crew mess, and she invites him to share her and Jack’s cabin.

The guests dress up for the Great Gatsby dinner. Ben tries to open something, but can’t. Colin does that desperate thing many of us do, trying to open it with his teeth. Ben is having trouble finding a serving spoon. He says the guests requested a French themed menu, and he’s throwing the book at them. Shouldn’t that be le livre? He jokes about hiding the snails. A couple of crew members gather in the galley, but Ben says he wants silence when he’s plating, and it’s like a circus in there. Possibly the biggest exaggeration ever. Now he can’t find his plating tweezers. In his interview, Ben says he usually doesn’t want to eat his own food, but he feels like he’s missing out on this dinner. Big risks yield big rewards, and it was bloody good.

Aesha and Jack hug. He wonders, since they’re boyfriend and girlfriend, is it all downhill from here now? She’s not sure, but he hasn’t seen her in her granny panties yet. In Jack’s interview, he says maybe he should have put it off for a little longer. A few guests get in the hot tub. Dan flirts with Hannah, and in her interview, she says she can look, but can’t touch.

Travis is glad this is the last charter. Captain Sandy says they’re going to leave the dock, and show the guests what they can do with the yacht crew. I’m not sure what that means, since it’s not like they make the food or entertainment. Do they have hidden talents? Will they be the cancan dancers??? Anastasia has set the indoor table, and the captain asks why, since the weather is beautiful. Anastasia says Captain Sandy is right; she made a poor judgement call. It was a mistake. The captain tells her, take everything out, and Anastasia curses her life as soon as Captain Sandy is out of earshot. They prepare for departure, and pull out. They anchor down, and the guests have breakfast. João feels great, and whistles while he gets dressed. He can’t wait to go back. Captain Sandy tells them to put out the water toys. It will be amazing. João says he’s 100% better, but the captain doesn’t want him to be around the guests. Hannah calls for Anastasia, who is busy taking pictures. In Hannah’s interview, she says, here we go again, and we flash back to June, June, Hannah. She says, you can do your job for two more days.

Hannah doesn’t want to come down on Anastasia with an iron fist. Anastasia works well with praise, but crumbles under criticism. The water toys go out. Colin thinks it’s a baller move for primary Randy to bring his girlfriend on a trip like this. He takes his dates to McDonald’s to eat off the dollar menu. Hannah confirms the cancan dancers. Ben thinks he hit the wall again. João is surprised the boat hasn’t sunk. In Ben’s interview, he says Hannah is pressured to have the stews like her. Friendship overrides hierarchy, and when there’s no hierarchy, there’s no accountability. He tells Hannah, the girls nap longer than he sleeps. Captain Sandy tells Ben, it’s like the last supper. She’s noticed that the chefs she’s worked with count meals, not days.

João says he’s good for anchor watch. He feels guilty, and thinks it’s the least he can do. Everyone can get a full breakfast. Cancan dancer Mandy calls Hannah, saying she and the dancers at on the dock. Travis goes to pick them up. Anastasia says she’s never been so committed to table décor. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says when Hannah applies herself, and applies it to her team, it’s mind blowing. She doesn’t want to come down on Hannah to get this result. The guests are seated for dinner, and are properly impressed with the table.

The captain asks João how he’s feeling, and he says he’s a little bit under the weather. The dancers warm up. Insecure Ben asks if there have been any comments, but Aesha says, no. He wonders why something wasn’t eaten, and Aesha suggests he check with Hannah, since she’s been at the table more. In his interview, Ben wonders why Hannah is rushing things. He can’t be rushed, and she knows this. Ben tells Captain Sandy that he’s losing it. He’s forgetting what he just did. João and Jack snap towels at each other. Hannah tells the guests that she’s taking them upstairs for a little surprise.

The cancan girls dance. In her interview, the captain says she’s proud of Hannah. She tells Hannah, it’s mind blowing (her phrase of the week). Everyone loves it, and she wishes they’d seen more of it. In Aesha’s interview, she says the interior stepped up, and she’s proud of them. We did a great job. Jack takes to Hannah about Dan, asking if she can suggest they meet when the charter is over. The guests are ready to go to bed, and Dan asks if he can have a whiskey nightcap. He meets Hannah in the longue bar. In Hannah’s interview, she says it’s the last night of charter, and she deserves a break. She asks if Dan has had a good trip, and says it’s a pity he’s not staying longer. They flirt without flirting, and Hannah finds out that he’s seeing someone at home. He says, it’s very new, but her balloon has already deflated. João walks by, and in his interview, wonders what he interrupted. In the galley, he jokingly tells Hannah to maintain her professionalism, and she says she is.

Anastasia complains to Ben that she has nowhere to poop after her morning coffee. She doesn’t want to wake up Hannah. Thanks for the visual. Travis tells the deckhands to put all the water toys out, so when the guests wake up, they’ll be happy. Anastasia makes parchment paper for the decorations. Captain Sandy comes out, and tells Anastasia the table isn’t set. The deckhands have the toys out, and she didn’t even have to ask. That’s real yachting. Why can’t she get interior to work that way. Anastasia says they’re not having brunch until 10:30, but the captain says, a set table is a priority. It’s number one. She tells Anastasia to wake everyone up. She’s pissed. Hannah tells the captain the same thing Anastasia did about brunch being at 10:30, and says she has no idea why a table wasn’t set.

In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says she’s getting excuse after excuse. It’s the last day of the last charter, and she’s sick and tired of having this conversation. Aesha tells Anastasia that it’s a Captain Sandy typhoon; she’s pissed. The captain tells Hannah, if someone wakes up, there’s nowhere to sit and have coffee. What’s inviting? Hannah says, the view is inviting, but the captain says there’s nothing on the table. Hannah says she’s never done that, since the glassware might get salty. Captain Sandy says, then put the décor out. If she chartered the boat, she’d want the table set when she wakes up. She wants Hannah to make sure everyone is up. The deck crew is up. They were on anchor watch, and washed her effing dishes last night. She tells Hannah not to exacerbate her already upsetness [sic]. Wisely, Hannah says, sorry. In Hannah’s interview, she says her main priority has been to build a relationship with Sandy. She’s shut her mouth, had no breaks, and barely slept. She’s effing done. Find yourself another chief stew. The captain gripes some more, saying Anastasia said they’re too busy, when the deck crew has set up, and there’s nothing going on with interior. Where’s the OJ? Anastasia says brunch is at 10:30, but Captain Sandy wants it now, and she wants everybody up.

Next time – the Finale – Jack wonders how João puts up with him, a fire on a nearby boat, Captain Sandy wants to cry, Hannah says she can’t do it anymore, and the captain says yachting is not Hannah’s passion.

📖 Turning a Page…

Bethenny keeps on keepin’ on.


☎ Best Lawyer Ever…

I only saw the first season and a half, but I would definitely call Saul.


🌇 Farewell To the Captain…

The Devil’s Rejects is high on my list of favorite horror films, but he had quite an illustrious career. There’s also an early roll call of the celebrity dead on the page.


👠 The Important Stuff…

The clothes and parties.


🎉 My Kind Of Party…

You can take it with you anywhere, and it’s a lot cheaper to throw.