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October 12, 2019 – Sasha Lies About Her Lies, a Little Bit of Soap, RIP Julia, Goodbye Grand, Paul Does It Again, No To Mila, NeNe On Blast, No Shame, a Joke, Quotes On Life & NYC Noise


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Alexis brings Sonny a gift for the baby, a sippy cup that says Corinthos Coffee. He tells her Carly will love it. She asks how Carly and Donna are doing, and he says, great. They’re just waiting to get the all clear to bring Donna home. Alexis gets a text from Julian that he needs to see her asap. It’s about her client. She says, that’s great news; it should take the edge off. Sonny says, the edge off what?

At Charlie’s, Brad gives Julian a new welcome mat, saying it’s more of a welcome back mat, since he’s not leaving. A fresh start. Brad says now that he’s not leaving, Julian will be able to be around Lucas and Wiley all the time. Julian says, there is that. Brad says since he’ll be there, Julian can help out when problems arise. Julian asks what problem has arisen. Obrecht again? Brad says, no. Nelle.

At Crimson, Sasha packs up her stuff. Michael asks if she’s got everything. She nods, saying, it’s just a few odds and ends; her notepads with her name on them. Nina was so great to her. Caring for her as a real daughter, bringing her into Crimson to start a career. Now her life is as random as what’s in the box. Michael tells her she’s strong and she’ll get her footing again. She says, just without Nina. She looks at a picture of the two of them.

Valentin tells Nina that he was worried. She asks if Charlotte is there, and he says, she’s with Lulu. Nina says, good. She’s just there to pick up a few things to tide her over, and she’ll be on her way. He asks where she’s going, and she says, anywhere but here. It’s none of his business anymore, where she goes or with whom. He says, the hell it isn’t.

Sasha asks Michael if he thinks she should leave a note, and he says it’s her call. She guesses not. Nina would just tear up anything that she left. She can’t stand how much she hurt Nina, but Nina isn’t ready to hear anything she has to say. Lucy blows in, and says Sasha is just the person she’s looking for. Sasha says she’s on her way out, but Lucy says, no. She made Sasha a once in a lifetime offer, and she keeps saying she wants to think about it. Michael says they have to go, but Lucy says they can, as soon as Sasha answers her question. Is she going to be the new face of Deception or not? Sasha says she’s way ahead of Lucy.

Valentin tells Nina, whatever happens, he’s still the man who loves her. He’s still the man who would lay down his life for her. She says, the man who would manufacture a daughter for her? He understands why she’s angry. Yesterday was a tumultuous ride for both of them. She says, it wasn’t a ride; it was a betrayal of everything she believed in. He says Sasha’s lies were reprehensible, but they were Sasha’s lies. She asks if he thinks she believes he wasn’t involved. He asks her to consider the source. Lulu had been drinking, and overheard a conversation in a public restroom. She heard what she wanted to hear. Nina says she doesn’t trust Lulu, but she doesn’t trust him either anymore. They were estranged, about to be divorced, and he had a conversation with her now dead mother about her child, who survived and was adopted. Miracle on top of miracle, he found that child. She was so stupid, she took Sasha in, and brought him back into her life. Sasha isn’t her child. Sasha is a con woman, and he’s telling her that Sasha not only betrayed her, but the great Valentin Cassadine. He says she’s right. He went looking for her daughter to get her back.

Dev asks Josslyn, what’s this? She says it’s the homework he missed. It’s better to try and keep up than get hit with a bunch of makeup homework later. He says, it’s not fair. He’s not allowed off the grounds, and now he has homework. All because she ratted him out to her father.

Alexis shows Sonny the text, and he says, that’s a lot of exclamation marks. She says, Julian does have a flair for the dramatic. Sonny asks why he’s not leaving, and she says he’s had a change of plans. Sonny says, Olivia is furious. She’s thinking of suing Julian, and he hopes she cleans him out.

Brad says he wants Julian to help protect Wiley and Lucas. Julian asks if it’s like the Obrecht situation. Does Brad want him to knock off Nelle? Brad says, Nelle is the last wildcard, and he needs help to contain her. Julian says, it’s too much. It’s Brad’s mess; he needs to clean it up. Brad says, what if he can’t, and Nelle spills everything? He and Julian have been seen together. Sonny will do the math, and put together that Julian was in it. And he’s not the only one. How does Julian think Lucas will feel when he finds out his father was a part of it? Julian asks if Brad is threatening him, and Brad says he’s making sure Julian knows where he stands. Julian grabs Brad by the throat, and says he wants to make sure Brad knows where he stands. He doesn’t take kindly to threats. Ava comes in, and says she doesn’t think Lucas would take kindly to Julian strangling his husband.

Josslyn tells Dev that she couldn’t keep lying to her dad, but her dad won’t sell him out. He wouldn’t do anything to hurt Dev because it would hurt her. Dev asks how it would hurt her if he got sent away? She says she’d feel responsible, so she’s doing what she can to fix it. She starts to type a text, and Dev asks what she’s doing. She says, fixing it.

Alexis tells Sonny that Julian seems committed to staying on the right path. She hasn’t seen any backsliding. Has he heard anything? Sonny says, not yet. She says, since Julian isn’t going anywhere, she thinks it would behoove them to continue to cultivate the current détente. He says she has more faith in Julian than he does.

Ava asks Julian if this is the afternoon floorshow, or do they require a referee? Julian says, the show’s over. Right? He tells Brad, give his best to Lucas and Wiley, and shoves him toward the door. Brad jets, and Ava asks if he’d like to tell her what that was all about. He says, it’s a family matter. Brad asked him to intervene, and he told Brad that he didn’t take sides. She says, so he was driving the point home by choking him? and Julian says, sometimes you need to be blunt, especially with people who won’t take no for an answer. She must know people like that. She says, a few, and tells him to pour her a drink and tell her about Nina’s wedding. She can’t believe he was invited. He says he gave Nina her start at Crimson. Ava says he hired her hoping she’d drive the magazine into the ground, so he could write it off as a loss. He thinks maybe Nina wanted to rub her success in his face, but he didn’t go. She was hoping for some juicy details, and wonders if Nina tripped going down the aisle toward her groom of doom. He says he heard Nina’s eyes were opened before they said their vows. He went to the reception to drop off a gift, and it was a ghost town, except for a few people taking advantage of the open bar. Apparently, Nina stormed out of her own wedding.

Sasha tells Lucy that she’s sorry, but has to pass. Lucy says, funny, and good. A good spokesperson should have sense of humor. Michael says Sasha is serious, and Lucy says, that’s insane. Sasha knows it’s an incredible opportunity, and Lucy says, piffle. She didn’t even begin to negotiate yet, and it’s more than incredible. She wants to give Sasha a stake in the company; she’ll have her own voice. Sasha says she might want to rethink that in the light of recent developments. She no longer comes with a Crimson connection. She no longer has a relationship with Nina. The truth is, she never did. She’s not Nina’s daughter. It was all a hoax, and came out at the wedding. Michael is surprised it hasn’t hit the tabloids yet. Sasha says Lucy doesn’t want her affiliated with her company. She’ll be notorious. Lucy says, notorious is kind of great. Notorious sells. She says, they’ll make bajullions, and hugs Sasha.

Jax’s phone signals that he has a text, but he doesn’t check it. Nina says, so Valentin admits it. He says he admits he wanted to find her daughter, and it got the ball rolling, but Sasha’s actions were her own. Nina says they’re done, but he grabs her arm. Jax tells him, let her go, and Valentin tells Jax, get out of his house. Obrecht comes in, and says Nina is all right. She acknowledges Jax, but Valentin says, Jax was just leaving. Jax says he’s not going unless Nina wants him to, but Nina says she can take care of herself, and it sounds like someone wants to get ahold of him. Jax looks at the text from Josslyn. It says, waiting on u; plz help Dev. He tells Nina that he’s just a phone call away. He leaves, and Obrecht says, bagel? Nina says she has no appetite. Valentin tells her, leaving him solves nothing. Nina says, maybe, but it’s a good way to start. She says, it’s over; they’re through, and goes to pack her things.

Ava tells Julian that she knew Sasha was too to be good true. Does he think Valentin paid Sasha to be Nina’s daughter? He says, of course () Valentin denied any involvement, and she says, of course (🍷). Obviously, Nina doesn’t believe him, or she wouldn’t have left him at the altar. He says she’s enjoying this because it’s Nina, but Ava says, a year ago, she may have felt differently. Now that her life was destroyed by an obsessive man’s lies, she can’t celebrate that kind of pain anymore. Not even Nina’s. He tells her, feel that? That itchy, stretchy feeling? It’s called growth. He’s proud of her. Ava asks him to give her his best bottle of scotch and two glasses. He says, scotch? and she says, it’s more portable than vodka martinis, and vanquishes demons just the same. He says, at least she and Nina are free. Nina is done with Valentin, and she’s done with Ryan. Ava says, it’s not always easy to make a clean break. He’s living proof. If Kim hadn’t come along, he’d still be pursuing Alexis. Maybe he would have even worn her down. He says, doubtful, and she says, guess who just walked in? Alexis smiles at him.

Neil says his vitals aren’t bad. Panic attacks aren’t uncommon. Has he had prior experience with therapy? It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and it’s treatable, but first, they have to get down to the root of the problem. We see Brad sitting on the couch, and he says, that’s easy. It’s his father-in-law, and his son’s mother… and his son’s father.

Sasha tells Lucy that she’s hurt Nina enough already. She’s not using publicity from the scandal for her own end. Lucy is sure Nina would understand. Michael says he’s not. Lucy says Crimson’s revenues soared when Nina put Ava on the cover. Nina did that, so don’t act like it’s not a moral thing to capitalize on a good thing when you see it. Sasha says she’s not capitalizing on anything. She can’t do it. Not to herself or Nina. She loves Nina, and hates how much pain she caused. Lucy asks if Sasha believes she’s the first person to be embroiled in a scandal. Lots of people go through it. The public loves when the guilty are redeemed. Sasha says, there’s no redemption here, and Lucy says, yet. Does Sasha think punishing herself will make up for everything she did to Nina? Sasha says, no, but not making a media spectacle is a start. Lucy asks if Sasha really wants to make amends to all the people she’s wronged, and Sasha says, of course (🍷). Lucy asks how she’s going to support herself while she’s doing it. Does she have a new job? She looks at Michael. Or a sugar daddy? Sasha says, absolutely not. Lucy says, atoning is a lifetime endeavor. It’s not just repentance and lit candles. You have to live your life. If Sasha is skittish to take advantage of her mistakes, she can soften that. That’s what a media trainer is about. Forgiveness is two things; reparation and presence. If she wants to make it right to the people she’s wronged, she has to be in their face. She can’t make reparations by retreating into the shadows. Otherwise, how does anyone know she’s repenting? Lucy says she did it. She put herself out there, and went everywhere. Now everybody loves her.. Well, except her dry cleaner, but everyone else loves her.

Obrecht tells Valentin, Nina was still in her wedding gown, and she came in with Jax. Are they supposed to assume the two of them are… Valentin asks Obrecht to tell him. Jax is such a gentleman. Would he take advantage of a runaway bride on her wedding night? Nina comes out, and Obrecht tries to approach her, but Nina says she’s not talking to her. She’ll send for the rest of her things. She tells Valentin, one more thing. He said when he talked to her mother, she’d said her daughter was alive. Was that a lie? Never mind. What was she thinking? She can’t believe anything he says. Valentin says, don’t say goodbye. His life is meaningless without her. She says, that, she can believe, and leaves.

Sonny answers the door, and it’s Jax, who asks if Dev is there. On the terrace, Dev tells Josslyn, only fifty more assignments to go. She says he got off easy because he’s a hero. He asks if they’re still saying that, and she says she did rescue Wiley from that manic. They’re still talking about it. He says, Sam is the hero, not him. She says he still rates, but he says they didn’t know he was in the process of running away. She says, taking off on his own? He’s brave… but stupid. He says her flattery is overwhelming him. She asks where he was going. How was how planning on taking care of himself? He says he can manage. He got to Port Charles on his own. She asks if he didn’t think about the people he would hurt by leaving. He says Sonny would understand. Her mom probably would have been relieved. Max might have missed him taking the car and speedboat out. Who else did he miss? She said, people. Is there someone he missed? Would she miss him? She says, hardly, and he says he’d miss her too. She says she didn’t say she’d miss him. He says, not to his face, but he guarantees it’s in her diary. He grabs it from her, and she says, that’s private. He says, let’s see what she’s writing about him. She tries to take the diary back, and they end up face to face.

She asks if she can have the diary back now, and he lets go. He says he was just having a little fun, and she asks if he would think it was fun if she looked through his things. He says he wasn’t going to read it; her secrets are safe. She asks him to promise he’ll leave it alone, and he promises. Sonny and Jax come outside, and Sonny says Jax has something he wants to tell them.

Alexis asks Julian, what’s so urgent that it required three exclamations points, and an asap? He shows her a flyer, and asks if she knows about these. They’re all over the neighborhood; questioning his A rating, the quality of his meat, and claiming he waters down the liquor. Customers are starting to ask questions. Ava says, the liquor is just fine. She can attest to that. He says he knows Olivia is behind it, so tell her to cease and desist, or he’ll sue. Alexis suggests he give Olivia back her deposit if he wants to rectify things. He says he’s not giving back the deposit. Besides, he already used it to put a deposit on a place in New York. Since he backed out, he can’t get his back, so why should he give Olivia hers? I dunno. Maybe because it’s the law? Alexis says, no justice, no peace, and he says, she thinks this is funny? She asks why he doesn’t finish the sale, and buy something else? He says he likes Charlie’s. He’s put his blood, sweat, and tears into it. She says he’s only been there two years; how invested can he be? Ava says, Charlie’s is more than just a restaurant. It’s where Julian landed when he started over. It’s a new era. AAD – after Alexis Davis.

Neil tells Brad, open adoptions are quite common now. Does Brad’s son have a relationship with his biological parents? Brad would rather not go into details. He just wanted some meds to help with his nerves. Neil says he can’t prescribe something without determining the underlying issue. He assumes Brad came there to get at the root of his anxiety. He tells Brad to take a deep breath, and Neil about his mother. Brad just looks at him, and Neil says, just a little shrink humor to get Brad to relax. Brad says he’s not relaxed. The reason he has anxiety is, his son was kidnapped. He was taken away, and every day Brad worries that it could happen all over again.

Lucy tells Sasha that she knows being the face of Deception might seem like an improbable road to redemption, but Sasha can use the platform any way she wants. Sasha says she just wants to make things better for Nina. Nina had everything taken from her, and Sasha wishes she could give something back. She doesn’t care how the world sees her. Nina comes in, and asks what Sasha is doing there. Sasha says she was getting her things. Nina sees that she has them, and tells her, get out. If Sasha comes there again, she’ll call security. Lucy suggests Nina ease up a little. Nina asks if Lucy heard what happened, but Lucy tells Nina, she’s just saying Nina should take into account that Sasha is extremely remorseful. And she did bring a bit of happiness to Nina’s life. Nina says, all Sasha brought into her life was a pack of lies. She’s lost everything because of Sasha; the man she loved, the aunt who she thought loved her, her home, her self-respect, her reputation, and Charlotte, the closest thing she’ll ever have to a real daughter. That’s why she came there. To remind herself that at least she has Crimson. Her job is the only worthwhile thing she has left. Sasha says she’s wrong. She still has Valentin and Charlotte. Sasha did this on her own.

Jax says now that he’s been brought him up to speed, he’s given the situation a lot thought. He’s not contradicting Sonny’s story. If anyone finds out the truth, it won’t be from him. Josslyn thanks him, and he says he thinks this is the one time taking action would be counter-productive. Jax flashes back to telling Sonny that he’s made a decision about Dev’s situation. He doesn’t want to destroy Dev by uncovering the lie. He won’t put Josslyn through that, and he doesn’t want to put Dev in any more danger. He hates being part of Sonny’s cover-up, but doesn’t see an alternative. He’s going to leave things as they are. Sonny thanks him, but Jax says, don’t thank him just yet. Back on the terrace, Jax tells Josslyn that she’s given him a lot to think about. He doesn’t want to stand in the way of her helping Dev. Sonny started this lie, and they’ll have to live with it.

Sasha tells Nina that Lulu never heard her say Valentin’s name because he wasn’t involved. She got a call from the lawyer who handled her adoption, Carter Buckley. Michael says she doesn’t have to do this, but she says she does. She says he told her that a P.I. was looking for the daughter of a wealthy woman and she’d be about Sasha’s age. He figured they could orchestrate things so it would look like she was that daughter. The plan was to get money from Nina, and they would split it. He was dying, and wanted to provide for his family. Nina asks why he chose Sasha, and Sasha says he handled her adoption; he knew no one was looking for her. She needed the money, so she said yes. Carter died soon after, and Nina knows the rest. What Sasha thought would be a brief meeting turned into so much more. It became harder for her to keep her distance. She wanted Nina to believe the lie, but she wanted to believe it too. She didn’t want to lose Nina. That’s the truth. Nina says she’s good. She’ll give Sasha that, but no way she did this on her own. Valentin had to be the one who set it up.

Obrecht tells Valentin it’s possible she was a bit premature when she suggested there was a way out of their predicament. Nina may never take them back. He says Nina is his life. He can’t accept a future without her. Obrecht says she’s never seen Nina so hurt and angry. Time to get while the getting is good. He asks where she’s going, and she says, Switzerland. It’s lovely this time of year, and since she’s a citizen, it will be impossible to extradite her, should Nina choose to press charges. Valentin might want to follow her example. He says he’s way ahead. He and Charlotte are going back to Greece. She says, with Lulu’s permission? and he says he’s not afraid of Lulu. His lawyers will tie her up in family court indefinitely. He doesn’t want Charlotte seeing Nina or the family. And maybe his absence will make Nina’s heart grow fonder. Obrecht says, or maybe he’s deluding himself.

Alexis tells Julian, she realizes Charlie’s has significance to him, and apologizes for being insensitive. Julian accepts. He says, back to Olivia’s smear campaign, but she says he doesn’t know Olivia is behind it, but she’ll relay his concerns. He says, not good enough. Olivia is messing with his business and interfering with his customers. He may need to sue. She says he’d have to prove she did it, and it will cost a lot. He should take his resources and start something new; change things up. The Rib has Drag Queen Bingo now, and it’s packed every night. Ava says, that sounds like fun, but Julian says, it’s not a drag bingo kind of place. Alexis says it wasn’t a gastro pub kind of place either, until he made it one. He’s a master of reinvention. She tells hm, you know what they say; every morning you wake up anew, so what you do today is all that matters. He asks if she got that from her shrink boyfriend. She says he’s not her boyfriend, and it’s none of Julian’s business. She leaves, and Ava asks if he heard that. He’s not her boyfriend.

Neil says Brad’s son was kidnapped? and Brad says, yes. Neil asks if he was the boy who was in the news recently. Brad says, yeah.  The cult guy. Neil says, so Shiloh is his son’s biological father. Brad doesn’t see what it matters. His son was stolen, and he feels like he could be taken away at any time and any place. No one understands. He can’t sleep or eat; he’s falling apart. Neil says he’ll give Brad something to make feel better. The medication works differently on everyone, so he’ll tweak it until they get the right dosage. In the meantime, they’ll keep talking, but next time, he wants Brad to bring his husband.

Sasha says she never met Valentin before. She only dealt with Carter and Curtis. Nina says Sasha wants her to believe she faked three DNA tests. Sasha says she had help from someone who knows their way around a lab. Nina says, so she and Obrecht are friends now? but Sasha says, not Obrecht. She had friend from college help her. Obrecht only figured it out a few days before the wedding. If Lulu had heard the whole conversation, she would have heard Nina try to convince Obrecht not to say anything. Nina says, the best laid plans, and Lucy says, it’s food for thought. Sasha says Nina has every right to hate her, but don’t cut out the two people who, despite their flaws, love her very, very much. Charlotte needs Nina, and Nina needs Charlotte. Nina says she needs them all to clear out now. They leave, and Nina throws things and cries.

Dev says he’s in Jax’s debt, and Jax tells him, stay out of trouble. Honor the secret, and he’ll consider the debt paid. Jax flashes back to telling Sonny that he won’t tell Sonny’s secret, but he won’t keep it either. If the Feds knock on his door, he’s not going to perjure himself and give them an excuse to kick him out of the country. Like Sonny did. In the present, Sonny says he doesn’t anticipate any trouble. Dev is a Corinthos now, and there’s no one to say otherwise.

Brad asks why Neil wants Lucas to come, and Neil says he’s concerned about the toll the kidnapping is taking on Brad, and that he doesn’t feel supported in the aftermath. Maybe he can open a line of communication. Brad says, couples therapy might help. Lucas is pretty busy. He can’t guarantee Lucas will come, but he’ll ask. Neil says they’ll get control Brad’s anxiety, and address the underlying issue. He’ll feel better when he sees his fear is unfounded. Brad runs into Alexis as he’s leaving, and Alexis says, bad timing? Neil says, not at all. How was her day? Anything to report? Alexis says, nope. Nothing at all.

Julian looks at a flyer that says he’s paying off the sanitary inspector, and crumples it up. He gets on his phone. At one of the tables, Sasha says Michael thinks she did the wrong thing. He says she took the blame for Valentin so Nina wouldn’t lose the people she loves. Sasha says, they love her too. Valentin would never willingly hurt Nina. The whole twisted situation came out of Valentin’s love, so she’s taking blame, but she’s also clearing the way for them to heal. Charlotte is a great kid, and deserves to be happy. Nina makes her happy. Michael doesn’t agree with her actions, but he can’t argue with her motives. She asks what he would he do, but he tells her, it’s impossible to say. He’d like to think he’d tell the truth, and let the chips fall where they may. She says so he would have told Nina that Valentin was behind it? Michael says it’s possible that when she cools off, she would forgive him. There was no malicious intent, and he did hire a wonderful woman to pose as her daughter, but with Sasha’s way, she’s just waiting for another lie to be exposed.

Ava goes to Nina’s office, carrying the scotch and glasses. Nina says she knew she’d see Ava. She was right; it’s a long, long way to fall. If Ava is there to gloat, have at it. Ava says she’s there in solidarity. She knows a little something about horrid, lying men, and hell on earth.

On Monday, Kim asks if Elizabeth is sure she’s doing the right thing, Jordan tells Henderson to start talking, Obrecht asks Valentin if Nina’s child is alive, and Jason needs to see someone right away.

🛀 Soap Suds…

Soap stars and dogs. What’s not to like?


Or as I call him, Colonel Sanders Jr.


😢 Farewell To a Pioneer…

She broke barriers and did it all.


🏨 It Was Grand While It Lasted…

I’m starting to think it’s a conspiracy against Eva Longoria.


💒 Congrats To the Good Doctor…

Let’s hope it’s not botched this time.


🚫 No, Just No…

Is Mila Kunis insane?


🍑 NeNe Needs To Chill…

Kenya might be thirsty, but NeNe wants to drain the ocean.


😔 The Last Bastian Of Shaming…

I totally get wanting to be healthy, but this woman is gorgeous, and it’s sad how trolls have body shamed her.



Senior: I bought a hearing aid. Cost $2,000, but it’s state of the art.

Friend: What kind is it?

Senior: A quarter to 12.

🏁  Quotes of the Week

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less. – Marie Curie

In love we find out who we want to be; in war we find out who we are. – Kristin Hannah

Do not stop thinking of life as an adventure. – Eleanor Roosevelt

Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.Helen Keller

The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. – C. JoyBell C.

It’s life. Lower your expectations. – Max (Kat Dennings), 2 Broke GIrls

🗽 What Fredrik Said…

See you when Alpha whispers to Omega. In the meantime, enjoy the noise.



















June 2, 2019 – Trying To Help, a Little Talk, Some Tyrion Love, Another Go For Eva, Feuding Shahs, Dorinda Radio & Exit


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

Older kid Max is trying to teach little kid Dylan how to shoot. Dylan shoots at a deer, and it runs. They follow it, finding it dead. A zombie comes out of the woods, and I hope they get eaten. Max says they can get out, but his gun jams. Instead of running, he keeps trying.

A small plane flies low, and the zombie gets chopped in half, but you know how determined they are. It keeps moving. The kids see flames in the clearing, and find the plane has crashed. Zombies are popping out of everywhere now, but Max isn’t real bright, and keeps trying get the gun to work instead of getting the hell out of there. A zombie gets close, but it’s suddenly down. Alicia says they’re here to help, and she gets cracking on that.

Max and Dylan find Morgan hanging upside down in the plane. A zombie nearly gets him, but he gets out. Max asks, who are you people? and Morgan says they came to help. Are they the Logans? Max asks, who? Alicia says they can’t stay long. Luci has been impaled by a metal pipe in the plane. John and Morgan call for June, who’s semi-conscious in the cockpit. Morgan asks Dylan to put pressure on Luci’s wound, and keep her from moving. He’s going to make sure nothing out there gets inside. Max asks, what if it does? and Morgan says, if it’s dead, shoot it.

A zombie pokes at June’s face. She calls to Al, who regains consciousness. Alicia is outside, whacking zombies right and left, and almost hits Morgan. He tells her, easy, and points out that her hands are covered in blood. Al and June unbuckle themselves, and John sees through the window that they’re okay. Morgan says they’re about ten to fifteen miles from the touchdown site; they’ll make it. Alicia takes a zombie’s head off.

Morgan asks if Logan copies, and says they’re coming, but it might take longer than they thought. Alicia starts setting up something, pounding stakes into the ground. John helps June and Al get out of the plane. Al radios Victor, telling him the plane crashed. There’s a tape back at the mill labeled skidmark, and It will explain how to fly a small plane. They need him to come get them. It looks like he’ll fly after all. She can’t hear Victor, and John says he must be out of range. He helps her out of the plane.

Where did all these zombies come from? is a good question. Morgan and Alicia get busy knocking them off. Dylan tells Luci that they’re friends, and help is coming. June runs in to attend to Luci. Alicia falls, and sees a sign that says, Radiation Area. John asks how Luci is, and June says tells him that they have to cut her free, but the boxes with supplies are scattered everywhere. Al and John look through everything for a hacksaw, as Al’s camera records.

Al is grabbed by a zombie in a Darth Vader-ish mask, and matching suit made out of puffer material. She pushes him back, and impales him through the back on a pipe. She grabs her camera and films. John shows her the hacksaw, and they go back to where Luci is. John cuts at the pipe piercing Luci to get her free, and she screams. John says they need a clear path. June says they’ll make it work, and Morgan says they can do this. Alicia says she’ll lead, and Morgan will take the side. She tells the boys to stay in the middle, and watch their backs. Now.

A truck comes toward them, running right over some zombies. The teenage girl driving tells them to get in. Max says it’s their sister, Annie.

In the truck, Morgan says he hates flying anyway. June says, the dead are everywhere, but Annie says the dead are the least of their problems. They have no idea where they landed, do they?

In a truck, Charlie asks Victor if he’s sure Al said skidmark. In another truck, Sarah asks Wendell if he’s up for this. He says he is, and she tells him, he said that the last time. He insists he’s sure.

Alicia asks, what happened? and Anna says they don’t know. They just stay away from them. Dylan asks if Al is a pilot, and she says, no. He says, no wonder they crashed, but John says it would have been worse if she hadn’t done what she did. Max asks if Logan is part of their crew. John says, no; just someone they’re helping. Annie says, he’s probably dead. They screech to a stop. Al thinks he just got into trouble, and Max says they can’t go around helping people they don’t know. Morgan says, they did, but Max says, they didn’t feel like they had a choice. Morgan says neither do they. Annie asks, why? and Morgan says they try to do what they can to make things better. She tells him, good luck with that. This place is worse than it seems. Alicia asks what she means, and Annie says, it’s not just signs. It’s the… she’ll see.

They drive until they see some zombies tethered together across the road. They get out, and see a tree with zombie heads hanging from it by their hair. Al asks Annie if they did this. Annie says, no, but they’re all over the place. June says they need to keep moving, but Annie says she’s not driving into that. Morgan says they’ll walk. It’s something they have to do. Annie says they don’t know the guy, but Morgan says they’ve been doing this for a while; helping people. They haven’t had a whole lot of luck. Annie asks what he means, and Al says, people are either dead, missing, or don’t want to be found. Logan and his people were the first who do. Annie says, it better be worth it, and tells them, get in. Morgan thanks her.

They get to the truck stop, and Alicia tells them, Logan said they were surrounded, but there’s no one there. They go inside, carrying Luci on a makeshift stretcher. Morgan calls for Logan, but there’s no answer. They set Luci on a table. John looks around outside, and checks the garages. He finds nothing. Al and June canvas the inside, but it’s dark and quiet.

Morgan finds a radio, and asks if Logan copies. They’re at the truck stop. June tells Luci, they’re going to do this. Luci says it hurts, but June says she’ll be okay. She gives John a list of supplies they need, and tells him, it’s not going to be pretty. He asks if she’s done this before, and she says, at trauma the center, but not at a truck stop. Dylan shows Luci a toy truck, and asks what it’s for. Lucy says, the man who set it up, drives a truck. Dylan wonders why he’d need toys, and Lucy says, it’s his way of giving people something to believe in. Dylan asks where he is, and Lucy says, he didn’t make it, so they tried to turn it into something more.

Morgan tells the kids that they have a place on the other side that used to be a factory. John says they had a movie night. Morgan says they were working on it. A place for people to feel safe and call home. Annie says, places like that don’t exist, and June says, they do. Morgan suggests the kids come back with them. Alicia comes back, and says, no one has been here for a long time. Al wonders if it could be another truck stop, but Alicia says, it’s the only one for miles. Morgan says they have to be there. Annie wonders what’s wrong with them? Morgan says she can trust them, and doesn’t have to be afraid. Annie tells him, that’s what people always say when there’s something to be afraid of. Morgan says, they just have to help a friend. Max picks up his gun, and Annie says, if they’re smart, they’ll get their friend and get out. They jet, but Morgan calls to them, please wait. He says they can help.

June gets ready to work on Luci. She says they won’t have much time if it starts to bleed. At the count of three… They pull the pipe out of Luci, and she screams.

A guy uses a combination to open the gate at the mill. He calls out, but no one answers. He sees a box that says, take what you need – leave what you don’t, written on it. He walks through the building, and finds a room with empty beds, and schedules on a bulletin board. He looks at a movie requests sheet, and sees a load of Al’s tapes. It’s Matt Frewer, and I suddenly get very distracted by that. I hadn’t known he was joining the cast. I assume he’s not just passing through.

Alicia says the kids were like everyone else they tried to help. She and Al lock up. A zombie stumbles out from around the corner. Alicia looks bored as she pikes it in the head.

June tells Luci that she’s very lucky. If it was off by a centimeter or they’d hit a bad bump in the car, she wouldn’t be there. Morgan continues to try the radio. He thinks something isn’t right, but Logan suddenly comes through. Morgan says he had them worried, and asks where he is. They’ll come to him. Logan says, that would be a little tricky. He’s there with his crew, looking at Morgan’s crew, and a spectacular view of the river. It’s Matt Frewer, inside the mill, while Victor and company stand outside. Logan says sees they’ve been driving the big rig with C & L on the trailer. From what he’s gathered, they’ve met the C, and he’s the L. Morgan asks why he brought them there, and Logan says he wanted what was his. It was the only way to get them far enough away, so he could slip in without a big fuss. Alicia says they found a plane and crashed it, because they wanted to help him. He says they make Clayton look like an amateur. Morgan asks where he brought them, and Logan says, a truck stop far away. He’s reclaiming what’s his. The one thing Clay said that he agreed with is, take what you need; leave what you don’t.

Victor and the others look around outside the mill. On the radio, Alicia says, don’t do this. Logan says he already did. She says she’ going to find him, and kill him herself. He says, for taking over a place where he’s the legal owner? I guess he does have a point. He says they have a more pressing quandary; her attitude. He doesn’t want to see people dead, he just wants what’s his. They want to help people? It looks like they’ll have to help themselves. Geez. Luci is sitting up already. June is good.

Sarah drinks a beer, and looks at an old ad for Jim’s brew. She says, you missed a real sh*t pie a la mode today, Jimbo. They joke’s on them. Wendell says, it tastes like vinaigrette, but she’ll get there. Charlie tells Victor she can find a way in, and Victor tells her to get the tape. He should have been on the plane today. He sure as hell is going to be on this one.

Al looks through what she recorded earlier. She takes a closer look at the zombie in the mask. She tells Morgan that she has to go back to where the plane is. There’s a story there. Morgan suggests going in the morning, but she thinks it might not be there if she waits. She knows her tapes haven’t helped them so far, but Morgan says it’s not her fault. He tells her to go and see June.

John asks June how Luci is doing. June says, she might have nerve damage, but she’ll be okay. He says look what he found, and shows her a copy of the film, It Happened One Night. She says, Clayton had good taste. John says he’ll save it for when they have people to show it to. She says, there’s a VCR in the back, but he says, let’s wait. June says, they’ll find him. John tells her that he was starting to think got all the luck in this world. They’ve survived things people don’t survive. Most people don’t have that kind of good luck. It would be a shame not to share it. They hug, and June says she didn’t think anyone could help her, not even him, until he made her believe it. So that’s what they have to do. Find a way to make other people believe it. They kiss, but John looks distressed.

Alicia stabs zombies. Can’t stop; won’t stop. Morgan says, hey, and Alicia says they could have died today. Luci almost did. The people they came for took what they had back home, and the kids ran from them. They can’t make up for the past if they’re dead. This was stupid. Morgan says, they were trying. They can’t make up for the past if they don’t try. She says her mom did so much to make sure they were standing there. Why? If they’re out there, they need to make it mean something. Morgan says he’s not done yet. It’s what they need – what he needs – because they’re not done yet. They could keep looking for the kids. Alicia says they don’t want help, but Morgan says they’ll keep trying until they do. It’s not supposed to be easy. They can’t just say they want to help and that’s it. They kill people. The things they’ve done – the things he’s done – they should be hard. Maybe that’s how they know they’re on the right track. Alicia says, it shouldn’t be this hard. Morgan says they’re still standing; they’re still here. Until they’re not, they have to keep at it. She walks off, and he walks in the other direction.

Victor looks at the skidmark tape. He sees Al’s interview with Daniel. Victor is like, what?!

It’s pouring rain, but Al goes back to the impaled zombie. She takes the mask off, and stabs him in the head. She begins to film, and finds a wire attacked to his jacket. She pulls out some kind of electrical component, and a pouch. She pulls a map out of the pouch. On the map, are the letters CRM and three circles interlinked. She radios Morgan, and says she’s back at the plane. He asks if it can wait, and she says, she was right. There’s a story there.

Someone comes up from behind, and knocks her out using a taser. It’s another guy in a mask and suit, but I don’t think he’s a zombie.

Next time, I don’t know. Either they didn’t show it or I wasn’t paying attention.

💀 I was, however, paying attention to the code word for TWD Rewards during Talking Dead. It was skidmark, and Chris Hardwick made me laugh when he cautioned viewers to enter it at the website, not Google. Yeah, I can only imagine, but don’t want to. The guests also gave a tease that the radiation sign Alicia saw would have something to do with the storyline, and how that might have affected the zombies. Chris acted like this was all fresh, but um… Z Nation addressed that issue some time ago. (Still sobbing over its cancelation.)

👃 Smelling an Emmy…

And still hanging on. Tyrion was really the only character I was invested in. Except for the dragons and direwolves.


💃 Giving It Another Try…

Eva Longoria is making another attempt at a show. I hope it works out for her. I loved Devious Maids and Telenova, but apparently the general public and/or network didn’t feel the same.


👓 I Had No Idea…

Reza and MJ are at odds again.



🏡 She’s Making It Nice…

Now if Dorinda had just had James The-White-Kanye Kennedy as a DJ, that would have made it perfect.


🐈 Making Like Snagglepuss…

Exiting stage left.

September 2, 2016 – A GH Wedding, a Flipping Out Promise & Quotes to Live By


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Jason and Sam kick back in Jason’s hotel room. Sam says she’s starving, so Jason checks the room service menu. He’s not thrilled about the gourmet choices, but Sam tells him he can order the burger without the fig jam

Carly is busy making wedding plans. Nell comes downstairs and Carly babbles about the wedding. Bobbie stops by and asks who Nell is, and Carly introduces them. Nell can see Carly is dying to tell her mother their secret and says she can go ahead. Carly explains that Nell is Josslyn’s kidney donor, but they don’t want it made public. Bobbie says she’s more than grateful. Nell goes upstairs to read to Avery.

Sonny tells Oz that he doesn’t want to leave anything to chance when it comes to Julian.

Michael and Sabrrrina have finally gotten Teddy to sleep, so they take him to The Floating Rib, which makes perfect sense. They see Sonny and Oz talking. Sonny wants to stop Julian from communicating with Alexis.

Finn tells Hayden murder isn’t her style. She says she’s getting the impression he actually cares about her. He says if she tells anyone, he’ll deny it. She says now that she finds out he cares, she has to leave. I really like these two together. I liked Hayden with (the old) Nicholas, but Finn is a better match for her sense of humor.

Elizabeth tells Franco that Hayden tried to kill her. Jordan overhears them talking and asks if Elizabeth feels up to giving a statement.

Hayden tells Finn if she sticks around, it’s a risk. Finn tells her if she leaves, she’ll be a fugitive. The lights come back on and she says she’s out of there. Nurse Eileen comes in, and Finn asks about Elizabeth. Eileen says she’s doing well and they don’t expect any permanent damage. When she’s gone, Hayden comes back and says she knows what Finn is trying to do. Okay, tell me, because I’m not sure.

Elizabeth tells Jordan about feeling someone push her. Franco tries to interject, but Jordan tells him to back off and let Elizabeth talk. She asks if Elizabeth knows who pushed her and Elizabeth says Hayden.

Oz leaves and Michael goes over to Sonny, saying Teddy requires noise to sleep. I guess putting the television on wasn’t an option. Finn walks into the bar (I so want to make a joke – sorry, we don’t serve aquatic creatures, or something like that) and Joe is right behind him. Joe smiles at Sabrrrina. Come on, can Michael even hold a candle to this guy? He is so Rico Suave. Joe approaches Sabrrrina and Michael. He says it looks like trip to The Floating Rib was just what Teddy needed. Sabrrrina introduces Sonny, and Joe says he knows who Sonny is. He’s the guy who brought Carrrlos back to the states so he could be killed. We’re off to a great start.

Carly tells Bobbie the nanny story and says what a great nanny Nell is, but Bobbie says she knows exactly who could look after Avery. Oh, nice. Nell loses her job and you take her potential new one away.

Jason tells Sam they have a big day ahead of them. Sam says Molly told her it’s bad luck to spend the night before the wedding together, but she’s not big on superstition. She thinks it’s actually good luck. They kiss.

Hayden says Finn was trying to get information to find out when Elizabeth is going to squeal, but she’s not going to be a sitting duck. He asks where she’s going to go. She says she’s going to meet up with her mother in NYC, and she needs to go pack her bags. Finn says he’ll take her.

Jordan asks if Elizabeth saw Hayden before she was pushed, but Elizabeth says it was after she fell. Jordan says if she pushed Elizabeth, wouldn’t it have made more sense for Hayden to disappear? Franco says Hayden wanted to make sure she’d done the job right, and/or to send a message that she can do damage. He says Hayden seemed expressionless, which was kind of creepy, a big deal coming from him. Jordan says no one witnessed the actual assault. Elizabeth says Hayden slapped her during an argument earlier. Jordan asks if anyone saw, and Nurse Eileen appears and says she did. Really? I don’t remember her being there.

Sam is thrilled with the cold sesame noodles Jason brings back. He says they’re going to have two anniversaries, since they’re getting married around their old fifth anniversary. He wonders what the traditional present is for year five. She looks it up on her phone. It’s wood. Lots of jokes floating around everyone’s head, but he hands her the take-out chopsticks and they separate them like a wishbone.

Bobbie suggests that she babysit Avery. Carly says it’s a thankless, day in, day out job. Bobbie says she regrets not having a chance to bring Carly up, but Carly says she doesn’t owe her anything. Bobbie says it’s not out of obligation, but love.

Sonny says he didn’t really want Carrrlos dead; he wanted him to face justice for his crimes. Joe says he understands. He loved his brother, but he needed to pay for what he did. He apologizes for any pain Carrrlos caused. Joe asks to speak to Sabrrrina privately, and then asks her if he can spend more time with Teddy. She says just give her a call. He was afraid she’d say no, but she says Teddy is his family. He asks if they can finish the conversation they started and she says she’s ready to deal with their past.

Eileen tells Jordan that Hayden said something about shutting Elizabeth up. Jordan tells them it’s solid enough to merit further investigation and she’ll keep them posted. After she leaves. Elizabeth says it surprises her that she’s surprised. She didn’t really think Hayden would try to kill her. Griff comes in with her test results.

Elizabeth thought Griff had handed over the case to another doctor. He says the doctor got called out on an emergency, so he’ll go over the results with her. He says she has a mild concussion, some kind of contusion and something with her spleen. Why is it always the spleen? What is the spleen? Franco doesn’t like Griff’s cavalier attitude and wants another doctor. Griff ignores him and says if things keep going well, Elizabeth can be released soon, but they want to keep an eye on her for now. Franco doesn’t like Elizabeth staying in the hospital with the murders going on.

Finn and Hayden drink liquor out of coffee cups outside Perks. She says she guesses this is good-by and he asks her where she’s going.

Nell asks if Carly wants her to stay a few days to help, but Carly says Bobbie just volunteered her services. Nell says who better to watch Avery than her own family. Carly says Nell should be able to get a good job with her references, but Nell says with everyone having gone off to college, all the decent positions are filled already.

Sabrrrina says the past is the past, and she and Joe are just two people who care about her son. He asks if she’s committed to Michael.

Sonny asks Michael what’s on his mind. He says he doesn’t like seeing Sabrrrina with Joe because they have a past. Sonny says Michael is really jealous of her relationship with Carrrlos, and she’ll always have one because he’s her baby daddy. Sonny tells Michael not to let resentment build and he needs to talk to someone or talk to Sabrrrina. Michael says he’s right and Sonny says he always is.

Before Sonny leaves, he tells Joe he doesn’t know why he’s in Port Charles, but his brother caused a lot of trouble for Sonny’s family. Joe says he’s not his brother, but Sonny says he’s a different kind of trouble. He says don’t make the same mistakes Carrrlos did.

Elizabeth asks Franco to leave for a minute while she calls her grandmother to watch the kids. Franco approaches Griff. He asks if Elizabeth is going to be okay. Griff says he should really talk to Elizabeth’s doctor, but with the injuries she has, it’s wait and see.

Jason and Sam start fooling around and the phone rings. It’s Franco. Franco leaves a message for Jason to call him back about Elizabeth.

Sabrrrina explains to Michael that she and Joe were over a long time ago, and there’s nothing between them. Michael asks if Joe knows that, and she says yes. He says seeing them together brought back a lot of his old feelings about Carrrlos. Sabrrrina says she regrets what she did and will for the rest of her life, but she loves Michael and wants a future with him. If he feels like he can’t forgive her, he needs to tell her now.

Sonny gets home and says he didn’t think he’d see Nell there. She says Avery had a hard time getting to sleep and she wants him to know he has an amazing daughter. She says she’ll check in before she leaves and thanks Carly for the ride home. Carly tells Sonny that Bobbie will be the new nanny. He thinks it’s fantastic.

Jason tells Sam the last time he talked to Elizabeth, she said she wasn’t seeing Franco anymore, so he’s ignoring the call. They start to fool around again.

Hayden says if she talks to Finn, he’ll be aiding and abetting. He says that’s what he does for a living. She tells him that she doesn’t want to get him in trouble, and he reminds her that she brought drugs to him in jail. She tells him to take care of himself. He says he’ll try, and she says a wise man once said, there is no trying, just doing, and he realizes she’s quoting Yoda. Hayden asks Finn to spend time with Tracy because she needs someone. Finn talks about their friendship and Hayden says how was she supposed to know they were friends when he kept pushing her away? He says he wishes she wouldn’t leave. They kiss. Lots of that going around today.

Sam and Jason bask in the afterglow and open a fortune cookie. It’s one of those ones I hate that says, “With great work comes great success.” The next one is no better. Jason claims it says they’ll live happily ever after.

Carly tells Sonny the florist is going to be there early. Sonny thinks something is wrong and Carly says she feels badly about sending Nell back to Atlanta when there’s nothing there for her. Sonny says she can be grateful, but not be responsible for Nell’s life. He goes upstairs and Carly calls Nell. She says she wants to discuss Nell’s job hunt, and has a few ideas.

Michael asks if Sabrrrina wants a future with him. She says yes, and he says he wants one with her and Teddy. He says the past is behind them and they need to rebuild the trust they lost. He’s willing to make the effort if she is. They kiss. What’d I say?

Elizabeth tells her grandmother not to tell the kids what happened and she’ll be there as soon as she’s able. Franco overhears and says she’s missing the opportunity for handmade get well cards. She tells him to get some rest. He says he will and lies in the chair next to her. They hold hands. Her face is pretty bruised up, so they can’t participate in today’s kissing theme.

Jordan comes with an officer to arrest Hayden, who says she expected it, but wonders why it isn’t the Feds. Jordan says it’s not their jurisdiction. She’s being arrested for the attempted murder of Elizabeth.

Tomorrow, Finn talks to someone about a mutual friend, Curtis arranges something for Nina, and Jason has a surprise for Sam.

General Hospital – Friday

Nina and Curtis walk in the park. It sounds like Curtis has found a baby momma for Nina.

Franco talks to Elizabeth while she sleeps. He tells her even though the hospital lighting isn’t the best, she’s beautiful. He says whoever did this to her is going to pay, even if it is her sister. Elizabeth stirs and asks him what he said.

In the interrogation room, Hayden nods out and relives the kiss with Finn and her subsequent arrest. She wakes up realizing it’s all real.

Finn gives Hayden’s medical records to a nurse for delivery to the PCPD.

Paul gets a call from Ava, but he says “not today” to his phone. She leaves a message that she hopes he’s not ignoring her, and they need to discuss a game plan if he wants her to keep quiet. The jury selection for Julian’s trial is beginning.

Sabrrrina isn’t looking forward to testifying. Michael tells her to relax and just tell the truth. Monica tells them she’s going to have to miss the big day. What big day?

Oh, she must mean Jason and Sam’s wedding. Sam wants breakfast in bed, but there isn’t time. She suggests they elope, but Jason says as great as it sounds, they’ll disappoint their family.

Carly attends to the last minute details and gives instructions to the photographer. Sonny asks her if she’s overdoing things and didn’t they want it simple, but she says it is simple. I’m with her on this. It’s understated and elegant. She wants it to be about Jason and Sam, and wants them to be as happy as she and Sonny are.

Monica tells Michael not to mention anything to Jason or the kids about what happened to Elizabeth, and then has to explain what happened to Elizabeth. Sabrrrina suggests she stay behind in case Elizabeth needs anything.

Elizabeth asks about the boys and Franco tells her all is fine. He says Monica is going to gather them together later and hr grandmother will explain what happened. Elizabeth says she can’t believe that Hayden tried to kill her. Franco tells her to get some rest and he’ll be back before she wakes up. She thanks him. Wonder how that spleen is doing.

Finn calls Curis, leaving a message that he wants to talk about their mutual friend. Curtis ignores the call. Curtis explains to Nina how to talk to the potential mother. He tells her not to call anything a payment for services, but a payment for expenses. A humongously pregnant girl comes along and introduces herself as Bridget.

Michael and Jake are the first to show up for the wedding. Alexis and her girls are right behind. Alexis heads directly for the champagne, which makes me a little worried about her. Although I would relish seeing Alexis as a raging alcoholic. Sam and Jason show up, hardly dressed in summer casual. He’s wearing a tux and she has on a formal gown with a sparkly bodice.

Sabrrrina brings Elizabeth some magazines. She wonders why Hayden would push Elizabeth down the stairs. Elizabeth says it’s a long, complicated story and she’s just glad Hayden is locked up.

Franco goes to the station to see Hayden. The officer says family and lawyer only. At first Franco says he’s her lawyer (like that was going to work) and then he says he’s there for the family. Finn comes in asking if there’s a problem.

Curtis tells Nina he has faith in her and leaves. She thanks Bridget for coming and they both say how nervous they are. Bridget says she wants her little girl to grow up the best way possible and have a loving home. Nina tells her a little about herself, saying the child will never lack for anything material and she’ll love the baby with all her heart. Bridget lets Nina feel the baby kicking, which blows my theory that maybe Bridget isn’t really pregnant. Ava comes out of nowhere and tells Nina to get her hands off that girl. Ava has a lot of time on her hands. Doesn’t she go to work? Who takes care of the gallery?

Carly says she thought Sam and Jason wanted it casual. Sam says she thought Carly wanted them dressed up and says they’ll change. It just so happens that Jason has clothes in the car and Kristina has another outfit for Sam. If this was you or me, nobody would have anything except an old pair of shorts.

Ava tells Bridget to call the police. Ava says Kiki told her that Nina was drifting back into her baby obsession and wonders what kind of court would allow her to adopt. She realizes that Nina is going to get a baby “off the books.” Nina tries to get Bridget to go somewhere else with her (where’s Curtis?), but Ava says Bridget better keep Nina away from her baby.

Franco calls Finn “Dr. Buddinsky” and tells him to butt out. He tries to give a message to Finn from Hayden’s “family,” but Finn blows him off. The guard tells Hayden her doctor is here. Finn gives her something that looks like ibuprofen, saying it’s medication she needs because she got shot, and lucky her, he’s required to administer it personally.

Paul and Nathan visit Elizabeth. She goes over the timeline for them, remembering that she saw Paul in Monica’s office before she went to the stairs.

Alexis continues to work on the champagne. Sonny asks if she’s made up with Kristina and she says it’s a fragile peace. He mentions that jury selection starts today. She says it hadn’t crossed her mind and picks up another glass.

Ava tells Bridget that Nina is dangerously unstable and tells her about how Nina kidnapped her baby. She calls Nina a lunatic in sheep’s clothing. Nina says it’s not as bad as it sounds. Ava says it is, and Bridget should run away and never let Nina near her baby.

Finn feels responsible, saying if it wasn’t for him, Hayden would have been long gone. She says it’s ironic she’s been arrested for the one crime she didn’t commit. She wonders who would believe it wasn’t her.

Paul suggests Elizabeth’s time frame is off. Elizabeth says she remembers seeing Paul searching through Monica’s desk and he insists he was looking for a pen. Nathan thinks they’re just digressing and asks about the stairs. Monica interrupts, saying Elizabeth has had enough questions for one day. Paul says he hopes she feels better soon and Sabrrrina gives Paul the mother of all soap opera faces as he walks out. I hope Nathan thinks about this real hard, because Paul basically gave himself away by first saying that Elizabeth was mistaken about seeing him and then saying he was in there looking for a pen. Hello? Did no one notice this? Maybe Sabrrrina did and that’s why the face.

Naomi comes to the station. Franco tells her that Hayden has been detained because she tried to murder her sister.

The photographer takes pictures of Sam with her mother and sisters. They all talk about Julian’s trial through clenched teeth smiles and in between the song part. Photos of the guys are taken, and Jason wishes Monica could be there. Just sayin’, but Sam’s new outfit, a chiffon-y white halter number, isn’t that much less dressy than the one she walked in with. Molly insists that Jason and Sam do a kiss photo.

Nina says she has references and Bridget can talk to her therapist. Bridget says she’d rather leave and jets. Ava tells Nina that actions have consequences, and Nina asks when Ava is going to pay for her actions, including Connie’s murder. She tells Ava that she’s a hypocritical, lying bitch. Suddenly, Nathan steps in.

Finn insists Elizabeth will remember that Hayden didn’t push her once her mind clears. He tells Hayden that he can’t pretend to understand their grudge, but he doesn’t think Elizabeth would blame her for something she didn’t do. The cynic in him is working on a contingency plan just in case though. Before he leaves, he tells Hayden to stay positive because it’s better for her immune system. He adds that it might be inappropriate considering the circumstances, but she looks pretty. Aww! Michael Easton is just precious in this role. Much better than the brooding poet he usually is plays. If I want to see Heathcliff, I’ll watch Wuthering Heights. Now he’s a brooding poet with a sense of humor and a bearded dragon.

Naomi tells Franco that Hayden doesn’t have a sister. Franco says he knows Hayden and Elizabeth are half-sisters, sharing Jeff Webber as a father. He tells her he found out from Heather. Naomi says Heather is a lunatic who no one will believe. Franco says maybe, but everyone will believe him and the money can be traced. He tells her everyone is going to know. Naomi says no one is going to know, especially Elizabeth.

Monica complains about being short-staffed. Sabrrrina says her nursing license is still current and offers her services. Monica accepts.

Sam asks where the officiant is and Jason says he has a surprise. He leads everyone to the stairs and Spinelli comes down. Just yesterday, Spinelli became a minister online through the Church of Illuminating Wonders. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a real thing.

Ava tells Nathan that his deluded sister was about to buy a baby, and she’s not about to let her get her hands on another one. Nina says she’s changed, but Ava hasn’t, and one day it’s coming back to bite her. Ava says no one has ever proven anything about her, but Nina can’t say the same. She leaves.

Curtis calls Finn back. Finn tells him that Hayden needs their help.

Naomi tells Franco it would destroy her relationship with Hayden (like he cares) and be bad for Elizabeth (okay, she has him there). She says Elizabeth idolizes her father and he’ll be pushed off the pedestal. This is news to me, since we never even hear her talk about Jeff.

Monica looks over Elizabeth’s chart. She says Elizabeth isn’t out of the woods – most likely it’s that spleen thing – but making progress. She says the kids will be told what’s going on after the wedding. Elizabeth is like, what wedding? and Monica tells her Jason and Sam are getting married.

Sam walks down the aisle as invisible violinists play.

Wait, what? Did GH just end on a good note? On a Friday? What happened to my show?

On Monday, Hayden asks if Nina believes her, Ava asks Paul how Julian is going free, and Spinelli tries out his new job, joining Sam and Jason in marriage.

Flipping Out

I also wanted to give a shout out to Flipping Out. I’ve always liked Jeff Lewis, despite his quirky (read pain-in-the-ass) personality. I’m pretty sure I’d even enjoy working for him. He pulls no punches and expects 100% out of his employees, but he works extremely hard, and doesn’t ask anything from anyone that he wouldn’t do himself.

It’s been interesting to watch him grow through life experience as well as therapy. Soon to be a dad with partner Gage, I have no doubt that child is going to lead a charmed life. While his sense of humor is sometimes a little dark for kids, he reminds me of my own father somewhat in that regard, and I’m sure he’s going to make a wonderful parent.

Thursday night’s episode was particularly touching. While he and his housekeeper Zoyla have often butted heads, it seemed like their relationship might have come to an end when Zoyla walked out after an argument. She was scheduled to take care of the house and pets while Jeff and Gage were away on business, and it looked like she wasn’t going to show up, causing everyone to scramble to rearrange plans. Jeff was ready to fire her, leaving her a message that she’d best think carefully about what she’s doing, when returned.

What was beautiful about this episode was the therapy session they had together afterward. Seeing two adults talk out their differences in a reasonable way was amazing enough, but Jeff went on to say how much he cared about Zoyla, something that snarky Jeff rarely does. He told her that it was her choice whether she wanted to continue working for him or retire, but either way he promised he would take care of her for the rest of her life. It was so kind and so loving, I nearly burst into tears. Not something Flipping Out usually does to me. She chose to continue working part time and expressed interest in being involved with the new baby, which he said he definitely wanted. He told her that he loved her and she said she loved him too. It was one of the truly great moments in reality TV that didn’t involve a fight.

Jeff is going to make an awesome daddy!

😟 I also just read that Devious Maids has been canceled and I’m so disappointed. It was a delightful show – smart and funny, intriguing and fun. I’d also liked Eva Longoria ‘s other effort, Telenovela, which unfortunately disappeared after a few episodes. Here’s hoping she continues to toss her hat into the ring until something sticks.

Quotes of the Week

Always remember: If you’re alone in the kitchen and you drop the lamb, you can always just pick it up. Who’s going to know?Julia Child

There is no magic to achievement. It’s really about hard work, choices, and persistence.Michelle Obama

For God’s sake even Superman was Clark Kent. Go to work.Gene Simmons on Dr. Phil, addressing a 44-year-old man who continues to pursue his dream of being a rock star by sponging off of his loved ones.

December 7, 2015 –GH, Pump & a Little Longoria


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)


General Hospital

Without wasting any time, ABC breaks in with news that could easily wait until 4 o’clock.

When we finally return, Patrick is talking with Epiphany about Sam. He says, logically, she gets what’s going on and that Jason just doesn’t remember their life together, but in her heart, it’s hard for her to accept. Epiphany says he has to give it time.

Carly is still pressuring Jason about seeking his memory. She says no matter what, she loves him and he says, ditto, but get off his back. She says he keeps having flashes of memories, so he shouldn’t give up. She also says he still has the same instincts. He says she’s still his closest friend, but when he found out he was Jason, nothing happened. He says he wants to move on with Elizabeth, but Carly isn’t receptive to that idea.

Sam tells Elizabeth that Jake told him about the secret between her and Laura. She says Elizabeth saw Jason struggle to find answers, but did nothing. Elizabeth says that’s not true, but Sam says Laura confirmed it. Yep. It’s that old trick of telling them you know already to get them to say what they know.

Anna is at the docks where she lives now. Mac shows up and says that he was able to get Sloane’s computer and phone records. He says the last text was to her and after that, messages were picked up, but not responded to. He asks her to tell him what she knows. She says she thinks Sloan is dead. She tells him about dialing the number on the back of his business card, and that when she dialed, Paul picked up the phone.

Paul is checking out Sloane’s apartment. The super shows up and Paul says that he’s investigating the tenant from the apartment, and that the apartment was recently broken into. He asks if the super saw anyone and he says he thinks so.

Sonny is questioning Ava as to whether she knows gun importer Raj. Sonny says he deals with military weapons and everyone he deals with is on the NSA list. He says she’s jeopardizing Avery’s life. Ava says she would never do that. Sonny tells her she’s headed for prison or death, and he doesn’t want Avery exposed to it.

Jason tells Carly to quit bullying Elizabeth. Carly says Elizabeth is manipulating him and using his gratitude against him. He says he loves Elizabeth. Carly says if he does, that’s fine, but he needs to start trusting his instincts. He tells her again to lay off Elizabeth.

Elizabeth tells Sam she’s full of it. Sam says she can see fear in Elizabeth’s eyes, and she saw it on Cassadine Island too. She says Elizabeth is worse than Helena (which I totally agree with), because Helena never pretended. She says Elizabeth stole Jason’s life from him, Danny and everyone else who loves him. She says Elizabeth knew who he was the entire time and to stop lying. Elizabeth says Sam is lying – to herself.

Ava says Sonny can waste her time with his baloney all he likes, but she’s not putting Avery in harm’s way. She says she used to be afraid of Sonny, but she isn’t anymore. She says he’s weak and no longer a threat to her.  Julian is like, let’s hold on, but Sonny says he’s going to bring Ava down.

Patrick thanks Epiphany for listening. She says listening is easy, but taking action is the hard part. She says all she’s heard from him is how Sam thinks and feels, but what about him? He says he loves Sam. Epiphany says maybe he should remind her and that if he loves Sam, he needs to show her. Yep, lotsa men have a problem with that action part.

Elizabeth says that what Sam really wants is a Jason who doesn’t exist and she lies every time she says she loves Patrick. She says she didn’t take anything from Sam, that her husband is gone. He’s a different person now, and he loves her.

Carly agrees to stop being so pushy. She asks when Jason feels most alive though. She says he loves the rush of putting his life on the line, and Elizabeth will never allow him to be himself. She says she doesn’t want him going through his life half alive. She says it’s his decision, but she thinks marrying Elizabeth is a big mistake. Me too. She says in the old days, he was the one stopping her from being impulsive, but now it’s her turn to tell him to count to ten.

Julian asks if there’s any truth to what Sonny said. Ava says he’s just jealous because she has custody. Julian mentions that Ava said she was seeing someone new and asks if it’s Raj. She says no, but is cagey about whom it really is.

The super says he only saw the guy’s back. Paul says to keep everything on the down low and not to say anything about him being there because the investigation is under wraps. He says maybe he can swing some money the super’s way to pay for the lock and back rent.

Mac says he and Paul got to Port Charles around the same time, but he thought Paul had given up his wicked ways. He asks Anna if she’s sure about his involvement. Anna thinks that Paul killed Sloane and passed the body off as Carrrlos’s. Mac thinks it’s a possibility. Anna says if Carrrlos is alive, Paul has no leverage. Anna is afraid Paul will get to Carrrlos before she does. She wonders why Paul came back to Port Charles in the first place. Mac thinks he knows where to start.

Epiphany tells Sonny he’s missed half his PT session and Carly is annoyed.

Sam says maybe she doesn’t have proof that Elizabeth has been lying to Jason, but she can find it. And when she does, Elizabeth is going to regret every second she kept it to herself. Elizabeth yells at her to get out and when she opens the door, Jason is there. D’oh!

Mac tells Anna they’re going to figure things out together. Anna says they have to investigate Paul without his knowledge.

Paul talks to himself while he’s bagging stuff in Sloane’s apartment, vowing to find out who broke in.

Julian says he’s not going to ask Ava any questions about Raj or guns, because he’s promised Alexis that he’ll have nothing more to do with the mob. He tells her not to underestimate Sonny though. He says Sonny is down but not out.

Sonny says he can’t kidnap Jason for Carly. She says she doesn’t want that, but she wants him to be happy and Elizabeth isn’t putting Jason’s happiness first. Sonny plays devil’s advocate and says maybe he’s happy with Elizabeth. He does add that he wants his old friend back too.

Patrick orders lots and lots of flowers.

Elizabeth says Sam was just leaving. Sam says, no way, either you tell Jason or I will.

Tomorrow, Jason gets really pissed off at Sam.

Vanderpump Rules

Lisa tells the staff that Gay Pride Day is coming up. Jax says last year Lisa focused on PUMP, so he’s hoping that SUR will also get some attention this time around. Lisa says that PUMP was new last year, but she’s also throwing a party at SUR this year.

Jax asks Scheana what she would do if she only had 5 days to live. She says travel, but he says make a hit list. Geez. He says James would be on the list and Scheana asks if that’s because he ended up with Lala instead of Jax. In her individual interview, Scheana says that ever since James started to DJ, the ladies have been loving him, but she couldn’t date someone whose clothes are smaller than hers. Ha-ha!

The dresses for the SUR party arrive and they’re pretty darn cute. A 50s halter style in a mini, pink with a black and white floral pattern. Lisa asks Katie and Ariana to be supportive of Scheana, because she and Shay are going through a tough time. Scheana says that things have been going well, but she doesn’t want him to go overboard with drinking at the party. Jax says he shouldn’t even come, since it’s like a circus of drunks.

James comes over to Lala’s apartment. She has a cute black lab mix named Lily. This has nothing to do with the story, but I love dogs, so I mentioned it. James says that she bummed him out when she was cold to him after talking to Kristen.  James gives us TMI about what he likes sexually, and in her individual interview, Lala says she doesn’t think they’ll ultimately be compatible.

Lala says she has to lay out boundaries for James or he’ll be overly-aggressive. She just wants to date him and not get too involved. James has brought his keyboard and they practice some tracks together. Lala says that she just wants to see how things go, but James says he doesn’t like to leave things open-ended. Lala says that if he’d just shut up and speak through his music, life would be a lot better.

Sxhwartz and Tom take Shay to the gym. Tom says he thinks Shay can benefit from “Afro Brazilian Dance Fighting.” I’m not sure if he’s being funny or this is a real thing. The instructor says he combines a lot of different techniques. The class looks difficult, but fun. They do that rope climbing thing we had to do in elementary school phys-ed, but with some kind of heavy cloth. I’ll bet that’s easier to climb that that stupid rope that hurts your skin. Shay throws up in the parking lot. Maybe they should stop working out for now. Tom and Schwartz do push-ups, while Shay cheers them on.

Tom says the first day of working out is always the hardest. I agree. Tom asks Schwartz about the engagement ring he’s having designed for Katie. Schwartz says it’s awesome and he’s pretty excited about it. They talk to Shay about his addiction, and he says it’s not so much about alcohol, but he had a hard time with kicking the pills.

Scheana is getting her name changed on her driver’s license. Ariana is along for the ride. Scheana has the best experience anyone ever had having their picture taken at the DMV. She’s dressed to the nines and you’d think the “photographer” actually cared. Ariana says she doesn’t believe in marriage for herself – her parents split up, got back together, had another baby,and split up again – but she’s supportive of Scheana and Shay.

Shay says it sucks because Scheana has something to hold over his head now. Schwartz says Shay is one of his few married friends and Shay makes marriage look scary. He says if Scheana and Shay are having problems, what hope is there for him? Dude, the guy is an addict.

Party planner, Kevin Lee, is helping Lisa decorate at PUMP. Lisa wants them to pink it up and gay it up. James is running late and breezes in. Lisa sees some scratches and bruises on him and asks what happened. We both go la-la-la, but he says it wasn’t Lala. I guess they’re not exclusive. Does Lala know that?

Ken tells Lisa that James is getting it on with another hostess at SUR. Lisa is like, in a world full of women, why at my restaurant?

Man! It’s crowded in the streets for Gay Pride. Lisa says she wears a wide brimmed hat to give herself a little barrier because the crowds can be overwhelming. It probably keeps her from getting everyone’s germs too, since everyone does that double-kiss thing in L.A.

Jax says it’s not a restaurant it’s a smorgasbord of people having fun and doing bad things. Lala asks if she and Jax could have a drink, as she wants to talk to him. He tells one of the customers he’s going to <bleep> her. Tell us how you really feel.

Schwartz says Peter with short hair is like Popeye without his spinach. At least he didn’t use a Samson reference. Schwartz isn’t working and Katie is jealous. I’ll bet it’s worth the tips though.  Jax is drinking while he’s bartending and Katie says he’s like a bull in a china shop on roller skates during an earthquake.

Lala sees the marks on James. She asks where he got them and he tells her he was with someone else. Lala asks if he slept with a cobra. Lala says she told him she wouldn’t be annoyed, but she is. She tells him to get out of her face. Lauren (the cobra) asks James to take a walk with her.

Things are as busy at SUR as they are at PUMP and Lisa is mighty pleased. I don’t know if I’ve ever been in a place this crowded. Jax is basically arguing with the customers, telling them that they want more liquor than they’re ordering. Then he breaks a glass – into the ice chest. Good job!

Shay tells Scheana he’s taking it easy. He’s only having a few beers while watching everyone else do shots and get wasted. He says it’s actually embarrassing to think that was him.

The female staff is having a group picture taken and Kristen tries to get into it. She keeps saying how much she’s glad to be away from SUR, but she never seems to really go away.

Lauren tells Lala to let things with James go and that for all he knows, she’s sleeping with other guys. She says Lala shouldn’t ask him a bunch of questions. Isn’t she the one he slept with??? They hug. Isn’t she the one he slept with???

Gay Pride is wild in the streets and the PUMP and SUR parties are still rocking. Lisa says she’s exhausted. I would be too.

Scheana is counting out her tips and it comes to $748. Not bad for a day’s work. She says she feels like a stripper.

Lala asks Kristen if she can take James back. James comes by and asks why she’s angry. Kristen says he’s disgusting and should go away. Jax says James has a self-destructive pattern which is the pot calling the kettle black. Jax and Lala say they’ll speak later, but I don’t know how much that’s directed at James to make him jealous. Lala insists on knowing who it was James slept with. Yep. It was Lauren. Lala doesn’t know who to beat up first.

She’s gunning for Lauren and hunts her down. Lauren says they’re not talking about this and walks away. Apparently, Lauren is also with Anthony the bartender, so Lala lets him in on it. Now Anthony is gunning for Lauren. Lauren makes the camera go away. Lala says it’s not fair and this isn’t happening. Lala, Anthony and Lauren go behind closed doors.

Jax is waiting like a vulture. Jax asks what Lala expected, and Lala says not this. She says at least Jax was real with her from the jump. She leaves with him. She says she’s over James.

Next week – James is pissed at Jax and spits on Kristen’s apartment door.


I knew I was going to like this show even before I saw it. Eva Longoria playing a Spanish telenovela star who doesn’t speak Spanish? What’s not to like? Eva is very funny and has a flair for physical comedy. I love Devious Maids, and since this comes from the same gene pool, I expect I’ll love it too.

A guy from Santo Domingo that I dated for a while turned me on to telenovelas. I had no clue what they were saying, but they were so broadly acted, it wasn’t hard to understand. In one episode that stands out in my mind, two guys were throwing voodoo at each other in the hospital. It was pretty wild stuff, and I think lends itself to satire.

So far, so good. It’s also very reminiscent of Ugly Betty. The real premiere is on January 4.