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November 22, 2020 – A New Kind Of Taxidermy, a Split World, the Eternal Train Returns & a Duet


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

Fear the Living Dead

The dead feed on a deer. Some Rangers on horseback shoot them. In a car with Victor, Dakota says the Rangers are slowing them down. Without an escort, they’d be there already. He says, without an escort, they might not make it. She asks if he thinks the Rangers are there to keep her safe. He says he assigned them, so yes. She says they’re keeping an eye on her. They’re just a bunch toy soldiers. They’re keeping an eye on him too. Ginny doesn’t fully trust him yet. He says, she will, and Dakota asks when he’s going to do it. He says, do what? and she says what he was planning at the molasses plant. He says he has no idea what she’s talking about, and she says she’s sure he doesn’t. She looks out the car window, now covered in blood. She says they could run away; there aren’t enough Rangers to stop them. A lot of the Rangers are dead, and John has been missing for a week. Now is the time to do it. Victor says, people are at their most dangerous when they feel threatened, and calls Dakota a font of sisterly love. She says he doesn’t know the half of it. A Ranger says, hold up, and they slow to a halt. Victor tells Dakota, wait here, and gets out. Terry’s horse comes back without Terry.

Victor and Ranger Samuels ride forward, and Victor says, Terry was scouting ahead. He tries to get Terry on the radio, but there’s no answer. He thinks they should check to see if there’s a horde in front of them, and he and Samuels ride on. They come to a downed tree, and Victor said they’d need to get men with saws out there. He tries Terry again, but still gets nothing. A team of riderless horses gallops by. Samuels and Victor follow them. When they get back to where the convoy was, they find everyone dead, lining the road on both sides. The dead begin to rise, and Victor and Samuels shoot them. Samuels asks if Victor thinks it’s the same a-holes who attacked Tank Town. He says, there’s only one person who matters, and she’s gone. Victor gets down, and looks through the people, but Dakota isn’t there.

Alicia looks at a map in a ranger station in the woods. Charlie is out on the balcony, looking through binoculars, when Victor’s voice comes over the radio. Charlie looks in at Alicia. Victor says, it’s an emergency; he needs her. He sees walker activity. Charlie says, he’s been trying all day. Maybe Alicia should see what it’s about. Alicia says, they’ve been there six weeks. What has Victor done for them? Nothing. So that’s what they’re doing for him. Victor says he needs to talk to Alicia. She’s the only one who can help. She finally picks up the radio, and says, what does he want? Talk.  

Alicia and Charlie meet with Victor and Samuels. He asks if he can trust Alicia; lives depend on her agreeing to help them. Samuels takes the horses, and Victor says their convoy was attacked. Alicia asks if he knows who, and he says he thinks it’s the same people who attacked Tank Town. She asks, what happened there? and he says, it’s gone. Luci and Wes are okay though. Alicia asks what they were doing out there, and he says he was taking Dakota to a safe house. She asks where Dakota is, and he says he thinks she fled on foot. He’s screwed if Ginny finds out he lost her sister. She knows they were delayed, and it should be a half a day before heads start rolling. Alicia asks, what makes him think she’ll have a better chance of finding Dakota? and he says Dakota looks up to her and trusts her. If she helps him, he’ll deliver Dakota to the place she’s meant to be situated, then finally do the damage they talked about. He promises. She asks if he means that, and he says that’s what it’s all been for. He tells Alicia, when she finds Dakota, click three times, and she says she knows the drill. She tells Charlie, come on, and Victor thanks her.

Alicia and Charlie walk through the woods. Charlie asks why Alicia is helping Victor, but Alicia says she’s not. It’s not about Victor, it’s about the Rangers who brought her back when she ran. They need someone to deal with the Rangers. Whoever attacked the convoy and Tank Town, can do the damage they need. Charlie wonders if Alicia is going to ask them for help, and Alicia says she wants to see who they are; know who they are. Charlie asks if she thinks Dakota can tell  them, when a couple of zombies toddle out of the trees. Dakota and Alicia stab them in the head, but Alicia spaces out as a third comes toward her. The zombie knocks her down, but Charlie stabs it in the head. The zombie looks like it’s been modified, and Alicia says, someone did that. Charlie says, whoever did that is crazy. They see an old hunting lodge, and Alicia says if she was kidnapping someone, she’d go there. She tells Charlie to be the look-out. She’ll go in and check. They have no other choice. They need to find Dakota. She goes to the lodge while Charlie waits.

Alicia smashes a window with her pokey weapon, and goes inside. She looks around with a flashlight. She sees a taxidermied bird, and keeps walking hears music, sees more taxidermy. (Useless trivia: The song playing is Tonight You Belong to Me. Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters sang it in The Jerk.) She goes upstairs, following the sound of the music. She hears sounds of the dead from below looks down, seeing a guy experimenting on a zombie strapped to a table she backs away. She looks again, but doesn’t see him. He comes up behind her, and says, don’t worry, it won’t hurt much. He sticks her with a syringe.

Alicia opens her eyes sees a counter with things like eyeballs in a jar sitting on it. Her hands are tied, and she’s strapped down.  She struggles up, and she’s able to cut the duct tape on her wrists, sawing it against a pair of antlers. She hears someone at the door, and looks around for a weapon. She breaks one of the antlers off, and stands to the side of the door. It’s Dakota, who says, no one saw her. Alicia says they have to get out now, and the guy who was working on the zombie says, what’s the rush? Alicia tells him, don’t come any closer, but he says he thinks it was a misunderstanding. Dakota says the convoy she was with got attacked, and Ed thought maybe it was her. Ed says he found Dakota while he was hunting, and she seemed shaken from what happened with Ginny and her community. Alicia says she’s not talking until he tells her what he was doing with the walker. He says he was working on something to scare people; keep them from getting close. Dakota tells Alicia, he’s okay, and Ed says he doesn’t suppose any of them are chess players.

Ed puts on some music, and plays chess with Dakota. I wonder where Charlie is. Ed says Dakota reminds him of his daughter. They used to come there every summer to get out of the city. The last summer they came, it rained the entire time. They stayed in the game room, which wasn’t the worst way to pass the time, especially after the world went south. There’s something comforting about at least one thing not having changed. It’s nice to play with someone again. Dakota asks, what happened to his family? and he says, the same thing that happened with most people’s families. Dakota says, Ginny killed her parents, and Alicia says they should get going. Ed says they’re not going anywhere. Whoever attacked the convoy is still out there. This is the safest place there is. Alicia says she’s cold, and asks if Ed will start a fire. He says he will, but in the meantime, he has blankets. He tells her where they are, and Alicia takes a lantern to go looking for more than blankets. She finds Charlie, and asks how she got in there. Charlie says when Alicia didn’t come out, she snuck in, but now the doors are all locked, and the windows are shut. Alicia says, there’s got to be a way out, and Charlie says, not without making noise. Alicia tells Charlie to stay hidden, and opens a closet, looking at tools. Dakota joins her, and asks, what’s going on? Alicia says, the whole place is locked; they can’t leave. Dakota says she doesn’t want to leave. By now, Ed is there too, and says he’s trying to keep them safe. Alicia says, if that’s what he really wants, he has to let them go. Dakota is Ginny’s sister, and Ginny is going to come looking for her. Letting her go is the only way. Ed says they can leave at dawn. They’ll have a better chance when it’s light. He leaves, and Charlie asks why Alicia told him about Dakota. Alicia says she’s keeping Dakota alive. He’s not who they think he is. The walker he was working on was a Ranger. Charlie wonders why he was doing that, and Alicia says she doesn’t know, but if they stay, they’ll end up like that. Dakota says, when they were attacked, she thought she could finally get away from her sister, and thought this was the place to do it. She can’t go back. Alicia asks if Ginny really killed their parents, and Dakota just looks at her. Alicia asks, why? but Dakota says she doesn’t know. Alicia says they’ll leave first thing in the morning. Get some sleep.

Alicia finds a radio, and shuts the door. She fiddles with the dials, and asks if Ginny copies.

Ginny picks up, and asks what Alicia is doing on that channel. Alicia says she’s with Dakota. The convoy was hit; the Rangers are dead. Ginny says, and Victor? but Alicia tells Ginny, Victor wouldn’t tell her what happened until she found Dakota. Ginny says, smart man, and Alicia says, she found Dakota, not him. Let her and Charlie go, no questions asked. They get a fresh start, and Ginny doesn’t look for them – ever. Ginny asks where they’re going to go, and Alicia says she knows a place. Do they have a deal? Ginny says they do.

Charlie watches Alicia sleep, while outside, the zombies gather. Ed watches from the balcony, and Charlie asks what he’s doing. He says bringing back all of his creations. Alicia wakes up, and seeing all of the zombies outside, asks, what the hell is this? Ed says, they won’t leave until he tells them to. It wasn’t safe; he’s making it safe. He’s not letting it happen again. Alicia says, what? Ed comes downstairs, and says, his father did taxidermy. He couldn’t understand how his father could do that to an animal who was vibrant and alive; freeze them in time. His dad said he was preserving them in their most perfect state forever. It’s the same reason he came up there. He wanted to be able to hold onto things as they were, what the place was to them. They had food for years, and they were happy there. The trouble was, things inside were preserved, but not out there. When he was on a supply run, the Rangers got there, and took over. Emily and her mom tried to protect the place. Ginny killed his family too. He should have done more. He could have done more. He bangs on the door, and the zombies clamor. He says he started making them. He wanted them to be scary (like regular zombies aren’t scary enough). Alicia says, to keep people away, and he says, yes. The kind of people who would hurt them, and her. He can keep them safe. He takes out a gun, and says, let’s go upstairs.

Loud music plays, and the zombies gather outside. Dakota tells Alicia that she should have kept going. She was just looking for a way not to feel trapped. She knows it sounds stupid, but Alicia says, it doesn’t. The door opens, and Charlie comes in. She says, he’s asleep and she got his keys. Alicia says, he’s going to wake up, but Charlie says, not anytime soon. Alicia says, they’ll lower the music, and wait until the zombies clear out, then go. Dakota says she knows a place where Ginny can’t find them. The music stops, and the zombies start to wander off. Alicia says, it’s working. Ed appears, and says, you have to hit a vein to make it last. He holds a gun on them, and Alicia asks why he’s doing this. He says he’s just trying to keep them safe, but she says he can’t keep them there. He makes her put her weapon down, and she says he’s going to get them killed. Dakota is coming with them. Ed tells her, no, she’s not, and Alicia asks if he’s doing this for Dakota, or for himself. He says Alicia is one of Ginny’s people, but Charlie says she’s not. He asks how come his radio was set to Ginny’s channel? Alicia rushes him, and he ends up impaled on one of the many pairs of antlers lying around. Poetic justice, I’d say. Dakota tells him that he’s going to be okay. The zombies outside get energetic again, and Charlie says the zombies heard them.

Alicia pulls out the antler, and Ed cries out. The zombies push at the door, and Charlie says, it’s not going to hold. He tells them to go out the side door. He’ll buy them time. Leave now. He’s resigned to be with his family. Alicia tells him not to do this, but he says the first one he was working on got loose, and it was his fault. Alicia says he did it because of his family, but he says again, it was his fault. He created them, but couldn’t control them. He tells her to go, as the zombies start to break through the door. She leaves, and the zombies start to pour in. Dakota watches from the balcony, and Alicia joins her. Ed opens his arms, as if embracing his fate, and the zombies take him down. Upstairs, the three girls break open the door. They see the zombies leaving the house, and Dakota wonders where they’re going.

Alicia runs downstairs, and sees a zombie with antlers approaching. Morgan comes through, slicing and dicing, and Alicia begins to help. Dakota and Charlie watch from above. When they’re finished, Alicia and Morgan hug. She asks how he’s there, and he says he heard the music. She says, no; how is he alive? Charlie and Dakota join them, and Charlie says they heard what he said on the walkie and a gunshot. Morgan says he had help, and Alicia asks, from who? He says he’s been trying to figure that out.

Ed is buried, and Dakota says he was just trying to keep her safe. Alicia says, he did. Morgan says they should get going, and Dakota asks why he’s wearing Emile’s clothes. He says Emile tried to hunt him down, but it didn’t go his way. Alicia asks who Emile is, and Dakota says, a bounty hunter Ginny sends after people who run. Morgan says, he won’t be going after people anymore. They need to leave before Ginny finds this place. Alicia asks where they’re going, and Morgan says, it’s a spot he’s been building up. Al and Dwight are there already. Pretty soon it will be all of them. They should go.

Alicia sits on a porch swing, and Charlie asks if she’s okay. Alicia says, yeah, and Charlie says what happened to Ed isn’t her fault. Alicia is silent for a moment, and says, he was right. She did make a call to Ginny’s radio. Charlie asks where she was taking them, and Alicia says, the stadium. It’s not as far as Charlie thinks. She just couldn’t figure out how to shake the Rangers. Charlie says, the stadium is overwhelmed. Is that why Alicia was training her to kill walkers back at the watchtower? Alicia says she was trying to do what Ed was, bring back something that was gone. Charlie says, she’s not turning Dakota over? but Alicia says she doesn’t know. Ginny is expecting her to deliver her sister. Charlie says she can’t do that to Dakota.

Inside, Morgan packs whatever supplies he can find. Alicia asks where the place is, but he says it’s easier to show her. She says they’re bringing Dakota, right? Morgan puts his hand on his chest, and she asks if he’s okay. He says they’ll talk about that, but now, how to get everyone back. Alicia says Ginny has people who are important to them, and they have someone important to her. Morgan says, that’s what they’re up against; doing things they never would have done before. Alicia says, it was him. He attacked the convoy. Morgan says he gave them a choice, and they chose Virginia. She says he killed all of them? and he says, there was no other way. They’ve got to get the ones they haven’t lost back. She asks if he blew up Tank Town, but he says it wasn’t him. She asks if he knows who it was, but he doesn’t say anything. Alicia says she gets what he’s doing. She was going to trade Dakota in for herself and Charlie. After seeing what Ed did, creating things that destroyed the people he cared about… They don’t have to do that. Morgan says, it’s the only way to get everyone out. Charlie and Dakota join them, and Charlie asks, what’s going on? Dakota asks why they’re fighting, and Alicia tells them, let’s go. They’re taking Dakota to the place Morgan talked about, but they’re not going there. Morgan says, it doesn’t have to go this way, but Alicia says they can’t do it his way. He begs them not to go. He can’t watch them walk out; he can’t let that happen. Everything they’ve done, they did to get all of them back together. It doesn’t work if it’s not all of them. He’ll do whatever takes to get them all there, and Dakota is welcome. They all are. Alicia says, okay. Alicia, Charlie, and Dakota head out, and Morgan nods, saying, okay.

Outside, Victor picks up a necklace, and radios that he’s checking on the house. Alicia comes out, and he asks, what happened? He saw the smoke, and knew he could count on her. He sees Dakota, and says he’s glad she’s all right. He’s taking her back. Alicia says, Dakota isn’t going there, and Victor asks, why? Morgan comes out, and says, they’re coming with him. It’s good to see him. Victor looks stunned, and asks if Ginny knows Morgan is alive. Morgan says, she does, and he’s guessing she doesn’t want him to be. He found a place that’s safe, where she won’t find them. He’s getting the others; Victor should come join them. Victor says they’ll be targets for the rest of their lives. Ginny is on her way there, and he’s taking Dakota. He draws his gun, and Morgan draws his whatever that new weapon is. Victor asks if he really wants to do this, and Alicia draws her pokey weapon, asking, does he?  Morgan says they’ll do what they have to, and Alicia and Victor’s eyes meet. Victor ponders a moment, and says he won’t be there to protect them. He tells Alicia, this is going to dismantle everything they’ve been working for. He gives her the necklace, and we see it’s a St. Christopher’s medal. She says she’s just doing what he asked her to do. She tells the others, let’s go, and they leave.

Victor gets back to Lawton, and Ginny asks where Dakota is; is she safe? Victor says, yes, and she asks if he and Alicia are in cahoots. They made a deal for him to bring Dakota back. He says she’s with Morgan, and Ginny grabs Victor, getting in his face, asking, which side is he on? He says, hers, and she touches his badge. She says, okay; come with her. She knocks on a door, and they go through it into an alleyway. She says she told him the day would come when she’d call him for the big show. Today is that day. She moves aside some shelves to reveal a secret door. She goes inside, and he follows. Grace is there, and Ginny tells her, get up. Victor suggests Grace do what Ginny says. Victor asks where they’re going, and who does Ginny want next? Ginny says, all of them. She wants every single person they took from that damn gulch.

Next time: Death, destruction, and decay; it’s inevitable, but from this death comes life. Someone has been looking for someone like Alicia for a long time.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Silas was tied up outside, taking deep breaths, while the others discussed what to do about him. Iris insisted that Tony and Percy must have had enemies out for revenge, but Huck said there was no evidence. Silas was passed out at the scene, covered in blood. Hope said she didn’t want to believe it, but she’s heard the stories. Elton said Silas was their friend, and had earned their trust. There had to be an explanation. Iris said they never found Percy’s body; what if he was alive? Felix said they followed a blood trail to the river, and he was most likely dead. Elton wondered why Silas would attack those who tried to help him. Huck said she thought she knew when she saw this at camp, and pulled a copy of the Tiger poem and Iris’s drawings out of Silas’s bag. Iris said those were hers.   

This week, we got more of Silas’s backstory, seeing how abusive his father was; screaming at him. throwing things at him, slamming him up against the wall, and trying to choke him. Finally having enough, Silas cracked his father over the head with a picture frame, and punched the crap out of him. His father seemed to be dead, when there was a knock at the door.

Hope thought it was messed up. Iris had thrown the drawings away. She said Silas liked Iris, and was different with her. Maybe he’d seen that she liked Percy. Elton said all they had was what they carried on their backs, and Silas thought it was important, but Hope thought he had no right to take them. Huck told Felix that they should take Silas back for a trial, but Felix was hesitant. The girls weren’t going to turn back, and Huck wondered if they should leave them behind. Elton disagreed with Silas’s hypothesis, since the only time he’d seen Silas be violent was in self-defense or defending someone else. He didn’t think Silas would hurt anyone without just cause, but Silas said he didn’t remember.

Silas remembered his dad ripping his headphones off at the dinner table. In his flashback within a flashback, the knocking on the door continued. Silas finally opened the door to a woman who wanted to see his mother. She said she didn’t want to alert the authorities, but she knew people who could make sure Silas and his mother were safe. Silas asked her to leave, but when he went back to where his father had been, his father was gone.

Elton told Silas, if he couldn’t believe in himself, he’d do it for him. He was going to find proof Silas wasn’t involved. If he didn’t, Silas was going to be left behind. Huck and Hope dug a grave for Tony.

Felix checked on Silas, and Silas asked, what if it wasn’t him? He couldn’t remember, and his dad was the same way. Felix asked if Silas had killed his dad in self-defense, and if he could trust Silas not to put anyone in danger. Silas said he didn’t want to be like his dad.

Silas flashed back to looking around for his dad. When he saw the picture in the now-broken frame, he remembered the good times they’d had. Silas kept looking, and called to his dad. He followed the blood trail to the bedroom, and remembered his mom covering her bruises with makeup when he saw a bloody towel. He heard noises upstairs, and went up.

Huck told Hope that she had to keep asking herself how to serve the greater good, and Hope said she had the wrong sister. Huck said it wasn’t always about right and wrong, but about doing your best for everyone, even if it was going to hurt. Every choice Hope made had to be about getting her and Iris to their dad, and getting where they needed to go. Iris told Hope, none of it made sense. Even with everything that happened, she had the feeling that Silas didn’t do it; he wasn’t capable of it. One mistake didn’t make you a bad person. Hope said they were so close, they couldn’t let anyone stand in the way of getting to their father. Iris said maybe Silas thought he was protecting her, but Hope said that would make it worse.

Felix found Elton by the river, and told Hope to keep an eye on him. Elton said he’d been following Percy’s trail, looking for evidence that would exonerate Silas. The only fact he knew was that he hadn’t had a family in a long time, and now he did. Hope asked if that meant he’d let Silas get away with murder, but Elton said, you don’t get away with it; it’s something you have to live with. Hope said they had to do whatever was for the greater good, and Elton said he thought that meant staying together.

In his mind, Silas went up an excruciatingly long staircase until he finally found his father. He said he just wanted his dad to stop, but it was too late; dad was zombiefied. He attacked Silas, who was pretty stunned, and pushed him away a couple dozen times. Silas locked himself in a room, and was like, wtf? He tried to get out a window, but there were bars on it, and then I was like, wtf? Going back further in time, Silas remembered his father telling him to lie down on the floor, and putting a speaker blaring loud music next to his head. He told Silas to close his eyes, and said, that’s what a concert sounded like before it all turned to sh*t. He turned it up louder, got on the floor with Silas, babbling about 1988 and how this was what music should be like. You needed to feel it with your entire body. This bummed me out, since obviously there had been better times in Silas’s household. While his zombie father scratched at the door, Silas put on his headphones, and turned the music up louder, until zombie dad finally wandered off.

Here’s where it got kind of scary. While Silas was reminiscing within reminiscing, a zombie came by. It was outside he fence but started banging itself against the seam, which started to give way. In Silas’s head, the tape ran out, and he listened at the door. He heard his mom come home, and then scream. He ran downstairs. In the present, the zombie got through, and moved closer to Silas, while in the past, Silas fought with his zombie dad, finally smashing his head on the floor, and finishing him off. His mother quietly freaked out. Silas got as far away as possible from the zombie, but then seemed to accept his fate and looked up at the stars. He opened his eyes to Hope saying, what the hell? She asked why he didn’t yell, and he asked why she saved him. She said enough people had died, and fixed the fence.

Iris went to Silas, and asked why he kept the drawings. He said they were too beautiful to throw away, and she said if he told her that he didn’t kill anyone, she’d believe him. He didn’t say anything, and she started to leave, but he told her to wait. He showed her that he’d gotten himself free, and said he wished he could tell her what she needed to hear. He just remembered being angry, and it had happened before. He thanked her for believing in him, and wanting him to be a hero. He killed his dad, Percy, and Tony; he was a killer. He didn’t want to cause any more problems, and while he was sorry she met him, he was glad he met her. He said he’d never forget her. Iris went back to the others, and I felt mega dissatisfied.

Iris told the group that Silas was gone. Huck wondered if Silas would come back for them, but Felix said, no. Silas wanted a fresh start. Maybe he would finally get one. Elton told Hope that he’d come to a difficult decision. He was going to join Silas. Silas’s odds of survival would be better, and if Elton didn’t do this, Silas would spend the rest of his life thinking no one believed in him. Silas would be believing a lie, and he couldn’t let that happen. Hope asked, what about family? and Elton said Silas was family too. He told her, everything happens the way it’s supposed to, and he was supposed to find Silas, and his mother and sister. Hope said, what if they weren’t out there? She admitted she’d lied to him, thinking she was protecting him from the truth, but she’d only made it worse. She couldn’t let him look for someone who wasn’t there. She gave him the necklace she’d taken from his mother, saying, he forgave Silas. Maybe he’d forgive her one day. She told him about shooting his mother, and no surprise, it didn’t make him want to stay. He put on the necklace, and headed out to find Silas.   

Silas trekked on, wearing his headphones, which was probably a bad idea. Then he whacked a zombie in the head with a 2×4, which was a good idea. Before moving on, he left his headphones, which was the best idea, although just carrying them would have been sufficient.   

Flashing back to a few days earlier, Elizabeth, who I all but forgot about, told her guard to bring someone in; her daughter was late, but she made it. She was risking everything because there’s no easy way. The guard brought Huck in, who said she could only get away for 48-hours. Elizabeth asked about their asset, and Huck said, safe. Elizabeth said, and her? and Huck said she was fine. Elizabeth told her to clean-up, and she’d be debriefed. But first, here was her dad’s watch. 

Next time, a two-episode season finale. No surprise, lots of zombies, and Elton finds Silas.

🚝 Because I Can’t Wait…

Snowpiercer is coming! Snowpiercer is coming! Not only does season two begin January 25th, season three has already been ordered. 2021 is really not that far away, and it’s got to be a better year, right? Right?


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See you on Deck tomorrow, and hoping you continue to stay safe, stay tough, and stay doing your best for everyone.

November 20, 2020 – A Package Is Just a Package Until It Isn’t, Supporting Erika, Emily’s Loss Is a Gain, Juicy Attempt, the Countess Dates, Craig On Charm, Closet Reveal, Salt Lake Talk, Finale of Fear, a Dozen Quotes Per Bakers & Giving Thanks


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

While my weeks are usually a blur of going from one thing to the next, this week has been a particularly demanding one. Which is my excuse for being late to the party today, but not by much. Here’s what you need to know. Molly thought Kristina should be at the intervention, but Sam nixed the idea since she’s a control freak. Diane arrived, bringing Valentin, which didn’t make Sam and Molly happy. Sonny found Dante punching the heavy bag, and Dante admitted to having Lulu on his mind. Elizabeth told Franco that she’d made an appointment with Patrick Drake for him, and said they’d be leaving next week. At The Floating Rib, Lulu told Laura that she still loved Dante, but she loved Dustin too. Laura said Dante was part of her past, and she couldn’t erase that, but she had to decide who was right for her future. Cameron and Dev went to The Rib, and Cameron told Dev that Franco’s brain tumor had returned. Julian met Cyrus at the pier, carrying the bomb in a backpack, and said he wasn’t blowing up a bar full of people. He wanted Cyrus to take the bomb back. And away we go.

Jason tells Danny, it’s all about the angles. He needs practice and skill, and to keep a cool head. He asks if Danny is getting tired, but Danny says he’s glad they’re hanging out. He thinks Grandma Alexis is acting weird. His mom tried to hide it, but he can tell she’s upset. Jason says when he sees Danny’s mom upset, his instinct is help and try to fix it. Sometimes the best way to help is to just let some know you’re there, and let the person figure it out for themselves. Danny says his mother isn’t worried about herself. She’s worried about his grandma’s drinking. 

Sam asks why Diane invited Valentin, especially tonight. Diane says her best friend has fallen off the wagon. She’d be friends with the devil himself to help get her back on. Valentin says he’s enjoying his newfound friendship, but is this about him? He thought it was about Alexis. Sam says, it’s a delicate situation. She’s not sure his presence will help. Valentin says he knows Alexis in a way they don’t, and won’t judge her, and Diane tells them, Valentin can probably get through to Alexis easier than they can. What will it be? Can they tolerate Valentin for the sake of their mother?   

Cyrus tells Julian, he has the wrong idea. No savvy businessman would accept collateral damage. If they wanted to take Jason out, they’d arrange it when he was alone at a meeting in a closed bar after hours. A business meeting requires preparation, so everything will be in place when the time comes. Until then, a package is just a package. Julian asks if Cyrus is telling him it won’t go off until Jason is alone. Fine. Cyrus gives Julian a phone, and says his burner number is already programmed into it. Call him when it’s done. Cyrus leaves, and Alexis comes around the corner. She says fancy meeting him there, and Julian says, it’s a bit of a surprise. Alexis says imagine her surprise seeing him and Cyrus together.

On the phone, Elizabeth says she’ll check the schedule, and call Patrick back. She tells Franco, everything is falling into place, and he says he’s not sure how she does that. He wishes it was catching. She says, what? and he says, her hope and faith; her plugging away. He’s a little terrified. Part of him wants to give up and accept his fate. She says, it’s a delicate balance. How long do you keep hoping, and when is the time for acceptance, but they’re not there yet. They’re still hoping. It’s not just his fate; it’s their fate. She’s willing to face anything to keep their family together. He says she’s right. From now on, he’ll do anything and everything to beat this. He holds her, and says he wants to be with her when she’s old and grey.

Britt calls Jason, and gets voicemail. She says he dumped this Cyrus stuff in her lap, and now he won’t take her calls. He told her if she saw something, say something, and she saw something. He needs to get to GH right now. She turns around to see Cyrus, who says, problems?

Alexis asks what Julian has gotten himself into now, but he says he went out for some fresh air. Cyrus keeps bugging him to sell Charlie’s, and he keeps telling Cyrus to buzz off. He asks if she’s been drinking, and she says, the roadways are safe; she’s walking. Julian says, it didn’t happen in a vacuum, and she says she’s not mowing anyone down tonight, even him. Relax. He says, what about her? and she says she’s bored with everyone’s misplaced concern that she’s self-destructive. She thinks she’s a survivor. She’s survived the past few years, starting with him, and she’s entitled to do what she needs to in order to get through the night. He says she’s made herself clear, but it hurts him to see her drowning her pain in a bottle of booze. She says she had two drinks. She was clearing her head before she went to say goodnight to Danny and Scout. Sam has lifted the moratorium on her seeing her grandkids. He says, it’s a positive start. They’re lucky to have her. Speaking from personal experience, she’s been a positive light in his dark life. She pushed him to be a better man. If it failed, that’s on him, not her. She asks why he’s talking like that. He sounds like he’s saying goodbye.

Diane asks if she’s convinced Sam and Molly to let Valentin stay, and Sam says if he tries to undermine the intervention, she’ll kill him herself. He says he accepts her terms. When is Alexis getting here? Sam says, soon she hopes. Alexis is supposed to come before the kids go to bed. He asks if Jason is coming, but Sam says she asked him to take Danny out, so he wouldn’t be there when they confront Alexis. They’re at The Floating Rib.    

Jason asks why Danny said that about Alexis, and Danny says he wasn’t spying or anything. He would walk in when his mom was talking about his grandma’s drinking, and she would stop when she saw him. Jason says he’s right. His mom has been worried about his grandma. Sometimes people drink too much, and can’t stop. That’s probably why his mother asked his grandma not to see them until she’s better. Danny says he misses her; Scout too. He hopes she doesn’t forget about them. Jason says, that’s not going to happen. Families have disagreements, but they don’t give up on each other. They’re not giving up on Danny’s grandma; no way.

Cameron tells Dev, Terry says it doesn’t look that good, and Dev says, that’s a lot. He’s sorry to hear it. If Cameron doesn’t want to hang out, it’s okay. Cameron says he’s glad he’s there. What did Dev want to talk about? Dev says, something else happened, and Cameron asks if it was when Dev was with Trina and Josslyn. Dev says, it’s something about Josslyn, but it’s not new. Cameron asks, what is it? and Dev flashes back to making the fake journal. Dev says he did something he regrets, and he wants to make it right.

Laura tells Lulu, plans change, and Lulu says, that’s all she’s got? Laura says, life is unpredictable. She says she doesn’t want to minimize what’s going on in Lulu’s life, and Lulu says her life is wonderful, but it’s difficult and messy at the same time. Laura says, if you find love in the midst of that, it’s a gift. Dante is Rocco’s father, and her husband. It’s not surprising the decisions she made when he was gone might change now that he’s back. Lulu says, that’s the thing. She doesn’t know if she wants them to change or not.

Dante tells Sonny, he divorced Lulu. He didn’t want to wait until his recovery. Sonny says Dante was in a bad place, and needed help. Everyone respected that. Dante says he didn’t know how to take it when he came home, and Lulu was with another dude. Sonny says he wasn’t there, but can’t imagine being willing to accept she’s with another man. Dante says he’s already disrupted Lulu’s life by showing up. He doesn’t want to disrupt it again. He loves her. Sonny asks if he thinks Lulu wants him to just give up.   

Lulu tells Laura that she’s happy with Dustin, and the kids love him. They have a solid life together, but she saw Dante, and all this history and love started bubbling up. Laura says what she needs is time and space, and has every right to ask for it. Maybe she should tell Dustin that it’s not the time to move in. If he’s the man she says he is, he’ll understand.

Dev asks if Cameron remembers when he showed him Josslyn’s journal. Cameron says Dev saved him from making a complete fool out of himself. In the moment, it was hard to hear, but he appreciates that Dev had his back. Had he gone for it, he might have lost a friend for good. Dev says, the thing is… Danny calls over to Cameron, and says his dad is teaching him to play pool. He just sunk two balls. Cameron tells Dev that he’ll be right back.  

Lulu tells Laura, it’s a good idea. Knowing Dustin, she knows he’ll understand, and want her to have clarity, so they can move forward with a clean slate. Laura thinks so too. She’s come to like and respect Dustin. Lulu says, that means a lot, and Laura says she has to get going. She wishes Lulu good luck, and kisses the top of her head. When Laura is gone, Lulu calls Dustin, and asks if he’s busy. She was hoping they could meet at The Rib.

Danny says, it’s all about finding the right angles, and Cameron says if Danny gets good now, it will be a breeze later. Laura texts Jason that she needs to talk, and to meet her in the alley. Jason says he has to make a quick call, and asks if Cameron will watch Danny. Cameron says, no problem, and tells Danny, rack them up.

Diane reads to the group from a paper, the guidelines say speak personally from your point of view. How does Alexis’s drinking affect you, and how does it make you feel? Not in a way that assigns blame. It’s not about shaming her, but about how much they love her.Valentin tells them, be prepared to be attacked, and Sam says his comment isn’t helpful. That’s why she didn’t want him there. He says he might be more helpful than she thinks, and Molly says, let them talk first. Valentin says he’s not convinced that Alexis is coming. She should have been there by now.

Alexis asks if Julian is leaving, but he says, no. He’s doing everything to stay. His kids and grandkids mean everything to him. She asks if he’s sure he’s all right, and he laughs. He says she’d better get a move on before the kids go to bed. She asks if he’s trying to get rid of her, but he says he’s just in a melancholy mood. Everything will be better tomorrow. She tells him, take care, and he says, her too. She leaves, and Julian picks up the backpack and walks in the other direction.

Elizabeth tells Franco she got her shifts taken care of, and he says he’s starving. They head for the elevator while talking about the kids, and Franco asks if she’s seen Jake’s graphic novel. It’s amazing. She asks if he has, and he says they’re reading it together. The elevator doors close.

Dante tells Sonny, he can’t go all caveman on Lulu. He’s already crossed boundaries. Sonny says, even if Dante hadn’t gotten treatment, Lulu would still be his wife. It’s understandable they would have feelings. Dante says, listen to Sonny, talking about feelings. He likes it, and he does still love Lulu. He wants to be with her. Sonny suggests Dante tell her, but Dante says he doesn’t want to pressure her. Sonny says they know she can make up her own mind. She may be stubborn about the feelings she has, but the life they had together, what was between them, is still there. Dante asks, what makes Sonny think he’s not the only one who has feelings? Sonny says he doesn’t know, but he has a radical idea. Ask her.  

Julian goes into The Rib. He sees Danny, Dev, and Cameron playing a video game, and having a great time. He sits at a booth, and looks in the backpack.

Alexis arrives at Sam’s, and Sam says she’s glad Alexis made it; she was starting to worry. Alexis says sorry she’s late, and they hug. She says she should go upstairs and say goodnight, but Sam says, actually, Scout is sleeping and Danny’s not here. Alexis asks where he is, and Sam says, he’s with his father. Molly says they love her. That’s why they’re doing this. Alexis says, doing what? Diane and Valentin come out, and Alexis says she sees. They’re having an intervention.  

Britt tells Cyrus that she wouldn’t be a very effective Chief of Staff if she ran to the Chairman about every minor crisis. She wonders why he’s there at this hour, and he says he likes to keep tabs on his hospital. He never tires of looking for ways to improve things. He’s made progress with some excellent staff choices, like herself, but there’s still much to be done to make it a world class hospital. He looks forward to her playing a part in that.   

Jason meets Laura outside, and she says she needs an update on Cyrus. He says, the truce is holding on the surface, and she says, and underneath? He thinks she should talk to Sonny, and she asks where she can find him. He says he Sonny is having a workout at the gym. He can tell Sonny that she’s looking for him if she wants, but she says she’ll track him down.

Dustin joins Lulu, and says he’s glad she called. He wasn’t too far away. He was picking something up. She says, it sounds secretive, and reminds him that she’s a reporter; she can sniff out a story. He says he’s not worried, and asks what she wanted to see him about. She says, us.

At the video game console, Danny says he’s just warming up, and Dev says he has more quarters. Danny tells them, this is the coolest part, and they watch, then say, whoa! Julian takes out his phone, and looks at pictures of his kids. He flashes back to Cyrus intimating that the bomb won’t go off until Jason is alone. Until then, the package is just a package. Julian says, God help him, and gets up. He walks out, leaving the backpack under the table. The boys continue playing. Julian should know better. He was a mob boss, for God’s sake. 

Alexis says, this is an ambush. Sam lured her there under false pretenses. Molly says they care about her, and she says, if they did, they wouldn’t have set a trap. Valentin says they want to talk to her, and she asks, why? Talk is deceptive. She’s not listening to how much they love her. You don’t betray people you love. Diane says, no one betrayed her. On the contrary; they’re all on her side. Sam asks Alexis to hear them out, but Alexis says Sam weaponized her love for her grandchildren. First by prohibiting her from seeing them, and then using them as bait to lure her there. She’s sure as hell not staying there now.

Jason calls Britt back, and asks what she wants. She says she has something for him, and can’t talk about it on the phone. She needs him to come to the hospital asap. He says he can’t; he’s with his son. They’ll have to talk tomorrow.  

Laura finds Sonny at the gym, and they hug. She says she’s eager for an update, but Sonny says she might want to say hello to someone first. She says, who? and Dante says, me. She hugs him, and tells him, welcome home. He says he’s sorry he was gone so long, and she says she completely understands the choice he made. He kept his family safe. That’s all that matters. In time, Lulu will figure things out. Dante says he was thinking of stopping by, and Laura says she just left Lulu at The Floating Rib. He says he’s going to take off, and tells them, goodnight. Laura and Sonny smile at each other.

Lulu tells Dustin, she’s been turning some things around in her head. Dante coming back threw her for a loop. Dustin says he gets that. She and Dante were together for a long time. He says, it makes sense that things would feel unfinished, and she says, it doesn’t take away from how she feels about him. She loves him, and values their relationship. He says he’s glad to hear it, because he loves her too. That’s why he’s been reevaluating moving in. She says she’s so glad he understands. Him officially moving in doesn’t feel totally right anymore. He says he doesn’t want her falling backward in confusion and uncertainty, and doesn’t want her to doubt his commitment to their life together. He takes out a jewelry box. Rut-roh.

Jason comes back into The Rib, and asks Cameron if everything is good. Cameron says, it’s great. Danny might not be much at pool, but he’s a shark. He may have spent all of Dev’s quarter’s. Jason tries to give Dev some money, but Dev won’t take it, and Jason says, at least let him buy them dinner, and hands Dev some cash. Dev and Cameron go to order, and Danny asks if Jason wants to see how good he is at the video game. Jason guesses he can stay longer, and Danny drags him over to the console. Dev says he needs to tell Cameron something about Josslyn’s journal, when Elizabeth and Franco come in. Cameron says, first, he wants to say hi to his parents, and tells Dev to grab a table. Dev sits down, and his foot hits the backpack. He says, what the hell…? Ooh, he might know what something like that looks like, considering his background.

Alexis tells Sam to get her coat, and Sam says, mom, please. Just an hour. Alexis says she doesn’t want to talk, especially to Sam. Valentin says her daughters are desperate and scared, and don’t want to lose their mother. He tells Alexis that she doesn’t want to lose her life, but she says it’s her choice. If she wants to drink, she will. Diane says, here you go, handing Alexis her coat. She doesn’t want Alexis to get pneumonia on top of everything else. Sam says if Alexis leaves, she’s going to lose her support system. Alexis fought like hell for her, and now it’s her turn. Is Alexis willing to throw all of them away? Stay and hear them out.

Sonny says it’s good what Laura said to Dante, and she says she has a sneaking suspicion that he and Lulu will be just fine. Sonny says, him too, and asks how she knew he was there. She says she ran into Jason. She’s sorry, but she has to talk to him about something that can’t wait.

Britt brings Brad something for his pain. He asks if she reached Jason, and she says, they spoke, but she couldn’t get into it on the phone. He says, Jason is coming, right? If Jason doesn’t help, he’s as good as dead.

Julian stands at the docks.

Dev touches the bag.

Cameron tells Franco and Elizabeth that he’s sorry for freaking out, but Franco gives Cameron credit, saying, he took the bad news well. Dev tells the bartender, there’s a suspicious bag under the table. Dustin tells Lulu, she’s right. He doesn’t want to just move in; that’s not enough. He wants them to build a life, and to make what they have permanent. Lulu says, she thought… and he says he’s doing this wrong. He gets down on one knee, and shows her the ring, which is beautiful, no surprise. He says he loves her with all his heart. Will she marry him?

Julian looks at the phone, and calls Cyrus. He says Cyrus better pick up.

Dante starts to cross the parking lot toward The Rib, when it explodes.

On Monday, the aftermath of the explosion, Dante calls for help, Laura says Cyrus is coming after her, and Sonny says, don’t die on him. He could be referring to any number of people.

💰 Cash Is Queen…

I read they didn’t have a prenup. Is he out of his mind?

👙 Hip-Hip-Hooray…

Not that she wasn’t gorgeous before, but that hip replacement definitely changed Emily’s life.


🕺🏽 Juicy Takes On Tik-Tok…

The key word in the headline is attempts.

💋 Damn the Virus, LuAnn Ahead…

The dog groomer turned out to be married.


🍹 Southern Refresh…

Craig gives his rambling astute opinion on the new season.

👠 Coming Out Of Lisa’s Closet…

Hint: She likes a little sparkle.


🔨 Break It Down…

A dissection of Salt Lake’s start.


⚰️ Preparing For the Dead…

Not too much of a spoiler, but if you’re like me, you’ll be watching on Sunday wondering why you think you’ve seen this one. The opening of Fear’s finale.


And a little more.


📬 Quotes of the Week

Life is essentially an endless series of problems. The solution to one problem is merely the creation of another. – Mark Manson

The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction. – Rachel Carson

Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea. – Robert A. Heinlein

The most common form of despair is not being who you are. – Soren Kierkegaard

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true. – Soren Kierkegaard

I had an epiphany a few years ago when I was out at a celebrity party and it suddenly dawned on me that I had yet to meet a celebrity who is as smart and interesting as any of my friends.Moby

A celebrity is a person who works hard all his life to be well-known, then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized. – Fred Allen

The question is whether any civilization can wage relentless war on life without destroying itself, and without losing the right to be called civilized. – Rachel Carson

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. – Ernest Hemingway

True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice. – Martin Luther King Jr.

Those who are not grateful soon begin to complain of everything.Thomas Merton, Thoughts in Solitude

My songs will pass and be forgotten. What counts, however, is that I sang them. – Father Andrew Greeley, American Priest, Author and Sociologist (I loved his books!)

If she married her grandpa, she should probably get used to the smell of a hospital. – Kate Chastain, Chat Room, referring to Mary on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

🏄🏽‍♀️ Sliding Out Of This Post Like…

Either your favorite day of the week, or that pesky reminder of how life used to be is here. Change it up a little. Enjoy the nice autumn weather if you have it, or get away from your screens and accomplish something from that endless to-do list we all have. You’ll feel better for it. See you when the Dead are feared, and no matter what, stay safe, stay thankful, and stay not believing a kingpin who tells you what you want to hear.

November 15, 2020 – A Fire In Tank Town, Percy Creates the Louvre For Iris & Lovely


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

Fear the Walking Dead

A woman named Page runs through the woods. We hear horses following. She falls near a zombie downed by a tree. Ginny rides up with John and Ranger Hill. Ginny says it doesn’t have to be the end for her. Page asks what she did, and Ginny calls Hill over. He takes a can of spray paint out of her backpack, and Ginny says she’s been marking the trees. Page says she’s marking which ones to fell, and Ginny says, like this one? pointing to the one on top of the zombie. It says, The End Is The Beginning on it, and Ginny says they’ve found it a lot in the woods, and other places. What the hell does it mean? How long has Page been working with them? She tells Page, Jasper lost his way, and asks Hill if they didn’t bury Jasper around there. They’ve been chopping the lumber she’s using to build a future, and she’d do anything to protect it. Page smiles, but Ginny says she doesn’t recall saying anything worth smiling about. Page says Ginny is scared, and Ginny asks if she looks scared. Page says she does. Ginny asks Hill if Marcus is finished back at Lawton, so she can get the answer she needs. Page grabs Hill’s gun, and says, it’s not about them, but it’s about what Ginny is building. Their future. Ginny says, what about it? and Page shoots herself. Hill asks what they’re going to do with her. A zombie is already gnawing on Page’s arm, and Ginny says, see what she’s got. Cut her stomach open, and see what she ate. There may be a clue. Then bury her where Jasper’s leg is.

We hear voices on an unattended radio. June stands in the back of a truck, and motions two zombies toward her, stabbing them in the heads when they get close enough. She closes up the truck, and Sarah says June is good at making new friends. Malcolm is on a table, surrounded by medical equipment, and June asks when was the last time he ate. He says, a couple of days. June examines him, and tells Sarah her findings. Sarah looks something up, and says, ruptured appendix. He should have been there yesterday. June says, it has to come out, and he asks if she’s done this before. She says, there’s nothing to worry about, and gives Sarah some surgical gloves. June says she’s seen dozens of emergency appendectomies; he’ll be fine. He asks if Sarah is a nurse, and she says, truck driver; a marine before that. She was booted out of boot camp. She told them stick it sideways. He wants to wait for the doctor, but Sarah says, he’s not so good anymore; he’s dead. June gives him some booze, and he says, it’s terrible. Sarah says she’s working on it. June tells him that she’s giving him a shot to make him calm and sleepy. Everything is going to be okay. Sarah says, he’s stable, and June says, let’s do it. They hear a zombie outside, but June says she needs Sarah to stay there. June cuts into Malcolm’s side, and looks at the instructions Sarah is holding. The monitor begins beeping like crazy, and June says he’s going in shock from the infection. He flatlines, and June gets on top of him to begin CPR, telling Sarah to get the adrenaline. She says, come on, Malcolm, and continues, but Sarah says, it’s not her fault. It’s over. June won’t stop pumping on Malcolm’s chest, and Sarah unplugs the monitor. June still keeps going, and Malcolm turns and wakes, throwing her to the ground, him tumbling on top of her. He’s totally crazed, and Sarah stabs him in the head.

June buries Malcolm, and Sarah hands her a flask. June takes a swig, and coughs, saying, she’d hate to taste the bad stuff. Sarah says, it doesn’t matter. Like her brother always says, as long as it gets you to the same place at the end. They pass the flask back and forth. June asks where Wendell went, and Sarah says, wherever June was. June asks how long they’ve been away, and June says, 29 hours. They have to be at Paradise Ridge in three. June says they can’t keep this up, but Sarah says she’s got No-Doze. June says they’re stretched too thin, and there are too many people too far apart. They keep doing too little too late. Sarah says everything June is asking, to build a hospital, Ginny won’t go for it. She already asked, didn’t she? June says Ginny told her it was too dangerous for people to travel. Sarah says, too dangerous for Ginny. Speaking of which, where’s Terry; he’s late. John comes on the radio, and asks if they’re still near marker 68. Terry is sleeping one off, so he volunteered. He tells them, sit tight. He’ll be there in five. June can ride with him.

In the car, June tells John that she lost Malcolm. She told him it was going to be okay and she lost him. When Ginny put her in charge, she thought she’d actually be saving lives. John says they could leave. She asks what he’s talking about, and he says, the cabin is 100 miles from Paradise Ridge. If they’re careful, they can make it on the gas they’ve got, although they might have to hoof it for the last 10 to 14 miles. She says they can’t leave, but he says, Janis and Cameron had a whole plan before Cameron died. Janis tried to give it to him so he and June could escape, but he didn’t take it. She says she wants to save people and make a difference. How can she save anyone by running? John says she can save him. He can’t stay there. He has the feeling if he does, he’s not going to last long. June says, whatever happened, he doesn’t need to protect her. They could get as far away as possible, and Ginny will hunt them down. He says, not if she can’t find them. They’ll be there before she knows they’re gone. June says they can’t leave everyone behind, but he says he wants this for them. Wouldn’t she? Come with him. They hear someone on the radio say, get their asses to Tank Town. There’s been an accident. It’s bad. June tells John, no one will know they’re  gone if they don’t show up. He suggests they go, and put some cans of gas in the car. they can have gas to spare to look for supplies. I wonder why Ginny is so unoriginal with town names.   

They pull up, and see people blackened with soot, some still coming out from under the bridge. June tells Sarah to start assessing who needs help. She asks Luci, what happened? and Luci says, a well blew. They were digging a new one, and everyone got hurt who was working there. There are open flames near the tank. She says they have to go back in, and Sarah tells June, they have to get them out. June asks if they can walk, but Luci says, no. That’s why they’re still there. Another car comes, and Luci says, sh*t. Ginny gets out, and I say, sh*t. Luci says, workers are still in there, and June says she’ll do what she can. Luci tells Ginny, she’s not stopping them, but Ginny says, she wouldn’t dream of it. She came to make sure to keep everyone alive. Luci says, it was safe; they did everything by the book. Ginny tells a Ranger to question the people outside, and tells John to go up above. Make sure oil is the only thing raining down on them. John tells June that Ginny is only helping people for her own ends, but June says she’s going to help those people come out. Then they’ll go away together. They have a brief kiss, and she goes to the truck.

Sarah drives them in, and Luci tells her, be careful. The soil might be unstable. June asks, what happened? and Luci says they had to drill a new well. Sarah asks if she knows why, but Luci says, no. Oil spurts up and is pouring down everywhere. Luci says they don’t want get stuck in it. Keep their eyes on the wind. If it changes direction, they might have to get out. June says, don’t breath it in, and don’t look up. Sarah asks if she’s done this before, and June says, it’s kind of how they met.

They get out, and Ginny asks how long this could go on. Luci says, for months, actually years. Ginny wants them to stop the oil flow, but Luci says they’ll get the workers out first. Ginny looks up, and says, they’re resident philanthropist has been at work. We see a water tower with The End Is The Beginning written on it. Ginny says, it wasn’t there this morning. That’s not an accident; someone meant to do this. She’s not leaving until she finds out who. June says she won’t be finding out anything if they’re not alive, and yells for stretchers. She asks a guy lying on the ground if he’s okay, and Ginny asks his name. June says, he might have a perforated eardrum, and has someone move him. She sees Wes, and asks if he can walk, and Ginny asks where the bunks are. She has to narrow down the field somehow. June calls for bandages, and tells Wes he did great. There’s shrapnel in his stomach, and they have to stop the bleeding. A zombie toddles in, and June fights with it. Ginny shoots it, and looks at scratches on June’s arm, saying, it looks like she arm wrestled with a polecat. We see razor blades attached to the zombie’s fingers, and June says, someone put those on there. Ginny asks what Wes isn’t telling them. This is what she’s there to find out. June asks why she makes it so hard, but Ginny says, everything she does is to protect people. June gives a nearby woman a flask, and says, to take the edge off. The woman takes a swig, and says, it’s terrible. Ginny tells someone to get the woman in the truck, but she says she doesn’t know anything. She tells June, she’s not doing so hot, and June says, load her up. Luci tells the woman, she’ll be fine, and June tells Wes to do his best to stay still. Ginny says they need answers, but June says he’ll die if they move him. Luci says, Wes didn’t do it, and Ginny says, maybe; maybe not. She calls to one of the Rangers to show them what he found in Wes’s bunk. The Ranger dumps out some spray paint cans, and Ginny say she wants to know why he’s spreading destructive ideas around the community. She tells June and Luci that they’re going to help her figure it out.

Ginny asks how long he’s been doing this, and Wes says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She asks why he has paint, and he says he likes to paint. She says, here’s the deal. Tell her what she wants to know, and he’ll stop hurting. June says, he needs to be sedated; get him in the truck. Ginny asks why he likes paint, and Wes says he just does. She presses on his wound, and he cries out. She asks where his brother is, and he says, dead. She asks if his brother was with the rebels, but Wes says he doesn’t know. She pushes on his wound again, and he yells. Ginny says, come on. Answer the question. June sticks in the syringe, giving him the sedative. She tells Ginny that she’s going to kill him, and Ginny says, all right. Get him in the truck, but she’s not letting him out of her sight until he answers every question. Is that clear? Ginny looks unhinged, which we’ve never seen before.

June tells Ginny, don’t even look at him until he’s patched up. Ginny says she doesn’t let people die for no reason. They both want the same thing. June says she wants to help these people, and she can’t even help her husband. They open the truck to find everyone has turned into zombies. I guess June won’t be helping them either. June stabs their heads, and Ginny shoots. Sarah gets Wes into the truck, and June tries to lure the zombies away. Luci calls to June, and closes the truck. June says she’ll be right behind. Ginny continues to shoot at the zombies, and the tank that’s on fire blows up. It’s a domino effect, and everything blows and burns.  

Ginny lies unconscious. She opens her eyes, and a zombie next to her gets up. June wakes up near them, and the zombie is on top of Ginny. She smashes it’s head with something, but still gets bit on the hand. She says, no, no, no, and cries. Karma anybody? Couldn’t happen to a nicer person. I’d actually like to see zombie Ginny.

On the radio, Hill asks if Ginny is okay. Ginny says, no, and he says they’re trying to get entry. She tells him, try harder. Where the hell is he? He says, the whole place went up. It’s going to take time. She says she doesn’t have any more time, and smashes the radio. She takes off her belt and makes a tourniquet. She pours alcohol on the wound. June grabs an ax lying nearby, and Ginny says she can do it with that. June says, yeah, but she’s not going to. Ginny asks what she said, and June says, Ginny heard her. Those people died because of her. She made them wait while she asked questions. Ginny says she’ll do it herself. Give her the ax. June won’t give it to her, and Ginny goes all Joan Crawford, repeating, give me the ax. Ginny knocks June down, but June fights back. She sits on Ginny, and picks up the ax. Sarah radios, and Ginny asks June to help her. June says, some dogs you need to know when to put out to pasture. Sarah needs help with Wes, and June gives her instructions. Ginny says she was trying to save everyone from something effecting all of them. June thinks this rag tag group is going to help, but they don’t know what they’re doing. Page blew her own head off rather than answer some questions. They care more about themselves than their women. June may not like her, but they need her. She’s the only thing standing between them and what’s out there. June says Ginny is the problem; she always has been. Ginny asks what June wants. She’ll get it for her; anything. June says she wants to wake up and have her husband back. Sarah comes on the radio, and says they goddam did it. Wes is stable. Get her ass out there. Ginny says June helped people after all. One thing she’s begging June for… Dakota, her sister. June needs to make sure Dakota is all right and taken care of. Everything she’s done, she did because she wanted Dakota safe. That’s all she wanted. Maybe June will have better luck. She does love Dakota; she did love her. June has no idea what it’s like to care so much about someone, and not able to help. June says she does, and puts the grain alcohol on the ax. Ginny asks what she’s doing, and June says, something she may regret. Ginny yells, and we hear a chop.

Ginny comes to, and June tells her, don’t move. There are two things that can calm a rising wound; gun powder and hot metal. Today is Ginny’s lucky day. Ginny says, that’s not what it feels like. June asks what Ginny knows about these people. Who did this? Ginny says they should talk; they’ll talk. June says they will. Ginny was right. There is something she wants. Ginny asks, what is it? John comes through the wreckage, and he and June hug. He sees Ginny, and radios for a stretcher.

Ginny is in the car, and Hill asks what she wants him to tell her sister. She says she needs to talk to her. She needs to hear Dakota’s voice. He radios for someone to find Dakota. June asks Luci if Wes is okay, and Wes says he’s in one piece. Sarah says they can’t say the same for Captain Hook, and asks June, what happened? June says she saved Ginny’s life, and Wes asks why’d she do that? Luci says she was wondering the same thing, and Sarah says, that makes three of them. June says she’s giving them a hospital, but Luci says they can’t trust her. Good people died; their people. They have to matter. June says they have to make it matter. They can watch their backs. They’d be calling the shots, not Ginny. They get to choose where to put the hospital, and who works there. Sarah says they’re force isn’t exactly John Hopkins, and June says she made Ginny give them another medic. Or at least someone who should have been one. A car pulls up, and Wendall says, got room for him? Sarah runs out, and hugs him. I get a little teary.

John tells June, they’ll be clearing out soon, and June says they’re going to be given a hospital. She can’t leave. She doesn’t want to leave. He doesn’t understand. Every time she’s run, it leads to something worse. She wants to lead; she doesn’t want to run. He says he can’t stay, and June says, they might need him too. Ginny goes past in her car, and John says Ginny pulled the wool over June’s eyes like she did with him. June says, it’s them, here, now; and John says, maybe she can do it.  Sarah tells June, they’re going scouting, and Wendall says they have no gas to burn anymore. June asks if John will follow behind, and he says, of course. She runs to the truck.

John follows the truck until they get to a fork in the road. He goes the other way.

Next time – the mid-season finale – Dakota tells Victor, now is the time to do something; Morgan says, it doesn’t have to go this way; Alicia gets into trouble; and Ginny asks Victor who’s side he’s on.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Huck had a weird ass acid trippy dream involving a bar with a jukebox. She woke up, cleaned her gun, and went out hunting for whatever she could find. She rifled through a zombie’s clothes, taking what was usable, and found a Marine pin, which she took as well. A truck came by, and she hid until she saw it was Felix. He took her back to where they were holed up, and she passed out clothes. Tony showed Elton some magic, and it was all good. For a minute.

Huck gifted Felix with a full bottle of Mountain Dew, and he said he would never stop missing it. He drank it like water back in the day. She told him, as long as they kept to the side streets, they should be good, but he said they didn’t have enough fuel to get to New York. Tony said he had a lead on where they could get some more, and showed them a military map. He said it looked to be useless, but looks were deceiving. He took out some sheets of plastic, and explained he’d used them in illusions. When they put the plastic on the map, and shined a light on it, it oil drops were revealed. Tony said, that’s where the hidden CRM fuel caches were. It was all gas they needed. Percy told them it was where the helicopters touched down to refuel. Tony asked Felix when they were going to drop him off, but Felix didn’t know yet. He told Tony that the girls’ father was in a secret research facility. 

We got some of Huck’s backstory when she flashed back to the same bar her dream took place in. She was there in a blindfold playing darts, and hit the target in the center. She flirted with a guy there, who said they had each other’s backs. Suddenly, there was breaking news on the TV that a 6th hospital was on lockdown.

Percy found Iris using the plastic sheets on another map, and asks if she found anything. She told him to get Hope, and said it was the map the colonel gave her. She pointed to something, saying, there it was; a double helix. Now they knew where their father was. Everyone was happy. For a minute.  

The kids found some liquor, and partied upstairs. Felix wanted to put a stop to that, but Tony told him, let them be teenagers. Huck excused herself, saying she was tired. Her trip had brought back memories. Tony and Felix shared a flask.  

Elton said the booze was like a warm sack of nails hugging his insides, and Hope said, let’s party. They pulled some couches over, and Percy suggested they play Truth or Dare. Elton didn’t know what that was, but he was in. Iris chose truth, and Percy asked, if she could do anything she wanted, what would it be. She said she’d hit the Louvre, and Percy said he’d been hoping for an answer with a less tranquilizing effect, but she said, a girl can dream. Percy made a toast to dreaming.  

Felix drank with Tony, and wondered if he was helping or putting everyone in more danger. Tony said they couldn’t predict the future. He was a man of many lives before he became Percy’s legal guardian. He got money from the state, and thought he’d hit pay dirt, but it wasn’t a day before he knew he’d give his life for Percy’s. Who knew? They heard the kids laughing, and Felix said, who knew?  

It was Hope’s turn, and she also chose truth. Percy asked what was the worst thing she’d ever done, and she said she locked the faculty bathroom after spiking the teachers’ coffee with laxatives. Percy didn’t think it was the truth, and said, you can’t con a con man. Silas told him to stop, but Hope said he was right. The worst thing she’d ever done was agree to play this stupid game. She left, and Elton followed her. He hugged her, and she told him that he was drunk, and she needed to be alone.

On the roof, Huck pondered the Marine pin, and remembered being back in the military, along with the guy from the bar. The sergeant told them they were being deployed to the city. They were to locate civilians, escort them to safety, and eliminate the hostile targets they encountered. Everyone yelled, kill! They shot a bunch of zombies, one of the Marines asking, what the hell were those things? Huck said they had been people, and a shot in the head shot seemed to take them down. Huck and her friend heard live people in a building, but it was dark, so they had to put on special goggles that made the live people show up in red. They shot the zombies, and Huck told the people they were safe.     

Hope found Huck on the roof, and Huck told her that she shouldn’t be up there drunk, or there at all. She asked what was eating at Hope. Something had been up since the blaze, and it wasn’t something small. Hope said she’d killed someone the night the sky fell. She didn’t know who the woman was, but the woman was scared Hope’s mom was going to take her truck, and freaked out. Hope started to cry, saying, it was all her fault. She told Huck, the woman dropped the gun, and she picked up, pointing it at her, and it went off. The woman was pregnant, and Hope killed her. She was Elton’s mom. Huck told Hope that she was just a kid, and the woman had killed her mom in front of her. Hope said Iris knew, but didn’t know it was Elton’s mom. Huck told her, she shouldn’t. They couldn’t change what was done, but they could carry the truth for others. They had the strength to do it. She said, welcome to the party, kid. The night managed to get darker, but she promised the light would come.

When they got to the fuel cache, Tony told them there was gas enough for whatever they wanted. Hope told Huck that she’d finished his mother’s book, and thought she was smart and kind. She thinks his mother just freaked out because of what was happening, and thought Elton would forgive what happened, but Huck told her to choose the finer thing. Hope said they’d be stuck living lie, but Huck said no one knew it was a lie. The others got to live, while the two of them would pay, but the others would live because of them.

Huck flashed back to getting orders from Central Command; Sunset Protocol. They were to kill all targets in the grid, and put down anything walking. Friendly or unfriendly; civilian or hostile; living or dead.

Still on the roof, Huck heard a noise, and thought it was Hope. She went inside to find a guy holding a gun to Hope’s head. Downstairs, Tony and Felix were checking the place out. Tony said his philosophy had been keep moving, keep conning, keep surviving. He’d been living on the streets, surviving on anything, when he met a girl who showed him there was more, but it’s different now. Felix said, maybe it didn’t have to be. They went into a room filled with pipes, and found the fuel. Tony said, jackpot.

The guy told Huck to stand back, and she said she was a statue. She saw a wound on his leg, and he said, they were the helicopters. He asked how many more there were, but Huck said she and Hope were just scavenging; they weren’t them. He said they had the same symbol on their jackets, and asked who they were. The place was belonged to his group, and they took it, so his group took it back. Huck said it wasn’t them, and he said he woke up, and his brother had turned. Huck told him that he wasn’t going to last much longer with that leg. She said their names were Hope and Huck, and they were just passing through. She asked his name, and he said, Walter. Huck told him that she could help him, but he had to let her friend go first. Then he could train the gun on her. Hope was just a kid; focus on her. Walter let Hope go, and he asked how she could save him. It was impossible. She said, trust her. They could do it. He let Hope go.

In Huck’s mind, her friend said a Central Command order was like a order from God. What if it was the only way they could stop it from spreading?

Walter said they shouldn’t be there. Maybe none of them should be. It wasn’t personal. Huck said if he shot her, he’d be taking his own life. She could help him. She’d seen people survive after the infection.

Huck remembered the sergeant saying he had verification on Sunset Protocol. He didn’t like it any more than they did, but it was absolutely necessary. Any Marine that failed to comply with orders would be taken into custody, and brought up on charges.

Walter said, it wasn’t supposed to go this way. Huck took his gun from him, and told him it was okay. Huck flashed back to seeing live people behind a fence, including children, frightened and crying. She kicked the light switch, and shot all of the Marines, including her friend. In the present, Huck shot Walter, and Hope said Huck told him that she could save him. Huck told her, sometimes, you have to forgive yourself. The others joined them, and Huck said she saved Hope. She suggested they get the hell out of there, and Tony looked at a CRM notebook Walter was carrying. He said it was something to work with.

Iris checked out the notebook, and said Hope was more bummed than she usually was. She felt like they were changing, and Hope said she felt like it was just a start. Tony announced that he and Felix talked it over, and he and Percy decided to extend the terms of their agreement. They were going to stick around and help find the girls’ dad. After that, who knows? Let the chips fall where they may. Felix said they were getting on the road at first light. Percy told Iris to come to the truck in an hour. She asked, for what? but he told her to just come. Silas kept an eye on all of this. Elton told Hope that he was sorry about what happened. It meant everything that she was still alive and with them. He did a disappearing card trick, and said he wouldn’t want lose her like the queen of hearts. Show someone the impossible, and suddenly everything seems possible. She thanked him for sharing his mother’s book, and said, she was an amazing woman. Elton said she was, and maybe she still is. Who knows? Everything is possible. Hope agreed.

Hope told Huck that she was right. If she’d told Elton, she would have just been doing it for herself. The truth would crush him. Huck said Hope was a good person, and Hope showed her a necklace, saying she took this from Elton’s mom. Did Huck still think she was a good person? Huck said she knew it, and the necklace proved it. It was a reminder, something she wore every day, to remember something bad she’d done. A reminder to keep living to do good. It was the only way to make the bad mean something.

Iris looked inside the truck, and Percy had made it like a room in the Louvre. At least as much as you can make a truck look like that. He had posters of artworks hanging up, and a larger reproduction of the Mona Lisa with a light on it. There were candles all around, and books on art. Iris fell asleep reading one, and when she woke, went back inside to find Percy. What she found instead was Tony with his face bashed in, and Silas’s wrench nearby. She called to Felix and Hope, and they saw a trail of blood leading to another body. Elsewhere, Silas was drunk and passed out.  

Next time, Felix says Silas was found passed out covered in blood, Iris says Tony and Percy must have had enemies, Elton tells Silas they’re going to leave him, and we see Silas tied to a tree while a zombie approaches.  

⛴ Until the Ship Sails…

I have to get up early, so that’s all, folks. I’ve tried that staying up all night stuff, but then I crash by noon. Until we meet on Deck, stay safe, stay unflinching, and stay living to do good, and making the bad mean something.

November 8, 2020 – Dwight Almost Makes a Change, the Travelers Hitch a Ride, an Explanation, Final Question & Early


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

Fear the Walking Dead

Shari looks at an infinity symbol she’s written on her letters to Dwight, while he makes breakfast for dinner. Candles are lit everywhere. He tells her, the bubonic plague couldn’t even keep them apart. She says she forgot a lot of places she wrote from, and he says it kept him going. In a way, they were connected. No matter where he was, or what he was doing, he wanted to make sure he was the man she fell in love with, so she’d have nothing to feel sorry about. They kiss. Dwight hears voices on the radio, and realizes he forgot to check in. He says, sorry about that, and tells Hill that they’d had to clear a herd. Hill says Ginny wants them to head back, but Dwight says there are some spots on the map they’d like to check off. He thinks it will be worth their while. Hill says, it had better be, and tells him to be back in 48 hours. Shari asks if Dwight wants to look for Al, and he says he’ll go when the sun comes up; he doesn’t want Shari mixed up in this. He says they could run away, but she says Ginny hunts people down. He says, not if she thinks they’re dead, but Shari is worried Ginny would still find them. He says, there’s got to be a place she won’t. They got back to each other. If they can do that, they can do damn near anything. Shari says, sorry. She can’t run away with him. She gets up.

Dwight hears something, and it’s not Shari. He takes his pick ax, approaches the door, and asks, who’s in there? He hears banging, and calls to Shari. He goes closer to the door, and someone comes in wearing a mask like in those home invasion movies. Dwight turns around to find more of them, when they grab him, and a cover is put on his head.

Dwight has zip ties on his wrists, and the hood is removed. He asks where he is, but none of the masked people say anything. He yells for Shari, and tries to attack one of the masked people. He’s pretty good at this, since he knocks the guy down, and gets his gun. He says, tell him where his wife is, and the guy says nothing. Dwight looks up, and  the wall is lined with snipers. A masked woman says, it’s okay, and takes Dwight’s gun. She takes off her mask, and it’s Shari. Dwight asks, what’s going on? Who the hell are these people? She says she wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for them, and tells them to lower their guns. She tells Dwight, they’re outcasts, people Ginny didn’t think were good enough, people she was going to kill. Shari calls for a meeting, and Dwight asks why she didn’t tell him. She says she didn’t think he’d want to be a part of it, and he says, of what? A now unmasked Oswald says, there’s no telling what Virginia is going to do next. Dwight says he doesn’t know, but Oswald says he doesn’t buy it. Shari says he’s telling the truth, but Oswald whips out a video of Dwight and Al communicating with Virginia. He says, that’s the only explanation, and Dwight asks why they care where Ginny is going to be. Oswald shows Dwight a video of Al telling him, whatever they say, don’t do it. Oswald says they needed assurance of his cooperation, and Dwight says he and Al work for Ginny, but that doesn’t mean they enjoy it. He asks where Al is, and Oswald says if he doesn’t tell them where Ginny is going to be, they’ll be scrubbing his friend’s brains off the tile for weeks. He starts to count down.

Another masked guy arrives, and asks what the hell they’re doing. Oswald says, getting answers, and the guy says, not like that. He takes off his mask, and Dwight says, I’ll be damned. Shari asks if they know each other, and Rollie (an ex-henchman of Logan’s) says, remember the guy he told her saved his life? Twice actually. He tells Oswald that he was working for Ginny once too; let him go. Whatever they’re trying get out of him can wait. They have to roll out now; it’s their only chance. Dwight asks what’s happening, and Rollie says, a Hail Mary. Shari says they might have a shot to bring them down, but they need to blow up the van. Al joins them, and says they can’t blow it up. It’s designed to be impenetrable; they won’t do sh*t. If they want to take Ginny down, they don’t destroy something like that. They steal it.

The group waits on horses Shari takes Dwight’s hand. They all put their masks over their faces as the van approaches. As it passes, they take off behind it. Inside, the driver radios that he refueled, and he’s heading back. He sees the riders in his rearview mirror. One rides up to the van, and cuts the wire for the radio. The driver says, sh*t. Dwight asks if he’s really doing this, and Al tells him, ride like hell. The driver says, not today, and opens up the widow for the guns, but the riders get close, so it shoots over them. The bullets run out, and Dwight gets close enough to climb on. The driver floors it, then makes a sharp turn, but Dwight hangs on. The driver turns the other way, and Dwight climbs higher, getting to the top. The driver jerks the van around some more, but Dwight is tenacious (would that make him Tenacious D?). The driver sees the riders coming, and cocks his gun. Dwight is in the cab, and says the driver is out of bullets; they’re not. He smacks the gun out of the driver’s hand, and as the driver reaches for it, Dwight kicks his ass right out of the van. He gets control of the steering, and manages to stop.

Everyone has gathered at the van, and Dwight says, he got away. He saw the driver’s face, and he’s going straight to Virginia. Morgan rides up on a horse, dragging the driver behind him. Dwight says, Morgan, and Rollie asks if Dwight saved his life too, but Dwight says, the opposite actually. Morgan asks if hey lost something. He laughs, and looks at the driver, saying, he thinks he found it. 

Al says Morgan realizes she has to interview him again. She asks what he wants when they’re settled, and Dwight says he thought Morgan was dead. Morgan says, Dwight knows he doesn’t die. He’s letting Ginny believe he’s dead. Dwight asks how he survived, and Morgan says, some woman saved him. He’s not sure who. Al asks if he’s been out riding like the Lone Ranger. He says he kept them in the dark to protect them. Things changed since that night in the gulch. Dwight says, no sh*t, and Morgan asks how long since he found Shari. Dwight says, a little over a week. Ginny had nothing to do with it. Morgan says he’s happy for Dwight, and Dwight says he couldn’t have found her without Al. Morgan asks how long Shari has been with these folks, and she says, a few months. They were kicked out of where they were. Al says it’s a better situation than the one they left behind, and Morgan asks if Dwight knows where everyone else is, but Dwight says he’s been on the road. Morgan asks if they know where Grace is, but Al says, sorry. Morgan says, they’ll find her. They’ll find everybody.  

There’s a German Shepherd behind a fence where Shari’s group is staying, and Al asks what the dog’s story is. Rollie says they found the dog near a wildlife sanctuary. They tossed him scraps, and he’s been with them since then. He thinks the dog has wolf in him. He tells Dwight, they may have had differences in the past, but after what Dwight did today, he’d go so far as to consider Dwight a friend. Shari asks what Morgan is doing out on his own, and he says he’s looking for somebody. He thought she might be with them, but he’s glad he found them. He’s building something. He found somewhere Ginny can’t find, and need people like them to help make it what it can be. Shari says they don’t need a place. They’ve got everything they need to take out Ginny. Morgan doesn’t think now is the time to strike, but Rollie says, it’s the perfect time. Ginny has no idea they have firepower. Morgan says, that doesn’t mean they need to use it. Shari says she was told Morgan believes all life is precious. This is different. If one can control so many others… Morgan says, he’s been through this war too long, and seen the end of too many lives; so has her husband. They have friends that are still inside. If they strike, and it doesn’t go their way, they’re putting all of them in danger. Al says they want to make sure to get their people out first. Morgan says, not until they have somewhere to go. He’s got a place he’s getting ready. He’s going there tomorrow. Whether they come or not, all he’s asking is that they don’t make a move until the right time. Please.

Dwight has a smoke, and Shari asks if he wants to go with them. He says Morgan and Al are like family. They’re a big part of the reason he is who he is now. She asks if Morgan wasn’t how he ended up inside Ginny’s walls, and he says they wanted a place to disappear. They should give it a shot. They can get Ginny when the time is right. Shari asks when that will be. She appreciates what Morgan is trying to do, but they have a plan; right here, right now. The only way to have what they want is to take her out. She tells Dwight, if he wants to, go with Morgan, but she’s not leaving until Virginia is dead. He ponders, then says he’s not leaving without her.

In some kind of cave, the driver is bound to a chair with a hood over his head. Loud music is playing. Dwight, Shari, and Oswald come in wearing their masks. They take his hood off, and Dwight asks where Virginia is going. He’d better not say again that he doesn’t know. Dwight thinks he has a lot of guts, but he needs more. Dwight dumps a bucket of literal guts on him, and the driver says, what the hell? Does Dwight think that will make him talk? Dwight says, no, but he might. Rollie comes in with the dog, baring his teeth and growling on the end of his leash. Dwight asks where Virginia is going to be next, and the driver says, if Dwight kills him, he’s got nothing. Dwight says he’s got one happy dog. The driver asks, what did she do to you a-holes? and asks Shari if the cat’s got her tongue. Dwight says, don’t talk to her. He removes his mask, and says he will kill him. The driver says he sees why Dwight wears a mask. Dwight says the driver has seen his face now. He can’t let him go back, unless he helps them deal with Virginia. Where is Virginia going to be? The driver says Dwight is the a-hole with the chess pieces. What happened? He saw Dwight at the truck stop. Dwight grabs his neck, and  the dog is practically in the driver’s lap, snarling and snapping. Dwight kicks the driver’s chair out from under him. Morgan comes in, and asks, what’s happening here? Dwight says he’s asking questions, but it seems the driver doesn’t have the answers he’s looking for. Dwight and Morgan leave. 

Outside, Morgan tells Dwight, he’s got to wait, but Dwight says they might not get another chance. Morgan says he’ll put people they know in danger. Why go there in first place? He’s got a place waiting. Dwight says, Morgan tells him that he’s got a place where it’s safe; where he’ll help protect them. He’s heard it before. Why is this place, this building, any different? Morgan says, he’s different. He does things different. Dwight says he’s sorry, but Shari is right. Nothing will be different until Virginia is gone. Morgan says he can’t let Dwight do this, but Dwight says he is doing it. If Grace was asking Morgan to do the same thing… Morgan considers that for a moment, and says, sh*t. Dwight walks away.

Back at the tank, Shari asks if Dwight wants to talk about it. He says, no, and Rollie asks if he wants the dog back out. Dwight says, there are other ways to get the guy to talk, and Rollie asks, what ways? Dwight says, ways that will make him wish they were still using the dog. Shari says they don’t need to find out where Ginny is going to be. They can make her come to them. Rollie says, she’ll smell that coming a mile away, but Shari says, not if it’s coming from her own people. Isn’t time for Dwight’s next check in? Dwight says it is, and gets on the radio. He asks if Hill copies, and Hill says he’s late. Dwight says they found a place where there are still living people, and Hill asks, how many? Dwight says, over 100. They want to make sure Ginny makes the first overture. Hill tells him, stay put. They’ll be there by nightfall. Dwight tells Shari, soon enough, it will all be behind them. I tell him, famous last words.

Dwight says he’ll show Shari how to do the guns; sometimes it sticks. He asks, what’s wrong? and she wonders if he was really going to let the dog kill that guy. Dwight says he had to let the guy think that’s what he was going to do. She asks if he had to do that before, at the Sanctuary. He says, they can’t take any chances on screwing this up, including Morgan and Al. They might have to stand by until he’s done. She says, she thought he told her they were like family, and he says they’re like family; she is his family. He’s not going to let anyone get in the way of what he has to do. She asks what he has to do, and he says, when Ginny gets there, he’s killing her himself.

Morgan says, Al lied about the van, and she says, if worse comes to worse, she can take out the steering column. She hopes she can get the tank out of range. Otherwise it might blow up. Morgan says, screw up their people and pay the cost. Dwight knew if he tried something, there would be consequences. It might not work, and he’s going to make it worse. He tried it Dwight’s way. This time, they’re doing it his way. Al says, it’s not his call. It’s theirs. Rollie opens the gate, and stands there with her crew. Morgan sets aside his ax, and raises his hands, saying, okay. Al raises hers, and they all go out. Shari looks sad.

Rollie opens up one of the buildings, and says, the driver is out cold. Dwight asks if they searched him. Morgan says he’s sorry, and asks if Dwight is too. Dwight says, no, he’s not, but they both want the same things. Maybe Ginny does too. They all have their own lives, and their own rules, so there’s a fight. Somebody’s got to lose. He asks if Shari is okay, and Shari tells the guard, make sure he stays in there too. She tells Dwight, she can’t have him be part of this. It’s the only way. She won’t let him be the person he used to be. He goes inside with Morgan and Al, and Shari walks off.

They pull the van into the woods. Rollie tells everyone to get into position now. They should be here in 10 minutes.

Dwight pouts, Al bites at the ties on her wrists. Dwight says, Morgan was right. Taking Ginny out now is not the right time. He wanted to be with Shari so bad, he thought this was what she needed. Morgan says, Shari has to figure out what she needs for herself. Morgan says he spent so long thinking his way was the only way, he didn’t realize the trouble he was causing them. He didn’t realize he had to change until it was almost too late. Dwight says Shari is in the dirt with them, and Morgan asks what he’s doing to make sure she doesn’t have to go through what they did.

Rollie radios that they’re heading toward the gates. Shari cries quietly. Several cars come up the road, and form a line across it.

Dwight gets himself free. Rollie tells Shari they’ve got company, and she asks, who? Dwight opens the passenger door, and she asks what he’s doing. He says the same thing she was trying to do for him. Don’t be a fool.

Ginny isn’t with them, and Dwight tells Shari, don’t do this. Don’t kill her own people. She’s about to end up dead too. Wait a while. Work with them. It’s not going to work the way she said. Shari says, somebody has to do something, and Rollie radios, it’s now or never. Dwight tells her, she said she didn’t want him to turn into someone he hated. He doesn’t want that for her either. On the radio, Hill says, if Al and Dwight are listening, there had better be a damn good reason for this. Shari puts her hand on the lever to open up the guns, but her hand shakes. The cars leaves, and she smacks Dwight. She says he had to make it hard, and gets out of the van.  

Shari cries in her room. Dwight knocks at the door, but she says, not now. Dwight hesitantly comes downstairs. He site, then kneels in front of her. He asks what Ginny did to her, and she says, it’s not about Ginny. It never was. She gets up, and Dwight says, it’s about Negan. She says she could have done something a hundred times, but she didn’t. He says, this isn’t then. They can’t change the past; not him or her. He wanted to be with her more than anyone, but not like this. People are trying to change them into something they weren’t. He’s not standing around and watching it happen again. She says, then he needs to leave. She needs this. There’s the truth. That’s who she is, but he’s right; they can’t change who they are. At least he can’t because – she takes his face in her hands – he actually reminds her of who they used to be, before all of this. So go. She tells him louder, go. He leaves, and she cries.

Dwight leaves the building, and approaches the dog. The dog growls at him, but he puts his hand on the fence, and the dog licks it. He opens the gate, and lets the dog out. Great, now I have another dog to worry about. Dwight takes a last look.

Dwight meets Morgan and Al, who tells him that Shari and the others took off with the driver. Al asks how she is, and Dwight says, not good. He doesn’t think she’s going to be for a while. Morgan tells him, come with them, and he says he’d really to take out Ginny. Morgan says they will, but they’re going to need more than the van. Al says Dwight found his way back to Shari; she’ll find her way back to him. Dwight says he needs Al’s hat and jacket. He puts it on a zombie, and puts his own on another one. They put hoods on the zombies, and Morgan beats the crap out of the zombies’ heads. They lead the zombies away, and Morgan asks if Dwight is sure they’ll find them. Dwight says, they patrol every day. Al says, she’s got some people she wants Morgan to meet, and the three of them drive off.  

Al and Dwight open a truck, where Nora and the others have been waiting. Morgan asks, what’s going on? and Al says, they’re looking for a place to settle down. She thinks she’s found one for them, with help from a friend. Nora asks if they can trust him, and Al says she thinks so. Morgan says, he has to warn them, the place they’re going needs work. The people come out of the truck, and Dwight gets inside. Above the door, he draws an infinity symbol and an arrow. Morgan leads Everyone down the road on his horse.  

Next time, John suggests he and June leave, June performs surgery, and Ginny says, it doesn’t have to be the end.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Hope spoke in a voiceover, as we saw shadow puppets go from a happy world to an apocalypse. She told us, it had been a world with pets and homes, jobs and weekends, then everything changed. People died and returned; neither living or dead. The love they’d felt had been erased. The memory replaced by a hunger that was never satisfied. Everything they’d counted on couldn’t save them. Roads crumbled, cities fell, and to those born right before, the end of world was their beginning.

Iris, Hope, Silas, and Elton found the guy stalking them in the woods. Felix had gone looking for them, caught up, and questioned the guy. He said his name was Percy, and he’d just been taking a leak. Hope said, and he suddenly decided to rob them? but he swore he hadn’t, and had nothing on him. Felix said there were no signs of anyone else being with him, and they invited Percy to eat with them. Percy explained that he’d teamed up with a pair of nice enough guys named Mike and Tony. They gave a biker vibe, and bickered like an old married couple, but they ended up robbing his ass. They said they were from a settlement that seemed friendly to newcomers, so they found a place to camp, and went to sleep. When he woke up, they were gone, and so was his stuff. He said they were headed for an abandoned town called Andersonville, and he was going to get back what was his. Felix said he should be grateful for his life, and move on. Percy said it wasn’t a vigilante deal or the principle, but some things can’t be replaced. Elton said he understood that.

Percy told them, early on after the apocalypse, he was looking for a place to camp in the snow. He heard zombies coming, and thought, the world was so screwed up, why fight so hard to live in it? He got on a car roof, closed his eyes, and braced himself for the end, but nothing happened. He opened his eyes, and saw 200 bison crossing the overpass he was on. It was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. The real is surreal. Hope realized the timeframe wasn’t right, and thought he’d stolen the car. He said telling them he had a car, was like telling someone he had buried treasure, and not expecting them to look for it. He’d been in a truck carrying refined fuel, when it was stolen from him. Iris suggested they help him get his truck, then he could drive them where they needed to go. Felix thought it was too risky, and Huck suggested they get back-up, but Iris said they had no time. Percy said when his truck was hijacked, he hadn’t seen any guns. Felix relented, and said they’d go at dawn.

Elton told Hope about his mom, saying, she was the coolest. She saw death and decay as no better or worse than any life cycle. He was working on finishing his mom’s manuscript about nature, and said he wanted to pass the book along when he was done. Iris explained to Percy that she and Hope were going to save their father, and he thought she was lucky still having someone to save. Silas told Felix that he didn’t like Percy, and didn’t understand how anyone could.

They got to Andersonville, when a truck pulled in. Percy said it was his truck, and Felix thought they should do a smash and grab. Silas thought they shouldn’t do this. The truck stopped, but there was no movement, and Felix and Percy went to check it out. Percy said the driver was dead, and Felix wanted them to go back to the campsite, but that was a no. Felix agreed to help him, and Elton and Hope went around to the front of the building to find a door that wasn’t boarded up. Felix told  them to stay there, and I wondered why he continued to give orders when no one ever listens. He met Percy inside, while Iris paced. She told Silas she was going in, and he said she’d promised Felix she wouldn’t, like that meant something. She asked how they were going to save her dad if they were always waiting for people to save them, and Silas said he wouldn’t stop her. I would go zero places by myself in the apocalypse.

Iris found an entrance, and a random mannequin scared the hell out of her. She almost shot Percy, then a zombie popped its hand through a gate, and scared the hell out of me.

Elton told Hope that her dad had encouraged him to finish the manuscript. Her father hadn’t known his mom, but admired her research. Hope looked at the picture of Elton’s mother, the same woman she’d killed the night the sky fell. The thunder continued off and on, and I wished it would rain already, since that’s been going on since last week.

Felix checked out the building, killing random zombies, while Percy and Iris searched upstairs. Percy rifled through some pants pockets, and found car keys. The weird part is, I didn’t catch any explanation as to why the driver didn’t have keys or why they weren’t in the truck. As they started to leave, Percy looked in a room, and saw his stuff. He gave Iris the keys, and told her, find Felix and start the car. He was getting his stuff back. She left, but on her way downstairs, heard him argue with someone for a moment, then heard a gunshot. She debated with herself on the stairs, but went back up. Felix heard zombies, and got ready. It finally started to rain, and while Silas was staring at the door, the truck driver got up. Iris found an empty room where Percy had been, and the driver was apparently not a zombie as we all thought. He grabbed everyone’s stuff, jumped in the truck, and took off. Hope looked around, but found nothing except a zombie in the bathtub. Silas ran in to get Hope and Elton. Hope ran after the truck.

Iris saw Percy also headed for the truck. They locked eyes, and Percy ran, going out one of the windows. Iris followed, but fell into a dumpster. Percy jumped into the back of the truck as it drove away. Hope told Iris that help was coming, but a zombie popped out of the garbage. Iris got ready to spike it in the head, but then another one popped up behind her. Silas and Elton dealt with a bunch of zombies, while Felix got the dumpster gate down, rescuing Iris. Percy came back, and the driver told everyone to get in the truck. They left just in time, since it was going to be zombie city in a moment.    

Felix said, no good deed goes unpunished, and Percy – who called the zombies has-beens – introduced his Uncle Tony aka the driver. Felix asked if they should feel grateful that all Tony and Percy had changed their minds, and Tony said, out there, this was as good as it got. Tony did magic tricks, and told them he’d worked in Vegas as an illusionist and ventriloquist. Percy explained that his mom had split, and Tony raised him. Tony said Percy was a quick study; he was grifting kids in the sandbox. Iris was seriously bummed, and wandered off to be moody. Percy followed her, and she said he didn’t have to pretend that he cared now. She’d thought she had good instincts. Percy said she did; she came back to help him. He’d done this grift before, and every single person had taken the keys and run. She saw him as someone worth saving. That’s why he came back. She’s who he wanted to be now, and it was on him to prove he could be more like her.

Hope wanted to read Elton’s mom’s book, and he said he thought he must have been the last person who knew her. Now someone else would. At this point, I wondered if she was really dead. Tony tinkered with the truck, when Felix said he wanted to talk. Tony said he intended to make good on the ride, and asked about the emblem on Felix’s jacket. Felix said it was a university emblem from where they lived, and Tony told him not to bullsh*t bullsh*tter, especially one from Vegas. He thought whoever Felix was involved with didn’t mess around. He saw helicopters with the same emblem, periodically flying by. He said they’d incorporated avoiding these a-holes in their routine. He asked Felix, if they were in a bind, could his patch get them out, and Felix said, of course it could. Tony said he’d take them tomorrow, but first, a little acting.   

Silas told Felix, some people made starting over look easy. Iris told Hope, she wished she knew what was a lie, and what was real. Hope said Percy and Tony weren’t much different from them. They all had parts they wanted to hide. Tony and Percy did shadow puppetry like at the beginning, about the end of the world. It started out happy, then got sad, but ended with hope.

Next time, the group gets ahold of a military map, Percy says there’s fuel for the taking, and Iris is held hostage.  

After the preview, there was an extra scene. We saw a female scientist looking over Hope and Iris’s father’s notes, including personal correspondence from the girls. She received a call from Elizabeth, and promised Elizabeth that the doctor wouldn’t be a problem when the group arrived. After she hung up, we heard zombie noises, presumably from the ones she’s experimenting on. See below for more on this.

⚰️ Dead End…

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😢 What Is Goodbye…

Saying farewell to a class act.


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November 1, 2020 – Ginny Makes an Example, Felix Throws In, the Spy We Loved & Forever


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

Fear the Walking Dead

John writes to June, I’ve been thinking about my dad a lot lately. Maybe it’s being away from you – my heart, my everything – that my thoughts drift to my family. We weren’t together nearly as long as I would have liked, and I suppose I could say the same thing now. He packs a bag, and puts the letter in. He goes out into a little town. The neighbors are friendly. They smile and wave. He goes into an establishment that flies a flag with a key on it, and gets his guns. They’re still important to me, things I care about to this day. He goes to a guardhouse next to the Lawton sign, and relieves the man on duty. The letter continues, one thing I was told that I’ve carried particularly close, is that people deserve to live in a world where they know which way is up, or have someone else who knows if they can’t. I suppose that’s the reason I became a cop, and the same reason I became a cop again when Ginny asked me to. I eased into the role because I had reservations. Understandable, given the way things played out the last time I wore a badge. This feels different. Life here isn’t as I imagined. In the guardhouse, he reads the letter over. People give up some freedoms, but I’m starting to believe it’s worth the cost. They haven’t lost a soul in the 246 days I’ve been here. It’s a comfort, knowing I played a part in that. It’s not the world my dad dreamed of, but the people know which way is up. I hope you can find out for yourself. Maybe one day we can be together here. He knocks at a door, calling to someone named Cameron, saying Cameron missed his shift. There’s no answer, so he goes around to the back. He sees a man stuck on a barbed wire fence, being eaten by two zombies. John kills them, and the newly zombiefied guy, presumably, Cameron. The letter concludes, until then, sending you all my love, always.

Morgan goes to a storage space, and picks up a hoodie. He ponders it for a while. He gets in his truck, and shows it to a bloodhound, saying Daniel left it for them. The dog smells it, and Morgan asks if the dog will bark now, when they get closer. He asks if he should take the dog to the last place he saw him. He looks in the windshield mirror, and wonders if he’ll be recognized, and drives out.

At Cameron’s place, a small crowd has gathered. Ginny, says, don’t move him. She tells John, he knows how it can take its toll, especially if it’s one of theirs. The best thing is to go home. He says he’s trying to secure the scene, and she says, understood, but they should round the people up. Cameron warned her about his drinking. He must have gotten too close. John says, one way to find out is to look into it, but she says he can’t exactly investigate. He says he can collect the body. The last thing they want is anyone else getting hurt. She appreciates that he takes his duties seriously. It hasn’t gone unnoticed. He thanks her, and she and her Rangers leave. John looks around near the fence, where the guy , and picks up an earring.  

A car comes by, and Victor gets out. He and John hug. John sees a key on Victor’s lapel, and asks how he ended up with the hardware. Victor says, the same way John did. They do what they can to get by. He’s going to a meeting of the settlement council. John tells him about finding Cameron dead in the barbed wire, and says Ginny thinks it’s an accident. Victor says, and John? John says he’d be lying if he said he didn’t have doubts. Victor asks if he can do anything, and John says, no, but if that changes, he’ll let Victor know.

John goes over to Janice, who’s scrubbing some clothes on a washboard. She says she doesn’t have a letter, but John says that’s not what he’s there for. He wants to talk about Cameron. They were close, right? She says she did his laundry. She asks if he knows what happened, and he says Cameron was tangled in the fence, but he doesn’t know how or why. He shows her the earring, and asks if it looks familiar. He found it near the body. She says, it’s not hers, and he says he knows, but since she does laundry… She says she’s never seen it, and asks, what’s going on? He says he doesn’t know, but until he does, be careful. She’s the closest thing he’s got to family.

John goes to see Ginny, and tells her that he went back to Cameron’s. He says he doesn’t think Cameron stumbled. He doesn’t think Cameron was drunk. There was a bottle of moonshine in his house, and he hadn’t touched a drop. What if he was pushed? She says, by who? and he shows her the earring, saying he found it in the dirt. He bets whoever has the matching one is the person they’re looking for. She looks at it, and says, a man in the first place she lived murdered a friend over a can of tuna. The town elders made a show of it to keep everyone in line. They tied him to a stake outside the walls, and blasted music to draw the dead. He was picked clean to the bone, like a turkey on Thanksgiving. He says he doesn’t want that. She’s talking punishment. She says he doesn’t even know if a crime was committed, and he says, and he won’t, unless he looks further. She says she’d appreciate it if he kept it quiet. A place is only as safe as the people feel it is. He says, making people feel safe is good, but actually making them safe is better. She says he’s right. She’ll put on more patrols until they figure out what’s what.

Rabbi Jacob speaks at Cameron’s grave. He says, in Hebrew tzedakah means charity. We need to do what is right. Cameron answered the call, making their lives safer until his last breath. His life is a reminder that they should dedicated their lives to tzedakah, to be worthy of the world they inhabit, and goodness will prevail. They all put handfuls of dirt on the grave. John hands Dakota a piece of candy, saying he’s off of them until he gets his tooth sorted out. He asks if she knew Cameron, and she says, only that he was on Ranger detail outside of the gate, and Ginny had been having a hard time with him. Ginny comes by, and tells Dakota to go home.

John sees Janis being handcuffed, and trots over. The officer says she was trying to sneak to the fence. Ginny asks if Janis was trying to run off again, and tells John to check her bag. He dumps it out, and we see a few supplies. Ginny looks through them, and picks up an earring that matches the one John found. She says, how about that?

John visits Janis in her cell, and she says she lied to him when she said it wasn’t her earring. He shows her a sketch pad, and says he found this in Cameron’s house under the mattress. He was pretty talented. He flips to a sketch of the back of a woman, sleeping in bed, and asks if it’s her. She doesn’t say anything, and he says he can’t help if she doesn’t talk to him. She says he can’t help her even if she does. Ginny has had it out for her since she and Tom refused to kiss her ass. She had Tom killed. If Ginny decides it’s so, than it is. He says, no. She wants people to feel safe; that won’t happen. Janis says she wasn’t lying when she told him the earring wasn’t hers. She thinks Ginny planted them. John tells her, be straight. What’s going on? She says she and Cameron were together, but they hid it. They were afraid Ginny would use it against them, and try to split them up. They piled up supplies, and figured in a few more days, they could leave this place for good. She didn’t want be there without him. Cameron wasn’t perfect, but he listened and cared. She was lonely, and so was he, and they found each other. They thought they may as well be lonely together. It sure sounds crazy it, doesn’t it? The guy at the desk calls to John, saying, Ginny needs to see him. He tells Janis, if he can, he’ll set this straight. She says she knows he will.

Ginny tells John, the strawberry yield was good. It makes her think they’re on the right track – in more ways than one. He bites into some toast and jam, and she tells him that he should have someone look at his tooth. She thanks him, saying, if they hadn’t had that talk, she never would have doubled up Ranger rounds, and Cameron’s killer would be half way to Mississippi. John tells her, Janis says it’s not her earring, and Ginny says Janis was trying to run away during the funeral. He says he knows how it looks, but he didn’t even properly inspect the body. She asks if he’s going to dust for prints. She knows what he wants to believe, and asks if it’s intuition or that he doesn’t want to lose his carrier pigeon. He asks if she read his letters, and she says, every single one. Cameron made sure of it. She tells him not to worry. The things he said show he believes in this place. He’s invested in what happens. Janis is an example that needs be made. She tells him, go home, get some rest, and be proud of the work he’s done there. She is. She thinks his daddy would be too. I get angry, since she’s using his dad as a manipulation tactic, and someone did that to me once.

When John goes outside, Dakota asks if he was a cop. He says he was, and she asks if he ever killed anyone. He says he did, but he didn’t mean to. She tells him, don’t listen to her. He’s doing the right thing. She’s protecting someone. He asks, who? but Dakota doesn’t know. He needs to keep on it. Ginny pops out, and tells Dakota to get back in the house.

John lies awake in bed. He finally gets up, and goes to Cameron’s grave, digging down to the body. He looks it over, covering his nose and mouth. He sees Cameron’s throat has been slit. A zombie tumbles in, and John puts Cameron’s body between him and it. Another falls in, and John struggles to keep their mouths away from him. He pushes them off long enough for him to grab the shovel, and he kills them with it. He looks in Cameron’s hand, and takes something out of it. He looks at it, and it’s a piece of a knife. He hoists himself out of the grave.  

John tells Victor, Cameron’s throat was cut. It was plain as day. He stands near the grave, where a couple of guys deal with what’s left of Cameron and the two zombies. Victor says, Cameron got chewed up in there, and John nearly got chewed up with him. John says, not by choice, and Victor says, even if Ginny wanted to get to the bottom of it, the evidence has been chewed up and spit out. Showing Victor the knife piece, John says he found this in Cameron’s hand; it must have broken off. Victor says, Janis couldn’t have gotten a knife out of lockdown without anyone knowing, and John wonders who would have access to the sign-out list.  

Victor waits while John looks through drawers. He tells John, the next shift starts at five, and who would be dumb enough to bring the murder weapon back? John says he’ll see who checked it out, and flips through a ledger. Victor says it’s his ass if Ginny find out. John says, hand-carved bone, and Victor asks when it was checked out. John says, the page is missing. Someone doesn’t want him to find it. He’s going to find the rest of the knife. It’s got to be there, or just outside the gate. Victor says, what then? and John says, people only safe feel if they know what’s going on. Victor asks if he thinks Ginny is going to sit by, and John says, she won’t have a choice. Even her sister thinks she’s protecting someone. Victor tells him, think long and hard before he commits to this course of action. If he goes down this path, there’s no going back.

John goes to Janice’s cell, and she says he shouldn’t be there. He says he thought it would give them a chance to talk. Ginny is protecting someone. He doesn’t know who or why, maybe a ranger, but there’s no way Janice could have gotten her hands on the weapon he found. She tells him, stop. He says he can get her out. Ginny comes in with Victor and some others, and she says she wasn’t expecting him. Victor says he sees John got his message, and thanks him for coming. He tells Ginny, they’ll need a witness, and John says, for what? Ginny says, her confession. Janice says she knows she said she was innocent, but she did it; she killed Cameron. She lied to him. She was there the night Cameron died. They were planning on running away, but he said he couldn’t go; what they had wasn’t worth it. She was hurt and angry, and the fight spilled outside. She got out of control, and pushed him into the fence, then watched the dead tear him apart. Ginny thanks her for unburdening herself, and hopes she makes peace with it. John says, she confessed; it has to count for something. Ginny says she knows he’s invested, but people need to feel safe, and she has to make sure they do. She’ll give them time alone to say their goodbyes. Victor locks eyes with John before he leaves.

John asks Janis why she’s making it easy. Ginny isn’t going to take mercy on her. Janis says, it’s okay. She has no one in her life. Tom, Cameron, there’s nothing more for her, but there is for him. She tells him, look under the floorboard in Cameron’s place, there’s a can of gas for the generator and a spare key; Tom has a dirt bike. She gives him the directions to where it is, and tells him, take it. Get out of here. The place is rotten. It spoils everything it touches. Sooner or later, there’s going to be something he doesn’t want to do. He tells her not to give up, but she says she’s not. She’s setting them free. He says, it’s not just her life, but the truth. She says, it’s okay. Let her go.

John looks at a map, and drinks. There’s a knock at the door, and Jacob comes in. He says he thought John might need company. John guesses Jacob heard about Janice, and Jacob says, she’s set to be executed at daybreak. He spoke to her as her officially sanctioned spiritual advisor. She’s a brave women facing a cowardly act. John says he always followed the rules; the rules made sense to him. Jacob asks if he’s thinking of running away, and John says Janice wants him to. She told him, find June, and get the hell out of there, but he’s not going to do it. Jacob asks what he is going to do, and John says, get Janice out. Jacob says, there are only a few Rangers on duty during shift change, and John says his dad had a case when he was knee-high. The term didn’t exist then, but it was a serial killer. They found him living in a compound with a bunch of people he’d brainwashed, who thought he was the second coming. He was nothing but a two-bit mortician, spouting about death and new beginnings; nonsense that he made sound profound. The entire force, his dad included, combed the place. The guy was guilty, but they couldn’t pin it on him. His dad found a purse from a missing woman squirreled away in a back closet. It was enough evidence to put the SOB away for the rest of his life. Jacob says it sounds like his father was a her, and John says he planted the purse. He knew the man was guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, and broke the rules to set things right. He felt like the people living in the world knew which way was up. The people who knew were happy to get a dangerous guy off the street, and saved the women he would have hurt, but they never looked at him the same way. They weren’t certain they could trust anything he did now. His parents’ marriage fell apart. His dad moved north, and he started drinking. He did the right thing, and it cost him something hard. Jacob says, it’s going to cost John, but he seems to know that. John says he’s not worried about himself, and he trusts Ginny won’t hurt June. She needs people who know medicine, but he know he’ll never see June again. When his dad disappeared, it was hard on him. His dad had to do what he did, and he knows there are people alive who wouldn’t have been, whose lives his dad saved, even if it cost him the one he was living. It’s the choice he’s making. Jacob says they could find another way. He could talk to Ginny; buy them more time. John says, there’s none to buy, and asks Jacob to make sure June gets the letter he’s written, so she knows why he had to do this. They hug, and John thanks Jacob. Jacob says, who knows? John may yet see her again. John says, let’s hope so. Jacob leaves, and John puts his head in his hands and cries.

John packs a bag, puts the map inside, and blows out the candles. He goes to Janis’s cell, and sees it’s empty. He says, no, no, no, no, and goes out the gate. He hears music coming from a boombox, and sees zombies feeding. He shoots them, and finds a body that been totally mutilated. He looks up at the radio and sees zombie Janis on the ground, a noose half in her mouth, and her hands tied. He comes closer to her, and his face shows a thousand emotions. He shoots her, and then shoots the radio.   

John pounds a cross into the ground in the cemetery, and hangs the plaque with Janis’s name on it.

John strides into town, gun in hand. Jacob comes out, and John says, they moved up the execution. Jacob says he knows, and John asks if Jacob told her. Jacob says, someone told him, and Victor comes out. John asks Jacob if he told Victor, but Victor says, he didn’t have to. He knows John. John asks if Victor arranged for Janis’s confession, and Victor says it was Janis’s idea. John asks if Victor told Ginny what he was going to do, and Victor says he told Ginny that Janis was a flight risk. John hits Victor a good one in the head. Victor falls down, and John walks away, but Victor gets up, and they fight. They’re both on the ground, and John says Victor killed her. He keeps punching Victor in the head, and reaches for the gun nearby, but Jacob grabs it up. Victor says Janis was going take the fall, and he kept John from going with her. John says, they could have gotten away, but Victor says, Ginny would have hunted him down killed them both. Jacob suggests Victor get cleaned up, and John says, Janis was right. This place destroys everything.

Ginny stands on a porch in front of a crowd of townspeople. She says they’re all after same thing. Not just Lawton, but all the settlements in the franchise. They want to feel safe from the danger lurking beyond the place they call home. Cameron’s murder tested their stability, and they won because of one man’s pursuit of the truth. John stands next to her, looking a little sad and unkempt. She says, with men like him on watch, their enterprise is rife with promise. He was there for them in their hour of need, and she asks him to accept this small token of gratitude. She pins a key to his lapel, and says, the key to the future; their future. She quietly tells him, congratulations, Ranger boy. He’ll find the honor will afford him many privileges. He looks at Dakota, then looks down sadly.

John can’t sleep, which is understandable. There’s a knock at the door. It’s June, and he asks what she’s doing there. She says, Ginny didn’t tell him? Ginny transferred her. She’s based out of Lawton now. He wonders why, and she kisses him. She asks, what is it? and he says, nothing, Junebug. He tells her to unpack, and he’ll clean up. He’s glad to see her. She goes inside, and he turns, and closes the door.

In the bathroom, John pokes at his tooth, and pulls it out himself with a pair of plyers. You may now flinch as I did. He lets it slide down the drain. He looks long and hard at himself in the mirror. A song plays, and we hear, I won’t cry as long as I have you…

Morgan drives, and tells the dog, they’re almost there. He puts up the window, and the dog lies down on the floor. Morgan says he’s not going to lie. This is the last place in the world he wants to go, but if that’s what it takes, right? He laughs, and a car comes out of the blue, T-boning him. He asks if the dog is okay, and he is (thank God – I can’t believe I have another dog to worry about now). He sees the other car has stopped, steam coming from the engine. He rubs his shoulder, and tells the dog to stay there. He gets, bringing his battle ax with him.

A guy tumbles out of the car, and Morgan asks if it was an accident. Now would be a good time to say he’s sorry. The guy asks, where’s Emile? and Morgan says, Virginia knows where he is. The guys asks, who’s Virginia? and Morgan sees that another guy is on his other side. The new guy says he just wants the key, but Morgan says he doesn’t know what they’re talking about. He tells them, stay back; he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. The second guy has come closer, and they move in for an attack, but Morgan slices into the second guy, disemboweling him, as I say, ooh, then OH. His intestines literally fall out. The first guy gets Morgan in a headlock, and we see a key on a chain around Morgan’s neck. Morgan slices that guy open too.

Morgan looks at the key, and says, what the hell do you unlock?

Next time, masked people, Al tells Dwight that it’s not his call, Dwight tells Shari that it will all be behind them, and Dwight is trapped and surrounded.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Huck told everyone, what was on the other side was rougher than what they’d seen before. Felix got Elton on the side to confer, but Elton said he hadn’t told Felix he was in. Felix said Elton hadn’t said he wasn’t in either. He told Elton, the Mississippi would be the last chance to get everyone home safe, and he’d need Elton’s help to do it. Elton asked why Felix thought anyone would listen to him, and Felix said Elton cared about them, like he did. Felix told Huck that Elton was with them, but she thought maybe they should head to Plan B. The best way was for one of them to go with the girls, and the other with the boys. They stopped at a dock, where there was a lone boat, and Elton said it had probably been used as an escape route, and this boat was the last one. Iris suggested they get creative, and build their own. She saw a hull, and thought they could do a remodel. Silas thought it could work, and Felix was like, damn!

They looked through a supply warehouse, where we got Elton’s backstory. Elton flashed back to being with his dad and pregnant mom in his dad’s office at the Natural History Museum, where his dad was apparently a paleontologist. He told Elton about the end of the dinosaurs, and said it was never too early for science. Elton also felt his little sister move, and named her Esmerelda. His mother said they’d talk about it. She had to leave for a meeting, and said she’d heard there was a lot of police activity near the hospital. Elton’s father told her to stay safe, and after she left, he showed Elton how to dust a fossil. They began to hear a lot of sirens outside.   

Felix told the kids, they had no engine to fight the current. Elton tried being discouraging, but Iris thought they could get parts from an air conditioner, and make a steamboater. Silas compared it to the dorm furnaces he had to fix.

Hope said the river was the last big thing in their way, and Felix told Huck, the closer they were to finishing the boat, the harder it would be to convince them. Huck said she thought maybe they should let the plan go. Hope eavesdropped, and asked Elton if he was involved. She told Iris and Silas that Elton was working with Felix, and asked Felix what Plan B was, to sabotage the boat? Felix said he was going to have them take the boat downriver, then go back to the university. They didn’t know where they were going, or what they were doing when, or if, they got there. They didn’t even know for sure if their dad was in trouble. He could have sent more messages while they were gone. Hope said he didn’t even believe his own words, and he said he’d made a promise to their father to keep them safe. Iris said they didn’t have time for an argument, and Felix needed to leave his sh*t at the door. Without everyone giving 100%, they wouldn’t make it across the river.

Huck and Hope looked for a fuel source, and Huck said she’d tried to do what was best for everybody. Hope asked who’s side Huck was on. She’d heard Huck tells Felix they should call it off. Huck said she was all for stopping them for a long while, but now she didn’t know. Going cross country was big, and doing sh*t like that was what made them stronger and better. She explained she’d been found floating down the Missouri in a raft with a broken arm. She’d messed up, and wasn’t sure if she was coming or going. The next thing she knew, they were calling her Huck, which she thought was kind of cool. She said she left a lot out, but she hadn’t known if she was going to live or die, and came close to giving up; just letting the water take her away. She had to push every single moment, and the pushes she’d overcome caused her to be stronger and better. Maybe that’s what this would be for them. Maybe even Felix. Hope thought Huck should tell him, but Huck said it wasn’t her place. Maybe Felix had to figure it out for himself in his own way.

Felix tried talking to Hope, who said she was pissed at herself for thinking she could turn him. She and Iris never got a brother, since he never acted like one. They weren’t his sisters; they were his problems. She’d trusted him more than anyone, and he should have told their dad not to. She guessed it was time for her to grow up.

Silas said the nail polish box at the warehouse could help them with the fuel situation. It started to storm, and Iris asked if Felix thought her dad was really safe. He said he did. He had to be, and so did Will. He should have gone, but their dad asked him to stay behind, and Will took his place, but Felix wasn’t there to protect him. Silas and Elton dumped all the polish into containers. Elton said people knew death was inevitable, but was so horrible a concept, they tried to put it off for a while. Fear was the body’s reaction to risk, and if they understood risk on a conscious level, there was no need to fear. He flashed back to being with his dad, who told young Elton he was going to find them a safe home. He was locking door, and gave Elton a giant tooth fossil that he said was special, and would keep anyone safe who was holding it. It sounded like chaos outside, with a lot of screaming and shooting. He put Elton in a crate, and closed the lid.

Iris told Felix, something was weird, and asked if his skin was tingling. Felix pushed her down, and lightning struck. A bunch of zombies toddled out of a nearby bar.

Iris and Felix ran back to the makeshift boat. Iris told Huck the empties were coming, and they couldn’t risk the rising water washing the boat away. Hope suggested they get in when the sh*t hit the fan. Elton and Silas ran back, but Elton tripped and fell, spilling the nail polish. He swore it wasn’t on purpose. Silas helped him up, and when they got to the boat, iris poured the polish into the engine, and got it going. Flames shot up, and then it died. The zombies from the bar were headed their way, and Felix put fishing line across the trees a bunch of times to slow them up. Iris said a belt had come off, and that’s why the engine failed. They needed someone small to go underneath, and Elton was small enough. Elton said he was claustrophobic, and Iris said, please, which sent him back to being in the crate. She told him that he could do it. Felix kept an eye on the zombies, holding a sword as they pushed against the line. Elton recited the planets to himself, along with young Elton in his head. He got the engine started again, but got stuck trying to wriggle back out. Hope and Iris had gone to help Felix, and Elton remembered his dad giving him the fossil. He put the same faith in a paintbrush, using it for magical protection, but Hope and Iris got back in time to pull him out. Good thing, since I don’t think the paintbrush was going to do much for him, and the zombies had broken free. The group pushed the boat, but it was slow going, and the zombies were getting closer. Hope thought they’d better run for it, but Felix joined in, using a piece of lumber as leverage, and the boat moved. The zombies were just a few feet away when the boat was all the way in the water, and they jumped on. Everyone was all proud of themselves.

Felix admitted that he’d was going to turn them around, but said he realized he’d do zero good, and told Hope that she was stubborn as sh*t. Huck thought it might be good for them, and turn them into the people they were supposed to be. Hope said the clues she’d left weren’t just because she hoped he’d turn them around, but that he’d help, and he was there now. Huck told Hope that Felix would keep them safe, and keep Will safe when they found him. She said the best thing was to divide and conquer. Their intel was weak, and she told them she’d be back in 48 hours max, but she was leaving them in good hands until then.

Elton looked at the sky and remembered his last time with both of his parents, and cried. He wrote in the margins of a book that nature had accounted for everything in the human race except self-awareness. Humans can act in ways nature isn’t expecting or ready for. It lets them see a path in the wind, even if for a moment. Sometimes a moment is all you need. Young Elton came out of his hiding place, and went out in the hallway. He saw his dad dead, shot in head, and everything was a mess. He picked up a messenger bag, put the fossil in it, and walked out into the world. As he exited the museum, he picked up a flyer that said Public Evacuation. Hope asked if he was okay, and he told her, the night the sky fell, his father told him not to be scared, and he wasn’t. He said his father was scared, probably more than he’d ever been, but that didn’t stop him from doing what needed to be done. He was brave because he was scared, not in spite of it. Hope wished she could have met his parents, and thought they must have been pretty cool to make a kid like him. He said he sometimes thought his mother was still out there somewhere, and his sister Esmerelda. Hope said that wasn’t so crazy, but looked at his mother’s picture, and remembered shooting her.

As they sat around a campfire, the group heard something. It was a zombie, and Iris said she had this.

Next time, an uninvited guest, a group of robbers, and zombies in garbage.

🍸 A 00Goodbye…

Somewhere at a heavenly bar, a suave sharply-dressed man sits down, and orders a martini, shaken, not stirred.


🦅 Gotta Fly Now…

Tomorrow, lots of costumes and a new Deck. Until then, stay safe, stay serene, and stay aware while you’re driving, even in an apocalypse. And don’t forget to vote.

October 25, 2020 – A Chance Meeting Happens, Felix Asks Elton For Help, Pumpkin Watching & Dead


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

Fear the Walking Dead

Morgan checks out the baby, and Rachel looks through the haul. She says they brought back a lot, and he tells her that he brought back clothes and books too. She takes out a jar of homemade jelly, and asks where he got it. He says he knows someone on the inside. They don’t know where he is, and they won’t; not until he’s ready to get everybody else out. He starts to leave, and Rachel asks if he wants to hold the baby. He says his arms aren’t up to it yet, and she says, it will be nice to have a playmate. He goes out the door, and she asks where he’s going.  

Morgan  sharpens a stick, and tells Rachel, people didn’t used to change much, but it feels like he’s been sixteen different somebodies since it happened. He’s going to find Grace, and bring her there. He’s scared he won’t be the man everyone knows, and Rachel says either he changed or he’ll still be the man they know. He checks out the ax that he made for himself, having moved beyond the pokey stick.

Dwight breaks into a boarded up house, and we hear zombie noises. Al comes in behind him, filming, and he tells her, come on. She films and kills zombies at the same time, multitasking. Some things never change. She says, it’s day four, into the microphone, and asks Dwight how long he thinks they’ve been dead. He says, two or three months; let Ginny figure it out. She looks in the guy’s wallet, and says, Arizona. A straggler zombie toddles out, and Dwight says, he can be Alaska, but when he checks the wallet, it’s Montana. Al says she counted fifteen sleeping bags. How many did they get? He says, not enough, and suggests they check upstairs.

Al bangs on a trashcan in some kind of medical office, but nothing happens. She looks in some drawers, and hears someone on the radio, giving coordinates. She looks for a pen and starts jotting them down. While she’s distracted, a fairly fresh-looking female zombie comes up behind Al, and traps her against an examining table. Al tries to reach for her weapon, but can’t get it, and Dwight runs in and stabs the zombie in the head. He asks if Al is okay, and she says the zombie smells like formaldehyde. She thinks someone embalmed her. He wonders what kind of psycho would do that. He radios in; fifteen dead, no living. He says they’re at a funeral home, and there’s nothing worth scavenging. Al wonders how they died, but says they’re not staying. Dwight says, they have no choice, but she says, bullsh*t. He wonders how many they’ve checked, and she thinks a couple hundred. He says, it’s always the same sh*t. What went wrong, and why did they die? If Virginia gave a sh*t, she would have gotten to it before it happened. He tells Al, he said there was nothing worth scavenging, but… He shows her a six-pack.

They have a beer on the back stairs. Al says the beer is skunk, and Dwight asks if she’s thinking about beer lady (i.e. Isabelle); tell him her name. He spits, and says the beer would taste better with a bag of pretzels. They clink bottles, and the radio comes to life. Al grabs for it, but Dwight holds onto it. He asks who hell that is, and what’s drop sight Baker? She says, trust her. The less he knows, the better. He tells her, she says that every time he asks her about beer lady. It’s her, isn’t it? What’s Ground 17? Al asks if his camera is off, and takes the radio. She says, yeah; it’s her. She thinks drop sight Baker is in the city, and says they switch channels a lot, but she’s been trying to track Isabelle’s movements. Dwight asks if Al knows where she might be, and she says she does. He asks why they aren’t heading there, and she tells him Isabelle has protocol. He says, screw protocol, and Al says they have it too. He says, maybe beer lady is having the same conversation. Al can be there when the helicopter lands; meet her, and run away. Al says, if she goes AWOL, Ginny will kill her, and Dwight says, not if Ginny thinks she’s dead. They’ll find a walker who looks like her, a fairly recent one, and he’ll tell Ginny that she bought it. She says she can’t put that on him, and he says, he walked halfway across the country because his wife left a note. If Shari was out there, and Al didn’t push him, he’d kick her ass. She says she’d like to see him try. He says, let’s go find beer lady, and they get in the car.

Dwight sees a zombie on the ground, gurgling, and smashes its head with his boot. He says they’re at drop sight Baker, and checks the zombie’s wallet. He says, Alaska, and shows Al. He thinks it’s a sign. They go inside the building, and The End Is The Beginning is spray painted on the wall. Al says, the world goes to sh*t, and everybody is a philosopher. They investigate, opening a door, and a trio of zombies toddles out. They run through a door that has catwalks and stairs, and see a cage with a rat in it. A zombie drops down from another flight of stairs, and they see a bunch on a landing above that’s blocked with furniture. Dwight says, it’s not going to hold, and they make a run for it, shutting the next door quickly behind them. They turn around to see two live people holding a gun on them. A woman (Nora) asks what they’re doing in the building, and Al says they’re trying to get to the roof. Nora says, if they think whoever is landing on the roof is going to save them, think again. The man says the last guy who went up there got a bullet for his trouble. Nora asks why Al is recording, and tells Al, the guy was a friend of hers. They put Al and Dwight in an office and lock the door.

Dwight tells Al that he doesn’t know them. Does she think it’s beer lady who shot Alaska? She says he has no way of knowing, and Dwight asks how she knows she’s not going to get shot. She says she doesn’t, and Nora and the man come back. Nora asks if that’s what Al does, goes around recording, and Dwight says they hope to stop it from happening for the people still there. Nora tells Al to turn it on. They need her help.

Nora takes them to what looks like a makeshift camp in an office. She says, it’s everyone who’s left. She tends to a sick guy, slumped at his desk. Al takes Dwight to the side, and says, it’s the Bubonic plague. (Like a zombie plague isn’t enough.) She saw it in Algeria. Dwight says they’ll get them some antibiotics, but Al says she can’t do this. They head for the stairs, and Nora asks where they’re going. Dwight follows Al out the door, and asks if she’s going to let them die. Al breaks out a fire ax, and he says, she’s still going? She says he’s the one who convinced her to go, and he says that was before he knew she might get shot. She asks what the alternative is. Keep doing what they’re doing, and call it living? They made a game out of seeing where dead people came from. The last time she felt alive was with her. Even if means taking a risk just for a moment, she’d still choose that over this. He ask how much time they have, and she says, an hour. He tells her that she’d better get going.

Al comes up against a locked door, and says they have to find another way up. Dwight kills a zombie, checks the wallet, and says, Tennessee. Maybe Al is right, and they shouldn’t be doing this. She says it’s a game she played with her brother, using license plates and no dead people. He asks what she’s going to say to beer lady, and Al says, why is beer lady pointing a gun at her? Dwight says, when and if she puts it down, what will Al say? Al asks what he’d say to Shari, and he says he’s made peace with the fact it’s not going happen. She asks, what about Ginny? She said she knew someone who broke bread with Shari. He says, bullsh*t. He thought he heard her, but it was when he was dehydrated and thought he was going to die. They go into an office, and Al knocks on a door. They hear zombie noises on the other side, and go down the hallway to another room. Al knocks on a wall, then punches a hole in it, since it’s nothing but a sheet of plaster. She looks inside, where there’s a maze of pipes. They get in, and climb up the pipes to the next level. They start to crawl, and see loads of rats. Dwight says, they could be infected, and Al says, yeah, but they have to keep moving. Mind you, these are cute pet rats, which is always how they look in film and TV. They never look like subway rats. They bust through another wall.

They see tons of zombies, blocked in by furniture. Dwight says, the plague? And Al says, they died of it; let’s go. They run into a bathroom, and I think, why? You’re not going to find much in the way of weapons, and there’s usually no alternate way out. In this case, I’m wrong. There is another door, and Al asks what’s on Dwight’s neck. He looks at a wound in the mirror, and she says, he’s infected.

Zombies scrabble at the door, and she says she told him not to come. He says he was trying to help her, and got sick. He wants to make it right. He tells her, stay away. He doesn’t want her to get sick, but she says, it doesn’t spread that way, person to person. He asks how long it takes, and she says, two days, usually. He says, maybe there was a rat in his sleeping bag, and she says, maybe. He was trying to do a good thing for her. He says, it’s not over. He’s going to get her up to the roof. He went through so much crazy sh*t, trying to find Shari. It’s the least he can do. She says they need to get him some cipro, fast. They hear something at the door, then gunshots. The door is kicked in, and it’s Nora with dead zombies behind her. She says they’re lucky she didn’t shoot them. Nora tells Al, call her boss;  they need antibodies. Dwight says Nora was right. She won’t do anything, but he’s got a truck full of gas, and can go to a pharmacy. Nora says, Al has been exposed too, but Al says she can take care of herself.   

Nora looks at the crowd of zombies behind the furniture, and says, it was a holiday party. They have to get to the other side of the door. Al asks if Nora worked there. Nora says she did, and Al says, she knew them. Nora says they made it to the fifth floor when they started to get sick, and couldn’t go any further. Dwight says, let them out, and he’ll kill them. They’ll take it nice and slow. Al asks how many bullets Nora has, and Nora says, three. As the zombies come out, Nora stabs one in the head. Al bashes another with a piece of office equipment, and Nora whacks one with the bottom of an office chair. She lingers over it, and looks like she might cry. Al says they need to go, and Nora shakes her head. She says, don’t record. No one should remember them like this. It’s hard to remember what they looked like before. Al takes the chair bottom out of Nora’s hand. Al asks what Nora’s friend’s name is; the one who went to the roof? Nora says, Mark; why? and Al takes out his license, giving it to her. Nora cries, and thanks Al. Nora takes her knife, and heads for the door.    

Nora says, roof access is two flights up. Dwight says Al better get going, and she tells him to hit every pharmacy he can find. He says he will, and Al tells Nora to make sure Dwight is okay. Nora says she will, and Al says Nora still thinks she’s an a-hole, but Nora shakes her head. She says she sold timeshares to people trying to escape their boring lives, while she was too chicken to go to exotic locales. Al is braver than her, or maybe just stupid. They laugh, and Dwight says, if he saw Shari, he thinks he’d just hold her as tight as he could. He hopes Al gets to do that with beer lady. He doesn’t think she’ll shoot Al. Al tries to give him the recorder, but he says he left something on there for her. She goes out to the roof.

The landing pad is empty, and Al looks around. She sits on a cement block, takes out the camera, and looks at the video. Dwight comes on screen, and says she’s taking a leak or something, so he only has a minute, Wherever they end up, wherever they’re going to, crack one open for him. Don’t forget the present. He loves her. She puts the camera away, and sets off a flare. She radios ground 17, and says, reverse course. Isabelle’s voice says, who’s on this channel? and Al says, someone who wants to help her. She says, with what? and Al says, this place is filled with dead, infected with the plague. It’s not safe to land here. Isabelle asks if Al is infected, and Al says she doesn’t know. Maybe. Isabelle says, thanks for warning her, and Al should stay off this channel. Al copies that, and she says, there’s some beer in the supply crate. She hopes it’s not Al’s last. Al thanks her, and watches as the helicopter turns around. Al says, wait. She just wants to say it’s good to hear her voice… because there aren’t many people left. Isabelle copies, and radios her partner, saying, drop sight Baker is burned. Drop sight downtown. Al stands alone on the roof. She opens the supply crate, and takes out the beer. Underneath is a box of cipro. She radios Dwight, who asks why they’re talking. She tells him, stay where you are. She’s coming down to him.

The cipro is passed out to the people still alive. Dwight asks Al, what happened up there? and she says she guesses she didn’t want this to happen again. They hug, and she tells him get himself some cipro. She asks if Nora has been there since the beginning, and Nora says, yeah. She looks at a travel poster of an island, and Al says, it’s not like that anymore. Not that it ever really was. Nora asks what it’s like where Al is from, and Al says she doesn’t want to go there. They’ll find her someplace better. Nora nods, and goes back to the others.

Al and Dwight stand near the rat cage, and Al wonders if the spread from the rats was an accident. Dwight says someone like Ginny could have made the people sick. Al says, if she had to guess, she’d say whoever spray painted  the message in the lobby, and points out an empty can of paint. Dwight says he’d better check in, or Ginny will start asking questions. A woman’s voice comes over the radio, saying, I saw a flare. Is someone in trouble? Dwight grabs the radio from Al, and says, honey, is that you? Shari says, Dwight?

He runs outside, and Shari is in at the end of the alleyway. He runs to her, and stops. She cries, and they kiss. Al and Nora come out. Al smiles.  

Next time, John tells Ginny that they’re making them safe, Ginny tells Dakota to get inside, a funeral, and Victor says if they go down this path, there’s no going back.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond

As the group walked, Iris explained that the research place wasn’t where their dad stayed. Hope thought it was all shady as sh*t, and Elton said  they should feel lucky that the Republic hadn’t taken over the world, but Felix and Hope agreed they didn’t really know that. A storm was approaching, and they found a school hidden behind some overgrowth, and went inside. While she was looking at a yearbook, Iris imagined how things were before the pandemic apocalypse, when the kids were all lively, and roaming the halls. Felix suggested combing the place, and they split into twos: Silas and Iris, Felix and Elton, and Huck and Hope.  

This week, we saw some of Hope’s backstory when she flashed back on talking to her father. She told him she’d waited for him at the principal’s office, but he never showed. He said he was working between classes, and forgot. Then thought if she stayed there all afternoon, she’d think twice about setting off a stink bomb. Then, he forgot again. She said at least he’d done good with Iris, and he said the agency had told them that Hope and Iris shared a crib; they were inseparable. They’d bonded before he and their mother met them. He told Hope that he knew they would protect each other, even if their parents couldn’t protect them. He said she was exceptional. and wished could see herself the way he saw her.

Hope wondered about her dad putting himself in danger for people he didn’t know, but he insisted they were good people. She said if they were, they would tell him where he was going. He told her that his brain said any chance he gets to train people is the only way the world would survive. She told him the world he was trying to save was over. That’s what her brain was telling her. He said, if it was the end, it would be easy, but it wasn’t. They still had a shot, and he was going to take it. She promised not to be a screw up anymore, but he said that wasn’t why he was going. He told her that she wasn’t a screw up; she was just frustrated, and they’d talk when he got back – and he would be back. He said he wasn’t supposed to communicate, but had figured something out. He could be bad too. He told Hope that he loved her.

Huck and Iris noticed that Fall Out Shelter signs in the hallways were either pulled down or hanging off. Felix and Elton saw a streak of blood on the floor, and Elton wondered if it was an empty. Felix said, maybe, but maybe not. He radioed Iris and Silas, but got crickets. Felix and Elton followed the blood. They noticed a couple of zombies banging from the inside of lockers. I thought, geez. Even in the apocalypse, poor nerds get locked in lockers. Elton flashed back to being inside a locker himself, and Felix asked why he had the shakes. Elton made the excuse that he was claustrophobic, and Felix said he thought none of them were ready for this. He didn’t even know if he was ready. He told Elton that his tattoo was to remind him of everything and everyone he had lost. He lost his parents and friend, and the person who taught him how to pick a lock. He couldn’t lose anyone else. He said he needed Elton’s help to convince the others to turn around, and asked him to think about it.

In the gymnasium, Silas told Iris how he was made fun of, and said it wasn’t like that anymore. She asked him to play something for her on his portable CD player, and she was surprised at his choice. It was some kind of classical piece, and Silas said it was his grandma’s favorite. He told Iris that his grandmother took him to ballroom dance lessons at the senior center when he was four, and Iris asked him to show her, but he said he didn’t remember. She made him get up anyway, and they danced, imagining the gym filled with people at a dance. He made his grandmother sound so ancient, I did some quick calculations, and figured his grandma was probably between 40 and 50 when he was four. And probably listening to hip-hop.

Huck and Hope (sounds like a P.I. show) came across a wolf that wasn’t too friendly. They holed up in one of the classrooms, the wolf guarded the door across the hall like it was his/her job. They decided to just go, and the wolf let them pass. I was relieved Huck didn’t have to shoot it. Huck thought it was protecting its young, and that there was a whole other thing going on they didn’t know about. Hope thought maybe she had her dad’s sh*t all wrong, and maybe he was trying to protect her, but she didn’t know from what. They found a pantry, where Huck killed a zombie.

While one zombie clamored at the door, one of the grates inside the gym started to shake. Silas and Iris teased it in, and then ran past it, locking the door. Felix and Elton met Silas and Iris in the basement, and Felix said something was roaming the hallways that he didn’t think was friendly. He told Silas and Iris to stay put.

Zombies had Iris and Silas trapped in the basement, and then broke into the room. The two realized avoidance wasn’t possible, and they’d have to fight. Hope and Huck heard what was going on through the wall (there are a lot of flimsy walls in the apocalypse). Silas said, they always keep coming, and speared one through the head. He flashed back to whoever it was we presume he killed, and briefly to being choked himself. He then proceeded to punch the ever-loving sh*t out of a zombie, which isn’t the usual way, but whatever works. The others ran in, and Elton ran to pull Silas off the twice-dead zombie, but Silas threw him off. Felix yelled, and Silas snapped out of it, looking at his bloody hands, and saying, sorry.

Iris thought she and Hope should have told each other about what happened the night the sky fell. They would have been there for each other. Elton was worried about Silas, and asked Felix how they could turn around. Felix said their best chance was in Mississippi, but he’d need Elton’s help. It’s how they could keep everyone alive.

Iris cleaned Silas up, and he said he was upset about hurting Elton. Iris said it was an accident. He said he knew she’d heard what was said about him, and asked if she thought he killed his dad. Avoiding giving an answer, she said it didn’t matter. Maybe she could have done it herself, and maybe he should have let her, but he saved them twice now. That’s what mattered.

The group reconvened, and Elton took a group photo. Iris wondered, since when did he take pictures of people, and he said, since now, and told them to smile.

Next time, Elton tells Felix, he didn’t say he was in, but Felix says, he didn’t say he wasn’t; the group comes across a collapsed bridge, and gets trapped by zombies.

🎃 It’s Free Streaming, Charlie Brown…

How to watch the Great Pumpkin, between October 30th and November 1st.


🧟‍♀️ Dead Walking…

I’m a zombie myself after this weekend, so I’ll see you on the virtual Deck tomorrow. Until then, stay safe, stay appreciating the little things, and stay away from diseased vermin. Of all types.

October 22, 2020 – Nina Gives Nelle a Decent Burial, Remote Charm, New Season, NJ Lawsuit, NY Divorce, Dead News, Fashionable Country, Appreciate Bats & Some Cranberries


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Carly is resting, and Sonny asks, what’s up with Josslyn? She doesn’t look good, and said Nelle stole something from her. Carly says she’ll talk to Josslyn, and gets up. Sonny says, this is probably it. Nelle came back to get it. Carly sees what I’m guessing is a bloody kidney in his hands. She screams. And wakes up. She wonders why this is happening.

Chase tells Willow, she, Michael, and Wiley make a wonderful family. He’s glad she’s happy. She thanks him, and he says it’s all he ever wanted for her. He hopes Michael does better by her than he did. He starts to walk away, and she asks him to wait. She wants to tell him something about her and Michael, but he says whatever it is, it’s better if she doesn’t.

Jax asks if he can talk to Michael, and Michael says, if it’s something about Aurora, he doesn’t have much to contribute yet. Jax says they can talk about whatever he wants, but keep him distracted. He looks over at Nina talking to Valentin. Nina tells Valentin, it wasn’t easy to shut him out and start over, but he left her no choice. He says if she means that, she wouldn’t care who he sleeps with, but she obviously does. Maybe she’s not as over him as she thinks. She says if by over him he means indifferent, she never claimed to be, but she’s determined to move on. He says, then let him do the same. Or did she expect him to wait around indefinitely?

Carly finds Jason in the kitchen, and asks him to pour her a cup of coffee. She could use the caffeine. He asks, what happened? and she says she hasn’t been sleeping well, so she took a nap. Big mistake. She dreamed about Nelle – again. She can’t keep going like this.

Nikolas walks in, and Ava says, good; he’s home. She has something important to discuss. He closes the door, and says he does too. Something he should have told her a long time ago. She says she’s sure it can wait a little longer, but he tells her, for once in her life, lower her guard enough to listen. She asks what makes him think she’s interested in anything that comes out of his mouth. He thought she liked his mouth, and she says she’d like to slap it. So unless he’s about to confess… He says that’s exactly what he’s doing. He hasn’t been honest with her. About him, and about them.

Ava says, speak, and he says he’s been thinking for a while about how things are going. Not just with them; there’s the whole family to consider. She tells him, spit it out, and he says she’s not making it easy. She says clearly he hasn’t thought out what he needs to say, and he suggests she let him say it, instead of being smug, cynical, and ready with a cutting remark. She says he knew how she was when he married her, and he says, a conniving, treacherous opportunist. She says she can never live down her bad choices. She’s selfish and ruthless; never mind his history. He says he knows who he is, but he’s just starting to get to know the real Ava, the woman behind the façade. He’s realized that in their marriage of convenience, he has inconvenient feelings.

Nina says she doesn’t want Valentin to wait for her. There’s no chance for them. He says he doesn’t believe that. Jax is a rebound, and she’s his plus one; his companion, a trophy. She says Valentin knows nothing, and he says he knows she and Jax like each other. He knows they have certain things in common, and knows it’s a safe relationship, because both of their hearts are otherwise engaged. Jax loves Carly, and she loves… She says, no. She’s not threatened by Jax’s connection to Carly.

Jax tells Michael that Valentin wants Nina back. He can’t say he blames him; she’s an incredible woman. Michael says she seems happy with Jax, and Jax says he’s happy with her. But when you’ve been married to someone, you develop an understanding of each other that doesn’t go away just because the marriage ends. Michael hopes he’s right.

Chase tells Willow, he set all of this in motion. He did what he did, and she ended up with Wiley and Michael, and he’s truly happy for her, but he’s no longer a part of her life. Not the way he used to be. So whatever she was going to say… She flashes back to Michael saying there’s nothing selfish about being in love; it’s what he wants for her, but he considers their marriage a success. She tells him, she does too. She tells Chase, it’s not what he thinks, but he says, it doesn’t matter. Whatever she was going to say, it’s best she holds onto it. Michael walks up to them.

Jason asks if Carly wants to talk about it, and she says she keeps having nightmares. The details are different, but they’re horrible and all about Nelle. Even though she’s dead, she’s not. He says Carly just had to sit through a police interrogation about Nelle; it makes sense that she’d be dreaming about her. She says the interrogation was frustrating because the detective accused her of pushing Nelle. Jason says, but she didn’t, so there’s no case. She  tells him, that’s what Diane said, and he says he can see why she’s still worried. She says she is, but not because of the cops. It’s because Nina is giving Nelle a proper burial this afternoon at Woodlawn Cemetery. She says she’s doing it for Wiley, so he can visit his mother’s grave, but that’s BS. She’s doing it for herself.

Carly says, Nina had a breakdown a few years back. She kidnapped Avery, and wound up in Shadybrook, but she was able to get the help she needed, and turned her life around. But Nelle didn’t, and Nina can’t let it go. He asks if she thinks Nina feels guilty because she got saved and Nelle didn’t, but Carly doesn’t know. She doesn’t care about Nina’s motives. She cares that Nelle is going to be buried in the same cemetery as Morgan and Mike. She cares that Nelle is going to have a headstone in Port Charles, where she caused so much misery. If Nina wants to do something, pay to have her buried in Florida. I get distracted momentarily by the bowl of moss, and Jason says, who cares about Nina? Why does Nelle bother Carly so much? She says it doesn’t make any sense, but he says, tell him anyway. She says she knows Nelle’s dead, but it seems like Nelle isn’t done with her.

Nina tells Valentin that she admires the way Jax and Carly co-parent, and she’d like to think they could do that with Charlotte. Show her the best of them without the fallout from the relationship they both messed up. He admits he’s responsible for the lion’s share of the damage. He wants to be there for Charlotte, and wants Nina to stay in her life. She says it would make things easier if he’d stop needling her about Jax. He agrees, but wants her to extend the same courtesy to him. She says she doesn’t needle him, and he says she did when he walked in with Brook. She says, that wasn’t needling; she’s appalled. She’s not jealous, and he should know that. Brook isn’t in the right frame of mind to decide if she wants to sleep with him. She’s recovering from a brutal attack. He says he didn’t take advantage of Brook, and she says, Brook is traumatized. Jax asks if everything is okay, and Valentin calls him Jasper, saying, they were just talking about Nelle. Jax says he despises Nelle, but Nina wants to give her a proper burial. Valentin says, she what?

Michael apologizes for barging into the conversation, but Chase says, no big deal. It’s not like when Brook walked in with Valentin. His jaw was on the floor. Michael says, Brook was with Valentin? and Chase says he’s not gossiping. They were pretty open about it. Brook spent the night with Valentin. Michael wonders what she was thinking, and says, Ned isn’t going to like this. Good thing she isn’t living at the house. It’s going to be World War III. Chase asks if he should be looking forward to Brook sleeping on his couch for the foreseeable future. Michael asks if Brook would accept money from him, but Chase says, she’d rather walk on glass. Willow says its good Brook has Chase to help her. He says she means it’s good he’s a sucker, but she says he’s not, and Brook wouldn’t take advantage if he was. She’s not a user like… Chase says, like Janelle.

Ava asks Nikolas what that means exactly, inconvenient feelings? He says it’s not supposed to happen in a relationship like theirs, and she asks him to be more vague. He says he wishes he had done it differently. He wishes he’d returned to his family as soon as he got back. He wishes he’d contacted her without the subterfuge, and that they hadn’t started out at each other’s throats. Being with her is more good than bad. She says, Ava Jerome, more good than bad; that’s a phrase fit for an epitaph. He says he’s falling for her. No, it’s already happened. He’s fallen for her.

Carly tells Jason, maybe it’s PTSD. Nelle has been after her for so long, she can’t let her guard down. He asks why she’s doubting herself. If she thinks something is off, it probably is. She has great instincts. She says, not with Nelle. When Nelle first came to town, she fell for Nelle, hook, line, and sinker. She played right into Nelle’s hands. Jason says she was grateful about Josslyn, and she says, too grateful to see what was in front of her. She didn’t recognize the girl from Frank’s apartment. She couldn’t go back and fix Nelle’s life, which is what Nelle wanted. When she caught up to Nelle in the clearing, Nelle blamed her for everything; every choice, every horrible thing that happened to her. She begged Nelle to turn herself in for Wiley’s sake, but she refused. She was fighting to hold on, and Nelle was fighting for her life. Nelle came at her, scratching and clawing. She feels like there’s something she’s supposed to remember. Like how you can’t remember a name, but it’s on the tip of your tongue. He tells her, don’t push it. It will come to her. She says, or she could confront it.

Valentin asks why Nina is paying for Nelle’s burial. She says, not that it’s any of his business, but Nelle left a son behind. He might want to visit her grave. Valentin asks why he’d want to do that. If Michael is honest with him about the pain Nelle inflicted, why would he want anything to do with her? He’s glad he didn’t know Helena was his mother while she was alive. Nina says he can’t compare Nelle to Helena, and he says, how about the pain Madeline inflicted? Nina isn’t going to romanticize her mother; why romanticize Nelle? She says, it’s none of his business. She doesn’t want to be late for the graveside service that she paid for. She flounces out, and Valentin asks if Jax isn’t going with her.

Chase tells Michael, Janelle is being buried today, and Michael says Nina called and asked if they wanted to attend. When Wiley is an adult, and he wants to visit, that’s up to him, but he has no reason to. Willow says she feels the same way. Nelle was incredibly damaged, but she caused a lot of hurt, and she hurt Willow. All Willow wants to do is leave the past behind and focus on Wiley. Chase said he felt like that at first, but now he thinks he needs to face Janelle one last time.

Ava walks up to Nikolas, and says, so he’s fallen for her. He says, without meaning to. Against his will, and against good advice from people he respects. She says, so this isn’t the first time he’s spoken of these inconvenient feelings. He says he needed a sounding board. Someone to talk to about it, while he tried to talk himself out of it. She says, yet here he is. He says, here we are. They’ve come a long way since she burned his grandmother’s portrait and threatened to shoot him. She says he has no idea how close she came to pulling the trigger, and he says, why shoot him when she could blackmail him into marriage? She says, her sentiments exactly, and drains her martini. He says, it’s different for him, so he has to believe it’s different for her too. Is she in it with him? Yes or no? It’s not just him, is it? She feels it too? She flashes back to when she found the piece of check with his signature on it, and says she feels annoyed and insulted that he expects her to fall for his declaration. He says, it’s the truth, and she says his relationship with the truth is somewhat casual. He asks why he’d leave himself open to being vulnerable if it wasn’t true, and she says, to get her to lower her guard. He says telling her his feelings doesn’t get him closer to his inheritance; it gets him closer to her. She says he’s been working on her for months, trying to wear down her resistance. He asks if that’s what happened at the cabin. She says, yes, and makes a beeline for the door. He gets in front of her, and says, tell him that she didn’t want him as much as he wanted her that night. Tell him it wasn’t real for both of them. She asks if it’s as real as it is when he’s with Elizabeth.

Jax sits down and tells Valentin, it pains him to say this, but he agrees. It would be better for Wiley if Nelle was in an unmarked grave. Valentin assumes he pitched that argument to Nina and it fell on deaf ears. It’s all wrapped up in her head with the loss of her child. Speaking of which, he’s aware what Jax is doing, encouraging her to keep up the search. If he’s doing that, he’d better be damn sure there’s a child out there to find.

Michael asks if Willow is okay, then says, forget that. It wasn’t a question as much as a demand for reassurance. He wants her to tell him she’s okay, and obviously she’s not. She says she doesn’t know what she is. She hates Nelle and always will, and it’s beyond ironic that everything good in her life comes from something Nelle did. He says Willow had every reason to use her pain as an excuse to hurt others, but she didn’t. She says, maybe because at her darkest moments, she had people to support her, and Nelle didn’t. He asks if one of them was Chase, and she says, Chase was there for her, until he wasn’t.

A pastor says a prayer at Nelle’s gravesite. Fastest. Headstone. Placement. Ever. Chase arrives, as Nina says, amen.

Jax says he’s not like Valentin. He’s not hiring someone to pose as Nina’s child. He’s going to help her as much or as little as he wants. Valentin says, and when the search hits a dead end, and Nina is devastated, what then? Jax says, what’s the alternative? Is he supposed to shield her from disappointment? He’s not in charge of her life. Valentin says, aren’t we enlightened? Someone’s done a lot of work on themselves. He wonders if Jax would be so objective if it was Carly about to break her own heart.

Michael tells Willow, there was a moment where Chase was the same Chase he’d always been. She says she felt it too. Before Michael came over, Chase said he was glad she was going to adopt Wiley. She knows he was sincere and he really wants her to be happy. It’s like there are two Chases. The one who loves her, and the one who threw her away. Michael says he can see how much Chase regrets it, and how much he still loves her and wants her back.

Sonny comes home, and apologizes for keeping Jason waiting. His got held up. His dad had Diane draw up a will after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He didn’t have a lot, just some personal stuff, and this. He hands Jason a picture and says, a race horse. One quarter share of a thoroughbred, and now it’s his. They laugh, and Jason says, Mike never told him? Sonny says, Mike might have been concerned he’d think Mike was gambling again. Maybe he forgot. Another thing Alzheimer’s took from him. Jason says, Mike loved horses, and Sonny says, he doesn’t know if the horse ever won a race, or if Mike even cared. He didn’t buy it for an investment; he bought it for part of a dream.

Michael says he was being intrusive, but Willow says she’s not offended by what he said. She doesn’t think it matters if Chase wants her back or not.

Valentin asks Jax how far he would go to protect Carly. What boundaries would he cross, or rather what boundaries wouldn’t he cross? Jax asks how many times Valentin has had this conversation with Nina. That is the angle, isn’t it? Playing up his relationship with Carly, so Nina feels more insecure? Valentin says he’s not the only one who sees Jax’s relationship with Carly for what it really is.

Nina thanks the pastor, and tells Chase that she’s glad he changed his mind. He says, if he hadn’t met Janelle, he’d probably still be a cop in coastal Maine. He’s not grateful, and she never did him any good, but in the end, he benefitted. He’s there to acknowledge that, and put her behind him once and for all. Nina says, Nelle had so many gifts, she could have accomplished a lot if just one person was looking out for her. He says, if Nina really believes she could have been the one to save Janelle, then she fooled Nina in death like she fooled him in life. Nina asks if he doesn’t think Nelle’s life would have been different if someone had intervened, but he says, Janelle had plenty of chances to turn her life around. She had plenty of people willing to help. Carly, for one, and Michael. If she’d just put down her vendetta, and tried to become the person she pretended to be, they wouldn’t be standing there right now. But Janelle was broken. She couldn’t accept kindness or support, much less love. Nina says she can’t help but think about it differently. She has a history of making horrible, disastrous choices, and turned herself around, but she had the privilege of having friends and family who cared about her. Nelle didn’t have anyone. Not one person. Maybe he’s right. Nina thought she could save her, but in the end, all she could do is give her a decent burial, and hope that she rests in peace.

Jax says he and Carly have a child together, and Valentin says, it must be difficult to watch him build a life with another woman. Jax says, not as difficult as it is for Valentin to see him building a life with Nina. Valentin says, he’d be more comfortable with Nina’s choice if he believed Jax cared about her half as much as he does. It’s obvious Jax isn’t entirely over Carly, and Valentin doesn’t think he ever will be.

Willow tells Michael, it’s hard for her to imagine getting back together with Chase, and not seeing the betrayal every time she looks at him. She can imagine getting excited over a special dinner, but it wouldn’t be real; she’d just be playing a part. Pretending he never cheated. And pretending would hurt more than accepting they’re over.

Sonny tells Jason, he’s having Diane locate the other shareholders. He wants to buy them out. If the horse still wants to race, he’ll let him, but if not, he’ll find him a pretty pasture. Jason says, Mike would like that. Sonny says he thinks Mike would, but more than that, he keeps doing it over and over, wondering what Mike would want him to do. He’s gone. Sonny loves him and grieves, but has people there who need him. He has to let his dad go, and focus on the present.

Nikolas says, Elizabeth has nothing to do with this, and Ava says she’s seen how Nikolas looks at her; how he watches her. How he grovels for her attention, her approval, and God knows what else. Elizabeth has always been his ideal, hasn’t she? It was Elizabeth who he was hoping was waiting for him when he got back. He says, Elizabeth is his oldest friend. The romance they had was over years ago. She says, look her in the eye and tell her that he hasn’t dreamed of leaving her for Elizabeth.

Nikolas says, it’s true. He thought of starting over with Elizabeth. Ava says, then spare them more of this farce, but he says, it was just a fantasy. Elizabeth is his past. She says, and she’s his future. He says, that depends. Is he hers? Does she return his feelings? Yes or no? She says she refuses to play this game. He says, she doesn’t have to; he got his answer. She says, believe what he likes, and he says he’ll say it as many times as it takes. She tells him, save his breath. Actions speak louder than words. He asks what he can do to prove himself. Name it. She says if he wants to prove his feelings, divorce her.

Jax says he’s been clear on Carly’s place in his life, and Valentin says, he’s holding nothing back? There’s nothing in his history with Carly that Nina can’t know? Jax flashes back to being on the cliff with Carly when Nelle fell, and telling her that she can tell the truth or save herself/ He tells Valentin, if he ever feels the need to settle his conscience, he won’t be talking to Valentin about it. He leaves, and Valentin wonders what he’s hiding.

Michael says he doesn’t want to make Willow uncomfortable, so no is an acceptable answer to what he’s going to say. She says, okay… and he says he doesn’t know a lot about wine. As CEO, he’s going to have a lot of business dinners, and he needs to study up. While they’re still married, would she like to study with him? He could have a broker send over a selection, maybe once a week. Cook could make dinner. They could make it themselves, but Cook would never let them in the kitchen. He doesn’t want to do something too close to what she and Chase enjoyed, but she says she’s not going to give up wine for the rest of her life because she used to drink it with Chase. She’d love to study wine with him. It sounds like fun. They clink glasses, and she says he’s making the annulment more difficult. The more she’s around him, the more she realizes what to expect from a relationship; someone she can trust, solve problems with, and study wine with. She doesn’t want what she had with Chase. She wants this. While thy’re still married, she’s going to honor that for as long as it lasts. He says he is too. 

Sonny asks Jason if there’s any word on Brando. Jason says, Brando went to work for Cyrus this morning. He should be safe for a while. Cyrus won’t test him too soon. Sonny says, eventually, Cyrus is going to want Brando to prove his loyalty, and Jason says, then Brando knows what to expect. Sonny says, what if Cyrus orders Brando to kill Jason? and Jason says he thinks the motorcycle sabotaging was a one-off. He doesn’t have to try for a while. At lest not in public. Sonny asks if Jason thinks Cyrus would risk a war with what he’s got going on at the hospital, and Jason says, he got rid of the long time staffers. He cut Elizabeth’s hours, and put Epiphany on administrative duties. Sonny says, so no one would notice Cyrus is moving product through the hospital. Sonny asks what Jason thinks the end game is, and Jason says, if Cyrus controls the mayor’s office, the cops, and the hospital, he gets Sonny isolated. He takes out Sonny, and he owns Port Charles. Sonny asks if Jason thinks it’s that simple, and Jason says, no. You have to control a lot of people, and in an organization like that, you need secrecy and loyalty. Cyrus has neither. Sonny says, the more Cyrus wastes his time, the more Brando moves closer. Jason says, what if Cyrus openly breaks the truce? Sonny says, then they take him out. It could get messy, but they have too much to lose; too many people in the line of fire.

Nina kneels at Nelle’s grave, and says she doesn’t know what to say. Sorry seems inadequate, and anything more than that seems like a lie. The people Nelle hurt didn’t deserve it, but she didn’t deserve the kind of life she had. Nina wishes things could have been different for Nelle. She hears footsteps, and looks up. It’s Carly.

Tomorrow, Curtis asks Jax if it was his call to continue the search, Alexis asks if someone wants to join her, Cyrus says Julian will find his offer impossible to turn down, and Carly says she’s where she’s supposed to be.

👒 Tonight, Bravo gave us the gift that keeps on giving. Ashley from Southern Charm made an appearance to watch the season 5 finale, along with Kathryn. Well, not exactly with Kathryn. Since it was remote, we could see both of them, but they couldn’t see or hear each other. Believe me, it was better that way. Starting off, Ashley said she was terrified, and Kathryn said it was going to be funny. Kathryn said she was going to be watching all by herself… sort of, and Ashley said, what do you mean Kathryn will be watching? She seemed more amused than embarrassed, and said once you’re a villain, there’s nothing you can do to redeem self. Apparently, she forgot Kathryn, since that’s pretty much what happened with her. Ashley told us, the opening music got her heart rate up. It was a horrific time for her, and she could feel the anxiety; whereas Kathryn said it was a new beginning for her; she’d come full circle with her relationships.

We found out Kathryn never finished Patricia’s book, The Art of Southern Charm. I have to confess, I haven’t either, but I really just bought it for the pictures of Chauncy. Kathryn also informed us that Craig’s finger was permanently crooked from the butter knife incident. She said she and Craig both had houses that were a wreck, but at least she had the excuse of having children. Yep. I have pets is my excuse. Ashley said Craig was one of her favorites, but she was still waiting for her pillow. I’m guessing she’ll be waiting a long time. She said Shep had been the kindest to her, but made it clear that she loathed Naomie, saying she’d rather watch Kathryn, and hated Austen too. She made fun of the way Austen talked, which was extremely mature of her, made fun of the majority of the cast, called them bitches, and said she hated them. Kathryn’s attitude was just the opposite. She laughed at herself, and gave us various details that weren’t on camera.

The episode featured Patricia’s Christmas party, where Ashley called Kathryn an egg donor. In a completely Twilight Zone moment, Ashley said that Thomas had told her to wear a red dress, and Kathryn said she bet Thomas told Ashley to wear a red dress. ♫ Do-do-do-do do-do-do-do ♫ When Cameron said the party was like the Titanic, Ashley felt compelled to inform us that it sank. No surprise to me, Ashley said JD (bleh) was her favorite. She harped a lot on Naomie being a bitch, and how abusive she was to poor Craig. As Captain Lee would say, Craig wrote Naomie a check his ass couldn’t cash. Neither one of them communicated well, and I like Craig, but she had a reason to be unhappy.   

The takeaway point was  that Ashley is definitely still bitter, and still proving she’s a nurse, as she showed us her credentials. She also talked to herself in third person, like, run Ashley! She’s still clueless too. When, during the episode, she told Kathryn that she was living the life Kathryn wanted, she confirmed her original assessment, telling us that Kathryn still did. I find that highly doubtful. At the end, she insisted she wanted nothing but the best for Kathryn, even though she talked sh*t about her. On the other hand, Kathryn laughed her way through it, and said she was glad to say goodbye to that chapter. I don’t know what the hell was in her head with that monkey emoji, but sometimes decent people can be thoughtless. I like Kathryn, also want nothing but the best for her, but won’t be talking sh*t.

This was followed by How They Got Here 2020, which basically gave a quick review of seasons past. The new season begins next Thursday, October 29th.

🍹 Returning Charm…

A couple of newbies and the Covid affect.

⚖️ With Friends Like That…

I remember this woman zero. You’d think with a name like Elvira, she would have stayed in my head.


🗽 It Was Bound To Happen…

They didn’t exactly seem happy.


⚰️ News Of the Dead…

Lennie James directed last Sunday’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead. Which explains why Morgan was only in it for two seconds.


What goes on in World Beyond.


👗 Award Winning Fashion…

The best looks at the CMT Awards. At least according to Parade.

🦇 Go Batty…

It’s Bat Appreciation Month. Show them you care.


👼🏽 Say a Little Prayer…

I actually have to get up early tomorrow for an online seminar, and schedule changes aren’t high on my list of fun. So until we meet at GH and Tea, stay safe, stay self-possessed, and stay not expecting a pillow from Craig.

October 18, 2020 – Victor Forms an Army, Felix Catches Up & Some Thrills


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

Fear the Walking Dead

What looks like a gang of convicts is led into the yard of a sugar processing plant. One of Ginny’s rangers says he’s not one to give second chances. It seems Virginia is. Who is he to argue? The people form a line, and he tells them that they’re here because they deserve to be in a grave. Think of it as a final chance to dig their way out. He bangs on a solid metal warehouse gate, and cocks his gun. Zombie noises come from inside, and there’s pushing on the gate. The prisoners all have pokey sticks, and one asks why they’re being made to do this. What’s in there? The ranger says, one way to find out. Aim between the eyes, and whatever you do, don’t get too close. He tells them to move forward, and they move closer, holding their spears ready. The ranger says, door, and another ranger pulls on the chain that raises the gate. Disgusting goop drips from bottom, and pools out on the floor. The gate is only a couple of feet up, and the ranger says, raise it, but the other one says, it’s stuck. Zombies start crawling out, and the ranger says, drop it, but a zombie grabs door guy’s leg, and drags him in, along with one of the prisoners that didn’t listen and got too close. The others try poking at them, and the ranger tells a prisoner, don’t just stand there; drop the door, but he says he can’t. The ranger moves him out of the way, and another prisoner gets dragged in. She claws at him, and says, please. He shoots her. The chain breaks, and the ranger is snatched in. One of the prisoners tries to help him, but can’t, and ends up getting dragged in too. When it’s over, one prisoner named Sanja is left standing, and blood mixed with goop flows out of the door.

Just outside Lawson, Victor dumps something in a barrel, and tells Alicia, that’s the last of it. Alicia pours gas on it, and sets it on fire. She tells Victor, they’d better get back before sundown. Al’s van pulls up, and Victor asks if there’s a problem. Ranger Marcus is driving, and says the wind is blowing toward the canteen, and they can’t enjoy lunch. Move it down. Victor says it’s his sh*t. If he doesn’t like it, come out and move it himself. Marcus gets out, and asks if Victor thinks he’s afraid of him, and Victor says Marcus wouldn’t have the tank if not for him. Marcus asks, if Victor is so important, why is he carrying a bucket of sh*t ? Victor says, he’s not, and tosses it near Marcus’s feet. A girl jumps out of the tank, and tells Marcus to leave them alone. He calls her Dakota, and tells her to get away from the fence. Victor wonders what the hell is going on, and Marcus says they’ll let Ginny settle it.

Alicia and Victor are led through town in handcuffs. Victor tells Alicia, he’s sorry, but she says, don’t be. Victor says, he deserves it, but he’d always thought they’d come into town under more auspicious circumstances. Dakota pops out, and tells them Marcus is an a-hole, which made it funnier. They all introduce themselves, and Dakota says she knows who they are. Alicia thanks her again for her help.   

While getting a haircut, Ginny radios someone to send a ranger to the western territories. He’s got to be out there somewhere. Her secretary or whatever asks if she’s ready for them, and she says, send them in. Victor and Alicia come in, and we see it’s Daniel cutting Ginny’s hair. Victor says he didn’t know Daniel was there, and Ginny tells them, have a seat. She hopes they don’t mind; she wasn’t expecting a visit. She adds that they could use some time in the chair themselves. Alicia asks what she did to Daniel, and Ginny says, nothing. He was hellbent on getting his cat, things got ugly, and he wouldn’t stand down. (I do not want to know.) She says, everyone has to contribute, and Victor asks if that’s the fate that awaits them. Ginny says she was hoping for more from them than cleaning out latrines. Alicia says that’s what she assigned them, and Ginny says, Victor assaulted a ranger in broad daylight. That can’t go unpunished. Victor asks where she’s sending them, and she says, somewhere that suits their more natural talents. She asks them to excuse her. She’s got more pressing matters to attend to. She checks her hair, and tells Victor that he’s already squandered one opportunity. Don’t waste this one. She leaves, and Alicia asks what that was about. Victor say he doesn’t know, and tries talking to Daniel in Spanish. Daniel says he doesn’t know what Victor is saying, and in Spanish, Victor says he doesn’t have to pretend. He asks Daniel to look him in the eyes, and say he doesn’t know who he is. He touches Daniel’s arm, and Daniel says he doesn’t know who Victor is. Daniel starts packing up his stuff, and Victor says Daniel told him to remember who he was in there. Can’t Daniel do the same? Daniel stops, and says he doesn’t know who Victor thinks he is, but he doesn’t know who Victor lost, or what’s weighing on him. He takes out a St. Christopher’s medal, telling Victor that he found it on one of the dead. His wife wore one. It helps people bear heavy burdens. He gives it to Victor, and says Victor needs it more than he does.

Victor and Alicia ride in the back of a tank. The driver tells them, get out; they’re here. Victor hopes it’s not what he thinks it is. It’s the sugar plant, and the ranger takes them to the warehouse, and Alicia asks, what’s in there? The ranger says they’ll find out when they clear it. Virginia is building the future. What’s in there is the key to getting it done… if they survive. They see a prisoner running, and he gets shot in the back. The ranger says they don’t take kindly to runners there. He gives Alicia a pokey weapon that’s no more than an armband, and Victor gets a spear. Alicia says she’s they’re going to need something more to make a dent, and the ranger says they’ll send a truck with supplies. If they’re still breathing when he gets back. He leaves, and Alicia says, they trust them? Victor says, for good reason.

Charlie joins them, and Alicia asks what she’s doing there. Charlie says she tried run away – twice. Janice comes along, and Victor guesses he and Alicia aren’t the only ones in the dog house. He asks what Janice did, and she says, what did she do, or what did they catch her doing? Victor asks, who’s in charge? and she says, the rangers keep it clear. Victor asks, what happened? and looks at the gate. We hear zombie noises, and Janice says, they did. Victor asks how many rangers there are, and she says, ten, nine now. He asks, what about the prisoners? Can they be trusted? She says, some, but not all. He asks, why? and she says, they’re not going to clear this place. They need to get the hell out of there.

Charlie explains that there were too many tanks, and they were leaking. They’re full of molasses, and it sticks like nothing else. If the door jams… Sanja is still there, and Victor moves toward the door chain, telling him, stay back. Sanja says he could have tried harder, but he didn’t. He was just the a-hole who watched. He heard about what Victor did. How he stood up to Marcus. He wishes he had the guts. Someone yells, twenty-four; let’s go. The ranger is back with the truck, and says he got them delivered. Victor and Alicia open the back of the truck, and Victor says, you’d think they could provide better weaponry, picking up a makeshift spear. Alicia tells Victor, this isn’t going to work. They need better people; more people. The rangers have guns. He says, the people there couldn’t cut it. Things could go very bad very fast. This can’t be their only move. Alicia wonders what this is really about, and Victor says, they’ve been listening to other people long enough. It’s time for them to start listing to themselves. Charlie finds Dakota in the truck, and is about to pounce on her, and Alicia says, it’s okay. Dakota says she won’t go back. She heard what they were talking about, and she can help. She knows what happens if they take out a ranger. Alicia asks, how? and she says Virginia is her sister. Victor tells her, come with them.

Hidden under a blanket, Dakota goes with Victor, Alicia, and Charlie to a more secluded spot. Victor says, start talking, and she says, they’re not the first people to try. If anyone kills a ranger, Ginny will hunt them down and kill them. If she can’t find them, she’ll hurt and kill people they love. Victor asks if Ginny isn’t going to come looking for Dakota, and she says Ginny will figure out she’s gone by time it’s dark. She wants to get away, and find other people who do. Alicia asks why Dakota thinks she can help, and Dakota says she knows who they are. She saw their tapes. Her sister was obsessed with them. Victor says their reputation precedes them. He asks how they escape, and Dakota says she knows what’s inside the warehouse. They just need to get it. He says, what? and she says, a weapon. He asks, what kind? and she says she doesn’t know, but it’s important enough that Ginny keeps throwing bodies at it. She wants what’s in there. Someone is out there trying kill her, and she wants to use it. He asks, who put it there? How does she know it’s in there? And why are so many dead between it and them? Dakota says, if they can get it, they can overpower the rangers; use it against them. Alicia asks why they should believe her, and Dakota says she hears what goes on, like the deal Victor made. Alicia asks Victor, what deal? and Victor says, sh*t. It’s not what she thinks. Alicia walks and he follows her. He says, Ginny splits people up. He asked her to keep them together. Alicia asks, why do that? She can take care of herself. Victor says he did it for himself… what he needs to do to survive. He can’t do it without help. Not without her. It’s the least she can do. She asks what he means, and he says Daniel told him to remember who he is. She helps him do that. It’s not about right or wrong, but about being someone you can look in eye when this is over. Alicia says, then he doesn’t think they should risk it? He told her they needed to make a decision for themselves. She thinks they should make this one. He asks if she really thinks there’s a way to do it, and she says she does. He says, okay; let’s do it then. It’s going to be dark soon, and Ginny will realize Dakota is missing.

Some of the other prisoners join them, and Victor asks a prisoner if he’s sure, and he says he wants to get out as much as they do. Sanja stands by the gate, and Victor says it’s their last chance to get these things out of the way. Alicia says, it will work, and Victor asks if Sanja is ready. He says, now, and Sanja raises the gate. Inside is a track, like the metal things set up when you wait in line for a ride. The zombies amble out, and Victor and Alicia bang on the metal bars. Sanja looks like he might have a heart attack, and the group stands ready. As the zombies come out, they stab and spear them one by one. Zombies are pouring into the track, and as they’re killed, the group takes turns adding them to a pile. They’re coming faster, and Sanja holds the side of the gate where they’re coming out; it looks like it’s about to burst. Alicia tries closing them off, but one grabs Charlie, dragging her in. Alicia stabs it quickly, and pulls Charlie away, but another zombie tries to pull her back. Dakota comes in from the side, and stabs it, and Alicia asks if Charlie is all right. Charlie says she’s okay, and Dakota shows her the knife, saying she can thank the ranger who had a run-in with Victor. A ranger’s voice says, all right. Get away from her. Two rangers are there, and one comes up to Dakota, asking what the hell she’s doing. She radios Ginny, and says they found her. She tells the group to put their weapons down, and they do. Dakota says she’s not leaving. The woman reaches for her, and Dakota backs up, saying, don’t touch her; she’s not allowed. The ranger says they’ll see what Virginia has to say about that. The gate isn’t holding any longer, and Victor tells everyone to pick up their weapons. He tells Sanja to let go of the gate, and the zombies through. The ranger radios for help. Victor and Alicia stand ready.

The zombies are corralled, and Victor says, they can do this. He tells everyone, spread out, and lifts the latch to the gate. A ranger tries to take grab Dakota, but she runs. Alicia, Victor, and the others use pieces of the broken gate as shields as they kill the zombies. One of the rangers is drug into a cluster of zombies, and that’s the end of him. I laugh, then Dakota pushes the other ranger into the zombies, and I really laugh. Victor loses his weapon, and says he thinks he knows how get something. He and Dakota run to a trailer. Sanja is in the trailer, and asks Victor not to make him go out there. Victor beeps the horn, and asks if they’re moving, but Sanja says, no. Victor keeps beeping, and Sanja says, it doesn’t work. Victor asks for Sanja’s knife, and tells Sanja to follow him. He tells Dakota, don’t move. Sanja says, Victor knows how much trouble they’re going to be in, and Victor says they were in trouble anyway. Sanja says he should have taken the rangers out; why didn’t he? Victor says, good question, and stabs Sanja. He says Sanja said he wishes he had stood up today. Today is the day he gets to be a hero. Victor gets the zombies’ attention, and basically tosses Sanja toward them.  

Inside, Charlie and Alicia take the rangers guns, and shoot the zombies. Victor watches as the zombies tear Sanja apart. Alicia and Charlie make short work of the zombies, and I think, that was fast. Why didn’t they just do that in the first place? Victor says, they did it. Alicia sees a mangled Sanja, and Victor says he tried to stop him. It’s what he wanted. He did it for them. On the radio, they hear Ginny say, don’t let her out of your sight. Victor says there’s not enough time to get what they came for. Dakota joins them, and they go back into the warehouse.  

Victor says, there’s nothing there; there’s no weapon. Dakota says, there has to be. Virginia said so. Alicia says, or they were sent on a wild goose chase to expose them. Dakota says she’s not lying, and Charlie says, they believe her. Victor says, here she comes, and Alicia says, they can’t hold her off. He says, no they can’t, and tells everyone, it’s over. Let’s go. Alicia, Charlie, and Janice follow him back out, with Dakota straggling behind. Ginny asks where her sister is, and Victor says, these people were just acting at his behest; just punish him. She says, why would she do that? He did what no one else could. Alicia says, for what? and Ginny says, the key to survival. Victor says, there’s nothing there, and Ginny says she’s been looking for a true leader. Each and every one of them is the key. This is how they survive. Congratulations. He formed an army. She goes over to Dakota, and says, never leave her side again. The rangers lead them out, and Victor asks Ginny what she wants an army for? Some of them are not her biggest fans. How does she expect them to follow her. She says that’s his job. He can find young soldiers – she shows him a Pioneers key – and this will allow him to use them however he sees fit. When the time comes, and she calls for a big show, he’d best be ready.  She gives him the key, and he puts it in his pocket.   

Daniel cuts Charlie’s hair, and she says he really doesn’t remember the warehouse? Skidmark? None of it? He asks if she’s a friend of Ofelia’s, and she says, no. Victor comes in, and says they’re loading the trucks at the gate. He has her things. She tells him, wait, and takes her banjo out. She plays, and Daniel whistles. He says, The Traveling Wilburys, and she says, yeah. He taught her; she learned it from him. He says, it’s a beautiful song.

Alicia opens the car door. Janice says she’s not coming. Victor wants her to stay there and work in the laundry. He said he had his reasons. She tells Alicia, good luck, and Alicia says, her too. Victor asks for a minute, and Alicia says he has the key to the city. He says it will afford privacy. They almost died. Sanja did, so they could do what they did. It could have gone differently. He should have hesitated. She says because he didn’t put a target on their backs by killing the ranger? and he says he didn’t trust his instincts. He knew what needed to be done, and he couldn’t. Like he told her, she made him remember the person he is. He needs to do the things he needs to do now; for him, for her, for all of them. To do that, he has to forget that person, and he can’t with her by his side. She says she’s seen him do plenty, but he says he doesn’t want to drag her down. He needs to forget who he is, but she doesn’t. He gives her the St. Christopher’s medal, and says, whatever happens, don’t ever forget. He backs away, and the ranger says, let’s go. Alicia walks to the car, and looks back at Victor. She looks at the medal, and gets in the car. It drives away.

As he walks back, Victor wipes a tear away.   

Daniel gets a donkey cart ready, and a ranger tells him, hurry up. He’s got to get going. Victor comes by, and says he felt sorry for Daniel because he didn’t remember, but now he envies Daniel. Victor keeps walking, and the ranger gets in the cart. Daniel whistles as he drives. He suddenly stops, and tells the ranger that he left his good scissors inside. The ranger says he’ll have to make due, but Daniel says it will take him twice as long to work with what he’s got. The ranger tells him, stay there, and goes back into the compound.

Daniel looks around, and gets down. He whistles, and hears a whistle back. He tells donkey, did you hear that? A zombie comes out of the woods, but before it gets to Daniel, someone stabs it in the head from behind. The person wears a cloak that hides their face, and Daniel says, much obliged, friend. If they are a friend. It’s Morgan, and Daniel says he knows who he is. Morgan says he could use Daniel’s help, and Daniel says he looks like he could use a haircut. Morgan says, it’s good to see him. Daniel says he thought Morgan was the him that she was looking for. They shake hands.

Next time, Morgan gets a shave, the end is the beginning, a lot of rats, and Morgan finally gets a better weapon.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Iris found out that Hope decided to sacrifice herself, and tried to get her to come back, but Hope refused. She said it had to be her. She’d found an office toward the front that had a siren. She was going to set it off and clear a path.

Silas got some backstory this time. We saw he’d been arrested, after it looked like he’d committed a murder, possibly his grandparents and/or parents. I have the feeling there’s something more to it though. In his flashbacks, we saw Silas and his uncle meeting with Felix, who said because Silas’s uncle had sponsored him, he was going to get a fresh start. His uncle told him, no matter what anyone said, he was a good kid. He later met Iris while he was cleaning her dad’s lab.

Silas told Elton that he didn’t have what it took to kill a zombie, but would hold the bags while Elton did the killing. Silas wandered off and had a zombie encounter, but when he was about to whack it out of existence with a giant wrench, he remembered whatever it was he’d done before, and hesitated. Iris came to his rescue, perpetuating the idea that he was scared.  

Felix and Huck caught up to the group, and Iris explained what Hope had gone to do. Meanwhile, Hope went to the rooftop, but when she started to crank up the siren, the handle broke off. Felix couldn’t believe that Hope left a trail of breadcrumbs, but when he came to find her, she’d gone rogue and kamikaze. Iris said she didn’t think it was just about their dad any longer, and Silas said their mistakes shouldn’t have to follow them, but sometimes did. He thought Iris did something she felt bad about. On the side, he told Iris that he thought if he came with them, he’d be strong, but he wasn’t, and Iris confessed that she didn’t feel strong either. She didn’t care about her sisters mistakes, or Silas’s, and he said she should. She asked what he was afraid of, and he said, himself.

Iris radioed, saying she took the siren apart, but couldn’t put it back together. Iris told Hope that they could do this, like when they were kids. Iris said she’d get the siren going, but when they heard it, they had to haul ass. Elton didn’t understand the phrase haul ass – which I found hard to believe, no matter how sheltered he was – and Iris had to explain it meant run. Hope was able to hand crank the siren, which drew the zombies. The group managed to haul ass, and get out and past them.

Silas flashed back to reading Iris’s copy of The Tyger by William Blake (Tyger, Tyger, burning bright…), and heard her read it in his head as he walked. As Hope ran, zombies followed, but got stuck in some oil, which she set fire to. A zombie grabbed her, and Iris arrived in time to help, but ended up in trouble herself, and Hope returned the favor. Everyone reconvened outside the airport, but one of the humongous piles of tires started to fall against the fencing. Silas held it until the zombie arrival, and another moment while Elton ran in to grab his suitcase, then let it fall, blocking the zombies in. Then they all stood there, looking at the zombies, and I was like, why aren’t you hauling ass?

The kids all refused to go back. Iris said she and Hope wanted to keep their promise to their dad, and suggested he and Huck help them. They were going on with or without them. Huck told Felix there was no turning them around, so keeping them safe was all they could do. Hope and Iris sat on a dock, and Hope said she was tired of being scared. She told Iris about how she’d felt responsible for their mother’s death, and how the pregnant woman had shot their mother, then Iris shot her. She didn’t want what happened to change the way Iris saw her, and Iris said they were kids, the goddam sky was falling, and none of them were ready for it. Iris held Hope she cried, and told her that they’d get through it. They were going to have to.

Felix said Iris and Hope’s dad would want them to be safe, so he and Huck were going to make sure none of them got hurt. Iris asked if that meant he was coming with them, and he said they gave him no choice. Hope said she was sorry for dragging him in, but she was glad he was there. Hope asked why Elton had gone back into the devil’s a-hole for his luggage, and he said his mom’s manuscript was in it. She’d almost been done, and he wanted to finish it. Hope told him it was an a-hole, but badass move. Silas remembered his grandmother telling him that life was good. They made it good.   

A recruit named Slade visited Elizabeth, wanting to know what happened that they killed an entire colony of people. She asked what he’d been told, and he said that they’d neutralized a threat, but with respect, it didn’t seem like a threat. She turned on all the appliances, so there was noise covering what she had to say. She told him they had energy, water, medicine, transportation, a council, school, culture, currency, agriculture, manufacturing, and law. They were the last hope. They inherited a population of over 200,000 to live and create the future. They might not have seemed like a threat, but they were going to be. Slade said he didn’t know if he believed that.  

They ate soup in silence, and there was a knock at the door. Elizabeth told him to answer it, and he opened the door to a couple of soldiers. She told him that he was to be remanded to the health and welfare complex in a labor oriented capacity until he was ready to serve again. He said he didn’t think he’d ever be ready to serve again, and she said then he wouldn’t leave. He asked if she thought about how many died, and she said they were the lights of the world. He said that was a lie, and she told the soldiers to take him out. He said he knew what they did.  

When he was gone, Elizabeth put all the appliances on again, rolled up her sleeves, and cried, dripping tears on her map. 

Next time, Felix wonders how to keep everyone alive, and Hope says it’s about to get bad.  

🧛🏽‍♀️ After Such a Dead Night…

It’s late, and I’m off like a dirty pair of underwear, as my dad would say. Until we reunite on Deck, stay safe, stay altruistic, and stay away from too much sugar. Especially if it’s covering zombies.

October 11, 2020 – Morgan Jones Is Dead, Beyond Isn’t So Easy & Hustling


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

Fear the Walking Dead

We hear a voiceover of Morgan saying, if anyone is listening, what they’re doing isn’t just about doing right. They fought for the future for all of them. If you’re listening, just live.

Someone spray paints The End on a wall.

A dude in a cowboy hat sits near a fire in the woods, and adds tabaco sauce to some beans. (I find out later his name is Emile and he’s a bounty hunter, but they don’t really make this clear, since he never introduces himself.) He hears a noise, and asks if someone is there. A man runs out, and says, help, please. He falls. Emile goes over to him, and he says they’ve been after him for days. Emile asks, who? and he says he’s not really sure. Emile asks what his name is, and he says, Walter. Emile asks Walter if he’s hungry, and brings him by the fire. He tells Walter, eat. He’ll keep an open eye. Walter shoves beans in his mouth, and Emile says, beans were the first staple in the human diet. It’s only fitting we’d being enjoying them during our march toward the inevitable end. Walter wonders why they’re so good, and Emile motions him closer. He says, a chef never reveals his secrets. It’s his brother’s recipe, and his brother would kill him if he revealed it. Walter says, they’re mighty fine tasting beans. Emile’s dog barks, and Walter jumps up. Emile tells him, easy, and Walter says they’ve been on his ass since Laredo. Emile whacks Walter’s head off with a battle ax, and the dog goes over to lick it. Emile says, it’s tabasco. He picks a key up off the ground, puts Walter’s head in a picnic basket, and closes it. Walter’s name is written on the top.

Ginny calls on the radio, saying, you there? Emile asks, who wants to know? and she says she has a job for him. He says he has to wait for a delivery in Galveston, but she says he’ll burn lot of gas. She can make sure he’ll never want for it again. He asks who she’s looking for, and she says, Morgan Jones. He says, dead or alive? But she doesn’t know. He says she will soon, and he writes Morgan’s name on the lid of a box.   

Morgan – who is nearly unrecognizable with a beard – wakes up in a car. A zombie is shuffling around the car, and someone shoots it. Morgan ducks, and some people ride past on horses. He hears zombie noises, and gets out of the car. A zombie comes by, and gets close, but keeps moving. He says he’s right there, and it turns. He whacks it with his staff – or as I like to call it, his pokey stick – but he’s hurt and a little weak. He whacks it some more, making contact with its head, but when the zombie falls, he falls on top of it.  

Morgan climbs up a water tower, and almost falls. He pulls his hobo bag and stick up after he gets to the tower part. Inside is a fully furnished room, where he adds some supplies to his stash. He writes numbers on the inside flap on his bag, puts a couple bottles of water in it, and heads out.

He walks down an empty street, checking cars. He sees a gun in an overturned police car. He checks the clip. He looks inside a thrift store window. He sees zombies are headed his way, and says, sh*t. He runs to get his bag and pokey stick, but falls. He can’t get up, and they’re getting closer. They look at him, but keep going. A man appears, and kills the zombies. He’s about to whack Morgan, who says, wait. The man takes a closer look at Morgan, and says he’s never seen them walk away from a meal.

Inside, the man asks Morgan how long he’s looked like that, and Morgan says, about six weeks; he’s lost track of time. He tells the man that he needs to leave, but he says he was on tour in Afghanistan; he’s seen worse. Morgan says, the person who did this is still looking for him. He doesn’t want to get mixed up in this. The man says the smell is gangrene, and Morgan says he knows what’s going to happen, but the man says it doesn’t have to happen to him. The man says he has something, and digs in his bag. Morgan says he told him, he doesn’t want any… and the man pulls out a bag of pickle chips. He says he got them in a vending machine. His wife would kill him if she knew he was giving them away. Morgan looks like he needs a boost. Morgan says, save them for his wife, but the man puts them on the counter, and says if Morgan changes his mind, they’re right there. He introduces himself as Isaac, and Morgan says, no. He does not want to get to know him. Isaac says he gets it. He asks if the dead always ignore Morgan like they did? Isaac looks outside, and sees a dog. He tells Morgan, stay back. We see Emile in the street out front, and a zombie clamors at the window. Emile asks, who’s in there? Isaac comes to the door, and Emile asks if he’s Mr. Jones. Um… It might have been a good idea for Ginny to describe Morgan. Isaac says, no, and Emile tells him there’s no need to fear. All he wants is a little chat. He cuts an errant zombie’s head off with his battle ax. Morgan tells Isaac, don’t.  

Isaac walks out, and Emile is gutting the zombie. Isaac says he doesn’t want trouble, and Emile says he won’t have any. Isaac says he doesn’t know Mr. Jones, and Emile wonders what Rufus is smelling. He takes a paper out of his bag with a (bad) drawing of Morgan, and asks if Isaac has seen him. Isaac says, dead or alive, and Emile says, if he’s alive, he’s not alone. He’s lost a lot of blood. Isaac asks why he’s looking for Morgan, and Emile says he’s asking the questions. Isaac says he hasn’t seen Morgan, and Emile says the social contract goes both ways. If Isaac helps with his problem, Emile will help Isaac with his. Isaac asks what makes Emile think he has a problem? and Emile says, we all have problems. He flicks the paper, and asks if Isaac knows him. Isaac says he doesn’t think so. Sorry. He doesn’t think he can help. Rufus barks, and scratches at the door, and Emile wonders why his dog is so intrigued. Is anyone else in there with him? Isaac says, nope, and Emile takes a closer look at Isaac. He says, my, my, my. Isaac sure is sweating. They should go inside and cool down. Isaac opens the door, and Rufus barks at a blanket on the floor. Emile says the blanket holds the scent of the man he’s been looking for. Isaac tells Emile that he said he hasn’t seen him. He was attacked by the dead, and holed up there. The ones he didn’t kill wandered off. Emile uses his ax to chop open a chifforobe, but it’s empty. He busts open another one, and Isaac says he’s only going to attract more of them. The guy he’s looking for is probably right down the road.

Emile knocks on the window, and some zombies toddle up. He says if the man he’s looking for is where Isaac says he is, he’ll uphold his end of the social contract. He leaves, and Isaac goes out the back door. He fends off a few zombies, stabbing them in the head, and sees Morgan passed out.

Isaac tends to Morgan’s wound, and says, it’s not okay. Morgan sees they’re back at the tower, and says Isaac can’t be in there. He has to go. Isaac says the bullet is close to Morgan’s pulmonary artery. If it’s fragmented, and Morgan moves the wrong way, he could die. He asks if Morgan stitched himself up. No doctor would have left the bullet. Morgan asks how he found the tower, and Isaac says Morgan’s bag had the coordinates written in it; he took a chance. Morgan asks, why? and Isaac says he needs Morgan’s help. His wife is 8 months pregnant, and having contractions. If the baby comes early, she might need oxygen. Their place was surrounded by zombies, and there are too many to push through. He went looking for a gun, and that’s when he and Morgan met. Morgan asks if he has ammo, since it’s getting harder to come by, and Isaac shows him a handful of bullets. Morgan takes out the gun he found, and says, take it and leave. Isaac loads the gun, but says, it won’t work. It will just draw more of them. Morgan could walk them past the rotters, and they won’t even know they’re there. Morgan says he can’t help them, but Isaac says, sure he can. Morgan gets up, and Isaac asks, what’s wrong? Morgan points to his pokey stick, and asks how Isaac knew his name. Isaac says he saw Morgan’s tape at a truck stop. He wasn’t sure it was Morgan when he saw him outside the thrift shop. Morgan says he doesn’t do that anymore, and Isaac asks, why? Morgan says, he just doesn’t. He needs Isaac to leave him be. Isaac cocks the gun, and says, sorry. He’s running out of time, and doesn’t have a lot of options. Morgan says he’s not going, and suddenly, the tower rocks. A truck pulls away, and the tower falls.  

Morgan opens his eyes to Rufus. Emile says Isaac lied to him. Isaac is busy whacking zombies, and Morgan calls him over. Morgan picks up the gun, and aims it at Emile. Emile calmly kills a zombie, and says Morgan is already dead; they can smell it. Isaac tells Morgan, do it, and Morgan shoots Emile in the arm. Morgan and Isaac jet, or at least go as fast as they can, and jump into Emile’s truck. Emile walks toward them like Michael Meyers, at a slow, steady pace, and Isaac speeds off.

When they’re far enough away, Isaac stops and they get out. Isaac says they’ll have to take the long way around, but Morgan says he’s going back to the tower to salvage what’s left. Isaac tells him to forget that place. It’s done. Why risk going back? Morgan says it’s the only reason he’s still breathing. It was his secret hideout. Isaac says, not that secret. Morgan says if that a-hole had been killed or not, he’d be dead soon anyway. The tower isn’t for him. It’s for… Isaac says, who? and Morgan says Isaac asked if he’d stitched himself up; he didn’t. Someone else did. Isaac asks, who? and Morgan says, he was shot, and barely hanging on. The walkers were about to tear him apart. He heard gunshots, and the walkers dropped, but he passed out. He woke up patched up. Whoever did it, left him this note: You don’t know me, but I heard your message. You need to do the same. You still have things left to do. Isaac says, the message doesn’t matter. Whoever he’s been fixing the place up for, he’s guessing Morgan thought it would keep them safe. It’s not going to do that now; it probably never would have. Where he’s going, it is safe. Whoever Morgan was setting the tower up for will be safe there. Morgan asks why Isaac would do that for him? and Isaac says if Morgan takes care of his family, he’ll take care of Morgan’s. Morgan nods, and says, let’s go. Isaac gets his bag from the truck, and they start walking.

Morgan tells Isaac, her name is Grace. He found out she was pregnant the night he was shot. Isaac asks, what happened to everybody else? Ginny split them up, didn’t she? Morgan points his pokey stick at Isaac, and says there’s something Isaac isn’t telling him. Isaac knew his name; now he knows Ginny’s. Isaac says he gets what Morgan is thinking, and what he’s thinking is bullsh*t. Morgan says Isaac is leading him back to her, but Isaac asks why he’d do that. He ran from her too. He used to be one of her rangers. He should have told Morgan, but he didn’t think he could trust him. Morgan puts his pokey stick down, and Isaac says he wasn’t lying; he did see Morgan on the tape when he was on patrol. They were giving away what Ginny was charging people for. When his wife got pregnant, they realized their kid would pay the price for what Ginny was doing. What Morgan was trying to do seemed better, so he and his wife ran, and decided to do the same. Morgan asks where they’re going, and Isaac says someplace he thinks that can happen. He knows it can, and he can be a part of it. He says Morgan has got to let him take the bullet out. Morgan says, too late, but Isaac says, not true. Why is Morgan leaving it in there? Does he think he deserves it? Morgan keeps walking.

They stand at the top of a hill, and Isaac says, there it is. It looks like a reservoir, and there are zombies wandering all over. Isaac says he tried to lead the rotters away, but it keeps drawing them back. He gives Morgan his bag, and says, give these to his wife; her name is Rachel. Morgan says, this place isn’t safe. What if Ginny finds it? Isaac says, she won’t. She never found it when he was one of her rangers, and even if she does, no one will get past the concrete wall. He tells Morgan to get a move on, and Morgan asks what he’s going to do. Isaac says, there’s another way in through the mountains. It will take a couple of days, and he hopes he gets there before the baby does. Morgan gives him the gun, and says, be careful. Isaac thanks him, and watches as the zombies shuffle along. Morgan gets closer, but they ignore him for the most part. He falls, and I say, oh sh*t. He leans on his pokey stick, and cries out. This time the zombies notice, but Isaac shoots one, and then another. He tells Morgan that he’s right there, and Morgan picks up his staff. Morgan goes nuts on the zombies, spearing one through the mouth, and another in the forehead, and seems to be getting into it. Isaac uses a knife he’s carrying, and smashes some in the head with rocks. All of the zombies have been taken care of, and I think, that was quick.

It’s quiet now. Isaac and Morgan head toward the building, and Morgan gives Isaac the bag. He says he thinks it’s better coming from Isaac. They’re standing in an area that has sparse vegetation, and Morgan asks, where’s the lake? Isaac says he’s standing in it. There used to be water filling the valley as far as you could see, but when the dam gave way, all this was covered. On the map, all you see is a lake. Morgan says, that’s why she’ll never find it. They go inside, and Isaac hugs Rachel. He says he got there as fast as he could, and she asks if he’s okay. He says he is, knowing that she’s okay. She tells him, the contractions are getting closer, and he says he’s here now. He introduces Morgan, and says Morgan helped him get back. He asks how far apart the contractions are, and she says, a few minutes. Get ready. The baby is coming.

It’s dark out. Isaac and Morgan are outside, and Isaac says, it won’t be much longer now. His grandpa used to take him fishing, and tell him crazy stories about how the town was flooded to make a lake. He thought his grandpa was pulling his leg. He came there looking for his grandpa’s fishing cabin, and found this instead. It was there all along, but the world had to end for them to find it. The soil is rich from the silt, and they can rebuild. Morgan says, no, no, no. He survived something most people don’t. He knew what he had to do, and thought the water tower was it, but maybe he was wrong. Maybe it was about getting Isaac back. They hear shots and a dog bark. Isaac tells Rachel, they aren’t there. It’s not the first time Ginny used him to find someone. Morgan tells Isaac, find his people and bring them there. Take care of his family. Isaac says he can’t let it end like this, but Morgan says Emile only fights because people pay him. He has something to fight for. He goes outside.

Emile says, even he can smell Morgan. Morgan can’t fight him. Morgan says, Ginny can have it, as long as he leaves the others alone. Emile says, it’s not a negotiation. Morgan says he’s trying to make it easy; make it count for something. Emile says he makes a good point, and Morgan throws his pokey stick down, and falls to his knees. Emile walks closer, and puts down his gun. He tells Morgan, he won’t even feel this, and moves toward him with the ax. Isaac comes up behind Emile, but Emile realizes, and knocks him down. Emile is about to kill Morgan, but Morgan fights back with his pokey stick. He  tells Isaac, get up and get inside. He can’t die. He needs to reassemble Morgan’s people. Isaac says he can’t. He lifts his shirt, and shows Morgan a bite wound. He says he got bit coming in before; when he went looking for a gun. It’s not about him. Morgan says he got Isaac there, but can’t be who Isaac needs him to be. Isaac says, he changed; so can Morgan. Emile wakes up, and knocks Isaac down again. Morgan and Emile fight, and Emile grabs Morgan’s pokey stick from him. He grips Morgan’s shoulder, putting pressure on Morgan’s wound. I tell Morgan, that guy has to die. Morgan lies on the ground, and Emile picks up his ax. As he’s about to bring the blade down, Morgan blocks it with his pokey stick. He looks at the note on the ground near him, and knocks Emile down, stabbing him with the pokey end of the stick. Alrighty then. Emile says Morgan couldn’t do it then, and he won’t do it now. Morgan takes this challenge, picks up the ax, and does it. He chops Emile’s head off.  

I think, some man’s best friend, since Rufus has been nowhere to be seen during this whole kerfuffle. Morgan tells Isaac, that message. Know what he told them? He told them to live, just live. We hear a baby cry, and Morgan tells Isaac, go meet his kid. Isaac says he thinks Morgan is right, but he’s just going to rest right there.

Rufus wakes Morgan, licking his face. Morgan’s shoulder is bandaged, and he sees the bullet sitting in a bloody dish. Rachel says, Isaac insisted on taking it out. He didn’t think Morgan would mind. She’s holding the baby, and Morgan asks, boy or girl? She says, girl. They have a daughter. Morgan smiles, and she says they named her Morgan. Aww. She says, it was Isaac’s idea. Morgan asks where Isaac is. He should thank him. Rachel looks sad and starts to cry. He nods.

Rachel brings Morgan to a pile of rocks, and Morgan says he wouldn’t be there if wasn’t for Isaac. He sees Emile’s head, mouth moving, and sees the key. A zombie toddles out, and Morgan takes his staff out of Emile’s body. As he walks toward the zombie, he sees the ax, and drops the staff. He whacks the top of the zombie’s head off.  

A small caravan of trucks stops before a line of bodies across the road. Men with guns get out, and one of them calls to Ginny. She gets out, and sees the box that says Morgan Jones on it. She lifts the lid, and it’s Emile’s head. I laaaugh, and she laughs. At least she gets irony. She suddenly stops laughing, and looks around. She says, if you’re there, if you can hear me. I want you to listen and listen good. She thought she needed him dead for this to work, but she doesn’t. She just needed everyone to think he is, which they will. If he tries the tiniest bit to convince anyone otherwise, she’ll add them to this pile – one by one. Does he copy? The radio crackles, and Morgan says, Morgan Jones is dead. She’s dealing with somebody else now.

Morgan watches through binoculars. He’s all spiffed up, waring a cowboy hat, and sitting on a horse.  

A guy continues to spray paint, The End is the… He stops to stab a zombie in the head. Another guy joins him, and says, they should have been here by now. The painter says, there’s got to be more. They can’t stick around. Other guy says, they need that key. They’ll have to wait somewhere else. The painter finishes, and it says, The End is the Beginning. On the side of a blimp.

This season, Ginny says they’re all after the same thing, she wants to make sure people feel safe; Ginny says an example needs to be made; Morgan says, they’ll find everybody; things blow up; and we learn more about the key.

World Beyond

As the four friends dive deeper into zombie country, they learn it’s not going to be like they thought it was. Five minutes out of the gate, Iris has to kill her first zombie, and flashes back to Felix’s training sessions. He explains, if getting them in the brain doesn’t work, sweep its legs. You don’t want to tire yourself out. It’s all about avoidance; keeping a safe distance between life and death. He tells them that they’ll be scared the first time they face one, and should be. They should be scared every time they’re outside the walls.

As soon as Felix read the note Iris left, he and Huck took off after the group. They managed to practice avoidance, but professed their love to one another.  

A lot of the show is done with flashbacks, and we saw some of Elton’s backstory. Before the apocalypse, Elton’s father had been out of work. While using Elton’s computer to look for jobs, he saw Elton’s emails, and confronted Elton about being gay. Elton admitted he was, and his father kicked him out of the house, telling him not to come back. He said he no longer knew Elton, and had no son. Elton talked to Hope about what was going on, and said they’d already been killing themselves, directly and indirectly. Nature had just made a shortcut. His lifespan prediction for them was another 15 years.

The kids saw a column of smoke in the distance, and called it the blaze of glory. It was an ongoing fire, the source of which seemed to be unknown, but the speculation was that it was a huge pile of tires. Elton said it had been attracting zombies for years, and the louder it gets, the more zombies that come. Iris thought they could get through it, which didn’t thrill Hope, who asked why they couldn’t just go around. Iris said if they did, the river would take them 60 miles out of their way. Again, I didn’t understand why they didn’t drive. Even if none of them has learned to drive, I can’t believe between these four overachievers, they couldn’t figure it out. Hope left a large empty can of sliced peaches in the middle of the street when they left. Which surprisingly, no one noticed, and I was pretty sure it was to mark their trail. Felix ended up finding the peach can, and told Huck that it had been stolen from his apartment.  

Felix also got some backstory. We saw him running through stopped cars on the highway, general panic surrounding him, and military planes flying overhead. He ran to his parents’ house, wanting to help them, but they told him to get lost and turned out the lights. While he and Huck were stopped for the night, he went back to the house, where his parents were now zombies, to kill them.

Elton talked about wanting to track the migration of the zombies. As well as being a Eugene Junior, I noticed some Al in him too, as he seems to be the historian of the group, keeping records and taking pictures along the way. He also waxed philosophical a few times. Silas froze, not being able to make his first kill, and the kids holed up for the night in a house where they found a Monopoly game. The coolest thing in this episode was when the group heard a sound coming from a pretty decrepit zombie sitting on a bench. Bees had taken up residence inside, and came pouring out.

I have to mention that the girls’ makeup is perfect, always.

The group was heading for an airfield that would give them a clear path, but had to get through the zombies and fire to get there. They decided to first go through a parking lot using the buses and trucks as cover. As they got closer to the fire, the smoke impaired their vision, and there was zero sunlight. They managed to get through, but realized there was a lot more they were going to have to deal with, and it wasn’t going to be the cakewalk they thought. The takeaway point was that nothing is ever as easy as you think it’s going to be. And these kids were way off.

Next time, we see more flashbacks about Felix’s parents, and Hope decides to provide a distraction so the others can get through.  

🤹🏽‍♀️ So Many Balls in the Air Already…

It’s barely Monday, and already I’m scrambling. Sunday nights have now become a juggling act TV-wise. Halloween will soon be here, and I’m still in flux over how that’s going to go pandemically, and how much candy to get. While in theory, having two pounds of leftover candy sounds great, in practice, I don’t want to gain ten pounds before Thanksgiving. I also still have to finish this week’s article for https://mupoentertainment.com/theresa-krakauskas/. So until we sail the Spanish seas on Deck, stay safe, stay pragmatic, and stay taking Morgan’s advice to just live.

September 4, 2020 – Anna Teams Up With Valentin, a Pot Of RHOBH Tea, About Dorinda, Townhouse Not For Sale, Upstate Is Not a Cabaret, the Next Squad, Upcoming Fear, New Generation, More Beasts, The Rock Speaks, Out & In, Double the Horror, Two Treats, Triple Quint Quotes & Working


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Finn gives Alexis some water, and says, drink this. Doctor’s orders. She asks if he has some rubbing alcohol to chase it with, but he says, the bar’s closed. He tells her to talk to him about Neil, and she says when she went to sleep, he was alive, and when she woke up, he wasn’t. He asks how she found out, and she says she brought coffee to him in bed.

Molly goes to the hospital, and asks TJ if he’s all ready to go. He says he is; today was a train wreck. She says she sees beers with their name on them at The Floating Rib, and he asks if she’d be okay with take-out. He’s going to have batting practice before work, and see what Brando is made of.

Not much right now. Cyrus’s two thugs beat the snot out of him. They start to leave, and one grabs a wrench to finish Brando off, but the other one stops him, and they jet.

Jordan walks toward her office while on the phone with Taggert. She tells him, stay out of Port Charles until they’re done with Cyrus. It’s hard enough without him coming back from the dead. She’s handling it. She opens her office door, and Curtis is waiting by a beautifully set table, wearing a chef’s hat and glasses. He says her table awaits, and she sits. I have to add, he looks super cute.

On the phone with Trina, Portia says sorry she’s going to be late, and tells Trina to order out healthy. She asks who Trina is hanging out with, and says, of course (🍷) she trusts Trina. It’s other people she doesn’t trust.

At the MetroCourt, Anna looks at the sonogram picture, and Maxie says she can’t stop staring at it either. Peter tells her it was too early to tell the sex, and I wish they’d stop saying that, since it looks like it’s practically ready for kindergarten. Maxie says James is neutral on the subject, but she thinks he’s too young to understand. She wants a sister for Georgie though. Valentin comes by, and says, be careful what you wish for. Sisters can be a handful. Like Anna’s sister, right?   

Jason runs into the garage, gun drawn, and looks around. Sam and Spinelli come in, and Sam runs to Brando. Jason checks his pulse, and she asks if he’s alive. Jason says, for now. They worked him over pretty good. He tells Spinelli to call an ambulance, but Sam says they can take him themselves. Jason tells Spinelli to help get him to the car, then come back and get the camera. They take Brando out, and Sam closes the door.

Curtis lights the candles on the table, and Jordan says, what is all this? Did he think she’d be raiding the vending machine for dinner? He says they can’t have that, and welcomes her to Chez Cop, where they pride themselves on fine dining. Would she like sparkling water, or still water from the great state of New York? She says, sparkling, and he says, like her eyes. She laughs, and he says, tonight, the chef has insisted on picking out her entrée himself. She says, what a welcome surprise, and he says he just works there. She can take it up with her dinner companion. He excuses himself.

Molly asks if TJ and Brando are hanging out, and he says he thought he’d take a break and they could visit the batting cages. He can take out his obsession on someone else. She likes Brando, right? She flashes back to sleeping with Brando, and says she doesn’t know him well enough to like or dislike him; he seems like a good guy. TJ says she told him that he should widen his circle outside if the hospital. She thinks he should be a little careful, and he says, of who? Brando? Why? She tells him, Sam said he was recovering from an injury. He doesn’t want Brando to get hurt. She’s seen TJ transform into a relentless and dirty player as soon as he steps on the field. He says he’ll take it easy, but not too much. You never know when you’ll get blindsided. She says he should discuss it with Monica, but he says she’s no longer there. She and Bobbie were fired. Molly says, impossible, but he says the board fired them under orders from their new benefactor.

Curtis comes back in, after changing clothes, and tells Jordan, sorry he’s late. He hopes she hasn’t been waiting long. She says, no, but she might run off with the hot waiter. She’s going to give him a big tip. (I sit hard on a joke here.) He says he heard the cuisine is great, and lifts the cover on her plate. She says, lake trout, and he says, and sweet tea, straight from Baltimore. Like old times. She says, it’s not their anniversary or her birthday. What gives? He says he doesn’t need an excuse pamper his wife, but she says she was just wondering if he has one.

Finn tells Alexis that he’s sorry for her loss, and she says she is too. She’s sorry she doesn’t know what to say or how to feel. The worst part is… never mind. He says he’s calling a meeting here and now, but she says, that’s against the rules. You can’t have a meeting with two people. He says, it’s an exclusive club, and pulls out a chair. She sits, and he says she has a safe space. What’s the worst part? She says she and Neil finally decided to go forward together, and he died in her bed. She takes it very personally.

Valentin hopes he’s not interrupting, and Anna says she’s sure she’s held on to these lovely people way too long. Maxie says she has a meeting with Lucy, and Valentin asks if it’s about Deception. She says, it’s more of a concept meeting, but she’ll let him know what comes of it. Anna tells them, you two take care, or should she say three? They leave, and Valentin asks if he can join her. She says, please, and he says she’s happy to see him. She’s only happy to see him when she needs something. Does she need something? She says she’s going after Alex, and needs him as back-up.

Spinelli tries to reach camera, but can’t, so he gets a toolbox to stand on. He hears Peter and Maxie coming, and runs to sit in a chair. They walk in, and he says, Maxinista… and companion. Maxie asks why he’s there, and he says, car trouble. His van is increasingly temperamental. She says she thought he used his electric bike in warmer weather, but he says he didn’t want the van to suffer from lack of use. Peter says he needs a new crankshaft. The dealer said it would take two weeks to install, so he thought he’d try his luck with the local mechanic. Maxie sees the mess, and says, if this is the way he keeps his shop, she’s not sure Peter wants him working on the car. Peter says he can call the other company tomorrow, but Spinelli assures him, it’s worth the wait. He’s sure Brando just stepped out for a few minutes. In the meantime, they can chat; catch up, as it were. Peter looks like, huh?

Valentin says Anna is going after Alex? and she says she thought that would get his attention. He says Alex betrayed him. She exploited his infatuation with Anna, and performed a treasonous act, leaving him holding the bag. If not for her, he might have spent his career with the WSB. Anna says Alex wasn’t solely responsible for his fall from grace. He says she’ll never see him as a victim, and she says he may very well have been set up, but he crossed the line on his own. He says this is no way to ask him a favor, but she says she’ll be doing him a favor; he can bring Alex to justice. The waitress brings the drinks, and Anna wonders where to start. Valentin says he thought she lost Alex’s trail last year. She says she found it again, and he asks, why him? She says, it’s a two person job, but he says there are plenty of other agents. She says they would get in her way. She needs his talent. She needs his special brand of selective ethics. He asks how old the lead is, and she says, less than an hour old. Alex wants to meet her in Berlin. Alex claims she wants to stop running. He asks, why now? but Anna tells him, she didn’t say. Anna wants to find out, and she’s going to Berlin. She wasn’t sure about it, but then she saw him, and it all clicked. She wants him to come with her, and they can both bring Alex in together. Valentin doesn’t know who the greater fool is; her for going, or him, for going along with her.

Alexis tells Finn, before he met her, Neil had a career and a life. Now he has no career and no life. She can’t help but think she sent him to an early grave. Finn says she didn’t; she can’t bring on someone’s death by loving them. She says she cared about Neil. They had something. Finn tells her, then honor that.

Curtis wonders if all wives are this suspicious, or is it a hazard of the job? She says she should know better than to question a romantic gesture, and Curtis says he figured she was due for an interlude, given all the hours she’s been putting in, and the pressure. She says the main priority has been to find Nelle, and make sure she’s not out there plotting. Curtis says, and she has Cyrus to contend with. Does she have any idea what he’s up to? She says she knows he seized GH for the sole purpose of upping his PR, but she needs to uncover his plan, and put him away for good. He says, sounds obvious, but Cyrus is never far behind her – or him. No matter how hard he tries, he just can’t let it go. Every time he sees Trina, he asks himself, if he had made a different call, would her father still be alive? She takes it Trina is still giving him a hard time, and he says, only when she sees him. She says she knows him, and he needs to stop tiptoeing around. He says he tried confronting Trina. He tried talking things through, and tried to apologize, but no matter what he does, he just makes it worse. She thinks Portia might be able to help. If anyone can bring him and Trina together, it’s her mother.

Portia sees Brando in the ER, and asks what they have. Sam says they found him like this, and brought him in. She asks if he’s spoken, and Jason says, he has, but he’s not making sense. Portia tells them to get out, and Sam says, but… Portia says now. Outside, Sam says, this is Cyrus. Cyrus had to have done it.

Cyrus messes with his phone, and Molly tells TJ, you’d think someone who was a benefactor for the hospital would have asked Monica and Bobbie for guidance instead of firing them. They’re pillars of the hospital. If her mom was still practicing, she’d file a wrongful termination suit. TJ says, there’s always Diane, and Molly says, if Monica and Bobbie want to fight, it’s their choice. She’s going to mind her business, and behave. TJ says, she can if she wants, but he won’t. Cyrus approaches and tries to introduce himself, holding out his hand. TJ says he knows who Cyrus is, and don’t offer his hand unless he wants TJ to spit on it.

Finn tells Alexis, if she needs anything, she can call anytime. She says she knows that, and thanks him. He suggests she go to a meeting. She doesn’t have to share. She says she is going to go to a meeting – later. He says, later is the first step toward never, but she says she’s not avoiding it. She’s meeting the medical examiner. They owe her a favor, and she’s getting the preliminary report on Neil’s autopsy. Finn asks if Neil ever mentioned an underlying condition or family history, but she says, nothing. He asks if she and Neil had regular contact, and she says they’d been actively avoiding each other. Finn says it would have given Neil time to develop something, and she says, something she would have picked up on if she’d acted on her feelings sooner.

Cyrus says he has no idea what he’s done to merit TJ’s hostility. TJ says Monica and Bobbie deserved better than what Cyrus gave them. Cyrus says they opened the hospital up to a massive lawsuit, and were fired for cause. TJ asks if he considered the lives they’ve saved, their work in the community, and inspiration to others to work in the medical profession, like him. Cyrus says he had no idea they’d had such an impact on TJ, using his name. TJ says, Cyrus knows him? and Cyrus says he would recognize his mother’s fire anywhere.

Jordan tells Curtis, it doesn’t do any good for Trina to misdirect her grief about what happened to Taggert. She thinks Portia can help. Curtis says he didn’t want to confuse things, and Jordan says she thought everything was in the past. He says, it is, but he ran into Portia at Kelly’s after the Nurses Ball. They had a good talk, and he’d rather leave it there. They have enough going on with Cyrus. Why add one more burden? Jordan flashes back to being with Jason on the pier, and telling him that Curtis doesn’t know about Taggert. So much time has passed, if she tells him now, it could destroy her marriage. She tells Curtis, she and Taggert worked together on a difficult assignment, and he trusted her to have his back. She wants the gift of peace for Trina, and Curtis. Her desk phone rings, and he says, might as well get it. It will drive her crazy if she doesn’t. She answers, and says she’s on her way. She tells Curtis, sorry, and he says, don’t tell him; Cyrus.

Sam asks if they should call Sonny, but Jason says, he’s focused on Mike, and it’s more important. Sam says, maybe they should get the footage, and Jason says, it’s got to be Cyrus. It’s his way of pushing the boundaries of the truce without openly breaking it. Portia comes out, and Sam asks how Brando is. Jason asks if he’s going to be all right.

Valentin tells Anna, he has a daughter now. He has to consider things differently. He also just acquired ELQ, and the Quartermaines have the resources to take it back. He has to be there. She says, what if Alex is a threat to Peter? Peter’s grasp on happiness is fragile at best. He remade himself into a good man; he’s expecting his first child. If Alex undermines that, it could hurt Peter, Maxie, and the baby. You’d think Valentin would want to help Peter, given the way he messed up Peter’s life.

On the phone, Maxie tells Lucy, don’t sign anything until she gets there. They’re not risking Deception’s reputation on an untested product. She’ll be right there. She tells Peter, sorry she has to go. Peter says he’ll wait. If Brando doesn’t show up, he’ll go the other route. Maxie leaves, and Peter hopes it’s worth the wait, and Spinelli says, Brando should be back imminently. He tells Peter, it’s too bad Maxie had to leave, and Peter says, is it? He got the distinct impression Spinelli wanted to talk to him. Spinelli says, at the Nurses Ball, a little birdie whispered something disconcerting in his ear about Peter. He and Shiloh apparently go way back and far away, overseas even.

Cyrus tells TJ, he’s privileged to meet Jordan’s son at last. He sees they share passion. He’s grateful for her keen sense of justice. She freed him when he was wrongly sent to prison. TJ says where’s the justice in him firing Monica and Bobbie? but Cyrus says they were a liability, and had to go to preserve the hospital’s integrity. He wants to see the hospital survive and thrive. He hopes someday TJ can appreciate that, even to the point of shaking his hand. TJ holds out his hand, but fakes Cyrus out, and says, don’t hold your breath. I wonder how many times they had to do that without laughing. TJ and Molly walk off, and Cyrus goes to the elevator. Curtis is there, and says, bad strategy, when Curtis knows what he knows. Cyrus says, TJ works for him now. Sooner all later, everyone does. Cyrus goes into the elevator, and when the doors close, Curtis says Cyrus is going to find out he’s wrong about that, and a whole lot more.

Finn says he thinks Alexis is trying to make sense of something that happened to someone important to her, someone she cared about. She asks if he has any suggestion on how not to do that. He says, breathe, talk to someone, practice self-care. The verbiage is obnoxious (thank you, Finn! I think so too), but the concept is good. There’s a knock at the door, and it’s Jordan. She says she was told Alexis was with him, and asks if she can speak to Alexis alone. Alexis asks, what about? and Jordan says, Neil’s death.

Portia says Brando has multiple contusions and lacerations, and possibly fractured ribs. He’s going to get x-rays and a CT scan. Jason asks if he’s speaking, and Portia says he’s alert, and gave her permission to talk to them. Jason asks what the prognosis is, and she says, he has some healing to do, but he’ll recover. They’re keeping him for a few days for observation. Sam asks when they can speak to him, and Portia says, as soon as the nurse is finished. She leaves, and Sam says, that was convincing. Jason asks if she thinks it was staged, and Sam says, if Brando has thrown in with Cyrus, it’s what he’d want Sonny to see. Jason says no one knew Brando was being watched. His guess is that Brando is collateral damage, and they’re sending a message to Sonny. Sam says, or maybe Brando was going to come clean, and it was a way of discouraging him. Oh, come on. Brando could kill Cyrus and all of his associates, and burn down all of Cyrus’s warehouses, and Sam would still be like, I don’t know…  Jason says, Brando’s story hasn’t changed. Jason believes him. Sam says, Brando admitted to Cyrus being in the garage, and Jason asks how hard would it be to tamper with his bike while Brando was distracted? Cyrus approaches, and asks how the patient is.

Molly tells TJ, that just now, was a thing of beauty. Cyrus isn’t used to someone speaking truth to power. TJ says he had no idea how Cyrus would respond. He didn’t know Cyrus would bring up his mom; it threw him off. Molly says, it didn’t work. He just kept hammering at Cyrus. Curtis joins them, and says he hopes they’re hungry. He doesn’t want the lake trout to go to waste. Molly says Curtis should have been there. TJ handed Cyrus’s ass to him, metaphorically speaking. TJ says, he doesn’t want to brag, but he was stoked. Curtis should have been there. Curtis says, yeah – to stop him.

Cyrus tells Jason and Sam, he heard Brando was in the ER. Jason asks where he heard that, and Cyrus says he takes an interest in every patient who comes through the doors of GH. He’s particularly interested with anyone who has ties to Sonny. Which reminds him. He understands Jason checked out against doctor’s orders. Jason says he’s fine, and Cyrus says, that’s more than can be said about Sonny’s father. Such a shame. So many tragedies on so many fronts. It’s all Sonny can do to keep his head above water. Jason says, that’s why Sonny has him.

Sam goes in to see Brando and asks how he feels. He says, like he should have gone back to Chicago. She tells him, the doctor says he’ll recover, which is good news. Does he remember anything? He says, besides waking up there, he remembers he got jumped. She asks if he knew the guys and if they said anything. He says, it’s fuzzy. One minute, he was fighting for his life, and the next thing he knew, he was there, with a doctor shining a light in his eyes. She says, if it makes him feel any better. She and Jason found him and brought him in. He says, great timing.

Alexis says she doesn’t know what she can tell Jordan that she didn’t tell Detective Spencer. Jordan asks if they can use Finn’s office, but he’s hesitant, so she says they can talk outside.

Valentin says Anna knows Alex is setting her up, and Anna says, of course (🍷), but she’ll never suspect Anna being with him. He asks what she’s going to do when she finds Alex. The WSB won’t prosecute; they’d rather pretend Alex doesn’t exist. They’re happier with her on the lam. Is Anna willing to arrange an untimely accident? He says Anna is hesitant and desperate; he notices her voice wavering. Alex will be waiting for her to make a mistake, and she can’t slip. Professional rule number one, objectively access the situation. Two, find the subject’s weaknesses, and three… She says, seize the initiative, and finish them. She’s going to play Alex’s game. She wants to set a trap, and wants Valentin to help her.

Peter tells Spinelli, unfounded rumors, and Spinelli says, as Georgie’s father, it’s his duty to make sure Georgie and Maxie are protected. Peter says his constant intrusion reads more like jealousy. Spinelli assures Peter that he’s content with Ellie. Peter wonders if Ellie would say the same. Spinelli says his personal life is none of Peter’s business, and Peter says Spinelli isn’t endearing himself to Maxie or him. He’s tried to get along, but Spinelli is making it hard, like he wants Peter as an enemy rather than a friend. Spinelli asks if Peter didn’t arrange for Drew’s kidnapping. Then, Shiloh used the information to make Peter help him escape. Peter asks, who’s spreading these lies? and Drew says Shiloh’s widow confided in him. Nelle is a known liar, but perhaps Peter will shed more light on it. In the meantime, sorry to trouble him. Spinelli says, good luck with his crankshaft, and leaves.

Alexis says she’s been through this with the detective, but Jordan says she wants to hear it directly. Alexis says, Neil came over, Sam was there, and Sam left. They talked. Jordan says, about anything in particular? and Alexis says they talked about their love for each other, and how they were looking forward to a happy future together. They went upstairs, made love, and went to sleep. Jordan says, Neil was happy, and asks if there was anything unusual about his behavior. Alexis says, he wasn’t hopping and skipping around. He was his usual self. Intelligent, articulate, and with a dry wit. What is this about? Jordan says she got the preliminary autopsy results, and Alexis asks how Neil died.

Jordan tells Alexis, the preliminary report says Neil died from respiratory failure of the heart and lungs. Alexis wonders what would make him stop breathing, and Jordan says, drugs. He died from an OD.

Molly tells Curtis, he doesn’t understand. Cyrus just fired Monica and Bobbie. TJ was standing up for them. Curtis says he applauds TJ’s integrity, but not his instinct. Do not pick a fight with Cyrus. TJ asks, what’s the worst Cyrus can do? Drop him from the medical program? Cyrus was exonerated. Curtis says, he’s still dangerous to a lot of people, but TJ says he refuses to be silenced. Curtis says, let it go. Nothing TJ says is going to affect Cyrus. TJ says, maybe he should take action, but Curtis says it could cost him a lot. TJ says, so he’ll be thrown out and not get a reference. He’ll transfer to Mercy Hospital.

Brando tells Sam, he had a run in with Cyrus’s lieutenant. He stopped by to ask if Brando needed help, and his implication had been clear. Sam asks what he said, and Brando tells her that he said no thank you. She can draw her own conclusions. Jason says he already has, and knows Brando had nothing to do with his accident. It was all Cyrus.

Anna comes into the hospital, and sees Finn. He says he wasn’t sure when he’d hear from her again. She says she wanted to let him know that she’s made the decision not to go to Berlin. She’ll figure out another way to deal with her sister. I’m guessing this is Alex, who is sending Anna on another wild goose chase while she wreaks havoc in Port Charles. Again.

Maxie calls Peter, who says he’s still at the garage. She asks if the mechanic ever showed, and he says, not yet. What happened with Lucy? Maxie says she got there just in time, before Lucy put them in dept to a Korean conglomerate for the next 13 years. She asks when he’s coming home, and he says he’s going to wait a little while for the mythical mechanic. He’ll let her know when he’s on his way. He hangs up, and calls Valentin. He says, Nelle Benson Jerome. He’s dealing with her. Valentin says, can he ask why? and Peter says, because she’s been running her mouth, and it could blow up his life. Spinelli watches on the laptop, and says, gotcha.

On Monday, GH will be a repeat. On Tuesday, Valentin talks to Julian, Brando thinks there’s something else behind Jason’s change of heart, and Olivia arrives at he WSB facility.

💎 More RHOBH Than You Can Handle…

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Denise 10, LisaR minus 100.




It’s sad that the best Brandi can do is talk about Denise, since she has nothing going on in her own life. No one ever said Denise was an angel. Brandi also needs to make up her mind about why she blabbed.


Even Kate is Team Denise.


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A new Suicide Squad is coming.



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Scott Gimple has teased that the series will be playing around with time in Fear the Walking Dead’s new season. Why, Lord? Why?



🎸 Most Excellent…

A great offset for the heaviness of real life.


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📺 Endings & Beginnings…

Shows we’ll say goodbye to this year.


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🛤 My Kind Of Country…

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🦜 Quotes of the Week

Do you think that’s a cultural thing?  ** It’s a bullsh*t thing. – Alexi and Loren Brovarnik, respectively, Pillow Talk: 90 Day Fiancé

We shall not be here forever. One day the kind old nurse will come and rock us all to sleep. Let us help one another while we may.Unknown

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time. – John Lubbock

You are beautiful. Your beauty, just like your capacity for life, happiness, and success, is immeasurable.Steve Maraboli

Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success. – Dale Carnegie

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else. – Albert Einstein (The first guy to figure out Survivor.)

If this bitch was any dumber, you’d have to water her. – Joan (Regina Hall), About Last Night

There is so much wealth and so much misery at the same time, that it seems incredible that people can endure such class difference, and accept such a form of hunger while on the other hand, the millionaires throw away millions on stupidities. Frida Kahlo

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them. – Ida B. Wells

Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. – Dennis P. Kimbro

Defining myself, as opposed to being defined by others, is one of the most difficult challenges I face. – Carol Moseley-Braun

Well-behaved women seldom make history. – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.Andre Gide

You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try. – Beverly Sills

🥁 In Conclusion…

It’s here. A three-day weekend. Otherwise known as three consecutive days, if you work all the time or not at all. Whatever it is to you, stay safe, stay composed, and stay making hay while the sun shines. Or even when it rains.