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September 30, 2018 – Fearing, Walking & Talking Dead & Back Again


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

Al runs from some zombies, and tries to find a working car. She’s trapped on the street, leaps over a car, and locks herself in the nearest building. Zombies scrabble at the door. It’s a parking garage, and she breaks a car window, grabbing a radio out of it. She tries calling Morgan and June, but all she gets is static. She leans against the car for a moment, then says, you have to be sh*tting me, seeing a police van with all kinds of equipment, including a video camera. She gets a police car started, and hauls ass out of there.

Al stops, and here come Martha and zombie Jim. Martha says, he’s strong now. Al asks where everyone else is. Martha took her van, and owes her. Martha says she likes Al; she doesn’t make people weak. She’s watched Al’s energy. So many people need something, but she gave them what it took to get their stories. Al asks where her van is, and Martha says Morgan is looking for her. She wants Al to give him a message. Al says, tell him herself, and Martha lets Jim go. Al shoots Jim in the stomach, and blows another zombie’s head off who’s coming up behind her, but when she turns Martha is there, and knocks Al out with her zombie pole.

Al wakes to June saying her name. Al asks where she is; the woman who’s trying to kill them all. John says they heard her on the radio. When they didn’t find Al in the garage, they thought she must have doubled back to the hospital. Al says she saw Jim. John says, they’re all there; circling the wagons before the push to Virginia. June asks what Martha said, and Al says, the bitch said she liked her, and wanted her to deliver message to Morgan, but she wouldn’t. John says she delivered it anyway. She was used as a carrier pigeon.

On the radio, Martha tells Morgan that she’s disappointed in him. She’s given him chances to be strong, and he didn’t take any of them. Maybe it’s her fault. Maybe she wasn’t strong enough. He’ll see her again, and when he does, she’ll be stronger than ever, and make him strong too.

Sarah asks Momo where the hell in Virginia they’re going, and he says, it’s called Alexandria. There are also a few places around, more or less. Al asks about the king and his pet tiger, and Morgan promises they’ll go there. Victor says they’re going by caravan. Morgan thought they should go to Polar Bear’s truck stop first to get the boxes. Victor suggests hitting the road at dawn.

Outside on night watch, Morgan looks at the message again. John says he’ll take over. He expected to find Morgan walking away, and thought he’d have to jog after him. He knows what Morgan is up to. He’s going to run again. Morgan says, it’s not running. She’s dying. He tried to help, but she didn’t want it. Whatever happened, she thinks killing is the only way. John asks how he’s going to convince her otherwise, and Morgan says he understands her; he used to be her. John says he’ll come, but Morgan says he has to go on his own. He’s giving John directions, just in case. John says he almost got killed once before; why is he doing the same thing again? Morgan says, because he is. John says, she’s not the only one who’s stuck. Morgan says he’ll get there and meet them; hopefully with her. John says if Morgan isn’t back in two days, he’s going to look for him. They’ll be at the truck stop. He tells Morgan, some fish won’t be caught, no matter what you dangle in front of them. His gut tells him to leave them be, and he thinks it applies to Martha too. Morgan still has to try. John knows, and says Morgan might be the fish. Morgan says maybe he is, and starts to walk.

Morgan puts on the radio. He knows she’s listening, and thinks this is the only way she can be strong, but he’s telling here there’s another way. Let him try to show her. Martha responds, saying she knew he’d come looking for her. He asks where she is, and she says, mile marker 54. He’s on his way.

The others go to the truck stop, which is amazingly clean. They make coffee, and I can’t imagine how good it must taste. Charlie brushes her teeth. Victor says they can always go back to the mansion, but Alicia says, there’s nothing there for them anymore. Luci thinks they should find another place to go.

June and John get flirty among the shelves. She says, it’s like shopping at Bill’s. John doesn’t think they’re getting back there anytime soon, or his cabin. She tells him she was scared he’d realize she wasn’t who he thought. He says he knows who she is; it doesn’t matter to him. He knows her, and it doesn’t take a whole day to recognize sunshine. June wants him to know she knows who she is now; he gave that to her. She needed him. They kiss. Does this mean he’s going to die?

Morgan sees zombie Jim in a police car. He looks inside as Jim claws at the window. He lets Jim out, and pikes him in the middle of the forehead. Goodbye, Jim – for the second time. He closes Jim’s eyes, and looks around, seeing Martha lying face down in the grass. He asks if she’s armed, gets his pokey stick ready, and approaches her. He turns her over. She says, not yet, and he says his people can help her. She shoves her into the car, and she repeats, not yet. He says, no time. He’s taking her back. He drives away.

She futilely kicks at the door, and says he wasn’t supposed to see her like this. He has a pill bottle, and tells her to take them; it will clear up her infection. He asks, what was that place? What happened back there? What did she lose? He tells her, it’s a long trip; talking might help. John calls on the radio. Morgan says he found her, and he’s bringing her back. Martha asks where he’s taking her, and he says, Mississippi. He loses the signal with John.

John says he never should have let Morgan go. Sarah says if Morgan’s got ears, he can hear them, but his signal won’t get there until he’s closer. Al messes with the van engine, saying, smiley, rode the engine without coolant. She puts some in the van. Two zombies approach, and she tries to get out the weapon strapped to her leg, but she gets shaky, and keels over. Alicia shoots them. June and Victor run to Al, and Alicia says, get her inside. They’re going to have more company.

Martha sighs, and tells Morgan, her husband… Morgan asks his name, and she says, Hank. Morgan asks, what happened to him? Martha tells him back when everything was starting, they were trying to get out of the city. She was driving. Someone was weaving in and out of traffic, trying to get ahead; get theirs. and they clipped the car. Her hank needed her help, and she didn’t know what to do. She went out to the road to flag someone down, but no one stopped; no one pulled over to help. Morgan says it wasn’t her fault, but Martha says, he needed her to be strong, and she wanted to be. Morgan says he knows what she thinks, but it’s not true. She’s stuck. June radios, telling Morgan, Al got sick. They thought she had what she had before, but it’s not just her; it’s all of them. I’m thinking it’s the coffee. June says, something’s not right. She tells him get back. He loses her, but says he’s on his way back. He tells Martha to hang on. She wants him to pull over, and he says he can’t. She says she’ll take the medicine, but when he opens the partition to give it to her, she grabs his arm, and the car runs into the side of a mountain.

Morgan keeps slipping in and out of consciousness. Martha says she told him that she was going to make him strong. She writes on his face. He comes to, and sees a metal pipe has been driven into his leg. He says it doesn’t have to end this way for them. She laughs. On his forehead, it says, I lose peopleI lose myself. She says it does for her. She made sure he couldn’t help them. Now kill her, or she kills him. He says he doesn’t kill. I’d start right about now if I was him. He says he has to get to them. She says he’ll never make it, but he says he has to try; not for them, for him. He’s scared if they die, he’ll become what he used to be. That’s why he left. He hears them on the radio, and Martha asks why he came to find her. He says she was on her own, and needed help. He knew she wouldn’t take it. He’s been where she is. She says he’s still there. Whatever is getting worse, always will be, unless he tries to be strong. Let her make him strong.

Everyone at the truck stop looks like they have food poisoning. June says they have to keep hydrated, and realizes the caps on the water aren’t sealed. They used the water to make the coffee, and had also been drinking it. She tells them, all the seals have been broken. Someone poisoned them. Al says, she did.

June radios that Martha put something in the water. Martha admits it’s true. She did it the last time she was there. She didn’t know him, but it was like saying that’s what you get for helping. He asks what it is, and she says, it doesn’t matter. There’s nothing they can do. He asks again what it is, and she tells him, antifreeze. Morgan gets the radio, and tells the others. Martha says they can’t hear him. He can’t help them. They are going to die, and there’s nothing he can do. He slams her down, and squeezes her throat. She says, now he’s strong. Morgan thinks of them, all dead, and squeezes tighter. He sees himself in the cars side mirror, and lets go. He says he won’t. She says, they’re going to die, and there’s nothing he can do. He says, yes, there is, and pulls the rod out of his leg. Martha says he’s going to be strong; they both will. He drags her up, and handcuffs her to the car, and she wails. He says he won’t kill her, but he’s not letting her kill after she’s turned. She yells, it’s not supposed to be this way. He starts walking, leaving her cuffed to the car.

Morgan walks through the woods. He asks if anyone can hear him on the radio.

Alicia rubs Charlie’s head. Everyone is looking pretty bad.

Morgan hotwires a car. A pretty nice car, for being out in the middle of nowhere after a hurricane.

Al sets up her video camera. She fast forwards through the videos and smiles a little, a tear trickling down her cheek.

The nice car doesn’t work very well, and Morgan starts walking again. He falls, but tries to pull himself back up.

Al laughs over a video of a father with his child, and cries some more. Morgan radios again.

The zombies are getting more restless at the truck stop. Al says she’s not letting that bitch beat her. She radios Morgan, saying if he’s out there, tell Martha she’s coming for her. He can hear Al, but she can’t hear him. He pulls himself up. I say, Morgan, you got this, and SHE HEARS HIM. Al copies, and he tells her its antifreeze. June says the antidote is ethanol. Sarah says all they have to do is get to it; it’s in the truck. Al laughs, and John asks, what are they waiting for? Al tells Morgan that they’ll be okay. Get his ass back there. He says he’s on his way.

Al unlocks the door. John asks if everybody is ready. June bangs on a window to get the zombies traveling in that direction. John gets his gun out, and says, now! For being sick people, they come out guns blazing, and pokey things stabbing. Sarah falls, Alicia helps her out, and they squeak by. Victor gets to the truck first, and tries to get the dispenser open, but the valve is stuck. June keeps banging, but the zombies get closer. Al gets the top of the van opened, where the arsenal is, and blasts the crowd. This is great, but she also shot at the dispenser, and it all pours out.

Morgan asks how it’s going. June says, they lost what was in the truck, but he says there has to be more. June says, no one is in any shape to get it, but he says they have to find a way. John doesn’t think it’s going to happen. Morgan says he can’t lose any of them. He can’t go back to what he was. He almost did. John says, but he didn’t, and Morgan says he will; he’s not strong enough. John says Morgan is the strongest person he knows. He’s still going to be him, whether they’re here or not. People out there need him. Morgan loses the signal, and tosses the radio. A few zombies come his way, and he gets savage on them.

Al makes a video, saying, whoever finds these, keep them safe. Make sure they survive; make sure they matter. Sarah asks, what’s the final count? How many meat puppets did they take out? Wen says, not enough. Victor says, just when he stopped trying to drink himself to death, he succeeds.  Alicia and Charlie say something about second chances, but I think the boom person stepped out of the room. The zombies suddenly start moving away, and we hear…

Morgan, who limps in. John says he came back, and Morgan says he told him that he would. He says, ethanol is just a fancy word for alcohol, right? He made a stop along the way. He runs outside, and we see the Augie’s Ale truck, and gives everyone a beer. Sarah says, that’s twice Jim saved them. Here’s to you, ahole. Victor tells Alicia that he thought he didn’t have anyone to share a drink with anymore, and they both drink. John tells Charlie, it’s a onetime deal, and not to get poisoned again until she’s twenty-one. Luci says she gets it, and toasts to the heavens. I presume to Nick.

Morgan sees himself in the bathroom mirror, and washes the words off of his face. I guess it wasn’t indelible ink.

He goes back to the car, and sees Martha’s arm hanging from the cuff. The rest of her is toddling down the road. Morgan comes up behind her, and taps his stick. She turns around, and he pikes her in the head with another forehead bullseye. Being the kind dude he is, he buries her.

Wen asks if they can get going, but Morgan says they’re not going there; at least he’s not. He says, that woman. She was the way she was because no one stopped to help when she needed it. There’s more like her out there. Everyone looks sad, and he asks if they still have Polar Bear’s journals.

The group walks down a hill, and Morgan says, Polar Bear tried to set up a system that lasts. The supplies, the fuel, the trucks even, all came from here. We see a big building with a waterfall in front of it. He says, it used to be a denim factory. Before, Polar Bear made deliveries there, and after, he set up shop there because it’s out of the way. Sarah says. I don’t need new dungarees, Momo. He says, no one is being forced to stay. Luci tells Sarah that she wants to make up for what she did to Clayton; here’s where she starts. Alicia says, it can’t be just about the boxes. She wants to do what her mom did. Build this into something more. Victor asks where they find these people? They’re in short supply. Al says she has interviews with people all over, and some aren’t doing so hot. They can start with them.

Thy group comes back with a caravan. John thinks they can be found there; it’s a good place to start. Sarah says, let’s boogie, and they load their weapons. Morgan says they’re ready; let’s go. They pull into the factory lot.

Morgan takes the radio, and says he doesn’t know if anyone is out there or listening, but if they are, hang in there. We’re coming for you.

This was the finale, so next time, The Walking Dead. Negan says, a new world is being built. Not a future monument to the dead. They’re not safe from the world. They’re just getting it ready for him.

💀 On Talking Dead, we found out that Gerret Dillahunt’s (John) grandfather was the one who said, it doesn’t take a whole day to recognize sunshine. Gerret asked that the original line be changed to that. Sweet! They also called the zombies that Morgan took out on his way back to the truck stop, the Whack-A-Momo Walkers, which I thought was pretty funnyAnd an audience member got to go home with Martha’s arm. That show gives the best swag.

🌾 Heard online: Vegan zombie wants grains.          

🙀 How Are We Back Here Again?



😀 But The Good News Is…


September 24, 2018 – Morgan’s Leap of Faith, Sorry Charlie, a Few Thoughts, Aviva, Darcey & Tonya


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

Morgan looks down on the wandering zombies in the parking lot. June asks if Al copies. Jim suggests she’s dead, and June tells him, shut it, Jimbo. Jim wonders what Morgan is waiting for. He got them into this. Wen asks if he can do the honors when Jim becomes a zombie. Jim says, the way it’s looking, he won’t be the only one who needs to get put down. Morgan is sorry, but doesn’t know how they’re getting out. June says, if he doesn’t want to lead, fine, but he can help.

Victor hears Alicia yelling. He and John see her and Charlie across the water. John wonders how the hell they found them. Victor says perhaps he was right; they just needed to believe.

Alicia gets through to June on the radio. She tells June she’s with Charlie, and they just found John and Victor. They’re cut off by the flooding, but they’re going to get them. She asks where they are, but Morgan says he can’t tell her; it’s not safe. He got them stuck, and doesn’t know if there’s a way out. Alicia says she did what he told her to – she tried to be there for someone who needed her. Now they found John and Victor; she’ll find them. She tells him, hang in there. June says they have to find Al first, and Morgan tells her they should do that after they get John and Victor. She wonders how they’re getting down, and Morgan says, maybe the same way they came up.

John says the crocodile is hungry today. He says, they ain’t coming back. They won’t be able to find a way. Victor says his doubts are unfounded. John asks if that’s why Victor isn’t drowning his sorrows, and Victor says he’s saving it for when they get out. John asks what makes him think Alicia and Charlie can help. Victor says he was unable to see the promise of what lies ahead, and John thinks he might have used all that up. The way he looks at life, he put himself on an island before living on the brighter side. Someone helped him see it, and took him off the island. Victor says someone helped him get off the island. Alicia knows what Charlie did; who she took. Now, they’re working together. If that doesn’t make John think anything is possible, he doesn’t know what else will.

Alicia tells Charlie that they need something that will float; like a boat or canoe. They look around.

Martha bleeds onto a map. She puts a paper towel on her bullet wound, as I would do.

Jim looks down, and I say, oh, jump already. He hears me, and stands on the ledge. Morgan tells him to wait. Why, is a mystery. Jim asks if Morgan thinks he’s jumping. Morgan asks what he is doing, and Jim asks if he’s ever seen a meat puppet (a zombie, not a member of the band) walk with broken bones. He’s not dong that until some a-hole pokes something pointy through his skull. He’s pissing on them; it’s the only fun he has. And he does. Jim asks if Morgan is there to make himself feel better about what he did to him. Morgan says they’re going to try and get to Alicia, and find a way out. Jim asks if Morgan is asking him to help. Morgan knows he doesn’t have the right. Jim says he can’t do anything about dying, but can decide how he goes. Wow. That’s one long pee. Sarah joins them, and Morgan tells her, Jim’s not coming.

Sarah says, really, Jimbo? He’s not going hand over his beer recipe? They may never see him again. At least not like this. He tells her, go to hell. She says he’s a Class A a-hole, who fills every room with a philosophical fart, but his beer is poetry in a bottle. That’s him too, and he can live on. Jim considers this, and says she’s right. It’s an exceptional brew that packs a nutritional punch. It’s refreshing, with enough alcohol content to provide a buzz. It can give comfort to a dying man. And she can bring him comfort by turning around and leaving him alone. If she trips and breaks her neck, he’ll call it a bonus. She says it’s been nice knowing him. I’d pretend to trip and freak him out.

As they’re looking at some cars, someone shoots at Alicia and Charlie. It’s Martha, who says they shouldn’t be there. Someone broke her chain, and she’s going to fix it She’s going to make them strong. Alicia says she’s hurt; they can help. Martha says she doesn’t need help. She’s not weak. Martha continues to shoot at them, and Alicia repeats they can help her. Martha tells her that she said she doesn’t need it, and keels over. Alicia goes over to her, still keeping a gun on her.

Morgan and the others sneak around the hospital. June wonders where the zombies are. Morgan taps the ground with his stick, telling them to stay close. They’ll circle back. They head down the hall, and Morgan signals for them to stay back. He looks around the corner. They see zombies under a pile of cement, and continue on. There are dead bodies everywhere, and Sarah says, Al has been busy.

They keep walking. Morgan taps some more, and calls out for Al. Luci looks at a clipboard, and says Al left a message. Sarah takes it, and reads. Al hopes they’re alive. The walkie died, but she doesn’t now if they did. She’s taking the freight elevator. If they find out she’s dead, get her tapes and make copies. And if they find that c-word, they need to be settling her sh*t. Sarah says, she didn’t use c-word; she used the full quesadilla. Wen says with the power out, the elevator won’t be running long.

John dresses his wound, saying it’s going to get infected in the muck. Victor says, maybe not. John asks if Victor hears that, and they see the Al’s van, driving right through the water. Victor takes a swig from his bottle, and John does the same. Alicia says they were looking for a boat, and found this instead. Charlie gives John his hat, and he asks if she’s talking now. Victor asks if they’re okay Alicia nods, and says, him? John asks who their fellow passenger might be. It’s Martha.

Morgan says the hallway doubles back; they should go. Outside, they’re still surrounded. Even if they get down, can’t get away – unless he creates a distraction. He got them into this, and has to get them out. He can do something to draw the zombies away from the front. June says he doesn’t have to, but Morgan says he does, and she has to let him. June asks if he’s getting out, and he says they have to go.

The others leave. Morgan drags a body out onto the roof. Jim asks if he got the others killed too. Morgan says they have work to do.

On the radio, John says it’s safe to talk. June asks if he’s okay, and he says he opened up his side a little, but he’s good now. He tells her that he had a Black Jack for her, but he ate it. She tells him that they’re at the hospital, and he says they’re headed that way. She suggests the meet on the outskirts of town. The city is filled with the dead. They can’t miss each other again.

They see a crowd of zombies lining the fence outside. Sarah tells Momo, they’re going to need a distraction. He copies. He wants them to go back inside. He just needs a minute.

Martha comes to with her hands tied. She asks what they did, and John says they’re pretty cordial considering what she did to them. Alicia says she wanted to leave Martha, and Martha says she should have. Charlie says she would have died, but Martha says she wouldn’t have been weak. Alicia says she remembers that Morgan said he’d help her. She should be thanking them. She laughs, and says, they’ll see.

Morgan asks Jim for a hand, and Jim applauds. Just kidding. Jim says Morgan has given him a good reason not to. He sits, and Morgan hangs the body over the edge of the roof. He swings it to get momentum, and then heaves it out and down. It hits the roof of a car, and the alarm goes off. The zombies gravitate to it. Morgan gets on the radio, and says, come on. He doesn’t know how long it will last.

June tells Morgan, get going. Jim too. They’ll wait. The group heads for an ambulance. Morgan says, the power is out, the elevator isn’t working, and the stairs are flooded with walkers. June says, anyone could have made that call, but Morgan says he has things to make up for. If he knows he got them out, and she’s on her way back to John, maybe he can make up for something. The group gets in the ambulance, and pulls out.

Jim tells Morgan that he’s off the hook, at least with them. He gets it. Whatever you have to make up for, it’s hard. Even if works out, he won’t know if what he’s done makes up for it. Does he think Jim being up there is the easy way out? Take it from a Class A a-hole, death is a certainty; getting out from sh*t you’ve done, not so much.

Jim asks Morgan to do him a favor before he… Would he… Morgan nods. June asks if Morgan copies, and asks what’s gong on. He says he’s getting Jim off the roof; he’s not leaving Jim behind. The car alarm is dead. They’ll have to keep going; he’ll find own way out.

John says he just stitched up a woman who tried to kill everyone he cares about. Anything is possible. Alicia says Morgan told her that if she was in the position to help, she should do it. So that’s what she’s doing.

Sarah tells Morgan that they’re all there. June says he’s wrong. No matter what he thinks, they need him. Jim tells Morgan he’s not going to get off as east as he thought. Morgan tells them not to do this, but Victor says, it’s too late. They already are.

A long truck with a hydraulic crane is outside the hospital. Morgan asks where they got it, and Sarah says, the engine is dead, but the generator for the hydraulics purrs like kitten. Martha says, this isn’t going to end well; leave now. Luci grabs an ax, and they hook the truck to the van with a chain. The ladder goes up, but Morgan says, it’s shy by a couple of stories. John asks if he can make it down to that level. Morgan gets a cable, wrapping one end around something to anchor it to the roof, and the other end around himself. He says, let’s go, and Jim sits. Morgan says he can’t leave him up there. Jim says Morgan can’t do anything for him, and tells him to go. Morgan is real sorry, and Jim says he should be, but don’t give himself a reason to be sorry for them too.

Morgan climbs down the side of the building. A zombie pops out of a terrace door, and he and Morgan struggle. The zombie pushes Morgan against the ledge, but crack shot John nails him.

On the ground, June, Luci and Alicia dispatch zombies. Morgan asks how it looks, and June says they’re drawing a crowd. They don’t have much time. In a phenomenal leap, Morgan launches himself into the cherry picker. I say, holy sh*t! He nods to Jim. John tells them all to come back, and they get on top of the truck bed. Zombies clamor at Charlie and Wen in the cab, and start to surround the truck.

Victor says, it’s one hella predicament. Sarah asks Wen if they’re all right, and he says they’re still kicking. Morgan say they need to clear a path; draw them away. He tells them to go to the van; he’s getting them out of here. On the radio, Jim says he’s got this. He can choose how he goes out, and he thinks this beats pissing in the wind. He asks if Sarah is there, and asks if she can remember something. His recipe. She says, sh*t on a stick.

Jim stands on the ledge, and gives her the recipe. She writes it down, and he tells her to hold the radio close to her ear. It’s the most important part, and no one else can know. We don’t know either, since only Sarah hears it. He says, there’s love in there too, if she can believe it, but that’s it. Everyone smiles sadly. Sarah copies that. Jim closes his eyes, and jumps. He goes through the roof of a car, and the zombies move toward it. Morgan says they should get out of there.

Uh-oh. Martha is gone. Charlie says she’s hurt; they have to look for her. Sarah says there’s no time, and Alicia says she doesn’t want their help.

It’s quiet in the van. Luci asks what they’re going to call the beer when they brew it. She says it was called Augie’s Ale, but Sarah says they’re not calling it that chicken sh*t name that the marketing company told him to give it. The name has to mean something. They decide on Jimbo’s Beerbos. Morgan says, Jim would hate that, and Sarah says she knows.

June asks where they’re going, and Victor says, out of the city. Alicia says the hurricane took out pretty much everything. Morgan says he told Jim about Virginia, where he was heading. Jim isn’t making it, but he thinks they can. He says, let’s find out, then make our way there together.

Martha draws on Jim’s face. Bitch. Jim opens his eyes, and makes zombie noises. She puts a spiky-ended pole through him, and says he’s strong now. She says, you’re strong. Now let’s go make him strong too.

Next time, the finale; Martha is going to be stronger than ever, Al is alive, Morgan can’t loose any of them, and Morgan has writing on his face even though he’s not dead.

😳 My apologizes to Jerry O’Connell – who I’m so sure reads this – since I’ve been calling him Charlie O’Connell in referring to his new show, Bravo Play by Play (which premieres tomorrow!). Charlie is his brother. who looks a lot like him and also played his brother on Sliders, which is probably what caused the confusion in my head. But while we’re on the subject, Sliders would be a great show to bring back in syndication.

📺 Brief Observations from This Week’s TV Watching…

I don’t know if Dateline: Secrets Uncovered is the best place to advertise e-Harmony.

Gleaned from watching 90 Day Fiancé – no matter how much or how little of the English language someone knows, everyone has WTF? down, as well as the eff word in general.

And from watching Hoarding: Buried Alive, the two most common reactions upon seeing a hoard for the first time are, oh sh*t! and oh my God!

I finally saw The Shape of Water. The merdude was cute, in a Groot sort of way. It reminded me of how I was in love with Pepe Le Pew when I was five. I also wondered if the guy from Boardwalk Empire is just doomed to play skeevy psychopaths.

👢 Maybe She Could Give Him a Leg Up…

They had to let Aviva go. Once you throw your leg on the table, there’s just no way to top yourself.


❓ What Did Darcey Do?

On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, Jesse was returning to the US to put the final nail in the relationship coffin. He hinted at something abominable that Darcey had done that was some sort of deal breaker. The closest I could come to finding anything was this, but I’m not quite satisfied.


✴ Something Extra…

Tonya Pinkins ALEX FWD Audition Self Tape for Filthy Woman “Martha.”

September 16, 2018 – Martha Wreaks Havoc, Dwayne, a Little Talking, a Bit of 90, a Beauty’s Secret & Monday Feels


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

A dude is trapped in a car; he’s impaled on something. The driver tells him just stay with her; someone will stop and help. The driver is Crazy Lady. I guess this is her backstory. She yells for a car to stop, but they just keep moving. As does the next one. A third goes around her.  Crazy Lady cries, and sits next to the car. A zombie toddles out of the woods. She starts telling him that her husband needs help, and realizes this guy is not right. She slams him a rake. Don’t ask me where she got that from.

Back in the car, she tells her husband someone will help them; someone will come. He wants her to go, but she won’t. She holds his hand and kisses it. It’s nighttime, and she cries on the hood of the car. The next morning, she’s still saying, someone will come. We hear zombie noises, but this time it’s her husband from inside the car. She wraps her hand, and picks up a piece of broken glass. All is quiet.

Crazy Lady buries her husband in a field nearby, digging the grave with her hands, and crying. When it’s done, she builds a fire, talks to herself, and slowly goes crazy. She sleeps on the grave.

A truck stops by the broken down car. A woman takes a box out of the back, and places it at the nearest sign. She sees Crazy Lady, and asks if she needs something. They make a drop about every ten miles. Crazy Lady looks at what she’s written on the box, and tells her, it’s farther not further. Further denotes degree; farther denotes distance. She was an English teacher, and drives people crazy, but words matter. It’s all we leave behind. The woman introduces herself as Stevie, and Crazy Lady says she’s Martha. Stevie thanks Martha for helping her. Martha says she doesn’t help, then kills Stevie, saying neither does she.

With Stevie at the end of a pole, Martha nails the next delivery person, and with that guy, the next, and so on. She tells the last guy, when you help people, they never learn to take care of themselves. She says one of them told her the man who started this calls himself Polar Bear. The guy won’t talk, and she lets the latest pole zombie loose on him. She gets on the radio in the truck, and she asks if Polar Bear copies. A voice says he thinks he hitched ride accidentally in the back of a semi. I think it’s Morgan. She half-smiles.

In the back of Sarah’s truck, Morgan and June stir. In the cab, Sarah’s belt is jammed. Jim gets her free, just as Martha comes back around in Al’s tank. The tank stops. Morgan looks through a bullet hole in the door. He wonders what she’s waiting for, and Al says she probably used up all her ammo. Sarah’s been hit, and Wen tells Jim to keep the pressure on; he’s got this. Morgan says they can’t stay, and helps Luci up. Wen says, sh*t in a sandbox, seeing there’s a gas leak.

They get out of the truck. Al runs to her tank, and opens the back. Martha comes out with her Quinn zombie kabob. Morgan tells her not to do this, and Martha says she didn’t; he did. He says, then make him pay. She tells him that he has potential. He says she’s stuck; he was too. Martha says she is, and Wen shoots her in the shoulder. Quinn is in the process of trying to eat June’s face, and Morgan stabs him in the head. Wen tells Martha not to move; he’s going to lay her down with the next one. A fire starts in the engine of the truck, and Jim tells Sarah, that’s not good. She and Jim ditch the truck, and it blows up. Morgan says, the boxes, but it’s too late. The whole thing goes up in flames.

Jim says his yeast cake was in there. A small crowd of zombies has arrived, and Luci says they don’t have enough ammo. Martha takes off in the tank.

Alicia and Charlie arrive at the remains of the truck. Charlie wonders where they are, and Alicia tells her, stay in the car. Alicia calls Morgan’s name. Charlie approaches Alicia, and says, the woman on the walkie. Why would she do this? Alicia borderline cries.

They look at a map. Charlie says, they could still be out there. Alicia says, they could be anywhere. She’s thinking east. They get back in the car.

Sarah says, sh*t in a sandbox, which is apparently the phrase of the night. A load of zombies is coming up the road behind them. Morgan says it’s going to keep building. Jim is pulling Wen, and Al has a ruptured ear drum. Jim says at least she’s mobile. Wen wants to know why Jim got through it without a scratch, and Jim says he’s good. Sarah says, at ducking, and Jim says, no; at living. We find out Sarah was a Marine. June wants to check everyone out, but Jim says they can’t slow down. Morgan sees shelter, and says maybe they can. Sarah tells him, good eye, Momo. Jim wonders why wait them out when they can keep moving away from things that want to eat them. Morgan says Jim thinks they can get ahead of them, but they won’t. Jim says he’ll take his chances. Sarah says he wouldn’t be there if Momo hadn’t saved him. Jim owes him. Jim asks, for what? She got shot because Morgan brought them back and wouldn’t listen. The woman wants him, not them. She tells him to go, and tosses his bag at him. Jim asks if Morgan really thinks they’ll be safe. He does. Jim looks at the zombies coming up the road, and joins the others. I wonder why he didn’t pick up the bag.

They hole up inside a hospital. Zombies scrabble at the windows. June says she stitched up Wen, Al has a mild concussion, and Jim is Jim. Morgan says they can’t stay for long, and June says they got medical supplies, and a chance to catch their breath.

They move deeper into the building. Sarah finds a radio. She says if that woman is still alive, she’d like to light her up like a pinball machine. Wen says he got her pretty good, but June says she shot him. Al gets where he’s coming from. She asks how he got into the chair. Wen explains that when he was ten, a kid kicked a ball into the street. He didn’t see a car coming, and Wen pushed him. The kid got up; Wen didn’t. Al asks if that’s what changed him. He says it made him help people even more. He had to work harder for things. After graduation he went to register for the Marines, but the recruiting officer laughed, and wouldn’t file the application. Al says, bad sh*t happens when you try to help people. Wen says now she’s getting it.

Alicia and Charlie looks for gas in other cars. Charlie thinks they should turn back, but Alicia says they have to keep moving. Alicia tries a truck, and gets nothing. Charlie asks how they could have gotten this far, and Alicia says they’re not looking for them. They’re going to Galveston; that’s where the beach is. Charlie has never been to the beach, so Alicia is taking her. It’s one thing she knows she can do.

Morgan blocks the windows with hospital equipment. Jim tells Morgan that earlier, when he said this was Morgan’s fault… The zombies finally push in the window, and Morgan grabs Jim. They run, and the zombies pour in.

Morgan says they need to get out. Okay, Captain Obvious. Jim says Morgan claimed they’d be safe there. Sarah tells Jim to shut up, but Jim says he got them into this. He had the answer; what now, Sherlock Holmes? They listened to him, now he needs to get them out. Everyone waits, and Morgan finally says they go up.

They bypass the first floor, where zombies clamor at the door window. Morgan says, keep going. The zombies below begin to follow. The next floor’s door window is shatter, and a zombie grabs for them as they go by. Morgan makes noise at the next door, but there’s nothing. He tells them to come in. Zombies clutter the stairwell, and they block the door behind them.

Morgan tells them to make sure the stairwells are secure. Sarah and Al check the floor. Al asks Sarah about the Marines, and Sarah says she quit. She didn’t agree with their code of conduct. Al bangs at a door, and radios Morgan that those stairs can’t be used; they dumped the dead there. Morgan suggests the west stairs, and June tells him the roof has caved in on the landing, and the barricade isn’t holding. Morgan says, the roof; they’ll take the elevators. June says the generators were kept high up because of flooding. Sarah tells Al, let’s stir some beef.

Jim tells Morgan, if they get out alive, they’re driving directly to Virginia. Morgan says he can’t get there soon enough. Two zombies back Morgan against the wall, while another one attacks Jim. Jim calls for Morgan, who’s a little busy, but grabs a pair of surgical scissors and stabs the zombie in the neck. The zombie gets Jim down on the floor, and when he grabs at it, it’s scalp comes off. Yuk, He manages to get ahold of the scissors again, and spikes it in the head. Morgan runs in, and Jim says, it wasn’t so hard. June finds the generators. She says she’ll get them working, and to meet at the elevators. Luci tells her to hurry; they can’t hold on much longer.

Al tells Sarah to leave with her brother. Trust her. Go. Al closes the door.

Luci. Wen, and June dash for the elevator, and Morgan and Jim come around the other way. Sarah tells them, Al has gone solo. The zombies are there, and Morgan says, ready? Sarah pries the elevator door open, and they run in, the door closing just before any zombies get inside. It’s so effing close, my heart is pounding.

They go onto the roof. Morgan says, it’s clear. Sarah radios Al, but gets nothing. Luci says, she’s smart, she’s resourceful, and she’ll find a way up. Jim looks down to the street, and doesn’t think they want to go down there, even if they could. His hand is bleeding, and June asks what happened. He says he put his hand through a window, and she wants to clean it up before it gets infected. He lifts his shirt, and she doesn’t look happy. She says he didn’t get cut by glass. He has a bite. He tells her, do something. She’s sorry, but there’s nothing she can do. He says, no, no, no, no, no, and everyone looks sick. He asks how long it takes, but June doesn’t know. He stands by himself. I’m wondering if he’s going to jump off the roof.

Morgan tells June that Jim asked for his help. He asked Morgan to save him. June says he did, as long as he could. She says, Al will make it back. They made it there; what’s next? Morgan laughs, and says, she’s asking him? She says he got them there, and he says, that’s right; he did. She asks if he can he get them out. He says he can’t, but she says he will.

Alicia tells Charlie that it’s a little farther. Charlie says they’re hundreds of miles from the coast. They should have kept looking. Alicia says it wouldn’t have made a difference, but Charlie says, they need help. Alicia says, they could be dead. They could find them, find them dead, or die tying to find them. She’s trying to take Charlie to Galveston. She though if could get Charlie there, that would be good. Getting her to the beach; she knows that would be good. Alicia needs something to be good. I can identify. Charlie says she does too. She asks if Alicia hears that. It sounds like water.

Alicia says, it’s not on the map. They come out near John’s lagoon. Charlie says, it’s a beach, and walks to the water. Be careful of that crocodile. Charlie picks up John’s hat. She says, look, and they look across the water. Alicia laughs, and says, holy sh*t.

Next time, Martha shoots at Charlie and Alicia, June says they’ll find a way down, and Wen isn’t sure if they’re all right, but they’re still kicking.

🎥 The episode was dedicated to Dwayne Haevischer. He worked in the transportation department of many films, including three of my favorites, Planet Terror, Death Proof and Machete. You can read more about him here:


📣 Tonight’s Talking Dead guests were the mega talented Tonya Pinkins (Martha, FWD), Lou Diamond Phillips (who has been directing FWD this season), and Sinbad (!), who apparently is a super fan. It was a lively discussion, but I mentioned it just to say that Ms. Pinkins cleans up well. She would be unrecognizable as being the Crazy Lady aka Martha. She was just gorgeous.

💍 A Couple of Couples…

A quickie about 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days (where the delusional meet), since I can’t contain myself. Jesse paid a visit to Darcey in the US, and it was a bickering hell. Remember Fantasy Island? This was just the opposite. It boggles my mind that these two are still together, albeit off again/on again. Their anger is palpable during the interviews they do together. They spent a couple of days in NYC, which neither one of them enjoyed, then stayed at an Airbnb in Connecticut. Darcey’s girls met Jesse in Manhattan, and also spent time at the rental. Jesse insisted on calling Connecticut CT, which is fine if you’re addressing something, but normal people don’t talk like that. Darcey said their chemistry is magnetic, and Jesse said something about a connection, so I can only assume it’s the sex. Or they get some weird S&M satisfaction out of it. These two just do not get along. It was pretty funny when she threw a Louboutin at him though.

The other couple I’d like to touch on is Ricky and Melissa, who is now Ximena. No, she’s not a trans person, but Ricky came to Columbia looking for Melissa’s love, and ended up finding it with second choice, Ximena, when Melissa ghosted him. Ricky is totally out of touch with reality, since Melissa was freezing him out before he even left the States. She did show up for dinner – three hours late – but what he said was having chemistry, was basically a mercy date. Ximena on the other hand, seems to be an open, lovely person, attractive, but not in the bombshell way Melissa is. Ricky’s first mistake, thinking he was in Melissa’s league, and an explanation as to why Ximena was second string. Which led to his second mistake, calling Ximena Melissa in what, no doubt, was an intimate moment. But instead of doing the hard, but noble thing, by explaining things to her – hint: she will see the show anyway – he told her it was a member of the crew. He made a couple of feeble attempts to tell her, all of them ending in him making something else up. I just kept thinking, what an idiot. All the things she’s thinking whenever he says, I have something difficult to tell you, are so much worse than what it is. But since he waited so long, he did make it worse. Tonight, he finally told Ximena that he’d originally come there to meet Melissa. To her credit, Ximena didn’t crack him one across the face. Although she did call him a bullsh*t artist, and said she never wanted to see him again. I do kind of feel sorry for him, since he seems to care for her, but sorrier for her. Then again, it’s hard to feel sorry for people who think they can fall in love in five minutes, especially when they can barely communicate.

👓 Beauty Advice…

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.Audrey Hepburn

☁ It’s Ba-a-ack…






September 9, 2018 – To Help or Not to Help, Reality Rebirths, Lotsa Lala, Some Wives, a Break-Up & Monday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

June, Morgan, and Al look for Quinn. June asks if Quinn copies, but gets dead air. Morgan thinks they should go back, but June wants to keep looking. Al agrees. At the truck, Sarah radios that they got a goose egg. Morgan says they’re going to keep looking, Jim asks Sarah why they kidnapped him, and she says they just borrowed him. They need beer. Jim says she might be capable of making swill after a year, but she wants the best beer; and that is in his mind, experience, fingers, and soul.

We hear zombie noises, and Sarah goes to check it out. Jim wants a gun, but Wen says, what about a rock? Jim sees a zombie coming toward Wen from behind, and Wen checks it out in his rearview mirror. Jim calls for Sarah, but Wen lets the zombie come closer, and impales it one his James Bond wheelchair gadgets. As it thrashes around on some spikes, Wen asks if Jim wants his first kill; he’ll get a point. Too late. Sarah pikes it in the head, and says, whoever gets the kill wins the bill. Sarah tells Momo to get his ass back there.

Al examines a dead Purvis. Sarah wonders what kind of sicko sh*tto does that? June radios Quinn. Jim wants to leave now, and Sarah thinks he has a has a point. June asks if Quinn copies, and gets zombie noises in reply.

Crazy Lady tells her that’s Quinn, and June asks, who is this? Crazy Lady says she let him become what he was meant to be, and Quinn makes more noises into the radio. She says, he’s not weak anymore. Morgan knows the voice, and says she was by one of the boxes. She asks if that’s Morgan, and he wonders how she knows his name. She says she knows a lot about him. Al says bitch has her van, and isn’t giving it back. Morgan asks what she wants, and Crazy Lady says she shouldn’t be leaving things by the side of the road. She tells Morgan that he shouldn’t be doing what he’s doing. Leaving the boxes makes people weak, and he’s not weak. At least he didn’t used to be. He asks what she wants again. What she wants is for him to stop trying to help people. If he becomes strong again, she won’t have to make him that way. It’s better for both of them. She knows who he really is, and what he’s capable of. She says, it’s still there.

Victor wakes up, and rifles through a pantry. He reads Moby Dick for a moment, and goes outside. He surveys the property with binoculars. He’s in a ranger station surrounded by what looks like a lagoon. We see the tops of street signs sticking out of the water, so it must have been flooded during the hurricane.

John chops wood to make a raft. He takes a wrapped piece of candy from his pocket and kisses it. A zombie comes out of the water. John says he hates the wet ones, and whacks it with an ax. Victor says his morning reading was interrupted. John tells him that he saw a lone crane. He never saw a crane fly solo; the world has turned upside down. He says he could use another pair of hands, but Victor says he’s lost his taste for boating. He tells John these aren’t friendly waters, but John says he’s not going for swim. He’s going to get as far as he can. He says there’s room for two, but Victor passes. He’s got apple rations; it’s practically paradise, and he’s not going on another fool’s errand. He’s learned, if you have God’s wine cellar, keep it. He’s not getting in or on whatever that is. He thinks it’s time to stop being foolish. John says when he finds June and Charlie, he’ll come back on something less handmade. Victor could run out of food soon. Victor hopes when the raft falls apart, it’s toward shore.

Luci finds the library where Charlie got the book she left. She goes inside, and calls for Charlie. She looks around outside and sees a zombie scrabbling at a car. She pikes it in the head. It’s not Charlie inside, but an older dude whose bottom half is wedged under the dashboard and bleeding out. She tells him that she can help, and asks how long he’s been there. He tells her since the storm hit, an she says she’ll get him out of there. He introduces himself as Clayton, and wonders why she’d want to help a stranger.

John asks if Victor is sure he doesn’t want to come. Of this, Victor is most certain, but he’ll watch. John gets on the raft – which is a few logs tied together – and it sinks a little. A crocodile swims toward John, who shoots at it, and jumps off the raft/ Victor says they’ve had the fear taken out of them, but you’d think she’d be full. John says it looks like they’re still roomies. Victor laughs. I love Victor.

Morgan buries Purvis. Jim asks what difference it makes. Al looks at the truck owner’s journal, and we find out he was called Polar Bear. Wen says he had many memorable sayings, but Al doesn’t think he’d like them written on the faces of the dead. Morgan says they’re going to find Victor and the others, including the guy who owned the truck. Jim says they don’t even know if he’s alive. Sarah says they wouldn’t have stolen the truck if he couldn’t have taken care of himself. June says Quinn looked like he could too. Jim wonders about what that nut job said; she knows what Morgan is capable of. He asks Morgan what that means, and Morgan says, it doesn’t matter. Jim tells Morgan they agreed to come with him; they deserve to know. Sarah says this makes twice today she agreed with him. Morgan says he has things he needs to make up for; the same as everyone else. He suggests they hit the road. Sarah asks, what if they say no? Morgan says he’ll take the truck and keep doing what he’s doing. Wen asks if he knows how to drive eighty-thousand pounds of steel at eight miles an hour. Al says she does. She wants to talk to the guy who set this up. Sarah takes out a knife, but Morgan knocks it out of her hand with a shovel. She says they’re going with him.

A zombie starts to walk across the water, and the crocodile grabs him. Victor says he’s not going anywhere, but John says there’s got to be a way to them. Victor asks if he really thinks he’s going to find June. He says he found her before; he thought she was dead. Victor says look what that got him. John says he knows there are no happy endings, but they have to fight every day, and he found someone to fight with him. He takes out the piece of candy, and says it’s her favorite. He’s not changing his mind, and when he sees her, he’s giving it to her. If they don’t fight every day, they’re no better than the past. Victor says, the only difference between them and the past, is one day’s rations.

Commercial break with an interesting Walking Dead ad, announcing Rick Grimes’s final episodes – beginning October 7th. Ya’ll know he’s leaving, right? At this point, I can’t even make myself care. That show would be totally depressing without Negan. They had their chance to balance things out several times, and blew it. And we’re back.

John sees a zombie stuck in a truck toward the top of a cliff.

Luci tells Clayton that she’s getting him out. He says it’s nice thinking that she’s willing to help, but she can’t. The car is the only thing keeping him together. She says there has to be something she can do. She asks if there’s anyone he wants her to find; anyone looking for him? He says, one, but it’s the only person he doesn’t want to see; the rest are gone. He says he never thought he’d go out like this, and laughs. He’d love to have one last beer. Luci says he’s going to get one. She gives him a radio, and says keep talking to her. He tells her no one uses channel 17.

John and Victor look up at the truck. It has a square, plastic cover over the bed. Victor says, it will never work, but John says, it will float better than wood. Victor assumes John wants him to retrieve it. John says the only reason he can’t is because of the injury Victor and his friends gave him.

Morgan puts a box along the road. Sarah says Polar Bear should have changed up his route. Al asks if she thinks them stealing his truck is his fault. Sarah says she couldn’t help it if he left his keys in his rig. Morgan says, if they’re lucky, he’s still around. Jim says, or walking around with things written in Sharpie on his face. They decide to get going, and Morgan writes on the box, if you need help, vhf channel 4. June wonders if John will see it, and Morgan says they’ll find him. One way or another, they’ll find them all.

Victor gets on top of the side of the car. John tells him, release the latch, and gravity will do the rest. Victor says he knows what he’s doing. He looks inside and sees a bottle of primo whiskey on the floor of the car. He reaches in, trying to dodge the zombie, and John is like, what the hell? Victor grabs the bottle, but the zombie grabs him – I say, oh, sh*t! – and pulls him into the car – I say, oh sh*t! The car tumbles down the cliff – I say, oh sh*t! – and into the water – I say, oh sh*t! John runs to the car. The zombie has been impaled by a branch, and Victor has the whiskey. And it’s not even Pappy van Winkle.

John tells Victor that he could have gotten himself killed, and Victor says, but he didn’t. John can’t believe he almost killed himself, so he can tie one on. Victor says good luck with raft two. He’ll be a noisemaker when John needs him. John works on the raft.

Luci checks a beer truck, but no surprise, it’s empty.

John loads the raft with some supplies.

Luci opens a garage. Over the radio, Clayton asks how it’s going. She says she’s getting close; she knows it. She looks in a fridge, and it looks like mine when I first moved to NYC – empty.

John prepares the new raft, reinforcing the seams, and making some kind of flotation thing to attach.

Luci finds a six pack, but it’s root beer.

Victor drinks. John asks if he drank before. Victor says he was an amateur; now he’s gone pro. John asks, what for? and Victor says he drinks to forget. John says, forget what? and Victor says, that he has no one to drink with anymore. John has things to look forward to. He only has things to look back on. John tells him that he’s not trying. He can have someone, just not here. Victor asks what about the distraction, and John says he’s got it.

John shows Victor how he’s rigged up an alarm. He asks if Victor doesn’t think it will work, and Victor say he didn’t think John would survive a bullet to the gut, but here they are. John says he’s just got to believe. Is he coming? Victor says, yeah.

Clayton asks Luci if she’s okay. She says she’s sorry. She thought she had it. Clayton says there’s nothing to be sorry about. She tried to help. Not a lot of people are still willing to do that, especially for a stranger. She says, it doesn’t matter; she failed. Clayton tells her there was a time when he didn’t want to be around anyone. He found a job that took him away from the world. Away from everyone he ever knew or cared about. Then when the world changed, everyone went away, and he realized he’d made the biggest mistake of his life. Luci asks what he did, and he says he couldn’t help the people he ran away from, so he helped the people still around. Luci doesn’t understand, and he says just because she couldn’t help him, doesn’t mean she can’t help someone else.

John starts the alarm. He asks Victor if he really needs a drink before they reach the other side. The zombies start to come. John and Victor put the raft in the water, and start to paddle.

Luci sees one of the boxes. I knew it! I knew that’s where the beer would come from. She sees Morgan’s message about channel 4, and finds the beer.

Victor and John continue to paddle. The zombies gravitate toward the noise. It starts to lose steam, and I say, nooo. John says, that’s a pickle. They’re almost halfway across, and John says, fiberglass is strong. The raft suddenly moves, and John loses his oar. Another, oh sh*t. It’s the crocodile, going under them and circling. John shoots at it. It’s that quiet moment before something happens, and the crocodile bumps the raft again. The raft begins to take on water through a crack. John thinks they can make it, but Victor is like, no. They can’t fight if they’re dead. It didn’t work, and it’s never going to. The only reason Victor went along is because he felt sorry for John, but he won’t die for him. He tells John to fire his gun, and they’ll swim back. John shoots the gun, and the zombies start to come in to the water, where the crocodile picks them off. Victor says he can’t. He’s going to live, even if only for a while longer. They swim back.

Luci comes back to the car. Clayton says she doesn’t give up. She says she watched someone die, and couldn’t do anything to make it better. She’s not letting it happen again. She gives him the beer, and he can’t believe it’s cold. She tell him the first aid kit had ice. He drinks deep, and smiles. He thanks her, and asks if he can give her something; a couple of notebooks in the back. They list places he left supplies; things that will help her. She’ll read about it. She says his job that took him away, what was it? He takes her hand and says he drove trucks. It’s him! It’s Polar Bear!

Luci puts the empty bottle on Clayton’s grave. She turns the radio to channel 4, and says, whoever left the box, if they’re listening, thank you. What they left helped more then they’ll ever know. Morgan says, Luciana, is that you? and Luci says, Morgan?

Victor leaves John sitting on the ground, and watching the water. He seems pissed, and goes inside. John takes the candy out. It says black licorice on the wrapper (like that’s anyone’s favorite candy in this century). He unwraps it. I’m very distracted that it looks like a caramel, and I wonder why. Because it’s old? How does black licorice change color? Or is it not really black licorice? He eats it, and it no longer matters.

Sarah’s truck barrels down the road. In the back, Morgan looks at the notebooks. Luci says, he said they were important, and could help. Morgan asks if he knew where she found the beer, and she says she didn’t get the chance to tell him. She thinks he’d like what they’re doing. The radio comes on. Charlie asks if someone is there, and we see her with Alicia by one of the boxes.

Morgan asks if they need help, and where are they. Alicia tells Charlie, it could be trap, but realizes it’s Morgan. She tells him that they’re all right, and by mile marker 84; they just found the box. He says they’re just north of there; they’re coming back. Crazy Lady breaks in and says, she needs him to be strong. Morgan says he knows her, and to listen to him. She’s wrong. What she said about helping people, it doesn’t make them weak; it makes all of them strong. He’s been where she is – stuck. She thinks what she’s doing is the right thing; the only thing, but it’s not. So they’re going to keep finding the people they’re looking for. It’s working already. They’re going to find them and help them, and then they’re going to help her.

Sarah says, that van Al was talking about – Al says, it’s a tank. Sarah thinks they found it. It’s at their back door. They all look, and see Al’s tank heading toward them. Jim says, holy sh*t! and Al says, it’s sluggish as hell. Sarah asks what they think the truck is. She tries to speed up, and Wen says it’s gaining on them. Sarah presses the gas harder.

Morgan gets on the radio, and asks what Crazy Lady is doing. Crazy Lady gets near them and opens the top where the artillery is. She says she told him that she was making him strong. Morgan tells everyone to get down.

Alicia and Charlie hear gunfire on the radio. Alicia says, Morgan? and gets silence.

Next time, Crazy Lady hooks herself another zombie, Alicia wants to keep moving, Jim wants to move away from things that want to eat them, and June asks what’s next?

👄 Bad Girls Gone Good…

Nothing is better than a fabulous comeback. Whether it’s to a guy who wants to hey mama you on the street, or it’s a reality show villain.


👠 Lots of Lala…

One of the comeback kids.






👓 New NYC Wife?

Could this by Carole’s replacement? Frankly, after the reunion, I’m glad to see the back of Carole. I liked her until she found “her voice.” Apparently, that voice is pretty nasty. This is an interesting turn of events, since the last time Barbara was on the show, she tried to keep it from happening.


👰 The Latest Wife is a Wife…

Two words the dress. I’m also thinking, I guess the so-called bad blood between Denise and LVP isn’t that bad, since LVP was at the wedding.


😞 This is Just Sad…

It’s strange, but when you watch these people for years, they sort of become like one of the family. Albeit, a lot of the time they’re those cousins you love, but at a distance. It always makes me sad when there’s a rift that can’t be mended, and this one is a heart-breaker.



😲 Yep, It’s Back…

September 2, 2018 – Morgan Has a Reunion, Jenna Talks, Lala Gets a Ring On It, Going Downton & Long Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

June watches a video of John talking about finding her. She gets out of the tank and surveys the damage the storm has wrought. She tries to get a radio signal. She says she never should have left John at the bus, and talks about seeing the video. She says he knew; he believed. But if Al had asked June that question today, she doesn’t think she could answer like he did. He knows her. When the going gets tough, she runs – or worse. She says things are pretty tough right now. She wants to know how he believed. Al comes back and asks if she’s trying to raise John. She can’t find diesel and tells June to conserve the battery. They can’t recharge.

The next day, Al whittles, while June pikes a zombie in the head. They sit and watch nothing. June says they can’t keep going out just far enough to make it back before sundown. They have to keep going. They’re almost out of water. The radio crackles. June asks if it’s John, but the voice isn’t clear.

A half zombie is attached to the front of Sarah’s truck. She stops, telling Wen it’s a clean hit. She takes a look, and pikes it in the head. She asks if Wen remembers when dad hit the seagull; it was a one in a million shot. She tells him that she still gets the point. He says, half. Morgan tries the radio, and gives their location. He says they’re headed west. He’s got help.

June thinks they should go to higher ground and find the signal. Al asks if she killed the camera. June says she killed the battery watching the tape. Al isn’t looking well, and says it’s low blood sugar. June tells her to stay. She feels Al’s forehead and says she’s warm. She wonders if whoever was on the radio has food. They should find them, then come back and fix the van.

Morgan says he’s leaving the channel open, and will be listening. Sarah asks if he really thinks he’ll find his people. He says he has to try. Someone did that for him for as long as they could. She asks if it worked. Morgan is silent, and she says it didn’t. He says, it will work, and repeats the location.

June hears static. Al walks behind her. June asks if Al’s vision is okay. Al says she’s fine; it’s just been a while since she’s eaten. We hear zombie noises. June says they might be done walking. Are they going to ride a zombie? They see a car, kill the zombie inside, and drive. June keeps trying the radio, but gets nothing. She says they need to find higher ground, and apologizes for using up the battery. Al understands. It’s the next best thing to talking to him. June asks if Al has ever found someone, but Al says, when you’re collecting other people’s stories, you stop having your own.

June asks if anyone can hear her. Crazy Lady is listening in, and tells her zombie, Purvis, that he made them weak.

Sarah calls Morgan Momo. He asks her to stop, but she says she can’t’ She likes it. Morgan hears June for a moment and responds. He tells Wen that he’s taking stroll. He’s going to try and get a stronger signal. Wen asks what they do, and he says, wait. Sarah says it looks like they’re tailgating. Morgan walks, and says he hears them; hold on.

June tells Al to keep driving, but Al throws up. She says maybe it’s not her blood sugar. June says it’s a bug. The van suddenly drives past, and Al takes off after it, saying she’s stopping that SOB. June tells her to slow down, but that’s a no. They speed along behind the van, crash into something, and go into a spin. June says Al is sick; screw the van. She needs antibiotics. Al says she has them – in the van. They have to get it back.

Morgan sees Crazy Lady at one of the boxes. He tells her, what’s written is the truth; you can take what you need. Things are tough out here. What’s in the box helped him, and could help her. She says she doesn’t need any help; she’s not weak. Morgan tells her that he didn’t say she was. He tells her again to take what she needs, and he keeps walking. She watches him. She says, he’s right. Things are tough out there. He should be careful.

Crazy lady fills a bottle with puddle water.

A zombie toddles toward the car. June tells al to stay with her; keep talking. She asks where Al got the van, but Al doesn’t want to get into it right now. June says she hasn’t seen many reporters with hardware like that, and Al asks how many did she know? They hear gunfire, and Al says those are hers; it’s close. She says June can go; she can do this. It’s the only way to get the meds she needs. June doesn’t want to leave, but gives Al the radio. She says if she doesn’t’ come back, to get in touch with the people they heard.

June sees an overturned bus, and hears zombie noises coming from it. She sneaks around the bus, and sees the van with the door open, and a pile of zombie bodies nearby. She slides around the other side, and peaks in the bus, where a trapped zombie is flailing around. A man tells her, drop the gun, while he has one pointed at her head. She does what he asks, and says she just needs some medicine. He tells her, hands behind her head; move.

On her knees in the road, June tells him that he doesn’t have to do this. He continues to hold the gun on her, and asks where her friend is; she must need medicine for someone. She says she doesn’t need the van, just the medicine, and he says, this isn’t a conversation. June says, what he’s doing, she’s been there, but someone showed her that she didn’t have to live like that. Neither does he. They can work together; help each other. He says, no, they can’t. We’re all the same, doing what they can to protect who they care about, know, and love. That’s where it stops. June says she can’t let her friend die. He says if he comes, he’ll be the first to go when things go south. June jumps up and knocks him down.

Al hears a gunshot. She gets out of the truck, and tries to remove the tire that’s blown.

June struggles with the man. She gets the better of him, and gets the gun. She makes him lie on the ground, and tries to start the van. He says, it’s out of gas. He thought there was diesel in the bus, but there wasn’t. She tells him, get up. Inside the van, she asks him where the cipro is. What did he do with it? He says he pulled over, and killed the dead who broke out of the bus. It’s not his fault if it’s not there. He says, you can’t help people, and June tells him to go. He says she knows what it’s like out there, and she says he didn’t believe her. He admits he didn’t. He jumps down, and she locks the van.

June goes through everything. She finds a radio, and calls Al. She asks where the medicine is. Al can’t even stand, and falls when she tries. A zombie struggles up from the mud, and its leg breaks at the ankle. It still manages to grab Al, who holds it back just barely. She has a knife strapped to her leg, and works to get it. On the radio, June says she can’t find it. Al finally get the knife, but she’s not strong enough to stab the zombie in the head. She kicks it under the car, and kick’s the jack down, crushing the zombie’s head. June asks if she copies. Al grabs the radio, and June asks, where’s the medicine? Al says, there isn’t any. She needed to get the van back. June sits in the middle of a mess, and throws the radio into it.

Al thanks June. June says she was lucky there were meds on the bus. She could have died. Al says June could have died too, but they didn’t. The van will keep them breathing; they just have to get diesel. June says she almost killed to get medicine that wasn’t there. Al says, someone who stole the van; June doesn’t get it. June says she does, but it almost got them killed. Al says, almost did. June says she’s trying not to be that person. She’s been running from who she was and what she did, and almost became that person again. Why is the van so important? Al says it will keep them alive. June tells Al that she says the truth matters; is she telling the whole truth? Al says the tapes are all that’s left of dreamers. June says, people she barely knew, and Al says, not all of them. June saw one of them. June says, you can’t help people if you’re dead. Al says it’s not just other people’s stories on the tapes; it’s her story. The people she knew; the people she loves, and she’s not leaving them behind. June ponders this, and nods. She sits down on the ground next to Al.

Morgan climbs a water tower. Ha-ha! That sounds like a children’s book. He radios, asking if she still hears him. He doesn’t think he can stick around. Al hears him talking.

June grabs the radio. Morgan says they’re packing up to leave, but wanted to give their location once more. June says, it’s her; she’s with Al, but the only reply is dead air. Al says, the battery is dead. June looks at a map, and says, he’s fifty miles away, and they have enough gas. Al says they need the van, but June says they’ll miss him if they don’t leave now. Al says they’ll catch up.

Al gets out of the car, and tells June to go. June says, Morgan is out there. That means John and the others might be too. They’re alive. It doesn’t have to be this way for her. Al closes the door, and starts heading to the van. That medicine worked fast. June starts the car. Al stops, and shoots in the air. She turns toward the car, as June backs up toward her. Al gets in, and they drive off.

Wen doesn’t think they’re coming. Morgan says, it don’t look that way. Wen suggests the keep on truckin’. Morgan gets in, and Jim hands him a beer, saying he looks like someone who needs a drink. Sarah sees a car in her rearview mirror. It’s June and Al. June says sorry they’re late, and Morgan says they’re here now; that’s what matters. She asks about John and everyone else. Morgan says he’s still looking, and introduces the others. He asks Sarah to get them some food, and she brings out one of the boxes. June asks if they’re the ones putting the boxes out, and Morgan says it’s the person who owns the truck. They’re returning it, and making drops along the way. June says they’re helping people, and Morgan says, that’s the idea. She asks to borrow his radio.

June gets on the radio and says, she doesn’t know their name or if they’re listening, but the last time she did this, they were. If they can hear her, she’s sorry about what she did, making him walk away. She wants to show him that he’s wrong about something. That we don’t just watch out for the people we know. She says they’re at the mile 27 marker. They have food, water, and supplies; whatever they need to get back on their feet. A man’s voice replies, is that you, cipro? June says, yes. He says he managed to find diesel. Her friend shouldn’t leave her ride sitting around. She says if he wants to come, he won’t be who he was; the guy who held a gun on her. He says, my name is Quinn. She says, June.

Morgan asks if Al is okay. And she says something hit her hard. She says it looks like he found new ride to Alexandria. He says she’s still welcome to join them. She says, just so he knows, she doesn’t plan on staying. She wonders what he knows about the guy who the truck belongs to, and he says, not much. She wishes she had her camera.

Quinn radios June. He says he’s at the mile 27 marker, but she’s not there. She tells him, check again. He says he’s looking right at it. He takes a closer look, and realizes it’s been changed. The Crazy Lady’s zombie-on-a-stick pops out, and attacks Quinn. June asks if he’s there.

Crazy Lady turns off the radio. She says she has to let Purvis go now. He did what he was supposed to. She’s going to set him free to keep on truckin’. She pokes him with a stick, and when he backs up, she closes the cab door. She writes on Quinn’s face – people you know. She tells him that he isn’t going to be weak anymore. He opens his eyes, and she smiles maternally at him.

Next time, Quinn returns; John, Victor, and Luci are still alive; and an alligator eats a zombie.

👂 On Talking Dead, Jenna Elfman gave a colorful account about June and Quinn’s tussle for the gun. She repeatedly, albeit accidentally, kneed him in the goods. And then there was the long ride home…

🙈 Sorry This URL is So Long…

But worth sharing that Lala Kent (Vanderpump Rules) is engaged to her man.


📑 My Excuse…

I’m running late tonight because I had the pleasure of seeing the Downton Abbey exhibit, as well as catching up with an old friend, in NYC today. Tomorrow (9/3) is the last day, but it’s going to other cities. If you’re a Downton fan, it’s a must-see. Holograms, costumes, props, entire rooms from the show are on display. It’s a multi-media extravaganza. There’s even a virtual quiz to see which staff position you’d be suited for. If you must know, I would not have been hired at all. I think it was the question where I answered that I’d give a malicious laugh that took me out of the running.


🛀 And If Your Weekend is a Long One…









August 30, 2018 – Dallas Does Beaver Creek, No Shows, Two Quote Quads & a Laborious Quote


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



The Real Housewives of Dallas

At her Bubbles and Bru party, Stephanie introduces their favorite ginger family. Brandi takes the mic, and says they’re honored to share the news with all of them about the new baby. Stephanie had everything to do with it, and she loves her. She thanks everyone for being there. LeeAnne is like, what? D’Andra is in total shock, thinking they were getting a divorce. Kameron wonders why they kept it a secret. Brandi asks to talk to LeeAnne in private. In her interview, Brandi says she doesn’t want to live her life fighting over nonsense. She wants LeeAnne to know she’s at a positive place and wants to start fresh. LeeAnne says she felt like they had a friendship, and was devastated. She didn’t know what to expect. At the reunion, Brandi had said she didn’t see a future for them. We flash back to that. She wants find a way to move forward. In her interview, LeeAnne says if Cary is willing to give her a second chance, she should give Brandi one. She tells Brandi they should take the good they had and move forward with it. They hug. Kameron doesn’t know what’s happening. They’re all getting along. Maybe it’s a magical baby, taking all the negativity out of the air.

LeeAnne tells Kameron about her talk with Brandi. Kameron thinks they’re all in a good place, and should go to Beaver Creek in Colorado. Her husband has built a place there. She tells everyone about her idea. In her interview, Brandi says she’s had three hours of sleep since Bruin arrived, and she needs a girls trip.

D’Andra congratulates Brandi. They laugh about how the baby looks like her. Brandi says podcast where S’Andra mentioned Adderall bothered her. She felt attacked. D’Andra says the podcast wasn’t about her, only abuse of the drug in general, but Brandi says D’Andra had been talking about her. In her interview, Cary says D’Andra already told her it was about Brandi, but she’s too chicken sh*t to admit it. D’Andra says that around Dallas, people are taking it like candy. In her interview, D’Andra says she didn’t mention names. She just said Adderall was abused in Dallas. Brandi doesn’t like to be accused of what didn’t do, and says she has a valid source who told her about it. Cary joins them. D’Andra says they’re good. Cary admits to having a conversation with Brandi about it. In her interview, D’Andra affirms she told Cary about Brandi. She says Cary made it worse by telling Brandi. Her issue isn’t with Cary though. She thinks Brandi should have asked her directly, instead of relying on what someone else said. Enjoy your baby and your Adderall. Okay. If she’s so innocent, why would she say it like that? These chicks get mean when they get caught. Brandi isn’t taking it because it’s party time.

Kameron tells Cary that she doesn’t have to be fancy in Colorado. She’s excited about the trip. She sends pajamas to everyone to wear on the private jet. PJs on the pj. Stephanie is also going to Italy, and packing for both trips. She’s doing half the trip to Colorado, and then going to Italy with the family. Brandi talks about D’Andra deflecting and not owning it.

D’Andra isn’t thrilled to go on the trip. She tells Jeremy that obviously Brandi has a problem and is making her look like a bully. This is what happens when you don’t communicate one on one. She says Cary isn’t helping the situation. She’s going to Colorado because she committed to the trip, but she’s not getting pulled into anything.

The Westcott family jet is ready to go. Brandi pops champagne. D’Andra isn’t wearing he PJs. She thinks her butt looks too big in pink stripes, and doesn’t cave to peer pressure when her ass is involved. In her interview, Kameron says she had the monogrammer on call; D’Andra better put them on. She passes out an itinerary, and tells them a private chef is coming. Brandi is going to miss the baby, but looking forward to sleeping in and having some drinks.

They head to Beaver Liquors. It took Kameron a while to get why people laughed about the name. I understand this, since it took me a while to understand why people were up in arms over Brooke Shields’s Calvin Klein ad. I thought she just really liked her jeans. The girls have a laugh over the novelty T-shirts. Brandi gets a naughty poster to hang up at Kameron’s house as a prank. Stephanie says, when you bring immature people to a place called Beaver Liquors, it’s to be expected. D’Andra starts drinking in the store.

No surprise, the house is fabulous. LeeAnne calls it architecturally stunning. It’s like log cabin meets Tudor, and over 11,000 square feet. There’s even a bowling alley. Kameron says, it’s like an adult slumber party. She was the queen of slumber parties as a child, until she got lice from sharing a pillow. The girls compare the elevator to the one in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Cary picks out her favorite toilet for pooping later.

Brandi wants to hang the poster in Kameron’s room. Stephanie wants her to have a god time with them. Brandi thinks every time she plays a prank, the stick in Kameron’s ass comes out a little more. D’Andra says, it’s the calm before the storm, and Kameron wonders what’s going to happen next. In her interview, Stephanie thinks if they bother Kameron enough, she’ll realize they’re fun and it’s okay to be stupid. Kameron finds the poster taped to her bed, and says, this is not okay. It is pretty rude, but not horrible. She comes out saying, what is this? In her interview, she says they want to get a rise out of her to see what she’ll do.

Stephanie asks if she likes it. In her interview, Brandi says Kameron secretly loves her. It’s like flirting when Kameron gives her a hard time. Brandi says Kameron’s liquor store sold it; she’s just honoring them. In her interview, Brandi expected Kameron to be more annoyed. She sees a glimmer of hope. LeeAnne thinks it’s just their sense of humor. D’Andra tells Kameron to act unphased. We flash back to Brandi’s various pranks. D’Andra says there are plenty things to be mad about, but this isn’t one of them. LeeAnne offers to teach Kameron meditation.

Stephanie and Brandi play in the snow, and I’m jealous. Kameron tries to mediate, but keeps laughing. She has a hard time sitting still and taking it seriously. LeeAnne agrees it’s hard not to think about fashion while clearing your mind. Cary brings them (I think) daquiris, and joins in. LeeAnne tells them to focus on breathing. She taps the bowl, and tells them let go of their thoughts. Kameron starts laughing again.

Kameron tells us that house manager Sophia is like Mary Poppins, and found an amazing chef. They sit down to dinner. Stephanie would rather have a conversation with D’Andra one on one, without a lot of opinions. Everyone has something to say about everything. The salad is served, and LeeAnne says, they don’t make this at Costco. Kameron wants them to know she’s fun. She’s brought out a game where you pick a card, and answer the question on it. Everyone is drinking, and LeeAnne just has water, but she says she’s good with that. In her interview, she’s afraid if she drinks too much, she’ll be vulnerable to being offended by stupidity. She’s not interested in opening herself up like that at this point. They do tequila shots, and the chef serves short ribs.

Kameron can’t believe Stephanie has a baby. She says Stephanie didn’t even blink while telling her tall tale. She could have just said she had surprise, instead of making her look like an idiot. Believe me, it’s not her tall tale that did that. In her interview, Kameron says she felt left out. I’m not sure why, since Cary is the only one that knew. Stephanie apologizes. Brandi takes the blame. Cary wants another drink. Kameron says she’s happy for Brandi. She loves games, but it wasn’t the game she wanted to play. In her interview, Cary says arguing with Kameron is frustrating. Her brain goes on repeat. She tells Kameron not to be a badger. Kameron reads from a card, asking, what reveals most about a person’s sexual skills; they way they drink, dance, or kiss? Brandi asks Kameron to kiss her, saying she has the best lips. Kameron says that’s sweet, but no. Brandi says she’s only been with one person. Kameron could be number two.

Brandi comes to Kameron’s side of the table. She says she knows Kameron doesn’t like her. Kameron says they’d just met, and Brandi chased her on the beach with a giant chocolate dildo. We flash back to that. Brandi grabs Kameron, and kisses her. D’Andra asks if Brandi is making up with her, and Brandi says she’ll make out.

They go out to the hot tub. Cary gets nakey. Kameron asks where her bathing suit is. In her interview, Kameron says, first, Brandi wants to make out; then Brandi and Cary get naked. Is she that irresistible? LeeAnne says she’s going to bed early. Too many shots and naked tw*ts spell trouble. In her interview, Cary feels like something is off with LeeAnne. She hopes the meditation helps her behavior. She thinks you can be fun and respectful at the same time.

D’Andra thinks LeeAnne is being reserved, and that she’s had too much to drink. Kameron asks if D’Andra felt left out. Cary thinks it’s stupid.  Brandi says if she doesn’t want to explain herself, she’s not attacking anyone. In her interview, Brandi says instead of celebrating, Kameron is making her feel like sh*t because she didn’t tell her. Kameron says she felt like she wasn’t really Brandi’s friend. Stephanie tells Kameron not to bash Brandi about adopting a baby. Kameron says she would never do that, and don’t put words in her mouth. Brandi leaves the room, and Cary follows her. Stephanie tells Kameron to quit making Brandi feel bad because didn’t know.

Brandi cries in the bedroom, and Cary comforts her. Kameron insists that’s not what she said. In her interview, Stephanie says Kameron shouldn’t bash Brandi about adopting a baby, but Kameron heard something different. She wants to live in her world where she’s a victim. In her interview, Kameron says Stephanie is staying in her home and accusing her of bashing Brandi for adopting a baby. Don’t put words in her mouth. Brandi wants to go home. Stephanie joins them. In her interview, Brandi thinks it’s a lot. She doesn’t owe Kameron anything, and didn’t think they were that close.

Kameron doesn’t understand why Stephanie is putting words in her mouth. Cary is right about her brain going on repeat. She was talking about Brandi’s behavior. Stephanie says it’s Kameron’s house, and as a classy woman, she should make Brandi feel comfortable and safe; not having to tell her that she’s sorry all night. Brandi says she has better things to do, like get out of there. Kameron doesn’t want Stephanie in her house right now.

Next time, Kameron wants Stephanie to leave, more fun in the snow, and D’Andra tells LeeAnne to get her act together with Rich.

🍹 The Shahs of Sunset was a repeat of last weeks episode about the passing of Shams.

👯 General Hospital was a rerun today, and ditto through Monday. There will be a new episode of Fear the Walking Dead on Sunday night, but no new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County on Monday, although Southern Charm Savannah is a new one.

😴 Since it’s doubtful I’ll be posting tomorrow…

👄 Quotes of the Week

Accountability is meaningless unless it’s for everybody.Stephen Colbert

Does the cheese come out of the cow with the holes? – Barry (Steve Carell), talking to Swiss client, Dinner for Schmucks

You know why God made snakes before lawyers? He needed the practice. – Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), Better Call Saul

It’s like they say. Location, location, koi pond. – Progressive TV commercial


Genius begins great works; labor alone finishes them.Joseph Joubert

No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance, and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.Tim Notke

And people should eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of their labor, for these are gifts from God.Ecclesiastes 3:13



August 26, 2018 – Morgan Has a Busy Day & a National Day for Dogs


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

The storm continues. Morgan calls for Alicia. He pikes a zombie and checks the cab of a truck, but it’s locked. He opens the back, ready for anything, but nothing comes screeching out. He goes in through the back, and sees the take what you need boxes ready to go. He looks through one and finds a pocket knife. He sits with some water and a protein bar. Best. Protein. Bar. Ever. By the look on his face.

The next day, there’s less of a storm noise, but more of a zombie noise. Morgan cracks open the back door, and a zombie looks in. He kills it, and walks out to a new morning. It looks like the storm has passed. He sees he’s at a truck stop. He bangs on the mini-mart door and cautiously steps inside. He calls, hello, but hears nothing.

Morgan sees coffee pots ready to go, and everything is clean, neat, and well-stocked. He flips the light switch, and lights come on. He hears a woman’s voice over the radio asking, that you papa bear do you copy? Over. Then, do you copy? Over. Morgan answers, hello? She asks who this is, and says he hitched a ride accidentally in the back of a semi, and found himself there She asks which location he’s at. He thinks Mississippi. She tells him to make himself at home. Take what you need, and leave what you don’t. He asks what this place is, but she’s gone.

Morgan goes through the aisles, taking a few things. He looks at a map, and sees how far he is from Virginia. He loads up a thermos with coffee. Next, he checks out the bathroom, which is the first place I’d have gone. He looks in the mirror, and marvels at the faucet, which has running water. There’s real toilet paper, and even a magazine by the toilet. While he’s making use of that, a man tries the door. This would be my luck. Even in the apocalypse, with only a handful of people around, there’s a line for the bathroom. The man tells Morgan to get out. Morgan asks for a minute.

When he opens the door, there’s a man in a wheelchair holding a gun. The man says, all his life, people like Morgan have been using stalls for people like him. He’s never asked the question, but he’s asking now – why? Morgan says it seemed like little apartment. The man says, it is, especially with the sink. Everyone likes it a little homey. He asks Morgan what’s in the bag, and Morgan says someone told him to take it. A woman on the radio. Morgan asks if the man could lower his gun. He says, sure could, and points it lower. Morgan says, take what you need, and leave what you don’t. He thought that’s what it was here for. A woman walks in, and says, it is. She asks Morgan to excuse her brother. He’s a little jumpy. The man is African American, and the woman is Caucasian. Morgan says, brother? and she says they’re twins. Morgan asks what they do there. We find out their names are Wendell and Sarah.

Outside, Sarah tells Morgan that they pack, drive, and deliver. They keep doing what they always did. They’d been living on the fringes, and now all that’s left are the fringes. When the road gets bumpy, just keep going. Wen tells Morgan they have everything there, even satellite TV, if anyone was still broadcasting. Morgan asks if there are more of them, and more places like this, and then says, they don’t have to tell him; it’s not his business. Wen asks where he’s heading, and Morgan says he’s heading back east; Virginia. There’s a place where people are trying to start over; build something better. Sarah says they just saved his ass from a hurricane. The worst she’s ever seen; levees broken, roads washed out. Morgan says he has people back there. Wen says he lost his Nelly, and knows Morgan’s pain. Morgan asks if he can convince Sarah to drive him. Wen says they’re not much without the truck. Morgan says he understands, but he’s going to have to try.

Wen gives him directions, and says if Morgan is lucky, they’re still standing. Morgan says there aren’t a lot of people doing things like this. Wen says people used to look down on them, and told them the boxes wouldn’t do any good, but they have a code. They’re keeping it alive. You gotta help people when they need help, then keep on truckin’.

Morgan drives until there’s a downed tree with a downed zombie under it. He kills the zombie, and looks around. Another zombie is flailing around in quicksand. Morgan sees one of the boxes, looks inside, and smiles. He continues on foot.

He starts to cross a bridge, but it’s out,* and he runs back. He runs for a while, like something is chasing him. He uses the radio to call Wen, asking if he knows which roads are clear. Wendell asks why, and Morgan tells him the bridge is out; he’s coming back. Wen asks, what about his friends? Morgan gets choked up, and repeats the bridge is out, and he’s coming back.

He must be traveling as the crow flies. There’s one pecking at a zombie now.

Wen tells Sarah, half a point. She almost hit that bird. Morgan radios the truck stop, saying he ran into trouble. He asks if there are more places like where they are, but Sarah says they’re the last outpost on the frontier. She calls Morgan MoMo, and says, sorry. She knows helping those people meant a lot.

Morgan drives for a while. He sees a man running across a field, yelling for help. He has a hood over his head, and his hands are bound behind his back. And he’s being chased by five or six zombies. Morgan tells him to hang on. The hooded dude starts smacking into the zombies, and all of them fall. Morgan runs across the field, and pikes them one by one. He tells the guy (we find out later his name is Jim) he’ll be all right, and takes the hood off of him. Jim asks, how long does it take to run across a field? Morgan picks him up, and cuts him free, He tells Morgan that he was kidnapped. Morgan asks what they wanted, and Jim says, recipes. He brews beer – the goddam staff of life. I beg to differ, but it’s good to have a passion.

In the car, Morgan asks if Jim is part of group, or is it just him? Jim says, just him and the brewery; Auggie’s Ale. He grows hops, and whatever he can manage on his roof. Morgan asks who he’s making it for, and Jim asks if Morgan has a point to his life or is he looking for one? Morgan says he’s just trying to get back home. Jim says he’s got something. He’s got the future. They’re going to infest the planet again one day. Everything they lost, they’re going to rebuild. So he makes beer. Does Morgan think he’s nuts? Morgan says, actually, no. He’s going someplace where people are trying to rebuild; in Virginia. He’s meeting some folks who are going to give him a lift. He asks Jim if he wants to come.

The truck is stopped in the middle of the road. Morgan and Jim get out of the car. I have a bad feeling about this, Beavis. Jim wonders where they are, and Morgan says, in back. Jim sees them, and starts to run. Wen cocks his gun, and says he’s not going to lower it. Sarah says Morgan found him; thanks.

Jim and Morgan ride in the back of the truck, hands bound behind them. Wen asks Morgan if the place he’s going to in Virginia is close to DC. Morgan asks who the truck belongs to, and what happened? Sarah says they left him by the side of the road, where he’d been dropping a box. They figured out he always dropped them by a road marker ending in four; It was easy to snag his rig. If you can’t protect what’s yours, it ain’t yours. Morgan says they could be helping people, and Wen says the universe gave him a reason not to. Sarah asks where the place in Virginia is. Jim wonders what all this has to do with him, and Sarah says she likes beer, calling him Jimbo. Wen thinks he should try a new twist on his name.  Wen says they have the truck, the maps, and journal the guy kept. He wants to get there as much as they do. Where is it? Morgan says nothing, and Wen says he has a thousand miles to change his mind.

In the back of truck, Jim says he could make this work on a small scale, The chick said she’s a fan of his work. She came to see if there was any stock left, and finding him was a bonus, but he can make it work. He asks Morgan to tell them where he’s going, and Morgan says he can’t be serious. They kidnapped him, and the tied-up Morgan for trying to stop them. Now he wants to throw in with them? He’s as bad as they are. Jim says where Morgan is going, there has to be a bargaining system. Morgan says he’s not taking them anywhere near there. Jim explains that he was supposed to be rich and about to cash in on his microbrew, when those dead things started stumbling around. They took it away from him, and he wants to get it back. He says all civilizations had beer. They need him. If they want the world to come back together again, they need beer,

The truck stops short. They’re stuck. Sarah opens the back, and says they’re too heavy. She has to start unloading. She starts tossing stuff out of the truck. Jim thinks if the place is Virginia is all Morgan says it is, they can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement, with Sarah getting all the beer she can drink. Sarah unties him. She says, what about you, MoMo? Want to stay tied? A group of zombies comes ambling through the woods, and Wen says he doesn’t like it; there could be more nearby.

The start to get back to the truck, and when Jim tries to help Morgan, he knocks Morgan over. Morgan tumbles down the hill, and lands in front of the zombies. He tries to scramble back up, but his hands are still tied, and he slides back down. He manages to jump onto a convenient car roof. He sees Jim on the bridge, and asks if he can get some help. Jim, Sarah, and Wen watch him. Sarah turns on the radio, and says Jimbo is boned him help him. Is he going to tell them where he’s going? The zombies surround the car. Morgan gives her some directions, and says once they get there, he’ll give them the rest. Sarah asks how she knows he’s telling the truth, and Morgan asks how does he know she’ll get him off this thing? She says, the whole way, and he finishes the directions. Sarah asks, who’s going first? Jim says he’s been living in a brewery since this started. Sarah says, sorry. He made it this long without them. He’s got this. Morgan says they can’t just walk away. Sarah says, sure they can. Morgan did. On the bridge. He said he was going to help his friends, but he’s not the only one pretending to be something they’re not. They leave him with zombies clamoring at his feet.

Night falls. Morgan is sitting now, and the zombies scrabble around him. He talks into the radio, saying they don’t have to do this. He knows they can hear them, so he’s just going to say it – he could have crossed the bridge. He could be on his way back to Texas, but he’s not. He’s had time to think, and he’s a coward. He helped people back there – thought he did – but it wasn’t enough. He can see that. They needed something he couldn’t give them; or didn’t think he could. He got scared. Scared if he went back, he’d just make things worse. He says, so don’t come back. Not for him. He can’t ask that, but maybe come back so he can do the right thing. Hands reach up around him.

Morgan gets up, and kicks a zombie away. He slips and goes down onto the car roof, and they grab at him. Dammit, did he lose a shoe? Yes, he did. He paces, as much as you can on a car roof. He suddenly leaps over them, back onto the hill, but slides down again. They grab for him. He sees the remains of a take what you need box, and a metal street sign. Morgan kicks at the zombies, and gets to the box. He cuts himself loose with a knife, grabs the sign, and starts picking them off.

As he walks, Morgan radios the truck. He asks if they’re still listening. There’s something he wants them to know. What they said about the boxes not doing any good, and rotting in the road – they were wrong. Excellent story writing.

Morgan walks. I hope he gave the them directions to hell. He sees the truck. Wen says there is no Exit 77. Morgan asks how long it took for them to figure it out. Wen says, a couple hundred miles. Morgan asks where Jim is, and Sarah says, in the back, sleeping it off. Morgan says they’re going to let him pass, and Sarah wants the right exit. He says he’ll tell them, but they’re going to be his ride, but they’re picking up some people first. Or he can just continue on foot. It won’t be first time.

Morgan tells Wen that he said the universe gave him a reason not to help, but he thinks it’s trying to tell him something different now. Wen asks if they’re going to pick up some people. Morgan tells him to take the rig straight back to Virginia, and they’re going to make stops along the way.

The truck rolls on. Sarah puts a box by the side of the road. Morgan talks into the radio. He says he doesn’t know their name, and doesn’t know where they are. He doesn’t know if can they can hear him, but he talked to a friend at a truck stop. Wen puts out the next box. Morgan says now he’s with some people, and they have his truck. Jim puts out a box, and adds a beer to it. Morgan says he’s headed to Texas, and they’re giving the truck back. Wherever they are, keep looking. Hang on because they’re coming.

A large African American woman shuts off a radio, and laughs. She says they’re on the road again after all, talking to a zombie impaled on the wall of another truck stop. She writes on his face with a felt tip pen – take what you need, leave what don’t – and says it looks like they’re going to Texas.

*Note: I thought Morgan was seeing something I wasn’t, but it turned out the bridge was not really out. He just said that because he was a-scared. Also, I thought I recognized the crazy lady at the end. It was Tonya Pinkins who played Livia on All My Children back in the day.

Next time, Morgan climbs a water tower, Al’s truck gets stolen, and the weird lady tells Morgan that things are tough and he should be careful.

🐕🐶🐩 Calling It a Three Dog Night…

It’s been a ruff week. My husband has been working his tail off, so I’ve been on my own with both dog duty and dog doody. And today being National Dog Day, I was at their bark and call, bur I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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