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October 15, 2017 – The Sun Sets on the Shahs & Fear the Super Long Finale


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Two finales tonight.

Shahs of Sunset

Reza is meeting with event planner Kevin Lee, but GG gets there first. She shows Kevin her ring. In her interview, she explains how things happened fast with Shalom, even though they’d lived in the sane building for years. She says it’s not a normal relationship, but she’s not normal. Reza walks in saying Kevin’s signature phrase, chi, chi, chi! He shows Reza the décor for the Persian Winter Ball. I love this stuff – white branches and tiny white lights, candles, subtle sparkles of snow, and beautiful flowers in whites and greens. GG tells him that she talked to Jessica, who said she reached out to his mom, but Sue totally shut it down. Reza says her intentions are to protect her son, but Mike needs to say it’s his road and he’s the one traveling it. GG asks who’s going to let her know. Reza says she is. She says she’s Mike’s momma, but Reza says there’s a mitzva in her path, and she has to embrace it. Talk to her as one Persian woman to another.

Vida whines in the back seat of the car as Tommy drives. MJ is bringing Christmas to her father in matching PJs with Tommy. She calls Vida an effing bitch. She hasn’t seen Shams in over a month. Tommy is like goddammit! It’s Christmas; shut up!

Tommy sets up a tree in Shams’s room. MJ even brought dogs Ziggy and Toya in little Santa suits. Vida acts like a different person – a nice, normal person, giving Shams accolades for talking and eating. MJ says after her parents got married, he wasn’t the romantic guy Vida thought he was, and she didn’t stick around to make it work. They take a family photo. MJ tells us that Vida thinks since it didn’t work for her, it’s not going to work for MJ either.

Eez Not Right is Reza’s play, and he’s excited to see it on the theater marquee. He and MJ have been practicing for a few weeks. MJ arrives, and says she’s going to knock his socks off. She tells us that she took acting in high school. Monica Lewinsky and Eric Menendez were in her class. A guy in one of my acting classes, who was also a scene partner of mine, made headlines too, but sadly, it was because he was murdered by Jack Henry Abbott. MJ says that Eric was good at tennis. She suggests they rehearse, and stumbles over her lines. Reza says he should have gotten GG, but they laugh their asses off.

Tonight is just for friends and family, but if Reza gets the reaction he’s hoping for, he’s taking it on the road. Asa is on bedrest, and he’s disappointed she can’t be there. His method to not laugh on stage is thinking of nasty things, that no one needs to see here. Reza starts laughing the second he sees MJ on stage, so it didn’t work anyway. The play is basically about two grandmothers discussing the upcoming marriage of their grandsons, one of them feeling that it’s an outrage. We come to find out that the grandmother isn’t upset because it’s a gay marriage, but that one is a Muslim and one is a Jew. In his interview, Mike says that in the melting pot we call America, Iranians are now intermixing, and parents don’t understand. They want their children to “stick to their own kind,” and he’s a perfect example. We flash back to Sue discouraging him marrying Jessica. The play is well received. Reza says that he’s spent his journey wondering where fits in religiously, but now feels like it’s a closed chapter. He’s hoping the play might do some good, and people will learn. I’d totally pay to see it.

At Reza’s condo, the cats go nuts. Adam says they need a house. Reza says they’re getting one. He says that it’s obvious Adam doesn’t want to foster or adopt, and it looks like they’re going the surrogacy route, which requires a lot of coin. Reza is cashing out on his vacation house for a new house and beginning the baby process. Adam talks about having a chicken coop, but Reza makes fun of it, saying chicken are stupid. When he compares Adam to a chicken, Adam has enough. He says Reza talks down to him, and shuts him down. In his interview, Reza doesn’t like being dismissed when he’s been doing a lot of compromising. He thinks they need the Torah right now.

Reza visits Asa. Her place is filled with all kinds of cool baby stuff. She tells him that she can’t eat much. She’s been trying to do some work, but has no energy. She feels like she’s neglecting everything else that needs her. Reza asks if she feels a disconnect from everyone, but she says it’s more of a connect with herself. She was hurt for a while. She felt attacked and ganged up on, and who needs it when they’re pregnant? They’ve been in the same mindset for six years, and Asa has grown out of it. She needs to do her, and if she sees them, she sees him. She wants love and support right now, and after that, she’ll see.

The set up for the winter ball beings. Kevin calls it magic and fabulous, and it is. In addition to the aforementioned decorations, there are also big illuminated snowflakes everywhere. Reza goes to a kiki at MJ’s, whose condo looks amazing now. My mouth fell open. It’s like Martha Stewart was there. After the blow out with Tommy, MJ got a dose of reality that she needed to deal with. Once they put the pieces back together, she felt strong, and needed to execute the things she let fall by the wayside.

Reza asks Adam what’s wrong. He says Reza has been disrespectful and dismissive, and it makes him question the relationship. He says Reza goes for divorce card immediately in an argument. For him to throw that out makes Adam feel disposable. We flash back to before they were married, when Reza was hesitant. In his interview, Adam says he never wants to feel that way again; the way he felt when Reza called off the wedding. Reza says he doesn’t speak up a lot in the relationship, and the first time he does, Adam is dismissive.

Mike walks in, and tells Adam he can cry later. Everyone is astounded at the way the place looks. MJ wants Adam and Reza to finish the conversation. Adam says it’s stupid, and didn’t want to have it in the first place. He just wants to move on.

Mike says it’s not just a ball; it’s a Persian ball. Everyone is in tuxes and furs (most of them fake), and there’s a buffet like no other. Tommy says the food is ridiculous. I love to hear these guys talk about the food. I’ve never had Persian food, but I’m dying to, especially when I watch this show. GG shows off her ring. Reza says don’t run around the party, flashing or stabbing people with ring. At a Persian party, they’ll come to you.

Fake snow falls MJ inhales some. Mike’s mom arrives, and he gives her a wrist corsage. Like it’s the prom. Reza tells GG she’s the conduit. GG says it’s hard enough to talk to someone’s mom, but talking to a Persian mom? You don’t do that. She wants Mike to be happy, and goes for the tequila.

MJ suggests the moms go out together, so they can talk about how the kids never listen. GG takes Mike’s mom aside, and tells her that he still loves Jessica. She knows he’s hurt, and feels for him. GG brings up the email Jessica sent Sue. She thought it was sweet of her to apologize. Mike interrupts, and asks what they’re talking about. GG says she was telling his mom something, and he says it better not be what he thinks. GG says she’s not saying anything wrong. Mike steps away, and GG says maybe Sue could give Jessica another chance. We all make mistakes. Sue agrees, but says she was like a mother to Jessica, and if you leave, nothing can be fixed. She says sometimes you make a mistake that can’t be reversed.  They go to the buffet.

Mike asks GG what she was talking to his mother about. She says they’ve known each other forever, and he her not to get involved in something that’s not her business. She’s already caused enough problems in his life. We flash back to GG accusing him of hitting on her in Turkey. GG tells him that she only told Sue that his heart seemed to be with Jessica. Mike says his mother is there for a good time, not to talk about things that have nothing to do with her. GG is upsetting her. GG says talk to Reza. He’s the one who said she had to speak up, because Mike is scared to. Mike says it’s not her effing business. It’s his effing life and he’ll handle it.

Reza tells Mike that Jessica sent his mom and email. She was super apologetic, and super loving, wanting to get back together. He says if Mike doesn’t try one more time, thirty years from now, he’ll wonder what might have happened if he had. In his interview, Reza says he can’t believe how an almost 40-year-old, muscly Persian has his mom pulling the strings. You can’t live to make others happy; the outcome is always a disaster. Mike tells Sue that if she sees something he doesn’t, she should say something; he values her opinion. But at the end of the day, his decisions are his, and he’s a grown man. It’s his choice if he and Jessica get back together.

MJ asks Adam what’s going on. Adam says he and Reza had an argument, and Reza’s initial reaction was to leave. It reminds him of Thailand. It’s hurtful, and makes him want to reevaluate being married. MJ tells him that he doesn’t want to start the new year without a clean slate. Reza joins them. MJ says Adam told her about Reza using divorce as a threat. Adam says it makes him wonder if he married the wrong person, and his emotional mindset goes back to when Reza backed out at the last minute. Then he pulls back. Reza apologizes, saying it wasn’t his intention. He said it in the heat of the moment. He loves Adam, and he’s sorry.

In his interview, Reza tells us this stage of adulthood is hard. Growing up doesn’t mean he can’t have fun. He’s not the same, but better. Not just him, everyone is in the same spot. Asa got off the path to have a kid, but the rest keep growing, keep loving, and keep laughing. It’s who they are, regardless of how old they get. Reza announces that GG prepared something.

GG thanks everyone. She says it’s been an amazing year, and being selfish, her year was revolutionary. She went to Israel, realized how much she loves Shalom, and he put ring on it.

A month later. They get married, just the two of them, by a justice of the peace.

Two months later, they split.

Reza tells us, who says they saw that annulment coming? He did. I did too, but I think they’re back together again.

I’m going to miss these guys. I’m always sad when the season is over.

Fear the Walking Dead

Part One

We see a shopping cart filled with zombie heads, snapping at each other. Nick pushes the cart down the street, lopping off heads, and tossing them in. Okay, wth now? He takes them to the bartender at the Bizarre, who chops off their faces, and digs around for the brain stems. He says the longer the wait, the greater the risk of infection, but some people say it’s a high worth dying for. The Proctors will pay for as many fresh ones as he can bring. It helps them to fight longer, harder, and without sleep. Nick asks who they’re fighting, and the bartender doesn’t know, but thinks they’re gearing up for something big. Nick says he’ll keep harvesting as long as he keeps getting paid.

Troy watches people doing busywork.  Everyone looks like they’re having a decent time. Nick has a drink, and Troy leads him away. He says he’s been talking to the Proctors, and thinks they’re in trouble.

Madison looks out over the dam, and Victor asks what she sees. She tells him a murky mud pit, and he tells her to see past that to corn, melons, beans, irrigation, agriculture, and cattle. Isn’t the country what she wanted? She says she wanted a future for her kids, and maybe grandkids to spoil. Christmas surrounded by babies, and roasting a turkey. He figured she was more the sandwich type, but she says she used to make iced angel cookies with the kids. She’d thought they could have that life at the ranch. Victor says she can have that there. He says they can build paradise, and her kids can come home to it. He tells her to picture it, but she doesn’t know about that. He tells her that she needs some liquid imagination. What you call scotch.

Diana tries to talk Alicia into selling her hair again, telling her that she’s sitting on a goldmine. They good-naturedly banter back and forth, and suddenly, the car is T-boned by another car. Diana tells Alicia to get out, and a bunch of guys jump out of the other car. Diana fights with them, an Alicia slashes at them with her knife. One guy tries to take their gun out of the car, but Alicia grabs him. While she’s dealing with that, Diana clocks another with her pickax, but gets hurt. Alicia gets the gun and starts shooting into the air. She tells them to get out now, and they run. She should kill one just to send a message. Alicia tells Diana not to look, and makes a tourniquet for her wound.

Walker visits Daniel, and gives him Ofelia’s rosary. Daniel says the questions keep turning; why her? Walker says he wonders if he had been there, if he could have stopped it. He doesn’t know the answers though, because he wasn’t there.

Madison bogarts the scotch bottle. Victor says he can’t blame the kids for striking out on their own. Madison says they’re her kids, so she can. She wonders how long until The Odyssey, The Iliad, and The Bible are forgotten. Victor says they’ll write new stories. She tells him out with it; the scotch wasn’t just for her. He asks if she’s killed anyone. Has he met her? She says she’s had to, and he says he hasn’t. She says he’s lucky, but his day will come. He suspects she’s right, and she tells him it drives some people mad, and never gets you what you want, but it gets easier. Daniel approaches, and says her son is here.

Troy tells then that he found weapons and boats. The Proctors have no regard for human life, and will turn the water off, holding it hostage. Daniel says there are three entryways. They’ll post guards at each, and pick them off at the bridge. Efrain thinks they should blow up the dam. Release the river to the people. Daniel says whoever wants to leave, should go, but whoever stays has to help defend them. Victor thinks Madison and Nick should go. Troy says he’ll help, but Daniel questions his loyalty. Troy says he’s the one who gave them the information, and Madison vouches for him.

Outside, Madison tells Nick she hopes he’s using clean works. He says he’s not using; it’s something else. She says they need to get out before the Proctors show up. They’re worse than anything else they’ve seen. Madison says she’ll decide after he eats.

Walker is packing up his stuff. He tells Daniel that he’s going to look for some people who went north. He thinks Daniel is honorable, but he’s not willing to die for his cause. He says he and Crazy Dog will scout the road on their way out. Daniel tells him good walking, and they shake hands. Oh man, I hope they don’t kill Walker off.

Alicia brings Diana to a medic. He asks if she can assist, and she says she has no formal training, but was a hospital volunteer. The guy says degrees are worthless anyway. He lost his license in the 90s over a misunderstanding with a lady patient. Alicia advises him not to have a misunderstanding with Diana, who’s good with a pickax. He tells her he has another surgery to do, and could use an extra pair of hands. She seems like a quick study, and he just needs her to hand instruments to him and keep the patient occupied.

Nick looks in the refrigerator, and it looks like mine when it’s not a pay week. Victor tells him that he and Madison have to get out of there. He knows something that makes the narcos look like church ladies. He’s dealt with the Proctors before, and they intend to take all the land between there and the Gulf Coast. He’s supposed to help them get in, and part of the deal was to protect his family. He wants to cut a deal to protect his friends, as well as get himself set up. Nick asks if Madison knows, and Victor says she’ll tell Daniel. If Daniel finds out, He’ll kill him. He tells Nick to get Madison out.

Nick sees Daniel. Daniel tells him that Madison is wiring the dam with a friend, and he wants to ask him something. Was he with Ofelia when she got bitten. Nick explains that he wasn’t trapped in the bunker; he was outside. Daniel asks if he saw it coming, and Nick says not until it was too late. It came out of the wilderness. Troy saw it, and warned him. They thought they could redirect it, but it was already too close and too big. Nick says Ofelia was in the bunker with Alicia. Daniel gets up and padlocks the door. Wtf? He says Nick is lying.

Daniel says Nick knows his background. Nick says he interrogated people in the military. He asks if Daniel is going to torture him, and tells him it’s not what Ofelia would want. Daniel says she’s dead, Nick says she’d thought Daniel had changed, and Daniel says she thought wrong. His mother is wrong too. People don’t change; they walk in circles. He tells Nick to sit. I call Daniel a sh*tball.

Troy tells Madison that life is funny. They walk in circles, and here they all are together in Mexico. They plant explosives as they talk. He tells Madison that the trading post isn’t good for him – or Nick. He knows she’s worried, and had a right to be; they had quite a night, He never felt scared before, but he felt fear. Nick is his only friend; they’re like brothers. Madison thanks him for looking after Nick, and says keep doing that. Troy makes a derogatory comment about Mexicans, and she says not to talk like that; they’re guests. Troy says they were guests at his ranch. Now they’re a blended family. He says he got right with everything that happened, and asks if they’re good. She says they are.

Daniel asks why Nick is lying about Troy. Nick says he didn’t kill Ofelia, but Daniel believes that. What he doesn’t believe is that the horde materialized out of thin air. It needs a shepherd, someone to lead it. Daniel asks Nick to tell him; he doesn’t want to force him.

Doctor Eddie introduces Alicia to Proctor John as his new assistant. She wonders what happened to the old on. John asks who she is, and she says Alicia from Los Angeles. She asks if he’s the leader of this place, and he tells her, good guess. He explains that he’s a humble MC from SoCal, but has plans for expansion. The only thing stopping him is a growth on his spine; he’s becoming paralyzed. Eddie has been doing the best he can, but the pills are dulling his mind, and it’s time for surgery. Her only job is to assist, and if it’s successful, she has an amazing opportunity to come to Texas and beyond. She asks what if it isn’t, and he says if it fails, everyone in the room will be executed, starting with Eddie. This should give them incentive to do their best.

Daniel tells Nick that only three people could have done it – him, Jake or Troy. Nick takes a deep breath, and says Jake. Daniel says Troy, but Nick says no. He’s an SOB, a bigot, and a killer, but he loved the ranch, and wouldn’t have put it in jeopardy. Jake did it when he found out Nick killed his father. He couldn’t take it, and destroyed the ranch to save. It. Eventually, the horde he led killed him. Daniel tells Nick that his mother will be happy to see him, and gives him the key to the lock.

Alicia doesn’t think it’s safe, not putting John under, but Eddie says it’s her job to keep him still. She distracts John by asking him about the safest place he can remember. He talks to her about his aunt and uncle. Eddie cuts into his back, and Alicia asks questions. Eddie says he can see the tumor, and they talk about Santa Barbara. Even though he’s the one wide awake during surgery with barely a whimper, John call Alicia a tough kid. She says he has no idea. He finally screams.

Daniel looks at water coming out of a pipe, and says it should be pumping west, not dumping there. Victor is sure Lila has it under control.

Troy explains the detonator to Madison, and says they have to get out. Nick shows up, and tells them about Victor selling them out. He says if Daniel sees Troy, he’ll want to kill him. Madison asks why, and Troy says he led the horde to the ranch. She tells him it wasn’t right, but he says the Indians had it. She says they all had it, but he says not all, she exiled him. Madison says she let him live. After all they did to keep the peace, he took everything from her. Troy says what about what she took from him? He lost his father and his brother. She says he got them killed and had no right. He says he had every right; it was his home. He’d do it all again, and she would too. He says she understands, and suddenly, she whacks him with a hammer. He sinks to his knees, and she hits him again. He rolls down an incline, dead. Nick looks sick, and I gasp out loud. Nick is like, whoa. Madison takes the detonator and leaves.

After John recovers for a whole five minutes, Madison asks him if he can wiggle his toes. After a few tries, he sits up. He calls Eddie a bastard, but says he had faith in him the whole time. Eddie is a freakin’ miracle worker. He asks if Alicia is ready to hit the road. She asks if she has a choice, and he says not really, and holds out his hand.

At the dam, Lola says the water is running the wrong way. Victor tells her to step away, and holds a gun on her. Daniel says he knows who Victor is. He’s not his friend, but he’s a con man, not a killer. He tries to get Victor to give him the gun, but that’s a no, and they struggle. The gun goes off, and Daniel ends up getting shot in the chin. It’s not a fatal shot, but he’s down, and Lola runs to him. Victor keeps the gun on them.

The Proctors go through the tunnels. Nick and Madison see them coming, and run. The Proctors are all over the place in a couple of seconds. There’s a gunfight between them and the guards, with walk-on characters dropping like flies. Efrain gets shot through the window of the office. Victor tells Madison and Nick that they have to hide. He unlocks a door, and they go inside. He asks for the detonator, and says he’ll do everything in his power to prevent harm from coming to them. Madison gives him the device. He locks the door from the outside.

Part Two

Winter Wonderland plays while Madison rinses the potatoes in a pretty cabin. She sees a car coming, and goes out on the porch. She walks out to meet the car, and passes the graves of everyone on the ranch who has passed. She sees Nick with Luci and a baby. She looks down to Alicia’s grave. She wants to see the baby, but Luci won’t let her. She follows them back to their car. They get in and drive away.

Alicia and John take a boat to the dam. Alicia sees dead people floating in the water. They’re met by the rest of John’s men – and Victor. He tells John that someone knew they were coming, and it was beyond his control, but all is well. John doesn’t think so, since there are corpses in the drinking water. They were told to secure the dam. Victor says that’s what they’re doing. John says he’ll get a full accounting later. He wants the grand tour, and plan to be persuasive. Alicia quietly asks Victor about her mother, and he says she’s hidden. Nick came to warn them. She asks, now what? and he says to trust him; he can get them out.

Nick asks Madison if she’d kill him too. She tells him that’s insane, but he asks if she didn’t wish for that call when he was using. She says she never wished him dead; what kind of a mother would she be. He says honest maybe. She tells him that Troy needed to be put down; it’s the world they live in. Nick says they always lived in that world; it’s just that now it’s okay. She says one day he’ll have no choice, and Nick says not with her. Madison says she’s never hurt him. He asks hat if it was necessary, and she tells him to stop it. They hear shots being fired outside.

Lola tends to Daniel. He says the two of them will escape. He waits while she goes up the ladder to the dam.

Alicia admires John’s high pain threshold, and he asks how she knows Victor. She says he helped her family get out of LA. Her mother and Victor were friends, and she thought her mother might be there. John asks her mother’s name, and says she is there. She was one of Victor’s deal points; they were to spare her. He hopes she hasn’t been killed yet. Alicia asks if he’ll spare Madison if she’s alive. He says she was part of a larger negotiation that collapsed, but Alicia has served him well in a short time. Can she continue to do so, and can he trust her? She asks again if he’ll spare her mother, and he says he will if she’ll come on board his ship and sail for what’s left of Houston.

Nick and Madison hear someone coming in, and wait on either side of the door. Victor says he told them to leave, but they had to be stubborn. Alicia is there with Proctor John. Maybe he likes her enough to let them go, but don’t bet on it. He gives them uniforms, saying he’s going to walk them out right under the Proctors noses. Madison says his time has come, hasn’t it? He says just please put on the uniforms. Madison says he killed someone, and asks who it was. Victor says Daniel. He did it for her. He didn’t kill him though; he was alive when Victor left, but it was the worst thing that ever happened. He let Lola go. Even though she’d said it gets easier, he couldn’t do it. Nick says there’s hope for him yet.

Lola sneaks into the office, and sees Efrain dead. No time to grieve though. She cocks her gun.

Victor holds a gun on Madison and Nick, who are in uniform. There are people being shot, and tossed off the bridge up ahead, but he tells them to just keep walking. A guard stops them, and Victor tells him that Proctor John wants him to dispose of these traitors personally. They go past, but Lola runs toward John, shooting, and John kills her. He asks what fresh hell is this? Well, there’s the pot calling the kettle black.

Daniel opens his eyes.

John is mystified. He thought “water queen” Lola was dead, and she turned back up like a whack-a-mole trying to assassinate him. Victor says he can explain, but John doesn’t want to hear it. He tells Alicia to go to her joyful family reunion. She and Madison hug. He asks what role Nick plays in the family drama. He asks Nick where Troy is, and Nick says his mom killed him. John tells “Alicia from Los Angeles” that she has a perverse family. He says he’ll have to kill them, but he’ll kill her first so she doesn’t have to watch.

John tells them to say they’re goodbyes. Nick hugs Victor, and tells him, safe travels. I’m assuming the detonator switched hands. Victor tells John that there’s something in the end game that he didn’t plan on. They didn’t have enough guns to defend the dam, so they wired it with explosives. John orders Victors tongue taken out. Victor fumbles around in his pockets, looking for he detonator, but Nick takes it out. He says it’s armed, and Victor tells him don’t touch the other button. Nick asks if he means the one that says detonate.

Madison takes the turkey out of the oven, and brings it to a table of guests. Daniel, Jeremiah, Troy, some other dead guy whose name I don’t remember, and Walker are there. There’s an empty chair at the head of the table. Walker gets ready to carve. Victor comes to the door, with a pile of gifts and flowers. Madison shows him in. She lifts the cover on the turkey, and it’s Jeremiah’s head on the platter.  Walker has cut off his head, and the blood gushes from his body, still in the seat, flooding the table. Victor leaves, and Madison follows him, but sees nothing except gravestones outside. A plane flies overhead.

Nick holds up the detonator. John says his play, and makes the guards lower their guns. Nick tells him that his mom and sister get to take the Zodiac across the lake. Alicia wants him to come, but John say the detonator will be out of range, and he’ll lose his leverage. Madison and Alicia leave. Nick tells Victor to take care of them. John insists they won’t survive, but Nick tells him not to be so sure. John is interested to see how it plays out, but it won’t be well for Nick either way. Nick isn’t afraid to die, and John calls it junkie bravado. He asks if the detonator is real.

Daniel stumbles out, and kicks some guard ass. Quite well for a man who’s just been shot in the face.

John calls the lake a modern Euphrates. It needs managing. They can’t just give it away. He says Nick can help, but Nick says it’s just one more thing to control. Alicia has trouble getting the boat going, but the engine finally turns over. John says Nick was born for violence, and Nick says he killed the last man who said that. John tells him, like mother, like son; he needs to harness the fury or get stampeded. A war is waiting. The boat stalls.

Daniel sees Lola lying dead on the bridge. He puts Ofelia’s rosary beads in her hand. They’re giving me a heart attack with this boat, which is still giving them a hard time. John wants the detonator, but shots from a sniper interrupt him. From a hillside, Walker tells Crazy dog, nice shot. John says this is a new wrinkle, but not a game changer, since apparently, he’s a real optimist. He thinks Nick is bluffing, and his family isn’t far enough away. More shots are fired, and somehow all the bullets go around Nick. Daniel gets closer, and starts to shoot. Nick sees the boat speed away. He hits the button.

The dam blows to smithereens, and the bridge cracks don the middle. John is led away by one of his men, and everything starts crumbling. Walker and Crazy Dog watch the boat. Crazy Dog says they’ll be drawn into the flood if they don’t step on it. He and Walker decide to head north. We see the water flood the inside of the dam, covering Efrain and Troy’s bodies. Daniel grabs Nick, and the boat gets sucked under the bridge.

Madison walks among the gravestones. She kneels at Jeremiah’s grave, and his hand pops out of the ground Carrie White style. He grabs Madison and drags her into the ground. In the real world, she’s under the water, and starts to sink among the debris, Her hand reaches out of the earth, and Travis pulls her out. She slips back, alternately into the water again. She opens her eyes, swims to the top, and breaches the surface. She gasps for air and swims to shore. People are running around with buckets, and getting water. A little girl sees her, and says, hola. The camera pans out on the newly freed water.

Next week, The Walking Dead 100th episode, preceded by a marathon.




October 8, 2017 – The Show Goes On, the Apocalypse Makes Strange Bedfellows & Two Sides of Jesse


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset

MJ wants to go skating. In the car, Reza calls Asa and tells her they want to plan a Winter Wonderland Snowflake Ball to celebrate friends and family. She’s not up for it, but in his interview, Reza thinks it’s because she doesn’t want to answer questions. The group goes to Wollman Rink. Tommy never ice skated, and feels like he’s drunk. Well, he should be good at it then. They get on the ice, where even the toddlers skate better than I do. MJ gives Reza instructions.

MJ thinks something went over GG’s head at dinner about Mike and Jessica. Mike was basically saying that if he didn’t need to worry about what his parents would say, he’d try to get her back. GG totally agrees. MJ thinks they should encourage the possibility. Adam promises that the next time Mike brings that bitch up, he’ll be polite about it.

Asa and her mother go for Asa’s sonogram. Asa is on antibiotics and miserable. Her mom, who has awesome magenta tips on her hair, agrees with the doctor that Asa should rest more. In her interview, Asa says the pregnancy has opened her eyes to the toxicity in her friends. The baby is fine and moving, and we see his tiny dool. She says her son will have much genetic input, and an incredible set-up.

In NYC, Reza says that they have a ninja concierge, who has gotten them mass quantities of take-out. They talk about GG getting engaged. She’s upstairs with Shalom, calling Shervin with the news. She talks about how effing cold it is, and how her hands are freezing, showing him the ring. He’s excited for them. He’s working, but she wishes he was there to see it in person.

GG asks where Mike was last night. MJ wants them to turn it up, but Reza says she hasn’t turned it down yet. In his interview, he says they all went back to the townhouse and to sleep last night, except for Mike. Reza says he’s been swervin’ like Shervin, but he’s on board with it. Mike says he spent the night at the Holiday Inn, and tells them that he had seven women, but GG asks if Jessica was there. He just smiles, and they know he was with her. GG tells us about seeing Jessica in the background of one of Mike’s Instagram posts. They’re going to Queens, but Reza says that all the queens are in Manhattan. This is amusing for me, because one of the titles I’ve considered for my memoirs is, There are no Queens in Queens. They’re meeting Tommy’s family, and Tommy tells MJ to leave her crocheting behind. She tells us that she’s more “in” with the relationship now, and feels like she’s coming home.

Reza takes MJ aside. He says they haven’t discussed Mike still being in love with Jessica. GG joins them, and says that she talks to Jessica from time to time. They agree that his mother is the problem. Reza says Persians live a tribal life, and she’s the tribal chieftain. Jessica has work to do to get back into her good graces.

Tommy says they’ll be meeting guys that he calls his brothers, but they’re not blood relatives. Reza tries to do a Queens accent, and fails miserably. The only New Yorkers who have exaggerated accents are on sitcoms.

GG has to stay behind for rehearsal. Shalom is leaving without seeing the play, and she wishes he could realize it’s just an acting job, and be supportive.

They get to the bar, and Reza yells, What’s up Queens? We’re here! MJ tells us that Tommy was raised by a single mom until she was diagnosed with emphysema, after which she passed quickly. He emancipated himself, and lived with the McGuire family. Reza asks what the Queens drink is and MJ tells him it’s a screwdriver and a shot of I-don’t-care. I think it might be Coors Light. Lots of food is ordered, and Tommy mingles, while Reza, Adam, and Mike eat and talk to passersby. Tommy says everyone has MJ’s back; she’s family now.

MJ and Tommy stand on the bar. MJ says nothing matters more to her than family. When she met everyone at Howard Beach, she got a connection. She says they’re her family. There’s no drama, just unconditional love. In her interview, she says it’s been a hard year for her family with Shams being ill. Tommy announces that he’s the luckiest guy in the world. MJ says that Tommy has made her appreciate the moments that make life worth living. Tommy makes a toast about friends feeling like home. Everyone chants fam-i-ly! Reza is glad that he doesn’t need to worry about MJ anymore. The guys are moving on to see the play, but MJ and Tommy decide to stay.

Back in Los Angeles, Destiney has invested in a juice bar, and Shervin goes to an event there. She spikes his juice drink with tequila. She tells us that you can take the girl out of the nightclub, but you can’t take the nightclub out of the girl. Destiney’s family is there, and she introduces Shervin around.

Destiney and Shervin go outside. She tells him that she’d wanted to rip him a new one after he confessed to his cheating on Annalise. In his interview, he says he’s been running from a serious relationship for a while. He lost faith in them after his parents’ divorce, and cheated to run away. He tells Destiney that he made a mistake, but can’t do anything other than apologize. It’s not like he can turn back the clock.

Asa shops for designer baby things in L.A. Latoya Jackson meets her at the store. She asks what Asa is looking for. The doctor told her that the baby is big, and to forget about newborn stuff. She tells us that the Jacksons are the most famous family in the world, and she’s a part of it. They look at ridiculously expensive baby clothes that the kids will grow out of in five minutes. A Versace onsie? Really? She tells Latoya that People contacted her, but Jermaine wasn’t interested. Latoya asks if she’s going to break him of his shyness and privacy, but Asa says that’s his personality. She talks about having met him when she was younger, and then meeting him again about ten years after high school. She says something about a waterfall and seeing a white fox, and how everything was an omen. The rest is history.

Shervin says that he wasn’t ready for a relationship when he met Annalise, but feelings got involved. Talking to Destiney made him think about Annalise’s feelings, and how he’s being unfair. He says it’s not right to waste anybody’s time. He drives out to the middle of nowhere, leans on his car, and video chats with her. He tells her that his friends are holding him accountable. He doesn’t know how to tell her, but he doesn’t think he’s ready. She says that she can’t hate him for being honest, but it’s completely upsetting. He says he didn’t expect to be with her; it came fast, and he wasn’t ready. He tells her that she deserves 100%, but he doesn’t want to fake it. She tells him that she would have ended it, and that it makes no sense. He even introduced her to his mom, and it’s not like she forced him. She tells him that he needs to figure himself out. In his interview, he says his experience has taught him to understand his own feelings, and he doesn’t want to be in a position like this again. Idiot.

GG arrives at the theater. The director asks if she’s ready, and she says no. He tells her that she’ll be amazing. Reza calls and says they’re on their way, and they’re excited. He tells her that MJ isn’t coming, and she tells him that Shalom left. Reza says they’ll hold it down for her, and cheer her on.

Shalom shows up anyway. In his interview, Mike wonders if it’s his idea of being romantic, but says it’s really stupid, and borderline bi-polar. He sees GG before her entrance. She says he showed up and put a ring on it, so she’ll let him get away with this. In her program bio, it says that GG trained for the Olympics. Reza wonders if she was on the space shuttle too, but we see photos of her in gymnastics training when she was younger. Funny how she never told them.

Reza says that this is the refurbished GG. She used to be effed up, but she could pop off again. If one of her co-stars touches her the wrong way, she could smack a ho. The play begins, and she’s really very good. Mike starts to fall asleep. Not because he doesn’t like it, but Reza says he’s been on a diet of no sleep, whores, and vodka sodas, and it wipes you out. Reza thinks that GG is hilarious, and he’s proud of her. Me too. In his interview, he says that she’s not curing cancer, but she started something, and finished it. It only took 35 years. He applauds.

We get to the kiss, and Reza closes his eyes. It’s really more comical than anything else. Reza doesn’t know if Shalom is bi-polar (word of the night) or what, but no one lost and arm or leg. Reza says that maybe he fine-tuned his meds. Afterward, they get champagne. GG says that she told Shalom that it wasn’t a big deal. She thanks everyone for their support. In her interview, GG says that her life was a roller coaster, going downwards, but in the past year, she’s come a long way. We flash back to her accomplishments, and she says this might be a new path for her. She never thought she’d be this happy Things are working well in her relationships with her friends and her boyfriend, and  She can hear everything better. She thanks everyone for coming, even though she saw Mike passing out.

Next time, the season finale – MJ gets angry with Vida who hasn’t seen Shams in a month, Reza tells Asa that she’s disconnected, Adam wants to pull back, and Mike says that Jessica is no one else’s concern. I love these guys, but they do get all up in each other’s business.

Fear the Walking Dead

Victor realizes that it’s the last thing Madison wants to hear, but they’re about to walk into – she knows what they’re about to walk into. She says that what happened wasn’t their fault. They’ll hand over what they have, and hope the invitation stands. Victor asks what if Daniel refuses, and she says they have Ofelia.

Ofelia passes out, and falls off the back of the truck. Crazy Dog yells for them to stop. She says she’s fine; she just lost her grip. Madison wants to talk to her for a second. Did she get bit? Yep, that looks like a bite mark near her shoulder, and she’s not looking too good. Ofelia wants to go to her father, and asks Madison for her word. Madison says she will.

Alicia has set up a little camp inside a house. She hears something outside. She looks around, and sees a guy getting out of his car. She tells him get back in or she’ll kill him. It’s Nick and Troy. Nick tells her this is; she has no idea what it’s like. He tells her there’s safety in numbers, and she says that she almost died surrounded by people. She asks if it’s him or mom talking. He says that their mom will lose her sh*t if he comes back without her. She says that she forgives him, but he doesn’t owe her – or their mom.

At the Bizarre, Victor tells Madison that if they so much think Ofelia is sick, they’ll kill her. Madison tells Ofelia to smile; her life depends on it. A guard searches Ofelia. Victor is miffed that the exchange rates aren’t as good now. Some things never change. Ofelia is burning up, and Madison asks Walker to stay with her while she gets something for the pain. She tells Walker to stay awake, and gives him a knife. Victor says that she gave away half of their rifles for what? To give Ofelia a good by? She tells him there’s no plan B. She gave her word that she’d bring Ofelia to Daniel. He says her word isn’t worth a damn; only resources are worth anything, and she’s squandered what they have. They’ll see what Daniel has to say when she shows up to pay for water they don’t need with a dead daughter and empty hands.

Nick tells Alicia, last chance. Alicia says she knows where they’ll be, and she can find them. Nick prefers that she didn’t die, and she promises she won’t. They hug good-by. Nick and Troy leave. Alicia smiles.

Troy says that Nick must have been a real treat back in the day. Nick tells him it’s old news, and none of his business. Troy asks why he stayed. Nick says that Travis was dead, and Luci was sick; his mom was falling apart, and he had to keep it together. Troy calls bullsh*t, and says that he stayed because he loves them. They’re more alike than he thinks. They’re children of violence, but Nick wishes that he wasn’t.

Ofelia is looking worse. Madison brings her something for the pain and fever, and electrolytes for dehydration. She says that Ofelia doesn’t deserve this, and neither does Daniel. Maybe he will kill them all. Walker says that yesterday, he lost everything he ever knew – home, friends, the bones of his forefathers. He was raised on loss, and thought he was good at it, but there’s such a thing as too much. Ofelia has to see her father one last time, and Madison is honoring that wish. She’s returning his daughter for him to bury, and put an end to this, even if it gets them killed. Madison thanks him.

Alicia drives around, and stops at a fast food place, and goes inside. Oh look, fries. I wonder how old those are? She leaves her gun on the counter – which is never a good move – overturns a bucket, and climbs up to see what’s above a cabinet. We see a zombie outside. She grabs a bucket of instant potatoes. The zombie is now inside, and Alicia stabs him in the head. We hear more zombies coming. No potatoes for you! Alicia looks around the inside playground, and hops into the ball pit, positioning herself to pop them off as they come in. The balls start moving behind her, and I say, no! out loud. Alicia disappears, and then pops up again, along with a little girl zombie. They struggle, and Alicia stabs it in the throat. Here come the rest. Alicia hides underneath the balls. I hope that was the only kid who was in there. A woman with a pickax comes through, dispatching the zombies. When she’s done, she steals their gold, cutting off fingers, and pulling out teeth. She takes the potatoes and leaves. Alicia is like, wow.

Nick and Troy return to the Bizarre. Walker tells him about Ofelia. Madison asks about Alicia. Nick says that they found her, and she’s okay. She’s actually happy, and he couldn’t get her to come back. She knows where to find them. She asks where Troy is, and Nick says that he’s at the bar. She says the more people they have, the safer they’ll be, and starts to cry. Nick that it’s okay. She thanks him for being there, and doesn’t know what she’d do without him. He tells her go get some fresh air, and he’ll look after Ofelia.

Nick watches Ofelia. He sees the bag of pills, thinks about it for a millisecond, takes one out, looks at it, and puts it in his mouth. I don’t blame him.

Alicia wanders around town. She finds a car, and sees the potatoes in it. She reaches in to get them, and the woman from the fast food place comes out.( I find out later on Talking Dead that her name is Diana, although I don’t think they actually said it during the episode.) Diana says that she’ll crack Alicia open like a coconut if she touches the potatoes. Alicia says that they’re her potatoes, and Diana asks why they’re in her car. Alicia tells her that she took them from the restaurant Just give them back, and she’ll be on her way. Diana says that would be a conflict of interest. She walks toward Alicia, and Alicia levels the gun at the gas tank. Diana asks what she’s going to do after it blows up, and Alicia asks why make trouble where there isn’t any. They can share them. She’s tired and hungry, and she’d prefer not to kill her.

At the Bizarre, Nick orders tequila, and asks where he can get uppers. The waitress says that he’ll have to ask the Butcher. Troy tries to discourage this idea, but Nick says that Troy owes him. He tosses back a shot, and gives Troy a pill.

Victor strolls through the back hallways, where it looks like the hookers and gambling dens are. He starts to jimmie a lock, when a man says that this is the time he should realize how deep in sh*t he is. Victor turns to face a group of guys, and says he wants to talk to the Proctor. The leader says don’t they all, and it’s better if he stays away. Victor says he has something the Proctor wants.

Madison tells Ofelia it’s time.  Walker says that Daniel is coming, and Madison says it will be worse seeing him there. Ofelia says it’s okay. Victor holds her for a moment, and Madison takes her outside. She finds a spot. I’m not crazy about Ofelia, but this is a little sad. Ofelia doesn’t want anyone to see her, and Madison says he’ll be here soon. Ofelia says to tell him that she was looking forward to getting to know him. Madison tells her that you think you can protect your kids, but somehow they know who you are and what you did. They know you; it’s in their blood. She says that Ofelia knew her father; don’t think she didn’t. Ofelia leans on Madison. Daniel’s truck pulls up, but Ofelia is dead. Madison is like, nooo. She walks out to Daniel, and tells him to wait and listen for a minute, but he walks over to where Ofelia is. He says her name, and holds her. Madison freaks a little, and we’re both waiting for Ofelia to turn. Daniel asks what kind of sick joke this is, and what happened? Madison says that the ranch was overrun. Ofelia saved them, but got bit. Daniel says, this is the price. He tells Madion to get away before he kills her, She walks past him. Behind her we see Daniel raise his gun, and we hear the shot. (Another thing I learned from Talking Dead. There were several Ofelia endings bandied about, including having her turn. Not only did the actress have a serious problem with the contacts, it was agreed that it would break the mood. Wise choice.)

Nick and Troy are high, and things are blurry and weird. This doesn’t look like much fun. Nick asks somebody something in Spanish. They go inside to a bar. The bartender asks how he can be of assistance. Nick says he’s looking for things, and the guy shows him a tray of weird stuff. Nick wants up, and the guy goes to a shelf where there’s more weird stuff in jars. Troy wants to leave. The bartender shows Nick something, and explains that it’s the nucleus of a brainstem, and pure adrenaline, enough to wake the dead. He gives them each one at no charge, putting them in glasses. Troy asks whose glands these are, and dude says we’ll call them Pete’s. Nick downs his. Everyone stares at them, and it’s freaking weird. Troy swallows his.

Alicia asks what Diana does with the teeth. Diana says that the Mexicans buy gold in bulk at the post, and some will sell the teeth and fingers for charms as protection from biters. She gives Alicia a ring with a tooth mounted on it, saying that she looks like she could use protection. Alicia says no offense, but it’s disgusting. Diana asks where she’s headed, calling her too good for good luck. She tells Alicia that she’ll just pass ghost town after ghost town, all picked clean. The potatoes were a gift. Alicia says she’ll find a way. She had to find way to do it alone or die. Diana says that’s why she doesn’t keep company with anyone, and no offense, she’s taking her things and going. She says that this is the life, and Alicia ain’t finding a way out. Not north, south, or anywhere. If she can grow accustomed to killing, she’ll get by. Alicia wonders who could get used to this, and Diana says that if a woman sets her mind to it, she can get used to anything.

Nick and Troy climb the fence, and drop down into the outside. Nick tells Troy not to fight it; he’ll never feel freer or more himself. They act all strange and goofy. A zombie is in the cab of a truck, and Nick repeatedly slams the truck door on it as it climbs out. Nick takes some of the zombie’s blood, putting it all over both his and Troy’s faces. They walk down the street into a group of zombies. Nick hesitates for a moment, and then plows in. Troy is scared, and so am I. Troy follows Nick, and the zombies keep on going past them. Nick says he can’t go back. Troy hugs him. This new bromance is way too weird.

Madison picks up the bag of pills, realizing some are missing. Daniel finds her, and says he was walking all night. He carried Ofelia to a tree, and buried her with his aunts. Madison says that she saved Alicia’s life. Daniel asks where Alicia is, and Madison tells him that Alicia left; she’s on her own now. She can’t blame her for having enough. Daniel asks about Madison being with Ofelia when she died, and if she said anything. Madison says Ofelia told her that she loved him, but I get the feeling Daniel doesn’t buy that. Madison must think so too, because she adds that Ofelia said she was looking forward to getting to know him. She told Ofelia that she already did, but she never knew man who brought her to them. Daniel says that she saw him once for a moment, and it frightened her. He tells Madison to get her things ready; this is no place for her. She tells him that she would like to bring the others, if that’s all right. He nods.

Alicia wakes up. Diana is outside, messing with the car engine. Alicia asks where she’s headed, and Diana says to more killing – teeth won’t pull themselves out. Alicia asks if she needs help. Diana says no friends, just killing. She asks if Alicia ever thought about selling her hair, but Alicia tells her don’t even think about it. They go off together. I like it. This new sisterhood is definitely not weird.

Madison sees Nick and Troy. She says that they’re heading back to the dam. Nick tells her that they’re thinking of staying behind for a couple of days. She tells him to do what he needs to. He knows where to find them. Nick and Troy walk off.

Victor asks if Madison is ready. She says she is, and asks what about him? He says, always

Next time, the two-hour season finale. Before which, there will be a marathon. I notice that Efrain is played by Jesse Borrego, who was Jesse in the 1982 TV drama Fame.

Jesse & Efrain, Yet Both Jesse…

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October 1, 2017 – The Shahs Take Manhattan, An Overcrowded Pantry & a Classic


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset

MJ tells Tommy to never call again, and she’s going to get pregnant with someone else. She is seriously out of her mind. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to her. At least since I’ve been watching this show. She wakes up with him next to her though. He came back at midnight. She tells him that he was coming at her really hard. She wonders what happened to their decision, but he wants to make sure they’re ready. She asks if he sees neglect of love in her. she says they’ve been talking for a year and time is of the essence. She asks if he wants to make a commitment to being healthy, and he says yes, a commitment to being adults. Good luck with this. MJ starts to draw an affirmation board on the wall. She lists parenting class; diet and exercise; and sobriety. Tommy jokes that now she’s ruined it. She says she doesn’t want a bastard, and marriage comes before anything happens. I’m still puzzled that anyone uses that word, other than when cursing someone out, but then I remember she has Vida for a mother.

Mike goes to see his lawyer. He tells us that there’s a six-month process to end a divorce. He thanks the lawyer for making it as painless as possible. The lawyer tells Mike that everything is done, and they’re walking away with their own assets, waiving any future claims of alimony. In his interview, Mike says that for the first few years of the relationship, he and Jessica were on Cloud 9, and spent every day together. They had the wedding of their dreams, but anyone in a real relationship understands that there are trials and tribulations. We flash back to some of those, including Mike cheating. Mike says he can’t change the past; it’s done. He signs the papers. The lawyer says that it usually takes a couple of months to be finalized.

The gang travels to NYC to see GG’s play. When they get to the townhouse rental, Mike says that GG probably took the best room already, and Tommy suggests that GG has already peed in the corners to mark her territory. A concierge greets them, saying her name is Georgia. MJ asks if she can get some Chinese food. Mike says that him and this group of Persians are going to lose their sh*t in the city. GG and Shalom come downstairs. Everyone checks out their rooms. Mike breaks out the tequila. Reza and Adam are visiting a rabbi, and Mike thinks they should be married again, so it’s by an honest person. We flash back to Asa officiating at their wedding, and Mike brings up how Asa lied about her pregnancy. In his interview, he says him, GG, and MJ are on the same island; a friendship not based on trust isn’t a friendship.

GG says Shalom is supportive, but not thrilled that she’s going to kiss someone in the play, which he just found out. MJ asks if it bothers him – truth – but he’s saved by the doorbell. It’s a ton of Chinese food. Reza asks how they met, and Shalom says J-Date. Mike says that GG has dated nearly every nationality, so why not throw a Persian Jew in the mix, noting that he’s the best guy she’s dated. MJ toasts to GG being able to hear now. In his interview, Reza says she’s been trying to get her life in order, but she’s three seconds from biting someone’s head off. Mike says he’s going to drink them all under the table tonight.

Adam asks GG how she thinks Shalom is going to react. Tommy asks if he’s seen any of it, but he says he’s not going to be there. Adam thinks he should be more supportive, but he’s annoyed about her kissing another man, and decides to leave. Reza can’t believe it, and follows him upstairs, with MJ not far behind. He asks why Shalom is leaving. Shalom curses Reza and MJ out. Reza wonders why he’s freaking out, and reminds him that his name means peace. Mike says he’s jealous, and asks if GG’s ego is her amigo. He says it’s the way she protects herself, and she’s going to lose Shalom. He encourages her to talk to him. Reza asks if Shalom is crazy. Shalom gives us all the finger on his way down the stairs, and says he’s bouncing. GG can’t find her shoes. Reza wonders how the night went south so quickly.

Mike tries to get Shalom to come back in. He tells Shalom that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. GG says the entire play is about sex, and he’s known it the whole time. Shalom comes back in, and Mike says it’s just a show, but Shalom says it’s about money. He asks GG if she’s broke. She says what if she’s trying to pursue that kind of career. In her interview, MJ says that Persian men are jealous and overbearing, and a horrifying experience to try to live with. Either you have to live like a nun or don’t date a Persian. GG says it’s not about money. She found something she’s passionate about that keeps her sane. She’s been working hard at her acting; she’s not just an effing slut. Reza asks if there’s tongue involved. She says no, and Mike says maybe she should explain that. Shalom says he’s not a bitch on a leash; and he goes to bat for her. Mike says they’ve rallied behind him. Shalom says they’ve been his family, but he has family, and wants to go back to them. GG wonders why this is coming out now. He’d told her it wasn’t a problem.

Shalom says he left his family for the relationship. Reza says he’s lived it since he was a kid. His dad turned his back on his family, and he deals with sh*t like this from something that happened in Iran fifty years ago. He knows all about it. He talks privately with GG, and says it struck a chord. She says this came out of nowhere. MJ says neither one of them are being productive. This, coming from someone who was totally unreasonable just the night before. Tommy calls to MJ upstairs. She tells GG to do it the old-fashioned way, and tell him what he wants to hear. Reza calls it an old Persian trick. He suggests she tell Shalom that Saturday is her last night.

They go downstairs. Reza gets everyone else out, saying he has something to show them. GG asks what Shalom is talking about with his family. He tells her to keep his family out of it. She says there was no conversation. He won’t even look at her. In her interview, she says she’s put away her ego and stubbornness to be better for him, but he’s just another d*ck. She says he doesn’t respect her, and wonders what she did. He tells her she’s crazy right now. She tells him that he’s the person yelling at everyone and running down the street. She has a right to have a reaction. He says he does too. GG says she can turn it up, and starts getting loud, and saying bring it. She tells him that she’s better when people stand up to her. She say,s you wanna go, let’s go. Shalom heads for the door, and she tells him to do what he does best – run. She says he’s being evil, when she’s been nothing but nice. On his way out, he tells her good life. She tells him good luck with his. The door closes behind Shalom and his suitcase.

Tommy asks where they’re registering for gifts, making us all laugh. Reza asks Mike if he’s happy he’s single at moments like this. Reza thinks it’s easier dealing with another man. He won’t fight at that decibel, because he can say and do things he can’t take back. Adam sits with GG. He tells her that he’s sorry about the outcome, but applauds her for sticking up for herself. He says let’s talk about a bigger issue. What’s she going to do about the tattoo? She laughs. Everyone turns in. Reza is glad he’s not single. He says that sh*t is too much drama for anybody’s mama. Adam says so they’re going to do surrogacy, right? MJ tells Tommy that she appreciates him.

Shalom texts GG, saying they need to talk. She goes outside.

Reza says he’s a Persian alarm clock, doing that yodeling thing, and going into each room. Reza sees that GG isn’t alone, and asks what’s going on. She says she went to meet with Shalom. Adam asks if it’s him, and GG says no, it’s just a random guy. (She’s kidding.) Reza wonders how she got Shalom to come back. He says they’re seeing the rabbi, and want to lay out the plan for the day. When they gather downstairs, GG says that Shalom sent her a text to meet him in Times Square, and shows Reza her engagement ring. We see the proposal, and there were illuminated signs that says GG will you marry me? along with her photo. No surprise, it’s a gorgeous ring, a bedazzling diamond square, surrounded by smaller diamonds. Reza and MJ congratulate her. Tommy wanders downstairs, wearing red Christmas-themed pajamas. Reza demonstrates how GG should walk around with her ring prominently displayed. He tells Mike that they just went from DEFCON 5 to engagement. In his interview, Mike says this just might work. Reza says that he and Adam have to leave, but wants to meet afterwards. I would assume that Shalom planned this all along, since renting Times Square, including signage, probably has to be booked ahead. So did he stage the fight?

Reza and Adam go to the 6th Street Synagogue. They want to raise their kids Jewish, and are meeting with an orthodox rabbi. Reza wants their kids to have the structure he didn’t have. The rabbi says that life is a sacred journey. Adam asks if he has to convert. The rabbi tells him no, but it’s a different experience when shared. He says that Adam and Reza’s sensibilities are the same, and explains that a non-Jew is still given space in the community, and nothing will stop him from belonging. Reza talks about meeting with a surrogacy doctor, and the rabbi says he and his partner had children that way. It was a powerful way to be actively involved, as the body is a powerful space. Reza asks what to say when the kid asks who their mom is, and the rabbi explains says they told their children that they’d asked the biological mother to help them. He tells them a kid who’s loved is fine. Reza gets weepy, and says how grateful he is. The rabbi tells them that we care most about the things that are hardest, and difficulty shouldn’t be feared.

Everyone goes to a jewelry store. Mike wants his guy to give MJ a deal on a watch, since she’s the cheapest person ever. It’s a $10K watch, and she gets it for $7.5K. Mike says she’s valuing herself at a higher level, which means her life is progressing. She gets Tommy a watch too, and tells us she loves him more today than ever. That part of her looking for a reason not to believe in love, is gone. For lunch, they go to a restaurant called Hunt & Fish. Reza and Adam join them. MJ shows off her watch, and Reza is shocked. Mike shows them a picture of himself on his phone, where he’s loaded down with gold chains, saying he had a hip hop moment. MJ gives Tommy his gift. She says it’s symbolic of her telling him that she’ll always have time for him. Wonder how long it took for her to think that up?

Reza wants to run something by the group. He suggests hiring a party planner, and throwing a party to celebrate everything. He asks who Mike will bring, and he says his mom. He explains the different levels of having a relationship with a woman, and says that once they meet your friends, next thing is a double-date and you’re in the dating zone. It took him a year to introduce Jessica to his parents. MJ asks how she is. He says she’s cool, and GG says she saw her during her rehearsal period. Reza asks if they’re in a good place, and Mike says it’s awkward. They don’t know how to feel, but he’s always going to love her, and would always be there for her. In his interview, he says that for a year, he thought about what he would have given up to fix it. GG and MJ think that they’ll get back together. Reza tells Mike that whatever his decision is, they’ll embrace it. In his interview, Reza says that Mike is still in love with Jessica, and thinks he should try again. He can’t live with one foot in, and one foot out.

Next time, skating in the city, the Shahs go to Queens, GG performs, and Mike meets with Jessica.

Fear the Walking Dead

Everyone mills around the pantry. Alicia hands out something that looks like Gatorade. Madison tells someone to turn on the air. Alicia sees that Blake has a wound, and he quickly covers it up. Ofelia says there’s a problem. There’s no air coming through. She says they have to get out of there. I don’t know what’s up with this show, but again the background soundtrack is way too loud.

Troy buries Jake. He tells Nick that Jake was better than they are; that’s why he’s gone. Nick says that his brother is dead because of the mess brought down on them. If they die, it’s because they failed.

Alicia works on a calculation. She says they have two hours before carbon dioxide kills them. Crazy Dog says the best case is them dying from it. Alicia thinks they can buy time. Fewer people means less carbon dioxide, and some of them have been bitten. Crazy Dog suggests lice checking, but Alicia says they can’t force them. She says they’ll kill him if he tries to kill them, but he says they’re already dead.

Alicia gets everyone’s attention. She says they’re all scared. They don’t know what’s happening out there, and they’re less sure in here. The vent is broken, and their only airway is blocked. This means if they can’t fix it, they suffocate. The enemy isn’t what’s out there, but time. The more people who are in there, the less time they have. So, she’s asking for those bitten to come forward. There are no takers, and I laugh. Crazy Dog says it’s the hard way then, and stares at Blake. Blake lifts his shirt, showing the bite mark. Another guy comes forward, followed by a woman, and people start to stand up.

Nick tells Troy that there are too many of them. They need to create a way through them. Troy thinks they should blow up the fuel lines, distracting the zombies, and make a break for the pantry. Alicia gives Ofelia a gun, and asks if she’ll be okay up there. Ofelia says sure, and asks if Alicia will be okay down here. Ofelia climbs into the ventilation system.

Alicia looks at Blake, and he opens up a box of painkillers. He explains to the bitten people that it will knock them out. Alicia says, then you’ll be taken care of. Someone points out that there’s not enough ammunition. Another guy asks if they’ll be stabbed, and a woman starts crying. An older guy says he doesn’t feel so bad, and maybe the bite wasn’t that deep, reminding me of the Black Plague scene in Life of Bryan. The people start arguing, but Christine says that morphine is the best feeling in world. They’ll be in heaven before they get there. One of Walker’s men volunteers to go first. They go into another room. He lies down, and Alicia injects him. When he’s out, she stabs him. We don’t really see it, but it looks like it’s the base of his skull. She comes out crying, and drops the knife. Christine hands it back to her. She says that she knows it’s hell, but those people have done their part, and she has to do hers. They need her because she’s strong. Don’t break on them now.

Troy and Nick have decided to blow the fuel lines to distract the zombies. Nick shoots the line, and the zombies turn toward the smoke and fire, because they’re not super bright. Troy drives the truck through the horde. Heads roll, and blood drips from the windshield. Troy crashes the truck, T-boning a parked car, and he and Nick jump out, shooting and making a beeline for the helicopter. Somehow, they get inside, where Troy collapses with laughter.

Blake is last. He tells Alicia she has to do this now. He rolls up his sleeve. He tells Alicia that he’s sorry, and she says that it’s okay; it’s gonna be okay. She injects him. He slips away, and I wonder why they just didn’t let them overdose on morphine, and stab them as soon as they were dead?

Alicia comes back out, and everyone is staring at her, which I’m sure really helps things.

Ofelia crawls through the vent with Crazy Dog behind her. She tells him that they have to turn around, and go feet first. Apparently, turning around isn’t easy in a tight space, and is kind of like parallel parking in NYC. Crazy Dog starts banging on the side of the metal tunnel, and Ofelia tells him that he’s going to hyperventilate. She tells him to breathe, and counts. He begins to calm down.

Alicia says she shouldn’t have brought them there. Christine tells Alicia that her husband was in the first tower when it fell. She tied calling his cell over and over, because then there was a chance she might hear him again. Even when you’re hopeless, hope is all you have. Alicia has given them a few precious hours; there’s no shame in that. Christine says that she met her second husband in a support group; he was a first responder. He made her laugh. She says good sex is fine, but if they’re not funny, forget it. I agree. Alicia asks who brought her there, and she says it was her second husband, Jerry. Jerry was convinced the towers were the beginning of the end, and the ranch felt like a perfect fit. They spent their last years hiding from the world, when they could have been exploring it. She asks Alicia to promise her to never make decisions based on fear

Crazy Dog tells Ofelia that it hasn’t happened in a while, and he’s sorry. Ofelia says no need to be, and asks if he was in Iraq. He tells her yes, and she says her dad saw stuff that haunted him until the end. It’s the price you pay. He says his son was terrified of him, and he’d had an episode one of the last times he saw him. Ofelia asks if he’s ready.

Christine and Alicia talk about fun things they’ve done. Christine burned her bra at Woodstock. Alicia talks about a talent show at summer camp. She was supposed to sing This Land is Your Land, but when the music started, she froze and couldn’t remember the words. She looked out, and saw Nick’s face like he was living it with her. He ran up on stage, and forgot everything too, so he blasted out this land is your land over and over. Then after the twentieth time, he took giant bow, and everyone applauded and gave him a standing ovation. She says they loved him. Christine asks if they were close, and Alicia says when they were kids, but it changed. She looked up to him when she was young, more than anyone, even her dad. She starts to nod out, and sees that Christine is asleep. She tells her to wake up. She looks around, and everyone around them is sleeping. She gets up, but she’s groggy, and finds it hard to walk. Everyone is either asleep or on their way.

Zombies surround the helicopter. Nick runs the propellers, so there’s some nice slicing action, but some break the window. Troy says it’s quite a place to die, but Nick says they’re not dying.

Alicia talks to herself, while she struggles to look around. She drags herself to some steel shelving, and pulls herself up. She sees a ranch woman turned zombie, feeding, and it comes after her. She takes out the knife, and keeps pushing the zombie back, as she tries to get a better grip. The zombie gets her down – and falls on the knife. Um… she better get to whoever that one was feeding on. Yep, they’re all starting to stand up.

Ofelia and Crazy Dog continue on. Zombie sounds can be heard from outside. They finally reach the vent, but they’re both struggling not to pass out. Ofelia tells Crazy Dog to help her up. As she climbs, the zombies get louder. Crazy Dog passes out, and Ofelia falls, a zombie falling on top of her. I guess it was stuck in the vent. She keeps him at bay, and then shoots him. She starts to climb again.

Alicia is seriously outnumbered. She pushes the now really dead woman off of her, and kicks a zombie in the head. She stabs it, and fights another off. She calls for Christina, but she’s out, so Alicia quickly drags her out of the fray. I dunno. She looks dead to me. Alicia locks the gate behind them. She grabs a gun, and puts a cartridge in. As the zombies come toward them, she shoots them.

Troy tells Nick to choose, you or me, but something starts blowing up. The lights go out in the pantry, and sparks shoot out of the fixtures.

Troy tells Nick, you or me, choose, but something starts blowing up the lights go out in the pantry and sparks are shooting out of the fixtures. Alicia runs out, and zombies crowd her, but she throws them off left and right.

There are gunshots and zombies drop. The cavalry is here. Madison and crew arrive, along with Nick and Troy. Alicia tries to get Christine to wake up, but that’s a no. Walker tells Madison that they have to go or be trapped. Alicia stabs Christine in the head.

Looking out to the range, Madison says it could have worked. Nick says they got there before he and Troy did. Madison tells him that they have fuel enough to go where they need to – the trading post. They supply up, and can be at the dam by morning. Madison asks if Walker told Ofelia, but he says she’s still in shock. Madison tells her that her father is alive, and her to bring Ofelia back. Walker confirms that it’s true. Madison says that he thought Ofelia was dead and is desperate to see her. Madison says that they have to move, the explosions are attracting more. Alicia comes out, and I wonder why she looks like she desperately needs a shower, when Madison, Victor and Walker look fresh as daisies.

Madison and Nick hug Alicia. She asks where Jake is, and Nick shakes his head. I suddenly wonder if Alicia will end up being pregnant. She asks how, and Troy says that he was bitten, and had to be put down. She asks Nick where the horde came from. He doesn’t know, and says that Troy saw it coming and tried to warn them, but it was too late. Madison tells Alicia they’re leaving soon; they found Daniel at the dam. Alicia tells her to stop pretending. No place is safe. It doesn’t exist, yet they kill and die for it. She doesn’t have to choose Madison’s way. Victor says that there’s water and walls at the dam, so it’s the best choice. Walker tells them let’s move while it’s still daylight.

Alicia asks Madison to show her where they’re going on a map. Madison says they’ll be there by morning, and Alicia says she’s not going. Madison thinks that she’s still in shock, but Alicia says she’s seeing things more clearly than ever. Madison’s way doesn’t work, and won’t. She needs to find a way to live for herself, and she can’t do it running in fear, or with any of them. She’s not asking; she’s telling. Madison can’t force her to come. With rations and a weapon, she can survive. Jake showed her a place, but she needs to go there alone.

Walker starts the truck.

Alicia drives away. Nick asks Madison if he should follow, but Madison doesn’t want to lose them both. Nick says he’ll make sure she’s safe, and meet them. She won’t lose anyone. Madison tells him to take Troy along, and promise he’ll come back.

Madison gets in the fuel truck. We hear Woody Guthrie’s This Land is Your Land, as we see the pantry full of zombies and real dead. Everyone heads toward their respective destinations, and the song continues as we see the expanse of land.

Next time a ball pit full of zombies, Alicia sees someone, and Daniel asks #WhereIsOfelia.

This Land is Your Land

September 24, 2017 – MJ Issues an Ultimatum, Miles of Zombies & a Puppy


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset

Construction is happening at MJ’s condo. Since she came back from Israel, she’s been thinking about how Mike said to quit using her father’s illness as a reason not to move forward. Her designer brings in a vision board. She says it’s condo first, then baby and marriage. A little out of order, but it all needs to happen. Reza comes by. He’s shocked that his bitching didn’t fall on deaf ears. He tells us beige and messy bitches don’t go together, and tells MJ to pick a color, any color. She picks the worst one. She picks something else, and he okays it. He’s staying out of the design part, but will supply cheap labor – i.e. free. MJ says it’s probably the most responsibility she’s taken on in her life. She tells Reza that she needs some real food, and wine.

Mike brings shoes to the regional manager if Shoe Palace. I’m not familiar with that chain, but he tells us that they sell a lot of shoes, and he’s thrilled to be meeting with them. The manager tells Mike that he says no to small brands 99% of the time, but likes to keep his ear to the streets. And maybe get free advertising for his stores. In his interview, Mike always thought of himself as the breadwinner of his future family. We flash back to him talking to Jessica about creating the shoe line. It didn’t work out, and his motivating factor is gone. He shows the guy teeny tiny shoes for kids, and explains that they’re both premium and dope. The manager says he’s never seen anything like it, and thinks they can make something happen. They bro hug. Mike says it’s bittersweet, since he should be calling his wife, but he’s calling his mom.

Annalise is at Shervin’s unpacking. She says she’s getting professional at it now. She talks about moving in. In his interview, he says it’s a risk on her side, and a responsibility on his, but when they spend time together, the relationship deepens. Zzzzz… He thanks her for not believing the bullsh*t. MJ comes by, bearing a poinsettia. She hates that all her friends wake up in the morning, tell lies, go to sleep, and start over. In particular, Asa and Shervin. She needs the naked, ugly truth. She says she wants to talk to Annalise one-on-one, but Shervin is there, so fine. She just comes out and says that she thinks Shervin cheated on Annalise.

In her interview, MJ says that Shervin is controlling, and wouldn’t let her talk to Annalise privately. Since she’s about to pack up her life in Australia and move in with him, MJ wants her to know. She says he’s like a kid in a candy store when she’s not around, but Annalise says she believes him since he’s never lied to her before. She appreciates MJ saying something, but they don’t understand how open and honest he is. MJ thinks Shervin has been working on her. She hopes that Annalise isn’t being Stepford and having tunnel vision. She says that Annalise is choosing to believe Shervin is honest. Shervin says that in the end, the truth always comes out. In his interview, he thanks Tara for the rumor that brought them closer together. Oh boy, I can’t wait for the reveal, because yeah, the truth always comes out.

Reza meets with Mike at the barbershop. Reza says that Mike is more gay in the grooming department than he is. Mike tells Reza about his blind date with Pursia, a Persian rapper. He says they went dancing and had frozen yogurt, but he’s not seeing her again. He still feels guilty about not making his marriage work. Reza says talk to any of them, but don’t talk to girls he’s dating about his ex-wife. He says Mike needs to close the book, not just the chapter, so he’s not stuck in purgatory.

Shalom comes by GG’s place. She’s picking out clothing for her trip to NYC. She’s still shocked that they want her for the play. She tells Shalom that her mom is impressed with him. He says family comes first, and people need to forgive and forget. She says anyone who can put up with her family and friends is a keeper. She makes broad hints about getting a ring. She tells him that in return, he gets the MVP. Most Valuable You-Figure-It-Out. In her interview, she talks about wanting a family, and how the nannies will take care of the kids.

Reza’s new blind cat is called Miss Moo. I love it! MJ visits, and he gives her some tequila. He’s been writing a play, and hands her a copy. He says it’s a passion project based on his two grandmothers and if they had planned his wedding. He says it takes place in a gay café. He has MJ read the part of the Muslim grandmother. He says that he grew up in a household where it was like the two sides were at war with each other. Going to Israel was a life-changing experience, and he wants to share his knowledge with others to spare them the same pain. He says GG might be doing something way off-Broadway, but this is going to be better.

GG is in the city being Carrie Bradshaw. She gets to the theater and meets the director, her scene partner, and some of the crew. She’s never acted before, and says that she freaked when she saw the script since it’s half the size of the Bible, which is highly doubtful. She’s memorized her lines, gone to acting class, and gotten a hearing aid, but might still suck. She says the last time she worked this hard at an accomplishment, was when she tried stealing her parents’ car at sixteen.

MJ takes Vida to the Millennium Biltmore Hotel for lunch. Vida thinks the waiter talks too much and that MJ looks tired, so we’re off to a great start. MJ tells Vida that she wants to get pregnant. Vida says maybe Tommy doesn’t want to be a father, but MJ says he won’t do it if he doesn’t want to. Vida asks if she can make sure he doesn’t ignore the baby, and if she’s willing to take that risk. MJ says that Vida is one of the reasons she kept many men at arm’s length, but now that she’s met the man she wants to make babies with and grow old beside, she has to stand up for herself. She tells Vida that it’s time to accept and support her choices. Vida says she knows what’s best for her daughter, but MJ says she thinks not.

Mike whistles for Reza. Reza says he’s not Mike’s dog, and Mike calls it a Persian doorbell. They’re going to paint MJ’s place, but Mike is only in it for the free pizza and beer. Reza says whether they like it or not design-wise, they have to be nice. He’s all about moving forward today.

When they arrive, MJ says they’re covering the floors first. Reza points out baseboard dirt. Mike pretends a crudité is his dool. Shervin walks in, and Reza asks how many friends MJ invited. MJ says she didn’t invite Asa, and Reza says they have an acquaintanceship instead of friendship. In his interview, Reza says that Asa doesn’t understand the rift, and isn’t going to change her mind or apologize. MJ says that at this point in their lives, they need to lean on each other, and there’s no point in having a friendship if they can’t be honest. Destiney comes in, and everyone has shots. Shervin messes up, and hits the ceiling with his paint roller. Then everyone starts painting weird things on the wall. Reza puts paint on the couch, and MJ tells everyone to chill.

Shervin says it’s not cool about Asa, and doesn’t want to be in the same boat. He tells them that he screwed around before. Mike says, lamest admission of guilt ever. Shervin is sorry for lying, but he’s scared of commitment. Mike asks if he told Annalise, but he says no. In her interview, MJ wonders who isn’t lying. Destiney asks if he did it in the house, and he insists he didn’t. Then he says he did, but he wonders what difference it makes. In her interview, Destiney says that Annalise is giving up her whole life for him. She thought he was a classy dude until she got to see the real Shervin.

Shervin says it’s none of their business. Mike says that for a woman, it’s like their sanctuary, where they lay their head. Vida enters the fray, and is like, omg, what a mess, and freaks over the literal writing on the wall, where Reza has added a cartoon dool. This causes everyone to actually go to work. Tommy comes home, and is surprised that it’s coming together. Reza points out the ovulation sticks lying around. Vida asks if MJ is sure about Tommy, who tells her that he’s like herpes – you can’t get rid of him. That reminds me of the dog in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. She was named Herpes, because if she’s good, she’ll heal. BA-DUM-CHH! In her interview, MJ thinks once Vida is holding a baby, she’ll change her tune. MJ says she’ll buy Vida’s retirement, so she’ll be available to babysit. She writes Vida a $100K check, and says if she gets pregnant, to cash it. Vida doesn’t want anything to do with it, and MJ starts crying. Tommy says she’s an emotional nut, and kisses her. She’s also drunk as a skunk. Why do we say that anyway? She tells Tommy that he’d better get her pregnant.

Reza asks what’s going on, and MJ says everyone is making fun of her emotions. She thinks everyone should be supportive. Reza says they are, and Tommy says her mother isn’t Donna Reed. Then he has to explain who Donna Reed is. Vida leaves, since she’s done her job and made MJ cry, and MJ asks Tommy if he’s sure. He says they need to prepare, and it’s not as easy as she thinks. People typically do it at twenty, not forty. Reza tries to talk to her. Tommy tells Mike that she feels like she has a gun to her head because of Shams being ill. She tells Reza that she’s going to get pregnant, and Tommy should be begging to be the father. Tommy says neither of them have healthy lifestyles, and he doesn’t want to leave a child without a parent. In his interview, he talks about his mother dying when he was a teenager, and how he couldn’t cry. He felt like the worst person. He loves and misses her every day. MJ says it’s now or never, and she’ not allowing cold feet. Tommy says the problem isn’t cold feet.

Reza tells Tommy that he made his girl uncomfortable and upset, and please make her not that way. Tommy asks how many shots she’s had, and she says that she’ll get pregnant by another man. In her interview, MJ is also unreasonable, saying  that him not telling her that he’s sure is like he’s lying. Tommy says that he wants to make sure the baby never wants for anything. He starts crying, and so does she. He brings up his mother, and says that he felt alone growing up, and doesn’t want that for his kid.

MJ asks if Tommy has been crying, and for whom. Reza says that it’s time to exit, and tells them to make some babies. Destiney says her heart is crying. She asks Tommy what the problem is, and he says he wants to make sure they’re around for the kid. She wants to know if what he says is real, and he tells her that he’s been nothing but honest; he’s had reservations from day one. He wants to make sure they’re ready to be good parents, and live a healthy lifestyle. He grew up without anybody, and he ran his whole life from it. If he had a great day, there was no one to tell. He’s going to make me cry pretty soon. Tommy says it’s not her or him, and there’s more to it than both of them loving each other; that doesn’t mean they’re prepared. MJ says his mom died; her dad is dying. Should they not die? She starts getting loud, and he gets louder. He says that he doesn’t want to fight. She says that she’d rather have a baby with someone who doesn’t have a problem with it. She tells him now or never, and he says, then it’s never. In her interview, MJ says she needs someone stronger than this. She says she’ll be an amazing mother, and Tommy needs to be about his truth – that he’s really full of sh*t. I have empathy for her, but she needs to see that he’s telling her the truth. They aren’t ready.

Tommy says she’s right. He’s a piece of sh*t, and a liar. He’s not going to listen to this nonsense. She didn’t listen to him, and pissed on what he had to say. That doesn’t make him want to have a baby. MJ tells him if he told her that he smoked way too much or she needs to stop drinking, he’d have a leg to stand on. I think, but isn’t that what he was saying? She says he’s in a pickle now. (Really, she said that.) He has two choices, sh*t or get off the pot.

MJ tells him to get off the pot, never call her again, and just bounce. Destiney says it wasn’t supposed to go down this way. In her interview, MJ tells us that no man can hold a candle to her dad, and thank God for him; she still has him. She tells us that the lesson of the day is don’t get fooled by the weak. What MJ needs isn’t a baby. She needs therapy to help her get through this tough time. It’s heart-breaking, but she’s going about this all wrong.

Next time, Mike’s divorce is finalized, the gang goes to NYC, Adam and Reza discuss surrogacy, and GG goes nuts on Shalom.

Fear the Walking Dead

Troy kills a rattlesnake and writes in his journal. Tastes just like chicken. He must have been on the road a while, since he’s pretty grubby and has an almost beard. He thinks about the gun. He sees the scalped guy in the chair, whose name I forget, from when we first met Walker. He wanders around and goes inside a warehouse. He goes through what’s there, and finds a bunch of cans that are either cat food or I don’t know what, but it’s not deviled ham.

He sees a plaque that says God helps those who help themselves. The wall behind it opens to reveal a gun and some ammo. He buries the scalped dude, and writes furiously. He sits in the chair where the dude was and plays with the gun. I guess he’s thinking about killing himself, but with him, it’s hard to tell. He hears zombie noises, and shoots the gun in the air. He smiles.

Nick and Crazy Dog are out in the fields. Nick pikes a zombie. Crazy Dog says the cattle are going to die soon from lack of water. Jake tells Alicia that they had 400 head once, and it’s not even a ranch anymore. He didn’t think it would bother him so much. She says they’ll start over, and if they live long enough, she’ll get him more cows. She says it’s livable, and they can’t say that about any other place. Jake thinks there are more places like this. He tells her about a cabin near the border that would be fine for two people. Everything he fought for is gone. She says they’re lucky to have what they do, but he says it was supposed to be more.

Ofelia tells Crazy Dog that Jake is weak, but she has to gain their trust. He says that Nick is already in the middle. She asks if he trusts Nick, and he says everyone does. Nick and Alicia have a smoke on the deck. She tells him he looks like sh*t. He says he killed a man, and now he’s sleeping in his house. She says he killed an evil old man to save them, and he says he did it so Madison didn’t have to. He’s concerned about Troy, but she says he doesn’t owe Troy. They share the same self-destruction. Nick says maybe he’s just as sick.

In bed, Nick hears sounds outside the cabin. He gets his knife, and looks around. While he’s on the balcony, Troy sneaks up behind him. Nick tells him that he can’t be there, but Troy says here he is. He doesn’t want to sit down or he’ll pass out; he’s on a mission. He says Nick saved him in his own way, so he’s here to return the favor. He says there’s a beast in the desert with nothing to keep it from growing, and it’s bigger than he can imagine. Troy says there’s a third way, and locks the sliding door, leaving Nick on the balcony. He tells Nick that he needs to listen. The whole place will be obliterated. He needs to see it; it’s beautiful. Nick tries to get him to unlock the door, but he won’t, so Nick runs in the front.

Alicia suggests going outside the ranch, and pumping water in. Jake says that’s what her mom and Walker are doing. She’s concerned about not hearing from them, and Jake says they need a plan B. Everyone is always talking about a plan B on this show, but nobody ever has one. Alicia wonders how Jake can talk about leaving. She’s fighting for this place, and they’re staying. She doesn’t want to worry about him, and he tells her she’s released from her obligation. She says that’s not why she did it, and he asks who she’s actually fighting for? She seemed lost when they arrived. He thought he’d taken advantage of her, but wonders if it was really the other way around. He asks if it’s a relationship or alliance, and if that was the plan all along.

Nick comes to the door. He tells them that Troy was there. He wanted to warn them about something coming, and wanted them to see what it was. Alicia thinks he’s baiting them. Jake says he warned Troy not to come back, and now he has to face him. Nick tells Alicia that he’s responsible, and someone has to look after her boyfriend. Alicia gives Jake a gun, and says she did it for him. He’s the last good man she knows. He and Nick drive away.

Nick says that Troy could have killed him, or hurt any of them, but he didn’t. He thinks that Troy came to warn, not harm. Jake tells a story about finding a rabbit skinned alive. He put it down, because that’s what you do when something is lame or sick. He doesn’t think Troy is going to get better.

Suddenly there’s a cloud of dust rising in the distance, parallel to the road. They stop the car and get out. Nick radios Alicia. All she hears is infected. The dust clears, and there are a billion zombies crossing the desert. They see Troy walking out toward them. He looks up.

Alicia tells Ofelia that Nick and Jake are in trouble. She thinks that they came across a horde. Ofelia wonders why they were alone; there’s safety in numbers, and it’s protocol. Alicia tells her that Troy snuck in and warned Nick. She says they need to stop it, but Ofelia asks how do they know it isn’t an ambush?  Alicia says they don’t, but she trusts Nick and Jake.

Out in the desert, Nick asks for a minute with Troy. Jake doesn’t think he’s coming back, but Nick wants to try. Troy says it’s a cleansing. Nick says he’s not in his right head, and Troy agrees he’s a little punchy. He says they love loud noises, and cocks the gun. He says he loves that sound, the way some love a ball hitting a bat. This is evolution and Darwinian. Nick says it’s murder. Troy asks if he wants to go there. It’s eviction or extinction. Jake asks him not to make him do it, and points the gun at him. Troy shots the gun, and Jake throws him to the ground. He smacks Troy around, and tells Nick to go; it’s time to evacuate.

Troy says there’s one road in, and one road out. It’s time to face the monsters. Jake tells him that rabbits scream, like human beings, but he still protected Troy. Nick tells Jake if he pulls the trigger, he’ll never forget it. Troy hints about Nick having shot Jeremiah, but Jake says he doesn’t care what Nick did. Jake is about to shoot, when Nick kicks him out of the way.

The group at the ranch watches as the zombie horde approaches. Nick and Troy slide down the hill toward the horde. Some stray zombies are already close, and Jake gets bit in the arm. He asks Troy how long before it spreads, and tells him to do it, meaning cut off Jake’s arm. Troy hesitates, so Nick does it himself.

Crazy Dog asks Alicia what’s going on, and she tells him that Troy told Nick and Jake that something was coming. Crazy Dog wonders if it’s something that’s out there or something be brought. Ofelia says he’s not helping. The guy with the beard, whose name I don’t remember, says they’ll need guns and bullets. Crazy Dog gives Ofelia the keys to where the arms are stashed.

Troy holds Jake in the truck bed, while Nick drives. Troy insists that there’s no ranch to go back to. We can see zombies for miles.

Crazy Dog directs the trucks and RVs to be driven making a barricade. Ofelia asks if it will stop them. He says they’ll hunker down behind them when the zombies go past, and asks if she has a better idea. Nope. He tells everyone to move, and they all run around. The horde gets closer.

The zombies arrive, and everyone is lined up behind the vehicles with weapons. The zombies hit the barbed wire, because they’re too stupid not to run into it. No way could they kill this many. Nick watches through binoculars. The RVs start to rock, and then zombies start crawling out from underneath them. Holy! The ranch people all whack at them, and pike their heads, with various weapons as they come through. Nick is like, this isn’t good. Troy says that Jake was the one who wasn’t supposed to die. Nick tells Troy to put him down. Troy says that he wanted Jake to see what he’d done for them. Nick grabs Troy, and says, look at what you did; that’s you, and throws him down. Nick radios Alicia. Troy tell Nick to kill him, and do what his brother should have. Nick kicks the gun over to Troy, and tells him to kill himself.

One of the RVs is about to tip over. Alicia says it’s not going to hold. Once it gives, everyone will die. The RV gives way, and Ofelia says, let’s go. Yep, that’s it. The zombie horde is in. Nick looks sick, and I’ve been making noises since Jake got bit.

Everyone is slicing and dicing, and stabbing, and shooting  Alicia tells everyone to go into the pantry. Oh no! They grabbed bearded guy. Alicia tries to shoot the zombies, but can’t get a bead on them. Bearded guy has a gun and tries to shoot himself, but the gun doesn’t go off, so Alicia shoots him in the head. Then the dead feed on the dead. There’s lots of running and craziness.

Jake opens his eyes – which look really cool, more like the Night King on Game of Thrones, than the usual creepy zombie eyes.

Alicia’s gun is out of bullets, and she just goes nuts whacking at the zombie. Ofelia hammers them in the head. Omg, these guys are totally surrounded. Crazy Dog even head butts one of them. They manage to free themselves, and lock themselves in the pantry with the others. The zombies scramble around the door outside.

Troy stabs Jake in the ear. He says he needs some sleep. Nick says they need to find a way to save the people he tried to kill. He can sleep when he’s dead. Hey, that’s what I always say.

In the pantry, everyone listens to the zombie sounds from outside. Alicia looks frazzled, and hyperventilates.

Next time, Nick blows stuff up, Crazy Horse says they’re all going to die together, and Alicia is attacked.

😴 I need to call it a night, so I leave you with this…


Waving good-by to the Weekend

September 17, 2017 – A Shah Thanksgiving, Daniel Gives a Dam & Pick Your Monday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset

Mike wants to look for a new house, but Reza thinks he should be focused on girls and dating. He thinks Mike is being shady. Mike says it’s hard to pick up the pieces after five years. Reza asks if he’s divorced, but Mike says almost. In his interview, Reza says that he circled the date on his calendar with red Sharpie, and now he finds out that Mike isn’t divorced yet. He asks if Mike is holding out hope, but Mike says no. Reza thinks he should test the waters; it’s like riding a bike and falling off. Sometimes you have to get back on, and sometimes it’s just a practice ride.

GG goes to a sex shop. She’s there for a class. In her interview, she says there are certain techniques she’s not comfortable with, and she needs some knowledge for the play she’s in. She plays a librarian who needs to unleash her passions. Adam joins her. They talk about Asa, and GG wonders why Asa wants to hang around people whom she doesn’t trust. She’s getting tired of talking about caftans. Class begins.

Hang-ups are discussed. GG is given some suggestions. Adam keeps making silly comments. In her interview, GG says that she never thought that she’d need to know these things for any job. I could make a bunch of jokes here, but it’s too easy.

MJ and Reza go to the LA Mission to help feed the homeless the day before Thanksgiving. I did a soup kitchen in NYC one Thanksgiving when I didn’t have to travel until later, and I highly recommend it. Everybody even got three cigarettes on their way out the door if they wanted. I thought that was a really cool extra, but this was the 80s and I guess people wouldn’t think so today. Reza and MJ have been doing this for years, but in the past few, Reza has gotten the others to join in. Mike laughs about the Jewish boy cutting up pork. Asa asks MJ to help with her hair, which startles MJ, since they haven’t been very friendly lately. Reza jokes about getting “crab salad” in his crotch from a hot tub (just the topic for the kitchen), and GG thinks he said he has a jacuzzi in his garage. The hearing aid isn’t coming fast enough. Destiney asks if Asa’s parents have ever pressured her to get married. She says no, but MJ thinks that’s not typical of a Persian mother.

GG tells Shervin that she’s reluctant to see her sister on Thanksgiving. Shervin commiserates, having people like that in his life. GG says she wants to make peace for her father’s sake, and wants to mend things so they can co-exist. Shervin says that she’s coming from a good place, so go for it.

Mike and Asa meet at a Persian bakery. Mike is trying to Persian the Thanksgiving holiday up a bit. He asks how Asa is feeling, and she tells him about having insomnia. She says this is the happiest thing in her life, but since she’s shared about it, they haven’t been supportive. Mike says it’s genuine concern. He thinks she’s focused so much on it, she’s projecting on to everyone else. He brings up MJ bawling in a restaurant over her father dying, while Asa was taking snaps of the food. She claims she didn’t hear it. Mike thinks she’s become the queen of deflecting. I’d like to add obliviousness to that. He tells her about the practically immaculate conception she’s having, and she asks where this is coming from. He tells her that Reza said something, and it’s messed up if she had IVF and didn’t share that. In her interview, Asa says Jermaine is private, and she keeps private out of respect for him. Their relationship is off-limits. Mike tells her that he’s just the messenger.

GG tells us that looking back, a lot of her problems in school were because she couldn’t hear. Teachers thought she was ignoring them. Her parents and MJ accompany her to get the hearing aid. Audiologist Dr. Sweet comes brings GG in to get the devices placed in her ears. GG says that when she speaks, it sounds like there’s a speaker in her ear. The doctor wants to do some tests, and this time she gets 100%. GG says she sees herself in a more accepting and loving way now. In her interview, she gets choked up about being able to hear.

On Thanksgiving at Shervin’s house, his mother demonstrates how to deal with a pomegranate. He tells us that his mom definitely approves of Annalise. In her interview, MJ says that even after her parents divorced, they still celebrated holidays with family. This is the first Thanksgiving she’ll be without her father, who’s still in the hospital. She asks Shervin if things are cool with Annalise, and he acts like he doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but suggests MJ stay out of it. In her interview, she thinks Annalise should know what’s going on, but Shervin “Corleone” thinks he’s the Godfather.

Asa says she and Thanksgiving were a match made in heaven, even though she only discovered it when she moved to America. Reza and Adam join her family for dinner. Asa says her doctor told her to stay away from negative energy and stress. She tells them her back still hurts from chopping at the Mission. In her interview, she says there’s an elephant in the room, but she still loves Reza.

GG arrives at Shervin’s. She and MJ get ready together. Mike shows up next, with Vida right behind.

Asa and Reza do some lemon picking in the backyard. She tells him about talking to Mike, and says that she’s sad. Ever since she’s been pregnant, it’s been one harassment after another. She tells Reza that Mike told him about what Reza says about IVF. He tells her about the conversation that he and MJ had. Asa says she’s hurt because he didn’t say something. He hates himself for getting twisted up in MJ’s pain, and says he never spoke about them going to IVF at the same time. He wanted to tell MJ that she could talk to Asa. Asa says sorry MJ was hurt, but it’s not her fault. Reza says he’s most upset about being forced to pick a side, and he’s damned if does, damned if he doesn’t. In her interview, Asa says that she didn’t expect this from Reza.  She says she can forgive and move on, but never forgets.

Tommy arrives bearing a covered dish. Vida discusses MJ’s bra with her, saying it’s not the one she approved. Tommy tries to deflect, saying they both look beautiful. GG talks to Annalise about Shalom out on the patio. She asks if Annalise ever feels scared. Annalise says even if things fall apart, she always thinks there’s a lesson in it. In her interview, GG says that Annalise is ready to pack her bags and move in, while Shervin is still fooling around. She tells Annalise that there are rumors going around.

MJ joins the girls outside. When he sees them talking, Shervin tells Mike that GG is disrespecting his house. Mike tells us it’s a whorehouse when Annalise isn’t around. Shervin jets outside. GG asks how the gossip doesn’t cause fear for Annalise. She asks when Annalise gets to that screw you I’m moving on point, and Annalise says that she doesn’t let anything control her life; she controls her own life.

Shalom wanders in, along with GG’s parents. GG says part of her was hoping her sister would be with them, but they tell her that Leila couldn’t make it this year. Well, that’s weird, since she just walked in.

Shervin makes a little speech, thanking everyone for sharing the day with them. GG says she’s thankful to Shervin for opening his home. She thanks Leila because it’s her father’s favorite holiday. She begged her to come, and is thankful and grateful that she did. I know I sound repetitive, but the food looks fabulous. And like no Thanksgiving I’ve been to, including the buffet at the Ocean Place hotel.

Leila goes outside for a smoke. Shervin follows, and she asks if he believed that. She says GG isn’t sane, and she doesn’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth. It’s just a show for her parents. Mike joins them, and she says she’s just doing her parents a favor by being there. Mike doesn’t think she has the right attitude, and she calls him a jerk. In his interview, he says he’s been friends with the family for 21 years. GG was always the child who got the attention, whereas Leila was self-sufficient, and that makes her jealous. Mike tries to talk to her, but she keeps calling him a jerk. He says he’s livid, and asks if she can’t put her bullsh*t aside for the day. Everyone is outside at this point. MJ says that Leila is having the conversation with Mike that she should be having with GG. GG ends up outside by herself.

Asa is getting hangry. Everyone sits down to dinner. Reza says It’s a bad ass turkey. Apparently so, since the thermometer comes flying out when he begins to carve it. In his interview, Reza says that normally, this should be a joyous occasion, but someone pulled the rug out from under their friendship. Asa doesn’t understand that her actions have affected the group. Reza feels like everything is telling him to go home. He says all that matters are the people you have in your life.

Leila points out that GG took eleven days to thank her for a ride home from rehab. GG claims that she messaged the next day. She says that she’s trying to be peaceful, so why is Leila doing this when she’s trying to make things right. Leila says that GG devastated her and her son, Jordan, when they gave her ride from rehab. It’s explained that Jordan had asked where GG’s booboo was, and mean big sister Leila said it was in her head. GG suggested Leila has the same booboo (ha!), and I guess that didn’t sit too well with her. Well, she should have kept her mouth shut. GG starts getting loud about how hard she’s trying, and says no more bullsh*t, and Leila laughs. I’m getting the real dynamics now. I used to think Leila got the short end of the stick. And she has, but she’s old enough now to stop using it as an excuse to be nasty to a younger sibling who has problems. GG is also able to hear now, which I’m sure will make a difference.

Leila starts getting weepy, and wants to leave. Outside, GG tells Shalom that this was a bad idea. He tells her that she has to be the bigger person. She says that she tried. Shervin tells her to take the high road. She’s gone through a lot to realize it’s not her problem anymore. It’s Leila.

A game of backgammon is going on inside. GG is a spectator, and her mom suggests that Leila sit and play. She plays a round with Shalom. In his interview, Mike says he’s seen it a thousand times. Eventually, they’ll be old, grey, and tired. They’ll look back, while they’re watching their grandkids play, and realize that they missed out, but it will be too late.

Next time, GG is worried that she’s going to ruin the play, MJ talks to Annalise, MJ’s friends renovate her apartment, and MJ and Tommy argue.

Fear the Walking Dead

Walker drives the truck down the highway toward Tijuana. He asks Victor what they’re looking for, but the background music is so loud, I can’t hear the answer, except for it’s some kind of sign. Wtf?

They see an accident with tons of zombies wandering around. Victor makes the car remote beep, and throws it out the window and the zombies follow the sound. Why is the background so effing loud? Is this just with my TV, or is it a technical issue at the network? Walker drives forward, pushing cars out of the way with the truck.

They arrive at what looks like a used car lot, with lines of vehicles everywhere. Victor closes the gate behind them just in time. He says, there she is, and Walker is like, this car won’t get us anywhere, but Victor tells then they can get to the trading post and back this way. He pushes the car over, and there’s an entrance to a sewer tunnel underneath. He suggests that they hold their breath, and goes down the ladder. Walker says he’s not following him in the dark, and Madison tells him to either trust her or go back empty-handed. She follows Victor, and Walker reluctantly follows her.

This can’t be the worst these three have smelled, even though they act like it. For Pete’s sake, there are dead people decaying everywhere, and you can’t take a sewer? Victor leads them through the tunnel. We hear zombie noises, and through a grate, see them walking above. Walker tells Madison that Victor is lost, but Madison says to trust him. I think that’s what she says, because there’s still this background noise and their voices are echoing. Were the boom people off on this day? A few zombies amble out, and they head in the other direction. Walker says they need to get out. Victor finally admits that he’s lost. They move to another tunnel, and it’s like Let’s Make a Deal, except with tunnels instead of curtains.  Victor sees the symbol he’s been looking for above one of the tunnels, and Walker states the obvious – the zombies are behind them. They move forward into the tunnel on all fours. At the next connection, Madison finds herself face-to-face with a zombie clogging up the entryway. Walker hands her a pointy tool (sorry for the technical term), and she bashes the zombie’s head in. She chops away at him, since it’s the only way they’re going to get him out of there. Walker looks all sick like he’s never seen violence before. I think back to when he was introduced, and wonder why he’s making that face. Madison passes the head to Victor, who passes it to Walker, and I laugh. Victor helps Madison get the rest of the body out, and water rushes in.

The water truck comes back to the dam. Efrain yells at Daniel for shooting first at a group of people attacking them for water. He says that Lola will hear the truth. Daniel sees someone moving and shoots, thinking it’s a zombie, but it’s Victor. Madison comes out behind him, and says thank God he’s alive. She asks if Daniel remembers what happened. He nods, saying he’s better now, and asks about Ofelia. Madison tells him that she’s still alive. He asks how he can believe her with Victor at her side. She tells him that a man found Ofelia, and saved her; now they all live on a ranch. They’re in trouble and need his help. They need water. Walker has also come out in the open, and Daniel leads them to the dam.

He tells them to wait; he needs to speak to Lola first. Wow. The three of them look out onto the lake, and there’s lotsa water here. We look through the office window, where Daniel is talking and gesturing. Madison tells Walker that she’ll handle the negotiations; they already have a relationship. Walker says that she hasn’t seen Daniel in some time, but Madison knows he’ll help. They go into the office. Madison tells Lola that their camp is running out of water, and they can offer cattle, food and guns in trade. Lola says sorry, but she has no water to spare. Madison doesn’t get it; they have a lake. Lola says no soup water for you! Madison tells her that she knows they got set upon just today, and they’re under attack. Lola says no trade, but they can stay the night.

Daniel fingers his wedding ring. Lola comes in, and Daniel tells her that Ofelia lives with them. Lola asks if he believes them, and he says that Madison has never lied to him. Lola understands if he wants to go, but needs to know now. Daniel says that Ofelia is safe, but Lola isn’t. He made a promise, and is going to fulfill it. He’ll stay. Ofelia thinks he’s dead, so maybe it’s for the best. They’re talking in Spanish, and although the sound finally evened out, I wish I’d had subtitles at the beginning.

Walker accuses Victor of thinking everything is funny. The Walking Dead could use a character like him. Abe was kinda, sorta like that, but they killed him off. Victor tells Walker that there’s no tragedy without humor. Walker says that if they can’t make a deal, the ranchers have to go. There’s not enough water for both of them, and the Nation comes first. Victor asks what about Madison and the kids. Walker hopes she doesn’t regret her decision, and they end up back in the desert. Screw this guy.

Madison tells Lola that she’s sorry that Lola is afraid because of what the people will think. Lola says it’s difficult enough. If she trades with the gringos, there will be bloodshed. Madison says that sometimes a leader has to show force to get respect. Lola says she can’t lose the trust that she’s built. Madison tells Lola that she has two kids, and a ranch full of people begging her to help. Lola says that Madison is trying to save her children, but she’s trying to save her city. She tells Madison to bring her family there. They’ll be safe as long as she’s in charge. She says it’s a rare leader who does right by everyone. Madison says that it’s impossible.

Efrain is working on a patient with a wound. Victor asks if he can help. Efrain says that Daniel calls Victor the snake. Victor asks if he thinks the Daniel’s shooting was justified, and Efrain says no. The people are thirsty and scared, and Daniel is paranoid. Dissatisfaction leads to dissent, and dissent to revolt. Victor says there are those who want chaos. Efrain says violence breeds violence, and he thinks the river should flow to the people. Victor asks what about when it dries up, and Efrain says the rains will fall again. He says it’s too much power for one person. Victor says, uneasy is the head who wears the crown.

Daniel approaches Walker in the cafeteria. He appreciates what Walker did for Ofelia. Walker says that Daniel raised a brave woman. Daniel asks what she does, and Walker says she walks as a soldier with him. Daniel says that he didn’t raise her to be a soldier, but Walker says she’s a hero to them. They were about to attack a heavily armed camp, and she gained their trust, then poisoned them. She saved their lives. Daniel says, but she did it by taking other lives. He’s not liking it, but I’m thinking the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Madison tells Victor that Lola keeps forcing everything to stay together, and keeps falling apart. Victor says maybe she wasn’t meant to stay at the ranch. She tells him about Lola’s offer, and he says she wouldn’t have to worry about water, and she’d be safe. She isn’t willing to sacrifice that part of herself, but doesn’t know what will happen if she doesn’t get the water. Victor says that she always finds a way to protect her kids. She says that they’ve already sacrificed too much. Victor asks if they were removed from the picture, what would she want? She says been too long since she thought about that, since before they were born. Victor says that would be the late 80s – what would permed Madison want? Madison says to listen to Cheap Trick in Birmingham. The ranch is closest to what she knows, and where she wants to be. He asks if she’s sure. She asks what future he sees? He says one where he doesn’t fail his friends.

Lola wants to bring the people some water. Daniel says they were attacked last time, and she says they should bring it, so there won’t be a next time. Daniel tells her that another group will take their place. Even if this group sees the good they do, they’ll always be some who are unhappy. They’ll be the ones without weapons or ammunition, who can’t defend themselves. She says they’ll be killers, like him. He says he killed for her, to guard her soul and life. Efrain says the people fear him; he wants revolution. Daniel says it’s a good thing. First, they’ll be hit in the streets, then they’ll get inside, and hang them from the walls. He says they’re not sustainable. Lola tells him that if he doesn’t believe in what she’s doing, he should leave. He says they’ll do a water run this afternoon

Victor watches as the truck is loaded. Daniel approaches. He doesn’t know what Victor is thinking, but he sees Victor’s serpent brain coiling around an idea. Victor pretends like he doesn’t know what Daniel is talking about, and Daniel says if what he’s thinking benefits both of them, he’ll look the other way. If not, he’ll be in Daniel’s sights. He sings, down with the water queen in Spanish.

Seeing him walking out, Madison asks Walker where he’s going. He asks why she has a hard time honoring her word. She lied and cons the ranchers. They have to leave the ranch. There is too little water to share. She asks if there isn’t another way, and he says they can leave in peace or be forced to go. She begs him not to do this; they won’t survive. He tells her that he’s as angry at himself as he is with her.

Daniel tells Madison that he tried convincing Lola, but it didn’t work. She saved his life, and he can’t abandon her. She’s in this position because o him. Madison asks if he can’t leave or can’t face his daughter? He tells her that Lola is in danger; Ofelia is safe. Madison tells him that she needs her father, but he says she’ll always be his daughter no matter what that man had her do.

Victor watches as zombies crowd the gate. Madison tells him to make it by nightfall. He tells her wait for it, and the water delivery truck blows up. Water for everyone! And zombies on fire.

People come running out. Madison pikes some zombies. Efrain wonders if it was an accident, and Daniel says that was no accident. Lola realizes that they’ve been trying to keep the dead out, but the next attack will be by the living. A crowd of live people is coming up the road, chanting that they want water. The gate is quickly put back up and locked.

In the office, Lola asks how many guns they need. Efrain says that violence will consume her, and accuses her of taking the devil’s deal. She says the people will still get water, but the dam will be protected; she thinks it’s the best solution. Daniel writes something on a paper and gives it to Madison like it’s a real estate deal. Lola asks if the ranch can provide it. Madison says they need ten thousand gallons of water a week, and a tanker that they’ll drive back to show good faith. They make plans to meet at the trading post.

Victor gets in the truck, and Madison thanks Daniel. He says it’s a good thing. He tells her to be careful; a friendly face can slip a knife in your back. Victor comes back, holding out his hand to Daniel, saying, adios. Daniel says no adios, he expects to see him in five days with his daughter. I say, please don’t eff this up, to no particular character.

Victor gets back in the passenger seat. He acts like he doesn’t know anything about the truck blowing up, but Madison tells him to cut the sh*t. She asked and then received. It was a little trick he learned, although he had doubts it was going to work. She thanks him. He says that she would have done the same, but she says she’s not so sure.

They see Walker on the road, walking. Madison asks if he’s thirsty. I don’t think we’ve ever seen him smile before, but he is now. He gets in.

Next time, Nick worries about being like Jeremiah, Ofelia gets in trouble, and Troy finds a stash of canned goods – and a gun.

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September 10, 2017 – Asa’s Latest Art Project & Twice the Fear


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Shahs of Sunset

Shervin goes to a cigar store. There is discussion about cigars that I don’t understand, and he joins Mike in the back for a smoke and some whiskey in mason jars. Shervin brings up Tara, saying she’s crazy, and he never touched her. He claims they just went for drinks, and he dropped her off and went home. Mike laughs. Shervin insults Tara again, asking why he should want a Ford when he can get a Ferrari. Bleh. Mike says he’s been through the same thing. In his interview, he says Shervin has it all figured out, which is exactly what he thought about himself when he cheated on Jessica. He says if you build your relationship on lies, it eventually becomes a blurred reality, and when the truth comes out, it will destroy everything he’s built.

GG has a part in an upcoming play (Sex Tips for a Straight Girl from a Gay Man), and meets with an acting coach. He says it’s good she hasn’t had classes before, since there will be no bad habits to break. She explains about having a hearing loss. She says she can hear certain pitches and not others, and sometimes everything blends in. He has her read from a scene. He tells her to take her nervousness and use it. In her interview, she says she’s looking for something that gives her a rush that isn’t drugs or sex, and has always wanted to dabble in acting.

Reza and Adam go to the fertility clinic to check out Reza’s test results. In his interview, Reza explains the procedure, and I go ♫ LA-LA-LA! ♫ The doctor brings in the results, and tells Reza he got an A+. Adam has some abnormally shaped sperm in the sample, and the doctor says that he might want a do-over. Adam claims it was hot the day before. Huh? The doctor says it’s time to think about egg donors. Reza tells him that they want to get settled in a house first.

MJ and Tommy take the dogs to the park. They check out the ducks in the lake, and MJ gets excited over seeing a turtle. She says even though it’s been full-time hospital duty, she needs Tommy to get her pregnant. He says he’s putting his hard hat on and doing his best. She says seeing the “no” come up on the ovulation stick is like a knife in her heart. She tells him about Asa freezing embryos, and insisting she didn’t use them to get pregnant, and lying by omission. She wonders what else Asa is lying about. Tommy thinks there’s no reason to be friends with her.

Asa shows her mom the footage from Israel that she’s editing. She’s excited about an event she’s planning where she’s going to share her spiritual experience. In her interview, she says it was so precious; she wishes everyone had as an enriching experience as she did, but they’re not as elevated. She does an introduction for the film about co-existing peacefully. She hopes the others will be inspired, and let go of the petty bullsh*t.

Mike is doing a photo shoot with a load of babies for his new shoe line. The way he describes what he wants sounds like the old United Colors of Benetton ads. He says he’s optimistic, but babies don’t sit still and pose. Hopefully, out of thousands of pictures, they can get ten they can use. Mike’s mom shows up to support the project. In his interview, Mike says he’s 100% a momma’s boy, and his mom’s validation means everything. He knows she’s thinking about being a grandparent. He understands that men don’t have biological clocks, but is concerned he’ll be an old man by the time he has kids.

GG goes to a hearing clinic to see an audiologist. She explains that she was born with a problem, but it wasn’t noticed until she was around ten, and she became adept at lip reading. They give GG a hearing test like we used to get in school. She hasn’t told the director about her hearing issue, and is worried about hearing the other actors’ lines. The tests show 28% hearing capacity for low to normal pitches, and the doctor suggests discussing hearing devices. In her interview, GG explains that when she was younger, she was already teased for being Middle-Eastern, so she tossed out the hearing aid she had. She tells us that everyone has pushed her to be a better person, but now she wants to do it for herself. She makes arrangements for a new hearing aid, which these days, is practically invisible.

Asa says that she’s a refugee from Iran, so by default, she’s a political artist. The venue looks beautiful – outside, with tiny white lights on the trees, small tables, flowers everywhere, and a screen up front. Hey, there’s Paris Jackson! I forgot that Asa’s boyfriend is Jermaine. She doesn’t want to complain about being pregnant, but she complains non-stop. She feels alone, and wishes her friends were more loving toward her, even though everyone keeps asking what they can do.

Tommy thinks MJ should cover more of her cleavage. He says she looks fantastic, but he doesn’t want her showing the world. She duct tapes her dress to herself. Reza comes by, since he’s going with them. In his interview, he says they’re still living in squalor and it looks like a dump. He points out some hand-painted glasses that he gave MJ, saying that she put them the dishwasher. He asks if they have any kind of plan – there’s not even a sink in the bathroom. He asks Tommy if the baby is going to sleep in the bathtub. MJ says her father is ill, and she’s not moving at micro-speed.

Shervin arrives at Asa’s event. He tells GG that he feels like she played both sides of the street with Tara. He thinks she’s twisting his words. In his interview, he brings up her history of lying, and we flash back to when she said she’d seen a sex tape with Reza in it. She tells him that she doesn’t care what he does, but it’s not cool to call her a liar. He claims he just met up with Tara at a bar. In her interview, GG says he’s backtracking, and she needs for him to be real. She tells him to say what he wants, and let God be his judge.

MJ tells Reza about freezing her eggs, but doesn’t really understand how the procedure worked. Reza explains it, and Tommy says the fact Reza knew more, probably means that MJ should pump the brakes a little. She talks about Asa going to the same doctor. Reza says Asa had confided in him that she was getting egg retrieval at the same time MJ was, and now he’s in a weird position. MJ tells him that Asa lied to her. She says she thinks that Asa is lying to everyone. Reza says from the time that Asa said she was pregnant, something didn’t sit right with him. In her interview, MJ feels it’s a deep level of deceit, and doesn’t know what could be a bigger f-u in life.

Reza says he just let the cat out of the bag. An uncomfortable situation that he was in the middle of, just turned into DEFCON WTF? He wants to respect Asa’s privacy, but she paints a façade of everything being perfect. He understands how MJ feels, since it seems deceptive. A champagne tower is poured, and there’s also a very nice spread of food. In his interview, Mike says he never knows what to expect at Asa’s art shows. Mike gives her a pair of teeny tiny shoes, and she gets baby gifts from several other friends. Reza says MJ looks glazed over, and feels like it’s his fault.

Asa introduces the film. The project is called Our Future. Roll the video. In her interview, MJ says for the past six years, they’ve been supportive of Asa’s art. One year Asa is this, and one year Asa is that, and she’s not faking it anymore. She’s tired of pretending that Asa is a protégé, when she’s really a master bullsh*tter.

Destiney says that Asa comes from a place of healing and love. MJ says she sounds that way, but she lied to them about getting in vitro. GG thinks if someone isn’t giving you what you need, that’s not a friend. Asa realizes that something is going on. She tells MJ that to take her focus off of what she finds wrong in Asa’s life. MJ says that Asa asked a million questions when MJ was going through the process like she never went through it. Asa says she doesn’t trust MJ. In his interview, Mike says that Asa will act like you don’t know what you’re talking about to the point where you believe it. MJ says she’s never done anything to Asa to be treated this way. GG says that MJ feels hurt and tries to intervene, but MJ walks away. Tommy follows her, but she tells him to leave her alone. He says Asa is her good friend, and she tells him to STFU and keeps walking.

Next time, Reza questions Asa’s friendship, GG talks to Annalise, and GG tries to reconcile with her sister.

Fear the Walking Dead – Two Hour Premiere

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

A song, Death is Not the End, plays while zombies amble around, and everyone goes about their various chores, whether it’s pumping water or killing zombies. Jake is coughing, and Alicia asks if he’s okay. He tells her that it’s worse in the morning, and he just needs coffee. Troy and Nick go out on a mission. Madison wanders around. She goes into Jeremiah’s office, and goes through the desk.

A convoy is on the horizon. Nick and Troy head back to the ranch. It’s Walker and his people. Walker shakes hands with Jake, and brings in his trucks. Jake leads a small group to the supply area. Troy doesn’t want Ofelia coming in, since they’re in this position because of her. Jake insists they’re going to accept everyone, and Troy backs down. Walker asks how many feel like Troy, and Sam admits that most of them do. Jake shows Walker the gun inventory. He gives Walker a key, saying that he has the other one. It’s like a safe deposit box – they need both keys to get to the arsenal.

At Jeremiah’s grave, Nick asks if Troy is okay. He says no, he wants to dig him up and kill him again. Nick says he saved people, but Troy says he was a drunk. Nick tells Troy that he lost his dad too. He wrecked his truck on the freeway. The cops said he fell asleep at the wheel, but Nick thinks he chose death. Troy talks about closed caskets, so people don’t have to witness what remains.

At the dam, Daniel tells Lola it’s dangerous out there, but she says she needs to face it.

Walker’s people are patted down. The guys don’t like it, but it’s what Walker and Jake want. Madison asks Alicia about Jake, and tells her to take care of him. Alicia isn’t happy about the treaty with Walker.

Daniel and Lola give out water from a truck. Someone yells that they’re coming, and everybody runs around like crazy. Some zombies head toward them.

Jake holds a meeting. He says their path has been hard, and everyone has suffered loss, but they can’t dwell on it and need to move forward. They can’t hold grudges if they want a better future. If they share supplies and skills, they can have a future and be whole in a generation. Walker says both his people and theirs are equally afraid of one another. He says they must forgive. His grudge died when Jeremiah made his sacrifice. Fear turns into fury, and they need to give that to the outside.

Nick visits Ofelia. She’s glad he survived. He asks if she feels guilty, but she says not as much as she thought. She’s her father’s daughter. She asks what about him, and says they’re not so different.

Walker asks Madison about Troy, and if she’s really in charge. Troy accuses Jake of sleeping with the enemy, since Alicia killed Gretchen. Like there was a choice. Jake says they were at war, now they’re not, so get it right. Troy makes discontented noises to the others.

Walker buries the relics, and Alicia approaches. He says she can join him. He says he never told his people what he did, and it’s best they don’t witness it. The dead should stay buried. He tells her that he wants peace, and she tells him to look to Jake for that, not her mother. He says her mother does what’s necessary.

Madison goes through some files in Jeremiah’s office. At the canteen, Terrence pulls out a gun, and starts shooting. One of Walker’s people puts him in a headlock and squeezes the crap out of him. Walker tells him that’s enough. In the infirmary, Alicia says that Terrence’s sternum is crushed. Walker asks what if others follow his example, and wonders who spit poison in his ear. He says he doesn’t believe in guilt by association, but his people are important. He wants the other key from Jake. He tells Jake not to test him, and Jake says they’re here because of Jeremiah. Don’t test him. Madison tells Jake to give him the key. Jake says they’ll be prisoners on their own land, but she tells him that it’s better than the alternative, and he hands it over. Weapons are gathered from the people on the ranch.

Madison tells Nick that he’s not obligated, but he thinks he is. They go to Troy’s place with a few of Walker’s men. He’s told that they’re keeping the peace, and Madison says they need to search the house; they need his weapons. He says what about his safety. Nick says he doesn’t want to die on his doorstep, and Troy lets them in. He sits at the desk, saying this is where Jeremiah died, and he had to burn the blood off the wood. They’re about to search upstairs, and Troy pulls out a gun, telling them to get out. They back out, but Nick stays. Madison asks Walker to let her talk him down. She says she can fix this; it’s her son.

Troy says he’s going to do what his father should have. He says it doesn’t work like this; they’ll all regress and can’t live in harmony. Nick says everyone just wants to live. Troy shows Nick a cache of weapons, and says this is how it was always going to end. He doesn’t want to die like his father did. Nick says it’s not what Jeremiah wanted, and Troy asks why he cares. He gives Nick a gun. Madison comes to the window, and tells Troy this isn’t the way. She tells him to lay his weapons down and come out. He says it will be total surrender, but she says it’s survival. He says that she wants to save her son, and she says she wants to save him too. She wants him with her. Troy stupidly starts shooting, and gunfire is exchanged. Nick stays out of the fray.

A gunfight ensues. Lots of shooting. Troy gets hit. Some of Walker’s men enter the house. Nick tells Troy that it’s over. Troy tells him that if he can make a fist, he can fire a gun. If he can fire a gun, he can kill. He thanks Nick, saying that Nick is the last person he thought would have his back. He doesn’t mind dying, but it’s good to have company.

Daniel tells Lola that more infected have gotten in. Lola says they’ll deal with it tomorrow; he should get some rest. She says that he’s still looking for Ofelia. He says that he keeps thinking she’ll be the next one in line; hope is hard to kill. Lola says the north is overrun, and every place else is nearly as bad. Hope is one thing; waiting is another. He also made a promise to her, and she needs him. The search will break him. Daniel says nothing breaks him. He’s  immortal, remember?

The shooting continues at the ranch. Nick says he doesn’t want to die, and Troy says he might have backed the wrong horse. Nick doesn’t want Troy to die either, and Troy says he definitely backed the wrong horse. Nick tells him it’s not what his father wanted, and to throw the gun out the window; nothing good can come from this. He says Jeremiah sacrificed himself, and not to ruin it or take it from him. Troy goes bonkers, and Nick gets him down, and yells that they surrender. Troy gets the better of him, and says he’s pissed now. Nick tells him that he’s right, his father didn’t want to take his own life. Jeremiah was going to let everyone die out of spite. He’d lost his mind to drinking, but he didn’t kill himself. Nick killed him. Troy points the gun at Nick. He lowers it, and the door opens.

Walker tells Madison that peace cannot exist without justice. She tells him that Terrence will be dead soon. She says that Troy has to go, but don’t martyr him. Walker says exile, and Madison agrees. Walker says that Nick has to answer for what he did. Madison says that he got Troy to surrender. There can be consequences, but he lives, and he stays at the ranch.

The crowds for the water from the dam are getting restless. Someone yells that they killed the people who worked there, so they could keep it for themselves. Lola gets hit in the forehead with a rock. The crowd surges forward. Daniel tries to help Lola. He manages to get her into the truck, and they drive away, leaving an angry mob behind.

Jake asks Troy what happened to his hand, where he was wounded in the fray, and Troy says if he had a matching pair, he’d be Jesus, and asks if he’s going to be crucified. Jake says he’ll be tested in the wasteland, and can’t come back. Troy understands, and doesn’t blame him. He won’t fight it, but doesn’t trust Walker. Jake says he’ll take Troy to the outside, but Troy says he’s not up to it. He needs Madison to take him. She’ll protect him; he trusts her.

Troy gets one knife, one gun, and one bullet. Walker says that they chose extradition instead of execution. He’ll suffer, but maybe he’ll live. Troy gets I the bed of the truck with Claw Jackson as guard, and Madison takes the wheel.

Madison brings Troy out to the middle of nowhere. She says he’s being banished. He asks if she doesn’t think he can find his way back, and she says he won’t do that to his brother. He calls her a real Pandora. As Claw is cutting Troy’s bonds with a knife, Troy intentionally cuts his own uninjured hand, gets the knife away, and slits Claw’s throat. Wow. Madison draws her gun, and says no more killing. He asks if she’s met her quota, and he tells him to get his pack and go. She says she doesn’t want to kill him. He asks if it’s guilt; he knows what she did. She says that Jeremiah had to die, and it should have been her. He asks who stopped her, and what’s stopping her now. He knocks the gun out of her hand, and grabs her from behind. And he’s not even tired.  She says his father wanted to let everyone die, including him. Troy says that they could have fought and won, and that he doesn’t surrender. Madison backwards headbutts him, and grabs the gun. Troy says he thought she wanted him with her. He pretends like he’s getting tired, but she’s not having it. He picks up his pack and starts walking. What’s she going to do about Claw dude?

Part Two

Nick hears zombies outside his cell. It’s Troy, pretending to be a zombie. He does a somersault like Willy Wonka, and peeks in through the small window. He asks if Nick thinks he saved them, and Nick says he saved Troy, but Troy doesn’t think so. He closes the opening, and Nick begs him to open it again. Troy says he was just playing, and he has the key. He wants Nick to tell him the password. Nick says he’s dying and he owes Troy. Troy opens the cell, and holds out his hand. It’s a just a dream, or a mirage, or whatever.

Madison and Walker look out over what little water there is left. Madison tells Walker that there has to be a plan B. They agree that no one can know because the peace it too fragile. Walker tells Madison about a trading post, but she says it’s a lot to buy. They decide to ration what’s left – two gallons per person per day. Walker tells Jake that they’re giving him two guns, and to keep the peace. Madison tells Alicia that Jake seems better. Alicia says she’ll watch over Nick. Madison says that there’s only six weeks of water left, and no one can know. If word gets out, they need to get out. She gives Alicia a two-way radio if she needs to reach her, and says she’s always been the strong one.

Madison gives Nick a canteen. She says she has to go away for a couple of days, and needs to know he’s okay. She pets him on the head, and says that she loves him. She gets in a truck with Walker.

Nick is released. His bonds are cut, and Crazy Dog says he’s keeping an eye on him. Alicia comes to lead Nick away. She brings him back to the cabin, and he looks at all the bullet holes. She tells him take it easy on the water, they’re rationing. She tells him that Madison and Walker have gone to find water.

Jake talks to a group of ranch people. One woman says her horses and cattle need water, and that they don’t have to listen to outsiders. Alicia tells her to leave then, but guarantees that it’s worse out there. She tells them to trust Jake. Everyone is cool now, and they hug it out.

Madison calls Alicia on the radio. She asks about Nick, and Alicia says he’s dehydrated, but okay. She tells Madison that the people are suspicious and paranoid. Madison says if they don’t find anything tomorrow, they’ll turn around, but Alicia says don’t. She’ll call if there’s a crisis. Walker says she stands between her children and the sun. She asks if he has children, and he says he has three dogs. She says talk to her when he has children. He tells her about one of his dog’s dying in a fight with a bigger dog. When he stuck his hand in to try and save him, his dog bit him – it was the only time he ever did. Madison says thanks; she’s seeing things in a whole new light now.

Nick hears the door open, and jumps out of bed. He grabs a guy coming through the door, and holds a knife to his throat. Sam and a few other ranch guys come in, and say they’re not there to hurt him. Nick lets the guy go, and Sam says that what he did meant a lot, even though no one is saying it. They’re ready to fight, if he is. He says they need guns that they don’t have, and thinks it’s best to keep a low profile. Another guy says they brought him a gift, the last free gun on the ranch. If anyone deserves it, it’s him. They make a plan to talk tomorrow.

People line up for water at the ranch, but they’re not too happy. A little girl smacks the water out of Ofelia’s hand. A guy accuses people of double-dipping, and says that they need to do something.

Walker and Madison drive to a parking lot, past a bunch of dead (really dead) bodies. It’s a marketplace that’s inside a stadium. A guy asks for their guns before they enter, and a woman tells them. welcome to The Bizarre, a safe market in unsafe times. She asks what they have to trade, and if Madison will trade the radio. Madison tries to call Alicia, but gets no answer. She hands the radio over anyway, and gets 29 credits, less parking and security. Apparently, one of the cable companies runs this place.

They go into the market. There must still be lots to trade out there, since it’s seriously crowded. It’s like that money changer song in Jesus Christ, Superstar.

Alicia visits Ofelia. She tells Ofelia that she heard some of Walker’s people went through the water line twice. Crazy Dog gripes about her people being on their land. Alicia says she’s trying to keep the peace like Walker wanted, and thinks there should be a system. Ofelia insists that no one from the Nation went through twice. She says that she heard the militia was rebuilding, and if she really wants peace, she should control her own people first. #GoAwayAgainOfelia

The new militia is anxious to get started, but Nick says Walker’s people have the guns. If they attack first, they’ll end up like Troy, who moved too soon. He’s not suggesting they give up, but wait.

Alicia sees that Nick has a gun, and asks what if Crazy Dog finds it. I keep wanting to call him Crazy Horse. Nick says the ranch guys think he’s a hero, and I wonder where he got the regular cigarette that he’s smoking. Alicia asks what if they find out what he and Madison did? She knew the second they said Otto’s death was a suicide. She was upset that she wasn’t a part of it, but then felt relieved. What a burden it is being mom’s favorite. Nick says he didn’t do it for her. Alicia says he’s not the kind of person who would do it for the ranch. Look what killing has done to him. He says they’re alive. Alicia says that they keep trying to make Madison love them, but it’s broken.

Alicia tries to get Madison on the radio. Nothing.

Madison asks about water, and the merchant asks how thirsty they are. Walker says ten thousand gallons. She says she has half that, but it will clean her out. She asks what they have to offer. He shows her tube containing I don’t know what, but she says it’s not enough. Walker tells her there’s ten thousand more where that came from, and she thinks maybe they can work something out.

A fight starts, and surprise! Victor is involved. He’s apprehended, and Madison asks what he did. He tells her that they’ll hurt her too, and the water lady says no deal. Madison picks up a shovel and starts beating heads with it. Somebody grabs her, but Walker steps in. She, Victor, and Walker all jet, and Victor says he knows a safe place. He leads them through a tunnel to a big cement room. Madison asks how much trouble he’s in, and Walker says he’s in debt, and they should leave. Victor says he can’t leave until his debts are paid. He made a rash, stupid decision that compromised him. He tells Madison about the dam, but says they don’t want to go there. Walker says these people want to kill Victor, who tells him that people either love or hate him, but there’s a damn good reason why he’s here. Madison says they have to rest. Victor says fine, but the bed is his.

Alicia tells a woman at the well to put it back. The woman asks if Alicia is going to turn her in. Alicia starts pouring it back, and the woman starts yelling. Nick intervenes, and she says that they care more about them, than us. Nick says there is no them and us, and a fight starts. Alicia announces that they only have six weeks’ worth of water, and if they don’t work together, they’ll run out and die. It’s that simple; so stop. Everyone gets stupid, and starts fighting. Crazy Dog arrives with Ofelia, and says they’re taking the well to make sure everyone gets what they need. He tells Nick to move, and Nick takes out his gun. Ofelia makes faces. #GoSomewhereElseOfelia  Nick sits on the well, and the people gather around. Ofelia tells Crazy Dog not now. He says that he’ll keep the peace, but not at all costs. It’s the same water table, and they’ll need to get as much out as the can before the ranch people do.

Walker goes through the bizarre with his head wrapped in a scarf. Madison asks Victor where Walker went, and Victor says that he’s not much of a talker. He asks if Madison trusts him. She says they want and need the same thing. He asks if she found Nick, and she tells him she did, and Alicia. They’re safe on a ranch; her children are alive. He puts his arm around her. He says she found Nick, but lost Travis, and calls God a feckless thug.

Two guys suddenly appear with Walker.

Victor and some others are awaiting their fate. Madison tries talking to someone about Victor, but gets brushed off. The people are tied to the fence until their debts are paid. That’s what they saw when they came in. Victor tells her to go back to her children. He says it’s everywhere; the whole word is lost. Madison says that she found him. He says that he was named Victor because his mom knew he’d win. He kisses her, and says he’ll be fine. He’s led out with the others.

Alicia watches from a platform. She sees a few people crossing the field. A woman with a divining rod leads them.

Madison is having a drink, and Walker approaches. He made the water deal. She’ll have it at first light. He tells her to think about what the water will mean for them.

Nick and the others make plans. And spears. He says they’re outmatched. Someone suggests using the RVs as a barricade, but he says fortification is wasted energy. He tells them that if they can get the guns, this back and forth ends. Disarm them, and there’s no blood. Or there’s a lot of blood, one dude says.

Victor is brought outside, and ankle cuffed. He looks pretty scared. Sh*t! (I say this like, a dozen times real fast at the TV.) Zombies are coming. No, no, no! Not my Victor!

At least they gave Victor a pick ax. He whacks a couple of zombies in the head, but then he’s down. Suddenly, two guys come out of the gate and shoot the zombies. Madison is with them, and they let Victor come back in. When they get to the truck, Walker tells Madison that she killed off all of them for this dude. She says buying water was a temporary fix, but Victor has a permanent solution. He’s taking them to the dam.

The nu-militia goes through the fields, and comes up to Ofelia’s cabin. Someone tells Nick to get Alicia out of there – she’s digging with the divining people.

Ofelia tells Crazy Horse Dog that she can talk to him. He says no more talk. They won’t spill first blood, but if the militia attacks, Walker will understand. Nick says that Alicia is trying to save them. He hands the dude his gun and starts to walk toward the digging. Inside, Ofelia and Crazy Dog see Nick. The guys in the militia start to put their guns down, and Ofelia and Crazy Dog go outside. Nick starts to dig. More people join them, and it’s like an old Coke commercial. ♫ I’d like to teach the world to dig. ♫

Next time, Walker says his side comes first, lies have consequences, and Madison meets up with Daniel.

😏 Victor always says he’s got this, and has never gotten anything,Yvette Nicole Brown on Talking Dead

🐅  The Walking Dead starts up again on Sunday, October 22 at 9 pm. I’m looking forward to some King Ezekiel.


July 9, 2017 – Fear the Mid-Season Finale, 90 Day Nightmare & Part One Potomac Snooze


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Fear the Walking Dead

Part One

Jake walks along a canyon, presumably on his way to talk to see Walker. He’s being watched. He hears the click of a gun and runs. He hides behind a tree, gets his gun ready, and turns to find Alicia. Alicia tells him about Vernon and Kathy, and how the entire family was killed. He says it’s even more urgent now. She says she wanted him to own it, but not this way. He says he’s not doing it for that reason, and she insists on going with him.

They see the tribal headquarters, otherwise known as the abandoned gas station. Jake and Alicia walk past the line of guards, and are stripped of their weapons. We see a bunch of people standing in a circle and dogs are barking. Walker steps out, with something wrapped in a bloody towel. Walker tells Jake that he’s hundreds of years late for talking, but just in time for lunch, plopping down the head of a pig that’s just been slaughtered. Of course, they’d wanted us to think it was a dog, and we did. I hate being manipulated like that.

Madison tells Nick that Alicia didn’t come home, and now she’s not in the camp. She asks him to go to Jake’s, but he tells her to leave Alicia alone. Jeremiah approaches, and says he knows Alicia and Jake are courting, which is I guess what we’re calling it now. Some of Jake’s stuff is gone, and so is he. Nick wonders where they should start looking, but Jeremiah says they don’t. He can’t spare a search party, and everyone has had enough right now. Nick and Jeremiah decide to train new recruits.

Sitting in the diner, Jake tells Walker that his father won’t abandon the ranch. He tells him that Russel is dead, and Walker says karma is overdue. Alicia says that the Trumball family is dead too, and he killed them. Walker asks if “this girl” is speaking for Jake, and adds three down, one to go. Jake says his father did nothing to warrant this, and he thought they had an understanding. Walker says he understood that when Jake came there with his drunken friends, he waited on him with a smile, but the day of the white man’s courts are over. They must vacate the land. Jake was hoping for a parlay, and to negotiate. Walker says maybe he’s right, if a parlay can spare blood They can talk after they eat.

Holy! The waitress is Ofelia!  #ThereIsOfelia

Nick approaches Troy, wanting to sign up. Troy asks why join the militia, and Nick tells him that maybe he feels badly about what he’s done to cause any death. Troy suggests leaving before something worse happens, but Nick talks about getting Travis killed, and says he needs an occupation. He also wants to protect them from whoever killed the Trumball family; he saw those savages. Troy tells someone to get Nick outfitted.

Outside the diner, Ofelia tells Alicia that it’s a long story. Alicia says to tell her, and she’ll tell Ofelia how they almost died when she took the truck. Ofelia says, sorry; she thought they were safe. She says that she almost died after that, but Alicia doesn’t care. Ofelia says Walker found her, took her in, and they’re good people. Alicia says they killed a family two days ago, but Ofelia says there was nothing scheduled for then. Walker goes on all the raids, and he was with her.

Jake tells Alicia that they’re swapping people, and he’s staying; Walker guarantees his safety. Alicia says that she’ll stay. Jeremiah has to hear it from him. Walker asks if they have a parley, and Jake says it appears they do.

At the bunkhouse, Nick gives himself a haircut, and Madison asks if she has to worry. She wonders if he’s going back to back with Troy, and he says keep your enemies close. He tells her good luck, and leaves.

Ofelia comes back with Jake. Jake explains what happened, and Ofelia says she’s the hostage from Walker’s side. Jake promises they’ll get Alicia back. He wouldn’t have left her if he didn’t think she was safe. Madison asks Ofelia how long she was there. Ofelia says long enough to know Walker’s word is good. Madison says he wants them off the ranch, and asks if that has changed. Ofelia says only Jake would know.

Walker shows Alicia around, saying that they call themselves pony warriors even though they drive jeeps. Soon they’ll have their own air force. He points out that many of the people are ex-military. As he’s talking, Alicia tells him that she was on the helicopter. He says she’s lucky; they’d been hoping it was an auto. She tells him that he killed one of her family members. He says it’s good if she hates him; maybe she can understand if she magnifies the hate a thousand times. She says that she hates him for killing Travis – and thinking he knows how she feels. He’s nothing but a hypocrite.

There’s a meeting in Jeremiah’s office. Jake says they need blood, and are willing to take it from them. Jeremiah says let them come. Jake suggests letting them share the water. Jeremiah doesn’t think it will satisfy Walker; he’ll want everything. Jake says they need to meet him halfway, but Jeremiah says he’d rather die. Madison says what about Alicia, and Jeremiah says she made her own decision. Jake says he trusts Walker. Madison is an outsider, and needs faith.

When the others leave, Madison asks Jeremiah what he’s going to do. He tells her that he’s going to listen to Jake. He doesn’t think that Walker is to be trusted though.

Walker has taken Alicia to a trailer that houses relics. Alicia looks at a bunch of weird stuff. She sees a skeleton, and Walker says it’s papier-mâché, but it fooled a lot of vacationers. He brings down a chest, and says this isn’t for tourists; this is real. He shows her his great grandfather’s bones. Alicia asks if they shouldn’t be buried, and he says that they were, in a cave. He desecrated his great-grandfather’s grave to save him from travelers and construction. He hopes his great-grandfather forgives him one day. Alicia says the idea of an afterlife doesn’t make sense; it’s hard to get out of this one. Walker says it’s part of a grand plan that had taken place long before the dead walked. He asks if she knows what apocalypse means. When she tells him the end of the world, he says no, it means a great unveiling. He tells her that he kept seeing a theme in the caves; pictures of a new age, a land that will be pure. He says it’s been a long struggle, but after the apocalypse, all will be returned to them – the first humans.

Troy thinks Ofelia is either lying or stupid. Madison says not stupid, but she needs to be on the winning side. Troy says Madison has a connection with her, but Madison says she thinks Ofelia is for herself. She’s with Walker for a reason. Madison tells him that she needs to get Alicia out, and suggests they get a few guys, and slip her out. She says that Troy owes her. She could have brought the whole ranch down on his head. Truth!

Alicia goes out to get water. While she’s walking back, someone follows behind her.

Jeremiah visits Ofelia, and tells her that he thinks they should have a chat, but she says she has nothing to say. He says it’s good that Walker found her, and she’s not dead; at least if the negotiation works, it’s good. She asks what he wants. He says he’s been thinking strange thoughts about ghosts. He talks about your sins not being the thing that holds you in limbo, and the worst of the somehow carrying your sins. Ofelia asks again what he wants. He tells her that nobody wants war, and not to complicate matters with old business. He says that’s fair and asks if she thinks so. Ofelia doesn’t answer, but he asks a second time, and I guess she figures that if she doesn’t agree, she’ll never get out of this stupid conversation, so she says it is. He tells her that he’ll have someone bring food, even though she says she’s not hungry.

Alicia slops the pigs. In the middle of the night? Troy grabs her, and she sees the others with him. She says they’ll get everyone killed. Two of the soldiers are holding a guard, and Alicia says that if they kill him, she’s not leaving. Troy doesn’t care what she thinks. The guard tries to run, and gets stabbed for his trouble. The soldiers start to drag him away, and a dog barks.

Watching from the top of a hill, Nick tells Madison that someone is coming, and they’re not going to make it. They have to bring the truck down. By now, Walker’s people realize something is going on, and are starting to come out. A guy throws Nick to the ground, and is about to stab him, when Troy shoots him (shoots the guy, not Nick). All hell is breaking loose, with shooting and people running everywhere. Troy tosses Alicia into the truck, and Madison drives away with her. Well, this isn’t going to be good.

When they get back, Jake says congratulations, they just declared war. Troy says they were successful in getting Alicia back, and Alicia can’t believe it was Madison’s idea. Jake says he’d made a deal, and Madison tells him that he was played. There was nothing at stake except Alicia’s life. Jeremiah tells her that Jake had made the call, and them that don’t listen have to be brought to heel someday. Does this guy ever say anything that doesn’t sound like a combination of Yoda and a crazy person?

Jake has filled the truck bed with water bottles. Troy asks if their dad knows what he’s doing, and Jake says he’s drunk. Jake thought Jeremiah would be happy. He’d gone to Walker himself and set everything up. Troy asks what kind of a death wish he has, and suggests that only his scalp will be returning. Jake says that he’s going to give them the water. Troy doesn’t think he’s coming back, and that he should ask himself if that would make him happier.

Ofelia takes Alicia off to the side, and says she shouldn’t stay there. Alicia asks what she knows. Ofelia tells Alicia to come with her, it’s all she can offer. Alicia says that she has to stay. Ofelia says that she’s sorry about Travis.

When he gets to the Black Hat, Jake gets the snot beat out of him. Walker tells him that he broke the parlay, but Jake says that Madison and Troy broke it. He’s brought Ofelia and water. Walker takes out a knife, pulling Jake’s head back. Jake says that there will be peace, and Walker says that there will be, but not now. Ofelia stops Walker from killing Jake. Walker says he’ll finish the scalping of the oldest son, when he sees him next. He’ll feed the youngest son to the hogs, and the father will remain alive to watch, before they burn him alive. Where is the freaking boom person whenever Walker talks?

A motorcycle comes to the ranch gate. Ofelia is dropped off. She tells Madison that all she knows is she’s lost her home and the people who took her in. Madison says shouldn’t have left them in the first place. Jeremiah tells them to take Ofelia to the infirmary.

Troy says they’ll press for attack. He says he can get more information from Ofelia, but Jeremiah says no. Madison says they shouldn’t have let her go back, and Jeremiah says to watch her.

Madison says that Ofelia can stay with her and Alicia. Ofelia asks if she’s a prisoner, and Madison tells her that they’re all prisoners of someplace. Ofelia says that there are no walls for Walker’s people because he says you can’t sneak up on an Indian. She says Alicia was never in trouble, but she had a taste of freedom, and now it’s gone.

Troy and the guys talk. Nick asks what if Walker attacks while they’re on their perimeter. Troy says there are only two roads, and they’ll be on both of them. They’ll leave a suicide note (translation: a suicide squad), and the rest will run back and defend the castle ranch. Nick says if that happens, he’ll volunteer to be up front – he’s suicide proof. Troy thinks they should go kamikaze another day. For now, they’re staying behind the fence.

Alicia asks Madison how she can be sure it was Walker who killed the Trumballs?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the horses are restless. Soldier Joe says he doesn’t like it. The guy next to him tells him to stay frosty, but dude doesn’t feel right, then doubles over in pain. Someone else starts throwing up, and suddenly, soldiers are dropping like flies. Alicia and Madison hear them yelling, and run outside. Ofelia watches from the bunkhouse.

The guards start to turn into zombies. Nice. Everyone is running around, and Nick joins the fray. A soldier tells people to get back inside. Zombies are attacking and being attacked. Madison comes out shooting. Ofelia comes out, and Nick calls to her, but she runs. Nick starts to chase her, but then gets sick. Madison takes up the chase. It looks like Ofelia is aiming to steal another truck.

Part Two

In the desert, Ofelia sees a hole in the fence and goes through. Someone starts shooting at her. She scrambles down a hill, and hides behind a tree. She takes out a knife, and blesses herself. Jeremiah comes around the other side of the tree, and holds out his hand. She gives him the knife, and he tells her welcome to America.

She tells Jeremiah that she was headed to Santa Fe where her fiancé is. Jeremiah tells her she’s free to go, and gives her some water. He says to go from whence she came, find shade, and travel by starlight. She wants a ride, but he says he has to go back, and there’s no use for brown people on the ranch. She spits at him, and he tells her enjoy the walk, and speeds away.

Ofelia walks until she drops. She gets up, leaving her backpack. She starts taking her clothes off, and sees her father. She says the earth will protect her, and starts to dig. Daniel tells her no, she has to stay awake. She reaches for him, but he’s not there.

Eventually, Walker comes by. He checks Ofelia’s pulse, and gives her water. He puts her on his horse.

Walker brings Ofelia to the reservation, and takes her to the Black Hat Motel. He puts her in a tub and bathes her. When she comes out, he gives her some soup. They introduce themselves, and Walker tells her to rest

Back in the present, Madison runs after Ofelia. She gets in a truck and finds the keys in under the visor. Madison busts the driver’s window, and pulls her back out.

Troy and the others attend to whoever is still alive at the ranch. A soldier turns, and Jeremiah shoots him. Madison tells them that Ofelia put powder in the coffee, but doesn’t know what kind. Jake says they have antibiotics, but without knowing what it is, it’s hard to treat. Madison says to keep Nick alive, and leaves.

Madison holds a gun on Ofelia as Ofelia drives. Ofelia tells Madison that it was just supposed to make them sick. She insists her people wouldn’t do such a thing. Madison says they used to be her people. Nick was her friend, and now he might die; does she care? Ofelia says the Nation is her family now, and Madison says they’ll see about that. They drive to the motel. Madison wants to talk to Walker. A guard says he’s in the diner, and Madison drags Ofelia inside.

Madison says that Walker killed her husband, and now the ranch. He says they broke the parlay, but she says no, she did. She doesn’t give a flying about anything except her son. She wants to know what’s killing him. Walker says that it’s anthrax, cultivated from animal hides, and there’s no cure. He gets up, telling his guards to put down their weapons. He says that this woman is more of a man than Jake or any of his relatives, and she’s free to leave. I’m like, all right, Walker! He asks how old Madison’s son is, and she says nineteen. He tells her that if he’s strong, he’ll live. He says that his fight isn’t with her, and suggests she take her family and leave.  She says they’ve fought too hard, and lost too much; they’re not running anymore. Walker says they’ll die then.

Zombies amble around. Victor enters what used to be a restaurant. The food in the refrigerated case is rotten. He sees a boat just offshore, and says, hello, angel. He goes down to the water, and walks out. It’s the Abigail. He boards the yacht, and sees the undead crew stumbling around, making zombie noises. He halts a guest with an arrow to the head, and stabs the captain. He shoots more guests and crew with a handgun. He thinks he’s done.

In the infirmary, Nick throws up again. Alicia tells him, morning, sunshine, and he says it’s like old times. Madison them that it’s anthrax. Those who survive will be too weak to hold a gun. Jake tells one of the soldiers to get what’s left of militia. Madison says that’s a bad idea, and Jake says she’s not the leader. Nyah-nyah! Nick tells her that she’s still the life of the party.

Jake says that Madison is right. Alicia suggests he talk to Walker, and he says talk is cheap without anything to barter with; they have no leverage. Alicia knows where they can get some.

Victor picks up a bottle of Dom Perignon. He goes to the wheelhouse, and messes with the controls. He puts on a white jacket, and pops open the bottle, saying it’s good to be home.

Nick tells Jake that he’s feeling better, and asks to be uncuffed. He thinks someone else might need the bed more, like Jake. He tells Jake that he’s sick, but Jake says they need him. Nick says either way, if they’re attacked, he’s not going to be able to help, so please let him up. Jake undoes the cuffs, and Nick asks him where Jeremiah is. Jake says that his dad can’t help. He’s burning the dead. He’ll only disappoint Nick. The hell they’re in is all because of him.

Nick goes to the new old house and takes out a hammer. He starts ripping up the floorboards.

Ofelia knocks at Walker’s door. She says the Clarks took her in, and she cared about them. He says she volunteered for what she did, and saved the entire Nation. He says when he found her, he almost passed her for dead, but his horse sensed her spirit. She says smart horse, and he tells her smarter than him. She faced death, and wasn’t afraid, that’s why he brought her here. She says he saved her life, and he tells her that the debt is paid. They hear people outside and run out.

Fires are starting. Madison and Alicia watch from the truck. Tents are burning, and what’s left of the militia starts to shoot. Madison attaches the relic trailer to the truck, and starts to move. Troy jumps on.

Nick is digging under the floor. He finds Jeremiah in another room, drinking. Nick says Jeremiah shot up the floor and said it had blood in it. Jeremiah says he’s been known to wax metaphoric while in his cups. Nick holds up a skull, asking who it is. Jeremiah says it’s a long story, but Nick wants to know. Jeremiah tells him that when Jake and Troy were little, the local tribe decided that the ranch belonged to them – it was sacred land or some BS – even though it had been sold to them fair and square. He had a frightened family at home, so the founders killed the leaders. One was Walker’s uncle. Nick asks if it’s his skull, and Jeremiah says no, that’s Walker’s father. He’d come by to see what happened to his brother. Nick says when they were working, he just thought Jeremiah was some wise-ass cowboy. Jeremiah says that Nick is a guest, and he needs to get right with the past, or get off the land. Nick says that it’s their land, but Jeremiah says it belongs to whoever holds it, and it was given up for beer money. Nick tells him that they’ll see who can old the land – they’re coming.

Walker’s trucks surround the ranch. Troy comes back with the relics trailer. He and Madison say that it’s leverage. Nick says Walker values them, and Jeremiah says that Nick might not like his hospitality, but he’ll like it better then Walker’s.

Alicia says they’re on the wrong side. Nick says he gets that Madison wants to protect them, but there has to be a line. Nick tells them that Troy killed the Trumballs. Alicia says that Madison knew, and covered for him. Madison says that she doesn’t understand. Alicia says that Madison is just like them; she’s worse because she has no feelings. No wonder her father was depressed. Madison says she’d love to indulge herself, but doesn’t have time for feelings. They have no idea what she carries.

As Victor snoozes, the radio comes to life. He says hello, and a voice comes through. It’s from overseas, a man who was a cosmonaut (a nod to Z Nation?), and Victor asks if they know what’s happened in America. He finds out that the zombies are everywhere. The man says he speaks from his grave, and Victor says he’s sorry at least he got to go to space – no one else will have the opportunity. The man says he’d give it up for water, and Victor says how about champagne? They talk, and laugh a little, and once again, the boom person was absent that day. The man asks about the champagne, and Victor describes it. The connection is starting to break up, and the man tells Victor that the world turns. Victor says the world is dead, but the man tells him not until he dies, and not to give up. The connection is gone, and Victor says, das vidania.

Madison meets Walker. She says the artifacts are unharmed. He wants to know why she’s thrown in with trash, and she says you can’t always choose your people. She tells him they can end this, and live in peace. He says that this is their land, soaked in Indian blood, the time for peace is over. She says that she heard about his fight with the Ottos, and says she understands this is his father. She holds out the skull, but he says it’s not enough. This isn’t his father, but an old white man’s shame.

Madison comes back to the ranch, and says that Walker doesn’t care about relics; he wants the ranch. They have until sundown to clear out or die.

Victor roots around the boat, and gathers supplies together. More liquor! But instead of drinking it, this time he pours it all over, and sets it on fire. He puts on aviator sunglasses, and the flames look awesome in the lenses. He goes back to shore. The boat burns on the water.

Madison comes back to the bunkhouse. She says that Alicia and Nick have never been to Montgomery, and Alicia says she never took them, not even for her grandmother’s funeral. Madison says there was a local council man who lived there, and he had a beautiful wife and little girl. Everyone loved her daddy because he knew everyone’s names and all of their occasions; he knew when to burn the ballot boxes and which ones to burn, but what he didn’t know was when to turn down a drink. So life was hard for the little girl, and harder for her mother. As the little girl grew, she got tired of crying and seeing her mother get hurt. One morning, she ate her cereal, and brushed her teeth for school. She took the gun from her daddy’s dresser, and shot him while he slept off the night before. Nick and Alicia are like, whoa.

Madison says her mother looked at her then, like they’re looking now, but she’d do it again. She’d do it a thousand times to protect her – protect them. She’s going to convince an old man to set aside his pride and make peace with the enemy. Now I’m looking at her like that.

Madison visits Jeremiah. He says he’s going Alamo, last line of defense. He built the house as a hold out. He has supplies and weapons in the basement, and they’re welcome to join him if it comes to it. He offers her a drink, and thanks her for standing by his boys, by Troy, for trying to stop what’s coming. They clink glasses. Madison says she told Jake they couldn’t come to an agreement; there’s only one way to secure peace. Jeremiah says they want his scalp, and asks if she’s there to kill him after he took her in. He continues to list all the things he’s done for her and her family. She puts the gun on the desk, and says she’s not going to kill him for those reasons, and is tired of disappointing her kids. So he’s going to do it.

Jeremiah says he’s not going to die like some rabbit with no resistance. Madison says they’re surrounded by firepower. If he doesn’t do it, everyone dies. It’s his chance to make things up to his sons. He says the hell with them – one is a feckless crybaby, and the other, a chip off the old block. She tells him that her kids aren’t dying because some selfish old prick is afraid to do what’s right. He says go ahead and kill him then, because some selfish old prick did what needed to be done.

Nick walks in, and Jeremiah says, don’t nobody knock? having a valid point. He asks Nick if he knows why his mother came by, and starts to say, she’s just like – Madison raises the gun, but Nick shoots Jeremiah before she has a chance to do it.

Madison tells Nick to do exactly as she says. We see him running from the scene. Troy and Jake come into Jeremiah’s office. Jeremiah is slumped at his desk, while Madison sits in a nearby chair. The brothers take Jeremiah’s body out and put it into the truck. The truck drives away, as Nick, Madison, and Alicia watch from the balcony.

Madison meets Walker on the road, and sets down a backpack. He opens it. It’s Jeremiah’s head. Or so we assume, since for some reason, they decided to not gross us out and we just got a glimpse. Walker nods, and walks away carrying the backpack. Madison walks in the opposite direction.

This was the mid-season finale (please, who invented such a thing?), so there was no preview.

✈ Okay, I am slightly obsessed with 90 Day Fiancé, but it’s just so weird. I mean the coupling is weird. Maybe because the show should really be called How to Get a Green Card in 90 Days. I’m not saying all of the couples are together for that reason, but I think the ratio is heavily on that side. We have Jorge and Anfisa, who has been pretty blatant about the fact that she wanted to marry him for a free ride. The first one I saw revolved around Mohamad and Danielle, which I’ve I’ve already discussed. There is clearly something wrong with Danielle, who keeps going back and forth about whether to get a divorce or an annulment, the latter leaving Mohamad open to deportation. She goes back every time he says, come on, let’s still be friends, and forth when she realizes she’s been had again. I said it before, but being even more blatant, a guy who looks like that would not be interested in her. He’s no Marc Singer, but she’s pretty close to pre-makeover Susan Boyle. Not sayin’ it never happens, but just sayin’. Then there’s Pedro and Chantal. I don’t know how much he cares about the green card thing, but I don’t see him getting a job, and he seems to send an awful lot of her money back to his mother in wherever-the-blip they’re from. His mother is a real piece of work too, calling Chantal’s family stupid and crazy because they’re concerned about their daughter. I get that every mother thinks her son is wonderful, but she’s waaay out of line, and might consider shutting her mouth since she’s a total grifter. It was pretty funny when Chantal got Pedro to try sushi though. Next, we have Pao, a party girl who thinks she’s going to be a model and make tons of money, and Russ, who is a patient-as-hell, somewhat conservative dude from Oklahoma. At present, Pao is in Miami, hanging out with her best gay pal, while Russ is trying to sell their Oklahoma home. Russ came down for a visit, and the friend relentlessly bashed him in Spanish, with Pao translating. I hope he dumps her sorry ass before she gets her card. At least Anfisa is honest about wanting Jorge to be her meal ticket. Last, and I think the couple most likely to succeed, are Loren and Alex, who met in Israel, and are talking about moving his parents to the US. Despite some altercations, that are mostly due to her keeping things from him, they seem the most genuine. I think that’s all of them. If not, it’s enough.

🏛 The Real Housewives of Potomac had part one of their reunion tonight. Of course the main thing is what they wore and how they looked, and I can’t say I have much criticism here. Some of the dresses bordered on bridesmaids-ish (I’m talking to you Karen and Robyn), and there was one that could have doubled for prom (Monique), but not necessarily in a bad way – they were still beautiful. Huge earrings abounded, and everyone sported new hairstyles, all of them lovely. That being said, same Potomac, different day, just more confined. One of the things I always hate about reunions is the same thing I hate about litigants on court shows. Aside from the blatant lying, making faces is incredibly unattractive unless you’re five years old. And all of these women are the Grand Dames of face-making. Part one is always just the warm-up anyway. It looks like a few sparks will fly when the husbands are trotted out.


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