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August 17, 2017 – Franco is Home, Not So Happily Ever After & TV Tidbits


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Felicia tells Mac that Anna would rather hear it from them about their brush with the law. Mac is concerned that she’ll bar them from seeing Emma and the baby. Felicia thinks she’ll laugh, and since Maxie knows, it’s only a matter of time before the whole town does.

In Portland, Maxie tells Georgie not to eat the grass, but Spinelli thinks it’s okay. He tells her grunge is a way of life there, and she needs to get used to it – if she’s going to stay.

Amy meets Nathan at Kelly’s. She asks how his summer was without her. He says calmer, but admits it was also less fun.

Felicia thinks Mac needs anti-anxiety pills. Anna has just walked in with Emma and the baby. She overhears, and asks why.

Obrecht comes into the hospital through the loudest sliding door ever. Elizabeth wants to confront her. Franco says no, and she asks if he has a better idea. He hands her the bakery box, and says allow him.

Finn tells Curtis that if anyone can find Hayden, it’s him. Curtis says he does know her well, and could bring her back faster than any PI in the business, but he won’t. Finn says she’s almost out of resources, and is in her second trimester. Finn asks Curtis if he thinks he can’t do it. Curtis asks if he seems like a brother who can be swayed by vanity, and Finn says yes. Curtis tells him that out of respect for Hayden, he won’t punch him out, but he also won’t take the job for the same reason.

Franco asks Obrecht why she’s there. He says there’s a rumor going around that she’s ruining Hayden and Finn’s lives. She says she can’t help it if Hayden is in to larceny. He says she didn’t just break a law, she broke camp; she’s gone.

Maxie loves seeing Georgie every day. not so much Spinelli’s new beard. He tells her that Ellie likes it. It’s like kissing her childhood crush Merlin Olsen. (Google it.) He thinks there’s a way to entice Nathan to come. He says they have a police station, and he’s sure Nathan could find a place on the force. Maxie tells him that ever since Nina married Valentin, he’s afraid to leave Port Charles. Spinelli says that she’s a gown woman, but Maxie believes he’s using it as a cover. Spinelli thinks he has the answer.

Amy tells Nathan that she saw the twinkle in his eye after the podcast. He was in his element. He thinks there might be something to that. She asks if the opportunity presented itself, if he’d want to keep going. He wonders if she’s asking him to be Man Landers again.

Mac and Felicia look at Anna’s pictures. The baby’s name is Noah. Anna thinks it’s a perfect name, but Mac isn’t thrilled. He toasts to the newest member of the family.

Curtis reveals to Finn that he started looking the moment Hayden disappeared. He asked his contacts to look, and at one point thought she took a ferry to Canada, but he was wrong. He says that she doesn’t want to be found, and it’s her choice and her right. He doesn’t have to like it, but has to respect it

Obrecht tells Franco that Hayden got what she deserved. Franco says she’s Elizabeth’s sister. Obrecht says if anything, she did Elizabeth a favor. Franco doesn’t want a feud between his friend and girlfriend, but Obrecht says she’ll take her chances. He asks what if Finn finds out. Elizabeth tells Franco that her shift is over, and she wants to go home. Obrecht says to tell her sister mazel tov if she sees her. Is she Jewish? Or has she been watching Andy Cohen?

Spinelli thinks that Nathan might feel jealous or inadequate, since Maxie is away. He offers to talk to Nathan, man to man, but Maxie thinks something else is going on. He asks if she needs his cyber skills, and she tells him maybe, but she has a more pressing matter for The Jackal to solve.

Amy tells Nathan that being Man Landers is like going under cover, but he says it’s worse. Murderous criminals don’t encourage their new boss to overlook public indecency. Amy wonders what Man Landers has gotten himself into.

Felicia leaves, and Anna wonders if she’s missing something. Emma gets a phone call, and steps away from the table to answer. Anna says she thinks it’s a boy. Mac freaks, but she says that Robin and Patrick have assured her they’re on top of things. She asks if he has anything for her, and he gives her a drive that has a full accounting of everything Valentin did in her absence.

Maxie tells Spinelli that she’s been given the green light from the magazine publisher to pursue the story of the century. She wants to expose Man Landers for the charlatan he is. She says once they do, he won’t be able to give advice to anyone. Spinelli reveals that he loves Man Landers’s blog, and he’s responsible for the beard.

Amy says that Nathan is making too big a deal about Mac and Felicia; they’ll laugh about it someday. Nathan tells her maybe, as long as they don’t find out it was him. She says he didn’t tell them to do it in public. He says Maxie wanted to give Man Landers a piece of her mind, and threatened to expose him. Amy says she can never know. Felicia rolls up next to Nathan, and says, know what?

Anna checks where Valentin has been, but there’s nothing much. She notices he went to a building that Ava and Julian own. She wonders if it was a meeting, and what kind of business he’d have with them. She says maybe it was innocent, and Mac says maybe Valentin really turned over a new leaf. Anna tells Mac that Valentin would have to prove it.

Finn understands not intruding on Hayden’s privacy, but he loves her and she’s pregnant with their child; he needs help to find her. Curtis says sorry, but he knows a good PI he can refer Finn to. He gets that Finn is pissed, but Hayden made her choice, like he has. Finn wants to see her one more time to try and make it right. Curtis says that works for him, but not Hayden. He asks if Finn would have let her go if she’d explained first, and he says probably not. Curtis tells him that Hayden did what was best for her, and they have to respect her choices. Finn loves her too much to let her go. He says they’re two deeply flawed people who found each other. He asks if Curtis would have let her go if he was in the same position, and hasn’t he ever wanted a second chance or to make amends? Finn tells Curtis he’ll look for her himself.

Elizabeth gets in Obrecht’s face, and Obrecht tells her to spare the righteous indignation. She and Hayden don’t even like each other. Elizabeth says that Hayden is pregnant and alone, and on the run. Obrecht admits to feeling sorry for the baby, who’s innocent in all of this, but she also feels sorry for the girl Hayden put in a wheelchair. Elizabeth finds it hard to believe that Obrecht’s motives were noble. Obrecht says she righted a wrong, and messed up Hayden and Finn’s lives, so it’s – how you Americans say – a twofer. Avenging herself makes it a trifecta. Elizabeth says Hayden will be back, and Obrecht will get what she deserves. Obrecht says they’ll see about that.

Mac talks about Valentin being arrested in regard to Spencer, but says that everything worked out. He tells her the chase is over, and she has her life back. He says her life is too precious to spend it running after Valentin.

Amy tells Felicia that it’s a surprise, and Nathan introduces them. Amy says she’s helping Nathan with Maxie’s birthday, and Nathan adds that he’s a terrible gift giver. Felicia points out that it’s not until Halloween. Amy tells Nathan that they’re settled on what they’re doing, and jets. Felicia says that she’s meeting Bobbie to discuss a case, but thinks they should talk about what he’s been up to.

Maxie tells Spinelli that Man Landers almost got her parents arrested, and now he’s encouraging beard culture. Spinelli says he’s just a humble sage trying to enlighten his fellow man. She asks why the subterfuge then, and he says maybe it’s for privacy. Maxie thinks that if people knew the truth, they wouldn’t be following him like lemmings. She says if she breaks the story, she could get ahead at the magazine.

Finn sees Obrecht at the hospital. She wonders why Hayden would take such drastic action, and says that the people who seem the happiest often conceal sadness and secrets. It’s a shame she ran from her problems. Obrecht tells him that she considered packing after she got ousted from the hospital, but she had people there whom she loves and love her, and thought it was a better idea to stick it out. Finn says she did this.

Elizabeth doesn’t understand why Franco is friends with Obrecht. He says that plenty of people might say the same about Elizabeth being with him. She says that’s different because he’s trying to be a better person. He tells her that what Obrecht did sucks, but what can he do to make it better? Elizabeth wants to hear about NYC, but we still don’t get the story, because he says he missed her, and hated being away. Franco wants to create their own world at her place, and she says he should be free to roam, but there’s always room for him there. She’s ready for him to move in.

Emma tells Anna about a boy who keeps asking her to go out with him, but she wants to figure things out with Spencer first. She wants to be just friends, but Spencer wants it to be more. That’s why he gave her this, and she shows Anna the heart he made with a diamond in it. Emma says she has to give it back.

Spinelli asks Maxie if her career has to come at expense of Man Landers. She accuses him of caring more about a blog than her career path. He says there has to be another way, or good, but befuddled men will lose their Northern Star. Her vision is that she gets a promotion, Nathan realizes that he can’t live without her, and he moves to Portland. Then Georgie will have both parents with her. She just needs to expose that bunko artist.

Felicia says they know Nathan has been working overtime, trying to cover up their indiscretion. She appreciates him protecting them, as well as being a loving, generous husband to their daughter. She tells him just to be clear, no one will catch them again, and Mac won’t be taking any more advice from Man Landers.

Franco wasn’t sure if Elizabeth had changed her mind. She says they might have gotten sidetracked, but it’s time they get back on track. He says he’d like to be there when she talks to the boys. She says they’ll be over the moon, but she wonders about him. He asks if this is what she wants, or is it an overreaction to his absence? She’s ready to take the step. He says that he needs her to ask again. She does, and they kiss.

Finn says that Obrecht brought that weasel Jared (snort) to town, and orchestrated the whole thing. She says she might have extended the invitation, but Hayden did the rest. Curtis joins them, and asks what’s going on? Finn tells him that Obrecht did this to get back at him because she got herself fired. Finn says that she had no right to target Hayden. She says that she did him a favor. Hayden is a liar and embezzler, crippled a girl, and denied her responsibility. Finn says he should have let Obrecht rot in jail. She says yes, he should have.

Spinelli says he’ll do everything in his power to advance Maxie’s career, but one can only wonder how much advice Man Landers still had to give, since he already has millions of readers. Maxie thinks she might be going about this the wrong way. She didn’t realize he was trending, Maybe she doesn’t need to expose him to the world, only to her. She can convince him to work for her, and they’ll both get better jobs. Spinelli says it’s blackmail, but a good plan. She says first they have to find out who he is.

Outside of Kelly’s, Amy asks Nathan if Felicia bought the excuse. She says if the truth comes out, she’ll lose the book deal, and the way to pay her brother’s medical expenses. She’d have to give back the advance, and already spent most of it. He tells her to let him handle it. He’s gotten them this far. Amy knows that she roped him into it, but she’s grateful that he agreed. She hugs him, and Felicia sees them.

Anna tells Emma that Spencer has good taste. Emma says it wouldn’t be right to keep it; it would give Spencer false hope. Mac says it’s just a rhinestone, but Anna says she thinks it’s a genuine diamond.

Curtis tells Finn to leave finding Hayden to him. Finn wonders what changed, and he says maybe the speech about second chances got to him. There’s no way he’s letting Obrecht win. Finn thanks him. Curtis says that when he finds her, first he’ll make sure she’s safe, and he’ll relay any message Finn wants, but coming home is her call. Finn had better make a good case.

Franco and Elizabeth get busy, and there’s the inevitable song part.

Tomorrow, Ava and Griff kiss, Valentin asks how he can win back Nina’s trust, and Franco trashes his paintings.

👰 I still can’t leave 90 Day Fiancé alone. Even worse, I’m watching the new season along with Happily Ever After? where Pedro’s mother and sister continue to fascinate me with their selfishness and stupidity. Although maybe not so stupid, since they’re living high on the hog while Chantal still sleeps next to the kitchen. Chantal tried to make nice with them, but only succeeded in being called names, told to divorce Pedro if she didn’t like it, and exhausted Pedro’s mother. For someone who doesn’t work, she always looks exhausted. Maybe it’s from straining to watch TV on something that’s not 55”. I have no clue what’s up with Jorge and Anfisa. It’s pretty obvious she married him because she thought he was a weed farmer with money, but she keeps coming back like a boomerang even though he’s broke. Russ and Paola continue to bewilder me. Well, mostly Russ. Paola ditched Oklahoma to concentrate on the modeling career she doesn’t have in Miami. She’s annoyed because Russ is holding her back from “opportunities,” since he doesn’t want her nakey on camera. In Miami, apparently modeling means get nakey, and everything is “sexy,” which also means get nakey. Although there was a confusing moment when the lingerie she was given to wear in a video actually covered her more than the husband-approved bikini she brought with her. The worst part is that Russ has been good enough to let her hold him back, since he’s an oil engineer, and they don’t have those jobs in Florida. He’s basically settled for flipping burgers so she can stay in Miami. What an ingrate. On top of it, she lets her gay best friend insult Russ to his face on a regular basis. In Spanish. Although the best friend is so nasty and stupid, he doesn’t realize that Russ is picking up the language.

Danielle continued to try and get Mohamed deported. He made noises about how she hid her “criminal past” from him. I’m not sure what that involves, but I think it was a minor white-collar crime. Like he cares. Even the lawyer he spoke with thinks he’s on his way back to Tunisia. On a better note, Loren and Alex continue to be just precious. She was speaking on Tourette’s in Washington, and he surprised her by showing up when she thought he couldn’t be there. It reminded me of how my father would always show up for daytime school presentations that parents were invited to, when I figured I would have no one there.

One huge question I have is why people don’t learn the language of the pending spouse? Especially if they’re traveling to that country. I can’t keep their names straight yet, but it was pretty depressing when one guy on the new season traveled by plane, boat, and more boat, to a country where he knows no one and doesn’t know the language, and was stood up. The last episode left him on the back side of nowhere with only a load of luggage for protection. He looked absolutely miserable, and it was one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen, although part of me wanted to smack him.

🙌 Both Flipping Out and Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce began new seasons tonight. It’s girl for Jeff and Gage!

💀 Channel Zero will be returning to the Sy – we don’t know how to spell – Fy network on September 20th. I enjoyed the last season – it was creepy and weird, and had a disturbing creature made of teeth. The new season subtitle is No-End House, inspired by creepy pasta stories. I can’t wait!

🏠 You can see the trailer here:


August 10, 2017 – Ava Ventures Out & New York in Paris


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Scotty tells Julian that he got a bench trial, so Julian doesn’t have to face a jury. He convinced the judge that they couldn’t be impartial. He says Alexis hates Julian because of what happened to Sam. They don’t know if she’s going to save him, or throw him to the coyotes. Scotty wonders which Alexis is going to show up.

At the MetroCourt, Alexis, Molly, and Kristina discuss babysitting Scout to help out Sam. Molly is concerned about Julian’s trial. Alexis was told that she’s testifying early. The girls wonder what she’s going to say, and she tells them that depends on what she’s asked. Kristina says that Julian belongs in prison for life.

Valentin and Charlotte have lunch at Kelly’s. Charlotte is concerned that Spencer is going to take Windemere away.

Ava sips a martini. Kiki knocks at the door, and Ava puts on her mask. She still dresses well, no matter what’s going on. Kiki has Griff with her. Ava asks if they’re there to take her to Julian’s trial; she’s not going for obvious reasons. Kiki asks about her therapy session, and Ava wonders if they’re trying to whisk her off to another one. Griff says no; they were thinking of lunch.

Elizabeth tells Hayden that the bank is calling about suspicious activity. Hayden takes the phone, and tells them that she did set up a new medical supplier. She says that she’s not in her office, but transfers need to start immediately. Elizabeth and Finn are surprised that they’re changing suppliers, and Hayden tells them to stop badgering her.

Scotty asks what happened when Julian got a text from Alexis. I don’t know because the sound goes out on my TV and I have to fiddle with it. Julian tells Scotty about Sam, and how he’d made the mistake of telling Alexis that he wanted to see her. She shut him out completely.

Alexis tells the girls that the prosecution isn’t sure if they have a hostile witness, so the questions will probably just require a yes or no response. Molly says that she should know that one word can make a world of difference in the meaning of an answer, and change the color of the text. Kristina wants Alexis to promise she won’t help Julian. Alexis says she’s going to tell the truth. Kristina says she hates Julian, and that Morgan died because of him. Alexis says he wasn’t directly responsible for that, or for Sam getting sick. Kristina says no one believes his story except her. She thinks it’s wrong to give him the benefit of the doubt, and Alexis is still doing it.

Charlotte tells Valentin that Spencer said Windemere still belongs to him. Valentin explains that his father, Mikkos, left him Windemere in his will, and Spencer is upset. He thinks it’s still his, and is suing Valentin, but he’ll lose. He tells her that Spencer is in school now, and he’s going to make all of this go away.

Ava tells Griff and Kiki that she’s not ready for an outing. Griff has brought her some books to help her decide if she wants to continue therapy or take another path. Griff says she can’t give up, especially during the in between stages. She has to learn how to manage change, and looking up can bring miracles. Kiki says that she can’t stay hiding, and she’s going to get Ava out if it kills her. Ava wonders why she wants to, and Kiki says she just does and Ava owes her.

Hayden says didn’t mean to snap; she’s just being a Bridezilla. She says she has a lot to do, and the bank guy was being a jerk. Finn tells her to be good to herself, and just breath. He goes back to work, and Hayden apologizes to Elizabeth. Elizabeth says weddings stressful, but what’s really going on? Is it the baby? Hayden says the baby is fine, but Elizabeth says Hayden isn’t. Hayden tells her that she feels like everything is about to fall apart.

Julian tells Scotty that Alexis’s testimony isn’t fair; he can’t ask her to go through that again. Scotty says whatever happens, she’ll be fine, but Julian could be in a monkey cage for the rest of his life. He’d better hope Alexis doesn’t hold Sam’s illness against him and tear him apart. Here come da judge. (Google it.)

Molly tells Alexis that Julian brings her down, and wonders why she still loves him. Alexis says she doesn’t. Kristina tells her that she just got her career back, and not to let him damage her reputation, sobriety, or heart. Alexis tells them to go register for school, and stop badgering her. Molly says it’s just that they care, and Kristina says they know she’ll do what’s right.

Hayden has the horrible feeling that she doesn’t deserve this. Elizabeth says that’s not true. Hayden tells Elizabeth that Finn changed her; love made her a better person. All she wants is a happy life and family. She starts crying, and. Elizabeth tells her that we all get anxious about the future. Hayden says she always finds a fabulous way to screw things up. Elizabeth says that all the feelings and emotions will swirl around, and then suddenly she’ll be married to the man she loves, and she’ll be fine. Elizabeth talks about the baby shower, and Hayden wishes they’d gotten to know one another better. Elizabeth says they have plenty of time for that.

Finn sneaks into Hayden’s office, and puts a cactus plant on her desk, but he can’t find the card. He throws the box away, and sees the visitor pass from the prison in the garbage can. Hayden comes in. He says when she went to get the plane tickets, she went to see her father, and asks why she didn’t tell him.

Griff, Kiki, and Ava go into Kelly’s. Charlotte gasps and points. saying that lady! Most unrealistic reaction ever for a kid who’s traveled the world and has Valentin for a father. Valentin tells her not to point. The lady looks like that because she was hurt badly, and it’s probably difficult for her to come outside in the first place, because someone would react like that. She was rude, and needs to make it right. Ava tells Griff that he keeps trying to fix her, but she can’t be fixed. She’s a freak, who scares little girls. Kiki says he’s just trying to help, and Ava asks how, by bringing her worst fears to life? (Well, actually, that is a form of therapy.) Griff suggests getting take out, and Ava tells him that she can’t stay there another minute. Kiki says they’ll get it, and Ava goes outside.

Charlotte follows Ava out, and apologizes, saying that she didn’t understand and got scared. Papa told her that Ava got hurt, and wanted her to apologize. So did she, and she hopes that Ava gets better soon. Valentin comes out and tells Charlotte to go back inside. He apologizes again, and Ava says it’s okay; she reacts the same way when she sees herself. Valentin says Charlotte did hit on something in wanting her to feel better. She can. Sooner than she thinks.

Hayden tells Finn she felt like she owed it to her father and herself to make peace. He did what he did, and was wrong, but he’s the only father she’s known. Finn says she’s so much better than him, but she says she’s getting married and he’s not walking her down the aisle; she had to tell him. Finn asks why she didn’t say anything. Hayden says that he would have wanted to come, but had to see her father alone. Finn asks what they talked about, and Hayden is vague, saying she had questions about what he did, and some other things that he could provide answers to. Finn asks if she got them, and she says yes and no.

Jared asks for Hayden at the desk. He tells Elizabeth that he’s a friend from a long time ago.

Alexis gets called to the witness stand first. (Are there even any other witnesses?) The prosecutor, who sounds like Will Smith, asks if she wants Julian to pay for his crimes or prefers that he go free? Huh? Scotty objects, but the prosecutor says that he needs to determine if she’s a hostile witness. Alexis says as an officer of the court, she wants to see justice done above all else. He asks about her meeting Olivia-J. She tells them about Olivia becoming her sponsor, and he asks if she had Olivia at her home at the same time as Julian. He asks if Julian didn’t encourage her having him as a sponsor over a stranger, as is the usual procedure with the program. She says he did, and the prosecutor asks if he ever said she was his sister, or did he conceal the fact that a psychotic criminal was in her life, and nearly killed her daughter?

Elizabeth asks Jared if he wants her to call Hayden. He says that he doesn’t want to bother her; he just wants to drop off a card. He asks that Elizabeth makes sure she gets it stat, adding isn’t that how they say asap around here? Elizabeth makes the same face I’m making as he leaves. Seriously, this guy is just not working. They need to either get rid of the character quickly or find another actor.  I can’t even accept that Hayden would have married him for money.

Hayden tells Finn that she just wanted closure. Finn gets it, and says that he would have respected her wish to go on her own – eventually. She’s like, exactly. Finn says that he spent so much time lying and covering things up when he was using, he doesn’t want there to be any more secrets. He’s there for her, and can handle anything she throws at him. Elizabeth comes in and Finn leaves. Elizabeth asks if Hayden is feeling better, and gives her the card, saying it’s from an old friend, but she didn’t get his name. When Elizabeth is gone, Hayden calls Jared a jerk, and looks at the card. I don’t catch exactly what it says, something about hope nothing ruins your big day, and Jared signed it. I do wonder if that’s the card Finn lost. Otherwise, why would he have even said anything if it wasn’t going to come up later? Hayden rips it up and throws it in the trash.

Valentin tells Ava that he can make arrangements, but she asks why she can’t do it herself. He says that she needs his referral. He tells her that they can perform miracles, and she doesn’t have to live like this. She tells him that the price he’s asking – letting him get away with murdering Nikolas – is too high. Valentin says that he hopes she changes her mind.

Molly is bummed that one of the professors she wanted is on sabbatical. She looks through the roster, and the only other one who does the class is – she stops and stares at her tablet. Kristina asks who’s teaching, the Marquis de Sade? Molly says it’s a visiting professor – Parker.

Scotty objects, due to the answer being speculation. It’s sustained. The prosecutor asks Alexis how often she saw Olivia as a sponsor, and as time went on did she suspect Julian was hiding something as time went on? She says yes. The prosecutor (whose name I wish I knew, so I wouldn’t have to keep typing prosecutor) says it was mere months after he held knife to her throat. Scotty objects, but that one is overruled. Alexis says yes, and he asks about Leo being rushed to the hospital. Alexis says it was a staged incident to warn Julian. The prosecutor (sigh) says that once he had proof that Olivia was a threat, did he warn her? Alexis says no. He asks if at any time before she was taken hostage did he tell her the truth. Again, she says no.

Back at the apartment, Ava says she appreciates what they tried to do. Kiki says it was a disaster, and Ava jokes that it didn’t kill her, so it must have made her stronger. She tells Griff that he’s been kind, and actually a little annoying. She’s going to look at the books, and either learn something or fall asleep, so it’s a win-win. She tells them she’s kicking them out now. Kiki asks about Valentin, but Ava says he apologized for Charlotte. She tells them that she feels better than she expected. When they’re gone, she takes her mask off.

Finn approaches Elizabeth at the desk. She calls him Dr. Finn, and he tells her since they’re practically family, just Doctor will do. He thanks her for being Hayden’s maid of honor, and she says it’s her pleasure. He says if it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t be getting married; she didn’t go to Monica when she found out he was an addict. Elizabeth tells him that she’s looking forward to having him as a brother-in-law.

Hayden calls the bank. She says she has adjustments to make with a new account that was set up.

The prosecutor goes on about how Olivia left Sam to give birth under a bridge, and that’s when Alexis and Jason realized the connection, and went to the police – without Julian’s help. He asks if, at this late juncture, Julian even left a hint or clue. Alexis says that he didn’t, and the prosecutor asks if he’d been honest at any time, would she have wound up on a bridge, fighting for her life? Scotty objects, saying that answer requires a crystal ball. Alexis says she doesn’t know. The prosecutor asks if Julian was covering for Olivia, and if he was an accomplice in her actions. Alexis says that Olivia was coercing him, and tries to talk, but the prosecutor talks over her. He asks if it could have been prevented, and she says maybe.

Griff and Kiki stand in the hallway in front of Ava’s door. Griff asks how long they’ll be hanging out, and Kiki says she’s worried. Her mother used to be indestructible, and now she runs away when a child cries. Griff says recovery takes time; she has to make a new life. Kiki asks how, and he says ultimately, that depends on the choices she makes, and the life she decides to live.

Ava looks in mirror. She ponders for a while, and takes out Valentin’s card. She puts it in a box.

On the phone with the bank, Hayden uses name Rachel Berlin. Finn is standing in the doorway.

Tomorrow, Julian says it’s enough, Jason asks Sam if they agree it’s the best solution, and Nathan asks Dante if they’re closing the book on his father’s shooting.

New York Takes Paris

Ryan’s easy listing turned out to be not so easy. The seller wanted a bidding war he didn’t get, and Ryan had to tell the potential buyer he made a mistake in underpricing. He rallied though, telling the broker that either he could tell his clients about the acceptable price, or never call him again. I’ll leave out some of the other words he used. He got the deal done, and the risk worked. He decided he wanted to buy a brokerage in Brooklyn and expand. His goal is to go nationwide. Amelia thought it was exciting, but tough, because she’ll have to sacrifice more time with him. He suggested they start making time by her joining him in Paris.

While Fredrick showed the Kravitz Nolita project in Paris, the developer hassled him about not having enough people at the showing. The penthouse is five grand a square foot, which, even for NYC, is quite high. Steve made a deal for an apartment in Fredrik’s building, but the buyer wanted the seller to pay the taxes (around $70K). The best the seller would do is go halvsies. Fredrik freaked and got all emo when he found out that Steve was having lunch with his developer. He ran away like a baby, even though Steve’s buyer agreed to the deal. Steve is also building his team in NYC. Fredrik admitted his problem wasn’t entirely about the real estate, but meeting Derek about baby news. The news was good though, as Derek brought along a sonogram of baby A and baby B. We’re having twins!

Ryan described Luis’s Paris apartment as both new and modern, like Luis is, and antiquey, like his brain is. His place was really adorable and oh, so French. The ten foot windows were especially impressive. Fredrik joined them, and called it a Parisian penthouse dream. Ryan asked if Luis found what he’s looking for, saying it took cojones to pick up and leave NYC. Unfortunately, Luis isn’t happy. He wonders where he’s going, and said if there’s no goal or objective in your life, there’s no purpose. Ryan told him that’s something he had to find out for himself, and if he hadn’t done it, he would have regretted it, and Luis conceded that he did learn something. Ryan suggested he come back and sell real estate. There was a group bro hug, and Ryan compared them to The Golden Girls.

Fredrik reached his goal of nine sales, including the penthouse, and his 40th birthday celebration rounded out the trip. Dinner was in a room that looked out on the Eiffel Tower. Steve was unsure about coming, but showed, and Fredrik apologized for overreacting. Steve told him that the lunch didn’t feel right, and his friendship was more important, so he canceled it. Fredrik decided the baby news should be kept between him and Derek for now, and everyone ended up dancing on the rooftop. Where the sophisticated group ended the evening with a cake fight. Fin.

😵 Flipping Out will be returning next Thursday, August 17th, at 9 pm.

🐘 Dammit! I forgot to watch Zoo.

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August 3, 2017 – The Distillery Demolition Begins, New York in Paris & Flipping Out Soon


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Doc talks to Laura about furniture for Spencer’s room, although it’s hard to compete with a castle. Laura can’t stop thinking about everything Spencer has been through. Doc says he’s safe and getting back to his everyday life, and the kidnapper is in the hospital. Laura says all he seems to care about is making Valentin look guilty, and is fixated on avenging his father’s death.

At Windemere, Valentin finds Spencer sitting at his desk.

Julian brings coffee for Ava. She asks him not to be that loud so early in the morning, and he tells her it’s ten a.m. He says that sleeping late, never leaving the house, and binge watching isn’t good. It seems like she’s given up. She says she’s lost everything, but he says maybe not. He has some news.

As Jason walks Sam around the hallway, they see gurnied Garvey being wheeled past. He and Sam eyeball each other. Jason asks what is it? Sam says she knows him.

Carly goes to Kelly’s for coffee. Bobbie asks if there’s any progress, but she says no. It’s like Sonny disappeared off the face of the earth.

Josslyn tells Nelle that she thinks the necklace that Oscar gave her is the most unusual necklace she’s ever seen. Nelle shows Michael, and he says it’s made from a bullet casing. He asks Josslyn where she got it.

Sonny managed to get himself out of the cask room, but lies unconscious on the ground outside the opening.

Valentin tells Spencer that he’s trespassing. He’s having a hard time grasping the simple concept that Windemere doesn’t belong to him. Spencer says he saw a documentary about the civil suit against OJ Simpson – before his time – on ESPN, and says he’s establishing residency. Valentin says the estate was left to him by his father, who didn’t mention Spencer in his will. Spencer says assault will play nicely in his civil suit, but Valentin has another action in mind.

Doc says that ultimately, Spencer told the truth, but Laura says she had to pressure him. She doesn’t blame him for being angry. Doc says it’s terrible that Valentin hasn’t paid a price for Nikolas’s death. Laura says that Spencer is starting to think like a Cassadine, and it scares her. Doc says Valentin isn’t stupid, and won’t do anything to Spencer. Laura’s phone rings. It’s Valentin, saying that he seems to have something that belongs to her

Ava asks Julian if he has a new face for her. He doesn’t, but he has a fat insurance check from the warehouse fire.  He tells her to get some new art, since the gallery itself didn’t burn. She says she could invest it and live off the interest; she’ll never have to leave the apartment again.

Sam wonders how she knows the guy on the gurney. Jason tells her that he’s an enemy of Sonny’s. Alexis comes in, and says thank God she’s awake. She asks if everything is okay, and Jason says that Sam just lost her balance a little. Alexis takes her back to her room.

An announcement is made at the distillery. Twenty minutes to demolition.

Laura and Doc pick up Spencer. Valentin suggests more supervision, saying that Spencer is quite the escape artist, and has been getting legal advice from ESPN. Doc takes Spencer to the car. Valentin tells Laura not to be surprised if Spencer disappears periodically, but don’t blame him. He says he looked the other way about Spencer lying, and didn’t press charges when Laura assaulted him, so he’d appreciate some reciprocation. She says the suit isn’t going away, so Spencer will have the satisfaction of Ava telling the world that Valentin murdered his father.

Julian says that Ava can’t put the people from the gallery out of work, but she says she did that weeks ago, giving them glowing recommendations. She’s not running a gallery looking like this. He compares her to Howard Hughes, and says it’s no way to live. She asks if he doesn’t have a daughter to look after. Julian says that his family might not want him around, but he’s not giving up on them, and he leaves.

Alexis thinks the walk might have been too much but tells Sam that she’s doing well. She says there’s nothing to worry about with Scout. She asks what’s upsetting Sam, and Sam says that she’s trying to piece everything together, but feels like she’s missing something. She says she saw Sonny in the ER, but Alexis says he isn’t there; it must be her brain tricking her. Sa says there’s something important she’s not remembering, but Alexis says whatever it is can wait. She goes to get the nurse. Sam hears a gunshot in her head.

The officer guarding Garvilicious gets a call that a suspicious character has been reported at the library, and he leaves his post. Jason goes into the room and closes the blind.

Carly can’t reach Michael. Bobbie tells her to ask Nelle, since they’ve been spending a lot of time together. She wonders why Carly isn’t going ballistic, and Carly says that Nelle joined them in prayer last night. Bobbie says even Nelle’s prayers are good. Carly says that Sonny is extremely ruthless, but very devout, and believes in redemption and prayer. She wants to believe he’ll hold on somehow. Bobbie says that hope can accomplish powerful things. Carly doesn’t believe that the Garvman killed Sonny. They’re connected, and she’d feel it if he was gone.

Michael asks Josslyn where she got the necklace, and she tells him that Oscar gave it to her. Michael asks if he has a gun. She says he found it, and made the necklace out of it. Michael doesn’t like that they were hanging out where there was gunfire. He wants to talk to Carly. Josslyn begs him not to, and he says he’ll settle for knowing where they found it. She says they went to the old Black Duck distillery, and Michael says they’re demolishing the site, except for the original building. He tells her that the area is unsafe. There are signs posted everywhere, and it’s extremely dangerous. She says they saw the signs, but ignored them. Michael wants to talk to the police. Josslyn says it could have been there a long time, but Nelle says the bullet was fired recently.

Sonny starts to stir. He sits up. He hears the alarm, and the announcement that it’s fifteen minutes to demolition. All personnel need to be accounted for. Sonny calls out that he’s injured, and yells for help.

Nelle says she’s no expert, but this is a new bullet. Josslyn says maybe Oscar polished it, but Michael agrees. Carly is at the door, and Josslyn freaks, pleading with Michael not to tell Carly that she was at the distillery. Carly asks what Josslyn is doing there, and Josslyn says checking on Michael. Carly tells them that the police have narrowed the search; they think the Big Garvhuna might have taken Sonny to a warehouse. Michael suggests the building that’s scheduled for demolition

In her head, Sam hears the conversation she had with Sonny before he was shot.

Julian sees Alexis, who tells him that Sam is getting better already with the treatment, and trying to piece everything together. He wants to see her, but Alexis says that part of the reason she’s there is because of him. She’ll have someone keep him posted.

Ava looks at her damaged face in the mirror. Now she looks like she has a peeling sunburn. There’s a knock at the door, and she tells them to go away. But they don’t. It’s Valentin.

Spencer understands that Laura is vexed, but he was doing what he had to. She tells him to never confront Valentin on his own again, and he was supposed to be at camp. They would have never known if something had happened to him. Spencer was making sure all their ducks were in line, so he could reclaim the Cassadine legacy. Laura says he’s the legacy, and his father always put his safety first. He would be upset to see Spencer being so reckless. Spencer says it’s not over, and goes into Kelly’s. Laura tells Doc that nothing is penetrating, and Doc says that Spencer is going through a phase, exacerbated by the loss of his father; he’ll come around. Laura says what if it’s too late?

Ava asks if Valentin came to gloat, but he says he knows what it’s like. He tells her that he heard she’s a witness in the civil case against him. She says he murdered Nikolas, but Valentin says they both know that’s not true. They don’t even know if he’s dead. Ava asks if he wants her to lie, and he says no; he wants her to tell the truth. She says she plans on it, and tells him to get out. He says as soon as he ties up a loose end.

Jason puts his hand over Garvo’s mouth, and says there’s no guard, just me and you, and no one is going to help. If he yells, Jason will break his neck. He asks if Sonny is dead, and Garvey says damn right. Jason asks where his body is, and Garvey says he shot him, but didn’t kill him.

Sam starts to get up. Julian walks in, and asks what she’s doing. She says she has to see Sonny. She remembers thinking that he was going to hurt her family, and needs to clear the air. Julian says that she needs to rest, and she asks for her phone. He tells her that she can’t call Sonny. Sam says that she remembers meeting Julian at the MetroCourt. She was worried about Jason, and she had to get rid of Sonny.

Michael tells Carly that they’re redeveloping the distillery area, and Sonny would have known it was private there. Carly wonders why he thinks they would have met there, and Nelle shows her the necklace. She says it was found there, and Carly wants to jet, but Michael says wait.

At the distillery, an announcement says, ten minutes. All areas should be cleared, and it’s the final call for clearing the site. I have to say it. That’s not how any of this works. Sonny struggles, and falls down.

Doc asks what Laura means, and she says it’s obvious they can’t control Spencer. He’s determined to make Valentin pay, and has no sense of his own mortality because he’s a kid. If she can’t get him to understand the danger, how can she keep him safe? Doc says there’s another option that she’s probably already thinking of. Laura says that she knows what has to be done.

Ava asks Valentin if he’s going to kill her too. She asks where he wants to do it. She doesn’t need to be alive to help the case. If the alternative is spending the rest of her life like this, she’d rather be dead. Sonny refused to put her out of her misery, but maybe Valentin can solve her problems. Valentin says that he just wants the record set straight. She asks why she should help him; Nikolas was a good guy. Valentin says none of their pasts are spotless, but their pasts don’t have to dictate their futures.

Julian tells Sam that he never told her to get rid of Sonny. He thinks maybe the conversation was a hallucination. Sam hopes so.

Carly finds Sonny. She asks if he can hear her. The alarms continue to go off.

Outside Kelly’s, Spencer asks if it’s safe to come out; he has cookies. He hugs Laura, and apologizes. He thought he was doing the right thing for the family. Laura says that’s her job. They’re going to have to seriously talk, because it has to stop. He asks if she means dropping the law suit, but she’s talking about his future in Port Charles.

Valentin tells Ava that he was hoping to come to an understanding. She says what’s to understand? She’s a shell of her former self. There were only two people who understood and could have loved her. She killed one, and he killed the other. Valentin tells her that a life of hiding isn’t good. She says maybe she deserved it. She’s paying for what she did every day; why shouldn’t she see that he does too? He says because he’s about to make her an offer she can’t refuse.

Josslyn thanks Nelle for not ratting her out. Nelle says she gave Carly the information she needs to know, but Josslyn needs to tell her mom the truth when things have settled, so Michael doesn’t have to. Josslyn says that she will, and hugs Nelle. Michael hopes it’s not a dead end, but Nelle thinks it looks promising. He mentions that she knows her way around a firearm, and she says she grew up in the middle of nowhere; guns were a requirement. He says it’s their first real lead, and there’s so much he doesn’t know about her yet.

Carly realizes that Sonny has lost a lot of blood, and asks if he can hear her. He wakes up, but the demolition is starting in thirty seconds. The countdown starts. Sonny can’t move, and Carly won’t leave.

Jason asks the G-man who killed Sonny, and he says Jason will have to ask “her.” Jason is like, who’s her? but Garvey starts coughing. He flatlines, and Jason just looks at him. Um… you might want to get a doctor because you still need information.

Sam tells Julian that she doesn’t know what’s real anymore. Julian says he’ll take care of everything. Alexis walks in with Deanna, and says she told him not to visit. She asks if he upset Sam, but Julian says she’s just overwhelmed. Sam says maybe it was a dream. Alexis asks what that’s about, and Julian says he’s doing what he can to protect her.

Sonny tells Carly to go; he’s useless. Carly says if he wants her to live, he’d better walk, and she drags him to his feet. We hear 3…2…

Tomorrow, Ava asks what Valentin can offer her, Laura makes a decision, and Dante tries to stop the demolition.

🗽 On Million Dollar Listing New York, Ryan tried to watch a sunset because his therapist told him to. When Amelia found him home early, she thought he might be losing his mind. She told him that he just needs to push the reset button, so he decided to take on the thing that made him fall in love with real estate in the first place, working one-on-one with a client that he’d normally give to his team. He seemed to have fun, telling us that the $10 million plus crowd is boring anyway. Fredrik is taking his gig to Paris, where he’s having an event dripping with billionaires and supermodels at the top of the Eiffel Tower to promote a New York building designed by Lenny Kravitz. He talked his boss into this by explaining that Lenny has designs going on over there. The boss agreed on the proviso he sell 25% of the building. That it happens to be his birthday during the time he’ll be there is just a coincidence. Steve’s client reneged on the deal that the not-actor Brad Cooper set up. He was offered full asking price, but hadn’t realized it would sell so quickly, and now wants to stay in the apartment. Steve went to his parent’s house for dinner, along with his dog Pablo, and gave us a tour of his Memory Lane. He also has a sister with learning disabilities, and said that one of the reasons he works so hard is to make sure she lives in the right atmosphere after his parents are gone. There’s another sister, but we didn’t really hear about her. They seem like a lovely family, and Steve said his parents are the epitome of a good marriage; they’ve been together forty years. I wonder why he’s still single, but it’s probably because he works 24/7. Derek called Fredrik in Paris, saying he has baby news, but Fredrik wants him to deliver it (no pun intended) in person. Way to get Derek there. Next time, it’s the season finale. Everyone gathers in Paris, including Luis.

🏠 Flipping Out premieres on Thursday, August 17th, at 9 p.m.


September 2, 2016 – A GH Wedding, a Flipping Out Promise & Quotes to Live By


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Jason and Sam kick back in Jason’s hotel room. Sam says she’s starving, so Jason checks the room service menu. He’s not thrilled about the gourmet choices, but Sam tells him he can order the burger without the fig jam

Carly is busy making wedding plans. Nell comes downstairs and Carly babbles about the wedding. Bobbie stops by and asks who Nell is, and Carly introduces them. Nell can see Carly is dying to tell her mother their secret and says she can go ahead. Carly explains that Nell is Josslyn’s kidney donor, but they don’t want it made public. Bobbie says she’s more than grateful. Nell goes upstairs to read to Avery.

Sonny tells Oz that he doesn’t want to leave anything to chance when it comes to Julian.

Michael and Sabrrrina have finally gotten Teddy to sleep, so they take him to The Floating Rib, which makes perfect sense. They see Sonny and Oz talking. Sonny wants to stop Julian from communicating with Alexis.

Finn tells Hayden murder isn’t her style. She says she’s getting the impression he actually cares about her. He says if she tells anyone, he’ll deny it. She says now that she finds out he cares, she has to leave. I really like these two together. I liked Hayden with (the old) Nicholas, but Finn is a better match for her sense of humor.

Elizabeth tells Franco that Hayden tried to kill her. Jordan overhears them talking and asks if Elizabeth feels up to giving a statement.

Hayden tells Finn if she sticks around, it’s a risk. Finn tells her if she leaves, she’ll be a fugitive. The lights come back on and she says she’s out of there. Nurse Eileen comes in, and Finn asks about Elizabeth. Eileen says she’s doing well and they don’t expect any permanent damage. When she’s gone, Hayden comes back and says she knows what Finn is trying to do. Okay, tell me, because I’m not sure.

Elizabeth tells Jordan about feeling someone push her. Franco tries to interject, but Jordan tells him to back off and let Elizabeth talk. She asks if Elizabeth knows who pushed her and Elizabeth says Hayden.

Oz leaves and Michael goes over to Sonny, saying Teddy requires noise to sleep. I guess putting the television on wasn’t an option. Finn walks into the bar (I so want to make a joke – sorry, we don’t serve aquatic creatures, or something like that) and Joe is right behind him. Joe smiles at Sabrrrina. Come on, can Michael even hold a candle to this guy? He is so Rico Suave. Joe approaches Sabrrrina and Michael. He says it looks like trip to The Floating Rib was just what Teddy needed. Sabrrrina introduces Sonny, and Joe says he knows who Sonny is. He’s the guy who brought Carrrlos back to the states so he could be killed. We’re off to a great start.

Carly tells Bobbie the nanny story and says what a great nanny Nell is, but Bobbie says she knows exactly who could look after Avery. Oh, nice. Nell loses her job and you take her potential new one away.

Jason tells Sam they have a big day ahead of them. Sam says Molly told her it’s bad luck to spend the night before the wedding together, but she’s not big on superstition. She thinks it’s actually good luck. They kiss.

Hayden says Finn was trying to get information to find out when Elizabeth is going to squeal, but she’s not going to be a sitting duck. He asks where she’s going to go. She says she’s going to meet up with her mother in NYC, and she needs to go pack her bags. Finn says he’ll take her.

Jordan asks if Elizabeth saw Hayden before she was pushed, but Elizabeth says it was after she fell. Jordan says if she pushed Elizabeth, wouldn’t it have made more sense for Hayden to disappear? Franco says Hayden wanted to make sure she’d done the job right, and/or to send a message that she can do damage. He says Hayden seemed expressionless, which was kind of creepy, a big deal coming from him. Jordan says no one witnessed the actual assault. Elizabeth says Hayden slapped her during an argument earlier. Jordan asks if anyone saw, and Nurse Eileen appears and says she did. Really? I don’t remember her being there.

Sam is thrilled with the cold sesame noodles Jason brings back. He says they’re going to have two anniversaries, since they’re getting married around their old fifth anniversary. He wonders what the traditional present is for year five. She looks it up on her phone. It’s wood. Lots of jokes floating around everyone’s head, but he hands her the take-out chopsticks and they separate them like a wishbone.

Bobbie suggests that she babysit Avery. Carly says it’s a thankless, day in, day out job. Bobbie says she regrets not having a chance to bring Carly up, but Carly says she doesn’t owe her anything. Bobbie says it’s not out of obligation, but love.

Sonny says he didn’t really want Carrrlos dead; he wanted him to face justice for his crimes. Joe says he understands. He loved his brother, but he needed to pay for what he did. He apologizes for any pain Carrrlos caused. Joe asks to speak to Sabrrrina privately, and then asks her if he can spend more time with Teddy. She says just give her a call. He was afraid she’d say no, but she says Teddy is his family. He asks if they can finish the conversation they started and she says she’s ready to deal with their past.

Eileen tells Jordan that Hayden said something about shutting Elizabeth up. Jordan tells them it’s solid enough to merit further investigation and she’ll keep them posted. After she leaves. Elizabeth says it surprises her that she’s surprised. She didn’t really think Hayden would try to kill her. Griff comes in with her test results.

Elizabeth thought Griff had handed over the case to another doctor. He says the doctor got called out on an emergency, so he’ll go over the results with her. He says she has a mild concussion, some kind of contusion and something with her spleen. Why is it always the spleen? What is the spleen? Franco doesn’t like Griff’s cavalier attitude and wants another doctor. Griff ignores him and says if things keep going well, Elizabeth can be released soon, but they want to keep an eye on her for now. Franco doesn’t like Elizabeth staying in the hospital with the murders going on.

Finn and Hayden drink liquor out of coffee cups outside Perks. She says she guesses this is good-by and he asks her where she’s going.

Nell asks if Carly wants her to stay a few days to help, but Carly says Bobbie just volunteered her services. Nell says who better to watch Avery than her own family. Carly says Nell should be able to get a good job with her references, but Nell says with everyone having gone off to college, all the decent positions are filled already.

Sabrrrina says the past is the past, and she and Joe are just two people who care about her son. He asks if she’s committed to Michael.

Sonny asks Michael what’s on his mind. He says he doesn’t like seeing Sabrrrina with Joe because they have a past. Sonny says Michael is really jealous of her relationship with Carrrlos, and she’ll always have one because he’s her baby daddy. Sonny tells Michael not to let resentment build and he needs to talk to someone or talk to Sabrrrina. Michael says he’s right and Sonny says he always is.

Before Sonny leaves, he tells Joe he doesn’t know why he’s in Port Charles, but his brother caused a lot of trouble for Sonny’s family. Joe says he’s not his brother, but Sonny says he’s a different kind of trouble. He says don’t make the same mistakes Carrrlos did.

Elizabeth asks Franco to leave for a minute while she calls her grandmother to watch the kids. Franco approaches Griff. He asks if Elizabeth is going to be okay. Griff says he should really talk to Elizabeth’s doctor, but with the injuries she has, it’s wait and see.

Jason and Sam start fooling around and the phone rings. It’s Franco. Franco leaves a message for Jason to call him back about Elizabeth.

Sabrrrina explains to Michael that she and Joe were over a long time ago, and there’s nothing between them. Michael asks if Joe knows that, and she says yes. He says seeing them together brought back a lot of his old feelings about Carrrlos. Sabrrrina says she regrets what she did and will for the rest of her life, but she loves Michael and wants a future with him. If he feels like he can’t forgive her, he needs to tell her now.

Sonny gets home and says he didn’t think he’d see Nell there. She says Avery had a hard time getting to sleep and she wants him to know he has an amazing daughter. She says she’ll check in before she leaves and thanks Carly for the ride home. Carly tells Sonny that Bobbie will be the new nanny. He thinks it’s fantastic.

Jason tells Sam the last time he talked to Elizabeth, she said she wasn’t seeing Franco anymore, so he’s ignoring the call. They start to fool around again.

Hayden says if she talks to Finn, he’ll be aiding and abetting. He says that’s what he does for a living. She tells him that she doesn’t want to get him in trouble, and he reminds her that she brought drugs to him in jail. She tells him to take care of himself. He says he’ll try, and she says a wise man once said, there is no trying, just doing, and he realizes she’s quoting Yoda. Hayden asks Finn to spend time with Tracy because she needs someone. Finn talks about their friendship and Hayden says how was she supposed to know they were friends when he kept pushing her away? He says he wishes she wouldn’t leave. They kiss. Lots of that going around today.

Sam and Jason bask in the afterglow and open a fortune cookie. It’s one of those ones I hate that says, “With great work comes great success.” The next one is no better. Jason claims it says they’ll live happily ever after.

Carly tells Sonny the florist is going to be there early. Sonny thinks something is wrong and Carly says she feels badly about sending Nell back to Atlanta when there’s nothing there for her. Sonny says she can be grateful, but not be responsible for Nell’s life. He goes upstairs and Carly calls Nell. She says she wants to discuss Nell’s job hunt, and has a few ideas.

Michael asks if Sabrrrina wants a future with him. She says yes, and he says he wants one with her and Teddy. He says the past is behind them and they need to rebuild the trust they lost. He’s willing to make the effort if she is. They kiss. What’d I say?

Elizabeth tells her grandmother not to tell the kids what happened and she’ll be there as soon as she’s able. Franco overhears and says she’s missing the opportunity for handmade get well cards. She tells him to get some rest. He says he will and lies in the chair next to her. They hold hands. Her face is pretty bruised up, so they can’t participate in today’s kissing theme.

Jordan comes with an officer to arrest Hayden, who says she expected it, but wonders why it isn’t the Feds. Jordan says it’s not their jurisdiction. She’s being arrested for the attempted murder of Elizabeth.

Tomorrow, Finn talks to someone about a mutual friend, Curtis arranges something for Nina, and Jason has a surprise for Sam.

General Hospital – Friday

Nina and Curtis walk in the park. It sounds like Curtis has found a baby momma for Nina.

Franco talks to Elizabeth while she sleeps. He tells her even though the hospital lighting isn’t the best, she’s beautiful. He says whoever did this to her is going to pay, even if it is her sister. Elizabeth stirs and asks him what he said.

In the interrogation room, Hayden nods out and relives the kiss with Finn and her subsequent arrest. She wakes up realizing it’s all real.

Finn gives Hayden’s medical records to a nurse for delivery to the PCPD.

Paul gets a call from Ava, but he says “not today” to his phone. She leaves a message that she hopes he’s not ignoring her, and they need to discuss a game plan if he wants her to keep quiet. The jury selection for Julian’s trial is beginning.

Sabrrrina isn’t looking forward to testifying. Michael tells her to relax and just tell the truth. Monica tells them she’s going to have to miss the big day. What big day?

Oh, she must mean Jason and Sam’s wedding. Sam wants breakfast in bed, but there isn’t time. She suggests they elope, but Jason says as great as it sounds, they’ll disappoint their family.

Carly attends to the last minute details and gives instructions to the photographer. Sonny asks her if she’s overdoing things and didn’t they want it simple, but she says it is simple. I’m with her on this. It’s understated and elegant. She wants it to be about Jason and Sam, and wants them to be as happy as she and Sonny are.

Monica tells Michael not to mention anything to Jason or the kids about what happened to Elizabeth, and then has to explain what happened to Elizabeth. Sabrrrina suggests she stay behind in case Elizabeth needs anything.

Elizabeth asks about the boys and Franco tells her all is fine. He says Monica is going to gather them together later and hr grandmother will explain what happened. Elizabeth says she can’t believe that Hayden tried to kill her. Franco tells her to get some rest and he’ll be back before she wakes up. She thanks him. Wonder how that spleen is doing.

Finn calls Curis, leaving a message that he wants to talk about their mutual friend. Curtis ignores the call. Curtis explains to Nina how to talk to the potential mother. He tells her not to call anything a payment for services, but a payment for expenses. A humongously pregnant girl comes along and introduces herself as Bridget.

Michael and Jake are the first to show up for the wedding. Alexis and her girls are right behind. Alexis heads directly for the champagne, which makes me a little worried about her. Although I would relish seeing Alexis as a raging alcoholic. Sam and Jason show up, hardly dressed in summer casual. He’s wearing a tux and she has on a formal gown with a sparkly bodice.

Sabrrrina brings Elizabeth some magazines. She wonders why Hayden would push Elizabeth down the stairs. Elizabeth says it’s a long, complicated story and she’s just glad Hayden is locked up.

Franco goes to the station to see Hayden. The officer says family and lawyer only. At first Franco says he’s her lawyer (like that was going to work) and then he says he’s there for the family. Finn comes in asking if there’s a problem.

Curtis tells Nina he has faith in her and leaves. She thanks Bridget for coming and they both say how nervous they are. Bridget says she wants her little girl to grow up the best way possible and have a loving home. Nina tells her a little about herself, saying the child will never lack for anything material and she’ll love the baby with all her heart. Bridget lets Nina feel the baby kicking, which blows my theory that maybe Bridget isn’t really pregnant. Ava comes out of nowhere and tells Nina to get her hands off that girl. Ava has a lot of time on her hands. Doesn’t she go to work? Who takes care of the gallery?

Carly says she thought Sam and Jason wanted it casual. Sam says she thought Carly wanted them dressed up and says they’ll change. It just so happens that Jason has clothes in the car and Kristina has another outfit for Sam. If this was you or me, nobody would have anything except an old pair of shorts.

Ava tells Bridget to call the police. Ava says Kiki told her that Nina was drifting back into her baby obsession and wonders what kind of court would allow her to adopt. She realizes that Nina is going to get a baby “off the books.” Nina tries to get Bridget to go somewhere else with her (where’s Curtis?), but Ava says Bridget better keep Nina away from her baby.

Franco calls Finn “Dr. Buddinsky” and tells him to butt out. He tries to give a message to Finn from Hayden’s “family,” but Finn blows him off. The guard tells Hayden her doctor is here. Finn gives her something that looks like ibuprofen, saying it’s medication she needs because she got shot, and lucky her, he’s required to administer it personally.

Paul and Nathan visit Elizabeth. She goes over the timeline for them, remembering that she saw Paul in Monica’s office before she went to the stairs.

Alexis continues to work on the champagne. Sonny asks if she’s made up with Kristina and she says it’s a fragile peace. He mentions that jury selection starts today. She says it hadn’t crossed her mind and picks up another glass.

Ava tells Bridget that Nina is dangerously unstable and tells her about how Nina kidnapped her baby. She calls Nina a lunatic in sheep’s clothing. Nina says it’s not as bad as it sounds. Ava says it is, and Bridget should run away and never let Nina near her baby.

Finn feels responsible, saying if it wasn’t for him, Hayden would have been long gone. She says it’s ironic she’s been arrested for the one crime she didn’t commit. She wonders who would believe it wasn’t her.

Paul suggests Elizabeth’s time frame is off. Elizabeth says she remembers seeing Paul searching through Monica’s desk and he insists he was looking for a pen. Nathan thinks they’re just digressing and asks about the stairs. Monica interrupts, saying Elizabeth has had enough questions for one day. Paul says he hopes she feels better soon and Sabrrrina gives Paul the mother of all soap opera faces as he walks out. I hope Nathan thinks about this real hard, because Paul basically gave himself away by first saying that Elizabeth was mistaken about seeing him and then saying he was in there looking for a pen. Hello? Did no one notice this? Maybe Sabrrrina did and that’s why the face.

Naomi comes to the station. Franco tells her that Hayden has been detained because she tried to murder her sister.

The photographer takes pictures of Sam with her mother and sisters. They all talk about Julian’s trial through clenched teeth smiles and in between the song part. Photos of the guys are taken, and Jason wishes Monica could be there. Just sayin’, but Sam’s new outfit, a chiffon-y white halter number, isn’t that much less dressy than the one she walked in with. Molly insists that Jason and Sam do a kiss photo.

Nina says she has references and Bridget can talk to her therapist. Bridget says she’d rather leave and jets. Ava tells Nina that actions have consequences, and Nina asks when Ava is going to pay for her actions, including Connie’s murder. She tells Ava that she’s a hypocritical, lying bitch. Suddenly, Nathan steps in.

Finn insists Elizabeth will remember that Hayden didn’t push her once her mind clears. He tells Hayden that he can’t pretend to understand their grudge, but he doesn’t think Elizabeth would blame her for something she didn’t do. The cynic in him is working on a contingency plan just in case though. Before he leaves, he tells Hayden to stay positive because it’s better for her immune system. He adds that it might be inappropriate considering the circumstances, but she looks pretty. Aww! Michael Easton is just precious in this role. Much better than the brooding poet he usually is plays. If I want to see Heathcliff, I’ll watch Wuthering Heights. Now he’s a brooding poet with a sense of humor and a bearded dragon.

Naomi tells Franco that Hayden doesn’t have a sister. Franco says he knows Hayden and Elizabeth are half-sisters, sharing Jeff Webber as a father. He tells her he found out from Heather. Naomi says Heather is a lunatic who no one will believe. Franco says maybe, but everyone will believe him and the money can be traced. He tells her everyone is going to know. Naomi says no one is going to know, especially Elizabeth.

Monica complains about being short-staffed. Sabrrrina says her nursing license is still current and offers her services. Monica accepts.

Sam asks where the officiant is and Jason says he has a surprise. He leads everyone to the stairs and Spinelli comes down. Just yesterday, Spinelli became a minister online through the Church of Illuminating Wonders. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a real thing.

Ava tells Nathan that his deluded sister was about to buy a baby, and she’s not about to let her get her hands on another one. Nina says she’s changed, but Ava hasn’t, and one day it’s coming back to bite her. Ava says no one has ever proven anything about her, but Nina can’t say the same. She leaves.

Curtis calls Finn back. Finn tells him that Hayden needs their help.

Naomi tells Franco it would destroy her relationship with Hayden (like he cares) and be bad for Elizabeth (okay, she has him there). She says Elizabeth idolizes her father and he’ll be pushed off the pedestal. This is news to me, since we never even hear her talk about Jeff.

Monica looks over Elizabeth’s chart. She says Elizabeth isn’t out of the woods – most likely it’s that spleen thing – but making progress. She says the kids will be told what’s going on after the wedding. Elizabeth is like, what wedding? and Monica tells her Jason and Sam are getting married.

Sam walks down the aisle as invisible violinists play.

Wait, what? Did GH just end on a good note? On a Friday? What happened to my show?

On Monday, Hayden asks if Nina believes her, Ava asks Paul how Julian is going free, and Spinelli tries out his new job, joining Sam and Jason in marriage.

Flipping Out

I also wanted to give a shout out to Flipping Out. I’ve always liked Jeff Lewis, despite his quirky (read pain-in-the-ass) personality. I’m pretty sure I’d even enjoy working for him. He pulls no punches and expects 100% out of his employees, but he works extremely hard, and doesn’t ask anything from anyone that he wouldn’t do himself.

It’s been interesting to watch him grow through life experience as well as therapy. Soon to be a dad with partner Gage, I have no doubt that child is going to lead a charmed life. While his sense of humor is sometimes a little dark for kids, he reminds me of my own father somewhat in that regard, and I’m sure he’s going to make a wonderful parent.

Thursday night’s episode was particularly touching. While he and his housekeeper Zoyla have often butted heads, it seemed like their relationship might have come to an end when Zoyla walked out after an argument. She was scheduled to take care of the house and pets while Jeff and Gage were away on business, and it looked like she wasn’t going to show up, causing everyone to scramble to rearrange plans. Jeff was ready to fire her, leaving her a message that she’d best think carefully about what she’s doing, when returned.

What was beautiful about this episode was the therapy session they had together afterward. Seeing two adults talk out their differences in a reasonable way was amazing enough, but Jeff went on to say how much he cared about Zoyla, something that snarky Jeff rarely does. He told her that it was her choice whether she wanted to continue working for him or retire, but either way he promised he would take care of her for the rest of her life. It was so kind and so loving, I nearly burst into tears. Not something Flipping Out usually does to me. She chose to continue working part time and expressed interest in being involved with the new baby, which he said he definitely wanted. He told her that he loved her and she said she loved him too. It was one of the truly great moments in reality TV that didn’t involve a fight.

Jeff is going to make an awesome daddy!

😟 I also just read that Devious Maids has been canceled and I’m so disappointed. It was a delightful show – smart and funny, intriguing and fun. I’d also liked Eva Longoria ‘s other effort, Telenovela, which unfortunately disappeared after a few episodes. Here’s hoping she continues to toss her hat into the ring until something sticks.

Quotes of the Week

Always remember: If you’re alone in the kitchen and you drop the lamb, you can always just pick it up. Who’s going to know?Julia Child

There is no magic to achievement. It’s really about hard work, choices, and persistence.Michelle Obama

For God’s sake even Superman was Clark Kent. Go to work.Gene Simmons on Dr. Phil, addressing a 44-year-old man who continues to pursue his dream of being a rock star by sponging off of his loved ones.

June 14, 2016 – GH & Below Deck Brawling


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Sam peruses the Post-It note flowchart. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Aldo. He hands Jason a briefcase saying, compliments of the boss.

Ava tells Nicholas don’t bother faking an accent, it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Ava tries to engage Nicholas in conversation and he says he’s tired and wants to sleep. The flight attendant gives them nuts and calls him Mr. Carradine (pronounced like Cassadine). Geez, he couldn’t do better than that? Nicholas pretends Ava has mistaken him for someone else. She takes a selfie of the two of them, wondering how much someone would pay for it.

Emma is doing something on the computer and asks Felicia for help with what the initials WSB stand for. She says she’s working on something for Anna’s birthday. Felicia asks if she’s getting Anna a dog and makes a plug for rescues. Emma plugs rescues back and wisely says you should never surprise a person with a pet. My sister and I learned this the hard way by getting our father a dog. Everything turned out fine, but at first I thought my father was going to put me and the dog in a box and send us both back to New York, especially after the dog ate the phone. Emma says she doesn’t want Anna to feel alone when she goes back to Berkeley and is checking out a dating website.

Anna asks Jordan about the search of Julian’s house. Jordan says she knows they’re supposed to share intelligence, but Anna isn’t getting anywhere near the case. She says Anna still blames Julian for Duke’s death and she’s doing her a favor keeping her away from it. She’s afraid Anna will compromise the investigation and doesn’t want Julian getting off on a technicality.

Nathan finds the dagger and says he may have the murder weapon. Julian is like, how can you be sure? Nathan pulls out paperwork and says it should be easy to compare to the wounds. Yeah, I would imagine it has a pretty distinctive blade. Alexis explains where the dagger came from. So what? Why is that any reason Julian wouldn’t use it? Nathan tells them not to leave town and takes the dagger with him.

What the what is with Julian’s hair all slicked back? No. Just no.

Jason opens the briefcase. He gives Sam some cash to hang on to in case they get separated and says they’re going to the border.

Ava wonders if she should tweet the photo and Nicholas asks what it will take for her not to post it. She says phonies and frauds have to stick together and she’s just goofing on him. She says she hopes his plan has taken his son into account. He says he appreciates her concern, but he’s good.

Jason and Sam go to the fake passport guy. He takes some cash and their passports. While he’s in the back, Sam checks the computer and Jason looks through the file cabinet, trying to find out what name Nicholas used.

Felicia tells Emma she should show the site to Anna first. Emma asks what if Anna doesn’t want to follow through? Felicia says that’s kind of the point and asks if Anna said she was lonely. Emma says no, but it’s not something she would talk about.

Andre enters Jordan’s office. Anna suggests they ask his opinion, since he’s counseled her and knows if she can be professional. She admits she’s made errors, but says she’s cleared her professional record and deserves to be part of bringing Julian to justice. Andre says sorry, he can’t back her up.

Julian tells Alexis he was extremely careful in covering his tracks, but he forgot about the murder weapon. Isn’t that kind of a main factor? It doesn’t sound like he’s very good at being a criminal. Alexis says it’s not like he left DNA on the knife. Julian takes her remark as her caring what happens to him, but she says that’s not the case.

Ava wonders with all Nicholas has, why he wants to leave it all behind. He says it serves his purpose for people to believe he’s dead. Ava asks if he thinks it serves her purpose to allow him to continue the ruse? A guy leans across the aisle and says he thinks he knows Nicholas.

Felicia says Emma’s heart is in the right place, but she can’t rush healing. She says they just need to make sure Anna knows they love her and when she’s ready for help, be there to give it. She leaves to answer the phone and Emma finishes the profile and hits enter.

Andre says he can’t side with Anna on this. Anna leaves and Jordan tells Andre that Anna refuses to back down and she’s sorry he got put in the middle. He says don’t thank him yet.

Julian, who is starting to creep me out, insists Alexis still loves him, but Alexis says leave her out of his delusions. She says she did it for Lucas, not him, and she was going to take the shirt in, but Julian got to it first. He says she loves him more than she hates him and she says she’s divorcing him. Yep. Nothing says love like divorce.

The passport guy comes back and says Jason and Sam will have their new passports in a day or so.

Nicholas tells the stranger he’s mistaken. He says he knows he’s seen Nicholas before. He suddenly thinks Nicholas is an actor and Ava tells him he’s right. He introduces himself as Huck and Nicholas says he’s Niles Carradine, which Ava says is the pseudonym he uses while he’s in between movies and makes up a bunch of other stuff.

Julian says they’re not getting a divorce. Julian says he has to change her mind, but Alexis says she’s already called Diane. She says she never wants to see him again and once the kids find out what he’s done, they won’t either. Julian whines that they can fix it and to give him a chance. Alexis says she can’t do this one more day. He suggests a marriage counselor and both Alexis and I laugh. She says what will they say? They’ve reached impasse because he can’t stop murdering people? She says whatever is in the past, it’s over now. He killed Carrrlos and killed their relationship.

Anna comes to say good-by to Emma. Felicia asks if she wants to talk about anything. She says a couple of people she thought she knew and could trust betrayed her. Felicia says she hasn’t been a good friend either and asks if Anna is happy by herself. She asks if it isn’t time for Anna to start socializing, but Anna says hell to the no. Felicia says there are a lot of good men out there, but Anna says she’s not ready for that.

Andre says he thinks Anna would be an asset. Jordan is puzzled and he says although he agreed with Joran, it was because he didn’t want to contradict her authority. Jordan gets testy and says she didn’t ask for his opinion. He says sorry for the mistake and Jordan says he wouldn’t have made one if he’d been honest about his feelings for Anna. This girl just won’t let that go.

Julian doesn’t want to accept the marriage is over and says this will pass. He says their vows were like a contract, but Alexis says it became null and void when based on a lie. She says she loved who she thought he was and who he promised to be, and now she sees who he is or who he’s become, and she can’t be married to him. She says her life is a mess and they’re done. She needs to focus on putting things back together without him.

Emma says good-by to Anna. Mac and Felicia are taking her back and having a mini-vacation. Felicia asks Anna to think about what she said. Anna says she has enough on her plate.

Andre says (for the millionth time) that he doesn’t have romantic feelings for Anna. Jordan suggests he see a shrink because his actions say different. As usual, insecure Jordan goes overboard. Andre says his feelings for Jordan grow every day and he thought he’d been clear about that. He says if he was interested in Anna he’d pursue her, but they’re just friends. Jordan says she’s not so sure. He suggests they take it out of the office, but she says she has to work. He says he’ll go because she asked him to, not because he wants to.

Jason says as soon as they find out where Nicholas is headed, they can follow. He says after they pick up the passports, they’ll find out what name he’s using and go after him. He makes it sound easier than I think it’s going to be.

Ava tells Nicholas he’s welcome for the background story for his character. She says it’s not like he’s going to see the guy again. Huck, sleeping in his seat, opens his eyes a little. Hmm… They land and Ava says she feels for Nicholas and hopes she didn’t stress him out joking around. She says he’s put her in her favorite position – the one where she’s owed a favor.

Sam is getting frustrated with the laptop, trying to figure out where Nicholas was headed. They’re about to make dinner and Jason remembers “this.” He brings up another time that was similar. She says as long as they’re together everything is fine.

Huck thanks Nicholas for the autograph. He suggests dinner at his house near London, but Nicholas takes a pass. When he and Ava leave, Huck makes a call saying, you’ll never guess who was on the plane and to prepare the “blue room” for company. This could be interesting.

There’s a knock at Anna’s door. It’s Andre.

Julian says if Alexis leaves now, how is it going to look? She says she doesn’t care. She says that without any evidence, he’s not going to prison and will get off scot-free. (And yes, it’s spelled that way. I was surprised too.)

Nathan tells Jordan about the dagger. It matches the wounds and someone missed a spot in cleaning it.

Julian says he’ll check into the MetroCourt and will be back when things cool down. Alexis says she’ll change the locks. Um…that’s illegal when he lives there. I don’t watch People’s Court for nothin’. He says he’ll break down the door. He tells Alexis they’re going to stay married and when he said til death do us part, he meant it. He’s really creeping me out now.

Tomorrow, Anna tells Andre to leave, Val and Curtis double date with Dante and Lulu (that seems weird, so I don’t know if I’m interpreting that right), and Sonny tells Carly she might not like the answers she finds.

Below Deck Mediterranean

There’s a conflict between Ben and Hannah in regard to what dinner courses are called. Hannah made the mistake of thinking an entree is an appetizer, but didn’t bother to tell Ben until late in the dinner game. Ben sends out the kebabs to add another main, entree or whatever you’d like to call it. Ben says Hannah won’t admit she’s the one to blame, but I have the feeling she doesn’t admit easily to a mistake.

Ben, complete with epaulets to show he’s serious, approaches Captain Mark and tells him what happened with the course mix-up. Hannah is annoyed that Ben didn’t come to her first, but he did. The captain says he’s never had a crew member dress up to tell him about a problem before and hopes that they can just work it out on their own because he doesn’t really want to get involved.

Hannah and Julia are discussing the issue and Hannah starts crying. She says it’s the ultimate betrayal. Geez, I thought she was tougher than this.

Julia tells Jen about Bobby trying to kiss her and follows it with telling her about Ben and Hannah’s altercation. Danny tells Bryan about the same thing. Bryan says the relationship between chef and chief stew is always difficult and he tells Danny they need to stay out of it. Telling Danny not to do something is like putting a red flag in front of a bull. Ben makes sure breakfast is perfect.

It’s time to dock. The guests have a last toast and the crew gets ready to say good-by and get their tip. Hannah stands with her arms folded like the professional she is…not. The farewells are said and the envelope is passed after the primary says they had a fabulous time and last night’s dinner was as romantic as they’d hoped for.

Captain Mark says it was a tough night with miscommunication in the galley. The tip is actually smaller than usual, $13,500 – $1,125 each. He thanks Danny for staying on the right track and gives the crew a day at the beach. Hannah says she’s obviously not getting fired and needs to get of the boat and get some Grey Goose into her. Bobby is hoping to hook up with Julia on the beach, but I have news for him – she’s not interested.

Drinking starts immediately. Bobby bugs Julia until she finally walks away. She gives her boyfriend a call and complains. Bryan gives a speech about the American Revolution and moves on to World War II. Ben says he’s like a Bugatti and goes from zero to drunk in about two seconds.

Ben tells Julia he’s to blame as much as she is and apologizes for being a dick. Ben clarifies what the courses are to be called. He says he went to the captain just in case the tip was short and was blamed on the dinner. Hannah says she would never do that to him. In her interview, she says he’s like an adorable puppy who chews on your expensive shoes, but you still love him. They hug it out. Danny is happy that the day was drama free.

Julia, Danny and Bobby congregate in Jen’s bunk room, with Julia being unsuccessful at getting away from Bobby in there. Bobby acts like an idiot, showing them a “mangina,” and Jen is disgusted. I’m just perplexed as to why he would do this. Julia is pissed that Bobby is telling the others she’s flirting with him. The crew plays cards and drinks some more. Julia asks Bobby for a word. She tells him she’s been with her boyfriend for two years and isn’t interested in anyone else. He says she’s flirty and she says she’s just a friendly person and doesn’t want it misconstrued. She asks him to quit chasing her around. He says he’s not going to lie, he likes her, but he’ll honor her wishes.

Bryan and Danny talk on the deck. Bryan tells Danny not to take Ben’s side in arguments because it’s none of their business. Danny says, so he can’t have any opinions and Bryan says thats’ right and he doesn’t want to piss off Hannah. In her interview, Jen says Bryan is a bad boss and an immature, misogynistic, condescending borderline alcoholic. Wow. I’ve had bosses like that though. Somehow the Danny and Bryan talk that started off well turns into an quarrel, and Bryan gets in Danny’s face, telling Danny that yachting isn’t for him. Danny says they’re done and walks away. In his interview, Danny says his father is an alcoholic and he’s used to not backing down from aggression.

Commercial break with important information. The Real Housewives of Dallas Reunon is on Sunday, June 19 at 9 pm. Thanks Bravo. Like my Sunday night show juggling isn’t hard enough as it is.

The next group of guests are “bachelors looking for target rich environments and interested in meeting single women in an exotic locale.” Oddly enough, they’re going to what Hannah calls “the gay capital of Europe.” Did these bachelors do any research before planning their itinerary?

Danny tells Jen about his argument with Bryan. Bryan comes up the stairs and he asks what they’re talking about. Danny says him, but since he’s not allowed to have an opinion, he can’t give Bryan the details. Bryan asks why Danny can’t just be a yes man and says Danny fights him on everything. They go back and forth. Danny says he does his job. Bryan says he doesn’t really and he’s trying to help him. Danny says he just wants to instigate and Bryan says he’s the problem solver. Danny says more like problem creator.

Bobby says he’s going to respect Julia’s space and not flirt anymore, even though he’s not happy about it. He tells Bryan about what happened and how he feels badly about the situation. He claims she flirts just as much, but told him he’s taking it too far. Julia tells Hannah about what happened and says her boyfriend isn’t too happy about it and would like to punch Bobby out.

The new guests arrive, Steve being the primary.Tiffany says she was hoping for some bachelors, but not this age. Yep. When they’re this age (40s-50s), there’s a reason why they’re not married. They seems like okay guys, but we’ll see once the drinking starts.

Hannah has a migraine. She says she has no history of them, so I wonder if it’s really a migraine. The guests ask if the crew can party with them, but Bryan says no. Steve says the tip depends on the drinking, so it’s a yes. Danny says he’ll find them some girls. A ferry is coming in, so they have to get out of port quickly.

Bobby has been avoiding Julia and wonders if she notices. Ugh! What are we, 14? We already covered note passing in one episode. He and Danny have a discussion about flirting.

Steve wants Danny, Bryan and Bobby to accompany them to shore and says he’ll make sure they don’t drink. The captain calls Bryan to the bridge and explains. He says they can’t spare all three of them though, and says the logical choice is Bobby and Danny. I laugh like crazy over Bryan’s face because he thought it was going to be him and Bobby.

Bobby is stoked, but not so much because of Danny coming along. Danny immediately chats up a bunch of girls who are way too young for the guys on this charter. He kind of acts like a cruise director and orders a drink in a giant watermelon with a million straws for everyone. In his interview, Bobby says Danny has no game and is spending the charter guests’ money, but it looks like the guests are having fun, so…

Next time, another altercation between Hannah and Ben, Julia feels caught in the middle, and extra 8 guests show up.

More important information. Flipping Out‘s two night premiere starts on Wednesday, July 13.