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October 19, 2017 – Sonny Reads the Note, Baby Monroe is Baptized & Some Pups


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Lulu and Dante have dinner at the MetroCourt. Laura walks in and tells them to get a room. She says she may be joining the ranks of the married soon. She’s all dressed up in case someone proposes.

Deanna tells Griff that Mr. Kimbal needs a priest, and the chaplain isn’t available. Griff says he can speak to him as a doctor, but he’s not a priest anymore. Deanna says he’ll wait. Doc overhears.

Ava tells Sonny if he sends her away, he’ll miss something important. He says he doesn’t want anything from her, and never will. He asks who the note is from.

Patient 6 sees Elizabeth in the park with Jake. He says Jake’s name, and apparently Jake has supersonic ears, because he hears it.

Betsy tells Franco that it’s a miracle Andrew survived. Franco asks what caused the fall, and Betsy says he did. He asks if she saw him push Andrew, but she says there was no one else there, and no other explanation. He wants to know if she thinks he pushed Andrew on purpose.

Jason meets Elizabeth and Jake. Jake tells him about their trip to the farm, and that he won the pumpkin carving contest.

Laura tells Lulu that Ava recanting her testimony had a huge ripple effect. She was down, and Doc blurted out a proposal. Lulu thinks they’re well-suited to one another. Laura thinks so too, but says she turned him down. She wants it to be a happy moment, with no associations to Ava or Valentin. She loves Doc, but doesn’t want a pity proposal. He accepted her challenge, and is going to do it again, but on his terms. She thinks maybe he’ll drop a ring into her drink tonight.

Doc apologizes to Griff if he’s overstepping – it’s an occupational hazard – but he eavesdropped overheard Griff. Griff says he’s leaving the priesthood. Doc says it must have been a difficult decision, and that it’s natural to be conflicted. Griff says that’s been his state for longer than he cares to admit, but thinks it’s the right thing to do. Doc says he sounds heartfelt and logical, but doesn’t seem like a man at peace.

Sonny tells Ava to show him the note or get out. She asks if she can see Avery in exchange. He says he heard she crashed the memorial, and if she doesn’t get it by now, she’s not welcome around his family. She tells him that she’s still Avery’s mother, even if she doesn’t get time with her. She asks Sonny to please not turn Avery against her. He says he won’t have to. Once she’s old enough to understand, she’ll know who Ava is and what she’s done. Ava tells him that she’s capable of doing the right thing, and gives him the note. He asks who gave it to her.

Jason says Jake seems distracted, and Jake tells him that someone said his name. Elizabeth says she didn’t hear anything. Jason says he’ll take a look. Patient 6 remembers asking Elizabeth about donating Jake’s kidney to Josslyn, and her slapping him. She says he walked away and never looked back, and they’re the ones with the hole in their lives. In the present, Jake leaves to get hot chocolate.

Betsy wants to let the past stay where it belongs, but Franco needs to know. She says she found Andrew at the bottom of the steps, and Franco staring down from the top. Neither one of them wanted to talk about it; they were both traumatized. Franco says something about him made her think he did it. She says she didn’t think it was intentional; they were just playing. Franco says there was something wrong with him that she thought he could do something like that. Why send Andrew away? Betsy tells him she thought Andrew would be okay, and Franco needed her more. She wanted to protect him. He asks where she sent Andrew.

Laura tells Lulu it’s just speculation. Lulu accuses her of playing games, but she says she’s just being romantic. Dante says it takes a lot of courage to propose – he’s just sayin’. Lulu thinks she should just say yes, and get on with her happily ever after. Dante adds that Spencer could use some good news. Laura says maybe they’re right, and the game will end tonight.

Doc tells Griff that it’s tough juggling matters of both heaven and earth. He has enough problems just dealing with terra firma. Griff says he enjoys helping people, and the time came to make a decision, but the future isn’t looking so clear. Doc says Griff’s future will be whatever he makes it, and thinks he’ll succeed with whatever he chooses. He tells Griff that his door is always open. He can’t give Griff spiritual advice, but he’s a good listener. Griff thanks him, but says he has to figure some things out for himself.

Ava tells Sonny that she met the man who wrote the note in Russia. They were in the same clinic, and she helped him escape. Sonny balks at some stranger showing up in Port Charles and giving her a note for him. She says for what it’s worth, he doesn’t seem to mean any harm. Sonny asks what he looks like, but Ava says she’s out of good deeds for the day.

Betsy hated giving Andrew up, but there was something about him, as if he could survive anything. Franco says, except him, and asks where she took him. She says it was a foundling hospital outside of Port Charles. She rang the bell and told him to stay put, someone would come out and take good care of him. He didn’t cry or try to follow her. He nodded like he understood what she was saying. (Ha-ha! I have a mental picture of a toddler with Steve Burton‘s face.) She watched from a distance as someone took him inside. She never went back, thinking it was better that way. Franco says, yeah, this is so much better. He’s so screwed up. His whole life he thought there was another person out there who was his brother, and he was capable of killing him. Now she’s telling him it’s real. Jason’s twin is alive, but Jason and Andrew don’t know one another exist.

Patient 6 watches Elizabeth and Jason. Jason says the pumpkin is impressive. Elizabeth says that Jake is artistically gifted, and he’s luck to be surrounded by successful men – a world-renowned artist and a media mogul. She asks when he was going to tell her; it’s all over social media. He asks if Franco knows, and she says probably, if he looked at the news. Jason wonders what it was they were going to tell him the other day. Nice deflection.

Ava comes home, saying she delivered the message. Sonny was an ass, but what did she expect? She realizes Patient 6 is gone.

Doc arrives at the MetroCourt. Laura says she crashed Lulu and Dante’s date. Dante invites Doc to join them, and he says just for one drink. He and Dante go to the bar, and Laura tells Lulu to be ready with her camera just in case.

Doc tells Dante that he just wants a quiet dinner. Dante suggests he and Lulu have a drink and the bar. Doc tells Laura he thinks they want to be alone, and they find a table. He says he doesn’t need a menu. He knows exactly what he wants. He’s never been more sure.

Ava finds a note from Patient 6, thanking her and saying he won’t forget it. She says, you’re welcome, wherever you are. There’s a knock at her door. It’s Griff.

Elizabeth tells Jason she can’t think of anything, and he says it sounded like it was more important than a permission slip. It seemed like she was waiting for Franco to tell him something. Like maybe why he visited Jason when he was in a coma. Elizabeth says Franco is unpredictable, but Jason says she isn’t. She’s not telling him the truth about something he needs to know. Jake comes back, insisting he saw someone. Jason goes to take a look.

Sonny reads the note. It asks him to meet where Stone’s ashes were scattered, and to come alone, like when he lent him forty dollars for a cab at Luke’s. He says this isn’t just anybody; only he and Jason know where that is.

Jason tells Jake that he didn’t see anyone, but Jake insists there was a man there when he was coming back with the hot chocolate. He says the man wasn’t scary; he made Jake feel safe. Jason asks how, but he doesn’t know. Jason’s phone rings. Sonny wants to see him, and asks if he can come by the house.

Griff asks if he can come in, and Ava says she can’t decide. He says he deserves that. She invites him in and asks if he wants a martini. He doesn’t, and she says he must not want to repeat his last mistake. He insists it wasn’t a mistake for him. She says they were just two lonely people looking for comfort; the irredeemable sinner and the would-be saint, crippled with Catholic guilt. She tells him that she accepts the vow he ardently clings to, and he says not anymore.

Jason tells Elizabeth that Sonny needs to see him. Franco arrives, and Jason leaves. Jake goes to play with some friends, and Elizabeth hands Franco an empty cup. She tells him about Jake winning the contest. He says Jake is a good kid, and she says he learned from Franco. She says that she and Jason are working on not creating tension in front of Jake, but Jason was asking about what they wanted to tell him. He didn’t buy the permission slip story. She doesn’t think he’s going to drop it. Franco says they can’t tell him what isn’t true.

Sonny flashes back to a time when we were all babies, and giving Patient 6/Jason the forty dollars. Patient 6 flashes back to the same thing as he waits on the footbridge.

Dante wants to leave, but Lulu says she has to be ready with her camera. Laura says that Doc isn’t eating, and asks if there’s something on his mind. He tells her that he has a colleague with personal issues, and she asks if they involve another person. He tells her it involves life-changing ramifications, and she asks what he thinks the colleague should do. Doc gets up. Lulu gets ready. Doc reties his shoe. He looks around, seeing Lulu, and asks if something’s wrong. Laura says, how could he?

Ava asks Griff what happened? When they last saw each other, he didn’t know what he was going to do. He says he honestly didn’t. He went to where he’s found solace and clarity – church. He prayed, knowing that when he left, he’d have an answer. He prayed with love and gratitude, wanting to serve God no matter what his decision. By the time he spoke with Father Cory, he was clear in his choice. He’s leaving the priesthood. Ava asks what this means.

Jason goes to Sonny’s place, and Sonny shows him the note. They talk about the footbridge and Sonny lending him the forty bucks. Sonny says Ava claims someone gave her the note, a stranger she met at a clinic in Russia. He’d also gotten a call on private line, and it was traced to the clinic. Jason thinks it’s a trap, a set up. Sonny says that’s what he thought, but he’s got to meet him for himself.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something he wasn’t being told. He couldn’t find Andrew’s death certificate, and it made things worse. She asks why he didn’t tell her, and he says he wanted to, but his mind is the last place he wants her to be near. He saw his father, but all roads lead to his mom. She said she didn’t want to tell him, but now he knows the whole unvarnished truth. Elizabeth says, again? He says Betsy lied to cover what happened.

Doc wishes Lulu had snapped a picture while he was tying his shoe; the look on Laura’s face was priceless. She said she deserves it; she asked to be surprised. He says she asked to be swept off her feet, and he said he’d keep her in suspense. She says she didn’t ask to be made a fool of, and he says she did that herself. No one else knew about it. She wanted him to be spontaneous and unpredictable. She wanted a grand gesture. Did she think the best he could come up with was a restaurant? She laughs. She wants to be mad, but can’t. He says she’ll never see it coming, but it will be worth it.

Griff tells Ava that he asked to be relieved of his duties and responsibilities. She says it sounds like he’s divorcing the church. He says that he still wants to serve God; he just can’t perform holy sacraments, and he won’t be Father anymore, just Doctor. She asks if he’s okay with that. He says it’s who he is. He fought it, but can’t deny the truth. The priesthood wasn’t the right choice. She’s happy for him, if he’s at peace, but she wasn’t just asking what it means to leave the priesthood. She was asking what it means for them.

Franco tells Elizabeth he’s sorry. He knows it’s frustrating. Betsy keeps changing the story, and he doesn’t think they’ll ever really know the truth. It’s better to drop the whole thing. She asks what about Jason, and he asks why they care what he thinks. He wants to leave it dead and buried. She asks what he’s afraid of, and he says that he’s sick of everyone jerking him around. He’s going to believe that Jason never had a twin, and there’s no relation with the photo. Good thing they didn’t tell him.

Jason insists Ava is setting Sonny up. Sonny says even if she knew about the footbridge, there’s no way she could have known about Luke’s. He and Jason are the only ones. Jason says if the information didn’t come from Ava or him, who did it come from?

Patient 6 waits at the footbridge.

Tomorrow, Nathan thinks the blog should be shut down, Griff wants to kiss Ava, and Maxie wants a favor from Sam.

😵 It was the Flipping Out finale, and the baptism of Baby Monroe was a big focus. Jeff told us that Monroe screaming is what life is now. Lea wants to go in on a property with Jeff, and he has more investors than clients. Jeff and Jenni visited Father Davies (a delightful man!) to plan Monroe’s baptism details. He obviously loves dogs, and I noticed a Pekingese figurine on his mantel. Jeff explained that Monroe was “spirited,” which Father Davies took to be a euphemism for makes a great deal of noise. Jeff told him that if they go on too long, he might have to perform an exorcism. The priest said there was a belief that the louder the baby, the more devout they’ll be, because it’s the wickedness coming out. He doesn’t really believe that, but Jeff said he did. She’s the loudest baby he’s ever heard. Jeff asked Chaz Dean (the Wen guy) and Jenni to be godparents. Jenni, because he knows she’ll be serious about the job, and Chaz, because he’s the richest guy Jeff knows. Somehow, the baptism went off without incident, and Monroe got a round of applause. Jeff became wistful, sad already for what’s to come eighteen years from now.

It was Cat’s turn to leave, and Gage said they’re dropping like flies. Soon, Jenni will be leaving to have her baby, and Jeff said he felt like the last man standing. He was excited about the future though. His Valley Vista remodel is moving along, and is located where they want Monroe to go to school. Jeff told us that at some point, they’re going to land there, they just don’t know when. It was a nice note to end on, and I don’t think Monroe could have a pair of more doting fathers.

🏃 Because It’s Been a Long Week…





October 12, 2017 – Griff Loses His Shirt, Jeff Loses Zoila & Gopher was a Hit


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Doc asks Laura to marry him. He says there’s nothing he wants more than to spend the rest of his life with her.

Zack’s sister, Sharon, is selling a boat her family hasn’t used since her brother died. I hope it’s not that dud kayak. Curtis is the faux buyer.

Dillon is killing time on a park bench, when Nelle comes by. She asks why he didn’t go to the memorial. He asks if she’s ever had that invited, but not actually welcome feeling. I’m pretty sure she can identify.

David sees Kiki crying, and asks what’s wrong. He says it can’t be that bad, can it? She says it can.

Michael and Sonny discuss the foundation. They talk about taking loss and turning into something positive.

Ava books the next flight to Paris. She sees a text from Spencer thanking her for her help, and says she’s sorry. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Griff. He needs to see her. She invites him in. He looks worried, like always.

Michael shows his parents how many donations have come in. Someone just donated $50K. Sonny says maybe someone needs a tax write-off, but it’s anonymous. Carly thinks might be Tracy or an associate of Sonny’s, but he says they would do it legit. Carly wonders who doesn’t hate them and has that kind of money. Michael says that it could be someone who has also lost a loved one, and they’re goal to raise awareness is a success. He says he’s glad to know there are still good people in the world. He has to meet Nelle, and jets. Carly wants to find out who made the donation, totally defeating the purpose of anonymity.

David and Kiki have coffee at Perks. He tells her if she wants to talk, he’s happy to listen. He asks if she wants him to call her boyfriend. When she tells him no, he asks if they had a fight. She tells him it’s the one year anniversary of her ex-boyfriend’s death. David says that Dillon might be a hothead, but he doesn’t seem like the type who wouldn’t be receptive to her feelings. She tells David that Morgan was bi-polar, and at the end, he struggled. She distanced herself, and Dillon was there to comfort her. David says it complicates matters. He tells her that something he learned as a doctor also applies to other things in life. Things could have turned out another way, but didn’t, and you have to deal with circumstances as they are. Kiki doesn’t know how she can open up when she feels guilty. If it weren’t for her, he’d still be alive. David says if he was as sick as she says, there was nothing she could do. No matter what happened, she’s not responsible. Kiki says she’s the reason he died. Her mother killed him for her.

Griff has a lot on his mind, and needs to talk to Ava. She has a way of cutting through the BS, and he appreciates her friendship. Ava asks what’s on his mind. He tells her that he had an intense conversation with one of his superiors. He was told he’s been on leave long enough. It’s time for him to make a decision to either resign from the priesthood or leave his life in Port Charles behind.

Laura is shocked that Doc is serious. He tells her that he’s been thinking about it for months. In France, he kept thinking he should just ask her. She says, so instead of Paris, he chose Kelly’s? He says he can’t sit idly by while she thinks things won’t get better. Happy moments are waiting to be created, and he wants to spend his life creating them with her – if she lets him. He asks if she’ll make him the happiest man alive, and she says no.

Ava asks Griff what he’s going to do about the ultimatum, and he says his old life feels like it belongs to another man; it’s barely recognizable. She asks why go back, and he tells her that the thought of leaving the church seems empty and hollow. The priesthood was his calling, his vocation. She says it sounds like he’s made up his mind, and she isn’t sure why he came to her.

Dillon tells Nelle that no one is begrudging him being with Kiki. Nelle says, but she was Morgan’s girlfriend. He says he wants to give her space and respect, but at the same time move forward. Nelle thinks that sounds reasonable. Dillon says in theory, but the day to day is complicated, and it feels like lately Kiki has been shutting him out. Not entirely and maybe not intentionally, but since she started the pre-med program, she’s been distant. Nelle says that it hurts to give your heart, when they don’t do the same, and find out you’ve invested everything you had, and they didn’t.

Curtis asks Sharon if her brother died in the water. She says he did, but not on this boat. That answers that question. He was kayaking with his fiancé. Foul play was suspected, but there was no proof. He asks if anyone suspected her when she first came into Zack’s life, but Sharon says that Zack didn’t bring her in. She was their mother’s personal assistant.

Carly tells Sonny that the routing company has records. Sonny asks if she’s sure she should be doing this. She says if the donation is from Ava, she’ll make a matching one, and return the money to her. He asks what if it’s just some anonymous person, and she says she’ll want to thank them. She’s going to find out if it’s someone she needs to thank to their face or punch in the face. She gets the information, and tells Sonny that it’s even stranger. It came from Nelle.

Ava tells Griff that she knows why he’s there, and he can go to hell. He asks what just happened, and she says it’s been happening for months. What he’s doing to her is cruel. He told her that he couldn’t have feelings for her because of the church. What kind of game is he playing? He says he never meant to hurt her, and she says he never means to do anything. She knows why he came. He’s hoping she’ll throw herself at him again. He doesn’t need her to be a friend, but an archetype, a temptress to make the pious man question his faith. He says he wouldn’t do that, but she says she’s not an obstacle for him to overcome. And she’s the one who’s leaving.

David tells Kiki to back up a second. Her mother killed Morgan? She says not directly, but she might as well have. She thought his illness was going to ruin both of their lives, and knew Kiki wouldn’t leave him. She engineered a breakdown by switching his lithium with placebos to show her who he really was. His family wanted to prosecute, but there wasn’t enough proof. David says it makes sense that she chose to be a healer. The drive she feels to save people is common for a lot of them. They’re making up for another loss. Kiki says Morgan became erratic and started making irrational decisions which led to him being killed. David says she’s not responsible for that, but she says letting her mother back in her life is like condoning her behavior. She tells David how Ava barged in on the memorial. She’d been badly burned in an accident, and because Kiki helped her through the recovery, she thinks she’s forgiven. She’s tried to get past it, but it’s a tall order. Kiki doesn’t want to lose her, but how can she be a good person if she lets her mother back in? She knows David isn’t a fan of being emotional, but he says just not at the hospital, and tells her about his own waterworks at a sad movie. Dillon shows up, and sees David put his hand on Kiki’s.

Sharon tells Curtis that Nelle had a glowing recommendation, and her mom believed in giving a leg up to those less fortunate. When she passed away, Zack took it hardest. Nelle started hovering around him, giving him someone to talk to in his time of grief. The next thing they knew, the two of them were engaged, and Zack amended his will. Curtis says she saw her chance. Sharon says she’s an opportunist, and would have found another way, but in retrospect, thinks Nelle targeted Zack from the beginning.

Michael meets Nelle, and she asks how the memorial went. He says it was good, and tells her about taking Avery to the zoo. She thinks Morgan would approve. Michael says the donations for the foundation are also pouring in. He tells her that the last time they talked, she was upset, but Nelle says forget about it. She’s okay now, and doesn’t want to think things will never get better with his family. He says he has a plan to fix that, and she says she does too.

Sonny is shocked that Nelle is the donor. Carly says this is the same woman who almost lost her apartment, and has no money. Sonny wonders why she’d donate anonymously, and Carly calls her a sneaky bitch who has an agenda. Sonny asks where Carly is going, and she says the least she can do is thank her. Sonny tries to stop her, but no.

Doc says this is what he gets for being spontaneous. Laura says no, and he’s like, another no? Laura tells him that she wants what he does. She wants spend rest of her life with him too. She didn’t say she wouldn’t marry him. Doc says she didn’t say she would. She tells him it might come as a shock, but she doesn’t want a proposal just as a distraction from Valentin. Doc tells her that’s not why he proposed, but it’s a nice bonus. She doesn’t want to associate it in any way with Valentin. She wants the fairytale. A dinner, a hike, or something special, where he gets on one knee and holds out a pretty ring. She wants a real proposal, and then she’ll say yes.

Ava tells Griff how she blundered into Morgan’s memorial by mistake and was shunned – by everybody, including her own daughter – and it was right after Laura laced into her. It wasn’t a good day, even before he showed up. She was reminded once more that she’s a horrible person. Griff tells her that she’s not a horrible person. He meant it when he said he believes in her and has faith in her. She tells him to stop it; just stop it.

Kiki jumps up and kisses Dillon. He asks if she’s been crying, and David says he’ll let them catch up, and leaves. Dillon asks how the memorial was. Kiki says it was tough, and he wishes he could have been there, but apparently David was. She says he wasn’t there; she just needed someone to talk to. He says about Morgan? How can she talk to someone else about it and not him?

Alexis goes to Sonny’s house. She tells him she needs help to keep their daughter from throwing her life away.

Nelle wants to hear Michael’s plan first. He starts to talk about Zack, but Carly interrupts. She says she’s glad she found them. She couldn’t not thank Nelle for the donation. $50K is beyond generous, and she doesn’t have the words. Nelle says it was her pleasure. Carly starts asking how she got the money, but Michael stops her. Carly tells Nelle it was very noble to keep her grand gesture a secret, and leaves. Nelle tells Michael that was a helluva way for him to find out. He says he’s no expert on jewelry, but figures the engagement ring was work about that much. Is that where she got it?

Curtis tells Sharon that he doesn’t mean to pry, but did Nelle get the money? She says the investigation is still open, and she can’t profit from her misadventure. She says the police are clearly on their side. Curtis says playing devil’s advocate, if they can’t find proof, is it possible it was an accident? Sharon says that there was a faulty plug in the kayak, and Nelle watched him drown. She claimed she wasn’t a strong enough swimmer to save him. He points out that if she grew up near there, she was basically raised on the water. Sharon says, funny, huh? She told herself she wasn’t going to get into it again, and apologizes. Curtis says he’s honored she chose to share it with him. She tells him that she has another engagement, but he’s free to stay there and kick the tires, so to speak. When she’s gone, he uses Spyder Finder to look up Nelle’s school.

Alexis tells Sonny they need to do something to stop Kristina. She thinks that Alexis got Parker fired. He asks if she did, since she’s gone behind Kristina’s back more than once. She asks if Sonny is taking her side. He says he doesn’t like it, but she’s not throwing her life away. It’s not like she killed someone or is going to prison. Alexis says she knew he’d bring up Julian. Sonny says he wasn’t thinking about him. He knows Kristina is impulsive, and will probably get her heart broken, but nothing is happening that she can’t learn and gain maturity from. Alexis asks what about Morgan, but Sonny says Morgan was bi-polar; Kristina is just in love. Alexis says they disagree. She’s right, he’s wrong, and he’s no help.

Kiki tells Dillon that David is more than her supervisor. He reminds her of her father; a gruff doctor with a squishy heart. It’s nice to talk to somebody older and wiser for a change, since her father is gone, and her mother is no help. It wasn’t fair to burden him. Dillon tells her there’s nothing she can say that he can’t handle.

Ava tells Griff that she’s grateful he saved her life, but he didn’t do it for her. He was feeding his savior complex and being a hero. She says he chases after women who need saving and likes the danger, the thrill of coming close to breaking his vows, but she has desires and feelings. He doesn’t know her, and wouldn’t know what to do with her if he had her. Griff says maybe he does know what he wants. She asks what’s that, and he grabs her and kisses her. Woo-woo.

Doc tells Laura that if she knows in advance, it will defeat the purpose. She deserves a grand romantic gesture, but it will cost her. She’ll get it, but she won’t know when or where. It could be three hours or years from now, and she’ll be on pins and needles until it goes down. She calls him a cruel man, and he says he prefers evil genius, who happens to be completely and absolutely in love with her. They kiss.

So do Ava and Griff.

Dillon tells Kiki that he’s in this for the long haul. Nothing she can say will drive him away or shake his faith in her. She tells him that he makes her so incredibly happy and she’s grateful she has him. They kiss. A lot of that going around today.

David sees Alexis in Kelly’s. He asks if everything is all right, and  she says not really. Her middle child is moving to Oregon with her lover/professor, who abused her position of power when she seduced her daughter. She went to Kristina’s father to ask him to talk some sense into her, and he’s okay with it. He thinks it will help her mature. Alexis says it’s all her fault for being too controlling, and David says nobody thinks that. She says her daughter does. David asks if he can buy her a drink, and she says that’s not a good idea since she’s a recovering alcoholic. He says sorry, he forgot. What about a walk along the water? It’s better than staring at her phone. She says good point; let’s do it. They might as well get it over with and kiss.

Carly says Max told her that Alexis just tore out of Sonny’s place like a bat out of hell. Sonny says he’s the voice of reason today, but she didn’t want to listen. He asks how it went with Nelle. Carly says she graciously thanked her. Sonny asks if that’s is that all. She says that she can’t put her feelings aside; she wants answers, and if Michael heard, that’s even better.

Michael asks Nelle if she sold the ring. She says keeping it was just holding on to the pain, and this way, it’s going to a good cause. He ask why she didn’t tell him,  and she says she was about to, but let him go first. He asks why she made the donation anonymous, and she tells him that his parents would think she had a hidden agenda. She didn’t think he would.

Sonny tells Carly not to push it; it could backfire. She says no accusations, no attacks. She’ll just let Nelle reveal her true self.

Michael says he doesn’t think Nelle has an agenda, but he has a question. Can they ask questions? Nelle excuses herself to use the restroom. Possibly the only time I’ve ever heard someone say that on a soap. They never say good-by at the end of a phone call either. Michael’s phone rings. It’s Curtis. Michael hopes he found something. Curtis says he found something all right, but wants to tell Michael in person.

Gaff and Ava kiss their way into the bedroom. And here it comes. Yep. A song part.

Tomorrow, Ava says it was a mistake, Finn wants it over with, and Valentin is buying Julian’s media company.

😵 On Flipping Out, Jeff confronted Zoila about the (now ex) nanny’s text. He took a poll as to whether Zoila was guilty of Gema’s accusations. The verdict was a unanimous “guilty,” much to everyone’s (except Zoila’s) amusement. Jenni called the care of Monroe Lewis a real telenovela. Co-housekeeper Laura let Jeff know that Zoila had said some unpleasant things to her as well, which puzzled all of us, since they’re friends. He told Zoila that she’d hurt Laura’s feelings, but she refused to apologize, and quit for the umpteenth time.

In Calabasas, Jeff met with clients Liat and Trevor, as well as architect George. Jeff explained that he was working to create a 1930s Spanish style house; which George thought was dated. Jeff said, yeah, it dates back to 1937, which is the idea. The design is amazingly beautiful. I love that era of Hollywood homes. Jenni seemed to think that George was used to whipping through something and being in charge, and Jeff is the police. He also uses higher end products, and refuses to put cheap faucets in a house worth millions. They were up to the shopping stage, when they got dumped by the clients. In a text. There wasn’t much explanation, only that it wasn’t going to work out. It was like something a bad boyfriend would do. It’s not you, it’s me. Jeff said they went above and beyond, and he never wanted to speak with them again. Ever. I don’t blame him. That was a lot of work, in anticipation of a very decent payoff over an eighteen-month period. And in a text. That’s just gutless, heartless, and rude. In his interview, Jeff said he wished they were a-holes, because it would be easier, but he likes them. Everyone was blindsided, but agreed that George was working against them.

On the lighter side, things went well with Lea Black. She and Jeff were able to compromise on the materials for her bar, the showpiece of her home. She told Jeff everything went so well, he could skip therapy now. Jenni’s daughter got a princess bed with a ladder and slide, and it was awesome. And very pink. I would have given anything for one of those when I was a kid. Maybe even now. Jeff teased Laura mercilessly throughout the episode, asking if Zoila knew where she lived, and telling her to watch her back. After things cooled off, Jeff met with Zoila, and realized that he’d been holding her hostage. She really did want to retire, but he wasn’t taking her seriously. Jeff and Jenni helped her put her stuff in the car, and everyone shed some tears. Jeff insisted that she stay in their lives, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing her again, but it was still sad. Next week is the finale, and Baby Monroe is baptized. Jeff tells the pastor that she’s a wee bit on the cranky side, and he may have to perform an exorcism before it’s over.

👴 I got my answer as to who was the superb actor playing Father Cory on GH yesterday. It was none other than Fred Grandy, Gopher from The Love Boat.

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Griff & Grandy




October 5, 2017 – Stella Works on Her Groove, Another Nanny is Out, 90 Day Immersion & Mr. Miyagi


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Nathan and Maxie go to the station. The desk sergeant asks what he’s supposed to do with all the women who want to meet Man Landers. A woman comes out with baked goods, and tells Nathan that he’s God’s gift to women.

Jordan has to get to work. She tells Curtis that Aunt Stella will be home soon. He says that she’s out making life changes, and they have hours. They start to get busy, and Stella walks in.

Griff tells Ava that as soon as he realized she went to the clinic, he knew it was partly his fault. He should never have danced on the line like that. She asks if he’s apologizing for rejecting her. He tells her that he wanted to apologize, but that’s not the only reason.

At the MetroCourt, Sonny asks Carly if she has a minute. She tells him that it depends on what he needs, and he tells her how beautiful she is. She says he’s trying to charm her, and it’s making her nervous. He tells her that it could be nothing, but it could be game changer. Either way, they’re about to find out.

Sonny tells Carly that Brick has an update about the phone call. Carly says maybe it was a wrong number. Sonny says it could be a coincidence, but she knows how he feels about those. He had Brick follow up and trace the call. Carly says she needs to consult Brick on another matter. Sonny asks what it is, but they’re interrupted by Josslyn and Oscar. Josslyn talks about a football game that they’d like to go to – without a bodyguard.

Griff says he cares a lot about Ava, and she says as he does any member of his flock. He tells her that he doesn’t have a flock, but he has her, and doesn’t want to lose their friendship. It may not be enough for her, but it’s honestly all he can say right now. She says it’s enough.

A table is piled with flowers, baskets, stuffed toys, and bakery items at the station. Maxie says that she came back to be with Nathan, and this is out of control. Nathan says he doesn’t want to worry about tweets and gifts, he wants to worry about bills and rent. He tells her that Jordan texted him that she’s coming in and wants to speak with him. He thinks that his days at station are over.

Stella has news she thinks they’ll both find interesting. She knows she’s been in the way, and Curtis is a sweetheart for taking her in, but it’s time to think about leaving. She’s recovered from her stroke, her blood pressure is in a healthy range – at least until she walked in on them. She says that Curtis needs his space, and she needs to be the independent woman she was in Baltimore. Curtis hopes he didn’t do something to make her go back, but she says she’s not moving back to Baltimore. She just landed a job. Port Charles is her new home.

Maxie tells Nathan that if she hadn’t ruined everything by dragging in Spinelli, Nathan would still be anonymous, and she’s be working at Crimson again. She wonders if they should both go back to Portland. Nathan says that Spinelli did blow everything up, but he’s the one who announced in a grand fashion that he’s Ask Man Landers. He couldn’t stand the thought of anyone thinking he’s cheating, especially Maxie, but it’s done. Maxie says they need to get all the stuff out of here, and he suggests taking it to the hospital.

Stella says that she saw Felix at church, and he told her that one of the GH social workers was retiring. They offered her the position, and now she’s officially part of the GH team. Curtis says she did it right under his nose, and she should have gone into business with him. She asks where he thinks he got his skills from? She can be close to both of her man, and hopes that maybe she and TJ can make up for lost time. Curtis congratulates her. Stella says soon she can move out, and they can carry on like Adam and Eve at all hours of the day and night. Jordan says that’s her cue, and jets.

Josslyn tells Carly and Sonny that it’s an important game. The stands will be packed, and they want to sit with their friends. Oscar says there will be plenty of security. Carly says the bodyguard can sit a few rows behind. Josslyn is like, great, the bleachers will be filled with screaming fans, and one guy in a suit staring at her; no one will notice. Sonny understands where she’s coming from, but tells her that it’s a fact of life right now. It’s like seatbelts. You might never need them, but if there’s an accident, they can save her life. Josslyn says no one is coming after her. Sonny says it’s a million to one shot, but he can eliminate the one. Oscar says that Sonny is right. He would never want anything to happen to her.

Griff asks Ava if he was right, and that’s the reason she went to the clinic? Ava says at first. His interest gave her hope that she could be the woman she once was, and when he rejected her, she became fixated on getting her face back. She knows now that even if it was completely restored, she can’t be who she once was. Maybe it’s a good thing. Healing her face isn’t the same as healing herself. She wants to be held and loved, but her insides were mangled up, and need to be healed too. Griff says that she risked her life to save a stranger. Ava tells him that she blew any chance of restoration, but it’s okay; there’s nothing she can do now. This is the new her; take it or leave it. He tells her that what she did was selfless. Did she put herself in danger because she wanted to help someone or because she gave up and didn’t care what happened to her?

Carly wants to take a picture of Josslyn and Oscar. Josslyn objects, but Sonny says that you can’t stop her when she gets like this. She takes the picture, and asks if Oscar wants her to send a copy to his mom. Oscar says that if they don’t leave, they’re going to miss the kickoff. They leave, and Carly thinks that Oscar is afraid of telling his mom that he’s dating the stepdaughter of a local crime lord. Sonny days that he thought she didn’t want Josslyn dating. She doesn’t, but if she’s going to, she wants Josslyn to date Oscar. She shows Sonny the picture.

Ava tells Griff that she wasn’t being intentionally reckless. She was curious as to who this man was in glasses and a safety restraint mask. He showed signs of life, and she was intrigued. When she saw they were pumping him with enough drugs to down an elephant, she decided to help him. He wrote down a phone number, but then used the pen to try and escape, and she ended up giving the phone number to Dr. Kline. Later, she found Patient 6 handcuffed to a bed. He was using a paperclip to free himself, and dropped it. She gave it back to him, and that was the extent of her heroics. Griff says that she’s not only courageous, she’s awesome. She saved herself in saving someone else. He says it’s divine intervention that Patient 6 led him to the clinic after they met in a church. She asks how he knew where to start looking, and he tells her that Sonny helped him.

Brick flirts with Carly. Sonny tells him to quit it, but Brick says it’s one of the perks of the job. He tells Sonny that he has some information.

Ava is skeptical that Griff appealed to Sonny’s better nature, and Griff tells her that he was already dealing with phone call from St. Petersburg. She says that the number Patient 6 gave her had a Port Charles area code. She wonders why he’d have Sonny’s number, and who he is to Sonny

Nathan loads Maxie down with stuffed toys. She says these women are out of control, and she’s never been this close to an internet sensation. A million women can’t be wrong; he’s basically the perfect man. She’s off to the hospital, and Jordan tells Nathan that she needs to speak privately with him.

Brick traced the call to a cell phone paid through a Swiss bank. The calls from it have been made to private lines of rich people. Carly says that doesn’t make sense, but Sonny says it does if the call came from Ava.

Ava says that she can only assume that Kline called Sonny, but Griff thinks the whole thing is improbable. She asks when he saw Sonny, and figures it to be around when Kline got the number. Griff tells her that he thought it was her calling, and assumed she was working with his enemies. It was a happy accident. Sonny was in the process of turning him down, but Griff thought she might be reaching out for help. Ava says that she was under the impression that Patient 6 thought the person would come and get him no matter what. Like Griff got Ava.

Josslyn and Oscar have coffee at Perks. She tells him she’s sorry that she dragged him away from the game, but she doesn’t really like football that much. Oscar says that he doesn’t either. Josslyn notes that Devon the bodyguard is still watching, and wishes her parents wouldn’t stress all the time. She tells Oscar that it’s the one thing Sonny and her father agree on. Her father calls it a necessary evil, and checks in every day with her. Oscar looks sad, and she asks if he misses having a dad. He says that you can’t miss something you never had. He knows nothing about his dad, even his name. His mom gets weird when he asks questions, so he doesn’t want to press the issue. Josslyn asks if he wouldn’t like to know who his father is.

Stella breaks out a bottle of liquor to celebrate. Curtis thinks it’s cool that she’ll have a built-in community at the hospital, and she’s already making friends. She says he must hope that she’ll be busy enough to stop interfering. He says there’s that, but thinks it’s healthy that she’s going on with her life. She’s a beautiful, vibrant woman, and he hopes she finds a boyfriend or a new group of friends. Stella repeats that then she’ll be busy enough to stop interfering. Curtis laughs, and says well, yeah, now that she mentions it, but seriously, what’s wrong with finding a nice guy to appreciate the phenomenal woman she is? He toasts to her being phenomenal, and she says that’s nice, but it’s not happening. She already met the great love of her life, Marcus, and there will never be another for her.

Nathan apologizes for not being upfront about the blog. He had no idea how it would blow up, but promises to protect and serve to the best of his ability. Jordan says that she was surprised, and wishes he’d said something before it became a PR event, but that being said, he’s one of her best detectives. If he can assure her that his Man Landers activities won’t interfere with his job, that’s all she wants. He can relax now; she’s not firing him. He asks why she called him, and she says she needs his advice. She has a problem with her boyfriend’s aunt, and needs help fixing it.

Amy meets Maxie, and tells her how thrilled the kids at the hospital were. Maxie is happy to know that the Man Landers swag went to a worthy cause. Amy asks Maxie how she’s doing with all the publicity, and Maxie says it’s an adjustment. They both look on their phones at the tweets, and Maxie says he’s reaching superstar status. She asks if Amy has a problem with Nathan being famous, and Amy says that’s not what it was about for her. Now she can get Chet the best care, and a quality of life she didn’t think was possible, all because of Maxie’s generous husband. Maxie says she told Nathan how proud she is of him. Amy says it must be a change to see Nathan getting attention, when she shined in high school, like they just graduated five minutes ago. Maxie says she was an outcast because of her heart, but Amy disagrees. Maxie says she struggled to be perfect, when there were people just waiting for her to blow it. She dreaded every pimple and bad hair day, but Amy says she succeeded. She was the cheer captain and head of the popular group. Now that Nathan is getting attention, she can’t stand it.

Jordan explains to Nathan about Stella not being able to back off. He asks if she has someone to love, and Jordan tells him a long time ago, but she set that aside to raise Curtis and Tommy. Nathan says that maybe she’s grieving her sacrifice or she’s afraid to love again. He doesn’t know her, but feels sorry for her.

Curtis tells Stella that he’s eternally grateful. Stella says she’s not looking for gratitude. She only told him about Marcus so that he’d know that no man could measure up to him. Curtis asks if she’s talked to him since then, and she says no. He says that when people aren’t around, we tend to elevate their status, and only remember the good. Stella says that had his faults, but that doesn’t change how she feels. Curtis hopes that she’ll be open to dating again. She says, so she can stop meddling? He says no, so she can get her groove back. Aw, that made me smile.

Oscar tells Josslyn that it’s weird knowing someone is out there who made him, but doesn’t know him; someone who gave him his genetic code, including the gene that makes him want to hang out with her. Josslyn asks if he doesn’t want to know who gave him such great taste. He tells her that he doesn’t want to bother his mom, so it’s impossible. Josslyn says nothing is impossible. I hum the Impossible song from Cinderella.

Sonny talks about Ava being in the clinic, and Brick says that the call could have come from a clinic. Carly wonders how Ava would have gotten the number. Sonny tells her that he picked up, but she didn’t say anything. They agree that the mystery is solved, and Carly tells Brick that she has a job which requires his expertise.

Ava tells Griff that he should be proud of standing up to Sonny as a man. She asks if he ever thinks of himself that way, rather than a priest. Griff tells her that she needs to rest, and he’ll text Kiki when they land. Ava thanks him.

Carly wants Brick to do a full background check and surveillance on Nelle. Sonny tells her to let Michael handle it. They know she’s bad news, but let him figure it out for himself, and stop pushing. Carly says they’ll wait for now. Brick says he’s always there for her, and she hugs him. He says anything for a lovely lady, and Sony tells him to stop. Brick says that he knows Sonny likes it. Genuine smiles all around.

Maxie tells Amy that she doesn’t resent the attention, and she’s thrilled with Nathan’s success. Amy says that she has to find a way to deal; go back to work and raise her own self-esteem. Let Nathan’s fifteen minutes of fame ride itself out. She tells Maxie not to do anything impetuous, or she’ll defeat anything he’s trying to do.

Jordan thanks Nathan. She says now she has compassion for a woman who hates her. Nathan hopes that Stella finds love again, and leaves Jordan’s alone. Jordan says clearly, she finds all of his services valuable.

Sonny asks how mad Carly is, but she says that she knew in her heart that he’s right. Michael has to discover that Nelle is bad on his own. Sonny says he’s caring, but not a pushover. Carly says it would be nice to have a dossier ready, and Sonny accuses her of being obsessed over the kids. He wonders if she’s going to have surveillance on Oscar next. Don’t give her ideas, Sonny.

Oscar asks Josslyn, what if his dad doesn’t want to know him, or he’s pissed because his mom got pregnant, or has another family, or what if they meet and he doesn’t like Oscar? Josslyn says whoever he is, he’s lucky to have a son like him. Oscar guesses they’ll never know, and Josslyn asks what if they could find him? Would he want to?

Carly says that Sonny is right. She’s holding on too tight, and it’s embarrassing. She used to encourage her kids to be independent. He says that after losing Morgan, she wants to keep them safe, and he feels the same way. Carly says she can’t believe that Ava called him, and that she’s using Avery as a way in. She thinks that when time passes, they’ll reach an acceptance and forget what she did to Morgan, but she’s wrong. Wow. They got all this from a call coming from a number no one knows, where no one said anything.

On the plane, Griff watches Ava sleep. He brushes her hair back. She opens her eyes, and says she was dreaming about her girls. She can’t wait to see them. Griff says they’ll be proud of their mom. She tells him that some of his goodness rubbed off on her. She puts her head on his shoulder.

Tomorrow, Ava tells Griff their business is concluded, Nina asks Valentin when he was going to tell her about Laura, and Sonny asks who the hell Patient 6 is.

😵 On Flipping Out, Jeff went from Versailles with Best Western bathrooms to helping gut his dad’s condo. Jenni said that Jeff was the Karate Kid to his father’s Mr. Miyagi. The big topic of the night was nanny Gema, who was starting to not work out. She wanted to cut her hours, claiming that baby Monroe was a handful, which we knew, and rated her an eleven on a scale of one to ten in difficulty. Jeff agreed that Monroe was too much for them to handle, and she’d be going to boarding school. House manager Nancy told Jeff that Gema complained about Zoyla watching her and telling her what to do. He thought that Zoyla was just being protective, and Gage said that she was probably being nosy; it’s her job. Gage discovered that the camera was being blocked, and Gema was being vague in answering questions. This was an obvious no, so she was let go. Afterward, Jeff received a text from Gema. She said now that she could speak freely, she wanted him to know that Zoyla had been using her against Jeff and Gage. The episode is to be continued, but that didn’t explain why the nanny was blocking the camera. Unless it was Zoyla trying to set her up. I guess we’ll find out next week.

💍 My head is going to explode with 90-Day Fiance. TLC has been showing so many repeat episodes from various seasons, it’s like my TV has been holding a 90 Day convention. Sometimes it’s fun to come late to the game, since there’s a lot you haven’t seen, and everything old is new to you. I can’t tear my eyes away from the original show, The Couples Tell All, and my favorite, Before the 90 Days, in the wee hours of the morning. And there are new episodes on Sundays (just what I needed, another Sunday night must watch). I don’t know whether to laugh or cry that I’m transfixed by these mostly miserable people nearly all night long. Which is why I need sleep, so I’ll be talking about this on the morrow. Let it suffice to say that on the latest episode of Before the 90 Days, Paul totally shocked me by not being just the nerdy hypochondriac that we thought, but a criminal with very serious mental issues. I felt badly for Karine before, when I thought she’d just be disappointed, but he actually put her in danger. From a guy with a machete. Not a good look. Not at all.

Mr. Miyagi Says…

MrMiyagi2 MrMiyagi



September 28, 2017 – Sharon Wants Her Ring Back, Jeff Turns Down Versailles & Good Riddance to Jax from Kentucky


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Mac can’t wait to meet Ask Man Landers. Felicia hopes Mac gets to him first before Maxie does.

Spinelli yells that he’s seen Nathan with Amy before. Nathan says he’s not cheating; he’s Ask Man Landers. All the photographers rush to take pictures. It looks really funny, like something out of a 40s movie. Spinelli doesn’t believe him, and calls it a feeble alibi, but Nathan says it’s the truth. Maxie says that she can explain everything.

Sharon tells Nelle to let her in and she’ll talk. Nelle says she’s not interested, and starts to close the door. Sharon stops her, and asks if Nelle thought she could run from what she did to her brother.

Carly asks if Michael has other plans, and if he can’t reschedule. He says Nelle’s not comfortable going to a family party. Carly asks if it’s “her or us” now.

Sam calls Monica about Jason, and says that she did it, but Monica says no, she did. Sam says he had lots of reasons to come back, and she’s one of them. Monica tells Elizabeth, and says she’s going to shout it from the rooftops. Sam says she’ll see her soon. Sam looks in Jason’s room to see Sonny and Jason fist bump.

Maxie announces that what Nathan means is, they’re all Man Landers. Spinelli babbles to Maxie about how her husband and his peroxided angel of mercy are having an affair. Felicia says she knew it, and Nina says no they’re not. Quinn wonders what’s going on, and Maxie says they’re married. Quinn is confused, and asks if they’re married and having an affair. Spinelli gets loud, and Nathan says enough is enough.

Elizabeth brings Franco over to Monica, and he hands Monica a check. Elizabeth says it’s from the showing at the gallery. She says he wants to share the wealth, and put Kiki through med school. He tells Monica that he thought some could be earmarked for outpatient therapy, and victims of violence. Monica asks if he was hoping they would reinstate the art program, and Franco says that art therapy saved his life. She notes that he seems to be making up for his violent past, and Elizabeth says she’s proud of him.

Someone looks at the painting of the two boys.

Jason tells Sonny that he made a choice to leave the life behind. He almost died, and can’t tell his wife and kids good-by again.

Michael tells Carly that Nelle encouraged him to go without her. She asks if he’s going to send a card saying that he chose Nelle over his family. He tells her to back off and let him live his life.

Sharon says that she’s not surprised Nelle landed on her feet. She must have found another mark to pay her rent. Nelle says she pays her own rent, and Sharon says that she bets she does. She says it’s remarkable how Nelle moved on, like her brother didn’t die and she’s not responsible. Nelle says she isn’t responsible, and the police and DA accepted it even if Sharon doesn’t. Nelle tells her that if she knows what’s good for her, she’ll take the next flight back to Florida. Sharon asks what she’s going to do if she doesn’t? Kill her too?

Monica tells Franco that she’ll bring up reinstating the art program at the next board meeting. Right now, she’s going to see her son. Franco thinks Elizabeth should go too. She asks him to come, but he says Jason isn’t interested in seeing him on a good day, but especially when he just woke up from a coma. Elizabeth asks if he doesn’t have questions, but he says it’s not Jason in the photo. He tells Elizabeth to change before she goes, or the facility might put her to work. She tells him how wonderful he was to give the hospital the check.

Elizabeth leaves, and Andre approaches Franco. He shows Franco the painting, and Franco asks if he’s the anonymous buyer.

Sonny says he respects Jason’s decision. He’s sorry Jason got caught up in him trying to leave the business, and it almost cost his life. Jason says it was his choice. He doesn’t regret it, but has to step back and be the man his family needs. He wants to be there for his kids. Sonny wants that too. Jason says that he finds himself getting pulled in sometimes, probably because he misses it, and it can’t happen anymore. He needs to find new way to be him. Sam hopes that Sonny understand. He does, and wishes them all the happiness in the world; they deserve it.

Nelle tells Sharon that she might not have been the girl she thinks her brother deserved, but she’s a survivor, which is why Zack loved her. Sharon calls her a scrappy little girl from the wrong side of the tracks, who turned him against his family until she became the center of his universe. All he had was her to save him. She wonders if in his last moments, he realized that his whole universe was based on an illusion. Could she tell he knew the truth before he took his last breath? Nelle tells her to get out, but she says not until she gets what she came for.

Carly tells Michael not to be a stranger once he and Nelle start living together. He has no idea what she’s talking about. She says he bought her apartment, so she must have asked him to move in. He says that he’s not an idiot. She never asked him to buy it. Carly says not to let Nelle isolate him. He leaves, disgusted and annoyed. Carly’s phone rings. It’s Sonny, who tells her that Jason is awake. She says she’s on her way.

Nathan says these guys are all impostors. There’s only one Ask Man Landers, and they’re looking at him. Spinelli thinks he’s just trying to cover up his relationship with his strumpet, but Nathan says she’s his agent. Amy corrects that to manager, saying she only takes 5%. Nina asks Nathan if he’s sure, and he says yes. She announces that since he’s decided to come out of anonymity, she’s introducing the true face of Ask Man Landers – her brother, Nathan West.  Quinn says she promised them Ask Man Landers, and she always delivers.

Spinelli tells Maxie that there’s more to this story. She says that he doesn’t understand, and he says he understands that her time away might have been too much for her spouse. Quinn tells everyone no more photos. Man Landers will have plenty of time with his adoring public. Nathan tells Quinn that right now he wants to talk to his wife, and she tells him to go and tend to Trixie. Nathan asks how she is, and Maxie says just peachy, now that she’s ruined her chances of Nina rehiring her and blown his anonymity. Nathan says that he didn’t want her to doubt his love. Nina says the people want to talk to him, and his adoring public (phrase of the day) awaits. Maxie tells him that Amy is still the advice giver, and they have to make sure it doesn’t get out. Nina says it won’t. Maxie wonders what her parents are doing there, and Felicia says that Man Landers is her father’s new guru. She wonders why Maxie didn’t tell them.

Amy tells Spinelli that when she met him, he seemed like a sweet guy; she must have read him wrong. Does he always rush to judgments? He admits to violating a principal rule of investigation by interpreting the evidence to fit his hypothesis. He tells her that it’s quite an accomplishment to go from nurse to publishing, and asks what her secret is.

Andre and Franco look at the painting. Franco says he needed his arm twisted to show it, and never intended to sell it. He wonders what made Andre buy it, and Andre explains that instead of playing golf, he invests in art. He says the glimpse into the artist’s imagination spoke to him. Franco asks what if it wasn’t imagination?

Carly runs into Jason’s room. He asks what took so long. She tells him that next time he wants to play hero, don’t do this, and he says that he’s done dodging bullets. Sonny says in order to walk into a new life, he has to walk away from them.

Nelle tells Sharon that if she’s thinking about a civil suit, she has nothing of value. Sharon says she only wants what rightfully belonged to family. Nelle says she left with bus fare and the clothes on her back. Sharon says she might have dodged a murder charge, but she’s still a common thief. Michael walks in, and asks who she is and what she’s doing there.

Franco asks Andre if this is confidential, and Andre asks if Franco is his patient now. Franco shows him the photo. Andre says those are the guys in the painting. Franco tells him that for long time, he had an obsession about having a connection to Jason. He’d even thought were twins, and lately he’s been having the same feelings again. He talked to his adoptive mom, and she confirmed that the photo was him and a twin, but not his twin; Jason’s twin, Andrew. Andre asks why they’re dressed alike, and Franco explains that Jason’s birth mother gave him to Betsy to raise as her own. He thought he had brother for three years. Andrew died, and Betsy didn’t want him to grieve, so she told him he’d had an imaginary friend. He knows it sounds weird, but would make sense if he knew Betsy. She’s emotionally fragile, and doesn’t make the best decisions. His whole life he’s been missing a brother, and didn’t know he was real.

Jason says for the majority of his life he was able to be there for Carly and Sonny. In the last couple of years, he straddled both worlds, but it’s not working anymore. He has to be there for his family, and they need to understand. He gets Sonny’s situation completely, and hopes he gets out of business, but he can’t help anymore. Sam wants them to know that it’s Jason’s decision. She’s not pushing him, and hopes they respect his choice. Monica and Elizabeth show up. Elizabeth said that they were told there were too many visitors, but Monica pulled rank as Jason’s mom. Monica tells Jason not to upset her like this again.

In the hallway, Sonny asks if Carly is okay. She says she knows he’s been pulling away for a long time, but she misses the way it used to be.

Nelle introduces Sharon to Michael. Sharon says, well done once again. Michael says he’s sorry for her loss, but it’s time for her to go. She says that Nelle still has something that belongs to her family – the engagement ring that belonged to her grandmother. If Nelle doesn’t hand it over, she’ll sue for it. Nelle says it must be nice to have lawyers on speed dial, but she doesn’t have it; she lost it.

Amy tells Spinelli that she was a fan from the start, and jumped in on the publishing deal. Nathan joins them, and says that he needed someone he could trust to protect his identity. Spinelli says they’re quite the team, which is why he got wrong idea. He asks what Nathan thinks about his beard, since Maxie doesn’t like it. Nathan says it’s not his best look, and Spinelli says that’s odd. He told “Beardless in Portland” to grow it.

Amy says that he gets so many letters, he can’t be expected to remember them all. Nathan says he couldn’t have known what it looked like on him, but he should do what makes him happy. Spinelli says that Amy said the exact same thing; they really are in sync. Felicia asks to borrow Nathan. She tells him that her first impulse was to deck him one, but now they owe him. Maxie tells Nathan that they have to go. Outside, she tells Spinelli that it’s not the time or the place for questions. Nina comes by, and says it’s time to collect on the Crimson exclusive.

Sharon says Nelle is a lot of things, but careless isn’t one of them. Nelle says she moved a lot, and it got lost; Sharon can search the apartment. Sharon says she probably has it stashed in a safe deposit box. She tells Nell this isn’t over, and says that Michael should know his damsel in distress is a cold-blooded killer. She tells Nelle that the case is still open, and Michael says that she’s not the only one with lawyers on speed dial. Sharon says that Michael that he’s gallant, and Zack would have liked him. She says that this simpering bitch is poison, and Zack found out the hard way. She hopes he doesn’t have to. She leaves, and Michael hugs Nelle.

Carly tells Sonny that she could always count on Jason to reach Michael, but she can’t do that now. She tells him about Sharon, and that she thinks Michael is going down the same path. Sonny says that Michael believes what he wants to, but he wouldn’t fall for that. Nothing comes between him and his family. Carly says it already has.

Sam has to leave, and Jason says he’s not going anywhere. Elizabeth says that Jake will be relieved. He’s doing good, but worried. Jason asks about Franco, and Elizabeth says he’s in a good place right now.

Franco lies on Andre’s couch and rambles. He says Drew seemed real, like no other incarnation, but he can’t tell anyone. He didn’t want to worry Elizabeth, and told her that he was some neighbor kid. Andre says he must have had a more compelling reason to lie than his mother’s wishes. What is he afraid of? Franco looks at the painting.

Quinn toasts to the one and only Man Landers. Spinelli says that Nathan seems comfortable in the spotlight, but he has misgivings. Maxie tells him to keep them to himself. The book proceeds are going to a good cause, and it’s a win-win for everyone. Spinelli asks if it is for her.

Michael hands Nelle an empty coffee cup (these actors will never learn how to make it seem full – sigh…), and tells her to have some cold coffee. She says it’s only a matter of time before there’s a subpoena, and this is going to haunt her for the rest of her life. Nina calls. She says they have the exclusive scoop on Ask Man Landers, and asks if Nelle can come to the MetroCourt right away. Nelle says she’ll be right there. She tells Michael that she has to go to work. He thinks it will take her mind off of things, and says he’ll finish with the boxes. As her landlord, he can’t leave the apartment like this.

Carly tells Sonny that Michael is already missing Bobbie’s celebration, and there will be more. Nelle will find excuses to keep him away. Sonny says that Michael is his own man.

Michael drops some books, and sees the ring. He makes a soap opera face.

Sonny says that Michael will give the benefit of the doubt, but in the end he’s a realist, practical and smart, and you can’t push him too far. If she shows her true colors, he’ll get rid of Nelle. Carly thinks it’s already too late.

Monica tells Sam that she’ll let Danny know his mom will be there soon, and leaves. Sam knows how hard it was for Jason to talk to Sonny and Carly, but she’s happy that he’s embracing their new life and stepping away from theirs. He tells her that they choose how they live, and his priority is his family.

Jason looks at the card Elizabeth left from Franco’s exhibit. A photo of the painting is on the back.

Andre wonders if Franco is afraid that he might find out something else out about himself. Franco leaves some money, and Andre says it’s too much for one session. He’ll consider it a down payment for the next. Franco doesn’t think he’s coming in for a follow-up.

Jason looks at the painting on the postcard. He makes a soap opera face, and his eyes dart around.

Tomorrow, Kristina has good news for Parker, Sam says Alexis is still carrying a torch for Julian, and the doctor says that Patient 6 is more trouble than he’s worth.

😵 On Flipping Out, Monroe has been much calmer since Jeff got a new nanny. It’s his sixth in five months, but that baby is a handful. So is Jeff. The nanny is in love with Gage, which is creating embarrassment for him, and amusement for everyone else. The Old Hollywood house is coming along, and Jeff likes living on site so he can keep an eye on the workers. He can just bang on the window, and tell them to clean their sh*t up, which is a really good point. Jeff and Gage left Monroe for the first time, when the staff traveled to Florida to see Jackie and David Siegel‘s Versailles. The finished area had everything from a sex room to an alligator hunt, but Jeff was appalled to see a Best Western looking bathroom in the unfinished part of the house. Apparently, David had decided to get them done behind Jackie’s back. The team sat down with David, and Jeff thought they could find middle ground, but in the end, felt there was no meeting of the minds. In his interview, he said they reminded him of the Beverly Hillbillies, and he respected that. He told the group that he might not have a 100,000 square foot house at his disposal, but he was grateful they could build what they wanted, without including a roller rink. His takeaway point was that friends don’t let friends rollerblade.

🐄 Jax. How does his personality get fouler every time I see him? In the most recent episode of Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky, he proved himself to be just about the worst person in the world. They were nearing the end of their vacation, and he did nothing but complain. He seemed to have a good time with the family at the local bar, although Brittany’s father made it clear that he still isn’t sure about Jax. Instead of calling it a night when the family did, he and Brittany continued on with some of her friends. Apparently Jax drank too much, and got in some verbal altercations with them. In particular, a girlfriend of Brittany’s, who suggested that her life was better pre-Jax. Even in his interview, where I assume he was sober, he got nasty, talking about how Brittany had a better life since she met him. He described the alternative as living in a strip mall, and hanging out with people who have babies and no teeth. I’m not sure what he was talking about, since that’s not the impression I got. Methinks he just wanted to be as insulting as possible. He even picked a fight with Brittany in front of her mother, who was surprisingly silent. I would have told him to STFU. It was their last day, and the family was dedicating a gazebo to Brittany’s late grandfather. Nice of him to try and ruin it. Brittany told us that Jax says things, and then denies that he said them all the time, and yep, I’ve seen him do that. He also decided to spend his drunken night in a hotel, and then whined that he could have been killed in such a foreign place as Kentucky. Brittany told him that he had an anger management problem, and surprised him by deciding to stay behind for a few days, after he demanded they get going.

🚮 Do it now, Brittany. Get rid of this jerk. You can do so much better.


September 21, 2017 – Patient 6 Makes a Move, Jeff Just Plain Moves & I Still Hate Jax


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Curtis brings Jordan flowers.

Kristina and Parker meet outside of Kelly’s. Valerie sees them, and puts a move on Kristina, who tells her that Parker knows everything. Parker goes to get a table, and Valerie asks Kristina if she and Parker are good now. Kristina tells her that they’re going to talk.

Sam messes with Jason’s bedding, making the end of the bed the way he likes it. She tells him the kids will be there soon, and that she made all the lights on the way there. She wants him to get better, wake up, and come home to them. Sonny walks in.

Dante tells Lulu that Valentin got Ava to recant her statement. Her testimony is worthless now. He thinks it was part of a deal, in return for her getting into the clinic. Lulu asks Charlotte to go play while she runs something past her poppa. She tells Valentin drop the act, and asks what he did to Ava.

At the clinic, Ava can’t leave Patient 6 alone. She’s startled to see his sunglasses off, and says he has blue eyes. He probably knows that.

Jordan prevents Curtis from coming in. He says they need to talk, but she says she’s not in the mood. TJ comes out and asks what’s going on. She says that she and Curtis need to talk privately. Jordan asks Curtis what he wants. He says things got heated, and not in a fun way. He wonders if they can’t focus on what they have, and build from that. She tells him it’s not like they were arguing about what’s on TV. She asks if he’s going to work for Sonny.

Sonny tells Sam that he’s sorry to interrupt, and Sam says he’s not. She tells Sonny that the staff is wonderful, but she has to remind them about the sheets. He asks how she’s doing, and she says not so good. She feels like if she leaves, it becomes real. Sonny says she made the right decision. He did the same thing with Michael, and it was also difficult to put Morgan in the institution. Both places were great for his boys, and she needs to tell herself that. She hopes he can hear her, but wishes there was a way for him to tell her that he’s okay. Sonny says Michael was like a sounding board for him.

Lulu says it’s disgusting how Valentin is manipulating the situation. She asks what he offered Ava. She was almost fooled, and thought he really wanted to reach an agreement. He says his criminal record is actually cleaner than hers. They can go through the trouble of a hearing, or agree to share custody.

Ava tells Patient 6 that she had herself convinced he was Nikolas. She told herself a whole story about how he fell into the water and Valentin’s men brought him here. Which totally makes sense. She says then she would be the one to find him, and it wouldn’t matter that she sold him out. She hopes he forgives her flight of fancy, and she’ll do what she should have – leave him in peace. He watches her leave.

Curtis says that Jordan isn’t being fair. He’s not trying to work for the mob. He says he was just going to do regular P.I. stuff. She tells him that Sonny will use what information he gets to establish dominance. Curtis says it’s none of his business what his clients do with what he gives them. He can’t control it, but there are lines he won’t cross; he’ll establish boundaries with Sonny. Jordan says that his association with Sonny has already crossed her boundaries. She needs time to think about things. He says time-out seems to be what they do best.

Sam asks Sonny if his plan to leave the business is on hold. He says he’s always done what he can to protect his family, which includes her. She tells Sonny that she and Jason had a rule. He’d answer any question she asked, unless it made her an accessory. She says that their life together has been different since he came back.

Patient 6 undoes the restraints, and starts to get out of his chair, but hears someone coming in. It’s Ava, followed by Dr. Kline. He tells her that Dr. Baronski referred him to her. She says Valentin told her to see Dr. Baronski, but Dr. Kline says that he handles the most severe cases. When she asks how long it will take to get her face back, he says it’s a cumulative process; one step leads to the next. The nurse comes in, and Dr. Kline tells her to give Patient 6 the full dose. He tells Ava that they’re tranquilizers, and Patient 6 must be under sedation at all times. The nurse prepares the shot.

Kristina talks about Scout, but Parker is distracted. She says there’s a guy following them. Kristina explains that it’s a guy from her dad. Parker says they must really not want her around Kristina. Kristina tells her about Jason, saying that it’s been hard on the family. It sucks, but comes with the territory. Parker didn’t realize how quickly Kristina had to grow up, but knew she was more self-possessed than most of her students.

In the park, Curtis is flinging the bouquet around, and Valerie asks what the flowers did to him. instead of abusing helpless floral arrangements, maybe he’d like to talk. She tells him that maybe they’ll be cousins. She might have to adopt Stella; she’s a riot. Curtis tells her about having professional difficulties with Jordan, like they did.

Jordan tells TJ thanks for skating. He says he wasn’t going to let her use him as an avoidance excuse. She explains that Curtis wants to offer Sonny his services, and is probably working for him already. TJ says he’s a P.I., and it’s no secret that they negotiate grey areas. Jordan says that she believes in the law, not delving into the realm of ambiguity. Please. Lighten up.

Valentin tells Lulu that no one has the upper hand as far as parenting goes. The best thing for Charlotte is shared custody. They live in the same town, she has friends and family there, and a good life. He wants to keep it that way. He proposes alternating weeks. Charlotte returns, and asks about Bailey. Valentin suggests they get an update.

Lulu tells Dante that Valentin is always one step ahead of them. Dante says whatever she wants to do is fine with him. Bailey comes back out with her mother, and wants Valentin in on the discussion with the doctor.

Ava asks Dr. Kline why the need to control Patient 6? The doctor says he’s a danger, especially to others. He was subjected to severe trauma, and his mind broke. Any approach is an attack, and he fights back. They believe heavy sedation is kinder than 24/7 restraints. Ava asks if they can help him, and Dr. Kline asks why she cares. Patient 6 is given his shot.

Ave tells the doctor she needs a distraction. The first time she saw him, it was shocking, but it gave her something else to think about. She notices that the drug they gave Patient 6 is ketamine. She remarks that it’s used on horses. Dr. Kline says he’s eager to work with her; she could be his greatest success. He would hate for her to be sent away before they even get started. He suggests she find something else to do, and in the interest of her own recovery, leave Patient 6 alone. Unnoticed, Patient 6 moves his hand to his face.

Sam tells Sonny that she and Jason are more settled now. They used to be ride or die, but stopped living each day like it was their last, and started living like they could raise their kids and be happy together. Sonny says that kids do that to parents. She says she has a life she never imagined, and never wants to let it go. Sonny says he’s partly to blame, and wants to make it right. He thinks he knows where to start.

Dr. Brown goes over Bailey’s treatment, explaining that in her case, bracing is the best choice. She can have outpatient care. He talks about Shriners having the best cutting-edge treatment. They have the full spectrum in the same place just for kids. Obviously, this is the daily advertisement within the show for Shriners Hospitals, but it’s a good thing. Not like when they mention Aveeno fifty times during the Nurses’ Ball.

Curtis says look what happened last year, but Valerie doesn’t want to relive it. He tells her that Stella apologized. Valerie thinks she’s hilarious. She means well, and Valerie thinks he does too, and she doesn’t want him to make same mistake that he did with her. She wants him to be happy, and thinks he should ask himself if he’s willing to make the necessary sacrifices to make Jordan happy.

Jordan says that TJ lost his father, Shawn went to prison, and her bad choices crossed the line. He’s paid the price, and she doesn’t want that to happen anymore.

Parker tells Kristina that what they did back then was wrong. Kristina says that she’s no longer a confused co-ed. She’s out and proud, and has family and friends who are supportive, positive, and accepting. Parker is proud of her. She tells Kristina that things happen for a reason, and she’s grateful that Kristina came into her life. She says that Kristina is great at knowing what she wants, and going for it. Kristina kisses her.

TJ tells Jordan that he knows she has past guilt, but she shouldn’t be afraid to be happy. He tells her to stop trying to make up for what she put him through, and make up for it by being happy. She asks how he got so damn smart, and he tells her, books. He appreciates everything she’s done, every sacrifice she’s made, but he’s grown, even if he’s still a tax deduction. He doesn’t want her sacrificing her happiness again. No more punishing herself. The past is the past, and he came out okay. He has the best mom in the world, and he wishes she’d believe it

Curtis thanks Valerie. He hopes she finds love again, and gives her the flowers. His phone rings, and he says it’s the conflict of interest reaching out. Valerie leaves, and Curtis asks Sonny what’s up. Sonny has a job, but doesn’t want to talk about it over the phone. Curtis decides to pass. He knows what he said, but he has to stay above board and can’t get involved in a conflict. If it was just him, it would be different, but too many people that he cares about will be affected. Sonny says no hard feelings. He’s a great friend, but sometimes you have to do the right thing and protect the people you love.

Parker tells Kristina that they can’t do this; it’s still wildly inappropriate. Kristina thinks it’s the age difference, and reminds Parker that she just said how much she admires Kristina. Parker says that’s not the issue. She can’t lose her career over this.

Bailey’s mom thanks Valentin. Charlotte hugs him, saying that he made everything right for Bailey. She goes back with Bailey, and Lulu tells Valentin there’s no doubt Charlotte loves him. He says hopefully, she’ll take that into consideration. He’s offered shared custody, and would like to get on with life, and have Charlotte settled and secure. Doesn’t she want the same?

Patient 6 starts to get up, but fails. Ava is like, omg.

Curtis goes back to Jordan, and tells her that he spoke to Sonny and turned him down. He wants to help Jason, but he doesn’t want to lose her. She laughs, saying she was about to tell him that she acted a little harsh. He says he’ll call Sonny right now then, and make some money. She says they should at least talk, and find a solution that’s best for the both of them. He says no more fights as reasons to walk away? She suggests that they use them to start a conversation, not end one. She reminds him about telling her that he loved her, and that he wanted to know what she thought. He says he still does. She says that if she hadn’t walked out, she would have told him that she loves him too. Curtis is finally locked down.

Kristina doesn’t understand what a relationship with Parker would have to do with her career. She’s not in her class anymore. Parker says that Kristina is still a student at PCU, and she’s working on getting tenure. Maybe if it doesn’t work out, and she applies elsewhere, they can explore it, but now isn’t a good time. She says she’s sorry. The last thing she wanted to do was make Kristina want her.

Lulu tells Valentin that they both love Charlotte and want what’s best for her. She’ll have Diane send the paperwork to him. They’ll have alternate weeks. She wants him to understand that little girls grow up though, and he can’t keep Charlotte in the dark forever. One day she’ll see him for the man he really is.

Ava tells Patient 6 that the nurse gave him a whole vial of Special K. How is possible he’s moving? She tells him that his zombie act isn’t working. He’s trying to hide that the drugs aren’t affecting him, and if he’s so dangerous, maybe she should warn them. He looks her in the eye.

Sam tells Sonny that she doesn’t care. She’s not ready to let him go.

Ava tells Patient 6 that if she rats him out, she’ll only give herself away. Here’s the deal. If he gets out of the chair and starts rampaging around, don’t come after her. He owes her. She leaves, but when she opens the door, hears a cellphone ring nearby, so she slips back into the room. Dr. Kline answers the phone, and says that things have remained unchanged, and it appears there’s no more trouble. He appears to understand. The doctor listens listens, and says that he’s strong, but he’s not a superhero. They can’t give him more without killing him. As soon as the doctor is gone, Ava quietly slips into the hallway.

Patient 6 gets up.

Tomorrow, Franco says his imaginary friend is real, Michael has business to wrap up, and Carly knows about Josslyn meeting Oscar.

😵 👶 On Flipping Out, Jeff and company moved into the new house. Construction had been stalled, so there’s a lot of mess and unfinished areas. The truck was about to arrive, and Jeff pulled up to find a neighbor parked in front of his driveway gate, where he said she’s parked before. He told her that he’s moving in today and this is going to change as of now. She had the nerve to respond that it’s a public place. Well, that may be, but it’s against the law to block a driveway, and for good reason. I’m so on Jeff’s side, having dealt with this issue many times with people doing construction on neighboring houses. I don’t think there was one time a guy didn’t argue with me when I asked him to please move his truck. One even asked if I needed my driveway. Nah, it’s just there for show. Really? Jeff asked if this is how they’re starting the relationship, and said welcome to the neighborhood. During a talk on design, we found out that Jeff hates red. I can understand not liking it in large doses, but I love a red accent. He’s in a better place with Gage now, although baby Monroe is still wailing her head off at every opportunity. Gage explained that Jeff needs change, and that’s why he goes along with moving every year. Jeff’s therapist had him blue-sky, and told him that if you can see things in your mind’s eye, you can create them. Seeing a million dollars right now… Nope, didn’t work. Lea Black introduced Jeff to the “Queen of Versailles,” Jackie Siegel, who needs some work done on her palace. Next time, we take a look inside, where “the entryway is bigger than a lot of homes.”

🐄  🐓 Jax. What I can I say? I never liked him much, but I like him even less now. Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky is almost at an end, and he’s proven to be an even bigger idiot than ever before. I don’t mind stupid. Not everyone is born to be bright, but this guy is nasty. I don’t know if he’s getting tired of her or what, but he’s treating Brittany like sh*t. And on her home turf. He also says whatever he thinks will get him over. I don’t think he’s fooling her father any though. My father would have booted his ass back to LA by now. He had the nerve to mention that she’s gained weight. Her me-maw, or whatever she calls her grandmother, totally put Jax in his place, pointing out his own spare tire, but you just don’t do that. Even worse, was that he kept telling anyone who would listen that she’d lost “some of her spark.” Wtf does that mean? I understand that many in the Twitterverse believe this to be code for her weight gain – mind you, she’s not a whale by any stretch of the imagination – but that seemed like a separate issue. I think it’s code for, I’m tired of this relationship, since a relationship takes work.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why she’s still with him. I don’t get the vibe that it’s just to be on TV. Does she look at him like a fixer upper? She could still do better. I thought if I heard him say she lost her spark one more time, I was going to scream. He claimed that she didn’t seem happy. Other than her possibly being a little homesick, which is natural when you go home, nobody else knew wtf he was talking about. Brittany seemed like she was having a great time, until Jax started with this nonsense. And this was after he’d told her mother and grandma that he wanted to marry her. Why? Did he think that’s what they wanted to hear (another why), and then get scared that he’d have to follow through? He even showed them a picture of a ring that he claimed he wanted to get for her. He scored points with the family by matching the donations from an IVF fundraiser for Brittany’s sister and BIL. A lovely thing to do, providing he ponies up, but I’ll bet LVP will shame him into it if he falters. He managed to negate the points by consistently reminding Brittany that he pays for everything, saying that she would have nothing if it wasn’t for him. When I thought he couldn’t sink any lower, he started this crap in front of a couple of family members, and Brittany said he does this all the time.

He also made a jerk of himself when they ran into Brittany’s ex at a bar. Then I really wondered what she sees in Jax. This guy was smokin’ hot, Jax was not happy, and got extra drunk. The past has shown that Jax plus alcohol plus exes do not mix. He stopped short of starting a fight, either realizing that he’d probably be no match for this dude, or getting a glimmer of understanding that it’s not a good look on TV. I don’t know if he thinks these people are stupid, but they’re far from it. And they’ve been very gracious to him. What could have been a really fun trip, has turned into a nightmare for Brittany. Jax is more of a chore than shoveling horsesh*t.


Trinket&Felicia (5)

Felicia sez: What?

September 14, 2017 – Who is Patient Six, I Am Jeff & Steve’s Return


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Amy says Kiki wins the basket of the day. The envelope says Dr. Kiki Jerome. Inside, she reads, Looking forward to our reunion. Body shots a must. I hope it’s from Dillon. Dr. Bensch asks, where’s the party?

Maxie says retro Hollywood glam is cliché, and wonders why Nathan couldn’t talk Nina out of it. She asks why he didn’t talk her out of getting back together with Valentin, but he says she’s in love and on cloud 9. Maxie tells him that she needs a special scoop to get her job back, and he says nobody is better at that than her.

At the hospital, Spinelli is looking for Jason’s room.

Anna looks at Finn’s file. Griff drops by. He needs her help.

Larissa shows Ava around. She asks when she’ll see Dr. Baronski. She says the longer she waits, the more time he has to swindle her.

Nina is all excited about having gone riding on Lumiere. She says nothing could have made it better. Valentin begs to differ, and kisses her. He says the world will be back on its axis when she’s moved in. She tells him that she has one more trip. He shows her a framed picture of the Cassadine family tree. He wants Charlotte to know about the family.

Anna asks Griff what’s going on. He says he’ll feel better when he gets answers. He tells her about the groundbreaking work the clinic in Russia does, and wonders if the WSB has any information. She doesn’t think they would be interested in a clinic, but he says what if Valentin is involved? He sent Ava there, and he’s not too sure it’s in her best interests.

Ava says she’s leaving if the doctor isn’t there in five minutes. Entitled much? Larissa tells her to take some time to get acclimated. She wouldn’t want to waste the time of someone who can restore her to her former glory.

Dr. Bensch looks at the gift basket card, and says he sees Kiki is already using the title.

Spinelli tries to get into Jason’s room. Amy tells him that he can’t go in there. He says he knows he’s not family, but his presence might speed up healing process. She says maybe, but Jason isn’t in his room; the doctors took him for tests. Spinelli apologizes, saying he’s wasted time already. He would have been there sooner, but his girlfriend’s mother got taken ill. He asks if Jason’s condition is that grave, and how bad is it? Amy says bad enough.

Nathan suggests a story about how wrong men’s rompers are to Maxie, but she needs something huge. He’s trying for peaceful co-existence with Nina. Maxie knows he loves his sister, but she needs his help. He tells her that she can get her job back on own merits. She says it would involve outing him and Amy.

Kiki tells Dr. Bensch that no one thinks of her as a doctor; least of all, her. Her boyfriend was making a joke. He tells her it’s not a frat house. It’s not an ordinary office either, and her boyfriend should think twice about sending her tequila on the job.

Amy brings Spinelli some water. She says he’s pale, and thinks it’s because he’s worried. He says Jason has survived many dire circumstances and come out stronger, and he will again. He wishes he knew how to help, and she tells him just being there helps. Jason’s family will be glad he came all this way.

Maxie tells Nathan that it’s the perfect story. Amy hiding behind a man’s man, duping everyone, and then they find out she did it for a noble reason. Nathan says she’d be outing Amy and her brother, but Maxie says outing them as good people. Nathan explains about the book deal, and Maxie thinks it will drive sales. Nathan doesn’t, thinking about what will happen when they find out that Man Landers isn’t the man they thought, or even a man. She has to find another way to get back in Nina’s good graces.

Nina asks what Valentin is going to tell Charlotte about Spencer’s lawsuit. He’s hoping he won’t have to say anything if it doesn’t go to trial. Nina asks how that’s going to happen, and he tells her that he’s already neutralized the key witness – Ava.

Ava backs off, and Larissa says she understands. She’ll do whatever it takes to minimize Ava’s anxiety. She’s going to get Ava’s room ready, but she has to give Larissa her phone. Ava says it’s not like she’s going to be posting before and after pictures, but Larissa says it’s about privacy, both hers and the clinic’s. They strive for minimal government interference. Ava says she’s all for that, but she draws the line at no contact. Larissa understands her concern, and tells her that she’s not a prisoner and can leave at any time, but if she can’t abide by the policy, she can’t stay. Ava hands over the phone. Larissa tells her that she’ll find distance liberating.

Griff thinks Ava has made a devil’s bargain. Valentin promised to restore her face in exchange for her rescinding her testimony. Anna asks what business this is of his, and Griff wonders what if he wanted to lure her away for a permanent solution? A trip like that could exhaust her immune system, and leave her open to infection. Anna asks if he thinks Ava isn’t capable of fending for herself. He says he does, and Anna asks again why it’s his business. He says he drove her to it.

Maxie tells Nathan that she hates it when he’s logical, but he says it’s part of his charm. She insists that it might be uncomfortable for the people involved, but everyone will come out on top. She’ll get her job back, Amy will be a bestselling author, and Nathan will be a hero. Nathan says assuming it turns out that way, and explains about the book launch party, and how he has to be there.

Spinelli tells Amy that he’s imposed on her kindness long enough. She has sick people who need help, and he’s just a weary traveler. He asks how long she thinks Jason will be. She doesn’t know, but he says he’ll wait. She tells him there’s not much in the way of entertainment, and he says he brought reading material. He pulls a galley proof of the Man Landers book out of his backpack.

Dr. Bensch lectures Kiki on the need to be professionally focused on care, and not waiting to party. He’s not saying it’s fair, but the soon she starts having that mindset, the better off she’ll be. He says the next time her boyfriend wants to send a gift, make sure he doesn’t send it there. She says it won’t be a problem. He says that he can see she’s smart, and only needs to be told something once

Nina tells Valentin that Ava is always talking about how noble Nikolas was, giving his life to save her. She asks if he was ruthless with Nikolas, and he says no more ruthless than Nikolas was with him. Nina wonders why Ava would retract her statement, and he says he offered her something Spencer couldn’t; the chance to regain what she loves – her beauty.

Anna doesn’t understand why Ava is Griff’s responsibility, since she’s not his patient. He says that he told Kiki he’d help Ava. Anna adds, who’s brother arranged for Duke’s murder. Griff says he already hurt her. All of his attention led her to believe there was something more between them. She kissed him, and he wasn’t expecting it. He apologized for giving her the wrong idea, and said he hoped it didn’t affect their friendship, but it did. Now she’s put herself in Valentin’s hands, and he doesn’t want her to regret it. He asks Anna if she’ll help him, and she says that depends on how involved he is with Ava.

Larissa takes Ava to the lounge. She knows how disconcerting it is to give up her phone, but it might surprise her how nice it is to be unplugged. Sounds good to me. Although not in Russia. When Larissa leaves, Ava tells herself to keep her eyes on the prize. She’s here to get a new face, not to argue with the staff. If the doctor is as good as Valentin said, she’s in good hands. She goes to the window, and when she turns around, she sees a man in a wheelchair. His face is entirely covered. I say omg, wondering if it’s Nikolas, Steve Burton, or will Steve Burton be Nikolas? He’s supposed to be back this coming Tuesday.

Ava says sorry, she didn’t see him. She asks if he can speak English, but he doesn’t reply. She asks if he can hear her at all, and snaps her fingers, but he’s still unresponsive. She hopes whatever happened to him didn’t happen here.

Griff tells Anna that he’s just trying to help. Anna says maybe Ava misunderstood his kindness, but maybe there’s more going on subconsciously. Vows or no vows, he’s still a man, and he could be sending mixed signals. She thought there was room in his heart for the love his vocation forbids. She says he’s keeping himself in limbo, and how does he think Ava will react? If he shows up, it’s going to look like he wants her.

Maxie tells Nathan that if everyone is going to find out anyway, she can sell the story to Nina. Nathan breaks it to her that Nina already knows. Nathan says he doesn’t think that Maxie would deliberately hurt anyone to get ahead; she’s a good person. Maxie says when it’s all over, Amy will be swimming in royalties, he’ll be super-famous, and she’ll be unemployed.

Amy watches as Spinelli starts to read. She asks if that’s a galley proof of the Man Landers book, and he tells her that he has friends in publishing who hooked him up. They talk about the blog, and Spinelli says he’s a Man Landers disciple. He even wrote to him, and he was the one who suggested his facial hair. Amy thinks it looks great. He tells her that not everyone shares her opinion, and he was going to shave. She says he should do what makes him happy. He decides that Man Landers wouldn’t steer him wrong. That’s what makes it hard to see him crash and burn. Amy asks what he’s talking about.

Amy asks why Spinelli thinks Man Landers is in trouble. He says the book is about to be released and he’s going to go through the reviews gauntlet. Spinelli is also an author, and has received his fair share of criticism. Amy says after giving all that advice, Man Landers probably has thick skin. She asks about Spinelli’s book, but Ellie calls, and he needs to leave. He thanks Amy, but runs off forgetting the book. Amy picks it up.

Nathan tells Maxie that he has it on good authority that she won’t remain jobless for long. She asks if he called a headhunter, but he says the good authority is his own. Nina will hire her back, that is if someone else doesn’t hire her first. He says he’s sorry about the exposé, but she’s not walking away empty-handed. She has Amy’s undying gratitude, and his endless admiration. Maxie says he’s her husband; he has to admire her.

Valentin asks Nina if she’s mad about him making a deal with Ava. Nina says she despises Ava, but she’s living a life of misery she brought on herself. Nina is happier than she’s ever been, and she’s not going to waste time thinking about Ava. He tells her that’s a wise choice. She says that coming back to him was too. He tells her that she’s his motivation, and moves in for a kiss, but knocks the frame off of the table. He gets cut on the glass, and his blood drips onto Nikolas’s name.

Griff tells Anna that never occurred to him that Ava might misconstrue his intentions, because he’s that dense, but he has to risk it. His priority is making sure she’s not making a mistake. They can work out the rest later. Anna tells him not to talk to Valentin; it will only alert him. Griff asks what he’s supposed to do, and Anna asks him to let her make some calls.

Quiet dude just sits and stares out the window. Ava asks what’s out there that he finds so riveting? She says that she’s not going to let them dope her into oblivion like they did him. Leave it to her to find the one place lonelier than Port Charles. Ava doesn’t see it, but dude makes a fist with his right hand. I don’t think that’s good. Larissa comes in to tell Ava her room is ready, and asks, what is she doing? She tells Ava not to go near him.

Kiki talks to Dillon on the phone, telling him she’s on duty. She got the gift basket, but it was inappropriate to send to the hospital. Dr. Bensch didn’t approve. She says, no, he’s not a jerk. He’s a well-respected doctor, who’s fast-tracking her through medical school. She says she can’t have gift baskets full of tequila being sent there. It was a great gift, but don’t do it again.

Nina bandages Valentin’s hand. Maxie calls Nina, and says she has something. It’s a juicy story about ownership of some negatives. Nina isn’t impressed, and says the terms are clear. Maxie has to give her a juicy story. Maxie says she’d thought she had something juicy, but it wasn’t as juicy as she thought it would be. If “juicy” was a drinking game word, we’d be halfway there by now.

At the hospital, Nathan asks Amy how Jason is doing, and she says no change. He asks about the galley launch party, and says it’s coming up quickly. He told Maxie about it, and she’s cool with it; she respects his decision. He’s in for good. Amy hugs him, and Spinelli sees them.

On the phone, Anna tells someone to call her back. She tells Griff that there isn’t much, but they’re sending the information that they have. He thanks her, and says that he owes her. I was just thinking, she should have Griff go with her to Morocco, if she goes to Russia with him. Anna tells him that she has deep misgivings. The idea that she’s pushing him toward Ava makes her sick. Griff says Ava’s health is at stake, and Anna says that’s why she’s biting her tongue. She understands his questions about feelings and faith. If he finds no place for himself in the priesthood, please don’t run to Ava. She might be in pain, but there’s another side to her. He needs to who she truly is.

Larissa tells Ava never to approach Patient Six. He’s a dangerous psychotic. His mask is a safety precaution in case he gets agitated. Ava asks what if he’d hurt her, and Larissa says he’s heavily sedated, but don’t get close enough for him to reach her. He’s been the victim of a violent crime.

Nina and Valentin kiss.

Larissa tells Ava that this is the result of a vicious attack. It’s tragic, but not surprising considering his injuries. Ava asks why he’s here. She says his family has hopes for his rehabilitation. She can’t give the details, but she can say that he’s from a wealth family. He was shot and fell into the water. Patient Six is beyond help. Omgomgomg.

So is it Nikolas, or are we just supposed to think that?

Tomorrow, Anna talks with Finn, Sam has one choice, and Nathan’s biggest fan shows up.

😵 On Flipping Out, Baby Monroe is still the loudest thing ever. She’s very, very cute, but has a set of lungs worthy of a Metropolitan Opera cast member. Times ten. Jenni said that she’s loud and throws tantrums like her father, and she’s enjoying every minute of it. Payback’s a bitch. Jeff met with Lea Black from The Real Housewives of Miami to show her some houses. Hearing her nails-on-a-blackboard laugh gave me flashbacks, but that was kind of a fun show. Jeff and Gage are not getting along well at all. Gage is torn between tending to the baby and work, but thinks the relationship will survive. Jeff, on the other hand, is making future plans in his head in case of a divorce, and telling his therapist this isn’t working. He doesn’t know how to handle Gage not giving 100% at the job. When they showed the clip from next week’s show – Jeff’s annoyance at he driveway at the new house being blocked, and loudly saying welcome to the neighborhood – he felt like a kindred spirit. I’ve been surrounded by construction of one kind or another since Hurricane Sandy, and that is my pet peeve.

💍 It’s been a long week, but tomorrow I’ll have much to say about 90 Day Fiancé, especially the finale of The Couples Tell All. Here’s a hint. Jorge was a big, fat disappointment.

Because this is how bored we are…


The Return of Jason, Nikolas, or Both?



September 7, 2017 – Nelle is Ambiguous, 90 Days is Longer Than 90 Days & Several Random TV Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Jordan hears Curtis struggling with something or someone, and he pops out of Finn’s room. She says she heard him yelling. He tells her that he’s feeding Roxie while Finn is away, but thinks he just lost her.

Franco asks the kid in the picture where he went. Jake comes downstairs, saying that he can’t concentrate. He’s thinking about his dad, and wondering If he’s going to be okay.

Carly talks to God in the chapel. She says she’s talked to him more than ever since Morgan died. She thanks Him for everything, and asks Him to keep Jason safe. She’s asking not just for herself, but for Jason’s kids, his mother, and his wife. She says Sam can’t lose him again, so she’s begging for Him to bring Jason back.

Sonny asks Elizabeth how it’s going She says she only told Jake what he needs to know for now. She tells him that Sam has barely left Jason’s side.

Ava tells Griff that she’s sorry she wasted her time falling for his act, and she’s done. He grabs her hand, and she shakes him off. She tells him to save it for someone else; saving her soul is off the table. Griff tells her that he wants her to stay.

Curtis can’t believe he’s stressed out over a lizard. Jordan tells him to start from the beginning. He tells her about Hayden disappearing and leaving the note. He didn’t see what it said, but Finn checked into rehab as a precautionary measure. Josslyn usually takes care of Roxie, but the family is overloaded right now. He thinks taking care of her is the least he can do. His phone fell in the tank, and she disappeared while he was retrieving it. Jordan wants to help, but he says it’s not necessary. She says they can’t avoid each other forever, and she’s not doing it for him, but for Roxie.

Franco says he knows Jake is scared, but he can’t see his dad yet. He says everyone hates hospitals, but they’re the best place to get better, and that’s what his dad is trying to do. Jake sees the picture. Franco says sometimes when things are confusing, he likes to look at an image that grounds him and puts him back in reality. Jake gets it, and likes the idea. He says his Grandma Monica asked him to help scan some photos, and thinks it will help keep her centered. Franco says it’s a good idea, but count him in, and it’s perfect.

Michael asks Sonny about Jason, but there’s no update. Sonny says they’re going to do more tests. He asks how Sonny is holding up. Sonny says if it wasn’t for him, Jason wouldn’t have been there at the warehouse. Michael says it does no good for him to blame himself. They know how strong and how much of a fighter he is, and he’s made it out of worse situations. Sonny says this one feels different. Michael suggests he get some rest. Sonny is glad Michael came home, and says he loves him.

Ava says she can’t keep track of Griff anymore. He tells her that he doesn’t want to leave things awkward and uncomfortable. She says too late; they are. She takes some of the blame. She knew he had a savior complex. She wonders if he wants to dissect her feelings, but he doesn’t like the thought of someone being upset. He rejected her, and that was the result. Maybe she misread the signals, but there must have been something to misread. She tells him not to put it all on her. She starts to leave, and he says she’s right. He’s as much to blame as she is.

Carly wishes they could go back in time and alter the definitive moment that changed everything. Morgan would still be here. She’s thinking the same thing about Jason. What if he’d stayed Jake Doe? He would never have felt compelled to save Sonny. She pushed Sonny to get out of the business, and it’s Jason and his family paying the price.

Curtis suggests looking in the air vents, but Jordan nixes that. She thinks Roxie found a safe dark place. Curtis wonders when she became a lizard whisperer. She says TJ had a guinea pig that she once spent an entire Sunday afternoon looking for. He says the things we do for those we love. She looks behind the couch, and there’s Roxie.

Griff says he enjoys Ava’s company, and even before the accident, he knew they had a connection. He can’t let himself go there. He isn’t dismissing her feelings, but he took a vow of chastity, and shouldn’t have been reckless with her heart by crossing the line. She says he used her to play with fire and expected no one to get burned. She wonders where his vow was when he hopped into the sack with Claudette. Oh snap.

Jake talks about Jason looking different. Franco says it’s because of the accident, but he’s a tough guy and pulled through; he will again. Elizabeth comes home. Jake asks if his dad is okay.

Bobbie sees Michael at the hospital. He says it’s unreal. He hasn’t seen Carly this devastated since Morgan. Bobbie asks if she mentioned anything important, and he says nothing other than Jason being shot. Nelle joins them, and hugs Michael.

Carly asks if there’s any news. Sonny says Jason is getting more tests, and Michael is back. Michael told him not to blame himself. Carly tells him Michael said the same thing to her. Sonny says he’s right. It was his decision, but deep down he knew it wouldn’t be easy. He tells her that after everything that’s happened, he has to stay in it. There’s no getting out of this life for him.

Griff tells Ava that the affair with Claudette was a mistake. He’s never been so ashamed, but it helped him refocus. She tells him that if he can’t be honest with her, at least be honest with himself. If Claudette had left Nathan, would he have followed his heart and left the priesthood? She says it’s not for every man, and doesn’t think it’s for him. He had one foot out the door because of a woman – a passionate blonde with a self-destructive streak. Apparently, he has a type. She wonders how Claudette tempted him away from his vows, but not her. She thinks it’s because of her face.

Nelle asks how Jason is, and Michael says still in a coma. He says she looks tired, and asks if they found the missing necklace. She says it was a misunderstanding, and it turned up, but not before she had to spend a night in jail. Bobbie is all ears.

Sonny is putting a halt to everything. They did it to protect their families, but his enemies will strike, and he can’t let them see him weak. He wanted to give Carly the life she deserved, but he can’t do it. He doesn’t blame her for not wanting to be a part of it. He has to do what’s right and let her go.

Jake asks Elizabeth if Jason is okay. She says he’s still sleeping, but she’s had a long day. He tells her about the photo project for Monica. She says that they have to get on a school schedule, and asks him to get ready for bed. He goes upstairs. Elizabeth says seeing them smiling and safe, she has so much, while Sam is wondering if Jason is going to wake up. She says she stole precious time from them, and now it might be running out. She doesn’t know how they can forgive her, or she can forgive herself.

Sonny says that he and Carly should cut all ties, resume the divorce, and they can’t use her as leverage. He says he’s going to miss her, but he’ll be able to sleep at night. She says she’s not going anywhere. They need each other more than ever. She wanted to break the cycle of violence, but it can’t be broken. He’ll have to make sure he’s so powerful, that no one comes after him or his family. She’s with him all the way.

Michael asks Nelle if Nina called the embassy. She says they made such a stink, she wasn’t even in cell. She stayed the night, and they brought her back to Nina in the morning. She says that thankfully, Valentin found the necklace in the makeup artist’s bag. She calls the makeup artist “Rochelle,” but Michael thought her name was Naomi. Nelle says maybe Valentin got it mixed up. He suggests she get some rest, and Bobbie thinks that’s a good idea. Nelle asks if Michael wants to come. He asks if Bobbie will be there, she says sure, and he leaves with Nelle. Ha-ha! She thought she was getting rid of Nelle for a second there.

Griff tells Ava that he doesn’t care how she looks; he cares about her as a person. She tells him to save the noble talk. If she wasn’t so disfigured, she could tempt him from his vows. He says his vows would be part of his life whether he’s a practicing priest or not. She says she’d admired him, but now she sees the flaw. He won’t and can’t take responsibility for himself, and uses the priesthood as crutch. She tells him that he should have resigned when he had the tryst with Claudette, but he didn’t. If he can hide behind the collar, he doesn’t have to get his hands dirty. He has needs and wants and anger and fears, and it scares him to death. She says it’s funny, all this time, he told her not to hide behind her mask, but at least she admits she’s wearing one.

Mission accomplished. Roxie is back in her tank. Curtis says he’s had DEA cases that were less stressful. He asks if Jordan wants a drink, since she was on her way to the bar anyway. He takes a couple of beers out of the minibar. He tells her that make a good team; they always have and always will. He kisses her.

Sonny says that Carly wanted him out of the business for years. She says she still does, but not right now. She tells him they have to recommit, but he doesn’t want her to be a target. She says that she’s been one since they started dating. She married him knowing who he was and what he did, and what she hates are the secrets and lies. She says it has to be different; no more keeping her in the dark. She has to know the threats against their family. He doesn’t want to make her an accessory, but she tells him that she’s going to be by his side until they can figure a way out. If they don’t, it’s the reality of their life, and they have to accept it.

Franco tells Elizabeth that if Jason had gone back to his old life right away, it might have been a disaster. He could have been shot instead of Duke. He says they only have one reality, one past, and one present. What happens in the future is up to them. Jake needs her in the present; he’s scared. Elizabeth doesn’t know how to handle it, and Franco tells her that she’s strong, and if not, he’s strong enough for the both of them.

Carly arrives at the hospital. Bobbie tells her that Michael went off with Nelle. She knows it’s not the best time, but they need to talk about her. Carly says it isn’t the best time, and wants to blow her off. Bobbie tells her that the last time the family was in crisis, Nelle used it to take advantage. She’s afraid Nelle will strike again. Carly says that everything was circumstantial, but Bobbie says that it raised red flags, and even more were raised after Nelle went to Morocco.

Curtis and Jordan get busy. She says they have to stop. She asks if they’re going to run around behind Stella’s back, and he says that Stella is getting better every day. Jordan adds, unless they add to her stress level. Curtis says that life is stressful. Jordan tells him that he has no idea what it’s like to be the source of pain, and he says they’ve both made mistakes and are just trying to do better. Somehow, they stayed connected, and it means something. She says maybe all the obstacles are telling them something. Curtis says none of that matters. He’s dangerously close to falling in love with her. He tells her that he’s not going anywhere, and they get busy again.

Sonny sees Griff at the gym. Griff tells Sonny that he’s been monitoring Jason, and he’s waiting for more test results. Sonny says things are eating at him – the harsh truths of life.

Ava calls Valentin. She says he told her that he can arrange a miracle. She thinks perhaps they should talk.

Carly asks if they found the necklace. Bobbie says it was found, but there’s a lot of ambiguity about the story. As a matter-of-fact, there’s a lot of ambiguity about Nelle. Why do bad things happen when she’s around? Carly says that maybe she’s just unlucky. It doesn’t make her a thief or a murderer. Bobbie thinks it’s a big mistake to let her guard down if there’s a chance that Michael is getting into bed with a black widow.

He is.

Franco talks to himself, saying that they can’t change the past, but they can make a better future. Elizabeth goes to change, and Jake comes downstairs and shows Franco a picture of Jason as a kid. He says it looks like Franco’s real imaginary friend. Franco says they’re identical. Is this how they’re going to move nuJason over to make room for Steve Burton?

Tomorrow, Stella says her work is done, Scotty isn’t going to make things better, Maxie wants to come back to work at Crimson, and Valentin meets with Ava.

 90 Day Fiancé now has yet another spin-off on TLC Go called 90 Day Fiancé: What Now? I’ve decided to create still one more, and call it 90 Day Fiancé: WTF?

💞 Tell us about it, Jorge. On The Couples Tell All, we flashed back to Mohamad embarrassing Danielle on national television about how she smells, then he accused her of “fake crying” to get sympathy. I don’t even like her and I felt badly about it. Dude said that after today, nobody is going to hear from him again. Yeah, until we see him on the front page. FYI re Danielle, I can promise you that most people from northern Ohio speak properly, and don’t say things like “you don’t ever take no responsibility.” Loren came right out and called Mohamad a fraud, so enough said. She also said something that was bleeped that he had an interesting reaction to. One of my favorite things is how he has virgin ears every time a woman says a curse word. It makes me want to use every combination of the f-bomb I can think of. Danielle brought a binder of texts and emails with her, but unfortunately, none of them were read out loud. Mohamad tried to make it seem like Danielle wanted something out of him, not the other way around, but failed to explain what that might be, He has such a poker face, I’m pretty sure we’re looking at the next ISIS recruit. Immigration take note for when Danielle sends you that binder. Danielle talked about how differently he acted when she visited him (pre-90 days). This guy would be a great candidate for the Real Housewives, since he thinks we have short-term memory loss and forgot about how he reeled her in time after time, saying that if she treated him nicely, they could remain friends, when he had no intention of it whatsoever.

It sounds like Anfisa was up Jorge’s butt the entire time they were together, not even letting him speak to his family without her being present. There was some discussion about what Jorge’s sister, Lourdes, had said about her spreading her legs for his money, and I had to agree with the majority here. Pao said it best, that he should have just told Lourdes not to talk about his wife that way, end of story. Anfisa did make me laugh when Pao said she had heard about Russian gold-digger schools. Without missing a beat, Anfisa said yeah, she went to one. Pao was like, really? and Anfisa told Pao that she had no idea what she was talking about. I doubt that Anfisa went to classes, but I know they have them for sugar babies here, so it’s not that far-fetched. Jorge claimed that she’s scared of what he’s going to say, but we still have to wait for his big reveal.

Pedro is sending even more money home to his exhausted mother. Who we find out is a lawyer. How come she’s not sending money to them? The chicken feet made another appearance. Everyone was skeptical that it was any kind of local cuisine, but what really gave it away was his mother and sister laughing like hyenas the whole time. Chantal said that not one person ate them, and they had never been served when she stayed there. Even Mohamad thought it was wrong.

If I never hear Mohamad say Dan-nyell again, or anyone say “social media,” I’ll be a happy woman.

💍 On Before the 90 Days, Karine suggested swimming in the Amazon River, and Paul almost had a coronary, since he’s afraid of germs and piranhas. In her interview, Karine said he was too cautious, and she wasn’t that cool with this side of him. I don’t blame her. We both nearly died laughing when he wore a full outfit with long pants to go in the water, even though she begged him not to. When she splashed at him playfully, he made a big deal about going, ptooey! and saying, “Poop water! Poop water!” Then he nearly killed himself getting out of the water, because the pants he was wearing bagged out and stretched all over the place, tripping him. Karine was embarrassed, and so was I. The bathrooms there were a lot cleaner than the ones on the beaches here. Paul wanted them to have some fun together before he brought up the pregnancy and STD tests. I’m not sure what his idea of fun is. Acting ridiculous when being shown local amusements?

Paul trying to talk to Karine’s father was a real sh*t show, especially when he tried to explain that he wanted to marry her. He made a hand gesture that was supposed to be putting a ring on a finger, but it was his index finger and way too aggressive, so I’m sure the father thought he meant something else. Can anyone really be this stupid? I’d thought he was a nerd, but now I don’t know what he is. Her parents gave their blessing, but I have no idea why.

They threw in a guy named Larry, who’s a McDonald’s manager with a tiny chihuahua. He has a couple of sons, and it was another relationship with an age gap. He met his girl, Jenny, on Filipino Cupid, which made me laugh, but apparently, there are Cupid sites for all over the world. We saw him shake her down for having been on the site in the past week (what was he doing on there?), but she told him that her phone basically butt dialed it. There was also Patrick, who seems like a great guy. His baby daughter is his life, and he’s good friends with his ex, admitting that he wasn’t mature enough for a relationship when they were together. His girlfriend, Miriam, lives in Paris, and he’s another one traveling to a country where he doesn’t know the language, but at least Miriam is pretty fluent in English. She’s also a Muslim, and he thinks their coupling might be a problem with her family, as she hasn’t told them about him. His ex was a little concerned that she seemed to show no interest in him having a daughter either, but Miriam also told us that she has a secret.

Sean met Abby’s parents, who were understandably concerned, since he’s older than her mother. There was a language barrier here too, but Abby was able to translate. Next time, he’s supposed to meet her ex-but-still-friend, Chris, which ought to be interesting, since Sean is jealous as all hell.

Karine discovered the pregnancy test that Paul brought along, which didn’t sit well with her, and rightly so. She actually got together enough words in English to ask him WTF? He told her some sob story about an ex, and although she didn’t think it was fair that he was comparing them, said she had nothing to hide, and agreed to take the tests. He was still worried about the freaking results, but was bummed that they had their first fight.

Next time, Cortney goes to Spain and gets stood up, and Larry gets bad news. I wonder where Darcey and Jesse went?

✔  90 Day takeaway point – If you want to act like an a-hole, just say it’s cultural.

💒 I tried watching Spouse House a couple of times, but it didn’t really work for me. It was like Big Brother meets exploratory marriage.

👶 According to Jeff on Flipping Out, Baby Monroe is causing everyone to be sensitive, tired, and overwhelmed. She is one loud baby. Gage kept checking out, and Jeff accused him of acting spoiled and entitled, which made Gage want to go, see ya later, dude. I’m not sure if their relationship is going to survive parenthood.

🙎 Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce is worth watching just for James Brolin, who plays Abby’s father. While he’s a comedic gem (Life in Pieces, Sisters), he’s also a better actor than he’s ever been given credit for. When Abby’s father was in the hospital recovering from a stroke, her mother died from a heart attack in the waiting room. Having a bit of dementia, at first he thought the funeral was Abby’s Bat Mitzvah. When he realized what was happening, the grief was subtle, but plain on his face. I’d give him an Emmy for that moment alone. I met James at a car show back in his Marcus Welby days. He gave all of us kids the advice many actors do – stay in school. I should have listened.

🐉 Now that Game of Thrones is over, I finally found the dragon emojis. 🐲

Jeff and I Share a Thought…