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November 27, 2019 – Hayden Makes a Decision, Jersey In Jamaica, What Is It About, Flipping Jeff, Too Cautious, No FOMO & Film For T-Day


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Chase and Willow go to Anna’s place, and Finn introduces Violet to Uncle Chase. Chase likes the sound of uncle, and asks if Violet has any other uncles, but she says, not yet. He introduces Willow, who tells Violet that Chase is a keeper. He’s been known to let kids have ice cream for dinner. Chase brought her a present – an Aquamat. No one knows what it is, including me, but Chase says Willow helped him pick it out. Violet goes to set it up with Chase and Willow, and Anna says she’s never seen Finn so happy. He says he is, and thanks her for being great about this. She says it’s worth it for his smile. (FYI – I looked up the Aquamat, and it’s pretty cool. You fill it with water and “draw” on it. The water evokes the colors, and when the water is gone, so are the drawings. Magic!)

At The Floating Rib, Michael invites Sasha to Thanksgiving dinner at the Quartermaine mansion. She doesn’t want to put anyone in an awkward position, and he says he can’t promise there won’t be a knockdown, all-out fight, or two, but he can promise those fights will have nothing to do with her. She says she could do with a double-dose of family. She doesn’t have one anymore; real or fake. He tells her, consider herself an honorary member of his two, and they kiss. Obrecht comes in, and Michael asks if they can help her. She sits, and says they already have. Maxie and Nina have accepted her back into the family, and back into James’s life. For that she’ll buy them a drink. Sasha wants to put it behind her, but Obrecht says, that’s the point. It’s over. Michael says, actually, it’s not over. Not yet.

Brad comes out of the elevator at the hospital, and sees Lucas at the reception desk. He says he just clocked out. Any chance Lucas can come home with him? Lucas says his shift isn’t over. Brad says he’s been working so much. It’s been days since they’ve had dinner as a family with Wiley. Lucas says it’s obvious Brad is hiding something from him, covering with lies and half-truths. Now he wants Lucas to sit down to a nice family dinner? No. Brad says, that’s it? Just no? Lucas says, pretty much. Until Brad gets the courage to tell him what’s going on, he’s going to spend time with Wiley on his own. Brad says, what about tomorrow? Can they at least spend Thanksgiving together?

Valentin says, his father amended his will and Helena hid the document in the portrait. Martin takes it Valentin didn’t know, and Valentin asks if Martin has any more specifics. Martin says Jax and Laura seem to believe that the codicil takes the estate away from Valentin.

The guy who jumped Hayden at the pier puts his hand over Hayden’s mouth, and she struggles with him. Nikolas shows up.

Neil tells Alexis, as requested, he’s having the lab analyze the mystery pill Kendra tried to force feed her. Alexis is anxious for the lab to clear it up. She honestly can’t believe Kendra would give her something that harmful. Kendra won’t even let her eat wheat. She would think thallium was out of the question.

Chase confesses, he was hoping to see Finn at a tea party, and Finn says he should have gotten there earlier. Chase says he’s proud of Finn. It’s like he’s been waiting to be a father his whole life. Finn says it’s almost like he has. It feels really good. Willow tells Anna, Violet is adorable, and Anna says, Violet loves her father too; no surprise there. She wishes Hayden hadn’t kept Finn from knowing for so long, but it is what it is. Willow steps away, and takes a breath. Chase asks if she’s okay, and she says she’ll be fine. She doesn’t know what happened. He says it’s his fault. He didn’t think it through. What happened with Finn and Violet must remind her of what happened with Wiley.

Brad tells Lucas, it’s a family holiday, and he arranged to take it off months ago. Lucas says he volunteered to cover the ER, and Brad says he knows Lucas is angry, but it’s Thanksgiving. They should be together with Wiley. They need to find a way to get past this hiccup in their marriage. Lucas says Brad needs to come clean. If Brad tells Lucas what he’s hiding, he’ll find someone to cover the shift. On three. One… two… He didn’t think so. Brad says because of a stupid accusation, but Lucas says, it’s more than that, and Brad knows it.

Obrecht hopes Sasha and Michael aren’t trying to undermine her hard won serenity. Sasha says Michael was just giving her a heads up about Curtis’s investigation. Obrecht says, what investigation? It’s over. Sasha confessed, and Obrecht is paying for cocktails. What more could there be? Michael says there was still a sample on file at GH, and Curtis had it retested. Sasha says it proved again that she and Nina are mother and daughter. Michael says he tried to convince Curtis to drop it, but he said his reputation as a PI is at stake. He’s still looking for answers, and eventually he’s going to realize Obrecht was involved.

Martin tells Valentin that he’s sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Valentin wonders why his father changed his will, unless he was pressured by Helena. Helena hated him. Martin says Valentin must have suspected, or he wouldn’t have sent Martin to Jax with that story. Valentin says he needs to get his hands on the painting, and Martin agrees. If Jax finds it first, Valentin will lose his island, his home, his horses, his business holdings, and even the nicely tailored shirt on his back. Valentin says he has no intention of losing anything. This makes their project all the more important.

Nikolas fights with Hayden’s attacker, and dude runs off. Hayden asks if he’s all right, and he says she was the one who was almost carried off; is she hurt? She says, no, and he asks if she saw who it was. Does she know what they wanted?

Martin asks how Ava acquired the portrait if Valentin threw it out, but Valentin doesn’t have a clue. Martin asks if Valentin is going to reach out to her, or let him, but Valentin tells Martin that Ava said Valentin would never put his hands on the portrait. Martin says, another person less than fond of Valentin. Valentin says Ava suffered a psychotic breakdown, but that’s not the cause of her animosity toward him. She has a perfectly sane reason to hate him. What bothers him is that she imagined she saw Nikolas.

Hayden tells Nikolas, he just came out of nowhere. He didn’t take her purse; she thinks he wanted to kill her. Nikolas says he was afraid something like this would happen. That’s why he came back. He started to worry that Valentin would make good on his threat. She says it’s nice to know he still cares. She asks if he thinks Valentin sent the guy, and he says, she doesn’t think it’s a coincidence, does she? The day after Valentin tries to coerce her into working for him? She wonders what she should do, and he tells her that she should leave now. He’ll help her. She says, what about Violet?

Willow tells Chase that she’s fine. She gets to be a part of Wiley’s life, which is more than she dreamed possible. She’s beyond  thrilled that Finn has a daughter, and Chase has a niece. How lucky can a little girl get? He asks if she wants to get out of there, and she says, only because she’s starving. Chase tells Finn and Anna that they’re going to let them have Violet all to themselves. Anna is surprised they’re leaving already, and thanks them for coming. Chase congratulates Daddy Finn, and Willow tells Violet that she loved meeting her, and can’t wait to see her again. Chase says, he was thinking maybe Violet wants to be an honorary officer of the law; Sergeant Violet. He gives her a badge, and asks, or does she want to be a detective, or a spy like Anna? Violet says she wants to be a doctor like her daddy.

Brook Lynn shows up at the hospital, and says, paging Dr. Lucas Jones, heartthrob of Port Charles High. He says, Brook Lynn, and she says, in the flesh. They hug, and he says she looks fantastic. He keeps checking the music charts for her. She says she’ll get there; her career is on pause. She’s visiting the family, but Olivia is still frosty with her for trying to break up Dante and Lulu a million years ago. He says he tries to stay away from the family drama, and asks how long she’s staying.

Obrecht says Curtis should mind his own business. Her thank you cocktails might have been premature. She tells them to buy their own drinks, and jets. Sasha tells Michael, she almost feels sorry for Obrecht. Almost. Michael says Obrecht would bake Hansel and Gretel into a pie if she could. Sasha says when Obrecht realized they had the same goal – namely Nina’s happiness – she literally became Sasha’s partner in crime. Michael says he’s curious. Sasha said the sample came from Valentin. Where did Valentin get them?    

He says they couldn’t have come from Nina, or it would have been an exact match. Sasha says she has no idea where Valentin got them; she just followed instructions. Chase and Willow approach their table, and Michael says they’ll talk later. Chase asks if he and Willow can join them, or is this a big date? Michael tells them to sit, and says he’ll get the drinks. Chase says he’ll go with Michael, and Willow says just a club soda for her. Sasha says, if she’s hungry, they ordered way too much food. Dive in. Willow says she’s not hungry anymore, and Sasha asks if she’s okay. Willow says, just queasy. She’s going to wash her hands. She loves playing with the kids, Wiley and Chase’s new niece Violet, but kids are geniuses at picking up germs.

Obrecht sees Brad in the alley behind the Rib. He asks why she’s still alive. She says they made an agreement, but Brad says she broke it when she told Lucas that he had a bigger secret than the lab test.

Alexis tells Neil, maybe Finn was right, and it’s a disgruntled client, or the victim of one who walked. Neil says, anyone but Kendra? She tells him, say he’s right. That means she rolled out the red carpet for someone who wanted her dead. She wonders what that says about her. That she’s gullible? Clueless? Maybe stupid? He says she’s blaming the victim, and she should know better.

Finn asks what Anna is making for dinner, and she says she has ice cream. He thinks there are other courses they need to worry about, and she says she did stock the pantry with anything she thought a child would like. She has organic tater tots, and Finn asks if he has to share them with Violet. Anna says he can have anything he wants. He thanks her for accepting Violet into their lives, and she says she’s happy to be part of his journey through fatherhood. He says it looks like one of those ancient maps that says, beyond this point, there might be dragons. She says there’s nowhere else she’d rather be, and he asks how he got so lucky. She says she asks herself that all the time; how did he get so lucky? He kisses her, and Violet sings, Daddy and Anna sitting in a tree – K-I-S-S-I-N-G.  

Valentin tells Martin, if the codicil is real, than Spencer stands to inherit everything. He would expect Laura to be involved, but not Jax and Hayden. Martin says, the infamous daughter of Raymond Berlin, and Valentin asks if he knows her. Martin says she reminds him of someone in another life altogether. (BA-DUM-CHH! Another nod to All My Children.) Valentin says they’ll regret it. The important thing is he stands to lose his inheritance to a teenager; a spoiled prince, fixated on the notion that Valentin murdered his father. Martin says, did he? and reminds Valentin of attorney/client privilege.

Nikolas says he remembers how Hayden cared for Spencer. She says she still does, and he says she must be a wonderful mother. Taking Violet with her will put Violet at risk. Anna and Finn will keep her safe, and right now, it’s the best place for her. Hayden says she can’t just leave Violet, and he asks if she thinks he wanted to leave Spencer. He wants to let his son know he’s alive, but he can’t put Spencer in danger. They knew what they were getting into had risks. She says, leaving her child… and he says he knows how hard it is. It’s been years for him. For her, it might just take weeks. She says she can’t leave Violet. Nikolas says he can’t tell her what to do – he never could – but knowing Spencer is safe is the one thing that makes it bearable. They sacrifice for their kids, even if it means removing themselves from their world. It’s the best way to protect Violet. Give up the joy of being with her right now.

Alexis asks if Neil didn’t fire her as a patient. He says, which time? and she says, touché. He says, patients usually deflect to avoid responsibility. She wants to shoulder it. She says she’s done it before; let someone in her life, no questions asked. It appears she may have done it again.

In the ladies room, Willow pats water on her neck. Sasha comes in, and asks if she’s okay. She was getting worried. Willow thanks her, and says she’s fine. Sasha checks the stall, and says they’re alone. So, club soda? Queasiness? Maybe it’s not her place, but is Willow…? Willow says, don’t say it out loud. She doesn’t know, but she’s late.

Chase tells Michael that they were with the kids all day; Willow is probably exhausted. They had a great time, but he can tell it took a lot out of her. Michael asks how Finn has taken to fatherhood, and Chase says, super well. He never thought of Finn as dad materiel, but he’s a changed man. Michael says, kids will do that to you.

Brad tells Obrecht that his husband is threatening to leave him. All he’s done is protect Lucas. Obrecht says, even after Brad tried to kill her? He says his husband is barely speaking to him. He loves Lucas and Wiley so much. He wants them to be closer, but he’s losing Lucas, and being pulled in different directions. He starts to cry.

Lucas tells Brook that he and Brad hit a rough patch. He loves Brad, but Brad’s not being honest about what he’s saying. Protect their family from what? Brad can’t tell him, but they’re supposed to be partners. Brook asks what he’s going to do, and he says bury himself in work. He’s on the schedule tomorrow. She says, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. He should be with family. He has to be with family.

Valentin tells Martin, when he and Nina are married, Charlotte will have the family she always wanted; what they’ve both wanted. Like Martin cares. He’s too close to lose now. Martin admires Valentin’s determination. Valentin says, if he tells Martin, money is no object, is he willing to step outside legal boundaries, into a grey area? Martin says Grey is his last name. What does Valentin have in mind? Valentin wants eyes on Spencer. He wants to know where is, and what he’s doing. Martin says, why? If the others find the codicil before Valentin does, what happens to the boy?

Hayden shows up at Anna’s, and Anna says she thought they had Violet until tomorrow. Hayden says they do, and tells Violet, the sleepover is still on. She just thought Violet might want her blanket and a few other things that she loves. Finn says, it’s nice of her, but Violet could have gone a night without them. Hayden says, she could have, but why should she? No one should have to go without the things they love. Violet shows Hayden her gift, and says she drew Hayden a picture. Finn tells Hayden that he understands what she’s feeling. She’s not there because Violet needed her things. She’s there because she really misses Violet.

Neil tells Alexis, he doesn’t see why she needed to fix her life in the first place. She says she wanted it back on track, and he says, it was on track. She was making progress, and even managed to trust herself to try and have fun at Drag Bingo. Alexis says, it’s good to try, and he asks why not trust herself now? She has beauty, brains, a sense of humor, and an endearing personality. She says, it’s been a rough week. She could use a boost. He says he hopes she realizes she can say those things to herself instead of hearing it from someone else.

Brook tells Lucas, Thanksgiving is the one holiday not fraught with impossible expectations. It’s just turkey, football, and gratitude. Despite his marital troubles, he can still care about his family. If not Brad, Wiley. He says, it’s not that simple, and she says look at her.

Obrecht asks what Brad is doing; stop blubbering this instant. Brad says Lucas can’t know; he’s going to lose Lucas. Obrecht doesn’t quite put her arms around him, and pats his shoulder. She says, pat, pat, pat. That’s enough consolation. Man up. He made his bed, he has to lie in it, and continue to lie. He has to be strong. They both must. It’s the only way to get through this. She walks away.

Michael tells Chase, when Nelle told him that she was pregnant, he was blindsided. The relationship was already toxic by then, but he loved the idea of being a father so much, he kept his eyes on the prize. He asks if Chase has ever thought about being a father.

Willow tells Sasha, she can’t be pregnant. They’ve been careful. Sasha asks how late she is, but Willow isn’t sure. She noticed a few days ago. She’s been so busy; she may have forgotten to take her pill a few times. Sasha says she has to tell Chase. They’re a serous couple, and need to talk about what they want for the future. Willow says what if she doesn’t know what she wants. Sasha says, then they’ll figure it out together. Just be honest with him.

Martin tells Valentin, when he said grey area, it was a euphemism for… How far to the dark side does he want to go? Valentin says he’s not killing the kid, if that’s what Martin is worried about. He has to admit it’s a fair question, but he wants his great nephew happy and healthy.

Hayden says she brought Violet’s favorite book; she likes a story at bedtime. Finn says he got Eloise for Violet, and Anna says she found Robin’s old books. Hayden says, sometimes Violet gets picky, so she brought a few. Finn says it looks like a whole library, and Hayden says she brought some extra toys and clothes, and detangler; be careful brushing Violet’s hair. Finn says Hayden is only a phone call away, but Hayden says she wanted to make sure Violet felt at home. She hopes it wasn’t presumptuous. Finn says, it’s perfect. She thanks him, and asks if she can have a moment to say goodnight. Anna says they have to finish making dinner anyway, and they go to the kitchen. Hayden goes to Violet, and asks what she’s working on. Violet says she’s making a drawing, and Hayden says she’s sorry to interrupt, but can she get a hug? She holds Violet.

Valentin tells Martin, if the day ever comes that Laura announces all his worldly possessions belong to Spencer, he needs leverage. She’s convinced he’s cold-blooded. He just needs her knowing that he knows where Spencer is at any given time. She won’t risk her grandson. Is Martin in? Martin says he’ll get eyes on Spencer right away. They clink glasses, Martin downs his drink, and leaves.

Alexis puts on some makeup, and Neil says, she looks better already. She says, it’s amazing what a little concealer, bronzer, and lip gloss can do. She was about to text Molly. He says he stopped by the lab, and she asks if he found out what Kendra was adamant about having her take. Cyanide? Hemlock? He says, gingko biloba.

Brook tells Lucas, if she can put herself out there, and try to mend fences, can’t he? He says he already got put on the schedule; he can’t back down. She says he needs to put aside the business of saving everyone else’s lives, and save his family instead.

On the phone, Brad leaves a message. He says he thought they might be too busy to answer since they got their medical license back. Congratulations. And happy Thanksgiving, in case he doesn’t get a chance to call tomorrow. I miss you, Britt.

Chase says Michael doesn’t shy away from tough questions. Michael says he didn’t mean to pry, but that’s what friends are for. Chase says, Willow definitely wants kids. As for him… Sasha and Willow come back, and Chase says they thought they’d lost them to better prospects. Willow says, there aren’t any. Chase wants to show them pictures of Violet, so they can marvel at the resemblance between Violet and her favorite uncle.

Valentin calls Hayden. She looks at the phone, and Violet asks, who is it? She says, nobody she wants to talk to. She wants to take a picture. Violet puts her arms around Hayden, and she snaps a photo. She says, perfect. Just like Violet. She wants to make sure Violet knows how much mommy loves her. All the way to the sky and back, a million times over, forever. Violet says she loves Hayden all that, plus one. Hayden says, daddy is a really good man. He’ll take good care of her. She wants Violet to remember, even when she’s not there, mommy loves her more than anything and everything. Never forget that. She tells Violet that she can draw now, and tries not to cry. She puts an envelope in Violet’s backpack (I think). Finn asks if everything is okay, and Hayden says she’s good. He says, about tomorrow. Would she mind picking Violet up in the afternoon? He’d like to spend the morning with her. She says, sure; that’s perfect. He promises with every ounce of his being that he’ll take care of Violet. She says she knows. She leaves, and cries on the porch.

On the pier, the guy comes back, and grabs Nikolas. Nikolas tells him, knock it off. The guy asks how he did, and Nikolas says, he was a great success. He terrified a woman half his size. Mission accomplished. The guy says it was Nikolas’s idea, and Nikolas says, it was necessary; not for fun. The guy says he did it for the money. Now how about his bonus? Nikolas shoves an envelope at him, and says, take it and go. The guy walks.

Next time, Kendra asks what Alexis isn’t telling her, Andre tells Franco it’s not too late to change his mind, and Julian says he’s been given no choice.

The guide shows GH as being a new show tomorrow, but if it is, I probably won’t be able to recap until Friday, if at all. I’ll at least post the highlights. On Friday, ABC will be airing football. The traditional program that accompanies the after-dinner coma.

🍹 A Quick Look…

At The Real Housewives of New Jersey, which I’m only peripherally watching. Marge has to sell her property because she settled a $12 million lawsuit for $300K. I couldn’t figure that one out, but I guess she has a lot of bills to pay. She and Joe #3 also own the property next door, and since she was whining about having to sell, I wondered why she didn’t just subdivide. Melissa and Joe #2 were investigating having another baby in vitro. Melissa felt it was now or never. Jackie had a birthday party for one of her kids, and I appreciated her viewpoint. She said all kids needed for a party was, friends, pizza, and cake. The priority was that the kids have fun. Ever the competitor, that wasn’t enough for Jennifer, who said in her interview, her party would win in a popularity contest, and Jackie’s party was just like a playdate at her house. Ugh. I also continue to mix up Jackie and Jennifer, who I think should switch names. Jackie felt Teresa was bullying her – a term which seems to have a pretty loose meaning on these shows – and Teresa said Jackie was bullying her because she’d said something Teresa didn’t like, which goes way past a loose definition. The women went to Jamaica, where Jennifer separated Jackie and Marge in a hotel room away from the rest of the group. Or as Marge described it – they were in the servants’ quarters, and the others were in a mansion. To be fair, we’re talking really nice servants’ quarters, but they had to hike to where everyone else was. Jennifer couldn’t see why there was a complaint, since she’s Jennifer. Marge made an off-hand remark about Teresa liking them over 21, that Teresa let pass, but no doubt we’ll go back to it until the Apocalypse. I’m starting to resent any Housewives going on these glorious trips that they waste by being petty and fighting. Melissa was happy they got through a dinner that they actually ate, but next time, the Marge pisses Teresa off, so I’m sure there will be fireworks. And not the kind in the sky.

🍜 It’s Still About the Pasta…

I actually never questioned what it was about, which was James being out-of-his-mind drunk.


🍸 No Surprise Here…

They do drink an awful lot on Flipping Out.


🎬 Let the Holiday Viewing Commence…

I’m just going to say it. People are offended too easily these days. While I can agree with some points made in this article, it goes a bit too far to say the Siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp are drawn in stereotypically Asian fashion. They’re drawn like Siamese cats, and if that’s stereotypically Asian, blame the cats. Or God for making the cats. Where does it end?


🎆 From the Parade’s Mouth…

All you need to know. The best thing you need to know is, don’t have FOMO over not being there. I’ve gone twice, and you’re better off seeing it on TV. The second time wasn’t so bad. I worked in an office over the parade route, and they served bagels and mimosas. If you can snag one of those invites, go for it. For the regular parade goer, it’s a nightmare. I had to get there at 6 am, I froze my everything off, and I thought I would never get warm again. If that wasn’t enough, the balloons are scary hanging over your head, and you can see where they’ve been patched and stuff. They’re not as pretty as on TV. And you can see the obvious lip-syncing by the musical artists. Seriously. Stay where you’re comfy and warm, and can get a sandwich or go to  the bathroom.



🍗 Have a Happy Thanksgiving…

My film recommendation every year is the same – Henry Jaglom’s Eating. It has a dual storyline, the plot revolving around a birthday party for three women – one thirty, one forty, and one fifty – and a woman making a documentary about women and food at the same party. It’s a hidden gem and fabulous. Every woman should watch it, as well as all the men who would like to know women better.

September 19, 2019 – Shiloh’s Trial Begins, a Tale of Two Tonys, Jeff’s Big Mouth & Hawaiian Vibe


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Michael comes out of the shower, and asks Sasha how long she’s been up. She says long enough to see the news alerts flood her phone. He asks, what happened?

Valentin walks Nina into Crimson, telling her, everything’s still there. He’s sure someone would have told her if anything catastrophic happened. She says she left Crimson in good hands. Maxie is her number one number two. The problem is, Maxie is soon going to be number one, and she’s going to be number AC1490. He tells her not to borrow trouble, and she says, who’s borrowing? With Cassandra in custody, it’s just a matter of time before she winds up in prison.

At the station, Laura asks how their guest is. Jordan says, demanding a doctor and disinfectant for the interrogation room. She can’t wait to get rid of Cassandra. Robert says, it won’t be long; the WSB is coming to pick her up. Laura hopes not too soon. She goes in to see Cassandra, who’s wiping the table with a tissue. She asks if Laura is aware of the pig sty the police force is running. Crack dens are cleaner. Laura says she’ll take Cassandra’s word for it. Cassandra demands to see her ambassador. Jordan is bringing Sonny in, and says they don’t have one from Monaco in Port Charles. Sonny asks if he’ll do.

At Kelly’s, Maxie asks Jason if Sam is nervous. She answers her own question, saying, the only things that make Sam nervous are shopping trips and personal relationships. He says, she’s looking forward to  testifying against Shiloh. Maxie says it will be easier for her, since she never believed in that stuff anyway. She feels sorry for Kristina and Willow. She doesn’t think the trial will go on for long; obviously, Shiloh is guilty. Jason asks if Peter will be there. He seems to have taken a personal interest in the case. There was a big article in The Invader this morning. She says, crime drives traffic. It’s not like it was a sympathetic piece. Shiloh is going down. Jason says, maybe. Maxie asks why he sounds unconvinced, and he says, Shiloh was offered a deal and insisted on a trial. He must still think he has a shot at acquittal. Spinelli appears, and says, that’s why they called in the big guns. Maxie jumps up, and hugs him.

Sketch guy meets with Peter at the docks, and Peter asks if he was followed. Sketch guy says he knows what he’s doing, and Peter says, then why is Andre still alive? Sketch guy says if Peter’s changed his mind about paying him, he can take care of Shiloh himself.

Chase walks into the empty courtroom to find Willow sitting on the stand. She says she wanted to get there before the place filled up. She wanted to remind herself what it feels like to be on the stand. He asks if she’s nervous, and she says she’s eager to get this done, and stop Shiloh from hurting anyone again. A guard brings Shiloh in, and he says he’d never hurt Willow. He loved her. And she loved him. He promises when this is over, they’ll be together again.

At the MetroCourt, Kristina practices her testimony for Alexis. She says she’s confident if it hadn’t been for her parent’s intervention, she’d still be under Shiloh’s control today. Alexis tells her, be careful. She doesn’t want to come across like she has a vendetta. Kristina says, she does. She can’t wait for Shiloh to go to prison. Alexis says, it’s not solely on her. Kristina says she wants to do her part, and Alexis says she will. She’s strong, and that’s who she’ll be on the stand. She’s proud of Kristina for taking back her strength and agency. Shiloh couldn’t hurt her now if he tried. Kristina is sure he will.

Maxie asks Spinelli how Georgie is; she looked great in her first day of school outfit. Spinelli says he and Ellie are grateful for her consultation. Georgie loved the outfit, and she was a hit with her peers. Maxie says she chose the dress because it looked great, and it was unique enough to stand out. Jason says, Maxie, and she says, right; the trial. Maxie asks why Spinelli is being called to the stand, and he tells her Robert said they might want background on the operations in Beecher’s Corners. She tells him, remember, clear concise statements, don’t volunteer anything, and don’t ramble. He laughs, and says he’s fully prepared. He asks if they’ll have a chance to dine while he’s there, if she’s not too swamped handling Crimson single-handedly. Maxie says, Nina is coming back, and the pressure will be off. He says she sounds disappointed. She says she was happy to do it, but she’s just as happy to hand it back. She needs to get back to work, and leaves. Jason says it’s good to see him, and Spinelli says, it’s good to be seen. It appears there’s work aplenty waiting.

Peter gives sketch guy a bag, and says he’ll need this. He’ll get the rest of the money upon completion of the job, and he’ll be richly rewarded. If he fails, they’ll both be up the creek. Understood? Sketch guy takes a gun out of his waistband, and says, after today, David Henry Archer will be nothing more than a bad memory.

Shiloh says Willow looks pale, and asks if she’s sleeping well. He says Chase must know about her restless legs. Chase starts to move toward Shiloh, but Willow stops him. She says she’ll sleep like a baby when Shiloh is in prison for the rest of his life. He asks how she’d know how a baby sleeps; she got rid of theirs. Chase says, Willow sacrificed her own happiness to protect her baby from him. She says, Wiley’s where he’s supposed to be, with two parents who love and protect him. Shiloh says, two fake parents are no substitute for one real one. She can’t stop it. One day, Wiley will know his true father.

Michael says, they found Cassandra? and Sasha says, hiding out on the Haunted Star. Talk about close calls. Does he think Cassandra came to finish her off? Michael says, it doesn’t matter. She can’t do anything to anyone. She’s going to prison. Sasha says, she’ll be there beside her pretty soon.

Nina asks Valentin if he thinks Alexis has time to defend a would-be murderer. He says they’re not hiring Alexis. She says Alexis probably wouldn’t want to defend his fiancé anyway. They’ll stick with Diane. He says they’re not hiring Diane. He’ll take care of Cassandra. Nina tells him he’s not to go near Cassandra. He’s a father… He silences her with a kiss, and asks if she trusts him. She says she does, and he says, then trust him.

Laura wonders where Cassandra’s lawyer is. Jordan says, no one showed up. In the meantime, she’s not talking to them. Robert says, maybe she’ll talk to Sonny.

Sonny tells Cassandra that he advised her to stay away from Port Charles the last time they met. She says, yet here she is. He says it’s not the worst mistake she’s ever made. The worst mistake was poisoning Sasha, and risking poisoning his son. He’s going to make sure that never happens again.

Michael tells Sasha that she’s not going to Pentenville. She can’t believe he’s standing by her, and he says, he was mad, but after he cooled off, he realized sometimes people get caught up in bad situations. There’s time for them to figure it out between them. Sasha says, in that time, Nina could have her arrested. Michael says they’ll get her situated with a lawyer, and construct the best way for this to come out. She asks if there’s any good way for Nina to find out she lied about being her daughter. He says Sasha didn’t dream this up. She was Valentin’s pawn, and made an error in judgement. The point is, she’s rectifying it. As far as crimes go in this town, hers don’t rate.

Jordan tells Laura, a couple of minutes with Sonny, who knows what Cassandra will offer up in exchange for protection from him? Laura asks if Robert doesn’t have a case to prosecute, and he says he’s waiting for his third counsel. A woman walks in, and he introduces her as Jennifer, an ADA. Laura asks what the chances are of conviction, and Robert says, excellent. Shiloh was a fool to pass up the offer. Jordan says for the victims’ sake, she’s glad he did. They deserve their day in court. Robert says he’s going to give them just that.

Sonny tells Cassandra to watch her back. She suggests he do the same, but he says, threats from a holding cell don’t play. She says she’s giving him advice like he gave her. She might be out of the game, but she’s still in the loop. The sentiment among their colleagues is that he’s outgrown his place.

Valentin comes into the station. Laura asks what he wants.

Cassandra tells Sonny, if he hadn’t refused partnership with her two years ago, he wouldn’t be in this position. He says, what position? and she says, vulnerable to those disinclined to share. He asks if she’s saying people want what he has. He thanks her for the news flash, and says, have a nice life – what’s left of it. Jordan brings Valentin in, and asks if Cassandra is under the impression he’s a lawyer. Cassandra says, why call a lawyer when you can call a old friend? Jordan leaves, and Valentin says, she wanted to see him? She says, last night. Next time, come when she calls. Valentin asks, or what is she going to do? Tell the police his wife drugged her and left her for dead? Cassandra says, ex-wife. The police are hardly motivated to follow up on that, and the police aren’t likely to take her word over Nina’s. He knows that, but Nina doesn’t, does she? And apparently, that suits him just fine.

Sasha tells Michael, she’s had some incredible experiences, living this life. Meeting him for one. He’s glad he’s on the good list. She says working at Crimson; being part of the process, and working with Maxie. She’s so smart and fun, and has a great sense of style. Maxie was in no hurry to bond like Nina, and she had to work to earn Maxie’s respect. What she’s saying is, Maxie is going to hate her like everyone else. Michael says Maxie is one of the biggest liars he’s ever met. She faked a pregnancy and perjured herself in court. Her daughter Georgie was supposed to go to someone else. Stuff happened, and she lied. Long story short, she tried pass her daughter off as the other couple’s kid, until she couldn’t go through with it. Sasha says, wow, and Michael says the point he’s making is, that Maxie found a way to turn it around. She dug a hole deeper than Sasha’s, and found a way to rise out of it. He’s confident that she will too. She wants to believe that, but even if he’s right, and she pulls a Maxie and turns into someone wonderful, that doesn’t lessen the pain Nina will feel, or Charlotte, or even Valentin. He did this because he really loves Nina. This isn’t her way to get out of telling the truth; she just wishes it’s not going to hurt so many people. He holds her.

Maxie is surprised to find Nina at Crimson. Nina says she thought she’d show up, and give Maxie a break. Maxie says, when Nina sees the surplus, it’s because she brought in the last issue under budget. Nina says Maxie is amazing. What would she do without her?

Jason tells Spinelli that Shiloh called him. Spinelli asks if he thinks Shiloh was provoking him, and trying to undermine Sam’s testimony, but Jason doesn’t think so. Spinelli asks, what other reason he would have to contact the person most responsible for his downfall? Jason says that’s what he wants Spinelli to research. Shiloh made a special point to drop Peter’s name, and he wants to know why.

Peter walks into the courtroom. He and Shiloh stare at each other.

Kristina tells Alexis that she’s trying to be more mindful, as they say in group. Alexis asks if group isn’t helping, and Kristina says, it’s fine, but right now, it feels like work. It was easier talking to Neil. Alexis asks if she wants to go back, and Kristina asks if it’s possible. Alexis says, of course (🍷), but if she’s considering that, she might want to consider a little wrinkle. Kristina asks, what kind? Alexis says she and Neil are seeing each other.

Kristina says, Alexis is dating her shrink? Alexis’s shrink? Was this before or after Kristina got treatment? Alexis says, very after. Kristina asks if it was after Neil was Alexis’s therapist, and Alexis says, nothing untoward happened. They’ve been careful to address all the implications and pitfalls. Being her daughter doesn’t betray any of Kristina’s confidences. Kristina says, with her or Neil? and Alexis says, both. Kristina doesn’t know what to think or how to feel. She’s been pouring her heart out to Neil, and now Alexis is dating him. Alexis says Neil would never tell her anything, and Kristina says she knows; confidentiality. She’ll need some time to adjust. Alexis says, nothing is more important than Kristina. If Kristina doesn’t want her to see Neil, say the word. Sonny approaches, and asks if Kristina is ready to go. He wonders if everything is okay. Alexis’s phone dings, and she says she has a referral for another client, and has to go. She’ll try to get to court as soon as possible. She jets, and Sonny asks if Kristina wants to talk about it. Kristina says, if she never hears those words again…

Valentin tells Cassandra, they have an understanding. There’s nothing more to discuss. She asks if it’s been so long since he laid eyes on Charlotte’s surrogate. The world thinks Claudette is dead, but they both know she’s very much alive. He says the photo she sent is long gone, and she says, who needs a photo when she has Claudette? She tells quite a story about him. Valentin doesn’t think Cassandra has checked on that since she was in a coma, or she would have learned that Claudette has long since flown the coop. Cassandra says it would be in his best interest to work with her. He says, au revoir. Prison or hell, he hopes she rots somewhere. He leaves, and Laura says, good talk? He says, it’s good to clear the air sometimes. Laura says Cassandra gave her the impression that she could do a lot to hurt him. He says he gets that a lot, and leaves.

Maxie is on the phone, and hears Nina yelling her name. She says she has to run. Nina tells Maxie there’s a glitch in her scheduled meetings, but Maxie says, all meetings are on Thursday now. It was an experiment to address chronic lateness, and no one’s concentration is broken. No meetings are longer than forty-five minutes. It works; she swears. Nina wishes she’d known, but Maxie says she didn’t want to bother her. Nina says she’s sorry, and thanks her, saying her mind’s not in the game. She keeps thinking about Cassandra and Sasha.

Sasha tells Michael that Lucy texted her about a  test shoot. Maybe she’ll be behind bars by then. Michael tells her wait until she sees a lawyer. She wonders how she’s going to face Nina in the meantime. Nina is excited about the wedding, which isn’t going to happen when she finds out. Michael says he’ll get her through it; it won’t be much longer. She says, a few more weeks of living a lie? She’s a pro. He hugs her.

Spinelli has misgivings about Jason’s quest. Maxie loves Peter, and he’s in James and Georgie’s lives. Jason says, all the more reason to be sure of him, but Spinelli says, Maxie is sure about him. Jason says, she’s been wrong before. He tells Spinelli, poke around and see if there’s a connection between Peter and Shiloh.

Jennifer says she needs Willow to project agency to the jury. They need to believe she’s testifying because she wants to. Willow says she is. Chase wonders why Peter is there, and Willow tells him The Invader is giving Shiloh a lot of coverage. He says, but Peter’s not a reporter; he’s a publisher. Robert says Peter is probably there to see him fail, but he’s in for a big shock. Jennifer tells Willow do all she can to make eye contact with the jury. She can look at Shiloh, but don’t direct her testimony at him. Sketch dude has shaved, and poses as a guard. Peter looks at Shiloh. Jason comes in stares at both of them. Peter leaves, and Spinelli says, curious.

The judge speaks with the attorneys. Sam asks Kristina where their mom is, and Kristina says Alexis said she’d be there soon as she can. Sam asks if they got in a fight, and Kristina says, not really… Not yet anyway. Mom is dating their shrink. Sam says Molly told her. Kristina wishes Molly had told her. Michael comes in, and Willow smiles.

Jennifer tells the jury, it’s not a complicated case, but it’s difficult to listen to. They’re going to hear ugly testimony about an ugly man – David Henry Archer. He’s a fraud, a thief, an extortionist, and a sexual predator. He’ll have a separate trial for kidnapping, assault, and murder. He lured in the vulnerable and the lost, and asked them for money, their innermost secrets, and finally sex, to prove themselves worthy of his attention. He deserves no less than imprisonment for the rest of his life. Shiloh’s lawyer says her client is a victim. A victim of prosecutorial overreach, police misconduct, religious persecution, and entrapment. Her client is a spiritual man. The people who hate him are using the justice system to exercise their jealousy. Don’t let them ruin a good man. Shiloh smiles at Willow. The people call Willow to the stand. She gets up.

Jordan says Cassandra requested a moment with Laura, and Laura says she agreed in the hope Laura might incriminate herself. But she asked for Laura’s help, In return for helping Laura destroy Valentin. Jordan says, interesting that Valentin was her only phone call. Alexis comes in, and Laura asks if she shouldn’t be at Shiloh’s trial. Alexis says she has to meet a new client. She goes into the interrogation room, and Cassandra says she’s delighted to have a lawyer with such prestige as Alexis. She’s heard a great things. Alexis says there’s not a lot she can do for Cassandra. The WSB is extraditing her. Cassandra says Alexis has to fight the extradition. She can’t leave Port Charles.

Nina asks if Maxie wants to get breakfast, but Maxie says she has a lot of work to do. Nina says it hasn’t gone unnoticed; the way she stepped up. The time and effort she put in, not just to keep Crimson afloat, but to make it thrive. Maxie says she was glad to keep things going, and Nina says, now she’s throwing herself into the wedding. She appreciates it. Maxie says, what are sister-in-laws for? Nina says she’s going to do right by Maxie. Maxie says Nina doesn’t have to do anything, but she’s been thinking about next moves. Sasha comes in, and Nina hugs her.

Nina asks if Sasha heard about Cassandra, and why isn’t Sasha resting? Sasha says, the elevator isn’t very taxing. Nina asks how things went with Michael. Sasha says they had a long talk, worked some things out, and tabled some others. Nina says, good. She’s glad to see Sasha out of the hospital. Soon, Sasha will be standing up for Nina at her wedding, and she’ll be striking a pose for Deception. Sasha says she doesn’t think she’s going to take Lucy up on her offer. Maxie asks if Sasha is for real. Lucy doesn’t ask just anyone. Nina says, if it’s not Sasha’s thing, it’s not her thing. Sasha says it’s too much of a commitment, and she doesn’t think it will be possible for her to leave town. Valentin comes in, and says he needs to discuss something with his wife.

Alexis says Cassandra wants her to fight the extradition? Cassandra says she prefers to face justice there. Alexis says Cassandra can’t defend herself against the WSB in Port Charles. Cassandra says, surely she can trump up some charges; unlawful imprisonment, attempted murder. Must she do Alexis’s work for her? Alexis says she has no interest in trumping up charges. Cassandra says she just needs Alexis to buy her some time to secure her position and make the deal. Alexis says if all Cassandra wants is a delay, she can do that. Cassandra says she’s going to need one more call to secure funds. She’s so pleased to have Alexis in her in corner. She takes Alexis’s hand, which makes me suspicious for some reason. Maybe it’s the way she took it.  It was weird.

Jordan tells Laura that when she worked undercover for the DEA, Cassandra was on their radar. Compared to her, Valentin is a choir boy. Laura says Jordan doesn’t know Valentin the way she does. Jordan asks if it’s possible Laura knows him too well. She has every reason to hate Valentin, but maybe it’s blinding her to the dangers Cassandra presents. Laura says, even if Cassandra could give them evidence against Valentin, they’re going to lose her to the WSB. Alexis comes out, and says, maybe not. Cassandra decided to fight the extradition. She’s staying in Port Charles.

On the stand, Willow says, her parents were seekers. Harmony says, she was looking for more from life. Kristina says, she found it in Shiloh, in Dawn of Day. She thought she found the answers to questions she didn’t know how to ask. Jennifer asks what he wanted in return, and Kristina says, at first, it was money. Willow says, then secrets. He said it was vital in establishing a bond of trust, but really it was blackmail material. Harmony says, he wanted her to groom young women, and lead them to his bed. If they hesitated, she was to spur them along. Jennifer asks, how? and Harmony says, drug them. Shiloh’s lawyer ask if she’s currently an inmate in Pentenville for drugging women. She says, yes, and his lawyer asks why Shiloh isn’t with her if she was coerced? Harmony says she covered for him. She was protecting him, but not anymore. The lawyer asks if prison is more difficult than Harmony thought, and Robert objects. She asks Willow if her client forced himself on her, and Willow says, no. The lawyer says, so she made a conscious decision to sleep with Shiloh, and for that he should go to prison?

Shiloh’s lawyer asks Kristina what happened to the cup. Why is there no lab report? Why is there no one to substantiate the claims? The court listens to the recording of Sam’s almost initiation. She tells Shiloh that she doesn’t need drugs; she wants to experience everything. He tells her that he wants her transition to be painless, and to trust him. Sam says, there’s the evidence, in Shiloh’s own words. Jennifer asks if she was taken to GH, and Sam says, yes. Jennifer asks if she was given a toxicology scan, and Sam says she was. There was the presence of the drug in her system. Jennifer presents the court with the report, and asks if it’s something Sam took willingly on this, or any other, occasion, and Sam says, no. Shiloh’s lawyer asks Sam to tell the court how many times she slept with Shiloh’s father before stealing his fortune and ruining him? Shiloh smirks.

Maxie asks Sasha what she’s going to tell Lucy. Sasha says she should do it in person. She should get used to giving bad news. She leaves, and Peter comes in, and asks what he missed. Maxie says, a lesson in turning down a once in a lifetime opportunities. He says he’s sure they’re going to get a ton of them when word gets out about how she’s been running Crimson. When she’s ready to spread her wings, there are plenty of people ready to see her fly.

Nina asks Valentin how it went with Cassandra. He says he spoke to her, and she knows she overplayed her hand. She can’t accuse Nina of anything, because she’s just a drug trafficker. And Nina is the sexy editor-in-chief of Crimson magazine. He thinks the WSB is coming for her, and has her totally contained. Nina says someone broke Cassandra out before. What if they come back?

On the phone, Cassandra says she knows she should have listened, now listen to her. Her options are nil. If they don’t come to her aid, she’ll have no choice but to give them up. She says, good to hear. Laura comes in, and says she’s been thinking about Cassandra’s offer, but Cassandra says, it was nothing. She was bluffing.

Alexis sees $10K has been deposited to her account.

Maxie tells Peter she’s too busy helping run Crimson to fantasize about a big career move. She thought he’d be at the trial. Jason mentioned he’d shown an interest in it. He says he likes to leave the nitty-gritty to his staff. He’d just get in the way.

Jennifer tells the judge, any past relationships Sam has had have no bearing on the case. The prosecution has no further questions, and the judge tells Sam to step down. The prosecution rests. The defense calls David Henry Archer, aka Shiloh to the stand. On his way there, Shiloh half winks at Kristina. Willow rolls her eyes.

Tomorrow, Lulu asks Maxie if she’s leaving Crimson, Carly says there’s something she hasn’t told Bobbie about the baby, and Jason tells Sam that he’s going to deal with this person.

🗽 On this week’s Million Dollar Listing New York, Tyler needed to up his game. His boss wanted him to start showing high level listings, in the $5-$10 million range, which he found intimidating. The firm also needed brand recognition. He checked out a property where the owners were interviewing different brokers. I didn’t catch the location (and didn’t recognize it), but the apartment was on the ground floor, as big as a freaking warehouse, and filled with art of all mediums. Ryan was interviewed as well – there was a lot of crossing over in this episode. The owners had done a renovation themselves, and were all about details, like a working porthole in the shower that opened to a wind tunnel. There was also a leather floor, which the owners’ leather guy friends helped create. Tyler said he knows a few leather guys, telling us that he’s a believer in the power of humor. He did make the owners laugh, but instead of clinching the deal, Tyler decided to give them space. He believed the dude was not emotionally ready to let go, but his wife was, and would talk him into it.

In his visit to the same apartment, Ryan could see it was the owners’ baby, a space they were passionate about. Ryan told the dude that Picasso wasn’t done after one, and it was time for him to go to his next canvas, and he agreed. Ryan told us that time kills deals, and if he waits, another broker will swoop in and get the listing. When Tyler found out that Ryan had landed the listing, he said it was soul crushing. He visited Ryan at his office, and Ryan wondered if Tyler was there to hit him over the head and take his listing. What Tyler wanted to know, was what Ryan was doing that he wasn’t. One of his daily affirmations is to become 1% better every day. In Ryan’s interview, he said that he and Tyler probably did the same thing. He just did it better. He told Tyler that he was a chameleon, and if he has confidence in himself, the clients have confidence in him. He’s selling enthusiasm. When they get hesitant, he finds out what their why is. It’s not about pushing something they don’t want. If they didn’t want sell, and weren’t really ready, they wouldn’t have called. Time kills deals. In his interview, Tyler said sometimes his heart gets in the way of closing a deal. It was time to be more assertive.

In advertising the listing, Ryan wanted to make a viral video. He asked a couple members of his team what gets the most views on YouTube, and they told him, kids and music. He decided on a music video. People would think it was funny because he doesn’t dance. It also makes him uncomfortable, which is what people want to see. He told his guys to find him a director.

Steve had an upper West side listing. It was basically handed to him, which he thought was great, but he didn’t get to establish a connection with the owners. While on his way to see it, he told driver Will that pictures sometimes don’t tell the whole story, like with internet dating. It was in a pre-war building, and had been used mostly by artists. Norman Rockwell had once lived there. Will asked if he could have a look too. In his interview, Steve said Will had spoken to him about joining the team, but you need to be super qualified. He said he can’t hate Will for seeing him as an opportunity. He told Will, if he could park in ten minutes, he could come up. The apartment was a penthouse, a triplex with a private vestibule. Steve explained it was done in Memphis design. Founded by Ettore Sottsass, it uses bold color and large patterns. It was big in the 80s, and now popular again. Actually finding a parking spot in the allotted time – a feat that alone should give him a position on Steve’s team – Will made it, and Steve let him practice a sales pitch. It wasn’t that great, but Steve schooled him a little. The property had been on the market for a year, and since all the brokers had already seen it, Steve decided on a different kind of open house. He visited publisher friend Lynn (Hamptons, Gotham, et al), and pitched the idea of having a publishing event there. It just so happened that Assouline Books, connected to the magazines, was having a book launch for New York by New York, so it was the perfect storm. Steve said it was a win for everyone – the publisher, the book, and him. Gotham has 65,000 subscribers, so there would be a lot of people seeing the apartment. Lynn also hit Steve up for being in Hamptons magazine’s best dressed spread. The launch was a success, with Steve using what he called Ninja style brokering. Not everyone was there to buy, but if he sniffed out someone who was, he pounced.

Fredrik had a property in Hudson Square, or as he also called it, old New York. It was a big area in the disco club days, but had now been rezoned as residential and was emerging. He met seller Kathy at the gym, and she was looking to sell her penthouse in a building built in 1920 that was originally a paper factory. Kathy had combined two apartments, and it was pretty amazing, from the original tin ceilings to the disco hallway. There was cool stuff everywhere, and Fredrik sat in a tiny chair to talk to Kathy. She was a little nervous about that, and told him, you break; you buy, but he said, he breaks; he sells. Fredrik needed to find that one buyer, and had the idea for a disco party, capitalizing one the energy of the building. Kathy wasn’t sure how that was going to sell the apartment, but agreed. While Fredrik was discussing it with Kathy at the gym, Ryan showed up. Fredrik told him about the disco party, and Ryan said disco was cool – for old people – but said he’d come anyway. If he gets a chance to get dressed up and be awesome, he’ll do it.

At the brokers open, Fredrik was dressed a la Tony in Saturday Night Fever. Much to his delight, quite a few people showed up in costume. He said had they showed up in suits like they were ready for the board room, it would have felt boring or dated; this way, they were loving it. While discussing the vibe, a broker informed Fredrik that one of the Beastie Boys had lived there. In his interview, Fredrik disclosed that he didn’t know who the Beastie Boys were, and thought they were big in disco. I guess he was mixing them up with the Village People, although I’m not sure how that’s possible. The seller showed up in costume, as did Ryan – the same costume Fredrik had on. He said it was the one-size-fits-all disco outfit. While Ryan had a photographer friend interested in the ground floor apartment with the art, he thought Fredrik’s disco penthouse might be more appropriate for his friend’s needs, and cheaper. The downside was, it was surrounded by construction, that would be there for the next twenty years. A disco party goer insisted on a dance-off between Fredrik and Ryan, and somehow Ryan won. He said he had it in the bag, but Fredrik said it was rigged. Ryan said he didn’t go not to win.

Next time, Ryan puts ads literally on the street, Derek tells Fredrik how much he hates L.A., and Tyler’s boss gets a call from Ryan.

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January 31, 2019 – Jordan Questions Franco, RIP James, Chefs At the Opry, Another Loss, Gage Goes, Danielle’s Near-Snub, Another Summer & Ready


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Drew goes home with Kim, who says don’t mind the place; she hasn’t had time to clean. Her apartment is spotless, and Drew asks if she has a poltergeist. There’s no way Oscar did this. She says the cleaners must have come today. They were a gift from Julian.

Brad tells Julian that he’s trying. Julian says, try harder. He used to be good liar, and Lucas will realize something is wrong if he keeps stammering. Brad says Willow thinks Wiley is hers, and he’s supposed to remain calm? Julian says, it changes nothing, but Brad says it does if she wants a relationship with Wiley. Julian tells him, stay away from her. The less she sees Wiley, the less she’ll think about coming forward.

Alexis arrives at Dawn of Day. Kristina is surprised, and Shiloh tells her to give her mother credit. He’s glad Alexis made it. He says, you can’t tie yourself up, if you’re tying up others. I’m not sure if he’s talking about loose ends, being on time, or something kinky, but I already spent too much time thinking about it. He’s excited to get started. With an open mind and some effort, they can learn about each other and themselves.

On the phone, Obrecht tells Valentin the Swiss are known for their patience, but she’s only half Swiss. Her economic situation is simple. She needs income, and he needs Nina. If he sees to it that Obrecht is flush, and Nina will never know Sasha isn’t her daughter. What would really be cool is if Sasha turned out to be her daughter anyway. She finds the other half of the necklace, and…

At the hospital, Franco tells Elizabeth that the library has a parenting section for parents with potentially LGBTQ kids. I’m thinking if any more initials crop up, we’ll really have to think of something new.

Nina, Maxie, and Obrecht meet for dinner at the MetroCourt. Nina says a year ago today, they lost a great man. A son, a brother, a husband. The greatest man she’s ever known. Maxie says it still hurts so much. She’s not there yet, but the pain and sorrow are nothing compared to the joy of having known him. Obrecht says, the time was precious, and they’re better for having had him in their lives. They toast to Nathan.

Ava sees Lucas, and asks about Lulu. He says he can’t discuss it. She says Lulu was attacked be the same person who killed her daughter. She needs to know if Lulu remembers who did it. Lucas says forcing Lulu into remembering would be counterproductive, and the worst thing they could do. Ava says, at least she’s alive. The other victims weren’t so fortunate.

Chase brings in a box, and tells Jordan it’s the last of the material from the LA office. He wants to give it a once-over. He asks if there’s been no breakthrough, and Jordan says, hardly. Nothing makes sense. She’s ready call in a psychic, and asks if he knows any.

Elizabeth thinks it’s great that Franco is diving in head first. Franco says he’s trying to help both Aiden and them. She’s swamped at work, and feels when and if the day comes, they’ll have a conversation with Aiden, but on his terms. Not because they forced the issue. Franco says, ideally, but his classmates already forced the issue.

Kim asks if Drew wants a drink, and he says, if she is. She pours them something. He asks if she wants to talk about Julian, and she says, what’s left to say? She was too busy tending to Oscar, and not their relationship, so Julian decided to sleep with someone else – not Alexis, according to her. At the very least, it means he went ahead and slept with a random person, and dumped her. The end. Drew says he didn’t cancel the cleaning service, and she says, or the meal service, or the tune-up. The garage confirmed it. She doesn’t know what to do. Why doesn’t he stop them? Drew says maybe Julian wishes he hadn’t let her go.

Brad asks why Julian didn’t tell him. Julian says, now that he knows who Willow is, keep a wide berth. Brad says, what if she doesn’t do the same? Julian asks if he and Lucas didn’t agree to an open adoption. Worst case, Wiley has a mother figure. Brad says, except she’s not his mother. Julian asks how she’d know, and Brad says, a DNA test? Julian says, run by who for what reason? Brad says Wiley could get sick, and Julian tells him, the odds are incredibly, insanely small. Lucas appears, and says, is that so?

Alexis tells Shiloh that he has quite a set-up. He says it does the job. Alexis asks what the job is, and Kristina says Shiloh has provided a place for friends and strangers to hang their hats. Alexis asks if he doesn’t charge, and Shiloh says they pay what they can, and make the rest up in service. Everyone works in the community, whether it’s in or out of their doors. He covers the day to day with course fees. He says it’s time to start. Alexis says Kristina didn’t mention there was a fee, but Kristina says it’s free for her. Alexis asks what the course is about, and Kristina says, don’t worry; it’s a good one. Shiloh thanks the group for joining him. He’s excited to be their guide for being one when you’re two: finding yourself in a relationship.

Shiloh guides Kristina and Alexis. He says they’re endlessly, boundlessly connected. It must be double adverb day. Alexis says she agreed to a self-improvement class, but she’s not talking about Julian. Kristina says, there are all kinds of relationships. Kristina was hoping to explore her relationship with Alexis. Alexis says it doesn’t have to be there, but Kristina says it hasn’t worked anywhere else. She thought Alexis would want to explore it too.

Lucas asks Julian what odds they’re discussing, and Julian says the odds of Lucas seeing him holding Wiley. He says Wiley was fussy, Brad took him out for a drive, and stopped for coffee. Julian was supposed to be at the book signing, and his plans changed. Lucas says, and here he is again, but Brad says, it just worked that way. Julian says Ava is lurking around with her boyfriend who used to be her shrink. Julian sees her, and tells Lucas that he knows Lucas can’t cut him some slack, but give his husband a break. Brad did nothing wrong. Julian goes over to Ava.

Valentin tells Peter that he needs a favor. A talented acquaintance has fallen on hard times, and they’d be a good fit at The Invader. Peter asks if his acquaintance has a r. Valentin says she’s known far and wide. It’s Obrecht.

Nina, Maxie, and Obrecht laugh over Nathan stories. Obrecht thinks they should put them in writing; a record of Nathan’s goodness. Nina says she is doing that, as a history for James to remember his father by. She’s not doing it alone. She asked around for stories, and the other day, got an email from someone who told her about a prank in college. Maxie says, stories they don’t know, and Obrecht says, stories they never will know. Nina says they’re not saying that man’s name today. It’s a celebration of Nathan. They’re not dwelling on the past. Obrecht looks at Maxie’s hand, and says she’s lost her wedding ring.

Jordan tells Chase, on one hand, all of the driver’s licenses are missing, and there’s the timing. Chase says that suggests a connection. She says, on the other hand, only two victims fit the pattern. There’s something missing. What kind of person knows three residents of Port Charles, and an LA producer? Chase says, an already established killer.

Elizabeth thanks Franco, gives him a kiss, and goes back to work. His phone rings. He says whatever it is, he didn’t do it. Jordan asks if he’ll meet her at the station anyway. She believes he might have information that could help solve Kiki’s murder. And the others.

Kristina says she’ll go first, and Shiloh tells Alexis to ask her what she wants from the relationship. Alexis asks, and Kristina says, to get along better. Shiloh says, ask again. Alexis does, and Kristina says, to communicate more. He says they’re hardly communicating. Now, ask again. Alexis asks, and Kristina says, not to fight so much. Shiloh asks why they’re fighting. What does she want? Dig deeper. He tells Alexis, ask again, but Alexis says he’s not giving Kristina a chance to answer. He says, ask again, so she does. Kristina says she wants Alexis’s respect. Shiloh says, now they’re getting somewhere.

Julian tells Ava that she can’t jog Lulu’s memory by hanging around. She says she wants to be there when Lulu remembers; he’d do same thing. Julian says avenging Kiki will eventually bite her in the ass, plus cost her the one daughter she has left. He says, for Avery’s sake, find something else to occupy her time. He asks if Doc didn’t want to whisk her away, but she says the timing wasn’t right. Julian is the one who sounds like he needs a vacation. Why doesn’t he take Kim and go? He says they’re not going anywhere. Not with each other anyway.

Kim tells Drew, it would be easier if Julian was a jerk, but he’s been great. Except for the cheating and abandoning. Drew sits down, yowls, and brings a knitting needle out from underneath him. She wondered where that went. She tells him she’s been torturing yarn. He wants to see what she made, and she shows him an infinity scarf, saying it’s hideous. It’s probably better than I’d do.

Peter says Valentin wants him to hire Obrecht? The woman who tortured him for a month, and left him to die in a burning stable? Valentin says he’d be in Peter’s debt, but Peter wonders why incur one from Obrecht? She must have leverage. Something that could take away what’s most important to him. Peter corrects himself, and adds, not what. Who.

Obrecht says Maxie lost her ring. Maxie says Obrecht doesn’t understand. She didn’t lose it. Obrecht says, she took it off?

Elizabeth reads from This Book is Gay, that the suicide rate is triple among gay teens. Lucas and Brad come by. Lucas asks if Elizabeth is okay, and she says she’s taking a break. She drops the book, and Lucas says he knows it. Someone gave it to his mom after he came out. She asks if it was helpful, and he says his mom thought so. Brad asks if one of Elizabeth’s patients is gay. She says, um… and he realizes it’s for her.

Franco arrives at station. Jordan tells him there have been new developments in a connection among the victims. Franco wondered what the TV guy had to do with the others. Jordan wonders if he can tell her. Franco says the way the bodies were arranged – and Chase says, it was artistic. Franco says that would be in the eye of the beholder, but they were dramatic. Franco can’t see what they have in common. Chase says they couldn’t either, but they came across this script. He hands it to Franco, and says the only thing they have in common is him. There’s a notation on the top page that says, talk to Franco.

Maxie says she felt it was time to put her ring away, and Nina says everyone grieves at their own pace in their own time. It’s time to move on. Obrecht doesn’t understand. Is she seeing someone? Maxie says, no; it’s too early. Obrecht says, in other words, yes. She asks if Nina knew, and Nina says she had an inkling. Obrecht wonders why Nina said nothing. Is this payback for trying to open her eyes about Sasha? Maxie wonders what she’s talking about, and Nina says she didn’t give Obrecht a job, and she made vague innuendos about her daughter. Maxie asks why Obrecht would want a job at Crimson, and Obrecht says she’d sooner drop dead than work for her capricious niece. Nina says if she wants to drop dead, go for it, and leaves the table.

Peter asks Valentin, how bad? So bad he lose Nina, Charlotte, or both? Valentin tells Peter not to concern himself with his family. Peter says someone is using leverage to force Valentin to do what he doesn’t want to. Valentin says apparently, he asked too much. Forget about it. Peter says, not likely.

Kim tells Drew that she made the scarf in the wee hours when she couldn’t sleep. They laugh about it, and Drew says it’s a nice change of pace. Kim asks if he ever feels guilty having good time; forgetting about things for the moment. He says, sometimes, but laughing about something is the closest feeling to hope.

Alexis asks how it was for Kristina. She says they’ve talked about potential, and the things that tie you down. She feels like a tie was cut. Alexis asks if she didn’t feel browbeaten, and Kristina says it’s rough being on the spot, but it helped. It bothers Alexis that Kristina thinks she doesn’t respect her. Kristina asks if Alexis thinks she has a perception problem, or she’s imagining it. Alexis says sometimes she gets upset that Kristina isn’t living the life she envisioned for her, and forgets Kristina’s life is hers. What Alexis wants is irrelevant, and it’s what Kristina wants that matters. Shiloh asks how it’s going, and Kristina thinks they achieved a measure of understanding. He asks if Alexis would care to do an examination. Alexis says, no, but thanks for asking. Kristina tells her, at least try. Does she have a relationship that needs work? Alexis says Kristina doesn’t know when to quit, does she?

Ava says Julian told Kim he slept with someone else, and broke up with her? How’s she taking it? He doubts it’s crossed mind. After they parted, Oscar’s prognosis came back. Ava says, and? Julian doesn’t say anything, and she says, that’s awful. He says at least she won’t have him distracting her, and Ava says, how thoughtful; denying Kim support in her hour of need. How selfless to abandon her. How did a man with such good intentions wind up being such an ass?

Kristina tells Alexis that they can work on any relationship she wants, as long as she wants to change it. Alexis says she’s not doing Julian. Kristina says he doesn’t have to know. Shiloh tells them, look your partner in the eye. See her. Let her see you. He tells Kristina to ask the question, and Kristina says, what do you want? Alexis says she doesn’t want a relationship with Julian, and Kristina asks why she still has one then. Why hasn’t she moved on? She hasn’t because she doesn’t want to yet. Kristina continues to ask what Alexis wants, and Alexis finally says she doesn’t want to talk or think about it. Kristina says, if it’s still in her head, it’s not finished. Alexis says what she wants is to be happy, to feel passion, and be in love. She wants to feel like she did with Julian before.

Julian asks Ava if she thinks he made a mistake. She says, yes. Kim is good for him, and he’s shown improvement. He has a real and lasting chance. If he wants to be worthy of his children, grandchildren – and Kim – do what he has to in order to make things right. She leaves.

Kim tells Drew, when she brought Oscar to Port Charles, she wanted him to connect with family. She never realized she’d land one in the process. She says Oscar should be home any minute. Drew doesn’t want Oscar to think they’re ganging up on him. Kim says she’ll talk to him in the morning.

Elizabeth tells Brad and Lucas about the kids bullying Aiden. Lucas says, that’s why they’re picking on him. Brad asks if Aiden has more female friends than male. Lucas asks if he doesn’t like sports, and likes things traditionally girly. Elizabeth says that describes Aiden. Lucas says the main prerequisite is, does he like boys? It took Lucas a long time. He sensed he felt different, but didn’t know for sure until puberty. Even though he was attracted to boys, he didn’t want to be. He played it straight until he couldn’t hide it anymore. Elizabeth asks if things got better after that. Brad says, the getting better part takes a while.

Franco tells Jordan that he has no idea where he was when the murders were committed, and doesn’t know what Peyton knows. Jordan asks why Peyton was keen on speaking to him, but he doesn’t know. Chase says, clearly, Peyton reached out. Franco says he doesn’t answer numbers he doesn’t recognize. They can check his phone records. Then, when they’re done, they can go catch this maniac before he kills someone else.

Nina is back home, and Valentin asks how her evening was. She says, okay; they were talking about Nathan. It helped, until they stopped taking about Nathan. That crashed and burned the evening. He asks, would she like a cocktail… ice cream… Paris? Cocktails and ice cream in Paris? She says there is something he can do. She could use some mother/daughter time. She wants Sasha to come visit.

Maxie takes the check, telling Obrecht, they’ll work things out. They always do. Obrecht says, now that they’re alone, tell her about the new man. Maxie says, it’s nothing. Just a flirtation. It will probably end before it goes anywhere. Obrecht asks who he is, but Maxie suggests they talk about careers. A job at Crimson? Obrecht thought a medical column. Her readers have questions, and she can give honest and innovative solutions, without a medical board to answer to. Maxie thinks Obrecht needs a niche audience. She needs an outlet with expanded access. Obrecht says she wants to share her views and experiences. Maxie thinks she knows just the place. Peter walks in.

Kim straightens up. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Julian. He says, I love you. On New Year’s Eve, when he told her that he slept with someone else, and let her think it was Alexis, there wasn’t anybody else. He made it up because he’s an idiot. He needed to tell her the truth. There’s nobody else. Only her. He walks into the apartment, and says he was jealous. He saw her and Drew kissing, but he also convinced himself that she and Oscar would be better off without him. So he told her something to make her glad to get rid of him. He’s so sorry. He wishes he could take it back. The truth is, he loves her. She made him a better person, and he owed it to the both of them to tell the truth. Now that she knows, she can do or not do what she wants with it. Kim looks confused, and maybe a little panicked.

Alexis says she has to go, but Kristina say they just had a breakthrough. She should stay, and face her darkest fears. She’s sure the process works for a lot of people. Kristina says it works for her daughter, and Alexis says she appreciates that. She loves Kristina, and is proud of her. She does respect Kristina, and asks her to remember that when she gives her cause to forget. Kristina wants to talk about their relationship. Alexis says they will, but not here, and not now. It’s not for her. She leaves the house.

Elizabeth asks, what does she do? Aiden is going through a tough time. Franco thinks maybe they should bring it up themselves. Lucas says it sounds like they’re on top of it. His parents weren’t. He tells her, create a safe environment, so he’ll speak when he’s ready. Brad suggests she invite them over for dinner. Lucas thinks that’s a good idea. Let Aiden see her gay friends, and see they accept people for who they are, not just him. Her friends and family have her back. Lucas hugs her, saying, so does Franco. She’s got this.

Chase tells Jordan that Peyton called Franco, but he didn’t pick up. Jordan thanks Franco for his time. Franco asks if they’re done, and she says, for now. He says, next time she wants to question him, she can talk to his lawyer. He leaves, and Chase says, fun guy. With his history, no wonder she wants to nail down his whereabouts during the other murders. Jordan says during his last brush with the law, Jim Harvey was shot. She says he’s one of Doc’s patients, and wonders if Franco is still seeing him. Chase says Doc can’t discuss what Franco tells him, but Jordan says he can if it’s possible he committed a crime. Chase wonders, if that was the case, why Doc wouldn’t have come forward. Jordan tells him to set up a meeting. If anyone knows whether Franco is capable of murder, it would be his psychiatrist. Please. Don’t tell me Ryan is going to try and pin the murders on Franco and leave town. I can’t stand it.

Tomorrow, Ava asks Olivia to work her magic, Carly asks Kim if Drew was there, and Lulu screams no, no, no!

🎤 Goodbye to James Ingram…

Another GH alum.


👜 🔪 Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry was the setting for Top Chef this week. For the Quickfire Challenge, the chefs had to make a dish for a Grammy winning country star, using riders – basically preference sheets – that indicate what the star and their staff would like foodwise. The star’s name wasn’t revealed until after the dishes were complete, It was singer Hunter Hayes, whose music I have no clue about, but he used terms like flavor profile, so it seems he’s no stranger to the culinary arts. Adrienne wasn’t well, but won the challenge anyway, enticing Hunter with red meat. For her efforts, she received an extra hour to complete the next challenge. The Elimination Challenge had the chefs creating a dish based on a music memory. The judges were the people responsible for the Music City Food and Wine Festival, and included the lead singer from Kings of Leon. His wife, model Lily Aldridge, was also at the dinner. I knew who she was right away, since she was on an episode of 2 Broke Girls. My reference point for too many things. Justin dropped a plate, so wasn’t eligible to win. Tom said we learn a lot about ourselves with cooking. I’ve learned that when I want to eat, it’s quicker and less labor intensive to use the microwave. Michelle won the challenge, but I wasn’t sure if she was getting a bit of a sympathy vote, since she talked about her father’s suicide and everyone cried. David had to pack his knives and go, because his dish was overly salty, and they didn’t even know what was going on with it. It involved puffed rice, which rubbed the judges the wrong way. David was proud of his performance, and hoped to set a good example for his son. The show was dedicated to Fatima Ali, a Top Chef contestant who recently passed away. Next time, chefs in a gymnasium, and a conflict over boxed waffles.

😔 You can read about Fatima here:


😵 Jeff Flips Again…

Nothing but sad news from this guy lately. Hate to say it, Jeff, but you’re the common denominator.


👶 Something You Didn’t Realize You Needed to Know…

Because you don’t. Behold Andy’s baby shower drama.


🚤 In Case Anyone Cares…

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November 20, 2018 – In the Museum of Mayhem, Charter Chaos, Jenni’s Last Flip, nuTJ, Vanderpump Vogues & Be Prepared


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

We’re at the Port Charles Museum of Mayhem. Jordan is led in blindfolded. Anna promises no strippers. Curtis is led in from the other side, also blindfolded. He says the strippers better be worth it. The blindfolds are taken off and he tells Jordan he was just joking about the strippers. Anna says their wedding party consulted with each other, and it’s clear what they don’t want to do. They vetoed bars, strip clubs – Chase adds, and skydiving – all that was left was the escape room. I note nuTJ is among the group. Anna wanted to make it more competitive, so the bachelor and bachelorette teams will be in separate rooms. Nina says they were short a sleuth, so she brought a ringer – Peter.

Laura runs into not-Doc when she’s leaving Kelly’s. She warns him that he’s about to have to answer a lot of questions about what’s going on with him.

Stella thought she’d never see Marcus again. He says, it’s been long time. She tells him that she tried to find him on social media, but had no luck. It’s probably for the best. She wasn’t sure he’d want to see her after their last fight. He says, it was a doozie. But age gives wisdom. She had to do right by her sister and her boys, and if she’d stayed, he wouldn’t have met his wife. She says, it sounds like it worked out for the best. He asks, how are the boys she raised? She tells him, Curtis is getting married tomorrow, and he says, congratulations. She must be thrilled.

On the phone, Carly asks Spinelli to break into the Ferncliff server. She needs to get the name of the person in the room next to her. She thanks him, then sees Ava sitting in the lounge. Ava says, how nice to run into her. She hasn’t seen Carly since her horrible ordeal at The Floating Rib. Carly says Ava usually keeps a low profile around her. Why is tonight an exception? What’s gotten her so brazen? Ava says things are finally going her way.

A trail of clothing leads to Sasha’s bed. Kiki walks in, and says, oh my God. I find it hard to believe if they were hitting the sheets, there would be several pieces of clothing lying on top of the covers, but okay.

Jordan says her team is going to wipe the floor with Curtis’s team. The host, who is barely paying attention, telling someone on the phone that he’s not waiting when his shift is over, asks them for their phones. He takes Jordan’s team to a dark room. Lacking enthusiasm, he tells them that they’ve just learned Helena Cassadine has stolen the formula for carbonic snow. She plans to launch another Ice Age. They have an hour to foil the plan and notify the authorities. The lights come on, and there are figures of all the Cassadines and their cohorts. Cool!

The host tells Curtis’s team that they’ve been kidnapped by Ryan Chamberlain, and taken to an abandoned funhouse. There’s a gas leak, and they have one hour to escape Ryan’s same fate. There are figures of various killers from Port Charles, including Franco. Carnival music starts.

Griff wakes up. Kiki says she didn’t want to believe it. She thought Franco must be wrong, and saw Sasha with someone else. He sees her, and jumps out of bed. He looks down, and realizes he’s naked. He says, this isn’t what it looks like, and Kiki tells him to stay away from her. He pulls on his pants, and goes after her. Sasha looks around for a moment, and goes back to sleep

Carly tells Ava most people would be traumatized to discover a headless body in their place of business. Either she’s immune to death, no matter how grisly, or she had something to do with it. Ava says she’s been cleared; Carly can’t pin it on it her. Carly says she can make Ava leave the premises. She tells Ava to get out or she’ll have security take her out the back way, near the dumpster, where she belongs.

Laura tells not-Doc, for the sake of her campaign, she had to release a statement about their separation. Reporters will want his side. He says he’ll tell them that they’ve grown apart. She asks if that’s what he thinks happened. He says they’ve been through this; she left town – Laura interrupts, noticing he took his ring off already.

On Jordan’s Team, Molly says, the best way to win is look for hidden clues; keys in drawers or papers can lead to the first clue. Alexis looks at Jerry Jax, and says she fails to understand why this generation thinks is fun. In the other room, Finn startles Sam, who tells him Diego Alcazar sent threatening text messages before he took his victim’s lives. TJ says Ryan was one sick puppy. Chase sees a “C” on Ryan’s knife. He doesn’t remember Lulu saying anything about that in her articles.

Not-Doc asks Laura, why wear his ring? Laura says the marriage isn’t over yet; they’re separated, not divorced. It’s a sign he’s moving on. Why is he so ready to let the marriage go? Why can’t they talk? Where is the man she fell in love with? He says he’s not the same man he was when she left for a year. She says, message received. He starts to go into Kelly’s, and stops. He says, Ava? Ava shows herself, and he says he’s surprised she’s still out and about. She tells him that she didn’t need the pills after all. She’s going to sleep like a baby tonight. She just knows it.

At the MetroCourt bar, Kiki orders vodka straight up. Griff runs in, and she asks him, please, stay away. He doesn’t know how to explain, and she says, it’s pretty straightforward. He says Sasha wanted to apologize, and called him; he can prove it. The message is gone, but he says he’s not lying. He wouldn’t cheat on her. She says he didn’t have a problem cheating on her mom.

Sam tells Peter that Heather Webber terrorized her, just like Franco. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – or should she say severed branch? Nina says, Peter is not Faison. Sam says, he’s responsible for keeping Jason prisoner for five years.  Peter thinks, for Curtis’s sake, it’s probably best if he leaves, but the exit door is locked.

Anna looks at the figure of Faison. Jordan thinks maybe this was a bad idea. The Floating Rib is calling their names. She asks who’s up for a margarita, and everyone is in, but the exit door is locked.

Peter says the exit is locked. He yells, saying he wants the hell out of there. Jordan says they’re breaking several fire codes. Molly says, the host is supposed to monitor the game at all times. Where is he? Asleep at his desk, wearing headphones, while they gesture at the cameras. A cleaning person comes through his office, but he doesn’t wake up. Finn says, and he seemed to have such a strong work ethic. Molly overheard him telling someone that he wasn’t going to wait. He was leaving at the end of his shift. They’re locked in.

Sam says they’re locked in, and the host took their phones. Curtis says they’re trapped in there for the night. Jordan says she can’t be locked in; she’s getting married tomorrow. TJ says there can’t just be one way out. Molly says they have to beat the game in time.

Maxie says they came to play the game, solve the puzzle, and enjoy the look on the guys’ faces when they beat them.

Finn finds what looks like an old wooden box, and gives it to Chase, saying it’s locked. Chase reads the bottom, which says, property of MOCA. He wonders what that is.

Maxie sees a gum wrapper, and wonders if it’s a clue. Lulu says she’s avoiding the question about her and Peter. Maxie says they have a lot of time if they’re stuck. Lulu says, it can’t happen; face your fears. She looks at the figure of Stavros, and finds a chess piece; a queen. Jordan looks around, and finds a small chest near Jerry Jax. It has a combination lock; four numbers. Anna asks if there’s a book by PK Sinclair in the bookcase. Molly finds Daughter of Eternity. Anna bets their first clue is in there.

Griff tells Kiki that she has to listen. He wouldn’t do that to her. Laura wonders what’s going on. Carly doesn’t know, but she’s going to have to ask them to leave if it doesn’t stop. Laura says, trouble in paradise? It’s going around. She starts to cry, and says her marriage is falling apart.

Kiki says she fell into this. If you cheat with someone, you’ll cheat on them. Griff says he only remembers walking into the room. He makes her feel the lump on his head, and she asks if things got crazy in bed. He asks, what if someone is trying to set them up?

Not-Doc tells Ava that she seems content. She says Kiki is going to realize what kind of man Griff is, and it’s only a matter of time before her daughter comes back to her. She thanks him for encouraging her to go after what she wants. Is he taking his own advice?

Stella tells Marcus that she’s happy Curtis is happy. He says that’s all they can ask. He wonders what about Tommy, and she says unfortunately, he passed away in Iraq. He asks how it happened, and she tells him, a friendly fire incident. She thinks of how alone he must have felt when he died. Marcus says, more than anything, you want someone to blame.

Some pages are marked in the PK Sinclair book. Jordan says they’re the combination to the lock. They open the box.

Sam thinks MOCA is the Museum of Contemporary Art. Franco had a show there, and staged it to look like Jason pushed him off the roof. Nina suggests something I don’t catch, and Curtis says the lock has letters and numbers like a phone. He tries a combination, and it opens.

Sam looks in the box, and takes out a black light. Chase says they’re used to find out how nasty hotel rooms are. Finn says, hit the lights. Curtis goes around the room with it. On the floor, he sees 716 555 0103. Nina says the host took their phones. Peter asks if anyone sees a phone.

Jordan finds a floppy disk, and they decide it must be clue for later. They keep looking. Alexis touches the Helena figure, and says, much warmer than the real thing. She shows Helena the watch, and says, mine. Looking at a brooch on Helena’s jacket, she finds a note. Molly says it’s a configuration for a chess game.

In Sasha’s hotel room, Griff asks if she remembers him showing up. She says, no, and she doesn’t remember sending him a text either. He says she has oversized pupils, one of the telltale signs of being drugged. Kiki bets she knows who did it.

Ava tells not-Doc that she saw him and Laura together, and thought they might be reconciling. Not-Doc says she’s a perceptive woman, but that’s not the case. They’re going public with the divorce. It’s for the best for many reasons.

Laura says she never should have dumped on Carly. Carly says she’s been there. Sometimes you need to talk about it to work through it. Laura says she never knew. Even in France they seemed in sync. When she came home, there was a weird distance between them. At first, she chalked it up to the anniversary of Ryan’s crimes, but now she doesn’t know. Carly thinks he has been acting strange. At the harvest festival, he snapped at her when she asked about the patient next to her in Ferncliff.

Sam finds a phone. Finn says, call someone. Sam says it doesn’t work, but she can text. Diego texted messages. She texts the number from the floor, and a combination pops up on the screen. TJ asks, what that’s supposed to mean?

Molly and Valerie play chess. Anna says there’s a missing peace. Lulu brings out the queen she found. When they place it on the board, they hear something open.

Peter, for reasons that weren’t said or I missed, says, turns the lazy Susan on a nearby table. Something unlocks. Chase says it came from the clown picture. They go over to this giant clown face, and slide it over. It opens into another room.

Maxie asks, what’s that, and Valerie says, the lock on the bookcase. She slides it over, and it opens to another room.

Curtis says Peter can crash his bachelor party any time. The others can get out.

Jordan’s group walks into a small office with a desk, computer, and wall clock. There’s a clock, and Maxie says they only have six minutes to get out. Jordan tries another door, but it’s locked too. Molly wonders if the computer can unlock the door. It has a floppy drive, so they put the disk in. It tells them, let the clues be the key to the password. It will unlock the door. If they don’t get it in three tries, the game is over. Whatever that means.

There’s a keyboard where Curtis’s group is. Peter asks if anyone knows how to play piano. Sam reads the combination, and they realize it’s notes. Nina thinks if they play it, it will unlock the door.

Carly tells Laura that she knows who’s currently in the room; Nelle. She doesn’t know for how long, but she was not the man howling next door when she was there. Laura asks why his identify is so important. Carly doesn’t know, but if there’s one person at Ferncliff who shouldn’t be there, she has to find out. She’s not giving up until she has answers.

Ava tells not-Doc, it’s a shame when a marriage has to end. Kiki flies up, and tries to smack her, but Ava grabs her arm. Kiki says she knows Ava drugged Sasha, and knocked Griff over the head to make it look like they slept together.

Marcus tells Stella that he felt angry when his wife was diagnosed. She says it’s hard to make peace with Tommy being killed. Marcus says he realized being angry wasn’t getting him anywhere. It was distracting him from precious time he could have spent with his wife. Since then, he’s spent time with her, and told her things he wanted her to hear, and it helped, but he’ll always regret the time he wasted.

Curtis plays something on the keyboard, but nothing happens.

The password is eleven letters. Jordan types in escaperoom, but that isn’t it. Anna says it has to do with the game, and Jordan tries portcharles, but is denied access again. Maxie says they have two minutes.

Nina asks Curtis if he’s sure he’s playing it right. Chase asks if there are any clues they haven’t used yet.

Anna says the prompt didn’t say it had something to do with the game, but specifically, the clues. They go over them, and put them together. Jordan types in iceprincess. At the same time, TJ figures out that the “C” on the knife means C sharp. Curtis plays again. Both solutions work, and they all get out.

Stella tells Marcus it sounds like he had a wonderful marriage. He says for every happy memory, he has a regret about a fight. When he found out his mother-in-law was coming to live with them, he didn’t speak to his wife for two days. It seems silly. What he’s learned is, anger can make you feel better sometimes, but forgiveness gives life. Anger only gives you more anger. He has to get back, and they hug. He’s glad to see her happy. When he’s gone, she ponders.

The bachelor and bachelorette groups meet back where they started. Jordan says they won. Confetti falls. Everyone cheers.

Griff tells Sasha keep drinking to flush the drugs out. Sasha asks if he thinks she was roofied. She didn’t have a drink. She ordered room service. She wonders why someone would want to drug her. Griff has a good idea

Ava asks not-Doc if she and Kiki can privately discuss this misunderstanding, and he steps away. She tells Kiki that she has no idea why she’s upset. Kiki says Franco told her someone she cared about saw Griff and Sasha together. She knows it was Ava. Ava asks if something happened, and Kiki says she knows it did. She drugged Sasha. She didn’t learn a thing after what happened with Morgan. She hit Griff in the head. What if he had brain bleed or was dead? She uses people as weapons, and tried using them to hurt her. Ava says she did it for her. She knows Griff will hurt her. Kiki tells Ava not to claim she did it for her. Ava can’t stand to see her happy. She has a weird competitive streak with Kiki about younger men. And when she’s hurt, she wants to make the world hurt as much as she did. When she was growing up, Ava let her do whatever she wanted, and she thought she had the coolest mom. But Ava really didn’t know how to be one. Maybe she didn’t want to. Kiki knows who she is now. Ava says, that’s not true. Kiki says every time she forgives Ava, and lets her back in her life, Ava hurts her in a new way. If Griff and Sasha want to go to the police, she won’t hesitate to back up their story. She leaves, and not-Doc comes back. He stands behind Ava, looking at his phone, but says nothing.

Laura says there might be a place in her administration for Carly. Carly says her temper is too short, and there are too many skeletons in her closet, even for a politician. She has to take a call, but makes Laura promise that she’ll reach out if she needs anything. When Laura is gone, Carly asks Spinelli if he has anything for her. A name?

Maxie is glad they’re not in that room anymore. Lulu says when she was looking at Ryan, she though how weird it was that someone so evil shared a face with someone so kind. She tells Maxie, he went by the name of Todd Wilson. Maxie says, a psycho by any other name is still a psycho.

Not- Doc steps away from where Ava is. On the phone, he says, the patient is agitated? Up his medication; it’s the only option. Another thirty milligrams. It will keep him calm. He knows Mrs Wilson needs to be calm.

Carly gets a pen, and thanks Spinelli. She writes down the name Wilson.

Tomorrow, Spencer asks if Valentin is threatening him, Sam tells Jason to leave, and Laura wants the truth from not-Doc.

Below Deck

Captain Lee tells Chandler this is about as effed up a deck crew as he’s seen. It’s beyond embarrassment. How can they load up a boat with supplies, and drop the guests off without them. It’s rudimentary Deckhand 101. Chandler’s crew is on him, and his excuses are silly. He’s not doing his job, and if the captain has to solve his problems, what does he need Chandler for? In his interview, Captain Lee says instead of just apologizing, Chandler is looking to make excuses. It’s a screw up. He tells Chandler that he’s excused.

Kate tells Josiah that the captain is pissed. A kid is wandering around, and Josiah juggles handling the drinks, and getting the kid back to where she belongs.

Adrian says he never had a whole table tell him the food was bad. Tonight, he’s blowing them out of the water. Kate tells Captain Lee that it’s the rock star party tonight, and he’s joining the guests for dinner. He tells her that his bosun is dropping the ball. In her interview, Kate says when the deck crew doesn’t do their job well, the interior tries compensate, so they still get a good tip, but it would be nice if everyone would do their jobs.

Ashton tells Chandler, if they’re all on the same page, they don’t need to know what do. Ross adds that they’ll make fewer mistakes. Chandler says, no one knew what was going on, and Ashton says that’s what needs to be addressed. Chandler thinks they need to dial that sh*t in; they’re on the fourth charter. There are always going to be surprises. The captain tells Kate, it’s one more fubar, and she says they’re almost at the end. In her interview, Rhylee says there’s no reason for Chandler’s attitude or mistakes. If it was her boat, she would have fired him.

Adrian is done with Caroline. He’s staying professional, but he’s working twenty-hour days, and she has so many problems. He can’t take it.

The guests get rock starred up. The captain joins them. Adrian says he’s doing the best he can, and hopes they enjoy it. The stuffed mushrooms get approval. Kate tells Adrian, they’re so happy. She’s not just saying that. He accompanies the pork tenderloin with cognac braised apples, and tells them, enjoy. Albert says, the food is excellent tonight.

Rhylee tells Ross that she finished blading the deck, and everything is put away. She appreciates him and Ashton speaking up. In his interview, Ross says he tries to respect Chandler, but it was a sh*t show today. One of the little kids asks Captain Lee if he knows how to make a tissue dance. He asks how, and she says, put a boogie in it. The captain laughs like he didn’t fall off his dinosaur the first time he heard that. Most of the crew goes to bed. Josiah calls home, saying the kids remind him of his niece. He loves being an uncle, but it’s hard being away when she’s growing up.

Chandler is dreading the day. His dad has a calm, collected style that he learned and likes to mirror. More like dazed and confused. The captain explains where they’re going. Chandler says they have no time to waste. The captain says dinner is at 5:30. They’re taking the pig out first, and will have to make several runs. He wants it to go smoothly.

In the morning, the guests ask for juice. Caroline asks Adrian if they have any in a box. That’s a no, so she has to squeeze oranges. In her interview, she says a group of ten is a lot for one stew. A guest says their Bloody Mary is terrible. Been there. Never order one of those at Friday’s.

Kate says if Caroline can’t handle coffee and croissant platters, they’re in trouble, and comes to Caroline’s rescue. Anchor is up and they’re on their way. Kate asks Caroline what she put in the drink; they want another one. In Kate’s interview, she says, Caroline’s foot is healed, but the bad news is, she’s still Caroline. Kate can cover for her, but Caroline is repeatedly telling Kate that she can’t do her job. This is about work, and she’s not doing it.

Chandler confers with Adrian, who says he’s roasting the pig on the boat. Chandler says he’ll get the beach stuff loaded. In his interview, he says he wants to be liked by his team, but wants the boat to be successful as well. He tells the deck crew that he wants everything the guests might want to do on board and on the beach. They need to make up for yesterday. Kate tells Josiah that Caroline couldn’t even handle a full breakfast. She’s almost getting worse. In his interview, Josiah says Caroline is like his Great Aunt May when she went through menopause. Just chill out.

A dolphin! Kate calls for local dancers and musicians. Chandler calls the captain about some petty thing, and Adrian is like, omg, figure it out. Kate tells Josiah, the hierarchy of safety is, safety, charter guests, captain, crew, and they make up a dance to that. Kate wishes Chandler would take it down a notch. She knows he’s walking on eggshells, but it’s a struggle for her not to put him in his place. Adrian explains that he’s cooking the pig at the boat, and finishing it on the beach. The guests will never know.

Caroline calls Kate, who asks her to organize the laundry room. Chandler tells Rhylee that he doesn’t want any more wet towels on the deck; use her eyes. She tells him to stop being condescending, and he says – wait for it – no back talk. He tells her to stop yelling, and she says she’ll yell, so he can tell the difference. I laugh, since I’ve said that. She tells him if he speaks to her condescendingly one more time, she’s taking it to the captain. In his interview, he says, don’t talk about it; just go to the captain. He tells her not to tell him how to do his job, and they’ll be fine. She needs to open her eyes. She tells him to speak to her with respect, and he says as soon as he gets it. She asks, where is his accountability?

Chandler asks the captain if it’s okay to go over to the beach, and Captain Lee reminds him to leave someone there. Ashton and Rhylee stay on board. Kate asks Josiah to stay on guest service, and she’ll pack. Chandler tells Ross they’ll be fine, but in his interview, Ross thinks it’s a difficult reef. It’s super shallow. He has confidence in his capability, but this is another level. He and Chandler take the supplies over. In Chandler’s interview, he says it’s a huge beach set up, and there can be no mistakes.

At the boat, the guests are using the slide. A little girl says, no sea vegetables allowed, which strikes me funny. Ross thinks the rescue tender can be used in shallow water during the day, but not at night. He tells the captain that he’ll explain when he gets back. On the yacht, he shows Captain Lee a shallow reef on the monitor, and says he’s not that confident about it. The captain says dinner is at five, the dancers are doing a twenty minute show; at that point, bring everyone back.

The captain radios that they’re sending the guests out at five. Ooh. It’s a tree coming out of the water, with birds sitting on it, in silhouette. Where’s my camera? Oh wait. I’m not there. <sob!> Captain Lee says he can’t have those guys out at night. They’ll sink one of the effing boats. He tells them, get going. He doesn’t like the way this is shaping up. He has to instruct Chandler on driving the boat, and says he shouldn’t have to tell anyone that.

Musicians play, mostly drums, as the guests arrive at the beach. The captain calls Ross, telling him, not after dark, even if he has to cut it short. The guests will have to live with it. He’d rather have that than someone getting hurt. Uh-oh. A guest is down.

Ashton and Chandler are literally carrying the female guests from the boat to the beach. There’s a shale walkway, and somehow, the guest Chandler is helping slips, or he slips, or something. In his interview, Ashton says, not only is Chandler dropping the ball, he’s dropping the guests. HA-HA-HA! Rhylee asks if the captain thinks the guests had a good time, and he says he wouldn’t know. He was too busy putting fires out. He radios Chandler, and tells him that they’re going with Plan B. Let the guests enjoy their time, and everyone else heads back. They’ll send a van to pick up the guests. It’s way too dangerous via boat. They’ll pick them up in the tender where it’s safer.

Chandler tells Rhylee about drying something somewhere, and she says she didn’t know they were doing that. he says, it’s common sense, and she says maybe she doesn’t have any. She’s over it. She’s done taking it from him. Ross tells her, just go in. He thanks her for working hard, and tells Chandler that he let her have a break. Chandler tells Ross to deal with her; he’s done. On the beach, the guests give compliments to the chef. He nailed it.

Kate calls for the taxi. The captain says he still has to assume everything was executed properly. It’s dark out now, and Chandler’s not around. Finally, Chandler radios, saying they’re coming in. Captain Lee tells Caroline to have drinks waiting when the guests get back. Kate gets the guests in a taxi, and while she and Josiah aren’t looking, a dog roots through one of their bags. The captain takes a picture of the Tahitian moon. He tells Chandler that Rhylee did a good job putting away the jet skis. Chandler must be boiling. Ha-ha!

The captain apologizes to the guests about the inconvenience, but it was in the interest of safety. Caroline manages to get some glasses of champagne on a tray, but then drops one. The injured guest says she got dropped, and Captain Lee says that means she was carried, and not successfully. He tells them champagne is waiting. Caroline radios about the broken glass, but not before Master Pearson steps on a piece and starts wailing his head off. The captain is like, wtf is going on? Caroline is like, f*ck! Pearson’s mom tells him it’s a battle wound, and the captain says he doesn’t even have one of those. He and Pearson fist bump. In his interview, the captain says, it’s a clusterf*ck.

Josiah and Kate clean up. Kate tells Josiah not to chop his fingers off folding the chairs; she can’t lose him. In her interview, she says once again, she and Josiah are doing all the work. There’s no reason why not one deck team member is helping. Josiah says, welcome to yachting. Albert makes the drinks. Caroline keeps apologizing. Captain Lee tells her to take care of the guests. Just get them what they need and relax. Chandler will clean up. She asks Pearson if they’re good, and he’s already forgotten about it.

In Caroline’s interview, she says she already felt like an a-hole. Knowing Pearson cut his foot on a glass she dropped makes her feel terrible. She gives Albert bandages. The guests need tequila stat. Kate is starving, exhausted, and angry. A guest tells Caroline that she’s not the best at mixed drinks. Kate comes to the rescue again. The dropped guest tells Rhylee that Chandler dropped her, and didn’t even apologize. Josiah gives her a cold compress. Kate says, it’s nuts, but she’ll just keep making drinks. Flesh wounds are not five star. In Caroline’s interview, she says, at this point, she’s overwhelmed and miserable.

The dropped guest complains to Chandler that he didn’t say sorry. He tells her, sorry; it was a hectic morning. Wow. He does have a problem with apologizing. She says Albert bandaged her. The captain watches all this. Caroline does laundry. Kate tells Captain Lee, it’s chaos. Guests are bleeding, there are dishes to be done, and drinks need to be made; she’s carrying towels back from the beach party in the dark. Something needs to happen. The captain tells her to keep the deck crew until she doesn’t need them. She tells Chandler to wash dishes. He says he’ll take a please. He’s the worst.

Ashton folds laundry. He thinks it’s fun. Caroline asks if he’s bad at science and driving. Kate asks for something from the beach club. Ross says he’ll do it. Kate asks who was on earliest, and tells them to knock off. In his interview, Ashton says, Kate taking charge is refreshing. Someone is taking charge.

Chandler is messing around in the galley, and Kate asks if he’s making dinner. She hasn’t eaten. He says he’s having ice cream, and she’s like, no, you’re not done. She tells him to put away the leftovers, and asks if any towels are out. She puts the ice cream back, and he whines that he was letting it thaw. She tells him worry about work first, and he asks why she’s trying to boss him. The captain is his boss. She asks if he didn’t hear the captain on the radio. He says he’s getting things done and will eat his ice cream as he wishes. This dude needs a smack in the face. She says it’s not happening yet, and he tells her Rhylee can finish. She knows he loves to delegate, but he’s a big boy, and he’ll get his ice cream. He says that’s the second time she’s disrespected him, and she says it’s past the second time. In Chandler’s interview, he says he busted his ass all day, and she’s a glorified housekeeper. I gasp out loud. Kate tells Chandler if he can’t understand the captain’s decision, she can’t help him. He says everyone was working hard. He mumbles that she’s disrespectful. In his interview, Captain Lee says he expected more. If it was just one thing, it wouldn’t be so bad, but there are so many. We flash back to all of those. He says they still have the rest of the season. How much is he willing to jeopardize or how much is he willing to bet Chandler will make a turn around? Chandler sits eating ice cream.

Ashton says he should have carried the guest. Aiden makes gluten-free chocolate muffins. Gluten-free sounds unappetizing, but they look delicious. Caroline says, it’s a bad day to be a deckhand. The anchor is up, and they’re moving. The way the kids are eating the muffins proves they’re good.

It’s time to say goodbye. Albert says it was the coolest vacation they’ve ever had. Torrie says she doesn’t want to leave. In his interview, Chandler says he’s ready for it to be over. This is the worst charter he’s ever done in his life. Albert says, in general, they had a great trip. Mistakes were made, but they all make mistakes. They really, truly appreciate it. It looks like a fat envelope. Kate says, cutest family ever. The captain says, let’s knock the soul out of this bitch. Kate wonders why he was looking at her when he said it.

Chandler knows he’s about to get his ass handed to him, and he’s terrified. I’m delighted. Captain Lee tells them, be in the crew mess in fifteen.

Captain Lee doesn’t know where to start. It was just horrendous. There were a lot of things they did wrong. The managed to award two purple hearts, one to kid; a first for him. They got $20K, but the captain thinks they left five on the table they would have gotten if they performed better. Tomorrow is another day. Kate thinks they tipped because they didn’t die. Rhylee is annoyed that the captain didn’t point out that the major problem is Chandler. I’d say Caroline is a close second.

The captain calls Kate to the wheelhouse. She doesn’t know why she’s being called, but she can tell he’s not happy about something. Captain Lee says he needs her to be witness. Kate says, not good. The captain radios Chandler, and tells him to have a seat. He thinks the time has come for them to have the chat he’s been putting off.

Next time, waterfalls, the primary is a charter broker and yacht salesman, Caroline accuses Kate of being abusive. Rhylee is sick of everyone. and someone needs to get off the boat in an hour. I can only hope it’s Chandler.

😵 Tonight was the Flipping Out season finale where Jeff and Jenni had their big fight. I hadn’t known he basically fired her. Long story short, she said she’d passed up a serious chance at a Nicholas Cage film, because the filming schedule would have interfered with her job as Jeff’s assistant. He called her a liar, saying there was no such opportunity, and she cried over him always squelching her dreams. He told her to take a week off, and then they met to talk. As he was talking, and saying he realized that he really was standing in her way, both she and I realized he was telling her goodbye. I thought he was being sneaky and phony in the way he did it, but I’m hoping to be proved wrong, and that he’s right in the long run.

🙋 Meet the New TJ…

Not sure what happened to the old one.


🍸 Vanderpump Rules Vogue…



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November 13, 2018 – An interruption, Drew’s Decision,Worst Bosun Ever, Lala Flips Out, Grindhouse on Rotation & a Lap Dance


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Last night, I was about to publish, and poof! my internet disappeared. Since my husband gets up at the crack of dawn and was already sleeping, I left him a note. This morning, his note on my note said there was an electrical fire at Penn Station in NYC. Whether these things are related, I have no idea, but regardless, it’s back, and so am I.

General Hospital

Sorry, I missed the very beginning. If someone had told me that one day I’d be cooking lunch for dogs, I would have laughed. Moving on.

Carly tells Jason that she got a voicemail from Sonny last night saying he wasn’t coming home. He’s not replying to her calls or texts, and she’s getting worried. She doesn’t know what’s going on.

Margaux wakes up. Sonny says, she lives.

Mike thanks Stella. He appreciates everything she does. He knows she’s his case worker, but she goes above and beyond. She says she does it because she likes him, and would like to think she’s also his friend.

Margaux asks what time it is. Sonny tells her, last he checked, it was a little after seven. She has to get back to work, and Sonny says she’s probably hung over. She says, thanks to him. He gives her some coffee. It’s not his brand, but it’s what was in the kitchen. He says he’ll drive, and get them back to Port Charles in no time. She asks why he stayed there last night, and he says he knew how upsetting it was when she found out the truth. She says just because her mother put Skully up to it, doesn’t mean Sonny is blameless. Staying there didn’t absolve him from his sins. He says she was in no condition to be left alone. Being betrayed by your parents is a terrible thing. Margaux wants to get going. Both of their phones ding, and Sonny says, what the hell? His wife was back in for questioning about a murder.

Carly tells Jason, all Sonny said was that he was handling a situation out of town. Jason says he was looking for leverage against the DA; he must have found something. Sonny can handle it by himself, and he was focused on getting answers about Ferncliff. Carly asks if he has any information about her neighbor. He tells her that they found Nelle in the room. She’d been transferred from Pentonville, and was sitting on the floor, cradling a blanket and singing a lullaby to it. Carly says Nelle took a page out of her playbook, but Jason says she was nowhere near as convincing. Carly says she managed to fool the doctors. Jason tells her that he and Sam exposed her. She’s being reevaluated, and will be transferred back. That makes Carly happy, but still doesn’t answer her question. He says they couldn’t find her neighbor; he wasn’t there. He’s either transferred, released or dead. Carly says if he died, Ferncliff would do whatever they could to cover it up. Maybe he was transferred. She can’t imagine him being released, although if he was released before Halloween, the police might have someone else to question.

Curtis asks Jordan if she isn’t wasting time. Does she really think Carly is capable of a beheading. Jordan tells him it’s privileged information, but she’s mostly ruled Carly out. Her story checks out, but because of the strands of hair, she can’t eliminate Carly completely. Curtis says it sound like they were planted. Jordan suspects as much, but she’s grappling with the true motive. Was Mary Pat the main target, or was the real goal to set up Carly? And if so, why?

Sonny asks if Margaux is still after his family, but she says she had nothing do with it. She just got the text at the same time he did. There was DNA evidence, and Carly had to be called in again, but she wasn’t charged. Sonny wants to get on the road; Carly must be wondering where he is. Margaux asks what he told her.

Jason asks why Carly didn’t call him, and she says she used her one call for Diane. She was tired when she got home, and had to explain things to Josslyn. In the morning, she had to get Mike out, and Sonny wasn’t there to help with any of it. Jason knows she’s dealing with a lot, but when something happens, she needs to tell him. She wonders why he’s so concerned about her security. He says someone was just decapitated. It was a nurse she hated, and the body was found in Ava’s gallery with her DNA on it. She doesn’t think Ava would have the gall to do it, but he says it’s possible the killer was setting her up.

Curtis says if Carly isn’t the primary target, the murder might have been a means to an end. It’s ideal to set her up. The nature of the attack is vicious, and seems personal. Jordan says it’s disturbing. To shock and horrify is the hallmark of a serial killer. Maybe Franco is right, and if the killer is putting on a show, this isn’t the end.

Josslyn tells Cameron that her mother is still a person of interest. The victim was decapitated. How could they think she was involved. Cameron says it’s messed up, but tells her, don’t worry; it will blow over. Josslyn tells him that her mom said, keep acting like normal, whatever that means. Cameron says Josslyn is going through a lot. Does she want to keep pretending? Josslyn says it’s working. Even Oscar’s mother thinks they’re dating

Kim tells Drew that Oscar needs someone who shares his interests and speaks his language; someone whose opinion carries weight with him. Drew asks if she’s talking about Josslyn. She’s the last person Oscar wants to know. Kim says she was so desperate, she turned to a teenager for help. She went to Josslyn’s house, but saw she’d moved on with Cameron. She seemed happy, and it was surreal; being a normal teenage is so far out of Oscar’s reach. She ended up not saying anything. Josslyn can’t give Oscar what he needs, and Oscar would see it as a betrayal of trust. That’s why they have to fight him in court. They can’t allow him to refuse the medical trial. Monica overhears, and says, Oscar wants to do what?

At Charlie’s, Oscar asks Alexis if there’s been any progress with his case. She’s petitioned the court for a hearing, and says they’re sympathetic to the December 1st deadline for the medical trial. She asks how he feels, and he says he’s having headaches, but nothing he can’t handle. Alexis says he has to go over a few more things, and hands him a million papers. He has to decide whether to go for a GED or high school diploma, and go over health insurance information. It’s important that he review everything. He says he doesn’t know how any of that works. He just thought he had to prove he could make his own medical decisions. She says he has to show court he can live like an adult, and asks if he’s sure he’s ready to handle this. He says he needs to focus on one thing at a time. She says it’s complex, but he has to do it if he’s serious. Oscar says he’ll make it work. Julian says, speaking of work… and Oscar goes back to it. Alexis tells Julian that he’s a good kid. Julian says, he is, and he thinks he knows what she’s doing.

Drew tells Monica that Oscar doesn’t want waste time with a medical procedure that might not work or leave him brain dead. Kim says he doesn’t understand it’s his only option. Monica knows the situation well, and can see the fear and frustration they’re feeling. Her adopted daughter Emily had to make a similar choice. Drew says Scout is named Emily Scout after her. Monica explains that Emily’s mom was her best friend, and she and Alan adopted Emily after her mom died from breast cancer. When Emily was diagnosed with it, she refused treatment. She was sure the cure was worse than the disease, seeing her mother go through chemo that did no good. Kim asks if she died, and Monica says she managed to beat the cancer; she accepted treatment at the last minute. Unfortunately, she was murdered years later. Kim says she’s sorry, and Monica says she’s telling her because she understands what they’re up against. Kim asks what changed Emily’s mind about the treatment, and Monica says someone who loved her convinced her.

Josslyn tells Cameron that their astronomy project was her favorite homework assignment of the entire year. He tells her, stick with the expert. She asks if he still has the keychain, and he shows it to her with his housekeys on it. She says, no pressure if he doesn’t like it. He says he likes it for real. She knows she asks for a lot. Cameron says he could say no, and Josslyn says she didn’t give him that option, but he came through. She’s grateful, not just because she wants Oscar to regret breaking up; she has a good time with him. Last night was fun, except for the cops showing up. She wonders what Kim wanted. It had to be about Oscar. She tells Cameron she’s hungry, and drags him out.

Kim tells Monica that she thought she’d ask Josslyn to intervene, but Oscar would see it as another betrayal. Monica says the young man Emily loved was a deciding factor, along with the love of her family. Kim says, unfortunately, Oscar doesn’t think too highly of his parents right now, but Monica says he’ll come around. She’ll hope for the best, and if they need her, call. She leaves.

Carly tells Jason that she thought it was a set-up, but it hadn’t occurred to her that she might be a target. Jason asks, what about Ava? Carly says she had the same instinct, to think Ava would do this, but it’s not her style. As much as she despises Carly, it doesn’t feel like her. Jason says, worst case, she’s on some freak’s radar. Sonny comes in, and says he’s sorry Carly had to deal with the cops alone. Diane filled him in, but he should have been there. Carly asks, where was he?

Drew says it’s crazy. When he thinks about Emily, he can’t help smiling. It also hurts. He feels like he knew her and loved her, but he never met her. As irony would have it, all the people who are part of his past, who were important to him and loved him; he doesn’t know who they are. Look at them. They share a beautiful son, but he has no recollection of how it happened. Kim is sorry he can’t get his memories back. Drew says, that’s not entirely true. He was presented with another opportunity.

Mike comes in, apologizing to Sonny and Carly for interrupting. Stella took him to the farmer’s market, and they decided to have breakfast, but he forgot his wallet. Stella says he insisted on coming back, even though she’s treating. Sonny says Mike likes to treat – always. Mike asks if he just got home, and Sonny says he had business out of town. Stella tells Mike that she’ll wait in the car. Mike asks if everything is all right, and Sonny has good news. Everything that happened in Croton is over. Mike asks what he means, and Sonny says he didn’t want it weighing on Mike anymore. What happened years ago, is finished. Mike tells Sonny, if he says so. Carly asks if Mike is taking Stella to Kelly’s, but he says they’re going to Charlie’s; she likes the eggs. He gets his wallet and leaves. Sonny says it’s great that he doesn’t remember; he’s better off. Jason asks what Sonny means by finished. Carly asks where he was, and Sonny says, in Jersey with Margaux.

Margaux walks into the interrogation room, saying she didn’t mean to interrupt. Curtis says he’s on his way out, and tells Jordan, no carrot cake under any circumstances. Jordan agrees. When he’s gone, she asks Margaux if she was out late. Margaux says, that obvious? Jordan asks what’s the occasion, but Margaux says she wasn’t celebrating. Jordan asks if she’s okay.

Kim asks Drew, what kind of opportunity? He says the flashdrive was found, and she asks if he means the one with the baseline of his memories. He says, yes, and she asks if that means his memories can be restored. He says, it’s more complicated than that, but yes. Kim asks if he’s considering it. He says he ruled it out at first. Kim says, isn’t it everything he wanted? Drew says, not everything. The risks are too high. He could lose the memories he formed there. Kim says he said he ruled it out at first. Does that mean he’s reconsidering? Drew says he feels like a hypocrite. He’s asking Oscar to risk everything to restore his life to the fullest, but he’s not doing the same for his own life.

Alexis asks what Julian thinks she’s doing. He says she made a big show of taking the case. She was full of principles, and taking the moral high ground. He thinks she believes Oscar has the right to decide his fate, but thinks he won’t go through with it. That’s why she’s showing him how tough life can be if he splits with his mom. She says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Cameron and Josslyn come into Charlie’s, all happy and talking. Oscar sees them.

Sonny tells Carly and Jason that he confronted Margaux’s mother. She freaked out, and went for the letters. Margaux heard because he was wearing a wire. Imagine the irony. Carly asks how she reacted. Besides getting drunk. Sonny says she was hurt bad. Carly says she must know her mother didn’t pull the trigger. After the initial shock passes, she’s going to come after him harder than before.

Stella asks Mike to tell her about his lady friends, and he says none of them are as pretty as she is. She says, of course not; she’s fabulous. Mike says there might be one he enjoys hanging out with more than the others; Yvonne. Stella says, she’s a lucky lady. Tell Yvonne that she’d better do right by him, or answer to her. Curtis comes in, and sees Stella smiling.

Oscar tells Cameron and Josslyn someone will take their order shortly. Josslyn asks how he’s been, and Oscar says, cool, and asks what brings them there. She says they’re getting breakfast to go before school. She adds Oscar must get as much as he wants since he works there, but Oscar says he’s not that into it. Josslyn says she hasn’t seen him at school. How’s the new girlfriend? He says, okay. Josslyn excuses herself, and Oscar asks if Cameron is still telling him Josslyn is just a friend. Cameron says, no.

Kim says as much as Drew sympathizes with Oscar’s position, they’re his parents. Like it or not, they have to make the decisions they think best for him. She thinks it’s a case of do as I say, not as I do. Drew says, it would mean more to lead by example. Kim says he’s not thinking of going through with the procedure, is he?

Stella asks if Curtis would care to join them. Curtis says he’s meeting with the wedding planner for a cake taste. He just picked up the rings. He shows the rings to them, and Mike says, nothing but the best. Curtis says he’s only doing this once, so he wanted to make it worthwhile. He still hopes Stella will be there when he marries the woman he loves. She says she can’t, but the rings are beautiful. Any woman would be proud to wear them. Curtis walks away, and Mike says it’s a shame she won’t be there to see Curtis place the ring on his bride’s finger.

Oscar asks if Josslyn and Cameron are dating for real. Cameron says Josslyn needs someone she can count on; who respects and understands her. They like each other, and have fun together. If Oscar wants him to promise nothing is going to happen, he can’t. Josslyn comes back, and says they have no time to wait. She starts walking to the door. Cameron and Oscar look at each other, and Josslyn asks Cameron if he’s coming. Cameron leaves, and Josslyn turns back to look at Oscar.

Kim tells Drew, there’s no comparison. He went through an experimental treatment. The amino trial was studied for years, while his experience was based on a wing and a prayer. Drew says he’s not going through with it. He can’t risk losing the memories he’s made; his family, his kids, the people he’s grown to love. He doesn’t want to give up on the life he made here, and he’s no more willing to give up on Oscar’s life.

Monica goes to Charlie’s, and asks if Oscar is playing hooky. He says he’s working, and she asks how much he makes under the table. He says he pays taxes, but she says, not today. They’re spending the day together. She gives Julian some money, saying, that should cover it. She and Oscar have stuff to talk about.

Jordan tells Margaux, no wonder she was drinking. She can’t imagine how it felt. Margaux says, anger, sadness, numbness; she doesn’t know what thing do with the information. Jordan thinks she does know. Jordan is the top cop, and Margaux was hoping she’d take it out of her hands, and bury it or pass it along. Margaux doesn’t know if she can do this. Jordan says it’s her choice to make. It’s unsubstantiated, but she has to decide if closing the case is worth sending her mother to prison.

Sonny tells Carly and Jason there’s no evidence to tie him in to the murder. Jason asks if there’s any chance Skully told Jeanette. Sonny says, she was desperate. If she’d had any idea, she would have thrown it in his face. Carly says they’re back where they started. Margaux will just try to get him for something else. Sonny says he doesn’t think so. When Margaux found out the truth, it broke her. He didn’t feel good about it. Carly asks if he feels sorry for her, and Sonny says it’s not his choice. There’s no way he can undo what happened. Like there’s no way to undo how his life turned out. Margaux lost her father twice because of him. Once, when she was a girl, and last night she lost mother too. He feels badly, but should have been there for Carly. He apologizes, and Carly says she’s all right. Jason says, it’s been a tough 24-hours, and Carly might be right. Margaux has to be angry, and if she can’t take it out on her mom or Skully, she might take it out on the next best thing – Sonny.

Margaux looks at her phone.

Tomorrow, Willow announces Career Day at school. Curtis wonders why Nina hasn’t RSVP’d for the wedding, and Sasha tells Valentin the longer she stays, the more she risks being found out.

Below Deck

Caroline whines that she’s never been treated like this. Grounded like a child. She thought by working in yachting, she’d meet cool people, but that’s not the case. She feels singled out. She tells Rhylee that Kate told her if she didn’t get better, she’d have to go home. Well, yeah. You have to do the job you’re getting paid for. Not just ride around on the luxury yacht. Josiah wants Cheetos. Rhylee asks Ashton is he had a good time last night. She did. In her interview, Rhylee says Ashton only expresses interest when he’s drunk. She’s thirty-three. If she wants a fling, she’ll make the booty call.

Chandler goes over what they need to do with the deckhands. Rhylee sees the checklist, and Chandler asks her to spot clean the cushions. In his interview, Chandler says he and Rhylee could never be friends, but as professionals, they need to suck it up. He knows the captain is watching closely, so he definitely wants to redeem himself, and prove he’s the bosun Captain Lee hired.

Ashton is doing the windows in the harness. Kate gives Josiah an update on Caroline’s foot, and says she doesn’t think Caroline is lying. Caroline comes in, and says she’s not lying. In her interview, Caroline says if they’re going to talk behind her back, at least make sure she’s not there. Geez, she’s just a little paranoid. Kate tells her that sometimes crew members will fake injuries because it’s a lot of work, and she doesn’t think it’s the case here. She doesn’t think you can fake a swollen foot. In Kate’s interview, she says she’s already carrying Caroline’s weight when she’s in top health, so when she got injured, it was like, why are you here?

It’s preference sheet time. Four days, ten people, two of them children. Torrie and Albert are a power couple from St. Pete, Florida. Kate says, the four-year-old likes both sparkling and still water. One guest is gluten-free, low carb; several have allergies; and one child has a severe peanut allergy. They’ll have to make sure anything remotely peanut is off the boat. Adrian says they’re like a Japanese puzzle. Kate says, they probably met at a support group for dietary restriction weirdos. Their requests are a pig roast, snorkeling, a white party, and the water toys. Captain Lee says the children are not to be without life jackets when outside of the interior. There’s no margin for error. He says kids are dangerous as hell. He can’t impress upon everybody how important that is.

Caroline tells Ashton that Kate and Josiah were talking about her, saying they don’t think she’s lying. Ashton thinks they like gossip. In his interview, Ashton says you can feel like very much a part of the crew or at the opposite end, and extremely alone. He tells Caroline not to let it bother her. He understands where she’s coming from, and feels for her. He finds a pair of the captain’s underwear in with his clothes, and throws them at Caroline.

The captain asks Chandler if he took care of the issues they discussed, and Chandler says, it’s been good. Captain Lee tells Chandler that he has to have a clear line of communication, so there’s no confusion. In his interview, Captain Lee says with ten people, and two of them kids, they’ll need eyes on them all the time. It stretches the limit of their abilities. He tells Chandler, safety is paramount. There’s no room for error.

Kate tells Caroline the charter is going to be intense. They’re going to have extra guests and children, staying for an extra night. Kate asks if she can work at 100%. Caroling says she can. Kate says she can’t give Caroling extra breaks, because there’s going to be so much work. Josiah says it’s great that Caroline is back to work. They’re exhausted, and really need three stews. Kate says she’s happy Caroline is able to stay and work.

In Ashton’s interview, he says Rhylee has a strong personality. She and Chandler are pissed off at each other, but the way she’s handling herself makes it harder. The provisions come in. Kate says she sees a deer. No, Kate. It’s a pig for the roast. How city is she? The captain tells them to get in their whites, and meet on the aft deck asap.

The captain says here comes trouble on wheels, and welcomes the guests on board. Kate gives out flower crowns. In her interview, Kate says it’s not often there are children on a charter. People who spend a lot of money for vacation, spend a lot of money to leave the kids at home. Kate gives the tour. Kate explains the captain’s orders for life jackets for the kids. At least the parents are telling the kids to say please. The yacht heads out.

Kate tells Caroline to flip it, turn it, fold up the laundry. Josiah dances to that, and Caroline is over it. In Ross’s interview, he says the four-year-old reminds him of his son, who’s also four. His reward at the end is going home to see his kid. Rhylee asks Chandler about the game plan. They should have everything out within fifteen minutes of anchorage. Albert says the kids eat what they do, not chicken fingers. Josiah says they’re already adults. When he was their age, he just wanted burgers ad fries. The four-year-old, Pearson, wants to bang a starfish on the table. Torrie tells him that she’ll give it back after they eat, and he cries. Kate tells Josiah that she will turn this yacht right around. Ha-ha-ha!

Lunch is served. The kids actually seem cute, but I’m only seeing clips of them. Kate tells Adrian that Master Pearson is not loving the vegetables. They drop anchor. Ashton asks Rhylee to do something, and she questions it because it’s contrary to what Chandler said. It irritates Ashton when she does that, and she tells him, calm down. Rhylee complains to Ross that Chandler said to bring all the stuff out, Ashton told her not to do anything, then said to do what she wants. She’s not questioning what he was saying. Ross gets it. Chandler gripes that there’s nothing in water. They start getting everything ready, and Albert says he just wants the jet skis and trampoline today, and the slide on another day.

Caroline tells Adrian someone thinks she’s faking her injury. In Adrian’s interview, he says she’s bringing the vibe down on the whole boat. It’s draining to have someone around who’s always complaining and moping. Some of the guests do jet skiing; the kids play on their tablets. Kate tells Caroline to gather white décor from around boat.

Josiah asks Caroline, what’s up? She says she’s collecting white things. He questions what she’s gathering, and she tells him to take over. In her interview, Caroline thinks there’s a lack of communication in the interior. It’s bullsh*t. Kate says it’s a lot of pressure on Adrian. Ross tells Ashton that he spoke to Rhylee, and Ashton admits he was grumpy. Josiah asks Chandler how it’s going, and Chandler thinks it’s good. I think Chandler doesn’t know what’s going on. Ross says Rhylee needs clear instructions. Ashton understands where she’s coming from.

Kate tells Adrian, 7:30 for dinner. Kate and Josiah decorate the table for the white party. Adrian makes potato leek vichyssoise, and Albert is into it. Not so much the rest of the guests. Adrian says with ten people, who like everything different and have allergies, it stifles his creativity. He can’t be as free flowing, and needs to be calculated. He stresses, and it pisses him off.

Black Angus steak is served, but the guests don’t seem thrilled. One says the steaks are overcooked, and gives it a two out of ten. Ouch. The complain that it’s dry and bland. Kate relays that to Adrian. Ross calls Kai, his baby mama, who tells him that he has to talk to their son about hitting people. In his interview, Ross says he was immature when he and Kai were together, and they broke up. He hopes they can eventually work something out, but right now, Kai needs time to herself. She deserves to be happy. Torrie tells Caroline that for a general preference, they’d like steaks rarer. Caroline says she’ll pass the word on. Josiah tells Kate, but she’d rather not pass along the feedback. Adrian is amazing. In Kate’s interview, she says it’s not great when the guests don’t love the food, but Adrian didn’t have a lot of time, and she thinks he’s in a funk.

Adrian asks if Caroline is okay. In his interview, he says she’s bringing the vibe down on the whole boat. You never know what you’re going to get. She asks if he appreciates feedback, and when he says, yes, she tells him the guests want more sauce, less dry. In Adrian’s interview, he says he’s happy she told him, but he’s not appreciating her vibe. He knows she’s not happy, but don’t project it on him. He tells her that he understands she’s not doing well, but – and she says, keep to herself? He says he can see it on her face. She says he doesn’t know what she’s dealing with; it has nothing to do with the boat. He says his father just passed away, and he doubts it’s that. She asks if it’s a competition? He says, no, but they all have a lot of sh*t going on. She tells him to stop judging her. He says they’re all working together, and if she’s in a mood, it gets put on everyone. If she can’t handle sh*t, step up. She tells him it’s none of his business, and he says, it is. She’s sorry he has the misfortune of working with her, and he says he is too.

Kate says kids on boats are lots of work. The only benefit is they go to bed after dinner. Kate tells Caroline that she’s on at 6:30. She asks if Caroline is crying, and Caroline says she’s trying not to. She babbles about Adrian telling her not to be all sad because it affects him, and he’s sad enough because his dad died a month ago. Kate says it probably wasn’t the best delivery, but the advice is sound. Be her bubbly, upbeat self, and she’ll feel better.

Caroline looks for sugar, and Adrian ignores her. In Caroline’s interview, she says Adrian acts like he’s all about positive energy and rainbows, but it’s bullsh*t when he’s telling her to suck it up and deal with it. The captain tells Ashton the guests are going on a stingray excursion, and to make sure the tender is packed. In his interview, Ashton says dinner wasn’t his best performance. At the beginning of his career, he was called yes, but, since he always had an excuse. He doesn’t know everything, and he’s not perfect. If he’s always defending himself, he won’t learn. The guests are happy with breakfast. Pearson wants to be the boss when he grows up. I think he already has that job.

The captain tells Kate that 2 o’clock is the deadline for the guests getting to the excursion on time. Chandler calls for the water slide, and tells Rhylee to focus on getting out the stuff for the guests. Kate tells Torrie about the excursion. Chandler says they do the same thing every charter; today is no different. Ross says he thought the guests were going on an excursion. Chandler is like, what? and asks the captain about it. In his interview, Captain Lee says it’s a big deal. He doesn’t want deer in the headlights; he wants the light to go on over their heads. Ross says they’re leaving in an hour, and Chandler is wasting time getting stuff out. It makes no sense.

Caroline takes drink orders that are complicated. Something involving cucumber, jalapeno, and Prosciutto. She somehow gives the information to Kate after asking twice. In her interview, Kate says it’s a new day, and Caroline is in a great mood. It’s only a matter time before she has a mystery ailment. Chandler tells Rhylee that whatever she’s doing isn’t a priority. The captain doesn’t get it. He thought he was explicit with Chandler. He looms over the deck crew, watching from the deck above. He says, it went in one side, and out the other, without hitting any obstructions. Kate brings out the drinks. The guests whine they’ve been waiting ten minutes.

Chandler wants the rescue tender prepped for launch. Lunch is served. Torrie says, it’s not boring. Rhylee brings the tender around. Kate tells Adrian the guests are thrilled. The captain calls Ross and Chandler to the wheelhouse. He tells them to take everyone on the Intrepid until they run out of water, then switch to the rescue tender. Rhylee packs the boat, and the guests are loaded in. Kate thinks swimming with sharks isn’t an ideal activity for small children.

They get to island, which is insanely beautiful. The guests get into their fins and masks. A Golden Retriever bounds past. What are these dogs? Shark wranglers? Ashton calls Chandler, who’s busy having coffee and playing on his tablet. He calls the captain, and asks if they should come back or wait. The guests are calling when they’re ready to be picked up. Captain Lee tells Ross to head back. The guests swim with the rays and sharks, and I get jealous all over again. The guests wonder where their beer, water, and towels are, because Rhylee and Ashton are headed back with all the stuff.

Kate gets a call. Albert says they’re ready get out. They’ve had enough; the expedition didn’t go well. There are no towels or water. Kate says the tender will be sent over. She tells the deck crew what happened, and Albert says they’d better be there soon. Another guest says they feel like they’re on Gilligan’s Island. I’m pretty sure these people don’t know what doing without is. Chandler doesn’t know what’s. It’s a no-brainer. How can you take an excursion, and not take sh*t with you. Um… he was there with them. Why didn’t he notice. One of the guests thinks Chandler must be new.

Kate doesn’t want the bad mood carried into the boat. Josiah suggests cocktails, and Kate says, yes. She thinks if someone besides her, Josiah, and Adrian would help the guests enjoy Tahiti, that would be great. She tells the captain they’re under duress. In his interview, Captain Lee says when he has to eat a sh*t sandwich in a correctable situation, there aren’t enough words to describe how effed up it is. Kate asks Rhylee to meet the guests with towels and water. Josiah makes cocktails. The captain says he’s got to face the effing music.

Kate sends Caroline to do laundry, and presents Pina Coladas with gold on the top to the guests. The captain apologies to Albert. In his interview, he says as uncomfortable as he is, it’s nothing compared to how uncomfortable he’s going to make the deck crew feel. They probably won’t hear the end of it. He tells Albert that he doesn’t know why the crew neglected to disperse what was on board, but he’s going to find out and make it up to him.

Kate asks if the captain wants dinner, and he says he wants someone’s ass for dinner. She’s like, whoa. He calls the deck crew to the wheelhouse. Chandler is dreading the conversation. He wants to pack his bags and run away. Captain Lee isn’t exactly sure where to begin. It’s beyond embarrassing, and he’s effing pissed. How can they drop guests off, turn around, and not give them supplies? It’s rudimentary; Deckhand 101. They all have good qualities, but it’s as effed up a deck crew as he’s ever seen. He’s not finishing the season this way. He’s making changes, and they’re not all going to be happy. I hope he makes Rhylee bosun. That would stick it to Chandler.

Next time, Caroline says she’s physically breaking down, Rhylee tells Chandler that she’s taking it to the captain, Ashton says Chandler isn’t just dropping the ball – he’s dropping guests, and Captain Lee says the time has come to have the chat he’s been putting off.

😵 On Flipping Out, Jeff almost lost his mind when they were on their way to the airport, and Jenni had to run back to get her phone. The Lea Black project is still lingering, but tonight, Lala Kent (Vanderpump Rules) also appeared as a client. Well, really her  movie producer boyfriend, who seems like a super nice guy. I think Megan quit, but it’s really hard to tell with these people. Next week is the season finale. I’m still upset about the Jenni and Jeff split, but holding out hope that they rekindle their friendship one day.

🎥 The IFC channel has Grindhouse in rotation, uncut, so if you love horror films, the old drive-ins, or horror films at the old drive-ins, this one’s for you. One of my favorites, a dual effort by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, it’s comprised of two films, Planet Terror and Death Proof. The idea was to evoke the old grindhouse pictures, churned out for the drive-ins during the 70s. They were cheap, gory, and often showed lots of boobies. These two movies have those things, but with scripts that are about a million times better, and some kick-ass stunts. Planet Terror is a zombie flick – a government experiment goes bad – with a stellar cast, featuring Rose McGowan, Freddy Rodriguez, Josh Brolin, and Bruce Willis. I have to mention the pleasant surprise also of underrated actors, Jeff Fahey, Michal Biehn, and Michael Parks. Death Proof is more of a slasher film, with Kurt Russell being a serial killer who uses his car as a weapon, and there are a few crossovers of characters from the other movie. At the beginning of Planet Terror, IFC is also airing the fake trailer for Machete, which eventually – like the Pinocchio of films – turned into a real movie. On the blue ray version, there are also several other fake trailers in between the films, but those are rarely shown on TV. They’re quite funny, and Eli Roth has promised to make a real version of the fake horror film, Thanksgiving. Here’s hoping that comes to fruition.

💃 Butterfly’s Lap Dance from Death Proof…

One of my favorite scenes. That jukebox is pretty impressive. So is Kurt Russell‘s game.



November 6, 2018 – An Election Upset, Candace Reconsiders, Deck on the Morrow, Teddi Flips & Votes from the Past


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Laura appreciates Spencer’s enthusiasm, but her getting elected is still a long shot. Lulu says long shots have been known to win. Spencer says he almost feels like he voted himself. He fingers the flashdrive.

Curtis talks to a volunteer who says it’s been a rough one. He thanks her for volunteering her time. He goes into vote and writes in Laura.

Anna asks if Jordan has seen The Invader, and Jordan says she was misquoted. Anna asks how serious it is. Jordan says she has a disembodied head in an apple barrel, a headless body from the art gallery, and criminal’s daughter unleashed on her unsuspecting city. She asks what’s up with Anna getting Britt released.

Britt and Finn get out of the elevator at the hospital. Britt loves the smell; the aroma of disinfectant meeting disease that gives everyone a vague sense of dread. She hopes Epiphany is on duty, since it’s so easy to set her off. Finn tells her it’s not a social visit. There’s a lot at stake; her freedom in particular. If she wants her vacation from prison to be permanent, she has to give the performance of a lifetime.

Chase sees Willow sitting outside of Kelly’s. He asks if she’s playing hooky, and tells her that he can arrest her for that.

Michael sits with Brad and Lucas at Charlie’s, holding Wiley. Michael says he can’t be the same baby; he’s gained twenty pounds. Brad’s phone dings, and he jets. Lucas says Brad is super stressed. Being a father is giving him a case of impostor syndrome. Michael says he’s talking to someone who inherited the CEO position at ELQ. Lucas says Brad acts terrified, and says he was never meant to be Wiley’s father.

Outside Charlie’s, Julian is on the phone with Kim. He says he snuck out, and Oscar can’t find out he’s spying on him for his mom. He’ll keep her posted. He sees Brad, who tells him that Lucas is going to need his help after he’s gone. Julian asks where he’s going, and Brad says a Malibu wellness center. Lucas is going to find out Wiley isn’t the baby they adopted. Julian tells him it’s not going to happen. Keep his head up, his mouth shut, and stay with his family. Julian goes back inside.

Michael tells Lucas that Brad is devoted to Wiley, and it’s plain to see how much he loves the baby. Lucas makes a mental note to tell Brad, and says when his time comes, Michael can encourage him too. Julian comes by and makes small talk. When he’s gone, Michael says it’s none of his business, but has he reconsidered letting Julian be a part of Wiley’s life.

Willow tells Chase the PCPD must value his detective skills. He says, no crime is too petty, and no law too trivial. Willow says she’ll remember that the next time she’s tempted to jaywalk. He starts explaining the intricacies of the jaywalking law, and she says she’s just messing with him. He says he’s working on lightening up. Spontaneity is the key. He’s thinking of taking an improv class. She says performing isn’t for her, and he says he would have thought she’d be a natural, since she’s a teacher. She says teaching is more complex than that, and he says he didn’t mean to minimize what she does. Teachers are a great resource, and underpaid. He starts to go on and on about how great teachers are, but she says he had her at underpaid. He thinks she has a good has sense of humor, and wonders if she can help with his.

Britt complains that Finn is taking forever. Is he sure he’s a doctor? It must have been a while since he did grunt work. He tells her that she’s going to be a patient there for the foreseeable future. She says she’s perfectly healthy, but he tells her, not for long.

Jordan says Britt had time left before she could be paroled, and Anna explains that she had Britt released. Jordan wishes she’s gotten a heads up, but Anna says she needed a certain amount of secrecy; sorry. Now that the cards are on the table, she needs something from Jordan. If Jordan helps her, when Anna gets Obrecht – and she will – Jordan will get first crack. She has Anna’s word. Jordan agrees to help, and tells Anna to get out now. She has a beheading to attend to. She tells Anna that she still loves her, and Anna says she loves Jordan too.

When Curtis puts his voting card in the machine, it comes out with smileys on it. He tells the volunteer something is wrong with the machine. She says, not just that one.

Lulu says Spencer certainly threw himself into Laura’s campaign. Good thing. God forbid there was no way to channel his imagination. She asks if Spencer is going back to school after winter break, but Laura hasn’t decided. Spencer comes in, saying the election returns are in, but Laura says the polls aren’t closed yet. With any luck, she might get 10%. Lulu agrees with Spencer, thinking she has a good chance. She has to pick up Charlotte, and Spencer reminds her the victory party is at nine. Ned walks in, telling them that’s what he was going to say. He’s having a victory party at the MetroCourt, and they’re all invited. Laura asks if he wants something to drink, and Spencer suggests bleach would be perfect for his palate. Ned is glad boarding school hasn’t taken Spencer’s edge off. Laura asks Spencer to get Ned some water. Laura imagines Ned has a busy day, and asks to what she owes his visit. He says he did want to invite them. He’ll be giving his acceptance speech before the party. He tells her that he appreciated the competition, but she was really too late to overtake the lead. She says it was never about winning. She just wanted to force him to deal with some important issues. He says it’s an honorable motive. Another reason he wants her to join his administration.

Curtis slips into the interrogation room to see Jordan. She says she likes to keep her personal life separate from work, but hopes that’s why he’s there. She kisses him, and he says that’s not why he’s there. He just came from voting. She asks where his sticker is, and he says, stickers are for voters. She says, he didn’t vote? and he says he couldn’t. And he’s not the only one.

Willow tells Chase that she read about the head incident at The Floating Rib. He says that’s why he’s out canvassing, and she says she’ll call if she finds any clues. He gives her his card, saying she can reach him directly at that number. Lulu and Charlotte see them.

Britt thinks Finn’s bedside manner leaves something to be desired. He tells her if she keeps complaining, she’s not getting a lollipop. She says this wasn’t part of the deal, and he says she just has to play sick. Britt asks for how long, and Anna comes in and says, until it’s real. They can’t trust her acting skills, so Finn administered a masking agent. He says everything is in place, but Britt says she’s pulling the plug. Anna asks if she wants to go back to prison, and Britt says she’ll go public unless they tell her what’s going on. Finn says he injected her with a rhinovirus, which Britt knows means the common cold. She wonders if she will be sick enough to trick her mother. Anna tells her, lay back, enjoy the symptoms, and let her team work. Brad walks in, asking how they want to exploit his lab talents this time. He sees Britt, who is thrilled to see him.

Lucas tells Michael word around GH is Julian is good to Kim. He loves Wiley, and the truth is, Lucas thinks he’d make a terrific grandfather. But he made an agreement with the birth mother, and can’t dishonor his promise, even if Julian changed. Michael says when he thinks of Jonah, he can’t imagine being a parent without his father being there for the baby and him.

Jordan tells Curtis it happened across the entire precinct. She has a unit on it, and it’s a disaster.

Laura asks if Ned is offering her a job. Spencer returns, saying there’s no water due to fracking. He tells Laura it’s a trap – Quartermaine chicanery. Ned says she would be a bonus to the city of Port Charles. Laura thinks she can advocate for the city without working for him. Spencer tells her, beware of Quartermaines bearing gifts. Jordan calls Ned, who says he’s visiting the opposition. She says she needs both of them at the PCPD. There have been illegal electioneering activities. Ned says they’ll be right there. He tells Laura the commissioner made it sound like there’s been funny business with the election.

Lucas tells Julian that he needs to tie up some loose ends, like the naming ceremony. It’s like a christening without the religious aspect. Something to welcome Wiley to the world. Julian tells Wiley that grandpa loves him; then says, sorry. Lucas tells him that he doesn’t have to apologize for telling Wiley that he loves him. Julian says before Lucas goes, there’s one thing he was hoping Lucas would let him do. It’s not about Wiley; it’s about Brad.

Britt and Brad hug. She’s thrilled to see him, since she’s been spending her time with Double-O Mary Poppins and Dr. Porcupine. He’s looking at a free woman. Anna says, provisionally. Brad says he would have thrown a party, but she says there’s time for that. Anna suggests Britt not exert herself, and Finn adds that she’s not well. Brad asks what’s wrong, and Finn says that’s where Brad comes in.

Charlotte runs to Willow. Lulu asks how her friend in the hospital is, and Willow say, much better. She hopes Charlotte is enjoying her half-day. Charlotte asks if Willow is. She’s still grading papers; it’s not fair. Willow laughs and says it’s getting chilly. She goes inside, and Lulu asks Charlotte to go get a scone. When Charlotte leaves, Lulu looks at Chase. He says, what? She says the car repair paid off, and he says he just ran into Willow. Lulu says that happens a lot, and tells him to ask her out. He says if and when he does, she’ll be the first to know. After Willow. And him. She’ll be the third. Lulu suggests he hurry. She doesn’t think Willow will stay on the market for long.

Michael goes into Kelly’s and smiles at Willow.

Lucas wonders why Brad would need Julian’s help. Julian says Brad is stressed, and Lucas says he’s a new father. Julian is concerned Brad is falling apart. He knows Lucas has a lot of demands between the baby and the hospital, but suggest he take a few minutes every day for Brad. He thinks it will do lot of good. Lucas says he knows what Julian is doing.

Willow says she didn’t expect see Michael there. Lulu comes in, and asks Charlotte to introduce her teacher. Sitting at one of the tables eating, Charlotte shakes her head. Lulu introduces Willow to her cousin/brother-in-law. Michael asks how Willow likes having Charlotte in her class, and Lulu quotes her as saying Charlotte is an enthusiastic learner. Lulu’s phone dings, and she says she has to get to the PCPD. There’s a story brewing.

Ned walks into the PCPD, and asks, what’s the problem? Seeing the cards with the smiley faces, he ask if they’re ballots. Jordan says they were before the machine processed them and spit them out like that. Curtis says they believe it was a computer virus. Ned says he had no problem when he voted, and Laura says she didn’t either. Jordan says that helps establish a window for when it happened. Ned says whoever planned the attack wanted to alter the outcome, or stop the election altogether. Jordan says they can’t be sure the votes weren’t tainted even before they voted. Ned says he’ll have to examine the city charter, but thinks there’s only one solution.

Brad says Anna and Finn think because of his past misdeeds, he’ll get involved. He’s a father now, and can’t be wrapped up in their shenanigans. Anna says she’s a WSB agent. He says, that’s supposed to comfort him? Like they haven’t ruined people’s lives? She says he’ll be protected. He’s to legally run tests and keep his mouth shut. Finn asks if he can keep a secret. Britt says they kept a couple of doozies in their time. Anna says Britt’s freedom depends on his discretion. Britt says, please, and Brad says if it helps her. Anna says, let’s do this.

At the PCPD, Lulu tells Charlotte to sit while she talks to Laura. Laura says, good news travels fast, and Lulu says Peter called her, saying a story was about to break. Spencer says he sees Lulu brought her. Lulu says if he’s referring to Charlotte, Charlotte is her daughter, which makes her family. Laura tells him to be civil, and he walks over to Charlotte. Lulu says they can’t be calling the election yet; the polls aren’t closed. Laura says, they are now. Spencer calls Charlotte a little usurper. Charlotte says that means stealing from someone important or in a position of power. He says, case in point. She stole his room. She tells him that he’s not powerful or important, but it’s a nice room, now that it’s been redecorated. He tells her to enjoy it while she can. As mayor, his grandmother’s first order of business will be deporting Charlotte and her papa. She tells him mayors don’t deport people.

In the hospital hallway, Chase sees Finn and Anna. He’s glad Anna is back. She asks how his father is, and he says, in fighting form. His mom is glad to have him home, and wanted him to thank Finn. Finn says it’s not necessary. Chase suggests she send a fruit basket, but Finn hasn’t been keen on fruit since the apple bobbing at The Floating Rib. Chase is there to pick up the toxicology report. He says Anna must have seen some crazy stuff, and asks if she’s ever dealt with something like this.

Brad hopes they know what they’re doing, and Britt says, Anna does. She wonders what her and Brad’s next caper will be. The Nurses’ Ball is half a year away. She asks if he remembers when Sam took a header on the red carpet. He’s not enthusiastic, and she asks, what’s wrong? She hopes fatherhood hasn’t turned him against the dark side. He says he’s nastier than ever. She asks if he’s made Elizabeth cry, and he says he’s done nothing to write home about. She says, okay, brag about his baby. Is his life better than ever?

Michael asks if it was as awkward for Willow, after seeing each other at the meeting. She says her penchant for awkward has grown exponentially. Michael says it’s not easy for him, and she doubts it’s easy for anyone the first time. She thanks him for not mentioning it. She doesn’t like to show her private life to students or their families. Michael says that’s not how it works in his family. She asks if they’re inquisitive, and he says, that’s putting it mildly. Nosey is more like it. She says it shows they care. He says he has a caring family, and she says, lucky him. He tells her, good point.

Julian tells Lucas that he knows it’s not his place to be inserting his life into Lucas’s life. Lucas says Julian has made some great changes, and he’s proud of him. Julian knows he can’t be a part of Wiley’s life. Lucas says, maybe there’s a way for Julian to be a part of his. Julian says if he has a chance to be back in Lucas’s life, it means more than he can say. If Lucas ends up having second thoughts, he’ll understand. Lucas suggests they see what the future brings. Julian says, if anything happens where Lucas needs anything, he’s there for him. Lucas thanks him.

Brad says, the baby is great, and Britt is sure he’s a badass like his dad. Brad tells her not to say that, and she hopes he isn’t letting Lucas turn him into a goody-two-shoes. She tells him that he used to be a better liar. Obviously, something is wrong; spill it. What the hell is going on? He says she doesn’t want to know, but she says she wouldn’t have asked if she didn’t. She’s trusting him with her freedom, and her life. He can tell her anything. He says Wiley isn’t his son.

Willow tells Michael that she’s a hypocrite. She tells her students, if they need help, ask. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Michael says, sharing is caring. They were part of a generation raised to talk about themselves, but he doesn’t know if he has it in him; talking about something so personal to strangers. Willow says they’re not strangers anymore, and introduces herself.

Anna tells Chase that she’s seen her fair share of villains. From international terrorists to a psychotic who thought he was a vampire. Ha-ha-ha! A nod to Michael Easton’s character on Port Charles. Finn says, that’s nuts, and she says, but he didn’t behead his victims. Chase doesn’t know what they used, but the cut was clean. Finn says, that’s hard to come by, and Chase says they don’t think it was the first time. Anna says Jordan needs a profiler to get inside the killer’s head, and understand their thinking. Chase says Jordan has someone in mind.

Ned holds a press conference at the station, along with Laura and Jordan. He says irregularities have been found in voting places across the city. It looks like the firewalls have been hacked, and the integrity of the voting machines has been compromised. They have no choice but to suspend the election. Everything possible is being done to shore up the system’s protection. A vote will be rescheduled as early as possible. They won’t allow anyone to corrupt the democratic process – or idea. Lulu asks if there are any suspects. Jordan says they’re reviewing the evidence, along with the FBI. They won’t rest until they find the party responsible, and make sure they’re prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Spencer sweats a little. Laura says it’s not just an attack on the election, but on their way of life. An attempt to silence their voices. Their voices will be heard, and every vote counted. Ned says there’s nowhere the hacker can run or hide. The law is coming for them, and will get them.

Tomorrow, Michael asks Bobbie what Brad saw that has him so rattled, Jason tells Carly to put it behind her, and Laura tells not-Doc there’s a third person in the marriage and she thinks she knows who it is.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Veronica walks upstairs in David’s house, and sees Jeffrey making out with Madison. She says, what the hell is this? and Jeffrey says none of her damn business. She asks how you people find one another, and Jeffrey says he told her to go. He asks how she keeps getting in, and she says maybe she has a key. He says, Erica. He saw proof that Veronica knows her. Why are she and Candace in Erica’s book? He realizes he met Erica at Candace’s house, and thinks they’re both in the scheme. He’s taking all of it to the police, and getting her ass locked up; she did this. Veronica wants to talk about what’s disgustingly in front of her. Jeffrey says she needs to leave his dad’s house. She asks Madison’s name, and Jeffrey tells him, don’t answer. Madison tells her anyway, and she says funny how they’re both in a closet. Okay, that is funny, but that closet was so big, I thought it was a small room. Veronica says she knew a girl named Madison; now she knows two. Not that she wants Jeffrey doing this, but can’t he find a Black man? Jeffery tells her to get her ass out. She tells him to stop doing this nasty sh*t. She suggests he put another paring knife in her chest, and see what happens. He tells her get out of his dad’s house, and she says David ain’t his daddy.

Jeffery tells her just go, but she says she came for a reason. Jeffrey wonders how she knows where he is all the time. There’s no reason for her to be there; he doesn’t want to talk to her. She asks Madison if he’s sure he likes Jeffrey. He’s very dramatic. Jeffrey tells her go again, but Madison wants to leave; he doesn’t like this. Veronica asks if Miss Madison is sensitive, and says, let her leave. Jeffrey takes her arm and steers her out of the room. She says if she had a bomb, she’d blow the gay sh*t out of him. He says she makes him sick, and she says now they’re even. It turns her stomach to see him kissing a man. He tells her to stop popping up, and she won’t see him. He tells her to get out before he drags her out. She says he would say something about drag. Veronica is on a roll tonight. She says she needs to see if the girl left something, but Jeffrey says she’s seeing if her name is on something. It is. Her, and Candace. He’s taking it to the police. He says, go, and she tells him to move her. He says, okay. He walks over to Madison, and starts kissing him. Madison says he’s not okay with this. Veronica says, stop this, and reaches to grab Jeffrey. They struggle, and Veronica falls over the stair railing. She lies, unmoving, beneath them.

At the station, George says, this is insane. What the hell is wrong with them? Sarah runs in and asks, what’s going on? George says, evidence is missing; the bullets from the Cryer case. He just about to arrest them, and the evidence is gone. She wonders how that’s possible, but he doesn’t know. These idiots… The chief says his team didn’t do this. They’re looking at the surveillance footage now. They’ve been watching it all morning. A guy says he’s got something. They all look at the screen, and then look surprised. It’s Sarah. George asks, was it her?

Hanna and Derrick cuddle on the couch. She tells him that she lost her house in a fire. She had no insurance, so Kathryn let her live there, but she has to get out. Kathryn’s husband… Derrick says he’s met Jim. Hanna says she’ll get another one, the same size as her first one; 1100 square feet. He asks if that’s all she wants, and she says she’s a simple woman. He wants to help her. She’s not used to someone helping her. it’s nice, but she wants to do it on her own. She’s used to it. He says, an independent Black woman, and she says, Black girl magic. Benny comes in, they both go, uh, and I laugh. Benny says he’s still there? and Derrick says, nice to see him again. Hanna says she has to talk to Benny, and Derrick says that’s his cue. Hanna tells him to come back for dinner.

Hanna calls Benny over. He says he’s not changing his mind. She says, fine. Let the money sit there. He says, it’s not Candace; it’s this. Look at them, struggling all this time. They finally have money, and she doesn’t want to touch it. Hanna says, it’s not theirs. He asks why Derrick was there, and she says because she wants him there. She tells Benny not to question her. They need to give back the money. Benny says he’s going to lie down, and she says his stuff is by the door in a box. He’s lucky it’s not in a trash bag. He says she’s tripping, and she tells him to call it what he wants to. Kathryn has given them a lot, and he won’t give her money back. Benny says, fine; bye. He’s getting his things. Hanna says they’re already packed. It’s everything he came there with. He can’t believe she’s putting him out. She says, until he learns to have respect and manners. He says, what if the dude comes back? and she says Derrick will be there. She tells him, get out. He picks up the box, and leaves.

Jim calls David, and asks how he is. David says he’s been better. Jim tells him that Wyatt is back in the house. He hired bodyguards around the clock. David thinks that’s smart. Jim tells David that Veronica had Lloyd open the account. He says David doesn’t sound good, and David says his back is covered with third degree burns. Other than that, he’s fine. Jim has to do something about Veronica, but he has no idea what. David says the FBI is all over her about him and the car, and they have a strong lead. Jim says, she might be a big fish in a small pond, but this is federal. Good luck to her. David says Jim doesn’t mean that, and Jim says, not a damn word. He says he’ll call David back.

Kathryn comes downstairs, all dressed up. She says she has a meeting at the hotel. Jim says, dressed like that? And she’s wearing a new fragrance. She asks since when does he care how she looks or smells? The fragrance is called, out with the old. He says he needs some of that himself. She leaves, and from upstairs, Wyatt says, she’s having an affair. He heard her on the phone. Jim asks, with who? Wyatt doesn’t know, but thinks his name is Roderick. Jim says, the hotel manager? Wyatt asks if he’s going to do something about it, but Jim says, he can have her. Wyatt says, so he moves in, and takes all the money. He’ll see how Jim feels then. Jim asks how the detox is coming. Wyatt is annoyed about the bodyguards, and Jim says he thought Wyatt would find them sexy; he thought Wyatt would like it. He’s open minded. Wyatt says Jim thinks it’s funny, but Jim says he thinks it’s sad what Wyatt would do to get his hands on drugs. Wyatt says he’s going to kill him – and his mom. Jim says he told Wyatt, if he’s going to kill someone, don’t threaten them; just do it.

There’s a knock at the door. It’s Sarah, who tells Jim that they found out she took the bullet. Wyatt is still there, and Jim shoves her into another room. She says they’re going to arrest her; they have her on camera. They know she took it and gave it to him. Jim says he has no idea what she’s talking about. He pulls open her blouse, and finds a wire. She says she’s sorry; they made her do it. He says he has no idea what she’s talking about, and shoves her out the door, calling her delusional. Wyatt asks if Jim has woman problems, and Jim tells him, shut up. Wyatt want to talk about the bullet. Jim tells the guards to make sure Wyatt doesn’t leave, and goes out the door.

At the Artesian bar, Landon calls Candace over. He asks her to sit, and says, back so soon? Why? She says she didn’t want to be there. Landon knows they haven’t always seen eye to eye, and he doesn’t like her, but she used to be kind and caring. She says, it was an act, but he says, no; it’s who she is. After all that happened, she became cold-hearted. She tells him, join the band. That’s what everybody says; it must be true. He knows she loved Oscar. She says she did, but it’s never happening again. He says, the con girl got conned. Now she’s turning down the best thing that ever happened to her. She says she doesn’t care, and he tells her, stop saying that. He knows she’s scared. Charles might love and care about her, and she’ll have to give up the hustle game. She’s scared of loving him. Landon knows she likes him. If he gave Landon one look, he’d sleep with him. Landon orders another round. He tells her not to thinks about it; just give up the hustle. Trust it. Candace asks how you do First Lady. He says a lot of them needed cleaning up. She asks what politics are like, and he says she’ll be good at it, once she gets the hang of it. She’s smart, she doesn’t take any sh*t, and she’s a hustler. That’s all they are. She asks why he lied about the other girl. He says he had to speak her language. There was no other girl. Charles cares about her. He’s scared too. He talks about her every night on the bus. Candace says he’s lying, but Landon says he’s not blind. Charles’s entourage comes through. Landon says it turns her on; she wants to be in on it. Every eye turned toward them. She wants it. He tells her that Charles had the secret service cleared floor. It’s just her and Charles. Knock on his door and be open; talk to him. Candace says he knows everything about her, and Landon says, except how she truly feels. Just go. She won’t regret it. She says he’d better not be lying. When she’s gone, Landon wonders why he’s sending this bitch to a man he loves.

Kathryn meets Roderick in the hotel room. He says he knew when she hired him, she wanted him. She says that’s not why she hired him; she thought he’d be good at his job, and he is. She asks if the room has been cleaned. He says it has, but there’s one thing he needs to tell her. The prostitution ring? He runs it. She laughs, and says, what? He says he has a partner. Kathryn might know her; her name is Candace Young. He runs it from the bar. Kathryn tells him that he’s fired. He doesn’t think so. He knows she wants it. The truth is, he’s running a business, and he needed something on her, so she can’t put Candace out or fire him or the bartender. Kathryn says she’s leaving, and he’s fired. He says he’ll sue for sexual harassment, and she asks if he has any idea who he’s trying to blackmail. Candace thinks she can blackmail Kathryn’s husband, but Kathryn is the kind of bitch who will have him murdered or shoot him herself. Roderick starts to back up. She takes off her dress, and says she’s getting what she came here for. Then they’ll discuss this ring of his. She tells him to take his clothes off – now. She says, faster, and smiles.

Deke arrives at the Iron Bone. Mitch asks where Mama Rose is, but Deke says she’s not talking to him. Mitch asks if that means there’s still a hit on Benny. Deke says he knows how she is, and Mitch asks what he’s supposed to do. Deke suggests he go to the restaurant, but Mitch says he knows how pissed she gets. Deke says it makes them look weak to change their minds; she just wants it done. He’s sorry. Mitch calls Benny, who’s sitting outside on the stoop. Mitch asks if he’s laying low. He’s trying to talk to his grandma, but she’s pissed; she wants the interest, and won’t rest until she gets it. He tells Benny, stay off the street. Benny says, that’s going to be hard; he’s on the porch. Mitch says he can’t be there. Go inside. Benny says he’s not going in there. Just tell her. Mitch says she’s already pissed, and Benny says he’ll take his chances. Mitch says he’s stupid, but Benny says he doesn’t have a choice. Mitch says he’ll come get him, but go inside. Understand? Benny says just come get him.

Candace goes to her room and paces. She opens adjoining room door, and knocks. Charles opens the front door, then realizes it’s other one. Candace says she’s sorry about how she was in the restaurant. Charles gets it; she’s been through a lot. She says, so has he, but he says he still has his kids. He invites her in.

Charles pours drinks, and they clink glasses. He’s not going to pretend to know what’s going on in her beautiful mind. Candace says she’s scared. For first time, she can say that. He says, about? and she says, herself. He was right. She’s angry and doesn’t know what to do with it. She sent a thug to her mother’s house because her mother has money that doesn’t even belong to her. Charles asks her if she’s tired, and she says, exhausted. He thought so. That’s what grief does. I find myself nodding, and getting teary. When his wife died, he didn’t know himself. He didn’t know he could live that angry. He was bitter, hurt, enraged. She asks how he did it, and he tells her that he got around people he trusted. She says she doesn’t have many of those. Her brother, but he can’t even look at her right now. What she did to their mother… Charles asks if she likes him. Candace says she’s afraid of him; he’s too perfect. There’s something there; something devastating that can break her heart, and she can’t take another heartbreak. He says he won’t break her heart, and she asks how he knows. He says he doesn’t have to. Trust him. Does she want to? She doesn’t know. He asks her to let him take her away. Show her a new world; a new way of living. She’s an intriguing woman. She cries a little, and asks if he knows… He says, everything. She says, and he still wants her? He says, more than ever. That’s what scares her. He kisses her. She kisses back. She starts telling him what she’s done, and he tells her, shut up and kiss him. He puts their drinks on the table, and they get busy.

Hanna laughs at something on TV. Her phone rings. It’s Mitch. He asks her to let Benny come in. She tells him Benny needs to learn respect, but Mitch says she needs to let him in now. Please. Benny is in trouble. She asks, what kind? and Mitch says, the kind where he can’t be sitting on the front porch. Let him in. She says, okay, and runs to the door. She finds Benny lying on the porch, bleeding. Hanna says, God, don’t do this. She can’t do this no more. She calls 911, and tells them, he’s not breathing.

Next time, Kathryn wants the ring shut down, Jim tells David about Sarah, and does Benny live? HAHN will return with that answer in January.

⚓ As per usual, I’ll be posting Below Deck tomorrow. Since tonight was the mid-season (or whatever) finale for HAHN, next week I should be able to go back to watching it at a reasonable hour.

😵 Teddi Mellencamp was on Flipping Out tonight. Since Jeff wanted to lose ten pounds, everyone in the office went on a new food plan with Teddi’s help as an accountability coach. Jeff said they were introduced by a mutual friend, and I wondered if it was Andy Cohen.

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October 2, 2018 – Laura is Back for Forever, Wyatt Meets Sal, a New Deck, a Little Flip, a Sad Tale from Dallas & Enough


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason doesn’t think Carly should tell Sonny about the gun. Mike should do it himself. Carly asks if Jason thinks Mike is telling the truth, and the gun is in the Hudson. Jason asks if he seemed lucid, and she says, completely. He thought so too, It makes sense that if Mike was covering for Sonny, he wouldn’t have left the gun with the body. She asks if he thinks Sonny is in the clear, but Jason says, no.

Jordan tells Margaux that she might have to accept that her father’s murder will go unsolved. Margaux says, no, and Jordan asks if it’s because she doesn’t want to. Margaux says she doesn’t need to. There’s another way; clip Sonny’s right hand man.

Kim tells Oscar that in the conference with Terry, she said he’s a good candidate for the drug trial, and there have been promising results. He says if Kim had wanted to help, she would have told him two years ago. What’s the point now? No matter what, the outcome is still the same – he dies.

Lulu brings Chase’s watch to the station. He’d given it to Rocco to play with when he was over for dinner, and forgot it. He’s appreciative of dinner, and she tells him that he’s Dante’s partner, which makes him family. He says at least he feels like he’s useful, keeping an eye on his partner’s family. Not that they need it, but Lulu says she wouldn’t have it any other way. And it makes her feel more connected to Dante.

Nina says Valentin told her Charlotte was okay, but he says he’s not talking about Charlotte. He meant Nina’s biological child.

Not-Doc is expecting Lucy, but Laura knocks at the door. She’s home. Her flight took forever, and she’s exhausted, but never too tired for him. She kisses him, and he says she’s back already? She says that’s not the warm welcome she was expecting. He says she surprised him. She didn’t think he’d mind her coming home early. He says he doesn’t, and hugs her. She caught him at the end of a trying day, but he doesn’t want to talk about him. He brings her luggage inside, and she tells him that Spencer was well enough to tell her that she was cramping his style. She took the opportunity to surprise him, and was in such a rush, she didn’t even tell Lulu. He asks if he’s the only one who knows, and how long she’s going to be there, and she says, forever.

Oscar tells his parents, maybe it’s time to shop for coffins. The side effects go from mild to death. Drew says they should all take a breath. There’s no harm in meeting with Terry again. Better to have a spot in the trial than now. Oscar wonders if he’d be taking up a slot that someone who could be saved needs. Kim tells him not to punish himself because he’s angry with her. They should talk to Terry again. Kim knows Oscar doesn’t want to talk to them, but thinks he should talk to someone. Oscar doesn’t want to talk to a shrink, but Drew says they’re not talking about that. He’s made a lot of friends; he should talk to them. Oscar says his friends are not going to know.

Jason says Mike covered for Sonny, and Carly says there’s no evidence. Jason thinks they can stop the commissioner, but it’s personal for the DA. Carly says Diane can discredit her, but Jason says he doesn’t think it’s that simple.

Margaux says, Jason knows everything, but Jordan says Margaux threw everything she had at him, and he never said a word. They have no supporting evidence; nothing that ties Jason to the explosion or the murder. Margaux trying to subvert his right to counsel, tells Jordan that she’s too close to the investigation.

Valerie comes into the station looking for Jordan. Chase says she’s in the interrogation room. Valerie says Jordan called, saying she wanted a word with her. She wonders what it’s about, and Chase tells her to have a seat.

Nina tells Valentin that she miscarried when she was in a coma. Valentin says, the child survived. Nina’s child is alive, and he can prove it.

Jason tells Carly that Sonny doesn’t regret the killing, but regrets Mike’s involvement. Sonny will do anything to protect him, and Margaux will be investigating anything that might connect Mike. Carly says, that’s crazy; Mike has Alzheimer’s. Jason says that makes him vulnerable. She’ll use anything. If Mike is threatened, Sonny will want to even the score. He wants to protect Mike, but Margaux is going to break the rules, and if she hits him in the right place, Sonny could make a mistake. Carly asks how they stop her, and Jason says, they have to shut her down.

Jordan asks why Margaux thinks Jason is unbreakable. He had nothing to say except through his attorney; it’s going to be carved on his tombstone. She’s seen this before. A case is personal, and the investigation turns into obsession. The case will stay open. A clue could surface, but it’s not coming from Jason. She has to think of the next best thing. Margaux has to go, and jets.

Oscar tells Drew that he’s not telling anyone he’s sick. At least not yet. Kim says he doesn’t want to go through this alone, and he says, why? She did. She says, and he thought that was a mistake. He says if he tells anyone, it will be on his own terms, in his own time. He doesn’t want to be known as the sick kid. Drew says, that’s fair, and Oscar leaves. Julian overhears.

Laura finds the roll of wire cable, and asks what it is. Not-Doc says it was his misguided attempt at DIY. He wanted to hook up his computer, but will need a tech person very soon. He asks about Spencer, and she says she told him that both legs had healed; it was a real blessing. He starts to cover for not knowing, when there’s a knock at the door. It’s a surprised Lucy, who hands her the soup, and says, welcome home. Laura looks at not-Doc.

Valentin asks Nina to let him explain, and he’ll answer any questions she has. She asks why he thinks her biological child is alive, and he says he visited Nina’s mother before she died. He’s had questions about discrepancies that he found troublesome. She wasn’t in the same hospital for the first eight months. It seemed within the realm of possibilities mathematically that she carried to term. Only Madeline knew for sure, and when he offered her freedom, She told him. Nina says she died before he got her out, but he says he was never getting her out. Nina says he double crossed her, and he says, yeah. She tells him she loves him so much, but they’re still divorced. He explains that Madeline told him that she tried to cause a miscarriage, but was unsuccessful. She hired a private nurse until Nina delivered. She had a baby; a little girl.

Valentin says Madeline didn’t want the child to have claim on Nina’s inheritance, so she set up an adoption. Nina asks, what if she was lying and it was her last mind game before she died? Valentin says he found her; technically, Curtis did. She asks if this was the case Curtis was working on for him. Valentin says Curtis made a fortune, but he adores her, and would have done it for free anyway. He tracked her down, and has seen her. Nina says, she’s for real? and he says, Sasha Gilmore. She’s beautiful, and very strong willed, just like her mother. He shows Nina a picture.

Lucy didn’t realize Laura was back in town, and Laura says, clearly. Lucy tells her it’s chicken noodle soup, the most healthy soup in Port Charles. It’s for Doc. Not-Doc explains that he was having lunch with Felicia and Mac. Lucy says, and with her. She noticed he was under the weather. Lucy says he’s resistant to caring for himself. Laura says she knows. She hands not-Doc the soup, and says she’d like to have a word with Lucy.

Jordan sees Valerie, and says they’re going to talk right there. After everything Jordan has done for her; everything the department did for her. She has to embarrass them like this. Valerie doesn’t know what she did, but asks Jordan to let her make it right. Jordan asks where she gets off, showing up the rest of them on the detective exam? The results won’t be posted until later, but Jordan wanted to tell her personally that she passed with flying colors, calling her Detective Spencer.

Julian asks Kim if it’s a bad time again, but she says, no; it’s actually good. Drew leaves, and Julian says, obviously, something serious is going on with Oscar. It makes sense for her to lean on Drew, but he’s there if she still wants him. She says, it’s hard to know what to do, but Julian says if he doesn’t know what’s going on, he can’t help. Whatever it is, she can tell him. She says she can’t.

Oscar goes to Sonny’s, and asks for Josslyn. He wants to talk on the porch. Carly calls Josslyn down. She says she wasn’t sure Oscar was still coming over. Something is obviously going on. He can tell her. What is it?

Laura asks Lucy if they all reconnected, and Lucy says she thinks Doc needs good, quality time with his closest friends in Laura’s absence. Laura says she’s back now, and Lucy says she sees her, right there. She asks how long Laura will be there for, and Laura says, for good. She appreciates their long history, and that they remain friends. She respects it, but Lucy needs to be clear where the boundaries are. Lucy says she’s a realtor; she knows boundaries. Laura tells her, the next time she feels like dropping off soup, look up Scotty. Not-Doc asks if everything is okay.

Lulu congratulates Valerie, and suggests a celebration dinner. Jordan says she’ll get her badge in the morning. In the meantime, her new partner won’t mind showing her the ropes. Right, Chase?

Josslyn says Oscar ran out of the community center like he was on fire. Then, he cut class. Something is wrong; tell her. He says it’s nothing, but she says she can’t help unless she knows; let her in. He says there is something he needs to tell her. They need to break up.

Kim tells Julian there’s nothing she wants more than to tell him, but she can’t. What’s happening is Oscar’s business, and he made it clear she needs to respect his privacy. Julian understands her honoring Oscar’s wishes, and wants to do the same. Oscar already hates him. He doesn’t want to give him an actual reason. But he loves her. What can he do to make it easy for her? Kim says he can’t. Julian says, it must be serious. She says he deserves a relationship with someone who can be open and share everything. As much as she wants to be that person, she can’t right now, and thinks it’s best they stop seeing each other.

Carly tells Jason that it was Oscar. He wanted to talk to Josslyn outside, which is weird. She asks how they stop Margaux, and Jason says, leverage. They need something to hold over her. Carly wonders what could be big enough to get her to drop it. Jason says it’s bigger than just one case. Even if this doesn’t work out for her, she’ll keep digging until she charges Sonny with something else. It’s a numbers game. Sonny has to win every time, but she just has to win once. Carly says Margaux wants to avenge her father, but what if she figures out he’s not worth avenging?

Margaux sees Drew at the hospital, and thanks him for sticking around. He says it sounded important on the phone, and she says it is. It’s about Sonny. He tells her they’ve been over this, and he’s not getting involved. She says Sonny killed her father. The ID came back on the body, and they were her father’s remains. He was killed and buried in cement. Now that he knows, will he help her bring down Sonny?

Carly says Margaux strikes her as deeply self-righteous. She asks Jason what Margaux said about her father. He says Margaux’s father was Skully’s lawyer, knew too much, and wanted out. Carly says she thinks he’s an innocent victim; a virtuous man, but there’s no mob lawyer like that. Diane keeps her hands clean as much as possible, but she still knows who she’s working for. If they want Margaux to leave Sonny alone, they have to take a closer look at her father.

Drew is sorry for Margaux’s loss. She says it was thirty years ago. She doesn’t need sympathy; she needs his help. He has Jason’s memories. He says she doesn’t understand. If Jason knew anything about her father, he found out after the transfer. He can’t help her. She says it was worth a shot, and appreciates his time. She says she was so busy thinking about her own problem, she didn’t ask why Drew is at the hospital.

Josslyn tells Oscar that he’s not funny, and not to joke like that. He says he’s not joking. He can’t be in a relationship now. She asks if he’s still mad about the kiss, but he says she didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just what he needs to do right now. She says, that’s not good enough. He owes her an explanation. He says, there is none; he needs space. He tells her to leave him alone, and stomps off.

Kim tells Julian there’s so much going on, it’s not fair. She’d have to choose between what Julian wants and what Oscar needs. Julian says, when she puts it like that, it’s a no-brainer. She says she’ll always choose what’s best for her child. He says she can swear him to secrecy, but she says they need to step back for now. Julian says he’s not doing that.

Valentin tells Nina that Curtis tracked her daughter down in Chappaqua. Nina says it’s so close, and she’s been there all this time. How does he know it’s her? He says she was resistant to the idea of being adopted, but provided a DNA sample. They had a test done at GH. Nina says they’ve screwed up before, but Valentin says they ran a separate test at another facility. She asks, where? but he says, only Curtis knows. He didn’t want to tell her until then, but didn’t want to keep it from her. She deserves to know her daughter is out there. She likes horses too. He asks if Nina wants to reach out to her.

Lucy tells not-Doc that everything is fine. Laura is back; what could be wrong? Laura asks Lucy if there’s anything else, but she thinks everything is covered. Lucy hopes Doc feels better, and he thanks her for coming. She leaves with her usual, ta! Laura tells not-Doc that she usually likes Lucy, but now she wants to strangle her. Not-Doc tells her, get in line. Ha-ha! Not-Doc tells Laura, in the interest of full disclosure, Lucy has been asserting herself in his life in the last few weeks, but he shot her down. Laura trusts him, but she’s glad he told her. She wants to show him how much she’s missed him. When he doesn’t seem responsive, she asks, what’s going on?

Not-Doc says, there’s nothing going on. Lucy told the truth about one thing. He thinks he’s coming down with something. Laura asks if he didn’t get the flu shot, and he says, guilty. As much as he wants to make love to his wife, he doesn’t want her to get sick. She supposes that’s fair; she’s just glad be with him. They cuddle on the couch, and she says, it’s good to be home. He says, yes, it is.

Jordan tells Valerie to use Dante’s desk until they get one for her. Valerie leaves to get her things from her locker. Chase tells Lulu that it’s just temporary. Jordan probably didn’t want him flying solo. Dante is coming back. Lulu says she knows. She just thought the world would stop while he was away. She leaves, and Valerie comes back with her Phillies cup, telling Chase that Philadelphia is her home town. Chase says, anything is better than the Yankees, and Valerie adds, or the Mets.

Nina definitely wants to find out about her daughter. Valentin says she’s waited decades, and can wait until morning. She needs to be alone, and thanks him. When he’s gone, she looks at the picture and touches the necklace.

Julian wants to be there for Kim, but respects her and Oscar’s privacy. She can tell him whatever she wants when she’s ready. He’s not going anywhere. He cares way too much for that. Whenever she wants to talk or kick back, have avocado toast and a cortado, he’s just a phone call away. She says, perfect, and leans on him, crying a little.

Josslyn thinks back to Oscar saying he loves her.

Drew tells Margaux that he’s there for a family matter. She says, there’s a lot of that going around. She knows she talks a lot, but she’s a good listener too. He says maybe he’ll take her up on that, and she says it’s an open ended offer. He appreciates, and is sorry. He wishes he could help her find justice for her father. She asks him to wait. She might not be able to take Sonny down for the death of her father, but he and Jason have rap sheets miles long. Crimes they’ve never paid for, that Drew knows all about.

Carly tells Jason that they’ll have Spinelli investigate the bank accounts, tax returns, legal matters, and his personal life. If they find proof Margaux’s father is dirty, Jason will take it to her. She’ll see dear old daddy is not an angel. He’s corrupt and complicit. If she doesn’t back off, they’ll take it further. Jason says it has to be Sonny who goes to her. It’s his history; his problem. Carly wonders what if Margaux isn’t finished with Jason, and comes after him again.

Margaux tells Drew that he knows enough to put Sonny away for life. He says he can’t help her, and walks away. She flashes back to reading the flash-drive.

Tomorrow, Nina wants to know why Curtis didn’t tell her, Monica tells Drew that she’ll make sure Oscar survives, and Oscar tells Cameron that he was right.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Holding the stacks of money, Benny thanks Candace. She says it’s her money, but he says, no, it’s his. He says he wrapped it like that. She says, it’s not, but he asks why she’s lying, and why is there blood on it? He realizes it’s from the dude mommy stabbed. Candace says, no, but Benny says he was in the house, robbing her; this is the dude. How does she have it? She claims it’s money she’s been making, and he says she keeps lying. Please tell him she didn’t send the dude to the house. She says it’s her money, and he asks how much it is, but she can’t answer. He says she doesn’t even know, and she tells him that she hasn’t totaled it. He’s asking one more time; how much is there? She’s telling him one more time; she doesn’t know. He tells her sit down. He’s counting it, and if it’s forty-five thousand, she’d better have some answers. She sits, and he counts.

Benny says, it’s forty-five thousand. Candace wants to explain. He says she stole it from the house, but Candace says she just wanted to scare her. Benny says, so she sent him there, and she admits it. Candace says he didn’t hurt Hanna, but Benny says, he did. Their mother can’t even think straight. Candace says they both know that’s not hurting someone. He asks what the hell is wrong with her? Candace says he should have gotten Hanna to sign it over, and he says, it’s not right for her to send some dude in there like that. He’ll be damned; he’s not giving her sh*t – ever. He tells her to get the hell out of there, and stop putting herself in these damn situations. Candace keeps saying she needs the money, and he’s going to kill her. She won’t tell him who, and she refuses to let him handle it. Benny can’t believe her. She’s a hard case, and she’s alone. He says they’re giving the money to who it belongs to. He’s never had his heart broke the way she just did.

Benny opens the door, and Gia is there. She acts like she made a mistake, but he takes her hand, and leads her in. Benny says this is what Candace used to distract him while she does her dirty work. Just like Erica. She got one of her little ho’s to get him, and he fell for it; sleeping with her and everything. Gia says she’s sorry, and Benny walks out.

Candace asks Gia, what’s so important? Gia says the police are asking everybody about Oscar, and some people saw her talking to Oscar at the bar. They want to talk to her. Candace says they know it’s a suicide, but Gia says they’re trying to determine that. Gia says, sorry about her brother. Candace says she told Gia not to sleep with him. Gia says she had to hold him, and Candace smacks her hard, telling her, get out, bitch. Gia says she’s sorry, but her eyes are saying something else.

RK (I finally saw his name in the TV Guide blurb) sits in Veronica’s kitchen. He explains how Justin arrested him one night for a DUI. She says it’s not in his record; Justin didn’t just let him go. That’s not how it is. RK says Justin took him into room and felt him up. Veronica is like, what? did he do? RK says Justin got turned off because he didn’t get an erection. He walked him past Jeffrey to make him jealous. Then he saw Jeffrey at the hotel, but Jeffrey didn’t recognize him. Veronica asks if wanted sex, but he says that’s not his thing; he told her already. She thinks she’s beginning to like him, and he says everybody likes him. She can’t keep tabs on Jeffrey like she used to, and that’s where RK comes in. She says she knows where Jeffrey is every minute. RK says she’s like the CIA, and she says she’s the mother. I’ll bet a lot of people would agree with that. RK asks what’s in for him? She tells him, if he does what she asks, she can make everything in his folder disappear. He can have a fresh start. They shake on it.

Benny comes in to Derrick sleeping on the couch, and tells him that he has to go. Derrick tells Benny that his mom is still sleeping; it’s been a long night. Benny isn’t happy Derrick is there, but Derrick says they both want the same thing for his mother; to be happy and smile. It’s one reason he’s there. Benny asks if Derrick is trying to push up on Hanna, asking if he’s broke or something. Benny says Hanna doesn’t have any money. Derrick says he knows, and Benny asks what he wants. Derrick tells him that he’s not trying to do anything or take advantage of her. Where he’s from, and how he was raised, a beautiful woman is to be respected. He just wants to take her out. Benny says that woman is all he has; he won’t let anybody hurt her. Derrick knows, and asks if Benny is okay. Benny tells Derrick that Candace set it up, and Derrick says, his sister did this? Benny says Candace sent him to scare Hanna, and she ended up stabbing him. Benny says he can’t tell his mother; it will devastate her. Derrick says he knows some people. They can find him, and make sure doesn’t come around. Benny asks who he knows, and Derrick says he was young once. Benny asks if he’s going old school, and Derrick laughs, saying they’ll find him, and make sure he never does this again. Benny is with that, but says Candace didn’t tell him who it was. Derrick tells him to keep working on it, and suggests Benny get some sleep. Benny says Derrick can stay there if he wants.

There’s a knock at Kathryn’s door. The cleaning lady answers, and it’s the hotel manager looking for Kathryn. Kathryn comes down, and he tells her he needed to talk to the board members. She has control with the largest share, so he’s talking to her first. He’s sorry to bring bad news, but there’s been a suicide at the hotel. Kathryn says, that’s not news; it’s been on TV. He says there’s also an undercover investigation of a prostitution ring, with a lot of surveillance. The cops are saying Jim is involved. She asks how? and he says, with one of the young women. They’re making arrests, but trying to be careful, because they want the head, not just the girls. He tells her he’s sorry, and she thanks him for telling the board. He says he wanted to save her embarrassment, and she laughs, saying, he’s never been able to keep it in his pants; she’s not embarrassed. He says, it’s a shame. A beautiful woman like her deserves a man who’s faithful. She thanks him, and he says if she needs anything, she knows where to find him. Anything at all; he’s available.

At the station, Jim meets Austin Langley. Jim thought she was a guy, and she says she understands; it’s the name. It was her dad’s favorite city. He asks how the bastard is, and she says hating him. She’s helping to run her own practice, and getting out of his shadow. She says that Jim’s reputation precedes him, and he asks if that’s a good or bad thing. She says she had to call her uncle, but she thinks she can get bail. Jim says it’s a rush, and she knows Wyatt assaulted a Malone. She says the jail is better than prison, but Jim says if Wyatt’s mom has anything to do with it, that’s where he’ll go. She tells him that she’s waiting for the paperwork to be done, and they sit.

Big dude asks Wyatt, how long since he’s had something? He knows Wyatt is on heroin. Probably everyone knows, since Wyatt is covered in sweat, shaking, and breathing hard. He tells big dude that he doesn’t know him, and big dude says, wanna bet? He asks how long Wyatt has been in there, and Wyatt says, too long. Big dude wants to know how often the officers come by, and Wyatt says, all the time. He asks when shift change is, but Wyatt doesn’t know. Big dude says, it’s going to be hard, not being able to get what he needs. Wyatt calls him a genius. Big dude says he’s been called a butcher. He kills people. People who hurt people in his family think they can run, but they always find them and kill them. They run to jail or prison, but they’re there waiting, watching for the right opportunity. Wyatt asks what his last name is, and big dude says his first name is Salvador. His last name is Malone. He says Wyatt knows that name, but Wyatt insists he doesn’t. Sal thinks he does, and gets up, hulking over Wyatt. He says, it’s just me and you, and the right moment. Sal grabs Wyatt, and Wyatt yells for the guard. When the guard comes, Sal sits back down.

Jeffrey sits by David’s bedside. David asks where Jeffrey’s mother is, and Jeffrey says he was having a bad dream. He asks how long Jeffrey has been there, and Jeffrey says since he found out what happened. David tells him, go home and get some rest, but Jeffrey wants to be there. David says he has a guard; he’ll be fine, but Jeffrey doesn’t mind staying. David suggests Jeffrey go to his house, and avoid that boy who ransacked Jeffrey’s place. Jeffrey says he needs to be on his own. He wants to be independent, but David says it’s overrated. David says he’d like Jeffrey to stay with him. The two of them could be housemates. Jeffrey knows Davis is trying to get him away from Justin, and David asks if it’s working. Jeffrey says he’s moving away – slowly. David is sorry for the way Jeffrey’s mother treats him. He wasn’t there. Jeffrey says David has always been a good dad, and always will be. David wants to try and make it up to Jeffrey when he gets out. Jeffrey says he doesn’t have to, but David thinks he does. Jeffrey says he can start by buying him a new car, and David tells him not to press his luck. Jeffrey laughs, and David tells him, go home, rest, and take a shower. Not too hot though, or he’ll end up like him.

Derrick has breakfast waiting for Hanna. She tells him that they weren’t supposed to go in the kitchen, but he says he was careful. She asks if Benny is there, and Derrick tells her that Benny is upstairs. She thanks Derrick for staying. He asks if she slept good, and she says between the happy pill Kathryn gave her and him, she felt safe. He says that’s how he wanted her to feel. He tells her that he looked in on her while she was sleeping, and she snores. She tells him not to mess with her, and he says he’s kidding. She sleeps beautifully, and smiles beautifully. She insists it was the happy pill, and prays over the food.

Austin tells Jim that bail is set. The desk sergeant says they don’t have the paperwork yet, and she says it was just filed. He sees that, but can’t let Wyatt out until it’s in the system, which updates every half hour.

Sal glares at Wyatt. He gets up and approaches Wyatt, who calls for the guard. Justin comes, and tells Sal, sit down. Wyatt comes to the bars, and asks if Justin has what he needs. Justin asks if Wyatt has thought about what he needs. People make trades all the time. He tells Wyatt, it’s pure, and Wyatt says, get him out. Justin cuffs him, and takes him away. Sal glares some more.

RK snoozes on Veronica’s couch, and she wakes him up. She needs him to call her son; he’s in the car driving home. RK wonders how she knows that, and she says, just call him. Tell Jeffrey that he wants to see him. She needs photos of RK with him, but RK says he doesn’t do men. She says she’s been thinking about the officer who harassed him, and she’ll have his badge. RK asks where he fits in with her evil plan. She says she wants Justin to think they’re an item, and he’ll get pissed off. RK laughs, and calls her twisted. She asks if he’s judging her, but he says he’s just saying. She tells him, then just say and do what she’s telling him. He says he needs to sleep, and she asks if he’s kidding. He says wake him again and find out, and she says she loves when kids try to play big daddy. She needs a man, a real man.

Wyatt tells Justin to give it to him. Justin says, take it, but Wyatt says he can’t; he’s cuffed. Wyatt says to give it to him before someone comes. Justin says he’s the only one coming, and I go, eww! Justin is the worst. Well, maybe Veronica is, but he’s a close second. Justin says he turned off the cameras for a reason. He’s going first. Wyatt just looks at him, and Justin says he guesses Wyatt doesn’t want it. He tells Wyatt to get on his knees. Wyatt says he’s not going to do that, and Justin says he can take him back. Wyatt knows he can’t go without it, so just get on his knees. It will be over soon, and he’ll get his fix. Wyatt says, no, and Justin says, let’s go. Don’t make him drag his ass out. It will be over quickly. Justin shows Wyatt the bag of smack, and says, come on. Wyatt calls Justin an SOB, and kneels. Justin says, no more talking, and gets out his phone. He wants to see how low a junkie will go for a fix.

Jim and Austin walk in.

Next time, Jim asks what Wyatt was doing, Kathryn tells Jim he’s being investigated for the prostitution ring, and Candace tells Hanna she wants her money.

🏊 Deckus Interruptus…

Tonight’s season premiere of the original Below Deck was everything I wanted and more. Not only was I thrilled to see Captain Lee again, along with his trusty chief stew, Kate, the first primary guest was Steve. Steve of the 90s foam party from several seasons ago. Already he’s drunk and demanding. I’ll be posting about it tomorrow though, as it’s been a hellacious week, and we’re only halfway through. There’s also a new boat and crew. In the meantime, you can familiarize yourself with them here:


😵 On tonight’s Flipping Out, it was Jeff’s week to work with Lea Black, as well as deal with an aggravating, and loud, neighbor. If you don’t know Lea, here are some facts:


😨 While reading some news from People, I stumbled on this horrifying tale, with a connection to The Real Housewives of Dallas.


✋ Enough Said…