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May 6, 2018 – Burying Nick, a Variety of Rambling & Creepiness


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

Everyone is stunned about Nick. Al has videoed the aftermath. We see Luci make sure Nick doesn’t come back by stabbing him in the head, Alicia re-killing Ennis more viciously (somehow, he got rid of the deer head he was impaled on), and Victor covers Nick up. In the van, Victor tells Al, let’s get this over with. Al says it can wait until he’s buried, but Victor says that was the deal. She asks how he ended up there, and he tells her that’s a big question. She says sometimes those are easier to answer. Luci says they could have stopped this from happening.

It’s another one of those back-and-forth episodes. Luci watches a guy, who looks like Riff Raff from Rocky Horror, bring some supplies to the Vultures. Charlie laughs with Ennis. She explains to Al that they had to stretch rations with cattle feed. Victor says it’s an acquired taste.

At the stadium, Victor offers to garnish lunch with maple syrup, and Alicia tells him to save it for the pancakes. He says, for when things get better, and they will. Madison says it’s time to be creative. The need to find places their friends in the parking lot haven’t hit, like maybe a bowling alley.

Victor says it was their first misstep, going on runs that day.

Victor and Cole walk through a greenhouse. Cole says he went to A&M University, and knows which plants are safe to eat. He encourages Victor to tell him something about himself, and Victor says he didn’t go to A&M. They find something edible, and look for a cart. Cole asks how long Victor is going to act like he’s afraid of him. Victor says that’s not the case.

Al asks if he was afraid of Cole, and Victor says, of course not. He says they’re supposed to be talking about Nick, and Al says they’re talking about him.

Cole and Victor fight off zombies in the greenhouse. Cactus zombies. They have quills sticking out of them all over. One gets Cole down. Victor pikes it in the head and helps him up.

Nick takes Luci to a nearby library. His mother once brought him there, and he thinks it’s a sign. Luci says she went with him because Nick thought it would be good for her.

Inside the library, Nick whistles. It’s empty because zombies don’t read. He takes a poster down off the wall, and Luci asks why they’re here. Nick tells her that people need a reason to stick around, and not just food. She says there’s nothing left, but he thinks there has to be something. Luci says it’s about her, referring to Charlie. Nick says she thinks they’re looking out for her and they’re family. Luci says she thought Colonia was a good place to be, but it wasn’t. He helped her.

Al says, but he couldn’t help Charlie. Luci says, she killed Nick. What do you think?

John tells Morgan he used to be a police officer. He knew a guy who drank a bottle of rye every night. One night he survived a close call. A guy stole a garbage truck, and it ended up squashing his patrol car. He went a week without touching rye. John says it takes more than a week to change someone. He thinks Morgan will be on his way after Nick is buried. John is going to find Laura, and wants Morgan with him. He wants them to meet. Morgan just wants to see Nick buried, and he’ll be on his way. He’s better on his own.

Al says they can stop if it’s too much; Alicia’s brother died. Alicia says, yeah, he did.

Alicia and Naomi go to a small waterpark. Naomi sees a van she thinks they should take back, pointing out that it even has a tape deck. She looks for keys, but finds nothing. They head into the park, which looks like something from Abandoned, but with dead bodies all over. A zombie stumbles out, and Alicia stabs its head. Another follows, and Naomi takes care of that one. Naomi says whoever camped here moved to higher ground when the fence came down, showing Alicia a site on a platform at the top of the waterslide. The stairs are barricaded, but Alicia says they can get up there from the slide. They look at the zombies wandering around in the water.

Victor says he wanted to do the right thing in the car. Cole tells Victor that if he doesn’t like him, just tell him. Victor says he does like him. Cole asks why he won’t share information about himself then, and Victor says he doesn’t want Cole to know him. He’s done dumb things, and keeps this to remind him not to be that man. He hands Cole what we both agree looks like a piece of a rock. Victor says, it’s not.

Al asks if going on run brought them closer together, and Alicia says, of course it did. They were the only ones still breathing. She and Naomi wade through the pool, and the zombies. Naomi tries to get up the slide, but keeps slipping back down. Alicia gives her a boost, and tries to follow, but she slips and loses her knife. As they struggle to get up the slide, there’s a terrific crane shot showing the cluster of zombies, grappling at the bottom.

They carefully make their way up. It would really suck to get all that way and slide back down into a mess of zombies. They look at the stuff left behind, and Alicia thinks there’s still some ammo. A zombie toddles out, startling them. They struggle with it, and Naomi falls down to a bowl-like attachment on the slide. I’m guessing you could once slide through it, but now there’s a clog of zombies caked in slime in the opening. Naomi kicks at them, but one is particularly aggressive. Alicia slides down, having grabbed a pipe that was part of the slide. She knocks the zombie in the head, and it slides back down into the clog. I have to admit, I made noises out loud throughout this whole scene.

Al asks when she sharpened it. Alicia says that came later.

Back at the top, Alicia and Naomi go through the stuff. Naomi finds the keys to the van, but says nothing. There’s a trunk of medical supplies, and Naomi tells Alicia to take as much as she can. Naomi gives Alicia binoculars, and suggests she look for what hasn’t been picked over. Alicia thinks there’s a possibility, but when she turns around, Naomi is gone.

Al asks, what happened? Did she run? Victor says, they’re all running.

Victor and Cole go to a parking lot. Cole asks where the hell they are. Victor opens the hatchback of a car, and says, when the crops failed, he gathered things. Cole asks why Victor is showing him. Victor says there’s enough room for two. Cole tells him that people are hungry. Victor says the supplies would maybe feed them for a day; it wouldn’t make a difference. Cole says makes a difference between them making it for another day or not. Victor says so could this. Before, he did things where people got hurt or died. He learned self-preservation. He says famine is on the horizon, and he did it to ensure he survived. He wants Cole to know this is him. Cole shakes his head. He can’t do it. Victor says he didn’t think so. Cole says he’ll drive himself back.

Al asks if he left, and if Victor thinks it’s his fault. Alicia says, it’s not his fault. He wasn’t the only one who thought about leaving.

Naomi starts the car. It chugs to a stop because there’s no gas in it. I’m not even going to say it. Yes, I am. You’d think she’d have checked that first thing. She sure made a good guess those were the right car keys. Alicia is there, and says that’s the second time she ran out since they’ve met. Naomi doesn’t have to tell them anything, but she’s either with them, trying to keep it going, or not. Naomi says she can’t try to keep this going. Alicia tells her that she said the same thing once. She went off on her own; no one could talk her out of it, but wasn’t what she wanted it to be. Maybe she’ll realize that too. Alicia says she’ll go with her to get some gas.

Al asks if Luci thought about leaving. Luci says they all did.

Luci tells Nick that they have to go. He says there could be something there for her. He looks around in the back, and we hear zombie noises. A trail of books leads to a zombie who’s tied up, so it can’t escape. Nick puts it out of its misery, and sees that its wrists are slit. Luci sees a book of maps. Luci say she doesn’t want to end up like that. Nick tells her they know what’s wrong, and they’re going to try and fix it. She says what if they find a new place? Start over. He asks, where, and she hands him the book. She says the first place they open to.

Al asks Luci, what page did it open to? It’s the reason she’s sitting here, isn’t it? Luci says she should have never opened the book.

Madison looks through binoculars at the Vultures. Mel waves and holds up a radio. She gets on hers, and asks if he needs help. He asks if they have relish. She goes down to the parking lot, but I don’t see her bringing any relish. He says they’ve finished it, haven’t they? And the ketchup and mustard. Condiments are the first things to go, in trying to dress up things they don’t want to eat. The dressing up part is true even in real life. I remember putting Italian dressing on green beans and ketchup on mac and cheese at lunch in high school. Mel is cooking hotdogs. He asks where she’s sending people, and she says, why? So they can beat them there? She doesn’t think so. He says every time she sends someone out, they might not come back. Madison says they will; she knows her people.

Mel says before he lived on the bus, he lived like them, in a settlement; his family’s cattle ranch in hill country. It was a nice place to be, but then wildfires kicked up. Madison knows where he’s going. She says, he’s smart, and saw what was coming. He tried to warn everyone, but they wouldn’t listen. So he and his brother left before the fires hit. She says she’s sorry about the rest of his family. Mel says, people are stubborn creatures. He asks if she’d like a weenie, but she’s good. He says if she didn’t come out for food or company, what is she doing there? She says her offer still stands. If they want relish, they could scrounge some up from the concession stand. They can make a go of it, if they work together. He asks if she believes that. She does, and he says that’s why the place is going to fall. His offer also stands. She turns to leave, and he says she was wrong about his story. He told them that they could save the place, and they listened. He and Ennis were the only ones who made it out alive. They could hear them scream as they drove off. Madison walks away.

Al says that’s why it’s so important. They gave up on the stadium.

In the library, Luci flips open the book.

Victor sits in his car.

Naomi tells Alicia that she was a nurse. After a while, she could tell who would make it and who wouldn’t. She says the stadium won’t last. They have to think about where they’re going next. Alicia says she’ll talk to Madison.

Victor says Al thinks she knows what happened that day, but she’s wrong.

Cole drives up to the stadium, and Madison asks if Victor is okay. Victor drives in behind him. Al asks why he came back, and Victor says he got a reminder of what he stood to lose. He looks at the syrup. Al asks what people thought when they found out about his escape hatch. Madison sees all the supplies, and says it looks like they got a break. Victor tells Al that he didn’t tell them the truth. Al asks Luci what page it opened to.

Luci says they’re going north. Nick asks what if there’s another way of looking at this. They bring the book to Madison. Nick asks what if they went further to scavenge than they have before. Madison says they can’t go that far every time, but he says they only need to go once. He tells her they can get seeds and fertilizer. They can replant, and turn the place back into what it was. Madison says okay, because she’s coming from a place of yes this season.

A tear rolls down Luci’s face.

Alicia tells Madison they have to talk. Al asks if Alicia told her about Naomi.

Alicia knocks on Naomi’s car window as she’s starting to leave. She asks if they ever lived when Naomi thought they were going to die. Naomi tells Alicia to let her do the talking, and Alicia gets in, saying, nice wheels. At the stadium, Naomi says if they’re going to make it work, things will get worse before they get better. She’s going to set up an infirmary.

Alicia says instead of fighting to change everything, she should have told them to leave. Luci says they should have found somewhere else. Victor says he wanted to be a better person, that’s why he’s dead. Luci says they could have stopped it all. Al puts down the camera.

Al stops the van, and they get out. Victor says, this is it. They dig, and John asks, why here? Alicia asks what difference it makes to him, and he says he just wants to know. They continue to dig, and dig up a cache of guns. Al says it’s not about Nick. They’re going after the rest of them, even after what happened to Nick. Alicia says it’s what he would have wanted. Al says answers only matter if they’re true. Alicia says it was the truth, and Al says it was served between two slices of bullsh*t. She tells them good luck without her. Victor says they know where the Vultures are meeting up next, and Al says, they needed a ride. John says she’s been snookered. She asks if they’re really going to lug all this, and Alicia says unless she takes them. John says his seems to be the only story that doesn’t end with someone getting hurt or killed. Victor says if Al wants to know how it ends, come see for herself, and Al tells them to load up the van. Morgan asks Alicia if they’re still planning on burying her brother or are they leaving him on the side of the road? Alicia says they’ll bury him there. Morgan says, he liked growing things, right?

In a spot near a beautiful tree, Victor puts the last dirt on the grave. Luci kneels down and touches it. Morgan leaves a bluebonnet.

As they’re packing the truck, John asks where they got some of it. Alicia says it’s just stuff they’ve picked up along the way. He asks for a knapsack, saying it belonged to Laura.

At the stadium, Naomi asks Alicia for a second alone. She takes out a gun that matches John’s.

John takes out the gun. He says, her name was Naomi. She never told him her real name. He asks where she is, and Alicia says she didn’t make it out of the stadium. Things went wrong. He guesses that trip is off, and asks what happened. Alicia says, she’s dead, and he says that’s not true. She’s out there; she’s gotta be. Victor says, there’s the rub, his story did end up with someone getting hurt. Alicia says they did this. Come with them. John asks them to let him be. Al approaches him. She says she’ll find out what happened, and come back for him. Morgan tells them to go; he’ll stay behind. They drive off. Morgan tells John that he’s sorry. John says he was right. We’re always on our own.

Next time, John and Naomi’s story.

👌 I love the Morgan/John pairing. I have more feels for these characters than the ones on Walking Dead. They just seem more well-rounded. Although I probably enjoy Talking Dead most of all. It’s like the day after a convention (sci/fi, horror, Star Trek, whatever, take your pick), when you rehash everything and look over all the crap you bought.

🏯 I’m not really watching Into the Badlands, although it might be one of those things I consume in one bite On Demand someday. I did glance at it though, and it looks awesome. Like a Quentin Tarantino film, but more colorful. The fight scenes are unbelievable – chicks with swords! – and I’ll bet a lot of the actors go home bruised and sore.

🍷 I didn’t really take in too much of The Real Housewives of Potomac tonight, but there was a stand-out quote, brought to us by Candiace: I think I like her better drunk. I don’t know who she was referring to, but I thought of how well it could apply to anyone in the franchise saying it about anyone else in the franchise.

🐎 Was that Walking Dead’s Simon I saw on Westworld?

👻 Sadly, Ghost Wars has been canceled.


😱 🎢 Imagine Zombies Clogging This Up…

Much worse than spiders. I’m talking to you, Stephen King.



AbandonedWaterslide3 AbandonedWaterslide2


January 4, 2017 – Spinelli Tracks Down PK Sinclair, Ghosts Are Done Warring, Random Thoughts & Vertical Living


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Sonny says that Brick is looking for Faison. Jason thinks the key is in the manuscript. Perhaps PK Sinclair is trying to draw him out. This confuses me, since PK Sinclair is Faison’s pen name. Now it’s a separate person? Spinelli appears, and says as fortune would have it, he reconstructed the book.

Lulu brings a jelly donut to Dante, telling him that she had to elbow a dockworker to get the last one. He wonders what she wants, and she asks if she can’t come by with a token of her affection. BTW, has he closed any cases or nabbed any bad guys lately? He asks if she means Faison in particular. (Funny aside. This spellcheck only recognizes donuts, not donut singular. Who runs spellcheck? Krispy Kreme?)

At Charlie’s Pub, Obrecht tells Nina it’s 9:43 and she told everyone 9:45. They’re late. Nina says she shouldn’t have scheduled it on the day everyone is nursing a hangover. Obrecht says this is just the stylish setting for Maxie’s baby shower. Nina thinks it will be a huge success if Obrecht puts the same amount of energy into it as she has in hiding things from Nathan.

Nathan tells Maxie that he’s trying to be sensitive to his mom’s feelings, and says they should limit the amount of talk and questions about Victor to their immediate circle. Maxie says she’s good with that, but can’t vouch for everyone else. Nathan asks, like who? Amy comes out of the elevator.

Lulu asks if Dante thinks she’s that shallow. She just got done with paperwork requesting information on any cases, and brought him the donut to be nice. Although if he’d like to speed up her research, she wouldn’t object. Jordan and Valentin walk through to the interrogation room. Dante says maybe Lulu’s next big story is right there. Lulu thinks maybe it’s her next big chance at sole custody.

Finn tells Anna that he killed Cassandra. Anna says he’s just going through withdrawal, but he asks her to listen to him.

Dante says Valentin isn’t wearing cuffs, but Lulu says neither one of them looked happy. Dante is worried about Lulu wanting a story on Faison. She says she’s going through the proper channels, but he’s concerned if Faison finds out, and gets to her first. He wishes her next big story didn’t have to involve a guy who’s on the WSB’s most wanted list. Jordan comes out, and asks if she has to relieve Lulu of her press pass, but Lulu swears she’s not there on press business. Jordan asks Dante to come in.

Nina tells Obrecht that she’s not talking about the current lie, but the one where she claimed to be Nathan’s aunt, not his mother. Obrecht asks why she’s complaining, when she ended up with an adorable brother. Nina wonders why do it in the first place, but it’s clearly a sore subject for everyone, and she decides to leave it alone. Felicia arrives, and Obrecht says she’s her favorite oma-to-be. Nina asks herself what Obrecht is hiding.

Maxie gives Nathan a kiss goodbye. Amy says she seems happy, and Nathan says she’ll be happier when the DNA test is back. Amy acts ignorant, but he says Maxie told him, so she can drop the act. He asks if the results are in.

Valentin isn’t certain it’s appropriate that Dante is present, but Dante says it’s not the first time, and won’t be the last. He asks what Valentin can tell them about Cassandra. Valentin says she’s Anna’s project, so the questions should be directed at her. Dante says he and Cassandra were partners in crime way back when. Valentin guesses that’s why Anna found him useful.

Finn explains to Anna that Cassandra drugged him. She had a needle, and he had to stop her. He lunged at her, and must have grabbed the needle and used it against her, but everything is a blur. Anna asks what the last thing is he really remembers. Finn says Cassandra threatened Anna, and said she was going to give her a fix. That’s when he grabbed the needle and drugged her. Anna asks if he remembers taking the needle, and he says that must be what happened.

Sonny thanks Spinelli for coming all this way, and Spinelli says he would cross any continent to help his friends find the truth; it’s like the old days. Sonny says it is, and Spinelli starts talking about how nostalgia is said to stunt progress with friends, but he disagrees. Sonny interrupts, and asks if he found anything. Spinelli tells them he’s on the trail of PK Sinclair, and one lead sparked two more.

PK Sinclair doesn’t exist, and there’s no evidence that they’ve been employed as Faison’s alias for decades, but it turned out that the publisher is in contact with someone writing under the name. Whoever wrote the manuscript has been corresponding with the publisher. Jason asks if he traced the emails, and Spinelli says he got a name. Oh, I get it, it’s someone pretending to be him.

Felicia thanks Obrecht for organizing the get together. Obrecht wants Maxie’s shower to be nothing less than perfect, which is why she abandoned the traditional notion of surprise, and brought Maxie in on the planning. Lulu and Maxie walk in, and Lulu asks Maxie if she’s ready to plan her own baby shower. Felicia hugs her, and tells her, run, save yourself. Obrecht tells her that she’s late, and hopes Maxie teaches her grandson better manners. Lulu is surprised Nina is there, and asks if they can talk. Nina says it’s not even lunch, and Lulu is already bothering her. Lulu says she just saw Valentin at the police station, and it looked like he was in trouble.

Amy tells Nathan that there was a rush put on the test, but there’s a huge backlog. She’ll tell him as soon as the results are in. He says he owes her, and she says she’s the one who owes him. Nathan says this makes them even. Nobody owes anyone anything, and they’re just two friends who help each other when they can. He tells her that he’s there on police business. He needs to check on one of the patients – Cassandra Pearce.

Valentin says he’s the victim. Cassandra tried to kill him; maybe they should be talking to her. Jordan says she’s in no condition to talk; she’s in ICU hanging by a thread. Dante says they found her passed out in an alley near Charles Street. She’d OD’d.

Finn tells Anna she should go. She says he just told her about saving her life; now he wants her to leave? He’s afraid he might hurt her too, but Anna says it was self-defense. He says he took an oath, and she tells him that he didn’t kill Cassandra. She’s not dead.

Anna tells Finn that Cassandra is in ICU and is critical. Finn says if she dies, that makes him a murderer. Anna says he doesn’t know that. What’s puzzling her is that in the time between when she found him and the authorities arrived, Cassandra went missing. She was found in an alley, and it’s highly unlikely she crawled there on her own. Maybe the same person put her there who pumped her full of her own drugs.

Jordan asks if Valentin ever saw Cassandra use, and he says not recently. Dante asks what about in the past, but he hasn’t seen her in years. Dante says it appears the drugs were forced on her. Valentin points out that he put himself at considerable risk to help Anna get her locked up by the WSB. Why would he kill her? Dante suggests it was to protect his family.

Obrecht asks if Charlie’s menu is good with Maxie; it’s under new management, and has gone from pedestrian to pretentious. Felicia congratulates Lulu on her scoop. Lulu says that means everything to her. All this time, Felicia should have been mayor. Felicia asks how it feels to break hard news. Lulu says it’s great, but sadly, it’s old news already, and you’re only as good as your next article. Felicia asks what she has in mind, and Lulu says it might be big. Felicia asks what the subject is, and Lulu tells her, Caesar Faison.

Spinelli tells Sonny and Jason that the publisher was unable to reveal who the author was, but he hacked into his email before they were off the phone. Sonny looks through the printouts, saying there isn’t much, he just says he has an idea for a PK Sinclair novel. Jason says it seems like the publisher was into it at first, then the emails dry up, and the publisher’s emails go unanswered. Spinelli says the clue is in the timing of the last one. They promised the delivery of the manuscript on the day before Jason broke out of the clinic.

Lulu tells Felicia it was confirmed that Faison was in the Port Charles area recently. He was traveling with Britt, but she stayed behind. Felicia wonders why he was there, but Lulu doesn’t know. She’s thinking of asking for an interview if she tracks him down. Felicia thinks no good can come from crossing paths with him. She says the real question is, what does Lulu stand to lose if she puts herself in Faison’s crosshairs?

Maxie tells Obrecht she should just enjoy herself, and not try so hard. Obrecht says for the longest time, she didn’t allow herself to dream of this day. At one point, she didn’t allow herself to think of Nathan as her son. Maxie asks why, and she says it would have placed him in danger of his father. Maxie says Victor can’t hurt anyone anymore… right?

Spinelli doesn’t think the date is a coincidence. Sonny wonders if Jason’s escape threw the plans out of whack. Spinelli is working on tracking the IP address, but in the meantime, he has the manuscript intact. Sonny asks how he got it.

Nina blows into the station, and wants to see Valentin. Nathan tells her that he’s being interrogated, and she says not anymore, and Dante has a conflict of interest. Valentin tells them to let him talk to Nina. Jordan says her brother has her under control, and asks where Valentin was last night. He says with Anna, and Dante says what about after they escaped? He tells them that he contacted the sitter to make sure Charlotte was okay, then went to the MetroCourt to find Nina. Dante asks why he didn’t call the police, and he says he was working with a capable WSB agent. He figured she had a handle on things, although she did seem distracted. My take is that since Anna left first, and got to the house pretty quickly, there’s no way Valentin is involved. I think Nina might be though.

Anna tells Finn that he spent most of the night in a stupor or unconscious. He wouldn’t have noticed a John Philip Sousa marching band coming through. He thinks they might have walked over his head. She tells him the potency of the drugs Cassandra ingested have probably done serious brain damage. Finn says what if Cassandra had used them on her? Anna asks how he’s feeling, and Finn says not half as good as he looks. Amy asks for moment with the patient. Anna says she’ll be back, and Finn says he’s given up telling her what to do. He says he’ll see her tonight. She says, maybe sooner. She has something to take care of.

Cassandra lies in a hospital bed on a ventilator. Someone looms over her bed.

It’s Anna. I got all excited for nothing, even though Faison isn’t involved in this storyline.

Nathan asks Nina if she remembers the woman whose hair she tried to pull out by the roots. Nina says her name is Cassandra, and it was a personal matter. Nathan says she was found in an alley, and someone pumped her full of drugs. Nina tells him that she’s a drug dealer, trying to get people hooked on things they’ll never be able to kick. Nathan says it’s his job to know that; how does she?

Jordan asks if anyone can verify where Valentin was after the MetroCourt. He says his wife can, and gets up. Jordan says it’s not over, but he says it is for him. If they have more questions, they can contact his attorney. Nina tells Nathan that Valentin was working with Anna to bring Cassandra to justice. Nathan asks if he shares that information with her, and Valentin joins them, saying he doesn’t keep secrets from his wife. He promises Nina a happier reunion tonight, but has to take care of something, and jets.

Jordan tells Dante this is more complicated than they thought.

Amy asks Finn if he needs anything, but he says there’s only one way through it; same way as before. He tells her to take the twelve-step chip out of his wallet. She asks if he wants to hold it to keep focused, but he says he wants to throw it away. It’s useless now that he has to start over. She says she’ll hold onto it. She doesn’t think this counts as a slip; a maniac poisoning him when he’s trying to save the woman he loves.

Anna locks the door. She tells Cassandra that her guard is on break, and the staff is busy. No one is watching, and it’s just the two of them. She’s had a lot of time to think about how many deaths could be traced to Cassandra’s drugs, how much damage was done to families, and how many more lives would be ruined if she was given the chance. Anna puts on a pair of surgical gloves, and says she doesn’t think it’s worth risking it. It’s better off if Cassandra never wakes up. Her finger moves toward the cancel button on the machine.

Lulu tells Obrecht that she’ll defer to her and Maxie for the menu. Obrecht is surprised, and says sometimes her actions are misinterpreted, and well-meaning people stop her from doing something good. Lulu says that’s not her forte, but Obrecht says she gave the world Nathan. Lulu suggests she show her son and the world that she’s capable of decency. Obrecht asks how she should accomplish that, and Lulu asks her to help track down Faison. Obrecht says even if she knew where he was, why would she do that? Lulu says to give him the opportunity to tell his side of the story. All things considered, he might not get another one.

Felicia tells Maxie she’s being a good sport. Maxie says she has to make it work. Obrecht has her quirks, but she’s family. She thinks Obrecht is going overboard to compensate for dragging her feet about Nathan’s father’s medical records. Nathan thinks she’s hiding something, but Maxie thinks he won’t say it out loud, but is afraid he’ll pass on his father’s evil genes to the baby.

Spinelli explains how he recreated the manuscript using a computer program. Sonny asks him to talk English, and he says it’s the computer’s suggestions of how to fill in what was missing. It can’t recreate the whole thing, but predict it. Jason says that might be enough. They don’t need to know how it ends, just what it means.

Felicia asks Lulu if she landed an interview, would she share the information off the record? Lulu says she may be a reporter, but she’s also a Spencer. She’ll do anything to get him to talk, and then turn him in. Felicia suggests she start with Spoon Island. Faison has a long history with it, and swindled it away from Ned when he first arrived. He could hide there forever, and they’d never know. If he’s anywhere near Port Charles, she’d start looking there.

Obrecht says something in German, and Maxie asks if she just called her a sausage? She asks Maxie if Nathan is still obsessing over his father, and Maxie says he’s just worried. Obrecht asks what reason he has for fretting; the records are accurate. Why question it when there’s nothing to be concerned about? Maxie says the test will confirm everything, and Obrecht asks, what test?

Nina tells Nathan sorry for the ruckus, and being a pita. Nathan tells her it’s okay. Nina says now that Valentin has been released, everything is fine. Nathan says, but he left her there; what gives?

Anna goes back to Finn’s room. He asks where she went, and she says to see Cassandra. She wanted to make sure she never hurts anyone again. Finn asks what she did.

Valentin sees Amy cleaning up Cassandra’s room, and asks what happened? Amy says she shouldn’t tell him, but it will be on the news soon enough. She was released into the custody of the WSB. He asks where they took her, and Amy says wherever they take comatose drug traffickers after an OD. Chances are, she’s never coming to.

Anna tells Finn that she didn’t kill Cassandra. He asks if that’s the truth, or she’s just saying that to make him feel better. Anna says she thought about it, and came thisclose to finishing her off, but didn’t. She called Robert, and he had her taken to a secure facility. He asks what about when she recovers? Anna says it’s unlikely, but if Cassandra regains consciousness, she and the bureau will make sure she never harms another soul. Finn guesses they did good. She says they did. He says he has only one regret. They didn’t get their New Year’s Eve. She takes his hand, and says they’ve always got next year.

Obrecht doesn’t understand why they need a test. Maxie says to prove to Nathan that he’s a Cassadine.

Nina is sure there’s a good explanation, and tells Nathan to let her worry about her husband – not that she’s worried – and let him worry about the DNA test. He asks if she knows something, and she says she knows Obrecht is a pathological liar. He wonders if Victor isn’t his father, who is?

Spinelli says the manuscript might tell them what they need to know. The main character is based on Faison, and a power struggle ensues between him and “Octavian.” He reads from it where the Faison character says, “It’s been you all along; you stole everything.” Octavian replies that if he’d opened his eyes sooner, he could have saved himself, calling him “father.” Spinelli says this begs the question, did Faison have a son?

Next time, Kiki tells Griff that Ava wanted Morgan for herself, Maxie questions Obrecht’s motives, and Drew overhears Carly tell Sam not to do something to him.

👻 SyFy’s Ghost Wars had its finale tonight. Although it’s more like ghost turf wars. It’s set in an isolated Alaskan town, but filmed in Vancouver, and the scenery is one of the stars IMO. The story revolves around a community in paranormal crisis, along with an outcast medium who has his own demons to fight. I have to admit, I just half-assed watched this show, but saw enough to pronounce it excellent. Meat Loaf is among the cast, playing the town handyman and bully. Hey, everyone needs a side hustle. He also gave me a terrific quote.

👿  If this fails, we’re gonna have a lot of pissed off ghosts coming back at us. – Doug Mercer, (Meat Loaf), Ghost Wars

👹 Superstition, about the owners of a funeral home, looked good too, but I didn’t have time to stick with it. How can you miss with the setting being a funeral home? Unfortunately, both of these shows look unlikely to be renewed, so catch them On Demand while you can.

❌  The X-Files returned, but I never got into it the first time. I already knew the truth wasn’t out there. But to all you Burning Smoking Man fans – enjoy!

🚓 Anyone remember Brimstone? What about American Gothic starring Gary Cole as Sheriff Buck with a B? With all this 90s TV nostalgia, I’m getting misty for the shows that were never really given a chance.

📺 Not much else happening on the TV front tonight. The two Joshes butted heads on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles (ho-hum), and the new LA real estate buzzword is “vertical living” in referring to apartments. It sounds so science fictionish when they put it that way.

🌆 More Like What I Thought Vertical Living Meant…

VertcalLiving4 VertcalLiving2 VertcalLiving3