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February 14, 2020 – Nina Takes a Leap, Kandi Wants Her Own, Joe’s Tribute, Gina Says Next, Lisa Identifies, Bong Shares, Stars Remember, Eight Valentine(ish) Quotes & Wishing You Love


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nina throws a folder on Jax’s desk, and says it’s all his fault. She has to choose between Aruba and St. Martin, but she can’t look at the sand and water, or conceptualize the shoot. All she hears is his voice inside her head saying, come to the fun side of the island. He says, maybe it’s her subconscious talking. Nina asks what it’s telling her, and he says, come to the fun side of the island. She asks if that’s still an option.

Valentin looks at the Cassadine crest ring. He says he never had a use for it, and never even bothered to put it on. Now he’s learned it was never his to begin with. He looks up, and says, how did you do it, Helena? How did you pull off such a horrible lie? Helena is suddenly there, and says, Valentin, my son. Surely you’re smart enough to figure out there was no lie. It’s all the truth.

Sam and Alexis have dinner at the MetroCourt. Alexis remarks on how good the food is, and Sam asks if they’re not talking about the elephant in the room; Neil. Alexis says, is he here? and Sam says, he is. Alexis asks if he’s alone, and Sam says, he was, but not anymore. Alexis looks, and sees Neil sitting with Obrecht.

Sasha tells Michael that some Italian chain stores are interested in Deception. It would be great to branch out from the American market, but that’s as far as her expertise goes. Michael says if she steers clear of Brexit, a lot of the market is set up for expansion. The good news is, he has lawyers who can help set it up for her. She says, and the bad news? He wonders if Lucy will be okay with it.

Willow says, she must have expensive taste; the wine is good. He says, the wine guy comes through again, and she says, the wine guy is a legend. He asks if she’s leaving him for the wine guy, and she says, that depends. Are they still going climbing? He says she asks that like they’re climbing Mt. Everest. It’s at the Y, and they’ll be on harnesses with mats underneath them. She says, it’s kind of the same thing, and he says, it’s not, and she’s going to love it. They’ll have a great time. There’s a knock at the door, and Chase opens it to find Nelle there. She says she needs his help, and throws her arms around him. Chase says he thinks she just assaulted him, and Willow asks if it isn’t a violation of her parole. Nelle says they should be thanking her. Brad and Lucas are thinking of leaving town, and taking Wiley with them.

Sasha tells Michael, Lucy does like things just-so, but she’s made enough mistakes that if someone has a contribution, she wants to hear it. She thinks European distribution is making a contribution. Michael thinks she should go for it, and Sasha says it’s interesting how he honed in on the potential difficulties of working with Lucy. Is something going on at ELQ? He says, with his family, there are always difficulties, and she says, talk to her. He says, it’s funny. He never wanted to be CEO. Ned had a crisis, and threw the company in his lap. Sasha says, it must have been overwhelming, and Michael says, he made mistakes, but as he went along, he learned how everything works, and now he’s pretty good at it. But with the Quartermaines, being good is never good enough.

Brad visits Lucas, and asks how he’s doing. Lucas says, better by the minute. He wants to get out, and be with Brad and Wiley. Tell him about outside world. How was Brad’s day? Brad says, eventful, and Lucas asks, what’s up? Brad says, an opportunity fell into his lap out of the blue. Lucas asks if it’s a job, and Brad says it is. It’s in Portland. Lucas says, as in Oregon? and Brad says, that’s the one.

Alexis tells Sam, not that there was any relationship with Neil, but any implication of one has to be put in the rear view. Does he look interested? Sam says, no. He’s barely listening to Obrecht. She thanks Alexis for dinner, and jets.

Valentin tells Helena, he doesn’t remember much of his childhood in Greece. Living on the island, he doesn’t remember calling anyone mother. She says, his mother lived at the main house. He says he remembers getting the tattoo, and Mikkos dropping him off at boarding school. If he was a bastard, why was he provided for? Why would Mikkos draw up a will leaving him everything? She says, it’s simple. Mikkos believed Valentin was his.

Jax says he enjoyed kissing Nina. He could have gone on kissing her all year. She says, that would have been a long kiss, and he says, but she seemed uncertain. Given the world we live in, he didn’t want to seem like he was pressuring her or taking advantage. She asks if her job hinges on sleeping with him, and he says, the exact opposite, but they do work together. Nina says he is her boss, and he says he didn’t want it to look like he was taking advantage of his position. She says, funny he mentions that, and she closes the door. She says she consulted a lawyer, and as long as neither one of them are married, there’s no quid pro quo, and they’re both consenting adults – Jax says, check, check, and double check – it’s completely legal to do whatever they want. He smiles, and says it seems like with all the research she did, she wants to date him. Unless he’s wrong.

Neil tells Obrecht, he was hoping to get some work done, but she says, no one likes to eat alone. He says he’s a fan, and he only consults with his patients at work. She says she needs help now.

Alexis’s assistant calls, and she says she’s going out where she can hear better. She passes Neil’s table, and Neil says hi. He says he saw Alexis having dinner with Sam, but didn’t want to interfere with mother/daughter time. Alexis says she didn’t want to interfere with his… whatever it is.

Brad tells Lucas that Spinelli and Ellie are moving back to Port Charles, freeing up Ellie’s position. Lucas asks if it was offered to Brad, and Brad says he just got done with a marathon phone conversation. They’re willing to sweeten the pot, and make room for Lucas at the same hospital. Lucas says they must really want Brad, but Brad says, it’s not a promotion. The title is the same, although there’s more money. At first glance, it looks amazing. Lucas asks if Brad is excited, and Brad says he knows the timing is crazy. Lucas just woke up and is still recovering. Lucas says, the timing is perfect. Let’s move to Portland.

Nelle asks if she’s interrupting, and Willow asks, what business is it of Nelle’s what Brad and Lucas do with their son? Nelle says Wiley is her dearly departed husband’s flesh and blood; the only connection she has left. Willow says there’s no proof that Shiloh is Wiley’s biological father. Chase tells Nelle, it’s time to go, and if she comes back, he’ll contact her parole officer. She says he wouldn’t dare, but he thinks, given the nature of their past, it qualifies as stalking. Go. He slams the door behind her, and Willow asks if he’s okay. He says he doesn’t know, and she says she doesn’t know what pissed her off more; that Brad and Lucas are leaving, or that Nelle is taking an interest in it.   

Helena says Mikkos would amuse himself with the island girls, and stay away for months with his ridiculous mistress, the opera singer. Valentin says, so it was easy for her to conceal her pregnancy, and by the time he came back, it was easy to convince Mikkos that the baby was his. She says Mikkos surprised her, being more interested in Valentin than she thought he would be. Valentin wasn’t like the rest of them. He says, the Cassadines have tendency toward insanity, obsession, and megalomania, and she says, their appetites led Mikkos astray. Valentin was her son. He says, brilliant, and not crazy at all. Helena says, the perfect combination. He says, bravo. She managed to trick Mikkos into raising him as one of his own, branding him with the family crest, and leaving him his fortune. She says she was surprised when Mikkos changed his mind.

Nina asks Jax to look at it from her perspective. He’s probably the most stable guy in the world. He’s trustworthy and straightforward. He’s handsome and stable. He’s like an alien in the dating world. Every guy she’s been attracted to has been messed up. She doesn’t have a great track record with sanity, and all of this is different. Jax says, like trying on a new look, and Nina says, a whole new look. He asks, is the look right for her, or does she want to stick with her side of the island? She asks if his side is really fun. What if she goes to his side, and all she sees are spiders and snakes? He says he thinks she can dot every I and cross every T, and call a lawyer to get the green light, but eventually, it’s on her. She’ll have to take a chance, and he sincerely hopes she does.

Nelle sees Sasha and Michael at Kelly’s, and asks if she can’t have a night on the town without them following her. Sasha asks Michael if they should tell her that they were there first, but he says, don’t bother. He asks Nelle what he can do for her, and she says it’s really what really what she can do for him. It’s his last chance to make an offer for her ELQ shares, and it better be good.

Chase says Nelle is looking for a way to mess with their heads. She’s using Willow to get to him, and Wiley to get to Willow. Willow says, like at the hospital, where Nelle almost tricked her into letting her hold Wiley. Chase asks what happened, and she says Michael was trying to find Brad, and she had Wiley. A woman in a wheelchair showed up. She seemed nice, and told Willow about how she lost her baby, and Willow got the impression it had been recently. She asked to hold Wiley, and it was unsettling, but Willow felt bad for her. How stupid was she? Chase says, if she wants to talk stupid, allow him to introduce himself.

Brad asks if Lucas is serious, and Lucas says he’s had a lot of time to think. Julian is an ongoing problem that will only get worse. The only way to go about it might be to create physical space between them. Brad says, in Portland? and Lucas says, why not? It’s a great city, with a great climate. Brad adds, and great schools for Wiley, but won’t Lucas miss his family? Lucas says, especially his mom, but if it’s between that, and Julian always knocking at the door, she’d agree. Lucas doesn’t want it to sound like a complaint. Everyone was awesome, helping with Wiley while he was in a coma, but he wants to get back to their little family; just the three of them. He thinks he needs that right now. Brad completely agrees, and can’t believe they’re doing this. Sam walks in, and Lucas says he was literally just texting her. She says she was literally just pulling up to pay him a surprise visit. Lucas says, fate, and tells her that he needs a second opinion.

Alexis tells Neil to enjoy his evening, but Neil says, it’s not an evening. It’s not even dinner. Well, it’s his dinner. He blurts out, she’s a patient. Alexis says, if there was anything going on, it’s none of her business. She excuses herself, and goes out in the hallway. Obrecht asks if it’s something she said.

Valentin says, Mikkos was an egomaniac, obsessed with his bloodline. He couldn’t stand the thought of the woman who loved his grandson not being his, so he left his estate to Valentin. Helena couldn’t stand that, so she told him the truth. Valentin wasn’t his son. She must have relished having that conversation. She says she did; revenge was sweet. Valentin says, the most Cassadine of the bunch wasn’t even a Cassadine. Helena says that’s when he wrote the codicil, and Valentin says, but Mikkos died before he could publicly disinherit him, leaving the document in her hands. Helena says he’s doing well. Finish. Valentin says she hid the codicil in her portrait as a test. Nikolas had to set aside his hatred for her long enough to find the missing ingredient. She says the fortune was always meant to go to Spencer; that was the goal. He says, that explains how his daughter came to be. He never fully understood, but it wasn’t about Stavros’s child. It was about Helena having an heir from her line, and Luke Spencer. Helena says, my son. Congratulate her. She’s succeeded beyond her wildest dreams. She laughs, and he throws his glass at her, but she disappears, and it hits the wall. He storms out.

Nina tells Jax, before she takes a chance, she has to know why. He says, why what? and she says, there are less neurotic women out there. Why is he interested in her? Jax says he likes how he feels when he’s with her. They have fun together, and he likes being around her. She says her baggage is intense, but he says he likes a challenge, and it would be a challenge to show her that she’s not her baggage. She says he always knows what to say, when to say it, and how. Can he give her a guarantee? He says he can’t do that. He doesn’t know if they’re a match made in heaven, but they’ll never know if they don’t try. It takes a certain amount of risk. Nina says he’s never had his heart broken, but he says he has. He just chose not to shut down, and learn from his mistakes; acknowledge what went wrong, and embrace the good. He’s a believer in it, but he can’t make her believe. It’s not his leap to take. It’s hers. She kisses him.

Michael says Nelle thinks she’s won already, but the ELQ shares haven’t been probated. He’s in a much better position to weigh things out. He offered her money to go away, but if she doesn’t choose to, no biggie. He’ll sit things out. She says the stock is hers, but he says, there’s a 50% chance it will be found that Oscar was misled by a known criminal, and the bequest will be invalid. It could take up to ten years, but he has all the time in the word. Her, on the other hand… Nelle says he’s just like his mother; smug and superior. He thinks he knows everything, but he doesn’t. He’s about to lose Wiley forever.

Chase tells Willow, Nelle was compelling, and he felt bad. So bad, he let her play him. He went to Florida, and let her seduce him. If he’d just shoved her out of his hotel room and slammed the door, but he didn’t. He blames himself.

Lucas tells Sam, Brad got a great job offer, and Brad says, Lucas too. Lucas says, it means relocating to Portland. Sam says, wow. She thinks it’s awesome, and says, if she had a chance or a prayer of convincing Jason to move away, they’d be gone in a second. Julian is a pain, so they should get out while they can. Lucas says, his thoughts exactly. Sam says they might want to reconsider her as Wiley’s designated guardian. Brad asks, why? and she says she’s on parole. It’s not like she can hop on a plane if something happens to them. She asks Lucas to think about it, and he says he will. She says he’ll miss them, and tells them to promise to come home once in a while, since she can’t visit. Lucas promises, and she hugs him. She says she loves him, and thinks it will be good for all of them. Brad hopes so.

Valentin stomps past Alexis, and she follows. He goes out on the terrace, and babbles about the sun, moon, stars, villains, and fools. He says he has a compulsion, and leans on the railing. Alexis asks what he’s doing.

Jax tells Nina, this is his bedroom. She says she sees; it’s gorgeous. He asks if she wants champagne, and she says, again? He says, some things have to be celebrated, and pops the cork. He pours both of them a glass, and says, cheers. They clink glasses, and drink. He says, don’t worry. He has her. They start to get busy.

Nelle tells Michael, Brad and Lucas are moving to Portland, and Wiley will be on the other side of the country. Michael says, if that’s true, it’s their choice, and he’s happy for them. ELQ has an office in Portland, and he can visit every weekend if he wants. It’s good they’ll be far away from her. She tells him, go to hell, and walks away. Sasha says, that was fun.

Willow tells Chase, maybe she didn’t want to see Nelle that way, but he’s right. She’s exactly like Shiloh. She swears she knows the difference between someone too good to be true, and someone who’s just good. He shows her that every day. He says, funny. He was going to say the exact same thing. They kiss, and he says obviously she’s the real deal. He knew from the second they met. Even if she made him work for it. She says, maybe a little. Was it worth it? He says, every second, and they kiss some more. She pulls back a little, and he asks, what is it? Wiley? and she asks if he thinks Nelle said what she did just to get under her skin, or does he think it’s true, and Brad and Lucas are leaving? Chase says he doesn’t know, but say it was true. How does she feel about it?

Valentin tells Alexis, he’s enjoying the view. Is that a problem? She says, no, and tells him, congratulations. He’s not related to Mikkos and the rest of that dysfunctional bunch. It’s a win. He says, being Helena’s son is a step up? and she says he has none of the Cassadine crazy. Trust her, he got off easy. He tells her, have a good night, and leaves.

Sasha tells Michael, she’s impressed. Nelle was working so hard to get under his skin, but he gave her nothing. She has no idea how hard it hit him about Wiley moving. He says he’d like to think Nelle is lying, but she’s not dumb enough to lie about something so easily proven. Sasha says, Wiley won’t be in Port Charles, but Michael says he thinks it’s for the best. Sasha says he’s going to miss Wiley, and he says he will, and they hug.

Willow tells Chase, she wants to spend as much time as she can with Wiley while they live in the same town. She’ll cherish every minute, even though she knows it might not be the best thing for either of them. Her original intent was to never see Wiley again, but life happened, and she’s suddenly allowed to spend time with him. Chase says, it was a gift, and she says, completely, but every time she does, it’s hard not to see herself as his mother. She’s not, so maybe it’s better. Chase says, a good parent makes decisions based on what their kid needs, not what they need. She’s an incredible parent. They kiss, and Willow’s phone rings. It’s Lucas. She asks if everything is okay with Wiley, and he says Wiley is great. He was wondering if she could come see him in morning. There’s something important he need to fill her in on. She says she’ll be there.

Neil comes out on the terrace, and says he thought Alexis could use this, and puts his jacket on her shoulders. He asks how Valentin is, and she says, he’s having a rough time. How’s Obrecht? He says, gone, mercifully. She says he’s a brave man doing therapy with that one, and he says he’s realizing that. She tells him, goodnight, and gives back his jacket. They smile at each other.

Valentin looks at the broken glass, and throws the ring back in the bod. There’s a knock at his door. It’s Nelle, and he says he’s glad she could make it. She assumes he got her message. She’s ready to sell her ELQ stock. He says he’s ready to negotiate, and invites her in.

Jax and Nina bask in the afterglow. He says he’s really glad she took the leap, and she says, it’s the best leap she’s taken in life. His side of the island is really fun. He says, it gets more fun. He’s going to teach her to surf. She asks if she has to wear a wetsuit, and he says, he prefers she wear as little as possible. He tells her, they’re just getting started, and they kiss.

On Monday, Valentin tells Lulu that they can fight or compromise, Nina asks Jax if he has any regrets, Nelle tells Michael that she’s going to leave him and his family in the dirt, and Brando tells Sonny to tell him what he needs to know or he’ll blow everything sky high.

🍑 I’d Watch It…

I love the cast photo, although I’m sure it was photoshopped to death.


💘 Valentine Joe…

I don’t care how many tributes he posts, he’s not going to get Teresa to move to Italy any time soon.



🏡 As She Moves On, He Moves In…

It sounds kind of tight in that three bedroom house though.


🌨 A VanderBond Moment…

This is when my TV went wonky during Vanderpump Rules.


🏆 You Go, Bong…

Again, so pleased the awards were given to someone who so deserved it.


🥊 Not Forgotten…

While I only watched Y&R for a moment when Marc Singer had a stint as a villain, Kristoff St. John was in one of my favorite workout videos, Kick Butt.


👩‍💻 Quotes of the Week

Love is taking a few steps backward maybe even more…to give way to the happiness of the person you love. – Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne

Sometimes what we want isn’t what we need.Gena Showalter

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.Lao Tzu

The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers.Sydney J. Harris

Love is, above all, the gift of oneself. – Jean Anouilh

Music is life. That’s why our hearts have beats. – Unknown

Love is the hardest habit to break and the most difficult to satisfy. Drew Barrymore

If I could speak all the languages of earth and of angels, but didn’t love others, I would only be a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. If I had the gift of prophecy, and if I understood all of God’s secret plans and possessed all knowledge, and if I had such faith that I could move mountains, but didn’t love others, I would be nothing. If I gave everything I have to the poor and even sacrificed my body, I could boast about it; but if I didn’t love others, I would have gained nothing.1 Corinthians 13 (NIV)

💝 Summing It Up…

Whether you’re loving the one your with, think love is a many splendored thing, can’t help falling in love, or you’re all out of love, I hope the day dedicated to love was everything you wanted, or at least not too hard on you.

January 16, 2020 – Nikolas Apologizes, Heritage Runway, Too Much, Looking Good, New Laughs, Gina In the OC, Creepy Snacks & Closed


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Michael tells Tracy that she thinks she’ll have a say in Leo and Olivia’s shares, but Olivia has her own mind, and he trusts her judgement. Brook says Michael is either naïve or masterful at sucking up. Pascal says, yay or nay on giving Olivia and Leo the shares, and Brook tells him, hold on, Fish and Chips. He says she’s delightful, and Tracy says, she’s all Ned’s. Nelle comes in and says there must be a mistake. There’s no way they started the meeting without her. Michael says he couldn’t stop her from having a memorial for Shiloh, but now she’s trespassing, and violating her parole. One call to the police… Martin joins her, and says she has every legal right to be there. Tracy asks, who are these people, and how do they keep getting in? Did they adopt an open door policy while she was away? Olivia says the door leads out too. Nelle says the housekeeper let them in, and introduces Martin, who was parking the car. Martin says Nelle inherited Shiloh’s ELQ shares. Ned says if he was Nelle, he would take his smooth talking lawyer and turn around. This will not end well.

Jason tells Carly, there were two wills. One bequeathed Oscar’s shares to start a foundation. Carly says she heard it was up and running, and Jason says that’s because it was funded by the Quartermaines, and the shares should be returned to the family. The other will left the shares to Shiloh. My dogs start a ruckus, so I have to get up, and miss what Carly says about Nelle, but it’s not complementary. She says she wishes someone would run Nelle over with a truck, and Jason says, maybe somebody will.

Alexis finds Sam at the MetroCourt, and Sam tells Alexis to brace herself. Nelle is out of prison, but wait, there’s more. Nelle is Shiloh’s widow.

Lulu opens the door, and Nikolas asks if he can come in. He knows it’s late, but he owes her an apology. She steps aside, and he walks in. She says he does, but he owes a bigger one to Charlotte. He says he understands, but she says, he doesn’t. He told Charlotte that he was her secret bodyguard. He says, Charlotte found him searching Windymere, and he didn’t want to alarm Valentin. Lulu says he told Charlotte that he’d always protect her. She believed him, and trusted he’d keep her safe. When Rocco doubted her, Charlotte jumped into the harbor to prove it. She could have drowned or died from hypothermia, and it’s his fault.

Someone is banging like crazy on Brad’s door. The apartment is in total disarray, and Brad stumbles over all the toys and baby supplies, opening the door to Julian. Julian says, good. Brad’s alive. He’s not answering Julian’s calls or texts. Brad says he’s stretched little bit, and Julian tells him, shut the hell up and stop whining. He says Brad is losing it, and if he’s not more careful, Sonny will figure out why.

Carly tells Jason, she can’t let Nelle drive her crazy. There’s too much going on. She arranged for Stella to fly in. Sonny had no idea, but she believes Stella is the best, most objective person to talk to. Jason says she’s right, and Carly says she’s not hoping Stella will sway Sonny, but she doesn’t want him to make things worse. Jason says they’ll do everything they can, but his best advice in the end is that Mike is Sonny’s father, and Sonny has to decide. Sonny walks in, and says he’s come to a decision about his dad.

Nelle asks if Ned just threatened her, but Brook says he’s too smart to do that in a room full of people and two lawyers. Martin says, they’re not people? Ned says, no threat. The family company owns the stock, and the underhanded way Nelle’s murdering husband got his hands on it is still an issue. Olivia says they’ll tie her up with court fees and appearances until she’s old and grey. They’ll make her life a living hell. If she jaywalks, they’ll revoke her parole. Nelle says the stock is hers, and everyone tells her, shut up, in unison. Martin says, there’s no need for hostility. There’s a temporary injunction while the will is in probate, and Nelle gets to vote. Tracy tells Pascal to earn his keep, and  tell them why the injunction doesn’t apply.

Alexis tells Sam, the hits keep on coming from Shiloh. Talk about not resting in peace. Does Sam want to talk about what it means for her? Sam says, it’s nothing they can’t handle. Michael is another story. Nelle was her cellmate. She knew Nelle had something up her sleeve, but she wasn’t there long enough to figure out what. Alexis says, marrying Shiloh for starters, but Sam bets she’s still after Michael. Alexis says she knows Sam has handled worse, but please be careful.

Sonny says he’s decided to get the evaluation. He knows it’s not what they want to hear, but he’d appreciate support. Carly says she’ll tell him what she just told Jason. She brought Stella, not to talk to Sonny about what she wants, but to help Sonny with what he’s going through, and do what she does best. She’s objective, and can be a sounding board. If Sonny feels this is the best option after talking to Stella, she’ll absolutely support him. Sonny says, that means everything, and Carly says she wants what’s best for him and Mike. He thanks her, and says he knows Jason has a lot going on, but if he’s up for it, Sonny needs his help.

Julian tells Brad that Sonny heard their conversation on the docks. Brad wonders how, and Julian says, hell if he knows. Maybe he was having Carly tailed. They need to be more careful. Brad asks what Sonny knows, and Julian says, nothing yet, but he just needs one push to investigate. He explained to Sonny that he was warning Brad to keep Wiley away so he could finagle time with his grandson. Brad needs to keep Carly at arm’s length, and make an excuse as to why Julian is spending time with Wiley. Brad says, no, and Julian asks, what does he mean, no? Brad says he’s out of excuses. He can barely take care of himself, and has no interest in taking care of Julian.

Sam thinks Neil getting his license revoked is extreme, and Alexis says, those are the rules. You have to wait two years before seeing a former patient socially. Sam says she’s sorry, and Alexis says, typical. She finally meets a smart, thoughtful, funny, intriguing guy, who’s not a criminal, and he’s being punished for a relationship that barely exists. It’s absurd. That’s why she needs a meeting. She tells Sam, she’s sorry to cut this short, but Sam says, it’s okay. Sam tells Alexis to take care of herself, and Alexis says, if Sam does. Sam says, deal, and Alexis heads out.

Sonny tells Jason that they’ll stay the night. While Mike is in the clinic, he’s going to call a meeting. He’ll let everyone know the situation is stable. Everyone is doing business, and  getting along with their neighbors. Get what he’s saying? Carly says Sonny is planning a business trip? Mike is having a hard time, and he needs the energy to focus. How is Sonny going to do business? Sonny asks what the alternative is, and she suggests he not go to the clinic. She or Stella could go. She knows he wants to do this for his dad, but he has a lot on his plate, and has other people who can do this for him.

Nikolas tells Lulu, he’s sorry. He saw Charlotte the night Cassandra tried to kidnap her, and couldn’t afford for Valentin to find out. She says, so he lied, like he lied to everyone. Then he showed up at the wedding, and took away everything that matters to Charlotte; her home, and her security. Nikolas says, like Valentin did to Spencer, and Lulu says, is that what they’re doing now? Comparing him to Valentin? Charlotte is family, and family is supposed to protect each other, not rip each other’s lives apart. He’s not sorry. He has everything he wants, including a bizarro marriage to Ava. Obviously, it’s about money. He was never like the other Cassadines, greedy and selfish. That wasn’t him. What happened? Nikolas says she told him all that mattered was that he was alive, and they’d figure out the rest later. She says, welcome to later. He says his goal is to make things right, starting with Spencer. She asks how he thinks Spencer is going to react. He says he doesn’t know, and she says she prays that after the dust settles, Spencer fares better than her daughter.

Pascal says, Edward Quartermaine made provision for all of his heirs. When it was determined that Oscar was Alan’s grandson, he was given shares. Tracy says, get to the good part, and Pascal says, Oscar suffered from a brain tumor, compromising his judgement. Tracy says, that’s the good part? Pascal says, Oscar left conflicting wills. One done with Alexis, where he bequeathed the shares to Shiloh. Nelle says, which belong to her, and again everyone tells her, shut up, in unison. Pascal says, prior to Oscar’s death, he made a handwritten will bequeathing the shares to a non-profit of his own creation. Nelle says, what? and Pascal says it’s for disadvantaged travelers to climb a mountain Oscar always dreamed of doing. The two wills are at odds with each other, but the foundation was already funded by the Quartermaines, in expectation that the shares would revert to them to divide as they saw fit; hence the transfer to the ELQ board. Martin says, the former will claims the shares go to Shiloh, and should now be transferred to his widow – Nelle says, that’s her – until the final determination. Which bequest takes precedence might be premature. He’s obtained a temporary injunction which allows his client to vote the shares. Tracy asks if that’s legal, and Pascal says, it appears to be. Unless it’s a forgery… Nelle says, they belong her. She told them so.

Lulu tells Nikolas, she watched their mom grieve for three years. Lulu was devastated, but Nikolas is Laura’s son. It’s different when a parent loses a child. He put her through that. He says he hated every second, and she says he didn’t hate it enough or needed revenge more. He knows his mother battles mental illness, and could have reached out, but he didn’t. She doesn’t care how awful Valentin is – and she knows how evil he is. Nikolas could have handled it a hundred different ways. She’ll never understand why he chose the one that caused his family so much pain.

Brad tells Julian, he’s overwhelmed. His husband is in a coma, and taking care of their son is all on him. Julian says he gets it. However, if Sonny gets wind of what they did, they’re toast. Brad says he’ll go along with Julian’s cover story, and Julian says, their cover story. Julian asks, what about Nelle? and Brad says he can’t think about that right now. Julian asks, what if she reaches out? and suggests Brad ignore her. Brad says, Nelle doesn’t like to be ignored. Julian doesn’t care, and tells Brad to let him know if it happens. It’s coming in from all sides. They have no more room for error, and need to do this for as long as they need to. Brad says he just wants it to go away. He wants Lucas to wake up. He wants to see his husband’s face, and hear his laugh. If he thought telling Sonny would bring Lucas back, he’d march over now, and spill the whole damn story.

Ned tells Martin that it’s helpful they understand the situation, since they’re all shareholders, but Martin isn’t, and this is private. He asks Pascal to show Martin to the den, and they leave. Tracy asks who wants to do the honors, and Michael says he started this mess, so he will. He’ll pay Nelle to go away. He’ll send a wire transfer to the bank of her choice. He writes a figure down, and gives it to her, saying, take it or leave it.

Sonny says he gets what Carly is saying, and she has the right to be concerned, but the reason he wants to go to Brooklyn, is because it’s where Mike lived. It’s where he grew up, and where his father fell in love with his mother. Carly says, not all the memories are happy ones, but Sonny says Bensonhurst was a big part of his father’s life. He wants Mike to be calm and focused when he goes for the evaluation. They said familiar surroundings are helpful, and he’s bringing Jason as back-up, so he can focus on his dad. Carly asks what Jason thinks. Jason says he thinks they all agree it’s a long shot, but it’s Mike’s last shot, and Sonny has the right to take it.

Nelle crumples the paper, and says she’s not taking it. It’s spare change for them. Ned looks at it, and says, it’s a very generous offer. Nelle says that’s what they think of her; they can pay her off and she’ll go away. She tells Michael, she had his baby. They created a life together. He crashed the car and their baby died. Does he think she’ll just take the money, and they can retreat into their family fortune while she says thank you and drops a curtsy? Hell no. She has a say. Do they think she wanted to marry skeezy Shiloh? She worked hard to get what she wanted, and they need to get used to it. She’s not going anywhere. Brook says Nelle is as dumb as she looks, and the worst kind of gold-digger. A waif who shows up with a sad story. She got herself pregnant – points for that – but the baby is gone. She thinks she can get her hands on their money, but she should take the offer. If she doesn’t, she’ll end up with nothing. Nelle says Michael wouldn’t let that happen, and Brook tells her to enjoy her pretend power while it lasts. Soon, her greed is going to get the best of her. She’s going to mess up, and get caught, and it’s goodbye Nelle, back to Pentenville. Nelle grabs Brook’s arm, and Brook shakes her off, saying, that’s a parole violation. Nelle calls for Martin, who says, she bellowed? She tells him, this is no longer a safe space, and Olivia says, she has no idea. Martin says, play time is over; they’ll be in touch. When they’re gone, Tracy says Brook’s great-grandfather would be proud.

Nikolas tells Lulu that she wasn’t in his shoes, but she says she thinks she’s capable of putting herself in his position. Nikolas says she can’t imagine what it was like to get shot, fall out the window, and watch Valentin walk away with everything. She says she watched that too, but he says it wasn’t hers. She can’t know what it felt like. Valentin took his home, fortune, and family legacy. It was like he never existed. Is he supposed to be okay with that? She says, of course (🍷) not, but there were other ways. He says, what ways? and she says she doesn’t know, but he could have come home and they could have fought Valentin together. He says, and give Valentin the opportunity to kill him again, and maybe take one of them as a bonus? He’s seen good intentions smack into the real world. His only chance to stop Valentin is to play by his rules. He regrets hurting his family, but he won. He got his life back; how can he regret that?

Carly asks if Sonny has to call a meeting. What if something goes wrong? Sonny says he and Jason can handle it. Jason says, the best thing that can happen is, Mike will be his old self again. Carly says they know there are no guarantees, but maybe she’s been looking at it wrong. She’s been trying so hard to protect her family. Maybe she needs to accept that it’s a difficult situation, and there are no good choices. Whatever choice Sonny makes is the right one for him.

Sonny says he’s going to call Turning Woods, and check on his dad. He tells Jason, it will be good to take Mike back to where he grew up; the old neighborhood is half Cerullos and half Falconaris. Sonny goes to make the call, and Carly asks how Jason is dealing with the separation from Sam. He says he’s okay, but she says that’s not enough for her; talk to her. He says, it’s hardest on the kids. They’re not able to see each other all that much, but he calls a lot and they video chat before bed. Carly is surprised Jason video chats, and he says, whatever it takes. She says she’s sorry. She thought the nightmare was over, now this. How long do they have to be apart? Jason says, two years, unless… until they find a way around it. She asks if there are any possibilities, and he says they’re working on it. She tells him, be honest, and asks if the trip is bad timing, but he says he thinks it’s a good distraction. She tells him that if he has to go home, go. Sonny comes back in, and Carly ask how his dad is. Gladys appears, and says, not so great. She just came from visiting him. Sonny says, it sounds like Mike is having a bad day, and Gladys says, he was agitated, and more out of it. Sonny says, the clinical trial is tomorrow, and Gladys asks if it’s the one she told him about. Carly says, that’s the one, and Gladys says, good. She’s glad they’re going. It sounded promising. She tells Sonny, if she can be of any help, she’d be happy to tag along.

Julian sits in the chapel. He says he messed up, and nearly killed his own son. What if his son doesn’t survive? What if he… He hears someone come in, and sees it’s Alexis. Julian asks what she’s doing there, and she says she had an AA meeting. She guesses she doesn’t need to ask who he’s praying for. Julian says, not that God is going to listen to him. She says, she would listen, and he says he doesn’t know where to turn anymore. He doesn’t know how to fix this. Alexis says the meeting isn’t starting for a while, and asks if he wants to talk.

Michael apologizes, but Olivia says it’s not his fault. Tracy says, it is, a little bit. What was he thinking, getting involved with a murderous psychopath? The others list all the men Tracy has been involved with, and Olivia says, it’s quite a roster. Tracy points out this is coming from the woman who got knocked up by Julian, but Olivia says, it was a one-night stand; Tracy married them. Ned tells Tracy, admit it. She doesn’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to lousy spouses. She says, enough. They’re not talking about her past; they’re talking about the present. Michael says, she’s right. He appreciates them defending him, but he screwed up. He brought Nelle into their lives, and he’s going to do everything he can to get her out. Tracy asks, how? She sits down, and says, she’s waiting.

Jason calls to let Sam know he’s going out of town for a couple of days. He’s going to the city with Mike and Sonny, and thinks it might make it easier to stay apart. She wishes she could see him before he leaves, and he says he does too. She says she misses him, and he says he misses her. He’ll call when he gets there. She tells him, be safe, and he says they’re going to figure the Peter thing out. She says she knows.

Pascal says he’ll notify the other shareholders of the recent developments, and Tracy says, be sure to say they’re temporary. Pascal says, of course (🍷). As he’s leaving, they find Sam on the porch, and Pascal says he was about to call her. She asks, why? and Tracy says they have a lot to catch up on. She’ll fill Sam in.

Sonny says he thought Gladys went back to Bridgeport. She says it’s a long drive, even in her new fancy car, and she stayed so late at Turning Woods, she was hoping he’d let her stay another night. Sonny says he knows she’s working this to get every penny. He doesn’t like it, but he’s not really judging her because she’s done so much for his dad. He appreciates it, and he’s grateful. Gladys says Mike is a sweetheart, and she loves spending time with him. Sonny says he’ll let her stay until they figure out what’s wrong with his father (um… isn’t it Alzheimer’s?), assuming his wife is okay with it. Carly wants everything in the open, and says the way Gladys is leveraging being Dev’s fake grandma is obvious and despicable. She’s not going to pretend she’s putting up with it. For Mike’s sake, Gladys can stay, but if she steps out of line, she’s gone. Sonny says, and the second they don’t need her… Carly says she’s out of there. I honestly don’t understand why they’re so hostile toward Gladys.

Nikolas tells Lulu that he’ll find a way to make it up to everyone. He hopes she never has to see the people she loves pay for her choices, and ask herself if it’s worth it. She asks if it was, and he says the truth is, he doesn’t know. All he knows is, he couldn’t let Valentin walk away with everything. He had to get back and show Valentin that he’s the true Cassadine heir, and Valentin is nothing. Lulu says she’s glad he’s alive, but she hopes he comes to his senses, and she gets her real brother back.

Olivia asks if Ned thinks this is a good thing or a bad thing, and he says, it could go either way. Oscar’s last request was made in their favor. Olivia says, but it was when he wasn’t mentally competent. Michael says, there’s no way in hell they’re handing the shares over to Nelle. Sam has come in, and she says, what? Michael says Nelle married Shiloh, and now that he’s dead, the 5% of ELQ Oscar left him goes to her. Brook says, it’s temporary, and Tracy says she hopes so. Tracy thanks Brook for what she did, saying, she was amazing. Ned says he thinks it’s his proudest moment as her father. Brook says, it was her pleasure. She might not always agree with them, but she can recognize a gold-digging crazy person trying to get her mitts on their money. Michael says, too bad she wasn’t there when he got involved with Nelle. Brook says, the bottom line is, they’re Quartermaines, and when push comes to shove, they protect their own.

Alexis looks at her phone, and says she should have seen this coming. She tells Julian that Lucas is more important than anything, but she has to talk to Ned. She’ll be back. He asks if everything is okay, and she says, Nelle was released from Pentenville, and she’s wasting no time in wreaking havoc on Port Charles again.

Again there’s mad banging on Brad’s door. He flings it open, saying, what? and Nelle asks if that’s any way to treat his baby’s mother. She comes in, lugging her suitcase and vision board. She tells him not to worry; she didn’t escape. Brad says she can’t stay there, but she says, of course (🍷) she can. It’s only temporary. She has oodles of assets, and after her legal hassles have been cleared up, she’ll find her own place. She sets up her vision board, and says she has a beautiful home, a glorious life, and people who love her. She’s finally going to have everything she’s ever wanted.

Tomorrow, Michael asks Sasha to move in, Cameron tells Trina that he has feelings, Willow discovers Nelle at Brad’s, and Sonny asks why Taggert is back.

👘 Tonight on Project Runway, Victoria said she felt guilty, and hoped nobody was mad because she’s been on top so many times. I translated this to mean she doesn’t really feel guilty, but doesn’t want anyone to sabotage her, so she’s saying she does. The challenge was to incorporate their personal history and cultural heritage in a design of their choosing. They were to create any look they wanted to, using their heritage and unique background. You’d think this would be fun, but it was like when I had to buy all new furniture after Hurricane Sandy. It sounds like heaven, unless you’re being forced to do it. Delvin said it probably sounded like freedom to the others, but he preferred direction, since he’s all over the place. It was a one-day challenge, and Christian said the makeup and hair would be an important factor in the look. Not to miss an opportunity for produce placement, he added, Maybelline believes beauty comes from diversity and individuality.

Everyone got FaceTime calls from a family member, mostly parents, but for Victoria, it was her husband, and Nancy, her sister. Delvin found out his paternal grandfather was Mexican, which was a big surprise, and didn’t help his mental block, but he started to envision his French Creole side mixing with French couture. The designers got $300 and 30 minutes at Mood. Being a seamstress isn’t in my wheelhouse, aside from a few costumes I whipped up for high school plays, but I love this store. It’s on my list of places to visit the next time I’m in NYC.

Christian’s advice was to make it about then, but what girls want to wear now. Sergio refused to show Christian his design because it was so personal. In his interview, Sergio said he knew the struggle, while Christian didn’t, and he felt it wasn’t something he could explain to everyone. Christian told everyone he loved surprises, and had one for them. This would also be a flash sale challenge, and the fan and judge favorites would be sold on Bravo’s site. I’ve noticed I get very tense when it gets close to time and the designers don’t have enough done. Shavi was using some kind of lamé material that he didn’t realize was so sheer. He had to make do with what he had as a lining, and felt it was doable in the two hours they had left the next day. He made me a nervous wreck, since he obviously was not accounting for something unexpected. Chelsey came up with an awesome varsity jacket, celebrating her mom and grandmother. Sergio did a red and white design, with the names of children who had died in custody at the border embroidered on it. He enlisted the help of any model available to do the embroidery, and I wondered why this wasn’t considered cheating.

My personal favorites were Dayoung, with an Asian-inspired jacket and long skirt – Brandon thought the skirt and jacket would have two different kinds of customers – Nancy’s pants and top ensemble that included an awesome coat; Chelsey’s varsity jacket; and Brittany’s flouncy skirted take on Western wear. While Delvin turned himself inside out, hating his own dress, he’d added some handwriting on the bodice that was actually pretty cool. Sadly, the zipper buckled, as did Shavi’s entire garment.

Karlie said the show was compelling. Brandon gave the advice that a bold color will draw attention to imperfections. Guest judge Fernando Garcia, co-creative director for Oscar de la Renta (one of my favorites!), said the designer should listen to the fabric. Everyone agreed that Chelsey was on challenge, and the lamé wasn’t Shavi’s best work. Sergio got pretty emotional when he told his creation’s backstory, but Nina said despite his moving narrative, at the end of the day, it was about the fashion, and for one thing, they couldn’t read the names, so the message got lost. Elaine said the usage of cotton cheapened the garment. Dayoung’s design was pronounced polished and sleek, and Brandon said any and all women would wear her jacket. In another pearl of wisdom, he told her that a good designer speaks across ages.

The top three were Victoria, who’d had an incredible fitted jumpsuit, Chelsey, and Dayoung. At the bottom were Shavi, Delvin, and Sergio. Everyone got accolades for taking big risks. Chelsey was the big winner. I’d definitely buy that, although I’m sure it’s going to be out of my price range. Sergio squeaked by, and Shavi was out. Brandon said he’d done exceptional work, and it was just a small part of his greater story. Christian said that Shavi had passion and worked hard, and not everybody had those qualities. In his exit interview, Shavi said that he came there to be him and show his talents, but he didn’t think he accomplished that. He still hoped he made his grandmother proud.

Next time, a collab with Ashley Longshore, and another medical emergency for Dayoung.

🎓 Yep, I Was Right…

I had to find out. Chelsey’s varsity jacket is out of my price range at $385. If it’s within yours, here you go:


🍸 Noted: Kristen (Vanderpump Rules) was on Watch What Happens Live this week, and she looked the best I’ve ever seen her. Positively glowing, along with some nice hair extensions. Apparently, she and Carter have called it quits for real, so it must be all that extra weight she lost.

🗽 Nora from Queens with Awkwafina looks hilarious! It’s on Wednesdays at 10:30 pm on Comedy Central.

🌴 Is She Or Isn’t She…?

Divorced, still on the show, Matt’s side piece? But most of all, we want to know what Gina’s done with her hair lately.

She’s mad at Matt.


Her Housewife status is shaky.


She’s mad at Matt.


🐟 Is anyone else creeped out by Goldfish crackers? I don’t want a snack that smiles back, and goes on vacation, and has a family. It’s right up there with Charlie begging you to eat his mother.

🎉 Alert the Media…

It’s before 3 am. Meet you at the hospital tomorrow.

December 17, 2019 – Franco Wakes Up, Vicki’s Formal Western Farmhouse Chic Engagement, OC Reunion, Matt’s Arrest, Justification & Plastic Jingle


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

So sorry. I missed the beginning. I don’t know why I think I’ll have time later to watch and fill it in, since that almost never happens. I’m still not done Christmas shopping, so every spare moment is going toward that at the moment. And when that’s done, decorations. Then cards. But I digress. I had the usual small dog distraction. You’ll figure it out, as I did. Shh… Franco is waking up…

Finn says he thinks Peter’s mother is proud of him. He went toward the danger, and because of that, Franco is going to return to his family. Peter tells him, please stop.

Elizabeth asks Franco to say something. Does he remember her? He says, Elizabeth.

Lulu calls 911, and says her ten-year-old jumped in the water. Her friend jumped in after her, but they need to send paramedics, and possibly rescue divers. Dustin says he’s got Charlotte, and pulls her out onto the pier. Lulu tells the dispatcher, they’re out of the water, but they still need paramedics. Dustin says Charlotte is conscious and breathing, but has possible shock and hypothermia. Lulu repeats what he said to the dispatcher.

Ava says, that concludes the auction, and thanks everyone for coming to the gallery. The gallery will contact the winners, and insure secure transport of their item. She tells Mr. Keys that he’s always professional, and went above and beyond. He says, it’s one for the record books. Laura asks if Ava knew the painting was rigged to self-destruct, and Ava says, of course (🍷) not. Would she hold an auction, and have Laura and Valentin outbid each other if she knew? Laura says, absolutely yes. Jax says, maybe she didn’t. Ava thanks him, and he adds, do it on her own. Maybe she had help. Curtis says they can rule out the artist; he’s been dead for years. Ava says she had to notify the estate about selling the painting. Maybe they sent an emissary at his request. Jax says, since the gallery failed to deliver, the bid is null and void. Ava agrees, and says she got it for next to nothing, but just the thought of making Valentin buy back his own garbage was too delicious.

Behind the gallery, Nikolas says he’s going to make Ava wish she’d stayed in Shadybrook. Trina comes to the gate, and asks who is he, and what is he doing there?

Valentin enjoys some champagne, and scarfs down appetizers. Jax asks if Valentin isn’t upset that he lost the painting that he almost paid a half million dollars for. Valentin says, prepare for a shock. He didn’t want it. He just didn’t want Jax to have it. Laura asks, why is that? and Valentin says he knew Jax was working for her, and she lied about getting it for Spencer. They agree on one thing; one portrait of Helena is one too many. He tells Ava that he tips his hat to her. Getting him to pay half a million dollars for his own garbage to teach him a lesson? Salute. She did him a favor. Now the portrait is gone, along with its many secrets.    

Nikolas has his back to Trina, and says he’s a collector. She says she didn’t see him bidding. He holds up the tablet, and says, that’s what this is for. He watches behind-the-scenes, and has a proxy bid for him. She says, a secret art collector? More like a thief. That’s why he has his back turned, so she can’t see his face. Oddly enough, they just had a break-in. The cops should hear his story. She suggests they find out, and he jets. She says, like she thought.

Valentin says, the portrait was cursed. It’s what Helena wanted, but no longer; no more. They can move on to happier things. Laura asks if he’s dying or just moving, and Valentin says he’s getting married. He hopes they can all make it. Nina says she delivered the invitations personally. Trina comes in, and tells Ava that she caught someone lurking out back, but he took off. Ava says, maybe he was the art arsonist, or more likely a disappointed art lover.

Dustin tells the paramedics that Charlotte wasn’t in the water long, and Lulu says, thanks to him. Rocco says he’s sorry, but Lulu says, Charlotte will be okay. She just wishes she knew why Charlotte would do something like this.

Nina says, thrilling as it’s been, she thinks it’s time to leave. Valentin says Charlotte’s mother should be bringing her back any minute. They leave, and Ava guesses the party is over. She thanks Trina, saying she couldn’t have done it without her. Trina says she can stay. Maybe if they put their heads together, they can figure out what happened. Ava knows if anyone could figure it out, it would be Trina, but art happens sometimes. She hands Trina a stack of cash, telling her, here’s a nice bonus. Trina thanks her, and Ava says, do spend it all in one place. She’ll be glad she did. Jax tells Laura that he’s heading out. She looks at what’s left of the torched painting, and goes with him.

Lulu calls Valentin, obviously upset. He asks if Charlotte is all right, and she says, something happened. She can’t explain now. He tells her, put Charlotte on the phone, and Nina asks if Charlotte is okay. Lulu tells him, the paramedics said Charlotte was okay, but they’re taking her to GH. She’ll explain there. Laura asks, what happened? but Valentin doesn’t know. He has to get to the hospital.

Peter knows Finn means well, but he’s no hero. Anna says he saved two lives, and Peter says, he took another. She says Franco’s family will have him back, and Peter says he was just in the right place at the right time. Finn says, if Franco comes out okay, he doesn’t think Elizabeth and the boys will ever leave Peter alone.

Elizabeth tells Franco, she’s right there; so is Cameron. Franco looks at Cameron, and says, hey. Is he okay? Did they hurt him? Cameron says, he’s okay. Franco saved him, and he wouldn’t be asking if he didn’t remember. Elizabeth says, oh my God, you’re you. Franco. Franco says who else would he be?

Andre tells Franco, don’t force it. Allow the memories to come back on their own. Franco says he remembers being strapped to the chair, and them injecting him with a needle. How long has it been? Elizabeth says he was gone a while, and he asks if it’s still summer. She says, no, and he says, fall? Cameron says, it’s December. Franco says Andre doesn’t live in Port Charles anymore. What’s he doing there? Andre says, it’s a long story, better absorbed later. Franco says, now would be great, and Andre tells him to think of a deep sea diver who’s been down too long. If he surfaces too quickly, he can get the bends. He’s sure they have better things talk about, and he’s going to leave them to it. He leaves, and Elizabeth smiles at Franco. Franco asks if that guy is gone. He has to ask something important. Do they think the cafeteria is still open? Elizabeth laughs.

Andre tells Peter, Finn, and Anna that Franco is awake. Finn tells them that he’s always said Andre was a genius. Anna asks if Franco is okay. Peter says he’s just glad it worked out. It’s going to be a great story. He’s going to put Lulu on it. Finn says he might want to bring in another reporter. Charlotte was just brought into the hospital. Valentin, Nina, and Laura run in, and Valentin asks, where is she? Lulu says, she’s sleeping, and he goes into Charlotte’s room. He kneels by the bed and kisses her forehead. He says, whatever happened, he’ll fix it. He swears he’ll fix everything. Laura asks, what happened? and Lulu says they were on the pier, and Charlotte jumped in. Nina asks, why? but Lulu has no idea. Dustin jumped in after her. Dustin doesn’t think Charlotte breathed in any water, and Laura thanks him. Dustin is glad he was there. Valentin wonders how Charlotte fell in, but Lulu says, she jumped. He asks why Charlotte would plunge herself in ice cold water, and Rocco says, it’s his fault. He didn’t believe her about her bodyguard.

Ava looks at the frame and the burned fragments of the painting. Curtis is still there, and she says, perhaps he didn’t hear her announcement; the auction is over. Curtis says he was hoping for a minute, so she can expand his knowledge of fine art. She asks if he has a specific artist or piece in mind, and he says, the portrait; the one that burst into flames. She says, what about it? and he says, all he knows is, she had it destroyed. She asks why she’d do a thing like that? He says Valentin had the most to gain in getting rid of it, and she asks if Curtis thinks she’d lift a finger help Valentin, much less destroy a work of art. Curtis says, if she didn’t do for him, and it damn sure wasn’t Jax, then who? Ava says it’s been wonderful catching up, but she has an early day tomorrow.

Jax meets Nikolas, and says now Nikolas knows why he didn’t want him there. Nikolas says he got away, and Jax says it’s lucky Trina didn’t get a good look at him, although she probably wouldn’t recognize him. Nikolas says, see? No problem. They can regroup. The portrait literally went up in smoke, along with any chance to overturn the will. Jax says, to be honest, he’s relieved. When you play with high stakes, you learn to cut your losses. He lost; Valentin won. Game over. Nikolas says he’s going to finish what he started, but Jax says, the only thing left is what Nikolas should have done a long time ago. Let his family know he’s alive. Go back to them, and live his life. Nikolas says that’s not going to happen until he’s destroyed Valentin. Until it’s over, they’re allies. Jax says, until New Year’s Eve. After that, he’ll deal with Valentin in his own way on his own time. He walks away.

Curtis finds Trina at the café, where she’s counting her money, and says, look at her. Be careful. Money doesn’t buy what it used to, but she can still put it to good use. He sits with her, and introduces himself. He thinks they met at Franco and Elizabeth’s wedding reception. She says she knows who he is. His wife is the police commissioner, but she wasn’t at the auction. Curtis says, she’s out catching bad guys. It turns out, they’re everywhere, even in the back room at an art gallery. She says she noticed, and he asks if she’s sure she didn’t recognize the intruder, and the money wasn’t payment to say she didn’t. She asks if he’s curious, or did his wife make him a deputy? Can she see his badge? He says she can’t blame him for being curious. Another question; who destroyed the painting? She says he could try asking Ava, but he says he’s asking her. If she’s as smart as he thinks she is, she’ll tell him.

Lulu tells Rocco, nothing is his fault. Rocco says, Charlotte told him that she had a secret bodyguard, and wanted to prove it. Dustin says, she jumped in so the bodyguard would save her? and Rocco says he’s sorry. Lulu says he has nothing to be sorry for, and Laura agrees. His sister can be headstrong, and likes to prove she’s right. Valentin asks if she’s blaming Charlotte, and Lulu says, all that matters is that Charlotte will be okay. Rocco thanks Dustin for saving his sister. Finn comes out of the elevator, and says he just got a page that Charlotte was there. Is she okay? Valentin asks why an infectious disease specialist was called, and Finn imagines it’s to check to see if Charlotte picked up an infection, and goes into Charlotte’s room. Laura says Charlotte told her that her father hired a bodyguard, and Valentin says he didn’t, and he would have told Lulu if he had. Lulu says, because full disclosure is his thing. Laura says she thought it must be a secret imaginary friend Charlotte conjured up after Cassandra abducted her. Lulu says Charlotte was made a target for Valentin’s enemies, and Valentin asks if she’s saying it’s his fault. Finn comes out, and says, Charlotte is asking for her grandmother. Laura goes in.

Franco asks if Cameron took good care of his mom, and Elizabeth says, he certainly has. Cameron says Franco was wrong, and Franco says he’s wrong all the time. About what? Cameron says, about what Franco said when he took his place; that the world would be better off without him in it. Franco says he was just saying that. It’s what families do, and they’re family. He asks where Aiden and Jake are, and Elizabeth says they didn’t know when he’d wake up, or if he’d remember them, so they’re with Audrey. Franco says they can fill him in on what happened; all of it. Elizabeth says there’s so much to explain. They need to take it slowly. Cameron says the most important thing is that his mom didn’t give up. She wouldn’t quit or let them quit. Elizabeth says, neither did Franco’s dad. He went to bat for Franco. Franco says there’s something they’re not telling him, but it doesn’t matter. He thanks them for not giving up. It’s the first time anybody refused to give up on him, much less everybody. Cameron says he’ll leave them to it. Elizabeth hugs Franco, and he says, not so fast. Is there anyone else he needs to thank?

Anna tells Peter, what a night. it had a kind of balance. The gunman died, but Franco came back to his family. The good guys won. Peter says he wants to make sure it The Invader’s lead story before someone else gets the scoop. Cameron says Franco wants to see Peter, and Anna says, an exclusive.

Franco tells Elizabeth, they have a few minutes, and she asks what he has in mind. He says, a couple of things; their vows. She asks if he wants to renew them, but he says he has a new one. Just him; she doesn’t have to do any. He takes her hand, and says, Elizabeth Imogene Webber, he vows to spend the rest of his life making it up to her for fighting for him. She says she loves it. Peter comes in, and says Franco asked to see him. Is there something Peter can do for him? Franco thinks Peter knows what he’s done, and so does he.

Finn says Charlotte has no infection, and there’s no need to keep her overnight. She needs to rest a while, then she can go home. Valentin says there’s no reason she can’t have more than one visitor, but Nina says she doesn’t want to overwhelm Charlotte. Just tell Charlotte that she loves her, and she’s there. Laura tells Charlotte that she’ll be just outside, but Charlotte wants her to stay.

Jax sees Nina, who says it’s sweet of him to come. Charlotte is fine; she’s resilient. He says he knows what Charlotte means to her. She says, and Valentin.

Valentin tells Charlotte, when he was a kid, they went swimming in the summer. Is she trying to start a chapter of the polar bear club? She says, sorry, but he says she doesn’t have to be. Just be okay. She says she doesn’t know why her bodyguard didn’t save her.

Trina messes with her phone, and Curtis says sometimes he wonders if her generation lives on their devices so they don’t have to deal with real questions. She says she’s not a generation; she’s her. And it’s not her fault he doesn’t like the answers. He says, maybe Ava isn’t the best role model, and she says she didn’t need a role model. She needed an internship, which Ava was kind enough to give her. She tells him to excuse her. A friend needs her.

Franco says Peter saved his life. Word on the street is, a guy tried to kill either him, Andre, or both of them, and Peter stopped him. Peter says, it was nothing, and Elizabeth says he’s being modest. Peter says, a man died, and he doesn’t know what to do with that. Franco thanks him again, and says if there’s anything he can do to repay Peter… Peter says Franco doesn’t owe him anything, but Elizabeth says, they all do. He’s family, and family pulls together.

Anna asks Finn how Charlotte is, and he says, well. She says, Valentin must have been terrified. He loves Charlotte. Finn thinks they can all relate. Peter is her son, and nothing is going to change that.

Jax asks Nina why she told him to stop bidding, and she asks if it matters now. The portrait literally went up in smoke. He asks if that’s why she told him to stop bidding or he’d regret it. Did she know what was going to happen? Valentin comes out, and asks why Jax is there. Nina says, he was checking on Charlotte, and Jax says he’s glad to hear she’ll be okay. He leaves, and Nina tells Valentin, Jax was being nice. Valentin says, was he? He can’t deal with Jax right now. Lulu joins them, and asks how Charlotte is. Valentin says, overwhelmed, but who wouldn’t be? She backed up Lulu’s version of the events. She told him that she jumped into the water – while Lulu was supposed to be taking care of her.

Peter tells Franco, there is something, and Franco says, name it. As long as it’s legal, and his wife doesn’t mind. Peter says he’d like an exclusive for The Invader. Franco says he has to check with Elizabeth. Elizabeth says she knows how Franco hates attention, and Franco says, an exclusive?

Anna tells Finn that Jason thinks Peter orchestrated Shiloh’s escape, and the killing of the guard. He also believes Peter is behind the original attempt on Andre’s life, and the crash that killed Drew. All of it. Finn asks what Peter’s incentive would be, but Anna doesn’t know. To stop Andre from doing the memory procedure, and prevent Franco from remembering something that would incriminate him. Finn says, if Peter hired the gunman, why would he kill his own henchman? He can’t believe he just said the word henchman in a normal conversation. What’s happening to him? Anna says, covering his tracks, a flash of conscience, maybe both. What if Jason is right? What if Peter…? Peter comes out, but he’s on the phone and doesn’t notice them. He says he’ll be there. It’s just in time. The answer to a prayer. He goes into the elevator.

Trina arrives at the hospital, and says she got Cameron’s text that Franco is back. Cameron says he just woke up. It’s amazing. They claimed they were all staying hopeful, but they were all terrified. Trina says, of course (🍷). This isn’t a thing that happens ever. He says he would have missed if she hadn’t dragged him there. He thanks her, and she says, that’s what friends are for. They hug.

Andre looks in on Elizabeth and Franco, who are in the bed together. Franco says he’s looking forward to her telling him what happened, but guesses it can wait. Elizabeth says, good. All she wants to do is look into his eyes and see her husband staring back. She can’t tell him how much missed this. He asks, how is it? and she says, good; not weird. How is it for him? He says, the most natural thing in the world. He’s not sure how much longer… He knows it’s her workplace. She kisses him, and says, there’s a lot to talk about. She’s so glad he’s back. It’s just… He says, about that. He’s a little offended. The last thing he remembers with absolute clarity is telling Cameron to tell her that he’d be back. Did Cameron forget? She says Cameron told her. That’s what kept them going. He’s glad to hear it, because nothing – he means, nothing – can keep him away from her. They kiss.

Nina says, time out. Everyone is upset, and it’s no time to be pointing fingers. Lulu says they’ll talk tomorrow. Right now, she wants to take her son and daughter home. Valentin says she’s not taking Charlotte. They were walking home, and Lulu allowed Charlotte to be put in a life threatening situation. The court order says it’s his week, and he’s going to stick to that until it’s amended. Don’t think he won’t tell the judge. Dustin says, emotions are high. Why don’t they sleep on it? Valentin says, twice Charlottes life was threatened, and Lulu asks if that includes Charlotte being kidnapped by one of his many enemies. Valentin says it wouldn’t have happened if not for her neglect. Dustin says, it happened too quickly for anyone to stop it. Valentin asks what they were doing when it happened. He can make a guess. Lulu says if Valentin had been there, the outcome would have been the same. Valentin says he’s taking Charlotte home, according to the court order, and tomorrow, he’s applying for full custody.

Laura tells Charlotte that she shouldn’t have jumped in the water. Charlotte says she thought he’d save her. Laura says, her secret bodyguard? and Charlotte says, that’s why papa hired him. Laura says her secret bodyguard is just pretend, right? but Charlotte says, no; he’s not. Her mom has a picture of him on her phone. Laura says, here’s her mom’s purse. Does Charlotte think she can find it? She gives Charlotte Lulu’s phone, and Charlotte scrolls through the pictures. She says, there he is. Her bodyguard. She shows Laura a picture of Nikolas.

Alone at the gallery, Ava says, here’s to you, Helena Cassadine. You made one hell of an exit. What more could a gal ask for? She sips her martini, and hears footsteps. She says she knew he’d show up. He’s so predictable – she turns around with a gun in her hand – for a dead man.

Tomorrow, Lucy introduces Sasha as the new face of Deception, Sonny asks Jason what the hell is going on with Carly, and Carly tells Jax to call the cops and turn Nikolas in.

I have to add, no matter what is going on, Ava always looks amazing. Frosted hair, frosted lipstick, and frosted jacket; she looked like a scrumptious Christmas ornament at the auction.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Shannon goes out to eat with new guy Duff. He asks about her day, and she says she’s been getting the engagement party decorations. We see clips of Shannon dealing with the party. Unfortunately, she won’t be getting those life-size horse decorations she wanted. She tells Duff the theme is formal Western farmhouse chic. In her interview, Shannon explains that she doesn’t know Duff well. They met through mutual friends, and she spent time with him, so they’re going on a date. She vowed she would date, and put herself out there until she meets someone. She’s not really looking, but she’s having fun. She tells Duff it’s crazy that he and Vicki worked together. We flash back to 2007, and a brief scene with Vicki and Duff that I don’t remember even remotely. Duff says she just got out of a marriage; has she been dating? Shannon says she’s dated a few times, but she’d been married for twenty years, and isn’t looking to jump back in. Although she would like to grow old with someone, she doesn’t want to just grab the first opportunity. Duff says he doesn’t want to set the bar so high that she won’t find anyone. In Shannon’s interview, she says never been on a date with someone so forward. She’s not making any commitments. He asks if she’s a furnace, clarifying by adding, is she hot in bed? She’s like, um…

Emily visits Gina, and her garage full of stuff. She has a buyer for the Coto house, and it’s time to get everything out. The buyer wants measurements of a few things, and Emily helps as they talk. Emily asks what’s going on with Matt? and Gina says she’s never seen him so committed. He’s like a different person. He has feelings and he’s super sensitive and complimentary. In Gina’s interview, she says she and Matt have decided to reconcile, but it was hard getting over the anger. She tells Emily that he loves her and they’re a family, so she’d be crazy not to see it through. She says, you don’t forget, but you move past it, and it makes you stronger. He’s made her feel secure, and it’s like they have a new relationship. In Emily’s interview, she says Matt sends up a lot of red flags. How much has he really changed? Gina thinks it’s cool that they can come back and salvage things, and the kids are so happy. Emily says, no need to dwell on it; just move forward. Gina says she’s getting a new life, and Emily says, she’s getting a new marriage. Gina says, it’s all good.

Braunwyn is doing Bhakti yoga in her backyard with Dr. Deb. It’s some kind of yoga backed by a few instruments and chanting. In her interview, Braunwyn says if it keeps her mom happy, she’ll spare no expense. They’ve become a little bit separated, and if it helps their relationship, it’s priceless. When they’re finished, Braunwyn tells Deb that she needed this. Deb says they all need this. Braunwyn says she didn’t realize how quickly her new friend group was going to form. She has an amazing village, and needs someone outside of the kids. Deb says a lot of mothers try to make you feel guilty for wanting something outside of your children. She sent them to boarding school to get someone else’s perspective. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says she felt abandoned when her mom went to medical school. In Deb’s interview, she says, it’s not like she went to the Bahamas. She tells Braunwyn that you get a lot of diminishment, and she would get asked how she could send her children away. In her interview, Deb says she doesn’t know if Braunwyn suffered because she didn’t get an Ozzy and Harriet background while growing up, but Braunwyn thinks she did. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says of all her relationships, the one with her mother is the most complicated. We flash back to her altercations with Deb, and she says, if her mom thinks they’re in a good place, then they are. They hug.

Emily goes to an RA clinic. The doctor examines her. In her interview, Emily says her mom always talked about how much pain she was in, and that it made her depressed, but she didn’t get it. She never felt that way, and now that she has chronic arthritic pain, she understands. There’s no relief ever, and it makes her irritable and ruins everything. The doctor explains that her sockets are hollow, and as a result, the cartilage is wearing out in one of her hips. He shows her the x-ray on a screen, and says she needs a hip replacement. He’s surprised she’s made it this far without it, and tells her, it will be a life changer. She’ll be able to walk and exercise. She thanks him, and calls Shane, who tells her that she’s let it go for too long. Emily says she’s just telling him how severe the pain is. There’s no cartilage in her joint. In her interview, she says he’s her husband, and supposed to support her. Just tell her, sorry, it will be okay, don’t worry. It’s all she wants to hear. Annabelle cries, and Emily tells her not to worry. Mommy will be better.

While Tamra is getting her hair done, she says Kelly decided to come at the last minute. She took anger management, and was hypnotized. Now it’s all good, but Tamra is a little worried.

Braunwyn tells Sean that she thinks Kelly is going. Sean says he’s not line dancing… unless there’s tequila.

Emily tells makeup person Danielle that they’ll know tonight if Shane passed the bar. Danielle asks what Emily did when she passed, but Emily doesn’t remember.

Kelly tells makeup person Julie that Mike told her to come at them with acts of love. Julie asks what if someone says something Kelly doesn’t like? What will she do? Kelly says, tell them, F-U, bitch. She laughs, saying that’s the old Kelly. In her interview, Kelly says mantras help people, but she doesn’t think it will help this. She tells Julie that Vicki is ominous. It’s like going into the lion’s den.

The party is set up. In Tamra’s interview, she says they’re exited. Vicki is in a good relationship and getting married. She thinks the third time is the charm. It worked for her. Tamra greets Vicki’s brother Billy. Gina arrives, and Tamra admires her new haircut. In Gina’s interview, she says she made a lot of bad choices regarding her hair. She doesn’t know who she thought she was. The only choice was to chop it off and start over. Steve and Vicki pull up, and Steve asks, who’s the lady with the colorful hair? Vicki says it’s Braunwyn’s mom; she’s a doctor. Steve asks if she’s a witch doctor. They join the party, and Vicki asks Deb if it’s a wig or really her hair. Deb says she has dreadlocks, and the colors are woven in. Shannon explains that Duff had a child with Tammy Knickerbocker, and knows a lot of people there. We see another ancient clip of Duff with someone woman I’m not sure if I’m supposed to remember, but I don’t. Billy says he thought he recognized Duff. Vicki tells Eddie, they’re finally doing it. A friend of Steve’s says she’s an attorney, and Tamra says she doesn’t like attorneys right now. In her interview, she says she just had to write another big check to defend herself. It made her think about Kelly and her involvement. She’s tried to let it go, but she can’t. Emily says, Kelly is coming. It’s her way of implementing what she’s learned. Braunwyn thinks that’s a good thing. Steam comes out of Tamra’s ears.

Brian and Kelly go over what she’s going to say in the car. Brian says she’s there to wish Vicki happiness and health. Kelly says she’s not looking forward to celebrating.

Tamra takes Vicki inside, where it looks like a fancy barn dance. In Vicki’s interview, she says, it’s exactly what she and Steve love. Other than when she was dating a-hole Brooks, she loves Tamra and Shannon. Vicki changes her clothes, putting on a white lace dress, and the line dancing starts. Tamra asks Billy if he has any last words for his future brother-in-law. Billy says he’s curious if Steve is all in, and wants to get married again. They’ll see what happens. In Tamra’s interview, she’s not sure if Billy is being a protective brother or is he onto something? Billy says he asked Steve’s mother how his and Vicki’s personalities mesh, and she said, they don’t. Tamra says, opposites attract?

Kelly tells Brian the last thing she wants is to go to the engagement party. Emily announces Kelly has arrived, and in Kelly’s interview, she says, may you be happy, may you be peaceful, may you be… She doesn’t think this is working. She tells Vicki, happy engagement, and introduces Brian, who congratulates Vicki. Kelly tells Vicki that she wrote her a note with the gift. Emily tells them to hug, like they’re five. Kelly wishes Vicki happiness and health. Tamra tells Billy, Kelly is here. In Tamra’s interview, she says she’s trying to be the bigger person, but looking at that effing bitch, acting like they’re good friends, who does she think she is? Everyone sits for dinner.

Emily tells Shane the results come in at 6 pm, and it’s 5:40. In her interview, Emily says the sacrifices she went through are worth it, assuming Shane passes the bar. We flash back to Emily going out of her mind while he was gone. She says, if he passes, she’ll run down the street naked, screaming and doing cartwheels, and knock on everyone’s door. She’s taking the dog with her. Shannon introduces the bride and groom to be, and Vicki wonders where her fiancé is. News flash: he’s at the bar. Shannon tells everyone to help themselves to the buffet. IMO, it’s a seriously nice spread. Gina says Kelly is doing good; she’s proud of her. Emily asks Brian when he and Kelly are getting married. In a dual interview, Brian says he’d be the luckiest guy to marry Kelly, but not right now. Kelly says, same with her. Vicki gets up, and says on 12/31, 2016, her vision board had what she wanted for her future. We flash back to her saying she put George Clooney in the center of her vision board, and he appeared three months later. Just in case you’re slumming, and have never seen Steve, George Clooney he’s not. Vicki says, she’s gotten every single thing on the board. She’s met her soulmate, and loves and respects him and his family. In her interview, she thinks they’ve gotten it right this time. Steve is quality, and her soulmate. She wants to grow old with him. They’ve both gone through marriages, and know what they want. Vicki hands someone pads from bra, takes a shot, and joins the dancing.

Tamra gyrates all the way to the floor, and Vicki tells her to cover her who-ha. Tamra thinks it’s ironic that they’re all dressed as cowboys, and Kelly is an Indian. She can eff off. Tamra raises two middle fingers, and Vicki says, she’s not doing that. Tamra says she could have put her kids through college with the kind of money she has to pay for the lawsuit. Kelly knew it was devastating, but she reached out to help him. Shannon says she won hers, but it was two years of litigation. In Shannon’s interview, she says Kelly keeps saying she just intended to hurt Tamra, but what she needs to understand is that it’s hurting her too. Kelly crossed the line, and she can’t get past it. Tamra says Kelly is aware of the hours they cried, and how she’s suffered financially. Shannon says, Kelly is an effing a-hole, and Tamra says she wants to believe Kelly has a good heart. Shannon says, Kelly has no good intentions. Shannon leans forward to talk, and her hair catches fire from the candle. Vicki tosses tequila on it, and they scramble to put it out. Shane says, something is burning, and Shannon says, are you kidding me? Billy asks, what happened? and Shannon tells him. Tamra is annoyed that Kelly is laughing with some people, and says, everybody is buying the Kelly juice right now. Tamra heads toward them, and Shannon tells Vicki that Tamra has had a lot to drink.

Tamra stomps over to where Kelly is, and asks what they’re laughing about. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says she has no idea what’s gotten into Tamra. It’s like a light switch flipped, and probably involves a lot of tequila. We see clips of how much Tamra was drinking, ending with her saying she needs one more shot, when no, she doesn’t. Gina thought they had talked it out. In Emily’s interview, she says, it’s the stupidest thing ever. No one is deposing Kelly or using her for a witness. Keep paying you bills for the defamation suit. It has nothing to do with Kelly. Gina thinks she might overreacting, and Tamra asks if Gina wants $300K taken from her. Gina says they can go ahead; she doesn’t have it. In her interview, Braunwyn says she thinks Tamra is picking a fight with Gina because it’s easier. She’s already spoken to Kelly, and it got nowhere. Tamra tells Gina, F-U, pushes Shannon aside, and runs off. In Shannon’s interview, she says Tamra’s anger is justified anger. The nuke Kelly threw went too far. Kelly says Tamra is the one who opened her mouth, and when you lie, you get sued. In her interview, Kelly says, they need to take responsibility for their own sh*t. Shannon says she’s disappointed in Kelly, and Kelly says she’s sorry Shannon feels that way about her. She was backed against a wall. Shannon says she didn’t back Kelly against any wall, and Kelly says she’s not the one who caused it. In Kelly’s interview, she says, did they not just solve this issue in Florida? We flash back to her and Tamra hugging it out. She says, doesn’t Tamra have a husband to tend to? Doesn’t Shannon have a date at this party? Why are they concentrating on her?

Outside, Tamra asks if Gina knows what she’s going through. Gina says, it’s effed up. She’s not saying it’s right. Tamra – who’s lost all sense of reason at this point – says, so Gina is okay with it. Gina says, it’s not wonderful. Inside, Braunwyn tells Kelly that going after Tamra and Shannon wasn’t nice. Kelly says she’s not involved. Is Braunwyn that dumb? In Braunwyn’s interview, she says she’s seeing a side of Kelly that everyone warned her about. When she lashes out, she lashes out hard and deep. She’s not stupid; she just doesn’t agree with Kelly. Well, maybe she’s not stupid, but no one seems to understand that while what Kelly did was nasty, it had no bearing on the lawsuit itself. Shannon asks where Tamra is. She’s outside, screeching at Gina that she would protect her in the same situation. Gina asks what Tamra wants her to do, which causes Tamra’s ever-shrinking brain to implode, and she yells, F-U, and runs across the lawn. She stands by a tree, weeping, and tells Gina – who has made the mistake of thinking you can reason with a drunk – to go away. Gina says she’s acting crazy. An understatement. This is Stassi on her birthday to the nth power.

Kelly says she didn’t get on the stand. Gina finds Tamra – wait for it – standing in the middle of some hedges, like Homer Simpson. Shannon decides to look for Tamra, and Kelly says she’s leaving. She tells Braunwyn that she’s out. Tamra wails that Gina doesn’t understand, and in her interview, Gina says, no, she doesn’t, while laughing her head off. She says she loves Tamra, but she doesn’t love pulling her ass out of the bushes. I wonder if Tamra is trying to give the Countess a run for her money. Or cocktail.  Gina tells Tamra, come on, but Tamra keeps screaming, you don’t know. In her interview, Gina says she’s at an engagement party, and trying to have fun, line dancing and sh*t, and Tamra is being weird and aggressive. She asks if Tamra wants to talk about, but Tamra says, no.

Tamra wants to know why Gina is taking Kelly’s side, and Gina says she’s not taking sides, and tells Tamra to come out. Gina finally pulls her out of the bushes, and now I’m laughing my head off. And Tamra’s hair! She is the definition of a hot mess. Shannon and Vicki join them, and Shannon says she’s dry heaving. Shannon screeches that Gina doesn’t know, and how Gina is just taking this all in stride, I’ll never know. I guess it’s dealing with those unruly kids of hers. In Gina’s interview, she says, they were just line dancing, and now they’re having a meltdown on the curb in the street. Vicki gets all animated, and tell Gina, you should support the people who are hurting, and not the ones who are getting involved. Gina thinks everyone is hurting, and Vicki says, Kelly is a bully. Shannon and Tamra are hurting financially because of what Kelly is getting herself involved in. Kelly tells Shane and Emily that they turn on you, and make it look like you’re turning on them. They did it to themselves. Brian asks what her mantra is. In Kelly’s interview, she says she’s learned there’s a lot of jealousy, and a lot of women like trying to poke the bear. Kelly tells Emily, it was hard to come to this, and Emily says she did a great job. In Kelly’s interview, she says there are people who just want to see a reaction from her, and she has to be above it, and just keep chugging along. She just pities people like that. She tells Emily that when she makes peace, she’s done. She’s like a dude; she’s cool.

In the text, it tells us that Brian and Kelly broke up, but Kelly’s love life is chugging along. She’s engaged to Rick Leventhal after dating for three months.

In her interview, Emily says the past year has been the worst of her life. She’s had a lot to deal with. There were marriage difficulties, and Shane taking the bar exam added stress, but she’s a fighter. Dammit! They’re going to make this work. Shane is going to be a good husband. She hugs Kelly.

The text tells us, Emily is putting her naked cartwheels on hold while she recovers from hip surgery… and until Shane passes the bar. He’s failed three times. (Ah-hah, in Nelson voice.)

Eddie helps Tamra to the car. In her interview, she says she learned maybe she needs to have a filter on her mouth, and keep her opinions to herself. (What a concept!) She’s fortunate that she has an amazing husband and children, love, and a roof over her head. Whatever happens, she knows she’ll get through it.

The text says that Tamra is still involved in the lawsuit, but her sons are getting along. And Tamra has learned that you can’t hide from you’re problems in a bush.

In Braunwyn’s interview, she says she’s grown a lot this year. She knows how strong she is, and how strong her children are. Her relationship with her children has changed; they’re much more open and honest. It’s not so much that way with her mother. They haven’t gotten to that place yet.

We read that Braunwyn had a 42nd milestone birthday party (because no one told her that 42 isn’t a milestone year). All of the Housewives were invited… Her mother wasn’t.

Braunwyn tells Gina, maybe they’ll finally get to meet Matt. In Gina’s interview, she says this year showed her that she has strength and can persevere. She can get through a lot of stuff, and it feels good. She’s excited to see what the future holds for her and Matt.

We see that Matt moved in, but then was arrested for suspicion of domestic violence. His case is being heard in January of 2020, and he’s pleading not guilty. W.T.F.?

In Shannon’s interview, she says her divorce is final. She’s not jumping into a relationship again. She has one more shot to do it right, and she’s going to find someone, grow old, and be happy.

We’re told that Shannon’s hair was the only spark she felt that night. She hasn’t seen Duff since, but things have been heating up with her new boyfriend John.

Vicki puts on a cowboy hat, and asks Steve if she looks country. He thinks she could do better. She takes the hat off, and throws it in the trunk. They drive off.

🍊 Next time – starting Wednesday – today – The Finale: Part One. There was no preview, but I do have this. And just give Vicki an orange, or whatever it is they hold, already. She was in the same amount of the show.


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I don’t normally pay much attention to TV commercials – unless there’s an animal involved – but I could appreciate this one. Who hasn’t used the excuse, it’s for the house, to buy something? And it really is for the house, it’s just that no one else but you would give a flying if you bought it or not. They got this one right.


For Your Slam Book…

‘Tis the season to be fetch.

July 19, 2019 – You Can’t Keep a Good Con Man Down, My Theory, More Gina, OctoQuotes Minus One & Hot


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Aiden is having a birthday party at Perks. Franco tells Elizabeth that Aiden has style and talent. He can’t believe how skilled Aiden is. Cameron hopes he’s skilled with the drum set he got. Franco says, and Elizabeth thought Cameron’s car gave them a headache.

Curtis and Jordan walk into the prison visiting area, where they have glass partitions. Curtis tells Jordan he’s glad they’re getting their lives back, but didn’t imagine they’d be going to Pentonville. He was thinking more like walks in the park or binge watching a show. Jordan says she needs peace of mind. He says, don’t count on it. Ryan is brought in, and acts like he’s in pain, clutching his side.

Willow visits Harmony, and says she’s sorry Harmony is back in prison after her statement against Shiloh. It doesn’t seem fair. Harmony tells Willow that she meant what said, and she has to take responsibility for her actions. It’s difficult, but it could be worse. Willow says Harmony’s cellmate Nelle is a comfort. Harmony says Nelle is young, like Willow. Because of her cooperation, Harmony has also been appointed to prison librarian. Willow says it suits her; she loves to read. Harmony says Willow does too. Willow wants to let her know Shiloh was arrested. Harmon says, wonderful. Willow’s son is safe from him. Willow says, yes. He’s finally safe Thanks to Harmony.

Drew and Jason go into The Floating Rib. Jason says, not a bad first day of work. Drew tells him the treehouse will be crawling with kids by August. I’m going to say this right now. There are days when the boom man is sleeping or something, because the sound will be unbalanced. You can hear things like people’s shoes louder than the dialogue. This is one of those days.

Sonny finds Kristina at Charlie’s, and tells her how proud he is that she stood up to Shiloh. She says Shiloh can’t hurt her now. She told him about the Pledge, and she’ll have to work through it, but he’ll be in prison. It serves him right.

At the station, Chase tells Laura, Robert wanted Shiloh held without bail. The judge set it impossibly high instead. She says, apparently not high enough. Shiloh comes out, and Chase tells him not to leave town. Shiloh says he can assure him until he retrieves the results of the DNA test, he’s not going anywhere.

Lulu tells Franco and Elizabeth, at the reception, Jake said Aiden wanted a drum set. They were saying he’d forget, but he didn’t. So her mom and Doc went for it. Don’t hate them. She says she heard what happened at the reception, and she’s so sorry. Franco tells her, blame the guest list, not the boat. There’s no talk of a lawsuit from Obrecht. Elizabeth thinks her sister has something big up her sleeve.

Charlotte asks Nina if she thinks they should have gotten a mixer instead. Nina thinks the mixing bowls are perfect, and is sure he’ll love it. Hayden arrives. In something sleeveless.

Kristina tells Sonny that she hates the thought of running into Shiloh. Sonny says she didn’t show it at the MetroCourt. She was on fire. He thinks Shiloh’s lawyer was more impressed with her than her client. She’s strong and resilient. She says it helps having her dad by her side. He says nothing matters more than his kids being healthy and whole. His phone rings. He steps away, and talks to someone in Spanish.

Willow tells Harmony that she can rest easy, knowing Wiley is safe. DOD is being brought down too. She doesn’t know about Beecher’s Corners, but in Port Charles, almost everyone left the group. Harmony imagines it will be the same in Beecher’s Corners, and wishes she could explain to them. They’re good people; just lost and searching for a connection. Shiloh took advantage of them, and even worse, she helped him. Willow says he took advantage of Harmony too. He’s the one to blame, when she’s behind bars. Harmony says she deserves to be, for many reasons, especially because she’s Willow’s mother. She should have protected Willow, instead of handing her over to Shiloh. Willow had to give up her son because of him. Harmony takes Willow’s hands, and says she’s so sorry. She was so blind. Willow tells her, please, if Shiloh winds up there, and she somehow runs into him, don’t let him manipulate her again.

Chase tells Shiloh, the judge has suspended any action in family court, pending the outcome of his criminal case. He can’t even get court date. Shiloh says, until he’s exonerated, but Chase says, not happening. Shiloh says he’s innocent until proven guilty. The charges are groundless. Chase says the evidence against him is piling up, including having a window of opportunity the night Douglas Miller was murdered. Shiloh says, one way or another, he’ll be a father to his son. Laura says, the evidence is overwhelming. He says, nothing is overwhelming to a man of faith. One day, they’ll work side by side. Their goals aren’t that different. They want to provide the best possible life for their children. He leaves, and Chase says he’d give anything to see Shiloh behind bars permanently.

Shiloh tells Daisy that Zahra can’t do it; he needs a criminal attorney. He says she needs to help. The future of DOD rests on him getting legal representation. She says she wants to help, but she can’t. It took her entire trust fund to pay his bail, and her parents cut her off. She asks what’s going to happen to him, and he says, it’s always darkest before the dawn. Zzzzzzzzz…

At The Floating Rib, Drew tells Jason that he doesn’t think the point of them building the treehouse was for them to become master carpenters, but to build a relationship between brothers. Hammering nails is a start, but maybe they should share a meal, have a beer. He thinks that’s what Oscar wanted. Jason says he’s starved, and they sit. Drew thinks he’ll have the brisket. Jason blows air, and Drew says he knows it’s weird for him, but Jason says, it’s fine. What’s bothering him is Oscar leaving his ELQ shares to Shiloh. Drew says, him too. Shiloh waltzed his way into the will reading like it was a joke. He had to exercise self-restraint. Jason says it conflicts with Oscar’s plan to use the shares for kids who want to make the climb, but can’t afford it. Drew says he’d like to think it was forged. Jason isn’t saying that, but maybe Oscar was confused, and forgot his bequest to Shiloh. Drew says he checked, and it’s legal, but Jason says, so is the Kilimanjaro Foundation. It’s in Oscar’s handwriting. Drew asks where that leaves the shares, and Jason says, tied up in court, probably for years. Drew says it’s a silver lining that Shiloh can’t get his hands on them.

Ryan picks up the prison phone. Jordan asks how he is, and he says the surgery gives him a twinge. It’s life-threatening, living with one kidney. It’s made him vulnerable to hypertension and a stroke. He doesn’t want his premature death on her conscience. Curtis tells Jordan, unfortunately, Ryan isn’t dying anytime soon. He’s seen Ryan’s medical records.

Aiden opens a present, and it’s a remote control truck. Charlotte wants to try it, and he says, sure. The kids go off, and Hayden helps gather up the paper. Elizabeth asks what’s going on with her, and Franco says he’ll leave them to it. Elizabeth asks if Hayden invited Jax, but Hayden says it never occurred to her. Elizabeth says, Jax is fun, easygoing, and children love him, Hayden says she doesn’t think of Jax that way, and asks if Elizabeth thinks Finn will show. Elizabeth asks why Hayden would care if he came or not.

Aiden wonders what’s in one of the boxes. Cameron gives him an envelope, telling him that a pastry chef (I don’t catch the name, but it’s not Christine Tosi, who’s the only pastry chef I know) is taping episodes of their show in the area, so he got right in line and got tickets. Aiden is excited, and Cameron tells him not to lose his cool. Aiden wants to have cake, and Cameron says, whatever he likes.

Hayden approaches Nina, and tells her that her future stepdaughter is lovely and energetic. Nina say she and Valentin are proud of her. Hayden says they didn’t get a chance to talk, and Nina says a finance meeting isn’t the best place to get acquainted. Hayden says she’s heard about Nina, and her work at Crimson. Nina says, that’s strange, since she’s heard next to nothing about Hayden. Nina excuses herself, and walks away.

Lulu is proud of Charlotte, and tells her it means a lot to Aiden that she came. Charlotte asks why Rocco isn’t there, and Lulu says he has a cold. Charlotte says, too bad. They’re hardly ever together as a family, especially since Dante’s been gone. She asks when he’s coming back. She misses him. Lulu says she does too, and hugs Charlotte.

Drew tells Jason, Shiloh is a con man. He can’t help thinking that Oscar got wrapped up with Shiloh because of him. Shiloh came after Oscar, and when Oscar died, Shiloh tried to console Drew for half a minute before he started on the past. He said Oscar was interested in Drew’s life, especially his time as a SEAL. The more he thinks about it, the more he wonders why.

Kristina turns around at the bar, and sees Shiloh. He says he’s there to make peace. She doesn’t know how he got released, but says he made a serious mistake showing up there. He says he made bail, and just wanted to come by. He’s missed her. Daisy says, her too. DOD suffered a huge blow, but with her help they can make DOD stronger and better. Shiloh says they’re not there to not pressure their sister, just to say hello. Even after what Kristina said to malign him, he forgives her. He wishes her nothing but love and happiness, and hopes to see more of her soon. She says he will. She’s going to testify against him. She can’t wait to tell a judge and jury how he pressured her into revealing person information he could blackmail her with. How he drugged her, and coerced other members of the Trust. He’s a sexual predator. Sonny tells her not to waste her waste her breath. He’s a cockroach to be stepped on. Shiloh tells Daisy, come. They have work to do.

Curtis takes the phone, and tells Ryan that the prison doctor said he’s doing good. He’s healing well, with no side effects. Ryan asks how Curtis got access to his medical records, laughs, and says, impressive. Curtis is a remarkable tracker. Curtis says Ryan doesn’t know him, or what he’s capable of doing. Jordan tells Curtis not to let Ryan bait him. Jordan thanks Ryan for saving her life. Ryan says, it wasn’t voluntary; he was forced. A kidney was taken from him, and that means a crime was committed. He asks if the commissioner is going to let that stand, or is the law as flexible as her husband’s morals?

Cameran says Aiden wants him to share the experience, so he’s going with him to see the pastry chef. Laura asks Lulu if she’s okay. Lulu says she looks around, and it’s a family party, but Dante’s not there. She wishes he would come home. Geez, why? So he can commit mass murder? He didn’t sound ready. Charlotte sees Willow, and says she’s glad Willow came. She’s doing Lila’s Kids this summer, and working on jumps with her pony. She asks if Willow got Aiden something to cook with. He likes to bake. Willow says she knew that. Charlotte tells Willow about the monster truck Aiden got. He doesn’t know how to operate it, but she does. She runs off, and Nina says she’s glad Willow is there. She’s afraid she owes Willow an apology.

Harmony goes into the visiting room to find Shiloh. She asks what he’s doing there. She was told he was never going to see the light of day, He wonders from whom; Willow? She’s misinformed. He made bail. Harmony says, the accounts are frozen, but he says his followers are still loyal. He hopes she follows their example. She sits down, and says, not likely. Shiloh knows she’s trying to atone for her perceived failing with her daughter, but what about her grandson? She’s depriving him of a father. He urges her to reflect on what she’s doing, In the name of what they created together. She needs to recant her statement, and he promises to do everything in his power, and use every resource he has to get her freed. And they’ll raise the child together.

Drew tells Jason that Margaux gave him back the flashdrive. It’s in a safe in his office. He should probably destroy it. He can’t risk losing the memories he’s made over the last five years to recover his old ones. Jason asks if he told Shiloh, and Drew says, more than once. Shiloh asks, and the answer is always the same. He can’t tell if Shiloh thinks that’s good or bad news. Jason says, it depends on what happened in Afghanistan. The story Shiloh tells is that Drew saved his life by pulling him from a wrecked convoy, but knowing Drew, he can’t believe they were friends. Drew says he can’t either. It’s more likely the truth is the opposite. Why go out of his way to reconnect with Drew?

Curtis says Ryan’s signature is on the donation form; he gave his consent, and there were multiple witnesses. Ryan says their plan worked. Curtis’s friend drugged him, and Ryan’s brother signed. Curtis says he could never prove it, and Ryan says Curtis is his kind of guy. The question is, has his wife become Bonnie to his Clyde, Curtis asks if Jordan wants to go, and Jordan tells Ryan if he has something to say, say it. Otherwise, they’re leaving. He tells Jordan it’s inescapable. Now he’s now literally in her blood. His kidney will affect her heart and soul, and she’ll never get him out.

Nina tells Willow that she realized she set something in motion. She overheard Willow say she put a baby up for adoption. She was obviously upset, and snapped at Nina, who snapped back, and mentioned the baby. She realized that Shiloh must have overheard. She’s the reason, and she’s so sorry. Willow thanks her, but tells her not to blame herself. It was only a matter of time. Shiloh has ways of finding things out. But it worked out. Wiley is safe, and Shiloh is in jail.

Harmony says Shiloh has always underestimated her. She always helped him to build, but he took all the credit. He wrote a book, got followers, and made himself a legend in his own mind. She finally sees him for the sexual predator that he is. He’s right. She feels guilty, but she can make amends. When she testifies, she’s going to more than sing like a bird. About all of it. He’s going to be found guilty, because he is guilty. He’ll go to prison, and her grandson will be safe, because she sees him now for who he is. Hank. A pathetic little man whose desperation reeks. She tells him, stay away from her daughter and grandson. She yells for the guard, and says she’s through there. The cheese Shiloh sits alone.

Kristina can’t believe they let Shiloh go, but Sonny says, just because he made bail, doesn’t mean he’s free. She says, Daisy must have posted bail; her mom is rich. Sonny is rich. She thinks that’s the real reason why Shiloh thought she was special. He asks why let Shiloh’s poison come to her; don’t do that. She says, he’s right. She’s stronger than Shiloh, and has love and support around her. She’ll be fine. She goes in the back, and Sonny takes out his phone.

Jason says it’s not a random guy Drew saved. They knew each other, Maybe Drew knew something, and it’s on the flashdrive. Jason’s phone rings. Sonny tells him, ready for this? Shiloh is out on bail.

Nina tells Willow that she read the article. She hopes the women he abused come forward to testify. She’s just happy Willow’s son is okay. Maybe they’re not so different after all. Aiden comes by, banging on a snare drum. He asks Willow if she thinks the principal would start a marching band. She thinks it’s a wonderful idea, and suggests he take it to the principal on the first day of school.

Laura tells Lulu, it’s going to take time. She’s in shock. Lulu still can’t believe Dante shot Peter. She heard the words, and tried to process them. When she woke up this morning, she didn’t want it to be true. Dante must be horrified, and feel lost. Laura says he’s getting the help he needs. A delivery guy gives Lulu an envelope.

Chase finds Willow, and she says he just made her day perfect. Shiloh’s been barred from family court, and she saw her mother. It was like rediscovering her again. They had an unbelievable breakthrough. And finally, there he is, her knight shining armor. She kisses him, and he says, it’s not all good news. Shiloh made bail.

On the phone, Jason says, got it. Shiloh comes into the restaurant, and Drew says, son of a bitch.

Kristina comes back, and asks if Sonny called Jason. Sonny says, yeah, he did. Kristina doesn’t want Shiloh to disappear. The only way for him to hurt her is if they got blamed if he disappeared or ran away. Sonny hopes he stays put, and has his day in court. Give Sam, and everybody else, a chance to face him down. Then he can rot in prison, where he belongs. Sonny gives a charming smile.

Shiloh tells Drew that he hates the way things ended between them. Drew says he made bail, and Shiloh says, that’s a good thing. They can put the ELQ stock drama behind them. Drew says Shiloh will be old and grey before he can touch the stock. Doesn’t DOD preach that money doesn’t matter? Shiloh says he’s the victim of a witch hunt, and unfortunately has to pay a lawyer. Drew says, good luck with that. Shiloh says Drew has forgotten that their friendship used to matter

Lulu tells Laura that Dante is divorcing her.

The kids whack at a piñata. No surprise, Charlotte is the one who finally cracks it open.

Jordan tells Curtis, sometimes justice serves, sometimes it doesn’t. He says there’s nothing just about letting her die while that monster lives. He tells her, don’t believe what comes out of his twisted mouth; the lies. She says she doesn’t feel any kind of connection, but she’s not comfortable knowing Ryan was forced to give up his kidney. Curtis says she deserves to live, and she says, it’s still wrong, but she’s not giving it back. She’ll just have to live with it. Curtis says saving her was the best thing he’s done in his miserable life. She says she can’t imagine a future without Curtis, and he says, him neither.

Harmony sees Shiloh’s book on the book cart, and is about to get rid of it. Ryan comes out, accompanied by a guard, and says, never discard something as precious as a book. She says this one is worthless. He takes it, and says perhaps he’ll find something. She says not if he has a brain. He says his brain is intact. It’s the rest of him that’s missing a piece. He’ll let her know what he thinks. Give his regards to her cellmate Nelle.

Chase tells Willow that the case against Shiloh is only getting stronger. She’s afraid he’ll fina a new way around the law, and come back to do more damage. She’s an adult, and can handle it, but what if he finds a way to get to Wiley?

Sonny tells Kristina not to worry. He doesn’t want Shiloh to disappear either. She says she’s out, and it’s up to her to stay out. He says he never believed what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but in her case, he agrees. She seems stronger.

Drew says Shiloh didn’t care about his son. He used Oscar, but Oscar came home to his family. Shiloh says Oscar left him the shares as a sign of his faith. Drew says Oscar had plans for the stock, and he’s going to make sure they become a reality. Shiloh will not tarnish his son’s legacy. Does Shiloh hear him? Shiloh smirks, and walks away. Drew picks up a pool cue. Jason says he’s going to take off, and Drew says he’s going to shoot some pool. He’ll see Jason back on treehouse duty later. Jason says he’ll be there. Jason gives Shiloh a look before he leaves.

At the bar, Shiloh remembers being in an infirmary tent in Afghanistan. A dude pounds on his chest and tells him, how about waking up? Shiloh says, hey, Drew, but sees the old Drew’s (Jason’s) face.

Laura says Lulu can give Dante what he wants or fight him, Jax gets the feeling Nina isn’t telling him something, Jordan asks Stella if she’s at peace with that, and Drew attacks Shiloh.

I’m wondering if Shiloh didn’t do something stupid in Afghanistan to get the convoy attacked. He could possibly been involved in Drew’s disappearance as well.

🎡 Like A Hamster In a Wheel…

It’s been a long week with that losing the internet business. Gina was the best I could come up with.


🌋 Quotes of the Week

No longer being MasterCard’s bitch? Priceless. – Doug (Kevin James), King of Queens

Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits. – Thomas Jefferson

Unless we remember we cannot understand.E. M. Forster

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… These are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. – Confucius

Be stupid, be dumb, be funny, if that’s who you are. Don’t try to be someone that society wants you to be; that’s stupid. So be yourself. – Christina Grimmie

If my answers frighten you, Vincent, then you should cease asking scary questions. – Jules (Samuel L. Jackson), Pulp Fiction

If you must have motivation, think of your paycheck on Friday.Noel Coward

🚣 Long Week Too…

And since we’re in for one hot weekend, apropos.

July 14, 2019 – A Step Closer To Takeoff, A Little 90 News, Tea For Three Wives & Yes It Is


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

Alicia faces the zombie barricade. She radios the kids, asking if they can hear her. Nothing. She takes out her crazy weapon, and chops through the ropes linking the zombies.

Victor shoots at the zombies, and suggests he and Charlie beat a hasty retreat. He has to check the propeller, and Charlie yells, this way! coaxing the zombies away from him. Morgan radios, saying he heard gunshots. He tells Victor that they need to stay away from the zombies with burns on them. Stay as far away as they can. He’s seen people who were exposed, and it ain’t pretty.

Alicia chops zombies down like Joan Crawford chopping rosebushes. She ignores the ones who are restrained. She pikes a few in the head for variety.

Morgan tells Victor that Alicia is looking for Max and Annie. He asks if Victor is still near the balloon. Victor says they are, and asks Morgan for something. I miss what it is, but Morgan says he’s on it. June radios Morgan, saying she’s on her way. Morgan says he doesn’t know where John is, and if she wants to help, she can do that by finishing the plane. Morgan radios Grace, and says he needs some help. Some people crashed on the other side. They’re all right, but they need her. It’s the only way they’ll finish. He tells her that he’s past the roadblock. She says if he gets any closer, he could be contaminated. He says she has what they need to fix the plane. She tells him that he needs to get back to the truck stop, unless he wants less time to finish. She tells him where he can stop to get what he needs.

Alicia continues on through the woods. She gets a little fascinated with a tied-up zombie. She feels something behind her, and turns around to find Dylan. He tells her to follow him. The forest is crowded with zombie deterrents, attached to trees.

Victor drags the propeller, as the zombies toddle after him. He tells Charlie, now, and she pulls the balloon material up to make a barrier between them and the zombies.

At a tall, wooden gate, Dylan says, olly, olly, oxen free. The gate opens, and Alicia follows Dylan in. Max holds a gun on her, and Alicia says she wants to help. Annie says she told Alicia that they didn’t want it. She never should have come there. The gate closes.

Annie asks why Alicia has that thing, meaning her weapon. Alicia says it gives her another day. They’re running out of time. They all are. They’re not safe there. Annie says they made it through the first one, but Alicia says, one day the wind will blow in a different direction, and kick up the radiation. Annie asks why Alicia can’t leave them alone. Alicia says she can’t leave knowing she didn’t do everything to keep them safe. They could die, or worse, live and kill everyone by staying there. She knows getting on a plane sounds crazy, but so is staying there. Annie says Alicia crashed a plane, and someone almost died for a person who wasn’t even there. They put a barrier up, and Alicia still won’t give up. There’s something else. What is it? Alicia says she wants to do something good to make up for what she did. Annie asks if Alicia hurt people, and Alicia says she did. She asks if Alicia killed people, and Alicia says, yes. She doesn’t want them to go through what she did. Annie says she’s not going, and neither is Alicia. She tore down the only thing protecting them. She needs to help put the barricade back up, and make sure no one followed her. If Alicia misses her flight, it’s her fault.

Gas drips from the airplane, and Luci tells Al that they must have put a hole in the tank when they moved it. Al checks out the damage, says, sh*t, and gets into the cockpit. The plane won’t start. June says they’re standing on a giant gas tank, but Al says it’s not the same. They need aviation fuel. She knows where they can get some.

Morgan checks inside a car, and finds a bag with a mask in it. He goes into a house, pokey stick at the ready. He bangs on the floor, but all is quiet. He looks through some drawers, and radios Alicia. He asks if she’s all right, and she says, yeah. She found the kids; they’re with her now. She asks about Victor and Charlie, and if they’re still in the contaminated area. Morgan says, yes, and so is he, but not for much longer. He picks up a birthday card, and looks at it. He tells Alicia, John and Dwight are out of range. Stay safe, and get the kids back to the truck stop. Alicia says she tried, and she can’t. She can’t get through to them. Morgan should be there. Morgan says they’re both exactly where they’re supposed to be. He looks at some personal mementos on the refrigerator, and finds a set of keys. Alicia says she’s starting to wonder if this is right, but Morgan says, it is. He hears a zombie being noisy outside the window. He looks at it, and the reflection of his face looks like it’s the zombie’s face. He tells Alicia that they’re getting everybody on the plane, and they’re going to do what they came there to do.

June asks if Al is sure where the helicopter landed. Al say she is. She can climb up, and see what’s left.  John’s voice crackles over the radio. June tells him that he has to get back to the truck stop. He says they’re still a ways out, but she says, the second reactor might melt down. Grace said they don’t have much time. John has a problem hearing her, and loses the signal. Dwight found tells John that he found something. John says they need to get the hell out of there. Dwight tell him to go. John has done more for him then he needed to. He he has to keep looking. He asks if John would get on the plane if he knew June was out there, and John says, of course not. John almost gives Dwight the note from Shari, but decides against it. He says, come on.

Charlie asks if Victor thinks the material is going to hold, and he says, yes. She tells him, Daniel said, every day was a chance to start over; to get it right. Victor says, he speaks the truth, but she doesn’t think the barrier is going to hold for long. They might not get a chance. Victor says they already have. He knows he’s said that should have been his plane, but the truth is, he might have been able to get back on. He hesitated. Charlie asks, why? and he says he doesn’t think he believed in it – in them. They were on the precipice of something extraordinary, and he balked, but he’s standing there now. So is she, and they did something extraordinary, and didn’t balk. They’re not starting now.

Victor gets his gun ready, but blood starts to spatter on the other side. It’s Morgan, shooting up zombies while wearing a Hazmat suit. Victor tells him that he just said they’re due for a break. Morgan asks where the propeller is, and says he’s got to get them out of there.

Annie asks why Dylan brought Alicia there. He says, she wants to help, and Annie says, she’s a mess. Dylan says, the plane can work, and she asks if he wants to get in a plane that’s already crashed. If they stay there, they stay safe. They fix the zombie blockade, and jet.

Up in a treehouse, Alicia looks through a box of photographs, and finds a notebook of a child’s drawings. There are drawings of a family, a zombie barricade, and it looks like the kids as zombies. Dylan asks what she’s doing, and she asks if he drew these. He nods, and she says, he’s scared, isn’t he? She tells him, it’s okay, but he takes the book, puts it back in the box, and moves the box out of reach. He says he drew them before; at the beginning, when everything happened. He says, they were playing. Annie saw them, and thought they were scary. She thought if they made it real, it would scare away the others, so no one would bother them. Alicia says they’re living in his nightmare, and Dylan says, everything is a nightmare now. Alicia can’t argue with that. He looks at her weapon, and she says, it wasn’t always like that. She sharpened it after she lost her mom. It saved her from the dead, but kept the living away. She thought if she scared them, they’d leave her alone, but she was the one who was scared. Annie comes in, and says the zombies followed them.

A kid reinforces the gate, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to hold.

The generator doesn’t work, and Grace bangs on it. She puts her head in her hands. Morgan radios, and says he got what he needed. She tells him the generator isn’t strong enough; she’s sorry. He asks how long before a meltdown, and she says, twelve hours; maybe a day. Morgan says they’ll finish by then. She say she can still buy them time. He asks if that’s the truth, and she says she can try. She uses a wrench to tinker with something, and tells Morgan that she’ll go to the truck stop when she’s done.

Morgan gives Grace directions to the truck stop.  He tells Victor that he’ll meet them there. He’s going to get her. Victor says he thought they just said Grave was meeting them, but Morgan says, she’s not coming back. He was at her house, and saw who she was when she had something to live for. He says he’ll meet them there, and Victor and Charlie take off.

June packs up the gas containers, and tells Al it should get them over the mountain. Al says the fact that she knew where to find it, points to them being able to do this. She radios John, but it’s dead air. June says she went over a year without seeing John, without hearing his voice. She’s not letting that happen again. She waits a moment, and says, well? Al says she asked if Al wanted to talk about what happened when she was missing. She does, but June can’t tell anyone.

She tells June that she met someone. June says, who? When? Al says while she was gone, she met someone and felt something she hasn’t felt in a long time. But Al can never see her again, never talk to her, and doesn’t know how to live with that. June says when she left John in the cabin, she thought she’d never see him again. She felt… gone. Like she wasn’t the same as when she was with him. She was a ghost. She couldn’t talk about it. Nothing anyone said would have made it better. What do you say when someone is missing a piece of themselves? The piece that makes them who they are. She told herself every day, even if never saw him again, she’d always be grateful for what they had, and who she could be. Grateful that she could still feel that way for someone after everything. That it could even exist. She chooses to believe that whoever she is, Al will see her again. Al knows June will see John again. June says, as sure as sh*t, she knows that.

The fence isn’t doing well. Alicia asks about guns, and Annie says, they’re not loaded. She insists the fence will hold. They put the zombies there, and Alicia can’t stop them by herself. Alicia begs Annie to give her the guns. Max says, she’s right. He saw her after the crash. Dylan agrees she can keep them safe. The zombies start to come through. Alicia tells Annie to work on a plan to get down, and she’ll hold them off. Zombies begin to come across on a footbridge that hangs over the water, and Alicia meets them halfway. She impales one, not even breaking her stride.

John drives until the gas tank is empty. He says they have to raise June on the radio, or they’re up the creek. Dwight points out a giant rig. They get in the cab, and John tries to hotwire it. Dwight says they can walk if they have to. He says she might have made it across the mountain; they can too. John says it doesn’t sound like they have days. He thinks he may have gotten them into trouble. When Dwight asked if he’d found anything in the car, he said no. He lied. He found this… He hands Dwight the note, and Dwight reads it. John says he’s sorry. Dwight gets out of the truck.

Grace works on the generator. Morgan arrives wearing the suit, and carrying his pokey stick. He says Grace might not know how much time she has left, but she’s not dead yet, and he’s not letting her act like she is.

Alicia whacks and stabs zombies. She radios the kids, asking how it’s going. Max says they need more time. Zombies start trickling in. Alicia gives it everything she’s got, but one gets her down, his eyeball hanging in her face. This really pisses her off, and she flips him over, stabbing the other eyeball into next week. She sees the ID from the nuclear plant around his neck, and realizes there’s blood on her and she probably got it in her mouth.

Annie shoots at a couple of zombies, who tumble down the hill, pushing them even closer. She’s not a great shot but finally gets them in the head. Alicia asks if they’re okay, and Max says, yeah. Her? She looks around, and says, this isn’t going to work. She can’t do what she said. Annie tells her to come up, but she says, no. She knows they don’t want to leave, but they’ll die if they stay. You have to know when to let go. She tells Annie, get the kids on the plane. That’s how to protect them. Annie doesn’t know what Alicia did, but thanks her for it. She tells the kids, let’s go, and they head out.

Alicia bangs on the gate, and says, come on.

Luci tells Victor and Charlie they can shower and get fresh clothes. Victor tells her, Morgan said he’d be there, and Luci is sure he will.

Sitting outside the truck, Morgan tells Grace that he didn’t have much choice. He did what he had to do. Grace says they don’t know how much radiation they’ve been exposed to. He says he tried to face things, and almost died trying. A man named Eastman helped him. Eastman taught him that all life is precious. Grace asks how he knew she wouldn’t leave, and he says he didn’t. He just took a chance. Eastman taught him something else, about redirection. He didn’t think his own life was worth saving, so he made it about someone else’s life. She asks what if she’d refused to leave? and he says he didn’t think of that. She laughs, and says they have the same problem. They think everyone else’s life is more valuable than their own. She gets in the truck.

Charlie says they have to get to work. The kids show up at the gate. Luci introduces Victor and Charlie. Dylan says, The Little Prince. That was Charlie’s book. Charlie says it was. Luci says they came back, and Annie says, Alicia was convincing. Victor says, she usually is, and asks where she is now. I think Annie says, stuck, but I’m not positive.

Alicia leads the zombies through the forest.

Dwight looks at Shari’s rings. John supposes Dwight isn’t happy with him. He’d said that the world hadn’t touched John. Dwight knows why John did it. He wanted to keep Dwight going. John says, it doesn’t have to be the end of the road. Dwight says she didn’t want him looking for her, and looks at the note again. He reads, find something to live for, and live. He says he doesn’t want to give it up, even if she’s telling him to stop, but if he does find a reason to live, he has to make it right. Maybe they’ll end up like him and June. Maybe… she’s alive. Impossible sh*t happens. John says it happened for him, and Dwight says he’s going to get John back to June.

Alicia rinses her mouth in the creek. I don’t know how smart that is. In the car with Grace, Morgan radios, and asks if she’s all right. After the longest pause ever, she says she’s okay. She picked up a pack of walkers, but thinks she lost them. He tells her that the kids made it to the truck stop. She did it. He says when he and Grace were on their way back, he kept thinking about what she said. He thinks helping people isn’t the only reason. They might be right; trying make up for the lives they took. When they stopped living on their own, they kept finding people to help, but also helped themselves find a way to start living. Alicia says they will. Morgan asks her to tell him where she is. She gets up. A few zombies have nearly caught up to her.

A siren goes off, and Morgan says, is that…? She says, yes. We see the plant, where the zombies try to get at the speakers blasting the sound.

Next time, Max Headroom is back, June tries to find John, and the plane is started.

💍 The new season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days will begin on August 4th. I can’t wait. The Family Chantel, starting July 22nd, sounds intriguing, but phony as hell. I’ve always had the nagging suspicion that, even if their story is based in truth, these people have been reading their lines. And they’re bad actors. Yet somehow they’ve charmed the fans and gotten a spin-off.

🎧 The Countess Meets DJ Shore…

It remains to be seen whether this is a match made in heaven.


💞 Another New Connection…

Bethenny finally seems to be on the right love track.


🔃 Undecided About Caring…

Although she became more interesting after the season was over.


📅 This About Says It All…

Except how it gets here so fast.

May 20, 2019 – Finn Finds the Ring, VanderReunion Concludes, GH Fashion, LVP Rules, the Throne Game Lingers & Replacement Ad


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

The Ball begins. The nurses sing You Got the Best of My Love, with Epiphany, Deanna, and Amy doing solos. Nurses we’ve never seen before do some wicked dancing. I love the Ball, and seeing everyone do something they don’t normally. I’m really looking forward to Chase. Confetti falls at the end of the number to much applause.

Lucy welcomes everyone, and thanks them. She hopes they brought their wallets. Every dime goes to fight HIV and AIDS. She tells them fasten their seatbelts. They’re in for a wild ride.

Ava asks Scotty why he thought Lucy would be there. He asks why does she think? Doc says, it’s becoming obvious. Scotty says he saw Doc sneaking off with Lucy. Ava says, that’s odd, since she was with him when a staff member said someone fainted on the red carpet. She takes it that was Lucy. Doc says Lucy was wearing a lacy negligee, and Scotty says it’s a good outfit to faint in. Ava says he burst in like he expected to say, ah-ha! Caught you. Scotty says why wouldn’t he? Doc is all wrong for Ava.

Mike and Yvonne thank Sonny for including them. Mike thinks it’s the best way to celebrate their engagement, show off his fiancé. Carly looks at the ring.

Chase and Willow join Finn, who’s looking glum at the bar. Chase asks if he’s okay, and he says he’s fine. Chase asks Willow for some privacy, and tells Finn to propose without the ring. While Anna is saying yes, he’ll arrest Robert for stealing it in the first place.

Neil sees Alexis, and sits with her. She says she had no idea they’d be sitting at the same table. He’s probably the only person who can keep her from tearing Shiloh’s head off. Neil is surprised Shiloh is there, and Alexis points him out. Sam is taking pictures, and Shiloh says he didn’t take her for being a selfie girl. She says she’s not, but just got caught up in the moment.

Spinelli tells Jason the surveillance equipment is state of the art. They have all that they need to hear everything the instant it’s happening. Jason gets a text from Sam, saying she’s at the Ball with Shiloh. Spinelli says, excellent. The plan is working. In the meantime, they have to make sure no other members are at the DOD house.

Kristina suggests watching a movie, but Josslyn doesn’t care. She says Kristina doesn’t have to babysit her. Kristina says Josslyn is doing her favor. She doesn’t want to feel like a coward for skipping the Ball, but she doesn’t feel like a fancy party, so she appreciates keeping Josslyn company. Josslyn says, bring on the popcorn.

Jax tells Carly, Josslyn is fine; he just texted her. Cameron arrives, and asks if Josslyn is coming. Jax says she thought about it, but decided not to. Carly thinks, it’s a little soon after Oscar. She’ll tell Josslyn that he asked about her.

Felicia tells Anna that she didn’t say who her date was. Finn or Robert? Anna says she came with Finn. She loves Finn. She doesn’t know what Robert is doing, but it has to stop.

Mac sees Robert, and says he wasn’t expecting Robert to show up with Finn and Anna. He doesn’t think they did either. Robert insists it was a coincidence.

Mike introduces Yvonne to Bobbie, who tells them, best wishes and congratulations. She admires Yvonne’s ring.

Finn tells Chase, if everything works out, and Anna says yes, all is forgiven. Chase asks, what if she doesn’t? and Finn says he might not have to arrest Robert anyway. Finn sees Yvonne showing off the ring.

Alexis introduces Neil to Jax. Jax asks how he knows Alexis, and Alexis says, he doesn’t. Not in the way Jax thinks. It’s just a coincidence they’re sitting together. He’s a therapist. Jax asks if he’s seeing Alexis, and she says, yes; no. He’s treating her. This isn’t social. Well, it is, but… She shrugs. Neil takes it that Jax is an old friend. Jax says, his ex-wife actually.

Finn is sorry to take Sonny away from his family, but Sonny says whatever he’s going through seems important. Finn says, a little. The lady with Sonny’s father, the ring she’s wearing, it’s his. It’s special. He hates to do this, but he needs it back.

Anna wants to talk to Robert in private. He says, sounds important. She says, it is, and it’s not a joke.

Cameron sees a llama eating at the craft service table. He calls out, anybody lose a llama? He tells the llama, hold on one sec. He puts his guitar in the corner. He doesn’t want it messed up if this goes disastrous, which it probably will. Cameron doesn’t want to interrupt the llama’s snack, but someone could startle him, and he could get hurt. He’s going to grab the llama’s rope, and find out where he belongs. Cameron takes the llama’s lead, and pets him. He says, pretty weird, being backstage. The llama must feel out of place. Him too. He had this friend, and he died. It just seems so brutally unfair. Why is he the lucky one and gets to be alive? He guesses the question he should be asking is, what does he do with the life he has, and make the most of his chances? He’s going to start by finding out where the llama belongs. Felix comes in, and says, Budgie! He tells Cameron that Budgie thinks he’s a llama, and wandered off. They were frantic. He tells Budgie that his trailer awaits. Cameron tells Budgie, nice talking to you.

Ava says she can’t tell Scotty how much his loyalty and friendship mean to her. He says she wants him to keep out of her business. She says she and Doc know what they’re doing. Scotty says, the last time she said that, she ended up with Ryan. See how that turned out? Doc suggests they not miss any more of the Ball. They leave, and Scotty says, Lucy! the way Seinfeld used to say, Newman!

Sam tells Shiloh he looks good in his tux. At their table, Chase asks how Willow is holding up. she says, it would be a perfect night, but for Shiloh being here. At another table, Michael tells Sasha about being one of Milo’s Magic Wands. He didn’t pick the name. Sasha asks if Valentin performs, and he says, usually fully clothed.

Anna asks Robert why he ambushed her. He says he had to find some way to get in, but she’s not buying it. She says he purposely made it look like they came together. He says, so? and she says they didn’t do that. Finn is her date, and he’s being exasperating as an ex-husband.

Peter is glad he ran into Sam. He wanted to tell her about her sister Molly pitching an idea to him for an exposé. As in depth and hard-hitting of a piece as Lulu did on Ryan Chamberlain.

Scotty tells Lucy that she was supposed to get Doc in a compromising position. She tells him, don’t blame her. He was supposed to get Ava up to the suite sooner. She’s still just as determined to consciously uncouple Doc and Ava, but her first priority is the Ball.

Doc tells Ava that they should have expected something like that. She says maybe they would have if the relationship was real, and not a brilliant ruse to get Ryan out of hiding.

Anna says Robert sat next to her, and he says it was the seat he was assigned. She says he could have switched with Felicia or Mac. He says she’s right; he’s a bad boy. Can he go back now? She says not until they’ve dealt with the actual problem. He asks what that would be, and she says, even with all their history, especially with all their history, he can’t expect her try again with him.

Mike introduces Yvonne to Epiphany, who comments on what a rock Yvonne has. Yvonne says, it’s beautiful, and Epiphany says not as beautiful as her. Mike smiles proudly.

Kristina tells Josslyn, maybe a comedy? Josslyn says, this is a comedy. Kristina says, it’s not funny though; is it? Josslyn sees where it’s supposed to be or would be. Kristina says, if they weren’t both miserable? She knows she’s said it already, but it’s just them right now. She’s sorry about Oscar. Josslyn thanks her, and says, it actually helps when you’re hurting to know people care. Kristina wishes she’d realized that sooner. She could have saved them, and herself, a lot of trouble.

Jason and Spinelli go to the DOD house. They walk in, and Spinelli says Jason wasn’t kidding. They really do leave their door unlocked. Jason says, it’s Shiloh’s policy – except when he’s with Sam. He tells Spinelli that everything has to be perfect. Sam is setting Shiloh up tonight.

Sam and Shiloh sit at Peter’s table, and he introduces Shiloh to Lulu. Sam says Peter really blindsided her, saying Molly was writing a story. Lulu asks what it’s about, and Peter says, it’s a new organization that just opened up in Port Charles. It’s called Dawn of Day.

Peter says Molly is still in college, and will need mentoring. Lulu says she’d be happy to take Molly under her wing, but she knows nothing about DOD. Peter says Shiloh can fill her in. He’s their leader. Shiloh says, there is no leader per se. Maxie comes by, and tells him, save it. She asks why Sam is with him. Sam says she doesn’t judge Maxie’s dates, so she’d appreciate the same from Maxie. Maxie says, he only has one name, and it means he who has been sent. Sam says, it’s just a name, and Maxie says, it’s a perfect name for the leader of a cult.

Josslyn is checking out the Nurses Ball on her phone. Kristina says, any scandals? and Josslyn says, it wouldn’t be the Nurses Ball without them. Kristina looks at the phone, and asks, what is Sam doing there with Shiloh?    

Spinelli tells Jason, it’s looking good. They’re getting signals from all devices. Jason’s phone rings, and they jet out of the house. Jason says, it’s Kristina. He asks if she’s okay, and she says, Sam is at the Nurses Ball with Shiloh. Jason tells her, calm down, but she says Jason has to get Sam away from him. Jason says, trust him. It will all work out. She says, it won’t, and hangs up. Honestly, you’d think Kristina could figure this out.

Chase tells Willow that he has to prepare for his performance, but not to let Shiloh get to her. Or Nina. He leaves, and Sasha asks what he meant about Nina. Willow says she hasn’t been asked back to the elementary school. Sasha says, she was fired because of Nina? Willow says, there were several reasons, but one of them was Nina. Michael says there are a lot of private schools there. He’s sure she can get references from community leaders. She says she couldn’t impose, and Sasha tells her, don’t argue. Michael is a relentlessly decent guy. Resistance is futile.

Nina wonders if Michael can get Sasha to stay in Port Charles. Valentin didn’t realize things were happening so quickly between Sasha and Michael. Nina says it happened between them quickly. Maybe it’s an inherited trait. They kiss.

Robert says Anna thinks he wants them try again? She says, don’t deny it. She loves him, and always will, but she has to say no. She can’t marry him. She’s in love with Finn. Robert gets that, and she tells him, stop pursuing her. What they had is in the past. She walks away.

Sonny and Finn approach Mike. Sonny tells Mike, there’s a problem with the ring. It’s a fake. Mike bought a bum ring. Mike says he didn’t. Is Sonny sure? Sonny says, positive. Mike says he can’t take the ring back. It will break Yvonne’s heart. Finn understands, and has a suggestion. He shows Mike the replacement ring, and asks what he thinks. Sonny says, it’s a beautiful ring; the real deal. He can just explain the situation to Yvonne, and everything will be okay.

Lucy hopes everyone is having fun. She wants them to welcome back the next performer. Everyone has really anticipated his performance. Last year, he brought down the house. This detective has moves so arresting, he makes you want to write bad checks. Chase sings Something Just Like This. He’s so good, and definitely has the moves. He motions for Willow to come up. She shakes her head, but he brings her up on stage. Even though they didn’t rehearse, and as far as I know, have never even danced together, they dance perfectly. Sam smiles. Shiloh, not so much. Chase and Willow kiss.

Finn asks if he can talk to Robert, and Robert says, if he must. He says, despite Robert’s best efforts to sabotage him, he’s still proposing to Anna with the ring he intended to give her. Robert says, goody; he found it. He doesn’t suppose he can have the one back he replaced it with. Finn says, if only he could. Robert says, let him guess. Finn lost it. Finn says he knows exactly where it is, but don’t worry. Robert will be pleased to know it went to a good cause.

Yvonne says she likes the ring Mike gave her, but this one is so much better. Mike says, that’s all that matters. Sonny says they have to go back to Turning Woods, and Carly says they’ll walk Yvonne and Mike out. Mike hangs back, and says he and Sonny did a number last year, right? Sonny says they sure did, and Mike says Summer Wind. It was a good night. Sonny says, the best, and they hug. I wish they’d sing again, but I guess that’s not happening.

Lucy sees Cameron, and asks if he spoke with Josslyn. He says, no, and Lucy says he should know she’s not performing. Is he okay? He says he’s good to go, and she tells him, the show has to go on. She thanks him for saving her llama.

Everyone applauds as Chase and Willow go back to their table. Willow says, it was amazing. She had so much fun, but he’d better watch out. Groupies of all ages will be throwing themselves at him. He says, of all the screaming fangirls in the world, there’s only one woman for him.

Carly tells Jax that Josslyn said he looked handsome. He says, she’s a brave girl, and Carly says, the bravest. He thinks they should honor that courage, and not go home to check on her. She says they’re still texting though, right? He says, every half hour, and she says, his turn.

Cameron goes to Sonny’s house. Josslyn says his tux looks great. He says, no disasters yet. He has an Uber outside. The driver is really nice, and said she’d wait if Josslyn wants to change and come. Josslyn says, thanks, but she’d feel like more of a loser if she showed up and didn’t sing. She can’t. She thought about it, and even tried practicing, but it’s a duet. She can’t sing it without Oscar. Cameron gets it. He didn’t come to guilt her, but he brought her a message from Oscar.

In the hallway, Shiloh tells Sam that he needed a breather from her friend. Sam says Maxie isn’t so much a friend. Shiloh says, she called DOD a cult (like that’s never happened before), but he can’t hold Sam responsible. She gets his mission. Kristina appears, and tells Shiloh, get the hell away from her.

Spinelli and Jason get back to the MetroCourt. Spinelli says, mission accomplished. They have every inch of DOD wired, but they can’t be sure Shiloh will incriminate himself. Jason says, it doesn’t matter. This ends tonight.

Lucy talks about Robin. Robert tells Finn that Anna is about to speak. He’s Robin’s father, and he’s joining her on stage. Lucy says they love Robin, and miss her, but they’re fortunate that, in her absence, they have her also extraordinary mother there to tell them the importance of what tonight is all about. Anna takes the stage. She says her daughter is a woman of passion, a fighter, and a healer. Passion, fight, and healing are what the Nurses Ball is all about. Robin was diagnosed with HIV in 1995; a death sentence at that time. It’s taken the lives of so many loved ones, in particular, Stone, but her daughter’s death sentence became a life sentence. Where there’s life, there’s hope, and she doesn’t want them to forget, that’s the true meaning behind tonight – hope.

In the wings, Robert tells Finn that, Anna is one incredible woman. He’d better make her happy. All of a sudden, the ring rolls out and stops at her feet. Finn looks at Robert.

Tomorrow, Finn proposes to Anna, Lucy says something fishy is going on, and Sonny tells Shiloh to stay away from his daughter.

Vanderpump Rules – The Reunion – Part Three

We rewind a little to where Andy asks James if he’s still helping his family. Kristen says they act like he’s the only one helping his family. Katie says she’s been going through a helluva ride, and his parents got divorced, poor thing. Kristen says, he was raised by effing a-holes, but Lisa tells her, don’t talk like that; it’s going too far. James walks out, saying, he’s not listening to sh*t about his family without ripping someone’s head off. Lisa tells the group, take a breath. They’re not doing themselves any favors. Andy says Kristen keeps jumping into every question.

Lisa tells James, don’t walk away. He’ll lose the battle. He says he’s already won. She says he’s part of the show. He needs to pull himself together, and defend himself. Katie says people hate her because she stood up for herself. People told her to kill herself because she did something to James’s family. Lala says they need to quit talking about people’s parents. Lisa comes back with James, and asks if they’re good now.

Andy wisely changes the subject. He asks about Lala’s anxiety attacks, and she says they were driven by alcohol. We flash back to her freak-out at dinner in Mexico. She says she wanted to crawl out of her own skin. She wasn’t near Rand, her mom was far away, and her dad was gone. Andy says Scheana claimed everyone was up Lala’s ass, and treated her like she could do no wrong even before her dad passed away. He asks if Scheana has any examples, except for Lala not wanting to make out with her. We flash back to Scheana griping about that. Scheana thinks she had some insecurities, and felt like all of Lala’s other friends came first. Lala says she never wants Scheana to feel like her friendship is on the back burner. If she needs to try harder, she’ll make that happen.

Andy asks how Schwartz felt when he and Katie took the lead in the controversy surrounding inviting white Kanye to Mexico. Schwartz says he didn’t think it would be a problem. He thought enough time had passed, that it was safe. He was caught in the moment; he’s a softie. Andy asks how it made James feel when Tom got the brunt of the blame. Ariana says, in reality, they agreed. Schwartz says he knew he effed up, and it was a moment of cowardice. Katie’s voice is scary, and he didn’t know what to do. Andy asks why James would want to go somewhere, that clearly, several people didn’t want him to. He says he as curious. He’d been on all the trips. The Miami trip was fantastic. The group thought he’d be the liability of the Hawaii trip. We flash back to Jax saying James is obnoxious. James says he laughed when Jax got arrested. He wasn’t the liability. He became an international DJ when he worked in Mexico. It was all happening. He thought he’d earned the right to go on the next trip, and at the time, it hurt his feelings.

Moving on. Andy brings up Katie and Tom’s fight, where Tom blamed Katie for James losing his job and called her a bully. He asks if Tom thinks she’s responsible for James losing his job. James says, it’s irrelevant. It doesn’t mean what he did was okay, or he’s right, but Tom was pissed at the ultimatum and outcome. Tom says he thought if Katie hadn’t said anything, James wouldn’t have lost his job. It was bottled up in him. Schwartz says, back in the day, she said come pretty rough things. We flash back to Katie calling Lala a whore, and telling Schwartz, no wonder his d*ck doesn’t work. Schwartz says she’s a changed person. She’s come a long way, and matured. He loves her. Andy says Katie’s go-to insult is critiquing his d*ck. We see a clip of Schwartz saying he has a classic penis. Andy says they’re going to say it so much, it won’t work. Schwartz says it’s a nice, old-fashioned penis. Andy says Katie was penis shaming.

Andy welcome Stassi’s beau, Beau. He asks Beau if his suit is more comfortable than the dinosaur outfit. Beau says he has the dinosaur costume with him, but Stassi said. We go down the Memory Lane of Stassi’s exes, and see clips of their various antics. Jax flipped off everyone at SUR. Frank threatened to pull a customer’s underwear over his head. Patrick made unwanted comments on Lisa’s ass. Andy asks, where does Beau rank? He says Lisa loves him, and even tweeted that she loves her some Beau. Lisa says he’s lucky to have Stassi too. She’s bright and beautiful, but with her insecurities, thinks she’ll screw up. She wants Stassi to get it out of her head. Andy says Stassi put Patrick on a pedestal, and then said in her podcast that he’d cheated. Katie is shocked, saying she didn’t know about this. Stassi says the day she was moving from NYC to L.A,, she was using Patrick’s computer, and found texts between him and some, like, model that were very explicit. She didn’t want to just slink out, since she’d just told everyone she was in a new relationship. She was mortified. Beau is happy she did it. Andy asks if she made Beau happy, and Beau says, she did. Andy asks if Beau watched show when they started dating. Beau says he watched the pilot to see what he was getting into. Andy asks if it didn’t scare him, and Beau says, eff yeah. Kristen set them up. She and Beau met when she was doing an independent film, and they kissed. We see some clips from The Loneliness of the Long Distance Dreamer. Andy asks if it went further, but that’s a no. Jax says, this is the most incestuous group ever.

Andy asks about the first night in Mexico, when Stassi was arguing about going to bed. How does Beau keep cool when Stassi goes off the deep end? Beau says he gets help from friends. Andy asks what triggers Stassi’s rages? and Beau says, alcohol, Adderall past influence in relationships. He’s done nothing to make her think he’d do something shady. Andy says Stassi gave him a hard time at the club for encouraging her to have fun with her friends. Stassi says, all the girls were dancing, and she had on a maxi dress with oatmeal-colored Spanx that she’d cut the crotch out of so she could use the bathroom. She didn’t want everyone to look up and see. She didn’t feel hot, and Beau annoyed her when he kept telling her to go. She said no. He says he didn’t know she was wearing oatmeal-colored Spanx with the crotch cut out. Stassi says it’s embarrassing to say. Andy reminds Beau that he said he felt like a battered boyfriend, which was brutal. It was just over and over again.  The dark passenger snapped at the club, and his bottled feelings came out at the hotel. The old stuff and Stassi’s insecurities combined with alcohol makes the dark passenger come out. He doesn’t think it’s some deep persona thing. Andy asks who’s scarier; the dark passenger or tequila Katie. Schwartz thinks it’s Katie, but says the two of them could take over the world. Andy asks if it makes Stassi feel at risk of losing Beau if she doesn’t change her behavior. Stassi says, yes. She wants to find out what’s making her life this. She’s hurting her friends, Beau, and herself. She’s not taking Adderall again. Andy asks Beau if her behavior has changed, and they both say yes. Andy brings up Stassi’s mother telling her not to be herself or she’ll mess it up. Beau says he had no idea why her mother would say something like that. Stassi says it sticks with her, and she thinks something’s totally wrong with herself. Andy adds insult to injury by reminding Stassi that her mother also said she hoped Stassi would grow up to be half the woman Kristen is. We flash back to that. Stassi says she didn’t know about it, and it was hard to watch. Andy asks where she and her mother stand now. Stassi says they didn’t speak for eight months, but just this past weekend, she went to her sister’s bridal shower, and they talked. Her mother apologized and took ownership of what she’d done, and they both cried. It was awesome, and she’s happy about it, since she missed her mom. Everyone gets a little teary. Well, probably not James.

Andy says Jax seemed freaked out when the women arrived at the guy’s weekend. Jax says he felt guilty just being in the same room with them. He knows just because things are okay now, he still has work to do, and he’s treading water. He told Beau that the girls would probably be mad if they tell them, but they’ll find out anyway, so they’d better. Stassi says it was the right choice, but she wanted to FaceTime with those skanks. We move on to Kristen, and flash back to her freefalling in wine country. Andy says she got triggered by James DJing a party at PUMP. Does that really affect her? She wishes it didn’t. She thought she was fine. James tells her to get over it. He says she’s obsessed with him, and she has to get over him. Stassi sticks by saying she thinks it was really Carter that was the problem, and doesn’t think Kristen is obsessed with James. He triggered it, but they all knew what was going on with Carter. We see clips of Kristen complaining. Kristen insists it wasn’t about her and Carter, and she got upset when Stassi intermixed the two. Andy asks what issue broke Carter and Kristen up, and she says he didn’t respect her enough to pay his way. She felt taken advantage of. Beau thinks that Kristen vents so much about the bad, it’s all they hear. They never heard the good stuff. Andy says the girls accused Kristen of fighting in private, and acting like everything was okay in public. She says Carter was trying to make a shift; whatever it took. It doesn’t matter what caused it. Stassi says it does to her. It should be what Kristen wants, and not because of what other people think. Kristen says they made a choice not to be together. Andy reminds Kristen that she said if she ever gets married, it would be to Carter. She stands by that, and admits they still live together. Their dog was mauled by a Pitbull and she needed him. They don’t sleep in same bed every night, and they’ve only had sex twice. Andy says, it’s confusing. Stassi says they’re like Scheana and Adam. Scheana says they’re best friends, but they sleep together. Kristen says Stassi’s tough love doesn’t work for her. She doesn’t know how get him out. She cries alone, because they’re annoyed, and she’s afraid to call. Katie says Kristen is settling to be unhappy. She’s trying to make herself happy in a situation that’s no good for her. Kristen says she listened to Katie and Schwartz for eight years, and never walked away. Katie says they’re not walking away. Andy asks if the issue is that she should just get Carter’s ass out of the house. Kristen says it’s none of their business, but Katie says Kristen wants Carter to love her, and made it her business for over two years. Forgive her for having an opinion. Kristen says she does. Andy says Beau was friends with Patrick before he dated Stassi. How’s that going now? Beau says they text once in a while, but it’s been hard since Stassi’s break from him. Stassi says Patrick is scared of her. Andy tells her social media says Beau is the best thing for her; an upgrade from Jax. Stassi says she and Jax both upgraded. Andy asks Stassi if it’s hard to be not the most liked person in the relationship. She says she’s getting used to it. Stassi says she got everything she told her friends that she wanted. She wanted someone who could be friends with her friends, and do the same things she likes to do; an actual partner. Beau whispers, I love you, and Stassi returns the whisper. Everyone is like, aww! On that note, it’s time for Beau to skedaddle.

Andy says in the Mexican hotel, Schwartz’s balls were as big as anything. We flash back to Schwartz and Katie’s fight. Andy wonders where that all came from, and Schwartz said it had built up. The last rumblings of pent up resentment from early on, and was like one least burp. It was cathartic, but he felt terrible. Andy says the root of what Katie was saying is that he was working so hard, and she wanted to spend time Lisa says lot of people have jobs, and are still committed. Katie says Schwartz isn’t good at listening. Before Andy wraps up the Mexico conversation, he wants to know if Schwartz’s grand romantic gesture, of a violinist and junk food, worked. Did they make mad passionate love? Katie says she had Montezuma’s Revenge. Schwartz says he was on the verge, and Jax says they all had severe anal leakage. Andy is like, alrighty then.

He says when he thinks of rivalries, he thinks of the Hatfields and McCoys, the Red Sox and the Yankees, and Kristen and Ariana. He asks Tom if it’s weird seeing his ex and current girlfriends being friends. He says, it’s not that bad. Brittany wonders which is weirder; Tom and James being friends, or Ariana and Kristen. Ariana thinks the most weird thing is Jax and Tom being friends. Tom doesn’t think it’s weird, considering the other people who have made up. Andy asks if Kristen still thinks that Tom and Ariana did something inappropriate when she and Tom were together. She does, but it doesn’t matter anymore. Ariana says they did kiss in a pool in Vegas, so there was that.

Andy says from the moment Jax proposed, Brittany was planning her engagement party. He asks if she had the fairytale theme in mind already. She says she knew she would get married in a castle, so it followed the theme. Andy asks why the bigger Bridezilla will be; Brittany or Jax? Stassi says Brittany is Brattany. She knows what she wants. If she wants a cherry blossom tree that has to be shipped in from Japan, it’s going to happen. We find out Lala has become a bridesmaid. Brittany says she felt badly about it, because they are really close. She and the girls all have a bond. They understand each other and what they’re all going through better than anyone. Andy asks how many bridesmaids she has, and Brittany says, eleven bridesmaids and one bridesman. Andy asks why Kristen thought she should be maid-of-honor. Kristen says Brittany’s brother had said she was Brittany’s best friend in LA, so she figured it was a sure thing. Brittany says it breaks her heart that Kristen felt that way, but thought it was more appropriate for Katie to take that role. Stassi tells Ariana that she’s not picking bridesmaids. It’s too stressful.

Andy was impressed with Lisa’s beer bong. Lisa says there’s nobody else she’d do that for, and she’s never doing it again. It shot ninety miles an hour down her throat. We flash back to her burp, and Andy says, it was a great exit.

Andy points out that Tom ticked off a list of lies Jax has told over the years in the finale. Andy asks if Jax heard about it, and he says, no. Brittany reminds him that they watched the episode together. They laughed about it, because it was true. Brittany tells Andy that Jax would never say he didn’t eff up in the past. Tom says Jax had a Chanel fragrance ad in his portfolio for as long as Tom has known him, and it’s way not him. Stassi says, it doesn’t look like you, but omg, cool! Tom says something about Channing Tatum rooming with Jax, and Jax insists it’s true. It was in the beginning of his career. Tom says he was a model before Jax, and Channing was blowing up after doing a Mountain Dew ad. Jax says that’s when he left. He was nineteen, and it was a big deal. My high school boyfriend was roommates with Christopher Reeve before he was Superman, so it’s possible. Andy asks Lisa how she thinks Jax will do as a married man. She hopes well. She thinks Brittany is his best asset. She knows how control him to a certain extent. Jax says he’s still a work in progress, but he’s devoted to changing. Andy says he’s heard Jax say he was a work in progress before, but Jax says he always will be. No matter how much he changes, that old person will always be there. Lisa comparing him to Ken was an honor. Lisa says it wasn’t a positive, but Jax thinks it’s a compliment because Ken came out the other side, and he’s a great dude.

Andy says the engagement party meant something else to Scheana. Scheana says she’s never seen Adam that angry. We flash back to that, and Scheana says that’s what triggered her emotions. She never thought he’d speak to her again. Andy tells her that she kept saying she and Adam were just friends, but when he wasn’t giving her enough attention, she set up a date with a hot model. Lisa says it’s the worst choice she ever made. Well, there is Shay. Andy says then she got Adam’s attention. He asks if she was interested in Ethan or was she just setting up Adam to pay attention. Scheana says she met Ethan on Watch What Happens Live in LA. He was one of the guys who was fanning NeNe. They’ve been talking since then, which really didn’t answer the question. They discuss Botox, which Stassi says Scheana has been getting since she was twelve. Scheana says she’s going to be thirty-three, and this is how she can get a twenty-five year old.  Andy says she looks great, but she’s still young, and he thinks Botox makes you look older. I think it just makes you look freaky. Not to leave any personal stone unturned, Andy asks if she was thinking about Adam while having sex with Ethan. She admits he crossed her mind, and she felt badly about it. Andy asks how Adam reacted to the penguin, and she says he loves penguins like Stassi loves ranch dressing. It worked. She’s continued dating other people, but he hasn’t been with anyone. I wonder, how is this working? and also why Andy doesn’t ask, since he’s been so intrusive. Andy asks her about Adam not going downtown, and she says they’d go right to it without much foreplay. Lisa thinks in a relationship, if you’re not willing to go downtown, it’s a huge disrespect. Scheana says he did it the next day. There’s a TMI explosion in my head.

Andy says Brittany’s whole family was in town for the engagement party. He knows her mom and memaw love Jax, but where does he stand with the other members of the family. Brittany says she was surprised when she saw the footage, and didn’t like how Jax treated them. We see the clip where Jax says he’ll always be number one. She says she screamed bloody murder. Don’t disrespect her family. Jax agrees that he was inappropriate, but says there was a lot of pressure, and he was also entertaining his sister. He was having a couple of drinks, and trying to relax, when Brittany’s brothers kept giving him a list of what he needed to do for her. He thought, what about him? Andy asks if anyone got offended when Jax said he bought Brittany’s brother a baby. The vernacular was not great. Brittany says Jax doesn’t know how to speak; he doesn’t have a mom and dad. Andy says he has a mom. He’s not Dr. Phil, but wonders if Jax’s mom is invited to the wedding. Brittany says it’s still up in air. Andy says life is short, and Jax says he knows that. Brittany thinks his mother should try to reach out. She asks what Lisa thinks, and Lisa says she can see his pain, and as a mother, it’s incumbent on her to reach out. Brittany says they wanted to see his dad, and she told them to wait. Jax says he doesn’t have a mother, but Lisa says until recently. It’s going to hurt his mother when she sees this. He should say he wishes she’d reach out. Brittany says, Marie, please reach out. Jax says he’s the only man in the family, and doesn’t understand why she didn’t talk to him. Regardless of what his dad said, he would have called and told them he’s not going to make it; get on a plane. Andy asks how they think his father would feel about the engagement. Jax says he loved Brittany. Brittany says Jenny sent her texts about how he would love her, and she’s saving them forever.

James tells Stassi to get off his d*ck. Stassi says he won’t shut up, and stop telling her to shut up. He has no right to talk to her like that; it’s disgusting. Brittany says, it’s not okay. That’s why he’s never going to be around her again. He was talking about her family. James says Jax was talking sh*t about Raquel, and Andy says Brittany has never said a bad word to him. Why was he taking it out on her? She’s the nicest one in the room. James says he felt like it. He knows it’s not nice, okay? Lisa says, it’s not okay. He asks what she wants him to say. She says he’s going to lose any bit of support he has, and he asks if that’s a threat from her. She tells him that she’s saying, unless he changes, he’s going to lose the support he has. Andy says, James is no longer at SUR, and his relationship with the group has frayed; what’s in store? James says he’s making music, traveling America, and DJing. There’s a lot he’s working on, and he has high, high hopes.

Andy asks Schwartz how he felt about the audience reaction to Katie, and the haters. He says it took willpower not go after them, but he knows better than to feed the trolls. His wife is sexy and beautiful, and he loves her. Suck his classic d*ck.

Peter is standing by with cocktails, along with Ken, who has a tray of memaw’s beer cheese. Andy asks Lisa who she thinks will be first to have a PUMP baby. Shouldn’t that be a SUR baby? She thinks it will be Brittany, and Jax says, she’s already pregnant. Brittany says he’s just kidding. She wants to have fun at the wedding. Andy says nothing is coming between her and having fun at her wedding. They all say, cheers, and Lala toasts with cheese. They don’t seem to like the shots very much, and Brittany tells them, chase it with the beer cheese.

The end. For now

👗 Red Carpet At the Nurses Ball…

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The cast says goodbye.


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Apparently, Gina Kirschenheiter (Real Housewives of Orange County) and Danny Trejo (Machete) are in an ad for some kind of ED device.


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