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July 3, 2018 – Nelle Visits Carly, David Pimp Slaps Veronica, Tales from Bravoland & Independence Day Fun


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Michael says he told his mom that he’d look out for his family and protect them. Sonny says his mom is his family, and she’s in Ferncliff, thanks to Nelle setting her up. Sonny wants to tell her about the impending marriage before someone else does. Michael says there’s something else she needs to know.

Julian and Kim go to The Floating Rib, and see Brad and Lucas there. Sam asks Lucas why he’s so serious, and he says he needs Sam’s help.

Terry and Elizabeth go down Memory Lane. Cameron, who’s aged quite a lot in a very short time, comes downstairs, and Elizabeth introduces him to Terry. He leaves for the fireworks, and Elizabeth tells Terry that he’s a pretty responsible kid. Terry says, so he’s nothing like they were. Franco comes home, and Elizabeth introduces her childhood friend. Franco says Elizabeth told him that Terry was her first kiss. Terry says she’s proud of it, but she went by he at the time.

Oscar unpacks a picnic at the park. Josslyn asks if there’s room for one more. He says he wasn’t sure she would show, and she apologizes for ripping his head off the last time they were together.

Rupert tells Carly that she has a visitor. Nelle says, hi, grandma, explaining to Rupert that Carly is her baby’s grandma, not hers. Rupert asks if Carly wants him to escort Nelle out. She says, no, but wait outside; she won’t be long. Nelle says the place is worse than she imagined. Carly tells her maybe one day she’ll find out for herself. Nelle says, someone is in a bad mood, but she has news to make Carly’s day. She’s been thinking long and hard about the damage that’s been done, and has one way to make better. Nelle says she forgives Carly.

Michael tells Jason and Sonny that his mom warned him about Nelle, and he has to pay for his mistakes.  paying for his mistakes. Sonny doesn’t see it that way, and wants to protect Michael. Michael says Sonny has; now it’s his turn. He’s going into the marriage with his eyes wide open. Sonny says, it’s a losing battle. Michael says to tell Carly it’s going to be okay. Even if he’s lying, say he believes in Michael.

Terry doesn’t want to intrude, but Elizabeth and Franco ask her to stay. Terry asks if Franco is weirded out, but he says he’s relieved. He had been a little jealous. Terry appreciates the candor, and Franco says Elizabeth could have clued him in to… Terry explains it’s called gender transition, and that Elizabeth didn’t know. They drink to surprises.

Lucas and Brad talk about including everyone in family gatherings, and ask Sam if she’ll be there. She says Danny loves being a big brother, and will take on a new cousin like a champ. Brad says this is really happening.

Kim asks if Julian wants to talk about it. He wonders what there is to talk about. She says his son and daughter are there, and not even looking in his direction. He’s glad they’re spending time together. He’d like to be a part of it, but thinks it’s too late to be a father to them. Kim disagrees, at least with Lucas. Maybe he can’t be a full-fledged father, but he can have a relationship. She saw them at the hospital, and it’s not lost on Lucas how hard he’s tried. She thinks he has a chance.

Josslyn says Oscar seems bummed. He tells her that he hates his mom being with Julian. He knows things are hard for Josslyn with her family right now, but Josslyn says they can’t do anything about their moms tonight, so they should enjoy what they can control. They have an awesome spot for the fireworks. They kiss, and Cameron appears, asking if he’s interrupting.

Carly can’t believe Nelle came all that way just to say she forgives her. Nelle says it’s an important part of healing. Carly says making peace means so much to her. Being in there isn’t ideal, but she sees how much she needed it, and is going to do whatever work it takes to get back to her family. Nelle says, ever growing family, and Carly asks how she’s feeling. Nelle says, wonderful. Michael is waiting on her hand and foot. The pregnancy went by quickly, and there’s been a lot going on. Carly says Nelle has been busy, but Nelle says, never too busy for her.

Sonny tells Michael that he does believe in him, and to take care of himself. Jason tells Michael these are not normal circumstance. Nelle will do anything to get what she wants. Michael says, she wants him. Sonny says they don’t know what she’ll do now. He and Jason explain about the flyer, and how Nelle was trying to make Carly believe his brother was still alive. There’s no line Nelle won’t cross. Michael says he’s smart enough to call for help if he needs it. Sonny has to go, and tells Michael to be careful. After he leaves, Jason asks Michael why the hell he’s marrying Nelle.

Brad thinks it’s the perfect time, and Sam asks, for what? Lucas says they would be grateful if she’d be their baby’s godmother. She’s an amazing mom, and they know if it came to it, she’d go to the ends of the earth for their kid. She’s in, and they make a toast to the godmother. Julian approaches the table, and hopes the baby arrives safely, healthy, and happy. They thank him, and he says he wants it for both their families. Lucas says they’ll let him know when the baby arrives. He goes back to his table, and Sam says her first order of business as godmother is to advise they don’t let Julian in the baby’s life.

Terry says she wasn’t brave; she was scared to death. Elizabeth says that’s why she’s so brave. Franco asks if there was a turning point, and Terry says the older she got, the more trapped she felt, until she couldn’t stand it. Elizabeth can’t believe Terry didn’t tell her. Terry says back then, she just felt like something was off, but she was comfortable and could be herself with Elizabeth. Elizabeth wishes she’d been there to offer support, and Terry says she didn’t know. Elizabeth asks about her parents. Terry tells her, at first, they didn’t know what was happening. Terry acted out with negative behaviors, and they just wanted her to get better, but when it meant that they had to acknowledge she was a girl, no one wanted it. Least of all her brother.

Josslyn explains to Oscar that she and Cameron grew up together. Cameran tells him how they got married in elementary school, and Josslyn ate the licorice ring. Cameron asks how Oscar likes Port Charles, and Oscar says Josslyn has been showing him the ropes. Cameron tells them he’s life-guarding this summer. Josslyn says Oscar has an internship with his dad, and she’ll be reporting for duty as a camp counselor. Cameron says they can hang out.

Nelle gets Carly some water. She says she’s been spending time with Josslyn; they have special bond. Josslyn is excited about becoming aunt. Carly says Josslyn is growing up, and Nelle says, in more ways than one. Carly asks what that means. Nelle says Josslyn confided in her about her relationship with Oscar. It sounds like things are heating up. She hopes Carly doesn’t mind, but she took Josslyn to buy some lingerie; nothing trashy, but age appropriate. Whatever that means at age fourteen. Carly says she trusts Nelle implicitly, and Nelle says then she won’t mind that she asked Josslyn to be her maid of honor. Michael proposed. She asks if she can call Carly mom. Carly says she’s speechless. Nelle says she couldn’t believe it either. The alone time brought them closer with no interference. Carly asks when, and Nelle says, as soon as possible. They’re going to be a true family from the start. Carly thinks it’s amazing. Getting married for the sake of baby is great, although those marriages don’t always last. She married AJ for Michael’s sake. Nelle asks if Carly doesn’t think Michael will love her, and Carly says he put a ring on it, but just because a couple can make a baby doesn’t mean they should be married. Nelle says, not her and Michael, and Carly tells Nelle that she’s right. Rupert tells Carly she has another visitor. Sonny asks what the hell Nelle doing there.

Michael tells Jason to let Nelle think her plan worked, and that he’s in love with her. Over-confident people make mistakes. Jason says she killed her last fiancé; he’s risking his life. Michael says he gets it. Nelle is dangerous and evil and all those things. He’s not pretending she isn’t, but she’s carrying his child. She put his mother, and Jason’s best friend, in an institution. There’s no limit to what she’ll do, but she’s not playing him again. It’s his turn, and he guarantees he’ll win.

Sam tells Lucas he has an I-feel-bad-for-dad face. Lucas says Julian did what he wanted, and respected the boundaries. Sam needs to stand down. Sam says, not when it comes to Julian. She strongly suggests he do the same.

Kim tells Julian that wasn’t so bad, but he says he can feel the arctic chill. He doesn’t expect things to change. He’s concerned about Lucas not knowing anything about the birth mother though. She can snatch the baby back at any minute, and he doesn’t want Lucas robbed of the chance to be a father.

Terry tells Elizabeth that her brother hasn’t spoken to her since her transition. Elizabeth says she must have felt betrayed. Terry says he thinks she just decided she was over being a boy, and would rather be a girl, but she was finally reconciling her physical and emotional sides. Franco says she was freed to be seen for who she really is. He gets it. He knows the pain of rejection. They agree it stinks.

Carly tells Sonny that Nelle came to tell her that she and Michael are getting married. Sonny thought she was getting her ring sized. Nelle says the jeweler is close by. Sonny says he can’t stop the marriage, but he’s not letting her get in his wife’s face. Nelle says she’s glad to brighten Carly’s day. Carly tells her to give Michael a hug, and when she’s gone, tells Sonny, this is not happening.

Michael tells Jason the mistakes his parents have made were because they let emotions get in the way. The baby is 100% innocent, and he’s going to protect it at all costs. He needs to make Nelle feel comfortable, secure, and loved as long as it takes to exonerate his mom. Right now, he needs to focus on the baby. Jason says he couldn’t do it, and respects him for that. He tells Michael that every time he lies, it will cost him. Michael says he knows it, and Jason tells him not to give up his soul for her. Make sure he can live with his choices. Michael says he can live with anything, as long as his mom and the baby are safe.

Kim realizes that’s why Julian wanted to know about the records. He says he wants to know the deal with the birth mother – and father. Does the father even know? He doesn’t want anyone hurt in this scenario, especially his son. Kim tells him that he’s not a party. As much as it stinks, it’s out of his control. She asks, given his experience, if it’s hard to be with her because of what she did to Drew.

Lucas tells Sam that he loves and is grateful to her. They drink to the baby.

Jason goes to the footbridge.

Elizabeth wishes she’d been there, and Terry asks if she thinks she could have talked sense into her brother Sean. Elizabeth says she could have been a friend and listened. Terry says she’s doing that now, but Elisabeth wonders why Terry didn’t confide in her sooner. Terry says for one thing, she was gone, and Elizabeth was her Biz. She couldn’t stand the thought of rejection. Elizabeth realizes Terry thought she wouldn’t accept her.

Cameron has camp training early, and leaves. Oscar says he seems like an okay guy, but he’s not going to lie. He likes it being just the two of them. Josslyn says, her too.

Carly tells Sonny that Nelle is dangerous. He says Michael knows, but she says Nelle is psychotic dangerous. She’s a sociopath who killed her last fiancé. Does Sonny want Michael to go next? Carly tells him that he has to do whatever it takes to stop it.

Julian says he doesn’t judge Kim’s choices about Oscar. The situation is different. She wasn’t trying to keep Drew from his son. She says she could have worked harder. He says she did the best she could. She did what was necessary, and he respects her decisions. She says, then instead of jumping to the worst case scenario with the biological parents, he should think that they’re doing what’s in the best interest of their child; giving them to a good home. Julian says he wasn’t able to protect Lucas growing up, and doesn’t want him to get hurt. Kim says, getting hurt is part of the job. He thanks her for listening. He appreciates her solid advice – and her.

Terry tells Elizabeth that she’s knocked on a few doors, and not many have been as warm and welcoming. Elizabeth says Terry is her friend. She loves her, and nothing will change that. She asks if Terry would like to stay with them, but she has a consult in morning. Elizabeth is excited that she’ll be working at GH, and says she has to come to the wedding. Terry is her oldest friend. Terry agrees, as long as Elizabeth stops calling her old. She’s happy Elizabeth found Franco. She tells Franco that Elizabeth has a huge, compassionate heart that was meant to be shared with someone like him. He says he’s a lucky guy, and grateful. Terry leaves, and Franco hugs Elizabeth.

Sonny says Michael is doing this because he feels guilty. He’s been beating himself up for getting involved with Nelle, and her ending up in Ferncliff. Carly says they’ve already lost Morgan; they can’t lose Michael. Sonny tells her that Michael is a grown man. He trusts Michael, and she needs to trust him. She says it’s Nelle who she doesn’t trust. She might kill him out of spite. He says Michael’s got it, and she asks if he’s got Michael. He says, always. Sonny has some good news about the flyer on her car. He says, invisible ink, and laughs. Carly calls Nelle a bitch, and asks if he can prove it. He says not that Nelle is behind it, but they’re trying. Until then, everything has to stay as it is. Carly says, so she stays in there, and Michael marries Nelle.

Michael asks how the sizing went, and Nelle says, actually, she went to visit his mom instead. She wanted to tell her about the engagement personally. She thought if she could explain how much she loves him and the baby, it would make it easier, but no such luck. Michael doesn’t think it’s a good time to reach out. Carly is still in recovery, and needs space. Nelle apologizes, saying she was so happy, she wanted to share it, and give Carly a piece of joy to hold on to. She asks Michael what if Carly never accepts her, and he says, then so be it. He loves her, and him, her, and the baby are all that matters; they’re a family. He doesn’t think his mom will shut her out forever. Things change, and eventually she’ll give in; she has to. Nelle hopes he’s right as long as motivated by good intentions everything will be fine

Sam brings Danny to the footbridge. Jason asks if Danny is there to watch the fireworks. Danny tells him that his mom says it’s the best view ever. Sam says she was telling him about how Jason built the bridge. Jason says he wasn’t out there with a hammer, but he paid for it. The old one had been special to a friend of his, and over time, to him too. Danny asks if Jason will watch fireworks with them, and Jason says he’d like that. Sam smiles.

Elizabeth and Franco sit on the couch, talking about the visit from Terry. Cameron comes in home early. He tells them that he saw Josslyn, and she’ll be being working at camp. It should be cool. He stomps upstairs, and Franco says, teenagers. The fireworks start, and they stand outside. Franco says it must have been hard for Terry, not being herself. He forgives Elizabeth for making out with Terry. They kiss.

Everyone goes outside at The Floating Rib. Oscar and Josslyn watch from their blanket. Oscar tells Josslyn that he tried the cologne and really likes it.

Nelle tells Michael, next year, they will be a family. He says, perfect.

Sonny has to go. He tells Carly, the next time, the celebration will be hers; he promises. They kiss.

On the footbridge, Danny sits on Jason’s shoulders. Jason and Sam smile at each other.

Tomorrow the show from January 17, 2018 will be aired. Why that one? Who knows? On Thursday, Stella tells Griff not to impose, Oscar tells Kim to stop wasting time with Julian, and Drew tells Sam they’re divorced.

The Haves and the Have Nots

RJ asks David, what the hell, and David says get out of his face. Veronica can’t believe David really hit her. He says after all he’s done for her, and all the sacrifices he made for her. The new house was supposed to be hers after she burned the other one down. She starts freaking out, and hopping up and down. David says she’s made his life hell. RJ tells David to go, but David tells him to mind his own business. Veronica says she has this. She’s going to show him how bad it can get. David tells her to give it her best shot. She says when they got married, she had two rules. One, that he not cheat on her, and two, that he never lay a hand on her; now he’s done both, and he’s with that heifer. He says he never cheated on her, but he had to see her with Benny in the paper. He gave up on her ass. She says he doesn’t know what cheating is, and he calls her insane, telling her not to go near his son or Erica. Stay out of his life. She says, you’ll regret it, and repeats it in a singsong way.

RJ asks if she’s all right. She screams at him to get out, and keeps singsonging, you’ll regret it. After RJ leaves, she repeats, he hit me, over and over. She gets her phone and sits on the couch. She calls Derek, who tells her it’s the middle of the night, but she doesn’t give a damn; she needs some help. She needs some numbers for a partner in crime. He says he’s not doing this, and she says, don’t tell her what he’s not going to do. She wants the numbers at her house by the morning. He says he’s not in that life anymore, but again, she doesn’t give a damn.

Jeffrey sits in the middle of the trashed condo. David comes in, and asks if he’s okay. Jeffrey keeps saying he’s sorry, and David tells him to stop that; his mother is a mess. Jeffrey says she didn’t do this, and David asks who did. Jeffrey tells him, Officer Justin, and David asks if it was before or after they had sex; Veronica told him. Jeffrey says, after, and he knows David is going to tell him to end it. David didn’t know there was something to end, and Jeffrey says, he doesn’t know there is. He likes Justin, and he needs help. David says, so does Jeffrey’s mother, but she won’t change. He says, this kind of behavior leads to bodily harm, and asks if Justin has been abusive. Jeffrey says he has, both physically and verbally. David wonders if Jeffrey didn’t study this in psyche class.

Justin comes out, and says he’s sorry. David says he didn’t know Justin was there, and Jeffrey says, that makes two of them. Justin says he’ll pay for it, but David asks if he can afford a $16,000 couch. Justin says, no, but he’ll try. David says Jeffrey is an adult. If he chooses to be involved with someone like Justin, there’s not much he can do, but Justin needs to get help. Justin says he knows, and David says he’ll be watching. Jeffrey’s mother is nothing compared to what he’ll do to protect the well-being of his son. He asks Jeffrey if he’s sure this is what he wants, but Jeffrey doesn’t know. David tells him when he figures it out, let him know. He has to leave before he gets sick. He tells Justin the misusing of his son makes him want to throw Justin off the balcony, and tells Jeffrey that he’ll have new furniture sent over. He leaves and Jeffrey tells Justin that he’s serious, and asks why he came back. Justin says to beg forgiveness. Jeffrey tells him that he says that a lot, but he’s forgiven. Justin says there’s a program at the department where he can talk to a psychologist, and Jeffrey says he needs to. Justin asks if it works and he gets better, will Jeffrey move in with him? Jeffrey tells him to just focus on getting better. Justin says he will, and Jeffrey says, get out. Justin says he loves Jeffrey, and wants him to say the same. Jeffrey says, I love you; bye. Justin leaves.

DA George is told they have footage from across the street from the bar. An officer asks what’s the hold-up with the Cryer case, and George says the family is strong. They’re connected, and he needs every bit of ammo he can get. The officer asks, what about the son, and George says, he’s a drug addict; not a good character witness. They look at the footage that’s focused on the bar. George wonders what Wyatt is doing there, and then sees Jim, and wonders what the hell he’s doing there. The officer says the witness didn’t see them, but recognized this guy, pointing to Benny coming out the door. The witness said he was the assailant. George says, it’s Benjamin Young. He was hit with a car by Wyatt, and the family covered it up; what’s going on? The officer says the witness claims he’s the guy, and George tells them to bring Benny in.

Sarah asks for evidence to check against a case. The deputy, who obviously thinks she’s hot, lets her into the evidence room. He tells her a shift change is coming, and to hurry, because he doesn’t want anyone to know he let her in. She takes out a box, and puts something in her purse, presumably the bullets. She thanks him, and leaves.

Hanna calls Kathryn. Neither one of them slept well. Kathryn tells Hanna that she called the attorney. Hanna thanks her, saying she thinks the police will be breaking down her door any minute. Kathryn tells her to calm down, and not to worry about the cost. After the call ends, Hanna takes out her laptop, saying she has $32.00 in her account. Not anymore. It’s $8 million now. What bank is that? The interest rate is phenomenal. She calls Kathryn back, and gets voicemail. She leaves a message saying she can’t accept it, and to call her back.

Jeffrey visits Wyatt, who’s still in a straitjacket. Wyatt says he’s been in restraints all night. Jeffrey tells him that he looks better, and will get what he needs. Wyatt wonders if it isn’t illegal to keep him there, but Jeffrey says he said he was going to kill himself. Wyatt says he was kidding, and Jeffrey says they don’t know that. He tells Wyatt that his mother will be coming, and he’ll be fine. Wyatt says they’re going to kill him, and tells Jeffrey to go. He leaves, and Wyatt lies down.

On the phone, Sarah tells Jim, it’s done. He asks where it is, and she says she’s getting rid of it. He asks how he’ll know, and she says, when the case is dropped. He wants proof, but she says she’s not sending him proof. He tells her that he wants it brought personally. Do it, and they’re through. She asks how she knows he’s telling the truth, and Jim says she’ll have to trust him. Sarah says that will never happen. He knows how dangerous this is. He says, bring it. He’ll text the address, and make sure she’s not followed. She says, no sh*t.

There’s a knock at Veronica’s door, and she says, there’s a doorbell, boy. Derek comes in, and she asks if he got her numbers. He puts a paper on the end table, and starts to leave, but she tells him, not so fast. When she calls, she needs for him to come. She doesn’t care what he’s doing. Unless he wants her to call his parole officer. He says, some things are worth going back to jail for. Why not leave him alone? He’s living a clean, honest life. She doesn’t give a damn. He owes her, and she always collects. He asks how much is enough? and she says when she decides it is. He wonders if she knows what he was in for, and she asks if he’s threatening her. He says call him again, and yes. She laughs at him, and says she can’t wait to need something else. She says, they better be good numbers. When he leaves, she can’t believe a damn convict is threatening her.

Benny is surprised to find Hanna at home, and she says she’s not going to work with this thing hanging over their heads. Benny says it will be fine, and she says, she knows; she got a lawyer. She doesn’t want to use Veronica, and they can afford it. She checked the account, but her boss put too much in. Benny wonders why Kathryn is being so nice, and asks, how much? She says she’s going to use it to pay for the lawyer, and give the rest back. Kathryn calls back, and Hanna asks if she’s lost her mind. She put over $8 million in Hanna’s account, and she can’t accept it. Kathryn says she didn’t put it in there, and Hanna asks, who did? Kathryn has an idea, but can’t talk right now. She’ll call Hanna back. Hanna tells Benny it’s a mistake, and starts to call the bank. He says, it’s not a mistake.

Candace’s phone rings. It’s Benny, who asks how much money she put into the account. When Hanna hears the money came from Candace, she freaks. Benny insists he told Candace it was a joint account, and she says they have to move the money. He asks where it came from, and she tells him, it’s legit. She’ll explain when she gets there, and don’t let Hanna touch it. Benny tells Hanna that they should hear what Candace has to say, but Hanna says they’re not keeping it. He says they don’t know where it came from, and Candace says, it came from the devil.

Charles practices a speech, and Landon tells him it’s perfect. He’s going to knock the ladies dead again. He leaves to check on their departure times. Another member of Charles’s staff is there (another guy who has no name), and tells Charles to be careful of Landon. He doesn’t see it, the way Landon caters to him. Charles says Landon is a good guy. Dude says, he’s gay. Charles says, no, but dude says, yes. Now Charles feels stupid, having talked to Landon about women. Dude says Landon is smitten with him, but Charles can’t believe it. He says Landon is a professional and won’t cross lines, and he’s not so sure Landon is gay. Even if he is, so what? Dude says, just be careful. Charles says, they’re adults. Landon can’t do anything to him. Dude says that’s not what he means. Some of the staff are whispering about them. Charles says, ridiculous. Dude says Landon is territorial. All the nights in Charles’s room, the staff is wondering if there’s more to the relationship. Charles says he’s done with the conversation. He doesn’t want to hear it again. Landon comes back, and tells him the car is ready.

Erica looks at an ovulation test. She calls Rocky, and he tells her about Candace beating him with the golf club. He tells her be careful, but she says she still has to work a john. He asks how it’s going, and she says, better. Today, she’s ovulating. He tells her to be careful, but she says, this one is worth it. She needs him to apologize to Candace, and he says, hell no. She says he’s on the inside, and she needs it to happen; just apologize. She needs to know what Candace is up to, and he’s the only one who knows her. She’ll pay him when payday comes. He asks how much, and she says they only deal in millions. He tells her to let him get out, and he’ll think about it.

David goes to Kathryn’s house. He needs Jim to talk him down. Veronica made him come out of himself; he had to pimp slap her. Jim laughs, and David says it’s not funny; he feels terrible. Jim says, about a bitch who tried to burn him alive in his own house? David knows it sounds crazy. Jim asks how hard it is when you pimp slap someone, and David says she flew across the room. Jim can barely keep it together, and says he gave that bitch some wings. David says it was a lot of rage, especially for him. Jim thinks David should have let him take her out when he had the opportunity. David asks where Kathryn is, but Jim doesn’t know and doesn’t care. David says Veronica is going to retaliate, and it will be brutal. He thinks she’ll go after Erica first. Jim asks if she’s the girl living with him, and says David is smitten. David admits he is, and Jim asks what he knows about her. David says he’s not marrying her. He had Oscar check her out, and Jim snarks that’s a real confidence builder. Oscar had better get his money back. Candace put it in Benny’s name. David calls her a clever fox, but Jim says he’s a clever fox watcher, and he’s not playing in the trash anymore. Sarah comes up the walk, and Jim says, here comes his get-out-of-jail-free card. David should leave – plausible deniability.

Sarah gives Jim the evidence envelope, and says, we’re done. Jim says, not quite, but she means it. He repeats, not quite. He wants to show her something upstairs. She says it’s his wife’s house, and she’s not doing that. She’s done, and she means it. She walks out, and Jim smiles.

Candace goes to Hanna’s house. Benny asks where she got the money, and she says she blackmailed someone powerful. Hanna says, first Jim, now the man running for President. Candace says she’s talking to Benny, and she’s not telling who. He needs to open an account, and move the money. She’ll give him a million dollars. It’s for the tow yard and house; she wants to make it right. Hanna asks how can she make right what she’s got wrong? Candace says she was talking to Benny, but Hanna says, it’s her house. Candace asks, is it? Candace tells Benny that she’ll leave the money in the account for him, and that thing. Benny tells her to watch her mouth. She asks if he doesn’t want a fresh start. Benny says someone is going to be after her; they always are. Hanna tells her that everything she does, comes back around; it already has. Candace says she’s heard that before. Hanna is like a broken record or an R&B song – or is it an old Negro spiritual? Hanna says this is the kind of mess that her baby got killed over; is she crazy? Candace says she needs the money. Hanna calls it death money, and shows her a picture of Quincy Jr. She asks if Benny is going to be a criminal too, and why can’t Candace look at the picture? She tells Candace, it takes two signatures, and Benny says, she’s right. Candace wants to know why Hanna is like this; so self-righteous. She tells Benny that she needs this, but he says he can’t do it without Hanna. Candace tells Hanna that the money is hers. Hanna says it’s blackmail money, not her money. She won’t give it to Candace, but she will give it back. Candace asks, to who? Hanna says, the FBI. They must be looking for it.

The doorbell rings. It’s the police with a warrant for Benny, and they arrest him.

Next time, Candace wants her money and says, don’t make her show how evil she can be; Justin visits Wyatt, and suggests he hang himself; and Candace calls RJ for some muscle against her mother. Who will get revenge first?

😵 Apparently, Jill Kargman Isn’t the Only One…

Lisa Edelstein (Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce) doesn’t remember the 80s.


🍹 Because I Just Can’t Get Enough…

#hiashley is a thing now.


🍹🍹 Ditto…

T-Rav is a problem.


🌀 A Twirling Tide No Moore…

Kenya is no longer bringing the drama.


AmericanFlagHeart  Have a Fabulous Fourth!

Keep your pets inside, and enjoy your holiday! I’ll be partaking in my annual viewing of 1776. I probably learned more about the Declaration from that film than history class in high school. While flawed, our forefathers did their best, as we all do.



🐣 Waiting for the Chirp, Chirp, Chirp…


June 25, 2018 – Obrecht Wants a Sequel from Peter, Big Commissions, News From the Reality Scene & a Club Kid Grows Up


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At The Floating Rib, Anna reads an article about Peter still being missing. Felicia asks if she’s seen Obrecht. She’s planning a baby shower for Maxie, and Obrecht isn’t returning any calls. She wonders what’s more important to her than her grandson.

Apparently, eating barbecue. Obrecht tells Peter she just downloaded his book to her tablet. She says she’ll also get the author’s full attention while reading it.

Jordan makes small talk with Maxie about James. Maxie says, he made a spectacular arrival. Jordan is relieved they’re safe and healthy. She needs to talk a moment as the commissioner, and wants to talk about Peter.

Nina tells Valentin that she’s capable of saving herself. He says she needed help when Cassandra attacked her, and he cleaned up her mess. Imagine what would have happened if he’d written her off when she needed him the most. She asks if he’s trying to blackmail her, but he says he’s trying to help. Nina asks if he’s trying to woo her with the threat of prison.

In Peter’s old hotel room, Sam points out something to Curtis. Margaux walks in, and asks what the hell they’re doing in her room. Curtis and Sam explain that they’re PIs working on a case. As far as Margaux is concerned, they’re breaking and entering. She snaps their picture with her phone, and says she’s sending the photos to the DA’s office. They can explain themselves to the cops.

Screaming comes from the room next to Carly’s at Ferncliff. Jason gravitates toward it, but Doc sees him, and asks if he can help with something. Jason asks who the patient is, but Doc says they don’t discuss patients with the custodial staff. Carly asks herself, what the hell is going on out there? There’s a lot of wth? going around today. Doc tells Jason not to attempt contact, or he’ll have to inform Mary Pat that he isn’t who he says he is. Jason says he has to finish in Carly’s room. Doc lets him in, and tells Carly he’ll be back for their session. When Doc leaves, Jason gives Carly a phone, saying they don’t have much time.

Sam and Curtis show Margaux their IDs. She asks if they were hired by the PCPD, and Curtis says Jordan requested them. Margaux asks if Jordan specifically requested they go through her hotel room. Curtis says they were given leeway to investigate Peter’s last known whereabouts. Sam says they didn’t know it was her room. Curtis apologizes, saying they weren’t informed that the room was occupied, and it must have been an oversight. Margaux assumes it was already searched, and tells them to get to it. She’s going to watch, and see if they’re better at their jobs than the cops.

Valentin says he’d never blackmail Nina, but she insists he was using it to keep her in the marriage. She says she’s perfectly capable of getting out of her own messes. He’s using what happened against her. He tells her no one knows or ever will; except Anna might have figured it out. Nina says. Anna, and throws up her hands.

Felicia tells Anna she’ll get the details on the shower as soon as she pins Obrecht down. Anna says Obrecht loves Maxie, and if she’s there, it might cause a tirade. Felicia says she got so caught up in James’s arrival, she hasn’t asked about Anna’s son. She was grateful he was there for Maxie. Anna says, but she wishes he wasn’t Faison’s son? Anna has wished that too, from the moment he was born. Felicia says it must have been hard to live with the secret. Anna says she did what she thought was right at the time, but it went terribly wrong. Peter bore the brunt of her not defending him, and she feels responsible for the course of his life. Felicia says she did the best she could at the time; she did all a parent can do. Anna doesn’t agree, but appreciates Felicia’s words. Felicia asks how Robin is, and Anna says, processing. It might take a while, but she’s surrounded by family who can comfort her. Felicia asks who’s comforting Anna? Finn appears, and says, me.

Maxie hates knowing that she’ll be reminded of Peter when she thinks of the night her son was born. Jordan says Nathan would be proud. It’s no small feat to give birth by the side of a road. Maxie says Peter kept her calm and distracted her from the pain. Jordan says he seemed to be trying to start over for her. She might have been his only real friend.

Obrecht reads out loud about the father not being able to bear his sorry excuse for a son. She says not since Oliver Twist has a child been so mistreated. Peter says he never went back again for Christmas. She tells him that he’s a compelling writer; she almost feels sorry for him. Keeping him alive is looking more interesting.

Jason tells Carly that he doesn’t know how much longer be there. He believes Doc might turn him in; he thinks Carly would be safer. He says not to tell him about the phone no matter what, and only use it in an emergency, since she’ll risk being caught. He tells her to remember that whatever happens, they’ll get her out, but she has to stay strong and wait. Carly hugs him.

Doc returns to Carly’s room, and suggest they dive into their session. Carly says she can’t do anything until she tells him the truth. He says he’s always happy to hear the truth, and she says the insanity plea was a defense tactic. Diane thought if she pleaded insanity, she wouldn’t go to Pentonville. Not for one minute was she out of her mind. He asks if she’s saying she pushed Nelle deliberately, but she says she would never jeopardize her grandchild – or Nelle. Nelle was taunting her with a baby blanket, and she fell. Doc asks if she maintains there was a baby blanket, and she says, yes, and a scarf and a break-in. Nelle’s been gaslighting her, but she hasn’t been able to prove it. Doc says she’s there and she’s his patient. Regardless of how she got there, they should use time constructively. Carly says she’s not crazy, but he’s sure they can find something to talk about.

Felicia says it’s wonderful to see Anna and Finn together. She predicted it, and when she’s right, she’s so right. She’s happy for them both. She tells Finn that everything she said still applies. Anna is a remarkable woman, and he needs to treat her well. Anna finally found someone who won’t let her push them away. Finn says they both did some pushing. Felicia thinks it’s going to be epic. She has to leave to plan a shower and find an annoying German woman. When she’s gone, Anna asks Finn if Robin is on the group text. She still hasn’t heard from her.

Nina tells Valentin all the pieces just fell into place. Anna knows she nearly killed Cassandra, and she’s Peter’s mother. No wonder he protected her. She keeps pulling back layers, and wonders what other twisted compromise he’s made to keep Anna in his life. He says he never told Anna anything, and the conversation was supposed to be about them. She asks if this is where he lies and she believes him. She says, that “us” is over.

Obrecht tells Peter the sequel will be his confession. If the book is a success and the critics agree, he lives. Peter asks what critics, and she says the only one that matters – her.

Carly asks Doc if he thinks Nelle couldn’t have set her up if she hadn’t lost Morgan. He thinks her grief set her up for manipulation. She admits she wanted to believe Morgan reached out to her. Doc says there are ways to honor him that aren’t as painful. They could work on that. Mary Pat sees Jason in the hallway, and asks why he’s still there. He tells her that he was cleaning up a food spill, and she tells him his shift ended. They don’t pay overtime, but she appreciates his diligence.

Curtis examines the vent in the hotel room. It has prints on it, and he thinks Peter could have used it to store his bag. Margaux says they’re done, and she needs to get ready. Curtis says it’s been real. Sam says it was interesting meeting her. Margaux says, for her too.

Anna gives Finn a copy of The Severed Branch. She says the book will be another thing for Robin to contend with. She and Robin used to figure heavily in Faison’s stories. She misses Robin, and the baby is almost one. She can feel the distance between them, and has to make it right. Finn tells her to do it. Robin always complimented her on being a persistent mom, and she needs the mom she’s used to. He says, sometimes time becomes a barrier. It’s easier or less painful to leave things unsaid. Don’t let it happen.

Maxie tells Jordan that Peter is not her friend. Jordan asks if she has any idea where might have gone. In the time they were close, did he mention a place he was connected to or a safe haven? Maxie says he only offered minimal details of his life, and who knows if they were true? Nathan is gone, and she’s all James has. How is she supposed to take care of him when she can’t see trouble standing right in front of her?

Jason meets Anna. He tells her that he’s been focused on Carly. Anna is sorry about Ferncliff, and says Carly probably feels he could have done more if he hadn’t been working with her. She tells him that she told Robin about Peter. Jason says Robin told him. Anna asks what she said, and he says she thanked him for saving Anna’s life. Anna thanks him too.

Maxie tells Jordan that she’s excited for James leaving the hospital, but terrified to be alone with him. She and Nathan were supposed to be a team. Jordan says Nathan chose her to be mother of his child; lead with that, and she’s just a phone call away, 24/7.

Anna says Jason saved her life, and she nearly shot him for it. She can’t say she’d do it differently, and she’s sorry for that. She asks if their positions were reversed, and she had a gun on Michael, would he shoot her? He doesn’t know, but if it was the only way save his life, maybe he would. She’s professional and knows the risks, and Michael was a baby he held. He would have to help him, no matter what the cost.

Peter tells Obrecht that she broke his hand, and he needs it to write. She says if will afford him an opportunity to get the details correct, and she can add her own perspective. After Anna’s destruction, the book will be a testament to Nathan. Peter asks her to tell him about Nathan. He needs to know him if he’s going to write about him. Obrecht says, he was too good for this world; kind, giving, and handsome. There’s no resemblance.

Felicia goes to Nina’s office, and says she’s obviously interrupting, but Nina says, not at all. She asks how Maxie and James are, and Felicia says they’ll be home soon. She wants to get together a shower, but hasn’t been able to reach Obrecht. She asks if Nina can get a message to her; she’s not returning Felicia’s calls or texts. Nina says she’ll try, and Felicia leaves. Valentin asks Nina to tell him what’s wrong, but she says she’s not playing games with him anymore. She has her brother’s son to worry about.

Anna tells Jason that she’s sorry Peter escaped; that wasn’t supposed to happen. She wanted to intercede with the WSB, but some of the charges are valid. It’s her fault for setting it in motion. Jason says Robin always talked about how Anna taught her to do the right thing, not the easy thing, and to think for herself. Robin tried to teach him those things, and she put that in motion too. If he spent his life trying to pay them back, he wouldn’t be able to. Anna says Robin told her that after all this time, she doesn’t really know her. Jason asks if she said she loved Anna. Anna says she did, and Jason says, believe it. He tells her good luck, be careful, and watch her back. It won’t help anyone if she lets Peter kill her.

Maxie reads about the father telling his son to search for other men’s weakness in The Severed Branch. She says he wins the worst childhood award, but that doesn’t mean she forgives him. She throws the book toward the trashcan, but misses. Felicia walks in, and asks what’s wrong. Maxie says she hates that Peter’s childhood is making it hard for her to hate him. She throws the book into the can, and Felicia says, whatever fate has in store for him, let it go. It has nothing to do with her.

Nina shows up at the cabin, and Obrecht says she’s discovered a useful purpose for Peter. Nina says they have another problem. Felicia wants to revive the baby shower. She needs to make appearance in town. It’s out of character for her not to be hovering over her grandson. Obrecht is sure Felicia has good intentions, but can imagine what the shower will be like if she’s left to her own devices.

At The Floating Rib, Sam says she can’t believe the flash drive was under their noses the whole time. Curtis is concerned that they just created trouble for Jordan, and Sam’s people skills didn’t make them favorites with the DA. Jordan joins them, and tells them that there’s security footage of Peter going in to the hotel, but not leaving. Curtis says a mystery is added to the mystery. Margaux comes in, and Jordan introduces her. Curtis says he was just about to mention they’d already met her.

Finn goes back to The Floating Rib to tell Anna that he has to get back to the hospital again. She tells him that she’ll say goodbye now. She’s going to Berkeley. He says, she’ll need someone to wash… er, watch her back. He can refer his patient to another doctor. She thinks it will be more than an overnight, and his patients deserve brilliant him, not a referral. She’s booked on the next flight. He walks her out, and says he totally forgot one thing. Before she goes… he kisses her. She says it was on her packing checklist. He kisses her some more, and she says she is coming back. He says he’ll be there when she does.

Carly hears music outside, and reaches for the phone under her mattress. Like that isn’t the first place someone would look for contraband. She hears knocking from the room next door, and says, it’s better than screaming. It happens again, and she wonders if it’s Morse code. She knocks back, and asks if they’re trying to tell her something.

Curtis and Sam move to another table. Margaux tells Jordan she doesn’t want to start off on the wrong foot, but has qualms about her hiring Curtis and Sam. Jordan says they’re the best at what they do. She understands Margaux’s hesitation, but assures her they’re professional. They’re careful not to let their personal lives interfere with work. Margaux thinks they work both sides of the law. Sam wonders why Peter is hiding. It’s not like he didn’t have time to call someone for help. Curtis thinks he’s got more enemies than friends. They need to look for someone who hated him enough to make him disappear.

Obrecht sees Felicia, who says she’s been trying to reach her. Obrecht says she’s here now, and the shower will proceed as planned.

Peter asks about Maxie and the baby. He heard Maxie is taking James home soon. Nina says, yes, and he says she must be relieved. She says, they all are; they needed some good news. Peter says he was the first to hold James. He was so tiny, and Peter just wanted them safe. No matter how angry Nina is, does she really want the man who delivered her nephew punished? He begs her to save him.

On the phone, Valentin asks someone if they got his instructions. He wants them followed to the letter. It’s for his wife, so there’s no margin for error.

Finn calls while Anna is getting in the car to the airport. He tells her that he misses her already. She says, her too, and tells the driver to take her to Port Charles International; it’s a domestic slight. We see he has a gun on passenger seat, which he covers with a newspaper.

Carly asks if the other patient is trying to talk to her. Outside, Mary Pat says Jason seems to have been deceiving her, and she doesn’t like liars. She asks for his badge, and he hands it over. She says he can follow her out, or she can call Rupert to escort him. Omg, I’ve been calling him Jasper. He seems like a Jasper. Doc watches as Mary Pat leads Jason away.

Tomorrow, Josslyn is angry with Oscar, Michael gets a warning, and Mary Pat tells Carly that Jason is gone.

🗽 On Million Dollar Listing New York, 50 Cent listed his house with Fredrik. I didn’t catch how many rooms it has in total, but there are 20 bathrooms, which I can’t even fathom. He’s decided it’s a little big for one person. Ryan has the chance to make a $6 million commission on a $200 million property in Brooklyn, but the catch is that he has to make a meeting in Shanghai first. Steve managed to sell a penthouse that has amazing views, but had been on the market for a year. He got a $104,000 commission for his efforts. Next time, things get dicey with Ryan trying to get to China.

📺 A Cuppla Reality Tidbits

How sweet! Rand asked Lala’s dad for her hand in marriage. And the rest of her too. Ha-ha!


Alexis and Jim Bellino are divorcing. How Sad! Maybe. Jim is kind of a d-bag.


🌇 And In Closing…

I’m loving Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. It’s one of those shows that I forget how good it is until I see it again. Sadly, I read that Odd Mom Out will not be returning. I adored that show, even though I thought I wouldn’t relate. Not only is it set in my beloved NYC, if I was a mom, Jill (Jill Kargman) is the kind of mom I’d be. It’s also crazy cool that she was a Club Kid.

🎇 For Your Viewing Pleasure…

June 11, 2018 – Carly is Sentenced, NYC Realtors Return, TV Tidbits & Bad Day


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Finn tells Anna that he’s been meaning to apologize. When he told her that she was a step away from a robe and cat, he didn’t mean it. He guesses he can go now know, and starts to leave. Anna tells him to wait. He asks if she wants to talk some more. She says, no, but does he want to stay?

Nina hears moaning from the cabin. She walks in with a bouquet of wildflowers, and Obrecht says, how thoughtful. Peter is blindfolded and gagged, and children’s music is playing. Peter yells, make it stop! Nina looks at Obrecht, who shrugs.

Chase visits Maxie. She left her bag in the car when he brought her back from the hospital. She says she’s been looking for it, and she’s having a crappy day. He’s glad to make her day less crappy.

At the Quartermaine’s, Nelle talks to Michael about how accomplished Monica is. What more could a baby ask for in a grandmother? Michael suggests one not in prison. Nelle says his bitch mother is getting exactly what she deserves, but she’s just thinking it. Michael asks if she said something, but she tells him, not a word. She was just thinking about his mom and the trial. She’d do anything to spare his family pain. Michael feels the same way, but she says it’s out of her hands.

The DA asks if, other than her husband and children, Jason is closest to Carly. Does he know her better than anyone? He says, yes, and she asks if Carly was insane when she assaulted Nelle. He can’t answer that question, and the DA asks if he can’t or won’t.

Finn says the thing is… and Anna says, there’s always a thing. He says if he stays, he might not want to leave. She says that’s not the worst thing. He tells her, she’s saying that now, but if she’s looking for a bright ray of sunshine, it’s not him. She says that’s not her either. He says there’s also the timing. He doesn’t want this to happen because she had a bad day. Neither does she. He says she must be exhausted, and they have an early flight. He suggests they maybe just have breakfast, and she says they should do that for sure. He leaves, and leans against the door. She leans against the other side.

Nina tells Obrecht, enough. Peter begs Nina to please do something; Obrecht is crazy. Obrecht says he should be grateful he’s talking; therefore, breathing. He thanks her, and she tells him to smell his reward, pushing the flowers into his face. She asks if he doesn’t like flowers; her son’s grave is filled with them. Peter says if she kills him, it’s not going to bring Nathan back, and she says there’s only one way to find out. Nina takes his blindfold off, and he thanks her. She says she still hates him for what he did. He starts to say he’s sorry about Nathan, but she stops him. One thing she and Obrecht agree on is, he’s not allowed to say her brother’s name. She asks Obrecht if he’s eaten and had water. Obrecht says he has everything he needs, and pulls Nina outside. Nina is like, what the hell? and Obrecht says she’s doing what needs to be done. Nina says she wants justice, not vengeance.

Maxie tells Chase that she didn’t realize she dropped her bag. She says she’s been busy looking at pictures, and shows him a photo of James. He says James is adorable, and asks when he’ll be home. She says there’s no timetable, but it’s not soon enough. She has the nursery done thanks to… He asks if she and Nathan decorated it, and she says her husband started, but it didn’t get finished until after. He’s glad she had a friend to help. She says, not a real one; it was Peter. She’d rather not think about it. She finds the necklace Peter gave her in her bag.

Michael hopes his mom can come home, but if the worst happens, he hopes she gets the help she needs. Then she can come back and be a grandmother. Nelle tells him, that’s the spirit. Michael wonders if Drew is settling in, and Nelle says she’ll check on him. Michael asks if she’s sure she can deal with the stairs. She tells him if she doesn’t conquer her fears now, she won’t get over them. When she leaves the room, Michael calls Spinelli. He says sorry he had to cut him off, and asks if they can meet tonight. He’s waiting to hear from the courthouse. Nelle comes back, and asks if he’s talking to anyone she knows.

The DA asks Jason, yes or no? Was Carly insane when she assaulted Nelle? He remembers telling Carly that he’d always back her, even when he knows she’s wrong. The judge tells him to answer the question. He says he’s not a psychiatrist, and the DA says she’s not asking for a professional opinion. Diane objects, saying Jason has many skills, but psychiatry isn’t one of them. The objection is sustained. The DA has no further questions, and Jason steps down. The defense rests.

In the ending argument, the DA says Carly had a long, contentious history with Nelle. Nelle instigated the conflict, but even after she was pregnant, Carly clung to her hated, until it boiled over, and she tried to kill Nelle, and almost killed her grandchild. She’s angry and bitter. She knew what she was doing, and needs to pay for it.

Diane says, Carly was under the weight of the loss of her son, and the betrayal of someone she trusted. Nelle did everything to infiltrate her family. She asks the court for compassion, and to help Carly get the help she needs.

The judge says it’s late, but he’d like to resolve it as soon as possible. He’s going to deliberate right now, and will be back as soon as he weighs all this. The court is in recess. Everyone goes out to play on the swings and slide. Sorry. I had to.

Anna tosses her book aside, and Finn does the same in his room. He asks himself what he’s doing, and calls her. He says he just realized he forgot to tell her something. He’s embarrassed that it slipped his mind. He forgot to say goodnight. She says, okay, goodnight to him too. They go to a split screen, and we see them both in bed on the phone.

Carly is glad it’s over. Diane tells Jason, perfectly played, but she’s afraid they didn’t even dent the DA’s case. The DA comes over, and tells Diane, congratulations. However it turns out, the insanity defense was definitely a brilliant ploy. Sonny says there shouldn’t have even been a trial. They can come after him, but not his family. The DA advises him to tell his family members not to push pregnant women down the stairs. She wonders how Diane sleeps at night. Diane says, like a baby, but wonders how she does.

Michael says he’ll call back when he hears, and tells Nelle that Spinelli called to ask about his mom. His phone dings, and he says, there it is. She asks if there’s a verdict already. He says the defense rested, and the judge is going to make a decision by tonight. She wonders if that’s a good sign, and trusts the judge to make the best decision for everyone, especially the baby.

Maxie tells Chase that Peter might have vanished, but continues to haunt her. He gave her the necklace. She loved it. No surprise, since it was beautiful and expensive. She calls herself an idiot. She let Peter convince her the friendship was real; that he was real. She tosses the necklace into the trashcan.

Nina tells Obrecht that they agreed; no torture. Obrecht says she’s just playing music. It’s not torture; it’s persuasion. She tells Nina to think of Maxie and James, and remind herself of what’s at stake. Nina leaves. Obrecht goes back inside, and says she thought Nina would never leave, smiling at Peter.

Anna asks if Finn has a remedy for insomnia. As a matter-of-fact, he does. She asks if it’s over-the-counter, and he says it’s best if a doctor gives it direct. She wonders about side effects, and he says it can be habit forming, but if it’s administered correctly, it’s very effective. She asks how it’s administered, and he says it’s a home remedy and organic. She says, no chemicals then, and he says, some, but nothing the body doesn’t produce on its own. She asks if he’s suggesting a hands-on remedy, and he tells her, preferably from someone with years of training. She wonders if he’s had a lot of success, and he says he’s experienced, and has an intimate working knowledge of the human body. She laughs, and asks if it’s hot in here, or is it just her. He says, it’s her.

Obrecht arranges the flowers, and says it’s more like home now, and better than the high-security prison he’s destined for. He tells her that his father didn’t do her justice. She says he can’t believe anything Faison said, but he says Faison claimed she was the most brilliant woman he’d ever met. She says he can’t sweet talk her, and he says she’s obviously too smart. He’s past flattery, and moving to anger. She says he’d be wise not to anger her, and he says it’s one thing share. As much as Faison admired Obrecht, he got sentimental when he mentioned Anna. Obrecht crushes one of the blooms.

Chase tells Maxie that he doesn’t mean to overstep, but her late husband might have thought she should donate the necklace. She says he’s not wrong. She can hear Nathan saying it. He asks he can do the honors, and she tells him that she never wants to see it again. He tells her that he’ll get a receipt for tax purposes, and she says he sounds official. She thanks him for bringing her bag. He hopes she doesn’t mind him saying it, but she needs to stop blaming herself for what happened between her and Peter. She says she let him get close to her, and thought he was good and brave. Chase says it’s on him, not her. A lot of people are damn good liars, but sooner or later, they get what they deserve. She asks if he’s still talking about Peter, or does he have another liar in mind?

Nelle asks if Michael wants to go for a walk. Her phone rings. It’s the DA, who says she won’t sugar coat it. They had a strong case, but it’s not looking good. She tells Nelle to try not to worry. Even if the outcome isn’t what they hoped for, she’ll find a way to protect her and her baby. Nelle thanks her, and Michael asks if it’s bad news. She says it’s just that something she ordered isn’t in stock. She thinks they should go back to the courthouse, but he says it’s too emotional for her, and she’s supposed to avoid stress. She says it will be less stressful going there with him, than waiting and wondering. Whatever happens, they’ll face it together.

The DA approaches Jason in the hallway, telling him, nice footwork. He says he just told the truth. Sonny asks if there’s a problem. Diane says she hates to interrupt the inappropriate conversation that could get the DA disbarred, but the judge made his decision. They all go back in. Sonny tells Carly to hang in there.

Anna asks Finn if he’s ever wanted to hit the reset button, and fix the mistakes made in life. He says our mistakes bring us closer to the things we need. He made a lot before he got to her. Every moment of their lives has led to this one, and that’s good. If they go back and erase what they didn’t like about their lives, they might not know each other. How can he regret his life, when it led to her? Anna says there’s one do-over she’d like that involves them; New Year’s Eve. She’d like to bring in the new year with some hope and joy, and with him. She hears silence, and asks if he’s there. She says she must have sent him to sleep; she’s coming over. She throws on a robe, but he’s already at the door. This reminded me of the time I did fall asleep talking to a friend. The dial tone woke me up, and when I called back, my friend said he finally did it. He talked so long, he put me to sleep. In his defense, it was like, two in the morning.

Obrecht tells Peter no more talk of that scarecrow Anna, unless he enjoys being gagged. He says he wishes she’d been his mother; Anna threw him to the wolves. She says Nathan is dead, and he’s alive because of Anna. He says he had his father in his sites, and she interfered. His father was supposed to die, not Nathan. He tells her to let him go. Together, they can make her pay. Not just for what she’s done to him, but to Obrecht and her son.

Chase tells Maxie that in his line of work, there are a lot of liars and losers. She asks if he has an arch nemesis, but he thinks the term is a little over the top. Nina arrives, and hugs Maxie. She sees Chase, and asks if everything is okay. Maxie explains she left her bag in his car. Nina thinks he went above and beyond, but Maxie says he’s being nice; there’s no hidden agenda. Although one thing he returned was a reminder of what she wants to forget. Chase shows Nina the necklace, and she suggests they melt it down. Chase says, with Maxie’s permission, he’s giving it to charity, but maybe they can use it to track Peter. He might have used a credit card he’s still using. Nina says he might be someplace nearby, and Chase asks what makes her say that?

Michael asks if Nelle is up for it, and she says she can’t let him face it alone. They go into the courtroom.

The judge says there are no winners or losers in this case. He heard the testimonies, and weighed the expert opinions. He declares Carly not guilty by reason of insanity. Michael says, thank God; at least it’s not prison. Diane says they’ve already made arrangements for Shadybrook, where her client will get the treatment she deserves. The DA says the people demand the sentence she deserves.

Finn tells Anna that they probably don’t need their phones now. He’s six and a half months too late, but happy new year. He kisses her, and they start to get busy.

The DA strongly objects. Not because she lost the case, but she’s attempting to safeguard a mother and child in jeopardy. The judge tells her that he doesn’t need instruction on how to pass sentence. Carly isn’t denying she pushed Nelle and broke off appointments with her doctor. She remains a potential threat to herself and others, and he’s remanding her to Ferncliff, an institution for the criminally insane, until she’s cleared and ready to return to society. Carly shakes her head.

Peter says Anna is with Finn, while Obrecht is wasting time with him. Obrecht says she owes Finn. She’s grateful that she was fired. Now she can do as she chooses, to whom she chooses. He asks if she’s okay with them going on their merry way while she suffers. They can take Anna down and get back everything. She says he can’t give her back her son. and he talks like his father; empty promises. She throws the vase at the wall above the bed, and it shatters, everything raining down on Peter.

Nina tells Chase it’s possible. What if something happened, like an accident? Chase says they checked the hospitals. Maxie says it’s Peter they’re talking about. He doesn’t have accidents; he causes them. He walks away scot-free. She shows Nina James’s birth certificate, and says he’ll never know his father. He’ll just be a name on a piece of paper and old photos, because of Peter’s lies. Chase’s phone rings. He says it’s totally unrelated, but he has to take off. He tells them, no one can hide forever; they’ll find him. Maxie thinks Nina is being super weird, and asks if there’s something she wants to talk about.

Carly says, please, not Ferncliff. The judge says she needs treatment, not a vacation. Sonny tells her anything is better than Pentonville. Carly asks him to tell Josslyn that she loves her, and to keep the kids away from Nelle. Sonny says he’ll take care of Nelle, which is a brilliant thing to say in a courtroom. Jason tells her, don’t panic, and no shortcuts; promise him. He’ll get her out. Carly looks at Nelle, who gives her a sly smile.

Nina says she’s tempted to say, goodbye, good riddance, let’s move on. Maxie says that’s the healthy way, and she’s working on pulling it off. Nina thinks of the father James will never know. Whatever happens to Peter, he has it coming.

Obrecht says she has to hand it to Peter; he inherited his father’s talent. He says he didn’t mean to upset her. He’s just helping her realize they’re on the same side. She says he’s not on her side, and never was. She’s no longer engaging in his attempt at persuasion. Instead, he’s going to answer her questions and confess to his crimes. Does he understand? She leaves, and Peter reaches for a piece of glass on the blanket.

Diane says the only other option was guilty, and twenty-five to life. While draconian, the judge’s decision is by no means final. Sonny asks what they should do, and Diane says, nothing to get Carly in more trouble. If they feel the need to intervene, let her know. When she’s gone, Jason asks, what do they do now? Sonny says, just wait, but Jason says he can’t.

Carly sits in a cell. She says, whatever it takes, she’s going home.

In the empty courtroom, Nelle tells the baby that her plan worked like a charm. Now Granny Carly is in the snake pit where she belongs, and she’ll get everything she’s ever wanted. Chase walks in and says, it’s been a long time, calling her Janelle.

Tomorrow, Obrecht needs Nina to come back, Peter screams, Spinelli has what he needs to unmask Nelle’s shenanigans, and Nelle accuses Chase of stalking her.

🗽 Million Dollar Listing New York premiered its new season tonight. Steve Gold is back, minus the long hair, and new father Fredrik showed penthouses to Rebel Wilson. Ryan had a seminar, but Steve threw shade at him, claiming the reason people have left his employ is that he doesn’t pay them enough. Ryan told Steve that he didn’t know squat.

💝 The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce is back on Thursday, June 14th at 10 pm.

🌇 The Shahs of Sunset: How They Got Here will air on Monday, June 18th at 9 pm.

💩 And It’s Only Monday…




Rebel Wilson penthouse Fredrik steve gold back


September 7, 2017 – Nelle is Ambiguous, 90 Days is Longer Than 90 Days & Several Random TV Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Jordan hears Curtis struggling with something or someone, and he pops out of Finn’s room. She says she heard him yelling. He tells her that he’s feeding Roxie while Finn is away, but thinks he just lost her.

Franco asks the kid in the picture where he went. Jake comes downstairs, saying that he can’t concentrate. He’s thinking about his dad, and wondering If he’s going to be okay.

Carly talks to God in the chapel. She says she’s talked to him more than ever since Morgan died. She thanks Him for everything, and asks Him to keep Jason safe. She’s asking not just for herself, but for Jason’s kids, his mother, and his wife. She says Sam can’t lose him again, so she’s begging for Him to bring Jason back.

Sonny asks Elizabeth how it’s going She says she only told Jake what he needs to know for now. She tells him that Sam has barely left Jason’s side.

Ava tells Griff that she’s sorry she wasted her time falling for his act, and she’s done. He grabs her hand, and she shakes him off. She tells him to save it for someone else; saving her soul is off the table. Griff tells her that he wants her to stay.

Curtis can’t believe he’s stressed out over a lizard. Jordan tells him to start from the beginning. He tells her about Hayden disappearing and leaving the note. He didn’t see what it said, but Finn checked into rehab as a precautionary measure. Josslyn usually takes care of Roxie, but the family is overloaded right now. He thinks taking care of her is the least he can do. His phone fell in the tank, and she disappeared while he was retrieving it. Jordan wants to help, but he says it’s not necessary. She says they can’t avoid each other forever, and she’s not doing it for him, but for Roxie.

Franco says he knows Jake is scared, but he can’t see his dad yet. He says everyone hates hospitals, but they’re the best place to get better, and that’s what his dad is trying to do. Jake sees the picture. Franco says sometimes when things are confusing, he likes to look at an image that grounds him and puts him back in reality. Jake gets it, and likes the idea. He says his Grandma Monica asked him to help scan some photos, and thinks it will help keep her centered. Franco says it’s a good idea, but count him in, and it’s perfect.

Michael asks Sonny about Jason, but there’s no update. Sonny says they’re going to do more tests. He asks how Sonny is holding up. Sonny says if it wasn’t for him, Jason wouldn’t have been there at the warehouse. Michael says it does no good for him to blame himself. They know how strong and how much of a fighter he is, and he’s made it out of worse situations. Sonny says this one feels different. Michael suggests he get some rest. Sonny is glad Michael came home, and says he loves him.

Ava says she can’t keep track of Griff anymore. He tells her that he doesn’t want to leave things awkward and uncomfortable. She says too late; they are. She takes some of the blame. She knew he had a savior complex. She wonders if he wants to dissect her feelings, but he doesn’t like the thought of someone being upset. He rejected her, and that was the result. Maybe she misread the signals, but there must have been something to misread. She tells him not to put it all on her. She starts to leave, and he says she’s right. He’s as much to blame as she is.

Carly wishes they could go back in time and alter the definitive moment that changed everything. Morgan would still be here. She’s thinking the same thing about Jason. What if he’d stayed Jake Doe? He would never have felt compelled to save Sonny. She pushed Sonny to get out of the business, and it’s Jason and his family paying the price.

Curtis suggests looking in the air vents, but Jordan nixes that. She thinks Roxie found a safe dark place. Curtis wonders when she became a lizard whisperer. She says TJ had a guinea pig that she once spent an entire Sunday afternoon looking for. He says the things we do for those we love. She looks behind the couch, and there’s Roxie.

Griff says he enjoys Ava’s company, and even before the accident, he knew they had a connection. He can’t let himself go there. He isn’t dismissing her feelings, but he took a vow of chastity, and shouldn’t have been reckless with her heart by crossing the line. She says he used her to play with fire and expected no one to get burned. She wonders where his vow was when he hopped into the sack with Claudette. Oh snap.

Jake talks about Jason looking different. Franco says it’s because of the accident, but he’s a tough guy and pulled through; he will again. Elizabeth comes home. Jake asks if his dad is okay.

Bobbie sees Michael at the hospital. He says it’s unreal. He hasn’t seen Carly this devastated since Morgan. Bobbie asks if she mentioned anything important, and he says nothing other than Jason being shot. Nelle joins them, and hugs Michael.

Carly asks if there’s any news. Sonny says Jason is getting more tests, and Michael is back. Michael told him not to blame himself. Carly tells him Michael said the same thing to her. Sonny says he’s right. It was his decision, but deep down he knew it wouldn’t be easy. He tells her that after everything that’s happened, he has to stay in it. There’s no getting out of this life for him.

Griff tells Ava that the affair with Claudette was a mistake. He’s never been so ashamed, but it helped him refocus. She tells him that if he can’t be honest with her, at least be honest with himself. If Claudette had left Nathan, would he have followed his heart and left the priesthood? She says it’s not for every man, and doesn’t think it’s for him. He had one foot out the door because of a woman – a passionate blonde with a self-destructive streak. Apparently, he has a type. She wonders how Claudette tempted him away from his vows, but not her. She thinks it’s because of her face.

Nelle asks how Jason is, and Michael says still in a coma. He says she looks tired, and asks if they found the missing necklace. She says it was a misunderstanding, and it turned up, but not before she had to spend a night in jail. Bobbie is all ears.

Sonny is putting a halt to everything. They did it to protect their families, but his enemies will strike, and he can’t let them see him weak. He wanted to give Carly the life she deserved, but he can’t do it. He doesn’t blame her for not wanting to be a part of it. He has to do what’s right and let her go.

Jake asks Elizabeth if Jason is okay. She says he’s still sleeping, but she’s had a long day. He tells her about the photo project for Monica. She says that they have to get on a school schedule, and asks him to get ready for bed. He goes upstairs. Elizabeth says seeing them smiling and safe, she has so much, while Sam is wondering if Jason is going to wake up. She says she stole precious time from them, and now it might be running out. She doesn’t know how they can forgive her, or she can forgive herself.

Sonny says that he and Carly should cut all ties, resume the divorce, and they can’t use her as leverage. He says he’s going to miss her, but he’ll be able to sleep at night. She says she’s not going anywhere. They need each other more than ever. She wanted to break the cycle of violence, but it can’t be broken. He’ll have to make sure he’s so powerful, that no one comes after him or his family. She’s with him all the way.

Michael asks Nelle if Nina called the embassy. She says they made such a stink, she wasn’t even in cell. She stayed the night, and they brought her back to Nina in the morning. She says that thankfully, Valentin found the necklace in the makeup artist’s bag. She calls the makeup artist “Rochelle,” but Michael thought her name was Naomi. Nelle says maybe Valentin got it mixed up. He suggests she get some rest, and Bobbie thinks that’s a good idea. Nelle asks if Michael wants to come. He asks if Bobbie will be there, she says sure, and he leaves with Nelle. Ha-ha! She thought she was getting rid of Nelle for a second there.

Griff tells Ava that he doesn’t care how she looks; he cares about her as a person. She tells him to save the noble talk. If she wasn’t so disfigured, she could tempt him from his vows. He says his vows would be part of his life whether he’s a practicing priest or not. She says she’d admired him, but now she sees the flaw. He won’t and can’t take responsibility for himself, and uses the priesthood as crutch. She tells him that he should have resigned when he had the tryst with Claudette, but he didn’t. If he can hide behind the collar, he doesn’t have to get his hands dirty. He has needs and wants and anger and fears, and it scares him to death. She says it’s funny, all this time, he told her not to hide behind her mask, but at least she admits she’s wearing one.

Mission accomplished. Roxie is back in her tank. Curtis says he’s had DEA cases that were less stressful. He asks if Jordan wants a drink, since she was on her way to the bar anyway. He takes a couple of beers out of the minibar. He tells her that make a good team; they always have and always will. He kisses her.

Sonny says that Carly wanted him out of the business for years. She says she still does, but not right now. She tells him they have to recommit, but he doesn’t want her to be a target. She says that she’s been one since they started dating. She married him knowing who he was and what he did, and what she hates are the secrets and lies. She says it has to be different; no more keeping her in the dark. She has to know the threats against their family. He doesn’t want to make her an accessory, but she tells him that she’s going to be by his side until they can figure a way out. If they don’t, it’s the reality of their life, and they have to accept it.

Franco tells Elizabeth that if Jason had gone back to his old life right away, it might have been a disaster. He could have been shot instead of Duke. He says they only have one reality, one past, and one present. What happens in the future is up to them. Jake needs her in the present; he’s scared. Elizabeth doesn’t know how to handle it, and Franco tells her that she’s strong, and if not, he’s strong enough for the both of them.

Carly arrives at the hospital. Bobbie tells her that Michael went off with Nelle. She knows it’s not the best time, but they need to talk about her. Carly says it isn’t the best time, and wants to blow her off. Bobbie tells her that the last time the family was in crisis, Nelle used it to take advantage. She’s afraid Nelle will strike again. Carly says that everything was circumstantial, but Bobbie says that it raised red flags, and even more were raised after Nelle went to Morocco.

Curtis and Jordan get busy. She says they have to stop. She asks if they’re going to run around behind Stella’s back, and he says that Stella is getting better every day. Jordan adds, unless they add to her stress level. Curtis says that life is stressful. Jordan tells him that he has no idea what it’s like to be the source of pain, and he says they’ve both made mistakes and are just trying to do better. Somehow, they stayed connected, and it means something. She says maybe all the obstacles are telling them something. Curtis says none of that matters. He’s dangerously close to falling in love with her. He tells her that he’s not going anywhere, and they get busy again.

Sonny sees Griff at the gym. Griff tells Sonny that he’s been monitoring Jason, and he’s waiting for more test results. Sonny says things are eating at him – the harsh truths of life.

Ava calls Valentin. She says he told her that he can arrange a miracle. She thinks perhaps they should talk.

Carly asks if they found the necklace. Bobbie says it was found, but there’s a lot of ambiguity about the story. As a matter-of-fact, there’s a lot of ambiguity about Nelle. Why do bad things happen when she’s around? Carly says that maybe she’s just unlucky. It doesn’t make her a thief or a murderer. Bobbie thinks it’s a big mistake to let her guard down if there’s a chance that Michael is getting into bed with a black widow.

He is.

Franco talks to himself, saying that they can’t change the past, but they can make a better future. Elizabeth goes to change, and Jake comes downstairs and shows Franco a picture of Jason as a kid. He says it looks like Franco’s real imaginary friend. Franco says they’re identical. Is this how they’re going to move nuJason over to make room for Steve Burton?

Tomorrow, Stella says her work is done, Scotty isn’t going to make things better, Maxie wants to come back to work at Crimson, and Valentin meets with Ava.

 90 Day Fiancé now has yet another spin-off on TLC Go called 90 Day Fiancé: What Now? I’ve decided to create still one more, and call it 90 Day Fiancé: WTF?

💞 Tell us about it, Jorge. On The Couples Tell All, we flashed back to Mohamad embarrassing Danielle on national television about how she smells, then he accused her of “fake crying” to get sympathy. I don’t even like her and I felt badly about it. Dude said that after today, nobody is going to hear from him again. Yeah, until we see him on the front page. FYI re Danielle, I can promise you that most people from northern Ohio speak properly, and don’t say things like “you don’t ever take no responsibility.” Loren came right out and called Mohamad a fraud, so enough said. She also said something that was bleeped that he had an interesting reaction to. One of my favorite things is how he has virgin ears every time a woman says a curse word. It makes me want to use every combination of the f-bomb I can think of. Danielle brought a binder of texts and emails with her, but unfortunately, none of them were read out loud. Mohamad tried to make it seem like Danielle wanted something out of him, not the other way around, but failed to explain what that might be, He has such a poker face, I’m pretty sure we’re looking at the next ISIS recruit. Immigration take note for when Danielle sends you that binder. Danielle talked about how differently he acted when she visited him (pre-90 days). This guy would be a great candidate for the Real Housewives, since he thinks we have short-term memory loss and forgot about how he reeled her in time after time, saying that if she treated him nicely, they could remain friends, when he had no intention of it whatsoever.

It sounds like Anfisa was up Jorge’s butt the entire time they were together, not even letting him speak to his family without her being present. There was some discussion about what Jorge’s sister, Lourdes, had said about her spreading her legs for his money, and I had to agree with the majority here. Pao said it best, that he should have just told Lourdes not to talk about his wife that way, end of story. Anfisa did make me laugh when Pao said she had heard about Russian gold-digger schools. Without missing a beat, Anfisa said yeah, she went to one. Pao was like, really? and Anfisa told Pao that she had no idea what she was talking about. I doubt that Anfisa went to classes, but I know they have them for sugar babies here, so it’s not that far-fetched. Jorge claimed that she’s scared of what he’s going to say, but we still have to wait for his big reveal.

Pedro is sending even more money home to his exhausted mother. Who we find out is a lawyer. How come she’s not sending money to them? The chicken feet made another appearance. Everyone was skeptical that it was any kind of local cuisine, but what really gave it away was his mother and sister laughing like hyenas the whole time. Chantal said that not one person ate them, and they had never been served when she stayed there. Even Mohamad thought it was wrong.

If I never hear Mohamad say Dan-nyell again, or anyone say “social media,” I’ll be a happy woman.

💍 On Before the 90 Days, Karine suggested swimming in the Amazon River, and Paul almost had a coronary, since he’s afraid of germs and piranhas. In her interview, Karine said he was too cautious, and she wasn’t that cool with this side of him. I don’t blame her. We both nearly died laughing when he wore a full outfit with long pants to go in the water, even though she begged him not to. When she splashed at him playfully, he made a big deal about going, ptooey! and saying, “Poop water! Poop water!” Then he nearly killed himself getting out of the water, because the pants he was wearing bagged out and stretched all over the place, tripping him. Karine was embarrassed, and so was I. The bathrooms there were a lot cleaner than the ones on the beaches here. Paul wanted them to have some fun together before he brought up the pregnancy and STD tests. I’m not sure what his idea of fun is. Acting ridiculous when being shown local amusements?

Paul trying to talk to Karine’s father was a real sh*t show, especially when he tried to explain that he wanted to marry her. He made a hand gesture that was supposed to be putting a ring on a finger, but it was his index finger and way too aggressive, so I’m sure the father thought he meant something else. Can anyone really be this stupid? I’d thought he was a nerd, but now I don’t know what he is. Her parents gave their blessing, but I have no idea why.

They threw in a guy named Larry, who’s a McDonald’s manager with a tiny chihuahua. He has a couple of sons, and it was another relationship with an age gap. He met his girl, Jenny, on Filipino Cupid, which made me laugh, but apparently, there are Cupid sites for all over the world. We saw him shake her down for having been on the site in the past week (what was he doing on there?), but she told him that her phone basically butt dialed it. There was also Patrick, who seems like a great guy. His baby daughter is his life, and he’s good friends with his ex, admitting that he wasn’t mature enough for a relationship when they were together. His girlfriend, Miriam, lives in Paris, and he’s another one traveling to a country where he doesn’t know the language, but at least Miriam is pretty fluent in English. She’s also a Muslim, and he thinks their coupling might be a problem with her family, as she hasn’t told them about him. His ex was a little concerned that she seemed to show no interest in him having a daughter either, but Miriam also told us that she has a secret.

Sean met Abby’s parents, who were understandably concerned, since he’s older than her mother. There was a language barrier here too, but Abby was able to translate. Next time, he’s supposed to meet her ex-but-still-friend, Chris, which ought to be interesting, since Sean is jealous as all hell.

Karine discovered the pregnancy test that Paul brought along, which didn’t sit well with her, and rightly so. She actually got together enough words in English to ask him WTF? He told her some sob story about an ex, and although she didn’t think it was fair that he was comparing them, said she had nothing to hide, and agreed to take the tests. He was still worried about the freaking results, but was bummed that they had their first fight.

Next time, Cortney goes to Spain and gets stood up, and Larry gets bad news. I wonder where Darcey and Jesse went?

✔  90 Day takeaway point – If you want to act like an a-hole, just say it’s cultural.

💒 I tried watching Spouse House a couple of times, but it didn’t really work for me. It was like Big Brother meets exploratory marriage.

👶 According to Jeff on Flipping Out, Baby Monroe is causing everyone to be sensitive, tired, and overwhelmed. She is one loud baby. Gage kept checking out, and Jeff accused him of acting spoiled and entitled, which made Gage want to go, see ya later, dude. I’m not sure if their relationship is going to survive parenthood.

🙎 Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce is worth watching just for James Brolin, who plays Abby’s father. While he’s a comedic gem (Life in Pieces, Sisters), he’s also a better actor than he’s ever been given credit for. When Abby’s father was in the hospital recovering from a stroke, her mother died from a heart attack in the waiting room. Having a bit of dementia, at first he thought the funeral was Abby’s Bat Mitzvah. When he realized what was happening, the grief was subtle, but plain on his face. I’d give him an Emmy for that moment alone. I met James at a car show back in his Marcus Welby days. He gave all of us kids the advice many actors do – stay in school. I should have listened.

🐉 Now that Game of Thrones is over, I finally found the dragon emojis. 🐲

Jeff and I Share a Thought…



August 17, 2017 – Franco is Home, Not So Happily Ever After & TV Tidbits


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Felicia tells Mac that Anna would rather hear it from them about their brush with the law. Mac is concerned that she’ll bar them from seeing Emma and the baby. Felicia thinks she’ll laugh, and since Maxie knows, it’s only a matter of time before the whole town does.

In Portland, Maxie tells Georgie not to eat the grass, but Spinelli thinks it’s okay. He tells her grunge is a way of life there, and she needs to get used to it – if she’s going to stay.

Amy meets Nathan at Kelly’s. She asks how his summer was without her. He says calmer, but admits it was also less fun.

Felicia thinks Mac needs anti-anxiety pills. Anna has just walked in with Emma and the baby. She overhears, and asks why.

Obrecht comes into the hospital through the loudest sliding door ever. Elizabeth wants to confront her. Franco says no, and she asks if he has a better idea. He hands her the bakery box, and says allow him.

Finn tells Curtis that if anyone can find Hayden, it’s him. Curtis says he does know her well, and could bring her back faster than any PI in the business, but he won’t. Finn says she’s almost out of resources, and is in her second trimester. Finn asks Curtis if he thinks he can’t do it. Curtis asks if he seems like a brother who can be swayed by vanity, and Finn says yes. Curtis tells him that out of respect for Hayden, he won’t punch him out, but he also won’t take the job for the same reason.

Franco asks Obrecht why she’s there. He says there’s a rumor going around that she’s ruining Hayden and Finn’s lives. She says she can’t help it if Hayden is in to larceny. He says she didn’t just break a law, she broke camp; she’s gone.

Maxie loves seeing Georgie every day. not so much Spinelli’s new beard. He tells her that Ellie likes it. It’s like kissing her childhood crush Merlin Olsen. (Google it.) He thinks there’s a way to entice Nathan to come. He says they have a police station, and he’s sure Nathan could find a place on the force. Maxie tells him that ever since Nina married Valentin, he’s afraid to leave Port Charles. Spinelli says that she’s a gown woman, but Maxie believes he’s using it as a cover. Spinelli thinks he has the answer.

Amy tells Nathan that she saw the twinkle in his eye after the podcast. He was in his element. He thinks there might be something to that. She asks if the opportunity presented itself, if he’d want to keep going. He wonders if she’s asking him to be Man Landers again.

Mac and Felicia look at Anna’s pictures. The baby’s name is Noah. Anna thinks it’s a perfect name, but Mac isn’t thrilled. He toasts to the newest member of the family.

Curtis reveals to Finn that he started looking the moment Hayden disappeared. He asked his contacts to look, and at one point thought she took a ferry to Canada, but he was wrong. He says that she doesn’t want to be found, and it’s her choice and her right. He doesn’t have to like it, but has to respect it

Obrecht tells Franco that Hayden got what she deserved. Franco says she’s Elizabeth’s sister. Obrecht says if anything, she did Elizabeth a favor. Franco doesn’t want a feud between his friend and girlfriend, but Obrecht says she’ll take her chances. He asks what if Finn finds out. Elizabeth tells Franco that her shift is over, and she wants to go home. Obrecht says to tell her sister mazel tov if she sees her. Is she Jewish? Or has she been watching Andy Cohen?

Spinelli thinks that Nathan might feel jealous or inadequate, since Maxie is away. He offers to talk to Nathan, man to man, but Maxie thinks something else is going on. He asks if she needs his cyber skills, and she tells him maybe, but she has a more pressing matter for The Jackal to solve.

Amy tells Nathan that being Man Landers is like going under cover, but he says it’s worse. Murderous criminals don’t encourage their new boss to overlook public indecency. Amy wonders what Man Landers has gotten himself into.

Felicia leaves, and Anna wonders if she’s missing something. Emma gets a phone call, and steps away from the table to answer. Anna says she thinks it’s a boy. Mac freaks, but she says that Robin and Patrick have assured her they’re on top of things. She asks if he has anything for her, and he gives her a drive that has a full accounting of everything Valentin did in her absence.

Maxie tells Spinelli that she’s been given the green light from the magazine publisher to pursue the story of the century. She wants to expose Man Landers for the charlatan he is. She says once they do, he won’t be able to give advice to anyone. Spinelli reveals that he loves Man Landers’s blog, and he’s responsible for the beard.

Amy says that Nathan is making too big a deal about Mac and Felicia; they’ll laugh about it someday. Nathan tells her maybe, as long as they don’t find out it was him. She says he didn’t tell them to do it in public. He says Maxie wanted to give Man Landers a piece of her mind, and threatened to expose him. Amy says she can never know. Felicia rolls up next to Nathan, and says, know what?

Anna checks where Valentin has been, but there’s nothing much. She notices he went to a building that Ava and Julian own. She wonders if it was a meeting, and what kind of business he’d have with them. She says maybe it was innocent, and Mac says maybe Valentin really turned over a new leaf. Anna tells Mac that Valentin would have to prove it.

Finn understands not intruding on Hayden’s privacy, but he loves her and she’s pregnant with their child; he needs help to find her. Curtis says sorry, but he knows a good PI he can refer Finn to. He gets that Finn is pissed, but Hayden made her choice, like he has. Finn wants to see her one more time to try and make it right. Curtis says that works for him, but not Hayden. He asks if Finn would have let her go if she’d explained first, and he says probably not. Curtis tells him that Hayden did what was best for her, and they have to respect her choices. Finn loves her too much to let her go. He says they’re two deeply flawed people who found each other. He asks if Curtis would have let her go if he was in the same position, and hasn’t he ever wanted a second chance or to make amends? Finn tells Curtis he’ll look for her himself.

Elizabeth gets in Obrecht’s face, and Obrecht tells her to spare the righteous indignation. She and Hayden don’t even like each other. Elizabeth says that Hayden is pregnant and alone, and on the run. Obrecht admits to feeling sorry for the baby, who’s innocent in all of this, but she also feels sorry for the girl Hayden put in a wheelchair. Elizabeth finds it hard to believe that Obrecht’s motives were noble. Obrecht says she righted a wrong, and messed up Hayden and Finn’s lives, so it’s – how you Americans say – a twofer. Avenging herself makes it a trifecta. Elizabeth says Hayden will be back, and Obrecht will get what she deserves. Obrecht says they’ll see about that.

Mac talks about Valentin being arrested in regard to Spencer, but says that everything worked out. He tells her the chase is over, and she has her life back. He says her life is too precious to spend it running after Valentin.

Amy tells Felicia that it’s a surprise, and Nathan introduces them. Amy says she’s helping Nathan with Maxie’s birthday, and Nathan adds that he’s a terrible gift giver. Felicia points out that it’s not until Halloween. Amy tells Nathan that they’re settled on what they’re doing, and jets. Felicia says that she’s meeting Bobbie to discuss a case, but thinks they should talk about what he’s been up to.

Maxie tells Spinelli that Man Landers almost got her parents arrested, and now he’s encouraging beard culture. Spinelli says he’s just a humble sage trying to enlighten his fellow man. She asks why the subterfuge then, and he says maybe it’s for privacy. Maxie thinks that if people knew the truth, they wouldn’t be following him like lemmings. She says if she breaks the story, she could get ahead at the magazine.

Finn sees Obrecht at the hospital. She wonders why Hayden would take such drastic action, and says that the people who seem the happiest often conceal sadness and secrets. It’s a shame she ran from her problems. Obrecht tells him that she considered packing after she got ousted from the hospital, but she had people there whom she loves and love her, and thought it was a better idea to stick it out. Finn says she did this.

Elizabeth doesn’t understand why Franco is friends with Obrecht. He says that plenty of people might say the same about Elizabeth being with him. She says that’s different because he’s trying to be a better person. He tells her that what Obrecht did sucks, but what can he do to make it better? Elizabeth wants to hear about NYC, but we still don’t get the story, because he says he missed her, and hated being away. Franco wants to create their own world at her place, and she says he should be free to roam, but there’s always room for him there. She’s ready for him to move in.

Emma tells Anna about a boy who keeps asking her to go out with him, but she wants to figure things out with Spencer first. She wants to be just friends, but Spencer wants it to be more. That’s why he gave her this, and she shows Anna the heart he made with a diamond in it. Emma says she has to give it back.

Spinelli asks Maxie if her career has to come at expense of Man Landers. She accuses him of caring more about a blog than her career path. He says there has to be another way, or good, but befuddled men will lose their Northern Star. Her vision is that she gets a promotion, Nathan realizes that he can’t live without her, and he moves to Portland. Then Georgie will have both parents with her. She just needs to expose that bunko artist.

Felicia says they know Nathan has been working overtime, trying to cover up their indiscretion. She appreciates him protecting them, as well as being a loving, generous husband to their daughter. She tells him just to be clear, no one will catch them again, and Mac won’t be taking any more advice from Man Landers.

Franco wasn’t sure if Elizabeth had changed her mind. She says they might have gotten sidetracked, but it’s time they get back on track. He says he’d like to be there when she talks to the boys. She says they’ll be over the moon, but she wonders about him. He asks if this is what she wants, or is it an overreaction to his absence? She’s ready to take the step. He says that he needs her to ask again. She does, and they kiss.

Finn says that Obrecht brought that weasel Jared (snort) to town, and orchestrated the whole thing. She says she might have extended the invitation, but Hayden did the rest. Curtis joins them, and asks what’s going on? Finn tells him that Obrecht did this to get back at him because she got herself fired. Finn says that she had no right to target Hayden. She says that she did him a favor. Hayden is a liar and embezzler, crippled a girl, and denied her responsibility. Finn says he should have let Obrecht rot in jail. She says yes, he should have.

Spinelli says he’ll do everything in his power to advance Maxie’s career, but one can only wonder how much advice Man Landers still had to give, since he already has millions of readers. Maxie thinks she might be going about this the wrong way. She didn’t realize he was trending, Maybe she doesn’t need to expose him to the world, only to her. She can convince him to work for her, and they’ll both get better jobs. Spinelli says it’s blackmail, but a good plan. She says first they have to find out who he is.

Outside of Kelly’s, Amy asks Nathan if Felicia bought the excuse. She says if the truth comes out, she’ll lose the book deal, and the way to pay her brother’s medical expenses. She’d have to give back the advance, and already spent most of it. He tells her to let him handle it. He’s gotten them this far. Amy knows that she roped him into it, but she’s grateful that he agreed. She hugs him, and Felicia sees them.

Anna tells Emma that Spencer has good taste. Emma says it wouldn’t be right to keep it; it would give Spencer false hope. Mac says it’s just a rhinestone, but Anna says she thinks it’s a genuine diamond.

Curtis tells Finn to leave finding Hayden to him. Finn wonders what changed, and he says maybe the speech about second chances got to him. There’s no way he’s letting Obrecht win. Finn thanks him. Curtis says that when he finds her, first he’ll make sure she’s safe, and he’ll relay any message Finn wants, but coming home is her call. Finn had better make a good case.

Franco and Elizabeth get busy, and there’s the inevitable song part.

Tomorrow, Ava and Griff kiss, Valentin asks how he can win back Nina’s trust, and Franco trashes his paintings.

👰 I still can’t leave 90 Day Fiancé alone. Even worse, I’m watching the new season along with Happily Ever After? where Pedro’s mother and sister continue to fascinate me with their selfishness and stupidity. Although maybe not so stupid, since they’re living high on the hog while Chantal still sleeps next to the kitchen. Chantal tried to make nice with them, but only succeeded in being called names, told to divorce Pedro if she didn’t like it, and exhausted Pedro’s mother. For someone who doesn’t work, she always looks exhausted. Maybe it’s from straining to watch TV on something that’s not 55”. I have no clue what’s up with Jorge and Anfisa. It’s pretty obvious she married him because she thought he was a weed farmer with money, but she keeps coming back like a boomerang even though he’s broke. Russ and Paola continue to bewilder me. Well, mostly Russ. Paola ditched Oklahoma to concentrate on the modeling career she doesn’t have in Miami. She’s annoyed because Russ is holding her back from “opportunities,” since he doesn’t want her nakey on camera. In Miami, apparently modeling means get nakey, and everything is “sexy,” which also means get nakey. Although there was a confusing moment when the lingerie she was given to wear in a video actually covered her more than the husband-approved bikini she brought with her. The worst part is that Russ has been good enough to let her hold him back, since he’s an oil engineer, and they don’t have those jobs in Florida. He’s basically settled for flipping burgers so she can stay in Miami. What an ingrate. On top of it, she lets her gay best friend insult Russ to his face on a regular basis. In Spanish. Although the best friend is so nasty and stupid, he doesn’t realize that Russ is picking up the language.

Danielle continued to try and get Mohamed deported. He made noises about how she hid her “criminal past” from him. I’m not sure what that involves, but I think it was a minor white-collar crime. Like he cares. Even the lawyer he spoke with thinks he’s on his way back to Tunisia. On a better note, Loren and Alex continue to be just precious. She was speaking on Tourette’s in Washington, and he surprised her by showing up when she thought he couldn’t be there. It reminded me of how my father would always show up for daytime school presentations that parents were invited to, when I figured I would have no one there.

One huge question I have is why people don’t learn the language of the pending spouse? Especially if they’re traveling to that country. I can’t keep their names straight yet, but it was pretty depressing when one guy on the new season traveled by plane, boat, and more boat, to a country where he knows no one and doesn’t know the language, and was stood up. The last episode left him on the back side of nowhere with only a load of luggage for protection. He looked absolutely miserable, and it was one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen, although part of me wanted to smack him.

🙌 Both Flipping Out and Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce began new seasons tonight. It’s girl for Jeff and Gage!

💀 Channel Zero will be returning to the Sy – we don’t know how to spell – Fy network on September 20th. I enjoyed the last season – it was creepy and weird, and had a disturbing creature made of teeth. The new season subtitle is No-End House, inspired by creepy pasta stories. I can’t wait!

🏠 You can see the trailer here:


August 7, 2017 – Ava Ventures Out, Peggy’s Lamborghini Reveal, Oklahoma Finale & Upcoming Shows


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Ava downs a martini, and looks at herself in a hand mirror. There’s a knock at the door. She tells them to go away, but it’s Kiki. Ava tries to get her to leave, but she won’t. Ava opens the door, and says Kiki has done her good deed now, she can go, but Kiki says she’s not going anywhere.

Hayden calls Finn saying she’s up to her ears in paint swatches and fabric samples, but she’s really at the prison seeing her father.

Sam dreams about shooting Sonny. She tells herself it has to be a dream. Finn asks if she’s ready for good news, but he can tell there’s something wrong.

Sonny also dreams about Sam shooting him. Jason sees Carly in the hallway. She asks why he still looks worried and he says that Sam can’t shake her bad dreams. Dante joins them, and says he has to follow up with Sonny. Everyone goes into Sonny’s room. Sonny tells them that he’s doped up and can’t feel his leg. Dante asks who shot him. For a guy who just had surgery and is supposed to be resting, there’s quite a crowd in there.

Kiki brought pizza, but Ava says she’ll have the guy at the liquor store drop off dinner. Kiki suggests a therapy group that Andre recommended, but Ava says it’s not going to change her face. Kiki asks how she’s going to heal inside if she doesn’t talk about it? She realizes that everyone is dealing with their own pain right now and doesn’t want to cause Ava any more, but thinks it will be a help. Ava says beauty comes from within, but it doesn’t change people flinching when they look at her. Kiki says she can still live her life. Just because it’s different, doesn’t mean it won’t be worthwhile; the group will make her feel better. Ava says another martini will make her feel better. Kiki tells Ava that if she wants to keep punishing herself, she won’t stop her, but when Ava leaves the room, Kiki calls Griff. She says it seems like he’s the only one who can get through to her mother, and asks if he can come by. He agrees.

Raymond Berlin comes into the visitor room. Hayden says that she didn’t think he’d agree to see her. He says he didn’t think she needed to see her old man behind bars. She says one minute she had a father, and the next, she didn’t. She compares it to how he must have felt when he found out that her mother was unfaithful. Raymond says he did what he always does when he’s disappointed – put up a wall. Hayden asks what changed? He tells her that he had time to think, and biology doesn’t change the time they had. It wasn’t all sunshine, but it wasn’t all bad. She’ll always be his daughter, and he’ll always be her dad. Hayden says that’s true. She has to ask him something, and needs him to be honest. She asks if there’s anything left from the hedge fund. He says she’s his daughter all right; she came for the money.

Sam tells Finn she feels fine, except for the dreams. He thinks that’s to be expected, and says that her white blood count is good, and the illness should be eradicated in a few days. He tells her that before she leaves, she’ll need a clean bill of health from Griff too. She asks if she’s still at risk mentally. This confuses me a little, since it’s not like Finn told her she has to see Andre before she leaves.

Sonny apologizes for being out of it. Carly says Dante can wait, but Sonny wants to continue and clear things up.

Ava asks if Kiki wants a drink or is she working tonight? Ava talks about how dedicated she is, but Kiki says nothing she can do will ever change what happened to Morgan. Ava says she’s proud of Kiki, but thinks she’s beyond Kiki’s capabilities. There’s another knock at the door, and Kiki says good thing she called in reinforcements then.

Ava tells Kiki that she had no right. Griff says she does, and realizes that Ava is overwhelmed, but says she can’t keep herself locked away. Ava asks what’s the alternative? If she’s going to open up to total strangers, there had be an open bar involved. Griff thinks she needs support, but Ava says that she has her brother. She tells Griff that thanks to the settlement, she never has to leave the apartment again, and it’s better for everyone. Griff says he almost bought it, but not quite. He says she’s afraid.

Hayden says that Raymond must have managed to hide something. He says sorry; there’s nothing left. Not one nickel. He says she sounds desperate, and she tells him that he has no idea. She explains about changing her name, and says she found a new life to go with it. Raymond says judging by the diamond on her finger, she pulled it off, so what’s wrong? She tells him about Finn, and how perfect he is. He loves her, wants to marry her, and they’re having a baby; she can’t lose him. Raymond asks why she would, and she says there’s a worm in the apple – Jared.

Finn tells Sam that she has a weakened resistance. She asks if the dreams that seem like memories are all in her head. He thinks that’s a question for Griff, but she wants help now. He tells her to let the meds work, and focus on recovery. When he’s gone, she takes her phone out. She sees a text from Molly about Sonny.

Dante asks Sonny if it wasn’t the Garveman who shot him, who else was there? Sonny tells him Garvey ambushed him, and he shot him in self-defense. Dante says Garvey had two bullet wounds, and asks if there was exchange of fire, and when did Garvey shoot him in the leg? Sonny says it was a blur, and the last thing he remembers is that Garvey shot him, and he shot back.

Ava tells Griff that of course she’s afraid. He would be too, if he looked like she does. She talks about children freaking out, and says the really good people go out of their way to smile, but she knows they only feel pity. She says sorry, but when you have no soul there’s nothing to say. Griff asks if she remembers their conversation at The Floating Rib. She says it was a lifetime ago. He tells her that she’d asked if there was any unforgivable sin, and that it’s despair, and denying everything God has given to you. He asks what’s worse, a few strangers turning from her, or her turning her back on God and all creation?

Hayden tells her father that Jared has given her a week. She says she’s the CFO of GH, and he wants her to pay him by siphoning off money. Raymond says she should be able to do that and wonders if she wants some tips. She tells him that she’d be stealing the money that Finn donated. She explains how Finn discovered a cure for Blackwood Syndrome, and that he could be a wealthy man, but gave the licensing fee to the hospital. She’d be betraying both him and the hospital that gave both of them a shot at redemption. A cuckoo clock sound goes off. It’s Hayden’s phone. Jared has sent a GIF of himself pointing to his watch.

Sonny tells Dante that he remembers getting the picture of Spencer from Garveytrain. Carly thinks Sonny should rest, and tries to hustle everyone out. Sonny asks how Sam is, and Carly wonders how he knows she’s been sick. He claims he heard them talking, and Jason tells him that she’s better, but still dealing with hallucinations. Sonny wants a minute alone with Jason.

Sam is trying to get out of bed, when Felix walks in and says, hey. She wants to find Jason. Felix says he’s been there 24/7 and has actually become a nuisance, so he’ll be back. He tells her right now she needs rest. She asks if Sonny has been shot, and Felix says just in the leg and they expect a full recovery, so not to worry. She says she won’t, and Felix leaves.

Ava goes to the hospital, but doesn’t want Kiki and Griff to act like it’s her first day of school. She starts to head toward the meeting room, and Sam sees her. Ava goes around the corner, and Sam follows.

Felix needs everyone to clear out of Sonny’s room, or Epiphany will call for back-up. Carly asks Dante to give Sonny some time to recover. She’s sure that once he’s not drugged up, he’ll be glad to answer questions. Dante is skeptical about that, but leaves. Jason comes out, and Carly asks what Sonny wanted.

Raymond tells Hayden that she could call Jared’s bluff, but she says he has nothing to lose and everything to gain. She says the worst part is that she brought it on herself. She did something wrong, and tried to cover it up – she really is his daughter. Raymond says that she seems genuinely remorseful and she says she wanted to make up for it, but if she’s exposed, she doesn’t see how that’s possible. Raymond tells her that she has two choices, buy Jared’s silence, or go to Finn, come clean, and hope he forgives her. Their time is up. Raymond says sorry it was so brief and so long in coming. No matter what, he hopes she’s happy. He made a mistake in looking for what he wanted in life, but she’s smart, and he knows she’ll succeed. She thinks he might be right.

Ava goes to the group, but no one is there yet. Sam startles her, and she says it’s usually the other way around lately. She tells Sam that she’d helped her find her mask, and Sam is glad that she didn’t imagine it. Ava says that Sam didn’t even flinch when she saw her, and she wasn’t expecting that. She’s surprised to see Sam up and around. Sam tells Ava that she’s feeling better, and Ava is glad to hear it, saying Sam wasn’t herself. Sam asks how, and Ava tells her that she blamed everything on Sonny, and said he was going to get what’s coming to him. She’d never heard her say anything against him before, but it sounded like he was her worst enemy.

Felix asks Sonny if he’s feeling any discomfort, but Sonny says he’s so doped up, he can’t even feel his leg. Felix tells him that Epiphany can’t wait to get him into physical therapy again, but it might be easier if he avoids getting shot in the first place. Maybe he can handle the wear and tear, but his family is another story.

Carly wonders about Sonny’s other enemies. She’s concerned that Sonny doesn’t remember that Jason has bowed out. Jason says he’ll get involved if he has to, and that he thinks Sonny is safe. He tells Carly to look after Sonny, and he’ll look after Sam, and it will all work out.

Sam asks Ava what it was she said exactly, and Ava tells her that it sounded like she hated Sonny. Sam says she doesn’t hate Sonny, and Ava says of course. They’re all part of a united front; all for one, and one for all, but perhaps it was her subconscious speaking. Maybe deep down she doesn’t like what Sonny does, and wants Jason to get out. Sam says that Ava doesn’t know anything about what she wants, and toddles off. Ava is like, wow.

Finn comes to Hayden’s office, where she’ looking over the hospital books on her laptop. He asks where the shopping bags are.

Jason asks Griff if Sam did something while she was sick that she wouldn’t normally do, if it could happen again once the infection is gone. Griff says they can run more tests, and weigh the options. Well, that was vague.

Ava starts to leave, and Kiki pops out of nowhere, asking if she’s going somewhere. She says that she thought she was ready, but she’s never going to be. Griff joins them, and asks how she’ll know that if she doesn’t try. Ava says the two of them won’t quit, and Kiki says she’s learning. Ava tells them that the first time she’s told to get in touch with her feelings, she’s leaving.

Hayden tells Finn that she thought they should make the decorating decisions together. So instead, she was looking through some vacation websites, and got two plane tickets to someplace far away.

Sonny asks if Felix has any more words of wisdom. Felix tells him it’s taking a toll on Carly, as well as his family and friends. He appreciates Felix speaking up. Felix turns the lights out, and Sonny slips into dreamland.

Calry thanks Felix for looking out for Sonny. Felix says he has to turn in Sonny’s clothing to the police, and wonders if he’ll want them back. Carly says they’re trashed anyway, so just burn them. Felix doesn’t blame her for not wanting any reminders, especially now that it’s over.

Jason finds Sam’s room empty.

Sonny dreams about Sam again. He opens his eyes, and she’s standing next to his bed. He asks what she’s doing there, and she says he’s still alive.

Tomorrow, Jared meets Finn, Olivia doesn’t think she can be part of the family, and Carly wants to know how the bullet casing was found.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Tamra and Shannon meet Meghan for lunch. Meghan has brought along baby Aspen, and introduces her cousin Bridget, who doesn’t stay and I don’t blame her. Shannon orders a drink, and Tamra says alcohol is your enemy when you’re trying to lose weight. Unless you’re an alcoholic and that’s all you consume. Meghan says thank God she has Bridget, since she’s overwhelmed. Shannon tells everyone for the thousandth time that she’s gained forty pounds and it’s Vicki’s fault. In her interview, Meghan says it was bad, but not forty pounds bad. Clearly there’s something else going on, like with her marriage.

Lydia and family are in Hawaii. She and Doug have been working hard on the magazine, and she thinks it’s important to have downtime. Because the kids have brought up the term “sexy lady,” thinking it means kissing a lady when you’re naked, Lydia thinks daddy should explain. Doug asks if they’ve heard the word “sex,” and if they know what it is. He tells them it’s something God created, and you do it in private. One of the boys tells him to move on with it (ha-ha – out of the mouths of babes), and Lydia says her mom explained nothing, and didn’t even buy her a bra. Doug explains that it’s something you do when you’re married, and in her interview, Lydia says they were both virgins when they got married and… well, you don’t need to know how great their love life is. God bless ‘em. They both seem like sweet people. Rare on a Housewife show.

Peggy tells son Koko that if she says no and dad says it’s okay, which is the right choice? That would be her. Smart kid. She’s cooking dinner, and tells us Armenian cooking is love, but she wants a chef. Gianelle has gotten into FIT (I think she said FIT, but definitely a fashion school in NYC), and Diko tells her he’s not paying for a penthouse. Peggy thinks they should celebrate, but he says it will have to wait until next weekend, since they’re getting a custom-designed Lamborghini this weekend. Tamra calls to announce Shannon is in the bathroom. Shannon apologizes for being reactive at the restaurant, but Peggy says she doesn’t owe her an apology. She invites them to the Lamborghini event. Shannon says if Vicki and Kelly are going to be there, she can’t come, because we’re in middle school. Peggy tries to say something, but Shannon steamrolls over her. In her interview, Peggy says that Vicki is her friend, and she doesn’t want to get in the middle. She says it was an a and b conversation and she c’d herself out of it. Diko is like omg.

Kelly drags her mom to the senior center to see director Celeste. She says her mom’s social life in Arizona was amazing, but now she just sits around. Celeste shows them the kilns and potter’s wheel, and I think of that scene in Ghost, but with old people. Kelly says the last relationship her mother had was with her father in 2002, and even if she doesn’t find love, she could use some companionship. Kelly tells Celeste that her mom is 68, but acts 100. Her mother says she doesn’t tell Kelly what to do, and they debate that. She feels like Kelly won’t let her relax. Kelly calls her frustrating, and her mom says she’s there; what more does Kelly want? In her interview, Kelly says she literally married her mother, since Michael doesn’t like to do anything either. Kelly pays dues for a year. Like her mom is going to go and play ping pong with a couple of codgers.

Vicki is getting stuff delivered for the office. She says everything she’s doing, is so she can sit back and hand Michael the baton. Some of her awards got broken in the move, and I feel for her. She says this office is the model for the franchise. She says she wants her family to reap the benefits of her hard work, and if Michael marries his girlfriend, he needs to do a prenup. In her interview, she says whatever the nup is, she’s nupping everything. She asks if they’re using birth control, and Michael says they don’t want kids right now. Geez, it’s not like he’s a kid.

Kelly thinks that she and Shannon could be friends, and that Tamra is the wedge between them. She believes she has a way, and doesn’t want to be an outcast like last year. She calls Tamra, who makes a face when she sees who it is, but tells her she’s unblocked. She asks if Tamra would like to have coffee. We see a clip of her mom advising her to go through Tamra first. Tamra says she never wanted to fight with Kelly, and has always been supportive, but it got weird. Kelly says she doesn’t want to go in a negative direction. Tamra is up for that, but immediately calls Shannon to tell her that Kelly called. She tells Shannon about Kelly not wanting negativity. Shannon goes blah-blah-blah, and brings up things Tamra doesn’t need to remember. In her interview, Shannon thinks maybe it’s best Kelly should meet with Tamra without plates flying in the air.

Meanwhile back in Hawaii, I cry because I wish I was there. Doug and Lydia have dinner. She wants to talk about how they should use their downtime. She thinks he should get a vasectomy, and a coconut falls. Please tell me that was editing. In her interview, Lydia says she doesn’t have time now with the kids she has. Lydia tells Doug she’s done, and asks if he is. She says he can put some sperm in the freezer in case something happens to her, and he meets some beautiful blonde. He grew up in a big family, and she understands why he’s hesitant. She says he’ll be her gelding, and he says he’ll think on that. First of all, it’s an in-office operation that’s a fairly quick procedure. It’s not like spaying a dog. And it’s also reversible. I used to work in a women’s clinic that also did vasectomies, but I can literally count on one hand how many we had in the two years I was there. Come on, guys, step up.

I have to admit, Aspen is a cutie. Meghan and Bridget go over some soap ideas. Jimmy and Meghan opened a candle store, and now that Aspen is here, she wonders what she got herself into. She says whoever said there’s a work/life balance didn’t know what they were talking about, because there is none. She was hoping Jimmy would stay home more after the baby was born, but he’s working more than ever. Jimmy comes in and fawns over the baby. Megan thinks one day he’ll come home and Aspen won’t know who he is.

Kelly thanks Tamra for meeting with her. She thinks if she can patch things up with Tamra, Shannon will follow. I dunno about that. Shannon can really hold a grudge. Kelly wants to out puppet the puppet master. In her interview, Tamra says as much as she doesn’t like Kelly, she feels sorry for her. Tamra tells Kelly that she doesn’t want to fight, but when pushed in a corner, her claws come out. We flash back to the apology after Ireland, and she says after that, all hell broke loose on social media. Kelly says it’s hard to control herself when things get heated, and Tamra wonders how they go forward. She tells Kelly that Shannon wasn’t pleased with herself and the way she reacted at the restaurant. In her interview, Tamra says Kelly is a lot like her; impulsive, but they get over things quickly. She apologizes for anything she engaged in, and Kelly just wants everyone to get along. Tamra asks what else Kelly has for her, and is probably sorry she asked when Kelly tells her about the vaginal rejuvenation. I’ll just leave the rest of that discussion alone, since we don’t need to revisit that.

Diko and Peggy get ready for the Lamborghini event. Ooh! One of the daughters has a long lace overdress (with an LBD underneath) that’s gorgeous. They all look amazing, but that style is a particular favorite of mine. Doug and Lydia join them at the event. Lydia says she doesn’t care about the car, but look at Peggy’s handbag! Lydia talks to Peggy about not wanting any more kids. In her interview, she wonders if they actually remove… oh, never mind. I’m finding it hard to believe adults don’t know how a vasectomy is done. Meghan and Jimmy arrive, sans baby, and Vicki and Steve follow. Apparently, there’s no grudge on Meghan’s part. In her interview, VIcki says Meghan looks like she just stepped off a runway, not like she just had a baby. There’s a drumroll, and Peggy reveals the new car. It’s taxi yellow. No. Just no. Doug asks Jimmy about being a new dad. He says it’s not exactly new to him, since he has a couple of grown children from another marriage.

Meghan talks about the Ireland trip, and discusses her genealogy research there. She says it was a fun trip until it wasn’t. Vicki says there’s no point in talking about it. Meghan is having a sip and see party, and invites the girls. Lydia is hesitant because Shannon and Tamra will be there.

Tamra and Eddie visit Shannon and David, since they’re not attending the Lamborghini thing. Tamra tells Shannon that Kelly has remorse and wants to meet with her. She thinks it should be before Meghan’s party, and she’s willing to go along. Shannon says the last time she and Kelly got together alone, it wasn’t good. Tamra tells her Vicki will be at Meghan’s party, and they can keep each other in check from the ones that make them see red.

Back at the car show, Lydia says she wasn’t mentally prepared for the restaurant debacle. Meghan starts talking about how Vicki hurt Shannon, and Vicki says they’ve all hurt each other. She explains to Peggy that there are unresolved issues among the ladies. Meghan thinks that Vicki should try to understand, and says that when they were in Ireland, they were getting along. Vicki says that she can’t be the only one to apologize, but Megan tells her that swallowing your pride can make you feel good, and that you can’t expect anything back from an apology. Peggy asks if Vicki has apologized, and Vicki tells her she has, many times. We flash back to those, and Vicki says she’s good. Peggy tells Meghan that the more you talk about something, the bigger it gets. Kind of what Erika from Beverly Hills said about Pantygate. Peggy tells Meghan to make duck lips, then puts her fingers like she’s holding them closed. She tells Meghan that she’s making everyone uncomfortable, and to zip it. Ha-ha! That stopped her running mouth. Meghan wonders what she’s missing, and why she has to be quiet. In her interview, Vicki says Peggy nailed it. Shut up, Megan. She’s over it.

Next time, Tamra asks Shannon if they should be fake, Vicki tells Peggy there are issues, Lydia is concerned about Shannon misbehaving at her party, and Kelly meets with Shannon.

🐮 It was the season finale for Sweet Home Oklahoma (sob!). Pumps got her new house, and for someone who couldn’t afford a house in the next neighborhood over, it’s big and beautiful. Jennifer picked out tiles for a decorating project, and called Lee a magnet to the bun when Josh got her to goof around, taking Instagram photos. Lee said she didn’t have high hopes for Jennifer’s Instagram with Josh being in charge of it, but his pictures ended up being fabulous. Josh has decided to keep the photography a hobby though, and go back to practicing law. Lee and Jennifer agreed they’ll miss Pumps because they like knowing where she is at all times. Jennifer thought they were going to need an army of movers, and a psychiatrist to find out why Pumps is hoarding. Lee claimed a dead person could be in the walk-in closet and they’d never know, and I had to agree. It was like an explosion of clothing, accessories, and random items in there. Pumps said they were acting like she’s going to Siberia, when she’s only moving five miles away. Tubby fell through the attic floor at Pumps’s new house, and in true dog fashion, freaked out everyone except for himself. In their interview, Jennifer joked that Pumps was trying to murder Tubby, and Pumps said it took a long time, but she finally did it. She’d planned it all out from orchestrating her divorce to buying the new house. Pumps told us the move was bittersweet, it wasn’t just leaving the neighborhood, but leaving the idea of the perfect family life, but she’s ready to make new memories. To assuage the grief of losing Pumps, Jennifer left her a housewarming gift – a topiary shaped like Tubbers, with its own service dog vest – a “tubiary.” I literally LOL’d – it really did look like him. Pumps’s dog promptly peed on it. I sincerely hope this show is renewed for another season. It’s heartwarming without being saccharine, and very funny.

🔊 Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce is back on Thursday, August 17th at 10 pm; The Real Housewives of Dallas begins a new season on Monday, August 14th at 10 pm (looks like LeeAnn is back to breaking glasses already); and the Stud of the Sea, Captain Lee, returns with Below Deck on Tuesday, September 5th at 9 pm.


February 1, 2017 – Nell’s Plot Thickens, Some Star, a Little Divorce & Quotes Ushering in BHM


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nina tells Anna that everyone thinks Valentin is a monster, but nothing could be further from the truth. They just want to be left alone to live their lives, and Anna was intrusive at the restaurant. Anna says her problems with Valentin have nothing to do with Nina. Nina asks why she’s obsessed with Valentin, and Anna says Valentin is the one obsessed with her. I’ve always liked Anna, but she’s starting to irritate me. If it has nothing to do with Nina, why not approach Valentin when he’s alone? And if he’s obsessed with her, why is she the one chasing him around?

Lulu suggests to Valentin that they hash things out sans lawyers.

Nell hopes when the time comes for her to finish the job, she has the strength. For you, she says, looking up at the sky, and reminding me of Trashcan Man from The Stand. Michael comes by.

Julian is at the hospital for physical therapy. He tells Griff that a few more sessions, and he’ll be out of there. Griff says, and hopefully, out of their lives.

Carly and Bobbie go to Sonny’s place and find an officer putting handcuffs on him.

Nell asks Michael if he’s jogging, but he says he’s running – from Tracy, who wants to involve him in a new business venture. He wonders what Nell has on her mind, since she’s sitting alone in a freezing park. She says today is the anniversary of her father’s death. Michael says he lost a father too – AJ – and it doesn’t always bring back the best memories. Nell says that remembering her dad is complicated, but one of the good memories she has is looking up at the stars with him. She shows Michael her dad’s favorite star, Orion. She thought that as long as she could see it, they were connected, because he could see it too. Michael says Orion was the hunter, and talks about Greek mythology. He says Orion nearly killed all the animals in the world to quench his blood lust, but adds that her father probably didn’t know that. Nell says she has to go, and Michael apologizes for intruding. He tells Nell that Carly told him she’s seeing someone else.

Sonny says he made arrangements for transport to the hospital. An old injury has flared up. Carly offers to come, but he says no. When they leave, she tells Bobbie that she thinks something else is going on.

Sam sees Julian at the hospital. She asks what he’s done and why.

Bobbie and Carly go through photo albums; they’re making a family tree for Josslyn. Carly talks about the family she lived with growing up, and how unfair she was to them. Bobbie says she was a teenager. Carly says not many teenagers change their name, drive up the coast, and ruin their biological mother’s life. Bobbie wonders how it would have been if she’d kept Carly, and Carly says she did the best she could even if she wasn’t so understanding in the beginning. She says they’ve come a long way since then, but she wouldn’t change anything because they have a great relationship now. Carly tells Bobbie that Nell is picking stuff up for the copy place. She wonders why Bobbie doesn’t like Nell. Bobbie says it takes a lot to earn her trust, but not much to lose it.

Nell says she should have told Michael. Michael says that Carly told him that her boyfriend was married, and she tells him that she never said that to Carly. Truth! She says he’s older than she is. It’s too weird to call him her boyfriend, and lover or partner sounds too serious. He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t want to be tied down, which is fine with her. She says it’s casual, more like an arrangement than a relationship. It’s all she wants right now, and it works for her. Nell says she has to pick something up from Sonny’s, and Michael says he’ll give her a ride – just as friends.

Sonny talks to Griff while Sam lambastes Julian. Sonny asks Sam if Jason is okay, and Sam says he is, no thanks to Julian. Sonny asks Griff if he could see Jason, telling him that technically the exam isn’t over, since they have to wait for the X-rays. Sam says that Sonny might be able to talk Jason into staying put. Sonny gives Griff his word that he won’t do anything stupid. Julian says he doesn’t want to see Jason hurt, but Sam is skeptical.

Lulu tells Valentin she had the best of intentions and deeply regrets it. Valentin says he does too. Lulu says she saw how Charlotte reacted, like he was the only safe place in the world, and she has to admit Charlotte needs him. She says the sight of him disgusts her, but after a lot of soul searching, she’s willing to take him up on joint custody. That last part didn’t present her case very well.

Nina is like, yeah, right, and asks if that’s why Anna keeps seeking Valentin out, because he’s obsessed with her? She says she might not speak Latin, but she knows a woman with an agenda. She tells Anna she knows that they went to the WSB together, which Anna obviously wanted her to ask him about. She says Anna didn’t come to reminisce about old times, but to harass them. Nina sees Valentin’s old picture on the laptop.

Valentin reminds Lulu that she petitioned the court for full custody. She says she wants to compromise for Charlotte’s sake. Her only stipulation is that they all, including Dante and Nina, attend family counseling. Valentin says he declines, and his original offer is rescinded. Ha-ha on Lulu.

Nina realizes that the photo was taken at the WSB. Anna says he went by a different name then. Nina says that Valentin told her they were friends until he tried to kiss her, and she was disgusted by him. Anna says it isn’t quite like that. Nina says she radiates guilt. She says Anna was probably just as beautiful back then, and Valentin was smart, so she strung him along to get help with her studies. She says Anna is ashamed, and can’t admit that she’s shallow, thoughtless, and cruel. Valentin makes her uncomfortable because he sees the Anna who’s not so beautiful after all. Anna cries silently, and Nina walks out. Score a huge one for Nina. By Anna’s reaction, I’d say she’s right on the money.

Nell thanks Michael for not judging. He says if he judged everyone, he’d be very lonely, and besides, they’re friends. He wants her to be happy, and she wouldn’t be in her arrangement if it didn’t make her happy.

Michael and Nell find Bobbie and Carly at Sonny’s. Michael asks who’s holding Carly in her baby picture. She tells him that it’s Frank Benson, her adopted father. Michael says she never talks about him, and she says he left them in the dust when she was little, and she got the impression that he’s a sad, bitter man.

Sam and Sonny talk to Jason. Loudly. Sonny tells Jason that Sam thinks Julian had something to do with it, but Jason says he doesn’t think so because there’s no case. He’s out. In the hallway, Julian listens in. Sonny says he isn’t comfortable talking in front of Sam. Sam says she’d never ask Jason to give up his work. Jason says they’re chasing shadows and it’s not worth it. He says he’s not sacrificing his family.

Michael says that he’s sorry Carly’s childhood was painful, but she says everything is good now. Nell asks if she ever followed up on her adoptive family. Carly says that Frank was useless, but her mother died after Michael was born. She talks about Virginia’s funeral, and how they went to the beach afterward. She tells Michael about Jason taking him into the ocean there when he was 4 months old. She asks Nell to wait while she gets some pictures from the attic. They all go upstairs, leaving Nell by herself. She looks at the baby picture where Carly is holding the silver rattle. Bobbie comes back in and asks if everything is okay.

Nell says she’s fine. Bobbie asks if she’s sure, since she seems troubled. She asks if something about the photo is bothering her. Nell raises her voice, telling Bobbie to back off. Bobbie talks about a cat her Aunt Ruby had, and when it was cornered, it would attack. Carly and Michael come back in. Nell says she’ll drop the pictures off and pick them up in the morning. She’s obviously upset, and after she leaves, Carly asks Bobbie what she did. Michael says Nell has been thinking a lot about her family today. He tells Carly that they patched things up and are still good friends. Bobbie asks as opposed to what, and Michael tells her that they went out a couple of times and he thought it would be something more, but she’s dating an older guy.

Sonny asks if Jason is turning his back on him. An intern tells Julian that it’s time for his therapy. When he’s gone, Sam tells them they’re better liars than she gave them credit for. She hopes Julian bought it, because the only way they can keep going is for Julian’s boss to think they’ve given up.

Lulu tells Valentin that he kept her daughter from her. He says he had his reasons, and he was right, since the first thing she did was hurt Charlotte. He says Lulu doesn’t care about Charlotte’s needs, only herself. Nina comes in and asks what’s going on. Lulu says to ask Valentine. She says he’s spoiling for a fight, but when it’s the Cassadines against the Spencers, the Spencers always win. Lulu leaves, and Valentin asks Nina how her errand was. She says it wasn’t exactly an errand; she went to meet someone.

Anna’s headache is even worse now. She looks at Valentin’s records and how he got an A in everything. She tries looking at his assignment folder and is denied access.

Bobbie asks Michael if Nell said who the boyfriend is, and Carly says it’s none of their business. Bobbie decides to go home and look for some other albums. On the porch, she calls someone, saying she needs a favor and asks for information about Nell.

Michael tells Carly that he was lucky as a child, since he never doubted how much they loved him. Carly says they still love him. He says he’s sorry she didn’t have that, but she says it all worked out. She’s proud of the family and the life she’s built for herself.

Nell talks to herself. She says she thought about letting it go and building something new with Michael, but it’s a fantasy, since she could never be completely honest. She remembers the promise she made. Hearing Carly talk about her so-called accomplishments and past, she deserves to have the world come crashing down on her.

Sonny tells Jason and Sam to keep him posted. Sam thanks him, and he goes back out to where Griff is. Griff says his back is fine, better than anyone could have hoped. Griff wonders whether his pain is psychosomatic or he was just made part of something he’s not too happy about. Sonny says he feels better already.

On the phone, Justin tells Olivia J. that she’s done something no one else could – scare Jason Morgan.

Sam tells Jason she’ll be glad when this is over and they can just be a family again. Jason says yeah, but he doesn’t sound believable. I think he’s enjoying being on the edge of the business again.

Nina tells Valentin that she visited Anna. He says she didn’t need to do that, and Nina says she did. She doesn’t care what Anna thinks of him. She tells him that she saw the picture of what he looked like before. Valentin looks startled and uneasy, and says it’s unfortunate. He says he tried to warn her, and can’t imagine what she thinks. She says she’s glad she saw Anna, but not for the reasons he thinks, and she’s glad she saw the picture. She needed to understand his strength courage, and what it took for him to remake himself. She admires him. She tells him that the only thing he’ll ever see in her face is how much he means to her. They kiss. I’m not usually into the romance parts, but this one is good. Like Beauty and the Beast, or Quasimodo, if he became really good-looking and super rich.

Anna calls the WSB, saying she needs access to a restricted file. She explains who she is and starts to give her access code. She says, what do you mean file doesn’t exist? She sits back down at the computer, and the screen suddenly goes blank.

Tomorrow, Alexis asks Julian where he’s going, Jason says he can’t do this, and Jordan talks to Andre. Sorry that doesn’t sound more exciting, but the preview was mostly startled faces.

🌟 A Star mention. One of the things I love about this show is that they’re honest in depicting how bigotry runs both ways. It is amazing though, how singers don’t need microphones and invisible bands play in the background. (Star, it’s just like Glee!) Tonight, we found out that Queen Latifah’s daughter was born her son (played by transwoman Amiyah Scott). Porsha from The Real Housewives of Atlanta also made a guest appearance as the MC for a charity benefit. Either the character of Star or Jude Demorest is what I call a mic tapper though – a singer who constantly taps their fingers on the mic while they sing. I always find this distracting, and wonder why no one ever tells them to knock it off. Benjamin Bratt continues to have high anxiety and bear the brunt of the girls’ mistakes. While there’s a lot of fluff to enjoy – the costumes are phenomenal – the characters seem real and serious subjects are tackled. If this sticks around, I’m in it for the long haul.

🌇 Girlfriends’ Guide is still making me laugh. Like Sex in the City for pragmatist grown-ups, while the situations are exaggerated, they’re also relatable. The characters are flawed, yet sympathetic, and I also like the whole women/friendship thing.

Quotes to Ring in Black History Month

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.Martin Luther King Jr.

Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.Dr. Mae Jemison

Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.Ola Joseph

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. – Harriet Tubman

Not one slouch in that group, and I might add that none of them said hate, screaming, and yelling will get you where you need to go. Just sayin’.