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June 13, 2018 – Jason Finds a Way In, LuAnn Gets Out, Two Chefs Go Home, More Gordon & Coffee


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly tells herself to stay strong, stay focused, go home. She rocks back and forth as she repeats it, which isn’t exactly a good look if she doesn’t want to stay there.

Nina meets Curtis and Sam at The Floating Rib. Curtis introduces Sam as his new partner. Nina says it’s quite a change from Aurora. She asks why Curtis wanted to see her, and he says they need her help to catch Henrik

Valentin puts a record on the turntable. Since vinyl is back, I assume I don’t have to explain what a record is.

Alexis, Kiki. and Elizabeth meet at not Kelly’s, since Kiki wants to keep it private. Valentin sends Alexis a text, saying he has something for her. Alexis shows Kiki a copy of the paper. She says when the article comes out, it will send shockwaves through GH. On the front is Kiki’s picture, with the headline #GHTOO?

Ava asks if Griff knew, and if that’s why he and Kiki are inseparable.

Franco reads the paper in the locker room. David walks in.

At Pizzulo’s Sonny talks to Diane on the phone. He asks how soon Carly can be transferred to Shadybrook. Jason walks in. Mike is there reading car ads, and says he sees a Bel Air, like he used to have. Sonny tells him that wasn’t his car, and tells Diane that’s not soon enough. Jason talks to Mike about going for a drive, and Sonny tells him that Mike isn’t allowed to drive. Jason suggests they just hang there for a while. Sonny tells Diane that she did this, and she has to fix it. Sonny is pissed, and Mike tells Jason, that’s his son, always even tempered. Good thing his wife keeps him in line.

Carly does crunches. The nurse calls her Caroline, and says she’s surprised Carly is up so early. Carly explains that nobody calls her Caroline, and the nurse asks if she’s nobody. She tells Carly that her name is Mary Pat, and she’s the supervising nurse. She sees that Carly is the owner of the MetroCourt, and says, very swanky. She had dinner there once, and it was pricey. She says Carly must be used to being in charge out there, but she’s in charge in here. Mary Pat continues to call her Caroline, and says everyone goes wild for that song when they have their sing-alongs. Carly says she’s not much of a singer, but Mary Pat tells her that she doesn’t have to be Karen Carpenter; just have fun. The road to healing is paved with positive thought.

Sonny throws something, and Mike tells him possessions aren’t like trash. Like his mom used to say, no one is made of money. He tells Jason it was take your father to work day. Sonny, Jason, and Mike sit at a table. Mike says it’s business, not family, but Sonny says they might be able to use his ideas. Mike asks, to do what? and Sonny says, to bring Carly home.

Carly tells Mary Pat that she’ll keep the singalong in mind, but hopes she’s not there long enough to be a regular. Mary Pat says, that’s the spirit. Many patients have a poor outlook like it’s the end of the road. Carly promises to set a good example; she has a family to get back to. Mary Pat notes that she has a boy and a girl, not counting her deceased son.

Curtis tells Nina that her brother would be alive if Valentin had told the truth. Nina says she’s struggling with that, but whatever Valentin’s involvement was, he didn’t intend for anyone to get hurt. She’s not going to deliberately seek revenge on her husband. Sam asks, what about Peter?

Alexis thinks Kiki should take the day off, but Kiki says she’s ready for whatever comes her way.

Ava tells Griff that her daughter was sexually harassed, and she had to find out from the paper like everyone else. He says he just found out too. He suspected something was going on, but not this. Ava wonders why Kiki wouldn’t have told her, and Griff thinks she felt she could handle it alone. Ava says she’s a failure as a mother. Her own daughter couldn’t talk to her. Griff says she’s not a failure. That’s her courageous daughter speaking out about injustice at a great cost. All they can do is be there for her. Ava says Kiki won’t respond to her calls or texts, and Griff says, same here. Ava asks if Griff has any idea who the bastard is. Griff remembers David looking for the men’s room in the dressing room at the Nurses’ Ball, and Kiki crying about being stressed.

Franco tells David, the news these days, there’s always something. David says that’s why he doesn’t follow it too much; he has work to focus on. Franco says being the chief resident, a lot of responsibility is resting on his broad shoulders. It’s enough to make anyone tense. He asks David to let him help get the kinks out, and presses his shoulder with the Vulcan death grip. He tells David that Kiki is like a daughter to him, and asks how the Shadow Program is going. David says she’s not shadowing him anymore, and Franco asks, why? Did something happen? David says he’ll have to ask Kiki. Franco picks up the paper and says it’s right there. There no names, but he can read between the lines. David claims he doesn’t know what Franco is talking about, and Franco slams him up against the lockers.

David tells Franco to let go or he’ll have him arrested. Franco thinks David should be exterminated, like a cockroach. David insists it has nothing to do with him. Franco’s history makes him a more likely candidate. Franco is about to blow, and Elizabeth walks in.

Griff tells Ava that Kiki didn’t name names. Ava says he must suspect someone, since he’s close to her. He says it’s only speculation, and she tells him to speculate away. She wonders why he’s so secretive when it comes to Kiki. What is it he’s not telling her? Kiki walks in.

Sonny tells Jason and Mike that Diane petitioned the court to have Carly transferred, but it’s not an option. Mike calls Ferncliff a nuthouse, and asks why Carly is there. Sonny says there was a misunderstanding, and someone got hurt. It went to court, and the judge said it was Carly’s fault. Mike asks if she got convicted of a crime she didn’t do, and Jason says, right. Carly is innocent. Mike says they don’t send people to the mental hospital for no reason. Sometimes people need to have people watch out for them when they can’t hack it for themselves, like him.

Carly tells Mary Pat that Morgan counts; he’s still her son. Mary Pat says he’s deceased. Face it, that’s why she’s here. She needs to address it head on. Now it’s time to discuss the rules, and how they apply to her.

Curtis says that Peter escaped, and Valentin was in his cell, with no sign of a struggle. Peter left, and Valentin took his place; he must have had an escape route. Curtis needs Nina to help prove it. Sam says, if they find Peter, Nina will get justice. Nina asks what they want her to do.

Valentin tells Alexis that he has the papers. They’re signed and ready for execution. An aria plays, and Alexis asks what that is. Valentin asks if she doesn’t recognize her mother’s voice. She asks if he just happened to drop the needle on it when she rang the doorbell. He says it’s a rare recording; he gingerly placed the needle. It’s the only one of its kind. She recorded it for an audience of one; their father. It’s the second half of his payment for services rendered. She’d like to discuss the first payment. The watch clearly wasn’t his. He says it was commissioned as a gift for her mother.

Franco tells Elizabeth that the doctor and he had a little chat. Elizabeth tells him stop, and he lets go of David, who leaves. Elizabeth asks if he’s kidding; he could get arrested. David is the chief resident. Franco says he’s the chief of something, and shows her the paper. He says David has been harassing Kiki. Elizabeth asks if he admitted it, and Franco says he didn’t have to. He did this to Kiki. He’s smug and arrogant, and in a position of power. Franco isn’t going to let him ruin someone else’s life. She asks if he’s talking about Kiki or himself.

Ava tells Kiki that she’s sorry this is happening to her. She says she didn’t tell anyone. Ava asks if she didn’t want to talk to anyone, or just her. Kiki says it happened faster than she expected, and she tuned her phone off. Alexis is representing her, and they’re prepared to go to court. Ava thinks they should take steps to keep the bastard from hounding her. She asks Kiki to give her his name, and Julian will make sure of it. She’s not leaving Kiki unprotected. Kiki tells Ava to trust her, and leave it alone. She leaves, and Ava is about to follow, but Griff tells her to wait.

Sonny tells Mike that Carly isn’t getting the help she needs, so Diane is getting her transferred. Mike says, family takes care of family, and Carly is stuck somewhere that’s no good for her. Jason says it’s worse than prison; Carly shouldn’t be there. Mike agrees, and suggests they break her out. They all look at each other.

Mary Pat tells Carly that the main wing is over capacity, and it’s a sad commentary on the state of mental health care. For now, she’s in the super max wing, where they house the most dangerous and violent patients. She’ll only be there until a room opens. In the main wing, unlike her neighbors, she’ll have day privileges. Mary Pat gives her a pamphlet. It contains the rules, and the penalties for violating said rules. She continues to call Carly Caroline, and has her turn to the last section, where it says they’re to have tolerance for other patients, and respect for the staff. Mary Pat says, disrespect is not tolerated. She doesn’t want trouble, and if Carly comes up against her, she’ll find plenty of it. Carly says she just wants to go home. Mary Pat says then she’s going to follow the rules, and accept the doctor’s treatment. She’d rather be an all-star than a problem patient. She wouldn’t like that at all.

Mike asks if he said something wrong. Sonny says they have to go through the legal system. The DA went after Carly because she’s his wife. Jason says they have to make sure she doesn’t get herself stuck there longer. He has an idea, and says he’ll keep Sonny updated. He leaves, and Mike says, Jason is a strange one. He’s a nice guy on the surface, but has ice water in his veins. He asks where Sonny dug him up, and Sonny says they go way back. Mike says he’s the kind of guy you steer clear of; an enforcer. The kind that works for a ruthless bastard, who wants to own the world. He didn’t want that for Sonny.

Mary Pat asks Carly what she’s going to be, and Carly says, an all-star. That’s what Mary Pat likes to hear. Rupert is there with her meds. Just the first of many. Rupert is a pretty big guy. Like pro-wrestler big.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he could kill David. Kiki is practically family. Elizabeth says she’s an adult. He needs to trust that she knows what she’s doing, and support her fighting back. He wonders why she didn’t come to him. Elizabeth says it’s hard to find the right words and tell someone. They agree they both missed out when supportive families were being given out.

Ava tracks down Kiki in the hospital. Kiki tells her not to make a scene; she doesn’t need more eyes on her. She says it’s not about Ava, and Ava says it is; she’s Kiki’s mother. Kiki says it didn’t get serious until after she broke up with Dylan. She thought she could handle it, and was afraid to lose the respect of her coworkers. Ava says it’s understandable, except why didn’t Kiki turn to her? Kiki says she couldn’t take her on too. She has her own approach to things, and her own standards, especially when it comes to the truth and sex. They look at it differently. Ava uses sex as strategy and a weapon.

Valentin tells Alexis the watch belonged to her mother; he found it on Cassadine Island. She thinks it’s convenient how he suddenly found it. He asks if she doubts him, and she says she has trust issues. He shows her a picture of her mother wearing the watch. His phone rings, and it’s Nina, who asks him to meet her at The Floating Rib. He says he’ll be right there. Alexis asks if she can keep the picture, and he says, of course. He still hasn’t told her why he gave her the watch. He says, it’s beautiful. If nothing else, it proves how much Mikkos cared about her mother.

Curtis asks Nina if she thinks she can keep Valentin busy long enough for them to look for Peter. He helped Peter escape; who knows where he might be hiding? Nina doesn’t think they’re going to find him at Wyndemere. She gets a text from Obrecht, saying their guest requires more painkillers.

We see two people sneaking in somewhere. A hand puts a code in the alarm to turn it off. It’s Curtis and Sam at Wyndemere. Sam explains where the tunnel is, and Curtis finds the way to access it above a China cabinet. Sam tells him that it’s dark and winding, and to be careful. He hopes Nina can keep Valentin busy long enough.

Nina tells Valentin they’re done. She wants a divorce.

Alexis looks at the picture. She opens her jewelry box, and takes out the watch, as the recording of her mother plays.

Ava tells Kiki to say how she really feels. Kiki says she didn’t want to talk about it. Ava knows It’s been a difficult morning, but that’s no reason to judge her. Kiki says it’s exactly what the Twitter trolls are accusing her of. What Ava does causes women not to be taken seriously. She doesn’t want Ava jumping in, taking over, and making threats. Let her do it her way. Ava says she’s made mistakes – many – but she’s changed. Being with Griff has made her a better person. She’s sorry Kiki can’t accept it. Kiki says, her too, and leaves. I notice Ava’s wonderful hoop earrings; a small hoop connected under a large one. I love a hoop.

Franco gets an email from Sarah.

Elizabeth asks Jason how Carly is doing. He hopes to find out. Elizabeth gives him a paper, and says she hopes it works

Mike says Sonny has fine mind. He’s smart and good with people. He could be a lawyer or a senator. Why is he wasting time with thugs and hoodlums? Sonny says they’ve had this argument, and he won every time. It’s doing no good to talk about it right. Mike says, right. They have more important things to talk about. Family takes care of family. He didn’t want to stay with Sonny, but it’s working. Don’t mess with success.   

Carly says it must be a mistake. She was only taking anti-anxiety medication, and it was supposed to be taken as needed. Mary Pat says her intake orders say lorazepam, risperidone, and lithium. Carly says lithium is a mood stabilizer, and risperidone is an anti-psychotic drug. She doesn’t need it, and doesn’t need lithium. Mary Pat says her intake orders say otherwise. Carly says it’s just a surprise, and takes the pills. Mary Pat says trust is earned; open up. She tells Carly to lift her tongue. Ha-ha! I knew it; there’s pill. Mary Pat says she thought so. Did Carly really think she could hide them? So much for being an all-star. Mary Pat says, Rupert, and he stands in front of Carly.

Curtis damn maze check out stable forget it peter not here found this might put on trail

Nina tells Valentin their marriage is over. She wants a divorce. Valentin says he’d give her the world, but not that.

Alexis puts on the watch, and admires it.

Franco wants to talk to Elizabeth. Her phone rings, and she asks if she can call back. She says, congratulations? Who told them she was getting married?

Griff asks if Ava talked to Kiki. She wishes she hadn’t. It turns out her daughter thinks she uses sex as leverage. She’s so ashamed that Kiki is maybe right. She cries in Griff’s arms.

Kiki sits in the locker room. David walks in.

Mary Pat tells Carly that she doesn’t like doing this, but Carly forced her hand. She holds Carly’s nose while Rupert restrains her, and puts the pills in her mouth. She tells Carly to swallow; she can do this all day. Carly swallows them, and coughs. Mary Pat says it’s easier with water and cooperation. She knows all the tricks, and can wait. Rupert tells her not to forget about her ten o’clock appointment. Mary Pat wonders if they should get the restraints; Carly is a duplicitous one. Carly swears she’ll be good, and Mary Pat says, we’ll see Caroline. Rupert cracks his knuckles.

Sonny tells Mike there’s no point in getting worked up about the future right now; they have the present to concentrate on. Mike says like the Bel Air he used to have. It’s not the car to drive around Brooklyn. Sonny says it attracts the wrong kind of attention. Mike tells him you can’t haul a body in the trunk of a car like that. Sonny doesn’t understand what he means, and Mike says he likes a lot of trunk space.

Mary Pat apologizes for keeping someone waiting, explaining there was a problem with a new patient. She says it’s nice to meet him, calling him Mr. Nichols, but it’s Jason. She looks at his resume, and says his letter of recommendation is impressive. She says GH is a fine institution, and asks why he wants to leave and come to Ferncliff. Jason says he heard he can pick up more shifts and make more money. She appreciates his honesty, and says it’s true; they have a hard time finding and keeping custodians. She tells him that many of the patients are seriously disturbed, and asks if he has a problem with that. He says, no, not at all. Rupert watches as Carly starts to fall asleep.

Tomorrow, Kiki tells David to cut the crap, Alexis asks Doc what’s wrong with her, Franco asks Elizabeth what’s going on, and Carly sees Jason.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Dorinda and Ramona are on their way to Bobby Zarin’s funeral. Ramona got a text. They knew it was going to happen, but it’s still sad. Ramona knew how close they were. We see clips of Jill and Bobby. Ramona says she and Jill had a heart-to-heart and whatever descension was between them, they decided to let it go. Life is too short. Ramona says Bethenny hasn’t seen her in six years.

Bethenny says Sonja called while she was in Aspen. We flash back to Bethenny and Jill deciding not to be friends anymore. Bethenny says, despite what happened, she and Bobby loved each other. We see a clip of the three of them having a good time. She says she took a private plane back, and is going to the funeral for Jill.

Dorinda says he was like a Richard, and it’s a loss to the world. They don’t make them like that anymore. She says Bobby held on for a long time. People might not understand, but at some level, it must be a relief for Jill. I totally get that.

Ramona says Bobby lived to make Jill happy. If she was happy, he was happy. She hopes she’s as lucky one day. We see Bobby toast Jill as his wife, lover, and best friend, and telling her that she’ll always have him.

Bethenny can’t leave. She wants to see Jill. She feels badly; not about their relationship, but Jill’s loss. Jill tells her that Bobby loved her, and Jill says she knows. Bethenny says it’s strange; he’s supposed to be next to her. Jill says she’s alone. She hasn’t been since she was twenty, and doesn’t know what to do. Bethenny says she’s alone too. She jokes with Jill, asking, where are the gift bags? and telling her it’s a terrible funeral. In her interview, Bethenny says Bobby would never tell Jill no, but ironically, the one time he did was when she told him to fix it between her and Bethenny. He said she was wrong and had to learn the lesson on her own. Although in the end, he did fix it – with his funeral.

Bethenny calls LuAnn. In her interview, LuAnn says she saw Bobby before she went ot Florida. He was already going home with hospice care, so she knew he was dying. She didn’t expect to get arrested and miss the funeral. She met him even before she met Jill. Bethenny says she’s sorry LuAnn isn’t there. LuAnn is sorry too, but not sorry; she’s learning a lot. She spent New Year’s Eve in treatment. She didn’t know anyone, and was scared. Bethenny says she’s sorry; it sounds lonely. LuAnn says it was a different New Year’s Eve than she’d planned, but thankful. Bethenny can’t wait for her to get back. In her interview, Bethenny says she’s never heard LuAnn so raw, vulnerable, and honest. She thinks LuAnn has been humbled. She’s shocked by way LuAnn is handing it. Bethenny tells the driver (not Kevin) that she can’t take any more emotion. Geez, I can’t. This is making me sad.

Carole meets Tinsley, and they to go to the hotel steam room. Carole points out that it’s hot, and Tinsley says, it’s supposed to be. She says there are great amenities at the hotel. Carole asks if Sonja is a mess. Tinsley doesn’t care anymore; it’s easier to be friendly. Carole says it’s the same with Bethenny. She doesn’t know if Bethenny really sees what she did wrong, but thinks she’s genuinely realized it affected their friendship, and was upset about it. In her interview, Carole says they’re fine, then something happens, they discuss it, it’s fine, and then something else happens. Um… maybe that’s how it goes with some friendships. Tinsley says her mom is coming to town, and she’s trying to prepare.

Ramona is in shock to see her house under construction. She says it looks like she’s starting from scratch, and the construction dude says she is. She has no budget, and he tells her she’d get mad if she knew how much she was spending. There’s no kitchen, and Ramona thinks she should come back when it’s done. She can’t believe there’s nothing there. He says she asked for a new house, and she says, be careful what you wish for.

Tinsley’s mother, Dale, arrives, along with Bambi the chihuahua. Tinsley fawns over Bambi, as I would. She tells her mom that she’s keeping him this time. Her mom asks how Sonja’s visit was, and Tinsley says they had a great time. We see some clips of them goofing around on the terrace, and waving to the neighbors. She says they’re friends again, and she’s super happy. They go to the hotel bar for a drink. Bambi rubs his head on the dog bed like a lunatic, as my dogs do. Celebrity pets – they’re just like ours!

Dale tells Tinsley that she was drinking too much last year. Tinsley says she was getting over the pain, and can’t believe Dale is going there. They get some red wine. In her interview, Tinsley says her mother knows the things she says will probably piss her off, but she can’t help herself. That’s what moms are for. Dale gives her some papers she got in the mail, regarding Tinsley’s egg storage fee. Dale wonders what happens if you don’t pay, but Tinsley doesn’t think they thaw them out. She says this is just one more opportunity for Dale to bring it up. She wasn’t happy with some of the conversation at Christmastime. Dale kept bringing up babies and weddings with Scott. Dale says she did do something bad. She was talking to Scott, and his mother said he had plenty of time, and Dale said Tinsley doesn’t. And if it’s not working out, he should jump ship. Tinsley is horrified, but Dale thinks it’s hysterical that she said jump ship, since they were on a boat. Tinsley looks like she just got a headache, and asks why her mother is making a joke about this. It’s her life; don’t ruin her relationship. In her interview, Tinsley is afraid Dale is going to scare Scott off. She shouldn’t be around him until Tinsley has a ring or walks down the aisle. Dale suggests Tinsley try on wedding dresses, and Tinsley was hoping she would say that. She says they’re not telling Scott.

Carole is writing an article on self-esteem and confidence, and gets call from Michele at Cosmopolitan. It’s due on Monday, but she hasn’t begun it; she’s allergic to deadlines. Michele tells her to send a draft, then come in and they’ll chat about it. It’s a good excuse to get together and gossip. In her interview, Carole says she hasn’t seen Adam in two months. For all she knows, he could be engaged. She doesn’t think so though.

Tinsley and Dale go to the wedding dress showroom. They tell the concierge, or whatever he is, that they’re just there to play. He tells them, if you buy the dress, the party will come, and gets champagne. It’s kind of fun watching him work. In her interview, Tinsley says the first wedding was about her and her mom, not Topper. They had to kick him out early because he had too many opinions.  They look at dresses, and Tinsley says she needs big, poufy, and ballgown. I’m not sure if I like the first one. I’m bad at gown descriptions, but the skirt is half satiny, and the bottom half is netting that I’m not feeling. The next one is more whimsical and fun, and more for me. It’s got a beautiful embroidered netting overlay. The concierge puts a veil on her, and she says she’s starting to feel the possibilities of getting married again are real. Dale says it’s too bad they have no groom. Tinsley says there’s no ring in her future yet. The concierge asks if he knows they’re here, and Tinsley says, don’t tell him.

Dale and Tinsley sit on the loveseat and sip champagne. Tinsley says, wedding dresses, baby eggs. They have everything set up; they just need a husband. In her interview, Tinsley tells us the eggs are just an insurance policy. She’s going to try the old-fashioned way first. Dale is glad she has them. They call Tinsley’s fertility specialist to pay for the egg storage. They talk about what steps happen to create and embryo, and the doctor shows her a picture of her unfertilized eggs. Dale and Tinsley both start crying, and I think they’re insane. Tinsley says they’re her babies. In her interview, she says they’re potentially her children. Tinsley tells Dale that she’s going to do more off them, and Dale wants more eggs right now. Tinsley wants the picture so she can frame it.

Sonja is back at her townhouse. Bethenny visits, wearing SkinnyGirl jeans. Bethenny gives her a few more pairs. Sonja says her business ventures are her creative outlet, and says the shoes she’s wearing are from her collection. She says Sonja Morgan/New York is going strong, and she just got her first licensing deal. Bethenny tells her about visiting Jill with Brynn, after explaining Shiva to her. She didn’t think it was the time to take on a new emotional conversation, but Jill couldn’t believe she was meeting Brynn. Brynn said, hi, to Bobby’s picture. Jill admitted she was wrong, and Bethenny believed her; she seemed different. She wasn’t the same person. She was calm and real. Bethenny is happy there was closure, but wants to keep where it is. In her interview, Sonja says she believed they still cared about each other.

Sonja is glad her house is back in order. We see some before and after clips, and it looks great. She says she’s jealous of the people moving in now. Bethenny suggests she put her fax machine in a dumpster. She hasn’t seen one since Starsky and Hutch. Who is she faxing? Sonja tells Bethenny about her staycation with Tinsley, and shows her the Louis Vuitton thank you gift. I looked this tote up out of curiosity, and it runs about nine hundred bucks. Sonja says it was fun, and she had a nice time. Bethenny wishes she could give LuAnn a hug. She says even seeing Ramona, she felt a connection; they’ve been through so much together. She doesn’t have anger. Ramona doesn’t even know what she does. Bethenny says she’s getting sentimental, and wonders what happened to her.

The ladies (minus LuAnn) go to a workout place called Con-Body. It’s run by Coss, the owner and founder, who was in prison for seven years on a drug charge. Carole says they have to toughen up to keep up with LuAnn. She tells Coss about LuAnn’s arrest, and he asks if she’s married. Ha-ha! Coss is funny. They all get “mug shots,” and Dorinda says she’s afraid of being the next one. LuAnn’s mug shot reeks of cold and loneliness, and scared her so much, she changed her lifestyle. The workout area has bars on the doors. Tinsley says she’s been waiting for this day. This time, she’s prepared for her mug shot. Bethenny says she likes mellow exercise, not someone yelling at her. They do calisthenics. Carole asks Coss what he thinks about LuAnn going to jail, and he asks if she’s a woman of color. Bethenny says, she was on Halloween. He tells Carole that everyone who works there has been in prison. She thinks he should hire LuAnn. Tinsley says she thought she was the OG of jail.

Dorinda tells the others that LuAnn is glad not to be coming directly back to NYC; she’s going to Connecticut. She asked LuAnn if she’d be comfortable with the rest of them drinking, and she said it was fine. They talk about LuAnn being humble and vulnerable. Dorinda was glad she wasn’t one of those people who says they’ll never drink again; she just said she’d do her best. In her interview, Dorinda says LuAnn has outstanding issues, and can’t afford one more fumble. They take a group picture, and we see all their “mug shots” with LuAnn’s real one in the middle.

LuAnn leaves the treatment center. She says the past month has been eye-opening. We see news clips, and the clip of her arrest. She says she was shaken to the core. She calls Dorinda, and says she’s on her way home. She feels really good. Dorinda says it’s been a crazy winter. LuAnn says she didn’t have best last couple of years, and she didn’t really deal with it emotionally. She just kept it moving, and it bit her in the ass. In her interview, she says she was self-medicating and covering her emotions. Dorinda tells her if this didn’t happen, she might have kept going. In her interview, LuAnn says as she was standing in front of the judge, and he was reading the charges she couldn’t believe it was her. She knew she hit bottom, and needed to go to rehab. Dorinda says she must be healthy, and LuAnn says she is. She’s been working out, and lost weight. She can’t remember the last time she was able to be by herself to reflect and think. In her interview, she says she intends to change her life. She’s taking a break from alcohol, and seeing if she can enjoy herself without it. Dorinda tells her that they’re going to the Mayflower Spa. LuAnn says she just wants to be close to home, and can’t believe she said that. She heads to the Palm Beach airport.

Next time, Luann is back, Carole says her dress is the real crime (oh, snap!), the ladies take a trip to the spa, and Ramona is called out for socializing with Tom.

🗽 Bravo has been showing old episodes of the NYC Wives, and it’s fun to see long gone cast members, like Aviva. What a bizarre, nasty person she was. I miss her. And who could forget Kelly on Scary Island?

🍳 Tonight, on MasterChef, Gordon showed the contestants how to cook a crab, get the meat out of it, and plate it nicely using the shell. Those that did a lesser job had to recreate Gordon’s crab Benedict. Oddly enough, my local diner makes that, and it’s pretty good. (I live in a seafood-oriented area.) Gordon’s looked absolutely fabulous. I enjoyed watching them poach the eggs as well. I love a poached egg, and have a very vintage egg poacher; one of the few kitchen items I stole from the house when I moved away from home. At the end, Olosula and Stephanie were out, for not-so-great hollandaise sauce, and not completing a step, respectively. Next time, a trip to feed the workers at the Busch brewery, and a team challenge. MasterChef still has too many people for me to keep track of, so right now, my money is on Chelsea. She has purple and blue hair that I’m loving. Since it’s so early in the game, and I can’t taste the food, I’m just going for the look.

🍵 Gordon Ramsay has yet one more show that premiered tonight. In 24-Hours to Hell and Back, he’s on the road, going to restaurants on the brink of collapse, trying to save them in 24-hours. Using hidden cameras and a hidden Gordon, he checks out what they’re doing wrong, and then steps in. In the first episode, he visited a family-owned Italian restaurant in upstate New York. It was definitely hell. He gave them new décor, a new, smaller menu, and a billboard on a busy highway. Everything improved, but it looked like they could still use some attitude adjustment. No one wants to hear your bickering. This is kind of like that Michael Landon show, Highway to Heaven, but Gordon is the angel. Next time, a restaurant in the French Quarter, where Gordon finds a mouse in the toaster.

💤 And to All a Good Night… or Morning



January 15, 2016 — GH, Little & Big Chefs, & a Couch


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)


General Hospital

At the hotel, Elizabeth asks Jason if there’s been any news. He says the police haven’t made any discoveries yet. Elizabeth says she doesn’t want to stay in the hotel any longer.

Tracy is on an island somewhere getting a massage. I wish I was there too.

Nicholas is back home and Hayden is fussing over him. Nicholas says they seem to be working things to their advantage. He tells her about the deal he proposed to Jason and that Jason didn’t take him up on it.

Sam shows up at a hotel room. A large, bald man answers the door. He tells her she must have the wrong room. She asks if he’s a Dr. Sheinberg and says he’s her only hope. Because he’s secretly Obi Wan Kenobi.

Dillon asks for Valerie at the station since they’re supposed to meet there and go out to dinner. The desk cop says she’s not there. Dillon hears him say something about Johnny being on the loose and mentions that Maxie saw him today.

Lulu answers the door to Laura. Laura says she saw Johnny is back in town and Lulu says she’s shocked.

Valerie calls for help, but Johnny says don’t bother.

Jason suggests that Cameron come and stay with them. Elizabeth says having the whole family together will confuse Jake even more. Jason says it doesn’t make sense for her to go back before the case is wrapped up. Jake pops in and is thrilled “daddy is home.”

Dante runs into Dillon and asks what’s going on.

Lulu tells Laura that Dante told her about Johnny and that Johnny had contacted Maxie. Laura says Luke’s daughter should be a better liar and asks if she was hiding Johnny on The Haunted Star.

Johnny ties Valerie up inside a ranger cabin. Valerie asks why Johnny is doing this. He says she should be asking what she can do to get out of it. She thinks it has something to do with Luke, but Johnny tells her to keep her mouth shut and let him think. He’s actually a little scary here, but I don’t like Valerie, so I’m okay with it.

Nicholas wonders why Jason would risk prison and being separated from his sons for ELQ. Hayden says her statement had some inconsistencies and asks if Nicholas thinks their case is iron-clad. He says considering Jason’s background, it shouldn’t be a problem,

Sam says she knows Dr. Sheinberg is meeting someone other than his wife at the hotel. He thinks she’s there to shake him down, but she says he was there the night of the fight and she wants her suspicions confirmed. He says they were at the window checking out the view. He keeps talking about the dark haired man, meaning Nicholas, and the light haired man, meaning Jason, but don’t they have pretty much the same hair color? He says the dark haired man threw the first punch and was the aggressor, and that the dark haired man’s momentum carried him over the balcony. Sam asks if he’ll tell the police. He says he can’t do that. She says then they’ll hear it from the recording she just made.

Elizabeth says the longer they stay, Jake is going to think they’re getting back together. She says being there with Jason is difficult for her as well. She say the nicer he is, the more she regrets what she did and the love they shared doesn’t just go away. Please, Jason, do not fall for this.

Johnny freaks a little when he hears a siren in the distance, but it passes. Valerie says the next one will be for them. Johnny says no one will be around at least until morning. Valerie tells him sooner or later someone is going to find them and Johnny should turn himself in. Johnny says she’s more trouble than he expected, but he has a solution. I don’t think it’s a good one for her, since he used the word “unfortunately.”

Tracy says she can’t relax. The masseuse asks if there’s anything he can do to help. Is he hitting on her?

Nicholas says because of the fall, he sees how much Hayden cares for him and she has a loving, generous heart. The phone rings and Hayden answers. It’s Tracy, telling her it’s the voice of doom calling. Tracy says she probably prefers Hayden to Rachel, and calls her Rachel throughout the rest of the conversation. She asks how Nicholas is doing. Nicholas asks who’s on the phone and Hayden tells him it’s a medical follow-up. He says he’ll handle it.

Johnny sees the text from Lulu and Valerie asks who he’s calling.

Lulu tells Laura that she hasn’t seen Johnny and doesn’t know where he is. Laura asks who she was in the stateroom with. Lulu says she was by herself and when Laura came she was cleaning up. Laura says she’d buy that if Lulu hadn’t tried to keep her away from a duffel bag that was there. The phone rings and Laura asks if it’s Johnny.

Johnny whispers into the phone not to call him back, but bring the bag with his money in it.

Dante and Nathan say Dillon is being “weird” about Johnny. Dillon says okay, he does have something to tell them, but he wants to do it privately and they’re not going to like it.

Dr. Sheinberg is all how dare you and says Sam can’t use the recording. Sam says au contraire, in the state of New York, she can. She says it would be better though if he would back it up. Dr Sheinberg says he’ll say he was lying. His girlfriend walks in.

Dillon says anything he tells them is off the record. He says he wants anyone who was helping Johnny to have immunity. Dante says no way, and Dillon says good-by then. Dante says he’ll charge him with aiding and abetting, and Dillon says fine, his lawyer is the DA.

Laura wants Lulu to show her the phone. She says she’s working too hard to be evasive and no one shows that much righteous indignation who’s an innocent. Lulu says okay, it was Johnny, but he’s gone and it’s over with. Laura asks why she would do this. Lulu says if it wasn’t for Valerie, she wouldn’t have.

Valerie says she had dinner plans, so they’ll be looking for her. Johnny tells her to shut up and wonders where his bag is.

Jason asks when Jake’s appointment with the therapist is and says they should stay in the hotel at least until then. Jake pops in again, asking about the ice cream Jason promised him. Elizabeth tells them to go, even though it’s late, because how know where they’ll be tomorrow. Please, stop with the dramatics.

Dr. Sheinberg  tells his girlfriend, Veronica, it’s nothing and says don’t talk because Sam will record it. Sam tells them Jason is innocent and will go to prison if they don’t tell what they saw. Dr Sheinberg says it will cost them dearly and there must be some other way. Sam says there isn’t and tells them the backstory. Dr Sheinberg asks how fair is it for them to screw themselves to help her. She says it isn’t fair, but she’s asking them to do the right thing.

Hayden says she’ll handle the call. Tracy says she’d better get it together by the time Tracy gets home or she’ll spill the Rachel beans.

Nicholas tells Hayden he needs her and asks if his vulnerability is sexy. They start to kiss.

Veronica says she’ll support whatever the doctor wants to do, but adds he knows what they should do. He says he doesn’t want to lose her, and that maybe it’s time to go public. He says that if a man’s freedom is at stake, they should help him.  Sam shows them a bunch of paperwork, and it turns out the doctor is the one who ran the DNA test for Carly.

Jake asks if they can go out for ice cream every night. Jason says they’ll be doing lots of things for a very long time.

Dillon says he saw Johnny weeks ago before Christmas on The Haunted Star. He says Lulu said it was just for one night, but Dante puts two and two together and realizes that Johnny was hanging around longer than that. Dillon says Lulu told him there was nothing going on.

Laura says she knows how much Lulu has been hurt, but how is Valerie responsible for anything with Johnny? Lulu starts to say if it wasn’t for Valerie, she wouldn’t have…and stops.

Johnny puts a gag in Valerie’s mouth since she won’t shut up. He says he’s leaving and she freaks.

Hayden and Nicholas are going at it. For someone who was in a lot of pain a few minutes ago, he seems to be doing pretty well.

Tracy is back to her massage and feels more relaxed after the phone call.

Dr. Sheinberg and Veronica see Jason at the MetroCourt and the doctor tells him they’re going to the authorities tomorrow to clear his name. Veronica tells Jason not to thank them, but to thank his wife. Dr Sheinberg says he’s a lucky man.

Sam knocks on the door to Jason’s suite and Elizabeth answers. I’d love to wipe the stupid smirk off her face.

The desk cop shows Dante pictures of Valerie taking money from Johnny and also of them in a car together.

Johnny says it’s bad business to leave witnesses. He says luckily there’s gasoline so he can make a clean getaway. Valerie totally freaks.

Lulu says if she and Dante were together, she never would have considered helping Johnny, so it’s all Valerie’s fault. Laura says that’s a bit of a stretch and I have to agree. Laura goes to tend to Rocco, and Lulu gets the message about Johnny’s bag.

Valerie tries desperately to get out of Johnny’s Boy Scout knots and knocks over a candle.

Tomorrow, Elizabeth gives Sam the wrong impression and it looks like Lulu might be the one to save Valerie.

MasterChef Junior

Down to six. The kids have to cater a lunch at Gordon’s place for culinary world luminaries. Whatever that means to you. They’ll be working in two teams of three each. My girl, Addy, is one of the team captains.

Of course Gordon has a fabulous property, but the best thing about it is his little French bulldog, King George. Gordon gets a headache pretty early on. These kids crack me up though. So sophisticated one minute, and the next, claiming they don’t know what to do because they’re only in elementary school. When I was in elementary school, I was lucky I could make peanut butter on toast.

This is great! I finally know how you say gnocchi.

Holy! One of the kids spills a hot pan full of venison and butter onto Gordon’s leg and into his shoe. He handles it a million times better than I would. I didn’t hear one bleep.

The red team wins and Addy is the only one from the blue team who is safe. My money is totally on her. The two going home take it extremely well and they have a lot to be proud of. One is twelve and one is eight, and they’re cooking 3 Michelin star meals. I can’t even imagine how much they’ll accomplish by the time they’re grown-ups.

Hell’s Kitchen

I always love how they do the opening titles. This season, the chefs are trekking through snowy mountains. The show itself is stationed in Las Vegas this time around.

With way too many contestants and it being too early to care about any of them, the first challenge is making a signature dish. There’s an audience, which is weird and I’m not so sure I like it. We learn a little about the contestants as Gordon tastes the dishes. Nope. Don’t like the audience. Whether it’s enhanced or natural, their reactions to Gordon’s critiques are too loud. He gives each dish 1-5 points.

The men get slightly more points, so they get to have fun, while the women get to peel 50 pounds of shrimp and 1000 pounds of potatoes for a buffet. Woohoo. Welcome to Vegas.

During the first Hell’s Kitchen dinner presentation, some chick named Vanessa is wigging out. She says she’s on the app station where most people die. I’m not sure if she means die as in fail, or a lot of accidents happen there. She can’t seem to make the pizza appetizer without burning it. My first job was making pizzas, so this is something I can actually do. It’s probably the first time I’m saying that in the history of my watching chef competitions. The men can’t cook a pizza either, so I’m extra stoked.

Uh-oh. Risotto is involved. That never goes well. You can tell who’s going to be leaving quickly by the way they react to the first scolding from Gordon.

The men’s blue team totally screws up and Gordon kicks their sorry asses out of the kitchen completely. I guess that means they lost this round. Deer-caught-in-the-headlights guy goes home.

Next week, the chefs drink too much and are hung over. There are also Sumo wrestlers.

The People’s Couch

I don’t really recap this, but it’s one of my favorite shows. This season they’ve added The Haves and the Have Nots to the mix, and I’m excited about that. I’m really glad this show has done well. What makes it so much fun is that they’re having fun.

I can’t say I ever thought I’d be watching a show about watching people watching TV.

It also gives me the quotes of the week:

Oh my God, I wanna drive through a house. Julie referring to a scene in The Haves and the Have Nots.

There’s always one drunk on every show. Teddi while watching The Bachelor.

November 6, 2015 – Almost Jason, Roswell & Some Returns


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)

General Hospital

It’s almost time and I’m already feeling that let down you get when the party is over and the guests go home. I’ve watched this storyline like some men watch a football game.

Doc is referring Anna to another therapist.

Ava shows up at Paul’s office with a gift for him. A blah-blah-blah, whatever artist it was both he and Tracy were looking for the other night. I’m guessing he’s the big gun she’s going to switch for Scotty. Ric says pretty much nothing to Sonny.

Come on, let’s get to the wedding.

Felix is having to deal with the boys (I mean the real boys) and Epiphany comes to take over. That’s what she’s best at, taking over. Michael says to Sabrrrina he’s glad their baby will have both his parents. Right now Sabrrrina’s wishing she’d never slept with Carrrlos, and I’m hoping with the tiniest hope that he’s not dead. Could happen. Nicholas is looking for Hayden. Michael wonders why he brought such a despicable woman there. Like Nicholas is any better, since he stole Michael’s company.

Jason thinks Carly is out of her mind, but she’s so overwhelmed with feelings, that she’s not really explaining. He says he’s not Jason, and she says yes, he is, and she’s got proof. If that laptop is okay, I want to know what brand it is.

Elizabeth asks Hayden why she’s there. She plays around with Elizabeth a little, saying things like “you know why,” and then says she’s there to wish Elizabeth every happiness.

Patrick hadn’t known Sabrrrina was pregnant. Really? I guess he hasn’t seen her in a while. Patrick wishes her and Michael well. I’d forgotten they were engaged at one point.

Anna doesn’t want to switch shrinks, but Doc says objectivity is key here and Dr. Whatshisname is new. He’s also pretty good looking. It’s Dr. Andre. I thought it might be, but then I thought I misheard because I once had a medical Dr. Andre.

Ava tells Paul that the hearing was moved. Paul says If the governor was involved, he can’t get involved. There goes that idea. Ric says it would be better if Carly came to the hearing. Gee, he might have thought of that before, doncha think?

Carly shows Jake the laptop and shows him his face changing. Not only is the laptop okay, the program works perfectly. He says it’s unsettling, but it must be a glitch in the program. She says she has paperwork, and he gets it from the car. It’s the DNA test and it says right there, JAKE DOE IS JASON MORGAN. For some reason Jason doesn’t want to believe he’s Jason. He says to Carly that Jason is dead and she needs to let him go. He so desperately doesn’t want to be Jason, I would think he knew all along, but I can’t imagine he’d have allowed Spinelli to get involved if he didn’t really want an answer.

Anna tells Dr. Andre about Duke’s death. She tells him she saw a man she has reason to believe is dead, so it must have been a hallucination. She tells him she couldn’t sleep and Doc prescribed anxiety meds.

Nicolas switches places with Hayden in Elizabeth’s dressing room. Elizabeth asks Nicholas why he brought her, and he says he really didn’t want to come by himself. (Um…he could have brought Spencer. Obviously there are kids allowed.) They talk about what good friends they are and all they’ve been through and how many lies they’ve told. Okay, not that last one. He says they deserve some good times.  He says not she has the opportunity to be with NuJason (he actually says “new Jason”) and they hug. Blech. Let me at those rainbows and unicorns.

Hayden runs into Patrick. She tells him her memory seems to be coming back all on its own. Sam who was passing by and couldn’t help but hear, asks if that means Jake’s identity too. Hayden says you never know, and I rub my hands in glee.

Sonny gets Michael on the phone. He hasn’t seen Carly either. Michael decides to help Sonny out and foregoes the wedding. How long do they think the ceremony will take? He tells Sabrrrina to stay and have Carly call him when she gets there.

Carly lists all the similarities between Jake and Jason. She doesn’t understand why he’s fighting it. Jason is pissed because nothing seemed familiar. Carly says everything was familiar. Spinelli thinking it was him, Elizabeth latching on to him, even her own trust in him. (And how about that old lady from the Lucky Buddha or whatever that restaurant was? And Sonny?) Jason says she just feels that way because she loved Jason and lost him. He says his name is Jake (stop it, Jason!). He says if he was Jason, he’d remember and he doesn’t, so, nyah-nyah, he rejects the DNA test. Nice try.

Sonny asks for Morgan to testify too. Ric thinks he’s making a mistake with that one, and I’d like to make a smart remark, but I can barely pay attention. Ava says Paul agreed to help her and owes it to her. He says the only reason she isn’t rotting in prison is because of him. She’s going to leave with the painting, but he says hold on there a minute, and says he’ll give her the strategy to beat Sonny. The painting must be better than I think it is.

Anna tells Dr. Andre that she’s seeing Carrrlos. He asks why and she says isn’t he supposed to tell her that? He says it might have something to do with guilt. She doesn’t get why she’s supposed to feel guilty or at least that’s what she says to the doctor. She says some other nonsense about Duke’s death and loving him.

Carly tells Jason the last thing she thought was that they’d have a fight when she found him. He say did she think they’d go get a beer and relive old times? Carly says he’s been waiting a year for this info so what gives? He’s all la-la-la I refuse to believe it. She says he’s always been true to himself and that he must be scared of something.

Sonny says he’d kill anyone who hurt his children. That’s probably not a good thing to say at the hearing.

The natives are getting restless because Jake and Carly aren’t there. The kids were told that when Hear Comes the Bride plays, the wedding starts, so when that music from Ordinary People starts playing, they go get Elizabeth. She talks to Patrick and is all panicked because Jake isn’t there and she knows damn well he shouldn’t be. Sam texts him, Where are you?

Jason is still screaming at Carly that he’s not Jason. She brings up how he was working for Helena. He says he can’t be Jason because he doesn’t feel it. He says even looking at his face changing on the laptop, he feels nothing. She says DNA doesn’t lie. He says maybe it’s true; he can see it, but he doesn’t feel it. So what is he supposed to do now? Carly tells him he has to cancel the wedding. He’s still married to Sam. Oh boy! Oh boy!

Anna tells the doctor he’s been helpful and she’ll be going now. Not so fast, says Dr. Andre. He knows she’s lying and tells her to come back when she’s ready to be honest, but he’s not refilling her meds. She complains to Doc about Andre on her way out.

I don’t know what Paul told Ava, but she’s happy about it. He tells her that if she wasn’t being so emotional she could have thought of it on her own. He also tells her how beautiful she is. Ava says he can keep the painting and that if all goes well, she’ll have to find another way to repay him. He grabs her, dips and kisses her. As Anna peeks through the door. Shame on you, Anna!

Oddly enough, Carly’s phone has been abandoned at the accident scene, so the 50 people trying to call her get nowhere. Sabrrrina throws a red herring in by saying Carly might be at the courthouse. Epiphany decides to take the boys for ice cream with Felix. Oh, okay, while they’re waiting for the wedding to start? I would think Epiphany would know better than that. Elizabeth knows something is wrong and Carly ain’t at the courthouse. Sam says she just got a text from Jake. I doubt it says that he’s Jason.

He says he’s on his way. Elizabeth says she feels silly, that Jake probably did drop Carly off. Elizabeth is going to make an announcement about the delay, and I’m hoping Hayden has an announcement of her own. Just as Elizabeth says the groom is running late…

…Jason walks in with Carly.

Z Nation

We’re in Roswell. Two people are running down a road and one gets zapped and sliced in pieces by what looks like a beam from an alien spaceship.

Cut to Operation Bite Mark, traveling by Jeep. Something is watching them. They see a zombie chopped in several pieces, moving around (the victim of the spaceship?) and give it mercy. 10K talks about mutilated cattle and how he knows all about aliens from an uncle. Doc suggests he’s been smoking z-weed or needs to. Murphy says if there were aliens, they would have been repulsed by the human race a long time ago. Hey, that’s my theory. Some garbled dialogue comes through the radio and it sounds like, what else? Aliens. They see a Close Encounters type light in the distance that disappears.

Roberta talks about her father being an air force pilot and believing in aliens and he was a no nonsense kind of guy. Murphy isn’t having any, but Doc says that UFOs are more believable than someone flying a jet after the apocalypse. OBM finds a crash site down the road. It’s been there a while and Roberta says it probably crashed when everything went to hell in a hand basket. OBM picks off several zombies that come out of nowhere.

Cool! They drive up to a little fast food place that looks like a spaceship. A guy with a clipboard pops out and asks if they’re here for the visitors. He’s one of a group of “extronauts” who have been invited, not abducted. He says the aliens are coming to save them from the apocalypse, and they must be part of the chosen. He explains that the aliens communicate through one of their group, Bernadette, but they’ve all seen the lights.

He leads them to a small crowd out back. Bernadette emerges and says they’ve been waiting for the strangers to arrive, and among them is the one the aliens have been waiting for, an emissary. In case there’s any doubt, that would be Murphy.

OBM sits down for some food. A guy who introduces himself as Dan Scully, but reminds me of Max Headroom, sits down at their table. He says he was just passing through and these people are all crazy. He says what’s really going on is the aliens aren’t coming because they’re already here and are the ones who caused the zombie virus. Murphy says he’s crazy, and Dan says crazy stays alive. The look on Doc’s face says he agrees with that. Dan suggests they leave before the zombie aliens come back.

Dan leaves and Bernadette joins their table. She says the aliens prefer the term “visitors,” and I wonder if that’s an homage to V. Bernadette wants to take them to an abandoned air force base.

They drive to the base. Bernadette says that the zombies won’t bother her, but apparently they haven’t gotten the memo because OBM have to give mercy to several. Behind a hangar is a landing strip that Bernadette has prepared for the aliens. She tells OBM that the voices told her only to bring the emissary. Roberta asks how long she’s been in contact with them. We go back to the beginning where she was the one running on the road. They take a break in a small office and Bernadette keeps insisting that Doc get some gum from the vending machine. Both Addy and Roberta notice everything is nailed down or magnetized, and Bernadette has put on a seatbelt. As Doc pulls the knob for the gum, the building starts rocking like Dorothy’s house in Wizard of Oz and begins to descend. It’s an elevator.

After reaching the bottom, they follow one of the tunnels, finding something like a mini version of the alien from Alien. Murphy isn’t liking it and OBM shoots at it. 10K gets it in the head. They almost examine the body, but hear a sound like a bomb about to go off and take cover. The zombie alien explodes, and Doc says that he’s wearing paper jumpsuit during the next apocalypse. Everything does seem to be pretty messy.

They go into a room with some kind of interactive hologram thing. Addy knows the program and starts messing with it. Addy stays with the holograms and Doc, hoping to make contact with someone. The others go back to where the alien exploded. Murphy is wondering why everything is mostly in English. Addy says maybe this is based on our old internet. Addy then gets to pictures and info about Bernadette,  the members of OBM, and a whole lot about Murphy.

Bernadette and OBM follow some lights until they get to another zombie alien or alien zombie or whatever these things are. Bernadette is like they come in peace, but no, they don’t. And they’re hard to kill because it’s like they’re wearing armor. Oh thank you. One just grabbed Bernadette. I got tired of her  harping on how wonderful they were.

The others find some alien weapons, and 10K takes one after affirming it works by blowing off a zombie’s head. Roberta, Vasquez and 10K end up back at the runway. The entire city is lit up and Bernadette is in an alien beam. The spaceship comes flying around and puts a spotlight on Murphy. He starts to follow it. 10K shoots at the ship with the weird gun, but it shoots back and he drops the gun. Doc yells to Murphy not to go, that they’re going to probe him and not in a good way. Roberta picks up the gun and gets the saucer. It flies away, and Murphy comes out of his trance. The ship crashes and there are a lot of pretty colored explosions.

They all go to the crash site, and find an alien. They remove its helmet and it’s Dan Scully. This is like Scoobie Doo. You darn kids! Dan says there are no aliens and he was going to tell Bernadette the truth when she got on board. The others were test pilot zombies. He’d been recruited to salvage any technology there, but wanted to bring Bernadette back with him, dragging Murphy into the story just for fun. She’s like, why didn’t you just ask me? Too late, he dies and Roberta has to give him mercy. This was all a pretty complicated way just to get a date, but I have to hand it to him. He had us all going.

Bernadette and Roberta look at the sky, and Bernadette wonders how she’s going to tell the others. Roberta tells her she’ll be okay. She returns and says the aliens told her the human race isn’t ready yet and they need to wait longer. Way to learn a lesson about lying.

Next week, it looks like we’ll get to see Citizen Z again. I hope so. I miss him and Pup.

Master Chef Junior & Grimm

Master Chef Junior is back. It’s fun to see the kinder, gentler Gordon Ramsey. It’s a bit of a blow to the ego though that an 8 year old can cook better than I ever have or will in my finest hour. The judges do their best to make it fun for the kids. This season, it’s Gordon Ramsey, Graham Cracker Elliot and Christina Tosi. They started the kids off with making a burger, all of which were fabulous and made me hungry, and ended with a marshmallow dish. Marshmallows are difficult to cook with, and as sometimes happens, one of the kids cried when their dish didn’t come out as planned. I’d like to add that no matter what it looked like, Christina said it tasted good, and I have no doubt she was telling the truth. This kid wasn’t much older than I was when I decided to bake my father a birthday cake. That part actually went well, but I also decided to ice it when it was still hot. I ended up trying to hold it together with toothpicks. So, there you go, kid. You might have gotten cut tonight, but at least you didn’t have to hold your dessert together with toothpicks.

Grimm is also back, and no one told me. I don’t always pay total attention to this show, but it’s very clever and I love when the characters turn into stuff.

September 9, 2015 — GH, Down to Four & LA


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)

General Hospital

Show of hands. How many people think Sonny is going to die? Me neither. It’s not like this is The Walking Dead. Carly is also taking this news awfully well. I guess she’s used to it.

It seems like Sloane and Anna had some kind of relationship I wasn’t privy to off camera. Where is all this coming from? Sloane looks as confused as I feel. I’m thinking these two are just making it up as they go along. Yep, Anna made a big mistake shooting Carrrlos. Mostly because I liked Carrrlos and had hoped Sabrrrina would change her mind about him. Although it did give Jeffrey Vincent Parise an opportunity to die on live TV. If you don’t know much about this actor, Google him. He’s extremely accomplished both as an actor and an artist. He also got some play in that final episode of Mad Men.

Hmmm…maybe it was Julian behind the shooting and they fooled me by making it the obvious choice. Like General Custer’s “reverse barometer” theory in Little Big Man. “You want me to think that you don’t want me to go down there, but the subtle truth is, you really don’t want me to go down there.”

Ha-ha! How long are they going to keep trying to keep that headband on Avery’s head? These girls have all had experience with children too, and at this age, it’s off the head and into the mouth.

Sonny’s real name is Michael? How did he get the name Sonny? What a misnomer. It should have been Cloudy, Overcast or Storm-A-Brewin’.

Once again, we have an over-crowded ER, filled with people who don’t belong in there. I wonder how many patients die from being exposed to germs because no one is wearing a mask.

Sloan cares, but just not that much. I was wrong. He would do anything for love, but he won’t do that. Not if that interferes with his bank account.

For the love of Mike, why does every lullaby have to be about that freaking Mockingbird?

I know! Sonny wakes up thinking he’s married to Jake.


The contestants are divided into two teams. Small teams. Nick and Claudia (red), and Derrick and Stephen (blue). Three boxes are wheeled out , each with one of the judges names on it. Christina’s box is removed, and the red team gets Graham’s box, and the blue team gets Gordon’s box. Since each team is expected to make an appetizer and an entrée out of what’s in the box, it’s assumed Christina’s will be saved for dessert. They have one hour to do this. It would probably take me an hour just to figure out what to do with the ingredients.

Nick totally forgets to put the crab in the broth he suggested they make – no crab broth for you! They go for a crab cake instead. Fine by me. I’m getting hungry watching this. The blue team is makes some kind of prawn dish with avocado and pomegranate seeds. Even I know those seeds are a mistake. I love when one of the judges asks whose idea a dish was. There’s always a lot of humana-humana and quick looks at each other. Is it a good question, or a bad question?

OMG – I am loving these triangle shaped plates! My favorite bowl is square. My husband doesn’t understand this.

The crab cake gets a thumbs up from Gordon and Christina. Get that cilantro off the plate and it will get one from me too. Uh-oh. The red team has used roasted red pepper in both of their dishes. Apparently this is bad. Graham says their salmon entrée is “disgusting,” and that I know is bad. I think it was the kale that did them in. Gordon is a little more positive, saying it tastes better than it looks, but it also lacks personality. The blue team has made duck for their entrée. Not a favorite of mine, although I’d give this dish a try. Ugh! They didn’t clean the mushrooms enough. Why? Still, the blue team is safe.

The pressure test is the Christina/dessert box. They’ll be making a chocolate malted layer cake. It takes months to master this cake, Christina tells them. Now, off you go! I get up to go into the kitchen and hear the bleeps of curse words from the other room. No surprise on a Gordon Ramsey show.

M-m-m-m. Charred mini marshmallows. I’ll just have a bowl of those, please. They’re doing a chocolate glaze icing. I actually know about this. I watched someone else do it once.  60 seconds left? I’d be throwing those marshmallows on there now. Claudia’s cake is a mess. I hate when the judges start yapping about how something looks when the contestants are given an hour to make something that normally takes 2 days to make. Regardless, Christina is impressed with Claudia’s flavors. Graham takes a bite after holding it up to admire it. Like I don’t think he wants to down that whole cake at once. And just because you want darker marshmallows and more fudge, doesn’t mean you’re going to get them in an hour. Christine says Nick’s cake is beautiful, but I see a marshmallow hanging off the side. Minus 10 points. Christine does that thing where they take a bite, nod & just walk away. Ah, it’s too sweet. He says he ran out of ingredients and “didn’t think to ask for help.” Yep, he probably doesn’t ask for directions either, but this time it might cost him more than going in circles for another half hour.

Yep, it did. Claudia is going through and Nick is going bye-bye. Not that I have a dog in this fight, but I’m glad. I would hate for the deciding factor to be the visuals, especially when it came down to not asking for help and then not being able to recalculate the recipe. (See? I know a little.)

My hat’s off to the guy in the hat though.

Anyone want to take up a collection for me to go on the next MasterChef cruise?

Little Women: LA

How is it that there are no periods in the Los Angeles abbreviation? Doesn’t that make it Louisiana? I just noticed this after three seasons.

As usual, the ladies are being enterprising. Tonya is developing a workout video for little people, which is a brilliant idea. She loves working out, but obviously an average sized gym is a problem. She picks some of the other girls to be in the video with her. In Brittney’s talking head segment, she’s wearing earrings the size of basketball hoops, so maybe they’ll be including a game.

Joe and Terra are now married (Terra’s Little Family is over for now…sniff…I miss it) and are postponing their honeymoon because of baby Penny’s health issues.  Elena and husband Preston announce that they’re going to renew their vows and have a big bash. They’re excited about having their families come, because it wasn’t possible the first time. Briana gets all emotional because she “should be the next one getting married.” Except Elena and Preston are already married. What up wit dat, Briana?

There is still a lot of conflict between Briana and the girls over Matt. I’m not sure what to think. It’s kind of like Brooks and Vicki on the OC Wives. I still haven’t seen anything that’s so bad, but the friends seem skeptical. (And I’m not talking about you, Meghan. You just seem crazy.) I love Terra, and she’s no dummy, so maybe there’s something there, although I don’t think giving him the silent treatment is the answer. And if someone called me a fetishist, I might get annoyed too. Providing I wasn’t one. Ok, now she’s spilled the beans that Matt had been flirting with her online at the same time he was “engaged” to Briana, which was five minutes after they met. Maybe the problem is really just moving too fast on both their parts.

Christy and Todd’s dealings with A.I. is TMI. Enough said.

Seeing the ad for the new Rachel Zoe effort, Fashionably Late, it looks pretty good. I liked her last show better than I thought I would, so I might check this one out. (September 24 – my sister’s birthday!)

September 2, 2015 — GH, the Rich, the Small & the Final Four


The Haves and the Have Nots

This show is just so over-the-top cool! I love these Tyler Perry nighttime soaps because they evoke a revamped 70s/80s style. It’s like he refashioned old-fashioned. The actors must be having a great time with this stuff too.

Last night, I missed the beginning, because I just had to find out what the tip was on rerun of  Below Deck ($12,000), but apparently, the cat is out of the bag that Jim has two illegitimate children by one of his maids, and his popularity just took a nosedive. Jim says he’s “not having a good day,” and this is an understatement. He wants everyone dead.

His business partner friend knows that his wife, Veronica, is on Jim’s death wish list, and he’s having none of that. He tells Jim that if Veronica is harmed, he’ll show him “the like of an enemy [Jim] has never seen.” Them’s fightin’ words. Although I don’t get why David cares so much about her, since a couple of episodes ago, she tried to burn down the house with him in it.

Ah, love.

General Hospital

Aw, Jake. I like him. I just wish they’d get to telling him who he really is. So he can dump Elizabeth like yesterday’s trash. I don’t like her. I never quite understood why all the ladies loved Jason, but nuJason is very lovable.

Anna is back! At one I’d point hoped for a “love triangle” between her, Duke and Sloane, but Duke’s dead and Sloane is MIA, so there goes that. Oh, wait, they’re talking about Sloane, so he must still be around. He’s one good-looking guy, but please, GH, stay away from those buzzcuts. Maybe that’s where Sloane has been, busy growing out his hair.

Nice scene between Morgan and Sonny about the bi-polar issue, although you’d think Morgan would know all this already. BTW, I’m not too crazy about Michael either. “You’re not hung over cuz you’re still drunk.” HAHAHA, Sonny! Been there myself.

I kind of like Nicholas and Hayden, but I’d feel more comfortable with it if I didn’t think he was planning on killing her.

Molly and kid-whose-name-I-can-never-remember should go into the bakery business.  Carly & Sonny’s wedding cake looks fabulous. Whoops! Maybe not. It looks like there’s a group of masked men who just don’t like cake.


Everyone has to make magic from a single ingredient and their “staple pantry box.” Nick says the simplest things are the hardest to execute. I agree. I can’t make a sunnyside up egg for anything. I love Stephen’s goal to have a farm to table business.

Katrina is wearing a bow on her head again, albeit a lot smaller. I’m betting it grows by the end of the season.

Claudia says she had a dream about Gordon and she has a crush on him. Me too. He might act like a screaming mimi a lot of the time, but that’s not because he’s a nasty guy; he’s just passionate about what he does. And granted, maybe some of it is for the camera. He’s actually quite a kind and caring man, and possibly the hardest working man in the food industry. He has at least 4 TV shows, my favorite being BBCAmerica’s The F Word. It’s very different from the other programs like MasterChef, Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. It’s more of a food variety show, where you get to see where the food comes from, along with some cooking segments and a whole bunch of other stuff. There’s also a contest segment where a celebrity (not a chef) and Gordon compete in making the same dish. And Gordon is not always the winner.

I’m not a bleu cheese lover, but Derrick’s pretzels with bleu cheese look hella good. Claudia wins the first round, but I don’t think her crush has anything to do with it. Oh man, I desperately want their pantry. It has absolutely everything you’d ever need. I love when the winner gets to screw around with the other contestants. This time, Claudia gets to pick her favorite ingredients and one of the others will have to cook with them. A few old timers (winners from previous seasons) have also been invited back to make up baskets for the others. Christine is one of them and one of my favorites. She’s blind and I find her amazing. Nick, who got Claudia’s basket, is totally freaking out.

Katrina seriously screwed up. Undercooked veal. I don’t think that bow is going to save her either. Nick is safe though. For all his freaking out, he had the top dish. Yep, Katrina is going home. The top 4 are Claudia, Stephen, Derrick and Nick. Katrina gets a great consolation prize though. Gordon offers her a culinary trip to France when she’s ready. The bow lives on!

I’m still feeling that Stephen will be the winner. Although seriously, anyone who can hold their own on this show for any amount of episodes – hell, anyone who even made it onto the show – is a winner in my book.

Little Women: Los Angeles

Since MasterChef ran overtime, I missed the first 2 minutes, and tune in to see Tonya and Jasmine hugging it out. Dammit! What were the magic words that made that happen?

It’s a shame that the women aren’t accepting of Briana’s fiancé, Matt. He’s tired of getting the cold shoulder from Briana’s friends and I don’t blame him. While no doubt he has flaws, like Jasmine we’ve only seen Matt treat Briana with respect and love. Jasmine is the only one being cool about it – or not “being all, like uncool” as the Countess would say. If he’s only a fetishest, he’s hiding it pretty well. And he did put a ring on it.

Elena is working with a makeup company and the whatever-they-are seem to be skeptical of her idea of having a mini double-sided brush included in a palette. I’m a palette junkie and I think it’s a fine idea. Their argument is based on the fact that they’ve never manufactured something like that before. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it’s a good idea to manufacture never-before-done makeup products. Who doesn’t want something new in their makeup wardrobe? This makes no sense to me whatsoever.

Barry Gordy’s son, Kerry, wants to create a hit single for Briana, Christy is going to be in a music video, and Terra’s getting married. These girls are busy! What’s so remarkable about all of them is that, watching them, you would never know the physical struggles they go through. Their challenges go way beyond being small in stature. It seems like every one of them have other physical problems as well. Briana goes to get her hair done and has to put cotton in her ears because getting any water in them can cause 5 days of pain. My admiration grows. Also my awareness of how we all complain about such insignificant things.

Brittney is a dancer, just off of Miley Cyrus’s tour (um….) and is getting an agent. Is everyone’s life more exciting than mine? Those who can’t do, write about it.

Terra’s Little Family

It’s the season finale and time for the wedding. I am so looking forward to this!  Everything is gorgeous, especially the bride. Terra’s father is deceased and I can totally understand the hole that must be in her heart, because I had no father to walk me down the aisle either. Her brother is pinch-hitting though, as my sister did for me, and everything is just beautiful, including tiny flower girl, baby Penny in her wagon, surrounded by flowers. Terra’s dress is perfect, and her pillbox hat with a short veil works well. So does the beige dress/cobalt blue shoe combo for the bridesmaids. Terra’s heel breaks on her way down the aisle, but every wedding needs at least one hitch. For their first dance, Terra has written and recorded her own song. Is there no end to the talents these little women have?

I really love these two and wish them as much happiness as they can handle. In a sea of reality nonsense, they’re a breath of fresh air, and they show us how to handle life’s complications and hardships with grace and maturity, as well as how to do it as a couple. And they literally make me laugh out loud at least twice every episode. They’re the couple you’d love to hang out with IRL. While I totally admit to enjoying the ridiculous arguments and rich people’s problems of The Real Housewives, Terra and Joe are pearls among pebbles.

Million Dollar Listing

It tends to rotate, but now Wednesday is the problematic day of the week for me. The day of the week I have to stay up all night to catch the shows I want to see. So let it suffice to say that I’m glad to see the Los Angeles guys back. My favorite is the New York bunch, but that’s because I know the city so well. But for some reason, I just could not get into the San Francisco group as much. I did get into some of the houses, which were incredible; the brokers, not so much.

Oh, this is good though. The son of the seller of a to-die-for house wants to help out by taking potential buyers on a trip down his own Memory Lane. This guy’s jaw is wired because somebody punched him in the mouth and I understand completely.

Off the watch the finale.

August 26, 2015 — GH, LA & Too Many Cooks Spoiling the Pasta


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)

The Haves & the Have Nots

For some reason, I thought yesterday was Monday and forgot to watch it. Once again, those reruns came in handy.

I love me some Tyler Perry drama! I’ve always been a fan of him as a person, but sitcoms and Medea just aren’t my thing. When he created this show, I could tell by the previews it was up my alley. If you like the old nighttime dramas like Dallas and Dynasty, and you’re not watching this (and its counterpart, If Loving You is Wrong) you’re missing out. It’s basically about a rich guy named Jim Cryer (John Schneider, a long way from Dukes of Hazzard) who is running for governor, and trying to run away from his problems. The show hit the ground running, with married Jim being blackmailed by escort Candace, who is also the daughter of one of his maids, Hanna, and friends with his own daughter. Hilarity intense drama ensues.

My favorite character is Veronica, the wife of Jim’s business partner, David, who’s also involved in Jim’s campaign. And she ain’t like Archie’s Veronica. She’s probably about the most evil character in a soap ever. And Angela Robinson plays the hell out of the part. Veronica is under the misconceived impression that she can force her gay son to be straight, but since ruining his life isn’t enough, she ends up burning down the house with David in it. I told you this was a fun show!

This week, while Jim is being interviewed live on television, he’s hit with the bombshell that one of the other maids, Celine, has had two sons by him. DUN-DUN-DUUUN!!!

General Hospital

Oooh, first commercial is for Oreo Thins. I seriously want to try those.

Morgan needs to confess to something soon before he gives himself a heart attack. Besides, going to jail isn’t too bad in Port Charles. Pretty soon, the guards will be taking McDonald’s orders from the prisoners. And here comes Sonny – known mob boss – allowed to visit whoever he pleases, unattended. While I’ve never been in jail, I don’t think it works that way. I am so glad that it’s finally dawning on Nina that she only hears that baby crying when Rick the weasel or Madelyn are around. That’s been bugging me for a while. Where’s that cry coming from? Oh, your phone. Case closed.

I understand that it’s just a show, but they could try just a little bit to make it believable. I can’t wait for them to drag Rick and Madelyn off to the country club jail.

I’m not sure what Kiki (or Ava) see in that cranky Morgan anyway, especially since he got that haircut. That’s when I remember who Kiki is. Why they had to make her so blond after Kristen Alderson left is beyond me. Like that whole character switcheroo thing wasn’t difficult enough. I’d just finally stopped thinking Kiki was Starr. I did love her final scene with Roger Howarth though. She pretty much grew up with him as her second father, so it must have been heart-wrenching for both of them. It was sweet how the dialogue wasn’t just about Franco and Kiki, but about the real actors.

Nathan, I don’t think Dante is the best guy to be helping you solve anything. His decision making skills have been pretty poor lately.

Oh, that’s a good one Sonny. You always put your children first? When did that happen?


Let me confess now. I hate to cook, but I love watching cooking shows. It’s not that I’m a bad cook – ask anyone who’s had my lasagna – and it’s not that I can’t be creative in the kitchen – ditto – but I’m an impatient cook (when I want to eat, I want to eat now, not 2 hours from now) who’s always had a kitchen the size of a postage stamp. Other than a one semester home ec class in 8th grade, I’m fairly uneducated in this department as well. When Gordon Ramsey says, “You tell me,” I have no clue. As we always say, my husband didn’t marry me for my cooking in the kitchen. For some reason though, I like to watch other people cook. And of course there’s the food porn aspect.

I’m not sure what’s up with risotto, but it seems to be very telling as far as cooking goes. I can’t count the times I’ve heard Gordon go insane about it.

I stink with names, so I’m glad the contestants have theirs on their aprons. I wish Survivor would do the same. As a matter-of-fact, I wish everyone would go around wearing name tags. It would make life far less embarrassing for me.

If tuna tartar is involved, I’m in. I never said my palate was uneducated.

It’s a blue team (Derrick)/red team (Stephen) thing tonight. The red team wins, so Derrick, Katrina and Hetel have to face tonight’s pressure test – 3 pasta dishes in one hour. “Impossible,” says Nick. The dishes are manicotti, scallops and clams with pasta, and egg yolk ravioli, which I’ve never heard of, but sounds really good.

OMG – one of the clams just moved! I’ve cooked them several times, but thank God they’ve stayed still. I admit to being squeamish about certain food items. One time, I bought what I thought was a nice square of frozen fish. The instructions said to soak it in water before cooking. When I did, the tail that had been heretofore stuck hidden to the underside, unfurled. I had to throw it out.

Katrina is “sweating biscuits?” Did I hear that right? At least she lost the hair bow this week. Today she has some sparkly thing on her head.

Why is the guy on the Bud Lite commercial trying to channel Will Ferrell? Was Will not available?

I love how Graham Elliot holds the scallop up like it’s a diamond.  Ooh, Gordon just said Derrick’s garnish was like eating an air freshener. Not exactly a compliment. Katrina put ricotta in the ravioli and apparently this is a really bad thing. Hetel’s ravioli looks good to me, and ground pepper always gets my vote, but Gordon said it was “heresy.” No one is looking good here. Hetel’s out. She kind of flew under the radar anyway. Being a vegetarian, it was rough for her. I don’t know how you can cook something without tasting it at some point either. Although it’s to her credit that she’s gotten this far.

Geez, could they spare the vegetables in the spring onion rice noodle soup bowl I’m having for dinner?

Little Women LA

Brittney has a new boyfriend and Tonya’s talking about moving in with her boyfriend, John, and is also wearing some amazing earrings. Too bad John doesn’t exactly feel the same way. He’s obviously not the husband material you want, Tonya. Move on. Ha-ha! Terra is talking about how nice it would be if everyone got along. This is reality TV, so not bloody likely. Lots of goings on in the romance department tonight. Briana’s boyfriend, Matt, is moving in with her. This dude has been a bone of contention since he came on the scene – with both her family and her friends. My jury is out about him. I’m hearing the same stories they are, but so far he’s been on good behavior.

Ugh! What a shame that Christy allowed her mother to influence her decision about the IVF. I’m not saying she should or shouldn’t do it, but it’s obvious that mean old woman was huge factor here. The ending is happy though. Christy and Todd make the decision to go for artificial insemination while picking strawberries next to a field of sunflowers. Nice!

Beach party! Elena is so gorgeous, I can never take my eyes off of her when she’s on screen. She’s also insecure about her appearance, so what hope is there for the rest of us? The last time they had a bonfire on the beach, the outcome was not positive. Already there’s tension between Elena and Brittney, and Tonya and Jasmine, and Matt and everyone. Same sh*t, different day. Time to roast marshmallows.

“Short arms, short sticks, someone’s weave is definitely going up in flames tonight. I’m glad I’m no longer packing.” Terra cracks me up!

Brittney’s sparkly purple eye shadow is really distracting!

Ha! For a moment there, I thought we were ending on a good note. Brittney confessed to being an idiot and Elena was okay with it. But Jasmine brings up the “other elephant in the room,” Tonya. Wait, that didn’t sound right. She wants to know what the blip Tonya’s annoyed about (and so do I), but instead it ends up being a rehash of the last argument about the same vague thing. That didn’t even make sense to me and I wrote it.

Terra’s Little Family

Someone please explain why, instead of an hour long episode, Lifetime decided to show two back-to-back half hour episodes? Anybody? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

I would laugh uncontrollably at Terra’s hair the morning after her bachelorette party, but I’m sure mine looks no better the morning after the night before.  Terra is going to check out the bridesmaids’ dresses for the first time, their only instructions having been to get beige dresses and cobalt blue shoes, which looks better than it sounds. Not an easy task to critique their choices with a hangover though. Elena says it will be like “50 shades of beige.”

Joe had to jet the day before for a gig (he’s a drummer) and missed the rehearsal, but swore he’d be back in time for the pre-wedding dinner. No surprise his plane is late. If this was Bravo, I’d say Andy Cohen probably threw his body in front of the plane.  Her mom still hasn’t gotten there either.

Whew! They both make it and the yacht sets sail for the dinner. Interesting note: Terra’s mom is one of those crazy cat ladies that you always hear about. She’s like an old hippie and really cool. Unlike Christy’s mom.

The earrings on this show are just fabulous!

Terra says Joe is like her missing puzzle piece. So much better than “you complete me” or “my soulmate.” These two are just precious!  We’re on shaky ground by the end of the episode, with Terra being a bit of a Bridezilla to Joe, but I have no doubt they’ll make up since they’re both at the wedding in the previews.